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Full text of "An account of the families of Boase or Bowes, originally residing at Paul and Madron in Cornwall; and of other families connected with them by marriage, etc."

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The following account of the Boase family and of persons with whom 
they have been and are connected in marriage is now printed for family use 
only ; and with the twofold object of preserving the information collected by 
the compilers of this work, and of eliciting from the various heads of families 
further and more accurate details about their own branches. This must 
therefore be considered in the light of a preliminary sketch to be filled up 
more fully on a future occasion. 

The difficulties of writing even a short work of this nature will be 
known to all who have been engaged in similar pursuits ; no apology is there- 
fore offered for the occurrence of a certain number of mistakes which were 
unavoidable, since almost every line contains a fact or a date. 

Mr. George Bown Millett of Penzance is now engaged in editing the 
earliest register of the parish of Madron, a work which will be useful to 
place beside this family history, as by its use it wdl be possible to verify 
many of the dates here mentioned and add further particulars. 

The Compilers desire that their relatives will kindly supply an account 
of errors and omissions, with additional matter respecting intermarriages and 
the pedigrees of families with which such marriages have taken place. 

It is hoped that this work may serve to keep up a feeling of relationship 
between families now scattered far and wide over Great Britain, but all 
tracing then- original descent to the county of Cornwall. 


The letter ;; in italics following after a name denotes that the reference is to the folding Pedigree sheet at the 
commencement of this volume. The figures refer to the columns of the text. It is also tn lie noted that in this Index 
all Christian and Surnames are spelt in one way only, notwithstanding the various spellings which are to be found else- 
where, and that as a rule one reference only is given to each page, although the name may occur more than once on the 
same page. 

Abbott, Samuel, 33 

Adams, Elizabeth, :i'l 

Adams, William, 46 

Albury in Surrey, 14, 61 

Allen,' Thomas Saunders, 66 

Alvern Hill, 7 

Alverton, Manor of, 57, 5S 

Amory, Rev. Thomas, 25 

Andrew, John May, 64 

Andrew, Mary Ann., 64 

Angwin, Joseph, 57 

Angwin, Richard, 57 

Anstev, Hannah, p 

Argall, Phillis, 65 

Arundell, W. Arundell Hams, 30 

Ashwin, Charlotte, 32 

Ashworth, William, 56 

Atkins, Aaron, 26 

Atkins, Mary, 54 

Ayre, see Eyre 


Babington, The Misses, 39 
Badcock, William, 57 
Bainbridge, Margaret, 54 
Baird, Elizabeth, 33 
Barnes, Ann, 34 
Barnes, Elizabeth, 66 
Barnes, Stephen, 1 
Barret, Edmund, 27 
Barwis, Ann, 47_ 
Barwis, Benjamin, 47 
Barwis, John, 40 
Barwis, Sarah, 47 
Bates, Mr., of Camelford, p 
Bates, Margery, p 
Batten, Carne and Carne, 10 
Batten, Oxnatn and Carne, 7 
Batten, John, junior, 66 
Batten, Joseph, 31 
Batten, NeUemiah, 67 
Batten, Richard, 18 
Bayford, James, 15 

Baynard, Robert, 57 

Baynard, William, 57 

Beard, The Family of, 24-26 

Beard, Dorothv, 65 

Beard, John, 25, 66 

Beard, John, junr., 38, 66 

Beard, Joseph, 20, 32, 66 

Beard, Lucy, 66 

Beard, Ralph, 65 

Beckerleg, Elizabeth, p 

Beckerieg, James Gwavas, 25 

Beckerleg, Oliver, 44 

Belcher, Edith Anne, p 

Belcher, John, 37 

Belcher, William Douglas, ;; 

Bell, Catherine Mary, p 

Bell, Emilv, p, 14 

Bell, John", 14 

Bell, Robert Nichol, p 

Bennot, Henry, 28 

Bennets, Joan, 43 

Bennett, Maty, 39 

Bernard, Sir Thomas, 8 

Berrilicld, Elizabeth, 22 

Berryman, Arthur, 5S 

Berryman, John, p, 1 

Berryman, Phillis, p, 1 

Berryman, Sarah, p, 1 

Berryman, William, 38 

Bess, Mr., of Camelford, p 

Bess, Catherine, p 

Besvarges, Alse, 26 

Betty, Miss, of St. Austell, 65 

Bible Society, The, 7 

Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, 1, 3, 7, 0, 11, 
12, 14, 15, 31 

Binder, Robert, 57 

Bisky, Eleanor, 18 

Blake, Nicholas, 49 

Blount, Ann, 29 

Bluett, Rev. Lovell, 31 

Bluett, Mary, 31 

Bluett, Richard, 31 

Boase, family ax ms of, 8, 64 

Boase, families which have intermar- 
ried with, 24 

Boase, Family of, Camborne, 24 

Boase, Family of, Falmouth, 24 

Boase, Family of, Gulval, 24 

Boase, Family of, Ludgvan, 24 

Boase, John, The Family of, 19 

Boase, John, The Family of, 22 

Boase, Peter, The Family of, 21 

Boase, Reynauld, The Familv of, 18 

Boase, Robert, The Family o"f, 18 

Boase, Sampson, The Family of, 19 

Boase, Tonken, The Family of, 1 8 

Boase, William, The Family of, 17 

Boase, William, The Family of, 19 

Boase, William, The Family of, 21 

Boase and Co.. 10 

Boase, Grenfell and Co., 10 

Boase, Agnes Marion (b. 1873) p 

Boase, Alfred (1812-29) ft 68 

Boase, Alfred (b. 1829) p, 9 

Boase, Alfred William (b. 1863) p. 

Boase, Alice (b. 1659), p 

Boase, Alice Anne (b. 1835), p, 63 

Boase, Alice Marion (1869-72),;), 62 

Boase, Ann (d. 1723),^ 

Boase, Ann (1723-23), p 

Boase, Ann (bap. 1732), jti 

Boase, Ann (bap. 1761), p 

Boase, Ann (bap. 1792), jt? 

Boase, Ann fd. 1804),/>, 61 

Boase, Ann (m. 1869), 65 

Boase, Anna Maria (1827-71), p, 41 

Boase, Anna Maria Henrietta (b. 1700) 

p, 39 
Boase, Anne (bap. 1611),;; 
Boase, Anne (m. 1632), 3 
Boase, Anne (1657-65), p 
Boase, Anne (1665-1749), js 
Boase, Anne (1689-1 776), p 
Boase, Anne (1692-1723), p 
Boase, Anne (m. 1783), 2 
Boase, Anne (1775-1863), p, 08 
Boase, Anne (bap. 1805), 3 
Boase, Anno Constance (b. 1870), jt; 
Boase, Anne Naomi, p, (i 1 
Boase, Anne Trembath (b. 1840) p 
Boase, Arthur (1052-1731), p, 1 
Boase, Arthur (bap. 1676) p 
Boase, Arthur (1691-95), p 


Boase, Arthur (1698-1780), p, 4, 30, 44, 

Boase, Arthur (1737-64), ;; 
Boase, Arthur (m. 176U), 2 
Boase, Arthur (1757-1829),;;, 6, 8, 61 
Boase, Arthur (b. 1799),;; 
Boase, Arthur (1833-52) p, 10, 64 
Boase, Mrs. Arthur (d. 1871), 65 
Boase, Arthur Henry (1864-72),;) 
Boase, Arthur James (h. 1863') p 
Boase, Arthur Jenkin (1868-69), jo 
Boase, Caroline Anne (b. 1 839), p 
Boase, Caroline Naomi (1797-1801),;; 
Boase, Catherine (h. 1795) ;; 
Boase, Catherine Mary (b. 1838), p 
Boase, Charity (bur. 1777), p, 54 
Boase, Charles (1718-18) p 
Boase, Charles (bap. 1737), 4 
Boase, Charles (bap. 1789), 3 
Boase, Charles (bap. 1801), 3 
Boase, Charles (d. 1873), 64, 65 
Boase, Charles Clement (b. 1869), p 
Boase, Charles Millett (b. 1865), p 
Boase, Charles William (1804-72) p, 

11, 13, 61, 63 
Boase, Rev. Charles William (b. 1828), 

p, 11-12, 64 
Boase, Charles William Henry (1833- 

38),;;, 61, 62, 63 
Boase, Charlotte (1802-73), p, 60 
Boase, Charlotte Anne (b. 1833), p, 55, 

Boase, Charlotte Hannah (m. 1872), p, 

Boase, Christiana (bap. 1794), p 
Boase, Christopher of Zennor, 5S 
Boase, Cisley (bur. 1661), 2 
Boase, Clement (b. 1846),;;, 14 
Boase, Cresten (bap. 160J), 1 
Boase, Edgar Leslie (b. 1868), p 
Boase, Edith Anne (b. 1842);; 
Boase, Edith Laura (b.,1865),;) 
Boase, Edith Lindsay (1840-41), p, 62 
Boase, Edward, 1 
Boase, Edward (b. 1842),;;, 14, 63 
Boase, Edward Ley (b. 1836), jd, 12 
Boase, Eliza (bap. 1803), 3 
Boase, Eliza (bap. 1811), 3 
Boase, Eliza ltussell (b. 1843),;) 
Boase, Elizabeth, 3 
Boase, Elizabeth (bap. 1746), 3 
Boase, Elizabeth (d. 1747), p 
Boase, Elizabeth (1756-89),;; 
Boase, Elizabeth (d. 1789),j» 
Boase, Elizabeth (bur. 1794), 4 
Boase, Elizabeth (bap. 1809), 3 
Boase, Elizabeth (bur. 1809), 4 
Boase, Elizabeth (bur. 1814), 3 
Boase, Elizabeth (b. 1831), ;>, 27 
Boase, Elizabeth (b. 1845),;; 
Boase, Elizabeth Harvey (1785-1844), 

P, 2, 3 
Boase, Elizabeth Valentina ( 1 7 9 9 - 1 8 7 6) , 

p, 9, 63 
Boase, Elizabeth Lawrence (bap. 1806),3 
Boase, Ellen Bradley (b. 1827) p, 10 
Boase, Ellen Lydia (b. 1860) p 
Boase, Emily (b. 1840),;) 
Boase, Emily Wilmott (1832-42), p, 60 
Boase, Emily Wilmott (b. 1855), p 
Boase,Ethel JaneEuphemia(b. 1874),;) 
Boase, Ethel May Ley (b. 1869),;; 

Boase, F. of St. Columb, 58 
Boase, Florence (m. 1657), ;; 
Boase, Florence (b. 1658),;; 
Boase, Florence (1662-1738), p 
Boase, Florence (b. 1847),;) 
Boase, Florentia (1696- 1720),;) 
Boase, Francis (liv 1767), 65 
Boase, Francis, M.K.O.S., 21, 58, 64, 65 
Boase, Frederic (b. 1843);;, 13 
Boaso, George Clement (b. 1810),;;, 13, 

15, 64 
Boase, George Clement (b. 1829), ;;, 12 
Boase, George Clement (b. 1838), p, 16 
Boase, George Clement (his son unnamed 

b. and d. 1866),;; 
Boase, George Clement (his dau. un- 
named, b. and d. 1867), p 
Boase, George Herbert Lindsay, (b. 

1869), p 
Boase, George William (b. 1837),;;,15 
Boase, Grace (bap. 1747), 3 bin 
Boase, Grace (b. 1834), p, 17 
Boase, Grace Lucilla, (b. 1809), p, 51 
Boase, Hannah (d. 1S48), p, 61 
Boase, Harold Edgar Tonkin, (1872- 

72), p 
Boase, Harriet (1801-38), p, 63 
Boase, Helen (b. 1801),/; 
Boase, Helen (1836-38),;;, 62-63 
Boase, Henry (1658-59), ;; 
Boase, Henry (1763-1827), ;;, 1, 4, 59, 

Boase, Henry (b. 1825), p, 9 
Boase, Henry Samuel (b. 1799), ;;, 8, 

45, 58, 63 
Boase, Henry Samuel (b. 1854), p 
Boase, Isabella (liv. 1747), 3 
Boase, Jane (bap. 1694),;; 
Boase, Jane (1706-99), 63 
Boase, Jane (1730-1821), p, 59 
Boase, Jane (1769-1S61),;; 
Boase, Jane (1766-1S56),;; 
Boase, Jane (bur. 171-i), p, 2 
Boase, Jane (d. 1779) 59 
Boase, Jane (m, 1789), 32 
Boase, Jane (1798-1820), p, 63. 
Boase, Jane (bur. 1799),;; 
Boase, Jane (m. 1867), p 
Boase, Jane Lindsay (1840-41),;;, 60 
Boase, Jane Lindsay (b. 1867),;; 
Boase, Jane Lydia (b. 1S35), p, 16, 60 
Boase, Jane Mary (bap. 1793), p 
Boase, Jane Mary (1796-1822), ;;, 61, 

Boase, Jane Millett (d. 1861), 59 
Boase, Jane Smyth (b. 1799 j, p 
Boase, Jane Sophia (b. 1842), p 
Boase, Joan (bur. 160-?), 1 
Boase, Joan (1709-54),;; 
Boase, Joan (liv. 1797), 3 
Boase, Joan (bap. 1797), 3 
Boase, Joannah (bap. 1807), 3 
Boase, John (1617-25), p 
Boase, John (liv. 1652), 1 
Boase, John (1626-81), p,1 bis, 58, 63 
Boase, John (bur. 1655),;) 
Boase, John (1661-1734), p, 2 
Boase, John (1686-1723), ;; 
Boase, John (liv. 1686), 27 
Boase, John (1687-1721),;) 
Boase, John (bap. 1720),;; 
Boase, John (d. 1722), 1 

Boase, John (liv. 1747), 3, bin 

Boase, John (bap. 1750), 4 

Boase, John (1756-95),;;, 2, 4, 03 

Boase, John (bur. 1796), 65 

Boase, John (1771-1850), p, 16, 34, 

60, 63 
Boase, John (1783-1854), p, 2 
Boase, John (bap, 1791), 3 
Boase, John (bur. 1796), 64 
Boase, John (1800-1808), p, 59, 63 
Boase, John (bap. 1804), p 
Boase, John (1837-65), p, 10, 63 
Boase, John Josias Arthur (b. 1S01), 

;;, 10, 58, 64 
Loase, John, Tregortha (b. 1867), ;; 
Boase, Julia (b. 1817), p 
Boase, Julia (b. 1810), />, 52 
Boase, Juliana (1651-1717),;;, 1 
Boase, Kate Elizabeth (b. 1858) ;; 
Boase, Laura Bingham (b. 1843), p 
Boase, Laura Elizabeth (b. 1807), ;;, 

Boase, Lillian Grace (b. 1864),;; 
Boase, Mabel (b. 1871), ^) 
Boase, Margaret (d. 1745),;) 
Boase, Margaret (d. 1767),;) 
Boase, Margaret (m. 1798), p 
Boase, Margaret Elizabeth (b. 1861),;) 
Boase, Margery (b. 1797),;) 
Boase, Margery (liv. 1832), p 
Boase, Mary (bap. 1696), 3 
Boase, Mary (m. 1728), 63 
Boase, Mary (d. 1749), p 
Boase, Mary (bap. 1789), 3 
Boase, Mary (bap. 1807), 3 
Boase, Mary (b. 1832).;; 
Boase, Mary Millett (b. 1829), p 
Boase, Mary Parminter (b. 1 866), p 
Boase, Mary Valentina (1836-58), p 
Boase, Mary Valentina (b. 1854),;; 
Boase, Naomi Anne (1802-74) ;;. 61 
Boase, Philip Meldrum (b. 1875),;; 
Boase, Phillis (1614-79),;; 
Boase, Phillis (bap. 1680), ;; 
Boase, Phillis (1762-66), ;; 
Boase Phillis (bap. 1767), 4 
Boase,' Phillis (1781-1844), p, 2 
Boase, Rawlen, 65 
Boase, Richard (bap. 1665), 3 
Boase, Richard (1693-1775), p. 63 
Boase, Richard (1729-S8), p, 3 
Boase, Richard (bur. 1753), 3 
Boase, Richard (b. 1758),;;, 63 
Boase, Richard (1799-99), p 
Boase, Richard ( bap. 1804), .p, 3 
Boase, Richard (bap. 1811), 3 
Boase, Robert (1650-1720),;;, 2, 63 
Boase, Robert (1706-8),;) 
Boase, Robert Richards (b. 1857), p, 63 
Boase, Rosanna (1S14-56),;), 49 
Boase, Ruth (1664- 1724 J, p 
Boase, Samuel Stoddard (b. 1SH ).p, 10 
Boase, Sarah (1659-1712), p 
Boase, Sarah (bap. 1678), p 
Boase, Sarah (1719-96), ;;, 2 
Boase, Sarah (1760-1S02), ;>, 28 
Boase, Sarah jane (m. 1863),;) 
Boase, Simon (1620-97),;) 
Boase, Simon (d. 1723), p, 1 
Boase, Simon (m. 1767), 1 
Boase, Simon (bap. 1794), 3 
Boase, Susan (liv. 1674), 64 


Boase, Susan (liv. 1674), 60 
Boase, Thomas (bur. 1S12), 3 
Boase, Thomasine (bur. 1786), 4 
Boase, Thomasine (bap. 1799), 3 
Boase, Tonken (liv. 1659), 64, 65 
Boase, Ursula (bur. 1578), 1 
Boase, Ursula (m. 1609),^ 
Boase, Ursula (1684-1767), p, 1 
Boase, William (liv. 1578), 1 
Boase, William (m. 1632), 3 
Boase, William (1648-89), 2 
Boase, William (bap. 1678), 2, 3 
Boase, William (bur. 1689), 3 
Boase, William (1689-1752), .p 
Boase, William (m. 1717), 3 
Boase, William (bap. 1714), 3 
Boase, William (1718-54), p 
Boase, William (liv. 1734), 2 
Boase, William (m. 1737), 4 
Boase, William (bur. 1743), p 
Boase, William (bap. 1747), 3 
Boase, William (bap. 1748), 4 
Boase, William (1761-1832), p 
Boase, William (bap. 1787), p 
Boase, William (bap. 1790), 3 
Boase, William (bur. 1796), 4 
Boase, William (his dau. was bur. 

1782), 4 
Boase, William Alfred (1833-39), p, 60 
Boase, William George (b. 1865), p 
Boase, William Heury (bap. 1789), p. 
Boase, William Henry (bap. 1811), 3 
Boase, William Lindsay (b. 184 1 ), jw, 15 
Boase, William Millett(b. 1802). p, 16, 

Boase, William Norman (b. 1870), p 
Boase, Wilmot (liv. 1873), 58 
Bodilly, Alice, 29 
Bodilly, R. H., 66 
Badilly, Thomas Hacker, 11 
Bodinnar, The family of, 53 
Bodinnar, Elizabeth, 35 
Bodinnar, Ruth, 38 
Bodinnar, W., 57 
Bodinnar, Miss of Bunan, 63 
Bone, Grace, p, 1 7 
Bone, James, 17 
Bonne well, Mary, 47 
Borlase, Mary, 38 
Boson, The family of, 26 
Boson, George, 1 
Boson, John, 1 
Boson, Juliana, p, 1 
Bosvargo, John, 57 
Boswell and Co., 16 
Boulderson, Mary, 34 
Boyd, Rev. A. H. K., 41 
Bremble, John, p, 1 
Bremble, John, 63 
Bremble, Martin, 58 
Bremble, Sara, p, 1 
Broad, Thomas, jun., 21 
Broad, William, 44 
Broadley, Rev. Robert, 47 
Broadlcy, Sarah, 47 
Broeklesby, Noah, 32 
Bromley, Lucy, 25 
Bromsgrove School 14 
Brown, Adelaide, 27 
Buckingham. John, Surgeon, 66 
Budd, Edward, 32 
Budd, Elizabeth, 32 

Budd, Isabella, 32 
Bullion question, The, 7 
Bullmore, The Family of, 33 
Bunbury, William, 26 
Bynards, Mr., 57 


Caddy, Martha, 22 

Calinack, Elizabeth, p 

Camperdown Works, Dundee, 27 

Campezac, Joan, 18 

Cannell, John M., 31 

Cara, Agatha, 43 

Carew's History of Cornwall, 64 

Carlyon, Edith Sophia, 55 

Carlyon, Maria Louisa, 55 

Carmichael, Clementina, 27 

Carne, Elizabeth, T. E., 11 

Carne, Joseph, 1 1 

Carne, Philip, 42 

Carpzov, Messrs., of Bremen, 7 

Carter, Jane, 20 

Carter, Joan, 22 

Carter, Mary, 36 

Carveth, Peter, 25 

Catholic Apostolic Church, Dundee, 13, 

Charles, Rev. Thomas, 7 
Charleville, Earl of, 16 
Chelsea, Five Fields, 7 
Chidleigh, James, 67 
Chidleigh, Petronilla, 67 
Church, H., 57 
Chynowe, James, 67 
Chynowe, Jane, 67 
Chynoweth, James, 44 
Claverhouse Bleachfield, Dundee, 9 
Clutterbuck. Thomas, 39 
Cock, The Family of, 33 
Cock, Nicholas, 57 
Cock, Thomas. 57 
Cockworthy, John, 44 
Cockworthy, Margaret, 41 
Coins and Medals, 11 
Colvin, Russell P., 33 
Corin, Charlotte, 54 
Cornish Language, The, 4 
Cotis, W., 58 
Cotton, Margaret, 41 
Couch, Richard Ciuiller, The Family 

of, 39 
Courtney, William Prideaux, 12 
Cox, The Family of, 27 
Cox, Elisabeth,^, 27 
Cox, WiUiam, p, 27 
Crab, Stephen, 43 
Craige, Anne, p, 7, 68 
Craige, Matthew, 7 
Cran worth, Lord Chancellor, 16 
Crosbie, Rev. G., 13 
Cruwys, Margaret, 67 
Cruwys, William, 67 


Dale, Antony, 49 
Dallev, Elizabeth, 66 
Dalley, Thomas, 66 
Daniel, Alexander, 58, 65, 66 
Daniel, Arthur, junr., 66 
Daniel, Arthur, senr., 66 

Daniel, Eliasaph, 29 

Daniel, Grace, 66 

Daniel, Jacob, 25 

Daniel, Richard, 2, 58, 66 

Daniel, Richard, his high rents, 57 

Darchy, Thomas, 12 

Davey, Florentia (1695-1719),^ 

Davey, Margaret, 19 

Davey, Samson, p 

Davies, The Family of, 2S 

Davies, Christopher, 38 

Davy, Dr. Edmund, 8 

Davy, Elizabeth, 34 

Davy, Sir Humphry, 8, 34 

Davy, Dr. John, 34 

Davy, Robert, 34 

Dawson, collection of MSS., 12 

Dennis, D., 66 

Dennis, Grace, 21 

Dennis, William 7 

Depew, G. W., 32 

Dewstoe, Sophia, 45 

Diggens, Mrs., 58 

Dobbs, Mary, 55 

D'Orvilliers, Count, 6 

Downe, Edward, 45 

Dundee, 13, 14, 40 

Dundoe, New Bank, 7, 13. 15 

Dunstan, Eleanor, 45, 67 

Dimstan, Jane, 43 

Durante, Isabel, 06 

Durante, lialph, 65 


Easson, Alexander, 1 6 
Edgcumbe, Rev. Mr., 8 
Edwards, Richard, m.d., 16 
Elliot, Scholarship, 11 
Ellis, John, 57 
Ellis, John Thomas, 46 
Ellis, Julia, 46 
Ellis, Pascoe, 5S 
Euden, John, 42 
Eusbach, Martin, 57 
Exeter College, Oxford, 11 
Eyre, Phillis, p, 63 
Eyre, William, 63 


Falmouth Election, 16 

Fawcett, Preston, and Co., 40 

Fenny, Blanch, 58 

Fenny, John, 64 

Ferris, Joseph, 68 

Field, Thomas, 21 

Field, Susanna, 21 

Fishwick, Henry Hanswell ,33 

Fleming, Joseph, 58 

Floyd, Jane, 48 

Floyd, Peter, 48 

Fly, The, a stage coach, 6 

Fookes, Martha, 20 

Forbes, Sir John, 9 

Foster, Joseph Talwin, 55 

Foxell, Rev. John, 52 

French Emigrants, 6 

French, Lucretia, 24, 65 

Freshfield, James William, 16 



Gardner, Charles, 33 

Garnion, Thomas, 65 

Geaoh, Charity, 43 

Gear in Gulval, 4 

Gentlemen's News Room, Penzance, 11 

George, Charles, 22 

George, John, 18 

Giddy, Rev. Edward, 28 

Giddy, John, 66 

Gilbert, Davies, 8 

Giles, Anne, 24 

Gilson, Mr., 64 

Glasgow Bank, 7 

Glasson, The Family of, 28, 65 

Glasson, George (1757-1802), ja, 2 

Glasson, George (m. 1830), 42 

Glasson, Sarah (1760-1802), ;», 28 

Glcnalmond College, Perthshire, 14 

Glenday, Alexander Brown, 10 

Godolphin House, 64 

Gould, Jane Georgina, 36 

Gray, Rachel Charlotte, 36 

Greby, Richard, 25 

Green, Messrs., 10 

Grenfell and Boase, 11 

Greufell, George, 7 

Griffiths, Nehemiah, 12 

Grosse, Elizabeth, 27 

Grosse, Thomas, 57, 58 

Gruzelier, Frederick John, 21 

Gurney, Rev. Samuel, 66 

Guy, Florence, 22 

Gwavas, Charles, 42 

Gwavas, Rachel, 42 

Gwavas, William, 1 

Gwennap, John, 4 

Gymbale or Gymbal, 21 

Hacker, Thomas, 66 

Halliday, William, 26 

Hand, W., 57 

Harden, William, 22 

Hardy, Sir Charles, 5 

Harris, Arthur, 26 

Harris, Rev. William, 25 

Harry, Robert, jun., 49 

Harry, Thomas, 49 

Harrv, W., 57 

Harvey, Elizabeth (m. 1709), 28 

Harvey, Elizabeth (1756-89),^, 63 

Harvey, Grace, 42 

Harvey, Mary, 38 

Harvey, Mary, 25 

Harvey, Nicholas, 53 

Harvey, Rev. William Woodis, 9 

Hawes, Margaret, 67 

Heard, Sir Isaac, 1 

Heaton, John, 46 

Heaton, Mary Anne, 46 

Hewett, John, bookseller, 4, 64 

Hewett, Elizabeth, 44 

Hewitt, Bernard Augustus, 33 

Hick, Henry, 65 

Hicks, W., 58 

Hill, Henry, 48 

Hirtzel, The Family of, 46 

Hirtzel, George, 47 

Hirtzel, Henry, 47 

Hockin, H., 57 

Hockin, Mary, 34 

Hocking, William, 53 

Holdsworth, Ann, 31 

Holber, Thomas, 58 

Holla, Thomas, 57 

Horseback, a journey on, 6 

Hosken, Jane, 32 

Hoskin of Camolford, p, bis. 

Hoskin, Ann (bur. 1723), p 

Hoskin, Jane Mary (b. 1793), p 

Hoskin, Mary, 22 

Hoskin, Thomas, 1 

Hosking, The Family of, 4, 28, 65 

Hosking, Ann (m. Nicholas Wallis), 56 

Hosking, Richard, 29 

Hosking, Thomas (d. 1837), 29, 43 

Hume, The Family of, 37 

Hunt, Caroline, 35 

Hunt, Mary Emma, 30 

llusbaud, Ann, 65 

Hutchens, John, 57 

Hutchens, Joseph, 58 


Ireland, George, 9 

Jago, James, 39 
Jago, John, 39 
James, Anna Maria, 45 
James, Jane, 30 
James, Mary (m. 1759), 4S 
James, Mary (m. 1791), 34 
James, Trevenen, 7 
Jenkin, Ann, 66 
Jenkin, J., 57 
Jenkins, Ann, 32 
Jenkins, Rev. Francis, 64 
Jobson, Margaret, 9 
John, Jane (b. 1694), p, 2 
John, Mary, 35 
John, Margaret. 18 
John, Oliver, 58 
John, Thomas (in. 1709), 22, 24 
John, Thomas (liv. 1734), p, 2 
John, W., 58 
Johns, Jane, 29 
Johns, Philip, 49 
Jonas, George, 58 
Jones, Maria, 38 
Jordan, Jane, 44 
Jordan, Loveday Croggan, 33 
Justo, Cecilia, 46 
Justo, Louis 46 
Justo, Maria Teresa, 46 


Keigwin, Martin, 58 
Keigwin, Nicholas, 38 
Keigwin, Richard, 41, 42 
Keigwin, William, 42 
Kelly. Agnes, 31 
KenwjTi Churchyard, 61 
Kingcome, Sir John, 46 
Kinmonds, Hutton and Steele, 40 
Kirkby. John, 22 
Kitto, Mary, 20 
Kneebone, Eleanor, 65 
Knowles, Sarah Jane, p 10 


Ladner, James, 22 

Ladner, Penelope, 1 

Lancaster, Joseph, 7 

Lanyon, Elizabeth, 38 

Lanyon, John, 57 

Lanyon, Mary, 4S 

Larkins, Georgiana, 31 

Larkins, William, 31 

Lavin, Thomas, 45 

Lavin, Thomas (d. 1842), 45 

Lavington, George, 35 

Lawrence, Elizabeth, 22, 65 

Legar, J., 57 

Legow, John, 41 

Le Grice, Rev. 0. V., 8 

Lemon, William, 45 

Le iloux L'Abbe, 6 

Levelis, Elizabeth, 28, 65 

Lcvelis, John, 65 

Lewis, Lucy, 65 

Lewis, Lieut. T. A., 65 

Ley, The family of, 29, 65, 66 

Ley, George, 25 

Ley, George, the will of, 66 

Lillybank Foundry, Dundee, 40, 41 

Lindsay, Alison, 14 

Lindsay, Helen (b. 1801),^, 14, 63 

LindBay, Jane Smyth (b. 1709), ft 15 

Lindsay, William, 14 

Lockhart and Co., 7 

London Missionary Society, 7 

Lucas, Stanley, 32 

Ludnow, Rich., 57 

Lugg, The Family of, 4, 30 

Lugg, Elizabeth, 30 

Lugg, Francis, 41 

Lugg, Henry, 4 

Lugg, Jane, p, 4, 44, 63 

Luke, The Family of, 4, 30, 66 

Luke, Henry, 22 * 

Luke, Mary. 46, 68 

Lutine frigatn, The, 7 


M'Culloch, James, 6 

Maclean's (Sir J.) History of Trigg 

Minor, 49, 56 
Maddern, Jane, 31 
Maddern. Philip, 4 
Maddern, Relvisa, 1 
Maddern, W.,-57 
Madderne, William, 66 
Madron Bowling green, 4 
Madron, The Churchwarden of, 4 
Maddren. W., 57 
Magazines, The Monthly, 4 
Majendie, Ashurst, 8 
Marrack, Florence, p, 22 
Marrack, Margaret, 21 
Marrack, Philip, 11 
Martin, Samuelson and Co., 40 
Martin, Elizabeth, 22 
Martin, Margaret, p, 3 
Marshall, Howard, 33 
Mason, Anne, 7 
Mathew, R., 57 
Mathews, Francis, 18 
Matthew, John, 49 
Meldrum, Eliza Russell, p, 16 


Methodism in Cornwall, 5 

Methven, David, 27 

Methven, Eliza, 27 

Methven, Robina, 27 

Michell, Alice, 19 

Miohell, Joan, 24 

Michell, John, to. 1765), 42 

Michell, John, (liv. 1780), 19 

Milford, The family of, 32, 66 

Milfoid, Harriet, 55 

Milford, Jonah, 65 

Milford, Mary Beard, 46 

Miller, Jane, p, 13 

Millett, The Family of, 34 

Millett's Geo. B. " Penzance Past and 

Present," 67 
Millett, Jane, p, 16 
Millett, John, 31 
Millett, Peter, 34 
Millett, William, 59 
Morgan, John, 43 
Morris, Rev. George, 9, 11, 40 
Morris, William, 31 
Morshead, Rev. William, 56 
Mouat-Keith, Capt. Sir George, Co 
Mouat-Keith, Sir John, 65 
Mousehole, 58 
Mudie, Patrick Spence, 10 
Mutton, Elizabeth, 46 


Nancarrow, Margery, 45 
Nankivell, William Nevill, 33 
Naudin, Anne, 54 
Naudin, Philippa, 56 
Neish, William Wylie, 40, 41 
Nevill, Elizabeth, 44 
Newhall, Nicholas, 27 
Newten, William, 43 
Nicholas, Edward, 28 
Nicholas, Henry, 28 
Nicholas, Mary Taylder, 33 
Nicholls, Elizabeth, 43 
Nicholls, Jane, 34 
Nicholls, Janetta, 24 
Nicholls, Mary, 41 
Notes and Corrections, 63 
Noye, Catherine, 28 
Noye, Hester, 28 
Noye, Richard, 27 
Noye, Richard, 57 
Nutcombe, Anne, 35 


Oates, Miss,.?) 

