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AUGUST 1, 1909. 


{Price One Shilling. ! 




^"'ff- ROYAL COLLEGE OF SUKti:L:^.!3 OF fH^ 





AUGUST 1, 1909. 







Almanack v 

Historical Summary xvii 

Charters xx%ii 

The Medical Act, Royal CoUege of Surgeons of England, 1875 Ixxvii 

Bye-Laws , Ixxxi 

Trustees of the Hunterian Collection 1 

Members of Council 2 

Committees : — 

Museum, Library, General Purposes, Finance, Annual Report of Council . . . . 3 

Professors and Lecturers 3 

Officers of tlie College 4 

Members of the Court of Examiners o 

Board of Examiners in Anatomy and Physiology for the Fellowship 5 

Boai'd of Examiners in Dental Surgery 5 

Conjoint Examining Board in England : — 

Examiners , 6 

Committee of Management 8 

Representatives of College in General Medical Coimcil and Universities, &c 9 

Representative on Central Midwives Board 9 

Representatives on Executive Committee of Imperial Cancer Research Fund .. .. 9 
Original Appointment and Succession of Trustees of the Hunterian Collectiou . . . . 10 

Masters and Presidents from 1745 12 

Members of Court of Assistants from 1745 to 1822 14 

Members of Council from 1822 ] o 

Members of Court of Examiners from 1745 17 

Board of Examiners in Anatomy and Physiology, 1875 to 1883 = . . . . 18 

Board of Examiners in Anatomy and Physiology — Fellowship — from 1884 . . . . 19 

Board of Examiners in Midwifery from 1852 to 1875 19 

Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery from 1860 20 

Examiners in Medicine from 1868 to 1886 21 

Examiners in Midwifery, 1881 21 

Conjoint Examining Board in England: — 

Examiners from 1884 9] 

Representatives on Committee of Management from 1884 2f\ 

Officers of the Colletre from 1800 23 

Representatives of College in General Medical Council from 1856 25 

Himteriau Oration and List of Orators . , , . 26 

Hunterian Lectures and List of Professors 27 

Arris and Gale Lectures and List of Lecturers from 1810 20 

Erasmus Wilson Lectures and List of Lecturers 31 

Bradshaw Lecture and List of Lecturers 32 

Morton Lecture on Cancer and Cancerous Diseases and List of Lecturers 32 

Ainott Demonstrations and List of Demonstrators 33 

a 2 



Jacksonian Prize ; List of Prizemen and their Essays . . 34 

Triennial Prize and Jobn Hunter Medal ; List of Prizemen and their Essays . . . . 39 

Honorary Medal and List of Medallists 42 

Honorary Membership and List of Honorary Members 42 

Blano Medals and List of Medallists 42 

V/alker I'rize and List of Prizemen 44 

John Tomes Prize and List of Prizemen 44 

Cartwrip:ht Prize and Medal 44 

Jenks Scholarship and List of Scholars 45 

Eegley Stndentship and List ef Students 45 

List of Donors and Benefactors 46 

Regulations of the Conjoint Examining Board in England 47 

Synopses indicating range of Subjects of Examinations 54 

Kegulations relating to the Diploma of Fellow 62 

Regulations relating to Election to the Fellowship 64 

Regulations relating to the Diploma in Dental Surgery 65 

List of recognized Dental Hospitals and Schools 70 

Synopses indicating range of Subjects of Dental Examinations 70 

Regulations relating to the Diploma in Public Health 76 

List of recognized Hospitals and Schoola 80 

List of Honorary Fellows 87 

Register of Fellows in Chronological Order 89 

Register of Fellows in Alphabetical Order, with their Addresses 107 

List of Members 139 

Ijist of Licentiates in Midwifery 289 

List of Licentiates in Dental Surgery 293 

List of Diplomates in Public Health 314 

Results of Examinations 321 

Rej.ort of Proceedings of Council 324 

Mustfum, its institution and development 353 

,, Conservator's Report 355 

„ Regulations as to Admission 354 

„ List of Catalog\ies 3^4 

Library, its formation and development 303 

„ l\<>gulations«8 to Admission g^l. 

Common Room for Fellows and Members — Regulations 371 

Recei])ts nud Expenditure, Statement of 372 

Academical Costume 37g 

Form of Bequest 37Q 

Prizes :— Regulations for Triennial, Jacksonian, Walker, John Tomes, and Cartwright 

Prizes 377 

Begley Studentship : — Regulations 379 


8th Month 

AUGUST xxxi days. 




Eighth Suxbat after Tkinity, 



Library aud Secretary's Office closed. 



Library closes at G p.m. this month. 



' 5. 








iSTiNTU Sunday after Trinity. 















Tenth Sunday AFiEii Trinity. 















Eleventh Sunday after Trinity. 















IVelfth Sunday after Trinity. 





9th Month. 

SEPTEMBER xxx days. 



















Museum and Library closed this month. 






Fifteenth Sunday after Trintty. 


a I Sixteenth Sunday aj<tkk Trinity. 

Michaelmas Day. 




Month. OCTOBER xxxi days. 1909. 



Museum and Library re-opened. 


Seventeenth Sunday after Trinity. 



Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 



Comm. on Annual Report: 4p.m. Comm. of Management: 8.30p.m. i 





General Purposes Committee: 4p.m. Library Committee: 4.45 p.ji. 



Museum Committee: 4 p.m. Pass Exam, for Membership begins. 





Eighteenth Sunday after Trinity. 







Jenks Schol. Comm, : 4.45 p.m. Exec. Com., Cancer Fund : 5 p.m. 



Quarterly Council : 4 p.m. 



Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. 



John Hunter died, 1793. 



Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity. 



Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock : 5 p.m. 









Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. 





Twentieth Sunday after Trinity. 



Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock : 5 p.m. 










Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. 





Twenty-first Sunday after Trinity. 

N.B. First, Second, and Third Examinations of the Conjoint Examining Board in England 
are held during this month. 

11th Month 

NOVEMBEll XXX days. 




Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock : 5 p.m. 







Finance Committee : 4 p.m. Primary Fellowship Exam, begins. 



Examination for Licence in Dental Surgery begins. 





Twentyhsecond Sunday after TRiNixr. 



Last day for notices of Motion for Meeting of Fellows and Members. 





Hunterian Trustees : 4 p.m. Exec. Coram., Cancer Fund : 5 p.m. 



Ordinarj' Council : 4 p.m. 



Vacant Examinership in Surgery advertised. 








Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 







Annual Meeting of Fellows and Members : 3 p.m. 







Twenty-fourth Sunday after Trinity. 



Final Fellowship : Written Examination : 1.30-5.30 








Final Fellowship : Operations Examination : 2 p.m. 



Final Fellowship : Clinical & Surgical Anat. Exams. : 

1.30 P.M. 



Final Fellowship: Vivd voce Examination : 5 p.m. 


First Sunday in Advent. 



Final Fellowship: Clinical & Surgical Anat. Exams. : 

1.30 p.m. 



Final Fellowship : Vivd voce Examination : 5 p.m. 


12th Monti 

I. DECEMBER xxxi days. 




Last day for applications for ExaminersLip in Surgery. 



Committee on Annual Eeport : 4 p.m. 







Second Sunday in Advent. 



Nomination Committee : 3.55 p.m. 



Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 



Executive Committee, Cancer Fund : 5 p.m. 



Ordinary Council: 4 p.m. Election of Examiner in Surgery- 



Bradshaw Lecture : Mr F. Richardscu Cross : 5 p.m. 





Thikd Sunday in Advent. 



Arris and Gale Lecture : Dr. G. Elliot Smith : 5 p.m. 





Arris and Gale Lecture : Dr. G. Elliot Smith : 5 p.m. 





Arris and Gale Lecture : Dr. G. Elliot Smith : 5 p.m. 





Fourth Sunday in ^^dvent. 





Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 









Christmas Day. 



First Sunday apter Christmas. 



Library and Secretary's Office closed. 









Last day for Jacksonian Prize Essays. 

let Month. 

JANUARY xxxi days. 






Second StrNDiT after Cheistmas. 









Epiphany. Gen. Purp. Comm, : 4 p.m. Library Coram. 

: 4.45 p.m. 



Museum Committee : 3.45 p.m. 





FnisT Sunday after Epiphany. 



Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 





Executive Committee, Cancer Fund: 5 p.m. 



Quarterly Council : 4 p.m. 



Pass Examination for Membership begins. 



Vacant Examinership in Surgery advertised. 



Second Sunday after Epiphany. 
















Septuagesima Sunday. 
















Sbiagesima Sunday. 



N.L. First, Second, and Third Eiaminations of the Conjoint Exauiining Jiuard in England 
arc held in this mouth. 


2nd Month. FEBRUARY xxviii days. 1910. 





Last day for applications for Esaminership in Surgery. 
Finance Committee : 4 p.m. 










Nomination Committee : 3.55 p.m. 

[Cancer Fund : o p.m. ; 
Ash Wednesday. Hunterian Trustees: 4 p.m. Exec. Comm., 

Ordinary Council : 4 p.m. Election of Examiner in Surgery. 








First Suxday ix Lext. 

John Hunter born, 1728. Hunterian Lecture: Prof. Arthur 

[Keith : 5 p.m. 

Hunterian Lecture : Prof. Arthur Keith : 5 p.m. 
Hunterian Lecture : Prof. Arthur Keith : 5 p.m. 








Second Sunday in Lent. 

Hunterian Lecture : Prof. Arthur Keith : 5 p.m. 

Hunterian Lecture : Prof. W. Sampson Handley : 5 p.m. 

Hunterian Lecture : Prof. W. Sampson Handle^: 5 p.m. 


Third Sunday in Lent. 

Arris and Gale Lecture : Dr. Peter Thompson : 5 p.m. 

3rd Month. 

MARCH xxxi days. 1910. 





Arris and Galo Lecture : Dr. Peter Thompson : 5 p.m. 





Hunterian Lecture : Prof. 11. H. Paramorc : 5 p.m. 





Fourth Sunday in Lent. 



Hunterian Lecture: Prof. 11. H. Paramore : 5 p.m. 



Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 



Hunterian Lecture: Prof. C. Bolton: 5p.m. Exec. Coram., Cancer 



Ordinary Council : 4 p.m. L^und : 5 p.m. 



Hunterian Lecture : Prof. C. Bolton : 5 p.m. 




Fifth Sunday in Lent. 



Hunterian Lecture : Prof. George Coats : 5 p.m. 





Hunterian Lecture : Prof. George Coats : 5 p.m. 





Arris and Gale Lecture : Mr. Sydney Scott : 5 p.m. 





Palm Sunday. 





Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 







Good Friday. Lady Day. College closed. 



CoUego closed. 



Easter Day. 



Library and Secretary's Office closed. 








4th Month. APRIL xxx days. 1910. 













Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 
Museum Committee : 4 p.m. 

General Purposes Committee : 4 p.m. Librarj- Committee : 4.45 p.m. 

Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. Pass Examination 

[for Membership begins. 





Second Sunday after Easter. 

Executive Committee, Cancer Fund : 5 p.m. 
Quarterlj- Council : 4 p.m. 
Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. 
Vacant Examinerships advertised. 






Third Sunday after Easter. 

Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock :5pm. 

Museum Demonstration : Prof. Keith : 5 p.m. 



Fourth Sunday after Easier. 

Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock : 5 p.m. 

Examination for Licence in Dental Surgery begins. 

N.B. First, Secoud, ancl Third Exauiiuations of the Conjoint Exuiniiiing 13oard in Euglaiul 
are held in this month. 


5th Month. MAY xxxi days. 1910. 



Rogation Sunday. 

Museum Demonstration : Prof. Shattock : 5 p.m. 

Last day for applications for Examinerships. 

Ascension Dat. Finance Committee : 4 p.m. Primary Fellowship 

[Examination begins. 

Vacant Lectureships advertised. 


' 12. 










Sunday aftee Ascension Da y. 

Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 

Hunterian Trustees : 4 p.m. Exec. Comra., Cancer Fund : o p.m. 
Nomination Committee : 3.30 p.m. Ordinary Council: 4 p.m. 

College closed. 

j 15. 

i 17. 

i 19. 



Whit Sunday. 

Library and Secretary's Office closed. 

Final Fellowship : "Written Examination : 1.30-5.30 p.m. i 

^ 1 








Trinity Sunday. 

Final Fellowship • Operations Examination : 2 p.m. 

Final Fellowship : Clinical and Surg. Anat. Exams. : 1.30 p.m. 

Final Fellowship : Clinical and Surg. Anat. Exams. : 1.30 p.m. 

Final Fellowship : Viva voce Examination : 5 j-.m. 

Final Fellowship : Fif^a row Examination : o i-.m. 




FiEST Sunday after Trinttt. 

Date of Council Election announced. 

6th Month. 

JUNE XXX days. 




Last day for applications for Lectureships. 









Second Sunday after Tetnity. 





Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 



Exec. Comm., Cancer Fund : 5 p.m. [Election of Examiners. 



Nomination Committee : 3 p.m. Ordinary Council : 4 p.m. 




Last day for receiving forms from Candidates for Council. 





Third Sunday after Trinity. 







, 16. 




; 18. 





Fourth Sunday after Trinity. 



Museum Committee : 4 p.m. 



Voting-papers issued for Council Election. 



General Purposes Committee : 4 p.m. Librarj- Committee 

: 5 P.M. 





Midsummer Day. 





Fifth Sunday after Trinity. 





Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 





7th Month. 

JULY xxxi days. 1910. 







Sixth Sunday after Trinity. 



Court of Examiners at Examination Hall : 5 p.m. 







Election of Members of Council. 



Pass Examination for Membership begins. 




Seventh Sunday after Trinity. 





Committee of Management : 8.30 p.m. 



Huntcrian Trustees : 4 p.m. 




Quarterly Council : 4 p.m. Election of President, Vice-Presidents, 

[and Lecturers. 





Eighth Sunday after Trinity. 
















Ninth Sunday after Trinity. 







28. Th. 

Ordinary Council : 4 p.m. 





College closed. 


Tenth Sunday after Trinity. 

N.B. First, Second, and Third Examinations of the Conjoint Examining Board in England 
are beld during tlii« month. 



THE early histoi'}' of the Royal College of SaEOEoxs op Englaxd is Origin of the 
the history of two Companies, which, existing at first as separate " ^°^' 
fraternities or guilds, were for a time united into one body corporate, 
and finally became resolved again into two distinct Corporations. One 
of these, the Barbers' Company of London, is first definitely mentioned, The Barbers' 
in the records preserved at the GuildhaU, in the year 1308, when Richard Company first 
le Barber was presented and sworn before the Court of Aldermen as 1308. 
Master and Supervisor of the Barbers' Guild ; and from an Ordinance 
of the City made in the previous year it is evident that the Barbers of 
London were at that time engaged in the practice of at least some 
branches of Surgery. The other Company, known as the Fellowship ^p, „ , 

or Guild of Surgeons, is mentioned in the City records in the year 1369, Guild men- 
when two Masters were sworn before the Court of Aldermen and given ""''*^ "^ 
power to report the faults of unskilful Surgeons. 

Between these two bodies there was for many years a keen rivalry Rivalry be- 
and jealousy. Each tried by turns to attain supremacy of authority *f ^" ^^^ two 
and jurisdiction in matters relating to the practice of Surgery. In the 
year 1376 the Barbers made a complaint to the Mayor and Aldermen Barbers' Ord- 
against unskilled practitioners in Surgery, and obtained an Ordinance '"*'\''® °^ 
providing that two Masters should be appointed annually to direct and 
rule the Craft, to inspect instruments, and to see that none should bo 
admitted to the franchise of the City except after attestation of their 
skill by good examination. Fourteen years later, however, four Masters Surgeons' Ord- 
of the Surgeons' Guild were sworn before the Court of Aldermen, and "'""»^e of 
theij were invested with the power of scrutiny among persons practising 
Surgery and with authority to present defaults. But in the year 1410 barbers' Ord- 
the Barbers obtained from the Court of Aldermen confirmation of the 'Ji«''ce cou- 

lirmed iu 

j»rivileges granted lo them in 1376 with the addition that they should Ulu. 
1909. 6 

bft enjoyed " without the scrutiny of any person or persons of any other 
craft or trade under any name wliatsoever other than the craft or trade 
of the said Barbers." 
Barbers' Com- xhe Barbers' Company was by this time assuming a twofold character, 

p.i'iy assumes . , „ •■ ~ , .-, , t> t • i 

two -fold cba- for it consisted of two classes of members, those who were iiarbers simply 

racter. or practised only the minor branches of Surgery, such as blood-letting and 

tooth-drawing, and those who exercised the faculty of Surgery. In the 

year 1415 the Mayor and Aldermen required the Company to furnish 

them with a list of aU the latter class of members, from which they 

selected two as Masters of those practising Surgery, leaving to the 

Company itself the election of the Masters of the Barbers. Meanwhile 

the Guild of Surgeons sought an alliance with the Physicians. About 

Temporary the year 1423, probably through the influence of Thomas Morstede 

Surgeons' (^ Surgeon who accompanied Henry Y. to Agincourt and who was 

Guild witli afterwards Surgeon to Henry VI.), they obtained an Ordinance from 

Pbysicians in * . . 

1-423. tlie Court of Aldermen having for its object an association or Commonalty 

of Physicians and Surgeons. Fortified by the support of the Physicians, 

the Surgeons once more challenged the surgical jirivileges of the Barbers, 

but these were again confirmed by the Mayor and Aldermen in 1424. 

The scheme for a combination of Physicians and Surgeons fell through, 

but the Surgeons continued a separate body with Ordinances for the 

government of their Society. Tiie volume containing these Ordinances, 

which were made in the year 1435, is still in existence and is now 

in the possession of the Barbers' Company. 

Tlie Biibers Freed from opposition, the Barbers' Company continued to grow in 

r^El/wanl'lV i™po'"t»"ce. and in the year 1462 the right of its members to practise 

in 1462. Surgery was definitely established by Letters PATE>fT granted by 

Edward IV. in the first year of his reign. This Charter, from which 

Provisions of the Koyal College of Surgeons of England, as recited in the Charter of 

I'tEd dIV 1^^^'-*' dates its constitutional history as a body corporate, was granted to 

the Freemen of the Mystery of Barbers of the City of London practising 

Surgery. They were made one Body and Perpetual Community with a 

Common Seal and with power to hold lands and make Bye-Laws. Provision 

was made for the annual election of two Masters to rule the Commuuitv, 

to have the scrutiny and government of aU persons practising Surgery 

in London and its suburbs, as well as the supervision of their instrumenis 

and medicines, and to have power to inflict punishment upon offenders 
hy fines, imprisonment and other reasonable means. No person was to 
be allowed to practise Surgery within the City of London and its suburbs 
unless first approved by the blasters of the Company. The surgical 
rights of the .Barbers' Company were thus firmly established, and, as 
testimony to the eminence attained by the Surgeons of the Companj', it 
is woi'thv of note that the Senior Warden of the Company, when the 
Charter was granted, was William: Hobbes, Serjeant-Surgeon to the 
King — probably the first to hold that office. 

In the year 1493 the Guild of Surgeons, which had continued as a Alliance bp- 

1 T T • i 11- L r\ • • » -i^u ii- tween the Ei- 1 - 

separate bodv, entered into an alliance or " Composition with the \,Qy.^' Comiwnv 

Earbers' Company, by which the two Companies agreed each to appoint ^^^, Surgeons' 
' • ' "^ '^ ° ^ ^ . Guild made m 

two Wardens, the four so appointed to act together in all matters relating 1493. 

to Surgery and to the examination and government of its practitioners. 

The Charter granted by Edward TV. to the Barbers' Company was Of the Act 3rd 

confirmed bv Henry VII. and also by Henry VIII., but in 1.511 an Act Henry VIII. 

•' ^ ^ relating ti) 

(.'i Henry VIII. cap. 11) was passed, constituting a further licensing the Eishopa 

authority by enacting that no person should practise as a Physician or '^^'i'-'^' ^ • 

Surgeon in London, or within aeven miles of the same, unless first examined 

and approved by the Bishop of London, or the Dean of St. Paul's, with 

the assistance of four Physicians or Surgeons. Two years later, upon tlie Of tlieAet. 5ih 

petition of the Guild of Surgeons, another Act (o Henry Vni. cap. 6) J^f^^ ^'^Y^ 

was passed, providing that a limited number of members of the Fellowship exemption of 

(or Guild) of Surgeons, as also of members of the Barbers' Company duly bearincr lu-ms 

admitted as Sursreons, should be exempt from Constableship and Watch an'l serving on 

. . .... juries; loi3. 

and from bearing arms and serving upon inquests and juries within the 

City of London. 

In the tear 1.340 the two Companies, which had so long been associated The twoCom- 

by voluntary agreement, were formally united by Act of Parliament, and byfjenpy^'-'ii" 

thus entered upon a now era in their career. The Act (32nd Hexey VIII. h. 1540. 

cap. 42) after reciting that there were two distinct Companies of Surgeons 

in London, one called the Barbers of London and the other the Surgeons 

of London, enacted that the two Companies should from thenceforth be 

united and made one Body Corporate, to be called by the name of the Provisions of 

•^ ^ •' the Act of 

^Masters or Governors of the Mystery and Commonalty of the Barbers and incorporatioi-.. 

Surgeons of London. The United Company was to enjoy all the rights 

niifl privileges at any time granted to the two separate Companies. Four 

Masters or Governors, two to be Surgeons and two to be Barbers, were to 

be appointed annually ; barbers were forbidden to perform any surgical 

operations, except the drawing of teeth, and surgeons were not to exercise 

the craft of barbery and shaving. Provision was also made for the study 

of Anatomy by giving the Company the right to claim four bodies annually 

The first of persons executed for felony. Thomas Vicaby, Serjeant-Surgeon to 

Master of tlte jj^nry VIII. and afterwards to Mary and to Elizabeth, was elected the 
United Com- •' , , i • ,. ii i > 

pany and its first Master. The Lnited Company shared the possession ot Jiarbers 

^^*^^* Hall, whicli is known to have occupied its present site in Monk well 

Street since 1^90 and was probably there even before that. The Hall, 
subsequently added to by Inigo Jones in 1636, is still standing, having 
escaped destruction in the Great Fire of London. 

Of the \ct '^^^ Union thus effected was destined to last for more than two hundred 

34th and Satli ygars^ ^\t first, however, the iirivileges conferred on the Surgeons of the 
Henry VIII. . . . ^ „_ 

regarding Company appear to have excited opposition, for in the 34th and 3oth 

treatniem o ^.g^^j.^ ^f Henry VIII. an Act was passed allowing unlicensed persons to 

by uulicensed treat outward sores and swellings vxith herbs and ointments. 

\, . ." - During the reign of Qceen Mary, in the year 1555, llegulations were 
Origin of ° ° •' 'o 

Court of drawn up relating to the examination of persons for the Company's 

1555 Licence to practise. These liegnlations provided lor the appointment of 

thirteen Examiners, including the Master and two Governors. This is 

the origin of the Court of Examiners of the Koyal College of Surgeons of 

England, although it Avas not until the time of Charles I. that the 

appointment of ten Examiners — tiie number continued to this day — 

was provided for by Charter. 

_ . Ti , i !•! ihe year 16u5 the Company obtained a Charter from James I. 
Letters Patent *' ' . 

of James I. providing that the Governing Body of the Company should consist of four 

thereof 10U5. Masters or Governors, two or whom were to bo Surgeons, and twenty -six 

Assistants. The Company was given power to examine Barbers and 

Surgeons, and to ])rohibit ignorant persons, or such as wilfully refused to 

be examined, from practising. 

Letters Patent ^^^ ^^'^ y*^^^ ^^^^ Charles I. granted a further Charter to the Company, 

of Cliarles I. providing that ten Freemen of the Company should be elected and eon!>ti- 

and ijruvisious . , , ^^ ■ e a ■ r ^ -VT . • r. 

thereof, 1(329. tuted Examiners ot burgeons m London. jNo one was to practise Surgery 
in London, or within seven miles of it, except Members of the College of 
riiysicians, unless examined and approved by the Examiners of the 
CoiMpany, and every person so approved might practise Surgery anywhere 


in England. Apprentices were to serve for not leas than seren years, to 

be sound in body and limbs, and to read and understand Latin. Tlie duty 

was also assigned to the Court of Examiners of examining Surgeons and 

Surgeons' Assistants for the lloyal Navy and Merchant Service and of 

inspecting their instruments and chests of medicines. This duty they 

and their successors, the Company of Surgeons and the lloyal College of 

Surgeons, continued to discharge until other arrangements were made at 

a comparatively recent date. 

For many years the union between the two Companies appears to have Surgeons 

. , , CI ol)ject to their 

worked smoothly, but as early as 1684 there were signs that the Surgeons uiiion witl) the 

were beginning to find their association with the Barbers irksome and incon- AiiviDers, i >s4. 

venient. In that year a Petition for the dissolution of the United Company 

was presented to the King, but the agitation died out, and it was not 

imtil many years later that further steps were taken in the matter. 

The dissatisfaction, however, continued. From the year 1540 the 

practice of Surgery had been entirely separated from that of barbery, and 

much progress had been made in surgical skill and knowledge. Under 

the United Company several of the Surgeons had attained great eminence 

in their profession, and among these may be mentioned Kichard Ferris, 

Thomas Gale, the two Clowes', Wiseman, Amyand, Cheselden, Sir Caesar 

Hawkins, and Percivall Pott. The Surgeons resented the presence of 

Barbers at their examinations, and objected to the signatures of Barbers 

appearing upon Surgical Diplomas. In 1744 they informed the retition for 

Barbers that they intended to petition Parliament for the dissolution ^'«*.*>l"''o» "^ 
•' ^ union pre 

of the union. The Barbers protested against this, and both parties rented, 1744. 

presented Petitions to Parliament. The Surgeons prevailed, and in the Ti,e union 

vear 1745 an Act of Parliament was passed dissolving the union and ^"fsolTed in 

establishing two separate Companies. The Barbers were allowed to 

retain the whole of the Corporate property, real and personal, with the 

exception of the Arris Bequest and Gale's Annuity for Anatomy Lectures 

founded in 1646 and 1055 respectively. These Trusts the Act vested 

in the Company of Surgeons, and they are now administered Ly the 

lloyal CoUege of Surgeons. 

This Act of the 18th Geoegt; II. dissolving the union of the Barbers Art of ISiIi 
and the Surgeons incorporated the Surgeons under the name of the Master, (^issohe.Hnniou' 
Governors and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons of London, nndconstituU'* 

. . . Ciimpany of 

and constituted a governing body consisting of twentv-one Assistantu Surgcoiia. 

appointed for life, of whom one was to be Master and two Governors 

or Wardens elected annually, and of whom ten were to be Examiners 

Tlio first appointed for life. John IUnbv, Serjeant-Surgeon to George II. (whom 

.MmsIci- ami jj^j accompanied to the battle of Dottingen in 1743), became the first 
vVarclciis. ' 

Master of the Company, and upon taking his scat he presented a handsome 

silver cup, which is still in the possession of the College. The First 

AVardcns were Joseph Sandford and William Cheselden. These appoint- 

TlieExiiminers ments were made by the Act, which also specified by name the ten 

"!."' ''"■ ^"''"'"'' E\aminers and sixteen Members of the Court of Assistants. The sixteen 

ol .is.sislaiiis. 

thus appointed were directed to meet forthwith, and select from the 
Freemen of the Company five others to complete the number of the Court. 
Thereafter, the Court were to meet on the first Thursday in July in each 
succeeding year for the election of the Master and Governors, and to fill 
up any vacancies, which from time to time might occur from death 
or resignation among the Examiners and Assistants. In addition to 
examining Surgeons for the Navy the Examiners were also required to 
examine all candidates for tho posts of Surgeon or Surgeons' Mate in 
tlic Army. The Freemen of the Company were to enjoy tlie same 
Surgical privileges as approved Surgeons of the United Company hud 
enjoyed under the Act of Union and Charter of Charles I., and, while 
in the practice of their profession, were to be exempt from all Parish, 
Ward, and Leet Offices and from serving upon Juries. 
Surgeons Uall The Surgeons had to find a new home, and, after holding their first 
^"'"'- meetings at Stationers' Hall, eventually secured premises in the Old Bailey 

and there built Surgeons' Hall, entering into occupation in 1751. Here 
the business of the Company was transacted until 170(3, when the Court 
of Assistants, finding the building in need of substantial repair and their 
tenure of the premises secured for not more than fifty-five years, deter- 
mined to dispose of the property and erect a new building upon a freehold 
!)■ (Tic ilties About this time the Company became involved in difficulties in con.^e- 

(•!iu3('il byin-e quence of a provision in the Act of Incorporation which had unfortunately 
Kular ineetiiig , • , i i -i , ,• • ia, • • • " 

nt" Court of been framed without duo regard to possible eventuahtiea. IJiis provision 

Assistants in j-gq^^jrcd that the Master and Governors, or any two of them, with nine 

or more members of the Court of Assistants, should constitute a Court for 

the despatch of business. On the 7th July, 179G, a meeting was held at 

which the Master, Mr. Gunning, presided, but at which no Governor was 

[irescnt, one having died in the previous May and the other being too ill 

to attend. Conseqncutlj' it was impossible to obtain a properly^oustituted 

quorum. Nevertheless the Court conducted its ordinary business, and 

among other marters elected Henry Cline to the Court of Assistants. In 

spite of this technical defect in their constitution, the Court of Assistants 

continued to transact the business of the Company. They disposed of 

their property in the Old Bailey and acquired a freehold site in Lincoln's Property in 

Inn Fields, upon which part of the present building of the Royal College ^qi^ ai^^i '^ gfj^g 

of Surgeons of England now stands. The business of the Company was 1." Ijiin'oln's 

"' Inn Fields 

not suspended. Examinations were held and Diplomas were issued. The acquired. 

Examinations of Surgeons for the Navy and Army were also continued. 

It became, however, necessary to find some means of removing the legal EndeaTour to 

difficulties which had arisen, and, for this purpose and also with the object Coinpanv bv 

of acquiring additional powers and aiithoritv, a Bill was introduced into ■^'^^ °^ Prtrh.-i. 

nient iibaii- 

Parliament. The Bill passed through the Commons, but was thrown out doned, and 

in the House of Lords ; and after further deliberation it was determined R? ^''°'^ *^"' 

Chnrter pre- 

to abandon the Bill and to petition for a Charter from the Crown. seuted. 

Meanwhile Parliament entrusted to the care of the Company the Hunterian 

Hunterian Collection purchased for the Nation at a cost of £15,000. trusVed To 

The Collection was delivered to the Company under an Order of the Company in 

Treasury, dated 28th November, 1799, and in March 1800 the Company 

was re-incorporated and constituted by the name of the Iloyal College of 

Surgeons in London, by Charter granted by George III. In the year 

1806 Parliament voted a sum of <£15,000, and subsequently a further 

sum of .£12,500, in aid of the erection of a building for the display of 

the Hunterian Collection. A contribution of =£21,000 was at the same 

time made from thu funds of the College, and the Museum Avas opened to 

Tisitors in 1813. 

The Charter of the 40th George III. definitively severed the connexion Charter of 

of the College with the Corporation of the City of London. Members conTtfhites ' 

of the College were not entitled to any franchise belonging to the Royal College 

p 1 r,- 1 • -i' 1 • *^f Surgeon* of 

Freemen of the City, but all other privileges and possessions acquired London in 

under former Acts and Charters, and not altered by the Charter then ■^'^'^*^' 
granted, were continued and ratified. The Court of Assistants still The Court of 
consisted of twenty-one Members appointed for life with power to fill Court' of Ex- 
up vacancies as they might happen, and from them were chosen the ten ani'"e''s. 
Examiners, the Master and two Governors or Wardens being selected 
from these ten. The two principal Serjeant-Surgeons anl the Surgeon- 


Gcnoral to the Forces, if not already on the Courts of Assistants and 

Examiners, were always to be admitted into those Courts in preference 

to all other persons, when any vacancy should occur. 

The first Charles Hawkins, Serjeant-Surgeon to George III., was appointed the 

Master and pjj.gj. ^^^ster, and WiLLiAM Long and George Chandler became the first 

(jrovernors. ' 

Members of Governors. All Members of the old Company of Surgeons, on signifying 

the ljit« Cora- their acceptance of the Charter, were entitled to become Members of the 

paiiy incorpo- ^ 

rated, and all College, and any person in the future desiring to become a Member was 

b s'^'^to ni™3 required to pass an examination and obtain " Letters Testimonial of his 

examination. Qualification to practise the Art and Science of Surgery under the Common 

Court of Exam- Seal of the College." In addition to examining candidates for the 

iinTS to examine -,,,,., ^, ^ ,, . i i i i ^ 

all Army and Membership, the Court of Lxaminers were required, as under the lormer 

Navy Siirgpons t -v-r <-, , . 

an.i As-sistants Acts aud Charters, to examine all Army and iSavy Surgeons, their 

aod Mates. 

Assistants and Mates, and to inspect their instruments. 
Titles of Master A further Charter, granted by George IV. in 1S22, changed the titles 
Chang, d to Presi- Master and Governors to President and Vice-Presidents, and provided 

dent and Viee- i/~i n • iii-r i iii/-i 't t* 

Presidents, and that tlic Court 01 Assistaiits shouid in future be styled the Council of 

Court of Assist- 
ant:, to be called the College. 


Name of CoUeRe No change was, however, made in the constitution of the College until 

cliangrd to Royal 

College of Sur- the year 1843, when a new Charter (7th > ictoria) was obtained, which 

geons of England 

aiui Feiiowdiii) changed the name of the College to The Royal ColWe of Surgeons of 

instituted in * ° J o ft 

1843. England, and instituted a new class of Members, who were to be called 

Fellows, from and by whom the Council were to be elected. The 

Nuinlier of number of the Council was increased to twenty-four, and, while the 

creased. existing Members of the Council were allowed to continue in office for 

life, provision was made that three elected Members should retire annually, 

so that, when no more life-Members were left, it would not be possible 

for a Member to retain his seat for a longer period than eight years 

without re-election. 

Constitution A great change was also effected by this Charter in the constitution 

^, '.""" ° of the Court of Examiners. They were no longer to be necessarily 

aUered. selected from the Council, but any Fellow, whether on the Council or 

not, was made eligible. The Examiners then in office were to continue 

for life, but all future Examiners were to hold office only during the 

pleasure of the Council. The Serjeant-Surgeons and Surgeon-General 

to the Forces were no longer to have any preference of bting admitted 

Examiners, aud the President and Vice-Presidents were not to be chosen 

exclusively from the Examiners but from all the Members of the Council 

indifferently, whether Examiners of the College or not. 

The Charter further provided that the Tresident, Vice-Presidents and Provision for 

, election of the 

Members of the Council should he Fellows, and directed them to elect, g^gt Fellows. 

within three months from the date of the Charter, not less than 250 and 

not more than 300 Members of the College to be Fellows. They were 

also given power to appoint other Members to be Fellows within one 

year from the date of the Charter. With these exceptions no persons 

were to be admitted to the Fellowship except by examination, nor until 

attaining the age of twenty-five years. The first Fellows, 300 in number, 

were chosen mainly from Ihe Surgeons, Assistant-Surgeons and Lecturers 

of the Metropolitan and Provincial Hospitals. They were elected under 

one general Diploma on December 11th, 1843. A further election of 

242 Fellows took place on the 26th August, 1844, and these included 

a considerable number of representatives of the Naval, Military and 

Indian Forces. 

In the j-ear 1852 further extension of the principle of election to the Further pro- 
. . . c 1 J. ^ n\ 1. "vision for the 

fellowship without examination was made by a Supplemental Charter election of 

(loth Victoria), which enabled the Council to elect Members of fifteen f^H"^^^ ^^ 

years' standing to the Fellowship, provided they were Members when 

the Charter of 1843 was enacted. The Council were also empowered 

to admit annually to the Fellowship, without examination, two Members 

of the College of twenty years' standing, and authority was given for the 

ad eiindem admission to the Fellowship, under certain conditions, of 

Fellows by examination of the Dublin and the Edinburgh Colleges of 

Surgeons, and the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow. 

This Charter also provided that Members of the Court of Examiners Examiueis to 

thereafter elected should go out of office at the end of five years, but should ^f g,e years. 

be eligible for immediate re-election. Provision was also made for the y ., « 

^ Liicence in 

appointment of a Eoard of Examiners in Midwifery for testing the Midwifery 

X! c If 1 -o IT- • -.r- T •.. instituted, 

fitness of persons to practise Midwifery, and Licences in Midwifery were 

granted to persons passing the Examinations of the Board until the year 

1 875, after which the Examinations were discontinued. 

in the year 1859 ihe Licence in Dental Surgery was instituted under J^i^epce in 

Dental feur- 
the Charter of the 23rd Victoria, which empowered the Council to gery instituted 

appoint a Board of Examiners for testing the fitness of persons to 

practise as Dentists. 

1909. c 

Enabling Act 1q the year 1875 an Act of Parliament was passed to enable the College 
" '^' to associate itself with one or more of the Colleges or Bodies named in 

^Medical Acts for the purpose of conducting joint examinations for quali- 
fications to be registered under the Acts. In pursuance of the provisions 
of this Act the College subsequently entered into an Agreement with the 
Conjoint Ex- Royal College of Physicians of London, establishing a Coxjoixt Examining 
a.nining Board Bq^bi, and requiring that all candidates for the Licence of the Royal 
established. College of Physicians of London and the Membership of the Koyal 
College of Surgeons of England, commencing professional study after the 
1st October, 18S4, should pass the Examinations of the Board before 
becoming entitled to their Diplomas, Thus was constituted the present 
Examining Board of the two Colleges. The Examination Hall on the 
Esamin:ition Victoria Embankment, where the Examinations of the Board are held, 
Hall built. ^j^g greeted at the joint expense of the two Colleges. The foundation- 
stone was laid by Qpeex YicTOui.i on the 24th March 1886, and the Hall 
was first used for examinations in the year 1887. 
Charter of I" the year 1888 a Supplemental Charter was obtained, mainly with 

1888 allows ^^le obiects of enabling the College to hold lands and hereditaments of 

Fellows to "^ o o 

record votes a greater yearly value than that previously sanctioned, and of allowing 

Elections "by Fellows to record their vot-es at elections to the Council by voting-papers 

papers sent gent through the Post, instead of by personal attendance at the College, 
through Post. 

as required up to that time. 

Konorary The last Charter, obtained by the College in 1899, the 63rd year of 

instt°t"d bv ""iueen Victoria's reign, enables the Council to elect persons, whom they 

Charter ia shall deem to be sufficiently distinguished for the purpose, to be Honorary 

Fellows of the College. These Honorary Fellows, the number of whom 

must not exceed fifty at any time, are not eligible for the Council or for 

the Court of Examiners, nor are they entitled to vote at Elections to 

the Council. Their status is purely honorary and does not confer the 

The first right to practise Surgery. At the head of a list of distinguished narats 

Honorary ^^^^ College has the honour to place that of King Edwaed YII. His 

Majesty, when Prince of "Waks, became the first Honorary Fellow of the 

CoUege, and, a'^ter ascending the Throne, signified his pleasure to retain 

the title. 


[1800.] [40 Geo. III.] 


22nd Mabch, 1800. 

GEORGE THE THIRD, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, 
and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &.c. To all to whom these -p^^^j^gj ^f ^^^^ 
Presents shall come. Whereas our Royal Predecessor, King Edward lY., by Letters Palent 
certain Letters Patent, under the Great Seal of England, bearing date the ^^.j^ . 
24:th Day of February, in the first Year of his Reign, did at the Supplica- 
tion of the Freemen of the Mystery of Barbers of the City of London, using 
the Mystery or Faculty of Surgery, grant to them, among other Things, that incorporating 
the said Mystery, and all the Men of the same Mystery of the said City, [jj^ J^^^J"''" f^ 
should be one Body and Perpetual Community, and that two Principals of Barbers of tha 
the same Commonalty, of the most expert Men in the Mystery of Sm-gery, 
might, with the assent of twelve or eight Persons at the least, of the same 
Community, every Year elect and mate out of the Community, two Mas- 
ters, or Governors, being the most expert in the Mystery of Surgery, to 
oversee, rule, and govern, the Mystery and Commonalty aforesaid. 

AjfD WHEREAS by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the 32d Of the Act 32cl 

Year of the late King Henry VIII. intitled for Barbers and Surgeons, ^'"^ 

after reciting, that, within the City of London, there were then two several 

and distinct Companies of Surgeons, occupying and exercising the Faculty 

of Surgery, one Company called the Barbers of London, and the other 

Company called the Surgeons of London. It was thereby enacted, That By which the 

the said two several and distinct Companies of Surgeons should from t"otompanK8 

f o of Barbers ol 

thenceforth be united, and made one intire and whole Body Corporate, and London, and 
one Commonalty Perpetual, which at all times thereafter should be called j^on^don^ were 
by the Name of the Masters or Governors of the Mystery and Commonalty united, 
of the Barbers and Surgeons of London ; and by the same Name to im- 
plead and be impleaded before all manner of Justices, in all Coui'ts, and 
in all manner of Suits. 


with power to 
tiona of Masters 

[1800.] xxviii [40 Geo. III.] 

Of the Letters ^ND -STHKREAS, in and by certain Letters Patent, nnder the Great Seal 

rateiit of 5lh 

Charles Ist. of England, bearing Date the 15th Day of August, in the 5th Year of 

the Reign of His late Majesty, King Charles I., reciting that the Men of 

the same Companies enjoyed divers Liberties and Franchises -wdthin the 

City of London, the Suburbs and Liberties thereof, by -v-irtue of divers 

firmed to such ^^*^ °^ Parliament, and divers Charters, and Letters Patent, His said 

united Com- ;Majesty did grant and confirm unto the said Masters and Governors of the 

panyallthepos- i « • 

sessions, fran- Mystery and Commonalty aforesaid, and their Successors, all and singular 

diisesaiidhber- ^j^g ;\[anors. Messuages, Lands, Tenements, Customs, Liberties, Franchises, 
tics which the ... 

said Company Immunities, Jurisdictions, and Hereditaments, whatsoever, which the Men 
enloved '^^ ^^^ ^^^^ Companies then held, used, and enjoyed, by any lawful Means 

or Title whatsoever : And his said late Majesty did thereby give power to 
the said Corporation, to make annual Elections of Masters or Governors 
whereoftw^oVo'be ^^ ^^^ ^^^^ Commonalty, whereof two to be Professors in the Art and 
ee'r\-7anxi to ^u-ll Science of Surgery; and also to elect and constitute ten of the Freemen 
Exaiiliue"^!" ° * of the Said Society to be Examiners of Surgeons in London. 

Recital of the ^Jfo WHEREAS, by an Act of Parliament, made and passed in the ISth 
Ueoro-e 2ad Year of the Eeign of our late Eoyal Grandfather, King George II., intitlcd 
" An Act for making the Surgeons of London, and the Barbers of London, 
bv which the ^^" separate and distinct Corporations," It was enacted, that the said 
Union of the Union and Incorporation of the Barbers and Surgeons of London, made 

two Com nfiiiics .^^ 

wjw dissolved ; and effected by the aforesaid Act of the 32d Year of King Henry VIII. 
should, from and after the 24th Day of June, 1745, be dissolved and de- 
clared void and of no effect ; and that such of the Members of the said 
\inited Company who were Freemen of the said Company, and admitted 
and approved Surgeons, within the Rules of the said Company, and their 
and wliich con- Successors, should from thenceforth be made, and they were thereby made 
t '*Tc m • '*' ^^^ constituted, a separate and distinct Body Corporate and Commonalty 
of Siu-geons, by Perpetual, which at all times thereafter were to be called by the Name 
" The Master of Master, Governors and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons 

Governors, and ^f London, and by the same Name might implead and be impleaaed before 
Commonalty of 

the Art and all manner of Justices, in all Courts, and in all manner of Actions and 

Science of Sur- g^-^^ ^^^^ ^^-^^ ^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^l^^.^^ Successors, Lands, Tenements, Rents, 

geons oJ Lon- ' 

cion." or Hereditaments, not exceeding the yearly Value of £200 in the whole. 

Corporatiol *"r.B Axi> WHEREAS, WO src iuformcd that the said Corporation of Master, 
Governors, and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Suigeons of Lon- 

[18.J0.] xxix [40 Geo. III.l 

don, hath become and now is dissolved : And whekeas, it is of sreat con- "^^^^ '' " of great 

consiquence th;it 

se(nience to the Commonweal of this Kingdom, that the Ai-t and Science theScienceof&ur- 

i o 7 gery should be 

of Surgery should be duly promoted : And wheeeas, it appears to us, that ""^^ promoted, 

the Establishment of a Collesre of Sur<?eons will be expedient for the due and that a College 

^ ° -^ will be 

promotion and encoura'?ement of the Study and Practice of the said Art ^'"" "*" <i"*^ '": 

^ o ^ couragemeSii 

and Science, Now We, of our special Grace and mere Motion, and at the '^^'^'^of. 
humble Petition of Jajies Eakle, Esquire, the late Master, and divers 

other Members of the aforesaid late Corporation of Surgeons ; have willed, Therefore His 

ordained, constituted, declared, given and granted, and by these Presents, nlei^e/ to^i*- 

for Us, Our Heirs, and Successors, do will, ordain, constitute, and declare, corporate the 

. IP -IT T^ ii_ni-«ri Members of the 

give and grant; unto the atoresaid James Earle, and unto ail the Members i^te Coiupanv 

of the said late Companv or Corporation of Master, Governors, and Com- andallsuchPer- 

sons who suice 

monalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons of London; having been ad- theDissoUition 

mittcd and approved Surgeons, within the Rules of the said Company ; .^^^^ l^u'* 

and also unto aU such Persons, who upon, or since, the dissolution of the Te^tiruoiualic 
said Corporation, shall have obtained Letters Testimonial, under a Seal 
purporting to be the Seal of the said late dissolved Corporation, authoriz- 
ing them to practise the Art and Science of Surgery ; and they, from 
henceforth for ever hereafter, shall be and remain by virtue of these Presents, 

one Body Corporate and Politic ; by the Xame of The Eotal College of ?xhe'*Rova?Co''-^ 

Surgeons in London, and by the same Name shall and may have perpetual ia'fondon"^''""* 

Succession, and a Common Seal; with power to break, alter, and make With perpetual 

anew the said Seal, from time to time at their will and pleasure ; and by ^'^'^^**'°" ^"."^ 

' i- ' J t. common sea- ^ 

the same Xame shall and may implead, and be impleaded, before all man- 
ner of Justices, in all Courts, and in all manner of Actions and Suits ; 
and shall be at all times for ever hereafter persons able and capable in 

Law to take, purchase, possess, hold, and enjoy, and shall and may take, and power ta 

purchase, possess, hold and enjoy, a Hall or Council-house, with its Ap- ' p '^".j i™"''!'^, 

purtenances, situate within the Cities of London or Westminster, or within v.ithin London 

one Mile of either of them, for the use and purposes of the said College ; ^.j. Q^e mile of 

and also any other Lands, Tenements, Ptents, or Hereditaments, whereso- cither of them; 

ever situate, lying and being ; not exceeding, together with the aforesaid lands and tene- 

Hall or Council-house, and its appurtenances, the yearly value of one P'e'its, mcuid- 

thousand Pounds in the whole ; without incurring any of the Penalties in cil-Hciuseof tiio 

any Statute of Mortmain, or any Thing, in any Statute of Mortmain, to £ lOuo In moi':- 

the contrary notwithstanding. mam. 

And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that nothing in these Presents uufTi^Toi iUu 

d 2 

[1800.] .\xx [40 Geo. III.] 

don shall not shall be construed to give the Corporation of the City of London any Power 

have :iiiv juris- ... ' . 

diction OTLT the Of Jurisdiction over the said College hereby established and incorporated ; 

College. a J 

Northe Members and that no Persoii, by virtue of these our Letters Patent, constituted or 

of the College en- j • i . • i /- 

joj- any franthiBe ordaiucd, or hereafter to be admitted a Member of the said College, shall 

belonging to the 

Freemen of the be thereby entitled to any Franchise belonging to the Freemen of the City 

City of London. "^ wo j 

o(' London. 

The College to And it is Our further "WiU and Pleasure, and we do hereby, so far as "We 
pnv'Oeees and lawfully can or may, grant and ordain, that the said Royal College of 
possessions bv .surgeons hereby incorporated, shall and may exercise and enjoy all and 
any former . *,/-,• r-, r- • r, ■ ^^ 

Acts or Letters singular other the Gilts, Grants, Liberties, Privileges and Immunities, 

Patent, given Possessions, real and personal, whatsoever and wheresoever, hereinbefore 

to, or otnor- . 

wise acquired mentioned, or by any Act or Acts of Parliament, or by any Letters Patent, 

Co'moanv not °^ ^'^ Royal Predecessors, Kings and Queens of England given, granted, 

hereby altered, and confirmed unto, or otherwise lawfully acquired by, and belonging to 

the said late Master, Governors, and Commonalty of the Art and Science 

of Surgeons ; or any of them, and not hereby altered, taken away, changed, 

or abridged, made void, or annulled. 

The College li- ^ud it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that the College oi' Surgeous 

able to perform ' o o 

the*^ l?te"'com- ^^^reby established, shall be liable to, and shall perform, such Duties as the 
by'th^Actof 2^Hh ^^^^ dissolved Corporation of Surgeons was at any time heretofore liable to. 
the'^^better pre- ^nd did perform, by virtue of an Act made in the 25th Year of the Reign 
rfd" '°^rime °of of Oui' Koyal Grandfather, King George II., intituled, " An Act for the 
better preventing the horrid Crime of Murder." 

To provide a And further We "Will, that the said College shall, and by these Presents 

proper place , . , 

within four they are required to purchase or provide a proper Room, House, or Building, 

hundred yards ^^^ suitable Conveniences, within four hundred Yards, at the farthest. 

Irom the place ' ' 

of execution from the usual Place of Execution for the County of Middlesex, or the City 

the Bodies "of °^ London, and the Suburbs thereof; for the purpose of more conveniently 

Murderers. Dissecting and Anatomizing the Bodies of such Murderers as shall at any 

time hereafter be delivered to them, by virtue of the last mentioned Act. 

Power to elect And it is Our further WiU and Pleasure, that it shall and may be lawful. 
perTcms "toTe ^^ ^^^ ^^^ *^® ^^^^ College, hereby established and incorporated, from 
the Court of time to time in the Manner hereinafter mentioned, to elect, choose and 
the College ; appoint twenty-one Persons to be the Court of Assistants of the said Col- 

[1800.] xxxi £40 Geo. III.] 

lege: of which Court of Assistants ten Persons shall at aU times be consti- of which Xumber 

. . -„ ni •i/-in ij> '^^ shall be £xa- 

tuted and appointed Examiners oi burgeons tor the said College ; and ot miners, and of 

such ten, one 

such ten Persons one shall be Principal Master, and two others shall be ehaii be Princi- 
pal M;ister, and 

Governors ; to be respectively qualified and admitted in such manner, and two others Go- 
to continue in the said Offices respectively, for such time or times as by 
these Our Letters Patent is hereinafter ordered and appointed. And it The Master ana 

. -, ^ -n Governors, or 

shall and may be lawful for the Master ana liovernors ot the said College, one of them with 

ten other Mem- 

or for one of them, together with ten or more of the Members of the said bersofthe Court 

of Assistants, 

Court of Assistants for the time being, when and as often as to any one of ™ay 'loid Courts 

° •' to treat and con- 

the Master or Governors shall seem meet, to hold Courts and Assemblies, !,"■' about the 

' ' Government oi 

in order to treat and consult about, and concerning, the Rule, Order, State, ^^'^ College; 
and Government of the said College. And also that it shall and may be 
lawful to and for the said Master and Governors, and Court of Assistants, 
80 assembled, or the major part of them, to make, ordain, confirm, annul, and make and 
or revoke, from time to time, such Bye-Laws, Ordinances, Rules, and ^^"^ ^^ 

Constitutions, as to them shall seem requisite and convenient, for the Re- 
gulation, Government, and Advantage of the said College : so as such Bye- 
Laws, Ordinances, Rules, and Constitutions be not contrary to Law : and 
in all such cases as shall be necessary, be examined, approved of, and 
allowed, as by the Laws and Statutes of this Realm is provided and re- 
quired : and also to transact and ordain all such other Matters and Things "o^,. t»ijea<< aU 

^ ° such other bu- 

as the Master, Governors and Court of Assistants, of the late dissolved f.^^^l /\ *« 

' ' Court of Assist- 

Company or Corporation, of the Master, Governors, and Commonalty of the drssoivld^'^ci^ 
Art and Science of Surgeons of London, might heretofore lawfully do, coSd do.'^"** " 
transact, or ordain. 

And further We "Will, that Charles HAWKHfS, Esquire, one of Our Charles Haw- 
Principal Serjeant-Surgeons, shall be and he is hereby constituted and first Master, 
appointed the first Master of the said CoUege of Surgeons: and that William Long 
William Long and George Chajtdler, Esquires, shall be, and they are chandlw^ ^^ 

hereby constituted and appointed the first Governors of the same : And Esqs., the first 

that the said Charles FTawkins, William Long, and George Chandler, 

together with Joseph Warmer, William Lucas, Samuel Howard, and 

AViLLiAM Cooper, Esquires, the said James Earle, Thomas Keate, Esquire, 

the Surgeon-General to our Eoices, and Charles Blicke, Esquire, shall be, 

and they are hereby constituted and appointed the first Examiners of The first Court 

Surgeons for the said College. And also that the said Charles Hawkins, 

William Long, George Chandler, and Joseph Warner, Jonathaii 

[iSUU.] xxxii [40 Gen. HI.] 

Wathex, Esquire ; the said William Lucas, Samttei. Howard, William 
Cooper, Jaj»;s Earle, and Charles Bljcke, Thompson Forster, Esquire ; 
John Eirch, Esquire; the said Thomas Keate, John Heaviside, 
John Howard, William Blizard, and Henry Cline, Esquires ; David 
DcNDAs, Esquire ; the other of our Principal Serjeant-Surgeons ; and such 
three other Persons as shall he elected to that Office on the day whereon 
the Court of Assistants of the said College, hereby incorporated, shall first 
meet, after the Date of these our Letters Patent, or at a Court of Assist- 
Tlie first Court ^-^^^ ^q ^g holden within one Month then next after: shall be and they 

of Assistants. ■ -, r-, ^^ e 

are hereby constituted the first Court of Assistants ot the said CoUege of 
Surgeons, hereby incorporated and established. 

The Master and ^n(j it is Our further Will, that the said Master and Governors shall 

Governors to 

enjoy their OfB- respectivclv hold and enioy their said Offices of Master and Governors from 

ces until the first I J .' •» 

Thursday in July henccforth Until the first Thursday in July next after the Day of the Date 

next ; and until a j j j 

wrst^r "anir Go- ^^ thcsc Prescnts ; and from thenceforth until a new Election of a Mastei 
vernora. ^^^^ Govcrnors of the said Corporation shall take place, as is hereinafter 


The Ei;tmi- And We also Will, that the said Persons, so before named and consti- 
tuted Examiners of Surgeons of the said College, and their Successors in 
that Office, duly chosen, nominated, or appointed, and that the said Per- 

Assistants and sons so before named and constituted Assistants of the said College, 

tlieir Succes- established by these our Letters Patent, and their Successors in that 

sors •' 

to enjoy their Office, duly chosen, nominated or appointed, shall respectively hold and 

Offices for piiioy their said Offices during their natural lives, or until they shall be 

their natural '' ' ° 'J 

lives, or until lawfully removed out of the said Offices for any reasonable cause, 

The two princi- And it is Our further Will and Pleasure, that the two Principal Seijeant- 

pal Serjeant- it ^ r\ • 

Surgeons and the Surgcous to U s, and to Our Hcirs and Successors, and the Surgeon-General 

ral to the Forces to our Forccs, and to the Forces of Our Heirs and Successors, if they, or 

to be always ad- "^ 

courtl o'f" Assi^st'^ ^^'^ ^^ thom, at the times of their Appointments respectively, shall not be 
ners "%vhcl'"a"iy ^J^«^"^bers of thc Courts of Assistants and Examiners of the said College, 
"pl"n^in those ^^''^^^ ^^ ^'"'^"^ *^"^^ ^"^ ^™^ admitted Members of the said Couit ot Assist- 
encrto'airother ^^^^' ^^^ '^^^o Examiucrs of tho Said College hereby incorporated, when 
pc:son». gj^^i g^ g^^^ gg ^^^ Vacancy shall happen, from time to time, aft^r the 

Appointment of every such Serjeant-Surgeon, or Surgeon-General respect- 
ively, in preference to all other Persons. 

[1800.] xxxiii [40 Geo. III.] 

And further it is O'lr Will and Pleasure that the Master and Governors The Court of 

of the said CoUegCj Lereby incorporated and established, or one of them, ^■^^^^ within 

together with the Assistants of the said College, hereby nominated, or the t'^u'ty days and 

hold a Court 
major part of them, shall, within thirty Days next after the Date of these for the purpose 

Our Letters Patent, meet at such place at which the Persons, Members of °'''^''''r-"?,J^*° 
' ^ efleettlusChar- 

the said late Corporation, shall have usually held their Meetings, for the ter; and at such 

space of six Months next before the Day of the Date of these Presents, or i^iastgj. Gover- 

at such other place within the Cities of London or Westminster, or within "ors, Examin- 

one Mile of either of those Cities, as the Master or Governors, or any two ants to take 

of them, hereby constituted, shall in that behalf, by notice to be by them ^'^^, ioUowing 

given and published in the London Gazette, fourteen Days before the Day 

of holding such Meeting for that purpose, appoint ; and shall then and 

there hold a Court of Assistants, for carrying into effect these Our Letters 

Patent; and at such Court the said Master and Governors, Examiners 

and Assistants, or such of them as shall be then present, shall administer 

unto each other respectively, and each of them shall take the respective 

Oaths following, that is to say, the said Master and Governors shall take 

the following Oath : — " You do swear that, according to the best of your The Oath of 

" Skill and Knowledge, you will discharge the several Trusts and Powers the ^' aster aud 

° -^ ° Governors. 

'•' vested in you, as Master (or Governor, as the Case may be) of the Eoyal 

" College of Surgeons in London ; and that you will diligently maintain 

" the Honor and Welfare of the said College ; and in all Things, which 

" shall in any Sort concern your Office, you will act faithfully and honestly, 

•' without Favor or Alfection, Prejudice or Partiality, to any Person or 

" Persons whomsoever. — So help tou God." 

And that each of such Examiners and Assistants shall take the following 
Oath, that is to say — " You do swear, that so long as you shall remain in TlieOathofth* 
" the Office of Examiner (or Assistant, as the Case may be) of the Eoval 
" College of Surgeons in London, you will diligently maintain the Honor 
" and Welfare of the said College ; and in all Things relating to your 
" Office, and with all Manner of Persons, act equally and impartially, ac- 
" cording to the best of your Skill and Kjiowledge. — So help you God." 

And no Person hereby appointed or hereafter to be elected Master, No Person to 

Governor, Examiner, or Assistant of the said College, hereby established ff^ '" *^'o.r^ 

' D ' . those Utlices 

and incorporated, shall proceed to act in the execution of such Office, until without having 
he and they shall have taken the respective Oath and Oaths hereinbefore Oaihaiipointed 

Examiners and 

[1800.] xxxiv [40 Geo. IIT.] 

mentioned, which shall be duly administered to them respectively, at 
a Court of Assistants to be holden in pursuance of these Our Letters 

The Court o! Aa- And We further "Will, that the Master, Governors, and Assistants, for 

■iswnta upon the tiiih 

first Thursiiay in the time being, of the said College, hereby made and established, shall, 

J uly in every year, 

or within one upon the first Thursdav in the Month of July next after the Date of these 

month then after. l •' •' 

to meet anil thuse Q,^. Lettcrs Patent, or within one Month then after, and upon the first 

out of the Jbxumi- ' '■ 

ners one person Thursday in July, in every succeeding Year, or within one Month then 
oin °rmi*r7forthe ^^'^-'^'j ™cet in the Placc which shall from time to time be used, or appointed 
•ucc^eJmgyear. ^^ ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^-^, jj^^ ^j. CouncH-house, or as near to such HaU or 

Council-house as conveniently may be ; and then and there elect, chuse, 
and appoint out of the Examiners, by the Majority of Votes of such of the 
Court of Assistants as shall be then present, one Person to be Principal 
Master, and two other Persons to be Governors of the said College, for the 
And to appoint then Succeeding Year ; and then and there also, in like manner, chuse and 

the Serjeant-Sur- 
geons or the Sur- appoint one or more of Our Principal Serjeant- Surgeons, or the Surgeon- 

not already Ex- Qcncral of Our Forccs, if not already an Examiner or Examiners of Sur- 

aminers, and if > .1 

*^m other oftht S^^^^ ^^ ^he Said College ; or otherwise shall chuse and appoint out of 
ants"^' t°o fiif 'up ^ii^ir own Body, some other Person or Persons, to be Examiner or Ex- 
*han^h^''Tn"*the amiucrs of Surgeons for the said College, in the place and stead of such 
ner's^uniess^suoh Examiucr or Examiners as shall have happened to die, or have been re- 
have"been previ- moved from the Said Office of Examiner in the then next preceding Year, 
which it shall be uulcss such Vacaucies in the Office of Master or Governor, and in that 
Bp.ciai Court of Court, sliall havc been prenously filled up within the then preceding Year, 


which it shall be lawful for the said Court of Assistants to do, at any 
And also to chuse spccial Court to be held for that purpose. And also in like manner chuse 

out of the Mem- '^ ^ . 

bers of the Col- and appoint, out of the Members of the said College established by thc^^e 

lec'. some Person x 1 ' o j 

or Persons to be Presents, such Person or Persons to be of the Court of Assistants of the 

of the Court of 

^ff^e^o"/ ^Buch'of ^^^^ College, in the place of such Person or Persons who shall have hap- 
BWUiTvediedor pened to die in or have been removed from the said Office of one of the 
die then next pr'i° Court of Assistuuts in the then next preceding Year: unless such Vacan- 
i-ia"^ i>rev?oii""y cics in that Court shall have been pre^-iously filled up within the tlien 
jear. "'' *° " preceding Year; which it shall be lawful for the said Comt of Assistants 
to do, at a special Court to be held for that purpose. 

The Master or j^j^^ jj- ^g o^. ^viU and Pleasure, that the Master, or one of the Gover- 

of the Go- 
nrs, w 


mors, "'th^ten ^^^^^ togcthcr with ten Assistants at the least, shaU be at all times suffi- 

[1800.]' xxxy [40 Geo. III.] 

cient to constitute a Court of Assistants for the purpose of such Elections, ^ Cwrt oTlsfi"^ 

or for the purpose of transacting any other Business belonging to the said ^^^l of sudTEiec- 

Court. But that no Court of Assistants shall be holden for the special *Xr PuVo^es^' 

purpose of electing any Person to be Master, Governor, Examiner, or b "hokienTor tL 

Assistant ; without seven Days previous Xotice to be given for that pur- anTsucliiTiectToii. 

pose, by Summons to the Members of the Coui't of Assistants for the time Davs'uoticetothe 

Court of Assiat- 

beiilg. ants. 

And furtheraiore it is Our Will and Pleasure, that if, at any time or if the Master and 

Grovemors shall 

times hereafter, it shall happen that the Master and both the Governors die or be inca- 

^ ^ pable of acting at 

of the said College hereby established, shall die, or become incapable of ^^^ ^^^^ '""«» 
acting before the Election of a new Master and Governors, according to 

the Provisions hereinbefore contained, that then, and in every such case, ber of the "coun 

it shall and may be lawful for the senior Member of the Court of Assist- convene and w^ 

ants who shall be capable of attending, to summon, convene, and hold a fourteen days next 

„„,. i-iiniiiT p after the death or 

Court 01 Assistants which shall be held as soon as may be next alter the incapacity of the 

last of such Mas- 
Death or Incapacity of the last of such of them the said Master and ter or Governors. 

Governors, who shall be so dead or incapable of actins:; and that at such And at such Court 

' i o ' tbe Master and 

Court, a Master and Governors of the said College shall be elected for the ^^ail^der ^of the 

remainder of the then current Tear ; and that it shall and may be lawful g|j^"i 'b.^'^rfeJtlX 

for the senior Assistant of the said CoUege who shall be then present, to MembenvhoLh'Lji 

preside at and hold such Court, and to administer to the new Master and presi'de^'^at, *and 

Governors, who shall be then and there elected, the Oath appointed to be and administer to 

taken by the Master and Governors of the said College as aforesaid, any and Governors 

.... • T 1 11' -IT " '-^'^ Oath to be 

taing norein contained to the contrary thereof notwithstanding : And m taken by them. it shall so happen that on the Day aiipointed fur the ordinary Election i/. on the ordinary 

'-^ .? 1 1 . day of Election of 

of "Jkfaster and Governors for the ensuing Year, the Master and both the M^^^ter and Go- 

° ' vernors. the Mas- 

Governors shall be dead, or incapable of attending, the senior Member of GoTernors'^'VaU 

the Court of Assistants, Avho shall be present at the Court of Assistants to pabirof '^attend- 

be held for the purpose of such Election, shall preside at, and hold such M?mbe/ present 

Court, and administer to the now Master ana Governors, who shall then oiurt and admi- 
and there be elected, the Oath appointed to be taken by the Master and 

Governors of the said College as aforesaid, any thing herein contained to if it shall at any 

time happen that 

the contrary notwithstanding : And in case it shall at any time happen, no Court of As- 
sistants can be 

that the Persons who shall assemble at the Day and Place appointed for hfW by reason of 

^ the absence of any 

any Court of Assistants to be holden in pursuance of these our Letters "^ ^^^e .Member* 

^ whose presence 

Patent, shall not be capable of holding such Court, by reason of the Absence fl^"*^' be required ; 

' i ° 'J the senior Mem- 

of any of the Members of the suid Court whose Presence shall be reijuired ^^[ournure'court 

[1800.] xxxvi [40 Geo. IIL] 

to n future (Ih? ; for that purposc, it shall be lawful for the senior Member present to 

but no such ad- -iji i»t 

jouninient shaii adjourD such Court to a futiire Day, proncled that no such Adjournment 

lake place until _,.".„. 

*fter the eipira- shall bc madc Until after the Expiration oi one hour at the least, from the 

tion of one hour, 

from the tin.e ap- Hour appointed for holding such Court. 

pointed for hold- ^'^ 

ing the Court. 

No person shall And it is our further Will and Pleasure, that after the Day of the Date 
coming a Member of thcse Prcscnts, uo Persou except those who before the Day of the Date 

of the College, -iri i'i_i/-i • />o 

except the Mem- of thcsc Prcscuts wcrc JJlembers oi the late Corporation of Surgeons, 

bers of the late . 

dissolved Com- established by the said Act, made and passed in the eighteenth Year of 

|)any, and persons 

who have since the llcim of OuT Eoyal Grandfather, King George II. ; and also except- 

tKe dissolution ° •' ' o o » r 

thereof obtained i,)nr guch Persous as shall havc received such Letters Testimonial as afore- 

Jyetters lestimo- ° 

hl^shati'^'hav" ob- ^^^^' Under a Seal purporting to be the Seal of the late dissolved Company 
Umoniai"'^under 0^' Corporation of Surgeons, shall be capable of becoming a Member of the 
LoUegr^ °^ ^^^ s-iid College hereby established, unless he shall have obtained Letters Tes- 
timonial of his Qualification to practise the Art and Science of Surgery, 
but every person under the Commou Seal of the College hereby established ; but eveix 

"ho shall here- -^ j 

jfter obtain such Person who shall hereafter obtain such Letters Testimonial, under the 

Ijetters lestimo- 

"'Member'^orthe ^'oni™on Seal of the College aforesaid, shall thereby, by ^•irtue of such 
college. Letters Testimonial, become and be constituted a Member of the said Col- 

lege, subject to all the Regulations, Provisions, and Bye-Laws of the said 

T>ic Court of And it is our further WiU and Pleasure, that from and after such Day 
from time to ^n which the Court of Assistants of the College hereby established shall 

time, upon re- £j.gj. meet, in the manner before-mentioned, the Examiners of the College 
quest of the ' _ ® 

Commander in of Surgeons hereby established, shall, and they are hereby required from 

Lords of ""le ^^^^ ^° time, upon Request to them made by the Commander in Chief of 

Admiralty, to our Forces, and by the Lord High Admiral or Commissioners for execu- 

tny and navv ^^°o the Office of Lord High Admiral, or any other Officer of Us, Our 

Surgeons and Jjeirs or Successors, properly authorized to examine every Person who 

tlieir Assistants _ * _ 

and Mates, shall be a Candidate to be appointed to seiTe as a Surgeon or Assistant 

Surgeon in any Regiment, Troop, Company, Hospital, or Garrison of 

Soldiers, in the Service of Ourselves, Our Heirs or Successors, or to serve 

as a Surgeon or Surgeon's Mate, appointed on Board any Ship or Ships in 

the Service of Ourselves, Our Heirs or Successors, or any other Service in 

and for sucti Eia- which Wc, Our Hcirs or Successors shall think fit to employ anv Person.* 

ininations to re- , _ _ i. j • 

ceive such Fee as to act iu any such Capacities, and shall accept and receive for each such 

iihall be allowed . 

(hem from time Examination, from the Persons so examined respectively, such Fee or 

to time by the e J 

Ortiicr or rifT^ccrs 

[1800.] xxxvii [40 Geo. III.] 

Reward as shall from time to time be allowed by such Officer or Officers of ^i^<^ ^hnii be au- 
thorized to re- 
Us, Our Heirs or Successors, as shaU be authorized to require such qi!'r<^ 8'<^h Eia- 

' ' ^ ruinations, 

Examinations, to be had respectively, and no more : and shall also in like ;'"'i ^haii also in 

' i. .< ' i,lje manner, eia- 

uianner examine all Sursreons' Instruments to be used in Our Service, P^'"*" Surgeong- 

" Instruments, 

which they shall be required in like manner to examine, and shall return and shall return 

. 1 -r. T. 1 n 1 ^^^ ^""^^ when 

such Instruments, when examined, to such rerson or rersons as shall be examined, au- 

. tlieiita-Hted in 

appointed to receive the same, with such Certificate, in such Form, and such manner a« 

shall be requir<<d, 

properly sealed up, or otherwise authenticated in such manner as the 
Officer or Officers, from time to time, to be appointed by Us for siich 
Purposes, shaU require ; and talcing for the same Examination such Fee t?'^'"? fo' 8"ch 

I ' i- ' o iiaminations 

or Reward as shall be allowed from time to time by such our Officer or ^uuh as shall 

•' De allowed by 

Officers respectively, and no more. Tme tftlZ'"" 

Provided that 
such Fees so to be 

Provided alwavs, that the Fees or Rewards from time to rime to be from time to time 

api)oiiited for the 

appointed as aforesaid, for the Examination of any such Person or Instru- -Kx^im'nation of 

^ ^ "^ any euoh person 

ments as aforesaid, shall not be less than the Fees or Rewards heretofore °l ,,'nsiriiinents. 

shall not be Jess 

paid for the like Examinations respectively. i^*"" }^^ ^'•"^\ 

' i- J heretofore paid 

for the like Exa- 

And further "We WiU that no Court or Courts for the Examination of No Court of Era- 

. miners to be held 

any Person or Persons touching their Skill in Surgerv, shall ever be held unless m the pre- 

" senee of the -Mas- 

but in the Presence of the Master or one of the Governors, and five of 'f • <"■ fip of the 

(rovernors and 

the Members, at least, of the Court of Examiners of the said ColleiJfe, ^''^ Members of 

' '^ ' the Court of l>;ia- 

hereby established and incorporated as aforesaid. ■ "'nersatif-ast. 

A.nd it is Our further TMU and Pleasure, that the Members of the said The Memhrrs .f 

. the late Coiiij an. 

late Corporation and such other Persons who, since the Dissolution thereof, and such peraoj>\ 

who have, sine. 

shall have obtained such Letters Testimonial under a Seal, purporting to the dissolution 

^ ^ ° thereof, obtained 

be the Seal of the late dissolved Company or Corporation as aforesaid ; L'-tters Testimo. 
and who shall be -willing to become and be Members of the said College '"^ willing t^ 

^ ° come Membi' 

hereby established and incorporated, shall testify their Acceptance of tl^gtifv^'thef '. ' 

these Our Letters Patent, and their Consent to become Members of the the'cmirt'of ' 

said College, by signifpng such their Acceptance and Consent in Writing sii^months^'^er 

to the Court of Assistants, within six calendar Months after the Date of charten** o t e 

these Our Letters Patent, who shall cause such Acceptance and Consent '^^'ch accept- 

i ance and consent 

to be entered in certain Books to be kept for that purpose, at the Hall or f^''",ro ur'^'books 
Council-house of the said College ; and the said Court of Assistants are CoUw;^"'^' "' "^* 
hereby reqiured to keep such Books, and have such Entries made thereia 

n300,] xxxviii [40 Geo. ill.] 

And such persons ^(j it {g Qur further Will and Pleasure, that such and so many of the 

who fihall not sig- 
nify their consent ;^£ember3 of the said late Corporation, and of such Persons as shall have 

within the ttaie '■ 

limited, shall not obtained such Letters Testimonial as aforesaid, as shall not, within the 

be deemed Jlem- 

Urs of the Col- ^\^q aforesaid, signify in manner aforesaid their Acceptance of these Our 
unless admitted Letters Patent, shall not be deemed or be ^Members of the said College, 

"Members thereof 

by the Court of unlcss thcv shall be duly admitted to be Members thereof by the said 

Assistants upon ■' 

special appiica- Qc^^^t of Assistants, UDon Special application made to them for that 

tiunina^letothem ' '■ ■^ *• ■^ 

for that purpose, pm-pose. 

J3ut all persons Provided always, that if any of such Persons shall happen to be beyond 

beyond the seas at 

the time of the the Scas at the Date of these Our Letters Patent, it shall be lawful for 

date of the Char- 
ter may signify such Persons respectively to signify their Acceptance thereof, in manner 

their consent if J r> j r 

within six months aforcsaid, within six calendar Months after they shall return respectively 

after their return ' j c j 

to this Kingdom. 
But the Master. Nevertheless, it is Our "Will and Pleasure, that the Master, Governors, 

(rovernors and 

Court of Assist- and Assistants, of the College hereby established, and hereinbefore 

ants may j>roceed 

to hold a Court to specially named and appointed, shall and may proceed to hold a Court for 
into effect, with- the purpose of carrying these Our Letters Patent into Execution, as 
sicnifled their ^foresaid, without having testified their Assent to, and Acceptance of, 

consent and ac- ' o ' i » 

cSrt"r' "^^ *^* sndh. Letters Patent, by any Writing, or by any Entry to be made in 
manner aforesaid. — Witness His Majesty, at Westminster, the 22d Day 
of March, in the fortieth Year of Has Keign, 

By Writ of Privy Seal, 


[1822.] xxxix [3 Geo. IV.] 


13th Febrtjakt, 1822. 

GEORGE THE EOURTH, by the Grace of God, of the United Ungdom 

oi Great Rritain and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all 

TO WHOM these Presents shall come, greetina:. TN'hereas our late Royal Kccilalof Let. 

' o o J ^pj.g Patent of 

Father King George the Thiid, by certain Letters Patent under the Great 40th George 
Seal of Great Britain, bearing date the twenty-second day of jVIarch in the 
Fortieth Year of his Eeign ; Reciting (among other things) that a certain 
then late Corporation of Master, Governors, and Commonalty ofthe Artand 
Science of Surgeons of London, had become and then was dissolved ; and 
that it was of great consequence to the Common Weal of the Kingdom 
that the Art and Science of Surgery should be duly promoted ; and ihat 
the establishment of a College of Surgeons would be expedient for the 
due promotion and encouragement of the study and practice of the said 
Art and Science ; of his special grace and mere motion, and at the humble 
Petition of James Earle, Esq., then late Master, and divers other Members 
of the aforesaid then late Corporation of Surgeons ; for himself, his HeLi'S 
and Successors, did (among other things) will, ordain, constitute and de- 
clare, give, and grant unto the aforesaid James Earle, and unto all the 
Members of the said then late Company or Corporation of Master, Gover- 
nors, and Commonalty of the Art and Science of Surgeons of London, 
having been admitted and approved Surgeons, within the Rules of the said 
Company, and also unto aU such persons, who upon, or since the dissolu- 
tion of the said Corporation, should have obtained Letters Testimonial, 
under a Seal purporting to be the Seal of the said then late dissolved Cor- 
poration, authorising them to practise the Art and Science of Surgery ; 
that they, from thenceforth for ever thereafter, should be and remain, by 
virtue of the said Letters Patent, one Body Corporate and Politic, by the 
name of The Royal College of Stjkgeons in London, and should be at all 
times, for ever thereafter, persons able and capable in law to take, pur- 
chase, possess, hold, and enjoy, and should and might take, pm-ohase, pos- 
sess, hold and enjoy, a Hall, or Council-House, with its appurtenances, 
situate within the Cities of London or Westminster, or within one mile 
of either of them, for the use and purposes of the said College ; and also 

[1822.] xl [3 Geo. IV.] 

any other Lands, Tenements, Rents, or Hereditaments, wheresi-»evor 
situate, l5'ing, and being ; not exceeding, together with the aforesaid Hall 
or Council-house and its appurtenances, the yearly value of One thousand 
Pounds in the whole, without incurring any of the Penalties in any Statute 
of Mortmain, or any thing, in any Statute of Mortmain, to the contrary 

Furthci recital -AjND WHEREAS in and by the said Letters Patent our said late Royal 
of Letters Pa- Father did further Will that the said College should, and by the said Let- 

tont of 40th 

George III. ters Patent they were required to purchase or provide a proper Room, 

House, or Building, with suitable conveniences, within four hundred yards, 
at the furthest, from the usual place of Execution for the County of Mid- 
dlesex, or the City of London, and the suburbs thereof, for the of 
more conveniently dissecting and anatomizing the Bodies of such Mur- 
derers as should at any time thereafter be delivered to them, by virtue of 
a certain Act passed in the Twenty-fifth Year of the Reign of His Majesty 
King George the Second, entitled, " An Act for the better preventing the 
horiid Crime of Murder." 

Fnrtlier recital ^^ WHEREAS in and by the said Letters Patent it was further declared 

of Letters Pa- to be the Will and Pleasure of our said late Roval Father, that it should 
tent of 40th . . ' . 

Gtorgelll. and might be lawful to and for the said College, thereby established and 

incorporated, from time to time in the manner thereinafter mentioned, to 

elect, choose and appoint twenty-one persons to be the Court of Assistants 

of the said College ; of which Court of Assistants ten persons should at 

all times be constituted and appointed Examiners of Surgeons for the said 

College ; and of such ten persons one should be principal Master, and two 

others should be Governors, to be respectively qualified and admitted in 

manner thereby provided. 

Further recital ^^ WHEREAS in and by the said Letters Patent it was further declared 

of Letters Pa- to be the Will and Pleasure of our said late Royal Father, that the two 
tent of 40th ..,„ ^ .,, -^ , ^ , ,.-n-. 

George III. principal Sergeant-burgeons to our said late Royal Father, his Heirs and 

Successors, and the Surgeon-General to the Forces of our said late Royal 
Father, his Heirs and Successors, if they, or any of them, at the times of 
their appointments respectively, should not be Members of Courts of As- 
sistants and Examiners of the said College, should be from time to timfi 
admitted Members of the said Court of Assistants and also Examiners of 

[1S22.] >li [3 Geo. IV.] 

the said College there'by incorporated, when and so soon as any vacancy 
v.M happen, from time to time, after the appointment of every such 
cant-Surgeon or Surgeon-General respectively, in preierence to all 
oiner persons. 

A>:d whereas it appears to Us to be expedient, in order more efFectuallv Preamble. 

to promote and encourage the study and practice of the said Art and 

Science of Surgery, that further powers and privileges be granted to the 

said Eoyal College: Now know ye, that We of our especial grace aud 

mere motion, at the humble petition of the said Royal College, have willedi 

ordained, constituted, declared, and granted, and by these Presents for Us, 

Our Heirs and Successors, do wiU, ordain, constitute, declare, and grant 

unto the said Royal College, that the said Royal College of Surgeons in The CoHoge 
T -1 1 II 1 T 1 1111- T J mayhold Lands 

London shall and may take, purchase, possess, hold, and enjoy, any Lands, ^^ Rents to the 

Tenements, Rents, or Hereditaments, wheresoever situate, lying, and -^t^^^i^a ^*'^^*'" °^ 
being ; not exceeding, together with the aforesaid Hall or Council-house 
and its appurtenances, and the Lands, Tenements, Rents, or Heredita- 
ments now held by them, the yearly value of Two thousand Pounds, in the 
whole, without incurring any of the Penalties in any Statute of Mort- 
main, or any thing, in any Statute of Mortmain, to the contrary notwith- 

And We do hereby also for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, give and Persons may 

. convey Lands 

grant our especial licence, full power, and lawful and absolute authority, or Rents to the 

10 any Person or Persons, Bodies Politic or Corporate, their Heirs and C^o^^o*^"- 

Successors respectively, to grant, alien, sell, convey and dispose of in 

Mortmain, in perpetuity or otherwise, to or to the use and benefit of, or 

in trust for, the said Royal College of Surgeons any Lands, Tenements, 

Rents, or Hereditaments whatsoever not exceeding, together with the 

aforesaid Hall or Council-house and its appurtenances, and the Lands 

Tenements, Rents, or Hereditaments now held by thom, the yearly value 

aforesaid of Two thnusiind Pounds in the whole. And it is our further 

Will and Pleasure that tbe said College shall not be hereafter recinired to ^he College to 

'^ ^ provide tor the 

purchase or provide a proper Room, House or Building, as hereinbefore di^sectionofthe 

mentioned, within four hundred j-ards at the farthest from the said usual ^i^^^.^g* *'withhi 

place of Execution, but that in lieu thereof it shaU be sufficient for the half a mile from 
■inn 1 1 1 -n 1 ■ 1 % the usual ijlace 

*aid LoJlcgc, and by these Presents they are required, to purchase or pro- of Execution. 

nde such Room, House or Building, with suitable conveniences, Mitliin 

[1822.] xlii [3 Geo. IV.] 

half a mile at the farthest from the said usual place of Execution for the 
purpose in the said Letters Patent mentioned. 

AsD IT 13 our further "Will and Pleasure that the Names, Styles, ami 

Titles of Office of the principal Muster, Governors, and Court of Assistants 

of the said Royal College shall be altered respectively in manner follow- 

ihe title of Rfas- ing, that is to Say ; the principal Master shall in future be called and de- 

PresidentT*^ nominated the President of the said Royal College ; the Governors shall 

The title of Go- in future be called and denominated the Vice-Presidents of the said Royal 

vemorB changed . in-/ 

to Vice - Pr. si- College ; and the Court of Assistants shall m future De called and deno- 

dents. and Court 

<\i Assistants to minated the Council of the said Royal College. 

CouncLL "^ " 

The two prin- AxD IT IS our further Will and Pleasure that if any Person who shall 

Surgeons^ and ^^ '^^^ *^™^ hereafter be appointed one of the two principal Scrjeant- 

the Surgeon- Surgeons to Us, or to Our Heirs and Successors, or Sm-geon-General to 

tlie Council to the Forces of Us, Our Heirs and Successors, shall be at the time of such 

be admitted to Appointment or shall at any time thereafter be chosen a Member of the 

the Court of ^ ^ "^ . 

Examiners on Council of the said College, he shall in that case, when and so soon as any 

the tirsk va- yag^ncy shall happen in the Court of Examiners of the said College, be 
admitted a Member of the said Court in preference to each and every 
other Member of the Council ; and that such principal Serjeant-Surgeons 
fuid Surgeon-General shall not have any other preference whatever either 
in respect of admission to the said Council or the Court of Examiners of 
the said College, any thing in the said Letters Patent to the contrary not- 

Tlie College to AxD IT IS OUT further Will and Pleasure that it shall and may be law- 
enjoy the right £^j^ ^Q ^j^jj ^Qj. ^j^g g^-^ College at all times hereafter, and upon all such 
of having a ° / , 
Mace. occasions as they shall think proper and expedient to exercise and enjoy 

the Right and Privilege of having a Mace, and of causing the same to be 
borne by such Officer as they shall appoint for that purpose. In Witxess 
whereof We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent. WmrEsa 
Oursclf, at Our Palace of Westminster, this thirteenth Day of Februarj-, 
in the Thiid Year of Our Reign. 

By Writ of Privy Seal, 


[1843.] xliii [7 Vict.] 

7th victoria. 
14th September, 1843. 

VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Groat 

Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, To all to avhom these 

PRESENTS SHALL COME, GREETING, Wheeeas the Bodv Politic and Corporate -^^^l!^?, ^"^"^ 
' ' •' _ ^ the College was 

of The Royal College of Surgeons in London was incorporated or re- mcor]5oratedor 
established under or by virtue of a certain Charter or Letters Patent, >,''' charter ' of 
bearing date at Westminster, the twenty-second day of March, in the 4l)th George 
Fortieth Year of the Reign of King George the Third, or otherwise, as in 
ejucti Letters Patent mentioned or referred to, and the said College is now 

regulated and governed by and according to the Provisions of such Charter Recites That 

or Letters Patent, and a certain other or Supplemental Charter, granted a supplemental 
by Letters Patent bearing date at Westminster the thirteenth day of granted 3rd 
February in the Third year of the Reign of King George the Fourth, and ^°^S^ 
also by or according to certain Bye-Laws and Ordinances made by the 
said College for its regulation and better government. 

AiTD WHEREAS the Body Politic and Corporate of the said College at ^*|f''coTie''e'^ at 
present consists of persons created Members of the said College by the said orja-mberecon* 
first-mentioned Charter, or constituted such Members by Letters Testi- tere TcBtimoniai 
monial, under the Common Seal of the said College, of the respective the" ^Gov..-ming 
qualifications of such persons to practise the Art and Science of Surgery . a Council of 
And the Governing Body of the said CoUege consists of a Council of of tirem being 

Examiners, one 

twenty-one of the Members of the College, ten of them being also Exa- of such ten per- 
sons being also 

miners of Surgeons for the CoUege, and one of such ten persons being also ti^e President, 

® '^ ' ^ ° and two of them 

the President and two of them the Vice-Presidents of the College and the t^«, Vice-Presi- 

° dents. 

two principal Serjeant-Surgeons to us and to our Heirs and Successors and Pj^'^''*^"!''''-. ., 

i- I- J D the two principal 

the Surgeon-General to the Forces, of us, our Heirs and Successors, pro- gt':onT"and'^'the 
vided they shall have been chosen Members of the Council, have at present rar^'^°'(pro"'d"ea 
a preference of being admitted Examiners of the said Colicge before all bet-n * " chosen 
other persons whene\er vacancies happen in the Court of Examiners of the Council) have a 

f, -.-I preference of 

tollege. being admitted 

C EzttmiuerH. 

[1843.] xliv [7 Vict.] 

Declares that it And WHEREAS, in order more effectually to promote and encourage the 
creat'e'^ a^^new study and practice of the said art and science of Surgery, It appears to us 

class of Mem- expedient, that a new class of Members of the said CoUege, to be called 
bers, to be call- i • , i ■ p ^ ^ t, •, 

ed Fellowe. Fellows, should be created, and (with the exception of the first Fellows 

hereinafter named and directed and authorized respectively to be appointed ) 

be required, in order to obtain the Diploma of their Fellowship, to have 

attained a greater age than is at present necessary in the case of Ordinary 

Members of the said College, and to have complied with such Rules and 

Tbat the number Regulations, and passed such Examination as hereinafter mentioned; That 

of the Council 

should be in- the number of the Members of the Council of the said College should be 

creased, and that 

all future Mem- increased, and that all future Members of the Council be chosen from the 

bers be chosen 

firora the FuiiOTFs. j^eUows of the CoUegc and hold their office for a limited period only, in- 

riod^oiiy 'instead ^^^'"^^ °^ ^^^ ^^*^' '^^^ ^^^^ ^^^ ^^8"^^ ^^ electing Members of the Council be 

the^'penon's^'to transferred from the Council (with whom such right now resides) to the 

oT'decti'ng'^'fhe Body of such Fcllows ; That alterations be also made as regards the elec- 

aiterat'ions be tiou and admissiou and continuance in office of the future Examiners of 

ffards "the eiee- the Collcgc, and that certain further powers and privileges should also be 

and' continuance granted to the said CQllege. Now know te. That We, of our espscial 

in office of future . .^ , . . . ^ , 

Examiners. grace and mere motion, at the Humble Petition of the said Royal College, 

HATE willed, ordained, constituted, and declared and granted, and by these 
presents for us, our Heirs and Successors, do wiU, ordain, constitute and 
declare, and unto the said Rotax College of Sukgeons in Loijdon do grant, 
in manner following, to wit : 

1. The name of 1. That from henceforth the Corporate Xamo or Style of the said CoUcge 
the Rnyai College shall bc — The Rotal College OF SuRGEOXS OF ExGLAXD, and that a portion 

of Surgeons of 

Kngiand. and a of the Members of the said College shall be Fellows thereof by the name 

portion oi tne 


2. First Fcl- 2. That the present President and two Vice-Presidents, and all other 
the present Members of the Council of the said College, and also such 
several other persons, not being less than two hundred and fifty nor more 
than three hundred in number, and being Members of the said College, as 
the Council of the said College, at any time or times before the expiration 
of three calendar months from the date hereof, shall elect and declare to 
be Fellows in manner hereinafter directed, together with any such other 
persons as the Council of the said College, after the expiration of the said 
three calendar mouths, and -n-itliin one year from the date hereof, shall 



[7 Vict,] 

think fit and shall appoint in manner hereinafter authorized, shall be 
Fellows of the said College. 

3. -That the Council of the said College, with all convenient speed after 
the date of these our Letters Patent, and before the expiration of three 
calendar months from the date hereof, and in such manner as the said 
Council shall deem best, shall elect to be Fellows of the said College any 
such number of persons, being Members of the said College, and not being 
in the whole less than two hundred and fifty nor more than three hundred, 
as the said Council shall think proper : And also shall, before the expira- 
tion of such three calendar months, by one general Diploma, under the 
Seal of the said College, and in such form as the Coancil shall think fit 
declare, or cause such persons to be declared FeUows of the Royal College 
of Siirgeons of England accordingly ; but the names of all such persons, so 
declared Fellows, shall be contained and set forth in a Schedule to such 
general Diploma. And such general Diploma shall also, within two 
calendar months after the Seal of the said College shall have been affixed 
thereto, be enrolled in our High Court of Chancery. 

3. The Council 
shall within 
tliree montlis 
elect n ot less 
than 250 iicr 
more than 300 
JMeinbersof the 
College to be 

4. That it shall also be lawful for the Council of the said College, at 4. Power of the 

any time or times after the expiration of the said three calendar months ouncil wit Inn 
•' ^ one year to uu- 

and before the expiration of one year fi'om the date hereof, by Diploma or point other 
Diplomas imder the Seal of the said College, and in such form as the said Fellowa.* 
Council shall think fit, and without any Fee, to appoint any other person 
or persons (being a Member or Members of the said College) to be a Fellow 
or Fellows of the said lloyal College of Surgeons of England. 

5. That, except as hereinbefore mentioned, no person shall booome or 
be admitted a FeUow of the said College until after he shall have attained 
the age of Twenty-five years, and shall also have complied with such Eules 
and Eegulations as the Council of the said College shall from time to time 
consider expedient, and by a Bye- Law or Bye-Laws direct, nor unless he 
shall have passed such special Examination by the Examiners of tlie said 
College, as the Council shall from time to time think fit, and by a Bye-Law 
or Bye-Laws direct, that Candidates for a Fellowship of the said College 
shall undergo ; but every fit and proper person having attained such age, 
and compUed with such Eules and Eegulations, and passed such special 
Examination, shall bo entitled to be admitted a FcUow of the said College. 


5. Except aa 
mentioned, no 
person tobc ad- 
mitted aFellow 
until he shaU 
have attained 
the age oftwen- 
t_v-five, liave 
complied with 
such Rules and 
Regulations as 
shall be consi- 
dered expe- 
dient, and have 
passed a special 

[1843.] xlvi [7 Vict.] 

Admissionof 6. That the admittance of every such new Fellow as last mentioned, 

•by Diploma, *»^^''l ^le by Diploma under the Seal of the said College, in such form aj 

and every Fel- tj^g Council of the College shall from time to time think fit and direct • 

low (not being i-j-r-in ^i^ -jz-in 

ali-cady a ilera- and that every person so admitted a 1 ellow of the said CoUege, and not 

ber) to be a ijein!? already a Member thereof, shall also, by virtue of such his admit- 
Member by vir- ^ j .> ^ 

tue of his Fel- tance as a Fellow, become and be considered admitted as a Member of the 
** ^' said College. 

7. Admission- 7. That the Fee to be paid on the admittance of every such new Fellow 

Fee of a Fellow ^ jj^g^. aforesaid (over and besides the stamp-dutv on his admittance or 

to be any sum _ . ' 

not exceeding Diploma), shall be any such sum not exceeding the sum of Thirty-one 

ThirtyGuineas. po^^^^jg ^en Shillings, as the Council of the said College shall from time to 
time think fit, and by a Bye-Law or Bye-Laws direct. 

8. Diplomas of g That where several Diplomas shall be granted on the same day 

the same day to (whether to such new Fellows as last aforesaid, or to any Fellows to be 

e num ere o g^eated after the said first three calendar months, and within the first year 
from the date hereof as aforesaid), such Diplomas shall be numbered under 
such Regulations as the Council may think fit, in order to show the ordei 
and priority of such Diplomas among themselves. 

9. A Eegister 9. That the Council of the said College shall cause the name of every 

Fellows accord- Fellow for tne time being of the said College, and if thought fit by the 

ing to their se- Council, together also with the place of residence of every such Fellow, to 

veral senior- . , 

ities, and to be be entered according to their several seniorities (in the manner and to be 

Bpection of determined or ascertained respectively as hereinafter mentioned), in a Book 
Members. or Register to be kept for that purpose at the Hall of the said CoUege, or 

such other place for the time being as the said Council shall direct ; and 
such Book or Register of Fellows, at such times and subject to such rea- 
sonable and proper Regulations as the Council for the time being shall 
think fit and direct, shall be open to the inspection of any Member of the 
said College (whether Fellow or not), at the Hall of the said College, or 
How •eniority other place appointed for the time being for the custody of the same. And 
be determined the Seniority of such Fellows to be entered in such Book or Register as 
aforesaid, shall be and be determined or ascertained respectively as follows, 
that is to say, The present President shall be entered first, the two present 
Vice-Presidents, according to their respective seniority next after him, and 
then all the other present Members of the Council according to thcii 

[1843.] xlvii [7 Vict.] 

respective seniorities, and immediately after such the present Members of 
the Council ; the Fellows to be elected within three calendar months from 
the date hereof as hereinbefore directed, according to the order and priority 
of their names, as the same shall be contained and set forth in the Sche- 
dule to such general Diploma, whereby they shall be so declared Fellows 
as hereinbefore dii'ected ; and, with respect to all other Fellows, their 
names shall be entered according to the dates of their respective Diplomas ; 
and when the Diplomas of any FeUows shall bear date on the same day, 
then as regards or between such FeUows according to the order and 
priority in which the Diplomas shall be so numbered, as hereinbefore 

10. That from henceforth no Member of the said College, who shall not lO- No Membei 

not a Fellow to be 

also be a Fellow of the same, shall be eligible as a Member of the Council eligible as a Aiem- 

ber of the Coun- 

of the said College; nor (but subject and without prejudice to the validity "^ 
of any Election to be made as hereinafter dii'ected) shall any Fellow be so 

_ • _ .... No Fellow to be 

eligible whilst practising Midwifery or Pharmacy, or who shall have prac- 5/ * ^/ ^ ^ ^f r?® " 
tiscd MidAvifery or Pharmacy at any time dui'ing the five years next pre- fj". ""^^i^* , ^'^'^' 
ceding the day of Election, nor ulIcss he shaU reside and bond fide practise who^shaThave so 
his profession of Sui-geon within five miles by highway or road from the live''''y'elrs'^"ne« 
General Post-Office in St. Martin's-le-Grand. And if any Member of the ronSuniess'h; 
Council shall at any time after his Election practise Midwifery or Phar- practia^^' tithln 
raacy, or shall cease to reside and bond fide practise his profession of ft°nerai Post- 
Surgeon within five miles of the General Post-Olfice, as aforesaid, he shall 
be liable to removal from the Council. 

11. That the present Members of the Council of the said College shall 11. Present Mem 

. bers of Council to 

be and continue Life Members thereof as heretofore, and that the number continue for life, 

the niuuber of the 

of the Members of the Council shall in the manner hereinafter mentioned Council to be in- 
creased to twen- 

be increased from twenty-one to twenty-four, and that all future Members ^'embers to*"be 
of the Council shall be elective and be elected periodicaUy, in the manner eS-nXluyTaa 
and subject to the regulations hereinafter mentioned and dii-ected. after mentioned. 

12. That upon the first Thursday in the Month of July in the year 12. Upon the first 

. ' J J Thursilay in July 

one thousand eight hundred and forty-four, or within one calendar month next ensuing date 

hiTeof (or within 

afterwards, and in tho manner hereinafter mentioned, three Fellows of """^ month) in 

' inannera f te r 

the said College shall be chosen to be additional Members of the Council FeUowstobecC 
of the said CoUege ; and that upon the first Thursday in July in every \-^^^ ^^.^^1', 

of the Council. 

[1843.] xlviii [7 Vict] 

And at the same succeedin? year, for ever thereafter, or within one calendar mouth after - 

period in every " •' ' 

succeeding year ^ards, and in the manner hereinafter mentioned, three Fellows shall be 

three r ello ws ' 

Member8'''**of choscn to be members of the Council; and in every such succeeding 
in"e^h year in J^ar in which there shall be no vacancy, or less than three vacancies 
be'^no va'ancvl'or amoug the Life Members of the Council, three of the Elective Members of 
imong'^he L^fe the Couucil, 01 such Icss numbcr of such Elective Members as, with the 
of*" the Elective number of vacancies in that year among the Life Members, will make up 

Members, or such ,,i n rf ^ -i \ 11 

less number as the uumbcr three, shall go out oi omce upon the day whereon such three 

with the vacancies ^ -%r ^ o • 1 t t 1 e 

among Life Jiera- FcUows shall be choseu to be Members as aforesaid, so that the number of 

bers shall make 

the number three, the Couucil shall at no time exceed twenty-four; and in every such 

shall go out of 

office, and when succeeding vcar in which there shall be three or more than three vacan- 

niore than three '' 

vacancies among ^j^^g amoug the Life Members, none of the Elective Members shall go out 

Life Members, " ' " 

tivrMembe?s''^to ^^ office in that year, and three Fellows, and three only, shall be chosen 
Indthree Fe°Uow8 to fill up three of such vacancies among the Life Members, and the re- 
toUirup^hree"o"f maiuing vacancy or vacancies of that year (if any) shall be considered 
and thV n^main^ and treated as a vacancy or vacancies among the Life Members in the 
be treated as Life foUowing year or years, as the case may be or require. But from and 

vacancies for fol- .,, Pi'-m--tri i-i^n 

lowing year or after the pcnod when the number oi the Elective Members oi the Coun- 

years, as the case /> 1 ir i 

may require. cil sliall be Completed and made up to twenty-four, three of the Members 

when the num- 
ber of Elective of the Council shall go out of office every year, upon the day whereon three 

Members shall be ° J J ^ L J 

completed to ng-^ Members shall be elected, as aforesaid. But in all cases Fellows 

twenty-four three 

of the Council to nroiug out of office shall notwithstanding be eligible for nomination and im- 

go out of emce 00 o o 

in^aif'^es Fei- ™ediate re-election, and, continuing eligible in other respects, their namee 
!)'ffice^to"be°eb^- shall be announced to the Meeting accordingly in the order and manner 
bie^for re-eiec hereinafter diicctcd. 

13. Those 13. That the Elective Members of the Council, who shall from time to 

Members tx) go ^-^^^ ^^j. ^^ ^^^^ ^^ ^j^^ manner hereinbefore mentioned and dii-ected. 

out 01 o m c e ^ 

who have been shall be those who shall have been longest on the Council ■ndthout re- 

CouuciL°'^ "^ election ; and in the case of FeUows elected upon the Council in the same 

year, those shall first go out of office whose names stand lowest (among 

those elected of the same year) on the Book or Register of the Fellows of 

the College. 

14. Substitute \^ That whenever any vacancy or vacancies shall take place among 

Members tobe j j ir<j 

from time to time ^^^ Elcctivc Mcmbcrs \D. any other way than by their going out of office 

elected to nil up • j j c vj 

vacancies taking ^ rotation as aforesaid, such vacancy or vacancies shall be filled up by the 

place anjongtit'C- J ^ ^ x •» 

Mv Other '"w»? election (upon some eai-ly and convenient day to be fixed by the Council 

[1843.] xlix [7 Vict.] 

for that purpose^ of a substitute Member or Members in the room of the ^^'';;^^\so^''f,,^°I 

person or persons whose place or places shall have so become vacant; ^o^^oSerto 

and every person, so elected to fiU up any such vacancy, shaU hold such ['t°^ti„°e*;^^en?he 

office until the time when the person in whose room he shall be chosen P^om^he Thrall 

would have been Hable to go out of office, and he shall then go out of ^.g^i^ ^have gene 

office accordingly, but shall notwithstanding be eligible for nomination to be re-ei^ible. 
and immediate re-election, and continuing eligible in other respects, his 
name shall be announced to the Meeting accordingly in the order and 
manner hereinafter dii-ected. 

15, That the Members of the Council of the College shall hereafter be i5. Mode of Elec- 
tion of Council. 

elected by the Fellows of the said College, including the Members of No proiiesaiioir- 

•^ eo. 

the Council as such ; and such Fellows, whether Members of the Coun- 
cil or not, shall be allowed to vote in person only and not by proxy ; 

' r J •/ '^ -^ ^ny number of 

and that any number of Fellows (not being less than fifteen present) ^eiiowe not less 

•' V D X / than fifteen pre- 

at a Meetin": convened for the purpose of electing a Member or Members s''"' ^V^ aieetmg, 

o r L o competent to pro- 

of Council, shall be competent to proceed to such Election. ^^^^ *° ^ ^'^<^ 

16. That the Chair at every such Meeting shall be taken by the Presi- ic At every 

•^ •> ■ Meeting conrenec 

dent of the said CoUcge, or in his absence by one of the Vice-Presidents, {°J election of a 

° ' •' Member of Coun- 

or in case also of their absence, then by the senior Member of the Coun- cii the chair to be 

' •' taken by the Pre- 

cil of the said College then present. And if it shall so happen that t^^'^'^Vioe-iVes?- 

from any cause the business of the day cannot be concluded upon such jiembero^Cou^ 

the day fixed for election as aforesaid, then and in every such case an "'^p''''^''"*- 

•' •' Adjournraenti 

adjournment of the Meeting shaU take place to the next day, at an hour f^oii da"^" to-day 
to be named by the Chairman (Sundays, Christmas-days and Good Fri- 
days excepted, and being passed over when occasion shall require), and 

so from day to day (except as aforesaid) until the business of the Meeting Jf^an\'i,a't of eIcc- 

shall be completed ; but no other business shall be discussed or attended edor attended to! 
to at any such Meeting besides the election of a Member or Members 

of the Council, for which the same shall have been convened. Peovided adjm™"the jTeet' 

ALSO, that if upon the day fixed for any such Election there shall not be Jj"^ ff "n"ot lifte.^ 

fifteen or more Fellows assembled and continuing together for the purpose wUhi'n ^one'^'bour 

of such Election, then at any time after the space of one hour after the aiU. 
time of day fixed for such Election the Chair may be taken as aforesaid, 
and it shall be law ful for the Chairman to adjourn the Meeting to the next 
day, and so from day to day (except as aforesaid) if necessary, in the man- 

[1843.] 1 [7 Vict.] 

nar hereinbefo?e mentioned with respect to adjournments of such Meetings 
in case of the business thereof not being concluded as aforesaid, 

of Eie!^tion"to'be l^. That such prcvious notice or notices of every election of a Member 

clrBhaTi' think fit or Members of the Council shall be given as the CouncQ shall from time 

mine*'' by "^Bye- to time think fit, and shall by a Bye-Law or Bye-Laws determine and ap- 

Subject to these point, and that, subject only to the regulations and restrictions in these 

timfs to' be con- our Letters Patent mentioned or contained, the election of !i[embers of the 

Council shall by Council shall bc couductcd in such way and manner as the Council shall 

Bvt^-Laws deter- 
mine, from time to time think fit, and shall by a Bye-Law or Bye-Laws also de- 

But such Election 

to be always by termiuc or rcgulatc and appoint, but such Election shall alwavs be by 

Ballot, and to be o i i ^ j 

decided by a ma- BaUot, and be decided by a majority of balls or votes, and every Fellow 
who shall be eligible to be elected according to the regulations and restric- 
tions contained or mentioned and authorized in or by these our Letters 

Every eligible 

Fellow shall be Patent, shall be announced to the Meeting as a Fellow eligible in the order 

announced to the 

Meeting accord- and accordiu^ to the priority in which his name shall stand in the book or 

ing to the priority 

or his name on rcoistry of Fcllows ; and if he shall be thereupon nominated in such mode 

the Register of ° •' '^ 

p*'ii°w^ f mi- ^^ ^^® Council shall by Bye-Law or Bye-Laws provide for the general 
for*bv^Bve°Law'^f nomination of Members at Elections, he shall be balloted for accordingly, 
forL'orSS^' ^^t not Otherwise. 

^^irFeUo^wshaii ^^' That whcu any eligible Fellow shall have been passed by for want 

ovJr for'^"wanrof ^^ ^^J ^^'^^ nomination as aforesaid, or having been balloted for shall not 

nr-e"iecdon?'^he ^c clccted a Member of the Council, he shaU cease to be eligible to be 

bieonsucrspeci^ elected, cxcept upon such special terms of nomination as shall by the Coun- 

nronded for by clI by Byc-Law be for the time being provided for such cases, and upon 

if" passiMi ' by a such Special tcrms any Fellow so passed by or not elected may be re-no- 
second time, he . 

shall cease to be mluatcd for and be elected a Member of the Council, but if he shall be on 


such second occasion either passed by or not elected, he shall for ever there- 
after cease to be eligible for election upon the Council, 

19. No Fellow 19. That no Fellow whatever shall be eligible to be a Member of the 

eligible to the 

Council unless at CouncU. uulcss at the time of his nomination for election as such there 

time of his nom- 
ination there shall shall also be produced and delivered in, in such way and manner and in 

fte dilivered in a ^ ' j 

Cerfifleatethathe g^jj^ iovm as the Couucil shall from time to time think fit and bv Bye-Law 

IS a fit and proper • ^ 

^'rniXr'°of^\he regulate and apjioint accordingly, a Certificate in writing signed by such 
[;cuiari'y7h'!>tTe Humbcr of Fcllows 48 by such Bye-Law shall be required, that, or to tho 
uot^ w*ith^ UTe effect that such Fellow so nnminated is a fit and proper person to be a Mem- 

[1843.] li [7 Vict.] 

ber of the CoancU, and particularly that he does not practise and has not ^*^" practised 
within five years practised Mid\vifery or Pharmacy, and that he resiflcs ^.at^Jfe^'residt^ 
and bond fide practises his profession of a Surgeon within five miles by profe^sfon of^Sur- 
highway or road from the General Post-Ofiice in St. Martin's-le-Grand, f,Xs "from ?he 
and such nomination and certificate being delivered in, in the manner re- (Tee/ * 
quired, the same (as regards the matters or particulars so to be certified as 
aforesaid, but no further) shall be final and conclusive as to the right of 
such Fellow to be balloted for as a Member of the Council, and also to be 
elected such ilember if upon the Ballot he shall be so elected. 

20. That there shaU be Ten Examiners of Surgeons for the said Col- ExanlineXcon* 
lege, and the present Examiners shall be and continue such Examiners for the'si-r/ealit-'sur- 
hfe as heretofore. But that the two principal Serjeant-Surgeons to Us l«rgeon-"GeneraJ 
and to our Heirs and Successors, and the Surgeon-General to the Forces of any preference of 

11111 being admiH^t^d 

Us our Heii-s and Successors, or any of them, and although they may be Esamim-rB. 

chos^eu Members of the Council of the said College, shall no longer have 

any preference of being admitted Examiners of the said College before 

other persons; and that all future Examiners of the said College shall be ah future Exami- 

^ ° ners to be elected 

elected by the Council of the College, either from the Members of the counci/'orfrom 
Council or from the other Fellows of the said College, or from both or i.oth or either' and 
either of them ; and that aU future Examiners of the said CoUege shall during''?he pWa- 
hold their office of Examiners diuing the pleasure of the Council, and so ciir ° ^ °""' 
long only as the Council of the College shall think fit. 

n-i mi 1 T. • 1 TT ^^" President and 

21. That the President and Vice-Presidents of the said CoUege shaU no "^'ce- Presidenig 

no longer to be 

longer be chosen exclusively from or out of the Examiners of the said chosen exclusive- 
ly from the Kx- 

CoUege, but from or out of all the Members of the Council indifferently, a"""pr8, but from 

.■ ' all the Council 

and whether Examiners of the College or not. And that any number of '"'^'f'Tent'y. ai'd 

*-' "^ wnL'tnf r Jixami- 

Examiners of the College, not being less than Six, shall be suificient to Any °m"nb,r of 

form a Court of Examiners, and with or without the President or Vice- kiThan''sii,".?f- 

Presidents of the College, or any of them (and whether or not the Presi- Court, i°nd°with! 

dent or Vice-Presidents, or any of them, may be Examiners). viee - Pres'iden'ts 

(although Exami- 
ners) being pre- 

22. That if it shall at any time hereafter appear that any present or -'-'• Diploma or 

. ^, -nil oi -,.-. Letters Testinio- 

tuture Member, or any iellow of the said College, to be appointed or ad- "•"' obtained by 

fraud majr be de- 

mitted at any time after the expiration of the said first tliree calendar '^^^\'-'^ '■"'^ "f*""" 

8uch previous no- 

months from the date hereof, shall have obtained his Letters Testimonial '"''^ "."** ^'''''''ff 

as the Council 

or his Diploma respectively by any fraud, false statement, or imposition ^,^.,1' and"^heJ^ 



[7 Vict.] 

ppon such sfem- or that, either before or after obtaining such his Letters Testimonial or 

ber or Fellow ' ° 

shaU cease to be Diploma, he shall have violated any Bye-Law, Rule, or Eegulation of the 
said College, then and in every such case, and after such previous notice to 
and such hearing of, such Member or Fellow as, under the circumstances, 
the Council of the said College shall think proper, it shall be lawful for 
such Council to recall and to declare the Letters Testimonial or Diploma 
respectively of such Member or Fellow to be void, and thereupon every 
such Member or Fellow shall cease to be a Member, or a Member and Fel- 
low of the said College, as the case may be accordingly. 

of existing 
Powers except 
as hereby 

AxD "We do fukther declake our Will and Pleasttre to be, That, 
except in the respects hereby altered, the said College and the Council of 
the same shall continue to have all such and the same jurisdiction, powers, 
authorities and discretions for and with respect to the government of the 
said CoUege and the election and choice of the Officers of the same, as 
well as the admission and expulsion of Members and Fellows, and for the 
making, ordaining, confirming, annulling, or revoking Bye-Laws, Ordi- 
nances, Rules, and Constitutions, and transacting and ordaining all other 
matters and things whatsoever for the regulation, government and advan- 
tage of the said CoUege, as such College and the CouncU thereof respect- 
ively now have under or by virtue of the said two several hereinbefore 
Incited or mentioned Charters or Letters Patent, or either of them respect- 
ively, or in any other lawful manner. 

TSo future Eye- 
Law or Ordi- 
nance to be of 
any force until 
approved of by 
the Crown or 
otherwise, as 
Bhc;ll be dii'ect- 

And we do hereby for Us, our Heirs and Successors, grant and con- 
fiim unto them all such jurisdictions, powers, authorities and discretions 
accordingly ; Provided always, and it is our further Will and Pleasure, 
that no Bye-Law or Ordinance hereafter to be made by the said Council 
shall be of any force until our approval thereof shall have been signified 
to the said College under the hand of one of our Principal Secretaiies of 
State, or the same shaU. have been otherwise approved in such manner as 
shall be directed by Us, with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual 
and Temporal and Commons of our Realm, in Parliament assembled. 

And we do hereby for Us, our Heirs and Successors, further grant unt<< 
the said College, that these our Letters Patent, or the enrolment or excmj^h- 
fication thereof, shall be in and by aU things, good, firm, valid, sufficient, 
(»na cjQfectual in the Law, according to the true intent and meaning 


thereof, notwithstanding the not fully or not duly reciting the said several 
Letters Patent, or the dates thereof, or any other omission, imperfection, 
defect, matter, cause or thing whatsoever, the same or any Eule or Law 
to the contrary thereof, in anywise notwithstanding. In witness whereof, 
We have caused these Oar Letters to he made Patent. 

"Witness Ourself at Our Palace at Westminster, this Fourteenth day of 
iScptemher in the Seventh year of Our Reign. 

By Writ of Privy Seal, 


18th March, 1852. 

VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great 

Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, To all to whom these 

PRESE>rTS SHALL COME, GREETING, Whereas the Body PoUtic and Corporate Eecital 

of The Rotal College of Stjrgeoxs ijt Loudon^ was incorporated or re- , ^ le o . 

^ lege was incor- 

estabhshed under or by virtue of a certain Charter or Letters Patent, porated or re- 
hearing date at Westminster the Twenty-second day of March in the charter of 40th 
Fortieth year of the Reign of King George the Third, or otherwise, as in Greorge III. 
such Letters Patent mentioned or referred to, and further powers and rpj^^j^ further 

privileges were granted to the said College by a certain other or Supple- powers were 

. _^ . granted bv 

mental Charter granted by Letters Patent, bearing date at Westminster charter of 3rd 

the Thirteenth day of February in the Third Year of the Reign of King ^"""'"^^ ^^• 
George the Fourth. And by our Letters Patent, bearing date at West- 
minster the Fourteenth day of September in the Seventh year of our 
Reign, the name or stylo of the said College was altered to " The Royal Kecital 

College of Surgeons of England," by which name or style the said College ^f j.]jg College 

is now called or known, and divers further powers and privileges were ^"^ altered and 

divers further 

granted to the said College by our said Letters Patent: And the said powers granted 

College is now regulated and governed by and according to the prorisions ^iS^^^?*'^- 

of the said several Charters or Letters Patent, and also by or according to 

certain Bye-Laws and Ordinances made by the said College for its rcgu- 

latiun and better government. 

[1852.] liv [15 Vict. 

Reeiifkl And witereas the Body Politic and Corporate of the said College at 

and constitu- present consists of persons created Members of the said College by the 

t ion oi the g^id, first-mentioned Charter, or constituted such Members by Letters Tes- 

timonial, under the Common Seal of the said College, of the respective 

qualifications of such Persons to practise the Art and Science of Surgery, 
and also of persons created FeUows of the said College under the pro- 
visions of our said Letters Patent, and elected and declared to be Fellows 
of the said College by one General Diploma, under the Seal of the said 
College, enrolled in our High Court of Chancery, and also of other persons 
appointed under the powers of our said Letters Patent, by the Council of 
the said College, to be Fellows of the said College by Diplomas under the 
Seal of the said College, and also of other persons, who after having 
attained the age of Tvrenty-five years, and complied with the Rules and 
llegulations directed by the Bye-Laws of the said College, and having 
passed a special Examination by the Examiners of the said College, have 
been admitted Fellows by Diplomas under the Seal of the said College. 
And the governing body of the said College consists of a Council of 
twenty-four persons, some of whom, being Members of the said Council 
at the date of our said Letters Patent, were thereby continued, and are 
Life Members thereof, and others of them are elective Members of the 
said Council, chosen from the Fellows of the said College in manner men- 
tioned and directed by our said Letters Patent, and hold their office for 
a limited period only, and one of such tw^enty-four persons is the Presi- 
dent, and two of them are the Vice-Presidents of the said College ; and 
the Court of Examiners of the said College consists of ten persons, some 
of whom, being Examiners at the date of our said Letters Patent, were 
thereby continued and are such Examiners for life, and others of them 
have been elected by the Council of the said College since the date of our 
said Letters Patent and under the du'ections therein contained, and hold 
their office of Examiners during the pleasure of the Council of the said 

Declares And wttereas, it appears to hs expedient that the right of admission tn 

dient thaMhe ^^^ FeRowsliip of the said College be extended to such persons as were 

nght of adniis- Members of the said College at the date of our said Letters Patent, sub- 
.<ion to tlieFcl- . . . ,.,.. -jji 

lowship be ex- J^^t to certain conditions and regulations heremaiter mentioned, and that 

tended to ^^^ Council of the said College have power annually to elect certain 

Member* at or j 

date of late Members of the College to be FcUows, without Examination, in mann(>r 


[1852.] Iv [15 Vict.] 

hereinafter mentioned. That certain restrictions now existing upon the That certain 
eligibility of Fellows to be Members of the Council of the said College be i-euioved and 

removed, and that certain other qualifications be required of Fellows °}-^^^ qualitica- 

-1 rm • tions required 

offering themselves as Candidates for the Council. That certain altera- as to admission 

tions be made in the electing of Members of the Council. That power be *° *^® Council 
gi ren for admission to the CoUege as hereinafter mentioned of Fellows, 
3lembers and Licentiates of certain other Corporate Bodies, as hereinafter 
mentioned. That certain alterations be made as to the continuance in 
office of all future Examiners of the said College, and as to the con- 
tinuance of the President in certain cases as a Member of the Council, 
and that a Board of Examiners in Midwifery be established, as herein- 
after mentioned. !Xow kxow te, That We of Our special grace and mere 
motion, at the humble Petition of the said Pioyal College, have willed, 
ordained, constituted, and declared and granted, and by these Presents, 
for "Cs, Our Heirs and Successors, do, will, ordain, constitute and declare, 
and unto the said Pioyal College of Surgeons of England do grant in 
manner following, to -wit, — 

1. That it shall be lawful for the Council of the said CoUege at any i. Power of 

time or times hereafter, by Diploma or Diplomas under the Seal of the '^o'lncil to ap- 

'^ point Membera 

said College, in such form as the said Council may think fit and direct, and of 15 years' 

without any previous examination, to appoint any person or persons who j-ellowshit) 
at the date of our said Letters Patent was or were a Member or Members without exami- 
of the said College of Fifteen Tears' standing ; and also any person or 
persons who, being at the date of our said Letters Patent a Member or 
Members of the said College of less than Fifteen Years' standing, shall 
have attained at the time of such appointment the standing of Fifteen 
Years, to be a Fellow or Fellows of the said College, subject to the regu- 
lations hereinafter mentioned and directed. 

2. That the appointment of every person to the Fellowship of the said 2. Appoint- 

/-. 11 T 1 1 • . • T , 1, , , . ment of Mem* 

College under the powers herem contained, shall be determined by the bers to the 

Vote or Ballot of the Council, and be decided by a maioritv of votes or F«'Uowship to 

•'->•' be by vote of 

balls, and that every such person seeking to be admitted to the Fellow- Council, and 

ship shall transmit or deliver to the Secretary of the said College, at such inJsvThad' 

time before the day appointed for the Ballot or Election as the Council *ion to deliver 

may think proper and direct, a Certificate, signed by such persons as andDeclaratiori 

hereinafter mentioned, of the moral character and professional attainments as to Character, 

• 1 i-/>i--ii-i~.ii,. ,,,, Attainments 

ol the person applymg tor admission to the Fellowship, and that he does and Practice. 

[1852.] Ivi [15 Viet.l 

not sell or supply Drugs or Medicines otherwise than in the due excr'nsfl 
or practice of his Profession of an Apothecary : and shall also at euch 
time, so to be appointed as aforesaid, transmit or deliver to the said 
Seci-etary a Declaration signed by himself, to the effect that he does not 
sell or supply Drugs or Medicines otherwise than in the due exercise or 
practice of his Profession of an Apothecary ; and such Certificate and 
Declaration shall be in such form as the Council of the said College shall 
from time to time direct. 

S. Persons by 3. That the Certificate to be produced by the persons seeking admis- 
C ^mcates are ^^°^ ^° ^^^ Fellowship of the said College, as last aforesaid, shall be 
to be signed. signed by Sis Fellows of the said College ; or in the case of pei-sons 
absent from the United Kingdom in the service of our Royal Army or 
Navy, by Two Fellows of the said College, and by the Director-General 
or other Officer superintending the Medical Department of the service to 
which such persons shall respectively belong ; or in the service of the 
Honourable East India Company by Two Fellows of the said College, and 
by the Secretary to the Military Department of the said Company ; or in 
the case of Persons resident in any of our Colonies, Plantations or Depen- 
dencies, by Two Fellows of the said College, and by the Governor, Lieu- 
tenant-Governor, or Superintendent thereof, whose signature shall be 
certified by our Secretary, or one of our Under Secretaiies of State for the 

4. Fee on ad- 4. That the Fee to be paid upon the admittance of every Fellow of the 

mission of such ^^^^ College, to be appointed under the powers hereinbefore contained 

Fellows to be ° '■'■ _ 

Ten Guineas, (over and besides any Stamp Duty on his admittance or Diploma), shall 

be the sum of Ten Guiaeas. 

5. Lawful for 5. That it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College, by 
Council ^'^^^' Diploma or Diplomas under the Seal of the said College, in such form as 
the Fellowship the Council may think proper, to admit to the Fellowship of the said 
natimTtwo ^ ' College in each and every year from the date of these our Letters Patent, 
Members of without examination, but subject to such conditions and regidations as 
etauding. the said Council may think fit, and by any Bye-Law or Bye-Laws direct, 

any Two persons, being at the time of such admittance Members of the 
said College of not less than Twenty Years' standing ; and that the Fee 
to be paid upon the admittance of each such FeUow as last aforesaid 

[1852.] Ivii [15 Vict.1 

shall be the same as the Fee payable upon the admittance of Members of 
the said College to the Fellowship under the autliority of our said Letters 

6. Thai it shall be lawful for the Council of the College, by Diploma g j- » , . 
undcT the Seal of the College, to admit without examination to the Mem- the Council to 
bership or Fellowship of the said College, on such conditions, and on the examination to 
Davment of such respective Fees as the Council of the College shall by '■J^^ Member- 

^ " . . . ship or Fellow. 

Bye-Law determine, the Fellows, Members and Licentiates respectively of ship of the Col. 

the Koyal College of Sui'geons in Ireland, the Eoyal College of Surgeons j^^!g' -j^^ f 

of Edinburgh, and the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow ^"^1 Licentiate?? 

provided such Fellows, Members and Licentiates shall be, at the time of Surt^eons of 

their application for admission, in the hondjide practice of the Profession i-V: |° ^• 

of a Surgeon in England or "Wales, and shall have obtained their respect- and Faculty 

ive Diplomas or Licences after examination, and such persons so admitted, practisino- ' 

to such Membership or Fellowship shall take rank amongst the Members Sui-gcry in 

England or 

or Fellows of the said College, according to the date of such last-mentioned Wales. 
Diplomas or Licences, 

7. That from henceforth no Fellow of the said College who shall not 7 Eligibilitj 

have been a Fellow of the same for Fourteen Years, or a Member of the of Fellows to 

the CounciL 
same for Twenty Tears, and no Fellow of the said College who at the time 

of election shall not be in the bond fide practice of his Profession of a 
Surgeon, or who shaR be practising as an Apothecary, shall be eligible as 
a Member of the Council of the said College ; but every FeUow of the 
said College of such standing as a FeUow or Member of the same as last 
aforesaid, and who at the time of such election shall be in the bond fide . 
practice of his Profession of a Surgeon, and shall not be practising as an 
Apothecary, shall be eligible as a Member of the said Council, any restric- 
tion or disqualification in respect of the practice or residence of such Fellow 
or otherwise in the said Letters Patent contained to the contrary notwith- 
standing. But if any Member of the Council shall at any time after his Member of 
Election cease to be in the bond fide practice of his Profession of a Surgeon, Conned ceasing 
or shall practise as an Apothecary, he shall thereupon cease to be such pery, or prac- 
^[ember of the Council, and shall forfeit all his rights and privileges as ApoUiwarv, 

such Member thereof ; and it shall be lawful for the Council of the said shall thereupon 
_, cease to be a 

College to fleclare the place of such Member in the Council to be vacant, Member of 

and the same shall be filled up in manner hereinafter dii'ected respecting '-'''"nci . 

vacancies ui the Council. 



[15 Vict.] 

S. Vacancies in 
Council to be 
filled up on 1 lie 
first Thursday 
in July (or 
withni one 
month), unless 
Jlembers of 
Council shall 
be reduced 
below eighteen, 
in which case 
vacancies to be 
filled up at such 
tinae as Council 
shall appoint. 

9. Candidates 
for Seats in 
Council to 
certain Notices, 
Certificates and 

10. Fellows 
nominating a 
greater num- 
ber of Candi- 
dates for Coun- 
cil than vacan- 
cies to be filled 
up, incajiaci- 
tated from vot- 
ing at Election. 

8. That all vacancies which shall from hencoforth occur in the Comicf) 
of the said CoUege, either by reason of any of the Members thereof going 
out of Office by rotation or from any other cause, shall be filled up in 
manner hereinafter mentioned on the first Thursday in the mouth of July 
in every year, or within one Calendar Month afterwards, unless at an}- 
time the number of Members of the said Council shall be reduced below 
eighteen, in which case it shall be lawful for the Council of the said Col- 
lege to appoint such day for fiUing up the vacancies as they may think 
proper : and that the Council of the said College shall cause a notice of 
the day appointed for the election of Members into the Council to supply 
the vacancies occasioned either by Members going out of office by rotation, 
or by any other cause, and of the number of vacancies to be filled up, to 
be advertized in the ' London Gazette ' at such time as the Council shall 
from time to time direct, before the day appointed for such Election, and 
shall also cause such notice to be published or announced in such other 
manner as the said Council may from time to time direct. 

9. That every eligible FeUow who shall intend to ofier himself as a 
Candidate for a Seat in the Council of the said College shall within such 
time as the Council shall from time to time direct fi-om the publication of 
the ' London Gazette,' in which the day of Election shall be announced, 
transmit or deliver to the Secretary of the said College a notice signed by 
himself of such his intention, together with a nomination signed by six 
Fellows of such person as a fit person to be elected into the Council, and 
a Certificate that he is in the bond fide practice of his Profession as a Sur- 
geon, and that he does not practise as an Apothecary, which Certificate 
shall be signed by three FeUows of the said College ; and the person so 
intending to offer himself as a Candidate for the Council shall at the samo 
time transmit or deliver to the said Secretary a Declaration signed by him- 
self, that he is in the bond fide practice of his Profession as a Surgeon, and 
that he does not practise as an Apothecary ; and such Nomination and 
Certificate, and also such Declaration as last aforesaid, shall be in such 
form as the Cotincil of the said CoUege shall from time to time direct. 

10. That no FeUow shall have power to nominate at any op>» election 
any greater number of persons as Candidates for the Council than tho 
number of vacancies which shall be to be fiUed up at such Election ; and 
if any Fellow shaU at any such Election nominate any greater number of 
Candidates than as last aforesaid, then such FoUow shall be incapacitated 
fiom voting at that Election. 

[1852.] lix [15 Yict.] 

1 1. That no Member of Council shall go out of Office by rotation whilst 11. Member o/ 

holding the Office of President ; and that as often as it shall happen that „q outof OiBce 

the President shall be one of the Members who would at any Annual ^J rotation 

Meeting go out of Office by rotation, two Members of Council only, instead dent, but to go 

of three as prescribed by the Charter, shall be elected at such Meeting — °^^'^ , Office at 

■^ . ° next Annual 

and that at the next Annual Meeting such Member shall go out of Office Election— and 

in addition to any other Members of Council going out of Office by rcta- g^n" l c^'go ^out 

tion according to our said Letters Patent — but any Member whose going of OfSce as if 

• 1 1 1 n • n hehadgoneout 

out of Office shall have been postponed as above provided, shall m case of of office while 

his re-election into the Council on his going out of Office at such succeed- Pi"esideiit. 

ing Annual Meeting as aforesaid, on all future occasions go out of Office 

in the same order as if he had been re-elected at the time when he would, 

but for this provision, have gone out of Office. 

12. That the Council of the said College shall cause lists of the names 12. Lists of 

of all eligible Fellows of the said College who shall in manner hereinbe- j^ig ^^ Coun-' 

fore directed be nominated as Candidates for the Council, and shall have "-l, together 

,.-.., .. •!/> • with names oJ 

complied with the provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the Notice, Fellows bv 

Certificate and Declaration to be transmitted to the Secretarv of the said '^^1^°"^ nomi- 

•' nated, to be 

College, together with the names of the Fellows by whom they shall re- publislied in 

spectively be so nominated, to be published in the ' London Gazette ' and two 'London ' ' 

in two London Daily Newspapers, at such time before the day appointed Daily Kews- 

for the Election as the Council shall from time to time direct. 

13. That henceforth, instead of the name of every Fellow eligible to 13. Mode cf 

be elected being announced to the Meeting in the order and according to ^miouncement 
° ^ ° at Election ot 

the priority in which his name shall stand in the Register of Fellows, as names of Can* 

directed by our said Letters Patent, the names of all Fellows included in 

the Lists so published as aforesaid, shall be announced to the Meeting as 

the Candidates for Election. 

14. That the names of the Members of the Council who shall in each l-l- Name? of 

j'car retire from Office by rotation, shall, if they shall be desirous of re- tiring from 

election, and shall intimate such their desire in writing to the Secretary Council by 

° *' rotation and 

of the said College within such period as the Council shall determine before desirous of ro 

the day appointed for the Election, be placed at the head of the Lists of ^cd a? ut^ 

Candidates to be published as hereinbefore dii-ected ; and that such persons, l>ead of Li>f of 

il re-elected into the Council, shall take precedence of all other persons 


[1852.] Ix [15 Viet.] 

who shall be elected into the Council on the same day, and shall with 
respect to each other take precedence according to their former seniority 
in the Council. 

J 5, Required 15. TflAT any Nomination and Certificate or Declaration hereinbefore 

Certificate and j-gquired to be made or produced upon or previously to the election of any 

be conclusive Follow into the Council of the said College, being transmitted or delivered 

to Council 'but ^^ ^^® manner hereinbefore required, the same (as regards the matters or 

if afterwards partic'ilars SO to be certified and declared as aforesaid, . but no further) 

appear untrue shall be final and conclusive as to the eligibility of such Fellow. But if 

or fraudulent, j{. g-]^^\[ afterwards appear to the satisfaction of the Council of the said 

lawful for the 

Council to CoUege that any such Nomination or Certificate or Declaration is in any 

'\I^ b f respect untrue or fraudulent, then it shall be lawful for the Council of the 
Council to be said College to declare the Member of the Council, to whom such Nomi- 
Member^and nation and Certificate may relate, or by whom such Declaration may have 
thereupon su'*h ijeen made, to be no longer a Member of the said Cotmcil ; and thereupon 
]M ember sliall » , /-, •^ p .i • i n -n 

cease to be a every such Member of the Council of the said College shall cease to be 

Member of g^^j^ Member thereof, and shall forfeit all his rights and privileges as such 
Member thereof ; and it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College 
to declare the place of such Member in the Council to be vacant, and the 
same shall be filled up in manner hereinbefore directed respecting Vacancies 
in the said Council. 

„ -p, . 16. That every Fellow of the said College who shall from henceforth 

hereafter elect- be elected to the Office of Examiner of the said College, shall go out of 

office at end of office at the end of Five Tears from the day of his election ; but that it 

Five Years, but ghaU be lawful for the Council of the said College immediately to re-elect 
immediately •• . i m i i • 

re-eligible, and such person to the said office, and every such person being so re-elected, 

to take prece- g^aU take precedence in the Court of Examiners, according to his former 

dence accord- ^ 

ing to former standing as a Member thereof. 


17. Board of ^'^- ^^^ ^^ ^^ ^^^ FURTHER WILL Awn PLTiAf^URR. That a Board of Exa- 
I'lxiuniners in miners be appointed by the said College for the purpose of testing th' 
Midwifery for ••tif-i-p i , •/-••^ 

testing the fit- "tncss ot persons to practise m Midwifery, and of granting Certificates o 

ness of persons ^^^^ fitness ; and that such Board shall consist of not less than Thrc. 

to practise 

Midwifery to persons. And WE 1)0 HEREBY AT7TU0RIZE AND EEatJiuE the Council of th 

feiTthan Tim- ^^^^ College, within Twelve Months from the date of these our Letters 
Persjns, to be Patent, to appoint not less than 'i^^reo persons to be such Examiners iu 

[1852.] Ixi [15 Viet.] 

Midwifery, who shall continue in office for sach period, and shaU conduct appointed 
the examinations in such manner, and shall grant Certificates in such form ^Iq^^L *^^ ** 
as the Council of the said CoUege shall determine and from time to time 
direct. And it shaU. be lawful for the Council of the said College, from 
time to time, as vacancies shaU occur in such last-mentioned Board of 
Examiners, to appoint any persons to fill up the same. 


BE, That aU and every direction, provision, regulation, clause, matter or ^^°^ °, ^^i**^i"8 
thing whatsoever, in the said several recited Letters Patent of our Royal as hereby d- 
Predecessors and Ourselves, or in any Bye-Laws, or Bye-Law of the said 
College, contained, which may be repugnant to or inconsistent, or at va- 
riance with the several directions, provisions, and regulations herein con- 
tained, or any of them, in so far as the same are repugnant thereto, in- 
consistent or at variance therewith, shall be, and the same are hereby 
abrogated, repealed, and rendered of none effect. But that, except in 
the respects hereby altered, the said CoUege and the Council of the same 
shall continue to have all such, and the same jurisdiction, powers, authori- 
ties, and discretions for and with respect to the Government of the said 
CoUege, and the election and choice of the Officers of the same, as weU 
as the admission and expulsion of Members and FeUows, and for the 
making, ordaining, confirming, annulling, or revoking Bye-Laws, Ordi- 
nances, Rules, and Constitutions, and transacting and ordaining aU other 
matters and things whatsoever, for the regulation, government, and 
advantage of the said CoUege, as such CoUege and the CouncU thereof 
respectively now have, under or by virtue of the said three several herein- 
before recited Charters or Letters Patent, or either of them respectively, 
or in any other lawful manner. 

AjStd we do HEREBY for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, grant and con- 
firm unto thein aU such jurisdictions, powers, authorities and discretions 

A_ND WE DO HEREBY for Us, OuT Hcirs and Successors, further grant unto 
the said CoUege, that these, our Letters Patent, or tne enrolment or ex- 
emplification thereof, shaU be in and by aU things, good, firm, vaHd, sulfi- 
cient and effectual in the Law, according to the true intent and meaning 
thereof, notwithstanding the not fiiUy or not duly reciting the said several 
Letters Patent, or the dates thereof, or any other omission, imperfection, 
defect, matter, cause or thing whatsot^vcr, the same or anv Rule or Law 



to the contrary ihorcof, in anywise notwithstanding. In witness whereof 
We have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent. 

Witness Oiirself at Our Palace at Westminster, this Eighteenth day of 
?«Iareh in the Fifteenth year of Our Reign. 

By Her Majesty's Command, 


23rd victoria. 

8th September, 1S59. 

VICTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great Britain 

and Ireland Queen, Defender of the Faith, To all to whom these peesexth 

SHALL COME GREETING, Whereas the Body Politic and Corporate of The Royal 

College of Surgeons ijt London -was incorporated or re-established under or 

CoU^lwIsTncor- ^7 '^'tue of a certain Charter or Letters Patent, bearing date at West- 

tabiilhedbyCha?- minster the Twenty-second day of March in the Fortieth year of the Reign of 

HI. ' " King George the Third, or otherwise as in such Letters Patent mentioned or 

referred to, and further powers and privileges were granted to the said 

furth*^r ~~ powers CoUegc by a Certain other or Supplemental Charter granted by Letters 

charte^^ of 3rd Patent, bearing date at Westminster the Thirteenth day of Febmary in the 

«org« • Thii'd Tear of the Reign of King George the Fourth. And by our Letters 

Patent, bearing date at Westminster the Fourteenth day of September in the 

Seventh year of our Reign, the name or style of the said College was altered 

to " The Royal College of Surgeons of England," by which name or style the 

namei)TA'*Co*i- ^^^^ CoUcgc is HOW Called or known, and divers further powers and privi- 

iTtfd dtvere ^fiir- Icgcs Were granted to the said College by our said Letters Patent. And 

JllntlTy"ch^r- by our further Letters Patent, bearing date at Westminster the Eighteenth 

ria. " ' day of March in the Fifteenth year of our Reign, divers further powers and 

privileges were granted to the said College, and alterations were in certain 

Recital— That di- of the provisions and regulations contained in the said former Lettei-s 

Vers other iiowers 

were grant/'d »-y Patent of Oursclf and our Royal Predecessors : and the said College is now 

Charter of loth •' =^ 

Victoria. rcgulated and governed by and according to the provisions of the said 

^eTnment*^^ ind s^'^^^^ Charters or Letters Patent, and also by or according to certain 
«!eCoiie|e'' "^ Byc-Laws and Ordinnnces made by the said College for its regulation an J 
better govemment. 

[1859.] Ixiii [23 Vict.] 

AyD WHEREAS bv the Medical Act, made and passed in the Twenty- -first Eecitai— Of Me- 
and Twenty-second years of our Eeign, it is amongst other things enacted and 22ud Victoria. 
" that it shall, notwithstanding anything therein contained, be lawful for 
Ourself by Charter to grant to the Royal College of Surgeons of England 
power to institute and hold Examinations for the purpose of testing the 
fitness of persons to practise as Dentists who may be desirous of being so 
examined, and to grant Certificates of such Fitness." 

Ayj) WHEREAS, in order to provide for the due qualification of persons fj^edlent'' %^'t 
practising as Dentists, it appeals to us expedient that the said Royal Col- should havepoufl 
lege of Surgeons of England should have power to institute and hold Ex- mina'tfo'ns of per- 

n 1 r> ■ .■ iT /^j^ i>-L \ ■ J. sons to |iract;=t'aj 

ammations for the purpose of testing the fitness ot such persons, subject Dent.sia. 

lo the regulations and directions hereinafter mentioned. Xow know rE, 

That We of our especial grace and mere motion, at the humble Petition of • 

the said Royal College, have willed, ordained, constituted, and declared 

ind granted, and by these Present? for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do 

;vill, ordain, constitute and declare, and unto the said Royal College of 

Surgeons of England do grant in manner following, to wit, — 

1. That it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College to appoint i- Power of Coim. 

° -^ ^ cil to ajipoint a 

a Board of Examiners for the purpose of testing the fitness of persons to ^°r''J''"f°J. 'If^^l', 
practise as Dentists who may be desirous of being so examined, -and to gons^To^prL'tUe 
grant Certificates of such fitness. And it i? our wiU and pleasure that ^ ^ant^Certm^ 
such Board of Examiners be called the Board of Examiners in Dental ^/g^ ° 
Surgery, and consist of not less than six Members, to be appointed as colTs^sTof'nft'kss 
hereinafter mentioned, three of whom shall be Members of the Court of 3 l^he \iJemb/r8 
Examiners for the time being of the said College, and the others of them ExamTners of the 
shall be such persons skilled in Dental Surgery as the Council of the said otherft'o be per- 

^ ,, -in/. • • 1-1 • i ^ons skilJed in 

College shall fi'om time to time think proper to appoint. Dental Surgory. 

2. And we do hereby authoiize and require the Council of the said 2. That the Coun- 

cil shall appoint 

Colleare, within six calendar months from the date of these our Letters such Boani «iih- 

" in SIX moiitnt 

Patent, to appoint three persons, being Members of the Court of Exami- [o°'"conUmiJ'''hi' 
ucrs of the said College, and also three such other persons skilled in Den- ^^r to"cm!au« 
tal Surgery as they may think fit, to be such Examiners in Dental Surgery, -n^u^.^manne"' 
who shall continue in Office for such period, and shall conduct the tm^J'^tn^ sucb 
Examinations in such manner, and shall grant Certificates in such form, ei'/"8haU ''deU:- 
as the Council of the said College shall determine and from time to time "' 
direct. And it shall be lawful for the said Council of the said College 

;_ 18.30.] Ixiv [23 Vict.] 

That Vacancies in from time to time, as vacancies shall occur in such last-mentioned Board 

the Board of Ex- ' 

wninerstobeflii- of Examiners, to appoint anv persons to fill ui) the same, nevertheless so 

ed up from time ^ i i j i i 

to time by the ^]^.j^ ^-^q gjjj^j Board of Examiners shall always be constituted as hereinbe- 
fore directed, 

8. That all Per- 3 j^-q ^j. jg qur fxtrthek avill AND PLEASTJRE, That the Said College 

sonB being 21 

years of age, and jg admit all pcrsous who shaU be desirous of being examined as aforesaid. 

having corapliea i , '-' 

tions^M fo%du- ^vhether ifcmbers of the said College or not Members thereof, to examina- 
ted To e^^a- tion by the said Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery. Peovided never- 
''°°* theless that such persons shall have attained the age of TVenty-one years, 

and shall also have complied with such llulcs and Begulations as to educa- 
tion as the Council of the said College shall from time to time consider 

4. Such reason- 4. TnAT such reasonable Fees shall be paid for the Certificates of the 
paid fo"the Cer- Said Board of Examiuers in Dental Surgery as the Council of the said 
Council shall by College shall from time to time think fit, and by any Bye-Law or Bye- 

Bye-Law8 direct. 

Laws direct. Provided always, and it is ottr FtJRTUEK will and ple^ - 
The Certificate SURE, Tliat thcso Prcscuts shall uot Operate to create, or be taken or 

not to confer any 

right to be regis- Jeemed to confer upon anv person who shall obtain such Certificate of 

tered under the 1 .- 1 , ^ 

Medical Act. fitness as aforesaid, any right or title to be registered under the said 
^Fedical Act in respect of such Certificate. In witness whereof, We 
have caused these Our Letters to be made Patent. 

Witness Ourselves at our Palace at Westminster, this Eighth day of 
September in the Twenty-third year of Our Reign. 

Ijy Her ilajesty's Command, 




[52 Vici,.] 

52sD VICTOUIxi. 

20th July, 1888. 

VrCTORIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Kiiigdora of Great 
Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, To all to whom these 
Presents shall come, Greeting, Wherttas the Body Politic and Corporate 
of The Eotal Collese of Stjrgeons in London was incorporated or re- 
established under or by virtue of a certain Chart-er or Letters Patent, 
bearing date at Westminster the Twenty-second day of March in the 
Fortieth year of the Eeign of King George the Third, or otherwise, as in 
such Letters Patent mentioned or referred to, and further powers and 
privileges were granted to the said College by a cei'tain other or Supple- 
mental Charter granted by Letters Patent, bearing date at Westminster 
the Thirteenth day of Febniary in the Third Year of the Eeign of King 
George the Fourth. And by our Letters Patent, bearing date at "West- 
minster the Fourteenth day of September in the Seventh year of our 
Eeign, the name or style of the said CoUege was altered to " The Eoyal 
College of Surgeons of England," by which name or style the said College 
is now called or known, and di'^ers further powers and privileges were 
granted to the said College by our said Letters Patent : And by our further 
Letters Patent, bearing date at Westminster the Eighteenth day of March 
in the Fifteenth year of our Eeign, divers further powers and privileges 
were granted to the said College, and alterations were made in certain of 
the provisions and regulations contained in the said former liCtters Patent 
of ourselves and our Eoyal Predecessors. And by our further Letters 
Patent, bearing date at AVestminster the Eighth day of September in the 
Twenty-third year of our Eeign, divers further powers and privileges were 
granted to the said College. 

Recital— That 
the Collpge 
was incorpo- 
rated or re- 
established by 
Charter of 
40tli George 

Eecifal— That 
further powers 
were granted 
by Charter oC 
3rd George IT . 

Eecital— That 
College was 
altered and 
further powers 
granted by 
Charter of 7th 

Eecital— That 
further powers 
were granted 
by Charter of 
i5th Victoria. 

Eecital— That 
further powers 
were granted 
by Charter pf 
'2',ird Victoria. 

And whereas the Governing Body of the said College consists of a Eecital— That 
1909. ' (/ 

1 888.] Ixvi [52 Vict.] 

the Gorerning Council of twenty-four persons, and vacancies therein are filled up by 

College con- election by the Fellows of the said College, and one of such twenty-four 

sists of a persons is the President, and two of them are the Vice-Presidents of the 

Council ot 

twenty - four Said College ; and the Court of Examiners of the said College consists of 

wT"f*^1i'"^^ ten persons, and the said College is now regulated and governed by and 

according to the provisions of the said several Charters or Letters Patent, 

and also by or according to certain Bye-Laws and Ordinances made by the 

said College for its regulation and better government. 

Recital — That And WHEREAS, under and by virtue of the provisions and regulations 
luav °l)old contained in the said former Letters Patent of Ourselves and our lloya. 
Lands of the Predecessors, the amount of lands, tenements, rents or hereditaments 

yearly value 

of i:itWO. which may be taken and held by the said College, including the Hall or 

Coxin oil-house thereof, is limited to lands, tenements, rents or heredita- 

Recital— That meuts not exceeding the yearly value of .£2000 in the whole ; and at the 

t heVo unci 1 the election of the Members of the Council of the said College by the Fellows 

Fellows may thereof, the said Fellows are allowed to vote in person only, and not by 
vote iu person , i • j i • i i 

only, and not proxy or voting-papers, and no such election can be proceeded with unless 

unless fifteen ^here be Fifteen or more Fellows assembled and continuing together ; and 
be present. '^ " 

Recital — Of Candidates for the Council of the said College are required to be Fellows 
quahfications ^^ ^|^g g,^-^ College of not less than Fourteen years' standing as Fellows, 

required of ^ ' . 

Candidates for or Twenty years' standing as Members thereof, and to fulfil certain con- 
ditions as to practice, and to be nominated for election to the said Council 
by six Fellows of the said College, and to transmit or deliver to the 
Secretary thereof certain Certificates and Declarations, and a Fee of Ten 
Guineas (over and besides any Stamp Duty on his admittance or Diploma), 
is payable on the admittance to the Fellowship of the College of any such 
Recital— That Member of not less than Twenty years' standing : and the said College is 
tie .-", ^S® "^ required to appoint and maintain a Board of Three Examiners in Mid- 
inaintain a ■v\'iferv for the purpose of testing by examination the fitness of persons to 
aniiners in practise in Midwifery, and of granting Certificates of such fitness ; and the 

5rid\viferyand g^^-j College is reciuired to appoint and maintain a Eoard of Examiners in 

a Board ol oix 

Examiners in Dental Surgery for the purpose of testing the fitness of persons to practise 

Den a ur- ^^ Dentists who may be desirous of being so examined, and to grant Cer- 

tificates of such fitness, and three of such Examiners in Dental Surgery 
are to be Members of the Court of Examiners of the said College for the 
time being, and three such olher persons skilled in Dental Surgery as the 
Council of the said College shall think tit. 

[188S.] Ixvii [52 Vict.] 

And whereas it appears to us espedieut that the amount of land which Recital— That it 

is expedient that 

may be taken, purchased, possessed, holden, and enioyed by the said the College 

•' ' ^ ' -^ ' ' J J J should be en- 

Colleore should be increased; that the election of Members of the Council aWed to hold 

more Land. 

of the said College by the Fellows thereof should henceforth be by means That in elections 

for the Council 

of votinor-papers as well as in person, and that the number of Fellows the Fellows 

"^ should be al- 

required to be present at any meetinor for the election of a Member or lowed to vote by 

■^ ^ JO voting-papers. 

Members of the Council of the said College should henceforth be deter- ^^^ . *^*l t***,* 

c> number of r el- 
mined and fixed by Bye-Law and not as hereinbefore-mentioned ; that {.e'lireTent'shouid 
modifications and alterations should be made in the length of standing and Bye-iT^"*^'^"'^ 
method of Nomination required of Candidates for the Council of the said That the quaiifl- 

•^ cations required 

College, and that the said conditions as to practise and the said Certificates ?^ Canaidates 

*' ' '■ for the Council 

and Declarations sliould cease to be required or exist ; that the said f'f^^^ ^® "'*"''' 

College should not henceforth be required to appoint a Board of Examiners, That the College 

should not be re- 

or to hold examinations for the purpose of testing the fitness of persons to quired to appoint 

"^ ^ ® ^ a Board of Ei- 

practise in Midwifery, or of granting Certificates of such fitness. That the ^miners in Mid- 

'^ . ' o c wifery, and that 

number of the Members of the said Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery ^'^ number of 

" J ilxaminers in 

should, if at any time the Council of the said College should think fit, be f^^'^^l t'J^Tl 

increased beyond the number of six, and that such Members thereof as discretlon^of the 

shall not be Members of the Court of Examiners for the time being of the ^°"'*'^''- 

said College should be persons duly registered under the provisions of the 

" Dentists' Act, ] 878." 'Sow know te, That We of Our especial grace (jrant. 

and mere motion, at the humble Petition of the said Royal College, have 

willed, ordained, constituted, and declared and granted, and by these 

Presents for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do will, ordain, constitute and 

declare, and unto the said Royal College of Surgeons of England do grant 

in manner following, to wit, — 

1. That the said Royal College of Surgeons of England shall and may i. Powertotlie 

take, purchase, possess, hold, and enioy any lands, tenements, and rents 9""t^® '".'"^J^ 

, •>•'•' ' ' Lands, of the 

or hereditaments, wheresoever situate, lying, and being, not exceeding at yearly value of 

V^i^ OLMi 

any one time, together with the aforesaid Hall or Council-house and its ' 
appurtenances, and the lands, tenements, rents, or hereditaments now 
held by them, the yearly value of £20,000 in the whole. 

And We do hereby also for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, give and 
grant our especial license, full power, and lawful and absolute authority, 
to any PersQu or Perdoas, and any Bodies Politic or Corporate, to grant 

[1888.] Ixviii [o2Vict.] 

alien, sell, convey, or dispose of, in perpetuity or otherwise, to or to the 
use and benefit of, or in trust for, the said Royal College of Surgeons of 
England, any lands, tenements, rents, or hereditaments whatsoever, not 
exceeding at any one time, together with the aforesaid Hall or Council- 
house and its appurtenances, and the lands, tenements, rents, or here- 
ditaments now held by them, the yearly value aforesaid of £20,000 in 
the whole, 

2. In Elec- 2. That the Members of the Council of the said College shall be elected 

Council the ^J ^he Fellows of the said College including the Members of the Council 

Fellows may ^^lq are Fellows, and such Fellows, whether Members of the Council or 

vote by means 

of voting pa- not, shall be allowed to vote either in person or by voting papers, to be 

auoi'um *** ^^ signed, authenticated, delivered, and recorded in such form and manner 

as the Council of the said College shall from time to time think fit and 

direct, but no such election shall be proceeded with unless there shall be 

such number of Fellows, exclusive of the Members of the Council, then 

actually present at a meeting convened for the purpose of electing a 

Member or Members of the said Council, as the Council of the said College 

shall from time to time by Bye-Law fix and direct. 

