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" A Catalogue of any eminent author's Library is likely to be prized by 
persons familiar with his writings. In the present case, undoubtedly, 
the nature and extent of the Collection throw light, in a remarkable 
manner, on the history of its founder. The reader has before him a faith- 
ful inventory of the materials with which the National Poet and^Novelist 
had stored his mind before he began his public career ; and also very 
striking indications, both of the zeal with which he watched the progress 
of literary enterprise down to the close of his life, and of the homage paid 
to his genius and celebrity by his contemporaries." 

To these pertinent and well-expressed remarks of Mr. Lockhart's, on 
the peculiar species of interest attached to the Abbotsfobd Library, the 
person to whom the charge of preparing this Catalogue was entrusted, 
takes the liberty of adding a few words as to its execution. 

The Collection not being formed upon a general plan, embracing all 
departments of human knowledge, but mainly confined to the two great 
heads of History and Belles-Lettres, it seemed unnecessary to exhibit its 
contents in the rigid form of a Catalogue raisonni^ drawn up on any of 
tlic approved systems of bibliographical classification. The arrangement 
originally made under Sir Walter Scott's eye, has, therefore, remained 
unaltered ; and the time thereby saved has been employed, it is hoped to 
greater advantage, in enlarging and perfecting the Index, which it has 
been the object of the compiler to render as fiiU and comprehensive as 


The idea of making Sir Wjxteb Scott himself the annotator on the 
books of his Library, recommended itself the more readily to the compiler, 
as it seemed to him to form something like a substitute for the projected 
but abandoned Reliquiae TroUcosienses. (See Mr. Lockhart's Memoirs, 
Vol. vii. p. 218.) The references introduced with that view include 
the notices of every kind, whether reviewals, incidental criticisms and 
opinions, anecdotes, extracts, &c., which are to be found scattered through- 
out the voluminous series of his collected Works, as well as in the 
Memoirs of his Life. Of his own notes the compiler has been sparing, 
from a desire not to swell the size of the Volume unnecessarily. 

All the volumes in which Sir Walter had written manuscript notes 
have been carefully particularized. But of these notes very few have 
been extracted, as most of them possessing any literary or personal in- 
terest were found to be either already appropriated, (in substance at 
least) by himself, or inserted, verbatim^ in the interesting pages of bis 

In conclusion, the compiler hopes to receive that indulgence for what- 
ever errors he may have committed, which those best acquainted with the 
nature of such undertakings are always the readiest to bestow. 

J. G. C, 

Edinburgh, iUh Notember^ 1838. 






PrB88 a. 



Scottisli History. 



' > English History. 

— American History and Literature. 30 
£. English and Foreign Miscellanies. 32 

F. 1 French^ German^ and Italian Lite- 

G. I rature 35 

— English Poetry, Drama, and Fiction. 41 
H. English and French Works of Fiction. 43 

* f Foreign Literature, — French, Ita- 

Spanish, German, Danish. 46 

L.'j '''"' 

— English and Scotch Miscellanies. 57 
M. Northern History. 63 

— Tracts on the Covenanters, &c. 

— Revolution of 1688. 

— Rebellions of 1715 and 1745. 

N. Chivalry and Romance. . 101 

— Old English Poetr>\ 

— - Magic, Alchemy, Heraldry, &c. 
0. Witchcraft, Demonology, &c. 1 22 

P. English and Scottish Poetry. . 154 
Q. Miscellaneous. . 177 

R. English PolygrapherR. . . 183 

— Old English and Scottish Poetry. 

— Historical and Antiquarian Tracts. 

S. Modem Poetry and Belles Lcttres. 195 
T. English Works on General History. 204 
V. English Drama, Theatrical History. 207 
W. Greek and Latin Classics. . 223 
X. Classical and Historical Miscellanies. 228 
Y. Sir Walter Scott's Works. . 230 
Z. ^ English and Foreign History, Voy- 
&. > ages and Travels, Dictionaries, 

iE.) &c 231 

Atlasses,Prints,andEml>ellishedWork8. 330 
Maps and Plans. . . . 260 



Press A. The Mouiteur. . . . 2C1 

B. Books of Prints. . . i6, 

— History, Poetr}'. 

— Scots Law. (also in D. & H.) 

C. Dictionaries. . . 264 

Irisl) Histon*. 
Italian History. 
Foreign Novels, &c. 

D. Irish and Scottish History. 269 
Sir W. Scott's Poems. 

Italian Literature. 

Roxburgh Club Books. . 274 

Bannatyne Club Books. . 276 

Maitland Club Books. . . 280 

G. Theolo<rical and Political Tracts. 283 

H. Theology, Philosophy, Law. . 291 

I. Arts and Sciences; Scottish History. 298 

K. Irish and English History. 302 

— Collections of Tracts. 

L. Miscellanies. . . . 310 

-^ Modem History; Voyages & Travels. 
M. Sir W. Scott's Works. . 320 

N. Modem Poetry. . 322 

R. Modem French History and Memoirs. 323 

S. French Works on Napoleon. 325 



"Periodical Literature. 



Novels, and Light Literature. 
Additions and Omissions. 


N,B. — The MamitcripU are digtinguuhe<l throughout by ItalicB, 








Acts of the Parliaments of Scotland. Printed by command of H. H. King George IIL &c. 

Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Deputy Register, Vol. II. to XI. (1424-1707) 10 vols. 

/o/. ........ . Edin. 1814-24 

Registrom Magni Sigilli Regum Scotorum, (1306-1424.) Edited by the same. fd. id. 1814 

Inquisitionum ad Capellam Domini Regis retomatarum, &c. Abbreviatio. Edited by the same. 
3 vols./?/. ........ t*. 1811-16 

Registri Magni Sigilli Dom'* Jacobi I. Regis Scotorom AbbreTiatio, ratione temporis ordine 
disposita, (1424-32) Specimen sheets of a prqfected work by R, Pitcaim, Esq./ol. ib. 1826 

Gordon's (Sir Robert) Genealogical History of the Earldom of Sutherland, to 1630, with con- 
tinuation to 1651, by Gordon of Stralloch. L. P. imp,fd. . . t^. 1813 

Survey of Selkirkshire, or Ettcrick Forest ; containing the Political, Ecclesiastical, and Agri- 
cultural State of this county. Lithographed on "^0 pages, with map. foL f&. 1829 


Chalmers's (George) Caledonia ; or, an Account, Historical and Topographical, of North 

Britain. 3 vols. 4to. L. P. ...... Lon^. 1807-24 

See Pross Works, vol. tU. p. 19, 23, 26 ; toL xx. p. 326, &c 

Torffaei (Thorm.) Orcades, sen Rerum Orcadensium Historia. tm.fd, . Haun. 1715 

See Poetical Works, vol. ii. p. 257 ; vol. ill pp. 246, 274, &c Notes to 7!ik« Pirate. Lm, vol. L p. 534. 

Stevenson's (Robert) Account of the Bell Rock Light House, imp. Uo. Edin. 1824 

See LiFB, voL ill. p. 137. 

1 A 


Knox's (John) Historie of the Refbrmatioon of Religioun in Scotland. (Edited^ with Life of 

the Author^ hy David Buchanan.) «m. Jbi, Land. 1644 

The same, with his Life prefixed, and Tracts. (Edited hy the Rev. Matthew Crawfurd of 

Eastwood.) /o/. ...... . Edin. 1732 

Johnstoni (Roh.) Historia Renim Britannicanim, &c. (1572-1628.) /ol. Amit, 1655 

See PoKTicAL Works, voL ii. pastim. 

Maclfenzie's (Dr. Geo.) Lives and Characters of eminent Scots Writers. 3 roh. /ol. Edin. 1708 

Burnet's (Dr. Gilbert, Bishop of Sarum,) History of his own Time. 2 \o]s,/ol. Lond. 17?4 

Memoirs of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton, &c. /bl. . ib. 1 677 

Crawfurd's (George) Lives of the Officers of the Crown and State in Scotland, /ol, Edin. 1726 

See Pro61 Works, voL vii. p. 195-6. 

Maitland's (Wm.) History of Edinburgh, /o/. . . . . ib. 1753 

See Paoss Works, voL viL p. 243, 245, 285-6. 

Abercromby's (Dr. Patrick) Martial Atchievements of the Scots Nation, &c., from 1329 to 
1514. 2 vols. /o/. ...... 1^.1711-15 

Miscellaneous Papers relating to Scotland, &c. ; printed and MS. many o/ them sin^ularfy 
curious and scarce, /ol. 

relating to the Rebellion of 1 745, printed and MS. with portraits, caricatures, Spc. /ol. 

Murray's (Sir Alex, of Stanhope) True Interest of Great Britain, Ireland, and our Plantations, 
&c. ; Letter and Remonstrance to Philip Lord Hardwicke, Lord High Chancellor, .&c. ; An 
Apology to the Reader, &c, /d. ..... hond. 1740-1 


Miscellanea Curiosa MS. chiefly relative to Scotland. Extracted /rom various MSS. 

6 vols. 4/0. (Lists of Contents are prefixed to each Volume.) 
FountainhalTs (Sir John Lauder, Lord) Excerpts /rom the Criminal Registers o/ Scotland, 

/rom 1584 to 1655, MS. (Copy o/ an anonymous alrid^ent, made in 1728, of the 

original MS. in the handwriting o/ Lord Fountainhall.) 4to. 

Mackenzie's (Sir George) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, (from 1 660 to 1 677.) Edited 

from the original MS. by Thomas Thomson, Esq. 4to. . Edin. 1821 

See LiFB, vol. v. p. 136. 

Collection of Inventories of the Royal Wardrobe and Jewel House, &c., (1488 to 1606.) 

Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. 4/o. . i^. 1815 

See LiPB, vol. iv. p. 115. Prosk Works, vol. vii. p. 315, &c. 

Chalmers's (George) Life of Mary Queen of Scots. 2 vols. 4to. L. P. Lond. 1818 

See Prosk Works, voL vii. p. 179-80, &c. 

Wallace's (Geo.) Thoughts on the Origin of Feudal Tenures, &c. in Scotland, 4to. Edin. 1783 

Johnstone's (Chevalier) Memoirs of the Rebellion in 1745 and 1746, &c. (with original letter 

to Sir Walter Scott /rom Mrs. Auchmuty, the Chevaliers grand-daughter.) 4to. Lond. 1 820 

See Prosk Works, toL zix. p. 357, et $eq. 



Cullodcn Papers, comprising Correspondence from 1625 to 1748, &c., with Prefatory Memoir 

of President Forbes ; edited by Duff, Esq., of Mnirtown. 4to. hvnd. 1815 

See Beview o/tiit in VnosR Works, toL xx. p. 1. 

MacRa's (Rev. John) Genealogical Account of the MacRas. MS. copied in 1822, from a 

transcript by Capt, J. MacRa. iito. 
Account of Depredations committed on the Campbells in 1685 and 1686, &c. when Argyle 

rose against James VII. 4ft>. ..... Edin. 1816 

[[Balcanqual^ Dr. Dean of Durham.^ A Large Declaration concerning the late Tumults in 

Scotland, &:c., by the King. fol. ..... Lond. 1639 

Schort Memorial of the Scotds ComikliB ; and a Short Chronicle of the Reign of James II. 

from 1436 to 1460, &c. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. 4/o. . Edin. 

See Pross Works, yoL viL p. 161. 

Eleven Letters from Ludowidc, second Ihike of Lennox, to Sir William Livingstone. MS. 

transcript from the originals in the possession of Arch. Constable, Esq. 4to. 1822 

Wood's (J. P.) Sketch of the Life and Projects of John Law of Lauriston. (Poem to Mr. 

Law by Allan Ramsay, Edin. 1720, fol.) With MS. Note by Sir W. S. 4to. ) Edin. 1791 
Clerk (Baron) Dissertado de Monumentis quibusdam Romanis in Boreali Mag. Brit, parte 

detectis, 1731. 4to. ...... ib. 1750 

Macpherson's (David) Geograph. Illustrations of Scottish Histoiy, with Map. 4to, Lond. 1796 
Spalding's (John) History of tJie Troubles and MemoraMe Transactions in Scotland and 

England, from 1624 to 1645. MS. tramcriptfrom the original. sm.fol. 
Stewart's (Duncan) Historical and Genealogical Account of the Royal Family of Scotland, from 

Kenneth II., and of the surname of Stewart 4to. . . . Edin. 11Z9 

Stuart's (Andrew) Genealogical History of the Stewarts. 4/l9. . . Lond. ll^S 

Stewart's (Sir John, of Allantoun) Genealogy of the Stewarts Refuted. 8w. i^. 1799 

Hume's (David, of Godscroft,) History of the Houses of Douglas and Angus, fol. Edin. 1648 

Bee Introduction Xa CcutU Dangerous. Pobtical and Prosb Works, /xiMtm. 

Account of the Discoveries made in Scotland of the late Conspiracies against his Majesty and 
tlie Government, &:c. fol. ...... ib. 1685 

The Lockhart Papers: Memoirs and Commentaries on the Affairs of Scotland, from 1702 to 
1745, &c. ; edited by A. Aufrere, Esq. 2 vols. 4/o. L.P.. . Lond. 1817 

Law's (Rev. Rob.) Memorialls, &c. from 1638 to 1684. Edited from the original MS. &c., 

by C. K. Sharpe, Esq. 4to. L. P. ..... JSflrin.1818 

See Pross Works, yoL vii. p. 182 ; voL xiz. p. 11. 

Erskine's (Sir J., Lyon King at Arms,) Historical Account of the Family of Innes, Sec, from 
an origmal MS. belonging to the Duke of Roxburgh. 4tto. . . ib. 1820 

Vision of the Royal Ghost, a Poem written immediately afler the battle of Falkirk. — Ode for 
His Majesty's Birth-day, 1746. fol. . . . . i*. 1746 

Kirk ton's (Rev. James) Secret and True History of the Church of Scotland, from the Restoration - 

to 1678, &c. Edited by C, K. Sharpe, Esq. Uo. L. P. with original drawings, ib. 1817 

See Review o/tkis m Prosx Works, vol. six. p. 213. 


PrwA. ABBOTSFORD library. Shdf^. 


Hailes's (Sir David Dalrymple^ Lord) Annals of Scotland^ from Malcolm III. to Robert I. 

2 Yols. 4to. ........ Edin, 1776 

See Paon Woaxi, foL zz. pp. 314-S18, and zzL 186-196. 

Pinkerton's (John) History of Scotland, from the Accession of the House of Stuart to that of 

Mary. 2 vols. 4A?. ....... Lond. 1797 

See PosncAL and Paoni Works, /xutm. 

Robertson's (BeT. Principal William) History of Scotland during the reigns of Mary and 
James VI. Sd edit 2 vols. 4/o. . . t3. 1760 

Dalyell's (Sir John Graham) Fragments of Scottish History ; Robert Birrel's Diary 1532-1605 ; 

Patten's Account of Hertford's Expedition into Scotland, 1544 ; Somerset's Expedition into 

Scotland, 1547. tm. 4to. ...... Edin, 179^ 

See Notu to Albot^ Forhme$ <^Nige^ amd Ckromdei ofihi Oamom^alU, Postical and Pnosa WoaKSj/xunin. 

Home's (John) History of the Rebellion in 1745. 4to. . iMnd, 1802 

See PoBTicAL and Pboss Works, poffMi. 

Majoris (Joan.) Historia Majoris Britanniae, tam Angliae quam Scotiae. Edente Rob. Fri- 

bamio. 4/d. ....... Edin, 1740 

See Prosb Works, toI. yu. p. 165. 

Keith's (Bp. Rob.) Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops to 1688, with MS. additions, 4to. id. 1755 

Boeoe's (Hector) History and Chronicles of Scotland, translated from the Latin by Bellenden ; 

edited by Thomas Maitland, Esq. 2 toIs. ito. . . t^. 1821 

See PosncAL Works, pamm, Pross Works, toL zz. p. 302, ei 9eq^-^-Note$ to Fair Maid ofPerik^ jfc. 

Wallace and Bruce. Barbour's (John) Metrical History of King Robert I. and Henry the 

Minstrel's Life and Acts of Sir William Wallace of EUerslie. Edited, from two MSS. in 

the AdTOcates' Library, by Dr. John Jamieson. 2 toIs. 4to. . f6. 1820 

See PosnciX Works, toI z. patsim, Introduatitm and NoUt to CatUe Dai^feroua, 

M'Crie's (Rot. Dr. Thomas) Life of John Knox, royal Svo. . t^. 1812 

Lament's (John, of Newton,) Chronicle of Fife, being his Diary from 1649 to 1672. Edited 

by Archibald Constable, Esq. 4to. . . . . t&. 1810 

Regiam Majestatem Scotiae : Veteres Leges et Constitutiones, &c., opera et Studio Joan. 

Skenaei. /d. ....... t^. 1609 

See Probb Works, yoL tu. p. 30 ; toI. zzl p. 179. 

Carstares's (Rev. Principal Wm.) State Papers and Letters, relating to the affiurs of Scotland 
during the reigns of William and Anne. Edited by Rev. Dr. J. M'Cormick. 4to. ib. 1774 

Tyler's (Evan, King's Printer) Inventary of Worke done for the State, 1642 to 1647. Edited 
by Thomas Thomson, Esq. 4to. . . t^. 1815 

Pennant's (Thomas) Tours in Scotland, and Voyage to the Hebrides, 1769 and 1772. 5th 
Edition. 3 vols. 4/)o. ..... Lond. 1790 

Cordiner's (Rev. Charles) Antiquities and Scenery of the North of Scotland. 4fo. ib. 1 780 

Shaw's (Rev. Lachlan) History of the Province of Moray. 44o. . Edin. 1775 


Skeloei 4, 5. SCOTTISH HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Pbbm A. 

Martine's (G^.) Religuiae Divi Andreaey or State of tlie Venerable and Primitial See of St. 
Andrews, &c. 1683. 4/d. . • . . St. Andrews, 1797 

See Iniroductitm to The Aniujuary, 

Hibbert's (Dr. Samuel) Description of the Shetland Islands, ^to. Edin, 1822 

See IfUroduatiim to The Pirate. 

Mnnro's (Col. Rob.) Expedition with the worthy Scots Regiment (called MacKeyis Regiment) 

levied m 1626, &c. /W. ..... . Lond, IQZ7 

See IntrodmoUom to Legeiul ofMwdmee, 


Hailes's (Lord) Annals, and Tracts relatire to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. 3</ 

edU. 8 Tols. 8tK>. ....... Edin, 1819 

Elibank's (Lord) Letter to Lord Hailes on the History of Scotland. \2mo, ih, 1773 

See Pbosb Works, vol. zx. p. 317. 

Wishart's (Rev. Dr. Ckso.) Memoirs of the most renowned James Graham, Marquis of Mon- 
trose, with original Letters, &c. new edit 8fH>. . . »6. 1819 

Dalrymple's (Sir John) Memoirs of Qreat Britain and Ireland, from the last Pari, of Charles II. 
till the Capture of the Fr. and Sp. Fleets at Vigo. Zd edit. 3 vols. 8ro. Lond. 1790 

Pinkerton's (John) Enquiry into the History of Scotland, preceding Malcolm III. (1056.) 

Dissertation on the Scythians and Goths. 2 vols. Svo, . . ib. 1787-94 

See Pross Works, voL zx. pp. 319-827. 

Bailhe's (Rev. Principal Robert) Letters and Journals, &c. from 1 637 to 1 662 ; with Life 

and Glossary, 2 vols. 8ro. . . * . . Edin. 1775 

Stuart's (Dr. Gilbert) History of Scotland, from the Establishment of the Reformation till the 

Death of Mary. 2d edit, 2 vols. 890. .... Lond. 1783 

Lung's (Malcolm) Historical Dissertation on the participation of Mary in the Murder of 

Damley. 2d edit. 2 vols. — Histoi^ of -Scotland, from the Union of the Crowns to the 

Union of the Kingdoms, &c. 2 vols. 4 vols. 890. . . . Lon^/. 1800-1804 

Irving's (Dr. D.) Memoirs of the Life and Writings of George Buchanan. 2d edit. Svo, Edin. 1817 

Pinkerton (Jo.) Vitae Antiquae Sanctorum Scotiae, &c. 890. . Lond. 1789 

Certayne Matters concerning the Realme of Scotland, composed together, &c. as they were 

anno Domini 1597. 8m.4to. ...... f 3. 1603 

See PoKTiciL Works, toL riii. p. 56. Somirs Tracts, toL .ii. 

Martin's (M.) Description of the Western Isles, 2d. edit, with MS. notes by Toland, Dr. Lort, 
Sfc. 8t>o. . . . . . . . . . t5. 17I6 

Hay's (Richard) Vindication of Elizabeth More, (wife of Robert II.) from the charge of being 
a Concubine, &c. with MS. notes, sm. 4to. . . . Edin. 1723 

Webster's (David) Short Account of Scottish Money and Coins, &c. Svo. ib. 1817 

Femie's (Rev. John) History of Dunfermhne. 8ro. with MS. note by Sir W, S. Dun/. 181.5 
Small's (Rev. Dr. R.) Statistical Account of Dundee. Svo. . . Dund. 1792 

King James VI. Essayes of a Prentise in the divine Arte of Poesie ; with prefatory Memoir 
by R. P. GiUies. sm. 400. . . . . . Edin. 1814 



Ancient Popular Poetry of Scotland^ Select Remains of the. Edited by Darid Laing, with 

Letters from the Editor and Robert Pitcaim to Sir fV, S. em, 4fo. . Edin. 1821-9 

Fugitive Scottish Poetry (Various Pieces of) collected by Dayid Laing. Svo. ib, 1825 

See Note to Heart of Mid-LoOuam, 

Heroick Poem upon the late Rebellion^ 8ic. Sec. em, 4tto, , , Land. 1683 

Milne's (Rct. Ad.) Description of the Parish of Melrose, em. Svo, . Edin, 1 743 

See Letters on DenumoU)gy^ p. 99, mote. 

Another Copy, interleaved, with an original letter of the author, , . ib. 1743 

Bower's (John) Description of the Abbeys of Melrose and Old Melrose. Svo. Kelso, 1813 

The Same, 2d edit, improved, Svo. . . . . . Edin, I S22 

Companion to Armstrong's Map of Peebles or Tweeddale. Svo, . ib. 1 775 

Pennecuik's (Alexander) Poems ; containing ' Entertainments for the Curious/ ' Cory don and 

Cochrania, a Pastoral/ &c. with prefatory MS. note. sm. 4tto. . ib. 1723, &c. 

Copland's (John) Saint Andrews, &c., a Poem in 3 parts, sm. 4ito. . ib. 1 776 

Buchanan's (Rev. J. Lane) Travels in the Western Hebrides, 1782 to 1790. Svo, Lond, 1793 

Oswald (James, of Dunnikier,) Memoir of the Public Life and Character of. Svo. Edin. 1825 

Johnstone's (J. Sc J.) Historical and Descriptive Account of George Heriot's Hospital. Svo, 

ib. 1827 
See NoU to TT^ Foriwues of Nigel 


Lithgow's (Wul) Gushing Tears of Godly Sorrow, &c. a Poem, 1C40. Present Surveigh of 

London and England's State, &c. 1643. Expcri men tale, &c. Relation upon that famous 

Siege of Newcastle, &c. 1 645. sm.4fto. . . Edin. djf Lond, 16^0-3-5 

See SoMBRS Tracts, toIs. i?. & v. 

Nineteen Years' Travels, &c. in Europe, Asia, and Afirica, teants title, sm. ^to. 

The Same, Eleventh Edition, with Plates and Notes/rom later Travellers. \2mo. Edin. 1770 

Pennecuik's (Alex.) Geographical, &c. Description of Tweeddale, &c. sm. itto, ib. 1715 

Collection of Scots Poems. \2mo, .... t^. 1769 

Welwood's (Dr. James) Memoirs, &c. for the last hundred years preceding the Revolution of 

1688. 4th edit, sm, Svo. ...... Lond. 1702 

Crawfiurd's (David) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland. 3d edit. l2mo. Edin. 17 67 

Leslaeus (Jo. Episc. Rossensis) de Orig., Moribus, et Rebus gestis Scotorum. sm, 4to. Rom. 1 675 

See PoKTicAL and Pbose Works, pamm, 

Scot's (Captain Walter, of Satchells,) True History of several honourable Families of the right 

honourable name of Scot, &c. With MS, Verses hy Sir W, S. sm. 4to. Edin. 1 688 
See LiFX, roL i. pp. 63-4. Poeticil Works, jM«tm. Prose Works, toL iii. p. 65, 

Beague's History of the Campaignes 1 548 and 1 549, &c., translated from the French (by Dr. 

Patrick Abercromby) — {wants tide) — Enquiry into the causes of the miscarriage of the 

Scots Colony at Darien. sm. Svo. ..... Edin. 1 707, &c. 

See Prose Works, vol. vii p. 439. 



Lockhart's (George) Memoirs of Scotland from Q. Anne's Accession to the union of the 
Kingdoms, Lond. 1707. 2d. edit with Key, Balcarras's (Earl of) Account of the Affiurs 
of Scotland^ relating to the Revolution of 1688. hond. 1714. tm. Svo. 

Guthrie's (Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld,) Memoirs, &c. of the Conspiracies and Rehellion against 

K. Charles I. sm. Svo. ...... Lond, 1702 

See Pbosk Works, vol. viL p. 185. 

Gordon's (Wm.) History of the Family of Gordon, from their first arrival, &c. to 1690, 

2 vols. sm. Svo. ....... Edin. 1720 

(C. A.) Concise History of the House of Gordon, &c. 1 Smo. Aberd. 1 754 

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2 vols. 9m. Svo. ....... Lond, 1727 

Oldmixon's (John) Memoirs of North Britain, taken from authentick Writings, &c. containing 

Trials of Argyle and Baillie, Dundee's Rehellion, Glenco's Death, &c. sm. Svo. ib. 1715 
Supplement to New State of England, containing an accurate Description of North Britain, 

&c. sm. Svo. . . . . . . . ib. 1709 

Rohertson's (Alex, of Strowan,) Poems on several suhjects. 890. Edin. 

MiscBLLANBA ScoTiCA ; A Collection of Tracts relating to the History, Antiquities, Topography, 
and Literature of Scotland. 4 vols. sm. Svo. L. P. . Glasgow, 1 8 1 8-20 

Vol. Z,— -continued. 

Letter from Scotts Nobility, &c to Pope 
John in 1320. 

Vol. l_History of the Picts. 

Monipennie's Scots Chronicles, 1633. 
See P1108K Works, toI. tU. p. Iffl. 

Fraser'ft (Rev. John) TreatiBe on the Second 

Sight &c. by Th«)philu$ Intulanm. 
See NoU to Legmdof Montrote. 

Vol. 4. — Moncreiff^ Mem. on alliance of French and 

Graham's Account of 61encaim> Expedition 

in 1658-4. 
Life and Death of K. James V. 
Navigation of James V. round Scotland. 
Buchanan on Ancioit Scottish Surnames. 

History of the Clans. 
Vol. 2. — Life of Archbishop Sharpe. 

Monro^ Description of Western Isles. 

Martin's Voyage to St ELilda. 

Notices respecting Royal Library of Scot- 

George Buchanan's Chamaleon. 

Cronyde of Death of K. James I. 

Buchan's Description of St Kilda. 
Vol 3 Memoirs of Viscount Dundee, Glencoe Mas- 
sacre, &c 

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to the Restoration of Charles II. &c. 3 vols. sm. Svo. . . Edin. 1 753-7 

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the Crowns, sm. Svo. . . . . . . Lond. 1705 

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See PomcAL Works, vol. ii. p. 175, 190, 238. Prose Works, toL viL p. 171. 

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of Bois Robert), sm. Svo. ...... Lond. 1725 

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Press A. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves 6, 7 

Drake's (Dr. James) Hietoria An^o^Scotica ; or Impartial Hist of all that happened between 
England and Scotland^ &c. from Wm. the Conqueror to Queen Elizabeth. Seo. Lond. 1703 

Ferguson's (Robert^ the Plotter,) The late Proceedings and Votes of the Parliament of Scot- 
land^ &c. stated and vindicated, em. 4>to, .... Glasgow, 1689 


Henry the Minstrel's Acts and Deeds of the most famous and Taliant Champion Sir William 

Wallace. B, L. wants tide. sm. 4ito, ... . Edin. 

Barbour's (John) Life and Acts^ &c. of King Robert Bruce. B. L. em. Uo. ib, 1758 

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Glossary^ &c. by David Macpherson. 2 vols, ro^al Svo. . . Lond. 1795 

See Preface to Fair Maid of Perth, Foktical and PiUMi Works, jwmmi. 

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Letters to Sir Walter Scott on the King's Visit to Scotland in 1822. royal Svo. ib. 1822 

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Pinkerton's (John) Iconographia Scotica, Portraits of illustrious Persons of Scotland^ with 

Biographical Notices. 2 vols, ro^o/ 8oo. .... Lofu/. 1797-9 

See Note to The Abbot, 

Stoddart's (Sir John) Remarks on Local Scenery and Manners in Scotland in 1799-1800. 

2 vols, royal Svo. ..... . . t^. 1801 

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Scotland by Arms.) em. ^to. ...... t^. 1705 

Discourse of Present Importance^ humbly offered, &c. (on the projected Union.) em. 4fo. 1704 
Nisbet's (Alex.) Essay on the Ancient and Modem Use of Armories, &c. 4to. Edin. 1718 
Historic and Life of King James the Sext, from a MS. of the 16th Century. Edited by Mal- 
colm Laing. royal Svo. . . . . . . t^. 1 804 

See Pbosk Works, toI. vii. p. 364. 

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Miecellanea Atdica ; or a Collection of State Treatises^ (Reigns of Charles II. and James II.) 

by Thomas Brown. Svo. ...... hond. 1702 

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Zd edition, with the Editor's^ Autograph, and MS. Note by Sir W. S. . ib. 1752 

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death. Svo. ....... Edin. 1790 

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J. O.Dalyell. 2 vols. 890. . . . . . t^. 1814 

See PoincAL and Paoss Workp, passim, 


Shdves 7, 8. SCOTTISH HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Pbbss A. 

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See Introduction to The Fortunet of Nigel, 

Johnstone's (J. & J.) Historical Description of the Monastery and Chapel of Holjrrood House, 

and of the Palace and Environs. Svo, .... Edin, IB19 

Borthwick (Wm.) Inquiry into the Origin and limitations of the Feudal Dignities of Scotland, 

&c. &c* Svo, ....... ib, 1775-6 

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Lond, 1800 
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Westminster, &c. Lond, 1744. The Chain of Fate, &c. History of a North Briton, 

who was ruined hy serring the Puhlic, &c, ib, 1756. Svo, 
James VI. Poeticall Exercises at vacant hours ; The Lepanto, &c. 9m, 4to. Reprint, 

Webster's (Dav.) Topographical Dictionary of Scotland. Svo, , Edin, IS17 

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the republication of \1 9^,) ...... Loik/. 1789 


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King David, 1153, &c. Svo. . . . * . Edin, 1705 

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Description (Exact and Circumstantial) of Battle of Floddcn, in verse, written about time of 

Queen Elizabeth, with Notes by Rev. R. Lambe, Vicar of Norham. 12mo. Berwick, 1774 

See PoBncAL Works, toL iii. pp. 233, 239, &c. 