Oates, Harriet, p 

Oates, Josiah, p 

Oddy, John, 35 

Oddy, Mary Oxenham, 36, 66 

Oliver, Thomas, 18 

Orlebar, Florence, p, 15 

Osborne, Mary, 22 

Oxenham, The family of, 35, 66 

Oxenham, Elizabeth, 38 

Owen, Robert, 7 

Palmer, Mrs, 7 
Paris, John Ayrton, 8 
Parker, The family of, 37 

Parker, Laura Elizabeth, p, 37 

Parker, Matthew, p, 37 

l'arminter, Mary, 44 

PaiTot, Mary, 17, 19 

Pascoe, Elizabeth, 18 

Pascoe, Henry, 31 

Pascoe, James, 2 

Pascoe, James, 66 

Pascoe, John, junr., 26 

Pascoe, Margery, 66 

Pascoe, Richard, 42 

Paul, Parish of, 57, 58 

Paull, The Familv of, 43 

Paull, Miss, 4 

Paull, Edmund, 4, 30 

Paull, Jane, 29 

Paull, Juliana, 42 

Paynter, Arthur, 68 

Pearce, The Family of, 37 

Pearce, Anna Henrietta, 62 

Pearce, Anna Maria, p, 62 

Pearce, Anna Maria Henrietta, p, 39, 40 

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Pearce, Elizabeth, 25 

Pearce, Elizabeth, wife of W., 66 

Pearce, Isabel, 28 

Pearce, John, 43 

Pearce, John Jones, (1765-1826), 35, 66 

Pearce, John Jones, (1795-1833), p, 39, 

Pearce, Michael, 67 
Pearce, Richard, Mayor of Penzance 

1689, 66 
Pearce, Richard, Mayor 1837, etc., G7 
Pearce, Rev. Richard, 67 
Pearce, Sarah, 4, 38 
Pearce, Thomas (living 1674), 67 
Pearce, Wm., Mayor of Penzance, 66 
Pearce, William Alfred, p, 40 
Pendarves, Rev. Henry, 38 
Pendennis, Castle, 5, 63 
Penhelick, Rev. John, 38 
Penlease, David, 57 
Penneck, Henry, 39 
Penneck, Sarah, 39 
Penprase, Alexander, 46 
Fenrose, Ann, 29 
Penrose, James, 57 
Penrose, William, 56 
Penticost, Jane, 30 
Pentreath, John Badcock, 32 
Penzance Clubs, 5 
Penzance Geological Museum, 9 
Penzance Horse Mail, 64 
Penzance Old Corporation, 11 
Penzance Public Library, 8, 11 
Penzance Public News Room, 11 
Penzance Union Bank, 7, 9, 10, 11 
Perleggan, Margaret, 19 
Perrow, Jane, 58 
Perry, Alice, Anne, p 
Perry, Rev. Jevon, J, M., p, 63 
Perry, John, 27 
Perys, Rev. John, 67 
Peters, Rev. M. N, 40 
Phillips, Anna, 43 
Phillips, John, 40 
Pidwell, Anne, 42 
Pidwell, Samuel, 44 
Pidwell, Sarah, 39 
Pike, Miss, 31 
Pike, Thomas, 57 

Pindar, Oliver, 57 
Plymouth, 5, 10, 
Polglaze, Henry, 19 
Polkinhorne, Jane, 29 
Polkinhome, H., 57 
Pollard, The Family of, 13 
Pollard, Joan, p 
Polmenna House, 39, 40 
Popham, Joseph Lamb, 56 
Portsmouth Dockyard, 4 1 
Preston, Anne, 27 
Probate Office, 16 
Probus Parish, 14 
Prideaux, Alfred, 52 
Prospect Place, Penzance, 64 
Prouse, Mary, 49 


Queen's College, Cambridge, 15, 16 


Ramsden, Agnes Eliza, 31 

Ransom and Company, 0, 10, 12, 40 

Rawe, George, 58 

Rawe, Jane, 63 

Rawling, Mary, p, 2 

Reed, Alexander, 42 

Richard, Susan, 26 

Richards, The Family of, 44 

Richards, Charles Percy, 33 

Richards, Elizabeth, 64 

Richards, Martin, 67 

Richards. Nicholas, 07 

Richards, Robert (bur. 1765), 67 

Richards, Robert, 9 

Richards, William, 22, 63 

Richards, William, L.L.D., 8 

Ricketts, Enthoven, and Co., 12, 40 

Ripley, Lionel, 39 

Roben, Elizabeth, 41 

Roberts, Jane, 48 

Roberts, John, 57 

Roberts, Maria, 48 

Roberts, Maria, 49 

Roberts, Philippa, 56 

Roberts, Roger, 1 

Roberts, William, 13 

Rodda, Ann, 44 

Rodda, Margaret, 26 

Rodda, Tryphena, 42 

Rogers, Elizabeth Paul, 55 

Rogers, Thomas, 54 

Rolfe, Robert Monsey, 16 

Roscoff in Brittany, 6 

Rosowhorne, Beatrix, 65 

Rosowhorne, John, 65 

Rowe, Elizabeth, 43 

Rowe, Elizabeth Harvey,^ 

Rowe, John (1767-1855) p, 3, 64 

Rowe, John (b. 1811), 64 

Rowe, Rev. Thomas, 38 

Rowe, William, 26 

Rowland, Jane, 44 

Rowland John, 44 

Rowland, Valentina, 44 

Royal Bank of Scotland, 13 

Royal Geological Society of Cornwall, 

8, 9, 64 
Royal Marines, 16, 17 
Royal Society, 9 

Royal Society of Literature, 8 
Russell, Ann, p 
Russell, Francis, p 
Rutland, Henry, Earl of, 66 


St. Keverne Parish, 64 

St. Mary's Churchyard, Penzance, 59 

St. Pol de Leon, 10, 13 

Sampson, Blanch, 1 

Sampson, Dorothy, 20 

Sampson, Henry, 34 

Sampson, Jane, 30 

Sampson, Susanna, 22 

Sandys, Ann. 34 

Saunders, Elizabeth, 53 

Saundry, Margery, p, 

Savage, Sarah, 31 

Scobell. Edward, 41 

Scott, Helen, 27 

Selector, The, a Cornish Magazine, 16 

Seppings, Charlotte Ellis, 36 

Sepulchral monuments,in scrip. on,59, 60 

Shanu, George, 14 

Sharp, Granville, 7 

Sb.epb.ard, Elizabeth, 20 

Sherborne Mercury, The, 4 

Sherborne Weekly Miscellany, The, 4 

Shoebridge, William, 45 

Sholl, The family of, 4a, 68 

Sholl, Anna Maria, 61 

Shea, Charlotte, p, 11, 64 

Sholl, Cecilia, 46, 61 

Sholl, Charles, 47, 60 

Sholl, Jane, 61 

Sholl, Martin, 32, 46 

Sholl, Mary Beard, 66 

Sholl, Richard, 61 

Sholl, Bichard (1734-81), 67 

Sholl, Richard (d. 1844), 67 

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Sholl, Robert Horatio, 47, 60 

Sholl, Sarah Anne, 47, 61 

Sholl, William, 45, 61 

Shutford, Blanch, 1,63 

Shutford, Philip, 1 

Shutford, Robert, 1 

Shutford, Sara, p, 1 

Sidney, Sir Robert, 2 

Simon, William (m. 1621), 27 

Simmons, a Master R.N., 28 

Sleepe, Thomas, 31 

Sloggett, Isabella Mary, 56 

Small, Robert and Henry, 14 

Smith, John, 19 

Speer, Alfred Miles, 32 

Spence, Elizabeth, p. 10 

Spilman, Ann, 26 

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Stallard, The Family of, 48 

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Stoddard, Elizabeth Valentina, p, 9, 44 

Stoddard, Mary, 44 

Stoddard, Robert, 44 

Stodd ard, William, 44 

Stone, Andrew, 65 

Surthin, Elizabeth, 64 

Symes, The Family of, 49 
Symes, John, p, 49, 62, 63 
Symes, Rosanna, p, 49, 62, 63 


Tancock, Rev. Dr. O. J., 11 

Tanner, Jane, 55 

Tarraway, Mr., 28 

Tassic, Annie, 37 

Taylor, Alice, 4 

Terrill, Thomas, 45 

Thing, Mr., 7 

Thomas, Honor, 19 

Thomas, Hugh, 57 

Thorns, Mary, p, 9 

Thomson, Capt. of Falmouth, 32 

Thomson, The Family of, 50, 68 

Thomson, Grace Lucilla, p, 51 

Thomson, Julia, p, 52 

Thomson, Lewis, p, 52 

Thomson, Mitchel, p, 50, 51 

Thorold, Ellis Frederick, 46 

Thorold, Rev. Henry Baugh, 40 

Tinners of Cornwall, 5 

Tippet, Grace, 45 

Tiverton Bank, The, 8 

Tiverton Giainmar School, The, 8, 16, 

Tollervey, Horatio Nelson, 45 

Tom, Rich, 57 

Tonkin, The Family of, 53 

Tonkin, Ann, 31 

Tonkin, Edward, 58 

Tonkin, Elizabeth, 21 

Tonkin, Harry, 2 

Tonkin, Henry Boase, 53 

Tonkin, Jane, (liv. 1721), 1 

Tonkin, Jane (1760-1856) p, 53 

Tonkin, John, 2 

Tonkin, Joseph, p, 53 

Tonkin, Mary, 2 

Tonkin, Thomas, 58 

Townshend, Rev. John, 8, 39 

Traer, The Family of, 33 

Tredavo Estate, 58 

Tredennick, Jane, 20 

Treeve, Richard, 65 

TregeUes, John, 48 

Tregortha, Gregory, 42 

Trcgortha, Joan, 44 

Tregortha, Phillis, 17 

Tremearne, Richard, 57, 58 

Tremearne, .loan, 44 

Tremeuheere, John, 57 

Treneere, Mrs., 57 

Treruf, Richard, 57 

Tresidder, Anna, 34 

Tresilian, Thomas, 57 

Tresise, Joseph, 58 

Treuren, Thomas, 57 

Trevear, Richard, 57 

Trewavas, The family of, 4, 54 

Trewavas, Charity, p 

Trewavas, John, p, 54 

Treweeke, Elizabeth, 35 

Treweeke, Rev. George, 40 

Trewen, Richard, 57 

Trezise, Ann, 43 

Trezise, Mary, 43 

Troyes, The Bishop of, 6 

Tullamore, Lord, 16 

Turnbull, Brothers, 9, 10, 64 

Tweedy, The family of, 54 
Tweedy, Charlotte A., p, 55 
Tweedy, Robert, 33 
Tweedy, Robert Milford, p, 55, 63 
Tweedy, Williams and Co., 56 


Unwin, Mr., 35 

Uren, Elizabeth, 4 
Uren, Margaret, p 
TTstiek, Wm., 65 


Veale, George, 57 

Veitch, Messrs., 10 

Vellenoweth, Margaret, j», 17 

Vibert, John, 57 

Vibert of Penzance, 68 

Vinicombe, John, 21 

Vinicombe, William, 29 

Volunteer Corps at Knightsbridge, 8 

Vyvyan, Philip, 31 

Vyvyan, Rev. Thomas, 12 


Walker, Katherinc Blanche, 36 

Wallis, The Family of, 4 

Wallis, The Family of, 56 

Wallis, Ann, 29, 65 

Wallis, Christopher, (bur. 1742), 65 

Wallis, Nicholas, 65 

Wallish, Alice, 20 

Warne, William, 64 

Warren, Annie, 50 

Wasley, Mary, 22 

Watson's School, Messrs., 8 

Watt Institution, Dundee, 13 

Webber, Thomas, 45 

Wellfield Works, Dundee, 64 

Wemyss, Alexander Watson, 41 

Wemyss, Ann Boswall, 41 

Wesley, Rev. John. 5 

Wesleyan Methodists in Cornwall, 16 

Western District Banking Company, 11 

White, Rev. Frederick W., 28 

Whitehead and Co., Messrs, 12 

Whitehead. Rev. William, 64 

Whitfield, Rev. George, 5 

Whitmore, Sir George, 65 

Whitinore, AVm., 65 

Whitley, Emily, 32 

Wightwick, George, 47 

Wilberforce, Bishop Samuel, 12 

Williams, Rev. Anthony, 26 

Williams, Elizabeth, 44 

Williams, John (m. 1810), 56 

Williams, The Family of, 46 

Williams, Louisa Teresa, 68 

Wills, Elizabeth, 58 

Wilson, George, 53 

Woodis, The Family of, 4 

Woodis, Sarah, 38 

Woodis, Thomas, 4, 31, 43 

Woods, Mr., 33 


Yeaman, Anne, (1689-1776), jo 
Yeaman, Ann, (m. 1748), 54 
Yeaman, Bernard, (m. 1705), 42 
Yeaman, Bernard, (m. 1718), p 
Yeaman, John, (m. 1718), 41 
Yeaman, Mary, (m. 1749), 54 
Young, Charlotte Hannah, p, 15 

Robert,bap , *4Aug.l650=pMary Rawling of Penzance, 
removed to Penzance, j bur.* 6 Aug. 1749. ? 

after 1705, mar.* 23Apl. I , 

1705, bur.* 13 Feb. 172* Robcrt,bap.t26Feb. 170£,bur.*27Sept. 
1708, "son of Robert of Penzance." 


Arthur of Tredavo, : 
bap.* 1 Nov. 1652, 
mar.* 18 June 1666, 
bur* 5 Oct. 1731. 

Florence dau. of 
amier Marrack, 
30 Sep. 1658, die 
fore her husband 

Charity, rnar.*=j=John Trewavas 
15 April 1710, I of Paul. ? bur.* 
bur.* 17 March ] 28 Jan. 1778. 
1777. 4- 

Anne, bap.* 1 1 : 
Dec. 1639, mar.* 
14 Oct. 1718, 
f bur.* 15 Aug. 

: Bernard Yeaman. 
of Mousehole. 

Arthur, bap.* 24 
Feb. 169J, bur-* 
28 Feb. 1694. 

AnnHoskin, mar. *=j= Richard (sen 

15 Feb.l72-j,bur. 
29 Oct. 1723. 

Dap.* 17 Feb. 16 
bur* 28 Jan. 1 


Ann, bap.* 

bur.* 14 
Nov. 1723. 

Pichard of New-=pSarah Berryman of 

lyn, bap.* 26 May 
1729, mar.* 16 
July 1754, bur.* 
17 May 1788, ad- 
mon. Sept. 231788 
to widow Sarah. 

Paul, bap.* 21 Feb. 
17&h bur.* 31 Dec. 
1796, widow, age 77. 

Ann, bap.* 
8 July 1732 

Arthur, bap* 26= 
Dec. 1737, mar.* 
10 May 1760,bur.* 
29 Nov. 1764. 

(Elizabeth Beck- 
erleg of Paul, 
bur* 29 Sept. 

Arthur of Tiverton 
28 Feb. 1757, bai 
March, privately 
1795, died 10 Sept 
at Tiverton, bur. 
George's Church-y 

John, bap.* 27 June=pElizabeth, dau. of 
1756, mar.* 17 July I John & Elizabeth 
1780, will 13 Dec. 1794, | Harvey of Burian, 
executor only son John. [ bap. 21 Feb., 1756, 
Admon. 2 Feb. 1795. bur.* 29 Sept. 1789. 

Sarah, bap.* 28===George Glasson of 
Jan. 1760, mar.* Alwyn, bap.* 15 
15Junel780,bur.* | May 1757, bur.* 
2 Dec. 1S02. ^26 Nov. 1802. 

Phillis, bap.* 21 
Sept. 1762, bur.* 
23 Nov. 1766. 

ADn bap.* 13=Franeis 
August 1761, Russell 
mar. * 25 Jan. jun. of 
1783. Paul. 

Phillis born* 20 May=..Ayre 
1781, bap.* 22 May, ofWade- 
mar* 15 Jan. 1803, bridge 
dbd 2 Sept. 1844. 

John, captain in 
army, bap.* 1 Ap. 
1783 died 11 Sept. 

Elizabeth Harvey, born 17=pJohn Rowc, born 6 

July 1785, Newlvn, bap.* 
20 July, mar. 8 Ma}', 1810, 
diedS July 1844, St. Mabyn, 
bur. St. Austell. 

Sept. 1767, Trcgony, 
died 21 May 1855, 
Egloshayle, bur. at 
Friends' Cemetery, 
.St. Austell. 

William bap* 24 51 
1787, P died in infun 

Anna Maria Hen- 
rietta, bornj 18 Jan. 
1796, bap. 4 Feb., 
mar. 20 Nov. 1821. 

: .7ohn Jones Pcarce, 
born 15 April 1795, 
Tredenny (Burian) 
died 10 July 1833, 
-Newlyn. bur. f 

Caroline Naomi, born j 
28 Nov. 1797, bap. 27 
Feb. 179S, died 13 Dec. 
1801, St.James', 

Henry Samuel, ===Elizabeth Valentina, 

born* 2 Sept. 1799, 
bap. 7 Nov., mar. f 
11 Dec. 1824. 

1st dau. of William 
Stoddard, born 8Nov. 
1799, at Melcombe 

John Josias Arthur, = 
bornj 23 June 1S01, 
bap. 30 July, mar. 
4 July 1827, St. Cle- 
ments, Truro. 

Charles William, born? Nov 
1833, died j 22 Dec. 1838. 

Alice Anne, born 17 Jan.: 
183% mar. 18 July 1872. 

=Rev. Jevon Muschamp 
James Perry, born 7 Dec. 
1842, at Monmouth. 


Helen, born 22 
June 1836, died 
lOct. 1838. 

Catherine ] 
born 13 Jan. 
mar. 15 Dec. 1 


Henry, born||===Mary, 3rd 
5 Oct. 1825, I dau. of James 
mar.j 15 Sep. | Thorns, born 
1853. I 4 Feb. 1832. 


21 Dec. 


Anna Maria, = 
born|| 26 Aug. 
1827, diedj 4 
Nov. 1871,mar.j 
14 June 1853. , 

first co. 

Alfred, born||=f=Ellen Bradley 
20 July 1829, eld. dau. of 

mar. i 
1853 at 


1826, Greenwich. 

William Mil- 
lett Boase. 

Elisabeth, =pWilliam Cox Arthur, born 

born|| 25 Julv I of Lochee, 21 June 183 

1831, mar.*j | born 23 Feb. died} 8 July 

22 June 1864.^1813. 1852. 

Samuel, bornj Robert Richards, born} Margaret Elizabeth, 
1854 4 Oct. 1857. born} 21 Jan. 1861. 

Arthur James, born} 
21 Oct. 1863. 

Mary Parminter, 
bornj 21 May, 1866. 

John Tregortha, 
bornj 27 Nov. 18 



The Family of Boase (or Bowes) was settled in the 
parishes of Paul and Madron at the end of the sixteenth 
century. Ursula, daughter of William Bowes, was buried 
at Madron, 14 Dec. 1578 ; Joan, daughter of Edward Bowes, 
was buried at Paul, 16 Feb. 160^; and Cresten, daughter of 
Kichard Bose, was baptised 27 Feb. 160§, at Paul. The 
earlier registers at Paul unfortunately perished when the 
Spaniards burnt the place 23 July 1595. The name was at 
first usually spelt Bowes, but it is also spelt, like most other 
names at that time, in a variety of ways ; and the spelling 
Boase became the common one in the eighteenth century. 
Two entries, at Paul about the same person run thus : 
" Arthur, son of John Boase, bap. 1 Nov. 1652;" "Arthur 
Bowes married Florence, 18 June 1686." The present 
account is taken from a pedigree entered at the Herald's 
Office 1810 by Henry Boase, Esq., and duly recorded by Sir 
Isaac Heard, Garter King at Arms. It reaches from 1681 
to 1809, and has been supplemented from family informa- 
tion, from wills, and from the registers. The following 
notes supply additional particulars taken from these sources. 
The five marks * f || % § mean throughout "at Paul, 
Madron, Penzance, London, Dundee" respectively. 

Simon Bowes m. * 8 July 1676 Sara Shutford. He was 
probably son of the Simon who d. 1697. Administration of his 
effects was granted at Bodmin, 31 Aug. 1723, to his daughter 
Sarah, wife of John Bramble, yeoman. The will of his son 
John is dated at Chioon (in Paul) 9 Oct. 1721, and the pro- 
hate at Bodmin 1 Oct. 1722. By it he leaves to his sisters 
Sarah Bramble and Phillis Berryman equal shares of his 
lease lands, &c. ; to his sister Ursula Boase £20, to be paid 
to John Boson, gentleman, her trustee, within six years, the 
executors meanwhile paying him 20 shillings yearly for 
her : the executors are his brothers-in-law, John Brambel 
and John Berryman ; his aunt, Blanch Shutford, he leaves 
to the care of his sisters ; the witnesses are .Roger Robarts, 
Relvisa Maddern, Jane Tonkin. Blanch Shutford may 
have been Blanch Sampson of Penzance, who married 
Robert Shutford 1 May 1704, if Robert was brother of 
Philip Shutford, the father of Sara Shutford, who was 
mother of John Bowes. The Bosons were then the leading 
people in the place, and John Boson was probably the well- 
known Cornish scholar, the correspondent of William 
Gwavas and others {sec Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, under 
Boson and Gwavas). Juliana, who married John Bowes,* 
30 Ap. 1686, was probably the daughter of George Boson, 
Esq., and this alliance may be the reason of John Boson 
becoming trustee for one of the family [see Boson pedigree). 
Another Simon Bowes, probably connected with this one, m. 
*3 March 1767, Penelope Ladner of Paul ("with her 
father's consent," i.e. she was under age : witnesses, Thomas 
Hoskin, Stephen Barnes). 

John Bowes, of Tredavo in Paul, who died 1681. There 
was a family tradition that he came over from Holland and 
founded the family in Paul. This must be incorrect, but 
he may have been in Holland, and come back in later life to 
his native parish. Richard Daniell, one of the chief land- 
owners in the district, was Governor of Middleburg, under 
Sir Robert Sidney 1612-14 ; and, through bis connections (he 
married twice there), the Daniell family may have been 
able to forward the interests of a countryman. This con- 
jecture rests on the fact that in a rent roll (printed further 
on) of Richard Daniell, in 1657, John Boos appears as hold- 
ing Tredavo under him at a conventionary rent of £5 — the 
highest rent given. The administration of John Bowes' 
property was granted at Bodmin, 21 Nov. 1681, to his son 
Robert, Jane the widow having renounced. Robert 
probably moved to Penzance, having married Mary Rawliag 
of that place (see below under Boase of Madron and Pen- 
zance) . It is to be noted that there was probably another 
John Bowes living at this time in Paul, for an obscure entry 
in the register seems to read " (Cisley ?) wife of John Bowes, 
buried 11 April 1661." If so, some of the later children 
(after Robert and Arthur) here assigned to John Bowes, who 
died 1681, may be really children of this second John Bowes. 
At the death of the first John Bowes in 16S1, Robert seema 
to have been the eldest son living. William, perhaps son 
of this second John Bowes, was baptised * 23 July 1648, 
P buried * 28 July 16S9, having had a son, William, baptised 
* 2 April 1678. John, another son (? of the John who 
died 1681) died 1734, and administration was granted at 
Bodmin, 17 July 1734, to his son William, and daughter 
Jame, wife of Thomas John. 

Richard Boase of Newlyn, was witness to his brother 
Arthur's marriage in 1760, and Arthur's daughter, Anne's, 
marriage in 1783, and died in 1788. Administration was 
granted at Bodmin 23 September 1788, to his widow Sarah. 
The witnesses to their marriage in 1 754 (by licence) are John 
Tonkin and Arthur Boase. Both Richard and his widow 
Saiah Berryman, were buried in Paul Church, and a 
mortuary paid for them, of 10s. 6d. and a guinea 
respectively. The will of their son John is dated 13 
December 1794. He leaves to his daughter Phillis £500 
to be paid her at the age of 21, or on her marriage, if 
she marry before that age, four per cent, interest being 
allowed her meanwhile : the same to his daughter Elizabeth 
Harvey, both sums being charged on his real estates. His 
only son John is made executor and residuary legatee. The 
witnesses are Harry and Mary Tonkin and James Pascoe. 
On 2 February 1795 administration was granted at Bodmin 
to George Glasson, uncle-in-law and guardian of John 
Boase, the executor, power being reserved to grant the like 
administration to John Boase when of age. Stamp £11 10s. 
John Boase's seal is attached. 

It is possible that Richard Boase, who died 1788, had 
married a first time when very young, for this entry occurs 
at Paul, " William, son of Richard and Isabella BoaBe, 
baptised 6 September 1747, " and the following entry 
possibly refers to the children of this William. His wife 
Grace may be Grace, daughter of John and Elizabeth Boase, 
baptised * 6 December 1747 (same year as her husband). 

1789, October 18, baptised Charles and Mary, son and 
daughter of William and Grace Boase. 

The following entries refer to the children of another 
William Boase living at the same time (unless Richard's son 
William married Joan, and Grace was the wife of the other 

1790, January 26, baptised William sou of William and 
Joan Boase. 

1791, July 24, baptised John, son of William and Joan 

1794, April 27, baptised Simon, son of William and Joan 

1797, July 16, baptised Joan, daughter of Wiliam and 
Joan Boase. 

1799, July 7, baptised Thomasin, daughter of William 
and Joan Boase. 

1801, March (? April) 12, baptised Charles, son of William 
and Joan Boase. 

1803, April 9, baptised Eliza, daughter of William and 
Joan Boase. 

1805, December 15, baptised Anne, daughter of William 
and Joan Boase. 

1807, September 6, baptised Mary, daughter of William 
and Joan Boase. 

1811, June 9, baptised Richard, son of William and Joan 

John Rowe, who married Elizabeth Harvey Boase in 1810, 
took out several patents ( see Bibliotheca Cornubiensis sub 

The William, son of John, who married Margaret Martin 
in 1717, was probably married previously, as there is an 
entry at Paul, William, son of William Boase, baptised 1 
August 1714. 

The following entries also occur at Paul : 
Marriages — 

1632, April 16, William Bawse and Anne. 
Baptisms — 

1665, October 27, Richard, son of Richard Bowes. 

1678, April 2, William, son of William Bowes 

169$, February 25, Mary, daughter of Richard Bowes. 

1746, August 3, Elizabeth, daughter of John and Etiza- 
beth Boase. 

1747, December 6, Grace, daughter of John and Eliza- 
beth Boase. 

1804, October 7 Richard, son of Richard and Jane Boase. 

1806, February 22, Elizabeth Lawrence, daughter of 
Richard and Jane Boase. 

1807, May 21, Joannah, daughter of Sampson and Mar- 
garet Boase. 

1809, March 12, Elizabeth, daughter of Sampson and 
Elizabeth Boase. 

1811, August 4, William Henry, son of Richard and Jane 

1811, October 13, Eliza, daughter of Sampson and Mar- 
garet Boase. 

Burials — 

1689. July 28, William Boase. 
1753, July 1, Richard Boase. 

1812, July 26, Thomas Boaso, age four months, of small 

1814, January 23, Elizabeth Boase, age 5 years. 

In Burian we find — 

William Boase of S. Levan ( ? moved thither from Paul), 
married at Burian, 30 May 1737, Alice Taylor of Burian, 
( ? buried 5 April 1784). Their son Charles, baptised 27 
December 1737 at Burian, married * 23 April 1766, Eliza- 
beth Uren of Paul, spinster; witnesses, John Gwennap, 
Philip Madern ( ? Elizabeth buried 28 January 1794), and 
had by her Phillis, baptised 11 May 1767, at Burian. 

Others occur at Burian • 

1782, January 16, buried daughter of William Boase. 

1786, August 9, buried Thomasine, wife of William Boase. 

1795, January 2, buried John Boase. 

1796, February 22, buried William Boase. 

1809, December 4, buried Elizabeth Boase, age 25. 
At Sennen — 

174-|, January 6, baptised William, son of William Boase. 
1750, June 9, baptised John, son of William Boase. 

Henry Boase, who died 1827, left behind him an auto- 
biography, from which the following notices of his life have 
been mainly taken. 

Henry Boase, the fourth son of Arthur Boase of Madron, 
by Jane, daughter of Henry Lugg of S. Keverne, was born 
at Madron on the third of June 1763, and baptized at the 
parish church on Midsummer day. As to his family con- 
nections he says himself in his autobiography " My paternal 
grandfather farmed his own little property in the parish of 
Paul, my maternal grandfather was a Lugg of S. Keverne, 
where his ancestors were freeholders of old times, and where 
his family still remain. He purchased some lands both 
freehold and leasehold in Madron, where he came to reside, 
and married a Miss Paul, by whom we are related with 
Luke, Hosking, Wallis, Woodis, and other families. 
Miss Paul's sister mairied Hosking of Landithy, and her 
daughters were married, one to Wallis, another to Thomas 
Woodis of Alverton. These with the father of Mr. Edmund 
Paul, surgeon, were first cousins of my mother. Mr. Luke 
and Dr. Luke are my cousins in the second degree by their 
mother, aTrewavas; and Mr. Luke's children are doubly 
related to us, that is by their grandmother, a Trewavas, 
and by their mother, a Woodis, who was the elder sister of 
Mrs. John Jones Pearce." He was of weak health, and 
studious habits, and early gained some knowledge of the 
classical languages and of French, though the means of 
instruction within his reach were very small. His father 
Arthur had been fairly educated, and was a member of the 
Bowling green and Sporting clubs of the neighbourhood, 
and was constantly Churchwarden, an office of some note in 
those days, and which after the squire and the vicar dis- 
tinguished a chief man in the parish. He was a reader and 
a politician, and then, what was far from common, had a share 
of a weekly newspaper, (taken in by several in rotation), 
the Sherborne Mercury, the only paper published at that 
time in the Western counties. This newspaper was accom- 
panied by a little Weekly Miscellany, from which its readers 
gained small scraps of literary information, and to which 
Henry Boase afterwards contributed. The Cornish lan- 
guage had not yet wholly died out. ' In my father's early 
years net a few of the previous generation spoke Cornish, of 
which he retained many phrases. I remember he used to 
teach us the Lord's Prayer, sundry proverbs, the numerals 
Sec, in that language." 

In 1779 he became a clerk in Mr. Luke's office at Pen- 
zance, and gained better opportunities for self insti uction 
than were available at Gear in Gulval, to which his father 
had removed from Madron in 1774. " Soon after I came 
to reside at Penzance I had the good fortune to obtain 
some favour in the sight of a very eccentric man of 
the name of Hewett, who kept a small, and at that 
time, the only bookseller's shop in the town. Monthly 
Magazines were then getting into fashion, about half a dozen 
of which came to his shop every month, and it was to me a 

great treat to be permitted to peep between the un-cut 
leaves, before they were sent home to their owners. With 
intense anxiety I have often watched the arrival of the 
monthly wagon, and the removal of my friend's package to 
his shop, and then passed by the door or made some excuse 
to go in and see whether it was opened, an operation which 
the old gentleman, to my great mortification, would some- 
times postpone for several days. I reckon it one of the 
most fortunate circumstances of my life to have fallen into 
the good graces of the old bookseller, for at that time 
Penzance afforded very little help towards the acquisition 
of knowledge, — no book clubs, no public library, no reading 
rooms, no scientific institutions of any kind ; and except a 
little occasional stir by the novel introduction of Methodism 
there was nothing to disturb the long established smoking, 
drinking, and gaming-clubs, of which there were some for 
all ranks, and for almost all ages. These were distinguished 
by many ridiculous names, but all agreeing in drunkenness, 
profanity, and card playing ; hard drinking, gaming and 
swearing, were then considered gentlemanly accomplish- 
ments, and destroyed the health and fortune of very many. 
To the wonderful change which took place soon after the 
breaking out of the late war, I ascribe much of the increase 
of population which has since taken place. From the 
pernicious influence of such society, I was in a great measure 
preserved by a weak state of health, and a fortunate po- 
verty, which left me very little to spend, and much less than 
I was anxious to invest in books. This is a sad picture of 
Penzance, such as it was before I knew it and when I lived 
there from 1779 to 1784. When I visited it in 1792, I did 
not observe much difference ; but when I again saw it in 
1806, I was astonished at the change. Much of the moral 
change we have seen may be traced to the spread of 
Methodism, which, while it operated powerfully on the 
labouring classes, reflected a benign influence on the higher 
orders of society. Smuggling with its concomitant vices of 
drunkenness and swearing was virtually encouraged by the 
upper ranks, and was the bane of the miner and the fisher- 
man. Against these especially, Wesley and Whitfield 
levelled their powerful denunciations, and although their 
followers were for a long time few and obscure, the evils 
they condemned were too flagrant to admit of defence. So 
uncivilized were our miners down to a period so recent as to 
be within my memory, that one of the terrors of the nursery 
to quiet froward children was to tell them that the Tinners 
were rising. When these men felt or fancied some public 
grievance, they collected in great bodies, and laid the 
devoted towns and markets under such contributions or 
restraints as the barbarous multitude thought proper to 
impose. Among these men WeBley and Whitfield operated 
a change of incalculable importance not only to the miners 
but to the community at large." 

In 1781, being then clerk to Mr. Luke, he went on business 
to Falmouth, and as he was very fond of drawing, amused 
himself with taking sketches of the harbour, and at length 
wandered within the lines of Pendennis castle, not knowing 
that it was forbidden ground , it being a time of war, and of 
great terror about spies ; he was consequently arrested and 
dismissed with a reprimand for the trouble his ignorance 
had occasioned. 

In 1782 he went on horseback to Plymouth on business. 
Plymouth had hardly yet recovered from the panic occa- 
sioned by the combined fleets of France and Spain, which 
had menaced its destruction three years before, in the 
month of August 1779. " Of that alarm I have still a vivid 
recollection, caused probably by the violence of the original 
impression, when the enemy with apparently an overwhelm- 
ing force was in sight. Early one beautiful morning the 
alarm was given that the grand fleet of England, chased 
by the combined fleets of France and Spain was off the 
Western Coast. Everybody ran to the hills, from which 
could be seen at once the British fleet, under Sir Charles 

Hardy, 38 ships of the line and a very few frigates, crowd- 
ing sail to the eastward, and leisurely pursued by the com- 
bined fleet, under Count D'Orvilliors, composed of about 70 
ships of the line, with a cloud of frigates and smaller vessels. 
The day was nearly calm, with now and then a little breeze 
to the northward, so that for the long space of a summer's 
day the Mount'sBay exhibited the uncommon scene, first, of 
more than 100 ships of the line assembled, and secondly, of 
the British Channel fleet flying before the enemy. With 
the close of the day we lost sight of the fleet off the Lizard, 
and the second day after, the enemy paraded triumphantly 
before Plymouth, whence he drew off on the third night, 
alarmed by a threatening storm with heavy thunder from the 
south-east. I was told at Plymouth that a single ship 
might have silenced all the batteries, so wretchedly unpre- 
pared wore they to sustain any attack." 

On the restoration of peace it occurred to him that if he 
could learn to speak and write French with facility it would 
be a recommendation, as that was an attainment becoming 
more necessary in commercial affiairs, and far from common 
among clerks in those days, " So scanty however were my 
resources at this period, that the expense, though trivial, was 
a formidable obstacle ; but as I could pass over by one of our 
Mount's Bay boats for nothing, and contemplated only a 
short stay, it was at length determined that I should go." 
In the spring of 1785 therefore he landed at Roscoff in 
Brittany, with the express object of improving his knowledge 
of modern French, and resided for sometime with a French 
family at Morlaix, to which he had been introduced by Mr. 
M'Culloch (father of Dr. M'Culloch, the geologist), a mer- 
chant whose acquaintance he had made at Penzance during 
the war. " Here I was treated very kindly, and passed 
about nine of the pleasantest months of my whole life. 
Though Morlaix was a large town, living was then cheap 
there. My board and lodging were thought liberally paid 
at the rate of 400 livres, or about £16 a-year. Hairdresser, 
fencing master, dancing master, and washerwoman, all im- 
portant personages, and indispensable, were paid 3 livres, or 
half-a-crown a month each ; and an excellent ecclesiastic, 
L' Abbe Le Roux, gave me instructions in French, in 
return for my help to a young man, his nephew, whom he 
wished to learn English. Before the close of the year I 
found a passage free to Wales in a British vessel, to whose 
captain I had rendered service as an interpreter at Morlaix, 
and from Swansea I got a passage home with a captain I 
had formerly known, so that the whole of this expedition, 
which was eventually the source of all my success in life, 
cost less than twenty pounds." 

On his return from France, after a brief attempt at setting 
up in business at Newlyn, he in 1788 went to London, 
where his knowlege of French proved all-important to him. 
He became junior corresponding clerk in the bank of Messrs, 
Ransom. Morland, and Hammersley, in Pall Mall — one of 
the leading West end firms — and it fell to his lot to conduct 
much of the correspondence of the emigrants who fled to 
England during the revolution. To several of these he was 
able to do much friendly service, and on their return to 
France, after the peace of Amiens, the Bishop of Troyes and 
others wrote him very grateful letters. 

In 1792 he re- visited Cornwall to see his aged mother, to 
whom he had for some time sent liberal help. He met his 
elder brother Arthur (then in the bank at Tiverton, of which 
he was afterwards a partner), by appointment at Exeter ; 
and they rode on horseback to Penzahce, arriving on the 
evening of the fifth day from his leaving London. It was 
a tedious journey at that time, in a heavy stage coach, called 
" The Fly," above forty hours on the road to Exeter, while 
the only means of travelling further West was on horseback. 
Of his eighteen days holiday, ten were spent in toilsome 

In 1792 also he became chief clerk, his services having 
been highly appreciated ; and on the first of January 1799 


he was admitted as partner in the firm, the business of 
which had much increased owing to that of Lockhart and 
Co. being now transferred to it. On Sunday the 26th of 
October 1794 he had married, at S. Andrew's, Holborn, Anne, 
the only child of Matthew Craige, of Walsall, by Anne 
daughter of John Mason. He had known his future wife 
for several years. Her father died when she was very 
young, and she had lived first with her mother's father, and 
then with her mother who had married secondly Mr. Thing, 
one of the senior clerks in Ransom's bank. The young 
couple lived first in Air street, Piccadilly, then from 1795 to 
1807 at Kmghtsbridge, (where eight of their thirteen child- 
ren were born), and finally at No. 127, Sloane street, 
Chelsea, which had then an open prospect over what were 
called " the Chelsea Five Fields," (now Belg-rave Square, 
&c), and here they remained from 1807 to 1810. 

In the terrible winter of 1799-1800, the communication 
with Hamburgh was stopped for three months, and the 
wreck of the " Lutine " frigate on the coast of Holland, 
which was carrying over a great number of merchants and 
traders, and above half-a-million sterling, brought on a 
crisis in the business of Northern Germany. The firm of 
Carpzov of Bremen was one of those which failed, and 
Mr. Boase went over as soon as the ice broke up, and suc- 
ceed ed in saving part of the amount due to the bank : it was 
then a common practice on the continent to give up a bank- 
rupt' s effects to the home creditors and cheat the foreign 

In 1804 be went to Scotland to examine into the affairs 
of the Dundee New Bank, which was afterwards recon- 
structed under the proprietorship of Lord Kinnaird and 
Messrs. Morland, Boase, Baxter and B.oberts, and became the 
parent of the Glasgow Bank: this ultimately led to two of 
his sons becoming managers of the Dundee Bank ; and one of 
them, Mr. 0. W. Boase, has written a very instructive 
History of Scotch Banking. Mr. Boase had himself written 
a number of tracts on the famous ' Bullion Question,' which 
are enumerated in the Bibliotheca Cornttbiensis 

His health was now so seriously affected by the London 
winters, that at the close of 1809, he resolved to retire from 
the business and spend the rest of his life in his native air 
at Penzance. After a preliminary visit with his wife to 
make the necessary arrangements, he finally took up his 
residence there. He resided first in Chapel street, and then 
on the South Parade ; but having purchased about two acres 
and a half of ground on the west, or Alverton, side of the 
town for £1000, he built a house there which cost him 
£3,500 more. It is called Alvern hill, and has a pleasant 
garden in which the well-known spring, called Alverton 
well, takes its rise. Not wishing entirely to give up work, 
he became a partner in the Bank of Messrs. Batten, Oxnam, 
and Carne, at Michaelmas lS10,and remained so until Lady 
Day 1823 ; soon after which he took over the Penzance 
Union Bank from Mr. William Dennis, and with his two 
elder sons and Mr. Trevenen James started a new firm on 
May 1 1823, which was joined by Mr. George Grenfell in 
1824. During his residence in London he was well ac- 
quainted with Granville Sharp, Robert Owen, and other men, 
eminent for their philanthropic exertions ; was a leading 
member of the London Missionary Society ; and took a con- 
siderable part in the foundation of the Bible Society, in 
conjunction with the Rev. Thomas Charles of Bala, with 
whi >in he had become intimately acquainted whilst eng iged in 
distributing, as Mrs. Palmer's banker, her donation of £1000 
to the poor beneficed clergymen of Wales. He was also much 
interested in the formation of schools on the new system of 
Joseph Lancaster. His correspondence, part of which is 
preserved in the British Museum (Additional MSS. 29281) 
gives some interesting details on these matters. 