[i. Proceed- 3. That the chair at every such meeting shall be taken by the Presi- 

in'^3 for Elec- ^^^^^ °^ ^^^ ^^^^ College, or in his absence by one of the Vice-Presidents, 

tion to the or in case also of their absence then by the senior Member of the Council 

adjournments of the said College then present. And if it shall so happen that from any 

thereof. cause the business of the day cannot be concluded upon such the day fixed 

for election as aforesaid, then and in every such case an adjournment of 

the meeting shall take place to the next day, at an hour to be named by 

the Chairman (Sundays, Christmas days and Good Fridays being excepted 

and passed over when occasion shall require) and so from day to day 

(except as aforesaid) until the business of the meeting shall be completed ; 

but no business shall be discussed or attended to at any such meeting 

except the election of a Member or Members of the Council for which the 

same shall have been convened : Provided also that if upon the day fixed 

for any such election there shall not be such number of Fellows as is 

hereinbefore provided, assembled and continuing together for the purpose 

of such election, then at any time a.fter the space of one hour after the 

time of day fixed for such election the chair may be taken as aforesaid 

[1SS8.] Ixix [5l> Vict. 

and it shall be lawful for the Chairman to adjourn the meeting to the 
next day, and so from day to day (except as aforesaid) if necessary, 
in the manner hereinhefore mentioned -with respect to adjournments 
of such meetings in case of the business thereof not being concluded as 

4. That from henceforth no Pellow of the said College who shall not 4. Fellows of 
have been a Fellow of the same for Ten years, or a Member of the same ]jjem"ber " ""\ 
for Twenty years, shall be eligible as a Member of the Council of the said Twenty years' 
College, but every Fellow of the said College, of such standing as afore- eligible for the 
said, shall be eligible as a Member of the said Council, any restriction or Council. 
disqualification in respect of the standing or practice of such Fellow or 
otherwise in the said hereinbefore recited Letters Patent or any of them 
contained to the contrary notwithstanding. 

o. That every eligible Fellow who shall intend to offer himself as a 5. Jfominatiou 

candidate for a seat in the Council of the said College, shall, within such ?.^ Candidates 

° ' ' tor Election to 

time from the publication of the ' London Gazette,' in which the day of the Council. 

election shall be announced, as the Council shall from time to time by 

Bye-Law direct, transmit or deliver to the Secretary of the said College a 

notice, signed by himself, of such his intention, together with a nomination 

signed by three Fellows of such person as a fit person to be elected into 

the Council, and such notice and nomination shall be in such form as the 

Council of the said College shall from time to time direct. 

6. That the Council of the said College shall cause lists of the names of 6. Lhts of 
all eligible Fellows of the said College who shall, in manner hereinbefore Election t^o the 

directed, be nominated as Candidates for the Council, and shall have Council to bo 
. . . . published in 

complied with the provisions hereinbefore contained respecting the notice tiie ' Loi.don 
to be transmitted to the Secretary of the said College, together with the "^^^'®- 
names of the Fellows by whom they shall respectively be so nominated, to 
be published in the 'London Gazette' and in two London daily news- 
papers, at such time before the day appointed for the election, as the 
Council shall from time to time by Bye-Law direct. That Section 15 of Kepeal of Sec- 

our hereinbefore recited Letters Patent, bearing date at "Westminster the l\?^ , ^^ °[ 

° (Jnarter of 

18th day of March in the Fifteenth year of our Reign, shall be and the loth Victoria, 
same is hereby repealed, abrogated, and rendered of none effect. 

[1888.] hx [52 Vict.] 

7. The exist- 7. That the existing Board of Examiners appointed by the said College 
Examiners in ^'" *^^® Council thereof, under or by virtue of our said Letters Patent 

Midwifery to bearing date at Westminster the Ibth day of March in the Fifteenth year 
be dissolved, " •' / _ 

and no such of our reign, for the purpose of testing the fitness of persons to practise in 

be hereafter ^^i'^'^ift-ry and of granting Certificates of such fitness, be and the same is 

appointed. hereby dissolved, and that from and after the date of these our Letters 

Patent, no such Examiners in Midwifery shall be appointed by the Council 

of the said College, or examinations held, or certificates granted or 

vacancies filled up as are authorised and required to be appointed, 

held, granted, and filled up respectively by our said first-named Letters 


8. Power to S. That it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College from time 

increase"^' or ^^ ^^™^ ^'^ increase or diminish the number of Members of the said Board 

diminish the of Examiners in Dental Surgery to such number, not being less than six, as 

number of , • , /^, i i ti i ■ i * t. 

Members of ^"^ ^^^d Council shall think fit and determine : Provided always that, 

the Board of gubiect as hereinafter mentioned, the eaid Board shall henceforth always 
Jixammers in "^ 

Dental tSur- be constituted of such number (not being less than three) of Members of 
* ^* the Court of Examiners of the College for the time being, as the Council 

of the said College shall from time to time by Bye-Law determine, 
together with such number (not being less than three) of persons duly 
registered under the " Dentists' Act, IbTS,"' as the said Council shall from 
time to time by Bye-Law determine : Provided also, that nothing herein 
contained shall affect or alter the rights or position of the present Members 
of the said Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery (if any) who are not 
registered under the "Dentists Act,' 1878," but such Members shall 
remain in office for the same period and exercise the same rights and 
powers pertaining to such office as if these our Letters Patent had not been 

9. Power to '*■ Tkat it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College from time 

the Council to j^y hqj^ ^q appoint persons to be Members of the said Board of Examiners 

appoint Men.- ix x 

bers of the in Dental Surgery, either in order to increase the number thereof or to fill 

minersin Den- ^1' vacancice therein, and such persons shall continue in ofiice for such 

tal Surgery. period, and shall conduct the examinations in such manner, and shall 

grant certificates in such form, as the Council o the said College shall 

determine and from lime to time direct, nevertheless so that the 

[1888.] Ixxi [52 Vict. 

said Hoard of Examiners shall always be constituted as hereinbefore 


.... provisions in 

That all and every direction, provision, regulation, clause, matter, or thing existing/ CLar- 

whatsoever, in the said several recited Letters Patent of our Royal Prede- f^" mconsis- 
' tent herewiih. 

cessors and Ourselves, or in any Bye-Laws or Bye-Law of the said College 

contained, which may be repugnant to or inconsistent or at variance with, 
the several directions, provisions, and regulations herein contained, or any 
of them, so far as the same are repugnant thereto, inconsistent or at 
variance therewith, shall be and the same are hereby abrogated, repealed, 
and rendered of none effect. But that except in the respects hereby 
altered, the said College and the Council of the same shall continue to 
have aU such and the same jurisdictions, powers, authorities, and discre- 
tions, for and with respect to the Government of the said College, and the 
election and choice of the officers of the same, as well as the admission 
and expulsion of Members and Fellows, and for the making, ordaining, 
confirming, annulling, or revoking bye-laws, ordinances, rules, and 
constitutions, and transacting and ordaining all other matters and things 
whatsoever for the regulation, government and advantage of the said 
College as such College and the Council thereof respectively now have, 
under or by virtue of the said several hereinbefore recited Charters or 
Letters Patent or either of them respectively, or in any other lawful 
manner : 

AxD WE DO HEREBY, for Us, our Heirs and Successors, grant and confirm Confirmation 
... . . . . of existing 

unto them all such jurisdictions, powers, authorities, and discretions Charters. 

accordingly, and direct that except as hereby varied the said Charters or 

Letters Patent shall be and continue of fuU force and effect : 

And WE DO HEREBY, for Us, our Heirs and Successors, further grant under 
the said College that these our Letters Patent, or the enrolment or exem- 
plification thereof, shall be in and by all things good, firm, valid, sufficient 
and effectual in the law according to the true intent and meaning hereof, 
notwithstanding the not fully or not duly reciting the said several Letters 
Patent, or the dates thereof, or any other omission, imperfection, defect. 

[1883.] Ixxii [52 Vict.] 

matter, cause, or thing vhatsoeTer, the same, or any nik or law to the 
contrary thereof, in anywise notwithstanding: 

In witness whereof we have caused these our Letters to be made 
Patent : 

"Witness Ourself, at "Westminster, the Twentieth day of July, in the 
Fifty-Second year of Our Reign. 

By "Warrant under the Queen's Sign Manual, 


[1S99.] Ixxiii [63 Vict.] 

63rd victoria. 

22nd December, 1899. 

VICTOEIA, by the Grace of God, of the United Eingdom of Great 
Britain and Ireland, Queen, Defender of the Faith, To all to whom 
THESE Presents shall come Greeting : Whereas the Body Politic and 
Corporate of the Eotal College of Surgeons in London was incorporated 
or re-established under or by virtue of a certain Charter or Letters^ 
Patent bearing date at "Westminster the Twenty-second day of March in 
the Fortieth year of the lleign of King George the Third or otherwise 
as in such Letters Patent mentioned or referred to, and further powers 
and privileges were granted to the said College by a certain other or 
Supplemental Charter granted by Letters Patent bearing date at West- 
minster the Thirteenth day of February in the Third year of the Eeign 
of King George the Fourth, and by our Letters Patent bearing date at 
Westminster the Fourteenth day of September in the Seventh year of our 
Beign the name or style of the said College was altered to " The Koyal 
College of Surgeons of England " by which name or style the said College 
is now called or known and divers further powers and privileges were 
granted to the said College by our said Letters Patent. And by our further 
Letteis Patent bearing date at Westminster the Eighteenth day of March in 
the Fifteenth year of our Beign divers further powers and privileges wero 
granted to the said College and alterations were made in certain of the 
provisions and regulations contained in the said former Letters Patent 
of Ourselves and Our Boyal Predecessors. And by our further Letters 
Patent bearing date at Westminster the Eighth day of September iu the 
Twenty-third year of our Beign divei*s further powers and privileges were 
granted to the said College. And by our further Letters Patent bearing 
date at Westminster the Twentieth day of July in the Fifty-second year 
of cur Beign divers further powers and privileges were granted to the 

[1899.] Ixxiv [63 Tict.] 

said College and divers provisions of the hereinbefore recited Letters 
Patent were repealed abrogated or altered. 

And whereas the said College consists of Fellows and Members thereof 
and the Governing Body of the said College consists of a Council of 
twenty-four persons being Fellows and elected Members of the said 
Council, by the Fellows of the said College and one of such twenty-four 
persons is the President and two of them are the Vice-Presidents of the 
said College such President and Vice-Presidents being elected by the said 
Council, and the Court of Examiners consists of ten Fellows of the said 
College elected by the said Council, and the said College is now regulated 
and governed by and according to the provisions of the said several 
Charters or Letters Patent and also by or according to certain I3ye-Laws 
Ordinances and Regulations made by the said College for its regulation 
and better government. 

And whereas by virtue of our hereinbefore recited Letters Patent bearing 
date at Westminster the Eighteenth day of March in the Fifteenth year 
of our Reign the Council of the said College have power to appoint or 
admit to the Fellowship of the said College without examination but 
subject to certain conditions and regulations and the payment of certain 
fees persons who were Members of the said College on the Fourteenth day 
of September 1843, also two persons in each and every year being at the 
time of such admission Members of the said College of not less than 
Twenty years' standing, and also Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons 
in Ireland the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh or of the Faculty 
of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow practising in England or "Wales, 
but no other persons can be admitted to the Fellowship of the said College 
unless they shall have attained the age of Twenty-five years and complied 
with the rules and regulations directed by the Bye-Laws of the said College 
and passed a special examination by the examiners of the said College. 

And whereas it appears to us expedient that a new class of Fellows 
of the said College with limited rights and privileges should be created or 
instituted to be and be called Honorary Fellows of the Royal College of 
Surgeons of England and to be elected by the Council of the said College 
in manner hereinafter appearing. Now know te that 'We of Our Special 
Grace and mere motion at the humble Petition of the said College have 

[1899.] Ixxv [63 Vict.] 

willed ordained constituted and declared and granted and by these 
Presents do will ordain constitute and declare and unto the said Royal 
College of Surgeons of England do grant in manner following, to wit : — 

1. That it shall be lawful for the Council of the said College from 
time to time without examination or compliance with the rules and 
regulations by the hereinbefore mentioned Bye-Laws of the College in 
that behalf directed but subject to such rules and regulations, if any, as 
the said Council shall from time to time think fit and direct to elect such 
persons whether British subjects or not and whether of the age of Twenty- 
five years or not as the said Council shaU deem sufiiciently distinguished 
f orthe purpose to be and such persons shall be and be called Honorary 
Fellows of the lioyal College of Surgeons of England anything to the 
contrary in any of the hereinbefore recited Letters Patent of Ourselves or 
Our lloyal Predecessors or in the Bye-Laws or Regulations of the said 
College notwithstanding. Provided always that the number of such 
Honorary Fellows existing at one and the same time shall never exceed 

2. That the fitness and election of each such person shall be determined 
by the vote or ballot of the said Council and be decided by a majority of 
votes or balls. 

3. That every person so elected shall receive such Diploma or other 
evidence of his election as the Council shall from time to time think fit 
and direct but no fee shall be payable by any such person in respect of 
his election or of such Diploma or other evidence of election. 

4. That no such Honorary Fellow shall be eligible as a Member of the 
Council or Court of Examiners of the said College or entitled to vote at 
any election of a Member or Members of the said Council but every such 
Honorary Fellow shall have and enjoy such of the other Corporate rights 
and privileges attaching to the Fellowship of the said College and be 
subject to such Rules and Regulations as the said Council may from time 
to time think fit and direct. 

5. That no person so elected an Honorary Fellow of the said College 
sliall thereby actjuirc any right to practise Surgery or to be registered 

[1890.] Ixxvi [G3Vict.] 

as a registered Medical Practitiouor under or bj' virtue of the Medical 
Acts or any of them. 

G. That save in so far as coiicerus the election admission rights and 
privileges of such Honorary Fellows the qualifications conditions and 
methods of admission rights and privileges of Fellows of the said College 
shall be and remain the same as are prescribed by or by virtue of the 
hereinbefore recited Letters Patent and the Bye-Laws llules aud Regu- 
lations of the said College for the time being in force. 

In wixifEss whereof we have caused these our Letters to be made 
Patent : 

AViTNEss Ourself at Westminster Ihe Twenty-second day of December 
in the Sixty-third year of Our Keign. 

By Warrant under the Queen's Sign Manual, 


[1875.] Lxxvii [38 & 39 Vict.] 

[38 & 39Vict.] Merlical Acts Amendmmf [Ch. 43.] 

(^CoUerje of Surgeons). 


An Act to amend the Medical Acts so far as relates to the Royal A.D. 1875. 
College of Surgeons of England. [19th July 1875.] 

WHEREAS by the :Medical Act (hereinafter called the principal Act) -1 ^ ~- Viet. 
and Acts amending the same every person becoming possessed of any 
one or more of the qualifications mentioned in the said Acts is to be 
entitled to be registered under the principal Act, and one of such qualifi- 
cations is that of fellow or member or licentiate in midwiferj' of the 
Royal College of Surgeons of England : 

And "whereas by the principal Act it is further provided that any two 
or more of the colleges and bodies in the iledical Acts in that behalf 
mentioned may, with the sanction and under the direction of the general 
council, unite and co-operate in conducting the examinations required for 
qualifications to be registered under the principal Act : 

And whereas the Royal College of Surgeons of England is one of 
such bodies, but doubts are entertained whether it is able to take 
advantage of the hereinbefore recited provisions of the principal Act 
unless it receives further powers from Parliament, and accordingly ifc 
is expedient to amend the Medical xlcts so far as relates to the said 
college : 

Be it enacted by the Queen's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the 
advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, 
in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, 
as follows : 

1. If in pursuance of the principal Act the Royal College of Surgeons Power to 

of England unites or co-operates with any of the colleges or bodies in cJiip„°^of 

that behalf mentioned in the Medical Acts in conducting the examinations Surgeons of 

England to 
required for qualifications to be registered under the principal Act, then, niake bye- 

[Ch. 43.] 


[38 & 39 Vict.] 

A.D. 1875. 

laws with a 
view to the 
Medical Act. 

Saving power 
of council to 
admit to the 
fellowship in 
certain cases. 

Bye-laws to 
be approved 
by the Privy 

notwithstanding anything in any statute or charter contained, it shall be 
lawful for the council for the time being of the said college to prescribe, 
by a bye-law under the common seal of the said college, that no person 
shall become a fellow or member or licentiate in midwifery of the said 
college unless (in addition to passing such examination (if any) and 
complying with such other conditions (if any) as may be prescribed by 
any bye-laws in force for the time being made in pursuance of any 
charter of the said college) he sliall have passed such examinations, 
hereinafter called the joint examinations, for qualification to be regis- 
tered under the Medical Act, and complied with such conditions relating 
thereto as may be agreed upon between the said college and the college 
or body, C3llege3 or bodies, with whom the said college may be united or 
co-operating as aforesaid ; and every person who shall have passed such 
joint examinations and complied with such conditions as aforesaid shall 
be entitled to receive letters testimonial of his qualification to practise 
the art and science of surgery under the common seal of the said college, 
on obtaining which he shall become and be constituted a meraljer of the 
said college, subject to all the regulations, provisions, and bye-laws in 
force for the time being of the said college : 

Provided that nothing in this Act contained shall diminish or affect 
any power which the council of the said college at the time of passing 
this Act may have, under any charter, of appointing or electing to be 
fellows of the said college, without examination, any of the present 
members of the said college who if this Act had not passed would be or 
might become eligible, by reason of their standing as members, to be 
appointed or elected fellows of the said college without examination, or 
any fellows or members or licentiates respectively of the Royal College 
of Surgeons in Ireland, the Eoyal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, or 
the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, who shall at the 
time of passing this Act be in the bonii fide practice of the profession of a 
surgeon of England or Wales, and shall have obtained their respective 
diplomas or licenses after examination : 

Provided also, that no bye-law made in pursuance of this Act shall be 
of any force unless it has the approval of the Lords of Her Majesty's 
Most Honourable Privy Council, and that it shall be lawful for said 
Lords of the Council at any subsequent time, if they shall think fit, to 
revoke such assent. 

[38 & 30 Vict.] Ixxis [Ch. 43.] 

2. Xothiug in this Act contained shall deprive the said college of the A.D. 1875. 
right (if any) existing at the passing of this Act, or relieve them from Saving rights 
the obligation (if any) existing at the passins: of this Act, to admit women °^ "^^ college 
to the examinations required for letters testimonial of the college, or for women to 

a qualification to be registered under " The Medical Act, 1858," or to aminations. 
grant letters testimonial to any woman who has satisfactorily passed the 
examinations and fulfilled the other general conditions imposed upon 
persons seeking to obtain from the said college such letters testimonial 
or qualification. 

3. This Act may be cited for all purposes as " The Medical Act, Eoval Title and 

College of Surgeons of England, 1875," and shall be constnied as one of Act. 

with the Medical Acts. 



1. IhE Commox Seal of the Royal 
College of Suegeo'S of Exglaxd shall 
consist of the Armorial Bearings, Crest, 
Supporters and Motto of the College, 
as registered in Her Majesty's College 
of Arms ; and of which a fac-simile is 
here given. 

2. The Seal shall he in the ciistody 
of the President atid Vice-Presidents. 

3. The Seal shall not be affixed to 
any instrument, except in the presence 
of the President or one of the Vice- 
Presidents, or in their absence in the 
presence of the Senior Member of the 


1 . There shall be an Honorary Medal of the College, to be awarded by the Council 
under such Rules and Conditions as the Council shall from time to time determine. 

2. The Honorary Medal sliall not be awarded to any Member of the Council. 


The making, altering or abrogating any Bye-Law shall be in the following 
manner : — 

A written Formula for any proposed Bye-Law, or for altering or for abrogating 
any existing Bye-Law, being delivered by a Member of the Council to the President 

* The Common Seal of the Royal Collegre of Surgeons of England shall consist c' the Armorial 
Bearings, Crest, Supporters, and Motto of the College as registered in Her Majesty's College of Arms 
asfoUoics, viz. : — " Quarterly a Cross of tit. Georc/e thereon, an Imperial Croiiii between fioo Anchors 
erect in pale and two Portcullises in fess; in the first and fourth Quarters a Serpen^ notced ; in 
the second and third a Lion couchant ffuardant," with " a Chief thereon, a Lion of England," and 
" on a wreath an Eagle requardant , an imperial Crown on the head, and a Mace in the dexter 
claw," with the Motto " Qua prosunt omnibus Artes ; " " on the dcvter side the figure of Machaon, 
holding in the exterior hand a broken arroic, and on the Sinister the figure of Podalirius, in hi.t 
exterior hand a staff entwined bj/ a Serpent ; " of which Armorial Bearings ^'c. a representation is 
here gicen, 

1909. h 

Iw'xii nvK-i.AWs. 

or presiding i[ember at any Mooting of the Council, shall thereupon be read; and 
it seconded, bo taken into consideration; the Council shall then decide by Ballot, 
whether the said Formula shall be referred to a Committee ; and if a Majority be in 
favour of such reference, a Committee of three Members of the Council shall imme- 
diately be elected, by marking lists, to whom tlie said Formixla shall be referred : 
and such Committee shall thereupon take the said Formula into consideration and 
report their opinion thereon to the next Meeting of the Council. 

At which next or any succeeding Meeting, the Council, having considered the rejiort 
of the said Committee, shall ballot for the acceptance or i-ojection of the said Formula ; 
and if the same be then approved and accepted, it shall be again referred to the said 
Committee, in order that the(Jpinion of Counsel may be taken upon any point therein, 
if in the judgment of the said Council or Committee such O])inion be necessary. 

And the said Committee shall report to the next Meeting of the Council their 
determination in the matter, with the Opinion of Counsel, if any have been taken ; 
and if the said Formula be again approved by a Majority of the said Council or of 
any succeeding Council, the same shall be ordained !)y such Council, signed by the 
Members present, and submitted to the proper authority, for sanction and ratification. 


1. The place and time appointed for every Meeting of the Fellows for the Elec- 
tion of Members or a Member of the Council shall be announced in the ' London 
Gazette,' and in two London daily Newspapers, not less than thirty days and not 
more than forty before the day of Meeting. 

2. Every eligible Fellow desirous of a seat in the Council shall, within ten days 
^rom the prrblication of the ' London Gazette ' in which the day of Meeting for the 
Election siiall be announced, transmit or deliver to the Secretary of the College, a 
notice signed by himself in the following Terms : — 

I, A. B., of C, Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, do hereby 
declare, that I am a Candidate for a Seat in the Council of tlie said College ; 

Together with a Nomination signed by three Fellows of the College in the follow- 
ing Terms : — 

We, the undersigned Follows of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, do 
Hereby certify that A. B., of C, is in our estimation a fit person to be pl'^^ted into 
the Council of the said College ; and we do hereby nominate him a Ci.ndidate for a 
seat in the said Council. 

3. The names of the eligible Fellows who shall have boon nominated as Candi- 
dates for the Council in the manner hereinbefore reciuirod. and shall have complied 
with the provisions respecting the said notice, together with the nanu's of the three 
Fellows hj whom they shall respectively have been nominated, shall be published 
in the ' London (Jazette,' and in two London daily Newsi)apers, not less than ten 
davs before the day ajjpointed for the Election. 

4. Members of the Council retiring from Office by rotation, and desirous of re- 
election, shall intimate such their desire in writing, addressed to the Secretary, 
within teo days from the publication of the ' London Gazette' in which the day ot' 
Meeting for the Election shall be annouiued ; aud the names of such Members shall 

byK-Laws. Ixxxiii 

be published in the ' London Gazette* and in the said two London daily ^ew.spaper9 
at the head of the list of the names of the several other Candidates to be therein 
published as aforesaid. 

5. Not less than ten days prior to the day fixed for such Meeting, the Secretary 
shall deliver or send by the post to every Fellow of the College, whose address in 
the United Kingdom is registered at the College, a voting-paper, in such form as 
the Council of the College may from time to time direct. 

6. Every such Fellow, if he desires to vote at such Election, by voting-paper, and 
not in person, shall return such voting-paper marked, enclosed, sealed, authenticated 
and attested in such manner as the Council shall from time to time direct and 
require, and so as the same shall be received by the Secretary* or person acting 
for him, not later than the time appointed tor the commencement of such 

7. At every Meeting for Election into the Council, not less than six Fellows of 
the College exclusive of the Members of Council being actually present, the Chair- 
man having declared the business of the day, and appointed two of the Fellows 
present to act as Scrutineers in taking the result of the Ballot, the Secretary or 
person acting for him shall announce to the Meeting the names of the several 
Candidates so published as aforesaid in the order in which such names were so 
pubhshed, except the name or names of such of the said Candidates as shall pre- 
viously have signified to the Secretary in wiiting his or their desire not to proceed 
to the Election, whereupon a Ballot shall be forthwith taken for the Election of 
such a number of Members as shall be rc(iuired to fill up the vacancies in the 
Council, and the Secretary or person acting for him shall thereupon deposit in the 
Ballot-box the voting-papers which he shall have duly received, and such Ballot 
shall be kept open for two hours : and at the expiration of such two hours, the 
Balloting-box shall, in the presence of the two Scrutineers, be opened by the 
Chairman, who shall, in the presence and with the concurrence and assistance of 
the two Scrutineers, ascertain the result of such Ballot, and shall forthwith declare 
the names of the Fellows elected into such vacancies, and thereupon the Election 
of such Fellows to be Members of the Council shall be deemed to be and be 

8. If at any Election two or more Candidates for one or more -sacancies shall 
obtain an equal number of votes, the right of such Candidates to be elected shall be 
determined by their seniority in standing as Fellows of the College, the senior of 
such Fellows being preferred, 

9. When there shall be any vacancy in the Council by the death or resignation of 
a Member, the Fellow, of those elected, who shall have been so elected by the 
smallest number of votes, shall be the substitute Member of Council in the room 
of such Member ; and when more than one such vacancy shall be required to be so 
filled up, the Fellow elected by the !?mallest number of votes shall be the substitute 
in the room of that Member whose period of Office woidd have first terminated, and so 
in regard to each of such vacancies respectively. And if it shall at any time happen 
that more than one Member shall be elected by the same number of votes, being 
with reference to the other Fellows elected the smallest number of votes, the youngest 
in standing as a Fellow of the persons so elected by such equal number of vot«s 
shall be the substitute Member, and so in regard to each of .-uch vacancies re- 


Ixxxiv BYE-LAMS. 


1. Sliould any Member of the Council be absent from more than four consecutive 
Meetings, without leave of the Council, he shall ipm facto cease to be a Member of 
the Council, unless a reason for such absence satisfactory to the Council be assigned. 

2. Any Member of the Council who shall wilfully disobey any Bye-Law, Ordi- 
nance, Rule, or Constitution of the College, shall be liable to censure or removal 
from the Council, by resolution thereof. 

3. If any Member of the Council, ceasing to be or removed from being a Member 
of the Council, by virtue of either of the two preceding Clauses, shall be the 
President, or one of the Vice-Presidents of the College, he shall on so ceasing to 
fee, or being removed from being a Membei- of the Council, also cease to hold the 
office of President or Yice-President, as the case may be. 


1. The Resignation of a Member of the Coaneil shall not be effectual until the 
acceptance thereof by the Council. 

2. Every Member of the Council, whose Resignation shall have been accepted, or 
who shall have been removed, or who shall have gone out of office by rotation, shall, 
ipso facto, cease to be a Member of every Committee of which lie shall have been 
elected a Member. 


1. A Meeting of the Council shall be holden upon the first Thursday in January, 
April, July, and October in every year ; or within one Calendar Month after each 
of those days. 

2. Tbe President may call a Meeting of the Council whenever he shall judge the 
same to be necessary. 

3. The President may call a Meeting of the Council iipon a Requisition, signed 
by eight or more Members of the Council. 

4. Upon the demand of three Members, any question under consideration by the 
Council shall be decided by Ballot. 

■5. Every Resolution of the Council relating to Censure or Removal shall be sub- 
mitted to the Council at a ileeting specially to be holden for that purpose ; of which 
Meeting seven days' Notice, by summons, stating such purpose, shall be given to the 
Memb-ers of the Council. 

(j. Every question in the Council relating to Censure or Removal shall be deter- 
mined by Ballot. 

7. E\eiy Member present from the commencement until the termination of any 
Meeting of the Council shall be entitled to One Guinea. 


1; Every Election into the Court of Examiners shall take place at a fleeting of 
the Council, of which Meeting not less than seven days* notice shall he given to the 
Members of tlie Council by Summons^ and notice of such Meeting and the purpose 
thereof and the numbf'.r of vacancies to be tilled up thereat shall further be given 



by adrcrfcisement in such PuLlic Journals or Newspapers as the Coancil of the 
CoHege shall from time to time determine and direct, a reasonable time before the 
date fixed for such Meeting. 

2. Xo Fellow of the College shall be eligible for election as a Member of the. 
Court of Examiners, unless not less than three clear days before the Meeting of the 
Council for the election he shall have been nominated in writing by a Member of 
the Council, or unless not less than seven clear days before the Election he shall 
have made application m writing to the Secretary, to be admitted as a Candidate 
for election into the Court of Examiners. 

3. Ko Fellow of the College shall be elected a Member of the Court of Examiners 
unless, in addition to having been nominated or having made such application as 
aforesaid, he shall obtain a number of votes representing an absolute majority of 
the Members of the Council tlien present at the Meeting tor such Election "whether 
voting or not. Such votes to be taken by Ballot in manner following : — 

4. On the day and at tJie time appointed for the Election, the Secretary, or 
person acting for him, shall announce to the Meeting the names of all the Fellows 
of the College who shall have been duly nominated, or made application as herein- 
before provided, whereupon a Ballot shall be taken in manner following: that is to 
say, every Member of the Council present and desiring to vote, shall put into th© 
Balloting-box a slip of paper (jontaining one of the names so announced to the 
Meeting, the papers shall then be severally examined by the President or Presiding 
Member, and the names written thereou read aloud by the Secretary or parson 
acting for him, and the Candidate, if any, who shall obtain a majority of votes 
representing an absolute majority of the Members of the Council then present at 
the Meeting, whether voting or not, shall be declared to be and be duly elected a 
Member of the Court of Examiners for the period of five years. 

5. If at the first Ballot for the election of a Member of the Court of Examiners, 
no Candidate shall obtain a number of votes representing such absolute majority, a 
second Ballot shall be taken, the name of bhe Candidate obtaining the smallest 
number of votes in the first Ballot being omitted and excluded from such second 
Ballot, and if on such second Ballot no Candidate shall receive a number of voti s 
representing an absolute majority of the Members of the Council then present at the 
Meeting, whether voting or not, a third Ballot shall be taken, the name of the 
Candidate obtaining the smallest number of votes in the second Ballot being omitted 
and excluded from such third Ballot, and so on until some Candidate shall have 
obtained a number of votes representing an absolute majoi'ity of the Members of 
the Council then present at the Meeting, whether voting or not, when he shall bo 
declared to be and be duly elected a Member of the Court of Examiners for the 
period of five ^ears. 

6. If at any Ballot two or more Candidates shall obtain an equal number of 
votes, being with respect to the other Candidates the smallest niniiber of votes 
obtained by any Candidate, the Junior or Juniors on the Roil of Fellows shall be 
omitted and excluded from the succeeding Ballot. 

7. If at the first Ballot there be more than two Candidates, and all of them shidl 
obtain an equal number of votes, the Junior on the lioll of Fellows shall be omitted 
and excluded from the second Ballot, and so on at each succeeding Ballot. 

8. The above procedure shall be adopted with regard to the Election of as many 
Candidates as there are vacancies to be filled up at such Meeting, the name of any 
Candidate already elected being omitted and excluded from all subsequent Ballots. 



Should a Member of the Court of Examiners be absent from that Court more than 
six successive Meetings without assigning a Eeason satisfactory to the Court, such 
Absence shall be reported to the Council holden next after the said six Meetings ; 
and the Member so absenting himself shall be liable to removal from the Court by 
resolution of the Council. 


The Resignation of a Member of the Court of Examiners shall not take effect 
until the acceptance tliereof by the Council. 


1. The Coiirt of Examiners shall be authorized to hold such Courts for Ihe 
Examination of Candidates for the Fellowship of the College and to make such 
adiournments thereof as maj' by them be judged necessary. 

2. The Court of Examiners shall constitute and be the Examiners in Surgery 
appointed by the College for the Joint Exsiminations to be conducted by the College 
and the Royal College of Physicians of London, and shall receive in res})ect thereof 
such remuneration as the Council shall from time to time determine and direct. 
Six at least of the said Court of Examiners shall attend each Examination in 
Surgery forming part of such Joint Examinations. 

3. Every Member of the Court of Examinei's present from the commencement 
to the termination of any meeting of the Coiu't of Examiners relative to Elxanii- 
natious, but not for the purpose of conducting any of the above Examinations, shall 
be entitled to One Guinea. 

4. In every case of Examination for the Diploma of Fellow the Examiners present 
from the commencement to the termination of such Examination shall be entitled to 
an equal division of such a sum as the Council shall from time to time determine 
whether the person examined be approved or not. 


The mode of Election of President and Vice-Presidents shall be as follows : — 
]. Every Mimber of the Council present at the Meeting for such Election, having 
been funiishcd with a list of the Membere of the Council, shall, if desirous of voting, 
put a mark against the name of one person in such list, and jiut the same into the 
RaDoting-box : the papers shall then be severally examinid by the President (or 
Presiding ^Member), and every name agaiiist whiih such mark shall have been jiut 
ehall be read aloud by the Secretary, or person acting for him : and the person (if 
any) against whose name there shall have letn affixed a number of marks rejue- 
penting an ahsoiuie majority of the ilcmbei-s of the Council then present at the 
Meeting, wheiLer voting or not, shall be, and be declared to be; duly elected 

BVE-LAWS. IxX.wii 

2. Ill case it shall appear that no name in the said lists has a number of marks 
representing such absolute majority affixed against it, a second Ballot shall be 
taken, the name against which the smallest number of marks was affixed in the 
first Ballot being omitted and excluded from the second Ballot, and so on with 
subsequent Ballots, until some name shall have a number of marks affixed against 
it representing an absolute majority of the Members of the Council then present at 
the Meeting, whether voting or not, when the person against whose name such 
number of marks shall have been affixed shall be, and be declared to be, duly 
elected President. 

3. If any difficulty shall arise with respect to any such Ballot by reason of the 
names of two or more persons having an equal number of marks affixed against 
them, the question shall be decided according to the seniority of such persons as 
Members of the Council, the name of the Junior being omitted and excluded 
from the succeeding Ballot. 

4. The same procedure shall be adopted with regard to the Election of each of 
the Vice-Presidents. 



1. The Council shall, under such Regulations, and for such time or period as to 
them shall seem proper (but always subject to removal at the pleasure of the 
Council), appoint such persons as they shall think proper for the purpose of con- 
ducting Examinations in Anatomy and Physiology of Candidates for the Diploma 
of Fellow. 

2. The Council shall further appoint such persons for such periods txd on such 
terms as they shall think fit lo be the Examiners in Anatomy and Physiology to be 
appointed by the College for the Joint Examinations conducted by the College and 
the Boyal College of Physicians of London, No person shall be ineligible under 
this clause by reason of having been appointed under the preceding clause. 

3. The Examinations in Anatomy and Physiology to be reijuiredof all Candidates 
for the Diploma of Fellow shall ])e held at such time and conducted in such manner 
as the Council of the College shall from time to time direct. 

4. The Council shall have power to accept from any Candidate for the Diploma 
of Fellow, in lieu of such Examination in Anatomy and Physiology, an}* Degree, 
Diploma, Licence, or Certificate of any LTniversity, College, or other public bodj' 
whose Degree, Diploma, Licence, or Certificate the Council shuU deem to be equi- 
valent to the passing of such Examination. 


1. No person under the age of Twentj'-one years shall become a Member of the 
College nor unless and until l\e shall have passed the Examinations for Qualifications 
to be registered under the Medical Act, held by the Examining Jioard for the time 
being constituted under the Scheme and Ilegnhitions approved and ado])ted by tlio 
Royal College of Physicians of London on March I2tli, I^M^, and by tlie Colh'ge 
on April 2*Jth, 1SS3 (herein called the Joint p]xaminations)^ and complied willi 
tlie conditions relating thereto contained in the said Scheme and Ucgulafions, or 

Ixxwiii RYK-LAW?, 

such conditions as may be agreed u]K)n between the College of Physicians and ihe 
College for the time being. ^'othing contained in this .Section shall diminish 
or affect the right of any person who shall have commenced professional study 
before the Ist of October, 1884, to be examined for and to receive the JJiploma 
of !Member of the College ; but such right, -where it exists, shall remain and 
continue, to all intents and purposes, as if this Bye-Law had not been enacted. 

2. The Diploma of Member shall be in such Form as the Council may from time 
to time judge proper. 

3. The Seal of the College shall be aflBxed to the Diploma of every Member of the 

4. Every person, prior to his admission as a Member of the College, shall, in the 
presence of an Officer of the College, make and subscribe his name to the following 
Declaration : — 

" I, A. B., do solemnly and sincerely declare, that, while a ifember of the Koyal 
Collefe of Surgeons of England, I will observe the Bye-Laws thereof: that I will 
obev every lawful Summons issued by order of the Council of the said College, 
having no reasonable excuse to the contrary : and that I will demean myself 
honourably in the practice of my Profession ; and to the utmost of my jjowcr 
maintain the dignity and welfare of the College."' 

5. Everv person, prior to his admission as a Member, shall subscribe his name 
to a Copy of the Bye-Laws of the College, in testimony of his having engaged him- 
self to the observance thereof. 

6. The fee for rhe Diploma of Member, exclusive of the fees payable for tlie 
Licence of the lloyal College of Physicians of London under the Scheme and 
Regulations for the Joint Examinations, shall be suf-h sum not exceeding Twenty 
Guineas and shall be ])ayable in such manner and at such times as the Council 
from time to time direct, and in addition thereto there shall be paid the Stamp 
Duty, if any, on such Diploma and such reasonable fees for and in ease of re- 
examination as shall be in like manner directed. 

7. If the Court of Examiners shall find any circumstance in the Character, 
Conduct, or mode of Practice of any Candidate for Examination which in their 
opinion renders such Candidate unfit to be admitted a Member of the College, the 
said Court shall have the power of declining to examine him until the o])inion of 
the Council shall have been taken thereon. 


The Council will, at all times, protect and defend every Fellow and Member of 
the College Avho may be disturbed in the exercise and enjoyment of the Bights, 
Privileges, Exemptions, and Immunities, acquired by him as a Fellow and Member 
or Member thereof. 


1. If any Fellow or Member of the College shall afler due enquiry be judged 
by the Counc'l to have been guilty of disgraceful conduct in any professional 
respectj he shall be liable to removal by resolution of the Council from being a 
Fellow and Member or Member of the College. 

- 2. Should any Fellow or ^Member of the College he convicted of any Criminal 
Offence, or have his name removed from the Medical Register by the General 
Medical Council under Section XXIX. of the Medical Act of 1858, tlie Council of 
the College may, if they should consider the offence of which he shall have been so 
convicted, or for which his name shall have been so removed, to be of such a natiiie 
as to render him unfit to remain a Fellow and Member or a Member of the 
College, remove such Fellow or Member by resolution to that eft'ect, from being a 
Fellow and Member or a Member of the College. 

3. Any Fellow or Member Avho shall have been removed by Eesolution of the 
Council as aforesaid shall thereby forfeit all his rights and privileges as a Fellow 
and Member or a Member of the College ; and his Diplomas or Diploma shall there- 
upon be void and shall become the property of the College, and be delivered up by 
such Fellow or Member to the College on demand, provided that if at any subsequent: 
time the Council of the College by liesolution. and subject to such conditions as the)* 
may think proper, rescind any llesolutioa which may have been passed under any 
of the preceding Bye-Laws for removing any person from being a Fellow and 
Member or Member of the College, such rescinding of the former liesohition sliall have 
the eff'ect of restoring such person to the Fellowship or ^lembevship of the College, 
and such person shall, notwithstanding such removal or forfeiture as aforesaid, but 
subject to such conditions as the Council may in the particular case see fit to im];ose, 
be restored to his rights and privileges as a Fellow and Member or a Member of 
the College. 


1. Xo business whatever shall be transacted, nor any matter be discussed or de- 
bated, at any meeting or assemblage convened by or under the authority of the 
President or Council, or before or after the business thereof shall have com- 
menced, other than the particular business or matter in respect of which such 
meeting or assemblage shall have been convened : nor shall any debate or dis- 
cussion whatsoever be had or allowed at any meeting convened by the President 
or Council for the delivery of Lectures or Orations, either before or after the 
same shall have commenced or terminated. And no meeting or assemblage of 
Fellows or Members of the College shall be held in the Hall or Council House of 
the College, or in any of its appurtenances, unless convened by or under the autho- 
rity of the President or Council ; and no Fellow or Member of the College sliall 
advertise, or convene or attend, or combine Avith others to advertise, or convene or 
attend, any meeting or assemblage in the Hall or Council House of ihe College, 
or in any of its appurtenances, not authorized bj- the President or Council. And 
any FeUow or Member of the College who may in any manner offend lierein shall 
be liable to be restrained and excluded by the Council from attending any Oration 
and Lectures at the Theatre, and from any use of or admission to the Lilirary 
and Museum, and to be suspended from any or all other Privileges whicii he may 
have as a Fellow and Member or a Member of the College, for any such period as 
the Council may adjudge, or to removal by resolution of the Council from being 
a Fellow and Member or a Member of the College. And every Fellow or Member 
of the College who shall thereupon be removed as aforesaid shall forfeit all his 
rights and pri^-ileges as a Fellow and Member or a !M ember thereof. 

2. All meetings convened by or under the authority of the President or Council 


of the College, as well for general biisiueas as f(jr the delivery of Orations or Lec- 
tures, or for the distrilmtioii of Prizes, shall be under the control and direction of 
the President or other Member of tlie Council j)residing at such Meeting. And any 
Pellow or Member of tlie College who shal) interrupt, impede, or interfere with the 
proceedings at any such ^Meeting, or shall propose any matter for discussion or de- 
bate without the leave of the President or other person so presiding, shall, upon 
being required by tlie President or other perscm so presiding, immediately withdraw 
from such Meeting ; and shall be moreover liable to be restrained and excluded by 
the Council from attending any Orations and Lectures at the Theatre, and from 
an J- use of or admission to the Library and Museum, and to be suspended from 
any or all other i)rivileges which he may have as a Fellow and Member or a Mem- 
ber of the College, for any such period as the Council may adjudge. And any 
Fellow or Member of the College who shall so offend a second time, or during 
any suspension by the Council shall attempt to exercise any of the privileges from 
whi(-h he shall be suspended, shall be liable to removal by resolution of the 
Council from being a Fellow and Member or a Member of the College. And evei y 
Fellow or M.-mber of the College who shall thereupon be removed as aforesaid 
shall forfeit all his rights and privileges as a Fellow and Member or a Member 



1. Any Fellow or Member of the College, desirous of ceasing to be a Fellow or 
Member thereof, shall tender his resignation to the Council; and upon the accept- 
ance of his Resignation, he shall pay Ten Guineas, over and above all charges 
of Stamps. 

2. No resignation shaU be complete and valid until an Instrument under the Seal 
of the College, declaratory thereof, in such form as the Council shall from time to 
time direct, be delivered to the Fellow or Member resigning. 


A Certificate that a Diploma has been obtained by any Member shall not be 
granted to or for any Person whomsoever without the Authority of the Council ; 
and for which Ccrtiiicate Five Guineas shall be paid, over and above all charges 
of Stamps, unless it shall ajipear to the Council that such Diploma has been 
destroyed or irrevocably lost by fire, shipwreck, or other accident ; in which case 
the fee of Five Guineas may be remitted. 


1. No person shall be entitled to the Diploma of Fellow unless he (a) shall 
have produced evidence satisfactory to the Council that he has attained the age of 
twenty-five years; (b) shall have complied with clause 1 of the Section relating 
to the Examination and Admission of Members or possess a qualification or 
qualifications in iledicine and Surgery recognized by the Council in lieu thereof ; 
(c) shall have passed the examinations and complied with the conditions herein- 
after prescribed. Provided always that nothing herein contained sliall diminisii 


or affect the rigLt of any person who shall have commenced professional study 
before the first day of October One thousand Eight hundred and Eiglilv-four to 
be examined for and to receive the Diploma of rellow ; but such rijjlit where it 
exists shall remain and continue to all intents and purposes as if this Bye-Law 
had not been enacted. 

2. The Council shall have power from time to time to make or alter such Rules 
and Regulations respecting the professional education of Candidates for the Fellow- 
ship as they may think proper. 

«{. The Examination for the Fellowship shall be divided into two parts, viz. : — 
The first Examination to be on Anatomy and Physiology. 
The second Examination to be on Pathology, Therapeutics, and Surgery, 
and on such other subjects as the Council may from time to time consider 
In order to be admitted to the First Examination, the Candidate shall produce 
evidence — 

That he has been engaged during not less than three Winter Sessions in 
the acquirement of professional knowledge, in such manner as the Council 
shall from time to time direct. 
In order to be admitted to the Second Examination, the Candidate shall produce 
evidence — 

(If a Member) that he has been engaged for six years in the acquirement of 
professional knowledge, in such manner as the Council shall from time to 
time dli'ect. 

(If not a Member) that he has been engaged in the acquirement of pro- 
fessional knowledge, in such manner as the Council shall from time to time 
direct, for at least four years subsequent to tlie date of having obtained a 
(jualification or qualifications in Medicine and Surgery recognized by the 
Council for the purpose. 
•i. The fee to be paid for admission to the Fellowship shall be Thirty Guineas 
over and above all charges, if any, for stamps, and shall be payable in such manner 
as the Council shall from time to time direct. 

Provided always that the Council may, if they think fit, remit Ten (luineas of 
such fee in the case of a Candidate who is a Member of the College. 

5. Examinations for the Fellowship shall be held at such periods as the Council 
shall from time to time determine. 

6. The Examinations shall be conducted in such manner as the Council shall from 
time to time direct. 

7. Every Member of the College shall, prior to his admission as a Fellow ])y 
Examination, make and subscribe his name to the following Declaration, in tlie 
presence of an Officer of the College, viz. : — 

" I, A. B., of C, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, do 
solemnly and sincerely declare that, while a Fellow of the said College, I will 
obsei-ve the Bye-Laws thereof relating to the Fellowship, and will obey every lawful 
Summons issued by order of the Council of the said College, having no reasonable 
excuse to the contrary." 

8. Every Member of the College shall, prior to his admission a.N a Fellow, sub- 
scribe his name to a Copy of the Bye-Laws relating to the Fellowship, in testimony 
of having engaged himself to the observance thereof. 

9. Every person not previously a Member of the College sliall, prior to his 


admission as a Fellow, make and .subacribc his name to the following DcclttratloO, 
in the presence of an Officer of tlic College, visi. ; — 

" I, A. B., of C, do solemnly and sincerely declare thnt, "while a Fellow or 
Member of the Koyal College of Surgeons of England, I will observe the liye-Laws 
thereof, and will obey every lawful Summons issued by the Council of the said 
College, having no reasonable excuse to the contrary, and will to the utmost of niy 
power maintain the welfare and dignity of the College." 

10. Every person not ])revious]y a ^lember of tlio College shall, ])ri()r to his admis- 
sion as a Fellow, subscribe his name to a copy of the Bye-Laws of the College. 

11. The Diploma of a Fellow shall be in such form us the Council may from time 
to time direct. 

12. The Seal of the College shall be affixed to the Diploma of every Fellow. 

13. "When more than one Member of the College shall be admitted to the Fellowship 
at the same time, their names shall be entei'ed upon the Begister of Fellows 
according to the priority of the dates of their respective Diplomas as Members ; 
and should a person not previously a Member be admitted a Fellow at the same 
time as a Member or Members, such previous Member or Members shall take 
the precedence. 



1. The proposition for the admission of a Member of twenty years" standing to 
the Fellowship under the authoi-ity of the Fifth Section of tlie Charter of tlie 
fifteenth of Victoria shall be made at the Quarterly Meeting of the Council in January. 

2. At the time of anj- such proposition being made, a recommendation for the 
admission to the Fellowship of the Member proposed shall be laid before the Council; 
which recommendation shall be signed by six Members of the Council, and ishall de- 
clare that he is in their opinion a fit and proper person to be admitted into the 

3. The Council shall ballot upon the admission of any person so proposed at the 
Quarterly Meeting of the Council in April next succeeding. 

4. A fee of Ten Guineas shall be payable upon the admission of Members lo 
the Fellowship by Election, and shall be paid at or before the issue of the Diploma 
of Fellowship. 

5. The Names of such Fellows as shall bo elected as aforesaid shall be entered 
upon the List or liegister of Fellows according to the dates of their election ; and 
■when more than one shall be elected upon the same day, their names shall take 
precedence according to the priority of their Diplomas as Members. 

6. No Member of the College, admitted to the Fellowship by electi«m, shall 
exercise any right or privilege he shall have ac(piired as a Fellow until he shall have 
signed a copy of the Bye-Laws of the College, in testimony of having engaged him- 
self to the observance thereof, and made and subscribed the following Declaration iu 
the presence of the Council, viz. : — 

" 1, A. B., of C, Member of the Boyal College of Surgeons of England, do 
solemnly and sincerely declare that, while a Fellow of the said College, I will ob- 
serve the Bve-Laws thereof, and will ob(>v cvcrv lawl'ul summons issued bv order 

BYK-LAW9. Xciii 

of the Council of the said College, having no reasonable excuse to the contrary. 
And I make this solemn Declaration by virtue of the provisions of the Statutory 
Declarations Act 1835, 


1. Any Fellow of the lloyal College of Surgeons in Ireland, of the Eoyal College 
of Surgeons of Edinburgh, or of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, 
who shall be desirous of Admission to the Fellowship of this College, shall transmit 
or deliver to the Secretary of this College, or person acting for him, his Diploma, an 
Application to be so admitted, and a Declaration signed by himself in the following 
terms : — 

" I. A. B., of C, Fellow of D., do hereby declare that I was duly admitted to such 
Fellowship, having previously passed the necessary Examination or Examinations 
re(juired by the Bye-Laws or Itegulations of the said Koyal College (or Faculty), 
and that I am in the hond fide Practice of the Profession of a Surgeon in England 
(or Wales), and that I do not sell or supply Drugs or Medicines, (or, that I do not 
sell or supply Drugs or Medicines otherwise than in the due exercise or practice 
of my profession as an Apothecary).'' 

Together with the foregoing Declaration shall be transmitted or delivered the 
following Cei'titicate : — 

'' We, the undersigned Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland (or of 
Edinburgh), (or of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow), do 
hereby certify that A. B., of C, Fellow of the said Royal CoUege (or Faculty), is, 
from his moral character and professional attainments, a fit and proper person 
to be admitted to the Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, 
and that he does not sell or supply Drugs or Medicines, (or, that he does not sell 
or sui)ply Drugs or Medicines otherwise than in the due exercise or practice of his 
profession of an Apothecary) : and we accordingly recommend him to the Council 
of the said College to be admitted a Fellow thereof.'' 

2. ITie foregoing Certificate shall be signed by six Fellows of the CoUege (or 
Faculty) of which the said Applicant shall be a Fellow. 

•3. A similar Certificate signed by six Fellows of this College shall also be 
transinitted or delivered with the foregoing Declaration and Certificate. 

4. The Fellows of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, of the Royal 
College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, or of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of 
Glasgow, shall not be admissible to the Fellowship of this College unless the Council 
of this College shall be satisfied that the course of professional Study for such 
Fellowship reijtured by the said Colleges or Faculty to which such Fellow shall belong 
shall be equal to the Course of professional Study required for the Fellowship 
of this College. . 

5. The Fellows of the Royal Colleges af Surgeon b in Ireland and of Edinburgh, 
and of the Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow, shall pay on tJieir 
Admission to tlie Fellowship of this College the sum of Thirty Guineas over and 
above all charges for Stamps whidi shall be necessarj-. 

6. No person admitted nd etindon a Fellow of this College shall exercise any 
right or privilege he shall have acquired by such admission until he shall ha\-e 


signed a copy of the Byo-Laws of the College, in testimony of having engaged 
himself to the observance thereof, and made and subscribed the following Decla- 
ration in the presence of the Council, viz. : — 

" I, A. li., of C, Fellow of D., do solemnly and sincerely declare that, whik- a 
Fellow of the l{o5-al College of Surgeons of England, I will observe the Bye- 
Laws thereof, aud will obey every lawful summons issued by order of the Council 
of the said College, having no reasonable excuse to the contrary." 


1 . The President and Vice-Presidents for the time being shall be joint Treasurers 
of the College. 

2. All Payments, Contributions, and Fines shall be paid to the Treasurers of the 

3. All Drafts upon the Banker of the College shall be signed by two of the 
Treasurers at least. 

4. The Accounts of the College shall be audited at least once in each year, at 
such date or dates as the Council shall direct, by a Professional Auditor to be 
nominated bv the Council. 


1. The Moneys belonging to the College shall not be invested otherwise than 
upon Government or Real Security, or upon such Securities as maj- from time to 
time be permitted to Trustees under the authority of Parliament. 

2. All investments shall be made in the Name of the " Royal College of Surgeons 
of England." 

3. All Moneys, the property of or belonging to the College, shall be paid to the 
President, or, by his order or in his absence, to one of the Vice-Presidents, by the 
Secretary or any other Person holding or having received the same, as soon as such 
I)ayment can be made. 

4. All Payments, Contributions, and Fines shall be to the use of the College. 


1. The Board of Examiners in Dental Surgery shall consist of four Members of 
the Court of Examiners of the College for the time being, together with four 
jiersons duly registered under "The Dentists Act 1878." 

2. The Members of the Board shall be elected by the Council of this College, for 
the period of five years, but shall be eligible for re-election. 

3. Should a vacancy occur in the Board from the death or resignation of a Mem- 
ber thereof, or from any other cause, such vacancy shall be reported to the Council 
of this College, and filled up at a meeting of the Council, of which meeting seven 
days' notice shall be given by summons. 


4. Should a Member of tlie Board be absent from more tlian three consecutive 
Meetings, such absence shall be reported to the Council holden next after the said 
three Meetings ; and the Member so absenting himself, without assigning a reason 
satisfactory to the Council, shall be liable to removal from the Board by resolution 
of the Council. 

5. The Board shall hold such meetings, and shall conduct its proceedings in such 
manner, as the Council of this College shall from time to time direct. 

0. The Senior Member of the Court of Examiners of this College, on the Board, 
shall act as Chairman thereof ; and in his absence the next Senior Member of the 
said Court shall preside. 

7. Candidates for the Certificate of fitness to jiractlse as a Dentist shall comply 
with such regulations, as regards Professional Study and Examination, as shall 
from time to time be required by the Council of this College. 

8. The Fee for tlie Certilicate of fitness to practise as a Dentist shall be Twenty 
Guineas over and above any Stamp Duty. 

9. The Certificate shall be in such form as the Council of this College shall from 
time to fime direct. 

10. No ))erson shall be admitted to the Final Examination for the Certificate of 
fitness to practise as a Dentist until he shall have completed the twenty-first year 
of his age. 


1. Pursuant to the powers conferred by the Medical Act 1876 and subject to 
the provisions tnerein and hereinafter contained, women may be admitted as 
!N[embers and Fellows of the College and may obtain Diplomas in Dental Surgery 
on the siime terms and conditions as men : and so far as it is necessary to give 
effect to this Bve-Law words in the and Begulations of the College 
which import the masculine gender shall also import the feminine gender and all 
proper alterations shall be made in the form of the Letters Testimonial, Diplomas, 
Certificates and Licences granted by the College. 

2. Women shall not be eligible as !M embers of the Council and shall not vote at or 
take any part in any election of a Member or Members of the Council, or attend 
aJiv Meeting of Fellows or of Fellows and Members (exce])t Meetings convened for 
the delivery of Lectures or Orations), or otherwise take any part in the govern- 
ment, management or proceedings of the College. 

3. Women, shall not be eligible as Members of the Court of Examiners or for 
any Examinership to which the Council appoint. 

* The Secrefari/ of Sta/e for Hume Affaiia has sifivified his infenlion to approic tftif Section, hut 
the ^lecessary formalities have not been computed at the time of yoivg to press 






I. Common Seal 

II. Honorary Medal 

III. Bye-Laws 

IV. Election and Admission of 

Members of Council . . . Ixxxii 
V. Absence or Mi.sconduct of 

Members of Council. . . . Ixxxiv 
\1. Resignation of Members of 

Council Ixxxiv 

VII. Meetings of Council .... Ixxxiv 
VIII. Election of Kxaminers. . . . Ixxxiv 
IX. Absence of Examiners. . . . Ixxxvi 
X. Resignation of Examiners . Ixxxvi 
XI. Meetings ofCourt of Exami- 
ners Ixxxvi 

XII. Election of President and 

Vice-Presidents Ixxxvi 

XIII. Examiners and Examina- 
tions in Anatomy and 
Physiology '. . . . . Ixxxvii 

Section Pa?o 

XIV. Examination and Admission 

of .Members Ixxxvii 

XV. Rights of Fellows and Mem- 
bers Ixxxviii 

XVI. Misconduct of Fellows and 

Members Ixxxviii 

XVII. Meetings of Fellows and 

Members Ixxxix 

XVIII. Resignation and Release of 

Fellows and Members . . xc 

XIX. Certificate of Diploma .... xc 

XX. Admission to theFelljwship 

by Examination xc 

XXI. Admission of .NJ emberstothe 

Fellowship by Election. . xcii 
XXII. Ad Eundem Admissions . . xciii 

XXIII. Treasurers xciv 

XXIV. Property of the College . . xciv 
XXV. Dental Surgery xciv 

XXVI. Admission of Women .... xcv 




• BY OFFICE. 17. 

The Loed Chancellor. 

The First Lord of the TREAsrrRT. 

The Chancellor of the Exchequer. 

The First Lord of the Admiralty. 

The Speaker of the House of Commons. 

The Secretary of State for War. 

The President of the Royal Society. 

The President of the Royal College of Physicians. 

The President of the Royal College of Surgeons. 

The four Censors of the Royal College of Physicians. 

The Regius Professor of ilEDiciNE in the University of Oxford. 

The Reader in Human Anatomy in the University of Oxford. 

The Regius Professor of Physic in the University of Cambridge. 

The Professor of Anatomy in the University of Cambridge. 


Lord Walsingham, LL.D., F.R.S. 
The Earl of Crawford, K.T., LL.D., F.R.S. 
Right Hon. Sir Edward Fry, G.C.M.G., D.C.L., F.R.S. 
The Earl of Onslow, G.C.M.G. 
Lord Lister, O.M., D.C.L., LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.C.S. 
Hon. Lionel "Walter Rothschild, M.P., D.Sc. 
Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, LL.D., F.R.S.. F.R.C.S. 
Sir Thomas Smith, Bart., K.C.V.O., F.R.C.S. 
The Earl of Rosebery, K.G., K.T. 

Right Hon. Sir Herbert Eltstace INfAXWELL, Bart., LL.D., F.R.S. 
The Duke of Bedford, K.G. 
Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston, G.C.M.G., K.C.B. 
Professor German Sims Woodkead, M.D., F.R.S. E. 
Sir John TwEEor, LL.D., F.R.C.S. 
19uy. » 



Henbt Trentham Butlin, 82 Harley-streeU W. 

Alfred Pearce Gotjld, 10 Queen Anne-street, W. 
Richard Clement Lircvs, 50 Wimpole-street, W. 

Sir Henry Morris, Bart., 8 Cavendish-square, W. 

Edmund Owen, 64 Great Cumberland-place, W. 

Rickman John Godlee, 19 Wimpole-street, W. 

Sir William Watson Cheyne, Bart., C.B., F.R.S., 75 Harley-street, W. 

Francis Richardson Cross,, Clifton, Bristol. 

John Hammond Morgan, C.V.O., 68 Grosvenor-street, W. 

Henry Hugh Clutton, 2 Portland-place, W. 

Charles William Mansell Moullin, 69 Wimpole-street, W. 

Clinton Thomas Dent, 61 Brooh-street, W. 

George Henry Makins, C.B., 47 Charles-street, BerJceley-square, W. 

Frederic Samuel Eve, 61 Harley-street, W, 

Anthony Alfred Bowlby, C.M.G., 24 Manchester-square, W. 

Gilbert Barling, 87 Cornwall-street Newhull-street, Birmingham. 

Ccthbekt Hilton Golding-Bied, Pitfield Cottage, Meopham, Kent. 

George Aethue Weight, 16 Sl John-street, Manchester. 

William Beuce Clarke, 51 Harley-street, W. 

Charters James Symonds, 58 Portland-place, W. 

William Frederic Haslam, 8 Vicarage-road, Edghaston, Birmingham. 

Charles Baeeett Lockwood, 19 Upper Berkeley-street, W. 

William Arbuthnot Lane, 21 Cavendish-square, W. 

William Haeeison Ceipps, 2 Stratford-place, W. 



JoHK HiiiiTOND Morgan, C.V.O,, [Chair- 
Hexry flcGH Cltjtton. man. 

Akthout Alfred Bowlbt, C.M.G. 

The President, 

The Vice-Presidents, j 

V ex officio. 


Clinton Thomas Dent, Chairman. 

Edsiund Owen. 

William Arbtjthnot Lane. 

The President, \ „. • 

The Vice-Presidents, j -^ 


William Brxtcb Clarke, Chairman. 
Charters James Sxmonds. 
William Harrison Cripps. 

The President, 
The Vice-Presidents 

I ex officio 


Charles Barrett Lockwood, Chairman. 
Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 
George Henry Makins, C.B. 

The President, 
The Vice-Presidents, 
The Chairmen of the Museum, 
Library, and General Pur- 
poses Committees. 



Edmttnd Owen, Chairman. 
Rickman John Godlee. 
Henry Hugh Cltttton. 
William Bruce Clarke. 
Frederic Samuel Ete. 

The President, 

The Vice-Presidents, 


ex officio. 

hunterian professors. 

Arthur Keith. 

William Sampson Handlet. 

George Coats. 

Richard Horace Pabamokb. 
Charles Bolton. 


Sydney Richard Scott. 
Peter Thompson. 
Grapion Elliot Smith. 



Samuel Geokge Shattock. 

Arthur Keith. 


Ebancis Richardson Cross. 


Arthur Keith. 

Richard Higgins Burne. 

Samuel George Shattock, 

Cecil Fowler Beadles. 

William Pearson. 

Victor Gustave Plarr. 

Sibert Forrest Cowell. 

Ernest James Wilde. 



Clinton Thomas Dent, Chairman, 61 Brool-street, W. 

Bernard Pitts, 109 Harley-street, "W. 

Frederic Samuel Eye, 61 Harley -street, W. 

William Frederic Haslam, 8 Vicarage-road, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

BiLTON Pollard, 24 Harley -street, W, 

William Bruce Clarke, 51 Harley-street, W. 

James Ernest Lane, 47 Queen Anne-street, W. 

Louis A.lbert Dunn, 9 Park-crescent, Portland-place, W. 

Walter George Spencer, 35 Brook-street, W. 

Charles Alfred Ballance, M.Y.O., 106 Harley-street, W. 



Frederick Gtmer Parsons, " Harhle- 

down," Kidbrook-gardens, Blackheath, 

Arthur Thomson, 163 Woodstock-road, 

Charles Herbert Fagge, 3 Devonshire- 

plao', W. 
James Shebren, 6 Devonshire-place, W. 


William Henry Thompson, M.D. 
14 Hatch-street, Dublin. 

George Alfred Buckmaster, M.D., 
113 Haverstock-hill, IST-W. 

Charles Frederick Myers-Ward, Kel- 
vin-house, Green-lane, J^orthwood, 

Edmund William Wace Carliee, M.D., 
" Morningside," Granville-road, Dor- 
ridge, Knowle, Warwickshire. 


Surgical Section. Dental Section. 

Bernard Pitts, Chairman, 109 Hurley- Arthur Swayne Underwood, 26 Wim- 

street, W. I pole-street, W. 
Frederic Samuel Eve, 61 Harley-street, William Bromfield Paterson, 7 a Man- 

W. j chester-square, W. 
Clinton Thomas Dent, 61 Brook-street, William Adolphus Maggs, 14 Upper 

W. I Wimpole-street, W, 

William Frederic Haslam, 8 Vicarage- ! Peter Sidney Spokes, 4 Portland-plac^, 

road, Edgbaiton, Birmingham. W. 







Examiners in Chemistry. Examiners in Physics. 

(Appointed by the Royal CoUege of Physicians.) 

William Holdsworth Htjetlet, D.Sc, Da^vson Eyers Duckworth Turner, 
170 Tulse-hill, S.W. M.D., 37 George-square, Edinburgh. 

George Senter, Ph.D., B.Sc, 21 Baal- Alfred Henry Fison, D.Sc, 147 Dart- 
bec-road, Highbury, N. mouth-road, CricTclewood. 

Examiners in Elementary Biology. 
(Appointed by the Royal College of Surgeons.) 

Thomap William Shore, M.D., ^'Woodlawn," Kingswood-road, Upper Norwood, S.E. 
James P. Hill, University College, Gower-street, W.C. 

Examiners in Materia Medica and Pharmacy. 
(Appointed by the Royal College of Physicians.) 

Arthur Philip Beddard, M.D., 44 Seymour-street, W. 
Robert Arthur Young, M.D., 8 Mansfield-street, W. 
Edmund Itens Spriggs, M.D., 48 Bryanston-street, W. 
William James Fenton, M.D., 58 a Wimpole-street, W. 
Alfred Ernest Russell, M.D., 7 Upper Wimpole-street, W. 


Examiners in Anatomy. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of (Appointed by the Royal CoUege of 

Physicians.) Surgeons.) 

-Christopher Addison, Pretty Corner, William Wright, 14.S Dartmouth-road, 
Northwood, Middlesex. Willesden-green, N.W. 

William Henry Clayton Greene, 

43 Queen Anne-street, W. 
Arthur Robinson, M.D.. 14 Jtotton 
Parkrroad, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 


Examiners in Phtsiologt. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of 

William Dobinson Hallibueton. M.D., 
F.R.S., 17 Marylebone-road, N.W. 

Marcus Seymour Pembrey, M.D., Guy's- 
hospital, S.E. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of 

Benjamin Moore, 85 Shreivsbury-road, 

Oxton, Che<<hire. 
Ernest Henry Starling, M.D., F.R.S., 

40 West End-lane, N.W. 


Examiners in Medical Anatomy and the Principles and Practice of Medicine. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of Physicians.) 

WiLMOT Parker Herringham, M.D., 40 Wimpole-street, W. 

Richard Grainger Hebb, M.D., 50 JUdgmount-gardens, W.C. 

Sidney Harris Cox Martin, M.U., F.R.S., 10 Mansfield-street, W. 

Herbert Pennell Hawkins, M.D., 56 Portland-place, W. 

Humphry Davy Rolleston, M.D., 55 Upper BrooJc-street, W. 

Sir Edwin Cooper Perry, M.D., The Superintetulent' s-Jionse, Guy's-hospital, S.E. 

Sir Hugh Reeve Beevor, Bart., M.D., 17 Wimpole-street, W. 

James Galloway, M.D., 54 Harley-street, W, 

Wilfred James Hadley, M.D., ^'6 Queen Anne-street, W. 

Laurence Humphry, M.D., " Lensfield," Cambridge. 

Examiners in Surgical Anatomt and the Principles and Practice of Surgery. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of Surgeons.) 

The Court of Examiners. (See page 5.) 

Examinees in Midwifery and Diseases Peculiar to Women, 

(Appointed by the Royal College of 

Herbert Ritchie Spfjtcee, M.D., 104 

Barley-street, W. 
Arthur Hamilton Nicholson Lewers, 

M.D., 43 Upper BrooJc-street, W. 
George Drummond Robinson, M.D., 

17 Seymour-street, W. 
Arthur Francis Stabb, M.B., 132 

Harley-street, W. 
George H. A. Comyns Berkeley, M.D., 

53 Wimpole-street, W. 

(Appointed by the Royal College of 

William Rivers Pollock, M.D., 56 
ParJc-street, Grosvenor-square, W. 

Walter William Hunt Tate, M.D., 
32 Queen Anne-street, W. 

Hugh James Moore Playfair, M.D., 
7 Upper Brook-street, W. 

James Henry Targett, 19 Upper Wim- 
pole-street, W. 



(Appointed by the Royal College of (Appointed by the Royal College of 

Physicians.) Surgeons.) 

Part I. Pakt I. 

William Henry "Willcox, M.D., 43 Harold Robert Dacee Spitta, M.D., 

Queen Anne-street, W. St. George's-hospital, S.W. 

Part II. Part II. 

Albxandeb Grai^t Russell Foulertoit, Richard Deane Sweeting, 45 Ivema- 

Rhynic, Haywai'd's-Jieath. gardens, Kensington, W. 


Appointed by the Royal CoDege of (Appointed by the Royal College of 

Physicians.) Surgeons.) 

NoBMAN Moobe, M.D., 94 Gloucester- Rickman John Godlee, 19 Wimjpole- 

place, W. street, W. 

Feedeeick Taylob, M.D., 20 Wim^ole- Sib Henry Mobris, Bart., 8 Cavendish- 
street, W. square, W. 

Joseph Aedebnb Obmebod, M.D., 25 Sir William Watson Cheynb, Bart., 

Ujpper Wimpole-street, W. C.B., 75 Harley-street, W. 

Fbedeeic Gbbvillb Hallett. 


op the 


RiCKMAN John Godlbe. 



SiK Henry Morris, Bart. 


■n • -4- f T A \ Alfred Pearce Gould. 

University oi Londou. < ^ „ r^ 

•' [ Henry Hugh Clutton. 

University of Birmingham. Henry Tkentham Butlin. 

University of Liverpool. Edmund Owen. 

University of SheflBeld. Arthur "William Mato Robsok". 

University of Wales. John Hammond Morgan, C.V.O. 

University of Bristol. Rickman John Godlee. 

CuTHBEET Hilton Golding-Bird. 


Henry Trentham Butlin. 
Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 
Edmund Owen. 
Henry Hugh Clutton. 






William, Lord Auckland. 

George Henry, Earl of Euston (Duke of Grafton), 

Charles Small Pybus, Esq. 

Right Hon. George Rose. 

Dr. Matthew Baillie. 

AUeyne, Lord St. Helens. 

Charles George, Lord Arden. 

Sir Charles Blagden. 

Isaac Hawkins Brown, Esq. 

Sir Archibald Macdonald, Bart, 

Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff. 

Dr. Edward Whitaker Gray. 

Right Hon. Charles Long (Lord Famborough). 

Sir George Augustus Shuckburgh Evelyn, Bart. 


1805. George John, Earl Spencer. 

1809. George G. L. Gower, Marquess of Stafford- (Duke of Sutherland). 
1811. William Wyndham, Lord GrenviUe. 
1815. Edward Adolphus, Duke of Somerset. 

1817. Sir Everard Home, Bart. 
„ Charles, Lord Colchester. 

1818. Charles WiUiam, Earl of Charleville. 
1820. Davies Gilbert, Esq. 

1824. Right Hon. Robert Peel (Sir Robert Peel, Bart.). 

1827. Dr. Blomfield, Bishop of Chester (Bishop of London). 

1830. Charles Hatchett, Esq. 

1832. Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Bart. 

1834. Sir Robert Harry IngUs, Bart. (Right Hon.). 
„ Arthur, Duke of Wellington. 

1835. Sir George Thomas Staunton, Bart. 

1836. Edward Geoffrey Smith, Lord Stanley (Earl of Derby). 
1838. Sir John Frederick William Herschel. Bart. 

1840. William Willoughby (Earl of EnniskiUen), 
„ Sir Philip de ilalpas Grey-Egerton, Bart. 

„ William, Earl of Burlington (Duke of Devooshire), 

1841. Joseph Henry Green, Esq. 

„ Sir Benjamia Collins Brodie, Bart. 


1845. Walter Francis, Duke of Buccleuch and Queensberry. 
1847. Dr. Buckland, Dean of Westminster, 

1851. Samuel Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford (Bishop of Winchester). 
1853. Lord John Russell (The Earl Eussell). 

1856. Sir Roderick Impey Murchison, Bart. 

„ Eight Hon. Sir James E. G. Graham, Bart. 

1857. Sir Charles Lyell, Bart. 

„ Henry John, Earl of Ducie. 

1860. William Hunter Baillie, Esq. 

1862. William Sharpey, Esq., M.D. 

1863. George Douglas, Duke of Argj'll. 
186-4. George Grote, Esq. 

1870. Robert Arthur Talbot, Marquess of Salisbury. 

1871. Caesar Henry Hawkins, Esq. 

„ Sir John Lubbock, Bart. (Right Hon.). 
1873. George Busk, Esq. 
1875, Right Hon. William Ewart Gladstone. 
1879. Lord Arthur John Edward Russell. 
1881. Allen Thomson, Esq., M.D. 

„ Henry Austin, Lord Aberdare. 

1885. William Henry Flower, Esq. (Sir W. H. Flower, K.C.B.). 
„ Thomas, Lord Walsingham. 

„ Sir James Paget, Bart. 

„ William Hunter Baillie, Esq., Jun. 

1886. Thomas Henry Huxley, Esq. (Right Hon.). 

1887. James Ludovic, Earl of Crawford. 

1892. Lieut.-General Augustus Henry Lane-Fox Pitt-Rivers. 

1893. Sir William Scovell Savory, Bart. 

1894. Right Hon. Sir Edward Fry. 

1895. William Hillier, Earl of Onslow. 
„ Sir John Eric Erichsen, Bart. 

„ Right Hon. George Denman. 
„ Sir Joseph Lister, Bart. (Lord Lister). 
1897. Hon. Lionel Walter Rothschild. 
„ Jonathan Hutchinson, Esq. (Sir Jonathan Hutchinson). 

1899. Frederick Temple, Marquess of Dufferin and Ava. 

1900. Sir Michael Foster, K.C.B. 
„ Sir Thomas Smith, Bart. 

„ Archibald Philip, Earl of Rosebery. 

„ Sir Joseph Fayrer, Bart., K. C.S.I. 

„ Right Hon. Sir Herbert Eustace Mazwell, Bart. 
1902. Herbrand Arthur, Duke of Bedford. 
1904, Sir Harry Hamilton Johnston, G.C.M.G. 
1907. German Sims Woodhead, Esq., M.D. 

„ Sir John Tweedy. 

Note. — The names of existing Trustees are printed in heary type. 



Note. — The names of existing Officers are printed in heavy type. 




John Ranby. 


Henry Watson. 


William Cheselden. 


Isaac Minors. 


John Freke. 


Edmund Pitts. 


Caesar Hawkins. 


Henry Watson. 


Peter Saiiithill. 


John Gunning. 


Peter Saiuthill. 


Charles Hawkins. 


John Ranby. 


William Lucas. 


John Ranby. 


Samuel Howard. 


Legard Sparham, 


John Wyatt. 


James Hickes. 


William Walker. 


Noah Roul. 


William Cooper. 


John Westbrook. 


Isaac Minors. 


William Singleton. 


John Gunning. 


Mark Hawkins. 


James Earle. 


Christopher FuUagar, 


Charles Hawkins. 


Edward Nourse. 


Charles Hawkins. 


David Middleton. 


WiUiam Long. 


John Towusend. 


George Chandler. 


John Blagden. 


Thomas Keate. 


Robert Yonng. 


Sir Charles Blicke, Knt. 


Percivall Pott. 


David Dundas. 


Stafford Crane. 


Thompson Forster. 


Robert Adair. 


Charles Hawkins. 


Benjamin CowelL 


Sir James Earle, Knt. 


William Bromfield. 


George Chandler. 


Wentworth Gregory. 


Thomas Keate. 


Wentworth Gregory. 


Sir Charles Blicke, Knt. 


John Pyle. 


David Dundas. 


Joseph Warner. 


Thompson Forster. 


Matthew Spray. 


Sir Everard Home, Bart. 


Richard Grindall. 


Sir WUliam Blizard, Knt. 


Robert Young. 


Henry Cline. 


Robert Young. 


WiUiam Norris. 


Pennell Hawkins. 


Sir James Earle, Knt. 


Fleming Pinkstan. 


George Chandler. 


Joseph Warner. 


Thomas Keate. 


Peter Triquet. 


Sir David Dundas, Bart. 


Richard Grindall. 


Thomuson Forster. 


Richard Grindall. 


Sir Everard Home, Bart. 


Joseph Warner. 

Note. — Masters of the Company of Surgeons from 1745 to 1799. 




1822, Sir Everard Home, Bart. Ib66. 

1822. Sir WiUiam Blizzard, Knt. 1867. 

1823. Henry Cline. 1868. 

1824. William Xorris. 1869. 

1825. William Lynn. 1870. 

1826. John Abernethy. 1871. 

1827. Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Bart. 1872. 

1828. Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt. 1873. 

1829. Honoratus Leigh Thomas. 1874. 

1830. Richard Clement Headington, 1875. 

1831. Robert Keate. 1876. 
„ Robert Keate. 1877. 

1832. John Painter Vincent. 1878. 

1833. George James Guthrie. 1879. 

1834. Anthony White. 1880. 

1835. John Goldwver Andrews. 1881. 

1836. Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Bart. 1882. 

1837. Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt. 1883. 

1838. Honoratus Leigh Thomas. 1884. 

1839. Robert Keate. 1885. 

1840. John Painter Vincent. 1886. 

1841. George James Guthrie. 1887. 

1842. Anthony White. 1888. 

1843. John Goldwyer Andrews. 1889. 

1844. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart. 1890. 

1845. Samuel Cooper. 1891. 

1846. William Lawrence. 1892. 

1847. Benjamin Travers. 1893. 

1848. Edward Stanley. 1894. 

1849. Joseph Henry Green. 1895. 

1850. James Moncrieff Arnott. „ 

1851. John Flint South. 1896. 

1852. Caesar Henry Hawkins. 1897. 

1853. James Luke. 1898. 

1854. George James Guthrie. 1899. 

1855. William Lawrence. 1900. 

1856. Benjamin Travers. 1901. 

1857. Edward Stanley. 1902. 

1858. Joseph Henry Green. 1903. 

1859. James MoncriefF Arnott. 1904. 

1860. John Flint South. 1905. 

1861. Caesar Henrs- Hawkins. 1906. 

1862. James Luke.' 1907. 

1863. Frederic Carpenter Skey. 1908. 

1864. Joseph Hodgson. 1909. 

1865. Thomas Wormald. 

Richard Partridge. 

John Hilton. 

Richard Quain. 

Edward Cock. 

Sir William Fergusson, Barfc. 

George Busk. 

Henry Hancock. 

Thomas Blizard Curling. 

Frederick Le Gros Clark. 

Sir James Paget, Bart. 

Prescott Gardner Hewett. 

John Birkett. 

John Simon, 

Luther Holdeu. 

John Eric Erichsen. 

Sir Wm. James Erasmus Wilson. 

Thomas Spencer WeUs. 

John Marshall. 

John Cooper Forster. 

William Scovell Savory. 

WQliam Scovell Savory. 

William Scovell Savory. 

William Scovell Savory. 

Jonathan Hutchinson. 

Thomas Bryant. 

Thomas Bryant. 

Thomas Bryant. 

John Whitaker Hulke. 

John Whitaker Hulke. 

Christopher Heath. 

Christopher Heath. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Knt. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Bart. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Bart. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Bart. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Bart. 

Henry Greenway Howse. 

Sir Henry Greenway Howse, Knt. 

John Tweedy. 

John Tweedy. 

John Tweedy. 

Henry Morris. 

Henry Morris. 

Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 

Henry Trentham Butlin. 






1745-73. John Itanby. 
„ -48. Joseph Sandford. 
„ -52. William Cheselden. 
J, -47. Ambrose Dickins. 
„ -53. William Petty. 
„ -46. John Shipton. 
„ -63. John Hayward. 
„ -56. John Freke. 
^^ _48. William Pyle. 
„ -56. Legard Sparham. 
„ -58. James Hickes. 
„ -73. Peter Sainthill. 
„ -60. Noah Eoul. 
„ -58. John Westbrook. 
„ -61. William Singleton. 
„ -51. James Phillips. 
„ -47. Harry Holdip. 
„ Thomas Bigg. 
„ -57. Joseph Webb. 
„ -60. Mark Hawkins. 
„ -71. Christopher Fullagar. 
1746_61. Edward Xourse. 
1747-51. John Girle. 
„ -66. John Townsend. 
„ -78. Ciesar Hawkins. (Bart.) 
1748-68. Walter Jones. 
„ -68. John Blagden. 
1751-85. John Belchier. 

-78. David Middleton. 
1752-65. Samuel Sharp. 
1753-83. Eobert Young. 
1756-61. John Girle. 

„ -88. Percivall Pott. 
1757-84. Stafford Crane. 
1758-71. Benjamin Cowell. 
-62. Edmund Sanxay. 
1760-S9. Robert Adair. 

-80. William Bromfield. 
1761-67. Henry Grundy. 
„ -72. Wentworth Gregory. 
„ -93. John Pyle. 
1762-65. John Torr. 


„ -1787. 

„ -1776. 

„ -1784. 

„ -1797. 

„ -1780. 

„ -1800. 

„ -1782. 

„ -1797. 

„ -1796, 
1788 „ 

„ -1800 

1791 ',', 

1792 „ 

1793 !! 


Mileson Hingeston. 
Joseph Warner. 
Thomas Gataker. 
Matthew Spray. 
Eichard Grindall. 
Thomas Tomkyns. 
Fleming Pinkstan. 
James Burnett. 
Peter Triquet. 
Henry Watson. 
Thomas Smith. 

Archdall Harris. 

William Sharps. 

Isaac Minors. 

Pennell Hawkins. 

Joseph Else. 

Edmund Pitts. 

Jonathan Wathen. 

William Graves. 

James Frank. 

Eichard Crowther. 

John Gunning. 

William Lucas. 

Samuel Howard. 

John Wyatt. 
, James Patch. 
. William Walker. 
, Charles Hawkins. 

William Cooper. 
. John Hunter. 
. James Earle. 

William Long. 

George Chandler. 

Charles Blicke. 

Thompson Forster. 

John Birch. 

Thomas Keate. 

John Heaviside. 

John Howard. 
William Blizard. 
Henry Cliue. 

yote. — Tlie above-named were Members of the Court of Assistants 
under the Company of Surgeons. 








Charles Hawkins. 1800-10. 

William Long. ,, -27. 

George Chandler. 1801-15. 

Joseph Warner. ,, -27. 

Samuel Howard. 1805-32. 

William Cooper. 1808-27. 

Jonathan Wathen. 1810-27. 

William Lucas. „ -35. 

Sir James Earle, Knt. ,, -30. 

Sir Charles Blicke, Knt. 1813-30. 

Thompson Forster. 1815-41. 

John Birch. „ -40. 

Thomas Keate. 1816-17. 

John Heaviside. „ -24. 

John Howard. 1817-21. 

Sir William Blizard, Knt. „ -24. 

Henry Cline. 1818-45. 

Sir David Dundas, Bart. 1821-31. 

John Samuel Charlton. 1822-57. 

Edward Ford. 

William Norris. 

James Ware. 

Sir Everard Home, Bart. 

John Adair Hawkins. 

Francis Knight, 

Sir Ludford Harvey, Knt. 

William Lynn. 

John Abernethy. 

William Lucas. 

Sir Astley Fasten Cooper, Bart. 

Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt. 

Thomas Blizard. 

Thomas Chevaher. 

James Wilson. 

John Gunning. 

Honoratus Leigh Thomas. 

Richard Clement Headington. 

Robert Keate. 


1822-51. John Painter Vincent. 1844-46. 

1824-56. George James Guthrie. „ -51. 

„ -29. William Wadd. 1845-49. 

1826-28. Patrick Macgregor. 1846-63. 

1827-30. Henry Jeffreys. „ -50. 

„ -46. Anthony White. ,, -66. 

,, -49. John Goldwyer Andrews. 1848-67. 

„ -48. Samuel Cooper. „ -52. 

„ -54. Thomas Copeland. „ -53. 

1828-41. John Howship. 1849-68. 

„ -48. James Briggs. „ -67. 

,, -67. Sir Wniiam Lawrence, Bart. ,, -55. 
1829-62. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart, „ -61. 

1830-58. Benjamin Travers. 1850-69. 

„ -38. Henrv Earle. „ -67. 

„ -36. Sir Charles Bell, Knt. 1851-63. 

1831-70. Joseph Swan. „ -52. 

1832-62. Edward Stanley. 1852-64, 

1835-63. Joseph Henry Green. „ -68. 

„ -48. Thomas Callaway. 1854-78. 

1836-45. George Gisborne Babington. ,, -73. 

1838-43. Frederick TyrreU, 1856-71. 

1840-47. Robert Listen. „ -72. 

1841-65. James MoncriefF Amott. 1857-63. 

„ -73. John Flint South. 1858-65. 

1843-47. John Morgan. 1861-77. 

1844-49. Richard Welbank. 1862-70. 

John Scott. 

Edward Cutler. 

Charles Aston Key. 

Caesar Henry Hawkins, 

Richard Dugard Grainger. 

James Luke. 

Frederic Carpenter Skey, C.B. 

Richard Anthony Stafford. 

Bransby Blake Cooper. 

Joseph Hodgson. 

Thomas Wormald. 

George Pilcher, 

John Bishop. 

Gilbert Wakefield ilackmurdo. 

Francis Kiernan, 

WiUiam Coulson, 

John Dairy mple. 

George Gulliver. 

Richard Partridge. 

John Hilton. 

Richard Quain. 

Edward Cock. 

Samuel Solly. 

Thomas Tatum. 

Alexander Shaw. 

Sir William Fergusson, Bart, 

Thomas Paget. 



COUNCIL {continued). 

1862-69. John Adams. 

1863-71. Samuel Armstrong Lane. 

„ -80. George Busk. 

„ - 80. Henry Hancock. 
1864-80. Thomas Blizard Curling. 

„ -79. Frederick Le Gros Clark. 
1865-73. Thomas Turner. 

„ -89. Sir James Paget, Bart. 
1866-73. Charles Hawkins. 
1867-83. Prescott Gardner Hewett. (Bart.) 

„ -75. Henry Spencer Smith. 

„ -83. John Birkett. 
1868-80. John Simon. (K.C.B.) 

„ -84, GeorgeMurray Humphry. (Knt.) 

„ -84. Luther Holden. 
1869-77. John Gay. 

„ -85. John Eric Erichsen. (Bart.) 
1870-84. SirWm.Jas. Erasmus Wilson, Knt. 

„ -78. Henry Lee. 
1871-95. Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, Bart. 

„ -79. George Critchett. 
1872-78. Barnard Wight Holt. 
1873-81. Haynes Walton. 

„ -90. John Marshall. 

,, -76. George Southam. 
1874-82. Alfred Baker. 
1875-86. John Cooper Forster. 
1876-81. Claudius Galen Wheelhouse. 
1877-93. Sir Wm. Scovell Savory, Bart. 

„ -85. Timothy Holmes. 
1878-84. John Gay. 

„ -94. Edward Lund. 
1879-87. John Wood. 

„ -90. Henry Power. 

„ -95. Jonathan Hutchinson. (Knt.) 
1880-96. WilUam Cadge. 

„ -88. Sir Joseph Lister, Bart. 

„ -1904. Thomas Bryant. 

„ -1900. Sir Thomas Smith, Bart. 
1881-1895. John Whitaker Hulke. 

„ -1897. Christopher Heath. 
1882-1890. John Croft. 
1883-1891. Sydney Jones. 

„ -1901. Sir William Mac Cormac, Brt. 
1884-1886. William AUingham. 

„ -1892. George Lawson. 

„ -1892. Matthew Berkeley Hill. 

„ -1895. Arthur Edward Durham. 

1885-1901. Nottidge Charles Macnamara. 

„ -1897. Oliver Pemherton. 
1886-1891. Septimus William Sibley. 

„ -1902. Reginald Harrison. 
1887-1903. Alfred Willett. 
1888-1903. Thomas Pickering Pick. 
1889-1905. Sir Henry Greeuway Howse. 
1890-1906. John Lan^ton. 

„ -1893. Marcus Beck. 

„ -1898. Wm. Mitchell Banks. (Knt.) 
1891-1897. Walter Rivington. 

„ -1903. Thomas Richard Jessop. 
1892-1908. Frederick Howard Marsh. 

„ -1907. Sir John Tweedy. 
1893-1914. Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 

„ -1909. Arthur Wm. Mayo Robson. 
1894-1902. James Hardie. 
1895-1899. John Ward Cousins. 

„ -1905. Sir Alfred Cooper, Knt. 

„ -1911. Henry Trentham Butlin. 

„ -1903. Sir Frederick Treves, Bart. 
1896-1900. John Neville C. Davies-Colley. 
1897-1913. Edmund Owen. 

,, -1913. Eickman John Godlee. 

„ -1917. SirWm.WatsonCheyne,Brt. 
1898-1914. Francis Richardson Cross. 
1899-1907. Herbert William Page. 
1900-08. John Ward Cousins. 

„ -16. Alfred Pearce Gould. 
1901-17. Richard Clement Lucas. 
1902-10. John Hammond Morgan, CV.O. 

„ -10. Henry Hugh Glutton. 

„ -15. Charles Wm. Mansell Moullin. 
1903-11. Clinton Thomas Dent. 

„ -11. George Henry Makins, C.B. 
1904-12. Frederic Samuel Eve. 

„ -12. Anthony Alfred Bowlby,C.M.G. 

„ -12. Harry Gilbert Barling. 
1905-13. Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 

„ -08. William Harrison Cripps. 
1906-14. George Arthur Wright. 
1907-15. William Bruce Clarke. 

„ -15. Charters James Symouds. 
1908-1 6. William Frederic Haslam. 

„ -10. Charles Barrett Lockwood. 

„ -16. William Arbutimot Lane. 
1909-17. William Harrison Cripps. 





„ -52. 

„ -17. 

„ -53. 

„ -46. 

„ -56. 

„ -48. 

„ -56. 

„ -58. 

„ -64. 

„ -71. 

„ -66. 

„ -78. 

„ -84. 

„ -89. 


„ -10. 

„ -22. 

„ -01. 

„ -09. 

,, -10. 


„ -17. 

„ -21. 

„ -15. 

„ -27. 

„ -27. 

John Ranby. 
William Cheselden. 
Ambrose Dickins. 
William Petty. 
John Shipton. 
John Freke. 
William Pyle. 
Legard Sparham. 
James Hickes. 
Peter Sainthill. 
Noah Roul. 
Caesar Hawkins. 
John Westbrook. 
William Singleton. 
Joseph Webb. 
Mark Hawkins. 
Christopher FuUagar 
Edward Nourse. 
John Girle. 
John Townsend. 
John Blagden. 
David Middleton. 
Robert Adair. 
Robert Young. 
Percivall Pott. 
Stafford Crane, 

„ -1800 


„ -1800 

Note. — The above-named were Members of the Court of Examinera 
under the Company of Surgeons. 

1766-1771. Benjamin Cowell. 
1768-1780. William Bromfield. 

„ -1772. Wentworth Gregory. 
1771-1793. John Pyle. 

„ -1800. Joseph Warner. 
1772-1787. Matthew Spray. 
1773-1797. Richard GrindaU. 
1778-1784. Pennell Hawkins. 

„ -1792. Fleming Pinkstan. 
1780-1788. Peter Triquet. 
1784-1793. Henry Watson. 

„ -1797. Isaac Minors. 

„ -1791. Edmund Pitts. 
1787-18u0. Charles Hawkins. 
1788-1789. Richard Crowther. 
1789-1798. John Gunning. 

„ -1800. William Lucas. 
1791-1800. Samuel Howard. 
1792-1797. John Wyatt. 
1793-1796. William Walker. 

„ -1800. William Cooper. 
1796-1800. James Earle. 
1797-1800. William Long. 

George Chandler. 
Thomas Keate. 
Charles Blicke. 

Charles Hawkins. 1825-40. 

William Long. 1826-44. 

George Chandler. 1827-28. 

Joseph Warner. ,, -31. 

WUliam Lucas. , -55. 

Samuel Howard. 1828-51. 

William Cooper. ,, -56. 

Sir James Earle, Knt. 1829. 

Thomas Keate. ,, -46. 

Sir Charles Blicke, Knt. 1831-49. 

Sir David Dundas, Bart. 1835-46. 

Thompson Forster. „ -48. 

Sir Everard Home. Bart. 1840-67. 

Sir Wniiam Blizard, Knt. 1841-58. 

Henry Cline. 1844-62. 

William Xorris. 1846-63. 

Sir Ludford Harvey, Knt. „ -47. 

William Lynn. 1847-65. 

John Abernothy. 1849-68. 

Sir Astley Paston Cooper, Bart. „ -66. 

Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt, 

Honoratus Leigh Thomas. 

Patrick ^kfacgregor. 

Richard Clement Headington. 

Robert Keate. 

John Painter Vincent. 

George James Guthrie. 

William Wadd. 

Anthony White. 

John Goldwyer Andrews. 

Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie^Bart. 

Samuel Cooper. 

Sir William Lawrence, Bart. 

Benjamin Travers. 

Edward Stanley. 

Joseph Henry Green. 

Robert Liston. 

James Moncrieff Arnott. 

John Flint South. 

Caesar Henry Hawkins. 



COUKT OF EXAMINERS (coutinued). 

1851-68. James Luke. 
1855-70. Frederic Carpenter Skey, C.B. 
1856-65. Joseph Hodgson. 
1858-68. Thomas Wormald. 
1862-67. Francis Kiernan. 
1864-73. Eichard Partridge. 
1865-75. John Hilton. 

„ -70. Richard Quain. 
1867-71. Edward Cock. 

„ -72. Samuel Solly. 

„ -70. Sir William Forgusson, Bart. 
1868-72. John Adams. 

„ -73. Samuel Armstrong Lane. 

„ -72. George Busk. 
1870-75. Henry Hancock. 

„ -80. Frederick Le Gros Clark. 

„ -84. William Scovell Savory 
1871-79. Thomas Blizard Curling. 
1872-77. Henry Spencer Smith. 

„ -82. John Birkett. 
1873-83. Luther Holden. 

„ -81. John Marshall. 

„ -83. Timothy Holmes. 

„ -84. John Cooper Forster. 
] 875-79. John Eric Erichsen. 
1877-87. George Murray Humphry. 
1879-89. John Wood. 
1880-89. John Whitaker Hulke. 

„ -87. Jonathan Hutchinson. 
1881-86. John Croft. 
1882-92. Thomas Bryant. 
1883-92. Christopher Heath. 

,, -87. Edward Lund. 
1884-94. John Langtou. 

18S4-94. Thomas Pickering Pick, 
1886-92. Matthew Berkeley Hill. 
1887-97. Henry Greenway Howse. 
„ -92. William Morraut Baker. 
„ -97. Sir William Mac Cormac, Knt. 
1889-99. Jeremiah M'Carthy. 

„ -99. Edmund Owen. 
1892-93. Marcus Beck. 
„ -97. Frederick Howard Marsh. 
„ -1900. John Neville C Danes-CoUey. 
„ -1894. Frederick Treves. 
1893-1903. Rickman John Godlee. 
Henry Morris. 
William Anderson. 
Herbert William Page. 
William Johnson Walsham. 
Sir William Henry Beuiiett. 
„ -1907. Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 
1899-1909. Alfred Pearce Gould. 
Bernard Pitts. 
Walter H. Acland Jacobson, 
George Henry Ma kins. 
Frederic Samuel Eve. 
Williiim ^^■atson Cheyne, C.B. 
Clinton Thomas Dent. 
William Frederic Haslam. 
Arthur Quarry Silcock. 
Bilton Pollard. 
William Bruce Clarke. 
James Ernest Lane. 
„ „ Louis Albert Dunn. 
1908-1913. Walter George Spencer. 
1909-1914. Charles Alfred Ballance. 


„ -1900. 

„ -1902. 

„ -1902. 

„ -1909. 
3 902-1912. 

„ -1907. 

„ -1912. 



1875. William Scovell Savory. 
„ John Birkett. 

,, Luther Holden. 

„ Timothy Holmes. 

„ John Cooper Forster. 

„ John Wood. 

„ Henry Power. 

,, George Green Gascoycn. 

„ Christopher Heath. 

1876. John Whitaker Hulke. 

„ Arthur Edward Durham. 

„ Thomas Pickering Pick. 





William Warwick WagstafFe. 
Walter Eivington. 
William Morraut Baker. 
Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 
Edward Bellamy. 
Jeremiah M''Carthy. 
John Langtou. 
Gerald Francis Yco. 
Henry Power. 
Henry Greenway Howse. 
Edmund Owen. 





John Bland Sutton. 
James Ernest Lane. 
Frederick Gjiner Parsons. 
Alfred Harry Young. 
Berkelej' G. Andrew Moynihan. 
Louis Albert Dunn. 
Arthur Keith. 
Christopher Addison. 
William McAdam Eccles. 
Alfred Harry Young. 
Frederick Gymer Parsons. 
Arthur Thomson. 
Charles Herbert Fagge. 
James Sherren. 

Ernest Henry Starling. 
D'Arcy Power. 
William Henry Thompson. 
Thomas Gregor Brodie. 
William Dobinson Halliburton. 
Edward Waymouth Keid. 
Ernest Henry Starling. 
Leonard Erskine Hill, 
de Burgh Birch. 
William Henry Thompson. 
George Alfred Buckmaster. 
Thomas Gregor Brodie. 
Charles Frederick Myers- Ward. 
Edmund William Wace Carlier. 


Henry Greenway Howse. 



William Anderson. 



Edmund Owen. 



Henry Morris. 



Kickman John Godlee. 



John Xeville Colley Davies-Colley. 



William Henry Bennett. 



Frederick Treves. 



Alfred Pearce Gould. 



George Henry Makius. 



William Bruce Clarke. 



Walter Hamilton Acland Jacobsou. 



William Anderson. 



William Frederic Haslam. 



Charles Barrett Lockwood. 




Henry Power. 



William Morrant Baker. 



Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 



Gerald Francis Yeo. 



Jeremiah McCarthy. 



Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 



Gerald Francis Yeo. 



D'Arcy Power. 



John Barlow. 



Chas. William Mansell Moullin. 



Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 



Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 



William Stirling. 



Edward Albert Schafer. 







James Luke. 
Arthur Farre, M.D, 
Henry Oldham, M.D. 
James Reid, M.D. 
George James Guthrie. 
WUliam Lawrence. 
Charles West, M.D. 
Benjamin Travers. 
Edward Stanley. 
Joseph Henry Green. 

1858. James Moncrieff Arnott. 

1859. John FKnt South. 

1 860. Caesar Henry Hawkins. 
„ Robert Lee, M.D. 

1861. James Luke. 

1862. Frederic Carpenter Skey. 

1863. Joseph Hodgson. 

1864. Thomas W^ormald. 

1865. Richard Partridge. 

1866. John Hilton. 





1866. Robert Barnes, M.D. 

„ Win. Overeud Priestley, M.D. 

1867. Richard Quain. 

1868. Edward Cock. 

1869. Samuel SoUy. 

1870. George Busk. 

1871. Henry Hancock. 

1872. Thos. BUzard Curling. 

1873. Fredk. Le Gros Clark. 

1874. Sir James Paget, Bart. 

1875. Prescott Gardner Hewett. 

1876. Election deferred. 
1888. Board abolished. 


Court of Examiners' Section. 








William Lawrence. 
Joseph Henry Green. 
James MoncrieflF Arnott. 
John Flint South. 
Frederic Carpenter Skey. 
James Luke. 
Richard Partridge. 
John Hilton. 
Edward Cock. 
Frederick Le Gros Clark. 
Henry Hancock. 
William Scovell Savory. 
John Birkett. 
Luther Holden. 
Timothy Holmes. 
John Cooper Forster. 
John Wood. 
John Whitaker Hulke. 
Jonathan Hutchinson. 
Thomas Bryant. 
Christopher Heath. 







John Langton. 
Thomas Pickering Pick. 
Henry Greenway Howse. 
Sir William Mac Cormac, Knt. 
Jeremiah M'^CJarthy. 
Edmund Owen. 
John Neville C. Davies-Colley. 
Rickman John Godlee. 
Henry Morris. 
William Anderson. 
Herbert William Page. 
William Johnson Walsham. 
Sir William Henry Bennett. 
Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 
Alfred Pearce Gould. 
Bernard Pitts. 
Walter H. Acland Jacobson. 
Georire Henry Makius, C.B. 
Frederic Samuel Eve. 
Clinton Thomas Dent. 
William Frederic Haslam. 

Dental S>;ctiox. 

1860. Thomas BeU. 1884. 

„ John Tomes. 1886. 

„ Arnold Rogers. 1888. 

1865. Samuel Cartwright. 1889. 

,, William Anthony Harrison. 1890. 

1870. George Augustus Ibbetson. 1893. 

1871. Samuel James Augustus Salter. 1895. 
1875. Thomas Arnold Rogers. 1900. 

„ Henry John Barrett. ,. 

1880. Alfred Coleman. 1902. 
„ Augustus Winterbottom. 1903. 

1881. Charles Sissmore Tomes. „ 

Henry Moon. 
James Smith Turner. 
Samuel John Hutchinson. 
Morton Alfred Smale. 
Ashley William Barrett. 
John Howard Mummery. 
Frederick Canton. 
Storor Bennett. 
Arthur Swayne Underwood. 
William Bromfield Paterson. 
William Adolphus Maggs. 
Peter Sidney Spokes. 




1868. Thomas BeviE Peacock. 

„ Samuel Wilks. 

1876. Edward Henry Sieveking. 

,, George Johnson. 

„ John Syer Bristowe. 

1879. William Howship Dickinson. 

1881. Samuel Jones Gee. 

„ Frederick Thomas Roberts. 
1886. Walter Moxon. 

,, Joseph Frank Payne. 

,, James Frederick Goodhart. 


1881 . John Williams. 1881. George Ernest Herman. 




Examiners ix ELEiiENiAEr Anatomt. 






John Neville Colley Davies-Colley< 
Alfred Pearce Gould. 
Charles William 3Iansell Moullin. 
James Black. 
Robert William Reid. 
William Bruce Clarke. 
Arthur Hensman. 
William Arbuthnot Lane. 
Charles Alfred Ballance. 
Charles Stonhara. 
Charles Barrett Lockwood. 
James Stanley Newton Boyd. 
William Frederic Haslam. 
Bilton Pollard. 
James Ernest Lane. 
Louis Albert Dunn. 
Walter Hamilton Hylton Jessop. 
Herbert Furnivall Watcrhouse. 
Jonathan Hutchinson, Jun. 
Edmund Wilkinson Rougrhton. 

Examinees in Elementary Phtsiologx* 

1884. Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 

1885. Edwin Hurrj- Fenwick. 

1886. William Dobinson Halliburton. 

1888. Frederick Walker Mott. 

1889. Walter George Spencer. 
„ John Rose Bradford. 

Examiners in Elementary Biologt. 

189 J. Frank Evers Beddard. 

„ Thomas William Shore. 

1893. Henry Percy Dean. 

1895. George Alfred Buckmaster. 

1896. Peyton Todd Bowman Beale. 
,, Thomas George Stevens. 

„ Thomas William Shore. 
1898. Frederick Gymer Parsons. 
1901. Herbert Willoughby Lyle. 

„ Peter Chalmera Mitchell. 

„ Walter G. Ridewood. 
1908. Thomas George Stevens. 

„ Henry Wni. Marett Tims. 
1908. Thomas William Shore. 
James P. Hill. 




Examinees in Anatomy. 

1884. Henry Greenway Howse. 1884. 

„ Edmund Owen, „ 

„ Rickman John Godlee. „ 

„ William Henry Bennett. 1885. 

1887. Frederick Howard Marsh. 1886. 

1888. John Neville ColleyDavies-Colley. 1887. 

1889. William Anderson. 1889. 
„ George Dancer Thane. • 1891. 

1892. Alfred Harry Young. 1892. 

„ Richard Clement Lucas, 1894. 

1894. William Johnson Walsham. 1896. 

„ George Henry Makins. 1897, 

1897 William Bruce Clarke. 1899, 

„ Stanley Boyd. 1901, 

„ Arthur Robinson. 1902, 

1899. Arthur Thomson. „ 

1902. Holburt Jacob Waring. 1904, 

Arthur Keith. 1907, 

„ Christopher Addison. 1908, 

1904. James Ernest Lane. 1909, 
1907. William Wright. 

„ William Henry Clayton Greene. 
Arthur Robinson. 

Examiners in Phtsiolo6T. 

Henry Power. 
William Morrant Baker. 
Gerald Francis Yeo. 
Jeremiah M'^Carthy. 
Cuthbert Hilton Golding-Bird. 
Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 
Vincent Dormer Harris. 
William Dobinson Halliburton. 
D'Arcy Power, 
Walter George Spencer. 
John Rose Bradford. 
Leonard Erskine Hill. 
George Alfred Buck master. 
Ernest Henry Starling. 
William Henry Thompson. 
Thomas Gregor Brodie. 
John Beresford Leathes. 
Bertram Louis Abrahams. 
Benjamin Moore. 
Ernest Henry Starling. 


Examinees in Suegeey. 
1884. The Court of Examiners. (See page 18.) 

Examiners in Midwifery. 




George Ernest Herman. 1896, 

Alfred Lewis Galabin, 1897. 

Francis Henry Charapneys. 1898. 

WiUiam Duncan. 1899, 

John Baptiste Potter, 1901. 
John Williams. „ 

Walter Spencer Anderson Griffith. 1902, 

Peter Horrocks. 1903. 

George Ernest Herman. 1906, 
William Duncan, ,, 

C. Montagu Handfield-Jones. 1907. 

Amand Routh. 1908. 

Arthur H. Nicholson Lewers. 
Herbert Ritchie Spencer. 
William Radford Dakin. 
Walter Spencer Anderson Griffith. 
William Duncan. 
James Henry Targe tt. 
George Francis Blacker. 
Arthur H. Nicholson Lewers. 
William Rivers Pollock. 
Walter William Hunt Tate. 
Hugh James Moore Playfair. 
James Henry Targett. 



Examiners for Part I. Examiners for Part II. 

1S88. William Henry Corfield. 1888. Richard Thome Thome. 

1890. Thomas Stevenson. 1890. Edward Ballard. 

1891. George Turner. 1891. Sir George Buchanan. 
1895. Arthur Pearson Luff. 189-1:. Edward Seaton. 

1900. Christopher Childs. 1899. Syd. Arthur Alonckton Copeman. 

1901. Alex. Grant Russell Foulerton. 1901. Herbert Timbrell Bulstrode. 
1906. Harold Robert Dacre Spitta. 1909. Richard Deane Sweeting. 


1884. John Cooper Forster. 1895. Thomas Pickering Pick. 

„ John Marshall. 1897. Sir William MacCormac, Bart. 

„ William Scovell Savory. 1900. John Langton. 

1886. Sir Joseph Lister, Bart. 1901. Henry Greenway Howse. 

1888. Jonathan Hutchinson. 1902. Edmund Owen. 

1890. John Whitaker Hulke. 1905, Rickman John Godlee. 

1892. Thomas Bryant. 1906. Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 

„ Christopher Heath. 1908. Sir Wm. Watson Cheyne, Bart. 




1800. William CUft. 1861. William Henry Flower. 

1842. Richard Owen. 1884. Charles Stewart. 

1852. John Thomas Quekett. 1908. Arthur Keith. 

Assistant Conservators. 

1824. William Home Clift. 1843. John Thomas Quekett. 

1827. Richard Owen. 1908. Richard Higgins Bnrne. 

Pathological Curators. 

1881. Frederic Samuel Eve. 1897. Samuel George Shattock. 

1890. James Henry Targett. 



Assistants in the Museum. 

1858. Thomas Howard Stewart. 1873. 

„ James Mui-ie. 1877. 

I860. Charles Bader. 1878. 
1863. James Bell Pettigrew. 

1868. Litchfield Jones Moseley. 1888. 

1871. James Frederick Goodhart. 1892. 

„ James Lidderdale. 1909. 

Alban Henry Griffiths Doran. 
George Arthur "Wright. 
Walter Pye. 
John George Garson. 
James Henry Targett. 
Kichard Higgins Burne. 
Cecil Fowler Beadles. 

Students in Human and Comparative Anatomy. 

1839. William Crozier. 

1840. John Thomas Quekett. 

1841. William Augustus Hillman. 

1842. James Dunn. 

1843. John WilHams. 

1844. Simon Rood Pittard. 

1845. George Hansbrow. 

1846. Edward Charles Hulme. 

1847. John Thomas Arlidge. 

1848. Charles Henry HaUett. 

1849. George Robert Skinner. 

1850. David Henry Monckton. 

1851. John Falconer. 

1852. John Henry Sylvester. 

1853. Henry Vandyke Carter. 

1854. John Lizars Lizars. 

1855. Henry Robert Silvester. 
„ Thomas Howard Stewart. 

1890. William Pearson. 



1828. Robert Willis. 
1853. John Chatto. 

1887. James Blake Bailey. 
1897. Victor Gustave Plarr. 

Assistants in the Libraby. 

1832. Thomas Madden Stone. 
1892. Charles Richard Hewitt. 

1800. Okey Belfour. 
1811. Edmund Belfour. 

1859. Edward Trimmer. 
1882. Frederic Greville Hallett. 



1865. Edward Trimmer. 
1901. Sitert Forrest CowelL 

Assistant- Secbetabies. 

1888. Sibert Forrest Cowell. 




1800. WilHam Pass. 
1802. Jeremiah Gibbeson. 


William Taylor. 
William Stone. 

1842. Henry Poole Gregg. 

1853. Thomas Madden Stone. 

1871. Richard Smith. 

1874. Charles Stewart Loch. 




Bo wen Pottinger Woosnam. 
Henry Francis Searle. 
Frederic Greville Hallett. 
Sibert Forrest Cowell. 


1858. Joseph Henry Green. 

1860. James Moncrieff Arnott. 

1865. Caesar Henry Hawkins. 

1870. Richard Quain. 

1876. Sir James Paget, Bart. 
1881. John MarshaU. 
1891. Thomas Bryant. 
1904. Sir Henry Morris, Bart. 




In the year 1813 Dr. Matthew Baillie and Sir Everard Home, Bart., Executors 
of John Hunter, " being desirous of showing a lasting mark of respect to the 
memory of the late Mr. John Hunter," gave to the College the sum of .£1684 4«. 4d. 
Three per cent Consolidated Bank Annuities for the endowment of an annual 
Oration, to be called the Hunterian Oration, and to be delivered in the Theatre of 
the College on the 14th of February, the Birthday of John Hunter, by the Master, 
or one of the Governors for the time being, or such other Member of the Court of 
Assistants as should be appointed by the Master and Governors or any two of 
them — such Oration to be expressive of the merits in Comparative Anatomy, 
Physiology, and Surgery, not only of John Hunter, but also of all such persons, as 
should be from time to time deceased, whose labours have contributed to the 
improvement or extension of Surgical Science. 

The Endowment was accepted by the College under a Deed of Trust dated the 
9th October 1813, containing, amongst others, the following conditions: — That the 
Fund should be vested in the names of three Members of the Court of Assistants ; 
that £10, part of the interest accruing from the Fund, should be given to the 
Orator ; and that the remainder of the interest should be expended in providing a 
Dinner, on the day of the delivery of the Oration, for the Members of the Court of 
Assistants and such other persons as the Master and Governors for the time being 
should think proper to invite. 

In 1853, after consultation with the representatives of the founders of the 
Trust, it was decided that the Oration should in future be delivered biennially 
instead of annually. 


1814. Sir Everard Home, Bart. 1840. 

1815. Sir William Blizard, Knt. 1841. 

1816. Henry Cline. 1842. 

1817. William Norris. 1843. 

1818. Sir David Dundas, Bart. 1844. 

1819. John Abernethy. 1846. 

1820. Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt. 1847. 

1821. Thomas Chevalier. 1848. 

1822. Sir Everard Home, Bart. 1849. 

1823. Sir William Blizard, Knt. 1850. 

1824. Henry Cline. 1852. 

1825. WilHam Norris. 1853. 

1826. Sir Anthony Carlisle, Knt. 1855. 

1827. Honoratus Leigh Thomas. 1857. 

1828. Sir William Blizard, Knt. 1859. 

1829. John Painter Vincent. 1861. 

1830. George James Guthrie. 1863. 

1831. Anthony Wliite. 1865. 

1832. Samuel Cooper. 1867. 

1833. John Howship. 1869. 

1834. William Lawrence. 1871. 

1837. Sir Benjamin Collins Brodie, Bart. 1873. 

1838. Benjamin Travers. 1875. 

1 839. Edward Stanley. 1877. 

Joseph Henry Green. 

Thomas Callaway. 

George Gisborne Babington. 

James Moncrieff Arnott. 

John Flint South. 

William Lawrence. 

Joseph Henry Green. 

Richard Dugard Grainger. 

Caesar Henry Hawkins. 

Frederic Carpenter Skey. 

James Luke. 

Bransby Blake Cooper. 

Joseph Hodgson. 

Thomas Wormald. 

John Bishop. 

William Coulson. 

George Gulliver. 

Richard Partridge. 

John Hilton. 

Richard Quain. 

Sir William Fcrgusson, Bart. 

Henry Hancock. 

Frederick Le Gros Clark. 

Sir James Paget, Bart. 





George Murray Humplii-y. 1S95. 

Luther Holden. 1897. 
Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, Bart. 1899. 

John Marshall. 1901. 

William Scovell Savory. 1903. 

Heury Power. 1905. 

Jonathan Hutchinson. 1907. 

Thomas Brvant. 1909. 

John AVhitaker Hulke. 

Christopher Heath. 

Sir William Mac Cormac, Bart. 

Nottidge Charles Macnamara. 

Sir Henry Greenway Howse, Knt. 

John Tweedy. 

Henry Trentham Butlin. 

Henry Morris. 


Clause 2 of the Terras and Conditions, on which the Hunterian Collection was 
delivered to the Company of Surgeons, provided '• that one Course of Lectures, not 
less than twenty-four in number, on Comparative Anatomy and other subjects, 
illustrated by the preparations, shall be given evei-y year by some Member of the 

Ill 1894, by permission of the Lords of the Treasury, this Clause was altered to 
the following, viz. : — 

" That one Course of Lectures, not less than twelve in number, on Comparative 
Anatomy and other subjects, illustrated by preparations from the Hunterian 
Collection and the other contents of the Museum, shall bo given every year by 
Fellows or Members of the College." 

An honorarium of Ten Guineas per lecture is provided from the general funds 
of the College. 


CoMPABAxivE Anatomy. 

1800-09. Lectures suspended. 
1810. Everard Home. 
1811-12. Lectures suspended. 
1813. Sir Everard Home, Bart. 
1814-15. Astley Paston Cooper. 
1816-19. William La-nrence. 
1820-21. Benjamin Collins Brodie. 

1822. Sir Everard Home, Bart. 

1823. Benjamin Collins Brodie. 
1824-28. Joseph Henry Green. 
1829-30. Herbert Mayo. 

1831. Lectures suspended. 

1832-33. Sir Charles Bell, Knt. 
] 834—36. Lectures suspended. 
1837-55. Richard Owen. 
1856. Lectures suspended. 


1800-09. Lectures suspended. 

1810. Sir WiUiam Blizard, Knt. 

1811-12. Lectures suspended. 


1814-17. John Abemethy. 

1818. Anthony Carlisle. ■ 

1819-21. James Wilson. 

1822. Benjamin Collins Brodie. 

1823-24. Thomas Chevalier. 

1825-28. Charles BeU. 

1829-30. George Jai les Guthrie. 

1 83 1 . Lectures suspended. 

1832. George James Guthrie. 

1833. Henry Earle. 
1834-36. Lectures srispended. 
1839. Frederick Tyrrell. 


1857-61. *John Thomas Quekett. 
1862. Lectures suspended. 

* During the years 1850-55 tweJve lectures on Histology, in addition to the twenty-four 
Hunterian Lectures delivered by Professor Owen, were delivered by Profeesor Quekett. 



Comparative Anatomy and Physiology. 

1857-59. George Busk. 1887. 

1860-61. WiUiam ScoveU Savory. 

1862-63. George Gulliver. „ - 

1863-69. Thomas Heury Huxley. „ - 

1870-73. WiUiam Henry Flower. 1888. 

1874-85. WiUiam Kitchen Parker. 

1876-84. WiUiam Henry Flower. 1889. 

1885-94. Charles Stewart. 1890- 

„ -86. Frederick Treves. „ - 

„ „ WiUiam Arthur BraUey. 1891- 

„ Alex HiU. 1893. 

Francis Warner. 
Anthony Alfred Bowlby. 
Charles Barrett Lockwood. 
Walter H. Hyltou Jessop. 
William Watson Cheyne. 
-89. John Bland Sutton. 

Mark Purcell Mayo Collier. 
91. William Watson Cheyne. 

93. Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 

94. Charles Bagge Plowright. 
Henry Johnstone CampbeU. 

Surgery and Pathology. 

1869. Frederick Le Gros Qark. 1890. 

1870-71. John Birkett. „ 

1872-74. Timothy Holmes. 

1875. Henry Lee. 1891. 

1876-77. Robert BrudeneU Carter. 

1878. Thomas Spencer WeUs. „ 

1879-83. Jonathan Hutchinson. 1892. 

1884. Sir Henry Thompson, Knt. „ 

1885. Edward Lund. „ 
,, John Wood. „ 

1886-87. Henry Power. 1893. 

„ William Cadge. „ 

1887. Christopher Heath. 1894. 

1888. Thomas Bryant. „ 
„ -89. Arthur Edward James Barker. „ 

1889. Matthew Berkeley HUl. 

„ Frederick Howard Marsh. 

John Langton. 

Walter Pye. 

William Henry Battle. 

Reginald Harrison. 

William Anderson. 

James Berry. 

Henry Trentham Butlin. 

Chas. Wm. ManseU MouUin. 

WiUiam Watson Cheyne. 

Henry Betham Robinson. 

Bernard Pitts. 

Jonathan Hutchinson, Jun. 

Thomas Pickering Pick. 

WiUiam Thorburn. 

Raymond Johnson. 

Edward Treacher Collins. 

1895. Number of Lectures reduced from 24 to 12 and old division of Lectures 


William McAdam Eccles. 
Arthur Keith. 
Andrew MelviUe Paterson. 
Arthur Robinson. 
Arthur Wm. Mayo Robson. 
Louis Bathe Bawling. 
Thomas Crisp English. 
Clinton Thomas Dent. 
William Sampson Handley. 
John P. Lockhart Mummery, 
Marmaduke Stephen Mayou. 
John Warrington Haward. 
Arthur Henry Cheatle. 
Herbert John Paterson. 
Charles Gabriel Seligmann, 



Charles Stewart. 



Charles Barrett Lockwood. 



Joseph Griffiths. 



John Alfred Coutts. 



Leonard Erskine HiU. 



Arthur Wm. Mayo Robson. 



D'Arcy Power. 



Henry Morris. 


a " 


Frederick Gymer Parsons. 



Leonard Erskine HiU, 



Arthur Wm. Mayo Robson. 



Arthur Keith. 



Percy Furnivall. 



Christopher Addison. 



Frederick Gymer Parsons. 




1907-08, William Sampson Handler. 1908. Frank Charles Shrubsall. 

John Wm. Thomson Walker. 1909-10. Arthur Keith. 

„ John Howell Evans. „ Samuel George Shattock. 

„ William Wright. „ William Wright. 

„ Cecil Fowler Beadles, „ Cecil William Rowntree. 

1908. William Francis Victor 1910. William Sampson Handley. 

Bonney. „ George Coats, 

„ Donald John Armour. „ Richard Horace Paramore. 

„ Arthur Ralph Thompson. „ Charles Bolton. 


The Arris Lectures were founded in 16-16 by Mr. Edward Arris, a Member of 
the Company of Barbers and Surgeons, of which he became Master in 1651. He 
was also au Alderman of the City of London in that year. He died on the 28th May 
1676. His portrait in oue picture with a portrait of Sir Charles Scarborough, 
who was appointed to deliver the Arris Lectures in 1649, is in the possession of 
the Barbers' Company. 

From the Minute Books of the Company of Barbers and Surgeons it appears that 
on the 24th March 1646 Mr. Edward Arris paid to the Company a sum of ,£300 
*' for the use of the new publique Anatomy." This sum was subsequently repaid 
to Mr. Arris, and in lieu thereof he settled upon the Company an annuity of ,£30, 
which shortly before his death he redeemed by the payment of £510. By the Act 
of Parliament of the 18th George II (1745) for dissolving the L'uiou between the 
Barbers and Surgeons this sum of £510 was given and vested in the Company of 
Surgeon.s then incorporated, and upon the dissolution of that Company became vested 
in the College. 

In the final settlement of the Trust no conditions appear to have been imposed 
save an understanding that the Anatomy Lectures of the Company were to be 
continued. By an Act of Parliament passed in 1540 the Company were entitled 
to claim four bodies annually of persons executed for felony, and to make use of 
them for the study of Anatomy. The bodies were dissected, and lectures on the 
muscles and other subjects were given. The Surgeons of the Company were 
required to attend these lectures and demonstrations, which were called " Public 
Anatomies."' The intention of Mr. Arris was to assist the Company in this work, 
and the lecturers appointed under this foundation were at first called " Readers of 
the Muscular Lecture." 

Under the Company of Surgeons the Arris Lectures were from 1753 to 1766 
delivered by the Masters of Anatomy, of whom the first to be appointed were 
Percivall Pott and John Hunter. In 1707 the office of Professor of Anatomy was 
created, and the Arris Lectures were assigned to him. 

The Gale Lectures were founded by Mr. John Gale of Bushey, a Member of the 
Company of Barbers and Surgeons, who, by his Will, dated 13th August 1655, 
left to the Company an Annuity of £16, payable out of the rents of certain 
premises on Snow Hill in the City of London, for one Anatomy Lecture in every 
year to be called Gale's Anatomy. 

This Annuity, together with the Arris Bequest, was by the Act of Parliament of 
1745 vested in the Company of Surgeons, and upon the dissolution of that Company 
became vested in the College. In pursuance of Acts of Parliament passed in the 
35th and 44th years of George III for the improvement of Snow Hill, the Rent 



Charge of i!16 per annum was purchased by the City of London for the surn of 
^432, which sum, in accordance with the directions of those Acts, was invested in 
the name of the Accountant General of the Court of Chancer)', until the same shall 
again be invested in some Real Estate, and the same was laid out in the purchase 
of ,£689 16s. 5d. Consolidated Bank Annuities, the interest thereof being paid to 
the College. 

The earliest record of a lecture under this Trust is dated 30th June 1098, when 
it was " ordered that there he an Anatomy Lecture called Gale's Anatomy," and 
Dr. Havers, well known for his description of the canals in bone, since called 
Haversian, was appointed the first Reader. The Lecture was afterwards called the 
Osteology Lecture. 

Under the Company of Surgeons the Lecture was at first allotted to the senior 
Master of Anatomy, and afterwards to the Professor of Anatomy. 

At the beginning of the Nineteenth Ceatury, lectures were for a time suspended 
at the College owing to building operations, but were resumed in 1810. It was 
then determined that six lectures should be delivered annually under the Arris 
and Gale Trusts. The lectures were no longer distinguished as " muscular " and 
" osteological," but were united into one course delivered by a Professor of Anatomy 
and Surgery. In 1857 the title of the lecturer was altered to Professor of Human 
Anatomy and Surgery, and in 1868 to Arris and Gale Lecturer. In 1864 the 
number of lectures was reduced to three. Honorarium for the three lectures, the 
amount of the dividends received from the Arris Bequest and Gale Annuity — 
about ^29. 


























Lectures suspeyided . 
Sir William Blizard. 
Lectures susjiended. 
John Abernethy. 
Anthony Carlisle. 
James Wilson. 
Benjamin CoUins Brodie. 
Thomas Chevalier. 
Charles Bell. 
George James Guthrie. 
Henry Earle. 
Lectures suspended. 
Edward Stanley. 
Frederick Tyrell. 
George James Guthrie. 
Bransby Blake Cooper. 
John Flint South. 
James Paget. 
Frederic Carpenter Skey. 
Prescott Gardner Hewett. 
John Hilton. 
Samuel Solly. 
William Fergusson. 
Henry Hancock. 

1868. Frederick Le Gros Clark. 
1869-71. John Whitaker Hulke. 
1872-73. George Murray Humphry. 
1874. George William Callender. 
1875-76. William Turner. 
1877-80. Benjamin Thompson Lowne. 
1881-82. Gerald Francis Yeo. 
1883. Henry Power. 
1884-85. Edward .ilbert Schiifer. 
1886-87. Leonard Charles Wooldridge. 
1888. Robert Marcus Gunn. 
1889-90. William Hunter. 
1891-93. John Rose Bradford. 

1894. Ernest Henry Starling. 

1895. Walter George Spencer. 
1896-97. Ernest Henry Starling. 
1898. Thomas Gregor Brodie. 
1899-1900. Berkeley George Andrew 

1901-02. Thomas Gregor Brodie. 
1903-04. John Herbert Parsons. 

1904. Percy John Cammidge. 

1905. Donald John Armoui'. 

1906. John Harry Watson. 





LECTURERS SINCE 1810 (continued). 

Sydney Walter Curl. 1908.- Major Greenwood, Jua. 

Joseph Faulkner Dobson. 1909. Grafton Elliot Smith. 

Bertram Louis Abrahams. 1910. Sydney Richard Scott. 

Francis Arthur Baiubridge. „ Peter Thompson. 


With the object of promoting the study of the Pathology together with the Anatomy 
and Physiology, human and comparative, of the Skin and its Appendages, the late 
Sir Erasmus Wilson gave to the College the sum of ,£5000 New Three per cent. 
Consols, under a Deed of Trust, dated the 8th July 1869, to found and endow a 
Professorship of Dermal ology. The Council appointed Sir Erasmus Wilson to the 
Professorship, and during the period 1870-78 he delivered six lectures annually, 
and presented to the iluseum a large collection of casts and models used in 
illustration of his lectures. 

In 1879 certain alterations in the terms of the Trust were effected with the 
approval of the Founder, providing that the income derived from the Fund should 
be devoted to the promotion of original researches by lectures delivered at the 
College, the number of such lectures not to exceed throe in any one year, and to 
be given by one or more persons to be called Erasmus Wilson Professors of 

In 1882 further alterations were thought desirable, and under a new Deed of 
Trust, dated the iJ'Sth April 1882, it is now provided that the income of the Fund 
shall be appropriated in part towards the payment of the salary of a Pathological 
Curator of the Museum, and in part for tlie payment of Lectures on the Pathological 
contents of the Museum to be delivered by the Pathological Curator or some other 
person appointed for the purpose with the title of Erasmus Wilson Lecturer. 
Three lectures were delivered annually from 1882 to 1908. In July 1908 it was 
decided to institute a series of Lectures or Demonstrations on advanced Surgical 
Pathology, illustrated by specimens in the Museum, and the Erasmus Wilson 
Lectures now form part of this Series. Six Demonstrations are given annually. 
Honorarium ^£'30. 


1870-78. Erasmus Wilson. 

1880. Henry Treutham Butlin. 

1881. Henry Trentham Butlin. 
,, Frederick Treves. 

1882-84. Frederick Samuel Eve. 
1885. Charles Stewart. 
1886-87. John Bland Sutton. 

1888. Lectures postponed. 

1889. Charles Alfred Ballance. 
„ Joseph Priestley Smith. 

1890-91. John Bland Sutton. 
1892. Jonathan Hutchinson, Jun. 
1893-95. James Henry Targett. 
1896-97. Walter George Spencer. 
1898. Holburt Jacob Waring. 


Thomas Gregor Brodie. 


Edward Treacher Collins. 


Walter Ed uunds. 


Charles Powell White. • 


Sir Charles Bent Ball. 


Edred Moss Corner. 


Leonard Stanley Dudgeon. 


Percy Wm. George Sargent, 


James Sherrcn. 


Willmott Henderson Evans. 


Reginald Chcyne Elmslie. 


Kenneth Weldon Goadb)'. 


John William Henry Eyre. 


Leonard Stanley Dudgeon. 

,, -10. 

Samuel George Shattock. 




The Bradshaw Lecture was founded in memory of her husband by the late 
Mrs. Sally Hall Bradshaw, widow of Dr. William Wood Bradshaw, M.A.Oxon., 
D.C.L., LL.D., a Fellow of the College for many years in practice at Reading. 
She bequeathed to the College by Will, dated 6th September 1875 and proved 
26th August 1880, a sum of ^1000 Three per Cent. Consols, the income thereof 
to be expended upon a lecture on Surgery to be called " The Bradshaw Lecture," 
and to be delivered annually on the 18th August, the anniversary of Dr. Bradshaw's 

In 1882 an Order of Administration of the Bequest was obtained from the 
Charity Commissioners, which provided that the Lecture should be delivered on 
the 18th day of August, or on such other day as might be expressly substituted in 
each year for that day by the President. Honorarium of Lecturer, about £24. 



Sir James Paget, Bart. 



John Marshall. 



William Scovell Savory. 



John Wood. 



Henry Power. 



Sir Joseph Lister, Bart. 



Jonathan Hutchinson. 



Thomas Bryant. 



Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, 

, Bart. 



John Whitaker Hulke. 



Christopher Heath. 



Sir William MaeCormac. 



Oliver Pemberton. 



Nottidge Charles Macnamara. 


Reginald Harrison. 

Alfred Willett. 

Thomas Pickering Pick. 

Henry Greenway Howse. 

John Langton. 

Thomas Richard Jessop. 

Frederick Howard Marsh. 

Henry Morris. 

Arthur William Mayo Robson. 

Henry Trentham Butlin. 

Edmund Owen. 

Rickman John Godlee, 

Sir William Watson Cheyne, Bart. 

Francis Richardson Cross. 


In 1887 Mr. J. T. Morton of Cedar Grange, Caterham Valley, provided a sum of 
Ninety Guineas for the endowment for three years of a lecture on Cancer and 
Cancerous Diseases. In 1890 he provided a further sum of Ninety Guineas for 
three more annual lectures. 


1887. Sir James Paget, Bart. 

1888. Sir Thomas Spencer Wells, Bart. 

1889. John Marshall. 

1892. German Sims Woodbead. 
„ James Galloway. 

1893. Samuel George Shattock. 



Mr. Jaraes Monerieff Arnott, F.R.S., President of the College in 1850 and 1S59, 
died in 1885, and by his Will left to the College the sura of =£1000, to the end that 
tlie annual interest or iacome thereof should be applied annually to the purposes 
of the Museum and the Lectures connected therewith, the bequest to be payable 
after the death of his daughter, Miss Jane Moncrieff Amott. 

Miss Arnott died in June 1907, and the bequest was paid to the College and 
invested in ^1081 Os. 6f/. Transvaal Government Three per cent. Stock in 
November 1907. 

In July 1908 it was decided to institute a series of Lectures or Demonstrations 
on advanced Surgical Pathology, illustrated by specimens in the Museum, and to 
apply the income derived from the Arnott Bequest to the payment of part of the 
cost of these Lectures or Demonstrations. In 1908-09 nine Demonstrations were 
given under this Trust, and Section XXI. of the Standing Rules now provides 
that under the Arnott Bequest not less than six Demonstrations of the contents of 
the Museum shall be given annually by the Conservator of the Museum or some 
other duly qualified person or persons. Honorarium about ^30. 


1908-09. Arthur Keith. 1909-10. Arthur Keith. 

,, ,, Samuel George Shattock. 




In the year 1800 Mr. Samuel Jackson, F.R.S., a Member of the College, 
announced his intention of giving a sum of ,£10 annually as a Prize to the Author 
of the best Dissertation on a practical subject in Surgery. In order to make this 
donation perpetual, he subsequently gave to the College a sum of £333 6s. 8d. 
Consolidated Bank Annuities, which he vested in the name of three Members of 
the Court of Assistants under a Deed of Trust, dated the 13th April 1806, 


1801. On the diseases of Joints, particiilarly of the Knee, and the best mode of 

treating them. No Dissertation received. 

1802. On Gunshot Avounds and the best mode of treating them. No Award. 

1803. Thomas Chevalier. — Gunshot wounds and the best mode of treating them. 
„ Thomas Xoble Elwtn. — Diseases of the Urethra and the best method of 


1804. "WixLTAM Chaxdlek. — Aneurism and the best method of treatment. 

„ On Hernise, particularly Femoral Hernia, and the best method of treatment. 
No Aivard. 

1805. John Htslop. — Injuries of the Head from external violence. 

1806. Samuel Cooper. —The Diseases of Joints, particularly of the Hip and Knee 

and the best mode of treatment. 
„ William Lawrence. — Hernia and the best mode of treatment- 
ISO?. JoHX Hyslop. — Diseases of the Eye and its appendages, with the treatment 
of them. 

1808. Christopher T. Johxsox. — On Cancer and its treatment. 

1809. Gabriel J. M. De Lts. — Fractures of the Bones of the Trunk, and the treat- 

ment of them. 

1810. John Smith Sodex. — The Bite of a Rabid Animal. 

,, James Gillman. — Honorarium for Dissertation on the same subject. 

1811. Joseph Hodgson. — Wounds and Diseases of Arteries and Veins. 

1812. William GooDLAT). — Diseases of theVessels andGlandsof the Absorbent System 

1813. Daniel Pring. — Injuries and Diseases of Xerves. 

,, Henry Earle. — Honorarium for Dissertation on the same subject. 

1814. On Injuries and Diseases of Muscle. No Award. 

1815. Edward Stanley. — On Diseases of Bone. 

1816. On Scrofula. No Dissertation received. 
,, On Syphilis. No Award. 


1817. Joseph Swan. — OnDeafness and Diseases and Injuries of the Organ of Hearing. 

1818. EusEBiTis Arihtjr Lloyd. — On Scrofula. 
„ John Haddt James. — On Inflammation. 

„ On Diseases of the Skin. No Dissertation received. 

1819. Joseph Swan. — On the Treatment of morbid local affections of Xerves. 

1820. On Diseases of the Skin. No Dissertation received. 

„ On Diseases of the Eectum. No Dissertation received. 

1821. Robert Bin&ham. — On Injuries and Diseases of the Bladder. 

1822. Thojias William Chevalier. — On Injuries and Diseases of Muscle. 
„ Samuel Pltjmbe. — On Disease of the Skin. 

„ George Caltert. — On Diseases of the Rectum. 

1823. George Calvert. — On Fungus Haeraatodes. 

1824. George Calvert. — On Tic Douloureux. 

1825. On Reparation of Fractured Bone, and the special treatment of fracture of 

the neck of the Scapula, of the Olecranon, of the neck of the Thigh-boue, 
of the Patella, and of the Malleoli. No Award. 

1826. RiCHARB Anthony Stafford. — On Spina Bifida and Injxiries and Diseases of 

the Spine and the Medulla Spinalis. 

1827. Edward Browne. — On Reparation of Fractured Bone, and the special treat- 

ment of fracture of the neck of the Scapula, of the Olecranon, of the neck 
of the Thigh-hone, of the Patella, and of the MaUeoH. 
,, On Injuries aud Morbid Afiections of the Maxillary bones and Antrum. No 
Dissertation received. 

1828. George Rogerson. — The causes, consequences, and treatment of Inflamma- 

tion of the several distinctions of Membrane. 

1829. James Reid. — On Bronchoeele. 

„ On Encysted Tumours. No Award. 

1830. On Injuries and Diseases of the Nose and of the Nasal Sinuses. No Disser- 

tation received r 

1831. Richard Radford Robinson. — On Fractures of the Ribs, of the Sternum, 

and of the Pelvis, their influence on the several viscera, and the treatment 
of such cases. 
„ Richard Middlemore. — On Diseases of the Eye and its appendages, and the 
treatment of them. 

1832. Benjamin Phillips. — The mode of union of simple and compound Fractures. 
„ On the symptoms occasioned by the different Mineral Poisons when taken 

into the Stomach ; the proper Antidotes and treatment which experience 
or science afl'ords for each ; and, wnen the event is fatal, the appearances 
or effects which are generally found in the dead body. No Dissertation 

1833. John Green Crosse. — On the formation, constituents, and extraction of 

Urinary Calculi. 
„ Richard Radford Robinson. "I Honorai-ia for their Dissertations on the same 
„ George Thompson ^Morgan. J subject. 

1834. Dickinson Webster Crompton. — Injuries and Diseases of the Nose and of 

the Nasal Sinuses. 
„ Thomas Blizard Curling. — On Tetanus. 

1835. Frederick Ryland. — On Injuries and Diseases of the Larynx, also of the 

Trachea, and treatment. 
1830. On Haemorrhage, spontaneous and accidental, with treatment. No Award, 



1837. Samuel Gaskell. — An Enquiry into the nature of the Processes of Suppnra- 

tion and Ulceration. 

1838. Edwin Lee. — On the comparative advantages of Lithotomy and Lithotrity, 

and on the circumstances under which one method should be preferred to 
the other. 
„ On the structure and treatment of Xa^vi and other Erectile Tumours. li'o 

1839. Etjtheefoud Alcock. — The nature, symptoms, and treatment of Concussion of 

the Brain, and of the other forms of Cerebral injury from external violence. 

1840. On the structure and treatment of Noevi and other Erectile Tumours. A'O 

Dissertation received. 
„ On Haemorrhage, spontaneous and accidental, with treatment. JSo Disserta- 
tion received. 

1841. RuTHEEFORD Alcock. — Injuries of the Thorax, and Operations on its Parietes. 

1842. William Piers Ormerod. — The comparative value of the Preparations of 

Mercury and Iodine in the treatment of Syphilis. 
„ On injuries and morbid affections of the Maxillary Bones, including those of 
the Antrum. No Dissertation received. 

1843. John William Griffith. — Derangements in the Secretion of Urine, their 

causes, consequences, and treatment. 

1844. Edwards Crisp. — The Anatomical structure and diseases of the larger Blood- 

,, On the injuries and diseases of the Scalp. No Aivard. 

1845. Thomas Safford Lee. — Tumours of the Uterus and its appendages, their 

structure, pathology, and treatment. 

1846. Thomas Callaway. — On Luxations and Fractures of the Clavicle, Scapula, 

and Scapular End of the Humerus, and treatment. 
„ Edward Hulme. — On Asphyxia, its various causes and forms, and Treatment. 

1847. On the nature and treatment of permanent contraction of Muscles, especiaUy 

in relation to distortion and disability. No Dissertation received. 

1848. John Birkett. — On Diseases of the Mammary Gland, Male and Female, and 

the treatment thereof. 

1849. Henry Lee. — On the causes, consequences, and treatment of Purulent 

„ Peter Hinckes Bird. — Erysipelas, its nature and treatment. 

1850. Charles Toogood Downing. — Neuralgia, its various forms, pathology, and 


1851. Edwards Crisp. — The causes, diagnosis, and treatment of Obstructions of the 

Intestines within the Abdomen. 

1852. Henry Thompson. — The pathology and treatment of Stricture of the Urethra. 

1853. Harvey Ludlow. — Diseases of the Testis and its coverings, and their treat- 


1 854. On the structure and treatment of Erectile Tumours. No Dissertation received. 

1855. On Gunshot wounds and their treatment. No Dissertation received. 
185G. Victor de Meric. — The pathology and treatment of Syphilis. 

,, An enquiry into the nature and treatment of the different forms of Gangrene. 

No Award. 
1857. Alfred Poland. — Gunshot wounds and their treatment. 
„ On the effects produced in Man by the introduction into the system of Poisons 

from the Lower Animals; excluding Hydrophobia and Cowpox. No 



1858. Oil the pathology aud treatmeut of diseases of the Ovary. xVo Dissertation 

„ On Vegetable Poisons ; their effects, means of detection, and treatment. No 

1859. John ^YHITAKER Hulke. — The morbid changes of the Retina as seen in the 

Eye of the living person and after removal from the Body, together with 
the symptoms associated with the several morbid conditions. 

,, Ch\rles Badei{. — Honorarium for Dissertation on the same subject. 

„ On the structure and treatment of vascular Ntevi. No Dissertation received. 

1860. Hexrt Thompson. — The healthy and morbid anatomy of the Prostate Gland. 
„ A description of the diseased conditions of the Knee-joint which require am- 
putation of the limb, aud of those conditions which are favoiirable for the 
excision of the joint; with an explanation of the relative advantages of 
both operations as far as can be ascertained by cases properly authenticated. 
No Award. 

1361. John Wood. — The best method of effecting the radical cure of Inguinal 
Hernia, explaining the principle of the operation adopted. 
,, On the structure and diseases of the Lachrymal Passages at the inner side of 
the Orbit, being those between the Conjunctiva and the Xasal Cavity. 
No Dissertation received. 

1862. On the relative value of the treatment of Popliteal Aneurism by Ligature 

and by Compression. Ko Aivard. 
„ On the healthy and morbid anatomy of the Tonsils and the appropriate treat- 
ment of their diseases. No Dissertation received. 

1863. 3I0RELL Mackenzie. — The pathology and treatment of Diseases of the Larynx ; 

the Diagnostic Indications to include the appearances as seen in the 
living person. 
„ On the normal and pathological anatomy of the various Sjmovial Bursce con- 
nected with the Muscles and Tendons of the upper Extremity, and the 
treatment of their diseases. No Dissertation received. 

1864. "William; Adams. — Club Foot, its causes, pathology, and treatment. 

„ John Crown Agnis. — Honorarium for Dissertation on the same subject. 

,, Thomas .^jjnandale. — The malformation, diseases, and injuries of the lingers 

and toes, with their surgical treatment. 
,, On the diseases of the Ankle-joint and of the joints and bones of the Tarsus 

requiriug surgical treatment; stating the treatment (including operative) 

most suitable in each case, with the results thereof. No Dissertation 


1865. William Paul Swain. — The diseased concUtioiis of the Knee-joint which 

require amputation of the limb, and those conditions which are favourable 
for excision of the joint. 
,, On the relative value of the various modes of treatment of PopUteal Aneur- 
ism. No Dissertation received. 

1866. John Clay. — Ovariotomy ; pathology and diagnosis of cases suitable for this 

operation, with the best method of performing it and the results of 
recorded cases. 
,, On Fractures into Joints ; their modes of union, with the treaTinent and result. 
No Dissertation received. 

1867. Christopher Heath. — The injuries and diseases of the Jaws, including those 

of the Antrum, with the treatment by operation or otherwise. 


1867 Wm. Johxson Smith. — Tlie various deformities resulting from severe Bums 
on the surface of the body, the structural changes occasioned by these 
injuries, the best modes of preventing deformities, and the treatment, 
operative or otherwise, adapted to correct them. 

1868. On Pyaemia after injuries and operations ; its pathology, causes, symptoms, 

prevention, and treatment. No Award. 
,, On Amputations of the Limbs ; the various modes of operation practised, their 
relative advantages, and the methods of arresting Primary Haemorrhage, 
and of dressing the Stump. No Dissertation received. 

1869. Aneuiism by Anastomosis ; the various forms of this disease, and the different 

methods of treatment, with the Author's experience and views thereon. 
No Dissertation received. 

1870. Haemorrhagic Diathesis and Spontaneous and accidental Haemorrhage. No 

Dissertation received. 

1871. The treatment of Wounds after Operations, including the arrest of Haemor- 

rhage, Primary and Secondary. No Award. 

1872. The Diseases of the Xose, including those of the Sinuses connected with it 

and their treatment. No Award. 

1873. Hexrt Trextham Butlin. — Ununited Fractures. 

1874. Tracheotomy, with particular reference to the causes of death after the 

operation, and the rules for rendering the operation more generally suc- 
cessful. No Award. 

1875. The use of the Galvano-Caustic in the removal of Morbid Growths. No 

Dissertation received. 

1876. "WiLLiAii Harrison Cripps. — The treatment of Cancer of the Rectum, parti- 

cularly as regards the possibility of curing or relieving the Patient by 
excision of the affected part. 

1877. The Disease of the Lymphatic System known as Hodgkin's Disease, or 

Lymph adenoma. No Award. 

1878. Joseph Priestley Smith. — Glaucoma, its causes, symptoms, pathology, and 


1879. The Disease of the Lymphatic System known as Hodgkin's Disease, or 

Lymphadenoma. No Dissertation received. 

1880. AViLLiAM Waisox Chrtxe. — The history, principles, practice, and results of 

Antiseptic Surgery. 

1881. "VYiLLiAM Alexander. — The pathology and surgical treatment of Diseases of 

the Hip- Joint. , 

1882. Anthony Alfred Bowlbt. — "Wounds and other Injuries of Xerves, their 

symptoms, pathology, and treatment. 

1883. Frederick Treves. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Obstruction 

of the Intestines in its various forms in the Abdominal Cavity. 

1884. The Surgical Treatment of Uterine Tumours, both Innocent and ATalignant. 

No Dissertation received. 

1885. William Bruce Clarke. — The Diagnosis and Treatment of such Affections 

of the Kidney as are amenable to direct Surgical Interference. 

1886. James Berry. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Surgical treatment of Dis- 

eases of the Thyroid Gland. 

1887. Edwin Hurry Fen wick. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of 

Tumours of the Bladder. 
„ Frederick Armitage Southam. — Certificate of Honourahle Mention for 
Dissertation on the same subject. 

1888. Jonathan Hutchinson, Jun. — The Diagnosis, Effects, and Treatment of 

Injuries to the Epiphyses of the Long Bones. 



1889. "Walter George Spexcer. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Surgical Treat- 

ment of Intracranial Abscess and Tumour. 

1890. "William Thorburn. — The Xature and Treatment of Injuries to the Spinal 

Column and the Consequences arising therefrom. 

1891. The Pathology and Treatment of Diseases of the Knee-Joint. I\''o Disser- 

tation received. 

1892. JoHX Bland Sutton. — Diseases of the Ovaries and the Uterine Appendages, 

their Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment. 

1893. Hydrophobia. JS^o Dissertation received. 

1894. HoLBFRT Jacob "Waring. — The Diagnosis and the Surgical Treatment of 

Diseases of the Liver, Gall-Bladder, and Biliary Ducts. 

1895. Alfredo Antunes Kanthack. — Tetanus. 

1896. Robert Cozens Bailey. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of Diseases 

of the Prostate Gland. 

1897. Percy Fcrnivall. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the various 

Neoplasms met with in the Stomach, Small Intestine, Caecum, and Colon. 

1898. Hydrophobia. Ko award. 

1899. Harry Lambert Lack. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of In- 

tlaramatory Affections of the !Xasal Fossre and the Associated Sinuses 
and Air-Cells. 

1900. "W^iLLiAM M<^Adam Eccles. — The Pathology, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the 

Diseases caused by and connected with Imperfect Descent of the Testicle. 

1901. The Diagnosis and Treatment of Bullet Wounds of the Chest and Abdomen. 

jVo Dissertation received. 

1902. Thomas Crisp English. — Fracture of the Skull, its Consequences immediate 

and remote, including Pathology and Treatment. 
,, Loris Bathe Pawling. — Honorarium for Dissertation on the same subject. 

1903. Marmaduke Stephen M^ayoe. — The various forms of Conjunctivitis, their 

Pathology and Treatment. 

1904. Herbkrt John Paterson. — The Diagnosis and Treatment of such AflPectiona 

of the Stomach as are amenable to direct Surgical Interference. 

1905. Reginald Cheyne Elmslie. — The Pathology and Treatment of Deformities 

of the Long Bones due to Disease occurring during and after Adolescence. 

1906. Donald John Aemoue. — The Diagnosis and Treatment of those Diseases and 

Morbid Growths of the Vertebral Column, Spinal Cord and Canal, which 
are amenable to Surgical Operations. 

1907. The Operative Surgery of the Head and Lungs including the Pericardium 

and Pleura. No Award. 

1908. John Percy Lockhart Mummery. — The Pathology and Treatment of those 

Conditions and Diseases of the Colon which are relievable by Operative 




This Prize was founded by the Court of Assistants in the year 1820, and was 
first offered for competition in 1822. The honorarium, which is provided from the 
funds of the College, at first amounted to Thirty Pounds, but in 1840 was increased 
to Fifty Guineas. 


In 1864 a life-size statue of John Hunter by H. "NVeckes, R.A., was erected in 
the Museum of the College by public subscription, and with the residue of the 
subscriptions the Siatue Committee founded the John Hunter Medal, which in the 
year 18G7 they entrusted to the College upon the following conditions, viz. : — 
" That the Medal bo awarded to the Author of the Dissertation to which the 
Collegial Triennial Piize shall from time to time be adjudged on condition that 
the College, having entrusted to it the custody of the Medal dies for ever and to 
be used only for the aforesaid purpose, do promise and engage to have such Medal 
struck at its own proper cost." 

The Prize now consists of the John Hunter Medal executed in Gold to the value 
of Fifty Guineas, or, at the option of the successful Author of the Dissertation, of 
the said Medal executed in Bronze with an honorarium of Fifty Pounds. 


1822-24. Joseph Swan. — A minute dissection of the Nerves of the Medulla Spinalis 
from their origin to their terminations, and to their conjunctions with 
the Cerebral and Visceral Xerves ; authenticated by preparations of the 
dissected parts. 
1825-27. Joseph Savan. — A minute dissection of the Cerebral Nerves from their 
origin to their termination, and to their conjunction with the Nerves of 
the Medulla Spinalis and Viscera ; authenticated by prej^arations of the 
dissected parts. 

1828-30. An inquiry into the ultimate terminations of the Sanguiferous System 
and the commencement and terminations of the Lymphatic System, 
explanatory of the means by which parts of the Body are formed, 
maintained, altered, and removed ; authenticated by preparations. No 
Dissertation received. 

1831-33. On the effects produced by complete or partial Division of the various 
Nerves, or by other Injuries to those Structures. No Dissertation received. 

1834-36. To determine the diameters, disposition, and modes of communication of 
the continuous capillary arteries and veins, both in the pulmonic and 
systemic circulations ; and also the disposition of the vascular system in 
the Spleen, Corpus Cavernosum and Corpus Spongiosum ; the subject to 
be illustrated bv injected and other preparations of the human capillaries 
and those of inferior animals. No Dissertation received. 

1837-39. To determine the diameters, disposition, and modes of communication of 
the continuous capillary arteries and veins, both in the pulmonic and 
general circulations; the subject to be illustrated by injected and other 
preparations both of the human body and of inferior animals. No 
Dissertation received. 

1840-42. Thomas "Williams. — The structure and functions of the Lungs. 

1843-45. Holmes Coote. — The Anatomy of the fibres of the Cerebrum, Cerebellum, 
and Spinal Cord in the Human Subject, together with the origins of the 
cerebral, spinal, and sympathetic nerves, specially illustrated by the 
anatomy of the same parts in the lower vertebrate animals. 

1846-48. Henry Grat. — The ongin, connection, and distribution of the Nerves of 
the Human Eye and its appendages, illustrated by comparative dis- 
sections of the Eye in the other vertebrate animals. 
Alfred Poland. — Honorarium for Dispertation on same subject. 


1849-51. The functions of the several parts of the large Intestines in animals of 
the class Mammalia. JS'o Dissertation received. 

1853-55. The structure and functions of the Ganglionic Systems of Nerves in Man 
illustrated by reference to Comparative Anatomy. No Award. 

