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Full text of "An essay on the archæology of our popular phrases and nursery rhymes"

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ON tfllt *' 

A R C It i« O L (Ml Y 

>^ •rovii 

1 1 

V () IMJ L A R P H R A S K S, 


ftMlN««lfl «M wd lMi«|Niilt (fniwlhkffllni fin dto inH tf»l fttrfttllr 
ffraflflri'n, hl#rlfi Kg* df W«r« fi«i*f di>r TmI, tn ttoiftfw iIcm !• «r 
■tffi.— lffi.f»iiMf>iiai 

/M pf%wmrMti\», find a wW/ mAhiM dpnfltfmMl nf ih§m, fimpttfti 
iHM «M«if«« Mtm^h M# #A0/« amMn* 9f litnuuH^^, unit kutliiiHl itmt 

thtfi II tW 0th§f» 

A NEW KnrnoN. 

vol. r. 


. • . . 

« • 


"'>'*;'; i^i^rn', 

\ pijpir- 










■ B 11 

Thr fraqu^nt r^eurrencia of phraMA bearinfi; a 
tmUitfonftry fi^nda at vtirianpa with th«i tarm» in 
which they »rQ v^fitad, »pp«Arfi to ma an ftnomaly 
in our languAffo whioh ramainfi to bo aooountad for. 
And fiuob »ro proeinaly tho formn wo gonorally uho 
wbon wo wiiih to oxprofm ourDolvoH in rogard to 
•omo cortain point with anorgy and dintinotnoAM, 
To oxpkin myiiolf by m iniitanoo i if wo wipih to toll 
Anothor tho oironmHtt^nuo of tho pordon in cjuontlon 
htivlng; fiupplantod ducIi a ono in hia oxpaotationfi of 
fortuno { o^n wo, in ibmilJAr intareouiMo, do ho mora 
iiitalliifibly timn liy tlia plimHa, ** ha haA put tl»a 
uthar'n nofia out of Joint?" In tarmpi a burladqua 
unmaaningf Hantanoa; but, by a hUII unaxplainad 
oollociuitil prlvllay;a, nound fiamit) wlian uttarad. 

To duppoMa tlia numaroiiiii phmdapi of tliid (^atag^ory 
wara orly^inally vavtad, by thuna wlui uatnl iUm\, in 
tarma which did not carry tlm dtiimf. lIm; bimuktii' 
kUnd^d to auuvny V»j Uvcvu, \nu\xV\ V. vv^ Vwx^^ 

^^md to f^m§^n kmV, My ^/mki^m w^ Um: 
wmAii to i}«#ir mi^^mi 1i^rm§ did ^mf^ iim tm\tt^ 
fb#jr w#r# tii#d ii^ Hi il^ ikm^ tmi in tb^ <r;r/ttf!^ tA 
m$f §ind ihfm^ iim mnuMtky ^^li^ Uj «mt Uu- 
%UH/^^f ihm^ tt^tm h^^^ \m^n e^mdmutM with 
oib^fif of ^ liimiki m m^tly mmiUir prouumUUffUf 
whi^li liAtif #tft>§^tf#tttl]r (mnd Hmt wuy inUj U^: 

ti wilt mi im 4^nk4f 1 §nppm^f itoU Kr»gti»}i »irid 
\nfi^'fii^%^n (if§f ai k«i«i, »i»t^'k»gtt^$(6«, and tf 
mff Hi iti« Qff§pflnf( of h §mw p§amtif »i om ita^^ 
d' i^xiiit^n^ ftn id^ftii^ftl kflj^tmi^^.. And if w^ 
Mi«v# (w)ik;h I d4^) iim Aoj^lO'liaJion ami tlwj ly>w- 
fiii%m (Mi\l mffMnfifin iim fniiin, in w)mt wc.* nuw 
ratt ib# DnU'liI wer6 nn^ ili6 Hftm^ kngna^ct, otjr 
m^fi fnttii At ^6 period h«iv^ b^n m i\w$i^ i\uu 

H if io HM period of our totig;tt@» 1 have cnrha- 
vottr<^ to r§tra€d the ori(;inal f(mn of the wordpi 
wltk^h 1 bM^e to bave tl»#fl duly r,onvi5yi*d ttto 
A6fl(i6 of ili« pltraiK^i^ of ilto above} eatogory, liy 
apply Ini; ibi iottnd of iba wordi wbidt rronittitulit 
Iha modaffl pbrate to olb^w wblcb it fltf^^d in thr 
Low-Sai(on siaga of our language, 1 bave alway 
found a nenie, eorfespondbijj witb that (*onvey«3d b 
iAff /brm undat wblc'b ibey an< now dii^ftiiicd, to b 
tlf0 reMuli of ibo experlmani. *t\\« "{^\\w>n\\\v^ vnv 
^^nuin tho pto^f^ of iliUlts^^i. 'Bvvv \^> ^^>>xv^^ ^^ 
^«^ ^^flduiiort by audi it^l, <^v>vw\. w^aVw^^ A^ 

tic mMoly relied on; the ear in to In! c^oiuiulteil 
r»ilier UiMi the eye. Anil nUwM mtuml mmi Imve- 
been the prior conveyance of nie*ninf(, it may be 
fairly taken aa a tmirr teit of thi! original import of 
worda than ita imperfe^ and nyYiordinate •ubfttitiite, 

It ia not meant, by thin cttrnory ESnaay, to oflTer a 
development of all the expretaiona of the tiaturr 
here alluded to, but merely of ancb aa have 
ocrtireil to my mind, aubnequently to thia view of 
their riae« Theae have been taken aa they have 
preaented themaelvee to my memory, and hate not 
been eelected for the Mike of proving my own view 
of tbani, to the eacloaion of other* which might not 
anawer aitcb parpo#e« And 1 am convinced there 
k not one phraae of the above category, which may 
not be accounted for in the aame way thoie which 
ji|if>ear in thia £a«ay have been« 

Having no recorded guide for Uie popuUr form of 
ttuf tongue at the period to which the following 
«|;ecimena are retra<;e<J, 1 have adopted the upelling 
of tliat of ita neare«t nurviving repreaentative, tlia 
Dutirh ; and no word* have been employed which 
are not juatified by written authoritieii in that kin* 
guage. For the mcnle of ifielling, Kiliaan haa been 
chiefly connulteil, fometimei Hililerdijk* And, I 
•anpect, fow language* can produce a rival to either 
//» hk Mepi^riU^ department. 
If ih^ clem here offered \% \tuiX^otOK^%Nx "»• 
^•d to n fjpett«r handYtn^ ot vV% ^^x«^N»«P 


our language, and rescue that science from the 
obloquy it too justly labours under in regard to the 

In reading the following specimens of the original 
forms, the pronunciation of the modern Dutch 
should be adhered to, and each word pronounced, 
at least internally, in order to give the clew of 
sound a &ir trial* 

The ch and gh, to be sounded as k. A, broad, 
EfSL»ain tnaU, late, ffc, / except wlien it is tlie 
terminal letter ot the noun, and tlien it lias scarcely 
any sound any more than with us* The t as «, ij 
9Mۤ, UMoindo, AuMo, B,;?, v,/, inter- 
change in sound* H is treated as no letter* // 
and /interchange at times as aspirates* D and / 
are used indi&rently, and sometimes represent our 
th, Sch is sometimes sound k at others #A* 

By thenuif is meant the rootniyilable, from which, 
not only the word in question springs, but also the 
whole stock of sounds to which such word belongs* 
By rootufordf is meant the word by which the term 
in question has been immediately produced* 

^r HU l» K K M K N T ICI) I T lO N 

'nil» JittMAY. 

^»*""»"- • 

tint |ikrM«ii uid tAnimi of our luugiiiKci, bolotiKitif 
to tint QiUti([Ofy i}K|iUin«cl iri tim tbovo Itiiroductory 
r«miirk«i to llm flmt aditlon of IhU UMay, tra to b« 
icr^mntAd for, uml givon nuuh IfMUnoiif ah liiul tlion 
occurred to mo, llttlo it left mo to add in raipird to 
Uio Ntibjoctf 

Wbilo r^viowlnf tbo pkranai and t^rmi eontnluod 
in Umt lulition of tltiii liMwy for ilui purpoM of iba 
lircuktnt, I found tlm ftdoptod t««t of tbftt prinolpk 
truit to Itii Mtiindiirdf und itii ctvldttnctt morA docblvu 
in pro|iorUon m I riiduc;«d wimt I bolil to bo Urn 
irnvMNtioil form, to n cbM«r rctiKtmblitnco, in nound 
iind nioitiiurit of iiylbibl»«| willi tliitt wbiiib I dttttnntd 
tint ori|{infil phrii«4 or tonn. Tlio nttitrar tlto mutual 
lilcitnitfM in tlioMo roAptictH, tlm olaurttr und riMiro 
indi«|mtii>ik) tbo identity of tint two ; jud^inK l>y 
////' romparlntm ot tho in)i»ovi in v*\\u\\v h*^ w^^ ^»«^ 
if'n trnviiiftml wliU that convt^^mV V^ V\\t^ w\^^^ 



To ttdmit the prapundemnce of hiifirfi, in the 
import of wordi, over that of nomid, would ht^ la 
c'orutitute the Primer the principle of human com- 
munieation and the amalgamator of tlie moral and 
physical confititution of speech, instead of mind and 
appropriate organic 

Whether p l)y an inereaned »trietne)i»i in the appli- 
cation of the test I have propofkd for the truth of 
the principle already fugnfented, I Have here suc- 
ceeded in a more direct revival of the true forms of 
that portion of the pbranes and terms contained in 
the prior publication, or not, it is for others to 
decide I alwajrf premining:, that every sentence of 
tbM EsMjr i« offered simply as a proposition to tlie 
judgment of the reader, and not hiid down as an 
Mkm to ba adi^Hted in di#regard of it. If the view 
I have prMeoted of the sources of such j/tirases and 
terma {# th$ im» one, U»« tmmf etymoli>gii^'al basis 
of the l4»dco(rapb]r of our Img^uage vanishei^ — to be 
replaced by a souoder on«* 

In ftatiof our koj9^ua|g;e to have been, at a (orm^f 

period, identical with the Low-Baaon, and that that 

lauguaipe still surrived, a« to tba nmin, in what we 

now term Dutch (the ellipaia of Low-Dutch, m 

ffederduUsch or, more definitely, Ne(Urmch$i»eh 

or PlatduUich ; Dutch being aa Ttutich, Deuttch^ 

DcudUeh), I did not imagine sueb propotitioo to 

Jbe dtber mw of startling to any one who bad 

/«nMtf hl0 MiUnUon to tba iuV)^aci\ Wm^ v\^v\% 

*^» mwMre thmi with ihb iOWdai»l v\vv\iAu\fe>i\* lA 


llollantl tho Ttirt wiu held iti(lUptit.itbU% nnd lmvin)( 
\uu\i; known iha liko opinion to hiivn horn tlint oi' 
tbo MAme cItiM nmonuc oumolvoM. 

Tho toarnml and judlcioun Camoi^.k, in hln book 
of RKMAiNeMi lm« tlid fcdlowinK piiMMiiKC'; '* The 
g;roundo of our lunf^utiKo nppcirtninith to tho ()m>- 
8axon, littlo diflcrinK tVom tho Prkkkky Dutch, 
bocnuio tli«y moro than any othor of their noi^h- 
boufi havo hlthorto pronorvod thot Mpooch ttom any 
g;reto forroino mixturo/* 

By the Old-Baxok lot no ono NtippoNo it in tho 
m nomod Avolo-Haxon whioh in intondod bythono 
who uio that torm, nor that it ii ovor undomtood 
in Muoh ionio by any ono duly aoquaintod with 
tho moanin|{ of tho two tormii. Tito linylUh 
and Angh'Saxon aro lintor-dialootN of a namo 
paront-tonffuo, but noithor tho Mouroo of tho othor ; 
and tho Anglo-Saxon in no moro tho atithor of tho 
KnglUh than tho English is of that. It Imn boon a 
miNoonooption In this rof^ard, whlcth ban ovidontly 
l>owildorod nioNt of our lator philolo^iiifii. To toll 
UM Knglinh in liko Anglo'SuxoUf and to moan it 
romoM out of that dialoct, in, an to NtippoMo ono 
itinor tho paront of tho othor bo<:au»o wo porooivo 
a famity-likonoM botwoon tho two; invtoud of 
lookini; for tho truo paront of both, whoro tho 
common prinoiplo and t^onornl roniititution of oaoh 
will bo found in a Namo iourco and Mtructuro. 

Dutch lltoraturo hai lo narrow a oompa«ii in thi 
attcntlott of any Idarnod cW%i^ ^x^vt^WNj, v\%^ ^x^N^* 


may he right to Bay, in regard to the ground- 
syllahles [themas] of that language, I have borrowed 
ffjeely from tlio various detailt in the workt of 
Bilderdijky in my vi^w, the author of the only 
doctrine by which the nature of language can be 
practically developed, or will ever be explicitly 
acounted for. He ha» taken up the question at the 
point where our own great Locke has stopped in 
his Essay, fulfilled the task and displayed a genius 
equal to it. 

Among the critics, whose attention had been 
called by the first publication* of the present Essay, 
is the scribe of a paper named The Atkenaum, 
who, in addition to much indefinite scolding and 
vulgar abuse, has mtroduced a barefaced and evi- 
dently intentional untruth, by asserting, in confi- 
dence of the ignorance of those who might read 
him, there was no such word in the Dutch language 
as tocken [in the imperative form tock] ; and im- 
plying, it was either the blunder of ignorance, or 
a purposed infidelity practised upon my readers : — 
a falsehood to be detected by any one who will 
give himself the trouble of turning to the proper 
page in the standard dictionary of the Dutch lan- 
guage, called Kiliaan's; where he will find that 
verb as three distinct articles, in its three different 
imports, and in that in which the word is used in 
the. place referred to by the above critic. Tlie 
word i§,' in feict, the source of tlie Italian toccare^ 
the Spanhh tocar, the Prenc\\ toucKer , w^ wet \o 

teuekf if not ftUo of the Latin tangert, Migi^ iaetud. 
I twvo noUeod thin untruth •olely that tha aflVontery 
of the wHtar might not impoaa upon any one; 
otharwiaa aa reapecta ruffianly abuaa, atudied ftilaa- 
hood, and want of argument, tbo writer of that 
paptf baa, in regard to thia Eaaay, a rival in the 
editor of Tk0 Timed, 

In tha enauing volume a General Indax to the 
two will be added. 

|IOra0(0 anH d4Vtna0 

«IIU It MV rilKlli t.tTKMAt. VOMM tXI NOT tlKAM OI'T 

Till; MMHIItft rilKT AMK imKtl Iff, AND TKHM!! 

1t«>T tmr MTI«rACTOHtLY ACCOrWTKI) Tim. 


UK TIIOK rtIK MVt.t. tlY TilK IIOttKH. 

To lirjriw nil nitnrk by the !>C!it wwy to wirrooil in it 5 
In tnko tlio nurvM tiioAnn to otirry the |Miiiit : to do 
nil tlicit roiikl Ito <loitr, iiti tlmt, if fUiliiro follown, it 
in Itrottuno \\w nttnitipt wnn impractirnblo hy tltc 
lirnt m^ntm within tho chiofn |H»wor. //u» ^HrA fyp 
M Ay, #/»> Am>rrM*« i q» r, hrn* hrnrt vttlh nmtri- 
mntif iM ; IhnI iV, rtji il fmi/A( ^) /»(* ; hciT the hend 
inviikm to tt« nifl the nkiirof othrm, thnt in invhiK 
the niM» nil tlio rimnro lor (^iirrrMi it nclmits of; in 
tho nttomtit in i|unition tho rhirf (the liond) nnnintont 
to hin iii«le intreniiity il^olf (nil that cnn lie hncl) 
thin id whrtt Miitu the otvnuion ; thun imnlyinff wfai- 
ilom nt the hend nuntmonintf nil the i^kilf wttnin itM 
renrh t(t itn nnniMnnre. A |ii|rhenile<l rhief trimtn to 
hiniReir. tind fniln IVimu nelf rtitierit nnti ineii|mrtty. A 
wiiui one known that In oomhinenll the inirenuitynml 
nkill within hi* eomnmnd in the lient way to iine< 
ihhmI, nnd nt nil rvrnti* mnMirrn him (Vom reprtmeh 
of negleii. If ihihire tnkrn place. /AV, AtVr, here, 
in thin rnie. Tuck^ ink^ nrtiflie, eonlrivnnee, 
mnrhinntion, mnehinery of mind, ennninu;, deiiee, 
deception. T{fi* the nuhjunctive form of i\feH in 
the nrnne of to Invoke, to summon, to enll upon, U> 
cite n|i|M'nmn«'(\ My. lH?mde» mnu* to, W^KH^ii^^tl 
fH^hiitc In, in fK'cnmc, lo l»e t\U\uvL* V^ W V^X^^O*^ 
he nil ihal m rinUt ; nm\ Uct^ \Vfi«5v\ %vvWv^vv>\hA^\ 

7^9UH*t Of 

it tu tfi« ori^infiltlie W€t<l WMi not hurrtrid, a^uA ihtsn 
\i w/mkl \mtkni\^. frtirtfdpb; ytp^un^i. ot i)tp, i^t^h^ tutil 
fftohtiMj ft wji» iKi. *^, /*, w. TttcA m^tmU yt^ 

(It hofrrf!n4f$ wmmU h(nn$t Jfotf htnf\, 

tip, t^n tiih iffAt, ftV't ht .loiftir, 

Uf. ^tf% fihft hHt.#^ tff hm^ (tuf^ittl him ; >i^ j*iij>- 

p)Anf#<^i him, Itifi jmt in ntfftitp. uU tijjfmiit ; i\, p» 

hfrf mifit'.hirf in r^tinfimnhtd f.yyfn in dinffrmc iiarlfi 

ihp. f'vil uf t\\n^ti^vp. m rlr^ wn tmi fA it. ; whfif miACThief 

(frtilj ihrr^ mi^ht h«irf; (jft^ti^ m nn otdiuttrif nffmt 

(ft fmfHififUtf m ti^re neulrftli/^/l } im|/ltmi;$ h« 

who hM mii/plant^/l (t^k^rn iha pint^ iff] im idtHrt 

WftK nniitd m it, iind ihf! othi-rr nr/t ; thai thf; (/duU^r 

iff f hf. fit 9.rr of Urn two 4o h^tf! wh»t th^ r4hi^r had« 

Wc UM' mu^^h^in thin tifrw, thft yhtfiMi ^* f/fffrri fmi of 

evil i*' Jit UjFtt^mi ft tratfinty ^/f j^//^// A/W/ u/tvgf$ 

#|, f!* fftHfthpM thflfn unvkpdnrnM $ thfit ii>i, in othl^ 

wordfi. the; fftitflit of iiiA VtP\m ifSI ttie fJetil^ 

imptyinjBCy t^^; hiit |;(«iod nn^l jroii m$ty it^i th#! 

WjrkH nt flcHftTiff ; if thfy H\Ui\ jroii, ^^K^rlnciNi 

will he yciiir t/rM^Hi/^n^ wiil n^^rfirir jr^m th^ rrwarri 

of iritiilrfcr^hk; ftf^lf-root^uit dod h^^rpy ^i^mc^ of 

mind i whfit hi^hft rfin h«; tiiV(\mnMi hy miifi if 

//V// \kmA ftlmoTiit^ly, (tlw^yn im)K;rt» wiiihrdnrim^ 

iiriddifiterdt^d fTMrm-i;^ »ll l«/l^ firi/| from %\uh no 

(C'^'d (fin 1^ rxtr^'M'd ; ft#i thnt ffood twl of tmtf in 

ttu Himurthiy^ nn imj^z/Miihility ; wh^rn wr; nuy n mU-' 

ftrrtunf! \n Htt evil t it i» Mlw^yn in th^ modiHf*d Pirtise 

of thfi »fif*('iiil rfliwrt of th^r fif^fidifir miwhwnrr in 

«\HCniUfU i ntfi ftft ((finrtfil or nnitrrfiAl /•^ril/. hut rt« 

prrulinr or imrtiMl mo<liftrtifi/m ron/ludrd lyy th« 

#ont^«t, A mutt ift |yfyfir ; thfit tn Hti m/ to him fttid 

th/»«€ who infrrrftt th^m>«f Itf-ji in him, hiit not t4t 

(fihprn, not t/i mII lif^fiirlrn. It m tutt. Kvtiu JSpU 

tih.^ohftrh tt^Pi\ ttt \\%\)w\\\\\Mpt%n\ (»rim ipl<;or rmtum 

ofwH'kf.nnrftfi, llir, \\Ptp. Pullrn,\A) »'XVtwii\^\tt 

^Mhuml, mhI Hi to rxUin/;nti^\s Vo \\v\v\\^\\iA| V\ 

ftiinul. Noa$e^ noUt, mbcbbf, badii«»«p annoyaiu'a. 
Uit, wtf out, AJjoHit^ o^fgontt, ufffuntt, dlsruvoiit , 
ilinKnusa, dumlaiwure, dMinclitiatioii towitrdt. Vit 
de wfihhfiidMoron putien, b to draw from thfi foun- 
tain of windom. Our fuHt0 and tlia Vramh noUe, 
diHurbaiicAi belong to npote, noyge and no do tha 
laUn noQwe^ nQxiuM, and a lont( train of othi^r 

IfK l« Ol/r At TUB Kf.HOWH. 

Unad in tint imn*^ of— litt In in a statci of ii«^nury ; 
lii« ia a f tata of niiHary from ihaer want. Uia U uii 
Ufitf difi hul-'bopf t o» tt. herfi provinion U all atme, 
ihff perton ui vfivm at htllt h^ra'H no fooa; tlui 
aulforfir spltaAilly antifry ; or it will roniitrue Into, 
— Iiare in a <!a»fi of Awtx want [starvation] and that 
H a bctllish provoking; onf) [enough to put in a |mH- 
»ion], Tlia phraaa i« evidently Joi^ular in Initb foriuM. 
In tha literal iionitructlon of tlu3 travegty, perfect 
nonMUfie ( a man'H elbowH may come tbrouj^h tbe 
alaava of bin coat, but be dont come with tbem. 
And even tbe elbowM mu»t be tiie eliipiin of coat 
dleeve* I Ho tbat we Hbould bave an eni((nia instead 
of tbe pbiin Kound Men«e of a lij^bt bearted popular 
savinic Hh, hivr Imitt, Uii aet, no food, Muppiy 
exnauAted. Hfil, halla, bell. JhuHf HpiteftiUy vexed, 
out of temper, iful tlunuktr, imiiti dark, dark an 

TIfK HAW |« IfANptiOMU V^MOlHill IV llli IKIK« Vol' 


In tbe sanse of — t(reat beautv i« not requisite for 
a man ( tbat ii, if ba bat tbe otnar qualitit^i of oni% 
parfection In that point will lie dispenMed with, dont^ 
wiUiout, overlooked ; in ftne, that a moderate «bar» 
of lieauty in »ulU<'ient fur a man. Do man it hand" 
Maem in hof hfiff'v hij dot nut *t vorvitchien 'et oortt ^ 
//, u, thn man h tuiied In (ftV \uic^ iKe coutl \J W 
//y/'# tfut put on ihf Mama dn^nn ui u reciuVf aA \i\ \WV 


place ; that is, if he docs but conform himself to the 
habits of the place ; if he will but do as other cour- 
tiers do; and implying if he is but servile enough 
to wear the livery of the court (and so put on 
the appearance of a servant) it is taken for granted 
there, he will do all else required of him in any way ; 
and infers, no other quality is in request at a court 
than servile compliancy, with it success is infallible 
there. The original meaning being one which might 
be considered offensive, has been turned from the 
court to the person or figure. Handsaem^ dex- 
trous, well suited to ; hofy court ; vereischtcn is that 
which is requisite, the requisite, and sounds frighten. 
Dosy dress, habit, uniform, but as well-lined choice 
cloatbing. Heffen, to take up or upon, and so to 
put on^ to wear [bear.] 


In the sense of, in the long run every man has 
his desert, tliat which he is entitled to, as regards 
either reward or punishment ; and thus implying a 
righteous superintendance in respect to man. Ijverje 
dooge hnest es dee q. e. zeal; [earnestness, sincerity] 
is never long in earning the reward it deserves ; is 
always returned in its full value, is worth its weight 
in gold, in the sense of — ^the being in earnest never 
fails of a proportionate return, either in self-satis- 
faction or else in other value, Dooge ^ the third 
person, potential mood, of doogen, to be worth. 
Ilnrst, soon. *Esy des, at the time, in this case. Dei^ 
deghcj due value, due prosperity, success. Je, ever, 


In tlic sense of, money can do any thing ; money 

is ail j)Owerful, Da menig mnyck's de yncer te goe ; 

q. c, they are the little that tjivv. value to the f/reat, 

f^ ?^{'^'' ^ovda, the humbkr cAvx*»vft \;\NKi vVAvv^vw 

heir importikiiQc ; im|)ly\u{2; i\\e \v\v;A\e\ ^V'^^^^^ ^^^'«!^ 

till] iiifarior, timi they hh: fed Ity ttii'in, tliut llity 
iiritlirr roiild liiivr rxiNttM), nor Iiiivr rotiiiiturfl 
to v.x'iHi without, thi'in. Thi; morr hlrtul triiiiN 
Itttioii of tho original phnwi in, the iiiuiiy n\v. thr 
hoilMMl [Umt. whirh briii^^N lorwiinl hy tUw. wiiriiith| 
thii ^ri'iitrr |ih(! rirhp th<! richcHt portion | Into 
viiliin [|Niwcr of doiiiH; \!;imi\ to the? n*Nt I tuiil what 
othnr viihai in thu ryct of nMmon vim Um wciilthy 
hiivi!'^ Wo niUNt not \m HorpriMcd if thJM nn- 
courtly wMttimrnt lum Inm'u niorr* (lif4),;niN(Ml|'iliMh 
Minin othrm t4i hi; noticMul InrriMifllcr. Iht nivnhj, 

nU'Unil TIIK MANY, TIIK MI'I.TITI'DK ; iUI(| IN lim*ll 

rtn|ihii(i('»lly lor tiik I'l^otMif., or u<*cor<linK; t(» tin* 
ftiruiulu of tlut (Iny , tho hiwor or h'MK opulmt i'Iiinx. 
Mf'tiwhf now mvnitf, in tlu* gNiitno word with tJni 
(lothii! mnuii{jmn, tlio itourcn of our nuirn/, and in 
UM*d ln^r«t in a Mulmtaiiiivo muiNit. Min/rft, plaru 
wlu*n* fruit in put to ini'Ihiw and hvvouMiii for um-, 
to In* iniuht tint inoMt of; and in tlio munn word with 
our mut:kf an that whi<*h m liiid toK(*th«*r to hironii! 
manure*, and no of unc to land. Mui/rknniut mhw- 
tivii in mrllnWf i\i for unc*. Muyuk ovJ*t^ iN iimOIow 
fruit, and th<i Nourrn of our fnwk^ in thif noiino of 
tiindrr, ^tiitk*. Muyvh*$ noiiimIn rnaktm, J)v. rnnr \n 
un(*c1 in thci Nulnitantivii and rollfctivi! NcuNn of tlio 
u|i|M*r or opulrnt cIiinn, the ouKvr or ffw, aN op- 
|H>M'd Ut tin rnrtiijft the niiijf>rily or moNt, iuid tliiiN 
tlici puhlii*, and in a trui* Nt'iiNr that wliirii iN uhovr 
ull tint rrNt; ovrrwri^hH t\ niinoiily. (Jur In a 
vrry old and fiunilinr ahhrfviiition ol' //mv/ in thr 
Nulmtantivii ncmiwo of rifhrN, nicium, powiT, vnhii*, 
and, not nnfriMpimtly, of nnpiMliiiirc. Thr maui*. 
iimmI in th(« niodfrn form of thiif Niiyin^ iitiNWi'iH 
to th«^ 7nrrr of thn orifrniid, and Ih rvidrntly nictiiit 
to roiivry thi' idcn of the nnimul dcrtiKiiiitiMl hy 
that term. hut tin* wnnl liiid, :ii om* tinir, in 
our liiiiKiitiiv tin* pMTinr iiM'.unm/ \s'vU\ V\\\\V >^,\nn:\\ 
fo ihv. tfiif/iihil mirr t vi/.. «im',.\\ 


" Wharofbre bt wUe tnd ioau«iaittblo 
OodoUo of word tnd rosonable, 
Both to /mm tnd iiari."*—Ch avoir. 

Go0, gaed^ richei, power, that which it worth 
having or being. 

DiefCt hert door^i ook gewu verheugd verMchafi 
een itedigh/Bttt vol vreugdi q. 6» he who takes de" 
light in a good contdenoe hen provided him»elf a 
constant feoit* HxYVX. Meer^ more, greater. Te 
goSf into value, worth. 


That ia in the household tpoken of, the woman 
controuli the man, has an undue influence, one 
derogatory to the other. Die greie meer *ۤ de 
beter oyt ti q. e. whoever humours the other the 
most will be the master of him (get the upper 
hand). Oreie is the subjunctive form of the old, 
and now obsolete, verb greien^ to be agreeable to, 
to gratify, to please, from the old French grS^ in* 
clination, yet surviving in bon grip mal grif agrier 
&c.| and grounded in the Latin grains, Orein is 
a term for a favourite friend, a dear (Kend. Ojfl'f, 
ever is, is always* The original fbrm of the saying 
applies to either sex, and imports, the surest way to 
acquire an ascendancy over another is to gratify 
every wish and caprice without hesitation, and thus 
tlie stronger minded are overoomn by the weaker, 
the unsuspicious by the cunning { and instilling that 
low cunnmg is an over match for any rate of inteU 
lect when put off its guard by cajolery. 


As when we say in familiar discourse, *^ I cannot 
do it fbr the life and soul of me i" importing, do all 
J cun, 1 cannot do it \ and implying, come to my 

^ I0 £, to tho— bonaath yen tad ihoia %Wf«iQi«i«^OM>tola 
^^ tbm.gremt, Mid consequenCiy to iW. 

i*orut<AA rifnAdM. 7 

MMhtHnro, Imid your tmtid. Voft tlif Infatnl tout 
tifmiji ({. I!, immtiluxy onti Ittnti your preHfinvtif and 
Iktfn /, at Iraiit, »haU not htivti to th all ; iM*i your- 
M}|f, you Idtii 0111), to it |roitM* forwiirdj iiimI nil i\w 
htirili*!! will not tliciii full on itii* iiloiut ; unci iitiply** 
itt|c in M) Air tm tha nMiNtmirn yon Intid I nhnll bn ro- 
liityticl. Hy infitronrDi tlio ai*.t in i|uiiiiiion in ona not 
to Ini (lonA by i\\t\ iN^rHoniil axitrtion of liim wlio 
11111*11 tho phiuMi, without furtlti*r li(«lp [nmiuiii] ; if it 
U nil to rf^At upon onr |mir of Khonklc^ni it tttn't Ixt 
Arronipliiihmi. Vofrfin atirtf utin vorrtn^ to introil ncr, 
to brin^^ forwnrd. Dij^ tli(HA,fbou. haf^ ln7.y,iiNtlniN. 
A>, by thi«, thnN. Al^ thn wholti. AJ\ off from, h^ 
movml nway, mada flirth(*r diMiint. 


Tlili ordor bi H;iv«n with uncullml for luNtitnco, in 
» wny whoro thct innnndr MpoilN itll. M*hnii»t *«» 
wwru 0(ik in / q. «. dirmitly ! »poiln all the rtiit [itll 
that went liafori)] ; by lMl(lin^; tho imprionii tann, 
dirtictly, you huvn di»Knitcd nw, if yon hud not 
itddod timt word I iihonhl hiivn donn im yon dimircd, 
obnyod you, M'hatntf mttt hnrnt^ mtidif hati$tPf At 
ono(f y |>o«itlv(dyi thtii inMtunt; it Uinn too dlNKuiit- 
initly im|mriouii ftir nny onn to iN^nr witli patimicMt. 
'A*f| dfiMf itN iMiforn iixpfiiiiM^d. aak, rorriitition, 
rot, tlutt which NpoilN nil that it Ktitii into, in, in. 
Voertf in tho third pnmon prDNont, of tha nub- 
junctivtt inofxl of wtirtin, 

Tllft NKAT or IIOMOI/li, 

A Jocular, l>ut ratlu*!* low itxpniNHion for ilin in*- 
thitr iind. Din hy nitft of ann ttr ; (i . <*. that whivh ht* 
looki thtt uthw way from a$ lon\f aMntiUiWM, that with 
whiijk ktinivtir looki onti way. And whoovnr looked 
tlui iamo way with that to wfdch thoir backiddc) (Uccm, 
much IftM at that itiu$lf, althontrh it in not nciuiHiarilY 
wrkihh Ui ftijy ones cUti. '\\\\\ V\\\\\^\^^\\\i^vci\\ 
aaturnl Inipimmiiy I'XrmpUlWiV pwr m.. U\t^.,>\\^ 


which. Hijf he. Aan licn, Zien am, to Uutk upon, 
to cuttt the eyes upon. Af uan^ oil from u|ioii, 
contrary to upon. 


Meaning, it puts me in a passion, it exasperates 
me; and said when somcthmg takes pkice which 
has a strong effect upon the feelings. Et muyck*$ 
mei blaed er een kute ; i{. e. the muck whrn blood 
is joined with it [|>oured uj)on it] ioan tjrtnvt hot ; 
soon generates heat: a plieiionienon known to every 
one. So that it makes my blood run cold ; is, as it 
sets me all on fire, it inflames me, puts me in a heat. 
Cold falling into the travesty from similarity of sound 
has, both disnatured the phrase, and ma<le it literal 
nonsense. 'Et^ het, it. Muyck, as f>efore «x- 
plained. Een kole^ a fire, whence our term coal, 


As a familiar way of ssiying that some story oi 
news is spread fKsrceptihly all round, but by silent 
continuous progress. *Et runne lyck em^wke aen de 
ho home ; q. e. it runs a» smtfke climbs ujivjards ; it 
spreads as smoke rises up [ascerids] aiicl thus per- 
ceptibly, silently, unerringly, and continuously from 
its cause, source. Hunnenj reuneny nnnen^ to run, 
also to issue gradually from. Lyck^ i^elyckj like to, 
its. //o, hoQj h(Xff/h,ii\oh, Aen fie ho, on hij^^h, aloft, 
Sr/UHM:kf\ srniJyf:k, nmirht'^ wlii:fice ttmttkkeUj^y U» 
4fiiii'/^lo in the ^i-UM: <tf, to iu-i by Kthihi pro^^rciis ; 
ftomen^ to viuxu*, Ut «i[ipro;t''li, Jmd lieri; as w<-ll h^ 
fi/nrif in tli<: siibjiiiirtiyfr ;tfid oldr.r fonn of UiUMi. 
Smttl't: w;i.i; fofUKirly %\i^-\\. nmolht by Uj». 

" Afi'l Ivi^litl^ ofir \aiv\, %X \i*it H '/«?*» «rj4 

\\A^\i tut' fry oil HUiAt tfi^h, tl.iMt fift t:vi\ vmy mifi*-T, 

AmJ Oi*: »,moi,kl Siiid fii«; T,UiO*i\'t*-r *)i^ Kiuvti in out i i*i,.' 

r iHiiM*, lltal llio |irinnti in i|iii'i|iiiii in in u iitit|«- nC 
n<k|«iul [iiiiM'Uiillin^l tlinlicnn ii| iinnil, iiiriihil Un 
'Ul //i) vrtftv \ Vjk yMiir/a ; ir vitti ht'i ^/ii-'Ni/'ji . 
r. Ar i» f Ar ytHn/ ii/ Aiit/ frriimj ; in rraitn'i /n 
i/irr Ar// ijt ih*n^« /'h/ •* ho in iMiIni iiwiiy nv rvil 
wiuii ! ill ihr ull'iiii «»!' iniil«'\iil«*in*r lull m Mioii^. 
rrrlr ki« llir |Miliri]il«« jurni'iil ul' vvrvtvn. In I'liiii 
iiii\ Co I'i'imI ti|iiiit, iiip,ii(iw m^iiVi unil lluiiiitii lliv 
lin^ ur loiul. ijuuri, Ati'tin/, iiiiiM'liirr, wii'kril- 
Ha. Tin/, liiiliril, itiitli«v. iiri^ lu'll. SirrHii 
uii^.. tiil^lily. 'tV IK. III. '/•.'x» i/t>, im llii* ^ciillivr 
IK'U'. Trfr/r 'ji iiiiiiliilii /fr/«. 


liii|Hiiiiii)-, iliiil lltr |iiMiinii in i|iii«Mi«iii, IniH Itin 
my t'ulU ii)Hiii liiM iiniif iiinl ullnilinii In iillnw 
n In ^ivi; u iinlltnriit'y nl' I'illirr In llial wliitli lir 
iiti'lliiLri. ii$r htlv*i if iMrnr '* ilrrf ittH*** htHtitj 
rn «|. r. Arfr|iiii/Hi/i/y inr itH»9MttHjf ** Wmr Wfi* 
' m//jf ynn /'* ^» rj/tfi'l |nfi4ii#, »tUHii in iiN'r i»/' | ; 
il lliiu, ill lhi« ruMi lir liuii tin iiuir lo H|itiro I'm 
trwiirrtf ; niul ho iiu|MMlii linr ih it«i liinr In Ih) 
ruwii iiwny l>y Inui on nllin niiuviiiH. nn m|»mi(* 
)%v, ll«' liiife Inn iiHuli III «lii In iiltrnil In iiiiy 
ini* lu-aldrq. //« , Aii ' . Iirli'. ii* |M'lll(i|in IH 

ly U' 11. Miitr, *fi<Mit/A, iiiiiiiy. iitrr m-ua, t'lilU 
ullcnd nil llu- indMri. iittt, niiinlri ; iu'ma iiii 
niiiiiil |iliMiil nl iini, ami nn an nM>, ll \\(- \\ui\ iiii- 
,* ( \|in"k-«uin iliit, Aifi. /iif II, liriii't' I iM I . 

II . ill nil I, tiiiMi 1\ ; If;/, III llu I'. 

I \ in nil All UN llnll'ii n II K AMI III- Mill. Ullii. 

Ill lilt I'l ^ 11 . 

A 'tayiii^', wliirli r\|<irnirn ||ir ii)iiiiinli, *' lliiil nil 
r \|ii r|ril «■! nttililcil iil'i rnritnll nl Wi'illlll. In U liililly 
iiralril IM'I 'mil. u ill ilii liini liinii- IhUiil lliilit ^'nnil ; 
til ll Mil) tiiiK)' iiiru I \ iii'^h (III nl liiin|iiiir't(', hnlii 
rii/ 11/ ill' fiiinuiiir linw In \i\uVv \\\v y\v^yv\ w^v 
If -^t i t i /'ii/iiM ,.» .'i I'lM jk invK» *".^^ ^^*-^ ^^* 


rtrnd i'u 'i evel i q. 0. $0i cupidity at th0 tintran 
of htiaring and ynu completely prepare the evi 
tliat ill, lifiien (^ire nudtencci^ to tne mif^i^efitiotiM 
irrftiimml dmiren [wantoti wMhet], and yon prrpn 
your own miMrry. Vachf in ati o|N!fiing, entrant 
and Um A and t; arci nearly alli^l, indred int« 
rhanirin^ gounds ; &fo«fcf, hlood, vltped and yi/vml • 
Ihn Munci word, an will lie explained* Beffe^ 
ihn partieipk prfHtttni of Ipetfeeren^ to dciiir^, to wi 
for •nxtoiiiily, to lon^ for, and thini rupidil 
Hi§ Merp herfi, in thin caM, then. Wei reed, qui 
ready ; reed, gered, prepired. 7*'« for you, to yfl 
*T evelf het cvel, the evil, the miscliief— the devil; 
you will. Oore, of the car. 


Vied an a half-anm answer to one that ron 
t/O eonmilt whether he nhall reiient ffOme trifling 
anpponed afflront he may hare had offerefl him, 
fancied i and in doing whieh you are inclined 
think hhn either trifling or trouhleiome. Ooe t* 
Mj 'i evel ameehinV uwer eelft (|. e. TtniA ynu w 
[well out of it] hut you muet nettle the affair ym 
ielft good bye to you t pray attend to your ownee 
rema youmeff. Thm jf/w Cn ia, the Clo to t (ioe tof ' 
meet with in our old plnyn. f/r/^an l>efore ex|ilain< 
'I ewil, the evil, aounda d^L Aenerhichen, to 1 
range, to put in order, to make up, to adapt. D 
thee, thou* 

ifK la An pRotro am a thki with two taim. 

Applied, I lielieve, by one who l>eing under t 

nerpmify of referring to nome aiinerlor, with wh< 

he ia placed in relation, ia treated hy him rrpulairt 

//i> ii/[ah Iferouwd ale rr d* ooffh vfijee fu 't el * 

c|. e« // ii all a itate of dudtjeon unth him, a$ p 

mmsi Aoffff p^ceivnd hy h\$ eye hU thouffhte ar$ alt 

MoMwr auaritr t Ha ntt nwiVxft^^Vww VwV^w^, 

yott nee hj his counlcnaucr, \w w wov ^nn*\\v\\w 

IHUTt All riiiuirn. t I 

tuu. Atitl tlitu itii|ior(ii HiMiir nmo iif imimlirr IiIih 
iirwi) ir|irrM«iitr«l lur mlirmi In n Jiii'K m Ollirr, 
but iiiiH^lii with tin rtnlrrM Irnm llin rulliitii, who in 
mi«ii| ttrdtHiMy lliiiikiit^ of tlir iIuk or mi by hm 
«Hlr nU lltf^ liiiif^. i9ir]ivtv. Ah, im. Ihnmwii, 
iirimitrr, iiImIi* uf iitorlillrnlioii. Om/A, *hnj, vyv, 
Wifgrmt to iimIh'hIo, In In« lli«« iiidrx nl, In |iniiiiniil. 
T, V#, Af^r. it, 7" rl *«. ir pi m. InwnnU Hniiirwlirrt' 
rkr, ill niinllirr «lii'r<*tinii,ii ilillrmil wny. A7, in linrn 
llir nilvrrb vlnnwlirrn, no wlutrr lliorn. ihrtwnHit 
by iIm iiii(«ri'hAitKiiig; Mitnulii of |i iitul A mitiiiilii 

rrjicli YorH nnANiiMiiTiir.ii rn m'i'k lUum. 

A nniKbiiib iimiiiirr of rrjiM'liiiK uniitp udvirr nr 
n|iiiiiuil lint HUitnblp In tbr nrrnrtinit in «|nriitinii. 
iiir« Mn'^ ffrruftirn Mf»rf/, iiprr, Ip turvk u ; t|. r. 
•N thi$ rfur, tVir, N'Anfrtrr yi>N rriN tirvitP in utt ppv* 
vi\*p ^IN kml); ii|HUt I bin iMM'tminn, Sir, ynur nmnnl 
IP nut of lilnrft. UprtiPtirn %m\pti rnrrni|NiitiU Hourly 
wilh ibn Ijitin nmiiuiium, in i\w minnnnribiai wbirit 
ia iliiiir u|iuii tbn bi««l rniiMiltirnlitiii, mill ibiiH thi^ 
hwt Diuiiiiiii Ibnt aun lio Imil ; liui U hi«ro tmnl 
MMnrwknt iroiiirnlly. iirpr (^4U) Hbnvml iiilt* nti 
miawnr lovmi In n iVUnully uHor of nitvirn nibU lo 
llii« rnintiiicMm nl' tbi« roply. iirrtml^n MiiniiilN n* 
9ft%inti AUit rff«W Arrr, Mn molhpr. 

Till*. lirsVII. T.\Ki: Tiir iiinumuht. 

Suiil ti|Min nn iM*ritiiii>ii, wbrrr il u vviilml I bit! 
pmnnbody mimt icrl inln n Ht'iitjir, but ininibn mir ih 
ibr |iHiii*i|Hil (*nttr«*in ; nr wbrrorurb tiiul iiitbiMibr 
•i*ni|N« nbniibl rninr In ibr Itirn nl*nity nC Ibc nlbrm 
ibHii tn bimiirll'. i>f/ *t rvrl turvkrf tiU h^P urn m' 
Afirvf / ti. n. far thpp thp nHl (nMk! work <iii*fry / iiNf/ 
fiM/IP'ciMfl A/uN* / for y<iu tbr vrKUlinnii jnb koon in it 
nil yon nrr itnt nl' brouib (till ynti wbromO. Ami I bun 
irtl/iJyiN^,' '/flmlm ynu tnti\V«^\W\\u>A\W \\\\\ v\>nv^ 


for taakyjoh^ Uyen, to vex, to molest. M* hoe$t^ mei 
hocst, Mcfj mefie, met, tnit^ with, till it lA ns witli, tili 
as desired. Iloestf cough, difficulty of respiration, 


That is, the rain is violent and drives to the face, 
'JBt reyiCs ketse aen (VoogB ; q. e. ihU is a propet 
current into the eyes ; it is a thorough drive upon 
the eyes ; it is as if its only object was our eyes ; 
liow properly it besets one's eyes ! The phrase ii 
evidently jocular in both travesty and original ; and 
evidently spoken by one who had been peppered 
by some driving storm of rain. 'Et, het, tnis, it. 
Reynj pure, unmixed, proper, sheer. *Sf is, is, 
Ketse f as the participle present of ketsen, kitsen, tc 
chase, to drive on after, to pursue, to hunt. D^oogs^ 
dc oogSf the eyes. 


In the sense of, chuse which you will, the choice 
will be a bad one, and said of persons or things 
equally worthless. Baer is nood er pijn t'u Ohetu 
//y te winnen ; <|. e. you must take a little pavu 
before you get any good out of a vagabond [worth- 
less wretch] ; there wants a httle trouble to squeeze 
any thing Worth liaving out of a proper beggar ; to 
get any thing from one who has nothmg is a trouble- 
some affair. Ohcus, ''cggar, nood^ necessity, need, 
/;«;w, trouble. 


In the sense of, I gave him as good as he brought* 
I treated him as roughly as he did me ; and implios 
I made him repent of his rudeness [insolence] and 
showed him I was not to be ill uscmI witli impunity. 
Jii! f/ccvc hem vr rouw larttj voor *($ hoi ijvcr ; q. e. 
aye / f/iffc him thvrc rvimm lu ri-pcnt ,foT <i.loii\<\-\)>kUe 
fif his mad zeal [otriciv)v\»uv:ft»\ w tKU n.ffiv\r ; \»a5» 



t'iiiMi,\it rtiM\nr« l.t 

liim frinrliilM't il lutin. lU f th f nyv ! (imr, i\\\v. 

NnHw, tr|irtlltlllt'i\ vtirrtiW, ^,tir^'. //ii/. fMlltil|riMMlPi. 

/I'tTi-. Km I. witniilli, nriliiiir. I ml with fioi il lirur« 
llir ^rttPriil'ovpr/rul.ill litiiril /.ml. iitiitl /.ml. 

tir. iiHiMKii An Mi^i./\Mrtifii.v AH /\ iiin f/ir. 

A lMi1ii*rfiit«, ImiI f'fitiiitifiii r^|iti'winti. iinimI liyliiip 
witn vrrd until Itnr wIlli ti wnnriil itiiil f|rjiM<lrtl niiiti 
Irttfittc'i* : lull Willi wlinlii il m rvitlml lio Iiii4 iinl 
iinirli Irllfiw IW«liti|r, niljiri hiitit k lit i wilier liiiii In Ih^ 
mt iiiii1mrrviit(r |irrpiiiii, nr rioiit iMlirviiiu liiiii In 
Imvr tiinl willi tin iimrp I linn liin ili'firtl. iHr luvk'n 
tih fH9ti ttnt knh itfn rr kii*l *j*t[jl i <|. r. hnv huh 
h$9 f'liilrn info tm nUhj tt itrntftr, im Ihv roi/itr who 
if utifthrti ArM i llin I'tinr in i|itidlinn qitrtii(i (Hii* nl' ii 
Niinir riflirnlnnH mitl. nn wlion it minir iq liml pnnii(»li 
In Irl Ititnfirir lin tnknn up ; nnil nimiiliiir, lift Innlrn 
likn n I'nnl liiii Inn jiiiitiR : lin ilrqpiviin wlitil In* liiin 
mi'l Willi I'm llin Inlly. i,urk, in nn nf'fii|i*nl, pi^r 
nnniHrfl liy lin* iirinnn in i|ni'nlinn. h'nlv (nnw kiHif), 
nii\niir^i'ni|ililii«fl in ii liinnin^ |iiiM<iMir i mil. wnnil, 
nr IniT. Inil Imn* iiiimI in llii« nmni' nC ijimintn |>iiiy 
kititl III ininjiirlnnpl : tin wlirn wp miy " 1"^ f*'!! muhi 
llir liyinp. |iuii inln llm IIh';" wliii Ii i<i im. In* Irll 
I'lnnt filip ininriMliitn* inln iinnltiit ellll (Miiilri. iimiit 
I tint|i|i'lr«. hiftftnt. In liiv liiiiil nl'. !<• iiili'li nilil 
iliMily. vnliMiily In iiiili. (rfi;/7. jq tin llir wniul kiinl 
nl inltiiiti. lliii-C. villiiin. niir itiiil iq ii in{iiir ill till 
t:(iitii«a III tin* wniil Mint Qiinnilu mf, 

fill! lilt riiiin ti|: .\ iiinnii-ti'n nun! 

SnitI nr n |M-innii wlin |iiii|pa ( vulnrq) Ininqi H' n|ifni 
dfimn rnijilnynirnl wtiii li \a nllin fti'in{iiiliity In 
hnn, fit mI Inidl ilni'n nnl tiimr liiin in IIk* rnlnin nl' 
nlliriQ, ttitf ttir hntfth- ttf' tfr f,iififu-trt ii tfniufh 9 
i| r /ififr' thh ju I ^tut i/Zhm/ii-j fiinr-.ttf fn*m tt fiini 
•/ill '« fntit , liiiu ill (!liiiii-i Ml ^-iv-i-ir: mil , \(inii|i 
I't I ihi |i|rif|l (liM ltltiin(\) \\\.\Ai \\>^ W \\\Avc\\Nvv\\\ 


office. Jireeden, breyden, to amplify, to cxpaud, Ui 
dilute, Ui |xMu»t. B find p interchange, so tkal 
brtyde Bouiida exactly Hi yye utter ptide, Kiqipeler^ 
tt piuip, a go-betweeu ; m^f ^^^ ifti^laar, 


A great fues aliout nothing, great bu«tle about 
fe^iine trifle. Qurttdt kraeije uen litiel woel ; <}. e. 
Crow ycU rtmly upon a »litjli,i dUfurbance, cruHk 
uouii takes alarm ; uUuding Ui tlte lort of in«tiactiyt 
exiiiliition of alarm, htj remarkable in that bird, 
wliick in Uiug an apt type of needier appreUeiUHOU 
Kraeije (now kraai,) (3row» tlie source of oui 
verb lu cry ; m well a^ of tl^ Dutuh kratiyen, tla 
Jtaliun tjridare, tlie l^rench crier, ami kpukim ii: 
tlic bujne i^nse. Qureulan^ uerteden, to make ready, 
to prepare. Wuul^ tumult, aititurbaiH:e. 


In tlie sense of — to strive against general opinion 
[custom J is useless [in vain] ; Oi ooi/ose tbe sensi 
of mankind, Uie opinion of the world, is nom^use 
foolish, unwise, not peruiitLcd. Takuike, eryeeu'ii 
die bruiiiVi ; <j. e. keep it to yoaritlf\ if it is notkitu^ 
tkat custom fitLnits to be saul ; wim&|>er it to your 
ai4.-lfy when it is nothing which is tit tr> be told in tla 
b'X'iety where you aiv. And thus implying, ti>doai 
others 'h), is safest , less likdy to prove huitiul to you 
moie prudent. T'u to yourself. Kicken, to muiuUe 
tjf> speak within the mouth, and so not U) let a wor< 
out. Gee/i, uotlang. '/S, is, is. '7', et, bet, it 
Isket, hi it, tjiat is, if it siuiuid happen to l>e. lin/tick 
bruik, usage, eust4>ni, S4>unds b/ick. I'he |>brai< 
liah jLoHiinjg to do witL tlie pri>verb to kick tiuuih& 
ihe pticku, whii'h u^eans to do that by wliich mjuu; 
ii> jctn'iviui ; and whie\i)»\AUkdib'\u Caiiuien « IUiiuumm 
w the form of, /// kiik utjuin*! the iirukt \\\vvtVVv» 

UK IMH utrr TiiR wMoya ih»w nv Tiift kam 

In thn MiiiM* rif, hf! Iiim itmdii n niwljikfl by Umt 
wliiffh h<^ liiiH tUttw ; lin will ri«|N*tit f»r wimi lin liim 
floiii*. //iV A/ir«f r/i/ An///* eifj ivrnnffh no hij tllr 
hir.r I (|. r. /i/'rr (by lliin) yuii httiw ptmMy prti- 
ftttrrd minr.hivf fnr ihynvlj'in what you nrp tLnHfj i 
wliHf. you nrr now (loiii|jc tiitiy pcrliii|m |or iif oiirnj 
turn info h mmim ofrvil l.o yourMlf', iinti lliufi iniply- 
tnid likn llin t.riivi«iity, you iim Miinlitknn. Hut if hnrMi 
IN litsrci in tiic Minm f»r r</ rw/.'r, tJmt of \\w orjtfinul 
form would Ih*, lliitt vcmi Intvn iirtiiiilly iiri'iiiinMl tlin 
niiM'liic^f for yourNflf. For hnrMi ntfiuiH nnnrly^ 
ulmoHif nnil iiImi t/uirkh/, nmm^ tit niivr, iinftm, to 
|irf|mrr<, to i-hum* to turn into it ilillrri'tif foriu tlntn 
iM'fori* ; II nd iilw» fo liM|i|ii*n, to tiikn oliici*. Wrtmffh, 
niim'lii<«r, injury. /Hr, thiit wliirli m <loiii|,(. Jiit'f 
kinft h«n'. (Jijf you, ijy, tliiT. 


In tlin KtuiNii of, III* trii*(l by birk, iin br (b»i*ii wbo 
lofMcN u|i; br trird for tbn pri/i* in i|ui*Ntiou: for 
tbi* H(lvMiitH|jCf* lo Ih< i^iijimmI. Hit* tomtf /;/;, Arr/ 
iMinlfifft 0. «•. //*" /ria/ hrybm fn'hy% whttt iihttftin'ttltt 
Ihti rnnr in vallvd in tfif tiir, Aritl ibifn not oiin 
of tboM* wbo iiri* to try ibi* I'vriit riiNl ii|i tin* 
coin by iin i*lliirt titii(b* wImti* bi< MiiiuU 'i iiimI 
(bi«i« not iinotbrr mil tliiit wbirb in to In* ibt* iMui* 
of tin* triiii wliilf" tbi* robi in U|> iti tlin n'lr'i TUr 
ori|i^iinil pbriiNf* iilbirb'H to notliiii|( but tbi* lourb 
Itbi* i«nbrt| niitilf from bi-low, itiul Ihr nuin^ llin 
iMiin by H cull, wliili* tlit* \trny;rvnn of tlir triiil Im yi't 
tfoiiiK on hIkivi*. Tovlnrn, to niiiki* ii tritil I to provn | 
by touf'b, ti» bituilb*, iinil houikIn ttumrtL f);/, iibovi% 
on bi^b. iifirif In imniouncrii. Oitrilfrl, JuHk- 
ni«nt, (bfi'iNion, iMUi*. It in u Nort <if rdroUur^ of • 
iwn/i w IrirtI Iwbiw, but. ju«\v;*'«\ \\Wn\^, Oi\r>\\\\>A^ 
f/r. /J nntl i hfitiy; MHti*r wmuAik ilrvl iawwwVk V*\A , 
////r. Au9\ nnrthrl m tW iWtuwxw voriVvVV. W' 
hvrv, holow. Ill wluit Arum* r%\i\ \Nw >nv>xv\ V^^'^^ 

10 /sUt It4.tft,ttn'if #||- 

nnritlirr likf -HMMfi'lirif; firnci- / 

IIR l«» Aft 'm/^** A«* TWO f»TirK<«, 

A fnmiliftr w»y of MyiMtj, li*^ w in n yrrpui 
nirm (ftfJif/* of »ir»j(pr;; ImiI from th*' form oi 
f*x|n-«!MMm imj/lyiri^ no v^ry .vrioii* fnut" fo 

ff, t*4 IhiM !• jvftt lihr. ymt vf/fn ynu tnt* in n jin 
fii flvil'wt/ fhfi ftpum wifkf'f (tmrrM'r| *//»// U 
nyrn'tft^i y'/vi|; JM^t .«o yoif r»vp wlf^n yon Itwt ; 
iviff l/ffniifM.«'( »nrl ^hnf. ont Ny fifing ♦'"» l'i^« 
wmif! mlvjiknlnfM;n of your o-z/n. An'I, in i» 
•r«y^ whftt rnorr irritrttjfi^ or jiroyol^irrr f Hov 
tlif« i« « n^ff^i-'tf^ of v^^.xfitiofi 5'M/,fn f<{r<-ri' n/ « 
«ny tti Kncrfftn'K '"X/'j/t *»y flioa#- '//l»o Mw^ll w 
fh<- |fr«'/-in/-t9 of ji K*»^n«or». On fh^ ''fnfin'Ml 
4|f«-fM'« of 'lf)«'.mnr$i «n*I proof of t* mjf^r »«» ^till 
Jiri'l w»« in fhrntft Jwy^rvn ?'» »f Ijom*'. ///r, 

7 IIP. nArKW4Prr/M7 rnr rwio^f^r k k . 

Ir» f>M* 5^n*'' 'rf it W'i'\ 7/i»y ' ■» //fffTt'x ttffrfh 
fiU^trt'J Ji r''^nif;itj'iri, '#f rn'iL:ifr/ yiura^lf f/if* 
kn'fWff, //'• hoffi V tt* fft till : ifij luriti-m ' .«, 
'|, '". //'/* jir>rr jinl^ II t.filuf upiw itnsfnrhifir^ c« 
tffiur^ftf lo hf tntlii'i/ nf I ifi, ihrnin ' th-' ir/,tf/- 

«nWi't hy It; if y'tn ^ff- s'# Jjf»/i/i»i2 ♦/# !»*■ uiAjiit 

ifft*'rififfrtffl m |#^iMrrl? | ; ii^o f>i' r» Attfl iU*,yin yon 
m|fl7ir»:/^ of //I'lra/ , io f}ti- Bp,r;>k/r of >f»l* $ 
tfOT»h<\ r»o tfr«»f r« /'>r'I for fh/- o' fVfT, ;>/!/! ;<««^ 

'/r^h'/ff f f'ifK^f t : . ! ' T. t f,i . r .f\ » . *> c -1 N* • ' i',?.'- 

^ "-*■ / ^V"* //ft tl,* :t.-'.^\ ft - » ■ ' ^ • • " * ' ' 

r • 


iMii'ti I.Alt I'liiiAnrn, 17 

(ffir/i, livi'l', Itirrciil. Wiit'fvn, In litiikr Will ill iif, 
III lllilkc UI'lJDlllll 111'. Wtft^, Will', KIH*'' l^"<'i MllUlllU 

vujf. IhrortH, llin llii|)i'l'kilivr 1)1 hniwMfM, In 
Kliiiiiy, to liiitkii ri'iifiWiicMl ; in it I mhiiiiiU hmom. 
SUvkrtit If) Hlillis to Hiilltii'iiln mill mii \u iltuwii. 

'I'O lll'N TIM', fi All Nil IM. 
Ill till' Ml' II HI* III', Id III I ill' r}/,!)! Ill* |iiililnliliii'til kliiiwii 

liy lliiit iiiiiiii^; iIm* iiMMli'oriiillii-liii(( wliirli, in kiiiiwii 
III rViM'Y M'liiMil liny. 7V' finri'ii {nniwrii) ilv t/inint 
tp iuiff i i|. I'-, ht trprnt thr roijuv tini httr, tii rviivnl 
»f plttifiiitj Ihv ptut iif a rotjuv tint lutv : tin il in, 
hAi*r llli^ |ttlliiNliiiiriil Iiiiti lii'i'il millrlrit, Kill lilin 
llii*r fill 111 111' lliit Ifiiii I'nr I Inn iiiitiinliiiii'iil wiin ^'iiiilr- 
lujHt III p,uiilln|i, wlili'll I tiiki' In lir, iin ku'tint 
\tfUiii$t\ /ni/yi, Mill! lliiinliti'iiilly " tlir in(/,iir'H liiii/' iii 
UN wit llilW MUy *' llli' Mi|l,l|i''n lilliicli;" iiliil llii'ii *' In 
IIMI llin ^illllrln|)" wniilil In* " In i«'|iimiI nt' liiiviii^ 
iiiil»)i*rliMl niin'H Hi'll' In lliiil |iiiiiinlitiii'iil." itnuivt'ti, 
ruWfUt l<^ 1*1**1 1** lr|H-ill III, In ii'f/,trl. Kli'tiHtt 
ifuntii, in^.tii'f klilivt*. /.iio/i, rniiini', nrllliMl m liki'il 
h'liii nC Kniiip, nil ; ii tinit iin il wric 

t M n NINI. I All.h. 

An lliit Wi'll klinwii nihil liliH'iil Ini |ii-liiil Inilliri*. 
(iiiit htHiHfuttf t'ht'ri'it , i|. r. mmplvlvh/ minknui ihn 
tfntt*9f oil ti rtujuv i llir riMiipJi'linii nl llir villiiiii'n 
hliuiiHi ; llii< itiliiiiiy nl' liiiii wlin iIi'hi-ivi'h llii* iiillii' 
linn. Alwiiyn linwi'Vi't iiii|ilyiti(i, llir niilli'iri In lit' n 
|fin|iit| nlijrfl I'm |iillilHliliirtil. C/i/i/r (i/i/i/), inpfiit*, 
mill iniHWrtn Inllir l''l r tir li /f n/ii/i, iin /riffffi/ ilntn In 
f/ifi/r. iiiiaiirH, Innliiiii, In ilinliniiniii , In ilin^^iiiri*, 
In iiiiiik Willi ii/jiniiiiiiy. Tlin nriini* nl llir iiiiiiiliri 
III' iiifif, iitt lliiil III' llir lliniipfH, liiin |iinliiilily iln tinr 
Ml llin iiiiiiln|iiy nf'llii* nniiiiil nl'lliiil wniit williii iinr 
luni ithhr |f/lMlMi' wlllr\l \ \mA\vm\' \\\ \\v \\\v» \\V\>j\wv'^ 
///*• Irim, 7'lir hi Ilk iinw UHiA Vut \W \\\v\\v>\v v\\ >\' 
MfHrirn nl \\\u\t \\\\m\\ nnw \%y\rikv\\\*^ \Vv \^^^^ 
I or. I. V 

in UiQ iiiil»fiftf.iif^ of tho ririeifinl iinrAff'tlrcl pmilnn 
of tlip. ro{mV rrirlyfftill iifif'fl in thn rmvy. 

ff4f.P r»v(?.ft. 

In tlir or.fiftr of vrrv rinifik, wU^efiriti^ drunli^ 
lltdf Mtr^f^ iwrr M|. *". •*»'''' / ^'"(/ '* ifintp nuf nf tfHP§^ 
lion I look I nny onr niny t«'ll h^ ffi inorp limn li^lf 
(Irnnk ; Ar^ Inm t.liprf^f nrnl R^y Iip f9 only Imlf firufflif 
if yon rnn. Tli*^ tti/#>aho|/|jr is riviflpiffly fironi n 
hrliolcler of tJif! drnnlc rn i^frffon to ffyi4tftN(/f>rft< 

iiR 1*1 i»ftrvfc» FWOM r'ovf to pim^an. 

In tlip ^fu%f\ of, fo fir iri n ftf«fp of rrstlpM nv^%{%- 
fion, of fliAf)nif^tMfl«* fi«^lrnyinir iUrIf hy ontwfiH 
ftijjns. //</ in datir pvni vrr-nn-jMHitid (twffpjHmntl) 
Ir frllpT i t\,t\ hn in m'ttfp //// ///iji in n nfulp ttfpvPM 
yrt'filcr fury \svt\f\\vp.\ than hpfnrp; it. IfAA f'MM«ffl 
liim to l;r rvrn /nor*- rli.atMrh^rl tftttn lif! w«ij» liffore 
thf rvrnt. in fjfif^Qfir/o took |»l»i' f. i'tnmpn^ to l#fr in 
fi ftttttf* of f|nif t, tf» rf'jioa*^- in \tt\ ptill ; «// ii* m tb*^ 
nrgjitiyfi |;fp|»x ; h/a >»» Inf* ^nforr ioK ff^f^x^ (i<t in 
thr vrff#* vrr nv tjp lutkrn, to {i^ifftlfy t/i rorrif! tfi 
fin iifjinrky ^n*l ; it/ «/» (irlijthrn^ to rio »in injury 
t/#, Ar/-. rtftm juMtnpp wp fnivr fiiir tf# ^/o«/» in tlM" 
APnsp. of to t»rir»j( t#» n st/ij; t;y firtdunpnt, Ut « f*tJir»'l 
fiy wimt. v/p. ^;iy. Tlifl root wor/l of pt/fmpFt i« ///#«#, 
when* ? tli*i li*»tiij ptiuaa nri/l onr jmimp, Vrl^ vi/i- 
Irnt, a<iv»i/fy fin'l/r/Zrr ftn #-orn|i»rfttKc>. 'HiAt tlift 
r on^orr;int?s y' «n'l // ff jirr«rnt. rmtnriiDy rf>nn*;rtfil 
(nn'l «'vrn int^f I'^nt/irrf/; sonnfU, i^ ^^'^ri in flie 
in*t;inr': of onr /////'» tinfl ///J", in llnt/|» /^///, i» 
(itriniiit jf/pi/J/y fn Italian jn/^'rt/^ nil «r|»irfi »rp tlie 
Wirnr wor'l fhiipr^ft^\y l#'tt<'rr'l, Our f'pfl m fhf 
j«?irnp ft'^n*:*', ns wpII j»« tli*» l^'^Mu frfrn ut Jpiin^ih^ 
}'rf!nfh frtnn, tlift Itnlmn />•//'/ «n'l Jp.lhtnf^, fvi- 
dp.nth (ipliffiyr^ ttf tlii% fttH»i\;-( «»\ viii\i\«.. Vii.T*irn, 
Bounih from ; ponnil, \i^%%\ . 

rori'i.AM riiMA^M. 19 

-HI MAMK ink WINIf. 

In ilitf M*ti«<' tfi\ III |)roi'tirc* iiiuiii'y or itii*Mii« of 
iMfyiiiK tt <Kffii, M wwUf a wmil. 7"ti rif^'a dh 
titiHti t^, f. hi* ufh0 /tfidM [ilin tii<-uiiM, iiifini*y|, 
d mnAna hit IMntj hy *i rAW/i// U midy /imt yim t 
llml lriici« Hi M |»ioltl liti« \/^tti wliiil yiiii WHtil 
uly for you. 7"«, for y«Hi. iM. rtt*d0, rcMtly, 
biin<l, |ir«*|mrMl. I^f^ « {in rMiilyj moiiimU rtiiM, 
y wiif, Im who. i»Mi f'ollfiifl for proltf, ptiN 
lH\^nf iiif'onit«. Il in hh IIk" uli^wnril'ii HiiiitiiK'inlioN 
liu i«iii|iloy<*i wIk*!! Iiif H|i|iliitM if/r iiioiK'y in liU 

MK i« iiir. ^i.owr.ii or Tiiir. ^mhn. 

In I lie •I'liH' of, il m he* wImi roiiHolt'ii fur |miikni 
for I ili<« »*'«! ; II*' in i1m« oim* whom' «u|i«'Moniy 
ibr* ii|i, III «otiii< i|c<({iM', for I lie* iiil«*rMirily of llm 
ii«r« ill i|tic*i»lloii. //(/ h dif fit/an wf'r nf d^ 
mvh / <|. <*. A/< ^« thul whifh lifflitt*nM |ililiiiiilNlM'ii| 

f* I'Mf^f of thi* fpti i il U hi* whoiiiiikrulhK plniriii* 

oiii'iiiioii) iiior« foh'r Millet, fn 
fiuyr^ if II wi*rc< iioi for ilii« oiik lh<* ollu'in itrc mirli 

rm ihii other* (In fiuMilioii) iiiorci loli'mlile. Iiii 

lU ihcy would (Irlvr iiie mmhI, iiinke lliMr <*<Iii«'u 
III Mil iMloli'r4hh' [«'oiiiforlli«iii»| joh, ICvideiiily 
fin I III' inoiilh of «onii' oim* wiiIi n liir|isi* iniijorily 
fooU for hm I'liililrrii, or for nonii* fHihlir Jiivlrmior 
lOM* m-hool m ii'|ili'Mi«ihi'f| with h rfininderiihli* 
4|oiily <d' hloi' kill' III U. I'ltinuuw^ ihn milijiiiii'livr 
r»f|i| iti Jlmiuwrtif fhiuun'tlt lo hri*ifk lIli* ct||i'rl of, 

wi'iiki'n. Vlttti'li^ miilc'diriioM, ihi* ri'vi'im* of u 
i'Min|{. 'I1ii* iiiiioniil iH, if It wiu not foi lhi« oni* 
i« If Hi would diivi' MM' mud ; *r rt llieri*. 


Ill I III! iiiii«i* of, il in nil vi'ry Hum whitf you niiy^ 
il ihrtr $n nolliMii/, iu \\ \ ymt ^nu\ik \\\\vN\v^!ii»^ 
f «// i^i'ry Ihii* mill fuu , \iuV »* \ V\\i^>h >X\vx«^ '^^ 
'/iiMK iii'iiol liyllinii, \ yt\^U \u \wM«^ w\\x^^«^ "^ 
'" '/'// M nt mvi uv% in • I liima li\| wwVjJ \^\ 


it U all carrion [worthless stuff] with all that held 
it together into the bargain ; it Is all rubbish as well 
as its former frame. Implying not only that it is 
rubbish itself, but that which held it and combinied 
it is rubbish Into the bargain ; meaning he that said 
it, the speaker of it, tlie combiner of it. And it as 
a rough answer from one who has a contemptible 
opinion of the speech or its speaker. Al mei^ 
fnede, aitogetiier, one and all. Aeg, rotten stuff. 
Band, ligament. By oock's^ along witli it, besides, 
with the Uganient into the bargain, and sounds box, 
*Sf is, is. By the falling In of the word arse into the 
travesty the phrase 1)ecomes coarse. In the original 
it was merely peevish and ill bred. 


In the sense of seeing every thing in a disordered 
[low spirited] view from a deranged state of the 
system ; a state which presents all objects and cir- 
cumstances to you in a sickly (dispiriting) point of 
view. De bloed-eveV a ; q. e. the blood is in a bad 
state. The phrase Imports a state consequent to an 
undue state of blood, or derangement in the source 
of it. When we say, there was much bad blood betweem 
them, or it occasioned bad blot^d ammtg them; blood 
is then as hloot, evident, manifest, to be seen. The 
French have the phrase *' se faire du mauvais sang'* 
in the sense of, to bring on a bad state of blood by 
brooding over imaginary evils. 

" Soo veel scbepfteU, soo veel monden 

Ziiu 'er die Oodu lof verkonden 

Al de wereldt door en door.'* — Sluiteb. ' 

(\. e.n/i many creatureB, bo many mouths are tbere to proclaim 
tbe i^lory of the Creator throughout his creatiou. SehepteU 
[creatureii] numden [inouths] are inBtaaceB of the two formfof 
piunl above zaeDti<med. 

HE 18 AS rOOa Aft A CUUUCU UOV^falY.. 

Smd of one who is reduced to ??ce^v^ v^Nttte^ \ «R 
one who has little or noi\uusVe«l,vu\ii^^>^^A^'5^^'^ 

riHMT-iu 1*11 n 1^1 «. Vfl 

t»f liri'iim^lniiiT*. //»/ m nin fmn- tih rr tjhinnr 
mtH-M i ij, r, hr Hlinith ih*'n in thr rrfnttnn tif it 
nritfhiHmr l<7if» tmHni ifi»» J'ttr prnviMinn |riiftil>lr«| : 
imply ili(C • tlir Iriir |Hiiir iiir In lip ronmilrrfMl hkiiiim'Ii 
iiliirrtM fil' ri'lirC tiii your nri^lilioui- iiiiil i'f|iiii) winilil 
lir il' rnlurrfl In wiuil. Ami ii lini' niMikiMi ii.n Irniii 
ninii III litiiii ill rrirtiril tn wmir fiiir wlin ii«k« tiliii« : 
n liriri^tir. littrr, htitir, iiri(f)ilMiiir. iihirrm'tt. In 
Hiik III II lliMilnrilltC Iniin ill' vnii'(\ In lir^. IMnrH, 
virlimU. Ilnirn nhuorn, iillii« : whif li llicii I'nii- 
pi«trfl, ill ^rrul |iiirt, nC tln^ ulirrv nl' lyr lin'tiil, 
lliiil vnvrd np |ilntrfi. in llir «iimr wtiy l)in«r nl' wIhmiI 
Itiiw f|n In tlir hilHiiiiPr'n mk'iiI ; iiiii). I mmjitM'!. llin 
i-i|«tn|it nl' hiyitiK: blTiiil lifiiilt' fiiir jiliilrn ill llir 
niiMil« f»(' llip |irrBriil ihiy li(i« it^ linr in lln* iilmvi* 
livii^r «»!' fniilirr lillti'ii. ( Vnfffiri-, Rjii'lU llin wniil 
iilfiiM, ttlmoHH, tthfumr, M/mrjmr, nlmrimr'n in iliHrrml 
|itirt8 nl' llin wnrkp. 

tiY linnR nn nmiiK. 

A« in lll«^ |>liniHr ** In |rrl liy linnk nr ff-nnk ;'* III 
llip RPiiiip nl', In ^rl jiy tiny rK|ii*(lirnl. In «tif'k nl 
ttnltiiit|r In nliliiin ihr rnij ; nut In In* nvrr iiiip in 
nliltliliinir ynnr riuU, lUj hurkr ii'rr krtutkr ; «|. i\ 
hti hrniiittff Iht*. knrm, ttntf hy hmrintf ft*n', nr iir 
vrr nnw miy. Iiy ImwiiiK nml (si'rii|)niK, l>y I'lfnirliinL; 
nml rriniiTtn^. Iluvkru rIu Ih'ihI, In niiik ilnwn liy 
cmn kiinr, wliiln tlip nihrr IhtI u «rrii|H'<l nnl hm'k 
wnriU ; in fiirl tlip Wiiy iickmI liy I'lnwnn nml flinl 
lifi|iiirrR IH^y ymira n^rn, wIiimi tlii-y rnli'riMl ihr iniiin 
nl' llir IIII1II ril' jinwrr : nml, in iiMilily, llii* lv|"' nl' 
llin iirrrnininni'P nl' till- ininlifi wlirii Iip kH^t'4 lln^ 
liiinil nl' liid tmmliM in r\)M'rliiliiin, in- in nrknnw 
Irfl^niirnl. nl' Invnin. h'nutilirn m In Imw Inw, /n 
iTfHiA I ho jinily I'niWtU'fU, III M\^\\ nt' ^il'ns;lu\tinn 
/ r « f r r iin III n 1 1 1 ti ^r \ . \\\\\\\ yi\\\^^ ww \\^ \W vW Vwwn 

n/' iv/tirli r t« ihr kumvu \\\\nvN\v\\\xm . '^^^^^ ^^^^ ' 

22 ARciiAoi/Oor or 

Kroocken, krooken^ kroken are the fame word, and 
grounded in kruck€f kruk ^crutch, in the lenie of 
a staff with a crooked liandle, in Latin crux) / but 
M a» the more ancient kro^ in the adjective aenae 
of bent^ Cttried. Of kroocken we have both our 
io crook and to crouch, in iiie sense of to $ioop to, 
and so to court, to do as is done at court, to cnnge. 
Mucken is grounded in hackdf hak, the same word 
with our Aoc'A or hmiffh, 0*ttr, tmer (over and 


ISut Snttl/ rcomiu it i\m dsj 
Tlist to tb« i%*sfu\kt both iw^y* bsn fliey WMt 
For to ffocoivo tbo lioljt Mcfwn^ot. 
ForUio otma tbo pr«««t with «toU aboMt ttis ntk, 
Aufl btd« )i«r b« iik« Htni ■lul K«b«k, 
in wriidon* luid in truutb of M«nift|^« ; 
And giiid bb»on«oM m U tii« ittftgo 
And^ ckot'tfMJio ihrnu, aod bad Ood ibald thoa bl«M, 
And iBad«» all vikrw 'ynow witli boliii00«»"-^'M4vcKa« 


In the sense of resistance is vain where the cause 
is sopoufer/ul as to exceed the means ofovercamimg 
it ; aiul llius tlie expression of a reluctant sulxnis- 
sion to- what is coming on. NootTs nuest wen U 
evel te ryf '$ ; q, e. necessity is the master where 
there is n» mmtch for it ; necessity has the upper 
hand when misfortune pours in too fast. Meesi^ 
ruoitt, but used in the sutnttantive sense of Ae/ meest, 
tliat to which all else is inferior ; and tlius as mas^ 
ter or masti;ry in tlic strongest ini|>ort. Te rylf, too 
r^fCf and thus too ul/undant, too prevailing, too ge- 
neral, overpowering. V and /* have tlie same sound 
itjr Dutch, and had once with us, Nofxl's, tiood is, 
necessity is, tuani is. NeetTs mast is nuod *s meest. 

* Toff^thpf, ofi** by tk« otliivr, in DuCcli 6y «m. 
f Mmnimn^ >• *o ImiU by tm Ct^iAU, 
/ Af«d«liMmlWna t)MiTUMwl«UtUi»»»RV\Mt»AtfK\«Vf^ 
nmktm such do to r«c«iv«! bin {orma\ WwwWcvViu. Wi.ViW 
**f ^ro$iy; when Ij<* fxpbiiift Ow Ujiiu ooaiWl, >ft^» no^MA^v^ 

roi't i.AH i*iitiiiir.ri. V.'l 

III; Till!. 'lAtllfPA nu IfJAf. 

In iIm' tktnikti of ht nhruwtl him wht^rn ht^ wan 
wmiHj it! thai whiv.k hr hwl utiid or firtrfHrnnl, uiid 
\\\n% (iifiiiii(iri'i| liM fiiHf, ii|khIi il. for liiiii ; |mi it in 
NMolhi'f vii'w Mm II lliiil Imi liud Itiki'ii of it uimI im» 
('fi;ili|/i*«( liiM fi|fiiiioii. //;'/ liMtntl ifttt U ritrl'H etrn 
htm I i|. V, hr khniiwil him V'hnf wan wtntitf in 
thai ihhirk hn hful hft'n mufiutf i Jif nliowi*'! hiin tlir 
«li'fi'rt« of tlu' ciiiti' iiti Muli'fl liy liiiiitsi'M ; lir jioilltcil 
'iiil lo liiro wlii'ii* III* wun iiiinfkt|(i-n, unfl llmtt |/iivr 
lifMi lhf< rhoK I* of M«'lliii^, liMfinrll lit/Ill oi not, TIm* 
fti'torifl r; Ml tiHtntl, tm |fiolofi(/iii|/ I hi* iioiiii«l of tliiil 
\*'l\t't, in fiof iiMii|flly H'tii'f'M'iili'tl III till- irioili'iii form 
tii till* iitiiiiiM* hy r, tiif 1 1 III' Itiffi i/f rofitJiiiiiii^, 

QffHllfl III out |»||(/l|(l(/i'. 


An IMilltll tll|i«ll|M'rti«fJ |i|ri'i* of |/iMifl lurk ; Norii(* 
iiiilorf'ii«'rii ImiM'lil ; noiiii' (/ood IoiIiimi' tfiiit. ttilii'ii 
l»y miMiMtii'. Ww iinit mil i '|. «' //"/' mhu h fin 
tunv i liii'k I /f/bii/n in tn un, Viil, foitiiiif, mifl \\\m 
Miiy ttiMipr wliif'li KMitillfn, (fivc« jili'dniif i* ; llitil wliifli 
<ofilfl Iff wmlii'fl. Viilli'ii ifH-tiiiii to mill, lo jilt (11141, 
Ih'IM-i* oil! In full ill, iin loroiif iii, 1oiip;ii'i' (irimltun 
i« lo rliiiiiii, lo Ih'WiM'Ii, lo fit li^.lil. I niiifiot lliinli 
Willi oiii (Ifflioiiiiiy tfiiikrit», till' woifl IM UN HiiHil mill 
full, Mini Ko iin noiiii'tliiiif/ tlii' wiimI liiin niiiflr to lull. 
Toi III t'l-il ^i-iiRc, if II iihiii'N lioiittc in lilowii ilowii 
OI liid liiit off lim lictiil, citlii'i woiiM III' II mini/ full. 
Mut no Olir, f ht-lii'Vi', rvM riilli'i| i-iljii'i of llicvn 
f VI' II In 11 WIIMlllltl. VllH\tlUUlliiU*'Vi\ J'ltll ) IM «*vri lilt 

KOliK'lliliii/, tliiit i^iiiU OI {ili-uni-K}. ///'/ vi'h'ii Uvrfl 
iiiui yr/r/i mil ^ m, I lie |oo<l linn no lltivoiii in it, m not 

IM'f OMlill)! lo tlinll', (/IVt'A no |»l«'liAil|l'. //or l/'///;/l//'M 

hihhni hill ffi^rn vul i in, llifiti' womU Ikiv*' iiol)iin|/ 
whfrh ph'nititi^ fiiillii, lilliiiin n\ \\\vu\. ^^lv^^^H<^\^^^, 
//f///V/, *^/ hlUllf lU, III ^||I||\U1'I* W^WWUXW, V^ >*>N^>^ 

"//'/ //oio /*.i|„, '• ,1 .,, ^,.,y \;^,. A I Www v\V*^^^ ^^^' 


oOieo, Breeden, breyden. to amplify, to expand, to 
dilatfi, to boui, B %m p mtdmmnge, so tliat 
breyde apuiul« eicadiy M ir« uUisr piii?. Kojfpeler, 
a pimp, a go-between ; rw^iir apelt bapp^laar, 


A g^eat fusil about nothing;, great bustle about 
some trifle^ Q^r^adt hraeye aen littel woal ; q. e. 
Cr&Hi geti ready upon a $liy1^t diiturbance, crim 
$oon iakfii alarm / alluding to tlui sort pf instinctive 
exlubition of lURrm, so renu^k^ble in tbat bird, 
wbick is tlius an apt type of rieedlese apprelienaion. 
Kraeye (now kraai,) Crow; the source of our 
verb to cry ; an well aa pf the DuU:h kraeiijen^ tim 
Italian yridare, the French crier, and upatif in 
the rnvm sense, Q^eiden, uereeden, to make rea4y, 
to prepare. fT^o^e/, tumult, aisturb^m^. 


In tlie sense of — to strive against general opinion, 
[custom] is useless [in vain] ; to 0iiiK>se the sense 
of mankind, tluB opinion of tlie world, is nonsense, 
fooUsh, unwise, not permitted. T^ukkhe, ergeen,'$'t 
die bruick*$ ; q. e. keep it to your»elf, if it i$ nothing 
that custom admits to be $aul / whis|)er it to your- 
self, when it is notliing which is At to be told in the 
society where ypu are. And tlius implying, to do as 
otiiers do, is safiest, less Ukely to prove hurtful to you; 
more prudent. T'u to yourself. Kicken, to mumble, 
to speak witliin tlie mouth, and so not to let a word 
out. Oe4in, nothing, 'S, is, is. 'T, et, het, it* 
l»het, is it, that is, if it should hap[>eu to be. Bruiek, 
kruik, usage, custom, sounds Imck, The phrase 
lias nothing to do with tlie proverb to hick a^ainet 
ikeprieki. which means to ao tliat by which injury 
j» received; and wliicli staniU'vu Cumden* i lUiiuiitiec 
w the form of, to kick £w/ain»t the pncke \yV\feV\v«wi, 
^f'^ ^Irnrp point]. 

u% HAH tiin TiiK wHova mf¥f mr tiis %a% 

In i\m imuMi of, lut bmi iiiAiln « mbUke liy that 
wbkb hA kmi doiia ; hit will rapent uf what ha hmi 
Antttf, /lie hue§t ffif hotte MJ wronffh mo hy din 
hiar / i(. «*• A«r/y (liy thin) ^r;i/ /i/«i)ff jm$Hbly prtt- 
pttrtid miMchitt/ for ihyMt^lf in what you are dinny / 
wbMt yoM urn now damv; nmy |H«rkit|M [or Hi ortcis] 
turn iuU) n mKiw of « vil lo younurtf, uiiii tbuf imply* 
log, Iik4i tb« tnivtfNty , vou iirif mi»tiiki}i), liut if ha0Si 
k bttftt in UsA MiiM of /i/ /mt'tf, Ibut of tliD oridniil 
fimn woukl be, tbut vou Imvn ueiuMy pri^|Mireu ih« 
wiNcbiftf for youriMflf. For hut/ii iiiniiiifi ntarty, 
ulmanif and mIimi tfuinhly^ Mtnm, nt onrnt, lloUnn, to 

CMwr«, lo tfauNn t<» ttirit into n (liHcfrMit form tlmn 
lioTM s unil mIno U> bttp|mn, to lukn iiltti'i*, Wrmtfgh, 
mNM'bittf, injury. JHtt, llmt wbii^b w do'mg, Jllfp 
kltrt \mt^, dij, you. Jjy, thix). 


In tliA imtiim of, Im tritul by lurk, an ho doKf wiio 
Umum u|» ; lut tri<*(l ft»r llm prixtf in quMition ; for 
tbtt advttntaict! Ut \m ^uinfil. IHu tttrMt, op, hrat 
mmtmili o. «*. tht trinl htyin$ htilinv^ what Mhnll ufttln 
the ea$0 it entlfd in thtt air. Anil i\tH*n not ou<i 
of tluNM« who ant to try Urn i*v<*nt riutt up tb«f 
am by an <*flbrt niuiln wb<*r<i bet ntnndMlf und 
ilo«i4 not anotb<«r mil tbitt wbirb in to \m I bit iiwuit 
of tiMs triiil wbibi tint roin i* up in tint nir? lint 
mriipnal pbraint ulludfn ti» notbinup but tint tinicb 
I till! ifMbrtj mftdt« from iRflow, iind tint iUint^ tint 
MMUS by a call, wbilit tln^ \irny;rt*.tM uf tint trinl w yrt 
foing on alxivit. Ttnittufn, to nmkit n triul ( to prova | 
1^ touch, to bandkt, und ikiundu totMnd, Op, iil»ovctf 
on high. Heetf in pronouncitd. OimUal, judu;- 
mant, diM^bion, bwutt. It in a «oti (t( c^mAWt"^ v^^- ^ 
mmn h imd Mow, but jiu\v;i*A *i^Hwt^. Ow Wk>x\\^^ 
«r, D and i Iminu; aiHtt*r mmwV^k tl««l ikM>>\T^^^ ^«^ 

iHtra, Iwhw. Ill wimi a«u»** luu vW >Hwtv\ 1*^^ 

16 AhciiiftoixKiV or 

used in the cxprciwion than ns tlio represcntativt 
anofther like-foonding 9cnne ? 

HE 19 A» Cmiftft Aft TWO ftTlCKS, 

A familiar way of saying, he is in a great \ 
man (state of anger) ; but from the form of 
exproMion implying no very serious cause for 
being so. Hie is aU gij raaae ah toe gtei heck 
i{, e« thi§ iijuit like you when you are in a past 
at finding the town wicket [barrier] ghut fclo 
against Ton] ; just so you rare when you find yo 
self benighted and shut out by being too late fi 
some miscalculation of your own. And, in a sti 
way, what more irritating or provoking ? Ilowci 
this is a species cf vexation Jicldom cxperienrcd 
any in England, except by those who dwell wit 
the precincts of a garrison. On the continent i 
species of dilemma and proof of temper is still ri 
and was in former days even no at home. //i/>, h< 
now. Oijf you. Rnenen^ rnazen^ to rave, to nUf, 
Toe^ shut, closed. nV/er, fitedcy town, place. Ih 
wicket, barrier. VV, i>, is. 


In the sense of a hatX way [a wrong mode] 
raising a reputation, of makin^i: yourself f^imn 
known. Dc hack waerd wee ; dij Iperoem ! Mii4 
f\. e. the river jmtn a mtlue vpon win frrrlnne ^ no 
ytmrgelf to he talked oftrjo dromn ! the water 1 
always reserverl a price [rcmwuf ration] for those v 
suffer by it ; if you are so anxious Uy l)e notorio 

1 mentioned in publick] ; go then and drown yours 
mpiying, of course, in the speaker of thiA an 
trophe, no great re^^ard for the person addressee 
ft, artd t/rat he thinks him a vain amlxftions pen 
wrthfmt either talent ox inAn^r^. ^^t^X^. ^^ 
ihfij drowff thems<rlvf'ft ?*te mu^-. lo V k.<>x'' m 
^^fkefj of^ Sit If^ft^t if>t 5» Um^, ?^i\A ro^M-^xm^^"^^ 

tlftthf rlvpr, f/»rrpfif. Wnrrpri, lo f««1i*« worth of, 
o iiifik#« Hi'tiOfitil of. Wpp, wop, jrr'''^' W^^*** im»">hI« 
Hft/y, Uproppit Ui« nii|»f»r«livp of hrmfmrn^ to 
Kkififjr, to frinkA rpnowtipd ; ntifl MfMindii hrown, 
miohnn, t«i 9ttflf<« tii fttiflVMintf* nrifl m> to drown. 

TO Ht/H 'Mlh O/UfWrrRT. 

In t1fr> ftrniii! of, toiirirfpri^othp pitniiilitripfit kfir»wii 
lijf fliftt tinifiP ; tlif ttimlnof iriHirtifitr wliir-h, in kriowM 
1.0 ffpty nvht It A-hoy. W ruuwn (rnuwrn) th' tfuttnt 
Ip hipf I fj. B. /'/ TPppnt fjip TVjfUP hm lair. In rpppfil 
ttf pluyinff tlip jHirl of a roffiip Uui Inip : \%n it ipi, 
tiftrr tlip )iiiritKlinifnt )\n% hppu AiifrcmL Hut nno 
tbfr form of tlin tpnri for thin piiniftlimpfit whm (rmilp 
|ii|ii* or ((»fitlo|f, wliirli I hikr tf» \tP, tm kwnnt 
\tfuiitil\ Ifurjt, nrtfl lliiinlitf'rHlly " thr roi;tip'firtin/' tt\ 
MM Wfi now M«y ** thn roaiiP> ninrch;" ttnd \hpu ** to 
run tlm |(Antp|o|f" would br '* to r'^ppnt fif hnvini^ 
Mtfhjprtrd ofin'M M«*lf to tlint ififniAlimrnt/' liniiwpti, 
ruwpfi, to rnp. to rrprnf of, to rrgrrt. Kwnvlf 
tft/itnf, roi^iip, Mfiiivp. Aw;/;, roiirup, ^Htl^d or tUfd 
tprm of y^n'tufit on : f* hptil nn it witp. 

A« tlip wf^ll known hiRtninifnt for iif^ntd tortnrr. 
iluil - luHtfiPfith llirrl* II ; #|. »•. vnmplrlply niiirhinti fl'm 
ffrttiftf tm n roffifp s tlip f-ofn|i|ption of thn villnin*M 
Mhnmc ; tlm infnrny of dim who d^N^rvpN tlin intlir 
lion. AlwnyM liowpvrr inifflyintr thr Rutfrrpr to hp n 
\trnu9*t ol»jp«t for pnniNlinir'nt. Uuifr (ffi/it), rn^up, 
Mnif RnMwrrM to t)ip Vrpwh fripnnt »n his^mii t\n$^% to 
flrnfp, I/tinfipji, to Mtnin, to rlifthononr, to diM(rrfif-p, 
to trmrk with iirnoniiny. Ttip itcnnp of thp nnndirr 
ntnirtpf n% thnt of thp ttion(/ii, hnM |irolmhly itn riMP 
In thp nnnlo|£y of thr Monndof thnt word withn por- 
lion of th#* jmntkp whirli \ \ir^\Wvi* Nm W \\w^ \\\\^\\v^ 
////» fprm, Tlw Mick finw mh«*A V«n \W Ww>N<^ ^^'^ ^"^"^ 

Mitptwn t,l whip wliii It miiw t»'\u^***^^^'^ ^^^^ X^^'*'** 
»'o/,. r. V 


nessthc reverse : and implicB, low cunning is an over- 
matcli [supplanter] in a competition with unguarded 
candour. Hie, here. Quit, the crafty rogue. 
Tijen, to thrive, get on. Oerasch, rapidly, sud- 
denly. Vrom, vromme, honest, candid, sincere, 
endowed witli probity, integrity. Ander, on the 
other hand, nij 's, lie is. Foute, faute, fault 
itself, failure personified. If you put feet instead 
of foot, as is sometimes done, feet is then as vUd, 
t. e. an object of hatred, a hateful object; and it 
comes to the same sense. Vied, souncb/ee^ 


A familiar way of saying the person in question 
is no great things; has not much in him; is of 
inferior quality. Hie is nauw gereed schie kexe ; 
q. e. t^ can hardly be aaid we have here a conjuror 
to suit every occasion ; here is one who will not be 
found a wizard ready for all cases ; and being ironi- 
cally spoken implies he is no conjuror, as we say, 
and mean he is a fool [stupid person]. Hie, hier, 
here. Nauw, scarcely, hardly. Qereed, ready, at 
hand. Schie, schielick, at once. Hexe, heckse, a 
witch, an enchantress, a conjuror, in a general 
sense ; the same word with our hag in the same sense, 
also with the Spanish hechizera, and evidently con- 
lu'ctcd with Hecate, as the vaticinating goddess; 
hecateia carmina, magic verses, spells, charms. 
Nauw, sounds no; gereed, great; schie hexe, 


In the sense of, he paid too much ; made a dis- 
advantageous bargain. Hij paijt seer rouw die 
noose; q. e. he ^taid severely [cruelly, atrociously, 
in a if/juiiicful manner'^ for tliismuJ*oTtuue\\Y&dcQa- 
ccni] ; he paid a cruelly \\\^\i Y^\ee ^cii >\v«X H^5»lfi 
f^ould only be the cause oC ic\>etvXATve^ wv^ te^gt^ 
^^Wi (for /laving clone so>, >N\\e\\Ve N\^i^^v\\\\^ • 


Ill till* Hrtmn (»r, in pniriirr niDtiry cir inrniiii tif 
•wlinfyiiiK n iIpIiI. ii winli, n wniil. T'h rvfn r/iV 
ff'fV inni t (!• i*. ht* wka JiHttn [i\w inriiiiH, inonny], 
iinti mtthpf hh livinri Ay '■'* ^^"'^5/ m rrntf^for yon ; 
lir llml. IriidN nl n prttfit liim ^ni wlinl you wiini 
iTttfly for yon. 7"w, for yoii. tM, rrrth, rrncly, 
nl hnml, |irrpnriMl. Hr^ m [In rrnflyj HoiinilN riiimf. 
Di0f ff'iV, li(- who. fttnt rollrrtn for pmllf, piiU 
lii|i:rllirr inromn, It. w m thn iilnwiinl'H nnnnnrinlion 
1(1 Itin oiii|»lnyi«r wlion hv npiilim for tnoni^y to hiii 

11 r. in TIIF. FLOW nil OF TItF. FI.OC'K. 

Ill llio nniNo of^ it in ho who coimolnii fur |iimkoH 
up lor) I ho roM ; ho i<t (ho otio whono Riiporiority 
mnkm up, in nouio do^roo. lor I ho iiiloriorily ol* I ho 
(illiom ill (pioHtion. //{/ in tfir fitinnwr'r t\f r/r* 
rfopcii ; q. o. hr h fhitf which litfhtrnn |<liiiiiniHhoii] 
ihr riirMt* of tht* rmt ; il in ho whoniiikon Iho pliiu^uo 
from I ho olhom (in mioMion) nioro loloinhlo. Ini 
plyini; if il woro not for thin cuio I ho othorn 11 ro ntioli 
I'oojii I hoy wouhl drivo mo nniil, iniiko ihoir oduni 
lion lui iulolonildo [oontforHoNNJ joti. ICviiloiidy 
from I ho mouth of nonio 0110 with 11 liir|ro mnjority 
of f(uiU for hid ohihiroii. nr for niuuo pulilio inMrutMor 
whono nrhool in lophMiinhod with 11 ootinidornhh^ 
liiiijority of hhiokhoiuN. i'lmttiwr, (ho nuhjuuolivo 
iikhhI o( fhiouwrn, fhtfiwnt, to lironk tlio oll'orl of, 
If) wonkon. Vhrrk, luidofhrtiiui, tho rovorno nf » 
hlonniii|f. II10 ninoiint in, if it wim not feu- thin mio 
Iho rf*nt wouhl drivo mo nnid ; V rr tlioro. 

IT in A 1.1, MY Aitnr. in a ha no 110 x. 

Ill tho nonno of, it in nil vory (Ino whiil you nny, 

Iml ihoro in notliii)^ in it ; >fmu vivwvXi^ \Yxv\vv\\%^i\ 

liir nil vory ihxo ntid l«ir, \u\\ i\!^ \ V\wh« vVk^w^ Vk 

iiothiiiff: Mif'iiiif hy thorn, \ viiiA\ \v> Wn<^ w^ >'>^^^'^^ ^"^ 

///#•«!. ViV M ft/',„r(' firs vrf n Noiul Iniowtf »v^V 



I take tliG word to he compounded of keeUf in tlifl 
meaning of pointed and of bow^ in that of die instru- 
ment known hy the term ; and to be as a keenbow 
in the import of a bow a bending [formed into a 
point; wiUi a point] ; and to set the arm [hand]; a 
kimbOf is to place it so as necessarily to cause the 
representation of a pointed arch [bow, bend] by the 
inflexion made. To bend the arm aslant, as former 
derivations im()ort, is not necessarily to place it in 
the position known by the term a* kimbo ; for, if we 
point to somethmg at a short distance from us, we 
place the arm aslant^ but not a' kimbo. Upon 
such quicksands, I suspect, words are never 
grounded. Keen in the original import is strictly as 
pointed, but applied in the course of usage, for 
sliarp in all the relations of that word ; and suits 
either the razor or the sword, and with equal pro- 
priety, when the state of cither is such as to answer 
[point out] that term. Tlie word is of the same 
stock as kiem, kcne^ keen, the shoot of a germ [a 
sprout] and thus affording in itself a simple and 
natural type of {jointed ness. The word derives from 
the thema ke-e7i (to turn, to change into) and thitf 
implies the first turning or change of appearance of 
all gcnnination, viz. the point. Of this in another 
page. BoWf means simiiiy a bend, hence the use 
of the tenn in rainbow, the boiv of the ship, the bow 
of the dancing master, the courtier, the binvstiek ol 
the fiddle, or as Johnson defines it, '^ the instrument 
witli which string-intruments are struck.*' 


As in the familiar phrase, to run a rig upon a per* 

son ; in tlie sense of to make a butt of him, to maki 

him the aim [object] of ridicule, to reduce him U 

ffilcjicCf to put him in l\\e v/Tot\v^, to make him th( 

sufferer and ao silence Www, iv^xtV \\v«v. 1 

ruwen ariij ; q. e. to r/uiet tKc tnttlv:wm% «i 

to ailcnre th<' arcli-lauuVer, V<> seV>\vr Vi> \^j*\. 

l*OI*l'I.AH t*llll1«ll<i. .'II 

•Afvriiiff jmlrr, hy mnkiiii;: ii ji^nI of liiiii llrHi. 
Hvruu^rmt nrnwrn^ rnwrn, li> <|iiirf. Tlu* phriiM* 
■in4NNi Hilly lo ciiit^ kiiriwii lor lim unirrilily. luid 
Ibim imnlirH* n jii«l |iiiiiiHliiiiriil . A rruj , nritj , nrrujh , 
(m^ki nHii UsHiiiii* ill n iiiiHli«rii loriii, nif/A, rri/A, 
urt/j III llir HriiiM' iil' My, iiirli. nmIiimmiI, iiiiiIi 
rkiim, \c*, ArrrHt iiiimiiin, to Iim hi ii ImhI (riitpri, 
hi br KiiKry \ hihI w llir r«Nil of llir uImivi* arntfk. 