He had originally sympathised with the great French 
movement of 1789 ; but, like most Englishmen, recoiled 
from the atrocities committed by the revolutionists, and 

attached himself to the policy of Mr. Pitt. In the years 
1803-5 he was senior captain of the Volunteer Corps at 
Knightsbridge, and spent much time on his duties and on 
the management of the companies. In the 18 years during 
which his life was prolonged at Penzance, he returned with 
fresh zeal to his literary pursuits, corresponded much with 
Sir Humphrey Davy, and Dr. Edmund Davy, Davids Gil- 
bert, &c, and in 1814 helped Dr. Paris and Mr. Ashhurst 
Majendie to found the Royal Geological Society of Cornwall; 
his eldest son Henry afterwards became well known in con- 
nection with it by his " Treatise on Primary Geology," and 
the detailed geological description of every Cornish parish 
which he contributed to Davies Gilbert's " Parochial His- 
tory of Cornwall." In 1817-18 he furnished Sir Thomas 
Bernard with valuable evidence as to the pernicious effect 
of the Salt laws. He also took an active share in establish- 
ing the Public Library at Penzance in 1818, feeling deeply 
of what value 'such an institution would have been to him- 
self 40 years previously. He was elected a Fellow of the 
Royal Society of Literature in 1821. He was much esteemed 
by his fellow townsmen; was elected Alderman, and Mayor 
in 1816, and took a leading part in Penzance for some years, 
where he organised a savings' bank, over the interests of 
which he kept a careful watch. He died 8 April 1827, the 
long continued east wird of that inclement spring having 
fatally intensified a chronic disease of the organs of res- 
piration, and was buried in S. Mary's churchyard on the 
thirteenth of that month. His autobiography, of which 
much use has been made in this sketch, supplies an excellent 
instance of the pursuit of knowledge under great difficulties 
by a poor friendless boy, who won his way in life literally 
by self help. 

His brother Arthur, mentioned in the life, became partner 
in the Tiverton Bank, 19 April 1808 ; see also Harding's 
' Tiverton,' part i, p. 238. 

Notices of Henry Boase occur in Davies Gilbert's 
" Parochial History of Cornwall," C. S.Gilbert's "Historical 
Survey of Cornwall," aud Lake's " Parochial History." The 
arms of the family are given in C. S. Gilbert, plate 25. They 
are : Ar. on a chevron engrailed gules 5 bezants between an 
anchor in base, and 2 birds in chief with wings erect, Or : 
crest, a demi-lion charged with 3 bezants on the shoulder, 
and a star on the hip, holding in the fore-paws 5 arrows, 
4 in saltire, and 5 in fess on the top. The motto is " Per 
varios casus." 

Of his children, the elder ones born in London were bap- 
tised privately by his friend, the Rev. John Townshend, 
who founded the Deaf and Dumb Asylum in 1792, and 
died in 1826, and whose memoirs were published in 1828. 
George was baptised by Mr. Edgcumbe, curate of an Epis- 
copal Chapel in Knightsbridge. The three youngest were 
baptised at Penzance by the Rev. C. V. Le Grice. 

Henry S. Boase. 

Henry Samuel Boase, eldest son of Henry Boase, was b. 
at No. 6 Knightsbridge, London, 2 Sep. 1799, and privately 
bapt. by the Rev. John Townsend on the 7 Nov. After 
attending Messrs. Watson's School 32 Sloane street, Chelsea, 
he proceeded to the Tiverton Grammar School then 
under the mastership of William Richards LL.D., and 
in 1815 he was sent to Dublin to study under Edmund Davy, 
M.D., Professor of Chemistry etc. to the Royal Dublin 
Society. After some stay in Dublin he gave up his inten- 
tion of making chemistry his profession, and removing to 
Edinburgh took up the study of medicine, and going 
through the usual routine was admitted M.D. in 1S21, pub- 
lishing for his diploma thesis an essay entitled " Dissertatio 
Medica Inauguralis de Contagio." He now commenced 


practice as a physician at Penzance, but the profession was 
so very uncongenial to his taste that he gave it up after a 
very short trial. He next turned his attention to Geology, 
and in 1822 was appointed Secretary to the Royal Geologi- 
cal Society of Cornwall in succession to Mr. John Forbes, 
M.D. (afterwards Sir John Forbes) which place he held 
until 1829. His first paper in this science was "On 
the Tin Ore of Botallack and Levant," read at the annual 
meeting in Oct 1822. During 1829-31 he was employed in 
ascertaining the nature and boundaries of the Cornish rocks 
in order that their geographical relation might be accurately 
delineated in a map. On this work he employed two years 
and walked 1200 miles, visiting every part of Cornwall and 
collecting specimens of the rocks, which were deposited in 
the Geological Museum at Penzance, and form a very 
valuable series. An account of the journey (with a coloured 
geological map of Cornwall on the scale of 5 miles to an 
inch) was published in the Geological Transactions, iv. 
166-474. The Geological notices of the Cornish parishes 
in Davies Gilbert's History of Cornwall as well as in many 
of the more modern histories are taken from this account. 
In 1834 he published "A treatise on Primary Geology" 
a book which still holds its place as a standard work. 
During some years of the period already spoken of he 
had been a partner in the Penzance Union Bank, with 
which establishment he remained connected until its dissol- 
ution in Apl 1838. In 1837 he removed to London and 
took up his residence in Burton Crescent, and on the 4 May 
of the same year was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society. 
In 1S38 he left London and went to Dundee when he 
became managing partner in the firm of Turnbull Brothers, 
of the Claverhouse Bleachfield; in connection with these 
works in 1855 he took out a patent for " Improvements in 
the process of drying organic substances." More recently 
the Messrs. Turnbull having died and Dr. Boase and his 
second son having the larger share in the business, the firm 
has become Messrs. Boase & Co. InApl. 1870 Dr. Boase came 
into Dundee to reside, and in 1871 retired from taking any 
active share in the business. He has published " The 
Philosophy of Nature 1860 " and "An Essay on Human 
Nature 1865." For an account of his other writings see 
Bibl. Cornub. i, 29-30. He m. at Madron 11 Deer. 1824 
Elizabeth Valentina, eld. dau. of Will, and Mary Stoddard ; 
of his issue of ten children we shall now speak of, (a) 
Henry, (A) Alfred, (e) Arthur, (d) John, (c) Samuel. 

(a) Henry Boase, eld. child of H. S. Boase of Claver- 
house, was b. Chapel St. Penzance, 5 Oct 1825, and privately 
bapt, by the Rev. C. V. Le Grice. At an early age he was 
adopted by his great uncle Mr. Robert Richards of The 
Thorns, Alverton, Penzance, with whom he resided many 
years. He was first educated at the Grammar School, Pen- 
zance, under the Rev. George Morris, and afterwards at 
The High School, Dundee, and then took a situation under 
Messrs. Turnbull Brothers, at the Claverhouse Bleach 
Field. There he remained until 1 Jan 1865, when in conjunc- 
tion with Mr. George Ireland he became the purchaser of the 
Wellfield Works, Lillybank, where under the firm of Ireland 
and Boase they became Flax and Jute spinners and manu- 
facturers of hessians, tarpaulings, sacking, etc. On the death 
of Mr. Ireland on the 4 Dec 1871 H. Boase purchased from 
his Trustees the other moiety of the business, becoming by 
this transaction sole proprietor of the works. Mr. Robert 
Richards dying 11 Nov. 1844, H. Boase became owner of 
The Thorns, fenzance, subject to the life interest of 
Miss Richards, and on the decease of that lady, 20 Feb. 1862, 
he sold that property by auction. He m. 15 Sep. 1853 at 
Clepington near Dundee, Mary, third dau. of James Thorns 
by his wife Margaret Jobson, and has issue. 

(b) Alfred Boase, second son of H. S. Boase, was born at 
Penzance 20 July 1829, and privately bapt. by the Rev. W. 
W. Harvey. After being educated at Penzance and at the 
High School, Dundee, he in the year 1845 entered the ser- 

vice of the Messrs. Richard and Henry Green, shipowners of 
Blackwall, as a midshipman, and in that capacity made 
several voyages to the East Indies, Australia and other 
places. In 1852 the state of his health obliged him to leave 
the sea, and he entered the Claverhouse Bleach fields 
(Messrs. Turnbull Brothers) then under his father, as 
managing Partner, to learn the bleaching business ; in course 
of time he rose to be acting manager, and when in the year 
1870 Dr. Boase retired from the direction of the works, 
Alfred became sole manager with a share in the business, 
the firm consisting of H. S. Boase and Alfred Boase under 
the name of " Boase & Co., Yarn millers and calenderers, 
Claverhouse Bleach field, Trottick mills and St. Andrew's 
street Dundee." He m. 7 May 1853, at Falmouth, his first 
cousin, Ellen Bradley, eldest dau. of William Millett Boase, 
M.D. and has issue. 

(r) Arthur Boase, third son of H. S. Boase, was b. Pen- 
zance 2 1 June 1833, and privately bapt. by the Rev. Thos. 
Vyvyan. He was educated at Glenalmond College, Perth- 
shire, but his health soon commenced failing and he died of 
consumption at Claverhouse, Dundee, 8 July 1852, and was 
buried in the church yard at Mains. 

(&) John Boase, fourth son of H. S. Boase, was b. Burton 
Crescent, London, 4 Nov 1 837, and bap. St. Paul's Dundee 
1838. After being educated at Glenalmond College he 
entered the establishment of the Messrs. Veitch, Horticul- 
turists, Exeter, to learn ornamental and scientific garden- 
ing, but after studying for some years and finding no open- 
ing for his labour in England, he sailed for New Zealand 
where he died of fever at Christ Church 6 Feb. 1865. He 
m. June 1863 Sarah Jane Knowles and had issue. 

fej Samuel Steddard Boase, fifth son of H. S. Boase, was 
b. Claverhouse 19 May 1847. After being educated at 
Glenalmond College he entered the Lillybank Foundry 
under his cousins, Pearce Brothers, to learn machine 
making and mechanical drawing. However in 1870 seeing 
an opportunity of entering into business he in Dec, in 
conjunction with Patrick Spence Mudie, son of R. A. Mudie, 
shipowner, Dundee, took the Hank Mill works, where he 
now carries on jute spinning, &c, under the firm of Boase 
and Mudie. He m. at Newcastle-on-Tyne 6 June 1872 
Elizabeth, second dau. of James Spence, ship-agent. 

John J. A. Boase. 

John Josias Arthur Boase, second son of Henry Boase, 
was b. 23 June 1801 at No. 6 Knightsbridge, London, and 
privately bapt. by the Rev. John Townshend on 30 July. 
He was first educated at Messrs. Watsons' School at 32 
Sloane street, and afterwards at the Tiverton Grammar 
School (then under the Mastership of Dr. Richards) from 
Aug. 1809 to Christmas 1814. He then, after accompanying 
his younger brother Charles William for a short time to the 
Grammar School, Helston, was placed in the Bank of 
Messrs. Batten, Carne and Came at Penzance where he 
remained until Midsummer 1817. His father now sent him 
to France, and during a residence of fifteen months at St. 
Pol de Leon in Brittany he obtained a good knowledge of 
the French language. On returning to England in Sep. 
1818, he the following Christmas entered the banking-house 
of Messrs. Ransom and Co London where he staid until 
May 1824. He then after spending six months on the 
continent went down to Penzance and took an active part 
in the recently established Bank of Messrs. Henry Boase, 
Sons & Co., which consisted of his father Mr. Henry Boase, 
his brother Mr. H. S. Boase, Mr Trevenen James and 
himself, and was called The Penzance Union Bank. 
However on 30 Dec. 1831 Mr. Trevenen James retired 
and soon after Mr George Grenfell and his son Mr Pascoe 
Grenfell joined the firm, which then took the name of 



Messrs. Boase, Grenfell, Boase & Co., and J. J. A.'Boase 
and his elder brother became at the same time partners 
in the Tin smelting firm of Mr. George Grenfell, which then 
becamo known as Grenfell and Boase. These two firms 
were dissolved by mutual consent 21 Apl. 1838, the business 
of the Penzance Union Bank being sold to the Western 
District Banking Co., Mr. Boase remaining Manager of the 
new Company. This arrangement however did not continue 
rnanj 7 years as in 1844 the business was transferred to 
Messrs. Ricketts, Bnthoven, Turner, Mason, and James, and 
the old name of the Penzance Union Bank was restored ; 
another rapid change followed, on the 25 Apl. 1846 the 
firm became Messrs. Ricketts, Enthoven, and James, and in 
Nov. 1846 the business was dissolved and wound up, and 
Mr. Boase who had remained Manager throughout the 
various changes finally retired from business. 

Mr. Boase was an Assistant of the Old Corporation of 
Penzance, which consisted of Aldermen and Assistants, and 
when the Municipal Act came into operation in 1835 was 
elected a member of the New Town Council for the West 
Ward. At the first meeting of the Council he was chosen 
one of the Aldermen for the same ward. He has been a 
J. P. of the borough for a very long period, having been 
appointed in 1836 jointly with Mr. Joseph Carne the first 
borough magistrates. He was also in 1838 elected a 
Guardian of the Poor for Penzance. 

He succeeded the Rev. C. V. Le Grice as President of the 
Gentlemen's News Room in January 1859, and held that 
position until 1864, when it was converted into the Public 
News Room of which Institution he was then elected 
President. He was also connected with the Penzance 
Public Library for many years and was elected President 
in 1858 in the place of Joseph Carne, Esq. On his resig- 
nation of the Presidency in 1874 he was unanimously 
chosen an Honorary Life Member. Besides the foreign 
residence before alluded to, Mr. Boase has travelled a great 
deal, and a portion of his leisure time has been devoted to 
writing an account of his journies. This work in MS. 
occupies twelve volumes folio bound in Russia, and is illus- 
trated by several thousand engravings. For an account of 
bis contributions to various Literary Journals, see Bibl. 
Cornub. i, 30. 

For many years he was employed in numismatic researches, 
and at one time was the owner of a cabinet consisting of 
several thousand coins and medals both ancient and modern, 
but in 1860 he parted with the greater portion of his collec- 
tion which was sold by Messrs. Sotheby and Wilkinson in 
London, on the fourth of April and the following days. 
After the death of Mr. Joseph Carne 12 Oct. 1858, he at the 
request of Miss Elizabeth Carne, consented to unite with 
her in carrying on the Penzance Bank jointly with Mr. 
Philip Marrack and Mr. Thomas Hacker Bodilly, and 
having an equal share therein ; but the partnership was 
dissolved on the part of Mr. Boase the 30 June 1859. 

He m. 4 July 1827 at St. Clement's near Truro, Charlotte 
second dau. of Robert Sholl by Mary Beard Milford. She 
was b. Rosewin row, Truro, 30 Oct. 1802, and d. Alverton 
Vean, Penzance, Wednesday 10 Sep. 1873, bur. the Cemetery 
15 Sep. Of his issue we shall now speak of: fa) Charles 
William, (i) George Clement, (c) Edward Ley, (rf) Frederic. 

fa) Charles William Boase, eldest child of J. J. A. Boase, 
was b. Chapel street, Penzance, 6 July 1828 and bapt. by 
the Rev. W. W. Harvey at St Mary's 19 Sep. He was 
educated at the Grammar School, Penzance, under the Rev. 
Geo. Morris, and at the Grammar School, Truro, under the 
Rev. Dr. Tancock 1841-46. Here he gained Lord Fal- 
mouth's medals 1841 and 1842, Dr. Cardew's Exhibition 
prize 1843, and Lord Falmouth's prize of books in the 
same year. He next obtained the Elliot Scholarship of the 
value of £30 per annum, which he held at Exeter College 
for four years 1846-49. He matriculated at Oxford 4 
June 1846, and in the following year gained an open 

Scholarship at his College tenable for three years 1847-50. 
He obtained a second class in the final classical school Trinity 
term 1850, took his B.A. degree 18 May 1850, and his M.A. 
27 Jan. 1853, was elected Cornish Fellow of his College 30 
June 1850, Assistant Tutor 1853, Tutor 1855, Lecturer in 
Hebrew 1859-69, and has been Librarian since 1868. He 
was ordained 4 Mch. 1855, at Cuddesdon by Bishop S. Wil- 
berforce, but has not proceeded to priest's orders. In 
1851 he was proxime accessit for the Arnold Historical Essay 
on " Carthage," and received a prize of books. He was Master 
of the Schools 1856, Examiner in Modern History and Law 
1857, 1858, 1865, 1866, 1867, 1869, 1870, in Final Classical 
Examination for honors 1S62, 1863, in Modern History 
1872 and 1873, for the Pusey and Ellerton Hebrew Scholar- 
ship 1861, in the new Combined Examinations for the Pass 
Schools 1874, 1875. He is known as being one of the joint 
translators and editors of Ranke's History of England for 
the Clarendon Press in 1875, and he has contributed 
numerous articles to The Act/demy and other literary journals. 
The account of the Deeds and Writs 1300-1836 in the 
Dawson Collection in the Penzance Public Library was 
compiled by C. W. Boase, and is reprinted from The 
Cornish Telegraph in the Catalogue of the Books of the 
Penzance Public Library (1874) pp. 336-43. 

(bj George Clement Boase, second son of J. J. A. Boase 
was b. Chapel street, Penzance. 20 Oct 1829, and privately 
bapt. by the Rev. W. W. Harvey 18 Nov. He was educa- 
ted at Regent's House Academy and the Grammar School 
Penzance, and for a short time in 1844 at Bellevue House 
Academy, Penryn. At the age of 15 in 1844 he entered as 
a clerk in the Western District Banking Co. Penzance, and 
continued there when that company was transferred to 
Messrs. Ricketts, Enthoven, & Co. In 1847 he went to 
London and engaged himself to Mr. Nehemiah Griffiths, 
Ship and Insurance Broker, 2 White Hart Court, Lombard 
street ; here he remained for more than three years, and at 
the end of that period entered the employment of Messrs. 
Ransom & Co. Bankers, 1 Pall Mall East. On the 29 Apl. 
1854 he sailed from Liverpool in the " Great Britain " and 
landed at Melbourne, Australia, where his first employment 
was acting as a corrector of the press on " The Age " news- 
paper ; after this he proceeded to the Gold Diggings at 
Simpson's Ranges, but not meeting with much success and 
the season proving too dry to admit of gold washing, he was 
for some time engaged in a general store. On returning to 
Melbourne he agreed with Thomas Darchy Esq. of Gelam 
Station, Murrumbidgee River, New South Wales, to become 
tutor to his family. Accordingly in August 1855 he took up 
his residence on the Murrumbidgee, and here and on the 
Lachlan river where Mr. Darchy also owned stations he con- 
tinued to reside until 1864. During the long period of his 
residence here his occupation was varied by his acting as 
paid correspondent of the "Sydney Morning Herald" in 
the Lower Murrumbidgee and Lower Lachlan districts. 

In 1864 he sailed from Melbourne in the " Yorkshire " 
Capt. Reynell, and landed at Falmouth in a pilot boat on 
Midsummer eve in the same year. In 1865 he became 
manager for Messrs. 11. M. Whitehead & Co. Australian 
Provision Merchants, Loudon, with whom he remained until 
Midsummer 1874, when he retired from business and has 
since devoted his time to the collection of materials for the 
second volume of the " Bibliotheca Cornubiensis, " the first 
volume of which in connection with Mr. William Prideaux 
Courtney he had brought out in Deo. 1873. 

(c) Edward Ley Boase third son of J. J. A. Boase was 
b. Chapel street, Penzance, 26 May 1836, bapt S. Mary's 
by the Rev. Thomas Vyvyan 22 July, and was educated 
at Bath under Mr. Shaw, and at Caen in Normandy in 1853. 
He went to Australia with his brother G. C. Boase in 1854 
and was first employed in an office in Hobart Town, Tas- 
mania. After holding various situations for some years 
both in Victoria and New South Wales, including taking 



part in the collection of the census of the former colony in 
1857, he ahout 1866 opened a store of his own in Pall 
Mall, Sandhurst, where he still continues, and has built him- 
self a residence in the vicinity of the town. He m. 1867 
Jane Millar and has issue. 

(d) Frederic Boase fourth son of J. J. A. Boase was b. 
at Lariggan, near Penzance, 7 Oct. 1843, and bapt. at S. 
Mary's 1? Nov. by the Rev. E. Shuttleworth. He was 
educated at the Penzance Grammar School 1855-57, at 
Bromsgrove Grammar School, Worcestershire, under the 
Rev. J. D. Collis, D.D.,Aug. 1857, to Dec. 1859 and at Probus 
under the Rev. Samuel Stead 1860-61. Being articled to 
Messrs. Rodd and Cornish, Solicitors, Penzance, 24 Dec. 
1861, he passed his intermediate examination in London 
Nov. 1864, and his final examination Jan. 1867, and was 
admitted an attorney and solicitor 30 Jan. 1867. Since that 
time he has followed his profession in Exmouth and in 

Charles W. Boase. 

Charles William Boase, third son of Henry Boase, 
was b. No. 6 Knightsbridge, London, 8 June 1804, and pri- 
vately baptised by the rev. John Townshend, 26 July, 
removed to Penzance with his father in 1810, aDd was edu- 
cated at the Helston Grammar School under Rev. William 
Stabback. After this he went to France and resided for some 
time at St. Pol de Leon and obtained a fair knowledge of tho 
French language. On his return he proceeded to Portsmouth 
where he studied in order to qualify himself for becoming an 
engineer, but after a time abandoning this intention he 
with the view of learning Scotch banking entered the 
Dundee New Bank, in 1821 and after passing through 
various grades of service, on the retirement of Mr. William 
Roberts, who went to Glasgow, became manager of the 
Union Bank, and died 14 Apl. 1832, was appointed manager 
of the bank. In 1837 he was invited to take the manage- 
ment of the Dundee Bank, and this proposal led to the 
amalgamation on the 31 Jan. 1838 of the Dundee New Bank 
with the Dundee Banking Co., established in 1763, Mr. 
C. W. Boase assuming the management on the 13 March 
under the title of Cashier. In 1840 the Directors to relieve 
themselves of some of their duties appointed Mr. C. W. 
Boase manager ; and his brother, Mr. G. C. Boase, became 
cashier. This position he held till Feb. 1864, when the 
Dundee Bank was merged in the Royal Bank of Scotland, 
but he still continued to manage the business till 21 Dec. 
1867, when he retired on a pension. On the 10 Jan. 1851 
he was presented by the Directors with the sum of two 
hundred guineas '• in consideration of his valuable and 
efficient services for the past thirteen years." And on the 
9 Mch. 1857 he was presented with £300 "in token of 
their satisfaction at the result of the past year's business." 
Shortly after he came to Dundee he took a deep interest 
in promoting the establishment of the Watt Destitution, and 
in 1 824 the year when it was called into existence he was 
elected Secretary and Treasurer which appointments he held 
until 1828. He arranged the museum of the Institution, 
occasionally delivered lectures to its members and until its 
dissolution was one of its warmest supporters. 

In 1842 when the town of Dundee became bankrupt, C. 
W. Boase was one of the trustees elected by the creditors. 
At one period he was a director of the Public Seminaries, and 
he also took part in the discussion relative to the improve- 
ments of the harbour, his financial knowledge of the business 
of the town rendering his opinion of considerable value. 

In 1836 Mr. Boase became " a believer in the restoration 
of Apostles to the Church," and one of a small company of 
like faith worshipping in a room in Whitehall Close under 
the care of the Rev. G. Crosbie. Soon after he at his own 

cost erected an elegant little chapel in Bell street to which, 
the congregation removed, and continued there until 30 
Nov. 1867 when the present church in Constitution road 
was opened for service. " Mr. Boase was ordained to the 
Priesthood in Oct. 1836 and to the Episcopate in Aug. 1851, 
and after his retirement from business in 1867 had charge of 
the Evangelistic work throughout Scotland, in consequence 
of which he removed in Nov. 1870 to Drummond-place, 
Edinburgh." As a preacher he had a popular style and a 
happy knack of making himself perfectly understood, so that 
on occasions when it was announced that he was going to 
preach many of the outside public attended the church. He 
originally resided in Meadow Place, Dundee, having a 
country house at Newport in Fife, but about 1859 
went to reside at Balgay House, Dundee. With the 
intention of providing illustrations of the Scriptures for the 
members of his own congregation and others, he employed 
Mr. John Alexander and other artists to make for him 
copies of many of the most celebrated paintings of the old 
masters existing in foreign collections ; for the proper exhi- 
bition of these paintings he built a special gallery at the 
rear of his house in Meadow Place, and with the hope of 
encouraging a taste for art in Dundee, these paintings were 
on more than one occasion lent for public exhibition. One 
of these pictures, a copy of Leonardo da Vinci's great paint- 
ing of the Last Supper he presented in 1870 to the Albert 
Institute, Dundee, the others were removed to Edinburgh, 
and the collection has now been dispersed. 

As an author he has published several works on con- 
troversial theology, for which see Bibl. Cornub. i. 28, 
but the publication by which he will be chiefly 
remembered is entitled " A Century of Banking in Dun- 
dee," a mass of facts and figures extending over nearly four 
hundred pages, and affording most useful information to 
all persons interested in banking statistics. C. W. Boase 
died rather suddenly on Friday the 7th June 1872, while 
staying at Albury, Surrey, " attending a Council of Minis- 
ters of the Catholic Apostolic Church :" his remains were 
interred in the burial ground of the parish church on the 12 
June. He m. 9 Dec. 1832 at Dundee Helen, fifth dau. 
of William and Alison Lindsay, and had issue seven child- 
ren ; of these we propose to speak of two (a) Edward (b) 

(a) Edward Boase, second son of C. W. Boase, was b. 
Dundee 16 Dec. 1841, educated at Gothic House, Rotting- 
dean (Mr. Arthur Orlebar's), and at Glcnalmond College, 
Perthshire He entered the 93rd Sutherland High- 
landers in 1860, purchasing his Ensignship 21 Dec. 
1860, and his Lieutenancy 10 July 1863. He served in 
India for some y ears, and after his return, namely in the 
commencement of 1868, sold out his commission. Soon 
after retiring from the army he entered into partnership 
with Messrs. Robert and Henry Small and his cousin W. L. 
Boase, under the names of Messrs. Small and Boase, Hemp 
spinners, twine makers, and manufacturers, having pi aces of 
business at Rockwell Works. Dundee and Hawkslaw Works, 
Leven. On the death of Mr. Henry Small in 1869 Mr. 
Robert Small retired from the firm, and the business was 
continued by Edward Boase and W. L. Boase under the 
same title of Small and Boase, until 1 Dec. 1875. At that 
date they sold the Rockwell Factory and business to W. L 
Boase. Shortly after, they took a partner, Mr. George 
Shann ; and Edward Boase, W. L. Boase, and George Shann 
carry on at Leven the business of Hemp Spinners under the 
name of Small and Boase. He m. 31 Oct. 1871 Emilia only 
dau. of the late John Bell, solicitor, Dundee. 

(b) Clement Boase, third son of C. W. Boase, was b. 
Dundee 13 May 1846, and educated at Glenalmond College, 
Perthshire. In May 1864 he entered the Dundee Bank and 
served as an apprentice until about the end of 1867, when 
he determined to devote himself to the ministry ; accord- 
ingly in 1870 he was admitted to the Deaconship in the 



C. A. Church, Dundee, but was removed in Jan. 1872 to 
the Church in Edinburgh, where he still remains. He 
m. 4 Apl. 1872 Charlotte Hannah, second dau. of Charles 

D. Young, engineer, Perth. 

George C. Boase. 

George Clement Boase, fourth son of Henry Boase, was 
b. at 127 Sloane street, Chelsea 25 Aug. 1810, and privately 
bapt. by the Rev. C . Edgecombe ; he was educated at the 
Exeter Grammar School then under the Mastership of Dr. 
Collins, from thence he proceeded to Queen's College, 
Cambridge, where he resided 1828-29 but not sufficiently 
long to take a degree. He then went down to Dundee to 
visit his elder brother Charles, cashier of the Dundee New 
Bank, the result of which was that in the summer of 1830 
he became a clerk in the Bank, and in August 1832 the 
directors deeming it desirable to have a confidential clerk to 
take the cashier's place in his absence, he was offered the 
appointment and became also a partner in the Bank. As 
before stated, under C. W. Boase, the Dundee New Bank 
was amalgamated with the Dundee Banking-Co. in January 
1838, and the Dundee Bank Directors wishing to relieve 
themselves of part of their duties, resolved in April 1840 to 
make C. W. Boase, manager, G. C. Boase succeeding him 
as cashier, a position which he held until the amalgamation 
in February 1864 of the Dundee Bank with the Royal Bank 
of Scotland, when he became sub-manager, (George Mac- 
kenzie, accountant, being made cashier), and so continued 
until 21 Dec. 1867, when he retired on a pension. Like C. 
W. Boase, he, in the commencement of 1836, joined the 
body now generally known as the Catholic Apostolic 
Church and was ordained to the Priesthood in October of 
that year. About twelve months after giving up business, 
that is in the autumn of 1 868, he removed to Brighton to 
take the charge of the Church there. G. C. Boase is the 
author of several theological tracts, etc., and has been the 
composer of many fugitive poems. An account of some of his 
writings will be found in the Bill. Cormib. i. 28. He m. 
22 Dec. 1835 at Carolina Port, Dundee, Jane Smyth, fourth 
dau. of William and Alison Lindsay. Of his issue we pro- 
pose to speak of (a) George William, (I) William Lindsay. 

( a J George William, eldest son of Geo. Clement Boase, 
was b. Dundee 6 Feb. 1837, and began his education under 
the Rev. Alexander Sterling, Tay square, Dundee, subse- 
quc ntly attending for a short time a private school kept by 
the Rev. T. G. Torry Anderson, in Hawkill place, and 
afterwards the Dundee Public Seminaries or High School 
from 1S47 to 1850. He went to Gothic House, Rottingdean, 
(Mr. Arthur Orlebar's) in September 1850, but from bad 
health had to leave at Midsummer 1851. He then attended 
the higher classical and mathematical classes at the High 
School, Dundee, during 1852 and 1853, and on the 12th 
September in the latter year entered the Dundee Bank as an 
apprentice, and after passing through the ordinary routine 
was appointed secretary 14 April 1862, and in February 
1864, on the occasion of the amalgamation of the 
Dundee Bank with the Royal Bank of Scotland became 
cashier, which position he still holds, (Mr. Mackenzie, 
cashier, having been promoted to be manager on the retire- 
ment of Messrs. C. W. and G. C. Boase in Dec. 1867.) He 
m. 2 Dee. 1874 at St. Mary Magdalen Church, St. Leonards, 
Sussex, Florence second dau. of the late Rev. Cuthbert 
Orlebar of Nottingham, sometime Vicar of Podington, 
Bedfordshire, by Eleanor, eldest dau. of John Kingston, 
of the Stamp Office. 

fl>) William Lindsay Boase, second son of Geo. Clement 
Boase, was b. Dundee 2 May 1841. He was educated at 
the High School, Dundee, until 1856, when he went for a 
year to Luxembourg, and in 1857 to Gothic Hall, Clapham. 

In 1858 he entered the office of the late James Bayford, 
Esq., Proctor, Doctors Commons, and in the same year 
obtained a clerkship in the Probate Office, where he re- 
mained until the spring of 1861. In May 1861 he pur- 
chased from Alexander Easson, Esq., a factory at Johns- 
haven, Kincardineshire, for the manufacture of hemp sacking 
by hand looms, and subsequently from the same gentleman, 
the Maxwelltown Factory, Dundee. In 1868 he joined the 
firm of Boswell and Co., hemp spinners, Leven, and in 1869, 
when Edward Boase was admitted a partner, the name of 
the firm was altered to Small and Boase. On 1 Dec. 1875 
he purchased from Small and Boase their factory and 
business at Rockwell Works, Dundee, and carries on these 
works, and also the factories at Johnshaven and Maxwell- 
town, in partnership with Mr. Thomas Murdoch who was 
admitted a partner in 1871, under the firm of W. L. Boase 
and Co. He m. at St. Andrew's 14 Mch. 1867, Eliza Russell, 
twin-daughter of Leslie Meldrum, Esq., of Devon Iron 
Works, and has issue. 

John Boase. 

John Boase the sixth child of Arthur Boase (who d. 1780) 
wasb. Madron 24 Feb. 1771, and bapt. 2 Apl. He was educa- 
ted and brought up as an architect and a builder, and was 
the designer and builder of the residences known as 
Herbier House, Alverne Hill, and a considerable portion of 
Wellington Terrace, Penzance, etc. Mr. John Boase was 
a class leader and lay preacher amongst the Wesleyan 
Methodists until 1835, when he joined the C. A. Church 
and became the Minister of that denomination at Penzance. 
He d. Herbier House, Penzance, 23 Mch. 1850 and was bur. 
St. Mary's churchyard 27 Mch. He m. at Penzance 16 
July 1795 Jane, dau. of James Mil left, of Helston and had 
three children, of whom the only survivor 

(a) William Millett Boase second son of John Boase 
was born at Penzance 30 Mch. 1802, and bapt. at St. 
Mary's chapel 28 July. After being educated at Tiverton 
Grammar School and at Queen's College, Cambridge, where 
he kept three terms, he proceeded to Edinburgh in 182 — 
where he studied medicine; on taking his M.D. degree in 
1823 he published as his diploma thesis Disputatio Medico, 
inauguralis quadam de Phrenetide complectens, Edinburgh, J. 
Moir, 1823, 8vo. In 1827 Mch. 28, he m. at Madron his 
first cousin Jane Lydia, 4th dau. of Hen. Boase, and shortly 
afterwards took up his residence at Falmouth where there 
was an opening for a physician, owing to the recent death 
of Richard Edwards, M.D. During 1828-29 he assisted in 
editing the third and fourth volumes of The Selector, or 
Cornish Magazine, a periodical to which he contributed 
various articles. During 1835 he published a pamphlet 
entitled HniU on the exercise of the elective franchise. This 
work was in reference to the contested election for Penryn 
and Falmouth in January 1835, when Jas. AVill. Freshfield, 
(of the firm of Messrs. Freshfields'. solicitors to the Bank of 
England) Robt. Monsey Rolfe, (Solicitor-General, after- 
wards Lord Chancellor Cran worth), and Lord Tullamore, 
(afterwards the Earl Charleville), were the candidates, 
the two former being elected. In the same year he 
became a member of the C. A. Church, and soon after was 
appointed a minister of the chapel belonging to that 
denomination on the Moor Falmouth. In 1857 he left 
Falmouth and took up his residence at 52, Torrington place, 
Plymouth, where he still lives. He has for many years 
past relinquished his professional practice, and is now 
Minister of the C. A. Church, Plymouth. His only sur- 
viving son, 

(a) George Clement Boase, second son of Will. Millett 
Boase, was b. Falmouth 25 Aug. 1838 and bapt. at theC. A. 
Church by Mr. John Clark 7 Nov. in the same year ; after 



being educated at the Falmouth Classical School he entered 
the Royal Marine light infantry, Plymouth division, 
became Second lieutenant 17 Aug. 1855, First lieutenant 
14 Apl. 1859, and Captain 3 Aug. 1867. He m. at St. 
James's, Piccadilly, London, 22 Oct. 1863 Grace, dau. 
of James Bone of Budock, and has issue. 


The following is an account of the various families of the 
name of Boase in this parish, reconstructed from the Regis- 
ter and other sources ; complete information however is not 
attainable and some parts of the account are doubtful. All 
the dates are from the Madron Register, unless otherwise 

The Family op William Boase. 

(AJ William Bowes of Penzance had seven children : 
(\) Thomas, bap. 12 Feb. 160-J-, ? d. infant before 1615. 

(2) Gavrigan, bap. 7 Dec. 1606. 
(S) Elizabeth, bap. 30 Mch. 1609. 

(4) William, of whom presently. 

(5) Thomas, bap. 17 Dec. 1615. 

(6) Margaret, bap. 22 Sep. 1618. 

(7) Blanch, bur. 4 Aug. 1619. 

William, the third son, bap. 4 Nov. 1610, (Gulval) " son 
of William Boase of Penzance," ?d. 1662, m. f31 Dec. 1648 
Anne, and had by her (who was bur. 12 July 1664, widow,) 
William and Mary — the latter bap. 21 June 1651. 

William the son, ?bur. ||13 Jan. 171J, was probably 
father of Peter, Elizabeth, William, Arthur, Martin. 

(1) Peter, bap. 25 Oct. 1663. 

(21 Elizabeth, bap. 27 May 1666. 

(3) William, junior, of whom presently. 

(4) Arthur of Penzance, bap. 1 Nov. 1676, m. 1st *16 
Aug. 1704, Ruth, d. of John Boase of Paul, bap.* 18 Mch. 
1664, bur.* 4 May 1724; he m. 2ndly. f21 Sep. 1724, Mar- 
garet Vellenoweth, ' both of Penzance,' ? bur. II 20 Feb. 

(5) MartiD, bap. 24 June 1690, ' son of William Senior.' 

William, "Junior," of Penzance, bur. 17 July 1716, m. 
1675 Cicely, bur. 13 July 1713, 'wife of William Boase, 
junior of Penzance,' and had by her, William and John. 

(1) William of Penzance, bap. 18 Aug. 1678, bur. ||28 
Sep. 1743, had by a first wife, Peter bap 29 Mch. 1703; 
he m. 2ndly. *25 Nov. 1713, Ursula, d. of Simon Boase of 
Paul, bap. *20 Ap. 1684, bur. *1 Ap. 1767, and had by her 
Charles, bap. *3 June 1718, bur. *28 Aug. 1718, John, bap. 
||6 Jan. 172 J, (P do the 2 marriages, given below to John (6), 
really belong to this John.) 