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■ Appendix to the same ; contuning Detection of the actions of Mary, De Jure Regni, 
Sfc, ; Genealogy of Kings, &c. Sto, , , . Ijmd, 1721 

Craig's (Sir Thomas, of Riccarton,) Scotland's Sovereignty asserted ; being a Dispute con- 
cerning Homage, &c. Translated from the Latin MS. by G. Ridpath. Svo, ib, 1695 
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See LiPB, vol. vi. p. 159. 

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James I. and Charles I. 2 vols, sm, Svo, .... Glasg, 1766 

9 B 

PrbssA. ABBOTSFORD library. SkdfS. 

Macpherson's (James) Fragments of Ancient Poetry^ collected in the Highlands of Scotland, 
and translated from the Gaelic or Erse Langoage. sm. Bvo. Lond. 1760 

Douglas (the Tragedy of,) and Pamphlets in the Controversy to which its Performance gave 
rise, &c. 8fH>. ....... Edin> 11 SI, &c. 

1. Horned (John) Douglas, a Txagedy, as acted at 

Covent Garden, . . . Bidin, 1757 
See Pmmb Works, vol. tL p. S78. 

2. (Satirical) Epilogue to Douglas, spoke by the 


3. Admonition, &c. by the Presbytery of Edinburgh 

to all within their bounds, 1757. 

4. New Song, for Thursday, 17th May 1750. 

5. 6. The Player's Scourge, by J— n H ne, 1768. 

7. Dr. Adam Ferguson, Morality of Stage Plays 

seriously considered, . . Edw, 1757 

8. Letter to Darid Hume on Tragedy of Douglas, 

Lond, 1757 

9. Argument to prove that the Tragedy of Douglas 

ought to be pablldy burnt by the conmion 
Hangman, .... Edin, 1757 

10. The Philosopher^ Opera, by J. MacLaurin, Lord 

Drejghom, 1756. 

See Paoss Works, toL ziz. p. 312. 

Macleay's (Dr. K.) Description of the Spar Cave in the Isle of Skye ; with The Mermaid, a 

Poem. 8fo. ....... Edin, 1811 

Outlines of Edinhnrgh, and other Poems. Bvo. . Lond. \%22 

Irvini (C!lirist. ahs Bon. Bosco) Historiae Scoticae Nomenclatora Latino Vemacula, &c. sm, 8ro. 

(^Attributed also to Prof, T. Crawford^ Author of Notes on Buchanan's History,) Edin. 1 682 
The Battle of Flodden Fields B. L. Reprint, sm. 8eo. . Newcastle, 1822 

Moncriefs (John) Poor Man's Phjrsician^ &c. Collection of Simple and Easy Remedies for 

most Distempers^ &c. Sd edit. l2mo, .... Edin, 17 SI 

Baillie's (Wm.) Impiety and Superstition Exposed^ a Poetical Essay^ &c. sm, 4to, ib, 1710 
Impartial Account of Transactions in Scotland, concerning the Earl of Broadalhan, Viscount 

and Master of Stair, 61enco-men, &c. sm, 4eto. Lond, 1695 

Innes' (Tho.) Critical Essay on the Ancient Inhahitants of the Northern Parts of Britain, Sic, 

2 Tols. Bvo, ....... ib, 1729. 

See FaosB Works, yoL xz. p. 307, &c 

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8w>. ....... . Perth, 1799 

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890. ........ Edin, 1811 



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See Prosb Works, vol. xx. p. 304. 

Slezer's (Captain John) Theatrum Scotiae, containing Prospects of their Majesties' Castles and 

Palaces, &c. /bl, ....... Lond, 1693 

See PoincAL Works, vol. tL note 3 U. Prosb Works, vol. tu. p. 441. 


Shelves 1, 2, 3. SCOTTISH HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Prbss B. 

Roll of the Claims entered in the Court of Session in Scotland, &c. in pursuance of the Act 
for abolishing Heritable Jurisdictions, fot. .... Edin. 1747 

Records of the Parliament of Scotland. Printed under the direction of Messrs. W. Sf A, 
Robertson, Keepers of the Register Office; but suppressed* fol. . ib, 1805 


Laws and Acts of the Scottish Parliaments from the Ist Parl^ of James I. (1424) to Ist Parlt- 
of Queen Anne (1 706). By Murray of Glendock. 3 vols. \2mo. Edin. 1682-1731 

Jonstoni (Arturi) Poemata Onmia, &c. 32mo. . . . Middel. 1 642 

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Holland's (Tho. Agar.) Drybuigh Abbey, a Poem. 12mo. . Oxf 1821 

Tour to Strathspey, by Col. H. G. with MS. note. sm. Svo. Wants title, but 1782 

Delitiae Poetarum Scotorum hujus aevi illustrium, edente Art. Jonstono. 2 vols. 24mo» 

Amst. Blaeu, 1637 


Legenda Aurea Sanctorum ; cum indice ad initium, MS. in pergam. fol. 

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See PROSB WoEKS, vol xz. p. 306, &c. 

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tauration to the Revolution. 2 vols.^o/. . . . t^. 1721-2 

See PorricAL Workr, voL ii. p. 234 ; vol. iii. p. 191. 

Keith's (Bishop Robt.) History of the Affairs of Church and State in Scotland, from the Re- 
formation to 1568, &C. foL ..... ib. 1734 

See Ab«e to Thu Jhbol, 4c. 

Douglas's (Sir Robt.) Peerage of Scotland, rerised and corrected ; with continuation by J. P. 

Wood, Esq. 2 Toh.fol. ...... ib. 1813 

See PaosB Works, vol. vii. p. 175. 

^— Baronage of Scotland, &c. foL ..... ib, 17 9B 

Drummond's (Wm. of Hawthomden) Works, with Life by Bishop Sage. foL ib. 1711 

Gordon's (Alex.) Itinerarium Septentrionale, or a Journey tlux)ugh most of the counties of 

Scotland and those in North of England, fd. . Lond. 1726 

See AToto to The Momastefy^ Tol. L 

Nisbet's (Alex.) System of Heraldry, Speculative and Practical, with the True Art of BlaEon, 

&c. 2d edit. 2 vols. foL ..... Edin. \S04> 

See Note to Ivankoe, Vftostt Works, toL vii. pp. 199, 214, &c 

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Scott's (David) History of Scotland, &c. from the year of the world 361 9 to the year of Christ 

1726. fd. ...... . Westminster, 1727 




Shehe9 B, 4. 

Foe Simile of an Ancient Heraldic Manuscript emUasoned by Sir David Lyndsay of the 

Mount, King of Annes. 1542. fd. .... Edin. IS22 

Lisars's (W. H.) Lacunar Strevelinense, or Engrayings of Heads from the carved work in 

the roof of the King's Room in Stirling Castle, /ol. . . ib. IS17 

See Lirx, toL iv. p. 100, note. 

Jebb^ (Sam.) De Vita et Rebus Oestis Mariae Sootorum Reginae^ &c. Autores Sedecim. 2 vols. 
fd. ........ Lond. 1725 

Vol. 1. — Chambre (David) Traits de laSucoenion des 
Femmes aux Gouvememens, &c. 

Leslaeus (Joannes) de Tit. et Jure Mariae 
Scot Reg. 

— Rebus Gestis Scotiae Regnante Maria. 

Bucbanani (Geo.) Detectio Mariae Scot Reg. 

Hist Tnigique de Marie, Royne d^Elscosse. 

Bamestapolii (Ob.) Maria Stuarta, R^gina Sco- 
tiae, innocens a caede Darleiana. 
Vol. 2. — ^Conaei (Geo.) Vita Mariae. 

Causin, (Nic.) Histoire de 1* incomparable 
Reine, Marie Stuart 

Strada (Fam.) de Mariae, Ac Vita et Morte. 

K. James VI., Works of. /ol. 

VoL 2_co«i^iM</. 

Scoti (Rom.) Sunmiarium Rationum, quibus 

Canoellarius Ang. &c penuaserunt occiden- 

dam esse Sereniss. Mariam, &c. 
Blackwood, (Adam) Martyre de la Rojrne 

d' Escosse. 
Herren (Ant de) Hist de lo Sucedido en 

Escocia y Inglaterra, &c. 
Castelnau (Mich, de) Elxt des Mcmoires de, 

et des Additions, par Laboureur. 
Brantome. (Extraits de) 
Mort de la Royne d* Escosse. 
Monsieur de Bouiges, Oiaison Funebre de la 

Royne d* Escosse. 

ib. 1616 


Boeihii (Hectoris) Historiae Scotorum a prima gentis origine, &c. Libri xix. /ol, 

Lausannae, excud. F, Le Preux, 1 574 
See Pbosi Works, toL xx. p. 502. 

Fordun (Joannis de) Scotichronicon, cum Supplementis et contin. Walt. Boweri. E Cod. MSS.> 

&c. edidit W. Goodall. 2 vols./©/. .... Edin. 1759 

See PoBTicAL Works, pauim, Noiet to Fair Maid of PeHk^ Ac Prooe Works, toL riL p. 6 1 - 2. 

Foulis's (Henry) History of Romish Treasons and Usurpations^ &c. Jbl, Land. 1671 

- ■ Hist, of the Wicked Plots and Conspiracies of our pretended Saints^ td edit. fd. Oxf. 1 674 

Fountainhall's (Lord) Decisions of the Lords of Council and Session, from 1678 to 1712^ &c. 

2 yo]B./d. . . . . . Edin. 1759 

See PomcAL Works, patsim. 

Virgil's iEneis^ translated into Scottish verse by Ghiwin Douglas^ Bishop of Dunkeld, with 
Glossary and Life by Ruddiman. fd. . t^. 1710 

Crawford's (Geo.) Peerage of Scotland, fd. . t^. 1716 

Cragii (Tho. de Riccarton) Jus Feudale. edit. ^. curante Jac. Baillie. fd. ib. 1732 

Calderwood's (Rev. Day.) History of the Church of Scotland, from the Reformation to the end 
of James VI. fd. ....... 1704 


Shdvei 4, 5. SCOTTISH HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Pbms B. 

Spotswood's (Abp.) History of the Chorch of Scotland, from A.D. 203 to the death of James VI. 

4rt edit, with Appendix, foi. ..... Land, 1C77 

See PomcAL Works, voL i.-iv. pattim, 

Argyle, Case of Earl of, containing his trial, escape, and sentence, &c. (wanting last leaf) 

1683. Grand Indictment for High Treason, against the Marquess of A rgylc, &c., 1661. 

His Defences to the Indictment, Speeches in Parliament, and Speech on the Scaffold, &c. 

with MS. note by Sir W. S., 1661. fol. . . Edin. 1661-83 

See Poetical Woiucs, toL iv. p. 268. 

Sihbald's (Sir Robt) History of Fife and Kinross, the Firths of Forth and Tay, and the Islands 

in them, /ol, ....... ib. 1710 

See PomcAL Wokks, yoL It. pi 268. 

Standsficld, (Philip) Tryal of, for the Murder of his father. Sir James Standsfield, with MS, 

note by Sir W, S. and Letter from C. K. Sharpe, Esq. fd. . . i^. 1688 

See LiFK, ToL i. p. 261 ; toL v. p. 295. Porical Womm, toL It. p. 191-2. 

Ramsay's (Allan) Gentle Shepherd, with iUuttrations by David AUan. Glaegow, Foulis, 1788 
— Ghimbado's Annals of Horsemanship, Lond, 1791. 4tSo. 

Crawfurd's (Geo.) Description of Renfrewshire, continued to the present period, hy G. Robert- 
son. 4ito. ........ Paisley, 1818 

Papers relating to the administration of Justice in Scotland in Civil Cases, /ol. Edin. 1809-10 

Laws and Acts of the First Parliament of Charles II. holden at Edinburgh, Ist January 1661, 
&c Extracted, &c., by Sir Archibald Primerose of Chester, /ol. . t^. 1661 

Turner's (Sir James) Pallas Artnata : Military Essayes, &c. /ol. Lond. 1 683 

See Note to Old Mortality. 

Information for Her Majesties Advocate against Mr. James Dundas, advocate. — Information 
for Mr. Dundas against Sir James Stewart, Her Majesties Advocate, (respecting the Medal 
of the Pretender.) /ol. ...... Edin. 17^2 

Albania, a Poem, addressed to the Genius of Scotland, with MS. note by Sir JV. S. /ol. 

Lond. 1737 
See PomcAL Wokkb, toL vl p. 108. Paosi Works, toL iv. p. 164 ; toL vii. p. 344. 
LsTTiRS ON DncoNOLOfiT, pp. 42-3. LiFS, YoL ii. p. 364. 

Proceedings at law by Francis Stuart, Son of Francis Earl of BothweU, against the Earl 0/ 

Buedeuch, MS. /ol. 

Genealogy o/the Family of Haliburton, MS. sm./ol. 

Campbell's (Alex.) Introduction to the History of Poetry in; Scotland, from the 13th century 

to the present time ; to which are subjoined, Saugs of the Lowlands, &c. ^to. Edin. 1798 

See Lips, toL i. pp. 48-9, note, 


Memorial for Major General Walter Ker of Littledean, Defender, in Action of Reduction 
brought at the instance of Sir James Innes Ker, Pursuer. Uo. . Edin. 1811 



Actis and Constitutioonis of the Realme of Scotland^ B. L.^ commonfy called thb Black Acts^ 
(from James I. to MaryX title page supplied in MS. 9m, fd, Edin, by R. Lekpreuik, 1566 

Fordtin (Joannis de) Scotichronicon Gcnuinum, cum Supplemento ae Contmuatione Boweri. 
E Cod. MSS. edidit Th. Hcarnius. 5 vols. 8ro. Ch. Max. Oxtm. 1723 

Keith's (Bp. Robt.) Catalogue of the Scottish Bishops to 1688^ &c. New edition, continued to 

the present time^ with Author's Life> by the Rey. Dr. M. Rossel. royal 8ro. Edin. 1824 

Campbeirs (Alex.) Journeys from Edin. through parts of No. Brit. &c. 2 vols, ^o* Land. 1802 

See LiFB, vol. i. pp. 48-9, nott. Poitical Workr, toL Tiii. p. 57. 

Memorials the Haliburtons. Edited by Sir Walter Scott^ ttith MS. additions by him. 4to. 

Edin. 1820 

Complaynt of Scotland, written in 1548 ; with preHminary Dissertation and Glossary by Dr. 

John Leyden. 4fo. . . . . . . ib. ISOl 

See PomcAL Works, pasiim. 

Hailes's (Lord) 6 Tracts relative to the History and Antiquities of Scotland. 4to. t&. 1800 
Ossian's Fingal, an Ancient Epic Poem, in six Books ; together with several other Poems. 

Translated from the Gaelic by James Macpherson. 2 vols. 4to. . Land. 1762 

Phingalcis, sive Hibemia Liberata, Epicum Ossianis Poema, e Coltico Sermone conversum, &c. 

ab Alex. MocDouald, with Letter from Mr. Lockhart respecting the Author. 800. Edin. 1 820 
Acts of the Parliament of Scotland from 1640 to 1649, {part of ike Collection commonly called 

Rescinded Acts.) sm.fol. ...... t^. 1640-1649 

Amot's (Hugo) History of Edinburgh. 4ft>. .... ib. \ 7 SS 

Ridpath's (Rev. Geo.) Border History of England and Scotland, from the earliest times to the 

Union of the Crowns, &c. published by his son Philip Ridpath. 4ito. Lond. 1776 

See Poetical Workh, pauim. Pross Works, toI. rii. p. ^Q. 

Shaw's (Sam.) Alphabetical Index of Registered Entails in Scotland, from 1685 to 1784. 4/o. 

Edin. 1784 

Ferguson's (Dr. Adam) Biographical Sketch of Col. Patrick Ferguson. 800. ib. 1817 

Skinner's (Rev. John) Annals of Scottish Episcopacy from 1788 to 1816, &c. 800. ib. 1818 

Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. John) Hist. Account of the Ancient Culdees of lona, &c. 4ft>. ib. 1811 

See Life, vol. iL p. SS2. 

Menu de la maison de la Ro3rne, faict par Monsieur de Pinguillon, 1562. Edited by Thomas 
Thomson, Esq. sm. 4to. . . . . . . t&. 1816 

Paterson's ( ) Twelve Etchings of Edinburgh, by an Amateur. 4to. . ib. 

Scenery and Antiquities of Mid-Lothian, drawn and etched by an Amateur. 4to. ib. 1819 

Nugae Dcrelictac, quas coUigerunt J. Maidment et R. Pitcaim, (18 pieces), royal 8vo. ib. 1 822 
Brydson's (Thos.) Observations respecting Precedence, and some of the distinctions of rank on 
which it is founded, &c. with Supplement to second edition. 4to. . t&. 1812-14 

Fountainhall's (Lord) Chronological Notes of Scottish Affairs, from 1680 to 1701, with Intro- 
duction by Sir Walter Scott 4/0. .... . t^. 1822 

See LiPi, vol. t. p. 134. 


Shdves 5, 6. SCOTTISH HISTORY, BIOGRAPHY, &c. Pbbss B. 

Miseelianea Curiosa, MS. 4to, Containing, 

1. North Country Ballads, 

2. FacetioHM Poem in imUaHon of Cherry and Sloe, j-c. 

by a, G. </S, . . . JStfw. 1700. 

3. OvtUnes of Jlidorical Sketch of the name of Scott, 

4. Genealogy of the SainteeUuret, {By Father Hay 1) 

See PoencAL Workb, roL Ti. Notes 3 R and 3 U. 

5. Deduration of James III, ^c, 1722. 

6. Letters between Pope and the ttto Tonsons. 

7. Letter from Dr, John Leyden to William Erslane^ 

Esq,^ dated Nwsgengod^ \Bth September 1804. 

Memoirs regarding 1 745. MS, ^to, {beginning with the landing of "Prince Charles at Arri- 
sack, and ending with the entrance of the Highland Army into Derby, 6lh December 1745.) 

Copies of Original Letters and Orders addressed to Lieut. Col, {afterwards Lieut. Gen.) Sir 

Andrew Agnew of Lochnaw, Bart.^ Sfc, commanding a detachment of the Kin^s forces at 

Blair in Atholl, 1 745-6. MS. 4to. 

See Prosb Works, voL xxvi. p. 302, &c 


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a Poem, in ridicule of Lord Belhaven's Speech, (hy Lord Haddington), sm. 4>to. Edin. 1706 

Speech for Mr. Dundasse, younger of Amistoun, if he should be impeached of High Treason 
for what he said and did about the Pretender's Medal, &c. 1711. Tlie Scotch Medal deci- 
phered, &c. SfH), . ...... Lond. 1711 

Keith's (Bishop Rob.) Vindication, &c. from the unfriendly representation of Mr. Alex. Keith, 
jun. of Ravelston, &c. {with original letter from William Douglas, Bishop Keith's grand- 
son, to Sir W, S.) 8vo, 

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Another Tale of a Tub. — Real cause of taking down the Luckenbooths, 1803. — Balack, king 
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vity of tlie King of the Isles, &c. in two parts, 1822. Svo. . . ib. 1775-1822 

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August 1 600, and the Doomesday of Britaine the 5th Nov. 1 605. sm. 4to. Lotid. 1 607 

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the Raid of Ruthven, 1582. Reprinted from unique copy in Advocates' Library, with 
notes by Maidment. \2mo. .... Edin. 1822 



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James L &c. sm. 4/to. ...... Land, 1625 

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Indies, with relation to the treaty of Union, &c. 9m, 4to. . . 1706 

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scheme for bringing in the most disaffected, &c. 1752. Account of the Greatest White 

Herring Fishery in Scotland, &c. 1 750. Svo. . . . Lend, 1750-52 

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posed in Scottish Rhyme, by C. C. 1 65G, &c. sm, 4fto, reprint, 
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bui^h and Leith, 1814. Duncan's (Dr. Andrew) Letter on the Establishment of Criminal 
and Pauper Lunatic Asylums, 1818. Charter of St. Patrick's Hospital at Dublin, &c. 
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for Conveyance of the Sick and Wounded, &c. 1807. Svo, Dtd>, 4* Edin, 1798-1814 

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&c., with his liiieall descent from Noah, &c. sm, 4fto, , . Land, 1 604 

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Edin. reprinted 1821 
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Tracts on the Porteous Mob Affair. 1 vol. sm, Svo. ib. 1737* Containing, 

1. Act of Pari, for dinbling Provost Wilson, 1737. 

2. Ditto for bringing to Justice the Murderer of Capt. 

Porteous, 1737. 

3. Reasons why scvend Ministers, &.c did not read the 

A.ct, Ac. 1737. 

4. Queries offered to the Public bj a Well-wisher of 

the present Constitution, &c. 1737. 

5. Answers to the Queries, &c 1737. 

See Paosk Works, vol zxvi. pp. 28-30. Noiw to The Heart of Mid-Lotkian, 

6. Observations upon Answers to the Queries, &c 1 737. 

7. Le Repos. Epistle to the Publick, a Poe^^ 1737. 

8. Memorial for the People of Scotland, or Animad- 
rersions on the infamous Act of the British Par- 
liament, &c. 1737. 

9. Two Letters from the Old Whig on the Act for dis- 
abUng Provost Wilson, 1737. 

Memoirs of tbe Times, &c. ; containing an Account of and Reflections on some late Remarkable 
Occurrences, sucb as the Tumult at Edinburgh, &'c. Svo. , . lA>nd. 1 737 

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&c. 800. ........ t^. 1 805 

The same. 2d edit. 8ro. ..... ib.\ 806 

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See Notet to Fair Maid of Perth. 

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17 C 

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Svo. ....... Edin. John Moir, 1814 

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Harp Society, Du^. 1810. Svo. . . 1809-11 

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■ Inscriptiones Historicae Regum Scotorum. sm. 4to, wants title. . £Amst. 1602]] 

Political and Poetical Scottish Tracts, jE?rtnree/ an^ 3f5. sm. ^0. 1680-1705 

1. Saiyre agaimtt Frendraugkt^ MS. 

See Psoas Works, rol. riL p. 171- 

2. Caledonia Complaint againtt infiunons libels. 

3. Panegyric on a noble peer and worthy patriot 

4. I on their Royal Highnenes. 1682. 

5. Albion*s Farewell, by the same author. 1680. 

6. Mjftteriei of IniquUtf^ or ike Revolution deduced to 
the time fjfKing Jamet beuiff forced^ j^., to retire 
from Etigtand. MS. 

7. Direetioiu to a Pamter. MS. 1705. 

8. Brunii Omtio ad Mackaiom. 1689. 

9. DonaldBon'k (James) Pill for the Poric-eaters. 


10. FerguM>n*s (Robert) Late proceedings of Parlia- 

ment of Scotland, &c., vindicated. 1689. 

11. Reasons why the Parliament of Scotland cannot 

comply with King James> proclamation. By 
J. W. 1689. 


Shelf 1. 


PRB88 B. 

Letters to the Inyernegs Journal, 1817, 1818, (on the Glengarry controyersy.) 8iw. Perth, 1818 
Vindication of the Clanranald of Glengarry, against the Invemesa JonmaL 890. Edin. 1821 
Scottish Tracts. 1 vol. 8iw. containing, 

1. Clarke (John) Letter to C. Jenkinson, on the 3. liberty of the prow Proceeding! in procew, Dug. 

late mutiniee in the Highh&nd regiments. 2d Bannatyne against MoUeeon. CRaagow^ 1811. 

edU Edin.n^, 4. Obeeirationi, Ac, on the mathematieal pretenaioin 

2. Douglas's (Rev. Robert, of Galashiels) Obeemip of the Scottish Clergy. . Cupar^ 1805. 

tions on the nature of Oaths. ib. 1783. 5. Baron Dalrymple*s Considerations on the polity 

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See Notet to Tie PiraU. 

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&c. 2 yols. 800. ....... j&/fn. 1818 

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the Highlanders of Scotland. 2yols.8tH). . . . t^. 1822 

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Esq. 800. ........ ib. 1805 

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Poems of Ossian, &c., containing the Poetical Works of James Macpherson, with notes and 

illustrations by Malcolm Laing. S yols. 8vo. . Edin. J 805 


Prm B. ABBOTSFORD library. Skdva 7, 8. 

Graham's (Rev. Dr. Patrick) Essay on the aathentidtj of Ossian's Poems, m answer to Mal- 
colm Lung. 8tH>. ....... ib, 1807 

See Review of the OmUa ContioTerij bj SkW, H. in Edm, Rmriew^ toL ii.p.42d. Lin, vol. iL p. 58-59. 

Enquiry into the causes which /(tciliUUe, 4^., redeBians and insurrections in the Highlands of 
Scodand, 4*c. MS. 44o. 


History of the Feuds and Conflicts among the Clans, &c., (1081-1019), from a MS. of the 

time of James VL \tmo. ...... Glasgow, \l%4i 

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Italy, &c. \2mo, ....... Edin. 1700 

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in the 6ra3rfTiar8', and other churches in Edinhurgh, and in various towns in Scotland, &c. 

2 jMrts. sm. Bvo, ....... ift. 1704-13 

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newly corrected and enlaiged hy an eye- witnesse, &c. 1 2mo. . Lond. 1 660 

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Latin: with an Appendix. i2mo. .... ib, 1756 

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History of the Picts, containing an Account of their original, language, manners, &c. with MS, 

note bg Sir fV, S. 12mo. ...... Edin, 1706 

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Molinaei (Ludovici, sub nomine Irenaei Philalethes) Rerum nuper in regno Scotiae gestarum 

Historia, &c. 12 mo, ...... Dantisci, 1641 

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— -Hurd's (Bp.) Apology for Hume's Life and Writings, with a parallel between him and 

Chesterfield, &c, 12mo, ...... Lond, 1777 

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Remonstrance concerning the present troubles, from the Meeting of the Estates of Scotland to 

the Parliament of England. Mo. ...... 1G40, 

See PomcAL Workh, voL ii. p. 156. 

The Union; or. Select Scots and English Poems. \2mo. . Edin, 1753 

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Beid, &c. &c. B. L, Edin, And. Hart, 1615. Prophecies collected /rom other Authors, 

S^c. S^c* by John Gordon of TiUichandrie. 1611. MS. 12nw. 

See PomcAL Works, vol. !▼. p. 12)3. 

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And of the late great Revolntion in that kingdom, &c to Midsomer 1690. l2mo. Lond. 1690 
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SirW.S. 2d edit. 12mo. ..... Edin. 1720 

Hist Account of the Blue Blanket or Craftsman's Banner of Edinburgh. l2mo. ib. 1722 

Ferguson's (Dr. Adam) History of the proceedings in the case of Margaret, commonly called 

Peg, &c. copy corrected by the Author ; with MS. note by Sir W. S. 12mo. Lond. 1761 

See pBOfis Works, yoL zix. p. 336. 

Modem Account of Scotland, &c. by an English gentleman, a Satire. \2mo. ib. 

Morer's (Rey. T.) Short Account of Scotland, &c. David Herd's copy, with MS. note by him. 

sm. Sto. ........ ib. 1702 

Ridpath's (Geo.) Discourse on the Union of Scotland and England, under 6 heads, sm. %vo. 1702 
M'Alpine's (J.) Memoirs of some of his most interesting Exploits, and singular Adyentures, 

from his Emigration to America, 1773, &c. l2mo. , . 1788 

Guthry's (Henry, Bishop of Dunkeld) Memoirs. 2d edit, \2fno. . Glasg. 1747 

Tytler'8(P.F.)Acc.oftheLifeandWritofSirTho.CraigofRiccarton,&c. sm.^vo. Edin.lS23 
Edinburgh Miscellany, consisting of Original Poems, Translations, &c. i2mo. ib, 1720 

Skinner's (Rev. John) Poetical Amusements of leisure hours, &c. ; with MS. note by Sir W. S. 

\2fno. ........ t6. 1809 

Cecil's (Sir Robert, Earl of Salisbury,) Secret Correspondence with James Y I. Published by 

Lord Hailes. 12mo. ...... ib. 1766 

Octupla ; h. e. Octo Paraphrases Poeticae Psalmi CI Y. authoribus totidem Scotis, &c. — Mont- 

gomrii (Alex.) Cerasum et Silvestre Prnnum, in Latin, vers, translat. 12mo. ib. 1696 

Nodier's (Charles) Promenade from Dieppe to the Mountains of Scotland ; from the French. 

i2mo. ........ ib. 1822 

S. (J. ) The Age of the World, &c. ; or a convincing Demonstration that the lineal and 

uninterrupted succession of the Scots Monarchy has continued longer than that of any otlier 

Kingdom in the known world. Written in 1706. 12mo. ib. 1716 

Curious Letters and Papers concerning the War between Montrose and the Covenanters, &c. 

l2mo. With MS. note by Sir W. S. . , Glasff. 1773 



North of England and Scotland in 1704. From a MS. formerly belonging to Mr. Jobnea of 
Hafod. (SeparateptUdicatianqfanartieUinBiackwood'tMoff^ l2mo. Edin. IS\8 

Three Nights in Perthshire^ &c. Letter from Percy Yorke^ Jun. to J. TwiaSy Esq., /m- 
vately printed, \2mo. ...... Gkuff. 1821 

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1784. — Posthumous Poems. 1 vol. — 3 vols 12 mo. JSo/iifi. 1798 

See Lips, toL i. p. 119. 

Constable's (Archibald) Memoirs of G^rge Heriot, Jeweller to King James VI. ; with an 

Historical Account of the Hospital founded by him. 12ino. . . t^. 1822 

See Paoa Woaks, toL tu. p. 262. 

Statutes and Regulations of Heriot's Hospital. ISmo. . t^. 1813-18 

Haig's (James) Topographical and Historical Account of the Town of Kelso^ and the Town 

and Castle of Roxburgh^ &c Svo. . . • . • t^. 1825 

Rudimenta Grammatices^ in usum juventutis Scoticae, Sec. J 2mo. . ib. 1 699 

Ruddimanni (Thomae) X^rammaticae Latinae Institutiones^ &c. l2ino. . ib. 1773 

Sacheverell's (William) Account of the Isle of Man ; with a Voyage to I-Columb-KiU, &c. ; 

and a dissertation upon Mona. sm, 8oo. . . . Ltond. 1702 

BeeNoieitoPwgrUqfikePeQk. Lxpx, voL iiL p. 253. 

Wood's (J. Phil.) Memoirs of the Life of John Law of Launston, &c. 12ino. Edin, 1824 

Collection of Addresses, Memorials, Petitions, Sec, Sec relating to the Company of Scotland 

trading to Africa and the Indies, Sec. from June 1695 to November 1700. 12mo. 1700 


L'Office de la Semaine Sainte^ corrige de nouveau par le commandement du Roy, conforme- 

roent au Breviaire et Missel de N. S. P. le Pape Urban VIII. red morocco. Svo, Pari$, 

{Copy which belonged to King James II.) 
Moncrieff's (T.) Memoirs concerning the Ancient Alliance between the French and Scots, Sec. 

with the originals. Svo. ...... Edin, 1751 

Bigelow's (And.) Leaves from a Journal, or Sketches of Rambles in some parts of North Britain 

and Ireland in 1817. 890. ...... Boston, 1821 

Bristed's (John) Pedestrian Tour through part of the Highlands of Scotland in 1801. 

With MS. note by Sir W.S. 2 vols. Bvo. ... Lond. 1803 

Summer Rambles in the North Highlands. 12mo. . • . Edin. 1825 

Macculioch's (Dr. John) The Highlands and Western Isles of Scotland, containing Descriptions 

of their Scenery and Antiquities, Sec. in Letters to Sir W. S. 4 vols. Bvo. Lond. 1824 
Browne's (Dr. James) Critical Examination of Dr. Macculioch's Work on the Highlands 

and Western Isles, &c. em. Svo. ..... Edin. 1825 

WUson's (Robert) Sketch of the History of Hawick, Sec 12mo. Hawick, 1825 

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1779 and 1780. 6th edit. l2mo. ..... Lond. 1783 

See Lips, toL L pp. 123-125. 