' A Kr.TTi.K or imii. 

Ai wlioti W(i Huy, ** wliiit II kv{\\v of lUli I Inn in I*' 

imI ill till* M^iiMi of, *' wliiit n flillinill iilliin (liiii in 

Utdrni Willi I litiw IroiililrNoiiti' lo iiiiiiiii^'.r !" /vr 

htUift »f' virn 1 <|. V, Villi tniiif mrvl tnfh our who in 

[ilntMrii h^ ii |llt'kliii^|, or i/nM Mtitf ititri Hith onr 

thai tioHi iikr ii |wliiiiii it iiitikrMtiiittiV. |iio^oki'ii| ; 

mil (liiiN iiii|ilyiiiir yoii liml lirltn hi llir iilliiii 

ikiiH\ il U n drliruli* uiu'ntitiii t'oiiiTrii. An 

Mll'mr of whicli you riutnol fuii'nrr how il iiiuy Mini 

out lliir mil of. I yVi titklv, w lo r\('i(i\ niiil llin 

ri'Mill of ri^rilriiiriil iiiiiy U^ rillirr |miii oi )ilni<iiiir, 

Mini ill llir IliM riinr, iil nil rvriil«, in I'hIIowimI 

by llio r«*»<'llliii«*lil of llir oli|ni tivklnl. It m llir 

lliH'riluilily of llio i<i<iiir nf livkUmf wlorli ih iliit 

KIoiiimI of llir rnjirrMioii iii iiliovr iipplu'il. Ilriin* 

lU iiirniiiitK of n iliiiuM'ioiin iilliur to iiirililh< willi. 

K%iivlr ii« till* roiilrioiiiHi of tlir |iiiiliri|ilr |iii*NfMil 

%»( kiiirlrH, krtiviiM, In tirkir, mid lliiu o /k-^/ini/. 

(>/'• or. VivM, liioioiii\ riii«ii, wliiiiinii'iil. oiii' nonlv 

lllH|ilni«r(l,of lllliTllillii Imnioiii. Krirloiihlitj ftrnti, 

14 \\ iivkiiMh Afirvr, our tlniif.rioiin lo iiilr. 

'* llnw nliiill iiiir milliiir Immim n |ri«iiiliii lnit\ 

Willi iUm**, IiiiniI iiii|iiiilniillir, imt tutiialnli* . 

Il liml linpti rivil III lliPMo Hi ki laii liiin'*, 

Tu fiiti*li hi* kiMiTmiiiiiil fiHiU ll«*iit 1i*ii«Ih>i * liiiii'^<" ^in ii i< 

Titntu IH A noil IN vwKW. \^^>\ \v\>>v. 

Am w/inii wv miy, tf hr iIimh ^o oh*\ »o, 0\**v ^'*> ^^ 
fw/ in fi%vkli f'o9 '/iiiii, iuu\ M\ VW Hvwv \V^^^' ^^^""^ 

32 ARC'iiAoLOGY or 

that which is alhided to, he will be brought into trou* 
blc by it ; he will find a danger which he did not 
foresee [expect.] Daer is er radde hin pick ei 
voor hem ; q. e. if he does what he proposes he will 
at once excite vengeance (ill-will) in , another quOT' 
ter [in one he don't tliink of] ; literally, there ii 
there, instantly, hence, ill-will from another quartei 
for him* And thus as, if he perseveres in this course 
he will incur a resentment he don*t expect. Radde 
rade, raede, drade rapidly, at once, instanter. 
Picky resentment, hatred, rancour, pique. Ely else- 
where, some other place. Voor hem^ for him, beibn 
him. Radde, sounds rod, 


A homely expression for to go on (travel on) foot; 
and implying the being reduced to the necessity oi 
HO doing from want of means of going in any other 
way. Te pad tije hoef; q. e. to the footpath want 
brings ; absence of means [money] reduces to the 
foot path [to travel on foot]. Hoef, hehoefy want, 
behoof, indigence, necessity. Tijen, to lead, to 
draw on, to bring to; and here used in the sub- 
junctive mood. Pady means specially the foot-path, 
as distinguished from the horse or carriage road, 
When we say, *' he was forced to pad the hoof, " tlu 
sense is, he was driven to that mode of travellinf 
from want, destitution, poverty, find forced is plea 
nastic. Behoeven, is our to behove, \n the sense o 
to be obliged, to feci it our duty, to feel we ought 
to feel the necessity of. 


Perplexed [astounded] from something Isaid, irOB 

the news of some unexpected disturbing event 

I?oM van d*heete ; q. e. \^&liuek\ dumb by what i 

saiVJ; speechless from iVial vjYueYv \^ V.o\^\ >\t«S^^ 

sava word after what ^ou AuxveYve^t^. Voa,^^ 

^Aeete, rfr heetr, may W caIV^t ^^ V\\e ^.^>wVw 

riirri.AR t*MU\«r«. X\ 

|m)1iri|i|0 iirriiritl nf Ai*rfrfN. Hir9r», In hay. nml lliu« 
MtHiil wliirli i« Myin^r. <»(- n« tirhrrf, n roiitiiiiiii«|, 
in ordrr. rrtN, in (Wmmi itiN. /Iftm. Mn|»iil, 
wmmpImw, H|ii|iiMi«fl, ImMnloil ; lirnoo «nii- wmil 
i^wA whi>ir Ihi* A Imnltrpii itilmiluml in llip tMiMiiM« 
nfuw, P/NMf WMH rDrmnrly "l»rll /i/mniA O^^i- 
tkt'N Du'Tioif ANv) mitl tlir /* til r/Mm/i i« n|nitlly 


IMNM ovptt iir \i». 

Ah in llii^ |»lirii<io. hp wpnl hm Amif/ iiirr Arm/ , 
m till* M^nmi or Itn wont on rt'u:ithlinM nrilnttirfM- : mi 
rt rrrKloM nmnnrr. At^n tfp rth*r hortfr .■ ii. n. iff 

'Ai: tifiittHrrri r/Mrirr/ t f9t*i9H 9 tjf ttti ) i IImih lit lIlO |ill«l 

iif (Innirrr ; in thn iM'ini|r« iiliitiHfuilii^y. ni ihr tHui$ 
i\fhtmtwri in llml nl' |ilitiii |irMi|)|o, ni fhn iiinrp 
»b«trf> Ii0 i«ii|nmniiltim(inlrnnnrroiiMiily to ii*ik ; nml 
implioM lie* nrtH likn n Innl liy mi lining. 

nr WA« .\n ni'nv .\<« \ tirv ^n-tt unt (inrKrti. 

Satil in I'iiliruli* nl' ono wlin in rmnlnyinis; liiniprll 
irrnvoly in «iintpl1iini2: p^iiiMilitilly nniin|Hirtiuit ; (iiio 
who i* frvrntin^r m Iniiiipmy lumiiioN<« with nii nir i*l 
im|HtrlAntv : min wlm l« nmkinir iiiiirh mlo nlMini 
nolhinit. Ilijwtinnv ofn AiNMr. n/jr rr hrn n'ijut* won 
mrhivk in ; t|. o. Ar hrvatttr tfuitr furumn, whrn if 

lt*flJ( |M1ltrr/ /ti AmN. fArif f»// IcAfi'A i'iIn/i/ i'f*mr» Y^tMM 
•I'Aii/ Ai* Arir/ 6rrN .«ii /uMi/ ithoiti wuxt hr faiiufv 
llmcl niilliinir \\\ it]: lip liri>iiin«« \\Vo n ilrvil, wlirii 
il ii|i|ioiiiril nil )|0 lm«l lir^n iiltnnt \vii« wiiuik: tVnni 
Itrtfinninir In mil |n lunl nivdn^niiirnt. ill intiiiit^«Ml 
ronrorn]. lltHiitp, niilrn^iMtiitt, tiinounly nii|)iv. 
It'fiM^fii In wit\. Ill li0iMiinn, In |)row. ll'^/jirN, lo 
|Niinl ont. Urn, TitMn limtro, liont llii^. irriN.lnnl, 
n«i«lomi, viiin. iSVAtVA. minitgfMnpnl. /». in. 

Ill r\\\ iivi'tt tu\^ w^W^. 
/« //ir« ■nimp ill' III IoiMmvo <\ yov^^^\^ V\>\ i^\>\\\<^vV^>^^ 

1 Ol I ^^ 

34 AaciiJKOLooY or 

with a grave face. But the phrase is never used in 
a serious sense ; wlien a man is to be tried for his 
life, we don't say, he is to be called over the coals, 
Te kal hoeve er dij koeVs; q. e. to a long prozy 
story it is necessary thee should be cool [in order to 
keep your countenance, to look grave, and not 
laugh outright at the speaker]. Aa/, a long dis- 
course, story, prozy talk. Hoeven^ to behove, to 
be requisite. Dij, thcc. KoeVs, is cool, be cool, 
art cool. The phrase is generally used in regard to 
some intended ofhcial enquiry into a government 
fraud, thus in no serious light, but rather as a good 
joke, as they say. Koelsmoeds^ is a familiar term for 
dispassionately, temperately ; and equivalent to the 
French, de sang f raid, and our, in '' cold blood.'' 
But the similiarity of sound between koeVs and 
coals having brought the last term into the form of 
the travesty, has brought with it the incongruous 
notion of heat, and thus of passion (anger). 


The sailor's phrase for, *' he is gone to heaven;" 
'* he is gone for ever ;" ** he is no more." Hij is 
gaen toe die eewig^s luck er! q, e. he is gone to him 
who is eternal [to eternity itself] ! may happiness 
attejid him there [luck to him]. He is gone to 
DAVY jones'h u)ckeu, is iu the same sense. Hij is 
gaen toe de cewigl je hone sij *es luck er ; q. e. hi 
is gone to the eternal ! may he meet with everlasting 
favour. By tlie form of its travesty, the affectionatfl, 
resigned, honest, manly self-communion and natu- 
rally resulting prayer of the friend is degraded to 
an unmeaning buifooncry, in reference to the most 
trying event the heart of friendship can experienoe. 
Gaen, gegaeji, gone, passed on. Die, he who. 
£j€wig, eewighy eternal, e\eT eivd\miv\f,,v<\lV\out ead. 
Luck, the imperative oC luckcu, fjcluclieii^\ft'\s«* 
^*tb grood fortune, \iappmew, VXi^^ ^Vv^S* W 
H^imbed for. Hone , fcoow , fwivouT , ^^e^ . \«kVxWtf 

I«II|MI1..\II I'llllAkM. 'U» 

Willi wlilcll hituot, htittnii, htiiwatut, •Vr. nin nl' tlir 
41IIIII1 Hhii'li. Iltum, liiiM tilBiillii* iiii|Hiil III' liijiiiy, 
ilwKi'iH'it, iiiiKvr, iiMliKiiily, iiiili^^iniliitii ; liiit llirii 
NliiiiiKH I'miii itii I'liliii'ly ilmlnui lln-inti, mim' Ii» 

Mrllii'li ll|i< Frnii'll /ifj/i /III ,AiiM(f',tl III I himtvHi , lirliill|{. 
or lliN rlni'wlli'li* Ji', cvri, litl t'Vi'l Sij , Irl it 
Ihi, itiiiy it lilt. Ill Llllili *ir '/'.'a itrn, til I Inn I'llMi'. 
Hll.-« rvrill . ./' fiitiir ntj 'vn^ tsMiiiiiln Jinitn'i 

^ Kill I'll Ml I -Ull \ 'h f III! li i N 

lly wllti'll ti liinl rtillril llir I'llnl lllir nliinii 
lillil] In linw priii-liilly ililili'ltiliiiiil, III IihmI III lliif 
«iiiIii|'h |ilnii«i nlii|j V . iiiitl, m lui'l. IJir juiil m |.miii' 
iillly fiirll (HI llii' liilill|t|i-.i il lii-iiiii-liU) liileilly rill 
|iliiyiw| wmltiiip, iipfiiiiial till' wiiitl wliii II liiiiifj^ci nil 
ilir nhiiiii, lliil llir IiimI Ihin tin iillifi irliilinii In 
lliit nil^iiitil 1111111 iilllii' |iliitiiir, il 1 mil ii|j|ii. /'.'/ t 
Hiiwf II I kvrr tijif 'a m link lu f t| v. in-v l/irtr 
||i(illlllli(/, III llii' riillilllp. hliilliip f'lui [liilir. Ill, 
rlliili^.r llir niilri nl | thr nmln , i« ii// tii ifiir nnlti 

|:il|i'll ti>^ blinillil III* Ifi I'll! nliiili-i llii- iiliftlll| *. lit'it ! 
ir illlVr t li'i-l Inliiiih ii, iijlii llii' nhili- nl | ijir hiillctl 
mil till lliilli- itn 1 iiiili'iiil liriiill iriilyl^ A |i|ii 
«ii|Mi|iii'liit 111 wlili II llir I ii|iltiiti til' llir Nlii|iiiiniiiillii'i'a 
III! ii|i|iliiiirliilip. iflniill, iiihI p,ivi-« nlilfin In |i|i|iiiin 
In iiirrl ll liy iilh-lili|Ji, IIm' nliiinllli^ nl llii* htilln In niir. 
Iirllri ilt|tl|iliil In tlfirl llir i nillili|Jf flilli^M'l . /','i , ill 
llltil )inilll, 111 lliiil ijiiiiili i Miift, nimii^ h|iiiif, 
rniiliip;!', |ili'brlirf n| liiiiiil hiririi. In liltti, In 
I'lhlll^Jfi'. '('{/''i nIiHI'Iihk •Hili-i, I iinlniiitil y rnli 
illllMll, ^.I'lH'liil iillillip;rillflil , Inilil. ir^^illiilinil 
'iV, f«, In. Sifiirk, |ilii|ii'l niili-l /ii, III, iiml nn 
liikril pliiri', finiir lliiniipjiniil \Vr niiy, tit filkt 

111 miiit Inl In nlinih'ii mill. Tlir oiiifhiui /ihiunr. 
nnilitlln jiiirtr<t'|y tin f/i" fiiivmtif wlii-li ii'tiil i nit 
nmiliviMy nmJ tvilliniil lite yiitvu\\\\Y,tt \\vV\\\^>\\>^, \\\ 
thr fitttn nl il 'M||. //| \mn uu \\y\ivtkv\\\>\\\>»v \\\ 

t/m /tniinlivi' Mtii^i- ol ,,m \nuvw v\vv\A >^^^' ^ 
tt$nl ti. 



As the nurse's opiate to quiet a troublesome brat 
See I there is raw head and bloody bones coming 
to fetch you. Raa ! hoed aen bloote-beens ! q. e. 
look there ! take care of bare-bones^ the old man, 
the skeleton , [the familiar type of death] ; and blooie^ 
beenSf of which we have made bloody bones ; is the 
phrase for this emblem of death. Hoed aen^ take 
need of! the imperative of hoeden. Bloot, naked. 
Been, bone, [in the more formal plural] beenderen^ 
as being at bottom binder, that is, binder of the 
system of the body, which bone is. Been is also a 
leg ; but then from a different source ; and being 
originally as the legs (both legs) had at first no 
other plural. It is possible that bloote-beens (bloody 
bones) may be as naked-shanks (bare legs) ; and 
bareness of the rest of the bones implied. Chaucer 
has benes for bones. It is the above bloote (blootig ?) 
in the adverbial sense of entire , complete, pure, 
naked, that we have transformed into bloody, in 
the consequently absurd phrases of bloody good, 
bloody bad, bloody thief, bloody angry, &c. ; where 
it simply implies completely, entirely, purely, very, 
truly, and has no relation either to blood or murder, 
except by corruption of the word. 

'*Thui John goth out and fynt hii horse awey, 
And gan to crie harrow and welaway ! 
Our horae is lost, Alein, for Godd* it binis*, 
St«|>e on tkj fete, Man, come forth all aUngti ; 
Alas our wardin has his palfrr lorn." 

The Rkvx'sTali. 


In the sense of, a meddling (officious) person ; 

one to be shunned ; guarded against. Er besie I 

dekoedje / q. e. look about you there I be upon your 

£^uard ! Cast your eyes about \ XaLVacw^ ^1 ^^sp»- 

• Bones, Ootid' U bene*, aa t\ic AioXy t«\\c* %^om\i^ "«»» 
the CbUioUcb. Bits [remaiaa^ oC ^VkUkVa* ^«. 
t At once, directly. 

n»ri I kft riiK i^i« .17 

r 'tr fon %ht W4l«'h | .\» A{M««(r«»{ihr 4ii|>|iiii«rfl In 

ui^ ('ifVLn^ •rrwirlirrv>ti% |Mr-r^*>na^«' a« 4 i^rirnU «»r 
{ttairiCjinvr «>^ thr |irrt«»u he* );;ivi-«(tMr warning; In. 
li uttv'irt ihr »|irwikrr l« 4«r^rr ia/ |ii« rluirurlrr. 
f^fatftt, ti> bH»k rv)iitiil, (o itMLc* tt«r of vt>ur ryrt. 
'.■iMM'f^i//i6, Co |ak<* |)r«v«iiiCh>ti« a;;;4itt«(. lo ^iiurtl. Iti 

^rt <r\^>(v-«i«it»a ui rrl»*:n-iu v !■» lh«* uilrrfcrrnrr «»lf 

i^iftinCuiii . tk> cKr A(^(iii'jit iiu'v it{ «*>m«- nickrr nr«ik' 

;«." ^Hrr^»na^r Ch^ii «.i« « i«tit-rrnril ti«-(kHrf' iti A «'«>n- 

y^j^ id<^lKvy voii'. fir ^i*« <iit«<f /«m>A #«# il«<l 
•tff^ A'juumti ku c^i«./>/<r . llir otilv tttutu'r v%iii Iia«<* 
t. Ai£AiaM lliic «wor\l «i^ lhi« frr«h k lijiin|ki«*n M, to 
ri«i whwlt V\ui jirv Ji%>«*ul 4tuk ii«»| citHMT vt»unrllf 
kiivAi iicir who i« iLulv (•rr{»ar«*%i Ctk piil ilowii ihr 
4tiCJint-v- viui oliVr t^* hull iiiini ctvi/A, very 
3a ; .^, c. Jituk y itiIrr%'lMti,;;r ; y4 Jitut A a\m% 
tftvhjktx^ lu «ouiul '*•/■ *^***'*- -NVfl^ A« ihr 
CirrttLal ix'fin i>(' (tu* %<*rN ndr^i^w. Ii» Will, lo |ital 
iiv4'h. ji'ul (-\i%U-iicU t»(' ctu-* «antc «CiH'k with ihr 
till •n.'^-iiA''. /»^ii^"«. tt> IkH'W k'virrUill) wiUuiC.ti* j»rv» 
I.- A^AiiMt. //i/*. \i"». ^l-'"4, l'r%>m lhi« lime iirtf^, 

xix^i J Atr (iu- «auu-' ^^Lur^Cr I' jiiiik ji jirv r\>a 
rti^'Mx* ««<uiul« . chu- (liiCk'U ^^t'^f aiul i>ur fi>.if Atr 
' t.inir wor^l fr i 4ud i (:T-prr«*ti( the «ani«* «tiuti\U. 
»4.^ jin^l <'/««,4. ii AW «>iu' w^ird Hiv* |KiC«'h 

i*AJtit ' x\\\\ our i'f*%';'/^^f Atx' th<' «aiU(* S«> chaC 
t:f'>; JlUil 'r.'A/ JiiltiuC o(. Aix\\ Atx' «'.«.4«-uIiaUv, ihr 

^uy.n,: .i.^,| j„ rrUtiou ^^ wuv x^V^-^^. \'"^'^'^ 

MM 4m'ti/t4tuHt^ or 

littntiUtiUtH llifiii lliii wmli mimI fMiM-y iif fii»' ftiM«Mk^f ; 

itin mvt Hi I ttntl hvtln jr wnrr IIJi^*n t '|' •"' ^' '* '*'' 
<//!//« tiJiMttinff Vfith n niann V"*U^^tf »A' ^' ''' /./w^ 

ivuff ; a liMN nil ln'lh'f ^uniut\ lUuii Hit " )fi f*ntt$f it 
ftliifiilij liiiifpi'ri," ///'//#', |/fMy<'i, |i«<IMMfii, iM|ii«/«fi 
7Vy/'/ft i« Ihi' (Ml fill', tvoffl wiHi hj/lfn, lit I)m« ««'nM' f/f 
til (Tfi fill, to f iiffM- lo jffiM ; (Ufil Mf f4i ht*\ti/i'ii ; !>/« 

Mrllj«'ll Wi* llttW IIM' Mil' Vifti /// htllth't tlHHIKftf to 

iifld. Man l\)t''ii, i»tioiilil i^^in intiif In |imm, mii/I 
^itiitiU Mattyn, Jv, iit'i, 'N, in, lit. Ihtln mm 
uiu'i\ mImi iiiUfil \»y lu fill jntiifM, 

*lhU\ Ut IliA'i h9t»9f MMM 

'lUf )«)lll M'M Iflflf U\t»Hi Dm m/' r'Miki#i«», 

'MfUl Ml'lM U^M N#l ill ««» |r'/'l«* N }'I«MM| 

|r#/^ l/f fAf 99**tti t$tUt^m $ 4*i9itt U»vt4 n¥f*tfttm 
iUMaliMiUt h»ii\9 Uuvtt nhuti in* htt » U**^** 

l^ltt* r»iM|/ffMl mII nUwt li*.t UmA^, 
liut Hlih Uttynli- hot 1,1. t ^'^^Ihti- , 
4 fttih ttf nnhi *, ••ht' «tifc tf«>i« 

LtH ¥tUuM tint! %h»* U**9 nutin tmiip '' 

I rffii iȴfittt ^Itt i^ifutti' fine hnt ImmI I// flM 
iMM/iiril t/t i|m' tdttUh f^ftftU , hn fHi/fi ht-ait' Mtsf 

*l,m t H^huUfl^ t/, 9t.ttftrtt 1^* \tf*y»'f*^U*-f 9**f \ty 'lU*' p/^»*» 
^ 0^ its r**« V *,$ /',/ //// 0t hf t/til* *. *i >■ t* ft ^*i 'I'** ^9m I*** 
y>/«t« / M »•>'/ '/# fi*0 4th*t*i ■ 4 Mff ttf h^llrn*'*, ittiA 4 fM^ 

^r *mf /// i/^AM lA-^w*. W**#.i- M 'Vm., •«». »"-. '«» A««W 

^'*' /*/r' /*//* tf.f^i* f..*.f *.!•*■ tfttt;li • 

rum \\\ nm \««i s. .10 

It t^ \l 1 MKONHIMM . 

Il 1^ () mm' np|M':l)(ni«M\ tiolliliur irsll. H iit iif 
m%*%' in .«i*AfyM ; «). v. it ix ttU mrrr nffnrhmritt in 
o/i/irfiffi»»iv .' if ii iHily llio »m»|»y i^rrtlloi'lion ; il i« n 
inorti rtinv ol'lho ronufrntinop. \\\vvv i^ mi roiililv ill 
II. ,Vi^ . fhortir, iiirortinu. inrliunlitMi lowiUtN, 
i^ooti inliMifinn in thr iniml. Si^ht/n, frhifn, Innu. 
oiitunnl i)p|ioiiniutM\ n hIkiiIow. ouJMiilo lnok. /ti. 

n^ i.tvriiKF. A ntAii rKi»rn a iiAinunv. 

To hnvo lull nil hIuuo in llir t'lmlmiil nl* vonr 
own Imppinr^N iVtun wtinl ol' roniilulinn: lo nniroi- 
imlitrnido^ iVnni uno nvpr wlunn vnn wiMrMon^lifuliMl 
i\\v nni^lor. lio lliul nliouM linvo Immmi l«Miko«l up In 
by tho olliov: nntl (Iniiltt nonnif lliiMinlor id'llnni'.M 
lo Ih» rrvrrwil in lojjuni lo vonrBoll'. T'u irvr 
hit'k^ r^r f/tm»^, otufrr rr hnor vmuir: ii. r. fo you 
/•«rr f* /I'itr iirnth, fhr t^ixr is tfifi'rrrnt frith yonr 
n'if'p : vonv tUlorlion in mm iiunilnl iin ilonlli lo von. 
wlnln yonr wilr im drli^liliMl hy voui* Hntroiinit. 
Implviuu: in Ihr ruAO in tjnr.tiion. In^i wxiv txhunoM 
tlio lovo ho luiH Im- \\v\, iinil ImUon plruinvo in 
lonnrnlini-t liini. TlnM nrrni* iIoia to Imvo hron n 
Ismlnon ol' ii lon^;oi' nltinilin^.^ llitni onr knrw ol* for 
rrrlrtni. 7"i«,loyon. t.tvf, lirf\h', U\\o. I.ifrkr, 
irt liko. roMrniMiw. /-V. m ymii- I'lwo. llioro. fhuuf, 
<lritlli. M) li'oinuui (oti. .-l>;</r-i. ijnifi* ;uioflirr iifliur. 
ipnloofhoi\vi'*o.llnM'ovriM\ /'i . IIhmp. //nor tfOMtr. 
your wifo. nnlrn^ il i« /*ffr friitiir, onil llui« ninnfrr 
wilo; iin«l I tinnk if u-ii<i. /> iiu«1 / luo fho •rnnio 
nonml. r n nun-r nopnolp (mil nol sonnilinl Im*! woon 
I wo r». 

n» xvv iMK t AT oil" Ol rnv n.\«4 

/ii //lo^r'n^r* orii* nmko Vuow\\\W\ w\\\\A\\\c^ vn\\^V\ 
fit htivv krpt lli«f (NoorolV. ttxu\ V\ \\\\\>\nvv\V\va\ . V 
/rr ioomo r/i(ir wlurli wn^ ^onWAoA \o Vww W Vv Vc 
r/o*r (,ri-,,r). TuUtty, .\u „%.^j<r ^>o-..vU ^%V 


hehaeyr ; i\, c. to you a disappninimcnt ; the villain 
ohtaing the pli;agure of having betrayed you; h 
vexation to you, but to the rascal who commits this 
treachery a source of pleasure [fun]. As spoken 
by some friend who has witnessed the treachery 
alluded to in this expression, which is by way of a 
remark. 7*'n, to you. Die^ he who, the one. 
Ouiitejif to play the villain, to serve any one a vik 
trick, to act like a ro^ue. Houden^ to hold, to 
keep. BehaeyCf as the participle present of behae'' 
yen J to take pleasure in, to be made happy by. 
Houdt afj draws out of, and sounds out of. Behaeg 
sounds bag, Ouiji, however different it appears in 
the form of letters, in pronunciation is scarcely 
distinguishable from cat, 


'file essence of the affair in question lies in a 
small compass, the rest is matter of course, form. 
Et al ley '8; hin ernut schuyle^ q. e. it is all mere 
formal matter; that which ig of importance it 
hidden within it; the whole is mere form, the 
purport does not appear ; the essential part is lust 
sight of, and the useless part only brougnt forward. 
Ley^ form, manner. Nut, use, profit, benefit 
essential part. Schuijlen, to lie hid, to sculk, to 
keep behind, to lie in wait. 


In the sense of suddenly and with violence ; as 

in the phrase *' he fell head over heels.*' Heet 

over ijl 's ; a. e. to be vehement is beyond proper 

hante ; to be heated, excludes orderly activity, //eef, 

hot, eager, violent. «//7, haste, hurry. Ijlent, hastily, 

in a hurry, Overijlcn, to Ik; in a hurry, to be over 

hasty, li in scarcely neces^w^ Vo *vj \\\^ ^\^s^ 

Aeadorcr herh rould novev \\vivi» Wvtv v^w».>j^>\\Rft 

in this farm of ^vonU in i\\\\ oiu^ \w\w\V. VO'^W 

nounccfl hkc our rr. 


MlfilLAll fltll.iill:*. 41 

A* in llfc* \t\trA9f, 1/ Wffi* ri// /I t'untt thutif ttiir , 
»4ffl III f^^ntil III Miliiir ilr«'M<<fl ii|i lirll'iti iutfUiiftl 

iof t» ffivrr Ui nil uii'luii |itir|iii«- ; m liliiifl i<i Miinr 

iabttl|lt lit illl||fHlr UfKlfl lilt* llt|(li'UlUI|fllll({ lliroillftl 
lltfi trliliK^. iitien-iltMf-hy-ttietr'htfli «|. c. Ir# 
f/<» /Ml (Kef lhrt|il|fil) fttf the »iiir hrip ttf trilrnUtti 

Mfffi^nh i» kimuur (fn i oii«c irm r, i«f kiioMpit iiil<-((rily, 
niifl aff Ifirili) ; tliHi i« liy tin* «tiH'k in liuitr olun 
imiNMlidr. Ijlrrally ifi (fri iliifnijrh ti|fifii llir «i'o»v 
cif li«#Mour; liiii 111 ri-fcf «'iif r lo ntic- wliif Ilih iififii'. 
And ilMlrrfl, MlJliciilai lu liriiif«ur iiiit| fffliMiriirr urr 
Hifirci fM'klrMly ti«cfl III ui'l tiiid nivri fif liitinl llinii 
III ttifl of llolic«t Ilili-tilKiM, wliM li »|f<-.ikai (fit tl«c-ll. 
r.ft|irrirl|i'r •lirMrfe || |b liy llir liMfiltliD ill iIm' tiilltif«l 
llll||l|«|firft llll-«r HUirc-d iIIiJiiSiIb Utr lllli i-UfelMt^ly iHll- 

lulnl. A ('tiftti-rfniry iii/r i» iilMruya iiM*f| m u ai-iiM-, 
III l»lll«-|| lliif tlillilnfel I'filiaflilrlifiti ri-lrlft t'l «iilli(- 

mmulliii L'luiui l«i viritim nol ii|ic«fily i^llnl m c|(ip«- 
luiit. Om^m (loriiirrly tfantfken), Ut (fn, In (faii|(. 
iUmr, iLmr, lliroiit^li, liy m^un^ al', ICrrr, iifiiiifiir, 
Wfird of liiiUfiur. Te hrti, ullntfc-ilifr, rhtiirly. Tlir 
f/ in HuHT lm« irrriit uftiiiily miiIi t. Our /Arf/ i« ut 

lnHI'ini tt li|i-liillir«l« til rAfi- (ihttr) llic cilil Jiitlll f|| 
f/rnr, i/fi#if . i'unt, u« liy)i(i( I till ill i>*i il<-in<-iif , i« aitii 

(liy flics f'Ui|i»i» III t!untit/§ufy tntr. liiil rnn/ |<uiil 
isii|/iitt(rr| i« I »iia|H-( I u» kuittni f Mtifiinittiiit ) inat 
(ljli(fll4(f«*^ ; uiitl |||t|« .14 llic <'||i|f«ia i|( tiMiunI 
tuitt , i|. I', itiifur a tiinifuiitft- , i ' |ilii.i&i' 
ffliiKy lllftlllillril iiiiifiii}/ |<i}fl|i-a fiji 11111I11.1! f ffliitiiti 
nif'tilion, lfi llii* ckf Ituioii ol llitiac- Mrlin tin- iitil in 
llic* tfiy«lriy. All ili-tifiiiiiii;ilivi' wi/tiU iii<' iic<-f4 
Mirily ctli|««i9<'a. (J itiii-tiiitiiiiii « Miili A mikI r. 'I'lu- 

Dnf'il //«r/«, lifflir, .illtl llic Oc-tliiilli A«f/i iiK' lIlcmillK- 
ikfircl, /i iilxl / tin ill*' ftiiKic ; Ihmil iilitl /i»/ (III- 
///ir* Wttnl. Titi- If nil Vil^vU ViiWAv WAi'WWw \v\ V% 
ttilfi / ill /ft/fftt |c |iM %c||l \Uf ^ituwA m\ ^a\\ « 




Your conduct to tbe person in question is harsii 
(tyrannical, overbearing, unfeeling); always implying 
it is only towards some one in your power you would 
behave so, and that it is disgustmg to others to 
witness, and base as regards yourself. U moat als 
wie el kele ernCaen^ ah veretein heim ! Toe deeze! 
q. e. you fellow, you are as an overplus throat, a se- 
cret canker! Fll put an end to this, my good fellow ! 
You are merely a swallower the more, a •uent de- 
vouring cancer ! it shall be done away with ; you 
cause a double expenditure ; you eat away in secret 
my means ; Til send you about your business ; I'll 
have no more of voul As the brutal capridons 
apostrophe of a vulgar Croesus to his hanger-on ; to 
his necessitous companion [toad-eater]. Maete, 
fellow, match, mate, mess-mate. Kele, keele^ throat, 
the swallow. De keel smeeren, is to anoint the 
throat [by eating and drinking]. Verete, the con- 
tracted participle present of vereten, to gnaw, to 
eat away, to consume, whence our to fret. In 
heim, by stealth, in secret. Toe deeze, let this 
be at an end, conclude ; this concluded be, be the 
end of it. It does not imply that the utterer of the 
threat means to carry the threat into effect ; but ii 
used by him merely as a savage display of power — to 
one whom he knows must submit. Toe, concluded, 


As one in the most abject state of self-conscioiif 
degradation ; one who teeh he had better be dead 
than continue the life he leads. Er dood hiet eers 
q. e. there is he who calls continually for death to 
relieve him ; one who is a\\ua^% iptvjvxi^xTiXfcTMSaB^ 
an end may be put to t\\e m\%erj\v^ ««A>!««*^«^ 
i^ia abject slavery and dlagtace^uY vjwq o^\\l^. 1D«s^ 
^eatb, as dissolution, and gtoww^^^ Va ^\^ ^^^ 

rfiri>t..ui I'liii isi'.pi. It 

llli'lllll iln fA»fM< r/l, tiiniHH'tH^ til tllilW, III lIlHMIllvr 

.'Ulfi tlrtlth IN iiPi iliNNiiliilMiii ol'thr lioily mtii ihiruii 
Midii'iil |iiii'Im; mill iiiTi*NNiirily ii m'lliii^^ Urv nrilmi 
wliirli IN Williill. ih'tith WilN I'niiiii'ilv N|irlt ilntr. 

" Anil hUii / iiiMi/ii r/ifif n/ f/tn hmllhn niriir*," f 'ii AiifUii. 

** I II l.nliln. mv i mlr litilli inv ilcnlli iawniiii* 

*' Willi iiuliii ^,ill, liiil tliv iM'iii^iiiiit 

*' ll|iiiiiitiy imiiki % I liiil liiivit »iiiiin |iifn." 

( 'tIAI-l I. II. 

liiftrH, hi'firn. In full, In iiivnkr, (n miy wlitti irt 
tviiiilril, In rail liy titiitii-. AVr, ever, Inr rvrr. 

TIT nMi T.IT. 

I.lki' for liki\ li'iivitip, im ilinrtciicf lirtwrni I In* 
Iwii ill i|UrMtinti. i)if vor ittif ; ii. i*. thin J'nr t/iiif i 
liiil III the* nninr nf, wnril Inr wniil. I liiki* tlic vi-ilt 
to tiiiir hiUlv In Hitiiply ii rrn|iiiMiliilivo rnrtiiiitinii 
ri'iilil llir iilinvi* |)ltraMi«; iiiul iinl, iiN .Inliiinnii 
NityN, rriiiii till* verb hilvmi (In Miitlrr) Inr nhitlvr 
tiuj itlifl titllv Itilllv liiivf tin H'liiliniiNliip. Quid 
ftntt^Ho, m It iilintm* nrilii* niiiiic Nriim*. Tattfr, iin 
iiilr iafii, liilk wliirli iiiiiniiiilH in iinlliiii|j;;. liMivm 
lliiii^'N iiM lliry wiM'i*, In iirnlmhly I Ik* illiimiH t»r llim 
ViM'li. tiNfil III II HiiliHlatilivi' Mrtim*. 

\ MI-KSl'I'iri I . 

( hir wlin Miilti'l'N (I'miilK iitinlliri I (ni hfiliii' illiilili* 
|illl|»nnr liy liimr liinilin. i.h'ksfiif t'll ; i|. r. iiiiv 
who IS lirki-risli ((liniily, Iniiil nf iliiiiilii'f«) uf aim 
ihrr's rrftfUHr ; li ^',li|lloli rvi'iy wlirii*, rM'i'jil til 
llIN nwii linilrtr (i*X|H*iihr|. l.irft ( Ivvh ) Hpil linn iilrtii 
llir Ilii'ttlllU^ nl Ii tjluttoii. III llii* nrtihf nl' ntir rmiil 
til' iliiihlirH, mill in iih nm* wlin wniilil nut mily ml 
wlllit IlliN lii'i'll illCNNi'd nil llir jv/fi/, liill lirk llir ri|ill 
ullltM'WilMlN. i, irks/lit If li IN, ilH till' llli'lllirNl ni' llll 

fihittoM.H : hr wfin will v'.n^\\lN \\U \v\\\\\\v WAwv^J^^Vw 

* I iria/i riinl ilcmlli liml nUl\umi<. 

t /Ifiiifii/. rfiiif M 1,1, It in iiuiitiA u\ VW Vi.i.v V. ^V^ vv>\\v%w^ 
•/ V'"", tWiii Ii I . Ill iiiiii\\\vi iu\\\u«>. 

ilaifitiiiH by (Mtying; this forffil of %t:\f-ren\HivL Lecken^ 
Ikknij likktm^ to lirk ; /V/, /c c/, <;lM;whi;ri;, frum 
hoffM!, ut aiiotlif;r'» hoiiw;. lU \% \Hti\t h% ihm Lutin 
aliiiit, niiiff anrJ an aliuM tlic noun ailjcctivc, ftnd 
the rofit-word of each. 


A homely, but ohi ami well known, cxpreumn 
for the exai:t [«luej Ntat^; of the objeet in ({uaniUm; 
eaeh thin|^ in itn f#ro|H;r iilaee ; all exactly a§ it 
»hoiil<l \Hi. In hajtjte t.l by hw/rd fir $ i|« e. in th» 
rvant [whieh ha* taken place) another hand has 
inUr/ared ; that which ban hamM^nerl ban another 
cauiM; than what apjieam u|Kin tne face of it ; imply- 
iiti^f all that hii\t]Hiiin in a fmrt of the univemal nyiiteiii 
of a direidinij; jirovidenfx'. That whatever liapfMsni 


in dentined by him who provides all. Inferring 
there in no Much thini; an chance [effect inde- 

{H;ndent of cauiie] however it may neem to him who 
(Mikii no further than u|Mm that which ban taken 
(>lar;e, and ra^tirfln it merely in relation U) the fint 
iluuli (the immediate effect in regard to the event 
in ciueiition]. From which it in to Im inferred all 
whtrli hap|M!nN in an providential pre-arran|i;ement ; 
and iff no other than an the Milf-reafliuHtinii; nyiitein 
of er|uivulentfiy univemtilly admittisd in the nyntem 
of phyNicN in relation Ut the heavenly iNidien* By 
the travcHty the expremiion in contracted to the 
homely miunti of, all in trrdcr in a uhtfp [a houMsJor 
any other Huialler concern within the fM:o(ie of liourly 
olM<;rvation. /n, in. Ilappn^ hapfMininjr, an event, 
an iuKtance hap|><!ned ; the contracU;«J fiarticiple 
prerH*nt of hajfjinn, to take hohl, to iieixe, to iinap 
np, and thuH to take [fM;i/^!| and, in id<M, to Htop 
j for the moment) time in itN courfM! : and haj^Mf^ 
M hut UM tlm motwiMi Wm't'kh^ o^ Xiwivr. vW. «:.-mv\\1v\ 
^/liimlion iukfn [tiHik] \mvv, ltww*'AW ttv.i>^\«.w\3k- 
//V« hnpprnrn hikI our to hripiirn, ui^ ^vW wk Kiivt]| 

lH>r((|.AU WtllAHKN. 4>^l 

MmhI niul iiMul, itml vfhixt vW ixn happiHrnH, Ki, 
rWwIirrt^, ttiifithor. liij, in i\w |M)Wfr of. //cniivm, 
lu tN9luii|C to, Iti lic« tli<« ri^;lil (prt»|M*rly) til*. Kr, 
ikrrt*. /I, timi ;>, iitU*riiiiiiiiliii|( MMiitttH. // no 
iftti*r, unil hapjHt rl blj htuml fr^ HountU ajtpta pyn 
wtirr, liy until I inn; tint two uN|)iriilt'ii. 


Ah wlic*n Vfv mty, ihni*g nnthrr hvrr nor thvrr ; 
iu rrfnrrnro to mnnclliin); mtiil out of |iIim'i*, niiN- 
pkriMl, nolliiuH: to do willi I ho Mulijrct in c|nf'ittinn. 
Hwt hhr HHii tHiri vr ; (|. i*. not that M»hivfi u^filfor 
th tHTittioH t not projHT ln*iv ; n<it in ilM pro)MT 
|iliUt). Ntw iH»ri rtt nvvordimj to )iltivt\ in |»1iiim« 
ibrrt*, timt wliirli in Mniliihli* for I ho orciiMitni. AW, 
iftHiniini^ to, lunl lUiNwrrM to ^rvundum^ \w\i\ trhn, 


Hniil of II f*(nn'('il('<l runliiHlitnil prmon, who litkoM 
- X\w niHtomury miontionN of Mocioly lor nntrkit ol' 
rmiMH't int(*nu(Ml lor hiniMrH' <ntly, unci nutki'H hint 
Ml llut ohjiTt ol* ridiriilo hy rtuiHr(|nrnt hhindn'M 
ttiitl |;riiniicott. II ij in nig witf innti »lvli iil uU rtr *i 
MrMnim iuttr : i\, i\ hr uvl» littv oiw ivfio iaktii to 
kmMr(f'u» au honour i hut ivhirh h shrrr vutttotNiirff 
}mH»rirty ; ho In liko ono wtio ii|iitn)|triiilrM to him- 
«(>I| llmt which iM t'otntnon lo nil piVNriit ; ho ovi 
dniitly pliiom lo hiN own iiooinint iittonli<iiiN iiol i\v 
iU);noil iniH'o lor him tintn ututthor. inm-H, lo liiki*. 
Ill upproprialo, lo nuiko inrtnni^ of. i'!i'i't\ roMpool, 
lumourulilo (liNtiiniion. Hvt twnHini^ nolioo, oiinI 
iiifi; tho oyo nptnt. Hiirr, Imro, iiiikod, puro. tViVA, 
hiiiiM*ir, prononnood sir. Win innr omroNpondN l«» 
whim ill Moninl. 

TO |»ir. IN ONl'.*H H\UW.H, 

To Im /inn^-, U\ oomo U\ \\w v;\\\\un»{i^. Tu A'Wu^*^ 
in wtm hJhw"» i ij. r. ,|./„.„ ,,on huvr tVo *WvV \C * 
o/mo HMv to you . wlivn \t>\\ \\\\no v\\\\v.Vv >^^^' '^'^'*^ 

46 AHCtiii.oLooY or 

what can you do with it ; and thuA implying a 
job, a hard pull and nothing caught but carr 
Hanging is also a bad job and nothing co 
of it but the rogue's carrion; and it is into 
sense we have turned the original form* T^n 
you, D'haeye, haai, the sliark, the well kn< 
fish. lUf in your possession. Wan, vain, cm 
useless, the source of the Latin vanuSf and sou 
one. SjouWf §juw, labour, work, whence the Pre 
Buetf and probably the J^tin Mudare. 'S^ U 
D'haeye sounds diCf dye, Sjuiv» sounds as we « 
»hoe». The phrase in both forms is evidently joct 
Of all fish none a greater affronter of death, n 
more worthless, none more contentious, w 
hooked. The true type of a rogue. 

Te dijen^ to get on, to prosper, to continue 
increase ; and I suspect our verb to die, is as 
ellipsis of the familiar phrase te dijen te niete, U 
on to nothing ; and so to come to nothing, in r 
tion to this life. Can the idea oi' goi?tg on lie \n 
in the mind without coming to that of gtfrfrpi 
To die, implies necessarily the having gone on ; 
to Mtopf as a nat!iral conse^pience. 

" For ft] my wil, fnj Ia»te wholly. 

If to tfirn^ ; bnt wote je what to c]on« ? 

B/ oar IjOTila it is to vnivt* uoint, 

Vor nothing I no hva it nought ; 

But lire ami DYCf right in tfiA thoaghf/* 


The above is suggested as a possible sourci 
the verb to die; for which none, that can 
admitted, has been yet proposed. To die hm 
connection in source with rl/ml; but probably 
own terms derid and death arc as died and dieihf 
indexed the same words. Chaucer sometimes s| 

• T/r# fmginni form of to mn nnd l\»« ««ii\ft ^«t\>«iiu 
{fo go ao, to incT^nm^, to ftdriftiiee). 
f Pwobmbljr in tbe senM of thTn>«, Tm»i«p»T , >i« W^rrf 
^nd tboM m" i /iM nnd am hafqi^ (lhrir,e> *»n »W^» ^>Mn» 

rorvi-in rtt«*«M. -17 

In Hip. 9n thf$9, nml wiitrn ihytUaf li»i tlultHr. Mii 
ihiil KTP Imrr nor il miiiicp Inr llir p \\\ l)ir wntil 

im t« A« nrvT a« a nrr wirit two tui*. 

Applicnl ti» lltn rn«r of iiii iiniriiiii« |iri«i>ii; mir 
wlin III ttitupnpiitiiilily lMi«lliii(r mul itrlivr: oiii' wlm 
dippllljrp ln« liivr III' liiifiiiirpfi on nii nrrtiatiMi wlinn 
ihrrf* ifilinttr Irl) fn Im flnnr. //«/ it «i/.f /it/r, .«»i'. mAa 
rrAf^" N*f/Vr I'mV Arr/'ji, i|. r. jirr Ar m /iAr ii lur |llio 
iTpr III ilili(?riirp niul ntip]. t9% nmm if« Ar fimUfhr 
^Mf 9tfi''9ir intiirpthit/ fiifiiMf/i/MAn/l ilmir, llmaluMl |; 
Kmk ni litm. Imw ilrviliali miivn Im i«. imw In* 
limiwN nil in (Iniir llin hUmm Iiii i|tir«littii| iiM|uiiri|. 
il/», HH. /Ij/V, lirr. Nir. Iirliiilil. I'rhij, t$ht/, 
thrrpliy. II (/>r iji llir fiiitijinirtivr llinnit nl H'i;«rif . 
lt>l1iiilio kitiiwit. In ulinw. Ill iiiiliriili'. T'u, Willi 
ttiii, ttni%r%§ tir vtnta, lunl aiMiiiiU /N'h. *7\ Vf. Ar/, 
II. lIlP nirrtir in i|ilP^linii. iirri, rntilp. riiiii|ili tr. 
1 VHtllltlir »M»llim|J. 'iV, M. im. T'hrri'f, tr /im/'«. 
Miuiiilii tm wp |inM|(iiinrr Iniln. 

itr m An vnii ni'iiiNii aq .^ imw'^ i\ii. 

CtrllPliillv iippltnl In miiiir ii'^rivnl, «lv |ii*miiti ; 

«tiiiip hImimiHv inV"tPtti>itJ* iii'i«iiiiii^i'; In uii uinlitiQ 

Miliir. iiij imh mtii/Jtl*rhriml , tiiii rr i/itutv « Ir i7, 

*|. P. Ar M fiii tfuirf nnii «i.« muih tif»m (hr liu*k nut. 

Ml fi ivffiiijir whrn it iunt t/rt ntvtn/ [wliiii il iq 

riH'litfipil 1 ■ fix II niif f\t\ ^irr.cuMtii/r ic trfnn hv tn 

/Vttm Aitwir |nn n vt«it |. 'Dm iitniijtr In « utill tiiiil 

Viltrl|p« if«ii|i|Hiilltiiil V In rarii|M>; tliP nly niuil mwym 

lilllr, ImiI liPiir«i mill wuli In*. AikI lliii« inlrio mio 

wliii lnY«ltnuKrlt' iimlrt mi niriiiril mill riMiai-niiriillv 

riffliruliiii« rpMinnil lui lit« nwti iniipnarq, hut 

wliirh nrp «ppii llitniii!;li mul ulliitil ilivi-t«inii tiilhii«p 

llP ntlr»«N In fffllHivp minu. Mmi|«, muW, \\\\>\\^» , 

Httnfirrif niifl ftfirrriii(;lY. «* ^W\\ Nii\^ \w^ ^'^^^^ ^''"'^^'^' 


been already accounted for, and means er 
surrounded^ hedged-in. 


In relation to one dressed in bad taste [v 
much finery; in a tawdry manner; unsuitab 
vulgarly bedizened], but who is, from ^ 
proper feeling, unconscious of his own ab 
Hij is als fyn als wie kij peins; q. e. he < 
as near the point of perfection as his own t 
may suggest to hvn ; that is, he may fancy 
dressed in the tip-top style of propriety, t 
of perfection, though nobody else may agi 
him in that respect. Fyn^ id quod insignii 
fectunif omnibusque venustatis numeris est 
turn ; perfection itself. It is the habitual pr 
ation o^ five-pence y ^sfip-ence, which has su 
this travesty. IF, v, and /, intermutate in 
The latin vidua is the same word with 
and our^re, with the dutch vuyr^ vuer, vi 


It was done as clean as a penny ; it w 
easily, neatly, adroitly, without difficulty 
ease. Als glij in aes er pinne ; q. e. 05 qu 
a skewer runs into flesh; as easily as a 
goes into a piece of meat; as a skewer sUps 
into flesh, meat; implying meat in a prof 
for foody or else that which is eaten as foo 
who eats what a skewer will not go into? 
a skewer, a pin. Aes, eatables, meat, tend< 
carrion; but here not sounded as oe^broac 
as es; and aesen, to feed, is also spelt eset 
fit, sounds clean, the ij being as ee, ea, an 
e convertible letters. 


7/ was done as clean a& a wKUlle ; ^\) 
aenae of — the actio qucstVou ^?ka ipeT^oxtas 
oeaily suddenly and vr\l\ioui\>\xs\\e. 

I'tfCt I Ul I'll II .« HI.:) 4*,} 

rife tt hittj tfti I <|. <'. r/« m/tit/tf/ nml ttnprfi't'pfittiff 
r«lilly; //« i/7ir// MrjHimfrii fnttii ihv ritl iij' tfiti 
tiihUntsrr (ill" I'liiil) tiiid ffiii» fiiimv ,/'W, rttiufifu 
iMlt/tt I lllld wIlUl jHlMTIiq r.iii liilii- |iliirM Willi 
tritah'i f jilii'lilM as, nifi'hri', iiiiil H'ljiiiaitr i-llirii'iiry 
lliufi llmf iif lliii Hfjiiii ill Mill ol' i/>/ir// (»t:ium) I'uitu 
lUt^ tuni (t'trtiffiitutn ), lliioiip;li(iiil wliirli, lliiMimliiiil 
lirlfiii*, II liiifl Ifi'i'ii lifiiiiO(/i'ii('Oi|iily <1ir|iiImiIi'<I ^ 
Ulijih'M, ifttJt^Ht III (/1 1(1 1 1. //'/{>! /f"{/i wr^n, umij, 
wpi, HI" till* «itirir wtm\ willi iiiir w/mif, ilui i« 
iilliiri*<l w*/i^ iV/f7, Milly, iiii|ii't('i*|flilily. 

HNfii I'li.l. (lAlii.irk, 

Ihrt I iniit jiiHtr fill (JttititJ/ f iitti«ivil in llm 
form Iff It unliliMiiiy, Iml jiihiidi'il for ilir I'Hrni' oiin, 
frdiiiwliOiiM'tllicr ftyiti|hilliy (II (UQibtiiiici' J4 t%\H'vit*i\, 
And in llil Miticll ilH Id Hiiy, thi nhktrvti whiil tt 7nliti- 
rulilt ftlit//if I urn lit, /'tun' I lit fit ifiwr fijrk j i/ulfn 
liku a fiirrt iif ttiiiirffiituf nhi/ififif ii//' purrly In lin 
Ihtiiwii H 11*11 If i (|iiili' like ii pii'i-i' (if ijiiil, ri'iiKivi'd 
M* Wdillili'M, iiiid lliim nil oiilciut /(-(i«l (ill); in llic 
M-hM* (if (iMc wild ('iilUii)idii ydii Id vji-w liJin in Hiirli 
IikIiI; in n Iditdin |ili'iililiili'| nifiiiilidii. I'tlh^fiUh^ 
/"/, //i/, |ii-i'lih|i |iiii(l, hill ll| lima iia tliiil wliK'li iit 
'ii«l (ill find llddwn iiwiiy itlh-i liiivni(/ an vnl tlic jiiir 
|i(nr il wiia IIiIi'IhIi fl I'dl ; iiml Md, lidl iin iiniiiil ly|i(i 
ftf iiiM' wild la lii'iili-d willi Ui[i\i'i\ iind indilli'icnci', 
«* Wnilldi'Ra Id linn Id wlidin In' liiiti lircdini^ lid 
i'>h{:t-| III 1141, Oiii ti-iiiiy/i7/ (dlnndir), vnl lilid 
/'v//, nil' fill' Riinii' Wdid, na will hit i-ii|iliiini'd in 
liKillii r |mt/r, i'tiri, ffiiui f |hiii', ln^li^ (Jiir /(/''A| 
illdKcllicr />|nili ), lllll^ 

"Ami fu aiiiill liiii * Uow ll»ii'rii|ialiii iimilis llitt |iiidliiii«r |f|lM.f 

'^Afeiiik nil tUn |i»M|/ iiy|ililti 111 II t%u« iMut'iiil ilay , 

l^'iT llm liifffis rlii:|a oliti hiliiln ut' luvn, lliu luUm Whm Iml Uy." 

'// 0t U*fUI, 

f/,0, ktnil //ill jHinlniiii (ttttti«to\Nn« e\uvV»^»»\\^^ V>nw« 
^fihy lUuiUuuU III ...n i«iiii\uU««it \W» \w«u«^ VfcV\J^« 

^luJhHl)Ul « HltKlill ,1„|„ 1,1 u,\rKiV. W»*%A« W^^ ^'**'* 
^f^uhHtifly ||,U,„«t,|ii |)|/ui.t \ti \\\\\\%v \»\W*' 

60 AMCHMoufor or 

*' Ani witk Um ffUifi thft durw ^« nn tmd imr. 
And w«^t Immt* ^^ AUAn «tte nXi, 
Awl MMyto tlMT MOI«r» in Aw rtVLtti liktHi 
thmt dfimn htf %f>9ih^'* CmAveam* 

80 caHed — now confined to ftan and poUic Uneti ; 
and w)iicb conmU of a case or box (with ftagc and 
fupptu) carried [drawn] abottt bjr tbe shcmBan, 
who i» abo montnpiece to the perfimnance. The 
elttpdii of a galUmtee $h&W'man, Er kail end i^ 
iehouw'tnan ; q« e« there's hath talk end etmvef' 
unc€ for the show; tbere'i the man who talks fer, 
and who moree and carries the show ; tbe month- 
piece and carrier on of the spectacle. KaUen^ to 
talk^ to chatter. Kal^ talk. Tijen^ to get on^ to fp 
on^ to proceed. So that kal^ kallf is as the tSSn 
and tije [the contraction of tijing, the participle 
prctient tilled subiitantivelY] as the carrying on or 
progress of the ^how. The phrase then comes out 
as, the one who in the talk and action of the show^ 
and without whom tbeshow would be without either. 
O and k cf^rresponding sounds, Tye is pronounced 
as we do tee^ tea, 


A »how con»i«ting in featu of dancing, tumblng, 

Si(% |H;rfornied by puppets [dollii] made to gestka- 

late f;y wire» managed bv the show-man. I take 

raree to be as reverie. ^ reijre^ the participle prefSflt 

of reijereUf to sliake, to jump, to dance up and 

down; and thtui reijrc'schauw (raree'shaw) would 

be a iliow consi^trng of figures dancing abouty 

moving with quickness up and down ; and such h 

the motion we tee in the play of puppets in a show 

of this kind. To ride, U from the name iiource; ii 

the imjHprt of, to move u^^ am\ doviTv, mSe ^kn«tVi\ 

Urn who ridee. Jieijcrc, «l* mjenngi ^^t\»te 

a. e. Bald, pefUd. |AVM» V^\\«^» uii^ k«»>*«*- 

t)M' fimml Utrtn of Uir r.ttuirwlutu of llii*, in t)ii(y;ti, 
Jf/finnf/n Myfi thf* phrnw* ni nnrtfra find /»A/w;. Arfs 

Hp furnffd rjii-in-pan ; hp. iMtrAnw A irnlt<rr ; h4 

li« «l/ff*!i who Hv^\utP% inforrnntiofi frnrri frMmdly I'oti- 
iMknrf!, wifflft lift wfttrhfiti tJir orrfmion Ui liHrny K 
III till' (tDJfiry of fimi to wbrmi hr owt^il it. ; in tinc^Ui 
ferf. in fJii! rmnlMn«!f| f;lffinw'tpr of %\iy \\nt\ itiforrnnr. 
iJupi-n-ppriM i ibfi U'mi imffl in Trrn/'li for n 
tr(fiM-b#ffoiifi wfiyl»yinf^y n w;itrliin(r in r!onf!«Milrfif*Nt 
ftir tli«; o|f|f^.iirMty of /1fffft(( injury t/» IUp. vwim 
Hmrkp4l onl.« Tbf^ rooH nt^viun to Iht thn VrppnmU 
ff»ffffMn^ rolfindf'r, %iTmtwr\ in UuU*U dDorithiy^ 
(p»fpnfftniU;l) ; whirli inni ip.rm iitptittn lit/*r(illy a 

ffUtifrr full of Ii4flvii trr ^/z^*. ^'«//V/ *'"' /A^'V/t '" 
Utf* ftf'n^ f»f, full of ry//>/i fir /<///r/i, In rf'hit.ion t,o iinlf^ 
<lUiri/'r« if» wbirif tbc^y »|#|»ly, wrf^ nynonynioufi nnil 
fi««''l indifTfrrntly, hi \\\p aiifnif' w»y, w Mfty, </«« 
fht-mr in full nf holtiitf irr ilif rlircur. in full nfrffpn. 
An h.nll»n \nn\p.r\9 \\n% parity ton oar: hi, rario Mpnz* 
wii'M t hrratl Mhnuht hn full nf rypn ; untlurut. 
Wp wiy, flip ryp. of 11 nrofllr, for tl»r Imlti m a 
nppiWti ; Ml ilo ttip lliitrli. In tinr ti<rni Arw^/i mtx/Z 
^»fii» / ^^^ii in, tm IfHfp-linltm ; sinfl fioti(((tin in lliifti'h, 
mi it Wrrn nprilli'Wi t/» wU\ttfp. nior<* infitfinrf!fi rrf 
Ihf! r'#rrfifnnnity in my^miUttUnn of fJin two wonln. 
It Ifif liowf^vrr, thin intrrrlmnt^f^ of im|K;rt, 
hMN y^fvpft t'tnp Ut iUf" rohin/lrr Inivin^ l»ppn fi(lm»f/!/| 
iN II iyttP of A rf-iinion of rountJpM rufii / finfi no, 
ni^intiUvp\y, off/rflfil vif/ilanv.p i tt««\ ¥(U\rN\ itv^WtuviN^ 

'mmmfj nf w»U'hMnpM% in n. Vmrt riiniw\\ Vit ^t^ 
ndyff imrtptmt,. IV#i my, fc^ 4* all f»i|nm \^ ^^'l 




Q9if the wateb ; and of that which k all ^ 
colunder m no unapt emblem* The phra«e / 
HMT^ fiei^^^ M well known a* designating a 
who, lets out unduly tliat which is confided 
to be kept U> himself; so that «tet?« is he 
emblem of one unworthy of trust, and thui 
derrigatory import which does not spring fn 
word ttselfy but from the way it is used in. 
l*ail au guetf is a French phrase for to be 
watch, on the alert; but construed literally, / 
the eye at the hole or opening , that is, the o^ 
made by the withdrawing the eyelids t an< 
answers to our phrase, to have the eyes op 
take the term guet to be the same word ) 
[gate] in the sense of, an opening or hole 
open the oyes^ is not to make a hole in them, 
hole or openina for the use of them. To op 
eye is evidently the ellipsis of to open the e 
and so to make an opening or gateway to th< 
(t)Upih of the eye. The thcma of eye is in t 
tno original term for tliut organ, viz. ooghe ; 
is still rotnined in the Latin and Greek tcr 
•ye. O, is as the natural type of roundnes 
this in another ungo. No probable Hource 
(ibove phrase, either in French or Englis 
lM)i>n yet given, as far as I know. In Than 
EiymoUnfy our own cai-in-pan is referred 
Dog- Latin cnta^mHus ns the corruption of 
lfiN<^M«i mpfvenary cnptnin^ and so a turn-coat 
ono who owos his npncaranoo to the Greek 
^ttfftirrfvtt). For qat)v}mn (colander) see Id 
KrMi^um, door >Vas«ouborgh. Tt Leeuwi 


Hnitl in HtticuW of auuxt^^ ov\<y >n\\cv \% ^y«» 
ftiirtH)iiii|y finr^ Wl kwwvcvx u> W\t> ^^^^^^ 

m(|^Hmii t%\ vA\\<^ns AU ,|f>n^ 'i^^^* *^^ ^^ 

ifii- /////•/'■/ ft'//ui/f9 tn lih II I' a lit iff ht riul luLiun i 

\\i4\ 14, llfir p/|if| fli'Vil IliiJftI lit' Will \HilUl\ I Will Uii - 

hifwl] |#«-t//M^ fi<' < (III tnutf }/y )iic feiiirl'l oiiUhId 
<i|#|H';ii:iii' <r. 'l'#f l/«r |if«f|f< ily ilrtbti'il ihf. li«ffa»li'r 

Niil«l f#*: f:i#lli)fl«-li'iy /<*//« iili«J i/itttiiiff III llil» Wi«y 
|f'«|iij|('« *<'l f/«ijllfi(/ «i| loiialiii^^ iifiij ^1 iii/luft$, 

/y///^ nititlf d full M-'l f«iloiii^ <|iiili- muilt'l., Viuf.u 
thttt ih fi'i^iiUf. f^fjtf <« Mllit^l 114 tn\izU'i itf 
* fi».¥i\\9\% f Ufi'l iiimwt-fii Ui lliir i^iliii f/ummiifut, 
kltii lllfc I^Mrlirli if/Unil/Htf ii M*!! < fUW llfell, >1/« 

/l//i ///*•, u» l)Mt' ro'i'l. ^y///' y ////// itoiiii«U I'litriii, 
(^t/ti^tJuiftf Ui li'i^uiit-.i tiiii'ibi lit. Ih lliif ifi/U'lihul 
Uiii*A^ aui\ cotjinU I'n-^h. I' tin'l /'^ iii^: llir; ttwuM*. 

««fljl|/j, iliC liMf' ll ////// llfl'l Oil! ///// UM'. lllt^ ft;i|flA 

*'«f«l. h'j tli^il \,t:r i:\ii.h litffl ntuntik J'/tith mrujiud^ / 

I«fe in i.Allf Ity 'Mil?. Ilfcfcl.«. 

(ll lll«7 Hi-llfeA? ut Ui: in blllft:llll(/ HlipMftfilllllcrljl, lit; lit 
III Mli:U, //«« 2« Ittill hntt/n ilti ijf'n i '|. **. //^/ff /• 

ijiit.f I f'f.iiur^ lilt. lilt, thil llmt iiiM^tt ii I ftiu ife ii 

«l4li; nt fli&lM'ass iiifl^cll « li;iiiiii iiM^ iIk- iiiiitii'ly, 
I'.iri/li'fltly •<• lilt- ii)f«i6flO|«llcr l,t b^Wflft Oil*: OH Vlt'W 
iiij^ ilic |/4-fi>on III OiK-btlOfi, III IIm- isl>iM^ iji^fti lllf'il Ml 
'Ift^OIIJ/llliilt-klfM feaj/fli. A/'/'//, /r////^ J/l M f, IIK'tiilH ll''ly 
////-^ lii'M:. /////'///', filliia, )«oii/U, I liiiJlia. /y/, i:y||, 
'Ii V/, 10, ia. linii/t. aoiiii«U //// l/iii;j«lly iilliicd. 

" /ifii liMlf f/f lijiili, Ii)a Ifilfi'lf 

/iltiil.Mthltlhti lAlh h* lll«lllrftl«. ii tylillili A«- 

•'.l.iU- of ilulMaa, I'^fiuiy^ v/unl ; iiiiirow mm iliii 
«liiifi I a, ifOViily. Jhiuih tttl , (li| \|l % » *\. f . \\v\%\ 

///A/r M^ ///Olfioio/t f i oil t I y«lU\ •, Illl-|\ hl't'H\»l Viv u 
^/////*y ^/////^ ii,li^,\ ,l,y lH-MiV«i\int i- » ^*i*v t^vtw ^"^^ 



he fhaU find hk next pieee of Inread. Htmden is 
h^, to take hold of. Aei^ something to eat, a 
also something to inroyide food with, food's wor 
and soundft at, D^y thee. The expression it 
mfliar^ but friendly. It bean out the sound sei 
of compassion whh its object in i^ite of the bn 
lesqne alkmon of the tmvest j. No one uses it I 
in regard to some one who has his compassii 
Johnson tells yon the phrase originates in the k 
qf the stocking y and of course implies the 8ta4e m 
caAed by the person who wears sfcockinga witii. ii 
amended heela! A state bad enough if you will, I 
not so bad as that implied by the fwaae. Iti 
tMXt whim of that exoeUent man's. 


In the meaning of, to be without eating, withe 
the usual meal, to be dinnerkss, to want a dinn 
Te dyen vnjse dij oock onvree ; q. e. you look cu 
you still wanted something to set you up, to do y 
|p6od, something to fill your stomach ; you look 
if nourishment would do you good ; it looks ai 
yon were out of sorts for want of something whi 
should do you good ; to put into your stomach. 
dyeUf dyghenp difden [to prosper, to ameliorate, 
make better] as Uie true ground of the French di* 
and our to dine, hereafter. Dyen sounds dine, a 
dyen as the French dincyje dine* Ooek, even, y 
mime encore, et etiam, vel nunc, even now. Onvn 
ont7re/,uneasiness, discontent. And whmi pronounc 
witli tlie aspirate comes very close to Humphrey, t 
V being as/» and the/ as ph, Wijse has the sou 
of with, but the import of, indicates, betrays, lo€ 
as \f, and is the third person present of wijsen, 
demonstrate, in the subjunctive mood. 


She 18 continually expown^ \vcwfc\^ \s^ w»>i 
«^itduce arising from change oi\»Xi^^.\ ^^Vs^^ 

r«iri t.«N run i*ii^«. m 

br-i |iiv««tii| rlr-^itlltitl la liii«i|iln(| In |ir>t, Irnill II10 

rMiftiml It iiii|Mi«r«. mill wliuli •Itn |« |irii»rlilAllv 

lifv«kmtf llirtiM|£li. i^tttiiMiitlv. I>iil nlMiitillv. mimI 

itP|£ciitilv. S* h%* tin* ttt'i Nil If If fi'ri'r ■' hurt ert » iimi/ '■ / 

>|- <*. •>• ynii'A/iy (li/(liM Iff f/ii/rr«> [• iiiliiiitci««iiiriil 1 1 

Air««l h*9Homr* tUP i*N/y ii/niitiri. mIwuv" mi ■iiiiir 

tiikiitntci. ttltnti rdiik [«l(iliiiii| la liiiii^;lil [iiinliilv rti* 

^t|itvc|| il rvrr |l|«i\f'« II i'ai|«r ni i|tii-rtRiiii--a« In tlio 

■urrhdarr. Tlic* initinik. Im «ili )i tl l«. l« n\iilriilly 

an*ii(£ii| out ii|Niii ■priii^ ■miu- mtr wlui lina iinluti- 

ii«i«ly ulifainncl, nl I Itn |mii'o ol li(«|i|iiiir«ii ninl hrr 

4iuii. M |MMiiiiiii wlm II i« tiow. wlim tiHi lnii\ iiitiiul 

a ititw*, mill llio pricn |tiiiil. n quiih nl ii'^trl. 

Slaluiii. Ill lifi A ■iiliri'P III lifl|i|iliira«, aliutilil lin atirll 

«• (lir- |k:|«imi Ir-ria jtliliai'll aiiili'il lui , ritlifi liy 

hatul III iidlitiP, Tlir- hKp in llio |ilit(i«fi lalU lit ii« 

liic: |rii«r«|y ol nt'h%P (■ihim) rUn 1I10 iiiigiiicil Inliii 

ft|i|iJtF« lici llinrn lo ntir iir% llinii iIip nllirt. || lm« 

berii rnry iiii|£allaiitly ■loili-il l>V tliri ni'rirciiilal titia' 

liigY til Hoiitnl irniit rnitiiiinli lit IniIIi ar^ra, lu tlio 

(vmalo iii«|>r'i-mllv. /'i*'. lliii*. 111 lln« iruy. "io. In, ill 

V NiffHN*. kri MiliiM'. Ptlll>cit|(l«atiiriil. ilialinaa. tiiii. 

■Iraitil. llVi'r. H'r\Ut\ rt^rillii. Huat, tinn. Inctll, 

prii'o |iaiil fot. linur ppfM ititi/'a hinnalira llin i-nii' 

•'liiilttig wiinU •»! tlip ltarp«tv \*\ lomlti^ry "I «niiiii|. 

A riiir nr 1 ttr m n iMnift. 

A« ot lilt* |iltiaap III ** l|p ta n I lii|i III llifi iilil 
bitM'k '," ami aniil ol ■niiiii ill i-niiililiiiiic'il v*i*iti|S- 
|irt«itii. will) ii|i|irfita In l>r likrly In liiiiiinil ua (;|pnt 
9 t'liiap In aurirlv M« lltr- iulltri. i\t *% httf* nf i/n 
Att/ iuti iHuk • i|. r. /Arir't (hr- ftfjutrff" .MiuiHr*iii" 
|llir |filhri| fii/iiMi. »S7tiiii. ali(i|ir, li(.*nir. Iniiii. //h/. 
Iticiil. tfi\lli^. iitiiiiiia, /^i/, II iiiuii'a licdil. fillil llio 
U/ili(*n«-fi//tr /iiniarll. //n/ Mi*l. tt» v^xx ^y^w^VW^X^ 
nu knanw til* llin lultiri nl |\^c y«.\«%\\\ \\\ n\\\o%\\*n>.x , 
r/.«f-4. firi.r nj.:niit. I'lio „ ^ k.»|i. %\\«^\xi>'^ ^x\\\ ^ 
•«*•• ^y#. Ar,, . ^,^ (%,luW uwt* xvx^ ^^=^^^ 

on Aiu:uJE4}uyOY ot 

Ko that itchap hecomen ghip or chip. The phrane if 
never uficd liut by way of joke, or when Bcrioiuly 
auj^ry. Bol oock sounds block. 

We say he i$ behind-liand in his leamiwj ; and in 
the ftense of he df>es not get on [advance] in liit 
learning ; he is behind hand with his rent ; lie does 
not conie forward , is in arrear with his rent^ Beheind 
aen ; ([, e. enclosed, hemmed in, hedged in on all 
sides, and conse<|uently cannot (does not) advance, 
come forward. / will not be hehind Iiand with him; 
is asy i will come (get, ba) up (even) witli him ; in 
regard to him, i sliall not be stopiicd (prevented) 
making an advance equal to that he makes. Bc' 
heinen, to enclose [surround, hem, hedge in], of 
which beheind is the participle |mst. Aen^ in, on. 
Johnson says the term is conifK)Ked of behind and 
hand! the terminal// is evidently paragogical, lor 
hand can have no part in the ini{)ort of the term. 
// no letter. 


As descriptive of the highest degree of eonceul- 

uieat; of a state where not even the existence, 

much less tht* value, of the person (object, Jiubjeet) 

ill ijucHtion has been remarked (sus})ected to be). 

And is used in regard to some one who, to the 

speiiktT of tlie plirase, is known to be of great 

worth notwithstanding a rougli uncouth appcar* 

unee. Al *s notj a/« er bat/ in de ruitf ; q. e. it is 

idl yet there as with the diamond in its routjh state; 

und thus as hidden value, wortli not yet displayed 

to the eye. We say he is a roiufh diamond^ in the 

»nmo sense*. At*s, all is there, so it is tliere. Nog^ 

fiovht .V«'^ t*ven now . Am\ >w\\\\V Uvwt \>3\k*i c\ n^ma^ 

not yvt brnupfht to Wvc^^t, \\va\\ v\\v^ v-nV\\vj\ ^^ 

jnuinuicc nnd iiiten\u\ \>yvoo ^A' vV^* y>Kv\» Wwa 

V/'/^''. i*\\v\, iliunu>m\,v\Vivvms >Unxw \ W xxc^. \ 

'lift I .. I' I III' ' .^ I ; '// 

m iif i'tirw It |ii't|ri]v I'/ at tin nnii/h liji n lit 

fniff U.IT till ..'/lill'l «fl l)|i * \*fA.t U WHtl ii."- ^1^«« •" 

ill' ft'/u'i'l |i .I'iin;.' I'/ lii< irii f .MM<«f j/ii</iri i/| tin 
''M^'iiiiil Iftttf titSft hmf \i.H \ ,iittu\i* t\ ]«lil.ii<(lj llii 

tii'trf <«1 tliifci l/iifi'i < li.jii* I f f .jfi.-iiiiil.jti</ii'- , lii'f.i 
iit.ii,«|iii liiilifiLfr^ V/lii |( »ifunt/ II /itt \ i/i I |j «Ji£y tjj£.i <J 
"I I ill vjfl/«J mmti iitt 

**l o«<lfi j y. 

{jIi-I^ 1^ iiiluH*! It hji i «| I '/«/.'/ '/'//#/ itlttltuil 
fHi i ill llii Vy.^Y ^'' '/|»« fl t'f ffii , i\', litil |i ;i yi fill 

li<i |;j»7-.jyi ^ fiM i^iife '/I ^'</iii/ </ii, 'I'^fii fi.ffi'] Ml my 
Wrfy, lit ;/;i j/i/ i«ii u* I ' .jti /' / //</« /itf. Iff hniff 
tf Itt I I I- / //i/ //, ////* mi hint /// r^// ////y iiU'li 
iinf nhnul it , 'y\u \it tti'/ iiiti /{i/i<J wjlli, ll/( ii'/l 

"tlVIII^ l>l 1 I; )l (f ill f ^ |£ tjlf IIKfJ.J I /' IJfcl \itl U l|||f|{/ 

li'il III If 1^' |iMi|«i;iy «i<iiii ^iihiHifin^ iji hi ifii n ^ Ui 
K'"/f'l, {/f:iiil^ li< flinty i/fi<) Im M , III tiii iiii|/i f.itiyi 
Mt»*«jil Iftiili ^ ^'/' ' ^'''Z. »"••*''* ''I i"'"'X . ^'' * 

■•'hi/ii 7 )'< t'tnit *ii '!<< liiJViKly .livyi^litjy tin 
I'll .i i/f ',f*tt'f' t Imx |/i>^''I( l}|i I < |/;i ^.-i</ii .ill .il/fiji<l 


1. l/.i ir It I t. r- I H'll' IV 

A* I III" y/« II l/i'/Wfi In M If II ti 1,1 /■'/ y' lull h I 
U f hnili III i *{ I Whul mill I liiiin i it ///#// ' (f/i f 
till liitillmi II i v/li. il ii.if .!<' I'll III ifi'^iliiii'l ii'ivy' 
Oil' u jlj/iil ' r'#«/Mii lliiiiy III w iiifiiitl III/ t||i II * 
'/li' / r.< I it'x till |.iiitii'/iii Ijylit ' t\i .lit I /« l.iiii.i 
tl</ll «lf till |/i If^/fi wli'i li:j|/pi iiju It/ l.jjj lit yyilli l|iu. 
rliiilliny plH m/iiii ii«/ii , tlii < / |ii> '.-.ri'fii i,i n Uni 
riii|ifir.f^ wfiij tin & iil^»< <|ii( iil .--ill /t ' '/vi iiii;/ ti*itn 
il I r J I wJi.if it j£, vyi lit I 'J ii'/t I'l .il.iiiiii t|^ ft la 
i/tAy il Jiyiil // ^ fr'iMii . ii/fiiHib IIimU, »\v.v\\»\ . 
in w I VI nl , ^'«'i'/ifil ..',111' iLiii-: «i\i^i,»* .^ ^ »• ^■"** 

///// (l.ii.ll„,i,,f I,... ,,.,1 i„ . ,, \x \ ^ivA. ^'^^'^ 



As a good-for-nothing set of people, a wor 
crew, a sad set, vile company. Tuige rag ae 
teel; q. e. the cobwebs we see prognosticate a 9 
of vermin in the place; cobwebs bear witnesi 
brood of spiders [caterpillars] being here ; ^ 
we see cobwebs we want no other eviden 
know the insects they belong to must be at 1 
and thus implying, upon a view of the 1 
arrived at on the visit in question, it may be 
eluded, a company assorted to the appearan 
the place may be foreseen; inferring tnat the 
of the place was not what it should be. Tuigi 
may be a witness of, as the potential form of tt 
to testify. Rag, cobweb. Pop, nest of in 
such as spiders, caterpillars, &c., &c. P 1 
are intermutatingsounas, and pop, in m bob. 
brood, race; in French, engeance when used 
set of bad ones, vermin, &c. Tuige, tuyghe, s< 
tag. We are told by a late etymologist, the p 
is grounded in Tag, Rag, and Bob-tail, 
supposed names of three Icinds of vulgar 
and!^ so rabble! See Thomson's Etymons. 


He has found a mare*s nest, is a well knowr 

of saying he has found nothing which wai 

known before ; and is applied to some one wh 

hit upon what is new to him, but to no one 

or to some one who wishes to impose on anothi 

his own, that which belongs elsewhere. Er 

nest; q. e. there but is nested; that place i 

place where but has its nest; but*s nest i 

treasure he has found, turned up; what he 1 

palm upon us as of value *\s vrotvXuv^'O^w^^ ^ 

nullity. McTy nuier^ maar, «Al\iec.oTiV^xiR>c 

ia Ab defeaaire sense, it Yiete vVie v^v^ ^"^^ 

beisif tbsit which connecU tVie pos\t\w tw 

rx»fi t. \ii rim 1^1^* '»'• 

I rh^ »k$lhf^Ufi ffmttUMH, 'VUr wf»rtl la hetv 
I )i» i* «iitMtauli«f* unci hi^nralivr non«r. Mi^r^ 
<t^rt, rlilk'rVM I'rvtm Am/, hi a» lur a* it Iiaa iu»t fAtf 
MUili«v ^»M whic'b, in Arniir' c*UM'«, lirbkiiv;« tri 
lute**r. .l/^r ( mrjfir ) :i( all liiiu'a im|»lic« dtf^ti- 
•tf. Itrurr lU ;»|ilur«i ti» rr|ir<'«riiC HuHtitf. Of 

^\yU v4 m*$tr»t In m-»t, Co rmi^C. A/rr Iiua 
^«Art «miimI oI* ■Nir#' wilU iM. Tbr pliM.'tr «lc>r« 
M«m t» urik« M> ilii:f'«ll|r ul the iiirrr lirin^ 
M^f. «« ill lh«i c:tmc-«it antl lully m l)uiikiii^ liim- 
#Mri thAii lui iioi^hUiur. 

to KAr III Mnr.K vik. 

ft m^U Muftfi I^€a9 humhUfiHt, hie WiU filili^rcl 
nork unrUr, In 4rkiic»wlfl'«l(;;i) hiA iii«*ii|H»riry lt» 
-«r«l wilH ikat whirli he' ti4il civrrwruiiifiyifly 
rri*krA (t'i%tK*iril hiiiiMill' ri|U;il to). 7*'m hirt 
t/ A«/. ffi. r. mil jifMMr iif Anr ttA^Ulttm-^ tn yirti ; aiiiI 
lyiu^j;. 1 «rr y«m arr iiiirf|U»l tri it ytknr>ir)ir: nnl 

|i» cici the iMiAiiirM III ijiirsitiiin, witlifiiil oflirr 
i; ami rS|irc*MU«r nf c-cinlnniit ^»r cIia rnui-ril 
mn who iiiiu<iitrfl hr roukl ilik iC. i/iir/. llir 
rvbtlivr f»f Atrfrn, tn uaiur, l(» call in of ii|kiu. 

t»cb«r. jMMktiirr. dm. Cor. 

ro PHAw i?i rnr iiohn^. 

i^ •rvui j\\r€rtl io tlrttw in thr h^trnji : hr Wii« 
\jirA Co vfivr way in rrfifAfcl to that wliH-h hr hat! 
ifr i««lvan«-r«l; Co lirc'onir \mm roiiltilruC in hiA 
1^ ahlr to carry Clir inCniilril \nn\\i\ anil Chu* 
iirril to allrr \\\m aMiiminyf inainirr Co onr iiioriY 
rut (Irna utilMrc'oiiiinv:>. ?"*> lirartit [tlriMir\ tn 
Anrvrrn'jr. «|. r. n f Aowt/in^/ i^* #A#- t-riNrjitf y«iM 
I M *M M'^i^ f^'Mr iNi mort f All M yntar «/iifi|f ; t«> 
fi a J I rtrrr» III r'riiirw? lA whftl yw t\\v4{^\W^ \^^\ ^** 
itfr/oiir tinaiiitahh' inaui\r« ot v^ou\^ ^>^^» '^^^'^ *^"'^' 
• /irromiii>f. m nn motr \\v\\\ W<f*'«^*'^ '^^^^^'^J 

00 iMff ti/tOt.^f*,1f Ol* 

rhatt'/*-; l/ut. ^< ;<: tt^t.*^ *.H\f>.V'titir/t:\y, hi dt^ 

I'f^m.ti TUP, $i,f/^h, 

// w//i» *//«// «/»///rr (h: ro^f: i it w«ii» *«ii«J in ' 
tU'Jtf.i' ; VM ih >«:M<:t, OruLf.r dv. rtMtM ; in 
s»''ifii<'. iniULiiih'/^ Si^ v/j|)i ii^ ; iUJ'i wlii'Ji, jm J/iM<; 

< <irjf/«' |/l«:<.<; of H '.t-lllli'/ , ttltf*'. tit Sh'/Hi'. \n\ 

wUh'.U f oi/i|/<M<<i il, inly/ u t.omuioit r«'iiU <r. |f 
ufMJ tliiiK {ttfuufjiiif}/;, in |/</nit of ^t*it*'.tH\ i»h;i|#<r 
lik«fn(r4ft of^An invfrU'dnt^tf. Koun'l sa f.;iU<; |> 
Hmn^'A\i%U'\y iin<J«i On* r'/e^r o; ^:«'nU<;- in«'' <•, i 
tin; rn*kt//ni foi tint f;innly ty/ s«49(irnil/l<' tn mSnw 
('oni»iiltiition ov<f iU own ^ onf'<:rnit iunl th«; ti 
of lli'f lioii«<lfol<J, Wi'.iuv. it|;Mini/; l.)i<^ f'ornt ol 
<^Ji|/r<rMfony ttlon^ with that jni)/<;it of'rontiO' 
'onnniinl'.at.ion wln< U l/<-)on^4 t// miul nndi'% 

Tin: l/Jitni 4m// rr/«/z h:i4 no M:l:<t.ion to our |/ 
UTidf.r iliti rtfun f hut. nM'f^'ly f*:l<rM lo k<M'|nni^ fci 
Willi M {/(imI to ti Ut/imth Myinr ol (1< l/siinli ; it. 
iin|Jnr<l injiiin Iton loi nontf ol fin' \nniy to 
Hft'Hi'. Ui It'll r/f|ji|:i wlliit. I ;'.t :%;»<■ <l. Ar<'hhii»liO|# |'< 
in wlioM' hook ol' Anti<|nitM'«t ^onn; f«sitiii vi'int 
icfoidcrl wliirh nnntion th^ roin' tu th<- <in hh 
ihiM ronvivnil inipoantion to it^.ttvt-^ itw\ whi«' 
kwfwn lo tvfty 4f hoolhoy, n<V(i ivmi iilhnhii 

ih* hlU'W It. Ii'h IK ft lilt mA^ %i» \Ni^ (iii|\iiin\»»\ 
if//// iVtf'ifr Ir# mull |^,|i\ ^iN ^V^^"- ^»»V^ ^^ '*'^^ 

m wan iifit In \>v ri'vnilrfl l»v otic; who had 
1 III llinii. (*oiil«l it riitrr into tlit* linid of n 
T iipil u ^nitlritiun, lliiit till* rliitftti* iiiin|il» niiil 
i!>lt rkiirrNAioii ol* fim/rr iht nmtr liiiil ii|iriin^ 

llir tihyiui of u UnmnH fit'tmilrli. That wh«*n 
\%^\\%\\ iiiiitroii miVA to h«T duuvfhter, thi$ I ttll 
mdtr tha n»st, uiid iM'um in her iniml an 
tioit to hoiirnt rmrrvi* in rr^^iinl to Honn^ 
rtioii im|H>rtun! to iVirniUhip uml niiituul ron- 
« — ronhi it, 1 miy, nu^^rHt itjurlf to nny duly 
I miiifl, thc] t*x|)ri>uiion liud lN*rn ntkcd out of 
th of II Uonmn or^y '- HmidcA would not thi* 
Mion havr mtrvi^rd uuion^ tlir d(*iUM*ndiintii of 
H'lniuntt f Would it Imvr Ihm'U hmt in tho 
ry of \H ori)(in nnd iiurviv<^d in one* whore it« 
I rouhl not W frit < Auk thr Ituliitn, the 
hrnun, thr Spuniurd, thr (irrrk, if itny <Miui- 
. or iintdo^ouM UNr of th^ trrm rmt^ oxintii 
yit ihrm ? And yrt tin* «rrul> <»f thr Tlmrn 
rti|N*r, tclU v^ui with thr ^f^rontrry of fitUi*- 

\\\€*. rott fiuA thin lietokrnin^ tteimt! in nil 

"•ftt, trick, mytitiHrntinii, ronjiimtion. Tin* 

* in u rnrrii|ition of thr profrimionul rfint hy 

t-onjurom (niountrlfiinkfi) onrr flmi^^ntttt'd 

mynlrry; vi/. Jokua Poki (jHuhi) ; q. r. tht- 

t'tffifttft thr iiOrkrt-phty. Pitckug^ tHH*H$, 

fm fMinjuror'n uitin for jntkc, uIao jHik, jmk^ 

^ktakt in thr metinin^ of |HM*kK nnil of 

Th<^ ronjuror'ii flrrii4 wnii Ix^itet with iiirh 

itM or iMirkotJt ; h<*nrr in (irrniiin he \* called 

^ntpithr (|H)oki«t-|»hiy«*r), m* one who relie* 

•urh ilrvirr f<»r the prrformume tif Kin W%- 

m/ iluiiihik. When reuA^ lo i\Ytew\\viVvA^^% 

tiiiiiiretf hiinnrtf to \\U vitMk\*\w\\V'k V^ V^"^ 'fc^'^x^^'^ 

o/r notjriiof llocut P<«fiift e»t ^[HiTtiU*^ ^^^ 
' »»*• k'r«oiinwiiew\ I'um*- Vn \tViNN*^viM^wvVt 

i'\%m%\^e \n \\%ty «ifiiiicU v^yw^ult^A l/y h mn4^ U 

TjMfh, iMiw f!hurfff 4kr ( n-uti $$my m'*im$4 
ilua ntU¥tif%Utn ttt J/H U9 UtUi lloiiun. Jnhn^M 

«ri/, hMtitffi, to« utm W«<Ub tttt a mpiU, »f#4 fmk 
inHf i \m\ ikm i'i/mJimmIU^ itt Vi/ttMi «M<I IlIi^H 
m^^r t#rM«lN''i<«l Why {(t^ii^rMlly ifilf#|«tiu«t immI |#</ftf 

UHiittttf ^hU'U h flml mi¥nmif4 l/y tUM*i$*Uik, > 

\m$9\ ik //♦ // iMu^u htltt/nfifttf Ui a wUpttlHftui 
iUk' %y4\H%tf »if \U^ k*lH$i*\ ihUuU ^t^*nH\M*i lit*. 
i6A ttt tttt ffft^ft* f tU^t*" ttfiUfl \titift in'^tt ft^rttfJt uti 

Uthitt*' i,n Httttf ^ i'4)Mtrtt \A^'*r -ihSt^t^ t\tM t4 

't^ ^\it0W^4 hy iiii' Kmi^iir/f hut^i *attu4 (// 

^iUU'ht ttt f^HM:^tfftl. ICff ihttt. Itt$mp^ tHH 

jf**f^^ i$tlU^ *w^»* '4 l*t im^Ut^ Ut Ini^ii Ui if /^^ 

>Ui^ «,wv4rtiJU<<Ai Urn ^**^ ^V*' Mi»v* M***^t^ «u vM 

HirUI.AR rilNANM. (K| 

Miinii nfllr llitii, Nhn unto him ipin niwiin *, 

Anil imkiHl htm If Irolhin wnm ihi*tn ; 

lU Hwnm hfr tiny, for hn whh imiI of fowtin, 

Ami mM wh«f tinri* t I ¥m%^ thMt hn wmh Ihi*!*, 

YoM dunit imirMr thfuwof hnva Ui# morp fpm.'* 


" Ami API him wlfh th# Imltll cm tho KriiMlll) nti thu mNMt 

That nil Ihn wvmk Nftnr h» hml mirh n pfMmf , 

Thai btftb liiii pymi WKturwl urtlnh hjr tli* mcirrowi*." 


A niHi). 

A HfCNicI liiitiioiirod wiiy of rrplyin^ ti), vffio tntd 
fim tun iklory ( iitifl itti|NirliiiK ytni iloirt iiudii In 
inforiii liitii ; tliiit yoti hiivn ii y;^uin\ riMimiii for tint. 
lrttiti)C littn know, hlr lii t* rl havrdt f|. c«. /;y «r# 
lUiimj [irIliiiKl, / should hrtrtiy [ilo wniti|( ti)J 
tiHothrr I hy <l(iiiit( mi 1 iilioiihl iiriMtiirn iiiim'jiirf 
h) liitii who fohl mn ; HJioiihl \m llio niiimi of 
inJiiriiiK ntir»thrr, Ihn c»iir who lohl it. ttir. Jlntirtf, 
mhiihIm nxiirily hn wc* do /tird |lMinl|, him! w hn tin* 
|mrli<*i|»lr prirlrrilp of hnprm^ to \m\\y^ forUip to {ircH 
(turn, to Irt out, U9 hnrr, torxpom*. 

Tiir.Mr.nY iianon a talk. 

Nrnrly r(|tiiviilffit to tho pliriim< imiiiiMlitttply \nv 
i!rdiii)(, out iMMiipriNiii^ ii iiion* clrciNivr import iitiil 
llrtiinr rrftimil to cotiiply. Dnrr hifhnnq*n rr ft* pi ; 
q. n. mifTP. than what t hnvn afrptidtf Udnynu m nnly 
In liP. hnd pUpwhpfp ^ from umdlipr tjunrfpr i if yon 
WHhl lu know morn you miiNt. .nrrk |try| Noninwhrrn 
rbw for ii |1 woirt ii*ll vou|. ihivr, tlirn*. Hii 
hnnffh^ hyhnntj^ hyhnnrk^ iiporiMlix, iMlditiiui. 7V 
W. not. nt. Iiomn, iit iinotlmr pittcn, rlNrwhrrn. Any 
Hildilioti to tiilN hnrn |t.o what I hiivo tohl] iN n(»i to 
lir Imd fVom mn. 

* Tf9 wItlMiwr, in NjNHili III n \»w ^(\W. 

t tpui Ii, I miji|Hmii It, xmiiV U tuv ^ u\(mv<»\\V« 

t'tf .-^.f n'l rn/»r'- Mi-»n >!•'- ifi**»Mi'- r*ri'l J/# |rrf-rt 
Oft- / T'i J » p f •♦ I 7 '/• /;/#;/ ///. / // /. ijt: // //« /• H m cfftph I j 

hi tfiilhhiif th'Dht'if \t\u'-^\y *kt.\ /A/// U'fth'fi htt\ 
/mth'fff hfthfi fttntft)at:/f ; ht * nf if|' f/f//# f»r»^| I 

•t/ f tirriiir'«f'-'l ; f'f nt-tVt. z\ti»t^ tffitV \»i\^\f Mi-vf 
li »J / .111 J/.' J l^.f» { l.«lf^ffir f/f r»ri/.>h^r th4tijt-n \ 

ht hn\ t /#/; // /- // . tiit.tU-n, t tt hitt- n , ntytit-n^ t it n u , 

c4,tni, in n r^f'»w»'-ri>, in rtn li/trir, htniju^fUfi 
Htffjfff, htimti (th f ^f.ttnr4rt hfnttn j lirtf/lf/, *»fM 
Ml If 7, |*.Tiiri4 ♦rttifijjrl/ ; in \*tt-ti* h /> fifihtf'/tU ih< 
///'•«//, /ifijitiftft, h tithtt •//'/;/// Hfufinl ^ li/-f*|i, 
Miii't, ihif "III/ li i-J jtiiJ f/..^f.H»'.r, r»nirt«*i'-/1, o 
»uy\ki*\^ rnfi>l fihtiilh nn/f afhUfiln lt'*4li lif-l/ 
^hlfff'l thtfifJUtt i:'«fir*/Ij ///ii 

A.t fr fir iMit <rii ni4« /•!■ 1 'f»- iiir vtnf 

A-* ^'«l/1 nt'^irr is'.r.imr /inr. -fiMi nii nnifl/ *-!<• 
ifi.fif t rii '. , <!'irfii. tirfit/Jiil lif/itinx ifr.f.'/fn, Itnf ri/ 
h'-r^ll/ i'-r/.irini£ ♦'# Hi'- /'iimJm'.i in '»'. 'r ^.T .v,ii 
i"li/f i>; Ml'- 'ifl-'iii iri.j #.r .'titm- ill i'lrnr-'l fjllirr 
///'/ flit- fnifjtff ci§U- / tiint, h'fitfff nf tlih tunt il 
nil hfif- hi '//I// f i"-f n't •' j funfta itt n ••//. 
fhiittfutf ff ijutt fiiit/ if it fhnlli/ c'l^ It' 
llJo ti'H{f U'liilfi flii« iitiintl httfi! J \S \i,t,V ' -'Ml 

iii:r .!iin in /in'-tff i'ln 'ij: if if -.wi^ '*ll ni,t,tt M»' Tf 
»l*n ; if 7'»»i «J|f7 if f'» If'- nf', l»/il*J 'fH -''ImI'- 
IrKl*: I lf/.|J'.»/- -ttt. -jt. ttr. f -iW-f '•/ f i.irij.'^ifi ^ M»'- | 
'♦jMi, ///• hili/fo^ null "■*7, A /J hinh'i fio if h* 
oftff hint htff /»/■ fhf' ttnutlU : in M» tf /-»«:*., /i/. 
I< ll»/- h-t-rf.ek f ht hit' hnj-'o • '| t. In-ti' it en h* 
[ll^ff•fll'- * i*£t. id, -•J-ifi*!.' j^ •'III/ li f'lllj in "ifli fl 
fftth*- t'*iitt..\A\ti%% ^u^ 't|i»i-if. r. If 111 till/. 'I ttt.f,Si-% 
ffftilht^ fffi i ■•''. «fi7 /iniMiit) M'Uli Mi\|t. \\ " 
////4 /a/" w»/i ^rf^rr. fftff l*t*fl. •«- «*♦ ^^*'- •■*V"* 
/'»' /»// ht t4 httff in tht\l . wn'^ Hi».'.n\»».V ■*»» •>» 


Jftyi tii« rciot of the liiilin hwiir, an wcill m 
tliD 1 lnli«ti tHfifi ill (li«f HnttiA mtiiMii nnci Hoiimiii 
f. Spifn, tf) Mpv, U) |MtM!i)ivc«, Ut tAmntfttf Ut 
cmIiiIm '7', W, M, it, llm Hltttft, tlici fiici in 
HticHi. Iltmdt aj\ IhiIiI oil', liiii'|i nloof, iivoid. 
f mr/rc/y lliiH Ntiifti f)f iiiiml, lliin m^HnL Mtmd, 
i, iiiochI, (M»n(liiioii of mind. 


7f)iltiiiity ill ri*K;urf| lo tliH Niibjcfcl riffcirrnd lo. 
i thai inif ^!f*'f *'» »firt* at a yun. Al» ich»*i 
ah rr tjnnnv I i|, n. m that (/nintrdjoif Jitmtt: im 
|HniriMi i|iiiU HN f'liMl iiN |»oM«'iiNinl ; lu liiiil which 
iniiy loll^; for imlU fin un, whiin cHirn i*njiiv<'<l ; 
« thit fliivour 111 nuviflty wlion atluiiiixJ. fk:hrfi 
ronlnii'iioii of the MiihjiinrliTii form of icfwedvn, 
'ijdt'tit to Ni*|iiifiili* from, to <li*|mrt fiofii. l/rr, 
T, iiioincMit, liny inili'liniUi imii|;iniiry jimiod of 
I*. 7V tjtmlvr urt\ in ii hiippy moiii«*nt, iind it {m 
hiN MMiPMi urr IN nNi'il hont iinil wiih formnrly iiUo 
li UM : lit t>ott(pm lh«> Niiin«' womI with thii Liitin 
v, Ihii ItiilitHM;;/!, iimJ thtt I'Vcnch hv.unu (JunfH*, 
\w Niihjun<;liv«< foim of tiiinmn^ tfonmni^ jonncn, 
'.nint, to do ^Tiiri! to. Af\ from, off, iiwity from. 

" Wl|:ll WII4 ll|C< f-;tl|:ii' (ll iIiIh \\\% 'fi'illy Wi|, 

Or wliy tlinl Im hu |M'l<>ii!illy (jrnri I'lin, 
Wri iii« (')iiiiiiii, uiiil nil IiIh i'nk ul.o." 


" In riiy lit-rlf 1 wma wt<ll ii|i|itiyti<l. 
Ami ill iiiynfll 1 int* iiMintnl, III riiy Ixiily I v^^ii* wull I'luii*, 
Mifliiii I iiii)flil Imvii mil li Kriicfi 
To >ii'n llm |M<iii*k uimI I lie hliirit, 
WIlH'll Wt«|l> M; IuIIK."— f .MAI't I H« 

A MON Ol' A fMIN. 

\ Mli|)|M'ry chti)); on«< who n(>v<>r fttiiyM h)ng; in 
mimo \t\i\rv ; Noon off, iiww^ \\\ tw \\\w\\v\\V\ \vcv\ 
» fi/j iiriNtcMfly iM«nitm. \\r \ tacu nj '^t ^j^^vjft^ 

fin ^Mmmif14$44f 4tP 

f|. A</A#fA/ iitimphmttff ngninfttm fhmmf ikm^ 

mM^« f|fi)^kly, ffN'M^nly, Alnfuf ftAK^ nh Sip hi 
hMifdff hfnnhitp ffpt*4m4'.n tfim hW m« f^n^n nn ftk^HN 

htirrn Wftrpn , ««i ftOOW M l>i#»y w#»rn Untn, 

** Hn pMpti wttfpr ^kHi9 thpt npppn, 
hut Hi hnrPtt hpmplpn gpt^Pn ; 

fitMi iUt^y f;ttnf4 foMiifl wftt^r <-t(H»ff f»y tli^rr^ whi«-fi 

Quffih hfUu, niui^ hhw gnfpM* lhfki*Mhii Ifdfh in, 

ift^l nnw t h^ifit tiy w^ Mir Itififf 

Thl>ff #'rt f «lMfi/|<i lf4i>ri».rliA fry fny t tuwttn, 
Aftfl M^f*** fittw /inh» thb rriftU fdflifh n <l/»(tff«» 
Ifff/f fli#» ffffMgh. Hint lilinll lift wf lU*Utttt/* 


liftrnly rf*ro|£rii/ftlili> ntntu fMini fi<'f-)fk(ftAl finfl ir 
rp(rulnr «>lmfi({f> of a (Mior rorMhtioti : fofffnrly vp m 
ttown. On, Mt titntfi ; i|. t*, up, ihm tinwn ; firwt M 

ltnr)«t)af'. Ml, )m (tin Hfinmi Iff //ipf». i9nun, Uput^t 
itnwn^ wMli wliifWf h )!9 (h^ HMfii<a wont. 