(2) John of Penzance, bap. 26 Dec. 1680, had the follow- 
ing children, Esther, Jacob, Susanna, Honor, Susanna, 

(1) Esther, bap. 14 May 1700, bur. 23 May 1704. 

(2) Jacob, of whom present!} . 

(3) Susanna, bap. 6 Nov. 1704, bur. 16 Nov. 1708. 

(4) Honor, bap. 4 Nov. 1707, bur. 7 June 1708. 

(5) Susanna, bap. 19 Sep. 1711, bur. 25 Jan. 171J. 

(6) John bap. 30 Mch. 1713, ?m. 18 Nov. ( ? Oct.) 1740, 
Phillis Tregortha, ' both of Penzance,' and had bv her, 

i William, bap. 29 May 1741. 
ii Elizabeth, bap. 4 Jan. 1755. 
p Did John m. (2) Mary Parrot in 1749, see below under 

Jacob, bap. 26 Oct. 1702, m. 1st? 1723, and had Ann, 
Susanna, Ann, Jacob, Ann; ho m. 2ndly. t29 Sep. 1735, 
Joan Carnpezac of Gulval, and had by her, Helena, William, 

(1) Ann, bur. || 5 Oct. 1723. 

(2) Susanna, bap. || 7 Sep. 1724. 

(3) Ann, bap. by Mr. Bower || 27 June 1729, bur. 20 May 

(4) Jacob, of whom presently. 
'5) Ann, bap. || 7 Oct. 1733. 

6) Helena, bur.|| 1 1 Feb. 17f£. 

7) William, bap. || 15 Dec. 1740, bur. || 21 Dec. 1742. 
(8) William, bap. || 27 Sept. 1743. 

Jacob, junior, bap. 10 May 1731, ? bur. || 3 Ap. 1803 
mar. t 13 July 1754, Elizabeth Pascoe of Madron, a minor, 
with consent of guardians, witness Joseph Pascoe, and had 
by her (who was bur. ? || 12 May 1793; she witn. m. of 
Elizabeth Pascoe with Henry Williams, t 21 Sep. 1772, the 
other witness being John Pascoe) — 

m Elizabeth, bap. 3 Mch. 1755, bur. 5 Mch. 1755. 

(2) Elizabeth, bap. 5 Feb. 1756, m. f 2 Jan. 1781, 
Francis Mathews, both of Penzance. 

(3) Thomas, bap. 16 Ap. 1759. 

(4) Hannah, bap. 16 Mch. 1761. 

(5) Susanna, bap. 24 Jan. 1763, Pm. t 2 Oct. 1790, Thomas 
Oliver, ' both of Penzance.' 

(6) Mary, bap. 8 Mch. 1765. 

The Family of Reynauld Boase. 

(B) Reynauld Boase, bur. 14 Jan. 164|, m. 1st f 1 Feb. 
162| Mar)-, bur. 21 Nov. 1639, by whom he had Mary bur. 
26 Dec. 1647, and Richard bur. t 25 Nov. 1639 : he m. 
2ndly Eleanor, bur. 16 Aug. 1646, and had by her Dina, 
bap. 4 Aug. and bur. 12 Aug. 1646. 

The Family of Robert Boase. 

(C) Robert Boase, bur. || 26 Feb. 174|, m. t 12 Aug. 1716 
Margaret John, ' both of Penzance ' ( Phis second wife, see 
Pedigree sheet) : their children were 

(1) Robert bap. || 20 May 1720, m. f 29 June 1747 Eleanor 
Bisky, ' both of Penzance.' 

(2) James, bap. 18 Ap. 1724, bur. || 10 July 1724. 

(3) James, bap. 29 Nov. 1726. 
f4) John, bap. 1 Mch. 172f. 
(5) William, bap. 2 Feb. 173f 

(1) Constance, bap. || 12 Dec. 
John George, ' both of Penzance.' 

(2) Ann, bap. || 25 Mch. 1718, m. + 29 Sep. 1744 Richard 
Batten, ' both of Penzance.' 

(3) Elizabeth, bap. || 14 Mch. 172J. 

(4) Margaret, bap. || 18 Ap. 1733 ? bur. || 10 Dec. 1811, 
' spinster,' ago 70.' 

(5) Mary, bap. || 23 Ap. 1735, bur. 14 June 1738. 

(6) Jane, bap. || 23 Ap. and bur. || 4 Aug. 1738. 

A Robert Boase of Penzance administered at Bodmin 22 
Nov. 1740 to his father Robert, mariner. 

1716, m. t 13 July 1746 

The Family of Tonken Boase. 

(D) Tonken Boase, bur. 6 Dec. 1703, fellmonger, ' assis- 
tant ' in Corporation 1693, m. ? 1654, and had — 

(1) Jacob of Penzance, bap. 2 June 1666, bur. 28 Ap. 1702. 



(2) Tonken, jun. of Penzance, bur. t 23 Feb. 1704, m. ? 
1699, and had Rachel, T bap. 16 July, and bur. 31 Aug. 1700 
(1 Joan, bur. 1 Mch. 1651. 
(2) Ann, bap. 20 Oct. 1661. 

The Family of Sampson Boase. 

(E) Sampson Boase, bur. || 15 July 1778, m. f a Nov. 
1725 Margaret Perleggan, 'both of Penzance,' and bad by 
her (?bur. 20 Feb. 174$ or 10 Dec. 1747). 

(1) Sampson, bur. || 23 Nov. 1729. 

(2) Sampson, bap. || 1 Nov. 1730. 

(1) Jane bap. || 15 Jan. 172$ ? d. infant before 1734. 

(2) Ann, bap. || 30 Sep. 1727, bur. || 11 Mch. 1721. 

(3) Jane, bap. || 4 Feb. 173$ m. f 28 Aug. 1757 John 
Smith of Fourth Regiment, witn. Sampson Boase and John 

(4) Margaret, bap. || 22 Mch. and bur. || 24 Mch. 178$ 

(1) William Davey, solicitor, and Mayor of Liskeard 
1841,1849, 1852, one of the Inspectors appointed by the 
Charity Commissioners for England and Wales, b. 28 Sep. 
1818 Liskeard, bap. 28 Sept. 1821 Liskeard church, d. 174 
Adelaide road, Hampstead, 25 Mch. 1866, bur. 29 Mch. at 
Kensal Green, will proved 8 May 1866 by widow Martha. 
He m. 1851 Martha Fookes of Liskeard. and had by her — 

1 William Francis Fookes, b. 14 Nov. 1852. 

2 Arthur Godolphin, b. 18-54, d. inf. 

3 Edward, b. 1 Ap. 1858. 

4 Richard Davey, b. 26 Oct. 1859. 

5 John Athelstan. b. 1862. d inf. 

6 Charles, b. 15 Mch. 1.864, d. 19 Dec. 1873 Plymouth. 

1 Margaret, b. 6 June 1855. 

2 Mary, b. 1856, d. inf. 

3 Katherine, b. 13 Oct. 1861. 

(1) Katherine, b. 13 Dec. 1807. d. 6 Sep. 1823. 

(2) Mary, b. 3 May 1810, d. 27 Ap. 1828. 

(3) Ann Bennett, b. 7 Dec. 1814, d. 12 Jan. 1836. 
(Blanch Michell Boase of Redruth, spinster, d. 30 Jan. 

1870 Redruth : will proved 16 Feb., effects under £1500.) 

The Family of John Boase. 

(F) John Boase, victualler, Penzance, d. 1775 : admin- 
istration at Bodmin 12 July 1775 to his widow Mary : m. 
by licence f 6 Nov. 1749 Mary Parrot of Penzance (? aunt 
of Josiah Parrot senior, and witn. to his marriage with Ann 
Sampson f 27 Jan. 1768) ; she was bur. || 21 Dec. 1779 ; and 
her will, made 30 June 1778 as a widow (witnesses William 
Ustick, William Stone) was proved at Bodmin 12 May 
1780 ; in it she mentions her sons William and Joseph, but 
leaves her property (which perhaps came from the Parrot 
family) to Josiah, son of Josiah Parrot of Penzance, and 
John son of John Mitchell of Penzance : administration was 
granted to her son William, as guardian of Josiah Parrot 
jun., and to John Mitchell the father. Her children were — 

(1) Mary, bap. 29 July 1750, ? dead before 1778, m. + 
11 Oct 1773 John Michell, 'both of Penzance,' by licence, 
witn. Alice Michell, Ann Tonkin. 

(2) William, b. ? 1755, ? m. f 16 May 1777 Alice Michell, 
(see below 67). 

(3) Joseph, bap. || 7 June 1756, d. before 1788, m, t 18 
June 1781 Honor Thomas, 'both of Penzance,' and had by 
her (who m. 2ndly t 30 July 1788 Henry Polglase) a son 
John bap. 2 Oct. 1782. 

The Family of William Boase. 

(G) William Boase, surgeon at Redruth, (see above Fj 
whose father perhaps also moved to Redruth previously, b. 
circa 1755, d. 30 Jan. 1813 Redruth, in. f 16 May 1777 Alice 
Michell, ' both of Penzance ' : their children were William, 
Matthias John, Jane Ann, Sarah, Esther, Alice. 

(1) William, b. ? 1786, of whom presently. 

(2) Matthias John, surgeon, Redruth, b. 1793 Redruth, d. 
30 Mch. 1858 Redruth, bur. 5 Ap. his will proved at Bod- 
min 6 July 1858, effects under £3000, executors John Ben- 
net and William Davey Boase of Pentrea villa, Avenue 
road, Regent's park, London. 

(1) Jane Ann, b. 1778. 

(2) Sarah. 

(3) Esther. 

(4) Alice. 

William, b. ? 1786 Redruth, d. 1843 Liskeard, aged 
57 ; educated for the medical profession, but became a 
printer at Liskeard 1805, Mavor 1836, m. Margaret Davey 
of Redruth, and had by her William Davey Katherine, 
Mary, Ann Bennett. 

The Family of John Boase. 

(H) John Boase of Penzance, m. f 27 Oct. 1717, Grace 
Stephens of Penzance,? bur. || 6 Nov. 1739, or did he m. 
2ndly Jane Carter of Penzance, t 27 Mch. 1722. His issue 
were Elizabeth, John, Roger, John, Henry and Francis. 

(1) Elizabeth, bap. || 5 June and bur. || 8 June 1718. 

(2) John, bap. || 30 May 1721, ? d. inf. before 1724. 

(3) Roger, bap. || 14 Jan. 172$ 

(4) John, bap. || 26 July 1724, m. t 29 Oct. 1748 Alice 
Wallish of Penzance, and had by her — 

1 Mary, bap. || 26 Dec. 1749. 

2 John, bap. || 27 Dec. 1751, ? bur. || 27 July 1794, 
m. t 25 Jan. 1773 Dorothy Sampson of Madron, (witn. 
Sarah Trezise, Ann Scaddan), and had by her, Jane, bap. || 
21 Nov. 1773. 

3 Catherine, bap. | 11 Mch. 1754, bur. || 19 May 1755. 

4 Henry, bap. || 11 Nov. 1755. 

5 Francis, bap. || 27 Mch. 1758, m. f 29 Oct. 1781, Mary 
Kitto, (both of Penzance, witn. John Boase, Ann Sampson), 
bur. 14 Jan. 1785 : ?he m. 2ndly t 19 Ap. 1800 Elizabeth 
Shephard (both of Penzance, witn. Thomas Shephard) : by 
his first wife he had — 

i Francis, bap. 7 Oct. 1782, bur. || 3 July 1785. 
ii Mary, bap. || 27 Sep. 1784. 

6 Honor, bap. || 24 Feb. 1760. 

(5) Henry, bap. || 21 Feb. 172$ d. || 19 Jan. 1780, adminis- 
tration 13 Mch. 1780 to creditors, the widow Jane having 
renounced: he m. f 22 Jan. 1759 Jane Tredennick of 
Camborne, witn. George Connock, Francis Boase : their 
children were — 

1 Hannibal, bap. II 9 Mch. 1760, bur. || 26 Dec. 1762. 

2 Jane, bap. 28 Feb. 1762, bur. || 20 Dec. 1762, 

3 Hannibal Johns, bap. 16 Sep. 1765, m. Esther, and 

had by her — 
(i) Hester, bap. || 8 Dec. 1793. 
(ii) Mary, bap. || 13 Sep. (or 11 Sep.) 1795. 
(iii) English Fox, bap. || 24 Jan. 1802. 
(iv) Jane, bap. || 11 Sep. 1804, privately, 
(v) Sarah, bap. || 28 Sep. 1806, bur. || 7 Dec. 1812. 
(vi) Elizabeth, bap. || 9 Nov. (or Dec.) 1812. 

4 Henry, bap. || 23 Oct, 1767. 

5 Thomas, bur. 4 Oct. 1772. 

6 Thomas, bap. || 19 June 1780. bur. || 17 Apl. (or Mch.) 

1810, ' married' ; by his wife Ann he had — 
(i) Thomas, bap. || 22 Ap. 1804. 



(iij Henry Hooken, bapt. || 1 Deo. 1806, ? bur. || 6 

Mch. 1811, inf. 
(iii) Francis, bap. || 9 Sep. 1810, bur. 22 Jan. 1812, inf. 
7 Jane, (? twin with Thomas), bap. || 19 June 1780. 
(6) Francis, bap. || 6 Jan. 172$, bur. || 10 Feb. 1799 ; will 
17 Jan. 1797, witn. William Thomas, Hester Boase, Hanni- 
bal Johns Boase, proved 9 Ap. 1799: he m. t 21 Apl. (or 
27 Apl.) 1767 Grace Dennis, 'both of Penzance,' (witn. 
Catherine and Mar)' Dennis), bur. || 24 Oct. 1779, and had 
by her Francis, John, Peter Dennis, Grace Dennis, Mary, 
Catherine— all of whom are named in the will. 

1 Francis, b. 27 Mch. 1769. 

2 John of Castlehorneck, b. 19 Dec. 1771, bap.|| 24 Feb. 
1772, d. 24 Mch. 1836, m. at Stonehouse (m. by Rev. 
Dr. Bidlake) 13 Aug, 1810 Susanna 3rd d. of Thomas 
Field of Stonehouse, and had by her — 

i John b. 19 June 1817, d. Nov. 1852. 

ii Francis b. 8 Feb. 1819. Educated at University 
college, m.b.c.s England, 1841, l.s.a. 1842 ; District 
Medical Officer of the Penzance Union, Mayor of 
Penzance 1868 and 1871, Captain of the First Duke 
of Cornwall Rifles. Resides at Buriton house, 
Alverton, Penzance ; m. Paul, 19 May 1852 Mar- 
garet second dau. of Philip Marrack, banker, Pen- 

i Susan Elizabeth Field b. 26 Feb. 1812, and bapt. || 
26 May, m. 1836 Frederick John Gruzelier, now 
(Mch. 1876) retired staff commander r.n. 

ii Mary b. 14 Feb, 1814, and bapt. 7 Mch. d. 14 Feb. 

iii Emily b. 23 Oct. 1815, d. Sep. 1833. 

3 Peter Dennis, b. 22 Feb. 1775 bap. 10 June 1776. 

1 Grace Dennis, b. 27 Mch. 1770, bap. || 3 Dec. 1770, 
m. f 18 Nov. 1795 Thomas Broad jun. of Penzance, 
by licence, witn. Francis Boase, Thomas Broad. 

2 Mary, b. 9 Apl. 1773, bap. || 28 June 1773. 

3 Catherine b. 22 July 1776, m. (? 1802) Thomas 
Field of Stonehouse and Marazion, and had by him 
Hannah, b. 1803, bap. 1808 ; Mary Boase, b. 14 Jan. 
1804, bap. 12 Aug. 1808 ; Eliza, b. 1805, bap. 1808 ; 
Jane, b. 1807, bap. 1808. 

The Family or Petek Boase. 

(I) Peter Bowes, or Boas, alias Gymbale, bur. f 16 Aug. 
1601, m. t 10 Nov. 1583, Elizabeth Tonken, ?bur. 12 f Jan. 
163f, ' widow,' and had by her Thomas, bap. 18 Oct. 1592, 
bur! t 16 Jan. 159| ; and Elizabeth, bap. t 8 June 1600, ? 
bur. 22 May 1677. 

Jane, dau. of (another) Peter Boase was bap. 19 Mch. 
164|, bur. 18 July 1714 ' of Penzance, spinster.' 

Roger Gymbal, m. f 24 July 1625, Joan. A Roger 
Bowes was bur. t 12 May 1634, perhaps the same person. 

Did the name Tonken come into the family from the 
marriage of Peter Bowes with Elizabeth Tonken ? 

The Family of William Boase. 

(J) William Boase of Madron, married and had issue — 

(1) Richard, bap t 2 Feb. 172f 

(2) Susanna, bap. f 12 May 1725, m. f 26 Feb. 1759, John 
Vinicombe, ' both of Madron,' witness John Tonkin (Arthur 
Boase witnessed m. of William Vinicombe with Elizabeth 
Hosking, ' both cf Madron,' f 18 May 1761, the other wit- 
ness was Richard Trembath.) 

(3) Margaret, bap. 18 June 1727. 

The Family or John Boase. 

(K) John Boase of Madron, m. f 31 July 1768, Eliza- 
beth Lawrence of Madron, and had by her — 

(1) William of Madron, bap. f 10 Nov. 1771, m. * 21 
May 1796, Martha, d. of Richard and Blanch Caddy of 
Paul (witn. John Boase, Richard Caddy), bap. * 19 Aug. 
1770, bur. f 9 Nov. 1804, and had by her— 

1. Alice, bap.t 6 July 1794. 

2. Elizabeth, bap.t- 13 Mch. 1797, privately. 

3. Martha Caddy, bap.f 10 Feb. 1799. 

4. Isabella, bap.-j- 5 May 1801, privately. 

5. John, bap.f 26 Aug. 1802, privately. 

(2) Richard, bap. 5 Ap. 1774. 

(3) Elizabeth, bap. f 7 Mch. 1779, bur. t 28 Jan. 1781. 

(4) Elizabeth, bap.t 12 Ap. 1784. 

The Family of William Boase. 

(LJ William Boase of Penzance, m. t 15 Dec. 1798, 
Mary Wasley of Penzance, and had by her — 

(1) William, bap. || 31 Mch. 1799, d. || 30 Nov., and bur. 3 
Dec. 1807, age 9. 

(2) Mary, bap. 7 Sep. 1800 

(3) Nancy, bap. 14 Nov. 1802. 

(4) Betsy, bap. 6 Feb. 1805. 
(5J Joseph, bap. 27 Aug. 1809. 

(6 ) Margaret, bap. 4 Aug. 181 1, 'd. of William and Mary,' 
bur. || 26 July 1812, 'infant.' 

The following entries also ocrurat Madron : a few, already 
given, are repeated for the sake of comparison : 
Marriages — 

1597, Oct. 28, Richard Bowes, m. Florence. 

1709, Dec. 26, Thomas John of Penzance m. Jane Boase 
of Gulval. 

1722, March 27, John Boase m. Joan Carter, both of 

1728, Dec. 24, William Richards m. Mary Boase by 
license, both of Penzance. 

1745, Jan (? June) 3, John Boase m. Elizabeth Martin, 
both of Penzance, (see bapt. Paul 1746, col. 3.) 

1751, May 27, John Boase m. Florence Guy, both of 
Penzance, (? Florence bur. || 15 Jan. 1765.) 

1760, July 7, John Kirkby m. Grace Boase, both of Pen- 

1767, June 8, John Boase, widower, m. Elizabeth 
Berriffield, both of Penzance, witnesses Thomas Webb, 
Peter Boase. 

1770, Feb. 17, John Boase m. Mary Osborne, both of 
Penzance, witnesses Elizabeth and Phillis Sampson. 

1770, Juno 25, John Boase, carrier, m. Mary Hoskin, 
both of Penzance, witnesses Mary Barel (f), William 
Tremenheere junior. 

1772, July 11, James Ladner m. Mary Boase, both of 
Madron, witnesses John Ladner, Richard Batten. 

1783, Jan. 4, Charles George, a soldier in the Cornish 
Militia, m. Elizabeth Boase, both of Penzance. 

1784, Jan. 26, William Boase m. Susanna Sampson, both 
of Penzance, witness Thomas Sampson. 

178s, April 11, William Harden of Amsworth in Hamp- 
shire, mariner, m. Sarah Boase of Penzance, witnesses 
William Boase and Susanna Sampson Boase. 

1789, May 11, Henry Luke m. Jane Boase, both of 



Baptisms — 

1592, Oct. 18, Thomas son of Peter Bowes. 

1638, Oct. 21, Jospph son of Richard Bose. 

1727, May 13, Joseph son of John Boase at Penzance. 

1729, May 2.5, Grace, dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1731, Oct. 16, Grace dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1731, Nov. 29, Susanna dau. of JohD Boase at Penzance. 

1734, June 2, Anne dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 
17-H, Feb. 12, John and Elizaheth, son and dau. of John 

Boase at Madron. 

1752, March 27, John son of John Boase at Madron, pri- 

1752, April 6, Margaret dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1753, Sept. 9 (? 29), Margaiet dau. of John Boase at Mad- 

1758, 4 Sep. (? Aug.) Catherine dau. of John Boase at 

1763, Oct. 9, Jacoh son of John Boase. 

1771, Ap, 24, William son of John Boase at Penzance 

1771, Sep. 28, Alice dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1772, Dec. 4. Anne dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1775, Sep. 5, James and Robert sons of John Boase at 

1776, Sep. 21, James son of John Boase at Penzance. 

1777, May 3,0, son of John Boase at Penzance. 

1786, Dec. 4, Francis son of Francis Boase at Penzance. 
Burials — 

1578, Dec. 14, Ursula dau. of William Bowes. 

158!, J* 11 - 30, Agnes wife of Edward Bose. 

1632, Dec. 4, Margaret wife of Ralph Boas. 

163|, Jan. 12, Elizabeth Boas widow 

1634, May 12, Roger Bowes. 

163$, Feb. 22, Ralph Bowes. 

1637, Ap. 21, John Boas. 

1666, May 31, Katherine Bose. 

1677, May 22, Elizabeth Boase. 

1704, Dec. 17, Ann Boase widow, of Penzance. 

170f, Jan. 5, Joan Boase widow, of Penzance. 

1714, July 18, Jane Boase, spinster, of Penzance. 

1717, Jan. 13, William Boase at Penzance. 

1718, June 5, Hannah Boase at Penzance. 
1724, June 6, John Boase at Penzance. 

1729, Aug. 22, Elizabeth Boase at Penzance. 

1730, May 13, Grace dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1732, Oct. 7, Susanna dau. of John Boase at Penzance. 

1735, May 22, Hannah Boase at Penzance. 
1739, Nov. 6, Grace Boase at Penzance. 

1742, June 13, Anne Boase at Penzance. 

1743, April 19, John Boase at Penzance. 
1743, Sept. 23, William Boase at Penzance. 
174 J, Feb. 26, Robert Boase at Penzance. 
174f, Feb. 27, John Boase at Penzance. 
1745, June 24, Anne Boase at Penzance. 
174f , Feb. 20, Margaret Boase at Penzance. 
1747, Dec. 10, Margaret Boase at Penzance. 
1749, May 5, John Boase at Penzance. 
1767, June 12, Robert Boase, infant. 

1769, Oct. 6, Elizabeth Boase. 

1770, March 28. John Boase. 
1774, Aug. 2, Margaret Boase. 

1779, July 15, Robert son of John Boase at, Penzance. 

1785, Jan. 14, Mary Boase at Penzance. 

1786, April 26, Alice Boase at Penzance. 

1787, Jan. 2, Margaret Boase at Madron, age 72. 
1787, April 8, Henry Boase at Madron. 

1793, May 12, Elizabeth Boase at Penzance. 

1794, July 27, John Boase at Madron. 
1796, Sept. 21, John Boase at Madron. 
1799, Ap. 5, Joan Boase at Penzance. 

1805, March 24, William Boase from Gulval. 

1806, July 11, John Boase at Penzance. 

1810, April (? March) 17, Thomas Boase at Penzance 
' married.' 

1811, Dec. 10, Margaret Boase, spinster, at Penzance, 
age 76. 

Boase op Gulval, Ludgvan, Camborne and 
Gulval — 
Marriages — ■ 

1699, June 29, Rawlen Boas (' Gallicus') m. Janetta 

(" 1709, Dec. 26, Jane Boase of Gulval, m. Thomas John 
of Penzance," Madron register). 

1738, May 27, John Boase of Camborne in. Lucretia 
French of Gulval. 
Baptisms — 

1610, Nov. 4, William, son of William Boase of Pen- 

1700, Oct. 6, Sampson, son of Rawlen Boase, (born 1 Oct.) 
1736, Aug. 29, Ester, dau. of Jacob Boase. 

1798, July 1, Jane, dau. of Richard and Margaret Boase. 

1799, Oct. 2, Richard, son of Richard and Margaret Boase 
(bur. 5 Oct), 

1804, Oct. 28, Richard, son of Richard and Margaret 
Burial — ■ 

(" 1805, March 24, William Boase of Gulval," Madron 

Baptisms — 

1736, July 24, William son of Robert Boase. 

1742, July 18, Robert son of Robert Boase. 

1742, Nov. 15, Susanna dau. of John Boase. 

William Boase of Camborne had a son Robert, bap. 
Ludgvan, 28 Jan. 173|, bur. Ludgvan, 15 June 1783, who 
m. Anne Giles 7 May 1758, Ludgvan, 'both of Ludgvan,' 
and had by her, (1) Edward, bap. 29 July 1760, Ludgvan, 
died 17 March 1761, (2) Robert, bap. 24 May 1768, 

Ludgvan - 
Marriage — 

1780, May 8, William Boase m. Joan Michell, 'both of 
Bapt isms — 

173|, Jan. 14, John son of John Boase privately, bur. 
same day. 

17;Hj, March 9, Christian dau. of John Boase. 
Burials — 

1761, Starch 17, Edward Boase. 

1860, Jan. 3, died Robert Boase of Ludgvan, formerly of 
Zennor ; he m. Wilmot : his will was proved at Bodmin 26 
Oct. 1 860 : he had a brother Christopher. 
Falmouth — 

_ 'tisms — 

1827, March 4, William son of William and Catherine 

1829, Jan. 11, Anne Hocking, dau. of William and 
Catherine Boase. 
Burial — 

166|, Jan. 29, Jane wife of Thomas Boase. 




Beakd op Paul and Penzance. 
Joseph Beard, Tin merchant, is believed to have been 
bur. || 14 Nov. 1745, and to have m. a cousin called Mary 



(? dau. of a clergyman) in 1724. Their twelve children 
were (1) John, (2) Joseph, (1) Hannah, (2) Susanna, (3) 
Catherine, (4) Catherine, (5) Sarah, (6) Sarah, (7) Charlotte, 
(8) Mary, (9) Lydia, (10) Lydia. (A Mrs. Mary Beard 
was t>ur. || 4 June 1785, widow.) 

(1) John of Halwin in Paul after his wife's death 
removed to Penzance, where he resided in a house in 
Parade street, which is now used as offices by Messrs. 
Rodd and Cornish, solicitors. He was mayor of the 
town 1776, 1784, 1794, and 1799, d. Kenegie, Gulval, 
14 Feb. 1805, in his 63rd year. He m. Madron 28 July 
1766 Elizabeth dau. of Richard Pearce of Kerris, 
in Paul (when the witnesses were Jane Pearce and 
Caroline Borlase). She d. Exeter 18 Nov. 1778, 
aged 37, monu. Madron. Their children were i. John, 

ii. Mary, iii. Elizabeth, iv. Hannah. 

i John, Attorney, Town Clerk of Penzance, 1794-1828, 
published in 1825 James Ist's Charter to Penzance. 
Bapt. 16 Apl. 1769, d. Penzance 6 Nov. 1828, m. f 
10 Feb. 1800 Lucy dau. of Mr. Bromley of Penzance, 
she d. Penzance 27 Nov. 1829, aged 52. Their children 
were 1 John Ley privately bapt. 4 Dec. 1806, who is 
believed to have d. 1865; 2 Joseph in Australia; 
3 James; 1 Emma d. 185 — , before her husband, 
m. James Gwavas Beclcerleg, solicitor, Penzance, and 
Clerk of the Stannaries ; 2 Eliza living at Fal- 
mouth ; 3 Another daughter living at Falmouth. 

ii Mary d. Southmolton, Devon, 21 Sept. 1812, aged 
41, m. * 30 Mar. 1793 Rev. William Harris (Arundell) 
of Kenegie, Gulval (witnesses Elizabeth and Hannah 
Beard), he d || 1H Feb. 1798, aged 38. 

iii Elizabeth bapt. 24 Feb. 1769, m. Rev. Thomas 
Amory now Vicar of St. Teath. 

iv Hannah living 1814. 

(2) Joseph b. 1744, subscribed to Carew's Cornwall 1769, 
d. 8 Men. 1790, aged 46, bur. * 12 Mch. 1790. 

(1) Hannah bapt. t 20 Jan. ,172f 

(2) Susanna bapt. + 18 July 1726, m. f 28 Jan. 1758 
Jacob Daniell of Truro (witnesses Mary Cole, Mary 

S3) Catherine d. an infant. 
4) Catherine b. 1728, d. 9 (11) Jan. 1778or 1779, aged 50, 
m. f 17 Aug. 1753 George Ley of Fenzance. See Ley. 

(5) Sarah d. an infant. 

(6) Sarah bur. || 20 Nov. 1738. 

(7) Charlotte bur. 14 Feb. 1810, aged 76, m. t 1 Sep. 
(? 25 Aug.) 1763 Jonah Milford of Truro (witnesses 
John Painter, Joseph Beard), m. by Rev. James Parkin, 
lecturer of Penzance. See Milford. 

(») Mary- ? bur. 6 July 1762. 

(9) Lydia d. an infant. 

(10) Lydia d. in an asylum. 

There were also other families of the same name, e.g. : 

(1) Ralph, who had a seat in Penzance Church 1674. He 
was in business and issued a token 1667. He is 
thought to have m. 1664 Dorothy, bur. || 15 Dec. 1728. 
The children were — 

i Ralph bapt. t 12 Oct. 1665. 
ii Samuel bur. f 3 Oct. 1675. 
i Priscilla or Prudence bapt. 24 Mch. 166$. 
ii Joan bapt. 30 Mch. 1667. 

iii Elizabeth bapt. t 20 June 1669, and is thought to 
have m. f 16 Aug. 1719 Richard Greby. 

(2) Richard of Penzance, who m. Burian, 5 Nov. 1697, 
Mary (Harvey ?) of Penzance, and had by her — 

i Joseph d. 11 Nov. 1745 or 46, bur. Penzance, 14 

Nov., aged 48. TJnm. 
ii Harry, bapt. 15 Apl. 1702. 
iii Samuel, bapt. 23 Jan. 170^. 
i Marj', bapt. 3 Dec. 1700, ? m. f 31 July 1739. Peter 

Carveth '-both of Madron." 


(3) Deborah of Penzance, d. 15 Oct. 1816 aged 79, m. 
Madron, 21 May, 1771, Rev. Anthony Williams, V. of 
St. Kevern (witnesses, Susannah Beard, Hannah 
Pascoe), he d. 2 Sep. 1816, aged 78. 

(4) Grace, m. t 2 Sep. 1732, John Pascoe, junr., "both of 

(5) Mrs. Lydia, bur. || 28 May 1787. 

(6) Mrs. Susanna, bur. || 21 Sep. 1810. 

(7) Jacob son of Jacob, bap. * 1 Feb. 172|. 
' Edward m. » 8 Nov. 1676 Mrs. Susan Richard. 
5) James of the parish of Holy Cross, Worcestershire, 

m. f 21 Apl. 1796, by licence, Margaret Rodda of 
Penzance, and had by her Sarah and Samuel, bapt. 
t 4 Feb. 1810, and Mary Anne, bapt. f 8 Sep. 1811. 

(10) Nathaniel Beard of Exeter, b.a. Ex. Coll. 14 Oct. 
1697, Vicar of Tavistock 1701-30, bur. 24 Dec. 1730, 
had four children — 

i Nathaniel, surgeon, b. and bap. 9 Jan. 1721, J.P. 1761, 
Portreeve of Tavistock 1772, m. ? Ann Spilman, their 
dau. Catherine m. William Halkday of Gloucester. 

ii Richard had four children, John, ' Richard, Martha, 
Mary. John's children were Richard and Rebecca. 

iii Catherine m. 12 Nov. 1 740 William Ruwe 

iv Frances. 

(11) Mrs. Catherine Beard m. Mr. Arthur Harris 1579 at 

(12) George Beard, fellow of Exeter College, Oxford, 30 
June 1614, d. 20 Oct. 1638. 

Bomnnar, set Tonkin. 

Boson of Paul and Madron. 

William Boson of Paul had three sons (1) Nicholas, (2) 
William (3) Arthur. 

(1) Nicholas, bapt. Paul 25 Mch. 1596, m. * 29 Jan. 
161f Alse Besvarges, and had by her (i) William, (ii) 
Nicholas, (iii) Mary. (An Alse Boson m. * 18 June 
1634 John Haime.) 

i_ William, bapt. Paul 24 May 1634. 
ii Nicholas, who m. and had issue 1, Nicholas, 2, John, 
3, Benjamin, 1, Catherine, 2, Mary. 

1 Nicholas, bapt. Paul 11 Aug. 1653, d. 22 Apl. 1703, 
his son William was bur. Paul 2 Dec. 1695. 

2 John, bapt. Paul 29 Mch. 1655, ? bur. Paul 5 May 
1719. Mr. John Boson was the author of some 
writings in the Cornish language. See " Biblio- 
theca Cornubiensis " i, 38, 200. 

3 Benjamin, b. Paul 22 Feb. 166J. 

1 Catherine, b. Paul 26 Mch 1657, m. Ludgvan 15 
Sep. 1680, Aaron Atkins of Exeter, merchant. 

2 Mary, b. Paul 2 Dec. 1659. 
iii Mary, bapt. 15 Sep. 1631. 

(2) William, bapt. Paul 28 Feb. 160?. 

(3) Arthur, bapt. Paul 7 Apl. 1603, m. Paul 14 Nov. 
1631, Blanch, and had by her Thomas, bapt. Paul 30 
Apl. 1635; Arthur, bapt. Paul 25 Apl. 1639; William, 
bapt. Paul Mch. 1641; Elizabeth, bapt. Paul 9 Dec. 

There were other families of the same name, e.g. 
(A) George Boson of Paul, who m. and had issue 
Thomas, Jane, Margaret and Juliana. 

i Thomas bapt. Paul 8 Dec. 1649, and who probably 
was bur. 5 May 1719. It is thought that he had a 
dau. Blanch bapt. Haul 15 Mch. 167£, who m. Paul 
23 Feb. 171| William Bunbury, gentleman. 
i Jane bapt. 7 "Mch. 16J£. 



li Margaret bapt. 21 Sep. 1642, m. Paul 29 Jan. 167£ 
Richard Noye. 

Hi Juliana bapt. Paul 27 May 1651. A Juliana pro- 
bably the same person m. Paul 30 Apl. 1686 John 
Bowes of Tredavo in Paul, and was bur. Paul 12 
Nov. 1717. 

(B) Thomas Boson m. Paul 8 Aug. 1632 Elizabeth 

Grosse ? . 
TJrsella Boson m. Paul 28 Oct. 1610 Nicholas 

Joan Boson m. Paul 15 Oct. 1621 WilHam Simon. 
EHzabeth dau. of Richard Boson, bapt. Paul 18 Apl. 

Catherine Boson of Paul, m. Paul 12 June 1694 John 

Perry (?) of Ludgvan. 

(C) Bartram Boson of Madron, gentleman, m. Amy, who 
was a widow in 1704, and had by her — 

i. Jonathan b. Madron 24 Sep. 1685. 
H Bartram b. Madron 9 Nov. 1689 
Hi Juliana h. Madron 30 Aug. 1683, m. f 29 June 1704 
Edmund Barret, mariner. 


James Cox of Dundee m. Helen Scott, and d. Lochee, 
near Dundee, leaving eight sons and one daughter. 

(1) James, m. Clementina Carmichael, and had issue ten 
children, of whom five survive. Resides at Clement 

David d. unmarried. 

William b. LifF23 Feb. 1813, m. (1) Robina, dau. of 
David Methven, who d 1862? leaving one dau. 
Florence b. Lochee 12 Mch. 1866 ; m. (2) at Claver- 
house, Dundee, 21 June 1864 Elizabeth second dau. 
of H. S. Boase, f.r.s, b. Penzance 25 July 1831, 
privately bapt. by Rev. Geo. Morris, and has — 
i William Henry b. Foggiley, Lochee, 14 Apl. 1865. 
H Arthur James b. Foggiley 8 Apl. 1866. 
Hi Albert Edward b. Foggiley 21 Mch. 1868. 
i Annie Elizabeth b. FoggHey 24 Feb. 1870. 
H Rosamond Jane Maria b. Foggiley 2 Nov. 1872. 

(4) Robert m. in Canada, and has one son. 

(5) Henry m. Anne Preston and has one daughter. 

(6) Thomas H. m. Adelaide dau. of Mr. Galloway and 
widow of Mr. Brown ; no issue. Resides at Duncarse. 