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{nsJirtt/ourUem artidet are tncluded in Pret$e9 A and B.) 

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the rights, power, and prerogative of Kings and 
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8. Rules of speaking and action, at the Bar, in the 

Pulpit, and in the Senate. S<l edU, ib, 1716. 


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1. Swift"! Diapier'k Fourth Letter. . IM. 1724. 

2. Letter to ^ Robert Sutton, for dishanding the 

Ixiah regimenta in the MiTice of France and Spun. 

Lond, 172& 

3. Swifts Scheme for an Hospital for Incurables. 

Ihib. 1783. 

4. .-.— Modest Enquiry into the reasons of the joy of 

a certain set of people upon Mpoft of the Queen's 
death Lond, 1714. 

5. History of the Norfolk Steward, in 2 parts. A. 1728. 

6. Swiffk Pre&ce to B. of Sarum's Introd. A. 1714. 

7. Hardship of the English Laws in relation to Wives, 
&C. ..... ih, 1733. 

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Memorable Accidents and unheard of Transactions. l2mo. 

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■ Wars in England, Scotland, and Ireland. l2mo. , 
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Lond, 1760 
t^. 1681 
t^. 1683 
ib. 1684 
t^. 1693 
ib, 1693 
t^. 1693 
ib. 1697 
t*. 1704 
f*. 1706 
ib. 1728 
ib. 1733 
ib. 1737 

Gkuff. 1753 

ib. 1769 

With MS. notet 

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JD. Lf sm* Bvo, ••••••• ZjOMd, 

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l2fno. (The original of Cowley's celebrated Vision.) tft. 1661 

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2. Imago Regit, or the True Pourtraicture of His Sacred Majesty in his Solitude and Suffer- 
ings. Written during his RetirementB in France. 24imo. Pom, 1692 

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to this instant, &c. hi. left, imperfect, em. Bvo. . • Lond* 1611 

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See PosncAL Works, yoL ii. p. 252. 

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em, Bvo. ........ ib. 1699 

See SoMKBS* TaAcrs, toL ▼. 

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The Perplex'd Prince, (History of the Duke of Monmouth under a feigned name.) 1 2mc. 


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Shelf B. 


Press C 


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Beds, cum Contin. anoDym. 

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IngulphuB Abbas Crojlandeniis. 

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VoL \, — Ingulfus Croyhmdeniis. 

Petrus Blesensis. 

Chronica de Mailros. 

Annales Burtonenses. 

Hist Crojlandensis Continuatio. 
VoL 2..»Annalpi Maiganenaea. 

Chron. Thomae Wykes. 

Annales Warerleienaes. 

Hist Golfridi Vinesalvi. 

Hist Walt, de Hemingford. 
Vol. 3.— Gildas. 




Ran. Higden. 

Will. Malmeebnriensis. 

Anonymus Malmesbur. 

Anonymus Rames. 

Anonymus EUyens. 

Thomas Elyens. 

Joan. Wallingford. 

Rad. de Diceto. 


Joannes Fordmi. 

Alcuinus Flaccufl. 

Appendix Antiquitatum Britannorum. 

Strype's (John) Life and Acts of Dr. John Whitgift, Archbishop of Canterbury^ &c. ; in four 

books, /d. 

Lond. 1718 



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King Charles I. to the Restoration of Charles II. JbL . Ltmd. 1682 

8m Paora Woaaa, toL vii p. 831. 

Cabala : S^^ — Mysteries of State and Government ; in Letters of illustrious persons, and great 

Ministers of State, &c., in the Reigns of Henry VIII., Q. Elizabeth, James I., and Charles I., 

&c. SdediL JbL ....... t6. 1691 

8ee PosncAL Wobks, toL iL p. 160 *, — Paosa WoaKS, toL Tii. pp. 75-6, 88. 

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Nigrorum S. Benedicti in Regno Angliae, ice. /bl, . Duaei, 1626 


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inclusive, &c. Carefully collated with the editions of 1548 and 1550. 4to. ib. 1809 

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Edited by Sir Henry Ellis. 4to. . . . . . ib. 4811 

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of the Realm of England, &c. Arranged by Rev. Dr. Dibdin. 4to. ib.lBll 

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See PaosB Woaaa, toL iii p. 152. 

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of Henry Yin. ^tdit. 12vols.8cw. .... •6.1805-6 


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8 vols. 800. ....... ib. 1806 

Chronological Register of both Houses of the British Parliament^ from 1708 to 1807^ 

3 vols. Bvo. ....... ib. 1807 


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and Constitution of these Kingdoms. U. edit, revised, augmented, and arranged by Sir 
Walter Scott 18 vols. 4/o. ..... t&. 1809-1815 

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edit. 6 vols. 4«9. ...... . t^. 1807-8 


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eeparate infiL . . ^ . . . £</tn. 1809 

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Fuller's (Dr. Thomas) History of the Worthies of England. New edit, with notes by John 
Nichols. 2 vols. 4to. ...... ib. 1811 


Tracts concerning the Popish Plot, 1679-1683. 2 vols.y^. t6. 1679-83 

See Nate9 to PeeerU of ike Peak. 

' another vol. containing, Trials consequent on the pretended Popish Plot ; Pamphlets on 

Lord Shaftesbury, &c. fd. ..... ib. 

State Tracts, being a collection of several Treatises relating to the Government Privately 

printed in the reign of Charles II., &c. fd. .... t^. 1693 

Rdiquiae B^ucterianae, or Mr. Richard Baxter's Narrative of the most memorable passages of 

his Life and Times, published from his MS. by M. Sylvester. foL ib. 1696 

Burnet's (Bp.) Hist of the Reformation of the Church of England. 3 yo]A./ol. ib. 1 679-1 7 1 5 
Johnson's (Rev. Samuel) Works, Political and Religious, /ol. ib. 1710 

Collection of State Tracts published on occasion of the late Revolution in 1688, and during the 

reign of King William III., &c. With Table and Indexes. 3 vols./o/. ib. 1705-7 


Pbrss D. ABBOTSFOBD LIBRARY. Shdveg i, 2, d. 

State Trials^ &c. Volume m/ol, contuning, 

1. Comfetsioii and Nanative of James Holloway, 

executed for High Treaioii, April, 1684. 

2. Proceedings on Bill of Indictment for High 

Treason against the Earl of Shaftesbury, No- 
vember, 1681. 

3. Letters, &c., concerning the offered alliance of 

the Kings of England and France to the 
Netberland States, 1680. 

4. Gates's (Titus) Narrative of the horrid plot,&c. 

of the Popish party against the life of His 
Sacred Miyesty, &c., 1679. 

5. Tiyall of Richard Langhom, Elsq., for conspiring 
the death of the King, June, 1679. 

6. State of the Case of the Earl of Danby, 1679. 

7. Trials of Ireland, Pickering, and Grove, for con- 
spiring to murder the King, December, 1678. 

8. Act of Parliament, 12th Charles II., 1660, en- 
titled, ^ Act of fine and general indemnity and 

Volume of Miscellaneous Tracts^ (47) begimiing with Andrew Marv^ll's Miscellaneous Poems^ 
and relating to the Duke of Monmouth, Earl of Argyle, Popish Plot, Trial of Hampden, 
&c. &c. Jhl. ...... Lond. 1644-1688 

Sanderson's (William) Life and Raigne of King Charles, from his cradle to his grave, /ol. ib, 1 QSS 
Howes's (Edmund) History of England from the invasion of the Romans to King James I., 
1614. With an Appendix, &c., relating to the three Universities of England, &c., 1615. 
B.L. Wants tide pa^e. /ol, 


Complete Collection of State Trials and Proceedings for High Treason and other crimes and 
misdemeanours, from the earliest period to the present time (1163-1817). With notes 
and other illustrations. Compiled by T. B. Howell, Esq., F. R. S., &c., 32 vols, royal 8m. 






Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society. First series^ 10 vols., second Serief, 9 vols. 

lOvols. 8t?o. ..... Boston, U. S. lB0e''^S22 

Holmes's (Rev. Dr. Abel) American Annals ; a Chronological History of America, from its 

discovery in 1492 to 1806. 2 vols. Svo. . . . reprinted, Lond. 1808 

Freneau's (Philip) Poems written and published during the American Revolutionary War, &c. 

3d edit. 2 vols. sm. Bvo. ..... Philadelphia, 1809 

Memoirs of a Life chiefly passed in Pensylvania during the last sixty years (1811). Reprinted, 

with dedication by John Gralt to Richard Rush. 890. . . Edin. 1822 

Halkett's(John) Historical Notes respecting the Indians of North America, &c. 800. Lond. 1 825 
M'Kenney's (T. L.) Sketches of a Tour to the Lakes ; of the character and customs of the 

Chippeway Indians, &c. ; also a vocabulary of the Algic, or Chippeway language. 890. 

Baltimore, 1827 


Ellis's (William) NarratiYe of a Tour through Hawaii or Owhyhee ; with obseryations od the 
Sandwich lalands, &c. 4M edit. Svo. .... Lond. 1828 

Mnrraj's (Hugh) Historical Account of Discoveries and TraTels in North America, &c. 2 vols. 
Bvo. ......... t^. 1829 

Selkirk's (Thomas Earl of) Sketch of the British Fur Trade in North America, &c 2d edit. 
L&nd, 1816. — 2. Statement respecting the Earl of Selkirk's Settlement of Kildonan, on the 
Red River, &c. ib. 1817. — 3. Narrative of occurrences in ihe Indian countries of North 
America, since the Earl of Selkirk's connection with the Hudson's Bay Company, &c. t^.1 817. 
Svo. ........ 1818-1817 

-^— Letter to the Earl of Liverpool, and correspondence with the Colonial Department on the 
subject of the Red River settlement. Svo, . . . td. 1819 

Tribute to the memory of De Witt Clinton, late Governor of New York, &c., by a Citisen of 
Albany. 12mo. ....... Albany, 1828 

Colden's (Cadwallader) History of the Five Indian Nations of Canada, &c. 2d edit. Svo. 

Land. 1750 

Neilson's (Peter) Recollections of a Six Years' Residence in the United States of North 
America. Svo. ....... GUugow, 1830 

Macquarie's (General Laehlan) Letter to Lord Sidmouth, in refutation of Mr. Bonnet's State- 
ments (respecting New South Wales). Svo. . . Land. ^S2\ 

M'Robert's (Patrick) Tour through part of the North Provinces of America, in 1774 and 
1775, &c. Svo. ...... . Edin. 1776 

Bttlkely (John) and Cumming's (John) Voyage to the South Seas in 1740-1, and Narrative 
of the loss of the Wager, &c. Svo. ..... Lond. 1743 

Ozholm (P. L.) De Danske Vestindiske Oers Tilstand, &c., (On the Danish West India Islands). 
890. ........ Kiobenh. 1797 

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33 E 

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Skehe8 4^ 5, 6, 7. 




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20-22. Sidles de Louis XIV. et XV. 

23. Hist de Charles XII. 

24. Hist, de Pierre le Grand. 

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26. Hist, da Parlement de Puis. 

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See ImirodndioH to The Abboi. 

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%^ preotdkig page. 




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P. Fletcher. 



F. Beaumont. 










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7. Cowley. 







8. WaUer. 














J. PhUlips. 






*9. (ooniJMued.J 


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New Arabian Nights. 

Peniaii Tales. 

of Tnntnlla. 

Oriental Tales. 

Nooijahad, by Mn. Sheridan. 

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— Mad. Murat 
2, S, 4. Mad. D*Aulnoy. 

5. Les lUustres F^es. 
Tjmumie des F^es. Mad. D* AuneoiL 
Contes moins Contes, &c. Preschac 

6. Les F^es. Mademoiselle de la Foroe. 
Les Chevaliers E!iTans,&c Mad. D*Aulnoy. 

7-11. MUle et Une Xuits. Galland. 

12. LeTourT^n^breux,&c Madlle.L'Heritier. 

Arentures d* Abdallah. i 

18. j 

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Petit de la Croix. 

16. Contes Turca. Galland. 
Voyage de Zulma dans le pays des F^es. 

17. Contes et Fables Indiennes. i fiidpai et 

18. I Lokman. 

Contes et Fables. F^ndon. 
Boca, per Mad. le Marchand. 

19. Contes Chinoises. Guetllette. 
Florine, ou la Belle Italienne. 


des Fees, et autres Contes Merveilleux. 

Anut. llSS-e 

20. Le Belier. | 

Fleur d* Epine. > Hamilton. 

LesQuatre Facardins.' 

21, 22, 23. Contes Tartares, et Contes Mogols. 


24. Le Prince des Aigues-Marines. i Mad. 

Le Prince Invisible. f L*£v^ue. 

Les Fderies Kouvelles. \ 

25. Kouveanx Contes Orientanx. VCaylus. 
Cadichou et Jeannette. ) 
Contes, par M. de Moncri£ 

26. La Beine Fantasque. J. J. Rousseau. 
La Belle et la Bdte. Mad. VUleneuve. 



Madlle. de Lussan. 

28. Prince Titi. St Hyadnthe. 

29, 30. Contes des G^nies. Trad, del' Anglois. 

31. Funestine. Beauchamps. 
Nouveaux Contes des F^es. 

Le Loup Galleux et Bellinette. 

32. Soirees Bretonnea. Guetllette. 
Contes de Mad. de Lintot. 

Skehei 2, 3. 


PrB88 H. 

Tom. S2. Aventiues de Zeloide. Monciifl 

33. Trois Contes par Madlle. de Lubert. 
^ Nouijahad. Had. Sheridan. 

34. Contes de Pajon. 

BibL des F^ei. Laporte. 

35. Mine(-Blea et Louyette. Had. Fagnan. 
Aciyou et Zirphile. Dudot. 

Agla& CoypeL 

Tom. 35. Cootei des F^es. Had. de Beaumont 
Le Prince Desii^ Sells. 
Contes choisis des direnes anteurs. 

36. Don Silvio de Bo«d?B. Wieland. 

37. Notice des Auteun. 
Liste des Oavrages. 

89-41. Suite desMilleet uneXuits. DomChavis 

Voyages Imagmaires^ Romanesques^ Merveilleax^ AU^goriques, Amusaos^ Comiques et Cri- 
tiqaesy soivis des Songes et VisioiiSy et des Romans Cabalistiqaes recaeillisj par Grouier. 
36 torn. 8w. ....... t». 1787-9 

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4. Le Solitaire Anglois,-Phillppe Q^oarlL 

5. Histoire des Stfvaiambes. Alleti. 

See Pjuwb Womu, toL tt. p. aolL 

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7. 8, 9. L*Ile Inconnue. Grirel. 
10. Voyage d* Aldmedon. 

Les Isles Fortun^es. Clairfons. 
Hist des Troglodytes. Montesquieu. 
Aventurss d* un jeune Anglda Ledyard. 

d* un Corsaire Portugais. Mendes 

Voyages du Cap. Robert Boyle. 



Xaufinge de Rich. Castelman. 

12. Arentuies d* un EspagnoL 
Xaufiage d* un Vaisseau Hollandais. 
de Pierre Viaud. 

de Had. Godin. 

13. Histoire V^table. Luden. trad, et contin. 

par d* Ablancourt 
Voyages de Cyrano de Beigerac 

14. Voyages de Gulliver. Swift. 

15. Nouveau Gulliver. Desfontaines. 

See Paon WoMxa, toL U. p. 304. 

^^*^ > Visions de Quevedo. 

16. j 

Relat du Monde de Mercure. 
17, 18. Voyages dans les 7 Pianettes. Mad. 

19. Voyage de Nicolas Klimlus. Holbeig. 
du Pole Arctique, &c. 

20. Lam^kis. Voyages d' un Egyptien. I De 

21. i Mouhy. 

Azor, ou le Prince Enchants. Aunillon. 

Tom. 22. Les Hommes Volans. Pierre Wilkins. 


Aventures du Voyageur Aerien. M * * * 
Micromegas. Voltaire. 

24. Voyage dans V autre monde. Fielding. 
Arentures du Jacques Sadeur. 

25. Hist du Prince Soly. Pajon. 

Voyages, &c. des Trois Princes de Sarendjp. 
Crist Armeno. 

26. Voyage du Prince Fan F6r6din. Bougeant 
Relation de T Isle Imaginaire. ) a^^- 

La Princesse de Papblagonie. ) 
Voyage de V Isle d* Amour. Tallemant 
Rel. du Royaume de Coquetterie. d^ Au- 

Descr. de V Isle de Portraiture. 

27. L* Isle Encbant^. Camoena. 

delaF^dt^ Mad. d' Aulnoy. 

— Tacitume. 


Voyage de la Raison en Europe. Carraccioli. 

28. Voyage Sentimental. Sterne. 

de Cbapelle et Bacbaumont. 

en Limosin. La Fontaine. 

de Languedoc, &c. Lefranc de Pom- 

■ de Bouigogne. Bertin. 

de Beaune. Piron. 

de Didier de Lonneult Berquin. 

d* Espagne, par Dixmerie. 

29. de Campagne, par Mad. de Murat 

de Falaise. Lenoble. 

de Mantes, par Bonneval. 

30. interrompu, par 1* Afficbard. 

Voiture Embourb^. Marivauz. 




Press I. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdt>€9 1, 2. 

Tom. 30. VoTBge k St Cloud et retour. N^l. 

31. Songes de Boccace. 
R^ves d* Aristobule. 
SoDges d* un Hennite. 

32. et VisionB. Meicier. 

33. Les Metamoiphows. Apulte. 
D<fmon de Socrate. 

34. Comte de Gabalii. Yillars. 

Tom. 34. Sylplie Amouieux. 

LeeOndiiu. Mad. Robert 

L* Amant Salamandre. Cointreau. 

35. L* Enchanteur Fauste. Hamiltcn. 
Diable Amouieux. Caaotte. 
Lea Lutins. Mad. de Murat 

36. Hist de M. Oufle. Bordelon. 
Descript. du Sabbat 

Histoire des Naufrages^ ou Recueil des Relations les plus interessantes des Naofrages^ Hiverne- 
mens, D^laissemens^ &c. qui ont ^te public depuis le 15™*- Siecle jusqu' a present Par 
M. De Perthes (1596-1777.) 3 torn. 8w. ... Par. 1787-9 



Bayle, (Pierre) Dictionnairc Historiqae et Critique. 4me idit, revue^ corrig^^ et augmentee, 

avec la Vie de V Auteur^ par M. des Maizeauz. 4 torn. /ol, Gr. Pap, Amst. 1730 

Mezeray^ (Eudes de) Histoire de France depuis Faramond jusqu' a maintenant^ Sec, (420-1598.) 

3 torn. ^. . . . . . . . Pam^ 1643-1651 

Sullj^ (Maximilian due de) Memoires des Sages et Rojralles (Economies d' Estat domestiques, 

&c. de Henry le Grand^ &c. Tom. 1 et 2. Edition originale auz V verta, /ol. Afmt, 
Frederic III. Roi de Prusse, Memoires pour servir a V Histoire de la Maison de Brandebourg. 

4to. Gr, Pap, ....... Berlin, 1751 

See PomcAL Works, vol. iv. p. 57. 

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Pfintzing, (Melchior) Geschichte des Loblichen streitbaren und hochberiimbten Holds und 
Ritters Tewrdanncths^ &c. With beautiful wood-cuts, fd, , , Au^sbur^, 1519 

Ortelii (Abrahami) Theatrum Orbis Terrarum. /ol, 
Thuani (Jac. August.) Historiarum Sui Temporis Libri lxxx., ab anno 1548 ad annum 1584. 

4 vols, in 3. /ol. ....... Paris, 1606-9 

See PosncAL Works, toL i?. pp. 203-4. 

Heldenbuch darinn viel seUzamer Geschichten und kurtzweilige Historien eon den grossen 
Helden und Rysen, ^c. Copy o/ the edition printed at Frankfort, 1590, on 158 pages, — 
Ritter Peter von Stauffenberg und die Mer/ege. Ein Gedicht, Spc, von Herm Eckenolt, 
Copy o/ an old printed edition in Mr. Douce' s collection, on \2 pages; both nuule by Henry 
Weber, MS.fol. 


Voyage descr. et philos. de I'Ancien et de Nouveau Paris. 2 tom. ISmo, Paris, 1815 

Notice des Tableaux exposes dans la G^lerie du Musee Royal. l2mo. ib, 1825 


Skelvei 2, 3. 


Press I. 

Cronquestes da Marquis de Grana dans les Pays-Bas. Colore, 1686. — Rocoles^ Ziska^ le 

redoubtable aveugle^ &c. Leide, 1685. 24mo. 
Duchesee de Medo^ nouvelle historique^ &c. 2 torn, en 1. 24mo. . Paris, 1692 

PeiToniaiia et Thuana, ou Pens^es judicieuses^ Bon-mots^ &c.^ du Card, du Perron^ et de M. le 

President de Thou. 24mo. ...... Cok^ne, 1694 

Menagiana, ou Bon-mots. Pens^^ &c. &c.^ de M. Menage. 3me Sdit. 4 torn, en 2. 24mo. 

Anut., ^7lS 

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Alpenrosen, ein Schweizer Almanach, 1820. 18mo. Leipzig, IS20 

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Buaching und Von der Hagen, Sammlung Deutscber Volkslieder, &c. l6mo. Berlin, 1807 

— '— Melodien zu den Deutscben Liedem. oblong iSmo, 

See IntrwiMeliom to T<Uei of the Crumders. 

Oentz (Fried.) Maria, Koniginn von Scbottland. 1 6mo, Braunsch. 1 799 

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Amour et Modestie, ou Les Tendres Adieux, Cbansonnier. 24mo, 

La Bergere dee Ardennes, Cbansonnier. 24smo, 

Cbansonnier des Braves. 24mo. 

de tons les gouts. 24mo. 

des Graces, avec les airs graves. 24mo, 

de I' Hymen. 24i9to. 

des Vari^t^ 24mo. 

La Femme de Cbambre, Cbansonnier des Toilettes. 24mo. 

La Jolie Jardiniere, Cbansonnier Nouveau. 24ino. 

Momus a la Caserne, Cbansons, &c., par Jacquemart, 18mo. 

Myrte et Laurier, Cbansonnier. 24mo. 

Oflfirande a I'Amiti^, Recueil de joHes Cbansons. 24mo. 

Plaisir d'Egl^, &c., Cbansonnier. 24mo. 

Le Franc Troubadour, Cbansonnier, par Wagon. 24m<7. 

Scotto (Micbel) La Pbysionomia Natural di. 24mo. 


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• 47 


Paris, 1825 


Brux, 1825 


Paris, 1824 




ib. 1825 






ib. 1826 


ib. 1826 


^. 1823 


ib. 1826 


ib. 1825 


ib. 1825 


ib. 1826 


ib. 1825 






r P. Nicolini. 1557 

PuEss I. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves S, 4, 5. 

Cervantes^ Don Quixote ; con anotaciones^ indices^ y varias lecciones por el Re?. Joan Bowie. 

6 torn. 4to. ,,....,. Sarum, 1781 

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M. de Flores, &c. 2^* imp, 4to. . . Madrid, 17 B4 

■ de Don Pedro Ni£k>^ &c. 1782. — Historia de Gran Tamorlan e Itinerario del Viage, &c., 

que Ruy Gk>nzalez de Clavigo le hizo^ &c. 2^ imp, 1782.— *Sumario de los Reyes de Espana^ 

&c. Pub. por Don Eugenie de Llaguno^ Amirola, &c., 1781. 4fo. »6. 1781-2 


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Seculieres de Tun et de I'autre Sexe^ &c. 8 toms. 4<^. Paris, 1721 

Sainte Marie^ (Pere Honor^ de) Dissertations Historiques et Critiques sur la Chevaleric 

Ancieune et Modeme^ &c. 4to. . . . . ib. 171% 

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IS15, &c. en Franq, et AUemand, S parties en 1 vol, 4to. . Weimar, 1814-17 

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Bvo. ........ ib. 1826 

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auteur^ et des Obserrations sur chaque ouyrage^ par M. Petitot. (Premiire Serie.) 
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Tom. 1. Geof&ey de Villehaidouin, 

Conq\i£te de Conftantmople. 

2. Sire de JoinTille. 

S. Aufteun AxBbei nir St Louis. 

4, 5. Bertrand du Gneidin. 

Ghristine de Pinn. 


Jean de Boucicaut 

Pieire de Fenin. 

8. Mem. mr Jeamie d* Arc. 

Gomte de Richemont 

Flomit d' Ulien. 

9, 10. OliTier de la Mazche. 

Sa0 NoU to QueKtin Durwttrd. 

11. Jaoquee du Glercq. 

Philippe de Cominet. 

12, 18 

Jean de Troyes. 

8m iVMf to QiMnfiii Dmrward, 


Quillaume de Yilleneu?e. 
La Tremoille par Boocfaet 
15. Ghenlier Bayard. 


Tom. 16. Idem. 

Chevalier de Fleumnge. 

Louise de Savoye. 
17-19. Martin du BeUay. 
20-22. Blaise de Montluc. 
2S-.25. Gaspar, Seigneur de Tavannee. 
26-3& Sire de Vieilleville. 

Baron Duvillan. 

29, 30 

31,32. Fiau9ois de Rabutin. 

B. de Salignac. 

Gaspar de Coligny. 

La Chastre. 

OuilL de Rochechouart. 

33. Michel de Castelnau. 

34. Jean de Meigey. 
Fr. de la Xoue. 
Achilla Gamon. 
Jean PhilippL 

35. Henri, Due de Bouillon. 
GuilL, Seigneur de Tavannes. 

36. Comte de Cheyemy. 
Huiault, Ev^ue de Chartres. 


Pbbss L 


Skehea 6, 7, B, 9, 10. 

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J. A. de Thou. 
38. Jean Chounin. 
Mathleu Merle. 

Palxna Cayet, Chionologie NoTenaire. 

Tom. 44. Due d* Angoul^e. 
45-49. Pierre de 1* Eitoile. 
J. GiUot 
Claude Groulard. 
Mich, de Marillac. 
50, 51. Fontenay-Maieuil. 
52. Table G^drale. 

Seigneur de Saint. Auban. 
44. M. de ViUeroy. 

Collection des M^moires relatifs a V Hist, de France^ depuis V nvenement de Henri IV.^ 
jusqu' a la paix de Paris en 1763^ avec dcs notices, &c. par M. Petitot. (Secande Serie) 

78 toni. 8vo» 

Tom. 1-9. Sully, CEconomie8 Royalea. 
10-11. Cardinal Richelieu. 
Pr^udent Jeannin. 
12-16. Idem. 

Marechal d* Elstr^ea. 


18, 19. Due de Rohan. 

20, 21. Idem. 
21*-30. Cardinal Richelieu. 
31. Gaston, Due d* Origans. 
Sieur de Pontii. 


33, 34. Amauld d* Andilly. 
Abb^ Amauld. 
Ducheese de Kemoun. 
35, 36. Comte de Brienne. 

Madame de Mottevilie. 


Mademoiselle de Montpensier. 


44-46. Cardinal de Retz. 

47. Guy Joly. 
Claude Joly. 

48. Conrart 
Pdre Berthed. 

49, 50. Marquis de Montglat. 
51. DelaChAtre. 


Paris, 1820 
Tom. 52. Gournlle. 
53, 54. Pierre Lenet 

Comte de Montresor. 
55, 56. Due de Guise. 

Marechal Due de Gramond. 


Marshal du PUaam. 

Pierre de la Porte. 
60-63. Omer Talon. 

Abbd de Choisy. 

64. Cheyalier Temple. 
Madame de La Fayette. 


Marquis de La Fare. 
Marechal Due de Berwick. 


Mad. de Caylus. 
67, 68. Marquis de Torcy. 

Marechal de YiJlan. 

Due de NoaiUes. 


Comte de Forbin. 


Duguay Trouin. 
76,77. Duclot. 

78. Table G^n&ale. 

Collection desChroniques Nationales Fran9ai8e8> Rentes en Langue Vulgaire^ du XIII*- au XVI'* 
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Tom. 1 , 2. Ducange. HisL de Constantinople sous I Tom. 3. G^eoffWiy de Villehardouin. 

les Empereus FiaD9ais. | Fragm. des Chioniques Bysantins. 


Skdvei I, 2, 3. 



Tom. 8. Philippe Moiukes. 

4. ChraiL des Fiaii9ais en Horde. 
5, 6. Rftmon Mimtaner. 
7, 8. Royauz Lignages. 

9. Oodefroy de Paris. 

10-25. Frausart, avec 7 additioni. 
9m Pr^/ket to JifmeqfOtlenUln. 

Tom. 26-40. Monatielet, avec 5 additkma. 

41. G. Chaftellain, Yie de Jaquea de Lalainc. 
See Lira, rol. rl p. 9IS. 

42, 43. Chroniques de Booigogne. 

44-47. Chronique de Jean Molinet 


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■ Fiskeren. 8fw. ...... 

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Hroars Saga. 8oo. ... 

Nordens Chider. 8oo. ..... 

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The same^ with tbe ortbograpby modernized, and a copioas appendix. With MS, note by 

Str fv, o. . • . . 

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der Hofnarren. Svo, .... 

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1,2. Petnrea. 

S-5. Dante. 

6. Lirid Anticlii. 

7.^. PoleL 

10. Poemetti del Sec. xv. zri. 
11-15. Boiaxdo, da BemL 

16. Ei^og^e del Sec zt. zvi. 

17. Teatio Antioo. 

Urn Tmout WomMM, toL tL pp. tti SOI. 

ia.22. Ariorto. 

28. Didascalici del Sec zvi. 

24. Favole Teatrali del Sec zvi. 

25. Marittmi e Pedanteecfai del Sec zvi. 

26. Canzonieri del Sec xvL 

27. Satirici e Burleschi del Sec ztL 

28. 29. TaflBO, Genualemmc 

30. Coetanzo. T. e B. Taaw, &c 

31. Lirid Miflti 

82. — Yenenani del Sec ztL 
33. Rostieali del 3 prime Secoli 




Shelves!, 4. 

34, TBMonL 

S5. Guazini, Rinuodni. 

36. Teatro Pastorale del Sec. xfiL 

37. Lor. LippL 

88, 89. G. Graziani 

40. Ditiiambici e SatiricL I , , g^ 

41. Lirid MistL I 

42. AL Guidi, e due Zappi. 
43-45. Fortegiuem. 

46, 47. Apoet Zeno e Metaatano, Drammi SceltL 

48. Poemi Geoigid. 

49. Poemetti e Sdolti. 

50. Teatriali Serj e Giocoai. 

51. Lirica del Frugoni, e de* fiolQg;neii. 
52' Anacreontid e Burleachi. 

53. Lirid, Filoaofici, &c 

54. Diammatid Sacri. 

55. 56. Bertolo, Beitoldino, e Cacaaemio 
Indioe Univenale. 

del Secolo 

• • • 




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l2mo. ........ Kiobenh. 1806 

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AUma, 1818 

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Formodninger em bemoerkelsen af det Hebraiske ord Kesita^ &c. 4to. ib. 1824 

Der Tempel der Himmlischen Oottin za Paphos^ &c. 4fto. ib. 1 824 

Boyd, (Archib.) Disputatio Juridica, &c de Obligationibus et Actionibus, &c. 4/d. Edin. 1825 
Mackenzie, (Gul. Forbes) Disputatio Juridica, &c. Si, pendente lite, mors intenrenerit ? &c. 