" Whf'lM nffl (1^(1a N« iff H*Ut*\u^fH 
U fMilhinyf lik**, ImiI hiriiMl )« I'f vo rifitvn 
AH tlifi ffdrlfffi, lliiiMiiiijti fniM|(»iiM(t ni(iltf|i««0." 


tvfiiwil it M?cirn fully, |irrviiilily. //(; tiipml tip i/r 
Mwir; i|. ff. Af« UMM iniititfii ni Iht* tiHiMm*t*: li<i 
liw!«mi> tttigry nl tlit* olloiira In* li*ll I'miih llm iill'i*r. 
7«iiiifM, Imnrn, it*ntmt in Imi'diiip (in wmi) niiKry ; lo 
tpp\ tillVinilad • III III! niiiitiyciil. iVcHiif* Iiun Imflti nk • 

Tlin A 1*1*1.1'. UK TIIK'. 

.Miiimm lii|U you, in tlin inipll of tht^ oyo; wlion 

VdU rciMallll llllll Ullilot p9lpit of iht ryf, liii f<<IU ytiu 

liip ffllfUM* mi*illl«, fimi/r* ri/ /Ar «*yr«, iMl|ilyiMtf, t 

«ii|i|MiMt, tlinl ttppl0 U ii«'ii< n tifiVKNly nl' ftttpi), Tlic* 

fl/*/i/f* lit llilv iifiiiiMci, kn |||«> Duli'li upfiff, HI Atiuld 

•^«iiin hnppri, mill Uu* ihmiu df httpprn, tn luy linhl 

•if, In Kiuai|i, mill «o III Itikn I'fM uao, lo uitllic«r : mill 

tf/i;fr*/Ulli{ii i^lili'li U lulipfi III! Ill of I'iir fliiti |iur|MiN0; 

aiiij lliiiai, nn tli0 u«> ill noi virt* of lliitl fintii «%'lui*li il 

ii Ukttii. \m fruit, ii U llm unh hi |ii(Hliif!« nf llm 

Ifi^K, llidl wlilrli U |{riiH|Kttl unci wi Inkciii I'm umi ; 

nmliiiii iilonn |m« n^kirlrlcMl ilif« itiiiiinitiK in llu* fruU 

iif iini* kliiil fif itpo, 111 wlilrli muiNn Hn iinw unp ilio 

wiiifl. Till* liHliii mmnm \n fruil lu uciiiiiiil, nn«l 

upph in «|inri(il, ifut tiphh, hi (Im kcukiiiI «f<niiii, ix 

•1)11 III lilt IIUi'imI ill mil |llltit«l< •r'M'^r'f »pflff*t "=* ^ll** 
loflll fill lilt* |MiM|urn |i|kt , ftiiil I iif \Uv ktnii ttt'V, 
How cnllcul •riri'rr* /irr, liy llm i'oiiii|ilinii of lliii 
t.«llll li<riiiaiifAN«liilo arfrifr. il itiii l.uliii Ipmii i« mil 
llic* roiluiiHoii of KVtvirr, wIihIi in llin iiioni liki'ly 
c'imn iif llifi Iwo. Appir, m llml |ihi(<it, nitiiiiU of 
lin nllii>r miifiiiiiiu lliuii llin ft ml (iiufi, |iioi|iii'i>) of 
llml li««o. Ami, I liiivn nil ilonlil. il i« m llin houm* 

ilf Utti (avivirct) llio U-Olil in ti|ii|i|tivciil m llip |iliriliici, 
apph ttf fhr ttfi", ^tlticli \foulil llinti lin nn IJici Htf 
ol ihff t*y** ; fni ill llo' ttpptr icmiiliKi llift nitfht, ullli'li 
U lltn «o|ct M*«« r •'*ti'^i''' ) ol llifil oiKiiii. 'I'ltc* loiitiiliNli 

Imll wliM'li ItoliU It liim III! uiMU^tAuwi^ \\\ \W ^w^^S'^v v\\ 
thi* t*ifp l/jfiri llici •(»f'Ai>(, \\\ \\\ \W^ \xx%»^\\\w>Jk ^^'^ ^'^'^ 
HiHil^ Ihnii t9tP Itim ill l\u\\ %»< \\\\\\. 'Vw^^w^^^^^ 
Ihi^ i'j^p i^ Mill tlio Httim« iu uww\\\x\V.*^\^^^''^^^^^ 


anpk should be destroyed [gone] . In some distric 
trie aervice-apple is termed sour-apple, which 
merely a different spelling of the Anglo-Sax( 
iorhappel. We say, um preciaui oi the anpie of I 
eye, in the sense of the tight, and thus all which 
valuable in that orsan ; but we never say, a$ pr 
cioui ai the ball of the eye, or even» a$ precioui 
the eye. We can't say an apple of the eye ; whk 
shoMtt the word is there in a geneial import. 


I will obstruct his going on in the way he doe 
1 will be an obstacle to his career ; I will jpreve 
his progress in the business alluded to. ^i / « 
put tir 8jH)ke in 'es wiel ; q. e. Aye! do put an e\ 
to the f/oinys on of that troublesome spirit ; do aV 
the violent going on of that mischievous sprit 
Eif (Eh!)y sounds I. Put^ the imperative 
putttpf to exhaust y to take from, to draw o 
Put, in our sense of the word, is obselete in tl 
Dutch. Wei, us an enforcing expletive. £ 
there, now. Spoke, apoock, spook, specUe, hauB 
ing spirit, and thus a disquieting, disturbii 
phantom ; and the same word, I have little doul 
with our Puck, the mischievous fairy (sprite) knov 
by that name ; and probably with our speck, as i 
indefinite appearance upon the object in view, 'i 
dv.s, this, the piesent. Wiel, vortex, round, tl 
metaphor of gidily (heedless) going on ; we say, k 
in the vortex of amusement, as the giddying rout 
[whirl] of pleasure. 

The expression is always used in the sense 
menace, and applied to some intended attempt 
stop an undue way of goingon of the person in questio 

TO C13RRY ¥K\0\i^% 

To seek the good wiW o{ «i.TiiA\v^t V^'^ <iw 

aUctitioD, by cautious ob^etvAUCCi, Vi>j vXi^^>^' 

«««, by attentive compViaiic^ vsaV\\ >«V^\.v!.n 


vri^vdi I take ilit* pliritsif to Iip our attliminlixl 
^rffnnfl, «■ kenriff9 Jhhfi: [nUti\iw\ upprrlil |Hit 
into a r«rli, «nil iliiiv' hn $ludml (i«p|(*rt| rlioirr) 

" AimI aI nMHtttin* pti«i lovlil hym wpI, afia lithp liytn tiy (hp 


Aiibmigh Iw hill ternyil n^nt tAVff.iif «niii# uliI fiprp/' 

('maim FMt 

Tlmt JM, •!!« fvmi mi nlcfnucKl by liin rnii* tntk lliniin tin 
(>«Uo)r ordvlliilil, Hlip |Mil linr nrnm round liifi upok. 
Frrrp, frlnr. KpHriij Ntudiounly idioirp, ruiioui«ly 
niri*. Tlip itionkN nnil prirMn wfirc* ouop, in tlip pyen 
uf llip llhlprnlf*, tht> mitno|Hilli!pni ol' InnniiitK ; ni» 
llmt to tntk in n plirni<innlnKY nliovp lltpjr uinik, 
WM, with tlipni, to linvn Ipnrnpil Croni n pripM, To 
p|pflM>, rpquirpH Ihn lining onrpful in wlini in hhIiI 
Ml nil not to oontrmlirt. nnil tf» ouitppiI iinpllrH llir 
iiairin|[ hppti rnrpful. TIip ronnnrtlon nV fnhri with 
/iAfiln !• pvldpnt. TIip Itnlinn fnMhrp in of flip 
HHtnp iitni«k« nnd tliouuh tlini vprli linn iIip KPUPrnl 
ntpnninn ^^ '" r/^Mfiifrjir, ypl it iinplipn to Inik in n 
(k*lili<irnt«i Apntpnlionii, itrnvp-Ciu'pd ninnnpr ; nn 
wlipn pnonnninff nonip npolo|(UP. lawUtirp linn 
lippn rhnrnclprlMirnllv difx liminntpd hy Minuvvit 
in A notp on l«ippi'i« Mnhnnnlih, II ttth mm 
rhhorhrrm*n ni^ vivnttnui, mn kavri.i.Ava f i/Mnir- 
rrvtt : vM fmrhva vitn fnnidutWHln^ rrtfotiirmrHfr r 
wrinmrnip* 11ip Hpnntnli hnUlur \ to tnik | \n nnotltpi 
pronnnointlon of tlip nnnip vi>ili. Ami Hpniiinli liillt 
niny lip ronoidprpd nii tlip Imtn itfitil of Knivn 
ipntPnlloiiH pnunrintlon. In hnhhr wp porrplvp 
tlip idpnilty of tliP nnpirntrn / nnd h ; tlinl in. tlinir 
mvifr/ niniiinrity : tlipir nuturnl nllinity. 

IN i^tv nnoKH. 

To )w in fnvntn with ; to W w Vt\NW\\\Vv v\\ >\v^ 
iwr^nii nhn mpp« tlip PuptPMum*, Vv^ V\^ \>\\w >^^^ 
ffiivpfi, in fNPfi puivhn ; i\. p. U «m^^^\l*^ ^^^ ^^^^"^l 
onf hi ihp mUlni of tlici «\u»\oi^ Vv\\w^xx^^ \w\van^ 

70 AUnnMOh^QfV OP ' 

to tboM p^4m$A to otboffi* Puiekt puih, \ 
nMe^t «fid grouMkd tnpkkm pikkmf to fix 
to |rfok up or ottt« Wo Miy la ^A iwiif < 
in tbo MfiMF of, to Ml^ot; biti ttio fittfiiM 
Irsrifttjr of Ui oiekm k§u§ ; q. o. lo Jb «jd 
4ih0k§; to fifliil tno ol^foot of tiio Mlootkw jroo i 
for iopkh and ehuH in ttM Utof »! form m nofi 
M Mip firo coot Oftiblo «ottnd»« Tbo Woh 
jfmi^nem ptMfd for bbwd, «» will m Tbj 
llooM or Imy* Our to pirc^A, iopkkt ofii 
boloof boro, idofig with % mni of otnor word 
Latii Md :^r#ffob . 

M^ka §kaH§r'tfruiMd Jhthw $ bo fai n n 
rAmbltof/ Ioom iifid«r«t(iftding ^ on* wbo ti 
ooofiootod tiow of nfiy »iibi«ct, coriMFqoont 
wbo t«lk» iff obttffMtor with i\m sinto of 
MuMtUrr bwi^knti q< o« poM^Bied of a Jl 
worth f n looM (iifftim) talker; oti« wboso 
ftfo fMittfid«r tbmi m brains. iiicha&Ufftn, nihet 
to ioattOTi to aproad about, to diffiiMi, ai 
obattOTi to borat fortb «udd(!nly witb tioigo, 
ifaw/, olo(|u«ilt| faotifid, Hiieot )n apaaob, th 
participio of ^MfaiMw, r^dpnm^ to raaaon, t4» 
to diMorti to go on apeaklng* 


Aa tbo wtll known stuff tnada of tbread anc 
interwofon oqually* lAnm *» hi», wolUf*» hUi , 
Jlum U hertf wool i» here; and tbua stuff 
sisting of botb natorials, ond so neitbar linm 
wooUm, nelthar one nor tbo other. And 
can there be a better token of a discourse of 
/ouoao make neither bead nor taiL tt is i 
0^ff§0 wo my, ihe spscrh lOon m«t« Un%i^\| ko 
^/if/t £imM, ihrettdi Una ; i\)n, ^^x^ viWr 

i^pmti by CfmiKMrt ioo<. 



Il»lpl«mi itiiU*, inttfilllly to net for himm^ir [to 
Mp hlmsrir]: malirinlpiM. ihtirarijti : c|. i>. H'iird, 
Mfl fMl, ArriHilpii. prPTpntpd frMin motion. il<>p|fHi 
■lM9g«>lh9r. pAralyceil. JUedrariJti, tlif> pii«t imrli- 
riplfi vf hfilrupijrHt to nrtriil. tf» iH>t/.p, tf> Iny liniMiH 
M|Niii» to Mop tlip Boinit on of: it him rImi the 
mftnins of, to i>«rpli>i«, lo (MMifountl, to put into a 
fiilenimib Hut it !<• not in thp Inut utrpn wn^ thM 
the «l>fivp trrm hnn orisinnipfi. Johnnon \p\\^ you 
Ibp wfifcl iff hr4 nnd r^i/rf nntl fnplninii it n*i ronltn^il 
Id IiihI hjr ttKi* or ulrkufw. Thf npHUng hn* nticilpd 
ihi> Haic« into thin whimiiiriil Myntohiicy 

'* Wh^ Mjf yp nnl Oip e'*«}>pl \n huwom nf n^imift, <i« ye du 
m »irh mii|i«« ih^t mim* eii* in • Imri U mnA Imip <lio grMpelli** 
-W«rAr f ^ff««Wi rn«tiiisii, 

" Why «r)H tlunj nnl licfi C<it piMir fusMiff mpii, flint Iriif 
pM«r tb(iti Htiy III yiitir ted, I lint lieg^n iihi| riitiwp n*t\ |i» 
«li««l Iv Mp *Mii«MfM." - id I'liM. 


A t«ll-tAle linlpnnrf am iil-trtlrntionpil hmirlipnpr ; 
one nlwHyii on thp wntrh to ovprhmr thp ronviirmi 
lion of oth^r* for n Itnd piir|io9p. iiij wir'n tlttpruft 
«■' ; (|. p. hr who M thrrrf'nrr ihrrr : hn who i* lh«»rp 
for thp piirpodp ; oop whocontpai fhptp for a piirpo^p 
of hi« own. mill ihim n hnnrpr or dprri for n 
pMfptHN* not known to thr ^p^nkm. Jnhmtim Kivri« 
M« to nnclprdtnnfl* Ihp tprni i^ uroonilptl m ravr^ 
nnii f/r»/>, nn*! tliRt it niPnM« » linlrnrr til ihv 
H'imioWi Whnl rnn r«tvr» hnvp to ihi with wimhw, 
or tifupppr with iialrttrr f lUtvrn iq hprp ihp tinvpMy 
of Aip M'tfp** (h(i whif l«) : Imi! rti%*rn, thp fltlp of th** 

honiip, ill MM. Miiiir, win, tHff, Hii fihl iprni foi 
watfr, nml llip i«nnip wonl tit hottiint. with thp 
i'ffftrh pttH, ruut, r«i Iff J. w\\\\ Itift, \^\\\\ >pV\\ vvw 
f/^xp, iitwrn \tk thp ptlip<«'t« «i\ f uvi-»-«\t\v . NW ^<v> 



into hoat'drup, kuiit^drop, the drip of the water 
from the house, and alio a penthauBS, in the import 
of the shelving of the house ; a buildbg wito a 
slanting roof. 


A ihilly ihally penan, a person of wavering, in- 
decisive mind ; one not to be relied upon, where 
steadiness is required. SchiUje^ schaei-je ; q* e* 
for ever a dUtinctionp for ever a balance; alwavi 
differing with himself, always up and down like toe 
cup of the scales ; always finding out distinctions, 
and always balancing them in his mind. The phrase 
may, however, have been ichill-je, echeel-je; q. e. 
ever a difference, and aiway$ a difference; and 
thus as nothing but difference; never the same way 
of thinking twice together. Schille, geichii, vem- 
chil, difference, distinction. Schaele, ichaal, «cAas4 
the vessel of a pair of scales, the holdings of a 
balance. Scheele, in the same meaning as eckitt; 
so that the phrase would then be as perpetuaMv dif^ 
fering, and thus never deciding. Johnson's hmt of 
the phrase being as shill-I ihall-I, is a mere whinu 
•/e, ever, always. 


In the sense of the result or substance of the 

affair in question. Die op*i hot; q. e. thai wUdk 

it turns [runs] into ; the consistence it takes [the 

solid result] that which b the substance [amount, 

essence] of the affair in question ; what it comes to. 

Die, that which. ';S^, is, is. Hot, gehot, the past 

participle of hotten to turn into curds [to resolt 

into] ; the consistence taken, as curd is of milk, 

and thus the substance, lu ihia direction of 

aease the Dutch say ; Die zoak zal nut Vauehv 

9. e. iAis affair shall come to notKlng , AnU. lo^'so 

eamHtemee. Our to kuddle Va «^ m^te \\%Qjk«aX^w^ 

^owm of katten^ to curcUc, aud «o \» xwi \»%t«« 

IMlPlt|«AU IMIUAltM. 7*1 

ll in itiinMllilii iltn plirnmi iimy Itti nn (>/i Mvhh hot ; 
«|. is. iuvp HoHP wi^k uU Ihv rti$l ; vomp tfutvkiy lo 
Ikp fMinl (nwiiiiirii, ii>«till| : iMmuI I ^fiHiuMi titmv I 

IICinNliN'li OlIOIf'K. 

ll wat MM lluitmtn'ii vhuitni : ll witu itii tiiil'nlt 

lumiiii*! itMum|itiMM ; no rliuirM iil nil; uii nirugniil 

oiilinuis; (siM^ronoliliig (Miiiiliiri lot' llin |miimoii In 

(|UMlki)ii lownnU IIm* Hpuiiki'i ol \\w |)Iiih«ii|. 0;i 

MH»ii'<i Bvkiv All rifuvhp ; (|. «i, wHvh ht* hml ti Amm. kv 

Mm mutir kif/npr ihtfutHiin uinm ttw : itn I )'i<^l<l«^il 

liU |iriiUiiiiiiMiiH 0iMtHiiirlifiil I iiikI liiiiilyiiig. iI wam 

nut Inn In litin : ol' mMirMn im Mniil i>y u Inninli' . 

Rml liittirii khuhmMii iiImihimI hy it iiilliun; nn uni'nlr 

iiiliiMiinn nlniMMif iiniiiii|MM-thiHkMHlni<M; niHrnnnlly 

ftvutlmisnl of ungimiiJMl (MMiliiUHim. (>/i, npon. 

f^t M kiM. 'N. i^t U, (Minipfi, iolloivN. St*kh, 

<|uk'kly. Ho, Aihi, kmtjiht \\\y^\^ MilinvitKitnl, mro 

RMiili liifm^kp, ilttmiinil, |iiii|iiniilon lo, (tjulm to. 

I'kt* Ini0 RunMi ol' llin jilirnnti U, ilii< on«i look nn 

unfHli ntlvnnUgn, wlipn Itn niiw ilii<iii wiim KHiitlnnisMi 

Mm! klU(lnti«N in llii> oIIiim. A lluhmm'ti vknuH* 

itlwAVH iniplM^ nn nnilun iliMnuml nimlo n|Min oni> 

^ MiHilliiir ; \\w liU<n ol' iIim |ilnuMo inl'iMiiiiu itt n 

iiiior uMl ol' hoiiiiiii Ml rnnihiiilHii m it niPiP i-ttnlnk 

ii<>M«. 'riio |ilitiiMit in IliK oiiHiiiiil linn llid Monnil 

"f lU Irnvimly, wlion ntniliinml inio n niiliMnnlivii 


Aintniinu wHIiomI tint! iliin^,ri ; n Imin ntiiMti ol 

•^^H /<itV0 fill uliiiri, i,| ^11^ iu%.u\v\\\^ vA VW^^^^'^'' 



Hb bwU bin till b« mtda • frfgbtor Mmi I 
4f«Jlf vr«d bif appeftinnce. Htfbeei km Um§rm 
Mf ; q» •' /^ injured him to the dsgree of nu 
hu face afrighijul nuuk ; bn 4(un«gad bun m 
ha WM ft eomplaui Mdue-erow. Beeten, to in 
to bMt, to dftoiftfe; ftlto /o ian» Momme, » n 
ftlio ft mftfked person [ft mummjr] ; but in tbo 
of— tfaftt wbiob roftdord tba wBwar ftn obje 
terror (ft bui^beftr). Of tbo ft^Mftrftiica bor< 

!4Ud tfaora cftn bo no bettor illuttrfttioti ttu 
fl4B0 of tbo piidliit ftftor ft tovero fight, nor ft 
ioilftblo fcftrni UiftD tbo Latin terrUmlum^ — Oi 
eoriieibui iutnwU horrenda eavatU* — Br Uj, 
bo, tboro if bo* 


Af bo boot bim Ull bo looked iiice toniotbiog 
Uii bo w%» not to i>o known ftgftin for tbo sftioe 
•OB, till no ono could rocogniso bim (of tiio i 
Hij beet hem toe erje hsle hij ; q. e. Ae beat Q 
mellod] him till he wa$ not to be made eui by 
who knew him before; till bo wa« a porfeot di«g 
not knowftblo ogain by any one for what lie 
been. And wbo would know the face of ono 
bad been pro|>erly mauled in a well contended 
ing matcb? Beeten, tbe source of our to beai 
connected witb tlie older ¥erb to batten, yot 1 
able in our to batter, battery, the French battre 
tbe Latin batuere. Je hele hij, now be wae 
cealed from you. Je, yee, you. Helen, to con 
to bide, Hij, be. 


Ho $wore $toutly ; be uited every t»ori of a| 

hy wmy of conArmiiig what V\ii uAt^vXA^. Ilij \ 

Ap b0id, boechf endgamui el\ cy ^* Ke t^u^nT* 

w enufi/ia, the ieetamni and U^ Ku Utm^ 


wktft Alt kof9d in ff»: hy h«iivt*it. //Wil. hiU. 
kptMf iniAgv, fi|:un>i whvit umhI nlmolutrly, n crnri- 
/fjr; M tli« oontmotioit of «7«M/rf/f*, //r/W/, drriviittf 
frtiiit tfl/ltm, to itrikifp to lirnt ; miil nn llmt loriiUMl 
hy rtrikiiiiTi hflwItiK, oltlmi<*llin|i;. To liuilil Im*Ioiikri 
tn Ihn iiiitil« HUick ; hh woII nii itrrUvn^ itHiirn. to 
imBcliKf or form nit iiutujit* in ilir iiiiiitl. Ihrvk^ tlio 
UtNtk, nml thiii« ilin llililr or TrMniiuMil. i>r IhuIi. 
UoMiff, iroiiiK. Hip vhvwUviv, nti«l tliiiH iiiiotliPi 
|»lftot* : imply line oiiti In* nniuiiilly wiNlird for, 
nml HO out* of ImppiiioM. Uavml ri, hoiiiuIn 


poll AN (M.I) AflNU. 

IW PPH W $nrifhr hin: i|. (>. ,/'"' ''^ rwptff^fiv- 
Im i for n Hrouiidlrp^ ir|irpNt>iiltitioi) [iiliilpitiriii] 
ill llip ipgnni to till' nhjpfl in i|U(mlioii |tlin lltiiiit 
pnilml Willi] ; |iitrl(*tl with fur n Mlurv (lM*Mr<l 
U|t for tiin |MH|»oiir. Vor, vimi\ vtnr^ for. //o/, 
**Mp^yi |iiroiii)illi)m« liolliiw, voiil. Snnjkf, iinrrnlioii, 
Ai'lion. Initio, npoloicuo. iili»ry, niid tlii> muiin woril 
^nili our iMfi«, nn prnvt'i-l). fiiiyiiiu* '/'m, hm, 
Wm, liriirit, Honn olf. Snrifhv fiin, hoiiihU im W0 
utipr mmfi. TIip A tin l«i|lcr. Our woi<l lumtt, in 
(hii phrnnf* to «tnr/ n Montj, \n wn llii* m\\\w naftjh A«h, 
nnd lliim to niHij 0fi*\min\\\\i\i\^\ o Htnrff |nnriiiltnii|. 
l*or to fffMr/ a amtj wmilil Ito to mfif/tf/(i/«f #i mutlH 
hlitm, niiu hr iiiiirli n mo1(mmniii n» if wn piuiil fri tin 
fo (/oMff, if M>N// wn<i lirn* an n niniiimj t»r «i mmf/, in 
(hii iiHunl nr(Mi|ilnlii»n nf llir Inin. Svmj in lliir* InHpr 
im|Mtriifi niiJKiitr/. f/rNnm/,llir |Muti«M|)ln pttHt iA'nintfVH, 
ti» pinu, nml tliiipi nn lliut wliirli ii« jimn//, ilio tiling 
*un|i, foiinorly Mpplt Nrim/. 

" AIpiii. till* I'lnk, tlinl lipiiln llii« iiii-litilir. 
Up \%\iipi[ Jiiliii, nuil «niil «li*|iiMl IIimu ' 

A wiUU\tp\ innlp\in\Wu WAw*V«k\\rv vxvkwwv. 



A dilemma, perplexity, agitation of mind, dt«* 
tarbance in thought ; but always used in regard to 
fantastical distress, whimsical anxiety of mind, and is 
in truth a ludicrous term. Ohewaend-deere; a.e. 
diitre$$ infancy, imaginary mischief, suppositions 
disaster, evil hatched in the imagination. Ohewaend 
the past participle of waenen, waanen, to fancy, to 
imagine* Deere, dere, deijre, hurt, injury, mischief. 
Johnson has adopted from Hkynner the French ex* 
pression au'en diraije? for the etymology of this 
phrase ; but that expression has neither the sound 
oor the sense of fjuandary ; Whalihail I $ay to it f 
implies a real dilemma ; not an imaginary nor a lo- 
dicrous one. Ohew, gew, sounds as (ju, deere, as 


Condition of life; the way of living, maintenanet. 
Evidently the same word with the older livelod, in 
the same meaning. Lijve-lot; c|. e. the lot of lif€; 
fortune of life ; state allotted to us ; our destiny ; 
destined state of our life* To get one'i livelihood, 
is to make one's fortune (state of life), to procure 
that which we live on ; the means we live by. To 
get is, properly, to shape, form, cast, as will be eX' 
plained at that word. Lijve was formerly as lijf, 
in the import of /t/e,and was so with us in Chaucer'M 
day. Loot, late lot, lot, fortune, chance ; to be 
explained by and by. 

" A* Ankers and n«rm«l8 that hold h«m in her leDeft* 
And coveten nought in contrfty to carien ftS»oat« 
For noli'juerous i.fMF.UtUK hf.r likamf to ylc^^n,** 

Vi». Pierce PUncm. 

"An*} akt it it thy profite, and thyn ene aliio 
To t»e hlmd aa thou art: fot Ttow N«\\«fM>vW^ \^q, 
7hoo h»Ht thy uvki/»i»k, ^VAe v\xou m\%\^^*» ^ 

And jf thow myKhUat M.lW^ »\\ouVV«x. T«V\t W^v^- 

* 1 heir celU. ^ ^^^3- 

• t 


Tn all ItniP imIv m^iii llml lr«v»ll lUairivii, 

(iMf liit*l lo¥»ili fivm «tiil l«tii» (ImwiU* iMli»t aiyll) 
c»t«i*4 to gt» la h«m, hihI «giiii4 li«t i.t»»iifiii»." 

" Vr mvit hk« ft^tltta III itplha WiHiM i|i|¥», 
1,01 liitn Iw b»ay III MVP Ilk itvif.', ('haim'pii. 

AR tllllfNRKN AN A MiMNir. 

Nnw tint fltf uMt, lull fi)imc«ilv c'urrniii. Tmiln- 
muunt lo fi Mkin fnil of wmr : f|iiilct ilriiiik ; na full 

lit ItfllllOl «M iMir C-nil liolll. Tlli* ltlt|H)rl lMi|i»llg« lo 

llif* |Mirii«<f fitiiti llict niinl th'unkrn [now r/rwiiA| 
li«viiiK till* «<«ii«c* «>i* tirtHvhrii mill mriNJir, llml o| 
mutvtp fl»k. Ho llml iIip ciitiiHtiil i»l' llm «iX|iti<wi|iiii 
i« •« r/rmcArc/ I Minkiiil ill li(|iiiil| im ik mu»riti flah : 
wlnclt li»ti f*vc«ty ntio kiioi%« c>«i«l« in im oilier ulnlci 

llimi llml of lli|llli| tf*|»lrl|iMI |lllllM>M of Wlt(0r|, 

.l/ifi;« lm« llirpci iiH'niiini;* : mou»r, llir lilllo ItniiHt 
•11 ckIIkiI .- fhp muwiv ftnh: nii«l iffN*i7c* im ji/w^m'. 
'/'Af* M(Mi«f* /ifirf fi^ //if /rr/ i'/' /f«<f<^, W(i«, niicl iimy 
aiilt lir, M cMiliimty li«iiit lur tli«* «itii>wy rimmp piifft 
111 llml |itiiil. 

I iimi • '■iiiiiini liiMur- na iltnnkfH tit ii mu90, 

Aixl I'X" lllal •■!! lli\ liolH Ii , Mllll t.||l |ltc>ltl 
'I Imii ai.lal 111 liin," tS i , ( 'll 4 > • t P . 

" I Mill tiiflkn riiiiici miiitta ihttnk Mi'ti liliiii>l, ami my ■mml 

1I14II ilc«i ttt lltoli," |)l l't»lit|fiiiM V 


/ ii-i// iiiki* mtf cffiyMiyn/ mf/A /«l il ', ill llln mt||«( 
III t will Itilii* my ■•iliMltll (l«Miniil) milll In ilia litilli 
(if 11. 'rii«< i^iihI kiiMllH lic'in llici li»Vf-i«ly III llir 
|ilitii«ct, Afiif* /itfiir ff/; ij. «^. "// /ttffr /fitr : ihn 
nliiilc. (trfii|(liit|t lo lli(t litw III llio Irttitj ; niiil ciir 

;Mi|fi/ rirl/A. ii llioil 111 nil ntllh IrtUi II ill lllii fill III 

Iniit ilituit liv Ifiw mill i'ti«(nm \V Uul « Im^ vvkw W 

' r. (tjirii/ir .It pfaa im(i\u.i\\Y. \ N.^^«- 


By the falling in of the familiar name of Harry, 
phrase it now used at a jocular one. Lore^ L 
leur, luder^ inducement, lure^ lore, skill, meaof 
attaining the end. Harrai, to remain, to abi 
to last. Die, which. Je, ever. Harre harr^, 
the potential mood, 


In a dilemma, doubtful whether to undertak 
or not ; half inclined to risk it, half afraid to tb 
any more of it. HiJ ij$e in-erg Hefde itiek ; q 
he is Madly afraid of having any thing to dou 
loveaffain; he Is mortally fearful of entaod 
himself in a love-concern, he has an extreme an 
of entering into any serious love-business, imply 
a propensity to engage in such concern, but of be 
restrained from deciding for it by some lurking do 
whether it may not be one to produce him m 
plague than amusement in the long run. 1 
phrase is never used but jocularly. If»en, to hi 
a shivering [shuddering] state, to be much alarm 
fn-erg, very badly, very evilly. Liefd-utich, a li 
affair. Stick, utuck, concern , infkiU:r, Erg -lief 
itick, sounds a clift-utick. Liefde, was forme 
in use with us in the shape of lefe and lete, o 

"And wet in* ye who wm hU L»Frt t 
Danne i^Uddes-ie there wai him §o Lttit, 
Thftt uogeih to well with gliuJ ccrage 
ThU from »h« wu twelve yearf of age 
She of her love graunt to him ma/le.'' 

CHAt'ctK. — fUmuunt o/ tki tU 

" And ma'ice there hif othe 
r^ya the %tMtAs, that he for Ltfi. or lomi'y 
Ne fthuMe Utt faltin nrght ne daye." 

.Veitfcer for lore of *i.o'Vim x*i.i\»^t«A VwVv. 
P.'ar ber fovU 


** Tli» Airf« «f lov« iii«li»Oi dim do* lliU. 
WIh> would bttti liUuiHft li« (IIU aniIn, 

ll«i tlVim* MMH lltMl ll« llt»l«* dlMif 

^ $0l itrfi tfrANT #r / (|. o. a tpul anm had i n mwi 
ly oii«*ii Mrvico. uiio midy whtttt culled Ibr. A 
t h«n» it b. ^ ekuiruHmant ni ono who foot 
hm tbr orcimlotttil work, !• in tlio Mttto ioiim*; 
10 i» tt cAffiriwaN. A chtUrmaH ut li ooiiimitto«» 
out* bml ftir tii«t oromiion, oiio i^ndy to offlviaUi 
li« turn. A ^KuirmuH [ti« n |Mirtor] i« ono lit 
emll, for n turn [joli]: ont) romiy to do tlio 
\A in <|Uf«tion. Ami n rAfiir i« #r «cA<# #r. M 
which w r«Mdy Mt Imnd forthc^ uik« wnnttfd. And 
.«lii0ititf Ifutofthiii hv Mnd by. SpI, oW, 
T und d n«pmu^nt intt^rt^hnnKlnK mmndn. 
mm irivim thr won! mji Won, th^ namo of n 
I to mllod. A whim, oriyinntml in form of 
Ing; fk Hipnil drcr|)tion. SvMp «f Mundu 

ot^T oy fionTii. 

vldftntly in ti nour (<'rtihlH)d) humour; pliiiuly 

irtxHl (v(«xf«d). HuhU i\ft $upri'$i 4. 0. A#r|» 

\f Ikv waift hp U in a $oHr mmnl i vc^ry croMi 

onmly. •Wr/, ^p$iiprlt tim imrtioipb imut of 

'Ml turrrHt to turn nour, to lHH*omi^ ortibiH«d| to 

ill tifuqiormi. Sort MPrnhpn, in to iit>oiik 

dy. Sopr jiiVn, in to look ttour, to nt^rm in nn 

uniour. And I nuntn^rt in our plirtiii««. hp i$ 

mtrp n/Km Ihp PufffpvL timt «or# i» « truvcnty 

»#r, nour. rronn, tourli^. out of humour. A H>rp 

rr^ in n voxiuK nuhjnct, our thnt putii out uf 

m, Ihmtl f\fi hold off. WvkV tv^iKi ^>k\\\ v*r% 

It h (tn tlw Dutch urirr \u \W i^^xxvt^ ^'^vw^* 



THB WfiAK ftlDE. 

//e /ooA (attacked) him an hii (the) weak iidc ; 
he tried to overcbme him by his susceptibility, by 
his tender part ; in other words, he tried whether 
he had any feeling, whether he was endowed with 
the internal qualities of a man as well as the ex- 
ternal form of one. De weeck iyde\ q. c the tide 
of the milt ^spleen), the reputed teat of tutccpti- 
Ulity* A tplenetic person is tantamount to a person 
easily affected [excited]. Weeck^ weijck, ana weak 
are the same word; which has also the sense of 
soft, yielding. De weeck der tydcn is the technical 
term for the hypochondria [miltl as the soft viscus 
par excellence and which is also placed in that 
region of the body where there is no bono J hard- 
ness]. Weecktinniyh and safttinniyh are botii used 
as weak-minded [soft-headed]. 


To be deficient or dilatory in regard to what the 
occasion requires, not to come up to that which was 
expected on your part. T*u hamjc ccn crrc't; q. c. 
retarding is here a not doing of that which ought 
to be done on your part ; on stich an occ^asion the 
being tardy is in you a committing of yourself, an 
omitting of that wiiich was your part to do. Wc 
say ** he hangs behind" in the same direction of 
sense. 7"M,you. //ar^^/c, as the participle present 
of Aan^rn to suspend, to hang, retard. Erre, the 
contraction of the participle present of tlie anti- 
quated crren^ to err, to mistake, in Ocnnan irren 
and the root word of the Latin err are, Erre*i 
sounds arse formerly spelt by us crBc* 

** For Hudibnii wore but one npur, 
A» wiMly knowiufi; qou\«V Viq »\\\ 
To tctive trot one side oC *i \\ot%% 
The other would not iiKiivi ki* k^%*^.** 

roruMM riiiu^M. Hi 

Vm\n (I««Immi«# ImM U^ him 4<*«ih*. 
A«m| ii«>«r Iwtli VsUmmhi. wM Im*. • i«U0 
tIfWMM %Um «f • (•»«*#* In ilMi idll*. 

fUmm fWlb 11*^11 •«**« ••14 M ik^ Ftvtii I •«. 

And M IImI bilf • fiatkmii w^j <*f pmtv 
AiieM w* M Ww mrMMiiM oui pf • lilr*. 
ChH 1^ IW iVvir* tut » llMijr ««« l« 4HTf>« 
TiirfM/ HmnmmmI l^vrrif dl Ml • n>itl.*' 

lir l« A« MAI> A« A MAHCII luniu 

Apfibetl lo pomr iloitiinrrnittf rrxnlioup |>pnKni- 
flfv: »iiaM* alniwrr of drlricnlrd nullmrUv* aimI i^n- 
«n|iMP«al)r n nuimiiri* iiu<l Uirmciil |o ibvw willii« 
Imp ft«rli. §1^ u »h mwi uh rr mttr '# kf^r i q. e. 
Ac mr09 /iA« rnvw-mftfrm ti*hrH •# A<i^ |iMHr«tM»ii <{^ 
#4f fiMflKKA j hi* rnierp mnl liirmFiit* like the worm 
vbirb liAw (^4 pHiprMMan »f n plnrr whrrr il rmght nuC 
lo l9« Hit wnmi hIIuUchI In iji llint wliicli ip gftic- 
i«ip«l in Ihr Mndrr liuwrtp, Init lnui p|i|i|>(Hl iiilo lite 
KomMrli, wlicrr it i» « mnrt? (lU<|uirlinic cptirrrn 
vtvn lluin when in tit |in*|>or |4iM:e. And wmw- 
i» lb«* warm Itrrr ntlrndcHi ; wlii^nrc the 
t|4ioriciilr^pmi«iMn ofmvw'^'nrm nn wurr, wrrrl 
dervttiw, »rlf iMrmrnlpr. Arawl(»«ili«Kii»rr«fMiriiMP. 
7a|«f wrin IP I Pii«|irri croiindr^l in llir pamc tliriK:- 
imm of pcnpc. iind •» frfY^f ««>rM ; q. r. lori«MPfil«i«jy. 
iMimPiwnXf k^iuNig worm : iin«l not ap n wurtn like* 
U|w. Tn^pff \wtnyr up llir parliriplp prcpeni of fr|»- 
|ir«. lo vrUimlp.lo Inipp, lo imll nbonl. Thr |>lirttM» 
al iIm* hriitt of iHip ntlirlr in Mh IRnrmP ip rvi- 
drnllv butlrpfjuc. Hf ««/«-. Mon/r. moryr. mmfj/r, 
wmm*ur» mmjtj^l, wmm. ilrruiirinK rr|iliir. Afn/. 
mmr^kf^ mnwj, ihr pnnir uronl with our ««m^, m 
vKWHirb. //rcr, miiMrr. 

• A |pr|^« fM|.. I f«W«1lYi*»%* 

And f^t I ho^fn /mt/ m^/ fnh, 

Thnt thtm nhnlflt with thii Itoncf |»i« 
Ahi« it efifongh fhy wawm," VfiAVOtn* 


^fi ho whoKe inrrefisf! of si//<) porten/Is a i 
nmtutnch to the maturity of manhood, llofm h 
da htiy i f\, f.. it U hy hcimi formed into the h 
f by hftapin^»> that (frnM maturan into hay i imi 
\t\% that with the various gradations of heapi 
and gradfia) inrreasin^fi of mm [well known 
hsymakerfl], graftff, in the last and lar^ent of si 
formn, beromes hfty, and \n considered fit for 
intende^l ime. Nfiithfir mnn nor Infy, \n a siihserjn 
aroompaniment, \fj way of ilhist ration of a tern 
whioh the origin has f>een ecli^med hy time. Ha 
heap, hayrork, Hfildiv, Inhlin, IwcUU-n., to foi 
to make into, to effigiate, whence oiir to Indld 
all its appliances. /A'//, homy hay. 

" I.o )i©rft thft Motme*, ftnd t>r# bnd^le of e1cyri<»« 
Of wfiiohe tbe ^n>|>het so 1anf( spnkA of rnr</rn«< 

Ixy fiATA th«» ffifno f)ifif Wf)9 in mftmoriA, 
Of Kwi, fWJ lotig w t whfl Wfif 7 horno ! 
TiO hAr# of iMrid the Hf^licifnifl torriA. 
1.0 hero the ground of life in to nfLOft 
Beoomyng man \ otir rnnflotne for to yilde." — Cfi avc 

" Wh*»rft X myne eyen Misti*, 
Were treli rind with lereii thnt eie flhfti \m\, 
Ji>he in itd Irinde, with fioloiir fresh find grene, 
As Fifneffiiide, thnt joie it wns to sene." 

" The fiftMft Oke^ snd «>Ire the hfirdie Assohe^ 
The (rillir KIme, th«» ooffir anto efirnine, 

The HoxS pipe- tree, the flolmeto whi);pis Insohe, 
The ftfiiling Firre, the CyprMs dfrth to pteine, 

The shotirH Kwe, the A»p*» for shuffe^f tdeine, 

Th** OMrepete, «nd eke \\\9i dronkin Vine, 
Th^ tieiot Palnii the \/K\mx io AVirlw*/'— Ioem. 

^ Virgin Mmy. t Befitte, «e. \ V)v\t^^%Vv<m. 

/Th0 ttB^ Us ifmk« ftfea w\lh, 
Bh9Qt0r, (0 Buike baw» uvUli- ^ ^^mw^vv* 

TIMV A ('(»W l>flM fir A lnr.W nil I M.I NO. 

Siiifl ill rrfrrrnrr to Mimotliintc iinpomiMi*. to 
iif>iiir tiirrn«i)ilr tiling. /^"" 't hm liun hnnf rrn 
niruifi ^irlinnr I f|. i\ nn mnrr Ihnn rtrhtu run jmt 
fi nrw ntui into a mnn ; no iiiorr tliiiii iiiotiry 
|r«tiitr] I'Uti rlinii^n it rold iiiifiirrd iii!:i:(iril into >i 
wurm-lirnrti'd niifl ((i*iirroii« (XTnon ; im iiiorr tlifiii 
H loii^ |Mirii(* mil rlumi^r oor who i^ liy inilun* it 
lii.4riiotTi«iil> (M*r Ih'Iow) into w oi-nti-iman (K(*n 
Irlfiw) : itiifl tlniH iniplyini; a |iliy«iriil Mnpoimitiility. 
Ktm^ kttH, kiiutt, kauti, colli, umrnnihlr, imrri'lini'.. 
hnn, llitin, l>y lliin. Ilnnf, htuvr, huvr, iM-)irN, 
powrr, jKiMrMioim. AV/i, n, /ViVum', ni-w. Sir I, 
Mful. innr, run |iiit into, lihiiK iO| i'vUU ni. 

•A riN(» IM 'iiir. i*ir. 
An tiiifliir pitiiri'; ii ulinni ttikrn liy iiitriiiivr 

ini-<li|lifiic> /''V ''•"// fffif'r' in firpayr; t\. v. thrrv 
rovrttm^nvHH vlnwrd out n pari of Ihv Junif; 
f-u)iifiity i\%n\ lirr rinw into tin* phihi (tlnit wliirli 
wan rofiiiiiK ^" Mtioflirr); ^^rrrrlini'M (friiii|iiM| h 
|Kirtiiin of iinotlirr'ndiir. Vomjvn, to nvm\ to n^t 
llir fiin^n into, in llir pnrlrritc Irnw Wm/. (fhrr\ 
t/hrrr, i^n'f'ihnrM, vorufily. /''oyV, unionni |i:ihI 
•i« flMr-, till* nrldriiirnt of u ronri'in. 

TI1A1V A I'AT IN iiri.i. wrtiioii'r ci.iiwn. 

//'* i« iihf II ruf in Itvll wit hunt rftiwi, iinplif^is 
llii-rr f'liii III' nil iloitlit in rric'inl to wlmt u In 
lirriiini* ol' liini in llir nmr <e|fiikrii itl', nol llitit 
wlini III* IC<*'" to lirll 111* irt not Id \w in ii I'oiiililion 
to ti^lit it» |i|0|iiii|iir. i)tin *'r tfnit in hrt w/c 
ttmiilt IfhutrH; t\. v. thrn |tsolliiil| thr n iitrnn' i»J' 
thr riiliiin |villiiiny| nmtninn within it kvIJ' tt vlmv 
pnuif Ihrtr vnint hr ii tttll ^ i\ « on\\\ v \ \\v \\\\\\ \\\v>\\\ V* 
wht-n tvi • ^r I • f li r r 1 1 11 i in I a\\\\ i\\ A nv v \\x v v v \\\\nnn >N\v^^* 
wimt fw Aofnru'hrn* |thiiu\:.\\ \m»vv\\\ w *\w vVvvV \v 

ARaiAOLOoY or 

the order of nature testifies. Implying th< 
»Ystem of countervailing equivalents, in re^ 
the apparendy accidental and irregular sue 
of existences and appearances which is admi 
regard to all physical phenomena. Hel^ h 
eimjply a» invisible punishment^ hidden retri 
and ha»no relation to geographical position; 
quality is its everlasting and inevitable certaii 
cured bj unseen means — means independent < 
For instance^ the hell of a bad conscience;- 
earthly power can save the most potent mi) 
fromtnat? Imperial protection ^judicial con 
and servility, oenefit of clergy, riches, 
finends^ are all as chaff before it. I belie 
to be simply as the participle present of 
to hide, to conceal, and as an ellipsis < 
teaied niianSf, power, effect, or some cqu 
adjunct, and thus as A«/, helU^ helimgi < 
Uoing, a concealmg ; auhaudito means, j 
both then and thauy and in the first case, th 
word with the Latin tfum, tunc^ dumque q 
Italian dunque and French doncques. Guit 
villain ; by tokcE villainy ; and possibly th< 
word at oottom with quaet^ kwaet, kwaou 
wicked* In all the travesties of guity tliat X 
represented by caty a nearer form of letter t< 
than ioguit, Wi» houdeUy kc(;))s certain, mak 
of, leaves without doubt; and wis houdt 
without, KlaaVy. clear, evident. W, m, i». i 
sounds ctaw$. 


Expressive of one in a state of anxiety 

conduct himself in the affair in quoHtion ; 

who does not know what to do on the occs 

vJew^ aad thus one in ditttteH^. IIootc umu 

«W7i aui bp doubts hew Kc omjUt to bi 

/<«r occasion ; tired of i\uuW\uvi; vjXyaV. \* v 

^ this ca»e. Jloore, -a^ iW. v^nvVt^viVv 

1'OPlfl.Ali I'llliAHM. K7 

|Hiiiiri|ilt« |iri'iiiitii of luHtf0n ill tlif^mMiNii (»l'lo IniIoiik 
III, Iff u|i|N*rlfiiii to, to Ih* iluintc for, uihI tliiin iin 
iMilluitiK tlm orrnNion. 'A^, //f/t, /«//», on, iiinmIi 
of. Aftf/, lirokt^ii down, ii*i*l»lii, worn out, iircKl, 
JoiiNNOH (li*Hin*ii iliN |iliriwii, \n^rU^\\m ftiud nm aouak* 
Ml hut what (lilfi<nuu'n riui ih«*rii Im luitwdiui th« 
miuhi(tiMofiifftf/fAf////iinil Unit of liny othorm/f/i. IfliM 
knnw hdHhunlil hnvc^ tolil im: it in u nirrn whim. TImi 
|ihruiNi hiiN, hi itM trim form, no morn nilation to tlui 
ronnuhiiil thiiii to thi'Nin^lnNtiitn. It in thi^ lu'i'ichinhil 
fullhiK in of thii Uirin hnrn inUi thn iriivimty, whirh 
bitNhrimKhihithiNinU-(hri*f!tionin (.h(iimmniiiM:of tluj 
i*x|iri'iMifin; liini iiohn mm thi* nimiliur NymhoT, n*lii- 
liv<i to iiiiirrin^i*, U, I iiiiN|»t*.i!t, nimply ilni triivunty 
of A/M/Mp in <i«trnmn AoAm, ilwKriiiin, iirnominy, 
hikI rcifcim to thn fraitihiUmt mhihri^NN, un linr who 
in cliHmruml hy ht«r hrrat'h of fitilhj nml m no 
iitkrr wuy to thn hiiNlmnil thitn if hr Im u voliintnry 
|mrtnk«ir in lutr infiimy. Tlui tiirm Inni no othnr 
mlutioti to hbn, JMiyono thiit of Inmiik tlin viilim of 
mu'h a wifn. Mai liiul (men witli un thn mimn nnmn- 
liiK ini uInivm in thn nlitifMi of mnlti, 'V\u\ FrAnnli 
pbmiui fHfrtvr In rnrntfi, iinil tlm ltiitliiny>ir Iti rnrnr^ 
urn iKirrowrd fVom iin; thn hitin r.nrnu (vornun) 
wiiN nnvnr iini^iI in Mnidi rnhtlion. 

" Itkni ilioiiKliHti lliHl hU Imrfn woiiMm nil fo lirnktt, 

Wbtiii Im NHMr ihotn mi pHoiiN niiil nu majk * 

Tlint wlillfMiiM wurlii of mo ^mtn niiliita." ilitAvi'9.n» 

** hut wlltm I imtlin (Mil Iff HMriitmttlK, 

Atiil linijilit my wHlu nml my t*>\\u^, 

I WUM 111 MAT»t, mifl wiiihIh lull w«tl«t 

Of I»1inIm t'Imvu loriici it fitllKn*i<* ilnldf-liiitM. 

'* Htfli hy liU itiirlit ninHln uriilt full nf lintw, 

'I'tiM ilittfi liHlIt tiikit my |M<lit« Mini innlnUoMtt, 

Ami Infl Ml" M'lln, lIlUN iltMiuimOfn uml M4IK( 

Hutu \ttHf(u\it]iyn^ uiitl In w\iU uf \\UU«\««vk«'— UnVH« 

\ \'tii\iin». 



An injudicious person, one defective in prudence; 
not under the guidance of a sound judgment. 
Matkap; q. e. a head destitute of Judgment 
(reason); a poor weak head. Kop, head, -the seat 
of reason; hence the iMin caput, the Italian capo, 
and Spanish cahe^a, in wliich we trace the chang;e 
of the o into a in this phrase* Een goed hop is, t 
right-headed man. mat has been explainea in the 
preceding article, and is here as poor, wretched; 
and we say, he ha§ a wretched hewii in the sense 
of he has nothing valuable in his head. But the 
travestv bringing with it the form of our word mad, 
has infused Uie idea of fury (rage), one which 
does not belong to the original phrase. Mad in its 
true meaning is grounded in maed, gemaed, cut 
down, destroyed ; and a mad'tnan is a man cut dawn 
in regard to that which is the distinction of his kind, 
namely, reason ; one dr^stroycd as man and reduced 
to the hrute state of animal i^xistoncre (no longer to 
l>c known by the mark of his kind, viz. reoBon). 
And man is here as humankind, human nature, 
quality of kind. 

" Suffinth 'rb« but thtt tbj wlU h« *ukv. 

To hsT« ftf gnu ft graM fts Noa bsd."— Cmavcm. 

Mr. Tooke*s derivation of mad from the old verb 
to met (mete) in the sense of, to dream, seems a 
mere whim; for to dream is as much in the order 
of nature as to sleep; but to be ynad is to be in a 
state out of the order of nature. Maed, madep 
(a maggot) belongs to the same stock as the parti- 
ciple maed, and we say, he is a magotiy man; in 
the sense of, a man of unsound head, understanding. 

'' I bold a Mooft 'U wU tiol ^mvV% Wt^ 
Tbmt hnn bat ofMboln fox Ui tUiWtv xu^ , 

• /. #. Pestfoyed cut oft. ^ ^'^ »^^^- 

roriff.An rittiA«r.ii. m«i 

Ayil if ihHl fiilUii llimi nil in iiiiilo. 
t iHtm* htm oil liiitiilf lip liHil rlmnflilt mp. 
My PntfiPl iHtiglil ni(* furiiiithn llmf unllllp, 
And «k« ] Mill I npipf iif Mm nil night." 


\ mMnrwliul iiti|>rrriliiiiiii rxpromiioit for a mini 
iwp r^trrlfir ilniiiilrn wuiit ; wlioNr n|i)innriuirr« 
jimkii iiiurr |«ltiiiily the HHkrr ol' ti fiivoiir iliHti 

lH*9towrr iffotw; ii I'OicKat'iy lookiiiK innii. Hiftf 
mnf in ; f|. r. jnwrrtu nhrwn ih*'lj' in Ihni cmmw- 
nnvr I litrrHlly, \\\^ \Vpiit|iiialititi iNNir |irui|iiini- 
m ill liifi |K«rfioti. Mnf 9 in tlio iti<'kiiiiinn of llin 
HlphnUan InlNiiirrr, wIki, lik«? ilio I rink hilMiiirrr 
li iiH, in litiliiliintly drivrti, by llio yvwwxy of llin 
np, to «c«k A livrlituKifl Htiiniijf lim iiciKlitioiirH. 
,p iho Snvttynrd In Pnrin, the (hUlivitin in Mii-> 
il, lip is titn ImlHtiin! dniflKn of tlin iiltirr lip rr- 
la lu. |irrroriiiiiiK nil tlin linnlrHtiitiil iitoM fiirtml- 
K onircn til' it, Biirli tin no inin rUn run lir IimiimI 
iindrrtco Ht mi Gnwy ii rnlr. Ttio won I mr«/, in 
ndini in Itin ttinnm nin-m, in llin im|iort of, to 
. ttf mow / nnd tlin Irrin tnniiiiM iitrirtly,a mnwtiri 
I tlniH onn who iirrlorinA tlir litirdmi ol' titcririil- 
nl liilMiiirn. Moffin in tlin frninlr of thin chipm ; 
I nlin nlno pniiierntrn in nrnrrh of rin|>loyni(!nl in 

rpfiinn dntdierripH of iMN:ifty, iinioni; which wtiN 
t of rnrryinic nnd rryint; tlir liiikrr^ii fnkrn nnd 
itry hImmiI tiio ntrrrtn to nrll. And I hiivn no 
lilt, our tprin muffin in ttm rlli|>nin of vwffin- 
rk, tim tinntry of thr moffin who rrlrn it. tin thiti 
irh nlir in pni))hiynd to cnrry nhoiii to ilin)N»nr of. 
ffrn \Ut tip |inmiinpiit, to projprt, to rotnn out, 
diow itnplf ] hnn lirronip olinolptr in thp llntrh, 

ntirvivpn in tlin nninp form nnd nrnnp In thr (irr- 
fts 77ip wfml in nnrd lirtp 'u\ \\w vVvvi'X y5^\>^>!>^ 
frnt of thr nnhjiinrlivn iiunu\; wx \W \\v\w^>^v*^ 

i nt9iiiii«(\« 


it would lie rofft. Er^ tliere. Formerly thit cbut < 
WeAtpbalians emigrated annually in droves, Hpreai 
ing tnemielvet over Holland and tlie adjoining di 
trictf in learch of work, as the Irish still do with u 


In reference to a sharp clever apt person in li 
department, but who has lit upon a concern whic 
he can't manage ; and infers tne confused, but arc 
look of one in that predicament ; the look of sul 
dued archness; the surprise of the knowing on 
who lias stumbled uoon that which he cannot mai 
tcr. Lyck er ffuit lucking inde hy beul ; a. e. lik 
the thief when the hangman happens to fall in wit 
him; implying the consequent look of kabttai 
archness emerging through a cloud ot distress an 
surprise. Quit, ruffian, nightly robber. Luckei 
gelucken^ to hit upon, to light upon, in the old fon 
of the participle present, lucking ; in the modcr 
luekena. In de by, on the spot, in the place ; h 
is here in a substantive import, as in our phrase, h 
the by, Benl, Jack Ketch, the executioner, an 
sounds belf ble. 


The berries (fruit) on the hedges ; but to whic 

the idea of the hep as the fruit of the wild rose, 

attached ; an idea grounded solely on tlie comi| 

tion of the original phrase. Hap§ aen haeghn 

n . c. the chance produce of the hedgeif the fruit • 

the hedges. Hap, a chance bit, a piece of lud 

chance food ; a snap, bait, bite. Aen, in, 01 

haeghe$f haaffB, hedges. So that the phrase he^ 

andhawB is simply as the chance food or frtit • 

/ke kedi/eg. The French phrase, la fortune du pi 

k, in tiic same way, the iNxaxvce oK \A\fc fXfc?«-^ 

the fire; and so is our pot luck ; XwXe-^^ ^^ ^ 

tliw phruHc irt (iH htth^t hu l<, \W- VwA c\YA\wv:.>i>s 

>/> ihc way of tliC Um\>, a^. \W.-^ V\^.v^V^^•v w^ 

lltteffkfB km tiM loiiiid of hnwuMf %\w filunil of kuw^, 
i(m; dli|MNi of kuuMf'h^rrp, hiiw-rruil ; fur kawe cif 

rwMiMl feolUMj bjr NArrMf mi4 ftfrluoMi, «r mUm wmmmiI 
Um« clf«t lliiwf • Ini In tc uny i;uv«iiniiiw>fit of it-wifi {" 

" (.'«f t«» («|i|i#lli l>, t iMi (|<rfir« lliul ill iMi uuili«r tlmC »v 
ufCwAM tUinfi^mm ukuMv Im mi*VMl btr futUwm» (trtUtuu, hul I 
•M t trul llitti (iv«t, iiMfcfW mmI nui*tt*r, U yrtfirttf mmr of liU 
•wAm, mn WW9 iMrtrir y«t diif Clmt hiIkIiI |»ul hm oIT cIm »<#I|i 

*• Thii* U iIm ill lUl IfivM iImii cmII, 

W lifrf hIa ib»M U bill fulU all, 

¥m lMir« U UAUm m¥mry ilull ^, 

Wbo UfvitU 111 IM* triM iiml Attn wnll, 

Nil will bU ibauf bl on ho tfotU tritikti , 

JIU •ffbul* b« Mlb if Urn im ukirbii, 

ilf «llMiff mmA, if tbii( Im Wi, 

II* fbiill iKrt ibriv* Ibwrntii, liif bii 

In Iwvwvlwtl \t9¥m mitfMiNuiiiioitfil 

TbaA MMilMii or linniiiUi. or (^bmiMiN. 

Tbi« |Miiii i« liii«4 unt of MMNNini 

Tbo J<4o main no wbilo Muluro, 

Am4 •!• la Un* ^mrnKwdum 

1« mosliit Iritmbwrton, 

Tbo joiM io «o »bort Iwrtinip 

Ami btti ill iiArkf i« (b« KutllnK/'-" Ibtai. 

OH TIIK nil*. 

Ill llin |iowrv of uiMitiirr, in lli« iMflil of uiMillMrr ; 
rftMKlit, litMikiKl. Am tU hup ; i|, v., on ikr Intii^ 
tuui mo tm tkm htmh ; Ltlii:!!, unci mi hi llii* iNiWrr of 
lln^ Ulifr. TIm* iiliruMi U iilwuyn ihumI in llii! M\t\fu\ 
Iff |Niiir«9r oblitiiii«4l liy Mniii* ovi-r-tt'tu'liinK [iiiifMirl 
MMiiwi. Ilupt Iwil, iiiU); iiimI llici Mtmr woril um 

* ImmkImo^wi Umi Uiilch i»««M«fi, M fiiiM'jr, lo tuba lalo tbo 

t Kmfir, «• Uttlch UfrntUn, to klKiW. 

;IJ4I« llw iioltf-ll </Nri, ftllUffH, |iMl, |MI\\«m| V^*^* 

•►j** J^* «^ r-libur y of |U v»uiia\itMiA. 
***^*' •/« «»r|,| y.,.^ , ^, , |„j^..^, , 


hepf hipf in the phrase hip$ or heps and haweif ( 
explained in the preceding article. Aen and an m 
the same word. 

'* The bargeyise toke aTTtement long on Brety dnoglit ; 
So with an hour or too, Ber^ni he hsd rcaaght 
Somewhat oppon the hipp *, that Beiyn nad uie wen.'* 


" If I can catch him once upon the nxptf 

I will feed fat the antient grudge I bear him*" — Sbaxsp* 

" Now, infidel, I have thee on the hip 1."— Idim. 

" If the poor brach of Venice, whom I cherish 

For his quick hunting, stand die putting on, 

111 ha?e our Michael Cassio on the hip$«"— Ibbm« 

It must have been these last lines of Shakspeai 
which led Johnson to derive this word from A^, 8 
haunch, as the part of the animal seized on by dog 
in hunting ! But the hip in the above lines belong 
to the speaker of them, and neither to Cassio nc 
to the hunting brach, as he thought. 


His heart does not keep the promise of his &ce 
he is not the friend he appears to be. Hij laf^t 
hin is lieve ; q. e. he is faint-hearted : so that lot 
[affection] with him is out of question ; he is lukc 
warm by nature, so that a fierv [strong] love [a£le( 
tion, attachment] is an impossibility on his part; an 
implying his care for any one, but himself, mount 
only to a very low degree of temperature. In thi 
direction of meaning we say, faint heart never wo 
fair lady. But the travesty has extended to the in 
port of, that a person of such disposition cares i 
little for any one, that when his friend's back i 
turned he will not only hear him abused wit 

* f. #. Upon the b(dt, and ao oii\!d«V<^. 
f I. #. Make him bUe, take OieVwM, wtSto^ «ix^V^i^. 
t i.$. On the hook *, as taken \>y v\ve\»aX.V>aa.\.wntfW!6« 
hookm ^ . 

f i. #. On the bait, oa theYiookW coiit^^*»^<^^^' 

POPVLAn PtlllAMRM. f).1 

incliflbrpticei but will uvrti joiti in Hroffiiig liini. 
tt\fp M^ VRpidy ltMi])iil, hnboriln, wriik, itntiotrtit. 
£rrt>ff, /ffw, fcMNT, M the contractod portiripra pra- 
Rrnt of Hpven^ to love, //tnt, A^n, Aff^fi, on, nwnj, 
(Miiof tho c|UOitioti. Lr{f"»f If^fiHf houikIh /rif/(/A#. 

nB nnntrofiT ium homr to tiir ouinomtonk. 

Iln cttunml difitrcM to liitii, Iio inndn liiiii piiy for 
it. //{; hriff/ht ^»e tunmr tor rh iprirnii utimdt (). v, 
hti infrmluvrri ainrm and dlnturhunvr info Uift hour 
tif hnpftififtm (tlin linppy momriit); lin cuuHrd hIiimU 
finrititf and dintrrM hv (MHiiinic nt, tlio wronu: tittu* 
ami tTiiiH cotivrrtiiiK pIcnHiirn tnio diii|riifii • tlin fnrl 
of )iRpplti(3Mi into tlini of dlfinppointtnrnt, 7/rn///i/, 
brought. Jjtfft horror. Notmr^ iiuiMiticn. Orrirnn 
iiand^ the* lovrr'n moment, upon tlip point of hrini^ 
mnflfs hnppy; Vhnurn da hrrrfpr, Orrirn in thn 
ionfin of lovfir(f»ivouritn) linH hrromc olmolrto in thn 

Sreiinnt ntylo of tho J)utrh. Tim word in dnrivnil 
xnn t/rrirn, in plrimc*, to lin n^rrnilflr. to, iind in 
Krounilrd on the Prrnch //r^, from thn liiitin tjrntnB, 
Urr wuh onrn OHcd with on in tho drniin of plniHurr, 
Mtisfnrtion. Tof/rcet in nvidrntly of thn nnnm Mtook. 

Now hHIi hp in to friTP you novr. IpI Mm not nHtciri* } 
For timny tyme nml oft, ypp bpfipfp f tiip, 
Anil hp mrvlit Itn tnlrp li« nliotild do mn nnt \, 
Stih yii orliytn hn mmiitd, howprpr no yp fnirn f 
liethim iierpr |iim, till t tiiyit y pii || hAirp.~(!nAV(.<xn. 

*' for Nitti « wotnAii WM ho |mtiptit 
Unto ttiortnlln tiinti, wpU iiiorp wp ouKt*i 
lipoprii nl in oith ilmt (io<l linn itptitp.^'--ti 


Oh Uoil, ttmt At thy (tiHiioiltloit, 

I.P(Uiit forth thn nnpjiy Jtmt ptirroltitmop, 
Of «Ti>ry wighti my hiwn ootifnHHloti 

* Ovt nir. f PromUvd. 

I (Itrit mp ■Atlflfiuition, miiitpntrnptit. 

j / HunpPPi ff/i it hnvp, nml thuK aa Xxoyt^^mw x^^^xsvv^Xw- 
wtt, Mt, Urry'H Pitplntiiitton of to tii|^ W\w\v\\«a V\>4»w»x 
nt/fti Iw hrinff$ It m ftir olT M L«mMi\\\\p. 
1 /-/><■/», 


Hccept in ore*, and sende me socbe fyenaunce 
As hkith 'J'be, put fiom me diBperaunce, 
That maie my ghoat depart alwaie fro' The, 
Thou be my ahilde, for thy benignite. lo. 


An expression implying he spent more i 
he ought, and thus did what was unj 
roguish; to swindle. Te wip tije guit ; q. e. 
rogue U on his way to the whipping post; on 
road to disgrace. Wip is here as the infliction 
torture known by the term stroppe-koorde [in Ital 
$trappado\y and a usual mode of punishment 1 
in Italy and Spain. The sufferer is drawn up 
pulley (placed at the end of the arm of a gibbet' 
his hands, which are tied behind him; heis thei 
to drop to a certain distance, when his fa) 
arrested by a sudden jerk, thro' which his arms 
dislocated ; a severe punishment, but mild w 
compared with others still tolerated in £ngh 
Tijen, to proceed, to progress. Guitj guijte, 
omnigenous rogue, one that can turn his ham 
any villainy. The phrase is old and well kno 
but I believe deemed a coarse thing to say. 


He went off with a flea in his ear; he depa 

with evident signs of regret [suffering] for wha 

had done on this occasion. Wijse er vele lij in 

hier ; q. e. he evinced much suffering by frigh 

regard to this affair ; any one could perceive 

concern and alarm for the part he had acted in 

business in question. Wijse, the subjunctive i 

of wijsen to make manifest. Vele, veel, a g 

deal, much, very considerably. Ltj, lijde, sui 

ing. Vele lij, sounds flea. Ijse hier, son 

Ais ear. Vele, veel, m lYve ^W'^^ ^C felle^ , 

was formerly in use vjviYi >is. IJse^Vwx^^^ 


♦ Favour, ^?»ce,Vvxv^^<»* 

*' I Hn(li>Ml«ifMl (hi* mttit* or mHii^lnUln ((iliNirA himI 
<ii4«ntPN fit Ihllli** ni«irviilll"im moMtrn mUmn.-^Cmkvmn, 

iir. Mr/r 'km am. Torti'Tiif ft nv Tiir. I'.am«i. 

WtiH fill* niiinf* of intMidiirin^ r/irifiinuiti into tlif 
MM'lHy in i|iirMton; uuuU' rninrliii'f ntnon^ ncij^li 
Uiiir* siMfl frii'tiflfi, //{y "ff ''"' ''^« f'*'J!f^"' '" '' ^V/ 

//;/• hirr'm '|. r. A/' upurfH vvrry tlihuji nnr nut nvr 
Iknt hy thr utiilv of fhlfif/n furr ; \w tiirim nil 
tii|Hiy-tiirvy; wlitit im in Im' ntwn hcrr in proof 
riioiiKli of tlitil lii'fti^ IIm' riifir. (hfmrffrn, nrfim 
onif to ll|mi't, ovrrilltn, hnulrwrmr, wlilrli ItiM 
l«*rffi, W| I iiiiM|if'r|, till* rifiirlitiwitrn t^lVl'^ty of 
lmlnrt$rn^ in vtipiit ifrviilvi flunihun in of/urn Huhhi- 
/m/ Nftfl tliiifi w f'otnpl<«lf* mny vfrny. If it U tint 
tliifi, Irt finy otir ti'll wlint it in, \t Im* niri Tui/t/fir 
\n tlir filiortMird pintiriiili' ini'Rfnt of fuififhrn, to 
iM'Ur wittifM, l)ir hivr n, thtit wltirli in liifotr it4, 
utifl ruitltifU </fr latH. 


A joniltir fiTtfi for m |Ht7./liii(/; (|iif'Rtioti; Honif 
tniii(rfiill<'titit |>ro|io«itiofi iihmitHly Involvffl to trrtim, 
ihniui nil inn tf.' rum; i\. i*. /»/*//', ///// nhnrii frlluiv, 
viiikr Unit nut if ijini vim ; yon i li-vrr otir, ronrrtyr 
tliiit iMiw; tiow, yon wi>«riirii', yv\ (ill til;f>nt it into 
your lirti/l if yon run. (Jfinw^ iihlc, flftttftoim 
MmmU, f/n, I'll, tihfl hrrr imcil RtiiTtiii^'.ly. /////, 
till* lfn|i('nitiv«^ of inmn, to tMki* in, to ^o't in, to 
r««rlv*' ill, to ttin, Nn, now. hnnnni, d' mm, 
linim, nil nliont it, Hnuw\ i/innn un fiinn r//.titnl nn 
inn it mm tm nu'nntlrnm, ninl tlif I'ltjircititioti 
lirf'4itfirH vnniintlrinn. 

• Mmv. 

th'AW, to (liMir>Hrr, to m«'Jt. Tofi, rtorripU-tf^ly^ 
«!Xt.fn/!tfon. >1/ ^ntir^ly^ Tthtt^t'tht'T^ qnitf;, i^wmu 
trmninh. thftnl ^j\*\ fii#', f /i:rrnfin //W, ftff; \\\f. %'int\ 
wr/;r(I; and vui\i\vvXva\ w\lhfl//f^Urn, dnvwf., 
our //; thnw. t)auwr^ i\\p. (U'.nnan thnu^ %x 
our drw uu\ 'A\mtm*\ worfJ; MnrI i\imhi\f.%%\j of fl 
%'AXt\v. p^turt'p. with ///W, //W [rl/!ath| whl/:h in /Iiwm 
liih/>ri of U»/ly. Johnntm ((iv^fi </)/m/ and jIm^/ A 
>ii#i rt.yrri/»loj(y of thft word ! 

f havr ni^'.t no orofy^ihk Pi\.jmtAtp^j for //Mi 
aft tli#: wfll known rfJ/itivA of tUt'/rfpf/^ mit );«;)i#n 
it to ^»^'. an /^;/^ v)ad; r|. f . v}ad^M frmjorflM; n(\ i 
tmc. (Uti'H who vffui^M, that in, slowly, h#;ayily, an 
with apj»ar#!nt difficulty, h not Huc.h th«7 marr 
of rh^ fff/Jid'f utit\ Yft']] in /-ontrant with th«; li((i 
fiprin^ »nd rapid hop of ihf./rof/? i}\ifU»v>/M 
wfultllr^ in th'; k'-jik/'. of to tC'-t on ftlowly, awkward! 
painfully^ h/-avily» i^ a nii^r^: rr'!/|(i/'ntativf! form i 
iDtitlcn^ io wa/lf!^ r.ndnrr.. And if th/: U»ti/Vn hal 
rrawl, half-»t#'p, i» n/*t a waMlinff ptirr^ I r 
not knfiw what in. Th#! ((ait of th«^ />// T/iz/n ift s 
that of a TiU'f. horfu-. in r-//rnpariiu;ri with th^! ///a//' 
And th'T tyrrn from Riirh K/Hir/f; woidd Iff; as t^ 
rhMtin/tiv rhara/.t,i'ririti'- in thin animal from itfi to 
I'lativft th«j frojf. Totr wwl ft/nindft /wx//, ni 
arroiintft for tht\ o and // in it, Jofrwft/;^ d«'riy#ii 
iMuldlf. from vitJtjtft-ltn, hut that ifi //; waf/ffli', i 
varillat^, t/; ni/>vf: to and fr/i, an/l may imply rap 
oA/illation, hut not //; x/;////////!'; it mi((nt do fort! 
vmtf tail, hut not for thi! {(ait of th#' y>fuldU 
A faU/' KOiir/-^! of thf! word, hafi Uu\ him Ut a fad 
d^hnition, and to /'On«i/h*r V)fij/dif. Hiif\ wrif/ffU i 
th«' Kani<! wor/l, thoutdi /-JiA^'nhally dintinrt. I 
rtiffiffl to froff hi: inf';rm?« un, it in in An((lo-Hax/: 
//■//////// . 7 h a t * ti if 1 1 1' , \ Ml V w\\tt\. \^ I T w^« ^1 1, f V W. « 
firf MM wia#: aa ^m-Votv. «ii»\>|. \^ \V wa. >\\v. «* 
thf'ftin f,f vtmh, mid Um* ii>ml' •.*». >W. «»w»w«!Ua 


cfOftkT II«nea tho Q^trntLnfrwieh, und ilia Dutish 
nNvdlu And our Jroff U u» wrok And wo ia the 


Jfttlf fuijm ; q. «i. a 6riMif/ r«p or iumntii i a wid« 
ctp fttovarj; imiilyiiiu; in |ini|iurUo» tii ili« nimu 
wUisli iup|iorU uiqIi tup iir uovnr. A ml in a utriking 
ehftmctoriMic u( tko muthrmm, Muit, honnei, 
lAp, covcsr, c:ii|*. Ifv/yM, widu, lurgti. TIim I'Vitncili 
flaaiun It eorru|itifiii oi' our owu Utrm. 


The plirtua in uvUluntly jucufio, mid utitimn to 
iM|KH'i ibu pcinuiu in (|iiimliiiii bufttirrml liiiiiMell' 
[ibiiiirad hiiiiMulf ulariuml nr in iViui | iipou lui inadu- 
«|uat« Oi!uiMion, almut hciuictltin^ I'liiidiHit und 
alNUirdi fruni HuniH uliKtil |liuni|M}iy| numci. Hie 
fmit heim /*« ijirn tromp9i*M \ q. n, « /irri^ ifi fAa ketitje 
[in Ikfl liouiv I U a foolinh vuncern lo im kttrrijittd 
«l; R frug jnm|iin(( u|» on ilm |»i<imtii4iii in n iruni|itiry 
cftUM uf aUriu [iiliud«lrrtii|t | ; und lltun iiu tfXuni- 
pliiioatiun by it luniiliitr «M'nirii>iii*(i ol' u t.riiin|Hiry 
ftlarnt. Htill umt Ui wlituli tliu liruvci urn im Hubjtirl 
M iho timid. I'tftiiubtM ul' ibu nitmt tcindur i'ruinci 
hftudltt civon a t<md \%ilb indillcMMiuMi, wbilct otm ol' 
mt llttrcant lirci-«iiiluiH will Mtiuid by and ubiiddar. 
I bava wilnnMiitid u i'muitb), ol' tbn inoMt dtdiitiitu 
iuibiUi, al'trr ImvinK titkciii a loud in bor bttn«l, I'undbt 
it a lon^ wbilit, adniirci Ibci biiiiutiiiM ol' ttM tjytiN, tind 
Ihan lia it witb u ribband by ibtt b-^ to a roait biiMb 
thai It inigbt not pluy litir tniuiit. Puit, it tro^. 
BlLDRHtifJR ibinltN tbtt tnrin bun Imumi c'otiliMintlAd 
with padf ancltintly fHnhlt\ u loud, ii fHtttdM^k, in 
Italian W/a; but I MUHiitti't it to Un tbii MmMoi puit' 
atnrA; i/* o, ihai whivk erwiku ia tliu diU'K«\ti<s\v^ 
w/// /V//, pui, A dilidi, ttu^ V\u\Vo>N vwwNmX^wn^ 
^mlMK wmtar, Puitavl la a a^wl o?l ww'X-^^* 
flc/r««A UeiM^ ,„,^y i^yy^ mi^au e\v\\et VvxvvM^ ^^ 

pnmim§ f k9m$ mit^amNih T%i§u,wltkfm 
JJ$$, m m$ MfttrMl#d pmriMpU p m§mA 0I mm 
to iioffUff to ff M^ ttM blood in w$ fdims it imhI 
dor wittt 4iif«iC» TVoffl^, » fidlMjr, * flot ip t b i 
» dteei^tfl otroifittitAtieo, m wwiMifldid r moi 
irtH»f«r)r« Tbowivd i» |f«wfld«d HilfVMp, feii w rij 

«• ttMH wlikii f^toiiMd, Miy«f #d, iooltifcl, lulMI In 
itilmMi wtMMi pluyiid upon } mid li«oo# tfi# JFfiM 
ir^mfMir, i0 memHf to quiii sturai [ptrfnj ^ i§Uh 
i\m mmmmt iMid itioii to profit by iboif flbitMi 
rtoipor] to Afi wbm tboir pfMoooo protoniiA 
Trmnpw $m mmui [§4(§p§iim] iito loll ooo'tflMif) 
tioiffi, oiio^» piiiotf } to qoioi tboni by d t it mo t iaf Ifct 
ftfoliftgi to Mtotbor poifii tbrootfb tlMi wbiob oMifH 
tboiit iitoro {ftmmMy, It m in ffci# dirootwi ol 
nmm\u% wo Miy l<> /srlnri^ upm^ in tbo imfiort of U 
(Umi»0, kf impotm upm \ io ptay off^ in ttml of, U 
foftko » pof «oti Doli«pt« yofl nro ondoiirouriog: to rfioii 
hifff to idmotiigo, white yotA iiro In ISm^I lo«diii| 
him to ffiiiko » fool of bltnufolf . A irwmp$d up iicrf, 
ift n fubo fooittti ptayed off with m nir c^ trm 
Tho pbriiMr biM nothing to do with immp eofdif m 
3ouM§on fKfioiod« ImmpB roquiro no g^ontor ofinl 
of mind to o«o ib»ff otnor cairdtf« il lf»i»|M^ 
/M^MW k M 000 b«»r»blo only to tboMr wbono ttiiwH 
»ro tbifikifig of Mrmoihirig oImf $ Mid a fntrnprn^ 
iMng b notnothinil flboot whioh tio ono iti bi#ri||K 
MrfiMni otor th)f}k»# 

8offiothi0| soon lit tin indofinito dbrtanoo^ iAdoft 

nitoly fftf on« Inforring «onio »pty«iirMioo m lir d 

it Giinnot bo fim\m\y itfK>«ft»in6d by yon \ it OMqf bi 

000 thing or »ootbor tot wb»i iron «oo of ii« A 

ia^frifg ^ wk u\ tu •• tkttt mitth ^rf^nmM on fMV 

^^ majf b§ an luovid or noli iu t««|M«i Vi ^ 

ihmi wfitoh io iooti ttttf \}« \nMA«AMdL \d^^i^M£«M^^ 

implying yoH e%n M»e It, but thnt !• aII ; J nut Me It 
iiiia no taore. The phraie Iiah no relntion to the pye 
of a Urdt a fanoy which hM iiMJiiaml Joknmrn to 
explftln it M ft thin^ nti^n Jtvm nhovti ; mi that a man 
loolilng out of nn fip-fitnini wiiulow nt hln home iiy 
this rioor« woulil //a tnkiiiK n hinVn rifp vivw of 
it; nay I wlimi rifiwiny thn Ntnto of hin tonft, in 
thifl oonttnirtion of thn phrAMp, hn woiilil l»n 
talcing n hirtVu ryn vlrw of itiniii I Thnt woirt ilo. 
ihrrdp hoard, fft'tHwrU, itin |iiii«t |>nrtiri|iln ni' hntiren 
fMnttmf iu Imfp, to briiiK to liKht, to o|if*n to view. 
WiM M, in regard to you, wiili you, tiuprh dn vtmt, 
W, f>, ff interrJmntcn ho iliiii wlr n Kouurlii vitnu 
lijf, 0ytif iflle, iniano. Ilavrd Hound^ hitd, am we 
|ironouiH}e that word. 

iin; rA'ntnrft at atiiawa. 

He han rer.ourM to hi«i Innt aucI never fAilina re- 

wuroe; he perreivert all liope of eMOApe mitfit iie 

given up. //// hrJM Vir np.t *n IronwM ; (). e. Air 

tk$rwm MP.kii tHtmf'nri in hh rrlhjUm ; iie turn^ to 

hill couNOienre for mippori ; he t1ir<M to hi* Clod for 

oohnoJAtion. hrhrn, to n^pk fHti. to liunt out, to 

pumue. ^iin, dpn, un ihinfin'ouiit.. Art^ miniptmtwt*, 


truth, religion, tHdief; tliiit. which niiture revnnU to 

the lireAflt. of the iudividunl ; lltnt whirh hn leeh 

I known) in relntion Ui hinmell to he true. l*or 

iruih iuiportpi oertninty in reKnrd to man (lioth n** 

tlie indivhiufll And tlie kind; noiwithfitnudtuK tlm 

nrafty nneer At thin word in the iHvrmlofni of Pvrhij, 

*H trnuwM, dm trmiwn, (d' truth, of religion : 'a un 

the AhhreviAtion of the Keuitive nrtiide. J*he n«. 

prMaion \n literAlly Ae ikpn nrrkn <Aie HVHfpntinvp of 

thai whitih hh hrpani tnu^rii r(*rta-iii \y\ W\w \ ^Ji VV<^ 

Jhmiwhivh hin etttMvip.nvr Rupptkt to Klw. ' H \tw\\w* 

&ound/$ §trnwii. A iu\ W, \n l\\w ^«^ \u^xv\\ '^Xw^^ ^ 

»tty, if tinnttninff man cuifrfiet at airiiui«« 


: V^ 


As in the phrase to eaidk a tariar, to try afler 
somethiDg which, when got, tarai out a plH**^ 
instead of a blessing. Tarter; q. e. ttrntmrf 4/^^ 
cmutant oppoier ; a sohstantite. formed from 4Mib% 
to defy, to set at noaght, to provoke. The a^jee* 
tive, tart, belongs to the same stock ; tart umb, 
as provoking [irritating] words. 


A phrase expressive of noiseless action ; bnt<Mie 
evidently, from the subject of comparison^ jocossly 
and familiarly used. A/# Mtille ah er nm homi 
q. e. a» Milently [stilly] a$ one withaui ikoei ; as 
noiselessly as one who walks in his hose [stock- 
ings] ; as is done when it is necessary to approach 
a room [place] where a sick person is, with the ut- 
most stillness ; or as the thief does when he wishes to 
enter a chamber in a professional manner, Stilkf 
without noise, secretly, quietly. Me6, made, with. . 
Hose, hose, stocking. When we say, he walted.m 
his MtockingM, we mean without his shoes. A «oiiss 
is any thing but an emblem of stillbess. We beat 
people say, they could not tleep aU nighi fir the 
noUe the mice made. 

** Bat thing that wolle not be, let it be stilue." , 


As when we say it uhu a mill^etone abomt Us 

neck ; the affair alluded to caused pain to gel 

through with; gave trouble to acoomplish, Er 

meS if I stand ; q. e, therewith ajeverisk time ; the 

time then passed through was that of sufiering 

[of ailing, of being ill at ease] and thus as oae 

which consequently was felt to be long [tedioas] ; 

a heavy hoar. The ax^Te«a\otk la mra^^^xnAA nasd 

in the form of a mile-stone, ^Vm^ wsm^ tMsi^ 

Aom the word, ill, V>ciii« ^V^^ ^^1?**xT^^ 

9ouadiag ee, or with y, tounAAti^ %i^ X\«x\«»«i ^ 


Willi UN. Tlia miiiMi In nriH'lMily ilin HHtiiii in hntli 
wAyN. StimUt Alt ltiiliiAnit(« littriml of tiiiiit. tin 
hour, A iiioiiimit, nn iiiHintit. (//. y, n ilin t(. ill. /Vrf. 
mpdct with, ilmt wliioli In prKHnnl willi tlio nlijnrt in 
(lumlion. Tlio 4 in niomi \n Ntmrritly |ifinMiivtMl in 
mv uminl pronnnnintion (if timt wtinl tiny nidrit limn 
tlio h in In vrumhf dHmh, ihumh. 


ionnnl ilipN'ourNit ; tnlk |iirgunionl| {irniiiiroil ini 
llin 0(MmHi(in. Hrtlpffotrn tp rrff : (|. d. tatfi mmldpd 
In fMitrm ; a ilimidurNit nn II' (inNl in n ninuhl : 
«lin|iml H««minling to nilo |Niini|»l(i, Nlnniliinl|. 
UidPHt ifvii^iPn^ I ho |»iiNt |iniliri|il0 of tfirirn. In 
VMlf lo punr uni. Kpif, rif»t rijr, inin, onlor, lint*, 
dintntion. (J, k, luiil f* rn|irttHont inif*nihnn|(inu 
MMindN. I hnvo litllo ilouht our woril rui in rootod 
in /i/rif , opfiningi wtinnrn tfntr», to umkii iin oiipn 
iny : nnil no w to cm/, rnmiiiily ^l AmI, /«> A///. 
C^M^ is^Mff, nnd thn Diilrli //fi/ (o|inniii|() uro llm 

HAtnt* WOr«l I A tfUt IN A |MlNHilHP 1111(1 NO IN A //fl/f*. TIlP 

(^Ml ofGihrallur in \\\p |mnHitKii liy (iilirnlinr. And 
uiir old iidvttrliN til^nlp |itiiy way, iiny tiow| iim 
i//, iivory, nnd //(i/ff, wiiy, way ol' goinK, mid (i/Ar» 
^ni9$t olhnriviMi, ollinwiivN. now IrnvtiNliiid into 
nlhrrtfuvim, Indonic lirrit. f^ iiMiM^iiniilN A viiiiniy ol 
iihndi«N in Nound ; lor iuNliincit in vumuPt fhitv^tjiul, 
;»Nrr, hurru, t^yii, vurd, ^'v, iV(*. /> mid / m«t Miniiliii 
MMindN. If rrtiiiyt i\w tiiivitniy of rvih, in oinillfid, 
Iho o«|iri«NNioii ilinii nimvon lor niiy ihiiiK formaf, 

I dona AriMirdiuK lo rul«i| uny upvMmhim nrinn \%rr- 

'* For oilinr iM'iMt|Mrliiiitiit lilt iIipI wur hhivhI util. 
Tlivi hml iiNl Al lliHt lyiim, lull miy nmti mi in lull " 

ClUI'l »N. 

" yorvtihn / Ulm ill (1ia\ m«ii\ ¥ivA w«k ^«h^« 

At II Aipf liv mIIkIiI III N|MM\ vwWwvv, 
friiiri ypitt In yum I %vltii\ a\\ u\^ v\V*y^\wv^ 
/ VMii III, huMir lulUn UUU1m\\\/* 


" N»w k godt to Iwrui HI fine. 
If aay b« that ctn it mm. 
And pomct k at tlM rMon » ; 

Y Mt for OTHIB GATE,* l-Wlt, 

It ahtll Btt well m alto thin^ 
Be brought to godt mderattniiing ; 
For a reder, that poioctith fU, 
A gode Mntence may often •jnlL'' 



Prime; best of its kind; as in the phraKf, 
a crack hone; a crack tailor: a crack regi- 
ment, i'C, Kraakf karaak, an epithet of poree- 
lain (earthen ware) and in the sense of aemdn»f 
real, beit. Kraak porcelain is the technical phrase 
for genuine China porcelain, and as such by unifi- 
cation the beit of its kind. In course of time Afw 
has fallen into general application, as the epithet of 
any thing avowedly the best of its sort. Tne word 
is as karaah (in Spanish caracca, in French caraqu) 
and means a large heavy kind of vessel used for- 
merly by the European nations in the Indian con- 
merce ; and hraah porcelain is as the China earthei- 
ware imported in such vessel, and conseqoendy 
genuine and impliedly the best. CaraqwO'Cacao was 
a French phrase for the best Cacao. Toermk, 
to exaggerate, as over-rate, and so to give out ss 
prime something that may not be so, is from ths 
abo?e noun. But craek, m the sense of ttMmd, » 
purely an onomatopy, and of the same family is 
croih, creak, SfC. 


He did his best ; he did all that depended apoa 

him. Hij left no6 itond ontaend: q. e. ke had 

not a quiet moment ; be did not live an instant is 

peace ; he had no resit. Xii^« Va \cjt iia iftmia^Mh' 

turned to do if, la Oa»a aftbab«diaftip«»»^gBlV 

kmd 40fm U ; Im b«4 bsrill^ nny «|tiU4 till bn mmS' 
*jm4m4 kn #l#i)iif it A«f/^ ^fit ib«* ihiffl |Nrf«f»fi 

U9 }m in ttf fUitMiM, iff « •UUt of «iicit*fffftfit, iHitb iff 
U«f ib^fiiffK tli# nlfAfMiy bffiMflly |ir«>ncptiff«;«Ml u by r, 


A« lb« iU^mitr kff'/wff liy Ibiit nftfni*. 7lir Mfn« 
nmtt, I Mf«ffMrt» M Vunt'k in i\m ariiMi of tb«i fntrtb 
firfMMitiffff jfntjf^i «#f i'mIImI. 4 iSpcriCF/ of pumrh WM 
«lMr« AM ibA ffifrlb-|#fOffiotifif Ik#wI« l'b«> ofin WM« 
IMminwJ U/, llfn otb«>r ilmnk for ii Mnn* \9ntp4nm, Tbi> 
•rblffi ivf tb«> woril, m «|f|»lift«l U/ lA« y^fp^h bM 
bfwn fttpl«fff#«l by ttihft: 

A HtUMAnnU9^, 

Ttumff^l iffi r^riUl ; II ffff/ffffflt^M llil«t, II tfwiif«i «yf 
(blMfb^iMU ; Mfifoiiffflfifl J«'Uil. AfUfp-muprr-ul; 
f|« •« «// MM urifui Juhlr ; lb(« wliolft M ffly •Urry ; 
n iuUt mfpnipt^ fot fio k##«mI |ifir|Hi««i ; nn nrr li fir lion, 
Artiffk, mriff, ttrt/h, artf, rrt/ ; «ly, nMnriiriKi <>'^A. 
Uf'by, fniilK:i«»ii«, Mnmr^, marr, m fMM«*, ft •t'ff y ; 
MmI ff«/tfmir«l ill fb«« ihiTffin ma m, f'* biiMl iofifilmt , 
lo «r«r«v«i, I'f |;tit ti»{(«<lbrr ; tfiA viifri:fi of «fi ftSU<fi«Jirr 

A # A'f MAY l,0#»K Af A fCfNO. 

Tb* K'Mifl iififl iht* Iift4 ffifi«t t»«« t«li«>n UiK«*f brr ; no 
«Uili'#n wfll «isftfri|it from »'iriJ. /;> f/Mi/ mri lurk kri 
trrp innr ; tj, p. ika rf«f/M#r'f fnfiump inrluiinB ikr 
aknmtff iff « Imti msi ; Up Ibnt tiilir* ii|» 11 fPttintP 
mrmm i9ttitm tnu9i •Inrifl by ihn ronvM^iiiinc^* ; lb« 
/«f« of m fonup irtr^ltfilr^ iho 51h\Vi¥i^. *\\w Nfcxv^ 
4r >/*^ hff no rnUtion tii m\\\»f \\\* V'^w w ^^b^ 
mmttnmtc of i|i«i ««s|frf«%%iiin\n iW unt.w«X '^^^^V ' ^** 


104 AMiKiMUiar oir 

with §rg km$. Qwti, rogM. JM, m$d$^ % 
witb# iMBkt olwoM, foftiMM* Hei gfp, tluit ir 
Ji ImmL AuMif lo f ftlhtr in^ lo tokt »« lo coll 

ilf]^, «r]^9 MRCtU 

'' Y« iiMw* wivit ftaodilfc tt ymir Miaet $ 
0ilb y* bt ftroflfe u It s gr*i« auMite ; 
M« fMlr not tiMt MM dm yon ofiwiflt ^ 
Y« 0kiuUr iriifw, C^bU ia iMttilU, 
iktb mr* MM toy Tktr in In4#, 
Ay« cUpfNtli M a «uflf , I you conoMilc/' 


Who will undertake tbu diffiouU baxArdout 
fenrfMe] tiek. Job, Woe wel beul tije guii ; i 
oiMf timgh there U a hanpman yet gou tee robi 
Mil %oe» on: therein Jack- Ketch to be iMire^ 
the rogue le abroad in f pite of him ; the ex«3cuti< 
dont put an end to thieving, Beul, hangman. I 
wel, although, Tijen, Hjden, to continue on 
keep a same place, to progreM steadily, to go 
Gult, rogue. By implication, to root out rogu 
if impoteible, 

" Yon tre <.'r«ating t moiMUr whicb nohody caa cob 
Who wfix UICI.L vun cav^ Who will take tb« bull bi 
bornt ta4 iubdiM bim? You eaiinot coDtroHl U, umS 
iiiiKht M well try U) eonaiwr Gibraltar witb a pockftt pii 

J. liAiKiiOj^ji, hi', in; (Joaiom^ifi 


In the tense of he became fiied to the sjiol 
surprise; he stood stock still from astonishment 
becsme motionless by the sliock he experiem 
Hij tierrd lyeh er ttaeek bij ijck ; q. e. Ae bea 
atjixed a» a mUe^poit ; lus became at fixed to 
tpoi as a direction- post (a boundary-stake, a 

♦ Artful I spltefuUy cuimma.»\!l.«^w^^'^^*^^V*"«' 

fMm^Mni ulAndnfd), Hfarrtm, »hrr$n, Ut luMtoHtu 
mulMthlmm, U» ^ww Mtift* Sianfik, a Mtuku, u \M*i, 

>irbM:ii Mitork« ilm 4iii> on Unit, Urn r«*ttulitUiil ilii»«- 

tiUVM ; llfttillAsM tll«< N|IIU{<* ill|}|ll<lli<l. 


I wilt iit$ it,plmiui t/$4iplff0: that U^ (/' t am nut 
tli$iruiiimi\ if I ttifi \bh Ui my mm^m ff*>*« ftj^miiity ; if I 
ittvn <//irl« hlumha, Jhlinii tin hij Ijt^JkM ; <|« «». #i^ 
^i««^/y with nil 0tit fHurkni M iIim ttttulf iiaml liuiiu ; 
iUil mi lifitvo till* ui ilo M# I liktiUljiiib |tt<i|»«sni |iMi 
m rMimiftt lifiofi iua liy ki>«s|»iiiis iitu witlilii uny 
nttfkm i9f Unuudu Umt you rimy lutvtstitt^imui iu yout 
fWli liiifidt /JdMnn, /Hsliainn, twrUvm^nt ^* Iomh; Co 
imvis out of niKiil, io 1ihniMk1i(. of, /i/,/ iji^k, lui in 

Jilt |ir*«l(«tl|i|||{ ItfliriM, 'I'llts llifulllM (/ JIIOlllOiM illli 
lOtJIMl hi titi ivilll IICI, ttllll illCi /(>(' M»UIm1 IM//t // UImI 

» fii|ir«fii«fiii iiiUiriiiuUUiig MiuiiiU, 

/^f / wild td' (lit wijutfp i i|. n. /A/f/«t / a Bptmiamutu* 
WiHlviiiianwlMilif/hh/iu'wut'dMi i\wit»\ yim Hhu u 
miufiil |iro4liji:l. wliU'li |ioiiiU out iIid «vi«y foiwitrfU; 
I lii«<l4>oi wliu^li ktitatm lih fi«sfoi<j you. Vf^/A/, imlii- 
itlly \9fttdwMtlt iii«iilliii(4 fioiij iitiliuti nlofits, »t«jioii* 

iiM lifeitt iioriioi'tt lioiiiKl ilott il liktil ill our «voi«l ftlumft 
lOMr «|»fsl(. ////////, 4/« *di, tuntt, ill ivliirli fllii^riioii 
lii« iii«*(»oi itlvvityii iiiovttto, OjtwiJBtin, U» |ioiiii t$ni, 
it toliuw, io |ioiiit t4iw»iiilM; fills iiioiiotoilioii in lllS»K 
Mf«(|Hiii**il io ili<* Vtsili iM'roiiliii^ lo l)ii<4;|i «yiilit» ; 

^flll wiJMti *p in Itll Wijutt Itp ill lllto IMiUJlliiltl IIIOIHI, 
Mill Mill loin Wi^lt, A WlM/t, IMI ill lllCi |llllttlMs 4 fi)/«// 

«/; lAiot whit'h U Uktm ui li «»\u\K>i& ^\vwkV V*\ ^^w* 
ohU oiUJ Hit nuulHy. A ¥tU\% \\\ \\%^ \^V\^^^^^^ 
*// ///««/< uUii lit (itiuo Ui ,iUto¥l ^ ^w\ ^Sw<^ ^"^^^ 

■, ^■ 


106 ▲BcnJM>iiOOT ev 

leqaent me of it ' bjr Um groom had no fdallM is 
iu etymolofy* WUd, wM, are at weltd, gmmBit 
waUd^ gewalld, the patt participle of taifliiy 
wallen, to apring up, to riae out naturmlly either ai 
water in the well [rouDtaio] or io the maoaerof aa? 
other produce of the earth* And our wiU aw 
wold are as portiona of the land covered with spea- 
taneoua produce, be it grass, heath, bush, wood, or 
of any other kind* A wUdftre, is a natural or spoa- 
taneoua light or heat. In Will^-the' Witp, it ii 
the •enie of that which directi ant that implies Hi 
being a light, as well of its being seen in ttie dariu 
WUd^ in the sense of irregular, out of the wqr» 
fickle, uncouth, strange, unuanal ; aa when wo 9tsf^ 
hii looks [actiona] were quite wild, ia a trafeaty of 
wieyld; q,e. lilus one ilelirioui, disordered iiimMi, 
feverish; and has no relation to the word in ill 
other use in regard to source. 

'* Pride of the table apperetb also full ofte, for eertce, 
meoDe be called to feste>» and pore folke ben [Nit awaje 
and rebuked. And alto in excetie of di?en metea tod driokei* 
and namely such maner bake metes and diabe metes hreimkigi^ 
of WILDE nsEf, peynted and castelled with paper and iSB- 
blable waste, so that it is abusion to thinke." 

CuAucEB. — Perssm's Tek, 

'' I am no more, but here ontcait of all welfare abide lii 
dale of my deth, or els to se the sight that might all ay 
welltngeJ sorowes voide, and of the fl^e make an ebbe." 

CuAUCEE. — Tesi qfLssi* 

Johnson spells the above term wrong; aad 
evidently thought the will in it was the fiuaiHsr 
abbreviation of William, or a travesty of BilL 

* BunuDg. 

f Heat caused by a natural product as spice is. Bet 
witd'Jlre as the pyrolecVimcaX Xmm Sa «bek<^Vs ^ ^mU. m the 
moond sense, vii. anVrreguXax ^\%% oii» tenaa^v^sx^wg^ 
but applicable to the wtVMi% ^tt \o tw«* wga^wt V«^P**"^ 
each M are destined to EMdpuTV«<M** 
t Boilmf up, tpriofpiic «^. 



A Mtlngy porAon : ona who frriidgnii all lie tmrU 
with ; oitA uf un ftVArlciouN Uini|>tir. Gere mi/effge 
j$ MR I q« e, eovetoutneMM nmMtantly egya me on ; 
my minil U ooiiitHiitly hiirrowficl by KrctwIiiiaiM ; 
cupidity humnieM [diMturhNj ma at all liourN [pitr|Mi> 
tuallv]. The nxpreMlcui huiiiicIn kfr m' rff{f*fnnn ; 
and by an ciaty traniition vurmndijium^ now a naif- 
cTonttltutwl nouiii a* in lliti caiut with many utiier 
familiar terma in our preMmt Iitn|{uaKti. (Jhere, yere, 
cupidity. Jigff«*t harniw, ttxciUiuiaiit, ai^itatiun; 
whitnoa nffffkin, to a^K on, to cixctita. Atn, ann, on. 
JoHNMON iniputuM thii tann to tha Frcincth w(»rdii 
tfoiir mtehant, mora applifuildn to a tnurtUrer than 
A miuer^ and a mora wliiui. 

TIIK t»KVtt. TO I* AY. 