(7) George A. m. Eliza Methven who d. 1873 ; issue six 
sons and one daughter. Resides at Beechwood, 

!8) Edward who. d. young. 
9) Ellen m. David Methven who d. leaving by her three 

James, William, Thomas H., and George Cox above 
mentioned constitute the firm of Cox Brothers, Flax and 
jute spinners, power loom linen and jute carpet manufac- 
turers, bleachers, dyers and calenderers at Camperdown 
Linen Works, Lochee, Dundee. Mr. Cox who d. 1741 was 
one of the first persons to make experiments in the use of 
jute. The Camperdown Linen Works, which were buUt 
1845-50, stand on 18 acres of land, contain 1000 looms, and 
employ about 4700 hands. This is almost the only estab- 
lishment where the processes of spinning, bleaching, dyeing, 
weaving, printing, calendering and packing are carried on 
in the same locality. The steam for the engines is gene- 
rated by 22 boUers, and the smoke from the furnaces is 
carried off by an ornamental chimney stack 300 feet high 
and 35 feet in diameter at the base. See " The Industries 
©f Scotland. By David Brenmer" (1869), pp. 262-65. 

Davies of Bukian. 

Henry Davies of Burnuhall in Burian was bur. Burian 
30 May 1744, m. Hester, dau. and coheiress of Humphry 
Noye, she was bur. Burian 10 Apl. 1740. The issue were : 
(lj William m. Elizabeth Harvey 22 Jan. 1709. 
(2J Christopher of Burnuhall bur. Burian 6 Apl. 1742. 
By a first wife he had Henry bur. 11 Apl. 1742 ? ; and 
Elizabeth who m. Henry Bennet of Penzance. 
Christopher Davies m. secondly 30 Apl. 1720 Isabel 
dau. of Richard Pearce of Paul. She was bur. Burian 
1 June 1 725. The issue were — 
i James. 
ii Humphry. 
Hi George. 
iv Ann, d. unm. 
v Juliana d. 1801, m. 1750 Edward Nicholas of 

Perranuthno, son of Hen. Nicholas of St. HHary. 
vi Margaret, 
vii Isabel. 

(3) John. 

(4) Humphry. 

(5) Hester. 

(6) Ann. 

(7) Mary m. Henry Foot. 
William Davies of Tredrea, 

m. 21 July 1679 Catherine d. 
June 1714. His children were- 

(1) Henry, b. 1682, d. Oct. 1737. 
(1) Catherine, b. 6 Jan. 172|, d. Tredrea 3 Feb. 1803, 
m. Edward Giddy, Rector of St. Erth, b. 5 Sep. 1734, 
d. 6 March 1814. 
Marv, d. 2 Jan. 1740. 
Philippa, d. 18 Aug. 1755. 

St. Erth, b. 1637, d. 1691, 
of Humphry Noye, she d. 

Glasson of Paul. 

John Glasson was bur. * 22 Jan. 1799, aged 72. He m. 
Jane, bur. * 6 Aug. 1792 and had by her — 

(1) John bapt.* 16 Feb. 1755. 

(2) George of Alwyn in Paul bapt. * 15 May 1757, bur. 
in Paul Church 26 Nov. 1802, m. * 15 June 1780 
Sarah dau. of Richard Boase (witnesses Richard 
Boase, John Glasson). She was bapt. * 28 Jan. 1760, 
bur. * 2 Dec. 1802. The issue were— 

i John b. * 15 Oct. 1782. 

ii George Boase, Surgeon, r.n., 21 May 1813, m.d. 
Exeter and Plymouth, d. Meare 7 Feb. 1857 age 74, 
m. Stoke 30 May 1822, eld. dau. of Thomas Husband, 
banker, Devonport, and had bv her CordeHa, who 
m. Stoke 7 Oct. 1851, Fred. W. "White. V. of Meare, 
Somerset; V. of Crowle, Line. 1868. 

iii Richard Boase bapt. * 9 June 1792, bur. 29 July. 

i Sarah Boase bapt. * 18 Feb. 1784, m. ? Glasson. 

H Hester bapt. * 30 July 1785, m. Tarraway of Devon- 

Hi Jane m. Eady. 

iv Elizabeth bapt. * 20 July 1788, m. Simmons, a 
master k.n. 

v Phillis Boase bapt. * 17 May 1795. 

vi Elizabeth Boase bapt. * 23 Feb. 1798. 
Other Glassons occur at Madron, and about 1600 one of 
them m. EHzabeth dau. of John Levelis Esq. 

Hoskin© of Landithy in Madron. 

Thomas Hosking came from Bruunion in Lelant to 
Landithy in Madron, and d. t 22 Apl. 1769, aged 76. He 



m. (1720 p) Jane dau. of EdmuDd Paull of Gulval. She d. f 
10 July 1772, aged 75. Their children were — 

(1) Ann who m. Wallis, and had by him Christopher; 
Nicholas; Thomas; John; Elizabeth m. Bullock; 
Ann. m. + 26 Apl. 1771 William Penrose of Penzance, 
witness Mary Penrose ; Mary ; Jane, m. Thomas 

(2) Christopher. 
Mary, bur. f 30 May 1726, in her first year. 
Mary, m. t 15 Aug. 1754 her cousin Capt. Richard 

Hosking of Uny Lelant, (witness, John Hosking) and 
had by him Thomas, who d. at Penzance about 1837. 
Thomas Hosking gave in 1833 eighty pounds to John 
Batten, Esq., Mr. James Glasson, Capt. Giddy, R.N., 
and the Churchwardens and overseers for the time 
being of the parish of Madron, in trust for the purpose 
of giving a dinner (the expense of which shall not 
exceed four pounds,) annually to the inmates of the 
Poor-house in the parish, on the 10th Feb., being his 

(6) Jane, m. James Glasson, 1760? 

(7) Elizabeth, m. f 18 May 1761 William Vinicombe. 

(8) Son, who d. abroad. 

(9) John, m. 17 Jan. 1770, Jane dau. of Johns of Hels- 
ton, and had by her — 

i Thomas, in orders, b. 7 Oct. 1772, m. Ann Blount of 
Notts, and had two sons and four daughters, 

ii John, b. 8 Apl. 1776, m. 29 May 1807, Jane dau. of 
Thomas Polkinhorne of Perranuthno, who d. 3 Apl. 
1862, and had by her, 1 John of Marazion, b. May 
1815; 2Richard,'b. 17 Nov. 1830, educated at St. 
Bartholomew's Hospital, M.R.C.S. England, and 
L.S.A. 1852, Surgeon of Penzance Public Dispensary 
21 Apl. 1869 ; 3 Mary Paul Johns. 

i Jane, b. 6 Dec. 1770, d. unm. 

ii Mary, b. 24 May 1774, d. unm. 

iii Elizabeth Johns, b. 15 Apl. 1778, d. 3 Jan. 1779. 


Ley op Penzance. 

George Ley of Penzance m. 9 July 1691 Jane second 
dau. of Eliasaph Daniel, and thus obtained the Lariggan 
estate, a portion of the manor of Alverton. She was b. 21 
Mch. 1672, and d. 17 Feb. 1698. The issue of this marriage 
were — 

(1) Jane b. 16 Feb. 1693, d. 9 Jan. 1705. 

(2) Grace b. 19 Jan. 1694. 

(1) George b. 28 Dec. 1697, d. 12 Oct. 1776, m. 17 Aug. 

1753 Catherine dau. of Joseph Beard of Halwin by his 

first cousin, a dau. of the Rev. — Beard. She was b. 

1720 and d. 11 Jan. 1778. The issue were— 

i Daniel b. Penzance 16 Apl. 1754, bapt. 19 Apl., d. 24 

Sep. 1806, m. Madron 28 Sep. 1781 Alice Bodilly, 

who d. 4 Nov. 1831, aged 77, leaving no issue. 

ii George b. 31 Oct. 1755, killed in the campaign of 

Seringapatam 1 799. 
iii John b. 3 Apl. 1759, bapt. 8 June, d. unmarried in 

the West Indies. 
i Catherine b. 22 June 1757, bapt. 29 July, d. The 
Terrace, Market- Jew street, Penzance, 29 Jan. 1833, 
monu. St. Mary's Churchyard. " The last of her 

George Ley of Penzance occurs as having the following 
children (perhaps a first marriage of the George Ley, who 
m. 1753 Catherine Beard) — 

(1) Daniel Trethewy, bapt. Penzance, 6 Aug. 1721, bur. 
Penzance 7 Nov. 1723. 

(2) Jennifer, bapt. Penzance 15 Jan. 172f, bur. Penzance 
17 Oct. 1723. 

(3) Elizabeth, bapt. Penzance, 9 Oct. 1724. 

(4) John, bapt. Penzance 10 Oct. 1731. 

( 5) Joseph, bapt. Penzance 27 July 1733. 

George Ley of Tavistock was at Exeter Coll. Oxf. 30 
Mch. 1674—30 Oct. 1677. It is possible that this is the 
George Ley mentioned above, who m. 1691 Jane Daniel. 

Samuel Ley, gent., d. 1806, and has a monument in Mad- 
ron Church. 

Lugg op St. Kevern and Penzance. 

George Lugg of St. Kevern m. ? 1684 Jane James, and 
had by her Thomas, Simon, Henry, George, Alexander. 

(1) Thomas b. 1685, m., and had James ; Thomas who m. 
Elizabeth Lugg ; Jane who m. Penticost ; and Mary. 

(2) Simon b. 1687, m., but had no issue. 

(3) Henry of Madron, b. 1688, d. circa 1770, m. at Gulval 
8 Oct. 1719 Annd. of Edmund Paull of Gulval, and 
had by her George, Henry, John, Jane, and two 
children who d. infants. 

1. George of Madron, b. 1723, m. 10 July 1756 Jane 
Stevens of Madron (witn. John Sampson, Henry 
Lugg) , and had by her — 

i Elizabeth bap. 14 Aug. 1757. 

ii Henry bap. Gulval 18 Oct. 1759. 

2. Henry b. 1725, m. Jane Sampson, and had by 
her James, Henry, Elizabeth, PMllis. 

i James bap. 18 Feb. 1759. 

ii Henry. 

i Elizabeth. 

ii Phillisbap. Madron 29 Sep. 1757. 

3. John m. and had 4 sons and 2 daughters. 

1. Jane bap. Madron 17 Fob. 173?, d. 12 Jan. 1821, 
bur. St. Mary's, Penzance, 17 Jan., m. at Madron 27 
Ap. 1756 Arthur Boase. 

(4) George b. 1690. 

(5) Alexander b. 1692. 

Luke op Madron and Paul. 

(1) Robert Luke of Madron was bur f 20 Jan. 162$, 
("'Mr. Robert Luke' bur. + 4 Oct. 1637"): he m. 
Elizabeth bur. t 6 Dec. 1614, ' wife of Robert Luke.' 
Their children were — 

1. John bur. f 27 May 1589. 

2. Jermyn bap. t 30 Nov. 1592, bur. f 30 Sep. 1648, 
m. + 8 Apl. 1616 Ann, and had by her 

i John bap. f 18 Apl. 1616. 
ii Robert bur. f 17 Feb. 162$. 
iii Mary bur. f 21 Feb. 162$. 
iv Robert bap. t 20 Oct. 1626. 

v Ann bur. f 7 Nov. 1647. 

3. Alice bap. f 28 Sep. 1597. 

4. Agnes bap. f 22 March }-$££. 

5. Thomas bur. t 7 Aug. 1608. 

(2) John bur. f 11 Apl. 1651, 'John senior,' m. t 25 Jan. 
160; Jane, bur f 26 Dec. 1656 widow ; issue 

1. Thomas bap f- 10 Dec. 1609, bur. f 13 Dec. 

2. John bap. t 17 March 161?. 

3. John bap. t 27 Oct. 1616, m. f H Nov. 1648 Mar- 
garet, bur. f 29 Nov. 1675, and had by her 

i Charles bap. t 25 Feb. 164$, bur. f"lS Apl. 1649. 
ii Cicely b. f 12 Aug. 1655, bur. t 28 Aug. 
iii Charles bap. t 29 Sep. 1661, bur. t 4 Apl. 1664. 
iv John bur. t 6 Sep. 1662. 




1. Paspaw bap. + 5 Apl. 1602. 

2. A dan. bap. f 8 July 1604. 

3. Jane m. f 20 Jan. 163J Thomas Sleepe, 

4. Juliana m. f 2.5 Ap. 1640 Henry Paseoe. 

(3) Thomas bur t 4 Nov. 1596, had a dau. Elizabeth bap. 
t 8 Oct. 1592. 

(4) William bur. t 7 July 1667, m. (l)t 10 Feb. 163£ 
Dorothy, m. (2) Jane, m. (3) t Aug. 1656 Ann, bur. f 
28 May 1676. His children were 

1. William bap. 18 Jan. 164| Gulval, 'son of William 
of Penzance,' ? m. * 25 Nov. 1676 Ann Tonken. 
Jane wife of William was bur. 22 Sep. 1655 Ludgvan, 
their child Matthew was born 21 Sep., bap. 22 Sep. 

2. Stephen bap. t 5 Nov. 1648, his son William was 
bap. t 20 Ap. 1673, and bur. f 24 Mch. 167f. 

(5) Stephen m. t 18 Feb. 1753 Margaret dau. of John 
Trewavas of Penzance, and cousin of Henry Boase, 
banker, bap. 14 July 1721, living 1779, and had by her 

1. A dau. who m. Mr. John. 

2. John of Newlyn bap. f 27 Feb. 1756, m. Pike, and 
was father of 

i Ann m. Joseph Batten ? 1777, he d. March 1823. 

She d. Alverton street, Penzance. 
ii John, of whom presently. 

3. Stephen, m.d. London, bap. || 4 June 1 763, d. Cavendish 
square, London, 29 Mch. 1829. See Bibl. Cornub. 
i. 328. He m. Harriet only dau. of Philip Vyvyan, 
and sister of Sir Vyel Vyvyan, and had by her 

i Rev. Francis Vyvyan, of Langdon, St. Clear near 

Liskeard, m. Agnes Eliza Ramsden, and had issue. 

ii Edward Vyvyan m. Georgiana Larkins, and had 

iii Rev. Henry Vyvyan. 
iv Harriet Waller Vyvyan m. John M. Cannell, and 

had issue, 
v William Vyvyan m. Ann Holdsworth. 
vi Ella d. young. 
vii Mary d. young. 
John of Newlyn bur. St. Mary's, Penzance, May 1831, m. 
(1) Ann 2 dau. and coh. of Thomas Woodis of Pen- 
zance ; (2) Jane dau. of Maddern of St. Just, by whom 
he had Mary, b. 1800 Penzance, d. Lifton, Devonshire, 
m. at Stythians 23 June 1840 Richard Bluett, surgeon 
of Penryn, 2nd son of Rev. Lovell Bluett of Mullion, 
and had issue two children. By his first wife John 
Luke had 

1. John of Penzance, b. 1785, d. 7 Ap. 1856, bur. St. 
Mary's, m. f 27 Apl. 1818 Mary Anna eld. dau. of 
Wiliiam Morris of Oxford by Sarah Savage, who d. 
19 Ap. 1831, bur. St. Mary's, and had by her 

i John William Morris, b. 22 Sep. 1819, d. 1 Feb. 

1855, bur. St. Mary's. 
ii Henry Albert b. 30 Jan. 1827, d. || 8 July 1829, 

bur. St. Mary's. 
iii Frederic Augustus, b. 16 Nov. 1830, m. Agnes 

Kelly at New Orleans, and by her one sod, 

and a dau. Catherine Mary, b. Balaclava, bap. 

Constantinople, d. July 1856 London an infant 
i Mary Ann Charlotte I). 9 Jan. 1821, d. || 13 June 

1839, bur. St Mary's. 
ii Emily Sarah b. 30 Jan. 1823, d. || 15 May 1848, 

bur. St. Mary's. 

2. Stephen of Penzance d. Sep. 1829, bur. St. Mary's, 
m. Emma 5 dau. of John Millett of Bosavern, St. 
Just, b. 1 May 1793, d. March 1829, bur. St. Mary's, 
and had by her 

i John Millett d. at sea unm. 

ii William, captain k.n., b. || 22 Oct. 1820, lives at 
21 Cromwell Crescent, South Kensington, m. 
Georgina dau. and coh. of William Larkins of 
Kensington and Lewisham, and had by her 

a Edmund William b. Sidmouth 6 Oct. 1861. 
b Harriet Emma b. Cape of GoodHope 18Jan. 1860. 
c Edith Julia b. Charlton in Kent 4 July 1863. 
d Annie Georgina b. Charlton in Kent 26 Ap. 1866. 
e Ada Millett Raleigh b. Charlton in Kent 15 

July 1868. 
/ Mabel Larkins b. Devonport 6 Dec. 1871. 
iii George d. Australia. 
i Julia m. John Badcock Pentreath, and had three 
children, John, a son, and Julia, who m. G. W. 
Depew, hed. Peek's-rill, America, 25 July 1865, 
aged 28. 
ii Mary, 
iii Anne. 

iv Emma d. 1863. 
3. William, H.E.I.C. service, m. Mary dau. of Noah 
Brocklesby of London, she d. Bath childless. 

1. Ann Woodis d. || Jan. 1855. unm., bur. St. Mary's. 

2. Sarah d. || unm. 

3. Julia d. London, m. Capt. Thomson of Falmouth, 
and had by him William, who was drowned ; 
Charles, a surgeon ; and George in holy orders. 

4. Eliza bur. St. Mary's 1869, aged 71. 

(6) Mary Luke of Kenwyn m. 2S Nov. 1763 Martin 

Sholl, officer of the Customs, Truro. 
Henry Luke m. t 11 May J 789 Jane Boase, both of 

Davy Luke m. at Helston 29 Jan. 1609 Jane Hosken. 
Jane dau. of Richard Luke, bap. Helston Feb. 1611. 
Catherina, ' generosa,' bur. Helston 12 Sep. 1636. 
Elizabeth wife of John Luke, bur f 7 Oct. 1674. 
Reginald bur. || 14 Sep. 1606. 
Ellynor bur. t 30 March 1629. 
Edmund had Margaret bap. Gulval 18 June 1699; 

Grace bap. Gulval 8 Sep. 1700 ; and Margaret bap. 

Gulval 3 Ap. 1703. 

(1) Charles, 

(2) Jonah, 

Milford of Truro. 

Mr. Milford of the parish of Kea had four children, (1) 
Charles, (2) Jonah, (3) James, ? (4 J Mary, 
who resided at Kea. 

manager of the Carvedras Tin Smelting 
Works, b. Kea 1735, d. Truro 11 May 1812, m. at 
Madron 1 Sep. 1763 Charlotte dau. of Joseph Beard. 
She u. Truro Vean, and was bur. 14 Feb. 1810, aged 
76. Their children were — 

1 Jonah, an assayer of tin for the Messrs. Bolitho Sons 
and Co., died Marketjew street, Penzance, unmarried. 

2 Samuel, m. Ann ? Jenkins of Redruth, and had by 
her, i Henry, ii Samuel, iii Frederick, iv Jonah Jenkin, 
i Caroline, ii Harriet, and iii Charlotte. He d. in 
Mr. John Chester's house in the Market place, Pen- 
zance, in 183-. 
i Henry, commission agent, d. suddenly at the Globe 

Hotel, Plymouth, m. firstly, Emily Whitley, by 
whom he had a dau. Margaret Anne, who m. Alfred 
Miles Speer. H. Milford m. secondly Charlotte 
Ashwin and had isBue a son Henry, who m the 
dau. of Stanley Lucas. 

ii Samuel, who d. Truro, m. Isabella dau. of Edward 
Budd ; their dau. Isabella d. in infancy. 

iii Frederick, b. July 1811, d. unmarried. 

iv Jonah Jenkin Milford, iron agent, 24, Austin 
Friars and 21 Princes Square, London, formerly of 
14, Tavistock square, b. 17 Dec. 1814, m. 10 May 
1842 Elizabeth, dau. of Edward Budd of Truro, 
and had by her Edward Budd, b. 1847, d. 1848; 
Frederick, b. March 1852 ; Frances b. 1845; and 
Emily, born 27 June 1843, Truro, who m. (1) 



Ap. 18G5 Bernard Augustus Hewitt; she m. (2) 
;it St. Stephen's, Paddington, 8 Feb. 1870, Russell 
P. third sou of the lute John Russell Colvin. 
i Caroline d. 3 Dec. 1874, aged 69, m, Kenwyn 16 
June 1830 William Henry Bullmore, m.i>.. Mayor 
of Truro 183J, Surgeon of the Royal Cornwall 
Miners Militia for seventeen years, d. Princes' 
street, bur. S. Mary's burying ground, Truro, 
5 Oct. 1S63, aged 63. Their children were 

1. William Henry, a surgeon, d. 2 Sip. 1873, m. 
30 Aug. 1860 Elizabeth, eldest dan. of Henry 
l'.aird of Sydney, New South Wales : 2. Frederick 
a sailor m. 12 Sep. 1860 Mary Taylder dau. of Dr. 
Nicholas of Trevarth, Gwennap ; 3. Richard 
Taunton b. Truro 6 Nov. 1838, d. Truro, 12 Sep. 
1842; 4. Mary m. St. Luke's Chelsea. 13 Aug. 
) 800 Charles Percy, only son of Frederick Richards, 
M.D., Bern era street, London ; 5. Caroline Ann m. 
at All Saints' Church, Camberwell, 14 Jan. 1873 
W. Nevill. youngest son of J. T. Naukivell of 
Truro ; 6. Ellen m. St. Mary's, Truro, 16 Oct. 
1860 Heury Hanswell, only son of Henry Hanswell 
Fishwiek, Brown Hill, Rochdale. Henry Hans- 
well Fishwick, F.S.A., who m. Ellen Bullmore, is 
the author of " The history of the parochial 
chapelry of Ooosnargh in the county of Lancaster, 
1871;" "The history of the parish of Kirkham," 
1874; "The Lancashire Library," 1S75. 

ii Harriet b. 22 Nov. 1806, m. 26" July 1831 Robert 
Tweedy. Sue Tweedy. 

iii Charlotte C. b. Truro 4 May 1810, m Truro 2 
July 1839 Edwin Hornblower, second son of 
William Cock of Redruth, and has issue, 1 Emma 
b. Redruth 19 May 1840, m. Redruth 1862 her 
cousin Samuel Abbott, assayer, Redruth, and has 
issue Frederick William b. 1S63, Samuel Milford 
b. 1864, John Ernest b. 1866, and Francis Edwin 
b. 1874 ; 2 Kate b. 1841, m. Redruth 1865 Mr. 
Woods, manager of the London and South Western 

Bank at , and has issue Charlotte Emma 

h. 1866 and Mabel Kato b. 1867; 3 Edwin 
Milford b. 1845. 

1. Mary Beard b. 27 Jan. 1765, bapt. St. Mary's, 
Truro, H (?6) Mar., d. Market-jew street, Penzance, 15 
Apl. 1846, m. 5 Feb. 1789 Robert ShoU. See Sholl. 

2. Charlotte d. Bridport, Dorset, 1S39, where is monu. 
in churchyard. 

3. Hannah, b. 1776 d. Ferris Town, Truro, 1834, m. 
St. Clement's, May 1805 William son of Peter 
Traer, b. 1775, d. 1848. Their children were 

i Peter Green, b. 1807, m. Kenwyn 1S35 Loveday 
Croggan Jordan, who d. Aug. 1868. Their child- 
ren wore 1. Hannah Pinder, b. 1836, m. Liverpool 
1862 Howard son nf General Marshall of Plymouth. 

2. Lucy Leonora b. 1X38, m. Jan. 1S62 Charles son 
of Cfipt. Gardner of Birkenhead. 3. John Jordan 
b. 1842. 

ii William Augustus b. 1814, d. 1841. 
iii Edwin Adolphus b. 1816. 

i Hannah Milford b. 10 May 1806, d. 6 Mch. 1870. 
ii Emma Milford, b. 10 Mch. 1810, d. 22 Sep. 1870. 
iii Charlotte b. 1811, d. 28 Dec. 1857. 
iv. Jane b. 18 Nov. 1S18, and now (Apl. 1876) resi- 
dent at (irampound. 

4. Frances d. Union Terrace, Truro, 1 June 1842, bur. 
Cemetery 4 June. 

(3) James p 

(4) Mary. 

This family bears the same arms as the Milf ords of Exeter. 


Leonard Millett (? son of James, Mayor of Marazion 
1652,1654, 1657, bur. 17 March 1688 St. Hilary: and? 
brother of Humphry and Martin), Mayor of Marazion 1675, 
1680, ? d. 1686 (inventory dated 22 April 1686), had a son 
Robert, said to have been secretary to Sir Cloudesley Shovel, 
and who perished with him in the wreck of the English 
fleet off Seilly 22 Oct. 1707. By his wife Margaret Oke, 
Robert left a son Leonard, who was Mayor of Marazion 
1721, and died 1740. He married (1) in 1710 Jane d. of 
John Millett of Gurlyn in S. Erth, and (2) 8 June 1731, at 
S.Justin Penwith, Grace, who d. 1/57. His children by 
the second marriage were — 

(1) Humphry, d. \ 3 June 1757, m. Elizabeth dau. of 
Adams by Ustick of St. Just, who d. || 9 June 1757, 
and had by her — 

1 Jane, m. Henry Sampson of Penzance, but died child- 

2 Humphry, d. umn. 

3 Grace, d. || Sept. 1826, age 76. m. 1776 Robert, son of 
Edmund Davy, who d. 1794, age 48. Their eldest 
son was Sir Humphry Davy, the great chemist, born 
|| 17 Dec. 1778 ; the second son Dr. John Davy, born 
|| 24 May 1790. 

4 Leonard, d. unm. 

5 Elizabeth, born 1754, d. 19 Dec. 1820, bur. S. 
Hilary, m. 27 Jul}' 1796 her first cousin Leonard 
Millett, but d. childless. 

(2) Robert, d. 26 Sept. 1809, m. Anna Tresidder, who d. 
12 March 1793, age 65, and bad by her— 

1 Leonard, b. 175c, d. 15 March 1841(tabletsinMarazion 
and St. Hilary Churches) m. 27 July 1796 his first 
cousin Elizabeth. 

2 Robert, Mayor of Marazion 1790, d. Marazion 22 
March 1819, age 62, m. Mary Hockin of Pool in 
Megan, and had by her, Robert, Mary, Grace, Ann, 
Hannah, Elizabeth. 

3 John of Truro, d. Marazion 24 Sept. 1836, aged 77, 
m. 2 Jan. 1791 Mary James of Gonstautine, nee 
Boulderson. Their son John, lieutenant R.N., 
m. Madron 25 Aug. 1817, Elizabeth sister of Sir 
Humphry Davy, who d. 16 Aug. 1830. 

4 Anna, d. unm. 

5 Grace, d. unm. 

(3) George of Helston, d. 26 March 1781, m. 4 Fob. 1752 
Ann, only d. of Sampson Sandys, b. 1724, d. '16 (? 29) 
March 1806, and had by her Leonard, George, Samp- 
son, Leonard, William, John, James, James, Ann, 

(4) William, m. Ann Barnes, d childless. 

(5) James of Helston, m. at Helston 23 April 1752 
Nicholls, and had by her — 


:of 20 

Grace, d. under; _ 



John of Padstow, m. Ursula White, d. childless. 


6 William, lieut. R.N., d. 12 Jan. 1821, age 58, bur. S. 
Mary's churchyard, Penzance. 

7 Humphry, d. in India. 

8 Jane. 

9 Jane, b. 1769, d. Falmouth 16 Feb. 1861, bur. S. 
Mary's churchyard, Penzance, m. 16 July 1795 John 
Boase, born t 24 Feb. 1771, bap. f 2 April, d. || 23 
March, and bur. 27 March 1850. 

(6) John, d. inf. 

(7) Leonard, (I. inf. 

(8) Jane, d. inf. 

Peter Millett was one of the twelve chief inhabitants of 
Marazion mentioned in the Charter of 1595. 




This account of the Millctt family is only worked out so 
far as to shew the descent of Jane who married John Boase. 

Oxenham (or Oxnam) of Penzance. 

Richard Oxenham or Oxnam is said to have come to 
Penzance from Newlyn East, whore his father is reported to 
have impoverished himself by too great a devotion to field 
sports. Richard was at first in the employment of Messrs. 
Batten and Co., but afterwards a prosperous merchant in 
business on his own account, lie d. Penzance 25 Apl. 1793, 
monument in St. Mary's. He. m. Paul 30 May 1763 
Elizabeth dau. of [William ?] Bodinnar of Chime in Paul. 
She was bapt. 24 Feb. 174£. Her sister m. Mr. (? John) 
Batten. K. Oxenham's children were (1) Thomas, (2) 
Richard, (3) William, (4) James, (1) Elizabeth. (2) Anne, 

(3) Mary. 

(1) Thomas bapt. Penzance 5 Mch. 176J. 

(2) Richard b. 20 Dec. 176S, bapt. Penzance 27 Jan. 
1769. A merchant, built Rosehill, Penzance. He 
gave in 1793 £5 per an. out of the Rosehill estate to 
the poor of Madron. Sheriff of Cornwall 1810, d. 
Wellington terrace, Penzance, 23 Aug. 1844, m. 12 Aug. 
1794 Mary dau. of Mr. John, who d. Penzance 5 July 
1S12, aged 45, monu. Madron Church. 

(3) William of wbom hereafter. 

(4) James bapt. Penzance 1 May 1772, d. unm. at sea 

(1) Elizabeth, b. || 4 Sep. bap. || 16 Sep. 1765, d. 23 
March 1801, m. f 9 Jan. 1792 John Jones Pearce of 
Burian : witnesses, Richard Oxnam, Anne Pearce. 

(2) Anne bapt. Penzance 12 Mar. 1767. d. 1801 ?, m. 
Mr. Unwin, and had issue a girl who d. in infancy. 

(3) Mary b. 22 Apl. 1778, d. Penzance, 3 Mch. 1855. She 
m. 16 Oct. 1800 John second son of Joshua Jepson 
Oddy of Darnell, Attercliffe, Yorkshire, a Russian 
merchant in business in London as J. Oddy and ( Jo. 
He was b. 9 July 1778, and d. 12 Dec. 1835. Theissue 
were John b. 19' June 1802, d. Blackheath, Kent. 30 
Nov. 1823, and Mary Oxenham b. 21 Dee. 1803, now 
(Apl. 1876) living at 9, Victoria place, Penzance. 

The Rev. William Oxenham, third son of Richard 
Oxenham, was b. Chapel street, Penzance, 18 Oct. 1771. Of 
Oriel Coll., Oxf., b.a. 4 Mar. 1794, m.a. 14 June 1798. C. of 
Paul 1796-1803; R. of St. Petrock's, Exeter, 1803-44; 
Prebendary of Exeter 1803-44; V. of Cornwood 1824-44 ; 
d. Cornwood 23 Feb. 1844. m. (1) 13 June 1796 Elizabeth 
Treweeke, who was b. 8 Nov. 1776, d. in childbirth 21 Feb. 
1797, bur. Paul Church 28 Feb. ; Mary Elizabeth the only 
child by this m. was b. Paul 24 Feb., bapt. 28 Feb. 1797, d. 
unm. 18 Dee. 1841. 

The Rev. W. Oxenham m. (2) 1798 Anne dau. of Geo. 
Nutcombe Nutcombo (formerly George Nutcombe Quicke), 
Chancellor of Exeter, by a daughter of George Lavington, 
Bishop of Exeter. She was b. 25 May 1773, d. Exeter 27 
Oct. 1864, bur. St. David's Churchyard, and gave birth to 
(1) George Nutcombe, (2) William, (3) Richard, (4) Nut- 
combe, (1) Jane Mary, (2) Frances Maria, (3) Anne Dorothea, 

(4) Caroline. 

(1) George Nutcombe b. 17 Nov. and bapt, Paul 17 Dec. 
' 1799. Of Wadham Coll. b.a. 24 May 1820. Of 

Exeter Coll. m.a. 13 June 1823 and Fellow 1820-30 ; 

of Lincoln's Inn Barrister-at-law 22 Nov. 1825 ; d. 17 

Earl's Terrace, Kensington West, 15 Dec. 1873, bur. 

Brompton cemetery, 22 Dec, memorial window in St. 

Philip's Church, Earl's court road, Kensington. He 

m. (1) May 1830 Caroline eld. dau. of the Rev. 

Warwick Young Churchill Hunt, D.D., V. of Bickleigh 

near Plymouth, she d. Kensington 10 Dec. 1849, bur. 
Bickleigh. The issue were — 
i George Lavington b. Plymouth 11 Aug. 1836, 

d. Plymouth 26 Oct. 1S43', bur. Cornwood. 
ii Caroline Nutcombe b. Plymouth 14 Feb. 1835, 
d. Kensington 8 Feb. 1807, bur. Littleworth, near 
Farringdon, Berks. 
Geo. Nutcombe m. (2) Hamburg 1852, Mary Emma b. 
1816, sister of his first wife, she d. Kensington 18 Dec. 
1854, bur. Brompton cemetery, leaving one dau. Mary 
Elizabeth b. 1 Dec. 1S54. 

Geo. Nutcombe m. (3) 7 Jan. 1858, Charlotte Ellis sixth 
dau. of John Milligon Scppings of Culver House, Chudleigh. 
She was b. 2 Meh. t 1822. 

(2) William b. 13 Dec. 1800, bapt. Paul 27 Jan. 1801 ; 
of Wadham Cull. b.a. 21 May 1823, m.a. 17 May 1826 ; 
Assistant Master Harrow School 1826, and Lower 
Master 1841, d. Reigatc 13 Oct. 1863, bur. at Harrow 
20 Oct., m. (1) Mary dau. of Rev. Thomas Carter, 
Fellow and Vice-Provost of Eton College 1826. She 
d. 14 May 1833, bur. Harrow Church-yard, by whom 
he had — 

i Henry Nutcombe, b. Harrow 15 Nov. 1829. bapt. 
Eton College S Jan. 1830, Scholar of Balliol Coll. 
b.a. 5 Dec. 1850, m.a. 1S54, ordained in the Church 
of England 1853, C. of Wornall, Bucks, 1854, C. of 
St. Bartholomew's, Cripplegate, 1857, but soon after 
joined the Church of Rome ; is the author of nume- 
rous works. 

ii Frances Mary, b. Eton S Jan. 1S28, became a member 
of the Church of Rome, d. 2 Aug.- 1870, bur. Chisel- 
hurst, Kent, where is monu. 

The Rev. Will. Oxenham m. (2) 9 Apl. 1S40, Rachel 
Charlotte dau. of Mr. Gray of Wembley Park, near 
Harrow, liv. 1876 Nutcombe House, Weybridge, 
Surrey. Their children arc — 

i Edward Lavington b. 30 Sep. 1813, educated at 
Harrow. Passed an examination before the Civil 
Service Commissioners and obtained an honorary 
certificate 23 July 1866 ; was appointed a Student 
Interpreter in China 28 July 1S66: a 3rd Class 
Assistant 26 Jan. 1872; and a 1st Class Assistant 
27 Sep. 1873. 

ii Geo. William b. 12 May 1849, educated at Harrow, 
of Exeter Coll. Oxf., and Sarum Theological College 
1871 ; C. of Holy Trinity, Sneyd, near Burslern, 
1873-75 ; C. of Coatham and in charge of new 
district of Warrenby in the parish of Coatham, 
Yorkshire, 1875 ; C. of Staveley, Staffordshire ; m. 
12 Jan. 1876 Katherine Blanche dau. of Joseph 
Walker, m.d., of Burslern. 

i Edith Maria b. 17 Mar. 1843. 

ii Anne Eleanor b. 12 Oct. 1847. 

(3) Richard b. 12 Mch. 1805. bap. 19 Ap. d. 15 Sep. 1805. 

(4) Nutcombe b. 1810, educated at Harrow School to 182S; 
of Oriel Coll. 1828 ; took an open scholarship at Trinity 
Coll. 1829 ; Devon Fellow of Exeter Coll. June 1832 ; 
C. of Upton on Severn 1S33 ; V of Modbury with C of 
Brownstone, Devon, 1834; b.a. 13 Nov. 1834, m.a. 17 
Dec. 1839 ; Preb. of Exeter 26 Jan. 1850 ; d. Modbury 
Vicarage 13 Sep. 1859, aged 49 ; m. 9 Jan. 1834 Jane 
Georgiana Gould, now deceased, by whom he had — 

i Robert George, Principal of Deccan College, Poonah, 

ii Frank Nutcombe: of Exeter Coll. b.a. 1S62, m.a. 
1865 ; C. of St. Mark. Torwood, Devon, 1864 ; C. of 
Richmond, Surrey, 1S68-73 ; C. of St. Barnabas, 
Pimlico, London, 1875. Resides 95, St. George's road, 
Pimlico, London, S.W. 
(1) Jane Mary, b. 30 Mch; 1802, bapt. Paul 11 May 1802, 
d. Exeter 24 Apl. 1850, bur. St. David's Churchyard. 


(2) Frances Maria, b. Exeter 7 Aug. 1803, bapt. Exeter 
'Cathedral 10 Sep. d. Comwood 22 Apl. 1825. 