4io. ........ ib. 1829 

Jonae (Runolph.) Recentissima Antiq. Ling. Septent. Incunabula, i,e. Grammaticae Islandicae 

Rudimenta, &c. 4(0. ...... Hq/k. 1651 

Cervantes (Miguel) Ocho Comedias y Ocho Entremeses, nuevos, &c. Imperfect, large Bvo. 

Madr. 1615 


Bailey (Jacobi) Hierogljphicomm Origo et Natura : Prolufiio in Car. Cantab. 1816 recitata^ See, 
8oo. ........ C(Mt, 1816 


Ferrario^ (Dott Gtinlio) Storia ed Analisi degli Antichi Romanzi di Cayalleiia e dei Poemi 
Romanzeschi d' Italia^ &c. 3 torn. 8eo. Carta grandistitna, tav, color, MUano, 1828 


Sigismondo^ (Dott Giuseppe) Descrizione della Citta di Napoli, e snoi Borghi. 3 torn. Svo. 

Napd. 1788 
Signorelli^ (Pietro) Storia Critica de' Teatri Antichi e Modemi. 1 torn. inll^8oo. t^. 1813 

Vicende della Coltura nelle due Sicilie, dalla venuta deUe Colonie Straniere sino a 

nostri giomi. 24a»ediz, 8 torn. 8oo. * . . . t^. 1810-11 


CoUezione di tutti i Poemi in Lingua Napoletana. 28 torn. \2mo. ib. 1783-7 

Tom. 1. Sgruttendio. 
2, 3, 4, 5. G. C. Cortefle. 
6, 7. B. Valentino. 
8-11. P. N. Stigliola. 
12. Dom. Baale. 
13, 14. Gab. Faaano. 

15. Nic. Capasso. 

16. Andr. Peruccio. 

Santo Villano. 
Tke cmly En^itk oecomicfikem NeotpoUtan Poett vriU befomd m am §ar^ No. <^Foreijfm QfiarUrip JUomo. 

17, 18. Num. Pagano. 

19. O. B. Valentina 
20, 21. O. B. fiasUe. 

22. J. A. Palmieri. 

23. G. d^Antonio. 
24, 25. Opere inedite. 

26, 27. Galiani, Yocabolario KapoL 
28. Del Dialetto Napol. 




Collection of Scraps from Newspapers^ &c., Songs, Ballads, &c., formed by John Bell of New- 
castle. 9m.fol. 
Another Collection of similar Scraps, with a few Caricatures. 9m.fol. 
CcBecHon ofBaUads, Letters, Copy of Rev, Robert Latins Memorials, Mr. Hattys Poekmanty 
Sermon, ^. MS. em./oL 


Vynei^s (Rev. Dr. Robert) Very long, curious, and extraordinary Sermon, preached 14th March 

1732, at a noted chapel in Westminster, Sec, 4to. Lond. 1733 

Sstji* against Hypocrites. «m. 4to. ..... ib. 1674 

Wild'a (Rev. Dr. Robert) Iter Boreale, &c., on the successful and matchless march of the Lord 

General Monck, from Scotland to London, &c. sm. 4to. . ib. 1660 

See PaosB Woeks, toL C p. 85. 

57 H 


Tracts, sm, 4ito. containing^ 

1. Account of the pretended Prince of Wales, and 

other grieyances, &c., and a short account of the 
murther of the Earl of Essex, &c. Lond. 1688 

2. Account how the Earl of Essex killed himself in 

the Tower of London, &c. A. 1683 

8. DanTers^ (Colonel) Murther will out ; or a clear 

and full discovery that the Earl of Essex did 

not murther himself &c. 16.1689 

See SoMBM TmACT8» toL x. 

4. EUegie on the Earl of Essex, who cut his own 
throat, &c /ol, Edm, 1683 

Innocency and Truth Vindicated. An account of what hath been and is ready to be deposed 

to prove the most treacherous and cruel murder of Arthur late Earl of Essex^ &c. With 

MS. Note. 4to. ...... . Lond. 1689 

See SoMias Tractr, toI. x. 

Ormonde (Duke of) Conduct of^ in the Campaign of 1812. i^o. . t^. 1715 

Heywood's (Thomas) Reader^ here you '11 plainly see^ Judgment perverted by these three, A 
Priest^ a Judge^ a Patentee^ &c. 1641. sm. 4ito. Reprint, 

Middleton's (General Sir Thomas) Declaration^ &c. setting forth the illegality^ &c.^ of a per- 
nicious Oath^ &c. sm, 4to. ...... ib. 1 644 

Cruden's (Alexander) Account of the Trials &c.^ July 1739^ on an action brought by Mr. 
Cruden against Dr. Monro^ Sic, for false imprisonment^ &c. 8po. . t^. 174O 

Tracts. 890. 

1. Tiue and Faithfiil NanatiYe of 01i?er Cromwellls I 2. Letter ^ftom Mr. Macoartney, Dec. 1712, <m the 
compact with the Denl for seven years, &c. I Duel between the Duke of Hamilton and Lord 

2d €dU. .... Lond. 1720 | Mohun. .... •&. 1713 

See Paosa WoaKS, toL xxt. p. 209. 

Prince Eugene not the man you took him for^ &c. sm. 890. . . ti^. 1712 

Particular Declaration and Testimony of the undutifull and traitorous affection borne against 

her Majestie^ by Edmond Campion^ Jesuite^ and other condenmed priests, &c. B, L. 4to. 

With MS. notes. ...... Lond. C. Barker, 1 582 

Aminadab, or the Quakers Vision, (relative to Dr. Sachverel.) Svo. . 1^. 1710 

Wagstaff^s (Dr. Will.) Letter from the facetious Dr. And. Tripe to the Venerable Nestor 

Ironside, &c. Svo. ....... ib. 1714 

Bibliotheca PaHiamenti, Libri Thcologici, Politici, Historici, &c., done into English for the 

Assembly of Divines, &c. With MS. additions. 4to. . ib. 1653 

See SoMKRS Tracts, vol. vii. 

Hammilton's (Col. Sir Frederick) Humble Remonstrance to the Conunittee of both Kingdoms, 
&c., and three other Tracts relating to the same. 4to. . . t^. 1644-5 

Truth brought to light by Time. The proceedings touching the Divorce between the Lady Fr. 
Howard and Robert Earl of Essex, &c With MS. notes, (imperfect.) 4to. ib. 1651 

Chesterfield's, (Philip Earl of) Speech in the House of Lords against the bill for licensing dra- 
matic performances. Svo. ...... Dub. 1749 

Guard's (Theodore do la) Simple Cobbler of Aggawam in America, Willing to help mend his 
native country, &c. 4to. ...... Lond. 1647 



Riyere (A.) The Sad Condition of a distracted Kingdome^ &c.^ a Poem. «m. 4/o. Land, 164.5 
The (Latin) Description of Hoghind^ with its Dedication translated in English. — Collection of 

Hymns and Poems for the use of the October Club^ &c. 890. . *6. 1711 

Ljttelton (Lord) The Court Secret^ a Melancholy Truths &c.« translated from the Arabic by 

an adept (relatiye to Lord Scarborough and the Duch. of Manchester.) 2d edit, 8ro. tb. 1743 

Gee's (John) The Foot out of the Snare^ with a detection of sundry late practices^ &c.^ of the 

Priests and Jesuits in England^ &c. 2d edit. tm. 4fto. . t^. 1624 

See Soinais Tkacts, toL ii 

Vicars's (John) God in the Mounts or England's Remembrancer^ &c. 4to. ib. 1 641 

Relation of the Engagements and Actions of H. M. fleet under the command of his Highnesse 
Prince Rupert^ &c. 4fto. ...... ib. 1673 

Dangerfield's (Capt.) Memoires^ digested into Adventures^ &c. By his own hand. 4to. ib. 1685 

London's Grreat Jubilee^ restor'd and perform'd on Tuesday^ October 29^ 16S9, for the enter- 
tainment of Sir Thomas Pilkington^ Lord Mayor^ &c. containing a Description of the several 
Pageants and Speeches^ &c for the entertunment of their Majesties^ &c. who honoured his 
Lordship this year with their presence. By Matthew Taubman. 4to. t^. 1689 

Ware's (Robert) Foxes and Firebrands^ or a Specimen of the Danger and Harmony of Popery 
and Separation^ &c. 2d edit. 4fto. . . . t5. 1681 

The Fatal Vesper^ or a True and Punctuall Relation of that lamentable accident on Sunday 
the 26th of October last^ &c. 4/o. . . t^. 1623 

The Reformado^ precisely charactered by a Transformed Church- Warden, &c. «m. 4/o. ib. 1642 

Tracts relative to Prince Rupert 1 vol. sm. 4»to. containing^ 

1. The Bloody Prince; or Declamtion of the cruel | at Lichfield against Prince Rupert, &c 1643 

piiacticeiofPr.Bupeiiy&c By J. W. XoiMf. 1643 3. An Apology vindicating the Cavalien from a par- 

2. Roaell^i (Colonel) Relation of the valiant pro- 

tiall aspersion, &c. . 1643 

ceedingB of the Parliament forces in the closse . 4. llie Cavalien Catechisme, &c. 1643 

Manifest Truths^ or an Inversion of Truths Manifest^ containing a narration^ &c.^ and vindica- 
tion of the Parliament and Kingdome of England from the false and injurious aspersions 
east on them by the author of the said Manifest (David Buchanan.) 4to. Land. 1646 

The False Brother^ or a New Map of Scotland^ drawn by an Englishpendl^ &c. tm. 4eto. ib. 1 657 

Parker's (Henry) Scotland's Holy War ; a Discourse^ &c., how the Scots^ out of a corrupt pre- 
tended zeal to the Covenant, have made the same scandalous and odious to all good men, 
&c 9m. 4to. ....... ib, 1651 

Scarce Tracts, Reprints of seven — in one vol. wn. 4to. containing, 

1. TheI>oune&lQfTemporisingPoet8,&c£om/.164l 

2. The Highway Woman, Ac Maicy Clay, other- 

wise called Jenny Fox. *b, 1665 

3. DedaiBtion of Captain James Hind. A. 1651 

4. The Mowing Devil ; or Strange News out of Hart- 

foidshife, &c t&.i678 

5. Sir Thomas Middleton*s Declaration &c. ib. 1644 

6. The Generous Usurer, Mr. Novell in Thames St. 


7. Danvers, (John) The Royal Oake ; or an Histori- 
cal Desrription of the Royal Progress, &c., of 

Charles 11. . ib. 

See 80MBBS TaACfS* vol- vU. 


Pant L. ABBOTSFORD LIBRABY. Shdf>€9 3, 4. 

Tracts relative to the Giyil War^ 1643-4. in 1 toI. mi. 4to, Contaiiiing, 

1. Worthy Speech made bj Lord Brooke, && ..... JCond. 1643 

2. MesBBge, with a Letter sent by H. K. to Prince Rupert, &c . . . A. 164S 

3. Wonderftil preierfatiim and deUyeianoe of John Harrington, Eaq. from the hands of the Cavaliefs, 6lc. 

ib. 1643 

4. Thud InteUigence from Reading, &c. ..... . April 26, 1648 

5. Merturimt BtOkm, Fourth Intelligence from Reading, &c ... 1643 

6. Letter from Hii Excellency the Eail of Emcx to the gentlemen, &c. of the county. 1643 

7. Letter to Hii Mijetty from a Member of the Houie of Commons, &c. 1 643 

8. The truth of our bad news from Exeter, &c ..... Majf 20, 1643 

9. Articles of agreement, &c. upon delivery of the dty of Exoester, &c 1648 

10. Sir E. Hungeiford's Vindication for the Surrendering of Malmabuiy, &c 1643 

1 1. Fourteen articles of Treason, &c against Edward Dobson, the malignant Stationer, &c Oaefurd^ 1643 

12. Briefe Dedaration of all the Civill Wanes, &c in England. 1643 

13. Fuller Relation of that miraculous Victory, &c. of the Parliament's forces under Lord Fairfiuc, against 

the Earl of Newcastle's army at Wakefield, &C. ..... 1643 

14. Letter sent to the Hon. William Lenthall, Speaker, &c. on the Victory obtained over the King'k forces 

near Newbury, &c. ........ 1644 

15. Humble Petition of many thousands of wives and matrons, &c . . . • 1643 

16. Exact Relation of the Siege before yorke,&c ..... 1644 

17. of the relieving the resolute ganison of Lyme, &c .... 1644 

1& Two great Victories, &c. by the Earle of Denbi^ and Colonel Mitton, &c. 1644 


Volume of Tracts (62) relating to tHe Ciyil War, &c. sm. 4/o. Land. 1 644-46. Containing, 

1. Vicars'k (John) Looking Glass for Malignants. 

2. Relation of Montrose'k Victory at Kilsyth. ...... 1645 

3. — Lesleyls Victory over Montrose. ....... 1645 

4. England's Remembrancer. Catalogue of Victories obtained by the Parliament's forces. 1645 

5. Speech of Lord Loudon, Lord Chancellor of Scotland, &c .... 1645 

6. Ifanifosto of the Scots Commissioners. ...... 1645 

7. Manifestation to Parliament ftom Lord Inchiquin and others. 1645 

8. Lithgow'S (William) Relation of the Siege of Newcastle. .... Edm, 1645 

9. Proceedings of Sir Thomas Fairfox'sAnny,(Na 5.) ..... 1645 

10. Examination of Relation of the Siege of Leicester. 

11. Fairclough'k (Rev. H.) Examination, Confession, and Arraignment of the Essex Witches. 1645 

See Utten on Dammologp- 

12. Brereton's (Sir William) Letter on the Surrender of Chester. .... 1645 

13. Fairfex*8 (Sir Thomas) Letter concerning the King'k being brought ftom Holmby. 1645 

14. Advertisements for the election of Burgesses to Parliament .... 1645 
16. Wither^ (George) Letters of advice on the choice of Knights and Bu rge ss e s. 1645 

16. Letters intercepted by Colonel llfitton. ...... 1645 

17. Relation of the miseries of Province of Munster. ..... 1645 

1 8. Remonstrance of General Assembly of Kirk of Scotland to the King. 1645 

19. England'to Remembrancer. (IhqtUeate of No, 4.) 




Pbbm L. 



Faiifia'to(StfThoiiiM)Belaaoiiof theStoniiizig,&e.offiriitoL 1645 

Fuiftz'to (Sir Thomas) Aimy, Pioceediogi of, (Na 7.) .... 1 645 

Ditto, (No. 5.) (Duplieate 0/ No. 9.) 

Ditto, (No. 2.) ......... 1645 

Speeches at a (xmimon Hall by Mewri. Lide, Tide, and Brown, &C. 1645 

Cromwell'to (O.) Letter to H. of Con taking of Bristol .... 1645 

on taking of Basing House. ....... 1645 

Second Declaration of Parliament of proceedings with the Netherlands* Ambasndors, &c. 1645 

Gilbert's (K) The Prelatioal CaTalier catechised. . ... 1645 

H. K.'to Additional Propositions to the Irish Rebels, Slc 1645 

The Three Treaties between Enghmd and Scotland, with the Solemn League and Corenant, Ajc 1645 
Earl of EssexlB Paper, on offering up his Commission. .... 1645 

Earl of LevenlB Account of Proceedings of Scottish Armj, &c. J645 

Petition of Lord Mayor, &c of London to the H. of C. With the Answer. 1645 

Door of Truth opened ; or, Nanatife of the occasion how Mr. H. Burton came to shut himself out of 

Aldermanburj Church doors. ...... 1645 

Belationofdefeatof Lord GeoigeDigb7,&c. by the Scots. ^. 1645 

Cromwell's (O.) Letter on the taking of Winchester Castle. 1645 

HammiltoniB (Sir Frederick) Infbnnatlon, &c concerning Sir William Cole, &c 1645 

fifth's (Geoige) Enghmdjs Pressures ; or, the Peopleli Complaint. 1645 

BtUttmhu Ekmnatm; a full answer to Mr. BeUamy'k Plea, &c Bjr Irenaeus Ljsimachus. 1645 


Remonstrance and Petition to the H. of C. from the Lord Mayor, &c. of London. 

New Petition for Subscription of hands to the late City Remonstrance, &c. 

Further Answer to City Remonstrance. ...... 

City Remonstnmce remonstratod ; or. Answer to Colonel J. Bellamy^ Vindication. 
BellamielB (John) Justification of City Remonstrance, in answer to the preceding. 
Moderate Reply to City Remonstrance. ...... 

Vindication of London Remonstrance. ...... 

CranfordlB (James) Plain English, &c. Vindication of the London Remonstrance. 

Last Warning to Inhabitants of London. 

An Alarme to the Last Warning Piece to London, by way of answer. 

A Word in Season to all sorts of w^-minded people, &c. . . . . 1646 

Petit of 12,500, and upwards, of gentlemen of Lancashire ; with defence thereof^ by Rev. J. Tilsley. 1646 

to House of Peers, fsook SiGnisten of Sufiblk and Essex, &c . . . 1646 

F<M» PcpMb* ; or, the People'k ay against the Cleigy. ..... 1646 

Hue and ay after For Popwli, &c ....... 1646 

City Alarum ; or, the Week of our Miscairiages. ..... 1645 

Mu^ra?e^i (John) Word to the Wise. 1645 

Interaet of Eng^d maintained. (Tract on City^Remonstrance.) 1646 

Letter fhmi Sultan Morat to Uladidaus, King of Poland. .... 1645 

N o c e a aty of neaier oonjunction, &c among Evangelical Protestants, &c. 1644 

The Sjng*k Declaration to all Foreign Protestant Churches, &c. ... 1644 

Propositions of Irish Rebels to the King, &C. ..... 1644 

the Ambassadors fkom the Netherlands. ...... 1644 

Mercuriua CaledoniuB, 4^. Diurnall^ &c. of all such Speeches, Disputes, Debates, Occurrents, 
■od Remarkable Passages, &c. during Uiis present Session at Edinbui^gh. sm, 44o. Edin. 1 648 



Brief Narrative of that Stupendous Tragedie^ late intended to be acted by the Satanical Saints 

of these reforming times. Trials^ &c. and Ck>nfes8ion8 of Thomas Tonge^ George Phillips^ 

&c. &c. 4^, ....... Lond. 1662 

Scott^ (Thomas) the Belgick Souldier^ or Warre was a Blessing. 4to. Dort, 1624 

Eglisham's (George) Forerunner of Revenge upon the Duke of Buckingham for the pojrsoning 

of the most potent King, &c. «m. 4to. .... Franekf, 1626 

See Somiis* Tracts, toL v. 

The Lady Elinor [l)ouglas« Second Wife of Sir Archibald Douglas^^ her Appeal^ &c. 9m. Uo. 

Burton's (Henry) Grand Impostor Unmasked ; or a Detection of the notorious hypocrisie and 

desperate impiety of the late Archbishop (so styled) of Canterbury^ &c. sm. 4tto. Published 

cuxording to order, 
Lilbume's (Col. John) Triall by an Extraordinary or Speciall Commission^ &c. Oct. 1649. 

2 parts^ with Observations upon the Triall^ &c. 4/d. Lond, 1649 

.The Secretary of the Scots Army^ His Relation to the Commissioners respecting the King, &c. 

1 646. — Letter from Lord General Cromwell from Dunbar^ &c. the Sd of Sept. 1 650. tm, ^to, 

id. 1646-50 
Cromwell, (Oliver) A few Anecdotes and Observations relative to, and his family ; rectifying 

the errors of Nicolaus Commcnus, &c. sm, 4fto. . . . ib, 1 763 

Tracts (Twelve) during the Civil War. sm. 4/o. . Lond. Sf Edin, 1644-59 

1. RutherfordlB (Rev. Sam.) Fast Sennon before the House of Commons, Jan. 31, 1644, Edm. 1644 

2. Answer of the Lords and Commons, &c. to seveml Piqpers of the Commissionen of Scotland. Lomd. 1646 

3. of the Commons to the Scots Commissioners* Paper and Letter of October last. A. 1646 

A. of the Scots Commissioners to both Houses of Parliament, upon the new Propositions, Ax. ib, 1647 

5. D[nmoulin] P[eter] ? Another Parcel of Problemes concerning Religion, &c. 1648 

6. Answer of the Pariiament of England to the King'k (Charles II.) Dedaiation, &c. ; printed at Edin- 

burgh, &C. ......... Lomd. 1650 

7. lUnumdrauee^ 27^ Oetcber 1650, to the CommiUoe o/Ettatet^ from tAe ^entiemen^ ojffletn, mimden^ f-c. at 

Dumfiiet, MS. 

8. Causes of the Lord'to Wrath against Scotland, &c 6y Mr. Jamm CMm^ (^StkUmg. The AutkorMp of 

ikk was ike gromd of kit trial and exeeuOom after tke RestoraHom, imper/eet. 1653 

9. Declaration by his Highness, &c. ; setting forth, &c the justice of their cause against Spain. 

reprinted Edim, 1655 

10. Lenthall^ (Sir John) Humble Petition, setting forth his case, .... 1653 

1 1 . Monck's (Lord General) Three Letters, to the Speaker, Lord Fleetwood, and Lord Lambert, Edm. 1659 

12. The Grand Concernments of England ensured, &c . . . repriiaod Edin. 1659 

Pitman's (Henry, Chyrurgion to the late^Duke of Monmouth,) Relation of his Great Sufferings 
and Strange Adventures, sm. 4/o. ..... Lond. 1689 

Bacon's (Francis) Twoo Bookes of the Proficience and Advancement of Learning, &c. Uo. 

ib. 1605 

Shakspeare's Plays. 2 •vols, imperial Svo. . . Edin. BaSantyne, 1819 




Pbbss M. 

AysooQgfa's (Roy. Samuel) Index to the remarkable Passages and Words made use of by 
Shakspeare^ &c. imperial 8tw. ..... Land, 1790 

Ballantyne's Novelist's Library; with Lives of tlie Authors, by Sir Walter Scott 10 vols. 

imperial 800. 

VoL 1. Joseph Andrews. '\ 

Tom Jones. ( 

/ Fielding. 



\ Sterne. 

Edin. 1821-24. 


Jonathan Wild. 
2. Roderick Random. 

Peregrine Pickle. 

Humphrey Clinker. 
S. Count Fathom. 

Sir L. Greaves. 

Don Quixote. 
4.0aBlas. .^ 

Deyil on Two Sticks. I ^ 

ChrjsaL C. Johnstone. 
5. Tristnun Shandy. 

Sentimental Journey 

Vicar of Wakefield. Goldsmith. 

Rasselas. Johnson. 

Man of Feeling. Mackenzie. 

See Lips, toI, t. pp. 80 and 136. 

Vol. 5. Man of the World. I „ , 
Julia de Roubignd j ^ 
Castle of Otranto. Walpole. 
Old English Baron. Clara Reeve. 
6, 7. Pamela. \ 

Chirissa Harlowe. v Richardson. 

8. Sir C. Giandison. j 

9. GulUver's Travels, by Swift 
Mount Henneth. 

Barham Downs. J- by R. Bnge. 
James Wallace. ) 
Henry, by Cumberland. 
10. Sicilian Romance. 
Romance of the Forest 
Mysteries of Udolpho. 
The Italian. 
CasUes of Athlin and Dunbayne. 

, by Mrs. 





Grimm, (Bruder) Die beiden Sltesten Deutschen Gedichte aus dem 8^^ Jahrhundert : Das 

Lied von Hildebrand und Hadubrand^ und das Weissenbronner Gebet^ &c. 4ft>. Caud, 1812 
Sammlung Deutscher Gedichte aus dem xii. xiii. and xiv. Jahrhundert. 3 vols, in 2. 4ro. 

{wUh MS. Indexes, S^c, by Henry Weber.) .... Berlin, 1784 

Hagen^ (F. H. von dor) und Biisching^ (Dr. J. G.) Deutsche Gedichte des Mittelalters. vol. 1 . 

4to. ........ id. 1808 

Stanihiirsti(Rich.)DeRebusinHibemiagesti8Libriiy. cumAppendice^&c. 4io. Antwerp.1584 
Andersen Feldberg, (A.) Denmark Delineated ; or Sketches of the present State of that 

country, imperial Sw, ...... Edin, 1824 

Kan/S'Skuffff'Ho, ^e. ; Speculum Regale. Danice et Latine^ cum var. lect notis, &c. ab 

H. Einersen. 4tto. ....... Soroe, 1768 

See PoincAL Works, yoL iv. p. 290. 



Idands Landnamabok. Liber Originiim Islandiae^ cum vers. Latiii% w. lect &c. Edente 
Joan. Finnaeo. ^to, ...... Haun. 1774 

Hidnutiemn BogtamUng, tienende til Oplysning af de under den Danske Regiemng liggende 

Staters Litteratur. Edente P. F. Suhm. 2 yols. 4to. . . Kioben. 1782 

Saxonis Grammatici Historia DanicHy &c. edidit Chr. Petrus. fol, Parrhis. 1514 

See PoincAL Womsa, toI. iii. p. 242 •, — Lttten on Deimmologjff ^ 

Figa-Glums Saga. Vita Viga-Glumi, cum vers. Latina, notnlis^ &c. a G. Petersen. 4io. 

Haun. 1786 
De Danorum Rebus Gestis Sec. iii. et iv.^ Poema Danicum dialecto Anglo-Sazonico. Ex Bibl. 

Cotton. Mus. Brit edidit &c G. J. Thorkelin. 4to, . . . «&. 1815 

Smith's (Rey. Dr. John) GkJic Antiquities^ consisting of a History of the Druids^ Dissertation 

on Ossian's Poems^ &c. &c. 4to. ..... Edin. 1780 

Vallance/s (Major Charles^) Grammar of the n>emo-Celtic or Irish Language. 4tto, Dub. 1 773 
HaUiday's (Sir And.) Annals of the House of Hanover. 2 vols, imperial Svo. Lond. 1826 


Regis Magni^ &c. Leges Gula-Thingenses^ sive Jus Ck>nm)une Norvegicum^ cum interp. Lat. 

et Dan.^ var. lect &c. cura G. J. Thorkeh'n. Fine Paper, 4to. Haun. 1817 

Gunnlaugi Vermilinguis et Rafnis Poetae Vitae. Island, et Lat cum notis^ &c. &c. Fine 

Paper, 4fto. ........ ib. 1775 

Rymb^la, sive Rudimentum Computi Ecdesiast^ et Annales Vett. Islandorum^ &c. &c. Isl. et 

Latin. &c. cura Steph. Biomonis. 4to. .... Haun. 1780 

Diplomatarium Ama-Magnaeanum^ exhibens Monumenta diplomatica quae collegit et Univer- 

sitati Havniensi testam. reliquit Amas Magnaeus^ &c. Edidit G. J. Thorkelin. 2 vols. 44o. 

ib. 1786 

Fyrbiggia Saga, sive Eyranomm Historia^ Island, et Lat cum notis^ &c. G. J. Thorkelin. 

Aio. ........ ib. 1787 

Sir W, Scoit^i Abttraet o/thii eurioui work wUl be found in Prose Works, vol v. p. 255 ti «tg. 

Hervarar Saga, &c. Historia HervGrae et Regis Heidreki^ Isl. et Lat cura Steph. Biomonis, 

cum comment P. F. Suhm, &c. 4/^. .... ib. 1785 

See PomcAL Works, vol ii. p. 257 *, toL iii. p. 245. 

Johnstone (Rev. James) Antiquitates Celto-Scandicae, sive Series rer. gest inter Nationes 
Brit. Insul. et Gentes Septentrionales^ &c. — Antiquitates Celto-Normanicae^ containing the 
Chronicle of Man and the Isles^ &c. &c. 2 vols, in 1, 4to. Copenhag. 1786 

Magnusen, (Professor Finn) Oplysninger om Kildeme til Hr. Prof. Torkel Badens Sammen- 
ligning mellem den Nordiske og den Graefkromerske Mythologie. 4/d. ib. 1821 

Magnus, (Olaus) Compendious History of the Goths^ Swedes and. Vandals, and other 

Northern Nations. Translated by J. S. fd. . . . Lond. 1658 

See NoU$ to the Pirate. Postical Works, toL L pp. 204-5, &c. ; vol. iv. p. 295 ; vol. yiii. mo<» F. 

ToL ix. p. 91-2. 


Skdf>e9 2, 3. THEOLOGICAL WORKS. Prbsb L. 

Phillips^ (Geo.) Dissertado inaug. Historico-Juridica de Anglo-Saxonnm Re Jadiciaria. 4to. 

Gming. 1815 
The Spirit of Popery speaking out of the Months of phanatical Protestants^ or^ Last Speeches of 

Mr. John Kid and Mr. John King, &c. With the Hist, of the Archhishop of St. Andrews 

his Murder^ &c. fol, ...... Lond, 1680 

Wehster's (Rev. James) Covenants of Redemption and Grace dispkyed. 4/d. Edin. 1707 
Impartial Account of the Prophets : in a Letter to a Friend. 4to. t^. no date, hut aboui 1 706 
The Smoaking Flax unquenchahle ; where the Union hetwixt the two Kingdoms is dissecated^ 

&c. {against the Union, and infawmr of a Republic.) 4>to. . 1706 

The Scotch Preshyterian Eloquence^ or, the Foolishness of their teaching discovered from their 

Books, Sermons, and Prayers, &c. Second Edition with additions. 4to. Lond, 1693 

Newcastle General Magazine for the year 1747. 4to. Newc. 1747 

Forms of Prayer composed on occasion of the present horrid and unnatural Rehellion. 4to. 

Lond, 1745 
Report of the Proceedings and Opinion of the Board of General Officers on the Conduct, &c, 

of Lieut-General Sir John Cope, &c. from the breaking out of the Rebellion in North Britain, 

in the year 1745, till the Action at Prestonpans inclusive. 4/o. . Lond, 1749 

Walker (Pat) Biographia Presbgterianal (Containing the Lives of the Rev. Alex. Peden, 

John Semple, John Welwood, Donald Cargill, and Walter Smith ; and the Life of the Rev. 

James Ren wick, by Alex. Shields.) 2 vols. 8ro. Fine Paper, Edin, 1827 

See Prou Works, toL six. p. 70 ; Letttrton Demonology, p. 180 ; Lifk, vol. iv. p. 136, nole. 

Reflexions Libres et desint^ressees d' un depute a la Chambre Basse du Parlement d' Angle- 
terre, &c. contenant la Justification des Droits de la Maison Royale des Stuards. Trad, de 
r Anglois. A vec quatre Suites. 4tto. . . . Edim. et Darin/, 17^5-6 

Genuine Account of the Lives, Behaviour, Confession, and dying words of the Three Scots 
Rebels, Donald McDonald, James Nicholson, and Walter Ogilvie, executed 22d August 1746, 
for High Treason, at Kennington Common. 4to. . Lond, 17^0 

Part of the Diary of Mr, George Murray, Seceding Minister in Annandale, (" The Second 
Part of my Life which I began to writte about the time the Lord was calling me forth to 
publick work in his Vineyard.") ,^ww 1742 to 1753, MS. sm, 4ito, 

SHELF in, 

Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence, &c. Answer to Scotch Presb3rterian Eloquence. 12m^. 