1856-58. The structure and functions of the Lymphatic and Lacteal Systems illus- 
trated by reference to Comparative Anatomy. No Award. 

1859-61. George Harlet. — The anatomy and physiology of the Suprarenal Bodies 
illustrated by drawings and preparations. 

1862—64. The Structural Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic Vessels and 
Glands (the anatomical distribution not being required) ; the communi- 
cations (if any) between the Lymiphatics and the Blood-vessels to be 
demonstrated ; and the influence (if any) which the Lymphatic Vessels 
or Glands exercise on the fluids they transmit to be elucidated. The 
dissertation to be illustrated by preparations and drawings. No Dis- 
sertation received. 

1865-67. The anatomical structure of those parts of the Eyeball which are contained 
within the Sclerotic and Cornea ; with illustrations drawn from each of 
the five great divisions of the Vertebrata. No Award. 

1868-70. The Anatomy and Phj-siology of the organs of Taste and Smell in the 
Mammalia. No Dissertation received. 

1871-73. The Structure and Functions of the Medulla Oblongata, including the 
connections of the Central Nerve-Roots. No Award. 

1874—76. The Radicles of the Lymphatic System in relation to the external and 
internal surfaces of the Body. No Dissertation received. 

1877-79. George Arthur Woods. — The Anatomy and Physiology of the third, 
fourth, and sixth Xerves, as illustrated by observation and experiment 
in health, and by reference to the effects of injury and disease. 

1880-82. The Relations between the Radicles and the Lymphatic System and 
Capillary Vessels. No Award. 

1883-85. The Xature of Inhibitory Action in the Animal Body, to be elucidated 
by original research. No Di.<tsertation received. 

1886-88. The Structure and Functions of the Sympathetic System of Xerves in Man, 
to be illustrated by reference to Comparative Anatomy. No Aivard. 

1889-91. The Anatomy of the 3rd, 4th, oth, and 6th Cranial Xerves in the Ver- 
tebrata ; including an Account of their development and relations to the 
Sympathetic System. No Dissertation received. 

1892-94. The Spleen, its Anatomy and Physiology, illustrated by Comparative 
Anatomy. No Dissertation received. 

1895-97. The Arrangement and Topography of the different parts of the Gastro- 
intestinal Canal in Man, with special reference to the Variations in their 
relation to the Peritoneum and the occurrence of Abnormalities; 
the subject to be illustrated from Develoi)ment and a comparison 
with the customary arrangement in other Mammalian Animals. No 

1898-1900. The Thyroid Gland— its Structure, Comparative Anatomy, and Phy- 
siology. No Aivard. 

1901-1903. Thomas Rcpekt Hampofx Btckxall. — The Pathological Conditions 
arising from Imperfect Closure of the Visceral Clefts. 

1904-1906. The Effects of Xerve-Lesions on Growth and Development. No 
Dissertation received. 



The Honorarj- Medal of the College was instituted under a Bye-Law made in 
the year 1802. 

It is a Gold Medal with the following design, viz. : — On the obverse, the 
Armorial Bearings, Crest, Supporters, and Motto of the College; and on the 
reverse, Galen contemplating a Human Skeleton. 

The leading considerations in awarding the Honorary Medal are liberal acts or 
distinguished labours, researches, and discoveries, eminently conducive to the 
improvement of natural knowledge and of the healing art. 


1822. James Parkinson. 1883. Eichakd Owen, 

1825. Joseph Swan. 1884. Sir Wm. James Erasmus "Wilson. 

1834. George Bennett. 1897. Sir James Paget, Bart. 

1869. William Lodewtk Crowthee. „ Lord Lister. 

1876. Thomas Bevill Peacock. 1906. Sir Richard Hav block Charles. 


The Honorary Membership of the College was instituted under a Bye-Law made 
in the year 1802^. 

The leading considerations in the choice of Honorary Members were similar to 
those influencing the selection of recipients of the Honorary Medal. 

The Bye-Law was abrogated after the institution of the Eellowship in 1843. 


1812. Rt. Hon. Sir Joseph Banks, Bart., K.B. 

1818. Georges Cuvier. 

1821. Sir Humphry Davy, Bart. 

1830. Sir Gilbert Blane, Bart. 


This Medal was founded by Sir Gilbert Blane, Bart., F.R.S., a distinguished 
physician, best known for the sanitary reforms which ho effected in the Navy, and 
the success of the measures which he introduced for the prevention of scurv). 

Under a Deed of Trust, dated the 13th March 1830, he transferred to the 
College the sum of .£300 three per Cent. Consolidated Bank Annuities to provide 
for two Gold Medals to be conferred once in every two years on two Medical 



Officers of the Koyal Xiivy " who in the time required shall have delivered to the 
proper office Journals evincing the most distinguished proofs of skill, dihgence, 
humanity, and learning in the exercise of their professional duties,'' 

The Journals are submitted for adjudication to the President of the Eoyal 
College of Physicians of London, the President of the Royal College of Surgeons 
of England, and the Director-General of the Medical Department of the Eoyal 


1S32. John Liddell. 

„ "William Donnelly. 
1833. John Wilson. 

„ 11. P. Hillyar. 
1835. Samuel Irvine. 

,, Evan Bowen. 
1837. William Martin. 

„ Charles M^^Arthur. 
1839. Alexander ^M'^Kechnie. 

„ Robert H. Brown. 
1841. J. 0. M*^ William. 

,, John Tarn. 
1843. William Lindsay. 

„ Robert Austin Bankier. 
1845, T. R. Dunn. 

,, J. Wiiigate Johnston. 
1847. Peter Leonard. 

„ Henry W. Mahon. 
1849. T. R."H. Thomson. 

„ Fitzwilliam Mansell. 
1851. George Mackay. 

„ William M^Kinlay. 
1853. R. T. C. Scott. 

„ James Salmon. 
1855. Alexander Armstrong. 

,, Charles D. Steel. 
1857. AV. R. E. Smart. 

,, A. E. Mackay. 
1859. William Duvis. 

„ Walter Dickson. 
1861. C. K. Ord. 

,, William Macleod, 
186i. Andrew Graham. 

„ Charles Forbes. 
1866. William H. Sloggett. 

,, Stephen Bowden. 
1868. John Jack. 

,, Henry Hadlow. 
Io70. Alexander Rattray. 

„ D. L. Morgan. 

1873. D. M^Ewan. 

,, R. C. P. Lawrenson. 

1874. J. D. Macdonald. 
,, Thomas Golan. 

1875. T. J. Haran. 

,, Richard Eustace. 
1877. Adam Brunton Messer. 
„ E. W. Davis. 

1880. Henry Frederick Xorbury. 
„ W. D. Lougtield. 

1881. Alex. M'^Douald. 
„ Belgrave JN^innis. 

1883. George Maclean. 

,, Robert Hall More. 
1886. Henry Scott Lauder, 

„ Miles O'Connel M'^Swiney. 
1888. T. J. Preston. 

„ T. D. Gimlette. 
1890. Richard AVm. Coppinger. 

„ Thomas Henry Knott. 
1892. Charles C. Godding. 

„ John D. Menzies. 
1894. Alex. G. P. Gipps. 

„ Gilbert Kirker. 
1896. Everard Home Saunders. 

,, Yidal Gunson Thorpe. 
1898. Francis H. A. Clayton. 

„ Percy Wm. Bassett-Smith. 
1900. James Macdonald Rogers. 

,, Oswald Rees. 
1902. Chris. Louis White Bunton. 

,, John Falconer Hall. 
1905. Sidney Thomas Reid. 

„ Robert Wm. Glennan Stewait. 
1907. Jas. Wm. Wilcocks Stanton. 

„ Bernard Ley, 
1909. Charles Rowley Nicholson. 

„ Arthur William Bligh Livesay. 



Under a Deed of Trust, dated the 10th May 1894, the late Mr. Charles Clement 
Walker of Lilleshall Old Hall, near Newport, Salop, transferred to the College the 
sum of ,£o40 Victoria Three and a half percent Inscribed Stock for the endowment 
of a Prize intended to encourage the investigation of Cancer. 

The Prize, which is open to foreigners as well as to British subjects, consists of 
a gift of .£100, and is awarded quinquennially by the Council, upon the recom- 
mendation of a Committee, to the person, if any, who shall be deemed to have 
done the best work during the preceding five years in advancing the knowledge of 
the Pathology and Therapeutics of Cancer. 


1891-1895. Harold Jalland Stiles. 1901-05. Carl Oluf Jensen. 

1896-1900. No Award. 


This Prize was founded in 1894 by Members of the Dental Profession in memory 
of the late Sir John Tomes, F.R.S., F.R.C.S., and his services in promoting the 
study of Dental Surgery and improving the status of its practitioners. 

The sum of £310 India Three per cent Stock (since increased to £337 6s. 7d. 
Stock) was entrusted to the College, and it was agreed that the income thence 
derived should be expended in awarding triennially a Prize to such person, holding 
a Diploma in Dental Surgery of one of the Licensing Bodies in Great Britain or 
Ireland, as should be deemed by the Committee of adjudication to have done, 
during the preceding three years, original or other scientific work, worthy of 
special recognition on the subjects of Dental Surgery and Pathology, Dental 
Anatomy and Physiology (including Histology), or Dental Mechanics. 


1894-96. Charles SissMORK Tomes. 1903-05. So Award. 

1897-99. John Howard MuMMERT. 1906-08. Arthur Swayne Underwood. 

1900-02. Kenneth Weldon Goadbt. 


This Prize was founded in 1884 by the " Association of Surgeons practising 
Dental Surgery " with the object of commemorating the services of Samuel 
Cartwrio-ht, F.R.C.S., in improving the status of the Dental Profession, not only by 
inducing many of those engaged in its practice to become fully qualified Surgeons, 
but also by assisting to gain the recognition of Dentistry as a special brunch of 
Surgery by the institution of a Licence in Dental Surgery by the Royal College of 
Surgeons of England. 

The " Association of Surgeons practising Dental Surgery " having been dissolved, 
the administration of the Fund for the endowment of the Prize has been entrusted 
to this College under an order of the Charity Commissioners of the 31st July 1900, 


establishing a scheme approved by the Council of the College and the surviving 
members of the Association. 

The Fund is invested in the name of " The OfBcial Trustees of Charitable Funds," 
and the dividends are paid to the President and Vice-Presidents of the College as 
Trustees of the Fund. 

The Prize, consisting of the Cartwright Medal in bronze and an honorarium of 
,£70, is to be awarded quinquenially to the author of the best essay upon a subject 
relating to Dental Surgery to be selected by the Council upon the recommendation 
of a Committee. Candidates must be persons engaged in the study or practice of 
Dental Surgery and possessing qualifications capable of registration under the 
Medical Acts of the United Kingdom. 


In 1893 Miss Johnstone of Bath bequeathed ,£5000 in trust for founding five 
Scholarships for Medical Students in memory of George Samuel Jenks, M.D., 
F.R.C.P., a former Member of the College. 

The Will assigns the nomination to these Scholarships to the President and 
Censors of the Royal College of Physicians and to the Council of the Royal College 
of Surgeons alternately, with a first claim or preference for students educated at 
and leaving Epsom College ; and directs that one Scholarship be awarded annually, 
tenable for five years. The value of each Scholarship is about £27 per annum. 


1893. James Alfred Patrick Cullen. 1901. Rupert Farra5t. 

1894. Thomas Chetwood. 1902. Joh:^ Webster Bride. 

1895. Douglas Duke Turner. 1903. Alfred Richardson. 

1896. Arthur Whitehead Smith. 1904. Charles (tibson. 

1897. George Archibald Bosson. 1905. Eric Alfred Charles Fazan. 

1898. William Hardx Fleetwood. 1906. Godfrey Alan Walker. 

1899. Chas. Henry Burton Thompson. 1907. William Henry Price Saunders. 

1900. Alfred George Sworn. 1908. Ernest Haines Walker. 


Under the Will of the late Mrs. Jane Begley of Hammersmith, widow of 
Dr. William Chapman Begley, a Member of the College, who for 34 years was in 
charge of the male department at the Hanwell Asylum, the College in 1905 became 
possessed of a sum of £800 2| per cent Consols for the benefit of students studying 
Medicine, Surgery, and Anatomy. 

In accordance with Mrs. Begley's expressed wish a Studentship in Surgery and 
Anatomy of £20 per annum tenable for three years has been founded. 

1906. Walter Burford Johjnsom. 1909. John Robert Douglas Webb. 



A List of those who Given, or BEauEATHED, Sttms of Monet 
TO THE College. 

1646. Edward Arris 510 

1655. John Gale 689 

1806. Samuel Jackson 3353 

Parliament 15,000 

1810. Parliament 12,500 

1813. Dr. Matthew BaiUie 

,, Sir Everard Home, Bart. 

1817. George Cruttenden ' 500 

„ Sir Charles Blicke 300 

1852. Parliament 15,000 

1869. Sir Erasmus Wilson 5,000 

1880. Mrs. S. H. Bradshaw 1,000 

1884. Sir Erasmus Wilson 200,127 

1885. James Moncrieff Arnott 1,000 

1894. Charles Clement Walker 536 

„ Subscribers to John Tomes Memorial .... 308 

1900. Subscribers to Cartwright Memorial .... 644 

1905. Mrs. Jane Begley 718 

I 1,684 
















1827. Mr. Henry Cline bequeathed to the College, on trust, such an amount of 
his Three per cent. French Rentes as should at the time of his death produce £600 
per annum, the dividends thereof to be received by his children, grandchildren, 
and great grandchildren, and after the death of the survivor of them, to be applied 
to the improvement of the Science of Surgery in such manner as the Council of the 
College should from time to time direct. In satisfaction of this Bequest a Rente 
of 15,000 francs per annum is entered in the Books of the Bank of France. One 
great grandchild, the Countess Rignon, survives. 

1884. The College, being residuary legatee under the Will of the late 
Sir Erasmus Wilson, becomes entitled to a further sum of about £5000 upon the 
death of Miss Mattiugley, for whom Sir Erasmus provided an annuity. 

1902. Mr. James William Groves bequeathed to the College by Will |ths of his 
residuary estate, subject to the life-interests therein of his wife, Mrs. Florence 
Mary Jane Groves, and his sister. Miss Frederica Harriet Groves, for the general 
purposes and objects of the Museum (including in such purposes and objects the 
purchase of collections or the defraying of the expenses of the Conservator incurred 
in journeys abroad for the inspection of other Collections). It is expected that the 
sum ultimately placed at the disposal of the College under this Bequest will 
amount to about £30,000. 


Regulations and Synopses relating to the several Examinations of 
the Examining Board in England hy the Royal College of 
Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of 
England applicable to Candidates commencing Professional 
Study on or after \st of May, 1907. 



I. Any Candidate who desires to obtain the Licence of the Royal College 
of Physicians of London and the Diploma of Member of the Royal College of 
Surgeons of England is required to complete five years of professional study 
after passing a recognized Preliminary Examination in the subjects of General 
Education, to comply with the following Regulations, and to pass the Examinations 
hereinafter set forth. 

II. Applications and Inquiries with reference to the Examinations for the 
Licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London and the Diploma of 
Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England, should be addressed to 
the Secretary, Examination Hall, Victoria Embankment, London, W.C., from 
whom Forms of the required Certificates may be obtained. 

III. Any communication relating to the Regulations should contain the 
Candidate's name in full and the date at which he passed the Preliminary Ex- 
amination in General Education, or of his registration as a Medical Student. 

lY. There are three Examinations, called herein the First Examination, the 
Second Examination, and the Third or Final Examination. 

V. These Examinations will be held in the months of January, April, July, and 
October, unless otherwise appointed. 

VI. Every Candidate intending to present himself for Examination is required 
to give notice in writing to the Secretary of the Examining Board in England 
fourteen clear days before the day on which the Examination commences, 
transmitting at the same time the required Certificates. 

VII. All Fees must be paid three days prior to the day on which the Exam- 
ination commences. 

VIII. The Certificates of Professional Study will be required to show that 
Students have attended the courses of Professional Study to the satisfaction cf 
their Teachers. 

IX. Students are required to attend Examinations which are held in the 
several Classes. 

X. Exemptions from the conditions of admission to the several Examinations 
can be granted only by the Committee of Management. 

Books of Questions set at the several Examinations of the Board, from June 1886 
to October 1887, and each year from 1888 to 1908 inclusive, may be obtained on 
apjilication to Messrs. Taylor and Francis, Red Lion C'o^irt, Fleet Street, London, E.G. 
Price 6d. each. Post-free Q^d. 

A Book of Que^tfions is piddished annually. 



Preliminarit Examination. 

I. Every Candidate must pass a Preliminary Examination in General Education 
recognized by the Examining Board in England, a list of which may he obtained 
on application. 

First Professional Examination. 

II. Before admission to the First Professional Examination a Candidate must 
produce evidence of having received instruction in Chemistry, Physics, Biology, 
and Practical Pharmacy, unless he proposes to postx)oue Practical Pharmacy until 
a later Examination. 

III. Chemistry, Physics, and Biology must be studied at a ^fedical School 
or other Institution recognized by the Examining Board in England. 

The Certificates must state that the Candidate has attended not less than 
180 7(0!<r*' instruction and laboratory work in Chemistry ; 120 hours' instruction 
and laboratory ivorJc in Physics; and 120 hours' instruction and laboratory 
worJc in Biology. These courses need not be completed icithin one year, nor 
need they run concurrently, and they may be commenced or attended before the 
Candidate passes the required Preliminary Examination in General Education. 

The Instruction in Practical Pharmacy may be received at any time before 
the Student presents himself for Examination in that subject and must be given 
by a registered Medical Practitioner, or by a Member of the Pharmaceutical 
Society of Great Britain, or in a Public Hospital, Infirmary^ or Dispensary. 

lY. Six months' instruction at a Recognized Institution other than a Medical 
School will be counted as part of the Curriculum of Professional Study if such 
attendance is subsequent to the date of passing the required Preliminary Exam- 
ination in General Education. 

V. The subjects of the First Professional Examination are : — 
Part I. Chemistry. 
Part II. Physics. 
Part III. Elementary Biology. 
Part IV. Practical Pharmacy. 

YI. The Examination is partly written, partly oral, and partly practical. 

Synopses indicating the range of subjects in the Examinations in CJiemistry, 
Physics, Elementary Biology, and Practical Pharmacy uill be found on pages 
54 to 59. 

YII. A Candidate may present himself for the First Professional Examination 
immediately after passing the Preliminary Examination in General Education, 
provided he is able to produce the Certificates required by paragraph III. 

YIII. A Candidate must present himself for examination in Parts I. and II. 
together (unless he claims exemption from one of them under the conditions of 
paragraph XII.) until he has reached the required standard to pass in both, or in one 
of these Parts, but he will not be allowed to pass in one Part unless he obtains at 
the same time at least half the number of marks required to pass in the other 
Part. A Candidate may take Parts III. and IV. separately, or he may present 
himself for the whole Examination at one time. 


IX. Practical Pharmacy may be taken with, or at any time before, Part I. of the 
Final Examination. 

X. A Candidate referred in any Part, or in all four Parts, of the First Exam- 
ination will not be admitted to re-examination until after the lapse of a period of not 
less than three months from the date of his reference. A Candidate referred in 
Chemistry and Physics or in Elementary Biology will be req\iired, before beiu? 
admitted to re-examination, to produce a Certificate that he has received further 
instruction in that subject or subjects, to the satisfaction of his Teacher, at an 
Institution recognized for the purpose by the Examining Board, for a period of 
not less than three months subsequently to the date of his reference. 

XI. The Fees for admission to the First Examination are as follows : — 
For the whole Examination, payable on first admission to any 

part or parts thereof <£10 10s. 

Re-examination after rejection in Parts I. & II .£3 3s. 

Do. Do. in Part III £2 2s. 

Do. Do. in Part IV £2 2s. 

XII. A Candidate who shall produce satisfactory evidence of having passed an 
examination for a Degree in Medicine in any of the subjects of the First Exam- 
ination conducted at a University in the United Kingdom, in India, or in a British 
Colony, will be exempt from examination in the subjects in which he has passed. 

Second Professional Examination. 

XIII. The study of Anatomy and Phj'siology will not be recognised until the 
Candidate has passed in two of the first three parts of the First Examination, viz. : — 
Chemistry, Physics, and Biology. 

XIY. Before admission to the Second Professional Examination a Candidate 
must produce evidence : — 

1. Of having dissected, at a recognized Medical School, for not less than 

twelve months, during the regular Sessions, the Dissections to have 
included the whole human body. 

2. Of having attended, at a recognized Medical School : — 

(a) A course of Lectures on Anatomy during not less than six months, 

or one Winter Session. 
(6) A course of Lectures on Physiology. 
(o) A course of Practical Physiology, including Histology, extending 

over a period of six months. 

XV. The subjects of this Examination are : — 

Anatomy and Physiology. 

XVI. The Examination is partly written, partly oral, and partly practical. 

A Synopsis indicating the range of subjects in the Examination in Physiolorpj will 
be found on pages 59 and GO. 

XVII. Candidates will be required to pass in both subjects at one and the 
same time. 

1909. K 


XYIII. Candidates will be admissible to the Second Examination on the com- 
pletion of the above courses. 

XIX. A Candidate referred on the Second Examination will be required, before 
being admitted to re-examination, to produce a Certificate that be has pursued, to 
the satisfaction of his Teachers, in a recognized place of Study, his Anatomical and 
Physiological Studies during a period of not less than three months subsequently 
to the date of his reference. 

XX. The Fees for admission to the Second Examination are as follows : — 

For the whole Examination .£10 10*. 

For re-examination after rejection £6 6s. 

Final Profkssioxal Examination. 

XXI. Before admission to the Third or Final Professional Examination, a 
Candidate must produce evidence : — 

1. Of having attended, at a recognized Medical School: — 

(a) A course of Lectures on Medicine during not less than six months, 

or one Winter Session. 
(6) A course of Lectures on Surgery during not less than sis months, 
or one Winter Session. 

(c) A course of Lectures on Midwifery during not less than three 


(d) A course of Lectures on Pathology, including practical instruction 

in Pathological Histology and in Bacteriology, during not less 
than three months. 

(«) A course of Lectures on Pharmacology and Therapeutics during 
not less than three months. 
(/) A course of Lectures on Forensic Medicine, including Insanity, 
during not less than three months. 

(g) A course of Lectures on Public Health. 

(A) Systematic Practical Instruction in Medicine, Surgery, and Mid- 
wifery, including : — 

1. The application of Anatomical knowledge to the investigation of 


2. The methods of examining various Organs and other Parts of the 

Body, in order to detect the evidence of Disease or the effects 
of Accidents. 

3. The employment of Instruments and Apparatus used in diagnosis 

or treatment. 

4. The examination of Diseased Structures, whether recent or 


5. The Examination of the Urine and other secretions, and of morbid 

G. Post-mortem Examinations. 
(?') Of having himself performed Operations upon the Dead Subject 
to the satisfaction of his Teacher. 

Note. — The Certijjcate imist stale the numJ)er of Ojterniiovs performed. 



2. Of having attended, at a recognized Hospital with a Medical School, after 

passing the Second Examination : — 

(a) The practice of iledicine and Surgery including Clinical Instruction 

during two Winter and two Summer Sessions. 
(6) Demonstrations in the Post-mortem room, including practical 

instruction in making Post-mortem Examinations, during twelve 


(c) Clinical Lectures on Medicine and Surgery during nine months. 

(d) A course of not less than twelve Clinical or other Lectures with 

Practical Instruction in Diseases peculiar to Women. 

3. Of having discharged the duties of Medical Clinical Clerk during six 

months, and of Surgical Dresser during other six months, of which in 
each case not less than three months shall have been in the Wards. 

4. Of having discharged the duties of Clinical Clerk in the Gynaecological 

Wards or Out-Patients' department of a recognized Hospital for three 

5. Of having received, at a recognized Medical School and Hospital, instruction 

in the administration of Anaesthetics to the satisfaction of his Teachers. 

6. Of having attended Clinical Instruction in Ophthalmic Surgery in the 

Ophthalmic department of a recognized General Hospital, or at an 
Ophthalmic Hospital recognized for the purpose by the Examining Board 
in England, during not less than three months. 

7. Of attendance at a Fever Hospital. 

8. Of having attended Clinical Demonstrations at a recognized Lunatic Asylum. 

9. Of having conducted 20 Labours, after fulfilling the conditions of 

Clauses i (A) so far as Midwifery is concerned, and 3. 

Note. — This Certificate must he signed hy a member of the Staff of a 
Lying-in Hospital, or of a Maternity Charity of a General Hospital, or 
hy the Dean of the Medical School attached to the General Hospital. 

10. Of having received instruction in Vaccination. 

The Certificate must he such as ivill qualify its holder to contract as a 
Public Vaccinator under the Regulations, at the time in force, of tlie 
Local Government Board, 

11. Of being 21 years of age. 

12. Six months of the last year of the curriculum may be spent in Clinical 

Study at, at least, two Hospitals or Infirmaries specially recognized for 
the purpose, a list of which may be obtained on application. 

XXII. The subjects of this Examination are : — 

Part I. Medicine, including Medical Anatomy, Pathology, Practical Phar- 
macy *, Therapeutics, Forensic Medicine, and Public Health. 

* Candidates who have already passed in Practical Pharmacy will not be re-eianiiued in 
that subject at the Third Examination. 

A Synopsis indicating the range of subjects in the Examination in Practical 
Pharmacy will be found on pages 58 and 59. 

Synopses indicatincf tlie range of subjects in the Examination in Foroisic Medieini 
an<l Public Health will be found on pages 60 and 61 respectively. 

2 li 


Part II. Surgery, including Pathology, Surgical Anatomy, and the use of 

Surgical Appliances. 

Part III. Midwifery and Diseases peculiar to Women. 

XXIII. The Examination in Medicine and Surgery comprises written papers and 
Clinical, Practical, and Viva voce examinations. 

XXIV. The Examination in Midwifery and Diseases of Women comprises a 
written paper and a Viva voce examination. 

XXV. Candidates will be examined on diseased structures, whether recent or 
preserved, includiBg microscopical specimens, in each part of the Examination. 

XXVI. Candidates may take this Examination in parts or they may present 
themselves for the whole Examination at one time. They will be required to 
produce the following Certificates before being admitted to the respective parts 
of the Examination, viz. : — 

In Medicine, 

Of having attended the courses prescribed in Section II. Paragraph XXI. 

Clauses 1 («) (d) (e) (/) (cj) (h), 2 (a) (b) (c), 3, 5, 7, 8, & 10 ; 
and of being 21 years of age. 

In Surgery, 

Of ha^-ing attended the courses prescribed in Section II. Paragraph XXI. 

Clauses 1 (b) (d) (A) (i), 2 (a) (6) (c), 3, 5, 6, & 10 ; 
and of being 21 years of age. 

In Midwifery, 

Of having attended the courses prescribed in Section II. Paragraph XXI. 

Clauses 1 to 9 ; 
and of being 21 years of age. 

XXVII. Candidates will be admissible to Parts I. II. and III. of the Third or 
Final Examination on production of the required certificates of study provided 
that the Examination is not completed before the expiration of five years (five 
Winter and five Summer Sessions) from the date of passing the Preliminary 

XXVIII. A Candidate referred on the Third or Final Examination, or on one 
or more of the three Parts into which he may have divided it, will not be admitted 
to re-examination until after the lapse of a period of not less than three months from 
the date of rejection, and will be required, before being admitted tore-examination, 
to produce a Certificate, in regard to Medicine and Surgery, of having attended the 
Medical and Surgical Practice, or the Medical or Surgical Practice, as the case may 
be, at a recognized Hospital during the period of his reference ; and, in regard to 
Midwifery and Diseases peculiar to Women, a Certificate of having received, sub- 
sequently to the date of liis reference, not less than three months' instruction in 
that subject by a recognized Teacher. 

Note. — A Candidate who possesses a registrable qualification is admissible to 
re-examination without producing additional Certijicates. 


XXIX. The Fees for admission to the Third or Fiual Examination are as 
follows : — 

For the whole Examination, payable on first admission to any part or 

parts thereof 21 

C For re-examination in Medicine, including Medical Anatomy, 

1 Pathology, Therapeutics, and Public Health 5 5 

Part I. I For re-examination in Practical Pharmacy 2 2 

(^ (If taken at this Examination.) 
Part II. For re-examination in Surgery, including Patholog)-, Surgical 

Anatomy and Appliances ,55 

Part III. For re-examination in Midwifery and Diseases peculiar to "Women 3 3 

XXX. Every Candidate who shall have passed the Third or Final Examination 
and who shall have paid the required fees is, subject to the Bye-laws of the two 
Colleges, entitled to receive : — 

The Licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and 

The Diploma of Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 


I. A Candidate who shall have obtained a Colonial, Indian, or Foreign Qualifi- 
cation which entitles him to practise Medicine or Surgery in the country where 
such Qualification has been conferred, after a course of study and Examination 
equivalent to those required by the Regulations of the two Colleges, will, on pro- 
duction of satisfactory evidence as to age, and proficiencj' in Vaccination, and on 
payment of the required Fees, be admissible to the Second and Third or Final 
Examinations without any intervals between them. 

II. Any Member of an English University who shall have passed such an 
Examination or Examinations at his L'niversity as shall comprise the subjects of 
the First and Second Examinations of the Examining Board in England, and who 
shall have completed the curriculum of medical study required by the Regulations 
of the Board, will, two years after his having passed all the other required Exami- 
nations, be eligible for admission to the Third or Final Examination of the 
Board ; any Candidate so admitted to Examination will be required to pay a Fee 
of Five Guineas ; and any such Candidate who shall have passed the Third or 
Final Examination shall, on the further payment of not less than Thirty-five 
Guineas, and subject to the Bye-Laws of each College, be entitled to receive the 
licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and the Diploma of Member 
of the Royal CoUege of Surgeons of England. 

III. Any Member of a Scotch or Irish University who shaU. have passed such an 
Examination or Examinations at his University as shall comprise the subjects of 
the First and Second Examinations of the Examining Board in England, and who 
shall have completed the curriculum of Medical Study according to the Regulations 
required by his University, will, two years after his having passed all the other 
required Examinations, be eligible for admission to the Third or Final Exami- 
nation of the Board ; any Candidate so admitted to Examination will be required 
to pay a Fee of Five Guineas ; and any such Candidate who shall have passed tlic 


Third or final Examination shall, on the further payment of not less than Thirty- 
five Guineas, and subject to the Bye-Laws of each College, be entitled to receive the 
Licence of the Royal College of Physicians of London, and the Diploma of Member 
of the Royal College of Surgeons of England. 

IV. Any Doctor or Bachelor of Medicine or Surgery of a Colonial, Indian, or Foreign 
University recognized from time to time for the purpose *, who shall have passed 
such an Examination or Examinations at his University as shall comprise the 
subjects of the First and Second Examinations of the Examining Board in England, 
and who shall have completed the curriculum of Medical Study required by the 
Regulations of the Board, will be eligible for admission to the Third or Final 
Examination of the Board two years after his having passed the said Examination 
or Examinations ; any Candidate so admitted will be required to pay a Fee of 
Twenty Guineas before admission to the Third or Final Examination. Any such 
Candidate who shall have passed the Third or Final Examination shall, on further 
payment of not less than Twenty Guineas, and subject to the Bye-Laws of each 
College, be entitled to receive the Licence of the Royal College of Physicians 
of London, and the Diploma of Member of the Royal College of Surgeons of 

Forms of Certificates required under the conditions of paragra^^lis II. and III. 
may he obtained of the Secretary of the Examining Board in England, Examination 
Hall, Victoria EmhanJcment, London, W.G. 

* A list of tbese Universities may be obtained on application. 



I. Chemistry and Practical Chemistry. 
Inorganic Chemistry. 
General Elementary Principles of Chemistry : — 

Simple Substances. Mixtures. Chemical Compounds. Laws of Chemical 
Combination. Atomic Theory. Meaning and Use of Chemical Symbols. 
Equations and Simple Calculations. 

General Characters of the Chief Types of Inorganic Matter, as illustrated by the 
following : — 

Hydrogen and Oxygen. — Combustion. Oxidation and Reduction. Oxides. 
Acid's. Bases. Salts. Ozone. Composition and Properties of Water. Is^ature 
of Solutions. Osmotic Pressure. Electrolysis. Rain-, River-, and Spring- water. 
Properties of Hard and Soft "Waters. Hydrogen Peroxide. 

Nitrogen. — The Atmosphere. Methods of determining its composition. Ammonia 
and Ammonium Salts. Oxides of Kitrogen. Kitric Acid, General characters of 
Isitrates and ^"itrites. 

Carbon. — Allotropic forms. Carbon dioxide. Carbonates. Carbon monoxide. 
Carbon disulphide. 

Halogens. — Chlorine. Hydrochloric Acid. Hypochlorous Acid. Sodium 
Hypochlorite. Bleaching Powder. Potassium Chlorate. Bromine. Iodine. 
Hvdrobromic and Hydriodic Acids. 


Sulphur. — Allotropic forms. Hydrogen Sulphide. Sulphur dioxide and trioxide. 
Sulphurous and Sulphuric Acids. General characters of Sulphates and Sulphites. 
Sodium Thiosulphate. 

Phosphorus. — Allotropic forms. Phosphorus pqntoxide. Orthophosphoric Acid. 

Borax and Boric Acid. Silica and Silicic Acid. 

The Metals with their compounds, as enumerated below, excluding ITetallurgical 
processes : — 

Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Barium, Bismuth, Calcium, Copper, Iron, Lead, 
Magnesium, Manganese, Mercury, Potassium, Silver, Sodium, Tin, Zinc. 

The more important Oxides, Sulphides, and Salts of these Metals with the Acids 
already mentioned. 

Potassium Permanganate and Potassium Chromates. 

Organic Chemistry. 
Ultimate Organic Analysis as regards Carbon, Hydrogen, and Nitrogen. 
Determination of Empirical Formulae and Molecular Weight. Homologous Series. 

The General Character of the Chief Types of Organic Compounds, as illustrated 
by the following members of the various classes : — 

Methane. Ethane. Ethylene. Acetylene. — Chloroform. Iodoform. — 
Methyl and Ethyl Alcohols. Ethyl Ether. — Formic and Acetic Aldehydes. — 
Chloral. — Formic and Acetic Acids and their Salts. — Ethyl Acetate. — Acet- 
amide. Cyanogen. Hydrocyanic Acid. Cyanides. — Urea and its synthesis. — 
Lactic, Oxalic, and Tartaric Acids. Oxalates and Tartrates. — Glycerol. — Fats 
and Saponification. 

Benzene. — Phenol. — Benzoic Aldehyde. — Benzoic and Salicylic Acids. 

Practical Chemistrt. 
(a) Qualitative Analysis : Inorganic and Organic. 
The Candidate may be required to perform the analysis of a simple salt or of a 
mixture of two metals and one acid selected from substances included in the fol- 
lowing lists : — 

Metals. — Sodium, Potassium, Ammonium, Calcium, Barium, Magnesium, Zinc, 
Iron, Aluminium, Copper, Silver, Lead, Mercury, Bismuth, Tin, Antimony, 

Acids. — Hydrochloric, Hydrobromic, Hydriodic, Nitric, Carbonic, Sulphuric, 
Phosphoric, Acetic, Oxalic, Tartaric, and Hydrocyanic Acids. 

The substances may be present as element, oxide, sulphide, a simple salt, or a 
mixture. The Acids may be present in the free state, or as a simple salt. 

Candidates may be recjuired to give equations illustrating the chemical reactions 
involved in testing for the above substances, and, if requested, to exT)lain the same. 

(b) Simple Volumetric Analysis. 

The estimation of the strength of solutions of potassium or sodium hydrates by 
standard sulphuric acid, and of dilute hydrochloric or nitric acids by standard 
sodium hydrate. 

The estimation of solutions of oxalic acid by standard potassium permanganate. 


(c) Preparations. 

Candidates may be required to prepare one of the following compounds in a 
well-crystallized condition : — 

Chloride of Ammonium. 

Iodide of Lead. 

Oxalate of Ammonium. 

Nitrate of Potassium, of Barium, or of Lead. 

Sulphate of Copper. Ferrous Sulphate. 

Acetate of Lead. 

Acid Tartrate of Potassium. Tartar Emetic. 

Candidates will be required to exhibit to the Examiners the preparations which 
they have made. 

Candidates will be allowed to make use of books or tables at the Practical 

II. Physics. 

General Pnysics. 
Units of length, mass, and time. 

Definitions of velocity, momentum, acceleration, force, and work. 
The laws of Motion. Gravitation. 
Distinctions between solids, liquids, and gases. 

Simple Hydrostatics. Laws of pressure of moving fluids in closed tubes. 
Specific gravities. 

Atmospheric pressure. Barometers. Air and Water-pumps. Siphon. 
Boyle's Law. 

Diffusion. Osmotic pressure. Dialysis. 
Capillary phenomena. 


Temperature and its measurement. 
Expansion of solids, liquids, and gases. 
Calorimetry. Specific Heat. Heat of combustion. 
Change of state. Latent Heat. 
Vapour-pressure, vapour-density, hygrometry. 
Conduction, convection, radiation. 
Kelation between heat and work. 

Laws of Reflection and Kcfraction. 
Mirrors and lenses. Images. 

Prismatic dispersion. The Spectrum. Spectroscope. Microscope and Telescope. 
Polarisation. Saccharimeter. 


Production and propagation of sound. 
AVave-length, velocity, pitch, loudness. 



Electrification by friction and induction. 

Electrophorus, Condensers. 


Magnetic and heating effects of currents. 


Electrolysis. Primary batteries. Accumulators. 

Measurement of Electromotive force, current, and resistance. Ohm's Law. 

Induction currents. Induction-coil. 

Vacuum tubes. Kontgen Rays. 

III. Elementary Biology. 

1. The structure and properties of Cells ; Cell-division. 

2. The Varieties of Cells in, and the functions of, the tissues of the Root, Stem, 
and Leaf of a typical Dicotyledon. 

3. The structure and functions of the simple animal tissues, viz. : — blood, 
epithelia, connective tissues, muscle, and nerve. 

4. The structure and life-htetory of Amosba, Paramoecium, Protococcit^, and 
Spirogyra, as illustrative of : — 

{a) The differences between Plants and Animals. 

(h) The general phenomena of the life-history of low organisms. 

5. The structure and mode of life of Saccharomj/ce^ and Bacteria. 

6. The general phenomena of Parasitism as illustrated by the structure aud life- 
history of Monoci/stis. 

7. The relations between Multicellular and Unicellular Animals, as illustrated 
by a comparison of the structure, physiology, and life-history of Hi/dra and Aviceha. 

8. The Coelomata-Invcrtehrata, as illustrated by the anatomy of Lumhricus. 

9. The Ccelomata-Vertcbrata, as illustrated by the general structure and func- 
tions of the skeleton, and of the digestive, circulatory, respiratory, genito-urinary, 
and nervous systems of the Dogfish and the Erog. Outlines of the metamorphosis 
of the Frog. 

10. The structure of Ova and Spermatozoa ; Fertilization ; the early stages of 
Development ; the formation of the Segmentation-cavity, of the Gastrula, 
Archenteron, and Coelom, and of the Epiblast, Mesoblast, and Hypoblast, with 
an enumeration of the chief systems of Organs derived from the three layers in a 


Each Candidate will be examined orally upon any of the subjects included in 
the foregoing Synopsis. He will be expected to identify and describe, cither 
freshly-dissected specimens or museum preparations, to show a f)ractical knowledge 
of the skeletons, and to show that he is familiar with tlie ordinary methods of 
dissection and of microscopical investigation, including simi^le methods of staining, 
preparing, and mounting of parts of the plants aud animals included in the 


IV. Practical Pharmacy. 

a. The general nature and composition, and the most important physical and 

chemical characters, of the Pharmacopoeial drugs named in the annexed 

b. The composition of the Pharmacopoeial preparations of these drugs, and the 

processes employed in making them. 

c. The doses of these drugs and of their preparations, 

(/. The Candidate wiU be required to recognize the drugs indicated % italics in 
the annexed Schedule. 


Calv Chlonnata ; Liquor Sodae Chlorinatae. 

Aramonii Bromidum ; Potassii Bromidum ; Sodii Bromidum. 

lodum ; Potassii lodidum ; Sodii lodidum ; Plumbi lodidum. 

Sulphur Sublimatum; Sulphur Pra-cipitatum ; Calx Sulphurata ; Potassa Sulphurata. 

Phosiphorus ; Calcii Phosphas ; Sodii Phosphas ; Ftrri Phosphas ; Calcii Hypo- 
phosphis ; Sodii Hypophosphis. 

Acidum Hydrochloricum ; Acidura Xitricum ; Acidum Sulphuricum. 

Acidum Aceticum ; Acidum Citricum ; Acidum Tartaricum. 

Acidum Boricum ; Acidum Sulphurosum. 

Acidum H>fdroci/anici(m Dilutum. 

Liquor Ammonise ; Liquor Potassae ; Potassa Caustica. 

Ammonii Carhonas ; Ammonii Chloridum ; Liquor Ammonii Acetatis. 

Potassii Bicarbonas ; Potassii Sulphas ; Potassii Chloras : Potassii Tartras Acidus 
Potassii Per maivj anas. 

Sodii Bicarbonas ; Sodii Sulphas ; Sodii Nitris ; Borax. 

Calx : Calcii Hydras ; Creta Praeparata ; Calcii Carbonas Praecipitatus. 

Magnesia ; Magnesii Carbonas ; Magnesii Sulphas. 

Alurnen ; Alumen Exsiccatum. 

Zinci Oxidum ; Zinci Chloridum ; Zinci SulpJias. 

Cupri Sulp>has. 

Argenti Nitras. 

Hydrargyrum ; Hydrargyri Oxidum FJavum ; Hydrargyri Oxidum Ruhnim ; 
Hydrargyri Subchloridum : Hydrargyri Perchloridum ; Hydrargyri lodidum 
Buhrum ; Hydrargyrum Ammoniatum ; Hydrargyri Oleas ; Liquor Hydrargyri 
Nitratis Acidus. 

Plumbi Oxidum-, Plumbi Acetas ; Liquor Plumbi Subacetatis Portis. 

Antimonium Tartaratum. 

Acidum Arseniosum ; Ferri Arsenas ; Sodii Arsenas ; Arsenii lodidum ; Liquor 
Arsenii et Hydrargyri lodidi. 

Bismuthi Subnitrjis ; Bismuthi Carbonas ; Bismuthi Salicylas. 

Ferrum ; Ferri Sidphas ; Ferri Sulphas Exsiccatus ; Ferri Carhonas Saccharatus ; 
Syrupus Ferri lodidi ; Liquor Ferri Acetatis ; Liquor Ferri Perchloridi ; Liquor 
Ferri Pernitratis ; Liquor Ferri Persulphatis ; Ferri et Ammonii Citras ; Ferri 
et Quinince Citras ; Ferrum Tartaratum ; Fernim Redactum. 

Alcohol Absolutum : Spiritus Rectijicatus; ^Ether : Chloroformum : lodoformum. 
Chloral Hydras ; Butyl-Chloral Hydras ; Paraldehydum ; Sulphonal. 

Amyl Nitris ; Tabella; Trinitrini ; Liquor Trinitrini ; Spiritus ^theris Mtrosi. 


Acetauilidum ; Phenacetinum ; Phenazonum. 


Creosotura ; Acidum Carholicum ; Acidum Salicylicum ; Sodii Salicylas ; Salol. 

Aconiti Radix ; Aconitina. 

Opium ; Morphiiiae Hydrochloridum ; Morphinae Acetas ; Morphinae Tartras 

Apomorphina? Hydrochloridum : Codeina ; Codeiuae Phosphas. 
Cocce Folia ; Cocaina : Cocaiiiae Hydrochloridum. 
Jaborandi Folia ; Pilocarpinae Nitras. 
Qaitssice Lif/num ; Calumbce Radix ; Gentiance Radix. 
Physostvpnatis Semina; Physostigminae Sulphas. 
Caffeina ; Caffeinae Citras. 
Conii Fructtis et Folia. 

Asafetida ; Ammoniacum ; Myrrha ; Guaiaci Resina. 
Cinchonce Rubrce Cortex ; Quinince Sulf>has ; Quininae Hydrochloridum ; Quininte 

Hydrochloridum Acidum. 

Ipecacuanhce RadLv ; Senegce Radix. 

Nitx Vomica ; Strychnina ; Strychninae Hydrochloridum. 
Belladonnce Radix et Folia ; Atropina ; Atropiuae Sulphas ; Hyoscyami Folia ; 

Hyoscinae Hydrobromidum ; Hyoscyaminae Sulphas ; JStramomi Sennna et Folia ; 

Homatropinae Hydrobromidum. 
Cannabis Indica. 

Digitalis Folia ; Strophanthi Semina. 
Oleum Eicini ; Oleum Crotonis ; ■ Aloe Barbadensis ; Aloe Socotrina ; Aloinmn ; 

Cascara Sagrada ; Colocifnthidis Pulpa ; Elaterimn ; Elateriuum ; Jalapa ; 

Podophylli lihizoma ; Rhei Radix ; Senna Alexandriaa et Indica ; Camphora ; 

Oleum Terehinthince. 
Acidum Tannicum ; Acidum Gallicum ; Kino ; Catechu ; Hamamelidis Cortex et 

Acidum Benzoicum. 
Copaiba. Cubebce Fructus. 
Colchici CoiTnus et Semiua. 

Filix Mas. Santoninum. 
Erg Ota. 

Oleum Morrhucn. 


TM Subjects required at the Second Examination in Physiology are comprised 
under the foUoiving heads: — 

1. Histological. 

The Structure of the Tissues of the body ; the Structure of the Organs of the 
body ; recognition of microscopical preparations of the Tissues and Organs. 

2. Chemical. 

The Composition of Food, and of the Tissues, Secretions, Excretions, and other 
Fluids of the body. 



The Physiology of Digestion, Absorption, Circulation, Respiration, Secretion, 
Nutrition, Animal Heat, and Animal 5lotion. The Functions of tho Nervous 
System and Sense-Organs. lleproduction. 

*^* Candidates are expected to have practised, and to be familiar with, general 
histological methods, including the examination of fresh tissues, the fixing and 
hardening of tissues and organs, the cutting, staining, and mounting of sections. 
They may be called upon either to perform or to describe any of these methods. 
They are also expected to be able to practise at the Examination the usual methods 
of chemical and physical examination of the various fluids and solids of the food 
and of tlie animal body, as well as the special tests by which the more important 
substances (both inorganic and organic) occurring in the bodj' are detected and 
estimated. Candidates may further be required to show an acquaintance with the 
mode of action and methods of employment of the commoner kinds of apparatus 
which are used in physiological work, especially in regard to the investigation of 
muscle, the heart, the pulse, and respiration. 

Forensic Medicine. 

I. Examination of Persons found dead, with reference to : — 

1. Identification. 

2. Time of Death. 

3. Cause of Death. 

II. Violent causes of Death : — 

1. Drowning. 

2. iStrangulation. 

3. Suff"ocation. 

4. Mechanical Injuries and Wounds. 

III. Poisons and Poisoning : — 

1. Symptoms and post-mortem appearances in cases of poisoning by the 
following agents : — 


Mineral Acids. Mercury. 

Solutions of Alkalis. Antimony. 

Copper. Arsenic. 

Load. Phosphorus. 

Oxalic Acid. Aconite. 

Carbolic Acid. Chloroform. 

Opium. Chloral Hydrate. 

Strychnine. Cyanides. 



2. Duties of Medical Men in cases of Poisoning, as regards — Observation ; 

Treatment and Preservation of parts for Analysis. 

3. Preliminary Tests for Poisonous Substances for Clinical Use, before 

reference to an Anal3'st. 

IV. Medico-legal points in connexion with : — Pregnancy, Delivery, Eape, Criminal 
Abortion, Infanticide. 

V. The Lunacy Laws, in so far as the)' affect the Medical Practitioner, when 
signing Certificates of Lunacy. 

Public Health. 
I. Water, in its relations to Health and Disease : — 

1. The Characters and Classification of Driuking-Water. 

2. The Causes and Sources of the Impurities found in AVater, and the 

Methods of Purification. 

3. The Diseases conveyed by Water and the Methods of dealing with 

Epidemics of such Diseases. 

II. AiE, in relation to Health and Disease : — 

1. The Causes and Sources of the Impurities found in Air. 

2. The Diseases conveyed through the Air. 

3. The Quantity of Air necessary for Health ; the Principles of Ventilation. 

III. Soil, in relation to Health and Disease : — 

1. The Causes and Sources of the Impurities in the Soil, and the Methods 

of dealing with them. 

2. Diseases connected with the Soil. 

3. The Methods of dealing with Excreta and Sewage. 

IV. Food, in relation to Health and Disease : — 

1. Dietetics. 

2. The Common Adulterations of the Chief Articles of Diet. 

3. Diseases connected with Deficiency or Impurity of Food-supply. 

V. The Dwelling, in relation to Health and Disease : — 
The Principles of House-drainage. 

VI. The Principles of Disinfection, and the Mode of Action of the Chief Disinfecting 


VII. The Provisions of the Act for the Xotification of Disease. 


Regulations relating to the Education and Examination oj 
Candidates for the Diploma of Fellow. 



1. The Examination for the Fellowship is divided into two parts, viz. : The 
First Examination and the Second Examination. 

2. The subjects of the First Examination are Anatomy and Physiologj', and the 
questions on these subjects may require an elementary acquaintance with Com- 
parative Anatomy and Physiology. The Examination is partly written and partly 
viva voce. 

3. The subjects of the Second Examination are Surgery, including Surgical 
Anatomy and Pathology. The Examination is partly written and partly viva voce, 
and includes the examination of Patients and the performance of operations on 
the dead body. 

4. The Examinations are held twice in the year, in the months of May and 


1. The Fees for Examination are as follows : — £ g^ j^ 

First Examination. Each admission 5 5 

Second do. do. 12 12 

2. Of such Examination-fees Seventeen Guineas will be reckoned as part of the 
fee payable upon admission to the Fellowship. 

3. The fee to be paid upon admission to the Fellowship is Thirty Guineas, except 
when the Candidate is a Member of the College, in which case the fee is Twenty 

Conditions of admission to the First Examination. 

I. A Member of the College is admissible to the First Examination at any time 
after receiving his Diploma of Membership. 

II. A Candidate, who is not a Member of the College but who has passed the 
First Examination (Parts I, II, and III) and the Second Examination of the 
Examining Board in England by the Royal College of Physicians of London 
and the lloyal College of Surgeons of England is admissible to the First 
Examination on the production of the following Certificates, viz. : — 

1. Of having been engaged in the acquirement of professional knowledge during 
not less than three Winter Sessions after Registration as a Medical Student by the 
General Medical Council or after passing a Preliminary Examination in General 
Education recognized by the Conjoint Examining Board in Enirland. 

2. Of having dissected at a recognized Medical School or Schools for a period of 
not less than eighteen months during the ordinaiy Sessions or Terms. 

III. A Candidate, who is neither a Member of the College nor has passed the 
First and Second Examinations of the Conjoint Examining Board in England, but 
who is a Member of a University recognized under the Regulations of the Conjoint 
Examining Board, is admissible to the First Exnniin;ition on the production of the 
following Certificates, viz. : — 

1. Of Registration as a Medical Student by the (ioneral Medical Council or of 


having passed a Prelirainary ExaminaMon ia General Education recognized by the 
Conjoint Examining Board in England. 

2. Of having passed Examinations in his University comprising the subjects of 
the First Examination (Parts I, IT, and III) and of the Second Examination of the 
Conjoint Examining Board in England. 

3. Of having been engaged in the acquirement of professional knowledge during 
not less than three Winter Sessions after Registration as a Medical Student or 
after passing a recognized Preliminary Examination in General Education. 

4. Of having attended Lectures on Anatomy during one Winter Session at a 
recognized Medical School. 

5. Of having dissected at a recognized Medical School or Schools for a period of 
not less than eighteen months during the ordinary Sessions or Terms. 

6. Of having attended Lectures on Physiology during one Winter Session at a 
recognized Medical School. 

7. Of having attended a Course of Practical Physiology during not less than 
six months at a recognized Medical School. 

XoTE. — Bij thh it is meant that the learners themselves shall, individually, be 
engaged on the necessary experiments, manipulations, ^-c. ; but it is not hereby 
intended that the learners shall perform vivisections. 

Conditio)is of admission to the Second Examination. 

I. A Member of the College is admissible to the Second Examination at any 
time after having passed the Eirst Examination, on producing satisfactorj- evidence 
of having been engaged not less than six years in the study (or study and practice) 
of the profession. 

Note. — In compliance ivith the conditions of the Charter, the Diploma of Fellow 
is not conferred upon successful Candidates until they have attained the aye of ttventy- 
Jtve years. 

II. A Candidate, who is not a Member of the College but who possesses a 
qualification t recognized by the Council for the purpose, is admissible to the 
Second Examination, after having passed the Eirst Examination, on the production 
of evidence that he has been engaged in the study (or study and practice) of the 
profession for not less than four years subsequent to the date of obtaining the 
recognized qualification, one year of which shall have been spent in attendance 
upon the Surgical Practice of a recognized Hospital or Infirmary. 

t These qualifications are the registrable Surgical and Medical Degrees of the following 
Universities, viz. : — Oxford, Cambridge, Durham, London, Victoria University of Manchester, 
Birmingham, Liverpool. Leeds, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, St. Andrews, Dublin, 
Royal University of Ireland, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, New Zealand, Calcutta, Bombay, 
Madras, Punjab, M'^Gill University of Montreal, Laval t^niversity of Quebec, and the Italian 
Royal Universities. 

N.B. — All communications with reference to the Examinations for the Diploma 
of Fellow should be addressed to Mr. F. G. Hallett, Secretary of the Examining 
Board in England, Examination Hall, Victoria Embanlnnent, Loudon, W.C., to whom 
intending Candidates should send applications and certificates at least 14 days before 
the commeucemeut of an Examination. 

Fees should be paid at least- three days before an E.xamination. 

N.B. — I'ooks of Questions set at the Examination for the Diploma of F^ellow, from 
May 1892 to Nov. 1893 and for each year from 1899 to 1908 inclusive, may be had on 
application to the Publishers, Messrs. Tavlor and Francis. Ufd Lion (durt, I'Ut't 
Street, E.C. Price Hd. each. Post-free, C^hd.' 


Begulations of the Council. 


Election to the Fellowship of Members of Twenty Years' Standing. 

1. The chief ground of recommendation for this mode of admission to the 
Fellowship shall he distinction in Surgery or in the Sciences relating to Surgery ; 
but under certain special circumstances, to be stated by the Members of the Council 
proposing the Candidate, other grounds of recommendation may be entertained. 

2. The recommendation of Members for this mode of admission to tlie Fellowship 
shall be made on a printed form prepared for the purpose. 

3. The forms shall be bound in a book, to be called the Book of Recommendations, 
each form being duly numbered, and on no account to be removed from the book, 
which is to be accessible only to Members of the Council and to the Secretary. 

4. Ko other form of recommendation shall be permitted ; no personal appli- 
cation to the Council or to the Secretary shall be entertained ; and no direct 
Candidature shall be sanctioned. 

5. On the election of a Member to the Fellowship in this manner, the fact of his 
admission, with the date, shall be entered in the Recommendation Book and be 
signed by the President and the Secretary, and the election shall be recorded by a 
distinctive mode of entry in the List of Fellows. 

6. A book shall be kept by the Secretary, in which Members of the Council may 
enter names of Members of the College who may be possible nominees for election 
to the Fellowship in this manner. 

7. The description of a Fellow elected in this manner shall be F.E..C.S. or 
F.R.C.S.Eng., and not F.R.C.S.Eng. {hon. causa). 

See also Bye-Laivs, Sect. XXI. Clauses 7-12, p. xcii. 


JRegulations relating to the Diploma in Dental Surgery appJicalJe 
to Candidates registered as Dental Students on or after the 
1st June, 1904. 



Candidates who register as Dental Students after the 1st January, 1897, 
are required to pass three Examinations — the Preliminary Science Examination, 
the First Professional Examination, and the Second Professional Examination — 
and to produce the following Certificates before admission to the several Exami- 
nations : — 

Pbeliminakt Science Examination. 

1. Of having received instruction, at an Institution recognized for the purpose, 
in Chemistry and Phj-sics (see pages 85 and 86). 

The certificates must state that the Candidate has attended not less than 180 
hours' instruction and laboratory work in Chemistry and 120 hours' instruction 
and laboratory work in Physics. These courses need not be completed within one 
year, nor need they run concurrently, and they may be commenced or attended 
before the Candidate passes the required Preliminary Examination in General 

FmsT Professional Examination. 

2. Of having been engaged, during a period of not less than two years, in 
acquiring a practical familiarity with the detaUs of Mechanical Dentistry, under the 
instruction of a competent Practitioner, or under the direction of the Superintendent 
of the Mechanical Department of a recognized Dental Hospital, where the arrange- 
ments for teaching Mechanical Dentistry are satisfactory to the Board of Examiners 
in Dental Surgery. 

This instruction may be talcen prior to the Date of Registration as a Dental Student. 

3. Of registration as a Dental Student by the General Medical Council, 299 
Oxford Street, London, W. 

4. Of having attended at a recognized Dental Hospital and School : — 
(a) A course of Lectures on Dental Metallurgy. 

(6) A course of Practical Dental Metallurgy. 

(c) A course of Lectures on Dental Mechanics. 

(d) A course of Practical Dental Mechanics, including the manufacture and 

adjustment of 6 dentures and 6 crowns. 

Second Professional Examination. 

5. Of having been engaged during four years in the acquirement of professional 
knowledge, subsequently to the date of registration as a Dental Student. 

6. Of having attended at a recognized Dental Hospital and School : — 
(a) A course of Dental Anatomy and Physiology. 

(6) A separate course of Dental Histology, including the preparation of 

Microscopical Sections. 
(c) A course of Dental Surgery. 
1909. r 


(d) A separate course of Practical Dental Surger}'. 

(e) A course of not less than 5 Lectures ou the Surgery of the Mouth *'. 
(/) A course of Dental Bacteriology. 

{g) A course of Dental Materia Medica. 

(h) A course of practical instruction in the administration of such Anes- 
thetics as are in common use in Dental Surgery t. 

7. Of having attended at a recognized Dental Hospital, or in the Dental Depart- 
ment of a recognized General Hospital, the practice of Dental Surgery during two 

8. Of having attended at a recognized Medical School : — 

(a) A course of Lectures on Anatomy. 
(6) A course of Lectures on Physiology, 
(c) A separate Practical Course of Physiology. 
*{d) A course of Lectures on Surgery. 
*(e) A course of Lectures on Medicine. 
* These Leetures must be attended after the completion of the Courses of Lectures on 
Anatomy and Physiology. 

9. Of having performed Dissections at a recognized Medical School during not 
less than 12 months. 

10. Of having attended, at a recognized Hospital or Hospitals, the Practice of 
Surgery and Clinical Lectures on Surgery for 12 months during the Ordinary 

11. Of being twenty-one years of age. 

The Certificates of professional study tvill he required to show that Students have 
attended the courses of professional study to the satisfaction of their Teachers. 

Note. — Professional study prior to the date of registration as a Dental Student is 
not recognized except in the case of Chemistry and Physics, and of instruction 
in the details of Mechanical Dentistry {see Clauses 1 ^- 2), and will not he counted 
under any circumstances in lieu of part of the four years' study subsequent to the 
date of registration as a Dental Student required by Clause 5. 


1. The Preliminarj' Science Examination consists of Chemistry and Physics, 
and will be identical with Parts I. and II. of the First Examination of the 
Examining Board in England. Candidates may present themselves for this 
Examination before entering at a Dental School on production of the Certificates 
required by Section I. Clause 1. 

A Candidate must present himself for examination in Chemistry and Physics 
together (unless he claims exemption from one of them) until he has reached the 
required standard to pass in both, or in one of these parts, but he will not be 

* These Lectures may be given either at a recognized Dental Hospital and School, in which 
case the Lecturer must be a qualified Surgeon practising Surgery, or they may be given at a 
recK)giiized Medical School, and may form part of the course required by Clause 8 (d). 

t This Certificate is not required from Candidates who entered at a recognised Dental 
Hospital and School before the let October 1909. 


allowed to pass in one part unless he obtains at the same time at least half the 
number of marks required to pass in the other part. 

A SjTiopsis of the Examination in Chemistry, Practical Chemistry, and Physics 
will be found on pages 54-57. 

A Candidate who shall produce satisfactory evidence of having passed an Exami- 
nation for a Degree in Medicine, conducted at a University in the United Kingdom, 
in India, or in a British Colony, in the subjects of the Preliminary Science 
Examination, will be exempt from that Examination. 

A Candidate referred in this Examination will be required, before being admitted 
to re-examination, to produce a Certificate that he has received further instruction 
in the subjects, to the satisfaction of his Teachers, at an Institution recognized for 
the purpose by the Examining Board, for a period of not less than three months 
subsequent to the date of his reference. 

Jfote. — A Candidate who possesses a registrable Dental Qualification is admissible 
to re-examination tvithout producing Certificates of additional study. 

2. The First Professional Examination consists of Mechanical Dentistry and 
Dental Metallurgy. Candidates who have passed the Preliminary Science Exami- 
nation may present themselves for the First Professional Examination for the 
Licence on production of the Certificates required under Section I. Clauses 2, 3, & 4. 

At the Examination in Mechanical Dentistry Candidates will be required to 
provide themselves with the following instruments, viz. : — Wax Spatula, Double- 
ended. Sculptors. Gouge and Handle. Vulcanite Files. Gold Files. Pliers, 
Pin-roughing and Bending and Snipe-Xose. Cutting Xippers. Broaches and 
Handles. Fret Saw. 1 Melotte's Moldiue Outfit. 1 Bunsen Burner (laboratory). 
Fine Saws. Chasers, Special. Blowpipe for Mouth, 12-in. Solder Tweezers. 
Crown Holder. Shears, curved. Collar Pliers, X.P. Pin Xippers, plain. 
Kivetting Hammer. Dividers, 4|-in. 

The following instruments will be supplied by the Hospital at which the 
Candidates are examined, viz. : — Hammers for striking up plates, Horn Mallets, 
Ordinary casting materials and apparatus. 

A Synopsis of the Examination in Dental Metallurgy, which will be conducted 
by written paper, will be found on pages 70-72. 

A Candidate referred in either or both of the subjects of the First Professional 
Examination will be required, before being admitted to re-examination, to produce 
a Certificate, in regard to Mechanical Dentistry, of having received six mouths' 
further instruction under the conditions specified in Section I. Clause 2 ; and, in 
regard to Dental Metallurgy, a Certificate of having received, subsequent to the 
date of his reference, not less than three months' instruction in that subject, to 
the satisfaction of his Teacher, in a recognized Dental School. 

Note. — A Candidate who possesses a registrable Dental Qualification is admissible 
to re-examination without producing Certificates of additional study. 

3. The Second Professional Examination consists of: — 

Part I. General Anatomy and Physiology, General Pathology and Surgery. 
Part II. Dental Anatomy and Physiology, Dental Pathology and Surgery, 
and Practical Dental Surgery. 

The examination is partlv written, partly practical, and partly oral. 



The Written Examination in Part I. comprises General Anatomy and Phy- 
siology, General Pathology and Surgery; and in Part II, Dental Anatomy and 
Physiology, Dental Pathology and Surgery. 

The Oral Examination in each Part comprises the several subjects above men- 
tioned, and is conducted by the use of preparations, casts, drawings, &c. 

Synopses of the Examination in General Anatomy, Physiology, Surgery and 
Pathology will be found on pages 72-75. 

At the Practical Examination in Part II. Candidates may be examined 

(«) On the treatment of Dental Caries, and may bo required to prepare and 
treat teeth with gold or other material by inlaying or by crowning, or 
to do any other operation in Dental Surgery. 

(Candidates must provide their own instruments.) 

(b) On the ilechanical and Surgical treatment of the various irregularities of 
Children's teeth. 

Candidates who have passed the First Professional Examination at least 
six months previously may present themselves for Part I. only, or they may 
enter for the whole Examination at one time. 

Candidates who enter for Part I. only must produce the certificates required 
under Section I. Clauses 8, 9, 10, & 11, and must pass in Part I. before proceeding 
to Part II., for which the Certificates required under Section I.. Clauses 5, 6, & 7, 
must be produced. 

Candidates who enter for the whole Examination at one time must produce 
the certificates required for the two Parts, They may pass in Part I. although 
failing to pass in Part II., but, if they fail to pass in Part I., they will not be 
allowed to proceed with the Practical and Oral Examination in Part II. In such 
cases the fees paid for admission to Part II. will not be forfeited, but will be held 
over until such time as the Candidates become eligible for and present themselves 
to be examined in that Part. 

Candidates referred in Part I. will be required to produce, before admission to 
re -examination, a Certificate of three months' additional study at a General 
Hospital, and those who are referred in Part II. will be required to produce, 
before admission to re-examination, a Certificate of three months' additional 
study at a Special Dental Hospital, the precise attendances at each Hospital being 
left to the discretion of the respective Hospital Authorities. 

Note. — A Candidate who possesses a registrable Dental Qualijication is admissible 
to re-exaynination without produci ig Certificates of additional study. 

Candidates who have passed the Second Examination of the Examining Board in 
England, or who shall ])roduce evidence of having passed the Examination in 
Anatomy and Physiology for a Degree or other qualification in Medicine or Surgery 
registrable under the Medical Act of 1886, will be exempt from re-examination in 
those subjects in Part I. of the Second Professional Examination, 

Candidates, who are ^Members of the College, or who have passed the Exami- 
nation in Surgery of the Examining Board in England, or who shall produce 
evidence of having passed the Examination in Surgery for a Degree or other quali- 
fication in Medicine or Surgery registrable under the Medical Act of 1886, will 
be exempt from the whole of Part I. of the Second Professional Examination. 

The holders of all Degrees or Licences in Dental Surgery recognized by the 
College will be admitted to the First and Second Professional Examinations 


together, without passing the Preliminary Science Examination, provided they 
produce evidence (a) of having passed a satisfactory Preliminary Examination in 
general education, {b) of having completed the curriculum of professional study 
required by Section I. of these Eegulations, (c) of having passed the required 
Professional Examinations for their Degree or Licence iu Deufal Surgery. 
The following are the Degrees and Licence at present recognized : — 

D.M.D. University of Harvard. 

D.D.S. University of Pennsylvania. 

D.D.S. University ot Michigan. 

Licence of the Dental Board of Victoria, Australia. 

Colonial Dental Practitioners, who have completed a course of not less than 
three years' instruction in Mechanical Dentistry and who have been registered in 
British Colonies under conditions which do not require the passing of a recognised 
j)reliminary examination, will be admitted to the Examinations for the Licence in 
Dental Surgery, provided they pass the required Preliminary Examination in 
general education, and complete the course of study required by the Eegulations 
at a recognised Medical School and Hospital and at a recognised Dental School and 

4. The Fee for the Diploma of the Licence in Dental Surgery is Twenty Guineas, 
and is payable in the following manner, viz. : — 

Preliminary Science Examination, each admission 
First Professional „ „ 

Second „ „ „ |j;^^^jjj 

Amount payable before grant of Diploma 10 















Fees for re-examination will not be allowed to count as part of the fee of 
Twenty Guineas payable for the Diploma. 

5. The Preliminary Science Examination will be held iu January, March or 
April, July and September in each year. 

The First and Second Professional Examinations will be held in May and 
November in each year. 

Candidates arc required to give fourteen clear days' notice of their intention to 
present themselves for the Preliminary Science Examination and twenty-one 
clear days' notice of their intention to present themselves for either the First or 
Second Proressional Examination. 

Note. — A t'lck-et of admission to the Museutn, to the FAbrary, and to the College 
Lectures will be presented to each Candidate on his obtaining the Diploma. 

N.B. — All applications with reference to the Examination for the Diploma iu Dental 
Surgery should be addressed to Mr. F. G. Hallett, Secretary of the Examining Board 
in England, Examination Ilall, Victoria Embankment, London, W.C. 

A Book of Questions set at the Examination for the Licence in Dental Surgery for the 
veara from 1892 to 1908 maybe obtained on application to Messrs. Taylor and Francis, 
Publisherd, Red Lion Court", Fleet Street, London, E.G. Price Orf. each, Post-free O^rf. 




Roval Dental Hospital of London. — National Dental Hospital. — Guy's Hospital 
Dental School. 


Birmingham Dental Hospital and Birmingham University Dental Depart- 
ment. — Liverpool Dental Hospital, and Liverpool University Dental School. — 
Victoria Dental Hospital, Manchester, and Victoria University of Manchester Dental 
Department. — Newcastle-on-Tyne Dental Hospital. — Bristol Royal Infirmary and 
General Hospital, and Bristol University Dental Deparrmeut. — Sheffield Royal 
Hospital, and Sheffield University Dental Department. — Leeds Public Dispensarj-, 
and Leeds University Dental Department. 


Edinburgh Dental Hospital and School ; Glasgow Dental Hospital and School. 

Dtjeltn. — Dental Hospital and School of Ireland. 


St. Thomas' Hospital Dental Department. — Westminster Hospital Dental De- 


Newcastle-on-Tyne Royal Infirmarj-, Dental Department. — Plymouth Dental 
Hospital. — Exeter Dental Hospital. 



Dental Metallurgy. 

The physical properties of the Metals — Gold, Platinum, Palladium, Silver, Tin, 
Antimony, Mercury, Lead, Bismuth, Zinc, Cadmium, Copper, Aluminium, Iron, 
Nickel : viz. :• — Lustre ; Tenacity : Elasticity ; Malleability ; Ductility ; Conduc- 
tivity for Heat and Electricity ; Fusibility ; Specific gravity ; Specific heat ; Ex- 
pansion by heat ; Brittleness ; Hardness ; Crystalline character ; Change of Volume 
on Solidification. 

Action of Air (either hot or cold), of Water, of Acids, of Alkalis and of 
Sulphuretted Hydrogen on the above metals and their principal alloys and 


Effect of exposure of the above metals, their alloys and amalgams, in the 

Gold. — Preparation and properties of pure Gold. Cohesive and noucohesive Gold. 
Precipitated and spongy Gold. Assay of Gold. Calculation of amount of 
base metal to be added to reduce the fineness of Gold to a given carat, or of 
the amount of fine Gold or of Gold of high carat needed to be added to raise 
the fineness of an Alloy to a given carat. The detection and estimation of 
Gold in Alloys. The Purple of Cassius. The effect of impurities on the 
properties of Gold. The properties of the alloys of Gold. Composition of 
iSoldcrs for Gold. 

Platinum. — Preparation and properties of Platinum. Platinum-Black and spongy 
Platinum. Detection and estimation of Platinum iu Alloys. Alloys of 
Platinum with Iridium, Gold, Silver, and other metals. Dental Alloy. 

Palladium. — Preparation and properties of Palladium and its combination with 
Silver, Gold, and Mercury. 

Silver. — Preparation and properties of pure Silver. Assay of Silver by cupella- 
tion and in the wet way. Preparation and properties of the combinations of 
Silver with Copper, Gold, Platinum, and Mercury. Composition and prepa- 
ration of Solders for Silver. Electroplating:. 

Tin. — Preparation and properties of Tin. Detection of Tin in Alloys. Prepara- 
tion and properties of the Alloys of Tin. Its combinations with Zinc, Copper, 
and Mercury. Composition and melting-points of readily fusible Alloys. 

Antimony. — Preparation and properties. Properties of Alloys. 

Mercury. — Preparation and properties of pure Mercury. Testing the purity of 
Mercury, Vermilion and detection of impurities therein. Preparation and 
properties of Amalgams of the various Metals mentioned in this Synopsis. 
Composition and preparation of the principal Alloys which have been used for 
preparing Dental Amalgams. Methods of testing such Amalgams, as to the 
causes of their change of volume, permanence in the mouth, and change of 
colour. Effects of different Metals in these Amalgams. Possible action of 
Amalgam fillings on other metals used in the mouth. 

Lead. — Preparation and properties. Effect of alloying on its properties. Solders 
and soft Soldering. 

Bismuth. — Preparation and properties. Alloys. 

Zinc. — Preparation, purification, and properties. Preparation of Zinc Oxide, Zinc 
Cliloride, and the various materials for the Oxychloride, Oxyphosphate, and 
Oxysulphate Cements. Action of Acids and Alkaline Solutions on Cements 
in the Mouth. Alloys of Zinc. 

Cadmium. — Properties, its advantages and disadvantages in Alloys and Amalgams. 

Copper. — Preparation and properties. Effect of impurities on its properties. 
Alloys.. Modes of preparation and properties of Copper Amalgams. Pre- 
paration of Sullivan's Amalgam and its modifications. 

Aluminium. — Preparation and properties of Aluminium and Aluminium-Bronze. 
Solders for Aluminium and Aluminium-Bronze. 

Nickel. — Preparation aud properties. Alloys. German Silver. Nickel-plating. 

Iron. — Difierences between Cast Iron, Wrought Iron, and Steel Effect of presence 
of impurities in Iron. Hardening tempering, annealing, and burning 


Methods of testing Metals and Alloys for their various properties as described 
in Ist paragraph. 

Methods of testing Dental Amalgams for changes of volume. Efiect of Sul- 
phuretted Hydrogen, Water, Air, Acids, and Alkalis on Dental Amalgams. 

Methods of parting Gold from Silver ; rough tests for hneness of Gold Alloys 
(touchstone) ; of preparation of Gold Alloy of required fineness ; of recovery of 
Gold from scraps ; of preparation of Solders for Gold ; of recovery of Platinum and 
Silver from scraps ; of preparation of pure Silver ; of preparation of Amalgam 
Alloys containing two or more of the following metals — Silver, Tin, Gold, Platinum. 
Copper, Zinc ; of preparation of readily fusible Alloys, containing two or more of 
the metals Tin, Lead, Bismuth, Mercury, Cadmium, Antimony, and Zinc. 

Methods of determining melting-points of readily fusible Alloys ; of preparation 
of Alloys recommeuded for Dies and Counter Dies. 

Description of Furnaces and Muffles used in Metallurgy. 

Theory and varieties of Blow-pipes and Fluxes. 

Colouring and Gilding Gold. 

Purification of Sweep or Lemel. 


The Bones. — Classification, structure, development, and uses of Bones. Identi- 
fication of the bones (excluding hand and foot). Precise knowledge of the 
Bones of the Head and Neck. 

Joints. — Varieties of Joints ; structures entering into a joint. Temporo- 
Mandibular Joint ; Joints of the Spine, Clavicle and Shoulder. 

Muscles and Fasciae. — The naked-eye anatomy of a Muscle. Modes of 
attachment. Eelations and actions of Muscles of mastication, deglutition, 
expression, and respiration. The Fasciae of the Upper Limb and of the 
Head and Neck. 

Circulatory System. — The Heart, its structure and its relations; the arrange- 
ment of its cavities and the valves. Pericardium. The arrangement of 
the principal arteries and veins of the body. Position, course, relations 
and distribution of the vessels of the Head and Neck. 

Nervous System. — Main divisions of the Brain. Naked-eye anatomy of the 
Spinal Cord, and of a Spinal segment with its nerve-roots. Cranial and 
Spinal nerves. General arrangement of the Sympathetic Nervous System. 
Course, relations and distribution of the Cranial Nerves. The Cervical and 
Dorsal Spinal Nerves. Cervical and Brachial Plexuses. 

Organs of Special Sense. The Eye— Structure of the eyeball ; its vascular 
and nervous supply ; intrinsic and extrinsic muscles. The Eyelids — 
Lacrymal Apparatus. The Nose — Nasal Fossae, and accessory cavities. 
Nasal Mucous Membrane ; vascular and nervous supply. The Ear — An 
elementary knowledge of the External, Middle, and Internal Ear. 

The Face and Neck. — Lips, Mouth, Tongue, Salivary Glands, Palate, Tonsils, 
Pharynx, OEsophagus. Larynx, Trachea, Thyroid Body, Thyro-lingual Duct. 



Cervical Lymphatic Glands with the areas drained by them. The Triangles 
of the Neck with their boundaries and contents. 
Thoracic and Abdominal Viscera. — Their structure, general arrangement, and 
relations. The Thoracic Duct. 


Histology. — The Epithelial, Connective, Muscular and Nervous tissues. The 

Buccal and Lingual mucous membranes and the Salivary Glands. 
Contractile Tissues. — Their mode of action and relation to nerves ; Voluntary 

and Livoluntary Muscular contraction; Tetanus; Eigor mortis. 
The Blood. — Its structure, composition and uses. Coagulation ; arterial and 

venous blood. The chemistry and combinations of Haemoglobin. The 

gases of the blood. 
Circiilatory System. — Mechanics of the circulation of the blood. Blood pressure. 
The pulse. 

Structure and mode of action of the Heart, Arteries, Veins, Capillaries. 

General plan of the Systemic, Pulmonary and Portal circulations. 

Influence of the Vagus and Sympathetic Nerves on the actions of the heart 
and vessels. 
Ljrmphatic System. — General arrangement of the Lymphatic and Lacteal 

Systems. Structure and function of Lymphatic Glands and Tonsil. 
Respiration. — Mechanism of Respiration. Principal muscles concerned in 

tranquil and in forced respiration. Control of respiration by the Nervous 

system. Chemical changes in blood and air. Interchange of gases. 

Dyspnoea : Death by suffocation. 
Alimentation. Digestion. — Composition and uses of the various secretions 

discharged into the mouth, stomach, and intestines. Chemistry of simple 

foods, e. g. bread, meat, milk ; their digestion, absorption, and destination. 

Classification of food-stuffs. 

The muscular and nervous mechanism of Mastication, Deglutition, Peri- 
stalsis, Defaecation, Vomiting. 
Nutrition. — General plan and action of a secreting gland, with its nerves 

and vessels. Secretion and Excretion. The Liver as a secretory and 

excretory organ. Glycogen. Metabolism in general. 
The Urine. — Its composition ; variations in amount and specific gravity. 

Sources and meaning of its components. 
The Skin and its Appendages. — Structure and Functions. 
Animal Heat. — Maintenance and regulation of animal heat. The normal 

temperature. Cold-blooded and warm-blooded animals. 
Nervous System. — General plan of Cerebro-spinal and Sympathetic systems. 

AV'hite and grey nerve-matter, and their general disposition in brain and 

cord. Nerve-centres and their uses. Actions of various kinds of nerves, 

e. fj. motor, sensory, vasomotor. Eeflex action. 
Special Senses. — Component parts of the eyeball. The eye as an optical 

instrument. Variations in the pupil; how affected. deception of an 

image by the eye. Vision. 
Ear. — Its general structure. Mode of conduction of sound-vibrations. 


Taste. Touch. Smell. — The special Structures for the reception of the 

impressions for these senses. 
The Vocal Apparatus. — The production of voice. Speech. 
Development. — An elementary knowledge of the development of the face and 


Surgery and Surgical Patuology. 

Acute and Chronic Inflammation. — Causes. Vascular and Structural changes. 

Clinical signs and constitutional symptoms. Acute and chronic Abscess. 

Gangrene. Boil, Carbuncle. 
Elementary knowledge of micro-organisms in iheir relation to Pathological 

Wounds. — Classification. Processes of Healing. Treatment. 

Saprremia. Septicaemia. Pyaemia. Erysipelas. 
Ulceration. — Nature of process. Chief varieties of Ulcers of Skin. Sinus, 

and Fistula. 
Haemorrhage. — Varieties. Arrest of Haemorrhage. Haemophilia. 
Shock. Collapse. Syncope. Fever. 
New Growths. — Meaning of terms " innocent " and " malignant." General 

structure and cLissitication of Tumours. Diagnosis and treatment of the 

more common Tumours. 
Cysts. — Varieties and Classification. Diagnosis and treatment of Cysts of the 

Head and Neck. 
Syphilis. — Modes of infection. Stages, symptoms, and treatment oi' acquired 

and congenital forms. 
Tuherculosis. — Modes of infection. Pathological changes in a Lymphatic Gland. 

Treatment of Tuberculous disease in glands and in bone. 
Actinomycosis. — Modes of infection. Signs and treatment when occurring in 

head and neck. 

Tetanus. — Cause and symptoms. 
Fractures. — Causes, varieties, symptoms. Process of union. General principles 

of treatment. Signs and treatment of fractures of the bones of the face. 
Blood-vessels. — Injuries of vessels and their consequences. Causes and chief 

forms of Aneurism. Atheroma. Calcification of Arteries. Thrombosis. 

Embolism. Varicose veins. 
Nerves. — Injury to nerves. Common causes of Paralysis. Neuritis. Neuralgia. 

Special knowledge of affections of Fifth and Seventh Cranial Nerves. 
Diseases of Bones. — Pei'iostitis, osteitis, osteomyelitis, caries, necrosis, tumours 

of Bone. Symptoms and treatment of diseases of the bones of the face. 
Rickets. — Causes and signs of Eickets. Changes in bone. 
Joints. — General signs and treatment of dislocation with special reference 

to the Temporo-mandibular joint and Shoulder-joiut. Diseases of Temporo- 
mandibular joint. 
Lymphatics. — Diseases of the Lymphatic Glands in the neck. 
Injuries of Face and Neck. — Wouuds of Head and Neck. Cut-throat. 

Foreign bodies in air-passages and oesophagus. Dysphagia. Dyspnoea. 
Laryngotomy and Tracheotomy. 


Surgical affections of Face, Mouth, Pharynx, and Neck. 

Mouth and Lips. — Stomatitis — causes, varieties, symptoms, treatment. 

Salivary calculus. Eanula and otlier cysts of mouth. Hare -lip. 

Epithelioma. Herpes. Syphilis. Tubercle. Nsevus. Papilloma. 

Caucrum oris. 
Tongue. — Glossitis, acute and chronic. Papilloma. Epithelioma. Ulcers 

of Tongue. Gumma of Tongue. A\'ound of Tongue. 
Palate. — Cleft Palate. Tumours of Palate. Ulceration. Necrosis. 
Tonsils. — Varieties of Tonsillitis, diagnosis, consequences and treatment. 

Chronic enlargements. Ulceration of Fauces. 
Gums. — Surgical affections ; causes, diagnosis, and treatment. 
Maxillary and Frontal Sinuses. — Surgical affections ; causes, diagnosis, 

and treatment. 
Jaws. — Surgical affections ; causes, diagnosis, and treatment. Closure 

of Jaws. 
Nose and Pharynx. — Adenoid vegetations. Inflammatory affections. Ozcena. 

Polypi. Epistaxis. Foreign body in jS^ose. Lupus and syphilis of Nose. 

Eodent ulcer of Nose and Face. 
Parotid and Submaxillary Glands. — Surgical affections. 
Larynx. — Scald. Spasm of glottis. (Edematous Laryngitis. Diphtheritic 

membrane in nose, throat, or larynx. 
Neck. — Torticollis. Causes of Stiff-neck. Caries of cervical vertebrae. 

Cervical abscess. Bronchocele. 
Eye. — Conjunctivitis. Iritis. Corneal inflammatory ulcers and opacities. 

Cataract. Ptosis. Strabismus. 
AnaBsthetics : with special reference to their use in Dental Surgery. 


Regulations for ohtaining the Diploma in Public Health of the 
Royal College of Physicians of London and the Royal College 
of Surgeons of England. 

Section I. — Examination. 

1. Candidates must have obtained a registrable Qualification in Medicine, 
Surgery, and Midwifery. 

2. The Examination, consisting of two Parts, will be held in the months of 
January and July in each year. 

3. Candidates must pass Part I. before being admitted to Part II. 

4. Candidates may enter for Parts I. and II. separately, or at the same time, but 
no Candidate's name will be published until he has passed in both parts of the 

5. The Examination in each part will be written, oral, and practical*. 

* Note. — The Practical Examination in Part II. may include a visit to, and 
report on, some selected premises. 

6. The Fee for each part is £6 6s., and must be paid three days prior to the day 
on which the Examination commences. 

7. A Candidate who fails to satisfy the Examiners in either part may present 
himself again at the next Examination on payment of the Fee of £6 6s. 

8. The Diploma awarded is entitled " Diploma in Public Health of the Eoyal 
College of Physicians of London and the Royal College of Surgeons of England." 

9. A Candidate intending to present himself for either part of the Examination 
must give 14 days' notice in writing to the Secretary, at the Examination Hall, 
Victoria Embankment, W.C. 

Section II. — Conditions of Admission to Examination. 
I. For Candidates who obtained a registrable Qualification on or before the 
\st of January, 1890. 
A Candidate entitled to be registered under the Medical Act on or before the 
1st of January, 1890, will be admissible to Part I. of the Examination on pro- 
ducing evidence of being at least 23 years of age, and to Part II. on producing 
evidence of being at least 24 years of age. 

II. For Candidates who obtained a registrable Qualification after the 
\st of January, 1890. 
A Candidate will be admissible to Examination in Part I. on producing evidence: — 

1. Of having been in possession of a registrable Qualification in Medicine, 
Surgery, and Midwifery for at least 12 months. 

2. Of having attended, after obtaining such registrable Qualification, practical 
instruction in a Laboratory recognize by the Examining Board in England, 
during a period of six months. 

3. Of being at least 23 years of age. 

A Candidate will be admitted to Part II. of the Examination on producing 
evidence : — 

4. Of having, after obtaining a registrable Qualification, been associated day by 
day in the duty, routine and special, of Public Health Administration during six 

'months (of which at least three months shall be distinct and separate from the 


period of laboratory instruction required under Paragraph II. Clause 2) under 
the supervision of 

(«) In Eugland and Wales, the Medical Officer of Health of a County or 
of a single Sanitary District having a poiJulation of not less than 50,000, or 
a Medical Officer of Health devoting his whole time to Public Health work ; or 

(6) In Scotland, a Medical Officer of Health of a County or Counties, or of one 
or more Sanitary Districts having a population of not less than 30,000 ; or 

(c) In Ireland, a Medical Superintendent Officer of Health of a District or 
Districts having a population of not less than 30,000 ; or 

{d) In the British Dominions outside the United Kingdom, a Medical Officer of 
Health of a Sanitary District having a population of not less than 30,000, who 
himself holds a registrable Diploma in Public Health ; or 

{e) A Medical Officer of Health who is also a Teacher in the Department of 
Public Health of a recognized Medical School ; or 

(/) A Sanitary StaS Officer of the Royal Army Medical Corps having charge of 
an Army Corps, District, or Command, recognized for this purpose by the General 
Medical Council, t 

t The following Districts haye been recognized by the General Medical Council, viz.: — 

Aldersliot ; Salisbury Plain ; Southern and Western Districts ; Dublin and Cork Districts ; 
Chatham, Home, and Eastern Districts; North-Eastern and Isorth-Western 
Districts ; Scottish District ; Gibraltar ; Bombay, Punjaub, Bengal, and Madras. 

*j,* Provided that the period of six months may be reduced to a period 
of three months (which shall be distinct and separate from the period of 
laboratory instruction required under Eegulation 2), in the case of any 
Candidate who produces evidence that, after obtaining a registrable 
Qualification, he has during three months attended a course or courses 
of instruction in sanitary law, sanitary engineering, vital statistics, and 
other subjects bearing on Public Health Administration, given by a 
Teacher or Teachers in the Department of Public Health of a recognized 
Medical School. 

i\We (I). — The Certificate of an Assistant Medical Officer of Health of a County or 
of a single Sanitary District having a Population of not less than 50,000 
may be accepted as evidence under Clause 4, provided the Medical Officer 
of Health of the County or District in question permits the Assistant 
Officer to give the necessary instruction and to issue Certificates. 

Isote (2). — A Candidate who shall have produced evidence that he has himself 
held for a period of not less than three years an appointment as Medical 
Officer of Health of a Sanitary District within the British Dominions, and 
having a population of not less tban 15,000, may be exempted from the 
requirement of paragraph 4. 

5. Of having attended, during three months, after obtaining a registrable 
Qualification, the Practice of a Hospital for Infectious Diseases at which oppor- 
tunities are afforded for the study of Methods of Administration. 

isoie. — In the case of a Medical Officer of the Royal Array Medical Corps a 
certificate from a Principal Medical Officer under whom he has served, 
stating that he has during a period of at least three months been 
diligently engaged in acquiring a practical knowledge of Hospital 
Administration in relation to Infectious Diseases, may be accepted as 
evidence under Regulation 5. 

n. Of being at least 24 years of age. 

78 regulations — diploma in public health. 

Syllabus foe the Examixatiox. 


Syllabus of Wj'iften and Oral Examinations. 

Air. Examination of air, recognition and determination of impurities. Moisture 

in air. 
Meteorology. Meteorological instruments and their construction. Causes and 

conditions which influence climate. 
"Water. Sources and characters of water. The purification and softening of water 

supplies. Methods of chemical analysis. Distribution and supply. 
Soils. Varieties of, and their relation to geological formations. Interpretation of 
geological and ordnance survey maps. The relation of soil to Public Health. 
Buildings. Principles of building construction in their application to dwellings, 

hospitals, schools, &c., and the interpretation of plans. 
The principles of Ventilation, Warming, and Lighting. 
The general principles of Sanitary Engineering, including treatment and disposal 

of seAvage and refuse. 
The chemical analysis of sewage and sewage effluents. 
Personal Hygiene in relation to diet, exercise, and clothing. 

Food. The chemical analysis and microscopical examination of food. The detection 
of the commoner adulterants, preservatives, and poisons in foodstuffs. The 
pathology of diseases caused by unwholesome food. 
The employment of poisonous substances in various trade processes. 

Bacteriology. General characteristics of micro-organisms. Biology, classification, 
and morphology of bacteria. Ordinary methods of cultivation and staining. 
Separation of micro-organisms. Saprophytism and Parasitism. Fermentation 
and Putrefaction. Specific Toxins. Antitoxins — their preparation and 
standardization. The preparation of bacterial vaccines. Immunity. General 
pathology of infection. 
Causation and pathology of the specific infective diseases affecting man and 

common to man and the lower animals. 
The pathology and causation of diseases due to moulds and yeasts, and of 

protozoal infections. 
Methods of bacteriological examination of : — 
(a) Air, dust, soil, and sewage ; 

(6) "Water (quantitative and qualitative), including methods in use for 
isolating and identifying the common organisms associated with organic 
pollution ; 
(r) Milk, butter, and other foods ; 

{d) Animals dead of bacterial disease. ' 

The Animal Parasites infesting man and foodstuffs. 

Practical Examination. 

Candidates must show a practical knowledge of the ordinary methods of 
bacteriological and chemical analysis as illustrated by the above syllabus. 



Syllabus of Written and Oral Examinations. 

Laws and statutes relative to Public Health and the Model Bye-laws and 
Regulations of the Local Government Board : the Statutes relating to the control 
of Foods and Drugs and the supervision of Midlives. In these subjects the 
Candidate will be expected to show that he possesses an adequate knowledge of 
those portions of the Public Health statutes which relate more particularly to 
sanitary provisions. 

The origin, history, pathology, symptoms, methods of propagation, geographical 
distribution, and control of epidemic, endemic and other preventable diseases at 
home and abroad. 

Unwholesome and dangerous trades, the diseases and conditions to which they 
give rise, and the prevention of nuisances arisiug therefrom. 

General effects of climate, acclimatisation. 

Effects on health of overcrowding, vitiated air, impure air, polluted soil, con- 
taminated water, and bad or insufficient food. Control of meat, milk, and other 
food supplies. Infantile mortality, its causes and the remedies. The sanitary 
supervision of Public Elementary Schools, and the general principles of School 

Duties and powers of Sanitary Authorities and their officers, in connection with 
which the Candidate will be expected to show a good knowledge of the routine 
duty of the Medical Officer of Health and Sanitary Inspector. 

Vital Statistics : — Pallacies attending their employment. Calculation of popu- 
lation, hirth rate, marriage rate, and death rate ; mortality rates of various diseases ; 
sickness rates ; relation between occupation and mortality ; life tables, their con- 
struction and interpretation ; the value of statistical facts, averages, and methods. 

Practical Examination. 

Candidates must show that in knowledge and judgement as to the framing of 
Reports they are qualified for the work of Medical Officer of Health. 

Books of Questions set at the Examinations for the Diploma in Public Health 
during the years 1887 to 1908 may he obtained on application to Messrs. Tatlok and 
Fkancis, Publishers, Red Lion Court, Fleet Street, London, E.G. Price M. each. 
Post-free (Shd. 


Tlie following are the Hospitals and Schools of Surgery awl Medicine from which 
Certificates of the Professional Education of Candidates for the Membership and 
Fellowship will he received by this College, for the year commencing the first of 
August, 1909. 

I. Medical Schools and Hospitals at which the carriculum of 
professional education may be completed. 


London. — St. Bartholomew's, St. Thomas', Q-uy's, St. Greorge's, London, Middlesex, 

Universitv^ College, King's College, Westminster, Charing Cross, 

St. Mary's. 

BiR3JTN'GHAM. — The University, with General Hospital or Queen's Hospital. 
Bristol. — The University, with Eoyal Infirmary or General Hospital. 
Cambridge. — The University and Addenbrooke's Hospital. 
Cardiff. — University College of South Wales and Glamorganshire and Cardiff 

Infirmary. (Eecognized for the first three years of the curriculum 

Durham. — The University School and Newcastle-upon-Tyne Eoyal Infirmary. 
Leeds. — The University, with General Infirmary. 
Liverpool. — The University, with Eoyal Infirmary, Eoyal Southern Hospital, 

David Lewis Northern Hospital, Stanley Hospital, or United Hospitals 

Clinical School. 
I\Ianchestee. — The Victoria University and Eoyal Infirmary. 
NEWCASTLE-rPOiJ^-TTNE (see Durham). 
Sheffield. — The University, with Eoyal Infirmary or Eoyal Hospital. 

Edinburgh. — The University and Eoyal Infirmary ; The School of Medicine and 
Eoyal Infirmary. 

Glasgow. — The University, Anderson's College, and St. Mungo's College, with 

the Eoyal Infirmary, Western Infirmary, and Victoria Infirmary. 
Aberdeen. — The University and Eoyal Infirmary, 
Sx. Andrews. — The University, with the Dundee Eoyal Infirmary. 

Dublin. — Medical Schools : The Eoyal College of Surgeons, including Carmichael 
College and Ledwich School; Trinity College; CathoHc University. — 
Hospitals : Dr. Steevens', Eichmond, City of DubUn, Mercer's, Meath, 
Jervis Street, St. Vincent's, Adelaide, Mater Misericordiae. 

Belfast. — Queen's College and Eoyal Hospital. 
Cork. — Queen's College and North and South Infirmaries. 
Galwat. — Queen's College and County Infirmary and Town Hospital. 



The University. 


Calcutta. — The Medical College. 
Madbas. — The Medical College. 
BoiiBAT. — The Grant Medical College. 
Lahore. — Pimjaub University. 
CfiYLON (Colombo). — The Medical College. 


ToEONTO. — The University ; Trinity Medical College ; Trinity University. 

MoNTEEAL. — The L^niversity of McGill College ; Bishop's College. 

KiNGSiox. — Queen's University. 

QtnsBEC. — Laval University. 

London (Ontario). — The Western University. 

WiNNEPEG. — The University of Manitoba. 

Halifax. — Dalhousie College and University. 

Melbouejte. — The University of Melbourne, with the Melbourne Hospital and 

Alfred Hospital. 
Sydney. — The University of Sydney, with the Sydney Infirmary and Prince 

Alfred Hospital. 
Adelaide. — The University of Adelaide and Adelaide Infirmary. 

DtJNEDiN. — The University of New Zealand and Dunedin Hospital. 


Paeis. — The University of France, with its branch Faculties in Lyons, Marseilles, 
Montpellier, Nantes, and Toulon. 

The Universities of Brussels, Lii:GE, and Louvain. 

The Universities of Amsterdam, Leyden, and Uteecht. 


The Universities of Beelin, Bonn, Bueslau, Erlangen, Feeiburg, Giessen, 
GoTTiNGEN, Greifswald, Hallb, Heidelbeeg, Jena, Kiel, Konigs- 
beeg, Leipzig, Maebueg, Munich, Steasbueg, Tubingen, and 


The Cniversities of Vienna, Geaz, Innsbruck, Peag, and Budapesth. 
1909. G 


The Universities of Been, Basle, G£>'eva, Lausanne, and Zueich. 


The Universities of Eome, Bologna, Floeence, Genoa, Milan, Naples, Patla, 
Pisa, and Tuein. 

The Universities of St. Peteesbueg, Kh.vekot, Moscott, and Waesaw, 


Cheistiania. — The University. 


Stockholm. — Eoyal Caroline Institute. 
Upsala. — The University. 


Copenhagen. — The University. 


The Universities of jMadeid, Salamanca, and Seville. 


New Toek.— The L^niversity and Bellevue Hospital Medical College ; The College 
of Physicians and Surgeons (Columbia University) ; Cornell University. 

Philadelphia.— The University of Pennsylvania ; Jefferson College ; Medico- 
Chirurgical College. 

Cambeidge^ Boston. — Harvard University. 

Chicago. — Eush Medical College ; North-Western University. 

Michigan.— The University. 

San Feancisco. — Cooper Medical College ; The University of California. 

New Haten, Connecticut. — Tale University. 

Buffalo, New Yoek. — The L^niversity. 

Minneapolis. — The University, Minnesota. 

Cincinnati. — The University. 

Baltimoee. — .Johns Hopkins University. 

Lincoln, Nebeaska. — The University of Nebraska. 

Cleveland, Ohio. — Western Eeserve University. 

II. Hospitals recognized for a part of the required attendance on 
Medical and Surgical Practice, for Medical Clinical Clerkship, 
and for Surgical Dressership. 


Bath. — Royal United Hospital. 
Bedford. — County Hospital. 
Beadford. — Eoval Infirmarv. 


Brighton". — Sussex County Hospital. 

Canterbury. — Kent and Canterbury Hospital. 

Cardiff. — Infirm arv\ 

Derby. — Derbyshire Eoyal Infirmary. 

Exeter. — Eoyal Devon and Exeter Hospital, 

Gloucester. — General Infirmary. 

Hartshill. — North Staffordshire Infirmary. 

Hull. — Eoyal Infirmary. 

Leicester. — Infirmary. 

Northampton. — General Hospital. 

Norwich. — Norfolk and Norwich Hospital. 

Nottingham. — General Hospital. 

Oxford. — Eadcliffe Infirmary. 

Plymouth. — South Devon and East Cornwall Hospital. 

Portsmouth. — Eoyal Hospital. 

Eeading. — Berkshire Eoyal Hospital. 

S.VLISBURY. — General Infirmary. 

Shrewsbury. — Salop Infirmary. 

Southampton. — Eoyal South Hants and Southampton Hospital. 

Stafford. — Staffordshire General Infirmary. 

Swansea. — General and Eye Hospital. 

Winchester. — Eoyal Hampshire County Hospital. 

Wolverhampton. — Wolverhampton and Staffordshire General Hospital. 

Worcester. — General Infirmary. 

York. — County Hospital. 

Dublin. — Sir Patrick Dun's Hospital. 


HoBART Town. — The General Hospital. 
Launceston. — The General Hospital. 

III. Recognized Lunatic Asylums. 

Banstbad. — London County Asylum. 

Bexley. — London County Asylum. 

Birmingham. — Borough Asylum. 

Bristol. — City and County Asylum, Fishponds. 

Cane Hill. — London County Asylum. 

Claybury. — London County Asylum. 

Colney Hatch. — London County Asylum. 

Dartford. — City of London Asylum. 

Epsom. — The Manor, The Long Grove, and Horton London County Asylums. 

Hanwell. — London County Asylum. 

London. — Bethlem Eoyal Hospital ; Grove Hall Asylum, Bow : Camberwell 

House Asylum ; Bethnal ; St. Luke's Hospital, Old Street. 
Manchester. — Manchester Eoyal Asylum, Cheadie. 
Morpeth. — Northumberland County Asylum. 



Eainhtll. — Lancashire Couuty Asylum. 

Wadsley, near Sheffield. — South Yorkshire Lunatic Asylum 

Wakefield. — West Riding Asylum. 

IV. Recognized Fever Hospitals. 

BiBMiNGHAM, — Corporation Fever Hospital. 

Beightok. — Borough Fever Hospital. 

Beistol. — Public Health Department Hospitals ; Corporation Fever Hospital. 

CAEDiFr. — Hospital for Infectious Diseases (The Sanatorium). 

Ceotdox. — Borough Fever Hospital. 

Deyonpoet. — Borough Small Pox and Fever Hospitals. 

Leeds. — Corporation Fever Hospitals. 

Liyerpool. — Corporation Fever Hospitals. 

London. — Metropolitan Fever Hospitals ; West Ham Fever Hospitals (Plaistow, 

and Dagenham) ; Hornsey Borough Isolation Hospital. 
Manchestee. — Corporation Fever Hospital. 
Newcastle-upon-Tyne. — Fever Hospitals. 
Sheffield. — City Hospitals. 
Southampton. — Fever Hospital. 
Swansea. — Borough Fever Hospital. 
Willesden. — District Isolation Hospital, 

V. Recognized Ophthalmic Hospitals. 

Birmingham. — Birmingham and Midland Eye Hospital. 

Liveepool. — The Eye and Ear Hospital ; St. Paul's Eye and Ear Hospital. 

London. — Roval London Ophthalmic Hospital, Moorfields ; Eoyal Westminster 

Ophthalmic Hospital ; Eoyal Eye Hospital, Southwark. 
Southampton. — The Eye and Ear Hospital. 

VI. Laboratories recognized for instruction in Public Health 
for the Diploma in Public Health. 

London. — St. Bartholomew's, Guy's, London. University College, King's College, 
Charing Cross, St. George's, St. Mary's, Westminster, St. Thomas's, 
Middlesex, Eoyal Institute of Public Health. 

Birmingham. — The University. 

Beighton. — Technical School. 

Bristol. — University College. 

Caediff. — University College. 

Hongkong. — Government Laboratory. 

Leeds. — The University. 

Liveepool, — The University School of Science and Technology. 

Manchestee. — Victoria D niversity. 

Newcastle-upon-Tyne. — University of Durham College of Medicine. 

PoETSMouTH. — Municipal Laboratories. 

Sheffield. — The L^niversity. 


Vn. Institations recognized for instruction in Chemistry, including 
Chemical Physics, Practical Chemistry, and Elementary 

Certificates for Biology xuill he accepted onlii from those Institutions 
marked ivitk an asterisk: 

Abektstwtth. — *University College of Wales. 

AccEiNGTON. — Municipal Technical School. 

Banbury. — Municipal Technical School. 

Bangoe. — *University College of North Wales. 

Bath. — *Elingswood School. 

Bedfoed. — The Grammar School ; Modern School. 

Beekhamsted. — *Berkhamsted School. 

BiEKENHEAD. — Holt Schools of Science and Art. 

BiRiiiNGHAM. — Municipal Technical School. 

Blackburn. — *Stonyhurst College ; Municipal Technical School. 

Blaenau Festiniog. — County School. 

Bolton. — Central Higher Grade Board School. 

Beadfobd. — *The Grammar School ; *Bradford Technical College. 

Beighton. — *Municipal School of Science and Technology. 

Bristol. — * University College ; *Merchant Venturers' Technical College ; Bristol 

Grammar School. 
Beuton. — Sexey's School. 
BuESLEM. — Wedgewood Institute. 
BuET. — Bury Grammar School. 
Cambeidge. — *Ley's School. 

Canteebury. — Simon Langton Schools ; St. Edmund School ; King's School. 
Cape Town. — *South African College. 
Cardiff. — *University College of South Wales. 
Cheltenham. — Cheltenham College ; The Grammar School. 
Clifton, Bristol. — Clifton College. 
Ceanbuook. — Cranbrook School. 
Croydon. — Whitgift School. 
Derby. — *Municipal Technical College. 

Devonpoet. — Municipal Science, Art, and Technical Schools. 
Dulwich. — *Dulwich College ; Alleyn's School. 
Eastbourne. — Eastbourne College. 
Elstree. — Aldenham School. 
Epsom. — *Epsom College. 
Eton. — *Eton College. 
Exeter. — * Royal Albert Memorial College. 
Felsted. — *Felsted School. 
Gloucester. — Municipal Technical School. 
GoDALMiNG. — *Charterhouse School. 
Grimsby. — Municipal College. 
Halifax. — Municipal Technical School. 
Hanley. — Municipal Secondary School. 
Harrow. — *Harrow School. 
Huddersfield. — *Technical School. 
Hull. — Municipal Technical School; *Hymer's College. 


Johannesburg. — Transvaal Technical Institute. 
Leeds. — Institute of Science and Art. 

Leicester. — *Wyggeston School ; Municipal Technical and Art School. 
Liverpool. — *School of Science, Technology, and Art. 

London. — *The Department of Science and Art, South Kensington ; City of 
London School ; *St. Paul's School, West Kensington ; The Pharma- 
ceutical Society ; *Birkbeck Literary and Scientific Institute ; ♦South- 
AVest Polytechnic Institute, Chelsea ; *City of London College ; Poly- 
technic Institute, Eegent Street ; *Polytechnic Institute, Battersea ; 
♦Northern Polytechnic Institute, Holloway ; East London Technical 
College, People's Palace; Mercers' School, Holborn; St. Olave's Grammar 
School, Tooley Street ; *Merchant Taylor's School ; Technical Institute, 
Wandsworth ; Municipal Technical Institute, West Ham ; Highgate 
School ; Central Foundation Boys' School, Cowper Street; Westminster 
School ; University College School, Frognal, Hampstead. 
Long Eaton. — Trent College. 
Manchester. — Municipal Technical School. 
Marlborough. — Marlborough College. 
Middlesbrough. — Middlesbrough High School. 
jSewcastle-upon-Tyne. — * Armstrong College ; *Eutherford College. 
Norwich. — Higher Grade Board School ; Technical School. 
Nottingham. — *Univer8ity College. 
Oldham. — Municipal Technical School. 
OuNDLE. — Oundle School. 

Plymouth. — *The Science, Art, and Technical School 
Portsmouth. — Grammar School ; *Muuicipal Technical Institute. 
Preston. — Harris Institute. 
Eamsgate. — St. Lawrence College. 
Eeading. — *Eeading College ; Eeading School. 
EocHDALE. — Municipal Technical School. 
EocHESTEE. — Mathematical School. 
EossALL, near Fleetwood. — Eossall School. 
St. Bees, Cumberland. — St. Bees School. 
Salford. — Eoyal Technical Institution. 
Settle, Yorkshire. — Giggleswick School. 
Sherborne (Dorset). — Sherborne School. 
Southampton. — *Hartley Institution. 
Southend. — Technical School. 
Stafford. — County Technical School. 
Stourbridge. — King Edward's School. 
Sunderland. — Technical College. 
Swansea. — Municipal Technical School. 
Swindon. — Swindon and North Wilts Technical School. 
Tonbeidge. — *Tonbridge School. 

TowYN, Merionethshire. — Intermediate County School. 
Uppingham. — *Uppingham School. 

AValsall. — Municipal Science, Art, and Technical School. 
AVest Bromwich. — Municipal Secondary School. 
AVimbledon. — King's College School. 
Winchester. — AVinchester College. 



Elected 14<7i June, 1900, tuhen Prince of Wales. 

Elected mil February, 1909. 

Elected 12th July, 1900. 

Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne-Gecil, E.G., 3rd Marquess of Salisbury; 

died 22nd August, 1903. 
The Eakl of Hoseberx, K.G., K.T. 38 Berkeley -square, W. 

Elected 25th July, 1900. 

Albert, Eduard, of Vienna ; died 26th September, 1900. 

Ball, Sir Charles Bent, M.D., M.Ch. ; Regius Professor of Surgery, University of 
Dublin. 2-1 Merrion-square N., Dublin. 

BASSDfi, Edoaedo, M.D, ; Professor of Clinical Surgery, Eoyal University of Padua. 
Clinica Chirurgica, Padua. 

Benxett, Edward Hallarax, of Dublin ; died 2\st Juiu, 1907. 

Berg, Johx Wilhelm, M.D. ; Professor of Surgery, Royal Caroline Institute of 
Medicine and Surgery, Stockholm. Stockholm. 

VON Bergmaxx, S. Exc. Professor Dr. Erxst, Geh. Med. Rath., of Berlin ; died 
25th March, 1907. 

Blocu, Oscar Thoryald, M.D. ; Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of 
Copenhagen. Kongl. Frederiks Hospital, Copenhagen. 

Cameron, Irving Heward, M.B. ; Professor of Surgery and Clinical Surgery, Uni- 
versity of Toronto. 307 Sherbourne-street, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Cardenal Fernanbez, Salvador, M.D. ; Vice-President of the Royal Academy 
of Medicine and Surgery of Barcelona. Pasaje de Mercader 7 y 9, 

D'Antona, Antonino, M.D. ; Professor of Surgery, Royal University of Naples. 
Via Salvator Rosa 315, Naples. 

Durante, Francesco, M.D, ; Professor of Clinical Surgery, Royal University of Rome. 
Real Istituto Chirurgico, Rome. 

Halstbd, William Stewart, M.D. ; Professor of Surgery, Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity. 1201 Eataw-place, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.A. 

HlXGSTOX, Hon. Sir WjcLJAM Hales, M.D., LL.D., D.C.L., of Montreal ; died 
\9th February, 1907. 

Jameson, Surgeon-General Ja^tes, C.B., M.D., LL.D. ; died 13th September, 1904. 

Keen, William Williams, M.D., LL.D. ; Professor of the Principles of Surgery and 
of Clinical Surgery, Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia. 1729 Chestnut- 
street, Philadelphia, Pa., U.S.A. 

KocnER, Theodor, M.D. ; Professor of Clinical Surgery, University of Bern. 
25 Villette, Bern. 

KoNio, Franz, M.D., Geh. Med. Rath; Professor of Surgery, L'niversity of Berlin. 
BrOcken Allee 35 \ Berlin, N.W. 


KosiNSKT, Julian, M,D, ; Professor of Clinical Surgery, Imperial University of 

Warsaw. 41 Kroleivska, Warsaw. 
KiJsTBR, Ernst Geoeg Feedixand, M.D., Geh. Med. Rath ; Professor of Surgery, 

University of Marburg. Marburg in Ilessen, Germany. 
Lambotte, Elie D. H., M.D. ; Surgeon of the Hospital " Bon Pasteur," Brussels. 

6 Rue des Palais, Brussels. 
Lanneloxgue, Odilon Marc, M.D. ; Professor of Surgical Pathology, Faculty of 

Medicine of Paris. 3 Hue Francois I^, Paris. 
Lexsaxder, Karl Gcstaf, of Vpsala. Siveden : died loth March, 1908. 
Macewex, Sir William, M.D., LL.D., F.R.S. ; Regius Professor of Surgerj', Uni- 
versity of Glasgow. 3 Woodside-crescent, Charing Cross, Glasgow. 
MacLeod, Colonel Kexneth, M.D., LL.D., I.M.S. ; Professor of Clinical and 

Military Medicine, Royal Army Medical College, Netley. Duncajole, Westend, 

Nicolatsex, Julius, M.D. ; Professor of Surgery, Royal University of Christiania. 

52 Osharsgade, Christiania. 
NoEBURT, Sir Hexrt Frederick:, K.C.B., M.D., R.N. 8 Creffidd-road, Ealing. 
Ollier, Leopold, of Lyons : died 25t7i November, 1900. 
Pachoutixe, Victor, of St. Petersburg: died 2nd February, 1901. 
Pozzi, Samuel, M.D. ; Professor, Faculty of Medicine of Paris. Avenue d'Jena 47, 

Rate, Colonel Daxiel Charles O'Connell, M.D., LM.S. E.I.U.S. Club, 16 St. 

James' -square, S.W. 
Roddick, Thomas George, M.D., LL.D. ; Professor of Surgery, McGill Uni- 
versity, Montreal. 80 Union-avenue, Montreal, Canada. 
RvBiO Y Gali, Federico, of Madrid: died ^\st August, 1902. 
TiLLAZ'X, Pall, of Paris; died 20th October, 1904. 
Wakrex, Johx Collixs, M.D., LL.D. ; Professor of Surgery, Harvard University. 

58 Beacon-street, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 
Wetr, Robert Fultox, M.D. ; Professor of Surgery, College of Physicians and 

Surgeons, Columbia University, New York. 37 West TJiirty-third-street, 

New Tori; U.S.A. 

Fleeted Uth October, 1900. 

MacCormick, Alexander, M.D. ; Lecturer on Surgery, University of Sydney, 
N.S.W. 125 Macquarie-street, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Elected lOtJi January, 1901. 
Field-Marshal Earl Roberts, K.G., K.P., Y.C. 47 Portland Place, W. 

Elected 5th AjJril, 1906. 

Lucas-Chajipionnieee, Just, M.D. ; Consulting Surgeon, Hotel Dieu, Paris. 
3 Avenue Montaigne, Paris. 

Elected 11th March, 1909. 

Weliaminoff, His Excellency Nicolas, Privy Councillor ; Professor of Surgery, 
Imperial Military Academy of Medicine, St. Petersburg. 18 Kiroichnaia, 
St. Petersburg, Russia. 




# Fellow elected " ad eundem " 1 

t Fellows by Election 13 

^ Fellows elected as Members of 20 years' standing ... 28 
Fellows by Examination (unmarked) 1,415 

Dec. 7. 

Aug. 7. 

Dec. 9. 

Steet, George Carrick. 

Redfern, Peter. 

Coe, Robert William. 

Lister, Joseph (Ld , Lis ter 1 89 7) . 

May 12. Barwell, Richard. 
Bryant, Thomas. 

May 11. Henry, Mitchell. 
Dec. 1. Power, Henry. 

'^^ay 15. Moss, "Wm. Boyd. 
Dec. 11. Jones, Sydney. 

May, Edward Hooper. 

Mar. ll.tNourse, "William Edward 

May 23. Clapton, Edward. 

Teale, Thomas Pridgin. 
Dec. 17.tHaden, Erancis Seymour (Kt. 

June 10. 

Barrett, Caleb, 
lialding, Daniel Barley. 
Smith, ThoDias (Bart. 1897). 

Total 1,457 

May 12. 

Nov. 24 

Cronin, James Dennis. 
Smith, Samuel Montgomery 
Charles Alfred Anderson. 
Greenhow, Henry Martineau. 
Davis, Theodore. 
Duffin, Alfred Baynard. 
Marriott, Charles Hayes (Kt. 

May lO.fWaggett, John, 
May 31. ShilHtoe, Buxton, 

Cousins, John Ward, 
Dec, 6. Crosby, Thomas Boor (Kt. 
Bury, Geo. Wm. Fleetwood, 
Clapton, William. 
Smith, Eustace. 

Jan. lO.tSmythe, Lewis. 
May 30. Jones, Philip Sydney (Kt.). 

Couper, John. 
Oct. lO.fHolmes, Charles. 
Dec, 19. Hamilton, Robert. 

Cooke, Johu, 

Feb. 13.tVeasey, Henry. 
June 13. Willett, .Ufred. 
Nov. 13.tDavies, David. 
Dec. 11. Helshani, Hector, 

Hutchinson, Jonathan. 
Brown, Robert Charles. 





June 12, Marsdiu, Frederick. 
Dec, 10. Greenlaill, Joseph Ridge. 

June 9. Folker, William Henry. 

Carter, Eobert Brudenell. 

"Willey, Henry, 
Nov, 25. Buszard, Frank. 

Maurice, James Blake. 
Dec. S.tSeccombe, Thomas. 

June 8. Vallance, Thomas James. 

Wilkinson, John Sebastian. 

Holland, Edmund. 

Langton, John. 

Stone, William Domett. 

Powell, William. 

Hooper, John Harward, 
Aug. lO.fATacLeod, Alexander Charles. 
Dec. 14. James, John. 

Moreton, James Earl. 

Bell, James Vincent. 

Smith, William Johnson. 

June 14. Jordan, Thomas Furneaux. 

Marsh, Frederick Howard. 

Little, Louis Stromeyer, 
Dec. 13. Lawrence,Henry John Hughes. 

Pick, Thomas Pickering. 

June 13. Bacot, Wm. George. 

Beatson, WiUiam Burns, 

Dick, Robert. 

Plaskitt. Joshua. 

Swain, William Paul. 

Venning, Edgcombe, 

AUfrey, Charles Heniy. 

Norton, Arthur Trehern. 

Orton, George Hunt. 
Dec. 12. Cooper, Clarence. 

Cowell, George. 

June 11. NichoUs, James. 

Bensley, Edwin Clement. 

June 11. Grose, Samuel. 

Adams, Matthew Algernon. 

Haward, John Warrington. 

Pollock, Edward James. 

Wagstaffe, Wm. Warwick. 

Howse, Henry Greenway(Knt. 

Sykes, John. 
Dec. 10. Harding, Thomas Massey. 

Davy, Richard. 

Amott, Henry (Rev,), 

Wood, Miles Astman. 

Humphreys, Fredk. Wm. 

Juno 10. Coates, Matthew. 

Winkfield, Alfred. 

Woodcock, John Rostron. 

Tay, Waren. 

Bush, John Dearden. 
Aug. 12. Rayner, Edwin. 
Dec. 9. Rand, John. 

Pilcher, Jesse Griggs. 

Steele, Charles. 

Mackenzie, George Wellan. 

Thomas, William. 

Pern, Alfred. 





Cookson, Henry. 
Mackenzie, John Thomas. 
Edye, Stonard. 
Rundle, Henry. 
Dobson, Xelson Congreve. 
Dec. 8. Wrench, Edward Mason. 
Stanger, William, 
Dalby,Wm.Bartlett(Kt. 1886). 
Nettleship, Edward. 

June 8. Welch, Francis Henry. 

Bloxam, John Astlcy. 

Churchill, Frederick. 

Lucas, Richard Clement. 

Ashby, Alfred. 
Dec. 14. Butlin, Henry Trentham. 

Higgcns, Charles. 

Page, Herbert William. 






June 13. Harvey, William. 

Elliott, Arthur Bowes. 

Joubert de la Ferte, Charles 

Railton, Thomas Carleton. 

Durham, Frederick. 

Cumberbatch, Alphonso Elkin. 
Dec. 12. Owen, Edmund Blackcti. 

Parker, Paishton. 

Pritchard, Urban. 

Aldersmith, Herbert. 

Clarke, Thomas Kilner. 

June 19, Lowne, Benjamin Thompson. 

Morris, Henry (Bart. 1909). 

McCarthy, Jeremiah. 

Wiseman, John Greaves. 

Buckley, Samuel. 

Clark, Andrew. 

Jalland, Wm. Hamerton. 

Warner, Francis. 

Furner, Willoughby. 
Dec. 11. Penhall, John Thomas. 

Saunders, Henry William. 

Franklin, George Cooper. 

June 11. Adams, Josiah Oake. 

Cant, William Edmund. 

Hose, William. 

Yate, Edward. 

Golding-Bird, Cuthbert Hilton. 
Dec. 10. Jessett, Frederic Bowreman. 

Hartridge, Gustavus. 

Stirling, Edw. Charles. 

June 10. Macnamara, Nottidgc Charles. 

Green, Frederick King. 

Ley, John William. 

Lowe, Walter George. 

Herman, George Ernest. 

Doran, Alban Henry Griffith. 

Pye-Smith, llutherfoord John. 

Chicken, Itupert CecU. 

Eastes, Thomas. 

Cripps, William Harrison. 
Doc. 20. Law, William Thomas. 


Dec. 20. Mackenzie, Lewis. 

Jacobson, Walter Hamilton 

Winterbottom, Augustus. 
Barrow, Albert Boyce. 

May ll.fReid, James. 
June 8. May, Bennett. 

Lediard, Henry Ambrose. 

Osborn, Samuel. 

Cottle, Ernest Wyndham. 

Tweedy, John (Knight 1906). 

Morgan, John Hammond. 

Godlee, Rickman John. 

Webber, William Littleton. 

Pansford, Thomas Davis. 

Keetley, Charles Robert Bell. 

Glutton, Henry Hugh. 

Pepper, Augustus Josej^h. 
Dec. 14. Jackson, George. 

Fiiiher, Frederick Richard. 

Odell, William. 

Verdon, Henry Walter. 

Tyson, William Joseph. 

Davics, Francis Josej^h. 

June 14. Duncan, Andrew. 

Colgate, Henry. 

Harries, Thomas Davies. 

Bennett, William Henry 
(K.C.V.O. 1901). 

Gould, Alfred Pearce. 

Rendall, John. 

Edmunds, Walter. 

Hol)son, Lewis John. 

Southam, Frederick Armilage, 

Ransohott", Joseph. 

Alexander, William. 
Aug. 6. Pitts, Bernard. 
Dec. 13. Taylor, John William. 

Harsant, William Henry. 

Vcrco, Joseph Cook. 

Dent, Clinton Thomas. 

Cantlie, James. 

Mar. 14.tFrcer, Walter Carless. 
Juno 13. Drakc-Brockman, Edward 




June 13. Cross, Francis Richardson. 

Paul, Frank Thomas. 

Firth, Charles. 

Harrison, Charles Edward. 

Frost, William Adams. 

Boulter, Harold Baxter. 

Mercier, Charles Arthur. 

Roth, Bernard. 

Manders, Horace. 

Edwards, Frederick Swinford. 

Wright, George Arthur. 
Dec. 12. Gumming, Hugh Gordon. 

Potter, Henry Percy. 

Treves, Frederick (Bart. 1902). 

Makins, George Henry. 

MouUin, Charles William 

Eve, Frederic Samuel. 

Brown, John. 

June 12. Juler, Henry Edward. 

Wherry, George Edward. 

Lang, William. 

Footner, John Bulkley. 
June 21. Clarke, William Bruce. 

Andrews, William Stratford. 

Chevne, William Watson 
(Bart. 1908). 

Cathcart, Charles Walker. 
July lO.fEdwards, William Thomas. 
Dec. 11. Andrew, George. 

Robson, Arthur Wm. Mayo. 

June 10. Saunders, Arthur Rich. 

Pickering, Charles Frederick. 

Giles, George Michael James. 

Howlett, Edmund Henry. 

Battle, William Henry. 

Takaki, Kanehiro. 

Paddle, James Isaac. 
Oct. 21.*Barker, Arthur Edward James. 
Dec. 9. Lammiman, Cleland. 

Newby, Charles Henry. 

Black, James. 

Clippingdale, Samuel Dodd. 

Dunn, Hugh Percy. 


Dec. 9. 

Turner, George Robertson. 
MiUes, Walter Jennings. 
Whitehead, Hayward Reader. 
Lloyd, George Jordan, 
MacDonneU, James O'Malley. 
Young, Alfred Harry. 

June 9. Symonds, Charters James. 

Carter, Frederick Heales. 

Burton, Samuel Herbert, 

Turner, Edward Beadon. 

Williams, William Roger. 

Heath, William Lenton, 

Boyd, James Stanley Newton. 

Wadham, Frederick. 

Bowlby, Anthony Alfred. 

Pollard, Bilton. 

Raid, Robert William. 
Dec. 8. Haslam, William Frederic. 

Shattock, Samuel George. 

Uhthoflf, John Caldwell. 

Griffith, Walter Spencer 

Lockwood, Charles Barrett, 

Leahy, Albert William Denis. 

Barling, Harry Gilbert, 

Gill, Richard. 


June 8. 

Aug. 3. 
Dec. 14. 

Collier, Mark PurceU Mayo. 
Taylor, James. 
Hopkins, John. 
Lane, WiUiam Arbuthnot, 
Jackson, Arthur, 
Poland, John. 
Davies, Morgan. 
Dale, Frederic. 
Ballance, Charles Alfred. 
Bond, Charles John. 
Fenwick, Edwin Hiirry. 
Firth, Robert HammiU. 
Gunn, Robert Marcus. 
Prowse, Arthur Bancks. 
Smith, Thomas Frederick 

Dingley, Allen. 
Walters, Fredk. Rufenacht. 
Lane, James Ernest. 




Mar, 8. Brown, John Macdonald. 
June 14. Fisher, Frederick Charles. 

Elam, William Henry. 

Duncan, William. 

Horsley, Victor Alexander 
Haden (Knt. 1902). 

Wainewright, Benjamin. 
Dec. 13. Day, Donald Doxiglas. 

Marsh, Frank. 

Morrison, James Thomas 

Sheild, Arthur Marmaduke. 

Piatt, Walter Brewster. 

Square, James Elliott. 

Power, D'Arcy. 

Eand, Kichard Frank. 

Feb. 14. Atkin, Charles. 
June 12. Collins, William Job (Kt. 

Thyne, Thomas. 

Briggs, Henry. 

Evans, William George. 

Bull, George Coulson Robins. 

Bullar, John Follett. 

Holthouse, Edwin Hermus. 

Keser, Jean Samuel. 

Jennings, Charles Egerton. 

Perks, Eobert HoweU. 

Stonham, Charles. 

Dunn, Louis Albert. 

Bland-Sutton, John. 

Rogers, James Maedonald. 

Knaggs, Robert Lawford. 

Fowler, Walter. 

"WTiite, Sinclair. 
fCoombe, Robert Gorton. 
Nov. 13. Hutchinson, Jonathan. 
Dec. 11. Bishop, Edward Stanmore. 

Andt'rson, Alexander Richard. 

Morse, Thomas Herbert. 

Jessop, Walter Hamilton 

Johnson, George Lindsay. 

White, Edwin Francis. 

Tait, Henry Brewer. 

Cahill, John. 

ColviUe, Ernest George. 


Dec. 11. Dendy, Walter Chester. 
Hewer, Joseph Langton. 
W^atson, Archibald. 
Bull, WiUiam Charles. 
Howard, Robert Jared Bliss. 
Wilson, James. 

Mar. 12. Berry, James. 
June 11. Barlow, John. 

Galpin, George Luck. 

Xewland-Pedley, Frederick. 

Thring, Edward Thomas. 

Yoss, Francis Henry Vivian. 

Worthington, Sidney. 

Saneyoshi, Yasuzumi. 

Pigeon, Henry Walter. 

Wynter, Walter Essex. 

Paget, Stephen. 

Steedman, John Francis. 

Muspratt, Charles Drummond. 
Dec. 10. Farnell, Henry Dawson. 

Weekes, Francis Henry. 

James, James Thomas. 

Lawford, John Bowring. 

Batterham, John Williams. 

Pomfret, Henry Waytes. 

Hind, Alfred Ernest. 

Jones, Robert. 

Plowman, Sidney. 

Woolbert, Henry Robert. 

Syme, George Adliugton. 

Garmany, Jasper Jewett. 

May 13. Wray, Charles. 

Paterson, Wm. Bromfield. 

Littlewood, Harry. 
June 10. Trott, Dudley Cox. 

Sinclair, Thomas. 

Buckell, William Robert. 

Horrocks, William Henry. 

Thorburn, William. 

Blaxland, Walter. 

Bowes, William Henry. 

Heath, Charles Joseph. 

Pearson, Charles Yelverton. 
Dec. 9. Targett, James Henry. 

Roughtou, Edmund Wilkinson. 



Dec. 9. Sylvester, George Holden. 
Podd, John llichard. 
Vinrace, Felix Conlson. 
Little, Ernest Muirhead. 
Openshavr, Thomas Horrocks. 
Hudson, Ernest. 
Harrison, Edward. 
French, Geo. "William Henrj'. 
Campbell, Ernest Kenneth. 
Elliott, John. 
Tanner, Charles Ed-vrard. 
Page, Harry Marmaduke. 

Mar. 10. Barrett, James "William. 
June 9. Braddon, "^'illiam Leonard. 

James, David Philip. 

Richmond, Charles Ernest. 

Hare, Evan Herring. 

Hatch, William Keith. 

Hewkley, Frank. 

Robinson, Henry Betham. 

Hadley, Wilfred James. 

Lawrence, Laurie Asher. 

Hughes, Edgar Alfred. 

Tubby, Alfred Herbert. 

Carr, John Walter. 

Heatherley, Francis. 

Lund, Herbert. 

Spencer, Walter George. 
Dec. 8. Taylor, Henry Herbert. 

Waldy, John. 

Townesend, Stephen Chapman. 

Thomas, David. 

Murray, George Alfred Everett. 

Roberts, James Reid. 

Cropley, Henry. 

Smith, Frederick John. 

Shadbolt, Lionel Pierrepoint. 

Apr. 12. Carless, Albert. 

IS'ewbolt, George Palmerston. 
f Marston, Jeflery Allen, C.B. 
June 14. Fox, Herbert. 

Lloyd, Perceval Allen. 
Adams, James. 
Morton, Andrew Stanford. 
Kempe, John Arthur. 


June 14. Mackern, John. 

Pearse, Thomas Frederick, 

Dodd, Henry Work. 

Morris, Charles Arthur. 

Hind, "VSTieelton. 

Willett, Edgar William. 

Arnold, Ernest Charles. 

Wells, George Lee. 

Brock, James Harry Ernest. 

Drew, Arthur John. 

Beddoes, Thomas Pugh. 

Hart-Smith, Franke Cham- 

Armstrong, Hugh. 

Walker, Henry Seeker. 

Jowers, Reginald Francis. 

Tonks, Henry. 

Totsuka Kankai. 

SoUy, Ernest. 

Taylor, Arthur Sneyd. 

Taylor, Frederick Howard. 

Rattray, Patrick Whyte. 
July 12. Kidd, Hugh Cameron. 
Oct. 11. DeSanti,PhilipRobertWilliam. 
Dec. 13. Rowell, George. 

Adams, John. 

Douglas, Claude. 

Codd, Arthur Fredk. Gambell. 

Brodie, Charles Gordon. 

Spicer, Wm. Thomas Holmes. 

Kinsey-Taylor, Alfred Ernest. 

Johnson, Raymond. 

Rawes, William. 

Gooddy, Edward Samuel. 

Lucy, Reginald Horace. 

Coombe, Russell. 

Stabb, Ewen Carthew. 

Mar. 14. Burghard, Frederic Francois 

Brook, William Henry Breffit. 
June 13. Blakcsley. Henry John. 

Russell, Robert Hamilton. 

Gunn, Donald StilweU. 

Gray, John Power William. 

Spoug, Charles Stuart. 

Leech, Priestley. 

Flemming, Percy. 

Edge, Frederick. 




June 13. Parsons, Frederick Gymer. 

lledmayne, Thomas. 

Drew, iSenr)' "William. 

Thompson, James Edwin. 

Jones, Sydney Harold. 

Smith, Hugh. 

Brown, Herbert Henry 

Crook, Herbert Evelyn. 

Balgarnie, Wilfred. 

Brook, WiUiam Frederick. 

Davenport, Cecil John. 

Jones, Oswald Meredith. 

Gilford, Hastings. 

"Wacher, Sidney. 

Street, Ashton. 
Oct. 17. Dean, Henry Percy. 

Ward, Arthur Henry. 
Dec. 12. Perry, Francis Frederic. 

Morton, Charles Alexander. 

Mortimer, John Desmond 

Swain, James. 

Crowle, Thos. Henry Eickard. 

Murray, Ilobert William. 

McLachlan, John. 

Larkin, Frederic Charles. 

Permewan, William. 

Pennell, George Herbert. 

Galloway, James. 

Ashworth, Percy. 

Feb. 13. Thomas, William Thelwall. 

Yernon, Arthur Heygate. 
Apr. lO.^Crowfoot, William Miller. 
June 12. Parkin, Alfred. 

Grant, James Dundas. 

Freeman, William Thomas. 

James, Herbert Ellison Rhodes. 

Lukis, Charles Pardey. 

Andrews, Arch. George. 

Drew, Hedley Vicars. 

Wilson, Alexander. 

Ridley, George Walter. 

Lewis, Edward John. 

Napier, Francis Horatio. 

Lake, Richard. 

Francis, Alfred George 


June 12. Smith, John William. 

Crouch, Charles Percival. 

Lawrence, Thomas William 

Thompson, William Henry. 

Richardson, William George. 

Solly, Reginald Yaughan. 

Waterhouse, Herbert Furnivall. 

Trechmann, Maximilian Lin- 

Turney, Horace George. 

Barnett, Louis Edward. 

Cuff, Herbert Edmund. 

Smith, Guy BeUingham. 
July 10. Parry, Albert Alexander. 
Oct. 9. BidweU, Leonard Arthur. 

Moynihan, Berkeley George 
Nov. 13. Rennie, George Campbell. 
Dec, 11. Coumbe, John Batten. 

Collins, Edward Treacher. 

Caldwell, Robert. 

Evans, AYillmott Henderson. 

Blight, William Lyne. 

Williams, Campbell. 

Barendt, Frank Hugh. 

White, Frank Faulder. 

Staveley, William Henry 

Clarke, James Jackson. 

Murray, John. 

Braine, Charles Carter. 

Cheatle, George Lenthal. 

Collier, Horace Stansfield. 

da Costa, Francis Xavier. 

Mothersole, Robert Devereux. 

Colby, James Geo. Ernest. 

Parkinson, John Porter. 

Beale, Peyton Todd Bowman 

Barratt, John Oglethorpe 

Morison, James Rutherford. 

Feb. 12. Deanesly, Edward. 
Mar. 12. Caddy, Arnold. 
Apr. 9. White, GilbcrtBenjaminMower. 
il Turner, Thomas. 




Apr. 9.^Keegan, Denis Francis. 
May 4. Thompson, Walter. 
June 11. Pronger, Charles Ernest. 

Morley, Edward John. 

Xance, Henry Chester. 

Turton, James. 

"VVallis, Frederick Charles 

Eayner, Herbert Edward. 

Herbert, Herbert. 

Stocks, William Percy. 

Heaton, George. 

Lucas, Albert. 

Teichelman, Ebenezer. 

Roberts, John Lloyd. 

Housman, Basil WiUiams. 

Campbell, John. 

Macgregor, Joseph Johnston. 

Cobbett, Louis. 

Blacker, George Francis. 

Johnstone, James. 

Kellock, Thomas Herbert. 

Eoss, Daniel McClure. 

Dyall, Thomas James. 
July 30. Forward, Francis Edward. 
Oct. 15. Caiger, Herbert. 

"Waring, Holburt Jacob. 
Dec. 10. WooUett, Charles Jerome. 

Yoisey, Clement Bernard. 

Jones, David Llewellyn. 

Nairn, Robert. 

Kash, Walter Gifford. 

Tickery .William Henry. 

Duer, Charles. 

Falkner, Edgar Ashley. 

Piatt, John Edward. 

Cook, Herbert George Graham. 

Fowler, Charles Edward Percy. 

Bickersteth, Robert Alexander. 

Jordan, John Furneaux. 

Langlands, Francis Henry. 

Martin, Christopher. 

Rouillard, Laurent Antoine 

Bird, Robert. 

Jan. 14. Wilkinson, Edmund. 

Masterman, Ernest William 


Apr. y.HThomas, Jabez, 
June 9. Abbott, Francis Charles. 

Pickard, Ransom. 

Hartley, John. 

Anderson, George Reinhardt. 

Pringle, James Hogarth. 

White, Edgar Ramsay. 

Cheatle, Arthur Henry. 

Roberts, Charles Hubert. 

EUiot, Robert Henry. 

Stevens, Cecil Robert. 

Cargill, Lionel Vernon. 

Fawcett, John. 

Sandifer, Henry Stephen. 

Griffiths, Joseph. 

Rawlinson, Frederick Juland. 

Shearer, Donald Francis. 

Ashe, Evelyn Oliver. 

Laws, William George. 

Welsford, Arthur Gerald, 
July 14. Lea, Arnold William War- 
Aug. 1. Drew, Douglas. 
Oct. I'd. Eccles, William McAdam. 

Pennell, Theodore Leigh ton, 

Hamilton, Edward Thomas 
Dec. 8. Doyne, Robert Walter. 

Robinson, William. 

CMde, Charles Plumley. 

Thomas, John L)-nn. 

Edridge-Green, Frederic 

Olive, Eustace John Parke. 

Foster, William James. 

Grey, Thomas Campbell, 

Hallidie, Andrew HaUidie 

Hopkins, George Herbert. 

Thomas, John Llewellyn. 

Preston, Charles Henry. 

Mole, Harold Frederic. 

Marshall, Charles Devereux. 

Feb. 10. Bailey, Robert Cozens. 
Rogers, Leonard. 
Maidlow, William Harvey. 
Apr. 13.^Turner, Sir AVilliam. 




Apr. IS.^Plowright, Charles Baggc. 
May ] 1. Gibbs, Charles. 
June 8. Houghton, Walter. 

Smith, Perdinand Clarence. 

"W'hitelocke, Richard Henry 

Walker, Cyril Hutchinson. 

Powell, AVilliam Wyudham. 

Firth, John Lacy. 

Fripp, Alfred Downing (Kut. 

Griffiths, Cornelius Albert. 

Marshall, Charles Frederic. 

Musgrove, James. 

Sequeira, James Harry. 

Lack, Harrj- Lambert. 

Box, Charles llicliard. 

Johnson, Frederick. 

Lawson, Arnold. 

Banks, Alfred. 

Michels, Ernst. 

Fisher, John Herbert. 

Montgomery, William Percy. 

Wallace, Cuthbert Sidney. 

Burden, Henry. 

Hepburn, Malcolm Langton. 
July 7. Gamgee, Leonard Parker. 
Oct. 12. Jones, Martin Llewellyn. 

Taylor, Tom Robinson. 
Dec. 14. Thomson, St. Clair. 

Wilson, Thomas. 

Kelson, William Henry. 

Pollard, Charles. 

Roxburgh, Alexander Bruce. 

Spurrell, Charles. 

Yearslcy, Percival Macleod. 

lonides, Theodore Henry. 

Jones, David John. 

Leedham -Green, Charles 

Low, Vincent Warren. 

Salter, Charles Edward, 

Rochfort-Brown, Herbert. 

Feb. 8. Miles,. William Ernest. 

Clcgg, John Gray. 
:NLir. 8. Rake, Alfred Theodore. 
Turner, Joseph George. 



Apr. 12. Blackwell, Arthur Seal. 

%^Puzey, Chauncy. 
May 10. Sheen, Alfred William. 
June 14. Hamerton, George Albert. 

Clarke, Ernest. 

Cadman, Arthur Wellesley. 

Howse, Percy William Mac- 

Green, Charles David. 

Westmacott, Frederic Hibbert. 

Littler, Robert Meredith. 

Mahood, Allan Edward. 

Hall, John Moore. 

Hogarth, Piobert George. 

Ouston, Thomas George. 

Purvis, William Prior. 

Rutter, Hubert Llewellyn. 

Adams, Edmund Weaver. 

Armstead, Hugh Wells. 

Rutter, Francis Burchett. 

Sichel, Gerald Theodore Sil- 

Henry, Edwin. 

Jones, George David Edwardes. 

Lister, Thomas David. 

Christie. William Ledingham. 

Belben, Frank. 

Boyd, Thomas Hugh. 

Buchanan, James Spittal. 

Wilkinson, George. 

Grimsdale, Harold Barr. 

Keith, Arthur. 

Leathes, John Beresford. 

Rigby, George Owen. 

Barrjngton, Fournes. 
July 30. Daldy, Arthur Mantell. 

Scotson, Frederick Charles. 

Durham, Herbert Edward. 
Oct. 11. Grifhn, WiUiam Watson. 
Dec. 13. Hall, Geoffry Craythorne 

Williams, David James. 

Counsell, Herbert Edward. 

Evans, Evan. 

Hughes, Samuel Henry. 

Farmer, Gabriel Wm. Stahel. 

Mills, Yarnold Hubert. 

Bro willow, Harry Lurgan. 

New))y, Gcrvase Edward. 

Cai'wardine, Thomas. 




Dec. 13. Selby, Edmond "Wallace. 

Cresswell, Prank Tearson 

Pantin, Charles Satcliell. 
Luce, Eicliard Hnrmaii, 
Baldwin, Gerald Kobert. 
Godfrey, Horace Percy. 
Douglas-Crawford, Douglas. 
Barrett, John Edward. 

] 89o. 
Jan. lU. Beddoe, David Morgan. 
April 4. Chalmers, Albert John. 

Smith. John Stanley Kellelt. 
June 13. Green, Chas. Robert Mortimer. 

Bennett, ^\'illiam Ed-\\ ard. 

Stevens, Tliomas George. 

Levick, Harry Driffield. 

Ingall, Frank Ernest. 

MacLeod, Charles Edward 

Warner. Thomas. 

Spencer, Charles George. 

Eurnivall, Percy. 

Marson, Francis Herbert. 

Webb. James Bam say. 

Wightman. Cecil Frank. 

Harris, AMUiam James. 

Sloane, John Stretton. 

Walton, Herbert James. 

Cooper, Percy Robert, 

Cuff, Archibald William. 

Shillitoe. Arthur. 

Gordon, John. 

Lister, William Tindall. 

Lockett, George Vernon. 

Michell, Robert Williams. 
Oct. 10. Wilson. Xorman Octavius. 
lSo\. 14. Senior, Harold Dickinson. 
Dec. 12. Foulerto7i, Alexander Grant 

Tanner. Herbert. 

Pisani, Lionel John. 

Ridley. Nicholas Charles. 

Lace, Frederick. 

Leaf, Cecil Huntington. 

Curtis, Henry Jones. 

Addison, Christopher. 

Ballanee, Hamilton Ashley. 


Dec. 12. Hainworth, Edward Marrack, 
Randall, ^lartin. 
Sutclitfe, William Greenwood. 
Smith ,ThomasRudolfHampdc)! 
Turner, AVilliam. 
El worthy, Henry Stuart. 
Arnold, Gilbert James. 
Colby, Francis Edward Albert. 
Brown, Ralph Charles. 
Brodie, William Haig. 

Jan. 9. 
Mar. ]2. 
J line 1 1. 

Haines, John William. 

Edgecombe, Wiltiid. 

Tomlineon, William Henry. 

Macnab, Allan James. 

Wood, John Forrester. 

Waddelow, John Joseph. 

Paling, Albert. 

Rayner. David Charles. 

Smith, William Robert. 

Coaker, Francis Wm. John. 

Baldwin, Aslett. 

Scrase, Frank Edward. 

Sharji, Arthur John. 

Campbell, Robert. 

Maingay, Henry Bertram. 

Taylor, Ed\vin Claude. 

Adams, Evelyn Geo. Beadon. 

Dick. John Lawson. 

Parry, Leonard Arthur, 

White, Charles Powell. 

Lockyer, Cuthbert Henrj* 

Ray, John Howson. 

Stone, William Gream. 

Bryant, Charles Hilary, 

Moffat, Henry Alford." 

O'Hea, James Patrick. 

Cavanagh-^Iainwaring, Went- 
worth Rowland. 

Woods. William James. 

Hamilton, George Gibson. 

!Mahon, Ralph Bodkin. 
July 9. Templeton, George. 

Richardson, Sidney William 
Dec. 10. Quicke, William Henry. 

Harris. Herbert Elwin. 





Dec. 10. James, George Thomas. 
Jaffrey, Francis. 
I^all, Johu Erederick. 
Riley, Frederick Radcliffe. 
Elsworth, Richard Cogswell. 
Gladstone, Reginald John. 
Howat, Robert King. 
Davies, Hugh. 
Hall, Charles Beauchamp. 
Scott, James Andrew Neptune. 
Pendred, Vaughan. 
Ryall, Charles. 
Grace, John Johnston. 
Pinch, AlbertEdwinHayward. 
Fraser, Forbes. 
Hewer, Cecil Mackenzie. 
Every-Clayton, LeopoldErnest 

Giles, Leonard Thomason. 
Willis, William Morley. 
Shaw, Harold Batty. 
Savage, Ernest Smallwood. 
Bruce, Herbert Alexander. 
Melsome, William Stanley. 

Mar. 11. Linnington, William Webb. 

Sprawsou, Frederick Charles. 
April 8. Cowen, George Hebb. 

IfMeredith, William Appleton. 
June 10. Howse, Neville Reginald. 

Luard, Hugh Bixby. 

Kelly, Charles Ernest Mac- 

Watkins-Pitchford, Wilfred. 

Stack, Edward Hugh Edwards. 

Paterson, Herbert Johu. 

Hulke, Sydney Backhouse. 

Wace, Cyril. 

Crowlev, John Henrv Joseph. 

Duffett^ Henry AUcroft. 

Fox, George Raymond. 

Lee, William Edward. 

Drake, Courtenay Henry. 

Gullan, Archibald Gordon. 

Handley, William Sampson. 

Thomas, Thomas Morrell. 

Clark, William Gladstone. 

Legg, Thomas Percy. 


June 10. Cook, John Howard. 

Going, Robert Marshal. 
Dec. 9. Freeland, Ernest Harding. 

Blair, Charles Samuel. 

Barnett, John Edward Sewell. 

Cholmeley, William Frederick. 

Morland,Cha3. Henry Duncan. 

Martin, Albert Edward. 

Bowring, Walter Andrew. 

Strange, Arthur. 

Hayes, George Constable. 

Manning, Guy Eugene. 

Phillips, Llewellyn Caractacus 

Dickinson, Harold Bertie. 

Miskin, Leonard John. 

Pearson, Maurice Grey. 

Ashdowne, Wallace Charles 

Evans, Arthur Henry. 

Dyball, Brennan. 

Maxwell, John Preston. 

Smith, James. 

Christopherson, John Brian. 

Pendlebury, Herbert String- 

Jan. 12. Steward, Francis James. 
Mar. 10. Madden, Frank Cole. 
Apr. 14. Thurston, Edward Owen. 
Fagge, Charles Herbert. 
^[Spanton, William Dunnett. 
^ Tomes, Charles Sissmore. 
June 9. Roll, Graham Winfield. 

Wright, Dudley D'Auvergne. 
TiUey, Herbert. 
Frazer, John Ernest Sullivan. 
Clarkson, George Aylwin. 
Cochrane, Archer Wm. Ross. 
Collard, Frederick Stuartson. 
Prain, John Leay. 
Toye, Edwin Josiah. 
Cooke, Arthur. 
Tod, Hunter Finlay. 
Benson, John Robinson. 
Briggs, John Arthur Oswald. 
Leicester, John Cyril Holdick. 
Price, Henry James. 

!) 1 -J. 



June 9. Godson, Alfred Henry. 

Miisina, Hormasji Mauekji. 
Oct. 13. Xuthall, Alex. Wathen. 

Bussell, John Dill. 
Dec. 8. Worth, Claud Alley. 

Ince, Arthur Godfrey. 

Sowry, George Herbert. 

Harnian, Nathaniel Bishop. 

Bell, Hugh Thomas Symes. 

Ormond, Arthur \Yilliain. 

Sikes, Alfred V\' alter. 

Hancock, William Ilbert. 

Stuart-Low, William. 

Bonnin, James Atkinson. 

Feb. 9 

Apr. 13. 
June 8 

July 27 
Nov. 2 
Dec. 14, 

. Heath, Arthur. 

Burgess, Arthur Henry. 
^Chavasse, Thomas Frederick 

(Knight 19U5). 
^Dennis, Frederic Shepard. 
. Eobinson, Frederick William. 

Ogilvie, Fergus ilonteith. 

Gaskell, Arthur. 

Wood, William Charrington. 

Cookson, Frederick Nestield. 

Scharlieb, Herbert Johann. 

Copley, Stanley. 

Carter, Felix Bolton. 

Riley, Francis. 

Sanders, Alfred William. 

Douglas, Archibald Eobert 

Crabtree, Angelo Matteo 

Hewetson, John Thomas. 

Tucker, Alexander Benjamin. 

Fox, Edward Joseph. 

Watson, George Trustram, 

Evans, John Jameson. 

Newland, Henry Simpson. 

Dee, Maurice Vincent. 

Battersby, James. 

Daniel, Peter Lewis. 

Williams, Henry Thomas 

Rodocanachi, Ambrose John. 

Modi, Shapurji Hormasji. 

Roberts, Charles. 

Playfair, Hugh James Moore. 

Dec. 14, Carson, Herbert WiUiam. 
Evans, Evan Laming. 
Lelean, Percy Samuel. 
Howell, John. 
Bonney, William Francis 

Bucknall, Thomas Rupert 

Trotter, Wilfred Batten Lewis. 
Keyser, Charles Ralph. 
StaweU, Rodolph de Salis. 
Walker, John William 

Cudmore, Arthur Murray. 
Mundy, Herbert. 
Ralston, Robert Gow. 
Mannington, Frank. 
Skevington, Joseph Oliver- 
Corner, Edred Moss. 
A-dam, John Law. 
MacCallan, Arthur Ferguson. 
Smith, Gilbert. 

Apr. S.THooper, William Roe (K.C.S.I. 
5[Page, Frederic. 
May 10. Smith, Edward Archibald. 

Hine, Hugh FitzNeville. 
May 31. Mulroney, Thomas Richard. 

Milward, Frederic Victor. 

Rigby, Hugh Mallinson. 

Fairbairn, John Shields. 

Rawliiig, Louis Bathe. 

Lynch, Stephen Frederick. 

Dyson, Malcolm Goodworth, 

Armour, Donald John. 

Harmer, William Douglas. 

Hislop, Walter John Henry. 

Clogg, Herbert Sherwell. 

McGavin, Lawrie Hugh. 

Jones, Arthur Webb. 

Middlebro, Thomas Holmes. 

Mummery, John Percy Lock- 
Dec. 13. !i[aynard, Frederic Pinsent. 

Carpontor. Edgar Godfrey. 

Parsons, John Herbert. 

Browerton, Elmore Wright. 




Dec. 13. Wilson, Alexander Gordon. 
Hewer, Edward Septimus 

Hunter, Irwin "Walter "William. 
Sargent, Percy "V^'illiam George. 
Mayo, Thomas Alfred. 
Sherrcn, James. 
Johnstone, Robert James. 

Apr. ll.^Smith, Joseph Priestley. 

^lioss, Ronald. 
June 20. liyles, John Beuzeville. 

Murphy, James Keogh, 

^Newton, Robert Earle. 

Banting, Cecil. 

VeUacott, Philip Northcott. 

Gibson, William Robert. 

Rowlands, Robert Pugh. 

Batchelpr, Ferdinand Stanley. 

Dent, Howard Henry 

Dobson, Joseph Faulkner. 

Tyrrell, Francis Astley 

Greg, Arthur Hyde, 

Gask, George Ernest. 

Enwin, "^'illiam Howard. 

Barwell, Harold Shuttleworth. 

Pryee, Harold Vaughan. 

Burrows, Harold. 

Simpson, Graham Scales. 

Tymms, Herbert George. 

Lowman, William HenviUe. 

Aitken, Robert Young. 

Cunning, Joseph, 

McMulleu, William Halli- 
Dec. 12, Steward, Edward Simmons. 

Wills, Bertram Shera. 

Mayou, Marmaduke Stephen. 

Turner, Philip. 

Evans, John Howell. 

Fairbank, Harold Arthur 

Acland, Hngh Thomas Dyke. 

Trotter, Edward. 

Wilson, Alexander Garrick. 

Nichols, William Robson. 


Dec. 12 Wright, William. 

Billingtou, William. 
McLachlan, Arthur Ronald. 
Wilkin, Lancelot. 
McCann, Frederick John. 
Edwards, Thomas Henry. 
Paul, Samuel Chelliah. 
Secretan, Walter Bernard. 
Edmunds, Arthur. 
Greene, William Henry 

Savage, Thomas Copeland. 
Thompson, George William. 
Tweedie, Alexander Robert. 
Bruce, Harold Wilson, 
Harbison, David Thomas. 
Sawrey, Ernest Edward 


Jan. 16. Xutt, Harold Rothery. 
Apr. Power, William Henry, 
June 12, Lewis, Herbert Wolsele)-. 