(3) Anne Dorothea, b. Exeter 8 Aug. 1806, bapt. St. 
Petroek 6 Sep. d. Exeter 10 Sep. 1875, bur St. David's 

(4) Caroline, b. Exeter 24 Nov. 1807. bapt. St. Petroek, 
26 Feb. 1808, m. in 1832 Rev. Charles John Hume, 
sometime Fellow of Wadham Coll. Oxf., K. of Meon 
Stoke, Hants, and of Bilton Grange, Warwickhsire, 
and had issue — 

i Charles William b. 16 Sep. 1834, bapt Meonstoke 

14 Oct. 
ii Francis Glynne b. 24 Deo. 1S44, bapt. Feb. 1845, of 
Queen's Coll. Oxf., b.a. 1869, C. of St. Mary 
Magdalen, Hastings, 1870, m. Edith dau. of Dr. 
Carey of Guernsey, and had one son deceased and a 
dau. Elizabeth, 
iii Edward Plantagenet b. 6 July 1S4S, bapt. Aug. 
Sub-Lieut, in H.M. Turret ship " (Japtain," lost oft' 
Cape Finisterre 7 Sep. 1870. 
iv Frederick Nutcombe b. 11 Sep. 1850, bapt. Oct. 
v Duncan Cospatrick b. 13 Feb. 1854, bapt. Mch. 
i Mary Louisa b. 26 July 1838, bapt. Aug. 
ii Anna Caroline b. 7 Jan. 1843, bapt. Feb. 
iii Agnes Marion Griselda b. 28 Dec. 1846, bapt. 
Feb. 1847. 
The members of the Oxenham family at one time called 
themselves Oxnam, but the original form of name was 
resumed about forty years ago. 

John Oxnam, gent., of Newlyn East, 1811 gave a 
school house and garden for the education of poor children 
in that parish. He also endowed it with £6 5s per an. for 
teaching the children and for the necessary repairs of the 

In 1S43 two Acts of Parliament were passed authorising 
leases and setts to be granted of and in an estate in the 
parish of Newlyn, devised by the will of John Oxnam 
deceased to John Oxnam for his life. 


Matthew son of William and Dora Parker of Dublin was 
b. Dublin 3 August 1812. He was for some time in business 
in Plymouth, then resided for many years at Albury, Surrey, 
but afterwards removed to Leamington where he still 
remains. He m. Budock near Falmouth 7 Nov. 1837 Laura 
Elizabeth fifth dau. of Henry Boase by Anne Craige. She 
was b. Knightsbridge, London 27 Aug. 1807, and privately 
bapt. by the Rev. J. Townshend. Their children are — 
(1) Lewis b. Plymouth 25 Sept. 1843, bapt. St. Andrew's 
Church, educated at the Agricultural College at Ciren- 
cester. Emigrated to Canada and took up a grant of 
government land in the Township of Harberg, Canada 
West, where he still remains. He m. Annie Tassie, 
a Canadian of Scotch parentage b. 15 Sep. 1845. His 
children are Lewis b. 18 Mch. 1869; Florence b. 
9 Feb. 1870 ; Herbert Matthew b. 1872 ; a son h. 1874. 

(1) Florence b. Plymouth 16 Oct. 1842, bapt. C. A. 
Church, m. 8 June 1865, at C. A. Church, Southwark, 
London, John eldest son of John Belcher, b. Church 
Street, Trinity Square, Southwark 10 July 1841. John 
Belcher is an architect and surveyor at 5 Adelaide place, 
City of London, in partnership with his father under 
the firm of John and John Belcher. He resides at 38 
Somerleyton road, Brixton. 

(2) Gertrude b. Plymouth 31 Mch 1845, bapt. St. Andrew's 
Church. Now resident in Birmingham. 


William Pearce of Penzance, Merchant, bought Kerris 
in Paul of the family of Hicks. He m. Madron 6 Nov. 
1663, Elizabeth Lanyon, (possibly it was his second 
man-iage, as an entry occurs at Madron 1654, May 6, 
William Pearse m. EUoner, see below) and had issue — 

(1) Richard, of whom presently. 

(2) Leonard bapt. f 17 Sep. 1665, bur. f 22 Apl. 1666. 

3) William bapt. t 21 May 1670. 

•4) Duke, in holy oiders and a schoolmaster. Of Pem- 
broke Coll. Camb. b.a. 1699, d. Paul 17 Nov. 1712, in 
his thirty fourth year. Monument in Madron Church. 

(1) Elizabeth bapt. Madron 27 Jan. 1666-67, living in 
1720. She was m. by Rev. John Pcnheliclc, V. of Gul- 
val, at Morvah 8 July 1709 to Rev. Thomas Rowe, V. 
of Madron, who. d. Madron 28 Aug. 1716 in his fortieth 
year, and was bur. 31 Aug. Monu. Madron Church. 

(2) Grace m. Rev. John Penhelick, V. of Gulval, 1700- 
1730, b. 1669, d. 18 Feb. 1730, without issue. 

(3) Dorcas bapt. f 9 May 1679. 

Richard Pearce of Kerris son of Will. Pearce b. 1664 ?, 
m. Mary eldest dau. of John Borlase of Pendeen in St. 
Just by Mary Keigwin. She was bapt. 5 Dec. 1669 and d. 
3 Jan. 1759-60. (She m. secondly the Rev. Henry Pen- 
darves, V. of Paul) . The issue of her first marriage were 

(1) Richard, of whom presently. 

(1) Elizabeth bapt. t 1 Dec. 1683. [An Elizabeth dau. 
of a R. Pearce m. * 30 Oct. 1708 Nicholas Keigwin.] 

(2) English bapt. Madron 14 Feb. 1685-6. 

(3) Mary bapt. Paul 25 Feb. 1695-6. * 

(4) Isabel who m. 30 Apl. 1720 Christopher Davies of 
Benoal in Buryan, who was bur. 6 Apl. 1742. 

Richard Pearce only son of R. Pearee d. 25 June 1753, 
aged 60. He m. firstly (Ruth) Bodinnar of Paul, who was 
bur. Paul 20 Oct. 1724. He m. secondly Maria dau. of 
Lieut.-Gen. John Jones of Penrose in Buryan, Governor of 
Hull. She d. Penzance 5 Apl. 1783, aged 76. R. Pearce's 
children were — 

(1) Richard of Tredinny, Buryan, in holy orders, of 
Pembroke Coll. Cambridge, b.a. 1748, m.a. 1752, Curate 
of Sennen ? 1761, bur. Buryan 24 May 1787. 

(2) John, a midshipman n.N., d. at sea. 

(5) William, of whom presently. 

(1) Mary d. Dec. 1803, bur. Penzance. 

(2) Janed. July 1814, aged 81, bur. Gulval. 

(3) Elizabeth b. and bapt. privately at Paul 14 June 
1741, d. Exeter IS Nov. 1778, monu. at Madron. She 
m. at Madron 28 July 1766 John Beard junr. of 
Halwin in Paul, witn. Jane Pearce, Caroline Borlase. 

(4) Ann d. Burley Grove near Penzance 21 Dec. 1832, 
aged 87, bur. Gulval. 

William Pearce, third son of R. Pearce, was a solicitor, 
d. 16 Jan. 1767, aged 30, and was bur. Penzance. He m. 
Madron 22 Mch. 1763 Mary dau. of John Harvey of 
Trevore in Sennen, great niece of General Jones. (Wit- 
nesses Elizabeth Pearce, Mary Jeffreyson). The issue were 

(1) John Jones, of whom presently. 

(1) Maria, b. || 28 Dec. 1766, m. 1792, William Berryman 
of Penzance, surgeon. 

John Jones, only son of Will. Pearce, wasb. 1 Dec. 1765, 
d. Penzance, 7 Dec. 1826, bur. Burian. He m. firstly at Mad- 
ron 9 June 1792, Elizabeth eldest dau. of Richard Oxnam of 
Penzance (witnesses Richard Oxnam, Ann Pearce). She 
was b. Penzance 4 Sep. 1765, bap. 16 Sep., d. Tredinnev, 
23 Mch. 1801, bur. Burian 27 Mch. He m. secondly, 25 
Nov. 1817, Sarah dau. of Thomas Woodis of Penzance 
She was b. 24 May 1765, d. 4 Feb. 1841, bur. Madron. By 
his first wife he had — 

D 2 



(1) Richard, Agent to 'Lloyd's, Mayor of Penzance five 
times, b. Tredinny 22 Nov. 17'J2, d. Chapel-street, 
Penzance, 23 Aug. 18G2, bur. St. Mary's Churchyard, 
29 Aug., m. Truro 17 July 182b, Sarah only dau. of 
Henry Penneck, M n., by Sarah Pidwell. She was b. 
Penzance 20 Nov. 1795, d. Penzance 5 Mch. 1863. 
Their children were — 

i Richard Henry, b. || 22 Nov. 1832, d. || 17 May 1S33. 

i Lydia Penneclc b. Penzance 24 Apl. 1827 (her 
sponsors were Thomas Clutterbuek of Truro her 
great uncle, Ann Pearce her great great aunt, and 
Lionel Ripley her uncle). She m. 2.5 June 1853 
Richard Quiller Couch, eldest son of Jonathan and 
Clara Couch, b. Polperro 12 Mch. 1817, d. Pen- 
zance 8 May ) 803, by whom she had Maria Jane 
b. Penzance 28 May 1854; Sarah Lydia b. Pen- 
zance 21 Mch. 1850; Richard Pearce b. Penzance 
25 June 1858; Margaret Quiller b. Penzance 17 
March 1860. 

ii Maiy Jones b. || 9 Dec. 1831, d. || 27 Jan. 1832. 

iii Margaret Gilford b. Penzance 6 Jan. 1834, d. 1834. 

iv Maria Jones (twin sister of iii) b. || 6 Jan. 1834, 
bap. 25 Nov. 1835, being the day of the opening 
of St. Mary's Church, Penzance (her sponsors 
were W. Arundel Harris Arundel of Lifton Park, 
her father's second cousin, and Mary Bennett of 
Bath, her grandfather Penneck's first cousin). She 
m. 186 — James Jago, M.D. of Truro, son of John 
Jngo. He was b. Kegilliack in Budock 18 Dec. 
1815. Their children are Margaret b. Truro 1866: 
Jane b. Truro 1868 ; a son h. Truro 15 Dec. 1873, 
d. 19 Dec. 1873. 

(2) John Jones Pearce was b. at Tredinney, Burvan, 15 
Apl. 1795, entered the Royal Navy in 1804, was 
gazetted Lieutenant 1814, and on the conclusion of 
peace was placed on half pay. Being desirous of em- 
ployment he took" the command of the " Tulloch Castle" 
and traded backwards and forwards to and from the 
West Indies and London. From over exertion in the 
discharge of his duty in 1823 at Kingston, Jamaica, he 
fell into a consumption, from the effects of which he 
never recovered. In 1831 he finally left the sea, and 
retiring to his native county took up his residence at 
Burlton Castle. Newlvn. It was here during the 
terrible outbreak of cholera which devastated Newlyn in 
1832 when so many persons ran away from the danger, 
that he and his wife remained at their post, aidingtheir 
neighbours by their precept and example, and adminis- 
tering to their wants with money, food and medicine 
to the utmost of their means. During the remaining 
months of his life he was quite an invalid, the con- 
sumptive symptoms returning with great violence. It 
was during one of his rides that in passing Hen Moor, 
Madron, he was particularly struck with a view of the 
mount from a plot of ground belonging to Mr. Ratten. 
It was not long before he made up his mind on the mat- 
ter. He purchased the ground, and commenced building 
himself a house, afterwards known asPolmenna ; he did 
not, however, live to inhabit it, for after much 
suffering, he died at Burlton Castle 10 July 1833, and 
was interred in the burial ground at the east end of 
Madron Church 13 July, where a tombstone has been 
erected to his memory. He married Anna Maria 
Henrietta eldest child of Henry Boase and Anne 
Craige, who was b. at No. 1, Knightsbridge, London, 
opposite the Chapel, on Monday morning 18 Jan. 1796, 
and was privately bapt. by the Rev. John Townshend on 
Thursday 4 Feb." She was educated at the Misses 
Babington's School, Sloane street, Chelsea, and joined 
her parents at Penzance in 1811. She took a con- 
siderable share in the education of her sisters, and was 
for some years a companion to her father. On the 20 


Nov. 1 S 2 1 , she was married at Madron by the Rev. 
George Treweeke to Lieut. John Jones Pearce, R.N. 
From 1825 to 1831, during her husband's voyages to 
the West Indies, she resided at Greenwich. A few 
months after his decease, she removed from Burlton 
Castle to Polmenna, a country house which her hus- 
band during his life had commenced building. Some 
time after, in 1835, she erected another house on an 
adjacent plot of ground. In 1S36 she and her family 
joined the. C. A. Church. She left Polmenna in 1845, 
and went to Dundee, first residing at No. 1, then at 
No. 2, Nelson street, afterwards at '67, Constitution 
road, and No. 2, King street. She now, 1876, lives at 
Eden grove, Arbroath road. In 186 — she sold both 
her houses at Polmenna for the sum of £1600, although 
the land and the buildings had cost upwards of £2,500. 
She enjoys a Lieutenant's widow's pension from the 
Admiralty. Her children were — 

i John Jones b. Hlackhoath, Kent, 12 Oct. 1822, bap. 
at Lea, d. Alverne Hill, Penzance 5 Mch 1823, bur. 
St. Mary's churchyard, 
ii Henry Jones Pearce b. Wellington place, Tenzance 
14 July fS2J, bap. by the Rev. M. N. Peters, at St. 
Mary's on the 6 Aug. He was placed under the Rev. 
George Morris, at the Penzance Grammar School, 
where he remained from 1835 to 1839. In 1S40 he 
took a situation in the Western District Bank at 
Penzance and remained with that firm ami with their 
successors Messrs. Ricketts, Enthoven, and Co. until 
April 1844. He then went to Dundee, where after 
sometime he joined Alexander Brown Glenday 
(previously a clerk in the Dundee Bank) in a 
shipping business, but this not proving profitable, he 
in Nov. 184S entered the banking house of Messrs. 
Ransom and Co., No. 1, Pall Mall East, London. Here 
he got on very well, and would, if he had remained, 
have been high in the office, as within a very few 
years the whole of the staff with the one exception 
of Mr. Cox the cashier died or left the establishment; 
but hearing of a vacancy in the Dundee Bank which 
he thought would suit him, and being desirous of 
being near his mother, he left London in Sep. 1S50 
and joined the Dundee Bank in the same month. 
There he continued until 3 1 March 1862, when he and 
his brother William Alfred Pearce under the name of 
Pearce Bros., took over the Lilly bank foundry, which 
W. A. Pearce had previously conducted with William 
Wylie Neish under a five years partnership which 
expired at this time. This establishment they still 
carry on. 
iii William Alfred Pearce was b. at Park Row, Green- 
wich, 13 May 1826, and bap. at St. Alphage, 
Greenwich, June 1826. He was educated from 
1840-41. at Penair House Academy, Penzance, 
then under the management of the late Mr. John 
Barwis. In 1841, he was sent to Tuckingmill and 
placed under the care of Mr. John Phillips to learn 
mechanical drawing, and at the 1842 Exhibition of 
the Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society he obtained 
a prize for a drawing of a stationary steam engine. 
After this, in May 1843, he proceeded to Dundee, 
and there bound himself an apprentice for five 
years to Messrs. Kinmonds Hutton, and Steele, 
Wallace Fouudry, where he practically learnt the 
business of machine making in all its various details. 
On the expiration of his apprenticeship, he worked 
as a journeyman for some months, then entered the 
Drawing Office of Messrs. Fawcett, Preston and Co., 
engineers, Liverpool, from which he obtained the 
situation of chief draughtsman with Messrs. Martin 
Samuelson and Co., Hull, where he remained a year, 
and then seeing no prospect of advancement or im- 



provement lie left them and went across to Caen in 
Normandy (where his cousins G. C. and E. L. Boase 
were then residing) with the intention of studying 
the French language, but in about two months 
hearing of a situation in the Drawing Office at 
H.M. Dockyard, Portsmouth, he returned to England 
and obtained the place of draughtsman at the Steam 
factory there. In 1857 Lilly Bank Foundry, 
Dundee, being to let, he in conjunction with Wm. 
Wylie Neish took it and entered into partnership as 
machine makers under the title of Pearco and Neish 
for five years from 31st March, at the expiration of 
which time the partnership was allowed to run out. 
On 31 Mch. 1802, he joined his brother H. J. Pearee, 
and under the title of Pearee Brothers, steam engine 
and boiler makers, millwrights, etc., the firm still 
continues. W. A. Pearee m. firstly at St. Paul's 
Dundee, 14 .Tuue 1S-53, his first cousin Anna Maria, 
eld. dau. of H. S. Boase, m.d. She was b. Chapel 
street, Penzance, 26 Aug. 1827, and d. Broughty 
Ferry, Dundee, 4 Nov. 1871. The issue of this 
marriage were (1) Richard, b. King street, Portsea, 
15 May 18.56, bap. Holy Trinity Church; (2) Lilian, 
b. Princes street, Dundee, IS July 1858, bap. C. A. 
Church. 13 Aug. ; (3) Anna Henrietta, b. Princes 
street, Dundee, 1 Sep. 186-1, bap. C. A. Church, 7 
Oct. 1864, d. Dundee, 8 Feb. 1S65, bur. the Eastern 
cemetery. W. A. Pearee was m. secondly atDenbrae 
near St. Andrews, by the Rev. A. H. K. Boyd, D.D., 
24 Sep. 1873, to AnnBoswall, eld. dau. of Alexander 
Watson Wemyss, n.n. She wus b. Edinburgh, 29 
Apl. 1836. The issue are (1) Elizabeth Rosa, b 
1, Balgillo crescent, Broughty Ferry, 15 June 1874, 
bap. Episcopal Church, 31 July: (2) Harriet Evelyn, 
b. Broughty Ferry, 2 Nov. 1875, bap. Episcopal 
Church, 1 Dec. 

Anna Maria b. Park Row, Greenwich, 16 June. 1828, 
d. Greenwich, 16 Nov. 1829, bur. St. Mary's Church- 
yard, Penzance. 

William b. 29 July 1798 d. Sierra Leone, 20 July 
1813. He was a Midshipman of H M. frigate " Thais," 
Capt. Edward Scobell. 
(4) Lionel Ripley b. Trcdinny, 22 Mch. 1801 d. Jamaica 

19 July 1835. He m. a widow in Liverpool. 
(1) Elizabeth b. Penzance 7 June 1796 rn. Francis Lugg, 
builder, Penzance. By a first wife F. Lugg had two 
The arms arc 1 Pearee, 2 Jones, 3 Ripley, 4 as the first. 
Pearee — Az. on a fess Ar., 3 pellets between as many pelicans 
Or. The crest, an arm em bowed in armour, holding an arrow 
in pale, the shaft resting on tin 1 wreath. 


The following also occur at Paul ; some others are added 
in parenthesis. — 
Marriages — 

1600, Nov. 9, John Pears m. Elizabeth Roben, 

1608, Nov. 2, Martin Pcrs m. Margaret. 

1618, Sep. 19, John Pears m. Florence. 

1635, Aug. 18, John Pearee m. Philippa. 

1640, June 8, William Pierse (:-) m Mary. 

(1649, Aug. 15, at St. Erth, Philippa dau. of Thomas 
Pearee of St. Just m. John son of John Legow of Ludgvan). 

1607, Nov. 29, Phillis Pearee m. Richard Keigwin. 

1670, Sep. 24, William Pearee m. Elizabeth. 

(1672, Jan. 6, at Burian, John Pcares m. , name not 


1683, Oct. 29, Nicholas Pearee m. Thomasin. 

1698, Ap. 30, Christian Pearee m. John Ycaman. 

1699, Ap. 18. John Pearee m. Mary Nicholls. 
1703, Oct. 10, John Pearee m. Margaret Cotton. 

1705, Oct. 13, Mary Pearee m. William Keigwin. 

1705, Nov. 17, Mary Pearee m. Bernard Yeaman, both of 

1749, June 29, Honor Pearee m. Richard Keigwin. 

1830, ? Ann Pearee of Newlyn m. George Glasson of 
Baptisms — 

160^, Mch. 23, John son of John Pearee. 

160i, Mch. 2, Jacob son of John Peris. 

(1658, June 14, at Burian, born Elizabeth dau. of John 
Pearee and Tamsin, and bap. 19). 

(1663, July 26, at Burian, Richard son of John Peares 
and Tamzen. 

(166$, Jan. 19, at Burian, Grace dau. of John Peares and 

16S0, June 20, William son of John Pearee. 

1682, Oct. 8, Jane dau. of Humfry Pearee. 

1695, May 19, Nicholas son of Nicholas Pearee. 

1696, Ap. 26, Catherine dau. of Humfry Pearee. 
1699, May (? 7), Grace dau. of Humfry Pearee. 

1699, Sep. 17, John and Jane son and dau. to Nicholas 

fffo- J an - 28, John son of John Pearee. 
Burials — 

1724, Oct. 20, Ruth wife of Richard Pearee, gentleman. 

(172J, Feb. 22, at Burian, Abigal Pearso). 

(1752, Jan. 1, at Burian. Timothy Pearee). 

(1758, July 28, at Burian, Tryphena Pearee, widow). 

(1759, Jan. 24, at Burian, Timothy Pearee. 

The following occur at Madron : — 
Marriages — 

15S4', Nov. 20, Richard Perse m. Elizabeth. 

1589, July 13, Richard Peres in. Elizabeth. 

1653, Sep. 24, Thomas Pearse m. Jone. 

•1654, May 6, William Pearse m. Elloner. 

1663, Nov. 6, William Pearse m. Elizabeth. 

1665, June 5, Humfry Pearse m. Mary. 

170^ Jan. 24, Loveday Pearee of Penzance m. Alexander 

1 7 03 Oct. 6, Frances dau. of Thomas Pearee of Penzance 
m. Philip Carne of Gulval. 

1701 Jan. 1, Mary Pearee of Penzance m. Gregory Tre- 
gurtha of Paul. 

\"0'i Jan. 27, Timothy Pearee of S. Levan m. Tryphena 
Rodda of Madron. 

1708 Sep. 27, John Euden m. Ann Pearee, both of Pen- 

1754, Ap. 15, Mary Pearee m. Richard Pasco, both of 

1760, Dec. 23, John Pearee, Independent Minister, Pen- 
zance, m. Anne Pidwcll of Penzance, witnesses, Benjamin 
Pidwell, Alice Pearee. 

1761, Dec. 13, Susanna Pearee m. Charles Gwavas, both 
of Penzance, witnesses, Nicholas Pearee and Rachel Gwavas. 

1765, Susanna Pearee and Charles Gwavas witness m. of 
John Michell and Rachel Gwavas. 

1764, Sep. 30, Nicholas Pearee of Penzanco m. Grace 
Harvey of S. Ives. 

1771, Jan. 7, John Pearee m. Juliana Paull, both of Pen- 
zance, witnesses, Mary Cole, Jane Paull. 

1663, Aug. 13, Elloner dau. of William Pearse. 

1665, Sep. 17, Leonard son of William Pearse. 

1665, Sep. 17, Thomas son of Humfry Pearse. 

1665, Jan. 27, Elizabeth dau. of William Pearse. 

1670, May 21, William son of William Pearee. 

1679, May 9, Dorcas dau. of Mr. William Pearee. 

16S3, Ap. 22, William son of George Pearee. 

16S6, Dec. 26, Ann dau. of William Pearee. 

169y, Feb. 14, Richard son of John Pearee. 
Burials — 

1578, Aug. 10, Jedna dau. of Symon Peres. 






Aug. 11, Stephen Pearos 

Aug-. 20, Margaret dau. of Richard Peres. 

Aug. 24, Jane wife of Stephen Peares. 

Mch. 30, Joane dau. of Thomas Peres. 

Jane 27, Elizabeth wife of Edward Peres. 

July 30, William son of Richard Peres. 

Ap. 6, the dau. of Richard Peres. 

Oct. 22, Richard Peres. 

Sep. 20, Elizabeth dau. of James Peres. 

Feb. 14, Joane Pears of Penzance. 

Nov. 16, Margaret wife of James Pears. 

Feb. 20, Katheren Pears alias Beagoe. 

Feb. 29, James Pears. 

July 8, Roger Pearse. 

July 10, Margaret Pearse. 

Aug. 6, Maddern Pearse. 

Jan. 0, William son of William Pearse. 

Aug. 13, Ellonerwife of William Pearse. 

Sep. 2, Elloner, dau. of William Pearse. 

Ap. 22, Leonard son of William Pcarce. 

Aug. 30, Humfry Pearce. 

Aug. 6, Jone dau. of William Pearce. 

Aug. 13, Jane dau. of William Pearce. 

Aug. 14, Jone wife of Thomas Pearce. 

Mch. 27, Kathr.iyne dau. of Thomas Pearce. 

Nov. 12, Richard son of George Pearce. 

May 13, Jone Pearce widow. 

July 21, son of Thomas Pearce. 

, Dec. 7, at Burian, Mary Pearce of Penzance.) 

, Feb. 21, at Ludgvan, James Perez alias Pearce.) 

Paull (Paul) of Gclval. 

Edmunti Paull m. (1) 21 Jan. 16S7 Jane Dunstan ; m. 
(2) 3 Feb. 169 J Anna Phillips. His children were Edmund, 
Thomas, John, Silas, Ann, Jane. 

(1) Edmund m. 1 Jan. 17f£ Agatha Cara, and had by her 
Edmund, Nicholas, Ann, Jane, Elizabeth. 

1. Edmund m. Mary Trezise, their dau. Mary was bap. 
Gulval 7 Jan. 1770. 

2. Nicholas bap. 14 Oct. 173S, m. Ann Trezise. 

1. Ann m. Thomas Woodis. 

2. Jane m. Dillon. 

3. Elizabeth bap. 26 Sep. 1730, m. John Morgan, b. 
Penzance 1729. 

(2) Thomas b. 2 Ap. 1704 Gulval, bap. Ap. 17. 

(3) John bap. 7 Feb. 1706. 

(4) Silas bap. U Ap. 1710, m. (1) Elizabeth Rowo, by 
whom he had a dau. Ann bap. 27 Ap. 1735. He m. 
(2) at Gulval 30 Ap. 1740 Charity Gcach of Perran. 

(1) Ann m. at Gulval 8 Oct. 1710 Hemy Lugg of St. 

(2) Jane m. Thomas Hosting of Landithy. 

The Paulls were for several generations in Gulval. 
Thomas Paull, Vicar of Gulval, d. in 1660. The name 
occurs still earlier in Paul and Madron. Elizabeth Paul m 
William Newten (?) 28 July 1616 at Paul. Hellen wife of 
William Paul was buried 28 Ap. 1582 Madron. JolmPawle 
m. at Madron 21 Jan. 162J Sarah. Nathaniel Paul m. t 28 
Nov. 170S Joan Bennets, both of Penzance. Juliana Paul 
m. at Madron 7 Jan. 1771 John Pearce, both of Penzance 
(witn. Mary Cole, Jane Paull). John Paul m. Elizabeth 
Nicholls, both of Penzance, 27 May 1765 Madron, witn. 
Elizabeth Nicholls. Mary Paul widow m. Stephen Crab, 
both of Penzance, 13 July 1765 Madron, witn. William 

Horwood near Bideford, m. Margaret dau. of John 
Cockworthy of Ernscombe, and had by her 

(1) Anthony. 

(2) John m. f 31 Jan. 160| Elizabeth dau. and heir of 
John Novill of Trewarvenith Marchs in Paul, and had 
by her Alexander of Tarcvenith, who m. Jane dnu. of 
James Chynowcth of St. Martin's, Meneage. Issue 
Thomas, Henry, Jane, Elizabeth, and Mary. 

(3) Margaret. 

(4) Avice m. Walter son of John Pollard of Plymouth. 

(5) Thomas. 

(6) James. 

(li) William Pollard was elected Fellow of Exeter 
College, Oxford, 16 Feb. 1558. John and Arthur 
Pollard of Redruth were at Exeter College 6 Apl. 1676 
to 14 Jan. 168$ and both took the B.A. degree 6 Nov. 1679. 

(0) James PoUard, gentleman, bur. f 18 Dec. 1606, was 
father of 

(1) Nicholas, bur. f i Aug. 1584. 

(2) Elizabeth, bur. t 21 July 1585. 

James Pollard, gentleman, bur. f 7 Sep. 1613. 

John Pollard bur. f 11 Jan. 165J. 

John Pollard, jun. of Madron, was father by a first 

marriage, of John bap. t 16 Aug. 164G. Ho m. (2) 

t 2 Nov. 1656 Jane, and had by her 

(1) Ralph, born t 17 Feb. 1651, bur. f 29 May 1659. 

(2) Mary, bap. t 10 Aug. 1661. 

(3) Margaret, bap. t 5 Feb. 1661. 

(D) John Pollard m. f 26 June 1708, Ann Rodda, both 
of Madron, and had by her 

(1) Joan, bap f 22 May 1709, bur. f 8 Sep. 1754, 
mar. f 3 Mch. 172-;-, Arthur Boase of Madron, licence 
dated 20 Jan. 

(2) Phillis, bap. * 21 Oct. 1721. 

William Pollard of Madron, m. * 9 Feb. 171 J, Joan 
.Tremearn of Paul, and witnessed f 27 Ap. 1756, the 
second marriage of Arthur Boase with Jane Lugg. 

(E) James Pollard of Paul, m. f 23 Ap. 1754, Elizabeth 
Williams of Penzance. 

Elizabeth, servant to Mr. James Pollard, bur. t 21 Feb. 

John Pollard, m. Burian 6 June 1669 Alse. 
Jane Pollard, m. Burian 5 Oct. 1700, Oliver Beckerleg. 

Pollard of Paul akd Madhon. 

(A) The Cornish branches of this family came from 
Devonshire ; one settled at Trcleigh in Redruth, 
another in Paul and Madron. Richard Pollard of 

Richards of Paul and Madrox. 

Thomas Richards m. Joan Trcgortha, and had by her 
Robert and William. Robert m. Rebecca, and had by her 
Michael bap. * 17 Feb. 174} ; William b. 19 June 1730 Pen- 
hellick in St. Clements near Truro, m. (1) Jane Jordan of 
St. Hilary, who d. 23 May 1 753, and had bv her William 
b. Helsto'n 14 May 1753, d. 30 Oct. 1807, m. Elizabeth dau. 
of Hewett of Truro, who m. (2) Samuel Pidvvell of Pen- 
zance. He m. (2) 26 Dec. 1758 Valentina dau. of Johnand 
Jane Rowland, b. Ireland 22 Nov. 1735, d. 15 Ap. 1796, and 
had by her 

(1) John b. 11 Oct. 1759, ? d. 29 Dec. 1839. 

(2) Thomas b. 19 Oct. 1761, d. ? young. 

(3) George of Truro, b. 16 July 1764, d. 28 Jan. 1842, 
Ho had two daughters Eliza and Mary. 

(4) Robert of Penzance b. 9 Aug. 1766, long resident in 
the West Indies as a millwright, mayor of Penzance 
18.30 and 1833, d. Alverton, Penzance, 11 Nov. 1848, 
in his 83rd year, m. Mary Parminter of Bodriggy, 
Hayle, who d. Penzance 5 Sep. 1841, aged 73. 

(5) Janeb. 10 Aug. 1708, d. 12 Aug. 1841, m. William 

(6) Thomas b. 20 Feb. 1771, d. 18 Ap. 1862. He had a 
son by his first wife, no issue by the second. 

(7) Mary b. 6 Oct. 1773, m. William Stoddard, and had 
by him Elizabeth Valentina, Robert, and Mary. Eliza- 



beth Valentina b. Melcombe Regis, Dorset 8 Nov. 1799, 
m. f 11 Dec. 1824 Henry Samuel Boase, r.K.s. 
(8) Elizabeth d. Penzance 20 Feb. 1862, aged 86. 

Sholl of Tkuro. 

All the dates in this portion refer to Kenwyn unless 
otherwise stated. 

Richaed Sholl's father is thought to have been a 
Richard Sholl who was bur. Kenwyn 3 Apl. 1731. Richard 
himself held Bosvigo in Kenwyn, which he sold to 
Mr. William Lemon in 1741 (LysoDs' Cornwall, p. 158). 
He was bur. at Kenwyn 28 July 1745. He m. 3 Aug. 1729 
Margery Nancarrow, who was bur. 21 Jan. 1795, aged about 
95. She heard the death of Queen Anne proclaimed in the 
streets of Penrvn when she was a girl of fourteen. Their 
children were : "(1) Robert ; (2) Richard ; (3) "William ; (4) 
Martin (1) Mary. 

(1) Robert, bapt. 23 June 1730, a Lieutenant? R.N. 

(2) Richard of Bosvigo, bapt. 26 Jan. 1734, d. 1800 ? m. 
(? Eleanor, bur. 25 Dec. 1811), dau. of Dunstan of Kea, 
and had by her : 1 Richard ; 2 Martin ; 3 William ; 
4 Robert ; 1 Catherine ; 2 Mary and 3 Elizabeth. 

1 Richard "bapt. 6 Oct. 1766 from Kea," d. 1845 ?, m. 
by licence 25 Feb. 1787 Anna Maria James of Ken- 
wyn. She was bur. 17 Nov. 1842, aged 76. The issue 
were i Richard, ii William, iii John, iv James, 
v James, i Anna Maria, ii Jane, iii Mary, iv Emma, 
v Clarissa. 

i Richard bapt. 31 May 17S9, m. but had no issue, 
ii William bapt. 31 Jan. 1791. 
iii John bapt. C Oct. 1793. 
iv James bur. 12 Mch. 1797 an infant. 
v James bapt. 13 Sep. 1807, m. 12 Apl. 1831 Sophia 

Dewstoc of Kenwyn. 
i Anna Maria bapt. 16 Nov. 1797, m. by licence 29 

Mch. 1S30 Edward Downe of St. Clements, witness 

Richard Sholl. 
ii Jane bap. 24 Mch. 1800. 
iii Mary bap. 5 Sep. 1S02, (?) m. by licence 25 Dec. 

1821, Thomas Webber of Kenwyn. 
iv Emma bap. 16 July 1805, m. by licence 25 Dec. 

1821 Horatio Nelson Tollervey of Kenwyn. 
V Clarissa bap. 16 Apl. 1811, bur. 14 Nov. 

2 Martin. 

3 William of St. Clements m. Miss Barnes, and had by 
her i William, i Elizabeth, ii Mary. 

i William of Kenwyn m. 24 July 1814 Grace Tippet 

of Kenwyn, and had bi her 

a Henry Tippet bapt. ':> Oct. 1820. 

b William bapt. 9 Oct. 1820, probably a twin. 

e Richard bapt. 1 Jan. 1824, bur. 24 July 1831, 
"aged 8." 

a Elizabeth Mai ia Tippet bapt. 8 Jan. 1816. 
i Elizabeth ? m 27 Dec. 1825 Thomas Terrill of 

ii Mary m. in London. 

4 Robert bapt. 30 Nov. 1775 "from Kea." 

1 Catherine bapt. 22 Sep. 1774 "from Kea." 

2 Mary d. 1848, m. Thomas Lavin, farmer, St. 
Clements, their son Thomas d. 1842. 

3 Elizabeth m. Mr. Shoebridge, their son William 
Shoebridge, m.d. resided in London. 

(3) William, English Consul at Alexandretta. On his 
return to England he built Condurra near Truro. He 
was bapt. 14 June 1736, bur. Kenwyn 16 Dec. 1797, 
" from St. Clements." He m. firstly in London, and 
had a son Capt. William Sholl, who fell at the siege of 
Seringapatam in 1799. Hem. secondly Maria Teresa 
dau. of Justo, a Oreek physician at Aleppo, she d. 
Newton Ferrers, Devon, 24 Nov. 1833, aged 72. 

Tombstone. [Cecilia Justo sister of Maria Teresa m. a 
cousin, and Louis Justo her brother d. in the Indian 
army.] William Sholl's children by this second 
marriage were: 1 Robert, 2 Richard, 3 Martin, 1 Mary 
Ann, 2 Cecilia, 3 Teresa, 4 Louisa, 5 Clara. 

1 Robert b. Turkey 1781, educated at Truro grammar 
school, where he obtained a prize medal 1796, became 
a navy agent in Clement's Inn, London, and d. 
West Square, London, 1832. He m. Elizabeth 
Mutton of Plymouth, and had by her William a 
surgeon in Australia, Richard, Charles, Robert, and 
Mary who m. Capt. of Warwickshire. 

2 Richard b. Truro 1 786. " Served his country 35 
years in various parts of the globe, and d. 17 Dec. 
1836 in the 51st year of his age, being then Purser of 
the Ordinary at Chatham." Tombstone St. Mary's 
churchyard. Chatham. His dau. Eliza m. William 
Adams of Newton Ferrers. 

3 Martin bapt. St. Clement's 17 Apl. 1788, d. New- 
ton Ferrers 18 Meh. 1863. Tombstone. 

1 Mary Anne b. Turkey 6 Apl. 1784. 

2 Cecilia bapt. St. Clement's 3 May 1790, bur. Kenwyn 
8 Mch 1797, "daughter of Mr. William Sholl from 
St. Clement's." 

3 Teresa b. 1 Jan. 1792, bapt. St. Clement's 1 Apl., 
m. 1818 Alexander Penprase, purser n.N. He wasb. 
Falmouth, and d. Newton Ferrers 22 Aug. 1869, aged 
81. Tombstone. 