Lond, 1789-90 

Erskine's (Ralph) Elegiack Poem to the Memory of the great, &c. Mr. James Cuthbert, 

sometime Minister of the Gospel at Culross, who died October 1715. — Elegy, or Funeral 

Poem on the much lamented Death, &c. of the Rev. Mr. Alex. Hamilton, Minister of the 

Gospel at Stirling, who died January 1738. 8ro. . . . Edin, 1739 

The Assembly's Shorter Catechism explained, two Parts, with Index by Mr. Fisher. 8M edit, 
\2mo. ........ Glasg, 1779 

^5 I 


Sennons and Tracts. I toI. 9m. Svo, containing, 

1. Stamp'to (ReT. Dr. Wm.) Treatiie of Spiritual In&tuation, bdng the prasent yitible disease of the 

Eogliflh nation, &c Sennoni deUvered at the Hague in 1650. rtprud. Lomd. 1716 

2. Ranken (David, Episcopal Minister at Edinbuis^,) The Safety of the Righteous Man from Iiyuiy 

and Harm, &c. a Sermon, . ....... Edm. 1716 

3. Three Discourses, in which the persecuted Christian is exhorted to avoid irregular Sorrow, &c 

A. 1716 

4. Poem on the Parable of the Prodigal, composed in England, above 20 years ago, by a young Gentle- 

man. .......••. •&• 1715 

5. Munro'ft (Rev. Dr. Alex.) Short Account of the Reformation ; proving that Episcopacy was the fint 

legally established Church Gk>vemment in Scotland, . . . tfr. 1719 

6. Asplin'a (Rev. Samuel) Sennon at St Mary, Woolwich, May 29, 1715, the Thanksgiving day for 

putting an end to the Great Rebellion, &c. ..... Land. 1715 

7. MynorsiB (Rev. Willoughby) Sermon on May 29, the Annivennry of King Charies the Second's 

Restoration, ......... •(. 1707 

8. Murder will out, or, the heinous Guilt of Murder and Assassination, &c. in a Sermon on November 5, 

1717, Edm. 1717 

9. Funeral Sermon on the Right Rev. &c A. Munro, late L. Bp. of Edinbuigh, by a Presbyter, ib. 1720 

10. Dialogue between a Buigess of Eldinbuigh, and a Gentleman lately arrived in Scotland, concerning the 

Union, &c. ......... wmit HUe 

11. Cockbum's (Rev. Wm.) Penitence the true Method of averting Judgment, &c. Sennon on 30th January 

1718, .......... JBdw. 

Religious Tracts and Sennons. I voL sm, 8ro. containing^ 

1 . Coupar*s (Rev. Pat) Sermon at St. Andrews, at the Admission of the Rev. Alex. Anderson to be one 

of the Ifinisten there, &C. ....... Edim, 1725 

2. Erakine'k (Rev. Ebeneser) God'k little remnant keeping their garments clean on an evil day, a 

Sermon, June 1714. ........ ib, 1725 

3. Christ in the BelieveriB Arms, a Sermon, May 1724. .... ib. 1726 

4. -.-^ The Backslider characterised, a Sermon, October 1714. ... ib. 1726 

5. Anderson^ (Rev. Alex.) Marrow Chicaning displayed, in a Letter to the Rev. Mr. Erskine on the 

PrefSsce to his Sermon, •« God's little Remnant,'* &c. . i&. 1726 

6. Erskine'a (Rev. K) The Viper shaken off, &c. being a short Answer to ** Marrow Chicaning displayed,** 

&c .......... ib, 1726 

7. Brown's (Rev. John) Rod of God shaken over the heads of his own Children, &c. a Sermon, March 

1713, &C. ......... ib, 1722 

8. Queries to the Presbjrterians of Scotland, by a Scotch Gentleman (an Episcopalian.) ib, 

9. Modest Apology, occasioned by the importunities of the Bishop of Derrie, &c. by a Minister of the 

Gospel in Ireland, Slc ........ ib, 1706 

10. The 13th Chapter of Romans vindicated, &c., by a Curate of Salop. Land, 1710 

11. Description of all the Kings of Scotland, &c to the end of K. Williamls reign. wamti HUe 

12. Winding Sheet for the Service Book, or. Reasons for which the B. of C. P. urged upon Scotland 1637, 

ought to be reftised, &c. ....... wamii HUe 

13. Danger of Popery discovered, &c. for the use of the Vulgar. 2d edit, Edm, 1714 

14. Lowers (And.) Vindication of the Church of Scotland from the malicious Aspersions of Mr. W. 

Dugud, &c. ........ . Lomd, 1714 

15. Country Friendls Answer to the Letter, &c concerning the Settlement of Mr. James Chalmers in 

Aberdeen, &c . . . . . ... Edin. 1726 



Tbe Lord's Trumpet soundiBg an Alann against Scotland^ &c. the Substance of a preface and 

two prophetical Sermons^ preached at Glenluce^ anno 1682^ bj that great Scottish Prophet 

Mr. Alex. Pethine (Peden), &c. With MS. note b^ Sir W, S. sm. 4to. no place or date 

See PoxTiCAL Womlb, yoL ii p. 207. 

Religious Tracts. I vol, snu Svo. containing, 

1. Oreitiiree conoeming Kirk'^Senons and Preebyteriet, from Committee of General Anembly. 1720 

2. Mr. Andenon'k Second Letter upon the Oyertures, &c. .... Cfiasg, 1720 
3. Third and Fourth Letten upon da ...... •6.1720 

4. 6 , (J , Minister of Glasgow,) Just and Sober Remarks on some parts, &c. of the Oyertures. 

t5. 1720 

5. Wris^t'k (Rey. W.) Negatiye discussed, in 2 parts. A. 1721 

6. Hogls (Bey. James) Three Misnyes, &c stating the Author'k grounds for remaining in communion 

with the Chureh of Scotland, Ac ....... £tfM. 1717 

7. News from fiathgate, a Poem. ........ 1718 

8. letter to a Minister, &c. respecting the parish of Bathgate. .... 1720 

9. Libel, Mr. James Webster against Mr. John Simson, Professor of Diyinity at Ola^gow. — Additional 

Libel and R epre s e ntation. Mr. Simsonls Speech and Answers to the Libels, &c. itanti tUU 

10. H[og^] (Rey. J.) Proposals for Peace and Harmony, humbly offered, &c. to the Ministers and Mem- 

bers of the Church of Scotland. ....... Edin.n\^ 

1 1. The Cromwelian Ghost conjar*d, &c., or, Epaphroditus and Epaphras called to a New Conference, &c. 

ib. 1720 

12. Remarks upon the Review of a Conference betwixt Epaphroditus and Epaphras, &c &, 1719 

13. Two Speeches, &c. of P. Nye and Alexander Henderson, &c. at St. Margaret% Westminster, 1643. 

reprinted, ib. 1720 

14. Letter concerning the true State of the Question between the Non-jurant and Jurant Ministers of 

the Church of Scotland. ........ wanis title 

15. Welch, (Rey. John) The Great Gospel Summonds to close with Christ, Ac. a Sermon preached 1675,&c. 

reprinted^ Glasg, 1720 

16. History of the Life and Death of, ...... t6. 1720 

17. Presbytery no friend to itself, Ac ; Nanatiye of the Proceedings of the Presbytery of Kircudbright 

against one of their number, (J. Mackmillan,) &c. wcuUt HUe, [but 1705.] 

Lives of Presbyterian Ministers^ &c. 1 vol. Svo, containing, 

1. LiyingstonlB (Rey. John) Brief Historical Relation of his Life^ written by himself during his banish- 

ment, &c, ........ reprinted^ Glatg, 1754 

2. .1.-. Memorable Characteristics, &c exemplified in the Liyes of a considerable number of the most 

eminent Diyines and private Christians in Scotland, during the first century after the Reformation, &c. 

ib. 1754 

3. Memoirs, &e. of Mr. Thomas Hog, Minister of the Gktspel at Kilteam in Ross, && Edim. 1756 

4. Memoirs, Ax. of Mr. Robert Blair, Minister of the Gospel, St Andrews. In two parts, {impeffeet^) 

ib. 1754 

5. Life of Mr. Alexander Peden, &c {impeffect.) 

6. Robe% (Rey. James) Nanatiye of the Extraordinary Work of the Spirit of God at Kilsyth, ib. 1742 

Lacy's (John) Prophetical Warnings pronounced under the operation of the Spirit^ &c. 
3 porta in 1 toI. em, Bvo, .... Lond. 1707 



Campbell's (Sir Hugh^ of Calder,) CoUection of Letters relative to an Essay on the Lord's 
Prayer, with the Essay, &c. l2mo. .... Edin, 1704-9 

Hog's (Rev. J. of Camock,) Casuistical Essay upon the Lord's Prayer, &c. in answer to Sir 
Hugh Campbell and M. D' Espagne, &c. . . . . t^. 1705 

Eraser's (Rev. James, of Brae,) Lawfulness and Duty of Separation from corrupt Ministers 
vindicated, &c — Reasons^ &c. for refusing the B. of C. P. urged upon Scotland in 16d7> 
&c. \2mo. ....... ib. 1744 

Dundas's (John, of Philipstoun, Procurator for the Church,) Abridgement of the Acts of the 
General Assemblie, &c. from 1638 to 1720. \2mo, . . . ib, 1721 

Halyburton's (Rev. Thomas, Professor of Divinity at St. Andrews,) Memoirs of the Life of, 
chiefly written by himself. Published by his Widow. Sco. . . t^. 1714 

Warnings of the Eternal Spirit, pronounced by the mouth of James Cunninghamc, in the Tol- 
booth of Edinburgh. 800. ...... I^nd, n\2 

Davidson's (Rev. H. of Qalashiels,) Two Sermons preached at Galashiels, Nov. 17, 1723, im< 
mediately after an afliictive dispensation of Providence in the casting away of a boat on tlie 
River of Tweed at Boalside, in which many perished. With MS. riote by Sir fV, S., and 
a MS. Memorandum of t/te Accident 12mo, . . Edin. 176S 

PUtdae S/flcTieticae, or, a Laugh from a True Blue Presbyterian, (addressed to Messrs. E. 
Erskine, W. Wilson, A. Moncrief, and J. Fisher, Seceders from the Church.) l2mo. 

ib. 1736 

True Relation of the Life and Sufferings of John Nisbet in Hardhil, ^x. tenth an Account of 

his last words on the Scaffold, Dec. 4, 1685, by James Nisbet, Edin. Castle, June 6, 1819. 

MS. 8ro. (Probaby a transcript from Howie's «Sco//wA WortA/e*.) . 1819 

See PaosK Workk, ?o1. jdz. pp. 49-50. 

Memoirs, &c. of James Mitchell of Dykes, in the parish of Ardrossan, written by himself. 1 2mo. 

Glai>gohs, 1759 
Billingsley's (Nicholas) Martyrologie ; containing a Collection of all the Persecutions of the 

Church of England, &c. to the end of Queen Mary's reigne, a Poem. \ 2mo. Lond. 1 657 
Letter from a Gentleman in the Country to his Friend in the City, \«ith an Answer thereto, 

(concerning the New Edinburgh or Dancing Assembly.) 800. Edin, 1723 

Tracts. 1 vol. \2mo. containing, 

1. True and Faithftil NarratiTe of the whole complete Visions, Discoveries, and Warnings, &,c. revealed 

to John Porter of Croesibeg, in the Isle of Klntjrre, &c. .... 1746 

2. Shiels, (Rev. Alex.) The Scots Inquisition, containing a brief Description of the Persecution of the Pres- 

byterians in Scotland, during the Government of King Charles II. and the Duke of York, 

repritiied^ Edin. 1745 

3. Ker s (Robert) Short Discourse of Peace and War, 1718 

Bowdler's (William) Devil's Cloven Foot in part discovered ; or, a Discourse upon Inject- 
ments, &c. and other operations of Demons, &'c. \2mo, Bristol, 1723 



Relation of the fearfiill Estate of Francis Spira^ after he had turned Apostate from the Pro- 
testant Church to Popery, &c. 12mo. .... Gkug, 1761 

Apology for, or Vindication of, the oppressed persecuted Ministers and Professors of the 
Preshyterian Reformed Religion in the Church of Scotland, &c. 12mo. 1677 

Bruce's (Bey. Robert, of Kinnaird,) Sermons. (Dedicated to the Lord ProTost, Baillies, &c. of 
Edmburgh, 1591). With MS, notice. 12mo. wantt title 

Miscellaneous Tracts, in 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. Statutes of OeoigeHeriot'8 Hospital, ...... Edm. 1693 

2. Laws and Ordinances touching Military Discipline, translated from the Dutch. . A. 1689 

3. Acts of the new Parliament of Women. ....... 1695 

4. Sett and Decreet Arbitial of K. James VI. for the Government of the City of Edinbui)^, A, 1 683 

5. Acts of Town Council of E^inbuigh, determining how long the Provost, &c. should continue in Office, 

&C. .......... tfr. 1683 

6. Treaty Marine between Charles II. and Louis XIV. 1676-7. .1677 

7. Heads of Agreement assented to by the united Ministers in and about London, formerly called Presby- 

terian and Congregational. ....... JESUm. 1691 

8. Character of a good Wife. ......... 1695 

9. [Tyler^ (Alexander) ] Signal Dangers and Deliverances, both by land and sea, &c. ; oomprdiending 

the raising the Siege of Vienna by the Turks, with a Violent Tempest in the Forth, November 1681, 
&c. Two Poems. ......... 1684 

10. Warning to England, &c. Relation of the flaming Sword, &c seen in the air near Stretham in Surrey, 

October 1698, ........ Edm. rq»r. 169S 

11. Abstract of the Bloody Massacre in Ireland, Ax. in 1642 ; with an Epistle to all haters of Popery, 

and Advice to a Painter, both in verse. ...... lAmd, 1688 

12. Life and Death of the unfortunate Sir John Johnstone of Caskaban, Bart executed at Tybuin, 

December 1690, for stealing Mrs. Mary Wharton, Sec .... Edim, rqtr, 1694 

13. Sinclair's (Prof. Geo.) Doctrine of the Sphere. ..... wmUtUU 

14. Proteus bound with Chains, or. Discovery of the Secrets of Nature, &c found in the Meicuiial 

Weather-GlasB. ......... Edim, 1688 

15. Paterson^ (James) Gteographical Description of Scotland. 3d edit, . t6. 1687 

16. Nationall Covenant, or, Confession of Faith of the Kiik of Scotland, &c . 1678 

17. Acts of the General Assembly 1646-9. 

18. Renwick, (James) and Shlels, (Alex.) Informatory Vindication of a poor, wasted, misrepresented 

Remnant of the true suffering Presbyterian Church of Christ in Scotland, &c Id ediL 1687 

19. Mackenzie (Sir Geo.) De Humanae Ratiodnationis Imbecilitate, &c. . Rk. 1690 

Religions Tracts. I voL l2mo. containing, 

1. Rtttherfiird*8 (Rev. Samuel) Power and Provalency of Faith and Prayer, &c . repr. 1713 

2. Usher'to (Arbp.) Sermon preached before the House of Conunons, 1 8th February 1620, (against Popery,) 

ftpT, 1681 

3. Barry'to (Rev. James) Reviving Cordial for a Sin-sick despairing Soul, Ac&e. 2d edit. Edim. 1722 

4. Erskine'to (Rev. Eben.) Sermon on the Necessity and Profitableness of good Woika. i5. 1726 

Sion in Distress, or, the Groans of the Protestant Church ; a poem. 2d edit. l2mo. Land. 1681 


Skek>e$ 4, 5. THEOLOGICAL WORKS, &c. Prrss M. 

Remarkable Instance of Free Grace at the eleventh hour^ &c. in Nicholas Mooney, executed 

at Bristol for Robbery, April 24, 1752, &c. l2mo. ... 1752 

The Poor Man's Lamentation for the present State of Religion in this land ; a poem. 1 2mo. 

Glasg, 1702 
Scotland's Glory and her Shame ; &c., (a Poem.) By a Well- Wisher to the good old cause. 

12ifio. ......... 1773 

Abercrombie, (Mrs. Margaret) True Account of the last words of, before and at her death, 

January 23, 1720. l2mo. ...... Edin, 1729 

Earbton, (Lady) Ace. of the particular soliloquies and covenant engagements of. 1 69710. ib, 1751 
Shiels's (Rev. Alex.) Life and Death of that eminently pious, free, and faithful minister and 

martyr of Christ Jesus, Mr. James Ren wick. l2mo. /^. 1724 


Edwards's (Rev. Jonathan) Life of the late Rev. Mr. David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians, 

&c. chiefly taken from hie own Diary. 8ro. .... Edin, 1765 

Spelman's (Sir Henry) History and Fate of Sacrilege, &c. Sex?. Lond. 1698 

Cloud of Witnesses for the Royal Prerogatives of Jesus Christ, or, the Last Speeches and 

Testimonies of those who have suffered for the Truth in Scotland since the year 1680. Sfo. 

Edin. 1810 
See PoxTiCAL Works, toL ii. p. 215. 

Quakerism Canvassed. Robin Barclay bafiled in the defending of his Theses against young 

Students at Aberdeen, (A. Shirreff, J. Leslie, and P. Gellie.) sm. Mo. Aberd. 1675 

Latimer's (Master Hugh, Bishop of Worcester,) Fruitfnll Sermons, &c. 4fto. Land. 1635 

9ee Note Xjo The Abboi. 

Anglarum Speculum ; or, the Worthies of England in Church and State, alphabetically digested 
into the several Shires and Counties, &c. by G. S. (abridgment of Fuller's Worthies.) «m. 800. 

Lond. 1684 

Howie's (John, of Lochgoin,) Biographia Scoticana, a Brief Historical Account, &c. of the most 
eminent Scots Worthies, &c. from Mr. P. Hamilton, who suflTered Martyrdom at St Andrews, 
1527, to Mr. James Renwick, executed in the Grassmarkct of Edinburgh, 1688, &c. 
Zd Glasgow edit Svo. ...... Gkug. 1797 

The Some. Svo. ....... Leith, I SI 6 

See PosncAL Works, yoI. ii pp. 21 1, 234 ; Notes to (Hd Mortality^ and to JRedgauntlet. Prosi Works, 

Tol. viL p. 140, vol. six. p. 49, &c 

Howie's (John) Faithful Contendings displayed ; being an Historical Relation of the state and 

actings of the suffering remnant of the Church of Scotland. &c., from 1681 to 1691, by Mr. 

Michael Shields ; with Mr. James Guthrie's Ten Considerations on the danger of Apostacy 

from the Covenant, and Sermons by Messrs. J. Kid, J. King, &c. Svo. GUug. 1780 

See Notet to (M Mortality and Heart of Mid-Latkkm. 

Boston's (Rev. Thomas) Memoirs of his Life, Times, and Writings, &c. Svo. Edin. 1776 


Press M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdees 5, 6. 

Relation of several hundreds of Children^ &c. that prophesie and preach in their sleep, &c. 

sm, 4fto, ........ Lond, 1689 

Hutchinson's (Rev. Dr. Francis) Short View of the pretended Spirit of Prophecy, &c. from its 

first Rise in 1688 to its Present State, &c. Svo. ... t^. 1708 

Shiells, (Rev. Alexander) The Scottish Inqui^tion, or,' Short Account of the Proceedings of 

the Scottish Privy Council, &c. «m. 4to. ..... 1689 

A Hind let Loose, &c. 8w. ..... Glasg. 1770 

Barclay's (Rohert) Apology for the True Christian Divinity, vindicated from John Bro^Mie's 

Examination, &c. 4to. . . . . . . Lond, 1679 

See Note to Heart o/ Mid-Lotkian. 

Pitcaim, (Dr. Arch.) The Asscmhly, or, Scotch Reformation, a Comedy, &c. from the original 

MS. written in 1692. — Sermon preached hy Mr. James Row, &c. commonly called Pock- 

manty Preaching. l2mo. ...... Edin, 1817 

See Proab Works, vol. viL p. 265. 

Sterry's (Rev. Peter) England's Deliverance ftt)m the Northern Preshytery, &c., a Thanks- 
giving Sermon, preached 5th Novemher 1651, hefore the Supreme Authority of this nation, 
&c. With MS, note by Sir W, S, sfn. 4to. . Lond. 1652 

Punch tum'd Critick, in a Letter, &c., to the Rector of Coveut Garden (Rev. Robert Lumley 
Lloyd) on his Sermon, dOth January, 1711. 890. . ib. 17^2 

The Fierie Tryall of God's Saints ; &c. a Counter-poyze to J. W. Priest his English Martyro- 
logic. And the Detestable Ends of Popish Traytors, &c. sm. 4'to. . »6. 1612 

Wenlock's (John, of Langham, Essex,) Humble Declaration to the most illustrious, high and 
mighty majesty of Charles II., &c., showing the great and dangerous troubles and intollerable 
oppressions of himself and his family, &c., in the wofull times of these late unhappy dis- 
tractions, &c. &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. 4tto. Lond. 1 662 

Gordon's (John, of Glencat) Memoirs, &c. who was 13 years in the Scotch College at Paris, &c. 
With a second part not printed before. l2mo. ... ib, 1734 

Harding's (Elizabeth) Masterpiece of Imposture, &c. Sic, being an Answer to the late Me- 
moirs of John Gordon of Glencat. Svo. .... t&. 1734 

Rutherford's (Rev. Sam.) Lex Rex, the Law and the Prince. A Dispute for the just prerogative 
of King and People, &c. sm. 4fto. ..... ib. 1644 

Simpson, (Arch. Eccles. Dalketh. Pastor) Hieroglyphica Animal ium Terrestrium, &c., quae in 
Scripturis Sacris inveniuntur. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. 4to. Edin. 

Manes Presbyteriani ; or. Monuments of the Kirk, the Covenant's Confession, Argyle's Re- 
liques, Guthrey and Gifian's Passions, and Gillespy's Recantation, &c. sm. 4to. Lond. 1661 


Stewart's (Sir James, of Goodtrees,) Jus Populi Vindicatum, or, the People's right to defend 
themselves, and their covenanted religion vindicated, &c., being a full Reply to the first part 
of the "Survey of Naphtaly," &c. 8w. . . . • .1669 



Collection of seyeral remarkable and valuable Sermons^ &c, at renewing and sabscribing the 
Covenant^ &c. With recommendatory Preface by Ebenezer Erskine. 12mo.^i 
Theological Tracts. 1 voL 1 2mo, containing^ 

1. Binefto (Be?. J.) Letter, &c. on a late Apology for the Presbyterians in Scotland keeping commuBion 

with Mr. Geoige Whitefield. 2dedU. CRaag. 1748 

2. Supplement to the Testimony deserted, &c ; Chancter and Conduct of Mr. Thomas Nairn, MiniBt<ir 

at Ahbotshall, from 1710 to 1743, &e. .... 174S 

3. Hamilton^ (ReT. Alexander) Testimony and Contendings against the violent Settlement of Mr. James 

Mackie in St. Ninians, with pre&tory letter by Ebenexer Enkine, Ac Edim, 1736 

4. Doctrine of the Trinity stated, &c. ; Dangerous opinions Tented by Professor Simpson of Glasgow, 

ifr. 1728 

5. Queries agreed to by the Commission of the General Assembly, and put to those Ministers who gare 

in a Representation and Petition against the 5th and 8th Acts of AssemUy, 1720 ; — together with 
the Answers given by those Ministers, &c .... 1722 

6. Letter concerning the Defections, Sins, &c of the Church of Scotland, &c. 1720 

7. Summary View of Professor Simson^ Errors proved against him, &c. Edm. 1729 

8. A Warlick CSaptain attacked by a single soldier, or, a Letter from Andrew Stevenson, writer in Edin- 

buigh, to the Rev. Thomas Nairn of Abbotshall, (relative to his separation from the Associate 

Presbytery.) ....... •&. 1743 

(See No. 2, ti>ovt.\ 

Marvell, (Andrew) The Rehearsal Transpros'd^ or^ Animadversions on a late Book^ &c. shewing 
what grounds there are of Fears and Jealousies of Popery. 2d imp. «m. 8«o. Lond» 1672 


Cameronian Tracts. 1 vol. \2nio, containing, 

1. Shields's (Rev. Alexander) Life of Mr. James Benwick,&c . JSIdui. 1724 

2. Renwick'to (James) Testimony of some persecuted Presbyterian Mini8terB,&c given in 17th Jan. 1688. 

—.Shields'ft Elegy on Ren wick, .... rtprvUmi Edm. 1723 

3. Confutation of a Scandalous Pamphlet, entitled a Manifesto, or the Standard of the Church of Scot- 

land. By the United Societies, &C. ...... 1724 

Religions Tracts. 1 yoI. 24mo. containingj 

1. Deans's (Rev. Archibald) Last words of Christian Kerr, (aged 11,) who died at Edinburgh, Feb. 1702, 

Edm. 1 702 

2. Wonder of Wonders, &c. Relation of Francis Mason of Ifile End Green, near London, who hath lived 

in the reign of nine Bangs and Queens, being 1 72 years of age, &c. Loud, 1698 

3. Smiths (S.) Davids Repentance, or the true Penitent bewailing his sins, &c. Edm, 1706 

4. Sufferings and Dying Words of several French Protestants, &c Ltmd, 1706 

5. Two Sermons preached by Mr. William Outhry at Finnick, 17th Aug. 1661, vnpeffoot^ 1694 

6. Smiihson, (S.) Christ on the Cross, suffering for sinners. U. lett. QUug. 1696 

7. The Way to Heaven made plain, &c ..... Edm, 1705 

8. The same, another edition, ...... ib, 1703 

9. Sermon explaining the Life of Faith, Ax. .... t&. 1705 

10. Verses written by a worthie Christian friend in the time of his solitude, &c t6. 1706 

11. Account of the dreadAil Earthquake at Port Royal in Jamaica, in two Letters from the Minister, Ac 

•&. 1692 


Guthrie's (Rev. Wm.) Heads of some Sermons preached at Finnick, Aug. 1662. With MS, 
note fy Sir fV.S. 12mo. ....... 1680 

Durham's (Rev. James) Dying Man's Testament to the Church of Scotland, or, a Treatise 
concerning Scandal, &c. 12ino. ..... Edin. 16S0 

Cairns' (Elizabeth) Memoirs, written by herself some 3rears before her death, &c. GUug, 1762 
— Greig's Letter to the Rev. William Robe, on the falsehood of his charges against the 
Publisher of the Life of Elizabeth Cairns, t^. 17id. . Glasg, 1743-62 

Smith's (R. Schoolmaster at Glenshee,) Poems of Controversy bet^iixt Episcopacy and Pres- 
bytery, &c. 12mo. ........ 1714 

God and the King, or, a Dialogue, &c. on the Oath of Allegiance. Sd edit, %f>o, Edin. 1725 

Howie's (John, of Lochgoin,) Memoirs, containing Religious Exercises, Soul Soliloquies, &c. 
With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8eo. ..... Glaag. 1796 

Re-Examination of two of the Articles abridged, viz. the Communicant's Gesture, &c. and the 
observation of Festivall dayes. 12mo. ..... 1636 

Stevenson's (J., land-labourer of Daily) Rare Soul-strengthening Cordial for Old and Young 
Christians, &c. \2mo. ....... 1729 

Peden's (Rev. Alexander) Lord's Trumpet sounding an Alarm against Scotland, &c. substance 
of two Prophetical Sermons, preached 1682. — Cameron's (Rev. Richard) Prediction, July, 
1680, &c 12ino. ....... r<fpr. »ft. 1739 

Predictions or Prophecies of severalsof the Reverend and worthy servants of the Lord, viz. Mr. 
Thomas Lundie, Mr. Samuel Rutherford, Mr. Richard Cameron, &c. \2mo. ib, 1739 

Rutherford's (Sam.) Communion Exhortation to a Scots Congregation in London. 12mo. ib. 1 735 

Lindsay's (Rev. H.) Synod Sermon on the Present State of the Ch. of Scotland. 1 2mo, ib. ] 733 

Sin punished and Virtue rewarded, or, a Monitor for Old and Young, &c. 1 2mo. Land. 1721 

Dickson's (Rev. David) True Christian Love, &c. to which is added, Hony Drops, &c. l2mo. 

GUug, 1745 

The Ph&nters of the Vineyard, or, a Kirk Session confounded, a Comedy of three acts, &c. 
12mo. ........ Edin. 1771 

Dunton's (John) Preaching Weathercock, a Paradox, proving that Mr. W. Richardson (lately 
a Dissenting Minister, and now a Presbiter of the Church of England) will cant, recant, 
and re-recant, &c. &c. %vo, ..... Lond, no date. 

Pious Tracts. 1 vol. 12ino. containing, 

1. The Christian^ft Best Gannent, &c ..... Lond, 167 

2. The ChiiftianhiBlened Choice, &C. ...... tb. 1674 

8. Hart^B (Rev. Dr. John) Warning Piece to the Slothful, Drunken, and Secure onei, &c BX, •&. 1 67 1 

Dowriche's (Rev. Hugh) The Jaylor's Conversion, &c. the true Image of a Soule rightly touched 

and converted hy the Spirit of God, &c. l2mo. . . . ib, 1 59iy 

Seasonable Warning, &c. from the danger of Trafficking Priests and Jcsuites, &c. 800. 1734 

Welch's (Rev. John) Fifty and Two Directions, &c. to his parish of Irongray, in Galloway. — 

Mary's Choice, a Sermon. \2mo. .... Gla^. l7B9,&c. 



Scotland's Warning, or a Treatise of Fastmg, &c. &c. 1 2mo. WanU tide, Zfrnt about 1 623 or 4^ 

Shield's (Rev. Alexander) Letter concerning the true boundaries of Christian Fellowship, &c. 

written to the prisoners for conscience in Dunottar Castle, 1685, &c. ISmo. Edin. 1726 

Cleland's (Colonel William, of Lord Angus's Regiment) Poems and Verses composed upon 

various occasions. With MS. note by Sir fV. S. 12mo. . . 1697 

See PoincAL Works, toL l p. 191, toI. ii. pp. 207, 217, voL Tiii. p. 57 ; Prosk Works, vol viL p. 141. 

Ranwick's (Rev. J.) Prophecy concerning the Lord's return to Scotland, &c. in three Prophetical 
Sermons, &c. neyer before printed. With preface by W. Gray, the publisher. 12mo. ib. 1 746 

Reach's (Benjamin) War with the Devil, or Young Man's conflict with the powers of darkness. 
(In verse.) Idth imp. l2mo. ..... Lond. 1728 

Mitchel, (William) The Tinklarian Doctor's Catechism, where he examines all the ministers of 
the General Assembly, &c. ; and Second Catechism, where he examines all the Bishops in 
England, &c. with his Funeral Sermon for kings and rulers. l2mo. . Edin. 1737 

Pringle's (Walter, of Greenknow) Memoirs, or, some few of the free mercies of God to him, 
&c. Written over by James Pringle, 1684, &c. \2mo. . . ti6. 1723 

Shiels's (Rev. Alexander) Scots Inquisition, &c. &c. l2mo. . . ib, 1745 

Mackaile's (Rev. Hugh) Last Public Sermon, preached in the Old Church at Edinburgh, 8th 
September, 1662, &c. &c. and his last speech on the Scaffold, 22d December, 1666, &c. 
l2mo. ........ Edin. 1749 

Scott's (Rev. Dr. Robert) Sermon on occasion of the late dreadful fire at Edinburgh, dd Feb- 
ruary, 1700. 12mo. ...... ib. 1701 

Anti-Popish Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

RobioBon^ (Tho.) Anatoinie of the Eng. Nunnery at Liibon in PortugalL Pub. by authority. Lomd. 1630 

CbaManion^s (John) Merchandixes of Popiih Priesta, or, a Ditooyery of the Jeauites Tnunpeiy, newly 

packed in England, tianalated fkt>m the French. . ib. 1629 

Protestation against Toleration, containing, 1. Proclamation of Toleration in Scotland, Feb- 
ruary 12, 1686-7. 2. Proclamation prohibiting Field Meetings, 28th June, 1687. 3,4. 
Two Addresses to the King, from the Presbyterians. 5. Renwick's Testimony of some 
persecuted Presbyterian Ministers, &c. 1688. With preface by John McMillan, Sandhills. 
l2mo. ........ Edin. 1770 

Cry from the Dead, or, the Ghost of the &mous Mr. James Guthrie appearing, being the 
last Sermon he preached in the Pulpit of Stirling before his martyrdom at Edinburgh, June, 
1661, &c. Edited by Ebenezer Erskine. l2mo. . Glat^. 1738 

Cant's (Rev. Andrew) Discourse at the renewing of the Covenant at Inverness, April 25, 1638. 
1 2mo. WanU tide. 