A dittturlianaa iiiaila ; Mtiita ol' thinKH put into di«- 
urdar; M*ana ol' iionfuHion. lHt^*t evfi Uw puije; 
<|. a. ihiM h the ennny to pvnve ; tha |iarvarMion of 
bappinaM; tha diNturhiuiaa oi' contautuiant; tha 
daatroyar td* cMiutant. '7*f/i>ij/axpIain«itHali'. 7W 
pa^/'cp, to rontantniant |HntiMliirtiou|. Thvrt^ wuh tfw 
devil to potft thara wiih n dlHturhitntui, nnd thuM itn 
oppotting Mtnta, ona liOHtlla to quiat ; thut wliiah 
oppoaaa [aiita tlia ananiy to| itaata. 

In tha long run ; iv in tha oourMa of tima. Lnnuer 
ami ; cj. a. Mome time ht^nw, fiihharon ; liy und by, 
Lanffrr, lonaar, furthar, mora mlviinrtiil. Afu, ann, 
on, onwardv. Wa hnva turnad tha pliriiiia into n 
diMvllaliia noun ; tha uri|;initl form liiivinu; margad 
in tlia c:ourHa (d* una und cdmuKa of diulaut. 

UK HUNT IIIM ON A Hl.U.I(.V«.l«V.HH >I.\\\VK>^\N« 

U WM nil Ut no piirpoim w\\iiV \\« iWA \ \w vbXnJsxV 
MM wttll Mnvml liiiiiHdIf iW ium\\W i^'l vV\\\% NN- 
fiJf^iJHt kern aim vr aiml liji>«luutt Kw «i^v ^V^ 

109 AR0IIJi:OI.O(jY Of 

A* heilinvrd kii btentini/ npim a tout tuAicA had m 
fdth in it* rjfioacy : on cno who wom IukI to d! 
WDM of iu valuo ; on n pnrMin wlio di4 not ctfi 
0l« farthing fur luch thinBS. Implying, hv mifh^ 
U well have laved himialithe doiog il, the givini 
It Seijen, ugkenm, to raake the nan of the cnw 
utheoulholicpricDtiloi'iiD hi* benodictioo ; for It t 
not the huartfull ijuuiiiiio hloiwliig utlarod by lb 
[punnl, till fiiKijcl, (ir the lover] to the object of Iu 
uti'iUiin, bill Hill iii(li*criminule «nil laechanici 
muiiiiiiiTy III tliti tnuuk, which ii here int«aded 
8U:1,him\, when we my, there watiu 
a lout oreifsnt, Lijjlooi, lyveltM, lifeim, Jolt b 
all feoIili([, iiiieiiilble to. Her am, hter am, ii 
thit rvKpoct, hora u|>oii, Siel Hjveloo* wugi! 

WHh riif, whu Mhtfli * MMbe tmoow I 

1 wiM MD, Ihu IduHh tad nm u i A b 

gwUtifHi, sol by uJnrvLKvit wardM of tb« pepU, bni b 
•otbd'uttauM of cDDKitDM 1 By Ood, aotluDii." 


Thoroughly drunk. AU drcmck alt kloe; q. I 
ai mclit ai a aleft i u full of wet uaplao«wbnH 
■ua and air are excluded by the nature of il 
Drimk, a* drenched [Matunitedl wiih liquid, bl 
bMD explaiaed abort. A/dm, iloe, a timire cM 
j1 o/^f II AS the efflbleiii of a itat* of noktaii 
a place never dry. Druni, wu formerly ip^ 

And ek* lb* othk Prwtii tvMjebo 
Into ihf TimpU when tbii ihuldln pa, 
To pnv far 111* Btplll, ind do MrviM, 
TM n aide drinila la m mtoui wIm 

* T0tt1u. le add, to tanwM>uA<iMMffi«'*"A^''^ 
t ^.#, H»aitleii,e«wta», «**•«** ****** 


N0 kiml iif drink, llitt i»iioniiicn tiiighi 'li«m mikii. 

Ilul ih«r III MlwiUMinrM ittil ytnyti miJ wttkii, 

1^1 llml llml lUUkfi*." CiuiMkti. 

Tb«i rlltiMitt III' ftuff-dof^ ; n litp'doK, |i«ft-ilog. 1 
ikv tlin wotil t(i Int mm tlin itiu*iM» '1(1111111! pvf/f/, u 
iNfktft, It |Miiicli, It iiiirnf; in niiothur iliitlrrt /ni/i//, 
m//. 7Vi Am^^i thf hum/, wrni it Hlmiif pliritNa itt (inn 
iiii«, for lii lUrA' ifit* porkrf. Tliti jttivkvt tliciii worn 
]f tliit Irninirn wun oj' roiiHiilnritlila iliiiiiinNionn, itml 
itttrufui to It kimIIh I'lom wliicli it liiinK linfoni tlmnj, 
I OH tti lot III ihv tap. It wiiM ill iU\u jHtvkti tliny 
r|HKittrf| ilin littlit ritvoiirilo ; iiHimlly, itt tliitt tiiiici, 
lilt l^ulvk /\ittMiiff\ It ml ritlldil tlin ia/$-tliM I'roiii tint 
iiniiiiMliiiM-n ol' hniiiK ciiriiiul ittioiit liy itit niiatrDMi 
1 thin fiuur/i fir /ttfi. I'uf/ nu%v in iiviili^ntly Irom 
III* llOHii liiituiul to thin H|i<Mli*ii III' 1I014. 

lA'l rKHllK'VIAMJdN. 

Anonif wliomt ^iiinritl it|i|i<Mtiitn('<i proKnoiiliralim 
i« l)i>iii|{ ill It ijohtitiitn Hliilit; 01111 wlioiMi liiiik 
iiiioiiiirnn thn witiit of iirrnM.iiy mnitiiN. ihit tir dr 
itiri tijr ui'tt: i|. f\ that ihrrv ivhirk |lMt wlioj i« 
^H'i'iintf in itw vititinim (jiifivitiioii utoii*; ; onn wlio 
\ III witiit of iifirrtiiitiiftM ; Olio wlioMnmiiN witn«li*iinK 
I All iiii|irovifli*(l ntiitii; in it tidKi^itiiy i:oiiilitioii. 
^arl tiimwitm to viiitimitn it« tlm tiiivii|lor*M nIoih 
it|t ; iitiil ktill iiioriM'lomijy to /ii/////i, liiiiJKiit, wttllnt. 
1 nntttticr njiufln uf ijnf mxuw hhiimi. f^utn huhja 
tttmi, i/intnii, liumi, nmnin in nnd Mum htiminiit 
uttfii. Tlin )iliiti«i', likn MO iiiitiiy otlinia of ttii« 
\nnm «vitii im, Imi linrnmo it«iiti«tittitivn liy ti'iivi-Mty, 
^iat'i ill tlir iktiiitMi of matr liitil oiit'it with im tlii' 
miu' iiii|fott. Lijr in tlm tliinl 111 rHon of tlm poliiii- 
litl mood of iijdtn, lijvn, to niillri, lo tin ill dinliv^ii^ 

' >'0« *//!#•« / warn /ifTiliniil, i|i|iitli \»«, w\V\\ >l \\»V» vA v\\%\\\>»n^» 
/«Mf it/fi.ii f/iry Mrrtfci nl tunl, Hhi\ tiUvA \\\i|U* 


That ivtt M Mlitiieioa, qutth B«ptirtiuiMt bat robtn ^ 
Thoa bidit bttn btltw worthy bMn haaftdthcfilon 
Thin fbr «ll that thoa hut ht rt ihewid. 
I tokf rifling for rtttitucion, qootb ht , for I ntvar rod bok«, 
I otn no Frt nob in fkyth, bat of tht for tndf of NorfeULt ." 

Vii. Pffr. Fkm 
*' Oar hofto loagh and swaro, lo moto I gone, 
This goith aright, and anboklkl it tht malb*. 
Let M now who ihall tell another tale."— Chauou* 



Used in regard to some Judas-faced libertb 
foremost to reidte the shadows of vice as a sarii 
to his practice of its substantial forms; or 
relation to some judicial hypocrite [official ruiSa 
as notorious for his constant appeals to religifl 
conscience, honesty, &c. as he is for his disren 
of them all in practice. Hie lucht ali hij 
hotter woed nae *t meld ; hin ijse moed ; q. e. wi 
him it looks as if the ruffian boiled up with rage 
display himself in practice ; hut fear fdreadj i 
strains the giving vent to the fit; he would lay asii 
all cloak and show himself openly to be the Tiilfl 
he is, if he had but couraffe, and thus implying i 
ruffian, the impostor, and the coward. Hie, hier, 
this instance here. Luchten, to have the appearao 
of, to look like* Heffen, to ferment, to fume, to hi 
up, and here used in the subjunctive mood. Satti 
impostor, hypocritical scamp, rake, villain* Msi 
mdde, as the participle present of melden, to msl 
known, to mention. lise as the subjunctive foi 
of ijsen to alarm, to fill with dread [horror]. Ma 
self-possession, confidence, spirit, courage, and t 
same word with our mood, sometimes spelt moudf 
which form it approaches nearer to the travesty 
mouth, Hin, hence, away. Woeden, to rave* 

" For when we betd a m^Lii W\VVv\iiVv^ -v^^jk ^x«\^\. ^ood* 
And blcauee the co«l wa* W»itfi ma.'n^X >Jwk^\v^ MLwst\ 
Were tamed into vaii%«aik<ia.** ^'^*^'* 

♦ Mad. ^ Tj«mY«N^\%Y«v^>ft^- 

poFrkAR riiHAimii. Ill 

** P«f vicfA btn io flrufll Ihil lti«l iminih himI iltoraw|NMMiit 
«• rmii«|ii within, ftiiU ihmigliii llml nn Riiiiyn Mil ihn iHkly, 
rl VH-ffA lu Wdii^M In «lMliii)f«ii NMit by wiiuiMla of itittU|Ul.'* 


Ill ihn MkHMn of, unit who U m ilUKmnt to MN*iitty, 
II hia fAiittly Atiil roniirotiiiiiii. Hr kvhnmp ; (|. Oi « 
tmimmriif I ilNitritcn, in|iroiii'li, kliir to tiiitiiio; i»ttft 
vho iliMftrArra llin hiitiinii loriii. Kviiloiitly til' tlii« 
miin Mlui'k nn tlin llnlinit arrmpio in iiit niinlnKiMm 


Ai tn tliif ri[|irf*Mictii, ihitl intH nntu io him, ntttl in 
ibparinMMif, It Knvciluiii|»l<iitiiiiiii; irjiiiri<illiiiti. A'nIm; 
!• n. <i/ ii«r, o/ profit io ; iiml tliim ni MiMiiiilliiiiK llml 
|lvo» |ilrnMiiii> lu. iUUia, nior, uaut, \t\ uir oj' llii* 

i»mr liliN-k. 

A lirMiilHi. 

A «litc'n|ilioit ; n liiko lit ; iliiHiitiiltittct. /•> A«M 
'^*<*'>^ ; <|' **• M iitktnt/ hold of /'v fAf rvir ; InkiiiK 
Ui lltn «iyii ; n ritlrli lor llio ryr ; ttiiKUHiiiK llio ryn ; 
iM|il)-iiiK mi A|i|MMtiiiitrit itiiil iMilliiiiK tiiurfi : in n|» 
INiHinnrn only. /Aiiiif, /mim, lliit ninliiirlifiti ol' ha 
1115ft llin iinilirl|ilii |tii«iiiiti( III' lltti itnlii|iiiiliMl Am mtt, 
Ui liiy Itiilil III', III luko liy, Io Ktn!i|i: uinl llin rout 
uf hnmti, kitm, nnil uiIim tiiinin In lit* olmnrvnl on 
i»y Anil liy^ iiij (nk/, //ihn/, hy llm vyt* Io lltn Hinlilt 
Miti tlmt AumAiff; in it lukinK liy ii|t|HMtiunrii ; nnil wn 
i«y Ar M'da ffiArn in Av oppnttunvra, in lltn HnnHo ol, 
k« wiu drv0ivfii Ay Aim 0V''''': iio|ilyinK III* rnuiioii 
b««l no ntiNiii in tint ronnmiuniirii, 'I n humhut^ tm llin 
V0rli ol' lliiM MulmUnlivn. John HON mntu llin woril, 
kllliouitli nii|{nnninii ICnKli^li hm nny in Itm Dinlionitry. 
To huHtt totiiH^uivn, in llin I'ltnttliiti ronliiirlion ol' io 
kiiifiAiff/. iium^ Honnil liiii ipiiln it ilillnmnl Mouirn. 

.4ij f*«|irftMjon |inrlWi\y \tH\\v\ifc\\\*\\\ » V'fcvA ^^^"^^ V' 

118 AmOHJbOLMY 09 . 

of bj die dbate of the worde €dg9 lo tbt 
here med. JSi^e, io this eipreiitoi> ie ea W^^ 
cootreotioD of the still older ^ggintg* ^ perac^ 
peseot of egghm, eggmf,io.hafraw ftp, to stir opts 
eicite violently 9 and the same rerb with our to m* 
in the sense of to excitt. So that io mtHm Mi 
on edge^ is to set them in a state of ezciteiiientyOSS 
of paioy uneasiness, ; and is as the disturbaaos o( 
a stair of rest and ease to harrassing urgent exeils- 
ment; to rouse from quiescent ease to a state o( 
disquietude. The cause which brin|;B this pecalisr 
sensation has no share in the meaning of the ei- 
pression^ whether that cause be the seeing anothw 
eat a sour apple, the creaking of a door, ths 
cutting a cork, Ac, it is not referred to* Nor 
indeed is there, apparentlv, any uniyersal sal 
uniform originator of this feel ; for the circumstaaet, 
which brings it into life ia one constitution, bai 
often no effect in another. The Dutch term ftr 
teeth in this state is egge tandem ; eggke being is 
the sense above given. Ic at de mere druuen enit 
dm tande warde eghick (egghe) doer of; q. e« /ssl 
the mmr grapes and iky tooth wai get on ed/i 
thereby, Eghieh, edgy. Bui this sentence is in s 
very oM form of the Dutch language. The French 
equivalent phrase is agaeer letdenti; that is U 
excite the teeth, to disturb them painfully, to pri- 
voke a feeling where there was none before, IS 
awaken to a sense of pain. In 1 talian it is aUeoefh 
i denti ; and evidently in a same import. Eag$ U 
a word of very extensive connections ; includiai 
acutui, anguiut, acidu», and others still more ikh 
iant in form of letters, to be accounted for in aao- 
ther page. 

•' So ben lh«y ^nnd, ^x\\ \\wU v\^ t\»^* 

To be tvetigtd etucVi on VvVi «!s:«a^%**— ^^kmv^.^. 

* 4.0. Eager in a »UU o\ wcWfPsiwX. v^^^\*\. 

1*111*1/ 1.. Ill I'littAiir.n. I !.'{ 

" in tfU0thi m»Hli» II un' ulliit puifu umut, 

t. H0I MHiliie tin rill til mltn ill hnnlitf 

t'kM lulln III iiihjinht « lit nii'i'hii, 

h'titli'H lit puiiliif iHin-hi t'lmhitliin 

i'h0 tfrt0llH $la Mfik' hIIiii la fin liiUt 

hul i:h0 Minlihni * HllnKititi I ilmill, 

SlfMlllVl, Af." - Ifll'I'l. MAIMAKIM.f. 
1'ltK Ati.\M\ Al'I'M-. 

Ill* |irotiilii'i illicit wliirii iMiiikii rvti'Miiilly tin* 
iii/'f^ ol'llir wiimI |H|m'. I)t' utlttHiM hiiitjtf/ i i\, r, 

/;// u*fiirh llm Inntik i« hth'ii. / llii^ |mi't of tiii*. 
l-|;j|Hf by wliii'li lliif tin'iitii iM rmrliiiil { llm itn - 
'11 6f llm wi'HMUiiil. /////////7, Hii tliii K''ip<- <'r 
liy wiiM'li Wit liiktt till' iilfjix't III ijiii'iitioiif liiiM 

liilly i*i(|iliiiiii*<l III tliiMiitirli*, Ajijiln of thtiftyv, 

H7. Ath/n, ififulli. .loliiiMnii y^tvt*H iKiHy- 
ii;y, liiit iiiNtiMid ol' (iiM^ Htiyit llii? Utiii U'Ioii^^h 
lul'fiiiy ; fili'l MO iloifH ///;«r ; hut no oiir I mii|i- 

woiilil I'vrr Hi'iliii' tliiit woid Uy iiiiyiii(( Jl wiih 
imloinirnl (1*1 in, ll i«i it |)0|fiiliii iiiiil iri'iii'iiil 
, Hiirl no in Adttni'tt ftfijilr, iM'itlin itii* |ii'riiliiii 
r iiririM'it ol' itiiiitomy. 

h^isi .\N'lllof<v'n flHK, 

I fill* wi'll known i'rynt\nUtH liituli, i*ni|»lion|. 
rVi'/, ///'// fnitH /lif'a vui/i i (|. i*. Iiinh til Ihin 
\liiU'ly I htm in vruplmn fn fttf/nnfiiitrnlinn t 
iiciii iuhI yoiir cyi'M will ronvinrii you tliiTi^ m 
jH^luM. ifiMttn, BitH III, to look ritrrfuHy ut, 
y into. Tiiiin, lliiil wliirli hIiowh ilNt^H', inuki'n 
^viilifnt,i'KliilfitifMi,H)irrliH'li*. Vivi'^vurr^viiyr, 
irii oii«« wohI, I'vidiintly I'oniiitrli'il vtiiU fuhrin, 
r, Irvt'r, iim w^ll um witli /////; iiinl piiriiM, ikv, 
* mimI tlH\/' Ih^Jiik inlrn-liiin(finpr mouikIn : uiiil 
with J'uritt, P'^ih ft'tiiii'ily fuyrtf' St!ti 

0, ltou9i$il ififii ilm ItittlhiH *<^ V^^^^^^^^l ^ti^\X«^t ^N^"^ 

AaiA LjLui IAJl Ijj Uia: VlMiifAs "^'^ *"*■•-"* auuVAlLLAx' 

li. c. ////. Ituhil nf UHtt t-ulmt^Ml U\ttt^i^^^) tflu.if:^*!*, 
Itit4,ii t.ullUMUti Ihu fit I ttf lyUnj > iU^ ho^jii i/f A/?i 

ti/**^. 'fuL^t hot \AiU\ *ij/ //>v^ '/<. )*<■*<* Wut ^i*** 

ft UiL w » ^ M ;^^ kA/**f**^ »■ iii w/? /// . /.'/y // 4'// ; ///y / /f , i-ii u4jhi 
</^ tiiijuin ■ 

/a//^^ 'ioiy wv).^1«A.>t f^t Uu*:l hut I.I IfLfiiU/itf 4^. 
i.f/4jAl^tUi U*UU hiLIt , hiil il>.) til 'HI l\it. Iiik:i»4i4 
H^^l^A^ftf/ AU V;«/^4ft » 'z***^ ^V»** W^ >hkrt«W S<^A ^)*J^ 


ktitrtt, 111' llio Hiniin ulnok iim Hihrvit^, tliririhiiiniilUilt, 
Mumoul, In wliirli ntir wiu'il hiiiii itlrto tiolnii|{N. 
Uvrnhhit ttiHlund with (ttlk |lliintit in wimUJ, IVihii 
^minHt l<* pt^ritumto, It ml h^iiiiiiuIimI in rm^H^ to 
i|itiiik, wlit^iMMt our /li I'wK^ wliicli in tti Hptmk wlml 
M wriiiiMi, i^idinr Cn niinnrir nr nllit^iH. Hut wit oiini 
UMiil /ii ri^f/r ill llii) MiMiMti 111' til uilviMi, It) i)k|ilaiii. 

" Mmi limy llin ultl nut inn, ImiI mil miiiiiiiife,"- I'tiAiiriiti. 

** Mu iiitttlii* nil litty Miinliit (I Mwnviiiiti 
N«t wtiiiilirl\ill, llml iiHvii ynt 

I lltlWU llll IIIHII 11(1 llUtt Itlli i^il 

To oiiiiiitii Will my MVVitviii wtxwt. |."- ('iiahhmi. 

l/iH'i^, llM llio |iititii'i|i|r. [iit'iiiMit 1)1' /inrt'f'fi, t«i 
WMiil, to tin ilotlrioiit in. 

Mt'M til.\N('t^ 

A» iu ilii* t^Kpritmtinn, In «</ mum vhunvti i tt> nit. 
ill M MlMlr 111' U|i|iiii'inil inilitri«i'iiiirii In tliitt. wliioli 
iNUniii^ «in ill yinii' )iiimi>iU'o : tn mi iiml Himni mm 
(Mln inmniitiliUt tn tho m'oiut iii^l'ino ynn. Mom^ 

kHHUMI* i 1|. I^ thv Uttltti fi/' OHti H*hii hlHI no/ ihv HUlt 

if/'iwMfiii; llin iiiinililioii (rli»nri>, I'uln, hit) nl' oiiit 
ilivtintiMl nl' Miunio; itn lliul tn Mil tnum vhahrtit 
ilU|iliiiH Ifl'nUiitliMlly tn Innk llkn niio wliii liiiM 
iiMl tlio iiMo nf liiM urititoM. Mom, mi*mmti, tint imhi 
Irnrtinii ai^ miuhmiHt/t ttio nlil linin nl' tlin |mitirinln 
|MrciiH^ntnl'mi)iNM4ff«M, liMliH^ iliMllii^tNo, In iviiilor 
iri'tMMip;tiiAul)lo, iiiiiltliim w tliM/ittui ittijt mtinijuiMiHtf t 
hut tlin word iit uhimI um in I ho nii^niul t'niiii nl' ilm 
phi'iiMis mill Mil ill I'uliitiuii tn Ihn ii|i|Mutniticii niid 
Ntnlo nl' u hiihuiii luting; wluui tiit^fiijtittiii tty tho hiNN 
uf timl whirli Im thu itiMliii^:tiiHhni^: iimili nl' hlH 
■|MMfliiiia lhtirhurm*li*rnt'htHkiiMl, Mnmmn rnrritN* 
|MiiiiU with tho latiiii itirmiuM linth iii itn imjinri of 
mu9htifi Mu\ ill thut 111' «fi</ o/ thti itfHuva^ kw^w^ 
b i\w nomrt^ nl' \\w V\\\\\k\\ v^\u\ wwt h*w^> v>Vv^'!«^^ 

Tlitt 0J(|l|'|tMHinil llf ^1 vie •HH»K-cKuHV«''i V(W WVV* \V6X^V 


used in a serious import, the original source of 
liayinglong been lost sight of; no one when I 
may use the expression means to tell the persmi 
question he is an idiot, but simply he looki k 
one. Still it is neither a good-humoured nor cr 
thing to say ; a tinge of its original blackness con 
out in it* 


He paid down on the nail; he paid for the tbii 
in question as soon as he received it, for the wo 
done as soon as it was finished. Nail is here, 
suspect, our old term nale, and tliat as nael, q. 
after another; inimediatclv allcr what had he 
Jone (was ^onc) before; following directly after t 
other. iVa, next, close by. J&7, other, one oftn 
Nale was once in general use for the song su 
in chorus at merry-makings and festivals, where t 
tune was set (Ixigun) by one and followed in tn 
by the others. As in chorus singing, where t 
many follow the leader. 

" At high prime Pierco let the plowe stonde 
To over se hem him 9v\Cfs, and who no best wrought 
He ehoulde be hjred therafter whan herreit time came. 
And than iutten aome and aongo at thk nils * 
And holpcn eriet hia half acre with hey trollj k>nj. 
Now by the peril of my aoulo, quoth Pierce, al iu para tai 
])ut re ariae ye ret}ier|» and rape ye te werke. 
Shall no grains tliat groweth glad you at nede 
And though ye dye for dole, the oeril hare that retcbe." 

VU. Pier. Plm 

" At the wrestling, and at the wake, 

And the chief Chantoun at tiii malk.^— Chaucir* 

" And they were inly flad to fill hia puree 
And madia him grete toatia at tub walb."— In* 

* ^ r. In ehorua, one fuViow\xi^ XV% ti\.\v«t. 

f 4*00 To plmigb, to wotV. X i. «. N «iL».v\<yci. 
f U0.» Quicker. In Cb^Vwo im\»«\\xwi\ %x\x*k!^^ ^ 
ihm miuAtkff of a meeting to »ii»R cKoruu% and. ttvaV* twr 
thu9 ot iisstival tiiii«. 

rnpiri.Aii i*iinAiir.N. 117 

PnilHitJy till* Vrt*uvU niw I, ilio cikl Inrtnlurtlio 
Mrvi/friiMin InNtivitl noii^;! iiiiil iilitcHnr ilin Oliriiil- 
mmi inMlivnl, in lltf^ mtiiio wfinl. Mvnaaon rcMiiriic- 
lioil of mi/f«/«* (dim fifitnliii) in ion itflKiliiNlio, Urn 
irtillriitl to \w tlin Inn* N(Mirn*. Anil I ho fior*l ii(*V(*r 
tniwitL nntivifff unntf. Hpit^lilV hni-tih mid nn tin 
nh'hoMnn in in iimithrr (liriM't.ion, liui cM|uiilly 


Anitio wdl-knnwn liiino in lliiM'lu«Mi of \\w fowl 
Nfrrp itHfhis «|. r. ffit* fhoroutfhfnn* nf thu ftntdt 
tliti Kiit,it ||MiNNiig;(*| of ilio nonriNlnnrnl. Tho Ihmui 
iiii|ilio(l hy \\\v Icrni in /Ar* vhivivtv w^ \\\\^ fowl i 
llm Ikmm* wliirli rovoi'M iniil |ii-oli*cU \\\v jniNitii^a 
(pntnuHT) of iho i*ntw (food rm*|)ltirlr) of inn liird 
ATffprr, iiM llio roniriH'iion of iiwnutjhpt nonriiihnKMti 
AnhI. Ttujhi \\\\fk%\\^i\ ilioi-oufrldiiro, inlrt. 'Uni 
divimilory purpoMo, io wliicli thin hmv in pliiy fully 
A|»|)li(Ml, hmi iiriNiMi IVoni iln* word inio wliicli nrvrtt 
liM Ihumi ImvpNiindt vi/,. rnvrry i lutd wrrtythonijhi 
liHH Nu^)i;iiiiiiMl Hn« idiMi of II llioii^lii of pliiy (iintiiMfi- 
iiii^iil). JoiiNNON nnp|»oiti*M ilin tiTin Io tio UN mpir}§ 
nnd thiiMtfhil Wliiii connorlion run IIion(< iwo 
WonU liiivi* Willi (htf hotiv inloiidcd hy ihn |ihriiMot 
|)r tlip rhiiii^n of n into vi wo hiivo iiiintonMiN 
iiiNliitiooNy lilt in iMitiiratr,innnrtlinti!,tumiJor(f^'t\ 


A fViM'kln, itnd hy iiniiloKy, otlior innrkit on llm 
Imv, AV hif H hith* Mfifit s i|. («. it in thun thni hmi 
rnnrkn %t$v(f OH you |on u Hkiii likf^ ymtrVI ; lliirt 
iNllin wiiy ilio I'llooi of hoiil MhowM ilNolf wIlli por^ 
MMiN liko you. li In ilio IVookh* wlii(*li In horo inoiiiii; 
Kiid ilin ii|N)Niroplin iN iin luhlrimKod to i^uuvo (Wv«JU\ 
/// II lUir cofriplifxion. 'Vlio ftutM V\w Aw\\\ A^v^ vxvnxvv 
fiMnlUmt iho frorklo \\\\\V\^% \\w v\\\\\x\\^\\y\'^^^^ 
PM iififHmr A till lipuo*. \W \u\v\Wn\NVw \%\ V^\>>^'^'; 
thr n/»oi „/ I Ih, \\^.,,\^\^s . \\>\ m \W. Uv vVV. \n^ 

J 16 Atin:iiJr.otno\ or 

there is none, except that of u foil to the re»t of the 
ikin. It in hi the sense of whiteness Umt we mc 
the term /air; but the word means simply cleatf 
free from tfiint [mixture] , and hu« no aihisbnto 
colour* Fair is the metathesis of the Dutch fiaif 
free, clear, pure, unmixed ; and jmre black » as truly 
fair 9Mjiure whiter and a pure black ekin is zMfakr a 
skin as a pure white ona, A negreat is as much in- 
cluded by the descriptive phnise of the fair nx, 
as the Hritish or the Circassian female ; fur fair it 
simply clear of taint, and a clear ikin is aJI that 
is truly implied by a fair $kin. Fair hair is as the 
colour of hair usually accomfmnyinip^ the complcxioa 
we intend by fair. A man of /atr character is one 
of unstained character. Fair $ex is simply as the 
eex with a skin (generally finer and clearer than that 
of the bearded rougher skinned portion of the kind. 
Fair play is unfonl pkiy. //i7//», heat. Spatten^ 
to spring out, to H{>irt out. Put tlie r \nfrai at the 
end of tin; word, and you have fair\ afeard9xA 
afraid arc the same word ; and so are the Dutch 
drit and our diri^ &ii, 

"And wont thnu wlij ? 1 nm tho lamo AftiutP, 
Of thiM matter witli my noco for to train,** 


A not strictly definable state of HuflTerinf^; a 

nervouKf and thus an unac(;ountubh! derangement. 

Mij f/rim (yram) q. e. ehagrin pouneHneB me ; I feel 

out of temper ; I nm in a state of ill-humour. Dal 

the cauHe not ex{>n*Hm;(l, {uicl thus by inference, un« 

known. Tlie word is more commonly used in the 

form of mffffrirHH (uid is then as mij grim^e ; q. e. 

cm/ tcfnper i« in mc ; l\\e e'A\i«c of ill-humour is 

within mil, Mijy to u\e, \u wv\, ^w^ ^>\w\\ t»fc» 

^Mm, r/ram aro lVo\n V\\i» w\w\o vwwxr.vy, ^\\^\\sc^;i 

ht»Uof violrnt irnVMum, vxi'xUnaxvxA/w^*'^^ « 

lurbancc, aimry fccUns;. '^^^^^^ ^'^^*^^^^^ ^'^'^^"^ 

HirVLAM rilll4ilUi. I ID 

ik uitm: worO, uml m im iliisir ktm%rrani%, wlii;iic«: 
tmt krmicrany, wltiirli U»nn m, I ftiiMMU't, ftimply 
M //e/ mU^raiiu (m-v. Iirro ! a iiervoiui (iiiiUsHiiiiliksl 
t«ie of pMii, (irranifrnirtit !; UTi^riTfrkird liy tlii; phy- 
wwi ifiUf A^HiicranJon, A'-mifraniMHi, und llirii 
rtfcrrMl Ivy thi! dMrlioniirv-tniiki:r lo VA't'^ kpapu/f for 
fear the patimt fthould tdiitk iiolliiii(( wsu tlu; matU^r 
villi biin. For kemicruny, thoiii(li now apiiliiMl U» 
\mn on one iiidf; oftlii; lit-ad, h<u Ixritn UMril in that 
imMr Mjrly from it* trafl(T<lHT)?olti:n flrrivation. No 
MM! awarr of the? o<TfUjiion« on whirh the: Irniia 
a«^iii anil mif/ruim: an: iiiMrfl, will rvrr Ih-Iiitvi? Iho 
itiitfN, oni- nifraniiii; haif and th«: other «Au// van 
be till: ftourre of i!ithf-r word. 

" iJftilit'U oa4iiiiii * ■och* nmn fegfUet 
Fmt Mi«.k« nMllim l)i«l l«lith hmnI* J 
llmr tW mruM 'hun wut in ir|i»l trito, 
M» Ibiaklili lb«l uiiirbt Ki«t*l7 tli#4ii.'' 


iiir Mi'i.Lioat'Bi. 

A farcical term for a |fain in the y^nlM, the ((ripcft, 
kr thoroui;h-Ko-nimlilt:ii. Die mat I lij tjrubM:u ; 
. fr. thitiimir jmin of iht f/rifnr ; wliut uiU iiii^ now in 
lii-(-onf rrn of till* tiill«r-lioiiM*, itn|ilyinK a c-oni|il4tiit 
IihJi M'VJk%U9Un ji mori: a<-tivi! rcMitt to that sjhjI 
lan c-onimofi. 'Hut iilirufti: it uti llii: aniitii:r to feomc 
at:, who mtitiii{( a tUM-tniwAnU'. fai-iT, anki wliat'a 
MT ifiatt4:r f Till; annwi'r u fTX|f|i(it and ronll- 
rmlial. Dir mat I, thii tun is /.ijf, lijc^ /{;'/^» 
iflcrintf, |iuin. (huL/tt, t^rujrjtt, ariM»e, littlft- 
MiftC, houiM? of offirf, lit«'rally ilitrh. Iioh; in tlio 
round, a vaults mirh an M-rvc-d in formiTr dav* thn 
ariMfMs of thi; |iri!M-nt wati-r-rlouft and i-viucntly 
inni^rU'd with tli(T l^tin cryptn |a vault] and 
ii; iin-4-k kptni'], TUir \i-iu\ ijnyr%^w^\*«fcAr 

/7/r*. and thuii UR lUi- uvaWAn vA nV. \V.%v -^V^>^^ ^^ 

iiM^.M»»|-y, l|t«r<liti:li, a« the, ^uUiiliile of iJu; 

y//«w (ftm 'n tiHtn in'uL\ ; <j, «*. ihia rouyk t 
ttliiij\ htflwtfttrt you and wv /* a curtttdpainj 
<niii4 \ni\%\fVimtk M'iii<<ly i«> Ui tin «m. ^^i^/^i, |/i 
It Ih llitr loiMiitr 4/f llitf fiuiDiifd. Nothing 
<;ofiiinoii, tiiMii 1iIm{ <-4/ii»forliiiii( wi/nin of, 41 
Uff your (fof/il ; it wiU raiiy oil' tin? l/iic, wii 
you wouM Imvit IfOiJ a t;a<J f<^v<^i, /SV<r/' 
tM^rt'ly iou|/li ; unci k^/uimU ih^ttrutjli, (iuv 

I (illy cjfc4'riiiioiiM-y t/iit liM't un Utrmt'.ni. I( 
iMf k<^|;i III ifit'iiiory ihul in Ioiiiku <l:<yt!, iIiik 
|/<'iv/iifi(/«' WH» iM/t Im; i^lfo Oi«'i<'ly Ihiij;/ or 
<l<'utli m \\w |/rr«bii( ( iitiy loiiu \ l/ui. Ijc mtI 
vioukly \\\\W'Ui\ < v(iy viiiMly olt^/rtiiii' titir 
iioi« uimI .hi<l(/(}f ol i)m' fliiy <'oiil<l ntwXust* |i 
vi<'tiiiitj. 'V\i*f. ui?i' of thi* pnnH ytmlf w»» 
(luily r^rurroH'c. Ho iIkH ihiti ix'tlonncr wa 
till' li/k<'ii of |/ioloni/<'<J loiiiM lit ; lltc imlii 
TiiijtM'r of vurioijii i^aiii. /// //Wm, in (Mivat/', 1/ 
you »ii(| III**. 7'htfnfiif/ht lonii«'ily Ihorniht^ // 
cvi<l<'i}lly MM //#//■/' rufht.\ «j. i'. fioitnj tlioro 
|/{iiiMH}/c«. Thn* III tiM'. iMH;ifliifei» of /////* 

Uuikf^ Mt» till' |»ur(iri|/|i' |/|('»4'lit of riirlnttf 1 

loiwiii<l((, to |Hidt on. 
" An )<t<ftl ijiiififio itt libti O/ tt |/liiit' iliui liiiili !«</ wtf 

«Uvj1 H(*)i: ffilcr </0 t-VMf^ l»\i\*f, Ol «ll</t(' >•> liffli, Hill 

ii/Vi:|li', hv (4'ifi)/lui-ii/ii </fi c-vt.iy (!)<1k. I iiiei J'lJi'lU'i 

'MH>|iMI/»l* </f' uil YiUVtiA UUi\ viiMylilflJk th</iJ|/tlt(rk H 

Itififiiiii^at, f ,'(.-» t4j) Illy l/lu« </f lit y«.ii )» yri.w 1«/ li«iii ' 

'\ \\t \'iii%iiu\ 'ViAt . A 

ih'ju^ilt Mt. I try I'iiit'i'.' - ^^ " ''"»■ 

I'Ol^lfl.Ali IMIIlAhMI. 1*^1 

A HIIUlll rif'i. 

Tliii thmtui wity, ttiti rmdit^Mt iiuuiiin of rirriviiipr. 
Huhori f/nt s q. ct. a rtnulif madu ojitiiimj |mu///|, it 
)int|Htrt{(l roail. Suhurt, tjinmhttrt^ lliif pun I iiititicijiln 
n^H'haurtn, tahorutt, Ut (livittr itloiiff, Ui liii'itk u\h'U, 
Ui tuitr ttliui)il«!i'. Out, imMMH^i', n|M'itiii}f, wny 
tlirrjU((li, (Jai, ffut, vnf, tjatr. lutvit Ihmii ultciiily 
iiolirHi UM n tfitiiid woril. A tjnU'. Ih ii |iiihhii^;(^ 
(ii|M'iiiii^), ft ffui \n tint Miiiiiis Hiiil MO iri n ff//. Tim 
torm $huri Imviii^ lirroiiiu imrt ol' lint inivculy litttf 
iin|wrti3(l a IUIms not ion or llm exiin^MMioii, for it 
Hiiiiitly iin|jlieH a direat and compUttt paumijti [optiti* 


//«f Aai a Miake in ihe hadtja, hit huH un iiitfircut 

iutlm uliUir. JCr utctk in titt ht^iftjhti i c|. o. /im m- 

[tnui Ihftru in the vtiMti to ht duvuhd ; u Mtiikit ttif nt 

ill wimt i« tfoiiitr io Im ileUtriniiitfd ; tt tmwii iu tlui 

Kttiiie wliitrh i« |mtyiii^ on tliti JMmril. Sltrnk^ »ttvk^ 

ntlah jiluytid lor, itiid thim it purl [intt^nfiitj in tlits 

(fHiiiit, timt which in |Coin(( on ; iiImo n tiawn, vhtttM- 

Mum. Ihayhtif htiffht, nn ihci pHrliriplt*. preHc^nt ol' 

^fffffhttHt nnuhan, to Im in cunrAt of uitriMion, to lio 

K(Hiit( on Iteiorti n trihuiml for to Im dt^tiirininecJ { m> 

tliAt tlici Hinotint of tint nxpri'Mion i» un one who hiu 

Hii infartiMi [«takti] in thu uffuir %nuut:$lUin» llnncft 

<'Ur to haduti in lln^ ohruHti to hmhfH off' in rt^^uril 

tott hrt. Whirh in to \n*.i an mnouiit on tint rontritry 

lidtt of ihit qni^Mtion to (hut on whirh tlui liriit Imt 

WHii iimtlit ; und thnu in furt (o luMitruli/M [uniinij 

(<ithu( unionnt tim lii-»t Imt, uinl (Inu to ilruw onL 

of the conrriit of ilcri»ion tint whoht or iiurt of thuL 

whirh wu» rnfurnul to u hupjmiiiii(*; of tlm tivitnt in 

rjitcinlion. Uy tlm uihlition or ujf\ \\w. itwiu umonntH 

fo wlihdrHW itom tlif. ^l^•^■*uUu\^\Av\v\\vi^^\x>l^>^\\\^\\\\v^» 

'NHiilly MiijipoMt^tl. \mi u^ ^vivvwiX vs. v^w^^ ^"^ ^^ 
hiu ill nm Inii^nM|.>^ 

122 AliCliitOLOGT OF 


A BnarliDgy biting, troublesome sort of dog ; the 
word dog or some equivalent being understood. Er 
kocr (kure^ koirj ; q. e. a place to watch fnm^ t 
sentry-box ; and thus a place for a watch [guard] 
of any kind ; and a cur-do^ is as the dog kept is 
a box [house] as a guard [sentinel], Koer^wackter 
is a sentinel in the watch-tower, a looker-out. The 
word had no derogatory import in its original form ; 
for the watch'dog was annoying to no one but the 
robber. In course of use it has come to mesa t 
dog which snarls at every thing that passes by it; 
and thus a troublesome animal, instead of a useM 
one. Our verb to cower in the sense of, to watch 
the threatening danger, to lie in concealment fion 
fear belongs to this stack. 


As a fortunate escape ; an unaccountable escape, 
a marvellous preservation. £r eer bereid u keep 
(kepe) ; q. e. there was in this case a place of 
safety providentially prepared for the occasum; 
implying, that which preserved the person in ques- 
tion was an act of providence ; a godsend. Eer, 
beforehand, sooner. Bereid, ready, ordered, 
arranged. Keep, kepe (safeguard) originates ifi 
happen, to cut in, to make an inlet, and is the roo^ 
word of kepen, to hold, to retain, to keep ; and of the 
same stock with our to keep and the Latin capers, 
cejn. The keep of a castle is the strong-place ol 
the castle, a last resort for its defenders. Eer, when 
aspirated, sounds hair, and lias misled Johksov !■ 
regard to tliis phrase. Chaucer frequently uia 
the word kepe for caution, heed, preservation. 

" Those sely clerkls reimiiv u^ wA ^qmiia 
With KEPE, KEPE* I Btand\ Etwv^V jowaW '^^i^^ae^siX 
Co wbiBile thou, and 1 vf\\\Vev<s\vasvV««:*— ^>\^xv».. 

* Take heed IW re, vA*m an*. v\vtt^* . c,^ VVcw.v> 

t Keep OS you weie lui.\, v\i^ v^^^^^^^ ..VjWv, 

OhhI K^liliUc*. /»V Wt«ii >f»;«if ; »|. r. ih fAi» ii»*r 
fMikrtji flr>^«N'n/ /i^r MrjoiMi/ ; \ih(il h:t« ti()|i|»rnr«l 
jhcvit fii>|Utlvin ** ^l**<* 1^^ ^'*** liUiMIt «il iiO\\. 

A nxtiAiiicil Mule ol' ihiitt;!k : nil uiu'omiiu^n up 

MwtWiWi;, rAr ;Hy ifcrftf >i;Mri)A-fMy. (ii//rN, ft* lyr//. 
Id tf^iv iHif H'hrii rt|>)>ltril ^* «••}!• . ^ lirii ii|«|i1iim1 ft* 
Mr i«tj|, fi« prnmi^ if ^f^irtik hkr rt pit;, .'r. roll- 
Iwttrtlly. inuvA«iU|;ly. Sii llml I lie amoiiitl ol' I he 
fihrMc t« iluHMnlatil ttiuiie. i^Mil'iivhin ol' liturB, inr- 
null rlrmriiU, rld^liiii); ■oiituU ; uiiii lit inmrw ol' 
HIT. A *Ulo of I'^uifUihioU iit<lr(Uitlrl\. Vitif^hr, 

TWrsk)«rKMuii U cvitlenlly l«itrlrM|Ur ni IhiiIi lortii«. 

A ^TH-kiin^in »|«««t tit n Ir^*: of nitilloii» nnd in i^ 

K«iliittUMi|; ihe ^xtiittttnmU ol* ct hull'ivulurv l^ek 
|«fr|trji ryr . i|, e. fk^ ;«i)r*iiH'*i ryj|. Mir rj^ 
^« iiliiiiy* llie lyi^ of a (^imhI ihtti^, am tH-iiii; pttiv 
NiTAlt nitil ill mitAll roiti|Ht»». 'Hir phiniir ii> ttol 
(h^timlotl nt Ally pi^»uttioil pnnk'timiiy ol' the rlc^ 
frmiAti lo iho «lAtiilir« of the lAltli\ Iml ni llir irt^fAixl 
111 k» ttei|*tilHmtii Iom Ai-ii» Uiiii ; aiuI iitiplieii no 
MiUv lliAti All IiaImIiiaI Miitl MtviAl rotnpliitiritl lo tun 
fllMiieli>l, l\trf*f, A» piioM, i!> I he rk:titie WottI \^ilh 
Ul^ HuapiAii lerui i'l^H-. Ill the »eti»e ol piirBl ntiti 

^. •. Vv0\% mm \\*ll «it!>, hiOil ^vulHi^limi [nw \o«i «iv] atiil I \Mk\ 
Im J««lll»1 llir ■tmiV^ «if. l^r v\mv Hfiuit: r %|t|-PH«itiii ^ llli. i<MI n»i«tlrrit 
\ (HI Aiii .' til ihfi rnnUrn^ nf mU\\\, k\A\ \i\\ \ <«v\>\\<^ Vn \v!^ «k\\\«^ 

ITIHI Hftllf t fintpfOM). K»»\ • \0\> %\NV\ \xA>^\ ^^ »Ve*OVX 

tttltHHl, hill m iMuiiiiiMi titio. w\io\\ YioY\t> vVwxV c^vv*'*^ ^"^'*^";* 
lt*4jU9tm;viA,, fi» fi. ■ ,. 


with Pope the IieacI of the Romish church, by some 
older writers spelt Puppe. 

'* Not only to m^ kingo of peoe I write, 
But to these otbir prinois chriBtian tl, 
That eolie of lium nis owne berte endite, 
And oeso Uie worre* or more misobefe yfi^, 
Sett (tke t the rightful puppb upon big sttll, 
Kepe cbarite, and draw pite to hand. 
And maintaiue lawe and so the pece sball stsnde." 

Oower ball, to Henry IV, 


As the executioner for the town [place]. Die 
fhach ketit ; q. c. he that continues fdr ever hunt" 
ing after chance ; he whom industry itself cannot 
avail ; one who, however anxious and zealous in hii 
calling, does not thrive the more by it ; for nobody 
will be his customer who can help it. And thai 
one who follows a pursuit of all others the moit 
everlasting, depending upon accident. His very 
customers shun him as long as they can. He hu 
no friend to rely on, but singly chance^ to which he 
must look up to the end of his career. Dte, he who, 
one who. /',je, ever, continually. Hack, chance, 
happening, accident, hazard. ICetsen, to hunt up, 
to pursue unremittingly, to seek after, to catch at, 
to follow. Je hach, fhach sounds Jack, ch as k. 
And Jaek ketch is not merely from necessity an 
ardent and active wooer of chance, but one who by 
all the exertion he can make is not the forwarder, 
which is not necessarily the case in any other pro- 
fession [line of life] . Joiikson offers no explanation 
of the term, but merely says he is the common hoM- 
man of London ; implying, erroneously, the title 
belongs only to the London executioner. Jack k 
the travesty of the ftoMud o^ 3* Hack va^ome other of 

l*Ol*i;i.Ali l*llttAMK<l. i*M 

ciur |K»|»iiliir UtriiiN, un will iNinlifiwii. Jnvk uujuhn 
wniuiH III Ihi flm Vn'UvU Jan/un, itn in i\w cIiiih 
liHii iiHliin jHun-J/wf/uti, 

'* iMtr^m I trown vh ilmt h kovmIihih wrnliftiii 
'llml lilHiiiitli Mfvn mill tmll nf H iImniiHm \ 

llmf l*f till* |i<illH Itmt tin isHlilMlirkMi HMil Ut-tlHH 
WMfl Mvlr yiif yitvn to liim Hfirtm ilnlilii 
A» lovii in o |iiiiiii'.t ill MiiffiM pliln (" (!iiAvi-»H. 

TO lUMIWMI/l.l',. 

To iiiukr It liKil nl'd |H'i'Hiiit, lo fm|)iM<^ ii|)/iii tiiiii, 
InlN'iioijillif liilfi. thuirnfwniir/t'fm I i\. f-. tn f/ituim' 
imr with hiilif oil i lo ititoiiil willi roimrrnili'fl oil; 
la houmil, Olit'/el, lioly oil, rxIrciiiM iitirlioii, 
I'liriMiii ; wliiMiri^ our vrrli fo /mum'i, in tlu' hi'Iinu of, 
Ui HlioiiiL Willi Niirli oil iirroifliiip', to lloiiiiHli rili^ 
Tnlwn huMMottdf in tlin (Inyii of jiopiHli jmir'tirffH, 
imii Uf iiHVii n^ritivMl uHli'iMiin uiM'lion. uilnmltifi, 
iutUfittshn , nfulwulhztilnu , bt^nvnbimluuvlv.n , I o 
kiuiM'l lUTonliiinc to lorni ; itiiili in lln^ ImrHir'N diit 
ImI, hi hnmiiiHultif lo lininlMiKi lo ini|»<»Mif ii|)on, lo 
timkn ti Tool of. Juhmion, in iiIIit i(fiioritn<'i« ofiiiiy 
^riKin for ilm wonli |>ronoiinri'M ii, a low trrm, 

l\\f. hllOT A ('AT. 

A Willi known jof'tiliti- |>liritNn for liv vmnUtul. Iliu 
avhln huHit nf hwl i i\, is // fnf iif filth wtm mooh 
ftui Ittfiiilhvr hvrii nn ilw- Hpul / it wum not. loii|r In- 
ftirn ii rollrrtion of iiiinliiiifNH wiin jiroflnri'fl lo vli^w ; 
Wii MMiii liiiil tlitf ronlKiiIrt of liiM Htoniiif'li Itiiforii im. 
Svklfit BvhlnHvh, in nn iiiAtiiiil, nl. oitris in llin 
IwinkliiiK <>!' >iii <'y<'« Un/lnH, lo i'oIIitI. iu it iiiiiHii, 
Ui liirn into |oiil, of, u\t\, to ron^i'iil, lo roHtfiiliitit, 
In ninllit, to run int^irniil, iiiid in \wr^^ ini Ui hrin^ 
lilt, itt J'rlrh njh h'tmf, kfint, t/imvf, f/Muml, hU, 
flilli, unit iiIno lliiit wliirli lifinnii. IU\ Uvvtv.^vwvUwn 

Hi Al litUtAUli. 
A //i*K''»"- Itt lilM kllii\. .i \u\A ^\\W\^«^ ^^'^ '^^^'' 


species. Blackgeaerd ; q. e. devoid of the light of 
nature ; one whose conduct bespeaks him destiiate 
of that light which nature bestows for our guide along 
the path of life. The lights here intended, is tnhtt- 
tion\ inborn faculty distinctive of mankind; moral 
perception. So that the amount of the phrase is, a 
bad exception in the kind to which he belongs, or 
else who acts as if he was such. Black is here in 
the ground sense of the word, viz. void of light, 
utterly dark, unenlightened, and consequently cold 
and blind ; and so, indifferent in regard to all that sur- 
rounds, self being the only object. And thus as of a 
defective [baser] nature, and destined to act accord- 
ingly to do such things as gentle natures were not in- 
tended for, but wliich are as necessary as evil ii to 
good in the general view of the system of things ai 
seen by us. Bleak^ blinds blink belong to the same 
source ; but of this elsewhere. Geaerd^ geaard 
(natured, endowed by nature, naturally disposed) 
the past participle of aerden, to have from nature, 
Johnson compounds the term of black [formeriy 
blake] and guards and defines it a dirty fellow. 
But what have either of these words to do with dirtff 
or with fellow ? The term has neither relation to 
cleanliness nor to station in Hfe : but refers equally 
to the emperor and to the chimney sweeper, as 
either may fall within the predicament which entidei 
him to the appellation. The character of a black' 
guard is summed up by Chaucer in that of tki 

" Tho gan the cuckow put him forthe in prece 

For foule that etith worme and saide hlyye ; 
So I, quoth he, may have my make* in pece 

I ne wretche nought howe longo that ye strive. 
Let eche of "hem be soleine al their ly ve ; 

This is my rede \ , botvb \!i\ev laa.^ woV. vwi<3t^^ii. 

The shorto lesson neA\l\i noV Tc<iOT^<i* 

• Mate. ^ ^1^7 , ^^v^'^e^. 

I^«« •!« «« «vl. «ifitl liitf liini-iUtii. 
rV^M tvwttt'*' 1'^ |k»' t>i-'i«r££ii*, till lli»i luniiiu'liiv, 
TWi ^fvuc'^l 1*^** forOi. liiiMi tm—l itifWU kImIIimi, 
Ut» U«« w4«4iir. wiinuia i offni|K«ti*it 

t»v. U«il«S W* tbvtt. wImIp |ii«( till' «ti*tiil» HvtT iliii'- 

" '|1k*« Imp«L ^luuth «lir. hr mr •ulrnititii, 
^AMPiaitlkt I Uiit%* T»«ui r^Kitl in ikW mv l||r , 

/%• F'M" V-*U, — 1*1141 I tH 

iirui>ut M. 
TcdkHia. tin'MMiio. diawlnu:. //fMt .' c/nmiMi . 

<|. f. Aum / «U (i> fAuf «' to thr i^>Ni'«-f N iri ifttrniiifH . 
•»l M mucll i|A to ^^\\ I iiiuM tilkr titlir In \ot\- 
ttJn (»f It : ilim't «*\|K-rl nil* In act ult-htuul. iit tn 
Mlhc tnlrvjrrlion Af-w* ,' hnm f ii« thr m^n of «i 
4(»|»|»irt£, Q iluiilitiiitr wlirllicr pi iioI. Wr vay In* 
4HniN«'c/ iifif/ AfttiVfi tt^Htmi if. Ill I In* m-ii«i* uI, In- 
IwA lunr |o rutiKuU^r ; Uv iluiibti'd ; tir lu'»itiitr«l. 
Dmrrym, i/*nNM. tirum, nlniut it. llinviit. 

I iv IN i".\Tri\«, 

A* «licn wr MV (Arrr'.i nti Ipii**) in tHifffnx i lin»l 
«l|»l]r lk\' |H*r«nii in (|Urtitioii i« imt nt 1119 ram* (not 
It lMiiiH-)«lit*tr tir iIkmi i« I III wlii\t lu* i« aIhiuI | ttMkr« 
[ctiti| nil awkunnl li^iiir. hcviii^ uiilm|ipY hi Iii<i 
^aMtuiii. iiuil •«§ /Ml rni/ 'x ; <|. «*. fAr fnul mwn Aul 
M UMJTiiHif K'»rrfr /«■ /hmji j thr viUrtiu'* path i« tiUol 
»ithUan|C«*r(u<t^t«*t)'): tin* m»kiu''« IhhI i« not oI'iom*«. 

FIm* P^prVMUtiU brtH IKMIU-tltlir<i /»MJiJ> III \\w |>hu*o \>l' 
* Tliv IWMml fiMiliir-mnlhvr i*f Ch« rtii*kit«r . aciil lo hm th0 

tr40A^ m4tmi¥ l« «t«til til iii«ltiiw %i\ \Uv 1«»x*» ^\nv\\iN*«»'<^ * 
f C'iimrl«liiiFil. Ill « |t|a» «\^Ui, 


caty but is then to the same amonnt, for pu88 is ai 
booSy the wicked one ; and the phrase then expresses 
the wicked nvarCz career is not a contented one. 
Pat, padj path, career. Guit^ rogue, but as a con- 
summate one, one in all directions of sense. Eng, 
straitened [distressing, difficult to oyercome]| nar- ; 
row, uneasy. 


To take alarm, to be on the guard, to be on the 
watch, to be on the alert. Te smoel er rat; q. e. 
when you feel it warm take the hint at once ; men 
^ou perceive a smother take precautions directly; 
implying, before it becomes too hot to be grappled 
with [before the fire gets ahead and becomes im- 
possible to subdue]. Te, to, come to, at once to. 
Smoel, smulj a faint degree of heat, a smouldering 
degree of fire ; such as precedes the blaze or un- 
manageable burst of it. Rat, rad, rade, rapidly, 
in haste, at once. 


In the common acceptation of the phrase. The 
import of which proceeds from the term man being 
used in its derivative sense ; man is either as the 
participle present of ma-en, or else as die contrac- 
tion ot the infinitive or verb itself. Ma-en, to be 
able, to have the ability, power, might, capacity, 
and refers here to intellectual [moral] power ai 
predominating over the physical [brute] power ; of 
skill and contrivance over sheer animal effort. And 
in that sense, mem, in relation to the rest of the ani- 
mal creation, is an emblem of power [might] itself; 
being that alone endowed with the means of making 
it predominant. But in man of war both the 
power of mind and oi brute Joree ^x^&e^ are 
comprehended*; and l\ve \.etm ^& ^"^ m\g|\\X ^\ \««w 
in all its capacities; intellectual ^«s«s^«s« 
bined with the bmtf ma\.ena\%^v ^^^'^^ ^^ ^ 

POI*UtAll I'llHAilir^. 1V!I 

iriM tif ivnr in tliim. rii|li«rtiv(> |Miwnr, foiiitiiiiiMl 
in*i« \9Hitfhf\ for llii* |tiir|inii(i nl' wiir. (M' llin 
liniin mff, in niif»ttinr |mi^p. 


Hmiin (ntiiii|7 (uYi n viiliinlpin (linktM. tivhrufi 
\mivp I t|.i>. a fffir'fiHtikv, UniiMHliinp, p.ivrMi (nr ii 
nkiMi III' rotniMiiliitiihM\ nthrrwim* viiliiplpdn. Ur 
irtfr/PN, to MMiifMiilM'r, tn mil to iniiiil. fiinivf, ii 


11in iillipnin lif Hhtntf hntfimttfr ; ntnvpntinnnf 
ihruifpotngff, iimmI iitiinii^, tlii' lulrpin iit' mtiiii* iitiilni« 
njfMnry. Slnutji c|. i» nnnhv, nvqwht^ vi/irr i ii 
n)|M« liir iiiini'liirviinN rniimilini'iil, cnvnt ininrliipr. 
H^nNiiy,ri «i/irr/fr' in (ftv tftfiHif, in ilii> ininuM (il'rr AfrA/rM 
'W/. /I Xf/r/^r' in ilM« \y\iv III' )MMmlliHiNiirffi4 iiiiil 
HiHrliinI', //r vhnhhftt n nntikr in hin hnnttni, m, ho 
iHik H fniiiiir Inln liin t'nnililiMii'i*, HI' tlii> nimihm» 
iimI rntiHCM|ni*nt pkmimo tii'tlip (i<iiii unnkv rlfii«wln*rr. 

Id ti(i\nr A MAN. 

To tiiin liiiii itifo nilii'iilt*, to irtulrr liiiii llin 
iljjCM't ol' liiliriili« lo lliom' piimtMit, 7V roi^'ii'frr 
i»Pii\ i|. p. M mvunf f'nr ti nut in ihin vtnv i wlhil 
I now iloiii|j |HiiyiiiK( !■< Iiy wny nl' iiiininjiinnnt: 
'p MiiMin hy thin lo iiiiilio yiiii irjifiil ol' wlitil you 
tiVP Niiifl of olIifMN. To, I'm llii> |iiii|Mino nf. /^lf^, 
Wr, vovifv^ roil, ri'oiiijm'. IM'tirn, mv^ tivn^ mrt/n 
PNjirinwitli, III tlif> Ftiiino tiiiip. 


An llm Jftpiinr to tlin inoiiiitf<liiinli. I)t* mrpirti pmi 
HWP ; i|. V. Ihp nitttnttf rn^fhft$nt fn Iht* vrinvi/nih 
m nNNipiliinl \ii((tirhf] fo I ho NhowiiMin, Atrrvrv^ im 
IP |Hifllf>i/»)f<//|-f«M(>iil nl' fMrriniii, \\\\ wwvw^wV Vn\\\\ vn^ 
v/v/r'/'/v/, Vf'f'fth'rnhrpn, \\\ \\\\\V\^ \\\\\\y> ^^^% \v\ v^x 
// fin* ninnutii n\\ In «m\A\V>|, wwA ^^^^^^ >n^ \\v> 

tft tfttt wot^i rntifTyf v/lu/ih U'^% no //«'r irrf|X/r(l tl 

\witkin'/^\ it'U\iiu,itu\ -/i^v/ni^wi |//o«j/«'/ 14, 7V'/tf 

of'lfri>it« j in *ia iU^'. \tUi\\it\iU' |/r<;4«?if 1 //f U»<' Hi' 
irotn^ Uf Uftii'uU'. Vff io Una,!. Ut^ i/t ^rUwA Hw 
ti\HfU ; ¥/h*'nt *i tint In imiii^ in th#r *< j*mj </f, Sht; 
S'liU' in, uut\ our Irt'iitu (Uuv.) ik% faftlifiil. 

"'I ¥tit ttit-n wni\*\ i»nf* |/«9i«i/| orMr 0»* ••, 
f /,; /urinir)'* /M«iM», iff*'/ M f«'fr«« t.tfunltn 
It ilfwl llffi ytriff/)« /fM hmi ht*i* fottirini** , 
1 IfftI UimUt '\-* in iiittt H t H** to iMrin 
'I Uui niufU fill «f f N / * Mf^/fi M li«r«M «i}4«'« 

or,!/ i'NorA!vr/. 

A«i iri fli*' v/*ll kfifMvri ««lioiit, O/// r^ntfUtnil 
ti.f'rf lltihl. tn fi'ij lnntU VtitrijitTl i\, *•. A 
in yniiT tniinhif I l'li>in* f yniit /j'tti fttr lifr! t 
your \iniiAUf III* I'lo/y ni lli< I.irMi of your \h\ 
|fMl f//Mli till yoiii iifijour, I't. your *i'f Uif/i^iti 
I'wtily l(it' wiiirntli you h«l lor Ihi in your J//'- 
In tlif- h;iViM(Hfl |Jfrilt;^ w (< d thin M'U?u-f \m\ 
form of l< IfwH it ni<r<)y miIU I'nL/hind /;///; ith*\ 
Wiiy r;f I/iiMm nj»ori limon, ji«IiI» y//r ^//Ti ? 
ICn^hinJ M, »i4 fill tl'.; \/i Itnov/, no oM^r ihau 
finy ollifi \ii' It' i,i \utn\, iiinl filiont >!■ lon^' »> 
niiiy, il will not, moM prol/til/ly, hi»t. loni;«'r t 
til" M '^t of till* v/iirU\. Ko tliiit, im in nmny r»f ti 
tiMVf'MtM't:, wi dtiy on'* llnnf, timl ifirtin (inotti<r 
in otlii I woifht, niii4M|M'll ^oihmI nrn-ic, //////;A 
liiiliirn \linhli'ti\ in, to i'H)iM'nii lionni^i to, 
ili'flitM' yoiimrll fintlifiil to. (/{/ ///////, tliy rouii 
IWr, tliM ini|ifi(itivi' of rtnrtH, io l»iin(r out 
Hflvtini'i', to |Hit lintfj. /Jirr, '/J'»\f nnloiir. 
thn |ilirMHi> my ntil jVinid, uM vk \\a fttfhl, k 

A liliniNltoith. 

ill nwkwurtl uiirntitlt |tri'Diiit. an iiiilirktMl rith. 
/ ri;r *» Aiior*ii ; i|. c^i ituit-nuit/itionrti wtnn$rr 
till III* litillrtVillUrj ; im^uitl MOII nl' i|r|Ht|ltiirlit ; 
ttiirmtllt ftti'iii ul t'iiiii|»nitin«'ti1, iiitil HniimU a 
rnhorn, h-nj *"{i*H AiHif'ii, itiittwuirt luutily tti llin 
iirli wttHVHiM ttm, A-Vr/, liiii»it»|ttir, tmil. ffH^'t 
iiiitir, nnlc^i', itii'dii^c^iiiriiti tmiit, iintilr. //iM^r. 

iilliiliK^i tllitl wllirll ia |i|'0|ic^t', Ullil la ita tlici |iitlti- 
r |iirarlil til' /iiNiirM, to ('tilii|itiil willi, tu t»rltiit(( 

irrrn^ id tllc^ MlUlir Wnl'd wltll tlio Dutch i/rorH 
I lliit (iriiiiuit ifunt, uiitl ^niiimlni in tirr-vn^ 
-rN, \\li«Mirn t/iouh uiid nth' /•» i/f'iii<> |tn iiilviilt(i*t 
iriia|iri\ III tliiivf, In (liiuriblit In lio 111 viH(iUI'|, 
ihci rniiiiii^ml i/nuit i/itirj^f, intuit' tjrtiwth ; uiitl 
rH tiitt' ifrtnt ia hit iitltri' lliiiii UH ild |Mi'|it-i|ilci |ii'ci- 
I. Mr. Ttitiko Irtlh ynii tfif-rh in itii (lio )i>tllit'l|»lo 
Itr Aittf. Sua. f/irniini l(>ii-r'«tvrr| ; liiil \n litMtrti 

I ( l\\\ Ali|;^lii Sitvnit, lllii' It alnlri (liitlmt til' llin 
;lialt| ia 111! liuil'o I ltd Bihllt't* t»r (itll litll^ltlt|;t\ 

II Mitp.liatt iri til' tllitl. Ml'. Wiltilttiillt lt|i|ic^ltta III 

iirvrr III liitvf^ biiiil iiity liiiii^ nnur Into lliittt lluil 

/)ti>r-|>iiiiiK of' t'uitt if \Mla it .1/»lfv'j* A'r*/. Mvilt 

lllllr lllllli lliili* la ill il, Wita \srll kliiiWll In nil 

I llilrlraliil |lioliinit\ i^a iliily III lllia atlhjiM'l. liilif*, 

it^li lit'liiir llir iijijicMiaiu'r nl tlml Imnk ni' IH 

luH' (Ulltri. 

" I'lral MtiU 1 ymt ttttt iitiiiio nC ShIiuiI CWlly 
lukjiiiillid rta liirlt liiHiu III lidl |{liiiiii at* | 
ll U III aiiit' III KiiKluliit. tinvili'a lllly, 
Km lilts |iiiiti ifliaattninB III' vii(iiiiild, 

llr till' tlm HJillttltoa liuil III' ItnlltiBlti 

Allil ItHfeNI: * III' tiiiiat lii|ll>tl Hint nl' fll*H\i\ ItlltlM 

'1 lid aotdf laviiiili l.lltv Mita lidi imiiid. 

iAn UmW \iiMii«a ftiivt— C'lUlK hM« 

U luffi Ha I lid lluttltatttu^, \\l\\«^(\\W\voA, \\\\\\\\NV1*^ x '^ 

♦••*'»♦•'•'•'/?•», ill tlm aiiino AUm^UuuwV »»\\%'^* 
n-»0l, flio |»ul*^U aiitfitf \\\ \\\9 a«M\« ^•w*** ,^ 

A'l «|« A tit 

Now untti JM iUf. fmiti tiff at kitm inui %tt.t 

{ffilfJ'/iitUill, lltiti bitrft'ti hnn^tt tntnt t\. a. u 
tif jitiiiiU(^w»i\t.\^i) liHliiiy tni:h itllitr ktat'tiltj 
<oMi|«bhy ¥/Uh toftr fiiHhi;ilIy i»i/.k of otj^ tifi/4li 

mt.fuht'.tk, Tlif. iUt-itii ¥fittt,it of iUk oii^i 
ItUrhua iUf tht (OHj'tdtralwti p/^/'K, ^ttlH)] 
inUrmnilyt fffutihln^ mul mutually *//i/6-«i 
Hitak*n, ifc ijU'k. Itntibtf n. riiiifttit'fiiijt: IttA^ 
tfitii\tnhy, ft ((UiM. AW//, tfll aUUir. 

" |5i«|. nm«s WrlU ««M f#4:#N*)i ' - AJIU Hi»i:¥^ii 

timm-kkut!, Huh. itui , >|ir 

lll*:«l, Iri^f /// ni'b i <|. tr, /At thiiliit hj it it lik i 
UiUt an tstjlj i IJm: ivliol*- tyt: liiiA niorfr: \\t*r. '«\r\t^ 
tihtf. tit aH tr^^ \UaH itit tr'jtr. AlM tlllS JS I tifc t 

b|/pir(iifbfi< A: of // I/.//// <///'. Jf/fc, faa; ///j bit. 

*'iit^- ''^'^ ^»» ^»' '-'^ fcOiJl»'U /-//^. .ttfHbzitb i 
lift Uia; Iflffilftt: Is isb //'/y// HUt\ tyt: i \ni\. \Ut:fti 

Hr|iM^f<tT/|- Willis, iiii'l y/(i»l lit-ror/1^9 tStfU of 
t hhiUtt\tt$Ut^ Utaj/Jt-a, yy|iO«rvf| v/Jja Mfnr-fiiU 
of II t/W/ l/y tl**: *|(|t:t:M *!- /r//<t *^Vt-| ytl afc*-<i ' 1 

fiOl. Uh<« llibt. ri-tieo/i ^v« f iil/iiai-a ilif a^/ f^'J l7U4 
liUftiilfl Inl-^fOH^ai:. /'Jf/f/ yiHia ori' <: e|«*:Il. /-^^ i 

I '« (#«)f»K lilH#t|l <fii« ffUt if lli«l Ma Mili)a« 
<htt ftfifrfiM«:« a|i« Iff (.uli'iimOi/ti, 
l;if«l«b««| lifMM, rlmlba^ himI iit,»iiii* t«» am fev», 
t'<Ki4«fa iliv«r«, Mh««« il«Mi|f, |f)«««, at«l«, 

f '««V> ftM. ( /A«|MiMMf« t»Ut09 tn |A« ifui/i| M^ aM ^i^A^mi*!. I 

" OlMfli • liMiri|ai| %ntm, wU*Mm ^KK**^ tiiMirv 
Atti WH»ti.f »«»• (iha «tf(n u( K*ilo«)r) 
Wm life* il<« |M»r«<m ^fllfa wlii/m Ca iImI InNif*." 

AT A i.<)M. 

A* 1(1 Aff u ai a tif$ Jitr Mumetfunft to any, 
(li*lrfi»4«<l for wortU on iUf. tuf.tmum ulliKlril to; 
Unn^iUmnrtl, Jitif rr ina; ij. «*. tlrJifAmt ikrrr %n 
prtHiaium m\U*m\ un'A\i% ii\' yinu'/^ on; ufi|irovi«lc«il 
ifi till* iA%f*\ \U want of lliul wliK'li w:iii lin'ii li<'r<|f«f|. 
Aff^ |fr'/vuit»ii, till' fii't'fltul, ttiiil wliM li i« fi'(iiii«iln 
lo jj«-l on liy, tin«t«'nunt (-, loo«I. /•>, iln'rr. Aor, 
»ui'l of, rninut, 


AV eiomfHitintf { (|. t*. fi jfiuuijinif ; Chitt which 14 
iJiiiiKt^ into wutrr, ju»( u« it m, nitkml, unrovrrfil; 
nii'l Mrhic'h rircunutuiH't^ in in fiu't tht ruhnitry 
(lulindfon hc'twt'cn the dumplintj wtui th** piulttimf, 
whuh U»l 14 lioilc'fl in floih. Thf woid u ilia 
lilMfiU'li lor Ml ol ihr* |i:iflif-i|fh' |ir<'«i'iil ol' tlnmprlm^ 
Ut |ilunt;cf in, lo ih\t\ liiit ui!«*<l in u Nuhntunliva 
wtuw. In /Af« llniitil Shiira llic An(th:ijili«U urtf 
ftCylrcl duffipirra, on u* rouni of then form of Imp 
IJAtn hy inini<'r«ion. .hmfihumUrivfiUf N-rni from 
«f«iH// III I he inctiiintir tti h«'.ivin<'««; hot ihnl wonhl 
df| Ifrlfrr lor /I ttinnun hull than 11 tlumptintf , wIlU'll 
dMinl'i Ihi iiny ihinpr tml lirutt/. 

lAMtr 11 1 'Mil, l.\NllVl:H^ 
Wff/m'a; 7. «;. m a jifioftnni nt tUiii uKuV Vv«v% 

i'H Aucuxxii^iir or 

hajritened; in n fit of rn'^e about »omethiag wbich 
luas paJ5«ecl [been done at tlic moment]. Tatit, 
tandf fjetandf the fiarticfple of tanen, tenen, ta 
lie<^jme irritated, U} feel urovoked, to become 
enraj^ed. Hermn, kierotn^ nereat, at this, about 
thi«. *S, Uf Im, The word i« not in Joffvsoy'f 
Dictionary; buti» one well known, and in popular 
u»e, Tanen, has both an active and deponeot 

IS i><MU fAKT. 

Good humouredly ; as in the expression, he took 
tt in /jood part ; as well meant; was not offended* 
Ingoefle part; q. e. for a good joke; a well meant 
piece of wit; an innocent trick ; a well-intentioned 
artifice. Part, trick, device, artilice, bufToonery, 

Ah }^imethin<^ kaid which may )>ear a double 
huti^a; an uncertainty; a shulHinj^ ambi^^uity; a 
dtmhle entendre, Enje wip kel; o, e. tfuxt'iaclear 
bee-saw, a tlnn'>^tliat ^o<;)» up and aown and l>elongi 
to either |x>»ition [titaU'. of the case] cjuallf; 
fe/imethiit'y^ applicable U) a double purfiose, from iti 
nature or use made of it. I^r//f ary^ cunning, 
arch. Wipy a waverinj^ [see-saw] motion, vibra- 
tion , unsteady fiashinj^. Hel, evident, apparent 
/'' and h interchanji^e. Joiisso*/ j^ives the Urrm as 
the l^tin quuUthet\ — but what yim pleate is not a 


One unduly parsimonious, penurious lieyond 

economy, Scliim'mlUnd ; % i*.. ilTi-jijiia^j <iff even an 

appearance \ and i\iuft uoV Wanvw^; ti.Nfc.w '^w '^>^Yt!».- 

a/ice for a cover tx> tAii* \jto\>^t\\^v\.>j\ \\\\<s.c«vJ\'< 

p^in%it'io\x%\ a l^hamcA«tH^^ xuW*t. ScAtVm, i\>aj 

•/^iicaiaiice, shadow. VilU n , vo i^vuv ^^'^^ vc^ ^ 

iinri (tt trnMoiii the nnme with vlnpn, Ut liny, In Hkin. 
Skif Moti(tii Ml the finmn Nt.oc;li nn nrhim, luul wtm 
onri« iiHPfl in t.lin nritun of nti n|))if;>initM'p. i*lini 
•imI vUhnt Imloti^ to thn itntttn fvoiirfo: ^of tlii<i 

rJApwhrfn. \\\\\ fitnt in thn Hfniin it iff tntw \mu\ in, 

ill thii« III 
id MHtnil, tinil wliirh hti^ ImHi^lil it into llifMntvrM.y 

iifi9 no nlmrf" ill lhii>i jihrnpii*, niir(«)it thiit nl'tnniloKy 

of tim iiri^inHl rx|)rrf«iiion. ViUmf^ villrnd^ \\u\ 
iwrtiripin nrrnnnt. of villrn. Skin-flint in thn 
rllJ|Nilg uf gkitt'JIint mnn. 

" Atiil ( ICriliii ) 1p( a pprlfiltin wtritio yi^n 

'J'lifii hjpwn HO liitlfxiiinly niiil liip 

'Hint it lilt Un not n UK I ft 

III nil 1)10 Wtflkill Idiif; hikI htn(\o,''.^{',uk\n'9n. 


Milk IVoni whh^h thn rrrtuii hnN lirnti iiikrn. 
Srhifn-tnr^itik i »j. r. nhwh-milh i thn n|»tinHr(inrp of 
tiiilk without ilN rntilily (nitfvpnrp). Svhim (pro- 
iMiunrrfl iikhn), i«hn(hiw, nptiiiritioti, (rhont, it nirrn 
!i|»iirnrnnun. Thn word m thn rout nirt ion of 
tvhiping^ tiitlini;, front nvhir-m, tofip|inrl* iitiil In 
Mtnip plnnnM nklm-milk \% known by thn Inrni flif- 
milk* Tu nkhn milk ii*, to tiiko MWity tlin rptunnrn 
[NnhHtniicp) nnd liMtvn only thr* npprttritnrn. Tn 
^kim nUmtj irt, to Hit. nlrni^;, to piif>!« iilon^ with thn 
li)chtnri«M tind nnirknnfifi of n Hhtntow. JmtN^oN 
Httrihntni« thn pliritfin to to nvutn\ hut to urutn i^, to 
tnkn nwnv thn froth (i'oitni), itnil in front nvhu\jm^ 
M'liin, wliinh ori^iniilnA in itn onoinntnpy of thn 
liiimintf noiinil pronnmlin^ fnitn fnnnnntntion nnil 
lliriptntit iKiitintr. Wn nun thn tnriii rmim in tliP 
iniiMP of nminnnn (niilmtinirn); nnil mty^ thni wria 
ihp vrpttm of th**jt*nt. 

An thni whirU \n (liiRtty \rvv\WM^s>\\\\\ wx«5^^'^'^^*. 
hirh t^trikt^i* i\w ryn fnr wu \wVv\\\VwwW>'^'^^^C^ 
pmmiirr ft ft rri h^ iiu tint?u\ '\\ ^w^k vw>^^^ '^^'^^ ' 


word iH compounded of ffim^ as the trave«ty of gin^ 
the (;outra<;tiori of engine^ and the saiue word at 
U>ttom as gun; and means a trap [snare] as that 
which goes off with a sudden snap [explosive] 
sound, and of crack , an the noise; and thus fur- 
nishing tlic Honse of that which surprises [catcLet] 
the attention for a moment and then is lost entirely. 
Skynnkii was ri|^ht in ref^ard to the first member of 
the term, but misconceived the import of the 


Maudlin drunk, crying (whining) drunk, is evi- 
dently the familiar contraction of Magdalene, u 
her whose expressions of grief have been amplified 
and varied, in a once {)Opular hymn, by Chaucer, 
taken from the works of St. Origan, Chaucer, 
speaking of himself, says, 

" Ho mtuVm nlno, f(on in groto whiK*, 
Origoii«M upoutbo M,A\ji>hVAint/' 


A sliare slily obtained ; but in reality the sly or 
undue way the entire gain has l>een made in. 
Snaaksch,\snoecksh\ ; (|. e.«/^/y, cunningly, sharper- 
like. Anci to go snacks, is to take a share (uarti- 
cipaUi) in the transaction by which the gam al- 
huh^d to has been acquired ; and the stigma im- 
plied by snacks attaches to all concerned. The 
word is an adjective formation from snake, snaeck, 
snake, tlie emblem of fraudulent, mischievous, cun- 
ning. The same word as snnack, Jack fish, the slv 
greedy way-laying watr:liful freeliooter of fresh 
water. The name I take to be as^'c hack ; q. e. the 
one always upon the look out for a chance to profit 
hy (uMi Jack-ketch p. Vl^), i.\euvH^\5^\(^k 

out sharp after. Snaak \% via suo-vj , >^^ ,^vax^^^\\m». 

snode, snood, sum, cwmViuv,, wuCLxxVi Vtww*\tvv. 
contraction of sncdig «Tom suede , .Xv^n^^^^^.^^ 

fkitek, jtt kiitik 4<iutiiU Jttrht tint vh tt« A. Sknrk, 
iIki lUli, 14 M Mt'kurkt n tuni Muk/trt, to ImuI |H«r«tiii, 
M ttn|iriiif'i|il«itl |frrMiiiit(fit, uml lliii« ii liitd inrinliRr 
(if lltfl c'f until unity, Kviitruily riitMiiM'ir:il wtlli ttm 
Ulin ivurrn, 

Uimnkp ( mtHmkvn ) ; ii. i*. fi /i/Z/r ilrmnn, n iiiiia 
miieku9\i$y$ dtvii i tlm ihtiiiiiiilivr ol' mimn^ ilrinoii, 
lA KVil KnniiU. .lifllttiMiN ((ivt«4 mimikifif n« (• iluiit^ 
ttntiva of llm Ati|{|ii-HttXoii //ifi/i, niitii, lor tli» miiircc* 
uf Uui Mrciril m»nkrff. Hut wc^ «iiy, wknt n mnnkry 
Ikul mitm iM I mill imply linw unliku a man Im i«. 
In truth li« liM4 tiotlini|( of tlia iiufiiK* wliirli (li«liii- 
IHMhr* miJfi / hut it ^(hhI ilfiil ol' llmt wliirh ilmliii- 
fMntlii* th« fiimrhlMtimf liurr nj' ttiitrhirfi Htiil in 

r»|pir<l In miinkiiMl ha m noluriinuly KUrh. Wn nay, 
^nnkejf iriukt, in fha ■i-ii<ri of, unmanly kttInU / 
ftriiini* not lMilnn|{ni|{ |ir(i|intly In man, hut In tha 
^kimtit monkey, 

A« in ihd iii|ir6Minn, / tiuni vnrv a eurMt ulnml it » 
khil in tliA MiiM nf| it jn ol' lit I In ini|H>rlMtM'n Ui mo. 
Ker$0 1 f|, r, ii Mmatlwihi rktrry in wkiik ike attmt 
txttvih Ike profHtrliun of Ike jmlp, tiiiich «loiiii ntiil 
lilllit ninnti nnil lhiuiinu|il fnihlnn lor lillU vuiupf 
Mirf hctncfti for tilllv imjMrltinvv, 
" Wlwlum Milt wltlii iwiNf 1« not wurfli a h »!§«», 

kill nil Ihi fiHrilMl Wrllh aifVofUlM idiifliora kalliliB liaf WUuU." 
** fm to btkt/i im k* situU, lliU V ay lick tml « ha nan." 

riiritf (mMlnilirtion, ttlllirfioii| i« ihct nii'tulhriHiN of 
4fM{;j#r,ArMUintli«i«HmiiMi*n«n; MuiwikuijrMa, kuirMu^ 
MfM, hy trttti«|HMinK ilm r. ilini ¥nx* wrilitiu 
tufiuitrly uUo Ariti, dttran^ wK XniUmw » \% \W ^w^vw^ 
word UM crtfu^ in (hn iiiitinri n< N«iu\kV\iA\*'«'* ^^^\^ 


" In btrta and ImH, in yerth, •ad tht nit m 
]■ ftlt thj might, if that I wall diacama, 
Aa man, amiD, beata, fiaha, harha, ai|d pmtm tia. 
Thai fala in timia with ympour atani« 
God loTith, and to lore ha will naught wwiia. 
And in thia werlde no Mr* ia cratura 
Withoatin lora ia wnmoht, or nuda endora. 


'' The Cuckowa, waU it ia not ibr to bid* 
Howa tha Cookowa and I ftat barin ohidt, 
Evir aithin that it waa daia lig^t, 
I praie jon all that ya doin ma right 
Of that lirola and ftua and iwkiBfU BBUMk" 





To know its points by heart is simply as to dnit 
up, and so lay aside the compass from being aUe (o 
do without lookmg at it. To box is to shut up, 


A bailiff; sheriflTs officer; a thief taker; bat 

never used in a serious sense. Ottift polU; <[.«• 

the rogue* $ sweetheart: the thief's suitor; cm 

who has a special and constant liking for a 

thief; one who has such an affection for the tUsf 

that he he is never so happy as when he has him ia 

his possession. Quit has been repeatedly explained' i 

in tne foregoing pages as thief ^ and shown to be 

the usual producer of ca^ in the travesty; and guUs 

the genitive case comes out, hy resemblance of 

soiindy as catch in this place, and in others as eaii, 

PolUfpolf boelf lover, sweetheart, paramour, amMi' 

$iu8f coiteubinua ; whence our term Mly^ now used 

in a derogatory sense ; but otl^uaUY implying aa 

attendant upon the w\^e ^jc^cax^vcv^ v^ ^\v^nQfiaa\ 

^uffennce, as the cicisbeo o^ \x»Xl ^^^ ^wa\»«w 

^ermeni$ m Spain. It V?^ l\C«^w^^<^^ ^'^ ^>« 

^iekpole which has impatv^a^ vV^^^'^w)^^ ^\ ^ 

i'oi*tii.Aii i*iiiiAiiM. \:\\) 


Tlui nllipMin of mlik'HUlafin/h Mrlk tullu rr A' 

ttp: i|. t^. ftUlk Mturh up from it |IIii*n ti|) wtini il. 

rMii'li(«ii it J, milk im tiiiiih« to rmn up nl oiirn hy timl 

wltii'li JM f 1011(1, iitniit'ly liriiiKiitlf it- i't (luiitiM't willi 

Nil iiriil ; mill tillafmo Im iu milk niiidn to iiioiinl. 

U|»itii IVotli by t)riii){iiiK it iti rouliirt. with xoinn Mimr 

lii|iiiii. Wn M|)ii|| i\w word iim iiliovn ImH wi^ pro 

iioiliirti 0ulivhuht Mollnhuh, Sntitin, to iiiitkti t.o rJNn 

in tlin uir, to ioM up, io cuuimm to liouml up. iini 

9thip wttril op tin hnnrfin yttMolU ; llinMJiip wiih IonnimI 

U|Niii tlin wiiVtiH. Sutwho l*U9i\u uwrd in tfunn dukti 

fftlMuiti: HlthrllO PlUKJli WttNioNNlMl 10 W IlliUlkl^l. AV 

t' op (rr h{Jop)u\t UMirnby, ou lii^li by wliiit. iu clotoi 
to it. AV M4)UiicI» /I. () liN our cloMii u ill tuft, tluh, fctt, 
il MUil ;i urn mM kiiowu iul.<u'<'tiuH(<io^ mouimIm, Ho 
Uint tlin tcirm In um tlin ilMirriptioii of thn Muddnii 
«|irinM'iMK up or rtibouiid of uulk wImmi nnlkcMl Ijot. 
from Urn row U)hui uu lu'id ; wliii'li wrtu tlin wity 
BiUiihuh wiiM miiiln wittiio luy dity. Solhn. nod 
llin l«iititi Bullrn (lo rtibound) itrn rvidciutiy i*ou* 
iit^rttid. Tlid H\^^\\x BuUtibiih \ik i\\\\ truii pnmun* 


Am ill tlin nxortirHioii, hn frll ann oiwr htrnd, 
Krni*$ oiwr humi i(. n, roifti | wrullil ijtttn thtihrtttir 
of imolioHi pHMxioii dnliMtU iirndnifr, A hoHttf 
mtiH in n pHPwioutttn mitii. 'io do hi Inmtti, in to do 
iliiiluly or ill. i'Jrrn timmimci word with our irn uud 
prr, Ihn l«itliii ini uud nrror, uud thn (itiruiiiu i>r/f. 
Wn bud ourci lut ndjni'tivn IVoni thn word irn in 
tlin Mbupn olWrriMi (luiMiy| iu UMn iimoii^ um. liuwip 

" ThtmnU Uf mo UN mimKn vimt \«v\t \w t^^«i♦^% 
Wmt Mil) worillM unit lium\i\« «iN%*\\\*twt^ 

140 ARcajBOLoaT or 

'* In I is a ■inn, one of tht mtMt of Mftn *, 
Abominable to the King of neren. 
And to himaelf it ia deatruotioim* 
Tbia ererj leudt Vioar and Paraoune 
Can ujt now iri engendrith homicide, 
Imi ia, in lothe the ezeoatour of pride 
Of IRI right oouth I aay aoohe moohil •oioir. 
That mj tale ahulde laatin till the mocowe* 
And therefore praje I God, both daj and iii|^ 
To an iROua man that he aend litil mig^t 1 
It ia grete hanne, and certea nete pite 
To let an irovs man in high degre. ' 

Th$ iSMiqmoiir'f IWe.— Caifan 


Hot-headed, blunder-headed, wild, imgnkr 
wroQg-*headed. Er-bere-dent ; q. e. wrong-r^OMii^ 
talking erroneously ; speaking without guidance « 
reason ; hasty speaking ; talking angrily (rashly) j 
giving way to passion in reasoning (deciding^. Em, 
er, error, mistake, blunder, also anger, passion, iB^ 
likewise passionate [enraged]. Erre»dom^ tfr-dofii 
state of error. The word is ancient and bekngi 
evidently to the same stock with the Latin ira m 
errare, the Greek ippiU, the German jrren. lb 
Dutch erg, arg^ errig, is from erreUf arrffit, to err. 
to be wrong, of which erre is as the contraction o 
the paiticiple present. Beredent already explainec 
as jpossessed of eloquence, power of reasoning; rea 
soning rightly, logicallv. Johnsov has uetam 
spelt as above ; but thinks it ought to be spelt Aort 
brained: &nd thus implies the term is as, toith th 
brains qf a liare^ but can the brains of a hare ha? 
any more to do with the meaning of the word tha 
the brains of a rabbit could have. H represeal 
such a nearly od libitum effort of the voice, that i 
is commonly said to be no letter ^ in other words^i 
if hardly worth noticing. £r ^^Vveii ^K^>xA.tied souiM 
Aer, and thui either aa Hair oi Kor^ ^v^\a \ v 

* Thm §mrmk deadly aini o£ iicv« q»>^oUOb.. 

# FooUflh, ignoiaat. 


Mni; irnmilili^ilW kim arrrt rrir, tlio r )m« n diiiliiiotrr 
hmiitl lliAil tmiinl of iMiru. 

A itimiumitN, 

A «phl<t, mt iiiviNiltl«« ilmturhi^r of roM. a iii^lif 
wmILiiik »|K«(*lrct. t!r htthht: kttihtrt tit ; i|. o, iumuii 
UtlttH%*iHff ••AriNl /I'Ar iNrif/ ihrm iIumv'h ilmliirhuiiro 
)um|iiii|r up Mtid ilowti in tint \\U\v\\ //iiAAfM, (o 
daiirc* or jump riluiut ,- hoh ititktit to liitp uImiuI liko 
iuiAit tltiuu:, ff/fiir iMfifiM iiii'tiiii/iiMi/iijr. A'li/htr-/, nu 
oltl(c«nu tor (uuiull. iliMui-ltiinro; Imi puitmhlv lioro 
•i (liii (if^rumu Ah/hi/i/, ii uoimv li'U'k pldynii;- Nprilo 
irmry] ni Dulrh Ad/uiN/r-r, ii riM-ninhtm nl' t/r^/m/ 
AffiMrtM, lht« ili«tui-h(tii«*o uiakiM- : llio inukt'i' nl' it 
Kviii^rAl nuil uurcMmin;* iioi-M*. /jii/i/r-rfx, lo IiIiihIct, 
Iti kirk up 11 iluat. hoUtr tjtr'sittt, u mihI of rcml 
In* iii|{lil wiilkiiu; kIioM* |H|inli*s|, iho Itmnrr* ol' 
ihn Honmuii. TIk* iMviirli ttoMtn M%i\\^n \wrt*, 
Fhi* Muuniul ol*(lii* plirtiMo in voul iiouio, tuiil luiiriiMl 


HK II A4 tinoruiiT itiH itihiA TO A riNi" MAUKrr. 

Ilf« tiHM t^iuploycMl gtvtti c'llot'l 111 prmliiro Moino 
hiii|f ol* uo vtiluo, lio li(i!i iiikt'ii ^*,ii'iit niiiiu lor ii 
rumiH^ry purpono. //ic AurW hooriit r-.* Adi/A '.i 
V t\f%t»rurH mtitr Ift't : \\,t\ tn this «ii*r' htrt iirnittn 
it$$ htm n/i'iiiNff/ to rltthotiilr tfnit iiAiiA iji intvt 
Vitrihirs* 9Hiit{tr ; lirrc* ^i^iiiuh \u\h Iummi liriil lo llir^ 
llnioal Mlniclilttfirirt lulioiKMiHlvllitil wlm lii« worth 
Ma limn iiolhiiif^. (Iiul luul ItiiiiM iiivrr luivr Ihumi 
inNJurv^il. /InHirAfii, In IumkI towuuU, to turn lo. 
WfifAif ArN^A. hruffh, iiiimt. IuIimiI. intrlli'iM. Ni'iimt. 
Hfiirr. MiKif, luit. niilv. Arr7, ktitt, IviimIi. ilirt. 
Ulh, From hrotu'kfn, AriiArn, in tlio uhovo import 
ri* Imvo niir mui plotuo /«• Aioi^Ar' /ii, iititifrH, 
ifhtttiftM, ft» I liilioi'iito, \o \n\\\'.\ \n^\vV >«\\\\\«\>k>'>»x^ 
f |iroc/iffri ^\ ■•.null f|lui\, i\\\i\ «\\\\\\\\a w j^^** 



He went the whole length, took a deep interen 
in, made it liis own business. Hij wendt de koh 
hogh : q. e. he turned the feelvngt of a friem 
towards the subject in question: he applied th 
zeal of good will to the point referred to ; he adei 
as one who made it liis own business. Boohs 
hoghf hevghCf besides tlie meaning of mind, intelkct 
sense, has that of delight, pleasure, joy ; and sh 
of consolation, hope. Wendeny to turn to. HM 
bearing good will to, kind, favourable, friendly. Hm 
amount of the expression is, he took tlie businea 
to heart, he gave it all the attention of his mind. 

Mr. Secretary Cecil told the other memhert : If yoa ftw 
upon law, and dispute of the prerogative, hark ye what Bitt 
ton sajs, prcrmgofiiHini nottram nemo audtat aitpuUtn, H' 
Francis Bacon, a wholb boo man, Sim, said ; as to the vtw^ 
gatives royal he never questioned them, and he hopea tbe] 
would never be discussed.— Mr. Clayton, in (/. 5. Senate* 


In tlie common acceptation of the term. Er gen 

t'el man ; q. c. there is the one who behaves with th 

propriety due to every other ; there is he who is con 

siderate in every regard ; he whose presence is pleas 

ingtoliis fellow men; he who conducts himself steadS 

evenly and without wantonly offending anothei 

Gentle^ genteel and the French gentil are a 

the above gent feL Gent^ jent^ ghent^ well con 

ditioned, elegant, courteous, afifable, cultivated, we 

ordered, gentle, easy, prepossessing, graceful, and tli 

same word with the old French gente and our j/Aeii 

genty in an analogous import ; and also with (h 

janty, jaunty , still partially in use. The term 

grounded in geint, geent^ the past participle • 

tntetif enten^ to mgra^, lo \Tv&et\., ^xA^ thni ( 

grafted and so improved wad o^ «^ >Qfe\XKt TL*«^a» 

sort than the rougn and ^eivex^V %Vw^\ XsvsxSs^ 

rence to that wliich i» doi\e \>^ tv^lVm^ Vw^\ 

fftni (i^^M i« a* lit" lif»|»f««vn4 Mmiiluof iitii •pMifa, 

fine ri'if Iff llifl: inftr'lti't f»l IfMifi: ^<*-llt-tul «f«*< |i . *\\iu 
f'tr.ttt U f/f:ttlti ftun Up ftlia«i.f« Iti tittt f/lttlli: Uttt'ul 
\\**% ijtitllit ilfH.a iiol ifii|ily ifirM: UmIiI y tA U Uk\i* t ^ 

tfifl |i«:vi.# tu%\%U\l |#M»|fMil7| III Kirlilf ll Iffftll |ll4llii •■ 
IIPmI IWrtifMaa rttr. |f:'|iMCil« a ; it fi.lfi|»i:f llml alininr* 
il4«lf (ililif: |/» nil fill u\\ III I Mniiiiin^ i,i%i. f »iiialiltil< »| I/* 
fl«# f^fcll IIimI wififli ia 'vjif |/i Ifc ftfiiM- ; hi lof^ivt'. 
«»f U$ M.Cf.til flllly ; flu- M viiec! Iff M II |it||;!ivt |ii|fi || 
Hvcj |/.|(i|fi:f Atnl ill llf<^ iMir: aifiar^ n l« Mil 

B'lfiitlly ii|tiJi« mIiIi: hi Mif- |f#-ria4lil rtiiil In llir Mmti 
Iff flic: lu^lii'cl chihiifi lrtifi'*h Ut mititth'f^ fia i iHn i 
lAay t tiHtu Witliiii ila iiih^'fiiy. 'J lie In IhIiIii 

Miiti^irl iji III'- h riM ia mi |Ii<- aiiifiiiliiiy mtil 
\mgtti*^i^\ ff liiliiih lit iirlifi' ifil cii|fi nifi il y ui ttitib 
MtiH ia c. .-j.|iilhi:il hi lli<: itif)i|«: Mitll iij U Hi . |tl 
ilfis |«f#iiriflf^ Jiith Hill uti'tt tnuftu »i iftullt$mtn i 
Itie ««:ha« \m hii|iafh:'l liy I In: I'-Mfi Jtttk, ii« f hitt h 
fje ItUt It ) \ l\. r. mrtti t ftftiil h^ ttl$lUUiyt^ litll « llrifil f: ; 

mmI t'ulli «ijiilf#l. itii\i\ittt\t tlnihio itlititt ulll ttiil 
tmnhr. u $hini ttf u iftiilhs liicftiiailhiii^ iil ii |iii:|iija 
•raaiiig c.»iay liiuiiiii i ; (•ml ttiUtltU'^ linltiti: /|iMivl 
lIctM f: finil I ifti4i i|i|i tilly l\isiyiH) hiiial In. llir. (/ivi r 
Iff atii li flisiii.ailMfii, iifi Ifin'a ilia|«fieiftfffi |mi«iiIiiI 
f 'tfiefihifi'ifi I he III J I'll |if Iflifiil I lititn <.. hill t ¥1 I 
|ftr.'i|f|i f| hy Mil li.tiiil i,i I li-f iiiil ill ai^li 'J'lii. fifij 
Iff tittllit , htit It ; ia §tllllft^\ll tr I f l»i- ill, hi Itibf lii^ hi 

(fill ifij hf'lii llii- liif iJiti i/f A ffi nth iitUit le fti ai t thnl 
ry ll,«: I'liin li |<lifitai iiiif: Hint tiii-ii ttt t , liiiMi 4%illi 
k li(i|i|«y ihai.i.silifiti, iiiiliiiiilly ^(11 i.lii|ifi*i.i|. Al 
liiHhffM ll«<- l.iiliii ffi III titQtie ci ' tlia llic aiiMif- l^fifil cia 
fftnttr. i'tf ifi iti niciio^ *'iif** tft.nt HI9H ^ liiinni i/t 
tttiii^unif tiiniiuiii tft itt nict^ciitiiini, rtfi: till Bill nil I 
|ili^aa«ft. i/iiillr, hi llii fti tiac: lif llic: Uim^^i»\ 

li«|«|ir.«| Ml llii. I'll ijf till. • I mill it* livif, ia lln-. 
Mlfi^ WltH\ Iifi »!>' «< . liitl til Uii-- fcUt^\n \\\\%«V\«A\ \^ 
Hm M*:tf0*: tit f fit ft 1,1 If in , fliii\ \\%\%^ «* »A ^W^ Y^^ ^^ * 
7** i^fftf ////,#.. III. I ill l\ir. %%M.n\ \i^ \W V^**"^^^^*^ 


144 AECHJU>tOOT or 

M the worm or maggot put in (deposited io) bj the 
fly under the form or its egg^. 

'' Thai (th« birda) midin Motbmly «1 br ona mmoC, 
Hoir tbftt the gOM, wttb tb« humdm OBVT * 
Thftt fo d«f iriUi to pronouuctf our iuhU# 
8b«U col OQM tiJo/' 

'' For Io tho GEVTiL kiodo t of tbo Lum I 
For when « flio offooditb bim or bitotb ; 
Ho with bU taiU airftio tiio flio yimitotb 
Al «ciljr, for of bin of vriEii t 
Him d«mitb not towr«ko bim o( ft flU«" 


*' Amidde of irbieb tbor ftodo « borbir 

Tbflt beii^bed itm iritb eol^ra now and elooe* 

lliis berbir irscaJl full ofHowen gcndb f/' 

** Y; o£VTLEs| of bonour 
fvtiiio cb«t mott tboldo an okl wi^t booour 
And cl«p« tbom fatbor for joor okvtil^cmi T*" 

" V«;t ir<;r« it bottir that I w«n your wUe, 
Sitb yts b«n mm geviil bom m J,** 
And h»r« a r«Imi& not ferro but faifta by, 
Tbui I fuffrid your nf.jtrtu.mMME to MU:rw9 ; 
Or that I let j'#u M « yn^e Co Mrrro, 
It in no profito ooCojour kinrodo." 

" furewftX my f weetMt both coalo and minda. 
So iorinjr a if^ouM abftll 1 nari^^ flnda, 
Adi«u my soreraiiia, rer/ otkiLEMAa tf« 

* Fac/ttuU fititt, natonl <rl/>qij«nc«. 

t Cenri/ ^iA(£e, inborn f u|>«riontj of inatinet orcr tUt ^ 
all olb^rr l*eitMtn *A \»rt:y, 

; Genuru, MU{iitn/*ni.y enfrnfUtd hy tb« band of oatiinr Nfi* 
tfa<; ktock or iCaiidiird 'A urbicb tba baaat^kind ia th« fuwf*! 

i (hndM ftmetn, cultiratad [gardan] fUmtn aa oppaaad M 
wild or uB£(iltivat«d otten, 

^ OtntUt of tu^tutar t\ttMts who urt: honoufod ^rea(^««t«d, U' | 
lov«d / for th^rir natural '|u*liti4i( and su|/«nor diajiCaiiMB )tj ' 
th« others of thec//n40;:uoitir tf.«^ btiiohfi to, 

5' (itniUruku, fAttiTxl t-xfAtlUiiuub of min/i, 

** ^ /r^/i(i/ (Mrrn 04 I , i. c, <A % %vm^W ui^^^l «ii^pifta4 ^tf 
macL imyro¥€)d or cultivatfeA > «» m^ <mu. 

oftAUm bM artrr fnuofed. 'VSat v^^^aM \* \.»»% iv^m^V 
*iir« mjk09Aum9 TO Ocm ftaviona.. 