Jones, Edmund Benjamin, 

Pettey, Tom. 

Pardee, John George. 

Dun, Robert Craig, 

Wareham, Sidney James, 

Marriage, Herbert James. 

Mackie, Frederic Percival. 

Greaves, Francis Ley Augustus. 

Jones, Thomas Caldwell Litler, 

Barnes, Frank. 

Watson, Charles Gordon, 

Henderson, John Hunter. 

Ewart, Robert John. 

Isitch, Cyril Alfred Rankin. 

Soltau, Alfred Bertram. 

Ward-Smith, Ward. 

Newman, John Campin. 

West, Charles Ernest. 

Compton, Alwyne Theodore. 

Curtis, Frederick. 

Lett, Hugh. 

Robinson, James Frederick. 

Griffiths, William Layard. 

O'Meara, Eugene John. 

Paton, Leslie Johnston. 

Henderson, Edward Erskinc. 



June 12. Richards, William Hunter. 
July 10. Hartley, John Dawson. 
Oct. 16. Lister, Alfred Ernest John. 
Nov. 13. Connor, Frank Powell. 
Dec. 11. Pilgrim, Herbert Wilson. 

Angus, Henry Brunton. 

AVood, Cyril George Russ. 

Greenyer, Yivian Tudor. 

Hicks, Henry Thomas. 

McClure, James. 

Craig, James Andrew. 

Smith, Sidney Maynard. 

Morley, Arthur Solomon. 

Scott, Sydney Richard. 

Warren, Richard. 

Longridge, Charles John 

Broomhall, Benjamin Charles. 

Jones, Lawrence. 

Ridge, Edwyn Manners. 

Wessels, Frangois Henry. 

Cross, Francis George. 

Thompson, Arthur Ralph. 

Ticehurst, Norman Frederic. 

Shuttleworth, Charles Buck- 

Jenkins, George John. 

Dodds-Parker, Arthur Percy. 

Swan, Russell Henry Jocelyn. 

Mar. 12. Greenfield, Dudley George. 
Apr. 2.^Lovell, Sir Francis Henry 

June 11. Lyle, Herbert Willoughby. 

Peters, Edwin Arthur. 

Mumford, Wilfred George. 

Fremantle, Francis Edward. 

Jenkins, Herbert Stanley. 

Roberts, George Augustus. 

Martin-Leake, Arthur, V.C. 

Moorshead, Robert Fletcher. 

Nicol, Burton Alexander. 

Lilley, Ernest Lewis. 

Wirgman, Charles Wynu. 

CoUinson, Harold. 

Cruise, Richard Robert. 

Gough, William. 

Camps, Percy William Leopold. 

Dickie, William Stewart. 


June 11. Hunt, Edmund Henderson. 

Jaques, Robert. 

Telford, Evelyn Davison. 

Maclaren, Norman. 

Atkins, John. 

Fairlie-Clarke, Allan Johnston. 

Jones, Bertrand Seymour. 

Pitts, Arthur Gentry. 

Stusser, Israel. 

Odgers, Paul Norman Blake. 

Marlow, Frederick William. 

Formby, Henry Harper. 

Howard, Russell John. 
Aug. 4. Bowen, William Henry. 
Oct, 15. English, Thomas Crisp. 
Dec. 10. Myler, John William. 

Molesworth, Theodore Hen- 

Taylor, Frank Edward, 

Rose, Frank Atcherley. 

Slater, Benjamin Holroyd. 

Turner, George Grey. 

Brawn, Harry Ellis. 

Maxwell, William Henry. 

Jennings, John Frederick. 

Marshall, James Cole. 

Phillips, Miles Harris. 

Doble, Henry Tregellas, 

Ross, Frederick William 

Coats, George, 


Wilson, William Carlyle. 

Wylie, David Storer. 

Jan, 14. Fedden, Walter Fedde, 

Caddy, Adrian. 
Apr. 14. Whitaker, Roy Henry Rollin- 
^Ward, Edward. 
June 9. Watson, John Harry. 

Heath, Philip Maynard, 
Ridout, Charles Archibald 

Coates, John. 
Jones, William Warner, 
Addison, Oswald Lacy, 
Fisher, Edward Fow. 
Parkin, Alfred. 





June y. Scott, Wallace Arthur. 

Wenhani, Herbert Victor. 

Thompson, Harold Theodore. 

Beckett-Overy, Harrj-. 

Roberts, James Alexander. 

Hartley, Harold. 
Oct. 13. Nesfield, Vincent Blumhardt. 

Robertson, Carrick Hey. 
Nov. 10. Greenwood, Charles Henry. 
Dec. 8. Hayward, John Arthur. 

Marriott, Cecil Edward. 

Hasslacher, Francis Joseph. 

Cla}', John. 

Pollard, Herbert Dean. 

McGavin, Donald Johnston 

Walters, Charles Ferrier. 

Elmslie, Reginald Cheyne. 

AVaugh, George Ernest. 

Coke, WilliamFrancis Harriott 

Carling, Ernest Rock. 

Hastings, Somerville. 

Davies-Colley, Hugh. 

Upcott, Harold. 

Adams, Joseph Ebenezer. 

Lyth, Harold Ashton. 

Rees, William Arthur. 

Brailey, Arthur Robertson. 

Carpmael, Xorman. 

Harnett, "Walter Lid well. 

Moon, Archibald Trevor. 

Black, Kenneth. 

Faulder, Thomas Jefferson. 

Goulden, Charles Bernard. 

Spriggs, Xeville Ivcns. 

Parker, Frederick Henry. 

Ferguson, Robert James. 

McNab, Angus. 

Tawse, Herbert Bell. 

Jan. 12. Waterfield, Noel Everard. 

Burgess, John Hay. 
Mar. 9. Rowntree, Cecil William, 
June 1. Spreat, Frank Arthur. 
Norman, Frederick. 
Selby, William, D.S.O. 
Foulkes,- Thomas Howard. 
Swainson, James Midleton 


June 1. Perrin, Thomas. 

Taunton, Edgar. 

Thomson, Charles Bertram. 

Walker, Robert Alexander. 

Killick, Charles. 

Graham, Cecil Irving. 

Lakin, Charles Ernest. 

Dolbey, Robert Valentine. 

Smith, George Frederick Dar- 

Richards, Owen William. 

Pierpoiut, Harry. 

Ward, Bernard Joseph. 

Williams, Moses Thomas. 

James, William Warwick. 

Atkey, Oliver Francis Hapies. 

Goldie, Walter Leigh. Mac- 

Guthrie, Thomas. 

Hamilton, Arthur Francis. 

Mylvaganam, Henry Bailey. 

Kidd, Francis Seymour. 

Noon, Leonard. 

Cooke, James Douglas. 

Hudson, Arthur Cyril. 

Daniels, Frederic William. 

Bates, Tom. 

Henderson, Thomas Bonhote. 

Allen, Sydney Chalmers. 

Dundon, John. 

Ellis, Frederick William. 

Pilcher,Edgar Montagu, D.S.O. 
Nov. 9. Barling, Seymour Gilbert. 
Dec. 14. Howse, Cyril Beresford. 

Home, Alfred Lucette. 

Groves, Ernest William Hey. 

Hadley, Frederick Augustus. 

Cunningham, John Francis. 

Wrigley, Philip Roscoe. 

Walker, Harold. 

Bayley, Eric. 

Boyd, Sidney Arthur. 

Fitzmaurice-Kelly, Maurice 
Anthony Miller. 

Hughes, Gerald Stephen. 

Balmc, Harold. 

Burfield, Josejjh. 

Holland, Eardley Lancelot. 

Pye-Smith, Charles Derwent. 



Dec. 14. "Wilson, Harold William. 

Adams, I'hilip Edward Homer. 
Talbot, Leonard Smith. 
Choj'ce, Charles C'oley. 
Kelly, llobert Ernest. 
Patterson, Norman. 
Stephenson, John. 
Wright, Garnett. 

Apr. 5.^Branfoot, Arthur Mudge. 
^ Ellis. Herbert Mackay 
(K.C.B. 1907). 
June 14. Hugo, Edward Victor. 

Mortimer. William Graddon. 

Noall, William Paj-nter. 

Stewart, George Irvine 

Hayden, Arthur Falconer. 

Ridewood, Harold Edward. 

Ward, Ernest. 

Webber, Alexander Moxon. 

Cole, Percival Pasley. 

Footner, George RammeU. 

Mollison, William Mayhew. 

Mailoch, William John Ogilvie. 

Coupland, James Alane. 

Bennett, Vivian Boase. 

Farquhar, George Greig. 

Fitzwilliaras, Duncan Camp- 
bell Lloyd. 
Oct. 11. Coutts, David Fitzpatrick. 

James, Robert Rutson. 
Dec. 13. Douty, Edward Henry. 

Richards, William Jones. 

Davies, Hugh Morriston. 

de Silva, Arthur Marcellus. 

Johnson, Alfred Edward. 

Williams, Gwynne Evan Owen. 

Taylor, William Gordon. 

Riviere, Bernard Beryl. 

Gilbert, Henry. 

Gibb, Harold Pace. 

Moore, Robert Foster. 

Hughes, Ernest Cranmer. 

Mant, Harold Turley. 

Milne, Robert. 

Moore, Walter William. 


Dec. 13. Greeves, Reginald Affleck. 
Steele, Percy Kingsley. 

Mar. 14. Robinson, Gerald Charles 

Norbury. Lionel Edward Close. 
Apr. IS.fHill, Alex. 

^Thomson, Arthur. 
June 13. Turner, Reginald George. 

Denyer, Stanley Edward, 

Paramore, Richard Horace. 

Arkle, James Vere. 

Hepworth, Frank Arthur. 

Cripps, William Lawrence. 

Goyder, Francis Willoughby. 

Cumberlidge, William Isaac. 

Jeans, Frank Alexander Gallon. 

Ball, William Girling. 

Perkins, Herbert Wilberforce, 

Walton, Albert James. 

Back, Ivor Gordon. 

Mead, John Clarke. 

Faulkner, Ebenezer Ross. 

Giuseppi, Paul Leon. 
' Birks, Melville. 

Forbes, Robert Dow. 

McKenty, Francis Edmund. 

Barry, David Thomas. 

Etherington-Smith, Raymond 

Goodwin, Arthur Charles. 

Harcourt, Richard Eugene. 

Joly, John Swift. 

^Mackenzie, Francis Scobie. 

Rayner, Henry Herbert. 
Nov. 14. Bott, Robert Henry. 
Dec. 12. Ainsworth, Hugh. 

j^Iaynard, Edwin. 

Maxwell, Richard Drummond. 

Stock, William Stuart Vernon. 

Fisher, Welby Earle. 

Couzens, Alfred John. 

Bain, Edward Walter. 

French, John Gay. 

Culpin, Millais. 

Appleyard, WilHam. 

Hayraan, Samuel Cliflbrd. 





Dec. 12. Chitty, Hubert. 

Hardwick-Smith, Henry. 

Bricrley, "Wilfrid Edward. 

Clarke, Colin. 

Gray, Harry Tyrrell. 

McPhersou, Thomas. 

Talbot, Philip. 

Jamison, Keginald. 

Braithwaite, Leonard Ralph. 

Duncan, Kenneth McKenzie. 

Falconer, James Law. 

Gillespie, Edward. 

Ligat, David. 

Shorney, Herbert Frank. 

Apr. 9. Dawson, Joseph Bernard. 
il'Walker, Thomas James. 
^Keatinge, Henry Pottinger. 
Jane 18. Urwin, John Johnson. 

Gray, Archibald Montague 

Hett, Geoffrey Seccombe. 
!Moore, Clifford Arthur, 
llischbieth, Harold. 
Irving, Hamilton. 
Gibb, James Glenny. 
Hine, Montague Leonard. 
Page, Charles Max. 
Davies-Colley, Robert. 
Boy, Donald Whatley. 
Daw, Samuel Wilfrid. 
Kinder, Alexander. 
Unwin, Harold Arthur Robert 

Frankau, Claud Howard 

Wilson, George Ewart. 
Simpson, George Charles 

Holtzmann, "Wilfred "^"atkin- 

Short, Arthur Rendle. 
July 9. Smith, ('harles Harold. 
„ 30. Mills, George Percival. 
Dec. 10. Balean, Hermann. 

Macmillan, John McCallum 

Ross, Robert Ainslie. 


Dec. 10. Hamilton, "William Haywood. 
Blaxland, Athelstan Jasper. 
Colt, George Herbert. 
Coventon, Albert "William 

Hey, Wilson Harold. 
Ho])e, Charles William 

Adler, James Elrick. 
Welchman, Walter. 
Davis, Haldinstein David. 
Whitehouse, Harold Beckwith. 
Evans, John Jackson Whatley. 
Fenwick, William Stephen. 
Huggins, Godfrey Martin. 
Walker, Kenneth Macfarlane. 
Cars well, William Elliott. 
Nightingale, Henry John. 
Crawford. Andrew John, 
Will an, Robert Joseph. 
Pooley, George Henry. 
Aitken, David McCrae. 
Crymble, Percival Templeton. 
Glendining, Bryden. 
Killen, Thomas. 
Payne, John Ernest. 
Slinger, Robert Towuley. 

Jan. 14. Rutherford, Xorman Cecil. 
Mar. 11. Barrington, Frederick James 

Apr. l.^^Murphy, Sir Shirley Forster. 

•jThane, George Dancer. 
June 10. James, Charles Henry. 
Oldfield, Carlton. 
Dorrell, Edmund Arthur. 
Smith, Percy Montague. 
Dawnay, Archibald Hugh 

Battye, Walter Rothney. 
Letchworth, Thomas Wilfrid. 
Forshaw, William Herbert. 
Levy, Aaron. 
Rainforth, Jolin Jekyll. 
Woolfenden, Herbert Francis. 
White, Clifford Sidne)'. 
Worthington, Robert Alfred. 
Julor, Frank Anderson. 




June 10. Clare, Thomas Charles. 
Barris, John Davis. 
Lavton, Thomas Bramley. 
McDonagh, James Eustace 

McDonald, Sydney Gray. 
Quick, Hamilton Ernest. 
Farrant, Eupert. 
Fleming, Alexander. 
Joyce, James Leonard. 
Leipoldt, Christian Frederic 


June 10. Neil, William Fulton. 

Kobertson, Cecil Frederick. 
Martin, Edward Kenneth. 
Ollerenshaw, Robert. 
Poate, Hugh Raymond Guy. 
Pybus, Frederick Charles. 
Cope, Vincent Zachary. 
Devereux. Arthur Cecil, 
ilunby, William Maxwell. 
Ranting, Laurence Chris- 




*Fellow elected " ad eundein" 1 

+ Fellows by Election 13 

1[ Fellows elected as Members of 20 years' standing 2a 

Fellows by Examination i^uninarked) 1,415 

Total 1,^57 

Name and Residence. 
Abbott, Francis Charles, "Herinitaye.'^ White Hill, Bletchingley 
Acland, Hugh Thomas Dyke, North Belt, Christchurch, N.Z. . . 

Adam, John Law, Blackicater, Hants 

Adams, Edmund Weaver, Church-street, Slough 

Adams, Evelyn George Beadon, The Grange, Martock 

Adams, James, 4 Chisicick-place, Ha<tbonrne 

Adams, John, 180 Aldersgate-street, E.C 

Adams, Joseph Ebenezer, Gl Wimpole-street, W 

Adams, Josiah Oake, 63 Kenninghall-road, Clapton, N.E 

Adams, Matthew Algernon, The Kulm, Bearstead, Maidstone . . 

Adams, Philip Edward Homer, 53 Broad-street, Oxford 

Addison, Christopher, Pretty Corner, Northwood, Middlesex . . 

Addison, Oswald Lacy, 55 a Welbeck-street, W 

Adler, James Elrick, 53 Pyrland-road, Canonburtj, N 

Ainsworth Hugh, Capt. I. M.S., c'o Cook 4" Son, Bombay 

Aitken, David McCrae, 19 Dalhousie-terrace, Edinburgh 

Aitken, Robert Young, 53 Preston-new-road, Blackburn 

Aldersmith, Herbert, Christ's Hospital, West Horsham, Susse.v . 

Alexander, William, 31 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Allen, Sydney C, c/w Agent-Gen. for X.Z., 13 Victoria-st., S.W 
Allfrey, C. H., Pltis Neicydd, Princes-road, St. Leonards-on-Sea 
Anderson, Alexander Richard, 5 East Circus-street, Nottiiiyham 
Anderson, George Reinhardt, 36 Hoghton-street, Southport .... 

Andrew, George, 5 Montpelier-crescent, Brighton 

Andrews, Archibald George, 287 Moss-lane East, Manchester . . 
Andrews, AV\ S., St. Mary's-lawn, Leckhampton-rd., Cheltenham 
Angus, ileuTy}i.,Carlf on House, Jes7nond-rd.,Xeiccastle-on-Tyne. 
Appleyard, William, 3 Clifton-villas, Bradford, Yorkshire . . . . 
Arkle, James Vere, Egan-street, Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. 

Armour, Donald John, 89 Har ley-street, W 

Armstead, Hugh Wells, 30 Queensborough-ten-ace, W 

Armstrong, Hugh, 139 Macquarie-street, Hobart, I'asmania . . 
Arnold, Ernest Charles, 133 Sunderland-road, Forest-hill, S.E.- 
Arnold, Gilbert James, " Toojak,'' Torquay 

.Arnott, Rev. Henry, The Rectory, Bcckenham 

Fellow. i 
.Tune 9,18921 
Dec. 12,1901; 
Dec. 14, 1899 
June 14, 1894 
June 11, 1896 
June 14, 188S 
Dec. 13, 1888 
Dec. 8.1904 
June 11, 1874 
June 11, 1868 
Dec. 14,1905 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 9,1904 
Dec. 10,1908 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Dec. 10, 1908 
June 20, 1901 
Dec. 12,1872 
June 14, 1877 
June 1,1905 
June 13, 1867 
Dec. 11,1884 
June 9,1892 
Dec. 11,1879 
June 12, 1890 
June 12, 1879 
Dec. 11,1902 
Dec. 12, 1907 
May 31,1900 
June 14, 1894 
June 14, 1888 
June 14, 1888 
Dec. 12, 1895 
Dec. 10, 1868 

Aug. 2,1888 
Nov. 10, 1898 
Xov. 10, 1898 
Feb. 11,1892 
May 10, 1894 
July 26, 1873 
July 2.5, 1872 
July 31,1902 
Apr. 28,1865 
July 15,1859 
Feb; 11, 1904 
Nov. 12, 1891 
May 9,1901 
JiUy 27, 1905 
INov. 9,1893 
; Dec. 10, 1908 
JFeb. 7,1901 
!.Ian. 25,1870 
! June 14, 1877 
May 11,1905 
Nov. 14, 1861 
Jan. 24,1877 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Jan. 21,1874 
Nov. 19,1881 
May 23, 1878 
JiUy 30, 1891 
Aug. 4,1903 
May 8,1902 
July 8,1897 
Feb. 11,1892 
Apr. 28, 1885 
July 23, 1883 
Nov. 9,1893 
July 29,1864 





Kaiue and Residence. 

Ashby, Alfred, Ashdene, Anjyll^road, Reading 

Ashdowne, Wallace Clias. Geo., 39 Devonshire-street, W 

Ashe, Evelyn Oliver, 58 Currey-street, Kimherley, tape Colmy . 

Ashworth, Percy, Durham-lodfje, 26 Albert-road, Soiithport 

Atkey, Oliver Francis Ilaynes, " Clevelands," Wimbledon 

Atkin, Charles, Endcliffe Croft, Sheffield 

Atkins, John, 59 Addison-yardens, Kensington, W 

Back, Ivor Gordon, 14 Clarges-street, Mayfair, W 

Bacot, William George, Carfa.v, Marlboro' -road, Bournemouth . 
Bii\U\, llohertCozens,3 Spanisk-2}l.-ma}ision, Ma7ichvster-!iq., W. 

Bain, Edward Walter, 17 Wemyss-road, Blackhcath, S.E 

Balding, Daniel Barley, Royston, Herts 

Baldwin, Aslett, 6 Manchester- square, VV 

Baldwin, G. E., 232 liurke-rd., Up. Haicthom, Melbourne, Vict. 

Balean, Hermann, 4 Hong-Kong-road, Shanghai, China 

Balgarnie, Wilfred, The Dutch House, Winchjield 

Ball, William Girling, 91 Fairhok-rond, Stoke Neivington, Is. . . 

Ballance, Charles -\lfred, M. V.O., lOG Harley-streat, W 

Ballance, Plamilton Ashley, 40 Prince of JVales-rd., Norioich . 
Balme, Harold, Mission-hot<p., Tai Yuen Fu, Shanshi, N. China. 

Banks, Alfred, West Hill Tower, Ryde, Isle of Wight 

Banting, Cecil, ^'^ Beeleigh,'' West-hill, Putney, S.W 

Biirendt, Frank Hugh, 65 Rodneg-street, Liverpool 

*Barker, Arthur Edward James, 87 Harley-street, W 

Barling, Harry Gilbert, 87 Cormvall-street, Birmingham 

Barling, Seymour Gilbert, 81 Edmund-street, Birmingham .... 

Barlow, Jolin, 4 Somerset-jdace, Glasgow 

Barnes, Franlc, " The Briars," Kings Norton, Birmingham .... 
Barnett, John YAw. Sewell, 49 Queen' s-rd., Kingston-hill, Surrey. 
Barnett, Louis Edward, 83 Str/fford-st., Dunedin, New Zealand. 
Barratt, John O. Wakelin, Sch.of Trop. Med., The Univ., Liverpool. 

Barrett, Caleb, 4 Henry-street, Bath 

Barrett, John Edward 

Barrett, James William, 105 Collins-street, Melbourne, Victoria. 
Barrington, Fouruess, 213 Macquarie-street, Sydney, N.S. W. . . 
Barrington, Fredk. Jas. Fitzmauiice, St. Peter' s-ho.spital, W.C. 

Barris, John Davis, 24 De Vere-yardeyis, Kensington, W 

Barrow, Albert Boyce, 8 Upper Wimpole-street, W 

Barry, David Thomas, " Icrne,'' Ballintemple, Cork 

Barwell, Harold Shuttleworth, 55 Wimpole-street, \\ 

Barwell, liichard, 55 Wi7npole-street, W 

Batchelor, Ferdinand Stanley, 236 George Street, Dunedin, N.Z. 

Bates, Tom, 44 Foregate-street, Worcester 

Batterham, John "Williams, 3 Gru7id Parade, St. Leonards .... 


June 8,1871 
Dec. 9,1897 
June 9,lb92 
Dec. 12, 1889 
June 1,1905 
Feb. 14, 1884 
June 11, 1903 

June 13, 1907 

June 13, 18C7 

Feb. 10, 1893 

Dec. 12,1907 

June 10, 1858 

Juue 11, 1896 

Dec. 13, 1894 

Dec. 10,1908 

June 13, 1889 

June 13, 1907 

iJune 8,1882 

I Dec. 12,1895 

i Dec. 14, 1905 

I Juue 8,1893 

I Juue 20, 1901 

I Dec. 11,1890 

Oct. 21,1880 

Dec. 8,1881 

Nov. 9,1905 

June 11, 1885 

June 12,1902 

i Dec. 9, 1897 

i June 12,1890 

I Dec. 11, 1890 

June 10, 1858 

Dec. 13, 1894 

Mar. 10, 1887 

June 14, 1894 

Mar. 11,1909 

June 10, 1SX)9 

Dec. 20, 1875 

Juue 13, 1907 

I June 20, 1901 

{May 12,1853 

1 Juiie 20, 1901 

I June 1,1905 

I Dec. 10, 1885 

July 21,1869 
July 29, lt>95 
Jime 9,1892 
Aug. 4, 1887 
Feb. 12,1903 
Jan. 23,1880 
May 9,1901 

May 11,1905 
June 27, 1851 
Feb. 13, 1890 
Feb. 13, 1902 
Jan. 28, 1853 
July 27, 1)593 
Nov. 9,1893 
Feb. 7,1901 
Jan. 29,1887 
Feb. 9,1905 
July 2.3, 1879 
Aug. 1,1892 
Aug. 4,1903 
July 30, 1891 
Feb. 13, 1896 
Apr. 23, 1885 
Oct. 21,1880 
July 25, 1879 
Nov. 12, 1903 
Nov. 17,1874 
May 4,1898 
Aug. 9,\88ti 
Mav 9,1889 
Dec. 11,1890 
Apr. 7,1843 
Dec. 13, 1894 
Jan. 25, 1884 
July 25, 1907 
Nov. 9, lii05 
Jiui. 24, 1873 
June 13, 1907 
Feb. 9,1899 
Oct. 6, 1848 
July 29, 1897 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Julv 23, 1880 

F. R. C. S. Ireland, 1S7(). 



Name and Residence. 

Battersby, James, 616 Great Eastern-road, Glasgow 

Battle William Heniy, 49 Harlei/street, \V , 

Battye,Walt. Rotlmey, Capt.I.M. S.,c/oKinff^-Co.,9PallMall,SAy 

Bayley, Eric, 36 City-road, Finsburij-sqiiare, E.C 

Beale, Peyton Todd Bowman, 6 Bentinck-street, W 


Beckett-Overy, Harry, 24 Alexander-square, S.W 

Beddoe, David Morgan, Sharia el Manakh, Cairo 

Beddoes, Thomas Piigh, 14 Stratford-place, W 

Belben, Frank, "Hedhmds,' Knyveton-road, Bournemoidh 

Bell, Kugli Thomas Symes, Murivillumbah, Tweed-river, N.S. W. 
Bell, James Vincent, " Wesflands," Magjield-place, Eastbourne. . 
Bennett, V. B., Maj.I.M.S., Wilderness-rd., Malabar-hill, Bombay 
Bennett, William Edward, 22 Broad-street, Birmingham. ..... 

Bennett, Sir William Henry, K.C.V.O., 1 ChesterJield-street,'S\ . 
Bensley, Edwin Clement, 127 Fellows-road, South Hampstead . . 

Benson, John Robinson, 11 Circus, Bath 

Berry, James, 21 Wimpole-street, W 

Bickersteth, Robert Alexander, 4 Rodney-street, Liverpool .... 

Bidwell, Leonard Arthur, lo Upper Wimpole-street, W 

Billington, William, 9 Easy-roiv, Birmingha7n 

Bird, Robert, C.I.E., Maj. I.M.S., 3 Middleton-roio, Culcidta . . 

Birks, Melville, Petersburg, South Australia 

Bishop, Edward Stanmore, 3 <S'i^. Peter s-sqiiare, Mayichester . . 

Black, James, The Avenue, 104 Beulah-hill, S.E 

Black, Kenneth, General Hospital, Nottingham 

Blacker, George Francis, 45 Wimpole-street, \\' 

Blackwell, Arth. Seal,c/o J);-. Yeoman,Clark's-hill^Presttcich,Mch. 

Blair, Charles Samuel, 14 Stratford-place, W 

Blakesley, Henry John, 56 London-road, Leicester . 

Bland-Sutton, John, 47 Brook-street, W 

Blaxland, Athelstan Ja-sper, 33 *S'^. Giles' s-street, Norwich .... 

Blaxland, Walter, Fremantle, West Australia 

Blight, William Lyne, 47 Netvport-7-oad, Cardiff" 

Bloxam, John Astley, 75 Grosvetior-street, W 

Bond, Charles John, " Fernshaw," Springfield-road, Leicester . . 

Bonney, William Francis Victor, 15 Harley-street,W 

Bonnin, James Atkin.<on, Hindmarsh, nr. Adelaide, S. Australia 
Bott, Robert Henry, Lt. I.M.S., c/o T. Cook i^- Son, Bombay . . 
Boulter, Harold Jiaxter, Barnard-house, Richmond, Surrey .... 

Bowen, William Henry, 60 Ilarley-street, \\^ 

Bowes, William Henry, Plymouth Asylwn, Ivybridge, Devon . . 
Bowlby, Anthony .Alfred, C.M.G., 24 Manchester-square, W.. . 
Bowring, Walter Andrew, " The Pines," Furze-hill, Brighton. , 

Box, Charles Richard, 2 Devonshire-jylace, W 

Boyd, James Stanley Newton, 134 Ilarley-street, W 

Boyd, Sidney Arthur, 32 Blenheim-gdns., Willesden-green, N. W. 


June 8,1899 
June 10, 1880 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 14,1905 
Dec. 11,1890 
June 1.3, 1867 
June 9,1904 
Jan. 10,1895 
June 14, 1888 
June 14, 1894 
Dec. 8,1898 
Dec. 14,1865 
June 14, 1906 
June 13, 1895 
June 14, 1877 
June 11, 1868 
June 9,1898 
Mar. 12, 1885 
Dec. 10, 1891 
Oct. 9, 1890 
Dec. 12, 1901 
Dec. 10,1891 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 11,1884 
Dec. 9,1880 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 11, 1891 
Apr. 12, 1894 
Dec. 9,1897 
June 13, 1889 
June 12, 1884 
Dec. 10,1908 
June 10, 1886 
Dec. 11, 1890 1 
June 8,18711 
June 8,1882 
Dec. 14, 1899 
Dec. 8,1898 
Nov. 14, 1907 
June 13, 1878 i 
Aug. 4,1903. 
J una 10, 1886' 
June 9,1881 
Dec. 9, 1897 
June 8,1893 
June 9,1881 
Dec. 14, 1905 

I Member. 
IMay 4,1898 
IJiUy 31,1877 
: July 29, 1897 
jMay 8,1902 
Feb. 12,1889 
I Nov. 6. 1846 
I Aug. 4,1903 
! May 11, 1893 
Aug. 6,1884 
; May 11, 1893 
i Feb. 13, 1896 
I Apr. 11,1861 
'June 14, 1906 
i July 28, 1890 
: July 2] , 1873 
!Nov. 5,1858 
May 14, 1896 
July 21,1882 
Feb. 13, 1890 
Jan. 21,1878 
; July 27, 1899 
\ May 10, 1888 
; Nov. 8, K)06 
July 26,1871 
Jan. 26,1875 
Aug. 4,!1903 
July 28,1890 
Feb. 11,1892 
Oct. 24,1884 
Nov. 16, 1880 
:Apr. 20, 1882 
Feb. 11,1904 
Nov. 13,1883 
I July 31, 1884 
I Nov. 15,1864 
July 28, 1879 
May 14,1896 
July 29, 1897 
Feb. 9,1105 
July 27, 1874 
Nov. 14, 1901 
Apr. 24,1884 
July 29, 1879 
May 12, 1892 
May 14, 1891 
July 31,1878 
Nov. 13, 1902 



Name and Eesidence. 
Boyd, Thomas Hugh, 183 Hoddle-street, Richmond, Victoria . . 
Braddon, Wm. Leonard, Seramban, Federated Malmj States . . 

Brailey, Arthur Robertson, 11 Old £urli?jffton-street, W 

Braine, Charles Carter, 26 Wimpole-street , "W 

Braithwaite, Leonard Ralph, 32 Park-square, Leeds 

lIBranfoot, Arthur M.,C.7.^., Surg. -Gen. I. M.S., India O^ce, S.W. 

Brawn, Harry Ellis, Uitenhage, Cape Colony 

Brewerton, Elmore Wright, 84 Wimpole-street, W 

Brierley,Wilfrid Edward, Bridstoiv Vicarage, Hoss, Herefordshire 

Briggs, Henry, 3 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Briggs, John Arthur Oswald, 37 Noel-st.,The Forest, Nottingham 
Brock, James Harry Ernest, 77 Felloics-road, S.Han2pstead,L\ .\\ . 
Brodie, Charles Gordon, Fernhill, Wootton-bridge, Isle of Wight. 
Brodie, Wm. Haig, 6 <SY. Stephens-road west, West Ealing, W. 

Brook, William Frederick, Longlands-house, Sicansea 

Brook, AVilliam Henry Breffit, 8 Eastgate, Lincoln 

Broomhall, Benjamin Charles, T' ai-Y uayi-Fu, Shansi, N. China 

Brown, Herbert Henry, 3 Mtiseum-street , Ipswich 

Brown, John, 2 Glebe Terrace, liondehosch, Cape Colony 

Brown, John Macdonald, 2 Frognal, Hainpstead, N.W 

Brown, Ralph Charles, 139 Wellington-st., Windsor, Melbourne. 

Brown, Robert Charles, 27 Winckley-square, Preston 

Brownlow, Harry Lurgan, " Shirley," Henley-on-Thames .... 
Bruce, Harold Wilson, The Infirmary, E. Dulwich-grove, S.E. . 
Bruce, Herbert Alex., 64 Bluor-st.East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada 
Bryant, Charles Hilary, 33 Montpelier-crescent, Brighton .... 
Bryant, Thomas, 19 Fitz George-avenue, West Kensingtoji, W.. . 
Buchanan. James Spittal, 37 Collins-st., Melbourne, Victoria . . 

BuckeU, William Robert, Fairhohne, Cheltenham 

Buckley, Samuel, 72 Bridge-street, Manchester 

Bucknall, Thomas Rupert Hampden, 16 Devonshire-street, W. . . 

Bull, George Coulson Robins, 42 Devon-road, Bedford 

Bull, William Charles, o Clarges-street, May fair, W 

Bullar, John FoUett, 7 Carlton-crescent, Southampton 

Burden, Hem-y, Maj. I. M.S., Bengal 

Burfield, Jose])h, 49 Prince of Wales-road, Norwich 

Burgess, Artliur Henry, 23 <S'^. John-street, Manchester 

Burgess, John Hay, Cnpt.I.M.S., C/oGrindlay^Co.,Parliament-st. 

Burghard, Frederic Fran9ois, 86 Ilarley-street, W 

Burrows, Harold. 1 The Camx, Grove-road, Southsea 

Burton, Samuel Herbert, 49 St. Giles-street, Nortcich 

Burt', George William Fleetwood, Chetc Magna, So7nerset . . . . 

Bush, John Dearden 

Buszard, Frank, Guildhall-road, Northampton 

Butlin, Henry Trentham, 82 Harley-street, W 

Byles, John Beuzeville, 5 Sackville-street, Piccadilli/ 


June 14, 1894 
June 9,1887 
Dec. 8,1904 
Dec. 11,1890 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Apr. 5,1906 
Dec. 10,1903 
Dec. 13, 1900 
Dec. 12,1907 
June 12. 1884 
June 9,1898 
June 14, 1888 
Dec. 13, 1888 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 13, 1889 
Mar. 14, 1889 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 13, 1889 
Dec. 12,1878 
Mar. 8,1883 
Dec. 12,1895 
Dec. 11, 1862 
Dec. 13, 1894 
Dec. 12,1901 
Dec. 10, 1896 
June 11, 1896 
May 12,1853 
June 14, 1894 
June 10, 1886 
June 19, 1873 
Dec. 14, 1899 
June 12, 1884 
Dec. 11,1884 
June 12, 1884 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 14, 1905 
Feb. 9.1899 
I Jan. 12,1905 
j Mar. 14, 1889 
: June 20, 1901 
Ijune 9,1881 
'Dec. 6,18(50 
June 10, 1869 
Nov. 25, 1864 
Dec. 14, 1871 
June 20, 1901 

July 27, 1893 
Apr. 23, 1884 
Feb. 12, 1903 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Nov. 17, 1870 
Nov. 2,1899 
Feb. 7,1895 
Jan. 12,1905 
July 24,1877 
May 14, 1896 
July 28, 1884 
Jan. 24,1883 
Dec. 12,1895 
May 5,1887 
Jan. 21,1887 
July 25, 1900 
Jan. 19,1887 
Dec. 12, 1878 
Mar. 8,1863 
Nov. 14, 1895 
Nov. 5,1858 
Feb. 11,1892 
Dec. 12, 1901 
lAug. 4,1896 
;Feb. 7,1895 
Aug. 6,1849 
July 27, 1893 
May 16.1882 
^ Nov. 17,1868 
JAug. 4,1896 
j July 21, 1880 
'Apr. 19,1882 
. July 30, 1880 
jFeb. 11,1892 
jAug. 4,1903 
Aug. 4,189(1 
May 8,1902 
Jan. 25, 1886 
May 11, 1899 
Jan. 28, 1876 
Dec. 12, 1856 
May 10,186(; 
Apr. 16.1860 
Nov. 12,1867 
N(n-. 13, 1891 



Name and Residence. 

Caddy, Adrian, 2/2 Harmgton-street, Calcutta 

Caddy, Arnold, 2/2 Harington-street, Calcutta 

Cadnian, Arthur Wellesley, 19 Wickham-road, Brockley, S.E.. . 

Cahill, John, 12 Seville-sireetj Lotcndes-square, S.W 

Caiger, Herbert, Burghersdorj), Cape Colony 

Caldwell, ^.,Lt.- Col.R.A.M. C.c'oKolt ^- Co., Whitehall-pl, S.W. 

Campbell, Ernest Kenneth, 23 Wimpole-street, W 

Campbell, John, Crescent House, University-road, Belfast .... 

Campbell, Robert, 21 Great Victoria-street, Belfast 

Camps, Percy William Leopold, White-house, Teddington .... 
Cant, AVilliam Edmund, Brit. Ophthalmic Hospital, Jerusalem . 

Cantlie, James, 140 Har ley-street, W 

Cargill, Lionel Vernon, cJl Har ley-street, W 

Carless, Albert, 6 Tipper U'impole-street, W 

Carling, Ernest Rock, 14 Mandevilk-place, W 

Carpenter, Edj^ar Godfrey, The Municipality , Alexandria, Egypt 
Carpmael, Norman, Mattlands, Vicarage-rd., Henley-on-Thames 

Carr, John Walter, 19 Cavendi.'^h-place, W 

Carson, Herbert William, 26 Welbeck-street, ^Y 

Carswell, William Elliott, Dunedin, New Zealand 

Carter, Felix Bolton, 99 London-road, Leicester 

Carter, Frederick Heales, 117 Upper Richmond-rd., Putney, S.W. 
Carter, Robt. Brudenell, 76 South-side, Clapham-comnion, S.W. 
Carwardine, Thomas, 16 Victoria-square, Clifton, Bristol .... 

Cathcart, Charles Walker, 44 Melville-stfeet, Edinburgh 

Caveuagh-Mainwaring, W. R., 103 North-ten:, Adelaide, S. Aus. 

Chalmers, Albert John., Medical College, Colombo, Ceylon .... 

^Chava.sse, Sir Thomas Frederick, 22 Temple-roto, Birmingham . 

Cheatle, Arthur Henry, 18 Savile-rotc, W 

Cheatle, Georae Lenthal, C.B., 117 Harley-street, W 

Cheyne, Sir William Watson, Bart., C.B., 75 Harley-street, W. . 

Chicken, Rupert Cecil, Bognor 

Childe, Charles Pluraley, '■'■Cranleighl'' Kent-road, Southsea. . . . 

Chitty, Hubert, Royal Infirmary, Bristol 

Chohneley, Wm. Frederick, 31 Waterloo-road, Wolverhampton . 

Choyce, Charles Ctdey, 30 Harley-street, W 

Christie, Wm. Ledingham, 17 Arllnyton-villas, Clifton, Bristol. 
Christopherson, John Brian, Owirfwrwirtw Hasp., Khartoum, Egypt. 

Churchill, Frederick, 4 Cranley-gardens, S.W 

Clapton, Edward, 41 Eltham-road, Lee, S.E 

Clapton, William, St. Stepheji' s-road , Canterbury 

Clare, Thomas Charles, Chelsea Hosp. for JVomen, S.W 

Clark, .Andrew, Cowley-grove, Uxbridge 

Clark, William Gladst(jne, Bulawayo^ South Rhodesia 

Clarke, Colin, 26 Que.v-road, West Hampstead, N.W 

Clarke, Ernest, 3 Chandos-street, W 

Clarke, James Jackson, 18 Portland-place, W 


Jan. 14,1904 
Mar. 12,1891 
June 14, 1894 
Bee. 11, 1884 
Oct. 1.5,1891 
Dec. 11, 1890 
Dec. 9,1886 
June 11, 1891 
June 11, 1896 
June 11, 1903 
June 11, 1874 
Dec. 13^ 1877 
June 9,1892 
Apr. 12, 1888 
Dec. 8,1904 
Dec. 13, 1900 
Dec. 8, 1904 
June 9,1887 
Dec. 14, 1899 
Dec. 10, 1908 
June 8,1899 
June 9,1881 
June 9,1864 
Dec. 13, 1894 
June 12, 1879 
June 11, 1896 
Apr. 4,1895 
Apr. 13, 1899 
June 9, 1892 i 
Dec. 11, 1890 I 
June 12, 1879 
June 10, 1875 
Dec. 8,1892 
Dec. 12,1907 
Dec. 9,1897 
Dec. 14, 1905 
June 14, 1894 
Dec. 9,1897 
June 8,1871 
May 23, 1857 
Dec. 6,1860 
June 10, 1909 
June 19, 1873 
Juue 10, 1897 
Dec. 12, 1907 
June 14, 1894 
Dec. 11,1890 

Nov. 8,1900 
Aug. 4,1887 
May 15,1882 
July 27,1881 
Feb. 13,1890 
July 23, 1883 
July 21,1884 
Nov. 8,1888 
Nov. 9,1893 
Nov. 8,1900 
May 9,1867 
xMay 24, 1877 
May 8,1890 
July 30, 1885 
Nov. 14, 1901 
Aug. 1,188'J 
Feb. 12, 1903 
Oct. 24,1884 
July 29, 1895 
Nov. 8,1906 
July 29,1895 
July 23, 1875 
Dec. 12,1851 
Aug. 1,1892 
June 12, 1S79 
Feb. 13, 1896 
July 30, 1891 
Apr. 19, 1876 
Nov. 8,1888 
Nov. 10, 1887 
June 12, 1879 
Apr. 30, 1872 
July 19,1883 
Nov. 10,1904 
Nov. 8,1888 
Dec. 14, 1905 
Feb. 9,1893 
Mar. 12, 1896 
July 23, 1867 
Apr. 4,1853 
Mar. 20, 1857 
July 27, ]J)05 
Nov. 17, 18(59 
May 9,1895 
July 27, 1905 
July 27, 1880 
Oct. 20,1886 



Name and Residence. 

Clarke, Thomas Kilner, 52 Ti-inity-street, Iluddersfield 

Clarke, "William Bruce, 51 Hurley-street^ W 

Clarkson, Geoi'fre Aylwin, " St. Agnes,''' Caterham-hill, Surrey . . 

Clay, John, 6 Vidnria-squeire, Neivcaxtle-on-Tyne 

Clego:, John Gray, 22 St. John-street, Manchester 

Clippingdale, Samuel Dodd, 36 Holland-park- avemie, W 

Clogo:, Herbert Sherwell, 143 Hurley-street, W 

Clutton, Henry Hu?h, 2 Tortland-place, W 

Coaker, Francis William John, 22 Hiyh-street, Brornsgrove. . . . 

Coates, John, Hitmansdorp, Cape Colony 

Coates, Matthew, R.N., Bursledon-house, Dawlish 

Coats, George, 2 Harley-place, Marylebone-road,lii .^Y 

Cobbett, Louis, " Inch-ma-home,''' Adams-road, Cambridge .... 
Cochrane, Archer William Ros.s,3/a;". I.M.S.,Agra, U.P. India 
Codd, Arthur Fred. Gambell, Hobcood-ludge, Bromley, Kent . . 

Coe, liobert William, 7 Pembroke-road, Clifton, Bristol 

Coke, Wm. Francis Harriott, Ehuick-road, Ashford 

Colby, Francis Edward Albert, Hill View, Woking 

Colby, James George Ernest, 21 The Mount, Malton, Torks. . . 

Cole, Percival Pasley, TJie University, Birmingham 

Colgate, Heniy, 1 Seaside-road, Eastbourne 

CoUard, Fred. Stuartson, Haliny-pk.-cott.,Briyhton-rd., Croydon. 

Collier, Horace Stansfield, 57a Wimpole-street, W 

Collier, Mark Purcell Mayo, 145 Harley Street, W 

Collins, Edward Treacher, 17 Queen-Amie-street, W 

Collins, Sir William Job, M.R, 1 Albert-Terrace, N.W 

Collinson, Harold, 24 Park-square, Leeds 

Colt, Ge(-)rge Herbert, 4 Priory-court, West Hampstead, N.W. . 

Colville, Ernest George, Ashford, Kent 

Compton, Alwyne Theodore, 3 Mount-vieiv-rd., Crouch-hill, N. 
Connor, Frank Powell, Ca2)t. I. M.S., c/o T. Cook ^ Son, Calcutta 
Cook, Herbert George Graham, 22 Neioport-road, Cardif .... 
Cook, John Howard, C.M.S.Nattiirembe,Kampala, Uganda,E.Afr. 

Cooke, Arthur, 69 Bridge-street, Cambridge ' 

Cooke, James Douglas, " Heywood,'' Stanmore, Middlesex .... 
Cooke, John, " Holmleigh,'' Bishop' s-road, Sutton Coldfeld .... 

Cookson, Frederick Neslleld, 8 Martin-street, Stafford 

Cookson, Henry, Maj. I. M.S., " Westwood," Cheltenham 

tCoombe, Robert Gorton, 53 St.-Quintin's-av., N. Kensington, ^\. 

Coombe, Russell, 5 Barnf eld-crescent., Exeter 

Cooper, Clarence, I. M.S., 3 Warminster-road, South Norwood . . 
Cooper, Percy Robert, Glenthorn, The Downs, Boiodo?i, Cheshire 

Cope, Vincent Zachary, 26 Bessborough-gardens, S.W 

Copley, Stanley, 116 Times-road, Durban, Natal, S. Africa 

Corner, Ed red Moss, 37 Harley-street, W 


Coumbe, John Batten, Teignmouth, South Devon 


Dec. 12, 1872 
June J 2, 1879 
June 9,1898 
Dec. 8,1904 
Feb. 8,1894 
Dec. 9,1880 
May 31, 1900 
June 8,1876 
June 11, 1896 
June 9,1904 
June 10, 1869 
Dec. 10,1903 
June 11, 1891 
June 9,1898 
Dec. 13, 1888 
Dec. 9,1852 
Dec. 8,1904 
Dec. 12, 1895 
Dec. 11,1890 
June 14, 1906 
June 14, 1877 
June 9,1898 
Dec. 11,1890 
June 8,1882 
Dec. 11,1890 
June 12, 1884 
June 11, 1903 
Dec. 10, 1908 
Dec. 11,1884 
June 12, 1902 
Xov. 13, 1902 
Dec. 10, 1891 
June 10, 1897 
June 9,1898 
June 1,1905 
Dec. 19, 1861 
June 8,1899 
June 9,1870 
June 12, 1884 
Dec. 13, 1888 
Dec. 12,1867 
June 13, 1895 
June 10, 1909 
June 8,1899 
Doc. 14, 1899 
June 8,1876 
Dec. 11,1890. 

I Member. 
I Jan. 24,1871 
1 May 23, 1877 
I Feb. 8,1894 
iMay 4,1898 
INov. 12, 1891 
July 20, 1875 
Nov. 10, 1898 
Jan. 26,1875 
.Feb. 9,1893 
I July 25,1900 
jJan. 14, 185;» 
I Dec. 10, 1903 
Feb. 13, 1890 
Nov. 8,1894 
Apr. 18, 1882 
Apr. 26, 1844 
Oct. 7, 1901 
Feb. 8, 1894 
May 10, 1888 
Feb. 11,1904 
July 23, 1872 
Nov. 8,1894 
Feb. 9,1888 
Jan. 24,1879 
3Iay 18, 1883 
July 28, 1880 
Nov. 2,1899 
July 26, 1904 
Nov. 18, 1881 
Feb. 7,1901 
Aug. 1,1901 
Feb. 12, 1889 
July 29, 1895 
Nov. 14, 1895 
Nov. 12, 1903 
Feb. 29, 1856 
May 10, 1694 
Apr. 25, 1850 
Apr. 30, 1?<41 
July 23, 1886 
Dec. 17, 1852 
July 27, 1893 
June 10, 1909 
Nov. 8,1894 
May 4,1898 
May 16, 1873 
July 30, 1877 



Xame and Residence. 

Counsell, Herbert Edward, 37 Broad-street, Oxford 

Coiiper, John, 80 Grosvenor-street, VV 

Coupland, James Alane, 37 rark-square, Leeds 

Cousins, Jolin Ward, Riccrsdale, Kent-road, Portsmouth 

Coutts, David Kirkpatrick, Kasr-el-Ami/ Hospital, Cairo . . . . 

Couzeus, Alfred John, West Ham Hospital, Stratford, E 

Coventon, Albert Wm. D., Minchenden-ludge, Southgate, X. . . 

Cowell, Georjre, 24 Harrinyton-gardens, S.W 

Cowen, Georo-e Hebb, 4 College-terrace, Soutliampton 

Crabtree, Augelo M., Surrey Cott., Oatlands Drive, Weybridge 

CraifT, James Andrew, 11 University Square, Belfast 

Crawford, Andrew Jobn, Wanyanui, Netv Zealand 

Cresswell, Frank Pearson Skeffington, 24 Windsor-pL, Cardif . 

Cripps, William Harrison, 2 Stratford-place, V^' 

Cripps, "Wm. Lawrence, 9 d O.v. Sf Cumb.-mans., Edgwure-rd.,V\'. 
Cronin, James Dennis, R.N., 75 Lower Mount-street, Dvhli/i . . 
Crook, Herbert Evelyn, '^ Iverjvore," Bichmotid-rd., Twicken/iam . 

Cropley, Henry, 5 East-park-parade, Xorthaniptoii 

Crosby, Sir Thomas Boor, 19 Gordon-square, W.C 

Cross, Fi-ancisGeo., " T/ie Gables,'' Beaufort-rd., Kingstun-on-T. 
Cross, Francis Richardson, IVorcester-house, Clifton, Bris'ol . . 
Crouch, Charles Percival, 1 Royal-terrace, Weston-super-Mare . 
^[Crowfoot, William Miller, Blyhuryatc-house , Beccles, Suffolk . . 
Crowle, Thomas Henry Rickard, 35 St. Jaines'' -place, S.W. . . 
Crowley, John Henry Joseph, 24 West feld-r aid, Beckenham . . 

Cruise, Richard Robert, ^o Harley-street, W 

Crymble, Percival Templetou, 91 Bossetta-avenue, Belfast .... 
Cudmore, Arthur Murray, North-terr., Adelaide, S. Australia . 

Curt', Archibald William, '2%o Glossop-road, Sheffield 

Cuff, Herbert Edmund, " Woodside," Little Bookham, Siirreg . . 

Culpin, Millais, 154 Loiver Clapton-road, Js.E 

Cumberbatch, Alphonso Elkin, 11 Park-crescent , W 

Cumberlidge, William Isaac, The Infirmary , Leicester 

Cumming, Hugh Gordon, " Overton," Torquay 

Cunning, Joseph, 3 Upper Wimpole-street, W 

Cunningham, John Francis, 45 Welbeck-street, W 

Curtis, Frederick, Alton-house, Redhill, Surrey 

Curtis, Henry Jones, 58 Harley-street, W 

I Fellow. 
Dec. 13, 1894 
xMay 30, 1861 
June 14,1906 
May 31,1860 
Oct"! 11, 1906 
iDec. 12,1907 
I Dec. 10, 1908 
Dec. 12,1867 
jApr. 8,1897 
I June 8,1899 
Dec. 11,1902 
! Dec. 10, 1908 
i Dee. 13, 1894 
June 10, 1875 
June 13. 1907 
May 12,1859 
June 13, 1889 
Dec. 8,1887 
Dec. 6,1860 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 13, 1878 
June 12, 1890 
Apr. 10,1890 
Dec. 12, 1889 
June 10, 1897 
July 11,1903 
Dec. 10, 1908 
Dec. 14, 1899 
Ju;ie 13, 1895 
June 12, 1890 
Dec. 12,1907 
June 13, 1872 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 12, 1878 
June 20, 1901 
Dec. 14, 1905 
June 12, 1902 
Dec. 12, 1895 

I Member*. 

,Oct. 22,18&4 

Xov. 4,1859 

Apr. 5,1906 

I Mar. 7,1856 

I Nov. 10, 1904 

'Mc.y 9,1901 

Nov. 10, 1904 

iJulv 9,1858 

iNov. 9,1893 

I Aug. 4, 1896 

Aug. 2,1898 

July 25, 1907 

Nov. 10, 1892 

July 23, 1872 

Nov. 12, 1903 


ijan. 19,1887 

JAug. 6,1884 

JMay 21,1852 

I Feb. 7,1901 

Jan. 25,1871 

jJan. 21,1887 

June 4,1858 

Jan. 24, 1884 

Feb. 8,1894 

July 25, 1900 

Dec. 10.1908 

Nov. 12, 1896 

July 27, 1893 


Nov. 13, 1902 

June 2,1870 

July 28, 1904 

Jan. 28,1875 

June 20, 1901 

Feb. 8,1900 

Feb. 7, 19-»1 

Feb. 12, 1891 

da Costa, Francis Xavier, Margao, Salsette, Gna, India 

Dalby, Sir William Hartlett, 14 Montagu-place, W , 

Daldy, Arthur Mantell, 17 Palmeira-square, Hove 

Dale, Frederic. Park Lea, BeUnont-road, Scarborough 

Daniel, Peter Lewis, 1 a Upper Wimpole-street, W 

Daniels, Frederic Wm., Park-house, Cardiff-rd., Newport, Mon. 
Davenport, Cecil John, 4 Kemplay-road, Hampstead, N.W. . . 

+ DHvies, David, Bryngolwy, Aberdare, S. Wales 

Davies, Francis Joseph, Hustmnre Croft, Godohit,')ig 

lU()i». yi3 

I July 
J une 


8, 1870 



8, 1899 



1 3, 1862 



Feb. 8,1883 
xMav 22, 1807 
Nov. 12, 1891 

22, 1879 
4, 1898 
Julv 28. li)04 
May 5,1887 
Aug. 18.1843 
Apr. 18,1876 




Name and Residence. 

Davies, Hugh, '• Templecrone^'' Blackheath 

Davies, Hugh Morriston, 55 Gordon-square, W.U 

Davies, Morgan, 10 Gorimj-street, Iloundsditch, E.C 

Uavies-Colley, Hugh, " Jirearicood,"' Woking 

Davies- Colley, llobevt, 24 St. Thomases-street, S.E 

Davis, Haldinstein David, 9 Fortman-street, \\ 

Davis, Theodore, " Hasleinere," WaltoH-by-Clevedo}!, Somerset . . 

Davy, Richard, Ihirstone-hovse, Bote, N. Devon 

Daw, Samuel Wilfrid, Guy's Hospital, S.E 

Dawnay, Archibald Hugh Payan, 126 Harley-street, W 

Dawson, Joseph Bernard, 78 Bootham, York 

Day, Donald Douglas, 5 Snrrey-street, Norwich 

Dean, Henry Percy, 69 Harley-street, AV 

Deanesly, Edward, 7 Waterloo-road, Wolverhampton 

Dee, Maurice Vincent, Bethlehem, Orange Itiver Colony 

Dendy,AValterChester, Chndwell-farm, Perte7ihall,St .Neots, Hunts. 
^Dennis, Frederic Shepard, 542 Madison-av., New York, U.S.A. 

Dent, Clinton Thomas, 61 Brook -street, W 

Dent, Howard Hy. Congreve, 89 Tettenhall-road, Wolcerhanqyton. 

Denyer, Stanley Edward, C.M.G., 26 Albion-street, Hull 

de Silva, Arthur M., Temple-villa, Maradana, Colombo, Ceylon . 

Devereux, Arthur Cecil, 178 Victoria-road, Charlton. S.E 

Dick, John Law.son, 89 Cazenove-road, Stamford-hill, X 

Dick, Robert, Maj. I.M.S., Garry, BaUymoney, Co. Ajitrijn . . 
Dickie, "\Mlliam Stewart, 13 Ryedale-terrace, Middlesbrough . . 

Dickinson, Harold Bertie, Grey friars, Hereford 

Dingley, Allen, 36 Carleton-road, Tufnell-park, N 

Doble, Henry Tregellas, 2 Union-street, Oldham 

Dobson, Joseph Faulkner, 27 Hyde-terrace, Leeds 

Dobson, Nelson Congreve, 16 Collef/e-road, Clifton, Bristol .... 

Dodd, Henry Work, 136 Harley-street, W 

Dodd, John R., Col, R. A.M. C.,id Park- view, Wellington-rd., Cork 

Dndds-Parker, Arthur Percy, 2 HolyxcelUstreet, Oxford 

Dolbe3\ Robert Valentine, 54 Queensborough-terrace, AV 

Dorau, Alban Henry Griffith, 9 Granville-pluce, W 

Dorrell, Edmund Arthur, 45 Welbeck-street, W 

Douglas, Archibald Robt. John, Burma Railway, Rangoon, India 

Douglas, Claude, 59 Regent-road, Leicester 

Douglas-Crawford, Douglas, 75 Rodney-street, Linerjjool 

Douty, Edward ilenrv, La Madeleine, Cannes, France 

Doyue, Robert Walter, 53 Broad-street, Cvford 

Drake, Courteuay Hry., Rathgar-cottage, 150 High-rd., Streatham 
Drake-Brockmau,Edw.Forster,Z^-Cti/.Z.iW.<S., \^Hanover-st.^ . 

Drew, Artiiur John, Water Hall, St. Aldate's, Oxford 

Drew, Douglas, 6 Wimpole-street, AV 

Drew, Hedley A'icars, Timaru, Canterbury, Keiv Zealand .... 
Drew, Henry William, ^^ Ea.<<tgate,'' 3 Addiscombe-rd., Croydon. 

Duer, Charles, Maj. I. M.S., Bengal 


Dec. 10,1896 
Dee. 13,1906 
June 8,1882 
Dec. 8,1904 
Dec. 10, 1908 
May 12, 1859 
Dec. 10.1868 
June 18, 1908 
June 10, 1909 
Apr. 9,1908 
Dec. 13,1883 
Oct. 17,1889 
Feb. 12, 1891 
June 8,1899 
Dec. 11,1884 
Apr. 13,1899 
Dec. 13, 1877 
June 20, 1901 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 13, 1906 
June 10, 1909 
June 11, 1896 
Jnnel3, 1867 j 
June 11, 1903! 
Dec. 9,1897! 
Dec. 14, 1882 j 
Dec. 10,1903' 
June 20, 1901 
June 9,1870 
June 14, 1888 
Dec. 9,1886 
Dec. 11,1902 
.June 1,1905 
June 10, 1875 
June 10,1909 
June 8,1899 
Dec. 13,1888 
IHc. 13,1894 
Dec. 13,1906 
Dec. S, 1892 
June 10, 1897 
June 13, 1878 
June 14, 1888 
Aug. 1,1892 
June 12, 1890 
June 13, 1889 
Dec. 10. IS'.)] 

July 27, I.- 
Aug. 4,190.-; 
May 20, 1879 
May 8,1902 
May 10, 1901 ; 
Nov. 9,l!i< •". 
July 6,1S."-" 
May 7, 1> 
Jufy 26, 111 
July 29, 18;'.-. 
July 27, liin", 
May 20,18-0 
June 9, l?^"^? 
June24, lb>: 
Feb. 10,1M > 
Nov. 19,1 >-l 
July 25,1^77 
Jan". 27,187.-1 
July 29,1.-': 
Feb. 10, IS'.'- 
Aug. 4, I9<i;; 
June 10, 1909 
May 10, 1894 
May 2,18r>4 
Nov. 8,1900 
Nov. 8,1894 
July 30,1878 
Feb. 13, 1902 
July 29, 1897 
Apr. 25, 18.57 
Nov. 21, 1881 
Dec. 11,1902 
Feb. 13,19(12 
Jan. 24, 18-1 
Nov. 8,1894 
May 14, 1896 
Nov. 19, 1873 
Dec. 13, 1894 
Apr. 17, 1888 
Nov. 8,1894 
Nov. 14,1805 
July 31,1884 
July 28, 18iK) 
Julv 19,1882 
July 23,1886 
Apr. 2,1.^- 



Name and liesidence. Fellow. 

Duffett, Henry Allcroft, " Jnthe>/ Bolt," Hather ley-road, Sideup June 10, 1897 

Duffin, Alfred Bavuard, 18 Devonshire-street, W May 12,1859 

Dun, Robert Craig, 73 Rodney-street, Liverpool June 12, 1902 

Duncan, Andrew, I.M.S., 24 Chester-street, S.W i June 14, 1877 

Duncan, Kenneth McKenzie, 36 Foxgrove-rd., Beckenham, Kent. Dec. 12, 1907 

Duncan, William, 4 Harley-street, W June 14, 1883 

Dundon, John, 3 Camden-place, Cork June 1, 1905 

Dunn, Hugh Percy, 54 Wimpole-street, W Dec. 9, 1880 

Dunn, Louis Albert, 9 Park-crescent, Portland-place, W June 12, 1884 

Durham, Frederic, 34 Dover-street, W June 13, 1872 

Durham, Herbert Edward, '' Snnnyside,''^ Brooiny-hill, Hereford. July 30, 1894 

Dvall, Thomas James, 58 Creffield-road, Ealiny, "W June 11, 1891 

Dyball, Brennan, 47 Queen-street, Exeter Dec. 9, 1897 

Dyson, Malcolm Goodworth, 82 Lower-road, Rotherhithe May 31, 1900 

Eiistes, Thomas, 18 Manor-road. Folkestone June 10, 1875 

Eccles, William M<^Adam, 124 Harley-street, W Oct. 13, 1892 

Edge, Frederick, Granville-home, Tl'olverhatnpton June 13, 1889 

Edgecombe, Wilfrid, 17 Victoria -avenue, Harrogate Mar. 12, 1806 

Edmunds, Arthur, 30 Welbeck-street, W Dec. 12, 1901 

Eduumds, M'alter, 2 Devonshire-place, W June 14, 1877 

Edridge-Green, Frederic AVilliam, 7/t«</6«-yror^, He}idon,'S.'\Y. Dec. 8,1892 

lulwards, Frederick Swiuford, 5o Harley-street, W June 13, 1878 

Edwards, Thomas Henry, 16 Ramsden-street, Huddersjield .... Dec. 12, 1901 

tl':dwards, William Thomas, Sprinyfield-house, Cardiff July 10,1879 

Edye, Stonard, Monte. Video, Uruguay, S. America June 9, 1870 

Elam, William Henry, Neic Barnet, N June 14, 1883 

i:iliut.R.II.,.T/f(/.7.J/.".S'.,c/o6'/-/Hr7/«#Co.,o4P«;-//«HJ««/!.,S.W. June 9,1892 
Elliott, Arthur Bowes, Tan-Rallt-hall, Llanddulas, N. Wales. . June 13, 1872 

Elliott, John, 24 yivholas-streef, Chester Dec. 9, 1886 

Ellis, Frederick Wm., Southwark Infirm., E. Dulwich-grove, S.E. June 1, 1905 

«1 Ellis, Sir Herbert Mackay, K.C.B., R.N., Leavnden, Wey/jridy^. Apr. 5,1906 
Elmslie, Reginald Cheyne, 81 St. Mary's-mans., Paddingt<>n,\W. Dec. 8, 1904 
1-^Lsworth, Richard Cogswell, 152 St. Helen's-road, Swansea . . Dec. 10,1896 

Ehvorthy, Henry Stuart, Treve Cottage, Ebhw Vale, Man Dec. 12, 1895 

lOuglish, Thomas Crisp, 47 Upper Brook-street, W Oct. 15, 1903 

I'.therington-Smith, Raymond Broadley, 77 iV'eJpC^wW/.sA-i/.jW. | June 13, 1907 

I'.vans, Arthur Henry, 18 Upper Wimpole-street, W I Dec. 9, 1897 

10 vans, Evan, 1 Goring-place, Llanelly I D« c ..3, 1894 

ilvans, Evan Laming, 36 Bryanston-street, W Dec. 14, 1899 

Evans, John Howell, 25 Berheley-squnre, \V Dec. 12, 1901 

Evans, John .laeksou W., 3 Balcaskie-road, E/iham, Kent .... Dec. 10, 1908 

Evans, John .Jameson, 85 Edmund-street, Birmingham June 8, U 9 > 

Evans, William ( ieo., 5() Holyhead-rd., Handsworth, liinninyham. June 12, 1884 

Evans, Willmott Hendrrson, 2 Upper Wimpole-street, W Dec. 11, 1890 

Eve, Frederic Samuel, 61 Harley-street, W Dec. 12, 1878 

EvHry-Clayton, Leopold E. Vak-ntine, Rosslyn, Clevedon, Somerset Dec. 10, IS96 

Ewart, Robert John, .'33 Berkley-street, Liverpool { June 12; 1902 



Feb. 8,1894 

Oct. 12,1855 

Nov. 14, 1895 

July 22, 1872 

Dec. 12, 1907 

Apr. 22, 1879 

June 1,1905 

Aug. 1,1876 

Apr. 20, 1882 

I Nov. 16, 1869 

; July .30, 1894 

! June 11, 1891 

Nov. 14, 1895 

May 13, 1897 

July 22,1872 
Feb. 13,1890 
Oct. 22,1885 
Feb. 9,1893 
Nov. 8,1900 
Jan. 27,1875 
I June 27, 1887 
I Nov. 17,1857 
July 25, 1900 
Dec. 16,1842 
Dec. 2,1859 
Nov. 13, 1877 
Nov. 14, 1889 
Apr. 25, 1867 
July 27,1884 
.Tune 1,1905 
July 27, 1873 
May 9,1901 
July 30, 1891 
July 27, 1893 
Feb. 8, 1900 
June 13, 1907 
July 29,1895 
.Jan. 27,1886 
Nov. 14, 1895 
Nov. 11, '1897 
May 10, 1906 
May 13,1897 
May 20, 1880 
Julv 2.5,1883 
.\ug. ."'1,1 »76 
I'Vb. 7, 1895 
May 11,1899 



Name and Residence. 

Fagge, Charles Herbert. 3 Devonshire-place, W 

Fairbairn, John Shields, 42 Wimpole-street, W 

Fairbank, Harold Arthur Thomas, 137 Harley-street, W 

Fairlie-Clarke, Allan Johnston, Sussex-lodge, Horsham 

Falconer, James I^aw, 22 Charley New-road, Bo'ton 

Falkner, Edgar Ashley, Coldoun, Toowoomba, Queens/and .... 
Farmer, Gabriel Wra. Stahel, West-hill^house, Bryon-hill, Harrow 

Farnell, Henry Dawson, Hempstead-house, Eastbourne 

Farquhar, George Greig, 24 Stanhope-road, Darlint/ton 

Farrant, Rupert, " Shrapnels,''' Taunton, Somerset 

Faulder, Thomas Jefferson, 6 Harley-street, W 

Faulkner, Ebenezer Ross 

Fawcett, John, 66 Wimpole-street, W 

Fedden, Walter Fedde, 36 South-street, Park-hme, W 

Fenwick, Edwin Hurry, 14 Savile-roiv, W 

Fenwick, Wni. Stephen, 7 Bochester-streef , Southamptun .... 

Ferguson, Robert James, 10 Harley-street, W 

Firth, Charles, Cromer-house, Gravesend 

Firth, John Lacy, 8 Victoria-square, Clifton, Bristol 

Firth, Robt. II.', Lt.-Col. R.A.M.C, 8 Church-circle, Farnboro\ 

Fisher, Edward Fow, The Croft, Gt. Bookham, Surrey 

Fisher, Frederick Charles, Kings Lanyley, Herts 

Fisher, Frederic Richard, 18 IVimpole-street, V,' 

Fisher, John Herbert, 83 Wimpole-street, W 

Fisher, Welby Earle, " Waltham," St. Clair, Dunedin, Xeiv Zeal. 
Fitzmaurice-Kelly, Maurice A. M., 43 Queen-Anne-street, W.. . 
Fitzwillianis, Duncan Campbell Lloyd, 64 Brook-street, W. . . 

Fleming, Alexander, St. Mary's Hospital, W 

Flemming, Percy, 31 Wimpole-street, VV 

Folker, William Henry, Bedford-house, Hanley, Staffs 

Footner, Geoige Raiumell, Bomsey, Hcmts 

Footner, John Bulkley, 1 The Priory, Tunbridye Wells 

Forbes, Robert Dow, Stratford, Ontario, Canada 

Formby, Henry Harper, Strathalbyn, S. Australia 

Forshaw,Wm. Herbert, Hillside, Sutton-on- Trent, Newark, Notts. 

Forward, Francis Edward, Princetown, S. Devon 

Foster, William James, Bath-lodye, O.rford-road , Beading .... 
Foulerton, Alex. Grant Russell, Balcombe-rd., Haytcard's Heath 
Foulkes, T. Howard, Maj. I. M.S., c/o Arbufhnot Si- Co., Madra-i 

Fowler, Charles Edward Percy, MaJ. B.A.M.C. 

Fowler, Walter, Bendigo, Victoria 

Fox, Edward Joseph, 12 Bylands-street, Warrington 

Fox, George Raymond, Becclcs, Suffolk 

Fox, Herbert, Vlakteplaats, Ondtshoorn, Cape Colony 

Francis, Alfred George, 101 Beverley-road, Hull 

Fraukau, Claude Howard Stanley, St. George's Hospital, S.W. . 

Franklin. George Cooper. 39 London-rond, Leicester 


Apr. 14,1808 
May 31, 1900 
Dec. 12,1901 
June 11,1903 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Dec. 10, 1891 
Dec. 13, 1894 
Dec. 10,188o 
June 14, 1906 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 13, 1907 
June 9,1892 
Jan. 14,1904 
Aug. 3,1882 
Dec. 10, 1908 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 13,1878 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 14,1882 
June 9,1904 
June 14, 1883 
Dec. 14, ltt7<» 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Dec. 14,1905 
June 14, 1906 
June 10, 1909 
June 13,1889 
June 9,1864 
June 14,1906 
.Iunel2, 1879 
June 13, 1907 
June 11, 1903 
June 10, 1909 
July 30,1891 
Dec. 8,1892 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 1,1 90> 
Dec. 10,1891 
June 12, 1884 
June 8,1899 
June 10,1897 
June 14,1888 
June 12, 1890 
June 18, 1908 
Dec. 11,1873 


Aug. 4, 

Nov. 14, 

Aug. 2, 

Aug. 1, 

Dec. 12, 

Aug. 2, 

May 2, 

May 20, 

June 14, 

July 26, 

Aug. 4, 

\ov. 9, 

May 8, 

July 25, 

May 19, 

Jul'y 26, 

Dec. 8, 

Nov. 18, 

Nov. 8, 

Nov. 19, 

Feb. 13, 

July 23, 

Apr. 26, 

Nov. 12, 

Nov. 8, 

Nov. 13, 

June 14, 

July 26, 

Jan. 27, 

July 4, 

May 12, 

Jan. 28, 

Nov. 8, 

I May 14, 

JFeb. 7, 

!Aug. 1, 

I Feb. 13, 

: July 30, 

Nov. 10. 

i Feb. 




: Oct. 

j Oct. 


I Nov. 








Name and Residence. 

Fraser, Forbes, 2 The Circus^ Bath 

Frazer, John Ernest Sullivan, 128 Kensington-park-road, W. . . 

Freeland, Ernest Harding 

Freeman, William Thomas, 30 Portland-pi. , Lanilon-rd., Heading/ 

fFreer, Walter Carless, 11 Lancaster-road, liar rot/ate 

Fremautle, Francis Edward, 30 Chester-street, S.W 

French, George Wm. Hy., Sunny Bank, Church-lane, Hornset/, N. 

French, John Gay, 23 Porchester-gardens, Hyde-park, W 

Fripp, Sir Alfred Downing, K.C.V.O., C.B., 19 Portland-pl, W. 
Frost, \\'illiam Adams, Shepherds" Well, Forest Bow, Sussex . . 

Furner, Willoughby, 13 Brnnsicick-square, Brighton 

Furnivall, Percy, 28 Wey mouth-street, W 

Galloway, James, <54 Harley-street, W 

(ialpin, George Lnck, The Break, Knyveton-road, Bournemouth. 
Ganigee, Leonard Parker, 9o Cornwall-street, Birmingham .... 
Garmauy, Jasper Jewett, 40 W. -kOfh-street, Neio York, U.S.A. 
Gask, George E., The Warden^s House, St. Barth.'s Hasp., E.C. . 

Gaskell, Arthur, Royal Nary j 

Gibb, Harold Pace, 51 Ladbroke grove, W 

Gibb, James Glenny, Union Medical College, Pekin, China .... 

Gibbs, Charles, 23 Upper Wimpole-street, ^' 

Gibson, William Robei't, 17 Ailsa-drive, Langstde, Glasgow . ... 
Gilbert, Henry, Caius-chambers, 8 North-terrace, Adelaide .... 
Giles, Geo. M.J., Lt.-Col.LM.S.,^EUiot-ter., The Hoe, Plymouth 

(^ile.«, Leonard Thomason, 4 Filey-road, Scarborough 

Gilford, Hastings, Norwood-house, Sings-road, Beading 

(lill, Richard, 72 IVimpole-street, W 

Gillespie, Edward, 30 a New Cavendish-street, VV 

Giuseppi, Paul Leon, 80 Palace Gardens-terrace, Kensington,^ . 
Gladstone, Reginald John, 1 Gloucester-gate, Regent s-pk., N.W. 

Glendining, Bryden, 18 Nottingham-street, W I 

Godfrey, Horace Percy, Walker-street, North Sydney, N.S. W. . I 

Godlee, Rickman Jonn, 19 Wimjmle-street, W I 

Godson, Alfred Henry, 63 Union-street West, Oldham 

Going, Robert Marshal, Fitzalan-road, Littlehampton ' 

Goldie, Walter Leigh Mackinnon, Mombasa, Br. Fast Africa . . 
Golding-Bird, Cuthbert Hilton, Pitfield-cottage, Meopham. Kent 
Gooddj', Edward Samuel, " Glenthorn,'^ Trinity-sq., Llandudno 
Goodwin, Arthur Charles, Toronto-house, West Broimvich .... 
Gordon, John, 1(J9 Lygon-street, Carlton, Melbour7ie, Victoria . . 

Gough, William, 24 Cardigan-road, Leeds 

Gould, Alfred Pearce, 10 Queen- Anne-street, W 

Goulden, Charles Bernard, Clarendon, Canterbury 

(joyder, Francis Willoughby, 88 Gt. Horton-rd., Bradford, Yorks. 

(hace, John Johnston, 236 Hilo, Hawaii, J.H., U.S. A 

Graham, Cecil Irving, 47 Quetn- Anne-street, W. 



Dec. 10, 1896 

June 9,1898 

Dec. 9,1897 

June 12, 1890 

I Mar. 14, 1878 

I Jimell,1903 

I Dec. 9,1886 

I Dec. 12, 1907 

'June 8,1893 

' June 13, 1878 

June 19, 1873 

J une 13, 1895 

Dec. 12,1889 
June 11, 1885 
July 7, 1893 
Dec. 10,1885 
June 20, 1901 
June 8,1899 
Dec. 13,1906 
June 18, 1908 
May 11, 1893 
June 20, 1901 
Dec. 13,1906 
June 10, 1880 
Dec. 10,1896 
June 13,1889 
Dec. 8,1881 
Dec. 12,1907 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 10, 1896 
Dec. 10,1908 
Dec. 13,1894 
June 8,1876 
June 8,1898 
June 10, 1897 
June 1,1905 
June 11, 1874 
Dec. 13,1888 
June 13, 1907 
June 13,1895 
June 11, 1903 
June 14,1877 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 10, 1896 
June i,1905 

May 10, 1894 
July 30, 1891 
Apr. 28, 1884 
Jan. 24,1879 
Oct. 15,1^1 
Nov. 11,1897 
Apr. 23,1884 
Feb. 13,1902 
Feb. 12,1889 
22, 1874 
10, 1892 


Dec. 12,1889 
Nov. 18, 1880 
Feb. 12,1891 
Apr. 28, 1884 
Aug. 2,1898 
Aug. 1,1892 
May 12,1904 
July 27, 1905 
July 20,1890 
Aug. 4,1896 
Apr. 14, 1904 
Nov. 15, 1870 
Feb. 7,1895 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Dec. 8, 1881 
Dec. 12,1907 
Nov. 9,1905 
Aug. 1,1892 
Dec. 10, 1908 
Nov. 9,1893 
July 24,1872 
May 4,1898 
Aug. 4, 1896 
Feb. 12,1903 
Apr. 16,1872 
Oct. 30,1885 
June 13, 1907 
May 10,1894 
July 25, 1900 
July 22,1873 
Aug. 4,1903 
Nov. 12, 1903 
May 10, 1894 
Nov. 14. 1901 



Name and Resideace. 

Grant, James Dundas, 18 Cavendish-square, W 

Gra}', Archibald Montague Henry, University Collcye Hosp.,\\\C 
Gray, Harry Tyrrell, Hosp.forSick C/iilflren, Gt. Onnond-st.,W .G. 
Gray, John Power William, 40 The Ropewalk, Notiint/hani . . 

Greaves, Francis Ley Augustus, 67 Friur-yate, Derby 

Green, Charles David, The Ferns, South-street, Romford 

Green, C. R. M., Lt.-Col.I.M.S., cjo T. Cook Sf Sons, Ludyate-circ. 

Green, Frederick King, Cleve-Side, Neicbridye-hill, Bath 

Greene, Wm. Henry Clayton, 43 Queen Anne-street, W 

Greenfield, Dudley George, Rushden, Northants 

Greenhill, J. li., Lt.-Col.R.A.M. C, Stone-hovse, Rose-hill, Dorkiny 
Greenhow^, Hy. Martineau, Maj.I.M.S., Scotswood, Esher, Surrey 

Greenwood, Charles Heni-y, 29 North-street, Ripon 

Greeuyer, Vivian Tudor, 40 SackviUe-road, Hove, Sti-fsex 

Greeves, Reginald Affleck, Tweskand, Strandtown, Cc. Doion . . 

Greg, Arthur Hyde, 16 West Halkin-street, S.W 

Grey, Thomas Campbell, 44 Church-street, Basinystoke 

Gritiin, William W^atson, 68 Brunswick-place, Hove . 

Griffith, Walter Spencer Anderson. 96 Harley- street, W 

(iriffiths, Cornelius Albert, 6 Windsor-place, Cardiff 

Griffiths, Joseph, 1 St. Peter'' s-terrace, Camhridye 

Griffiths, William Layard, Donolyn, Stvansea 

(iriuisdale, Harold Barr, 3 Harley-place, Harley-street, N.W. . . 

Grose, Samuel, Bishopsteiynton, near Teiynmouth 

Groves, Ernest William Hey, 16 Richmond-hill, Clifton, Bristol 

Gullan, Archibald Gordon, 37 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Gunn, Donald Stilwell, 123 Goiuer-street, W.C 

Gunu, Robert Marcus, o4 Queen- Anne-street, W 

Guthrie, Thomas, 55 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

June 12, 1890 
June 18, 1908 
Dec. 12, 1007 
June 13, 1889 
June 12, 19021 
June 14, 1894 
June 13, 1895' 
June 10, 1875 
Dec. 12, 1901 1 
Mar. 12,1903! 
Dec. 10,1863 
May 12, 1859 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Dec. 11,1902 
Dec. 13, 1906 
June 20, 1901 
Dec. 8,1892 
Oct. 11,1894 
Dec. 8,1881 
June 8,1893 
June 9,1892 
June 12, 1902 
June 14, 1894 
June 11, 1868 
Dec. 14,1905 
June 10, 1897 
June 13,1889 
Dec. 14,1882 
June 1,1905 

tlladen, Sir Francis Seymour, Woodcote-park, Alresford, Hants. 

Hadley, Frederick Augustus, Hiyhfield-house, Sheffield . 

Hadley, Wilfred James, 33 Queen Anne-street, W 

Haines, John A\'illiam, '^Bronpys," Blake-street, Sutton Coldfield 

Ilainworth, Edward Marrack, 16 Albion-street, Hull 

Hall, Charles Beauchamp, 7 Co)npton-terrace, N 

Hall, Geoffry Craytliorne. Col. I.M.S., Ulidia, Bexhill 

Hall, John Moore, 104 Upper Clapton-road, N.E 

Hallidie, Andrew H. Smith, '■' Avondale,^^ Meads, Eastbourne. . 

Hamerton, George Albert, 57 Russell-square, W.C 

Hamilton, Arthur Francis, Lt. I.M.S. , c/o Grindlay^- Co., Bombay 
Hamilton, Edwd. T. E., Bo.v 1750 P.O., Johanneshury, S. Africa 
Hamilton, Geo. Gibson, Boscombe-place, Boscombe, Bournemouth 

Hamilton, Robert, Mayherabuoy, Port rush, Co. Antrim 

Hamilton, Wm. Haywood, Capt. I.M.S., Amritsar, Punjab . . 

Hancock, William Ilbert, 27 Queen Anne-street, W 

Handlev, William Sampson, 12 New Cavendish-street, W 


Nov, 13, 1876 
Feb. 12,1903 
July 27, 1905 
Aug. 5,1834 
Nov. 11, 1897 
Mav 27,1885 
Jan. 28,1864 
Nov, 8,1900 
May 9,1902 
Apr. 13, 1860 
Dec. 2,1853 
Nov, 10, 1904 
Feb, 9,1893 
Mav 10,1906 
Feb. 10,1898 
xMay 8,1890 
Nov. 15, 1893 
I Apr. 16,1878 
I Mav 9,1889 
July 30, 1891 
Aug. 1,1901 
May 10,1894 
Apr. 11,1859 
May 9,1895 
Nov. 9,1894 
July 27,188:3 
July 21,1873 
Feb. 12, 1903 










J une 








14, 1905 

9, 1887 

9, 1896 
10, 1896 
14. 1894 

8, 1892 

19, 1861 
10, 1908 

8, 1898 

June 27, 1842 
Feb. 9,1899 
Nov, 16, 1883 
July 30, ic«4 
Aug, 1,1892 
July 27, 1893 
May 2,1871 
May 14,1891 
May 8,18^)0 
July 23,1874 
Feb. 12,1903 
Nov. 12,1891 
June 11, 1896 
Nov. 2,1849 
May 14,1903 
Nov. 12,1896 
Feb. 7.1805 



Name and Residence. ! Felluw. 

Hai'bison, David Thomas, Wallaroo, South Australia Dec. 12,1901 

Harcourt, Kichd.Eugene,''Stoneleiffh"OakJield,AnJield,Lirerpool^ June 13, 1907 
Harding, Tliomas Massey, 457 Darling-st., Bahnain, N.S. IV. . . I Dec. 10, 1868 
Ilardwiclv-Smith, Henry, Milnlunj-hmine, Lan</ley Mill, Notts. .'Dec. 12,1907 
Hare, Evan Herrinpr, Alresfurd-lodt/e, Totfenham-lane,Hornsey,^. , June 9, 1887 

Harman, Nathaniel Bishop, 108 Kar ley-street W | Dec. 8, 1898 

Harmer, William Dougla?, 45 Wey mouth-street, W May 31, 1900 

Harnett, Walter Lidwell, Lt. I. M.S., Belvedere-house, Barnet. . i Dec. 8,1904 

Harries, Thomas Davies, Grosvenor-house, Aberystwyth ' June 14, 1877 

Harris, Herbert Elwin, 13 Lansdown-place, Clifton, Brlitol . . . . j Dec. 10,1896 

Harris, William James, Bell-street, Shaftesbury, Dorset June 13, 1895 

Harrison, Chas. Edward, 19 Westgate-terr., Redcliffe-sq., S.W. j June 13, 1878 

Harrison, Edward, 3 Wi'iyhf -street, Hull Dec. 9, 1886 

Harsant, William Henry, Tower-house, Cliftov, Bristol Dec. 13, 1877 

Hartley, Harold, The Bodge, Basford, Stoke-on-Treyit .Tune 9, 1904 

Hartley, John, 26 Stanhope-road, Darlington ... I June 9, 1892 

Hartley, John Dawson, 39 The Terrace, Gravesend I July 10, 1902 

Hartridge, Gnstavus, 12 Wimpolc-street, W Dec. 10. 1874 

Hart-Smith, Franke Chamberlain, West-lodge, Leotninster .... June 14, 1888 

Harvey, William, I. M.S., " St. Eiceste," Newton Abbot June 13, 1872 

H asl a m, Wm. Frederic, 8 Vicarage-rd., Edgbaston, Birmingham. Dec. 8,1881 

Ilas^lacher, Fi'ancis Joseph M., Alchester-house, Bicester Dec. 8,1904 

Hastings, Somerville, 51 iVeeo Crtrewrfis/i-.s^ree^, W Dec. 8,1904 

Hatch, William Keith, Lt.-Col. I. M.S., 8 Earlham-rd., Noncich . June 9, 1887 

Haward, John Warrington, 57 Green-street, W June 11, 1868 

Harden, Arthur Falconer, Lt. I. M.S., c/o King S,- Co., Bombay . June 14, 1906 

Hayes, George Constable, 6 Park-square, Leeds Dec. 9, 1897 

Hayman, Samuel Clifford, '^ Harewood,'^ Narboro-rd., Leicester . Dec. 12,1907 

Ilayward, John Arthur, 23 The Grange, Wimbledoii Dec. 8, 1904 

Heath, Arthur, 24 Nor7nanton-road, Derby ; . Feb. 9, 1899 

Heath, Charles Joseph, 3 Cavendish-place, W June 10, 1880 

Heath, Philip Maynard, 5 Devonshire-street, W June 0,1904 

Heath, William Lenton, 90 Cromwell-road, S.W .June 9, 1881 

Heatherley, Francis, " Endellion.^' Rock Ferry, Cheshire June 9, 1887 

Heaton, George, 47 Newhall-street, Birmingham June 11, 1891 

Helsbam, Hector, 11 Warren-road, Bournemouth I Dec. 11, 1862 

Henderson, Edward Erskine, 20 Queen Anne-street, W June 12, 1902 

Henderson, J. H., 8 Auburn-rd., Auburn, Melbourne, Victoria. . June 12, 1902 
Henderson, Thomas Bonhote, 28 Walpole-st., Sloane-sq., S.W. . . June 1, 1905 

Henry, Edwin, Wingham, Dover June 14, 1894 

Henry, Mitchell, Kylemore Castle, Co. Galway May 11, 1854 

Hepburn, Malcolm Langton, 66 Wimpole-street, AV June 8, 1893 

Hepworth, Frank Arthur, Woodfie Id-house, Dcwsbury, Yorks.. . Junel3,1907 
Herbert, Herbert, Lt.-Col. I. M.S., Castle-grove, Nottingham . . June 11,1891 

Herman, George Ernest, 20 Har ley-street, W . . . { June 10, 1875 

Y{iiii,Qteo^viiy f^itccom.hi^,\(S Palace -gns. -mans., The Mall. Kensington June 18, 1908 

llewer, Cecil Mackenzie, Glenthorne, Tarporlei/, Cheshire Dec. 10, 1896 


Dec. 12, 1901 
June 13, 1907 
July 31,1848 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Aug. 2,1876 
July 9,1895 
Aug. 2,1898 
Feb. 12, 1903 
May 24, 1873 
Oct. 28,1885 
May 11, 1893 
Jan. 21,1874 
May 17, 1883 
July 27,1874 
June 9,1904 
Jan. 22, 1879 
July 27, 1899 
July 22, 1872 
Apr. 23, 1885 
Jan. 29, 1862 
May 22,1878 
Feb. 11,1898 
Feb. 13,1902 
Aug. 3,1876 
May 7,1863 
July 25, 1900 
Nov. 10,1892 
Oct. 18,1904 
Feb. 12, 1889 
Feb. 13, 1896 
July 31,1884 
July 27, 1899 
July 30, 1877 
Jan. 28, 1885 
Feb. 9A888 
Aug. 14, 1846 
June 12, 1902 
Nov. 10, 1898 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Nov. 10, 1892 
July 30, 1847 
Aug. 1,1892 
Aug. 4, 1903 
Apr. 10,1886 
Apr. 19, 1870 
Feb. 12,1903 
July 30, 1894 



Name ami Residence. Fellow. I Member. 

Hewer, E-lwar.! S. E., 6 Church-street, Strntford'on-Avon .... Dec. 13, 1900 j Feb. 10, 1898 

Hewer, Joseph Langton, ?,') Ilighhunj-noio-parlc, N Dec. 11, 1884 Jan. 19, 1882 

l\Qyc*ii&or\, .]o\\\\Th.oma.?,ii^ Cornivallstreet, Birminffham .... June 8, 1899 | Aug. 4,1896 
Jlewkley, Frank, 19 Lotrer Sei/mour-sfreet, Poi-tman-square, W. June 9,1887 I Nov. 21,1881 

Hey, Wilson Harold, » The Mount:' Colne, Lancashire Dec. 10, 1908 ' Mav 11, 190o 

Hicks, Henry Tlomas, 50 Frwrs Gate, Derby Dec. 1 1 , 1902 I Nov. 12, 1 896 

Ilisrgens, Cliarles, o2 Brook-street, ^Y I Dec. 14. 1871 i Apr. 21, 1868 

^1 Hill, Alex, Dowiiwf/ College, Cambridge | Apr. 11, 1907 ■ Apr. 21, 1880 

Hind. Alfre<l Ernest, Pnrfla»d-house, Midvale-road, Jeri<ey \ Dec. 10,1885 Apr. 19, 1883 

Hiud, Wheelton, Ro.reth-home, Stoke-on-Trent | June 14, 1888 Nov. 14, 1882 

Hine. Hugh FitzNeville, The Ivies, Neicark-on-Trent ' May 10, 1900 \ Nov. 11, 1897 

Hine, Montague Leonard, Harpendvn, Herts , June 18, 1908 ' July 27, 1905 

Hislop, Walter John Henry, Boukott-street, Wellington, N.Z... May 31, 1900 : Aug. 2, 1898 

Ilobson, Lewis John, 30 Sican-road, Harrogate , June 14, 1877 1 July 21, 1875 

Hogarth, Eobert George, 60 Ropetcalk, Nottingham , June 14, 1894 i July 30, 1891 

Holland, Eardley Lancelot, 92 Portland-place, W , Dec. 14, 1905 ! Aug. 4, 1903 

Holland, Edmund, 1 Titchfield-terrace, N.W , June 8, 1865 Apr. 19, 1860 

tHohnes, Charles, Lgdd, Kent ' Oct. 10, 1861 ! Apr. 20, 1838 

Holthouse, Edwin Hermus, 6 Devonshire-street, A\' I June 12, 1884 Jan. 21, 1881 

Holtzmann, Wilfred W., at " The Marloices;' Hand Hempstead June 18, 1908 June 18, 1908 

Home, Alfred Lucette, 6 Church-.^treet, Safron Walden ; Dec. 14, 1905 Feb. 7. 1895 

Hooper, John Harward, '' Heatherleg:' Chidehurst-road. Sidcup June 8, 18t)5 Apr. 17,1861 

'Hooper, Sir William Roe. K.C.S.I., 28b Devonshire-.'itreet, W. . | Apr. 5, 1900 Aug. 11, 1858 
Hope, Chas. Wm. M., 3 Tankerville-terrace, Xev:castle-on-Tgne. ' Dec. 10, 1908 May 11. 1905 
Hopkins, George Herbert, 3 North-quay, Brisbane, Queensland. ' Dec. 8, 1892 May 8, 1890 
Hopkins, John, Central Lo7idon Sick Asylum, Hendon, N.W. . . June 8, 1882 July 28, 1875 
Horrocks,Wm. Henry, "Oak Boyd," Manningham-lane, Bradford June 10, 1886 ^ Nov. 14, 1882 

Horsford, Cyril Arthur Bennett, 41 Wimpole-street, W Dec. 10, 1903 j Dec. 10, 1903 

Horsier, Sir ^'icto^ Alexander Haden, 25 Carendish-.square, W. I June 14, 1883 i Nov. 17, 1880 
Housman. Basil Williams, TheLoiverHouse, Tardehigge,Bromsgr ce June 11,1 891 ; Aug. 2, 1888 

Howard, Robert Jared Bliss, 31 Queen Anne-street, W Dec. 11, 1884 \ July 31, 1882 

Howard, Russell John, 10 Wey mouth-street, W \ June 11, 1903 June 11, 1903 

Howat, Robert King. 1 Glenholme-terrace, Middlesbrough | Dec. 10, 1896 \ Feb. 9, 1893 

Howell, John, 7 Imperial-square, Chelteyiham 1 Dec. 14, 1899 , Feb. 13. 1896 

Howlett, Edmund Henry, 4 U right-street, Hull ! June 10, 1880 i Jan. 24, 1877 

Howse, Cyril P.eresford '. I Dec. 14, 1905 I July 30, 1894 

Howse, Sir Henry Greenway, Toiver house, Cudham, jSei'<'noaA-s' June 11, 1868 j Jan. 25,1865 

Howse, Neville Reginald, V.C., Orange, N.S. W. J une 10, 1897 | July 23, 1886 

Howse, Percy William Macdowall, 17 Castle-street, Beading . . .Fuue 14, 1894 i Jan. 22,1883 

Hudson, Arthur Cvril, 2 Harley-place, N.W June 1, 1905 , May 12, 1904 

Hudson, Ernest, Lt.-Col I. M.S., Bengal Dec. 9, 1886 July 31, 1882 

lluggins, Godfrey Martin, " Sibertswold,'' Berkhampstead Dec. 10, l!)U8 July 2<S, 1906 

Hughes, Edgar Alfred, 12 Welbeck-street, W I June 9, 1887 Jan. 24, 1884 

Hughes, Ernest Cranmer, 6 St. Thomas's- street, S.E ^ Dec. 3, 1906 July 28, 1904 

Hughes, Gerald Stephen, 110 Bootham, York | Dec. 14, 1905 | Nov. 13, 1902 

Hughes, Samuel Heniy, 173 Macquarie-street, Sydney, N.S. W. . ' Dec. 13, 1894 : Aug. 2, 1888 
Hii2n, Edward Victor," MaJ. I. M.S., c/o King is' Co., Eomhnu . . June 14, 1906 Nov. 14, ia-!> 




Name and Eesidence. 1 Fellow. 

Tlulke, Sydney Backhouse, Ivij-houxe, If aimer, Kent \ June 10, 1897 

Humphreys, Frederick William, 44 Addi'son-r/ardetis, V\' Dec. 10, 1808 

Hunt, Ednuind Henderson, Senmderabad, India June 11, 1903 

Hunter, Irwin Walter Wm., 151 CuUins-street, Melhaurne, Vict. Dec. 13, 1900 

Hutchinson, .Sir Jonathan, 54 Gower-streef, W.C .' . Dec. 11, 1862 

Hutchinson, Jonathan, juu., 1 Park-crescent, W Nov. 13, 1884 

Ince, Arthur Godfrey, Sfurry, Canterbury, Kent : Dec. 8, 1898 

Ingall, Frank Ernest, Brook-hosp., Sliouter's-hiil, JJ'uohvic/i, S.E. June 13, 1895 

lonides, Theodore Henry, 25 First Avenue, Brighton [ Dec. 14, 1893 

Irving, Hamilton, 2 Greenhead-road, Huddersjield ! June 18, 1908 

Jackson, Arthur, 13 CoUec/e-IiiU, Shreicahnry 

Jackson, Georjre, 10 Portland-villas, Plipnonth 

Jacobson, Walter H. A., LuriUne-court, Eichurst, Haivkhurst . . 

JafFrey, Francis, 33 Noffinyham-place, A^' 

.Talland, AVilliiMU Hamerton, St. Leonardos-house, York 

James, Charles Henry, Maj. I. M.S., Patia^a, Punjab, hidia . . 
James, David I'iiilip, Sydney-street, Wellington, New Zealand. . 

James, George Thomas, 45 Jf'inipole-street, W 

James, H. E. R., Lt -Col.R.A. M. C.,Jun. United ServiceClub,S. W. 

James, James Thomas, 108 Harley-street, W 

James, John, 37 Cttlverdon-road, Balliam, S.W 

James, Robert Rutson, St. Geoiye's-hospital, S.W 

James, Willium Warwick, 2 Park-crescent, W 

Jamisim, Rej^inald, 80 New Cavendish-Street , W 

Jaques, Robert, 20 Athenreum-street, Plymouth 

Jeans, Frank Alex. Gallon, 30 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Jenkins, George .Fohn, 7 Welbeck-street, W 

Jenkins, Herbert Stanley, Si-ngan-fu, Shensi, China 

Jennings, Charles Egerton, Bed-house, Great Somerford, Wilts . 

Jennings, John Frederick, 13 John-street, Mayfair,'\\ 

Jessett, Frederic Bowreman, 53 Upper Brook-street, W 

Jessop, Walter Hamilton Hylton, 73 Harley-street, W 

Johnson, Alfred Edward, Middlese.v Hospital, W 

Johnson, Frederick, Kerak, .\foab, Palestine 

Johnson, George Lindsay, 55 Queen Anne-street, W 

Johnson, Raymond, 1 1 Wimpole-street, W 

Johnstone, James, 26 Sheen-road, Richmond, Surrey 

Johnstone, Robert James, 14 University-square, Belfast 

Joly, John Swift, "■ Dunbrody," Oruell-pk., Rathgar, Co. Dublin 
Jones, Arthur Webb, 8 c Rue Stambool, Ale.randria, Egypt . . 
Jones, Bert rand Seymour, 8 Greenfield-crescent, Birmingham . . 
Jones, David John, JIanhury-road, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. . 
Jones, David Llewellyn, 231 King-street, Hammersniilh, W. . . ' 
ionQB.Yl^miin^Ji. ,^" Chat su'orth,oNorthEnd-rd.,Golders-gn.,'^.'W. i 
Jones, George David Edwardes, 39 High-street, Cardigan .... 


June 8,1882 
Dec. 14,1876 
Dec. 20, 1875 
Dec. 10,1896 
June 19, 1873 
June 10, 1909 
June 9,1887 
Dec. 10, 1890 
June 12, 1890 
Dec. 10,1885 
Dec. 14, 1865 
iOct. 11,1906 
I June 1,1905 
Dec. 12,1907 
j June 13, 1907 
Dec. 11, 1902 
June 11,1903 
June 12,1884 
Dec. 10, 1903 
Dec. 10,1874 
Dec. 11,1884 
Dec. 13, 1906 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 11,1884 
Dec. 13, 1888 
June 11, 1891 
Dec. 13. 1900 
June 13, 1907 
May 31, 190;) 
June 11, 1903 
Dec. 14,1893 
Dec. 10,1891 
June 12,1902 
June N, 1894 

Feb. 9, 1893 
Apr. 25, 1865 
Nov. 8,1900 
May 4,1898 
Aug. 2,1850 
July 21, 1880 

May 10, 1894 
July 30, 1891 
July 28, 1890 
July 2,^, 1904 

July 23,1878 
Nov. 15,1864 
Nov. 13. 1872 
May 8,1890 
May 17,1870 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Nov. 16, 1871 
Feb. 13, 1890 
May 21,1879 
.Apr. 22,1879 
July -IQ, 1847 
Fel). 8, 1906 
Nov. 1:], 1902 
Oct. 10,1907 
Nov. 8,1900 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Nov. 1.3, 1902 
Aug. 2,1898 
Apr. 19, 1881 
July 25. 1900 
Dec. 28, 1859 
July 20,1880 
Aug. 4, 1903 
May 14,1891 
Jan. 24,1881 
July 31, 1885 
July 28, 1890 
Dec. 13,1900 
June 13, 1907 
Feb. 9,1899 
Nov. 14, 1901 
Nov. 13, 1890 
July 19, 1882 
-May 10, 1894 
Nov. 10,1892 



Naiiie and Residence. 

Jones, Lawrence, 47 Tipper Brook-street, W 

Jones, Martin Lleweh'n, 2 Victoria- square, Aberdare, S. Wales 
Jones, Oswald INIeredith, 83 Fort-street, Victoria, Dr. Columbia 
Jones, Sir P. Sydney, "7/a/s6«c<?/," Albyn-rd., Strathjield, Sydney . 
Jones, Robert. Cfayhury Asylum, Woodford Bridyf, Esxcx .... 

Jones, Sydney, 97 Louisville-road, Upper Tootiny, S.W 

Jones, Sydney Harold, 7 Portland-place, W 

Jones, Thomas Caldwell Litler, 1 Abercrotnby-square, Liverpool 
Jones, Wm. Warner, 92 CoUeye-st., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. . 

Jordan, John Furneaiix, 9 Neuiiall-street, Birminyham 

Jordan, Thomas Furneaiix, 10 Ferndale, Teignmouth, S. Deyo)i . 
Joubert de la Ferte, Chas. H., Col. I. M.S., The Ferns, Wcybridye 
•lowers, Reginald Francis, 55 Brun.'itvick-square, Briy/don .... 
Joyce, .Tames Leonard, The Vicaraye, Harrow-on-the-Hill . . . . 

Jiiler, Frank Ander-son, 24 Cavendish-square, W 

Juier,Henry Edward, 23 Cavendish-square, W 

Dec. 11,1902 
Oct. 12,1893 
June 13, 1889 
May 30, 18(il 
Dec. 10,1885 
Dec. 11,1856 
.June l;}, 1889 
June 12, 1902 
June 9,1904 
Dec. 10,1891 
June 14,186(5 
June 13, 1872 
June 14, 1888 
June 10, 1909 
Juue 10, 1909 
June 12, 1879 

^Keatinge, Henry Pottinger, Kasr-el-Ainy-house, Cairo 

•jKeegau, Denis Francis, " Antoneys,"' Pinner 

Keetley, Charles Robert Bell, 56 Grosvenor-street, W 

Keith, Arthur, 17 Aubert-park, Hiyhbury, N 

Kellock, Thomas Herbert, 8 Quee7i Anne-street, W 

Kelly, Charles Ernest Mackenzie, Witney, Oxon 

Kelly, Robert Ernest, 42 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Kelson, William Henry, 17 Cavendish-place, W I 

Kempe, John Arthur, 46 Francis-road, Edybaston, Birminyham 

Keser, Jean Samuel, Colatel, Chemin Vinef, Lausanne, Sioitzerland [ 

Keyser, Charles Ralph, 46 Queen Anne-street, W 

Kidd, Francis Seymour, 41 Wiinp)ole-street, W 

Kidd, Hugh Cameron, Bromsyrove, Worcestershire 

Killen, Thomas, Carrickferyus, Co. Antrim 

Killick, Charles, Trinity-house, Maidstone 

Kinder, Alexander, Balclutha, Otayo, Neio Zealand 

Kinsey-Taylor, Alfred Ernest, 26 Lancaster-yate, W 

Knaggs, Robert Lawford, 27 Park-square, Leeds 

July 25, 1900 
Feb. 13,1890 
June 27, 1887 
Oct. 29,1868 
May 18, 1883 
Aug. 4,1853 
July 29,1886 
Nov. 11,1897 
July 25,1900 
May 14, 1891 
May 2, 1854 
May 5, lo68 
Jan. 19,1886 
July 25, b,07 
May 11,1905 
May 7, 1867 

Lace, Frederick, 5 Gay-street, Bath 

Lack, Harry Lambert, 48 Rar ley-street, W 

Lake, Richard, 60 liar ley-street, W 

Lakiu, Charles Ernest, Middlesex Hospital, W 

Lammiman, Cleland, Elleray, Tnnbridye Wells 

Lane, James Ernest, 47 Queen Anne-street, W 

Lane, William Arbuthnot. 21 Cavendish-square, M' 

Ijang, William, 22 Cavendish-square, W 

Langlands, Francis Henry, 12 Collins-st., Melbourne, Victoria. 

Langton, John, 20 Bentinck-street, "W 

Larkiu, Frederic Charles, 54 Rodney-street, Liverpool 


Apr. 9,1908 
Apr. 9,1891 
Juue 8,1876 
June 14, 1894 
June 11, 1891 
June 10, 1897 
Dec. 14,1905 
Dec. 14, 1893 
Juue 14, 1888 
Juue 12, 1884 
Dec. 14, 1899 
June 1,1905 
July 12,1888; 
Dec-. 10,1908' 
June 1,1905 
June 18, 1908 
Dec. 13, 1888 
June 12, 1884 1 

Dec. 12,1895 

June 8,1893 

June 12, 1890 

Ijune 1,1905 

i Dec. 9, 1880 

I Dec. 14,1882 

I June 8,1882 

i Juue 12, 1879 

Dec. 10, 1891 

Juue 8,1865 

Dec. 12,1889 










A pr. 






J uly 





I Noy. 
i .May 






30, 1861 
24, 1873 
10, 1894 
30, 1891 
14, 1905 
30, 1885 
29, 1875 
14, 1881 

4, 1896 

1, lb85 
10, 1908 

25. 1900 
26, U)06 

29. 1884 
14, 1883 

0, 1889 

13. 1890 

29. 1885 

14. 1901 
18, 1880 
23, 1874 

12. 1891 
2-:{, 1885 



Name and Residence. i 

Law, AVilliam Thomas, Geehr Lodye, NortMoood, Middlesex . . 

Law'ford, Johu Bowring, 99 Hcn-lei/sfreet, W i 

Lawrence, Henrv John Hughes, Hon. Bri[/.-Snrg. A.M.S .... 

Lawrence, Laurie Aslier, 9 Uj)2)er Wimjwle-street, W 

Lawrence, Thomas W. Pelham, 12 North Hill, Hiyhgate, N. . . 

Laws, \Mlliam George, 3 East-circus-street, Nottinyham t 

Lawson, Arnold, 12 Harley-street. W 

Layton, Thomas Braniley, Guy''s Hospital, S.E | 

Lea, Arnold Wm. Warrington, 246 Oxford-road, Manchester . . i 

Leaf, Cecil Huntington, 75 JVimpole-street, W ' 

Leahy, A. W. D., Lt.-Col., 4 Iddesleigh-nmns., Caxton-st., S.NV. 
Leathes, John Bere.stV)rd, 89 Albert Bridye-rd., Bnttersea, S.W. 

Lediard, Henry Ambrose, 26 Loicther-sfreet, Carlisle ; 

Lee, William Edward, Santhaparam, Ma.iivell-h ill-road, N 

Leech, Priestley, Kiny Cross, Halif(.v, Yorkshire 

Leedham-Green, Chas. Albert, 9 Neiohall-street, Birminyham . . \ 

Legg, Thomas Percy, 141 Harley-street, W 

Leicester, J. C. H., Capt. I. M.S., c/o Grindlay ^ Co., Calcutta. . 

Leipoldt, Christian Frederic Louis, Guy's Hospital, S.E 

Lelean, Percy S.,,c/o Holt^- Co.,3Jniitehall-j}lace. 
Letchworth, Thos. Wilfrid, '%./ws,C'/^2//-c//^<?/rf-rf/., Wulto7i-on-T. 

Lett, Hugh, 48 QueeJi Anne-street, W 

Iievick, Harry Driffield, Wilton-lodye, Middlesborouyh 

Levy, Aaron, 67 Wimpole-street, \Y 

Lewis, Edward John, 74 Hamilton-terrace, N.W 

Lewis, H. Wolseley, County Asylum, Barminy Heath, Maidstone 

Ley, John William, Belmont, Nexcton Abbot 

Ligat, David, Belmont, Priory-road, Hastinys 

Lilley, Ernest Lewis, Waterloo-yates, New-icalk, Leicester .... 
Linington, William West, 1 Radnor-pnrk-arenue, Folkestone . . 
Lister, A. Yj.3.,Ca2)t.I.M.S.,c;o T. Cook, Esplanade- rd., Bombay 

Lister, Rt. Hon. Lord, 12 Park-crescent, Portland-place, W 

Lister, Thomas David, 50 Brook-street, W 

Lister, William Tindall, 24 Devonshire-place, W 

Little, Ernest Muirhead, 5 Duchess-street, Portland-place, W. . . 

Little, Louis Stron)eyer, Bletchinyley 

Littler, Robert Meredith, 29 Hawkshead-street, Southport .... 

Littlewood, Ilarr}-, 25 Park-square, Leeds 

Lloyd, George Jordan, 22 Broad-street, Birminyhain 

Lloyd, Perceva:l Allen, 6 Victoria-2)lace, Haverfordwest 

Lockett, George Vernon, 57 Duke-street, Kinyston, Jamaica . . 

Lockwood, Charles Barrett, 19 UpjierBerkeley-street, W 

Lockyer, Cuthbert Henry Jones, 117rt Harley-street, W 

Longridge, Charles John Nepean, 7 O.rford-parade, Cheltenham. 
^Love\\,SirFrainc[H Henry, C.M.G.,G2Hnlmdale-rd., W.Hampstead 

Low, Vincent Warren, 146 Harley-street, W 

Lowe, ^^'alter George, h'urton-(m-Tre?it 


Dec. 20,1875 
Dec. 10,1885 
Dec. 13,1866 
June 9,1887 
June 12, 1890 
June 9,1892 
June 8,1893 
June 10, 1909 
July 14.1892 
Dec. 12, 1895 
Dec. 8,1881 
June 14, 1894 
June 8,1876 
June 10, 1897 
June 1:3,1889 
Dec. 14,1893 
June 10, 1897 
June 9,1898 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 14,1899 
June 10, 1909 
June 12, 1902 
June 13, 1895 
June 10, 1909 
June 12, 1890 
June 12, 1902 
June 10, 1875 
Dec. 12, 1907 
June 11, 1903 
Mar. 11,1897 
Oct. 16,1902 
Dec. 9,1852 
June 14, 1894 
June 13, 1895 
Dec. 9,1886 
June 14, 1866 
June 14, 1894 
May 13, 1886 
Dec. 9,1880 
June 14, 1888 
.Tune 13, 1895 
Dec. 8,1881 
June 11, 1896 
Dec. 11,1902 
Apr. 2,1903 
Dec. 14, 1893 
June 10, 1875 

May 16, 1871 
Nov. 18,1879 
Apr. 16, 1852 
Jan. 22,1884 
May 5,1887 
June 9, 1892 
May 14, 1891 
Feb. 8,1906 
Aug. 1,1889 
July 28,1890 
Nov. 11,1878 
May 10, 1894 
July 27,1870 
May 10,1894 
Jan. 22,1885 
Feb. 12,1891 
May 9,1895 
May 14,1890 
JulV 25, 1907 
Nov. 14, 1895 
Nov. 10, 1909 
Feb. 7, 1901 
Feb. 12, 1891 
ilay 8,1902 
Jan. 28,1884 
Feb. 11,1892 
Nov. 17, 1869 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Julv 27, 1899 
July 27, 1893 
July 25, 1900 
Dec. 9, 1852 
Nov. 10,1892 
May 9,1895 
Jan. 21,1880 
Apr. 22,1862 
Nov. 13, 1890 
Apr. 17, 1883 
July 23, 1878 
Aug. 5,1885 
May 9,1895 
Apr. 17, 1878 
July 30, 1894 
May 10,1900 
Nov. 14, 1865 
Feb. 12, 1891 
Jan. 27, 1870 



Name and Residence. 

Lowman, William Ilenviile, 4 White-street, Coventrij 

I^owne, B. Thomp.'on, The Cedars, CrondoU, near Fiimliam. . . . 
Luard, Hugh Bixbv, Capt. I. M.S., Osrnotherley, Northallerton . . 

Lucas, Albert, 9 l^asy-roio, Birnnnyham 

Lucas, Richard Clement, 50 Wimpole-street, W 

Luce, Richard Harinan, 42 Friargate, Derby 

IjUcv, Regiiiiild Horace, 9 The Crescent, Plymouth 

Lukis, Cliarles Pardey, Lt.- Col. I. M.S., Medical College, Calcutta 

Lund, Ilerbei't, 22 aS'^. John-street. .Manchester 

Lyle, Ilerbt. Willouurhby, " Erersley,'' Elnifield-road, Bromley . 
Lynch, Stephen Frederick, 3 Xorth-Deton-plnce, Bli/ mouth. . . . 
Lytli, Harold Ashton, Falcrmo-house, Mutley-Flain, Plymouth. . 

MacCallan, Arthur Ferguson, Pi^W/c Health F)cpt., Cairo, Eyyjyt 

McCann, Frederick John, 5 Curzon-street, May fair, W 

McCarthy, Jeremiah, 1 Cambridge-place, Vtctoria-road. W 

McClure, James, 7 ^S'^. Loo-mansions, Cheytie-gardens, S.W 

McDonagh, James Eustace Radclytle, 6o Elsham-road, W 

MacDonald, Sydney Gray, St. Thomas's Hospital, S.E 

MacDoniiell, James O'Malley, Lt.-Col. I. M.S., Bengal 

!McGaviu, Donald Johnstone, 141 JJ'illis-st., Wellington, New Z. 

McGavin, Lawrie Ilucrh, Mansfield-street, V\ 

Macgregor, Joseph Johnston, GO Sploit-road, Cardiff 

WcKenly, Francis Edmund, 408 jE'(/;noM^o??-s<., Winnipeg, Canada 
Mackenzie, Francis Scobie, All Saints' Vicarage, S. Wimbledon 
Mackenzie, George Welland, 13 WiUiam-st., Loivndes-sg , S.W. 
Mackenzie, John Thomas, I.M.S., Hillcroft, Kingston, Ontario. . 

Mackenzie, Lewis, Bampton-hojise, Tiverton, Devon 

Mackern, John, 30 Shooter'' s-hill-road, Blackheath, S.E 

Mivckie,Fredc. V.,Ca2it.I.M.S.,cloGrindlag,Groomi)- Co., Bombay 

McLachlan, Arthur Ronald, Cape Town, South Africa 

Mcl-achlan, John, 3 Keble-road, Oxford. 

Maclaren, Xorman, 23 Portlnnd-.^quare, Carlisle 

fMacLeod, Alex. Charles, I. M.S., ?,6 Drayton-gdns., S.Kensington 
MacLeod, Charles F]dwd. Alexander, 70 B Ladbroke-grove, W. . 

McMullen, William Halliburton, 27 Welbeck-street, W 

Macnab, Allan James, JMaj. I. M.S., Bengal 

McXab, Angus, 31 New Cavendish-street, W 

Macnamara, Nottidge C, I. M.S., The Lodge. Chorley-ivood, Herts 

McPherson, Thomas, The Royal United Hospital, Bath 

Madden, Frank Cole, G Sharia Der-el-benat, Cairo 

Mahon, Ralph Bodkin, Ballinrohe, Co. Mayo 

Mahood, Allan Edward, " Standish^' Grange-rd., Sutton, Surrey 

Maidlow, William Harvey, Silver-street, Ilminster 

Maiugay, Henry Bertram, 33 Queen-street, Scarborough 

Makins. George Henrv, C.B., 47 Charles-street, Berkeley-sq.. \\ . 

June 20,1901 
June 19; 
June 10 
June 11 
June 8; 
Dec. 13 
Dec. 13 
June 12 
June 9 
June 11 
May 31 
Dec. 8 

Dec. 14 
Dec. 12 
June 19, 
Dec. 11 
June 10 
June 10 
Dec. 9; 
Dec. 8 
Mav 31 
June 11 
June 13 
June 13 
Dec. 9 
June 9 
Dec. 20, 
June 14 
June 12 
Dec. 12 
Dec. 12 
June 11 
Aug. 10 
J une 1 3 
Dec. 10, 
June 20 
June 11 
Dec. 8 
June 10 
Dec. 12 
Mar. 10, 
June 11 
June 14 
Feb. 10, 
June 1 1 
Dee. 12 


May 10, 1900 
May 2,1861 
Aug. 4,1887 
Feb. 9,1887 
Jan. 21,1868 
May 11,1893 
May 4,1886 
Nov. 20, 1879 
July 30, 1885 
Julv 27,1893 
Feb. 11,1897 
Julv 31, 1902 


A pr. 
J une 


29. 1897 
8, 1906 

2, 1899 

10. 1898 
9, 1889 

13, 11K)7 
6, 1857 
■2^, 1877 

29. 1897 
24, 1885 

30, 1891 


10. 1898 
27, 1887 
8, 1904 
27, 1905 

9, 1893 


I- 5 

Name and Resilience. 

Malloch, Win. John O., 327 Culleye-street, Toronto, Canada . . 

Mauders, Horace, 126 Harley-street, W 

Manning-, Guy Eugene, Eastern Hospital, Homerton, N.E 

Manning-ton, Frank, Belmont, Muswell-hiU-road, N. . 

Mant, Harold Turley, 63 Wimpole-street, W 

Marlow, Fredk. Wm., 417 Bloor-st.-ivst, Toronto, Out., Canada. 

Marriage, Herbert James, 109 Earley-strcet, W 

Marriott, Cecil Edward, 11 Ti'el ford-road, Leicester 

Marriott, Sir Charles Hayes, Harcoart-hoase, Kilncarth, Leicester 

Marsdiu, Frederick, 9 Moat Croft-road, Old Town, Eastbourne . 

Marsh, Frank, Oo Corn wall-street, Birmingham 

Marsh, Frederick Howard, The Lodge, Downing Coll., Cambridge 

Marshall, Charles Devereux, 112 Harley-street, W 

Marshall, Charles Frederic, 21 St. John's Wood-park, N.W. . . 

Mai-shall, James Cole, 86 Albion-street, W 

Marson, Francis Herbert, Eastgate, Stafford 

^iMarston, Jeftery Allen, C.B., 56 Xecern-sr^uare, S.W 

Martin, Albert Edward, Siirreg-chaitibers, Perth, ir. Australia . 

Martin, Christopher, Cleveland-house, George-road, Edgbaston . . 

Martin, Edward Kenneth, 7 Royal-terrace, Weston-super-Mare. 

Martin-Leake, Artliur, V.C, " Marshalls," Ware, Herts 

Miisina, Hormasji Manekji, Clare-road, Ihjculla, Bombay 

Masternian, Ernest Wm. Guruey, English Miss. Hosp., Jerusalem 

Maurice, James Blake, Marlborough, Wiltshire 

Maxwell, John I'reston, E. P Mission, Engchhun, Amny, China 

Maxwell, Richard Drummond, 41 Ti'impole-street, W 

Maxwell, Wni. Henry, P.O. Bo.v 473, Johannesburg, Transvaal. 

May, Bennett, 50 Frederich-rvad, Edgbaston, Birmingham .... 

May, Edward Plooper, Tottenham-high-cross, N 

Mayuard, Edwin, 63 St. James's-street, S.W 

^\.Ayn&iOi,Yxiii}iC.Vmi^Q\\t,Lt.-Col. I. M.S.,\ZHarington-st., Calcutta 

Mayo, Tliomas Alfred, 6 Parade, Cotces, Isle of Wight 

Mayou, Marmaduke Steplien, 46 Weymouth-street, W 

Mead, John Clarke, 55 High-street, Lowestoft i 

^lelsome, William Stanley, 29 Circus, Bath | 

Mercier, Charles Arthur, 34 Wimpole-street, W j 

^ Meredith, Wm. Appleton, Little Massingham Manor, Kings Lynn 

Micliell, Iiobert AVilliams, 3 Trinity-street, Cambridge 

Mic-hels, Ernst, 48 Einsbury-sffuare, E.C 

Middlebro, Tliomas Holme.s, Owen Sou7ul, Ontario, Canada. . . . 

Miles, ^^'illiara Ernest, 3 U'/)per Wimjyole-street, W 

Milles, Walter Jennings, Shanghai, China 

Mills, (ieorge Percival, 16 St. James'-rd., Edgbaston, Binni?igham 

Mills, Yarnold Hubert, Hill-street, Haverfordwest 

Milne, Hubert, London Hospital, E 

Milward. Frederic ^'ictor, 91 Ccrntcall-street, Birmingham .... 

Mi.«kin, Leonard Jolin, Slade-hovse, Kenningt<>n-road S.IO 


June 14, 1906 
June 13, 1878 
Dec. 9, 1897 
Dec. 14,1899 
Dec. 13,1906 
June 11, 1903 
June 12, 1902 
Dec. 8,1904 
Nov. 24, 1859 
June 12, 1863 
Dec. 13, 1883 
June 14, 1866 
Dec. 8 1892 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 10,1903 
June 13, 1895 
Apr. 12,1888 
Dec. 9,1897 
Dec. 10, 1891 
June 10, 1909 
June 11, 1903 
June 9,1898 
Jan. 14,1892 
Nov. 25, 1864 
Dec. 9,1897 
Dec. 12,1907 
Dec. 10,1903 
June 8,1876 
Dec. 11,18-56 
Dec. 12, 1907 
Dec. 13,1900 
Dec. 13,1900 
Dec. 12,1901 
June 13, 1907 
Dec. 10,1896 
June 13, 1878 
Apr. 8,1807 
June 13, 1895 
June 8,1803 
Mav 31,1900 
Feb. 8,1894 
Dec. 9,1880 
July 30, 1908 
Dec. 13,1894 
Dec. 13,1906 
May 31, 1900 
Dee. 9, 1897 

I Member. 
Feb. 8,1906 
i Nov. 16,1875 
Nov. 9,1893 
July 29, 1897 
July 28, 1904 
May 8,1902 
Feb. 11,1897 
Feb. 13,1896 
Apr. 20, 1858 
Mar. 2,1859 
Apr. 24,1877 
June 3,1861 
July 28,1890 
May 9,1889 
Nov. 8,1900 
Nov. 10, 1892 
July 28, 1854 
Nov. 14,1889 
Nov. 12,1891 
May 14, 1908 
Nov. 10, 1898 
June 9,1898 
Feb. 12,1891 
Apr. 10, 1861 
Feb. 13, 1896 
July 29,1907 
Nov. 2,1899 
Jan. 23,1868 
Apr. 21, 1854 
Feb. 13,1896 
Apr. 28, 1885 
Nov. 10, 1898 
July 29, 1897 
May 11,1905 
Dec. 10,1896 
July 28,1874 
July 27, 1871 
June 13,1895 
July 30, 1891 
Nov. 2,1899 
July 30, 1891 
July 27, 1877 
May 10,1906 
Feb. 12, 1691 
July 28,1904 
Feb. 27, 1895 
Mav 9,1895 



Name and Residence. i Fellow. 

Modi, Shapurji Iloriuasji, Apollo Hotel, Bombay July 27, 1899 

Mullat, Henry Alford, 118 Nmv Church-dreet, Cape Toivn June 11, 181)0 

Mole, Harold Frederic, 19 Mortimer-road, Clifton, Bristol Dec. 8, 1892 

Moles worth, Theodore Henderson, St. Marf/aret's-at-Clifff, Dorer Dec. 10, 1903 
Mollison, Wm. Mayhew, Warden's House, Guy's Honpital, S.E. June 14, 190(3 
Montgomery, "William Percy, lo St. John-street, Manchester . . June 8, 1893 
Moon, Archibald Trevor, ''■ Ey nance," Park-lane, Wallinylun . . j Dec. 8, 1904 
Moore, CliHord Arthur, South-lodye, Druid Stoke, nr. Bristol . . June 18,1908 

Moore, Robert Foster, St. Bartholomev:' s Hospital, E.C | Dec. 13, 1906 

Mooie, Walter William, Public Hosjntal, Napier, Neio Zealand Dec. 13, 1906 

Mt)orshead, Kobt. Fletcher, 87 Palace-rd., Brixton, S.W I June 11, 1903 

Moreton, James Earl, Earlscroft, Kelsall, Chester ' Dec. 14, 18(')0 

Morgan, John Hammond, C.V.O., G8 Grosvenor- street, W i June 8, 1876 

Morison, James Kutherford, 1 Claremont-pl.,Nexccastle-on-Tyne I Dec. 11,1890 

Morland, Charles Henry Duncan, Swatoio, China Dec. 9, 1897 

Murley, Arthur Solomon, 29 Gower-street, W.C Dec. 11, 1902 

Morley, Edward John, R.N., Admiralty, 22 Spriny-ydns., S.W. i June 11, 1891 

Morris, Charles Arthur, C.V.O., 28 Chester-square, S W ' Jmie 14, 1888 

Morris, Sir Henry, Bart., 8 Cavendish-square, W ! June 19, 1873 

Morrison, Jas. Thos. Jackman, 54 Neichall-street, Birminyham . | Dec. 13,1883 

Morse, Thomas Herbert, 41 All Saints-yreen, Noncich | Dec. 11,1884 

Mortimer, John Desmond E., 15 -SY. Leonards-terr., Chelsea, S.W. ' Dec. 12, 1889 

Mortimer, Wm. Graddon, Mosslad-honse, Eltham ! June 14, 1906 

Morton, Andrew Stanford, 133 Harley-street, W I June 14, 1888 

Morton, Charles Alexander, 14 Tyvyan-terrace, Clifton, Bristol 1 Dec. 12, 1889 

Moss, "\Mlliam Boyd, Sutton Court, Chisicick, W i May 15, 1856 

Mothersole, Robert Devereux, 128 St. Georye's-road, Bolton . . Dec. 11, 1890 

MouUin, Charles William Mansell, 69 Wimpole-street, W Dec. 12, 1878 

Moynihau, Berkeley George Andrew, 33 Park-square, Leeds . . Oct. 9, 1890 

Mulroney, Thomas Richard, Lieut.-Col. I.M.S., Beyiyal ' May 31, 1900 

Mumfi.rd, Wilfred George, 18 The Circus, Bath \ June 11, 1903 

Mummeiy, John Percy Lockhart, 10 Cavendish-place, W May 31,1900 

Munby, William Maxwell, 16 Norfhumberland-sq., North Shields June 10, 1909 

Mundy, Herbert, 102 Florida-road, Durban, Natal Dec. 14, 1899 

Murphy, James Keogh, 16 Pembridye-creseent, W June 20, 1901 

^Murphy, Sir Shirley Forster, 9 Bentinck-tcrrace, N.W Apr. 1, 1909 

Murray, Geo. A. Everitt, Rand Chib, Johannesbiiry, S. Africa . . Dec. 8, 1887 

Murray, John, 110 Harley-street, W '. Dec. 1 1, 1890 

Murray, Robert William, 15 Rodney-street, Liverpool Dec. 12, 1889 

Musgrove, James, University, St. Andrews, N.B June 8, 1893 

Muspratt, Charles Drummond, 11 Madeira-road, Bournemouth . . June 11, 1885 

Myler, John William, Whitchurch, Cardiff Dec. 10, ltX)3 

Mylvaganam, Henry Bailey, Victoria Hosp., Banyalore, India. . June 1,1905 

Nairn, Robert, Hastinys, Napier, New Zealand Dec. 10, 1891 

Kail, John Frederick, '^ Rahere," Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland Dec. 10, 189(5 

Nance, Henry Chester, 55 St. Giles' -plain, Norwich 


Nov. 11,1897 
May 9,1895 
Nov. 13,1890 
Nov. 12, 1896 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Nov. 12,1891 
Feb. 12, 1903 
May 14, 1903 
May 12,1904 
Nov. 9,1905 
May 11,1899 
Apr. 11,1853 
July 23, 1872 
Dec. 11,1890 
Nov. 8,1888 
July 27, 1889 
Jan. 21,1879 
July 19, 1882 
Apr. 25, 1866 
Jan. 24,1879 
Nov. 20, 1879 
Jan. 20,1882 
July 29, 1895 
July 23, 1874 
Nov. 17, 1881 
Apr. 1,1853 
Feb. 9,1888 
Aug. 2,1876 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Jan. 18,1880 
May 9,1895 
Nov. 2,1899 
June 10, 1909 
May 13, 1897 
May 10,1894 
Apr. 20,1870 
Apr. L^8,1884 
Jan. 17,1887 
Apr. 28,1884 
May 9,1889 
July 30,1884 
July 29, 1895 
Feb. 12, 1903 

Apr. 22,1886 

July 28,18i)0 

June 11, 1891 1 May 8,1880 



Name and Residence. 

Napier, Francis Horatio 

Nash, Walter Gifford, 1a De Pary's-avenue, Bedford 

Neil, William Fultou, 4 Endsleif/h-f/ardens, N.W 

Nestield,V. B., Capt.I.M.S.,GnndlmjS,-Co.MPn>-Uament-st.,^. VV. 
Nettleship, Edward, Nidcomhe-hiH, Hindhead, Haslemere .... 
Newbolt, Georo-e Palmerston, 42 Catli/imie-street, Liveiyool . . 
Newby, Charles Ilenrv, 14 Broad- j\ark-avemie, llfrac.omhe .... 

Newbj, Gervase Edward, 12 Addiscombe-road, Croydon 

Newlaud, Henry Simpson, 3 X. -terrace, Adelaide, S. Australia . 
Newland-Pedlev, Frederick. 22 Wil/ow-rd., Hampstead, N.W.. . 

Newman, John Campin, WindJiill, Bishops Stortford 

Newton, Robert E., Palace-court, St. George s-terr., Perth, W.Aust. 

NichoUs, James, Trekeiininy-house, St. Columh, Cornwall 

Nichols, William Robson, 295 Edmonton-st., Winnipeg, Canada 

Nicol, Burton Alexander 

Niphtinfralej Hfnrv John, 2o Fassett-rd., Kinyston-on-Thames . 

Nitch, Cyril Alfred Rankiu, 69 Harley-street, W 

Noall, Wm. Paynter, Chih-chambers, York 

Noon, Leonard, " Cherry Orchard," Godalming 

Norbury, J^ionel Edward Close, St. Thomas's Hospital, S.E. . . 

Norman, Frederick, 5 Holland-road, Bri.rton, S.W 

Norton, Arthur Trehern, C.B., Leiijields Wood, Ashampstead . . 
tNourse, W. E. Charles, Norfolk-lodye, Thurlmo-road, Torquay . 

Nuthall, Alex. Wathen, 89 Cormrall-street, Binninyham 

Nutt, Harold Rothery, Capt. I.M.S. 

Odell, William, Femdale, Torquay 

Odg'ers, Paul Norman Blake, 16 Custelian-street, Northampton. . 

Ojrilvie, Ferjrus Monteith, 72 Woodstock-road, O.tford 

O'Hea, James Patrick, 1.33 Riishey-yreen, Catford 

Oldfield, Carlton, 32 Park-square, Leeds 

Olive, Eustace J. P., Lillinyton-lodye,Kenilicorth-rd., Leamington 
UUereushaw, Robert, Hiyltfield-hovse, Glossop, Derbyshire .... 
O'.Meara, E. J., Capt. I. M.S., Mirzapur, United Provinces, India 
Openshaw, Thomas Horrocks, C.M.G., 16 Wimpole-street, W. . . 

Ormond, Arthur William, 7 Devonshire-place, W 

Orton, Georo;e Hunt, 7 Canipden-hill-road, Kensiiigton, W 

Osborn, Samuel, Dafchet, near Windsor 

Ouston, Thonuis George, 1 Saville-place, Neiccastle-on-Tyne . . . . 
Owen, Edmund, 64 Great Cumberland-place, W 

June 12, 1890 
Dec. 10,1891 
June 10, 1909 
Oct. 13,1904 
Dec. 8,1870 
Apr. 12,1888 
Dec. 9,1880 
Dec. 13,1894 
June 8,1899 
June 11, 1885 
June 12, 1902 
June 20, 1901 
June 11, 1868 
Dec. 12,1901 
June 11, 1903 I 
Dec. 10,19081 
June 12, 1902: 
June 14, 1906 
June 1,1905 
Mar. 14,1907 
June 1,1905 
June 13, 1867 
Mar. 11,1857 
Oct. 13,1898 
Jan. 16,1902 

Dec. 14,1870 
June 11. 1903 
June 8,1899 
June 11, 1896 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 8,1892 
June 10, 1909 
June 12, 1902 
Dec. 9,1886; 
Dec. 8, 1898 i 
June 13, 1867! 
June 8,1876 
June 14, 1894* 
Deo. 12, 1872 

Jan. 26,1885 
Aug. 4, 
Nov. 14 
Aug. 1 
Nov. 17 
Jan. 22 
Jan. 22 
Feb. 11 
July 29 
Apr. 21 
Nov, 8 
Julj 29 
Od 15 
May 11 
Mav 11 
Nov. 8 
May 10, 
Nov. 2 
Aug. 4, 
Nov. 10 
Apr. 28 
Nov. 18, 
Aug. 30, 
Nov. 14 

Nov. 13 
Feb. 13 
July 29 
July 29; 
July 27 
Nov. 14 
July 30 
Nov. 14 
Jan. 17 
Aug. 4 
May 6 
Jan. 26 
Julv 30 
Mmv 19 

Paddle, James Isaac, Rose Hill, Mauritius 

Page, Charles Max, 4 Carlyle-mansions, Cheyne-ivalk, S.W. . . June 18, 1908 

^Page, Frederick, 20 Victoria-square, Neiccastle-on-Tyne Apr. 5,1900 

Page, Harry Marmaduke, 14 GrenvUle-place, S.W » . . ] Dec. 9, 1886 

Page, Herbt. ^^'m., Hinfon Bluett Manor, Temple Cloud, Bristol Dec. 14, 1871 

June 10, 1880 I Apr. 24 
Feb. 8 
May 6 
Jan. 27 
Nov. 16 

Paget, Stephen, 70 Harley-street, W June 11, 1885 


July 23. 






Name and Residence. 

Paling, Albeit, 178 Ilorimtglow-street, BuHon-on-Trent 

Piintin, Chas. Satchell, 1 Alhert-terrace, Dowjlas, Isle of Man. . 

Pantinir, Laureuce Christopher, 4o Lemon-street, Truro 

Parainore, Richard Horace, 2 Gordon-square, W.C 

Pardee, John George, 77 Wimpole-street, W 

Parker, Frederick Henrv, " Bicknor,^' Snfolk-sqttare, Cheltenham 

Parker, Rushton, 59 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Parljiii, Alfred, 24 Albion-street, Hull 

Parkin, Alfred, 5G Jesmond-road, Netccastle-on-Tyne 

Parkinson, John Porter, 57 Wimpole-street, W 

Parrv, Albert Alexander, liockhamjjton, Queensland 

Parry, Leonard Arthur, 83 Church-road, Hove 

Va.YSonSjFredk.Gymer," Harhledurct>,'^Kidoro(dc-ffdns.,Blackheath 

Parsons, John Herbert, 27 Wimpole-street, W 

Paterson, Herbert John, 9 Upper Wimjwle-street, "\V 

Patei'son, ^^'il]ianl Bromheld, 7a Manchester-square, W 

Paton, Le.-lie Johnston, 1 Spanish-piace, W 

Patterson, N'orinan, 79 Wimpole-street, W 

Paul, Frank Thomas, 38 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Paul, Samuel Chelliah, Rao Mahal, Ward-jylace, Colombo, Ceylon 

Payne, John Ernest, 9 Higher-terrace, Torquay 

Pearse, Thunias Frederick, c o Thos. Cook 4* Son, Calcutta .... 

Pearson, Charles Y elver ton, 1 Sidney-place, Cork 

Pearson, Maurice Grey, '' Clevelatul,'' Moore-rd., Durlxin, Natal . 

Pendlebury, Herbert Stringfellow, 44 Brook-street, W 

Pendred, Vaughan, Lansdoicne-place, Coventry 

Peuhall, John Thomas, Broadwas-on-Teme, Worcester 

Pennell, George Herbert, Lovms de Zamora, Buenos Aires .... 

Pennell, Theodore I.ieighton, Bannu, Pu7i;'ab, India 

Pepper, Auirustus Joseph, 13 Wiuipole-street, W 

Perkins, Herbert Wilber force. The Oaks, Harrow-on-tht- Hill . . 

Perks, Robert Howell, Ferndale, Paignton, Devon 

Permewan, William, 7 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Pern, Alfred, Botley, Southampton 

Perrin, Thomas, Gt. Western-street , Aylesbury 

Perry, Francis F.,C.I.E., Lt.-Col.I.M .S.,Med.Coll.,Lahore,runjab 

Peters, Edwin Arthur, 52 Witni)ole-street, W 

Pettey, Tom, 93 South-dreet, Bastboume 

Phillips, Llewellyn C. Powell, Savoy-chambers, Cairo 

Phillips, Miles Harris, 420 Glossop-road. Sheffield 

Pick, Thomas Pickering, " TJte Xook," Gt. Bookham, Surrey . . 

Pickard, Ransom, 31 Bast Soufhernhay, E.veter 

Pickering, Charles Frederick, 13 Berkeley-square, Bristol 

Pierpoint, Harry, Lt. IM.S. 

Pigeon, Henry Walter, 6 Albion-street, Hull 

Piicher, E. M.,D.S.O.,Maj.R.A.M.C.,c/Q Sir C.Macgrigor S^- Co. 
Pilcher, Jesse Griggs, Col. I.M.S., 133 Ghucester-road, S.W. . . 


Fellow. I Jleinber. 
June 11, 1896 1 May 12, 
Dec. 13,1894 Feb. 9, 
June 10, 1909 1 June 10, 
Juuel3. 1907, July 25, 
June 12, 1902 1 May 9, 
Dec. 8,1904 May 12, 
Dec. 12, 1872 1 Apr. 20, 
I June 12, 1890 ! Aug. 2, 
I June 9,lW4'Oct. 16, 
[Dec. 11,1890 May 10, 
July 10, 1890 i June 14, 
June Il,18!>6 May 10, 
June 13, 1889 'Jan. 27, 
Dec. 13, 1900 i Nov. 12, 
June 10,1897 Nov. 10, 
May 13,1886 Apr. 19, 
June 12, 1902 May 8, 
Dec. 14, 19051 Dec. 14, 
June 13, 1878 i July 22, 
Dec. 12,1901 I July 25, 
Dec. 10, 1908 Dec. 10, 
Junel4, 18881 Apr. It;, 
June 10, 1886 1 June 10, 
Dec. 9, 1697 I May 9, 
Dec. 9,1897 Xov. 12, 
Dec. 10,1896 Nov. 9, 
Dec. 11,1873 Apr. 23, 
Dec. 12,1889 Aug. 2, 
Oct. 13,1892 Nov. 13, 
June 8,1876 May 19, 
.iunel3,1907 Feb. 9, 
June 12,1884 July 26, 
Dec. 12,1889 July 22, 
Dec. 9, 1869 Apr. 25, 
June 1,1905 Feb. 9, 
Dec. 12,1889 Aug 1, 
June 11, 1903 1 Nov. 8, 
Junel2, 1902ljuly 80, 
Dec. 9, 1897 1 July 30, 
Dec. 10, 1903 Nov. 8, 
Dec. 13,lse)(jlJuly 29, 
June 9, lt<92|Feb. 12, 
June 10, 1880 LMay 18, 
June 1,19051 July 31, 
June 11, 18851 Jan. 25, 
June 1,1905 1 June 1, 
Dec. 9. 1869! Apr. 13, 



Name and Eesidence. 

Pilgrim, Herbert Wilson, Lt.-Col. I.M.S., Bengal 

Pinch, A. E. Hayward, Capt. I.M.S., 22 Chenies-stred, W.C. . 

Pisani, Lionel John, Lt.-Col. I. M.S., Bengal 

Pitts, Arthur Gentry, Christchurch, New Zealand 

Pitts, Bernard, 109 Ilarlei/street, W 

Plaskitt, Joshua, 25 Chapel-street, Belgrave-square, S.W 

Piatt, John Edward, 191 High-street, O.iford-road, Manchester 

Piatt, Walter Erev/ster, 802 Cathedral-st., Baltimore, U.S.A.. . 

Play fair, Hugh James Moore, 7 Upper Brook-street, ^^' 

Plowman, Sidney, The Tofts, FranJcston, Victoria 

^[Plowright, Charles Bagge, King's Lynn, Norfolk 

Poate,Hugh Raymond G., 91 Cowper-st., iracerleg,Sgdneg,X.S. TC. 

Poland, John, Home-cottage, Seal, Kent 

Pollard, Bilton, 24 Harley-street, W 

Pollard, Charles, 23 Foregate-street, Worcester 

Pollard, Herbert Dean, Harpur-place, Bedford 

Pollock, Edward James, 20 York-terrace, Regent' s-park, X.W. . 

Pomfret, Henry Waytes, Hollingicoiih, Cheshire 

Pooler, George Henry, 89 Priory-road, X.W 

Potter, Henry Percy, Kensington Lnfirmary, Marloes-road, W. . 

Powell, William, Hill-garden, Torquay 

Powell, William Wyudham, 17 Cavendish-place, W 

Power, D' Arcy, 10 A Chandos-sf reet , W 

Piiwer, Henry, Bagdale-hall. Whitby, Yorks 

1|Power, Sir William Henry, K.C.B., Holly-lodge, East Molesley. 

Prain, John Leay, Casilla 1213, Valparaiso, Chile, S. America. . 

Preston, Chas. H., Haddon-lodge, Washuay-rd., Sale, Cheshire . . 

Price, Henry James, Muldon, Esse.v 

Pringle, James Hogarth, 172 Bath-street, Glasgoic 

Pritchard, Urban, 26 Wimpole-street, W 

Pronger, Charles Ernest, East Parade, Harrogate 

Prowse, Arthur Bancks, 5 Lansdoicn-place, Clifton, Bristol .... 

Pr3-ce, Harold Vaughan, 104 Bethune-rd., Stamford-hill, X 

Purvis, William Prior, 14 Carlton Crescent, Southampton . . . . 
^Puzey, Chauncy, 71 liodney-street, Liverpool 

Pybus, Frederick Charles, Gordon Hospital, S.W 

Pye-Smith, Charles Derwent, Weidworth-house, Huddersfield . . 

Pye-Smith, Rutherfoord John, 450 Glossojy-road, Sheffield .... 

Quick, Hamilton Ernest, lo Xorthampton-place, Sjcayisea . . . . 

Dec. 11,1902 
Dec. 10,1896 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 11, 1903 
JAug. 6,1877 
June 13, 1867 
Dec. 10, 1891 
Dec. 13, 1883 
Dec. 14, 1899 
Dec. 10, 1885 
Apr. 13, 1893 
June 10, 1909 
June 8,1882 
June 9,1881 
Dec. 14, 1893 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 11, 1868 
Dec. 10, 1885 
Dec. 10,1908 
Dec. 12, 1878 
'June 8,1865 
I June 8,1893 
Dec. 13,1883 
Dec. 1,1854 
Apr, 10, 1902 
June 9,1898 
Dec. 8,1892 
June 9,1898 
June 9,1892 
Dec. 12, 1872 
June 11, 1891 
Dec. 14,1882 
June 20, 1901 
June 14, 1894 
Apr. 12, 1894 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 14, 1905 
June 10,1875 

June 10, 1909 Feb. 8 
Dec. 10,1896 July 26, 

Jan. 28, 1884 
May 10 
Jan. 21 
Nov. 14 
Jan. 29, 
May 21 
Aug. 2 
Apr. 19 
July 31 
Apr. 21 
July 29 
July 30, 
May 20, 
Nov. 19 
Jan. 22 
July 2 
July 30 
Apr. 19 
May 14 
Apr. 20, 
Apr. 11 
Aug. 2 
Jan. 18 
May 9 
Jan. 26 
Nov. 8 
July 28, 
May 14 
Aug. 2 
July 20 

July 25 
Feb. 9, 
July 30, 
July 31 
Jan. 28, 
Aug. 4 
July 26 

Railton, Thos. Carleton, 9 Moorjield-rd., West Didshury, Manch. June 13, 1872 Jan. 20 
Riinforth, John Jekyll, " The Uplands,'' Nettleham-road, Lincoln \ June 10, 1909 I Feb. 11 

Rako, Alfred Theodore, 58 Dclancey-street , Regent' s-park , N.W 

Ralston, Robert Gow, Johannesburg, Transvaal 

Rand, .lohn, " Feli.vstowe," Lovelace-road, Surbifon 

1909. 1054 

Mar. 8,1894 
Dec. 14, 1899 
Dec. 9, 1869 

May 14 
May 13 
Mar. 12 








Name and Residence. 

Rand, Ilicliard Frank, 30 JJuri/street, St. James's, S.W 

Randall, Martin, The Lodge, Leopold-road, Wimbledon 

Ransford, Thomas David, 6 Queen-square, Bath 

'R&nio\\o^,Zos,QyA\,'['dW. Seventh-street, Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A. 
Rattray, Patrick Wliyte, 17 Pemherton-ydns., Upper Holloicay 

Rawes, William, <S'^. Luke's Hnsjntal, E.C 

Rawling, Louis Bathe, 16 Moyitayu-street, W 

Rawlinson, Frederick Juland, Stuart House, Bognor 

Ray, John Ilowson, 11 St. John-street, Manehester 

Rayner, David Clias., ^ Lansdownc-pl., l'ictoria-sq.,Clifton,Bristol 

Rayner, Edwin, 19 liriot Dale, Stochport 

Rayner, Henry Herbert, Itogal Infirmary, Mayichester 

Rayner, Ilei'bert Edward, Harcourt-house, Cnniberley 

Redfern, Peter, Templepatrick-hntise, Donaghadee, Belfast .... 
Redmayne, Thomas, Dro.rford-house, St. Leo7iards-on-Sea .... 

Rees, William Arthur, 1 The Parade, Sicanage, Dorset 

■fReid, .Tames, 12 Lover Bridge-street, Canterbury 

Reid, Robert William, 37 Albyn-place, Aberdeen 

Rendall, .John, Forest-side, Lymington, Hants 

Rennie, G. Campbell, 72 Chapman-street, N. Melbourne, J^idona 
Richards, Owen William, Sharia luisr-el-JVil, Cairo, JSgypt .... 

Richards, William Hunter, 7 Ha r ley-street, W 

Richards, William Jones, Brynhyfryd, Aheravon 

Richardson, S.Wm.F.,£V/.o/"£'.fe«/fo?'sC/jrtwier6!, Wale-st.,CapeT. 
Richardson, Wm. George, 19 Saville-roic, Neiccastle-on-Tyne . . 

Richmond, Charles Ernest, 31 Bold-street, Warringtoji 

Ridewood, Harold Edward, Poplai'-hospital, E 

Ridge, Edwyn Manners, Kew Biver-house, Enfield 

Ridley, George Walter, 6 EUisun-place, Neiccastle-on-Tyne . . . . 

Ridley, Nicholas Charles, 27 Horse-fair-street, Leicester 

Ridout, Chas. Arch. Scott, 37 a Clarendon-road, Southsea .... 

Rigby, George Owen, Jenning's-street, Kyneton, Victoria 

Rigby, Hugh Mallinson, 24 Queen Anne-street, W 

Riley, Francis, 3 Culoerden-gardens, Tunbridge Wells 

Riley, Frederick Ratcliffe, Dunedin, New Zealand 

Rischbieth, Harold, 8 Upper Gloucester-place, N.W 

Riviere, Bernard Beryl, St. Giles Plain, Norwich 

Roberts, Charles, 15 *S'^. John-street, Manchester '. 

Roberts, Charles Hubert, 21 Welbeck-street, W 

Roberts, Geo. Augustus, 9 Tamar-street, Stoke, Devonport . . . . 

Roberts, James Alexander, Canada 

Roberts, Jas. Reid, Maj. L.M.S., Indore, C.L., Jndia 

Roberts, John Lloyd, 68 Rodney-street, Liverpool 

Robertson, Carrick Hey, Waihi, Auckland, Neio Zealand . . , . 
Robertsou,Cecil Frederick, 5(?;jf?^'^ Mission,Si-au-fu,Shensi, China 
Robinson, Frederick William, 4 i\"i?H; North-road, Huddersfield. 
Robinson, Gerald Chas. Fredk,, 2 3Iutley-2Jk.-terr., Plymouth. . 


Dec. 13, 1883 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 8,1876 
June 14, 1877 
June 14,1888 
Dec. 13,1888 
May 31,1900 
June 9,1892 
June 11, 1896 
June 11, 1896 
Aug. 12, 1869 
June 13, 1907 
June 11, 1891 
Aug. 7,1851 
June 13, 1889 
Dec. 8,1904 
May 11,1876 
June 9,1881 
June 14,1877 
Nov. 13,1890 
June 1,1905 
June 12, 1902 
Dec. 13, 1906 
July 9,1896 
June 12, 1890 
June 9,1887 
June 14, 1900 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 12, 1890 
Dec. 12, 1895 
June 9,1904 
June 14, 1894 
May 31,1900 
June 8,1899 
Dec. 10,1896 
June 18,1908 
Dec. 13, 1906 
Nov. 2,1899 
June 9,1892 
June 11, 1903 
June 9,1904 
Dec. 8,1887 
June 11, 1891 
Oct. 13,1904 
June 10, 1909 
June 8,1899 
Mar. 14, 1907 

Dec. 13, 1883 
Aug. 1,1892 
Jan. 22,1873 
Apr. 24, 1877 
June 14, 1888 
Aug. 3,1885 
Aug. 4,1896 
Nov. 12,1891 
July 30, 1894 
Mav 12, 1892 
Apr. 21, 1868 
June 13, 1907 
Oct. 23, 1885 
Aug. 18,1843 
Apr. 22, 1886 
July 31, 1902 
Aug. 4,18-43 
June 9,1881 
Apr. 20,1874 
Feb. 12,1889 
May 8, 1902 
June 12, 1902 
Feb. 11,1897 
July 27, 1893 
Aug. 4,1887 
Jan. 28, 1876 
Nov. 14,1901 
Jan. 21, 1884 
May 10,1888 
Nov. 2,1899 
May 10, 1894 
Feb. 7, 1895 
July 29, 1895 
July 28, 1890 
May 14, 1903 
Feb. 11,1904 
Aug. 4, l^i'ii 
Feb. 12,l>-'.» 
Aug. 2,1898 
Feb. 11,U)04 
Julv -28, 1884 
May 10, 1888 
Jufy 31,1902 
Nov. 14, 1907 
Aug. 4,1887 
Julv 28, 1904 



Name and Residence. I Fellow. 

Robinson, Henrv Betham, 1 Upper Wimpole-street, W June 9, 1887 

Robinson, James Frederick, 10-5 Park-lane, Croydon June 12, 1902 

Robinson, William, Carlton-house, Sunderland I Dec. 8, 1892 

Robson, Aitbur William Mayo, 8 Park-crescent, W | Dec. 11, 1879 

Rochfoi-t-Brown, Herbert, 280 Loop-sf., Pietermarifzburg, Natal. Dec. 14,1893 
Rodocanachi, Ambrose John, Grosvenor-square, Stuhjhridge. . . . | June 8, 1899 

Roger?, James Macdouald, Iioij(d Navy j June 12, 1884 

Rogers, Leonard, Maj. I. M.S., Medical College, Calcutta i Feb. 10,189-3 

Roll, Grahame Winfield, 7 Upper Wimpole-street, W t Dec. 10, 1908 

Rose, Frank Atcberley, 3 Upper Wimpole-street, W I June 9, 1898 

Rose, AVilliam, 14 Stratford-place, W Dec. 10, 1903 

Ross, Daniel McClure, Cedar-lodf/e, Littledoivn-rd., Bournemouth June 11,1874 

Ross, Frederick William Forbes, 53 Harley-street, W June 11, 1891 

Ross, Robert Ainslie, Bedford, Cape Colony Dec. 10, 1908 

^Ross, Ronald, C.B., Mnj. I.M.S., The University, Liierjwol. ... Apr. 11,1901 

Rotb, Bernard, 38 Harley-street, W | June 13, 1878 

Rougliton, Edmund Wilkinson, 38 Queen Anne-street, W ■ Dec. 9, 1886 

Rougliton, Walter, Craitbouryie-house, Netc Barnet | June 8, 1893 

Rouillard, Laurent Antoine John, Berea, Durban, Natal i Dec. 10, 1891 

Rowell, Georsre, 6 Caveiidish-place, W Dec. 13, 1888 

Rowlands, Robert Pugh, 12 Queen- Anne-street, W j June 20, 1901 

Rowntree, Cecil William, o Weymouth-court, Weymouth-st^Vs' \~SiAv. 9,1905 
Roxburgh, Alex. Bruce, 7 Henrietta-street, Cavendish-square, W, [ Dec. 14, 1893 

Roy, Donald Whatley, Royal Free Hospital, W.C I June 18, 1908 

Rundle, Henry, 13 Clarence-parade, Southsea June 9, 1870 | 

Russell, John Dill, Osman-house, Fortis-yreen, X Oct. 13, 1898 | 

Russell, Robert Hamilton, 45 Spring-street, Melbourne, Victoria June 13, 1889 \ 
Rutherford, Norman Cecil, 15 Mansion House-road, Fdinburyh. Jan. 14, 1909 

Ruttor, Francis Burchett, Detces-lwuse, Mere. Wilts j June 14, 1894 

Rutter, Hubert Llewellyn, 31 West-parade, Neu-castle-on-Tyne . ' June 14, 1894 
Ryall, Charles, 62 Harley-street, W Dec. 10, 1896 

Salter, Charles Edward, 34 Prince of Wales-terrace, Scarborouyh Dec. 
Sanders, Alfred AVilliam, P.O. Bo.v 176, Pretoria, Transvaal . . June 

Sandifer, Henry Stephen, 29 Dawson-place, W June 

Saneyoshi, ( Vi«couut ) Yasuzumi , 9 Torilyaha, Azabu, Tokio,Japan . June 

Santi, Philip Robert William de, 15 Stratford-place, W Oct. 