Visions, Discoveries, and Warnings, &c. revealed to John Porter of Crossibeig, &c. 1 2mo. 

Edin. 1799 

Dickson's (Rev. John, of Rugland) Two Letters, written while he was prisoner in the Bass, 
&c. a little before his death in 1700. l2mo. . wants title. 

Kerr's (Robert) Short Abstract of his Writings, &e. under six heads. 1 2mo. 1716 


.Skekm 7y S. TRACTS ON THE COVENANTERS, &c. Pbim M. 

JRoMeU's (Rev. Hugh) Journey from Time to Eternity. 12mo. 

.Bae's (Patrick, of Kirkoonnell) Scotish DoTe with an Olive Branch, or. Peace and Unity 

between Jorant and Non-jurant, &c. Svo. .... Edin, 1 732 

Calderwood's (John) Collection of Dying Testimonies of some holy and pious christians in 

Scotland, before and since the Reyolution, &c. with preface. With MS. note by Sir W, S. 

]2mo. ....... Kilmamoek, 1806 

Paricj (Robert, Town Clerk of Glasgow) The Rights and Liberdes of the Church asserted and 

rindicated against Patronage, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. Svo. Edin. 1 689 

laringston's (Rey. John) Brief Historical Relation of his Life, &c. and Memorable Charac- 
teristics, &c 9m, 8f70. ...... GUug, 1 754 

JfRae, (Rev. James) The Bereans defended and vindicated, &c. from the reflections &c. of 

Mr. Robert Foote, Minister of Fettercaim, &c. 12mo. . Edin, 1776 

Keith's (George) Way cast up and Stumbling Blocks removed, &c. Answer to a P.S. at the 

end of Samuel Rutherford's Letters, &c. 8ro. . Aberd,1617 

Pagitt's (Rev. Ephraim) Heresiography, or, a Description and History of the Hereticks and 

Sectaries sprang up in these latter times, &c. 6th edit. Edited by J. Heath. Svo. Lend, 1662 
ApoealypM, or, the Revelation of certain notorious advancers of Heresie, &c. Translated out 

of Latin by J. D. Zd edit, sm, 8t»o. . . . td. 167 1 

Cry from the Desert : or. Testimonials of the Miraculous Things lately come to pass in the 

Cevennes, &c. With Preface by John Lacy. 2d edit. With MS. note by Sir W, S. Svo. 

ib, 1707 
See PROfiS Works, toI. zix. pp. 75-6. 

Pious Tracts. 1 vol. Vlmo. containing, 

1. Key*k (Rev. Dr.) New Catecbinn, &c 

2. ThackeiylB (T.) Choice Drop of Honey, &c 

3. Golden Chain of Four Links, &c 22(f edU. 

4. Boston^ (Re?. T.) Sennon on the Lord> Supper. 

5. Axford^ (John) Hidden Truths brought to Light. 

6. Baxter^ (Richard) God^s Coll to unconyerted 


all printed at NeicoastU, 

Reid, (Alex, a Scotish Covenanter,) Life of; written by himself. (Edited by his great grand- 
son, Archibald Prentice, Editor of the Manchester Guardian.) \2mo. Manchester, 1822 
Wilson's (Wm. Schoolmaster in DouglaH,) Select Meditations in Spiritual Songs. 12mo. 1759 

SHELF Fill. 

Speeches, &c. of the Regicides, sm, 4ito. containing, 

1. Speeches and Prayers of some of the late King's Judges, &c. . Lond, 1660 

2. Yane^k (Sir Henry) Two Treatises. 1. Epistle General, &c 2. The &oe of the Times, &c ib. 1662 

3. Speeches, &c. of fiaikstead, Okey, and Coibet, &c . . t5. 1662 

4. Tryal of Sir Henry Yane, &c with his Speech and Prayer on the Scaffold, &c. ib. 1662 

5. Life and Death of Sir Henry Yane, ..... ift. 1662 

6. NarrstiTe of Apprehension, Condenmation, and Execution of John James, &c. ib. 1662 

Swift's (Dean) Tale of a Tub, and Battle of the Books. Zd edit. Svo, ib. 1704 



The Western Martyrology^ or^ Bloody Assizes ; containing the Lives^ Tryal^ and Dying 
Speeches^ &c. of those that sufier'd in the West of England^ &c. from 1678 to this time. 
With the Life and Death of George Lord Jeffereys. 5th. edit. Bvo. Land. 1705 

Person's (David^ of Loghlands in Scotland,) Varieties, or, a Surrey of Rare and Excellent 
Matters, &c. 4fto. ....... ib. 1635 

Dictionary of all Religions, Ancient and Modem. (Ascribed to, Defoe.) Bvo. ib. I704f 

M (T M* A.) Cloud of Witnesses, or. The Sufferer's Mirrour ; made up of the Swan- 
like Songs, and other choice passages of Martyrs and Confessors to the Sixteenth Century, 
&c. Collected out of the Ecclesiastical Histories of Fox, Fuller, Petrie, &c. In 3 parts. 
Appendix to the Sufferer's Mirrour, &c. Svo. . ib. 1665, 70, 77 

Remarkahle Life and Death of the Rev. Mr. Alexander Peden, late Minister of the Gk>8pel at 
Glenluce, &c. Edited hy J. Duncan, Lavenham, Suffolk. Svo. Lond. 177i 

Vindication of the fundamental Charter of Preshytery from the exceptions of the Country-man 
in his Letter to a Curate, Sec. Svo. ..... ib. 1713 

Kirtown, QKirkton^ (Rev. Jas.) History of Mr. John Welsh, Minister of the Gospel at Aire, 
ito. ........ ib. 1703 

Babel, or, The Assemblie, a Poem, originalie in the Irish Tongue, and now translated into 
Scotch for the benefit of the Lieges. By J. P., S^. MS. 4to. . 1692 

The author^ initials in this MS. would seem to negative the sMomption of Mr. Kinloch, (in hii edition, 
printed for the Maitland Club,) of its being the production of Dr. Archibald Pitcaim. 

True and Impartial Account of tlie Most Rev. Father in God, Dr. Jumes Sharpe, Archbishop 
of St. Andrews. With a Narrative of his Murder, sm. Svo. . . 1723 

Whitefield's (Rev. Geo.) Short Account of God's dealings with him, from his Infancy to his 
entering into Holy Orders ; written by himself, &c. — The Expounder Expounded, or. An- 
notations upon that incomparable piece, entitled, A Short Account, &c. By R— ph J — ^ps-n, 

Esq. Svo. ........ Lond. 17i0 

See Paoffli Works, yoL iii. pp. 436-437. 

Sugg's (Rev. Francis) Tracts against the Quakers, &c. Svo. Jjond. 1699-1702. containing, 

1. Narrative of a Conference at Sluford, August 25, 1701, . 1702 

2. NewB from New Rome, occasioned by the Quakers challenging Fr. fiugg, &c. 1 701 

3. Modest Defence of my Book, entitled, Quakerism Exposed, &c. . 1700 

4. Quakerism Elxposed to Publick Censure, &c . 1699 

Tracts against the Quakers. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. The Spirit of the Hat, &c. By O. J. Lomd. 1673 

2. Hickes^k (Thomas) Dialogue between a Chrislian and a Quaker, &c. 2d edit, A. 1 673 

3. The Quaker*s Appeal answered, &c . . tft. 1674 

4. The Danger of Enthusiasm discovered, in an Epistle to the Quakers. 1674 

Journal, &c. of the Life, Travels, Sufferings, Christian Experiences, and Lahour of Love, &c, of 
that ancient, eminent, and fiuthfol Servant of Jesus Christ, (George Fox. 2 vols. Svo. ib. 1 709 



Alton's (Wm.) History of the Rencounter at Dmmclog, and Battle of Bothwell Bridge, 1679, 
with an Account of what is correct and what is fictitious in the *' Tales of my Landlord/' 
respecting these Engagements, &c. Svo. .... Hamilton, 'i 821 

Xfownlee's (Thomas, Laird of Torfoot,) Narrative of the Battles of Dmmdog and Bothwell 

Bridge, &c, St>o, ....... Edin, 1823 

** A rery poor foxgeiy.^'—Sir W. a'B MS. n«te. 

Tracts relatmg to the Disturhances connected with the Scottish Seryice-Book in 1688, in 
1 to! 9m. 4to. containing, 

1. Short Relation of the State of the Kirk of Scotland, &c. . Edin, 1638 

2. Gonfenion of Faith of the Kiric of Scotland, ..... ift. lt>38 

S. Reasons for a General A«emblie. ...... A. 163R 

i. Prodamation from the King at Greenwich, {hrwtdtide /ol.) June 8, 1 688. 

5. Froteatation of the Noblemen, &a Subaciiberi to the Confbaion of Faith and CoTenant, lately renewed, 

&e. made at the Mercate CroM of Edinburgh, July 4, 1638. 

6. General Demands concerning the late CoTenant, propounded by the Ministers, &c. at Aberdene, to some 

reTerend Brethren who came thither, &c together with the Answers of those reverend Brethren, &c. 
as also the Replyes of the foresaid Ministers^ &c . . . . 1638 

7. Marquis of Hamilton^ Vindication, &c in Answer to the Ministers, &c 1 638 

8. Answers of some Brethren of the Ministrie (Alex. Henderson and David Dickson,) to the Replyes 

of the Ministera, &c of Aberdeen, &c ..... 1638 

9. The Beast is wounded, or. Information from Scotland, concerning their Reformation, Ac Printed in 

tke year that ike Biskopi had their domifal tn Soottand. 

10. Proclamation of the King from Oatlands, (9th Sept) and Confession of Faith, &c. subscribed by James 

Marquis of Hammilton, &e. at Haly-rude House the 22d of September, 1638 

11. Protestation of the Noblemen, Barons, &c. made at the Mercate Crosse, &c. 22d Sept immediately 

after reading the Proclamation of Sept 9, ..... 1638 

12. Ramsayls (Andrew) Warning to come out of Babylon, in a Sermon at the receiving of Mr. Thomas 

Abemethie, sometime Jesuite, &c. ...... 1638 

13. Abemethie'S (Thomas) Abjuration of Poporie, &c in the Grayfreir Church, 24th August, 1 638 

14. Answere to M. J. Forbes of Corse, his Peaceable Warning, . . ] 638 

15. Pr ofes si on and Declaration of James, Marquis of Hamilton, &c December, 1638 

16. Answer of General Assemblie to Marquis of Hamilton*s Profession, Ac 14th February, 1639 

17. Protestation of General Assemblie, made in the High Kirk and at the Mercate Crosse of Glaigow, 

28th and 29th November, .1638 

18. Proclamation from the King from Whitehall, 8th December, 1638 

19. Protestation of General Assemblie, &c. made at the Mercate Crosse of Edinbuigh, 18th Dec. 1638 

20. Information to all good Christians within the Kingdom of England, from the Noblemen, Barons, &c. 

of Scotland, ........ 1639 

Passionate Remonstrance made by His Holinesse^ &c. upon the late proceedings and great 
Coyenant of Scotland^ &c. 4tto, ..... Edin, 164B 

Cdlection of Loyal Poems^ all of them written upon the two late Plots^ viz. the Salamanca 

Plot of 1678, and the present fanatical Conspiracy in 1688, &c. collected by Nathaniel 

Thompson. 8ro. .. • • • Ldmd. 1683 



Political Poems (JaeobiU) rdaiive to the Rebellion in 1745-6. thin 4to. MS. 
History of the Rebellion 1745 and 1746. {a portion of a tDork,) 96 pages, ^vo, wants title 
Bernardi's (Major John) History of his Life, written by himself in Newgate, where he has 
been a Prisoner of State for 33 years, &c. 8f>o. . • Lond.1129 

Highland Tracts. 1 vol 8oo. containing, 

1. Short Hifltory of the His^land Regimenti, Ax. . Limd. 1743 

2. Memoin, of the old Highlander, Seij. Donald Madeod, now in the 103d year of hit Age. t6. 1791 

3. Copy of a Letter from a Gentleman in London, to a Friend in Bath, (on the Cruelties towardB the 

Highland Officers after the Battle of Culloden.) . . ' BatK 1 750 

Religious Poems. 1 vol. 8&o. containing, 

1. The Kirkiad, or. Golden Age of the Church of Scotland. Edm. 1774 

2. The Refonnen, a Satirical Poem. 

3. Jamieson^B, (Rer. Dr. John) Eternity. 

4. Monro*k (John) Celestial Elxcursion. 

5. Young*s (W.) Airdrie Fair. 

ib, 1793 

ib. 1798 

Leith^ 1814 

GUug, 1792 

Vol. of Miscellaneous Scotch Tracts. 8ro. containing, 

1. Drummond^s (Hon. and Re?. Bob. Hay) Town Eclogue, a Satirical Poem. Wiik MS. Key and notes. 

See PomcAL Works, toL tL note to Canto IV. 

2. Jeffirey*s (Francin) Observations on Thelwall's Letter to the Edilor of Edinbuigh Review. t6. 1804 

3. BrowniB (Rot. Dr. And.) Love of Country, &C. a Sermon. . . tfr. 1801 

4. Bell^ (John) Memorial, &c on Military and Naval Surger}'. . t6. 1800 

5. BfintolB (Lord) Speech at Roxburgh County Meeting. KeUo^ 1803 

6. Mackenzie^ (Colin) Observations on the introduction of Roads into the Highlands. Edim, 1801 

7. BeU^ (Rob.) Observations on the Danger, &c. of double-holding, &c in Dispositions to Lands in 

Scotland. ....... tfr. 


The Presbyterie's Triall^ or, the Occasion and Motiyes of Conyersion to the Catholique Faith of 
a Person of quality in Scotland^ &c. By F. W. S. sm. 8vo. Paris, permissu superiorum, 1657 

E/xuv Batf/X/xi} dtvri^a. The Pourtraiture of his sacred Majesty King Charles 11.^ with his 
reasons for turning Roman Catholick. Published by King James. Svo. Lond. 1694 

Crichton's (Rev. Dr. Andrew) Memoirs of the Rev. John Blackader^ compiled chiefly from 

unpublished BiSS. &c. written by himself while prisoner on the Bass^ &c. 1 2mo. Edin. 1823 

See Paoea Works, vol. xix. p. 54. 

Life and Diary of Lieut -Col. J. Blackader, of the Cameronian Regiment, &c. Svo. ib, 1 824 

Wodrow's (Rev. Robert) Life of James Wodrow^ Professor of Divinity at Glasgow, from 1 692 
to 1707. Edited by Rev. Dr. John Campbell 12mo. ib. 1828 

Collection of Twenty-four Sermons and Tracts on King Cliarles's Martyrdom, the Restoration, 
King's Accession, the Rebellion of 1715, &c. &c.; by Bishops Kennett, Hoadley, and 
Burnet, Drs. J. Turner, £. Sydall, Edm. Calamy, Pooley, Waugh, Synge, John Hoadley, 
Messrs. Ibbot, Skerret, Lambe, Peploe, Acres, &c. Stfo. Lond. 1706-16 



XDuncan's (Rev. Dr. Alexander, Minister of Smallholm,) Presenrative against the Principles of 
Infidelity. \2mo, ....... Edin, 1774 

Ohuwfiird's (Rev. W., Minister of Wiltoun,) Short Manual against the Infidelity of thb age, &c.; 
and Synod Sermon, Christ the power of Gk>d, and the wisdom of Ood. \2mo. ib. 1748 

Zion's Traveller, or, the Soul's Progress to Heaven. 2d edit \2mo, ib. 1743 

Xieligious Tracts, &c. 1 vol. \2mo. containing, 

1. The Power of Grace illustrated, in six Letters Arom a Minister of the Refonned Church to the Re?. 

John Newton ; translated from the Latin by William Cowper, Esq. (the poet) Edin, 1792 

2. Erskine^ (Rev. Dr. John) Letters, &a to comfort those bereaved of parents or friends, &.c. 3J edit, 

A. 1803 

3. Young, (James) Faith promoted and Tears prevented, &.c. in a Letter to his spouse from London, 1697. 

t&. 1792 

4. Goldsmith's (Dr. Oliver) Traveller, or. Prospect of Society. 6tk edit, . Lond, 1775 

Orpen's (Dr. C. E. H.) Contrast between Atheism^ Paganism^ and Christianity^ illustrated ; or^ 
the uneducated Deaf and Dumbj or Heathens^ compared with those instructed in language 
and revelation^ &c. l2mo. ...... Dub, 1828 

Soston's (Rev. Thomas) Select Discourses on Practical Subjects, sm. Sco, Glasg, 1768 

Godwin's (Thomas) English Exposition of the Roman Antiquities. I^nd, 1G61. — 2. Mose8 

and Aaron : Civil and Ecclesiastical Rites of the Ancient Hebrews. %th edit, Lofid, 1662. 

— 3. Rous's (Fr.) and Bogan's (Zach.) Seven Books of the Attick Antiquities. 5th edit, 

Oxford, 1658. 9m, 4fto. ...... 1658-61 

Teatley's (Dr. Daniel) Dippers Dipt, or, the Anabaptists Duck'd and Plung'd over head and 
ears, &c. 5th edit, 440. ...... Lond. 16^7 

Minute Book of the General Meeting of the Correspondent Meeting ofNithsdcde, (Cameronians,) 

from August 1698 to October 1760. MS, sm, 4/o. 
Records of the Meetings of the Reformed Presbgterg {Cameronians) at Quarreitoun, from 

1693 to 1729. MS. sm. Svo. 
Tracts. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

). General Demands of the Rev. D. D.'a and Ministers, &c. in Aberdeen, concerning the late Covenant 
in Scotland. Together with the Answeres, Replyes, and Duplyes, that followed thereupon in 1638. 
Reprinted in one book by order of Parliament, Aberd. 1663 

(Sm Not. 6 ^9 9fyoLqfTraetiin p. 8a) 

2. Dedaration of the Brethren who are for the Established Government and Judicatures of this Chuich, &c. 

Edin. 1658 

3. Usher'a (Archbishop) Original of Bishops and Metropolitans._Chillingworth*s (William) Apostolical 

Institution of Epistopacy,&c. ..... reprinted, ib. 170Z 

4. Infcimation for the Earl of Sutherland against the Earl of Crawfurd, &c. ib, 1706 
Answer to the Declaration of the Pretended Assemhlj at Dundee^ &c. — Reply to the late 

printed Answer to the Letter directed hy the Protesters to their Brethren^ &c. sm. 4/!o. 1653 
Hale's (Sir Matthew) Contemplations^ Moral and Divine. Svo. . . Lond. 1679 

Rabbi Nathan, Tractatus de Partibus : in Ling. Latin, translatus cum notis, &c. Francisci 

Taileri^ &C em, ^to. ...... ib. I65i 

81 L 

Pbw M. ABBOTSFOSD LIBBABY. Shdv€$ 9, 10. 

Swinton (John, of Swinton,) Coae of, in rdation to his Father's protended forfeiture, npoB 

pretext whereof the estate of Swinton hath heen unjustly possessed by the late Duke and 

this Earl of Lauderdale, &e. — 2. Information for the Earl of Lauderdale, %lc, against Joha 

Swinton's Process. — 3. An addition to Swinton's Case, &c. on occasion of the Earl of 

Lauderdale's Answer, &c. «m. A4o. 

See Noie to BeaH of Mid-Loihian. 


Scotch Tracts and Sermons. 1 vol. 4fto. containing, 

1. Shields*^ (Re?. Alex.) Impartial Account of all paanges relating to my Sufferings, Trialu, and Exami- 

nationa, &c ....... vxmtt tOU, 

2. Webster^ (Rey. Jas.) Sermon, &c. at the Election of the City MagiBtrates, 2d Oct 1694. Edi$u 1694 

3. Hart*8 (Rev. Dr. James) Sermon on same occasion, 5th Oct 1703. A. 1708 

4. Meldrum^ (Rev. Geoige) Sermon, &c before Lord Ross, her Majesty*^ Conmuasioner to General 

AsMmbly, 16th March 1704. ...... i&. 1704 

5. -—I— Sermon, &c. before Duke of Queensberry, her Mi^esty'a Commissioner to General Assembly, 

16ih May, 1703. . . A. 1703 

6. ^~—. Vindication and Defence of the precedipg Sermon. . •&. 1703 

7. Lord Haversham^ Speech in House of Peers, 12th Jan. 1709, on the late intended invasion of Scotland. 

i&. 1709 

8. Letter Anom a Friend in the City, &c anent Patronages. , ib. 1703 

9. Letter from Commimon of Creneral Assembly at Okqgow, &c to the Council, &c of the Scots 

Colony of Caledonia. .......•&. 1699 

10. Webster's (Rev. James) Essay upon Toleration. . . . t5. J703 

1 1. Sootland*s Interest, or, the great Benefit and Necessity of Communication of Trade with England, &c. 


12. FletdieriB (Andrew, of Saltoun,) Speech in Parliament concerning Limitation. 1704 

13. Reasons why the Succession ought not to be declared by this Parliament 1704 

14. Letter to an M. P. on the true interest of Scotland with reject to the Suocessicm. loaal* titie. 

Scottish Tracts, chiefly Rehgious, (1701.) 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

1. Presbyterial Government, as now established, &c. methodically descsibed. . Edm, 1701 

2. Dialogue between Mr. Smith, Mons. Ragouse, &c. in a Walk to Kewington. lamd, 1701 

3. Perswasive to Prayer, Ac. ...... Edm. 1701 

4. Lady Halket^s Meditations and Prayers. . . . ift. 1701 

5. Instructions for Youth. . . . . t&. 1701 

6. Collection of Pindarick Odes, Funeral Elegies, Ac on Lord Basil Hamilton, 6th sen «f Waiiam Duke 

of Hamilton. ....... t(. 1701 

7. Essay upon (Drummond's) PoUmo-Medima^ or, the Midden-Fight Translated by J. C. prisoner in 

the Caoongate. ....... t&. 1701 

8. Certain and Infal. Measures, &c. whereby the wliole Begging Poor of the Kingd. may be alimeiited. •&. 1 701 

9. Lord Belhaven^ Speech in Parliament on the Indian and African Company, 10th Jaa. 1701. t6. 1701 

10. Argument proving that the imposition of the Sacrament, &c. as a qualification for secular ofBoe is con- 

traiy to the laws of God, &c. &c ..... Lond, 1701 

11. Keith*s (Geoige) Plain Discovery of gross fidsehoods, cheats, and impostures, &c. in three late pamphlets 

published by Quakers, &c ..«...•&. 1701 

12. Letter from a Magistrate, &c. containing an Historical Account of designs Ibr nforming mannetSy Slc 


"14^ 10. THEOLOGICAL WORKS, &c. Pbbbs M. 

ick's (Dr. Sjmon, Bp. of Ely^) Parable of the Pilgrim^ &c. 6tk edit. 9m, Uo. L&nd. 1687 

See Paoei Woass, toL zviii pp. 95-99. 

Lwin's (JoIib) Twelye considerable^ &c. CautioDs to be used in and about a Reformation, 
&C. — Theomaxia, the Imprudence^ &c. of running the hazard of fighting against God^ &c. 
2d edit — Innocencie's Triumph^ or^ an Answer to Prynne's Animadversions^ &c. 2d edit. 
— Calumny arraigned and cast^ or, a briefe answer to some passages^ &c. of Mr. Prynne. — 
Creteneis, or, a briefe answer to an ulcerous Treatise by Thomas Edwards, entitled Can- 
^raena, &e, em. 4fto. ...... Lond. 1644-6 

^Sdwards's (Rev. Thomas) Gangr€tena, or, a Catalogue and Discovery of many of the Errors^ 
Heresies, &c. of the Sectaries of this time^ &c. Parts first and second, Zd edit. Part third, 
let edit, 2 vols. em. 4/o. ...... ib, 1646 

X^^ne's (William) Htetrio-Maetix. The Player's Scourge, or the Actor's Tragoedie, &c. &c. 
4lo. ......... ib. 1683 

^niot, (Samuel) Scotland's Present Circumstances, and the Duty of Private Christians with 
reference thereunto, &c. em. 4to. ..... Edin. 17^S 

Ijakk's (William) Scots Episcopal Innocence, or, the Jugging of that party widi the late 

King, his present Majesty, Sec. demonstrated, em. 4to. . Lond. 1694 

The Spy, (a Poetical Satire on Popery.) em. 4/10. . . wante title. 

Tracts relative to the Scottish Episcopalians, (1690.) em. AAo. containing, 

1. Account of the preflent Penecution of the Church in Scotland. . Ltmd, 1690 

2. GardeniB (Rev. Dr. Geoige) Case of the present afflicted cleigj in Scotland. ib, 1690 

3. Four Collections of Papers relating to the practice of the rahble, before the Convention met, &c. ib. 1690 

4. Account of the Sufferings of the Church of Scotland, occasioned by the Episcopalians since 1 660. ib. 1 690 

5. Some Questions resolved respecting Episcopal and Presbjrterian Qovemment in Scotland. ib. 1690 
Brown, (Rev. John, of Wamphray,) The History of Indulgence, shewing its Rise, Conveyance, 

Progress, and Acceptance, &c. 4/o. • . 1 678 

Overall's (Bishop) Convocation Book, concerning the Grovemment of God's Catholic Church, 

&c. Published by Archbishop Sancroft. 4to. . . . Lend, 1690 

Hickes's (Rev. Dr. Geo.) RaviUac Redivivue, being a Narrative of the late Tiyal of Mr. 

James Mitchel, a Conventicle preacher, &c. for an attempt on the sacred person of the 

Archbishop of St. Andrews ; with an Account of the Tryal of that most wicked Pharisee, 

&C. Major Weir. With MS. note by Sir W. S. em. 4to. . . ib. 1678 

See LetUn om Deaumolo^,.^ 801 ; Sombrs Tracts, vol viii. 

Shaftoe's (Mrs. Francis) Narrative, &c. of her being in Sir Theopilus Oglethoq)s's family, 
when hearing, &c. that the pretended Prince of Wales ^'as Sir Theophilus's son, she was 
trick'd into France, &c. in order to prevent a discovery, &c. 4to. . ib. 1707 

Rieynoldes's (Rev. Edw.) Treatise of the Passions and Faculties of the Soul of Man, &c 4^0. 


'Bnm^^sUm'e (Hugh) Translations from the Bible. 1. Job, &c. metricaD translation, ice. 1610. 

•^2. Comment upon Coheleth or Ecdeeiaetee, &c. 1^05. — 3. The Lamentatione of Jeremy. 

&€•«-— 4. Danid, his Chaldic visionB, frc. 1597* Lend, 1597-1610 


Pbkss M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SMvet 10, 11, 12. 

Papiimus LtAcifugus, &c. Papers exchanged between Mr. John Menzies, Professor of Divinity 
in the Marischal College of Aberdeen, and Mr. Francis Dempster, Jesuit, otherwise sumamed 
Rin or Logan, &c. 9m, 4to, ...... Aberd. 1648 

Religious Pampblets. 1 vol. sm, 4to, containing, 

1. Reflections on H. M.*0 Proclamation, 12th Feb. 1686-7, for a Toleration in Scotland. 1687 

2. Answer to Scotch Presbjrterian Eloquence, in 3 parts. .... Ixmd. 1694 

3. Laick^ (William) Continuation of the Answer to Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence, Slc t&. 1693 

4. Queries and Protestation of the Scots Episcopal Clergy, &c , A. 1696 

5. Representation of the Committee of the Assembly for the North of Scotland, &c. 

6. Reasons in defence of the Standing Laws, about the right of presentation, &c. Edm, 1703 

Meston's (Professor William, the Jacohite Poet,) Tale of a Man and his Mare. (Poetical satire 
on the accession of the House of Hanover.) 2d edit 4to. . . 1721 

Mob contra Mob, or, the Rabblers Rabbled. Wrote bj a Buchan Poet in the style of 

Hudibras. 8vo, (repr,) Printed by Peter Williamson in one ofhi$ new portable printing prenses. 

Edin. 1769 

Potter's (Rev. Francis) Interpretation of the Number 666, Sec. 4to, . Oxford, 1642 

Luther's (Martin) Commentary upon the Epistle of Paul to the Galatians, &c. faithfully tran- 
slated, &c. B. L. 4/0. . . Lond. 1688 

Mitchel, (William) The Whole Works of that eminent divine and historian, — Professor 
of Tinklarianism in the University of the Bowhead. Being Essays of Divinity, Humanity, 
History, and Philosophy, &c. sm, 4to. ... . Edin, 1712 


Kerr's (Robert) General History and Collection of Voyages and Travels, arranged in systematic 
order, &c. 1 6 vols. 8t70. . . . . . t^. 1811-15 

Hamilton's (Count Antony) Memoirs of Count Grammont. new edit, with Biographical 
Sketch of Hamilton, &c. and 64 portraits. 2 vols, royal Svo, . Lond. 1811 

Sinclair's (Sir John) Statistical Account of Scotland, drawn up from the communications of the 
Ministers of the different parishes. 21 vols. 8t7o. Edin. 1191-99 


Charles's (George) History of the Transactions in Scotland in 1715-16 and 1745-6. 2 vols. 

Svo. ........ Stirling, 1817 

Compleat and Authentick History of the Rise, Progress, and Extinction of the late Rebellion. 

Svo. ........ Lond, 1747 

Henderson's (Andrew) Edinburgh History of the late Rebellion, 1745 and 1746, &c. 4M edit. 

Svo. ........ ib. 1752 

Memorial and Admonition of the Reverend Synod of Glasgow and Ayr, met at Glasgow, Ist 
October, 1745. Land. 1745. — Account of the late Proceedings in Parliament, relating to 
the money granted for the relief of the City of Glasgow, ib. 1749. 890. 1745-9 


Shelffu 12, Id. TRACTS ON THE REBELLIONS OF 1715 & 17^5, &c. Press M. 

Yorke's (Hon. Charles) Considerations on the Law of Forfeitare for High Treason. Sd edit. 

corrected and enlarged. 8oo. ..... Lond. 1748 

Journal of the Campaign made by the Argyleshire Levies through the West Highlands, S^. under 

the command of Major General Campbell, {from ^st May, 1746). — Journal of the proceed^ 

ingsofthe Pretender's eldest son, from the ISthof April to the 20th September, 1746. ( With 

Moll's Map of Scotland.) MS. 4to. 
The Hononrable Chieftains of the Highland Clans vindicated from the false aspersions Sec. of 

Rid|>atfa^ the scandalous and justly condemned libeller. 4to. Edin. repr. 1713 
The Grotesquiad, {a Mock~heroic Poem,) in four books. By Goliah Gentle, Esq, Teterrima 

Belli Causa, Hor. MS. 4/o. 
The Political Magnet^ or^ Essay in defence of the late Revolution^ and the Settlement of the 

Crown in the Protestant Line. Svo. .... Lond. 1745 

The Non-Existence of a Popish Pretender to the Crown^ Sec. By an Old Briton. Soo. ib, 1745 
The Highlander DeUneated. With frontispiece. Wants title. . ib. 1746 


Prynne's (W.) New Discovery of the Prelates' T}Tanny, in their late persecutions of Mr. W. 