IMftA I.^T ^9<i« fr^MUr lj*fi<| f«ylfcr/1VC lie f r 

7 \.« V**?^ wVi^JV* !»■*?.■»• ti^ •. m-f uti 

I .w wt^tTi ■»mi1iv* *V»^f»-^A' 'l»l/-'»1<t, 

f>.||^ «ttfi^«^|U i^M «-T«« L-»M^ <Prf1i^ «-V^ X--^. Y'NiniM * 

•few M V. «i;^2.Aiia« *«#". •■v*-*!^ ' ^7 f.*/«ff«,.'l ift« ;■<• *ij. !,.■■.--//■. , •.T 
Aim- '•'*'i/f»#»-''« . fi^'I •.!■"» I,iM»A^ p*»»">^«ff- c »< *jr^iVrtl*i 

146 AmcBMOu»r m 

" The wilrf m mr limii aad 

That wiuiiTH VF * with wstis McbC 

The BountflBMmee of citd BapiWpkU 



According to JoHUMm, nnpljingfeciecy; t 
place. Heugh* er maegker ; q. e. a pUiet d 
M^tf is little hope ; a cheerleM jposition ; a litiia 
of poor comfort ; there where little ezpectatkm 
be indulged in ; a dismal cheerless abooe. JElr, d 
the place or Htuation aBaded to* Heugke, ho 
hopcy expectation^ fbtare pioyect; joy, dd 
pleasure: mind, inteUect^ sense* MoMher^wku 
meagre, slender, shallow, poor* So that the pi 
refers to the consequent state of mind of him 
is confined against his will, not to secrecy. 
JofiNSOv's notion that the expression is hm$ 
marcher as a hug in the darh^ is something b 
eren a whim* neugh er maegher sounds At^ 

*' And if you 'ill gire my iame hot reaC 
Now in ch>M buookr Muocsmt pent 
And ifiine apon me butbentgnlr* 
With that one and that other pigaoej. 
The fun and day aball looner part* 
1'hau lore or you ahake off my heart. 

" Qooth be, th' infernal conjurer 

Poraued and tool me priaoner ; 

And knowing you were hereabout 

Brought me aliong to find jou out. 

Where in HUOOim-MUOOKBt hid, 

Hare noted all the/ aaid or did."^HuniBt ai. 


As in the seemingly absurd expressions of 
fine, ^//-eood, hellish good, hellish bad, ht 
pretty, hellish ug\j, &c. Heel, h^eUch : q. e 

f i. 0. In cbMrbis, bov^itoii WD&IBWWXS ^^>*>»^ 

fOrUUH VIIRAItll. 147 

rom|ikUtly, whollVi nrrlhrtly, i|ullc. It u 
voity tiMi hM nuulo tho term uiiicoinly mid 


Ito MnM In which tho word wftR iimuI a iliorl 
iok« vlx. Umt of a kundrtid thtmiund jMmmU, 
iplylnK n rnpkttl iiiRurhiK i^flluonco to Uici 
lor I % Rufflcirtni fitrtiino. Pluim (pluym) / 
plumaii^tfiiaik^riHu \ in thoNttiiM of a eitm^ 
wv0riH(f9 tlmi whicli in rbthliiiJCi mid no ihr 
h and iiroioctioti ttonx inrloinoiiny uf ■oMon ; 
i whion all otiior niomu mid Hiipplioi would lio 
A plum in AM inomiii Moctircd for ot\|oviiiK ihn 
vliich ImIoiikii to Noriiil oxliUiuoo. Wo hav 
M Ka$ fnathvrwl hU npBt I in tho •onto of, hiN 

Iirovulod for hiii fttturt) oiijoyinont of Ufc. 
i a /itwlf in to Htrip it of ItM fouthorii i ttt 
(I muH^ i« to Htrip him of hiii |initiorty. Thn 
I oi|uivuloiit i« MM fHillim (£4(),()(M)) mid tho 
K)r whn onilod un fnillionnirti in tlio voniir of, 
lio hiMl nnulo ixplum. Joiinnon Nuyii it in n 
prm ImionKinK to tho rity ; but tho word in 
' mni nor of olviv oriyin, lio kIvon no oty- 
f for tho won!, lit* plumuU hlmnpif umn 
tni$ ; ln)|Kiitii \\\% own conooit providod lilni 
Ktontii iniplyhiK ho liud tuino IVom nnywhoro 


|uHt oNcniiod, nnd thiit wan aII. //(/ bo hmnl Im 
h attn I <l. 0. hp i» in thiM inMianvp PPi m/mim 
« HiluU Ity ncMont i ho owon hit rollof fVom 
r to u lui:ky clmnre. Apnkpffttn^ upnkpvpn^ to 
ritflit, to rrliovo, Ui^ivo Amifitmiooto. Ji* hack 
uoh) hv rhnncoi hy ibrtuno. tiaoh «ouud« 
A' hucht hnv. Aon, m\^ ^\\v\ i>\\\\\\^% w^ \ '^^ 
' AacA itPH liUA i\w «^xw?V v.\>x\\\ v^ V»Mi^* 

^(fvtfi, htvi. \\% \\m A^a* »^** ^^"^^ "^ 


148 AKriiAoMjoy of 

fffihrvrtf nehf/t, Hh* {MirticiplH unni of Anvn 
iilH»vf*. .r<iiiNM«)N U'IIm yon Ui«9 plintMc i* bi>rr(fi 
/r«m /Ar? r//r/* of hnui^nwivm in ihr. cwinlfy^ wi 
Ihr.ij have Hi'blitnt any uthttr jmnnitinn in thn hi 
than drivd f/ucnn, to Mcnura it from the murd 
MoUHfir$ I TiiiH t'rotn n triitid of tfic kecncMt mifl 
mid nf u;igunii(; power I TtiiM placed in tbt treai 
of our langungc ( 


Httid of onft who rcinuinN in a Ntaic of uUn 
Mv,ni'j*.f torpidly uprircldrMM ; (tvidfintly unwiiliti 
tuk<! purlin ronvfrwttion. Nrmli r.r v>ip. httmd 
nrrr r(mw ; hrrt rr tl*tmf/h ; q. i*. darp Htrrrtm in\ 
[in(flin(!fi] tn thin, nti in biwomintj In tha $lnln \ 
iMt« thorc] ; If.t thr. rrwrr npnnh for him (or Uift 
fit)i*(iki« fr>r him, U'IIm iIhi truf Mitimtion of hid ml 
Nondr.n^ to invili*, nnd iilno to intik*! tiffi'Mnry. 
in thin rufu*. Wir hnnrd^ (iM it oUKht, (in it fih 
In*, MM \H*vin\w%. Sfirr, niiM'h, <'xr<'Wiivi!, ilr<'p, n*; 
HimWf mourning, K''"*^* sorrow. Urvtm^ to fd 
unftwrr for, t^) Hpr^fik, onn* in \\9/i\ with n^ in 
wimc wnw«. lyonfih, dr oof/fi, th#? ryr, 
rnuw fu;nndff m w<; prononnr'c throw. Nt 
Moiindft MM w<! niter jiot. Win hrwrd, w'h* 
pnnudn word, i/oofjh, Nonndft dor/ ; hrct fr, a 

Atu\ \tfft* httr tAwuyn frwUly tittwn, 

Aut\ itff'tr otMr liuii* Kuvf>."'-(!fut;f'i;ii. 

" And If th«rn nMkin Hfiy rii<«, 
W)i«fh«r (hut if he lin or nU**, 
Anil )io«r fhlM lH;k«<, wliirhn id h(*r«* 
^iiNl iMf ftt« whirii tliNt I TPilti ytnt Ufftt, 
tt in lUt* Kiffrimirii of tfiA Uittu* 


Hnibliiii;, mnkiit^ u tioiiK* iil, nttorunrQ of loud 
Iflffi^r. Klap rr kliwr i i|. r. thrrr HiiiVr, nu«n« 
Mttmi. Aunttil «lr«(ittitr of ntlioiutl iiii|Mirt. To viajf 
fmlrtw^ (o l>riii|C into urtion mirli ooiiM*, ittid llttm 
lo niNki* n nAiAc^, to urold loudly. Khp, ttcunr, 
bunii of MMitid ; wli«Mic*r our citip'm tlio phriiM«, u 
rhp of tliundf*r, or u tliuiidt^r-oliiii. Kitmr, |>urf«, 
Am tVom mtxiurc*, Kc^ttuiut*, rviilrut, mituifoiit. 
Khar Hound* rh$w» 

*Tlt#y M* rMrrBMc'tAWtNii cMiv iit)uth0r. I'll Imtk mi." 


'* limy *vit iitway« tHMttt nI iUKK**'ii'itriiwiitK, 
And OMO lUioihAf 1 1 Arrtm I AwiHii." 



IKjrrtrd. ImviiiK tiotliin|{ to mty, diii|m'ilrd. 7*ii«t 
0fN IM ih mtwti I c|. c*. yni/r citmril in patHi of ani* 
mmiiom ; Mtiiritii ut nn cMid ; ull lid«Mit. for iitii|diiy 
im|Miuiidrd : uiiMilJtl powor olwlrurlpd. Ttn* urn, 
quiti* itltut up, ull ovrr. M^huI^ t'oufldonrc* in onc«*« 
■rif, mind, uninuttion, Hptrili vi|C()ur of »oul. 7W 
ntH Miundit down, 

nnofit i>. 

Sulirn, kI^^^^I^^Vi mI«MiI, rn*rrvi'd. Tor tjrhrtjt ; 
f|. «*, ji/iMf up from ; ihot mjomit s firm iff vio$rti 
»iu, lni|Mirtni^ u iitulo of nioroNrn<*iiii or ill-will 
Miown liy iiil«*nrr nod rmrrvr ; huIIoii r(*iii*rvo ; hiIimiI 
ill-will, Mvomion tojnntin t'onvrimilion. 7*(>r,iihut 
ut), rloHrd. //rr/i/rfi, hnjirn, to fuHtrn, to lii« up, 
or wliii'li tjrhrtji in purttt ipio prirt«*ritr. Thi« h in 
not MiundiMl, nnd rtjt Hounds nrurly ur n/. Jomnnom 
drrtvc«ii till* trrnt frcnu ihu^\ xhkv v^w v\v^^<<^\\\ vK. 
nihuvv I of nioroNrnrM I 

** Ytmr iinrit* inu»t not Vm^w W\ xww '^'^* ^*^\* 

I 'II till f|irM0 iiiH.<,»ti ■\»\r» \^V\\> U\«« ^*^V^^^^^' ^. 

1 60 AKHMJOLOOr ow 

BttC luriuM unto CUw iumt4 w^oiSF^ 

calve'* lqvx. 

Ill tlie senuie of tbe fine fynipComft of iovt ta • 

Joung pmoD ; earijr, Cntoimt iovft ; feir# is yoiAs 
r«t traiuutory ttymptoms of iinonw* deim* Kmf^ 
laevM ; touiMU ca{/'« (catv^$) laim, of vfaieh I mm 
liilledouU k i»tbe orl^iimtom. Tho mmmt* 
however, refere to physi^ circumateacat aot to M 
expkiued here, narf, kerfep kerU, liftvo Um MIM 
nienning and belong to tlie Mine stock m our £• 
earve. Laeve, laave in a« tiie pariicipie praftnt^f 
lueven, luav^np to aMuage, to rdieve* 


An in the expression hU eyes begin to ilraw slrawi, 
and iii the sense of, he seems to be going to sfesp; 
he ttpi>eurs iliere to l>e ahuost asleep. TV c/roa sUf' 
rouw u i q. e. it will soon he demi sleep with kirn; 
In a minute it is aU last; 4uiet, wiiii him; all in a state 
of tixed (motionless) repose ; suuh as represented 
by one Jiisi asleep, Te dratif at once, in a short 
tiin(% qiiirkly. titan e, sle/re, sier^fUiH) rigid, fixed. 
Jfotiuvje, rouwe, ruwa i re|>ose, quietude, rest; iu 
ileinmn ruhtJ, '/V, t«yis. 


An expression used in regard to lume one wliose 
upiM^urant^e in a room produces a disagreeable eftci; 
is annoying to a |Hirty. HiJ t/eur fnnt lijnk er f 
hessii^ scliier knaf ; i\, c. he jNrtniuces un uvpleasant 
ejf'eat in the place he vtmes into, Hke smne he-cat, 
whose presence is only percewed by the smell it 
Arifiija in with it •* or miutt \\\fi«^Vi ^ tvi^ Iwiii^ in a 
//iiM>iir like sinwe 'rom-ouV, «^\\^ uv\v% y«v\^>{vw^\w 

oJicu 6mcit hut ^lUIdiu v^i^^^^^^'^ ^^^^^^^"^ ^'^"^^"^^ 

rorviAR riiMA^u. 151 

Omr, Mavour, odour, /witii, to krini^ in. JAjck, 
itkf. £r, thrre. ^r, mbici. //mm, litt-4?Hl,loni-c*Ht. 
4r«ff, MtJi, cauM of stench. Ueur inni luund* 


In tlM Mate of, ono who always |ireaenUi the 
woffvl vi«w of a question ; one whu is in thi; liuliit 
W Ulliaff only the worst |mrt of a subjirrt in uura- 
lioo. Br^f wrock rr ; <|. <*. Mt\fti%r dntortion thrrr; 
a pmreraion of tlio |NHnt in c|urHtion. Wrock^ 
wnmck^ distortion, twiiitin^:. Hut to vntuk^ as a 
ftof or rook, has notliini^; tu du hc*n*, W\\\^ simply 
an onomatupy of this ruu^^h drrp fclrhni sound 
madr hy thr rrciak of thc*«* aiiiinuls ; and is of the 
samt' stcN*k lu tor r km utiil thr Ijititi rurinrr^ U» 
brtn^ up noiMi from thr stomnrh through tlir 
lliroal. Huucut U'luuf^s hens also, us wril us 
the French ruu^ue. 


As in the phrase thr tnlfofthr Ir^, Kulf^ <|. r. 
/li|sAy thickrniny^ Jlr$hy jntrt: uud thun thr tlmhy 
tliickfnin)( of thi* W^. Katftir$ himtt is thr pulp 
of the tree, puttta /•//m*. At iMittom it ia thr siimr 
word as cii{/\ the youny; of u row ; of this in ano- 
ther pai;e. 


A taIc-lK*arrr ; hr who rurrirs what !■ said from 
ono to anothrr. Trtir t'hrri ; f|. e. rvrry hotijf^a 
hack i and thus be tiiai rarrics ulMiut fn>m one to 
Che other. TrUr, u hacktiry, u iiitd, u ridiii|C horse. 
Tm kceip to all^ to the wlioK*, unu sounds tuic, 

Th0 ri/i/Mis, of hrrml'liHtf^ ox nXW t ^'l Vr«*«X^ ^ 
I p/iraso of nynoiiynuma unyn^tX m \W XA^nv^w^^.^^^ 
nrii-iir nistcr.cliiilort of ow \v\uv:u>^V>' • ^•^'*^'f ^ 
•esaiuc womI hh tlir i;vuiu\\\ 1«hJ\ .wA^^^^^ 

fkttM'wmm u Ihiii wonl In Am fibfiM Umt/Ul 

iff bfiod fai ilHi imrrMep of inidi tliit k^m, 
vtiriotM fdgiilfiUrtl toftM una (Aum in wbiik#i| 
nriicUi b umkI ntnotitfii tti| aaA itidi h thi§mnH§ 
tifmmy^ «« iint>lyfiig tlui inufbitf ftuoM flMlf#| 
of ttm fnaUifiidtf uiiditr whieb It It Mrraif 1 1ft Mi 
of 6xc!h«nge« Th<i UHlf^f&m» It iJM tfufyniiy, 
fM^tffi tlM vftrkmn formtf ium iisii Ib wUdb ' 
ttriidi! in tiiiMl ftfid iokl« Lonf&ugoiff if 
iVM//af not imuittAkfturiNl into tiM ilitt inihaiA 

Mn iiufqf Hfet MUMiHuto tonf 6n hiid tafll| 
ohrttM iiful it itf fihfoltltig to mnm* L^af^ UMl 
(q/itt htufnte tlio imam word { ttnd ia tlM pifttpi 

pr6««tit of t1i0 ittioiiint h^fMp fei|/biif Jlfj^ 
hltifan^ UiD Ootlilc htaupan^ th« GMnmfi Aw|/iMif 
niul ilm Dutdi lotfptin, io futii to Imi in cottfMi to 
pi ottf tttid iliutf tm 11 running: on/ n going on/ iad^ 
irt 11 ftubslnntlve fomii currency [aaun§]» Mf 
Tool(«'« whim of foq/' l^elng A/q/^i itt« pttrtkinin |m« 
Aont of a verb lie caiIm hlifian^ to mitfOi to lift llA 
Hnd iiitm fltf tlifti whicti b raMed and nf«|iar«d b) 
levnln (yuani) itf groMnly defoctiviB. What can fai/ 
in ihitf »enM! have to do with nugar^ whitni no /ttivwi 
iM itMifd in itN confection t And Mif /p/^ t\f$ugw k 
nn ^tH}A Knt^tish ai the Uutf of hnud, 

*• C»fiM'l(*niM* f\\\\ ettft^in^, tbd •crmiMMiiide fkiHjHart 
ni^farff l'iiti«fl«ii i»NMti* to bfjrfii^i imd me l£kl WM M 

mutflliif ) 
Ifff Mt « MNir« fiori * beftrrn utfi wid Imi<'' 

*' And fWA f/Otr« (if hMmmi nnd htun ftiitM Ibr «y Mm} 
A till ypi t M)r«i tty mr mmUft 1 b*^« M) siitC iMioii 


hi in lilt' |iliritM(*H| a pom id Ht riling, Htfiiin 
iiinnnv, ittrliiiti: virtiift |iti(*rit, vtiliir, Imufrtty 
SffrltHvk i i|. t«. Mturiitn/t lu tlin tiirit wrll ktinwii Ity 
Uml immts ; Kroiiiidrd in nirtiliiuj, iitniintf, \\u* old 

Krtiritilo prf*iiriit of utrtiinn, Mtttmlun, Htmrhfiit Ity u, 
'merty luuul, nU'tutliOMiM of tin* l^tt^r /■, utfihtt, 
MharhHt Mtntriati, tii Hliinr, to ludiutt^, to hritni. 
Ami tliiiA tliti ttinn woultl Im Himply nhhiiutjt ^lin* 
Uininift btsuitiinL(, mid itarlimj uh tlit^ rllihiiin ol' 
iUtrlinif'hlnl^ timt in, thu Mnintj [hrUjht] hintt 
wliieli it prti-i^ntintiiitly ih, Itotli un rr^;iu'(U tlii' v.k- 
frdiiifi ^loMttiiirM of llif pliiiiiuK;ts tm wrll \\h \\iv. 
lliirkrivt Hturliko Hpiui^ltm wliicit Hind it. Sttrlimj- 
moHnii* in tin Mhinitnj montujt tliut i«, coin niiidn ol' 
hliiitiiig; nulMluiirtiH, Hurli un till iiirtulrt itn*, rrtpo- 
rmlly wlttm fVi^nli IVoiii tlit^ iiiiitt, uiid in wliirli I ho 
vhIiih iri nvidtMit iind (^rin^rdl. Tim tt'rni i« nH(*d lu 
tippoiied to viilnn in itny otiitir rorin. Hiiiik'nottm 
nrt) not citlltid »hrlimj-montu ; nor i« uny iMpii - 
vulc^nt of infTo Imrtt^r mo ntlltuL ShinvrM iH ii vid^iir 
lurin fur coin, bill om* in u trnn miiiMo. A pound- 
nhrlituj lit u llnod luitonntol' vuliir- in ni(*tul, und, in 
UHr, llir Htiindui'd of Hiiirli itnioiint in uny form of 
rnrrmt'Y. A iiutn of uttrllmi viilin* [nirritl in ii 
iiiun ol rmplrndcMil virtuti (roiiMpiciioiiM, Nliinin^ 
vii'tui*)i of ^riiniiK^ (widi'iit, iindirtpiittMl, and 
iirWiiowlrdt^tMl vitlun. 

" TliUM iittitril I rryiii hU 
Ami Htnt (lOiiilitK (lilt ol' lliu tittll 
And hlioktt iiii/i/«»t Kfiil HI AHi.vNiifcNt-" Chaiiukr. 

* ** Wllioll |vU. MONfcvl HH f-ivilittllll lliilti, IIIUHt IMill«i«l III* 

nmlltif, furitiM, H-uigtil, vuliia : tor ilia iiittMur, m/i/NO' in lliou|{li( 
lo ImvM lliu liirit ooyiiiiil, Hfliit'wiinl ij/i<0i', lor llm (ilnmiiitfif, 

iNillUfy. •WKHtllttM mill IIMIOHrMtil«t tttlll ItMll^ ^m(U «m Uw(« 

/'W/tf, Jiiorti fiMHiltil'ull, iiiorti ii^«%«\« \\\v\\«^ >^>^vv\^^\« >\\\A'^ 
*r», iiutru fifiitliltt fiiiit |Mirlii\i\«i| M\\\tt»\ \w \^v«\n» V\\>»» >ft\\\ 
ivimiUlu wUhttMi loMMii. No." . . 

MftiiUiyMi M ri/iiMtf«, If Mil wimi imummt ^ttMhHkf 

'Vh t*omU lUtt ^y*<, Quhk^nt q, »» to Mftff (* 
lifts, to ftt^httf /// atillim (Him, M/'U^iijf), M#i Hfwlt^ 

/ir li/ Mfiy \ftttltJ'ii\tif ittfif\ii lit fMfiminig jii n^itrnM 

MMvHy rrMwl«'r» wort;«^ iii IImy %txu^u hfUt ^H^Ut^ ihht 
Utt\ ilitit lUf. li'.rro \ff Mil /// UfifUfUttfi, \lo MfJM'4 or 

Hit y khall fhf Ui unfihtllt In pttit fof lt$ tsnptfit, In 
khin fhf lu ufinhifif Ut htaid titf lit unhmut, li$ find tttt 
iif uiitiiid, /)/' ^^"^' **^ \\itiim\¥Hi HiiUfifH itifc It^m 
wuU (e|fr)M(/ fihiu. Ihit I MitHftui iJiM hr«f y^^it^u m 
tli^. ifKci intf., Tit iituitU HK /// unritufih )• h//f fJK'l 
iu II hy fftfi<j »fcl{it|i/rt ttir/m|/lM#fil i/ui itm^jotiit, 
QiiUh, tfuii.h^ ifuilih, tiiuii/i, ttiti ilitt «(ffff^ w/f'l in 
fliM*fffril f'fim* of •f>^ll)M{/ wHIi «n W«i «tiy /A« 
t^ulh// It ml lltu ihwi^ for th^ hvlr*($ >iii4 iliit <l«f«Ml, 
Ami i.i/utji fftii0* N ii|*«fli i^aU'li^iftnitit Mfi/1 ifuilik^ 
Ijtii^a, tiitti )4 ki4 iliA^ (/riu« |f»^ t.mUu'ttUf ^iUtui Willi 
fiifftii lly «ff vMul |rr)fiH|«lA' i III*- t.ffft i)vlrf((, IImi fi^^VH 
tit |#t««lii4lr«»y»^fl |/r*»44ti« M !¥«•■»<•.. CJuihkfifi ^ i^utmfJipn^ 
t^uthhtit rfi<iiti« tiliMi til niiiu\«\\,\A\ ^v^U'^, Ut UMtt\ 

timi wbicb rinrivei, ro»U>n» to «i!tiviiy, givM frngli 
Att iMf flMt |« 4«irii iniA IM dutt, aImU kiMMt Mbr« Mm 

Tbaiififir wrota ^o yukJl^. 

IMIi III fftn iumI ii|i« ki duiiikK II wiylit ) 
'lliim nttm^Uti hui imty lyvn Intriivi*, 
Thou liMt not otb«r |»ow«r im mi Utv«/* 

11m f*4« WMitM tlMt Ihnw mortllUcI by ui% ninh\nfg, wlifnb 
114 iMiyinf ill •Imriln, nwy imt hwimkh tkytm wiihuul vitrjr 

l|«|M«/'— (*H AVCIfcN. 

" I »miM M WMMifl llMNiKb nImU wimU, 

TliM Kivirtti iMtnuilf for miiv fM(«,* 

Fur llttU Nbould « nmii yuAU 

Df li«ri tliAt win bur InhI/ iM4l«f 

IIn Mtm • nwildi*, or b« «Im wtfii 

1'liKt iivicSHt will nhUii Iwr hy bur <(/«, | 

I low Ailni abMii I but iivir Abu OMkn, 

lU U M wrutAbM 1 uiMUrUkM 

llMt b9f« iocliii mm/»r iwito 9r ftfur/'f 

" Tb« frato KmiilrliM, (b4 KfnK« of ImU^j 
V|M>n • mUhIm iNMf, tiHji|ibl in »t«K 
llovitrMl wilb fibith of KuUtu ilbipvid wiilo, 
ilmntt riUioK Itlm Cba (Jo4 of iiriiitN Miini» 
Hilt uolo MMiurit WM of t\m tilotb of 'I'lirN, 
C'ovitNio I wttb iHirloN wbiUi imi4 round nm\ firmUn,*' 



Uwiiy* on tliA hlf^ti to Rtu^iicl a ffnniit wlim't*? <^r 
4 f(ivf«ti. J'/itfA A^f in ftr htfuili n. ci. nlwayt 
ward wh^rti ih^ prtnlueti ttf ih« kUvntin U In m 

roMMNNibHM, fortuno. riiibitfl. t Alivo* 
lUnHy ^ bum in Uio oriKiiwi uuNuiiiiK of tbo ompoam f mow 

/«r loilor or wonio, vv,....^x 

fikmH lfii|»r»bttblii. fMiaMU W* Vii ^3lw^ •»•»* •t**^% 
«w» Jffwah, Iigbt4.4l nil, ouU^^^VmiA, V«V|>^>*W*^V^ 

«/ '/« file omMci iuitii|c\«A, \iui V WAuVWN^^'*'^* 

M^^Mt^nUi^ U-i iAmt», Kti, k 
ht /irt/ nlitfitfiniA, »(• It intft.', li .. 

lNlf(« |1m»«IM Mid l^til^ntl"') 'CI** 1l»f4 
M I'i'iy NMJJIWtl) Im< ct^ti^idlr iW 4 

ftuhf* ht f')*'4, 4mtit4. ■''■ '- ■ '■''■-<<•»■ 
***//« in^Uum MlHi <M I*'" i.'' mi 

tint i^tlM >:„hm» H»*l < ■'«* 

(it M I'lfi MfiJl i>i^jr« wtuf )> *:*>' r-,,--,-.. -■ -, -aAhhI- 

A'*i»H (i/imfif HumM fa mth, Ut \»i'^m m tt» 
««f^*, #jm1 W fw/H' *»\>\M'A <>' /■■^'** w (* 

tmof, ti'M, (in*')y, t'ltyf "■'»»■ 

(wft/i, ) (Jm H(rf M^^^'b ;"■■'■ ' '■' •" 

tV(((lw)(, ujll^wt',*' "* ■*■"<- ■ •'^ 
|J«^ .(,,...:.)..■. , I..,-,. ,„„..,>. liyJlM 

mim tmvi-- itmt nf.ttt'f ))w Um» *ff tutumu^i 

m- lm$r hit i *( *, tfm/Mhi itf H«» wh» fitw* H 
i/rn ItifM itf' fh0 ptfimi nf «w wiifm tHMitm 
^t*'^f^^^4^^ H^ urn ttu-f* mmu4 hy MM« M) 

(MM. ^» ¥/hu--U tlif Mmt, M W4. imp^f^ Ui w 

t-lfMtHn^f nf titf VfUfi, MMf ftif «c» *^Ul*if, AM 

#*(**■•.■ 'JV*w*'»» »»<»■■<»«**■■ w»*w*''^'**w****« 
ffffthffif «*»;(* Awnr J*wti«w fc<*(w«rt**-fc#w(li»i 

Av*w M ItfhAf ttmm ♦ gvit t W w yy * **; 

vtirvt.AH I'litiAi^r^. 1A7 

tbr Irrifi itn|ilir4 iin iiKirn tlinn n Irltiti^r m^f out lot 

flir iirtlitiiitnl niir|»oiin of nnothrr, nml 14 lliim 

irrmiiirlrdly n (|rt:rHflitiiC n|»|irlliitivr. Mr. llniiMr 

fminr. tliliik« t)ir W(iri) ifi n« hnrlrl, mill ho iih 

**illl(<r n /f/ff/ wfinrr or n lillh ttif nf nnr f Ami 

tliiR 14 lin. who ttiirrrR ntid Hhiitlfa iil lliour wlio kiif'W 

Ifiiir*' nlHittt tlin milijrrt til' lnii^iittt£i\ n tlioiiAitml 

titiir* ovrr, tlinrt lii« ilid litniimir. WrnuU^f^ fpf in not 

n flttftinutivr lorm hrlnn^iiiir to our hmiriitiirr. ,1 

hnrlrl I W lint Mil Minn f VVlio woiiM (lifk lirr ii|i 

Imt TiMii Tliiiinli' IhiPtP^ horrv, it liinliiiir, iiimI 

niii«ni|iiriitly n l<'ttini£ out of; mikI mIho tlir «tniir 

wnnl with our trnii tvhnrpi nml «oiiip|tinra llir 

wqy (hnt urr (hntii) in fi|irlt. Ilurvru, in llin 

«iiii|p word with otir /rf AfVf. ittirtr Riiiimlpi hiir, 

nml htirrr, w/tnrr, /ifiMlin Riiiiir word iin nt prrniMit 

with tin. 

" Anil tiiloi liniln tMiw, Omt h» llmf rpprpvotli liU hPielilHuir 
Hlipr lip rn|trpirp||i lihii liir Miitnp ImriitP of tiiiin, llml Iip Imili 
H)Hiii Ii}«i liii'lip, 11*1 irtpMI,* rmlipil, linrini. ot hr •"tiio 
•ImiP (lint Iip itfipllit'* f'lMi'trili 

"'I'liPYf uivp lliiir hIhiIm In Hip riflm, 

'I'll muitnl0nnft § \ nffif tftPti nf Ihwp. 
Fvr tfi I'lnii* f iipf will tfp lit*)ip. 

An M^moitfi'N ■tiWNnf (lilt wnrdi n imfr.'* 

" Ft'illiril«lMnq«n n||p NllcllP ilHtl nIhWP. 

'I IipI A»fi|/ip f/t»i i'iiili»lfM II witli tirrotnll. 
AimI ffrpilp tif (t<i'l lliPr liKVP fliittiiP ilrNfVP. 
Al «uili fHiliMitn futtU'liPlti lipfHll." 

" 'I'lipy mnlip |*iiriirftifiii ftir Hip iiPttnip, 

And MiiMMi* nfiil (lipr rHrtliitnifi. 
t'lmptlip ntiH'tigNl 'liPin nl 1« nny 

*l lidi IIP tmiti gliivpil f lip v'l^l"*! r**!* 
Knr f *liri«l fii<i<lp iipr fin mtTiPtinilii, 

* I P|irni|«i. nml llipnnmp wiinl wMli iiimiji/m, 
t t Iip TiijiPN. 

fn Ihnf ptHttlilhnt. 
i Afhtinlhn l«.|>« nf |),air vi^iMPtH tvWV ^V^^*^''^' 

1.08 AliCI»AOTX>OT OV 

N« with him wm no fftrdiiMrfl 
With R nwldM Imtr^t, h» um minotiuls. 
Hut fttkihid foul« mote it befidl." Ir-tn. 

"Th^ty tfikin fo fermA th«r tompfimira* 

To imnnA th4« p<«pl« vrhnt th^ anj ; 
TopnrdomfTR md Mm firitoors, 

lli<«y nfU th^ fi#f AH I duTA well mj. 
And An to hold in ^rete smuA 

To mnltipliA 'hAm more m#f«n, 
Th^ dr^dA fn] littil dom'in day. 

Wh«n kI 0Hcho Mtfaed shiU foal« Ml." 

"Anch rfAitr/>TTMt ahni m«n dlMclanmUr, 
For I th«t th^^ shnllin ii*4^ them grf, $ 
A » hfm m prond m A l<ix<ind4>r, 

A nd wiin to th^ por<», wo hn yn T 
fly yf>rff M)h4« prient rImiH piiie his fti H 

wnr to mcrmm Am lm*man$ mU, % 
AiiCh«» >H<TdM** shni w«l trvil thtff 

Ami n\ mif.he fnls^) shni IohIa hfifall." — (UiAX'-tr 

* And up ho pktn rorinftMid ft tn^, 
A A Mothir whon th# r.hild nh%\ di#; 
f>iit, Mp, nlfuil hfirrow hf» fc^n to <iri<i. 
i} nfronf^o Indy rronr, whitt doiftt thoii7 
And ^)i#» unswprid, Rir, whut «ylith yon? 
IUtp jiiici*»nf.o simI rwion in yoiir mind." 

'flir ftfiifriJil. />V y"«rAi «rji ; f|. f . //#rr/ 
rrr.utiirr of r.hamir J'tntd ; tlirrr'a thnt which 
to flfrk it^ fo(Hl from ihr hniifl of rhnnrf*. 
Hp t.q wf>rkH, nrifl thrn hirnrrl hui^v to fir 
fiiififriinmT out of thiAtlrs nfid brinrfi [wlitit ( 
mny ftffrrl: hr iff, in fnrt, the only dfunpfttic : 
which iff htifntunlly ffotrrntril; RnrI thnu a : 

• A wTt f»f pprUfliMitiffd Aff'irnoy Oi«m»nil. 
t Vilp wr*ifrh«i. | Mpfore", rnth^r. 


% T?i*» »nH^ I'f Oip Voyt^*'* ii\\i^\T«^*^«'<^. V^Vw V 

mipvuii r nil AIM. 160 

trf content itid |Mitl<*m«0| of ill-rH|tiittHl fN>rvN*<* and 
Mitrawirded ilni(lK«ryi Tlio Jtick iit tlir pltrniie him 
Ao oriicitml relilton to sex. ^ii«i \n tbr olUtwiH of 
Jmfk-uM0, We can iay a #Aff Juck-aup alUiough 
t^piinal Gommon uiage. 


Empty talk. Ati/rffr-ifciir/ c|. o. /Ari/> n// fm/i/i^ 
iM«<«i* I tiiere in notliiny but sliorr noiiK' in what ycni 
are Imwling otii bv way of disvourae. (Hce artick? 
HvbyvMin^ page 141.) 


Haid when at fhtdtt at a Mnml« at a hmn for tt 
name [forto recall aomethinic). 'Th%niihprfH\ft i|.r. 
imr M^lA mff In l/liiit t^ff^in naffrr me linret leive nin 
timet allow me time tn thiataaei and intplieii, wait 
till I pan reralt the name or drrumatanoe tfi my 
Memory. Uhng^n^ h^ng^n^ ffth^nff^n^ to allow, to 
bear with. £r m(/» therei to me In thU Instance. 

TO TIfftOW til Itta TKftTtt. 

I will throw it in his teeth) t will reproach hhn 
wKh iti make him repent of it, be sorry for it. 
T0 seer rtmw kin in l\fli «|. e. fntm ikin i»**inl mt 
00 $iraiffki U9 $i»re rcp^nUtnvPt kenva wp iinri nff 
h BPiHinf itnrmw 1 what t have said must lead to 
|rtef, and rmtserptentty, tn repentanre. Hin, 
from this point, hence. Tyt, sounds ippi and mt 
HNflki Ik has no other representative in Dtiteh 
than d or /. S^er, sore^ much, tery. S^pr-ivuw 
stmnds ikrpw, 

TO avail t*Ari.toMT. 

To waste time, to misemploy means} to take the 
kinjr and tlie wrong, inalead o( l\\ft «\\\nxV. vA\>k vVa^ 
rifrbl rtmtl, to arrive at li Awq \w\\\V. IWVvwf^ 
■fr/Ay/// r/. e. HrlNe tHoneitii\ i^^^^t^ ♦^r^^^ v^^ 
&// Ifin^HHp] / not a «v^\Vv ^\% V^^V >A >ii^^^^ 


N« with bim wm do etrdinall 
With • redde hatte, at um minttrals, 
But fiOthid fouU mote it befall." Idim. 

*' Ther takin to ferme ther aompnoura* 

To banne the peple what thejr may ; 
Topardonera and &lae faitoura» 

TlieT aell ther aelea I dare well aaj. 
And all to boldin grete arraie 

To multipUe 016111 more metall, 
They drede ftil littil dom'ia day, 

Wbea al auohe falabed ahal foole iall/' 

*' Such BAmLOTTBa t ahul men diaolaunder, 

For X that thej abuUin makt thetn gre, § 
At ben aa proud aa Alexander, 

And lain to the pore, wo be rel 
By yere eobe priest shall paie hie fe || 

For to encrease hU Umman't call, % 
Sucbe beidea** sbnl wel evil thiff 

And al suohe falae shal foule befall/'— Ciiavccr. 

* And up be gaf a roring and a erie, 
Aa Motnir when the child shal die; 
Out, help, alaal harrow he gan to erie. 
O stronge ladj horb, what deist thou? 
And she answerid, Sir, what aylitb youl 
Have pacience and reaon in your mind." 

Th4 Mirehimt'i rois.— Ciiaui 


The animal. Er i'ach aes; q. e. there^ 
creature of chance food; there's that which i 
to seek its food from the hand of chance a 
He is worked, and then turned loose to seel 
sustenance out of thistles and briars [what cl 
mav offer] ; he is, in factf the only domestic ai 
which is habitually so treated; and thus a sa 

* A sort of eccleaiaatical Attorney General. 

t VUe wretches. t Before, rather. 

f Do them pleaiore, court them, make the agreeable 

. I Bribe. 

% The enlla of ibe Poue'a mvtVww^m.— "^Vq 'Qmsi 
worth a farching, want* io \ive \\V« «. x\t\\ Nswa»sv, 
♦♦ Pa»tor», Top«s. NN '^^^''- 


of contotit And p«tionc«, of ill-rcquiiiMl iiervii'D and 
Miirttwftrdifd drud|(ery. Tlia Jaok in tlit) tibniiM) Imii 
Aoari|(in«l rulation to mx. ^## in tboDflitNiMof 
Jaeh-ais, Wo cmn say A #/^ Jack'OMSp alUuiugli 
•idiitC commuti utftg*. 


Gmpiv talk. BoltUt'dan f(. o. Ma/*! a// empty 
naiie t tliorr in noihiuK but »bui!r iioiin* in wbiii pii 
«r« iMiwIbiy; (mi bv wiiy gf ditcuurM, (tko article 
HobifobUnp pago 141.) 


Huid wboti At fkuli^ Hi n »iiind, ut a totM for it 
imme [for li) r«c«ll noniDibinid. *T Imffhtir fn\fi i|.(*. 
Afar mik m« in IM# affair t suHirr tnii burn; {(ive nio 
iimo; Allow mo iiino in thkcAM); and iinplio»» wait 
till I pan rooall Ibo naino or cin!uni»iaiM!u to my 
momorv. IHngMn^ kMngMn, g9k§n(/§nf to alk>w» to 
boar With* £r m{ff thoro, to mo in tbi» inotanco. 

TO TliaoW IV nil TKRTlf. 

I will throw it in bis tootb; I will roproarb bini 
with itt mako bim ropont of iip bo sorry for it. 
Tm tttsr rouw hin it t^fit q. o, from Mb jnAnt wtt 
go Biraigki to toTM r^tpMnianvni honva wti ttart off 
to iovtro iorrow / what 1 bavo said must load to 
crioft and roiisof|uontlyi to ropontanco. Hin, 
nom thb pointy bonco. Tift, sounds ttutt and so 
Itttkt th has no otbor roprcsontativo in Uutcb 
tittii d at t» Soerp sorO| much, very, Soor-rouw 
lOiiiidi ikrow. 


To waoto tlmo^ to misemploy moans ; to tako tbo 
long attd the wronif, instead of Wvs %(w\V vccA \kv^ 
mtromlf l/> arrive ut a Autt \w\\\\.. TnVwVvW^ 

A<r IfriTri^tv] / never «vuVl i\i^ v^^\v ^^ >4^^^^^^ 

160 AKCUMU}hOO\ Of 

and you may be sure you are going right; tal 
tncans which conscience approves, and you if 
certain you are not misemploying your tii 
regards yourself. And thus axiomatically im 
ing, that to swerve from tlie path of integr 
misemploying the best means which are in 
}K>wer, and amc/unting to an analogous impor 
that in which the travestied expression is 
BehaoTf propriety, duty, that wfiich is becc 
behoving. Leyden^ to conduct, to leadf an< 
sounds light, Drffhe^ det^ virtue, proUt] 
sounds day, 'N, in, in. Te behoor 'n soui 


As in the known Kubrick at the burial of the 
the official farewell to the departed, pronounc 
the community, by him who is authorised to p< 
that service. Eerd toe eerd ae» U, toe t 
deyntf toe dey§tt q* e. earth food to ear 
returned to food ^ returned fftr ever! earth i: 
back to fatten earth, carricm is gone back to 
entirely gone. The words are emphatically a 
to the body [carcase], ifo that which is ah^ne 
the dominion of the grave. In the usua 
common form, if literally construed, unmee 
but in sound sense conveying a sf^lemn and 
tionate recognition of the frailness and crmipa 
unimpf;rtance of that form by which the clej 
was known to us, and of its true destinati 
distinguished from that which is beyond the 
of death. That our IxKly is of the earth 
returns to the earthy is duly expressed ; b 
never are ashen ^ nor do we ever return to 
unlesjt wf happen to l>e burnt, and not always 
ncilher arc wc dust, even \\u>nv»V\ vw\^. of us ma^ 
pf^n to be dustmen ; not A<) y*^ t^Xauw Vs> i\u%\ 
under upecial c•Tculn*V»ncl'.1^, W) VV>v^\ ^v.\>\v 
nor dvMt can ha\e. «iti^ y;etA^T^\ t^W\w \o 

rf mMtii iiHve nor dflnd. Nor arn tlinMi wordii nvrr 
Nniiloyeil, even tu irojieiip In iiurh Neniir, oxcrpt in 
tiliiiion to the cimtomnry iiite of ilirtii in itiln form in 
mr well known riiiirirk. In the phritfie nn jmln an 
uihtnif the term tmhtm In the trnvrNtv nfaPH (h, unr 1 tliiiN 
mie tM A vftrjmtff or an tlmi wiiich in drnil tnrnt 
rarrlftnl, for tmheti nre not nrcf^Nmirlly ptilf . Avrdi*^ 
urtltif enrth, formerly N|»f<lt ivr/ itno //^WA hy im. 
(<>«, /i/i«y fiKKJ, rnrHon, Hnfih. nifnt^nnrl fid nn thnf. 
vlilch In lit to feed [Ihtirnj in n K'^nrml NnnNr; 

*mti out nnhtin M the |»liiriil of auk (rindpr) in an 
M^'Af in the NAnte Nf^ONe nml an the (Imrli al!^a , 
rNifti llltli IVom Nmoke, rnnniinN friHii Drr, nurdm 
* ifffiin Jlnmmd mlkprrnhn vnmitm, hmn^i^n NAyN 
'le W(»m ImN no NinKolnr; ynt nnh-hrttp, ank-vnrt, 
nh'WmtnPMlay ^ anh-lmaa^ tfv,, wu* \\\\ ^iHn\ Mn^lJNli, 
)i>y#/, ffpfkyBt, tlie |mrtiri|fle|iiiNiof'r/r//iir;i, dvyn- 
m» to ^o imrk, fo refrrAt, to liArk out, to r<*t.irn, 
umtpff TPirtwpdprp, rr.ifnyrpdl, prdrtn rrffrrrt 
m\ MMinrU hn we nttfir ditut / Init wliidi woril^ in ilN 
nNO|ihiNthffiteil NeoNe, In hn dimt^ du^/if^ tlttrtit, 
nmif dutiHt, |KfWflerin ^finnrnl, pn/lpn, fhnirdtiNt, 
'trimt, dptrihtti nf Ntiwinif, filintf, Srr,, niiw dnM; 
le word hnd onre the form of diwns i. n. dnifn, 
om the ohN(drt.(« dnwr jtlin VrnwU dmt.r, tlin 
Mtin dulaiH, fttid Ititlinn fidtw\ to whirli Ntork onr 
yf/;», AN Nofl. fentJirrin^f iUno l>p|on((N; no tlntt the 
round Ni'ONe of diiiif iN hn romonrntlvn NoftnoNN in 
ilHtion to Nolid rrdieNion. Ton hnN lioth ilie 
<eftnint( of///, And hIno of entirely, finnlly. 

" Wff tliPfflforii nmiifnll; hU (thin) Iwiily Oi Hip frroiittil, 

INYN t» R/IW1M, ABHM in AHUM, Ml/«r Ml IMJ»r." 

Th0 ttrthr fnr Ih^ hurlnl »f thu htftltf In ('innmitn I'rntfm- lliMtk, 

AHhPM WAN once N|i(ilt with un anhin^ utid even 

" Vttt upHIm tittttU, NO Nfirw \mA iA\i» «w t^\^^\\\^«*^, 
Thnt Hloilf ht hlnht*, m\\\\ \iiVi\utt lit Vw i^^^ax* 
Thmt to riijfm hvrt'ln Imloinn \nUlu\kwWV » 

16t AftCHXOLMY Of 

And fr«n IImf lim t«n iIm» 0M§ nim 

^ Jf «w bin llMt PfiMftoi Y^m ^ m wkto;, 

TIm Iwtir Oiwpirfl fM 4m» M4# 

Fm »• eenlfiirUii lttnl«M»l> 
VmIw PHmIm «f LmIAv Vm MM ^ 

f ilM MMqtMffWtff iM bin imM, 
TW pTMd MMMliittrtM iiCilMir im fpti* I 

f^MMlX iM IfUMrtJi f UmI Inn WmM* 

ilfld wcitUii Mis CMMT 10 flw 0rmu m ff 

On UmW MriM^tlMf WtMIlt f«MMl»# 

Hint if • mw «f ilM 4«ir«^ 
WHli flMPd« H tmd mmmy Unm iM Mpaiirf ||^ 
A«4 Oiiw iIm4 Mb I* dboiW Jm 

* 1 t«k« tKyfli tii#M word* to Imp pwnAU In • iMlidif' 
*to of iN^tn, fMfffn, iMf#Fi [to woto«t, to iMtor, to «ifw 

lAi^tm',MAmmftum. ^ Podi«to« I A ppmia, %m$. 

% VtAih, pmp^h ** Win $n^, win 4mmmiJ« 

ft tofMoir* tlio «ri«H'« tMffiMPdietloHf wlm IwfldMiflf 

f •eoit«f or it iTMMr/b [oroolr, Nml Um Wd)r is tigii </ fMf 

tmttofl1# . 

II Aibim^ bat nwAi in tlMit tt«mor iMfirff for Hw «IM[ 

rbymiffi^ fritb Ifio torogoinf MA#i«^ • oommom m m m urmwm 

Off r oUtor footo ^ tbotorm ioboro utod •• tlMP roAMO ^fw 

•rtitflof oiRptofod i« pofriiftli eoMMMiirioM« 

H Bribo, pitt« || Moiieb, oot^ lito« 

OM^WbMi «if»«i fdfMlof] in iMod in Utin m Ibo lMf# « 

tfco emym, it io, boMiMO it wm etmUmmy wilb tbo KoMMif 

bfimlMrdoM:--* emtOM wbiob em b^vo ao ihMm I9« 

f MM io ^MMpfiil J* f n tbo oSfrroMion einU §t nmkrai Mt wM 

0(rtp«, rMMrfn* : mkI uwhra, mm}, itpMi, tbfti wMcb b«M 

tho bod)r, itoAMdo, tflnmU fhsfrtmaf^rn §inmi, iotoiM" 

I/Iko at^rptt to tb« fanonA yiU \\» tM U f«<la«o4 tonisiiM 

Jn ihh ooMM it eoaM notw fcwr% \i*«v m^^A m «4«% 

M«M#» l<y «#A«»; einii in ciMrrKw, «\n4«T\aMi c\mA«v,\K^ 

«iro to MWfo. \ 

|» Hftui- uiinrdtM'c [ttiiltc 4 (lining, tli^ortU ilv, 

'j V hrrr 'ill On* a|F4irJ hr h*i* tUiu^r^rH frttm fhut 
mkurh, «L<(9 frritfirr [tlr^rnt, U'ruiiiiri^. fiicJitJ. My 
(fur ff.llLn£ ttf lh«* t*'riii hnrnintl u^o 0»*' U'0***|U'*1 
p/ir)L»«. , Iff^titi an^K^^^Y ^ti <witiiit| Hitli hrhti*frrn in, 
\hte r\ptTfK%utn lif %l% piru'iil Utttti i» 4-%4;;;£rr^(r(| 
»r..'( f/ari«'!M(M«'. iiehi-M^rrn, X*t kM'o/iiur, (i» Ik |*rw|M c 
ffjg^ %n •mi, dnrrrr, i% \wtv iimM MikMlatkUvi'ly. 
VArr, *che*U, M Oir |Mi(<'nli4l tVrrni r»l' ti-h*f*Un, 
tt.ktrij'Un, %Kf <ti.|)4f( fi«»ni, t" M-jMfAtf frtiiii. '/■/#«, 
kte-m, Krni, U' luiii. .VcAi't* 'rm mjuiuN shttrnf. 

Scrtwr, in old Dotdt «cA««'mr Tmiw fcAU'Tm/r] 
t», I »M«|ir4't v^tiuiKU"*! iM xU%' x\i*uin it:h*i'rn, l<i 
Casptet«»li, lit U*Mn, lo takr ctf, :iiic| Uiiu. (o 
^peivv, luinjur*' : wKriui* « A '«/<', tfui'lou-, ^% Out, 
^hur,U %3gkr% oti' from Uii^l uvrr wliirli t( <'\lru<|«. 
4ke>4 Uwf Huli h u'hrmrr. twtli^Kl, 4» w« II ;i.ii ckii 
vUl *<» «<-(i(M«' ^^» n\t(ch^ J ill U»* v.iiiu 4/f ^/ iiijurr. 
^li l^k^ olf lfrvn>. i«>d Ot«' U'ilMii j<-"/n«<r(-, lo c(iii|(f|. 
wh. Sn; Oi«l ^Kanic ^ H'hurm) wtKiM lh< n tk- aji Ok; 
M<ii»C4imvr rtfiiUartiwli 4il HA<(-(n</, :|ii itijuriiij;, a 
kAKiiin;;. 'Mliuti t* (I) iuLvi x\i\- tiii|M«rt t^f Ok tr'inp 
Vt,h*tiU.*{kfit t'h;ir3it«r. |m riuiii^l |M-r«-« |iti(iri. i^r MifiM' 
%^hxt wi/r<|; :^(i«l it ^htaiUi iic^ t**- fiyr^uU«ii, 4II 
Mf«i^^nU^«> 4rr ix«ri^H4rily c lli|#HM-:K, hikI O'^t lu* 
t\ ici itv It I \{«(« nju 4 iiH/ri' XSiJKW imr j^(lir<-tiv«- 
«|i»4l(lY [mI*-*]. To «*.m .1 ik'uir iiiM*ri ihr rlnr.uUr. 
H Ck/ l««Acn 4 ml v» t«» (4^4 t'n.m, (o iiijiirv, t*i hU^'krii. 
UW »K4r4i'lvi. 7*A«; J'tiuih nrr k tholf iuutr, xUv 
fviHl» aM' 4 Mii^lt' lt.««A'ii|ri4 lowtr. tU«' itr-»t <U^iv«- 
l« duriinuh^fii {'t4kinjC otrj 4ii(t VI thr U 4«( |io«.Mhlr. 
XrA/( -riK, sfAr-rn, 4M" 4 »4inr |firni4, liviirt Ui«" 
«CM'u/i| j^-Arf/w [now fc'Armrr^ A iAxaAv \.vv\w:Tak\^v\v-v- . 

M '*^ 


of your wings. Hence also schaeden, to injure, the 
same word with our to scathe. 

" A gode wife there was alio beside Bathe 

Bat she was soQidele defe, and that was scathx *•'' 


Thei would eft sonis do jou uaiki 

1 f that thei mightin late or rathe t." Ibxm* 

" Thoa rote of ftlse loriris, duke Jason, 

Thou sleer4 deTourir, and confusion 

Of gentill women, gentill creatures ; 

Thou madist th j reclaiming and thj lures 

To ladies, of thj scath-like $ aparaunce. 

And of th J wordis farsid H with plesaunce. 

And of thj fainid trouth and thr manere. 

With thine obeisance and humble chere. 

And with thj counterfeited pain and wo 

There other falsin one thou raisin two." 

{The beginning of a iart of duetbhiecUmg, firm 
Hypripele andmedea to their old lover, Jaton,) Idbv* 


Pretence, appearance, something merely in 
appearance, unreality. I believe it to be the 
same word with the Dutch schema antiently scheme^ 
sceme, as the contraction of schieing^ the 
participle present of the thema schien, in the sense 
of to pass away, to fleet as shadow does, and 
thus a temporary [fugitive, passing] appearance 
and no more: what else is sham? We say a 
sham appearance and mean a passing [temporary] 
appearance. A sham sickness, is one in appearance 
only, not in reality. Hence to sham, to put on an 
appearance, to pretend, that is, to put before. 
Reeht als de sceme van £ sonne lijt ''Also gaen wi 
keen al onse tijd;*' q. e. ''just as the shadow from 
the light of the sun, so pass we away all the time 
we live.** Johnson tells you sham is as shommi, 

* Ab injury, defect, as the Di&\c\i %cWa«de. 

t Soon, quickly, as the "DutcVi roede. c\Vb, cQfivj«iX\m, 

/SUjer. \ MUchievoua, iioi^^«* 


iKf Wrivlifur f0 chf»f, — ilr miiM linvi? Iirrti tionxrd. 
Mr. Tit«Mr«R*«» in lit* El^mons, t« niurli ttmn'r 
Ok* mtjrik. TIh? ro^rrUlirr MiK-k of wonU (lcrtviti){; 
fi«n lliir ihrini wkn-rn^ arhr^m, tchi-rm, trho-rt^t 
«rAii-fai, i» rii<llr«» ; thadr, utir old thrmr now 
*AMf, ^Ajf, fAor, fAmr, «Af<ii, «Ay, nil l>rloni; 

** A*Wi M ikm InHU« witvii llio •oitii* ffntKi* 

t>«ll<4nin <itvr nvngv. in Una ktvim. 

Hitfltt ap lliv wvi<li9. \hm% Ihoi *p«lk» tff*r# f 
l>4iliii ll»«M« tMMl ammI* Ibtt bffli* rli»r«." 


I Wirvr to l*r a:» trrih in the roller Urr urnik* ; 

Un* Hi (fiirmrriy Mhr], Ti*r m** ; f|, r. (d U yon ; 

M» w YoufiHrlf: williotit to, you nrr nolhin);; to and 

Tvu arr onr* ; Xt^, ia you nil. Ti»r, lian tlir im^um* of 

fttdrd^ finulic«l, rlo»r<l» «» wlini wi* miv titr fhtar 

tf fi0^ that a», fAiir; and aliui that of rntranrr, 

•MMvorh ; m» wlirn wr say hv u ^onr /o Lontitm ; no 

mt» it i» M that which phuiK out and wt that whirh 

bu in : tJiat which l<*t:» in our ntfani of Xmny: and 

ikat which IrtJi out what wr hurc to wiy (you 

oui't «|M"ak with your teeth phut) and wc »hould 

do in without thriH* ntriiiiik ; ^unu and li|Hi an? 

bttt fliifU and «ul>»lttut(-ii, at \h*X in thcM* re»|M'ct.)i, 

Ttff Olid /r arc the »aiitr wiirtl and actHMint for Uith 

tinr ond the r in itntth aii«l irrth. The frinini/in)C 

Mvwiuol * of the Dutf'h |(dd fortn of our lanpia^^e] 

i4iid<» 00" into /A ; f/nn-c mid ijrowlh are the wuno 

wqH. ll in not itniNMUthlr, hut thr word t« ai 

Top Thf (theej; thnt ta fo u fArr (thyoelO: 

which Cfimm to the Mine thin);. Thr¥ wojiformrriy 

•prll Thr, And ia ih\ io ihr, rhytnrd with $ofk, 

" l9o Ar* W0, if that \ tlkiAX mj ^^ «aV 
* ^iowp, •ri9P9., ahv»B . f -\V^«\V«t , \'^^ ^^^ 


Sooth, sothCf truthj certainty, is, I suspect, in the 
same way so is, that is, is so, andthus a tning certain, 
a thing as it is [itself] ; and thus a truth fa 
reaUty]. Johnson tells us tooth is the A. S, totkf 
and sooth the A. S, soth ; but what are they, ex- 
cept the same words ? and it is no more than tetting 
us tooth is tooth, that is true, but it is of no use, 
because no explanation of the words and self evident 
Home Tooke tells you tooth is as the gothic taugitk, 
and thus as tuggeth ; but that would do better for 
the drawer out of them than for the source ; and is 
a groundless conceit. Besides he don't even hint 
how taugith, tuggeth [if there ever could be such a 
word] becomes either tooth or teeth. And how would 
such a source be brought to bear in the familiar 
expression, he [she] has a sweet-tooth, meaning 
a propensity to dainties; to choice feeding; to 
delicacies? A sweet tug, would never do here. 
But in the sense of self or selfishness, as above 
explained, it comes nearer the mark ; and, I should 
say the phrase was as ; er sie wie hiet toe u*s ; q. e. 
there see! that which has the command of you is no 
other than self [within yourself, in you] ; implying 
a self abandonment, a resigned [given up] controul 
over self, and thus an undue [unfit] inchnation 
[propensity] ; and sounds precisely a sweet tooth. 
Toothsome is as toe u*s saeme and thus as that 
which you like, suits you. Saeme, whence om some 
and same, being as the participle present of saemeUf 
to assemble, to collect, to bring together, and the 
sense as that which suits, agrees, likes with each 
other. Sie, look ! see ! Wie, how, who, which^ 
the which. Hie ten, heeten, to command. '<S, is, is. 

'* For I wold, sell my 

I couth walkin as fTesVvevi^ ^siy toeq. 

But I woU kepin it fox -yoxxi o^wiotw^* T 

♦ Pioasuro, incUnAUon, -aw^V^Vo , y^o^^^^xVn * 

A« tnti( hi ih^ ^imtU'iUf ht l)ir{/<' it$mn\ irtsU 4\ 

<^N '/f Mtfiil; for wIjmi. i an tJio^r tifHli Iimv<« ti; ^lo 

Vkn UH Mff \u »liM|/<;, ovtti |'/v;ftll]f foiJiifl«<^l| «« ttM'«i^ 
UMdti ii« fMirlt Mr«; if rom|/ttM'<l wlUi tli«' //tli^m, lli/'jf 

I^NWif, /^)/^ Wfl« OII'iA' lilM'^1 l/y liH III l|l« M'lIM' Offff/f/, 

ihn ffUirti tff an if, fit,, wma ili<^ wliiM^ |tnifito|«iifi<iif 
%liiftlll|j l^/HJoiij i/f Mm^ «'C£I( 

4 foi/i\ rtHt'ni 

A» b/¥ill(C |'k^MA<IM<r lill Mfl IJfltollll.Mllli', l.llfK' />f lift* ; 
|^MIir«f Miff I ttffi IJM'IIK' lit II UlllMfiU;fl|lli($ iUtt u\/t^t. i/f lh«f 

IMrriw/«i in «|ii«'iiti//ii ; ii r.oiiliiifj|fi^^ Vt |fluy Mm^ fo//l 
WK^r iUhii tliA'iif i« iiiiy iiKijj««^ fnttii ytmiU l»t U' 

il/IVttlJi'4(/l thl It ; ty/ Im< MII /;V«'lt$M;WII Of ol^l f'A#/l 

$11 t'JfuAut'i; fiimiM lat/ltim Munum JItiri, iir hay 

kitUl'u^ liiti u* « ; /|, IX, lumi Umij iku loim nf hniny a 

Jiml ulttil I lunl, diptfidn upnn. yttufunlft li//W Utuy^ lli<h 

\M9ilti[ M IIMiUhitH llliull U' ifl^ fifVOIJfili' OIM^ Witll 

201/, ilA'i/t'O'UiJI/oii y/Hii4<'lf |i« witji y/Him^lfj; tiow 
/fi|( rfittiJoA'M |folty|i«lo \9i'. ytttii ttmt\tuitUth\t innyl 

h mlUlh your own l/fU^t lO fix [«l«'^-|/iAr|J|;/;|||, TIm' 

tJiM«( wliMi folly In lo Ur«li««'Hifl«'0 fito u fiivoiJiiMf witli 
yoiJ ito yoiii nwu inhU'in I in y^/iii own \tfmtni\. 
Kayti, ktiu, ht\i^ in (iiln<'4to, folly, {in'J mI^'/m inti/Jintin, 
M lo'/l. lliiid, hald, fiivoiiM'/l, 'h'ttf lif , MMJi'Mf < ii t//, 
liiMilit If ffM'n'J |ii|/<-l.l of; tin'J kfy^ hold ftonnilii 
/.7///| nolwilJf«lifnilint( iU*^ tUiU'.n^ui form of iHli'm, 
M« will \ii' |/rov<'il l;y tliif Mi Inul liiul of |rronnnMution. 
A <-oiiiinin/fi« •A'fM'^ /ff vow**!!! it«',<,*'.iMiHul^ <'<m\i«u\«A 

if^l'IM Ab'll MAM.. 

168 AWCBMOhOor ow 

another or in defending yonnelf. Toe u'$ lumdi m 
Kelt 4«e« ywi have not hit your handif qfUr A 
what need be $aid more$ yon hare the vie of jw 
hands ; what von have to do with them now, Jim nee 
betold ; implying Ton are not nnprofided with tl 
utnal meant of ovence and defence, and joa ma 
uie them ae the case requires. Nae, na^ amrwaid 
after that. Hel, evident, clear, maniftet. Toe « 
has been explained m the article tootb. Hand, i 
with us, 


He gave symptoms of benig aiWud to <gbt; wi 
shy of cominff to blows when the occasion nqain 
[d[emanded] he should, Hy echouwdi er wo la 
veeteW ; q. e. he ehyed there where the occaeio 
required the coming to action [fighting] ; he gsf 
s^ptoms of backwardness in a case where dst 
bid nim fight [come to the point of blows], Schouwtn 
schuwen^ to $hy^ to start away from, fTo, whm 
Heeten, hieten^ to bid, to retjuire, to demand. Veeii 
veetCf veydCf viedf war, strife, contention, contcit 
and the same word with our feud, in the same seme 
Wo heit sounds white, 


All but uttered, it was ready to come out, boi 

stopped before said, 'Et woe heet die^ end af me* 

toognn ; q, woe said thie, and went off in men 

denumstration [grimace, look] ; it was ready to b< 

uttered, but went ofi* in mere unheard mutter; im 

plying I said it to myself, but did not utter th 

words ; what I meant was within me ready to utter 

but I refrained. We use the expression / eaid t 

to myself in the sense of passing all that was in 

tended [thought] by int«rnAte^\%i«)T«i(iwMntin^i 

to oneself. To say^ from l\ve n^xxit^ ^l xXa^ %aw 

impliea no more than to eimboA^ x^ ^JciwvsgcCLVsJ 

7PU intend [havemyieyy>n4,vjvV\xo>x\.%.%>MXsW« 

POftftAR fURASW. 1(H) 

t, inferi no external cmnmunication. / iay, \n at 
.torn no more than / gcOf and both words spring 
m the obfioli!to adverb go, ira, so (our to, thitu) 
1 at the incipient or first state of identification , pi;r- 
ytion of SGif-existcnce ; whence our to $(nt, the 
Lin iOf turrif the Dutch syn [to be] , sien [to nvr] nwl 
ul)f andsr^ffMcMf and jroii/f with many other words 
a same nature. A toothiayer is a seer [f<in;sec.r] 
that which is true or to hap|ien; wlicther he utters 
at he sees or not ; and gayer is the same word 
.h geer as our term for a prophet. Saw the prfn- 
ite of to geif and lau; (a saying) are the same word 
bottom. Formerly / lay was spelt / seigf and / 
1 was spelt / gay, Tlie Dutch geayen (U) sav) is 
the contraction of gg-iff-en, ge being: as above 
plained, iOf as the identifying terminal adjective, 
d fn as tne infinitive sign, and has both ggggyd 
d yggeid (gaid) for the past participle. The Latin 

Soar, gaffociiag and gayirgf as well as gapcre^ 
the Italian gatno and aggoffffiare all belong here ; 
docs the old German gacyhen, with the Dutch 
ghgf gayOf gggghgf Meye (a saying) and the Frcncfi 
70 [wise]. 

" Thtn thuy that •hftlt \m dimpniid «lis11 lAra* 
A SAW It of sorrown thtt iMrrtir nhnW litrd ntuU/* 

DiP$i and Paup«tr» 

" Ym from th« Ul)l« of my mtmory 
111 wlfNi awfijr all tririsl fond reoordSi 

All SAWBlt of bookni," StfARirSAIIB* 

" Thmt must dlioorre sll thr worofilng, 

How i)um Mmrivt, Mid of wfitt thing, 

Thoijtfb thftt thou shotild^it for tby ■om-iAwt, 

Bsn ftll to butln Mid to dinwti/' Cm avosii. 

" 'ftiU DwnlMi. whrni thtt bo bis tinM say (, 

In mtetpi wIm bis piinM snd Him bis bill. 

Cin thi» wblob b« bMl wrltt«n tXi bis will) 

itstb put Into hn bond witbouUn aiot««"— Ciikv<\^iL« 

/.#« SMaiifhi, sbsll havs bttivs \Mlcit% N2kv«vcw ^9a» tM«M^ 

JrW^n*// implying 00 uiWWM. % 'tt^'^. ^ W>V1' 
^iihttt 9^9$ or tawt 

170 Ancii^^LOGt or 

" For which ftill oftin timis frdd he pTMh^, 
And me out of old Roman eettit teohe, 
How thtt Salpiolne Oftllns left his wife, 
And her fotfoke for term of til hie life. 
Nothing hat for opin hede he her 0atb * 
Loking out tt his dote upon s daye." Chavcir. 

And False Bemblant had he SAtirBf alse, 

But he knew nat that he was false. Ioih. 

" Oo hence awaie, for oertis my djing, 
Woll The disese, and I mote nedis deie* 
Therefore go waie, there n'is no meve to fcist/ 


O king Priam ^qaoth thei) thus stooi^ we, 

7'hat ul onr roice is to forgone Creseide 

And to deliirir Aotenor thei preid." Idim* 

" For to spekin of her ejen clere, 

liO f trulj thel writtin ^at her siicfI, 

That Paredis stode formid in her eien." If>B'*i 

" But understonde in thine entent, 

Hint this is not mine entendement 

To clflpin no wight in no age, 

Onlj gentill for his linage. 

But whoso that is rerf uotis 

And in his post notautmgeoiis -, 

Wh^n soohe one thou s«»est Tlie beforn^, 

Tliough he be not gentill K yborne. 

Thou majist well SEirvK*' this in soth 

That he is gentill, because he doth 

Al longith to a gAnfil mnn. 

Of them none other dem*» J can," Idem. 

" I curse and blame generally 

All them that krrin riflanie, 

For rillanie mnketh rillnine 

Ami hy his dedes a chorl<* is SRtivx ft* Iprm. 

OBffHTy aiid water, and sith Irrede and wyne 
And SEiT II it is holsome to breke our fast h**iym^' 


" OftfTrey and Beryn and worihr Bomeyns tweyn 
Stoof] apart within the ship, to (ieffrey gun to sktiv ^V 

• 8e08, «aw. t Seen, unA, in mwi^ Y^*ft»%rA Vte^ w^J^ 

aufhm, oecKl also in the a«na« oi tnu\ . \ 'V o f^i . S ^' 

f fimw. n See article On^Ti mis k^ . ^ ^? • ^^ ''^ 

t*oriu.Aii ritMAfiri. 171 

Ami nil rr)r<ltit tl on««l>o(h linmt aikI moit*, 
IU¥« invrey Lord utmn un w^rmlit t nl.** ItikNi 

A rooTfAti. 

t)mg:tttition nenrlv ulniolotc, but n fow ycnm 
ir<»ll and pracUrtiUy titideintCHHl to tttcntt n 
(• fool robnrr of nn itifrrior ip'tidc to tlic* liiirti- 
mn : one who indificriminiitely attnf kcd tlumc* 
K)t an Well an tlione in conveyances of any 

SrfouU tepad t q. e. a d^ci Ihrrp in the 
n^A / a nuiaance to the oath in question ; and 
the betnff robbed and nl'Used mi|tht fairly lie 
Jered to be Iiy any one, Fantp^ fonh^ a de- 
• blemish, a fault, and once thus spelt with us. 
pn, is to Ihil, to be defective in. Parf, as the 
is of UHfhpoflf the same word with our fhot- 
Te, to. Foul, -liad also the meaning oi the 
uNM or soft and defective part of [blemish tif] 
ve [wood]; the sap-wood* And Isuspect the 
^h phrases ^ont^e btU and U o jtpntn (p 
Pt now consigned to the use of the populace, 
rfjunded in the almve fautpn^ fnntpn^ in the 

nf to fail, to Ik* fhulty, to t>c wantinir, and 
in their origin mi connection with any thinit 
ent exrept Uirough the travesty occasional by 
Ky of sound. 


me upstart in employment! now use<l in a 

.atory sense, probably fVom the (reneral ron- 

of those whoso appointments depend u|Min 

favour, as favour obtained more bv com- 

LT with the interests of a court than bv |>er- 

merit or popular chobe. Er f hack m ho/ 

. e. in conW, ihprp il U alt ft*«rr n madpr of 

fHii 9X courts it all (ov «tt&t 4<^y^\A% n^v^v^^"^ 

♦^* ' rfce \\\\U «na \be ana\« %\\ v>t^a ^1 v*^^'** 

172 AACHA0L06T OF 

chapter of accidents. Implying^ whim and came 
and not merit or Yirtae are the controuing 
powers in snch resorts. /« , ever, for ever, Hatkf 
chance, hazard. Hof, court. 


Men (soldiers) in &ncy, ideal people^ men talked 
of y but no where to be found ; Fabtafrs soUifln. 
Men in backe ruim ; q. e. men who are contamU 
within the space of the numth that hrage of Ami 
who have no other existence than in the moiA 
(words) of the speaker who mentions their nmi- 
ber. Menf as with us. Backer the space withmtle 
jawS| the mouth. Ruijm^ nttfmte^ rsm, t^sce, 
whence our word room in all its senses ; we say bodi 
there woe no room in the hauee^ forthewhdeqNoe 
of the house, and the room it^ a house^ as a portkm 
of the space into which a house is divided on ; and 
ruymte seems to have produced the word room/A tf 

" The leai (then wtntfaig boomtb toli^ tiieir boictVoos hd) 
Upon the Belgiea mstrii their pempeveaetomaoh* cMt* 

DrayUm, Foly AWm> 

1%. Tooke supposes roomthf in that form, to be as tin 
third nerson of the ^gh>-Saxon ryman to dilate, 
and tnus as rymihe ; a pure whim. Our word * 
the Dutch ru}/mtef space, and nothmg else. Hence 
ruymen, to ddate, to amplify, and also to eyacuate, 
to empty, to leave, to remove ftom a place, to go 
eke^ere, whence the German raumen, and oar 
to roam, formerly to rofnin. 

" And I aftir gen romin to and fro. 
Tin that I herd, aa I walkid alone. 
How ha began foU wefbUy to grone. 


'' Her irffidis sewe^atioww* w^ViyftflaL^* 
And piayed her on th«r Vdam, iotOo^ \*^>a». 
Tb eona sad momw in iib« c>im\«K». 
Away to drivinhwt Aiike HnVKiw.— Cii^^cm.^^ 

ruiuiMH riiHAMKii. 17:i 

" ll mt||lit0 bun liik bull, HIhI till* miiiiMt why 
'tli<«hi WM iio MUM IN * bmluiiugli t 111 itm iilmm." 


Htmw tliiititiM: tnlili^-itrrvirrN iiittiiiiliMl nii>ro ftir 
MpprnrHiirt^ timii un NuliMlitiiltuI IiiihI ; utiiiuliMluhtiitl 
dwinii lo III! u|i itic^ luhlo. nml llntM nnv llitii^ tiinvly 
(VimtiiriilMl [lor iiltow,(liMMiritlinii|. fi'yvk t »rhi9^*a: 
(lid. hmkf t$Htt ffiHt U'ill fimi it itU »hmloH* \\\\v\w 

VHlW, IIIIMUblttMUltNllituiri: Ullll np|ilil'll llllitr 111 lllii 

ft«livi« cliiiiitirM III* liuli'u rt^iilnry \\\\\\ thuii lo llioitii 
ufto liny, uiiliiM wc^ iiirliiilti lli«^ plultnui uii«l i'^|MM>cno 
(*unrrrii. KiivkrH^ to Itnik nl, to hov rtn-ioiirtly, to 
pry into. Svha^, nvhtw^v^ tn'futt^ih, tchuniuu'tf, 
*kik(lr,iiltn(low, u|i|mtiriitirti. Johnhon iloitvrMit IVnm 
Ikp Kmirh wontM tfHrltfu^ vhotm, \n\i ttiut m uiiy- 
tltiiiK ^*^'' u kick»hau* i iiHrlifUti rhont* t$ mtiHijrr in 
no kivhhttWt t>ttt itoiuHlitiip: milul. Wlioii you roino 
(uMiilitii ill Friuiro, uinl niik lor f/tir/yNtf^ vhoMtt t) 
^^t^itrr^ yoM iloii'l nitiitn n kickuhitH* nor nvott 
^(VAjiAiin«n, hut Mouirlliin({ lU lor ii tiuu^ry iimii. 

'* Nttiuii |ti|rMiitii, Ihivy i N it«iuplii of iitM«rt-UirK**l hoitii i H 
Nil ul Hiuiliiiii mul Miy iiriiMy iHlli* lUiy iitrii«iuw«. loll 

^VUUmIMMNiIi." HN4Mril4H|i. 

iiy Inking; llm Fivitoh liirni, utMtvtnitruliouml. lor 
hnmiurrc^ ofllio |iliruMo, Johnhon Iuin iiiimMitiroivinl 
i^ilMU^iiih Mn.ToN whrivil iNUHoil.itiul, \\n lit« Htip* 
<'iMiii, in imciiiin iliH'omil IVoiu tU rounuoii lur; oiio 
* rtilulttui lo (luitriiiK:i wltirli In mil tti<^ ouno. 

**HhitM wn limiil lti0 MtiiiMoum nl rmtii In tttkn mir .r«Mitli 
**ii lltoir tMiNhiiUnN, niul miiiI Itittiii nvor Imuk nuttlii irmtii^ 
^iMml liild utluihikH, ii|ioh nihI mt HKMiotat** Miliiin. 

For A#rA>Aitrii tluMT in un A(/VAj«rAii^i. tlu^ oii^iiiul 
*rm ol' llio wtu'il, uiul iiumiiH niiitiily uuhuIi 

* /Nltftff, lllliln riNiliiV. 

174 ARCiixoLOor or 

Mtantialitiefi, good only to look at, and tbus tr 
pery tilings [beingg]; from things scriid ehat 
into mere frivolities. 


Spelt also a herse. The term seems to have 
tracted the attention of most of our etymolo§ 
Minslicw says it is a/Ktio^ \ a lifting up, and of cc 
a Orcck word. Junius thinks it is as the 
latin herna^ and grounded in the AndO'Saxon 
honour : Skynner, that it is from the Teuto 
hulse^ a [lod, a silicle. Mr.H.Tooke, by impUca 
holds all these fishings of his predecessors as faili 
and settles the question to his own satisfactioi 
adding to the list of these errors, a worse of his i 
For he surely does so» when placibg thewordi 
iircdicament of hurst (a grove of trees), he telL 
liotli terms come out of the Anglo-Saxon hyrsta 
ornament, to decorate. As for hurst^ it is sii 
the Dutch horscht, horst, in the same sense, an( 
same word witli forst, forest, a forest, in \» 
form it lias been amply accounted for by Hu 
coper, whose work I have not by me. And with 
word Mr. Tooke's Anglo-Saxon root can hav 
more to do than with tlic moon. Nor do I see 
hearse is to be brought out of it either. A hi 
may be ornamented, or not, and so may any ( 
vehicle. At this rate, tlie term applies better 
Lord Mayor's state cx)ach than to the funeral car 
of a corpse. It is a groundless conceit, wit 
even the Justification of being probable. I be 
the term to be simply as Heers ; q. c. belongin 
a nentlcman, a person above the ordinary cond 
of^society, and thus the designation of'^the i 
ment of ono of that rank ; and no more than 
observatioai of a by»tandcT, who says as the ve 

paaaes with the coTp%ei, xXwxV v^ \\\^. V»\\\v55^. 

person of supcmr %U\Xao\\ \w \\\^ c.otw 
an cI/stinguiHl\inj:i: \t ^tom ot\c. i>^ ^w \\\W\o 


wbitrii llir Imily In iNirtin^ by liiii li^llow 1111*11 011 duii, 
Uti\w Kriivti. Or iltd woril iimy \m kn fmfr *b 1 q. o. 
that U \u vnrpMfij i\f a pvtMnn of Ulntinvfion t mihI 
MH hptir Uf wliirli roiiittii Ui ilin Mitiiii^ iliiiiK. 
//ffffr» It iimninri nun nlMivn fitlMTN, out* wlio Inm 
iii\wm Hi IiIh orilnm, it K<iiiil*^iiinti, 11 Innl, mm loril (if 
thmimiior, Hiifliii itlllliti Mtiimm wn um\ i\w wnnl /o/v/ 
WMMi/Ar. Fji)it<r loriii iif llir plintMn tuiutuUhpriitf, 
kunnti. It nIhiiiIiI I»« ttlwityii \mnw in iiiind, iIimhi 
hilimlivM iioiiitN urit nil iiiMTMiirily iillipNiNi'M, iiimI 
Iiii!iiiii|>liil4i ill ilici MMtmi iiMfid, williotil it «f//i//M 
Mtium^ wlilc'li I Uikn to liif lii^rit iMxly, nirpMn, 
roriNi, iMtriMiti, ormMim niii'Ii luriii; hihI ilii'ii tint 
pliriUMi IN riilinr, lliui in itm li<iily ni' 11 |M*rNoii of cIin 
liiiitlloii, or, ilin fiiiinnil in tliitl nit it |ifi'Noii til' tlin 
dmlUiii, HN (llniiilKiiiNlMttl IrtMii lliMiortmit til'ii ponrrr 
i'Inm, I know ol no itnitlo^oiiH Ifrin in iiny otiitir 
ImiKiiitKni lor ilm Kinii'li rnhiJ'ii/t/110, ttiitl llit^ (it-r 
^iimn l^h-ktwin, ntn linvi^ iiti rciliilion t^) iU mium^ 
'liny morn iliitii liin liuliitn imru or onr Itlvr, Tlii^ 
liiiMlnrii l«ttl.iit hprMln'mhfiufMti l4ttiiii/.titl, 

"Mil Himty tdriJiufi, mt inHiiyiKitiirN, nit ihhiiv liliMtiin unwiiiiN, 
Ml niHiiy iimry iiifiiiiii<ir»i litiiKhliiK iiiiilvr lilwtliu IhhIuh, himI 
*$ti)/hfr$t" Sli ThniMi» Mum, 

Hill Intro lliti liM'in htirn in (|nnlillii<l by tbn ittljiincl 

(W, UN MJit^wy |lbMt|, iinil lliiN NcirniN lo liiivtiniiN- 
i*il fini itiillior ol' tint Divt^rNioiiN of I'nilrv, who 
<|iloii'N ilin |HiNN(iK;n un llio pritftntum p»i to niN fly 
niolo^y ; lli(Hi((li in foininon NonNn it bi^Hitr out^ loi- 
\iny thiin I'or iii/'.aiink. Wlii«n tlin wtirtl In 11 him 1 in 
Ilin NitiiNfi ol' 11 l«Mii|it)ri«ry intniiinnnil, )l in in llin 
•niiin (lirnriion ol' ninimin^ un itbovn K'vim, 

A c'ohi*nk, k roiiNK, 

A i\mu\ hnily* UN tin* Vlt*\\r\\ vuYV<^« \\\ V\vSA\ 
iw/vr, Af^fftM, ^n/'M, for \\m\ yi\\uA\ ^\\\x\\\\w\^^^^^^M'^^ 
1w Hoiil, ihr ««xJNl4Mi(i« ; liuA V\\\\ik W wwvwwsk^^^ 

176 AwcBMotoor or 

crust of the fpirit, tital tpftrk; ftnd of tlib cOff 
the French car9&tf the body of ft gown, it tkedku 
nutive. The word corpie [oorte] if not ftpplicaU 
in this sense but to the dead human boajr. Th 
Latin crusta and our cruitf as well at die Fmel 
croAie, seem to be at the metathetit of the Dotd 
knrste in the same sense, and to belong to tbi 
family of words, at grounded in the thema^ffo^ 
in the sense of to increase, to grow (over, upon, a 
into) ? Tfie ff c and k are kindred consonants, tiM] 
intermntate in different dialects of a tame langaSM 
Our corpgf as the French corpi, in the tense of i 
l>ody or assemblage of soldiers, is, I suspect, mere); 
the Latin coharSf per syncopen cAor#, corf, in tlM 
same srnse, of which our cohort is another font 
and has nothing in common with corpi as body ii 
the other sense. 

" Upon his OTMtd he bvti s toare 

^nd thcvrmn stioked a Lillj flour« ; 

0(h\ shilde his nont from nhonde* ( 

And for h« wm ft knight urtrntiouB 

JIo n'olde slApin in none hous, 

But liggin in his hode/' Chauckr* 

" T pmy to God to sarA the gentle rroncK*"— Idsm* 

" T)ut a1 to lateoomith theleotuarie 

TVhctn mtn the coksb into the grare oarit.— Idi>'' 

" And fell aslepe wondir sone, 

As he that was werie for go 

On pilgrimage mills two 

To t)ie C10RP8 of Saincte Lesnarde, 

I'o makin lithe that eril was harde/'— Tdim. 


In relation to some sudden unexpected insiitt o 

I)rovorati(>ii ; and implying, though it surprise' 

you, it (lid not deprive yon of courage [spirit t 

avenge and resist). Mij Kurtt Je Kumm\ Vlw.^fi' 

Mae ifent#t 

rtft^itAU ffiii4«M 177 

mt^fli /|, f. tin (ifftntfi In mp I aluus^t y>hi0jfrr0 ; 
linn iktft'n iiturufff («^/iri/| in mt^ Um: tl i« 

I \mifp ft'i'fiiipA Mfi ifij (I r^r, \m\ luy hftttt t#!ll« 

I lMt#r IIm' i^Hftt \it nypuyi*' ft. : I Mfir wrorts^wl, 
I frH W9 \nt'k of h^ntt Ui itfftnrw tny tUity »ti#l 

^i^Xt'nwp fttt it {tutpuy^i' tl], flurl, hort, 
, iS$f%i'^^ Hf)uty, \»thiftft itU'tu, iffhfwp hmirn, 
i^li« Ut MmIi mi, nui\ nut Ut hurl (fntwt't]y mImi 
')# IIm* ^f^fi'Ji fif-yr/rr, ttuti thp lt;ilf»ff vrftsrr. 
Mft ftf/fff, i« 9h«' fffffffii/MJ iiittn of tli^ iit»fyirr 
if» %Up %tu%^' of tUiit iffhuh utti kk nut\ vt hntU, 

i/tit iftffft't hiinn- |in fM \ht%ih hortt-, orzr\ 
\» r|1i|/«i« ut hof»f tfiff^ t)$t- K|f(if f»«*;i«t, ihf 
h\ Ut mhy U \hf %\tu$ I* ff f|(fiftft^ in tlir* vim* Wf 
I \t$, Ihtrn, in \}n\th hnrtn^ hf/rn, hfuftn, fintrvt. 
Jit whtrh feti'k*, lf«'liinir« h^r«* fit«/#. ;•« wHl tt« 
«-/» in lltft/h hnnfr in tli<^ t;inii' •I'nM', nn^f Mir 
hi-frtt^ fittUft, Hiti(U'. Ilummttt^ h*'mmtti^ Ut 
k niivtff'lly, Ut fnnnilit^, Ut miitt#<r. Moftl, 
^iC''. ^I'fHf. finimftti/fn» vitfronr. Tti«* \thfttU' 
itM^t fti'' oM K;f«on ^Utttn*/hh%i\. 

*' '\)»»rti/»\iU hi^t ImIa %f, iwfill l/t li-y«, 

Iri «11a f|«)ff{fU #»!'/# ft fr#<-«<ff«i 
Ma ffVl #»A-vfr f i*'/i»i- «r«--fiMA, 

hltf\ *lf«i ft«l4. h«l» /if II \J*»^ %t K«irfA, 

t'</r «}<* \ttt»mm tt*^h'%U\l t*f thmt thtnttuhl." 

i'ttk*-* tP. 
"'t'i tt^'Mu MtU* *hn* f»Mi ^fifi*f*tn 

r«flMi«|jir •/!«»«' ft* Utt Utlnftim," luf.Mi, 

"Iff f)»« tn^ritfhtn of n I'tuttM f»tu*f9U Iia; 
i.U9)iiUf( tl* rip^vn nii*] l«r«A« i#h#if|A."- tuptt. 

f't9h0,t*0 ),M tt#* %«t»fii ««t«Mi. 



He undertook the afiair with all his soul, heaidj. 
Hij wendt aart in aen; q. e. he turned all tie 
means he possessed from nature to effect the jww^ 
in question; he applied all his natural powers pn 
genius] to the business to be done. IFinuiet, to 
Virn to. Aarty aerd^ genius, ingenuity, natinl 
disposition, innate tendency, nature of man, ba- 
ture, and the same word in source with oor^ I 
aarde^ aerde^ eerde^ earth, ground, soil, mould, ai 
the participle past of of eeren^ aren^ to pbugh, to 
cultivate, and thus as that which is ploughed pr 
cultivated ; hence we say indifferently good w itt 
groundj or good in its nature^ and the Dutch goei 
in den aarty or goed in den grondy in the senfle of 
a first principle or basis. In aeny in upon, upon 
the business in question. 


There is a strong wish for; he has a vehement 
desire to have. Die moedt waerde er^s; q. e. /to 
one thinks there is value there; he imagines it is 
something precious ; that the object in question » 
worth having, a thing of worth in itself. We all 
know that when the keenness of hunger, or the desire 
of any particular dainty, is excited by the view of 
food, or of that which is craved, an increase of 
water [saliva] is shed perceptibly into the mouth, 
and it is generally believed it is to this circam- 
stance the above phrase relates. Johnson evi- 
dently coincides in this mistaken view, for such it i». 
Does not the expression apply to many other objects 
of desire than those of the stomach? A woman s 
mouth waters for ornaments not within her reach; a 
sportsman's mouth may water for a dog which the 
possessor will not pari mtYv, lox ^Xv^wjAitt W cannot 
afford to buy, &c., &c. ktvOi «vvc^^ xj^o <svi^\\sAs^ 
there is any sensiVAc c\\tvw^^ '\^ vV\^ ^^«- '^^ 
liquids of the TegVotvs o^ W^ m^xiSXx v^Vki^ 

i*f»piii.AM niiiAnii 170 

wmlifiN nr^ lv\\\ iiimI yv\ ttii« |ilirn«o In Imrci iu|iiiiIIy 
il|t|i|jf*rilili< MM ill llm llrM iiiM(iiii(*<*N ^[ivnii. |ti Iritlli 
lliD iiliriiNii liii* iir» rrlitlidii (o nil rxrtird HuK cif 
Mliviti hut ntirm iiiiii|ily lo llm ili»Mirn in Imvn 
llin iliiii|( ill ijiirHilnti liiiiii n |tri«iiiiiiioil Wiirlh or 
iillllly in Itim wlio iihiim dm pii|irpiMiinn. tHu^ ttitN 
iwrMiitf MiWihn^ U\ iiiitiH;iiif% (n lliiiik. in tnkn 
Into tlm liPiidi W^wrtip^ wpprth^ wortlii vtilti0, 
UfkWn AVi thin. \V, ^A, in. MtwtU itutiiiilii mtmth, 
iFriirrrlr rr*4 uniiiMU nii wr iittnr wnfrm IwHtfrtprn]. 
Wt»pnlp, worth, wim niirp in wnv willi tin in tlip 
nUn\w}ti( wpHhr^ urrfh* 

" WI1011 llioi liiulltiif, iniiiiiiilil liiiit fiilt InnK \ 
(^litHli riitiiiiiilii, fiiltili, I wiMllilfi itiil Im knttilp*, 

'riifiri*liirM III MfiiMti( wIhi> yn !*•! 1110 ftntiK** 
Til vfiii iMmiiHnn nt llii* IhiiiiMh piiiIh, 
Ami tJiHIinr mniio tiiiilit i'ni i>li<irlli* tiif* fintiiU 
'I'll ItvM tipiiii, till nil iiililli III ftiin \i*t\\\ 
In fVii liiti iV'ttt*! NiMilifi In tiiy wli'litMl t wptn-ti \, 

** O Noppn III nnriMW niiiililii tiiln I'ltn*. 
O Mtllir*! l'riHii>iili>« iinwr mill iu'linuirn 
(limit In ftiy Jnln iiiiil niitl itl itiy iiilrlti in yniili, 
Of ill lilHlitiiiNnit imiv ml ijnni lilnko^ iiml limo. 
riiiMoln 110 nnlvo finil lii<1|ilii innlo ifiy mint, 
I'Vll In lliy (nihiin*, n-li'hiit U lliy h 1=111 11 1>, 
riiy litiomt In iHiiiiHiiitil mnl llin Imln utilic*rilit." 

hit Ml 

I'll I'l.AP v\\ 

Tn tiikp lip. Ill ititlni|i, III liiy np in; n^t wlirii va 
Ntiy, Ar- viiipt him itifopHMott^ hv thipf him up tit ffotil, 
A-(*. Il IN rviilit|it I lull I hi* vrili itl viiip run in iIiim 
|ilintNi< liitvit nn cniitiitrlinii Willi fo t^lnp in llin noiiai* 
ol'tontriki* lii^rlliri | it|*iiiiiNl | iiiiil Nil In [imkIiu II 

* Kiini^lM f*fi»tn*ii, |iiliMii|\'. 

4 IMtlilliliiliitil. ili>|iiirlftil. friiiiit iifl, M Itin |iiili. |iNHl til 
«'|/t'fcl*ll, 111 ItlVit IIWHVi III 1(11 llHltkt III lllt|IArt. 

I Viiliii', yiht*, Hill III. 

f lllnih, IntI in l|ii> |i|iiui\i\ nowuo, \ x\\V\\w^ ^>^ ♦xV'^^"^ 
ftt 41 mil' A nit, /M/rr i; I. \\\x% a^\^^^^^ \\\\\\\ \\\\\\ ^'^^"^^^^ ' ^\^y^^ 
7/#"» ifil,tt,f ,.f ./,.;.,,,,./ .,| „Mlt.u»i. »t.M Uovv ^' »x^^^^ ' 


noiie [found] y which it of the same stock 
Dutch klappetif kleppen^ klippen, klcppen 
peUf to ttnke; and where the whole toale 
Toweli if employed indifferently in the tanu 
I take the to clapy in the abore expretfion, 
at to clipf to cut off, to remove^ to take off, 
a fecondary senfe, to embrace, to hold wid 
armf and thuf to take off or remove fh 
former pof ition, and then to retain confined oi 
from elfewhere, to hold off or away from, fi 
to clap in prison f would be either af , to cut o 
prifon [to confine within a prison], to remoi 
elfewhere to the confinement of a prifon, 
hold off or away in prifon. The verb tc 
af to clipf if as derived from the Dutch k 
in the fense of castrare, emrare^ to mt 
mutilate, to disable, to spay, and so t 
off or from, as that which is clipped 
clapped up is. And kloppen, in this sense, 
contraction of ge-lobben^ gC'luhhen^ as 
evirare, castrare^ eunuchare, virilia execan 
lobbe, lobf a lob, testiculus. The Dutch ten 
klop'Buster^ a nun, a vestal, is of this stock, 
sense of one who is cut off from intercour 
general society. But nun^ formerly spelt no 
the Dutch non, nonne^ the low-Latin nonna^ 
vesty of mona^ the Greek /lovn, the fc 
of fiofoo-f single. The men of this cast were 
nonnif also nonnaneSf and, by a truer Greek 
monachi {jwvaxoi)^ whence the Dutch 7, 
munck, our monkf the German, muncA, the S 
monje (pronounced monkey) , and the 
moine. To clip a hedge, is to take the ends 
shoots, to clip the nails, is to take off their < 
ends. In the sense of to embrace, it wa 
sometimes to clep a* vjd\ «ci^ to clVpi[»t^^\» 

MirvkAH riiiiAtiiii. mi 

** IUwikn»« I |iniy yon, Air hf hnvln Ik inn 

Full mMtj « MMi wMilih* ti» ii9# « thing 

AniI IiU nil Nmillilr Ihiiti it Mmiiitt, 

ll» IImI mlMHimwl villi Aill nA iniiNUinllh. 

Ami with thm wiiril ili« cmav) l#tit iluwn Av tli« trt i 

Thki Jahwaiivi whii h kIihI tiui lin f 

lU kliMlh lipr« Im i!i.iirriiNt lipr Aill nft.*' 

** A NWtU dIiIIiI* hm nh§ t*itW«A (*WI^ ) wmi« mi IIimI my «iv«. 

W»U mMth k« l«ttln ittmU, iiml miv f niiiI nImva 

(Ir mak« « rimlni* of IiniiIa. or iii^inilijMiitiiM 

In iwMiljf mutilr a«mili Im irl|» mul il«iiiii>», 

A Air tli« M>liiil# of (UlnAihlM ilto, 

Awl Willi hU Ui^ MMtlit (it mill hro.** Iiivn. 

*' Or hIIIn III t lliU WM lh»r miMl# Un 
Thttl nII iIiU iIiIiik lull nlf*i« 4 ilrpniU w«ni 
I'lHT whl<>tti« Aill nil p|i|i« I if ni0iii Mill, n awntii 
Oiji^ri I yira iliu«« or »Im I ito It mH» |.** I him. 

'* tlMN IkmnilMl I ilouiiii, lit Mill *In rtittmipii 
C^MiPiPiiiit iliA flrornm wltlilii niytip «rinU Iwtliti 

III* HIihIm illntllliNl iloiiti# INI my vliiiut#, 
My it|itiliU#lii« Ibn ilruiipliig iliil iTliiliilii 
T« Imvii ityMt Air tiym i wmilit IVill Aiiii.** 

( It^NMNfuKim t^f Afiifv MiigiUl0n ). Inaiii 

*• Wti»r«riimlliM wlR«miin dohli 'I'lipmUlin*. 
In i^lnMM worillii omi In* rniiiul iin Ionviik l 

Wllh llii» iilniiiii||»r III RlKiii ill tin wlirn 

Whiiih* In ihiI lliy witu, Aill iinl in f>t ifpinti 
Willi lt«r. litil hvwiirM »k0 of lt»r klMyioiTi 
Kfi|Mi Willi hiir ill wiim nonllvrvHiliiNi, 
I. PHI Illy tin li^rlM IWII liy hmlliiiiliiiii." Itim. 

*' Ay#niil IiIh c»oiiimiiiitiil»m#tt(H Ilif>y t^rlo 

Atiit lUmitnlti nil liiii lo hn lir»nil« 
Km llinl im llkii midliA i.ii« unit » urn** |lyiii|Vfl AdMilicKMlh 


* tmnntiiM, ifiMif#N, III lVitti*y. 

t KmlirMon t lo iiitPiif tlm orittiiiAt iiMMiii«i*rl|ilfl, iLViPVifii* 

J rui l»ir, iiMilii, Sp, f ru«AU\\, «Mft\A)% 

f /.r/wir. rtiilf0iiiiK I nviiUnlXt «t tV* i^nw^^^ iX**"^ '•^^ ^ 
/te|l«ii tHUHgmp, I.I i|iic»c»kt». \xy UXK^^ ^^ VVa — -^ ^' 

182 AiicJiAOLOGY or 


A silly person ; a soi't-hcadcd man ; a dupe ; ono 
easily imposed upon, Sie *cm ! pelle toe huH ; q. c. 
look at him I there* s plucking for you; do but look 
at him, his face tells you, you may make him your 
dupe; his face tells you lie is a (it subject for impo- 
sition. The term is extended to imply any one who 
bears in his face the marks of a weak mind; but 
originally was confined to one who proved himself 
proper game for tho sharper. JoiiivsoN derives 
the term from simple^ implying, I presume, the 
term to be a peggiorative augment of that word, and 
thus a great fool [idiot]. But I do not believe 
that simple can ever be brought to the meaning of 
any quality implying weakness [debility] of mind 
^faculty]. In Latin and French, whence wo liavc 
It, tlie term means single, honest, without duplicity, 
sincere, i)lain, devoid of art, The French say, Dieu 
nimes lv.$ humbles et Ics simples ; it cannot, I should 
think well mean fools there. Simple comme un 
ntfant, when applied to a man, may mean unfitness, 
hut that only by the context. Ovid says mcrui 
simplicitatc futjujn; commonly construed, 1 deserved 
my banishment for my folly ^ but duly, by my 
ctmdour, sincerity. The old French simplesse, 
means ingenuousness; and simpliciti' is sometimes 
eni])I()yed in the sanie sense ; and also in that oi 
jiaivctcj bi'tiscy but it can only have this import 
from Konie context that direets such meaning fmm 
it. Jc ?ie suis pas si simple que de me Jier () Ih\ , 
it is the si (so) that causes it to imi)ly over open- 
ness or confidence, and thus too muchy wliich is 
always good for nothing, oven when said of a good 
thing. O virum simpliccm, qui nos nihil cvlnti 
sapientcm, qui sendcndum ncccssituti putnt ! hen 
n^nin it is the coulcxl v\\\(V cowVxvx'sX Vv^ mt savVc^' 
which ^ivvH I ho sense vA*v\\\ over e\\\\v\vv\v\\ \vwi\\\^< 
a pvison. But ssimphUw wU .vs^s \\\v:^s.\v^*^ ^^.V\x^ a 

iii(tiiiHiiiili*iil III uU ciiiiUul, iiitd in \\ i(i(Mimltiilly 
KiiKlirili ioriiii wliirli nimpits N iitils htrntdim /hm, 
toHti^ JM uii Itiiliuii iumI iuU till ICiiKlirili roriii nl 
(iuy;ill0iiii 1 ilii not liiiliitvn iho two wtinU Imvn 
ttiiy tHiiitimsiidii ill ptiiiit nf Muiirrti. iiti m>iu vuijht 
lh» nlmphMt \w wim ituiilo u foul til', hit pnivuil 
liiiitiettif ti ilupDi kid wi(» II0N, (iniit iHt^r ti^i uitt 'am 
ptflh^m i|. u, harti whtsr*i thtii'v h /ir«ii>M4iiM, mi/Mt^. 
lifuvMi' jfuur$p{f': Ituik kit him, hino pilhii^D in in liin 
ftiiS0 JI10 ImikM hliit niiti whti id luiriily ihi|i(Ml|. Thi) 
Dutoii ii|N)|l »mi»ht»miwl^ atul, 1 im|ipiirio (hn uluivti 
lorm wiM iMirt> H|Htlt umpviiott, 

** llinrti WHMH Nimim, H l*i-iiiutMii, 

TliHiiif liur HitiiliuK WM ■iMfin ^timl tmy 1 

llvr grdiiltfHi iilli wu« hul hy Huiiii luluyo." ('luuctii 

** 'riltfU hIiMIIU ItHlllH fuith fVlUlMI*IM. V t, 

HIiH wmulu liHVt* lriiH|im>utt l\il uiutuly, 
IIuiiiMm h( \wt iHirlH, mitl mmlu it Miui«i.h } 
WuriiiK n VKlItt In hIihIu ni' wliit\tlti ^, 
An Nuiiiii« Uiiiittiit llmir Alititty."— lutu. 