Sargent, Percy William George, 67 a Harley-street, W Dec. 

Saunders, Arthur Rich, Kinyston, Jamaica June 

Saunders, Henry William, 43 Silverdale-road, Eastbourne , . . . \ Dec. 
Savage, Ernest Sraalhvood, 133 Edmund-.^reet, Birmingham . . j Doc. 
Savage, Thomas Copeland, 27 Princes-street, Auckland, N.Z. . . \ Dec. 
Sawrey, Ernest Edwd. Robt., 90 Collins-st., Melbourtie, Australia Dec. 

Scharlieb, Herbert Johann, C.M.G., 49 Harley-street, W June 

Scotson, Fredk. C, Richmond-house, Plymouth-yrove-W.,Manch. July 

Scott, James Andrew Neptune, Wycheproof, Victoria i Dec. 

Scott, Sydney Richard, 46 Queen Anne-street, W [Dec. 


14, 1893 

8, 1899 

9, 1892 



13. 1900 
10, 1880 

12. 1901 
12, 1901 

8, 1899 
10, 1896 

July 20, 1883 
Feb. 7,1901 
July 20, 1881 
July 21, 1874 
Nov. 12, 1891 
July 25, 1895 
Jan. 16,1883 
Feb. 12, 1891 
Oct. 26,1886 
Feb. 9,1899 
Apr. 18, 1871 
June 11, 1891 
Apr. 2,1903 
Nov. 14, 1901 
July 30, 1879 
July 28, 1874 
Jan. 24,1883 
July 23, 1875 
Dec. 10, 1891 
July 30, 1888 
Au^. 4,1896 
May 8,1902 
Nov. 10, 1887 
May 10,1906 
Apr. 26, 1865 
Aug. 4,1896 
July 30, 1882 
Jan. 14,1909 
Feb. 11, 1892 
Nov. 12, 1891 
Feb. 8,1894 

July 30, 1891 
July 29, 1895 
May 8,1890 
Jan. 24,1883 
Nov. 24, 1884 
May 4,1898 
July 27, 1871 
Apr. 20, 1869 
May 14,1896 
Nov. 8,1900 
Dec. 12,1901 
July 30, 1894 
Aug. 1,1893 
July 27, 1893 
July 27, 1899 



Name and Residence. 

Scott, \\'allace Arthur, 57G Church-street, Torofitn, Out., Cnnncia 

Scrase, Frank Edward, 6 IVoodchurch-rd., West-eiuMane, N.W. 
•fSeccoirbe, Thonia*, li.X., Stockfon-housc, Tapper Nonvood,S.E.. 

Secretan, Walter Bernard, 10 licdkuids-road, Iteadiug 

Selby, Edmond Wallace, V-i Hall-yate, Doncaster 

Selby, Wm., D.S.O., Muj. I.M.S., c/o T. Cook, Ludtjate-c, E.G. j 

Siinior, Harold D., 309 Oninge-st., Syracuse, Neic York, U.S.A. 

Sequeira, James Harry, 8 a Manchester-square, W 

Shadbolt, Lionel Pierrepoint, 56 Balliol-road, Bootle, Liverpool. . 

Sharp, Arthur John, Netoli/n, Fishpond-drive, Nottinffham .... 

Shattock, Samuel Geo., 4 Crescenf-rd., The Doions, Wimbledon . 

Shaw, Harold Batty, 7 Devonshire-street, W 

Shearer, Uonr.ld Fi-aucis, 48 Upper Richinond-rd., Putney, S.W. 

Sheen, Alfred William, 2 St. Andreics crescent, Cardiff 

Slieild, Arthur Marmaduke, Xeic Univ. Club, St. James' s-st., S.W. 

SheiTen, James, G Devonshire-place, W 

Shillitoe, Arthur, 2 Frederick-place, E.C , 

Shillitoe, Buxton, 29 Sydenham-hill, S.E 

Shorney, Herbert Frank, 9 Princes-square, W 

Short, Arthur Rendle, 21 Tyndall-avenue, Clifton, Bristol .... 

Shuttleworth, C. Buckingham, 62 Colleye-st., Toronto, Canada. . 

Sichel, Gerald T. Sylvester, T'itie-house, Sevenoaks 

Sikes, Alfred Walter, 57 Wimpole-street, W 

' Simpson, George Charles Edward, 27 Croxteth-rd., Liverpool . . 

Simpson, Graham Scales, 342 Glossop-road, Sheffield 

Sinclair, Thomas, 22 University-square, Belfast 

Skevingtou, Joseph Oliver, Crescent-lodye, Windsor 

Slater, Ben]. H., Holme Top-house, Little Horton-lane, Bradford 

Slinger, 'RohextT., 2 Botaniccd-av.,Talbot-rd.,OldTrafford,Manch. 

Sloane, John Stretton, 82 London-road,, Leicester 

k mith, Charles Harold, " Moorside," Neston, Cheshire 

Smith, Edward Archibald, 42 Gordon-square, W.C 

Smith, Eustace, 15 Queen Anne-street, W 

Smith, Ferdinand Clarence, Sury.-Maj. I.M.S., Eymore, Madras 

Smith, Frederick John, 138 Hurley-street, W 

Smith, George Frederick Darwall, 30 U impde-street, W 

Smith, Gilbert, Hiyh Dorm, Hindhead, Surrey . . 

Smith, Guy Bellingham, 24 St. Thomas' -street, S.E. . 

Smith, Hugh, Der^ceiit-house, Hof-st., Cupe Tonm, South Africa 

Smith, James, 16 St. John's-road, Putney-hill, S.W 

Smith, John William, 205 Hiyh-st., O.vford-road, Manchester . . 
•][Smith, Joseph Priestley, 95 Cornwall-street, Birminyhani .... 

Smith, Joseph Stanley Kellett, 23 Russell-street, TAverpool .... 

Smith, Percy JNIontague, 288 Earl's Court-road, S.W 

Smith, Saml. M. C. A. Anderson, llO/vT/iw/vj-Ao^e, Willesden,'^.'S\^. 

Smith, Sidney Maynard, 1 Spanish-place, W 

bmith, Sir Thomas, Bart., K.C.V.O., 5 Stratford-place, W 


June 9,1904 
June 11, 1896 
Dec. 8,1864 
Dec. 12,1901 
June 1,1905 
Dec. 13, 1894 
Nov. 14, 1895 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 8,1887 
June 11, 1896 
Dec. 8,1881 
Dec. 10, 1896 
June 9,1892 
May 10,1894 
Dec. 13, 1883 
Dec. 13,1900 
June 13, 1895 
May 31, 1860 
Dec. 12, 1907 
June 18, ie08 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 14, 1894 
Dec. 8,1898 
June 18, 1908 
June 20, 1901 
June 10, 18S6 
Dec. 14.1899 
Dec. 10,1903 
Dec. 10,1908 
June 13, 1895 
July 9^1908 
May 10,1900 
Dec. 6,1860 
June 8,1893 
Dec. 8,1887 
June 1,1905 
Dec. 14,1899 
June 12, 1890 
June 13, 1889 
Dec. 9,1897 
June 12, 1890 
Apr. 11, 1901 
Apr. 4,1895 
June 10, 1909 
May 12,1859 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 10, 1858 


Nov. 13, HX)2 

July 27, 1893 

May 12,1842 

July 25, 1900 

Aug. 1,1892 

Aug. 1,1892 

Feb. 11, 1892 

May 9,1889 

Aug. 5,1885 

July 27, 1893 

Jan. 25, 1876 

July 29, 1895 

iMay 12,1892 

I May 12,1892 

jJulV 24,1879 

I July 27, 1899 

Nov. 9,1893 

July 4,1851 

Dec. 12,1907 

June 18, 1908 

Feb. 13, 1902 

May 12,1892 

Aug. 4,1896 

Apr. 9,1908 

July 27,1899 

Apr. 18, 1882 

Feb. 10,1898 

May 11,1899 

, Dec. 10, 1908 

;May 11,1893 

I Jan. 16,1908 

I May 14,1896 

I Nov. 5,1858 

;Apr. 24,1877 

I Apr. 28, 1885 

Feb. 13,1902 

I Aug. 4,1896 

' June 12, 1890 

Oct. 20,1886 

Feb. 13,1895 

July 19, 1886 

Nov. 16, 1871 

Nov. 12, 1891 

May 9,1895 

Jan. 22, 1847 

Aug. 2,1898 

Julv 7.1854 



^»'ame and Eesideuce. i Fellow. 

Smith, Thomas Frederick Hugh, Farningham, Dartfurd i Dec. 14, 1882 

Smith, Thos. Rudolph Hampden, 2o Brid(/e-rJ, Stockton-on-Tees] Dec. 12, l89o 
Smith, Wm. Johnson, " Hollycroft,'' Pride nuc-rd., Eastbourne. , Dec. 14, I860 
Smith, William Robert, " Ketherlei(/k," Beeston, Nottingham . . I June 11, 1896 

fSmythe, Lewis," aS^. Anne^s-house, Leives, Sussex Jan. 10, 1861 

Solly, Ernest, SYrat/ilea, Harrogate June 14, 1888 

Solly, Reginald Vaughau, 40 Jf'est Southernhay, Exeter June 12, 1890 

Soltau, Alfred Bertram, 3 Sussex-terrace, Plymouth June 12, 1902 

Southam, Frederick Armitage, 13 St. John-street, Manchester . . Juue 14, 1877 
Sowry, George Herbert, 9 King-street, Newcastle, Staffs i Dec. 8, 1898 

^Spanton, William Dunnett, Chatierley-house, Hanley, Staffs. . . Apr. 14, lti98 
Spencer, Charles Geo., Ma/. P.A.M.C, 65 The Avenue, Keic-gdns. , June 13, 1895 

Spencer, Walter George, 35 Brook-street, W j June 9, 1887 

Spicer, William Thomas Holmes, 5 Wimpole-street, W Dec. 13, 1888 

Spong, Charles Stuart, D.S.O., Maj., Qhezireh, Cairo, Egypt. ... ^ June 13, 1889 
Sprawsou, F. Charles, 7 Imperial-ter., Claremont-jik., Blackpool.' Mar. 11,1897 
Spreat, Frank Arthur, "Burrington,'^ Oakleigh-pk., Whcti'tone^. 1 June 1, 1905 

Spriggs, Neville Jvens, 26 St. Johns-hill, Shrewsbury I Dec. 8, 1904 

Spurrell, Charles, Poplar ^- Stepney Sick Asylum, Bromley, E. < Dec. 14, 1893 

Square, James Elliot, 22 Portland-square, Plymouth ' Dec. 13, 1883 

Stabb, Ewen Carthew, 57 Queen-Anne- street, W ' Dec. 13, 1888 

Stack, Edward II. Edwards, ^•Armiler," Cliftondown-rd., Bristol Juue 10, 1897 

Stanger, William, " i?o///(c/('/fe," Wakejield, Yorkshire Dec. 8,1870 

Staveley, William Henry Charles, 24 S'oane-gardens, S.W. . . Dec. 11,1890 

Stawell, Rodolpb de Salis, Castle Gates, Shrewsbury ' Dec. 14, 1899 

Steedmau, John Francis, '^Arcall,'' Prentis-rd., Streatham, S.W. [ Juue 11, 1885 

Steele, Charles, Clif ton-villa, Clifton, Bristol Dec. 9, 1869 

Steele, Percy Kiugsley, 10 Lord-street, Halifax, Yorks Dec. 13, 1906 

Steet, George Carrick, 130 King- Henry' s-road, N.W I Dec. 7, 1849 

Stephenson, John, Maj. I. M.S., Jail-road, Lahore, India ^ Dec. 14, 1905 

Stevens, Cecil Robert, Maj. I.3f.S., 8 Middleton-street, Calcutta June 9, 1892 

Stevens, Thomas George, 8 Wey mouth-street, W ; June 13, 1895 

Stewaid, Edward Simmons, 10 Princes-square, Harrogate .... Dec. 12, 1901 

Steward, Francis James, 125 Har ley-street, W 1 June 12, 1898 

Stewart, Geo. Irvine Thompson, Co'inty-hall, Ipswich 1 June 14, 1906 

Stirling, Edward Charles, C M.G., Mount Lofty, S. Australia . . 1 Dec. 10, 1874 
St3ck,\Vm. Stuart v., J/()«</v«e-/joM5e, Quecn^s-rd., Clifton, Bristol, Dec. 12, 1907 
Stocks, Wm. Percy, 59 WilmsUnc-road, Withington, Manchester i\xn&\\, 1891 

Stone, M'illiam Domett, 3 e Maida- Vale-mansions, W June 8, 1865 

Stone, William Gream, 93 Denmark-hill, S.E | June 11, 1896 

Stonham, Cliarles, C.M.G., 4 Hurley-street, W June 12, 1884 

Strange, Arthur, Warwick-lodge, Knebicorth ; Dec. 9, 1897 

Street, Ashton, Maj. I. M.S., J. J. Hospital, Bombay June 13, 1889 

Stuart-Low, William, 7 1 Harley-street, AV Dec. 8, 1898 

Stusser, Israel June II, 1903 

Sutcllffe, ANilliam (ireeuwood, 7 Dalby-square, Margate Dec. 12, 1895 

Swaia, James, I Victoria-square, Clifton, Bri.-<tol Dec. 12, 1889 


I Member. 
Aug. 1,1877 
Nov. 10, 1892 
May 9,1862 
Aug. 1,1S92 
Aug. 16, 1839 
Aug. 4,1886 
Aug. 4,1887 
May 10, 1900 
Apr. 18, 1876 
May 9,1895 
July 29, 1862 
Aug. 1,1892 
Aug. 3,1885 
Jan. 24,1884 
Aug. 7,1884 
May 10, 1894 
July 30, 1884 
Aug. 4,1903 
Feb. 13,1890 
Nov. 15, 1881 
July 28, 1886 
Feb. 1 1, 1892 
Jan. 23, 1867 
Jan, 27, 1886 
Aug. 4,1896 
Nov. 13, 1883 
Nov. 14, 1860 
Nov. 8, 1906 
July 3,1840 
Dec. 14, 19U5 
Feb. 13, 1890 
July 28, 1890 
Nov. 9,1893 
July -Id, 1895 
Nov. 2,1899 
July 23,1872 
Feb. 10, 1898 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Apr. 10, 1861 
Nov. 8,1894 
Nov. 17, 1881 
July 28, 1892 
July 3 J, 1888 
May 13, 1697 
Nov. 14, 1901 
Aug. 12, 181)2 
Nov. 14, l.So3 



Name and Residence. 

Swain, "William Paul, 17 The Crescent, Plymouth 

Swainson, James Midletou Graham, 9 Welbeck-street, W 

Swan, Ilussell Henry Jocelyn, 75 Wimpole-street, W.- 

Sykes, John, 12 Hookstone-road, Harrogate 

Sylvester, Geo. II., Lt.- Col.R.A.M. C.,''Moolpa;' Tonhridijc, Ke^it. 
Syme, Geo. Adlington, 19 Collins-street, Melbourne, Victoria . . 
Symonds, Charters James, 58 Portland-place, W 

Tait, Henry Brewer, 22 Sunmjside-road. Hornsey-lane , X 

Takald (Baron), Kanehiro, Tokio, Japan 

Talbot, Leonard Smith, 53 Church-street, Timaru, N.Z. 

Talbot, Philip, " Thor7ihili;' Stalybridge, Cheshire 

Tanner, Charles Edward, 4 Doiming-street, Farnhain, Surrey . . 
Tanner, Herbert, Ha^nilton-house, 152 Westbourne-yrove, "\V. . . | 

Targett, James Henry, 19 Upper Wimpole-street, W | 

Taunton, Edgar, Thora-house, Betliersden, Kent I 

Tawse, Herbert Bell, 16 Reyent- street, Nottingham ! 

Tay, AVaren, 4 Finsbury-square, E.C 

Taylor, Arthur Sueyd, Lovelace Lodge, Surbiton, Surrey 

Taylor, Edwin Claude, Eland-house, 18 Rosslyn-hill, N.W 

Taylor, Frank Edward, 11 Beiitinek-street, W \ 

Taylor, Fredk. II., China Inland Mission, Neivington-green, N. 
Taylor, Henry Herbert, 36 Brunswick-square, Hove, Sussex .... 

Taylor, James, Hay garth-house, Chester 

Taylor, John William, 22 Newhall-street, Birmingham j 

Taylor, Tom Kobinson, 6 Park-square, Leeds ' 

Taylor, "William Gordon, Middlesex-hospital, W 

Teale, Thomas Pridgin, North. Grange, Headingley, Leeds .... 

Telford, Evelyn Davison, 8 a St. John-street, Manchester ! 

Teichelmanu, Ebenezer, Hamilton-street, Hokitika, Neio Zealand] 
Templeton, George, 10 Seymour-street, Portman-square, W. . . 

^Thane, George Dancer, Unixersity College, London, W.C. . . . , j 
Thomas, David, Elsmere, Manley, Sydney, N.S.W. 1 

^Thomas, Jabez, Ty-Cerrig, Sivansea , i 

Thomas, Johu Llewellyn, Netherton, Colombo, Ceylon i 

Thomas, John Lynn, C.B., Green Lawn, Pen-y-Lan, Cardiff . . \ 
Thomas, Thos. Morrell, " Glyndenmn," Clythcc-pk.,Neupoii,Mon. 

Thomas, "William, 200 Bristol-road, Birniingham i 

Thomas, William Thelwall, 84 liodney-street, Liverpool 

Thompson, Arthur Ealph, 4 St. Thomas-street, S.E 

Tliompson, George William, 80 Harley-streef, W 

Thompson, Harold Theodore, 35 Harley-street, W i 

Thompson, J. Edwin, 3224 Broadicay, Galveston, Texas, U.S.A. 

Thompson, Walter, 4 Park-square, Leeds i 

Thompson, William Henry, 14 Hatch-street, Dublin 

^Thomson, Arthur, 163 Woodstock-road, Oxford [ 

Thomson, Charles Bertram, '^Pomansleigh," Wimbornc, Dorset 


June 13, 1867 
June 1,1905 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 11, 1868 
Dec. 9,1866 
Dec. 10,1885 
June 9,1881 

Dec. 11, 1884 
June 10, 1880 
Dec. 14,1905 
Dec. 12,1907 
Dec. 9,1886 
Dec. 12,1895 
Dec. 9, 1886 
June 1,1905 
Dec. 8,1904 
June 10, 1869 
June 14, 1888 
June 11, 1896 
Dec. 10, 1903 
June 14, 1888 
Dec. 8, 1887 
June 8,1882 
Dec. 13, 1877 
Oct. 12,1893 
Dec. 13, 1906 
May 23, 1857 
June 11, 1903 
June 11, 1891 
July 9,1896 
7, 1892 
8, 1892 
8, 1892 
June 10, 1897 
Dec. 9,1869 
Feb. 13, 1890 
Dec. 11,] 902 
Dec. 12, 1901 
June 9,1904 
June 13, 1889 
Mav 14, 1891 
June 12, 1890 
Apr. 11, 1907 
June l,in0o 

May 1,1857 
Aug. 4,1896 
Dec. 11,1902 
May 8,1866 
Apr. 16, 1878 
Apr. 26, 1884 
July 21, 1875 


July 21, 
Apr. 16, 
Feb. 9, 
Nov. 9, 
Oct. 22, 
Apr. 28, 
Jan. 24, 
July 27, 
Dec. 8, 
Apr. 25, 
Oct. 21, 
Feb. 8, 
Feb. 11, 
Jan. 20, 
July 22, 
Jan. 24, 
Jan. 21, 
Nov. 13, 
Nov. 12, 
Mar. 28, 
Nov. 8, 
Feb. 9, 
Aug. 1, 
Nov. 15, 
Apr. 23, 
Apr. 25, 
May 8, 
Jan. 20, 
Feb, 7, 
Nov. 14, 
Apr. 20, 
Aug. 1, 
Nov. 8, 
May 14, 
July 23, 
Nov. 10, 
May 5, 
July 19, 
July 27, 




Ifame and Residence. 

Thomson, St. Clair, 28 Queen-Anne-street, W 

Tliorlmrn, William, 2 St, Peter a-square, Manchester 

Tilling, Edward Thomas, 2'2o Macquarie-sfrcet, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Thurston, Edward Owen, Capt.I.M.S.,cloGrindlay ^- Co., Calcutta 

Thyne, Thomas, 53 Wood-street, High Barnet 

Ticehurst, Norman P'redc, 35 Pevensey-rd., St. Leonards-on-Sea 

Tilley, Herbert, 72 Ha rley -street, W 

Tod, Hunter Finlay, 111 Harley-street, W 

^Tomes, Charles Sissmore, Welbeck-house , Wigmore-street, W. . . 

Tomlinson, Wm. Henry, Sjjring Bank, Hazel Grove, Stockport . 

Tonks, Henry, Slade School of Fine Art, University College, W.C. 

Totsuka, Kankai, Imperial Xaval Hospital, Tokio, Japan 

Townesend, Stephen C, o Croion Office-row, Inner Temple, E.C. 

Toye, Edwin Josiah, " Stanhope,'' Bideford, N. Devon 

Trechmann, Max Lincoln, 131 <S'^. George' s-road, S.W. 


Trott, Dudley Cox, Pembroke, Bermuda, West Indies 

Trotter, Edward, " Netherfield," Scholes, Huddersjield 

Trotter, Wilfred Batten Lewis, 13 Harley-street, W 

Tubl)y, Alfred Herbert, 68 Harley-street, W 

Tucker, Alexander Benjamin, 15 Crown-rd.,Fordsburg, Transvaal 
Turner, Edward Beadon, 31 Sussex-gardens, Hyde-park, W. , . | 
Turner, George Grey, 22 Jesmond-road, Neivcastle-on-Tyne . . . . , 
Turner, George Robertson, 41 Half-Moo7i-street, Piccadilly, W^. 

Turner, Joseph George, 59 Wimjjole-street, V\ j 

Turner, Philip, 8 St. Thomas'-street, S.E ' 

Turner, Reginald George, Maj. I. M.S., Jhansi, U. P., India . . 

^[Turner, Thonuas, 141 St. Oicen-street, Hereford 

5]Turner, Sir William, K.C.B., 6 Eto7i-terrace, Edinburgh \ 

Turner, William, 17 Hurley-street, W 

Tuiney, Horace George, 08 Portland-place, W 

Turton, James, '' Hatherley,'' Preston-park, Brighton I 

Tweedie, Alexander Robert, 17 Regent-street, Nottingham .... 

Tweedy, Sir John, 100 Harley-street, W 

Tyrams, Herbert George, Governmeid Hosp., Perth, If. Australia 

Tyrrell, Francis Astley Cooper, 94 Harley-street, W 

Tyson, AVilliam Joseph, 10 Langhorne-gurdens, Folkestone . . . .\ 

j Fellow. 
' Dec. 14, 1893 
June 10, 1886 
June 11, 1885 
Apr. 14, 1898 
June 12, 1884 
Dec. 11, 1902 
June 9,1898 
June 9,1898 
Apr. 14, 1898 
June 11, 1896 
June 14, 1888 
June 14, 1888 
Dec. 8,1887 
June 9,1898 
June 12, 1890 
i'Dec. 12,1878 
June 10, 1886 
I Dec. 12, 1901 
I Dec. 14, 1899 
I June 9,1887 
June 8,1899 
June 9,1881 
Dec. 10, 1903 
Dec. 9,1880 
Mar. 8,1894 
Dec. 12,1901 
June 13, 1907 
Apr. 9,1891 
Apr. 13,1893 
Dec. 12,1895 
June 12, 1890 
June 11, 1890 
Dec. 12, 1901 
June 8,1870 
June 20, 1901 
Jane 20, 1901 
Dec. 14, 1876 1 

Nov. 16, 1881 
July 24, 1883 
July 20, 1882 
Nov. 8,1894 
July 28, 1863 
May 9, 1901 
July 28, 1890 
Feb. 13, 1896 
July 20, 1869 
Oct. 21,1886 
Jan. 22,1886 
Jan. 26,1886 
Nov. 14, 1883 
May 9,1895 
Nov. 10, 1887 
Apr. 21, 1875 
Nov. 17, 1880 
Nov. 10, 1898 
Aug. 4,1896 
July 29, 1884 
Aug. 4,1896 
! July 28, 1876 
Oct, 12,1899 
July 25, 1877 
Feb. 11, 1892 
July 29, 1897 
Nov. 12, 1891 
Mar, 30, 1855 
July 1, 1853 
May 11,1893 
Aug, 2,1888 
July 29, 1880 
Nov. 8,1900 
Apr. 16,1872 
Nov. 2,1899 
Nov. 10, 1898 
Apr. 23, 1874 

UhtholT, John Caldwell, Wavertree-house, Furze-hill, Brighton . ' Dec, 8, 1881 ' July 25, 1877 
Unwin, Harold Arthur Rbt. Edmoud, Pen-hill, Yeovil, Somerset. June 18, 1908 July 26, 1906 
Unwin, William Howard, George-street, Timaru, Neio Zealand. June 20, 1901 Nov, 10, 1898 

Upcott, Harold, 15 Albion-street, Hull Dec. 8, 1904 May 8, 1902 

Unv'iafJohnJohnsonfCapt.I.M.S.jCook^-SonSfLudgHe-circuSfE.C. June 18,1908 Nov. 10,1898 

Vallance, Thomas James, 199 High-street, Letces June 8, 1865 

fVeasey, Henry, Apsley Guise It.S.O., Woburn, Beds Feb. 13, 1862 

Vellacott, P. N., jSational-hospital, Bloemfontein, O.R.C, i June 20,1901 

1332 ' 

' King?ton-on-'TIiamcs. 

Feb. 21,1851 
May IS, 1840 
May 14, 189G 


Name and Residence. ' Tellow. [ Member. 

Venning, Sir Edn^combe, 6 Chesfhayn-street, S.W June 13. 1867 ' Aug. 2, 1658 

Verfo, Joseph Cooke, 52 North-terrace, Adelaide, S. Australia . ' Dec. 13, 1877 Nov. 19, 1874 

Verdon, Henry Walter, 58 Streatham-hill, S.W I Dec. 14, 1876 July 23, 1873 

Vernon, Arthur Heygate, Boscomhe, Hants Feb. 13, 1890 May 4, 1880 

Vickery, William Henry, 1 Tretcartha-parJc, Weston-super-Mare ' Dec. 10, 1891 ' Nov. 10, 1887 

Vinrace, Felix Ooulson, 33 Tetnple-rotc, Binnimjham Dec. 9, 1886 Nov. 11, 1879 

Voisey, Clement Bernard, 11 Ken-oin'/ton-!/ardens-sfp(are,'\V. .. Dec. 10,1891 Jan. 18,1892 

Vos.«', Francis Henry Vivian, Rockhampton, Queensland June 11, 1885 July 31,1882 

AVace, Cyril, Walcote, Jf'inc/iester I June 10, 1897 July 27, 1893 

Wachor, Sidney, 9 St.Geonjes-plare, Canterbury ' June 13, 1889 Jan. 27, 1886 

Waddelow, John Joseph, Whittlesey, Feterborouyh June 11, 1896 July 30, 1891 

Wadham, Frederick. Strath/eld, Sydney, X.S. W. i June 9, 1881 I Nov. 11, 1878 

tA\'aggett, John, Perivale, Bournemouth ■ May 10, 1860 ' Aug. 27, 1841 

AVagstaffe, Wm. Warwick, Dorset-house, Sevenoaks ' June 11, 1868 Apr. 29, 1864 

Wainewright, Benjamin, 104 Park-street, W I June 14, 1883 ' June 14, 1883 

Waldy, John, 1 Green-park, Darlinyton i Dec. 8, 1887 July 18, 1882 

Walker, Cyril Hutchinson, 8 Oakfield-road , Clifton, Bristol June 8, 1893 Apr. 26, 18S6 

Walker, Harold, *' Ashleigh," Middlesbronyh Dec. 14, 1905 Feb. 7, 1901 

Walker, Henry Seeker, 45 Park-»quare, Leeds June 14, 18^8 July 30, 1885 

Walker, John William Thomson, 30 Queen Anjie-street. W. . . Dec. 14, 1899 ' Aug. 4,1896 

Walker, Kenneth Macfarlane, 7 Bracknell-ydns., Froynal, N.W. Dec. 10, 191 8 July 2Q, 1906 

AValker, Robert Alexander, 35 Westyate, Peterborouyh June 1, 1905 Feb. 8, 19C0 

^A^'alker, Thomas James, 33 Westyate, Peterborouyh Apr. 9, 1908 May 1, 1857 

Wallace, Cuthbert Sidney, 26 Upper Wimpole-street, AV June 8, 1893 Nov. 12,1891 

AVallis, Frederick Charles, 107 Harley-street, AV June 11, 1891 Jan. 25, 1883 

AV alters, Charles Ferrier, 19 Whatley-road, Clifton, Bristol . . Dec. 8, 1904 July 25, 1900 

AValters, Fredk. R., Pinea-oft, Farnham, Surrey Dec. 14, 1882 Apr. 20, 1880 

AValton, Albert James, 85 Chichele-road, Crickleicood, N.W. . . June 13, 1907 Feb. 9, 1905 

AA'alton, H. J., Capt. I.M.S., c b Kiny, Kiny ^- Co., Bombay . . , June 13, 1895 Alay 11, 1893 

AVard, Arthur Henry, 79 Loivth-road, Canihencell, S.E Oct. 17, 1889 Nov. 10, 1887 

AVard, Bernard Joseph, 16 Emscote-road, Wancick June 1, 1905 July 31, 902 

% Ward, Edward, 30 Park-square, Leeds Apr. 14, 1904 July 19, 1881 

Ward, Ernest, 2 Coleshill-terrace, Llanelly, North Wales ' June 14, 1906 Aug. 4, 1903 

Ward-Smith, AVard, Victoria-park, Shipley, Ycnks June 12, 1902 July 25, 1900 

AVareham, Sidney James, 12 Neiv Cavendish-street, W June 12, 1902 Nov. 12, 189C 

Waring, Holburt Jacob, 37 Whnjwle-street, W Oct. 15, 1891 May 8, 1890 

Warner, Francis, 5 Prince of Wales-terrace, Keyisinyton, A^^ . . June 19, 1873 Nov. 17, 1870 

AVarner, Thomas, " Tintayel,'" Valencia-road, Worthing June 13, 1895 Feb. 11. 1892 

Warren, Richard, 31 Finshury-s'juare, EC Dec. 11, 1902 Feb. 8, 1900 

Waterneid, Noel Ererard, Pod Sudan, Red Sea, Sudan Jan. 12, 1905 Nov. 13, 1902 

AVaterhouse, Herbert Fiirnivall, 81 Wimpole-street, ^\ 'June 12, 1890 Aug. 4,1887 

\\&tkm^-V\t(:MoTi\,'\\\\h6di,St.Jude'sVicaye,St.Georye's-rd.,^.'E. ! June 10, 1897 Nov. 12, 1891 

AVatson. Archibald, The University, Adelaide, S. Australia .... Dec. 11,1884 Jan. 23,1882 

AVatson, Cliarles Gordon, 44 Welbeck-street, AV , June 12, 1902 May 4, 1898 

AVatson, Oeo. Trustram, 47 Mount Pleasant-rd., Tunbridye Wells June 8, 1899 Feb. 11, 1897 

Watson, .lohn HaiTv, 68 Bank-parade, Burnley June 9, 1904 Julv 29, 1897 

Waugh, George Ernest, 55 a Welbeck-street, AV ^ Dec. 8, 1904 Aug. 1, 1901 



1 O'T 


Name and Residence. 
Webb, James Ramsay, 4 Xa pier-street, Footscrat/, Victoria .... 
Webber, Alexander Moxon, 111 Forest-roail-tcest, Nottingham 
Webber, William Littleton, Turleifjh-hoiise, Bradford-on-Avon . 

Weekes, Francis Henry, c/o Barclai/'s Bank, York 

Welch, Francis Henry. CarrKleigh-cottag?, Southhoroiigh, Kent. . 

Welchman, AValter, The College, Guy's Hospital, S.E 

Wells, Georo^e Lee, lo JEldon-ferrace, Leeds 

Welsford, Arthur Gerald, So Piazza di Spagna, liome 

Wenhaui, Herbert Victor, 2 Redington-road, Hampstead, N.W 
Wessels, Franijois Henry, Bar 1523, Cape Toirn, South Africa. . 

West, Charles Ernest. 60 Queen Ayine-strcet, W 

Westmacott, Frederic Hibbert, 8 St. John-street, Manchester . . 
AVherry, George Edward, 5 Si. Feters-terrace, Caynbrldge .... 
Whitaker, Roy Henry Rollinson, 141 Gt. Charles-st., Birmingham 
White, Chas. Powell, 1 Alhemarle-rd., W'ithington, Manchester 

White, Clifford Sidney, 49 Wimpole-street, W 

White, Edgar Ramsey, 1 Victoria-road, Deal 

White, Edwin Francis, 388 Upper Richmondrrd., Putneg, S.W. 

White, Frank Faulder, 10 Queen' s-road, Coventry . . 

White, Gilbert Benjamin Mower, 112 Harley-street, W 

White, Sinclair, Runmoor, Sheffield 

Whitehead, H. R., C.B., Surg. -Gen. R.A.M.C. 

Wliitebouse, Harold B., 70 Holyhead-rd., TIandstcorth, Birm.. . 
AVhitelocke, Richard Henry Anglin, St. Giles-gate, Oxford 
Wightman, Cecil Frank, Melbourn-street, Roysion, Herts .... 

Wilkin, Lancelot, 40 London-road, Gloucester 

Wilkinson, Edmund, Maj. I.M.S., Lahore, Punjab, Lndia .... 

Wilkinson, George, 350 Glossojj-road, Sheffield 

Wilkinson, John Sebastian, 3 Lebanon-park, TivickeJiham .... 
Willan, Robert Joseph, 25 Fllison-jdare, Newcastle-o7i-Tyne . . 

Willett, Alfred, G O.vford-square, Hyde-park, W 

Willett, Edgar "\\'m., '^ Farnileigli,'' TJ'orth-pk., Crawley, Susse^r. 

Willey, Henry, Samer,<<fjeld, Reigate 

William.s, Campbell, 18 Queen Anne-street, W 

Williams, David James, Greenfield-house, Llaneliy 

Williams, Gwj-nne Evan Owen, 30 iSeio Cavendish-street, W. . . 
Williams, Henry Thomas Hadley, London, Ontario, Canada . . 
Williams, Moses Thomas, 24 St. George' s-place, Canterbury . . . . 
Williams, Wm. Roger, " Morven," Walton-by-Clevedon, Somerset 

Willis, William Morley, 7 Jiegent-street , Nottingham 

Wills, Bertram Shera, Leonara, Western Att-ttralia 

Wilson, Alexander 5 Ansim-road, Victoria-park, Mayichester . . 
AVilson, Alexander Garrick, 56 Riversdale-road, Sheffield ...... 

Wilson, Alexander Gordon, 1 Philheach-garden^, S.W 

Wilson, George Ewart, Toronto, Canada 

Wilson, Harold William, 42 U'.mjxjle-street, W 

Wilson, James, 36 High- street, Haverfordwest 

Wilson, Xorman Octavius, The Cott'ige, Dobers, Reigate 


June 13. 1895 
June 14 
June 8 
Dec. 10, 
Dec. 10. 
June 14, 
June 9 
June 9 
Dec. 11 
June 12 
June 14 
June 12 
Apr. 14 
June 11 
June 10 
June 9 
Dec. 11 
Dec. 11 

Apr. 9 

June 12 
i Dec. 9 
j Dec. 10 
I June 8 
I June 13 

Dec. 12 
I Jan. 14 
I June 14 
i June 8 
I Dec. 10 
I June 13 

June 14 
, June 9 

Dec. 11 
'Dec. 13 
I Dec 13 
'June 8 
I June 1 , 
iJune 9 
I Dec. 10, 
I Dec. 12 
' June 12 
i Dec. 12 

Dec. 13 
I June 18 
' Dec- 14 
'Dec. 11 

Oct. 10 



Xov. 10,1892 
Nov. 12,1903 
Jai:. 22,1873 
July 26, 1877 
May 8,18G0 
July 27, 1905 
Apr. 23, 1884 
June 9,1892 
Nov. 13, 1902 
July 25, 1900 
Nov. 8,1900 
Feb. 13,1890 
July 23, 1873 
May 9,1901 
May 10, 1894 
July 28,1904 
Aug. 2,1888 
Apr. 21,1881 
Aug. 3,1885 
Aug. 2,1888 
June 12, 1884 
Nov. 3,1877 
Feb. 8.1906 
July 22, 1884 
Feb. 9,1893 
2, 1899 
2, 1888 
8, 1894 
8, 1857 
July 25, 1907 
July 15, 1859 
JulV 16,1883 
Nov. 19,1862 
Jan. 22,1885 
Apr. 2(), 1877 
Aug. 4,1903 
Aug. 2,1898 
July 31, 1902 
Apr. 24, 1877 
May 9,1895 
Feb. 11,1897 
Jan. 23,1883 
Feb. 3, 1899 
May 13, 1897 
Nov. 14, 1907 
Nov. 12,1903 
May 14,1883 
Nov. 10, 1892 




Name and Eesidence. 

Wilson, Thomas, 87 Cor'mvall-strett, Birmingham 

"Wilson, William Carlyle, 45 New North-rd., Huddersfield .... 

Winklield, Alfred, 26 Beaumont-street, Oxford 

Wintei-bottom, Augustus, 16 Sloane-street, S.W 

Wii'irnian, Charles Wynn, 45 Queen Ann-street^ W 

Wiseman, J. Greaves, St. Peter s-rd, St. Margarets, Twickenham 

Wood, Cyril George Russ, Hardwick-house, Shrewsbury 

Wood, John Forrester, 10 Qneeii^ s-roud , Sonthj)ort 

Wood, Miles Astman, Ledburg, Herefordshire 

Wood, AVilliam Charrington, Elliotts, Penshurst, Kent 

Woodcock, John Rostron, Bacton Manor, nr. Hereford 

Woods, William James, 184 Loop-st., Pietermaritzburg, Natal • 
Woolbert, Henry Robert, Lt.-Col. I. M.S., Deoli, Rajputtina . . 

Woollett, Charles Jerome, Ambleside, Streatham, S.W 

Worth, Claud Alley, 188 Harley-street, W 

Worthington,Robt.Alfred,18 The A venule, Hale End, nr. Chingford 

Worthington, Sidney, 23 Jury-street, Wancick 

AVray, Charles, 36 Jlctoria-street, S.W 

Wrench, Edwd. Mason, M.V.O., Park-lodge, Basloiv, Chesterfield 

Wright, Dudley D'Auvergne, 3 Bentinck-mansions, W 

Wright, Garnett, lOS High-st., Chorlton-on-Medlock, Manchester. 

Wright, George Arthur, 16 St. John-street, Manchester 

Wright, William, 143 Dartmouth-road, Willesden-green, N. W. . 

Wrigley. Philip Roscoe, 11 St. John-street, Manchester 

Wviie, David Storer, Devon-house, Neio Plymouth, N.Z. 

Wyuter, Walter Essex, 27 Wimpole-street , W 

Yate, Edward 

Yearsley, Rercival Macleod, 31 Harley-street, AY 

Young, A. II., Tolcarne, Norman-road, Rusholme, Manchester 


Dec. 14,1893 
Dec. 10,1903 
June JO, 1869 
Dec. 20, 1875 
June 11, 1903 
June 19, 1873 
Dec. 11,1902 
June 11,1896 
Dec. 10, 1868 
June 8,1899 
June 10, 1869 
June 11, 1896 
Dec. 10,1885 
June 10, 1909 
Dec. 10, 1891 
Dec. 8,1898 
June 10, 1909 
June 11, 1885 
May 13, 1886 
Dec. 8, 1870 
June 9, 1898 \ 
Dec. 14, 1905 
June 13, 1878 
Dec. 12, 190] j 
Dec. 14, 1905 ; 
Dec. 10, 1903 ! 
June 11, 1885 

June 11, 1874. 
Dec. 14,1893; 
Dec. 9,1880; 

Apr. 19,1883 
Dec. 10, 1!X)3 
Dec. 2,1^59 
Nov. 13, 1872 
July 27, 1899 
May 8,1867 
Feb. 11,1892 
May 9,1889 
Jan. 25,1865 
Feb. 8,1894 
July 28, 1864 
May 14, 1896 
Apr. 24, 1884 
May 12, 1904 
July 27,1875 
May 11,1893 
Nov. 10, 1904 
Nov. 16, 1882 
Nov. 18, 1881 
July 17, 1854 
Aug. 2,1888 
Dec. 14,1905 
Apr. 26, 1877 
May 11,1899 
July 25, 1900 
Dec. 10,1903 
Jan. 26,1883 

Nov. 16, 187] 
May 8,1890 
Dec. 9,1880 




1899. Abacljian,Alex.Tateosian, Harlei/Coll. 

1888. AbbL>tt, Frederic William, Balhain. 
18(39. Abbott, George, Tunbridye Wells. 
1897. Abbiitt, Horatio White, HoUoway. 

1895. Abbott, James Edward, Leeds. 

1900. Abbott, Saiiil. Frankliu, Limd., Can. 
188(J. Abbott, ^^ illiam Louis, Fhiladelphia. 
1894. Abcarius, Joseph Johu. 

1860. A'Beckett, Wm. Goldsmid, Victoria. 

1893. Abel, Horace Marshall, InnerTemple. 

1900. Abercrombie,lvodolph(ieo., Transval. 
1858. Ablett, Edward, Whitehaven. 

1909. Abraham, Richard Bernard, Charlhury 
1909. Abrahams, Adolphe, St. Barth. 's-hosp. 

1891. Abram, George Stewart, lieadiny 
1887. Abram, John Ilill, Liverpool. 

1901. Ackery, Edwd. Y&ViWiiiov, Q.-Anne-st. 
1897. Acklaud, Chas. Wevht. , Bournemuuth. 
1885. Ackland, Charles Kinjrslev, Bideford. 
1899. Acklaud, Donald, Bath. 

1885. Acklaud, Johu McKno, Exeter. 
1890. Ackland, Robert, Brcolc-street, W. 

1886. Acklaud, William Robert, Chyto7i. 
1860. Ackrojd, George, Earl's-court. 

1905. Acland, John Henr}- Dyke, Beira. 

1896. Acland, Jn. Musgrave,C7</c/(e/e-;'(^.,N. 
1880. Acland,Theodore Dy'ke,Bryanston-sq. 

1902. Acomb, .Tohn, York. 

1906. Acomb, Leonard Ernest, Netrport. 

1903. Acres, Geo. Chas. Johnston, Clapham. 
18^8. Acton, Charles James, IVanyfurd. 

1905. Acton, Hugh Wm., Middkse.r-hosp. 
1850. Acton, Walter, Wcstend,Soidhamptor>. 
1879. Adam, Caleb Denovan, Fernhead-rd. 

1907. Adam, George Henry, West Mallin. 
1901. Adam, Thomas, Gla^yow. 

1853. Adam, Wm. Hogarth, li.X. 

1887. Adami, John George, Montreal. 

1892. Adams, Alfred, West Looe. 
1864. Adams, Rev. Arthur Jiayley. 

1897. Adams, Arth. Reg., West Australia. 

1884. Adams, Chas. Edmund. W. Xoncood. 
1886. Adams, Chas. I'^dward, Buckhurst-hill. 

1894. Adams, ICdwd. Coker, li. Niyer Co. 
1866. Adams, Edward Johu, Sheffield. 

1906. Adams, Eustace Henry, Stoke. 

1893. Adams, Evelyn Lancelot, W.Croydon. 
1903. Adams, Geo. Basil Doyno, Victoria-pk. 

1885. Adams, Gofton Gee, It. A.M. C. 
1899. Adams, Harold Cotterell, Paignton. 

1889. Adams, Harrv, Wellington, N.Z, 

' 51 

1900. Adams, Henry Cyril, B.K 

1908. Adams, Jas. Wilmot, Eastbourne. 
1858. Adams, Joseph Dixon, Martock. 

1909. Adams, Melville Mortimer, Pretoria. 

1895. Adams, Percy Edward, Wiyichfiekl. 

1887. Adams, Percy Targett, Bloemfontein. 

1854. Adams, Richard, Newquay. 

1881. Adams, Wm. Coode, Eton-uv., X.W. 

1892. Adams, William Francis, Punjab. 

1888. Adamson, Horatio Geo., Weyniouth-st. 

1902. Adamson, Jas, WeedenW., Zee, Hants. 

1893. Adcock, Geo. Robt,, Framlinghani. 

1878. Adcock, Harold, 3Iarket ilarboro. 

1855. Adcock, Harrv, Liverpool. 

1871. Adcock, Sir Hugh, C.M.G., Florence. 
1858. Adcock, John, A. M. S. 

1896. Addenbrouke, Bevtv., Kidderminster. 
1866. Addenbrooke,Edwd.H.,A7f/f/i?r;«j«s<'r 
1899. Addey, Wm. Fielding, Camden-sq. 

1901. Addiusell, Johu Howard, Surbiton. 
1862. Addison, Chas. Edward, Colchester. 

1894. Addison, Eldred Arth., Ipsivich. 

1890. Addison, Hugh Cecil, Bro.vbourne. 

1898. Addison, .Joseph Bartlett, Seychelles. 

1891. Addisou,Wm. Bragg, ThorntonHeath. 

1879. Addison, Wm. Henry, Z>?</-6rt??, Natal. 
1871. Addy, Boughton, Weybridge. 

1881. Adeney, Edwin L., Tunbri'lge Wells. 

1903. Adeuev, (jeo. Cuthbert, Manchester. 
1851. Adey,*Arthm-, I. M. S. 

1884. Adie, Joseph Rosamond, I. M. S. 

1890. Adkius, Albert James, Beesto)i. 

1882. Adkius, George, Freshwater. 

1891. Adler, Magnus, Haidey. 

1857. Adlington, Robert, Colchester, N.S. 
1879. Adolphus, Theo. Fdk. P., E. Duhvich. 

1858. Adrieu, .John, Droghsda. 

1862. Adye, William, Bradford-on-Acon , 
1886. Adve, Wm. Ju. Alex. Bradford- on- A. 

1892. Agar, Morley Fvedk., Wimpole-st.,\S'. 
1884. Agar, Samuel H., Henleg-in-Arden. 

1863. Agassiz, Alfred, Sydney. 

1899. Agate, Ily.,Shaftesburg-av. 
1899. Agnew, Colville Smith, Bernard-st. 
1886. Agnews Edwd. D., Bishop's Stortford. 

1897. Ahlswede, Oscar Jacob L., Hamburg. 
1899. Alirens, Ileury Aug., Basingstoke. 
1871. Aikiu, Chas. Edm., Ladbrooke-ter.,Vi'. 
1884. Aikin,Wm. Arthur, Bedfrd-gdns.,W. 
1884. Aikius, Henry Wilberforce, Toronto. 
1858. Aikins, Moses Henry, Canada. 




1902. Ainger, Wm. 13., X. Z. Bunk, E.G. 

1899. Aiiiscow, James, Witjcni. 

1877. Ainsley, Thomas George, Hartlepool. 
188S. Ainsworth, Herbert Pearson, J/arf/en. 
189:). Ainsworth, Ralph Bvrw\\,lt.A.M.C. 
189!>. Ainsworth, Richard, JBolton. 
18()7. Air, Alex. Cummings, ,S. Nonfood. 
1907. Air,Sanil.Hy.Camni)ngs,iS'.A'o/'?t'oo(Z. 
188:>. Aird, Thomas Wilson, WalHrnjton. 
1806. Airey, George, Melbourne, Victoria. 
1902. Aitchison, Chas.Unipherston,Cj"/"i'/Y7. 
1884. Aitken,Wm. Blair, South Australia. 
18(U. Akerman, William, Salishtin/. 
I8it8. Akers, William Dntton, Ilore. 
lUOli. Albao, Edgar, Hayicard's-healh. 

1879. Alban, Evan, Hai/uard'.s Heath. 
189D. Albert, James Valek, Sloane-street. 
1902. Albiiry, Joseph Baird, Bahamas. 
1904. Alcock, Frank, Lontjvort. 

1897. Alcock, George Herbt., Chimjford. 

1884. Alcock. Samuel King, Burslem. 
1679. Alden, Ebenezer Wenham, Oxford. 

1900. Alderman, Harry Cole, Halifax. 
1890. Alderson, Fdk. Ilbt., Kensington. 

1 909. A Iders Mi,GeraldG. ,A' 'ms^/cw,;?- Tijne. 
1900. Alderson, Percy Francis, R.N. 

1907. Alderson, Wm. Seaforth, Leed". 

] 8«1. Alderton, Herbt.Chas., Barnoldsirich. 
1874. Alderton, Thos. G., Hammersmith. 
18So. Aldous, George Fredk., Piifmouth. 
190.3. Aldred, Wilfrid Ashwell, 'Beccles. 
1900. Aldrpn,Bertr.Cecil Wht. , Birminali' m. 

1897. Aldridge, Arthur Wm., Northfcld. 
1890. Aldridge, Angistus Henry, Torjihinx. 
1906. Aldridge, Chas. B. }il.,Bournemnuth. 
18b9. Aldridge, Edwd. Artli., Bagivystoke. 
1909. Aldridge, Frederick James, Leicester. 

1890. Alexander, .\lfred, Buxted. 

1891. Alexander, Edw. Ily., Dunedin, N.Z. 
1855. Alexander, Finlow. 

1902. Alexander,Fdk.Hugh,Z/Vf/<'7(ff???7;^ow. 
1881. Alexander, Fredk. Wm., Blackheath. 
1906. Alexander,GervaseD., W. Kensington. 
1896. Alexander, Herbert, Walthamstotc. 

1880. Alexander, ,John,Tri)]ifi/-square,fi.Y'j. 

1898. Alexander, Kenneth ]>ush, S. Africa. 

1885. Alexander, Samuel Philip, Southsea. 

1886. Alexander, Sidney Jloht. ,Farersha}7i. 
1876. Alford, Charl.''S Edward, Crewkerne. 

1896. Alford, Cvril Wolri^e, Chelmsford. 
1904. Alford, Ernest F.'R.,Jreston-s.-Mare. 
1858. Alford, Henrv .lames, Taunton. 

1897. Alford, Herbt. T.M., Weston-s.-Mare. 

1908. Alguire, Alexander Ross, Canada. 

1892. Ali, Subhan, Aara. 

1891. Allm, Alex. Wm., Wainfleet. 

1909. AMa ■, Douglas. Snuderland. 


1891. Allan, Edward Bnller, Victoria. 
1897. Allan, Herbert William, Weils. 
1^87. Allan, Jas. Hugh Brodie, Montreal. 

1869. Allchin, Sir Wm. Henry, Chandos-st. 

1874. AUden, John Homtio, Southampton. 

1892. Aildridse, Wm. Efhvd., liirvmiglium. 
1865. Allen, Bryan Holme, Hastings. 
1897. Allen, Charles Percival, Gillingharn. 
189.3. Allen, Charh'S Wm., JF. Hanipstead. 

1880. Allen, Francis Edward, Wisbech. 
1882. Allen, Frank Ja.ues, Birniinghani. 
1861. Allen, James, Shreushury. 

1897. Allen, .lames L\nn, Brentwood. 
1855. Allen, James Whiuyates George. 
1858. Allen, John, late Bogal Navy. 

1855. Allen, .lohu William, Fairfax-rd., ^. 

1898. Allen, Lancelot Lloyd, Northivood. 
1871. Allen, Marcus Henry, Westminster. 
1886. Allen, Norman, Toronto. 

1871. Allen, Patrick Joseph, MuUingar. 
1907. Allen, Richard Clayton, Belper. 

1875. Allen, Richard Grammer, Belper. 
1884. Allen, Sydney Glenn, R.A.M.C. 

1900. Allen, Thomas Percival, Acton. 
1888. Allen, Vernon, i/f.s. 

1896. Allen, Walter Henrv, Hurst-hill. 
1894. Allen, William Herbert, Derby. 
1909. Alles, EmmanuelCaetan.irw/Y.*/e?V//i-.<!/'. 
1909. AUeyne, Evelyn A. W., Harrow-rd. 

1890. Allford, Hy. G. hynw ood, Hastings. 

1898. AlU'rev, Frederic Henrv, Southwick. 
190.3. Allin, "Edgar Wm., Toronto. 
1907. Allin, Norman George, Bristol, 
1904. Allingham, Harrv Reg., lieigate. 
1896. Allingham, Walter, Weymonth-.^t..Vs\ 

1878. Allinson, Ilrv. Calthrop, Kinr/'s Li/nn. 
1907. Allison,Godfrey Fdk.Ely, HonorOak. 

1872. Alliott, Alexander .lohn, Sevenoaks. 

1901. Alliott, Richard, Braintree. 
1909. Allnutt. Edwaid Bruce, Hitchin. 

1879. Allnutt'. John, Wrentham. 

1870. Allnutt, William, -S'. Brisbane. 
1909. Allott, Harold W. Leach, Barnsley. 

1891. Allott, John Ernest Cecil, Southend. 

1876. Allott, Wordsworth heAch, Barnslei/. 
1894. Allport, Alfred, .SV/^f.>«. 

1902. Allport, Evett Gordon, Tasmania. 

1899. Allport, Roland Harrison, Loughton, 
1896. Allport, Wilfri<l, Handmotth. 

1893. AUworth, Alfred Leigh, Peckham. 
1902. Alment,Edw.Whvte,^-1^6()^^«//;^M(7(V;/. 
1906. Almond, Geo. Helv-IL, Si. Bar'ts. ' 

1881. Alpin, Wm. Geo. JPatrick, l.M.S. 
1884. Alsop, Clement, Royal Navy. 

1874. Alsop,Thos.O>mond Fabian, Victoria. 
1802. ALton, Huirh, Gosforth. 
1896. Alston, John Averell, Ci'(/>p Town. 



18B7. AlthurpjChas. F. Manning-, Bradford. 
1839. Altmann, Cbas. August, Victoria. 
1870. Amadeo, Autouio Jose, Porto llico. 
190(3. Amarasuiiya, Charles, Ceylon. 
1905. Ambler, Frauds Barlow, Musu-ell-hill. 
1878. Ambler, Horace Edwd., St. Albans. 
1902. Ambrose, Alfred Ciile, Cambridge. 

1900. Ambrose, Alfred Parker, Claj^ltcim. 

1897. Ambrose, George Patrick, Dulston. 

1898. Ambrose, Wm. Cole, Barnt-yrecn. 
1897. Ameuabar, Julio Dauiel, Valparaiso. 
18o4. Amesbury, Saml. Coruwallis, J. M.S. 
1809. Amsdeu, (reorge, Brcnticood. 

I'.IOl. Amsdeii, Walter, Seaford. 

1902. Amsler, Albert Maurice, Ilampdead. 

1885. Anderson, Adam R. Steele, I. M.S. 
1908. Anderson, Alex. Clia.s., ruhe-hill. 
1859. Anderson, Alfred, Litherland. 
1882. Anderson, Alfred Jasper, Cape Town. 

1901. Anderson, Arthur. ]\'arrinffto7i. 
1900. Anderson, Arthur P. Moore, Cape T. 

1902. Anderson, Cauldwell n., W. Austr. 
190."i. Anderson, Charles Alex., Kest^n. 
1908. Anderson, Chas. Ernest, Chiswick. 
1870. Anderson, Charles Morton, AVw Zea/. 
1892. Anderson, Chas. M., Gloncester-terr. 
1896. Anderson, Chas. Thompson, Cape T. 
1882. Anderson, Dauiel Elie, Paris. 
1887. Anderson, Ern.C, D.S.O., P.A.M.C. 
1884. Auderson, Fitzgerald U. ,Halifa.c,N. S. 

1899. Anderson, Harrv Bertram, Bedford-pJ. 
1899. Anderson, Ilry. (jeo.Sidlev,.S/'«»iZ!a//. 

1889. Anderson, James Robert^ A'..S'. W. 
1839. Auderson, .John, Brighton. 

1801. Anderson.Johu,C .14-;., Harle!/-sf.,^\. 
1892. Anderson, John Buckle., R.A.M.C. 

1890. Anderson, John Sewell, Willcrby. 

1902. Anderson, Kenneth, Bamcell. 
1899. Anderson, Maurice Clare B., Winfrith. 

1886. Auderson, Reginald Bean, Bodmin. 
1872. Anderson, Richard John, Gahcay. 
18iX). Auderson, Richard Walker, iS'eivZeal. 
1867. Auderson, lioht., Bury-St.-Bdmnnds. 
190.3. Anderson, Robert G., R.A.M.C. 
1808. Auderson, Tempest, York, 

1852. Anderson, Thomas. 

1884. Anderson, Wm. Uunlop, Ballachidish. 

1896. Anderson, Wm. James, Uelston. 

1897. Anderson, Wm. Maurice, I. M.S. 

1903. Anderson, Wm. Monro, Hanover-sq. 

1887. Andersou,W.M.A.,M.V.O.// rUy-st. 
1874. Auderson, Wnl..S.,(l'/lr7)f/-fy(-/<'-i•/•^V/^. 

1891. Anderson, Winslow, ,Sitn Francisco. 
1881. Anderton, James Edwin, Xcw Mills. 

1898. Anderton, Wm. Bury, Didsiury. 
1891. Andre, Jas. Edwd. Felix, Chichester. 
ir05. Andrete, Harry. 


lb99. Andrew, Alfred John, Cardiff: 
1888. Andrew, Benuet llarvey, Thame. 
1901. Audrew, Edwyn Gaved, St. Austell. 
1890. Andrew, Francis Wm., He/idon, N. W. 
1890. Audrew, Henry, E.veter. 
1878. Audrew, John Edward, Victoria. 
1890. Andrew, Philip Oswald, Xew Zeal. 

1887. Andrewes, Fredk. Wm., Tbijhgale. 
1884. Andrews, Alex. Gordon, li. Savy. 
1809. Andrews, Arthur, Albury, X.S. }V. 

1884. Andrews, Charles, U'. Kcnsinyton. 

1885. Andrews, Edward C, Ilampstead. 

1895. Andrews, Ileury Arthur, Tonbridyc. 
1894. Andrews, Henry Russell, JVimpolc-st. 
1851. Andrews, James, Hampsttud. 

1901. Andrews, James Altord, Finchley. 

1888. Andrews, Octavius W m., Royal Xary. 
1885. Andrews, Richard, JS'ew Maiden. 
1805. Andrews, Richard James, B.reter. 

1874. Andrews, Samuel, Basingstoke. 

1801. Andy, Senjee Pulney, Madras. 

1889. Angear, Frederick Chas., Formosa. 
1909. Augior, Frederick Leigh, Wigan. 
18^5. Augior, Thomas Matthews, Wigan. 

1884. Anglin, Wm. Gardiuer, Ontario. 
It67. Angove, Edward Scudamore. Ihuhy, 

1875. Angove, William Thomas, 6'. Austr. 
1857. Angus, James Acworth, Xeiccastle. 

1908. Anklesaria,Kekobad C, Tavistock-2)l. 
1907. Anklesaria, Manekjee D., Cook ^- Son, 

1902. Anley, Frederick Eustace, Rcy. Xavy. 

1885. Annacker, Ernest, Manchester. 
1878. Auuand, George, Melbourne. 

1903. Annand, Wm. Eraser, Maryiebone-rd. 
1882. Auness, Fredk. Richard, iJurban. 
1897. Anuing, George Paul, Leeds. 

1805. Anuingson, Bushell, Cambridge. 
1875. Anuingson, Thirkell, Great Grimsby. 
1894. Anuis,Eruest George, Westconibe-pk. 

1909. A usari, Mukhtar Ahmed, A'aCZ/Z*. CTfi 
1889. Anson, Geo. Edward, Xeic Zealand. 
1892. Ansorge, William Juhn, Uganda. 

1896. Austev-Chave, Thomas, Cardiff". 

1903. AnthJuisz, Edward Guy, R.A.M.C. 
1850. Anthonisz, Peter D., C.M.G., Ceylotu 
18t*7. Anthony, Frederic, Hungerford. 

1802. Antonini, Charles. 

1907. Apperly, Ras mond Eben., .SY. Geo.-rd. 
1864. Appleby, Fiik. Ilcucy, Xeanirk-on-T. 
1880. Appleford,Stephen Herbert, /V/wiMrj/. 
1888. Applegate, John Wm., Dewsbury. 
1884. Appleton, Harry, Ilclstun. 
1^88. Appleton, Jas. Euderby, Bourneinth. 
1807. Appleton, Robt. Carlisle, Beverley. 

1904. Appleton, Roy, Beverley. 

1878. Appleton, Thomas Alfred, Fulham. 

1894. Aprlevard, Francis Edwd., iWocffSia. 




1907. Appleyard, James, Bradford. 
1878. Apthorp, Fredk. Wm., Burr/ess Hill. 
1900. Arango, Mio-iiel, Gower-str'ect, W.C. 
189:2. Arathoon, Hilary Chas., lioiial A«r;/. 
1900. Arbuthnot,T.S.,c/o6'te/;%cS-Co., VaU 

1904. Arch, Arthur James, Coveidrij^ Mall 
1909. Archer, Charles Wm., Bourneimmth. 
1878. Archer, Ediuoud Lewis, 8. Australia. 
1S70. Archer, Georg-e Ernest, Felticell. 
1881. Archer, Henry Ed ward,. Aor?foo(/. 
18(55. Archer, Herbert Kav, Jersey. 
1894. Archer, Samuel Arthur, li'.A.M.C. 
1892. Archer, Staflbrd Lewis, Ilampstead. 
1869. Archer, Thos. Brittin, Notfingham-pl. 
1884. Archer, Thos. Launcelot, Westminder. 

1905. Archibald, Riidiard Jas., Tootinq. 
1903. Argles, Eruest Edwd., O.rford-ter., \\ . 
1864. Argles, Frank, Wctnstead. 

1892. Argyle, Stanley Seymour, Victoria. 

1907. Aris, Fredk. "\Vm., Jamaica, W.I. 
1899. Arkle, Alex. Septimus, Zuwywo/. 
1889. Ai-kwright, Jos. Arthur, Welbeck-st. 
1894. Armer, Alfred, Barmouth. 

1894. Armit, Henry Wm., IVemhley. 
1905. Armitage, Charles E. A., Lancaster. 

1884. Armitp^ge, Edward Harris, Hcacuii. 

1908. Armitage, Frank R., Wolverhampton. 
1903. Armitage, John James, (Cheltenham. 
1896. Armitage, Richard, Cheltenham. 
1896. Armson, Charles James, Yoxall. 

1885. Armson, Frank Greasley, Yo.iall. 
1883. Armstrong, Arth. Jas. M., Southgate. 
1907. Armstrong, Arthur Keith, Ilirjhgate. 
1877. Armstrong, Geo, Riohd., Fo.rrock, Ir. 
1861. Armstrong, George Wm., Greemcich. 
1896. Armstrong, Harry Fdk.Wm.. Putrnj/. 
1864. Armstrong, Henry Y.Av{A., Netccaslle. 
1874. Armstrong.IIry.Geo., Wellinc/tonColl. 
1863. Armstrong, Joseph Foster, S. Shields. 
1885. Armstrong, I^eonard Henry, Bipon. 

1909. Armstrong,Richd. Robins.ZfMv's/?^^?!. 
1872. Armstrong, Robt. Stow, Maida-hill. 
1903. Armstrong, Walt. S., ■/»!. Atheno'iim C. 
1889. Armstrong, AVilfrid Ernest A.^ZJ/.-S. 
1877, Armstrong, William, Buxton. 
1852. Armstrong, William I'ruce. 

1852. Armstrong, Wyndhaui Fitzgerald. 
1907. Armstronir-Dash, Chas. .las., Jlore. 
1887. Arnim, Henry Chas. Lefller, I.M.S. 
1887. Arnison, Wm. Drewett, Xcn-ca>>tle. 
1894. Arnold , Edwin Gilbert Emerson, Fiji. 
1880. Arnold, Francis Sorell, Ipsden. 
1907. Arnold, Fred. (Jctavias, 7/c//(>. 
1885. Arnold, William, Melton Mouhray. 
1885. Arnold-Wallinger,Rob. ^.,Chelmsfd. 
1877. Arnott, Sandfoi-d, Brixton-road. 
1905. Arnott, AVilliam, Beverley. 

1904. Arnonld, Loris Arthur, Kevern-sq. 
1891. Arthur, Francis, Bethnall-ijreen. 
1861, Arthur, James, Jlenley-in-Arden. 
18!j7. Arthur, Jos. Hugh. Commercial-rd. 
1867. Arundell, Shirley Woolmer, Fulham. 

1857. Asbury, Charles John, Sydenham. 
1907. Ascough, Ma'thew Thos., Bomilly. 
1890. Ash, Allied Edwin, Jloniton. 

1905. Ash, Berkeley Nof?l, Hampstead. 

1904. Ash, Edwin Lancelot, Finchley. 

1896. Ash, Percy Roberts, Hull. 

1858. Asli, Thos. Limiington, Holsworthy. 

1859. Ash, William, Clapham. 
1898. Ashby, Edgar, York. 

1907. Ashby, Hugh Tuke, Didsbury. 
1886. Asliby, John, Leeds. 

1880. AshdowD, Geo.Wm. Wetton,Biple>/. 
1898. Ashe, Frank, R.A.M.C. 

1879. Aslie,Wm.Percy,.4/e.rffrtrfer-S7.,S.W, 
1853. Ashenden, Charles, Hastings. 

1888. Ashtbrd, Claude Henry, Plgmonth. 

1897. Ashford,, Topsham. 

1900. Ashley, Hbt. Ernest, Water-lane, E. 
1893. Ashley, Martin, We.<>ton-s.-Mare. 
1885. Ashley, Sydney Dukes, Brixton. 

1870. Ashmore-Xoakes, Samuel S., Nice. 

1881. Ashton, Charles Ernest, Seine. 

1896. Ashton, George. Manchester. 
1902. A.shton, John Hilton, Southpm-t. 
1895, Ashton, Joseph, Carno, X. Wales. 
1856. Ashurst, Wm. Robert, Farningham. 

1880. Asliwell, Herbt. Geo., Nottingham. 

1895. Ashwin,Richd.H., J/«77i<»)' Weighton. 
1877. Ash worth , John WaUwork. Stockport. 

1905. Askham, Hugh Lowrie, Dovercourt. 

1882. Aslanian, Bedros, Tauris, Persia. 

1882. Aslett, George Stratton, Tiverton. 

1897. Aslett, William Stacey, Leicester. 

1885. Aspinall. J(^hn, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1890. Aspinwall, John FuUerton, Marsden. 

1896. Aspland, Wm. Harold G., China. 
1909. Asplen, Wm, Reginald W., BaMiam. 
1863. Aspray, Charles Owen, jE. Barnet. 
1S95. Astbury. Thomas, Market Bostcorth. 

1891. Aston, Richard Henry, Ashford. 

1886. Aston, William. i?//-MH'«r/^r/;;;. 

1898. Atal, Pandit I'iaraylal, 7. J/. 5. 

1892. Atcherley, John. Hau-aii. 

1892. Atchley, Edwd. Godfrey C.F.,C/{/7o«. 
1858. Atchley, George Frederick, Bristol. 
1891. Atkey, Percy James, Southampton. 
1861. Atkins, Charles Alfred, Army. 

1883. Atkins, Ernest, riumstead. 

1871. Atkins, Francis Grant. 

1873. Atkins, Francis Thos., Bournemottth. 

1908. Atkins, Frank Robt. Lowth, Epsom. 
1905. Atkins, Fredk. Hurnford, Cockimjton. 





1895. Atkins, Georee Ernest, TTomhicell. 
1853. Atkius, Hemy, 1. M. !S. 

1891. Atkius, JolmFi-ancis, Birmimjham. 

1871. Atkinsou, Allied James, Chiswick.^ 

1884. Atkinsou, Ambrose, Gnen-hnies, N. 
180U. Atkinson, Artlmr Edward, Uf/auda. 

1908. Atkinson, Arthur Georg-e, Nonrood. 

1896. Atkinson. Chas.Mason..-l*7;/b/Y7,A>/?f. 
190(3. Atkinson, Edward L., Mo/itat/ii-pl. 
1874. Atkinsou, Francis Edward, Seff'e. 

1896. Atkinson, Fredk. Holgate, Griimbi/. 
18(>3. Atkinson, Frederick Page, Be.vhiU. 

1897. Atkinson, George Louis, Hamjtton. 
1902. Atkinson, Geo. J. S., Wolvpvhcnnpton. 

1887. Atkinson, Guy C. B., .yeltvn.youbrai/. 

1853. Atkinsou, Harry Leigh, ficforici. 
1902. Atkinson, Henry Lawrence, Leeds. 

1892. Atkinson, Hugli N. C, Uj)/). Noruood. 

1892. Atkinson, Jackson Arth., A'Hfl/-es6ro'. 
18G3. Atkinsou, .Lnnies, Cieice. 

1909. Atkinsou, John Lee, Spalding. 
1878. Atkinson. John Mitford, Ilonf/ Kong. 

1893. Atkinsou, John Parkinson, Lxpifou. 

1854. Atkinson, Pobert, /. i?.X, Co. Cork. 
1809. Atkinson, Robert, Sntethicick. 

1901. Atkinson, Samuel Ernest, Lnvglihro . 

1902. Atkinson, Stanley Bean, Hachnef/. 
185o. Atkinson, Thos. Grantham. Worthinq. 
1881. Atkinson, Thos. l\iiue\\,Chndicen-hi.h. 
1881. Atkinson, Tho3. Euell, Earrs-court. 

1872. Atkinson, Walter Mark, Cape Col. 
1883. Atkinson, "William, Clapham. 

1905. Attenborou?!), Wilfrid G.,KiinjsColl. 

1881. Atterbury, Walter, Wood-c/reen, ^s. 
1850. Attfield, George Cooke, Brif/Jiton. 
1900. Atthill, Frank, Colchester. 

1900. Attlee, Cecil Knight, Tootiyuj. 
1892, Attlee, John, Brook-st.. W. 

1900. Attlee, Wilfrid Henry Waller, Eton. 

1901. Attwood, Richd. Denton, Southivurk. 
1865. Attygalle, John, Ceylon. 

1895. Aubiu, Emile Dupout, Thames, K.Z. 

1885. Aubrey, Alfd.Reub., JJV.5fo«-s.-3/rt/-e. 

1903. Aubrey, Geo. Ernest, Chelmsford. 
1907. Aubrey, Harold Percivall, Trinity-sq. 
1897. Aubrey. Sydney Ernest, Durban. 
1899. Aubrey, Thomas, Bristol. 

1896. Auden, George Augustus. York. 

1882. Audlaud, Wm. Edward, WeUinyhoro'. 
1881. Austen, Henry Hinds, IIarlei/-sfreet. 
1890. Austen, Harold ^\'m. C. Harley-st. 

1888. Austen, Thomas, lioi/al Xavi/. 
1899. Austin, Elfred Chalmers. Biu/bt/. 
1885. Austin, Herbert Ward, E.A.M.C. 
1892. Austin, Johu Henry Edward, Army. 

1906. Austin, John Staines, Moseley. 
1906. Austin, Lorimer John, Bristol. 


1898. Austin, Xeyille Henry, Linqfield. 
1801. Austin, Reg. F. Edmund, k.A.M.C. 
1868. Austin, Sydney Charles, Limif.eld. 
1892. Auty, Charles'Harley, WHlesden. 

1888. Ayarne, Arthur Blair, Blaemirnn. 

1887. Ayeline, Henry T. Sidney, Cotford. 

1908. Ayeling, Charles James, Clapton. 

1909. Ayeling, Kenneth John, Clapton. 
1902. Ayeling, Leslie Baldwin, Hoy ton. 

1862. Ayerill, Alfred, Lonytou. 
1884. Ayerill, Charles, M'acelesfield. 
1904. Ayery, John, Sinclair-road, W. 

1906. Ayery, John Stanley, Bristol. 
1896. Ayery, Leonard Ayery, Mayfair. 
1904. Ayiss, William George, Coventry, 
1901. Awdry, Arthur John, Berkeley. 
1881. Awdry, Walter Robert, Berkeley. 
1894. Axford, Sidney Bertram, Xeic Zeal. 

1863. Axford, William Henry, Southsea. 
1861. Axham. Fdk. Wm., Glasshouse-st, 
1901. Aylen, l-:rnest ^'aughan, R.A.M.C. 

1904. Aylen, John, Southsea. 

1905. Aylward. EdNyard Bailey, Basset f. 

1889. Aylward,Walt.Chas., runb' dye Wells, 

1888. Ayniard, John Law, Transvaal. 

1907. Ayre, Frederick John, St. Aynes. 
1878. Ayres, Alfred Reg. Aston, Merton. 


1871. Baber, Edward Cresswell, Briyhton. 
1878. Baber, Henry Aitkens, Bere Alston. 
1882. Baber, John James Yarrow, New Z. 

1896. Babiugton, Stanley Noel, China. 
1908. Bacha, Ardeshir Pestouji, I'rebovir-rd. 
1880. Back, Alfred Henry, Acle. 

1882. Bade, Herbert Hatfield, Acle. 
1899. Backhouse, Chas. Fenwick, St. Ives. 
1875. Bacon, Alfred Thomas, Leeds. 
1895. Bacon, Rbt. Alf. Edwd., Southampton. 

1887. Bacot, Wm. Rickward, Queensland. 
1893. Bacque, Wm. Jules, Bath. 

1888. Badcock, Arthur, Fork. 

1902. Badcock, Austin Lewis, Briyhton. 
1901. Badcock, Chas. \i&\{ox&,Norihampton. 
1895. Badcock, Ernest Reg., Wandsworth. 
1891. Badcock, Hy. Jn. Francis, Gillinyham. 

1890. Badcock, John Henry, Harley-st. 

1880. Baddelej, Chas. Edward. Belvedere. 

1891. Badger, Arthur Roscoe, Birminyherm. 

1903. ]}adgerow,Geo.Wasl)in^''t'n, GohVnr^q. 

1881. Baguall-Oakley, John Lewis, R.N. 
1901. Bagshawe, Herbert Vale, R.A.M.C. 
1895. Bagshawe, Artlmr Wm. G., JJgamiu. 

1897. Bahadurji, J.N., Up. Bedford-pl.,\\\C. 
1907. Bahr, Philip Heinricb, Oxted, 




1899. Bailey, Bernavd E. Granv., Midhurst. 
1882. Bailev, Clias. Fredk.. Brighton. 
1901. Bailey, Clias. Ily. Farley," Bedford. 
1894. Bailey, Francis William, Liverpool. 
1906. Bailey, Geo. Fdk. Selburue, fr«^'o/-<Z. 

1877. Bailey, Henry Frederick, Lee, S.E. 
189d. Bailey, Henry, Horsforth. 

1901. Bailey, Jas. Counur Ma.v\vell,D?//iCKA. 
1904. Bailey, Lionel Danyers, Sinclair-rd. 

1896. Bailey, Matthias, Liverpnol. 

1898. Bailey, Begiuald Threllall, Liverpool. 

1878. Bailey, Rbt. ijviiftmyA\i,John-st., AV .C. 

1892. Bailev, Thos. \Vm., Orpinyton. 
1864. BaileV, William. 

1900. Bailev, Wm. Arthur, Pi-escot. 
1884. Bailev, Wm. Ily., Soidhall. 

1884. Baillie, Rbt. Alex., Stoke Neicinf/ton. 

1879. Baillie, Rchd. II., Tluimes T<-t CPh. 

1876. Bain, l)avid Stuart Er.skine, I. M.S. 
190o. Bain, William, Middlese.v-hosp. 

1899. Bainijridfre, ¥ i'&nc\s Xn\i.,Gui/ s-hosp. 
1866. Baiubrido-e, George, L.M.S. 

1873. Baiues, Egeiton Chas. Aug., Henley. 

1889. Baines, Joseph Charles, Malvern. 
1909. Baines, Mark Blaki-tun, Oxford. 

1880. Baird, Andrew, 7?. J.. V. C, Worcester. 

1893. Baird, Jas. Jos. ^^'m., Brixton. 

1897. Baird, lioy. learou, /..V.-S'. 

1899. Baiss, Llewelyn Axwo\A, Roj/al Xurrj. 
1875. B.dier, Albert de Winter, IhUney. 
18i)7. Baker, Alfred Eaton, Hastings. 

1900. Baker, Arthur de Chair, Croydon. 
1888. Baker, Arthur Ernest, JBrook-st., W. 
18; »8. Baker, Clement John, Uganda. 
1899. Baker,UodinirtonG.K.Sherston,/?jf/m. 
190-'). Baker, Fredc. Chas. Joseph, Ealing. 

1877. Baker, Fredk. Greufell, S'ottiny-hill. 
1899. Baker, Fredk. Belland. Brighton. 
1858. Baker, Geo. Ileurv, Mare-street, E. 

1885. Baker, Geo. Henry, LM.S. 

1^96. Baker, Gerald liunisev, i>;-. Columbia. 
1C05. Baker, Harold Itamsay P., Te-gnm'th. 
19C0. Baker, Harry CVcil, Ca/^^ Colony. 
1869. Baker, Ilenrv Francis, Mandeville-pl. 

1890. Baker, Herbert Stainer, Rnshden. 

1881. Baker, Jas. Barrington, Finchley. 

1892. Baker, John f^harles, Aylesbury. 
1873. Baker, John Henry, Cmkfiehl. 
1908. Baker, Martyii Wilfred, Victoria-st. 
1853. Baker, Slade Innes, Abingdon. 

1878. Baker, Thomas, Cosltam. 

1886. Baker, Walter Robert, Torquay. 

1893. Baker, \^'ildman Edward, Putmy. 
188(). Baker, Wm. Ilenrv, Ealing. 

1879. Baker. William Jamas It.A.M.C. 
1899. Baker, Wm.Langworthv, Forest-kill. 
1899. Baker, Wm. Lincoln, li.A.M.C. 


1892. Bakewell, Robt. Turle, Welheck-st. 
1894. Bakhle, Chiutaman R., 7.J/.-S'. 
1859. Balderston, Hemy Frederick. 

1898. Balderston, liobeit, Lorest-hill. 
1672. Baldock, XMvt'd, Earl's-court-road. 

1891. Baldock, Edward Henrv, Hereford. 
1909. Ba.dwin, Chfi.s Wm. T., -S'. Benjleet. 

1899. Baldwin, Edgar, Ruchdale. 

1896. Baldwin, Francis Juo. Aug., Gambia. 
1879. Baldwin, Fdk. lienj. Judiie, Ba7il.ury. 

1887. Baldwin, Ilarrv. Cavendish-square. 

1892. Baldwin, Hy. Clifford, Hudder.<Jiekl. 

1903. Jjaldwin. Thomas Paul, Herne-hili. 
1862. Bale, William, Stockport. 

1890. Bale, William Barker, Stockport. 

1905. Ball, Alfred, MusiveU-hill . 

1901. Ball, Chas. Rowan II., Hunstanton. 

1907. Ball, Frauds Jas., Rugby, Canada. 
1870. Jkll, Jas. Barry, C/>. Wimpole-st., W. 
1865. Ball, John Augustus, JEy^. 

1908. Bidl, Malcolm Edward," i?/«cWeflM. 
1885. BalLichey, H. Holloway, Heckington. 

1890. Ballance,'Hbt. Stanley,"" HV.s^o/i-.i.-J/. 

1857. Ballance, Jn. Descarrieres, Edgbaston. 

1861. Ballard, Charles, Ciford. 
1876. Ballard. Philip, Sntarden. 

1893. Ballard, Robert, Market Harbro. 

1888. Ballingall, Geo. A., St. Leonard's. 
1907. Bal.-iara, Jehangir C, Westbourne-pk. 

1906. Balthasar, Ewaid. Hampstead. 
190(5. Baly, Artluir Lionel, Hampstead. 

1894. Baly, Chas. Francis r ex ton. Ha rley-st. 
1878. Bamber, Chas. James," LM.S. 

1900. Bamber, ^^■illiam ]:dward, ^.//fo«. 
1893. Bamtield, Harold Jn. Kinahan, LM.S. 
18S2. Bamford, Chas. Robert, Uttoxeter. 

1891. Bamford, Thomas, Uttoxeter. 

1882. Banatvala,H.jriuasjee Edaljee,/. J/.5. 

1905. Banda, Kobbekaduwe Tikiri, Ceylon. 
1882. Banerjia, Mahendra Xath., Calcutta. 
1888. Banerji, L madas, C(dcutta. 

1862. Bangay, Ri(diard, N. Finchley. 

1892. Banham, Cecil Walt. Ramsav, Leeds. 

1902. Banham, Sidney Mar.>hall. Ealiny. 
1882. Banham, Wm. ""\\'ilfri d, Sheffield. 

1906. Bankart. Arth.<W<'r. 

1904. Baukes, John Herbert. Sinclair-road. 

1893. Bankes-Price, Hugh, Coventry. 
1890. Bankes-Price, Sydney Hht.,Siroud-yr. 

1867. Banks, Henry Percy, Seyniour-pl. 

1868. Banks, John Ale.xauder Percival. 
187II. Banks. AVilliam, Falmouth. 

1894.,(ieo.D.K. ,//////( Wyc'mbe. 
1900. Bannerman, Walter Biggar, A>?rZ<'rt/. 

1858. Banning, Robert Jos., Shoehuryness. 
1887. Bannister, Marmaduke, Blackburn. 
1906. Barber, Alec, ir,stciif 



1902. Barber, Charles Harrison, I.M.S. 
1884. Barber, Fredr. 8<tmuel, Streatham. 
189U. Ikib.^r, Geo.T.Congre\ e,Biniiiiif//nii. 
l^Ul. Barber, Geo. Walter, Jf. Austicdia. 
1901'. B.triier, Ihi-ib, Sheffield. 

1904. Barber, Joliu Watson, Ilkeston. 
lS9"j. Barber, Maurice Charbs, Bristol. 
\H12. Barber, Oliver, Hastiiujs. 
1886. Barber, Percival Ellison, Sheffiehl. 

1889. Barber, Silaey Frederick, Sluffield. 
1892. Barberi, Jo.^e Iiinacio, Liv?i'pooL 

1904. Barclav, Alfred Ernest, Presticich. 
189(). j?arcla\-, llerbt. Clitiord, New Zeal. 
Iil08. JJardslev, Ilfnrv, Morefon. 

1899. J5ards\vell,XoelL)ean, Midhurst. 
1855. Baretti, Tlios. Geo. L'Enardi, Clifton. 
i888. Barford, Arthur Morton, C/iic/iesfer. 

1905. Btirtord, .limes Leslie, Kiiufs Coll. 
1895. I^arford, rercv Croiupe, Selseii-on-S. 
19()l. Barbani,GuyFoster. Woudfoid-hridye. 
18iil. liarhani, II bt. Fdk. Henry, Worthing. 
I'JOO. Barbani. I'eroy Cornelius. Dulwivh. 
1908. Baiiii, Uiiisl.iiDanUha, iyowiw//. 
1SX»I. Bark, J"]rnest Gilbert, Birmittyham. 
187."». Bark, Ernest Ouesimus, Birmimjliam. 
1870. Bark, Jolin, Lirerpool. 

1808. Barkas, \\m. James, Si/dnei/, X.S. W. 

1884. Barker, All'd. Jas. Glauville, Borneo. 
'iSf^l. ]»arker, Alleyne Hayward, Wantage. 

1892. Barker, Chesman, I''i)ichlei/. 
1859. Barker, Daniel. 

1890. Barker, Ernest Marriott, St. Leonards. 
190.'i. Barker, Frederic, Great Bridge. 
1877. Barker, Frederick Rov.]iiad,B.A.M.C. 
1889. Barker, Geo Henry, Clifton, Bristol. 

1893. Barker, Geo. LaycocK, Gold Count. 
KHJ8. B.irker, Hy. l^ewis, Melton Moirlrag 

1874. Barker,IIi V. yi&xtwv.Sandou-n ,l.ot 1' . 

1 900. Barker,nor'ce J . -M". D. S. , l\ 'yn nstay-gs. 

1885. Barker, John Collier, Watford. 
18si>. Biirker, John Ilanier, Bolton. 
LS'.tO. Barker, Percy Duckworth, Be.rhill 
18()'.). I'arkor, liichd. Henry, llungerford. 

1894. ISarker, Toft, Corfe I'astlt. 

1875. Barker, Waller Herbeit, Vietoria. 
18>'4. Barker, Wui. Jas. Townseiid, l-'ulham. 
180."i. l>arker. \\'m. Lewinirton, Chelsea. 
1-^8'.). Bark\vorth,Hv.S.,,/w<. Athena ni- Cfh. 
]9.'>1. Barlet.Jeb:.n.Sleredith,M^(/?('*7//T/-«r. 
188:',. Barley, I)a\id H.-nry, Leeds. 

i88(i. IJarlow, Arthur Edward, Leieester. 
188(5. Barling. Arlhur St ;nlev, Lancaster. 

1903. Barlow, Charles, Poplar. 
18!)0. Barlow, George, Lythnm. 

1891. Barlow, Henrv Goodeve, .7««>flj'crt-?Y/. 
1808. Barlow, Herbert Cecil, St. Ire^f. 
18u8. Barlow, llbt. ^^'nl. Le viand, Urmston. 

l!H)!>. 7i'5 

1871. Barlow, Sir Thomas. Bart., K.C.V.O. 
189(5. Barlow, Thos. Wm. Naylor, Booth. 
1873. Barnard, Charles Edward, Victoria. 

1878. Barnard, John \li^nY\\, Biarritz. 
1894. Barnes, Arthur, Welbeck-street, W. 
1873. Barnes, Arthur llichard, Mersthani. 
189). Birnes, Arthur Stanley, Bimiinghani. 
1870. Barnes, Edgar (ieorge, Ege. 

1802 Barnes, Eis\'d.C\\a.s., llanunersjriith. 
1905. Bai-nes, Ernest Chas. Y,., Barnsbury. 
1907. Barnes, Ernest Chas. Paye, Bath. 

1904. Barnes, Frederick, Sheffield. 
1850. Barnes, George, Bradford-on-A. 

1901. Barnes, George, Hanvnersniith. 
1900. Barnes, Geo. Charles. Hoylake. 
1880. Barnes, (ieo. F'redk., Sfreaiham-eont. 
18(34. Barnes, Henry, Carlisle. 

1903. Barnes, Henrv Edgar, Bi/e. 

1879. Barnes, Henry John, B.A.JLC. 
1892. Barnes, Herbert Cooi)er, Peficorth. 

1898. Barnes, John Alfred, Chisn-iek. 

1899. Barnes,Ju. Arth. Percival, Tottenham. 
18-56. Barnes, John Edward, Clare, Suffolk. 
1875. Barue.s, John James, Southpurt. 
1899. Barnes, .Tos. Sandert, Luton. 

1891. Barnes, Leonard Stewart, Weliiyn. 
1862. Barnes, Thos. Henry, Lacende)-h:ll. 
1882. Barnes, Walter Stanley, Br. Guiana. 
1859. Barnes. Wm. E. G., Pudd!nyt'n-sf.,\\. 
190L Baruett, Bertram Leeds Thos., Cairo. 
19u7. Barnett, Ernest Cuthbert, 3e?r Z^al. 
1885. Barnelt; Frank Septinms, Lewishani. 
1888. Barnett, Horatio, Church Stiettun. 
1852. Baruett, John Miiford, Be.ihill-onS. 
1885. Barnett, Lawrence, S. Ilanipstead. 

1902. Birnicot, Jo.seph, Shepley. 

1879. Barns, .John Gav, Wheaile;/. 

19'J5. Baron, .\lfred E Iwd., Du'nedin, Z.X. 
1888. Haron, Horatio Xelson, ()r,or(l. 
1887. Barr, Horace Carlos, Itotherhani. 

1894. Barr, Valentine Herbt.. Sew Zealand. 
18;)9. Barraclougb, (ieorge, [in i ten. 
181)5. Barraclougii, U,,bt. W. S,, Ptrk-pl. 

1905. |{irradell-Smirh,Sydney,.V/'r/x.-/K>y. 
1800. Barratt, .Alfred. Birniini/hani. 

1880. Birratt, IIerl)ert .Jam.-si R.A..M.C. 
1887. Barret, F^dward Erii.'st, I'aris. 
1859. Bari-ett, Alfred Edwd., Holand-pk. 
1891. Barrett, .\lfd. Keppel, Kenslny'tm. 

1 8i 59. liarrett, .Vshley \\\\\ . , Ca rendish-plaee. 
189;). Barrett, Edmiind Howard, Irer. 
188). Barrett, Ernest, Market. Deeping. 
1897. Barrett, Fredk. Walt., Cavendi.-'h-pl. 
191 ;4. Barrett, Henry i-ldwd., Holland-pk. 
18(55. Barrett, Howard, Qu'ensbord'-fer. 

1895. Barrett, .las. ^\^ C, Rhomlda-ralley. 
1802. Barrett, .John James, Balhain. 

782 L 



185(3. Barrett, Osnian. 

1885. Iknett, Kobeit Iltisbv, Wisbech. 

188G. Barrett, Sidney E., Stoke Xeirinf/fon. 

1893. l^arrett, .Walt."llus.sel], Hor/ei/si., W. 

1885. Barrett, Win. Peard, Fulke»}„,te. 

1807. Barrick, Eli James, Toronto. 

1857. Barrii]gton,XicliolasWm., St.Geo.-rd. 

J 905. Barriouuevo, Jo.'^e Maria, Costa Itiva. 

1884. Barrit'i, Gilbert Lacy, Spaldiiu/. 

185»o. Barritt, John Thomas, Aeivton-heath. 

1807. Barroll, George William. 

18B8. Barron, Henry Thompson, Bulham. 

1879. Barron, Herbert Gt orge, SoiUhport. 
1900. Barron, iiiohard Bunlop, Xeiu Zeal. 
1900. Barron, Eobt. Macpher»on, I. M.S. 
1695. Barron, Thus. Ashby, Spondon. 
1875. Barron, Thomas Walter, Durham. 

1890. Barron, Willie Netterville, Ascot. 
1875. Barrow,ArthurHaynes,<S'wi/f/'ftwy;fo«. 
1871. Barrow, Frank Edward, Army. 
1873. Barrow, Frederick, liothhury. 
1894. Barrow, Geo. Augustus, Manchester. 
1898. Barrow, Harold P. \<&\\^\-,Ii.A.M. C. 
1S71. Barrow, Henry Ju. Waller, It A.M. C. 
1877. Barrow, Lancelot Andrews, Charlton. 

1880. Barrow, Boger William, Lirerjmol. 
1803. Barrow, Thos. S unuel, IVei/mouth. 
1893. Barrow, Wm. Dodgsou, Lancaster. 
1870. Barrs, Alfred George, Leeds. 

1891. Barry, Cecil Chas. Stuart, L.\f.S. 
1805. Barry, Edward Joseph, Put)ie>/. 

1807. Barry, James \Mlliam, Putnei/. 
1850. liarry, John Chamberlayne. 

1903. liarrv, Thos. St. John, Lirerpool. 
1883. Barry, Tlios. David CV.llis, I. M.S. 
1855. Barry, AVni., I. Benyal Civil Service. 

1908. liartholomew, Ernest U., Green-st. 
1852. Bartlet, .Tolm Ilenrv, Ipsicich. 

1900. Bartlett, Basil Sorley, R.A.M.C. 
1883. ]5artlett. Benjamin Pope, Bourton. 

1909. Bartlett, Bertram F., Onshir-gdns. 

1904. Bartielt, Chas. Eastty, Brighton. 
1^72. Bartlett, Edward, Connauyht-squarc. 
1903. Bartlett, I'Xlward Le'slie, Lincoln. 

1901. l^iU'tlett, I'^rnest Jn. Keeve, Ipswich. 
1877. Bartlett, Felix I'aul. Otteri/St.Man/. 
1S91. Bartlett, Frank WhiuHeld, Bomsey. 
1 )06. Bartlett, George Bertram, ]]'imborne. 
1900. Bartlett, George Norton, Guy's. 
1880. Bartlett, Iledley C.,6>/^yo« Walden. 
1875. Bartlett, Henry, Xonrood-rd., S.E. 

1808. liiirtlett, James Prime, Onslow-ydns. 
1900. Bartlett, Lionel Jasper, Crivhlewood. 
1S91. Bartlett, Ralph Clarke, Bomsey. 
1873. Bartlett, William, Opotiki, A.Z 
1802. Bartley, Acheson Geo., A.M.Jl 
1900. Jkrton. liertram Ileurv, If'allinqton. 


1897. Birton, Clias. >satli., .S'. Kensi/if/fon. 
1887. liarton, J'](lwiu Alfred, Kennnyttm. 
18(;9. Barton, Edwin Wni., Marhet-Basen. 
1897. Barton, Eustace Bobt., Bortnyal. 

1903. liarton, I'raueis, Liscard. 

1887. Barton, Franci.s Alex., Beckenham. 
ISSd. Barton, Fredc. Wm., Sto<kwrll. 

1888. Barton, Geo. A.Heaton, If>.s///;-ne-/>7w 
1878. Barton, Geo. Henry. Mtirket-Iia^m. 
1902. Barfon, Guy Douglas, Wcyhridye. 
1872. Barton, Jauies Elward, Bruokirood. 
1875. Barton, James Kingston. C'w/?/-^W</-/7?. 

1897. Barton, John, B/ackbarn. 

1890. Barton, Percy Fredc, Wimbledon. 

1880. l^arton, Wni. Edwin. Slreatham. 
1900. Barwell, Francis Reinajrle, Dartford. 
1907. Barwick,ll.LaYinirton.7,«?«5<-M-^'.-;v/. 
1885. Barwise, Sidney, Dujfield. 

1898. Basconibe,EdwinC.l).,6V//r/v>« ll'aldrn 
1895. ]3asden, Harold Stevens, (';'o?rAfro//y^. 

1893. Bashall, Chas. lulward, W. By/feet. 

1904. Bashturd, Henry Howurd, Loud. Hasp. 

1891. Baskett, ]3ertr.*(4eo. Mortimer, Zrtv/.f. 
1875. Bass, Charles Wm., Tf. Ken.finyton. 

1899. Bassano, ILirold Fredc, Ventnor. 
1885. Basset, Walter, Neivport, Mon. 
1849. Bassett, Wm. Fredk., N.S. W. 

1881. Bassett, Wm. Fdk. Pricliard, A'.S. W. 1 
1883. Bassett-Smith, Percv Wm., i?.A. f 
1800. Ba.stian, Henry C, Manchesfer-sfj. 

1900. Ikstian, William, Bo)/a'i Navy. 
1889. Basu, Baman Das, I.M.S. 
1887. ]3atchelor. Cliarles, Staines. 

1894. Batchelor, Ernest Hall, Bridlinyton. 
1871. Batchelor, Ferdinand Campion, N.Z. 
1877. Batchelor, Geo. Artli., Cape Town. 
187(). Batchelor, Henry Thos., Cape Col. 
1874. Bate, George, Plymouth. 
18()5. Bate. (Teo. Paddock, Hackney. 
1894. Bate, John, Vicforia-pk.-sq.,'^.E. 
1889. liate, Piichard Francis, Boy(tl JS'avy. 
1808. Batelv, John, Gorleston. 
1900. Bat eiiian , 1 1 erbt. Raymond. B.A.M. i '. 

1882. ]5ateman, Hiiiton lamest, York. 
1880. Bateman,Rol)t.Watering,-E'rf,s-i'/y(iwr?i<'. 
1898. Bates, Geo. Llewellyn, llarhy-st. 
1880. liates, George Tweedie, Builth. 
1880. Bates, Henry Leslie, St. Albans. 
1891. liates, Jas. Curling, West JVorwood. 
1904. Bates, Joali Edwd. Lionel, JVorwood. 
1894. Jiates, John Edwin, IVimbledon. 
1909. Bales. Mark, Worcester. 
1889. Bates, Stephen Henry, Highqate. 
1898. liates, Thomas A\' right. Booth. 
1808. Bates, Tom, Worcester. 
1884. ]?;iteson, Jchn Francis, Artny. 
1877. loathe, Anthonv .)olin. Southampton. 




1874. Bathe, Ily. Hearsey, Asansol, Bengal. 
lyU4. Jijitburst, Laeey, ISi/.-ieiiham. 
lS8o. Ikthurst, Lnucelot, ivYfeswje/'e. 
189:5. Batluiist, LuUura Wood, Colville-ter. 
1890. B.itley, Albert Brook, Vliristchurch. 

1881. Batso'u, K.)bt. Sewell, DorJdng. 
18r8. Batsou, Wui. Lascelles, Dorkiiir/. 
1867. Batt, Charles Dori-iug-tnu, Witney. 
1877. Battams, James Scott, Clapham. 
I'.t04. Batten, llevbt. E., Wiijan Infirmary. 

1882. Batten, Kayner Derry, Harley-st. 
]8()1. Batten, William Smith, C<dne. 
187o. Batterbiiry, Geo. Heury, Wiinhnrne. 
1871). Batter bury, Riel)d.Leirg,Z^<v/.7(«;«.>Y«/. 
18t!o. Battersby, Charles Ilsmy, Cunncs. 

1898. B.itteson', Carol Lutber, Uoldhawk-rd. 
18Go. Batteson, John, Goldhawk-rd. 
1900. Batti-combe, Imic (jeo., Bridyicater. 
190:3. liattle, Charles John, ^atah 

1894. Battle, Ed%vd.\Vharmby,i>»wi/«w/«*/H. 

1870. Batty, Wm. Eaton Latham, Zrtw//<o«. 

18H4. Battye, William. 

1897. liauraann, Emil Panl, Transvaal. 

18.S6. Baum^ifartuer, lly. Spelman. 

1870. J5a u m <rartner, Jo h n 11. , Xi iccastle-on- T. 

1899. Bawtree, Frank, Malihni. 
1887. Baxendell, Arthur, Aldershot. 

19i;8 Baxter, Charles Botterill, Shrewsbury. 

1900. Baxter, ( 'harles Thomas, Roy. Navy. 
18->'{. Baxter, Henry Elmhurst. 

189o. Baxter, Stephen Edw., Wellingboro\ 
1859. Baxter, William Heury. 
188:3. Baxter, Wm. Wbittmgton, Xeiv Zeal. 
1894. Bayheld, John Blyth, Fwi kenham. 
18o7. Bayley, Sont^h, Xurtltuniptun. 

1867. Baylie, Wihiam Edward, I'ox/ord. 
ISoS. Baylis, Augustus William. 

1897. Bavlis, Ilenrv, Lony Eaton. 
1897. BaVlis, Hv. Edwd. M., MaUhnhead. 
1890. Bayliss, liichard Arthur, Bath. 
1876. Bavlv, Geo. Sargent, Port B/tzaheth. 
1900. Jiayly, Ikuh W., O.if. ^- Camb. Club. 
18-58. Bayntun, Francis Th<.s., Xew Zeal. 
l-iSS. B.ivs, .las. ThdS., 6^/-a/[rt?;i.S('o<r/<, (Jape. 
1904. Bazalgette, Sidney, IJristol. 
190o. Bazett, Henry, St. Joint's Jl'ood. 

1868. Beach, Fletcher, Jf'iiii/<oie-Kf.reet,W. 
1894. Beach, Ilenrv Wm., Yarmoutli. 

1889. Beach, Thoinas Boswall, R.A.M.C. 
1894. lieachcroft, Francis Seward, Vet worth. 
1902. Beadel, Algernon Jjvs., St. Leonards. 
1 887. Bi'adle, Joseph, Middleton-in- Teesdale. 
1802. Beadles, Arthur, i-b/r.s/-/)///. 

189"). IJeadles, Arth. Ilarrv. Forest-hdl,S.E. 

1890. Beadles, Cecil Fowler. 

l8t''8. Iteadles, Ferdinand, Broadway, If'orc. 

159:3. Beadles, Harold Sbatford, Barking. 


1897. Beadles, Hugh Stanley, Forest-hill. 

1895. Beadnell, Charles Marsh, B.X. 
1872. Beadnell, Geo. David, Brit. Colombia, 
1904. Beaduill, Herbert Owen.M.,7e..i..V.C'. 
1852. Beale, Bernard Chas., Auckland, X.Z. 
1878. Beale, Edwiu Clittord, Addiaon-rd. 
1899. Beale, Hauway Ricbard, JE. Retford. 
1904. Beale, John Foster, Sidcup. 

1854. Beale, Robert Henry. 
1006. Beale,Stanley Jas.Anuear,«SAore«?j<cA. 
1885. Beale, Thos. Miles, Richmond. 
1901. Baale-Browne, Thos. R., Xorthampt. 
1882. Beales, Thos. Wm. Lewis, Yarmouth. 

1906. Beaman, Winfred Kelsey, Xormanton. 
1871. Beamish, James Maybury, R.A.M.C. 

1896. Bean, Algernon Carter, R.X. 
1884. Bean, Charles Edward, I'lymouth. 

1907. Beau, J. \\'illoughby Butler, Z)'re//<?roof/. 

1897. Bean, Louis Constantine, Battersea. 

1884. Beau, W m. Henry, IV. Kensingti^u. 
1901. Beaue, Robert Leonard, Lung Eaton. 
1893. Bearblock, Peter Esdaile, Oakamoor. 

1887. Bearblock, Walt. i-Avaas, Royal Xavy. 

1885. Beard, Frederic, Croi/don. 
1899. Beard, Joseph, Boofle. 

1877. Beard, SpeucerFraucis, iNVjt'Zcfl/fl/J^. 

1884. Bearduitire, Geo. Russell, Ujjper-st.,^, 

1908. Beards, Clifford, Wolverhampton. 
1897. Beards,Erniest Jonathan, i?/V>/*/«////flwt. 

1885. Beater, Orlando Palmer, Dublin. 
1897. Beath, David Leslie, Bath. 

1882. Beatley,Wm. Crump, Xewcustlc-on-T. 
1906. Beaton, Edwin, Sheerness. 

1881. Beattie, Henry, Banbury. 

1899. Beattie, James Martin, Edinburgh. 

1882. Beattie, Robert, Dewsbury. 
1899. Beatty, HenryAlbert, Toronto. 
1889. Beauchamp, Sydney, WUliam-st.,^.V\^ . 
1904. Beaumont, Arthur Reo:., Croydon. 
188:5. Beaumont, f]dgar, Gip<y-hill, S.E. 
1850. Beaumont, Rev. .Tos.W'ilson, Ontario. 
1901. Beaumont, Noel Chas.,iV. ^A'. Guinea. 
1875. Beaumont, Wm. Mardon, Bath. 
1897. Beavis, John Douglas Wilson, Assam. 

1888. Beaver, Robt. Aisvood, Dorset. 
189:3. Beazeley , Tom Wm . , Little Bromwich. 
1897. Bebb, Richard, Upp. Edmonton. 

1883. Beck, Geoffrey Strange, Canada. 
1906. Beck, William, Cotham. 

1881;. Bicker, Jonath. E. A. G., Colchester. 
1861. Beckett, George Macartney. 
1904. Beckett, Hugh (leo. Wm." Ely. 
1892. Beckitt, James Clay, Leigh, lanes. 

1909. Beckton, Jn. Jas. IL, Torrington-s/. 

1897. Beckton, Wm., Bradford. 
1895. Beddard, Arthur Philip. 

1898. Beddard, Wm. Oliver, Twickenham. 

JiilO l2 



1852. Beddome, Henry Septimus. 
1907. Beddow, Harold Josiali, Noncood. 
1885. Beddow, Josiah, Stainford-Jiill, N. 
1893. Beddv, Tlios. Alfred, Jaqersfo)itein. 
1874. Bedford, Cbas. Fredk., New .Slea/ord. 
1888. Bedford, Olias. Ilenrv, I..\f.S. 

1900. Bedford, Douglas .Jalnes, Berhi/. 

1878. Bedford, Kobeit, Auckland, X.Z. 

1879. Bedford, Itobt. Thoma?, Lewes. 

1880. Bedford, ^Valt. Geo. Aug., (J.M.G. 
1863. Beebv, Walter Thonia?, Italu, 

1871. Beech, Lionel, I.M.S., Manitoba. 
1906. Bdeley, Arthur, Keir/hlei/. 

1890. Beesley, Albert .James, Baschurch. 
1896. Beesley, Robt. William, L'olto7i. 

1901. Beet, William Ashley, Brisbane. 

1900. Beetbani, Herbert Arthur, Leed'i. 

1882. Beevor, Sir Hush K., Bt., Win.jiole-st. 
1880. Beevor, Walt. C.X'.M.^., It.A.M.C. 

1891. Begbie, Frank Warburton. B.A.M.C. 

1896. Behramjee, Dinshah B., Sindair-rd. 
1858. Beilbv, Thomafi Greeu. 

1897. Beit, Francis Victor Owen, I.M.S. 
1895. Bekenn,Geo. Ily. Ernest, fii/v/nW/AV??. 

1901. Bekeun, Justin Jas., St. Geortje, Salop. 
1895. Belcher, Geo. Clement, Birmingham. 
1855. Belcher, Henry, Briyhton. 

1888. Belcher, Henry Edward, 3'fj/^('»?^^frTO. 
1895. Belcher, .Tames Arthur, Herne-hill. 

1883. Beldiug, Daw Turner, E Dereham. 
1861. Belemore, Alfd. .John, /. A.M.D. 

1899. Beley, George, Wandsicorth Infir. 

1874. Beltield, Chas. Wooliseruft, Bridal. 

1898. Belfrage, Sydney H., Gloucester-pl. 
1858. Belgrave, Thos. Bowermau, W.Austr. 
1893. I'elilios, l)avid Aaron, Wimhledon. 
1865. Bell, Anthony, Neiccastle-on-Tyne. 

1891. Bell, Arth. Sydney Gordon, B.X. 

1902. J3ell, Charles Cameron. New Zealand. 

1875. Bell, Chas. Edward Wallace, Exeter. 
1834. Bell, Chas. Wm. Josceline, Louth. 
1902. Bell, VA^vA.Nnovistm^.. New Brighton. 
1888, Bell, I'Mward Stock, Rofherhithe. 

1888. Bell, Frederick, Predun. 

1889. Bell, George Alex. Stuart, R.N. 

1884. Bell, George Ciaigie, Frintnn-on-Sea. 
1889. Bell, Geo. Lawaluk, Camden, N.S. W. 

1872. Bell, George Pearson, Canada. 

1892. Bell, James Adamson. Gloucester. 
1884. Bell, John, JLo/n/ Kant/. 

]868. Bell, John Albert, Bv'cheder. 
1904. BpII, John Arthur, Brhjhton. 

1900. Bell. John Cunningham, Yeoinl. 
I8t)6. Ik'll, Joim Hougham, Ventnor. 
1904. Bell, Kenelm lYighy, Boi/ a I Navp. 
1898. Bell, Kenneth de Risley, VppinyJiam. 
1860. Bell, Thomas, JTppinqham. 


1895. BtiU, Thos. l)ob.son, Leed.i. 
1897. Bell, Thos. Herbt., N. JV.T., Canada. 
1899. Bell, Victor Saml. Alex., Bedford. 
1865. Bell, William, AVjc BriqhUm' 
1891-.. liell, William Blair, Liverpool. 
1868. liell, Wm. John Noel, Clapham-rd. 
1890. Bell, William Ker, Shaldon, Devon. 

1858. Bell, Wm. Kiddall, Blackheath. 
1877. Bellaby, Frederick, Nottingham. 
1874. Bellamy, Charles Penrose. 

1859. Bellamy, George. 

1903. Bellamy, Gerald Eatle, Biehmond. 

1902. Bellamy. WY.YrnucU. Ai/hof.i Langhi/. 

1899. Bellamy, John Henry, Shejield. 
1854. Bellew, Patrick Francis, Ind. Arm;/. 
1872. Belliughara, Josepli, Dudleg. 

1887. Belson, Geo. de Veulle, Martoch. 
1856. Benbow,Edward,l/rt//C<-/jA;., U.rbridge. 

1885. Bencraft, Hy. Wm. P., Southampton. 
1898 Bendle, James Iliixtable, Ruijeieij. 

1904. Henett, Arthur Morri.s, Southsea. 
1897. Benham, Chas. Henry, Hove. 
1877. Benham, Fredk. Luca.s, *S'. Ausfr. 
1872. Benham, Henry Janies, Paris. 

1907. Benians, Thos. Hbt. Cecil, Goudhurst. 
1879. Benington,lIbt.Crewds'n.Pe;M, W.A. 
1 909. Benj afield ,.Tos. D udley, Lr. Edmonton. 

1882. Benjatield, Wm. Barnett, Edmonfon. 

1877. Bennett, Arthur, Hamilton, Victoria. 
1895. Bennett, Arthur Geo., Cork. 

1906. Hennt^tt, Cecil, Ijiswich. 

1860. Bennett, Chas. Henry, Hammersmith. 
1864. Bennett, Charles John, Buxton. 
1889. Bennett, Chris. Hy. W., Sandhach. 
1868. Bennett, Chas. John, Aherysticijth. 
1906. Bennett, Claude J. E., JJ'estm.-ho^p. 

1889. Bennett, Colin E. Wilniot. Forest-hill. 

1890. Bennett,Fraucis Dillon, IVeymouth-st. 
1906. Bennett, Fiank Cyril Harvie. Tootiwi. 
1879. Bennett, Fredk. Joseph, r;",/;y<>-.sf.,W. 

1886. Bennett, Fredk. Thomas, Canad't. 

1883. Beiniett, Fredk. William, Leicester. 

1887. Bennett, George Herbert, Ealing. 
190(3. Bennett, Harold Gaiti^ld, Croi/'don. 
1897. Bennett, Harry Chas. Plant, New Z. 

1878. Bennett, Henrv Jas. Lee, IV. Indie.'<. 
1874. Bennett, Henry Selfe, Up. Berkehi/-st. 

1903. Bennett. Henrv Stagjr, Durban. 
18(>0. Bennett, Hugh, Bailth. 

1397. Bennett, .lames. M'arrington. 
1894. IVmnett. James Henry, Stajdeh/nsf. 

1908. Bennett, Jas. Woddeispoou. Ilkle;/. 

1900. Bennett, Kenneth Hugh, Penzance. 
1839. Bennett, Lawr. Henry, Paington. 
1897. Bennett, Norman Godfrey, Bro(d,—!t. 

I 1896. Bennett, Robert Allan, Saltbuni. 
I 1396. Bennett, Wm. Biase, Lircrpiwl. 



1873. Cenuett, Wm. Edward, Hi'i/al Xavy. 
1899. Bennett,"\Vm. Vn\,Bin-i/-:Si-J:^diinmds. 
189(3. Beuuett, Wm. George, Worcester. 
1906. Benueit-l^owell, Norman, Har/esden. 
1849. Beauetts, Charles James, Ftdmoidh. 
l89(i. Beunetts, Frederick, Wnllim/borvuyh. 

1902. Benniou, John Menlove, Petersjield. 

1 8oG. Beusle YjClias.E'rbert Wi mond, 1. M. S. 
1893. liensley, Clement Henrj-, I. M.S. 
1893. Bensley, Edwin ^d\\^., Xorth<tinpton. 
1893. Bensley, Geo. Egbert, Acton-hll. 
1898. Bensley, Vernon Cyril, Cape Colony. 
1!K)4. Benson, Alex. Vigors, .S'. Australia. 
1S80. Benson, Alfred, Slaida-vale, W. 
1887. Benson, Alfred Hugh, 6'. Kensintjton. 
1908. BeusDU, Charles ThorntouVere.ZrtCfs. 
1890. Benson, Christopher, Bradford. 
1884. Bensoa, Chris. Kichmond, Leio Dttcn. 
189.3. Benson, George Vere, Leices. 
1880. liensoii, Matthew, H'ir/an. 
1873. Benson, Peicy Unsh,'l.M.S. 
lS'y2. Benson, Bichard Brownlow. 
1870. Benson, Thomas, Stanley. 
1890. Bensted, Lewin, Mtmccll-hill. 

1892. BensiLsan, Arth. Daniel, Transvaal. 
18>5. Bent, George, B.A.M.C. 

1903. Bent, Percy Claude Vincent, Balham. 

1901. Bent, Sidney Chas. Ily., Bnlhain. 
Ifi99. BentjVincent Thos. Claie, Streaiham. 

1870. Benthall, Albert, Haverstuck-hill. 
1879. Benthall, Winlred, Berhy. 

l'<89. Bentham, Andrew Occleshaw, Wiyan. 
1800. Byntham, Aug, Lanson, Sovthsea. 

1879. Bentham, Edward Cooper, Prmces-st. 

1871. Bentlev,Arthur Jas.M-Donald, Cairo. 

1902. BentleV. Harold, Mitcham. 

J 883. Bentlif, Philip Barnett, Jersey. 
1905. Beutou,SamuelLandor.J/(7/'o/(/ on-S. 
1902. Benton, William, Ui>tvn-park. 
1877. Berdoe, Edward, Vidoria-pk-yate. 
L880. Beresford, Chas. Wm., NarbontiK/h. 
Is93. Beresford,EdwvuII.,.V..i.A'.,7'o'jV///i/ 
lf^94. Beresford, Balph, Sudbury. 
1873. Beresford, Wm. Hugh, Eyham. 
190>">. Bergin, Eiank (iower, Bristol. 

1880. Bergin, George Frederick, Clifton. 

1897. Bergin, Wm- Marmaduke, Walhrook. 

1898. Beringer, FritzJn. A., Wolverhampton. 
1891. Berkeley, Geo. II. A. C, Wimpole-st. 
190o. Berkeley-Hill, Osven, .\.R.,Gloster-t. 
lS83. Berkley, E. J. Gibson, Cainbencell-rd, 

1893. Berlyu, John Aaron, Birminyham. 
18'.>2. Bernard, Claude, Fishponds. Bristol. 
1800. Bernartl, David Edward, Bri.-itnl. 
1893. Bernard, Itobt. Spence, Royal Navy. 
I802. Bnuard, Walter, Londonderry. 
1890. Bernau, Henrv Ft;rd., Napier, N.Z. 



























































Bernays, Adolplms \&i\g\ii\.n,SolihiUl. 

Bernays, Aug. Chas., 5". Louis, U.S. 

Bernays, Chas. M., Old Charlton. 

Berncastle, H. Melbourne, Forest-hill. 

Bernhardt, Dudley Richd., Bell-st. 

Bernstein, Julius M., Lines. Inn Fids. 

Bernstein, MatthiasMax,.S'^«7«/"<7. -^,7/. 

Berridge, William Alfred, Redhill. 

Berridge, Wm. Kht.^lov^oityEnderby. 

Berrill, Alfred, Woodford. 

Berry, Albt. Edward, Walkden. 

Berry, Arthur \N'ill:am, Duhcich. 

Berry, Charles Harold, Crediton. 

Beny, Fredk. Ilaycraft, Watford. 

Berry, Harry Poole, Grantham. 

Berry, Herbert George, lieepluim. 

Berry, Horace Simeon, Ealiny. 

Berry ^ John Bjurne, Bamsgate. 

Berry, Matthew West. 

Berry, Robert Sewers, Queenslojid. 

Berry, Thos. Percival, Balhant. 

Beny, Walter, Lowestoft. 

Berry, William, Wiyan. 

Berryman, Henry Arthur, R.A.M.C. 

Berry mnn, Richd. C. P., Camberley. 

Bertin, Henri Victor. 

Bertram, Benjaniiu. Pretoria., Francis Bernard. 

Best', Fdk. Hy. de G., Waltham Cross. 

Best, Xorrys Dewes, Birminyham. 
Best, Palemon, Louth. 
Best, Palemon, St. Ives. 
Best, William James, Dorer. 
Best, William Jenner, Louth. 
Beswick, R'ibt., Bislaqysyate. 
Betenson, Wm. Beteuson, Ntwhacen. 
Betenson, Woodley Daniel, Keio. 
Bethel, Frederick. 
Bethell, Alfred, Lambourn. 
Bethell, Hugh Wood, Southampton. 
Bett, DouglasHorneBlackader,i\>«-2r. 
Bett, Francis Arnot Blackader,iVt'2rZ. 
Bett, William, Royal Navy. 
Betteridge, Thomas, Sutton ColdfJeld. 
Betts, Alfred John Vernon, I. M.S. 
Betts. Edward George, Cavendish-sq, 
lietts, Edwd. Hetley, WHberforce-rd. 
Betts, Leunard Bowring, Clapham. 
Betts, Xath. Philip, Clifton. 
Bevan, Arthur, Lancaster-yate. 
Bevan, Henry Crook, Ulaina, Mon. 
Bevan, Richard, W. Kensington. 
lievan, Tom \N ebb. Xantyyli'Vion. 
Bevau-Lowis, William, Wakefield. 
Beven, Octaviu.-, Lee. 
Beverley, Kenneth Harold, Bristol. 
Beverley, Michael, Xoricich. 



1873. Bevers, Edmuiul Augustine, Oxford. 

1901. Bevers, ]']dimiiKl Cecil, Oxford. 
1890. Beville, Fdk. Wells, East Mohsci/. 
1899. Beville. Herbert George, Bn'f/hfon. 

1902. Bevir, George, Brockenhurst. 
1909. Bevis, Alfred William, PortsvwufL 

1906. Bevis, Harold, Portsmouth. 

1883. Bewes, Edwd. Aiistis, OtahuJm, N.Z. 

1880. Bewley, Ilenrv Tlieodore, Duhlin. 

1881. Jiever, Henrv Gu>tav, ZT.S. Nanj. 

1889. Bevts, ^^■illiam George. li.A.M.'c. 
1909. Bhariicha, Pliirozshah B., Bomhai/. 
1909. Bliaruclia, Eustom H., R.A.M.C. 

1877. Biale, John Seton. 

1878. Ijibbv, John, Bamherbridge. 
1899. Bice,' Frank Veale, St. Colmnb. 

1890. Bickerstaff, G. Roger, Bournemotdh. 

1879. Bickertou, Thos. Herbert, Liverpool. 

1903. Bickford, Bertram Kaleieh, R.N. 

1896. Bickford, Nicholas S., Wimhlenon. 
1881. Bickle, Leonard Watkius, Adelaide. 
1855. Bicknell, Herman. 

1870. Biddle, Cornelius, Merthijr Tydfil. 
1862. Biddle, Daniel, KincjsUm-on- Thames. 

1892. Biddle, Henrv George, Broadstairs. 
1853. ]3iddle, John "Matthew. 

1844. Biddle, Waring Alex., Scaton. 

1908. Biddulph, Robt. Nich. Wm., Woking. 

1884. Biden, Charles AValter, FramUjujham. 
1881. Biden, Edward Jumes, lioi/al Navi/. 
1878. Biden, William Price, France. 

1897. Bidwell, Chas. Hugh, Bloemfontein. 
1886. Bidwell, Lawrence, Royal Navt/. 
1902. Bigg, Edward, Craideigh. 

1877. Bigg, Geo. Kilwortli 8., Victor ia-st. 
1886. Biggam, William, Sunderland. 

1909. Biggar, Benjamin, Kew. 

1875. Bigger, Samuel Ferguson, I.M.S. 

1885. Biirger, AVm. Grimshaw, Streatham. 
1908. Biggs, Artiuir Cecil B., Child' s-hill. 

1872. Biggs, Henry Grave, //f'iV/e//;^/-^, Cape. 

1893. Biggs, John James Egerton, Cardiff. 

1878. Biggs, John Maundy, Hendon. 

1871. Biggs, Moses Geoige, Wandsicorth. 
1869. Bilham. James, Chippenham-road . 

1880. Billiald. Richd. Atherstone, W.Kirhij. 

1904. Billingburst, Walter B., Blackheath. 
1908. Billings, Bernard R., Stoke Netvington. 
1892. Billson, Chas., llormcg. 

1898. Billups, Christopher Robt., Chatteris^. 

1907. Bdlups, Howard 15., Saiiiioicn, I.ofW. 

1886. Billups, Percv Chris. Chas., Bang Is. 
1897. Binckes, Fredk. Wm., i'. Duhvich. 

1873. Bindley, Philip Henrv, 6'«^/ow. 
18S7. Bindley, Robert Alfred, Harlcsdcn. 
1883. Bindley ,Y. Norm., Wormtrood-scruhbs. 
1890. Bindloss, Arthur Henrv, Harrow. 


]8So. Bindlos.?, Edmund Fredk., Melhovm. 
1856. Bingav, Geo. Thomas, Nova Scotia. 
191J0 liingham, Frank Miller, Alfretm. 
18()(5. Bingham, John Joseph, Alfreton. 

1907. Biugiiam, Raymond G., GlouccsPr-at . 
1874. l^iugham, Samuel, Ooiver-st., W.C. 

1898. Bingham, Sydney Oliphant, Alfreton. 
1893. Biugley, Ernest Horsford, Bevgal. 

1908. Jiiimey, Chas. 'isii\v\on,Grag's Inn-rd. 

1906. Binns, John Bravbrooke, JJnfficld. 

1907. Bintcliffe, John William, Halifa.r. 

1901. Birch, Anthonv, Eiqin-crescent. 

1902. Birch, Charles', Lichfield. 
1861. Birch, George. 

1905. Birch, George, Clapton. 

1866. Birch, George, Clapton. 

1882. Birch, Henry Priestley, R.A..M.C. 

1907. Jiirch, John, Bare. 

1S74. Birch, Philip, IF. Kensington. 

1878. Birch, Richard Chas., Nottinqham. 

1899. Bird, Arthur Cyril. Sidnwut'h. 
1881. Bird, Ashley, Penarth. 

18'^3. Bird, Frederic Dougan, Victoria. 
1872. Bird, Geo. G Wynne, Warwick-rd., W. 
1893. Bird, Geo. Wm. lliiryey, Bridgivater. 
1905. Bii'd, (herald Francis, (r^. Bookham. 
1*<84. Bird, Henry, Kin(/sland-road, N.E. 
1896. Bird, John'Wilfred, iioyf// 3'flry. 
1887. Bird, Matthew Mitchell, 67. M,i'n/s-h. 
1869. Bird, Thomas, Brook^street, W. 
1892. Bird, Wm. Edmund Frankish, York. 
1859. Bird, Wui. Valentine, Keic. 

1892. Birdwood, Gordon Travers, I.M.S. 

1877. Birdwood, Roger Alan, Hither Green. 
1889. Birkenhead, Harold, Whallcg. 
1881. Birkett, Ernest. 

1904. Birkett, Hy. Jas. Dilkes, Ilanipstead. 
1895. Birley, Huo-h Kennedy, Manchester. 

1903. Birt,'Amel'ius Cyril, Blackheath. 
1881. Birt, Cecil, i2.^.3/.C. 

1872. Birt, Ernest, Wakefield. 

1868. Birt, George, Teignnwuth. 

1881). Birt, Josenh, Bel</rave-road, S.W. 

1893. Birt, Shirley Hall, Royal Nary. 

1878. Bisdee, Alfred James, Hoddexdon. 

1899. Bishop, Clias. Dudley, Clupham. 
1887. Bishop, Chas. Rosser, Shepton Mallet. 

1900. Bishop, Darell Winn, Transvaal. 
1903. Bisliop, Fredk. Michael, Kenxn/gton. 

1892. Bishop, Geo. Thompson. Royal Navg. 
1891. Bishop, Henry Draper, Guernseg. 

1893. Bishop, John Ramsay, Stalgbridge. 
1889. Bishop, Reg. AN'm. SnoAvden. Ripon. 
1872. Bishop, Sydney Olive, Assam. India. 
1902. Bishop, Thos. lleuv\-,Neu-castle-on-T. 
1880. Biss, Cecil Yates, JSetsize-sq. 

189d. Bis.*:, llnht. VAw vn J ones, Eastbourne. 



183o. Bisshopp,FrancisR.B., Tunh'th/e irdfs. 

1905. Bisson, Albeit Ogier, Tottenham. 

1896. Blaber, Percy Leonard, lirondesbury. 
1888. Blachfdnl, Jas. Vincent, Norwood. 

1895. Bhichford, Jem, WaicJiester. 

1 f-9 1 . Black, .\rt li . Campbell, Paddock Wood. 

1897. Black, Charles, Shejficld. 
1888. Black, (/ieorire, Hailsham. 
1900. Black, Guy, Upper y or wood. 
1858. Black, Jaiiier* Birch, Queemtoicn. 
1868. Black, John Gordon. Harrof/ate. 

1896. Black, Lewis Potter, Braintree. 

1906. Black, I'atrick, Queftishoro'-terrace. 

1873. Black, Robert Francis, Trinidad. 
1845. Blaclc, \\ m. Thomas, Edinburyh. 

1876. Bla-jkf.der, Alex. Doutrall, Mordreal 

1903. Blackall, Wm. Edwd.'; W. Australia. 

1904. Blackburn, Albert Edward, Leeds. 
1872. Blackburn, Chas. W. A., Mauritius. 
1895. Blackburn, Ernest W., Barnsley. 

1872. Blackburn. llbt. Belasyse,A>«?i/«//^o«. 

1898. Blackburn. Vernon Kent, Barnsley. 

1878. Blacker, Ernest, Bed/and. 

1895. Blackett, Edwd. Jos., Bn/amton-st. 

1886. Blackler, Henry John, Red hill. 
1867. Blackley, Jn. Galley, Devonxhire-pl. 

1877. Blackman, Jo.^^iah Geo., Port^nwidh. 
BK)1. Blacknian,Sidne vSpencer F., (Vcj/f^H. 
1909. Blackmore, Fredk. John C, Trecton. 
1857. Blackmore, Humphrey P., Salisbury. 

1902. Blacksione Chas. Edgar, Binywood. 
1906. Blackstone, Leonard C, C/'«?V. Coll. 

1 899. Blackstoue, Willoughbv A ., Bt,nfs.-pk. 

1884. Blackwood, Fdk. M:irt'iudale,\Y.5. W. 

1897. Blackwood, John, Southsea. 
1856. Blades, Chas. Corbett, Clapham. 

1896. Blagden, John Jas., Chester. 
1882. Bhiofg, Arthur Frederick, Clifton. 

1887. Blaikie, Arth. Babingtoii, Oswestry. 

1879. Blair, Archibald. ir^r/»/WA. 
1864. Blair, Charles Edward. 

1900. Blake, Anthony Fewster, Grays. 

1874. Blake, Geo. Farncombe, Birminyham. 

1875. Blake, Ileurv, Great Yartnout]i. 

1903. Blake, Matthew Robt., Winnijiey. 
1899. Blake, Morgan Dix, Iiistow. 

1899. Blake, Percy ll\a\lLeyfonsto)ie. 

1873. Blake, Samuel Hahnemann, Bolt< n. 
1860. Blake, Thos. "William. Bvumenujuth. 
1908. libike, Tobias Rustat H., Cromtcell-rd. 
1895. lilake, ^'icto^ .John, Veiii)wr. 

1878. Blake, Wm. Farewell, Bnmsuick-yns. 
1887. Blake, Wm. Henry, West Wickham. 

1876. Blake, William Henry, Jlarpenden. 
1891. Blakeman, Charles John, Bootle. 

1885. Blakemore, Beniamin, Tytdesley. 

1 900. Blakejuore, 1 1 erbert, Atherton. ' 


1885. Blakeuey, Hugh T. Weare, Dorkiny. 

1886. Blakeney, John Henry, Cheltenham. 

1908. Blakeway, Harry, Stourbridye. 
I 1859. Blaker, Edgar Shaw, Torquay. 

I 1858. Blaker, Nathaniel l*aine, B) iyhtim. 

1898. Blaker, Percy ii{?a\\ey,Ealiny. 
! 1876. Blaker, Thos. F. Isaacson, Briqhton. 

1871. Blaker, Walt. Campbell, B. Soc. Club. 
: 1903. Blakie, James Landells, Melbourne. 
I 1875. Blakiston, Arth. Ale.x., Glastonbury. 
j 1898. Blakiston, Fred. Cairns, Glastonbury. 
I 1877. Blarney, James, Penripi. 

1886. Blarney, John Ilenwood, Penryn. 
! 1904. Blanc, Antonio, Sloane-st. 

1859. Blanc, Sir Henri J.. K.C.V.O., I.M.S. 

1855. Bliind, Edward, Sandiacre. 

1867. Bland, Hem-y, Yealand Conyers. 

1858. Blandford, Geo. Fielding, Jr7w?/)o/(>-5^. 
1906. Blandford, Harrv Oliver, Hiyhyate. 

1893. Blandford, Jos. Jn. G., Whiitinyhnm. 

1868. Blandford, Jos. Whit Held, Stockton. 

1900. Blandy, Francis Dawson, Manchester. 
1902. Blandy, Wili'ridBuothby,A'oi;^<"«///<tf??i. 

1855. Blasson, Thomas, Folkinqhain. 
1902. Blatchfurd, Wm. Nichols, R.N. 
1881. Blatherwick, Henrv, Dulivich. 
1902. Blathwayt, Arth. de Visme,r;»r. Coll. 
1888. Blaxall, Frank Richardson, Chelsea. 

1886. Blaxlaud, J-lrnest Gregory, Si/dney. 

1909. Blavdes, Wilfred, Temple, E.C. 

1901. Blease, Arth. Tork'uvyton, Alt rinchatn. 

1856. Blease,Thos. Torkiugton,^-l//r/;((7<rtw«. 
1870. Blenkarne. Wm. L"H., Worthiny. 

1887. Blenkinsop, Alfred Percy, B.A.M.C. 
1867. Blenkinsop, Fredk. Henry, I.M.S. 

1859. Blenkinsop, Wm. llt^nij, Powis-ydns. 
1897. Bletchly, (-ieorge Playne, Xailsworth. 
1904. Bletsoe, John Henry, Richmond. 
1864. Blewitt, Bvron, Lead enhall- street. 

1894. Blewitt, NVm. Francis, N. Walsham. 

1891. Bliok, Graham Thos. Baylis, W.Austr. 
1897. Blieden, Max, Transvaal. 

1863. Bligh, Ale.x. 'Shina.x, Liverjwol. 

1892. Bligh, William, Caterham Valley. 
1.^85. Blight, John IleuiT, Chesterjield. 

1892. liliss, Ernest Wm.^ R.A.M.C. 

1893. Blomfield, Alfred Bealv, Peckham. 
1891. Blomfield, l:dwd. Eldr*id<re, AV«-;^'rt/. 
1S86. Blomfield, Geo. Wills, Pontefrad. 
1884. Blomfield, Jas. Iklward, Sevenoaks. 
1859. Bloomeutlial, Theodore, Chtpton-pk. 
1891. liloomer, Fredk Wm., Ltmy Eaton. 

1895. Bloomfield, Hbt . W . G., Joh'anncsbvrg. 
1881. Blore, Isaac, Jsle of Man. 

1878. Blott, Herbert, Beaumont-street. 
1880. Blount, .\rthur Blount, Ilorn^ey. 
1883. Bloxam, George Edward, Bath. 



yjOX liloxsomo, llar.ild Ernest, Fairfmd. 
ISOl. lllucke. Uarrv Fdk. S., Shaft e^hunj. 
1)<)7. Blucke, UoWrt Daniel. 
18C8. Blue, Will. Arcli. Siiicliiir, S. AuMr. 
1884. Bluett, Geo. Mallack, Kcnginglon. 
1880. Bluett-Duncan, Jas. iJiincan, Putneij. 

1888. Blunt, Arthur llenrv, Leicester. 

1903. Blunt, Thonl.^s Edward, lioi/al Xanj. 
1887. Blurton, .lohr. Fredk., Xottim/hatu. 

1870. Blyth, Al-.\. Wvnter. Maryl'dio,,,: 
l.^jl I. Bh tliuian.Cleiueiit i>Axa\.,RitI,ei]uim. 

1891. Buake, Basil, 67. Yunn lut/i. 
1900. Boani, Herbert, C/u>^ter/ifld. 
18"»9. Board, Edmund Comer, Clifton. 
190-J. Board, Jolin Henry, Bristol. 
1880. Boase, Kichard Davey, Penzance. 

1889. Buase, Wni. (leorf-^e, ^rzY. Guiana. 
18J>1\ Bobardt. Alb-rt t)tto, Rin/al Xary. 

1904. Boclet, Eaustin Marcel, Eafou-S'/. 
1875. Boddv^ E\an yiirlett, Birminf/Iinm. 
18<;8. Boddy, Ilufrh Walter, M(nuh't>>t<r. 

1894. Bodeii. J<ihn Smedlev, MuMceU-hill. 
18"<8. Bf.dillv, K-^r. T. Hacker, S. WooiJford. 

1905. Bodkin, Herbt. Alfred, Chelmsford. 

1899. Bodman, Chris. Osmond, Brikol. 

1871. Bodman, Franci-^ Ilenn-, Bristol. 

1895. Bodman, .John Hervey, Bristol. 

1900. Bodman, liichd. O.smond, Bristol. 
1903. Bodvel-Koberts, Hu<,'-h F., Hatlon. 
18<>5. Body, Hecry Martin, Crcditon. 

1901. Jiodv, Thouiixs Howard, Lei</h-on-S. 

1902. Body, Thomas Munn, Wittersham. 

1901. Reddicker, Hans F.W., Birmingham. 
188lj. Bojrer, William Henry, Foicey. 

1879. Boissier, Arthur Henry, Banbury. 
1900. Buissiere, Felix Anthony, Tufnell-ph. 
189»j. Bokenham, Thos. B., l\'okinyham. 
1889. liokenham, Thos. J., Deionshire-st. 
18(50. Boldero, Frederick, Penkridye. 
189d. Bolion, Charles, Deconshire-d. 

1902. Itolton, Frank Elliott, i^oya/ A7//y. 
1884. Bolt^in, Geo. Aug'., Piccadilly. 
1809. Bolton, Jn. Geo. Elliot, Mauritius. 
1S04. Bolton, Jn. Hry. Doug., Univ. Coll. 
18s2. Bolton, Jos. Shepherd, Xottinyham. 
1859. Bolton, Wra. Thos., Xeiccasth-on-T. 

1892. Bolus, Harrv Bouleott, ^VrAv«//a«». 

1903. Bolus, i\Tc'\ lleg .. W. Falkland Is. 
1873. Bomford, (ierald, CLE., I.M.S. 
19<J9. Bomro.d,TrevorLawreuce,.SV..^/6n«*, 
1905. Bond, .Vrtliur Herbert, Ealiny. 

1880. Bond,B.irnahas MayiUmJIa'merstnt'h 

1893. Bond, Bertram Wm., Godahniuy. 
19 Jl. Boud, Cecil William, Ealiny. 
1884. Bond, Chas. Kno.x, Gt I'ulfeney-st. 
1801. Bond, Chas. Ralclifte, Kinyston. 

1894. Bond, Charles Shaw, X. Stal>-ern. 


1891. Bond, Fr .ncis .'^pe;lcer, Tictoria. 
185(>. Bond, Fiancis Thomas, Gloucester. 
189,». Boud, Frank Fouracre, Troirbridye. 
1898. Bond, Jivs. Hy. Pubiu^on, R.A..M.C. 

1878. Jiond, Ja*. William, Harley-st., W. 
1881. Bond, Kichard I'rait, Ji.L.M.C. 
Is92. Bond, William Ernest, Stockport. 
ll^>9. Boiiey, Thos. Knowles, IfooMil/'-pk. 
1S8<). Biinnetin, Feniand Hry., Leytonstone. 
1898., S:iint IJene. France. 

1900. BonU'-y, Er.iesi Henry, Church-st.,^\. 
18tMj. Jionney, Wm. Augustus, Chelsea. 

1801. Bonnor, Wm. J.imes, Ilfracombe. 

1888. Ji^iutor, Sidney .\., Ber'khanipsted. 

1881. Boobbyer, Philip, Xottinyham. 
1870. lioodle, Geo. .\dolphus. Gloucester. 
1873. Boodle, Kbt. Maxwell, Sittinybourne. 
1897. Booker, Charles Wm., mtley. 
1891. lioou, Ernest Gerald, Italy. 

1852. Boor, Leonard Georfre, Xe>c Zealand. 
1857. Booth, Brab^zon Shiels, Xetcry. 
1904. Booth, Charles Herbert. Leeds. 
1887. Booth. Daniel, iJuhinJiehl. 

1882. Booth, EJwd. ILuyrave, Briyhtim. 

1881. Booth, Georo-e, Chesterfifld. 

18(«3. Booth, Jas. Webb, Hartford, U.S.A. 

1882. B,)0th, John Henry, Ches'erfield. 
190">. Booth, Lawr. Twemtow, Manchester. 

1802. Booth, Lionel, Durham. 

19!J6. Booth, Lionel Hethorn, Durham. 

1873. Booth, Philip L., Banxur-in-Furness. 

1879. Booth, Thos. Carter, Manchester. 
1885 Booth, Wm. Henry, Stamford-hill. 

1880. Booth-Mil ner,OscarM., A'."C/ec<A<*>7>*'«. 

1894. B.jreherds, Walt. Meeut, C. Colony. 

1889. liorrett, George Gos.-^, Royal }iary. 
1902. Borrie, Fredk. John, Xew Zeal. 
1899. Borrow. Fredk. Chas., Upper Clapton. 
1872. Bosson, George, Alford. 

1902. Bossun, George .\rchibald, Tootiny. 
1807. liustock, Alld'. Stileman, Chi<lie.*ter. 
19! 10. liostuck, Arthur Hastings, Chicheder. 
1804. Bostock, Edwd. Ingram, Horsham. 

1895. Bostock, Eustace Bernard, GuernM-y. 
1882. Jiostock, John, L<nr/hborouyh. 
188.I. Boj.tock, John Yates,<nr-ydns. 
1885. Bostock, llobert .\shton, ^4 r /;<//. 
187(). Boswell, .\le.\ander, Ashbuurne. 
18"<1. Boswell, Jn. Irvine, Xeirjxtrt Paynell. 
180i». Bosworth. J<jhn lloutledge. Snttou. 
19!)il. Botham, Kichard Henry, Darliny tun. 

1874. Bott, Heury, 2/;rM//or</" 
l8-<2. Bott, .Joseph, Richmond. 

19ul. liott, PercivalGeo.Alb.,C'>nMffM/////-.>y. 
1W5. liotti Kobt. Henry, .S7. Bart's.-hosp. 
l'.X)5. Bott, Stanley, Leicester. 
Is90. Bott, William, ffillenhal/. ' 



1874. Butt, Will. Gibson, Kvnnintjton. 
18(>3. Bottle, Alexander, liirnu'iti/Iinm. 
1897. liottomley,¥innc\s^Ca,n; /Jonrueiiioufk. 
1 897. Bottoniley,Th( 'S.Ahht'y, Hudfler.sfieliL 

1877. Bittrell, Jas. Fiancis II v., ParcKiuay. 

1908. Boucher, Frank Tread well, BrtstoL 
ISol). Boucliier, (lenrge Charles. 

1878. Boulger, Lsaiic, Ann;/. 

ISC)."}. Boult, Ediiumd Farrin<rton, Army. 

1880. Boulter, Walter J^rnest, I'liimnte'ud. 

l'"?90. BoultOG, Arthur, Honuasth. 

18(58. Boulton, George .Sutton, Iii</ham. 

1897. Boulton, Harold, I.M.!S. 

1888. Bour, Edward Fran^-oi.s, Mauritius. 

1899. Bourdaa, Enierti Clark-^on, Bulhum. 

100-"). Jiourdas, Joliu, VUtphmn. 

1901. Bourke, Mac Wm., iSt. Geo. 11. 

1800. Bourke, John. 

1>'77. Bourke, William, J ihannvAiury. 

1879. B )uru.s, XewcDiue W., H. Ki-nsiuyton. 
189o. Boustield, Arthur. H(,rnxc\f. 

1878. Bou.stield, Edwd. Collins, Olil Kcnt-rd. 
V.\()2. Boustield, [>eonaid, li.A.M.L'. 
1897. Boustield, Stanley. Jiaiisiaitr. 
\>^'2. Bousigiiac, Jos. Jjudovic, Temzuela. 
1S.5S. Boustead, Robinson, I.M.V. 

1808. Boutflower, Andrew, Ma/iclicsfer. 
1890. Bovey, Thos. Wni. \Viduer,.4i/>oi!*6«r//. 
V.H)-'). Bowater, William, Birminf/ham. 
1)^87. Bowdeu, Ernesi J">d\vd., Warrlnijton. 
1884. Bowdeu, lieg. Treacher, Ilrtinfr/fi/e. 

1880. Bowden, Walter, Z>..S'.0.,7%«/A«///. 
1901. Bowdler, Archibald Penrliyn, I'aria. 
\fiK2. Bowe, Arthur, St. Scots. 

1879. Bowe, Francis, Timaru, N.Z. 
187*''. Bowen, Edward, Ujtppr Toutoiy. 
1877. Bowen, Owen, Licerponl. 

1909. Bowen, Owen Henry, Criccieth. 
l'.XJ9. Bowen. A\'m. Francis, Bialmps-cndle. 
1904. Bowen-Joiies, .John, Peiivader. 
1877. Bowen-Jones, Lloyd M., t'armartJteu. 
18")9. Bower, Edmund. Jf^j/niouf/i. 

1880. liowt-r, P^dward Ignatius, Bdrusbury. 
l87o. Bower, l)ykes, Ghiucester. 
1872. Bower, Uegiuald, Binniii(/h<tm. 
BKX). lidwer, ^^'m. Charles, Camden-road. 
1>^>^7. Bower, William George, -Shiffield. 
18oS. Jjowes, John, Heme Baij. 

1872. Bowes, Jolm Ireland, Ihtiizns. 

1890. Bowes, T(tm Annstrong, JIci itc Buy. 
18S"{. Bowhay. Albert, Taii-'i'.ck. 

1 8'.»2. Bowie,R ,\A.\n\i.,ByoihriUc, Cannda 
\xt<^). Bowie, Robert Forbr's. Ruiial yavi/. 

1891. Bottker, Chas. Stanser, X'.S. W. 
lf<H'-'>. Bowker, Robt. Stcur, Sydnry, N.S. W. 
1906. liowkelt, Leon. Howard, i'rirhhnood. 
1889. Bowlbv, GcorgH Herbert, fhiturio. 


1900. Bowie, Chas. William, .W^iwrv. 

1903. B,owle, Sidney Cleiiieiit, ll.A.Sj.C. 

1893. Bowie-Evans", Chas. Harfoid, I. M. S. 

1899. Bowles, Alfred, Edstbaunie. 

18tio. Bowles,Robt.Leanion,.-iM£'7J«7m( Club 

19U(). Bowling, Rowland A., Bedford. 

1872. l^owman, fxeorg.;, Manc/ieister. 

1878. Bowman, Harry J'lriie-t. 

]8io. Bowman, Reg., Purrainatta, N.S.1V. 

1888. Bowman, Richard Oxley, Ulverdon. 

18.54. Bowman, Robert Moore, Ripon. 

1882. Bown, Artliur Thoma-i. I. M.S. 

1880. Bown. JoIki Quiiiton, Iluie, 

I80O. Bown, .John Young, Cnuuda. 

r.KJ.'j. Bowi/, Wm. Qiiinton, //'. Bridlif.-d. 

19U9. Bowiin<r, Harold, LiveriwA. 

189.^. Jiowtell, Hbt. Richmond, E(diny. 

189). iiox, Stanley Longhurst, Ealiiiy. 

190."*>. 1V)X, William Frederick, Gny's-husp. 

1880. Boxall. Frank, Rudy wick. 

1882. Boxall, Robert, Foii land-place. 

1^90. Boyan, Jolin, Royal Nary. 

18-8. l}oyce,Sir Rubert William, Liverjxjol. 

1898. B.»ycotl, Artliur Xi>rmaii, <S?. Albans. 

i81>2. Jjoyd, Alex, liiooke, New Zi-aland. 

190L Boytl, lOzekiel Alexander, Seynioi(r-p„. 

1890. BovdjGco. Samuel Jas., Stamford. 

1808. Boyd, Herbert, l.M.S. 

189.5. Jjoyd, .lames, Simonat'itvn, Cape. 

190<). Bovd, Jn Errol Moritz, Ddumere-ti-r. 

1900. lioyd, John Fiancis, l.M.S. 
1900 Boyd, Samuel John, Ontario. 
1889. Boyd, William liobert, Victoria. 
1904. iJoydcn, Georo'e Henry, Cape Colony. 
1892. Boyes, Wm. Isaac, Virtoria. 

1901. Bovle,Hv.Ednmd.Gaskin, Welbcch-Ht. 
18(57. Boyle, Wm. Perciv^l Magor. 

187(3. Bovs, Arthur Henry, .S'^. Alban-^. 
1904. Boys, Leonard Uht. Ilry., St. Albans. 
189'i. Bovton, Arth. Jas. Hry., U'atlinyfon. 
1892. Brabant, Rbt. Hbt. Win.IIu-hes. Lee. 
1871. Braljant,TJ;os.Huglies...SY.6Vfy/v/e'.s-;7/. 
lOO.l. J5rabazun, lA^vavd, Liieryuol. 
1892. Bracewell, Walt. Hansford, X.S.ll'. 
190'.». Brairhi, I*rancii, Ilampgtcad. 
18>7. Brackenbiirv, Hit. Britten, Stroni/-yr. 
18.S4. I')radbro(,k, William, Ferm/ Stratford. 
190(J. Bradbury, Charles llenry^ Salford. 
188i). Bradbury, I larveyK^auersley . /j»/V(/«. 
I'^-iO. Bradbury, John Augustus. Jf'iyan. 
1904. liradbury, John CVcilO., (ruy'-s JIokji. 
V.M-.i. liraddofk, William, Oldham. 
1 ^94. Brad f^ nd , Andrew, Montarjue-pl.y^ .C. 

1902. Bradford, \nlhony B., St. Thos.-h. 
1877. Bradford, ('ordley, Birmiuyham. 
1900. Biadfoiii, John, Sturminater Seictun. 
1880. Bradford, John Rose, Manehester-gr/. 




1808. Bratlfoid, Ilobu-t ^lark, lute Army. 
1903. Bradley, Ahvyn Ileweit, Dudlvii. 
1877. ]3raclley, Chas. Aii<,'., MacdvaiieU]. 

1908. Jiiadlev, Clem. lly. Burton, Sydiwjf. 
18'.)9. l^radluy, Jolin, Coventn/. 

1870. Bradloy, Robert, 

189.5. Bradley, Wm. Inglis, Torrhigton-^fj. 

1857. Bradsliaw, Alex. Fredk., C.B., Army. 
1905. Jiradshaw, Gerald Artli., St. C'//«'s-«y. 
18"^4. Ikadshaw, Tiios. liobert, Liverpool. 
1892. Bradsliaw-Isherwood, l^.\.,Ueadcor)i. 
18i)0. lirad.shawe, Paris. 

18o3. Brady, (ieo. Stewardson, Sunderland. 

1851. ]'>radv, Joseph. 

1886. Jiraide, Geo. Fredk. Wm., I. M.S. 

1899. Biaidwood, Thns. Lithpow, Epsom. 
1872. Brailey, Win. XvXh.,OldBurUnyton-d. 

1901. Brailey, Wm. Herbert, Hove. 
1802. Braiue, luibert Spier. 

188."'. Braiue-IIartuell, Geo. M. P., Powick. 
1891). V)\\\me-l\&Yixi^A\,i&?.G.V\..,Chellenham. 
1892. Braithwaite, Chas. Bernard, Guha<\ 

1909. ]3raitli\vaite, Eldred (^iirwen, Benton. 

1858. Braithwaite, James, Leeds. 
1858. Braithwaite, Robert, Briiion. 
1870. Braithwaite, Samuel, Eyremont: 
1895. Brakeniidoe, Francis John, R.A.M. C. 
1851. Brakvn, Harris Carr. 

1902. Branihall, Charles, K.A.3J.('. 
1802. Bi'amley, Rev. Wm. Sturdy, Crumpsall. 
1898. Bramsdon, Wm. Arthur, <S'^. Geo.-sq. 
1890. Bramwell, Herbert, Cheltenham. 
188(). Bramwell, Hujih liansom, Tynemouth. 
1901. Brandon, Artli. Jn. Spiller, Sydney. 
1850. Brandt, Thomas Arthur. 

1872. Braufoot, Henry Seymour, Briyhton. 

1900. Brangwin, Charles Harold, Hastinf/s. 
1900. Bransbury,H.A.Brauisdon,7t\^l.J7.'C. 
1890. Branson, Clement W., Bournemouth. 
1881. Branson, Geo. Attenborough, Victoiia. 
1886. Branson, Ilerbt. ^^ ui. Archer. 
1890. Branson, William, Sheffield. 

1900. liran^on, Wm. Phili]) S., Gordon-sq. 
1881. Branthwaite, Rbt. W^lsh, Whitehall. 
1890. Brauwell, Charles, Penzance. 
1870. Brash, Edward Alexander, E.veter. 
1890. Brash, John Bardsley, Birminyham. 
1892. Brasher, Chas. \\'m. James, Bristol. 
1889. Braund, Arthur Mather, Strafton. 
1900. Jbaund, Henry, Holm-orthy. 
1855. Braund, James Montague, Strut ton. 
1881. Jiray, Ernest lildward, Poyul Xavy. 
1907. P>ray, Fredk. Richard, llampdead. 
1888. BraV, Geo. Arth. Theodore, P. A.M. C. 
1888. Rray, Hubert Alaric, R.A.M.C. 
1880. Bra^', Nich. Jas. Nortliey, Cardiff. 
1885. Brav, Percv Dean, Warren, K.S. W. 

1852. Bray, Thomas. 
1888. Braye, Reginald James, Leiceder. 
1873. Brayn, Richard, Crowthorne. 
1907. Ijravne, Robert Edwaid, Bath. 
18-<6. Brazil, Walt. II ry., Bultor.-'e-Moms. 
1851. Breakey, John, late Poyal Nary. 
1897. Brebner, Artli ur, Kinysland-rd. 