Piyn^ Dr. John Bastwick^ and Mr. Henry Burton, &c. 4to. . ib, 1 641 

Richardson^ (Sam.) History of Sir Charles Grandison. 5th edit. 7 vols. l2mo. ib. 1766 

Cervantes, (Miguel) History of Don Quixote. Translated by Motteux. With copious notes, 

and Life of Cervantes, by J. G. Lockhart, Esq. 5 vols, cr, Svo, . t^. 1822 

The English Drama purified ; being a Specimen of Select Plays, in which all the passages, &c. 

objectionable in point of morality, are omitted or altered. With Preface and Notes. By 

J. Plumtre, B.D. 3 vols. 12mo. .... Cambridge, 1812 

MacDonald, (Andrew) The Independent, a Novel. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Lond. 1784 
See LiFx, vol. i. p. 205. 

Laura, a Novel. 2 vols. l2mo. ..... ib. 

Thomson's Traveller's Guide through Scotland and its Islands. 2 vols. 12mo. Edin. 1814 
M'Diarmid's (John) Sketches from Nature. 12 wo. ... t^. 1830 

See IniroducHon to the Heart of Mid- Lothian. 

Seton, (Wm. of Pitmedden,) The Interest of Scotland, in 3 Essays. 1. Of Church Govern- 
ment 2. Of the Union between England and Scotland. 3. Of the present State, &c. 
sm. 8vo. ........ 1700 

Laing's (Alex.) Eccentric Magazine ; a Collection of Anecdotes, Epitaphs, Bon-Mots, &c. in 
prose and verse. 2 vols. 12mo. ..... Aberd. 1820-21 

Gibbon's (Edward) Survey of the Roman, or Civil Law. With Professor Hugo's German 
Notes, transhited by the Rev. Dr. W. Gardiner. l2mo. . Edin. 1823 

The Chester Miscellany ; a Collection of pieces in prose and verse in the Chester Courant, 
from January 1745 to May 1750. \2mo. .... Chester, 1750 


Pbb88 U. ABBOTSFORD library. Skelvei 14, 15. 


Olavius, (Eger.) Enarrationes Historicae de Islandia, &c. Rutic. I. de Iriaadia a&tequam 

G<Bpta est habitarL «m. 800. ..... Hafniae, 1749 

Den iEldre Edda. En Sandong af de Nordiske Folks iEldste Sagn og Sange, &o. oversat og 

ferklaret ved Finn Magniissen. 3 toIs. 12mo. . . . ib. 1821-22 

Fommanna Sogar, eptir gb'mlum handritum, &c. Sago Olafs Koniings Tryggrasonar* 3 yols. 

9m. Bvo. ........ ib. 1825-7 

Oldnordiske Sagaer, &c. Kong Olaf Tryggveson's Saga, overs, af C. C. Rafn. 3 toIs. tm. 800. 

t*. 1826-7 
Stephensen's (M. M.) Einfaldt Matreidslu Vasa-Qiicr, &c. (Icelandic Cookery Book.) 

sm. l2mo. ....... Leirar^ordum, 1800 


Life and Strange Adventures of Major Alexander Ramkins, a Highland Officer, &c. during 

about 28 years Service in Scotland, Germany, Italy, &c. from tbe Battle of Gillicranky, &c. 

2d edit l2mo. ... . . . . . Lond. 1722 

The Oath of Abjuration set in its true light \%mo. . . . Ed%n.\7l2 

Colville's (Samuel) Mock Poem, or, Whigg's Supplication. 2 parts. l2mo. Lond. 1681 

Pari 11. MS. am. 4,to. ..... 1674 

Rantum Scantum, or. Town Topics, (the Rebellion in Scotland ; the Playhouses and Players ; 

the Poet's Association ; the Opera, Sec) 890. ... ib. 

Hope's (Sir Wm. Bart) Vindication of the true Art of Self-Defence, &c. Svo. ib. 1729 

M'Kintosh's (Rev. Donald) Gaelic Proverbs and familiar Phrases, Englished anew by Alex. 

Campbell. With Franklin's Way to Wealth, Gael, and Eng. 12mo. Edin. 1819 

Ray's (John) Scottish Proverbs, interleaved, with the variations of the edition of 1659, written 

in opposite lines, sm. Svo. ...... Camb. 1670 

Wogan's (Charles) Female Fortitude exemplified, in an impartial Narrative of the Seizure, 

Escape, and Marriage of the Princess Clementina Sobiesky, &c. — Remarks upon a Jacobite 

Pamphlet, entit Female Fortitude, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. sm. Svo. Land. 1722 
Scottish Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. Kerr'a (Robert) Aooount of the Nobility and Representatires of Scotland, diuwn up ia 1705, at the 

time of Lord fielhaven^s Speech (or Prophesie), &c. . Edm. 1712 

2. Catalogue of seTeral excellent and cuiiouB Books, &c whereof there is an Auction to be, &c. on the 

10th of March. ....... ib, 1686 

3. Causes of the Decay of PreBbjtery in Scotland. .... wanttHtte. 

4. Copy of Letter from the Duke of Berwick to the Duke of Fits-James, August 7, 1734. 

Short Account of the Faroe Islands, drawn up for Edin. Encyclopedia. 12mo. Edin. 1815 

Debes, (Lucas Jacobson) Foroae et Foroa Reserata, that is, a Description of the Islands and 

Inhabitants of Foeroe ; being 17 Islands subject to the King of Denmark, &c. Written in 

Dsnbh, Englished by John Steq)in. l2mo. .... Land. 1676 

See PoKTiCAL Works, toI. it p. 298 *, Letten on HmmmIc^ p. 119. 


8f>o. containing, 

Edin. 174b' 

Ske^U. TRACTS ON THE REBELLIONS OF 1715 & 1745, &o. Prbsb M. 

Acts of Parliament relatiye to Scotland, consequent on the Rebellions. 1 vol. 800. containing, 

1. Aflt S. G«o. L Oiths to be taken by Ministen and Prcachen. Bdim, 17VJ 

2. Act 6. Qeo. L ConTejranoei to be made to the purchaaen of the forliBited Eatatea. ib, 1720 
S. Aet 7. Geo. I. The King^ moat grecioui, genend, and free pardon. ib, 1721 

4. Act 19. Geo. 11. For disarming the Highlands. tft. 1746 

5. Act 20. Geo. II. The King*k general and free pardon. . . . t&. 

6. — . For Testing in H. M. the Elstates of certain Traitors, Ac. ib. 

7. Bill liBr annexing certain ibifbited Estates to the Croim. 1746 
a Act 21. Geo. II. For punishing of High Treason in the Highlands. ib, 1747 
9. ^~—^ To amend the former (No. 4) for disarming the Highlands. ib, 

10. ^-. To explain and amend the two former Acts. .... 16. 1753 

Another Collection of Acts of Parliament relative to Scotland. 1 vol 

1. Act 20. Geo. II. For taking away the Tenure of Ward-holding, &c 

2. -I.—. To prevent the return of such Rebels and Traitors as have been, or shall be, pardoned, &c ib, 
3. For relief of Loyal Subjects, whose Title Deeds were carried off or destroyed by Rebels, ib. 

4. Act 19. Geo. II. For more easy Trial of Rebels. .... ib, 

5. Act 20. Gea II. For taking away and abolishing the Heritable Jurisdictions. ib. 

6. Act 19. Gea II. For disarming the Highlands. .... i/t. 

7. Act 20. Gea II. For King'a general and free pardon. ib. 174G 

Historical Tracts. 1 vol, Bvo, containing, 

1. Compleat History of the French Invasions, fttnn the Revolution to the present time, &c Ltmd. 1744 

2. Copies of Letters from the French Ambassador and English Resident to the Canton of Fribuxg, 

relative to the Pretender"^ son's intention of taking refuge there, &.c. ib, 1748 

3. Letter to a noble Lord, containing Remarks on the two Acts, &c for vesting the Estates of certain 

Traitors in the Crown, and for abolishing the heritable Jurisdictions, &c. . . Uf, 1748 

4. Letter to H. M.> principal Secretaries of State, from the Ministers of several Roman Catholic Princes 

and States, complaining of a Clause, &c. in H. M.*s Proclamation of 6th Dec 1745, ib, 1746 

Fergoson's (Rev. Adam, afterwards Professor^) Sermon preached in the Ersh Language to 

H. M.'s First Highland Regiment of Foot^ commanded hy Lord John Murray, 1 8th Dec. 

17i5. With MS. note by Sir W. S, , Lond, 1746 

See LiPB, vol ▼. p. 201, note. 

Chambers's (Robert) Picture of Scotland. 2d edit, 2 vols, em, Svo, Edin. 1828 

See LiPB, vol. viL p. 179. 

—— (William) Book of Scotland, am, Svo. .... ib. 1830 

Fair Play, or, GiTe every Man his due ; being an Address to the Congregation of the Gaelic 
Chi^l in Edinburgh, &c. by one of the Deacons, (relative to the Conduct of the Rev. 
W. M'Caig.) l2mo. ...... ib. 1828 

Letter fnm a Gentleman in the North, to a Minister who has not intimated the Act of Par- 
liament for bringmg to Justice the Murderers of Captain Porteous. em. Svo. 1737 

Letters fran Thomas Percy, D.D. (Bishop of Dromore,) John Callander of Craigforth, David 

Herd, and others, to (}eoi^ Paton. em. Svo. . Edin. ISSO 

See P1106B Works, voL xxi. p. 221. 



Gkimm's (Messrs.) German Popular Stories^ collected from Oral Tradition. Translated from 

the Kinder und Haua^Mdrchen. sm. Svo, .... Lend. 1823 

The most pleasant Song of Lady Bessy, the eldest Daughter of King Edward IV. &c. with 

Notes by Thomas Hey wood. sm. Svo, .... t^. 1829 

Rodger's (Alex.) Peter Comclips, a Tale of real Life, with other Poems and Songs. 12mo. 

GUug. 1827 
Brunnmark's (Rev. Dr. G.) Introduction to Swedish Grammar, for Englishmen ; with Exercises. 

3</ e</fV. with Additions by Wahlin. I2mo. .... Lond. \%25 

Dialogue between a Whig and a Jacobite, upon the subject of the late Rebellion^ &c. 3d edit. 

corrected. Svo. . . . . . t^. 1716 

True Account of the Proceedings at Perth ; the Debates in the Secret Council there, &c. 

Written by a Rebel. 2d edit. Svo. . . . . . t^. 1716 

Henderson's (Andrew) Memoirs, &c. of James Keith, Field-Marshal in the Prussian Armies. 

2d edit Svo, ....... ib. 1759 

View of the Scots Rebellion ; with some Enquiry what we have to fear from them ? &c. Svo. 

ib. 1715 
Hannibal not at our Gates, or, an Enquiry into the Grounds of our present fears of Popery 

and the Pretender, in a Dialogue, &c. sm, Svo. . . . ib. 17 1 ^ 

Answer to a Pamphlet entituled, an Argument to prove the Affections of the People of England 

to be the best Security of this Government, &c. sm. Svo, . ' . t^. 1716 

Vol. of " Curious Pamphlets." sm. Svo, containing, 

1. Pitcamii, (Archib. M.D.) Gualteri Dannistoni ad Georgium Buchananum Epistola, &c Edm, 1700 

2. Defoe's (Dan.) Short View of present State of Protestant Religion in Britain, &c . A. 1700 

3. Discourse concerning the Execution of the Laws against Prophaneness, &c. . ib, 1700 

4. Waring*8 (H.) Thoughts and Maxims, in prose and verse, (dedicated to the Rev. Mr. Shaw.) to<uii$title. 

5. Burnet's (Bishop) Speech in the House of Lords on 1st Art of Dr. SacheYerei^ Impeachinent, 

r$pr, Edm, 1710 

6. Thoughts of an Honest Tory. ..... Lomd, 1710 

7. The Conference, or, Gregg's Ghost, &c . . . .1711 

8. Character of Don Sacheverellio, Knight of the Firebrand, &c. . . rqtr, Edm, 1710 

9. Fuller's (Wm.) Plain Proof of the true Father and Mother of the pretended Prince of Wales. 

Lomi, 1700 

10. Some new Proofs that the Pretender is really James the Third. Hh edit, . t&. 1713 

11. Seasonable Warning, &.& against Insinuation!, &c. in farour of the Pretender. . ib, 1712 

12. The White Crow ; or, an Enquiry into some more new doctrines broached by the Bishop of Salisbory, 

in his two Sermons, Nov. 5th and 7th. 1710, &c . . A. 1710 

13. Short View of Dr. Be veridge's Writings, &c. . . . ift. 1711 
Ray's (James, of Whitehaven, Volunteer under H. R. N. the Duke of Cumherland,) Acts of 

the Rebels. 2d edit. 12mo. ..... Newcastle, 17 4t6 

Crookshank's (Wm.) Popish Cruelty represented. Sermon preached, 22d September 17i5, to 
the Scots Church in Swallow Street. — 2. Fleetwood's (Bishop) Papists not excluded from 
the Throne on account of Religion, sm. Svo. . . . L/ond. 1745 


SUomlS, 16. TRACTS ON THE REBELUONS OF 1715 & 1745, &c. Prbss M. 

Life of the late Right Hon. (George Lord Carpenter. 8vo. . Land. 1736 

Ma/s (Earl of) Letter to the King, before H. M.'s Arrival in England, &c. 12mo. 1715 
Secret History of the Rebels in Newgate, &c. Bvo. . . Lond. 1716-17 

Matter of Fact : Account of the Birth, Education, and Ordination of William Paul, Clergyman, 
executed for High Treason, July 1710. 2d edit. Svo. . . ib. 1716 


Historical Account of the Triumphant Spirit of the Whigs, briefly showing the Rise and Pro- 
gress of the Covenanted Work of Reformation, &c. l2mo. . . Edin, 1746 
Letter to the Right Hon. tlie Earl of Traquair. 9m, Sro. Lond, 1745 
Aicanius, or The Young Adventurer, a True History, &c. Translated from a MS. privately 
handed about the Court of Versailles, &c. «m. Svo. . t^. 1747 

on le Jeune Avanturier, Histoire Veritable, &c. Trad, de 1' Anglois. 1 2mo. LiUe, 1 747 

■ Modeme, ou 1' Illustre Avanturier, Histoire tres fidele, &c. im. Bvo. Edim. 1763 
or the Young Adventurer, &c. 3d edit. 12mo. . . Paisley, 1769 

Histoire dn Pretendant Les Revers et les Disgraces du Prince Charles Edouard Stuart en 
Ecosse. (Another version of Ascanius). sm. Svo. ... 1 756 

Familiar and Instructive Dialogue, &c. between an eminent Merchant of Dunkirk, &c. and an 
English Member of Parliament, &c. 12 mo. .... Lond. 17 4S 

Great Britain's Memorial against the Pretender and Popery, sm. Sco, . . 1743 

The Free Thought, Sec, a fisuniliar Conversation between an Englishman and a Scotchman, both 
of the Train'd Bands of the City of London, &c. 800. . L^nd. 1745 

Consultation de V Oracle, &c. pour savoir si le Pretendant ou le Prince de Galles, &c. est sup- 
pose ou legitime. Whitehall, 16SS. nouveUe idit. sm. Svo. . Cologne, M^ii 

Antidote against the infectious Contagion of Popery and Tyranny, &c. l2mo. Edin. 1745 

Marchant's (John) History of the present Rebellion, collected from authentic Memoirs, Letters, 
&c. Svo, ........ Lond. 1746 

Ray's(J.) CompleatHist of the Rebellion, &c. with the intrigues of tlie Pretender's adherents, 
account of the Rebel Chiefs, Life of Miss Jenny Cameron, and Tryals of the Rebel Lords. 
With MS. note by Sir W. S. l2mo. .... York, 1749 

A New Edition of some Scarce Papers, &c. shewing the Harmony of the present Presbyterians 
in SooUand with the Principles and Practices of their Ancestors, &c. sm. Svo. Lond. 1746 

Tiacts on House of Hanover. Svo. containing, 

1. Popular Pnjudioe conceming partiality to the Interests of Hanover, &.C. freely examined. ib, 1743 

2. Historical Account of the ad?antage8 that have accrued to England by the Succession of the House 

of Hanover. ....... ib. 1745 

3. Whitelock, (Methuselah) The Peace Offering, an Essay, shewing the Cession of Hanover to be the 

only probable means of extinguishing the present Rebellion, &c. t5. 1746 

Arbathnot's (Rev. Arch.) Life, Adventures, &c. of Simon Lord Lovat, &c. Svo. ib. 1746 

Another Copy. With afirontispiece and folio portrait of Lord Lovat inserted. Svo. ib. 1746 

GMbam's (Dougal, Bellman of Glasgow,) Impartial History of the Rise, Progress, and £x- 

tinetion of the late Rebellion, &c. (in doggrel verse). Sd edit. \Smo. Glasg. 1 774 

89 M 


Short and Trae Narrative of the Rebellion in 1745 ; beginning with the Young Cheyalier's 
entry into the West of Scotland^ until his banishment out of France^ &c. 12mo. Edin. 1779 

Galloway's (Robert) Poems, Epistles, and Songs, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. To which are 
added, a Brief Account of the ReTolution of 1088, and a Narratiye of the Rebellion in 1745, 
continued to the Death of Prince Charles in 1788. \2mo, . . GUug, 1792 

Sermons on the Rebellion 1745. 12mo. containing, 

1. How*8 (Rev. James) Sermon preached in the Blackfriars* Church, Glasgow, 6th December, 1746, with 

a Dedication to all Jacobites, &c. ..... Giofg^llAQ 

2. Winchester's (Rot. James) Revolution Sermon, at Jedbuxgfa, November 6, 1748. Edm. 1748 

3. Willison^ (Rev. John, Dundee,) Popery another Gospel, &c. Six Sennons preached during Rebellion 

1745, &c ....... A. 1779 

Journey through part of England and Scotland along with the Army under the Duke of Cum- 
berland, &c. By a Volunteer. 2d edit. sm. 8vo, . . . Lond, 1747 

Michell's (M. Secretary to the Old Chevalier, &c.) Young Juba, or, the History of the Young 
Chevalier, from his Birth to his Escape from Scotland after the Battle of Culloden, &c. 
Translated from the Italian, sm. Svo. .... id. 1748 

Acts and Chronicles. 1 vol. 1 2mo. containing, 

1. Ray*s (James) Acts of the Rebels. Wants titU.Z . [Neweast^.e^ 1746] 

2. Chronicle of the year 1744. ...... Xoin/. 1744 

3. Chronicle of Charles the Young Man. ..... u'OMtt tide. 

4. Anderson's (John) Book of Chronicles of H. R. H. William Duke of Cumberland. Edm. 1746 

Haldane's (John, a Cameronian,) Active Testimony of tlie True Blue Presbyterians, &c. against 
the late unjust Invasion of Scotland by Charles, pretended Prince of Wales, and William, 
pretended Duke of Cumberland. 12mo, .... 1749 

Miscellaneous Collection in Prose and Verse, {Jacobite Poems, Ballads, and Songs) chiefly 
relating to the Rebellion of 1 745. MS. sin. 8oo. 

Remarkable Dialogue, &c. in tlie Gardens of the Luxembourg at Paris, between an old im- 
])artial English Whig, and a Nonjuror of the Church of England, concerning the Young 
Clievalier, &c. with some curious particulars, &c. to the time of his arrival at the Court of 
France. By a Prussian Officer. 1 2mo. .... Edin, 1 748 

Collection of Original Letters, &c. chiefly relating to the Rebellion 1715. sm. %vo, ib. 1730 

Philips, (M.) The Pretender's Flight, or, a Mock Coronation, &c. a Tragi-Comical Farce, 
being the Sequel of the Earl of Mar-marr'd. sm. 8ro. . . Land. 1716 

Answer to a dangerous Pamphlet, entitled, a Candid and Impartial Account of the Behaviour 
of Simon, Lord Lovat, &c. \2mo. ..... t^. 1746 

Ratcliffe, (Charles) Genuine and Impartial Memoirs, &c. of, beheaded on Tower Hill, Dec 8, 
1746. Lond. 1746. — Penrice's (Gerard) Remarkable Life and Vicissitudes of fortune of 
Charles Ratcliffe, Esq. U). 1747* sm. 8ro. 

Lettres Historiques, pour servir de suite a 1' Hist des Revolutions de la Gr. Bret, et a I' Hiat 
&c. des Ecossois au Service de France, (with reference to Chas. Ratcliffe.) «m. 8oo. ib. 1759 


Skehei 16, 17. TRACTS ON THE REBELLIONS OF 1715 & J 745, &c. Pbess M. 

Lesley's (Dr. Charles) Letter from Rome to a Member of Parliament l2mo. 1724 

Dmiton's (John) Frank Scammony : or the Restoring Clergy detected in their names, haunts^ 

plots, heresies, and lewd conversation. With MS. note by Sir W, S. sm, 8vo, 1745 

Description of a Chart, wherein are marked out all the different Routes of Prince Edward in 

Great Bntsan, 8cc. with 4 caricatures. 12mo, . . £(/tn. 1749 

True Loyalist, or. Chevalier's Favourite ; being a Collection of elegant Songs. 1 2mo, 1779 
Collection of Political Tracts ; (Extracts from Chester Journal, a Ballad ; Speeches of Lords 

Balmerino and Lovat, &c.) sm, 8m), .... Edin. 1747 

Life of Archibald McDonald of Barisdale, who is to suffer, &c. on 22d May. Svo. Lond. 1754 
Address to that honest part of the Nation called the Lower Sort of People, on the subject of 

Popery and the Pretender. Sd edit. l2mo. .... t6. 1745 

Trials of James, Duncan, and Robert McGregor, three Sons of the celebrated Rob Roy, &c. in 

1 752, 1 753, and 1 754. To which is prefixed a Memoir relative to the Highlands, &c. 1 2mo. 

Edin. 1818 
See Itarodudum to Rob Rty. 

Historical Account of the Life, Actions, &c. of Dr. Archibald Cameron, brother to Donald 

Cameron of Lochiel, &c. 800. ..... Lond, 1 753 

See Introduetum to Redgauntlet, 


Copy of what Dr. Arch. Cameron intended to have delivered to the Sheriff of Middlesex at tlie 
Place of Execution, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. Sco. . Lond. 1753 

Genuine Memoirs of John Murray, Esq. late Secretary to the Young Pretender. — Poem ad- 
dressed to Mr. S. M. on his turning evidence. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 8vo. Lond. 1747 

See LiPB, Tol. i p. 180. 

Folly and Danger of the present Associations demonstrated, &c. 8vo. ib. 1745 

Letter to a Tory friend upon the present critical situation of our affairs, &c. 8vo. ib. 1746 

Enquiry into the Causes of the late Rebellion, &c. 8vo. . . ib. 1746 

Life of Prince Albert Henry, of Brunswick Luneburg, &c. 8vo. . wants tide. 

Alexis, or, the Young Adventurer, a Novel. 8vo. . . Lond. 1 746. 
Tracts on Sir Thomas Winnington's Conduct. 8vo. containing, 

1. Apology for the Conduct of a late celebrated second-rate Minister, &c. written bj himself. . s6. 1747 

2. Proper Answer to a late scurrilous Libel, entitled, an Apology, &c. . tft. 1747 

3. An Apology for a late Resignation, &c. . ib. 

4. Impartial Reriew of Two Pamphlets, &c. ; one, an Apology for a late Resignation ; the other, the 

Resignation discussed, . (b, 

Campbell, (Dr. John) The Sentiments of a Dutch Patriot, being the Speech of M. V. H ♦ ♦ ♦ n, 
&C. on the present State of Affairs. 8fH>. . . . . . i^. ] 746 

Life of Sir Robert Cochran, Prime Minister of King James III. of Scotland. (Satire on Sir 

Robert Walpole.) 2d edit. 8vo. 1^.1734 


JPrusM. a BBOTSFORD library. Ske^ll. 

Tait's ( Alex.^ Clerk of Session^) Right of the House of Stewart to the Crown of Scotland con- 
sidered. 8fH>; ....... Land. 1746 

Cowper's (Lord Chancellor) Two Speeches on pronouncing Sentence on the Rehel Lords in 
1715, &c. ; tuid Lord Chancellor Hardwickc's Speech on pronouncing sentence on the 
Three Rehel Lords in 174G. 800. . . . . . . t^. 1748 

tlollection of Declarations, Proclamations, &c. Published by Authority (the Pretender's) in 
1745-6. Svo. . • . . . repr, Edin. 1748 

The Female Rebels ; Remarkable incidents of tlic Lives, &c. of the titular Duke and Duchess 
of Perth, Lord and Lady Ogilvie, and Miss Florence Macdonald# &c. 800. Land. 1747 

Extract from Sir R. Steele's " Crisis," adapted to the present more dangerous Crisis. 800. ib. 1746 

Formey's (M.) Discourse on the Death of Marshal Keith. From the French. 800. Edin. 1764 

King Henry VII., or, the Popish Impostor, a Tragedy. 800. . Lond. 1746 

Dying Speeches and Papers. 800. containing, 

1. Copies of th)9 Papera wrote by Loid Bahneiino, Syddall, Moigan, &c delivend to the Sheriflb at the 

Places of Execution. 

2. —.. (Part li.) Dying Speeches of the Rer. Mr. Lyon, Dayid Hume, Nicolson, &c. Limd, 1746 

Genuine Trial of Francis Townley, who was appointed Colonel of the Manchester Raiment by 

the Young Pretender, &c. executed for High Treason, July 10. 800. ib. 1748 

The remarkable affecting Case, and dying Words of Mr. Arch. OsM^ald, Ensign in the Young 

Pretender's Service, who received three musquet-shots in the Battle of Prestonpans. 800. 

ib. 1745 
Some forther Proofs, &c. that the Pretender is truly James the Third. With Additions, Notes^ 

and Observations. 8vo. . • . . . . . tb. 1745 

Compleat History of the Trials of the Rebel Lords at Westminster^ and the Rebel Officers at 

Southwark, 1746. 800. .... imperfect, and wanting tide, 11 ^B 

Tracts on Provost Stewart 800. containing, 

1, 2. First and Second Trial of Aidiibald Stewart, Esq. late Lord Provost of Edinbuigh, beAm the High 
Court of Justiciary, &C. ...... JSMm. 1747 

3. Poem composed the 2d Nov. 1747, the day the Hon. Archibald Stewart, Esq. was assoiliied from his 

second trial. .......»&. 1747 

4. True Account of the Behaviour and Conduct of Archibald Stewart, Esq. &c WrUim hg David Hwm 

ike Huioncm. ....... Lomd, 1745 

8m Pbosb W<nuc% toL six. p. ttS; iMfc. 

Copy of a Letter from a French Lady at Paris, giving a particular Account of the manner in 
which Prince Edward was arrested. From the French. 800. . ib. 1749 

Sherlock's (Dr.) Letter to a certain Foreign Minister, in which the grounds of the present 
War are truly stated, &c. (in answer to the King of Prussia's Manifesto.) 800. ib. 1745 

Letter to the Duke of Newcastle, &c. bemg an Enquiry into the Genuine Sources of Disaffec- 
tion in hoth parts of Great Britain, and the most rational measures for extinguishing the 
remains of the present Rehellion. — ^Remarks upon a Letter to the Duke of Newcastle, &c. 
8fH>. ••••• •• • A. 1746 


Shelf 17. WORKS ON THE REBELLIONS OF 1715 & 1745, &c. Press M. 

Oenaine Dying Speech of the ReT. Parson Coppock, pretended Bishop of Carlisle, &c. executed 

there for High Treason and Rehellion, October 18th. 8vo, . Carlisle, 1746 

Advice of a Friend to the Army and People of Scotland, (in favoor of the Pretender.) 890. 

wants title, 1745 
Sixth Letter to the People of England, on the Progress of National Ruin, &c. Svo, Lond, 1757 
The State of the Nation for 1747> and respecting 1748. 890. . ib, 1747 

Dondas's (President) Present State of Scotland considered, &c. 800. . Edin, 1743 

The Wisdom of our Forefathers recommended to the present times, shewing, &c. their care 
to provide against a Popish Succession. 8ro. . . Lond. 1745 

Hughes's (Michael, a London Volunteer,) Plain Narrative or Journal of the late Rebellion, 
&c. 8&0. ........ ib, 1740 

The North Briton Extraordinary. {^Answer to Wilks,) Published at Edinburgh. 8ro. ib, 1765 
Advice and Addresses ; Tracts on the Rebellion. 800. containing, 

1. Seasonable Advice to the Inhabitanta of Yorkshire. Bj a Yorkshiieman, (said to be Aichbiahop 

Herring.) ........ Yorky 1745 

2. Soioos Addiev to the people of Great Britain, in which the certain consequences of the present 

Rebellion are ftilljr demonstrated. ^ edit. .... Lotid, 1745 

3. Deliyeianoe from Public Dangers, a Solemn Call for a National Reformation ; a serious and compaft- 

sionate Address, &C. ....... t6. 1747 

4. Address by a Minister of the Church of Scotland to his Congregation, on the momii^ of a Fast on 

account of the late Rebellion. ...... 1747 

Authentic Account of the Conduct of the Young Chevalier, from his arrival in Paris, &c. to 
the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle, &c. wherein the motives of his late behaviour are fully laid 
open and explained. Zd edit, %f>o, ..... Lond, 1 749 

Memoirs of the Rebel Lords, 1 745. 8ro. containing, 

1. Memoirs of the Lives, &c. of Lords Kilmarnock, Cromarty, and Balmerino. A. 1746 

2. Speech of Lord Chancellor Hardwicke, before pronouncing Sentence on the three Lords. ib, 1746 

3. ObserrationB and Remarks on the two Accounts of Lords Kilmarnock and Balmerino, &c ib. 1746 

Discourse upon Genesis iii. 10 and 21, on the use and abuse of Apparel, &c. delivered in the 
Chapel of Dunrobin Castle, by Sawney Macdonald, formerly domestic to the renowned 
Knight, Rob Roy, &c. 800. . . . t6. 175G 

Popery always the same ; exemplified, &c. in the Persecution now carrying on in France, 
against the Protestants in the South, &c. 8ro. . . . ib, 1 74f> 

Tracts against Popery. 1 vol. %vo, containing, 

1. The Papists Bloody Oath of Secrecy, &c. as it was taken in the Chapel of Bambow Hall, the Residence 

of Sir Thomas Gascoigne, fh>m W. Rushton, a Popish Priest, by R. Bolron. Ut. 1680 — rfjnr. 1745 

2. Letter, &e. from the Ministers of the sereral Roman CathoUc Princes, &c complaining of a CUuse re- 

lating to Popish Priests, in H. M.*s Proclamation of 6th December 1745. , ib. 1746 

8. Memorial concerning the present State of the Protestant Religion in Fiance, &c. wantM titir. 

4. Tata Camerae^ or, the Price of Sin in the Custom-House of the Church of Rome, &c &c. t&. 1746 

5. Principles upon wkich the taking the Oath of Abjuration may be grounded, &c . . »6. 1 746 

6. Enquny how fiur Papiili oaght to be treated here as good Subjects, &c . . ib.\ 746 


Press M. A BBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelf 17- 

Memoirs^ &c. of Simon Lord Lovat ; a Collection^ in 1 vol. 8vo. containing, 

1. Letter from Lord Lovat in answer to the Lord Preflident*8, &c /ol, hroadtide, 1746 

2 to the Duke of Cumberland, &c. /ol, broadtide, 1746 

3. Letter from the Lord President to Lord Lovat, and Lovat^ Answer. 8vo. 1746 

4. Memoirs of the Life of Lord Lorat. (Attributed to President Forboe.) Land, 1746 

5. Genuine Memoirs of the Life of Simon Lord Eraser of Lovat . . . •&. 1746 
C). Fraser^s (James) Genuine Narrative of the Life, &c of Simon Lord Fraser of Lovat, &c. H. 1747 

7. Memoirs of the Life of Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat (reprint o/ No. A.) Edm, 1747 

8. Genuine Speech of Simon Lord Lovat in Westminster Hall, March 1 8th, 1746-7 

9. Lord Chancellor Hardwicke's Speech, 19th March, on giving judgment against Lord Lovat 1 746-7 

10. Account of the Signal Escape of John Fraser, Ensign in the Master of Lovat*s Regiment 1746-7 

1 1. Copy of Letter from Gentleman in London to his Friend at Bath. . Batk^ 1751 

Free Examination of a Modem Romance^ entitled " Memoirs of the Life of Lord Lovat" 
( ATotf. 4 and 7 in the preceding/ Collection,) wherein the Cliaracter of that Nobleman is 
vindicated^ &c. With MS, note hy Sir W, S, Svo, , . . Land. 1746 

Life of Simon Lord Fraser o/ Lovat, with a Genealogical Account of his Family, Sjfc, and an 
Appendix containing OHyinal Papers. MS. em. 8vo. . Inverness, Sept. I SI 

{A Ri/aocivMnto of No. A. in the preceding CcU^Htm^ with some addUiont from common souroee.) | 

Murray's (Lord George) Particular Account of the Battle of Culloden^ in a Letter from a 

Highland Officer to his friend in London. 8vo. . . . Lond. 1740 

See PaosB Works, voL xxri. p. 332, note. 