•*fliMi*i vuf utirti, Hint ilutHimiHin* iif olmrM. 
Willi full MMuriil iiikliig Hutl mtiuuni." - lut h. 

**'rUM Hwlfliiiit iif llitmH ttriiwuM Avu 

(hif iif H thiwu Air III ilrivu, 

Ami llm titiMl fiiilitirtiil inr lu tlltt 

A lilt initial ii|iii« WiiH yrluliiiil II UtiUllii. 

'I'llHl MItlWll lltlll lltUliUll liiDbii, 
WM|t|ti|lil| (UM I InilVo) UIMfl fcBafcil . 

1'liu lliirtl yiitit|ilil wiM FrttuiiiitiiiKi 
Tlmi fultiurnti WHH ill iiutilu wUh 
With viiluur mill MitliiuriiHio." -Inbii. 

A niir-KATuu. 

Ill ihtt HOIIM0 111' u Htiukur 111' ihiii^dr, niiu roiiil iil 
MlvmititritNa uiiu whii imiuiU |riiiiN iiAi^i I iiiiititivriHrtiy 

* 0|mii, hi|S0iiuiiii«, t AilUdaly, V VUvnv. 

# A utirt ul' jifiilliiil mil. wwxw \i^ N\\VK\i v\v\ aa \v\ kn\\>*>6\ <V\» 
Utmk Mtil limunl , lit |lu(\.\i u>lm^H:l. Vv\ Vvv'WX'^* ^v:\w^Yw^ 


perils ; a sort ol' Quixote, a mock hero ; a 
madDiaii. Er vaer hiet eer ; q. c. there ti / 
is always at the command of danger; on 
no sooner hears of some new opportunity to < 
his mania, but he is at its service : or one 
ever ready to expose himself for the sake o; 
notoriety or money. The term is always use 
derogatory sense, and as opposed to a person 
courage, he who never exposes himself for p 
advantage, but only when called on by princi] 
feeling. Vaer, gevaer, danger, peril ; and 
as we pronounce^re. Ilieten^ heeten^ to con 
to bid. Eer, ever, always. 


A scoffing designation of the person in qi 
a ludicrous distinction in regard to some one n 
sent ; for nobody is called by their nickname t 
face, except by one who is pretty certain he i 
risk in so doing, one who is well acq uainted ^ 
man. Er nuck naem ; q. c. there is a scoff 
when his hack is turned ; here is a mocking 
when he is gone away. Nucke, nuk^ a slj 
a secret sign of contempt, a cunning trick, 
of sly roguery, une ruse; the word springs fr 
thema nn-criy to nod, and is the contraci 
nn-itjy the adjective of nu-en. Hence the 
riutusy jiutare, annuo, renuo, ahnuo, S^c 
Fren(!h jmtjue (the nape or bend at the back 
neck) and knuckle y in Dutch kneukel, knokel. 
mediately from nokken, whence fjenokken now 
Af?/i,the same word with kneuken, knikkcn, U 
to l)ow. To this stock Iw'lonjrs also knee, in 
knie, as ge-ni-e, from nijffeuy to bend, to 
to l>ow, and is as ni-en, nifjeyi, in the 
Mrtiaa, J fence a\so out knwv., \\\ W\Vc\v^ 
I whence the French €ani/\ via km^mc^ -, ^y * 
^^i/>f kniffi withajo'uvl'otW'uA; AXMXknV^n 
/^^, to nip, to coinvte*s,\^ ,ji,-t»»VV* •^ > ^^ 


ill tka NUIllct MttiiHii, llcirct hImi IntloiiK IIh' DiHrli /ir/r, 
nimI uiir nm'k, uUo niir /WrA |iiMh'li|, mm iiilM'luliiiK 
ur iiiltft Ht Uin liitHH of tliti ui'I'ow,iiim1 tlici Fri«iii'|i tilvhti 
mid our yiirA, n» i\w iiilitiiiiliiiK; ur iiirtirvittioii lor 
UiH rei'tiptioi) of It Htiitiiti ill u wmU |iMiililiii|<|. Hut 
Uia Ffdiu'h nicAff MM Lrirk, it Milt*iii Nroir, in in ilid 
Mtliria of K liriul of llitt|it<mlonioil, iim iNcloiui wlimi 
Wtt wink or muktt it Mvivi Mi^n to iitioilirrin rflitUoii 
to luiiiiitUiili|f nut to \w riuiil In^foiv \\w pt^fHoit it rti- 
kUm tci or wlioin iiitt'iidt'il l»y il, itiid iM froin tlitiNiiiim 
tlinniHylmt ill Hiiotlitir liirtMiiioii of thti HituMn; ilii« woril 
in |iru|ittrly »///«« uh tivt^ry oiin kiiowM. Wn Huy by 

Mi|(il« liiMi IIOcU, ill tlu* Mf llMtl of MrrlVt llll(|t*rMlUllllill}if 

iM^lwtimi tiui iiiitkrrM of tliciii lo tlu^ rkrliuion of tlm 
iitlif^rH who urti ncit in tliti mitivI. ho Ihiit nivhnuinit 
HA HUvhHuem, in nil it Hc«(!r<^t nconinii; Mif^n Kivciii in 
riilkiiili* of tlm |MtrHoii in liin itlmuiicti | litiliinil liiH 
lNu*kJ, Ntiit, nu, iift«ir, hnliind. 'Jt!fu, htm, iiini. 
Th«* i)uti;k (M|uiviilcint npiUmiam in itH niork tiitiim, 
imnio ifiviin in iiiockt<ry. A'm(//' in Dntdi iilwnyN 
liUiilliil li olniip'kh\fti^ iind in it very iini'it^nl word; 
ninhh''kH{f0, or oim tliitt liitit no hi^ndiii|( joint, htiin^; 
m0»,nitiiiMpr, mfiin, ni\i\ of wliirli !(///[/>« Im iih lliti tillipHin, 
fur in truth kfi\fti of iUidf nicuiiM no morn ihitn it 
Juint |l»cind|; no thiit Joiinhon'm ilnnnilloii, with 
thin undtiiMtitndiiiKi moiiimIh ludirroiiHly; whtMi hrt 
ti*IU iiM it in an imlrumviit ftfj/ftl nitd imiUml wkt^ra • 
with nwnt U (iiii tutdtniiinatu Itillvtl! 


Orintuii'iitiil trilh% toy for dfroiution |rihtiw|. 
Nivkt nark, i|. t*. viuf, jtutf, mid im onti of tlioMo 
imitiitivo itnnitioiiM, um when wti iiuk, iavk, vlivk^ 
vluvk, A'c'. niifunin^ to ct)i|irimM lint itllt^rinitin^ miitii 
of thtt nolHti nf It riork or itny Hiniiliir Monnil. 
An ctjijinijMJon j^rolnihly Hu^^t*«U'A\ \\^ vW\%v\ C\\\\vnm^ 
muiffM of (itti nuiiuliiiiiic i*um\i\\4 <l\nw^\\>^ %v\ Vi^ 
tiiwnl hi l/n< loonm of ^^u^ i\r\\ u\«^\v\\\A\V\ vVx**?^^ 
ihHh hi'tti luul ill llolllUll\,\\li^\u•vuW lA >n\\W^V^ 


SO put on as to keep nodding for a coniidwaHi 
whik after the aliglitest toww. By the Fnmk 
they are termed wutgf^^ JTnieiMi and nidhm m 
used indifoently fixr to nod; fepodton ii l» Mqk 
Nack, neek, niekf aie the same wocd witkonrnici 
and grounded in the thema ni^ra, i|«-«K9 idnMe 
at^reiiy ^^gen^ to fa«id, to incline. The i is tte 
representative of the eoDective pfefiz^, anltka 
ifeafcton is from iii"en in the form of y n s en idw^ 
kme^ knee. Naek^ as adroitness^ floiibility, apti- 
tude, pliancy, b evidently firm a MNise eovce; tte 
nack of a perfonnanoe [pevfe«niing] it a flaiil]iiil|, 
apliancy in doing [acting], 


In a gkMmy mood, a state unfit |br awtociBl} 
but one*8 own, a state lepdsive to odma sm 
when others are so to you ; in a hwesoaie teaqpor 
of mind. I take the term to be the same wm 
with our old sohtHe^ lonely, alone, and as, so, 
alleen Ffo, al'dne] ; q. e, in ihu Miaiet be abmi 
in snea a state, alone | unfit to be with aaj 
one but sdf. So^ jdh/, self, will be acconnteil ti 
in another page. I 9uspect in our egpiestiqa 
every soul of tkem perished, the term eaml m 
a travesty of our old word sole, only, one, and 
everjf soul would then be as everif erne (emff 
sole). And the Latin solus is protNib]^ as j»-ci 
or so-el, one all, one the .whole, or one another, 
patterned by the Greek terminal os (us). 

" Me tii(mfflit the feUowdiippe as naked 

Withoadn ner, that I wwe onet. 

As A coKOwne withontin Btonee^ 

Tttwfl J she Wis to mm er^ 

Tba tOLBiM s* PhcenU if Ambje, 

For there Uvith nem hut oae, 

Ne SQohe as she vio Vii!Civ«\ iuesos^^^^ i& v^^lv^. . 


" I till liii lilN iiiglhiii fliirlUlti 

llMtli iiiiiiflil liltii ttvir I'lii to Ihi 

iiiNliiiif iioi|Uoitiltiunr,ii mill |»mvi< *^, 

For ha lovfUi iMitm liMvhinfMMi. 

Hut mirth wid piny, muI filtuiiumm^f 

I In liftUtUi iiko iiIIm triMiluMirN 

Aim! Noi.KiNfct folka nmi «tiivloiiii, 

For yn wnll wot lit ) howr tlmt ho 

Wot «vlr kImI mul Joyful ho, 1 iii ti 

" P(»r tfilo wh«h thou hMthliiklntTho 

Of thy lovlii|f, whuro no thou ho, 

yn» lolko thou UHiNt i1o|hii'1 Iti hlo ^ 

'J'hirt imum |i«r«iilvii tiiy ihhIikIIo 

JIul hiild tJiliM Uwnw thou niunt uloiio 

And 1(0 forth nomi|| ttiid miiko thy tiiomt/' In. 

" Anil 1 for wonnMj'tmUt H , mtiil tiui « ciuukow, 
For J will of itiiiiowiin Mutliorito 
KgroumiiwmNiMwiiii liiko uiiwo tlio ohnrKfl iivw."-«lii. 

Nst by ilriKulor uvHuittrtKo, no hy pHvy imry, nn l>y 
IN ** |»ttr|KMMi in oovotimt of worNhlu or ofKoiloN." 


J ill* puUio I coitiinoii I |mtli, imMia{((tp roiul. 
hy(t way \'U)t^iin\ / (j. (^ /A/r lahtmnnn way \ imtli | ; 
\mwM ill whirli it IN luhoiirmi [worKcfl onj ; tin* 
' triiVi'llcul on. //{///, A]y/f, iih tlic. iniriiriph: 
Mini of hijvn^ hyttn, hvyvn^ to litJNiiir hui'd, to 
li tini hrriilli liitrdty, m omd wlio inhoiim linni 
«; to \n\ inoli'.Ntrd, troublod l>y tiard work [din 
NJii^ lulioiij, whniri* our tn hlv tin, to hiv, to 
titiiy to ^o forwiird willi imiii i'roiii tlin vAYvvX oi 
*d, liiiii IN) to punt fwiKTXi']. Wvy, iiN tlni 
ninIi form oi' wuyh^ wmj (wiiy) iVoiti um'ttn, 
<nnf tli» l«iititi vutrtif viihvrt*, to ^u on, to nittlcu 
r, to (tnrry on, to rontiiiuo on, to |)rop;ri*ifii ; 
mv.v. via (in tlu; diiiliirt of tlii» Oiir.i w.ia) and tktt 

I MUMiimtt im Im-rijvpf tw'i{ll lit \\w w\Wks\ k\K \VWtt\ ^ >t,«>\v^ 

K$tltW, tliii Ifnlt.U lithfl, iiirfril, 

funln, t'iftni fi\irii, III liilHiiit \\\\\\. \ h\vfi\^. 

IH8 AllClf;iOLOClY Of 

French nfriff wwHf and voauw, 0o thftt thir ton 
hif/hwnp, won kl 1)6 formed In tho Mine Mfise M U 
trnvrt from ihn Frefich travaUUrf to hlioar ; iiid m 
nay //» /;« tn iravnit for to be in the paint of labmn 
[rhild-fiirth], Hio hiffhway was the path of the fcoi 
trnvelkir^ an well as thst on which burthens w«ft 
f)roif(cht to and fro, lon(( before chaises and faortnin 
tbotifcht of; and a journey on foot, especially a loi| 
one, and loail^^d, is no easy task nor caMble of M^ 
done without labour. It is etident higlif in the fitori 
M\i\M\ of that ie.tmj can hare nothinff to do here, aat 
is with IIS of precisely similar sound as A<9/ 

** i\pfyn, (]iiMh thin Mynd, tfionfchft f msy net MS, 
MtoTMl nt^f 7 it th#i burr, mt Mmjttff I0 for Tbe, 
7hfit frromfffnni«h thow frithh(>lillst my boHi to syss# 
Th«i wlch f tok«i TThi for s tjnis, snd (fitybM«k to as flTtii/ 
And tiUte tfa«in me sgsyn, m our sorsMmat wss." 


" A chiMft osmft from th« hsi. 
To wftfTM (/fMeidn th«i mippir WM r^U ; 
Kirat kn/»ck«<l ftt tbn rlnre, md «tft fxmth e«ll, 
Mft<l«m«, your Aith#r h)dd«th 7M1 cum in nit t 
MA huth mfirr«i1«i n(9 iMiff on ffrofe | ynn M^, 
And MHth ymir hfidiii Trnth $ to Imup Mymdikle 
Tb« Ooddiff woto n si yon <int«nt foil w«l«,''— Intn. 

ThA hfmi^Uf Uy oripoti bin b««d And b«rd of tbUsffmy, 
And niMt bim tip Iif(bt1ick, find tboTif(ht b«i wold MM^f 
Iff* f/ikA II HtNfr in biH bond find nronn »r>f wondir bht^* 
Tjl bo wf*r with tbo fnlAiiblp t>ifit iibnid noror thrjf*." 


* To bfintun, to punt in f^fnttf; or working, tbo l)nt«h Afn 
AH fibof o. t ' ^Mto, biirry* 

I I NiifipM>.t, fM /gr#r/M7>,(iri OATmfin£^(n//>)y ftcnninj; tipoA,i 
in prnfM or by pmyATN. Mr« llrry Myfi it m^ain f^mmlUngl 
iind y urA M>ntri»rHb1o noimdfi* ('haiuHtr hfio b^on lit timM iiofll 
mftiilml by bin OlommriAt. $ fWmdfi, mh pmyfvm. 

J Know; tbft Oodii know wbiit yoii m#iin witboat lUI tk 
rifCmHrol^ of yonri* 

T Hustwiml, snd t>i« Mimi^ ^«vtA V\V^ V\A4,\reX.^\%«Mii 

•• (:«mpliiiiiiifi«y V ^'^^ .^'''•^r T^^LU VS^^" JJ 


'*'f'M |)MM«II Mitl tU il«iyit< Hll, )ris ftiiivl fiiilii tiiiiti0 
I^Af, IrMl y« MffiM * ^/ffli. ifiHl jTMi Wfif yMiliia« 
YMir WMiltiir Willi tw ^mU ^ fehn la yil till llvM, 

ff f0 WiA B^ktt wyiti hur yua ifiii«t Miiiif /i/ii'H." 



A Uvi^ of lifti now lurrly |iiitHiiiiil, iiwiiit.s I nii|i 

fUiihtttiWrtintkMl mlrlil-Ol' rlir utif-limilli- nfliitMl. 

ind «ciftiiM|iimiily (litfiiiii«lM-«l ttiimiia nl u toliliitt'ii 

MM|li>» bfl|{«llo( titill tifillfialnw linirlia. nikfy dl 

liVfirily ynfirN mko, wmft lihtdly In hr |»tia«i--(t ul 

aIkIiI willlOlli flniignr. AV A;//; ii>tni in anti > i|. l^ 
in Ihni phn:0 yitii havii ihtJ Inil uf hitvr.lhmj ami 
MM! (l|i«Mlilirj htinidt-B I \iv.n\i\vn llir f'iiliKlir. of |iiiit 

nnyifilf, Umrti u n I'ttltttnity iif'ttiifittiri knMl : i»ii|'ly 
liy, on lli«i nmd in iiiirRlion ymi liuvit Itir |ilit|/iit' 
III % jiiiirii^y fttifl \\\v. nail ol' lii'.iii(( rnlilMtij nt 

llMWfkMl on \\\l^ liruil lif«i«lti, ////r: In lirir MM i'« 

|iliiimfil in llm ttMir((iiin|{ nilirln. UV/', wrm. f/iiff. 
fttalrru; Mnil mmukU mm Wt; iillrt if/i;/. M^ttrii, 
m^i HtiH^ math atn, Hlnii|/ willi, iiihi ttiti litit^Hiii. 
lihil MiiimU mtin. Il rttnnnf Im mh .lolitiann 1111)1 
fiiMnn a mnn im u htffh rtuul, tttiil nii // ruhhut , loi , il 
tbiil nt««« wttfl not in inri n mm tttfuitur iiimI 4 inni- 

Wllinij llir lilfif'rMKifi WfMllfl lit: llililr llfr (linn I'Vrt , 

lfiili*-itil III* lining nitttily i^khiirl» mm il ti^tilly in, 

'tut-'. WIr.AtinANIi. 

I WfikfttiflJ llin Wilitl pljit'i Hi'- |iitMti(;rli| llif. lifnHlli, 
Mini l»y whlf II wn litiMillir. rriliiijiii im //<2 H'ur.^i'.ml 
(wtifimntit wnavtut ) t (|' *^ ifi*' fwintf i (lift miMllii^.. 

ln/Mi-f. lliv imrlii'liilii |ilita«lil of It»ll0t'0tt (tn MiHiiily i^lfli H iIh 
fe|f«i) UM«tl III mi luKiifliliil ■•tii««i mill ltiiii< «■ limi'ldiivly. Mif 
liny ali^M If UiM llin A. rt. /hi /j/. «villi lHii« Vlfjnfnitvly, tiiil 
yM, it llmfi* la HIII.I1 •• Inrtii, tlnii'l ilti|ily llml. 

* ilfilli «¥iiliU Ma ti«|ilf»iMiiil hi I III* \ii«i<><iiUuvi. \u»U%tt . «i\\\V («\hV 
kiigh Ml$t0 nmuHittm lit, Imt <1ia1 yi>«t \i*«ii\\%n Yk»i»\\\\«\\\\«\%VSVv«^ 
Mt^fflm.aM.f ) ht httmlou, A Hit l\iU mtitW »i\ •Yis\\\\>>f, ^*^• ^' 
'tuhim tu$ thvhtghtn htghwHti, Mtn^n ii%v\*\u«^»V \N <» **^ ^^^* 


the existence, and thus at our beims or the na 
existing. Stop the weesand [wfam-irfpel and 
is an end of our bebg in this worn. The A 
Saxon term is weoMondf and the lame word, 
the term more directly connected withwaoMyi 
vapour^ and so the efidence of breath, breatl 
as vapour, and as waaM$ndf fbmbgy wm 
coming ibrUi m the way we see the mSmt di 
a frosty morning frcnn the thraal [wean 
Waui0f waMf vapour, is grounded in ip»i 
a^en, to flow, and thus as thai whidi ftywi 
whence wae{fendf blowing, (of whioh wM I 
contractbn), the participle present of mwffi 
Mow. Waoi^ toose, was once In use with us j 
sense of torch [link] as that which fiimea, sn 
throws off vapour/ jS^myvitobteanolddi 
oath often met with in our less recent comedie 
equivalent to, you may kill me ; may I die i 
stop my weasandf would amount to the same i 
and be as stopping the passage of the vitals, to i 
it is as such. 

'' I3at I fare liko the man that for to swole * his flyei 
He start into the bom, and aftir atro t he htos 
And goithabovt the waUiawitfa a brainving wasb 
TyUU was at hist that the leoml and blaae 

* Mr. Urby thinki it is aa the A. 8. npeUan, in 

sweltm, to become languid [fiiint, exhausted], to be wa 

but I suspect the word is aa tweleen, iwil^en^ whenoe 

iioU, to iwUi, in the aense of to drench [awallow dowi 

thus aa to drench or ■ to atifle, and so to got rid of [dn 

overwhelm]. The ground sense is in iMun, velten, to 

up unceaaiujrly ana ao to wh§lm or wenohtlm, aa hai 

obaonred before. WASxia a torch, not a witp, aa Mr. 

ihneied, and is from the same source, or else, the same wa 

the LaUn/of, facit, face, in the aamo aense; wfaenee pi 

the /six in porii'faix, now a porter, but probably OBOi 

that carried Uio Ugbt [torch] for people on foot st id 

imk-boy. la/oix tobeacco>m\^tc(i «a^V!ru\h«n« k 

Fnnoh eharge f I don't Vuow Vcsw , ^w.^ Www '^ 

explamition m dictionnxlea. 

f Straw, in Duteli itroo . tViow *\vw»x^w ^»»^ wa ^ 

the same word. ^ ^^^**- 

roriMAH riinA«t^. I'M 

MftfH Infii ihr rKrnT«*» wltrto llm wlir^lo wmb, 
kiu) lii*M*<l m^ lliii r^nar, llml li|ii||l Wii» nil lUo iiIm«>," 

A« in llir r\|irt*iiniitit. <t /iff/r- hop-it'kirtff mioi 
iy|, uiitl III llio MMinr ciC II (liitiiiitilivr, iiiiiirr 
(mI. Miiitjilr cil'rillirr. f >/t ri* ii/ril Ai; ; <|. o fArrr 
ftr N'Aii ^»l»4r« H/f IhIkmi lir K|H*ukii In nr Icmkii ul 

nl niKtilirr |h*iiiiiii|. nn vrry i»1torl |m*o|i1o iIo 
irit lhi*y uitilion iniyniH*. AKptnito o/i niitl llu* 
iihI U itiri'iM'ly ttir ih;iiiii* in li:i\c'ii|y luiil 
);nm|. Tlio worn hofi hh llir liuvrnly nf n^i lian 
|MtiiiMt tlir idiMi III AifHrMr^jt. lull ut(Mi;*ly, hn iIm* 
III trfrm iiirn^lv li> n Tom I hum h iltmiiiiiii\fiirh!« 

|M*iiHiii; II itwuil'; 1% *i|inmp, Tiir trniiwiinm 
iilty Uh\ iiinli^*.ittllril Tor JititN^nN in liin ilir- 
nurv. \\-\ it m im noiiml Kiiv^linh im iiiiv rrrttrdril 
nr, iiml iuhImIiIv ni« wt 11 kii<»wit an miv in il 
'*• *i|*- A'j/VArM, Ai/Arff. to ii|ty, lu liMik^ In 
rr. III |iiy, 

MIL t<i n i» nv riir no^i . 

Ilr in mnilr lo nntunil In ihr will nf luiollirr : lir 

Iru/ril itilii rimi|ili(inri* ; iinil ini|ilirik lir p.ivrii way 

llir liiiruMin^* nl' diiulliri. who t;ikr:i umli tiiriiii'« 

* Mr. 1*11 HI ihiiili \]\t* woiil ittiHiitB i 'iiftl,* : Imii I luiii 1| in 

II intB)*itiil (tiitBfnknj (t>i hiiiii< iiflirt Mnnl i-iMti'i|Mini|itif2 
hnpa %«t|lt •i'<ii^«r*, ki'.wtii. ItntiiB, ^laii^'ra, i^iitnntlra. 

U ti MB i/it'ifi, il llifin* 1'^ 1 1 t^na rim li ii Miit\|\, Ini iifi^%i( 
ii'l liiV iiti'f«*it>i, lint ili« ^a • ^wnvk I't «<t iiii'nii • h«4|Jl*, ni him 
ii){ r\mv |lt:i| I mil nmiio (if. I -Mti^, »n'iiia In ti|i iia ilir 

III II fcftfi^. tit llld ai'tiBti III llirnntlliil civpll liy itn* '•fMi IL^iNfft , 
I ri*Hifcitt liiililiinfiMl kiiftl (linl ■(•iiiul nn n kiitil itf |iit^li> . 
I iiiA nci intiUtv Miibii, III llitianiiiiil friviut Ur Blitkltir*, ^liniii t* 
k |liilili fii'n li^**! Mii«| iMit fi' I'ff'i^, n« Iiiiutpv I'l tnrluta 
irit Altiti V , mill I ft*'iK, na iIim Ii i> . la na flittl |1iMtii{«|i ««|iti>ti 

• M iiiil, |ir l»li'W liif, itiuVm A u%*\ao\r.%*\\\\\\\ ^\v\\\iMk^\«. \<wskV 

•• M ||0 f I llii I W II f 1 1 1« itl I- Il , I \ \|\ I S V 111! « WXtkX «^VVA «\Wo^ ikY*L\»\^V 

«r tma af.ii,«,|, B,. (lint Ovvu x'u\\ ovwVWvx.'*^*- -^."^"^ 
(•tin Id il. 


to gain power over him. Htji$leedbydenoa§e;^.i 
he U annuyed [disgusted] by the strife ; be ii dii 
trefsed [tired out] by the continued aiteroatian [dii 
putationy contentioii] and, by implication^ overooB 
by it^ yidds to it, rather than stand up agaiutit ; c 
as we hear people say $ubmitifcr the takeoff^mt 
and quiet, Leed is here as the paiticiple past< 
leeden to become disgusted, to be tired out by. Lee 
syn, is to be dejected ^ out of sorts. Leedweset 
to be in a state of pain, grief. Noau^ woym 
vexation, nuisance [formeriy noysance, noyaaoc 
noxiousness, offensiveness, aiid the same woitl wit 
the Latin noxva^ and the French and our Notse. 

** For wbicb ctnie the tnora we doubt. 

To do ft fiiult wliUe the (^ Q^sen) is <mt. 

Or suffir thst mtj bo yoYSAVCE, 

Ag«iDO our old accattoinuico.^ Chaucek. 


The heady but said derisively , and as meanin 
a head without sense in it; a mere top to th 
IxKly. Nol; q. e. the crown of tlie head ; a ver 
o]d word, and grounded iu the themu no-en^ i 
the sense of to turn round , and is tlius in the sam 
Kerisc as the Latin vertex, as the crown of tfa 
head, from vertere, to turn, and in fact is the spfl 
where the hair [>art8 and goes round to cover tb 
the head. When sounded broadly, the word, I 
uttered, approaches noddle. 


In the %ctis(i of a foolish trificr, and also of on 
(;asi]y managed [[persuaded] led by tlie nose, eatil 
turned a)x)ut from one thing to another ; a weathei 
<ock person. Neul ; q. e. a trifler, a dawdler, on 
/'/ianging opiiuous 'di-AiOTiVvuv; V) ^^ve UukI \^rsou b 
tdlkii with, and t\mH yiT\ ^vsan , >#i^i'^>Q«:A^<t^ ^tw 

yVeul, tlKi same word ^"tw)1, fev^\a\\it\ vb. 

preceding artide. Hence. v\u- C,exm7«^ tu 


I lUiwilli^r, M Irilliti^ tirriuiini* iN«rMiii, tind n'nhlrn, U> 
N* Um\ij^\tinti iloliiK II tiling, in lliilrli Hrnlthr Htid 
ifiuialtiH t iitiil((n>iiiHic«(l| iiH iiftMi iN'fiin*, in no'tn, 
n i\m im\titTi of ffU9rniintrlrrr, T\w Frrnrli wmrr^ 
otMitt|t, til knot, I'vidrntly lirl(int(N lirrn; a kmii 
■ mnda by turning; hmi I tin nol«irioiu IliiMiun 
(Mim/, riii*o-ninr*tailH, in iiiiriilli*il frotn itn lN«in|(ii 
IrinK of knotH, or knotted utrin^, iim wi*II mi in our 
vwti inntrtinirnt of tnrtiin*. Anil I iiini|ii'ri tlin 
fmnitli rx|Fri*Mion ntmrr V nitfuiiitittt, in i\w widl 
iniiwn ikt.unv., in un ttm truvifiily of noija rl ttg ailr 
\tti0i f|. !-• tinchnntmrnt |wil('lirriift, maltiflotum^ 
'unninicNiid wn ntU ttir wilrli,tliii ninnin(( woinnnj 
ir0itrntrd |tnli*rf«*ri*il inj thit vnnnummatinn uf thai 
vfkick wtiM otkrrwiMt a miirriiiijt. For wimt in thn 
sX|iri*Mion in tin* lilrnil form, but iin iinfmmnin|( 
liMui? of irtti'm. Till! Frt*nrli in full of tmvrfttirN 
firin^inK from iU low-Hnxon y^ruwwA^ ttin rolotir of 
N^birh ttbrwH nbunilnntly tlirouKbout it, uii wull itn 
llirouKhoiit tbr IaHii. Nnrytn^ noyrn^ to moltiftt, 
if inlrrfi^rr, to nnnoy, to injiin*, to ib*lny, ti>vc«x. 
KL oihrrwiiin nlih^ aliiU» Hit, mitrriuKii, luwftil 
inioti. (Hit, n vi*ry nnriiMit biw-Hnxon ti*rm for 
'iinninic, <b'ri*t»tioii, mtil tlir Hiimi* word witb our 
'W/r, but olHMilrli^ in tbr |)titrh. iiftlni^hittrn, to 
vmiinund, to ordi*r, to liid. Ttii^ cxoliiniition of tbix 
prm,Kivi*niii Citittfrii l)irtioiinry(wliirbiNtbi*lN*iit of 
l« xort in Frrnrb), iN'iiidi'ii IwinK iibNurd,im|ilii'ft tli« 
fry rrvc*rMi of tin* nifitninK of tbt* rvprrMxion, itn 
fiyoiirnmy m*i« wIio kiv<'H liiinxrlf tin* trouble to 
mk out till* iiliriiMi* in I but woik. Tbi* Kn*nrli 
iflnilivi' tr rorrni|Nindii witli tin* fjitiii tra^irr, art, 
nil llm Diitrb m. Hotir in ttiihii, to bind itii 
liMrurn WHY of bfn,nndiiUolivn I In* lifi* of ii lilirrliii<\ 
nn tirvrr fN*i*x|iluini'd by tin* |»rrM*nt form of tUv 
^rrnrh UiiKuni^r; but m\\ r«*i\v\\u\^ W V\\\\\v\ xxx 
mi of ilw low Hn xon or l)uU*\i ; wt^ ^^A\ vv^ ^ V^^ 

oihtr i*«i;ri*MiiMiH of l\ii' ViVi* r\\\ovK*^t^ , ^V\v\\ 
ff ptuxlid th' Iniriiiil •»( \\itt\ \\^\W^ ^•^ 

194 AHCiiJrAHA)uY or 

HOundii nearly ixn wn utter niwfUe, To benoodU 
pernan ih to trille with liiiti, to iiiuke ii UhA of liii 
ur treat liirii like one, to talk iiotiHiMiHii to him. 
HUHjKirt tJie tf;riii nulf in the exprcrttHioii c *esi 
hofHrnc nul, a i<)iili»h in»if(riiijeaiii man, in the hui 
word ttH thin wtulf noL 1 know it in UAually ctj 
Htrued an the l^atin nulli/iK, but nuUuH homo 
nohody, and neilh(*r the Frencth nul, nuUn, nor t 
l^tin nullus, have the KenHc; of no tn.%tmni , vxvt 
hy the woniH oftiie conUsxt. 'I'iiiii however in y;w 
•JH mereeotijiietiire. 


In the naUHii of to make; a MJ^n by the head, ai 

hy im|)liea(ion to wsint thi; niraiiH on tliat oecaiiit 

ol' employ in{^ any olhi'r way, filhtrr i'nnn dJKtaiuif 

from ronv('ni(fn<'(; of wirrct:y. NtHnlen [ntHlun 

t\. if. tovuint^lmivrd ; iuid alHf> lo invite ||in'KKj 

ronic, in a Kccondsiry Miihc And toiunlj is hiiii{j 

an inipiianrt* of want |n<;('dj ol' nieanM to inal 

known yonr int<tnfion [ wisliy dc:Hire| in any oIIj 

way, owin^ to rinruniNliincfti, And han nolhiii); 

do, ux regard to crtymolo^y, with thi: A.S. Afn^a 

to hrnd [tKiWJy aH llorm; 'Jooke I'anricH; lor iio 

iM to 7iotl to <'onn: out of that word, either in fur 

or HcntM;. It iH nolthi; head that ih hcnt, but li 

tmr.k, The true ^roinid of the won! is in the liieii 

vo-vn^ in thi- nrnw of to pn-HH, to fonipnsK; hi 

when wcHiiy hv. voda [meaning iiin \\v'm\ in Kij;ii 

honinohtnry, Hlcrpinchsj it in soi Jie wants \\\K-viV 

hIctj), is opprcsKcd [jin'swd U|ionJ by thr ur;.M'ii( 

of Hh'.rp; a nod is an, vr mttnlti ; i\, tt. fht-m [< 

nr.cnintily f a waniimj^ in the sanif; y^vuhv uh ini|jli( 

in the V4rb of whicJi it is the partirijiU* prifHciil 

and in a Hecondary hiiiki; an inviting |a prcKKin; 

to cJo leomcVf ii wuuUwv; ^A w x^xvaav Ui i-oirie, 

rJc'Mij'iij)i( of that \») w\iu'\\ v\u' vi\\\\v \v. \\\\\,\v» \v\ ^^ 

or iilm*. to innUTHVuuA ^i»u v^ma. \\\va\y#» v\ ^ 

yoiirvc'lf. 1 ma«U' o. noil \^av.,\ wwv^v.Vww ■< 

rorvLAH riinA*ir.«. IO/i 

HI' iMM* itiH<« feiKtiMlN itiirr|rt wImii tlif«rniiia wniif 
ir iii<*iin« of M|M'iikiii|t, troMi tin iili'iitul I'lrifimi' 
[•«•■, Wr Mny hr jfrrMwrtl liim to nitnt* in tin* 
p iif hr wnntttd him toroiiii* ; hr prPBMrd biin Ui 

cliitfif;r, lin wniit4-il liiiti to Mtitv cliiitinr; / 
\rti U; hint, / wunitd him l«»romr, I iiivil«'«l hhii 
*mf. The* iMr<'ii«ioti wti« prrntntf, thr «>rrn«hiii 
invitinic, Ntnul, «« iii*<<'Mity, itiiil our n^^f/ 
lh<* MtinM' woril ; niMl our nt^rpmiiiif ktn nn iaw, 
|#rPMi(*<l hy ihi* l)iitrh 71/Mi// Itrrrht wrt / iinf|,iifi 
l^hiiiliv< , lh«' I'lti t< fiti'dl ilir otiMfh'ti* ik WMf-r, 
tftnlr^ I |frrii««-'l. T)m- ti rifi m iirojirrly tin nont, 

rx|ir<'««('<i /"/, (hr f,:iiifi Mitr», tUv (irrmun 
!'/«'//, nnd iifi|fh*-« (hiilrrM |fhin|rnr| in ito (fr«*titrr 

rr fhilil thi- i«t|tiii /if;M,il« rhuiirr, or thitt whif'h 

li<*,oii««ir«tifi«'«hohii)fi»rii,uiiil ihiiHoiily known 
tm wh«i h''i« fli'«tnM'<l tfii' iifiimr* of fvmlii; hut 
ft Ml niMi-h (rroiiiiih'd in thi* Ihrmtt no-rn in lh<* 
>• of t«# |irrM, ii« ni thr th(*nm nn^tti, to hin«l 
th^r, wh*'iirr th«' Frrni h nourr, to tir, to knot ; 
iiii|iott« tht} ronni'irtion of thln(;«[lhr nrri*Mtiry 
r f>r Myiilnit of ihinicul n« «lrfti((nf«fl hy PrmrU 
'«■ Tor nn, in<l thnn in nil purtn nciTfumry and 
itnhlr, ihoMfich nnii«*4'n unil nnforf*iu*rnliln. Tlir 
i«M ti«»n ol' tJir l#atin iiWtiir nnil thn I'rcwh nowrf 
Ih*' woiil ill thi« nchM* i« rvi<h'nt, tinfl nndui in 
h#ynl in thr wimv ol'thHinilty, fliin(tf*r, iliMrrM; 
wr «^y n krtnffff nlf'Air, (<ir n flilllnill or t^ntjin- 
iiH'nir. MnrmuM in rfpnUit'4 vnuvn tiMi inmAn 
irrunittnit f wh^r^ wttiua i« n«, ihHiculty, AT^- 
'« vitnfrM nn%m*f woo<i« i" ntrjMtrf* Mnlini 1 hrrr 
K/nnrrtirtK hiikn. Noiii.'n -nn/il fim'tarniM 9xm- 
ti iHv.ihuB nmhrnn t Urtr it in »p|Mir<*nUy nn, thf! 
i|l|t<*(l ronrar, thr* i\rn\mri\ ronr^*, thr ronMH 

iilnl for. In itdiMitnt ri'lfition, hut in lh<*. MLtuMik 
pmprtf$Bion, im KMinnt\i*i\ uiiui ni ,\A\yiv«k>^y:^N 
%wew \\tt%%v\\\ till* \^ttK\ mil \w ^"^^^'^ jT**A 
Md f/inf wliirh m firr«i«<«t\ \y\\\rWt\\ wx'^^w'^^ 
tnt^tn of thin iiUf«;V i\Um. N«1 .ntnil , tw>\ .^ 


tli» liiiiin nuXf nuch, tliu lUliun noatf ilio Frenc 
noix, tliu H|miiiNli nunx^ and tho (ierttmii nifMir^ m 
tint Rutrio wont, ii ftmiiiii/iiiKUtmii nation mil jutiiuUn 
that of lilt) Dutch /. The nut, in tho Nonio oftl 
rin^ thiit kf.(*|)H on thn whrcl of thn carriilKo in i 
that which prcHMCN it^^iiinNt itN coniinf^ off; roiiiit 
itN (Miniin)^ oil'. J«'orniurly rio/cr vnin \tnvt\ by iiii i 
7uiot, 7iniulf in Ihc HcnHc of occuMion, hunincWi tki 
which wiiH nc'ccHHury or nccdt*(l to Ini ilonn, and 
the name word an wmi ; and nuU wan onc<! ii|m* 
notiH hy nH. 

" 1'lin Milliirn Koili n|(fiiii| no word lia iikidf*, 
Itiil (lodi hU NOTK*, niid with thitiHinlnrkiM))liU(ii(. 
'1 ill I lint tliiur com wiut fnirit iiiiil wull yKr<»uiul* 


" And mnny lionmly tnM«N tlinro wi*r««, 
'riiiil I'ftcliitM, (!niiiH, iiiid AiiploM liorn, 
MiMJJnrN, IMouiniiri, INtriM, ( 'tioNlitiniN, 
ClioriHo, id' wliicii muny iino I'lkino U, 
Nn-iiNff AM»\t nnlitM 
Tlmt for U) Monn It wun N(dnM. TdmIi 

JoiiNHON who in im wirtdom to running, wlici 
conipiircd to I loan r. Took k, Nayi« tlu^nt ii« no MitiN 
liictory etymology fo^r <Mtlicr lo fiod, or a nnd^ bu 
ddincH lN)lliintrlli|^ihly ; whih' IIoi(NKTooKKrclyiii| 
upon hin rcii(h*r'H knowing no better, Huyn it in n 
/r;i///«, which he HiiyH in the pnrterite of the A. H 
kniijtin (th(» Dutch vijyvn) invVuiarv caput. Am 
thiit hy lidding to kiinh^ or ?W, tiic |)urtici|dc terini 

* HuMhinMM, llinl wliirli lir wiin idiout Jiud to do. f Nu(ii« 

t Mr. Urry, Ilio (JloHMitriMl id' (lliuuror, lupUinH (hU wiir 

nM Ai.OM, Ml if nuiN nnd hiilluroH ^tnw fulfil lior in n kilohn 

ICnnlon with alokn, ornMifAi.OKiiwnNn fiuillrMnl AhnUfAm 

|dy M thn Uutidi ntU, ooIm, hwIm, m Ihn Iropo of InnictJiMM 

HuhiitAnriiii, huiK hunrhoN mid niriinM /inhi'^m ii/'ciirriiNri, oui 

rnfifN in Dutidund h«iiiiii,\vn\,«>N\^U\rtUtii\lirNt known mhou 

IM Hff tm\k»H 01)0 r Mi«, OT \umtWa \W\ vxkww ^x\\\i\ whv^x ^vi^^ ««! 

iMiiiiiMh liitrriim. w* in ti^c\ tWv w^tw \\\ v^\\\\\ w^ vvi\>i;\xv. V 

« ftuii lrt*i«, e«munoi\ U> owt v^>*\\\%^\\*, ^^ ww^xvV^ \a\>w 

pr^Bmly puts Mm «m\rr \\w Vti^A t^^ W^wAxi ur»%. 

ranM.4ii rNii4«M. 197 

Mrtion mI, Jfott liiiir<i nukftl, nnh'ti, nml {n \mmi\) or 
iwii» I MiinI I knah m alrmily «« « |»rfrt4TtiUi iinil ed 
m • |ir«Pirrilif trrtfiiimtioii ; mi tlitil wr urn to imikr ii 
dcNlvkf fifiMrriU! out of « Aiiirii'il cmi*, miil to Krt til 
«nI ibrvrtiKh knahni, wliuli troulil lliirii Im) m 
mmMmi I Sifij^n^ to lirtiil, %% vttwtit^itiX with AiMrr 
tMl MTcA^ Inil iio morn with mW tlum it » with 
mMhf Of naudU, 

Tf» T41IK riMft NY TMK roHKMMrK. 

K<ft til iiHWi till 0|i|i«frtt|fiitY, iKit lo Im? lirliiiKf 
ksfiil. 7W *i hrt:kif t 'h^im //y du vatpr tuyt:kr ; 

lotrn] b^fipfti tka itM-kintj tff it ; tak<^ mm not to 
h« •hat ill (or out] froffi jruiit kotnr liy Intiiik loo 
blr fi^r llir o|»riiiiiK or nkuttiiiK of tlit) liiwn Kiit0 
AimI tt^kffn to « fm|uriilly inmirriiiic iwHfntrutfUv.r , 
ftt ofMs tiiitft icf^iMrml to iili wlm IivimI in lowiu ; Imt 
Uifw rclntiiiic only %*» KntrtMitm «iii| ritiMli-b. Hut it 
•hottkl berr4rollr4't4:4l,«Utr«vr«lM;ft of iiii«:iriit fonit« of 
9%vnmitfU rnfirr t<i l<#tiK l#y«tfoiir inrrMHlii wlirn ottirr 
iNlMlAMtMl i:u«toHi« |iri-viiiM, mill in Mimir of wliii'li 
rvtn tlnv trtM'«-tt nn^ no Utuy^ft to Im iirrrnvi'^l. 
Hmrnrrr thi« •« » pliriuin llmt would Mtifl Iki wril 
•li4rr«tii«Hl liy tlir irilnalfitmilA of miy of llm 
cotitiliiTiitlJ town*. 7ff haim, (|UN:tly. Lutftik^n, Ut 

TO II im MP A i»i;tT. 

To Im thn rauMi of n flUlurlifinirn |t«irr«ir, Nlarm) 
COnfuAMiU. 7*(Mr Ai/rA, htMfi» tr dt^ti (f/'ir«l| ; i|. I*. 
Cw/y «fCMr lA«?m onr uf ff"ur ItittkB and tkr crowd 

tnittltrtu<lr| rtiirat [Sfnu'k^ oul| ; or if wr mit tiimui, 
I m iUfn, M 'I /'irmrtf/ 1 trrriHi'il, ///If Ac</p lo«ik foolmlij; 
lo«»k Rtrriily iKlrmlfiuiily), t^uA vW \wA\ v^ v^!^ 
ftMkrM Michi}. Turhijvhfn. \u Vh»V ^i^^^^ ^- 
Vmff, iriiiM of |M-<i|i|<*, <citi«^iti%%^ , vti%^^. \>f H***^* 


to be confused, to be disturbed [disonlered], to 
beoome terrified, and the source of our to dask^ m 
the sense of to confound, to distress by awe, to vm, 
to overawe. Deyst sounds precisely ^bui^ and 
daest nearly so. 

" He flewe forth with his win^s twiin 

All drouping, and da8io*« and doll." — Cbavcii. 

** For in gode faith thy visage is full pale. 
Thine eyen dasxii t aothly as me thinketh." 


A ROW [aouw]. 

As in the phrase to make a row^ or he made a 
row ; he made a disturbance, a scene of distress^ 
Hr Reuw ; q, e, a mourning^ a scene of grief [ssd- 
ness], a sad scene. 


To fetch the breath with difficulty. T'u w 
hife*8 ; q. e. with yon it is like a fetching jfWf 
breath laborumsly; like breathing in a distr^sed 
way. He wheezes; hie w^ hije is ; here it is like a 
painful breathing [panting]. The phrase has bees 
transformed into a verb of the same sound. IT, 
wie, as^ like to. Hijen, hijgeuy to draw the breath 
with cUfficulty, to labour [pant] for breath ; and 
^i/e is as the contraction of the participle present of 


A rough, disturbing, unpleasant laugh. Ef 
haersch lack; q. e. a hoarse laugh; a coarse 
disgusting sort of laugh. Haerschy austere, nn- 
pleasing, coarse, rough, hoarse. And it is as thii 
word tliat we use the term horse in horse-chestnut, 
/iorse-bean^ horse-rnxni , KoTse-TodUV , \vQrr%«-m>k».le 

• Confused, disordeied, dusVieA, 
t Ijook heavy, opv^^^*^*^' ^^^^* 

>'., \\t\t aihI ill Hio Moiiiif* III' lliiti wliii li iM «*iiiirHo 
ImiCtiHliiiKl ol' iIk' kitiil, iittil HO ntilll for ilio 
tr|k)Hrfi nl liiiiil tiir until, iiomv phtif, in iuiikIi 
»y. Ilnprnvh, hpPVMvh^ uml htpnvk luo tlip Nniiin 
iinl. int<l hppnvh \htivp\ Mill MirvivPH, un wimt in 
illnil n viilM:tir torni, in tlin tiltnvn |i,ivi«n moiino iinuinM; 
It mill tttimt III' llioMis nn nilliMl vtilM^itr lii|itiii, 
■0 woiiIn ill llio triirnt hoiiho nf niir lniiM;im^;i«, 
III Imvo Hiirvivrtl ilio i\\\o nl* tlio olIim'N liy 
itililiiilUtry HHi^ ill tin* liiniltliN nl' llio pnn|ilr. 
inN*iiiN MitVN, htWMritnifih iiiiil hmnr ttititi itn* im 
UUP mill ;»/riy / wliitl II liiupji I wlutl. pluyi 

" Atiit Mil 1 Ihv IIiui Wiimlni liiwili* 
Mi*lltiiil|tUl I tinntit H Iniiilli- lilown 
r'HMMy iilii itrolit jmritn unit Id known 
\Vti0ltir« ll WHii i*li*r0 iir iiftNutt wf miwtii**" 


Kr onvt jp lavh t <|. (^ ihrvp Httturp hmkpd^ nl' 
itimr itiijilyittKilit'iMiitli llm iN'miiii iiuiiioMtnii; iiiitl 
hptttiif Irfffr/A, in II Nfi/fif'ii/, II I III Him?! nl IiimkIi. TIio 
ri«tirlt UMo naiurrl IniIIi hi iui iMlJinMlvn miil n 
llMlAttllvo HPiiNr: MM MfrfHftfiM Hitturpi, U » Imil 
iii|Niiiiliiiii: /r> htihirpl th f* hommp, in llio tmlitr^ 
^ cliii|iimitinii nl' num. With im tiu* nulwiitiiltvo 
rni III' n Hfi/Mrif/ litm (lio im|inrl nl* itti iiliot, nun 
fioitVfMl III* I'odNnii; iinil m, I MUHprrt, llio tntvoMy 
', Nr fittp'i urp pit i|. «'. it hnn ihprp h^piWHpd 
hprwitp thitn toiih othprnt iinplyiiiH; llii> oiio in 
limtinit tliiM lint hiiil ||i«i miiiin Inl tiH tlm ^[niirnility 
' liiN Irllnw rriMilnrrN. Vrp lining: lino iin, Int, 
nHNititilr. Nf, ntliinwirto. Apf'ti, tturit itttfti, 
ituro, tliii|infiitinn. 1 holiovo tin* loini Aprir/y, Iti 
10 I ill 111 urn hptirhf ivpivomr, hptirtti /riptitl, ^v, \Vr*. 

All nliinif r»|iliiiiMMl, i\ui\ mowwik i^wwvwn^ \\>n\\vcc\x 
^1 ttrliUrinl, Niifrm.iiiil. A liinHn m\ /v^v^^'^^'^^'^^A 

/I Imil iiiitiiir. i||-tp«tA\\\o\\. v\\\\\ Vv»n\ N^ >\v^'^^ 
/jr ii/)(iii tH9i f 

SfOO AUCMM/tUtt^r or 

Of MSKiALir t ffMdi* fl^rH* oonlir*/'— <^iiav<;M' 

He iiM ceaiMMi to dwpkijr ib<e leritifit of bk fl»i 
jrouUi; la« luM become more iUsttdy and kM recklwi 
lo bw d/nduct; be beb«vef wore like s wemm of 
uliiid iM^e Uian tie (onaurly did, UU im§i $om 
if$€, ufU yld oQi'§ f q, i6, in t/ds catg drsad hoiUm 
ihe redseminfff ha thai behaved wildly ka$ Uemi 
tame [decorout]; bere we luive un lUitMiet when 
the fear of conief|uencei loui bMtened redempliwi 
from wronj; conduct ; lie tbat was ^oing on tboufliC^ 
lenflly luM become coniidenile. Hie, hUrp \n tlw 
f;a«e, bere. Haeetenp Ut hurry on^ to force oo, to 
fjuicketi, to haeten, Saen^ |>ro{;itiation, reconcBi- 
aiioii^ expiation^ redemj/tioti, {/eualiy, ranion* 
fJM^f eyee, dread, liorror, »$ar, paw/r, IVie, be, wbo« 
r/«fn, to Ut deliriouf, to uci like orie out of Ui 
ni'md, Oot, f/od, bumble, meek, pliu'M, fuUiied. 
'^, it, In, Tlie final ^ i» a scarcely perceivtbk 
w/und ill tlie third pernoti of Uie teiiie in tlie Duldi 
v(irb, and haeet immmu iuU) 9m§ aliiuM im|X;rcf»>tiM]r* 
ANpirutt; ijtu and it iK>und« hi$, Wyld, ime yUt 
nttuutU wild, Ooi'$, (mU, and there ii* ik;arely a differ- 
eurji lu mnuid Udwtv.u the travitiftiitd and urit^ntl 
w;nti;ni:eK. I U'XuiVi; all the other forniN of it» teiuMf, 
nif>oflN, and ap|/li<;aiioni» liavc arinen from thin, tlw 
ground one of the ex|;re»i»ii;n, and itn true importp 

lliat whif:h in now in comm^iu entimation; tbtt 

whicli IN now ail <*H{>tJvatin|^ f cnticinj^, ph^vint^ te 

ttie eye or nny other iMtniK^|. AV nu van gM; «|. e. 

fhai which M wm) ttf wi.Wv.\ vWv >nW*.U ii now 

im/Ati\, pHfriouH in i uVlmvAVum ; viWv \\ wv^hi '^ 

(wrVNilMit; hnUmn |(H«l«t, iimhIm^ (wtii'y|, llm rri««lM'«t 

HMrifi. AVf llit*»M, Vm, imiw, III iIiIk ih<mii«<mi, 

l^/iM /y<'M» Iff VHliKtf ifrm'liMiN, |irl/«'<l, lit prliAt. 

ihhif ifMifi««yf wurtli, vmIiim, himI Immii I1m« iiuiiiit 

«Miri'0, (hhlpfif In nviill, to |irMvu)i, to I hi ttt 

mliiK, fif lirliiu; In, In r«iliirii |fiolU to, titifl iJim 

Nini4 wuril wllli fHir /'i pl^fdi to ffiim wun fifrtii««rly 

WfHiPH ffo jv«fM by C!NAirf'^'M hihI olti<<M of lilv dnv, 

JmnPH HMfi ffuntiufi urn llm Nniiin wonl in Diili'li. 

il»liar«fiN. try lM« flKltiilliorif aIiown Iim IihiI h |iiiif 

vMfW of fciin iiiifNnlri(( of Uici tctrtii; biil hi (l«<riviii(( H 

Ihrni Hffi// NfMl/rir»f//«ini<ri<ly IUIm<« from mMiiul^ foi 

I ibi imH Ik(||i«vii Iio or ntiy run iiroilurt' «ii<'li n iioiiii 

nnjiifigi0f i>Uh«r 1h Uim ««<»wi Iik iiii|i|Hmt<ii, or In niiy 

mittff »n$'t*yi |»<«rliHiiii hi ilin ii|iii|iii of fnnifU», 

^m imiiiU\\\m fan^lptl imUU'h li«i Hny« mnitiM, i^hwiI v, 

viiiniy iltn'OfMlKil, »l(l)i'iiloii«ly Hliowy) lin« iiof \\w 

NlfMiiiitK licf MtlrHml«<« t^o 11^ uimI In I %\\%\%t^t I «hii|ily 

Ibn IrnvfAly of %mtnf ^nldi i|. «. vnttihinff nt fnonvf^i 

lm'fn'i*n\iinrUWf iitotK^y liinilhii;, himI Itiim 

fMllffil, ««<MUI». Van nvld k^miiiiU fnn^fhdi Hriil 
fWM// III hi^rif llin |iMrlirl|ilK |fr«<M«til of va nn, to i'hIiIi. 
to c'ii|HilvHt««, lo litlirt \u, imhI H4 tint I oMlriKtlloM of 
m'ittfff IttkiiiK. 

"At riol«OMM I mt twtfm i|m1i»« unni, 

'I'lmii wlnU II Nfi«»iii^ hi Wlny'n ntw ¥»»*%§ nt nU'twn, 

Mill llba of niMrfi llihiu iIinI hi •M«««Mi uroiVN " 


" Qlll'-fc 1lrll« fiMN hi ltM|h« »l»Mr*»il*«lt»|f MkI hi |illl(Mi%i' 
lHi;«m«l«Hlt"- ■ • A«<'lf « M. 

" A iNKik I ffli. 9»l» imm t 

ttll Wtl, M hi iffU »«Hlll.»»i WMflil*, N |{ll«Hllilll 

>l NM.I.V OOO. 

An orifi iM)/)i/'f«fi| in Hnn«iiuUt^, \i) v^ yt»\\«^\ A H^^^"^ 

•4 f»//iM ||,«f I, ,„|,..i ,,y M,..|,»., \\|%WM'«»^\^*^*^'^^'''^' 


lonn of the term, now restricted to the meai: 
•A glutton : and so to one addicted to the pic 
ol' the table. Er bij el liyye ood; q. e. for t 
ilsc is HCfficcted ; for such a |)uqK>se as this s 
is abandoned (left to take care of itself) ; 1 
what we see every thiu)r else left to chance 1 
without care for). And of course in rcfere 
tlie bad employment the person in question i 
to be exclusively enpiged in [eaten up by, 
lowed up in]. The ori^^inal phrase is eviden 
incidental remark, called fortli by the cond 
some luvisliy tliouf^htless spendthritlt; but I 
relation to one profiensity more than anotlier 
refers to any dissipation of property in pur 
selfish amusements of any kind, to the neg! 
fortune and means. Er by^ tliereby. £/, a 
every otlier thiuj^. Lu^en^ lujyhcn^ remains 
Om/, oo/y in a waste state, neglected, dc« 
uncultivated, unproductive. 


Solid provision, any article useful to life 

vender, but by tlie form of the literdd tr 

brinpnp: the idea of a supply for the belly, an 

simply of meat and drink. Bijv heel lije ti 

c|. e. the bee carries home nothing useless ; 

bi.>e briii^ back to the hive is useful matter, n 

but what is uiatonal to his state, that is, it is : 

viceable to his comb (dwelling) or else to his 

ten a nee (honey), and thus necessary to his 

ence; shelter and food. Hence no referei 

that which lills the paunch [{Tuts] in the o 

phrase, which is degraded by this travesty 

mean expression. Biji , //ic, bet-, as the t; 

diligence and forecast in work. //(«/. whole 

lAtito , I )e rfee t , u\\ , e u\\T\i . T V iixb*. r , Vim^^t r , \ 

iiKitorials, useful RUiiY, y.v\vu\\\\v^ AwvC^^^, >*N 

H'ord is us the lUiv^i^ ^>^ tniim. iVv^a a\\\A> 

fox timber in \\\^ c^iVjxuA -vv- V^^- ^^^ 

Ik n4lur«r oC the iimK'imU i?m|4M )'««!. I'lU to thvii 
Ijim* Imi *litir|iiri*. /<</<'. 0*<* aiu.i< lU lonii ul 

r|4f«9 Ui ran7 **^y* 1" ''■*»)( 't^r-ty. >(» wliith 
inM<« Mvr own f<i /#m«I u Mill um-cI m .S'^UaiicI; ** t^ 
ni4 4«nsc U# • 6«U1|" mi thrri*. i«> «:.irry ftlun^c lc> thv 
kU; aiul Uoihnij'ttrtnij^ Hrc« not th*- Mriii^« Uiat 
C«Mk iIk rbilvl. Gut tltv »tKiii)c» tbut cvrry c;r Intui 

*• fSltm «r«»||b9 « lIphHt fur hnn$it ilml 
KMnijA Willi w^mi 5 Miwof •oaI o^n **•" 

^# AmmT n jfd^ /(/<?, M In rnrry cm n (Tond lifi! • anci 
^v my tip p€U9 a fffMjti l\fp in the? %i\\iw ^v%\mr ; riuI ia 
1JU 4 iHHtr ftvnfpxi tu liin parinh, i» t<i rcmvry «r 
•rrjr tiim on to hU jmmh. und /rri'/ m not then 
I iu modern ncniM of (0 yuuh, 


A4 in thi* phroju? hr/rii krfulUmtf titm»n tinirf, to 
Uch wr Apply tbo «rnB«* nf to IaII hrnd fnrf*mc»fff , 
ttt atni4iv<*ly. in r«*(;iird t(» the* on^innl ^rm of thn 

hniK. II rt Innijr ; f|, c. ihr Untjth ; H.» ihr Im^Cfh 

f him thiit falU. and mmpty ini|Mitii|i(f \\ fall rc|iinl 
\ (hr height of him who U\\U, and mi n rnmplrti* fa|l^ 
r Ml rmmjfh, n^ rr^rnrdii th(* |mtmiii in r|tiniiirm. 
h« nmntincirr "f thr divt'^inrv \% r.irrird hy r/iivfi 
Bin, whrrr dnwH i« a« rlrifin, :ui«l thu« n« th<* plaro 
brncc* b<« mado hi« fimt or fulMrnicih fall frcmi, to 
W cxtirnt of thr ^tain; diuin (down) W\n^ jm d/t 
tm i t\, r, thrncf onwiniM i ndr finite It^^ Kiil\«iV\C 

tiKiftU* vf t» i^U, I 1 «.»l. \\jD\»M%kW*. 


Urn fall WM into the bottomksM pit. the worrit Acmf- 
limfj (Umm wmild be in point, ana ffp^ in tenM, the 
whole length with him. Lunge^ m here used with ft 
nntiter article^ anil thtjn, an a collective nooni aid 
in, an the participle present of langen, lengtn, to 
lengthen, ami to the lengthening or lengtb. 
fMnfff Ifinckp long, affbrda both long, in the Wflftl 
neniie, and tank, m that which look* more like leii|tb 
than lireadth or circumference. A kmk pemon, ii 
one in whom ttie idea of brtadih or circvmfereneeii 
extinguifthcfl by that of l^ngth^ and thua^aa all idia 
of corpulence kmt in the mind. Joffnnoir iftTi, 
the term ia aa kettd and long in the literal tenM* 
but tliat will nerer construe into any thing eke 
than '' put a heail to/' or eke " take the head of, 
Img,^* la thia the meaning we attach to tlie term ? 
Langddf langheid, are the tubfttantivea of loMg, 


y\a in the phrafie, hefuihng patrimtf headlong 
fircf ipitation, headlong violence, and in the hnport 
of fiery, red-hot, fluniing. /feel laeying ; q* ^' 
hlazitiff hot ; flaming hot, an diM*^innect4:d with fad, 
and m pure flame, and Uimh by implication unextin- 
guinhablo flame, aa without a particle of controal* 
licet f hot. Laeyinf/f aa the untiquatecl nartktpk 
prcNcnt of laeyen, laedmif tf> flame, to blaxe, to 
Hcnd forth flame, Jlttgrnre ; and iieema connected 
with laeten to apfHiar, U} nhew itnelf, to c^ime out, 
and no to go off; die hu$$e liet^ ia, the gn* 
went off, and liet \n the prff^terite of Uutin, 
f iroiindedly, our fo Itmtj for^ in the neniie of to desire, 
in I)ut/:h tanghen, verianghen, is the same word Si 
tlie langhen of th(*. prer^^ding article and is as, ths 
%firative proirii(Vinv; ^i^Vn*.U'\\\\\^ ^^.x ^ Uie wbk 
\tUmff\ of Oie m\n(\ \A»yiwt\t< v\. v\vSv\\\\fr. ^^wf«».\ ' 
/TArtically. wi*. tuw\\ ^^^\ >n\vaV vjv. W\^ \k^ v.>^a». 
«nd menially, wc c\t> ^W wamv K.n w v.^xvv^. vw^Y* 

tkh Molina WQ imy '* liw mind wnM ti|Niii tlin 
rlcAi" <!iiAiu*Kii iiMiN tlin itiljrrtivo /rm// in tlin 
iquatcid form of /nn//, litii mom IV(M|uontly of 

•• Wknn ill*! Ingttlilr itifiutnld IimI ftiU i Ana." 

h§limu iot US ti» W (Imt wliirli iN^rtiiittiiics in hImo 
mmliHl ill (fiM//r/i. to ulrntrh. to rniu*li, but in tlio 
lort of lo rPHvh /(>, nnil m» to ((ivn to, or put in 
unMiion ofi AUfl in, nii tlint wtiirli In nri|uirn(l, uMril, 
I clr|Ninrtit Nrniio. Ilin Dutrli liiivn llio word in 
! auliNtliniivo form of twlmn/ i <!• <'• inlrrr$l $n i 
iri*rn in, importnnrr to. 'niit tlmnit of nil thrvin 
ntH In /'i-irfi, to oxtrnd. 

" Ami itM hIno IiIm othir olnmrVNtttiruN, 
Tlml till* N lovlr MiNoiiNf In iIiIm mM." 


"Tlimi iitNyUl wt>l mtlnn thin In mith 

Tlmt ttv Ik KunlUI, liltHittNfi Im dulli 

Ai MiMtiiiit to II iciinlll nmiti (■HAvniii 

ItiC Pt^T ttlN ni',flT t.KO rONRMOMT. 

lint iii| lin did liin utiiioiit on tlin ornmion nlliidmi 
Im I'xrrtod nil liiii powrr, mid implying, llmonMi- 
I wni Htirh nii forrrd liiin to do fio,roiitrnry toliin 
(irnl rlinrnctrr (proiirimity). II y pui m //rn/, 
r, WMt futtrf i i|. («. hr (htt iagt/ imr, m hr$i tIniWH 
[liroiiKlit out I whrn tht* vu»p m $Hvh an forcm 
lo till hi$ ulmn$t i tlio indolent ninn iinvrr c^xprtn 
iKilfliut wlirn tliti orrniiion trlU liiin ho miiNt 
VON iiiin no nllrrtiiitivnl, iiniilvin^, nothing Hhort 
lOCONHity would hnvr oliliKnil fiitn to nmkn n diir 
of liiN nlnlitini (hIiow otr IiIn |Hiwrni). To tlir 

Imit mid rriuly, tlin plirniio im ovidriitly innppli- 
r. Vultrn, to drnw fortli« liriuv; imV^ v^xVvtk>\%V»^ 
dy» llrni fiN in our )iUn\i^«^ •• W v\\v\\n\%\wji^V 
m* /I iirrmN to lir i%ii tW cmxXtx^vVww vA \w\v^%\% 

206 AUCJi£<>LOGY oy 

that is, promise, uiul thus, implied duty [not th 
Hui)crl'dtive of f^ood], in Dutcli beheet, as comman 
[<lirection] by word of mouth. We lay, *' heiiJ 
youii^ man of i^rcat promise,** in the sense of hi 
apparent al>ilitieB r/rowttfe [speak] in his favour [tel 
to his advantage]. And we say, '^ when he ha 
done well on a first occasion/' he has performet 
his promise, in the sense of he has done Uiat whid 
former appearance foretold of him. Voof, for 
Moet, has l>een already explained in the articii 
MUST IS FOR A KINO. The s in our behest and mti 
is paralogical. Leeg, ledigh, in the sense of iazj 
not duly active, indolent, slow. 

'* Parde, Sir, full well thou wo»t 
'J'hat echo of you mote * tellio, at tlie lent, 
A tulo or twO| 01 brekinyour uii£BTt."— <}nAVCCK> 

" And ttiih none loviih her ho woll uh I, 
Although she novir of love me iseiikt ^ 
'i'hcn ow^ht she to be mine tlirough )ior mi'rcie 
For othir bond can I none on hur kuet.'' — CuAi'iiiR- 

h is also likely the original form might have beei 
IHj jyui hys best, Icetjh, voor moel ; i\, e, he comt 
up to his promise, the lazy one, by being forced^ 
it ; he keeps what he promised when he is puslie 
to the wall. The sense comers, in lK)tli ways, to th 
same point. Uys, the Anf^lo-Saxon form of kv 
^Es as des, would do also hero. 


A popular phrase, implyinp^ the person refent 
to, conies forth under iavorable circumstance 
that he makes his appearance under such omens i 
entitle him and liis well-wishers to foresee a liap| 
issue to hiH course in life; from a prosperous coo 
mcncement we naU\tv\\\^ \jtv>A\veV.'ft.Vv^^>^^ titnuinatio 

• Muttt, and no ua l^ui \WVc\v wi>t\ . H VTa»M*;«J 

intruded «. 

IMintl.AH ritUAMti '«'07 

Ith i» fntni t Hynr*ii th hark Mrfftl tiofn'r Morf , 
i|t o. ilrrr'M Ihv Hprimj f titni finil'M n tiiifn irfiir/t 
PHtiitr* M/r to hopf thr hlrrutn |wiHf*r| M'r'/if jUtttw ; 
mill iliiiH iiiiplyitt^:, wr \u\\r lu^^uu with hii«m-i*iin uiwI 
frnl il to Itr II tiiiliinil IntrritniiPt- nt' ii niircw'fml'iil 
niiiiMMiiMttirr. And in I'lui, ilml finr(*rNM luin^ii willi 
il ruritrinnii In r\rttiiin, iinil ('niiHiM|iirtitly n 
tcrrntrr miilhihility til' ihiiiiK wi'll ; (iir wlnit in ilnin* 
WrII wilnniil 0!«i*itiini f flit\ hirr, \\vrt\ Hoih, 
(ill (Irnniin ftrttnn) rniinlnin, nnnirp. it|nMi^, 
iNiriir. iri/V* indifMitiiMt, numni'i- nf innknifr 
kiiuwii, iniMlt* iit'iii|riti|'Yiii|r, 'iV. f.^, iH, ttin'k, iivnlrl, 
Mn*nni, Inrmil. AVf/r/, linriirin-. in tnni* to nunr. 
Ml rfiiirNf' nl' time*. //ri;»r, nn tin' Hnliinnctivr nimlr 
ol' hnfirti, to rxpi'fl, to Itink Int. */i', ri, in lliiil, 
llitH riiHi'. Mori, nnml. Tlic plininr lum |noliiilily 
Immmi ditinu^rd liy llip lidllnp. nl' funk aiilv into \\\r 
liiivrnty. whii'li wind. Iinwi'vri', niriinn Kiottinlrdly. 
no titnrr limit tin* Imvh hnlf \\fi \\\v luidy. iin npiMiNrd 
In llir /Vrm/ holf^ litit» \\v\\\\^ niiiliMl iiy tliirt nnliirky 
iiiridi'iil, itiiiy W ninnidi'KMl hh not lit lnr nnr in iI'm 
nrroiid-liiind Hltth*. okri'pt liy tin* 1i«m nicp. Wr 
Nty till' ftovh sitir of n lioiinc, in llii« hpiiiip of iIm* 
oiirlimiMl (tpiiro JM'lhnd tlir InniNr. 

ANilTltlll WITH A Nll.Vr.ll I.AIll.r. IN II m MOirTII. 

Ill llii' niMini' III', iiiip iniin r« liorn iiiiiirr riirnni 
Hliituru whii'li )iiiitiMid nnliivonililY loi' Ium riirriM . 
wliilo ntintliiM' IN horn iinilri' niicli ii<t proK(*OHlini|i* n 
liirliinitli* |ti'op,t-rnt to hm |iiinMiu'.p tlitoiiM,h hi'i* : oni' 
tnnii fMitrin thr woild willi loihiiii* nnnhniJ'on him, 
niiollioi' Willi loll lino Irownini' iit liini, Mnl iilwityu 
ilirmiiH*. II I'liir p.rouiifl lor fnuh pro^nofitM'Fi, niirli urt 
ItcMid diH)ioiailioii ol' iniiiil, iind. hv oxti'iinion in 
iiriiMi\ w»lh IWi'imU or willnm\; v,iww\ \\v\\\\\\ \\x \>\v\ . 
Art',, t%-r, hi' ft ft nnni hifH hov% tin* «*»)»«* fv m^v^^'Av 
'ftM/Mf/ftr, rr initiir iiijnr tr ,Hilrri l«i»i« >*«*V w V^ 


pain it costs him to controul his furious t 
[heariTifj^ demeanour , behaviour^ as he rises h 
much better had it been for him could he have 
self-controul [moderation] w€u natural t 
mind. Implying a bad temper leads to intern! 
quiety while a good one leads to internal peace 
UiuSy that true happiness depends mainlj npo 
disposition we are bom with; and so, res 
nearly into the sound sense of the travesty, i 
for the literal form of the words, would be non 
Wan, evil-disposed, malignant, and soundf 
the w representing a mere aspiration. Hys bor\ 
upon his elevation, advancement, success ; 
beur, may be also as bearing, conduct, beha 
Wijsen, to give signs of, to indicate. H 
rabidness, savage temper, the old English 
in the same sense. Spaane, the contracti* 
spaaning, the participle present ofspaanen^spe 
to wean ; to refrain from. Nutter^ the compa 
of nutf advantageous. Selver-lcide, moder 
self controuly power over self. Hel, evident, 
not to be mistaken. In hys inoede^ the m 
condition of his mind, in the inborn turn of i 
from moede we have our mood, as dispositi 
mind. Bore aen, is uttered as we do, born. 


As when we say he began to show (or he she 

the cloven foot ; and in the sense of, he began to 

(or he showed) he was a different kind of person 

that which we had given him credit forbemg; hi 

disposition (inclination) begun to appear from i 

the disguise in which it had been concealed f 

interested purpose; his hypocrisy began to r 

itself in spite of his artifice ; what we took 

sound heart, upon lna\, ipxoNe(i ^t^vv^w ^we, 

schauw de geloove in /outc •, ^. e. lo a d^-nuYixA^ 

confidence has been iv ianAl ; '\^.\'^ ^W. V 

been reposed in a ^\ox\% ^^\^SL^\ ^^^ ^^ \^'^>^ 

Imnit iliM*pivi«il tiy n|i|H«nrniirrN; lir llinl wr tiNik fnr 
Htt IiimipnI tiinii ItiriiN tint mil In Im* niip. 7W 
tchottw itN hImivp IntiifiliiitMl. (irfonvr, f/r/iNi/', 
t*ri*tlil |{ivnii lo, fltilli, lH«ltpr in, icooil ii|iiiiiiiii. Fonir^ 
fnuii^t <!><* tnnir wnnl with our fuuti, iiiul tlir 
Kmnrli /«M^ rnriiiiMly ./Wm//, iumI in'i»|irrly i»rj//r» 
I, r. vtifiinfft or Hho faultt* iih furtuttf^ Hin imrli 
*l|ilf« lirrnrtit i\( fitt^tt*!*, ftiifirnt to liul, nnil itiiiii 
IN nfuitimi mid h(i tt /Wi/// or liliMttiiili. Tlu' roiil 

Vlinl in f*ff//rM, Id litil, In HIttk, itlitl llitm htftiii. 
i ntip^ ill I tin Hoitur nf nil itivnliiiiluiy iuhI liKlilf^i 
iMill, niM|Uiri«H ilN iiii'itiiiiiu in u Itkr iliiprtmn, nnil 

ill illinN ri /rf/xr ^/r/i, in I In* mMi^tn nC u wniMK 
iirnmirn. T1m« I .nt in, /WZ/rrr, In tlnwivi*, innl Hn tn 
rtil ill tironiinn, i« llu« muni* wnnl im f\irtrn, nml Nn 
4 llin ilnliitn fnttarr in tin* ^ttinr itrnni*, im wi*ll i\n 
%ll%r^t t(> l*iin iti tniMinoMi, uml tlip l*irnrli /rii7/ir, 
imi llii^ M|iitniiiliyri//rirr*, In Im in wnnl \\\\ In I'ltil in; 
WIN mr Juttrni ftHit horn pntn tnorir (ynii tMtii*! (Iii 
irivn iMi* nl* my imnnrnl In ilin in, iinil imntyitiic, nn 
III yntir wuml) wiin llin ittmwnr nl' n lii/.y, ImiI pliiln 
^ipliionl, ulnir itnikri- in S|min, In n rnHlniittir wlni 
lirrnli^iinl liiin willi llir Iiim nl' ln« iMiHinnM (nr nnl 
K*IMlin|( ttiH IhhiIh liniiio in linip. Tim Chnnk 0ifA«w 
^XiHu, t itiM*i*ivi«, I bo^niln, i« iniiliithly ni' Itm 
tnmn ulnrk, lint it wrto nnoln^^ In onliuifn llin liul 
irwnriJH wliii*li liplnitfjr liorr, niiil witirli iiiny Hnir^;rNi 
ItniitHnlvnn In nvory nun. Mr. 'rmiHr. KivnN tlin 
lluliitn y'riZ/t/n (Itrrninr n liiinkrn|il, IiiiIimI) nn llin 
tMil III* niir wnrti /Wh// .• lio wmiM liitvp Imnn iiiMirrr 
lip liiitrk, Imtl lin «uiit /ff/Zi/n wiim i^innmliMl In llii< 
Wlilr llioinii nn nnr fhttlf, llnwovni il' lio linil nrvor 
Imvlvnit timtHnir innrn I linn in tliiH |ininl. liU IhmiU 
Mfinild linvo Immmi Ii^nn nn«lniitlin(r llnui il in, nn llii« 
HMii'p III* rlymnln^y, Y'li nhiiw nn nrhouwrn, hnn 
OM I tin tin ft I Hnnnil nl' (lio ni\vi.\\\\\\ \'t^ VV«^ wv^n^ 
Ihfrtfntwt^ ttl' ilnilnrU. wn w*A\ wi^ xN'^ \\\'»\\v\V*^ 

w/. Si'J^tmtr in u Mihiilt\u^\vo« wuA \W x^^^^ ^^'^ ^^^^^ 


shaWf ill the sense of Bomething to be Been, 


As in the expression '^ you may as well look fo: 
needle in a bundle of hay, as tr^ to come at Ffi 
out] what you propose/' and implying it will 
labour in vain, to no purpose, lost time, L% 
voere aen ijdel in er by hun d* el of heye ; q. 
fortune brings in her favors in vain to him [tbie 
whose mind is harrassed by other thoughts [wan 
desires] in regard to which, those she has in st 
[can bring] are of no avail. By a heart ill at e 
within itself, tliat which would have been felt 
pleasure by one free from care, is perceived « 
mdifiercnce. What gifts of fortune will ease 
mind possessed by jealousy ? smitten by evil c\ 
science ? burning with liopclcss desire ? or griev 
for the lost object of its affections ? Aiter all 
phrase results into tlie trite truism, tliat all which < 
oe done is useless, where the opposing obstacle \\ 
its own nature insuperable to human means. 1 
luck or fortune is as distinct from design, and o 
sequently from that whicli is sent by God, cor 
from providence. By the form of the travesty 
ground sense is demeaned, and the phrase can 
only used in familiar discourse; still it has p 
served a trace of its origin. From the falling ir 
the word look as tlie replacing of luck in sound 
has introduced a verb in place of the sul>stantiv< 
the original fonu. Aenvocren, to bring in, 
conduct towards, to lead to, to introduce. In 
vain, uselesss, empty, and grounded in the L 
idolum, as Bildeudijk has ably shewn, and 
be explained in its place. Hun^ him, them, 
it is a relative prououn boUi to the singular \ 

£lural substantive. A/, coYvcctiCwi^^ 7t^\sx^ %k 
atiD ile is sometiraeft \i*fe<i. He\jtu^ W^cik^ 
vex, to fret, to be m a feXaXA o^ a^eiXasiow.v 

vttvvi .su Mini Am 't v|l 

//' t't Inf Inni, m llfrnilly in llicir, fi| hhn (itinii) 
Hh' vl nf\ lii'(llii'y) wUn f fim rtniii^ tniiif lltiii^, I'lni-, 
wlio ill Htinllii't fllfcrliinu r/ m Iii'm* ii't ilii> ikUimIi 
nfiM, ttfihf rtfiim. V'tift ttfn fj/rfrf, nfiiiiidii fm t* 
Hpf'fllpf in PI' hy huii tV p9 '</' //r//r< miiiiiih, /// n hun 
flip #(/* A«y, 

IIK f« AN IlKirNK Aft HAW'n (iMVIIl'ii; HflW. 

Ill llift MMMHc of f'oiti|il<'l(<ly (mII tif li(|iiMr, im 
flrufik nil lin I'liti well Im<, //(/ m r///i ih tntfvhf, tifn 
tfip PPiHff 'h iin(^ I i\. V. fit in lihv t/it^ ffnuntf nhnuf, 
for ffini in nlwiijfn full nf jtiirt* t ln« i» iin lln* yiiiiii|i 
iMiriMif , llrirlliMl in |iiici< iUiJl', Umirhv^ w yniiii^^ li>ii 
i|f<r Nlinof nl' tlin lirM yctn, r«|irriiilly Hiiil of tin* viiii*. 
Si\ft Mfflir^ jillfi', tiiollirrq Miilk, |ti|ci< iiii|»iiliiifl hy 

llm miHliiir |iHiri<iil| totliroliajiiiiiK- And lliMN«>iiiir 
kl| III* in im Mill of lif|iior nn Im fnii liolil, niiil IImia 

NH flintlf'lMwl |(||l|llk I IIM llP f'MII Im<, Mini lliiin III II 

Nffith* niiiiilur lo tlitit of Mi(> pimIiik xlioot of tliii viiin 
In rPM|»nf'l lo jiiirn, mtil Mml im » fthiiMliiMl lyoM ol 
llf|illil rf*|ilWioii, IhiviiVn iitiw jnllii* nciiliiri* of llir 
IritVKVty, uinl not im llii> |)«>l of llii> lli>lirnw lMir|iiM 

A M('K nooiR. 

Af>lllMi I'lrHiMJ iniiii of Mil inn; lii> (Init iIoiim Hir 
f*liNii(*M joJM of till* flniiM-i* I'onirrii lo nii inn. Hi 
y* htnih fmnl'm i\. t\ in thin innhnuv vluinvp in 
tilutttf^n iij' ntiMt* nnft ImmiI ji'smi in iin iiiHtiincf ol 
fliniiiT I fii'i'iflrnt I Ihmiiv ttlwHyH n i^Min; ini|)lyiii(f 
ihimf*, wlioHo iiri'ivdl (|p|iitinlfi ii|Mni fliiinri', timl 
WliOPM> Jolm nrn «w|iiHlly fin* cll'i'cU of HfTii|piil« iiri> 
tlin i!Prtnln NfMin^ of |irollt lo lihii wliii ilocn 
llif«Mi. Init iiol williin liin ffnilrotil. To iiin 

tili»y liiiii linplii'R nl. Ii>iml Hm |iroiniMi of imyniMil 
nr wlml. Iii« ilopM, ttinl tlinl. wliirli lin (Ioph, In Ibnl 
wlilrli lif'loni^ii lo no oiii* i<|fi«> U\ \\\\^ ^\\vVVw\\\^ 
niwufM liiH't'tltihi^ rpfjuirrM u i^W^^yV^^^ V>f,xw\ v\ 
¥iifils$hvt» niiii ni'llvily not *ii \mii» \\\v» rVv^xw'^^'^'^^ 
ftPMnii llH'innt'lvin III III! hi mm \u\A \x\ >^NN **^^^^'^^'^ 


So that next to Jack-ketch, he is the most esse 
tially dependent of human beings upon cbai 
(see that term, page 124, where f hack is c 
plained). Baat, baet, bat, use, service, pro; 
gain, and the same word with our boot in the phn 
to boot, in the sense of '^ into the bargain;" pn 
beyond that which is expected ; and with boot, i 
merly bote, in the same sense, and boat as tl 
whicn serves for passing on water, and boot as tl 
which serves to defend the leg of the rider, 
hereafter shown. 'S, is. 

" Her* owndid heer, that sonnishet was of hewe, 
She rent, and eke her fingirs long and small, 
She wrong fnl oft, and bade God on her rue t» 
And with the death to do botb$ onherbale||.~CBAU( 

"A booU%, is in one of these Inns, what a goose is in a f 
yard, always awake, and always beginning to move is i 
as any one else (no matter who or what) is on the stir." > 
Regist, VoL 85, No. 11, p. 678. 


As a conceited frivolous man ; one ridiculon 
pretending and frothy [supercilious and superfic 
either in a general or a special allusion. Er 
cock schom ; q. e. behold the Jackdaw, nay, fr 
itself ; see the senseless flighty bustle of Uie d\ 
nay more the working [bubbling, worthless] so 


in its travesty is tautology; but in its orig 
form sound sense, Aen *em tije, heet *et; i 
oock schom ! q. e. show him to be, call the thi 

* Her wary hair, undulating tresses. 

t Yellowish, as the colour of sun. t Take pity. 

§ Service, aid. || Sorrow. 

tr A familiar eUipais o£ Jack-booU. \3\A«&% «a a traTi 
neither " a boots " nor even ** «^ ^wiVAvooXa** <iwJ\.W»"' 
tiab, for the article ** a'* wou\Cl V>e «l ao\e«i\«m.N<»\v«tw ^\x»^ 
a noun o£ plural form. 

iiU'ktittw ! rvrn nviim iifr{f*! iiuitit titm out, loll 
lim (u hiH luro, lio Im u itm^|iit* ^jtiy). nuy. inoi'*' 
Willi; nlwiiyn imiilyiii^- ihou^h tlii;* viow nmy Im« tlio 
nut lin lukt'M oi liiin!«('ir. it m Miro to bo tho llrM 
'vorv Uidy rido lukoi* of liiiii. Wo miy ." lio in w oo\- 
ninili ill liimlt'OHN*' in it rt|nviiil houmo; " tlio niiurn ii 
niftooinli" lit It ffouonil ono. »m hi lo^urtl to ItiM wliolo 
Mtlttliiol. .irii/i/i/r^H. iirfi/i/Vfi. to uoimimo, to point 
Mil, toiniliot. In (loinoiiMlntto. llio nrn in poi«t|N)noil 
lo iln vorlt III lltiM pliiuMo itooonliiu; to tlto nilo ol* 
Dniolt nyntitx. Am Viii. irr-i* hvtn, on liini, in t'ol;i 
lion lo Inin. fftrtrn, to (loMi^'iinto hy nmno. to « nil. 
K'li (it^ llio olion^,!! ni titnv tiilio) inolmloM tlio Jitrk 
ilnw, Mii)j:nio. tnnl Juy. diitl wliotliov um tlio tnlloi 
i|toll Aim, iviiNir, kouu\ in Hioninlod in tlio iinitittivo 
Mininl, roproiiontin^ tho iiittniul ntll ol* llntt tiiln' 
iriiiiiU: mill tlio torni in niinply itn oiiontitto|iy. 
<>i»rA, nn»ronvoi-. wIiuI'm moro. Schom, xrAfiy'fi 
HMiiu. IVolli. top n^fiiMO, tlint whioli in lltrown ttwiiy 
in intxiouMniiittor. Thr ^'umof monkiHtf^ in itn tlio 
iiionf wtn'tlilo^n ol'tlio lininiinnioo, witlnnit rofor^Mioo 
to Hint ion. Tlio Piiloli litt\o tlio plinino jtrhHt/ff* vnn 
IfirirH, Itn llio liipJiOHl ruHOiil |tltiol'|, tlio tip top 
irillnin. itnd it tlion nooinn in llio Hon«o of lltnl wliiofi 
in itl I ho top. tin iVotli im. For in llio Honno ol* 
ivl\ino or iuMmmIi. Hi'huutii woitltl W titiitoloponl. 
loiiN^ON nnvM tlio toiiii in iin dir^'x o«miiA in llio 
imtittl import of timt plnuno; wliirit tit IoiimI iniplion 
in ornnnioiit : Inil n i'iii'inwhA in noitlior tin nno nor 
.triiunirnt. Tlio A, tin in i/imnA. itiitl in tlio itltl 
n/NNiA. now fi/iim, in punipi^.iotil. l^umh in f/om, 
Ainl IntM no nooti ol'tlio A. 

.irni'M (ton. 
A vtil|{itr It nil in(lo\'\^v\m^ 

-- - - « A* M. 


if jMij( new* ; nn« hnfM » 
Ulp tnfi to t«M/ liw! M«i inib 

fl^ Mknr/' " vou fn^hi," but m Ute bm >tA 
hWpMW ttnriUc liy Um «vil tMlintc^ hi b«w>. /, 
j»t1»ffO^ JJHt borro/, »liiv«r, cxUaaw 

Huntn, to conpoM, 
t««dM,le4uiet. It l*>(!tlMistowi UwpWMtlB 
bdCHf to tiki l«M |M>lMli«HlctnMorMfcii!l)r,iuMl liHA 
peisif oat (lit! (riprcMUfii (lliuuKb iaclmlim w 
kmmI tbit ^mM wcil twMfiin Hnd do \nmtmi I* 
IM b«t) M oi>« ■pjrtupnalMl lo Uuit paniau tA\L 


At lh« iMinetlintQ truvinty i>f llw (onn of lb 
'M%flld M(|rrr««<;n, MiM:e itKd in irt)ier nModt UkI 
Urtii«, W<! 9F»y. '■ lie l.n. kii;kfJ llin Inickrt," Nt 
tlw fnttwrt hi " It^- i* (Ifn^], it i« nil over witli I'M. " 
And Mf* ariM* iirMn IJm Umtmttij hmnam imvm^» 
ft *ef1> la dM jiImm cf m adiwb mkT wititMliw 
f>r tfw tro* iiMuw; M b aa wdltii MMbif d 
otlier iiMMMtf. TW UtfA, 4t b*ei fuchti 
brtalU at an tnjf th$ jam Ucktdf 

U a paf •( 


tittkOi WA» wid {b« jaw dtMJMdf aad _ 
<iut« vtrohgljr •jmjfUMiMtie of bb acv^ 
tho OM, D«f of Of^iog dw odwr agafa. 7<M,if^ 
&r«r, iMliKl«d. JTki, » ahort wtmag mjiratJBa^ 
alight il«fM«d attfoifM to brmtlw, a(M|^c^Hrti/ 
faiMiNpt and w« NM, " h« !• at hklaatgup/' ia At 
HtiM ol^ wbMi thtd'* (MM ib an Up willi Jria. 
Aaoi, tluit fttrtioM of Ow &c« wbkb conn A* 
jaw botit. 

A »WaiT»UKT, 

A» a lorar in itUtkin to attm ms. ^ «k» iff it 

hi«t httrdt 4. e. S«« th«r«, hn oulU ^m Uu |mim^ 

4wtolfai yoM, )f«tt MB a»l'<iVwiV»li«»wii»*>ia 

'vOtwr. «f nilHidtnt \i»M»m>ttV;w«. <a»'»i>»5*» 

AMMi 10 tlw fttliet sex, Ml ii»,.«»KwlVft«*,« 

rotvhA% r II MUM. 31 A 

Tlutrfif ukr itilh ynu, you arti ihn nnurrti of ihr 
wirmih BhtfunU wifhin, Wn Miy, " lin in ififlfim«i(l 
^jr lrfV«/' Wfi (tall bur wSm in (liirnntsil it mnirpi ftWflAi^ 
liMiri ** bift flmrifi." W«i Mir, *' iii^ bun not a ii/;/«rA 
\]l lotfi fiyr Imr h'ft in liiii brnnptt/' TV;/// tmnnndt 
fmeinr^ Jiammam /mm tli«i wlioln hrnnni in flllixl 
Mfkh Are (flimiii), in thn im|Hirt ryfunhf nt l/ivn. /If ff«f 
^/•l«i te UMfl in Ihii ntiUMi iff ** my Iova/' lltiyina 
meo earpitur if^ni t m nn, nhn m roniiiiniini^ hy ftlow 
rlnKrfUMy l»v n ncftri^t Hnmn (lr»vr;. Anrl (hrvtlim 
nrdffhat Alffxin, n\no iniplmd n ii/irt of inflnni- 
imitiyrjr Aktrnm in on«i of i\w ]mri\pn. And tf wn 

Khftrifff htfrtf hart^ liritrt, for i\\i\ Nf^ronrl niififi- 
of IImi t4!rm, it romf^n iii^nrly to thn utamn, thnt 
triml bfiin^ ma ha-ttri', nin\ thim, lift thn wtirm<!r 
or liMilifr of tnn frnmi^, mifl in ^nmnflml in ha hr Urn 
driipiiinfp of tb<i itnforrlnfc ronmintini in f1i«^ thf^mn 
cAuEi, Aa, A/y, tliii rof/t of A/x-/rn, A/i-/»n lm|9lvinfc in 
nil linown Ittn^im^M to fmrn, T\w fMin ftnJ Oniric 
U^rmn tor iwnri, v.or, MfMffktaf nnp^ atiap, firf 

ryiinilinl in ilio nmno nylinlrlr, find Mmttttf, \urt*rti] 
tbu MinA word f»» kn-rn, (Jor mtruml (Juor 
miof Mon tupurl niid mirffrn^on / nrii nn m// ///r^ff 
in f/itin, Itfilifln, l'ri*fir}i» iirid K|Htni(i1i» find in fJin 
MfttfiM WPi now HfM'iy to fhri trrni nwtirlhffuri. Flat/' 
rwnii nmorttf ftnii ronntlrM othiTr tr.rnifi nn«. in ttin 

A nwf.v/rnuv.AUf 

in ihi! iififffil fM^ntMf of tlni turin, find lili^ nifHit oi 
our cnliitfiry ii«rrnii, niorf! or IriM of \frviw.U ron* 
Iff lotion* I tfikf* till* word fo Ih* fin tin* old Pn*nf'h 
Muifiin [jif//;t/i//i,filill fifirvivtn^ in tlir Itfilinn tiufntn, 
ntHth, i|ifirkly, fit uunrj^ find tli<' l)iitrli hrard^ 
fmmd, fffhruMl (l>roil<^o, frii'd, ro<«\n«<i, t<iwAfrvV^ 
ilnmmul by /in;;, nnd tUitn \\% \\\\\\. ^\\\y\\ v^ *^^ '^'^ 
jmf ntititrtt rt'tuly for ilrtmmnv;, \\\\A WvNXwaxV VwVNvp^ 
MUiofi or #lfrnirifiti(ffi, lunWihK v^ A^'^^^ ^^^ ^'^***^^ > 

MM|MAMM a/ iIi^ a^U^ mmA ijUg LilMMi 4hm i^mM 


Inmii f mmpmif no nmnw rdwliMi to lim tmk 
iKy^ iImui to ikui ot my oltm u uimi i L U « 
to nw to totto iiiiw wttf4 wkl»tl>» tf h itfli to i 

ibM «• brtufpinfff Urn pHtiitipk prcMMl erf" it 
bfudm^ bramtunf IfrmuUmf hfuM&n (to urn 
fiWik iff tifdUtHff to preplan Uy im ttumm ^ 

wl«id» i» iidii|4i!vl far ftmdihft [m^itm \ $ auiN 
fflM j# m builbf! ftcatfbjr (M^rto/N ol'tlicr tM«l)r(t 
Hm » i» rvUiitMsd ii* fmt bttm im t(i« cmMmm^ 
ifi(f$ hui iha in iim Dtftok <(M» 'm tlw imnm 
triM.'lfaMi ulT limi UifmimA ijrlliibkr^ pg brtm 
hfftnMf WM lift oid phfmm fat llif: ir^lf of ti 

fyltfMifa W/^ir] W//« bifiiiK ib^ fe«»iiiii»« of tl 

(Ik^ofe fMMA of tf^/ZiT [to %\mff or «Ckk Umgi 

mimI UMterwi to iiftttw ^stijr i^rt of hmwI rm 

ftto^li tofi^iftlMrr {kIim^I toKAtlMr] hy h»tlim 

mMpp9f' J^nmn Mif# im Piymfili^if of ^' fc 

>* iMM^Mtoin^ Mr, Took« ib^it^ni m #ofv 

Amt*&nf wlrith im feii1w» •«•! *A \nmt Vn ^ 

AMW> nnd mtyn tli« wwrt Jl^^k ^ ^'^ \t». u%^« 

w jmmA^ am wofA «wi «« ^vmi m^*% \«»j 

POPULAli I'llRAHKi. '211 

liiulu)ify, but not iiroinoUt tlitsiMid of it in proporliun. 

It wuM tliu for^cfttuiK; tliat ** bntwn" wuh ovrr uhimI in 

nsij^urii to any utliur NnlMtiincu^ tlmn of tln^ prtMiurcil 

MmIi of the awinu, wliirli nuiHt lniv» led Mr. Tookcf 

into liiH KroundhtMN (ixplitntition oi' tliiH word. Tlu* 

brawH of n unm'H unn in uh nnudi *' brawn " im tlntl 

which c'ompoiM*!! thu rollHr of '* ho^V incut. " 'J^hi^ 

brawny |mrt of tho lu^;, IntN no mlutioii to tlnit 

of thu Hwini* nor to thiit of uny other btaiiHt. 

When the turni in applied to hunmn Hi*rth, it in in u 

MMuiudtiry tni|N)rt and Hii^^rHtrd by the ||;(*nerul 

unaki^y uf one Heiihy portion to anotlier. 

*' For iiuw lin Until (Ironk no ilttpfi, \w will iliviiiHNiiiiit, 
AndprHveii It by l)0r|m<mly|iN hihI imHiiioii ofHt. AvuriitH, 
Thftl imtltitr Umioii n« miAWNfc*, tiinHk-uiniiKar, iiu inortnwi, 
U iiUtliitr fyHliii UH HiwliMi but fuila for « |Ntiimmt. 

And wall liU wonlea Iia iMtMttiii anti, 
And bftd n uuliU vlwiisii for ili« imiimi 
And ruriuod wull ofHMAWNKt luid ttk« vf boiimi. 


•< TliM blttnr tVoHtln wlUi tho iilatu mid riiliiu 
Dttiilruyitd Imtli tlio ifraiiu in nvnry ynrdtt ^ 
jHtiuH Hltby thaflrti with doubla bHrdA, 
And drinki'th ofhlii buifln lioniti tlm wum, 
liifuniM him KUml hrawnh* of Uih (uiikid Hwiim 
And Npu^Ui niiiKlth uvnry limtid niiui*---(!iiAL'r>ii. 

TllltKK HKII*N or A LOIINI'.. 

An hi the ex|jr(*itMion '* I don't vuhuf yonr uni^ci 
|riige, punition] thn*c hkipH of tilonite;" and in the 
ienne of ** you mi^^llt um well have krpt your trni 
|Ksr, it would have been better for vourNel/', youi 
uny;er in nothiniiC to me." Tier h}; »vM«jt}tv»t\l hrl 
huy»i c|. e. a man in a ratft: in thtt imat/tt of thu 

* llnr* tlm word U uimd ii« « iuttiitdlti,M«iA(i\»eA. Vmemwvm. 
I I. #• yUikh, uM Jtuiunu lltmU. 
f Alt iht» FmnciJi mw/ In ^^^ ,|„iv*tt lA viUNt»v\N«i v^'i^^* 

'OM tUM mail/' j,, llrt.) 

2 IN AKcnjiuiumy or 

dimV» tfWH imv (of otM* of Uie (Icvirs <rliil(Jn!n < 
fnmily); iriiplyiii)(, i\\\% in nil lie |(i?tii iiy makii 
Hiicli ft fif^iire of liiniMilf, mi no onn elie irouM 
liiff liofuJ ttUiut liinif wliiks in that oflioui tf 
ridiculoiiN siati!. And in fturt rcfiriiMinU Uie p« 
Hfin in timt iUttn an mrhen we umi the exyremm 
ninvAi tlio orit^inal haii been ImI. Tuir^n, 
('JHrnour, U} mako a noiw% to fitorm, to vof;)!!!!*! 
to Npeuk loiifl, and the mmrvM of our /«ar 
tli«} oxpn.'iwion ta rave ami tMir» i/y, li 
SckeppCf MchfmpCf ima^^e, shafH!, form, and 
\\ in reprciienUitiony and the Mniroe of o 
word ihapt!, and many otlitini. IMf helle^ he 
//Mj^/iy family y race, iUK;k, doM'^int. The mo 
liUsral comitniction of the original pbraM ift, Bhan 
hf! vlamtmr (when }iir rln mourn; hn i» thi imn^e 
imr. of Me hM- family ; whirli (;onieff to the mi 
an a hove explained. Tiv.r hij Sf>«inds Ihraa ; t 
DfitrJi have no repreiufntative of onr th liut ' 
Ihd-huyn Konndii a Immr:, 

Afi one who aets in defianee of common f(f:eling/i 
wliosictR from <'.oncealed piirpf>M;R, motives ii|iecml 
liirriH(;lf; one who in iu'.\Mt%U'.t\ hy ]H!nievf$rin(^ pri'J 
dire. y?r jfick hr.r.t Vif TjCnvn ; ij. e. <A/*r/* (in hii 
intiuv. I private enmity I /ku/ a vintin in v)9nU htm U 
flttitf! ; (1 cfirif:eal<'.d unimoHity Npetikn (fleelarefi itHe 
in what haft lH:en naid |def:id(;d hy word). T 
phraHi: coneernii all 'luniituctm of ftii(;h inflividi 
deU;rifi illation, in n'y;nTt\ Ut I'.ither rifirht or wroi 
aft are at variaiiee with fornmori eerifu> (ilie f(^ 
iityr of mankind I or at h:aHt of that part of it wh< 
ineanft of jnd)(in(^ arfr an ^r,fKn\ »h th<! dccuU' 

llittt wc! Miy MhatfpUh^ ill tlu; mitiiu) nf ghi^, im wlt«*ni 

iniNlcmv in I'tmily ulnriiiDd, IIioiikIi a thvrii in no 

iy|ic of midi fuuiiiiK, luit rutlior, oi' |iliiriiliiy iiml 

ImrmldMiiiMi. Tkr. Uiriti liow(!V(;r liii» in fiici 

nc»lhiiiK to do willi tlmt ^t^iiuN of iiiutiiiil ; hut in 

ttimply Mf Mchitt hnhi$$ahv. / c|, i\, t^uivk alarm •* 

Noon tHkiii|( fright, iiikI «!otiiM*(|u»titIy, ii« mmmi 

gvitUntf out of tlio wiiy of tlmt wliictti cuuMm it, rhcI 

UiUH iliy, f(«rful« •oiiMtivi*. Ji nml ;/ ititisriiiiitiiti*. 

ttUtaht is lioni lu tli« |itirtiri|>l«t prrHciit iimnI 

in II iiulMtaiitivc) Miitif, of hurnhmif IwhiMMchitn^ 

hu$$chmif hitMnhffnf hntMchitn (loirritiiti*, to provoke^ 

to nxciUiff to itiiikci liiiKryl* tSvhiii InthuiMnhit^ nmuikI 

6 M », Inscoiiu;!! shvetpiiih, StihiVf MvhuUivh, At oiicc;, 

•ndooiily. A jnp''hcadvdju4itjv^ i» otio who (htcidoji 

roolrnry to right fn>nt |iriviil(i iiiotiycfii, iiirJi an, 

intnnuit^tfyMirvu hiM imtroii, diiilikn of tho principk! 

in qtiifitioii, of a IMirty rotirrrticwl, 6tiu A jn«j' 

kmukd moharahf w oiu! lurtuutiMl by M)lll«ii tnotivnii, 

reipirdhNM of «!itiu!r ri^lit or wroitic. A ^nfj-hnudnd 

fo»l woiihl Im! a m\vv\nu\, if thi! epithet inaniit *' oh- 

Rtinnti'ly iiifiiitiitd,*' for a find i« imonii whr) itrtN fn'i* 

of uny riitionnl niottrfi ; out a pitj'ktiadrd ftnd^ \% a 

fboi wiio, ill nppi'ariiitri*, iirt* nn if h(f had n tiiiHivi^ 

when in fni*t hci hnii nonn. Pick [j'iuiHS npitr, tiiii- 

moHityl fiilU c'luily into thn noutulol piiji nil muy 

Im M!C!n in the rHrioim phtiiii*N cif ttir pronoun uik 

(t)f whti*h in tho (iothirk «•//, jar/, ry^ iitid piiwifpi 

into tlui Ijitin ntjn mid (Inifk iy«, mid in th» «miir 

wonl witii tlu* Ornnmi to/i, thn Knmrti jp^ the 

DpniiiNh yo, and tlui ItAhmi to. A» dirty nu a nia 

mny Im n true phmiin, hut '* nu olMtiniiU* nu ii \\\y^^ 

couki only urine mit of mt hnliitunl miHrom'fption i»i' 

the word in tlie nlN>vi* phrimr. The other lemm of 

till) ori)(iiiRl exprrmikm huvr. Ik*v.\\ xv.\\iniilvNW^ vx- 

iMtuul in /in*viouM urtio.liMi. 