4 Louisa b. Condurra 1794, d. 5 Windsor villas, Ply- 
mouth, 29 Oct. 1869, bur. Cemetery, m. 1821 Admiral 
Sir John Kingcome, k.c.b. He was b. 14 Feb. 1794, 
and d. 5 Windsor villas, Plymouth, 7 Aug. 1871, 
bur. Cemetery, will proved London 6 Feb. 1S72. 
Their children were 

i Frederick b. Plymouth 1831, a midshipman R.N., 
fell overboard during the night and was lost. 

ii Louisa Teresa b. Plymouth 19 Apl. 1835, d. Exeter 
22 Aug. 1865, bur. Exeter, m. Newton Ferrers 
Commander George Bell Williams, who d. Ply- 
mouth 18 June 1871, aged 61, and was bur. the 
Cemetery, where is tombstone. The issue were 
a Herbert b. Feb. 1858, d. Plymouth 1859; b Eva 
b. Exeter 8 Apl. 1 860 : .• Charles b. Exeter 6 Aug, 
1861 ; d Florence b. Exeter 2 Apl. 1863. 

iii Ellen Clara b. Newton Ferrers 26 June 1838, m. 
Ellis Frederick son of Rev. Henry Baugh Thorold, 
R. of Hougham-cum-Marston, Lincolnshire, and 
Julia Ellis dau. of John Thomas Ellis, M.r., of 
Wyddial Hall, Herts, and Mary Anne dau. of 
John Heaton of Bedfords, Essex. Ellis Frederick 
Thorold, who was b. Raucelcy vicarage, Lincoln- 
shire, Oct. 1830, was Scholar of Corpus Christi 
Coll. Oxf. and m.a. 1854. His medical education 
was obtained in Edinburgh, London, and Paris. 
m.d. Edinb., and m.ii.c.p. Eng. 1862. Late resident 
surgeon Royal Maternity Hospital, Edinburgh, and 
consulting physician to Plymouth Provincial Dis- 
pensary, resides at 5 Windsor villas, Plymouth. 

iv and v Maitland Ferguson and Louisa Teresa, the 
dates of whose births have not been ascertained. 

5 Clara b. Condurra 1796, d. Newton Ferrers 29 Mch. 
1866, Tombstone 

(4) Martin bapt. 29 June 1739, bur. 21 Jan. 1S03 ?, of 
H.M. Customs, Truro 1764, Tidewaiter and Searcher 
16 Nov. 1769 to July 1798, m. 28 Nov. 1763 Mary 
Luke of Kenwyn, and had by her 1 Robert, 2 
Richard, 3 William, 4 Martin, 5 John, 1 Marv. 2 Mary, 
3 Elizabeth, 4 Elizabeth. 

1 Robert b. 24 Oct., bapt. 3 Nov. 1765, of H.M. Cus- 
toms, Truro, 1798, d. of consumption 17 Apl. 1815, m. 
5 Feb. 1789 Mary Beard eldest dau. of Jonah Milford, 
b. 27 Jan. 1765, bapt. St. Mary's, Truro, S Meh., d. 



Market-jew street, Penzance, 15 Apl. 1846, bur. 
Independent chapel yard, where was monument, since 
destroyed. Their children were i Augustus, ii Wil- 
liam, iii Charles, iv Robert, v Jonah, i Jemima 
Mary, ii Charlotte. 

i Augustus, b. Boscawen street, Truro, 20 Mch. 1790, 
connected with The Courier and The Globe news- 
papers, d. London 1G Nov. 1862, m. Mary Bonne- 
well, who d. London 1SC0. Issue: one son 
Augustus, b. 1 S25 ? 
ii William, b. Middle row, Truro, 3 Aug. 1791, 
held an appointment in the War Office in 181.3. 
Sailed from Penzance to Leghorn where ho d. of 
consumption, 1 Mch. 1820, bur. the Cemetery. 
iii Charles, b. Middle row, Truro, S Sep. 1795. 
Clerk in H.M. Customs, Truro, Dec. 1B15, to Feb. 
1828, Searcher Feb. 1828 to Mch. 1837, Controller 
at Bridport, Mch. 1S37 to June 1841 Collector 
at Gweok June 1841 to Apl. 1846, Controller 
at Lancaster Apl. 1846 to Oct. 184 6. Controller 
at Falmouth Oct. 1846 to May 1S4S, Collector 
at New Ross, "Wexford May 184S to Sep. 
18.33, Collector at Lancaster Sep. 1853 to Jan. 
1854, Controller at Exeter Jan. 1854 to Aug. 
1860, when he retired on his full salary, d. 
Alverton, Penzance, 29 Nov. 1S70, bin-, the Ceme- 
tery, where is Tombstone, m. (1) St. Clement's 
7 Sep. 1826, Sarah dan. of Benjamin and Ann 
Barwis. She was b. 10 Jan. 1707, ami d. Truro 
Venn, Truro, 28 Feb. 1833, and bur. Kenwvn, 4 
Mch. C. Shollm. (2) 1 Feb. 1840, Sarah dau. of 
Rev. Robert Broadley, It. of Bridport, Dorset, by 
Ann his wife. Sarah Broadley was b. Caltistock, 
Dorset, 10 June 1811, and still survives. Theissue 
of the first marriage were: a Charles William; b 
Robert Horatio ; c Ellen Mary and d Sarah Anne. 
a Charles William, b. Truro Vean, 1 Nov. 1827. 
Educated at the Milling school, Tnckingmill, 
and at Bellsvue; articled pupil to Mr. George 
Wightwick, architect, Plymouth: resident in 
"U.S. of America 185 — to 1864. Patentee in 
" Improvements in compressed air^lammers." 
b Robert Horatio b. Truro Vean 16 April 1829, 
held a situation in the Truro Bank, d. of con- 
sumption at Treath, Helford 8 July 1845, bur. 
Manaecan, where is monument. 
e Ellen Mary b. Truro Yean, 20 Sep. 1831, bap. St. 
Marv's 21 Oct., m. St. Leonards, Exeter 25 Oct. 
1859, George eldest son of Henry Hirtzel, Official 
Assignee, Bankruptcy Court, Exeter. Mr. G. 
Hirtzel, b. 30 Dec. 1832, is a solicitor in practice 
at Exeter. The issue of tbis m. are (1) Sophia 
Mary b. Exeter 28 November 1860 ; (2) Ellen 
Sarah b. Exeter 13 May 1862 ; (3) George 
Clement b. Exeter 11 Sep. 1863; (4) Charles 
Henry b. Exeter 10 Aug. 1865; '5) Arthur 
Francis b. 6 Oct. 1807 : (0) Beatrice Caroline b. 
23 January 1869; (7) Henry Mclchior h. 24 
May 1870 ; C&) Burnard Turner b. 2 Sep. 1871 ; 
(9) Guv Dash wood b. 6 Nov. 1872. 
d Sarah Anne b. Truro Vean 23 Feb. 1833, d. 
Mount Radford, Exeter S Sep. 1857. bur. St. 
Leonard's, where is a monument. 
iv Robert b. Rnsewin row, Truro 4 Nov. 1797. 
An Officer in the surveying voyages of H. 21. 
Ships " Adventurer and Beagle," Mate of the 
"Adventurer" 1826, Lieut. Sept. 1820, Lieut, 
of the "Beagle" 1826, d. at sea on board the 
"Beagle" 20 Jan. 1827, bur. Port San Julian, 
Patagonia, where is mono, 
v Jonah b. Rosewin row, Truro, 26 Nov. ISO", d. of 
cholera at Quebec, Sep. 1834. 

i Jemima Mary b. Middle row, Truro, 2 Apl. 1793 
d. South Parade, Bath. 3 Feb. 1870, bur. in Miss 
Mary Smith's vault in Widcombe Cemetery. She 
m. at Bridport 5 Sep. 1S39 Georgo Stallard, 
Solicitor, who d. 3 Laura place, Bath, 10 Nov. 
1847 aged 57, and was bur. in Bath Easton church- 
yard. Mr. Stallard by a previous mar. had five 
children, (1) George, V. of East Grafton, who m. 
Miss Taylor, and has issue Arthur Gordon, Curate 
(if Cardiff, m. Ellen Brown, and Florence who m. 
Rev. Charles Edward Hammond, formerly Fellow 
of Exeter Coll. Oxf., and has issue, (2) Edward, a 
Solicitor ; and three daughters, Eliza, Caroline 
and Annie. 

ii Charlotte, see Bonse, J. J. A. ante col. 11. 

2 Richard b. 14 Jan., bap. 17 Feb. 1771, d. Gloucester 
17 Mch. 1796, monu. there. 

3 William b. 6 Oct., bapt. 7 Nov. 1773, d. 15 Oct. 
bur. 17 Oct. 1790. 

4 Martin b. 11 June 1777, bapt. 10 July 1 778, held a 
situation in a Solicitor's office, d. London. He m. 
Jane dau. of Peter Floyd of Truro, and their children 

i John bapt. St. Mary's, Truro, 24 Oct. 1794. 

ii Betsey bap. St. Mary's, 25 Feb. 1798. 

iii Catherine bur. St. Mary's, 15 Sep. 1802. 

iv Cecilia bapt. St. Mary's, 3 Feb. 1803. 

v Jane Floyd bapt. St. Mary's, 10 Feb. 1S05. 

vi Emma bapt. St. Mary's, 7 Apl. 1807, bur. St. Mary 

14 May. 
vii James bapt. St. Mary's, 1 Apl. 180S, bur. St. 

Mary's 1.3 Oct. 1S09. 
Two other children, Martin and Richard, emigrated 

to Perth, Western Australia. 

5 John bapt. 6 Jan. 1783, bur. 4 Nov. 1784. 

1 Mary b. 13 Dec. 1767, d. 4 Feb., bur. 6 Feb. 1768. 

2 Mary b. 14 Jan. and privately bapt. 5 Feb. 1769, 
m. 7 Dec. 1801, John Mathews of Kenwyn. 

3 Elizabeth b. 24 Oct. and bapt. 23 Nov. 1775, bur. 

25 July 1777. 

4 Elizabeth b. 17 Mch. and bapt. 21 May 1780, ? m. 

26 May 1S11 Henry Hill. 

(1) Mary Shell, only dau. of Richard Sholl.wh. d. 1745, 
was bap. 27 Jan. 1731, m. John Trcgelles of St. Agnes. 

There were other Sholls in Kenwyn, closely related to the 
above, but we cannot trace the relationship clearly at 

(1) William, bur. 20 May 1711, m. 3 Ap. 1666 ( ? Jane) 
Roberts, ?bur. 5 Dec. 1708, and had by her Mary, bap. 
20 Oct. 166S, and another dau. b. 1675. 

(2) Robert, m. Mary Laiiyon 25 Dec. 1721 ; a Robert was 
bur. 13 Oct. 1765. 

(3) Richard (perhaps the father of Richard of Bosvigo), 
bur. 3 Ap. 1731, m. and had Margaret, bap. S. Jan. 
1700 ; Jane, bap. 5 Aug. 1702, bur. 15 Aug. 1707 ; Amy, 
bap. 1 Nov. 1704; Mary, bap. 1 Nov. 1706; Jane, bap. 

6 Oct. 1711. 

(4) William, bur. 12 Dec. 1754, m. ( 'i Amy, bur. 27 Jan. 
1746), and had Nicholas, William, Margaret, Elizabeth, 
Margaret, Amy, Jane, Margery. 

1 Nicholas, bap. 7 Oct. 1735, bur. 30 Mch. 1737- 

2 William (I' twin), bap. 7 Oct, 1735, bur 23 Dee. 
1772, m. 19 Dec. 1759, Mary James of Kenwyn, 
and had by her William, Nicholas, Abraham, Richard, 
Catherine, Elizabeth. 

i William, bap. Mch. 1763, fbur. 8 Feb. 1779. 

ii Nicholas, bap. 1 May 170S. 

iii Abraham, bap. 5 Jan. 1771, privately; he witn. 

11 Feb. 1830, m. of William Shell with Maria 

Roberts of Kenwyn. 
iv Richard, bap. 6 June 1773, "son of William 



deceased," bur. 1 Mch. 1775, " son of Mary 

i Catherine, bap. 1 Sep. 1760. 
ii Elizabeth, bap. 6 Oct. 1765, bur. 24 May 1771. 

1 Margaret, bur. 22 Aug. 1730. 

2 Elizabeth, bap. 13 June 1730. 

3 Margaret, bap. 6 Ap. 1733, m. 27 Bee. 1755 Antony 
Dale of Kenwyn (witn. William Sholl). 

4 Amy, bap. 17 Mch. US?,, ?bur. 27 Jan. 174?. 

5 Jane, bap. 5 Oct. 1740, bur. 27 Dec. 1746. 

6 Margery, bap. 10 June 1744. 

(5) Robert (f 4 son of Richard of Bosvigo), m. Jane 
( ? Nicholls) and had by her John, ?bap. 20 July 1802, 
bur. 10 Sep. 1802; John Nicholls, bap. 28 July 1805 ; 
Grace Nicholls, bap. 6 Meh. 1808, bur. 10 Oct. 1811; 
William, bap. 10 Sep. 1815, ? m. 11 Feb. 1836, Maria 
Roberts of Kenwyn (witn. Abraham Sholl). 

(6) John Henry, son of Henry and Sarah Sholl, Castle at., 
bap. 9 July 1837. 

(7) (? Henry) child of R. Sholl, bap. 6 Jan. 172?. 
There were also Sholls in Madron : a dau. of Ralph Shoalc 

was bur. there 30 June 1663; Elizabeth Sholl m. 18 July 
1761, Nicholas Blake, both of Penzance (witn. Thomas 
Bradley, Nehemiah Batten) ; Margery Sholl of Penzance, m. 
7 Aug. 1769, Philip Johns of St. Ires. Amy Sholl m. t 3 
Nov. 1733, Thomas Harry, both of Penzance : he was bap. 
2 Feb. 170 J son of Robert Harry, junr.. who m. + 1 Apl. 
1700 Mary Prouse of Madron. Thomas Sholl of Madron 
bur. t 8 May 1707. Jane m. f 12 Jan. 1749 John Matthew 
both of Penzance. 

At Paul, Jane dau . of Thomas Sholl was bap. 10 Nov. 
1683; Thomas the fatner was bur. 19 Feb. 168£. 

The name occurs also at Padstow and at St. Minver (Sir 
J. Maclean's Histoiy of Trigg Minor, i, 628; ii, 172; iii, 

A sou of Abraham Sholl, late 8f Camborne, was born 2 1 
Oct. 1809, Talbot road, Clunes, Victoria, Australia. 


John, son of Edward and Sophia Symes of Bridgewater, 
was b. Bridgewater 19 July 1810. He was minister in 
charge of the Apostolic church at Paddington, and after- 
wards of that at Southwark. For some years previous to 
this he had resided in Jersey. After a life of ministerial 
activity, he became suddenly ill after the exertion of the 
Christmas services, and went to Hastings for a rest, became 
worse, and after ten days of suffering, during which he was 
either insensible or raving, he d. there 15 Jan. 1873, bur. 
Kensal Green. He m. St. Stephen's, Bristol, 16 May 1837 
Rosanna seventh dau. of Henry Boase by Anne Craige. She 
was b. Penzance 23 Jan. 1814, and privately bapt. by Rev. 
C. V. Le Grico, d. suddenly early in the i:.orning of Thurs- 
day 26 June 1856 in Mr. John Belcher's house, bur. Kensal 
Green. Their children were 

(1) Edward Henry b. St. Hellier's, Jersey, 8 June 1838, 
d. Paddington 24 July 1843, bur. Paddington church- 

(2) John Anstico b. Paddington 12 Oct. 1845, d. Thursday 
26 June 1851. 

(3) Peter Barclay b. Paddington 16 (or 23) Sep. 1847, 
educated as a Civil Engineer at KiDg's Coll. London. 
Went to Canada and obtained employment in a Govern- 
ment office in Ottawa, came home to see his parents in 
1872. and after the death of his father left Liverpool 
for Canada 17 Apl. 1873 accompanied by his sister 
Ellen, and is now engaged in the Dominion Surveying 

(4) Alfred b. Southwark 5 July 1849, d. an infant. 


(1) Ellen Colmer b. St. Hellier's 18 Sep. 1840, bapt. 
C. A. Church. Now in Canada. 

(2) Jessie Barclay b. St. Hellier's 16 May 1842, d. Pad- 
dington 12 Oct. 1844, bur. Paddington churchyard. 

(3) Emily Rosa b. St. Hellier's 21 Sep. 1843, d. St. 
Hellier's an infant. 

Mr. John Symea m. (2) his cousin Annie, dau. of Mr. 
Warren, who still survives. 

(1) A 


Thomsox of Plymouth. 

Arthur Thomson was b. 27 Feb. 1738, and m. 7 Sep. 
1764 Agnes Kay. She was b. 21 Mch. 1740. The issue were 
Agnes b. 17 Jan. 1765 ; (2) Arthur, of whom presently ; 
Janeb. Apl. 1770; (4) William b. 19 Apl. 1772; " 
Mary b. 22 Apl. 1774; (6) David b. 15 Apl. 1776; 
Anne b. 18 Sep. 1778 ; (8) Margaret b. 2 Nov. 1781. 

Arthur Thomson of Lasswade near Edinburgh was b. 20 
Jan. 1768, d. 21 Nov. 1848, m. (1) 22 Jan. 1794 Margaret 
Mitchel, b. 6 Apl. 1773, d. in giving birth to her sixth child 
Mitchel 22 Sep. 1804. The issue of this marriage were 
(1) Catherine b. 20 Dec. 1794 ; (2) Agnes b. 21 May 1796; 
(3) Minnie b. 8 Sep. 1798; (4) Jane b. 19 Feb. 1800 
(5) Mary b. 25 Jan. 1802 ; (6) Mitchel, of whom below. 

Arthur Thomson m. (2) 13 Jan. 1805 his cousin AgneB 
McClaren, she d. 2 May 1862 leaving no issue. 

Mitchel Thomson, Fleet Surgeon R.N., was b. Lasswade 
22 Sep. 1804, and educated at the pariah achool there and at 
Edinburgh. On 20 May 1819 he entered on his apprentice- 
ehip in medicine with Dr. Renton at Peunycuick, went to 
Edinburgh University 1 Nov. 1822, apprenticeship expired 
20 May 1823, went as assistant to Dr. Renton, junr., Peeblea, 
1 Apr. 1824, passed the College of Surgeons, London, 2 Dec. 
1825, passed the Navy Board 13 Dec. 1825, joined Haslar 
Hospital as asaistant aurgeon the following day. The 3 June 
1826 was appointed to the " Surly," cruising in the North 
Sea, to the " Britannia" flagship at Portsmouth 1 Aug. 
1828, to the " Barham" flagship, West Indies, 5 Aug. 
1828, ordered to wait for a passage out in H.M.S. " Victory," 
but did not take up the appointment. To the " Asia," Sir 
Pultney Malcolm's flagship, in the Mediterranean 3rd Oct. 
1828. Went out in the "Madagascar," and was appointed 
senior assistant surgeon to the "Revenge," Capt. Norman 
Thomson, lying at Naples, ordered to take a passage in the 
" Hind," Captain Rob. January 1 went to Malta Hospital 
sick. January 17 1830 sent home in the " Neva," transport 
ship, Captain Adamson, in charge of sick. Oct. 21 1830 
passed the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh. Nov. 2 
1830 passed the Navy Boaid as surgeon. 26 Nov. 1830 
appointed supernumerary assistant to the " Vincent" at 
Portsmouth. 1831 Feb. 16 appointed to the "Maidstone," 
flagship of Commodore Schomberg, Cape of Good Hope, 
took passage in the "Ceres" as far aa the Mauritius, then 
in the "Talbot," Captain Dickenson. Oct. 30 1831 he was 
appointed assistant surgeon to the Royal Naval Hospital, 
Cape of Good Hope. 1832 aurgeon of the flagship "Un- 
daunted," Captain Harvey. Jan. 31 1833 invalided to 
England, aailed in the merchant ship " Spartan." 7 Jan. 
1834 appointed to the "Eclipse." 18 Feb. 1834 sent to the 
Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth, in consequence of an 
injury from a fall, March 5 1834 appointed to H.M.S. 
"Pandora." Married 8 Oct. 1835 at Budock Church, 
Falmouth, paid a short visit to Paris, and then was in 
practice a short time in Bristol, where he had not the 
pleasure of a single patient. April 1837 appointed to 
H.M.S. "Sappho" in the West Indies. 1839 published a 
letter in the Falmouth packet " On the importance of send- 
ing educated black missionaries to Africa." The same year 
published " An address to the blacks on miasion work." 
1842 commenced practice in Penzance. Health failed, and 


in 1845 came to Plymouth and commenced practice. June 1 
1847 appointed to H.M.S. '-Odin," Captain the Honble. F. 
Pelham. 20 Oct. 1849 he brought out his signal night lights 
for ships, printed his first book at Malta. 18.51 printed his 
second book on night signal lights. 1852 sent a proposition 
and plan after a meeting with Lieut. Lambert of H.M.S. 
"Odin" to Sir Edward Parry for united action in H.M. 
service for prayer. Out of this originated the Royal Naval 
Scripture Readers' Society, which now employs fourteen 
readers, and has an income of £2,000 a-year. This year 
he published his third book on night signals under the 
authority of and paid for by the Admiralty. Was ordered 
to sea by the Admiralty and worked them with success for 
five months. 1853 invented a slush lamp for decks, ordered 
by the Admiralty to test the plans on board the flagship 
" Royal Adelaide" at Plymouth. Offered to light all ships 
with his slush lamps. All ships in H.M. service are now 
lighted on his plans. Printed and published " Night signals 
for merchant ships." Appointed to the " Russell" coast- 
guard ship at Falmouth in 1854, then to the "Royal 
William," taking in her 1,100 French troops to the Baltic 
during the Russian war. Was present at the attack on 
Bomarsund. Brought home 700 Russian prisoners, of these 
200 fell ill with cholera, twenty five died ; none of the crew 
however suffered. He received the war medal. In 1856 he 
once more commenced to practice at Plymouth, being put on 
half-pay, and so continued for four years. During 1860 he 
was appointed to the "Royal Adelaide," then to the 
" Wellington," and then to the " Impregnable" training 
ship for boys at Devonport. An attack of inflammation of 
the lungs in 1862, being thirty-six years after his first 
entering the navy, incapacitated him for further service 
afloat, and he took his retirement. In 1863 he received the 
Greenwich Hospital pension. He is the author of " Tabu- 
lar instruction for schools," and "Tabular chronology," 
and " Tabular chronology for England, Scotland, &c. 
without the use of figures," " Tabular teaching of Scriptures 
for schools and families," etc. Was president of the 
Penzance Institute Oct. 1S45, and on leaving the town 
received a present of a silver inkstand. In 1860 he was 
surgeon to the " Pride of Devon" lodge of Odd Fellows ; 
whilst practising in Plymouth on being appointed to a ship 
he resigned and received a testimonial of a piece of plate. 
The following are the titles of some of his works: — 
" System of general night signals for the use of H.M. ships 
and squadrons," G. Muir; Malta, 1850, 2s. ; second edition 
of same, F. Nicholson, Plymouth, 1852 ; third edition, 1852; 
" Code of night signals on a system wherein colored lights 
are introduced, arranged for the use of Her Majesty's navy 
by order of the Lord Commissioners of the Admiralty 
August, 1853." 

His wife Grace Lucilla, sixth dau. of Hen. Boase and 
Anne Craige, was b. 127, Sloane street, Chelsea, 27 Mch. 1S09, 
and privately bapt. by the Rev. John Townshend. She 
came to Penzance with her parents in 1811. In 1833 she 
went to Falmouth, and resided with her sister Laura 
Elizabeth Boase until 8 Oct. 1835, when she was m. 
at Budock church by the Rev. Geo. Kempe to Mitchel 
Thomson, surgeon r.n. as before mentioned. The issue of 
this marriage were (1) Arthur Henry, (2) Lewis Charles, (3) 
Alfred Mitchell, (4) Eustace Boase, (5) Lionel, (6) Sidney 
Lambert, (1) Jessie Anna, (2) Lucy Emily. 

(1) Arthur Henry Thomson was b. Queen square, Bristol, 
5 Jan. 1837, and bapt. at Bridge street Chapel by the 
Rev. Henry Roper. He went to Penzance with his 
parents in 1837, and in Oct. 1845 removed to Plymouth, 
his education was received at the Plymouth Grammar 
School under Mr. Bennett, head master, and at Mr. 
Weymouth's Portland Grammar School. Leaving 
school at the age of fifteen he entered as a clerk in the 
accountant's office of the South Devon Railway. On 
the 8 Dec. 1855 he was appointed to a clerkship in 

H.M. Dockyard, Devonport, here he gradually rose 
until he had become Store Keeper at Keybam, and had 
good prospects of further advancement, ill health how- 
ever obliged him to quit the service, and ho retired on 
a pension 8 Dec. 1873. Hem. 11 June 1867 Caroline, 
b. 23 Jan. 1837, dau. of Henry and Emma Steele, and 
has by heri Archibald Steele b. 20 June 1868 ; ii Arthur 
Leonard b. Aug. 1S69 ; i Fanny Steele b. 13 Oct. 
1870; ii Jessie Boase b. 25 Mch. 1S72 ; iii Emma 
Caroline!). 16 Feb. 1874. 

(2) Lewis Charles Thomson was b. 26, Clarence street, 
Penzance 17 July 1843, and bap. at the Independent 
Chapel by the Kev. John Fuxell. About two years 
after his birth his parents removed to Frankfort street, 
Plymouth. He was educated at Dr. Weymouth's 
Portland Grammar School, Portland Villas, Plymouth, 
from 1853 to 1858, and then entered the Accountant's 
Office of the South Devon Railway, where he remained 
from Christmas 1858 to 15 Feb. 1861. He removed 
to London after this and became a clerk in the office 
of the well known Parliamentary shorthand writers, 
Messrs. W. B. Gurney and Sons, 26, Abingdon Street, 
Westminster. The work here during the parliamentary 
session, Feb. — Aug. 1861, was so hard and the confine- 
ment so bad for the health, that, although the 
remuneration was considerable, he was obliged to 
resign his situation. On the 26 May 1862 after passing 
a competitive examination he got an appointment of a 
clerkship under the Admiralty at H.M. Dockyard, 
Portsmouth, where he remained until 18 Sep. J 864, 
when he was removed to H.M. Dockyard, Devonport, 
where he still remains. He married at St. Mary's, 
Penzance 3 Jan. 1874 his first cousin Julia second dau. 
of J. J. A. Boase, who was b. at Lariggan, near 
Penzance 5 Mch. 184 0, and bap. by the Rev. Edward 
Shuttleworth, at St. Mary's, Penzance, 10 Apl. She 
passed first class in the theory of music under the scheme 
of tee Society for the Encouragement of Arts and Manu- 
factures in London Apl. 1871, and received a certificate 
dated28 June 1871. During 1872 and 1873 she nursed 
her mother with the greatest care and kindness, and 
continued her attention to her until her decease 10 Sep. 
1873. She m. Lewis Charles Thomson, as before 
mentioned : the issue of this marriage is a son Charles 
Bertram b. 14, Seaton Terrace, Mutlev, Plvmouth 19 
May 1875, bap. St. Andrew's, Plymouth 2S July. 

(3) Alfred Mitchell Thomson was b. 26 Clarence street, 
Penzance, 10 Apl. 1845, and bapt. at the Independent 
Chapel by the Rev. John Foxell ; came with his parents 
to Plymouth in 1845, and was educated at Mr. Greave's, 
Mr. Weymouth's, and the Rev. Dr. Holmes' Schools. 
In Oct. 1863, at eighteen years of age, he went with his 
brother Eustace to the University of Glasgow 
to study medicine, and took his M.B. and M.Ch. 
degrees in 1869. He then acted as Assistant to Mr. 
Alfred Prideaux, Liskeard ; to Mr. John C. Duke, 
Lewisham road, Greenwich; and to Mr. George P. 
Goldsmith, Bedford. After that he went as Surgeon in 
the " Ottawa" Allan's Line of Steamers to the United 
States and Canada, and remained in that Company's 
service ten months, when he left and joined the Royal 
Mail Steam Packet Co., and was appointed to the 
" Mersey " trading between the West India Islands. 
He was, however, lost overboard off Demerara, 27 Nov. 
1S72, during the night, and his remains were not 

(4) Eustace Boase Thomson was b. II, Frankfort street. 
Plymouth, 6 Apl. 1846, and bapt. at Norley Indepen- 
dent Chapel by the Rev. Ebenezer Jones. After being 
educated at Dr. Weymouth's and the Rev. Dr. Holmes' 
Schools, at the age of seventeen, in Oct. 1863 he went 
with his brother Alfred to the University of Glasgow 



to study medicine, took his M.B. and M.Ch. degrees in 
May 1867, and then went as an Assistant to Henry 
Barber, M.D., Ulverstone, Lancashire, for twelve 
months. He then acted as locum tenens for Amos 
Beardsley, M.R.C.S., Grange-over-sands, Lancashire, 
then as locum tenens for Augustus Johnston, M.B., 
Hawkshead, Lancashire, for six weeks ; then as Assis- 
tant to Daniel Wheeler, M.K.C.S., Chelmsford, for 
twenty months ; thenas locum tenensfor Henry Clothier, 
M.R.C.S.,Haslemere, Surrey, then as as locum tenens for 
Mr. Muriel, Whitehaven, for three months His next 
appointment was that of House Surgeon at the Essex 
and Colchester Hospital, Colchester, where he remained 
two years and a half. He took his M.D. dogree in 
Glasgow 1872, and was registered in England on the 
21 July of the same year. In Nov. 1873 he returned 
to his native town, and commenced practice as a 
physician and surgeon. 

(5) Lionel Thomson b. 4 Oxford street, Plymouth, 19 
Feb. 1851, d. of scarlet fever Plymouth 26 Feb. 

(6) Sidney Lambert Thomson h. 4 Oxford street, Ply- 
mouth, 21 Mch. 1852, d. of convulsions from teething, 
Plymouth 20 Apl. 1853. 

(1) Jessie Anna Thomson b. Penzance 16 May 1842, d. 
of croup, Penzance 16 Oct. 1845, bur. St Mary's church- 
yard in her grandfather's vault. 

(2) Lucy Emily Thomson b. 4 Oxford street. Plymouth, 
19 Sep. 1849, and privately bapt. by the Rev. E. Steer 
of Batter street Chapel. 

VI Benjamin b. 1869; VII Nicholas b. 1871; VIII 
Anno b. 1874, and two others who d. in infancy. 

v Joseph Tonkin b. 17 Aug. 1839, m. Madron 8 Oct. 
1871 Charlotte youngest dau. of Jacob Corin of 
Higher Boskenning, Madron, and has by her Lydia 
b. 1872 and Henry Tonkin b. 187*. 

vi Ellen b. 6 May 1841, d. 15 Aug. 1844. 

Tonkin and Bodinnab of Pall. 

Pavl Tonkin of Newlyn, m. Elizabeth and had by her 
Joseph 1). 10 Oct. 1762, d. 22 Jan. 1836, m. Paul 10 Dec. 
1792, Jane dan. of Arthur Boase and Jane Lugg. She was 
b. Madron 1 Jan. 1766 and bapt. 25 Jan., d. Newlyn, 6 
Feb. 1806. The issue were 

(1) Henry Boase b. Newlyn 11 Fob. 17y5. Was educated 
at the expense of his uncle Mr. Henry Boase, with the 
intention of his talcing a place in the Penzance Union 
Bank, but being determined to go to sea, ho bound 
himself apprentice to Capt. Rosewall, master of a 
Penzance Tader. For some time he himself commanded 
a merchantman, but eventually he settled at Hobart 
Town, Tasmania, and acted as one of Lloyds' Surveyors 
and Chairman of the Marine Board. Hem. 1822 at 
St. Saviour's, Southwark, Elizabeth Saunders of South- 
wark, but has no issue. One of Elizabeth Saunders' 
sisters is married to George Wilson, merchant, Hobart 

(1) Harriot b. 24 Oct. 1793, d. an infant. 

(2) Caroline Naomi b. 12 Dec. 1801, d. Newlyn 2 Jan. 
1876, m. Paul 1 Apl. 1826, Stephen Bodinnar of 
Newlyn, b. 12 May 1801. Their children are i Jane 
Mary, ii Harriet, iii Christopher Henry, iv Caroline 
Naomi, v Joseph Tonkin, vi Ellen. 

i Jane Mary b. 5 Jan. 1828, m. 4 Apl. 1851, Nicholas 

Harvey of Newlyn, and had by him I Stephen, b. 

1853 ; ' II Nicholas b. 1805 ; III Ellen b. 1857 ; 

IV Harriet b. 1860, d. Newlyn Aug. 1875 ; V Jane 

b. 1862; VI Caroline b. 1870. 

ii Harriet b. 19 Apl. 1830, d. 7 July 1858, m. May 

1855 Richard Tonkin, who. d. 1869. Issue Joseph 

b. 1856. 

iii Christopher Henry b. 9 Nov. 1831, d. 1 May 1856 

iv Caroline Naomi b. 7 Feb. 1836, m. 1857 William 
Hocking, farmer, Kelvnack, St. Just, and has by him 
I William b. 1859; 'II Christopher b. 1861; III 
James b. 1863 : IV Joseph b. 1865 ; V Johnb. 1867 ; 


Trewavas of Paul. 

A John Trewavas of Mousehole, bur. 2S Jan. 177S, m. * 
15 Ap. 1710 Charity eld. dan. of Arthur Boase, bur. * 17 
March 1777, and had by her 

(1) Joan bap. * 16 Feb. 171?. 

(2) Margaret bap. * 22 March 171*, d. before 1721. 

(3) John of Mousehole bap. * 25 Ap. 1719, bur. 5 Ap. 
1779, widower. 

(4) Margaret bap. * 14 July 1721, living 1779, m. t 18 
Feb. 1753 Stephen Luke. 

(5) William junior bap. * 30 Jan. 172*, bur. 26 May 1805, 
age 82. m. * 18 Sep. 1748 Ann dau. of (? Bernard) 
Yeamar,, bapt. * 24 Jan. 1 7A§, and bad issue 

1 Joan bap. * 5 Feb. 174$ . 

2 John bap. * 4 Nov. 1750. 

3 Anne bap. * 1 Oct. 1752. 

4 Jane bap. * 12 June 1754. 

5 Ruth bap. * 7 Dec. 1755, 

6 John bap. * 30 Nov. 1757. 

7 William bap. * 2 Jan. 1760. 

8 Richard bap. * 2 Jan. 1760. 

9 Sarah bap. * 8 Nov. 1761. 

10 William bap. * 19 Oct. 1766. 

(6) Elizabeth bap. * 10 Oct. 1726. 

B William Trewavas of Mousehole m. * 28 March 1749 
Mary dau. of (? Bernard) Yeaman, bap. * 30 March 1723, 
bur. * 30 May 1802, age 78, ' married,' and had by her 

(1) Mary bap. * 6 March 175f. 

(2) Elizabeth bap. * 23 July 1753. 

(3) Jane bap. * 14 Feb. 1755. 

(4) John bap. * 28 Oct. 1758. 

C A daughter of Trewavas m. Thomas Rogers of Xanke 
circa 1580. 


Mr. Tweedy m. Mary Atkins who was b. 27 Aug. 1646, 
and d. 30 Sep. 1708. Their son James b. 16S2, d. 1 Sep. 
1737, m. 31 Jan. 170S- Elizabeth (Surthin :-) who d. 3 May 
1720. Up to this period the name was generally spelt 
Twedy. James Tweedy's issue were 1 William ; 2 Joseph 
Surthin b. 13 Julv 1715; 3 Timothy b. 8 Dee. 1716. 

William Tweedy b. 18 Nov. 1708, d. 23 May 1780, m. 18 
May 1765, Margaret Bainbridge; their son William b. 18 
July 1766, came from London to Truro in connection with 
the Messrs. Pracd's Bank, and was the first of his family 
who settled in Cornwall. He d. Truro 21 Mch. 1854, m. 6 
Feb. 1796 Anne dau. of Will. Naudin. She d. Truro Vean 24 
Jan. 1867, aged 94. Their children were (1) William Man- 
sell; (2) John; (-3) Charles; (4) Robert; (5) Alfred; (6) Henrv; 
(7) John William; (S) Edward Brian. (1) Mary; (2) Mar- 
garet: (3) Elizabeth ; (4) Philippa ; (5) Caroline. 

(1) William Mansell b 6 Dec, 1796, Banker Truro, Chair- 
man of the Cornwall Railway Co., Secretary of the 
Royal Institution of Cornwall 1818-56, and President 
1857-59, Treasurer of the Royal Horticultural Society 
of Cornwall, the Royal Cornwall Infirmary, the Bible 
Society, and the Church Missionary Society. One of 




the chief promoters of the Truro Training College, d. 
Alverton, Truro 17 Apl. 1859, memorial window in 
Kenwyn Church, m. 2S Jan. 1826 at Newcastle? his 
cousin Jane Tanner, but left no issue. 

(2) John b. 8 Feb. 1798, d. 9 Aug. 1798. 

(3) Charles b. 19 May 1799, held a situation in the Cornish 
Bank, d. Truro Vean of rapid consumption 18 Apl. 

(4) Robert, of whom presently. 

(5) Alfred b. Julv 1808, d. 6 Sep. 1808. 