1880. Bredin, Richard, Valparaiso. 
1900. Bree, Sidney, Manninytree. 

1894. Breen, Adrian Eouis, Aryyle-rd., W. 
1851. Breeze, Charles, San Francisco. 

1900. Brehm, Rdbt. Almon, ^'eicfoundland. 
1888. Bremner, Kanisay Allan, Canterbury. 
1905. Bremner, Wnlt. Chas. Palmer, C/rt/^^o^. 
1897. Bremr'.dge, Kichd. H iraiuir, Siarn. 

1901. ]>renan. Alex.Richd.M.,Zo>K/o«//o.'!/;. 
1875. Brenchley, A. Dutton, Denmarh-hill. 

1902. Brend, William Alfred. Kensinytun. 
1894. Brennan, Josh. Rchd. y\.^\^',St<,chport. 
1885. Brentnall, Frederick, ManchestiT. 

1883. Breuton, Wm. Ilore, Plymouth. 

1802. Breretou, Alfred Ilenrv. 

1894. Brereton, Fredk. Sadleir, P.A.M.C. 
liiOO. Breton, Hewlett. Victoria, Aust. 

1895. BretomLancelocMoyle, Southampton. 
1895. Breton, Movie, Boyul Navy. 

1902. Breton, Wiii. Kenneth Dudoit, P.X. 
18i)7. Brett, Harry Clarence M., Cranbrook. 
187(5. Brett, .Tohn, Melbourne, Victoria. 
1891. Brett, Wm. George, Parkstnne. 
1890. Breuer, Adam August, Finsbury-cir. 

1899. Brewer, Alex. Hampton, Dalston. 
1804. Brewer, Alex. Ti.,]S'ew Cavendish-st. 
1897. Brewer, Dunstan, Eastern hasp. 

1904. Brewer, Henry Jeaffreson, Dulston. 
1804. Brewer, Henry Melville, Xeuport. 
1872. Brewer,Reg.Edw.AVormald, Neu-port. 
1893. Brewer, Wm. Kenneth, Ujjp. Burma. 
1887. Brewis, Andrew Seymour, Xew Zeal. 

1881. Brewitt, James Buuney. Natal. 

1803. lirewster, Edward, Knipton. 
188(). Briant, Arthur John, Helsby. 
1880. Brice, Fdk. Auirustus, Jioi/al Navy. 

1900. Brice, Heiuy Boyle, Chelsea. 
1850. Brice, John Fonrness, Clauyhton. 
1897. Brickwell, Frank, Sfowmurket. 

1884. Brickwell, Henry Taylor, Chiywell. 

1850. Brickwell, John! Slouyh. 
1859. Bride, John, IVilmslo'w. 

1902. Bridge, John Ciosthwaite, Grays. 

1851. P)ridge, Walter Alexis, Niraraqua. 
1879. Bridgeford, Walter A. S., W.'Aust. 
1S50. Bridgeman, George William. 
PtOl. Bridger, Jas. Fdk. VAivd.. Barbados. 

1903. liridger, John D-dl, Cricklcwood. 

1905. ]3ridger, Robt., Daniel, Buenos Aires. 
1895. Briduer, Svdnev, Southend. 





1903. Bridges, David, ^Mm/ Straits. 
1891. Bridges, Ernest C, t\>urijield-rd. 
190:2. Bridges, Boland Ilarlev, li.A.M.C. 

1891., Harry M. Weaver, Sici/i/. 

1871. BridgDiaii, il>. Edwd., Burton-on-T. 
18(52. Bridginau, John Henry, Bridport. 
1847. Bridgwater, Tlionias, UchfiL-hl. 
19U1. l^rierley, ('lias. lsherwood,/..l/..S'. 
1870. Brierlev, Jas. Brassey, M (inchest er. 
18o:3. Brierlev, Thus. Booth, Tatfenludl. 

1881. Briggs,' Chris. lh\\\\e\A, Leicester. 
1898. Briggs, (jJeorge Erederick, Hull. 
1875. BriggS; Ilany Beeehani, I. M.S. 
1870. Briggs, Ilry. "^lydnWQtou^Biriningham. 
1894. Briggs, Kubt. Warden, BiriniiKjluim. 
1875. Briggs, Win. Hamilton, Ann;/. 
1873. Brighani, Henry Cieo., Boston Spa. 
l8o9. Brighouse, Jolm, Tol/ in// ton-par /i, X. 

1887. Briglit, Archibald Leonard, T/yvV/Z/^o/i, 
1801. Bright, J:imes All;ert, -S". Xoruood. 
19Uo. Bright, Biohard Charles, Cannes. 

1889. Brightniau, Erauk, Bruadstairs. 
18(30. Brigstocke, Chas. A., JIaverfordicest. 
189t). Brigstocke, Percy Ward, Bayhdfid. 
]8o9. Briir.-tocke, Richard Whi.-h, Beijrovt. 

1892. Briniacoinbe,l{iclid. W.,C«ic«r7?.s/?-i<!(7. 

1908. Brimblecoinbe,.StanleyL.,7yMr,V^c'w/6e 
1898. Briiicker, Ju. Angii-^t II. Croi/don. 

1893. Briiid. Harry liauslow, Addlestmie. 
1877. Brindle, Bobert I'rancis, Frescot. 
1901. Briuton, Arthur CTreeii', Transraal. 

1882. Brintou, Robind \)An\er^, Queen s-(/te. 
190o. Brisc(je, .las. Bynd, Chipi>en]iani. 
1898. Briscoe, John Charlton, Ilarley-st. 

1888. Briscoe, John l-idward. Xatal. 
1880. Biiscoe, .lohn Frederick, Alton. 
1807. Briscoe, Tbos. Bciijaniin, Benr/rd. 
1907. Briscoe, Wm. Thomas, Chip/nnham. 

1892. Brisley, Chas. Walker, Bri.rton, S.W. 

1890. Bristow, Geo. Hamilton, Transcaal. 
1907. liiistow, ^^'al(er Rowley, Chidrhurst. 

1884. Bristow, William Moss, Liscard. 
1888. Bristowe.II ubert Carpenter, Wringtoti 

1885. Brito, Philip Sebastian, CeyJon. 

1909. lirito-Salazar, Jn. Manuel. Trinidad. 

1872. Brittin, Eredk. Geo. Morris, N.Z. 
188-"'>. Broadbeut, Erank, Xeirark. 

1885. Broadbeut, (Ten. Harry, Alanchcster. 
1857. Broadbeut, Jolin, Manchester. 

1891. BroHdl)ent^ John E. H., Srynwur-st. 

1890. Broadbeut, Joseph, Manchester. 

1893. Broadbeut, Walter, Brighton. 

1891. Broadhurst, Wui. Jas., Cn/ye Colony. 
1875. Brock, C'hailes de Lisle, Tooting. 
1880. Brock, iMuest Henrv, Slreathuvi. 
1890. Brock, John, Port Elizabeth, Cape. 
1885. lirockatt, Andrew Alex., Malcern. 


1884. Broekliss, Edward Lumley, Banbury. 
1887. Brockwav, Archibabl Mivi, Brisbane. 
1900. Brockweil, John ii.Chambers, U'alton. 
190). Bioderick, Frederick "Wm., Museley. 

1903. Brodie, Desborough, Tetl.ury. 

1809. Brodie, Ed wd.Eit/.ger., Wichham-mi<t. 

1887. Brodie, Eredk. Garden, Neicarh. 
18()2. Brodie, Geo. Bernard, Prinees-ytde. 
18i)0. Brodie, Thos. Griiror, Ilaverstock-hill. 
1906. lirodieclit, Jn. lly. Riclid., Ontario. 
1897. Brodribb, Arthur Hubert, Guildford. 
190"). Brodribb, Anil. W'uison.,6'/.Zeo»«;v7.s-. 
1873. Brodribb, Charles Aikin, St. Leonards. 
1900. Brodribb, Chas. Hildred, I.M.S. 
181)0. Brodribb, Ernest, R.A.M.C. 

1904. Brodiibb, Erancis Arth., Kensington. 
18-<0. Brodrick, Hairy Edwd., Gold Coast. 

1884. Brogdeu, Richd. William, Lpsu-ich. 

1889. Brohier, Louis Cyrus, CoJondio. 

19 8. Bruhier,SauiI. Lindsay, U.Bedford-pl. 
1895. Ih'omet, Edward, Redhill. 
1892. Bromhall, Ernest, Bautenstall. 

1888. Bronihead. Erank llodson, Streatham. 

1853. Broudey, Erederic, Prestciyne. 
1904. ]3romley, James, Castle Hedinyhom. 

1800. Bromley, Jnhn Bourne, Ilalstead. 

1885. Bronuer, Adolf, Bradford, 

1 801. Brook, Charles, Lincoln. 

1899. ]irook, Erancis Wm., Wahcorth-rd . 
1855. Brook, Henry, Weston-s.-Mare. 

1887. Brook, Henry Dar\ ill, Fareham. 
1909. Brook, Samuel Stanley, Sanderstead. 
1891. Brook, Tom Stanbury, Chinyford. 
1850. Brook, Will. Frederick, Fareham. 

1804. Brooke, Baron, .Melbourne. 

1894. Brooke, Eredk. A.J. R., W.Bridgford. 
1880. Bre.oke, Ily. A. (Trundy, Manchester. 

1880. Brookes, Eredk. Wm., Wedmin^ter. 

1881. Brookes, Robert, Debruyali, Benyal. 
1875. Brookes, Walt. Jn., Westniiuster. 
1871. Brooktield, Ju. Storrs, Brondesbury. 
1868. Brookhouse, Chas. Turing, Bromley. 
1908. Brookhouse, Herbert Urpe, Bromley. 
1843. Brooking, Chas. Henry, Paiynton. 
1859. ]3rooks, Bransby, Readiny. 

1890. Brooks, Charles, Gerrards Cross. 

1888. Brooks, Francis Aug., J^('//.i«A)K-e. 
1885. Brooks, Jabez Pratt, JJ'oh'erha7tipio)t. 

1881. Brooks, James, Blackburn. 

1854. Brooks, .lames ILury, Seychelles. 
1870. Brooks, Job Edwin, Cohn/n Ba\/. 
18-<7. Brooks, Richd. Philiii, Wimpol'e-st. 

1855. Brooks, Richd. Wm. T., Toliiugton-pk. 
18(59. Brooks, Satnl. Brewer, Nottinyham, 
1885. Brooks, Samuel .lohn, Sheffield. 

1882. Brooks, ^^■alter Tyrrell, Oxford. 

1805. Brooks, William Patrick, i'.//-/.-. 




18C>'). Broom, Cliarlos, Victoria. 

1809. Broom, Ilenrv John. 

li)()l. Broome, Ilavoid Ilolkar, I.AI.S. 

1877. Bro.ster, Aitli. JM-dswick, Wirksicvrtli. 

1901. Broiigh, Diiniel, Devonport, 

18()4. Brou<^liton, Ily. Todd,//<»c/c//?on<7tp//.-e. 

1905. J^roiigliton, John Fredk., Nart/twood. 
18()0. Broughton, libt. 1)., Bisliopdeif/nton. 

1898. Brown, Alex.. Kcntiah Toicn. 

1890. BrowJi, Alfred, Masham. 

1900. Brown, Allen, Salisbury. 
1904. Brown, Arthur C, Botirnemiuth. 
\Wi^. Brown, Arthur Jame>, Bedford-ph. 

1883. Brown, Artli. T. Fianldyn, It()(Ju:$tcr. 
18S1. Brown, OlarenceW. IJaig, (iodidniituj. 
1894. Brown, Danl. Dorward, Harroi/ate. 
1894. Brown, Daniel Walter, I'restun. 

1889. Brown, Bavid, Taiiuton. 

1884. Brown, David Matthews, Eastbourne. 
18(')3. Brow^u, Edward, C'ha/ford. 

1901. Brown, EdwardArcher,J('>/(a??7?esiM>7/. 
1904. Brown, Edwd. Middleton, Abingdon. 
188(5. Brown, Edward Vipont, Muncheder. 

1893. Brown, Elijah, Brontleij. 

1>98. Brown, Evelyn Kempson, Salisbunj. 
1800. Brown, Fredk. Gordon, Fimbiiri/-circ. 

1891. Brown, Frederick James, Newark. 
18S0. Brown, Fredk. Nathaniel, Frimley. 
1<S74. Brown, George, Ctdlim/tou. 

18(>-5. Brown, George Arthur, Tredef/or. 

1899. Brown, George !Minter, Cape Colony. 
]89(5. Brown, George Walter, Cojie Colony. 

1892. l^rown, Harold Corser, Tii^ton. 

1890. Brown. IIarryMewb.,J/a/7i:^'^Z>rfff/<o«. 

1906. Brown, Hoiaee George, Tredeyar. 
1840. Brown, James B. S., iSnettisfunn. 

1898. Brown, Jas. Warburlcm, Charles-st. 
1881. Brown, James Wm. llemy, Leedn. 

1899. Jirown, John, Newark. 

1877. Brown, John Alexander, Pi-ckham. 
1800. Brown, John Barr, Ascot. 
1883. Brown, John Henry, Sheffield. 
1872. Brown, Joseph li'Oste, ishifnal. 

1894. Brown, Jo.<. Norwood, Httnipdead. 
1^8o. Brown, Lewis, Bulton. 

1887. Brown, Jjcwis Ily., Buchhurst-hill. 

1906. Brown, Rfdph, S/icrljorne. 

1891. Brown, Reginald, Jieetory-road, N. 

1907. Brown, Boljert Dixon, Juhonneshury. 
1896. Brown, Robert Tilbury, li..i.M.C. 

1892. Brown, Stanley Mewfinrn, Birkdale. 
1875. Brown, Thomas, Ke)ininyto)t-pk.-rd. 
188.5. Brown, Thos. Alex., Sutton Coldjidd. 
\XU. Brown,Thos.E.B.,C.I.E.,iy/'//f/<'.s//;7/. 
1909. Brown, Thomas Frederick, Tasmania. 
1875. Brown, Thos. Lloyd, Iloxton. 

1900. Brown, Thomas Warren, ll'allinf/foti. 


1888. Brown, Walt. (J. Stephens, Cardlyan. 
1888. Brown, Walt. Sigismund, iN'^^'. 7r. 
1883. Brown, Wm. lleiu'V, Victoria. 
188(5. Brown, Wm. IIenr\-, North Shields. 
1888. Brown-Fairlie, Ja,'^. Daniel, Ceylon. 
190o. Browne, C lithbert (i arrard, It A.M. C. 
1804. Browne, Edgar Athelstane, Liverpoot. 
1887. Browne, Edwd. Granville, CWj/tZ-^vV/yr. 
1900. Browne, Edward Wemyss, I. M.S. 

1874. Browne, Geo. Buckston, Wimpolr-st. 
1885. Browne, Harold i:ili(.tt, N.S.W. 
1902. Browne, HarrieSpencerD., Winchester. 
1887. Browne, Henry, Salisbury. 

1870. Browne, Henry Wm.L., YV.Bromxcich. 
1878. Browne, Horace Ximeiies, It.N. 

1877. Browne, James ^^'nl., Ilo'umd-pk.-ao. 

1892. Browne, John James, IViyton. 
1807. Browne, John Walton, 
]i!07. Browne, Josiah, Ilromyard. 

1900. Browne, iJa'pli, Sherborne. 

1887. Browne, Roblev Hv. Jn.,lioy. Navy. 
189.9. Browne, Thos. Walker S. 
1902. Browne, Williun Walker, R.A.M.C. 
1883. Browne-Carthew, R. II., lieaxmoid'i't. 
1890. Browne-Mason, llubt. O.V,.,Ii.A.M.C. 
1887. Browntield, Harry M., Betersfield. 
1800. Browning, Benjamin, Sherborne. 
1887. Browning, f^dgar, Beiyate. 

1898. Browning, Paul Ransome, Totton. 
1908. Brownsou,Rooerl). V>.-\).,Loi,d.-h<.sp. 

1899. Browse, George, ZJ/.*'. 

1906. Bruce, Ulliver, I'eddinyton. 

1875. Bruce, Peter, Suntiayo. 

1876. Bruce, Robert, M ilj ord-on-Sea. 
1883. Bruce, Robert Marston, Fulham. 
1858. Bruce, Saml. Noble, Queensboro^-terr. 

1893. Bruce, Wm. James, Milford-on-S. 
1893. Bruce-Porter, H. E. B., Grosvenor-st, 
1870. Brumell, Arthur, Morpeth. 

1874. Brummitt, Robert, <S'. Au<tralia. 

1800. Brum well, Geo. Murray, Shanklin. 
1807. Brum well, Geo. ^N'illiam, Kendal. 

1858. Brumwell, Jos. Cownley, Shanldin. 

1801. Briiujes, ^Martin, Twickenham. 

1878. Brunt, J>.hn, J. United Serv. Club. 
1881. Brunton, luhvd., IValtham.'^tow. 

1901. Brunton, John, Endsleiyh-yardens. 

1859. Brunton, Linton Bennett, Finchley. 
1889. Brunton, Walt. Revner, Poplar. 

1897. Brushfield, Arch. Nadauld, Halifa.v. 
I.s8(). P)rushHeld, Thomas, Sci/la. 

1 850. Br ush H eld ,T hos. N . , BudH/h .Salterton . 

1898. Bruzaud, Alfd. Sigi.*mund, Oldham. 

1907. Bryan,01ias. Walt. Gordon, /'r/^cf-s-sy. 
19(0. Bryan,Clem. Arth. Douglas,ZrHYV^;-. 
1^74. Bryan, Clement Frederick, Leicester. 
1804. Brvan, Edward, 7i. Societies Club. 




1871. Brviin, Francis Clias., Bai/xwufer. 
lf!S4. Bryan, Frederick, Epsom. 

1899. Bryan, Herbert James, Chatham. 

1905. Bryan, Joliu, Deronport. 

18(7.5. Brvau, John Morgan, Xorthamjjton. 

18o9. Bryant, Cliarles. 

18G7. Bryant, II. Mnincr, Leeds. 

188^. Brytl^u, Francis W. Aug.,God(ih)u'/i(/. 

1878. Brvden, Richd. Joseph, Graresend. 

1905. BrVden, Ronald A., R.A.M.C. 

1909. Brydone, Ja<. Marr, 5. Audhy-st. 

1888. Bryett, Lewis T. Fraser, Canonhuri/. 

1893. Biyett, \N'm. Robert, Thornton Heath. 

1893. Brvson, Leonard Horner, St. Andreus. 

1892. Biibb, Willi-mi. Foicick. 

1893. Buchanan, Archibald Graham, Liss. 

1872. Buchanan, Arthur, Chatham. 
Is8(). Buchanan, Joliu, Vauxhall. 

1005. Buchanan, Xora;an Duncan, Ontario. 
1SS8. Buchanan, Rht. J. M'Lean, Liverpool. 

1870. Buchanan, Walter, Siirbiton. 
l'^53. Buck, Auson, Palermo, Canada. 

1892. Buck, Arthur Herbert, Brighton. 
1875. Buck, Charles William, Settle. 
18G2. Buck, Henry. 

1859. Buck, Henry John, Clapton-common . 
1878. Buck, .John Stirling, Brondet/. 
1883. Buck, Lewis Archer, L'arnworth. 
18H0. Buck, Thos. Alpheiis, lii/de, I. of 11'. 
1849. Buckell, Edward, Winchester. 
18S(). Buckell, Edward, liomscj/. 
1S74. Ikickell, Ernest Hook, Chichester. 
1903. Bu-^keridge, Guy Leslie, Iio>/. yan/. 
1880. Buckland, Sydney Chas., IVimhledon. 
1S()3. Buckle, Fleetwood, U.S., S<mthsea. 

1890. Ihickley, Charles Herbert, Oldham. 
1908. Buckley, John I'liilip, Manchester. 

1891. Buckley, Joseph Richd., /Jirmiin/ham. 
1883. Buckley, Thos. William, Thrapstone. 
1.-^94. iiuckley, William Henry, Oldham. 

1 883. Buckmaster, ( i eo. Wid., North wick-ter. 

1871. Budd, William Alexander, P^//(/«Ay«. 

1894. Biidd, Wm. Ilindshaw, Cape foirn. 
1S99. Budd-Budd. Fdwd. 3n., Bri,/hton. 

1893. Budden, Tice Fisher, Crouch End. 
1^97. Buendia, Nicolas, liof/ota, Columbia. 
1888. Bidizer, Alld. James, Wolcfrlmmptun. 
]90l). Bidl, l)ou<rlasWin. A ,Stoni/.Stratford. 
1878. liull, Edwin Georfre, Birntini/ham. 
ls<99. Bull, George Vernon, Ashl/onme. 
18'.t5. Bull, Ilarry A.'^hworth. Stafford. 
187(>. Bidl, James Weston, ll'ind/ledon. 

1892. Bull, Stanley Artli., Aiichland, K.Z. 
1874. Bull,Wm. Henry, Sionii-Siratford. 
1^52. BuUeid, George, Connanj/ht-st. 
1900. Bidlen, (;has. Henry, IVoherhampton. 
1.^80. Bullen, Frederick St. John, Bri-'tol. 


1890. BuUeu, Hewitt Jn.Lv.«aglit. J W<rs7*o^. 

1904. Bulley, Felix Marshall, Ilindhnid. 

1887. Bullivant, Samuel, Burgess-hdI. 
1898. Bullmore, Edwd. Augustus, Wisbech. 
189(3. Bullmore, Fredk. Guy, Colu-yn Baij. 

1888. Bullock, Charles Penry, Oswestri/. ' 
1887. Bullock, Henry M., Upp. Wimpole-st. 

1878. Bullock, Jos. Ernest, Lad' irohe-g rove. 

1887. Bullock, Roger, Warwick. 

1902. Hulstrode, Cluis. ^'ictor, Hampstead. 
18>si). Bulstrode,Hy.Timbrell,P(//.-.9f/w.-fc;-. 

1901. Bulteel, Cecil Edward, l..\I.'S. 

1879. Bulteel, Marcus Henry, Gnernseg. 
1844. Bumpsted, Thos. Brooks, Candn-idge. 
189.'». Bumsted, Henry James, Streafham. 
1898. Bunbury, Edwin (iarrett, Clifton. 
1893. Bunch, John Le Mare, Weymouth-st. 
187(). Buncombe, John Dobrie, Cape Col. 
1890. Buncombe, Wm. Dewey, Bun-rd., E. 

1882. Bunn, Chas. Grinling, Up. Xoricood. 
1S77. Bunny, Joseph Brice, Taunton. 

1905. Buntmg, Edwd. Lanc-^lot, Edgbaston. 

1902. Bunting, Geo. l.?),\\t>\)ev\jlunstanton. 
1870. Bunting, James, Torqnag. 

1893. Burch, Henry Edwin. Tortmionth. 

1888. Burchell, Ernest, Briqhton. 
1898. Iku-d, Cyril Prichard; Tamworth. 
1854. Burd, Edward, Shrewsburg. 

1885. Biu-d, Edwd. Lycett, Church Stretton. 
1878. Burd, Geo. Vanhouse, Okehampton. 
1900. Burd, Reginald Shirley, Oaken. 
1908. Burdett, Jolin Head, Ealing. 

1894. Burditt, Ralph Austin, Manchester. 
1900. Bucheld, Thomas, llathkam. 

18(!5. Burge, Frederick John, Bournemouth. 
189(3. Buries, Fdk. Au^. \jE..Birminyham. 

1903. Burges, JWch-Axd^, Clifton. 

1906. Burgess, Arthur Savell, Godalming. 

1872. Burgess, Edwd. Arthur, .Manchester. 

1873. Burgess, Edward John, Whdchmch. 
1903. Burgess, Harold Lynch. Dou-nim/st. 
1906. Bui^ess, Robt., East Carlton. 
1894. liur^ess, Thos. Wm. \V., N.S. W. 
1870. Burgess, Wm. Fredk. R., Streatham. 

1877. Burgess, Wm. Milner, //^///f.sf/cw. 
BK)7. Burke, Gerald Tyler, Ealir.g. 
1852. Burke, John Matthew. 

1888. Burland, Herbert, Wellingborough. 
1905. Buruian, Hugh Westley, '.V. Cold field, 

1883. Burman, Fredk. James, liotherham. 
1897. Burn, Alfred. Craivleij. 

1873. Bum, (tco. Wilson, Cromer. 

1878. Burn, Stacey Soiitlierndi-ii, llichmond. 
1885. Burn, Thus. Wui. B.irnett, Candnidge. 
180(5. Burn, Wm. Harnett, Upper Tooting. 
lHi)9. Burnaml, Waller Iv rdley, Natal. 
l'.K)5. Burner, Laur. Henry, Si/denham. 




1904. Burnett, Aithiir Ilill, Kensington. 
\f^\)r>. Burnett, Fr<Tnk MMrsdeii, Hcrenoaks. 
18'.)1. linriiett, John IJidley, Kcfiickk. 

1890. Burnett, Leslie Burton, Ne7v Zealand. 
Iil02. liuriiett, rhilip, Montreal. 

188(5. liurnett, Beuben, Leek. 
1897. Burnev, Clias. Dudley F., New Cross. 
190B. liurney, ^N'alt. Ilry. 8., Grernuich. 
187(5. Burnhani, Geo. Ilerbt., Toronto. 
1878. Burnie, Wni. ("lilclirist, Bradford. 
189-'l Burniston, Iluph Sonierville, li.N. 
1900. ]5urn.s, I'^.dward Payton, Sniethicick. 
18S7. Burns, Theo. Gilbt. Alex., ]\'impole-st. 
1895. Burns, AVilliam Thdiuas, Cur/isle. 

1886. Jiurnside, Eustace Auo-., IIA.M.C. 
1904. ]inrpitt.IIarrylIe'rinald,Z);</'/'o«-</-7'. 
190(5. Burr, W'iltVid Buchanan, Jlorii.-'ci/. 
1908. Burr, Wni. Alex., Feryus, Canada. 

1900. ]^)urra, Lauiicelut Toke, Ashford. 

1885. liurrell, Arth. Wm.. Wiyviore-st. 
18(34. liurrell, Edwin, Doiu/hty-dreet, W.C. 
1908. Burrell, Lancelot S."T., Wimbledon. 
18(51. Burrell, Lionel, Keiv. 

1895. Burrt^ll, Lionel Cottingbani, Kew. 
1895. Burridtre, Henry Alfred, Herne-hill. 
1904. l^urridire, John'Harold. Herne-hill. 
1903. Burrougbes, Ilry. N., L. Berkeley-xt. 
1808. Burroughs, Benj-P. B., Wedon-'s.-M. 
1870. Burroughs, .In. Edwd. Ijucldand, Lee. 
1892. liurrougbs, John Herliert, Cify-rd. 
18S1. liurroughs, Leopold, ife, S.E. 
1894. Burroughs, Wui. Jobn, Oakley-sq. 
1894. Burrow, Thomas, Lancaster. 
189(5. Jkirrow, Vincent, Morpeth. 
1907. liurrows, Artbur, Hadleiyh. 
1881. Burrows, Chas. Wiu.G., Bermondsey. 

1901. Burrows, Cresswell, Camhridye. 
1880. Burrows, Ily. Chambers, Grantham. 
1888. Burrows, Walt. Ilornca.'^tie, Acton. 
1878. Biirry, Ily. Burry Pullen, Faiynton. 
1897. Burt^ Albert Ilainilton, Kvre.' 
1878. Burt, Alfred, Uxbridqe-road. 

1887. Burt, Cyril C. l^arrow, Stratford-o.-A. 

1902. Burt, Joseph Barnes, Stroud-i/retn. 
1850. l^urt, Bichard. 

1891. ]?urt, William Charles, Stockbridye. 
1878. liurtou, Alfred Henry, Birkley. 
1894. Jimton, Arthur, Cruiner. 

1886. Burton, Charles Frederick, Whithy. 
]89('5. Burton, Chas. (ieorge, L. Edmonton. 
18!'6. Burton, I'xhvd. Theodore, B. Xan/. 
1880. Burton, F. Ily. M., Lt.-Col. B A..)1.C. 
18f^9. Bmton, Harry, Marple. 

1875. Burton, Hbt. Campbell, Blaikheath. 
li'^9.3. Burton, James Cecil, Chartham. 
1867. Ijiirton, John Earp, Liverpool. 

1876. Burton, John liandell, Broadstairs. 


1895. Burton, I^eonard Jjaraniing, Lonyton. 
1898. linrton, Percy, Newcastle. 

1891. Burton, Wm. l-'dward, I'rod.iham. 
1881. Burton, Wm. Henry, Victoria. 
1885. IiurtO!'i-F<aaning, Fdk. Wm. , .A^onnt/. . 
1878. Bury, Abrah un Thos., Burton. 
Id02. Buiy, Edward Charles, Wisheeh. 
1857. Bury, George, St. John's Wood. 
1S84. liury, Herbt. Taylor, Wisbech. 

1877. Bury, Judson Sykes, MaucheMer. 

1892. Bury, Beg. Frederick, Leaminyton. 

1891. Bus'tield, James, Cli/jdiam-pk.',S.\\ . 

1878. Bush, Fjrusmus, Kinysbridye. 
1883. Bush, Fr;incis Alex.' A. 
18(5.3. Bush, Henry John Ilvder. 

1881. Bush, James Paul, Ci-M.G., CUflon. 
1890. Bu'^hnell, Frank (tco., Briyhlon. 
1905. Bushnell, Percy Chas., Avondale-.v]. 
1885. J5uss, Howard Decimns, Cape Col. 
1855. Bu.«teed,Hv. Elmsley, CLE., /..l/.-S. 
1887. Buswell, Ferberd Richard, A*.^. J/, r. 

1905. Butcher, Chas. Bazett Deane, Ealim/. 
1902. P.utcber, Harry Hendy, Hampstead. 
18(53. Butcher, Hy. Osboru Fawcett, Hare. 
18(>8. Butcher, William Deane, Ealiny. 

1900. Butcher, Wu). James, Bedford. 

1893. Butement, Wm., Masterto'n, X. Z. 

1896. Butler, Arthur Georje, Penye. 
1890. Butler, Charles. 

1853. Butler, Ebenezer Robt., I.M.S. 
I'.'OT. Butler, Frank, City-road. 

1879. Butler, (Tani:iliel Henry, Ilohart. 

1906. Butler, Georiie Guy, St. Thomas's. 

1880. Butler, Geo. Robert, Carlfon-vale. 
1878. Butler, Geo. "S\'illiam, Betersfield. 

1882. Butler, Gilbert Edward, Ta.-<mania. 

1901. Butler, Harold Branson, Guildford. 
1990. Butler, James Alfred, Croydon. 
1906. Butler, Perciyal, Tipton. 

1897. Butler, Sydney Geo., B.A..M.C. 
1895. Butler, Tliunias Harrhon, Kinihrorth. 
19)1. Butler, Thomas Langton, Ilehhm. 
18(50. Butler, Thos. Mapleson, Guddford. 
l-<94. Butler, William iiarber, York. 
1909. Butler. William Harold, Banisley. 
1870. Butler, Wm. .John. 7..1/..S'. 

1877. I'utler-Sniythe, \\hi.V\\i\?.. Brook-st . 
18l)3. Butlin, Cliarles Henry, Candtorne. 
1908. Butt, Harold Tbos.H ; St.Ba, t'.<.-ho.yK 

1892. Bnttar, (^'harles, lunsinyfou-ydns.-sj. 
1890. Butterfield. Nnth. Aug.i .('ape Toirn. 

1906. ButterAyorth, John, Middleton. 
1882. Butterworth, Sanuud. B.A.M.C. 
1870. Button, lloriice Gooch, X.S.W. 

1907. Button,M;irtinBinnsStuder,7/«cZwrt/. 

1878. Buxton, Alfd. St. Clair, Mansjield-st. 

1881. Buxton, Dudley ^^'ilmot,J/(/r/i«l<7•-i(/. 




1885. Buxton, Edward, Great Crosby. 
1891. Buxton, i^\i\-a(^\V\^ ., Fi-iiny Stratford. 
1881. Buxton, Thomas, Tainworth. 
1884. Buxton, Wni. Maberls-, Bladqwol. 
1854. Buzzard, Thomas, Grosvenor-st., W. 
1877. Bvani, Samuel Henry, Chi'sier-sq. 
19U4. Byam, AVilliani, R.A.M.C. 
1858. Bva?, Erlward lledev. 
1891. Brass;, Thos. Spry^ \\'(ilUii(ifor<l. 
19(.'7. Bvatt. Harrv\ iviauBvatt,A.>«*wy?o??. 
1906. Bye, Norman II., Buckhttrst-hill. 

1894. Bvers, Henrv Sta<r]n-, Cleutor. 
1879. Byers, Sir John William, Belfast. 

1895. Bytbrd, William Francis, Ruthin. 
1861. Byles, Alexandei". 

189.3. Byles, Jas. Beuzeville, Sacl-rille-st. 
1^56. Byramjee, Ku.*tomjee, Cainpch-u-hUl. 
1884. Byrne, George, MancJwstcr. 
18(j7. Byrne, James Peter, Jf'icklow. 
1874. Byrne, John Joseph, Preston. 

1899. Byrne, John Scott, Dub/in. 
1895. Byrne, Peter Kevin, York-place. 
1853. Bvrue, Oscar. 

1900. By water, EruestFdk.W., Musioell-hill. 

1871. Cable, Georjre Hug-lies, Greonvich. 
1897. Cade, Harry 31ills, Grantham. 
1892. Cade, Henrv Lowless, Wullmyton. 
1875. Cadjre, Wiliiain Hotson, I. M. S. 

1859. Cajsar, Richd. Thompson, Bearsted. 
1896. C;esar, llichd. Thompson, Maidstone. 
1895. Caglieri, Guido Enrico, SanFranctSco. 
18S2. C;iig-er. Frederick Foord, Stockicell. 
1850. Caird, Thomas Wilson, Croydon. 
1869. Calautarients, Jnhannes A., iSearboro\ 
1884. Caldecott, Charies, iiW/*///. 

1877. ("alder, Aug. Barclay, Faiham-rd. 
1888. Cakler, Frank, Darfinyton, N.S. W. 
1895. Caldicott, Clias. Holt, Chobham. 

1860. (Caldwell, \Vm. Townley 1)., i5/-/.ri!<w. 

1884. Caleb, Clement Cornelius, Lahore. 

1885. Caley, Guthrie Neville, iia//«y. 
1909. Caley, Frederick Goodman, H'indsor. 
1890. Caley, Henry Albt., Up. Jierkeley-st. 
1858. Caley, Jame"s William, Selby. 

\f*Ql. Ca!ev, Tiionias Aluvsius, Ilotherhain. 
1895. Caley, WilHam Birch, Sheffield. 
1858. Callaghan, Wm., Queensland. 
1874. Callcott, Jos. Tiios., Gosforth. 

1886. Callender, J'^ustace M., Connattght-sq. 
1879. Callender, John Hawkes, X. Shields. 
1855. Callender, Michael James. 

18.56. Callender, William. 
] 885. Calrow, Thomas. 

1867. Calthrop, Christopher Wm., I. M. S. 
1862. Calthrop, Edward, Farnham. 

1888. Calthrop, Lii mel Claude E., Droit icich. 

1894. Calverley ,.l . E. G., C.M.G., Folkestone. 
1855. Calvert, Francis, Beverley. 

1885. Calvert, James, llarley-st., W. 
1887. Calvert, John Telfer, /. M. S. 

1887. Calvert, Wm. Dobree, Brii/hton. 
19U9. Cam,Walt.lT )lcrurt, BishopsStortford. 

1879. Cania Bastaniji, Hormasji, I.. U.S. 
1907. Camacho, Angel, Hollan'l-j'ark. 

1907. Camacho, Martin, Flsham-road. 
1876. Cambridge, Thos. Axih.., Ilornsey-rise. 

1902. Cam;'ron, Alexander, Cleetliorjyes. 

1891. Cameron, Allan Gordon li., Worthinq. 
1859. Cameron, Charies, 1. M. S. 

1883. Cameron, Chas. Ernest, JIuntretd. 
1876. Cameron, Chas. H. Hone, Fastbourne. 

1889. Cameron, I'lwan G., Gt. Portland-st. 
1905. Cameron, Hector Charles, Glasyow. 
1869. Cameron, Jas. Spottiswoode, Leeds. 
1900. Cameron, John, Manchester. 

1908. Cameron, John Joseph. Jamaica. 

1896. Cameron, Malcolm, Boyal Art/;//. 

1903. Cameron, Itbt. Miles F., W. Aasfr. 

1888. Cameron,Kobert W., If'olrej-hamptvn. 

1898. Cammidge, Percv John, Beaamont-st. 

1897. Campbell, Allied, Sydney, X.S. IF. 

1895. Campbell, Archibald Jn., Boss. 

1892. Campbell, Arthur Minton. 

1904. Campbell, Chris. Addison, Toronto. 
1904. Campbell, Colin Alex., Moorfields. 
1874. Campbell, Colin Geo., Sout/iport. 

1890. Campbell, L)aue.M'D.Lochnell,.4c/o«. 

1899. Campbell, Geo. Gunning, Madras. 

1881. Campbell, Harry, Wimpole-street, W. 
1887. Campbe!l,HenryJohustoue,Z//v/f//byv/. 

1880. Campbell, Henry Wm., Qneensland. 
1890. Campbell, .fas. Tweedie, Canada. 
1892. Campbell, John. Alex. Lanu-roid.^.i\': 

1894. Campbell, Jn.IIav,7;..S'.0!,7('..4 M.C. 
1904. Campbell, Patrick Duncan M.^Faliny. 

1882. Campbell, Siimuel George, Durban. 
1908. Campbell, \\\\\. Archibald, Glasyow. 
1874. Campbell, AVni. Macfie, Liverpool. 
1903. Campbell,Wm. Wellesley, Kiays Coll. 
1903. Campiche, P.uil, Middlesex Hospital. 

1883. Camps, Samuel, Trinidad. 

1908. Candler, Arthur Laurence, Croydon. 

1895. Cantller, George, Black Turrinyion. 

1886. (handler. Wallace Harry Ciias., Stone. 

1908. Candy, (-reorge Speiice, Gordon-sq, 

1909. Cane,' Artiiur Skelding, Faatbourne. 
1876. Cane, Howard, Belvedere, Kent. 
1908. Cane, Howard .Jas. P.arrell, Belvedere. 
187'i. Caue, LcDUard, Petfrboronyh. 

1907. Cane, Leonard Buckell, Peterboro\ 



] 800. (/iiuii, Fraiu-is Jn. I Iii^liti'fdp, Vmvlish. 
1800. Canu, Fivanci.s Mark, Vutncii. 
1884. Caun, Kalph Tlioinas, Fuicey. 

1898. Canuau, Davirl, Farest-f/ute, E. 

1887. Cauney, II y. Kdwd. L"i^!h, Jiarlei/st. 
1907. Canney, Jas;. llaheiUonC.,H<tf(hEtul. 
18oo. Caimilie, William, Toronto, C'a/iadii. 
18ti-'. Canny, Dennis .Joseph, 6'. Australia. 
189'). Cant," Arthur, Coles/iill. 

1888. Cant, Frederick, IVoud'cii. 
1877. Cant, AN'illiani John, Lincoln. 

]871. Canton, Frederick, Upp. M'impoh-st. 
18(54. Cantrell, Matthew Ilem-y, Buxton. 

1887. Capes, Itobeit, Di-nnutrh-hill, .S.E. 
187(5. Capon, Ilerbt. James, Up. (ieorye-st. 
1891. (.'aporn, .\lijt. Wm.. Cape Town. 
18SH. Cappe, Herbert Nelson, Jirovkicood. 

1899. Capper, Harold SAw yu, Sydnei/. 
1858. Carbery, Andrew Thomas. 
187'">. Carcenac, Edward, Mauritius. 
]8!)4. Card, Alfred Jleib='rt, Musu-ell-hill 
1893. Cardell, Edwnrd Stewart, Tvnhrid(jc. 

1890. Carden, Wm. Alfred, Cape Coloni/. 
1858. Carden, Wm. Iltnry, Wanvick-ruad. 
1877. Cardew, Oeorg-e Arthur, Cheltenham. 

1903. Cardew, Henry Jameson, lidyravia. 
1897. Cardin, Herbert. Inijatestone. 
1893. Cardinall, Charles Daking, Sidciip. 
18(5(5. Cardozo, Frederick ^'inay. 

1883. Cardozo, Samuel Xunez,'7?.^.J/.C 
1882. Cardwell, Thomas, liadclife. 

1879. Carew, Sydney, Balhani. 
1875. Carey, Adrian, Gihraltar. 

1857. Carey, Francis Edward, Guernsey. 

1871. Carev, Francis James. 

1874. Carey, John Thomas, B.A.M.C. 
\S7'2. Carey, Ilichd. John, Barkiny-rd., E. 
1909. Carey, K.chd. Stockev.7v/s^ Beryholt. 

1900. Carl6, Fredk. Chas., lVilliam-st.,'6.'\\ . 
1873. ("arline, William Arthur, Lincoln. 

1891. Carliuur, Albert, Bristol. 

1904. Carlisle, (ieoffrey, Blackheath. 

1 907. Carlyll,H i Id n d Beitra nr Ilanover-ter. 
1882. Carlyon, Eilwd. Trewbody, /. cf W. 
1877. Carlyon, Thomas Jlaxter, Corentry. 
1903. Carmalt-Jones, Dudley \\n\..Maida-v. 

1908. Carmody, Ern 'St Patrick, Tajdou: 
18s7. Carnall, I'ldward, Jlarroyate. 
1897. Carnes, William, Leeds. 

1890. Ciiruey, Ambrose, liomford'road, E. 

1872. Cardan, Jas. Fredk., New Z. 

1891. Carolin, (Jeorge, Boarnemmtth. 

1880. Carpenter. Arth. Bristowe, Croydon, 
18(54. Carpenter, Edward, liamsyate. 
1908. Carpenter, (ieotr.l). Hale,' Blshani-rd, 
1885. Carpenter, George Alfd., Welheck-st. 

1888. Carpenter, Percy Tranter, Parhstone. 


1890. Carpenter, Wm. St^inley, I)eptf(r.-d. 

1894. Carpnia.'l, Cecil Edwd., llerne-hill. 
I8f<0. Carr, Alfred Alex mder, Boiiloyne. 
18(52. Carr, Copley Jabez, liamsyate. 
1908. Carr, George Fraui^is, Wakejield. 
1852. Carr, George Wm., Ontario. 
1882. Carr, Thomas, Blackpool. 

1908. Carr, Win. Jas., Thurnton-in-Craien. 
190-'. Carr- Harris, Ferguson F., Ontario. 
18(57. Carre, LouisChas.A., C</w(ftf-;vfe//,S.E. 
1892. Cine, Louis Jn. (ierard. Cape Col. 

1891. Carre-Smitli,Hbt. Lmt^W, Holland-pk. 
18(54. Carreg, Gritiith Llewelyn. 

18S9. Carrell,Geo..\'i«rthern Piccaver./Z/b/Y/. 
LS85. Carriugton, George Hedwig, Poole, 
18^4. Carrolf, Ed w. Kichd. Wm. C. /. M. .V. 
1901. Carroll, Francis Pvadclitl'e, Bedford, 
1850. Carroll, John. 

1898. Carron, Fredk. Burke, Ontario. 
18()«5. Carruthers, Jas. Gain 'V, Xono<>< d. 
1905. Carruther-!,Wm.Donald,Zf.;v«/>////*«wi. 
1807. CaiTuthers, Wm. Hodgson- IIalt:m, 

1895. Carsljerg. Alfi>-d Ernest, Bruton. 

1850. Carson, Alexander. 

1890. Carstairs, Herbt. Jas., Tufnell-pk. 
1857. Carter, Alfred, Hayti. 
1870. Carter, Alfred Henry, Birminyham, 
1897. Carter, Arthur Burn'ell, Dnrtford. 

1899. Carter,Arth. Huntou, Jl'olrerhampfon. 
1884. Carter, Arthur Jos., !S]iepherd's Bush. 
18"^3. Carter, Eustace Georse, Leeds. 
1852. Carter, Frederic, 7. M. S. 

18(52. Carter, Frederick, Billericay. 

1894. Carter, Frederick John, /. 'of Wiyht. 

1901. Carter, George Archibald, Uull. 

1880. Carter, Godfrey, ^Sheffield. 

1908. Carter, Howard Bernard, Lewisham. 
187(5. Carter, Howard Bewley, Lewisham. 

1892. Carter, Hugh llonald. Kensinyton. 
18152. Carter, Jabez, Bedford. 

1893. Carter, .Jann-s Biibier, Ulrer.iton. 
1891 Carter, John (leorge, Xeic-Kent-rd, 
13(53. Carter, Bichard, Bath. 

1851. (larter, llobert, Toronto. 

1901. Carter, IMj-nt Markka m, 7. M.S. 
liJ07. C .rter, Sydney, Chant idy, France. 
18(5:). Carter, Thonnis, Birhmond, I'orks. 

1881. Carter, Thomas lulward, Kint/ston. 
189L Carter, Tiiomas Moravian, Bristol. 

1887. Carter, Tyl -r PL-ydell, Chip]>enham. 

1888. Carter, Weldou Crnjjg, Southpirt. 
18(53. Carter, William, Lire pool, 
1851. Carter. William lluskisson. 

1888. Carter, Wm. JeHns Beclier, C. Cd. 
1890. Carter, AVilliam l.'obsou, Warwick. 
18li3. Cartniel, Henry, Clevelyes, Lanes. 
1874. Cartwrighr, Alex., Oiti Barlinyton-st. 



189^. Ciirtwiiglit, Ernest Henry, Ticehurst. 
1871. Cartwriglit, John Teploe, Osivestnj. 
18il6. Carveli, John Maciean. Durham-ten-. 
1908. Carver, Alf. Edw. Arthur, Wrm/by. 
1900. Carver, Arthur Edimind, Torquay. 
LS'olj. Carver, Charles Handasyde. 

1904. Carver, Norman Clilton,' Wimbledon. 
18(50. Case, Geoige Henry, Farcham. 
1897. Case, Hiifrh ^lurtiu, Farelunn. 
1882. Case, William, Caistor, Xorfulk. 
1878. Casement, lirabazon N., A..S'. If. 
1873, Cash, Alfred Midgley, Torquay. 
1876. Cash, John Theo&OYH, Aberdeen. 
1893. Cass, Arthur Morgan, Gloucester. 
1871. Cass, Strttlord Thos.. St. Georye's-rd. 
186-5. Cass, Wm. Cuuuiughiun, Earls Court. 
1873 Cassan, Theodore, (rainsborcucjh. 
1906. Cassidy, Colin, Lancaster. 

1905. Cassidy, Maurice Alan, Lancaster. 
1866. Cassou, .John Hornsey, Kensinyton. 
1881. Castaheda,Tiburcio Perez, Madrid. 
1887. Castel, Adolphus Leo, Mauritius. 

1906. Castelhiinj.ln. Ur.ihani, <S'^. Geo.-hosp. 
1886. Castle, Chas. W. Marshall, Jamaica. 
1878. Castle, Hutton. Xen-port, L. of Wight. 
1^86. Castle, Richard P'ield, h'arnslei/. 
1860. Castle, Wm. H. Baldwin. 

1884. Castor, Richard Henderson, /. ^f. S. 
18of). Cates, William Edward, /. M. S. 

1901. Cathcart, George Eliott, R.A.M.C. 
19U8. ('athcart, Samuel Earle, Hiyhyate. 
1857. Catling, (Teo. Tavlor. 

1905. Catling, Henry, 'Brixton. 

1889. Cato, Alexander McLean, Forest-hill. 

1899. Cato, Charles Stanley, E.A.M.C. 

1835. Cattell, Geo. Trew, Cromwell, 

1853. Cattell, William, /. Army. 

1899. Catterall, Cuthliert Geo., Rainham. 

1876. Cattle, Charles Henry, Nottinyham. 

1887. Caudwell, Eber. Battersea-rise. 

1888. Caudwell, Francis B. Hv., Coqgeshall. 

1902. CaustOD, Edwd. Postle Gwyu,'i?..V. 
1888. Cautley, Edmund, Uivper Brook-st. 
1883. Cave, Edward .John, Jiath. 

1895. Cave, Francis A\ illiam, Ashford. 
1886. Cave, Frank Evans, St. Leonards. 
1892. Cave-Browne-Cave, Hr\'.,J.Ath.Club. 
1886. Cavoll, Herbert Bertram, Fleet. 

1895. Cawlev, George, Ottersliatr. 

1901. Cawston,Albt.Edw.l., TunhridyeWh. 
1909. Cawston. Fredk Gordon, Sydenham. 

1896. Cavlev, Frank \'^''n■>>^n, Stansfead. 
1859. Cavlev, William. /?/f//;«0Mf/. 

1892. Cazalet, Grenville Wm., Sutton. \ 

1898. Cazaly, William Henry, I. M.S. | 

1899. Cazenove, Wm. Reg., Long Sutton. I 
1870. Cecil, Henrv, Emigration Service. > 

1909. * 254h 

























































Ceely, Robert Walter, Queen's-pk. 

Center, William Rudolph, Ji.N. 

Cerswell, William Alfred, Canada. 

Chadborn, Cbas. Nugent, Hore. 

Chadwick, Alfred, Stockport. 

Chadwick, Chas. Montague, Leeds. 

Chadwick, Chas. Stott, Birminyham. 

Chadwick, Geo. James, Cape Chi. 

Chadwick, Geo. Richd., Kin y's Lyrin. 

Chadwick, Jas. Morley. 

Chadwick, John, Ruchdak. 

Chadwick, Walter Samuel. 

Chatl", Tiiomas Waycott, Paignton. 

Chatfey, Wayland Charles, Hove. 

Chaikiu, George, Xarton Folyate. 

Chalk, Charles Launder, Ea'liny. 

Challans, Frank, Upton Manor. 

Challenor, Harry Sept., Abingdon. 

Challenor, William, St. Helens, Lanes. 

Challice, John Scott, Tanyier. 

Challinor, Cedric, Leiqh. 

Challinor, Saml. M'Millan, Cohvall. 

Cliallis, Harrv T., Walthamsiow. 

Challis, Oswald, R.A.M.C. 

Chalmers, John Erskine, Grosmont. 

Chamberlain, Durie A., Hampstead. 

ChamberLiin, Edwd. B., Pateley Br. 

Chamberlain, Edwd. T., Banst'ead. 

Chambers, Alex. Jasper. R.A.yLC. 

Chambers, Alfred Edward, Denton. 

Chambers, Eber, Wibninyton-sq. 

Chambers, Ernest James, Matlock. 

Chambers, Hbt. Wm., Goldhuick-rd. 

Chambers, Jas. Percival Prettie. 

Chambers, Jn. Louis, Hackney-road. 
Chambers, John Miles, Up.Lydbrook. 
Chambers, Wm. Francis, Folkestone. 
Chambers, Wm. John, Kenora, Can. 
Chambres, Charles. 
Champueys. Francis H., Up. Brook-st. 
Chance, Robt. Francis, Manchester. 
Chandler, Edward, A. M. S. 
Chandler, Henry Parry, Portsmouth. 
Chant, Thomas, Tivickenham. 
Chaplin, Clem. W., Angmeriuy. 
Chapman, Algernon Vivian, Cn.ydon. 
Chapman, Charles Edward. 
Chapman, Chas. L. G., Manchester. 
Chapman, Chas. Wm., Weymouth-st. 
Chapman, Donald I'ovntz, R.X. 
Chapman, Fdk. Hercy M., R.A.M.C. 
Chapman, George, Rugcley. 
Chapman, Geo. Wm., Margate. 
Chapman, Herbt. Fredk., Richmond. 
Chapman. John, Cold Harbour-lane. 
Chapman, .John Ellis, North Molton. 
Chapman, Paul .Aforgan, Hereford. 
2602 M 



189o. Chapman, Walter, Totnes. 

1899. Chapman, Wm. Daniel, Winihrmerc. 

1857. Chapman, William Edwin. 

1907. Cliapman, Wm. .las., 'J'orriiif/fun-sq. 

1857. Chappell, Julm James, A. J\J. .*>'. 
1881. ChappeD, Walt. Franklin, Xeio York. 
188-'5. Chappie, Aubrey Durant, Wii/bridf/e. 

1908. Chapi)le, Harold, Gui/'s-huspilnl. 
1395. Chappie, Rubt. Llewellyn, Barn^Jey. 

1897. Chappie, Wm. Allan, Neic Zeahiud. 
1881. Chard.Richd.Aug-.Sehvay, Worihimj. 
190t). Charles, Arth. de C. C, Uichmmul. 
189;J. Charles, Blackwell, Kin'/xlerstrc/l. 
1907. Charles, Clittbrd Vt'ndrM, Ke7i8iiii/ton. 

1898. Charles, Godfrey Eus^ice, i.J/.-'i'. 

1906. Charles, lleibert, Cncklewuud. 

1897. Ciiarles, John Kofrer, CUfton. 
1886. Charleswortli,CTeo. Uy.. Wanchicorth. 
1873. Charlesworth, Henry,' C.M.G., .4/-;h(/. 
1890. Charlton, Frederick'John, Ihindleij. 
1895. Charslev, Gilbert AVm., Mahtrn. ' 

1888. Charslev, Robert Stephen, Shitf/h. 

1907. Chase, Rubt. Godwin, Gui/s-Ziosp. 

1909. Chasker, Keshev S., Luhre City. 

1889. Chaster, George William, Soiithport. 

1903. Chatelain. Victor Albert, Good may es. 

1898. Chater, Harold John, lioyal JS'avy. 

1895. Chater, John Samiiel, Lincoln. 

1905. Chater, Thomas Andrew, Guildford. 
1897. Chattertou. Edgar, C>. Westburne-ter. 

1896. Chatterton, Harold, Tollinyton-pk. 

1899. Chaiidhuri, Suhrid Nath., 'Cdcutta. 

1904. Chauncy, Jas. Hornidge, A*. <S'. Wales. 
1894. Chavasse, Howard Sidney ,6'. ( 'oldjield. 
1876. Chawner. Alfred, CheKterfeld. 

1908. Cheadle, Bernard Arthur, Kensington. 
1886. Cheale, Montague, Uchfeld. 

1903. Cheatle, Cyril Thos., Burford. 

1904. Cheatle, William George, Haniiell. 
1902. Cheese, Frederick Wm., Bluchhecdh. 

1899. Cheese, John Wm.. Xortkwood. 
1873. Cheesewright, Jn. F., Rotherhani. 

1897. Cheesman, Herbt. Hiltcm, AV?r Z<^ft/. 

1858. Cheesman, John, Bnchinyhatn. 
1889. Cheetham, Sydney AVm., /bres^ Gate. 

1878. Cheetham, Walter Ileurv, Leeds. 
1904. Chell, Geo. Russell Jhiines, Xeuark. 

1897. Chenerv, Arthur, Victoria. 

1898. Chennells, Ernest P., Tlnrndon-leath. 
1889. Chepmell,Chas.Wm. .].,I'i/i.-<bitry-pk. 
1850. Chepmell, Isaac I)., llurstpierpoint. 

1906. Cherrett, Bertram W'aM.. Southampton. 

1879. Chesshire, Arth. E., Wolrerhampton. 
1804. Chesson, Herbert, A>«; Zealand. 
1866. Chester, John Charles. 

1900. Chetwood, Thos., Neio Nurth-rd. 
1873. Chet-wood, Wm., Christophcr-st., E.C. 


1897. Cbevallier, Claude Lionel, E.Africa. 

1884. Cheves, James Trelawny, Plymouth. 
1871. Cheyne, George Edward, Jamaica. 
1905. Cheyney, George Hammond, Ware. 
1891. Chichester, Edward, Colchester. 

1885. Chick-Lucas, Jas. R.G.,/?/-rtr/j«y,7. Tf. 
1891. Chidell,ClaudeChiirchill,Z?oM/'/«';«7A. 

1887. Chilcott,Arth.Edwd.,//iy//<'/7<>//*Ar//j. 
11)06. Chilcott, Wm. W. D., Kensinytim. 
1901. Child, Francis Joseph, Winchester. 

1895. Child, Gerald Alfred, Southampton. 
1900. ChiM. Hhrrv Norman Rix, Nata'. 

1884. Child, HerU-rt, i:.rf^e/-. 
1903. Child, Stanley, Llorshaw. 

1885. Childe, Letterstedt Fredk., LM.S. 
1879. Childs, Christopher, L'joe. 

1 903. Chiles-E vaus.Dvd. \iv\nmov,Swansea. 

1879. Chillingworti), Andrew, Bedford. 
1867. Chiuerv, Edwd. Fluder, Li/mim/fon. 

1880. Chipperheld, T.J. B.P., Ll'atnpion-crt. 
18(j0. ChishoLn, Edwin, Sydney, X.S. W. 
1878. Chisholm, John Merritt, Woolton. 
18S0. Chisholm, William, Sydney, S.S. W. 
1871. Chislett, Francis II. 0., Manor-)-d.,'S. 
1908. Chisnall, George Henry, Colcheter. 
1907. Chissell, Percy John, Wimborne. 

1881. Chittenden, Thos.IIillier,0«;/«y/o«-.<5'. 
18S0. Chittv, Alfd. Goldnev, JLic/hyate. 

1886. Chohiieley, Hy. Patruk, Purtland-,,1. 
1897. Cholmelev, Montague Adve, Truro. 

1896. Choppincr; Arthur, J2..4. J/. C. 
1907. Chopra, Ram. Nath., Grindlay Sr Co. 

1889. Chowry Muthu, David J. A.' Wells. 

1890. Christal, Tiios. Forster, Jlichmond. 
1900. Christian, John P.eresford, /..l/.S. 

1869. Christian, John Griffith, Llarroyate. 
1895. Christmas, Rbt. Wm. S., GamUnyay. 
1886. (^hristopher.<on, Cecil, >^. Leonards. 
1881. Chrunnell. James, Hindley. 

1877. Chubb, Wm. Lindsay, Sandyate. 
1884. Churcher, Rev. Thos. G., Tunitna. 
190-2. Churchill, Geo. Brooke F., Jt.A .V.C. 
1903. Churchill, Herbt. Melville. Briyhton. 
1900. Churchill, John Aylwanl, China. 
1864. Churchill, John Foot, Che.<h'im. 

1897. Churchill, Jus. Henry, Wenibhy. 
1907. (Jhurchill, Spencer, Putney. 

1874. Churchward, Albert.. SW^;/»<-rrf.,S.E. 

1898. Churtou, John Gaitskell, BA.yLC. 
1862. Churtou, Thomas, Leeds. 

1870. t'liute, Henry ^lacready, C. Colony. 
L'^02. Clapham, Edward, Wimbledon. 
18'.t'j. Cla])luim, lulwurd Wm., HurUy-st. 
1903. Clapham, Harold, Peterbvrovyh. 
1SX)9. Clapham, Howar J Dennis.Zf/cAfr<>;7A. 

1888. Clapham, John Thuriow, JR.A.M.V. 
1867. Clapham, Lawrence, Peterltorouyh. 




1904. Clapham, Roderic Arthur, Woodford. 
18!t8. ("laphaiu, Statilev Coi-uell, Bexley. 
1848. Clapham, Wm. B., Gt. Dunmmc. 
1871. Chiphaiu,Wm.CrochleyS.,ii«/'/(e/7i'/y/. 
1804. (."lapp, Albert John. 

1881. Clapp, George Tiickor, Exeter. 
1870. Ulapp, liobert, Taxutock. 

1802. Clapp, Wm. Henry Bant, A M.S. 
18o4. Clapp, William John, Pciiarfh. 

1877. Claremont, (Maude Clarke, Soufhsea. 

1878. Claremont, Const. Cecil, Norwich. 

1882. Claremont, Louis B., Ilaverdock-hill. 

1902. Claridge. Wm. Walton, Gold Coast. 
1909. Clark, Alfred Joseph, Street. 
1888. Clark. Brown, Honisei/. 

1857. Clark, Charles. 

1880. Clark, Francis Wm., Ilo>i(/ Konrj. 
1870. Clark, Frederick, Somers Town. 
1855. Clark, (leorge. 

1890. Clark, Henry Colhatch, Hereford. 

1894. Clark, Henry James, Swanrif/e. 

1907. Clark, Jaiues Aitken, Brondes/)i<ri/. 

1858. Clark, James Edward, A. M. S. 
1844. Clark, James Fenn, Leamuu/toii. 

1878. Clark. Sir Jas. R. Andrew, Bt., C.B. 
1877. Clark, John George, Colviile-rd, \V. 
1885. Clark, Jn. S. Foot, Stoke-u.-Ham. 

1881. Clark, Oscar William, Gloucester. 
1888. Clark, Percy John, Spitnl-s'/., E.C; 
1897. Clark, Reginald Wm., Keusal liise. 

1895. Clark, Richd. Foster, lioi/. Aavi/. 

1890. Clark, Sydney. 

1891. Clark, William Adams, Pem/e. 

1903. Clark, William Brown, Caferlxnn. 

1879. Clark,Wm.Thos.Marston,r«-it/.-n//'w 
1855. Clark, ^^'m. Wake, WeUiitqhoronqh. 

1904. Clark-Hall, .Jas. Richd. Alex., R.N. 
1800. Clarke, Alfd. F. S., Pemtvidiie-villas. 
18(51. Clarke, Arthur, Itif/afestonc. 

1874. Clarke, Arthur, Mor/ei/, Leeds. 
1904. Clarke, Artli. All^^n F., Bansmder. 

1887. Clarke, Arthur Edward, y(did. 
1899. Clarke, Arth. Ernest, liiehnKiiisworth. 
1894. Clarke, Arthur Hopkins, Hnliart. 

1896. Clarke, Astiev Vavasour, Leicester. 

1908. Clarke, CeciU Bristol. 

1884. Clarke, Chas. Frederick, Plxiih^lead. 
1891. CLirke, I'idward Albe-t, Dukiiifeld. 
19;J0. Clarke, Edwcird Revely, Plf/iuouth. 
1894. Cln-ke, Fielding, Worcester. 
1808. Clarke, Rev. Francis Edwd., Bof//e. 
1855. Clarke, P'rancis Winter, Guildford. 

1897. Clarke, Fredk. A. II , B.A.M.C. 
19<J2. Clarke, Geo. F. M.. Westliuunie-st. 
1891. Clarke, Geo. Gilbert, Wohejield. 
1873. Clarke, Geo. Mouat Keith, <SWjo. 

1888. Clarke, Geo. Saunder, Or. Jtiver Cot. 

1890. Clarke, Harold W., N, Kensington. 
1901. Clarke, Harrv Edward, U.rhridcje-rd. 

1891. Clarke, Plarry Ward, Dorkiir/. 
1874. Clarke, HeurV, Wakefield. 

1899. Clarke, Hry. Hugh Rose, Stourbridtje. 
1878. Clarke, Henry Joy, Doncaster, 
1905. Clarke, Henry Jov, Doncaster. 
1893. Clarke, Hy. Rbt. S., Wolverhamj^ton. 

1892. Clarke, Hugh C. ^Y., Ashton-on~M. 

1900. Clarke, Huntley, Truro. 
1890. Clarke, James, Walthamstow. 
1886. Clarke, Jas. F. H., Shaftesbury-av. 

1884. Clarke, Jas. McFarlane, Bolton. 
1859. Clarke, John. 

1900. Clarke, Jolm, Rotherham. 
1852. Clarke, John Andrew. 

1863. Clarke, John Chauudv, Leeds. 

1885. Clarke, John Michell," Clifton. 
1909. Clarke, John Peter, Booile. 

1901. Clarke, John Stephenson, Surbit >n. 
1889. Clarke, John Tertius, M(day States. 
1855. Clarke, Joseph. 

1870. Clarke, Joseph Hirst, Transoaul. 

1805. Clarke, Myrry. 

1878. Clarke, Richard, Henton. 

1870. Clarke, Robt. YlQnYy,Rnvenscourt-pk. 

1886. (Clarke, Sarrruel Arathoon, Korley. 
1905. Clarke, Sidney Herbert, Leicester. 
1850. Clarke, Thomas. 

1900. Clarke, Thos. Alex., Bolim/hroke-qr. 
1889. Clarke, Thos. Henry, Poplar. 
1881. Clarke, Walter Janres, Birmintiham. 

1896. Clarke, Walter Travers, Leeds'. 
1880. Clarke, Wm. Frederick, Toronto. 

1880. Clarke, Wm. Jenner, Newbun/. 

1897. CLirkson. Colin Campbell, Leicester. 
1885. Clai-lcson,' Frank (\'eil, /. M. S. 
1874. (^'larkson, John AVilkins. L M. S. 
1885. Ciarkson, Thos. II. Fredk., R.A.M.C. 

1881. Clatworthy, Herbert, Queensland. 
1803. Claudon, Chas. Ambroise. 

1884. Clay, Aug. P'rederic, Birnu'iu/Itain. 
19 '5. Clay, C;.'cil Ernest, Dacshur}/. 
1870. Clay, Charles, Deirshuri/. 
1895. Clay, David Lloyd, Neii; Zea'and. 

1902. Clay, Ernesit IjUn^st'ovd, Birmingham. 
1895. Clay, Francis Edmund, Hoee. 
1807. Clay, Geo. Langsford, Birniiiii;/iani. 
1902. Chiv, James Duncan, Brock'eu. 
1880. Clav, Wm. Rudolpli, Si/dne//,\\.S. W. 
1905. Clayton, .-Vrthur Ross, S. Australia. 
1888. Clayton, Chas. II.. Hampstead. 
1907. Clayton, Edwd. Bellis, Dilton-hill. 

1898. Clayton, p]rnostTom]insoii,Z/(;;y»r,--A\'. 
1907. Clayton, Frank, N. Fiurhlnj. 

1884. Clayton, Geollrey Sl)erborne, Xeic Z. 

1901. Clavton, John Cecil, Cricklewood. 

2830 M 2 



1890. Clayton, Jn. IJa/lewood, Binninyham. 
1875. Clayton, Jos. Everett, O. liiv. Col. 
1896. Cleiiry, Augustine V.\}.,S.Kensimjton. 
i860. Cleary, Peter. 

1881. Cleaver, William Fidler, Tiinidad. 

1882. Clegg, Joseph, Unnston. 

l8oo. Clement, Joseph. 

1906. Clementi-Smith,IIerbt.D.,AVW«£/<o«. 
1901. Clements, Edwd. Cecil, Lincoln. 
1878. Clements, William George, ^.^.3/. C. 
1893. Clemesha, John Craig. 

1895. Clemesha, ^^'m. AVesley, I. M. S. 
1891. Clemmey, Wni. Newlands, Bootle. 
1891. Clendinnen, Wm. McEntire, Bilston. 
1865. Cleve, Riclid. Plowman,iwc«/?i"s-w?w. 
1897. Cleveland, Arth. John, Nonckh. 

1888. Cleveland, Henry Francis, /. M. S. 
1904. Cleveland, John 'Wheeler, Guildford. 

1889. Cleveland, Robert Achille^^, Ci/prus. 

1907. Cleverton, Thos. Chas. Albt., Sultash. 

1896. Clifford, Frank Cbas. W., Keucastle. 

1897. Clifford, Harold, Manchester. 

1872. Clifford-Eskell, ^L M., Mnidu-vale. 
1887. Clifford, Thomas, Stahjhrid(je. 
1891. Clift, Hugh, Royal Nacif. 

1874. Clift, Martin Luther, Kinr/-.«qMire. 

1885. Clift, Sand. Leonard, Bournemouth. 
1881. Clifton, Frederick William, Sheffield. 
1868. Clifton, Geo. Herbert, Cape Tvu-n. 
1857. Clifton, Robert AValter, A. M. 8. 
1860. Climo, William Hill, A. M. S. 
181>4. Clindening, Fredk. TalbotD., China. 
1901. Clitherow, Herbert George, Peekham. 

1878. Clitherow, Robt. Edward, Duiwich. 
18 0. Close, Geo. Wharton. 

1906. Close, John Basil, Scarborouyh. 

1886. Close, John Borrill, Hull. 
1865. Clothier, Henry, Hiyhyate. 

1897. Cloud. Frank H.L.,Ae«-i/Kr7c»w///(a?«. 
19C6. Clougli, Alfd. ILillier, Ventnur. 

1889. Clough, Joseph, Hun.slet. 
1900. Clover, Martin, Ellesmerc. 

1897. Clowes, Ernest Francis, Wootton. 
1856. Clowes, Francis, Stalhani. 

1879. Clowes, Herbt. Alfred, Baysivater. 

1890. r;i()wes, Jn. I'alpbreyman, Frestivich. 
1877. Clowes, Josepli Sniitli, Queensland. 
1890. Clowes, Norton Rurrouahs, Beading. 
1889. Clowes, Wm. Fdk. Albert, Colche.--fer. 
1876, Clubbe, Chas. Percv Rarlee, Si/dney. 

1873. Clunn, Tho?. Robt." Hood, Presfu-ich. 
1908. Coad, Claude Norman, Walton. 
1886. Coad, John Edwin, Poyal Navy. 
1893. Coad, Stanlev Allan, Elyin-nvenue. 


1866. Coalbank, Isaac, Teddinyton. 
1907. Coalb ink, Robt. ^la\co\v\\,Teddinyton. 
1899. Coates, Frederick Artbur, U hitchiirch. 
1863. Coates, Fredk. Wm., Waikato, X.Z. 

1878. Coates, George, Ruyhy. 
IS64. Coates, Geo. Alex. Augustus. 

1890. Coates, Henrv Honiton, Soho. 
1894. Coates, R it-hard, St. Xeots. 

1881. Coates, William, C.B., Manchester. 
1872. Coates, Wm. 11., Hucknall Torkard. 
1889. Coates, Wm. Henry, Patrinytyn, 

1876. Coates, Wni. Henry, Henley. 

1859. Ccathupe, Edwin Weise, Bristol. 
1897. Coi>b, Ernest Heibt., Stevenaqe. 
1862. Cobb, John Fredc, Sofala, X.S. W. 
1874. Cobb, Robert, I. M. S. 

1891. Cobb, Wm. Ernest Stanley, Tootiny. 
1897. C-^bbledick, Arth. Stanbury, Brixtln. 

1874. Cobbold, Chas. Spencer Waller, J5«M. 
1894. Cock, Chas. Jas. Edwd., Royal Navy. 
1903. Cock, Frederick, Royal Navy. 
1883. Cock, Fredk. Wm., Porchester-sq. 
1896. Cock, George Herbert, .S. Mvlton. 
1907. Cock, Jas. Lyall, Tru7-o, Nova Scotia. 

1879. Cock, John, B.vmouth. 

1878. Cock, Morris Fisher, Ashford. 

1875. Cock, WiUiams, Peekham. 

1871. Cockburn, Sir John Alex., K.C.M.G. 

1882. Cockburn, Lestock Weatherley , C";(rt^« 
1803. Cockburn, Robt. Pitcaim, Ealiny. 
1905. Cockcroft, George, Rochdale. 

1860. Cockcroft, John,' Middleham. 
1900. Cocke, Robert Stm-geon, 

1880. Cockell,Edwd. Seatou, W. Hartlepool. 

1877. Cockell, Frederick Edgar, Dahton. 

1861. Cocker, Wm. Henrv, Blackpool. 
1885. Cockerill, John AVilliam, R.A.M.C. 
1887. Cockerton, Herbert, Transvaal. 

1883. Cockey, Edmund Percival, Frome. 
1891. Cockill, Tbomas Treffrv, Richmond. 
1887. Cockill, William BAron. Kendal. 

1884. Cocking, William lusting, Sheffield. 

1861. Cocks, Cambridge Cary, N.S. W. 
IS'iO. Cocksedge, Thos. Abraham. 

1862. Cocksedge, Thos. A. J., Banayher. 
1852. Cocksbott, Joseph. 

1885. Codd, Henry Robinson, Ontario. 
1867. Codrington..In.Fredc.,0/wj«7<',JN';6'. W. 
1858. Codrington, Oliver. Clapham. 

1896. Codrington, Wm. ja.s., R.N. 
1884. Coe, Henrv Clark, New York. 
1877. Coffin,Thos.\Valker,.yMA/c«-rr.,N.W. 
1870. Cogan, Lee Fyson, Northampton. 
1865. Coghlan, Isdward Francis, Lomjton. 
1899. Coghbui, i\lwd. Francis, Ormonde-ter. 
1858. Coghlan, Hunter Alexander. 
1893. Coirill, Harrv, Gnendirr-road, W. 



1898. Cogswell, Philip Dare, Hinckley. 
1880. Cohen, Alg-. Aaron, Sidney. 
1908. Cohen, Bertie Isaac, Cape Toun. 
1900. Cohen, Edward, Couhdon. 

1896. Cohen, Joseph, Aldershot. 

1902. Cohen, Marcus Wool!', Commercial-rd. 
1907. Cohen, Meyer, Canonbury. 

19(X). Cohn, .Jacob, Belsize-square, N.W. 
189:?. Coke, Edmund P. Isaacs, Sinclair-rd. 
1873. Coke, William Harriott, Ashford. 
1904. Coker, Alfred Philip, Sew Zealand. 
1801. Colah, Muncherjee Berarajee. 
1858. Colahan, John .Jos. Alovsius, A. M. S. 
18:)9. Colbeck, Thomas William, Dover. 

1888. Colborne, George, Bunr/ay. 

l."^7o. Colborne, Hy., -SY. Leonard' fi-on-Sea. 
1870. Colborne, John George, Ha^tinys. 

1880. Colborne, Wm. John, Royal Xavy. 
1879. Colborne, William Wriothesley,J«/jart. 
1860. Colbv, Georore, Picker inq. 

1851. Colby, WiUiam Taylor, 'Malton. 
189:?. Colelough, Wm. Frank, Sidmouth. 

1894. Coldicott.Wm. Jx'xmHW, Hammersmith. 

1903. Cole, Arthur Frederick, China. 
1887. Cole, Francis, Deloraine, Tatmamu. 

1895. Cole, George, Xottinyham. 

1901). Cole, Horace Godden, Leatherhead. 
1886. Cole, Jn. Martin Coates, l\'neziiela. 

1897. Cole, John AVm. Edwd., Rhodesia. 
1868. Cole, Richard Mount, Gloucester. 

1889. Cole, Robt. Henry, ?>/;. Berkeley-st. 
18S7. Cole, Samuel John, Bideford. 

1900. Cole, Thos. Edwin Cecil, Leaminyton. 

1872. Cole, Wm. James. 

1886. Coleclough, Jobn Arthur, Elf ham. 

1890. Coleman, Alfd. Thomas, Leicester. 
1897. Coleman, Edwd. H., Wolverhampton. 
1895. Coleman, Ernest. Lincoln. 

1900. Coleman, Frank, Hurley-street. ' 

1870. Coleman, Henry William, Leeds. 

1894. Coleman, Jas. Geo. Blytli, Sidton-Br. 

1895. Coleman, James Jordan, Bridlinyton. 
1867. Coleman, Matthew Owen, Siirhiton. 

1896. Coleman, ^laurice Were, Readiny. 
1890. Coleman, Percy, Clacton-on-Sea. 
1885. Coleman, Wm. Edward, If'ednesbuiy. 

1871. Colemau,, Wm. Franklin. Toronfu. 
1854. Coleman. William Warman. 

1878. Colenso, Robt. John, Southicell-'/dns. 

1901. Coleridire, Alfred. Bristol. 
18it0. Coles, Charles, O.vford. 

1!:»05. Coles, Charles St. Arnaud, Rath. 

1879. Coles, Donald Alexander, Chisuick. 
1862. Coles, Robert William, Oldham. 

1881. Colea, AVilliam James, Croyd(m. 
1"S76. Coley, Fredc. Coliins, Xeiccastle-on-T. 
1906. Collard,Bevill^Iolesworth,Z)wrc//<'s/e/-. 


1861. Collard, James. 

1894. Collcutt, Arthur Maurice, Briyhton. 
1880. Colledge, Lesley Robert, Steyniny. 
1908. Colledge, Lionel, Warivick-square. 
1875. CoUeuette, F. de Beauchamp, Tootiny. 
1898. CoUens, Edward Howard, Hereford. 
1907. Collet, Gilbert Golding, IVorthiny. 
1874. Collet, Golding Bird, Worthinq. 

1878. Collett, Robt. William, Wick.^ 
1888. Collier, Charles, Wellinyton. 

1895. Collier, Henry William", ILove. 
1877. Collier. Herbert, fU. Yarmouth. 
1894. Collier, Jas. Staustield, li impole-st. 
1897. Collier, Robert Stanlej"-, Rhodesia. 
1864. Collier, Thomas, Ripon. 

1894. Collier, AValter Edgar, Maidstone. 

1880. Collier, William, Oxford. 

1906. Collingham, David Horace, Camhridye. 

1877. Collingridge, William, Guildhall. 
1905. Collingridge, Wm. Rex, Richmond. 

1881. Collings, Cha^. d'Auyersrne, Guernsey. 

1895. CoUings, Dudley Willis, Wckim,. 
1891. CoUings, Edwd'. Beresford, Barnsley. 

1888. CoUiugton, Frank Arnott, Coventry. 

1879. CoUiugton, John Wheler, Kihuorth. 
1886. Collingwood, Fdk. Wm., Acton-hill. 
1886. Collinirwood, Geo. Trevor, Roy . Kavy. 
1850. Collins, Alfred. 

1889. Collins, Algernon Boniface, Yapton. 

1884. Collins, Arthur Ward, Ulverston. 
1874. Collins, Chas. Edward, E. Grinstead. 
1846. CoUius, Chiis. Howell, Chew-Mayna. 

1860. Collins, Chas. Phillips, Leamintfton. 

1890. Collins, Edward Tenison, Cardif. 
1890. Collins, Ethelbert, Sawhridyeworth. 

1874. Collins, Floyd, Burnham-on-Crouch. 

1907. Collins, Francis Garland, Scorrier. 
1886. Collins, Frank, Wanstead, N.E. 
1855. Collins, Frederick. 

1878. Collins, George Duppa, Broselc/. 

1885. CoUins.Geo. Fletcher, Bamber Bridr/e. 

1881. Collins, Geo. Wm., Wanstead, X.E. 
1849. Collins, Henry, Ri^eley. 

1861. Collins, Henry. 

1875. Collins, Henry -Vbdy, Saxmundham. 

1873. Collins, Ilem-y Beale, Kinyston. 
1894. Collins, .Tohn Boniface, Yapton. 

1890. Collins, John Norton, Peterhorom/h. 

1901. Collins, Michael Abdy, Lie.vley As,/l. 

1882. Collius, Octayius Aug. (Tla.sier. Bath. 

1902. Collins, Reginald Thomas, R.A.M.C. 

1891. CollJL^s, Richd. Hawirey, Elmonton. 
1898. Collins, Victor ]-]yelyu. Cape Colony. 

1874. Collins, Walt. Chas. G., Bridgwater. 
1853. Collins, William! 

1884. Collins, William C. Glasier. 
187*5. Collins, Wm. l':dwJ.,Tn//%^(»/j, N.Z. 



1899. CoUinson, Frar.cis Chas., Mas1>n.ii;,h. 

1885. Collinsou, Frei:k. William, I'rcston. 
18S5. Collinson, Thomas Arthur, Bristol. 

1894. Odlis, Arthur John, Neurr.-st/(-<,n-T. 
1896. Coliis, Edgar Leiirh, Stourbn'f/i/e. 
1854. Collisoii, Jolm Bo-«Tiier. 

1898. Colls, I'ercy Cooper. Craitbrooh. 
1898. Collum, Ro-wl.nid, Neiv Caveiidish-st. 
1898. Collyer, Bertram Joseph, Pau/ntun. 
1893. Collyer, Brice, Croydon. 

1858. Collyer, James, Plcn/ih-^i. 
1884. CollycVj James Ralpli, I'laydcn. 
1845. Collvus, Jolin Barrett, JJidrcrfoii. 

1900. CollVus, J(,)hn .Moore, C/ 
1882. Colly ns, Robert Johu, Didvcrton. 
1881. Column, Geo. Maurice II., li.A.M.C 

1886. Colmrn, "Walt. Stacy, Wu?ij:o/e-tt. 

1904. Colmer, Cecil, Ytovil. 

1892. Colmer, Ptolemy Augustus, Yeovil. 

1905. Colmer, Vyviau, Yeovil. 

1877. Colquhoun, Daniel, Duncdin, N. Z. 
1880. Colquhoun,AVm.Broohs, Blixnushnry. 
1868. Colson, Edward, I.M. S., Jerse;/. 
1854. Colston, Chas. Kelway, IJJ.S. ' 
1851. Colston, Henry Samuel. 
1879. Colt, Thomas Archer, Portsea. 
1898. Coltart, Guv Hemming, FitiJunn. 
1898. Coltart, Henrv Neville, India. 
1898. Coltart, A\'illnd Henry, Osivestrij. 
1872. Coltart, William Wilson. Ppsom. 
1890. Colvin-Smith, Bbt. C. JM., Crovier. 
1 900. Cohvell Jlector Alkl, Middles<'a--Jw.'=j). 
1801. Colyer, Arthur Reg., Beclenhmn. 
1907. Colyer, Horace Cliaiies, Ainyer-road. 
1889. Colver, James Frank, Queen Anne-st. 
1898. Colver, Stanley Wm. R., Tul-c-kill. 

1884. Comber, Arth* W., Midlothian. 

1886. Comber, Chas. Tho.«. Thornton, C. Col. 

1887. Comerf'ord.BeauniontH.j Chester-terr. 

1862. Comerford, Michael. 

1859. Comley, John Muspratt, Indfo. 

1863. Compson, Ju. Chas., Bridf/e of Allan. 
1900. Compton, IMauiice Win/a'r, JIull. 
1896. Compton, Tin mas, E. Mole-^ei/. 

1864. Compton, Thonuis A., Tciynnouth. 

1907. Comvn, Arth.I'it/Avilliam, Piihuond. 
1909. Comvn, Kenneth, Jiythe. 

1893. Conder, Alfred Hartwell, Dvrlan. 
1877. Cones, George Augustus, I. M. S. 

1885. Cones. John Archibald, Burycss-hill. 
l?-95. Conford, Geo. James, Feli.iti.ue. 

1895. Connell Arthur I\I avers. SJu field. 
1895. Counell, Walt.Thos., Bedford-pl. 

1908. Connellan. Edmund Vict or,7\V/,;/.s//«»?. 
1907. Connellan, I'eniv.-d Sardy.<,/vV/,^/.s7(r/wi 
1870. Connolly,Benj.Bloomfield,r.i?.,.^;/»V 
1887. Connollv, Frank Glvnn, Bri'hnne. 


1802. Connolly, Joseph. 

1902. Connolly, Noel Alfd. Wm., Sydrcy. 

1896. Connor, Geo. Washington, I\eicry. 

1862. Connor, .Tas. II. T., Wandxuorth. 

1873. Couolly, Beaumont Rowley, Funchal. 

1885. Couolly, Cha<. Hamilton, Woud-yr. 

1871. Couolly, S!e]ihen F., Baa^et-road, W. 

1907. C( Tiraii. Piiili]) Cvii\\t'ord,Br(sinygioI,e. 
1895. Constable, John Cfcil, Bri.vfon. 
1856. Constant, Fredk. George, l.M.S. 
18!)1. Constant, Thos. p]dwd., Scnrloronyh. 
1864. Constantiuides, Petros, Toronto. 

1875. Continho, Joaquiui Vicente, Bombay. 
1889. Conway, Aubrey, Stockport. 

1889. Conway, Basil Wiseman, Lonysi^ ht. 
1902. Coode, Claude Lionel, Truro. 
1852. Coogau, John. 

1881. Cook, Auiriistus Ileni'v, Humpstcad. 

1858. Cook, Edward. 

1908. Cook. Ernest Neville, Hampstead. 

1892. Cook', Fredk. Finest, W. Africa. 

1893. CQo\i.l\MwYY'n\i\\n,Miul<iee,]\\Sir. 
1854. Cook, Henry. I. M.S., Le'e-on-Solnd. 

1906. Cook, Isaac Reginald, Woodford. 

1859. Cook, John. 

1861. Cook, ^ohn, X'ottinqham-terrace. 

1904. Cook', John. Dipto'n. 

1858. Cook, Jolm Will, Colchester. 

1880. Cook, John Wm. Cross, Middleshro. 

1880. Cock, Jonathan Nield, Calcutta. 

1902. Cook, Joseph Ba.sil, Gf. Missenden. 

1876. Cook, .los. Belcher, Gt. Missenden. 
1899. Cook; Lewis, 7.3/. -S. 

1881. Cook, Philip lukerman, Bromley. 

1886. Cook, Robert J.imes, Derby. 

1887. Cook, Saml. V>\\i\,Aska)n-in-l'vrness. 

1907. Cook, William W arner, Xonrieh. 
1887. Cooke, Albert Wm., Northampton. 

1887. Cooke, Cecil Whitehall, CricMeivood. 

1890. Cooke, Charles Michael, Barm^tuple. 

1874. Cooke, Edward Marriott. Onslow-t^q. 

1893. Cooke, Ernest A^■ilfrid, Shrejrsbury 

1903. Cooke, Fiaucis Gerald H., Indtu. 

1889. Cooke. Francis Henry, Birch. 

1894. Cooke,Frederick Arthur, Haddcnham. 

1890. Cooke, George Harry, St. Helens. 

1872. Cooke, ,Tohn, Prahran, Tictina. 
1880. Cooke, John Ambrose, Liverpool. 
1899. Cooke, John Geo., H ff/.W/. 
1858. Cooke, Louis Richards. 

1895. Cooke, Martin Allied. Eidlny. 
1906. Cooke, Owen C. P., Teignm'outh. 
1901. Cooke, Reginald Torriano, IWuttayi. 

1863. Cooke, Richard Edward. 

1888. Cooke, Thos. Alld. B., New Milford. 

1875. Cooke, William Conwav. Bni/nvr. 
1802. Cooke, William Henrv." Bath. 




18 Jo. 


181 >2. 

18; lO. 


Cookson, ITiigh Alexamler, Halifax. 
Cookson, Saimiel, Stafford. 
. Cooley, AUd. Glover, X.S. JV. 
Cooiu, liichard, Ancklaml, N.Z. 
Cooiube, A lb t . To wusend, Xottiiuj-h ill. 
Coomb ■, Charles Frederick, Sheffield. 
Coombe, Fredk. Sydney. 
Coombe, Thoiiias Sandby, lurton 
Coomber, Arth. Bchaiiip, Shoreditch. 
Coomber. Francis, Fakenhain. 
Coonibes,Percival Chas., Walliiifjford. 
Coombs, Carey Pearce, Castle Vary. 
Coombs, Graham Lowe. Leeds. 
Coombs.Harold MartinMcC. 7/erf/b/Y/. 
Coombs, Rowland Hill, Bedford. 
Coom1)s. Savill James. 
Coombs, Wm. Godwin, Cranford-st. 
Cooper, .\rdaseer D., Boynbaij. 
Cooper, Arthur, Old Burlington-street. 
Cooper, Arth. Tanner, Gt. Portland-si. 
Cooper, Astiey, Royal Navy. 
Cooper, Astlev Auij. C. Monte Video. 
Cooper, Charles, I.M. S. 
Cooper, Cbas. Dudley. Cape CoUmy. 
Cooper, Charles Miner, Edinhuryh. 
Cooper, 1) )s^abhoy Xowrojee. 
Cooper, Edward, R.N., Boanieniouth. 
Cooper, Edward liar. .Id, Bad'eff. 
Cooper, Erne<t Fredk., Cathiart-rd. 
Cooper, Francis Bastow, Lincoln. 
Cooper, Frank, Birniinyhani. 
Cooper, Geo. Frederick, Valparaim. 
Cooper, Geo. Fredk.. Iqiiique, Chili. 
Cooper, Georjre Henry Ci'esswell. 
Cooper, Geo. Jos., ^l.P.. Bertnondxey. 
Cooper, Harold Merriraau, Hampton. 
Cooper, Harry, Surliton. 
Cooper, Harry Gordon, Altrinchani. 
Cooper, Harry Joseph, Lyme Bey is. 
Cooper, Henry, Royal Navy. 
Cooper, Henry Creemer,Caiendish-s'j. 
Cooper, Henry David, Ayra, India. 
Cooper, lly. SpenctT, Feterboronyh. 
Cooper, John Doufrlas Francis. 
Cooper, John Sephton, Gnys-hosp. 
Cooper, Ludt'ord, Rochester. 
Cooper, I'eter, Blacklieath. 
Coop^T, Hbt. M. Le 11., B.A.M.C. 
Cooper, Samuel John, Victoria. 
Cooper, Tbds. Geo. Dimcan, Xeirpurt. 
Cooper, WaltiT, Barnstaple. 
Cooper, Walter IvKvard, B. Hurling. 
Cooper, W'ilbye, Keiyhley. 
Cooper, William Herbert, Kendal. 
Coorey, Edward Abraham, Ceylon. 
Coorlawaia, Rustoni X., Hyderabad. 
Coote, Ja.nes Richard. 


























































Cope, Gilbert Edgar, Westminster. 
Cope, Ricardo, Hove. 
Copeland, Frederick, Cape Col. 
Copelaud, John, Bucklebury. 
Copeland, Wm. II. L., -S'. Kensington. 
Copeland,W. Lowry, Chicago, U.S. 
Copeman, Alfd. Ileathcote, Brighton. 
Copeman, Sydney Arth. M.,7T7(iYe/?rtW. 
Copestake ."Walter Goodall, Derby. 
Copland, Kiauk. 

Copland, Geo. Anderson, Gore, X.Z. 
Copland, Ja-. Ebenezer, Grenada. 
Copp, Charles Joseph, Toronto, Can. 
Corban, Laurence, A. M. S. 
Corben, Charles, Caldicof, Mon. 
Corbet, David. Kidderminster. 
Corbet, Rea, Grays. 
Corbett,Cyril Dudleyllely, Streatham. 
Corbett, Geo. Holmes U., Steyniny. 
Corbett, Herbert Henry, Doncaster. 
Corbett, Sidney A\W\.on,Carendiih-2)l. 
Corbin, Edwd. Kiimersly, Guernsey. 
Corbin, Herbert Ernest, Willesden. 
Corbin, John, Adelaide, S.A. 
Corbin, Thos. Wilson, Adi-laide, S.A. 
Corbou!d,V. A. L. E., Victoria-rd.,\W. 
Cordiner, Richard, Douglas, I.of'Man. 
Cordner, Robt. Harry L., R.A.M.C. 
Corfe, Robert, Greenicieh. 
Corlield, Charles, Bristol. 
Cortield, Edwd. Carruthers, Tooting. 
Cortield, Walt. Vvi.\ni:is,Gloucester-ter. 
Corin, W'm. John, Bri.vton. 
Corkhill, Jos. G. Garibaldi, Sotdhport. 
Cornbill, John, Ilfracombe. 
Cornelius, W'alt.Bernard,Co;?(/)fo?j-;T/. 
Corner, Albert, Forest-gate. 
Corner, Frank, Po2)lar, E. 
Corner, Harry, Southgate, X. 
Coruey, Bolton Glanvill, I.S.O.,Fiji. 
Cornilliao, Joseph. 

Cornish, Chas. Xewton, South iric/i-jyl. 
Cornish. Chas. Vivian, Lrt «'«-/•(/., X.W. 
Cornish, PMward. 
Cornish, Kenneth Henry. 
Cornish, Philip Alfred, Irybridge. 
Cornish, Sydney, iJorking. 
Coronado, Danl. Enrique, Coloinbia. 
Coronel, J ulius, Paramaribo, Surinam. 
Corrie, Alfred Thomas, Royal Navy. 
Corry, Harry Barrett, Woodside-jyk. 
Cort, John Giles Denisou. Whitburn. 
Cory, Charles George, Sohani. 
Cory, Ernest R. \\a.\nv^>i, Bournemouth. 
Corv, Frank (lillett, Marnhull. 




























































Cory, Fredk. William, Osseft. 
Cory, Harold Myrie, BasutoliDid. 
Corj', Isaac Rising, Guildford. 
Cory, ^^"illialll Howard, Bristol. 
Coryn, Ilbt. Alld. Wra., California. 
Coseus, Chas. II. Cham^[on,Faiffntoti. 
Cosens, Francis Rbt.Seppings, Coi/lton. 
Cosens, Wm. Jian-on^h, Dorchester. 
Gosgrnye,.\\eximd<ir,Boltu)i-le- Moors. 
Cossham, AVm. Ka.ymond,Cirencester. 
Costa, Isaac, Jamaica. 
Costelloe, Daniel, J^l more-street, ^S. 
Costerton, Horatio. 
Costerton, Thomas. 
Costin, Ju.Qmck,Marlet Harlioroiigh. 
Costine, Wm. Courter, Liverpool. 
Costobadie, Hugh Palliser, Grovc-jyk. 
Costobadie, Vincent A. P., Grove-j^k. 
Cotes, Digbv Francis BaTOes,^i//-^on. 
Cottell. Arthur Bowditch, R.A.M.C. 
Cottell, Reg. .Tames Cope, R.A.M.C. 
Cotter, Geo. E. W., Talhot-rd., W. 
Cotterill, Albt. Ernest, Manchester. 
Cotton, Charles, Bamsqate. 
Cotton, Fredk. AVm., R.A.M.C. 
Cotton, Georore Foley. 
Cotton, Ily . Hugh Powell, Westerham. 
Cotton, Ilerbert, Anny. 
Cotton, John, St. Ifelen^. 
Cotton, James Milton, Canada. 
Cotton, Robert Hugh, Loicndes-st. 
Cotton, Thomas, Camden-road. 
Couch, James Ivyiiaston, Sivansea. 
Couldrey, James, Scunthorpe. 
Couldrey, Thos. Reg., Scunthorpe. 
Coulson, James Edmund, Fulham. 
Coulter, William, Calcutta. 
Coulton, John James, Cape Colony. 
Councell, Edw. Leslie, Liverpool. 
Counceli, Richard W., ]\'alworth-road. 
Counsellor, Wm. P, Weymouth. 
Couper, James, Hornsey-lane. 
Couper, Sam Barrett, Edinburgh. 
Coupland, Sidney, Queen-Anne-st. 
Court, Arthur, Chesterfield. 
Court, Edward Percy, Cosham. 
Court, Josiah, Chesterfield. 
Courtauld, Louis, Henley. 
Courtney, Guy Budd, Barnet. 
Courtney, Hai-(ild Geo. S.,Beckenham. 
Coutts,DavidKirkpatrick,.S'f. 77?os.-A;). 
Coutts, Francis James, Leytonstone. 
Coutts, John Alfred, Up. Berkeley-st. 
Coutts, Jn. Morton Sim, Highbury. 
Couzens, Albert Ebenezer, New Zeal. 
l"!oventon, Charles Arthur. Oxford. 
Coventrv, Charle.*, Perth, W. Aunt. 

1851. Coventry, Geurge Mallet. 

1891. Covernton, Hugh Selby, .S'. Amt. 
1863. Covey, Charles Edward, Alresfurd. 

1892. Covey, William John, Ashbourne. 
1894. Cowan, Frank, Strood. 

1879. Cowan, Geo. Hoyle, Canada. 

1906. Cowan, Wm. Joshua, Bolton. 
1853. Coward, Jas. Eyres. 

1909. Cowasjee, Maneckjee M., Bedford-pl. 
1897. CowburiijArth.Doug., Barl:sto}i-ydn.<. 
1891. Cowell, Alfred Rodgers, YealnqAon. 

1907. Cowell, Ernest Marshall, Steyning. 

1882. Cowen.Edw.Iugham, Thornaby-on-T. 
1864. Cowen', Philip, Balbam. 

1889. Cowen, Thos. Philip, Lancaster. 

1894. Cowes, Adam, Peru. 

1904. Cowie, James Alexander, X. Zealand. 
1897. Cowie. Robt. Macnamar,!, Armi/. 
1896. Cowin, Doug. Hy. Fawcett, J.M.S. 
1871. Cowley, John Selwyn, Upton-on-Sev. 

1904. Cowper, Claude M. L., Sittingbourne. 
1888. Cox, Alfred Edward, Watford. 

1887. Cox,Alfd. HaroldLissant,i%<^/A'«<7/. 
1855. Cox, Arthur, Lonq-Buchby. 

1890. Cox, Arthur Brooks, Sydney, X.S. W. 

1888. Cox, Chas. Alld. Stanley Bell. 
1903. Cox, Clement Harlow, Bdgbaston. 
1899. Cox, Edmund, Royal Xary. 
1902. Cox, Ernest Alfrecl, Long Buchhy. 
J899. Cox, Franklin, Radstock. 

1906. Cox, George Lissant, O.rton. 
1901. Cox, George Ralph. Shirley. 

1895. Cox, Henry Procter, St. Tudy. 

1886. Cox, James Herbert, Cape Tvun. 

1883. Cox, John Henry, Xottinr/hani. 
1901. Cox, Joseph Bethel, Seve7i Kings. 

1879. Cox, Llewelyn Frederick, Denbigh. 
1865. Cox, Pierre Georges, Fopstone-rd. 

1908. Cox, Ralph, St. Thomas x-hospital. 

1905. Cox, Reg. John Hands, Hampsttad. 
1878. Cox, Robert Flippisley. 

1882. Cox, Roland Frederic, Bridgwater. 

1887. Cox, Walter John Roalfe, Mortimer. 
1893. Cox, Walter Mundy, Birmingham. 
1869. Cox, William, Winchcojnbe. 

1888. Cox,Wm. Alfred Spencer, A'<-«sj"«9^o/(. 
1862. Cox, Wm. Henrv. 

1880. Cox, William Laird. Tunhridqe Wells. 

1881. Coxwell, Chas. FilHngham, Dulwich. 
1887. Coy, Wm. Filmer, Vancouver, B.C. 

1909. Crabb, Robert Lawson, Hollmvay. 
1901. Crabtree, Emilio F., Buntinqford. 
1895. Crace-Calvert, Geo. Alfd., Ruthin. 
1856. Craddock, Samuel, Bath. 

1899. Cragg, Edward Henry, BUlinghoro. 

1883. Crago, Wm. Henry, Sydney, S.S. W. 
18S3. Craig, James. Conqleton. 

3400 ■ 



1891. Craig, Maurice. Bethlem Hospital. 
1890. Craig, AVm. AYallace, Bridgnorth. 
1863. Craister, Thos. Law-son, Ccqje Colony. 
1877. Crallan, Geo, Ed w. Jas., Bournemouth. 
lUOO. Crampton, Harold Percy, Finchley. 
19Jo. CraniptdU, Walter, Southjiort. 
19i)8. Cran, llugli l^.^^>n,New Maiden. 

1895. Cran, Robert David, Salford. 

1886. Cranstoiui, Charles Bruce, Ludloic. 

1887. Cranstoim, George, Ludioiv. 
1899. (^rapper, Harold Sugden, Poole. 

1886. Crastou, Charles Anthony, Wiyan. 
1853. Craven, George. 

1873. Craven, Robert Musgrave, Kendal. 

1896. Craven, "Walter, RItodesia. 
1851. Crawcour, Isaac Lionel. 

1893. Crawford, Cyril Rodney H., Pemhury. 
1851. Crawford, James. 

1855. Crawford, Joseph, Liverpool. 
1907. Crawford, Robert, Nottingham. 
1905. Crawford, Stephen l<]stridtre,.A't'Zt'Z<?a/. 

1904. Crawford, Thos. Wni.Walt.,£'..4/"/7crt. 

1899. Crawford, Vincent James, R.A.M.C. 
1902. Crawford, Wm. Thomson, Ilellinyhj. 

1900. Crawley, Herbert hMwd., ll'endo'rer. 

1901. Crawshaw, Krnest. In., Biirnha)n,Son). 

1905. Crawshaw, James Henry, Ne^c Zeal. 
1883. Crawshaw, Samuel, Ashton-u.-Li/ne. 
1879. Creagh, Stephen Henry, Army. 

1894. Creak, Alex. Brodie, Birmingham. 
1860. Creaser, William Appleton. 

1895. Creasy, ljinyriinceJi,,XeivCarendish-st. 
1885. Creasv, Rolf, Windlesham. 

1885. Cree,"Gerald, R.A.M.C. 

18.S3. Cree, Herbert Eustace, R.A.M.C. 

1888. Cree, James Douglas, Ilampstead. 

1874. Cree, William Edward, llolloicay. 
1877. Creed, Chas. Philip, Bo^comhe. 
1866. Creed, John Mildred, Sydney, 

1868. Cremen, Patrick John. Cork. 

1865. Cremonini, John, New O.rford-street. 

1869. Crespi, Alfd. Jn. Henry, M'imborne. 
1877. Cressey, George Henry, Torrjimy. 
1883. Cresswell, Francis, Bamm-on-Scar. 

1866. Cresswell, Richard, Porti.-ihead. 
1893. Cresswell, Stuart Cornwallis,Z)(/«7rt«'s. 

1887. Cressy, Arth. Z. Claydon, Wallington. 

1888. Cressy, Charles Jame-s, Ringwood. 
1879. Creswell, .John Charles, Billericay. 

1889. Creswell, John Edwards, Suez. 
1907. Creux, Paul Alftvd, Snuthyate. 
1905. Crew, Fredk. lh'ms,I{igham IWrers. 
1858. Crew, John, Ili'/ham Ferrers. 

1890. Cribb, Arth. W'm. Gordon, iV..S'. W. 
1895. Cribb, llarrv Giftbrd, Coulsdon. 
1862. Cribb, William. 

1873. Orichton, Edward John. 

1878. Crick, Samuel Arthur, Penrith. 

1882. Crick, Wm. Throne, Hinckley. 
1898. Cridland, Arth. B., Wolverhampton. 
1905. Crinks, Victor Adolphus, Bristol. 
1877. Cripps, Chas. Couper, Camberwell-gr. 

1887. Crisp, Ernest Henrv, Fenchurch-st. 

1897. Crisp, Geo. Bedford, R.A.M.C. 
1884. Crisp, James Ellis, Corsham. 
1869. Crisp, James Luke, South Shields. 
1886. Crisp, John, Market Harhorough. 

1898. Crispin, Edw. Smyth, Ladbroke-gdns. 

1872. Critchett, Sir G. A. Bart., Harl'ey-st. 
1875. Crocker, Henry Lawrence, Roy. Navy. 

1873. Crocker, Henry Radclitie, Harley-st. 
1890. Crocker, James Meadmore, Bingleg. 

1884. Crocker, John Hedley, Richmond. 
1855. Crocker, Jonathan, Wellington. 

1883. Croft, Edward Octavius, Leeds. 
1892. Croft, John Thos. Herbt., Longford. 

1907. Croft, Lawrence, Pudsey. 

1908. Ci'ofton, J.Hutchinson, Westh'urne-sq, 
1905. Crofts, Arthur Douglas, Guy's-hosp. 
1892. Crofts, George Harry, Leicester. 
1902. Crolv, Henrv Penuinji'tou, Chartbury. 

1904. Cromie, Morumer John, R.A.M.C. 

1890. Crompton, Alfred, Boston. 

1889. Crompton, lamest, British Colombia. 

1905. Crompton, Ralph, Bury. 

1901. Crompton, Richard Ily. Manchester. 
1898. Crompton, Sydney, King's Norton. 
1895. Croneen, Sydney, Royal Navy. 
1864. Cronin, Eugene Francis, Clapham. 

1879. Cronk, Herbert George, Repton. 

1889. Crook, Arthur, Norwich. 

1908. Crook, Arthur Henry, Guy's-hosp. 
1877. Crook, Herbt. David, CV/^^c Colony. 
1879. Crook, John Siddon, West Tarring. 

1891. Crooke, William, Eyremont. 
1867. Crooker, Titus C. 

1881. Crookshank, Edgar ALarch, Grinstead. 

1894. Crookshank, Francis Graham, Barnes. 
1872. Crookshank, Harry Maulo, Cairo. 
1855. Croome, Wm. Frederic. 

1885. Cropley, Alfred, Hudder-^field. 

1892. Cropp, Edward Lycett, Reading. 
1864. Cropp, Fredk. John. 

1909. Cropper, John Westray, Seacombe. 
1857. Cro.sbie, Pierce Morris. 

1895. Crosby, Arth. Hy. Pascal, New Z. 

1890. Crosby, Ilerbt. Thomas, Gordnn-sq. 
1885. Crosby. Robert, South >)hields. 

1892. Crosland.Geo. Wm. iv., Hudders/ield. 
1863. Cross, Ar t li . .1 . G . , IJ'ck i/igh ' m -pal. -gns . 
1905. Cross, Claude Harold, Gloucesfer-rd. 

1888. Cross, IMward .John, St. Neots. 

1893. Cross, Ernest William, Leytonstone. 
1892. Cross, Geoffrey, Ramsqatc. 




1902. Cross, Gerald Cony1 eare, Roy. Navy. 
1877. Cross, Horace I'ldwd. Firniin, It.y. 

1877. Cross, Horatio Kobt. Odo. Ann<i. 
188G. Cross, RobHrt George, PeferstieU. 

1880. Cross, Thos. Broxsii, Scarborouyh. 
181)6. Cross, Wm. Foster, NewCavefidish-st. 

1889. Crosse, Ke-r. Edward, Ballunn. 

1892. Crossing, Aug. Vincent, Plymouth. 

1881. Crossley, Charles, I-eicc-ifer. 
188(3. Crossley, Ely "Wilkinson, Ilalifar. 
18:)7. Crossley, Henry Joseph, E.A.M.C. 

1890. Crossley, Richard, West Gorton. 
189-). Crossley, Samuel, Leeds. 

1894. Grossman, Francis ^^'ard, Bridol. 

1874. Grossman, John. Wandsinirlh-road. 

1875. Crouch, Ernest John, Jlnhnrt. 
185."i Grouch, George James, DawltWt. 

1890. Crouch, Herbt. Challice, Wvlbecl-st. 
18o7. Croncher, Pslex.^ich.ii.., Southampton. 
1885. Growdy, Franc. Demainbray, Torquay. 
190(3. Crowe, Henry Neville. IJ'orcesfer. 
1901. Crowe, Henry "Warren, Telrerton. 

1893. Growlev, llalph Heniy, Bradford. 
1874. Crowther, Arthur Bingham, Ilohart. 
1893. Crowther, Charles Keith, (iueend>nry. 
18(56. Crowther, Edwd. Lodewyk, ILihart. 
1880. Crowther, George Heni-y, Bradford. 
1885. Crowther, Jn. "SV., HVa^ Broniwuh. 

1903. Crowther, Sydney Nelson, Ciajjham. 
1847. Crowther, Thomas, Halifax. 

189(j. Crowther-Smith, Stanley ¥.,lleadl,'y. 

1903. Crozier, Geo. llowland H., ^^/r//. 
1897. Gniddas, Hamilton Maxwell, I. M.S. 

1888. Cruickshank, John David, Chinyford. 
1905. Cruickshank, Malcolm (Jj:den, Ba^sett. 
1852. Cruickshank, William. 

1860. Cruise, Sir Francis Rieh.ird, JJublin. 
1909. Crump, Colin Hamld, fii/y's-ho.iji. 
1893. Crump, James Arthur, IVehhpool. 

1904. Crump, Stanley Trefusis, Rochdnle. 

1889. Crump, Thos. Greenwood, Burnley. 
1856. Grumpe, Hammerton. 

1896. Crver, Joseph, Manchester. 
1900. Ciiblev, Arthur, IV. Hampsfead. 
1899. Cuddon-Fletcher,A.J..Mi-N.,6'aA:A«»j. 

1882. Cull", Kobert, Scarhorotiyh. 

18(38. Cutte, Alfred Gordon, Leytonstone. 

1879. Cutle, l-ldwd. Meade, Woodhall Sva. 

1850. Cutte, Robert, Woodhall Sjxi. 

] 880. Cutr.-.Rbt. E. Gillhurst, Woodhall Spa. 

1859. Culham, James. 

1882. Culhane, Francis Jn. Fitzg., Marlow. 

1878. Culhane, Fdk.Wm. Slater, Ihh^tinys. 
1908. CuUen, Alfred I^dgar. Nottinyham. 
1899. Cullen, Jas. Alfd. Patrick. Bedford. 
1859. Cullen, Peter, I. M. S. 

1891. Cullinan, Edward, Hammersmith. 


1880. Culling, John Chislet, R.A.M.C. 
1890. Culmer, John James, iS'ffwaH. W. I. 
1896. Culmer, Joseph Wm., F,/>som. 

1857. Culverwell, ^'irChns., C'ri/erion Th'tre. 

1876. Cuming, Charles Henry, Plymtntth. 
190J. Cuming, Richard Ingram, lioynur. 
1908. Gumming, Chas. Re"., (rult, Can. 
1879. Gumming, Geo. Wm. II , Torquay. 

1903. Gumming, William Allan, Quebec. 
1895. Gummings, Artli. Pollard, Stratford. 

1892. Gummings, Henry Josejih. 

1884. Cummings, Harold Lvtton, Tamxania. 
1902. Gundell, Harold Juler, Hitchin. 

1858. Gundell, Wm. Hatch, Bournemouth. 
1895. Gunlille, Thomas Varlev, Oldham. 
1908. Cunnlngliam, Arth. Jn.W., St. Jinf-^. 
1933. Cunningham, Henry II. 15., Belfast. 
190(3. Cunniujiham, Norman li.,Blackliea'h. 
1883. Cunnington, Cecil Wm., Hampstva I. 

1883. Guolahan, John. Herbt., Bermundsi-j. 

1879. Curd, Charles, Bath. 

1885. Curgenven, Jn. Sadler, Craven-hV. 
1890. Curgenven, Wm. Biendon, Vidori't 
1804. Curgenven, Wm. Grafton, Derby. 
1906. Curl, Henley Frank, Hnmpsteail. 
1899. Curl, Sydney Walter, Colrhester. 
1861. Gurme, Decimus, Blandford. 

1898. Gurme. Duncan, Edwd. R.CM.A. 
1895. C nrrey,EdmondFr.Nevill.^, Transvaal. 

1884. Currey, Robert Henry, Liverpool. 

1874. Gurrie, Andrew Stai'k, Finsbury-pk. 
1894. Gurrie, John, Layos. 

1863. Gurrie, John Legge, Bungay. 

1881. Gurrie, Oswald Jas., Cape Town. 
1881. Curtayne, Ilbt. Maxwell, y.S W. 

1899. Gurties, Arth.Wm.Statter, Wakejicld 

1904. Curtis, Arthur Humphry, Alton. 
18(35. Curtis, Chas. Edwin, Briyhton. 

1893. Curtis, Charles ^^'illiam, 'Finsbury. 
1908. Curtis, George Herbert, Ewell. 

1901. Curtis, George William. Alton. 
I8r)(). Curtis, Israel John La Mert. 

1 893. G urtis, Montague W m . "W . . Kensinyton. 
1899. Curtis, Percy James, Bechenham. 

1858. Curtis, William, Alto)i. 

1875. Curwen, Cecil, Briyhton. 

1859. Curwen, I'^liot, //ojt. 

1877. Cusack, Robert Oriel. RA.M.C. 
1884. Cusse, Ernest, Brouyhton. 

19 J7. Custance,(T.Wui.Musgrave,.l/rt//(7i-s'. 
1892. Cutclitle, Montairu, yorth Tawt"H. 

1880. Cuttield, Arthur. Ross. 

1879. Guthbert, Chas. Firmin, Gloucester. 
1889. Guthbert, Henry Pierce. 

1876. Cuthbert, Wm. Wood, Feli.vstoice. 
l!i09. Cutler, Frederick John, Blackhrath. 

1902. Cutler, Horace Arthur, Brouc/hlon. 




1891. Cutler, Lennard, Ken^inf/ffm. 
1894. Cutting, Ernest Buxton, Norwich. 
1908. Cyria-x^Ptichd. Julius, Aherdarc-tjdns. 


1883. Dabb.s, Charles John, Manchester. 
18(57. Dabbs, tTeo. II. li.,Amtin i^'riarx, IC.C. 
1887. Dabell, Thomas James, Nottinijham. 
18->2. Dacre, Jolin, Clifton. 
1907. Dadachanji.ivaikhosniK., Ihmghty-st. 

1907. Daft, Iledlev Gascoyne, Retford. 

1905. Daft, Leonard, Retford. 

1890. Danrgett,lly.luuledew, Boronf/hbridge. 
1883. D'Aguiar, Joao (lonies, Deuierara. 

1893. Dain, Ilarrv Guv, Birminyhnin. 
18.>8. Dakers, Wm. Ily. Philip, Xew Zeal. 

1908. Dakeyne, Daniel Irving, ChcidU. 
1872. Dakeyne, Thomas Edward, Leek. 

1897. Dakin, Thomas Hums, Gloucester. 
1882. Dakin, Wm. IJadtord, Grosvenor-st. 

1890. Daliil, Katansha Dinshaw, India. 

1894. Dalby, .Fn. L. J. Jiennett, Britjidon. 
Vi)09. Dale. Benjamin, Swindon. 

1879. Dale, Benjamin Hague, Stcindon. 

1891. Dale. Cutiibert Bracey, Ed;/huston. 
186G. Dale, Frederick, Nottingham. 

1908. Dde, John, Coleshill. 

1882. Dale, Walter Frederick, Alford. 

1898. Dalebrook, Johu^ Smin. 

1898. Dalgado, Patrick, Cerlon. 

1906. Dalgliesli, Franli Bell, Blarhheath. 

1887. Daluliesh, John Wm., .SW^.n. 

1802. Dalirliesh, Jonathan, Newrastle-on-T. 
18o4. Dallas, Alex. M., CLE., l.M.S. 

1878. Dallaway,Jos. Wm.D., Windh'mCrh. 

1888. Dallewv, John, Went. 

1901. Dally, jn, Kredk. II., Jr. Lond.-hosn. 

1883. Daltou, Arthur .John, Cricklewood. 
1807. Dalt/in, Benj. Neale, Smith Nortvood. 
]8o(). Daltou, Frederick, Rottingdcan. 
]8oO. Dalton, Fredk. (Jeorge, N.S.W. 
1891. Dalton, Fredk. .Jas. A., R.N. 

1904. Dalton. G. F., Kingston, Canada. 

1879. Dal von, Norman, Si ansji eld-street. 
18(54. Dalton, Thomas, Llandudno. 

190'5. Dalv, Ashlev Skeliliigton, Ilachnei/. 

1899. Daly, P^-edk. Jas. Purcell, Clapton. 

1909. Daly, .lames Tiiomas, Douglas. 
1890. Daly, Xolan, Abingdon. 

1879. Damant, Arthur .Johnson, Con-es. 

1902. Damian. Oswald Jos. S.. .Vi. Geo.-sq. 
li^97. D AmicOjCarmid de P.. />ru7iswieJ,--.'-ij. 

1908. D'Aniico,GuidodePiro,///-Mn.s«-KA"-.<!(7. 
1890. Danaher, Edwd. Harry J., Rninhani. 

1909. Danaber, Harry Wms. B., Rain/iam. 
1890. Dando, Edwin Arthur, LJudlei/. 


1887. Dane, Harold, Northwood. 

1887. Dane, Robert, Straits Settlements. 

1898. Daniel, Alfred Wilson, l^psoni. 

1895. Daniel, EdgarGeorgeClenient,-E/)W»2. 

1887. Daniel, Ernest C. S., Orange Rio. Col. 

1880. Daniel, Fredc. E., Barrow-i>?-I'\(rness. 
1807. Daniel.Jn.Waterhouse, A'. Brunswick. 
1892 Daniel, Rnbt. Napier, Nevcrn-square. 

1858. Daniel, Thos. Palmer, Beamin-der. 

1800. Daniel, William Abbot. 

1891. Daniel, Wm. P. Tavlour, A'?r/i^^?fr^ow. 

1881. Daniell, Charles Henry. Hull. 

1888. Daniell, Edgar P^YCY,'New-Crim-rd. 

1888. Daniell, Geo. W. B.*, Transvaal. 
1850. Daniell, Geo. Williamson, Bland ford. 

1889. Daniell, Henry Pjwell, Derbg. ' 

1801. Daniell, John* 

1886. Daniels, Chas. W., Malay States. 

1907. Daniels, Davis Woodcock. Leicester. 

1899. Danks, Walter Seymour, Sutton. 

1800. Danu, Edward. 

1852. Dansev, Geo. Fredk., Sydney. 

1892. Dansey- Browning, (tbo., R.A.M.C. 
1848. Danson, Chas. Ed. Bowman, Scarbro\ 

1897. Dantes, Augustus Paul, Bond)ag. 
1901. Danvers-Atkinson,F.C.E.,<SV//w«o«r-«^, 
1870. Daphtary, Girdliarlal R., Chi<wi'.k. 

1893. Darabseth, Navroji Beramji, India. 

1898. Darby, William Svdnev, Harroio. 

1898. Darbyshire, DouglasEdwd., W.Au»tr. 
1903. Darbyshire, ll-MxAiiS.G., Nottingham. 
1892. Darker, Geo. Fitzjame*. Worthimf. 

1908. Darling, Harr^^ Cecil R., UankofN.Z. 

1880. Darlow, Alfre'd. Plaistow, E. 

1888. Darroll, Wm. Burwell, Leinticardine. 

1896. Da-tnell, Louis Edward, Roy. Nan/. 
1906. Baser, Peter Paul, Dalston. 

1890. Dash wood, Charles Ewart, Sicilg. 

1859. Da Silva, Leo. Charles. 

^S^r^. Date, \Mlliam ILn-ton, Culmstock. 
1875. Daubenv, Chas. Alexander. 
1890. Dauber* John Henry, Charlcs-st.,\\ . 
1905. Daukes, Sidney Herbert, Eynsford. 

1881. Daunt, VA\\ot,'Bursledon. 

1885. Davenport, Arthur Fredk., Victoria. 
1896. Davenport, Edwd. Chas., China. 
1855. Davenport, Jolin. 
1833. Davenport, William. 

1853. Davern, John Richard. 

1896. Davey, Arthur Tonivin, Goodmages. 
1874. Davey, Charles James, Transcaal. 
1^96. Davey, Ernest JJewellyn, W aimer. 

1900. Davey, .James, '/'/vf/zsiaa/. 

1801. Davey, John Edwin. 

1899. Davey, Jn. Bernard, 7?rt/7m/-(/ Castle. 
1888. Davev Samuel, Cuterham. 

1887. Davev, Thomas George. 




1888. Davey,Wm.TIy.II.Cartlie\v,iuw/)ooZ. 

1900. David, Arclibd. Sinclair, Lauyharne. 
1884. Uavid, Evaa Thomas. 

1880. David, Win. Washiugton, Llwynypia. 

1904. Davidson, Alan, Vermont, U.S.A. 

1878. Davidson, Alexander, Ontario. 
18G2. Davidson, Andrew, EfJinhirjih. 

1908. Davidson, .\rchibald, Streatham. 
1801. Davidson, Chris. Montgom., Sleaford. 
1906. Davidson, Duncan, Coventy. 

1901. D ividson, Geo. Gillies, W.Kensi7igton. 
1895. Davidson, Guilford, Queensland.. 

1886. Davidson, Harold, Tedduuflon. 
1883. Davidson, Hugh Morgan, jE'i'<;-/'5-co«>-^ 

1879. Davidson, Jolin, U.ihridye. 

1909. Davidson, .Maurice, Liverpool. 

1901. Davidson, Wni. Henry, Hitchin. 

1890. Davies, Abel Christmas, Gotcerton. 
1893. Davies, Alban Davy. -Hull. 

1887. Davies, Albert Barnes, Sfroud. 

1888. Davies, Alfred Owen, Machynlleth. 
1908. Davies, Arthur, Charlwood-st. 

1880. Davies, Arthur Mercer, R..4..M.C. 
1900. Davies, Aubrey Hugh, Ontario. 
1869. Davies, Augustus Edwd., St. Asaph. 

1902. Davies, CharlesWoolmer, A'(?».siV((7fo?e. 
1898. Davies, David, Tnnbridye Tf'ells. 
1908. Davies, David, Llanyeitho. 

1871. Davies, David Arthur, Swansea. 
1900. Davies, David Leighton, Wisbech. 

1891. Davies, David Livingstone, Criccieth. 

1905. Davies, David Morgan, Aberayron. 
1900. Davies, David Morgan, Ammanford. 
1879. Davies, David Samuel, Bristol. 
1852. Daxdes, Ebenezer, Swansea. 

1906. Davies, Edwin Thos. H., Carmarthen. 
1893. Davies, Ellis Thomas, Liverpool. 
1908. Davies, Ernest Edgar, Bristol. 
1879. Davies, Evan Edw. C. C, Lampeter. 

1881. Davies, Evan Naunton, Pcnyyraiy. 
1908. Davies, Fredk. C'harles, Bakerse'a. 
1905. Davies, Fredk. Sp sneer, HoUawl-rd. 

1890. Davies, Fdk. Wm. Saml., Cardiff. 

1872. Davies, Geo. Aug.. Clifton. 

1883. Davies, Ilry.Arth. Bluett, .S..4?<s^)Yma. 
1858. Davies, Henry Harries, Llandyssil. 
190:i. Davies, Herbert llces, Bow. 

1884. Davies, Howard, Ponty/)ridd 

1891. Davies, Howard Owen, Hatiny. 
18''9. Davies, Ilov.-ell, Transvaal. 

1878. Davies, Ilugli Edward, Lutterworth. 
1887. D.ivies, Hughes Held, Woodford. 

1879. Davies, James David, liyde. 
1858. Davies, John, J. M. S. 
18i).'{. Davies, Jolni, Bath. 

1873. Davies, John, Aberayron. 

1876. Davies. John, Cambrid>ic-'jardens. 

1878. Davies, John, Xewtown. 

1882. Davies, John Charles, Ruabon, 

1891. Davies, John Edward, Seacondte. 

1894. Davies, Jn. JOdwd. Henry, Wrexham, 

1895. Davies, Jn. ICdgar Philijj, LlanelUj. 
1872. Davies, John Hopkyn, Pwr« Jm/Z/o/. 

1893. Davies, John Loyd, l^ewport, Man. 

1879. Davies, Jn. Moigan Lloyd, N. Zeal. 
1905. Davies, John Rees, Merthyr. 

1883. Davies, John Thomas, Leicester. 
1875. Davies, John William, Ubbw Vale. 
1899. Davies, Jos. Trower, Cape Colony. 
1905. Davies, Lanirford Geo., Blachheath. 
1866. Davies, Nath.Edwd.,i/<7r/«/-.s<r<'e/, W. 

1879. Davies, ReesT. Edwd., j\'ew Tredeynr. 

1892. Davies, Richard, Cheltenham. 

1894. Davies, Samuel \\\x^\Al.,Al)erynvenny. 

1881. Davies, Sidney, Woolwich. 

1908. Davies, Sidney Trevor, Shortlands. 

1884. Davies, Sievewright Arth.,Z//rtt7ciK;vj. 
1864. Davies, Thomas, Whittlesea. 

1875. Davies, Thomas, West Kensington. 
1908. Davies, Thomas, Pencader. 
1902. Davies, Thos. .\shton, Newport, Mo)>. 
1908. Davies, Thomas Bonnor, Sfrentham. 
1891. Davies,Thos.B. V\n\\^,MilfordHaren. 
1898. Davies, Thos. John, Bhondda Valley. 
1894. Davies, Thomas Joseph, Askern. 
1904. Davies, Thomas Sidney, Cape Town. 

1907. Davies, Timothy Howell, Swansea. 

1908. Davies, Trevor Berwyn, Bhondda. 

1901. Davies, Walter Ernest L., Llanyeitho. 
1801. Davies, William, Llandilo. 

1882. Davies, William, Peckham. 
1858. Davies, Wm. Broughton, Army. 
1869. Davies, Wm. Henry, Newport, Mon. 

1902. Davies, Wm. James, Aberai/ron. 
1898. Davies, Wm. .John Edwin, Japan. 
1898. Davies, Wm. Llovd B owen, Slouyh. 

1893. Davies, Wm. Thomas, J\'ni/bont. 
1882. Davies, Wni.Thos.F.,D.S.O.,6'.4/"/vVrt. 

1885. Davis, .\rth. Holds worth, Snnde?-land. 
1907. Davis, Arthur Hubert Trebv, Kew. 

1880. Davis, Arthur Randall, IL/ihe. 

1881. Davis, Clias. Daniel, Sfn-afham-hill. 

1903. Davis, Charles Xoel, Amberley. 

1888. Davis, Cvril Ste^dien, New Zeal. 
1881. Davis, Edward, R.A.M.C. 

1903. Davis, Edward David, Paddinyton. 

1885. Davis, Edw. Sandom SUmo,St.'l{lazy. 
1873. Davis, Edwin Harry, JJ'. Hartlepoul. 
1900. Davis, Everard, Anerley. 
18S9. Davis, Fredk. Lionel, Br. Honduras. 

1889. Davis, Gateward Coleridge, Sydney 

1904. Davis, Rev. Geo. Bio:;klesby, India. 
1859, Davis, George Henry, Rear/ my. 

1886. Davis, George William, Sidcup. 




1873. Davis, Hany, CaUington. 

1888. Davis, Harry, CaUinyton. 

1870. Davis, Henry, Queen Anne-street. 
1895. Davis, Henrv John, Poiiman-st. 
1904. Davis, John James, Ontario. 
1367. Davis, John Levitt. 

1802. Davis, John Nonnan, Fox-roch. 
1882. Davis, John Warren, Dorset-square. 
1907. Davis, Newton Charles, Lechlade. 

1874. Davis, Ilobert, Orpin(/ton. 
1887. "Davis, William, Lisson-grove. 
186-3. Davis, Wm. Fredk. Pen, Chili. 
1880. Davis, Wm. (^eorge, Philadelphia. 
1899. Davis, Wm. HeTh^vt, Devonport. 
18o7. Davison, Georire William. 

1899. Davison, Heniy Edward, Whitley Bay. 
188-i. Davison, John Lorenzo, Toronto. 
1858. Davison, John 3Iarchant. 
1874. Davison, RasheHThomas,JN>?t'J/«We?2. 
1869. Davison, Wm. Jn., Christchurch, N.Z. 

1871. Davoren, .John Lucius. 

18G8. Davson, Fredk. Adams, Dartmouth. 

1893. Davson,Jas.Beni.Hon'hton, W.Africa. 

1877. Davy, David W'^my^ Hull. 

18o7. Davy, Francis Jefford. 

1907. Davy, Gerald Henry, Bennondsey. 

1877. Daw, Ilenrv, Exeter. 

1903. Davy, Philip Claude T.. R.A.M.C. 

1904. Daw, Wm. Dradshaw, Hampstead. 
1895. Daw, William Henrv, R.X. 
1903. Dawe, Charles Henry, KN. 
1899. Dawe, Frank Sherwi'll, Chisioich. 
1895. Dawes, Christopher Dering, I. M.S. 
1890. Dawes, (ieorge Harry, Sheffield. 

1907. Dawes, Hevb.EdwinTonge. r'flz/x^flZ/. 
1895. Dawes, John Alphonsus, Transvaal. 

1872. Dawes, Pichd. St. Mark, S. Aust. 
1893. Dawkin, Geory-e Mansell, Fonfi/pridd, 
1886. Dawson, Arthur Willan, I. M.S. 

1890. Dawson, Bertrand Kdwd., Wimpole-st. 

1891. Dawson, Cecil Lacy, Berry, X. S. W. 

1889. Dawson, Ernest Rumley, Tulse-hill. 
3864. Dawson, Henry. 

1858. Dawson, James Edmimd. 
1856. Dawson, .lean Jacque. 

1859. Dawson, .John. 
1861. Dawson, JoJin. 
1868. Dawson, John. 

1886. Dawson, Itankine, Lansdoicne-cres. 

1908. Dawson, Peginald Brunch, Gipsy-hill. 
1899. Dawson, Thos. Donman, Bet ford. 
1901. Dawson, \\'m. CoUings, Birmingham. 

1853. Dawson, Wtn. Lee. 

1854. Day, Albert Bryan, IshnvoHh. 
1906. Day, Arth. Percival, Weybridge. 
1908. Day, Bernard, Woodsjyeen. 

1903. Day, Charles Frederick, Leigh-on-Sea. 

1874. Day, Edward Joseph, Dorchester. 
1887. Diiy, Francis W.II.Langston,i>rtWocA:. 

1902. Day, Harold Benjamin, Tavistock-rd. 
1857. Day, Henry Arundel. 

1896. Day, .lames John, Sandicich. 

1852. Day, John Roherson, Queen-Anne-st. 

1892. Day, Joseph Henry, Margaret-street. 

1855. Dav, Richard. 

1880. Dav, Thomas Montairu, Harlow. 

1880. Day, William Aloys'ius, Bath. 

1903. Day, Wm. Frank Lydstone, HarloJv. 
1863. Day, Wm. Henrv, Leigh-road, N. 
1902. Day, Wm. LeighMaule, Colchester. 

1893. Dayus, Fredk. Herbert, West Ham. 
1886. Deacon, Geoi-ge Edward, Norwich. 

1856. Deacon, James. 

1897. Deakin, Frank Newstead, Walsall. 
1899. Dean, Edmund Clapperton, W. Aust. 

1904. Dean, Henry Roy, Elni-park-garden.^. 
1908. Dean.LawrenceThompson, Guys-hosp. 
1859. I'ean, Tliomas, Burnley. 

1879. Deane, Arthur Dorman, Brentford. 
18(i2. Deane, Charles Maslen, Tasmania. 

1886. Deane, Edward, Reading. 

1881. Deane, Herbt. Edward. Weynwidh-st. 
1870. Deane, John, Ealing, W. 

1907. Deane, William, Barnes. 

1862. Deans, John, Victoria. 

1863. Dear, Wm. Donald, Demerara. 

1875. Dearden, John Alt'., Douglas, I. of M. 

1882. Dearden, John Walter, Leeds. 

1885. Dearden, Wm. Francis, Manchester, 

1889. Deare, Benjamin Ilobbs, L.M.S. 
1878. Deare, Edwin Walter. 

1895. Deas, Frank, Merton. 

1887. Debeuham, Ilorace Allan, Presteigne. 

1 853. Debenham, Horace \\e\s,Q\, Presteigne. 
1856. Debenham, Robt., Pu/itar. 

1890. Debenham, Robt. Barsham, Poplar. 
1852. De Boissiere, Jean Vallet on, Trinidad. 
1904. de Brent, Harold John, Clapham. 
1874. De Brent, Mortimer John, Clapham. 

1894. De Castro, George, Bournemouth. 

1886. de Chazal, Edmd. hwcii^w, Mauritius. 

1896. Deck, Edward James, Neio Zealand. 
1906. Deck, Horace Leigh, Balham. 
1862. Deck, John Feild, Queensland. 
1906. de Coteau, .Tos. Taait'e, Grenada. 
1868. De [)enne, Thos. Vincent, Sidmouth, 
18S1. Deeble, Wm. B. Chntterton, Army. 
1872. Dee]nng, Geo. \)a\\\\.so\\, Hastings. 
1899. de Freitas, Quirino H., Brit. Guiana. 

1898. de Cannes, Jos. Louis F., Trinidad. 
1896. de (Tt'hert, Louis J .^an Adam,7/w??sv-//. 
1885. de Grucliy, Chas. William, Caerleoii, 

1883. Deighton, Frederick, Cambrid<ie. 
1889. De Jersev, Wait. Brock, Guildford. 




1894. de Jong, Edward Me^'er, lleatley. 
]80.>. de Korte, Win. Edmoud, King's Coll. 
1894. de Kretser, Edward Win. 

1904. De la Coiir, George, TIniv. Coll.-h.isp. 
1806. De laCouv, Geo. Franc-is, Vaiwhn-rd. 
1802. Delaniotte, George Cotes, Suanaffe. 
187-"}. Delaniotte, Peter William, >Stm'iie.i. 
1877. DeLantour, ])ertranlKilgar,iY("w/<»rt/. 
1874. De Lautoiir, Harry Archbd., lY. Zeal. 

1890. Delbruck, 1 Jamil \i.,Buck{n(/ham-(i(tte. 
1801. De Leon, John, J/o;</eyo Uaij^Jumuicn. 
18-j9. De Lima, Teotilo. 

1859. Deluiar, Stuart. 

1881. DeLoni, Henry Antlionv, R.A M.C. 

1853. Delpratt, Samuel. 

1894. Delve, Alfred, Iliyhhiiry-cresrent , N. 
1871. De }>i^Yic,,\l\.Yj\i^n\e,Xut(i)iijhtuii-ter. 
1853. De Mier, Jose Maria. 

1909. de Miranda, Pedro Joac|iiim, Gun. 
1884. de Montbruii, Domingo A., Trinidad. 

1895. Dempsey, Patrick Joseph, Dublin. 

1891. Dempster, John Henry, Rcdhill. 

1896. Dempster, Wni. Tho^., Croi/don. 

1907. Denholm, George, Brandon. 

1877. Dening, Edwin, Stuio-on-the- Wold. 
1880. Denmau, Robert, Seychelles. 

1895. Denne, Francis \'incent, Uruok-yreen. 
1805. Denne, Henry, Birminyluun. 
1857. Denne, Thomas. 

1908. Denning, Arth. F. Wm., BInchfriars. 

1905. Denning, Geo. Fanning, Blarkfriarn. 
1900. Denning, Wm. Fredc, Murylebnne. 

1889. Deunison, Rev. Tom S., Wahall. 
1894. Denny, Arthur AVilliam, Bawtry. 

1804. Denny, Charles J ohn, Blackwnter. 
1899. Denny, Herbert Reg. UAn\, li.X. 

1878. Dennys,Geo. Wm. Patrick, I.M.S. 
190!'. 1 )ennys,Uichd.Moleswortb, SV(/w;oi<//i. 
1907. Densham, Arnold Thomas, Bridal. 
1893. Densham, Ashley D., Stratford-pl. 

1883. Dent, Harry Lord Richd., Kmsinyton. 

1884. Dent. Herbert Crowley, Cramer. 

1890. Dent, Louis "William,' 7T'(W/oj-c? 
1870. Denton, Artliur Henry. 

1904. Denver, Clarence Hamul, Easthourne. 

1885. de Nys.'^en, Petrus Job., Halei-irorth. 

1805. Denziloe, Wm. LeGros, Lonyfivld. 

1905. de Pinna, Herbert Allivd, Braok-d. 
1869. Derbyshire, Francis. 

1887. de Renzi, Arthur C, liawalpindi. 
1851. De Renzy, Sir Anne.sley C.C, K.C.B. 
1874. Derington, John Mai'maduke. 
L-.90. Dermer, Wm. Thos., W. Au^t. 
190-^. Derii;ott, Edward James, Bridal. 
1808. Derry, Bartholomew (Jidley, ZW/w;//?. 
1884. de St'.Rouiaine,Riehmond E., Halhind. 

1909. Deshmukh, Gopal ^'inavak, EarCs-ct. 


1891. De Silva, Appu Ilennidge Chaa. 
1801. De Smidt, John. 

1903. de Souza, David IL, Univ. Cdl.-hosp. 
Is80. Dester, Wm. Parker, Castle Eden. 
1893. d'Esterre, Ju. Norcott, Eastbourne. 

1893. d Est^-rre, Wm. Hry. D. 1*., Nuncood. 
185f). Desvignes, Peter Hubert. 

1 883. 1 )esVa; ux, 1 iarold \.,Bu(kinyhum-yt.e. 
1909. Deuntzer, Canut, Middlese.v-hosp. 
1890. De Vail, Alfred ErDe:~t, Birminy ham. 
1907. Devas, Horace Ciiarlton, Min'ehead. 
1877. Devenish, Willielm, Trinidad. 

1889.,.\rcb. Lewis, A'.Zea. 

1895. Devereux, Norman, Tewkesbury. 

1890. Devereux, Wm. Charles, Teickeshvry. 
1907. de Verteuil, Eric Jo.seph, Trinidad. 
1877. de Verteuil, Ferd. Aime, Trinidad. 
19()4. de V^erteuil, Fernaiid Ijewis, 72A'. 

1801. De Ville, Titus, Wakefield 

1906. de Villiers, Carel Chris. W^\.,Cape T. 

1896. de Villiers, Jas. Henry, Cape Town. 
1902. Devine, Henry, Coulsdon 

18->8. Devis, Harry I'ranc.iis, Bristol. 

1901. Devitt, Herbt. Pye' Smith, Rochester. 
1855. Dew, Henry Robbins, Bristol. 

1902. D'Ewart, John Thos., Manchester. 

1876. De Watteville, Armand, Rolle. 
1886. Dewes, Frederick Joseph, I.M.S. 

1891. de Wet, Petre Christiau, C. C<d. 
1902. Dewey, Edwd. Wm. Portsmouth. 

1889. Y)e\\'\\ViYit,in.\\vy.,Chii)}HnyCami)dcn 

1884. de Winton, Alfred, Tewkesbury. 
1888. Deyns, Chas. John, Eenny Stratford. 
1895. Dhingra, Rehari Lai, I'unjah. 
1852. Diamond, John Ross, Kentish Tatcn. 
1850. Diamond, Warren Hastings, />'/■/'.( Yf)?i. 

1802. Dias-Bandarnayke, A. Wm., Ceylon. 
189(5. Dibbs, William' Steward, Stali/Lridye. 
1909. Dick, Alan MacDduald,(r;jW/«e ^-'Co. 
1855. Dick, Ileurv. 

1909. Dick, James Reid, Mustcell-hill. 

1894. Dick, Maxwell, I.M.S. 

1863. Dick, Thomas Thomson, Victoria. 
1899. Dick, Walter, Belsize-park. 

1894. Dickens, Clias. Henry, Chiswick. 
1854. Dickerson, Stephen llenrv, /. Amu,. 

1907. 1 )ickey,Wm.C. .McXaghten, (V*?>«/oA-. 

1895. T )ickin, Ivlwd. Percival, Briylitlinysai 
1857. Dickin, Wm. Aclierley Parkes. 
1859. Dickius, Frederick ^'ictor. 

1896. Dickin.-i, Sidney Jn. OUlacrf^.Cotrfuld. 

1904. Dickinson, Chas.Mar.-hall, HV/z/o/i. 
I8t)4. Dickinsi.n, Fredk. Fludd. 

1877. Dickiuson George Dixon. Victoria. 

1890. Dickinson, (teo. Frank, Leaminyton. 
1850. Dickinson, James Charles. 

1804. Dickinson, Jn. Swinbiun .\nthonv. 




18S4. Dickinson, Jos. Je%\-itt, Strafford. 

1894. Diclciuson, Robert Luiuley, It.N. 
1879. Dickinson, Thos. Vincent, Sloanc-st. 
187o. Dickinson, Win. Gilbert, Putne;/. 

1903. Dickinson, Wm. Henry, Liverpool. 
1870. Dickmau, Henry, Ceylon. 

1900. Dickson, Artb. Xorman, Chmckk. 
1897. Dickson, Avery Wynn, StainJand. 
1905. Dickson, IlaroklStewart, Warrhu/ton. 

1890. Dickson, Jobn William, Hertford-st. 

1901. Dickson, Louis Edington, C'heder. 
IS'^O. Dickson, Tiios. Hugb, H.M. Cimtufus. 
1905. Dickson, Win. Leonard, Guildford. 

1907. Digbv, Kenelm Hiitcbinson, Gw/'s-h. 
1865. DifTires, Cbas. Jn. Stokes, U.S.A. 

1884. Dill, Jobn Fredk. Gordon, Briqhfon. 

1895. Dillon, Rup-'rtW., Wandsworth. 

1886. Diinmock. Aufr. Fredk., Ilarroyide. 
1879. Diinmock, Henry Peers, I. M.S. 
19U7. Dimock, Horace, i'/y. 

1883. Dimsey. Edgar llalpb, D.S.O., R.X. 

1896. Dingle, Harry, Tuitaijel. 

1905. Dingle, Percivnl Alfred, Fi»shiin/-.<!fj. 
1877. Dingle, Wm. Alfred, I'iiisburi/sq. 

1885. Dingle}-, Artbur Wm., Anii/le-sq. 
188:?. DiTi>rley, Edwd. Alfred, Wedm-$biirij. 
i8t)0. Dinbam, Geo. Josepb, Tasmania. 
]90(). Dinnis, Alfred, Clulwort/ii/. 

1905. Dismorr, Cecil Jas. S., Lew's/ta7n. 
.1990. Dismorr, I Tenry Bertram, .SV/^r/o^. 
1879. Dismorr, Henry, Lc7P:sha))t-2jJi. 
1-^90. Distin, Uo\\iiYd,JE/ijield. 
190(5. Dive, Gilbert Henry, St. Bart's. 
186.3. Diver, Ebenezer, Portsmouth. 
I'^OO. Divi-r, Ebtnezer Wm., Shotley Bridge. 
190il. Di.\, Charles, Kennw/ton. 
1885. Dixev, Fredk. Augustus, Oxford. 

1908. Dixon, Alban, Wiltesden. 

1891. Di.xon, Artluir, Pre.<ton. 

1904. ] >ixuu, Austin Clarence, Broudaburi/. 

1887. Dixon, Charles Harvej'. 
1859. Dixon, George. 

1881. Dixon, George Frederick, Pol ton. 
1901. Dixon, Godfrey"?, Wifh/nn. 

1896. Dixon, Ilaiold Evans, Brondeslturi/. 
18."^:?. Dixon, Henry Charles, Trausvaul. 

1897. Dixon, Henry Ciitlibert, llaclmey. 
1870. Dixon, Henry Edward, liuntinijford. 
1873. Dixon, Henry George, Jfoxf.on. 
18K4. l>ixon, Jacob Robt. L., Bouriien,oath. 
1854. Dixon, Jobn, Jamaica-road, S.E. 
1870. Dixon, Jobn. 

1872. Dixon, .Ldm Francis, Cape Tou-n. 
Is99. Dixun, .Montairne, Melton Monhrau. 
1899. Dixon, Robert Halst^ad, Eulimj. 

1909. Dixon, Samuel, Iliyhjate. 
lS;i2. Dixon, Thomas, Eccleshall. 

41. IS 

1S75. Dixon, Thomas Artbui-, R.A.M.C. 
1909. Dixou, Thomas lianjamin, Bath. 

1872. Dixou, Th )s. John, Transvaal. 
1895. Dixou, Walter Ernest, Caniljri'lye. 
1878. Dixon, Wm. Edward, Lowestoft. 

1901. Dixon, Wm. Jobn, Templecomhe. 
1886. Dixson, Chas. Fdk. Lyue, Brentford. 
187.5. Debbie, Rbt. Jn. Algernon, S. Aust. 
1854. Dobbin, Johu Wilson, Boi/al JVari/. 
190!). Dobbin, WilfridArtb. Ed Win, Cardiff. 
1891. Dobbs, Matthew, Folhrstone. 

1894. Dobell, Clarence Brian, Cheltenham. 
1849. Dobell, Horace Benye, Parhstojie. 
1894. Dobie, Edward Cvril, Chester. 
1899. Dobie, Herbert, Chester. 
1897. Dobie, Robert Douglas, .!/«///"«?>. 
1-^72. Dobie, Stanley Lockn; I..M.S,E'(/in. 

1882. Dobie, William Henry, Chester. 
1854. Dobie, William Murray, Chester. 
1906. Dobie, Francis Carminow, Penzance. 
1889. Dobrashian. Gabriel S., IZarlesden. 

1894. Dobsou, Artbur, Ilkeston. 

1873. Dobson, Joseph, Tweeds. 

1909. Dobson, Josiah Rowland B., Penarth. 
1885. Dobson, Leonard C. T., Kensim/ton. 
1908. Dobson, Maurice Rowland, Ilkle-j. 
1844. Dobson, Thomas, Holheck. 
1862. Dobson, Tliomas, Wi)idermere. 
18()6. Docking, Thomas. 

1895. Dockrav, John S., Bishops Stortford. 
1873. Dodd, Alex. Russell. 

1883. Dodd, Anthony, R.A.M.C. 

1884. Dodd, Artbur Herbert, Hove. 

1899. Dodd, Artliur Timothy M., Liverpool. 
18ii6. Dodd, Ern. Jas. Auberon, Leeds. 
1895. Dodd, Fredk. Lawson, Wimpole-st. 
1854. Dodd, Hemy Allnutt, Stockport. 

1851. Dodd, Jame« Sherwood. 

18S7. Dodd, Percy Vernon, Folkestone. 

1902. Dodd, Stanley, Woldintjham. 
1897. Dodgson, Geo. Stanley, West Liss, 
1895. Dodgson, Robt. Wm., Maida-vale. 
18S4. Dodson, Arth. Edward, Wamlvcorth. 

1897. Dodson, Geor^re Iwerard, Persia. 
18.58. Dodswortii, Fredc. Charles, Chiswick. 
1889. Dodwell.Pliilip llnshlaiirh, Battersea. 

1852. Dodwell, Wm. Henry. 

1883. Doidge, ^l&m'ice Jo\\u,Glastonburi/. 
18.')(). Doig, Chas. David, Ontario. 
1904. Doig, Kenneth Aim C.,R.A..V.C. 
18i)2. D.ilamore, NVm. Homy, IIarlei/-st. 
1906. Dolan, Ednuind .Michael, Halifax, 
1S61. Dollman, John. 
1901. Dolman, ICdgarWiim Vox.Qwensland. 

1898. Domela-Xieuwenhuis, Theo. 'Tunis. 

1899. Dominy, Geo. Herbert, Southampton, 
1871. DomviUe, Edward James, Exeter. 




1883. Donald, Archibald, Manchester. 

1902. Donald, Archibald, Paisley. 

1882. Donald, James, Kinf/don-on-Thames. 
190."). Donald Robert, Duiiedin, N. ZeaUmd. 

1903. Donaldson, Alex. Uenry , Hol-sworth)/. 
]8r3. Donaldson, Henry, Gore, X. Zealtind. 
18.")('). Donaldson, John Brown. 

1909. Donaldson, Malcolm. St. Ihtrth.'s-hosp. 

1849. Donaldson, Robert, Belfast. 

1901. Donaldson, Samnel, Transvaal. 

190] . ] )onaldson-Sim, ErnestA., Whitehaven 

187(). Donbavimd, Edgar John, Flymslock. 

1852. Doneg-an, Stephen. 

1873. Donkin, Horatio Dr^vau, Harleij-at. 

1882. Donnet, Jas. Ju. Conway, It. A.M. C. 
1909. Doran, Robert Sydney, Ipswich. 
1898. Dore.Saml. Ernest, XeicCaveiidish-st. 
1872. Dorin, Arth. Fdlc. Lock, Clapham. 

1903. Dorraan, Oscar Chipmau, Manitoba. 
1893. Dornford, Arth. Clifford, Boiv, E. 
1885. Dornford, Chas. T., Manchester. 
1900. D.inbble, Meredith Sedgwic-k, Udon. 
1870. Doudney, Edwin, Xeiv South Wales. 
1885. Doudney, Geo. Herbert, Wainjleet. 
190fi. Doudney, Leslie, Dulwich. 

18(58. Doughty, John Percival, Hoharton. 
1905. Douglas', Jas. SholtoC. St.Geo.-hosp. 
1898. Douglas, Kenneth H., W'alfham.dow. 

1904. DouLjlas, Reginald Inixlis, Dahvich. 
1891). Douglas, Stewart Rnnlcen, I. M.S. 
18l)S. Douglas, William, Goudhiirst. 
1870. Douglas, Wm. Th' is. Parker. Xewhary. 
1908. Douglas, Wni. Robert, Manchester. 
1900. Douglass, Percy Clarence, R.A.M.C. 

1900. Douglass, Wm. Claughton, Barnet. 
1903. Douse, John Freeman, Streatham. 

1889. Douthwaite, Geo. 11., Stocldon-on-T. 

1883. Dovaston,Milward Edmund, TIendon. 
1885. Dove, Aug. Cliarles, Crunch-end, X. 

1890. Dove. Percy Wm., Crouch-hill, X. 

1897. Dove.William Bathurst, Leatherhead. 

1891. Dow, Jolm Ilardnian, St. Helens. 

1892. Dow, William Alexiinder, Lewes. 

1905. Dowdall, Arth. Melville, Xew Ferry. 
1888. Dowdell, Ciias. Seymour. Si/dne>/. 
1876. Dowding, Alex. Wm. W., Birkdale. 

1898. Dowding, Erne.«t Fdk. C, Chatham. 
1898. Dowdinyr.Wm. Fdk. Chas., Wimbledon. 

1893. Dowler,'Herbt. Matthew, India. 
1888. Dowling, Ed. All'd. Griffiths, Clifton. 

1890. Dowling, Geo. Wm., Alderb-y Kdyv. 

1891. Dowling, Norman, X'-w S. Ji'ales. 
1905. Dowling.Stanislaus Marcus, Zawie//?. 
1895. Down, Elgar, Sfolie, Devonnort. 

1901. Downer, Clarence Ilerbt., Dcmerara. 
1907. Downer, Reg. Lionel E., Crouch End. 
1881. Downes, Chas. Hagger. 


1897. Downes, Godkin, Wealdstone. 
1883. Downes, Howard, Ilornsey. 

18G2. Downes, James Badger, Xeiv Zeal. 

1901. Downes, 'riios. W.Hardwicke,X«f//o?r. 

1881. Downing, Charles, Cardiff. 

1890. Downing, William, 2iirminr/ham. 

1882. D(jwnman, Cha-. In-edk., Burnham. 

1902. Downton, ArthurSydney, CrouchEnd. 

1898. Dowse, Thos. Alex., Levuka, Fiji. 
1805. Dowse, Thos. .Stretch, Bournemouth. 

1899. Dowsett, Ernest Blair, Gloucester-st. 

1883. J)owsing, lleibert Leopold, Hull. 
1878. Dowsley, David Henry, Ottawa. 
1881. Dowson, Joiin, lioycl Xavy, 

1883. Dowson, Walter, Dulwich. 

188.'5. Doyle, Edward Augel G., Tnnidad. 

18.SIJ. Doyle, Henry Martin, X.S. W. 

1871. DoVle, Jeremiiih. 

1852. DoVle. Timothv. 

1904. Drabble, Percy Toplis, Sheffield. 

1848. Drage, Charles, Haf field. 

1884. Drage, Lovell, Half eld. 

1907. Drake, Aith. \V. Courtney, Winchester. 
1871. Drake, Cecil, lit.yal Xavy. 
1859. Drake, Charles Henry, Beiyate. 
1^96. Drake, Dennys John, Assam. 

1891. Drake, Ernest Charles, Bedhill. 
1894. Drake, Ernest Henry, Beckham. 

1870. Drake, Francis Henry, Headinolei/. 

1903. Drake, Hugh Basil, /. J/.*. 
1902. Drake, John Alexander, 7'enby. 
1894. Drake, William, Harwich. 

1892. Drake, William Elliot, Winchester. 

1900. Drake-Brockman,Hy. G..Middlesbro\ 
1899. Drake-Brockman, Ralph E., E.Africa 
1891. Di'ake-Brocknian, Vivien G., 
1887. Drake-Brockniann,Hbt.Edwd.,7.J/.i5f. 
1881. Draper, Ja«. William, IIudder-<ficid. 
1896. Draper, Robert Athelstan, York. 
1890. Draper, Tlionias Makin, Watluyton. 
1866. Draper, William, i'ork. 