>l JOIt*H i-tlMVO\Vi'V.U.. 

4;. one. win; h||||^p| mmv yAwv^uv ^XvxU \v^^^ '* 

who nidi to the diBlreas [embarraMmeot, trovUi . 
he cams to relieve ; a well-intentioned, but trouble- 
■OiM, naitct to distress; a well-meant infliction. 
Sr jobhe's hamntE voor teer; q. e. in tkit can 
Ike ttupid man i$ an incumbrance iiuteed cf 
atriHoMte I the fnni linn brought frcxli diitreu in- 
•taid of mranx of relief or lor getting out of it 
JoUe, dunce, fool, stupid person. 'S, it, a. 
Kamma, a contraction of the participle present of 
' », to straiten, to distress by confining, to 

t getting off or from where on« is; and u 

, to surround, and pounded in om the 

i word with the Latin am in the import of 

I, in the sense of going round or rounding; 

a a numeruuH race of words, such m fo in- 
CKai(«r, the French evcombrer, the German tnuis. 
the Dtttch kum, difficult, and kom, a vessel, i 
cheat, oor comh, as that which holds cither water oi 
honey, tc. Teer, provision for going on, viattcam, 
traTelling expenses, in fact, any means necessary for 
dmng whit ii intended. _ 


" Bot bsfffas f t tkos, un A MLL nr A eaiMA saaririllh 
own WCT, mMog Us own Isnnap, Us JsliatiiM «4 Hi 
«>aiid«,lat<u.sM how Hr. BdlniM Km LasanaMsiHi 
tMk."— EdiMr ^ Tht Hsm nvtpoftr. 

Aa power abnted, authority tued nnMinri^ 
capricuKia nae of command, fiinctiona rational] 
entmited bmtally peifcrmed, necetaary confidenei 
needieuly betrayed, a lolflmn truat executed vi0 
indecent buffiwnery. Ltcck er baul ta, «■ rcUa km 
it Ad|>e ; q, e. vhw tmee Jack Ketch comei ia fit 
you, all hope it toon gone; let the faanpnan coBM 
for you, and comfort youraelf if you can. IV 
drJA of which ia, wheCheT th^"J(« -wtw*^-^ «n» 
deaaed, it ia no nuitlei \a 3»RVlt^»ii,-W(»wfc « 
«aceni i. to aee yon dul^ ''"f J^tV^ W 
»ot meK Jito, your couta«e »» Vi*^ *V» ™" 

our iiitiori'iii'ii or your ^mU ui> I lie wiiiuf to liitn ; 
\i* |HIIn yiHi hi I lie tiuk, Un Urt'iikN yoii ii|miii tin* 
rlM<tf|| lin miiImiwi'In iiikI <|iiitrli'rN or liunKn you 
4U'orclinKly lui In* In cinjMiwi^ritH, ittiil with h mitut*. 
mliiiuui iiinu»iii'«irii. Mum or woiimn, riKlit or 
rrontc, It^'i'" ''i" duNlnnl, you un* ull omi* lo liiiii, 
rboii iHWn Uf JK odii'iiilly t^iilMinli'il with tin' in re oC 
run. Am i'orri'it|»oiiiliiii4 t.y|K'« iiiuy Ihy uil(liii'i*fl, ilui 
»rillill liiittlmnii, llin flimiiolir I'liioiMor, tlir IIo|i;:kjii|j; 
'oiMiimiiili<r, tim jitf'k iti oilict* {lioiii I In* Uiwt^ni to 
lifl biichf^Mt^p lliii lfim<-«i'rviM(( jn4l(C<*, or iiMl^i'd iiiiy 
ma who j« It WHiitoii or ('orrii|H HlmiM'r of liu iruNL. 
Haul, hnutttl^ fiOiil, btidiil, fXc^fiitioiM^r, lii^ to wlioiii 
I N|H<<'ili*«il ttiilliorily to itrt im roiniiiiinii'tili'il liy iIiom' 
iliovn liiiii ill oilif'i*. iUif hviullv itiiil lIm* r'lnirli 
mdttUH iirii liottiiiti lli«^ huiim* Wfinl, JMit in tlii^ niiiKlc 
Muiw of Ull 4'Kt^iMilivif olliri'i' or iiU'Mt'iiKiir. 'I'lii' 
ilfiilrrti fiirin of IhhIvI i» pmLtL The roiiii<*rfiofi 
t^iUi ifi^hittltin^ to orili'r, uikI iftlnubn^ ordcri'd, In 
(VJUttiit. /W«/ i« II iiitiMiiii|i(i'r, Hwl, tftthiHl^ ttti 
mloMiiitiMH ; u\\i\ h'uhlvn i» lo iiiviti*, lo |irtty, uniJ 
lin Hoiirct' of fiiir //i //i// ill itiiolli»r iliii'i'lioii of tlir 
trniic, itUfkrn, U» ii|iif<'ur, lo liit|itN'ii, lo Utiir |ilui'i% 
ii rotiiii ii|ioii ; uimI iimiully irii|ilii'ii tliut wliirh 
mIiiih jiliKi' wIiImhiI iijiiHiiiilitM'iiL ; utiil iirohuMy un 
f^ktn ill u »iiiiilur (lii<«rtioii oi' h<mim', tint, wliidi, 
villi lliul iliifi'l iiii|iorL, in olnMikti*. Srfiiif, 
4ihiiitu'kt <|<iif'kly, ill uii iii»Liiiil. Htn, h'tn, hifi, 
Uffirr, iioiii lliin itioiiii'iit. iinpt, tin* miiiii* nil wilb 
IK} ttiiil lA kioihmU'iI III ryi, iiji, UK iiiinii |llioiiKlit| 
lirrrlifil lo Jifuvi'ii lo jud^ti |ili«riili'| lliif Uml 
irir iin; uimI wr utiy, ull wu« *' ii|i willi liiin/' in lli<- 
mnm* ti( liiN only rliuiiri* wun f'loiii ujiovi'; uiiil ull 

¥Hll OVI'r Willi llllll, llUH tlir HUI1I4' llll|M>lt. 

A ( iLo'it iti-.r. 

" flow iltn*u ffiM rtiHiltir iiuii\iiHMi *W NVt,\\»\W\*\*x^ V**^ ^'^^ 
hvMl thti itrunt «r llilH I HUM itri ^ V4 V^ , wA Wxvf. '"^j^J^^ 
m/ »mU n Uhtnnn^n, Im iu:luii.\\y ifuvkUn *rtui^V\«^^^* «vwaw- 

*i(22 Mii:iiSA}umy or 

to MpfifHiK WM tmtn ii|ion ft flniA ljrrw-H%tMt m Dul 

Ana wrori^c-lu-jfii'^i i!/ftiri!ii ; (tii irralirin;il | 

Nitifiii ; a ttfttWnU nchizwi'. ; u marl di:M|(n, I*Jr 

V uiinat ; /|. ^,. i/i //li/v inMtarum the ftnil pufr^ 

in vfhal ha nayn ; A« /A//^ /hmv/v thu luu a iwUt 

hawii what lii; HayM ftmfu:K« of tills maiimflf 

iMs<; tliri w<;akni!fiii of lii« hisarl l^y what h<; proj 

/r#r^/»y a wron^-h<!a#h;ri man, a [Ksnrfsnus kkiI 

a mtritir* pf;ni/iii, a rnan whoiu; brain ia ttt 

^roiirifh'^l on thu thrjma kr-tm^ U» turn, w 

ktmrttn in tlus MiiTKi %M\%tt, Ifij hufifi cnn Imya 

ki/fff w(*iinn he. htm a twiH in hm hiM/l; In 

¥fv,tik-hi:MU'Al man. /T/r^e ia aN thf; ffartif:ipli! 

M^nt of k(t-fin, and thii» atwiNtin^ or liirnin((; 

alik> our word Uf:f/f M that wlii^:h in tnnirrrl 

our ffiimj^ an th»t wlii/:h in tiirn^:/! t/iward 

th<{ Inrnt, or Klitj>. Mnt v.\unn\v;\-, i\% ouo. ( 

v.rfHikfA lihi'.M \H:iwt't:u which iiy-wmdM ||ihrHM:i 

ftUu'.f'A or aita «;rook^d line, in ntunnm Ufolc, iN i 

i^U'.iu'h troahrty in th<t mium mzunf, and at h< 

thf: ftairn*. word with our /roffk, with th/! dim in 

NiifffiXy and th<'. DiiU^h krtufk, krokti^ a U*.nd, a r 

finnr!!; our wf»rd curLf aw a ni(7t.athf;»iii of krol \ 

aamf! iMMiMi ; aa W4'.ll aM iht*. \m\a\\ t.urviiH^ t;u7 

and a lonj^ hut of wordn to/> nunMToiiN for thin ar 

(it hottom crolvjit^t in Uith th(f aUivf; wrwaum fv\ 

int/i a NAuu*, thf.nia. Wrt Hay, " hia wayi 

^•roohf.df^* in the, m^um; of hiii wayN an; nnri{(ht 

not Mt.raip;ht-ff>rward, in a ronrMirriint hut utrr 

ttu\%\u'\u^y th»n that h(f in a v.roU-JuUty mnn; thi 

imolyinj/^ a wilful din'liftion of rip;ht., and no m 

Ifihly, tim (t\}wj (i nsitural d<;l<frt, and no a mi 

tun<!. ft, iM anMlop;y of Nound whir:h htm rouftmim 

form iti' thfi two wordn with iim in lit<Tral i 

//i//ti/'n, in p<>c{> out, t^i [ioa-t out, and nri to i 

ilM4'lf Hli^hily ^ or in a miv.\\\ Av^h-o. Kimjv.'t 'ux 

l/i#f Hoiintl of thf lirM. vl»v*c^U\H■Auv,xVA\^u•*\\^v^^ 

iilitri*, hcmiimIn UN kminrpl wiMiltl with iih. rtnil iiIiiiimI 
lilptitiiMilly willi iMir pnitiittiriiilMin iif irotrht'f, '//, 
fft ilioiv ; mill in tlin itlmoNt iiiiiroriii oriKiiuil ol' run 
urtirln n in |Miiiil oi' houikI itml itiruiiiiiff. 


•• Wn 0lilriHtl lliHt llin iriMit iiinj III* i\rni nii|Miii|rpil I'loiii 
llin bmiti, Mr. Ilnltiiiiititii Knr liun litlmtiiiftut ft> ftR|ilnlii m(»iiik 

nf llin tlNlillisikl Mlvhl|i;H Iif Hill lilwnril ht lliii imiiitlllo. Nil iillti 
WMiUl liHVi* ilPNtmd HiIh liiliinimlltiii, «vi*ii II' Mr. Mullintilaii 

Kpr iKHitil tiMvi* \f\fM\ II, wliliili lilt rniitfiilt <*l*'^ lit mnliliiic 
Ihii Mlla|il)il, lin In iiiiiinfii|iMitril)f I'il^yi williiiill lining til llm 

li4Mt dci||riiit iiNi»riil."«' hlihi of' iHp Tltngt fimiv/Hi/iiti . 

An tiitMinrHN, riirni|itinii, inultirNn. I niiFi|ii'rl 
HN vtiifii ({fri^uulf), \\iv jiiirli('i)ili« juihI. of vHiffm. 
Ill fiMll, to ili'lilr, III illll, iiihI iiUfi III roriii|il, 
In iNM'iiiiin |iiilriil, In nil, iiNril in ii HiilMliiiihvr 
MMiNii ; mill lliiiH MM iiillciiiiniit, uiid mi liiiiliiniM, 
imittiiioM ( III' rill tiiptinii iin llir prniliiiMT of iiiiitli 
IH»M Til tfiififr, til ilij'tiul, mill til tirjtiii, nrr I In- 
Mimn vc*rh iliirpmitly niirll. Vuift in tlin Niiiiir 
wiinl Willi tun /mil iiiiil I III* < in iiimi ,//«»/. Tlir 
tllPtnil In ill vttvn, vu vii, wlinin* viiuwni, iin niii' tii 
fnid, ill llii« Ni«iiNi« ol' In I'nlil |ii|^rt.|irr, In plitil, mill 
Ml to wrlttkli*, niiiki* iitirviMi, piil mil nl' nnlrr (In 
rtltiipli*). And IIm* (J'.nMitMl ni'iinc u\' Jinif liitN im 
Mrrrnrct In nitNtinrNN nr hIiiIii, IhiI In nirii'ly In lltiil 
whii'li In lint in iliii* nnli^r. iind iIiiin iin lliitt wlilrli in 
iill4*roil IVinu ilN nn^ltiiil iippmrmicn. Fiiui firMh, in 
flfiuli in nil nnilnly nllcri'il Nt.nti«, in n iliNnnlrnMl 
Hiiilo, Ml n lii'nkrn np Nlnlr. Wr Nny, llm '• urn Iiiih 
It J099I ImUtim" in tin* nimini* nl' it rnrky, niirvrii, 
rtili^li ^rnnnil. 77in rtipp in J'tnil n/* thv n}trhni\ 
in IIH \\\v rn)N« iN iliNnnlrriMl, nr piil nut nl' nnlnr, rii 
luiliflrtl liy till! mii'linr. /wif// /j/ir*;i, iN iin linrii nnl 
III n iliiPNtiilp. /•'(»«/ ivrtithrft IN IIN ilinnriliMnl (iliit 
liirlN«t|) Wi<nllit*r, niiNHllril Nliitn nl* wrntlin*. VVt 
Jini, ill I hi} wnNr nl* In c\rlVu\ VA^n\\\\v,'^•^»\^^V^''>!*^>^'^^"' 
wonl im llw iilmvn vuiflvn. To JoU W** Uov*'*/v^>'; 

224 aiu:ii4U)Uk;y ov 

U'Mn Hword, to i'cncAi witli it an a KwonJ put out of itn 
firHt HUiUif by tukiiijj; off the [Kiint, by Hattcnin^ it 
int^> a hariiihiSH Htutc, and in an tlus cilipni* offMUd- 
nword or rapier. But a foilf as tluit under a iewd 
in order U) show it advantageously, \% a« tlie Dutch 
folifij foelia^ and the name word with the Latin 
folium f and the French /^tft/Zi?, a« a Uiinly flattened 
HuhKtance. VolleUf our to full ; voelenfOUttofeelt 
'dA well Mfootf and a numerous tribe of other word*, 
all Hprinf^ from the thema vo-en. Our to ioil^ and 
to nully, and the French iouiller^ are one word, 
Of til In another time. 

'* Wlififi thnt J thin* roui.t utori* r«d« 
Mino «i«n waxirr »ouf.Bt, Mid Morit nlfto." 


" Tho lioljr |)Mf] DxroiLftu^ of mitriti{(« 
^For oric<* liKKOir.KO miiy not br* tM:ov«T«»H), 
'i'lio vic<« ^otli forth/' CJii Ai/rkK. 

A DIttTV WHi, 

Ah a phni)U! of contempt, ir(i|iortN the meaning 
thiit tlie pcrHon in queHtion doeH not count amuiii; 
lionf.Ht people, that tlie known liaiuineMH of \m vmW' 
duct rendern him an ouU;aHt from the company of 
honourable pernoriH. JCr def.r te dMHjh ; (\, e. in 
him offence to virtue ; a hane to worth ; a poiBon to 
merit ; an emt to t/off/l ; one tluit tjuarreU mlk 
hnnenty. A dirty mtm^ in yM--J'Jrdeer te man; q.c 
ill him you gee a nuiuance to mankind, A dirtif 
action f iH a* J'Jr deer Cachte »Ui aen ; q. e. hehoU 
there an offence to renpectahilify , an offence to all 
fhat iM renpectahle amontj men. To Ite dragged 
Ihrouyh the dirt^ in tiie %i•^\}^^l of U> lie a nutferer 
lliroii^h friendHhip or nuHfortune, an the partaker in 
liiiother'H ill conduct, and ho to Hufier for another in 
rcy^utation, in an Te inj drwjht de rouw^die tleeri; 

* iJnutiiiinaX, out «if l\i« uwr-A w»UT*^^ *»^ >\>:\\\>j^» 
f l)ini,ri\i^m\ hy ti-ar*. ftUfA w\i\\ xvuxv*>M\>*^^i«xw.. 
t f^iVifdwifd , iiiiiiuH«-c\ . inviti-A . 

rnrui.AN rrinAiiRM. '^^ti") 

H. p. A« that in jfvrfptit fwarn fhp tf»rrfiii» ,/Jw f7, //i« 
rflAur fhpft fht* mUvhip/ {vommih fhp tiffptwp)» 
hWU ill ilin ffttnttuiti Krimo iif tliiii wiim, in ii 
mntntlicitiM of tim Diitrh r/r(/7, llllli, r^rrpinniU., 
il«rr?«#«, iMrflpn» t)ppr^ rlpvp^ nllnnrp, intimtnrn, niin- 
rlilpf, Imrt, linrm: wIipiiop fhvpn^ rtppvptt. In injtirp 
(offi'ncl, (Innm^p, litirl) nnd fnrtnprly in iiro ntnnng; 
our olrlnr wriirrn. 

" F'ttr itiiuiHli fnvtutit* iiinv nnl nn ntif^nl* nrnK 
fromttlfihipilMirio, r**! f**l It** ^ /.tfi>(^f>r, iVfifiiM) rurtiin Riiiiie 

A mnitNiniii.. 

In llin wrll-nn«lf«rnlnn«| npnwp. /•> KrAr^f*, ArM»», 
f/pfi? Ai?//f» ; (|. p. /rrr (/irrr ifptrnrffottt ififamtft 
minphfpfUn fmutfi thtfjlitfhf i inul Hum np* t»np wlni 
iHrlotiriy tn br pilinnttrd j^iuinliMl n^iiinM | by nil whn 
Hrp not liiM MIdwk. Svhttf^, nvlauh^ jtrhtiffp, \\o\vi\v 
tinn, (Unui^n. thrp^ nn In <hn jn-nrrilin^,- nrlirlo. 
/fiiim, «liii|{rnor, inlnniy. Ihlh, hpf^ hphhr, rlrur, 
•hininu: nnf wlHinni n rlmnl, nnil hrro nRpil nil- 
V«rhii\ny. Tim wnnln in llio nhovo nnlrr Imvn Uin 
prttrinn Konnil innl ntiMininu: nl* nrotntth'p(» TIip do- 
rivnfifin of lliin (rttn liy •Inlniunn, iVniii nromtfirftoh^ 
(l(H*mntl by liitn nn hniitni wnifl, unnnHlnl itt tlin 
IiAtln afmrtmrfpfp^ nnil in tlio mrunn iti* dninrrlpr, \n 
(k wliim. It nniM mil lir inr^nl. Iltnl Ihr nrh in frha^ 
'^ prononnpntl nn ^A. 

in IIh' n«in»l Rrnnr. AV rnn iti'fhii^ hrt ; ij. p. fhriP 
IfUH af otn'p nvp mist hir fin hrotnl »Aiy (mnhn^riiimMh, 
you will ipiirkly llml tlip (tnn in <|nrRlinn nn injnry, 
^ clnh'iinoiil, n nninmu'r, n tnJRrliipvnnK i'rllnw ; hiil 
>Mi|MirlinLr, liy \\w wnni ran, ((ptiokly, nniin). n 
*'Mlnin urHJ*''^ "I r'nirrnlmpnl* n f{M<iM<uw i^n^.\\\vnN 
[^^hyiHuiipy, ivliirli iltirft \\x\\ WVwxyr^Vv^vW M^xxxxwAvt^V \ 
inf'htii i/n/i/;f'fi M ImirliuinV V,'^\\\\\\\\^\v^^^^ ^^^^^'^^*^^^"^'^ 

Uft.. I. "^ 

'ZW Alien J¥jn.i id Y or 

you rannot<> sim ntivh U>r I'vcrii nu iiiNUnt 
lli'riri*. wc r:iii ii:iy ii mfnn rancnl^ \ml not with |iro 
tirii't.y it vivan HcoundrvL Joliinirxi lian Ijccii hoaxo 
into till: f?tymolo;/.y oi' TUHcal^ !ih hrin;; tli(? Suxo 
\i:TU\ for ii Icijn liciiHt; or rlH<? niiHlrd liy Hailf-y. 


An the Htructiirt: on which |ii:rHonH an* v.x^jm-A t 

|)iihlic: (^a/i: by jiiflicial Hcntirncr. WhiMi jijHtly (1( 

fTf'f'd, u Hoiirn: of infamy to th<; (;nilty; whf:n ui 

jiiHtly, to \\\i'. jud^;': alonir. I'ijb- Intrir; ij. c. 

nrajlnlil'iinzhiii ; a HtriHlun^ r;n which |icrHonpi ai 

[ilaccrl for ('X|fOKiint to puhlir vtiw. I'ijfi't I'il'S i 

the HfUM: fif Htructnn;, aM wlii:n wi* nay, *' what 

nia^nificciit pilr of buihlin^^" in the? wuw of 

in:i(;niiirfnt cdifico. TUt- word in thrn an thr |»art 

('i|»h' pri'Hfiit of pij/tHf in thr* HfOKir of to put pil* 

lo^^cthrr, Ktiikf hy ;il:iL(', and thnn, :ih the forniini^ 

•AlrnitiiTi'. hy kiicIi nii-:ui;^ anil Wnu thr Ktrnrhin* itm- 

A f'uTHrtiL jnir, a jiilr of vmul^ jiii* phiasrit wh«' 

thr word JK uHfrl nisiici' toils ori^Mn:il ni«".inni^; vi 

jujlf, pi/lf'f Mt.;ik(', )iil(', iiH that which in hturk in. At 

/o plir, IK htf'r:dly to jiiit >;t:ik<'H to^cthfi in any din* 

lion; hut which nif';inin{.<; h;iH in tht: coniHc of ii 

hccn cxtf'iuh-d to |il:tciii;'; ni:it.(ii:d-4 of :iny kind 

liny rcfjiij^iitc )jo;-.iti(ni. The Liitin h:iH the :idvir 

pilnltm^ in the j;«-iim«- of any thiii^^ jihicfd r|«i*ic t 

f'ctii'i : :i'^ f"i in'-.l.;iiicc, Mohlicr:4, ;iiid even |i»i 

jiiit tr)|'ethei to form ;iii eriifiee. The theiii:i i^ pi-r 

to Hticli, to |ieiietiiite, iilid pir/tn, h Jis the fnijiir 

t:itive form, iind thnit :i;4, to \\u k Hnccev'^iveiy 

repeiitedly. The |''ierich h:tK the terni pi fori in I 

Hiinie ;4en«':e :i;t we h:ive ; and Mi iiHi/e derivcN 

from the Latin pifft, :i^ pillar ; hut that ho 

can never accfnint foi tlie lieeond niemlier of t 

UTtt\\ vi'/.. /o7'i/, fin-i. Imvv'w tK uM the jiaitici) 

prt*M'.\\t llf UwrV.H , Vn \l»liV WaV'.WWV wX ^wwCv >^A^ \v\V'i 

M/ I'll' 1. 4*1 I'll Iii4»».« '1*11 

•A %H \tftV %kfMi 'A intikUfU, Uhtiu «l, lit ht^tV miij^mU 

l«l,friM//<iM«-r '/f ll»( lii« li.ivc^«ty «/f fK<- |;»«i i»//r«l, 
mm^ 9tf4 ^«-iy '«rt«fi «««'! uUt'th'/ tiic Will (fli|«;»lc-«l ; 

•4UJM 1/^ |i«|K-' >:»trility ' '.r , if l|i« '« U tqpl»«|( H* 
llfff ti*'!^! <-|l»{/4f« *tt i», lti( fi ;i«, y'l'f ^ffc- ;i «lf«^f;i/f 
f// U'iUfiht tin McjM' f^f/ilify;. »fi'l^ «/«ric(«(iM Nlly, 
trtl^«- #1'/ >i/lif >'' ti'l'tK »4 *it»t til ^U'tth *i|' U t U'ftifi Ut 

U'i$it $hy**r\f ihUitt t «l<(fii fin. 'Hi*- UtiZ^^t U 
Hthttiy t* iU'\i*t^U',tt Iff :m n^ttttffhf < >>/«rl««l Uf t|if 
i$4fU*:** lit ^ttu*- «l«-«|/i« -iMc |/tr«//ii^ %htf l/ft'CiL* u$ 

^ttiy ittftuu ¥niU fi ;i <lo<- r(c|«ori»il/iMy f'/# lU 
M^/#'/</#i4i<- nf/f/lM cih'/h. Ii ic tlic- ¥iily:»# ffi»vi-*ly 
lk»l !«;§« 'fcjriiviU/l the- |i)if;fti ; fn$ iu )i« «/iii/i«f«i 
tftfin iM/ilfinjtr «40 Ik fri'/rr iifii->« c-^/ti/fh^Mc-, rioi 

tti/ih iit%nr Vkli'f f* ftic- f(t(r«' Ni/ |#«/|r«<Ut |/)if4*^^ 

Ik^l f K^Va- «hc«'«^trc«) .la yil, rvcr « «/fit.Mfi< 'i, III ll« 
MijTiff^l t'rttu, -f ««».»!«« or iii'l(«((ii fx-rifi ; »M«f It u 
floe- f// iiiif|f iiii'l in 'fUt l'#Ml4t|icrc t/« f U 4# llixifi 
f#«^#f tli< r(jfr«».i/h 'if Utt$r/ iIk ^Miliort of |fl>f«iA«« 
tM/ li ot <ti( iili'/V< If^xaly^ « v< fi off ihc lltib «/f ill** 
knprtt iff lK'r«« v»li'# <lc-:il m tUttu 

A 1:1.1. to l^ri>MI'.4f«. 

Ill llic t«if««- '/f '«r*< ifrflif 4 <li*l//llu>}r if»u||r<|; 
«/ri«r wrh«» rfii«/«fiiclr«i( « :»11 yiU ^^ iii Uuu . ^t\%« ^Sv« 

228 AtiLii/v.oLodY or 

ima may Imi Hfit rij^lit, tin; (itlicir ticvur can. JCr tml 
andttr htifU ; t\. <:. the iorrncntor blurU »om(:tliinij 
tpiita at variance vnlh the Buhject Mj^ken of to 
him ; an»w/:rM hy norrntlhintj which hoM no relaivm 
to the p/fint in t/ucHtion; and thuK ori(; who riiit- 
rr/nc'frivftH or tsiki:H a (iiKtortcrl viuw of all timt ix 
Msiifjy urid f>y ho doinj^ ntiidfrH hiniK(;lf' a tonn'rnttn 
«o<'i'!ty. //^m/, hod, fjoLcy <{X<;(:iitiori(:r, waii riot 
fiKm-ly h(! that hunt; or lichftarjcd thow: who were 
i'MUH\\rui't\ to liiiii, hilt wa.H aUo he tliat put tkcm 
(in? vioiinly to i\\v. f)iif;Ktiori or rufk, and torlurnJ 
thf-ni hy(tv(!ry |iainiulni(;an hiHem|iloyc'r<:ouldd«viMi 
for him. Tiiat it wan onr:«* ho fsvcri witli ijh, i» Ktill 
t<;Htifi(;d hy th<! nanMMif thf Vntm Yard in N<!w;jaUr, 
which waM formerly Jack KctrhV hccoc of action and 
play \rTu\[\u\, Hotd in tIniH, Torture pcrKonified. Tlw 
rVcncfi Hay, /1/i /// lioiirrcau I in th<* Hcnvj of a vi-x- 
JitioiJh ill-coiidiirU'd diiiturh'Tof Koclal 'piiet (oidoi;. 
Ar/f/fr, aiiotlier thinj.r, HouKthint.^ foreii^ii to lli': 
hij(/jert, in rjiM'Utj'on. Ili'ctt'.n, to narni;, to c;jII by 
Oil rue, to Kay, to f.nvi* utteraiue to. I UnndcT headed 
:is the adji-rtive, in [irohahly an hoid andcr hrrt '*/; 
t\. e. /Ar' rails it hy a ivrojif/ narnt:,liiini'd\Li:» 
vvhiit it in Off in nnidj ; irn[>lyiii.c, that liis answtrr 
(ohMervjition I nliewM he h:irl rniiteoneirived the ji'iiiit 
111 fjiK-Hfion, iiiisroni|>n'henderl whsil h:id heen dom: 
or -''liri. And wh:tt more Htnrtliri'^^ and vexatioiiK Ui 
oidin:iry \y,ii\i\i(t-'* 'A7, //r/, it, the thinj^ in <jiJ<:*- 
tlori. 1 Mi-|)<''t (>ur t<rni « /y////,iiHa hJnnder,a inih- 
t.'ike in point of i:* n-.", iy ji* tlie first iri«rnd;*T of tli'J 
JiKove ori|/inal ffirin of th^ phrihe. 1'* rhapH our 
n;jlion;d .•:ohri//itf:t of John Jiull ih fio other than - 
Jtniw! hoon! htnll (|. i*. httnt ! defy! you tor- 
yncnlnr 1 Shout! imjh! von torni'-nt to others*! 
\i h. a nif^knanif ;it. :ill event-,, anrj heeniH r Icarly not 
o/'our ov/n {'ivirn' or f\i<i«»s\wi \ Imthan likidy ari'^*-" 
from thtiHttU.t'.v.Ai'Ay niirii\j\\i -.vwA v.\\\iv\4\\vi\v\v;A\\\A'4y, 
fr^ntrnlly irnpn1»'d \>>| Vfii«^i'vii^« i-. V** ^my iv^wwV.ywnvx 

|m>miIiIy Itrrit Uf1i»|»(nl iit i« prriiMl wlinii iImi Imlaiirn 
of r\loiiMr iHilitriirun ^utll tilth rinnlly iiiltninrtl In 
iMi'lntrt Ml r<i\niii ol' niii nn^lilMiuin, l*y wtioiii IIip 
ICiikIinIi wnr InnktMl ii|iiiii un rtMn)mirtlivrly iiii- 
piiliptiiMl, Til I hit tlav ^o mo Mrrii<(Ml i»l' liriii^ 
nnliiMmllv iiirri'Iril liy wlnil llin I'lPiirti Iniin /<i 
mfrtiHP Amjhinr . i|, r. /Ar t/hnrntfi rmrrvr i»/' /Ap 
i\mjh*h, lltr mlriil niiiirii'iliuiiiiitriiii, ttio l'ii|iiii«l utill'- 
itrM i»l' llto ICn^.lipli. iittil i\lti(li iiiit»riiiii III (liPtii 
Rlill lil'p uriih iiti. Tlio |iltui«o ntniniU ««« i/mAh HhH 
li iillrnMl. It' It In iimI ihiQ. \«liiil rUo in iff ll* 
hfumtrr, in tliP linvrnltril ]itilii4p. li^ Irll lit iIn Itlriul 
nnitNO. Mumirrhnui rntinliiir* into »tit'rr tiiiiiwrniir, 
nitil hlumhr niiilil itr\n liit\o IioImm^imI to it nt lU 


A* inir who, H-tirtt yiMi hit|i|MMi to ttonr liiin uppitk, 
lUiiki-« you I'rrl iiiii|iiiwpil lin rttit pvrii tin tltitl, 
Ihntiuli von iiiiiv iml r^pirnv Vtuir (tPlninnliiiiriil In 
liiiii. til I'ltrt. iMip t^lui pHit 1*4 iiiitqinttiiiiilrly lint) 
nntl III niiMilrtl philnwinriiti tOiritruDiMl iitttMirhnii: 
mill It \n 111 llit«nrn«p \vr >i!ty " lie iii'lrtl likr ii Murk 
limil." iMit tlir liliM-klii-itil I It lint nitlil U\ HiiV nl' 
pil)it*r ir|iriii«i')i Ml inliiiiiiilinti. ImiI in niinpiipwiini 
Air liiii iiiilnial ilrli-ii. Ilol iuuk Arr/ . i|. o. IIV// / 
\f* fhitf nmntl Mi'A th*tt «/>f-ii( ' Wtin rniilil lirtVii 
f hoii^til tliiit llil« Ini ni)i nl it linnl rniilil Intvo tiilkiMl I 
llit|i]yin^., ihitl I'liiin llir iti>|>«Mipiiirn itiii] iintnnri til' 
\\w |iri«iiiii In utinni il t*i'lMn^\«Ml. il H-im iiinii^ itmit 
¥twn In III' r\)irrlril |i|nilr ^liiillni^. |. .1 nuMri^rt/ 
hfm'kftnuf , i« niir t^ lin iiit« ii^ ll lio rnitiThntllio 
¥t\kn iinl niir. /^•^ itnv iniiinl ffiitiqlitnrr. ii liitll. n 
Imitl I'm iniin Pin«. » ImiIIi. a tinllnnii, itinl ninlrt- 
|>lniiit'itlly. llinnrml. Cm it, wvU c\va\» vxvw >e^•^^x 
what thru f nm tfutu^ ut tUt^ wrtxVvwvo rt^sV^H >vtX^'^^ 

I /ii/ii fi/iifr iiifi Ili^*ili|y atu\ i\t^ \w^\o. ^^^* vA\v^>N^ 
'«lniM (/niihf. ^\,. ^liy 1^, rt \M\nv\\\ >\Vv^ ^^^'^ 

a|)p('arutu'.(t oi' l)ciii)j;; ncillirr ilciul nor iilivc: ; Ik 
but »t|MMik ! juHl tfiiy oiu; wunl ! uiul t'et;! ii{^rc<'aMy 
ttiirpi'iiicd whi!ii W(t (iiid he* cuii. 

A JiKJj.-wrniKU. 

Ait a noitty iiiiu'HUiint H|i(M*(:liiiu!r u|>oii a Mim? 
Hiihjccty iiii ifjidlcHtt iruulili'tioiiui hur|i({r u|)uii tJti: 
HiitiU' tfliiii^;. AV i^^i// wt'dt'r ; 4. «• . theruu the tar- 
ffit'Ht w/ainl iUvn'i'H our cHtrtsiiii pisi^^utt ui^aiii! 
ihiTc'H liii who ii4>v(*r lipuri'ii uh, when v/i". are witJiin 
hiii |fowr,r. //^m/, W/, /xz/f^, bmL'.l, cither UM Ju^'k 
Kc'irh or J^cMidlc'y iniplicD ihu iiiHioU'r of uli otlicr 
nuiiifeihinuuU mh well uii thoiit) which cud by death. 
\\iv word turning; int.o Indvllo in iiuhun uud Leikau 
in French y und into heatlftt with uii, i»how« the. U^u- 
dcncy iti'at', t'ti, to ViiryinU>^/iuud cvifu e undi; w 
that /y^£// ri'soundin^; into ht'/l in tiH u natural drlht'- 
tJon oi' thtf voice. 'I'he niodtuii J*lnt4;liiih ht:ad waii 
spelt hi'Vf/f fn'iitf hfth, by our old authors; Imafd^ 
huiu'd^ in An^'lo-Saxon, and m now H|ielt haupt in 
(jcrnian and huofd in l)uteh. Our U'rm ImUf at 
tin* aninndyisan example oi' (he f. retiouudin^ inti>u 
and /y, the word beii;^ no other than tiu^ ellij)4ia of 
hril-gt'n'r (bill ox) ati tin* leader oi' lh<'. in'nf, uimI 
round tin* necW of which 11 bell wa4 slun;^ when \w 
wna tti'ut to paiiture in the wilds of i'ornier ilayif, 
•AH iH now (lone with th<; UKJj.wr/niKii oi' tin: 
dork, Stitr (bull, isteer) liaii in courae oi* time, 
and usi', di'op))i'd iVoni tin* ))hraaey ua in ininunc- 
lable ^^inlililr instanecs, 'J'lie. unt'ient i'onn of A////, 
iiH htll, Ktill Hurvivea in htlLuu)^ and ia a li-rni diii- 
tin^';ui^hin{^ i\iv roar ol' the ImlL i'roni the lowiii;( 
oi' tin* roWy an4l \i\M probably ariac'u i'rom ht.U- 
OH \utft:if fm(/ih\ hrll or. Ott Ki^niiied orij^iuiilly 
lln' iititU' olhiis sperirK^ but is now iiai'd in a eoii' 
iiiiftl I\ m'usv. Urllr, Ik-W, x^k w* llw 
l.uliii hiillu (l»u)»\»\»') wVwiAi vgA*\\vv' \v-AW\\\v{v^ 
auiiint ht ll.> VV» dc » , AVAWv , de hdiu. 

" WliMH lli«( riiirliiia Ilia i«liiili iif ^%*\t\v mi I1I0 

ii«il Vfhllllil ii|»i«ti I lip alPiila m\i\ ulnlt 

AuA uM 1)10 liiMk* ift-fIB Pill lilt OPlUllipIv**'" (*M*ViliM. 


All ulil w«»iiiiiii, n im^t All nlil wilrh. I miik- 
|H>rl. A cMirni|tltnti ol'lliii l''trnrti %'irUp i/iiiNr. iii llio 
«ritM» of *' nlil-iiinllirr " Ihimtfi AUtu: in up niiii 
Mnlhrr-AltrM : I'm l^dv AIh-hm ip h tiiuilrih r\trit- 
imilt III flir nii^itml |ilitfiiir. Ihil IIiimIii tiinr ^nrim. 
H mill f Mir iiilrii'liuii^Mitt^ NiiinuU. I'fi/iiAr. 
Uf^ifhft Mini i'ly, iiir tlir miiur uniil. I'lil h I'm 
r. aiiil f*ir//r miiiiiiln \ci\ likr /ir/. ami liun ilir 
Minn Moli»r- 111 Ar/i/iiwi. JtMlMntiN ilriiim ll rtmit 
hftir tittmp i lull 1 ilmri nrv liuw iii* ii/i/ wouhttt in 
In lir hiiiu^lil mil nl' llumn \iiii(U iti uity Way 1 uiii 
iiWAi-p iif. Tlio I'trnrli tlowr uiiil mtr tiumr, 
liuillirr, urp llir miiitr \^mil ; llir I'triirli miy t^tunr- 
Stttmr i HO Kiiy Ihunr .Vufiirir iii ittr iiii|hi|| nrtiiilitir 
iJifi itiollirt mill |iioiliirrr nl' nil lltin^ii. Uolti uir 
I^HMtliilrtJly i/tf«H. MM Ii'IiimIo III (^rurlMl, liul lo- 
Plrirlnl Willi im liy iino In llio fiiiif r, viliirli ImhI m 
flip Mtiir wnrtl Willi lltr 1*1 null mrtrt l»til mImi 
lllllllnl III iiiPMiiiiiK Ity iinr. Tlir IimIimiim liMVr il^mtt, 
ti%9mmt9, Inr llin IriiiMlo of lltr> ilrrr. mill wo ti^m liu 
llirti nl' llio limiir. Tlir lliritm ol' i/imh !■« tlti-en, 
i/i>-rH| In otii'lniko, In «-milMitt, wlirtii'C mUo i/iim, ma 
Imiik |riii Inniiiv] ; llir ivmtl m llio roiilmrlimi nl' 
llio |iMtlirt|ilo piririH. i\lnrli m i/iiifft; (rltrln»ili^>, 
mill (nllliril ill II ililfi llnll MIIMlnp.nlU Htllt MMIHf, 
MilfMfifr, M'tMllAtl. Uttmhtnt (111 I'.ll^liall M'nif*/^ Mllll 
till* MMitio iMHil Hilli iiiUNitii. MR llio rniilMiiiri nf Itri 
Ikiiiil. iiiilrliiiilrlv. Wo mn\ llio " iriifN/*iif' Umr** ii» 
llto iiinllii'i |)inirlil| nl' inillirniiiiii^ rVi-nln. tl'iifM 
m MM M'ltiftyi llio )uiiliri|itr |i|i'iiriit nl n'H ni, In 
Plirlfiir, !•» linlil Hilliiu. 'V\\r V\c\\v\\ (v%^wc^^vc- 
ImIiu /'itrwintt, rtio iurio\>| i\\\\c\v\\V x»\\\^wn>^'^ ^"^^ 

• llllM. Ill |t|4l.)| JmJU. Im,|U, \,M\«»* «kxxx\ \xo\^ vw«^ •^ 
'"••fri/nfli.ii. , allnil I ,»|„ u» \iv \\\r «ko\\*»\\.*x\xC\^. 


wammef warn ; ihef, v, and w^ being interchanging 
aspirates. Women, as the sex indefinitely, is 
perhaps in no other way the plural of woman, than 
as the Anglo-Saxon wimman, and so the sex in a 
general or plural import ; and this accounts for the 
different pronunciation of the same substantive in a 
language, for women sounds wimmen. Our doe and 
the French daine (female deer) belong to the same 
thema as dam, as given above. 

"The Pelican then axid riglit; 

For my writing if I have blame 

Who then wol for me fight of* iUghte f 7 

IVho ahullin ahielde me from ahame 1 

He that jhad a maide to damb % 

And the lambe that alaine ywaa 

Shall ahieldin me from goatly blame, 

For erthely harm is Godd' ia grace."— CuAvcia. 

" And let ns shewe our fantasies in soche wordes as wt 
lemeden of our oamb's tonge." — Chaucer. 

Beldam, is sometimes used with a wider exten- 
sion of meaning than that above given, and then 
implies a witch^ as she who predicts the fate of 
otherH, and so a fortune-telling female. I believe 
such import is connected with the poetical phrase 
tveird women, as three witches, figured as three old 
females ; the parcce of the Latins. 

Banquo. Thou hast it now. King, Cawdor, Glamis, all, 
As the WEIRD WOMEN § promised ; and I fear, &o. &c. 

Macbeth, Act III, Se, /, 

• As the Dutch of in the sense of or, 

t As the Dutch vieghten, vlechten, vlichten, to weare, to 
braid, and so to combine, interpose, or come between. 
Shakespeare employs the verb to weave in the same import at 
the last. J Mother. 

§ The fates. Parca, But at bottom, I suspect, the same 
with the freesish toird via out term word^ which is as some- 

thing said, or an idea expieaaeA. ot "ViTow^VwAVt^srok. ^\>3biia. 
the mind. The faie% and Pttrcc.Me ^^^^i^o^^I^smsvss. VKraA\ 
indfatum (m the plura\/ata^ \b «.a l\v© iv^uVw o'l \^^ ^^\yx« 
iciple of far, fari, to say , to a^^^^ . wcv^ w> a uoxd \ %5A V 

' Mt0 wiNtifN fottpn nhi mk i q. <*. iii vniinv wnntii Aijiim 
, hnl ihPft uum'tfiK iht Mvk | tnuoli tlilk wutri iltl tt Mttdki — 

** Dtiti I (htiwip pntn^uirkt* of wtuntiM *i 

I itiflumu iM (if tliPMn liMvitiN ItJp, 
tfitlli iM, Hint (itidir (i(tit )ri* ht*ii (mii' Itit^rilpfi 

Tliuii|cli to IIS WlU \)pt\ the imuB(«i writ* f/* 


AM tmUNK A« A t.Ollt)i 

hi tho mrniiltiK of |il|Jtily drtiitk, vlnlttly Intoxl- 
trd, drunk cituMiKli far not to IdMvn nnv doubt 
out (ho MiAta of tlin onNd. l^^r? ronvh alu pi hoard i 
«i. roi// tnnn hpum that thin onp $norp$ / nny onn 
ly kn(}W, l>^ iltn wny tin ftiirlinrt tiln brrttUt tind by 
9 kind of lim fil(«c«|), thd condition ho in ln| Imnly- 
; wo muMt till know by bin Mnrtbn^f iitruKu;llntf 
t)krn ciHbrtM to lirnntbn tind biiiuinii-tiNphlxmtea 
ltd bow it tconn willi bitn, JHp^ \\\\% ono. 
mcfipn, to Knorn^ to nlrnp nbnid. to tntiko 
noind of onn in tin utiNound diNturbml tttnta of 
ii*p or ntupor, in Frnnrb ronjlpr, Ahf nn. Jit, nno- 
nr^ nnd MO ttny onn. //m>r^fi, tobntir. TbnexprGM' 
»n, liven in tbn oriM:intil form, Im nt lotiMt Jocultiri In 
travGMty btirl(iMr|un. tmoNK, 

Am MUprntndy drunk. MurpiiMitit(ly drunk, rrmnrk- 
>lv drunk, wotidprftdly mo. 1) hppi drottvh / q. d. 
hU th%$ in whtti pnu munt mil hpitiff Hrunh i {f 
»y ntatp in to hp vuUpiI not thin in it i thin in what 
m mnjj prnpprl\f vail hpioff drunk / tind wn Mtiy 
mlllnriy " ti onn Im proprrly drunk/' In tho 
>tfit» dirn(«tion of MruMn; tinil wn Mtiy hImo, '* thiM it 
imotbinH: likn bring; drunk." Tbo form of tbo 

•¥l(ti>nt1;f poiiiipofml with /orlHitu \ yh* %t^i% ** X^^ \%\\\^^ 
*HM0/'in llif HPMP of tf» fur«*iit^y wWvVi^ \v\\\^vV''^vi* . 

\ Wntitn, nfttlPMPn j io ilmi i^«««^u\vW« \A ^^^'^•^ r ^^ 

234 AmcoaojLOOT or 

original phraie ii that of pertonifieatbn and u 
coming firom a tupposed bystEuider. D\ die, duk 
Heeten, to name, to tpeciff by name, to oalL 
D*ke€t, (diiB h€€t) aounda as we prononnoe imL 

TO Dnrs. 
To make the principal or aabatantial meal of the 

day; in French diner. Te djfjm [dyen\$ q.t.i» 



become betters to be bettered by, to ibel better 

1, to improve by foo^to reftw by addJtionel 
meana ; ana don't we, aSost proTerbtally, lay, / 
feel the better far my^ dUmer^ in opposition to the 
feel from the want of it; to thrire by internal rap- 
ply of nouriihment. It ia in this import the Branch 
call the keepen of eating-houiea reetoMratewnf 
and a nutritive [fortifjfing] article of diet, im re- 
etaurant. The word has no relation to the quality 
of the food we dine from^ nor to the time we take 
it at. To dine off a leg of mutton, is to better bj 
it. Breakfast axia eupper, are comparatively inoon- 
sequenticd refections, in regard, both to the articles 
of food used at them, and to the importance attached 
to them by society. To dine upon bread and cheeHt 
is, to be better after eating it. The ancient term, 
with us, for dinner'time, was mealtide ; and the 
Dutch term is noenmael \middagmael\ ; q. e. imnw- 
meal Imidday^meal]. Johksok tells you, to dine, 
is as the French diner. When we reter to etymo- 
logists for diner, they tell us it is, as the Italian 
desinare [to dine], and that, that is, as the I^tin 
desinere, to cease, to end ; but that would be a 
better source for death [ceasing to live] than for 
to dine, which is, to better, or add to, continuance. 
The flEict is, this is one of those scholastic whimi 
which have degraded elymoVo^'^ "vvth us, and riven i 
language the appeaiwcvce oi \i««k% ^^ x^kSx ^ 
stupid chance^ instead oi dlwtje dWa, ^>;^ 
duty traced, it iafouivd to \>e. ^^^^^^ ^jf^ 

mm dint^r, l}yt:n iK;<iri<i« ii<i wo |fronoiitire Hini*^ 
MNi d^f^m, «jiUi«f Fn!n<'h ywwtunvfi 4inr, tJ^jtfn in 
iJm^^Xi d^ii^n arHi dMjtjht^n^ unci ijitb« mmtnti of 
• litK« stock of wor«Uy to 1^ cxphiiiKKl in t>ie 

" I Ufvm tMt)r llt«i «r«|««riii(jif|4:4 
HmviikIi ImI UU ^h\ Im nil t;'/(l#« 

'* TImt MMmriy fMN*^ Mi4 nlMn ^9lt lli« Um« 
iH mnAi.ttyUt wkan iImi <!»# f«ir» u««fi« lUUm 

MbMMV lilr l^flNfi Ml Utmr nt%U lb* |vrmi# 

WHfc th4pMmn, In wti«i«n «lMi fi'«fM« | Mn^ 

Bm% m hilt MMMir hnrnMy, •'Ak^t %ff mAtm, 
INitf MMK9 In iif«iH, ifi Imtt |«Mfi« ( imWnl, 

0«l (ifiKi (mmI rM«l«r« wbt I m wU( «!«« ffMi4fil." 


Tli«f Frrnrli //j/i/r, flinnrr, i« « iliriinic> Ati'l b«<i 
iw r^biti</ti rithirr t'l tiffi<T or mpti of fri«i(l, but i» 
M d\jimi^ 'iiji-f flic |/iirlKi|il<T |«rr«c:fit of dijrn^ am(| 
ibuji a HlliriK of tfii* vtornMrh, nti'l »<i 11 f>r|t«'rifiic '^f 
IIm! Uffly, tifMl our dinnrr m tb«* 4uni«; wor<l «|MTlt 
fAftt the Ktii(li«h {/roMiiiM iiitM/fi of tli<; Prriich term. 

ciir-KK II r ioi.r. 

A« in III'' rxiirfwion, " tlirrrr tliiry nre ft«itfni( 
clMTck hj joir/' in r<;fcr«;n<-«! to \tfM\t\r. «ittini{ «o 

I r^ itImmm til* WM irMI; Im Un«l ,\iul^\vV % iiVi^mM Vih%, 
^•-'^•-l, V««MiKi, 4ftvlfi«4 . vilwit..*.. V^^**» ^*' ^^ 

^eiiiMer. m4 onm t» mmi m imdk ar^ «AfP^ 

^^j W^^^F ^^^^^^ Tr^ P^^^^ ^rVV^W^ ^r B^WH^^P'W^^ ^^^P^ ^^^^^ ^^^^ 

der daai ium 9009^ iMng in mi • IM)# l^» A 

TO I4UO APM f If fflBM^ 

la the mmoing ot to fenMin tumnfifMl^ li 
con(toiii» it itpiiMt^ or a bflusbdor. Mid {» no Mil 

ee-hapM in elf q, ^, for ytm the Mdat $a»ft 
while ma/rriageM proceed in another d^eeiim $ f9$ 
Guu biBftr (ii6 DUDtiftl cflif oL wbik you tie«& f'hiitiff i tf 
of mAtrbnofiy takiofir Dtsice w othsr dimeetioMs Mi 
implying, to «ptte of ftb« fifpouMk jrou «»» tdfil 
[iUiCis with othsrv, your bi^ k mil oMmtf 
enough to kieep from foUowSog tbe emmpk Mt jm 
hy your neigbboura. Tb£ MtySog {o ms or^Mll 
bA4 non& of tbe littLs mindied wml feft infused inlo {!■ 
b¥ tb/e trft¥e«ty ; but refers to a vobintAry cmi^ 
\mcancy in ceubax>y, or mt liBAnt in not eomiwittim 
yourself to anotbier for bdbt^ for wome iritboiil 
nece^ity* Lied is im, Imdd^loft'Wsd $ epkfci' 
Umium^ bym/^neal ehauiii. T'u^tew (to yau, fo 

loi(; and ee^hap, roftwW%ereW\ux^, \* v»«^ \«* 
« (Jmi plural nurnVjef ; of,\^wt wj&jwX 3»«2^ 

liapliriiintrM. tiikiit^p \Ai\vr nl' innriintrr; thru 

httpftp wiiiilit lir It* ttir )inrti('i|ilp |iir4rftt of llir 

WunI hnpprti ill lltr HniNi* nt' to nri/r tlii' iijitinr- 

luiiily, unci tliiin im I tip ii)i|hi|-| unity oC iniiriiuLrr 

Ukptli Hut 1 ttiiiik Itir tiint in llir Inir pliiiiMr ; 

fiir hnpjipn iiiniitH nUti h» hitr, uimI wcmiIiI iitl'imr ii 

AmlinutlH ilii|inrl, init lirltlliiiir tlip iirii«ir nl' tlm 

|llltlUN«. In ri, hi tlir nllipr, or iii nnnlhrr ilmr- 

tioili Kv-hiipn, noil III U f//;r.«. /.in/, «iouniU Ivml, 

T'ti •iitltiilH /(>, \Vr miy, tiitirnnirrti mr intiilp nt 

Iwnvni, in tlir nnmr ol', IIkmi^Ii t<> ii«i no tlic rlln ji 

\%t rimnrr, ttiry luri in t'lirt. Iikr «<vri-y rvrtit, tlio 

|imlrHlitmtiuiiH ol' w ilroifjiinK rmviilnirr, 

NOT \ hi r. 

A« itir r|iillirt ol' thr iiHlii<tiioiii« imft'tilly |miiia 
Inkintf Iriiuilr. Nullv *rr hijr ti ; i|. r. tfir imhin 
irWHH Itrr ( fn'ruiiH ) in a ttnr tn rvrrif nnr i iln- 
|ilyiiiir, ilir \trr not only |»roiliirr« tliiit wItM'li io 
ttr«'r««iil Y lo it«rll'. Init nUo, liy tlu^ iitiMfHlmirr ol 
the |iniVi«iioit it niiikrs4, iiHiiiiU »« xlnur tiiiiiun. Aim! 
wlirti wr iijiply llir r|iitlii-l, it in in tlir nm^r of oni^ 
wliii not only krri»<i liiMorU' rliMtn, Imt tiUo pir 
imrrn rlrnnlinroi lot oliiiMii. ii'i*\ 1mm\ iio iIip 
lypp ol' u«i'hil lionirlrlt iiuln>ttiY, u rrniMiinr 
Ntid rrfrrn niitiinilly to woniun. Nuth'ti, to l>p ol' 
»nrvii r to. AV, iiiiottin. iimi tlni>«, iinlrlinitrly, nil 
nlltrro. .Ioiinoon. nntli r tlio (swny ol' |.iitin iiml 

(Ul'rk. K^^'*'^ itiP Wolij im tlir |*'iriirlt fiit/r//i/r. l|<: 
ihr liUtin m^tithitix, itMnnikiihlr ; ^vtii ifMio, ii nitfnhh 
woMUH in onr III' tlii'tiiti- lit- iiiitniiil rliiiini-tri o| 
linr Hi'X. in wlinli onr who i4 not mttuft/r t* thr Intty 
hf|ni)ikiililr out* of it. hrotilr^, thr >:lir<i9 or hit'iiiltti 
or Nonnil H Itoil ii|ion till- nil. Ill the Lntin ihmI 
I'Vriirh wonU ; Imt in oni nn/fiA/f 110011 ihr tzvUtihlp 
no/, no Mil, whrri' it 10 ronlinrhil. 

rn mil- A niiNii man on \ \v vwv xawnn. 


help ft Utnd nutn over the dilidi;*' and igui iiin 
yoa are not adegwete to the nnderteking, jom m 
not eaual to the taikf unfit finr the office; jfmhm 
not tne means. Te heyl *p er b$immi iKf&m 
homf mr d$ dmjfiif q. e» I0 ^ MtlwaHm cf M 
who i$ mortgagnd (mdebi), atmmf ait^mmf 
iokav thepeneepiiamaiHpabUt tolm&tmmm 
to one whose oerion and proper^ are napeiHlii 
finr the debts ne has eontiacted, ft is not snSsial 
to hare the inclination, bot yoa mnsl alao have III 
money reqaired, in ord^ to be of ml ssnte 
iTsy/, salvation, sound state* *Pf€p,k€» BilHnif 
beloand, morteaged over head and easi. JTsMf 
ffM^ atfa, together with, along with* .Jfofsinytali 
necessary, to need* De du^tif the doits, lb 
money. HevFp, wowaiB kelp» BtffawNi, as wefts' 
nounce blind. BTaeUf sounds num» HomfVf n 
over with an aspirate, which is no letter* IHi^U% 
is as near to ditch^ as any ancient toma of our m^ 
guage will admit* Er^ there, in this case* 


As in the expression ** he measured his length sa 
the ground,'' and implying the person in qneilioa 
had a fall. Hie mU'ure^ V it lengt aen de grmi: 
e* e, here mischance^ it i$ ai full length om tik 
ground; here you may see an unlucky moment ex- 
emplified by the person who is lying at his length 
before you; and one fidlen accidentally is as a piae- 
tical instance of ill-luck. Hie^ hier, here, tbUiriMh 
is before you. Mie-ure^ an evil hour, nnlocky me* 
ment, a mishap, misfortune, mischance* ( Ur§f aar , 
hour, moment, instant time, and in the neater gca* 
der^ ; the French say mdlheuTt the Italian, md 
*ora^ the Spanish mala ora^ and we in an evil heart 
in the same sense. Lengen^ is to stretdi, to 
lengthen f and ateo toies^V*, VraXv&^^deuK vsHut iu 
participle past witt do tot ^Bae ^Joon^ «kT " ' "" 
Aen, on, De grond^ t\ie ^ouii^,>a«^X»«^ 

A rKATIlVIl IN tlt<« V\\\ 

A< \\\\^\\ wo urtv. " lh«l wn* it Irntltrr in liinortp," 

mill ill ilir nrn>«o of thiti wmn itfinirlltiit^: wltioli lolil 

[i'oiinlo<l| ill lii« rnviiiii': mmio ndililiiiiml luinoiir 

to liim; unmriliini? nornuMi in wlml wnn lii^ hrfoiv. 

AV ,/ri7 #»r •» Ay/.« itrr/» ( koftttr u ij. o. fAnf irnji 

$nmt>9hiHti to hi» nt^rittfiif ; n liitinij: ^iirlion) wlui'li 

liiltl III Inn mvoiiiil : Hiimrllnutj: lluil riuuo inlit tiin 

iir«irt« (rorknnuiij:) : n nntrh litr hm lullv. /-V»/, n 

Airt. MiiiiiHttin^: finnr. mu iuM. u IoiiI. XVr;>, Af/M!*, 

in ifnuinilrtlly (I nnh'lt |(Mil|.inhl llin rmif of llto 

lllilii|U(i(iMl Ar/irff. Hiiiviviiuv xMtlt ii^ in tlto voHi fo 

Arr/i, Hnl Ar*r;t. Ar/ir, i« rorinnl \\( llio ntmoMo 

|im'l«M'ilo of Afi/»/irfi. tn (Mil. (() iiiilrlt. \o litirk ; Ami 

lIuiM Ylinl \^liii*li i^ (Mil. or ti imiI. And ihr itr/i«» 

fAfi/tiirf ) ol' llip mImivo (Hi^.iniil )iltru!«o, i« tir itio ptir- 

lii'i|no pn^^rnl nT rilltrr krprn^ Id korji, «m' rUo iil' 

Af»/7i««M. t(t (Mil. And. in InvnuM doy!«, niMMinnlM 

(rork«unn^M| wnv krpl liy n(it(*lioN. imiim, PKMni^n. mii 

llml llir wdi^l i« fin n nnl(*liin^ or (Millin(j:.intlir nonno 

iif nil (iiMMinnI krftf. And llto r\|)rr!i!«iitn fn krrtt oh 

firi*i*tiNf. nviooM rmin (lii^ inrunin^r nf (ho vorli to 

Arr/t. 7*(i ^'rr/t ii 4f«i\iini, i« (o iidd liini In Y(nit- 

itoi'ininl (M rocknnn^'. (Mi lliiMlchi (tnd ini ttioiModil 

wido, iind 1*1 w^ itn (M|Ulnllnd(M(llin^; dl' wlitil ho oimtn 

Willi wliiil do diMi. 7'fi Irti* n mistirsn^ iM In |nil 

or (idd h(M* Id y«nii (n'r(ninl. in Iho punno urnpo. To 

kffft thr riifftf rotut, i« Id (nni dt pnl iho ri^hl roiid 

lo Y«niv iioodtinl. nnd lhn« Id \(nir into tinil iiorvi«*o. 

Hv (Minldin inid liino iho Wdid Ikim oxiondod iu 

tiiriiiiin^n. lull iih\(ty'« ichitividy, iho moiimo nl' 

iln nii^intd iin|idii. Mm in iho oxpioMiint. hr kr^^t 

OHt of fuiht, I wil^lUMi Ar/if \n tkn iho pm^loiilo of 

kiftprn, id uilhdiiiw. Id tonidvo. Id Itiko uwny. lo 

Mrnl fiwtiy I'ldin, Id dimi|i|Huir. Hr krpt fhtm mt* 

w ii4. ho iddk hiiniioir tnviiy iVdin mo. Uv\V kV^V^ 

h/t/tnt. III ilii« nionuin^, \\^ W ^ wwAxVnv^Vv^n^ vJ^ 

4ft/t/tfN, Id «nl (ill; \\\\x\ \\\\\\K^ \\\\vAWx >NNA'^ '^'^'^ 


eapmif cepif eaptfu eridently htiUmg lm%, I 
tbw direction of lentey we use tb« fem a m 
the expreiMon milk-Bears^ which wee origiNi 
etick on which the account wee mU or MoredL 
a la//y ie a etick on which eocounte wi ki 


ee in the eiprcMion ^* he ie in a nemNie i 
end in the eenee of, he ie in a gloomy^ d^ 
dietreeeed itate of feeling. A phraae in conetei 
ee well enion| the euffsreriy who know ite bm 
hf led eipenence, ee amonf the phyeiciene 
eee what w the matter and uie tne term, t 
they would be at a Iom to tell why the word i 
expreiM that state rather than any other term 
might have been pitched upon for the pu 
Joiiviov, wlio always seems in a huff, when 
defeated by some common word in his attec 
resolve it to his mind, says, the term is m 
cant (humbug), and defines it, a state of 
nerves. Implying, of course, a connection i 
word with nerve, as the I^tin nervus i a 
which would be more likely to bring out the i 
a stranff, than of a weak state. And tliis frc 
most iUustrious and enduring martyr of the 
iioiiy that perhaps ever guiiered under iu» ag 
Neevks, as when we say, '^ his, is a di«euse 
nerves :" Naerwees ; <|. e. the woes of (lelAlii 
woes of dejection [proutrution of strength], di 
ing sufferings, oppressive inHi<lions, always 
indefinite sense, lio that no fiked cauMi of tl) 
foring is |>ointed at by the term itself, and 
in fwL% implying an undelined vague unaa 
able state of feeling; and Hurli is iho real ua 
of the nosological ncrrts, Nkuvoi;s is the 
iford wiien wees '\% VetU'teAV \i* w\t \\>vw\ ujot 

^ie Anglo-Saxon was , m tVi! waxw t^w^.. 

m0rt)ou$ ie as ti/xerw^ofs, \>ui\ -^ *v^^^*^ ^* 

ii(Wr»iyif»y» M nrrt-rf. MVr. MM. ♦<♦»«•, H4», u llir 

IIhs A«|Ht-(i||r u i|M*|>|M-ti. I'lr »<f*irM* w(*A* U (l«, w«ip 

^Kr V- in M«M |rtm Hm-\m9t iitMt*A«l t*J tlir «• tt| ||if> 
^4«£iiial f*MH»; r^fM il r. w, /, wrir iu»l %rrU kM^wn 
|n|r9%'l«44Hj;Mi£ «»|Mm<»'» Wii-f 19 ^M\>«iii«|r(l III P»<#, 
l^^li, ar«l. itlirlMO '♦t* *-f r**. i»*»w /«i4i«#»rm. <*» «ti». 
liT-M. I** tlir wiivr tfl' fi> ft((rft>u . a« |i> itiaVr* |(h> 

MMM'il'lt' |>ir«riiV, AU«I (liii* a* «lu(iirM|iii:, |>tni-|iii«s, 
A'vl^^^'W >• liiMu llin •aiiir ^dtii^r, uitlrrd |lir- «AiMr 
*^«*l: fln*| n|((rr(»M i f/i Mwtr^fft Vf rtir |i|lli hlU£, UlU 
ItrM'ng, %k%\ t|in«lAiu t-« 

** I ltr> »n«1i»w l*if/iM> niO* m w' asiwftiU l^r . 

^\ li^ii ni,f«%>«* v^iMtc, a*** i«»«)h« Ilk* «* ••*«itrutt«ij|, 

|*«i*.1at« •I'ril. li^llb ill m 4iU*H»K£tiii£« 

I ii|k| mi\U SUs. iktrtfn t*( lie* l»» £««* <|«*«iVv 

*' I lio f* 44«e It* |f*i«i£ii» liiiH %i>w*M*«M^^ttr4l Ka, 

^4i\| tl•«•^Vv. ««*-■■««, «si<l»%< %f()t«i «% ki Uv mtlslw ; 
W )iri« Uii^ltt I* |t*kr«^kif »ti*ls> t I Hirltf* 

Km ■ ■■ 

** Hi* tirliiir ^\>^irniM «* it* lu twrnfio |>l«i«», 

t l*#t t^trftU * UmA U.>\U l.iittiw «4tht «^«v^ I ««tt| litiklp 
Ti«r |»ln«i»r», ili«oi*lrir»l iiri Yr«, (In Aligrd lirtvrHl, 

f T<»" •<«•*. mhI U«|« ^^^ ^u \V« «K«^^» v\ \Vk"» \«i\V>^ 

« ■< 

'ill At m Mim t ^m 

mmH; Hpif ^tui «?id«iitly Mom teit 
Wi diiictkm m aetite, vf um tbt Imi j«,i 
Ik* ttpciitioii mitk'^carif whfeli WM 4i%l 
•tidK on vUeb the tooouiit iNii m# or iMPM 
nloUf to ft (Mlok Oil wUob iMMflii Mie.1 


if fai tM eipreMtoii ** he to in a Stttow 
ftad in tbt feme of, he to in ft i^oonqf^^^ 
dtot ieiied itftte of feelings A phraie in cMib 
if weU ftmofiff the euiimfiy who know iii i 
hgr led ^eipeneiioe, as amoiig the phyeicJit 
eee wbtt m the mttter and nee the temit 
thejr woitld be at ft Iom to teU why the void 
exfNretfa that state rather than anjr other ten 
might have been pitched n^n ibr the p 
Jofiwsoy, who always seems in a huff^ whe 
defeated by some common word in his atU 
resolve it to his mind, says, the term is i 
cani (humbuff), and dc^flties it| a itate q 
nsrvii. Implying, of course, a connection 
word with n$rv6, as the Latin nervust 
which would be more likely to bring out the 
a BtrotMi than of a weak state. And this £ 
most illustrious and enduring martyr of thi 
tiofi, that perhaps ever suffered under its a 
Nsavss, as when we say, '' his, is a disease 
norv^s:*' Naerwees; q» is» the woes of debit 
woes of dejection [prostration of strength], c 
ing sufferings, oppressive inflictions, alwayi 
indefinite sense, so that no fixed cause of t 
fering is pointed at by the term itself, an 
in fact, implying an undefined vague una< 
able state of feenng ; and such is the real n 
of the nosological nerves * Nr.kvous is th 
n^Ofd when wees b leUetc^ w* ^iv^^x '\Jv>^t^Jj^. Ma<3 
the Anglo-Saxon toas/m iW i^tvm^ %^» 
narvoui ie as urtcrtoop*, ^v\<^ ^ ^^^^ 

fMfriTfrf, Hn nfrren, Wrr. wa, iror^ «y;, m fli«? 
Mtnc! w<#r'l willi f)i«* l«sitin l^^r / [the iritf*rj<'rtioii of 
f/rrow or l;unf:nliitffiM], nii'l tlif (fp-ck 9i/«i/ wIhtc 
tlip MM/iriiti' in rlro|i|ff'rl. Krr vnMtro viihi i« »«, woi" 
ii Ui litiyil«'M rnc ! mimI rtr Hlf/n<* wouM {irfount Tor 
thf* » in cfiir tcim ntriuun, \u%\^'.v\ ol' tlif i/i nf lli«: 
oriici'iHl form; v\m if r, t/-, /", wi'tf nol will known 
int'Trliunicinjc ti»)>ir:it<'«. Nmr in i.'.roiiri(J(-rl in nr/^ 
flitcliff n«'Jif, wli«'nri' im-rr-rn, now hvuttrrrn, to «liii- 
Irf'Pife, in ill'* »i«'n«i«' of ^/ vnrnnr, %%% fo nitik** t«K» 
flfjir, uii'J Wi to r;onfirj<', of wliir li iitnir in ;iii the 
)Mir1iH|;|p |ir<*«'*nt,»n'l tlniR ;i« diUn-Mini;, ymthuiy^, 
tinrrnw i» from tli«* ii:im(' nourf-f, inflci'f) th«* fi»ni<^ 
word; an«l narnnt tin mfiMtanrra sir*- |tinr-)iini;y «liii- 
trfMinic* fiffiiniktiirirf «. 

•' 'I !»•» ttmlfiw r»«#5'firi mtli n vi' rowfiill Iny; 

Wlir kI)(' li«fftljii|iiii wii« , Mii'l <-r«r l«iy 
I'mi'liim i'*-«>i{, hiilfd III « «lorii|pcf ifiirn 
'I il ■111' ««; fit^ii li»rii rriti'l'* )«< r wai * inviifinK, 
ll'iw Jirvw* (run f'lftli h«r •«i«tir tnVn, 
'J)i«t with ihi- ri'fi*« of iK^r li«i k»'' «wiili»," 


* 1» WAfm#nffii£ WK Imrn wii^^ «« r/ri(r">ti)lj |iroh'iijfir«f{, 

** 'I lia frini* to luiittfin lurn rntiirnbiifMlci hn, 
Aii'l (Ipnnl'ii tiii'fri, ii'imi^ otlim mo Im fiin^ln ; 

\V)irti riii|/l<( i« joi(.'i'i'l lint" « ri|(-li0 

Alii«' to «l« j»" woMin »liii rKiiiifi wvl*/' — f'ii4<'rrfi. 

" Mi* h«'lni«' t'l hi'Kiin vrii* tu Iwnttn |i)«fi-«^ 

Ilia kliiitjili- til f|ii«|ii i| w till airi-ftli* mii| W|f)i tinrvm^ 
In will' Ii ffiffi ttityhi trmiir «'< urowo fiM'la, 
'Ihnt thi/lui * )mi| If'iili lioriKi mi'l nrprr t iin(] rtri<l«," 

f 1141" rn. 

71*'' |»lir»»<-», <li*or«UrrrI n<'rvf«, (l<'r;in(;<-fl nrrvm, 
ii«*rvf'ii in !i nar} iitsiti-, A'<'. tin* nil (•Kyt«-^v.v\^^l^'«^^\v^^ 

• JftM 0nmm word with ili* more* i««»«>ti»n i\ii\U»l,^* V^*^***^* 

f Th-mn*$w, tad Ii"r« u»«il ui Oi«» *ru^ ••< vV«% \*X^^ iwtv*^' 

roL. I. ^ 



have crept into use in reference to the suppoiitioa 
that the term was ah ofiiet of the Latin nermt, and 
are in truth soleciBms [improprieties of language]. 

Obi i^Nirvoui, hy the lets polished pert of loeiet/, ii 
•tin proaoaneed narwm; and thua in • toimder ecnte thin tkt 
mrvoui of reflnenitfit* 




in ihn HOW ummnnini/i mnirml AirraKon known 
by timt iiilti ; uimI whii'k, in a g;rfiAUir or Idm pro- 
portion, iinrvlvft our imriuiry-diiyii in iho m<)morlat 
of un ftll. 'llmt mi^U (toiniioiiition* «lioul4 lmv« 
Kiquirml tba wida i|>r«tad thtty Imva iimon[{ n«, with 
tba form tliay now ii|>|i«i«ir in, in r«|>u(||^niint to tba 
iMtnra of lanKuttt^a and tba fac^lindj^tf of ooninnon 
imnia. And I am pt^rnuadctd tbay apimarad, orlg;l- 
Mlly, during tba axiNtam^a of n form of our ii{Miat!b, 
In wl»ii!l» tba Himnd of tba form tbay now praiant to 
^^tapiad tba «an4a il»t*y wara intcmdad to axpraiM, 
|| viaWi by r^ fi^riin^ tba gonnd of tbair \)n-' 
>rm to wordu wUiv.U at tbat tima ImlonKad to 
li((imt(;a, I Intva «ndfttvourt*d to ranlora tliam 
I iitaia in wbirb, I baiiava, tliay wara Arft 
1^, >ad. In all Ibona I bava triad by tbi« taut, I 
luive found c'onnactad maaninK to ba tlia raault. It 
ia tbii fi>rm and maaniniij^ wliicb in oflTarad in tlm 
following fii%»fif If I bava auccaadad iu dwoNoc^ 
•inilng, by tint mik%\i% \ menWo^A^^^^'^^ ^"^^ ^"^ 

242 ATRODUCTION to nursery RtlTAIES. 

have cre)al. The metre is punctually the sanu 
^?r the sound scarcely varies in either stage ; pre 
serving always that pronunciation of the letter 
which belonged to them in their prior currenc 
among us, and which has been pointed out in tli 
beginning of this essay. 

The reinstated specimens arc not offered { 
models of composition, nor as the effusions < 
superior genius, but simply for that which I belies 
them to have been. To me they seem populi 
Pasquinades, eHcited by the soreness felt by tl 
population at the intrusion of a foreign and oneroi 
church -sway, bringing with it a ministry, to whic 
a goaded people imputed fraud and exaction. A 
such, these compositions gained that popularit 
which is now continued to them as traditional 
jingles.-. The disguise of their true form, I beliei 
to be owing ^o the nature of their original impor 
and to have been suggested, to those interested i 
neutralizing such import, by the unparalleled chang 
which was then rapidly supervening in our lai 
guage. The common origin and nature of bo! 
forms rendered such artifice feasible to zeal an 

The translations, in the modern form of our lai 

guage, having neither the metre nor the poignant 

of the originals, appear flat and comparative 

. tame. A glossary *\?^ ad^^^ ^V \\v^ ^^sv^ ofl NXvya* ^«ai 

i to explain the presumed ot\^\v A \.^\\s\& ^^^^Wo 

reinst?it^d specimens. 

AI)inriONAt« INrHOUlTTOUY OM»i;iiVAilUNl| 

Ml I lit) 


Ai ona pf dm (««|ilttiitiitoiiii or (hcs ttirm kakhm^, 
KRKfti.K, tfivtiii hy Kilituii, in liU Dic'iioimry, wn And 
what ilillciwN; Kakhlk, i'^/. o/uw Purism Ibvdnn 
pfirftnic|iict |iro|iiliiiPi HiiKoiiiiiii (^tuiii : linHtU HfiKOiiiim 
Mtioni, (|, t*, (!unjltiii, nufnp^ Afuf/nun ilh Snjrnnum 
domitar aeerrlmun, t^ul Saiimmi iufijuffnhm omni 
ralltmi ChrlntluHan J)nwro mmatui tat^ Sfwmiium 
MaxfOHlvufHt U\ (i(lit*r wonln, *' timt (li» tarm KAKiit, 
bfifidaii lu fi|i|iro|)rlnttt nidMiii 11(^4, wtin unml by ilm 
ftneiaiit HkiiioMM HN u tropti lor tliair oppraMur, 
ClmrlamH(;iia{ who, not Nttiinltail with Imvinif fiuli" 
duad timt imiioii, ani|iloyad ull tlid mattiiM in tim 
lmiid« of » ptiinai'Mfini^ romiuaror to Ionia ilia 
dominion of tlia Honmn C'tttliolirlt CJiiindi npou 
tliam," Ho lliut it In not iniprotmlila, Init lom^ ui 
lltiifit, of tlia finHuin|{ ttnti-i'lorirtil tttinpoon« tooti 
thair riita during tlia ctiracir of iIiIn l»l|{[ottad nnd 
Atroi'ioiiN tool of tha Popaj whila in tima tlia^ oh- 
ittliwd M ^titwrul Hpratid iiinui\\i IW %vCvA\\^x%^^^x 
fn /turt, nufhnrn of our rHr«i, 


The outrageous bearing of the tatellitet of th 
Roman Church, under the protection of this im 
perial scourge, ipcreased from day to day tb 
number and circulation of these popular execra 
tionSy till their rifeness produced an urgency to ri 
the church of this perplexing mode of stigmatisiD 
the conduct of its members. The remedy wi 
ingenious, and worthy of the astuteness of frian 
An unparalleled and constant corruption of tli 
dialect, in which they were composed, was take 
advantage of, and the invective of the lampoo 
was gradually undermined by the introduction of 
harmless, unmeaning, medley of a precisely similf 
sound and metre, in the latest forms of the altere 
dialect; till in time the original import was foi 
gotten, and its venom and familiar use replaced b 
the present Nursery Rhymes. But by whatevi 
hands the scheme was accomplished, its succe 
has been complete, and the ingenuity and dexteril 
employed conspicuous ; for while not a trace of tt 
former meaning has been suffered to remain, not 
particle or note of either sound or metre has bee 
lost to the public ear, in which their echos Bti 
continue to resound in their various and wonU 
proportions. To suppose their national prevaleni 
and long standing could have been acquired t 
the fascination o£ ^cti uum^^xaw^ i'^'^'^^% «w»em8 i 
me to be to prefer allutv\l^co^wvVa^;^^^xv\\s^^^^ 
anomaly in language lo ^ v^^x^ ^xve. \x>x^\\x^n.N 

Ift th« vtrjr oaturt of it. Thk ii my thiory cot* 
mning Ummmi tiioiii«lattt compotitioiit. 

A flrfauMl bat pointed out to hm t P*Mi(«f in 
Bifi^'t life of Mihoti^ which Meins to provo tho 
•siiltnct of coUmipoimry dooatitenu conHmiatory 
of tho odious light in which the Baion monk wae 
iriowod. DocnmenUyprobebly^fimiliertoooreldeet 
dumticknip but of which no tncee» except enoh me 
ira mrl with in their own writings^ nre e&tnnt. The 
{MMMgo is as foliours : ** Mr. Tohnd, speaking of 
* Milton's* History of Britain/ observes: We have 
aot this history as it came out of the aathor's 
hands; for the licensers, those sworn officers to 
destroy learning, liberty, and good sense, eiponged 
several passages of it, wherein he ei posed the 
mp9T$Hiyim$ yrU^ and cumminp of lAe rortsn 
MoiiKS iir THE SAXOir TtMts, bot which were ap- 
plied by the sagacious licensers to Ckarhi lAe 
Snami^B aisiiors." 

The number of the Nvasxav RttYMts stID in 
popuku* currency must be considerable; I myself 
have heard, or seen more than three hundred, not 
one of which (of those at least I have tried) havo 
rofiised to resume, when test«d by correhtive sound 

* Mlttoa eottid psI/ Uw sottoelva kit fai fun ss ti sB sea* 
Mvaisf lli« Baios MoKft tkim osf oldssl writMS, le whoai 
4osMMttto Mssi Imv« bMS flastUw, wy«k Ud h«Hi|Mleal 

248 iMTRODucnov. 

in our ancient dialect, the shape of some anti- 
clerical lampoon in that form of language. 
' ' If those, who deem the following compoBitioni 
harsh and exaggerating sarcasms^ will turn over 
the pages of the courtly and catholick, but candid, 
Chaucer, they may learn to regard them as the 
comparatively lenient and understating exposidoM 
of the conduct of the lazy, libertine, rapaciooi 
satellites of an outlandish and anti-national Chuick 

llurerriD ittOvmr^. 

I.— i/w/ff// wan a Vipvr$ nniu 

Ahd lit* f pit in iovit ivlipn Hp ivat young t 
And all tht* tunp$ Iip vouldplay^ 
\Va$^ ovrr thp h\lh and far away ; 
Ovrr thti hitU, and a tjrfai way o/jT, 
And thti wind will Idow my top'knot v/f\ 

* hurck ^'\i wo \wfk t ICr Pyo prrMo iirii ! 

ttul hljn <V1 ill v\ liorvo ! W(i^ *it hio wo now j'httit^;!! t 

Uintitt'l do iiiijiiM t llio kIJ lioiult pl(^^ t 

Vo urn, Motwtt IIimt <I« liihln'n, «incl VuAr vt won; 

loiwa lliM'r do liildo'N ciiid or mtK wrci iif, 

tnd did wiiint wtil 1)16 Oom I lye, Top kiioiiwi nf. 

You Hnrpv) wliciro nroviMionn nrci itt Imiid! You 
nun of the (-owl [mouK] t kmp on with your |(rlnd- 
titf oppnmmon ! krop on with your fell vt«xutiotiii in 
our ncii|rhl)our'fi ftirmt Wo<i to tho vilhiKo wht^rn 
htsro rxi»tN ti proviMion Mtorc^ I Put in your ctilimfi 
ipon thti proilucd <»f thn ^;ur(hntii nnd orrhiirdN of 
kiivilhiK;t«l Tkry urn alt within your homuKO [nil 
loicl of you 1 1 

Of (Mir provinion i\w fiirinrr in thr tru<i nnd nitfn 
irciNdrvor nnd UNtiAil purveyor ; th« monk thfi oumn 
.nd thn wuMtor. Thu fiirinrr U tho itorti thiit pro- 
nrvdii nnd tupphm tho hrcind wci nnt, nnd thui 
lorpM wnnt nt n diMnnc^ci. Hut thnt whirh tho timid 
rhciodlod Oouiiitt-Knnnrr hnd hnrvfMtml nnd utorod 
ip for un, thd Prinr fuiixnii upon nnd dovoum lika 

cututir (in nil gwnllowt^A \>^ XW '\^nv\\\\\\\sj, V^'^ 
f th§ Mottk]. 

Thm firnt Clir#« Jinan uro nn ittwVfv^X i^v^f^Vwv^^'^ ^v^t'XsS^ 

Vi'iO ANt'M^nl.fM4V nf 

ilip ii|i|i(iiliiiilly timliiln llip frflf flipv vrpin Mf hf Mi* flfiff>Mr« . 
'Hip nlliat IIiipp IhiPH HIP fill n binfl nf fPtilMi nf Oi* «(iMib*^ 

III III* iiWM hmilNf I'fir flip {rMlMMlU II|MIH nMfJl tli* alKrV* 

fiiiiiq|iii|i|ip liim lippM P4l>iflPi| rrnffi liirn ; rmiI tiy wlit'k !•• 
■iinifvn IliP idlnllvp pfl'i*! fa iif l)in ]uA»ni9\*um ^htlttf t-u\iifn***r 
nf flip niif III, it« fiiiiilru«flii{f Willi lliP iillu tfi|iPf-}<iM4 Min«iirfi*rfl '^^ 
ifn |ii(iiliii-p, III ip^mmI fii «M(-lot)r. If rrnn ttt I||P tnuf Tfrvl lif^**, 
llin fhal |.>i|i| MNimlii-lil aiilil, liP wiMilil tNfliPf ImvP !••*■» I U 
niiilmt, llinii nf ntifr nlliPf (ntir in nil fliP I fiKli«li l'«i»*»r 
'1 Iml lip quill iIipqp nniila, I IriMifir. fiuf %t\tttlt whmt ^'''''''^ 
liprniul tlinf nf puny attiM^q IiIip rp«rMiiiH«>p f Niri ri'ff ri"* wm*. 
n «M, lliqlnqil nf lf#f#, iq M'lt lillgliali, nq M^P't in flfPffi . t''<>'-"« 
lipnii |(iM iw| hi. finin qiiqintf f nflliP qniirir} nifl« fl»pffrie'''«l'''"^ 
iififfi llip li^irii /m /'«!/ fii|liM|£ liilfi fliA frqtpqff, *!#• linfc* >•*'■ 
linan qi||i|ifiq«il In n-lnln In qnfMP FS'>nf« If rM^li'-lr q« qr** , ^' 
M|infi fin nllinr {frniiii'l, f Uuflv, 

irifiiifii )q In liB liM'l, Hiii1 qniiM'lq v»». /*•/*. « Imn'j *A wVit-«« 
ffl fnlf tvliifli MiYOfP'l IliP lir.ii#l qii/l qlinffl'ltifq, mtt*} T** •** 
iiniffiriM firnqq nf tlm Iriur nf lli#i«b «1nfrq ; qfi'l li**'*'* flf^ i/fk«* 
i»f rliul fiiliu. Iti'iPn, »#i »«", In rr'itty. In nfijirAcq /'', 
farn« iniial jr . tn el hnmte, in Mi«. <1f.ifit:i.:n«' nf »nnMpi.» V/nf*. 
»■«« /ij-ri/ r/ni. Ii' l«ll ' //i*, lli*. l»>i«iW«l. filing*., c#f««f, W. "i^ 
t'ltittt.i qfifica nf M Til|n(/ii »ri'I v/KW li dill qfirrir'-q iri ■«•* '^mm* 
»if «'if#ift nf lli#ni , na fnr ifiQtt,ii/#. ir* Shitt-al la H/««' ; •*-* 
rnniifiq u /»inr nf |«nnat:i« ^1 III*. qi'Jft* nf * J.ipjjJ. *»»y »^ r'<«'' 
H'na nn j'hnnght, ^i\,t.n^7t.t l|.br« r/'^y '»«■ • |**'''-» '•Vrf'^. '• • 
'if fill ^1^ II nil*/ a yri.crr. «i' *• ie {.»«• J.:.#ti»l f'.r ir».' '.W.v Am*-*iu 
Irti , »n '!••■■. *'» i'liMnnn, •/• 'ail »j'.'.n f'"/". ».»•»■*»•', p«*'Ufc 
/'/#■«■_ pltffh^ ho'ulrn, I'. >.».M if. K».M.--y*- //'••'* |j«f. •*» 

t*ni,t.t^ ti.e. Im.'ll/.t'] ;•■ •».«.«» 'N/.: //■''/«, **••. j/*'.'*^. »« "** 
Jt. •/ •. «r/i£fr. i.f ', r isi'.r. A --ft j.#tfitf t'-'I *».'I i. :••'. »»».■.»• i»»/.'*^ 
f'./ .*r. _ ,!.•! 'I.-, a i -.frt-,. ''. .'. j.#i..:'.» »•■» V'**f, "t'l^*, •'■* 

t.'-.'f^ *i.t. l/,ir»ii '.r •i.». M'.#.> »«f.'.;». j.'.v..-.* *.• A .» »••« 
I'ff. ■"••' tfit'tf ' iieieti ttl ^f. f. •»".' *»'.r^ */, (>•■««» i^if 

(i'lf/iro, '/. ft; ff. /J/'i, /»'».•.'/. 'mti..;t::s '/v»/«. '*.* •»#.***. "f 
*;•;•*• *"i."./. >;>»''• n* '■■«■ '-lui'l' •/, -i./. ' '••/•',', »■•■'• *■•■»•"* 
' u It'll ^ II. y • '. .•./. ^^7', '■ *• »»'.»<•-■- 1^ • •. •- •.•-»j-»/.' /'^ 

»f. ' -/•.»»•, •.* •/. ». r. •».•; ••.I' v» • » »-•••<. •■* •§.'.-' r *»K f't**»-'- 
!•.■'. •• ,g :..j *.'.r:t. -.i. •■.' fr.-.te •,• r..M *». . *- Jf /'»v.-*.«» 

l'fir.§./et.^ *,'. yf.Kw \r*\y / #»*/■-• t-v./-.'' a •y-tfg . / i aih^^ f. 

* .• .V. i.\^ ■ .-. '. • 4- « •" •" ••■• *'4 »■•'*•* 


9.-^rA« Han and (A« unicorn 
Wrre^lfhtintf ^f\)r the vrown t 
Thn lion Iwai M« unicorn 
All round tthont ikti town, 
Sotnp (fnvp him whitp hrrnd^ 
Somti ffftvti him plum cokfi, 
And HPnt him out of town* 

Din InrycMt riul dir u niok oo*rru 
Wofr-voi'lit ! Dlntf! Vonr dy krouw'n! 
Dio luoyni tnodt, din u niok oVroti 
Al rouwlioiul rr Imuwt dy ton liun. 
Hio ()()m Korv* liom wyto hromi, 
Hio Oom M;firv* limn blnc^m kcok. 
Kiul loyii t* lioin, lioudo af ton liuti I 

V\jg\\i nKtiitiHt ! routrst I lay your rlawM upon him 
10 oomcN to loud you with fVtmli rntci, and with 
gor intention to ptit a IVcHh yokn tinon your 
ok I Like a lurly tnastiiri M;rowl at [snow your 
9th to] him who oilbm to as«ou you a(Voiih| and 
It another yoke upon your neck. Uo sure, Cou«in 
oddyi YOU make the follow comprehend your 
proofp thnt you hlait him properly kive i^ him 
dl| s and that you make known to him by Momo 
aetiral niicn ; the nooner he betakes himHolf to hit 
n\ den the better lor hiin. 

ritfVtfNf Umimt tn Innd, In h\i oh, tn miiks mom htNiyy» atf- 
Hmtt (t/ir^rrtiNirfi, ntiit Moiindii <<f»n. Nit^k, ntDrk^ nntht n$nk* 
'run, rnvfrPHt iH*f»>'^M, to lUHirA (>Ag(>rty, to loiify (Vtr, in liAtin 
t§t whmicpiiuitt'ui, nnd pruhnbly tlin ■Miiit word wttli (/ittrtM, * 
Ukfi to lienrt, to bo iPfttouH fori }y$irt it»#t/#r. HKiUtiiti 
ohiMt to tlnlii. /)/»tit^H, to Uil|i«t«, (UHimti*! Ko#f#H, to 
t forwnnt. A'tfiMti>, /crittfNi, fcritiiuyi, ii itrolci} with ths ttlon 
oUw. J§mAtui Mot Initio fcrnMM) ^fftfvfn Ii, to tfUs » mia ft 
»pi*r rohuti', II iilok«ii«r. IUmUn^ to oflvfi ftiHiKiAimili ft 
igh itog. ilrtwiMni to mftkt «v^\k\S\t% TtA Vmm^^ >k^ \&s&.x 

Om.— If In howevvr poiik\i\« «>*ttt^ Wli\\^♦>^^^>i^^**^'^^^ 
ofmmr^n, to rlH« evur, tQ\\««\M«\ w^^ ^^♦^ %weK%^ 
• bMtrld#. 

2.0-2 4KCii;r.oi.OGY or 

[ f hfrm ]. Oom, ih9 clerical trope or cosenin^v token for couin{ 
thf> Fanner hy. Wyt«, rejirofich, reproof. firMd, broad, omii. 
de^rtm, to give. iUaem, hlame« acandal, opprobriumi Atc't, 
boldy, atoiitlj. Seijntn, mnm, to inalie a aign to. //tnuii, 
c|iiick, at oiico. i4/'i off. 7m hunt to tliefr lioine, to bin botiw. 
rhn eiix. Vgcht, aoiinda fight and rtsht ! dingifightinf^ ; t Mid 
d commuting soiinda. Sie omn, soiinda samfs, ' H intennuUtfi 
witli P ; 10 that blaem ■ounda, plum. 

3. — Ilic I diddle diflflh 
The cot and the fiddle ^ 
The cow jurnpt over the moon. 
The little dotj laughed to see tuch sport, 
While the dish ran after the spoon, 

Hycl (lied tVl, (liod tVl 

Do pfiiit vud (\v. vied t*el. 

I)e Knuw j'hninint ; ** Hoevc ecr ; dij mo6 acn." 

l)e lij t'cl (l()^;]i(^ Inft tot sij bus sport; 

Hon yl te di(*s: ** llmi! haft cr dij spa^ acn." 

You that work linrd for your bread, do contrive 
nmonp: yourHclves to shame the ronimon thief and 
mischiel-nuiker. This Jark-daw (priest) keeps on 
repratiiiff ** IMouf^h the hind duly ; Ih» pains-taking, 
my man !" and this curse to every virtue eontinucs 
luirping: on in the same strain till he is stopped 
nhort. \^v sure you salute liim at once witli, *' My 
active fellow! take you tliis spade and pet your 
own bread with it honestly, and dont filch from 


Ilru. huf in proprrly tho bootlo, in thono dny'a tho lttboun«r'i 

prhuMpnl >vork-(ool. niid thiin n molnplior for tho hibdiiror him- 

nv\(, nuii no (ho ohtMN of 1n)iounii(j: iMMiHnnlH. M'iio wOrd in al*o 

iiKpil foi I ho tmviour'n rnnuiii>r. llfUfr Riid tixjkrr in, u h^if^er 

inui diU'hpr, with ui» w ruMlirk hihouror, //»/>*■( ttis frn /lUiT, i?, 

hn f>nfA likii i« wovkiuy; lunu. I^lr^ nlim, Nh>iulor, nnd tium a 

/>rii/ifir «iihj(*ot for worV. \^\<k\ \*<\^ *\\ov« vvy » %wv>\\v^\Js.% \{uW(<. 

I'uHi f*tii, ovnrv iurtu*»»brtuo»Ho\\\u\* 1u\i\W. ,>*Vuwvw\/\*V\vwvtk\v 

«iiirii/i/f»ii on t'lM i^vor. houuvVh iumvl. Kiuuv» ^v.c^^.\^'t^ .Vt^x^.^ 

"ri.. r/,Af Ii^pp. on !.Avmg tW •wuo WxW v>^v^x %wv\ v.n^xt.x^ 

MiruilKliY KMYMM. (All 

i.— lhff fny kUtPH^ tftp hiUen 

A nti kpy mjf hitiPiu my ffpfiff/ 1 
^Hfih n nwppf fipf. tm thin 
Wnn neither frtr nor npury. 

lierp wp yn itp^ w/;, «/), 

Ami hpvp wp /;r) thwH^ rfiMCw, rhwHy, 
Afiff hpfp WP f/fi hnvkwrtrtin tmdfonvntfh^ 

Ahff hpvp WP f/fi routuf^ rountt^ rnumly, 

Mryt my kritoit, \\\\\ knfton t 

f'iiHl lipy I mij krilrhl tnij tlryrrjn! 
H\m vr\ H\) u liiei prto. AUilin» 

Wop* hnder v«r»r luinr iir«»rr jn ? 

Itinr w^p-g^nnw hnop, liitDp, lump; 

ttinr wijr-irnnw Uw Intti, hin liun, tdp. Itun J0 
llipi* wyi^-ifnuw Imok-WMPhloV rml vti^r-wnrrtln'n 

llirr wijri-^iutw rnuwliotid, rouwIioiMl, rouw- 

llOltfl jp. 

ttnUfM ruMickt you nrn tny ti)nnrttt, my tnrmdttf, 
niul n^f^iti I Ntiy, yiiu nr^ my (ormniif, my ricrnnl 

IMiin. Hilrmont tor nlmmn thnttt Dmit lin (*Atl yon 
'^nth^rf Hurrly thin Inmcmtniiott mttiiot hn tm n 
luw-npiritml iltcfidormM. Imvitt^jf n MuOlripnt nlinrn. nl' 
our m-nvipiion. In \\\\n pltii p, flip tioly nly \ioo\n 
tumnU tm, lionnU np, nml in Hlwnyd lifinnlinu; np; 
liorr Im n« in nvnt-y liiMinn nt liomn, pvpry Ikmihp in 
h\n f)wn, liin tiomn nf nil timcn. Ilrrn Iip Im the oou- 
trollor (if pvrry mdn'n provminn-ptt.uip, nml of ttm 
priivonrlnr Tor Itin cnMlp. An«l horn tlip linly imp 
trpntM tlipm nil in rpturn InrtliiM likp tl(iH;Mi itoMln 
tlirm nil likp (lo^n, nnd Im lor pvpi* frpnUniJ: thpm ha 
(to^M in iptnin lor nil iliini 

Ihpt fip\t in iijtptniitmi In No. »1. IVfi* In propwrlr (lotlAillipri 
nhit Wa4 linpit nn itn npii0l1tttl(m of t-Pflpi>ri. Mul <^((>^vVWv ^"i^^^ 
iht* ttiMfhk ill tli« ttiimiheni of \\\« <(\\wv«\\% V vvn^V^'^^^^^^'^'*^^ 

•ad rttmiudmi of UU tttuum§isUm»h\M iMgnti(u4#« 'IIm m^ u 
Um iutorlocutor'N dMWMrjpUou of ili« <:oiupU»i« eoDUsMfl of (fc« 
eburcbinwi ovttr Um iMiMiitf v •ml (b« trsy Uii« it tilMUMd tf 
bim. 'i'b« |iM<iuiiwd« i« ia Cii« form of t proftOfMptf a, If^ifi 
•/lt«r, louiiiU nor, Wift-gmms, bolf ity-iibx («lf boott)« 

6, — Diccary, diccary, doek^ 

The 7nou$e ran up the eloek ; 
The clock tiruok one one ; 
The mouie ran dawn, 
Diccary, diccory^ dock, 

Dicknoore, dick-oore^ dock ; 
I)e m^b*% ran op de klocke. 
De kl/Krkti diraek won. 
De m^\ ran to<$ bun^ 
Dick-o/ire^ dick^oore, dock. 

'V\i\vkAifiinii*A dolt, you dolt bring out what you 
havfi i'or our u^it. The (Jiurrhman i« in want of » 
fr<^Hh Kuoj/ly of iirovittuinii. The? churchman f^ot it 
onrit what h^. o<triisinded with Kuch hardy iiii|/u- 
iitttii'M, J)oiit you hear ! \\itt churchman tclU you 
provitiiont) tum uhort with him, lirin{^ out at ouct, 
you thick -h<^.adc<l dolt, all what he ordicrM Mi imy^' 

hiek-uore, hhniVUtiwi, dolt, d<;i»)f(UAt6« ib« fooliitb p«Miiit 
wijo iH Ibti ilui/tt i/f iUti clHinJiUiKii'ti itrrognfUMt luul f(iv«« uuy 
it llibi H^iii/ih h« buH tturned by tb« (iw«f«t of bi« brovr, TU 
objttrt </f ibitf J'utf'j uiimde ik t(i r4f|/r<itt<:b the bu»t/iiiidiuiu} f j^m* 
•Huit I with bitf {^uliibility ^ und tb« <:burdiuuuk witb bu Ur*' 
fmiUQ iiiiiHidenc4i in d<tiiittiidi»(; ibht wbicb biM b«#a iteqttiiW 
by iuiolii<«r'» Uiiti Al^i^'tf >m |/roui/ufi/:4id ttui4.*$ uuA tbuif mtwif 
fftouka i tbt* a, beifig broud, tMuudv tUMiiy M 0, Mai, vuuj^, 

0. — MuiregM Mary quiU contrary 
Hoti) doii$ tjuur ijardtia (jtmi)? 
iVith uUvfir'htlU atul cockU-%K*W* 
And BO minis garden ^tov)*. 