(6) Henry, b. 4 Mch. 1811, d. 4 Mav 1811. 

(7) John Williams, b. 12 Feb. 1813, d. Truro Vean, 23 
Oct. 1822. 

(8) Edward Brian, Banker, Falmouth, b. 4 Aug. 1814, d. 
suddenly at Homburg, 13 July 1869, m. Elizabeth 
Paul Rogers, dau of Mr. Rogers, Solicitor, Helston. No 

(1) Mary, b. 22 Nov. 1800, m. Falmouth, 13 Oct. 1825, 
Joseph Talwin Foster, b. Bromley, Middlesex, d. Stam- 
ford hill, 2 Feb. 1861. 

(2) Margaret Anne, h. 16 July 1802, d. Truro Vean, 19 
Apl. 1820. 

(3) Elizabeth, b. 12 Nov. 1804. 

(i) Phillipa, b. 28 May 1807, d. 10 Oct. 1807. 

(5) Caroline, b. 31 August, 1809. 

Robert Tweedy, b. 18 Mch. 1806, Banker. Redruth, then 
at Truro, Chairman of the Cornwall Railway, m. Kea, 26 
July 1831, Harriet second dau. of Samuel Milford by Ann 
Jenkins, b. 22 Nov. 1806. Their children are (1) William, 
(2) Robert Milford, (3) John William, (4) Charles, (5) Henry 
John, (6) Alfred Edward, (7) Frederick Williams, (1) Ann, 
(2) Harriet Mary, (3) Philippa, (4) Elizabeth Jane. 

(1) William b. Rosewyn row, Truro, 30 May 1832, Ban- 
ker, Truro, m. 1868, Mary Dobbs. Issue, a dau. b. 3 
Nov. 1871, d. an infant, William Mansel, b. 19 Dec. 

1873, d. Brick House, Truro, 23 Jan. 1874. 

(2) Robert Milford, b. Redruth, 30 Nov 1834. Formerly 
manager of the Cornish Bank, Redruth, became manager 
of the Cornish Bank, Falmouth, 1862, in. St. Mary's, 
Penzance, 22 July 1863 his second cousin Charlotte 
Anne, eldest dau. of J. J. A. Boase and Charlotte Sholl, 
b. 30 Jan. 1833. Their children are Edith Annie, b. 
Falmouth, 7 May 1864, bapt. 1 June ; Arthur Clement, 
b. Falmouth, 31 July 1866, bapt. 29 Aug. 

(3) John William b. Redruth 4 Oct. 1836, d. Redruth 
,23 May 1837. 

(4) Charles b. Redruth 19 May 1841, manager of the 
Cornish Bank Redruth, 1862, m. St. Just in Roseland, 24 
May 1866, Edith Sophia, second dau. of Rev. C. Win- 
stanley Carlyon, R. of St. Just in Roseland. Their 
children are Charles Winstanley b. Redruth 7 Mch. 
1867; Reginald Carlyon b. Redruth 11 Dec. 1868; 
Robert Naudin b. Redruth 18 Mch. 1875 ; Edith Mabel 
b. Redruth 21 Nov. 1870 ; Alice Harriet b. The Elms, 
Redruth 9 Nov. 1872 ; d. The Elms 6 Feb. 1874. 

(5) Henry John b. Redruth 23 June 1843, educated at 
Hitchin Free School, matriculated at the University of 
London, 1860, B.A. Nov. 1862, called to the Bar at 
Lincoln's Inn 5 June 1868, Draughtsman and Conveyan- 
cer at 5 Old square, Lincoln's Inn, m. Kenwyn 7 Apl. 

1874, Maria Louisa second dau. of Edward Trewbody 
Carlyon, Solicitor, b. Truro, 19 Apl. 1S46. Issue, 

Dorothea b. 151 Cornwall road, Notting-hill, 30 Dec. 

(6) Alfred Edward b. Redruth 10 Nov. 1846. In a Tea 
Broker's office in London, but falling into a consump- 
tion, went a voyage to Australia, returned to England 
and d. Tregolls, Truro 25 Jan. 1874, bur. Kenwyn. 

(7) Frederick Williams b. 26 Oct. 1848, d. 28 Feb. 1849. 

(1) Ann b. Rosewin row, Truro 19 July 1833, d. Redruth 
28 July 1846. 

(2) Harriet Mary b. Redruth 30 Jan. 1S3S. 

(3) Philippa b. Redruth 24 May 1839, m. Kenwyn 6 June 
1867, William youngest son of Henry Ashworth of the 
Oaks, Bolton le Moor. 

(4) Elizabeth Jane b. Redruth 3 May 1845. 

Robert Tweedy with his three sons William, Robert 
Milford, and Charles in connection with Sir Frederick 
Martin Williams of Tregullow, M.r. for Truro, constitute 
the firm of Messrs. Tweedy, Williams, and Co., Bankers at 
Truro, Redruth, Falmouth, and Penryn. 

Philippa Naudin, sister of Mrs. William Tweedy, was b. 
at Hackney, it is believed, 17 Feb. 1774, she d. Burncoose 
Gwennap 7 Dec. 1861, m. the Friends' Meeting House, 
Perranarworthal 27 June 1810 John son of John Williams 
and Catherine dau. of Martin Harvey of Killefreth, b. 
Gwennap, 3 Aug. 1777, d. Burncoose 11 Aug. 1849, bur. the 
Friends' ground, Redruth, where his wife also lies. See Sir 
J. Maclean's "History of Trigg Minor," ii, 435, 442. 

Wallis or Madron and Bodmin. 

Nicholas Wallis of Madron m. Ann eld. dau. of Thomas 
Hosting of Landithy in Madron, and had by her 

(1) Christopher, solicitor of Helston, bought Trevarno in 
Sithney, d. 4 Dec. 1826, aged 82, m. Philippa dau. of 
Roberts of Helston, d. 22 July 1807, aged 67 ; and had 
by her an heiress Philippa, d. 18 Feb. 1859, aged 84, 
m. Capt. Joseph Lamb Popham, k.n., who d. 22 Feb. 
1833, aged 62. 

(2) Nicholas. 

(3) Thomas, collector of Customs at St. Ives. 

(4) John, solicitor, b. f 1759, d. Bodmin 2 Ap. 1842, 
moved from Helston to Bodmin 1 Jan 1784, m. Isabella 
Mary dau of Henry Sloggett by Isabella Mary sister 
and coheiress of John Samuel Silly, and had by her 

1 John b. Bodmin 11 Ap. 17S9, d. 6 Dec. 1866', bur. 11 
Dec, at Exeter College 7 Dec. 1813, b.a. 7 July 1820, 
m.a. 20 Mch. 1821, Vicar of Bodmin 17 Nov. 1817 to 
1866. Official of the Archdeacon of Cornwall 1840, 
and resident for some years at St. Gluvias. Author 
of "The Bodmin Register" and other works. 

1 Ann Julia d. Bodmin 4 Aug. 1871, aged 80. 

2 Louisa m. Bodmin 1S32 Rev. William Morshead, b. 

(5) Elizabeth m. Bullock. 

(6) Ann m. f 26 Ap. 1771 William Penrose of Penzance, 
witness Mary Penrose. 

(7) Mary. 

(8) Jane m. Thomas Leggoe. 

Robert Wallis had a seat in Penzance Church 1674. 




Richard Daniells Annual High Rents 1654 and Con- 
ventionally Rents 1657. — 

High Rents 1654. 

Bosasian, St. Just, Rich. Angwin . . 

„ „ Jo. Angwin 

Trigovara, Rich. Ludnow 
Thomas Holla 
Custom House and Champion, H. Polkinhorne 

(part of arrears) 
Trowroneck, Rob. Baynard 
Tenures in Penzance, Rich. Trewen 
Treruf in Sennen, Rich. Treruf 
Trembath, Jo. Ellis ( part of arrears) 
Bodenar Wartha in Sancreed, W. Hand 
Auhra 5s, Lamarna (id, Hoop 2s, for H. Lower fid, 

for Benmer's new house in Penzance New 

Borough 1* 
New house, Jo. Tremenheere 
The great Courteledge, W. Maddren 
House in the old Borough, David Penleaee 
Rosoadgewell, H. Church 
Roskenwall, Sancreed, Bynards 
Brudany, Rich. Noye (Mousehole) 
Park Niclas . . 
Bolowan, Olyver Pindar 
Roskestal, Jo. Roberts 
Aransaweth „ 

W. Bainder . . 

Cranken in Maddern, Rich. Tom . 
„ „ Tho. Cock 

Tho. Holla . 
Boskenal in Buryan, Hugh Thomas 
Raginnas (in Paul), W. Harry 
Trewen, J . Legar 
Pensance, Rich. Trevear 
Bruenny, Rich. Tremearn 

,, H. Hockin 
Polgoon, Jas. Jenkin 
Bowsava, Jo. Vibert 
Bologas Wartha, R. Mathew 
Trenere, widow Treneere 
Leddergwern, Geo. Veale 
Tresvenack, W. Badcock 
Goodale's house, Pensauce, Margaret Hawes 

„ Nich. Cock 
Treungle, W. Bodenar . 
Pensance small tenures . 
Kerismoor (in Paul) 
Tregenhog, W. Baynard 
Pensance new Borough, W. Maddern 

„ Tho. Pike . 

Mousehole mill, Jo. Hutchens 
Chinose, Martin Eusback 
Tregaseal and Kegwin, Jo. Bosvargo 
Divers free tenures, Tho. Tresilian . 
Trendwenan, Jo. Lanyon 
Lagroseck, Jas. Penrose 
Fairs, markets and quay duties of Pensance, Tho, 

Grosse mayor 
Several tenures, Tho. Treuren 
Treveneth, Rob. Binder 

s. d. 

1 8 

1 2 


1 6 


4 8 

1 10 


1 1 
1 3 

3 6 

1 7 

3 6 

1 4 




2 2 

4 10 

Three hemp gardens, Mousehole, Eliz. Wills . . 
One „ „ Jane Perrow . . 

Several tenures in Paul and Mousehole, Martin 

Hendra, Tho. Holber 
Penrose, W. John 
Higher Trembath, Pascoe Ellis 
Tresvenak, Edw. Tonken 
Polgoon, Tho. Tonken 
Bone, Geo. Bluett 
Trereen, Oliver John 
















Convcntionary Rents 1657. 

Tredavo, John Boos 

., W. Cotis 

„ Geo. Raw 

„ Geo. Jonas 

Martin Bramble 
Morhap, Tho. Grosse 
Barber's Acre 2s fid, Morap Stick Is 6d, meadow 

under the Morap Is Sd, Jo. Fleming 
Park-an- Pound, Jo. Huchens 
Park Cranken. widow Diggens 
Little meadow under the Morap, Blanch Fenny 
Kerris Vean, Arthur Berryman 
Pensance, Jo. Tresise 
Penwolva, Rich. Tremearne 
Barn and Mowhay, W. Hicks 
Tredavo Down, Alex. Daniell 

(" Much omitted, especially in last list, I believe.") 

Warrant to Arthur Payntcr to officiate as Steward of the 
Manor of Alwarton. 

" These are to authorize you and I hereby do appoint you 
Steward of my Manor of Alwarton in the county of Corn- 
wall, to do and execute all and everything pertaining unto 
you as Steward thereof and to receive all Rents, arrerages of 
rents, Duties and Demands due or payable out of my said 
Manor for and unto my use and to keep Court there for one 
whole year commencing from Lady-day last one thousand, 
six hundred, fifty and seven. 

" Witness my hand and seal the thirtieth day of March 


. 5 









. 2 8 


y i-* 



. 1 10 

14 li 
4 2 

Lands held in 1873 by persons of the name of Boase. 

From the Return of Owners of Land in England in 
1873, presented to both Houses of Parliament. Lond., 
G. E. Eyre and W. Spottiswoode, 1875, 2 vols. fol. 

Boase Christopher 

„ Francis 
„ Henry 
„ John J. A. 

Annual Value. 



r. p. £ s. d. 



34 6 10 

(St. Columb 



1 11 106 



30 481 6 



2 115 



1 29 549 9 



35 7 




In St. Mary's Church-yard, Penzance. 


In this vault are deposited the remains of 

Henry Boa so, Esq., 

of this Town, 

Who died on the 8th of April 1827, aged 63 years, 

Leaving a wife and twelve children to deplore their loss. 

He was a dutiful Son, an affectionate Husband, and a good 


The Integrity and Liberality of his Social and Public 

Character rendered him universally esteemed. 

All the days of his life he walked in the fear of the Lord, 

And he that giveth all things rewarded him abundantly. 

On his deathbed he was calm and resigned, having a confident 

hope of Salvation through the Redeemer's Atonement. 


Life how short, eternity how long. 

Sacred to the memory of Jane 

daughter of John and Jane Boase 

of this town who died Sunday April 28 

1799 aged three years. 

That life is long which answers life's great end. 

Also of John their son 

who departed this life on Sundav 

March 6, 180S. 

Note. — The above headstone was formerly the first on 
the right hand as you entered at the North Gate, near the 
top of the steps against the wall. It fell down in 1867 and 
•was completely destroyed. 

Upper Surface — 


To the memory 


Jane Boase, 

"Who died 12th Jan. 1821, 

Aged 91 years. 

Also of 

Lieut. William Millett, 


AVho died the same day, 

aged 58 years. 

They were lovely and pleasant 

in their lives, 

And in death they were 

not divided. (David.) 

JFest End— 

In memory of 

Jane Millett, 

Widow of the late John Boase 

Who died Feby. 16th 1861, 

Aged 93 years. 

May she rest in peace and 

Awake to ajoyful resurrection. 

South Side — 

In memory of 

Three beloved children of 

William Millet Boase and Jane Lydia his wife: 

William Alfred, died June 1st 1839, aged 6 years. 

Jane Lindsay, died March 18th 1S41, aged 7 months. 

Emily Wilmot, died April 25th 1842, aged 11 years. 

They faded in the fair Spring time, 
When bursting into bloom ; 
All nature spoke of life and joy. 
And nothing of the tomb. 

But these new rising from the grave 
With lustre brighter far shall shine, 
Revive with never-ending life 
The resurrection life divine. 

North Side — 

Sacred to the memory of 

John Boase 

Of Herbier House in this town, 

Who died March 23rd 1850, aged 79 years. 


And devoted in his service to God, 

By whose grace he was enabled to yield up his spirit 

" In the sure and certain hope of a joyful resurrection," 

believing that " Those who sleep in Jesus, 

God will bring with him." (i Thes. iv, 14.) 

East End — Blank. 

In Madron Church-yard'. 

John Jones Pearce 
Born April loth 1795 : 
Died July 10th 1833. 

In the Penzance Cemetery. 

Charlotte Boase born Oct. 30 1802 Died Sept 10 1873. 


In memory of 

Charles Shell who died Nov. 29, 1870, 

Aged 75 Years. 

Truth was his guide. 

In Manaccan Church. 

In memory of 

Robert Horatio 

Son of Charles Sholl, Esq., 

Collector of Customs at the Port of Gweek, 

who died Treath 8th July 1845, 

Aged 16 years. 

Some of his last words to his sorrowing friends were 

" You weep, but I rejoice." 



In Kemcyn Churchyard. 


Sacred to the memory of 

William Sholl, Gent., 


Condura in St. Clements 

Who died Dec. 20th 1801, 

Aged 67 years. 



Daughter of the ahove, 

Aged 15 years. 


Richard Sholl 

Departed this life 

January 30th 1844, 

Aged 77. 

Anna Maria 

his wife 

departed this life 

Nov. 30th 1842, 

Aged 76. 

Also Jane 

daughter of the above who died 

April 22nd 1859, 

Aged 59. 

In the Cemetery, Constitution Road, Dundee. 

In his favour is life : 


May endure for a night 

But joy 
Cometh in the morning. 

In St. Leonard's Churchyard, Exeter. 

Here rests 

Sarah Anne Sholl, 

Born 23rd February 1833, 

Died 8th September 1857- 




Daughter of 

Charles W. Boase 

Banker, Dundee 

And Helen hie wife, 

Who was born 22 June 1836, 

And died 28th Sep. 1838. 

Also of 

Charles \V. Henry 

their eon, 

Who was born 1st Nov. 1833 

And died 26th Deer. 1838. 

Also of 

Edith Lindsay 

their daughter, 

Who was born4th Juno 1840, 

And died 

1st March 1841. 


Memory also 

Of the aforesaid 

Charles W. Boase 

Who was born in London 

8th June 1S04, 

Resided 50 years in Dundee 

And departed this life 

7th June 1872 

At Albury in Surrey, 

And is buried in the 

Churchvard there. 

In Plymouth Cemetery. 

Anne Naomi Boase 

Died Feby. 9th 1874, 

Aged 71 years. 

Blessed are the dead, which die in the Lord. 

In the Eastern Necropolis, Dundee. 


In memory of 

Anna Maria, 

The beloved wife of 

Alfred W. Pearce, Dundee, 

And their daughter 

Anna Henrietta. 

In St. George's Churchyard, Tiverton. 

" In a vault beneath are deposited the remains of 

Ann Boase 


Jane Mary Boase 

In memory of wh"m this stone is erected by their 

affectionate parents. 

The former died the 1st day of December 1804, aged 6 

years. The latter departed this life th» 11th day of March 

1S22 in the 26th year of her age. 

Also of Arthur Boase, Father of the above, who departed 
this life Sept. 10, 1829 

Aged 72 years. 

Also of Hannah Boase his widow, who died Feby. 21, 1848 

Aged 84 years." 



Alfred Boase 


Ellen Bradley Boase 

In memory of their daughter 

Alice Marion, 

Who died 28th Feby. 1872, 

Aged two years and eleven months. 

I look for the resurrection of the dead. 

In the Parish Churchyard at Allmry, Surrey. 

In memory of 

Charles William Boase. 

Born in London 8th June 1804, 

Died at Albury 7th June 1S72. 

"Weeping may endure for a night 
But joy cometh in the morning." 

In Eeiisal-Grccn Cemetery. 


'Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord.' 


The beloved wife of John Symes, Esqr., 

Died June 26th 1856, 

Aged 42 years. 

The above named 

John Symes 

Died January 15th 1873, 

Aged 62 years. 




In Pedigree Sheet — 

John of Tredavo, according to one account, ' died about 

1680, leaving one son.' 
Robert bur. 172? is thought to have also had a dau. Mary, 

who m. t 24 Dec. 1728 William Richards, by licence, 

both of Penzance. 
Richard senior, according to one account, ' m. Bodinnar 

of Burian.' 
Phillis wife of William Eyre, farmer, d. at her brother's 

residence, Pendennis Castle, 2 Sep. 1844, aged 64. 

Jane Rawe her niece was present ; her brother John 

Boase was barrack master at Pendennis. 
Jane dau. of John Boase by Jane Millett was b. 1796, d. 

Sunday 28 Apl. 1799; her brother John d. Sunday 

6 March 1808. 
Arthur of Madron m. Jane Lugg, ' witnesses William 

Pollard, Francis Paull.' 
Richard of Gulval was also of Trythall in Madron, and 

buried on the south side of Madron churchyard, but the 

monu. is now sunk and covered by the soil. 
Jane, dau. of Richard of Gulval, bap. 1798, d. ca. 1820. 
Harriet, dau. of Richard of Gulval, bap. || 30 Nov. 1801. 
Jane Mary m. Hoskin of Camelford, and had by him 

William, Henry, Mary, and two other sons and a 

John m. Jane Millett t (not ||). 
Elizabeth Valentina wife of H. S. Boase d. Seafield bouse, 

o Magdalen place, Dundee, 13 May 1876 at 5.30 a.m., 

bur. N.W. corner of Western cemetery, Dundee, 18 

Charles William b. j 8 June 1804, bap. 26 July, m. Helen 

dau of William Lindsay by Alicia Mackenzie. 
John m. Elizabeth Harvey, was ni. at Burian by Richard 

Pearce, curate. 
Rosanna m. Symes, and d. Thursday 26 June 185o. Her 

husband also was buried at Kensal Green. 
Charles AVilliam Henry b. 1 Nov. 1833, d. § 26 Dec. 1838. 
Alice Anne m. Jevon James Muschamp Perry. 
Helen b. 22 June 1836, d. 28 Sep. 1838. 
Edward b. §16 Dec. 1841, m. 31 Oct. 1871 Emilia. 
John b. t 4 Nov. 1837. 

Charlotte Anne m. R. M. Tweedy || 22 July 1863. 
Robert Richards son of Henry Boase b. 14 Oct. 1857. 

Col. 1. The following curious early notice of the name of 
Boase occurs in Hector Boethius' History of Scotland, lib. 
12, Fol. 266, line 65 (ed. Paris, 1527.) After speaking of 
the families which came over witli Queen Margaret 
from Hungary, he adds : — " Other families came over 
at different times from France, as Fraseir, Sinclair, 
Bosual, Montalth, Montgomerie, Cambell, Boas, Betuin, 
Taillefer, Bodenal." The author of The Norman People, 
1874, derives the name Bowes from Hugh de Boves 
(from Boves in Picardy), King John's Admiral, who 
perished in the great storm 26 Sep. 1215. (See 
Rymer's Fcedera, i, 134, Rot. Pat. i, 114, Wendover, 
iii, 287.) This is merely conjecture. John however 
did give lands near Penzance to another of his chiefs, 
HeDry 1c Tyes (Teutonicus), a military engineer from 
Col. 1. Blanch Shutford, bur. * 4 Nov. 1722. 
Col. 1. John Bremble had a son John bap. * 1 May 170C, 

who m. Cecilia, and had by her John bap. * 8 Jan. 

Col. 3. JohnRowe's son by Elizabeth Harvey Boase, also 
called John, b. Carhayes 28 Jan. 1811, now living at 
Frognal House, Hampstead, m. Mary Ann dau. of John 
May Andrew of Tregarden, widow of William Warne 
b. 26 May 1812. (See Sir J. Maclean, ii, 530.) It was 
this son who took out the patents. 

Col. 4. John Hewett published a new edition of Carew's 
Cornwall in 1769. In the Madron register we find : — 
' 1754 Nov. 20. John Hewett m. Jane Adams, both of 
Penzance.' H. Boase adds : — ' The monthly publica- 
tions did not reach us at soonest before the fifteenth 
of the month : there was no coach westward of Exeter, 
the mail which was forwarded thence to Penzance three 
times a week on horseback was in all five days coming 
from London. But even then the change which had 
taken place within the memory of aged people was 
thought wonderful. At the beginning of the last 
century only one newspaper, and that once a-week, 
reached as far as Godolphin, whither it was sent by the 
Lord Treasurer Godolphin, and laid on the table of the 
Great Hall for the accommodation of the gentlemen of 
the district, who rode over occasionally to learn the 

Col. 7, line 9. She m. (3) Mr. Gilson. 

Col. 7. H. Boase's house was at first called Prospect 

Col. 8. The arms are wrongly described. Read : — 
" Argent, on a chevron engrailed Azure (between two 
Cornish choughs wings elevated proper in chief, and an 
anchor erect in base Sable) five bezants ; and for crest 
on a wreath of the colours, a demi-lion Sable aem e of 
bezants and mullets Or, alternate, holding between the 
paws a sheaf of five arrows, barbed and flighted proper, 
banded Gules. 

Col. 9. H. S. Boase on leaving Penzance received a 
testimonial of a silver salver from the members of the 
Royal Cornwall Geological Society. 

Col. 9. Read : ' Turnbull and Co.' 

Col 9, line 17 from bottom. Read : ' He erected the 
Wellfield Works.' 

Col. 9, line 8 from bottom. Read : ' Miss Elizabeth 

Col. 10. Arthur Boase was trained in the mechanic's shop 
of Messrs. Baxter Brothers and Co. 

Col. 11. J. J. A. Boase and Charlotte Sholl m. by Rev. 
Francis Jenkins. 

Col. 12. C. W. Boase wrote the articles on Cornish 
Saints in Smith's Dictionary of Christian Biography, 
Literature, and Doctrines, 1876. 

Col. 1*, line 35. Read: Manager of the Back 1 Apl. 

Col. 14. Edward Boase saw service in the North-West 
of India with the 93rd Highlanders. 

Col. 15. G. C. Boase bap. by J. Ouseby chaplain of the 
Lock Hospital. At the age of eight and a half, he was 
placed under the care of William Whitehead, curate of 
Mylor. W, M. Boase his cousin was also educated by 
Rev. W. Whitehead, when the latter was curate of St. 
Ke feme. 

Col. IS. Tonken Boase and John Fenny leased the 
Market and Quay dues at Penzance in 1659. 



Tonken Boase had a seat in Penzance Church 1674 ; 

as also had Susan Boase, probably a relation. 
Col. 20. Charles Boase d. 1873, bur. cemetery, Ply- 
mouth, where is his monument. 

Francis Boase, Mayor 1859, 1864, 1866-7, 1870, 1873. 
Col. 22. John Boase, Pbur. f 21 Sep. 1796, mar. f 31 

July 1768, Elizabeth Lawrence of Madron, ?bur. || 12 

May 1793. 
Col. 24. Is the name Lucretia French, connected with 

that of Rawlen Boase Gallkus. Was she his daughter ? 
Col. 24. Wife of Arthur Boase d. Lamerton 20 Sep. 

1871, age 52. 
Col. 24. Mrs. Ann Boase, formerly Miss Betty of St. 

Austell, m. Daylesford, Victoria, Australia, 17 June 

1869 Thomas Garmon. 
Col. 25. Ralph Beard's farthing token reads (see Journal 

of Royal Inst., of Cornwall, No. xvi. 1874, p. 41.) 
0. Ealph Beard — A mullet. 
B. In Penzance 1667 — A mullet. 

Balph and his wife Dorothy both had seats in Penzance 
Church, 1674. 
Col. 28, lino IS from bottom, m. Ann eld. dau. of Thomas 

and Cordelia Husband, d. Meare 1S66, aged 82. 
Col. 2S. Thomas Glason m. .Elizabeth 2 dau. of John 

Levelis, ? 1600. 

John Glasson m. Beatrix d. of John Rosowhorne, ? 1590. 

John Glasson m. f 20 June 1646, Maud 

Christopher Glasan m. r 3 Oct. 1646, Prudence 

Alice wife of Christopher Glasan bur. t 25 July 1646. 

Christopher Glasan bur. f 10 July 1654. 

Prudence widow of Christopher Glasan bur. f 7 Dec. 

James Glasson m. Jane 3 dau. of Thomas Hosking of 
Landithy, ? 1760 

George Glasson of Madron m. f 9 July 1754 Eleanor 
Kneebone of Madron, witness John Glasson. 

John son of George Glasson bap. t 11 July. 1756. 

Thomas Glasson of Gulval m. t 27 March 1772, Phillis 
Argall, of Madron, witnesses Joseph Glasson, Richard 

1826, July 4, Lieut. Glasson, R.M., m. at Newington, 
Cecilia only surviving dau. of late Sir John Mouat- 
Keith, Bart., and sister of Capt. Sir Geo. Mouat- 
Keith, Bart., R.N. 

1852, Sep. 8, Henry Glasson of St. John's Cambridge, 
m. at Falmouth, Lucy 1 dau. of Lieut. T. A. Lewis, 
R.N. Penwenock, Falmouth. 
Col. 29. (1) Ann m. Nicholas Wallis. See Wallis pedigree 
col. 56. 

(2) Christopher, bur. f 16 Oct. 1742, in 20th year unm. 

Richard Hosking of Lelant, d. circa 1860, leaving a 
son, the Rev. Henry Hosking. 

Mary dau. of James Hosking was bur. Gulval, 5 Dec. 

Final agreement 7 George III, ' from the day of the 
Holy Trinity, in three weeks,' between William 
Ustick petitioner and George Ley and Catherine his 
wife deforciants, of 4 messuages, 4 gardens, 3 orchards, 
40 acres of land, 15 acres of meadow, 30 acres of 
pasture, and 20 acres of moor, in Lariggan, otherwise 
Lariggan Wartha and Lariggan Woollas : George 
and Catherine warrant to William, who gives them 
Col. 29. 1 Aug. 1767. George Ley to William Ustickeof 
Nance Alvern. Deed to levy a fine and lead the uses. 
Lariggan then occupied by George Ley, Richard 
Treeve, Henry Hick, Francis Boase and others. 
George Ley also held the Hay meadows, the old 
Bowling Green, and the new Bowling Green in 
Penzance then occupied by George Ley and Andrew 
Stone. Reference is made to a previous deed of the 
Daniel family, viz. :— 

5 Apl. 1649. Alexander Daniel to William first son of 
Sir George Whitmore and Ralph Durante : Marriage 
settlement of Richard Daniel with Elizabeth Dalley, 
d. of Thomas Dalley, late haberdasher of London 
deceased, and of Isabel his late wife, now the wife of 
the said Raphe Durant : lands in manor of Allwarton 
and Pensaunee.late parcel of the possessions of Henry 
late Earl of Rutland .... and those two Laregans .... 
and William Madderne's eurtelago.. .and lands in 
St. German's, Truroe, Kenwyne, Clements : Grace 
now wife of Alexander Daniel is mentioned. 
Will of George Ley of Penzance, 12 Aug. 1767. I gave 
on my marriage with Catherine, a bond for £300 for 
her use if she survived me. I now give her instead 
an annuity of £20 ; to my second and third sons 
George and John and to my daughter Catherine .£200 
each on their severally attaining 21 : to Thomas 
Saunders Allen of St. Just in Penwith, gentleman, 
and Joseph Beard of Penzance, pewterer, my lands in 
trust for my eldest son Daniel for his use on attaining 
21. Witnesses D. Dennis, John Beard junr., Thomas 
Hacker. Proved 20 Dec. 1776 before Edward 
Pavell, cleric ia,, surrogate, and administration to 
Daniel Ley being of age. 
Will of Daniel Ley of Penzance, 19 Sep. 1806. I give 
to my sister Catherine Ley £50, and a life annuitv of 
£30 as rent-charge on Lariggan : to Margery Pascoe 
of Penzance £10 10s. : to Arthur Daniel jun., son of 
Arthur Daniel of Penzance, if he outlive my wifo 
Alice, a life annuity of £8 on Lariggan: to my 
servant Elizabeth Barnes £10 : Lariggan and the 
Wastrell or common called The Green (extending 
from the West hedge of the road leading from the 
Green to Lariggan, called Lariggan Lane, to the East 
end of fields lying under the Chapel yard of Penzance, 
called Close Years, now the lauds of Richard 
Oxnam, merchant) to pay these annuities to John 
Batten jun., merchant, and John Giddy, surgeon, in 
trust for Catherine Ley's children ; then (1) one half 
for my cousin Jonah Milford jun., son of Jonah 
Milford of Truro, and his children, then for my 
cousin Samuel Milford, another son of Jonah senior, 
then to tL^ right heirs of Daniel Ley for ever ; (2) 
the other half to my kinsman John Beard of Pen- 
zance, then to Lucy wife of John Beard, and after 
their lives to their "children, then to the right heirs of 
Daniel Ley. Alice Ley to be executrix and residuary 
legatee. Witnesses James Pascoe, R. H. Bodilly, 
William Stevens. Proved in Prerogative Court of 
Canterbury 29 Jan. 1807. 
Col. 30. Robert Luke was named Alderman of Penzance 

in the charter of 1614. 
Col. 31. Stephen Luke, and William Luke's wife, and 

the widow Luke had seats in Penzance Church 1674. 
Col. 32. Samuel Milford of Truro m. Ann Jenkin of this 
parish 12 March 1804 : by me Samuel Gurney, curate: 
witnesses Elizabeth Chester, Henry Milford, Grace 
Jenkin, Thomas P. Ash win. (Redruth register.) 
Col. 32. 1. Tonale Milford, d. 4 Sep. 1825. 
Col. 32. On 23 day of fifth month 1808 was born in 
Truro to Samuel Milford and Ann his wife a son 
named Henry C, witnesses John Buckingham, surgeon, 
Mary Beard Sholl. (Certificate.) 
Col. 34, line 25 from bottom. Dele (? 29). 
Col. 35. Richard Oxnam was Lieut.-Col. Commandant 

of Third or Mounts Bay Regiment of Local Militia. 
Col. 35, line 9. Died 1793, aged 63. 
Col. 35. Mary Oxenham Oddy d. Victoria place, Pen- 
zance, 17 May 1876 in her 73rd year. 
Col. 35. Rev. W. Oxenham, ? bap. || 2 Deo. 1771. 
Col. 35. Mary Elizabeth b. Paul 23 Feb. 



Col. 38. William Pearce was Mayor of Penzance 1683, 
and with his wife Elizabeth had seats in the church 1674. 

Col. 38. Richard Pearce was Mayor 1689, 1694. 

Col. 3S. John Jones Pearce was Captain and Adjutant 
of Third or Mounts Bay ltegiment of Local Militia. He 
was Mayor of Penzance 1820, 1822. 

Col. 38. Eichard of Tredinnv, curate of Gulval 1754. 

Col. 39. Eichard, Mayor 1837, 1842, 1847, 1851, 1858. 

Col. 41. John Perys, Yicar of S. Erth 29 Apl. 1533, d. 
within a few months. 

Col. 42. Thomas Pearsehadseat in Penzance church 1674. 

Col. 43. Michael Pearce occurs in G. B. Millett's ' Pen- 
zance, Past and Present' p. 43. 

Col. 44. (1) Anthony m. Petronilla dau. of James 

Col. 44, line 5, Trewarvenith Marchas. 

Col. 44. '3) Margaret ni. William Crawys of Chulmleigh 

Col. 44. Dele (5) Thomas, (6) James. 

Col. 45. Martin Eichards and his wife, and Nicholas 
Eichards had seats in Penzance church 1674 : Nicholas 
Eichards and Xehemiah Batten leased the market and 
quay dues of Penzance in 1794 at £240 10s., and £309 
19s. respectively. 

Col. 45. (1) Eobert, ?bur. 13 Oct 1765. 

Col. 45. (2) Eichard of Botvigo hapt. 26 Jan. 173-i, bur. 
30 Mch. 1781, m. Eleanor dau. of Dunstan of Kea. bur 
25 Dec. 1811. 

Col. 45. 1. Eichard d. 30 Jan. 1S44, aged 77. His wife 

d. 30 Nov. 1842. 
Col. 45. iv. James, ? bap. 14 June 1795. 
Col. 45. ii. Jane d. 22 Apl. 1859, age 59. 
iv. Emma m. 29 Apl. 1822. 
Another dau. Betsy was bur. 22 June 1787. 
b. William, Ym. Elizabeth, and had a dau. Mary 
Col. 46. v. James m. 1831 : he was perhaps previously 
married, as a James was bur. 21 Aug. 1831, aged 2. 
His other children may have been, James bur. 25 May 
1841, aged 6, from Calenick St. ; and Anna Maria bur. 
17 Dec. 1834, aged 2, from Castle St. 
Col. 46. ii. Louisa Teresa d. 1864. 

For Eauceley read Rauceby. 

Eead : m. R. c. s. 

Mary Luke of Kenwyn was related to Joseph 

Ferris and to Vibert of Penzance. 
2 lines from end. Eead : 1787. 
Col. 47. Eobert second son of Augustus Sholl of Truro 

d. London 21 Jan. 1828. 
Col. 47. Charles William Sholl's wife d. in Tennessee, 

U.S. America, 1864. 
Col. 47. iv. Eobert, see Fitzroy, ' Voyage of Adventurer 

and Beagle ' 1 pp. 23, 24, 65, 121. 
Col. 48. 4. Elizabeth, hv one account d. unm. at Bath. 
(1). Mary Sholl bap. 27 Jan. 173-i 


In St. Mary's Church Yard, Penzance. 

North. Side. 

In this vault are deposited the remains of 
Henry Boase, Esq. 

[See ante Col. 59.] 

South Side. 

Within this tomb 

By the side of her husband's remains. 

After a widowed separation of 36 years, 

Reposes the body of 

Anne Craig, 

Wife of the late Henry Boase of Penzanee, 

Who departed this life on the 7th February 1803, 

In her 8Sth year. 

Ten surviving children 

Hold in affectionate remembrance 

Her motherly care and personal worth, 

And looking forward in faith as she did to the resurrection 

of the dead, 

They humbly hope for a joyful reunion 

Through the merits of our Lord and Saviour 

Jesus Christ. 



In this vault 

Are also deposited the remains of 


The youngest son of Henry Boase, Esq., 

Who died at Bodmin 19th Feb. 1829, 

Aged 16 years. 

Also the remains of 

Jessy Anne, 

The daughter of 

Mitchel Thomson, Surgeon e.n., 


Of Grace LucUla daughter of 

the late Henry Boase, Esq., 

Who died the 16th October 1845, 

Aged 3J years. 

such is the kingdom of heaven. — Matthew. 


In Chatham Churchyard, 

Sacred to the memory of Eichard Sholl, Esq., k.n., who 
after serving his country 35 years in various parts of the 
globe, departed this life December 17, 1836, in the fifty-first 
year of his age, being then Purser of the Ordinary at 
Chatham. His excellency as an officer is testified by all 
with whom he sailed, his warm and generous affection for 
his family by their deep regret at his loss, and his worth as 
a friend by all that knew him. Requiescat in pace. 


Mabel daughter of Lewis Charles and Julia Thomson was born at 14 Seaton Terrace, Mutley, Plymouth 5 June 
1876 at 5.45 p.m.