1904. Drapes, Thos. Lambert, Uudleii-pl. 
190-1. Drawbridge, Wilid. R. L., Hertford. 

1885. Dreaper. Wm. Grey, Grosmont. 
1855. Drever, Arthur. 

1868. Drew, All'd. Stanbanks, Cape Col. 
1874. Drew, Clifford \Aixmoo\e.Leinster-sq. 
1894. Drew, Edward Hatherell, Balham. 

1871. Drew, Henry Wm., Ballydnff. 

1905. Drew, John Harmer. St. J'hos.-hosp. 
1848. Drew, Joseph, Charlton Kiny's. 
19(>2. Drew, Pobert Stanbanks. IJyham. 
1871. Drew, AVilliam Thom;\», I'yham. 
1870. Drewitt, Fdk. Geo. D., Kensinyton. 
1876. Dring, Wm. lamest, Buckhurst-hill. 
1865. Drinkard, Wm. Beverley, U.S.A. 

1901. Driidvwater, Fredk. A. ^^'.. Wre.rham. 




1877. Drinkrvater, Harry, Wrexham. 
1902. Driver, Hem-y Lloyd, Southiea. 
190.5. Droop, Chas. Edward, Rei{/ate. 

1878. Uroufrht, Engeiie X. 

1890. Druitt, Arthur Edward, Derb}/. 
1896. Druitt, Claud Francis. Ahciston. 
1807. Drurv, Chas. Denuis Hill, Darlinqton. 
1896. DrurV, Edwd. Guv Dru, Cripe Col. 
1904. Drurv, Godfrev Dru, Blackheath. 
1907. Dryland, Gilbert Winter, Kettering. 

1891. Drvland, Leslie Winter, Keften'/u/. 
1874. Dryland, \\'illiam. Brook-street, W. ■ 

1889. Drysdale, Ju. Hannah, Devoushire-pl. 
1904. Drysdale, Theodore, St. George's Hasp. 
1885. Du Boulay, Hubert H., Weipnouth. 
188.1. Du Buisson, Edwd. Wni., Hereford. 

1894. Ducat, Arthur David, Chisicich. 
1804. Duckeriucr, '&&xa\\e\,I.M.S.,Ec(uiMiate. 
1888. Ducket, Chas. Alex., Manor-park. 
1802. Duckworth, SirD.. Bart., Grosrenor-pl. 

1900. Dudding, John Scarbrough, B.X. 
1902. Dudding.Thos.Scarbrough,72..4.3/. C. 
I8.80. Dudtield, Reg. Saml. O., Harroic-rd. 
1896. Dudgeon, Herbert Wni., Cairo. 

1899. Dudgeon, Leond. Stanley, Po^rw-yr/^s. 
1891. Dudireon, Kobt. Henry B., Liverpool. 

1895. Dudley, Arth. Dudley Parr, Temple. 

1901. Dudley, Bernard John, Neic Zeal. 
1904. Dudley, Edwd. Percy H., Bruton. 

1890. Dudley, George James, Stourbridye. 
1906. Dudlev, Sheldon Francis, R. Navy. 
1883. Dudley, William, Canada. 

1891. Duer, Sidengham Unwin. 

1881. Duff, Chas. Henrv, Bridr/ford. 
1895. Duffield, Ernest Alph., Trelie'rbert. 

1891. Duffy, Patrick Joseph, Forest-yate. 
I800. Dufty, Frederick. 

1870. Duggan, ^lotherwell, AHrincJiam. 
18^^8. Dugon, Francis, Bermondsey. 

1900. Dugon, Thos. Henderson, Ne^cEltham. 
1894. DuHeaume,IIerbertThos..,SY.//e/w'rV-. 

1901. Duigan, Victor John, Bedford. 
1889. Duigan, William, Oxford. 

1892. Duka, .\lbt. Theo., i).H.O., N.S. W. 
1880. Duke, Allen Forrester, Cheltenham. 
1807. Duke, Benjamin, Clapha?n-com,,S.\\' . 
1872. Duke, David, Leiceder. 

1870. Duke, Edgar, IL>re. 
1849. Duke, Frederic, Bitckinyham. 
1-K)4. Duke, Harold Dennv, Brondesbury. 
18<'.8. Duke, Joshua, I. M.S. 
187.">. Duke, Maurice Smelt, Kenninqton. 
1^*04. Duke, Oliver Thomas, I.M.S'. 
1857. Duke, Boger, Hastings. 
187C>. Duke, Thomas. Rvghy. 
11^07. Dukes. Clement, Rugby. 
l''>94. I>uke3, Edmund Spragiie, Xeiv Zeal. 
1909. 4:300 

1850. Dukes, Major Charles, Ilfracomhe. 

1890. Dukes, Thomas Archibald, Croydon. 
1855. Dumaine, Charles, Trinidad. 

1801. Dumaine, Louis Ernest, Trinidad. 

1891. Dumaresq, Mark Bayfield, Bow. 

1802. D'Uminy, Benjamin Francois. 
1880. Dummere, HowardHowse, Sevenoaks. 

1882. Dun, Walter Angus, Cincinnati. 
1870. Dunbar, Jn.Jas. 'SLacv>-hirtev,Clapliam. 
1909. Duncan, Archibald W., Henley -on- T. 
1880. Duncan, Duncan, Eccleston-street. 

1897. Duncan, George Ernest, R.N. 
1849. Duncan, Henry Montague, Harroio. 

1887. Duncan, Horace, Bolton-street, W. 

1907. Duncan, John, Toronto. 

1877. Duncan, Ju. T., Castle Donington. 

1888. Duncan, Percy James, Bournemouth. 

1878. Dimcan, Sydney Edward, iZ..-1.3/.C. 
1887. Duucker, Wm. Reinhold, Poiislade. 
1885. Dundas, Mordaunt Geo., Canada. 

1892. Dunderdale, R. H. Webster, Bl ickpool. 
1903. Dunkerton,NorraanEdwiu, R.A.JI. C. 

1899. Dunkin, Silas Ethelbert, Clapham. 
1887. Dunlop, James Craufurd, Edinburgh. 
1901. Dunlop, John Beattie, Bradford. 
1906. Dunn, Arthur Gibson, Neiccastle. 
1909. Dunn, George, Hunter, Quebec. 

1806. Dunn, George Xewman, Kinsale. 

1883. Dunn, John Edward, Preston. 
1885. Dunn, Philip Henrv, Earl's Court. 
1890. Dunn, Robert Ayton, Hertford. 
1905. Dunn,Thos. Wm'.Newton, Shortlands. 

1879. Dunn, Walter, Roxburgh, N.Z. 
1872. Dunn, William Allison, Millom. 
1804. Dunn, William Daniel, Nottinyham. 
1895. Dimn, Wm. Edwd. N., Brondesbury. 

1901. Dunne, Arthur Briggs, Nottinyham. 

1807. Dunne, James. 

1908. Dimning, Jn. Beatson, Blandford-sq. 

1900. Duustan, Robert, Brixton-hi'll. 
1872. Duustan, Robert, Balham. 
1900. Duustan, Walter Robt., Brixton. 
1877. Duustan, W^illiam, Brixton. 
1899. Dunston, John Thos., Transvaal. 

1898. Dupigny, Joseph Elford, Streatfiam. 

1893. Duprey^ Albert Jos. B., Grenada. 

1902. Duprey, G(!o. Perry, Southampton. 
1853. Diipuy, Arthur, Mauritius. 

1874. Duran, Charles, Costa Rica. 

1899. })urnnce,yVm. Arth. ,Sutton-in-Ash fid 
1858. Durant, James John, I.M.S. 

18-<2. Durant, Robt..Ias.And.'rson,7?.yf. J/. C. 

1900. Durbridge, Ilenrv, Matlock Bath. 
1893. Dur.ll, Robt^rt Edward, Boole. 
189(5. Durrant, Clias. Edwin, Kinysbridyp. 
1888. Dnrrant,'i'hos. Arnold, Market lfl)ro\ 
1893. Durston, John Cluistopher. R.N. 

4423 N 



1871. Dustan, Henry, Jersey. 

1897. Dutch, IleDry"^A3lier, BerMey-street. 
1870. Butt, Rus&ick Lall, I.M.S. 

188o. Dutt, Upendra Krisbua, Camhridtje. 

1892. Dutton, Arthur Start, Bay><v:ater. 

1902. Dutton, Ilug-h Reginald, i.M.S. 

1899. Dutton, "William, Leicester. 

1909. Duvivier, ^Taic AntoineE.,3/rtM;v'(!u<6-. 

185(3. Dwyer, Cliarles. 

1886. Dwyer, Hubt. de Burgh, Banbury. 

1864. Dwyer, John Corneliu.s, ^Sfreathani. 

1902. Dwyer, Robert Joseph, Toruntu. 

1898. Dyer, Harold, JS'eic Zealand. 
1888. Dver, John Edward, 1 retoria. 
1851. Dyer, Richard Ridge. 

1883. Dyer, Sidney Reginald, Prince-toxcn. 
1867. Dver, Thoinas Birch, Noncich. 

1899. Dyer, Walter Percy, B.X. 
1897. DVkes, Campbell, 1.3/. .S'. 

1897. Dykes, Charles Reg., Bucklmrst Hill. 

1897. Dykes, Percy Armstrong, Castle Vary. 

1898. Dymoke, Frederick, Bristol. 
1878. Dymott, Donald Fred., Croydon. 
1904. Dyson, Harold Edward, Harrow. 
1901. DVson, John Newton, Ealiny. 
1909. Dyson, Percy Albt.Stanley, Wakejield. 
1873. Dyson, William, Shejield. 

1847. Eade, Sir Peter, Kortcich. 

1872. Eady, George John, S. Kensinyton. 
1906. Eager, Gurth, Acton. 

1903. Eager, Merv\u, Watford. 
1806. Eager, Reginald, Winterhonrne. 
1870. Eager, Thomas Cawley, Acton. 
1870. Eager, Wilson, Winterbourne. 
1854. Eagland, Wm. Henry, Harrogate. 
1862. Eagles, Woodfield, Aylesbury. 
1885. Eales, George Young, Torquay. 

1848. Eales, Henry, late Royal Navy. 

1873. Eales, Henry, Birminyham. 

1895. Fames, Charles William, Shipley. 

1896. Eames, Edwd. Shairp B., Ufcn'lme. 
1892. Eames, Edwd. Thos. VhiWitJioy.Xavy. 
1875. Eames, Jas. Crompton, Stoncclouyh. 
1860. Eames, John Davey, Leeds. 

1881. Eames, William, Royal Navy. 

1897. Eardley, William, Goole. 

1871. Eardley -Wilmot, Robert, if«?»//'.9/('.'i. 
1906. Earl, Guy Stanley, St. Geo.-hosp. 
1884. Earle, Cyril Somerset, Glasyotc. 
1890. Earle, Etlward Robert Chas., Jamaica. 
1866. Earle, Frederick, Edyware. 
1890. Earle, Hubert Malins, I.M.S. 
1856. Earle, John, Ripon. 

1893. Earle, John RoUeston, O.rford. 
1907. Earle, Maurice Mason, Guy's-hosp. 
18(54. Earle, Robt. Chas., Wanyanni, y.Z. 
1868. Earle, Thos. Alexander, Calcutta. 
1886. Earle, Walter Geo., Bournemouth. 
1855. Earnshaw, Hugh Granger. 

1898. Eason, Herbert Lightfoot, Guy's-hosp. 
1886. East, Charles Harry, Gt. Malvern. 

1873. East, Geo. Edward, Linden-yardeits. 
1853. East, Henry, Lincoln. 

1897. East, William Norwood, Clapham. 

1874. Eastall, Henry Francis. 

1894. Eastes, Geo. Leslie, Queen Anne-st. 

1898. Eastman, Julio Daniel, Caton. 
1898. Eastment, Alan Grant, R.N. 

1900. Eastment, Gerald Meade. R.N. 
1902. Eastmond, Reg. Anthony, MansfcUl. 

1892. Easton, Frank Edward, Devonport-xt. 
1902. Easton, Harold Aag.,Thornto7iHeafh. 

1901. Easton, Philip George, I.M.S. 
1881. Eastwick-Field, Charles, Midhur.'^t. 
1851. Eastwood, Joseph William, 0.rfo>d. 

1893. Eatock, John Albert, Farnicorth. 
1858. Eaton, James, Granlhani. 

1858 Eaton, James William, Bingham. 

1888. Eaton, Oliver, E.rmouth. 

1889. Eaves, Wilb.Yaughan, J.^^^en^T^t?;/ C. 

1905. Eccles, Bertram Joseph, Belfast. 
1888. Eccles, Chas. Hemy, Nafferton. 
1877. Eccles, Friend Richard, Ontario. 
1862. Eccles, George Henry, Plymouth. 

1891. Eccles, Herbt. Aunesley, Norwood. 
189.3. Eccles, Horace Dorset, New Zealand. 

1892. Eccles, Robert Burton, Driffield. 
1864. E^rcles, Wm. Soltau, Upper Noncnud. 
1804. Eck, Vincent Frederick, Iquique. 

1906. Eckenstein, Kenneth Kd.. Kensington. 
1908. Eckstein, John McDongall, Trinidad. 
1858. Ecrovd, Alfd. Ernest, U.S.A. 
1898. Eddison, lu-ancis Ryalls, BedaU. 

1843. Eddison, John, Worktop. 
1864. Eddison, John Edwin, Leeds. 

1907. Eddle.?toue. Neville A., mitley Bay. 
18(il. Eddowes, Charles, Devizes. 

1862. Eddowes, Ralph. 

1861. Eddowes, William, Johannesburg. 

1897. Eddy, James, Leictster. 

1844. Ede,' Charles, Bramley. 

1889. Edelsten, Ernest Alfred. Bri.rton. 

1893. Eden, Wm. Annesley, Wadihrid<;r. 
1895. Eder, Montague David, Charlottv-st. 
1872. Edge, Abraham M., Mancheiti-r. 
1893. Edge, Arthur James, Maidenhead. 
18i)5 Edjre, Bruce Edgar. 

1866. Edgelow, George, Hertford-xt.. \\ . 
1884. Edgelow, Herbert. Del'agoa Bay. 
1883. Edgelow, Percv, Harley-st. 




1877. Edgelow, Samuel Ileury, Melbourne. 
1862. Edjrer, ^^'a^Ten. 
1867. Edg-ewortb, Richard Lutock. 
1885. Edgioton, Alfred Dudley, Batfersea. 
]871. Edfjinton. Rubt. Wiu., Birmingham. 

1899. Ediiijrton. Ernest Adolph., Leicester. 

1896. Ediiigtou, Georse Henry, Glasyoio. 
1871. Edis, John Butler, Liverpool. 

1897. Edleston, Richd. S. Chambers, 5<7s/o?t7. 
1802. Edliu, Ed wd.Holbertan, Biicklersburt/. 
1884. Edliu, Ilerht. Ebenezer, Manchester. 
l87o. Edmond, AVni. Richardson, Totnes. 

1904. Ednit)ud, William Square, Totnes. 

1902. Edmonds, Cbas. Ju. E., Streotham. 

1903. Edmonds, Frauk Rowe, Br. Guiana. 
1889. Edmonds, George, Be.x-hill. 

1889. Edmonds, Henry Aujr., Neio Zeal. 
190-5. Edmondson, Watts, Pontefract. 

1900. Edmunds, Clive Thornlev, Twyford. 

1883. Edmunds, D -uiel Taylor." Af«' iith. W. 

1893. Edmunds, Flayell, Chesterfield. 

1854. Edmunds, .Tames, Gt. Marlborouyh-st. 
1860. Edmunds, John. 

1894. Edmunds, ^excy Ss\s.,Gt.Marlboro.-st. 

1905. Edridge, Ray, Bluckheath. 

1855. Edsall, Horatio. 

1886. Edsell, George Alfred, Surbiton. 
1888. Edward, Chas. Stanstay. 

1856. Ed%yardes, Chas. Laurence. 
1881. Edwards, Arthur Rea, I. M.S. 

1899. Edwards, Augustus Lea, Upavon. 

1900. Edwards, Charles, Shooter s-hill-road. 

1884. Edwards, Charles Reginald, Jamaica. 

1888. Edwards, Charles Wright, Wincanton, 
1856. Edwards, Daniel Thomas, Cardiff. 
1875. Edwards, Dayid, Mold. 

1899. Edwards, Dayid Richard, Concen. 

1899. Edwards, Edgar Steele, Stamford. 
1893. Edwards, Francis Hy., Cambencell. 

1900. Edwards, Frank Payne, Victoria. 
1900. Edwards, Fred. Geo".Hy., i?.CW.7«.?f. 
1892. I'^d wards, Fredc. William, Forest-hill. 

1906. Edwards, Geo. Bennicke, R.A.M.C. 

1892. Edwards, Geo. Mackenzie, ILarroiv. 

1889. Edwards, Harford 'iSoi-man, Dun stable. 
1908. Edwards, Harry liAmaey, Beclcenham. 
1864. Edwards, Henry Nelson, Shreusbui-y. 
1879. Edwards, James, Liverpool. 

1877. Edwards, John, Manchester. 
1900. Edwards, John Maltby, Bromley. 
1861. Edwards, Morgan .John. 
1874. Edwards, Octavius, Leominster. 
1886. Edwards, Percy, Liverpool. 

1893. Edwards, Philip Hugh, Deroran. 

1885. Edwards, Richard, Liverpool. 
1893. Edwards, Robert, Brunswic/c-square. 
1902. Edwards, Robert Thomas, Swansea. 


1869. Edwards, Wm. Henry, Cape Col. 

1899. Edwards, Wm. Howard, Brixton. 
1884. Edwards, Wm. Lloyd, Cardifl^. 
1834. Edwards, Wm. Rice, C.M.G!, LM.S. 

1895. Eedle, Edward John, Palmers-green. 
1857. Egan, Chas. J as.. Cape Colony. 
1901. Ehrlich, Henry Albert, Fulh'am. 

1889. Ehrmann, Albert, Camden-road. 

1898. Eichholz, OrdSte, Kensington. 

1900. Ekins, Charles Maxwell,' Cairo. 

1859. Elam, George, W. Ilampstead. 

1876. Elcum, Donald, I. M.S., Gloucester-st. 

1904. Elder, Armin G. V.,.7. Consero. Club. 
19;)1. Elder, Geo. Tatham D., Mansjield. 

1860. Eldershaw, Frederick. 

1899. Eldred, Arthur George, 

1896. p]ley, Norman "NVm., Batley. 

1884. Eleyatamby Mudalitamby, Cxlombo. 
1882. Elgood, Charles Reginald, Windsor. 
1888. Elias, James, Salford. 

1877. Eliot. George, GrenfeU, Canada. 
1871. Elkington, Ernest Alfred, Newport. 
1863. Elkimrton, George, Llivi/ngu-ril. 

1885. Elkington, Hy.Perciyal G., P. A.M. C. 
1855. Elkington, John, Ontario, Canada. 
1896. EUacombe, Gilbt.Hy.W^, Transvaal. 
1907. EUcombe, John Edwin, Wandsivorth. 
1894. Ellertou, Henry ]3yam, Watford. 
1862. Ellerton, John, Middlesborouyh. 
1874. Ellerton, Jn. Fdk. Heise, Leamington. 
1898. Ellery, Ernest Edwd., R.A.M.C. 

1890. Ellimau, Arthur Cbarles, Soufhicark. 
1860. Elliot, Augustus Frederick, Army. 

1880. Elliot, Edmund Arth. S.,Kinf/sbridge, 
1894. Elliot, Ernest Edward, Dover. 
1879. Elliot, Henry. 

1905. Elliot, Thos.'^Stokoe, Cambencell. 

1886. Elliot, AVm. Hy. W., D.S.O., LM.S. 
1892. Elliot-Blake, Hubert, Bognor. 

1892. Elliott, Chas. Caldwell, Cape Town. 
1905. Elliott, Christopher, Tunbridye Wells. 

1881. Elliott, Edgar, Sevenoaks. 

1879. Elliott, Fredk. John, W. Australia. 

1893. EUiott, Qf\VofivX,Mornington-cr., N.AV. 

1900. Elliott, Harold St. Clair, O.vford-st. 
1892. Elliott, Harry Scott, Southsea. 
1878. Elliott, Horace, P JV. 

1907. Elliott,HowardRobinson, Whittini/f'n 
1904. Elliott, James Warner, St. Man/'.^-h. 

1880. Elliott, Nich. Phillipps, Queensland. 
1852. Elliott, Robert. 

1907. P;riis, Carlton Atkinson, Finchley. 
1846. Ellis, Carteret George, Attleboroue/h. 
1903. Ellis, Edgar Seyern. St. Bart's-hosp. 
Ii:t03. Ellis, Ernest Alfred, Sican.':ea. 

1901. Ellis, Ernest Fitzgerald, P.X. 
1899. Ellis, Francis Hamilton, Wokivghavu 

4G47 n2 



1902. Ellis, Francis Ileygate, Blackheath. 
1892. l^llis, Fred, Peekiuim. 

1S<)6. KUis, Ilenrv Regiuald, Shiplej/. 
1872. Ellis, Hyacinth \)\\.xcy,Brierley-hUl- 
1891. Ellis, Jn. Constable, Metherinyhum. 
1883. I'-llis, John Lloyd. 
1876. Ellis, Joseph Watson, CmnhruJge. 

1903. Ellis, Leonard Erasmus, Leicester. 
1876. Ellis, Philip Mackav, Il.A.M. C. 
1898. Ellis, Richard Thomas, Holyhead 

1895. Ellis, Robert ^lackay, Chudleiyh. 
1883. Ellis, Sidney, Salishury. 

18G1. Ellis, Thomas Smith, Gloucester. 

1876. Ellis, Wm. Ashton, Horsted Keynes. 
1901. Ellis, William Francis, R.A.M.C. 
1882. Ellis, Wni. Gilmore, Sinyapore. 
1866. Ellis, William Henry, Shipley. 
18.57. l^Uis, William James. 

1886. Ellis, Wm. McDouagh, Bath. 
1893. Ellison, Arthur, Leeds. 

1887. Ellison, Ernest Henry, Syston. 
1908. Ellison, Harold Blades, W. Kirhy. 
1882. Ellison, Wm. Augustiue,M. V.().,-Eifo«. 
1866. EUiston, Geo. Sampson, Ipswich. 

1897. Elhvooci, Thos. A., ToUinyton-pk. 
1865. Elphinstone, Robert, Towcester. 
1893. Elrington, Nicolas, Leaminytun. 

1855. Elsey, Joseph Ravenscroft. 

1877. Elsniere, Edward, Alderney-street. 
1868. Elsom, Frederic Jos., Finshury-pk. 
1908. Elton, Henry Brown, Taimton. 

1893. Elvy, Frank, Beaminster. 

1898. Elwes, Frederick Fenu, I.M.S. 

1856. Elwin, Chas. Jeken, Iliyhhnry. 

1896. Elwin, Geo. Richd., Blackfri'ars-rd. 

1904. Elworthy, Henry H., Wekminster-h. 
1906. Elworthy, Reg. Robt., Lincoln'' s-inn. 
1860. Ely, John James, South Australia. 
1896. Emanuel, Joseph George, Fdyl>aston. 
1906. Enibleton, Dennis, Univ. Coll.-hosp. 

1894. Emerson, Ilerbt. Bree, Fershore. 
1879. Emerson, Reter Henry, Christchurch. 
1892. Emmery, Arthur, Ludlow. 

1885. Emery, Fredk. Wm., Birmingham. 
1894. Emery, Walter d'Este, Clifton-hill. 
1881. Emin'son, Thos. B. Franklin, Lincoln. 

1890. Emlyn, Chas. Willmore, Neumrk. 
1904. ]<;mmerson, Ilerbt. Harry, Sheffield. 
1876. Emmerson, John Bolton, Biyylesicade. 
1873. Emmerson, Wm.Lindsay,iV^s■/^(>(o•«<>. 

1891. Emmet, John William,' /jt-.i-/;///. 
1885. Fimmett, Richard, Portsmouth. 
1872. Emms, Alfred Wilson, Leicester. 
1896. iMums, Harry Robt., Binninyham. 
1901. l^nderby, Tom S. Dawber, Grimsby. 
1868. England, George, 3Ioulton. 

1887. England,Goo.F.Ashbridge, 7r7?<c7/t'»'i'/- 

1897. England, Humphrey, W. Kensinyton. 
1881. English, Edgar, Doncaster. 

1892. English, Thos. Harks, Sleiyhts. 

1873. English, Thos. Johnston, Kensinyton. 

1866. Ennals, Charles Thomas, Louth. 

1898. Ennion, Octavius Roberts, Meldreth. 
1889. Enraght, WiUiam, Anerley. 

1895. Ensor, Cecil Arthur, Tisbury. 
1888. Ensor, Chas. William, Southall. 

1856. Ensor, Frederick, Port Elizabeth. 
1885. Ensor, Hemy Collen, Cardiff. 

1899. Ensor, John William, Birminyham. 
1878. Ensor, Theodore Francis, Blandford. 
1871. Epps, Washington, Queen Anne-st. 

1898. Ereaut, Harold John, Cape Colony. 
1895. Erhardt, Conrad Chas. Jas., Crosshilts. 

1904. Ernst, Geo. Reginald, Godesbery. 

1905. Erskine-Collins, J a.s.^^dw., East Ham. 
1908. Eschwege, Fritz Salo, Forest-hill. 
1895. Escombe, William, Grimsby. 

1885. Eskiigf^e, Richd. Bertram, Barnsley. 
1868. Esnout, Evariste Chas. A., Mauritius. 

1900. Esser, Saml. Jonath. David, Cape Col. 
1887. Essei-y, Wm. Joseph, Southsea. 
1876. Essex, James Rowlands, Pontypool. 

1867. Estcourt, Henry. 

1883. Etches, Wm. Robert, Warlingham. 
1854. Eteson, Alfred, C.B., LM.S. 

1863. Etheridge. Charles, JJliitstahle. 

1899. Etheridge, Chas. Edward, Ifliitstahle. 

1874. Etheridge, Geo. Dovi'lino:, Thvrnfon-h . 

1902. Etlinger, Fredk. Kincaid, Stroud. 

1857. Evans, Abel, Lampeter. 

1907. Evans, Albert Edward, Cathcart-hill. 
1899. Evans, Alexander, Market JJ'eit/hton. 

1870. Evans, Alfd. Henry, Surton Col'dfeld. 

1864. Evans, Alfred Paget, Erdinyton. 
1899. Evans, Arthur John, Liverpool. 
1880. Evans, Arthur Owen, I.M.S. 

1893. Evans, Arthur Vernon, Weybridye. 

1858. Evans, Benjamin. 

1871. Evans, Charles. 

1899. Evans, Chas. Edwd., Lmiyhhorouyh . 

1886. Evans, Chas. Hotliam, IF. Norwood. 
1856. Evans, Cliarles Jewel, Xnrthampton. 

1897. Evans, Charles K'obt., B.A.M.C. 

1876. Evans, Charles Walter, Bakcnrll. 

1877. Evans, Chas. AV. de L., Albany-st. 

1903. Evans, Daniel Cyril, Forest-yate. 

1894. Evans, Daniel Edward, Swansea. 
1863. Evans, David. 

1898. Evans, David, Maesycwtnmer. 
1897. Evans, David Ivlward, Ponti//>ridd. 
1902. Evans, David llnxdn. Llaud'af. 

1900. Evans, ]:)avid Bbt". Powell, Wimbledon. 
1880. Evans, Ebenezer Daniel, Wrexham. 

1895. Evans, Edgar (iritlith, Swansea. 




1895. Evans, Edward, IL>lheach. 

1899. Evans, Edward Alban, Rot/. Xary. 
1870. Evans, Edward Beyuon, Swansea. 
1851. Evans, Edwd. Higgou, Roijnl Navi/. 
1878. Evans, Edwd. 'Pvic\iA., Mountain Ash. 

1867. Evans, Ernest Richard, Hertford, 

1889. p]vaus, Ernest Wm., Wells-street, 
1802. Evans, Evan, Crediton. 

1890. Evans, Evan, Brujhton. 
1899. Evans, Evan, Aherayron. 

1907. Evans, Evan Parry, Barn/. 

1903. Evans, Evan Robert, Festiniof/. 

1872. Evans, Francis Morse, Ealiny. 
1897. Evans, Frederick Hudson, Lewhhnm. 
1876. Evans, Frederick William, Cardiff". 

1888. Evans, Geo. Edward Alfred, Seaton. 

1904. Evans, Geo. Jewel, Northampton. 

1889. Evans, Harold Muir, Lowestoft. 

1896. Evans, Harold Ward, Littlejiort, 

1905. Evans, Harry Loft, Hull. 

1873. Evans, Henry, Br ir/htoji. 

i860. Evans, Herbert Norman, Seaford. 
1887. Evans, Howell Thomas, Blackwood. 

1905. Evans, Hngh Roker, Hiahyutc. 
1896. Evans, James, Llandovery. 
1892. Evans, James Arnold, Lirerpool. 
1878. Evans, James Wm., E.I. U.S. Club. 
1857. Evans, John, Hartley Wintney. 

1868. Evans, John, Cardiff. 
1872. Evans, John, Gilwern. 

1892. Evans, John, Carnarvon. 

1906. Evans, Ji)hn, St. Gcorye's-hosp, 
1902. Evans, John, Hoxton-st. 

1881. Evans, John Durance, Victoria, Mon. 
1862. Evans, John Ileni-y, Liccrpoul. 
1886. Evans, Jn, yi.ovpm,LlandindrodJVells. 

1893. Evans, John Morton, Bristol. 
1892. Evans, John Richard, Narherth, 
1864. Evans, .Tohn Tasker, Hertford. 
1909. Evans, Leslie Wilsou, Ctapham. 

1867. Evans, Lewis Evan. 

1886. Evans, Oliver C. I'., Kidderminster, 
1866. Evans, Owon, Llanicrst. 

1868. Evans, Owen Thomas, Beaumaris. 

1891. Evans, Percy, R.A..\LC. 

1894. Evans, Richard, Wrexham. 
1885. Evans, R.ohert, Pwllheli 

1908. Evans, Robert Cecil Turle, Norwood. 
1896. Evan.s, Robert Jones, Pwllheli. 
1870. Evans, Samuel, Harwich. 

1909. Evans, Tliomas, Aherayron. 

1874. Evans, Tlios. 1). Fabian, Birminyham, 
1881. Evans, Thos. (I.e., Bndleiyh-Sidtcrton. 
I'.tOo. Evans, Tiio-. Jn. Carey, B. Festinioy. 
19015. Evans, Thos. I^l-wellyn, Cowhridf/e. 
1861. Evans, Thonuis Melancthon, Hull. 

1907. Evans, Trevor, Swansea. 


1886. Evans, William, Johanneslmry. 

1893. Evans, William, Pimlico-road. 
1897. Evans, William, New Zeahnid. 

1883. Evans, William Arnold, Bradford. 

1886. Evans, William Edward, Torquay. 
1869. Evans, William Henry. 

1882. Evans, William Henry, CoUjUm. 

1887. Evans, William Norman, Hampstead. 
1902. Evans, William Thomas, Treharris. 
1859. Eve, Richd. Waftbrd, Brocklei/. 
1887. Evelyn, William Arthur, York. 
1900. Everard, Arth.Geo., Bishop Stortford. 
1882. Everest, Clare Augustus, Briyhton. 
1857. Everest, George John. 

1892. Everett, Ernest AVilliam, Noncich. 
1908. Everidge, John, Surhiton. 

1899. Everington,Herbt.Devas,'S'a?2f?<7-s/^Y/r/. 

1894. Evers, Charles Henry, North Seaton. 

1884. Evers, Charles John, Faversham. 
1863. Evershed, Arthur, Fi-ihourne. 

1889. Evershed,Arth.R.F.,&<. Winch' ter-st. 

1853. Evershed, Charles Lambert. 

1863. Evershed, Montague Fredc, N.S. W. 

1893. Eves, Percy Stanhope, Briyhton. 

1886. Evill, Frederick Claude, Barnet. 

1894. Evison, Frank Arthur, March. 
1855. Evisou, Hanson, Lancaster. 

1885. Ewart, Charles, Queen's-yate-terrace. 
1871. Ewart, John Henry, Eastbourne. 
1871. Ewart, William, Curzon-strcet, W. 

1893. Ewbank, Arth. Goo., Inyatesto/ie. 
1867. Ewbauk, Francis. Hills-place. 

1887. Ewbank, Wm. Withers, -S'. Aust. 
1902. Ewen, Gerald Sidney, Twickenham. 
1877. Ewen, Harry Walter, Cowes. 

1886. Ewens, Geo. Francis Wm., I.M.S. 
1889. Ewens, Henry Luther, Maldon. 
1908. Ewing,AIfred Washington, Westerh'm 

1888. Ewing, Andrew Melville, Toronto. 

1894. Ewino-, Samuel Arthur, Victoria. 

1854. Ewinliton. C. H. Thcmias. 
1866. Exell, Edmund, Sheffield. 
1888. Exley, .John, Leeds. 

1904. Eyre', Charles Roland B., Batfersea, 
1893. Eyre, John Wm. Henry, Guy's-hosp, 


1902. Faber, Hamilton Stanley, Willesden. 
l-^7<!. Fabien, Ijewis, Trinidad. 
19)0. Faccy, Keg. Ambrose, liuardcan. 
1897. Facey, Simuel Henry, ll.N. 
18S6. Facey, \\'illiam lOdwin, Soufhhounie. 
18>^'.). Fagan, Artb. R. St. \ji^'rn; Hollow ly. 
1906. Fagan, Chas. Horace, J n., Si. (ieo-hos. 
1872, Fjurg, Thos. Henry, Monte Carlo. 



18G3. Fagge, Fredk. Thos., Llanfairfechan. 
18G6. Fagge, Herbt. William, Liitterivurt.h. 
1894. Fagge, Ro\>t. \l\\toi\,M el fn-Moichray. 
1890. Faiclinie, Frederick, R.A.M.C. 
1885. Failes, Fredk. Geo., Neic South Wales. 
1898. Fairbauk, Christian lieverley, li.N. 
1862. Fairbank, Fredk. Royston, Dorkiny. 

1867. Fairbank, John, Georr/e-street, W. 
1903. Fairbank, John GeraldA , .S7.-afl.f.-s7. 
1894. Fairbank,Rbt.Stepliens, George st.jW. 

1873. Fairbank, William, Windsor. 

1877. Fairclough, Jn. Jas. Kent, Manchester. 
1907. Fairclough, Wm. Aiken, Ophth.-husp. 
1901. Fairfax, Edward Wilfred, X.S. W. 
1900. Fairhall, Geo. Victor II., Lewishum. 

1883. Fairies, Ambrosa Wm., Hdt/ware-rd. 
1864. Fairl3s-Hnmphreys,N.W., J/Y//'>?«m/ 
1898. Fair weather. Wm.Kmest,Manchester. 
1903. Falk, Herman, I.M.S. 

l89o. Falkeuer, Lyon, J^ast Molexei/. 

1884. Fall, Edwin Armstrong, Ashburn-pl. 

1879. Falla, Walter, Jersey. 

1897. Falwasser, Arthur Thos., Maidsto7ie. 
1897. Fanning, Wm. Joseph, KeUin;/. 
1883. Faraker, John Joseph, St. Johns, S.E. 

1868. Faraker, Wm. Cregeen, Peel. 
1876. Farbstein, Henry, Hull. 
1907. Farbstein, .John Henrv, Hull. 
1906. Fardon, Albert IIv., JVimb.'edo7i. 
190o. Fardon, Harold Jos., Bedhill. 

1889. Fardon, John Henry, Birkenhead. 
1906. Farebrother, H irold Wm., Hackney. 
1875. Farfan, Joseph Vincent. 

18o0. Farish, Henry Greggs, Nora Scotia. 

1874. Farley, John Jay, Belleville, Canada. 
1873. Farmer, Cottenham, Vpton-parh. 

1850. Farmer,ErnestW.u.White,Zr;r/.s7jfr?n. 
1383. Farmer, Fredk. Reginald, Harrinyay. 

1880. Farmer, Septimus, Spennymoor. 

1890. Farmer, Wm. Henry, Hunqjstead. 
188o. Farmer, Wm. Henry Francis, [V.Aust. 

1905. Farncombe, Harry, Worthiny. 

1851. Farncombe, Thos. Beard, I.M.S. 

1893. Farncombe, Thos. Stone, Ontario, Can. 

1890. Farncombe, Wm.Turber%'ille, .5 ir///V//i. 
1896. Farndale, John \^'m., lihodesia. 

1906. Farntield, Jolm Stewart, Hasfinf/s. 

1896. Farufield, Wm. Walter, Jlere. 

1894. Farnum, Chas. M. Stone, Trinidad. 
1889. Farquharson, Gho. S., Soathampton. 

1891. Farquliarson, Wm. Geo. K., Jamaica. 

1897. Farr, Arthm, Earls-court-road, S.W. 
18(56. Farr, Arthur John, Victoria. 

l.'^85. Farr, Ernest, Ealiny. 

1885. Farr, Ernest Augustus, Andover. 
1873. Farr, Fredk. Arth., Earl's-courf-rd. 
1887. Farr, Jos. Jas. Wm., Wancick-ydns. 


1896. Farrant, Charles, Taunton. 
1893. Farrant, ]\Iark, ^re/'er. 

1905. Farrant, Percy, Taunton. 
1889. Farrar, John Frederick, Putney. 
1887. Farrar, Reg. Anstruther, C'hiswick. 

1878. Farrer, (ieorge Albert, Briyhou-<e. 

1879. Farrer, Robt. Thompson, Briyhouse. 
1865. Farrington, Anthony Chas., Bunyay. 
18S9. Farrington, John, Fiji. 

1886. Farrow, Frederick, Manchester. 
1883. Fasken, Edwd. Rbt.]Jrammond,i2 -A'. 
1889. Fasnacht, Reymond Edwd., Bedford. 
1854. Faught, John George, A. M.S. 
1858. Faulder, J ohv. J e^eiy,\ewcastle"on- I'. 
1902. Faulkner, Erasmus Oakes, Stanford. 
1878. Faulkner. John Thomas, Manchester. 
1902. Faulks, E<lgar, Be.iley. 

1858. FauU, John Vivian. 

1882. Faunce, Charles Edmund, R.A.M.C. 

1880. Favell, Richard, Sheffield. 

1906. Favell, Richard Vernon, Sheffield. 
J903. Fawcett, Hugh Hbt. Jas., R.A.M.C. 

1907. Fawkes, Marmaduke, Chelmsford. 
1902. Fawley, Tom Bower, Brouyh. 
1867. Fawsitt, Thomas, Oldham. 

1899. Fawssett, Ba.'^il, Birminyham. 
19U3. Fawssett, Francis. \\'m., Edmonton. 

1887. Fawssett, Frank, Leices. 

1858. Fawssett, Frederick. Louth. 
1905. Fawssett, Wilfrid, Grcenhithe. 
1857. Faxon, Samuel ^^'alton. 

1896. Fayrer, Fdk. Durand Stirling, I.M.S. 

1889. Fazan, Chas. Herbert, Wadhurst. 

1890. Fearnhead. Thomas, Lytham. 

1892. Fearnley, Jonathan, Bow. 

1908. Fearnsides.EdwinGreaves, Wakefield. 

1891. Featherstone, Geo. Wm.B..-4/f/«-*7»o^ 
1885. Featherstone, U'm. B., Birminyham. 

1893. Feaver, Lewis, Truro. 

1898. Fenian, Jn. Herbt. Crangle, Wchcyn. 

1897. Fegan, Richard Ardra, Blackheath. 
1885. Fei^en, Charles Milton, Croi/don. 
1901. Felirsen,Alex.01ort"M., (W;*? CWw///. 

1888. Fehrseii, Fredk. John, Cape Colony. 

1859. Felce, StnmtVnd, Neuhu)-y. 

1904. Feldman,Wm. Closes, Whitechapel-id. 
18S6. Felix, Edward, Eh/in-acnue. 
1904. Felix, Jenn Jos. T.^R.,.Middlese.v-hosp. 
1893. Felkin, Henrv George, Rint/wood. 

1898. Fell. .MatthewHv.Gregson,'^.^.iV.C'. 

1900. Fell, Robert, York. 

1881. Fell, Walter, Wel/inyton, XZ. 
1900. Felton, Edgar lUll' On mshy. 
1904. Felton. Ricliard, Patrinyton. 
1867. Fendiok, Robert George, Clifton. 
1876. Fendick, Ro^v^]y Wm., Cape Col. 
1871. Fendick, Thos. Rowing, Fore-street. 






1873. Feiin, Charles Draper, Diss. 

1898. Feun, tMiarles Edward, Streathani. 

1861. Feun, Edwin. Ardleujh. 

187i>. Feun, Eruest H., CLE., R.A.M.C. 
1897. Fenn, Jos. Hiorns, Southoort. 
190L). Fennell, Chas. Henry, HMnghj. 
18G-J. Feunell, Theodore, KuHh:f»rd. 
1S<^2. Fenuer,Robt. 'Ss.t\\.,XewCuvendish-st. 

1892. Fennings, Arthur Allen, Fanicombe. 
1886. Fenoulhet, James Peter, Cope Col. 
1863. Feutem, Philip Sheldou, Bakeioell. 
1886. Fenton, Charles Francis, Barking. 
1880. Fenton, Herbt. A. 11., Ctonherland-st. 

1899. Feutou, Thos. Gerald. FAi^njX'u.Sligo. 
1880. Fenton, Wm. Hiijrh, Geor(ie-street,\\ . 
1877. Fenwick, Bedtbid, Upper Wimpole-st. 

1903. Fenwick, Geo. Eruest Oswald, Epsom. 
1894. Fenwick, Percival Cleuuell, Xetv. Z. 

1896. Fenwick, Sauil. Chas. C, R^'dlnll. 
18S8. Fenwick, Wm. Siiltau, H(trley-st. 

1889. Fere, Gregory .\rthur, Toronto. 

1893. Ferguson, Arnold Saiul., Grenada. 
l.S-lo. Ferguson, Frederick. 

1905. Fergusou, Geo. Edward. R.A.M.C. 

1884. Fergusou, James Haig, Edinburgh. 

1890. Ferguson, James Henry, Keighley. 
187<3. Ferguson, John, MancheMer. 

1904. Ferguson, John, Streatham. 

1904. Ferguson, Lionel Cecil, Usk. 

1890. Ferguson, Robt. Bmae, NvtcSoiithgide. 

1897. Ferguson, Wm. Alexander, Salford. 
1897. P'ergusson, James Herbert, R.N. 

1905. Fergusson,Jn., Xewb-rv F., Malvern. 

1862. Feruandes, Albert Luis, A. M.S. 
19')8. Feruandes, Caetano Jose, Highgate. 

1906. Ferni'-, Charles Henry, .Si'.np. Slap. 
1893. Feruie, Francis Edward, Stone, Staffs. 
1S96. Fernie, Jolin Firth, Stone, Staff's. 
1854. Fernie, Wm. Thomas, Richmond. 
1888. Ferraby, Geo. Arthur, Nottingham. 

1874. Ferrier, John Christian, Norwood. 
1904. Ferriere, Jos. Anthonv, Ilamp^tead. 
1872. Ferris,John EdwardCharnock,7.J/.<S'. 

1863. Ferris, John Spencer, Uxbridge. 

1885. Fetlierstonhaugh, Rbt. T., Victoria. 
190("). Fiaschi, Piero, AVw York. 

1867. Fiddiau, Alexander Paull, Cardiff. 
1903. Fiddian, .\rthur Edwin, Cuidiff. 
19fK). Fiddian, B-nj. Gn-gory, Cardiff. 

1893. Fido, Herbert Adamsou, Bri.vfon. 
1884. Fielcl, Adolphus Tlu'odV)re, Iladings. 

1868. Field, Albert Frederick, Falmouth. 
JS88. Field, Edirar Alfred, Danren. 

1891. Field, Frederick Arthur, Ihdwich. 

1894. Field, Geo. Hammond, Bournemouth. 
]8(;7. Field, Geo. Purdev, Harley-strect, W. 
1880. Field, James Wil'liam. 


1887. Field, Oliver, Clapham. 
1909. Field, Philip Charles. Bath. 

1906. Field, Stephen, Coventry. 

1908. Field, Wm. Vincent, ^pital-squa:-e. 
1861. Fielden, Samuel, Shildon. 

1881. Fielden, Wm. Eckett, Burgess HiU. 

1893. Fielder, Fredk. John, Brixton. 
1905. Fielding, Charles H., St.Barth's-hosj). 
1880. Fielding, Edward, Rochdale. 

1869. Fielding, James, Norwich. 

1896. Finch, Alex. Henry, Shepton Mallet. 

1891. Finch, Ernest James, R.N. 

1905. Fiuch, George, Hiirs-plac.e. 

1895. Finch, Herbert Jonathan, Sndbun/. 
1865. Finch, Jn. Edwd. ^Lont&[:u.e, Leicester. 
1884. Finch, Richard Tanner, Wimbledon. 

1897. Finch, Wm. Stanley, Pontefract. 
1890. Fincham, Wm. Sydney, Brentford. 
1865. Finden, AVoodforde, L.M.S. Romford. 
1889. Findlay, Harry, Rangoon. 

1858. Finegau, James, Liverpool. 
1850. Finer, William. 

1901. Finigan,-Danl. Ca?sar O'Conn., j^r.///;*/. 

1883. Fink, Geo. Herbert, L.M.S. 

1902. Finlav, Douglas Edward, Gloucester. 

1903. Finlayson, Walter Taylor, l.M.S. 
1886. Finlev, Frederick Gault, Montreal. 

1892. Finley, Harry, Malvern. 

1904. Finn, Allan Rigdeu, Faversham. 
18J3. Finnie, John Ellison, Birkdale. 
18-<7. Fiuucane, Morgan Ignatius,.4.s/</?^-y//. 
1904. Finzel, Harry, New Ma'.dcn. 

1903. Fiuzi, Neville Sanil., Sutherland-ar. 

1907. Firth,Arth.Chas.Douglas, Battersea. 

1894. Firtli, Edwin Gore, Shipley. 
1894. Firth, Henry Edward, Doncaster. 
1852. Firth, Wm. 'Mitchell. 

1879. Fischer, Charles. 

1893. Fish, Cecil Edgar, Ruthin. 

1902. Fish, William Ambrose, Toronto. 

1906. Fisher, Arthur Roland, Skelton. 
18/7. Fisher, Frederic Bazley, Dorchester. 
1856. Fisher, Frederick. 

1869. P'isher, Frederick Alfred. 

1907. Fisher, Fredk. Pearson, Brierley-hill. 
1867. P'islier, George, Guildford. 

1850. Fisher, Henry. 

1884. Fisher, Henry Holdrich,'W/'?/////")K/vje. 

1903. Fisher, Heiirv Richmond, Swaffham. 
1900. Fisher, Herbt. W., Downham'Mld. 

1896. Fisher, John Cecil, Lytham. 

1909. Fisher, Reginald, Kin(fs Lanqley. 

1894. Fisher, Reginald ^^■lUls, West bury. 
1896. Fisher, Richd. Denington, Cape C>d. 
1909. Fisher, Robt. HankinsonW.,(r«»-sirt/(y. 
1886. Usher, Theodore, Sidcnp. 

1876. Fisher, Thomas, Garstang. 



1890. Fisher, Tlios. E. Ilervarro, Honisey. 
1887. Fisher, Walter, Central Africa. 
1902. Fisher, "Walter Harinj^tou, Grimsby. 

1892. Fisher, AValter Mulrea, Gljincorricy. 
1886. Fisher, William Featon, Taunton. 
1896. Fisk, Edward, Ranisgate. 

1875. Fisk, Geo. Henry Bradwell. 

1895. Fison, Edmund Towers, Salisbury, 

1886. Fitch, Chas. Dennis, Kidderminster. 
1844. Fitch, Frederick, Kiddcrmiii.ster. 
1881. Fitch, Kichd. Aubrey, Royal Navy. 

1884. Fitton, Herbert, Deicsbury. 

1870. Fitzgerald, Conrad, Newfoundliind. 
1889. Fitz-Gerald, Ed. I>esiuond,iv>//i-eA/w«e. 

1887. Fitzgerald, Gerald C, Canterbury. 

1880. Fitzgerald, Gerald Eustace, Cape Col. 

1876. Fitzgerald, Jas. Gubbius, Norbury. 
1850. Fitz-Gibbou, Richard Edward. 
]886. FitzHenry, Geo. Wm.,^;'. Dtdioich-rd. 
1 909. Fitziuaurice, Alex.L.jTfft^jrftn/'.s-^V//. 

1896. Flavelle, John ^l&son, J-AthaneumCl. 

1905. Meetwood, Wiu. Hardy, Aintree. 

1894. Flegg,Fredk. \vt\\.^hAk\n, Woodford. 
1869. Fleming, David Gibb, Ontario. 
1898. Fleming, Jas. Kenuelli .Sprot, I.M.S. 

1895. Fleming, ^^'ilf. Louis Remi, Pirbriyht 
1852. Flemmer, Christian August. 

1894. Flemmiug, Arth. Lauucelot, Bristol. 

1885. Flemmiug,Chas.E.S.,5rrtfZ/orf/-ore-^. 
188(5. Fletcher, Arthur Aug., Kinydon. 

1906. Fletcher, Cavendish, Camberwelf. 

1877. Fletcher, Chas. Wm. Corrie, lJe)-by. 

1893. Fletcher, Frederick James, Corby. 
1872. Fletcher, Geoi'ge, Hig/u/ate, N. 

1881. Fletcher, Geo. A.C.,Cha'rferhousr, E.G. 

1886. Fletcher, Gen. Rnry Jn., Northjleet. 

1883. Fletcher, John, Fidham. 

1893. Fletcher, John Howard, Wi(/an. 
1893. Fletcher, Leslie, Hoxne, Suffolk. 

1904. Fletcher, Nigel Corbet, Camden-rd. 
1868. Fletcher, Richard, Manchester. 
1844. Fletcher, Robert. Wa^hinyton, U.S.A. 

1895. Fletcher, Roland Hry., Cricklewood. 
1886. Fletcher, Thos. Johnson, Derby. 
1862. Fletcher, "\\'m.T>ainbrigge,i2«v.i\7Tr!/. 

1884. Fletcher,Wilf.Wm.Ernest, W'hitehdU. 
1892. Fleury, Charies Mariav, H.A.M.C. 
1900. Flewitt, Chas. York, Sutton Co.'dfcld. 
1881. Fligg, William, If'eston-.'iuper-Mare. 
3877. Flint, Arthur, IFesti/ate-on-Sea. 

1905. Flint, Ethelbert Rest, Scalby. 

1907. Flint, Harold Edwards, yoricood. 
1 895. Flint, Thomas Buxton, Bu.don. 
1904. Flint, William Henrv, Whitstable. 
1904. Fliutoff, Charies Ashley, Abnvivk. 
1878. Flood, Francis Pulteney, Cefn. 
1898. Flood, Frederick Grav, Sherborne. 


1901. Flook, Hubert .Sydn.'V, A(//«/. 

1896. FloiT, Cvril Hnbsi»u, Orcrton-on-T)ee. 

1895. Flower, Artli. Fdk. A^hbrook, Derby. 
18(55. Flower, Fredk. Isaac, Warminster. 

1878. Flower, Geo. Jn. William, Yeovil. 
1907. Hower, Norman, Yeovil. 

1892. Flovd, Stephen George, Grays. 
1872. Floyer, Blaise Bernard, N.S. W. 

1883. Floyer, Fdk. Anthony, Waterlon-pl. 

1888. Flux, Geo. Belben, Old Burlinyton-st. 

1907. Foerster, Arthur Edwin, St. Geo.ILosp. 

1897. Fogarty, Daniel, Harrinyay. 
1849. Fogo, Alex. Scott, Army. 

1884. Foley, Chas. Nicholas, Ringtcood. 
] 860. Foley, James Joseph. 

1889. Follier, Herbert Henry, ShelUm. 

1896. Folliott, Edwin, R.N. 

1908. Follit, Harold Harry Baily, Bedford. 
1899. Fookes, Ernest Faber, N. Zealand, 
1S94. Fooks, Edwd.Verdon Russell, S.Aust. 

1879. Fooks, George Ernest, I.M.S, 

1885. Fooks, Henry, I.M.S. 

1891. Fooks, Walt.Pemberton,^iVnjmyAf/Hj. 
1SS4. Foot, Ernest George, Pulborouyh. 
1907. Foote,Edmund Geo., Finchley. 

1909. Foote, Percy Leslie, Neic Zealand. 

1897. Foote, Vivian Percival, Strcathaw, 

] 904. Footner, Bertram Maughan, Porlock, 

1858. Footner, Edward, A.M.S. 

1852. Foquett, Henry Richd., Ilfracombe. 

1886. Forbes, Norman TA^an, Church Stretton. 
1876. Ford, Arthur Vernon, Southsea. 
1891. Ford, Frank Chubb, Wimbledon. 
19;)6. Ford, George, Shakespeare, Canada, 
1883. Ford, Geo. Wm. Worcester, C. Col, 
1852. Ford, James. 

1874. Ford, Montairue. 
1879. Ford, Richard Wm., R.A.M.C. 
1SS7. Ford, Theodore Albt. Yov&s, Hertford. 
1907. Forde, C'Ccil Led ward, Birkenhead. 
1891. Forde, Thos. Arth. Munro, Sout/isea. 
1885. Fordcn, Cieorge, Berkeley. 
1868. Forder, Joshua L. William. 
1872. Fordham, JohnWilliam, Mile-cnd-rd. 
1897. Fordham, John Wm., Mile-end-rd. 
1904. Fordham, William John, Sheffield. 
190(5. Foreman, John Eugc-ue, Manch.-d. 
1874. Foreman, Joseph, Sydney, N.S. U\ 
1897. Forge, George Baynton, Rochfrnl. 
1863. Forman, Elizha Baxter, Kensinyton. 
1904. Forrest, Frank, Blackpool. 
18s3. Forrest, James Rocheid, R.A.M.C. 
1876. Forrest,J n.Geo.S. ,Buri/-St.-Bdniunili<. 
1901. Forrest, Wm. DutK Halifax, N.S. 
1906. Forrester, Arch. T. AVm., Beckeitham. 
1895. Forrester, William, Punjab, 
1894. Forsajetb, Jn. Richd.M.,i'tf«c<?ZiroH«e*. 



1879. Forsbrook,Wm.IIy.Itussell,^«^«-s(^. 

1901. Forsdiko, Sidney, Cardiff. 
1850. Forstor, Artliur. 

1904. Forster, Arthur Frost, Sim/apore. 
1864. Forster, Edward Wood, Torquay. 
1899. Forster, Fredk. Cecil, Southboiirne. 

1888. Forster, John Erwood, BrvcAlei/. 
18S4. Forster,Thos.Fdk.,X>«/^ww-m-J'Mr«fss. 

1902. Forsyth, Chas. Wesley, Gt. Bedwyn. 
1000. Forsyth, David, St. Thomas' -st. 
l!:)0-"5. Forsyth, Lennard Wm., Georye-st. 
KK)2. Fort, Charles Leylaiid, Willesden. 
1890. Fort,IIy.R.Trecothick, ChorleyWood. 
1877. Fort, Thomas, Oldham. 

1808. Forte, James Henry, Parnell, N. Z. 
1909. Fortiu, Claude Edw. Freer, Winnipey. 
1874. Forty, Danl. Hbt., Wotton-u.-Edye. 

1899. Forward, Ernest Lionel, Nottinyham. 
1894. Fosbery, Francis Clifford, Bath. 

1872. Fosbroke, Genrfre Haynes, Worcester. 
1898. Foss, Edwin Vincent, Bristol. 
1883. Foster, Albert Ernest, Bradford. 

1889. Foster, Alfred, New Zealaml. 
18()8. Foster, Anthony Clarence, Leeds. 

1900. Foster, Ai'thur Herbert, Hitchin. 
1908. Foster, Arthur Leslie, Wi)nhledon. 
l!)02. Fo.ster, Edward Cecil, Oxford. 
188.5. Foster, Francis \V., Thorpe-le-Soken, 
1870. Foster, Henry, York. 

1900. Foster, Henry Bertram, I, M.S. 
1896. Foster, John Joseph, Cheltenham. 
1906. Foster, John IloA\laud, I'ortsdoicn-rd. 
IS92. Foster, Michael Bernard, Fuckeridye. 
1888. Foster, Michael George, Wintpolc-st. 
1867. Foster, Oswald Henry, Hitchin. 
l'^99. Foster, Percy, Assam,. 

1S61. Foster, Philip, Leeds. 

1901, Foster, RaymondLeslie V.,jR.^.3f,C. 

1873. Foster, Keginald Henry, Knoicle.. 
18.j2. Foster, Thomas. 

1S61. Foster, Thomas, Victoria. 
1879. Fo.ster, William, SJiipIeii, Yorks. 
1872. Foster, Wm. James, Birminyham. 
1882. Fotherbv, Henrv Arthur, Ileadcorn. 
1906. Fothergill, Claud F., TnnVdye Wells. 
1S64. Fothergill, Tliomas Prince, Bedale. 
1S99. Foulds, Francis Henrv, Droitwich. 
1900. Foulds, Matthias Fredk., li.A.M.C. 
1S97. Foulerton, Harry Percival, /Zo//tittay. 
1903. Foulkes, Peter Clifford, 'Triny. 
1!K)2. Foulkes, Samuel Xewall, Conway. 
188.'>. Fountain,Edwd.Osborne, Turnham-yr. 
18.")1. Fountain, Jolin, U.ibridye. 
1 '^(>7. Fountaine, David Owen, Musicell-hill. 
IsiiC). Fowke, Fredk. ^^'illiam, Byjield. 
l'"^<4. Fowler, Alfred Henderson, Tilbury. 
1890, Fowler, Chappell lK)dgsou, Briyhtvu. 

1880. Fowler, Charles Henry, Portsmouth. 
1882. Fowler, Chas. Owen, Thornton-heath. 
1901. Fowler, Edwin Samuel Geo., Leeds. 

1890. Fowler, Frank, Bournemouth. 
1874. Fowler, Jas. Iviugstou, Claryes-st. 

1892. Fowler, James Stewart, Edinburyh. 

1886. Fowler, Ju. Bucknill, Japan. 
18oG. Fowler, Kev. Jos. Thos., Durham. 
1864. Fowler.Oliver Humphrey, Cirencester. 
1885. Fowler, Thomas Webb, Coventry. 

1904. Fowler, Trevor Haymau, Eppinq. 
1907. Fowler,Wm.E.Lindsev, Weston-s.-M. 

1891. Fox, Arthur Claude, li.A.M.C. 

1901. Fox, Campbell Tilbury, Ashford. 

1873. Fox, Charles Allen, Cardiff. 
1859. Fox, Charles Henry, Edinburyh. 
1863. Fox, Cornelius Benj., Ilfracombe. 

1897. Fox, Edwd. Hamilton 15., Woolsfon. 

1885. Fox, Edward Lawrence, Plymouth. 
1863. Fox, Francis, Arundel-yardens, W. 

1887. Fox, Fdk. Geo. Townsend,0. Riv.Col. 

1881. Fox, George, Suva^ i{ji- 

1887. Fox, George Martin, U'alsall. 

1905. Fox, Henry Edward, Accrinyton. 

1898. Fox, Hereward Evelyn C, Weymouth. 
lf?88. Fox, Hugh Clayton, Dcronshirc-st. 
1900. Fox, Hugh Watson, Bettws-y-Cocd. 

1888. Fox, James Stanislaus, St. Helens. 
1868. Fox, James Thorniley. 

1854. Fox, John. 

1909. Fox, John Croft on, Pntney-hill. 

1903. Fox, John William, Botherhavi. 

1878. Fox, Joseph Tregelles, Leeds. 

1874. Fox, Richd. Hingstoii, Weyniouth-st. 

1882. Fox, Robt. Fortescue, Weyniouth-st. 
1887. Fox, Stephen Chas. Gundr^', Perak. 
1876. Fox, Thos. Colcott, Harley-st., W. 

1902. Fox, Wilfrid Stephen, Grosveiior-st. 
1866. Foxon, Chas. Foxon Cozens. 
1887. Foxton, Edward, Ottawa. 

1881. Foxwell, Wm. .Vi'thur, Birminyham. 

1879. Frakes, Henry Sow^ter, Didsbury. 
1884. Frames, Alfred Cromwell, Caj>e Col. 

1883. Framptou, Fredk. Thos, Paiynton, 
1S80. Frampton, Tom Henry T., Briyh/on, 

1893. France, Charles Frederic, Wiyan. 

1884. France, Edward, Sheffield. 

1886. France, James ^lead, Itoyal Xavy. 

1903. France, Wm. Henry, Tierradel tucyo. 

1899. Francis, Arthur Edward, Hiyhyutc. 
1892: Francis, Ernest Edward, Benyal. 
1886. Francis, Harry Arthur, Canada. 
1891. Francis, Harvey, Arnold. 

1 890. Francis, H enry .\ lex . , Henriefta-sf.jW, 
1902, Francis, Jas, Bernard C, Croydon. 

1891. Francis, John, Plymouth. 
1886. Francis, John Arth., Tufnell-pk, 




1900. Francis, John Ediimnd, Xort/iatn. 
1880. Fi-ancis, Lloyd, StourOridf/e. 
1801. Francis, Louis Arthur, Uxhrkh/e. 
1888. Francis, Tlios. \Vm., Queendand. 

1879. Francis, "William, Stratford. 
1884. Francis, Win. Henry, CItiii. 

1900. Franci-s, Wm. Var(5 Chalmers, Louth. 
1896. Francisco, Sylvestre A., Mndairn. 

1900. Francis-AYilliams, C. II., Aijleshunj. 
1858. Frauey, Edward, IJaiiburi/. 

1856. Frank, Philip, Ulrdsfo/i-place, S.W. 

1904. Frankish, Harold, Bones-park, N. 

1863. Frankish, John David, New Zealand. 
1876. Frankish, Wm. John, Sloane-at. 
1867. Franklin, Sir Ben].. K.C.I.E.. I.M.S. 
1902. Franklin, George Denne, I.M.S. 

1888. Franklin, Lawrence, Scut/iicick. 

1907. Franklin, Philip Julius. Hamijstead. 

1908. Franklin, Reginald, Swbiton. 

1898. Frankling, Herbt. Geo., Harror/ate. 
1856. Frauklvn, Louis Hugh, Trafah^nr-sq. 

1907. Eraser, Alex. Edw.Gordon,iV^<^/;o»;v<6' 
190.3. Eraser, Charles Fredk., Crickleicood, 

1894. Eraser, David Harley, Pendleton. 
1876. Eraser, Donald Blair, Ontario. 

1901. Eraser, Erne.«t Albert, Delamere-creic. 

1889. Eraser, Herbert, Sloiuih. 

1892. Eraser, Herbert St. John, I.3LS. 
1882. Eraser, James Alexander, Bomfcrd. 

1880. Eraser, James William, llidl. 

1899. Eraser, Z n.Yiy .Vtidxmx\,Southampton. 
1867. Eraser, John James, Southampton. 

1864. Eraser, John Martin, Canada. 

1886. Eraser,Nutting Stuart, Apw/o?<«///rtwrf. 
1886. Eraser, Paul ^^ iikes, Victoria. 
1886. Eraser, Ilobt. Nelson, Ontario, Can. 
1892. Frazer, Ernest Edward, Jersey. 

1898. Frazer, Ewan Richards, N.S. W. 

1902. Frazer, James Hogg, Hdinlnirf/h. 

1895. Frazer, Wm. Dyer, 'Transvaal. 

1908. Frcan, Henry George, Bourneviouth. 
1871. Frean, Richard. 

1896. Frederick, Edwd. Gurdon, Silvertown. 

1905. I'rederick, Ernest Victor, Maida-rale. 

1899. Ereear, Alexander, Chatham. 

1882. Freeborn, John Chns. Richd., Oxford. 
1894. Freeland, Arthur R. S., Ashbourne. 
1891. Freeland, ifeg. S., Brochenhurd. 
1862. Freeman, Alfred, Birminf/ham. 
188i5. Freeman, Chas. Delamaik, ^rt/7.^^/rf. 
1860. Freeman, Delaniark, Dorset-sf/uare. 
1880. Freeman, Ernest Carrick, R.A.M.C. 
1852. Freeman, George Davenport. 
1891. Freeman, John, Bristol. 
1886. Freeman, Richd. Austin, Gravesend. 
1864. Freeman, Richard Thoma*. 
1845. Freeman, Wm. Henry, Hove. 

1850. Freer, Alfred, Stom-bridf/e. 
1877. Freer, Edward Luke, Transvaal. 
I88S. Freer, Gerald I >udley, Singapore. 
1900. Freer, Horace Wilberforce, StourVdye. 
1859. Freer, John Henry, Ruqohii. 
1899. Freer, Wm. Leacroft, Blaekheath. 
188S. Fremlin, Heaver Stuart, Chetsen. 

1874. French, Alex. Martin, Royal Navy. 
190^. French, .\rrhur Gordon Valpy, Exeter. 

1898. French, Gilbert Edwin, Chisicich. 

1892. French, Herbt. Ciunmiug, R.A.M.C. 
1808. French, Jacob. 

1897. French, Alex. W., Wakefield. . 

1891. French, Robert Houle, Finchley, 

1894. Frend, Eustace Clitlord, Deal. 
190.I. Freshwater, John D. H., St. Geo.-hosp. 

1907. Frew, William Douglas, Kilmarnnck. 
L'^93. Freyberger, Liidwig, Regent' s-pk.-rd. 

1875. Friend, Fredk. Worrell, /. of Man. 
1905. Friend, Gerald Edward, Chelsea. 
1877. Friend, Herbt.Edwd., Westbourne-pk . 
1903. Erizzell, William Thomas, Canada. 
1877. Erobisher, William Martin, Leeds. 
1885. Erohwein, Otto Eraser, Burton. 
1889. Erossard, Emilien Edward, Taunton. 

1887. Frost, Francis Turner, Derby. 

1852. Frost, George, Bom~nemouth. 

1888. Frost, John Kingdon, Hereford. 

1899. Frost, Joseph Reginald, Neic Cross. 
1870. Frost, Richard Russell, S. Austr. 
1863. Frost, Walter, Ralinr/. 

1896. Fry, Arthur Browulield, I.M.S. 

1895. Fry, Augustine Cradock, Horsham. 
1863. Fry, .lohn Blount, Horsham. 

1874. Fry, John Farrant, St. Leonards-on-S. 

1855. Fry, John William, Maidstone. 

1896. Fry, Percv Victor, Souerby Bridye. 
1858. Fry, Walter, I.M.S. 

1900. Fry, Walter Burgess, R.A.M.C. 

1893. Fry, Walter Ernest, Hammersmith. 

1894. Fry, AVilliam Herbert, Malay States. 
1888. Fryer, George Eraest, Urmstvn. 

1881. Fryer, John, Dewesbury. 

1854. Fryer, Thos. ^\'ebb, Grampound. 
1849. Fryer, Wm. Francis, co. Cavluio, 

1853. Eulcher, (ieorge Augustus. 

1888. Eullard, John," Victoria. 

1895. Fuller, Alfred Leonard, Bath. 

1882. Fuller, Andrew, Loc. Govt. Board. 
1884. Fuller, Arlhiir, Kimberley. 

1908. Fuller, Ashbury Jos. Q.,'st. Bart's.-h. 

1892. Fuller, Charles Arthur, Cawnpore. 

1889. Fuller, Courtenay James, Woolwich. 
1908. Eiiller,Eredlc.Holcombe,/)'(>Mrw<'7«'i<M 
1884. Fuller, Geo. Harry Ilingston, O.R.C. 

1856. Fuller, Harrv. 




1891. Fuller, Joliu Reginald, Tollimiton-pk. 
1878. Fuller, Leedhaui Henry, Strentham. 
189S. Fuller, Laurence Otway, Dartford. 
1905. Fuller, Kalnh Annesley, Long Ashton. 
1851. Fuller, Thomas, Hocc. 

1898. Fuller, AVm. Anderson, ?7/>. Norwood. 

1892. Fullerton, Alex. Young, X.S. JV. 

1893. Fullerton, Francis William, Hull. 

1897. Fulton, Henry, Sevenoaks. 

1878. Fulton, James, St. TItomas, Canada. 
1888. Furber, Edward Price, Oxted. 
1854. Furlonge, Thos. Gallock. 
1908. Furness, Harold yidnev, Preston. 
1882. Furnival, Fiancis Ilrv.", N.S. W. 

1898. Furnivall, Charles llihou, R. A.M. C. 
1809. Furnivall, Henry "Wallace, Ureter. 
1886. Furrer, Ivlward, Kainloops, B.C. 
1898. Fiirth, Karl Joseph, Hurley-street. 
1908. Fvffe, Eric Leigli, St. Thos.-hosp. 
1900. Fyffe, Robert James, Sheffield. 
1874. Fyson, Edmund, <S'^. Leonards-on-S. 
1864. Fyson, Ernest Last, Keiomarket. 
1905. Fyzee, Ali Azhar H., Bombay. 


1878. Gabb, Claude Baker, Hastinys. 

1850. Gabb, George Stacpoole. 

1873. Gabb, .James Edward, Clapton-park. 
1877. (xabb, Jas. Percy Alwyne, Guildford. 

1891. Gabbett, Pulteney Charles, I.M.S. 
1909. Gabe, Howell Woodwell, Morriston. 

1879. Gabe, John, Meckhnhuryli-square. 
1906. Gabe, William, Mnestei/. 

] 895. Gabell, Doug. Phillimore, Porthmd-j)l. 
1852. Gabriel, Alfred Edmund. 

1880. Gabriel, Joshua Samuel, Ceylon. 
1885. Gabriel, Leonard Maurice, Fark-pl. 
1884. Gabriel, Wm. Maurice, Ludyate-hill. 
1900. Gadgil, Shridhar Bheekajee, Dudley. 
1899. Gadsden, Arthur Horace, Newquay. 
1899. Gaff, James, Hammersnuth. 

1856. Gatfney, Charles. 

1851. Gageu, Robert Thomas. 
1862. Ciaine, Charles, Bath. 

1892. Gains, John Edwin, Leeds. 
1875. Gairdner, John, EuMleiyh. 

1897. Gairdner, Jn. Francis Rbt., Transraal. 
1902. Gaitbkell, Chas. Edward, Sydenham. 
1869. Gaitskell, Edwd. Forbes, Sydenham. 
1872. Galabin, AU'd. Lewis, Wimpole-st. 
1861. Galbraith, Chas. John. 
1904. Galbraith, Colin Jas., Kennington. 
1889. Gale, Avthuv, Kinyston-un-T/iames. 

1881. Gale, Arth. Knight, Sheffield. 
1856. Gale, Cuthbert Roger. 


1893. Galizia, Joseph Sylvester, Valletta. 
1908. Gall, Herbert, Gloucester- road. 
1908. Galloway, Hugh, Belsize-park. 

1904. Galloway, John Dobie, 3Ianor-park. 
1898. (lalloway, Wm. Heariield, Leeds. 
1870. Galpin, Richard, Kelvedon. 

1901. Galsworthy, Laurence, Brunsicick-pl. 

1898. Gait, William .Tames, Mitiories. 

1894. Gaman, Francis Robt. Suuggs, Caistor. 
18(i2. Gambler, Thos., St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
1870. Gamble, Charles Edward, Elland. 
1848. Gamble, Chas. Hanlen, Barnstaple. 
1851. Gamble, Edward Parkes. 

1006. Gamlen, Robt. Long, East Emlett. 
18S3. Gandeyia, Navroji Bamanji, J'irtor/a. 
1906. Gandhi, Nadir 11. S., Stoke-on-Trent. 
1897. Gandier, Augustine, Quebec. 
1908. Gandy, Eric Worsley, Nonfood. 

1899. Gandy, Thomas Hall, Manchester. 

1890. Gane, Edwd. Palmer Steward, Fife. 

1891. Gauge, Fdk. Whitchurch, Faversham. 

1890. Gann, Thos. Wm. Francis, Huyliny. 

1895. Ganner, Joseph, Acocks Green. 

1905. Gans, Friedrich, Tf. Kenmnyton. 
1876. Garbutt, John Gilliott, Blackfriars. 
1874. Gard, Wm. John, Ecvonport. 

1891. Gardener, Wm. Fredk., Sydenham. 
1878. Gardiner, Bruce Hubert Jn., Duhcicli. 

1896. Gardiner, Geoffrey Edwd., Neio Zeal. 

1896. Gardiner, John, Plymouth. 
18!)6. Gardiner, .Tos. Napier, Dunmow. 

1876. Gardner, Arthur John, Darlinyton. 
1904. Gardner, Eric, »S'. Woodford. 

1887. Gardner, Ernest Fredk., I/fracombe. 

1886. Gardner, Frank Gower, ll'aruivk. 

1892. Gardner,Harold Bellamy, Mansjield-st. 

1902. Gardner, Harry, Sheffield. 

1885. Gardner,Hy.Willoughby, Slireicshury. 

1899. Gardner, John, Me.rbor'ouyh. 

1877. Gardner, John Twiname, Chelsea. 
1881. Gardner, Percy Herbert, Torquay. 
1883. Gardner, Thos. Fredk., Boscovdn'. 

1897. Gardner, Thomas Hudson, Streafhanj. 
1855. Gardner, Thos. Turville, E.Grinstead. 

1895. Gardner, William, Fro)ne. 

188(5. Gardner, Wm. Thos., Bournemouth. 

1903. Gardner-Medwin, Frank M.,Lirerpool. 
1880. Garey, John, Glasytnv. 

1H74. Garland. Albert Isaac, Netv Zealand. 

1878. Garliind, George Henry. 

1901. Garle, Robt. Hubert Win., Turtey. 
1874. Garlick, (Jeorge, Gordon-sq., W.C. 
1857. Garlick, William, Gordon-sq., W.O, 

1896. Garmau, Cornelius Bernnrd, Bou-rd. 

1887. Garman,Edwih Cornelius, Huilsham. 
1892. Garman, John Bernard, Great Barr. 

1900. Garman, Joseph Marcus, Woudjord. 



I80O. rj.arman, Wm. Chancellor, Stafford. 
1858. Garner, John, Birmingham. 

1896. Garner, Wni. Latifjham, Ampthill, 
18-"J0. (.Tarnham, George, Nottinyham. 
18()0. (larnsey, Edwin Charles. 

1894. Garrad, Francis Wm., Harroyate. 
1881. Garrard, Chas. Roland O., Pendleton. 
1909. Garrard, Edw. Brown, Westm.-s.-M. 

1891. Garrard, George, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
1870. Garrard, Win. Arthur, liotherham. 
1870. (larratt, William. 

1894. Garrett, Charles Dudley, Deioshimj. 
1878. Garrett, Henry Edward, W. Africa. 
\^7'2. Garrett, John, Faversham. 

1907. Garrett, Percy Charles, Slinfold. 
1890. Garrett, Philip Gell, Ilincklei/. 

1904. Garrett, Raymond R., Maida-vale. 
1884. Garrod, Archibald Edwd., Chandos-st. 
1873. Garstang, Edward Morton, Bolton. 

1878. Garstang, Thos. Walt. II, Altrincham. 
1903. Garton, Wilfrid, liitr/bt/. 

1858. Gascoyen, George Edward. 

1902. Gask, Charles Herbert, Uidon-park. 

1897. Gaskell, Leonard Sadgrove, Stechford. 
1849. Gaskell, Richd. AUanson, Huytvn. 
1881. Gaskiu, Thos. Law, Barhadoes. 
18(37. Gasteeu, William Charles, A.M.S. 
1899. Gaster, Sidney, Punjab. 

188H. Gaston, Harry Percival, Southsea. 

1902. Gater, Arthur William, R.A.M.C. 

1898. Gates, Edward Alfred, Florence. 

1899. Gatt, Joseph, R.A.M.C. 
1886. Gaudiu, Francis Neel, Jersey. 

1883. Gaudin, George Charles, Jersey. 
188G. Gault, Arthur Henry, Adelaide. 
1873. Gaunt, John Penn, Alvechurch. 

1908. Gauntlett, Eric Gerald, Putney. 

1909. Gauntlett, Harry Leon, Putney. 

1903. Gauntlett, Owen Binns, Chich''.ster. 

1884. Gaussen, David Peter, Dunmurry. 
1906. Gauvain, Henry John, -SY. Barfs. 
1876. Gay, Chas. Wm. Ebenezer, India. 
1884. Gay, John, Putney. 

1896. Gayer, Reg. Courtenay, Rosary-ydns. 
1884. Gayford, Charles, Fleet-street. 

1905. Gayner, Francis, Sunderland. 

1900. Gayner, John Stansfield, Sunderland. 

1879. Gayton. Francis Carteret, Woking. 
1800. Gaj'ton, William, Finehley. 

1878. Gaze, Wm. Henry, W. Australia. 

1898. Geach, l\obert Neville, Kensinqton. 
18SG. Gedge, Arthur Johnson, Haiant. 

1892. Gedge, Arthur Sydney, Pewsey. 
1861. Geduey, John. 

1899. Gee, Claude Alfred \le&i\\, Evercreech. 

1880. Gee, Frederick William, I. M.S. 
1863. Gee, Saml. Jcnies, Upper Brook-sircet. 


1885. Gell, Henry PalaceCowt- 
1884. Gemmel, Archibald Burns, Liverpool. 
1805. Gcnge, Geo. Fredk. S., Buurnemouth. 
1894. Genge, George (Tilbert, Croydon. 
1884. Gent, George Sidney, Bristol. 

1889. George, Alfd. AValter, Brondeshury. 

1857. George, Chas.Fdk.,A7r^ort-tM-imefoey. 

1853. George, Edward. 

1861. George, Frederick, Weyynouth. 
1887. George, Henry, Alberta, Canada. 
1904. George, Howard Trevelyan, Cardiff. 

1893. George, Isaac, Bishopsyate. 

1886. George, Wm. Hotten, Weymouth-st. 
1886. Georges, Absolom. 

1902. Geraty, Laur. Unthank, Nottinyhayn. 
1874. Geratv, Thomas, Nottingham. 

1854. Gerber, Philip. 

1892. German, Arthur William, Liverpool 
1904. German, Hugh Bernard, Roy. Navy. 

1894. Gerrard, .Alfred Henry, Chiswick. 
1906. Gerrard, Robert Francis, Chester, 

1895. Gerrish, Daniel Smith, Bristol. 
1891. Gervis, Arthur Fredk., Ilampstead. 
1897. Gervis, Chas, Berkeley, Seaford. 
1863. Gervis, Fredk. H., Hampstead. 

1858. Gervis, Henry, Bath. 
1889. Gervis, Henry, Brighton. 
1908. Gerzabek, Boleslaw, Cracow. 

1904. Gettings, Cuthbert Keay, Chasetoirn. 
189 S. Ghany, Mohomed Abdul, Hyderabad. 
1847. Gibb, Chas. ,lohn, Ne>ccasf!e-on-Tyne. 

1859. Gibb, Robert Cumminofs, St. Leonards. 

1886. Gibbard, Thos. Wykes, R.A.M.C. 

1887. Gibbens, Frank Edward, Barkinf/. 
18()5. Gibbes, John Murray, Sydney. 
1895. Gibbes, Lewes Nicholas, Ketisinr/ton. 

1899. Gibbins, Herbert Bowly, Ashste'ad. 

1904. Gibbins, Kenneth Mayoh, Hastings. 

1888. Gibbon, Ernest Henry, S. Shields. 
1895. Gibbons, Arth. Philip, Denmark-hill. 
1897. Gibbons, Chas. Jas. P.T.,Kentish Toicn. 
1874. Gibbous, Robt. Alex., Cadoyan-pl. 
1879. Gibbs, Alfd. Napier Godby, Bristol. 

1894. Gibbs, Francis Richd,, Bourne End. 
lt)04. Gibbs, Herbert Jennings, Singapore. 
1873. Gibbs, Robert, Hastinys. 

1889. Gibbs, Seymour Farrage, Hampstead. 

1905. Gibbs, Stanley Rider, Moscoic-rd. 

1895. Giblin, Wilfrid Wauostrocht, Hohart. 

1906. Gibson, Charles Walter, Temple. 

1862. Gibson, Daniel, Hull. 

1900. Gibson, Fredk. Goulburn, Neic Zeal. 

1907. Gibson, Harold, Totnes. 

1873. Gibson, Hy. Cln-is. Mends, Bungay. 
1891. Gibsonj Heniy Uilkes, Hampstead. 
1907. Gibson, Howard Graeme, R.A.M.C. 
1882. Gibson, John Hutchinson, Aldershot. 



1885. Gibson, John Lockhart, Brisbane. 

1905. Gibson, La^vl•ence Geo., Ancrley. 
lS8l\ Gibson, Louis Percivnl, Codecs. 
1862. Gibson, Kobert Farmer. 

1904. Gibson, Sydney Herbert, Temple. 

1902. Gibson, Thomas, Chard. 

1908. Gibson, Thomas Sidney, Liverpool, 

1880. Gibson, Walter, Johaiinesburg . 

1870. Gibson, "William. 

1SX)3. Gibson, Wm. Edmund, Kew Zeal. 

1907. Gibson, AVilliism Stonier, Catford. 
1887. Giddings, George Ihoxaas^Beckenham. 
1868. Giddings, John Allan. 

1883. Giddings, Robt. Ritchie, Nottinriham. 

1908. Gideon, Eugene de Monteviu,/o/*(fnV;rt, 
1892. Gideon, Geo. V. Minchin, Hatcham. 

1886. Gidley, Gustavus, Culloinpton. 

1906. Giesen, Ei-nest "Wm., New Zealand. 

1871. Giffard, Doudas Wm., Brit/ldon. 
1889. Giffard, Gerald Godfray, I'M.S. 

1877, Giflard, PJenry Edward, Ei/ham. 

1905. GiHbrd, Alex." Harold, Balfett-rd. 
1886. Gittbrd, George Tavlor, Dartren. 

1900. Gilbart-Smith, T. Rewlev, Notting'm. 
1892. Gilbert, Charles William", Furhi/. 

1886. Gilbert, Clarence Edwin lAoyiiJ.M.S. 
1861. Gilbert, Edwd.Gillett, Tunl/dyeWells. 
1876. Gilbert, Harry Langton. 

1881. Gilbert, Harry Pearson, Re/iding. 
1897. Gilbert, Leonard, I. M.S. 

1878. Gilbert, Philip Francis, Durham. 
1883. Gilbertson, James Henry, Ilitchin. 

1897. Gilbertson, William, Soufhbourne, 

1889. Gilchrist, Alexander William, Nice. 

1887. Gilchrist, Thomas Caspar, Baltimore. 

1908. Gildav, Wm. Carnochan, Canada. 
1904. Gilder, Dhaujibhai Ratanjee, Edinh. 

1909. Gilder, Manchersha 1). 1)., Bombay. 

1888. Giles, Arth. Edwd., Up. Wiyiipole-st. 

1878. Giles, Bernard Faraday, Hornfteij. 

1879. Giles, Fredericlc ^^'illiam, Folkestone. 
1894. Giles, Henry O'Halloran, S. Australia. 
1868. Giles, John, Caxton. 

1856. Giles, Joseph. 

1881. Giles, Oswald, New Sleaford. 

1871. Giles, Peter Broome, Bletchley. 

1867. Giles, William Betts. 

1858. Giles, ^Vm. Foster, Hythe, Hants. 

1886. Gilkes, Ernest Osmond, Briqhton. 

1880. Gilkes, Malin D"Oyloy, LudUnc. 
1904. Gilks, John Langton, Wandsworth. 

1901. Gill, Clifford AUchin, I.M.S. 

1898. Gill, Francis Philip, Bristol. 

1903. Gill, George Brittan, Belper. 

1902. Gill, Geo. Frederick. Jamaica, 

1890. Gill, Jas. MacDouald. Sydneij. 
1878. Gill, John Wallis, >St. (jermaus. 

1888. Gill, Joseph William, Cardiff. 

1887. Gill,RainsfordFoster,JS'/?/r/7/<'?//7/',s-;-c/. 

1893. Gill, Samuel Ernest, Noitinf/Zuim. 
1871. Gill, Stanley Augustine, Formhy. 
1895. Gill, Sutton Dudley, West Bromuich. 
1856. Gill, Thos. Bullcn.' 

1869. Gill, William. 

1877. Gillam, Thomas Plenry, Bromyard. 
1877. Gillard, Clarence Richard, Wimbledon. 
1892. Gillbard, Richard, Purley. 
1848. Gillespie, Robt.AVebster,^^?. Malrcrn. 
1909. Gillespie, Thomas, Southampton. 

1891. Gillett, Geo. Edward, Brooke, 
1895. Gillett, Henry Tregelles, O.vfvrd. 
1908. Gilliatt, William, Fulham. 
1877. Gillibrand, William, Bolton. 

1908. Gillies, Harold Delf. Neic Zealand. 
1855. Gillies, Josiah Dashwood. 

1904. Gillies, John Winn Ford, Croydon. 

1907. Gillies, Robert Gray, Harlei/streef. 
1895. Gillies, Sinclair, Sydney, N.'s. Jf ". 

1870. Gillingham, Alfred, Citiswick. 
1858. Gillingham, Clias. Fdk., Calif jrnia. 

1902. Gillitt, AVm., I.M.S. 

1903. Gilmour, Harry ^lorgan, Brinynorth. 
1873. Gilmour, John Henry, Andover. 

1888. Gilmour, Percy Graham, Gorleston. 
1895. Gilmour, Richd. Withers. St. Luke' sh, 

1905. Gilmour, Robt. Thos., Princes-sq. 
1890. Gilpin, Robt. Harrison, Neic Zealand. 
1887. Gilpin, William John, Bourne. 

1909. Gilroy, Paul Knighton, St Georyes-h. 

1877. Gimlette, Geo. Hart 1).,C.1.E.,7.J/.aS', 
1890. Gimlette,Johnl)esmond, J/ff/f>v/ States. 
1879. Gimlette, Thos. Desmond, 0.ii.,R.N. 
1887. Giuison, Wm. Douglas, Chelmsford. 

1878. Gipps, Alex. Geo. Pemberton, It.N. 
1858. Giraud, Charles Herye, Army. 

1908. Girdlestone,GathorueRbt., 7T"??»Wpf/"« 

1892. Girdlestone, Ylovcva-A-Y.., Bournemouth. 
1854. Girdwood, Gilbert Prout, Montreal. 

1889. Girling, Chas. John, Leeds. 
1886. Girlintr, John, Clacton-on-Sea. 
1886. Giryin, John, B.A.M.C, 

1906. Gittens,CarletonWyiidham, Univ.Coll. 

1894. Gittins, Alfred Benjamin, Madeley. 
1898. Gladstone,Arth.Edw.,A>?ri!(/7? Ferrers. 

1906. Glaister, John Norman, Highbury. 
188(). (ilanyille, Mark, Balham. 

1900. Glasgow, John George, Portsmouth. 
1898. Glasier, Howard, Mildenhall. 

1909. Glass, Robert Lionel, Simla. 

1902. Glassford.IanCanuteGordon, Victoria 
1881. Glassington, Chas. Wm., Pelha-n-cr. 

1885. Glasson, Chas. James, Chfi/ne-qdns. 

1886. Gledden, Alfd. Maitland, Sydney. 

1907. Gleed, Seymour llkhd., Flodden-road. 




18G8. Glencross, Frederick John, Gosfurth. 

1906. Gleuuy, Elliott Tliornton, Ufoid. 
1872. Gleuny, George Wallis, Barking. 
1835. Glinn,' Cornelius Frtidk., Fh/moiith. 

1889. Glinu, George Frederick, Camden-sq. 

1854. Glissau, James. 

1855. Glover, John, Burlton. 

1898. Glover, John Abel, West Mailing. 

1892. Glover, Lewis Gladstone, Belaize-j^k. 
18'.)S. Glynn, Ernest Edward, Liverpool. 

1907. Glynn, Thomas Kawdon, Liverpool. 
181 >4. Glvnn, Thomas llobinson, Liverpool. 
1900. Goad by, Kenneth \V.,.V. Cavendish-st. 

1896. Goard,' Thomas Arthur, Exeter. 

1900. Goble, Edwin Wallace, n7«c/nHore-7i. 
1904. Goble, Fredk. George, Roy. Navy. 

1890. Goddard, Bertram, rentunville-road. 

1883. Goddard, Charles Ernest, Wtmbley. 
1898. Goddard, Eugene Gilbert, Cape Col. 

1895. Goddard, Gerald IIamilton,i2.^. J/. C. 
1882. Goddard, Walt. Horace, Xorfolk-cr. 

1872. Godding, Chas. Cane, Royal Navy. 
1889. Godding, James, Poplar. 

1885. Godfrey, Albert Edward, Finchley. 
1875. Godfrev, Beuj. Geo., Washington. 

1891. Godfrev, Clarence George, Victoria. 

1884. Godfi-ey, Hry. John C, Bridlington. 

1885. Godfrev, Henry Wm., Frinton-o:i-S. 
1854. Godfrev, Jos. J n., Cleobury Mortimer. 
1875. Godfrev, Robt. P^-ederick, Montreal. 
1887. Godfrey, Thos. Henry, Finchley. 

1856. Godi-icii, Henry. 

1904. Godson, Chas. Aubrey, Brook-street. 
1868. Godson, Clement, Brook-st., W. 
1880. Godson, Edwin, Kcnnwre, N.S. W. 

1897. Godson, Francis Arth., W. Didsbury. 

1891. Godson, John Edward, Manchester. 

1893. Godson, Leonard Jos., Shrewsbury. 
1893. Godwin, Alfred Harold. Liscard. 

1896. Godwin, Fredk. Jas., Northampton. 

1897. Godwin, Herbert James, Winchester 
1897. Goiie, Ernest Geo. Leopold, Fulham. 

1901. Gofton, Edward, North Shields. 
1878. Gofton, Jos. Edwd., North Shields. 

1873. Goicoechea, Francisco. 

1887. Going, Joseph Andrew, N. Zealand. 

1908. Gokhale, Vinavak Balvant, Poena. 
1903. Goldie, Ellis Gordon, Farncombe-st. 

1860. Goldie, George, Bradford. 
1868. Goldie, Robt. William, Morpeth. 
1897. Goldie-Scot, Thomas, Glasgoiv. 

1888. Goldney, Arth. Geo. X., Hackney. 

1893. Goldnev, Thos. William, Rich7nond. 

1894. Goldsniith, Arthur Fredk., Bedford. 

1892. Goldsmith, (tco. Harvey, Bedford. 

1861. Goldsmith, Geo. Pocock, Noruich. 
1872. Goldsmith, Sept. Jesse, LM.S. 


1903. Goldstein, Herbert Myer, Guy's-hosp. 

1903. Goldstein, John Leopold, Wood-green. 
1900. Gollan, Lachlan, Tasmania. 

1877. Gollaud, Alfred, Altrincham. 

1867. Gonies,AntonioSimplicio,Z/o«<7ZLi')??i7. 
1902. (.»ouiess,Alfd. Francis V>.,Druyton-gn!i. 
1900. Gomez, Francis Joseph, S. Petherton. 
lOl'.O. Gomez, Guillermo, Grenvitle-st.,W.C. 
U04. Gompertz, Richd. Hy. C, Notting-h. 
1902. Goniu, Bertram Winter, Bedford-pk. 
1906. (loocli, Horace, Romford. 

1858. Gooch, James Wvard, Windsor. 
1900. Good, Aruold Saxty, Chnlmleigh. 
1905. Good, Edgar Hubert, Surbltwi 
1897. Good, Hardman AUgood, New Z. 
1888. Good, John, Tenbury. 

1893. Good, Thos. Saxty, Littlemore. 

1878. Good, William Ernest, Dorchester. 

1899. Goodbody, Cecil Maurice, I.M.S. 

1886. Goodale, Hem-y, Ebury-st. 

1885. Goodall, Edwin, Carmarthen. 
I860. Goodall, Henry, Madras. 
1872. Goodchild, John Arthur, Italy. 
1804. Goodchild, John Fleming, Toronto. 

1887. Goodchild, Nath. Jn., Ilighgate-rd. 

1854. (looddy, George. 

1877. Goode, Charles Fox, Brighton. 

1900. (4oode, George Ernest, Hampton. 
1897. Goode, Henrv Norman, I'ork. 

1888. Goodfellow, Thos. A., W. Didsbury. 

1864. Goodfellow, Wm. Richard, Roche. 

1868. Goodhart, Jas. Frederic, I'ortland-pl. 

1894. Goodhue, Fdk. Wm. J., Ashley-gdns. 
1894. Gooding, Angelo, Adelaide, Cape. 
1884. Gooding, Chas. Ernest, Barbados. 

1859. Gooding, Jn. Callender, Cheltenham. 
1884. (Tooding, Matthew Richd., Bideford. 

1865. Gooding, Ralph, Lee. 

1855. Goodman. George. 

1899. Goodman, Harold, Wakefield. 
1894. Goodman, Henry Cyril, Cairo. 
1887. Goodman, Roger Neville, Kmgsfon. 

1886. Goodman, Thomas Herbt., Haverhill. 
1896. Goodridge, Walt. Lisle T. 

1863. Coodsir, Thos. Henry. 
1893. Goodson, Wm. Henry, Leytonstone. 
1909. Goodwin, Bernard Grainger, Dudley. 
1892. Goodwin, Edwd. Knox, KingsUm. 
1851. Goodwin, Francis, Brooklyn, N.Voik. 

1887. Goodwin, Fredl:. Chas., Kingston. 

1899. Goodwin, Fredk. Wm.. Aom Scotia. 
1892. Goodwiu,T. U.J.C..D.S.O.,R.A.M. C. 

1900. Goodwin, Wm. Bichd. P.,R.A.M.C. 

1904. Goonelilleke, Fredk. Wm., Singapore. 

1905. Goonewardene, Andrew S. S.,Ceylon. 
1883. Gordon, Arthur Henry, Victoria. 
1881. Gordon, Brvce, Lee. 




1850. Gordon, Charles, Pietermaritzbury. 

1882. Gordon, Edward, Rijde. 

1909. Gordon, Francis Jervis, Frame. 
1884. Gordon, Fredk. 'SVni., Auckland, X.Z. 

1891. Gordon, Harry, Bemhridye. 
1894. Gordon, James Edward, Salisbitry. 
1905. Gordon, Kenneth F., Andover. 
1896. Gordon, Loudon Pasley, Brailsford. 
1909. Gordon, Stephen, Penrith. 

1884. Gordon, Thomas Elisha, Manchester. 

1888. Gordon, William, Exeter. 

1889. Gordon-Green, Henry AVm., R.N. 
1886. Gore, Alfred .Joseph, Folkestone. 

1890. Gore, Henry Bushell, Bowdon. 

1896. Goring-, Chas. Buckman, Parkhurst. 
1888. Gornall, John Pe<rge Joseph, Ha/e. 
1852. Gornall, RichardGregory,i\'eit'<t)«-/(?/i. 
1876. Gorst, Henry, Hni/ton. 

1876. Goslinj^, Charles Edward, Moseley. 
1907. Goss, Edward Slade, Bath. 
1903. Goss, John, Gloucester. 

1877. Goss, Samuel, Soidhsea. 

1863. Goss, Tregeuna Biddulph, Bath. 
1890. Gossage, Alfd. M., Ujjp. Berkeley-st. 
1893. Gossage, Wm. Herbt., Chert^ey. 

1880. Gosse, Hope A^'ilkes, Eccleshall. 

1907. Gosse, Philip Fly. Geo., Hanover-ten: 
]886. Gosse, William, Sittinyhoiirne. 
18(55. Gosselin, William, Neto South IVales. 
1875. Gosset, (jieorge, Canterl>ury, IS.Z. 
1900. Gostling, Ernest V., Kecdhani-M'kt. 
1884. Gostling, John Harrv, York. 

1890. Gostling, Percy R., 'Bares St. Mary. 

1883. Gostling, Thomas Preston, Worcester. 

1883. Gostling, Wm. Ayton, Worthiny. 

1881. Gotch, l^rancis, Oxford. 

1905. Gotelee, Hugh Evelyn, Aldershot. 
1888. Gott, Henry, Leeds. 

1897. Gough, Bernard B., Compton Martin. 
1905. Gough, Harold Oscar, Bristol. 

1886. Gough, Henry Edward, Northxvich. 

1884. Gough, John Hnrley, Torquay. 

1885. Gould, Ernest Edward, Hailsham. 
1902. Gould, Harold Utterton, Farnham. 
1868. Gould, Henry, Maryate. 

1905. Gould, Horace John, Hanover-st. 

1887. (iould, John Edwin, Bolton, 
1873. Gould, Thomas 

1896. Goulden, Herbt. Edwd., Clyst JTydon. 
1909. Gouldesbrough, Claude, ll'orksop. 
1880. Goullet, Chas. Arthur, Finchley-rd. 

1888. Goulston, Artliur, Kvefer. 

1878. Gover, Henry John, Saffron Tfalden. 
1900. Gover, John Maxwell, Gosforth. 

1892. Gover, Lawford Dinelev, Falmouth. 

1908. Gow, Alex. Edward, Forest-hdl. 
18-'5. Gow, William John, JJ'et/mouth-sf. 


1887. Gowan, Bowie Campbell, Stanmu7-e. 
1867. Gowers, Sir Wui. R., Queen Anne-st. 
1901. Gowland, Wm. Percy, Manchester. 
1892. Gowriug, Benj. Wm. N., Dorchester. 

1857. Grabham, Geo. Wallington, JJ'dham. 
190S. Grabham, Henry Leatham, Surhiton. 

1891. Grabham, Michael, Ja)naica. 

18r;i. Grabham, MichaelComport, Madeira. 
1863. Grace, Alfred, Chippiny-Sodhury. 
1865. Grace, Edward Mills, Thornbury. 

1892. Grace, Gerald, Transcaal. 

1900. Grace, Nathaniel, Tunbridye Wells. 
1879. Grace, William (filbert, Sydenham. 
1884. Graham, Albert Wm., Tasmania. 
1907. Graham, Alex. Savill, Nonrood. 
1899. Graham, Allan Gordon, Wimbledon. 

1858. Graham, Baptist G., Irvinestown. 
1892. Graham, Chas. Hunter, N.S. W. 

1889. Graham, Chas. Nicol, Pcnye. S.E. 
1878. Graham, Charles Robert, Wiyan. 

1901. Graham, Edwd. Xaggiar, Ealiny. 

1907. Graham, George, Ladbroke-yardens. 
1872. Graham, Geo. Wm., Bournemouth. 
1905. Graham. Harold Ernest, St. Barfs. 

1898. Graham, Howard Wm., Maryate. 
1884. Graham, Hugh Henry, Ontario. 

1899. Graham, Jn. Chas. Wm., Cambridye. 
1891. Graham, Jn. Hy. Porteus, Wallasey. 
1875. Graham, John Thomas, Perth. 
1905. Graham, Jos. Sutherland A., Toronto. 
1905. Graham, Samuel Lewis, Sanderstead. 
1896. (iraham, Sydney Gagg, Watchet. 
1855. Graham, Thomas, <S'. Austndia. 
1896. Graham, Vyner, Doncaster. 

1899. Graham, Walter, Liverpool. 

1888. Graham, Walt. Ap S. J., R.A.M.C. 
1901. Graham, William Ezra, Canada. 
1886. Graham, Wm. Perceval Gore, Army. 

1908. Graham-Jones, John \j., Sander stend. 
1901. Graham-Smith, Geo. Stuart, Camb. 
1852. Gramshaw, Jos. John Hill. 

1905. Grandage, \\'m. Brigyrs, St. Bart's. 
1878. Granger, Edgai- Bridden, Wallinyford. 
1874. (iranger, Faringlon Marsden, Chester. 
1907. Granger, Hem-y, Wimbledon. 
1854. Grant. Alexander. 

1896. Grant, Alex. Suieaton, Brondesbnry. 

1897. Grant, Alfred Jas., W. Kensinytuti. 

1851. (trant, Cliarles James 

1869. Grant, Frederick, Qneens-yate, S.W. 
18( -4. (t rant,Sir Jas. A lex.,K.C.M .( i . , Otlmia. 

1900. (4 rant, John Prescott, Bath. 

1890. Grant, John Wm. Geary, Brecon. 
1904. Grant, Montagu Fredk.,' i?..4. J/. C. 

1852. Grant, Nathaniel James, Ind. Arjny. 
1858. Grant, Robt. Alex. Peter, Inverness. 
1903. (irant, Wm. Prince, iiV/i^/fl/if. 




1808. Grant- Johnston, Joseph, Wilmslojv. 
1895. Graut-Wilson, Cha8. W., Bromlci/. 

1900. Grantham-Hill, Wilf(j.St.f4.,aw?/7r'^-. 

1897. Granville, Alexander, i)6'r/fwf/-;;A-.,A\\ 

1898. Grapel, Francis (Ta-^par, Croi/dun. 
1875. Grasett, Fredk. Le Maitre, Toronio 
1863. Grattan, Edward Shawe, Liverpool. 
1894. Grattan, Henry William, R.A.M.C. 
1890. Gratte, Charles Brooke, Neivport. 

1883. Gravely, Frank, Lewes. 

1887. Gravely, Harry, Uckfchl. 

1879. Gravely, John Gabbitas, Trinidad. 
1874. Gravely, Wni. Honiewood, Horsham, 
1909. Graves, .\lfred James, :South(/ate. 

1888. Graves, Charles, Southsen. 

1857. Graves, Fdk. George, Chichester-rd. 

1858. Graves, Hn^h. 

1851. Graves, Kicdiard Croker. 

1904. Graves, Robert, K. G., Kensington. 

1879. Graves, Thomas William, Knvjhlon. 

1901. Grav,Arth. ClavponIIorner,J?.^. Ji. C. 
1858. Gray, Charles,'^ M.S. 

1870. Grav, Clement J^redk., Neivmarket. 

1902. Gray, Douglas, Bolton. 

1850. Gray, Edward Benjamin, Oxford. 
1909. Gray, Gilbert Clement, JSietcynarhct. 

1898. Gray, Herbert Edward. C'cuiibridf/c. 
1882. Gray, John Alfi-ed, Hal in r/. 

18(55. Gray, John Henry, Upper Tooting. 

1905. Gray, Leonard, Knightoji. 

1904. Gray,lAonaldE velynGordon, Grayshet. 

1884. Grav, Thos. Underwood, JEsse.v-rd. 

1880. Gray, AValter, HoUicorthij. 

1902. Grav, Wm. Harrington, Whitehaven. 

1890. Gray, Wm. Henry, Mansfield. 
1892. Graydon, Archibald. Argentine. 
1880. Grayfoot, Bleuman Buhot, I.M.S. 
1880. Grayling, Arthur, Foresi-hiU. 

1871. Grayson, Francis Dorrell, Liagleigh. 
1896. Grazebrook, Edwyn Robert, Ji.K. 
1877. Greasier, John, Canterlmrif. 

1879. Greathead, Jn. Baldwin 8., Cape C. 
1863. GreatEex, Adolph B., Stoke-no-T. 
1855. Greatrex, .Tames. 
1896. Great Rex, Jas. Burnell, Plnmstead. 
1863. Greaves, Charles Augustus, Derby. 

1872. Greaves, Edward. 

1892. Greaves, Edwd. llAm?or\, Amersham. 
1872. Greaves, Frank, Jiuiefio)i-7-oad, N. 
lfK)9. Greaves, Geo. Aldon, Kingston, Can. 
l'^97. Greaves, Henry, Oldham. 

1891. Greaves, Henry, 6'?. Margaret's. 

1899. Greaves, Herbert Stanley, Barbados. 
1908. Greaves, Horatio Norman, Z)e?»e7Y»'rt. 

1893. Grech, John, R.A.M.C. 
I^^n. Green. All)ert, Chesterfield. 

1877. Green, Alfd. Pierce, Johannesburg. 

1877. Green, Alfd. Withers, Wardrobe-pl. 
1887. Green, Arthur, Gateshead. 
1904. Green, .\rth. Aug. Russell, Aldridge. 
1902. Green, Arthur Llew. ]5ald\vin, lioss. 

1891. Green, Arthur Robert, Ledbury. 
1869. Green, Charle*; Joseph us, Preston. 
18S7. Green, Conrad Theodore, Birkenhead. 

1901. Green, Edward. Lwllow. 

1881. Green, Edwin Collier, L)erby. 

1882. Green, George Richard, Jlipon. 
1887. Green, Geo. Sydney, West ons.- Mare. 
1906. Green, Gilbert Egerton, Present. 

1883. Green, Henry, Biirnt-ash-hill S.E. 

1886. Green, Henry Lee, Muscatine, Ohio. 
1896. Green, Howard, Morjnth-st., N.E. 
1872. Green, James, Portsmouth. 

1890. Green, James Howard, Stockpoii.. 

1866. Green, John. 

1892. Green, Joseph. 

1891. Green, Percy Andrew, Tratisvaal. 

1902. Green,Philip.AnthonyM..Ztwf/o«-/('A<!/7. 

1887. Green, liobert \N" alter, Leeds. 
1899. Green, Samuel Morris, Prescot. 

1892. Green, SebertF.St.I)avids,i?.^..Tf.C. 

1901. Green, Sydney Balch, Fdton. 

1804. Green, Thos. Henrv, Wimpole-strvet. 

1867. Green, Wm. Edwd\, Ross. 

1893. Green, Wm.Fredk. Li Jdon, Weyjnouth. 
190IJ. Green-Armytage, \'ivian B., Bristol. 
1896. Greene, Arnold James, Wignn. 

1906. Greene, Charles Wm., Blackheath. 
1861. Greene, Fredk. Wm., Durban, Natal. 

1902. Greene, George Watters, Lvices. 
1887. Greene, Hry. Bertr. R., Wandsworth. 
1861. Greene, .Tas. Augustine, Serampore. 
1863. Greene, James Sherwin, Birmingham. 
1853. Greene, John Baker. 

1896. Greene, Wm. Adams, Cheshunt. 
1865. GreenHeld, Chas. Bailey. 

1872. Greentield, Wm. Smith, Edinburgh. 
1892. Greenhalgh, Arthur, Aeerington. 
1867. Greenhalgh, Thomas, Buxton. 
1883. Greenhill, Edward Fowler, Bristol. 
1905. Greening, George Fredlc, Ryde. 
1865. Greening, Fredk. Jos., Ryde, I. of W. 

1907. Greening, Wni. Robert, Brisbane. 

1873. Greensill, Edwd. Samuel, Stmirporf. 
1880. Greensill, James Heynes, Worcester. 

1874. Greenslade, George, Quebec. 

1878. Greenway, Alex.Steven.-on.^e/tvy/e/r. 

1894. Greenway,CharlesMelville. Plnmstead. 
1877. Greenwood, Arthur, Crouch End. 
1909. Greenwooii,.\rth. Atkins, C/w/cA End. 

1897. Greenwood,Arth. llowh\nd.R.A..)I.C. 

1895. Greenwood, .\ug. Chas., (r'ranfhain. 
1?83. Greenwood, Cecil Danforth, AVm- Z. 

1875. Greenwood, Charles. 




188G. Greenwood, Edwin C, St. John's-wd. 

1896. Greenwood, Frank Redm., Edghaston. 
1847. Greenwood, Frederick, Huddersfidd. 
1808. Greenwood, Frederick. 

1881. Greenwood, George, Enfield, 

1897. Greenwood, Henry Harold, Leeds. 
18o6. Greenwood, James, Isliytf/ton. 
1873. Greenwood, John William, Hanley, 
1876, Greenwood, Major, Hackney-rd. 

1904. Greenwood, ^{&\o\',3vm\-. Hnckney-rd. 

1891. Greenwood, Riclid. Yj,, Lansdinone-pl. 
1875. Greenwood, Thos. Porter, St,amfvrd. 
1886. Greenwood, William, Ossett. 

1907, Greer, Morrice, Wallasejf. 

1878. Greet, Wm. Ambrose, Vernon-sq. 
1888. Greeves, Thomas Neville, Willesden. 

1892. Gregerson,Wm. Jens, E7idsleu/h-(/ard. 
1894. (xregor, Edmvmd Wm,, Ai/lesford. 
18 S6. Gregory, Alfred John, Cape Town. 
1902. Gregory, Arnold, Bradford. 

1902. Gregnrj^, Chas. Ilebdeu, yeio Zealand. 

1896. (tregory, Edwd. Tho?,., Redcliffe-gdns. 

1897. Gregory, Henry Lonsdale, Hiyhyate. 
1850. Gregory, Richard. 

1886. GregoiT, Seth, Smith Xonrood. 
1896. Gregory, Thomas, Mayichester. 

1901. Greig, Alex. William, I. M.S. 

1887. Greig,Diincan Islc^e&nyQ.-Aniie-yafe. 

1906. Grell, Jesse Mitchinson P., KinysColl. 
1864. Grellett, Charles John, Hitchin. 
1886. Grenfell, Henrv Osborne, Eversley. 

1899. Grenfell, Pascoe Bevil, Cape Col. 

1888. Grenfell, Wilf. T., C.M.G., Q. Vict-at. 
1883. Gresswell Albert, Louth. 

1888. Greville, Sampson John R., Victoria. 

1908. Grey, Harry Martin, Cambridye-gdm. 

1888. Grey, John Temperlev, Lenham. 

1900. Gribbell, William Ernest, R.t^. 
1908. Grice, John William, Guy' s-hospital. 
1866. Griesbach, Sydney, Garforth. 

1893. Grieves, Jas. Percy, Portishead, 

1889, Grieves, Thos. Arthur, N.S. W. 
1883. Griffin, Albt. Watson, Crowborouyh. 
1896. Griffin, Alfred Erue,st, P. 8f O. Co. 
1873. Griffin, Chas. Thomas, Ceyloii. 

1907. Griffin,Fredc.Wm.Wandby,5o?W5rj^. 

1902. Griffin, Gerald, Limerick, 
1869. Griffin, Innes, Banbury. 

1886. Griffin, John Hubt-rt, Paddington. 

1905. Griffin, John Purser, Sonthsea. 
1883. Griffin, Saml.Nashumil \\.V.,Padstotc. 
1907. Griffin, Walter Rristow, Sonthsea. 
1859. Griffith, Alfd. Leete, Harrow-road. 
1858. Griffith, Alicius John. 

1905. Griffith, Arth. Donald, Mnm-ell-hill. 
1886. Griffith, Christopher Arth., Victoria. 

1879. Griffith, Edward Parnell, Zaiizibar. 
1909. 6178 

1861, Griffith, George, Mit-'ord Haven. 
1851. Griffith, Gideon James Wm. 
1860. Griffith, Gorrequer, St. George's-sq. 
1865. Griffith, Griffith, I.M.S, 

1858. Griffith, Hugh, I.M.S. 
1854. Griffith, John. 

1901. Griffith, John Richd., Blackwood, 

1902. Griffith, Richard, Portmadnc. 
1872. Griffith, Richd. Glvn, Bath. 

1892. Griffith, Robt, Const,, Up. Woburn-pl. 
1870. Griffith, Robt. Poole, Antigtia. 
1883. Griffiths, Alfd. Philip Hy., Army. 

1882, Griffiths, Chas. Thomas, Birmingham, 
1906. Griffiths, Cyril Verity, Boy, JS^avy. 

1903. Griffiths, Edward Reg., Hampstead, 
1880. Griffiths, Ernest Edward, .V..S'. W. 

1892. Griffiths, Geo. Batho, Parkhurst-rd, 
1891. Griffiths, Gilb. Henderson, Deqanu'y. 
1876. Griffiths, Gilbert Saunder, Bristol. 
1850. Griffiths, Griffith Hooper. 

1874- Griffitns, John, Lampeter. 

1890. Griffiths, John, Llandindrod Wells. 
1895. Griffiths, John Alban K., Knighton. 
1895. Griffiths, John Crisp, Kidderminster. 

1893. Griffiths, Jn, Howell, Shooters-hill, 

1891. Griffiths, John Samuel, Bristol, 

1867. Griffiths, Lemuel Matthews, Cliftmx, 

1880. Griffiths, Philip Rhvs, Cardif. 
1865. Griffiths, Richd. Saml. Purnell, B.X, 

1892. Griffiths,Saml.Albt.Ernest,i1i'ec7jAa»i. 
1909. Griffiths, Sydney Harold, Hampstead. 

1862, Griffiths, Thomas Druslyn, Swansea, 
1887. Griffiths, Wm, Arthur, Micheldever. 

1860. Grigg, Nath. Batt, Hdcojnbe Bogus, 

1883, Griggs, William Alfred, Leicester. 

1868. Grigson, Robt. Edwd., N.S.W, 
1876. Grimbly, Richard Hy., Newton Abbot. 
1865, Grimes, John, Liverpool, 

1884, Grimmer, Chas. George, Victoria. 

1861. Grimmer, William, Kimberley. 
1879, Grimoldby, Geoi-ge Henry, Grimsby. 

1881. Grimsdale,Thos.BabiDgton,ij'yer/JO»/ 
1891. Grimshaw, John, Birkeyiheud. 

1901. (Jrimwade, Alfd. Sheppard, Victoria. 
1906. Grimwade, Sidney Wilfred, Hiyhgate. 
1881. Grindon, Francis James, Olnej/. 

1865. Grindrod, John Albart, Rochdale. 

1866. Grinfield-Coxwell, Jn. Edwd,, U.S.A. 

1893. Grinling, Fredk. Newman, Walker. 
1881. Grinling, John Campion, N. Zeal. 
1881. Gripper, Walter, Wallington. 

1902. Grogono, Eric Walter, Stratford. 
1906. Grogono, Jonathan, Stratford. 
1906. Grogono, Raby Montague, Stratford. 
1872. Grogono, Walt. Atkins, Stratford. 
1902. Gromitt, John William, Mauritius. 
1901, Grcine, Friedrich, Honff Kong. 

6235 o 



188."i. Grnojn, Harry, Wisbech. 

1880. Groom, Ilemy Thomas, Oarston. 

1881. Groom, William, Wisbech. 

1878. Groonie, Wm. Wollaston, Surbilon. 
3887. Grose, John Sohay, Bide ford. 

1881. Gross, Asher, Clnphnin. 

1896. Gross, Chas. Fredk., WiclchamMarket, 
1896. Gross, Solomon, Finchley-road. 
1891. Grosvenor, Alfred Alll,^, Stevenage. 
1864. Grosveuor, Alt'd. Octavius, Priory-rd. 

1896. Grosveuor, Randolph Lea, Chelsea. 

1888. Grosveuor, Wilshaw Wm., Gloucester. 
1903. Grote, Kobt. Geo. Ernest, Wiinhledon. 

1898. Groube,Geo.Patrick Thomsou,/.iJ/.iS. 
1875. Ground, Edward, Maidstone. 

1897. Grove, Ernest (ieorge, York. 
1893. Grove, Wm. Reginald, St. Ives. 
1901. Grover, John Morgan Key, Uu.iton. 
18(i8. Gro^'es, Edward, Hnnslet. 

1877. Groves, Henry Edward, Hornsey. 
1859. Groves, William. 

1858. Groves, W^m. Geo., Woodfurd-green. 
1884. Growse, W^illiam, KenihooHh. 

1899. Gruber, Rudolph, Wiinpole-street. 

1893. Gruffydd, Jolm, Bethesda. 
1897. Grummitt, Cbas. Chris, Scalby. 

1883. Griin, Edward Ferdinand, Brighton. 

1894. Griinbaum, Albt. Sidney F., Leeds. 

1905. Grundy, Morris, Blackpool. 
1901. Gruner, Oskar Cameron, Leeds. 

1884. Gubb, Alfred Samuel, Alr/iers. 
1880. Gubbin, Geo. Frederick, '/I'.^.M.C. 

1895. Guest, Herbert Merrick, Shrewsbury. 
1866. Guest, John, North Woolivich. 

1900. Guest, Leslie Haden, Surrey-row. 

1884. Guilding, Lansdown Murray, Reading. 

1878. (Tuillemard, Bernard Jas., Cape Col. 
1891. Guinand, Paul, Victoria. 

1889. Guinane, Joachim, Toronto. 

1885. Guinness, Harry Grattan, Bow-road. 

1882. Guinness, Thos. Archibald, Barnes. 

1888. Guiselin, Frentz Wm., Jamaica. 

1857. Gull, Frederick, Coddenhani. 
1904. Gully, Percy, Gt. Malvern. 

1890. Gxxxamo'w^ia'A.FxQem&.n, Birmingham. 
1908. Gunasekara, Sept.Theodosius, Ceylon. 
1>'<97. Gundlach, John, Clapton. 

1889. Gunn, Frank Walt., Widdrington. 

1903. Gunn, John Nisbet, Ontario. 

1906. Gunne, John Robert, Toronto. 

1904. Gunning, Chas. Jn. Hope, Chelsea. 

1896. Gunson, John Bernard, Adelaide. 

1858. Giinther, Henry. 

1896. Giinther, Hermann Artb., Hampton. 
1899. Gurd, Charles Cowen, Montreal. 
1875. (iurdon, Edwin John, Sydney. 
7. Gurley, John Herbert, Tvlse-hill. 

1804. Gurn^v, Alexander Cecil, Eastbourne. 
1897. Gutch", John, Ipswich. 
1886. Guthrie, Leonard G., Up. BerJceley-st. 
1897. Guthrie, Thos.Clem., Tunbridge It'el^s. 
1880. Gutierrez-Ponce,Ignacio,3/e//A"r//-/</. 
1883. Gutteridge, JNIatthew W' ., Victoria. 
1869. Guy, Fiedc. George. 
1874. Gwatkin, Owen, Grange-o.-Sand-i. 
1879. Gwillim, Riclid. D. IL, Southampton. 
1879. Gwvnu, Chas. Henrv, liliitchu/ch. 
1896. GxvVnn, Wm. Purnell, R.A.M.C. 
1893. Gwynne, Ne\ille Claude, Xcivcasfle. 
1852. Gwynne, Rev. Daniel, Plymouth. 
1908. Gyllencreutz, James R., liichmond. 
1891. Gyton, Walter Geo., Lavender-hill. 


1884. Habershon, Saml. Herbt., Harley-st. 
1908. Habgood, Arthur Henry, Eastbourne. 
1875. Habgood, Henry, Eastbourne. 

1884. Habgood, William, Marple. 

1885. Hacking, John Herbert, Wilwslov. 
1896. Hackney, Alfd. Chftbrd J. H., HyfU. 

1901. Hackney, Gordon Herbert, iy?/a'y/</<'. 
1865. Hackney, John, Hythe. 

1902. Haclmey,W^illiam, Farquhar,Canada . 
1893. ILxcquoil, Philip Homfray, Penarth. 
1875. Haden, Arthur Charles. 

1904. Iladlield, Chas. Fredk. , J/«/m-» Li?i7c. 
1908. Iladtield, Rowland Hurst, Preston. 
1871. Hadley, Clement, ShiHon. 
1900. Iladlev, Ernest CutclitFe,i>'i:n«j//y/v/>». 

1859. Hadlow, Henry, R.N. 
1855. Hadow, Edward. 

1860. Hadwen, Aurelius St. John, Ilford. 

1907. Hadwen, John, Gloucester. 

1893. Hadwen, Walt. Robert, Gloucester. 

1903. Haagard, Thos. Y^&xkex K.,Hans-cresc, 
1892. Hague. John, Chelsea. 

1879. Haig, Alexander, Brook-street, "\V. 
1885. Haig, Francis Murray, Woking. 

1904. Haig, Harold Axel, Canterbury. 
1891. Haig, Patrick Balfour, I.M.S. 
1873. Haig, Percy de Haga, I.M.S. 

1908. Haigh, Bernard, Winchester. 

1896. Haigh, Harold, Meltham. 

1908. Haigh, Kenneth George, Brook-st. 

1909. Haiu-h, William Edwin, Barnshi/. 
1907. Hailstone, .lohn Edwd., Cheltenham. 
1871. Haines, .\llred Henry, Bristol. 

1894. Haines, Arthur, Melbourne. 

1897. Haines, .\ubrey Wheeler, Birmingham. 
1875. Haines, EdmundWm., W.IIampsti^ad. 

1895. Haines, Edward, Rochdale. 

1889. Haines, Fdk. Haselfoot, Dorchester. 

It EM BE Rg. 


1908. ITaiiie?, Tlupt^ft T.awronce, Hempsted. 
1 88o. Ilains, W m. K bt. I lall , Shepherd' s-iush 
1896. Hair, Allan, Holloicmi. 

1872. Hale, Chas.L)ou<r. Bowdich , iS'MSS^.r-/)^. 
1884. Hale,Chas. Henrv, D.S.O., RAM C. 

1889. Hale, Edward, VVaUaseii. 

1884. Hale, Geo. Ernest, D.S.O., M.A.M.C. 

1894. Hale, Lancelot Hu<rh 1)., King'ihridge. 
1907. Hale,Rbt.Eno;eneVa\iglian. 'SM-ssf-.r-/?/. 
18o4. nale,Th(!S. Egerton, V.C.,( '.B.j^/'/jjy. 
1875, Hales, Robert Tiu-ner, Holt. 

l8o2. Ilalford, C4eorii-e Britton, Melbourne. 
1886. Halkvard, Alfred Lees. Leicester. 
1902. Hall,'Alex. liitcliie, Earl's-court. 
1882. Hall, Alfred, Ashbourne. 

1902. Hall, Arthur James. Dunedin, X.Z. 
ldS9. Hall, Arlluir John, Sheffield. 
1880. Hall, Beii, Colchester. 

1877. Hall, Charles Ross, Hatfield. 

1905, Hall, Chnrlton Kbt. FdL. Birkenhead. 
1900. Hall, Donald George, Hore. 
1898. Hall. Edmund Stokes, Soiifhampton. 
1858. Hall, Egertun Francis, Sfreathain. 

1890. Hall, Elias George. Bristol. 

1868. Hall,FrancisdeHavilland, Wimpole-st. 

1869. Hall, Frederick, Southampton. 
1890. Hall, Fdk. ^^'illiam, Sydneij. N.S.W. 

1903. Hall, George, Neiccastle-on-Tijne. 

1885. Hall, Gilbert Capel, I.M.S. 

1909. Hall. Harry Spencer. Bristol. 
1396. Hall, Henrv Acton, Rotherfield. 
18(57. Hall, Henrv George, I.M.S. 
1858. Hall. Henry John, Majifield. 
1885. Hall, Herbert Strange, Leigh. 
1869. Hall, .Tame? Asbridire, Hudders/ield. 
1872. Hall, James Thomas, Alton. 

1896. Hall, .Tohn Arthur. Edqhaston. 
1890, Hall, .John Basil, Bradford. 

1879, Hall, John Lees, R.aIM.C. 
1897- Hall, John Spencer, Farnhmn. 

1895. Hall, .Joseph Vercx, Livei-puol, 
186.5. Hall, Xicholas. 

19;!8. Hall. Percv, Hull. 

1900. Hall,Richd.Chas.Baker.i?»;-)'o??-o«-r. 

1878. Hall, Rbt. 1). Grant, Littlehumpton. 
1900. Hall, Robert Wm. Basil, B.N. 
186:3. Hall. Samuel. 

1880. Hall, Thomas Lambert, Dihcyn. 
1853. Hall, Thomas Prior. 

1889. Hall, Walter, Hodjiet. 

1855. Hall. William, Lecd-'i. 

1885. Hall, Wm. Hamilt.)n, Tunhridf/e W> tta. 

1875. Hall, William HeniT, Woking. 

1889. Hall. Wm. Winslow, Kilhurn. 

1869. Hallam. Arthur, Sheffield. 

1896. Hallam, Herbert, Sheffield. 
1909. Hallam, Martin, Sheffield. 


1874. Ilallaill, Wi.lter, Scarhorough. 

1893. Hallett,HarrvG.I)rummond, Z)rtrf/br<^ 
1873. Hallett, Henrv Arthur, St. Xeots'. 
1864. Hallett, Thos' Geo. Palmer. 

1888. Halley, William, Fulham. 

18.^3. Halliburton, Wm. D., Margkbone-rd. 
1887. Halliday, Fredk. Wm., Leeds. 

1885. Hallidav; Henrv Dudenev, Chiswick. 
1900. Hallilay, HerbJrt, I.M.S. 

1908. Hallinan, Thomas John, Camden-rd. 

1889. Halliwell. John. Witichcomhe. 

1886. Halliwell. Thomas, Forest-hill. 

1894. Halliwell, Thomas Gates, Dewshury. 

1866. Hallows, Adolph. Hv. B., Maidstone, 
1881. Ilallowes, Hbt Chaworth, 7\ismania. 
1859. Hallowes, John Sharpies. 

1876. Hallswortli, Francis Arth., Caistor 

1867. Hall^-right, Matthew, Edgbaston. 

1895. Hallwright, MatthewL.G.,.S'.Do»iu/^f/ 
1904. Halsall, Cutbbert Murray, Millo?n. 
1886. Halstead, George Ezra, Barnsgate. 
1891. lialsted, Denis Gratwicke, Sutton. 

1885. fLilsted. Harold Cecil, Pexkham. 

1900. Halsted,Wm. Wilfrid, Walthani-cross, 

1896. Ham, Bertie Buruett, Brisbane. 

1903. Hamel,Gustav,M .\ .O.^Manchester-^o. 

1 886. Hamer,Wm.Heaton,Z)a/'!'wj7A-/)A-.-/2//^ 

1899. Hamerton, Albt. E.,D.^.O.,R.A.M.C. 

1904. Hamill, JohnMolvneux,5ef//b7Y/-/;A-. 
1908. Hamilton, Archibald, Bradford. 

1901. Hamilton, Arch. Douglas, Chester. 
1889. Hamilton, Bruce, W. Hampstead. 
1889. Hamilton, Chas. Dai, Circus-road. 
1873. Hamilton, Francis Geo., Victoria. 

1900. Hamilton, George, Xew Zealand. 

1905. Hamilton, George, Brocklei/. 

1889. Hamilton, Henry, Brighton, 
1858. Hamilton, Hezlett William. 
1854. Hamilton, James AlexarRler. 

1898. Hamilton, Jno.Jiis.Ceci\,Be.rleg Heath. 
1866. Hamilton, Jnlius Lawr,, Brighton. 

1890. Hamilton, Richard, Birmingham. 
1851. Hamilton, Robert, Jamctica, 

1887. Hamilton, Robt. Jessop, Liverpool. 
1896. Hamilton, Roger Kerr, Hull. 
1879, Hamilton, Seaton Guthrie, Army. 

1853. Hamilton, William. 

1854. Hamilton, William. 

1899. Hamilton, Wm. (Javin, /..V.-S-. 
1903. Hamilton. Wm. Thompson, Ontario. 
1887. Hammersley, Percy Hbt.Vickers, N.Z. 
1877. Hammond, Ale.v. Billing, Hackney. 
1850. Hammond, Chas. William, Ipswich. 

1854. Hammond, Edwd. Beck, Ip.-fwich. 
1860. Hammond, Edw. Chas., E. Grinntea'f. 

1855. Hammond, Y.Av: A. iohnsto.), Trinidad, 
1894. Hammond, P>edk. Arth. I \i'ia.s,I.M.S. 

6459 2 



18G0. Hammond, Francis James. 

1901. Hammond, .In. A, Balding, Sha»l-lin, 
1909. Hammond, Jn.Maximilian,A'eM»t«^^cin 

1850. Hammond, Jos. Hutchinson, Preston. 

1871. Hammond, Ilobert Edward, Gortuiu 

1858. Hammond, Samuel, Queensland. 

1870. Hammond, "William, Liskeard. 
1903. Hamond, PliilipWm., Thorntunlleath. 
1878. Hampson, Joseph, Athertu7i. 

1859. Hampton, Edward. 

1895. Hampton, Thomas, Hereford. 

3907. Hanau, Alfred, Catford. 

1849. Hanbury,Cornelius,P/o«//77<-co?//-/,E.C. 

1902. Hanbui'v, Langton Fuller, 6'ocif/;/ia//e.<t. 

1903. Hanbury, Reg. Jansou, Upp. Clapton. 

1901. Hanbury, Saville Waldron, Sutton. 

1894. Hanbury,^^'ill^am Reader, rroot/jH^ye.?. 

1897. Hancock, Arthur ¥A-nest,Bir?m'nf//iam. 
1875. Hancock, Charles James, Lei/tonstone. 

1898. Hancock, Edwd. l)ic\s\mb\ ,^ Jiath. 
1908. Hancock, Frank Thompson, Nortcich. 

1895. Hancock, George Chas., Gravesend. 
1892. Hancock, Hu Ruskiu, U olverhampton. 
1888. Hancock, Jn. Edwin, Htirst Green. 
1890. Hancock, AN'm. John, Stalyhridije. 
1888. Handcock, George, Scarborough. 

1904. Handcock, Robert Oliver, Xeic Zeal. 
1890. Handlield-Jones,Chas.R.,Zf>«JH«'«//<o?j. 

1878. Handford, Henry, South u ell. 

1872. Hands, Arthur, Wolverhantpton. 
1887. Hands, Charles Hubert, Freshwater. 
1898. Handson, Lionel E. Chas., Chancery-l. 

1851. Hauford, Albert AVm. 

1892. Hanham,LeonardLeightoD,D<'D«??j!?'/-^. 
186*1. Hankins, Geo. Thos., Queensland. 

1902. Hanley, John Joseph, Barnsley. 

1879. Hann, Henry Fred, Southsea. 

1893. Hann, Reginald George, Leeds. 

1852. Hanna, Harrison. 
1863. Hanna, James. 

1900. Hannay, Maurice Gilhevt, Finsbnn/-sq. 
1868. Hanne, Jn. Jas. Arundell, Pechham. 
1885. Hanuen, Habeeb Jabboor, Codsall. 
1885. Hannen, John Jabboor, Beyrovt. 
1907. Hanschell.HotherMcC.,7o/v7«///'«-S(7. 
1885. Hanson, Albt. Geo., Concord, N.S.W. 

1884. Hanson, Alfred, Sn-ansea. 

1896. Hanwell, Gerald Lucas, Shanghai. 

1871. Harbinson, Alexander, Elgin. 

1901. Harbinson, Robert James, Glasgou-. 
1879. Harbord, Edwd. Augustus, llarleg-st. 
1892. Harcourt, Chas. WaxoXd, Alfreton. 

1894. Harcourt, George Robert, Legion. 
1896. Harcourt, John Charles, Stratford. 

1885. Harcourt,VincentX., CastleDoniuf/ton. 
1906. Hardcastle, Alfred Herbt., Mansfield. 
1895 Hardcastle, Wm., Neiccudle-on-Tgne. 


1894. Hardenberg, Edwd. F. H., Watford. 

1901. Hardenberg, Emile Jn. F., Chi^nyford. 
1 844. Hardem, Wra.Thornicroft, J/aco/<'^j/J>/(i 

1869. Hardey, Edward Peirce, Hull. 

1902. Hardie, Charles Frederick, BaniH. 

1870. Harding, Alfred Wm., Crouch-end. 
1894. Harding, Charles Headley, JMiHtleH-a. 
1883. Harding, Chas. O'Brien, Eastbourne. 

1876. Harding, Geo. Clarence, Cookhain. 
1892. Harding, Harold Wm. Littou, Neiv Z. 

1894. Harding, Henrv William, Catford. 
I860. Harding, Jn. Alfred, Bristol. 

1895. Harding, Lionel Nicholson, Brighton. 
18(54. Harding, Peter. 

1850. Hardinge, Francis, Royal Navy. 

1894. Hardman, Richard Smith, Stockport. 
1870. Hardman, William, Blarkpool. 

1896. Hardwick, Harold Geo. Cook. Bath. 

1904. Hardwick, Reginald Hy., C/uiring. 

1 8()6. Hardwicke,EzraJn.,-Si^ri/<S'^.^rf«iM/(rAs-. 

1897. Hardwicke, George, Snaiiiton. 

1881. Hardwicke, Richd. Reece, Hampstend. 
1886. Hardy, Albt. Edward, Huddersjitlil. 
1906. Hardv,Edwd.Wm.Daere,i^f/«r«(y;/7/i. 

1895. Hardy, Frank Samuel, Sheffield. 

1905. Hardy, Geo. Francis, Champion-hill. 

1906. Flardy, Geo. Wilfrid. Blackpool. 
1879. Hardy, Hy. Louis Preston, Stroud. 
1867. Hardy, Horatio Nelson, Finchley. 

1874. Hardy, Jas. Arthur, Tasmania. 

1903. Hardy, Percy, Xottim/ham. 

1888. Hardy, WilHam Edoiund, R.A.M.C. 
1869. Hardyman, Chas. Edward, Noruirh. 
1886. Hare, Arthur William, Aeicquay. 
1886. Hare, Edwd. Christian, I.3f.S. 

1 879. Hare,Francis Washingi onE. ,Xoricood. 

1889. Harford, Chas. Forbes, Leyton. 
1886. Harger, Frank Arnold, Transvaal. 
1894. Hargreaves, Walter Hbt., E.vmouth. 

1888. Llaring, Nathan Charles, Manchester. 
1903. Harke, Sydney Lawrence, Norwood. 

1880. Harker, Thomas, Bourn. 

1903. Harker, Thos. Heniy, WimhUdon. 

1902. Harkness, Geo. Eras. Junes, 7.3/.. S'. 

1903. Harland, Wm. Chas. Fredk., Clapton. 

1877. Harle, Wm. John Vincent, Hacknei/. 
1863. Ilarley, Edward, Saffron Walden. 
1858. Harley, John, Pulborough. 

1892. Harmau, Albert Brice, Smdhamjdoii. 

1862. Hannan, John, Bri.rton. 

1894. Harman, Leonard, Stepney-green. 

1875. Harmar, James Raffles, Birmingham. 
1909. Harmens, Wyger, Stockicell-road. 
1901. Harneis,Theop.Wm.Morcoui,7/(7cAw«'v 

1898. Harness, Henri Nelson, Jl'ilfon-placc. 

1889. Harold, John Patrick, Harh-y-st. 
1860. Harold, Thos., Melbourne, Victoria. 




1884. Harper, Alexander, Endbourne. 
184J>. Harper, Charles, Bath. 

1880. Harper, Charles John, Finchleij. 
l8o8. Harper, Fredk. Luther, Bn.vmirth. 
1874. Harper, Gerald Samuel, Mcii/fair. 
1890. Harper, Henrv Cecil, Stoic market. 

1881. Harper, James,. S. Kenainfffon. 
1900. Harper, James Eder, (Mdbury. 
1893. Harper, John, Pfukestinie. 
1880. Harper, John Maurice, Bath. 
1890. Harper, Jii. Robinson, Barndajile. 

1908. Harper, Philip Thomas, Wraftun. 
190(5. Harper, Raymond Sydney, »S7iort'/(!«»i. 
184o. Harper, Robert, Twickenhrim. 

187o. Harper, Robt. Russell, Haverstoch-hill. 
189.3. Harper, Thos.Eelwd., Virginia Water. 
189:^. Harper, Walt. Jos., Braimton. 
1904. Harper-Smith, Geo. Hastie, Cambr. 

1899. Harratt, Thos. Tomkiuson, Rye. 
1880. Harries, Arth. John, St. Jarne^'.^-sq. 

1909. Harries, David John, Llani/bi/ffirr. 
1906. Harries, Eric Hy. Rhys, St. Jas.-sq. 

1882. Harries, Henry Jones, lloyal Nai'y. 

1 900. Harries-Jones, Evan ]rl.,2\ortham2)ton. 
1890. Harrington, Andrew Jei'ome, Toronto. 
1887. Harrington,Saml. \\y.^., Birkenhead. 
18o7. Harris, Arthur Ben, Falmouth. 
1870. Harris, Arthur Byam, Canada. 
1870. Harris, Arthur Geo. Rawswi, Ontario. 

1885. Harris,. A rthar "Wellesley, CaJtf<ird. 

1884. Harris, Chas. Joshua Jos., Tlliitehaven. 
189.3. Harris, Chas. Poulett, Croydon. 

1885. Harris, Clayton Campbell, Craven-rd, 

1880. Harris, David, Kilbmn. 

1881. Harris, David. 

1904. Harris, Dudley Raymond. Falmouth. 
1887. Harris, Edwd. Bernard, IIornMy. 

1800. Harris, Francis Douglas, Bromley. 
1892. Harris, Frank Drew, Southend. 

1889. Harris, Frederick, Cape Tovm. 
1844. Harris, Frederick Hills, Mildenhall. 
1904. Harris, Fredc. lior^enherg, Baysirater. 

1890. Harris. Fredk. Stuart, Camden -road. 
1880. Harris, Fdk.Wm.Hry. Davie. 7^r/w,?». 
1877. Harris, Geo. Frank Angelo, I. M.S. 
1889. Harris, George James, Leicester. 

1801. Harris, Hasler, Bedford-square. 
1899. Harris, Hy. Arth. Clifton, liriyhtim. 
1898. Harris, Herbert (ieorge,'<S'o?////««/y)^o//. 

1901. Harris, Herbert Stocker, Esher. 
18(59. Harris, James Alfred, Chorley. 
1892. Han-is, .James Edward. 

18(v3. Harris, James Smith, Birchinytmi. 
1898. Harris, .John, Trinity-square, S.E. 
1859. Harris. .Jolin Charles, Croydon. 
1872. Harris, Jdm Delpratt, Exeter. 
1884. Harris, Jolin Henrv. Dartmouth. 
60-30 ' 

1897. Harris, Noel Hugh, R.N. 

1895. Harris,Nornian>lcLieod, U.Bedf'rd-pl. 

1880. Harris, Percy Reeves Traer, ^w/Vt-y-i^. 
18()9. Harris, Robert, Southport. 

1899. Harris, Robt. James, Rochdale. 
1888. Harris, Sani])Son Geo. v., Whitehaven. 

1881. Harris, Underwood A. C, Harhy-st. 
Id74. Harris, Vincent Dormer, Mitford-im-S. 

1882. Harris, \^'alt. Tlios., Fort Elizabeth. 
1851. Harris, Walter William. 

1868. HarrivS, William, Ilfracombe. 

1851. Harris, Wm. llem\,I.M.S., Surbiton. 

1908.. Hairis, Wm.. Roberts, Finshury-park. 

1908. Harris, Wm. Trengweath, Noricich. 

188-7. Harris, Worsley John. 

1887. Hariis-Liston, lAew^Wya, Darlinyton. 

1858. HariT^ou, Alfred James, Clifton. 

1879. Harrison, Arthur, Yeonil. 

1890. Harrison, Arthur Wm., Mossley. 

18(50. Harrison, Charles, Lincoln. 

1883. Harrison, C\x».v\q», Key>tsham. 
1893. Harrison, Chas. A\a.\\, Forest -y ate. 
1893. Harrison, Chas. Josepli, Chehea. 

1905. Harrison, Edwd. Montague, Gicy's-h, 

1885. Harrison, Frank, Shejfield. 

1893. Hariison, Geo. AUd., Taranaki. N.Z. 

1901. Harrison, Gerald ^^'oodforde, Ealiny. 

1900. Harrison, Harold Charles, Lincoln. 
1858. Harrison, Henry, late Army. 
1872. Harrison, Henry Baskcomb, Exeter. 

1869. Harrison, Hy. Frank E., Shepherd's-b. 
1887. Harrison, Henry Leeds, Worthiny. 

1896. Harrison, Herbed:, Wimjwle-st., \V. 

1895. Harrison, Hbt.. Meredith, Kensinyton. 
1879. Harrison, Janiss, Garstany. 

1881. Harrison, James, E. Grinstead. 

1889. Harrison, Jas. Hbt. Hugh,Z//v^7/(wf?. 

1882. Harrison, John, Braintree. 

1896. Harrison, I^ouis Kenneth, Leicester. 
1872. Harrison, Napoleon Ana-. Rogers. 

1906. Harrison, Percy BooWi'^ I Ik ley. 

1901. Harrison, Reg. Temple, Cape Colon;/. 
1(?61. Harrison, Samuel Norton, Hull. 

1908. Ilaa-rison, Saml. Richard, Ma:da-rale. 
188<5. Harrison, Sidney Hope, A'. Jf 'alsham 
1900. Harrison, Sydney George, Eidiny. 

1909. Harrison, Thomas, Endslriyli-ydns. 
1906. Harrison, Thomas Smith, Mot.bcrtcy 

1890. Harrison, Tom Henry, Betley. 
190.5. Harrison, ^^")l]iam, Stockport. 

1902. Harrison, Wm. John, Neircastle-on-T. 

1902. HaiTison, Wm. Rhodes, R.N. 
1899. Harrison, Wm. Walter, Bri<iht,m. 
1893. Ilarriss, Stanley Arthur, I.M.S. 

1898. Harrisson, .Vlfred Everson, Darcntry. 
1877. Harrisson, Damer, Liverpool. 

1886. Hanop, George Burton, Clnkhcalon. 




1903. Ilany, Norman Geo., Evesh tm. 

1898. Har8ton,(iftovge Montagu, HonyKong. 
1886. HarstoD. Lionel de C. E., Kwqshridge. 
1880. Hart, Alfred Paid, B.A.M.C. 

1883, Hart, Arthur Herbert, ISouthaU. 
1903. Hart, Bernard, Epsom. 

1899. Hart, Fredk. Jas., Jf inm'peg. 
187o. Hart, George Henrv, Birminyham. 

1883. Hart, Herbt. Wheatley, Putney. 

1902. Hart, John Hamilton, Walton. 

1903. Hart, Ilicbard Neville, Kiny'.i CoU.-h. 
1898. Hart-Sniitli, Humphry M.. Brockleij. 
1894. Hartford, William, Bloomshwy . 
1885. Harthan, Herbt. Dumville, Stretford. 
1869. Hartill, .Tohn Thomas, Wulenhatl. 

1874. Hartley,EdmundB.,V.C.,C.M.G.,i^/ff^ 
1893. Hartley, Francis Wm., Heyioood. 

1884. Hartley, Horace, Stone. 
1883. Hartley, Isaac. 

1897, Hartley, James Victor, Cape Colony. 

1875. Hartley, John Fleming, Thirsk. 
1857. Hartley, Jolni Henry. 

1893. Hartlpy.P.H.S.,M.V.O.,Z?eiww^»-e-s^ 
1878. Hartley, Robt. Nightingale, Leeds. 
1907. Hartley, Robert Norman, Wiyan. 
1905. Hartley, Walter Di.^on, CaMeford. 

1878. Hartley, Wm. Darlev, Cape Tou-n. 
1892. Hartnell, Edwd. Bush, T/ionibnry. 
1855. Hartshorn, Wm. Turner, U.S.A. 

1885. Hartzhorne, Bernard F., Loudoun-rd. 
1859. Harvey, Alfred, HoUinyton. 

1879. Harvey, Alfred, Westh'ury-on-Trym. 
1905. Harvey, Alfred Wallace,' St. Tkos.-h. 
1892. Harvey, Arthur George, Neic Zeal. 
1903. Harvey, Arthur George, Wirksworth. 
1890. Harvey, Charles Edward, Jamaica. 
1857. Harvey, Charles Hamilton, A. M.S. 
1905. Harvey ,Chas.W.Cowell,.4ie;Y/«i'^???2//. 
1873. Harvey, Charles William, K. S. W'. 
1905. Harvey. Chris. Patey, Witney. 
188]. Harvey, Eldon, Ilajnilfon, Bermuda. 
1888. Ilarxev, Frank, Pn^sfoiv. 

1902. Harvey, Frank, Rotherham. 

1897. Harvey, Frederic, B.A.M.C. 

1875. Harvey, Fdk. (Teorge, Harley-street. 

1879. Harvey, Geo. Henry, Beckham. 

1896. Harvey, Henry, Sydney. 

1875. Harvey, Hy. FreJk., W. Avstralia. 

1884. Harvey, James, Scarhorouyh. 

1865. Harvey, Jas. D'Arcy, E.X.,PIymoidh. 

1862. Harvey, John, Birminyham. 
1892. Harvey, John Owen, Be.vhill. 
1899. Harvey, John Owen, Woherton. 

1863. Harvey, John S., -S'. Kcmimiton. 
1886. Harvey, John Thos., ^'eir South W. 
1899. Harvey, Joseph Fredk., Birminyham. 
1892. Harvev, Joshua Harold, Wyke lieyis. 


1902. Harvey, Percival George, Monmmth, 
1880. Harvey, Sidney Fredc, Queen s-yate. 
1871. Harvey, Tliomas, late Boyal Nacy. 
1909. Harvey, Thos. \\eg\r\A\^, Newton Ah ot. 
1864. Hai-vev, AValter Anstice, Hobart. 
1898. Harvey,Wm. Jno. ^A\mdv\,R.A.M.C. 
1905. Har\vood,ClauQSeb.vanR.,Z/M/<c7-5frt. 
1894. Harwood, Elias Francis, Trannraal. 

1879. Harwood, John Gasson, B.A.M.C. 
1902. Harwood- Yarred, Wm. Hy., Bri.vt<m. 

1885. Hasell, VAvrd.'iiwteY^BritighColumhia. 
1900. Haslam, Arthur Charles, Hove. 

1880. Haslam, Geo. Jas., Nebra.tka, U.S.A. 
1896. Haslam, Hy. Cobden, Cambridge. 
1892. Haslam, Wm. Arthur, Prescot. 

1872. Haslam, Wm. Hoidge, Croydon. 
1850. Haslehurst,Thos.Williams,i^;7V/(7?2';VA 

1889. Haslett,Wm. Jn. Handtield,<S'(<«6«/.!/. 
1864. Ilaslewood, Albt. Octa^ ius, Buxton. 
1887. Haslip, George Ernest, Suffolk-place. 
1876. Hassall, John, Korthcich. 

1879. Hassan, Syed, Gloucester-terr. 

1886. Hassard, Ed\vard Moresby, R.A.M.C. 

1887. Hastings, Edwin Birchall, Mile-end. 
1875. Hastings, George, Al/je/nca-le-st. 
1907. Hastings, John I'atrick, Montayue-pl. 
1905. Hastings, Wm. Howitt, Roy. Navy. 

1890. Haswell, John Francis, Penrith. 
1801. Haswell, Narcis Richard, Hehton. 
1892. Hatch, Herbt. Lincoln, Pinner. 
1861. Hatchett, Jo.seph, Ashhy-de-la-Zouch, 
1904. Hatfield, Henry Francis, Forent-hill. 
1898. Hatfield. Ronald. Barnoldszvick. 

1873. Hatfield, Wm. Henrv, Forest-hill. 
1883. Hathaway, HaroH George, R.A.M.C. 
1894. Hatherell, Robt. Ratclitfe, Ahinydon. 
1896. Hatherley, Sidney Uldall, Swint'on. 

1864. Ilatherly, Henry Reg., Ne7c Zeal. 
1875. Hattie, Alex. George, Antiyua. 
1881. Hatton, Edwin Fullarton, Grena^la. 

1880. Hatton, Geo. Stokes, Newcastle. 
1855. Haughton, Edward, Upper Norwood. 
1867. Havard, David, Newport, Pembroke. 
1854. Havard, John Evans, Royal Novy. 
1879. Havell, Chas. Graham, Eelixstowe. 
1879. Havens, Edward .Tohn, Colchester. 
1888. Ilavilaud, Frank P., St. Leonardjt. 
1885. Haviland. George Darbv, If'arbkton. 
1885. Haviland, Hy. Alfred, 'Conserr. C/ub. 
1884. Haw, Walter Herbert, Knyi^na, Cape. 

1865. Haward, Fredk. Robertson, Chi^wick. 
1894. Haward, Hv Horace, Northwich. 
1904. Haward, Walter, W. Hamp.dead. 
1891. Ilawarden, Saruel, Transvaal. 
1900. Hawes, Colin 'f^n^X^v, Stoke Newingfnn. 
1894. Hawes.GodfrevC.Browue,7'(7«^Ao«;He 

, 1891. llawke, Edwd. I). Hav, ShortUinds. 



1 874. Hawken, Giles L.Laug, Hnrstpierpoint 
1904. Hawkes, Alfred Eruest U., Liscard. 
ISOo. Hawkes, Anthony Mann, Xew/m-t. 

1890. Hawkes,ClaudeSoiuerville,Q«cms/'«rf 

1897. Hawkesworth.T Ayscough, Watliiifffn 
1854. Hawkins, Albert. ' 

l87o. Hawkins, Alex. Fredk., Birmingham. 
1906. Hawkins, Arthur, Brockham. 

1877. Hawkins, Caesar Fredk., Bridywnier. 
1899. Hawkins, Chas. Louis, Brom-^i/mve. 
1908. Hawkins, Chas. Thos., Caerphilly. 
1892. Hawkins, Edwd. James, Co/y/ey Hatch. 
18S0. Hawkins, Fdk. Daly Cssar, I. M.S. 
188(5. Hawkins, Herbt. Caesar, Swana</e. 

1887. Hawkins, Hb;. renuell, Portlmul-pl. 

1878. Hawkins, Howard, Bruxhourne. 
18i)2. Hawkins, Robert Kichards. 

1878. Hawkins, ^^ alt. Robt. Tlios., Bridal. 

1874. Hawkins, William, Broadwai/. 
1904. Hawkins, Wm. Lnvrrenve, Sot/. Xari/. 
1889. Hawkins-Anibler,Gen.Arth.,Z/tw//oo/ 

1878. Hawks, Robt. Shaftu, Stamford-st. 
1881. Hawksworth, Hbt. Byiield^Welshjwol. 

1891. Hawley, Arthur, Coventry. 

1892. Hawley, Fredk. Hulme, Longton. 
1895. Hawthorn, Frank. Xeivcastle-on-Tyne. 

1903. HawtliorDjHy.Wm.Johu, Wellington. 

1872. Hawthorn, Wm. Thos., Wellington. 

1873. Hawton, .las. Wm. Humbly, R.X. 

1904. IIa\', Artliur Edgar, Bujnor. 
1895. Hay, John, Liverpool. 

1876. Hay, John Home, Alloa, N.B. 

1898. HaV, Kenneth Robert, 67. James t^-pl. 

1901. Hav, Malcolm Bell, Kinrjdon. 

1875. HaV, Wm. Alfd. Edward, Bridport. 

1898. Hay, Wm. Leslie, Portland. 

1879. Havcroft, Chas. Hry., Bow, N. Devon. 
1895. Hayden, Geo. Alfd. Thos.. Elthani. 
1863. Havden,Wni. Gallimore, Farnham. 

1892. HaVdou, Arth. Geo.. Henriet f a-.<!t. ,W . 
1886. Haydon, Ilillyard Wm., Bristol. 
1891. ILxydon, Thos. Horatio, Marli>orout/h. 

1902. Havdon, Maurice Willouglibv, B.'x. 
1902. Haydon, Walter Turner, R.X. 
1851. Ilaye, Wm. Davev. 

1899. Hayes, Arthur Herbt., R.A.M.C 
1904. Hayes, Edwin Claude, Xew Zealand. 

1876. Haves, Francis George, Dunster. 
1902. Hayes, Geo. Sullivan C, R.A.M.C. 
1859. Hayes, Hawkesley Yloche. Basingstoke . 

1888. Hayes, Horace Fredk., Victoria. 
1881. Hayes, .lames, Ij'igh. 

1893. Haves, Joseph, Xelson, X. BrHn.«irirk. 
1885. Hayes, Julian P. Swindell, R.A.M.C. 
1907. Hayes, liiouelChattock. ^/V7«/«(7/;aw?. 
189.^. Hayes, Reginald Hewlett, Queen''. $-gte. 
1856. IIaye.s, Tiiomas, Rnthk^ale. 