MUtruwod meerat guyta-gawAaiU*treuro! 

Hoa cluA uwar s^rclan ffrouwt 
WUia «alv* varbalils and firoohal^sahaaU 

Aan, so myn nftrdan g;rouw*i. 

MistrudtAil fttbla ! flllinn tha mind with apprahan- 
•ion of avili invantad by tha villain who proflu by 
lliam. How happani i% Iba larror of your aoourgo 
ia ao pravailing: ? If iba iarror of my aoourffa i« 
auabi you muat charga it to tba account of tha 
brain-aick fhnciaa of tha waak-mindad, and to tba 
idla acruplaa rainad by tha cunning jugrglara who 
hold thair away by it. 

Kviil«atlf Mmad at Iha uadue pfnollMa af Iba eaafiiMafa af 
lliatM ftny* la r^Ution to their MdlA-h^adad paaitont4, Omj^m- 
$0wt$nU9r0Uf0t litomllv, riMHmi-lialaliad miiNiry, aatiniiii ^uiH 

7, — Spp Saw, Margery Daw, 
Sold her bed ana lay ypon $trau* \ 
Woe not ihe n dlrly $lut 
To tell her bed and lie upon dirt f 

Hia aaaghl maar ja ra6 d*auwa t 

Hia hold Haar Dada t and lava hopa aan'a trouw I 

Waaaa n*aat aehiar dlar ta alot, 

Toa calla Haar Bada, and laaya hoop aan diarta, 

Praaarva a humbia abjact aapaott mind nothing 
but to maka tha aarth aflbrd produca by your 
labour! ba ra«i)actf\il and obedient to Lord pag^all 
(tba Friar) antf laarn to plaea all your hopa« in tha 
promiaaa ha makaa you. If, in tha long run, (kmina 
ahould coma into Uia land, than you will bahold 
Lord Bag-all bataka himaalf to hia cloiatar, and 
baooma an addition of ftial to tha (lama which ia 
devouring you. 

9i0h0f4» }oek with af^aUin^ iA« ««w^^% w\4. ^^;^a4^ 

FHw, M mamliar of Ihaaa ?a^|^aiv^ «t^«% ^^''SSiJ^S^ 
(wk M iliA hilar fonaAMl e«|k\lfiV\i^ %3^^^%^^^^^^''^^ 

t^5() AKCiiiilOLOOY OP 

who had no revenues for the niaintenaoce of their memben, 
but were of course dependiuit upon charity. X^i/« soundB iie . 
Laeye sounds lay. Dierte, duurte dearth, scaicitj, famioe. 
sounds dirt, 

A Pasquinade aimed at the mendicant members of the 
monkhood, who lived in idleness by begging their bread from 
the industiflous peasant, and in return sidded to his miseiyiD 
times of want, by loitering in their at-home without goiog to 
liis assistance, and devouring in their convents proviiiooi 
obtained from him in better times. 

8. — Harry Parry when will you marry ? 
When apples and pears are ripe. 
I will come to the wedding 
Without any bidding 
And lie with the bride all night. 

Heer je, baer jo, wenn wel uwe maer je ! 
Wenn' op pelles end persse Heer Raep! 
Ei wel ! kom ! doe de wedd* in, 
Wijse houd cue bidding ! 
Aen laeye wijse die bereid al nae liet. 

Domineer over tlieni ! roar out to them ! Yon 
plunderer ! make them swallow your idle tales ! teach 
them to submit to your fees for burying their bodie«, 
and to your usurious loanings ! Come then, call in 
your pawns (forfeits) ! give notice you are going 
to make increased assessments. Into the flame* 
the assessor along with the assessment-order (con- 
denm the order for a new rate to the flames and it* 
deviser along with it) ! 

hiddhi}^, a notice of a meeting to bid one against another for 
tlir; district [land J upon which a tax [tithe] was to be paid ; t 
kind of lettinj^ a rate or tux by roup. Heer raep, Lord Kspine, 
a 8ymbol of tlie jirifHt, who, at that time of day, seems toliiT* 
been a sort of pawnbroker tr) his jjariHhioiiers ; or at least took 
interest upon the postponed payment of his dues. Perue, 
usury, extortion, and souuds pear*. Loe^t^Vv^a.^, touring fire, 
Bounds lie. Kae /let, a\oiig nv\\>^ \t» viow:u4% %» -"n^ Y^Wivyos.^^ 

ni^^ht. Jl^i/«e, give notice; fto\iu<\ft V\V\i. UouAe» Vn>»A.»^ 

once, directly. Bn er en, to ro^r. 

9s — Juffk sprat 

lli§ w\fe mu'tl mi no lemt^ 
And tifff heitui:iii tham boih, 
Thtiy tiokt thp ptaii&r dmn, 

Qoed liJei ttfttiw tftt^ 
'£i huif ^ood hkii iiftiiw l««it, 
find no beiwbiett bod 
T >ieili<3lfi de plutto er kleyn* 

I the doctrine of the ptleni, it i« r)gliteoii« io 
it tlie liifit fortlflng of your cJ«iim« np^^ A#iot1ief ; 
mt of the UwYf r, tt Iih rlghierxm to bokl <k#t hjr 
t ymt hnfCf white tou take Ihe higheiti ttiterei^i 
t upon the mtmi ftbnndant necurky i and both 
lem twigt ab<;ut the law of Ood to their own 
^mm, with »iich »leitfht and plaoniMllty, that the 
rt crown (tonMure) in mbtaken by the yiilg:ar for 
)tamp of the holy Mint, inntead of the worldly^ 
led roji^ue. 

hf, ihtf mitpWMf Mil hwti mifi»phmUm)\f lti« nhntfih 
*y], ffuy'f tliA tHflf, mkI nmiHtthirtUmUy i\m Uw ot 
rt ) imtf^tinttin «t Uw Mtf niyUd ttt dm auifi tlaif mmmU 

fl^HUf, ih« Ufttntitti [nhtttti iittjwn), ntiA iMinphmimMy 
"^pt trf t^htiiM li3Ut\t*n\hot)y] whhh ni f)f«t iitntf ttt ikt 
iif^ hffih pf}i>i«t nin) IftwyAf I Thti nmhUm ttf 0f« Ummtn 
mtf\ft9n in Iffff h\ni^h pninh erf ttt# Ju4tfff# «f<d M»rg««Ml«it 

nlfin. 'Tf gi, h«tf Ht H«l ht0ifn, tbo Ifttmiuii tnhhUi, 
ihm mtntit-^mtn <>tinn)ti^ of ilf« eiimahmnn In f«gMtd to hi§ 
(tiff \nimpitiifi\ m\f\titi nhii ni^mtiUm iftOw htrttm-lniftmimi 
ntilttplM ttrtmni i^H^hnii-MMpn trf (li« \itwymr iM ih» 
rinty of tli# i\Uimni4f Ufmmi tif tttut 4«y «»« »tfa#li ft W 
mptf*m, ii #ti«l«ftt. T hiiMi, It milled « dftinlty efi 
« 1% if/MV« 71^ hiM fto f«trf##«'fft«f)t« \tHi I *tt d m 

10, — Jaak Hprat 
Had a mt i 
// Aac( ^1 one «ar t 
// i^iynl (d buy biiU«T 

'^/>H ARCii4U)t.mtv or 

Jiu;k(ts pract 

lliiydt orfCttit; 
'ICt Iniydt Ikii wun hir.r; 
*Vsi witit i(N! \\\w\ Hot v.r ; 
Wi'<j 'ii Hot vT ! Wo no* dij hwir 7 

Tlin rliun^limntrM taUm while tlM-y w^rvc to fill th 
r(}\;;nv.*n brlly on tlio otus Imtid, nvrvc to pinch tha 
ol* (loltinh rhnldy on tlu? othor; they convert tl^ 
rhxidy-dupc into th« provider of the woollen 
^ownrd ((entry (the Krium). Ahm poor ('IcxJdy 
who \H tlirre to provide for thee in thi* state 'j 
thingH ? (whence in the mean time your food ?) 

wiMiUoii Htuff umnl for tin* t'flnr'n Knrh» fttid inf*tii))liorirtt)l/ tii 
friitr M tlin wholo rmft. /»«»«, ft dolt, on« iiMil/ ilii|»«l 
riiptnphorirfiny llin pwmtntf ntu\ mi tlio iifMnntry. '*'^ ' 
( rirr //f/Oi wf'f^ upon ! |>itv iipofi I nncl mhiikIn uhfn, H/"i< 
«/|; fcirr, wlidncM will (Vinil m»ni»' to yciti in llii" r(»*« ' w 
moiiikU ««!• <i«rtr. UuifiU, fuifiU, k(i«t|»H, ft'«'<U, iwjinirU //'«/. 

II.- nnhin dr. IhMin, ihr. hiti-hrMir.d lien. 
lit! rat Tfiorr vwai ihnnjhnrtirort: wm, 
litf rat a rnw^ hr rat a r.alf\ 
Ifr rat a hutchrr and a half^ 
11 r rat a rhurchf hr rat a sfrrplr^ 
Hr rat thr prirMt, and all t/ir prnjdr. 

Il»e|)-pijn, fhi BoA-pijii, die \}\^% hy el XwA U»I 

Hij fiii't; niij hoor niiet! t'jun voAr-w.hncrc in«nn 

Ifij liu^t rr ^jiiivv: hij hi<'t. «t kail': 

III] hiet. vv : hat je v.v acti dcr alve I 

Ilij liii't er : j^hierne 1 hij liiet er : >»tu|>«!l ! 

Hij hiet <li<^ prijwt : \t\uV\\v\ ih*. hijhd ! 

Iloh-toil, thou ciirHe to our haroH; yon that fatt 

like a ho^ hy othitr nicn'M labour. 'I he fellow sa; 

with an arro^^sint \u\\k\ \ \\wnv. \v\\^^V\1 Ui my du»; 

iiWHW with yout prcMuro \a> w^ Xy.ww \i\\v\ >\v>\y.\ 

buWu^n ihv. Hhjirp cnu-*; \xv W\W^^^^^ '^^^^'^ • \^^- 

ycfMmt MiviiiD». MB 

m utmcNrt far tli« pficttt I wImm ttod b«f far ktef 
oird «p far Imib I while to btm wlio ii iwUinf oiil 
I ijHuif tie cries tmi : JmH,Wy by mpfmling to tlM 

«« lifMMi t mifff^ti vmttAit yh«0* B^kd^ liM** If IIm i»- 

I K immI I ' 


r« lA ttM> w^4 f«*)Hlf« 1< «^ite <e fite INI4» ll»# frfMt l e frw e J 

IS^'^Cootfy 5yieoiw tfomdt^ I 
Wktr0 $kail t wamder ? 
Up $tttir$ and dawn iiutri. 

And in mjy Ladf^B ehawdHtr ; 
Tkrrt t nut an md man 
Thai would not $aw kU frraytr$, 
I took kim bp tks hjH l^g 
And tkrtw kkn dmtm §tair$. 

Oum (fum ine 'u deer! 

Wi<^ Hrbell-liey wiMrfie inet 
Op %iuft% emdorii etuyn ; 

KikI in fo^lyd ii ncnam twer. 
fVre ei f mrt ^etl tmwiA'mMn f 
D'eH^ woed n'ert^ maeak Pni'htfen, 
liy«r tuck betm lyy die left IcfKbe 
Ktid tftf mwe liein doe iMm fCnyri* 

Do ytm bimr ilMr iii«olefit jerrt tod sMeiv dmi 
•htf fnmt ihni wtml Itmuft twtlMrtftkmr-ciirMilii 
mtmhu^, ronuiWog; tiow to Uy load ofNiii load of 
^ tMttm. There all faisKtii; Icyi ^iaoiA ^6mDl >|k\ 
tfm $• Mt$ empty ebadow. To \\%%iAi^ ^ vawmi 

UM in iba breaei of % yt^mk \% T*3^r^ 
>^0mler, miftf alirr fptm wArf , vwi^ ^^ 


bf the day [law] with these lords of the pariah. 
Let the labourers [peasantry, parishioners] concert 
together some plan of operations which may make 
these chatter-boxes sorely rue the taxes they hate 
loaded us with. 

SchM'hiy is as the plunderer of the fanner [hasbandmin], 
and thna aa the priest Hey has been already explained, and 
schtUen is to shell, to stiip. Ouwel-man, wafer-man, mus- 
man [Priest]. Par-heen, of the. rector [parson], and soiuidi 
praiiert. Snellen is to peel or strip, and tchell-hey is thai 
literally fMel-peatimt. It wonld seem bj this, some church- 
mte is referred to, where the clergy assessed, but did not ptj. 
Where their privilege made them the assessors of the nte, 
bat exempted them from the consequence of it; so that 
among themselTes they mocked the sufferers for being tbeir 
duf>ea. Dere, sympathy. Mett with, in. Aett provision. 
Woed, rage, passion. Si$, behold ! £0, law, rule. Hye, as 
before. Tuc/c, concerted plan, contriTonoe, cunning trick, 
device, trap, snare. Heim, private, underhand. Leffen, bffen, 
to chatter, to twaddle, hence our lift, laf'tt as stuft and non- 
sense. iSeer ruwe, severe repentance. Legghen, to lay. Ster 
ruwe sounds threw, 

1 3. — Cock-a-doodle-do ! 

Dame has lost her shoCj 
Master s broke hisJiddlc'Stick, 
And dont know what to do, 

Gack er duijdt hel t'u ! 

Die *em aes lost ter sjuw, 

Me^ aes leer's Bije roeck. Hie*s vied t'el stick, 

Aen doen no6 wo aet tot u. 

Dolt of a peasant! your life is a hell upon 
earth ; you that are such a fool as to take delight in 
working hard for an honest liyclihood. Along with 
slender diet, the condition of the lalx)urer is that of 
care and anxiety. While here [with us the monks] 
it is simply pillage iniVictitv^ de^.\\.\x w^q^ ^ou in the 
midst of plenty. 

Dui/dt hel Vu, IktemWy. ^eW ^^^^l^^^/^'f''^ ^^^^"^^^^^ 


i|mr«. Hy0, iIim huluntritmi uMMHit, rtm h— Muf iU« iolkm 
i»r tlml nliMM. //^, littrni I^I«^ l'«^ wur uimhi Utii oik^fi |»il> 
lug* oC til •Inm. ^lid/f, tiufiht iiflVkir, builii«iM» »^mW| miiiI 
wntk, Am f/iWNi to inAlfir, to muMi to hrln|f U|)ihi« ATo^i 
Hmttl, miMry, )uiv«rfy, H^o, wlmm. An, fmid. Titl u, to you, 
Into your moumi, Iiohim. A JtMirinii ii|>(Mtrt>pli« lu th« ikmmIU 
liMMMiK |»ui iiiio lliN muutli uf iliit inuiik by iIid Maxoii Imn* 

And mnmti hit wh0r§ io Jlnd '^m^ 
ItPt him nhn0f iheyHl oomp hom$ 
And brihii their tniU behind *em, 

Kiicl kuiititi 1100(1 tVI wc^Ar u viiti4 om. 
Iittttti hill mI hoiic) t *t liaal kom liou 'om! 
KncI btiriiiich t tti(<r t'h(^ar«i bt^hanil om. 

Mult^ l)o*|)c)f^|i t liU food iinrl liU ddliKlit Aro drliik I 
It U tliin lovt) of tilt) (Mt|) whi(*li Irnn liivltad him 
Airniti to tf<) (>iit^ <)it )^ t^^ith visit. Ki^t^p to youmtilvoi 
nil rc^prouchtm upon thin hand I The whola of you 
(*oiitt) mid do him honour, nnd form n ciirrli* round 
him. ProviHion huN ht^t^n procured, mid will Im 
oHiirml to the) wIioIa of un. 

lUM-fmft U Ititrtt (hi* Miiiltoiir i tli« fVUr omnloyiiii by tli« 
NMMiiMittiy ill l)«KtfbtK ubixit l\»r !(• Humiort wm R)iPiii«r)y imlbMl 
•mimniNi iiA. /4imI U (b« mintrMlion mM$, « m«Mftiyftri tnd 
th« Limhtmr wm m b« wba Inlruditit bimimir into uriirv mMi'* 
himiM (0 iirtHuiiM |iriivUlonff fur bin ocinvtttit, mitt pldv up nil 
thii iittd K(>Miii|) btf (uiulil b«*iiiiltti. Tbtt larm wm in uim wiib 
UN ill Hhibkiiu<*iir0*ii (im« in (ba miivh of « biU« Mid Mob p#rioiii 
fJitf, pMr(i«[)4ii prtMiit of M«M» to fbml, imd ao fbod. XfinfM« 

Iiitrhnr. ('(IN, luKi Nf»wl#H, Io invito. ttfUfn^ to put • Rtop 
o, 9l#r<Nj|tfo, to oiiolrtdo. litf^duN* to givo, to olfur wbol 
you bMV<* nol, (0 biuid ovor. 

•* 'I'boii tboy (ill nudtiW \t^^ W^'w^M^x 

And 1 ^»r oiiftuw «wi\f 
'i'lml HiioU ft kiun «i\^m\\\\ yXM ^^x-^^"*** 

Aiid«tUbiftHAftmw\\jk^' kt.v\.><^ 


15.-«-£MI^ Jack Hwim 
Sat H tkt eofntr 

Eattnga CMitma$pb$ 
Mm put k^ Ui ikumb 
And pu^d out a phtmb 

And crM^ O wluU a good bojfMnll 

Ly t'd Jacke UomuA^ 

GM in d« koren er, 
Hiding «r kroyie m^Mt by. 


End pnfild ntt er plomp 
EndkrMytyOI watargoadbptyi AmHejl 

The fmUic's bane, Joitice Anproptr, enunmed M 
of law tliere, extorU by iud!^ oUcanerj, akw 
with hii bread, erery man^t cune. He drawi pron 
from the terror he tpreadt all round him; and whfle 
he grows &I by the traffic, he exdaimt. Oh I lAii 
an excellent mildi-cow the clodhopper ia ! (what 
good squeezing there is in this spungef) 

Jacki, loDg-tobe, sod hm$ u the gtMnI tern ibr s Jndft 
or LftWTtr« W« use the mguMkn. Jk$ Ipnr rtib$, for tiit trib 
thtt btionff to tho profoMion of fbs itw* FonMtlj tbof wm 
oltrks, tad taruwrid M bolonging to ft bmicli of tlio ekM 
ortkr, HoomaS, ftceording to imt it ought to bo ; hot bfit 
uMd IrooicftUj ftod for ths niek-Muno of m mftfirtnto of tki 
district. Am-IIsy i» foftir-ouui pooMat* bfwooso dkntlii 
and tquabbios tho Jndgo wis sappovtod* Wam(mdm) 
fouiuU umii* 

IQ.'^Bolfby Shaft is gone to #ea 

With iilver buckles at hi$ knee ; 
When he*ill come home he'ill marry me, 
Pretty Bobby Shtrft I 

Bobby Shaft it fat and Javp, 
Combing down fas yellow HaVr ; 
He's my hwe /«r r.vrriniwTC \ 

Prciiy B«hH^ »K«ft\ 

NimNKIiY lillYMttM. WA 

\\n(\'\wH\\n\i\ in Ktieii too M 
WIti' vn Hilvnr-bom?kdii «tit liiiit^, 
Win* n yio komt. omm« lllo nmorti tnp^. 

Proot jo Uo6-bo»ohiitt 

Ut)A-lwKiclmft Vii vniincn vt»or. 

(3unw innfr IndtMiwmid Vu "Jo holO lloor!*' 

Hij'Kiny lof! Vorhcf tir ino^rl 

Pmi*t Jo U(>A>boidmfti 

i )ur HttHM)ih>t.()ii|i(un(l LImltutir in \f<)m to lior who 
in novrr iirrd (tf Hf^oinu; hi« Hllv^r tor.kii tind who l« 
oAinily \\{\\m\ by utiy tal(« ttito ho trumpii up. Ctittt 
on for ovor, yt)ti flunnt rlovor nnout I Tho Htnooth- 
toiiK^i^rf lihtniotir whcotllo« otit what ho wntitM with 
Nuch ndroiiiioM 1 nlyly Hllpplnu: hi horo nnd thoro, 
•* Oh ovor M;loriouH Lord of IIoMtMr* For It li ho 
(hot U olwuyM iipponnoit hi my thought. Why 
donH vou join with mo, my door mothor, in glorliy* 
Ing him? Oh, may you onnt on for ovor, you 
(iuont, dovor dcoutt 

M'!iH^fih(\f\t WiptikWft HooomplliilMid m(*fiiinti|t4»r [iioontl« U 
bon» HH th« popttlur iiobHijUdt (or tito lannovH or tHifi to 
whom ttid doty of bfitffinK prorlilooi lor t)it» convdtit whs 
«iiitniiit4i<l. tiiMitouN in mptwith inourold writ(>ri. Htortia*! 
tK»Kiriii|C tttotik of ChIhIii wan oti« of thitio M»tHW*hi\fitt Tim 
UtiKM urn tin A anour nt tlin ilv Uiy mouk« (br thn turn tlmy miiko 
of tlioir |mttllt*tit (lupni. T1i« rilArntlUi in «ti lrohtp«l ojidlto* 
ttimit foi* ttimn to pi^rHitvnto in tltnlr holy Mwln<llinyii. {fU in 
tinrn itfifid 111 two mmitiinicii whit^h billon^; to It Ami HountU An*!/. 
1,tlf houikIn /iM)ii. Vpr h^' $r HoumU /'nr tv$rt 0mm mni in 
Hiiiiiiilii (*imhi»ff* Ihuw^mi Hootidi tfriMiM. ./« hi I NoutiiU 
y#liiM4>. Ilppr Noundii hnift Vnl tttn Hit •ooudi/nt nnd ftUr^ 

" A Krnrn ihptt^ wan. a WAtitoti And a mArry, 
A t.iMttouM. And A m\ nnWmpm mtn, 
III All UtA ofooTi ftmr i« itonA ibAt* OAn 
Ho tiiudli of dAliAiiunoA And Ailr lAngutgA." 

" Will ffiitfd yn a1 tUo kyfi||;\« Wv\% V^ 'JWW \.x>^>\\vnv\>^^x^^ 
* A'woMi, undi»rA\«^mW« Ka^v^^^ . ^^^ ^^"^^^ ^ 

/ilk VfltHHli'^llkllH»f 

AUiMClHUM mmllil *»Mli<«*i Hnln>MIIMIIIIIi I 
vnnrtHnP imiiiip mniFvi rFifniVrriPinP f 

(h wbifib ihm wwi i Mimvii iMMf .. 
Mi^ Im Mi fim ' 

tM IM Mil dm I 
iiiii Urn UAn^i d^A I 

O^A Urn Iw4«i d^ I 

UiK l»t|(iiHM[ iiioiib f mUf iim^ imm » Urn wittinum 
Ui il»M lalnlMHtviMlf of Mm CfiMr I l)0| )fiN« d^, k 

ii0i HHItfi, h bMflf M«4 M» Iblf MNMM Hi H¥Mfrmfi Hf m 

iMIit « mmn i m^ MjMi MMf mm MfH^fSt ft mm 
mmH4u ifmki nmr, frifb/^wl inm inyff»kt, wUm h m k^t 
mnwU m't r m^ d m wmH jfmwN iHUHimmtfiNU mrnUt/ 
l^in mm Ht ih)ft mtm fih^hihmh mmmm In } Ml^ m « m^ 
nHiUni M mjfthffHf'f A M w^ bM mmmf mn mm imtM.' 

w^ni up ah mi 

///^A jp/l thtwn 
Andhntkf hhmtm, 
Antl Jill utt-mn lu^mhlinif Mifl^t ■ 

i'omn itiiituti JMiiM 

Jitck i^tid OijI 

Wiiinont on do hollo 
TuoKd't vT pmit) of wiujrdcir. 

.liK^k fell cloo Attn I 

Ktid brock Vn )(rouw in t 
iCiui OijI k:(<A *rm t' lioymuleu nifttr. 

Vino rrv« Jnrk I 
VlHtj i^rvfl (lijil 
Kom (ir icij inn, Jnokl 
Kom vr 1(1) inn, OijI I 

Tlio relator nttcl thn luwyor would ply tlimr work in 
Indl iUolf if thoy could tmt irot n iflimpiiu of u buriul- 
dud or li fmt to \m |CitinmT tlmrti. Full to work, 
prioMt, tiMuil your imnnhioutini for your duc«t oniplov 
ull tlin horrom thut bdotiif to vour trndo ; nud if 
you Nhould ^ct into itny dtilioultyy tlui kwyAr will 
And out Homo loop-lioln for you nflor nil (»omd 
ntounpi of briiiK;ln|c you off witli Impunity). Strip 
th« lionu)Ntciiid prioHt! Htrip thtt homtuitodd Inwyer I 
Into it thcrt), pridMt ! Into it thoroi Inwyor I 

Jttdk^ ■urpllutf, fftmnt th« (lr«M la which tli« |irl»itollloUt«d i 
•ltd it 1h mInu utMil for titM liiwyi»r*H tfuwDi tlin unn h« wmuv on 
duty ) \wm It in diupluynU itti>tii|)Ttorioiilly fur dm ontkoUQk 
priitHt. mii, tnm\, y ulU* ohluMturv, iiid ftu tk« liwytr. Tk« 
ordtir of ihtf ttiiiHurti romiiirly liifltudtfd liotk tirof^mdonii i kuMti 
Lft'hrd lit cumtrmlUtJiintlou to Uw^hnl, r$U$, unit, In hum 
uNnd HN thtf hurinl t»«*ruuUiUi (piih of tliti prluoi^f iMtnttiMM of 
tlitt priitit Nt (hMt tlniii) ntul Nauiidff |mI^ H^ii#f^r 1m hur* uaihI 
111 liH iiM*iuilii|r of full, Mi4 Houndi M wn pronouiMtn miUn', Vki, 
Hm/i NouiMUyiy. ^iiiMitffii In la dttiumid « dubt, to dun) dim 

Mwtay. Kr g{l iim •uiitidi iifaiH, iiid miHMUi, tkM« |«t you U» 
ilmni timkii nu wntriMioo* 

M). — / had a liUU (LUihund 

A'rt %r/r»r than my iKumb^ 
f put him in a iiinl-pMl» 
AHdtli9r9 I hid kirn drum; 

/ fHfUf/hi htm a liiiln handktiri:hU'/ lo vnp^ 

hit lit lit*. ftfMH', 
And n jHiir uf lUth f/nrttfrM to tir up hi* 

/Uilt htfMt', 

Va\ Uuyd frrf Li) t VI Imj4 \mn*. 

Va f |iiit fi<riH Ml rr |/vn-|i«rt 
Ac'ri t«*('r f FJ ! Ifi'lt hf rii flVom f 

wy 'pi** lM:lif.'fTl UiHtMi\ 
I'.ikJ op I'^r ttf lij-tVI ithdrUtTM t/j*: 't ri op V* 
lij-tVI Imhk*. 

I'M \\ipu ! bfmr<l uwtty I VffH'Wtm ynurwlf th<: 
«'iiu<* ttf fspty rtiffiilyl Cio on Ui^rr*?, AfWmyi Utr jout 
ttihfn, ytiit Krr-Mly Iio^rf VUmi\i*r«* furff'it^fuuA 
fni yifur <r«|icfu<'ii f r^cr^r mIm/uI Io leiipply ;iU Y'/df 
wtuilq ! H'i;i[it ttf your h»rf:i4airi((^ tir^rur^'l Uw' 
miilify irufihili'.'l lor Ui<: purpo^cKoftiiUiritifiif'-^t tiui 

U'ln iUiii t*.h*\ifW ynnr foriv*'nf., ttitti *<'rv<' :t% ih". 
fic^l ij/j/ for Uiu riijj^rtrM*': U/ ^v«*ry rriiiri'* fHfkt'i. 

Itinutmttt hvifiUti*, i*t h'HiPf'I n\t, Ui |t«-fc|i f i>(;<»lYi«rr , l/uyrf, i« 
tli« lfi»|rafiiflv«, <irf<l ^tuuA% hint, I'tfft fnd Yntm fif* tium futtAt 
tit twiutty (u;i f iitni/ tt'tiu |iiftt»lnt:« )m(f<rM'<t fry f>#* i.i/ttfmtt^fiH 
ii|f</ff i)ici)r «fii)/<x« for «)ri» fff tfi«f-)r '/wfi h»(^lf)fit;, •»'! Mrbi'.K 
¥rum iiti,i,ttr\y <la4l)fiiif} }ri nM itt f.UmtVv. I' (Mf«) Ir rtfyt^mtt* 

Iffttrn iff ifiuf iftiy M |f'/|f'fltir <(<fbf)'|ii<xi f«/r t)«i» i^rtAiff, i'.h/rfft 
ia Ilia t.ttuhtu.U'ni ot ^fmlmrln ffrtti i.httytrttn, l/« fmi\u*M %t$ 
¥ttti\ii\f , iiri«} |ff</i|ffiltt/i Iff l)i*i f,ntiri thoria. 't'Um wf/rd wM 
tifitM.t\y e|fb|t ftuatlitf, hi) UttH in htipf hand vn0n t[r»>»Uin ftM^f 
t*t, ttiiet iiiflr In Ufvlnfurn tlinnt, tn u n^ nuthimitvn and t/l fthtttti 
ttfn Iv Ur-tfnr, »*Pt*i. iitt* Mrn*'^ 0M9. It \H ttyi^titit fhu 
mi/ui 'Uuhiitti iq munut iu$ tlm mohkf nUn vtnn atti^t ttttti*\*ffm4 
iiq iffi* t^iiiily titutibciift, ttfi'l iit flinf lUimi-My < «/fN|>if '«<! 1)«a •}* 
ulfi ull^lliR'l OfO |/tiiiailir^ ^iin le»r^ hit H mtt'tUttettUtttb, ^*•^ 
nouiida find /hftr, l|iti |)i ii\ %\i\m. y«i\tH\ \»^"«\»»^imi <Hl«*f r*l#»* 
^nfftul'ivto nilh im l^ufi tWn I in Ui«» iJ N»»»^ *^ '** ^N»* V W\,vV 
«////f//;<i4 r/,ft »'/iif«'t '.f IW«^ •! »•, .M..I \ii^WM*t*'«>^,^^ "* 


cliA pol or box in wbioh chunoii furfoUii w«ni put \ Mid tb« 
MHviiigH of fMrvftnU tnd ohildrttii wars fonrntrlj dtfpoHltiid in 
wlmt wttM Uruiad tli« tiMU-juiU 

20, — Over the water^ over the lee, 
Over the water to Charley, 
(Charley love» yood ale and wine, 
(Charley lovti$ yootl brandy, 
Charley lovei a little girl, 
Am Mweet a» euyar-oandy, 

lliHw '\\w.v (1« waerdor t boev 'hoer de lij ! 
Iloov 'huer do wuerdor toe Kchtter-lny ! 
S('liiuir-lfiy lovn'es ((od lieel end wviie, 
Scluu^r-loy lov'us y;od bitero and dij, 
H('liii(^r-lf)V lov'eH er licht-heol Kuerl, 
AIh hij u hiut alii »ij bij u g^ar kend je. 

Farmer tlia bailiff (storokaeiiar) t Parmer the 
alave ! Farmer the bailiff to Sehaar^ley [the laxy 
l(anf{; the monk»]. Sohaer^ley may thank the 
((oupel and the bem|r made a prieNt for all thii; 
Schaer^ey may tliank the Bibloi burial-fees, and 
■U(*'h as you for all thiH; Schaer^ley may tliank the 
amnty-headed clown (for that is the title he would 
call you by if he saw throug^h you as thorou|^hly 
as I do). 

Hehusr-U%i, UttnUhr, tbo Usy ffi^nSi ot«Wi wii«mbUig« | h«f9 
M a tukoii for tbo nriiirbood. whair, k multitudo, a troop, a 
bfincli Hiid Uta Mma word wltb tlia Qarnimi teha^r, Mid tb« 
ItAliMi (uihUrat Hut tbl« «ohH(|uat wm probubly supff^aitod by 
it* olona rttMombUnoa with tba taniin tcha§rlaHt, » Mturdr ▼NPi* 
bond, Hod mhtutrlum, t wsruU, »curra» /«<<tht*^##/, llt^nilnr, 
<iompl«taly wrong-naMlad, ovar-oMj, loundii iittit* Ai» h^u 
hiit(aU hy H hi$t), M ba would nuna you, sounds m iiMft. 
Ahiy hifugwr k»ndj$, if it sbould ba that ha wis tboronihly 
iiA(|usiiitad with wbst you ora, sounds at (Mgar'Mndj/, 'a, 'm^ 
dmi, for this, on tbis soeount. Wyns or wfint, Is s eontrsotlack 
lif ninflng, sn Hdmitttn|t into \\0V7 ot^«tik,v\ «t^«i!t\t>%o^ 
Moan'fin v»in§, Kridoully a \«at uwm \\\t^ ^\\i!«\^% ^5* *S!3t 
mm' .onrnRiont (o<»U In tha ViikiA^ «^K ^V'^^*^,'^*^SI 
fW U h»F0, M (he word of lUA, tW \^\>\t^. ^^ ^ST X^ 
/*/jofifsllf for (ha tilhn wh\o\\ «kW XvA^V ^*^ ^Vk* >wt^t^^^^ 

360 AWOnmoiMki Of 

botk^Md MtlMt wlMifWtt piM» 

fmm» mImi up tb« mtmhm oI Of piiwi;. (hi, iMttiAi |iii 

31 « — Ding dang Mlf 

Th§ cat's in ih^ w§U. 


LUiU Johnrng Ors&n. 

What a nangkig bag wa$ thai 

To drawn poor jmag'cai^ 
Who nw§r aid any harm. 
But hard tho mtei fo his faihar's bam. 

Ding d' hottig-bflld, 

Die kaeUtiii de wdd* 


lii't 'el Je hunkf it Of$a« 

Wail er nauwt je booi wo aes dat? 

Te draa I hone puar boose gait* 
Wo nijrer dijdt ene arme 
Bat gnild hem eyt in Vs vaden batn* 

It ]» the honey-bearing image that bring! thii 
revenue, it is this that affords all this wealth. How! 
m what way is it taken out? That curie to us aU, 
the sneerm^ bully (the monk). IVhat hav'nt yoa 
always a pair of handcuffs ready for such a carrion- 
rogue as that ? At once make an example of the 
thorough-paced villain. While industry and hard 
work can alone avail the vassal-peasant, the idle 
pick-pocket-career of the monk affords lum abao' 

V* hmig'b§ld, the honey (monev) mailing haa^ relan to 
one of tboM onoe well known mitaoie-working S^ttfes* to whkli 
deroteee flocked to depoeit their «» DOto pieeenti in Iti me- 
tuanr, of whioh the ptieete were the pUiefen. J§ Immm» Ji 
Ortfn, ( J'ohnnj Oreen) UtendlTf ever • ew yi;ew r, erer with 
a JUMir on Mm (ub \ ind \iete,\« mMsAiik % iSdtiwriwe Cat Ike 
moot, the iturdv impadent b««w ^V^>yM|^MA>V^^>wt% 
SI ih0 folij ot ht dupes, i»tUV« Vk%\m^^^'^^-«^>*1^^ 

nunml, mmada poor puwy <»*. 0^^^» ^^* ^'^'^ 

Vi'HUKHY illlYM|£ll, W\) 

IWm, p«th, iQuniln bttm. Cut in tho ounMtniU tmvMly of |[«iM 

•ort of utuH)()y unht» t»«nr»iiiiion 4' h^ni^'kht Uit» hont^y m«)iinir 
Wt), Aiul MOttiuli <<ii«^[-M^ ff^i#, who } JUi$t how. 

•4*i,— fo &ff/. to bed, 
kSViyff Sheuff^Kfad ,* 

Put on the pot 
Sayt Uraedi^'Outt 
Wv^iil »Hp hjhre we ijo. 

Toe bad. toe bed I 

B* oya Hiel hij *u je buml 
Tt»e Imrt* je er u yl i eyn Umwe, 

l*ut wen de but, 

S* t^y« Oreytitf"|jfMit, 
Fi^ra hope bolioor wije'«jjHiiw, 

llnrken to the be{r(;inff one ! to the beipifing; one I 
iiaya the one who hua tue cure of the ao\il ever in 
bund (the prieat). lluaten to me, auva the nmn of 
luw. Strip the dolt, auva the |;reefly-ro|(ue (the 
puritth-prieat) i ull u true bloodauoker luia a rl^ht to 
expect muMt be ullowed to be (hie of the holy 
»ly-tox (the prieat). 

Th* l*M(|ui»a(l« Hoeinii aimed «t the three branchea of the 
lonaured prtifeMMion, fii, the (Vinr, the iiiwyer, and the refuUr 
elergymiui \ ami retera to the ithnre wliiohentih taken in the |iil' 
laice of the oouutrywau'a pro»erty« At the end, the regular 
c^ierKyniAn in mnde to aay, he tninka he ia uuite royue enuugh 
to he entitled to the whtde of the hooty, Mm not to aiiare with 
•uf^h Interior thievea an the other two nre, in hia eyea. ll'^/«< 
ir«MM>, litemlly, the hoiy Hiy^one, eeeina to have been a |U))imar 
niok-niime (ttr the utHohtting )mriidi-)n^ieat. And the liiMt line, 
an in moiit of theee epigrama, eontaini the point of itt !!#(<#, a 
vidnntevy tM>otrihution. a atated gilt ) and here implieH (he 
(^iar, n«' he who Uvea by that alone, ^* #yi, m 9^%t ao vom« 
niMnde, The word #vi ia uaed in the aante aenae by our old 
writer«t Tm ^«r#./#, to her, lo abe, aounda ktrr^^ and reftira 
to /«eMi4>#, whioh ill (iimmii\e« KUU Wiax Ax'^ \w^>w^% '^^'^^I 

ff/i^» A mitl/ belnv imnir^i^. Siitl bU t^ ^♦^J^^^V^^^^Tv 
h0 whti m #rt>r on (b« wikt«\\ tt> Vm^v ^'^ ^'''^ %%^x^^^ 
*n#aiir fdin Ifomoiit Aoht\(\ub\ tw \Vv«k NlwvV^ 


33«— F«ii-€i-iy babiff 4m the tre9 top 

Whmi, the wind bhw$ the eradU will r^ekf 
When ike bough breaks, ike eradlewittfil 
Down comes the babjf, cradle andall. 

Heesch er by Pam I Am de tieie txqp 1 
Wen die wint blo6'f ; dieknieytIielml,wrod 
Wen de bonw breke*t; die kiaeyt hel wel, fiie 
Toe hun knm's ; de Pa^ekmeythdyaentad 

DonHspaietbem, -priest! Storm at tliem in j 
beft ntde ! When the fiurmer is pushed and it 
badL his tijhe, the priest roars out stoutly, dii 
all a pretence ! when the hanrest is a oompl 
&ihire, he roars ont, it is all owing to yonr ne 
gence ! Prorisions fell short m the fenner^s ho 
and the tithe is behind-hand, the priest roars < 
Tve an execution to put in your house. 

Tbe first line of tUs lampoon if • sneeiing^ apostxoplM 
dreMed to tbe titbe^ooercing rector. The rest s scenie d 
of his intereoorse with lus parishieners. Tiere, rmving, i 
and sounds tng, the r was formerly placed indifferentij* hj 
wntera,.either before or after the rowel. Kratyt hd, crie 
in a decided tone, sounds cradle. Toe kun, at their boose, 
etut, appmo di Unro, sounds dawn, Paepe, priest, sounds i 
Agntgdf a jud^^ment, a writ, an indictment, soundis and aik 
is alwajs trarestied bj a, which it sounds. 

24. — As I w(U going to sell my eggSy 
I met a man with bandy legs, 
Bandy legs and crooked toes, 
I tripped up his heels and he fell on his i 

Als £i ! wasse go^n toe celle me^ egg's ! 
£i ! mlieet er man wie de bandig leeck's ! 
Bandig leeck's, end kmck het toe*s ! 
£i ! tript op ijs' ijls, end hij fel aen hys nc 

AIom! let it so be, lYwaLt liYve y^oitorx.^'1\#A! 

his conditioii may mix \iBe\« u^ ^"^^ ^^ v^^ 

oalftothecloiateTl MaaMeWm^x^l^^^^ 

vuiiNKKv umfmuM, 971 

hunmh vmuliium m wruU'iual m iUni tfttimoMMiUni 
uifiUi* Inmilim^titl Uynmu t Ototm who m llt«t \HHulit^t'ii 
It^yiimii, whim*i w\uiUi inminMUtti i» i\m ttUiil' in Urn 
hand \ Altm t i\u$u^U Im htm mi^niutul Um four of 
i'omiiit; Ui wttMl by wtmt liti Iihm doii«, hn In mnil- 
t\tiutul Uy tMu*n Im <:<mld not forttiifa in Ihtf Kin to k« 
Imn i:«iiU{r<{<| iMii> for liftt. 

handy, htuu'k, {wymnn, mm$t4it Ug, Hrutm muv Utt t^Un^ m 
ilm iH$iH wmmi'n »Uir Q9 nnilm i»wt[tU«»r*i'n uftmu, TUU mm 

CmiiUm U m iUti fitrmtti^ mt UtmitMl UiiUtr u^nm lUti (wtmm- 
Ml ruHiU'kf wUo inbiMt \m\y or«l«r« Ut mtutr iuta mm** 
mtmkhk imlM^\UUmtwi, UnKtbn wmy immim Ui« Mi*tttH9u/t( ¥mt- 
M»ll«g« mmI <!<ifMUNi(l Uihtmf ) «M»4 U ik#fi«lM4i(ii Uy rummkUng 
Umi, uiUiir dtl, iUu tiUntMtt i« <mly f'r</m ih** fryi»tf-|NM» Mf(l4/ Mm* 

tfy$f i\m SngUi-^i^ium fttvm Uiv hit, TUa imnui HmttiM Ut \m, 

iUu itmt^tUyi** 4m)»# till Iii4» WiMj mui Utmm w«rr« m uiiM»«r<w« 
tlful UiM Iii*f4 worbiiitf i^mihmI, nfW »tl, UmI t#y uufUmtging Uiit 
tmtAUUm for iUu tmain mdU ihun, Aimmmii¥t» trt*mUkUig 
ttfiimtt hy lUm \mmmHry, 

*i/),- -(iir/if nwl hoy$ mmn out tn piny, 

Thti mtion fltffft thlnn tm ttrlifht an dny^ 
!,tatw yitiir uupptif and Ittniw your nlft^p, 
And t'omn with your ploy-ftiHawii into thr 

0irtiit f 
dumti with a whlMtU, mrftttt with a tiull, 
Homti with a yood will or ntit at all, 
tip t/iti Itulflur tuul down thtt wall, 
A hiilf panny roll will g/^rvn un all, 
Ytiu Jind wilk, and 1*11 JInd Jtour, 
And wn'll havn a putltliny in haij* an hour, 

Ki*i'\\i*^ t^uA \Hm^, kotii l»oii<l<t Um pMt 

\U* uioori dun %yu lHtr«tflii hIn iM, 

I j«^v iiwt^r Koh mt\\ ttnn lUtv uw««r «Uil\v^^ 

Kma wij»tt iiwwr |»U«fe v»iV u '*\ \\\\v N*^«» w\^vv?sp^^ 

272 AiiciiAOiiOOT or 

Op ie lae<1e er ! End doe hou aen de wal ! 

Kr happ' ene roaw el wel seer u 'es alle. 

U vijand melk, aen yl rijand flaawer ! 

End wie el haer er pat in, in half een oawe-heer. 

Bondsmen and boors (rastics) come quick to tbe 
tithe-audit and pay your serrile rates t It is thus the 
demon (the rector or clerical lord) domineers as of 
right orer his people f Do then lore yoar lord with 
the shared crown (thepriest)! Lore your larking 
assassin (the priest) ! Come on, and look as if your 
audit-dues were a pleasure to ^ou I Come as if yoi 
•trore for a prize I Come as still as whey parts mm 
the curd ! Come with all the humility of a destitvte 
slare I Come, shew that you are there with all your 
heart I Obey the summons to a tittle I Come apto 
the pay-table there! And do all homage to the 
voracious leviathan I Or else everyone of you will 
have to repent of it sorely. Give a good sop (brihe) 
to the fiend y and you will see him fawn and grow 
gentle. He that has a mortgage (a lawful claim) 
upon another's fortune, is half its proprietor already; 
(when you feel you are in another's power^dont 
set him at defiance, but coax him, for you can't 
help yourself.) 

Bereeht, orders about, norinds bright. PieS val u *i, dtify 
wbich IS pleassnt to joii, ftonnds playfelUnpi. Hvy itil ; (sNi 
article " oi clean at a whittle;" |>flge 48). Ouw€-h§tr,^fnh 
prietor, Iflndlord, sonnds hour. Dae hou aen, do htmtttgB i"*, 
soundfl daion, Er pvt in, has a finger in, a claim to sounds 

20,— Little Tommy Tucker 
Sing n for his supper: 
What song will he sing ? 

White bread and butter, 
Hmu will he cut it 

Without ee'r fi knxjfc'l 
ffcnt; will he be matTVcd 
Wifhoiit re'T ai^Vfc, 

liTtto \\v\ t* Oom jc ; t* Huyrk wr 

Sijjfli* in'n ; viiAr in op or. 
Wu HotN tintii^li, wol hioKijg^ti in, 

Wyt borpcd uru Uot rr ; 
Uiw wol tiij icuit.* H, 

Wijut liomlo liipr nrii Imif ; 
Hon wri hi) bij iniirro Vt. 

Wijdt lioiulo liior nrii wy-nlf. 

*() roiiftiti Cloddy hrll in n irouhlr. To tlio mnn 
tuMowl [tlip IVinrj it »crvr» tm n tiltre ; there's 
\i niid ilriiik in it (or him. Wlicrcvcr there is a 
v'iiiion diorr; in lie oomcR Mltrc in hnnd; and 
init to rrproiioh the ihdt of ti Cloddy with every 
1 of Min. Hut lot him chioHno it an well an he 
, hn rnn't krrp olrnr of brin^:in|( np something; 
vliirh the lawyer in, one time or other, an f(uilty 
Lhr (-loddy. \»vi liim mnke the best ntory he 
of it, it will, in unite of him, include here and 
IT, tlir rondurt ol the holy incubun as well as 
tof thedoddy. 

^tt^, nx M wHti un in IIip nt»MP of imp<»(timf>til, ob«tMl«, 
r^tlitn^; ill t)i0 wnv of. ihm, \n nH tli0 coMt*nitig titln wttlt 
•)i tlip linlv oitPH iinrit (o MilitrrM tlip ('l«Nl(llei, itiitl thtit 
in tokni dl tlitii rliiFm. //f«i/rfr, n rnwl, tttul (liUN tilt* Irfipn 
tlip Krinr. f^Ugh, n ntminpr, tlint bv which the |toml i« 
iipil fitV mill dtp tmnh Ii*t1 hphiiitl. /n, for, Ity WHy of| 
f{fBf*Pt* KtMindu nhifi. IWr, t'lW^r, ttfov«ttd<*r* ' UtingH, A 
p whprp flrnh iiiPMt wiif* rnrttiprly hmi|t to ilfy for wTnt*»t 
> , mill ftfh htmtih \n n lif*«h tiinftflMlti(>, orpiiWvp, InittcM't 
rtttit haufih, whprp iiipnt Ik hittiff, whom tlipff> in n (Iff IttK 
IP |n Innlprl I'nr ttiPNt ; hoiiiiiIn whnt it^na li^i* ^f***f 
\inn in onp dpniup \t\riti'ni»vnrHnriumt IhturnttvU h*h»m f*MMi 
f vavitiivitim - Up toniPil thp whotplitnlpri mpHt mut h11, tipHy 
n. \y\ittn, to rppiimrh, to thmtv ttt thn tPPthi /Inf, fh'n 
, <lii)ip, himo fiirtiflriM. Htiil thp MtiiP wnni with tho N|iHiii!«h 
n i*tii|Mil ilnlMtPHflpil fpllow. /t^rffr/#n, to itrpiinrii, put in 
•r, ni rnn|;p, tntnip up. //»(/*, thp roit, Attn no th« Inwri^r. 
fi(/', thp liolf innihiiM, 1. 1>. thp tprtnr or Ylmr. Thiilth« 
rp'uhpn n niptnhpr ol'thp rWtWiA <>\vW^i\vftv\\V.'*^>«^;^ 
hmiwUpn of hlN own \mit«i%Voi\« x«f^% ^ ^^w^^^!^0^^^'^ 
w/i tn pnimr Into th«i \iwki\ ot V\\* MV^^^'^^^^^l'^W 
trpntp,l nn (he tPtixnP ot IwyVf^^Y* W* "^^ T 

274 ARCI1£0L0GT OF 

witb oar elf^ a demon, a sprite, a hiry, an incobuSf has coo- 
sidorahle relation in point of sound to alve, surplice, and meta- 
pboricallj the priest; so that wye-alf (holy incabus) becomes 
a sort of quibble or pun upon alve hy this resemblance, and 
sounds wife. Aen-huif\ sounds a fcnf/s, for the k is notutteied 
by us in this word. 

27. — Ride a cock-horse to Banbury Cross f 
To see an old lady on a white horse, 
Rings on her fingers, hells an her toes. 
She will have music wherever she goes, 

Ilyd er Ghack-horse ! Toe ban by wre^ kruys f 
Toe sie een ouwel-led hij aen er wyt horse, 
Rings aen haer vingers, belds aen haer toys, 
Sie ! wie el have muise sich we^r ey vcr schie ga^'s. 

Ride your Cock-horse (your people, parishioners) ! 
Bestow upon them the curse of cruel vexation! 
Take care, liowever, they don't reproach the wafer- 
craft (priesthood, parsons) with the horses its 
members ride on, the fine rings they wear on their 
fingers, and the ricli dresses on the images of tlieir 
saints. See ; he who enriches himself out of other 
men's property must quickly submit to take public 
odium for his partner (must go shares with envy). 

Cthack'horse, now cock-horse, literally, fool -horse, in the 
Bonso of one who lets another ride him. 1 he cock-horse, among 
school -boys, is tlie one who is fool enough to carry another 
astride on his back. And the term was formerly used as the 
symbol of the populace, who are fools enough to suffer others 
more cunning than themselves to ride them ; to use them as 
slaves. Ouwel-led is here as tlie cliurchman ; literally , a mem- 
ber of the wafer-po()])lo'8 guild or society. Onwel is tlie holy 
wafer or host ; and led, lid, member. Weer eifver schie gae'i, 
is in return a partner with public hatred, sounds wherever she 
goes* Toys, jewels, finery, and the same word at bottom with 
our toys, Gae, gade, a partner, equal sharer. 

28. — There was an old woman, and what do yon 
think ? 
fShe lived upon nothxTig hut mcluals an\.i\^ravV. 
Victuals and drink locrc tlxc cUef oj W «x^v 
And yd this old luonuiu couU ue>.cT \.^ ^^^v 

Daar wo nai aen Ouwel-wyo-hummeDdi end wo 

uei tea dia liincka, 
Rij liiidt op U41II imttiiiy; Dot. Viad t'alii band- 

tariiiifli I 
Vidd t'dM liundtcriii^h t Wia liaar dia kyf af 

hiiur dia Imuya ht^ct ; 
MimI ja w(it diuN ()uwel-<wij(*.-hummand kaya 

huudt nijvar; liija (|uaa hitut. 

Wlientvi^r thara in provision in stora, thare vou 
ulwiiyN \\\n\ It hwmn^ c^hautry [a ahurch aitabliik- 
iiuMitj; wh(tr()V(ir iIhto ura victimln and drluk thii 
itlwitytt liinpN iiilcr ilu^n. Tim hurthmi of tba 
Cbuntry moii|j^ in how to iiiakti tha niOMt of tba Cbd- 
bohpcrii. ItMf^ll'ini tMu^my to all Imndicraft; aitan* 
tiully lioHtilii to \i\\ iiiduintry in otbarN. A» chlaf 
|iipp('.r liiiiid] it braxaiiii out tboia wbo call it 
i\^^^ tiliitrk of tba ooiiimuriity ; and you know tbaia 
bu/./iuK; JKxlit'n bold bont^iit diliu;(ium* to ba no 
b<*tt<*r tliuu iiuidnoM -[folly] ; iiud tbat tbay term tba 
boiK'Mt labouiiT, wbo workn for all — rubbijib [maau 

Ouw9i'w\j$, (ha wnrHr-Aoimactnitor \ f. «« tho lioMt-mftbtir or 
]iritiHt. Iluinmfin, to laumbla, Ui lUuUar in n ilniwUii|i; imliM- 
tiiict liimrittt (oiitt \ Hiid tliim tu itmka ih» kiud of nuivm ilia 
pridht (Uii wliittt rttli«mrHif)|{ or elmuntiiitf hU LAtin eburoh- 
i)f\\iiun ; mid ii whh tliin oaouliiir kind or buM or humming 
Hound that in hara nlludaa to, an one iiavar hatnl hut it r«» 
niiiulad tha haiirar ol'iha purpOMN for which it WM than u«ad ; 
riv. iiiipoMitioii mid nntortion, Tha UiiaM ftra ma^nt to imply 
thiit tha Mmua voicn whitdi aoiiJuraM tha hraml out of tho mottthi 
of tha iiiduHtrtouit, \n aquiUly auinloyad in mookinff thorn for 
th«ir folly mid for thalr |miiu« ninuiiarhgh, yooittion, buai- 
naNM, orofaMMion, hundiArtif^, trude, cmU, mid Nound* Mnd drink, 
hot, dolt, mid thuH tha (ilarionl tioKuonian for tlia iiOftMUit amt 
hilt cdttM. Wi0 hi0r, hn rular, whara he cmii loru it* VUd, 
(iumai tmiia, 7" «/i, it 0U, Ui wiotharN. Jhtr, hart Uomfft 
luinl, Mlmrk. JI§tUn, to umna, to anU ( nod onoo uiiad in tlio 
Httiua Heima with u«. Kuw*, foU^ |\u«m\VVn« WwAiwv^ >».V^«^ 
to datim. JV(/Mf , ftb«a, diUttftUtttt. \\Vi*,V<iO^^% Vi*.*^^' ^ 
^orkinK tluM uf tUtt Uity , qu«4| VmtOL*, V>ft^% tvvft«Nx^«^ 
ruMh, WJo muff, ^ 


29, — There wat an old woman lived under a hill, 
And if she it not gone the livet there ttill. 

Daer waste een ouwel-wije bummend luid aan der 

Heer hilde : 
llnd of sij is nauwt g;a6 aen, sij Uefs daer still. 

There you bear rise a lioly-wafer-bumming noiie 
in honour of the Lord Pantry, • And if it is not well 
paid for, the holy wafer-chaunters would rather be 
(|uiet (not ^ve themselves the trouble of mum' 
bling; over their church-ofiice for nothing). 

The point of thi§ diiticb •aems to b« to ropro«cb ti9« fHtn 
with their mHJM-c\Matiafi and oU)«r »oUmmti9it, m curried on 
for tba means of filling tbeir baUies ; and imulUa i( tiiey wcf* 
not well paid tbey would not be at tbo trouble of perfoniUDg 
merely fiom reIigiou)» or conscientious motives. Ouwti'wijt' 
hummtn, a mutterin^i; or mumbling noise made by tbe ws'tr* 
blesser ; q, e, tbe priest or miiss-man, and sounds oLd woman* 
[V{j 'brood, is consecrated wafer, Uesr hilds, Ixjrd Pantry, w 
as tbe means of supplying witb provisions, and sounds a hiU. 
S{j u wmwt gai aen, ir sbe is pincbed in regard to profit, aud 
sounds nil* u fiot goiie, Sij llef'i, sbe bad leaye, and souiidi 
«//« Hues, 

30. — Pat a cake, pat a calm, baker s man. 
So I do, Master, an fast as I can, 
Pat it and prick it, and mark it with T; 
Put it i?i the oven for Billy and me. 

Bat er ke(?k, bat er keck, Dekers-man, 
End 80 Hye t' u xnab. aes daer als vast als Hye kan, 
liat 'et end j)rij<;k het ond macck *et wie'u T; 
Put et ill de hoeveii voor biiiij^h end n\\^. 

Put a bold fa('e on it, be aHSiiniiujy in your claims, 

my man of the eup ; by so a<'tini( you will impose: 

upon tJie clod-boppers, aud make them more ready 

in bringini^ you tUew sVuy^*, mwCv. >\\*i.N >n^ Vww^ 

to you us ikiil att t\ie>f i viu. X^'^^ VxAii.viw.W vlw^nk^xv., 

comport yourhC>\f v/iWv yv^^^i^ vvxu\\uv.v.Vxxc^.\ ^Vvnhi^ 

NUUNt^liV ttllYMKN. 877 

down your ttim^tit benc^dictiont like Imil, mn|doy tba 
hoiiM*.MUmdi an if all tlio thii}g;ii in them were your 
rijj^ht and due« 

Jhktrt-ffmn ii m Uia niAM-mfin or priest { no dMi^ftUil 
from Mn ftuNumption of tita (Jfttholio prinnt, by which he (learn* 
the piirtiiklii^ of the riiii in the flereinony of the oommuiiion to 
he (tornpeietit to himaelf nlorm, to the exoluNion of the Uymmi 
to whom he dole* out the breitd or wnfer, without the wine, in 
yiririir the Htiertimeiit. //«i/, hy$, m the metephor for pefUMiit 
or iMTiourer, hM h«en exiilKtiied in No. ,1, pn^e f /If , mid 
eounde /. Mtt$ah '»t li^io'i /', ii to muke the form of the T 
with the An^er, find thue to eroeN or Ideen in theCfttbolio fomit 
Muiwk, miike, fimhion, NoundM mark, 

31.' — JAtile hoy hluHf come blow your horn. 

The theej/t in the meadow^ the cow*$ in the 

What f thin it the way you mind your iheep I 
Under the haycock font atleep, 

I jj t VI hoeye ! Bije-luy ! kom Olo6 uwer boy 

er *uii I 
Do Huij|i'ii in de med-boeve. De u^auw's in te 

Witt I dii)M in de wee u meyndt uwer suijpe ? 
Aiider de Hey-Oback va»t er tluijpe. 

You eume to other men'i storehouie I You drone t 
(!()iiie, you slv-one. Get your bay in there. Tba 
hoI'm in the aie-houMe. The ily dog; in only gone in 
there juAt ibr a taate. What I \% tbii all the reproof 
you liave in utore for a drunkard of your own 
order ? The poor bard-workinjr layman come* off 
in a cane like this in a very dinerent manner with 
you ; (if it was one of ua, you would treat him very 

A countrrmnn tpoetrophiiiei lome Uir firlAr who hftd the 

ohnrKe of the Airm l«ndi beloAfiivi; Ut VVx^ TMmMl^Mr)% NSc^ 

0nlh upon him to eome out «!a^ %Umv^ Nfik V\% Vw^J*!^'*^*^, 

A hrotltar of tim eania ord»T i»Miwm\ovV% w2^^^»^^»g^;^ 

Mot'M ui ihm mMMl'bouM (i\\« «U Vvo^xi» ^^ ^* ^ . ^iZ\% ^ 

/'• iMonly gone in juii Cot %t>\v tV^ ttt^^^'^^^'^ 

t7l Amcnmouoar or 

mm «rihMi tlMt M MflMU>4bfovMfc to jilJffMfc 

Mmi inr tMr iMrtWtj to iltoir mtb onl«r te MNlug 
with wtUk tkij ftjuiiii tlM Mlisp of db« taMoJkl 

^^HWT^ WW^ w» ^r^MNPV WMrW W^^^W ^»»PW JpVl^v HP PW^H^^ff^W^ 

jdhidki MmwIm fool, tU Mt'f'PMr flf &M S4U Mm. A 
ttt Moliipbir OT IfltoMMr, bM MM •spliiMd. 

Fmit oiuI iw$nty llacUirds 

Baktd in a pU, 
When ike pie was opened 

The birds began to sintj ; 
And was'ni this a dainty dish 

To set b^ore a king f 
The king was in the parlour 

Counting out his numey / 
The queen was in the kitchen 

Eating bread and honey » 
The maid was in the garden 

Hanging out the clothes $ 
There came a little blackbird 

And snap'd off her nose. 

Hiugl i*.r •flti'g inn I hof f Herb««|>«nMe ! 

Er fOi\i 'tt vuiji nt ryt ! 
Voor-lmnd tweyn dij pliidc-lioerU I 

Keck 'et in er Fy«: ! 
Wlutn da Vya wiu op in *et, 

IKtt hwtru be^iu; nttu tutt ukiufi;, 
AenwiMend Au&», &v d!i^'\\v\fc ^mmU 

Die doe warn Vn Aii \i^t \e»x 
Kmo dine WiuAv • I* TOxu.. 

Ki |ia|.U% nil t XII 1 '•* 1*1 

llic Cjiiriir \%ix9 lull |p kllbrli 

ttii-lliii: lilt I'll nr-lt liiililir |r 
tlici iiiPilr Htiaar tit Ir I iutillrtPlI 

ttrii uliiu liiiiiilc- ilr WlttVa*''- 
It ttrn iiri- 'riii i-i In 111 tirt jitiii ||-linr|l 

I .till Diiii|il III liiti lic'i itiiiiar. 

( .iiiil -.iM :t\ , (lirii- ! tliii(-it.iiit lliritt mttt ymti 

BlMiiia ' ( Iti I 1 ttt«uy^ \iiil fruiil littiiig liiily iiltr f 
lli'lil litillt III yi*i*i alirtitt III iiluilittV* Krrjt 
R|iiiiiiiiiu mil \iiiii ii-uily- iititili- iiitil biiitilly jiiWci t 
'ii--.iaiiit ftifiti ««i-ll liii \iiiit iitiiiiitiity . ttty Malt til 
lltr I 'lilt I (lii:ii) ! Ami i«lirti lliia Mail iil llin ( 'iiwl 
t« bia mil I- ii|i III Ilia iii.iik^ lir Wi'|il lUi tiiitil iitin jiilir 
III Liiiiillii I lill iliiylt^lil. Al lual rtll III lulilr lit-|:ttti 
III III mill fill liy lltib r%(%tii|i|r, uiiil llir Birtto lies 
I :iiiii- iilli'iiaiir III nil iiiilri. I'liiitt lidil In Mriitaci 
llii ^ lir^iiii III lull Inlil 111 llio I'litlti li iliii'llilira 
(tii-utiii III l-.ilW m1ii-i-| ilriaili); atlil liintiy itf lliritl 
Inntii lic-il Biiiiici itiRi liiylil ii|ittiitiltB. Aa liii llic Atilll 
ill llii- l''liii W (llic- liiat)^ tin tiuil liri niiir tiruily 
ili-'.ii| aiik^ (iliil Wr|i| nil iimilit^S iitti llllliriiiiualy fiit' 
itir ti-al III alli'itil III ttllli ttliit till iitt lin tml lltrllt (In 
liiliatr tltriiiai l\rd |iiii|trtly). AH itlta, aa itir lt|t- 
Imii lii-i rtiiin liittilri, itl laal irurliril tiiiiit lltn llTiat d 
I i-ll III llin rata nl lltr- (riialitiatl nl llio i ultVPttl. 
riiia (:rttllrttiaii i aliic Iti aitil I'lrti kk'tl antiio |iia4lli'lli 
|iikra ii|iiiti lliP Imi k nl llio Jnlly talllPl| attil pill tl 
dIii|i III all llin ilialiiilmiirp al iilii.'P. 

Ai.'it ffiitr*. leaal giil , a« llio Kiiliiiijuvl liy tft-tiii-tt ifei* |Hli ■ 

li- i a fiiai wua hiitmii. i'/.n L-fi.«f 4a, aniullt Jukaa, aumiJ* 

i-l.t.h I'^ ilio /■ ••111 |t ItDliig iiinfrollilila MiMlitlai Mtiil Mt*f !■ 

|tt.iiiMt ud fiiii.l 111 u» J f •ml •! iiilpii-laMigPi l'v*i M l*MMik'# 

t ••?« I. •ml tiioio|iIiiiiii.ail|- ilio TlUl liilii«a)l, ilrttfi « lt«luflll« 
■lukoil, iiiikiipliialii uiptl, Imp, iliN.itliia, lauMl, |if«M-»li|| I^w«m«, 
liiii L, itir. Iiiui • Itiii k . Ilia •■•itttNlillt t iDlll'li llllfllMi liif !•■ i|l*ll 
lliti alalo til iiitiitklMHtil iif Imlf iiftlaia !■ fMl<f»l U f»tH- i Mlitl 

V ' *■ lioio aa MtKtiL 111 fiUii. liuin A*«i>»<» V^'» XV^io V»!A >^** 

ouj.fti,., „l «„. U • ..ii«oi%U «M \«aW«b««\ \%*\V^ %»*»?A\vW^V **^JJ^!^ 

•""•••'• "M ^oti |.«|^e %.•%%. Mil »*k^ Mkik^^* ^*^^ txt\^'^*'^*' 

rfi.ifl«-r, lo \iMtittiit (tfinunift^ 111 lli« |»tifli#.i|»lA |.rn««Til »fiinj(, 
himI Qf III lid • <f /•(/;//, 'I lift (i|»<firM anciii* I'l |f«r ii liirii|i'#'ni ii;'''-* 
f hn ( 'iriifiiiifiilyr 'if IfiirMiiiiifr (rjuia, |iiir«'>iiifif'«l TfV Oti* )''■/ 
hriii\ifr, \f^tf «i^rifili/c'i n« iIm^ i i,ut:if* ir.t '<f vrii'iffy «f/jr<«-«. M.r 

Ifrrrlti lifr of |ili;l»rin lf|iMl}f|fi«, Mlifl lilihltijill ilriiiikfer/l, /:«'r 
/fff , niifiirttl rtili^rifiii, tia ff|i|f<i«'-<l fo x-vi-.iIr'I tr.\t^n,u, ]ii.'> •« 
licrM )iit<'rifl<^fl I'ff Hh udditiiir nl alitirriiw fif tl.n N.'itfir*. vi.'i 
iift<*r mukifi^r Mi«i t'.UttAUtm f|/f/ f rii>ft idn iiii nh« of il,fir liv4 i 
IiIi'hI «ilfrnr<'<l If l/# If'- |>ro(uiii-'l m lli*-ir ^.f^ttn n f»t f |.ri/ </#' 14! 
*ttyiif^ , If a'liifKla, liy >li<: i.iti r'.li<«i»(/iiit; // ■•iwl ji, pntlour. 'I -fin, 
flt*i ifii|i<Triitiir<i of lurifntn, lo Ir/ifel f/fSr<:l|iftr, >•« 14 'I/ift'^ irt.<-ft 
tlid f|ir<'fi'l ia t\tiiwtt out Ui c|>irfifii<(r , t.tnttl%ttntt turfn /I*), *\.ti» 
tliod, Uinkn lliou rftn\Y liflfiii-liiio'l. Vimh \tu% f|«« tu»-%t.if.% 
)«/»l|i of afiHil or aiNifi, ao'l nja/i of fffilH or Kt|# fc »ic«t#l 1*^ tk« 
M lirf«flifiti«l<-r f/f piioi^li lfit^ 9' liolfii , Mfifl in *!•« i.M.iilfmifei* 
lirift, fihttt' tMtftl i« si« a }ok<'- loMfUi l«7 foctniia «rf fhi« «fi/k, kuI 
lima a |if a/.ti/.al |ob<(. (if^ em, tra'^ft Inffi, a^mrwla mm^. 'irttt*^. 
tttit-thy^ Utnti, I. 0. ilaylifrlif., rhc oUI )«af tif.i|»la |ir«aAf*f '«f <•«*, 
ari«] a^iuiifU <of^, 

.'J.'J. y///* ////, hnd a hnlf^ 

lit- did' It f lint nil v-lu-rf . 
///• intth'-d. in hi 9 I nil 
And lit found if um^ llnii' 

\U' V//I' k% h;ili- <r lioll'-, 
ffij 'Iij'l in l<: no'i- •//*■«' f , 
IfijI. Ill' III. in liy% %ly 1 
l,n/l liij yon'I '< I. y/Ji** f/«f. 

'fill: J#ul*ll'. WJi* Mjii'I'l<n<-'l li-/ iJi*: fcfiif/- /J jf? 
iiffjiif!-. ;»n'l j>«if. '//I ;i %l/#rrn7Ji«j*<' I ll i*f/<-'l iri»//i/.*- 
^\:.\\i: t,\ fin-. y//V<-rrirri('ril. :>!•'] f'#uri'| it. h;s/l L'tu'luyiu i 
t//ti i/ily* III*-. Ij:>ri/J% *ii "/f f 'ij/lion. 

'IK'-, ooly Mm. ;*''*. 'f',r» *,: »!..« tA>urt: \ Kst* 7*^ i.* .;•.*• 
•/t\.if I. l«-i»T'-< ♦?.»■. \..rijii \t.t\ j.f»«-s» ', *» of *i.« ',■.»!«* lOr. ^' 
««■«■».« 'o l.av*- K«'«'f. •,t',''.-.* f**. *,u *).'•■ o'.' *<iOo '.f Vitt.f. ;-*,-, . *-• 
'I <««'-■/. 41 '/O Wjf|. •li't lltiihd/ft* 'A ';.«■ tt,t.t*Tt.Z of *»./■. ' fjtt.t:,;-. 
•w«-a »?. ^ ♦.y T'f.oro »i.«i j,«''/J.l/- hftjrso »/• f*/#/ 7 • 7 t. i/J •,*:?'-. 

!'A . ^'*l'l^ , hiillt-t ^1. fi.M- tr , /if i-o// ^ 

.V///.A /mW 'iji. 't*'*!' iMin. .l/ru.n. 


Htirk' Mtork'n, tim un <lHml, 

HI irk Itt^iii ho\m, ikUvk limu tuti liuii, 

Hii(*k \wu\ ill tit* utiwtil-itmii'tt kruuwdii, 

Tlitt utiirrr of till iniMrliit^f U tliti Hy|Mi(Tita [tlie 
i*oii(t<iior]; lit) in tlm out) who (|uirklY it|ii't)ttUii ttsrror 
ill t)vt«ry (lirtittioii liti tt|)|irurN in; fit) in the chuiiOi 
lit) in tilt' antMttir ol'ttll loul pluy, Htiflt) liiiii in U10 
cmillt) oC lii» liti|iti; ntilio liiin iiriiiit own (lent itifle 
him In tlit) t^ntvinu: niitl t^xttirtiny; uf tlm roclor 
[rliuii'li limn]. TImt in, nturft) him, Kvidmitly 
tlitt »|}ONtro|)ht3 of «oin0 nnfl't^rtir IVom timt muAt 
tlttny^tirtiutt pt^itt it) tltiintiniit! Imppintitm, tht) cuii- 
M;itinrtilnti Hiitl intrl){uin|c confenior; In ram^nrcl to 
whom ht) proiioiitiM to itiko tlit) bull bv tht) horns, 
uikI t))ktin|iuiitn tht) wholt) kit, root nntl bronchi by 
htit imyin^ tho clt^rit^ul Unt)ii, ttml «o ntnrvinif tbo 
r»(d out, tir Ninotht)riny[ it in the wt)t blunkat of nu 
unti'titht) rt}»iiititnot>« 

Ki}^«, burrow, lamef up. eveliMP, 3<i(i#r, hvpoerit*, ftral 
iilttyor, iSiirfc, «ImM, «•«!««• 9Wi^. •tlriMstum. melioii. 
Vs. <•. U. 7W. lu, UiM^, niiUtfflttd, iudtifliiitit itdlng cif 
iiiiai hiof. »Sii(>UH, Id ntiMtf, to iiuoihur* to nitffluoiite. 
i/iv»#, M wiilt u4« !/#«», kirn. Tm kun^ «t M« koiue pkm M 
MouiiUa ilowit, Um«i>#Ii wni^r, kum, 0titiM>enitMl w«(tif« W^|$r9r 
^tMi oiii^n tk(» ttfrm for r Uktir. (iil#« Ki«« i*ifr^ 1*mimii«J 
Ouw^lmtiHt Hlwiiyii iniviMiti«}4 lu lkti«o liMti|*«oi4« by <iM-iMii, 
HtfUHitf tu imvo liDuft tho tkoA wull kuowu nlt^k-uMH^ tw Ui« 
]iri<i»l, 101 tlitf oi«» by wbont tbci iKOAO|*oly of bo«l^lDiikiji| 
HtiM bulil. AVmww>#h, %rHuw0H, to oUw toK»ibor urtieilUy, iwa 
btir« UAtfU «« » nuUnlHiitiviti 

35.--<rA^r^ u>it» n man in Tkifimlff^ 

And h0 wa$ wondr^HM wiMtf^ 
Hffjumpi into n qui0k90t h^dyt 

And iCfuUKd out both hU Pjf0$i 
And whuH k$ $aw ki$ #y«« %u«t« <3M.1 

Af^d fc0 1AHMI \m gt«tii v«V»^ 
ilt jumfi into tt KoW^' w*V 

And «€rttt«K*A*em\^ ivMu\%» 


T Heor was er man in tciictr all htj, 

Knd hij was w' hun droci wo cy». 
Hi) i* hiimmt hin t'u; Er ouick f Hot hv.[f[^\u: ! 

Knd mthrcsyt ; Houd l)oa 'en oyii f 
Ktid wen hij nacf^h 'cft cy» wcArhoud, 

Avu hij wuNMi* in f^royt-pcnc, 
Hij j' hummt hin t'u; Er Olio ! Doom ! 

End fchreyt om in er^; ; Inn f 

The rector of the |mriih wan a man whono wliob 
noul wufi in hin breeches pocket ; and he wan a jicr- 
fect bufi^lxmr to the pariMiiionem when the titlie wm 
to be net out. He waM alwayn buzzinff in your ear; 
there now, be quick t ict out the titlie (nut the 
bramble [iitickl in my tithe heapii). And he 
•creamn out; Keep at least that law of God which 
onlfrrn you to pay me titlie! And when he ban 
ulmtairKul a little from the Haws about hin titlic- 
ri^htM, and the pandit of avarice come on afrcNli, he 
Un/.'/.v.n out in your car for ev(!r : There! lN?liold tin: 
holy chrifim itnelf, you wicked man ! and ihvAi 
Mcreamii out more spitefully than before : In witii 
my tithe I 

Jfe^ In iui Vavhtier, tfio rnctor rtf tlio fmriMh. Tatichi, tnurht, 
pMrntt,\u)(ikoU />r»M, d<«vll,f(lftiii, lnifiginitr/tfKiniit«r. Whun, 
wU hun, tm ilifiir, for tlidir, ttnd MoundN vmn, mi W0 pronouncn 
v?tm in wotulroui. Wo «\ft, w* ttft, wliori Oio ^oitlu^ of hfn dao 
In It iuwniUm, nouikIm wIm, Etjt, M (iDiimml, oUiiroi r«()uijiltion, 
witN ronrtfirl^ in um« with un in ttio iiam« nnniui, 

** Antl ri(()it h<iiiwoon«td 
Till ViKilinto, tlxi Vfiiln*. fot wnti^r nt hin kym 
And flttpt in iiiM Ihon."— F^ii. Pi$r, PUfwm, 

liffftltf, bufih, in \wxi% iM tlii« bmnoh NUiok in tho titlin )i(*ti|>, 

ntid IN tho word whtmx* our hml^B, llummnn, to liuxx, to hum. 

Oliii in httfd thit holy oil unimI in oxlnuno unction mi thociithollfl 

tit'khi (or hnMVAn, itnd t\\uA n 1^uVy^^^.uK w»i«» tawV T«iv«irnnc« 

to ihoutt of tlutt )>ttrMiuuiUm, tnii i\\* ^W\<8^ v^^V^'^^'^^^^^'^'^^'^^ 

yUMfcHV MtlYMM. SI93 

llttm W1M. It mtmn^ Uptp u««^I ftl lH« HtH0m ruiy ^f ilt# fiHMl 
with hU |Mirl<iHkm4*n» when thy with (heir UIImw. MMfh^t 
10 nrrewii out. iUi^rtil •ouiul* »^r«frA'<^4 

nr>. -r^ijfy nvM A ffr/cAmrtn, T/^y w^«ir a Mil/; 
r<i/^iy tamir /o my A<»Nii|r, iiniif $ioh a tfff i{f 

I wrni iif Tafft/$ ho»90, Titffy wu» noi nl 
7Vi/^y vmn^ U» wy hou$v^ and $ioh u mftmm^' 

Tuyf ir wan rr wro lirliH:lt m' ttrii, Tiiyf j<i wti» i«r 

Tuyf io tcr^ 4*111 (' Ooin Ityr liiiyn; ncn tttorl er Iceck 

llyr wriiiil Uk» Tuyf liyi* liuyji; Twyf jo wag titio't 

uct Itou Vm ; 
Tiiylji* ifcf Vm t* Oom liyo huy*; im^ii ilool rr 

miif^r rouw lioO Itun. 

r«iy/( the prir«t^, by his cnllinic, hiui oror proved 
n li(*l^c(intrivtM| icnoir»m*e t4> u» nil. 7*iik/ hM ever 
Ihtii II (liinininltrr of our |iro|irrty. Tmyf will 
Imnlly ever It^t my couiin Pnrmer Icnvo liw hou«o, 
while uii ill the pulpit lie •huihlrni nt the very 
nmiie oi the profkne bymnti. Tito fnrmer oIikhmi 
hi<i hounr ttttd itn (uititentii nt the <li4i|>otMil of f«y/» 
tiMil T^My/, for the mke of what he ctin t4ike out of 
it, in very coiKlriHTmliitK timl offieiou«i to the miuiter 
of it. 'My/ will httnlly ever let mv eousin Fnrmer 
Irnvr hin houiie, while up in hiN pulpit he turnn tbo 
Aiintvrr uiul uiinymimthuiiug <leuoum*er of nftlictioit 
u|Miti the whole rliiM, 

7'h^/ wMi iIm* tvrm Ut il»« hlyh ryllmlrM rlnlMM bkck 
pior«Mi<iiuMit i>ii|i w«itii by Ihd ptimi In lUI 0ttt«d<Mf (SmaMiiM^ 

MM« r««louriit lh# tev i • v*«^ ^1 V\» ^wm 'Um^jj^ wg 
4m0 who htm ftmnefly (hnuMmUi^ t%^3h«XV& •---^•^^Aiii^ 
fh0 KffMrli mil It fUmn9% «• VtI«v«. *\\»» 

284 ABCHJMLoor or VVEaUlT euymis. 

pkor Ibff tb« wwffir; i.§^ih§ pritiC. Hjf§, %, hM 
explained, md i ^ fc nyi, i» t tht fcrawt^tlioiit. Otm, 
ft term of ftfleetioiMte intiBM/ need bj die piieet wImb fce 
wftnted to eoftx the boor oat of Us pnipertr. Sfeml, polpit. 
Boit Mi, batter of ioteUigeiiee ^ orftagom. 4f mwum, 
■UTer ftt; Uk tfhitf, I bftre ft hmrmr of. Oel «w, gnt Aiw, 
r, and foauds esiM. jrem,flilf em,flMrfteM, 

betook biinaelf, 

alone with ereiy tfaincf elae. AH,jurowmdtBt^ Wm htltA, a 
heUfih nniaanee, aoonda WMi* ^W >* •ooidn Tt^. J*, 
eontinnallf* Haw, to them; M hmm, aoonda kna* Emm, 
aaataro, rong h. 



Nil II H rCHY nil Y M RK. 

Th0 Fi^urn eorr$»iHmtl with ihtua pn^snd In lh$ ifpt^rnU 2i/l.vm#f* 

X-"hlmi$n, id nijiliiln, to nxiiniiM, (n mitldt it undtfrNtnodi 
(iuit, villntii, vnKADfittil, «nil U uNUNUy trnrMtl<»(l hy mU 
Vhil, vtdi, i)M(«, Nfi(ir«t dtinilty, («ti*rniil iiuiiiiino<i. ti00v$, Airtn 
Intid, nfitnUi. Kir$nt to ptnut(h | urnr$* MiHi}tiin, m(i$d«H, t» 
work liHr(l,/(i<i|{fior. H), n\\((ntU\^, Mnitpnn/ 7" W, (« W, to 

thunhfti, to hn worth, to h% of tliM vnhtu or, Ntut )ii«r0 tiMttd In 
n Mulmtnittivfi umiKi*, hh viitui*, worth, vlrtuti. iMffimt to (^liHttcir 
oil. S{l, Khd, In uii0(I In thu fumlninn ^^ndtr In rttfurnnoci to 
llpth wlilrli In fffmlnlna. Su», liiiHh, n ItlcldloK to hold tho 
loll^u0. SfMr$n^ i/)«iufir», tf» And out, to \rwt» out* //aHi 
Hiilui0, Khout. n, (itiiflk, InNtHntly. 7'* </1m, to thli. //om 
yi, KouiidN Wil/#. //((/>iir», A^]|«in, to tnktt up, tukit hold of. 
SfHi^, N)i»idu, Nhovfil, >4«n. on. upon, ii hum uimd un niplotivo 
)HirilrlM,nii0/' U in takt ftoUl iff, 

4. A^ffurt, kphn^ chiiin, tlA. 7)«vr<'i f/^'f*. itdury, hurt. 
Ih«lpn, to nitmtt. N0H$r, Um, dKiir0iiiiMfl. Vimr, IvM^ niipri*- 
h««iiNion. N$r$. food, nourUhmnnt. W{l0, holy. (iuMfn, 
(i|0vtir, iihitrpwlttfid. 7W f(f4ri, nt houii*. /^liiui, rouith, 
roughly. lltHiiisn, honin, to t^huw», to vlUify ( nod rouwhtmfn 
in to UMM diNt^nioiifiilly, brutnUv. Uouwhond HoundN round, 
M(/, to Midi thn dniivo emiM ofift^. iVm«, huMh. Dl^i, thU. 
Nii(/^r, low, di*itr(ifiiif«d, nnd th(»Niim<i wotd with n0lh$r, Na^r, 
Nfinr. A/Mrr#, rood, NUNtttnitnrei i/tNt/mrt, to Ncoumulittfi, Htortt 
op, mid hi»ri» unml in th»» iiuhluuoUv« mw^^vV* tvi* V>>?n> vv. 
hnnw, rh0» hi, in fUtM itm. ftucU, i\xW\ w v'«^%k^'*hx>.\ -^v^- 
viMloii, hnvon, drim\ »Mmf, Ho. Wu^td, '^^V^^^^'^^'^'J ^ ^h 
Pfmf0r, Mdpf, prov0nd«r. H\\ u h\fi . xXvx^ V'^^'W^^'^'^'S '^^'^^^ ^ 

380 OUMMUftY* 

CIm faUMMllff MllaflMiomdflBMnJ^ ft fllltfldirlMllBKlMf« JifliA 

««4 JMifft rii» ■t top fcur far tlwMmwii or pt i getfcioJ^ to ttg«y 
we Mf iftf «M In Um mmi mom* Jmn^ kak^ mA Imw 4^ 

ll_ ■■ If liiniiMi, flUilniiif. ^fltivi^ JUm. Imw* Am. tfiMi 

Iff* ff^(/l» fCNtfl4« II'M* 

T«— 41m, 10 ftMii* AMy4, (ImI4i firvd* MMr, iMr« tat 

nmtmfmt W pffV^ww* ilMPP# ■VU^ INN* J^MPI, IVMMm ImWtHm* 
%0 OlfVvM Mmtff§§ fOMlfi praS|W0S« ■OfWtf 4nilNvf ■MMl, nMVB 

ti4wt fKniffii, iowMflotaMNMf ^ <M<^ iiai Mif ttUiwm k 
prttfUAon, trnd found* m4» Yfum b In tli« ttitjii— tiff «mI 
imd i« M, fboiild Innmmm* Mikft Mitliwtr^ Xli«r« iwrfi> 

iw tli« polMrUil y r ii tn t c^ k pt fm ^ io Ihmmmw db« MMNMt 
Hait%h mmnAn unm, uml mi|(ht bttre liMPfi wiif t#0, MMrdbf to 
iluA ttt^brtf kiioji, #«/« M U Ui in liiet prwiMiaeMl* 

H,^n§ar$n, Ut tm11r« to (yninnliie or«f« fr#/inM, to ««•»• 

torn to, to niM to. JUtenn^ to rnir, to ouiIm* « hidncitM «rii*«. 
ffuhUiif. $i furaelUf eUimun m4tr§ urntrum* P§U0, • iwll^ m4 
li<*r« M tli« Imrkd-iliMr pdj to tli# itriiMi. B^rwidm, to |frtf|Mif 

Io ({all, to d«0iKfiii(«i« /VaiMir, Ntrifit^ «11 tfiiit eiin }m %vi \ty Urn. 

thilMtffi, to irtmi m htAy, Ui wmnh\p, Tim wurd kltpn wm 
N|if*lt rl^fia, nut] If mwy Unf«* hMtn ihin furm ttt th« wwd thftl 
utigK^ffU^i i}(« irnft*niy of Wim/i« 

" 5f«/i linl inl rntfmnrh/i rihs fjon* 

!)l0» i^hflihi dim if«/i«/i/'^M. Mtoir, It« 1« ir« MMI. 

.//fr/'^, %%mAif.n, VruMi, JMW, icubbln, lifiKO. (Imdt •trictly. 
pro|>«<r# lllrtgnf to kaH, f'l nnfiiM. A^mmh" ftff « ii i'if0H $iiwtp\n%, 
tUt* utnutni lUni cntt )m$ hn\t\ niu\ kf\tU h$iwhUn^ to b«iwfii*« 
to f tirii «lM>ut minI mImmU. /f/wi, tmmumnAttwnU \trm:4if^, Samw 
Utttf % \tmn, moiJ« of g<io<l or exMi MwurHy, w«ll U«d up Irr 

1 1 . liif fl Irrtl, hy Uhhihtf'n iitim'Uuwu, mi^ im/iiimU im //' Btl 
fill, nikI im/ Imllif ni, lllftiitt, Uralim, Ut «lHMr, in I'OlitUHUHiUit 

liMi ttrii, ifti 1h,Uitttf VuPif uttttrt t Un\i\ttt § firhuffMf yjuUHty ^ 
in l\,H U¥i4 Ut \Ut I'lKlibn tiUtltti tlUiftfHf gl0f0H, til llMf^ 

Miiuiitnniy tuf, hinftflffi, Ut i^Hm u^t, of ttitt muitm ttUmh luntttr 

tin file, ^Ifffitu, tli'ii, ^Irffff ^luft, Hliii tUm tfttlitU ^iHfi, A/f, AtH' 
I lit leu, to ihriiuithittii, to IfiiNif I'l til^tfnu'H hy Hiu'mmtimii ht 
titr, III fult ttiinti, lu H|i|ii'i«l fo. Affitn0l, tUm iuiiHtruUvit, 

ft</i|«*<i« II mi nil, 

BiiMii'U frmuli'i. iVueiirH, iif iiitiii'lVM \iy \\ih m\ut\» hiu^fr, 
ifilfiilH, Aniiliitn, Uim\t\, to jHfl ou. Mtf lifil h, nyiiiimlUy Im, 

thttU'in Mif hlilif't. hihsin ( nlillH i IhI0I , h Uuitt UU\lH%tHUVH. 
'I inl'i-ii, t'l tut III, ¥rU* iiHI til hill*, lilf ilf hj hrfl UmiU, f'l'/KH 
fli'. liiv»iiM/« ¥tUo t;ftMf« h\{ iUh \m\u, tHiUU*\n lnj IUm iaiji /«/{. 
'I inimriif lii il/|«fti|« hi, 

II. IhlUlrrt, Ui fimliM fi# N|«|McNI. hfiiii. U¥ffUi ht lliH UtUfi , 
VfUtH'*: iliM I'liffiftf Btlfi , Uiui UOUhAu thiif. Vtnl I *l Uu0 tittttit 

t /|JhJfii'<f ill So. .1. ^lul', ^luiU, H [ilMiti ot Uumlttimn, uu uil, 
M'f /, II liiw. 'I III u, III yuit, •'fiifnU In *iii, 

M. i.ii*lf lilfl, ^,\MtHHth, htiiffil!, tn/m, ti9}uUiupr, M 'Iflff't, 
w|ii;/i/«i iiu§ fiiii H/<<l uifif Uh4 m*itihitm thrffi. Nnm 'l ( mim lifl f III, 
H(«ii»«lifi(/ Iff llifi SiHHtitHt \in U Ml, Viiiule, t.uiul, l||<( [mflU \ii\t% 
\i9i ••-III of iiltlilfM, III Vl«)f, liH'J i» MM I lift liihlttU llult III l-UinflHft 
ii.:i*\ miiimttiitti^iflY, "I' litrl, IibI hrflf llm ¥>liii\t,, im/1|I<«1» lh0^'H, 
III"' 'ini, Iniu lietn, « liA'-f UiUi, •'/iiii«)« liiimr. heilngli»n, lit 
i-iinOHIiA. 'itri, lliii I »|(M||»li«, lHi;M|ia i|f llVii.K, Tt rh, flllUl 
lifiHii , monhiiit halt, tirluimtm, Ui \uy UuSA lit HtUh\\\y, 

1.') ')///, hill, hluiU.i\. hiitt, hrui, f»|Ji«iii«<1 Ml \ittut$'f/. 
Ifiiif'tii. Ill f;i«i(/Hlh tnt, i/ij ilfili, m'ltiitiin niliii//. litft \iy l\ti\ 
iiifi n tiufi{/)l»|/ 0iiUlit\m ht fi Ultti li, H*,Ulif\n fnfi', hiuiftt*, «'lil«lf. 
Ihiiii'r, fU'iylhiUil , 'lo'ilfi. I*iiljlni, III im^ill O'li, t'liiiHfif 
|#l(ifi»|«, iinniuiy, hfiirifgiif Ui liiuvr, llmWi iuu\i4/.tuu, m*initi\n 


Ui hnil-rU tUnfhiu. I itiim. *:/ir «• ittt,uiti9 Uuh t uhuyU 
'il Iflr, IimkIi., Illf, Jillf, Mii'l )iilt(iii un Ihi-- * iihU-u ll'ili ul 
ilillr, lidjfljr. StiiKir, fMlilft . innrii- iin-lf , ««i<ii»<U wnmf nif, 
I'liirltii, In \itHlii, 't.tnil iifii itri,\uym \iii\*\ nl M liiinly, 
'iu\,iiiiittn'.iy. i'rri , met, innihpli, nim IUh «iiiiim ^u^A. /j<«u«> , 
*i\y\Y Inihni urn 1 «« lnUI i *l h\ti i V »t \ It . U tV , vV •*'^* ^^'^ » N^W^V^ . 
// Htri, Ifh I Hill fliM H« H yVitlH f^nl*v\*XVi\x N^*^**'^^^^^^; 

f./fioi,ilii,Mf Uy llm llihiCitl, M..H . .m«r«^»» . \%*»»>\**^* »^**' 

////// / , /Vi hflfiii , I f, I « iitl , 

288 <JI.0WARY. 

17. — nanrkti, fraud, tnd here u the metajihor for th« 
wheedling frinr. Unaretit to listen. Sf^ter, cautiousljr, in 
modf^ration. Dam, dolt, Bede, tnit, petition, begging. 

iH» — Winnent to get profit from. Op d§ hells, upon hell. 
Hounds up the hill, fel, ferocionslj* Broken, breuchen, 
hruyrken, to iimke use of. Grotnr, terror. GeS 'em (geve hem) 
CKn giTe liim, soanrls eume* Te heumelen, to hide away, to 
serure. AVif , landed pro}>ertj, souuda airuv* Innen, to take 
to fme's own account. 

1 9. — Bdnnen, toannthematiie, to proclaim, llus, hupi. family. 
Bigg, see No 11. VuHen, io extract. Bidt hem d* rom, let 
him beg about. Bnogen, to brngg, to oxaggerate. ToewM*p 
( toe ivy np) M sn ei rntn, Licht hel, erident, as clear as day- 
light. Nonte, annoynnce. T(te'tei,Ba the egg, sounds to tie. 
tiofe, strong-box, theca coriacea, and also breechee, 

^O. — llnere, land, farm. Heer, master. Waerder, one that 
lookfl after, a keeper Lore, potential mood of loi^n, to praise. 
Ihel, *»ntin'ly. Baer, as huer-geld, argent romptant, ready 
iiioripy- />(/. th«e. A'mj(/, Hwnre of, nrqiiHinted with. Wijen, 
vijhen, to conrtecmto, t(» ordain, to sanctify, 

21. — Diiig, rnpifnl, Ronrrp of iiiconip. Kaptsrn, to hunt up. 
IVphI, wf'iillli. Ihni, Anglo-Snxon form of vho, Nnuwfn, to 
U'h\ wji'it of. U'tpi, fi'ttfT, jilaro of rorifiriPinpiit. Il'o, whprp. 
Am, cjiniMii. Te tirmi, at oiicp. Iloiien, hooiien, expose to 
plmmn. DiJ lien, t«» nuccefd. Anne, poor. Ihit, pn>fit. 
(ihiliien, fifhlen, to jiold. Kys, usp, l«'rror. Vnder, fatliMf, 

'2'2. — Slufipighipd, fitinnttithe, iinlolenco. Ttte harpje, to In r 
nUvnys, nouiulfl lurni- '' .'//, hurry you, rounds while, I.oiiw, 
bnv. Dp hot, th(> dolt, nnd ro thn iiiH(H]dior for subordinate 
P«'(»ji1p, parisliionora. (iuit, rnscul. 

93.- Toppptt, t') takp tlip load, hp at tlip hoad. Die wint, he 
V lio ciillivMtPH, tlip fninicr. If'ror/f, coiiroahMJ malice. Ilel 
iipI, cliMjrlv. lintnr, hurvpst. ]hrkf>, a bankruptcy, failure. 
I'm I, fault, hum, liaullv, with dillidilty, scarrply, 

24.- Wniifr, incrnnsp. (m)p», ^()f»//r», of property, of fronds. 

(V//f, th»^ monk's cell, and here as the monk's condition. 

/'^'[ir* w ilM'Piitivn. 'I'ri|))»rn, tro^'ppn, \v> Vtot^Cv. \\\\vW\ W\l. Ijl 

>, f/iP evil is. Tr/, tmtn\«^eov\R, Ac« ^\\\* >\ov^^<>,^^.\\\\'^\wvv»^x^. 

Jifyieef, fniihprtpn,i\r\m^ w^. Iloolon, bWVon, V> xxvwv.^ A^V^V 

J^fr/. mo. 

i'/«l, ;4/#4(/t4, uomiigM'Hu4it, Mnon, 4t*mon* JhrtghUin, to 

(luvurii, /M, <ltf|A#, dutt. Affi^, I' wfi, Uf, tliM orpwu of tli« 
ittiul, Mild Imrii M tki* UHMtim oi tlm orown of Uio IimuI ) muI 
tliuit A/o/i-^r, (tin guHtliHiuMi wiiJi tho Hotiimiwd orowni in ■ 
intfiHtitiiir for tlm uooliwUiiiloil lord of tlio domiiin \ AblKKi 
i40V0n, to lovn. tiiuUfii. mn ili« eoninuiCloit of «(ii(/|i(#uf, tb« 
(ltd form of thii imrtutlpiA prviNiiit of iIm|/i)#h, to ankwl it\y\y 
out of « liidiiiK<|iliiiiM, to «ur|)riNii by Ntniiltbi /Hi ooiiio on \ 
into. /)<> iir|/(/, tlio MtrufrKto, a vymK iOKntlior, W{lfi$nj to 
mHow. Ka#/. dMtltuto, niiKod. i/fifif«ri, tocionforni tOi HmIi 
iiomiimitd. ha#<ltf, iiuutiiMr, iiioiittv-tiiblAi Wui,%hynn,i(u\p'Ut 
whnliii mofiNtitr* ihpit0n» to iiuttili (ovurtnko). A(##r, «av«rii, 
Mora. VUimd, Mwmy, MilhtHf to Nootlii* by nitt, f'tauw, 
wfiitk, ruliiiiwl. //»#M«, haiWf \mnMnnUmn, 

«d. -/,wo>, hiiidrniiiiN, //«i| olwir, nvidoiitf A//m« <i, in tbo 
Noul of, dttvotud (o. Af(i#fi| uoHi|ittiiNiitioii, tliio. tidiinlty. Hinntn, 
to rMvolvtt ill tlio lotiid. Wyi^Ht Ui ri*tirofiob| to tbrow in tbo 
l00th. hi'0mt, brondlyi IUiU0r, oUnui, (iuU$H, to iiUy tbo 
roKUA, t4i And out NpMoiouN rMMoiiN Air m» ui^UNt dMUliiioii in 
Uw,l4i M[riitd tbii Uw to Muii tbi* Judtfo'ii privnto liuiliniitioni. 
\y{lun, to |iohit At, Murrtnt to bnnittiMr in tbo mliidi to tiiko 
tiiiiN to tbiok of. 

tT^—liydtn, to ridni Ttm bant d«noun(t« u|ioiit ]yr0^, 
u>t»th, NHVHgti. Kru{lit fiurNOt '/Wf/^ii, to look to, On, hwn, 
lionto. Mul/itfM, to toko oorii of iiumbur oro, to iMko » Aiti 
Mburii of, 

ih,—'Wtiait, wbarA %ny Uiliiff to out, W» Ml, wtioro food* 
ilimtk^Ht in liiii|i, to bop, to follow utowly but lurtdv, l^idtn, 
to Mouiiil. NuUiHg, muiuirintr, K{fv9H, Ui wmiiKlOi to ootort 
by iif|uitbbliii(f. ifuftl, iMl, iiioiiNy, H0guygh§H, to i|uiii* 

tu, Nauw0n, to bo dintnoiAiid for wiutt of. i^i^, ratbori 

Siiii, ipiiMt, 

IUl—hih0r, booker, ftbAlido. iiup. HmUh, lMi§n, to profit by, 
to omko booty, Kwk, bobllyi M04 mm ttu»r, tbttm witbpro* 
viitiooi i*r{l0h$H, to imiodi*, to ioiiiurim n poiiiiiouN domitoiiour. 
llti0U0n, (Wriit-bouiioi* Mligh,j\\ni, Mis, mlstU, oii#M, Ntipmidi 
rttword, iiinvdi 

.11.— //ny, HtHii, bsy . 1nn$H, to ffot lui /Voj/ui, not* f ioi40i| 
•ily, roKuiib* J(0f#o, to vomit, WH^ ^W^ V^t^^ ^^^^ 
m$ifHtHt Iff mHimntm, tonito, indtri Vn iix\\w\w ^^^^^ ^^^^^ 


Si.— Pddbn, to bhMt«r» Ftiyi^ foul, dirijr. Rif9, io • loir, 
•Be after the othei. Btokmi, to urge, to etiiiuilaie. AfsM, 
to comniit, to do. A$mMmm, to iiicreM«. Ptiefc, table. 
Sad'bAoor, moral fitneea of eondnot. IFora, wone. Kotm, 
Irardj. Houdm, to mamfin. Kitatm, to epew. fiiii, henee. 
Brmd, broadlj. Jftuin^ to them. Hmi, from there. UmuU, 
(fuieklj. Jfniyfit^celL Lidk^-M, M elear as dajlight. 

53.— Hiyt, fbrioua. JiMIm» to be in a state of fuiy, to be 
run awaj with. No6-w9ir,.BUum, LucAttn, to explore. Std, 
conatitutioii. Vcmd, found* Watt$m, to wax. Ttir, tadtr, 
■oft, tender, and io rotting. 

35.— H<i|K^, a buah. ScArmlra, to call out luatilj. Gnfi- 
pin§, pang of greedineee. WUrhtmd, withheld. 

S6. — 0am, cousin. Sio§l, pulpit. Wm, woe. HsUek. 
hellish. Winnin, te familiaKiss wUh . 

END or VOL. I. 

70, HIOH M**^"** 

*4 ■ 





- * • 

9 .