1864. Hayes, Thos. Edwd. Darley, Cheshnm. 
1892. Hayes, Wm. Andrew, Cape Col. 
1855. Haye-!, Wm. Ily., Farnham. 
1898. Hayford. Ernest James. Gold Coast. 

1894. Havles, Alfred Wm., Pontneicifdd. 
1898. Haylock, Sydney John, Blacklieath. 
1875. Hayman, Frederick Dell, Victoria. 

1906. Hayman, Georg.^ Atkin, Taunton. 
1890. Havman, William Speed, Brighton. 

1902. Hayne. Percy Alfred, Tunbridge Wells. 
1860. Haynes, Allen Lankester, Eveshcnn. 
1886. Haynes, Edmund Lyall. Harrogate. 
1886. Haynes, Edwin Jas. Ambrose, W.Aiist. 

1866. Haynes, Fredc. Hariy, Leamington. 

1897. Haynes, Geo. Secretan, Cambridge. 
1869. Havnes, Horace Evre, Hove. 

1903. Haynes, Horace Guy L., Markjield. 

1857. Haynes, James Carmicliael. 

1867. Haynes, James Robert, Cathcart-rd. 
1877. Haynes, Percy Oct an us. Birmingham. 

1863. Haynes, Stanley Lewis, Malrern. 
1855. HavTies, Sydney, Stansted-Mo.utjitchet. 
1852. Haynes, William. 

1855. Haynes, William. 

1884. Hayward. Arthur Ernest, Teigmnouth. 

1907. Hayward, Arthur Wm., Ongar. 
1888. Hayward, Chas. Williams, Liverpool. 
1888. Hayward, Gerald Cobden, Adelaide. 

1858. Hayward, Henry. 

1862. Hayward, James. Sutherland-avenue. 
1880. Hayward, John Uavey, Liverpool. 
1857. Havward, Jn. Robt. Saml., Cafford. 

1864. HaVward, John William, Whitstahle. 
1854. Hayward. .lohn Williams, Birkenhead. 

1898. Hayward, Milward Cecil, Abingdon. 
1897. Hayward, Wm. Cui-ling, Port Said. 
1875. Hayward, A\'m. Thornbro", S. Au.^tr. 

1871. Hazel, Wm. Francis, Oakley-square. 

1895. Head, Ernest Edward, Bulawago. 
1890. Head, Henry, Montar/u-square. 
1884. Head, Philip Alex. Dewar, Hackney. 
1.^6. Head, Riclid. L. Bluett, Wimbledon. 

1859. Head, Robert Turner, Bahham. 
L8SS. Head, Timothv John, Edgwnre-rd. 
1909. Heald, Charles Rrehmer, Weybridgc. 

1872. Heald, George Henrv, Leeds. 
188;J. Heald, Hugh, Ormskirk. 

1865. Heald, Samuel Linley. 

1!X)0. Heanley,Clia.s. Montague, Hong Kong. 
186.8. Heap, Charles Svdnev, Tufnell-park. 

1901. Heap, Edward F. Geo. T., St. Asaph. 
1802. Heaps, .Tohn, Manchester. 

1902. Heapv, Harold Ernest, Bradford. 

1896. Heard, John, East Dulwich'. 

1899. Heard, \\n\. Nevill, Swanmp: 

1903. Hearn, Edwd. Micliael Wni., R.X. 
1899. Hearn, Richard Stirke F., Enfad. 




1888. Hearnden, Ernest Morgan, Sutton, 

1895. Hearnden, Hamilton, St. Ives. 
1882. Hearnden, W.CaiTington,iea^Ae;-A<'a</. 

1878. Hearnden, William Frank, Sutton. 
1888. Heasman, Frank, Bournemouth. 
1909. Heasman, Herbert Wilks, Norbury. 
1888. Heasman, Wm.Gratwicke, Wokingh'm 

1892. Heath, Arthur Douglas, liirmiugham. 
1898. Heath, Francis Harold I{..,Wey7nouth. 
189G. Heath, Jas. Glover, Winbury, O R.C. 
1860. Heath, Robert Edward, Eastbourne. 
1855. Heathcote, Godfrey, Manchester. 
1854. Heathcote, Ralph, Manchester. 
1882. Heathcote, Ralph George, Morecambe. 
1867. Heathcote, Rowland, Manchester. 

1893. Heather, Lewis Daniel, Brecon. 
1892. Heaton, X.Yih..YvQ^ev\ck, Mulnieshury. 

1890. Heaton,Charles James, Westyate-on-S. 

1862. Heaton, Fredk. Luxmoore,/. of Wight. 
1880. Heaven, John Cookesley, Bristol. 

1879. Hebb, Fredk. Theodore, Chelsea. 
1874. Hebb, Richd. Grainger, Ridym'unt-gns. 

1880. Hebbert, Charles Alfred, Montreal. 
1906. Hebbert, Robt. Francis, I.M.S. 

1891. Hebblethwaite,Alfd.George,Ji?jV//j/ey. 

1887. Hebblethwaite, Harold, Lreds. 
1885. Hebblethwaite, Sept. ^Lontngne, Leeds. 

1888. Heberden, Geo. Alfd., D.S.O., C. Col. 

1889. Heberden, Wm. Stanley. 

1896. Hedden, Richard, Honiton. 

1874. Heddy, Wm. Jackson, Redclife-gdns. 
1895. Hedges, Chas. Edwd., Mayji'ekl. 

1864. Hedley, John, Middlesbrough. 
1906. Hftdlev, John Prescott, St. Thos's-h. 

1863. Hedley, Wm. Stiowdou, Gosforih. 
1906. Heekes, John Wm., C'A«/v'////-c/-o.M-Aosj>. 
1889. Heelas,^Valt. Wheeler, Woherhainpf n 
1882. Heelis, Robert, Nottingham. 

1888. Hefternau, Harold Hilton, Wolston. 
1885. Heffernan, Wm. Hilton, Wimbledon. 
1900. Heg;:s, F. R. Mitchell, W. Bromivich. 
1885. Hehir, Patrick, I.M.S. 
1904. Hei.ser, Arthur Lewis, Easthowne. 
1S93. Helby, Eruest Hasler, I)u Cane-road. 
1904. Hele, John Warwick, Carlisle. 
1906. Hele. Thomas Shirley, Carlisle. 

1875. Hellier, John Benjamin, Leeds. 
3907. Hellyer, Wm. ^^'oodmau, Plymouth. 

1894. Helme, Thomas Arthur, Manchester. 
1885. Helps, George Crawford, Erome. 

1865. Helsdon, Chas. Victor, Andorer. 

1887. Helsham, Hugh Paul, Becclcs. 

1888. Helsham, Wm. Macdonald, X.S.W. 

1866. llembrough, Jn. Wm., A>«v'as//e-o?i- T. 
189L Hemnigway, John, Wimbledon. 
185.'>. Hemming, Charles, Brighton. 
189L Hemming, Chiis. Hai'old, Brighton. 


1887. Hemming,ClaudeP.,5w/(o/j'« WnltUm 
1887. Hemming, John Joseph, Margate. 
1859. Hemphill, James Patton. 

1892. Hemsted, Edrad. Spencer, Kintbury. 
1858. Hemsted, Henry, Whitchurch. 
1899. Hemsted, Henry, Christchurch. 

1893. Hemsted, Rustat Henry, Whitchurch. 
1877. Heuchey, John Henry, Quebec. 
1902. Henderson, Fredc. Louis. 

1877. Henderson, Geo.Courtenay, Jamaica. 
1907. Henderson, Henry John, Brockicy. 

1886. Henderson, Jas.Threapland,i?/Y«//b/r/. 

1895. Henderson, Robert, Canada. 

1863. Henderson,RoderickW.,i?('rA/H'M»7rV/i 

1894. Henderson, Wm. Douglas, Bristol. 

1899. Henderson,Williaiu Savile, Liverpool. 

1887. Hendlev, Arthur Gervase, I.M.S. 
1882. Hendley, Harold. I.M.S. 

1880. Hendlev, John Lupton, India. 
1809. Hendley ,Thos.Holbein, C.I.E.,1.M.S. 

1856. Hendrick, Phiiieas John. 

1882. Hendriks, Cecil Morgan, Bicester. 
1870. Henley, Anthony Alfd., Woodbridge. 
1893. Henley, Walt. Farrar, Eirkby Malliam. 

1896. Henly, Albert Wm., Bromley. 

1889. Henniker, Jn. Granville, Bridgwater. 

1890. Henning, Thos. Irwin, Newry. 
1880. Henry, George McWilliams, Halifax. 

1893. Henry, Gordon Geo. Wm., Minehead. 
1892 Henry, Robert, Southampton. 

1905. Henry, Sydney Alex., Rochdale. 

1897. Henshaw, Harry Williams, Keio. 
1809. Henshaw, ^'xu. Wira^, Northampton. 
1890. Henshaw, Wm. Henry, Manchester. 
1907. Hensler, Oscar Henri, Switzerlana. 
1887. Ilensley, Philip Henry, Jersey. 
1868. Hensman, Charles Frederic. 

1861. Hensman,FrankHenry,CJ/.(?.,^/7Hv. 
1863. Henson. Sidney Rossell, Hull. 
1896. Henson, Wm. Warner, Natal. 
1890. Henstock, John Lea, Chili. 
1886. Ilentsch, Geo. Fredk., Brixton. 
1905. Henton, Albert P'rnest, lJ'andsworth. 
1880. Henty, Sydney Ilaviland, C<7;«f^e«-;(/. 
1876. Henwood, John Davey, R.N. 

1878. Hepburn, Alfred, Hartley Wintney. 
18S4. Hepburn, David, Cardiff. 

1904. Hepburn, Frederick (^has., S. Nigeria. 

1900. Hepper, Evelvn Charles, L.MS. 

1895. Heptinstall, Robt. Hollings, Hitchin. 
1892. Hepton, John Cussons, Liverpool. 
1884. Hepworth, Xxth. , NcucuMle-on- Tyue. 

1857. Hepworth, Francis, Beaumaris. 

1894. Hepworth, John. Heaumaris. 
1907. Ilerapath, Chas. Edwd. K., BrUtol. 
1874. Ilerapath, Chas. K. Coathupe, Bristol. 
1859. Herbert, l>euj. Hevwood, Utto.icter. 




1889. Herljerl, Clias. Henry, Xatal 
1853. Herbert, Chas. James. 
1883. Herbert, George, Sandicich Islands. 
1898. Herbert, Geo. Heywood. Utto.veter. 

1883. Herbert, Jn. Wm. C, Pendlehury. 
1853. Herbert, Lloyd. 

1869. Herbert, Samuel Lymas, Demerara. 
1889. Herbert, Sidney, Brit. Columbia. 
1901. Herbert, Solomon, Manchester, 

1898. Herbert, Thomas, Fulford. 

1895. Herbert, William, Foidsham, 
1857. Herdson, Robert. 

1905. Hereford, Clias:.Fi-anei3 Alex., 3/o/r/f/i. 

1899. Herklots, Gerard Andreas, Eton-rd. 
1882. Herman, Christian Lawr., CW/jfi T(rwn. 

1891. Hern, George, 'Stratford-place, W. 

1881. Hern, John, Darlin</fun. 

1882. Hern, ^^'illiam, Stratford-place, W. 

1906. Heron, Geo. Heurv, Liverpool. 
1904. Heron, Geo. Wykeham, R.A.M.C. 
1850. Heron, William. 

1896. Ilerriuj?, Edward Ken, J^ictoria. 
1887. Herring, Herbt. Thomas, Harley-st. 

1881. Herrino-hani, WilmotP., Wimpole-st. 

1897. Herriugton, Edmund\Vni..AV;/«?»y^t/« 
1878. Herschell, Geo. Arish, Horley-stl 

1901. Hertslet, Lewis Eccles, Durban. 
1904. Heseltine, Vernon Geo.. Adelaide. 

1903. Heslop, James "Willie, Newcastle. 

1892. Hessey, James Dodson, Hastimjs. 
1878. Hetherington, Geo. Haynes, Ipno ch. 

1904. Hetherington, Vernon, ^M?-AYj!;/f/7;o!'7i^, 
1873. Hetley, Hem-y, Xonrood. 

1887. Hewan, John, Z'pper Assam. 
1856. Hewat, Wm. Shillinglaw. 

1902. H^wavitama, Chas. Alwis, Colombo. 

1888. Hewer, Alfred T£.Sim9-htLyv , Queensland. 
1866. Hewer, Edward, aS". Lowestoft. 

1900. Hewetson, Alfred, Scarborough. 
3895. Hewetson, Henry, R.A.M.C. 
1866. Hewetson, Richard, York. 
1876. Hewett, Augustus, i?..4. J/. C. 

1905. Hewett, Fredk. Stanley, St. Tbos's-h. 

1893. Hewett, Julius Wiiicli, Lambeth. 

1884. Hewish, Edgar ^lilne. rhil., U.S.A. 
1801. Hewitsou, Jn. Geo., Xewcastle-on-T. 
1880. Hewitson, Wm. Andrew, CastleEden. 

1882. Hewitt,Fdc.Wm.,M.V.0.,Q..4wwe-s/. 
1897. Hewitt, Harrv Edward, O.P.O., E.C. 

1889. Hewlett, Richd. Tanner, Welbech-st. 

1891. Hey,Cha9.Edwd.Milne.sZt'«rf«;/(7/-6/. 

1892. Hev, Harold Darwin, Farinydon. 
1900. Hey, Samuel, Ripon. 

1882. Heyd, Herman Emile, Canada. 
1880. Heygate, Fdk. Nicholas, BiUinyshvrst 

1 906. Heygate, Re<r.Beaumont,7y?7//w/<A;/ri!^ 
1871. Hevgate, Willinm Harris, Cosham. 


1864. Heygate, William Nicholas, Bath. 
1890. Heywood, Chas. Chris., Manchester. 

1892. Heywood, Thomas, Chile, 

1885. Heywood, Thos. Walmsley, Darven. 
1896. Heywood, Wm. Benjamin, Xewburi/. 

1907. Hey wortn. Geo. Alex. Fiedk,,Zut-/7?wo/ 
1862. Hibberd, Edward, FAyin-avenue. 
1870. Hibberd, Henrv Jukes, Brockenhurst. 
1880. Hibbert, Chas.' Alfred. 

1894. Hibbert, Joseph Coote, IVarrinyton. 

1884. Hichens, Frank, Redruth. 
1854. Hichens, John Ley. 

1896. Hicheas,PeverellSvmthe,A'or;'A';/ijj/y>i 

1890. Hichens, William^ Redruth. 

1875. Hick, Henry, Xew Romney. 
1889. Hick, Herbert Edwd., Transvaal. 

1906. Hickey, Carl Cornelius, Kilkee. 

1885. Hickey, Evan Lewis, Stourbridye. 
18.»3. Hickinbotliam, Jas.Rvland, W. Austr. 
1889. Hicklev, Arth. Mack.", S Lambeth-rd. 
18!I4. Hickman, Hy. Richd. B., Harley-st. 
18!t0. Hickman, Hbt. ^'igers, JVanstead. 

1893. Hickman,Joljn Edwin. OranyeRiu. Col. 
1870. Hickman, Richard, Newbury. 

1868. Hickman, Thomas Henry. 

1900. Hicks, Chas. Edwd., Huntinydon. 

1860. Hicks, Edward Buller, Fasinywold. 

1887. Hicks, Edward Harman, IVywesn-old, 
1889. Hicks, Edwd. James, Amhurst-rd . 
1873, Hicks, Edwd. John Wm., Hanley. 
1879. Hicks, Fredk. John, 2iHc'A;/w//7i«?«-y(ffe. 

1883. Hicks, Geo. Beaman, Hackney. 
1858. Hicks, Geo. Borlase, Hackney. 

1888. Hicks, Philip, Leaminyton. 
1848. Hicks, Robert, Bahhik. 

1889. Hicks, Robert Grieve, Ramsgate. 
1893. Hicks, Thos. Roi^er Havs C, C. Col. 
1892. Hicks, Thomas William, E. Fi7ichky. 

1865. Hicks, Wm. Tatman Goodman. 

1884. Hiddingh, William Henry, Boqnor. 
1889. Higgeus, Oakley Elford, Hollo'uay. 
1899. Higgins, Alexander George, Xewent. 

1876. Higgins, George Hodgson, Bradford. 

1888. Higgins, Hubert, Italy. 

1902. Higgins, James Gilkison, Adam-it. 

1908. Higgins, Patrick Charles, Stepney. 

1907. Higgins, Tom .Shadick, Grays. 
1904. Higgins, William Robert, Louth. 
1896. Higgiuson, Chas. Gaskell, Edybaston. 

1895. Higginson, George, Church Stretton. 

1889. Higginson, John Wigmore, Hayes. 
1878. Higgs, Alfred, Leicester. 

1891. Higgs, Ernest Wm. Mules, O.rford. 
1851. Higgs, Thos. Coke, Bermuda. 
1858. Higgs, Thomas Frederic, Dudley. 
Ia92. Higgs, Walt. Alnheus, Chipjienhum, 

1903. Iligham, ncmard, LM.S. 




1892. Ilignett, Lionel Watson, Norihivood, 
1900. Hiirsou, Thomis, Bldcklnim. 

1805. Hilder, Nelson Albert. 

1808. Ililder, Ridley Tlioma*, r.7>/). Tootin;/, 

1886. Hildyard,Ilobt. i^oxhani, En^fbournc, 
190O, Ililey, Richard Farrar, India. 

1850. Hill,' Alfred, Freshwater. 

1880. Hill, Alfred Wm., Adelaide, S. Austr. 

1899. Hill, Arthur Oroft, Crvmwell-road. 

1893. Ilill, Chas. Alexander, Liverpoul, 
1871. Hill, Clias. Ilanior, Lindficld. 

1887. Hill, Edward Jirereton, Chiswich. 

1900. Ilill, Edward Falkuer, Manchester, 
1892. Ilill, Erue.'?t, Pietermaritzhur;;. 

1895. Hill, Ernest Gardintr, Wiimnadhnm. 

1888. Hill, Geori>e Leonard, Birmingham. 

1851. Hill, Geo. Pishev Thonip.son. 

1888. Hill, Iledlev, Bristol. 
1904. Hill, Horace Bryden, R.N. 

1879. Hill, Hugh Gardiner, Vpper Tooting. 

1889. Hill, John, MVan. 

1808. Hill, .lohn de Yere, Liwrpool. 

1880. Hill, Jos. Shuter, Meddenhurgh-sq. 
1889. Hill, Leonard ]<]rskine, Lovghton. 

1898. Hill, Leopold Geo., Finshury-park. 
1904. Hill, Ludovic, Haltwhistle. 

1904. Hill, Nelson Wood, Bt^ckenham. 
1804. Hill, Philip Edward, Crichhotvell. 

1896. Hill, Reg. Aug. Lowder, Wimblednn. 

1906. Hill, Richard Athelstane P., Peking. 
]VX)0. Hill, Richd. C, Montana. U.S.A. 
1888. Hill, Robert, M.V.O., R.N. 

1884. Hill, Rowland. Bere Alston. 
1871. Hill, Thomas Wood, i)Vc7te«/?aw. 

1907. Hill, Walter de Marchot, Be.rhilt. 
1902. Hill, Walter Hy. Philip, Montreal. 

1886. Hill, Walter James, Clevedon. 

1881. Hill, Wm. John, Queen Victoria-st. 
1880. Hill-Wilson, A. Edw.,/i!rtrt'Mscoif/-^-^;/c. 

1883. Ilillaby, Arthur, Ponhfrwt. 
1851. Hillcoat, Henry Brougham. 
1896. Hilliard, Harvey, Wiiton-place. 
1865. Hilliard, Ilenrv Charles, Blet.chingley. 
1891. Hillier, Robert John, Ealifa.r. 

1885. Hillier, Thos. Ernest, JV. Hampstead. 

1899. Hillier, Wm. Thomas, .S7. Albans. 
1880. Hills, Aug. Phillips, Battersea-park. 
1863. Hills, Rowland, Snaresbrook. 
1894. Hills, Wra. Chas. Dillon, Wisbech. 

1890. Hills, Wm. Ernest, Uampstead. 

1884. Hillstead, Herbert John, Pidney. 

1887. Hillyer. Wm. Henry, E. Grinstead. 
1870. Hind, Henry, Harrogate. 

1875. Hind, Henry Joseph, Tooting. 
1858. Hind, John'Marriott, Soiifhtrell. 
188(5. Hinde, Alfred Buckley, R.A.M.C. 
1907. lliude, Ernest Bertram, Norwich. 

1887. Hinde, FriincUt{i\.Ti.,Smvbridgetcorth 

1898. lliude, Wm. Cathcart, Treherbert. 
1857. Hinder, John, Calcutta. 

1863. Hindle, Frederic Thomas. 

1897. llindlev, Godfrey Jn. Houg., Fulham. 

1884. Hinda.Frank, Wurthing. 

1895. Hinds, Herbert Austen, Chart ham. 
1889. Plinds, Thomas Walter, Bexley. 
1804. Hind.s, Wm. Ricliard (jore, Army. 
1892. lliue,Alfd.Erne.stBarratt,CA«r;;<oM<A. 

1878. Hine, Alfd. I^eimard, Ifarpenden. 

1879. Hine, Harry, Farnhani. 

1879. Hine, Hev. John Edward. 
1850. Hine, Samuel Daniel, Ji'imborne. 
1801. Hine, William Couwav, Poole. 
1891. Hinge, Hy. Alexander', R.A.M.C. 
1804. Hingston, Charles Albert, Plynwuth. 
1901. Hingston, Clayton Alex. Fr., /..>/..V. 
1904. Hingston, Donald Alex., Montreal. 

1904. Hingston,Ja8.Clar. Ledeatt,7?..4 .,¥ . ( '. 
1850. Hingston, .Tos. Tregelles, Leamington. 

1881. Hingston, Richard, Liskcard. 
1903. Hingston, Wm. Perceval, R.N. 
1878. Hinings, John William, Leeds. 
1891. Hinks, Alfred Grosvenor, Southend. 
1887. IhnuellJ os.SQuier,Bury St. Fdrnunds. 
1835. Hinton, l^enry Bei\^.,Glenelg, S. Atist. 
lbo4. Hinton, .Tames, A. M.S. 

1899. Hipwell, ILirry, Banbury. 

1908. Hird, Alfred Ernest Wiisoa, Corentri/. 
1891. Hird, Fredk. Robert, Wimbledon. 
1903. Hird,Rubt lieii^aonTfennisi, Bletchleg. 
1806. Hirou, Wm. Nathaniel, Buenos Ayrvs. 
1891. Hirsch,Chas. Theod. Wm., Ji'ooltcich. 
1901. Hirsch, Leonard, I. M.S. 
1903. Hirst, Geot=frey Gratrix, l.M.S. 

1905. Hirst, Leonard Fabian, Vic.-pk.-rd. 

1880. Hitch, Frederick, Perth, W. Aust. 
1907. Hitch, Frederick George, Ware. 
1883. Hitchcock, Alfred John, Jersey. 
1907. Hitchcock, Frnk.NormanS.,C'/«/>ArtHi. 

1854. Hitchens, John. 

1896. Ilitchfield, A]fd.Reg.,.Ve?rms^/f-OH- T. 
1387. llitchiugs, Robert, 0.</o/-c/. 

1855. Ilitchins, Chas.Vernon, Weston-s.-M. 

1897. Hitchius, Fred. Charles, St. Austell. 
1875. Ilitchins, Thomas Johns, Craivley. 
1889. Hitchon,H.HardacreIrving,7/<*{/»foorf. 

1882. Hoar, Charles de Sambler, Dover. 
1869. Hoar, Charles Edward, Maidstone. 
1905. Hoar, Jas. Edward, R.A.M.C. 
1853. Hoar, William, Titchjicld. 

1880. lloare, Alfred, Fleet-street, E.G. 
1894. Iloare, Edwin Stanley, Lupus-street. 
1852. Hoare, Francis Segerson. 
1893. Hoare, Wm. Wallis, Queensland. 
1893. Hobiirt, Nathnniel Henry, Cork. 



1874. Hobbes, Chiivle.> Eihvard, Bidfonl 

1901. Hubbs, Albert Kemiugton, Lamjlvy. 
1909. Hobbs, Edward Coi.mber, Luwjleij. 
1908. Ilobbs, Fredlv. Wui., Uandolph-cresc. 
1908. Hobbs, Roland Aufriisti-s.^/airfa-iWe. 
1896. Hobday, James, Muswdl-hill. 

IS'JO. Hobhoiisf , Edmund, Brighton. 
18o7. llobson, George "William. 

1907. Ilobsiin, Hug-li Geor<re, lAiliny. 

1875. Hobson, .7. dm Morrison, Croi/rlon. 
181j3. Hobsou, Wni. Henry, U/>p. Bcrkeleij-st. 

^ lS9i. Hocken, James Preston, N.S. W. 
185;). Hocken, Thomas Moilaiid, Duuedin. 

1880. Hockridpe. Tlios. (^ranville, Ti/sm-d. 

1908. Hodder- Williams, VrankLi., Calcutta. 

1895. Hod-re, Albert, B<>/to?i. 

1881. Hod^'-e, Arthur, V/tcphfrd's Bmh. 

1 908. Hodge, Ivt^v.ninntieyVere,^?^/;;/^;-^. 
1904. Hodge, Kesr- Felix \'ere, St. Gto.-h. 
1.S84. Hodge, Wm. Theodore, We-^t Ami. 
1889. Hodges, Aubrev Dallas P., V(iny:da. 
190(5. Hodges, (leo. Mont. Wms., iJiduich. 

1896. lIodge«,Geo. Wm. Cecil, Bridgnorth. 

1882. Hodges, Herbert Chamney, Watton. 
1851. Hodges, Hubert Joseph. 

1857. Hodges, William. 

1869. Hodges, AVilliam, Gloucester. 

1909. Hodges,\Vm. Cliff, E. Bridfjford-hiU. 
1908. Hodgins, p]merson Le Rov, Canada. 
189i>. Hodgins, Walt. Wm., Hadlei/ Manor. 
1898. Hodgkius, Albert Edwd., Califurnia. 
1862. Hodgkinson, David Hinkley. 

1840. Hodgkinson, Saml., Invercarf/ill, JV.Z. 
1893. Hodgson, Charles, Streatham. 

1897. Hodgson, Cortis Rawsthorne, Si/dnei/. 

1902. Hodgson, Ernest Charles, /.3/..S'. 
1877. Hodgson, George Graham, Cliertsey. 
1885. Hodgson, Gerald Ge 'rge. 

1S90. Hodgson, Harold, Alresford. 

1900. Hodgson, Harold West', Bedford. 

1898. Hodgson, John YAhxaid, Jl.A.M.C. 

1 SS2. Hodgson, Jos. Willoughl^y, Exnioidh. 

1901. Hodgson, Robert Edward, Exeter. 
1881. Hodgson, Robert Hugh, Peckham. 
1900. Hodgson, Stanley, Salford. 
]?*90. Hodgson, Victor James, Westcliff. 
1907. Hodgson, Wm. Hammond, Poii/ton. 
1)^.55. Hodgson, Wm. Joseph, Ruchdale. 

1875. Hodson, Henry Algernon, Brighton. 
1907. Hodson, John Ernest, Conhdon. 

1876. Hodson, Robert Doveton, R.A.M.C. 
1861. Hodson, Thomas, Ingafentone. 
189.3. Hodson, Thos. Geo. Smith, Bu.rton. 

1 871. Hod.son, Wm.Edwd., Bi.thnpx Stortford 
1861. Hoff, Geo. Framingham, Calcutta. 
]»91. Hotfinaim, Aug. Wm. W .. Bro.,k-st. 
1853. llollmau, OL-tavins Wm., Edgbaston. 

1906, Hoffmelster, Cyril John R iby, Cowes. 
1893. Hoffmeister, Hy. Edgar Wm., Coives. 
1874, Hofiineister, .Tolin Bates, Cowes. 

1865. Hoffmeister, William, .AI.V.O,, Cou-vs. 
1900. Hogan, Cyril Evelyn, Hamp.'<tead. 
1900. Hogan, Edwd. Vincnt, Nora Scotia. 
186). Hogan, Francis Vincent. 

1898. Hogan, James Jos., Upp. Bedford-pl. 

1903. Hogarth, Archibald Hy., Grdvaeitd. 
1890. Hogarth,Bertram Whewell, J'/o/r^"w//'e 

1887. Hogartli, Chris. Whewell, Greemvich. 
1 9i 8. Hogarth, Frdk, Whewell , Morecumbe. 

1870. Hogg, Arthur John, Ecding. 

1867. Hogg, Chris. H. .leuuer, -Zy/V«!//»//A(////. 

1900. Hogg, Ernest Henry, Bridgwater. 

1888. Hogg, Fdk, S. Dickey, Ricknmnstcorth. 
1893. Hogg, John Augustu.^, Shurdloiv. 
18()9. Hogij, Rich, Bowen, Timaru, N.Z. 
1892. HogJ, Robt. Hv., Inrercarqill, A.Z. 
1902. Hogg, William" John. Belfast. 

1879. Holbeche, Arth. Oliver, Mah-ern 
18^1. Holberton, Henry Nelson, E. Molesni, 
1855. Holberton, Vaughn nil. Alex. .//«»//>/ y« 
1905. Holbrooke, Cecil Da»-re ^,1., R.A.M.C. 
1908. Holburn, Claud Antlionv, Sheffield. 

1871. Holden, Alfred Fletcher'. 

1889. Htdden, George Herbt, liose.Rearliug, 
1873. Holden, Lonsdale And ew, Hoburt. 
1908. Plolder, Sidney Ernest, Hull. 

1872. Holder, William, HuU. 

1886. Holderness,Jn.Cautley, Huddcr.<field, 

1866. Holderness, Wm. Brown, Windsor. 
1881. Holdsworth. Arth, Thos. ,^(V;Hi«r//»/«j. 

1904. Holdsworth, Chas. B., Alderlei/' Edge. 
1908. Hole, Kenneth Hill, Gui/s-hoipifal'. 
1902. Holford, Chris. T., Burton-on-Trent. 
1888. Holford, Walter Stanley, Sutton. 

1907. Holgat*?, Maurice Jas., Xottinglunn. 
1907. Holl, Francis Harold, Eice'l. 
1888. Holland, Chas. Thurstan, Liverpool. 
1886. Holland, Edmnd. Bmk^, St. Johns- wood 

1905. Holland, Edwd. Tnrriano, St. Thos.-h. 
1879. Holland, Edwd. Wilmot, Chelmsford. 
1855. Holland, Henry Fredlc, Haitleniere. 
1907. Holland, HenryIIouwink,7/a?;//w<frtr/. 
1877. Holland, Philip Ale.xander. 

1853. IIolland,Rbt.C.Brackcnbur^',J/rt^A><^-. 
1904. Holland, Wm. Alg. Louis, Erdington. 

1898. Hollander, Bernard, Welbeek-street. 

1901. IIollick,Ik'rnd.Sept.,.Syj//7«t'/M/«-AVir< 

1899. Hollick, Hubert Harry, Ashbourne. 
1893. Hollick, John Orton, Knoick. 
1896. H(.lliday, William Henry, Leeds. 
1892. Hollings, Edwin Tluimn.«,/?r;/«OHf/,w/, 
1898. Hollings, Guy Bortmm. Eyuhleigh-gdr. 
1851. HoUingsworth, Tiios. >>xmt\\, f. Arm g. 
1877. lioUingworth, John, L[ull. 




1870. rinlliusliead, Francis, SeUy Oak. 
18(38. Hollis, Alfred, Freshwater. 

1900. IloUis, Herbert Stanlev, Hove. 
1903. Hollist, Gerald Wetherell C, Balham. 

1887. IIolloway,SamiU'lFrederick,C7?/.>7r/cA:. 

1908. IIolman,"Charles Colgate, E.Hoafhhj. 
1851. IIolmau,SirC'nsta' tine, G/oueesfpr-j)/. 

1888. Holnian, Frank Kay, S. Hmnpstead. 

1909. Holman, George, Museleij. 
]8fil. Holman, Henrv. 

185.5. Holman, Hry. Colgate, Ea.d HoatJdy. 

1889. Holman, Henry James, Eastbourne. 

1871. Holman, Robt. Colgate, Midhurst. 
1859. Holman, Thomas, Ea4 Hoathly. 

1895. Holme, Crampton Whitaker, TJerhy. 

1 896. Holmes, IJeruard Willoughby ,i^if'«//«/. 
1891. Holmes, Charles Denton, Newbiirn. 
1869. Holmes, Francis Abraham, Bahamas. 
1865. Holmes, Frank, Manchester. 

1858. Holmes, Frederick, Leeds. 

1857. Holmes, John, Gnosall. 

3897. Holmes, John, Turvey. 

1871. Holmes Kbt. Andrew King, I. M.S. 

1901. Holmes, Wilhnot, Neiccast/e-oyi-T. 
1901. Holroyd, Benjanjin, Harruyate. 

1905. Holroyd, Gilbert, Harro(jate. 

1907. Holroyde, Gerald, Iial(fa.v. 

1884. Holroyde, John, Hochester, 

1891. Hoist, Otto Leonard, Eastbourne. 
1888. Holt, Arthur Knight, East Dereham. 
1893. Holt, Geo. Fredk., Mimhinhamptoji. 

1892. Holt, Henry Main waring, Malton. 
1900. Holt, John'Lupton, Hall. 

1886. Holt,Maiu-icePercy,U.S.O.,^..4. J/. C. 

1881. Holt, William. 

] 906. Holtby, Richard, Billericay. 

1908. Holthusen, Alan Wra., Forest Gate. 

1885. Holtom, Charles John, Manchester. 
1908. Holtom, Ernest Charles, Itcadiny. 

1885. Holton,FrancisWm. Parke, Camiiiu/T. 
1891. Holton, Geo. Waddington, Elland. 
1883. Holton, Richard, Hedne-iford. 

1900. Ilolyoak, Ernest Wm., Leicester. 
1880. Holyoake, Hubert, Royal Nary. 
1883. Holyoake, John Percv, Kinver. 
1883. Holyoake, Ralph, E.A.M.C. 
1873. Homan, Geo, William, IJchfcld. 
1847. Home,Sir A.D.,K.C.B.,V.C.,^ M.S. 

1901. Home, Fred. Christian Hv., Eyham. 

1886. Honey, Thos. Edwd., Stoke, Deiouporf. 

1906. Honeybourne, Victor Cyril, R.A.M. C. 
1880. Honeyburne, Richard, Idle. 

1876. Honeywill, Silas, Bitdeston. 

1882. Ilonman, Andrew, Tirloria. 
1903. Hood, Basil, Lletehino. 

1869. IIood,Don'ldWm.C.,C.V.O.,rrVmf-«/. 
1905. Hood, Eric Crichton, llkley. 

1896. Hood, Thomas, Tunbridyp. Wells. 

1855. Hood, Wharton Peter, J/'j/itrt^u-wiayw. 

i860. Hood, William, York. 

1855. Hooke, Jienjamin. 

1905. Hooker, Alfred Wyatt, Putney. 

1876. Hookham, Paul, Clapham. 

1879. lloole, Henry, Old Jewry. 

1887. lloole, John, Fancich. 

1881. Hoolev, Arthur, Cubham. 
1874. Hooper, Alfred, Stifkeij. 

1895. Hooper, ArthurW.,'l).S.().. li.A.M.C. 

1892. Hooper, Geo. Henr}' J as., Suttun. 
1883. Hooper, Henry Walpole, Sevenoaks. 
1858. Hooper, John Hy., Auckland, A. /.. 
1903. Hooper, Lionel .Swintun, Blackheath. 

1852. Hooper, Lucas (leorge. Army. 
1861. Hooper, R .bt. ^^iIliam. 

1893. HootoD, Alfred, LM.S. 

1889. Hooton, Wm. Arthur, Manchester. 

1874. Hopcroft, Thomas Fay. 

1896 Hope, Edwd. Culbertson, Queensland. 
1864. Hope, Fredk. Samuel. 
1886. Hope, Geoige, Hanuell. 

1891. Hope,Hubt.Liuds.Curling,(jM?7rf/b;vZ. 

1895. Hope,.)n.Lamplugh A\\iin,Addlestune . 
1899. Hope, Percy Jjake, Briyhton. 

1875. Hope, Thos. Murray, Kimberley. 

1899. Hope, Walter Bayard, Readiny. 
1878. Hope, William More, Gloucester. 

1900. Hopewell, Samuel Prince, Brivton. 
1875. Hopgood, Wm. Chas., Middlesb'ro. 

1892. Hopkin, Richard, Llanqadock. 

1896. Hopkins, Chas. Hensley. R.A.M. V. 
1858. Hopkins, Edward, Army. 

1867. Hopkins, Frederick. 

1894. Hopkins, Fredk. Gowland, Cambridye. 
1869. Hopkins, John, Westclifl'-on-Sea. 

1882. Hopkins, John Walter, Leeds. 

1908. Hopkins, Walter Donald, Ealiny. 
1896. Hopkins, ^^'alt. Kempson, R.X. 

1853. Hopkins, AVilliam. 

1902. IIopkius,Wm.Geo., Warrinyton-cresc. 
1896. Hopkiusou, Emilius, D.S.O., Gambia. 
1872. Hopper, Arthur Richard, Liveriwol. 

1895. Hopton, Ralph, I^eeds. 

1854. Hopwood, Edwin James, late Army. 

1909. Hopwood, Joseph Stanley, Colchester. 

1895. Hora, Julian, Selly Oak' 

1896. Horder. Thos. Jeeves, Har/ei/street. 
1889. Ilore, Ernest Wickhani, LM.S. 
1885. Hore,Harrv St.G.Standi8h,i?..-( . J/. C. 
1900. Horley, Richard Rothwell. R.X. 
1854. Horley, Wm. Lewis, Jl'okiny. 
1889. Hormusji, Sorab Cowa^ji, Bombai/. 

1897. Hornabrook, Rupert Walt.. J/^/iowr/jf. 
1902. Horn, Andrew Vergnson, Southporf. 
1899. Horn, Arthur Edwin, Forest-hill. 




1884. Ilornbv, Thomas EJmuud, Murleij. 
1806. Home, Edward, Wallinc/fiird. 

1904. Home, Harold Forster ,Ban)sle;/. 
1899. Home, Mavnard, N(ittinyk(i)ii-2)lnce. 

1886. Horner, Chas. Julian, Waltltitinstnic. 
1906 IL>ruer, Xornian (lerald, 'lonbruhje. 
1895. Horner. Wni. Krnest L., Stohe-on-T. 
1859. Horniblow, Wm. Robt., Leaminyton. 
1803. Honidjre, Albert Cross. 

1890. Horrocks, Herbert, Perth, W. Amt. 

1893. Horrocks, John Ernest, Liverpool. 
1882. Horrocks.William Heaton. R.A.M.C. 
1895. Horseman, Frederick, IJ'hitlei/ Bay. 
1869. Horsey, Alfred John, Ciuiada. 
1854. Ilorsfall, Jas. Smith, Soiverhy-bridye. 
1882. Ilorsfall, Thomas, Ucdule. 

1890. Horstield, William, Xmccastle-on-T. 

1871. Horsford, Jus. Alph., Lony Melford, 
1859. Horsley. Henrv, Croydon. 

1902. H^irt, Frederick Avlmer, Xice. 
1895. Horton, James Henrv, D.S.O., I. M.S. 

1894. Horton, Thomas, Torquay. 

1872. Horton. Walter. Widsnll. 

1895. Horton, Walt. Hartland, W(d.'<(dl. 
1895. Horwich, David, Johanneshury. 
1871. Hosegood, Samuel. Sainton. 

1887. Hosegood, Saml. Price, N. Walsham. 

1905. Hosford, Alfred Stroud, Fimhlei). 

1894. Hosford, Arth. Holloway, Leeds. 

1895. Hosford, John Struud, St. Jttines's-pl. 
1869. Hosford, Thos. Stroud, Eastbourne. 
1898. Hosken, Jas. Gerald Fayrer, Brazil. 
1882. Ilosker, James Atkinson. Boscmnhe. 
1879. Hoskin, Theophilu.<, Amhurst-pdrk. 
1871. Hoskiuff, Ethelbert, Turner's-hill. 

1888. Ilosking, Jn. Edwd. Francis, A'.-S. W. 

1873. Ilosking, Wm. Henry, Masterto)i,N.Z. 
1845. Hoskius, Abraham. Sutton Cold/ield. 
1858. Hoskins, Edmoud John, I. M.S. 

1907. Hoskvn, Charles Reg., Bedford. 
1879. Hoskvn, Donald Templetoii, B.X. 
1800. Hostetter, John, Canada. 

1891. Hotchkis, Robt. Dunmore, Paisley 

1906. Hotop, Francis Rudidph, Huntei-st. ' 
1893. Houfton, l>]rnest Henry, Man-'^fifdd. 

1878. Hough, Charles Henry, Aml/leside. 
1881. Houghton, Frank E. C., lleadinyton. 
1893. Houghton, Leonard F., Wesfnn.-a.-M . 
1893. Houghton, Murtaugh Jas., Ilford. 
1902. Houghton, Norris Norman A.,C''ot/don. 
1887. Houghton, I'hilip Artli., Lindfeld. 
1875. Houlbrook, I'ldward. Ilendon. 

1901. Houlbrook, Wm. Ivhvd., Bradn-ell. 

1879. Houlgrave, Augustine, Liverpool. 

1908. Houlton, Jos^ Loighton, St.Georqe's-h. 
1886. Hounsell, Fdk. Claude W., W'eohley. 
1895. Houustield, S. Coupland, Stouinarlet. 


1888, House, Fredk. Maurice, Tfes^ ^Hs^r. 
1875. Ilovell, Thos. Mark, Harley-street. 

1893. Hovenden, Arthur Cecil, East Sheen. 

1894. Hovenden, Gerald Stanley, Barnes. 

1882. How, George Henry, Ilavant. 

1893. Howard, Arth, Dashwood, Ilamjifo^i. 
1909. Howard, Arthur Henry Howard, Lee, 

1891. Howard, Arth. \\ altera, Ma ide?iheud. 
1854. Iloward,Chas.Aldcroft,.l/«/ic//ex^f/--i(/, 

1902. Howard, Chas. Reginald, Woolston. 

1897. Howard, Edwin, Mevayissey. 

1908. Howard, Ernest Henry, Xelson, X.Z. 
1880. Howai'd, Heaton Clark, Clapliam-rd. 

1879. Howard, Henry, Victoria. 

1903. Howard, James, Llyde. 

1867. Howard, James, Sheffield, X.Z. 
18i)3. Howard, Jn. Alexander, Ujj.Xoncood. 

1902. Howard, Joseph Louis, California. 

1880. Howard, Rubt. Xesbit, Ookiep, Ciqie. 

1894. Howard, Vincent, Bwkinyhum. 

1883. Howard, Wilfred, Xea- Buekeidiam. 

1904. Howard, Wm. Henrv, Caledonian-rd. 

1905. Ilowarth, Walter Goldie, Si. Thos.-h. 
1908. llowden, Chas. Ernest, Otayo, X.Z. 

1892. Howe, Geo. Bradley, Stali/Oridye. 

1885. Howe, Joseph Duncan, Preston. 

1873. Howe, Lucien, Buffalo, U.S.A. 
1896. Howell, Alfred, Cardiff. 

1886. Howell, Arth. Anthonv, Wrexham. 

1903. Howell, Conrad M. \l.',Queen Anne-st. 

1900. Howell, Francis Musgrave, Torquay. 
1905. Howeir,Fdk.DukeGwvnne,i?.^.J/.6'. 
1905. Howell, Hector Lionel, R.A.M.C. 
1905. Howell, James Bonnell, Lfamcell. 
1882. Howell, Jas. Bromlev, Wandsicorfh. 
1890. Howell, Robert Edward, Middlesbro\ 

1892. Howell, Stephen Yates, Buffalo. 
1850. Howell, Thomas. 

1879. Howell, Thomas Arth. Ives, Putney. 
1902. Howell, Trevor, L'arnsley. 
1899. Howells, Jenkin, Bridqend, 

1898. Howells, John, Llanell'q. 

1908. Howells, Howell Tylford, Baryoed. 
1805. Howes,Frank Chas.Plumptre,ij"«co/«. 
1852. Howes, Geo. Edkins, Donnqbrook. 

1905. Howitt, Alfd. Bakewell, St'. Tlios.-h, 

1874. Howitt, Ilenrv, Guclph, Canada. 
1!'07. Howitt, Ily. Orton, Guelph, Canada. 

1887. HowittjJoiinFritz William, 3/nwor-/'/.-. 

1906. Howitt. Joseph Henry, Chester. 
1896. Howitt, Wm. Adlington,iYo«/«7/iaw». 

1901. Ilowkiu', Cyril Henry, Birminyhatn. 

1902. llowland, Goldwin Wm., 'Tonmto. 
18!^). Howlett, Ber. Feather.«tone, A7«^.<t^/«. 

1893. Ilowse, Alfred Oswald, Sydney. 

1889. Ilowse, Arthur Edward, Torqtiay. 
1878. Ilowse, Francis Robert, Fakon-road. 




1869. Howse, Fredeiir, Barnsley. 
18G2. Ilowsin, Edward Arthur, Goole. 

1882. Hoyland, Stanley Stenton, Ipstcich. 
1889. Hovle, James Collin;rs, Upliam. 
1900. HoVle, John, Brier fuld. 

185(3. Hoyle, Thos. Elkaiiah. 

1880. lloyle, William Evans, MancJiPster. 

188U. Iloysted, Lionel Norton, J'icforia. 

1894. Hovten, Wm. Janie?^, W. (iorton. 

1902. Hui)bard, Adrian Russell F.. Manch. 

1883. Hubbard, Arth. John, W. Enhng. 
1886. Hubbard, Daniel Lovett, Italy. 

1886. Hubbard, James I'uuter, ISIoxuich. 

1869. Hubbard, Walt. Lovett, Edenhridr/e. 
1885. Hubbersty,ru)bt.Stephen,.S'K;i(Z<W«n(/. 

1895. Hubert, William \xihm-, BiUiuyshurst. 
1868. Hubert, Wm. Henry, BiUuiiishurd. 

] 895. H uckle, Arth . H > . Headlev. Hadi»r/s. 
189.3. Hudlestou,Wilfrid ¥A^A^,R.A.M.C. 

1893. Hudson, Arthur, Daidish. 
1891. Hudson, Arthur liyrn, Cobham. 

1858. Hudson, Arthur Cort. 

1904. Hudson, Augustine Hy.. Plaistoir. 

1903. Hudson, Bernard, Xeic Cavendish-d. 
1888. Hudson. Chas. Tilson, I. M.S. 
1897. Hudson, Corrie, D.S.O., I.M.S. 
1900. Hud.son, Edmund, Chehea. 

1864. Hudson, Ernest Arthur, Royal Navy. 

1888. Hudson, Frank Horace, Briiton. 

1859. Hudson, Cieorge, Smrhorouyh. 

1887. Hudson, Henry, Wimhurne. 
1909. Hudson, Henry, Manchester. 
1876. Hudson, James, Nelson, N. Z. 
1872. Hudson, John, Bradford. 

1894. Hudson, Jn. San)l., Biikmansicor/h. 
1883. Hudson, Osborne Henderson, Slu^eld. 
1879. Hudson, Theodore Joseph, Leeds. 
1853. Hudson. Thomas Watson, Booth. 

1904. Huelin, Lewis William, Jersey. 

1889. Hues, Frank, Ha)ids:vc.rth. 

1870. Iluggins, Saml. Tillcott, Hiyhbury. 

1896. Huggins, Sydney Penrose, Putney. 
1859. Hughes, Adolphus James. 

1909. Hughes, Basil, Kiny's Coll. -hasp. 
1858. Hughes, Benj. Augustus, -S'/. J'ineeuts. 

1895. Hughes, Burroughs M., Wymondbam. 

1903. Hughes, Cecil Hugh M., Wimpole-st. 

1891. Hughes, David Arth., Ammanford. 
1902. Hughes, David Morgan. Ahercarn. 
1861. Hughes, DavidWatkin, Wymomlham. 
1902. Hughes, Ednmud Octavius. Liverpoul. 

1892. Hughes, Edward Lucas, Liverpool. 
1909. Hughes, Edwd. V. Llewellyn, Guy\-h. 
1906. nughes,EruestTheodoreC.,i>?tv'«/(«wj. 
1,^93. Hughes, Ernest Wm. Shaw, Halifu.r. 

1904. Hughes, Frank Percival, Arlesey. 
1902. Hughes, Geoffrev W. G., R.A.M.C. 


1899, Hughes, Geo. O.-iborne, Tlarrey-rd.,^. 
l!>03. Hught-s, fjuy, Maccles/ield. 

1884. Hughes, Hy. Milner, Stuclifoti-on-T. 

1894. HuL^hes, Henry Spencer, //«>?« j«//Art??t. 

1900, Hughes, Hugh, Penrhyn Deudraeth. 
1855. Hughes, Hugh Spenct-r, Lewes. 

1899. Hughes, James Bradley. Liverpool. 

1897. Hughes, J no. Brierley, M acclesjield. 

1885. Hughes, John Douglas. Royal Navy. 
1862. Hughes, John Evans, Nevm. 

1860. Hughes. Joiin Howl, Omhersley. 
1851. Hughes, John Robert, Denbiyh. 
1867. Hughes Juhn Tliomas. 

1902. Hughes, Leslie Edwd., Cirencester. 

1886. Hughes, Morgan, Croydon. 

1900. Hughes, Norujan Ale.x. A., Caherley. 
18t>5. Hughes, Pringle, Wanderers' Club. 
ly02. Hughes,Reg.HuL^St.BernardE.,i^.A'. 
1867. Hughes, Richard, Hitchin. 

1873. Huirhes, Richd. David. 

1895. Hughes, Robert, Stoke-on-T. 

1898. Hughes, Robert, LUnifairfecfian. 
1872. Hughes, Robert Harry, Plymouth. 
1895. Hughes, I'obertTliomas, 2/i>^v«/<ertr?. 
1857. Hughes, Roger, Bala. 

1885. Hughes, Samuel, Soidhampton. 
1897. Huglies, Sidney, Clapham-park, S.Vi' . 
1893. Hughes, Thos. Clarke, Lewisham. 

1900. Hughes, Thos.H,Ja5.Ellis,G=ya«5r«^o-s. 
1851. Hughes, Thos. John. 

1905. Hughes. Thomas ^Martin, Boirdnn. 

1879. Hughes, ThomasMont., Ilctndsuorth. 
1890. Hughes, Wilfrid Kent, Melbourne. 
1869. Hughes, Wm., Carnarvon. 

1903. Hughes, Wm. Stanley. Aberayron. 
1884. Hugill. George Frederick, Balham. 
1895. Hugo, James Henry, D.S.O., I.M.S. 
1855. Hngoe, William Pvlle, Treirithian. 

1890. Hulbert, Ernest Beddoe, Welbevk-st. 
1889. Hulbert, Henry Harper, Weymouth-st. 

1901. Hulbert, Hv. Louis Vo\^-e\\,J)eansgatc. 

1891. Hulbert, Jos. George, LM.S. 
1859. Huleatt, John Arthur. 

1886. Hulke, Fredk. Backliouse, Deal. 

1897. Hull, Alfred John, R.A.M.C. 
1893. Hull, Henry Woolcott, R.N. 
1882. Hull, Walter, Armidale, X.S. W. 
1903. Humby, Daniel Morgan, Xeirya/e-.<it. 

1898. PI umby, William .John, Bloemfontein. 

1906. Hume, Douglas Walter, Hackney. 
1862. Hume, Jas. Denham, Nova Scotia. 
1853. Hume, John. 

1861. Hume, J. Compton, Noia Scotia. 
1905. Hume, Norman Haliburton, I.M.S. 

1880. Hume, Walt. Augustus, Clapton. 
1859. Ilunipage, Benj. Hill. 

1881. Hunipherv, Francis Wra.,0/w/oM>-^<fe. 




1834. Humplireys, Charles Evan, Lhmfair. 
I806. Humphreys, Chas. Jones. 

1883. Humphreys,Ch is.Style, ]\'. K.iuufton. 

1884. PTumphreys, Franoi-s R., Ilitmpstead. 

1888. Humphreys, (xeo. Herbert. 

1872. Humphreys, Henry, Tort/i/ai/. 
1861. Humphreys, Matthew Hal^, Dnver. 

1878. Humphreys, Kbt. Win., Vict.-I>'k.-rd. 
1881. Humphreys, William Can, Stcamea. 

1890. Huuiphris, Franci-; Howard, Hniraii. 

1891. Humphry. Arth. Dumville, Bvn;/nl. 
1802. Humphry, Henry, Chislvhurst. 

1893. Humphry, Edward Soott, W. Aust. 
18'?o. Humphry, Ernest, Queensland. 
1849. Humphry, John, Ai/le-'ibiir!/. 

1879. Humphry, Laurence, Cumbridye. 

1898. Humphry, Lawrence, R.A.M.C. 
l!^K)4. Humphry, Phihp Reg., Chichester. 
187.J. Humphry, Reginald, Chichester. 
1904. HumplirV, Robt. Ernest, Ai/fe-'^huri/. 
190J. Humphrys, Heibt. Edw., Sereuoaks. 

1894. Hunnard, Artliur, Mnnsfield. 
1861. Hun<tone, George, Blackpvul. 

1899. Hunt.Albert^^■m.l)unnin^^ C/tm/ford. 

1889. Hunt,Arth.Hy.\Vm., Wolverhampton. 
1878. Hunt, Edgar Atlee. Colchester. 

1897. Hunt, Edwd. Lewis, 
1883. Hunt, Edmn Guy, Staford. 

1893. Hunt. Erne-it, Xenion Ahhot. 

1898. Hunt, Ernest Rivaz, //ojv. 

1877. Hunt, (jeo. Angus, .S7(/At Xeicinf/fo7i. 

1894. Hunt, Geo. Bertram, Scarhoroni/h. 
I800. Hunt, Geo. Dawson, ffudson'n Bay Co. 
1897. Hunt, Cieo. Ile-nry, San lienio. 
18G3. Hunt, Henry John. Harrof/ate. 
1881. Hunt, Howard Wrangham, Andover. 

1875. Hunt, John Aspinall, Borroicash. 

1900. Hunt, John William, Transvaal. 

1876. Hunt, Joseph Wm.. Upper Clapton. 
1902. Hunt, Lawrence Chas., R.N. 

1873. Hunt, Richard, Leed.'i. 

1877. Hunt, Robert, Blnikhum. 
1897. Hunt, Spencer, I. M.S. 
1900. Hunt, Sydney, Spondon. 

1870. Hunt, Thomas Henrv, Manche.<ster. 
1867. Hunt, William Alfred, 3>o«7. 
1877. Hunter, Christian Bernard, I.yf.S. 
1896. Hunter, Clem. Harris, Swansea. 

1883. Hunter,Geo.Dougl.,Z)..S'.0.,/e. J..1/. C. 
1885. Hunter, Geo. Ilolbrev, HaiLghley. 

1890. Hunter, (tco. YeatesCobb, I. M.S. 
1905. Hunter, Mark Oliver, Ryde. 
1902. Hunter, Percv Douglas, HeUinyly. 
1875. Hunter, Rbt. Hope Alston, Watchet. 

1884. Hunter, Rbt. Rankin, Rirminyham, 
1883. Hunter, William, Harley-st. 
1883. Huntington, William, -Sl Andreiv's. 


1893. Huntley, Edgar, Sudbury. 
1861. Huutlev, Robt. Elliott, Jarrou: 
1885. HuntoJ. Alfd. William, Birkdale. 

1885. Hurlbutt, Spencer, Old Burlinyton-st. 
1852, Hurley, Michael. 

18(i3. Hurlstone, Martin deGalway, S'lcood. 
1882. Hurry, Jamieson Boyd, Readiny. 

1894. Husband, Frauk, Cruwland. 
1866. Husband, Henry Aubrey, Jumaica. 
1881. Husband, John Chas. Radclytte,-7?>/Jo«. 
1851. Husband, Thomas, Madras. 

1877. Husband, Walt. Edward, Bath. 
1887. Husbands, Harold Wessen, Taunton. 

1894. Huskiuson, Havold, R.X. 

1900. Hussey, Bertram Fowler, Harlesden, 

1896. Hussey, James, Farnhain. 

1899. Hutchens,Haruld Jn.,Z».6'.0.,.YVa.<</f. 

1897. Hutcheson, George, I. M.S. 

1886. Hutcheson, .Tames, Edmlniryh. 
1857. Hutcheson, Robt. Wm., Neic York. 

1874. Hutchings,Edwd. Ju., Tunbridye Wils, 
1869. Hutchins. William Daniel. 

1906. Hutchipson, Cyril Bertram, Leylon. 

1891. Hutchinson, Cyril George, S(ntthst-a. 

1859. Hutchinson, Franci.-^ Blake, Honolulu. 

1895. Hutchinson, Fredk. A. Stewart, Hon: 

1898. Hutchinson, Fredk. Ernest, Leicn^ter. 

1899. Hutchinson, (ieo. Arnold, Lirerptud. 
1861. Hutchinson, John Hauley, Catterick. 

1875. Hutchinson, Joseph, Fan-ley. 
1883. Hutchinson, Jos. A., Xorthallerto?/. 
1909. Hutchinson, Robt. Hilton, HatchErtil. 
1889. Hutchinson, Roger Jacks., lZ«^7<7/lerp, 
1902. Hutchinson, Thomas, Cannock. 
1909. HutchiDSon,Victor P., W. Kensinyton. 

1893. Huthwaite, Wm. IIv. Jos., Ken- Zeal. 

1894. Hutley, Wm. Charles, Withernsea. 
1871. Hutson, Charles, Barbadnes. 
1905. Hutt, Cecil William, Richmond. 
1888. Hutt, Charles Edward, Tottenham. 
1899. Hutt, Herbt. Augustus, /S////u'f, i«f/m. 

1896. Hutton, Albert Edward, Leeds. 
1899. Hutton, Eustace, Rhyl. 

1852. Hutton, George Allan, Leaminyfnn. 
1888. Hutton, Jas. Alfred, Scarbontuyh. 

1892. Hutton, James William, Leeds. 

1887. Hutton, John, Aldersyate. 

1879. Huxley, Frank Earle, Birminyham. 

1888. Huxley, Henry, Leinster-ydns. 

1860. Huxley, James Usher, Torquat/. 
1891. Huxta'ble, Arth. Edwin, Redh'ill. 
1905. Huxtable, Richard Rossiter. Redhill. 
1908. Huvssen,Chas.W.,.SYa//»/"/v/-/,/v<<,/u-tfr, 
1873. Hyatt, Jas. Taylor, Sh'epton Mallet. 
1902. Hyde, Edwin, Southampton. 

1854. Hyde, G. Clarence, Ladisimlh, Natal. 

18G0. Hyde, George Edwiu. Southampton. 




1896. Hyde, Ilarrv Feeney, Worthing. 

1865. Hyde, Henry, Ealwf/. 

1866. Hyde, John Knowler, Earf/i Bartmi. 
1854. Hyde, John Martin, late Army. 

1897. Hyde, Rej;. Henry, Kinysfon. 
1870. Hyde, William Derby, JVit/wy. 
1865. Ilyland, Jas. Kierau. 

1876. Ilvne, Fredk. Alexander, St. Maues. 
1873. Hynes, Alfd. Mortimer, Co. Clare. 
1896. Hyne.s, Ernest Jermyu, Edinhane. 

1903. Ibbotson, William, Brixton. 
1887. Iddon, Thos. Whittaker, Southport. 
1886. Iddon, William Ilenrv. Southport. 
1902. levers, Osburne, R.A.M.C. 

1907. lies, Alfd. John Hopkinson, Taunton. 
1875. lies, Alfred Robert, Taunton. 
1907. lies, Arthur Ernest, Bristol. 

1905. lies, Charles Edward, Moseley. 
1883. Iliewicz, Henry Frederick, E. Xavy. 
1865. Ilitie, Charles AVebb, Coventry. 
1907. Illesinghe, Rchd. de Silva, Colomho. 
1892, Illington, Edmond Moritz, l.M.S. 
1859. Illiugworth, John Alfred, Army. 
1900. Illius, Henry Warwick, l.M.S. 
1900. Illius, John Warwick, l.M.S. 
1891. Ilott, Arth. Talman, Rainhill. 

1906. Ilott, Cyril Herbert Thos., B)omley. 
1874. Ilott, Herbert James, Bromley, 

1871. Image,FrancisEdwd.,5j«7/<S.JE'c?7?i'rtf/s 

1872. Imlach, Francis, Liverpool. 

1904. im Thurn, Robt.Mackenzie,'S^y«?fM/irt?». 
1854. Ince, John, Swanky. 

1868. Inches, Peter R., S\ Bi^mmvirk. 
1900. Inchley, Orlando, Louyhhomuyh. 

1902. Ind, Charles Uncles, Leivisham. 
1896. Infield, Stephen, Hych. 

1909. Ingersoll.Rbt. Stephenson, Washinyt'n 

1885. Ingle, Arnold Clarkson, Cambriilye. 

1899. Ingle, Charles Durban, Somerton. 

1886. Ingleby-Mackenzie,K. W., ByrieJ. W. 
1847. Ingles, Jn. Chamberlayne, It. Xavy. 
1856. Inglis, Cornelius. 

1868. Inglis, Walter William, Hme. 
1904. Ingouville, John Geo., Earl's- court. 
1881. Ingoldby, Fredk. John, JV. Australia. 
1893. IngTam,' Alexander, Edinbnryh. 

1900. Ingram, Arthur Charles, l.M.S. 

1876. Ingram, Ernest Fortescue, Natal. 
1899. Ingram, Percy Cecil Parker, Neuport. 

1903. Ingram, Thos. Fewis, Ji'elford. 
1898. Inkson, Edgar T]ios.,\.C.', B.A.M.C. 
1906. Inman, Harold Mundee, Earls-court. 

1877. Inman, Robt. Edward, Higham. 


1884. Innes. Clias. V>&V(.\ny,WelVt nylon, K.7.. 
1880. Innes, Henrv Ja-'?. DeuipBter, N.S.W. 

1896. Innes, Hubert, l.M.S. 

1903. Inness,AVm. Ja.s. Deacorn, Golden-lane. 

1885. Inniss, Benjamin Jam*-*, R.A.M.C. 
1901. Instone, Bradney, Addisun-road. 
1893, Instone, Noel, Addismi-road, W, 
1877. Instone, Samuel \'aiighan, Chiswick. 
1903. Iredell, Alfred William, R.N. 

1903. Iredell, Charles Edward, Guy's-ho^p. 
1871. Iredell, Chas. Lesingham M., Victorui. 

1897. Ireland, .\rchibald Edwd., W. Indies. 

1905. Ireland, James Aubrey, Liver j)ool. 
1864. Ireland, John Roaf, Wiyan. 
1892. Ireland-Smith, Norman, R.N. 
1908. Iron!*ide, Arthur Edui., Fulham. 

1906. Ironside, Reg. Wm., Fitzjohn's-av. 
1884. Irvin, Frederic David, Preston. 
1854. Irvine, Alexander, Kinfore, NB. 
1890. Irvine, Arth. Gerard, Birminyham. 

1875. Irvine, Delaware Lewis, R.A.M.C. 
1908. Irvine,Maurice Lionel C,St. Thos.'s-h. 
1883. Irving, Duncan Bell, Brit. Colombia. 

1895. Irving, William, Chnstchnrch, NZ. 
1853. Irwin, Chauncey (jraves. Army. 

1876. Irwin, John Arthur, Neie York. 
1905. Irwin, John Robert. 

1851. Irwin, Wra. Thomas. 

1904. Isaac, Charles Leonard, Swansea. 

1908. Isaac, Ernest Emrys, Carmarthen. 

1909. Isaacs, David, Guy's-hospital. 
1859. Istance, Richard, Newyort. 

1890. Ivatts, Ed^ar Reginald, Blackbwn. 

1877. Ivens, A. Vomers, Bildeston. 

1907. Ivers, John Gladstone, Farnicorth. 
1900. Izard, A mold Woodford. NetcZealand. 

1896. Izard, Herbert Edward, Birminyham. 


1861. Jaap, John. 

1907. Jack, Wm. Andrew Morton, Duhvich. 
1878. Jackman, Geo. Fredk., Brochenhurst. 
1884. Jackson, Allan Heslop, Cape Town. 
1889. Jackson,BasilFdc. Forvester.Briyhton . 
1868. .lackson, Edward, Darlinyton. 
1876. Jackson, Edwin, 3Ianchester. 

1895. Jackson, Francis Seymour, Aberdmey. 
1902. Jackson,FrancisWiIlan,37rt/Af^i?rt««-/j. 
1902. Jackson, Fredk. Douglas S., El t ham. 
1866. Jackson, Fredk. William. 

1878. Jackson, Geo. Henry, Eastbourne. 
1901. Jackson,HaroldEdgarAthel., Victoria, 
1897. Jackson, Harold Hart, Eastleigh. 
1863. Jackson, Henry AVillan, Sydney. 

1896. Jackson, Ilerbt. William, Middlesbro\ 




1871. Jackson, James, Barnshury. 

18(31. Jackson, James, Victoria. 

1909. Jackson, James Eustace, Barnshury. 

1882. Jackson, John Charles, Fulham. 
185G. Jackson, Jn.Hug-hlings,J/«/«cA(\s^<'r-sy. 

1883. Jackson, John \Vm., Winchniore-hill. 
1880. Jackson, Mark, Furley. 

1884. Jackson, Percy Vaughan, R. Navy. 

1870. Jackson, Philip John, Gt. Dover-st. 

1892. Jackson, Oichd. H(;iiltou, Bukeicell. 

1 88 Jr. Jackson, Vdc\id..Xxth.,KirkbyMoorside. 
1875. Jackson, Robt. Alex., Nottiny-hill. 
18o9. Jackson, Thomas. 

1878. Jackson, Thomas, Thornton Heath. 
1862. Jackson, Thomas Creswick. 

1896. Jackson, Thomas Leonard, Cheadle. 

1893. Jackson, Thomas Sparks, Carter-lane. 

1871. Jackson, Thomas William, Chorley. 

1897. Jackson, Wilfrid Anth.L., Stnethivick. 
18oo. Jackson, William, 

1899. Jackson, Wni. Ferriday, Manchester. 
1868. Jackson, Wm.Fdk. MAi'sh, S?ti('ihwick. 
1901. Jackson, Wm. Taylor, Hay dock. 

1904. Jackoon-Taylor, Basil Ju. F. , Z/(/.s7i'eM. 

1905. Jacob, Arth. Hildebrand, R.A.M.C. 
1895. Jacob, Frank Harwood, Nottinyham. 
1880. Jacob, Henry Garrard, Penye. 
1904. .Jacob, Norman Bremer Vicars, R.N. 

1853. Jacob, Samuel. 

1875. Jacobs, Henry Ralph, Banbury. 
1889. Jacobsen, Geo. Oscar, Lutterworth. 

1904. Jacobsun, Sidney Dattner, Vienna. 
1884. Jacomb-Hood, Chas. Jn., Briyhton. 

1854. Jacques, Edwin, Gray's Inn-square. 
1892. JaH(5, Chas. Samson, Sutherland-av. 

1906. Jatl'e, .Tacob Isa ic, S. Shields. 
1892. Jairer, Harold Julius. Holland-pk. 
1892. Ja^o, Ashley TiL-ed, St. Buryan. 
]883. Jago, Charles Sprague, Latchford. 

1879. Jago, Edwin Osborne, Cadishead. 
1848. Jago, Fdk. Wm. Pearce, -S^. Germans. 

1871. Jago, Thoma.s, Barnshury. 
1897. Jago, Thos, Dinnen, Liver pool- rd. 
3907. Jago, Wm. John, Barnshury. 
1878. Jakins, Percy Septimus, Harlcy-st. 

1855. Jakins, William Vosper, Victoria. 
1877. James, Alfred, Biyyleswade. 

1905. James,Algern(in MeyriclcA., Wansford 
1887. James, Artlmr Wm., Gloucester-terr. 

1876. James, Charles, Roijal Navy. 
18H0. James, Clias. Alfred, Stamford-hill 

1 903. James.Clias. Wilmot Wanklyn, a{/ifwn 

1872. James, Cyrus, Marlhomuyh. 
1887. James, Coram L. Stuart, Willesden. 
1853. James, Edward. 

1892. James, Ernest Wm., Attlehorough. 
1895. James, Fiedk. Chas, Harleslon. 
1909. 7990 

1899. James, Fredk. William, Haliny. 

1894. James, Gwilym Prosser W., Penarth. 
1884. James, Henry Daniel, ie..4. J/. C. 
1903. James, Henry Walter, Camberivell. 
1901. James, Herbert, Leeds. 

1862. James, John. 
1884. James, John, TJanJihanyel. 
1903. James, John, Plumslead-common. 
1887. James, John Angell, Bristol. 
1866. .Tames, John Rees, Clifton. 

1876. James, Jos. Brindley, Huinmersmith. 

1891. James, Leo Edward, late R.N. 
1856. James, Moses Prosser, Kensinyton. 
1878. James, Philip, Porthcawl. 

1897. James, Philip Wm., PeUiam-st, S.W. 

1892. .lames, Robt. Blake, Hunyerford. 
1906. Jauies, Robt. Rutson, St. Geo-hosp. 
1891. Jauies, Rupert, Johanneshury. 
18J9. James, Samuel, Gicaun-Caeyurwen. 

1893. James, Stanlake, India. 

1895. James, Sydney Price, I. M.S. 

1877. James, Thomas, Moonta, S. Au-dralia. 
1876. James, Walt. Culver, Marloes-roail. 
1890. James, Walter Evelyn, Newbridye. 

1906. James, Wm. Abel, Cwmbran. 

1900. James, William Morgan, Newport. 
1900. Jameson, ArchibaldDouglas,i2..-i. J/. C 
1875. Jameson, Geo. Herbert, Leaminyton. 

1874. Jameson, Hampden Gurney. 

1875. Jameson,LeanderStarr,C.B'.,^im&'%. 

1896. Jameson, Robert William, Transvaal. 

1897. Jamieson, Harold Hry, Sheffield. 

1898. Jamieson, Robert, Brodick, N. B. 
1889. Jamieson, Sydney, Sydney, N.S. W. 
1908. Janion,ITaroldGarnett,i>e/-i7/«»J6'<<YK/. 
1908. Janmahomed, Habibmia I., Bombai/. 
1887. Jaques, John Warren, Rnmsyaie. 

1876. .Jaquet, John Lewis, Souihtvark. 
1850. Jardiue, John Lee, Holmiuood. 

1886. Jardine, Robert, Glasyoiv. 

1874. Jarrett, Micliael Lewis, Sierra Leone. 

1907. Jarvis, Cliarles George, Paris. 
1885. Jarvis, John, Bath. 

1887. Jarvis, Joseph Ily. Ernest, Praed-st. 
1887. Jarvis, Wm. Chas., Southampton-.<tt. 

1859. Jay, Fdk. Fitzherbert, Constit'nal Club. 
1867. .Tav, Henrv Mason, Chippenham. 
1880. Jay,Melville,.i</t'/r«V/<'. 
1867. Jayakar, Atniaram Sadashiva, J. M.S. 
1SS5. Jaynes, Fredk. John, Ketfcriny. 

1877. Jaynes, \'ictor Alexander,.7rtHja/ra-;rf, 

1904. Jays, Tom, Ch. Mifsionary-h.,K.V. 
1892. Jealfreson.Geo. Cordy, Framlinyham. 
1857. JeaflVeson,Geo.Edwds.,7'V«//j////Y///«Mj. 

1860. Jeaffreson, Horace, Wandsworth. 
l'S87. Jeaffreson, John Leslie, Shanklin. 

1905. Jean.s, Alfred Norman, Birkenhead. 

8047 p 



3877. Jeans, Francis Austen, R N. 
ISJ*-). Jeans, Joseph Ilenrv, IJat/nost. 
1S03. Jeans, Thos. Tendron, Ji.N. 

1889, Jeeves, Jolin, Sheffield. 
18;>2. Jeeves, Wm. Young, Arm;/. 
18")8. Jeffcoat, James Henry, Svrbiton. 
1884. JeH'eries, Horace, Bolton. 

1900. Jett'eriss, Fredk. Burroughs, Chatham. 

1900. Jetferiss,IainMackinnou, C'rowthorne. 
1879. Jefferson, Arthur John, liochdale. 
lf>09. Jefferson, Geoffrey, Rochdale. 
1884. Jefferson, liobert Pickering, Hove. 
1862. Jefferson,Thos, Jewison, J/.- Wvif/hton. 

1877. Jefferson, William Dixon, Ripon. 

1890, Jefferv, Charles Chinimo, Putney, 

1903. Jeftery, Thomas Walter, R.N. 
1884. Jeffree, Frank, Claptcn-sq. 

1891, Jeffreys, Alfred, Briton Ferry. 
1898. Jeffrey.*, Hbt. Castelman, Grusr. Clxh. 

1907. Jeffreys, Walt.Marmaduke,Zj/«('/7j»/-si''. 

1891. Jeffreys-Powell, Jn. Powell, Brecon. 
18-")0. Jeken, James, Eltham. 

1889. Jekyll, Lewis }sugent, Lei/tonstone. 

1901. Jellicoe, Stanley Coleman, Tallies. 

1896. Jelly, George Aubrey, Bury. 
1894. Jenkins, Arthur Wm., Hinckley. 

1882. Jenkins, Edwd. Johnstone, Sydney. 

1901. Jenkins, Evan Llewellyn, Hinckley. 

1904. Jenkins, Henry HoUis, Bromley. 
1894. Jenkins, Herbt. Thos., Pcnmaenmawr. 
184o. Jenkins,SirJames,K.C.B..iioyrt/A7j/7/. 
1884. Jenkins, John, Royal Xary. 

1902. Jenkins, John, Hammersmith Infirm. 
1893. Jenkins, John David, Rhondda. 

1892. Jeukins,.Jn. Ely stau Morris, Winihledon 
18"54. Jenkins, .In. Thos., Prince Edward I. 

1908. Jenkins, Nelson West, Bromley. 
]907. Jenkins, Richard Svdnev,A'(-«.«??!r/)!o«. 

1893. Jenkins, Thos. John Fm-e. Hills-place. 

1906. Jenkins, Thomas Jones, Henllar. 
1861. Jeukyus, Charles. 

1907. Jeuuer, Arthur Gordon, Liverpool. 
1886. Jennings, Edgar, I. M.S. 

1878. Jennings, Edward, Christchurch,y.Z. 
1873. Jennings, J. Downes. 

1897. Jennings, Rir hd. Edwd. Wm., Grays. 

1883. Jennings, Robert. 

]882. Jennings, Wm. ^hmvo, Jar roio-on-T. 
1873. Jennings, William Oscar, Pans. 
1901. Jensen, Ernest Thos., Devonxhire-st. 
1858. Jenvev, John Ilenrv, Trinidad. 
189(1. Jephcott, Charles, Chester. 
1872. Jepson, Edward. Durham. 
1901. Jepson, Victor Brodie, Walsinyham. 
1901. Jeremy, Harold Rowe, Dulw'tch. 
1888. Jermaine-Lulham, Fdk. Sidney, Tict. 
1896. Jerman, Arthur Edwrird, Eriih. 

1892. Jerome, Geo. Percy, SuHon Coldficld. 
1880. Jerome, John William, R.A.M.C. 
188o. Jervis, Artlnir, York-st. 

1870. Jervis, Charles. 

1884. Jessop, Edward. Hampstead. 
1889. Jessop, John William, H>n-ncaftle. 
1877. Jewell. Charles Coleman, Victoria. 
18!>1. Jewell, Jn. Wm. Frank, Balham. 

1893. Jewell, William Henry, Streatham. 

1905. Jewesbury, Reg. Chas.. Baysicater. 

1894. Jimenez, Gerardo, Balham. 

1902. Jimenez, Ricardo Luis, Costa Rica. 

1894. Job, Henry Percy, Newark-on-Trent. 
1852. Job, Samuel. Sandouti, I. of IF. 

1885. Joberns, William, JVolverhampton. 
1901. Jobson, Fdk. Cuthbert, Finshury-pk. 

1901. John, Ambrose Hilton, Stoke-on-T. 

1882. John, David, Seiv York, U.S.A. 

1896. John, Thomas, Siransea. 
186(5. John, William, Hampstead. 

1902. Johns, Chas. Percival, Ontario. 
1900, Johns, Fredk. Arthur, Harroyatc. 
1889. Johns, Henry Douglas, Hornsea. 
18:!'8, Jolins, John Francis, Cheltenham. 
1861. Johnson, Alfred, Spofforth. 

1897. Johnson, Alfred, Liscard. 
18-56. Johnson, Arthur Borough, R.N. 

1871. Johnson, Arthur Jukes, Tori/nto. 
1855. .Johnson, Charles. 

1871. Johnson, Ch.irles Hargitt. 

1855. Johnson, Cha^. Henry, Basingstoke. 

1906. Johnson, Claude, Kings-heath. 

1873. Johu3on,Cottingh'mGreaves,5«//o7-f7, 
1900. Johnson. Edw. AnL^as. Clarcnce-yate. 
1867. Johnson, Edward Reg., I.M.S. 

1875, Johnson, Edwd. Thornton, Wre.vham. 
1904. Johnson, Edwin Chs.?^. ,Western-dispy. 
1871. Johnson, Fredk. Philipps. 

1883. Johnson, Geo. Arthur, Plumstead. 

1884. Johnson, Geo. Herbert, Teiynmanth. 

1876. J ohnson, Geo. Stillingfleet, Savile-rurc. 
1887. Johnson, Harold Joss^, Gracechurch-st. 

1891. Johnson, Ilan-y Oswin, N.S. JV. 
1896. Johnson, Hv. Heath Pochin,.!/^;^-^^/^ 
1889. Johnson, Henry Percival. R.A.M.C. 

1874. Johnson, John James, Nortrich. 
1887. Johnson, John Mountfort, Leek. 

1907. Johnson, John Pratt. Devonport. 

1895. Johnson, John Robert, Richmond. 

1892. Johnson, Lawrence A\fd. , Normanton. 
1900. Johnson, Lionel Capper, Leeds. 

1896. Johnson, M. Beauchamp, Henrietta-st. 
1884. Johnson, Obadiah, Layos. 

1898. Johnson, Ranee Dreweatt, Edmonton. 
1900. Johnson, Robert (ieorge, Poole. 
1863. Johnson, Rbt. Maxwell. Kaffraria. 

1856. Johnson, Samuel Griffith. 




1899. Johnson, Samuel Harvard, Hcsslc. 
1903. Johnson, Smeetou, Eaitihill. 

1876. Johnson, Thomas, Wood^etfan. 
1803. .Johnson, Thomas Mason, Salford. 
I8o0. Johnson, Thomas Potter. 

18(>o. Johnson, Thos. Soars, Canterbury/. 
1905. Johnson, Valentine Goode, H. A.M. C. 
1881. Johnson, Walter. 
1908. Johnson, Walter Burford, Windsor. 
1898. Johnson, William, Wrexham. 

1875. Johnson, Wni. Biyter, Whitelmll. 
1874. Johnson, Wm. Heurv, Gnelph. 
11K31. Johnson, Wm. JeroldGreave3,^('rf/'o?Y/. 
1893. Johnson, William John, Shefford. 
1871. Johnson, Wm. Murray, Valparaiso. 
1854. Johnson, Yorks Hobart. 

1877. Johnston, Alex. Jn. James, R.N. 
1856. Johnston, Andrew Charles, Chiswick. 

1887. Johnston, Arth. Hamnifrsley, Hull. 
1884. Johnston, Benjamin lli<rhy, Grasmcre. 
1854. Johnston, Chas. Edward. 

1888. .lohnston, Chas. Saint, Gloucester. 

1900. Johnston, Duncan M., Maiddone. 
18>0. Johnston, Edwd. Cocks, Clieltcnham. 
1883. .Tohnston, Geo. David, Br. Colombia. 

1908. Johnston, Geo.Lawson H., Rutkerf/len. 
1890. Johnston, Geo. Saint, Birmingham. 
1856. Johnston, John. 

1871. Johnston, John, Maidstone. 

1909. Johnston, John Edw. Lionel, Ealinfj. 

1908. Jt)huston, John M., Winchmore-hill. 

1901. Johnston. Lambert A. W.,Birni(/ham. 
l.'<83. Johnston, Matthew, Bewdle;/. 

1895. Johnston, llobt. Macfie, St. Leonards. 
1881. Johnston, Thomas, Rui/bi/. 

1909. Johnston, Thomas James, Ontario. 
1897. Johnston, William, C.B.. Cape Town. 

1889. Johnstone, Julm Llovd, Ji'ii/an. 

1878. JoUirte. Walt. John,i.s/e of Wi(fht. 

1876. Jolly, Ilobt. William, Pcterhoroiu/h. 
18S6. Jolly, Sydney Blake, Si/de/Jiam. 
1883. Jollye,.\rth. Dixon, Hc-mel Hempstead. 
1885. Jollye. Francis Wm., Aires ford. 
1>87. Jolv, Antoine Maurice, Maurilius. 
1908. Jofly, Robt. Henry IIatten,P/'/*«-ftf)n<'. 
1897. Jonas, Herbert Ciiarlton, Barnstaple. 
1876. Jones, Abraham Emrys, Manchester. 

1879. Jones, Albt. ]"]d\vard, Criekhowell. 
1900. Jones, Alfred, Cardif. 

liKX). Jones, Alfred Ernest. Harky-st. 
li>05. Jones, Alfred (Jwilym. 
1906. Jones, All'd. Lancelot, Bn/nmawr. 
1891. Jones, Alfd. Stanley, Mornimjtun-iil. 
188-3. Jones, Arthur, Northallerton. 
1896. Jones, Arthur Ba«.sett, Ahertfstvrt/th. 

1880. Jones, Arth. Crosby Brett, Chathatn. 
1879. Jones, Arthur Llovd. Otjstermi'uth. 


1897. Jones, Arthur Rear., Leigh. 

1895. Jones, Arthur Thos., Mountain Ash. 

1853. Jones, Artli. Trefusis. 

1889. Jones, Arth. Wentworth, Wei/mouth. 
18S8. Jones, Arth. Wm. Llewelyn, J/a/-«r/'o«. 

1875. Jones, Benjamin, Leigh. 

190:?. Junes, Bernard \\at^on, Small Heath. 
1893 .Tones, Be ving-ton Sydney, C/)>. Tooting. 

1893. Jones, Cecil Herbert, W. Australia. 

1894. Jones, Charles Albert, Penarth. 
1907. Jones, Chas. Edwd. Mellersh, Alton. 

1873. Jones, Charles Griffith, Cardigan. 

1874. Jones, Chas. Morgan, Troedi/rhiio. 
1879. Jones, Chas.M.Handfd.,C«mKfe/^-,«;5. 
1903. Jones, Charles Owen, Neiv Brighto7i. 
1893. .Tones, Christopher Lloyd, Dunstable. 
1877. Jones, Cyril Lloyd, Blackfriars-rd. 

1876. Jones, David, Sutherland-av. 
1891. Jones, David Eprryn, Victoria. 

1877. Jones, Da\id Johnston, Sutton. 

1895. Jones, David Ijewis, Neath. 

1905. Jones, David Moruan, Ilford. 

1890. Jones, David Thomas, Heeley. 
1873. Jones, Edgar Averay, Foicnhope. 
1902. Jones, Edwd. Alfred, Winnipeg. 

1897. Jones, Edward Shirlev, Birkenhead. 
1895. Jones, Edwd. Thos., Gt. Percy-st. 
1854. Jones, Edwin. 

1906. Jones, Edwin Clark, Tooting. 
1901. Jones, Ernest Williams, Aldridge. 
1858. Jones, Evan, Aherdare. 

1891. Jones, Evan, Goswell-road, E.G. 
1901. Jones, Evan, Llanyhyther. 

1893. Jones, Evan James Trevor, Aherdare. 
1908. Jones, Evan Rhys, Menai Bridge. 
1889. Jones, Francis Frederick, Taunioti. 
1906. Jones, Francis Samuel, Beccles. 

1894. Jones, Frank Silva, Soufhend-on-Sea. 
1904. Jones, Frederic Wood, Enfield. 
l'"^79. Jones, Frederick Felix, Llanfgllin. 
1S96. Jores, Frederick Prvce, Newtown. 
1S84. Jones, Fdk. Wm. Caton, R.A.M.C. 
1H()5. .Tones, Georire. 

1891. Jones, George, Lee, S.E, 

188(). Jones, Geo. Burnett ^l&rxder, Sydney. 
1867. Jones, George Francis, Southend. 

1904. Jones, George Francis, Hampstead. 
1879. Jones, Geo. Henry West, Eckingtmi. 

1898. Jones, George Horatio, Jjeddington. 
1889. Jones, George Mellersh, Alton. 

1892. Jones, Gecnge Reginald, Manchester. 

1905. Jones, Grenville Parry, Sydenham. 
1887. Jones, Guy Carletim, Nova Scotia. 
1SM)6. Jones, Har<dd Enilyn, Toynhee-hall, 
l'^84. Jones, Harry Shirley, Droiticich. 
1JK)3 Jones, Hector, Maesfeg. 

1892. Jones, Ily. H. Averav, Ocean S.S.Co. 
8275 ' p 2 



1906. Jones, Henry Travers, Loose. 

1887. Jones, Henry John, Lillie-road, S.W. 

3892. Jones, Ily. Jn. Kutlierf(.rd, Mnrerfield 

1881. Jones, Henry Lewis, Ilarlvy-street. 
1893. JoneSjHy.Macnaughton, W.Hampsfd. 
IS-jO. Jones, Henry Wilkin, Cakutta. 
1903. Jones, Herbert Stanley, VUq)hum. 
18C)4. Jones,Hermaun Johnston, Widlinyton. 
1854. Jones, Hugh Davis. 

1885. Jones, Hugh Edward, Liverpool. 
1871. Jones, 'il\x^^\\n\09.,HucknaU-Torkard. 

1882. Jones, Isaiah Henry, Maida-mle. 

1903. J one.-*, Ivor Davenport, I. M.S. 
1864. Jones, James, Levjisham. 

1895. Jones, James Evan, Newquay. 
1873. Jones, James Thomas, Hornm/. 
1877. Jones, J?LmesThQYesh\.,SutherJand-av. 
1853. Jones, John, I.M.S. 

1882. Jones, John, Borth. 
1892. Jones, John, C'lydaeh. 

1904. Jones, John, Ninypo, Cliina. 
1887. Jones, John Arnallt, Aberavoiu 
1876. Jones, John Day. 

1883. Jones, John Edwd. Evans, Cardiff. 
1857. Jones, John Edwards, Bolyelhj. 
1907. Jones, John Ellington, Bristol. 

1899. Jones, John Henry, R.N. 
1883. Jones, John Hervey, Heading. 

1896. Jones, John Howard, Amptkill-sg. 

1897. Jones, John Llewelyn, Luton. 
1885. Jones, Jn. Lloyd Thomas, I.M.S. 

1900. Jones, John Pugh, Barmouth. 
1864. Jones, John AVilliam, Cvleshill. 
1874. Jones, Lewis, Florence, 

1899. Jones, Lewis, Vunjnb. 

1892. Jones,Llew.G. Dwatfvdd,.S?f «nscew2^. 

1895. Jones, Murray Parry, R.N. 
1904. Jones, OswarWynn, Walkden. 
1862. Jones, Owen. 

1882. Jones, Owen Clayton, Silverion. 

1873. Jones, Percy Owen, Chicayo, U.S.A. 

1893. Jones, Philip Napier, Croivthorne. 

1896. Jones, Philip Theodosius, Coleford. 
1896. Jones, Rees Gabe, Rhondda. 
1880. Jones, Eees Rowland, Bangor. 

1894. Jones, Richard, Llandilo. 

1895. Jones, Richard Llewelyn, Bath. 
1868. Jones, Richard ^Nlansell, Croydon. 

1884. Jones, Richard Nelson, Simnsea. 

1874. Jones, Richard Saiton. 
1862. Jones, Robert 

1878. Jones, Robert, Liverpool. 
1909. Jones, Roger Percival, Penyom. 
1890. Joues,RowlandFrancisHugh, />w//r«/7j. 

1885. Jones,SamuelCromwell, J/f/%?- Tydf. 

1896. Jones, Samuel Lloyd, Colney Hatch. 
1851. Jones, Saml. Wall". Cape Coast Castle. 


1903. Jones, Seymour "Whitworth, I.M.S. 
1856. Jones, Tlioma.s, Theydon Bois. 
1896. Jones, Tliumas, Bromley-street E. 
1876. Jones, Thomas, Beckley. 
1878. Jones, Thomas, Bridyend. 

1884. Jones, Thomas, Leman-street, E. 
1h9I). Jones, Thomas, Anylesey. 

1008. Jones, Thonia.s Burnell, Norwood. 
1873. Jones, Thomas Cattell. 

1860. Jones, Thomas Evans, Llanncst. 
1886. Jones, Thomas Joseph, Ross. 
1848. Jones, Thomas Morgan, Louyhor. 
1875. Jones, Thos. Reginald, Cohcyn Bay. 

1861. Jones, Thos. Ridge, Chexham-place. 
1908. Jones, Thos. Robt. Lloyd, Mumbles. 

1885. Jones, Thos. Slater, Wood-(/reen, N. 
1908. Jones, Thc;S. William, Felinfach. 
1875. Jones, Valentine LI. Watson, .Sy.C7eo>"«. 
1872. Jones,VaughanDannielW .,Z/flHioiV/^. 
1880. Jones, Vincent Alexander, Clapton. 
1896. Jones, Walter Paid, Walton-pl. 
1861. Jones, William. 

18(53. Jones, William, Royal Navy. 

1863. Jones, William. Fencoed. 

1855. Jones, William, Ruabon. 

1863. Jones, William, Ruthin. 

1892. Jones, Wm. Black, Llangammareh. 

1894. Jones, Wm. David, Gloucester. 

1898. Jones, William Edmund, Blackburn. 

1890. Jones, AVm. Ernest, Victoria. 

1907. Jones, Wm. Forsyth, Murylebone-rd. 

J 865. Jones, Wm. Clriffith. 

1907. Jones, Wm. Grilfith, St. Asaph. 

1906. .lones, Wm. Howard, Tenby. 

1898. Jones,Wni. James Bennett, Liverpool. 

1875. Jones, W. Makeig, Torquay. 

189(). Jones, ^^'illiam Meredith, Aherdare. 

1861. Jones. William Owen, Boivdou. 

1903. Jones, William Phillips, Sheffield. 

1857, Jones, Wm. Podmore. 

1881. Jones, Wm. Wansbrough, Didsbury. 

1902. Jones,Wm. Watk.Cadw'dr., Queen s-r. 
1896. Joues-Phillipson,CecilErn'st,C«;>e('t»/. 
1898. Jordan, Alfred Chas., Norton Folyate. 

1873. Jordan, Fredk. Wm., Ileaton Chapel. 
1884. Jordan, Gregory, Hony Kony. 
1854. Jordan, Thos. Furneaux, Ballarat. 
1883. Jordan, Thos. Luckman, Manchester. 
1889. Joscelvne, Arthur Edwin, Taunton. 

1887. Joseph, Arthur Hill, Be.vhill. 

1874. Joseph, (leo. William, Warrington. 

1903. Joseph, Henry Michael, O.rford-ydns. 
1881. Joseph, Jn. Baptiste Edgar, Trinidad. 
1688. Joslen, Hubert. Jamaica. 

1883. Josling, Charles Langford. IZ.^.ilf.C. 

1888. Jowers,LancelntEmilins,<S/.Z<'o/*fl7-</-s. 
1898. Jov, Norman Humbert, Bradfield. 




18-59. Joyce, Lancaster, Donegal. 
1895. Joyce, Robert Dwyer, Ditblm. 
18o8. Joyce, Thomas, 3Iaij^eld. 
1862. Joyce, Thomas, Cranbrook. 
1873. Joynes, Francis James, Dmslei/. 
1897. Joynes, Francis "William, Kempsey. 
1894. Joynson, Gerald George, Soufhport. 
1893. Joynson, Harold Mead, Liscard. 
18o<3. Jovut, Christopher, Dnblin. 
1905. Ju)jb, Archie Vivian, Li/thmn. 
1888. Jubb, Frank, Halifa.v, Nunhead. 
1897. Judd.W alter Rossell,.d(57«^>«-?^.-X_y?Je 
1903. Judson, James Douglas, Rochdale. 
1900. Judson, Jos. Edwd., Ashton-under-L. 
1870. Judson, Thos. Robert, West Derby. 
1869. Jukes, Andrew, Simla. 
1885. Julian,0. Rchd. A., C.M.Q.,R.A.M. C. 
18(53. Julius, Geo. Fredk. Heaton. 
1875. Jumeaux, Benjamin, Souf/urirk. 
1860. Junker, Ferd. Etlielbert, Hyd'-pk.-pl. 
1905. Jupp, Edgar Norman, Croydon. 


1870. Kai Ho, C. M. fi., Hoyiy Kong. 
1875. Kains, Robert, St. Thomas, Ontario. 
1885. Kaka, Sorabji Mauekji, Karachi. 
1901. Kalomiris, Nicholas John, Anerlcy. 
1909. Kanga,Hormu8Ji \)ova\>]\,Hampstead. 

1903. Karanjia, Khursed jiNasserw.,i>y;«6rt// 
1881 . Karanjia,Menw.Dhunjibhai, Bombay. 
1875. Karop, Geo. Charles, Heme Bay. 
1899. Kaufiuaun, Geo. Bernard, Minciny-l. 
1885. Kautimann,Otto Jackson, i?//7«j«^/tawi 
1899. Kav, Alfred Reginald, Cley. 

1871. Kay, Hildreth, Brixton. 
1897. Kay, Richard, Cockermouth, 

1883. Kay, Walter Smith, Sheffield. 
1877. Kay, AVilliam, Bentley. 

19a3. Kaye, Hy. Wynyard, \Strathpefer . 

1884. Kaye, Joe Nichol.-on, KirkstaU. 

1904. Kaye, William lloWfmdi, Stovkport. 
1808. Keagey, David, Dundas, Canada. 
1883. Kealy, John Wm. Gregory, Gusport. 
1895. 'K.e»x'nQ\,ChvLS.3&s.,S.Grafton,N.S. W. 
1857. Kearney, Edwai-d, Carndonagh. 
1853. Kearney, James, Calcutta. 

1888. Kearney, Jas., Barthuloniew-close. 

1908. Keates, Courtnay C, jB. Dulicich-rd. 
1873. Keates, W^m. Cooper, ^. Dulwich. 
1890. Keats, Wm. John Chas., Camberwell. 

1909. Kebbell, Chas. Fredk. Vivian, ^'«//W/. 
1800. Keele, Chas. Ferdinand, Bluovisbnry. 
1840. Keele, Charles I'atton, Southampton. 
1892. Keele David, Ilighbwy. 




































Keele, Jn. Rusliworth, Soidhampton. 
Keeling, Geo Sydney, Bradford. 

Keeling, Hugh Xevi'll, Leeds. 
Keen, Edward, Chelsea. 

Keen, William, Chehea. 

Keep, Arthur Corrie, Glottcester-pl. 

Keer, Geo-.Edwds., Wickham Market. 

Keer, Jn. Cordy, Wickham Market. 

Keess, Arthur, Madras. 

Keevil, Geo. Muh-eady, Weymoidh-st. 

Kehoe, Daniel. 


Keighley, Herbert, Batley. 

Keith, Darwin Mills, Hampstead. 

Keith, Wm. Dow. Brit. Columbia. 

Kekwick, John, Carlisle. 

Kelbe, Walt. Edward, Cape Colony. 

Keller, Hermann L. A., Br. Columbia. 

Kellett, Orme Stirling, Br. Honduras. 

Kellgren, Ernst Gregor, Eaton-sq. 

Kellie, Geo. Jerome, I. M.S. 

Kellie, Kenneth H. A., Maida-vale. 

Kellond-Knight, Hy. Arthur, R.N. 

Kelly, Bruce, Curtis, Wells. 

Kelly, James Douglas. 

Kelly, Patrick Joseph, Jainaica, 

Kelly, Thomas, Ontario. 

Kelly, Thomas Thelwell, S. Africa. 

Kelly, Thos. William, Nottiw/ham. 

Kelly, William, Worthing. 

Kelsall, Chas. Jas. Seddon, R N. 

Kelsall, Hry. Truman, Perth, W. Aust. 

Kelsey, Arthur, Reigate. 

Kemp, Benjamin, Wakefield. 
Kemp, Chas. Gordon, Hastings. 
Kemp, David Claude, I. M.S. 
Kemp, Frederick Wul, St. Albans. 
Kemp, Geo. Lajus, Worksop. 
Kemp, James Reginald, Pinmr. 
Kemp, John Harold, Keiv Zealand. 
Kemp, William George, Hasti7igs. 
Kempe, Arthur Wightman, Brent. 
Kempster, Chris. Richd., Baftersea. 
Kempster, Felix Charles, Battersea 
Kempster, Wm. Naylor, Whitchurch. 
Kempthorne, Albt. E., Dovercourt. 
Kempthorne, Gerard A., R.A.M.C. 
Kendal, Cuthbert Robert, Heuham. 
Kendal, Nicholas Joseph, Sniethwi'ck. 
Kendal, Arthur Saml., Nova Scotia. 
Kendall, Bernard. 
Kendall, George, Battle. 
Kendall, Hy.Wm.Martindale, iV^. Zeal 
Keuflall, Nicholas F., Chiddinyfold 
Kendall, Walt. Benger, Kijig.sicear'. 
Kendall, AV. Horatio, Vancouver 



1903. Keuderdine, Ernest ITv., Coi-entn/. 
1884. Kendle, Fdk. Wellesle'y, 6'. Molfon. 
lf)07, Kendrew, Alex. John, Lisseriden-ym. 
1892. Keudrick, George, Bilstun. 

1892. Kendrick, Horace Herbt., Ctn-tntry. 
1906. Kenion, Thos. Llovd, Rock Ferry. 
1902. Kenaard,Alfd.l)udi]ey E..FreJieh.-hsp. 

1886. Kennard, Chas. Poole, lirit. Gtnana. 
1896. Kennard, David Gerald, Faruuidon. 

1893. Kennedy, Angus Endicott, I'laisfow. 

1906. Kennedy, Chaa. Mathesoii, Lunyhton. 
1909. Kennedy, David, Fli/in-are?iiie. 
1893. Kennedy, Ja.s.BuckleyM.,Z)'iV//»w///('?H 

1893. Kennedy, John, CambericeU. 

1860. Kennedy, Jn. Blydestevn, Stratford. 
1902. Kennedy, Robt. Pettigrew, BlairhiU. 
1874. Kennedy, Wm. Adam, West Aust. 

1891. Kennedy, Wm. Willoughby, Calcutta. 

1894. Kennington, Edgar, Fouls'kani. 
1882. Kenny, Fredk. Hamilton, Queensland. 

1895. Kenrick, Wm. Hamilton, I. M.S. 
1889. Kent, Chas. Arthur, Dover. 
1908. Kent, Hugh Braund, Beckenham. 

1895. Kent, Percy Wheeler, Barry ^ Glam. 

1892. Kent, Sydney, Bexhill. 

1866. Kenyon, George Arthur, Chester. 
1868. Kenyon, Jn. Edward, Twickenham. 

1907. Keogh,Fdk.EdwinHubt.A.Z'?j.sjH^i!'M 

1856. Keogh, Patrick Mooney, Sydney. 

1896. Keown, David Boyd, Ealing. 

1893. Keppel-Compton,Jn.H.,<S'oM^Art7?j/;<ow. 
1871. Ker, Hugh Richard, Balham, S.W. 
1851. Ker, John. 

1887. Ker, John Errington, Jaynaica. 
1902. Ker,Wm.Perceval,Z)w;7/-5'.-^c77?!2ra(Zs 
1884. Kerby, Robert John, Newbury. 
1900. Kerfoot, Stanley James, Bedminster. 

1908. Kernahan, Joseph Arth. .\.,Baystc(der. 
1889. Kerr, Alex. Linngstone, N.S.W. 

1904. Kerr, Arthur Edgar, Beckeyiham. 

1889. Kerr, Geo. Douglas, Briyhtan. 

1890. Kerr, William James, Rochdale. 
1873. Kersha\v, Alfred, Bolton. 

1890. Kerfha\v, Herbt. WarTuzi, Darh'nyton. 
1881. Kershaw, Hugh, Leeds. 

1857. Kershaw, Joseph, Manchester. 

1894. Kerswill, Han-y, Sandwich. 
1865. Kerswill, John Bedford, Norhury. 
1873. Kesteven, Leighton, Sydney, N.S. W. 
1860. Kesteven, Wm. Henry, Putney. 
1896. Ketchen, Arthur Dickson, C((pe Town 

1895. Kettlewell, (leo. Douglas, ////v/cow/ic. 
1803. Kevern, Grahame Travers, Rowhedye. 
1881. Keys, Elias, Cape Coloriy. 

1873. Key worth, George Hawson, 'fl''em. 
19o8. Khambata, Ratanshaw B., Bombay. 

1007. Khambatii,Sol)rabManeckii,CWA:5-.9«. 
]5>07. Khan, Abdus Sattar. Guys-hospital. 
1909. Khan, Latafat Husain, Allahabad. 
lf<><9. Khan, Maslia Allah, Ayra. 

1877. Khau, Mirza Hussein, Persia. 
1873. Khory, C Framjee, Bombay. 

l8o5. Kiallmark. Hy.Walt., Pembridye-ffns. 

1891. Kidd, Archibald, Cape Colony. 
1881. Kidd, Arthur, Lirerj?ool. 

18^9. Kidd, Harold Andrew, Chichester. 
1869. Kidd, John Kinloch, York. 
1846. Kidd, Joseph, Finshury-circus. 
18.S4. Kidd, Leonard Joseph, Welbeck-street. 

1878. Ividd, Percy, Brook-street. 

1875. Kidd, Walter Aubrey, Blackheath. 

1902. Kiddle, Horace Harvard, I.M.S. 

1903. Kidner, Hy. Ratclifi, Wooltcich. 
1855. Kiernaa, Lam-ence, Monmouth-rd. 

1876. KilBride, James, Athy. 

1906. Kilgour, W^illiam Robert, Putnei/. 

1881. Kilham, Charles Speight, Sheffield. 

1892. Killery, St.Jn.Browne,^.^Vf Gwarf/*. 
1909. Ivilner, Henry GotF, Bury St. Edmunds. 

1903. Kiluer, John Newport, Benyal. 

1871. Kilner, Walt. John, Ladbroke-grove. 
1906. Kilpatrick,Ja9. Armstrong, A7«</'«-c<V^. 

1893. Kilroy, Lancelot, R.N. 

1865. Kilroy, Mark Antony, Army. 
1898. Kilvert, John Ellis, Derby. 

1007. Kimbell, Hy. Jn. Sailings,. Hackney. 

1882. Kinch, Geo. Henry, Hfldrop-cresccnt. 

1872. Kin don, Joseph, Matichester. 

1890. Kiny, Arthur, Oranye River Colontf. 
1>94. King, Arthur Frederick Wm., I.M.S. 
1905. King, Colin, Newmarket. 
1854. King, Edwyn John, Bickleiyhscomhe. 
1896. King, Frank Raymond, Finsbury-pk. 
] 890. Kiug,Fdk.AVm. \l\,t.iii..NewZ<alund. 

1866. King, Henry Kirwan, I'ictoria. 
1862. King, James George, Army. 
1865. King, John, Stratton. 

1892. King, John Charles, Barry, Glam, 
1858. King, John Henry Thomas. 
1852. King, John L. Bertram. 

1008. King, Leslie Reginald, Fareham. 
1807. King, Nevill Pearce, Monmmith. 

1887. King, Preston, Bath. 

1007. King, Ralph I)e Veil, Harrou-rd. 

1888. King, Richard Ileniy, Twyford. 
l<->00. King, Thomas Arthur, Bade. 
1881. King, Thomas Mason, Kew. 
1862. King, T. William, Horsham 

1 904. King,Wm. AtholDesm'd,3/»V/r/Wv.r-A. 
1881. King, Wm. Hry. Tindal, Emiyr. Serv. 
1006. King, AVm. Herbert, High Barnet. 
1871. King, Wm, Louis, Maidstone. 




1906. King, Wm. Wilfrid, Bath. 

1889. Kiugdon, Edwd. Owen, Hvlsu-orthy , 

1890. Kingdon, Ernest Cory, Nottinyhum. 

1896. Kingdon, Ja^. Renorden, A'<W/ .s Z//««. 
1904. Kingsbury, AVni. Neave, Tooting. 
18S9. KingsfordjArtb.Beresford, Up. Geo.-st. 
1802. Kingsford, Bertram Harold, JVoJchit/. 

1886. Kingsford,Edw. Claude, Brondesburi/. 
187.3. Kiugsford, Percival, Sunbun/. 
1890. Kingsland, Alfred, Birminc/ham. 

1880. Kingsland, Artli. Tims, Birmiitfiham 
liK)2. Kiugsmill, Hry. Ardagli, Canada. 

1903. Kingston, Chas. Samuel, Hampstead. 

1888. Kingston, Percv JoLn, Yeovil. 

1900. Kiuloch, Robert Blair, Cardiff. 

1881. Kinneir, Francis Wm.Edw.,Hw;s7ia?». 
18(55. Kinneir, Richard, Mabne.<buri/. 
1894. Kinuersly, Geo. Edward, Guernsey. 
1865. Kinsey, iRobert Henry, Bedford. 

1898. Kinsey-Morgan, Aug., BonnwinoutJi. 

1859. Kipling, Thomas, Royal Xacy. 
1874. Kirby, Albert Edward, Bickley. 
1884. Kirby, Ernest Dormer, Birminyham 
1902. Kirby, Guy Hannah, Smethivick. 
1893. Kirby, Rowland Arthur, Jermyn-»t. 
1874. Kirby, Samuel Jn. Jas., Lozcestoft. 
1906. Kirby, Thos. Wm., Maple, Canada. 

1897. Kirk, John Lamplugh, Pickeriny. 
1893. Kirkby, Robt.Casement, WandswortJi. 

1899. Kirkman, Alb.Hy.Beaumont, CapeCol. 

1904. Kirkness, Wm Ronald, Fuhnouth. 
1850. Kirkpatrick, Geo. Henry. 

1887. Kirkpatrick,R'ndolph,iVrt^.Zrisi. Mus. 
1881. Kirkpatrick,Roger,C.M.G. R.A.M. C. 

1893. Kirkpatrick-Picard,A.W.,Z>'7u/rt;v/-r. 
1876. Kirtikar,KanobaR'nchhoddas,7..l/..S'. 
1890. Kirton, Chas. Imray, Honor Oak. 

1894. Kirton, Reginald Gower, Cairo. 

1890. Kirton, Martin Ainger, Hove. 
1854. Kirton, Wm. Henry, /. Indian Army. 
1865. Kiscli, Albert, Portsdown-rd. 

1904. Kisch, Harcdd Albert, Portsdowr,-rd. 
1906. Kitchen, Harold Ernest, Manchester. 

1901. Kitchin, Ern&st Hugh, ISkipton. 

1889. Kitchin, Hv. Bruntou, Broekley-rd. 

1902. Kitchin, Percy, Parkstone. 

1892. Kitching, Chas. Atkinson, Cape Col. 

1883. Kitching, .In. Lea Walton, Cuhham. 

1860. Kitching, Thomas, Cape Colont/. 

1884. Kite, EdwinWhitf. Dawson, Sh<ffield. 
1887. Kitson, Francis Parsons, Beaminster. 
1894. Kitson, .John Pole, Cape Colony. 
1873. Klien, Edwd. Hughes, Ihinerara. 
1901. Klunipp,Ernest(ieo., 7r'(w^^f>H A'rtc«e<^. 
188'X Knaggs, Francis Henry, Hiidders/icld. 

1891. Knaggs, George John, Dublin. 
1857. Knaggs, Heurv, Army. 


1881. Knaggs, Ilrj'. Valentine, Camdea-rd. 
1878. Knaggs, Robt. Hy. Edwi., Trinidad. 
1850. Knaggs, Siinine\,Hudders/ield. 

1890. Knapp, Geo. Harvey, Cape Colony. 

1892. Knapp, Montague Hv., Boy. Xan/- 
18i:)4. Kuapton, Hy. Alfd. Forlx-s, I. M.S. 

1897. Kuechtel, Robert, Brussels, Ontario. 

1891. Knevitt, Herbert, Ealiny. 

1881. Knight, Alfd. Osborne, ^?/c^/«Mr7, N.Z. 

1903. Knijiht, Aubrey Harvey D., Vict.-st. 
18()4. Knight, Cha^. Fredk., Indian Army. 

1898. Knight, Chas. Voughton, Gloucester. 
1889. Kuight, Edward, Handel-st. 

1893. Knight, Ernest, St. Anne' s-on- Sea. 

1882. Kuiirht, Frederick, Swansea. 

1904. Kuight, Fred. C. R. M., Claremont-sq. 
1895. Kniiiht, Henry Bury, Bade. 

18S9. Knight, Ilem-y Ernest, Rothcrhaui. 

1905. Knight, Herbert Stanley, Brockley. 
1875. Kuight, John Tomlinson, Carlton. 
18^!0. Kniuht, William, Gravesend. 

1892. Knightley, Walt. Randall, Tulse-hiU. 

1864. Kuipe, Wm. Melville, Worcester. 
1901. Kuobel, ^^'m. Bernard, Malvern. 

1895. Knocker, Wm. Douglas,<rNi-.rt.<^<'/-?j-*-^. 
1 891 . Kuott,Edwtl.Mil ward,.!5i'M<f «« Coldjield. 

1865. Knott, Sydenham John, Burivood-pl. 
1848. Ivnott, Thos. Brideoake, Stockport. 
1897. Knowles, Arthur, Halifax. 

1885. Knowles, Frederic Joseph, 5<. Helens 

1896. Knowles, Ralph, 5/. Arme's-on-Sea. 

1907. Knowles, Robert, Elgin-avenue. 
1882. Knowles,Rbt.Brougliton, /. C'o/we/'i". C. 
1 868. Knowles-Jone3,Ju. Thoms.,J! Const. C. 
1881. Knowling, Ernest Mansford, Te)d}y. 

1899. Kuowlton, Alexr. John, Southamptoii. 
1878. Knox, Charles, Toronto. 

1874. Knox, Charles Fredk., Triitidml. 
18!)3. Knox, Robert, Hiyhyate. 
181)7. Knox, Robt. Geo., Freshford. 
1852. Knox, William, Fulbourn. 
1901. Knenig, Rene Paul, Geneva. 
1884. Koettlit/, Reginald, C«/>e Colony. 

1908. Kolaporewalla, Framroze J., Poona. 
1907. Kol:iporewalla,PhirozeshawJ.,/*yo/w. 
1862. Kranz, M. J. Frederick. 

1907. Krestin, Solomon, Sidney-street. 
1901. Kroenig-Ryan, VictorFowell, Coulsdon 
1890. Krohn, RonaldEd.Stewart,^<'/,s/.;('-S(/, 
1903. Krumbholz, Chas. Jiis. Iz/.nvd, Buyl>y. 

1908. Kumara.samv,Murug('seraM.,7//(///Y/7e 
1901. Kunhardt, .In. Conrad Gie, I.M..S. 

1 909. Kureish i , MozatferDi ii \., Rawalpindi. 
1876. Kyan, Joiin Howard, Preston. 

1803. Kytfin, John, Gosport. 
1901. Kynaston,Albertl]velynF.,A'a//.s«'«^n-. 
1874. Kyngdou, Fredk. Hv., Aldcrshot, 
8724 ■ 




1887. Labey, Julius, Jersey. 

18S3. Lace, Wm. Francis, Sutto/i-at-Home. 

1892. Lacey, Allan liamsey, N( 

1905. Lacey, Bernard Warner, Wndtvich. 

1901. Lacey, Hugh Kirbell, Turqiuiy. 

1870. Lacev, Thomas Wai-ner, Woolwich. 

1898. LaceV, William Walter. 

1869. Lack, Thomas Laml>ert, Attlehovo. 

1858. Lackersteen, .Mark Henry, Chicago. 

1875. I^acy, Alex. Gairdner, Ascot. 

1850. Lacy, Wm. Dickenson. 

1900. Lad"ell,EraestWm. Julius, Canonhiry. 

1868. La Fargue, Paul, Paris. 

1864. Laffan, Thomas, Cashel. 

1909. Laidlaw, F. Fortescue, Bloomsbury-st. 
1861. Laidlaw, William. 
1881. Laimbeer, Frederick James. 
1888. Laiug, .Alfred William, 

1869. Laiug, Robert, Blyth. 

1868. Lake, George Robert, Gloucester-ter. 
1848. Lake, William Charles, Teiymmndh, 
1903. Lakin. Cecil Lionel, Hampsteud. 

1900. Lakshmanan, Peter '^..Clapham-i-oad. 

1897. Lamb, Archibald Walt., Mentone-i-d. 
1866. LambjBarnabasWalt., Wolverhnmpt'n 

1865. Lamb, George, Hull. 
1884. Lamb, Hugh, Preston. 

18(32. Lamb, Martin Annesley, Chatham. 

1901. Lamb, Ralph, Licerp'Ml. 

1874. Lamb, William Henry, Baysioater. 
1895. Lambe, Thomas, Seaford. 

1898. Lambert.ErnestCharles, Wandsicorth. 

1902. Lam belt, FraneisCourtenay,i2.^.Jf. C 
1886. Lambert, Frederick Samuel, Newland. 
1860. Lambert, Fredk. William, Farslcy. 
1S57. Lambert, Y\Q\\v\-i^\.o\\e, Mercha)d Serv. 
1"<96. Lambert, Hugh Llewelyn, Barnes. 
1855. Lambert, James, Birhe^ihead. 

1904. Lambert, John, Camhridye. 

1878. Lambert, John Speare, R. Xavy. 

1894. Lambert, Percy, Fimbitry-pk. 

1889. Lambert. Thos. AVm., Kumluops, B.C. 
1899. Lamboru, Wm. Alf.Stedwell.Oj/orrf. 
1885. Lamont, John Charles, I. M.S. 

1895. Lamplough, Cliarles, Aherstoke. 
1903. Lamplouirh.Whariani \\\ .,Ijeami7iyfn 

1890. Lanca.shire, Geo. Ilerbt., Manchester. 
1887. LanCii.ster,KrnestLfCrunier. -Suansea. 
1875. Lancaster, Hy. Francis, Weslbotirne-t, 
1862. Laud, Itobert Turner, Leeds. 

1898. Lander, Chas. Llewellyn, Derorport. 

1879. Laudon, Edward, A. M.S., Honwrton. 
1892. Landon, ErnestEdwd.Balmau.-^c^<>»j. 

1899. Landon, Thos. Hamlyn Wliitt.,Art/n/. 

1880. Lauc, Alexander, Neivcastle-on-T. 


1893. Lane, Clayton Arbuthnot, I.M.S. 
1884. Lane, Fredk. Herbert, Bnrford. 
1891. Lane, Harry Angell, Stepney. 
1881. Lane, James Oswald, Heieford. 
1888. I-ane, William Byam, J.A/..S'. 

1894. Lang, Arthur Joseph, Cape Colony. 

1906. Lang, liasil Thorn, Caoendish-sq. 

1891. Lang,Erne3t Jackson, OldBurVyUm-st. 

1887. Lang, Geoi-gH Herbert, Cape Colony. 
1873. Lang, Rev. Henry- Charles, Sotitht-nd. 
187L Lang, 5n.A.\iA.'Y\\o9..,StokeNewinyfon. 
1850. Lang, John Frank Ross, Sunderland. 
187 L Lang, John ]Mes.?iter, Gloticester-rd. 

1907. Lang, P^-cy, Stoke Newinyton. 
1886. Lang, Walter Scott, Edinhuryh. 
1905. Langdale, Harry Marmaduke, li.X. 

1888. Langdale, Henry, Warrinyton. 
1872. Langdale, Hry. Marmaduke, Vckfield. 
1897, Langdon, Hy. Cbas. Theo., Chisicick. 
1860. Langdon, John, Army. 

1889. Lange, Andre Philip, Trinidad. 

1897. Lange, Massilon Henri Jn., Trimdad. 
1893. Langford, Chas. Harris, Hiyhyate. 
1896. Langford, Fredk. Chas., Peckham. 
1860. Langford, Hry.Edwd., Kidflermim'tpr. 
1909. Langford, Martyn Henry, Plymouth. 

1892. Langford, Morris Charles, R.N. 
1850. Langham, John Phillipson. 

1857, Langley, Edwd. l\aT\tiyK.,Ind. Army. 

1898. Langley, John Edwd., Fulham. 
1898. Langley, John Inman, Coventry. 
1865. Langley, John Thomas, F.rmouth. 
1902. Langmead, Fredk. Sanil., Q.-Aime-st. 

1893. Langmore, Hbt. Richd.. Waliinyford. 
1880. Langridge, Albert Henry, Du.rford. 
1888. Langridge,FrankWash't'n,7//^rf/ro;»Jp, 
1871. Langridge, George Thomas, A*. /J. J/. C. 

1863. Langston, Thomas, Sandoirn, I. of U\ 
1891. lianoston,Tho3. Alfd. Ollivant, IM.S. 
1877. Langton, Herbert, Briyhton. 

1897. Langworthy, Edwd. S., Keasdon. 
1868. I^ang-worthy, Fredk. Wm., Plympfon. 

1864. Langworthy, Geo. A incent, Modhury. 
1861. Langworthy, Wm. Froude, Modbury. 
1893. Laugworthy.W. ^o\iXhm.,Yealmpton. 

1890. Lankester, Arth. Colborne, Pefhatcar. 
18^4. Lankester,Alfd.Owen, Z7p. Wiinp<de-d. 

1897. Lankester,CeciiP.,3«^/<>««/6V;.7;,S.W. 
1887. Lankester, Francis .loliu. Leieater. 
1884. Lankester, Herbt. Hv., C. JI. S<ki/. 

1898. Lankester, Ralph Albt. R., Bradford. 
1886. Lan.sdale, Wm., Crore Park. 

1891. Lansdow-n.Chas.l^wb:>nk,(^7/('//r///<fl/«. 
1856. J^ansdowu, Francis Poole, Lydford. 

1895. Lausdowu, Gilbert Harrv, Knopf)-hill. 
1S90. Lansdown, Robt. Gutli. Poole, C///?07i. 

1896. Lanyon, Edgar Temple, Gainsboro'. 




1876. Lapage, Charles Clement, Nantwich. 
1896. Larbalestier, Win. Kobt., Wimbledon. 
1888. Lnrconibe,CTeo. GAimany, Hof/arth-i-d. 
1850. Larcombe, Sanil. Slee, Langport. 
18S7. Larcombe, Saml. Slee, W. Norwood. 

1882. Larder, Herbert, Whitechapel Iiifinn. 
1888. Larkam, Edward Thomas, Presicich. 

1870. Larkin, Fredk. Georp-e, Grove-park. 
1903. Larkin, Reginald, Groce-park. 

1883. Larking, Arthur Ernest, Buckingham. 
1857. Larmuth, John Hamilton, Guenisi-y. 
1905. Lascelles, John Eaton, L'ckfield. 
1907. Lash, Henry Andrew, Ealing. 

1895. Laslett, 'Msximcullovrard, Gillingham. 

1884. Laslett, Tliomas George, Bolton. 
1900. Last, Cecil Edwd., LiUlehampton. 
1898. Last, Thos. Clitibrd, New Milton. 

1896. Latchmore, Arthur Thos., W. Africa 
1894. Latham, Arth. Carlvle, Portland-pl. 
1903. Latham, Charles Hugh, JDerhg. 

1897. liatham, Denver Wm. F., Barnsbury. 
1903. Latham, Godfrey Holland, Derby. 
18)5. Latham, Henry Hole. 

19(Xi. Jjatham, Thos. Jones, Barnsbury. 
1878. Latham, Wni., Ashfon-in-Makerp'eld. 
1891. Lathbury, Edwd. A., City-rd. 
lfK)4. Lathbury,ErnestBrowiiiug,i?..-l.J/.C 

1871. Latimer, Henry Arthur, Swansea. 
1875. Latour, George Lewis, Grenada. 
1870. Lattev, Arthur, Jl'okinr/. 

1862. Lattey, Richd. Allin, teend, Bengal. 
1897. Laurence, Bertram Eustace. Croydon. 
1904 Laurence, George, Catford. 
1881 . Laurenl,EugeneArth. Oscar, J/rt?«-e'^ms 

1885. Laurie, Caspar Robert, Redruth. 

1857. Laver, Henry, Colchester. 

1893. Laver, Philip Guyon, Colchester. 
1896. Lavers, Norman, Canterbury. 

1884. Lavie, Tudor Gerniaine, R.A.M.C. 

1885. Lavies, Harry Brandreth, Belgrave-rd. 
1878. I>a viSjHenrv James Johnston, 5?aw/2e?<. 
1869. Law, Alfd.' Roberts, Baivuitaple. 

1877. Law, Edward, Wimpole-street. 

1858. Law, John, late Indian Army. 

1894. Law, Josepii, HuUimcvod. 
1858. Lawrance, Edwd Alexander. 
1857. Lawrance, Frederick, Chi-mu'ck. 
1909. Lawrance, Milo Chas. 8., Kendal. 
1905. Lawrence, Alan Arth.Hinds,6'o?//'//wrt, 
1884. Lawrence, Alfred, Katberg, Cape. 
]S57. Lawrence, Arth. Garnous, Chepstow. 
1804. Lawrence, Georg.', Ihde-st., W.C. 
1850. Lawrence, Jlt'iny. MalDern, Victoria. 
18(54. Lawrence, Hry. Cripps, Tavistock. 
1896. LawrtMice, Hy. Gwyime, Chepstow. 

1872. Lawrence, .lames, Darlington. 
1853. Lawrence, Sir Jn. .1 as.T., lit.,K.C.V.O. 


1891. Lawrence, Johu, Crexo. 

1883. LawrencejSidneyCameronjEV/woMtow. 

1903. Lawrence, Srephen March, Brighton. 
1874. Lawi-ence, Thos. George, Rutland-st. 

1867. Lawiie, Edward, Harley-st. 

1904. Lawry, James Littleton, Calstock. 
1902. Lawry, Richard Coger, Penzance. 

1885. Laws, Cuthbert \5m[vQ\\\\Q,Neiucastle. 

1905. Laws, Harold Lionel, Charlbun/. 

1868. Law.son, Archibald. Halifax. KScotia. 
1890. Lawson, Douglas, R.A.M.C. 

1898. Lawson, Frank Howard, Steyning. 
190L Lawson, Frederick James, E. Sheen. 
18S2. Lawson,Geo.L. Leathes, //b«r. 0^•.-;>/t. 

1886. Lawson, Hugh. Chislehurst. 

1901. LawsoU; James Ward, Up. Woburn-pl. 
1895. Lawson, Richard, Balham. 

1872. Lawson,Thos.Cornelius, WeekSt.M'ry 

1893. Lawton, Walt. Chaplin, Cambridge. 

1854. Lay, Jas. Cochrane, Neic York. 
1876. Layborn, Wm. Kirkns, Beverley. 

1902. Laycock, Albert Penard, W. Norwood 

1894. Layton, Frank George, Walsall. 
1879. Layton, Henry Albert, Bodmin. 
1882. Lea, Francis James, Holland-pk. 
1874. Lea, Julian Augustus, Gresford. 
1861. Leach. Abraham, Oldham. 
1901. Leach, Edgar, Eccles. 

1904. Leach, Harold, Halifax. 

1901. Leach, Herbert, Rhodesia. 
1863. Leach, Matthew. Sheffield. 

1902. Leach, Richard Ernest IL, Wifheridr/e. 
1860. Leachman, Albt. W^an-en, Petcrsji'eld. 
1858. Leadam, Wm. Ward, Gloucester-terr. 

1899. Leader. Harold, Shffield. 
1865. Leah, Thomas, Plymouth. 
1898. Leah, Thomas Xov, Pli/moath. 

1878. Leak, Hector, Winrford. 

1870. Leake, Geo. Dalton Xugent,7?..-i. J/. C. 

1897. Leake, Jonas William, R.A.M.C. 
1865. Leale, Josiah, Guernsey. 

1855. Leamon, Michael Tout, Tavistock. 

1898. Leaning, Robert Craske, Bedford-pk. 

1905. Leapingv,ell, Arth. Edwd., Chcadh. 
1870. Leapiugwell, Wm.T.G., Thomton-Kth. 

1879. Leatham, Henry l^lackburn. New Zeal. 

1903. Leathart, \^^\-c\\^VN\\i,ox\,Cambridge. 

1902. Leathem,.\lfd. ^ewnmu, Beckcnham. 
1!)01. Leathes, Hill Miissenden, Gvdalming. 

1903. Le Bas, Dumaresq, R.A.M.C. 

1906. Lebon, Camille, Saargemund. 
1905. Le Brocq, Cliarlcs Xoble, Jersey. 
1863. I^ebrun, P. Jos. Desird, Brussels. 

1887. Leche, Artluir, A.vln-idge. 

1907. Leckie, Malcolm, Guys-hospital. 
18()9. Leckie, Walt. James, 6'/ywvv/w Club. 
1000. Lecl^jzio, Geo. Jos. Alexis, Mauritius. 




1897. Leclezlo, Gustave Ernest, Albert-st. 
1878. Le Ciouier, llardwick, Jersey . 
1889. Le Cronier, Maxwell, Jersey. 

1908. Ledfrer, Altred ^'e^uou, Lee. 
18(54. Lediiijzliani, James. 

1909. Ledlie, William, Croydon. 

] 902. Ledward,Hu}rhDiiveupurt,ie^cA«Jo?7A 

lSo8. Ledwich, Richard. 

1871. Ledyard, AVm. Edward, California. 

1852. Lee, Charles, late Indian Army. 

1848. Lee, Charles Alfred, Hnll. 

1870. Lee, Charles George, Lioerpool. 

1900. Lee, Crichton Stirling, Fatney. 

1873. Lee, Edmund, Manchester. 

1870. Lee, Edward Samuel, Barking. 
1875. Lee. Edwin, Dcusburtj. 

1898. Lee, Frederick Wm., Sforrington. 
1909. Lee, Harrv, EarVs Heaton. 

1861. Lee, Herbert Grove, Thame. 
1851. Lee, Joseph, Army. 

1857. Lee, Percy. 

1902. Lee, Robert Hammersley, Clapton. 
1877. Lee, Roger, JBurton-on-Trent. 

1903. Lee, Ronald Outram, Haddenham. 
1909. Lee, Septimus Joseph, Brampton. 
1892. Lee, Sidney Herbert, Teddinyton. 
1868. Lee, Timothy Wood, N.S. W. 

1862. Lee, William Edward. 

1904. I>ee, William Emerson, Nottinyham. 

1906. Lee, William Herbert, EUesmere. 
1897. Lee, William Howe, Chesterfield. 

1901. Leech, Ernest Bosdin, Timperley. 
1900. Leech, Fredk. Samuel, Gateshead. 
1891. Leeder, Forrest Bertram, Parkstone. 
1904. Leeming, Arnold, Sudbury. 

1907. Leeming, A rthur Norman, Guy^s-hosp. 
1883. Leeming, Robt. Whinerey. Kendal. 
1909. Lees, Alfred Everard, Beckenham. 
1894. Lees, Charles Archibald, Ealing. 
1900. Lees, Charlie, Tunbridye Wells. 

1874. Lees, David Bridge, IVeymouth-st. 
1885. Lees, Edwin Leonard, Bristol. 

1871. Lees, Frederick Arnold, Meanwood. 
1904. Lees, Harold Cruick.shank, Stockport. 
1907. Lees, Kenneth Arthur, IVeymouth-st. 
1885. Lees, William, Chester. 

1907. Leeson, Harold Howard, Cromicell-rd. 

1875. Leeson, John Rudd, Twickenham. 
1857. Leeson, R. H., Sandoun, Is/c ofJJ'iyht. 
1888. Le Feuvre, Wm. Philip, Buluivayo. 
1904. Le Fevre, John Speedily, N.S. V/. 
1898 Le Fleming, Ernest Kaye, Wimborne. 
1873. Leftwich, Ralph W., Kenninyton. 
1904. Legassick, Wm. Kingdon, Flymptun. 
1897. Le Gevt, Daniel Edward, Jersey. 
1890. Legg, Cyrus, Upp. Tooting. 

1866. Legg, John Wickham, Green-st. 

1866. Leggatt, .\lfd. John, Nelson, N.Z. 

1885. Leggatt, Gerard Stedman, iV«/vroorf. 

1894. Legge, Sydney Colen, Worcester. 

1881. Legge, William Heneage, Lewes. 
1889. Legh, Harry Legh de, liedcar. 

1867. Le Grand de la Liraye,L. Marc, Paris. 

1901. Lehmann, Julius Eduard, Winnipeg. 
1907. Leicester, Wm. Saml., Singapore. 

1893. Leigh, Albert, Mcdpas. 

1886. Leigh, Randle, Liccrpool. 

1870. Leigh, Richmond, Orange River Col. 
1863. Leigh, Tiiomas, Brighton. 

1865. Leigh, Thomas Drake, Liverpool. 
1907. Leigh, William Himer, Bolton. 
1878. Leigh, Wm. Watkin, Treharris. 
1863. Leith, Ralph Jas. Forbes. 

1888. Leman, Tiios.C iirtis, Chippiny Sodbury 

1892. LemarchandArth.Whart.,/)rtr»s<«/>/t'. 
1844. Le Marchant, Rev. Iloht., Jii^ington. 

1889. Lemon, Edward Ilenrv, Lee. 

1872. Le Mottee, Geo. Herbert, B.A.M.C. 
1878. Lendou, Alfred Austin, Adelaide. 

1874. Lendou, Edwin Harding, Holland-j)k. 
1909. Leney, Ronald Jn. B., Wateringbury. 

1902. Lennaue, Alf. .las. Andrew, Claphnm. 
1876. Lennon, Geo. Landou, Manchester. 
1895 Leon, George Alexander, SidmotUh. 

1895. Leon, John Temple, Southsea. 
1902. Leonard, Napoleon, Westcliff-on-Sca. 

1894. Leonard, Robert Cecil, Bristol. 
1899. Leonard, Wilham Hugh, /. J/.A 

1890. LeQiiesne,ClaudePhilip, Southampton 

1875. Le Quesue, Edwin Joseph, Trint/. 
1836. Le Q,uesne,F.SimeGn,V.C.,i?..J.lV.a 

1889. Le Riche, Philip John, Worthing. 

1895. Lermitte, Edwd. Aug., Manor-road. 

1866. Le Rossignol, Augustin, Jersey. 
1898. Leslie, Lewis Francis, Evesham. 
1907. Lessel, Jn. Fredk., Torrinyton-sq. 

1882. Lessey, Sandford Scobell, Hythe. 
1904. Lester, (leo. Mackenzie Lester, N.Z. 

1893. Lesur, Marie Paul Aim^, Kentish-tn. 
1865. Lethbridge, Sir A. S.,K.C.S.L,/.3/.5. 

1865. Lethbridge, Chas. Fredk., Leicester. 

1868. Lett, Francis, Hastings. 

1866. Lettis, Thomas, Gt. Yannmrth. 
1885. Lever, Frederick, Ilarroyate. 
1859. Lever, Reginald Croft, Army. 
1904. Leverton-Spry, Edward, Ilelston. 
1866. Leverton-Spry, Edwd. Jas., Helstun. 

1883. Levi, Reuben, Montreal. 

1890. Le\ick, Geo. David Baker, Piniier. 

1896. Levick, Geo. KenTiv, Havant. 
1902. Levick, Geo. Murray, B.N. 
18C)0. Levis, John Sampson, R.N. 

1892. Levy, Alfd. Goodman, Devonshire-st. 
1895. Levy, Oscar Ludwig, Museum-at. 





1892. Lewarne, Frank, Crichlade. 

1902. Lewellvu, John Woodruiij Bristol. 
1858. Lewer, Alfred, Army. 

18^8. Lewer,E.Stewart,i?w/7ey-t«- Wh'fdale 
1850. Lewer, Robert, Army. 

1889. Lewers, Alexander, Victoria. 

1883. Lewers,Arth.UaniiltonN., U.Brook-st. 
1881. Lewers, Thos. Ross, Berry, N.S.IF. 
1868. Le-\^-iu, Friend, Bayswater. 

1901. Lewin, George, Croydon. 

1890. Lewis, Albt.Cornewalle, Pontyberem. 
1901. Lewis, Arthur Cedrie, lioc/iford. 
Ib99. Lewis, Arth. Daniel, Stoke Ne win (jton. 
1888. Lewis, Eenj. Morgan, Pontypridd. 
1897. Lewis, Cecil Ernest M., Bicldey. 
1805. Lewis, Chas.GrayMontgomery,2)oi;er 

1888. Lewis, Charles Ilarvey, Shirley. 
1885. Lewis, Charles James, Edinhurgh. 
1887. Lewis, Cliarles Mortimer, Hindhead. 

1879, Lewis, Chris. John, Birminyliam. 

1897. Lewis, Colton Taylor, Luton. 
19U6. Lewis, David Thos., Pontypridd. 
1887. Lewis, Ernest Edward, Weymouth-st. 

1893. Lewis, Ernest Wood, Hanunersmith. 

1898. Lewis, Frank Charles, Ealing. 

1891. Lewis, Frederick, Henfield. 

1894. Lewis, Fredk. A\ m., S. Farnhorovyh. 
1890. Lewis, Geo. Williams, I}oaro-pl.,W. 

1895. Lewis, Gwilyni, Old Charlton. 
1887, Lewis, Henry Williams, St. Davids. 
1885. Lewis, James King, Westbury. 
1885. Lewis, Jenkyn, Llanon. 

1907. Lewis, John, Regent' s-park. 
1852, Lewis, Joseph, Cardiff. 

1875. Lewis, Joseph Isaac, Milborne Port. 
1871. Lewis, Lewis, «S'. Norwood. 

1889. Lewis, Llewelyn, Neath. 

1880. Lewis, Percy George, Folkextone. 
1887. Lewis, Philip King, Bromyard. 
1852. Lewis, Robt. Dens(iU, Bradford. 

1903. Lewis, Robert Robinson, B.A.M.C. 
1905. J-ewis, Rowland Philip, R.A.M.C. 

1904. Lewis, Tliomas, Cardiff. 

1877, Lewis, Thos. Hope, Auckland, K.Z. 
1870, Lewis, Thomas Preston, Bri.vton. 
1903. Lewis, Wm. Collins, Denbigh. 
19U1. Lewis, Wm. Edwd. \'aughan, 
issL Lewis, Wra.Hy. Phillips, G7oMcesto*-s<, 
1854, Lewis, Wm. .Jarrett, JIali/a.i; N.S. 
lSf<9. Ijcwitt, ]"Vedk. William, Leicester. 
1873. Lewtas, John, Bedel iffe-gdns. 
lfX)2. Lewthwait*-, Alfred, Settle. 
1897. Lewys-Ll'vd, Evan, 7'ou-yn. 
1893, Ley, Bernard, 7^..V. 
1889. Lev, Georire, B.N. 

1908. Ley, Gordon, Ermouth. 

1884. Ley, Henry .lames, Knouie. 



Ley, Henry Rooke, Boscomhe. 
Ley, Richard, Exeter. 
Lev, Richard Leonard, Exmouth. 
Leyden, Chas. Dominic, Brockley-rd. 
Leys, Robert, Ellon, N.B. 
Leyshon , Thos. St. Leger, Burgess-hill. 
Libby, Harold Samuel, Falmouth. 
Lichfield, William. 
Lichteuberg. G. P. J. L,, Billingford. 
Liddard, William, Shepherd's Bush. 
Liddell,Hy.Ju.Shfplieard, J'([Vr<r?w/, 
Lidderdale, Eras. John, Folkestone. 
Lidderdale, James, Cheltenham. 
Liddle, Percy Herbert, Victoria 
Lidd(5n, Edward, Taunton. 
Liebig, George von, India. 
Liebreich, Fdk. Richard, Cork-street. 
Liebstein, David Wm., Brighton. 
Liebstein, Herman John, Putney. 
Lieschiug, Chas. Edward, Tiverton. 
Ligertwood, Thomas, C.B., Chelsea. 
Ligertwood, Walter Hood, Wells. 
Light, Edwin Mellor, Wilt<m-place. 
Light, Leonard Wm., Svuthminster. 
Lightbody, John Henry, Be.vhill. 
Liirhtfoot, John Henry, lioynl Navy. 
Lightoller,Henry Martin, Queensland. 
Lilley, George Herbert. Oxford. 
Lilley, James Harris, Hereford. 
Lillie, Cecil Firmin, Cape Colony. 
Lillie, Charles Ogilvie, Dunedin, N.Z. 
Lillies, Herbert, Victoria. 
Lilly, Alfd. Thos. Irvine, B.A.M.C. 
Lilly, Frederick John, B.N. 
Limont, James, Neiccastle-on-Tyne. 
Lincoln, Chas. Hope Septimus, /.J/.aS'. 
Liudop, Llewellyn, Royal Navy. 
Lindow, Albert, Plumstead. 
I-iindsay, Edwin Algernon, Calgary. 
Lind.sey, Colin Dunrod, Plymouth. 
Lindsey, Eric Craigie, Plymouth. 
Line, AVilliam Henry, Birmingham. 
Ling, Harold Charles, Keiyhley. 
Liugard, Alfred, Nuim-Tal. 
Linnell, Alfred, Totccester. 
Linnell, Robert McCheyne, Bedford. 
Liuney, Wm. Wyclitle,7/rt.v //?(//.>■, .A'. Z. 
Lintzgy, Wm. Johnson von. Calcutta. 
Lipscomb, Artii. Augustus, IVrotham. 
Lipscomb, Edgar Richd. S., Hove. 
Lipscomb, Eustace Henry, St. Alhans. 
Lipscomb, Richd. Nicholson, Hove. 
Liptrot, Alfred Baili^-, Wigan. 
Lisboa, Patrocinio, MOburn-pl.j W,C. 
Lis^aman, Thomas, Bolton. 



1867. Lister, Charles Ilenry, Croydon. 

1905. Lister, Frederick Spencer, Neivark. 
1901. Lister, Herbert Shaw, I'laistow, 
1882. Lister, Jos. Herbert, Barmouth. 

1886. Lister, Jos. Jackson, Leytonstone. 

1892. Lister,- Sept. Knyuer, King's Lynn. 
1904. Lister, Walter, Leeds. 

1870. Liston, James Eobert, PecTiham. 

1888. Listen, Walt. Lawrence, Tewkeshnry. 
1860. Litchfield, Hy.Robt.C, Tmclenham. 

1906. Litchfield, I'ercy Collins, Furley. 
1904. Lith-ow,ErnestGeo.Robt.,Z?..4.M.C. 

1906. Litteljohu, Arth. Rieassett, Ilamcell. 
1901. Litteljohn, Edwd. Salterne, Hamcell. 

1887. Littig, Lawrence William, loica. 

1896. Little, Arthur Edwin, Leeds. 
1885. Little, Artliur Nicholas, Duhe-st. 

1893. Little,ErnestGord.Grah., Wimpole-st 
1885. Little, Francis Ernest, Teujnmouth. 
1862. Little, Frederick, Aylsnam. 

1907. Little, Harold Norman, Strood. 
1850. Little. John. 

1900. Little John Wishart, I.M.S. 

1908. Little, Joseph Pearson, Maryport. 

1897. Littlehales, Arthur Gascoyne. 
1897. Littlejohn, Thos. Plested, Worthing. 

1904. Littlejohns, Arch. Smith, I.M.S. 

1882. Littlewood, Jn. Oscroft, Mansfield. 
1854. Liveing, Edward, Queen Anne-street. 

1884. Livermore, Wm. L., Finshurij-park. 

1897. Liversidge, William, Skipton. 

1905. Livock, Wm. Sherwojd, Brighton. 

1889. Livsev, Wm. Edward, Liverpool. 
1852. Lizars, John Lizars, Toronto. 

1883. Llewellvn,Dvd. Wm.Hy., r'6> Wells 

1882. Llewellyn, James Uavies, Victoria. 

1885. Llewellyn, John, Salisbury. 

1874. Llewellyn, Rees Ralph, Stamford-h. 
190L Llewelhn, Thomas Lister, Bargoed. 

1894. Llewellyn, Thos. Richurd, Penygraig. 
1905. Llewf^lvn. Llewelyn, Mountain Ash. 
1870. Llovd, "Albert Eyton, Rhyl. 

1908. Lloyd, Bertram Arthur, Edgbastan. 
1900. Llovd, BrinlevRichd.,3/er%r Tydjil. 

1904. Lloyd, David Geo., Xetvcastle Emlyn. 

1898, Lloyd, Edmund Eyre, Leytonstoiie. 
1877. Llovd, Edward James, Bangor. 
1898. Llovd, F'rancis Seymour, Lut(ai. 
1892. Lloyd, Fredk. George, Addiso7i-rd. 

1905. Lloyd, Geo. William, Brough. 

1884. IJovd, Henry, St. Asaph. 

1883. Llovd, Hv. Sanderson, Sydney. 

1875. Llovd, Jas. Helliugs, Mdner-street. 

1868. Llovd, John, Abergetcili. 
1900. Llovd, John AUden, Xatal. 
1874. Lloyd, John Daniel, Chirk. 
1905. Lloyd, John Daniel Stuart, Chirk. 


1907. Lloyd, John Ross, Streatham. 
1909. Lloyd, John Thomas, Tregaron. 
1904. Lloyd, John Tryweryu, Liverpool. 
1889. Llovd, .John Weslev, Liverpool. 
1898. Lloyd, Langford N.,'i>..S'. O. ,Jt.A.M. C. 

1897. Lloyd, Lewis Ji)nes, Northampton. 
1873. Lloyd, Morgan, Llanarthney. 
1862. Lloyd, Nathaniel Helliugs, Truro. 
1900. Llovd, Ifichard Ernest, I.M.S. 

1898. Lloyd, Uichard Harte, ie.v4.7>/.C. 
1880. Llovd, Rickard ^\'m., Addison-rd. 
V.m. Llovd, Robert, Sheffield. 

1900. Lloyd, Robt. Archer, /,.ir.5. 
1860. Lloyd, Samuel, Deal. 

1891. Lloyd, Thomas Edward, Abergavenny 
19U8. Lloyd, Walter Everard, Llandilo. 
1893. Lloyd, Wm. Frederick, Windsor. 
1904. Lloyd-Jones, PercyArnold,ii.^.7I/. C. 
1866. Loane, Joseph, 67. Alie-st. 

1908. Lobb,Edwd. Leslie Martvn,Ze?fi!sAam. 

1898. Lobb, Fi-ancis Fredk., B.N. 

1899. Lobb, Hubert Pech^. Nigeria. 

] 893. Lock, Geo. Haylett, U.rbridge-st. 

1900. Lock, John Lewis, L'.vbridge. 
1809. Lock, Lyonel .John, Cambridge. 
1903. Lock, Pei-cyGonville, Tunbridgc Wells 
1886. Locke, George, Hastings. 

1858. Locke, Geo. Wm., Lismore, N.S. W. 
1855. Locke, Thos. Wm. Spink, Coatham. 
1845. Locke, William, Ipsuich. 
1880. Locker, Edward Hawke, Kirby-cross. 

1892. Lockhart, Alfred, Canada. 
1864. Locking, Benjamin. Napier, N.Z. 
1883. Lockwood, Harry, Sheffield. 
1875. Lockwood, Ju. Parker, Faringdon. 
1858. Lockwood, Joseph, Huddersjield. 

1888. Lockyer, Conrad Wm., W. Norwood. 

1893. Lockyer, Gerard Edward, Atnesbnry. 
1907. Loddiges, Conrad, Haverstoek-ttill. 

1889. Lodwidge, Wm. Chan-ott, Walton. 

1879. Logan, Fdk. Thomas Bishop, Bristol. 
1883. Logan, Robert, Michigan. 

1890. Logan, Roderick l^.^^^,^»7/6?/-^-/rt-Z. 

1888. Lonias, P^rnest Courtney', D.S.O.,^.iV. 
1858. Lomas, William. 

1883. Lomax, ^lontagu, Cheltenham. 
1883. London, John Edward, Brit. Guiana, 
1860. Long, Alexander, Army. 

1862. Long, Arthur, Kear.tney. 

18(51. Long, Cha.«. Frederic, Leaminijton. 

1889. Long, Edward Charles. Basutoland. 

1880. Long, luiwiu Walter, Neic Zealand. 

1863. Long, Frederick, Norwich. 
1893. Long, Herbert Birch, Bicei^ter. 
1898. Long, James Ernest, Bath. 
1897. Long. John Reginald, Dover. 
1883. Long, Ju. Wm. Francis, R.A.M.C. 




1894. Long, Thomas Freeman, Chesham. 

1899. Long, Wni. Ghri.stopher, I.3LS. 
1871. Longhiu-st, Alex. Keeue, Eidinr/. 

1808. Lontrhuist, Arthur Edwin T..E<it')n-sq. 

1891 . Longhurst, BeU Wilmott, R.A.M.C. 

1 901. Longhurst, Ernest A., Old Burling fn-st. 
IVIOO. Longhurst, Frederic Win., Uafon-r^. 
lOOO. LonghurstjPerc V A., OldBurlinf/fon-st. 

1894. Longinotto, Michael Jos.,Ititssell-sq. 

1900. Longle}', Jn. Augustus Noel, Bristol. 

1883. Longman, Arthur, Salisbnri/. 
1881. Longman, Geo. Philip, Be.rhUl. 
1877. Longstaff, Geo. Blundell, Pidney. 
1893. Lougton, Geo. Harold, Weymonth-st. 
l89o. Louuou, Frederick, Denmark-hill. 

1877. Looker, John Evans, Manchester. 

1892. Loos, Wm. Chris., Upper Norwood. 

1902. Loosely, Alfd. Edwd. A., Wood-lane. 

1907. Loosely, Chas. Jas., Wood-lane. 

1897. Lord, Cyril Courtenay, Chatha?n. 
]8oo. Lord, John. 

18G3. Lord, Richard, Ealina. 

1889. Lord, Robert Ellis, Coltq/n Batj. 

1893. Lord, Samuel Thomas, Manchester. 
1889. Lord, William Henry, Hnddcrsjield. 

1900. Lord, William James, Farinc/don. 

1884. Loring, Jonathan Brown, Montreal, 

1878. Lory, William Manley, R.K 
1887. Lotz, Henry John, W. Australia. 

1895. Loud, Frank, Lewes 

1908. Loudon, Juliau Derwent, Toronto. 

1906. Loughlorough, Albt. L., HoUand-pk. 
1905. Loughborough, Walt. Gerald, Gosport. 
1908. Loughlin, Dermot, Wimbledon. 

1904. Louisson, Maurice Geo., Neiv Zealand. 
1889. Lourensz, Chas. Ball, Torrinfiton-sq. 

1907. Louwrens, Jas. Zohwson.Or.JRiverCol. 
1870. Love, Aug. Edgar Biirch.7^o«/'«e»(o?<^A 
1902. Love, Herbert, Hemel Hempstead. 
18-59. Love, James, Bnrfon-strcct, S.W. 

1905. Loveday, Francis John, Chehea. 

1902. Loveday, Geo. Edwd., Manchester. 
1892. Loveday, Wm. Dunmore, Wantar/c, 

1809. Lovegi'ove, Charles, W. Kensington. 

1898. Lovegrove, Fdc. Thus. .\lex., W.Aust. 
18G0. Lovegrove, James Francis, N.S. W. 
1807. Lovegrove. Thos. Henry, W. Aust. 
1870. Lovejoy, Wm. Henry, Portman-st. 
1870. Lovell, Francis Otley, Ham/i.'itead. 

1885. Lovell, Harry Haynes, Barnstaple. 
1878. Lovell, Robt. Havnes, Hans-cresc. 

1873. Lovell, Walt. Fredlv., Hastings. 
1907. Lovell, William, Crivkleirood. 

1901. Lovell-Keays, Lionel F., E. Hoathly. 

1903. Low, Allan Douglas, Ealing. 

1874. Low, Chailes Arthur; Wimborne. 
1884. Low, Chas. William, Stowmarket. 


1870. Low, Frank Harrison, Henrietfa-st. 

1902. Low, George Harvey, Plmnstead. 
1890. Low, Harold, S. Kensington. 

18 )3. Low, John Robert, Si/dney. 

1903. Low, Nelson, R.A.M.C. 

1906. Low, R ibert Bruce, Borneo. 

1877. Lowdell, Cha*. Geo. Walton, I. M.S. 
1845. Lowdell, Edward. "S. Hampstead. 

1854. Lowdell, Sydney Poole, E. Grinstead. 
1873. Lowe, Chas. }Ienvy,Burton-on-Trent. 

1900. Lowe, Francis Henry, Peckhnm. 

1907. Lowe, Fredk. Boulton, Dulwich. 
1894. Lowe, Godfrey Jn. Ralph, Lincoln. 

1896. Lowe, Henry, Ti/croes. 
1894. Lowe, Lockhart, Stourbridge. 
1905. Lowe, Otto Wm. Axel, Birkdale. 
1882. Lowe, Thos. Pagan, Bath. 

1901. Lowenthal,LouisLawrence, Highb'ry. 

1897. Lower, Nynian Yeo, Presteign. 
1805. Lowndes, Fredk. Walter, Liverpool. 

1855. Lowmds, Jas. Richd., Neicca^tle-on-T. 
1844. Lowue, Beuj. Thompson, Highyate. 

1907. Lowiy, Ernest Ward, Maida-vale. 
1905. Lowry, Wm. Herbert, Toronto. 
1890. Lowsley, Lionel Dewe, Uganda. 
1896. Lowsley, Mont. Marmion, i2.yl..T:f.C. 
1869. Lowther, Richard, Grange-o.-Sands. 
1887. Loxton, Wm. Arthur, Birmingham. 
1894. Loy, Martin WiUiam, Neio Bronipton, 
1881. Lovnd, William, Wilpshire. 

1855. Lubbock, J. J. L'Oste. 

1872. Lubbock, Montagu, Grosvennr-st., W, 

1856. Lubbock, R. Girdlestone, Nor7vich. 

1896. Lubeck, Wilfred Jos., Jularpet. 
1875. Lucas, Ai-thur, Woburn. 

1890. Lucas, Arthur, Bury. 
1879. Lucas, Charles, BurweU. 

1894. Lucas, Claude Robinson, Transvaal. 
ISO*). Lucas, George, Uckfield. 

1897. Lucas, Geo. Humphrey, Wisbech. 
1805. Lucas, Herbert, Huntingdon. 

1897. Lucas, Joseph John Scammell,.B;7s<o/. 
1854. Lucas, Robert. 

1 869. Lucas,Robt.IIarry, Bury St.Edmunds. 

1898. Lucas, Stanley Arthur, N. Zealand. 

1871. Lucas, Thomas Pennington, Brisbane. 
1903. Lucas, Travis Clay, R.A.M.C. 
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1896. Lumb, Edward John" 




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1906. McAsh,