Letters^ &c. between Count Gyllenborg, Barons Gortz^ Sparre^ &c. relating to the design of 
raising a Rebellion in his Majesty's dominions^ to be supported by a force from Sweden. 8tro. 

Edin. 1717 
See Prosb Works, toL zxt. p. 428. 

Epistle from a British Lady to her Countrywomen^ on occasion of the present Rebellion. — 
Letter from a distinguished Lady in Covent Garden^ to a certain young Officer abroad. 8ro. 

Lond. 1745 

The Young Chevalier^ or a Genuine Narrative of all that befell that unfortimate Adventurer 
from his fatal defeat to his final escape^ &c. With Anecdotes of the Chiefs who accom- 
panied^ as well as those who abandoned him in his distresses. By a Gentleman^ &c. Hvo. ib. 

The Thistle and the Rose^ a Collection in 1 vol. 8ro. containing, 

1. The Thistle ; a Dispassionate Examine of the prejudices of Englishmen to the Scotch nation. 2d edit. 

Lond. 1747 

2. The Rose ; being a Detection of the Pernicious Tendency of two libels lately published, vis. in the 

Old Enghmd Journal, and a Pamphlet called the Thistle. . . . ib. 1747 

3. McDonald's (Andrew, King's Advocate,) Discussion of the False Reasonings, &c. of two late pieces, 

(the Thistle and the Rose,) . . . . . . ti. 1747 

4. The Umpire ; being a serio-comic critical Dissertation on^Three learned and important Dissertations 

on Englishmen and Scots. . . . . . . t6. 1747 

5. Letter fh»m the General Erening Post, relating to the present Rebellion, &c. . ib. 1745 

94 ^ 


Lovat's (Simon Lord) Memoirs of bis Life, (from 1 676 to 171 5.) Written by himself in French, 

and now translated from tbo original MS. 8ro. . . Land. 1797 

Henderson's (Andrew) Life of William Augustus^ Duke of Cumberland. 8ro. t^. 1766 

Historical Memoirs of bis late R. H. William Augustus Duke of Cumberland, &c. 8oo. t^. 1767 

Lewis's (Jcnkin) Memoirs of Prince William Henry, Duke of Gloucester, from his birth, July 

24, 1689, to October 1697. Continued to his death in July 1700 by the Editor, (Dr. Philip 

Hayes of Oxford.) 8ro. ...... t^. 1789 

See Note to Old Mortality, 

Hooke's (Colonel) Secret History of his Negotiations in Scotland in 1707, &c. in favour of 
the Pretender, &c. 8ro. ...... t^. 1760 

Ferguson's (Captain Andrew, of McDonald's Regiment,) Genuine Account of all the persons of 
note in Scotland in the Service of the Chevalier, &c. {Apparentlj/ ironical^ and the Author's 
name fietitiotu,) 8ro. . . printed, Edin. — reprinted, Lond. 1745 

Tracts relative to the Pretender, 1745. 1 vol. 8ro. containing, 

1. The Manifesto of a certain Power, (/rtwtoo/.) .... Zomf. 1744 

2. Grants (William, afterwards Lord Prestongrange,) Occasional Writer, containing an Answer to the 

Second Manifesto of the Pretender^ eldest Son, &c. . . , ib, 1745 

3. Remarks on the Pretender^ Declaration and Commission. . .A. 1745 

4. Remarks on the Pretender^s Son^ Second Declaration, &c. , ib, 1745 
Tracts relative to Lord Kilmarnock. 1 vol. 8ro. containing, 

1. Foster*8 (Rev. Jas.) Account of the behaviour of Lord Kilmarnock, after his Sentence, and on the day of 

Execution. ........ t&. 1746 

2. Finches (Richard) Vindication of Foster^s Account, &c from the Misrepresentations of some Dissenting 

Teachers, &c. ....... tft. 1746 

3. Defence of the Vindication, &c ..... A. 1746 

4. Review of Mr. James Foster^ Account, &c of Kilmarnock. By a Westminster Scholar. t&. 1746 

Macpherson's (James) History of the present Rebellion in Scotland, &c. 8ro. t^. 1745 

Expostulatory Address to the Nobility and Freeholders of Scotland, showing the foUy^ &c. of 

the present unnatural Rebellion. 8«o. . . . t^. 1 745 

Genuine and True Journal of the most Miraculous Escape of the Young Chevalier, &c. taken 
from the mouths and journals of those who assisted him therein. By an Englishman. 8ro. 

ib. 1 749 

Wilding's (Sir Arthur^ Bart.) Brief History of the Kings of England, particularly of the Royal 

House of Stuart, of blessed memory. 8&o. .... t^. 175.5 

Webster's (Dr. W.) Vindication of H. M.'s Title to the Cro\i-n, &c. 8to. ib. 1747 

Britain's Remembrancer, being some Thoughts on the proper Improvement of the present 

Juncture, &c. 3</ edit %vo. . . . . . ib. 1747 

Tracts on the Slavish Dependencies and Heritable Jurisdictions of Scotland. %vo. containing, 

1 . Letter to an English M.P. from a Gentleman in Scotland, concerning the Slavish Dependencies, &c. 

(first printed in 1721.) . .A. 1746 

2. Disquiation on the nature of Regalities and other Heritable Jurisdictions in Scotland, &c. A. 1747 

3. Observations on a Bill for taking away and abolishing the Heritable Juzisdicttons, &c. Edin. 1 747 


SJ^/IS. WORKS ON THE REBELLIONS OF 1715 & 1745, &c. Prbss M. 

Ritson's (Joseph) Letters to George Paton ; to whicli is added a Critique by Jolin Pinkerton, 

on Ritson's Scottish Songs. 890. ..... Edin, 1S29 

King George's Title asserted : proving, 1. The doubtful Birth of the Pretender ; 2. The Power 

of the States to determine the Succession ; 3. That their Determination remains in Force. 

800. ..... ... Lond. 1745 

Doddridge's (Rev. Dr. Philip) Remarkable Passages in the Life of Col. James Gardiner, &c. 

(with short Life of CoL Gardiner, published by Religious Tract Society. 8vo, Edin. 1 747 
The Wanderer ; or. Surprising Escape, &c. containing a series of remarkable events during a 

late very extraordinary Adventure, &c. With remarks on a Romance called Aecanius, &c. 

800. ........ Lond, 1747 

Fall Collection of all the Proclamations and Orders published by the authority of Charles, 

Rrince of Wales, Regent of Scotland, &c. 2 parts. (With an Account of the Battle of 

Falkirk, firom Caledonian Mercury, at the end.) 8vo. . Edin. 4* Gla^. 1745-6 

Address to the Learned and Worshipful Society of News-writers, &c. on the accounts lately 

published of the Battle of Falkirk, &c. Bvo. . . . Lond. 1746 

Peace to Britain, or. No Popish Pretender, an Address to Protestants. Bvo, ib. 1745 

State of England in 1588. Letter from a Priest in London to tlie Spanish Ambassador at 

Paris, &c ; also an Account of the Spanish Armada. 1588. Bvo. . ib. reprinted, 1746 
Bell's (Alexander, Town Clerk of Linlithgow,) Jacobitism Triumphant, or, the Whigs weighed 
. in the balance and found wanting ; containing the Process, Dundas of Philipstoun against 

Alexander Bell, &c. Bfx>. . . . . . . t^. 1752 

Edinburgh Tracts. 1 vol. Bvo. containing, 

1. Address to the Burgesses Inhabitants of Edinbuigh, observing the Defects of the OidSeU^&ic. Edisu 1746 

2. Letter from a Scots Gentleman at Berwick, (Edinus,) on the present situation of Edin. NewocuUe^ 1745 
8. Letter from a Gentleman at Newcastle to the Burgesses of Edinbuigh. 4to. . ib, 1745 

Collection of Jacobite and Whig Poetry. 1 vol. 1 2mo. containing, 

1. Some Verses composed upon the Insurrections of the Jacobites, &c . . ib, 1746 

2. Collection of Loyal Songs for the use of the Revolution Club. . Edin, 1770 

3. Song, by one of the Lochiel Clan, on meeting Prince Charles Stuart in 1745. 

4. Four New Songs and a Prophecy, (Jacobite.) 

5. Collection of all the Poems upon Charles Prince of Wales, &c since his arriyal in Edinburgh, 1 7th 

September, till 1st November, ...... 1745 

6. New Collection of Songs. No. 1. (Whig.) 

7. Song to the tune of Auld Lang Sjne, **• O Caledon.'* 

8. Poem, French and English. 

9. Collection of Loyal Songs, Poems, &C. (Jacobite.) . . . 1750 

CoBeetion of Songe and Poems on the Visit of King George IF. to Scotland in 1822, in the 
exquisitely beautiful calligraphy of Robert Chambers. MS, Bvo. 

Fkitten's (Rev. Robert) History of the late Rebellion, with original Papers, Sec. In two Parts. 
2d edit Bvo. ....... Lond.1717 

Anderson's (John, W.S.) Prize Essay on the State of Society and Knowledge in the High- 
lands, &c. at the period of the Rebellion in 1745. 8fH>. . . Edin. 1827 

97 N 

Press M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves 1 8, 1 9. 

Collection of Sermons on the Rebellion of 1745-6. 2 vols. Svo. 

VoL I. 1. Burnefk (Bishop) Sermon concerniiig Popery, &e. • . . Edm, 1746 

2. Blair^ (Dr. Hugh) Sermon before the High Commianoner, May 18. . A. 1746 

3. Budworth'A (William) Sermon at Southampton, Oct 6. . . . Lomd, 1745 

4. Cuming's (Pat) Sermon on Fast Day for Rebellion, Dec. 1743. . Edim, 1746 

5. Clarke, (William) Sermon, ^ He is the Heir, and he must reign,** &c. Limd, 1745 

6. Chandler's (Sam.) Sermon on ThanlugiTing day (Oct 9,) for sappreesion of RebelHon. A. 1 746 

7. Doddridge's (Dr. P.) Two Sermons at Northampton, Feb. 9, on the flight of the Rebels flmn 

Stirling. ..... . . A. 1746 

8. GUI'S (J.) Sermon at Cambridge, July 27, on Thanlugiving for the Victory at Culloden. ib. 1 746 

9. Halyburton's (W.) Sermon at Inveresk, Januaiy 6. . . . Edm. 1746 
10. The Layman'A Sermon, occasioned by the present Rebellion. . . Loud, 1745 

VoL II. 11. Prince'A (Thomas) Sermon at Boston, (N. E.) November 27, 1746. . rtprmted^ A, 1747 

12 July 18, 1745. ..... nprmied^ B. 1746 

13. Oxford's (Bishop of) Sermon at St James'A, Westminster, October 6, 13. ib. 1745 

14. Richardson's (Andrew) Two Sermons at Broughton, 18th December, 1745. . Edm, 1746 

15. Warfourton's (William) Two Sennons at Prior Park, &c. . . A. 1746 

16. Wallaoo'ft (Robert) Sermon at Edinburgh, January 6. . . .A. 1746 

17. Webster'k (A.) Two Sermons at Edinburgh, June 23, (for Victory at Culloden.) A. 1746 

18. Wisharfs (G.) Sermons, preached NoTcmber 1745. . . . t&. 1746 

19. — (William) Sermon at Edinbuigh, May 8, at opening of General Assembly. A, 1746 

Tunstall's (W. prisoner in the Marshalsea, taken at Preston in 1715 J Ballads and some other 
occasional Poems, &c. Land. 1716.— Steele's (Sir Richard) Ansn-er to a Whimsical 
Pamphlet, called the Character of Sir John Edgar, &c. hy J. Dennis, ib, 1720. Svo, 

Congress of the Beasts, Sic. a Farce of two acts, now in rehearsal, &c. in Germany. Land, 1748 
— The Northern Election, or Nest of Beasts, a Drama of six acts, now in rehearsal near 
Mittaw, in Courland, 8cc. ib. 1749. Svo. 

Laws and Judicatures of Scotland vindicated from the cnlumnies and false reasonings con- 
tained in a late Pamphlet, intituled, the (Hase of The Forfeited Estates in Scotland considered, 
&c. l2mo. . . • • . . . t^. 171S 


Herhert's (Hon. William) Poems, consisting of Translations from the German, Danish, 

Italian, Spanish, Sec. and select Icelandic Poetry, translated from the originals. 2 vols, in 1. 

Svo. ........ Lond. 1804-6 

See Review o/ihe$t Poems m Prosi Works, toI. xvii. p. 102. 

Magnusen, (Finn) Om Pictames og deres Navns Oprindelse. sm. Svo. Kioben. 1817 

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t*. 1778 

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— Fersog til Forklaring over en Rune-Indskrift paa en i Engelland i Aaret 1818 funden 

Guldnng, &c. «m. Bvo. ...... ib, 1820 

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tribus potentissimis Daniae regibus, €k>rmo GhrandaeTo^ Haraldo GoBrnleo, et STeno Fare. 
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Collection of Original Papers about tbe Scots Plot^ containing the following, never before printed, 
1. Doke of Athol's Memorial to her Majesty about Captain Simon Fraser^ &e. 2. Letter in 
ciphers to Colin Campbell of Glenderool. 3. Examination of Messrs. O. Bruce and O. 
Ghnham about Lord Belhayen^ &c. in 2 parts. Mo. . Lond. 1704 

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Stockholm. 1737 
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/ &c. give SnorroniB Sturlonidis Historiae Reguin Septentrionalium, 8cc, quas 

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mm Etjmolog. ex propriis fontibus^ &c. foL • Land, 1671 

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by John Davies^ the two last by G. H. /ol, .... Lond, 1678 

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Tarsis and Zelie^ a famous Romance^ digested into 10 books. Translated by Charles 

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44o, ....... . . Ltfon, 1669 

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Lond. Cawood, 1570 
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MS. note by Sir W. S. . . . . Bruxells, 1634 

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Cervantes, (Miguel) Delightful History of the most ingenious Knight Don Quixote of the 

Mancha. Translated by Ed. Blount, {imperfect.) fd. Lond. 1612 

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Alexander, R. B.&c. and the Sonnets, Defence of Poesie, and Astrophcl and Stella, fd. 

ib. 1627-8 


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and Gedichte. 4to. ....... Heidelb. 1808 

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cum vers. Lai. et praefat /bl. ..... Hqfn, 1822 

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Wither's (6.) Collection of Emblemes^ Ancient and Modern^ &c. ; in 4 books. foL 

Land. 1634^ 
Montaigne's (Sieur de) Essayes ; or Morally Politicke^ and Millitarie Discourses^ &c. done into 

English by John Florio. foL ..... ib. 1603 

The Extravagant Shepherd^ or^ the History of the Shepherd Lysis^ an Anti-Romance^ &c. 

made English by John Davies. Jol, . . . . , ib, 1654 

AQyn's (Richard) Journal during Service an board the Centurion, (1691-2.) MS. fil. 

Tristan^ von Meister Gotfrit von Straszburg, mit der Fortsetzung des Meisters Ulrich yon 

Turheim. Von C. von Groote. 4fo. .... Berlin, 1821 

See PoKTJCAL Works, roL t. Itdrodndion^ p. 47, &c 

Scudery's (M.) Artamenes^ or^ the Grand Cyrus^ that excellent new Romance. Third Volume^ 
being the 5th and 6th Parts^ and Fi/th and last Volume^ being the 9th and 10th Parts. 
1 Yo\. /ol. imperfect. ...... LoniL 1654-5 


Reynard the Fox, the most delectable History of, newly corrected and paired, &c ; as also, 

the Shifts of Reynardine, the Son of Reynard the Fox, (2 parts.) B» L. ^o. 

%b. 1684 & 1701 

The Destruction of Troy, in Three Books, &c. \Zih edit. Mo. . ib. 1708 

Amadis de Gaule, the famous and renowned History of, &c. The eixt part, never before 

published. (Perion, Son of Amadis, and Lisvart of Greece.) Translated out of French by 

F. Kirkman. Uo. • . ib. na date* 

See Prose Works, roL vi. p. 212. 

Lily^s (John) Euphues and his England See. B. L. Land. 1609. Euphues. The Anatomy 

Wit. B. L. ib. 1613. 4^o. . . . . . ib. 1609-13 

See Introdmetkm to Mona$iery; Prosr Works, yoL i. p. 5. 

Peacham's (Henry) Compleat Gentleman : fashioning him absolute in the most necessary and 
conmiendable qualities, concerning Mind or Body, &c. &c. 8d edit. 4ta. ib. 1661 

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&c. 4to. . . . . . • . . ib. 1628 

— . , or the Loves of Polyarchus and Argenis, faithfully translated by Ejngsmill Long, 

Esq. 2^ et/tf. with Key. 4/l9. ..... . ti6. 1636 

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Von der Hagen. 2 vols, in 1. Svo. .... Bredau, 1823 

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Vol. 111^7. Femmlinfl. (Bi^Uih,) 

8. Amys and Amy lion. {Ef^litk) 

9. Ymimbias. (EnffUsk.) 

10. Merlyn. From MS. in Lincoln's Inn Libxaiy. (En^luk,) 
IV. — 11. Continuation of Meilyn. From MS. in Adrocates' Library. (EngHik.) 

12. Sir Eger, Sir Oraham, and Sir Gxay-Steel. (EngU^) 

13. Roswal and Lilian. From a printed Edition belonging to Mr. Douoe. {BiijfNA,) 

14. Sir Otuel. From Auchinleck MS. in Advocates' Library. (EngliJi) 

15. Continuation of Sir OtueL From Mr. Fillingham'k MS. {Englisk,) 

Tristran. Fragment of a French Metrical Romance, Transcribed, with notes, by Georye 

EUU. MS. Ho. 

See PomcAL Works, toL t. p. 319, &c 

Pleasant History of Roswall and Lillian, &c. Printed by J, H, anno 1663. — Reprintad by 

David Laing. (Included also in the " Early Metrical Tales" by the same Editor, 1826.) 

sm.44o.. . . . Edin. 1822 

See PoBTicAL Works, yoL t. p. 407. 

Scott's (Sib Walter) Legendary Fragments, (J 792.) MS. 4to. . . 1792 

Scottish Songs, (1795.) MS. 4to. . . . . . 1796 

— — - Translation of IfflawTs Wards, a Drama, in 5 Acts. Ditto of Steinbergs Otho of 
Wittelsbach, a Tragedy, (1796-7.) MS. 4to. . . .1797 
Translation of Meier's Wolf red of Stromberg, a Drama of Chivalry, ( 1 797.) MS. Ho. 

See LiFB, ToL i. p. 261. 

Deloney's (Thomas) Thomas of Reading, or, the Size Worthic Yeomen of the West 6t& edit. 

Corrected and enlai^ged, &c. B. L. em. itto. Lond. 1 682 

Valentine and Orson, the two Sons of the Emperor of Greece. Newly corrected, &c. B. L. 

sm. 4to. ....... Lond. Tracy, 1682 

See PoiTzcAL Works, vol. iv. pp. 108-9. 

The Essex Cljampion, or, the Famous History of Sir Billy of fiillericay and his Squire Bkardo, 

&c. sm. 4ito. ....... ib. Blare, 

Spencers (William) Diary, kept during the years 1750, 1751, and 1752, a/ Sea, in England 

and in Scotland. With Memoranda relative to the AtUhor, by Archibald Constable, Esq. and 

Sir W. S. MS. 4to. 
Watson's (John^ alias John the Wanderer,) Introduction to the Observations and Remarks in 

the Writer's Journal and Papers, particularly those which are mysterious or spiritual With 

a Drawing of the Author by John Lockhart, 1820. MS. thin 4to. 
Weber's (Henry) Gedichte. (Collection of German Poems, Translations from EngUsk into 

German, Sfc. including the Ballad of Saint John's Eve.) MS. thin Svo. 
. Metrical Romances of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, aud Fifteenth Centuries. Transcribed 

from various sources. MS. 2 vols, one 4ito. the other Svo. 
Bums's (Robert) Tam 0' Shanter. The original MS. in the Poefs hand-writing, thin 4to. 



Lejland's (John) Learned and True Assertion of the Original^ Life> Actei^ and Death of the 

most nohlo^ valiant, and renoomed Prince^ Arthure^ King of Great Brittaine^ &c. Newly 

translated hy Richard Robinson^ Citizen of London. B. L. rnn, ^1o. Lond. Wolft, 1582 

See PosncAL Woekb, toL y. p. 398 ; toL xi« p. 64. 

The most Ancient and Famous History of the renowned Prince Arthur^ King of Britama, &c. 

as also^ all the Noble Acts and Heroicke Deeds of his valiant Knights of the Round Table, 

&c. B. L, Lond, 1634. — The Famous History of the Seven Champions of Christendom, 

&c. By Richard Johnson. 2 parts. Lond. 1670. — 2 vols. 4tio. 

See PomcAL WoaKS, toL ii. p. 20 ; toL vii. nottt A om/ B, 

Todten-Tantz, wie derselbe in der loblichen and weitberiihmten Stadt Basel, &e. nach d«m 
Original in Kupffer gebracht, &c. dnrch Matt Merians. 4fo. Frank/, 1696 

Preeke's (William) Lingua TerManeta, or, a most sure and compleat AUegorick Dictionary to 
the Holy Langoage of the Spirit, &c. — The Divine Ghrammar, or Select Rules leading to 
the more nice Syntax and Articulate Construction of Dreams, Visions, and Apparitions. 
With MS. note by Sir W. S. 2 vols, in 1. 8w. . . . Lond. 1708 

Rose's (William St) Amadis de Gkuil, a Poem in 3 books. Freely translated from the French 

version of Herberay, &c. cr. Stfo. ..... tft. 1803 

See Remtw of this in Pross Woaas, voL ZTiiL pp. 40^43. 

Harrington's (Sir John) Metamorphosis of Ajax, a Cloacinian Satire. With the Analomy 
and Apology. To which is added, Ulysses upon Ajax. Edited by S. W. Singer. 8eo. 
(Reprint of the /our foOowing articles.) .... Ckiewiek, IB\^ 


Harrington's (Sir John) New Discourse of a State Subject called the Metamorphosis of Ajax, 
&c. 12mo. ...... Lond. R. Fieid, 1596 

Apologie, 1. or rather a Retractation, 2. or rather a Recapitulation, &e. &c. 12. or rather 

none of them. 12m<7. ...... ti6. 1596 

Anatomie of the Metamorpho-sed Ajax, &c. &c. Published, &c. by T. C. Traveller, 8ec. 

12mo. • . ib. R, Field, 

Ulysses upon Ajax. Written by Misodiaboles to his friend Philaretes. 12mo. 

ib. T. Gubbine, 1596 

Corsini, (Bartol.) II Torrachione Desolate, &c. 2 vob. l8mo. . . Londra, 1768 

Capello, (Dottor Pietro) II Corriero Infidele. l8mo. . FeneL 1671 

Lain, (Dott. Gio. Batt) La Franceide, owero del Mai Francese, Poema Oioooso. ISmo. 

Pariff. 1765 

Bertoldo eon Bertoldino e Cacasenno, in ottava rima, &c. 3 tom. l8mo. Bokg. 1822 

Cortese, (Giulio Cesare) Opere di, in Lingua Napolitana. 15* impres. ISmo. NapoL 1666 

(ImeUuUd m th§ OMeotkm </Neapoliian Poeti^ p. 57.) 

(Folengi, Teofilo) Histoire Maccaronique, de Merlin Coccaic, Prototype de Rablais^ ou est 
traict^ lea Rus^ de Cingar, &c. &c With MS. note by Sir W. S. 2 tom. ISmo. Par. 1606 



Michaalt^ (Pierre) La Dance anx Aveogles^ et autres Poesies du XV*. Siecle^ extraites de la 
Bibliotheque des Dncs de Bourgogne. «m. 890. . . Lilkj 1748 

Oiovio^ (Paolo) La Vita di Consalvo Ferrando di Cordova, detto il Gran Capitano. Trad, per 
Lod. Domenichi. tm. 8ro. ...... Ven€t. 1550 

Aubani (Jo.^ Boemi,) Mores, Leges, ot Ritas omnium Gentium. — Go&, (Damiani a) Rdes, 
Religio, ct Mores iSthiopum, et Deploratio Lappianae Gentis. With MS. note by Sir W. S, 
l6mo. . apud Tomamum, 1551 


Frith, (John) A Boke, &c. answeringe unto M. More's Letter, &c. concerning the Sacrament, 
&c. Unto which are added the Articles of his Examination before the Bishoppes of London, 
&c. for which J. Frith was condempned, and after burnt in Smithffeld, without Newgate, the 
4 of Juli 1553, &c. B.L, ISmo. . . Monster, by C. Willianu, 1593 

Cottesford's (Samuel, Preacher,) Treatise against Traitors, taken out of Jeremye's Prophecie, 
chap. xl. Sec. l2mo, title wanting, ..... ^Land, 1591 3 

Stocke's (Richard, Preacher,) Sermon preached at Panic's Crosse, 2d November 1606. 24fno. 

ib. 1609 

Le Moyne, (P. Pierre) Galerie des Femmes Fortes. 24imo, . Leide, 1660 

Hermes Mercuriue Trism^istue, His Divine Pjmander, in 1 7 books ; with Ids second book 
called AtdepiuM, &c. Translated by that learned Divine, Dr. Everard. 24i»to. Lond. 1657 

Tracts, in 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. The Naked Truth, or Plain Diaoovery of the Intrigues of amorous Fops. •&. 1672 

2. MAgiwtl Vision, or Perfect Discovery of the Fallacies of Witchcraft. . ib, 1678 

3. Agrippa"^ (Cornelius) Female Pre-eminence, or the Dignity and Elzcellency of that Sex above the 

Male, &c Done into English by H. Care, &c. WUh MS. noUbySwW.S. tft. 1670 

Portac (Baptistae) Magiae Naturalis Libri xx. &c. 24mo. Luff. Bat. 1644 

See PoKTiCAL Works, toL vi. note 2 A. 

Gamier, (Dr. Pierre) Dissertation physique, &c. dans laquelle il est prouv^ que les talens ex- 
traordinaires qu' a Jacques Aymar de suivre avec une Baguette les Meutriers et les Voleurs, 
Sec. de trouver de 1' eau, 1' argent cache, &c. d^ndent d' une cause tm naturelle, &c. 
Lyon, 1692. — La Baguette justiii^, et ses effets demontrez naturels, par V Aveugle Comiers, 
Prestre, Sec. Docteur en Th^logie, avcc une lettre sur le memo sujet par M. G^flit>j, fils, 
de Montpellier. wants title. l2mo. ...... ]692 

Vallemont, (L. L. de) La Physique Occulte, ou Traits de la Baguette Divinatoire, &c. 24m0. 

Amst. 1696 

Lettres qui decouvrent 1' illusion des Philosophes sur la Baguette, See, \2mo. Paris, 1696 

Molinaei (Petri) Vates, sen de Precognitione futurorum, &c. l2mo. . Lttg. Bat. 1640 

Franck's (R.) Rabbi Moses; a Philosophical Treatise of the Original and Ph>daction of 

Things, sm. Svo. ....... L(md. 1687 


^kehei e, 7. MISCELLANIES. Press N. 

^Vitchcraft Detected and Prevented^ or the School of Black Art newly opened. By a Mem- 
ber of the School. IZmo. ..... Peterhead, Buckan, 1823 

T^Ui (Mich.) De Operatione Daemonum Dialogus. Gr. et Lat. Cum notis G. Gktulmini, 
ice. l2mo. ........ Kiloni, 1688 

^Idttti (And.) Emblemata. Cum facili et compend. ezplicatione. B2mo. Ant. 1610 

Holkr^ (Wences.) Theatrum Mnlierum^ sive Varietas et Differentia Habituum Foeminei Sexus 

dirers. Europae Nationum^ &c. ddineatae et aqtiaforte aere eculptae, (^9 pkUee.) l2mo. 

Land. 1643 

Stn^Mtfola, (Gio. Fran.) Le Tredici Piacevoli Notte, divise in due Libri. Novamente ristam- 

pate. Sec. With MS. notes by H. Weber, em. Svo. . Fenet. 1586 

Le Tredici FiaceTolissime Notti, &c. Nuovamente di bellissime figure adoraate, &c. 

With MS. eoBation by Henry Wd)er between this and the preceding edition, and MS. note 

by Sir W. S. em. Svo. ...... ib. 1601 

Les Facecieuses Nuicts. Avec les Fables et Enigmes. Nouv. trad, en Fran9oiB par Jean 
Louve. Par. 1615. — Le Second et Dernier Livre, &c. Trad, en Fran9ois par Pierre Dc- 
lariTey, Champenois. aana date. l2mo. .... Par. 1615, &c. 

Granucd, (N. di Lucca,) La Piacevol Notte et Lieto Giomo, Opera Morale, em. Svo. Fenet. 1 574 
Weldon's (Sir Antony) Court and Character of King James, &c. and Court of King Charles. 

12mo. Reprinted in Secret Hietory of Jamee I. Land. 1651 

See Pbosi Workb, ¥oL yu. p. 288. 

Secret History of the most renowned Queen Elizabeth and the Earl of Essex. By a Person of 

Quality, &c. 1767. — Secret History of the Reigns of Charles II. and James II. 1690. l2mo. 
Albertus Magnus de Secretis Mulierum, Sec. — Michaclis Scoti Philosophi de Secretis Naturae 

Opuscnlum. B2mo. ....... Ardent. 1607 

ZeiUeri (Mart) R^gnorum Daniae et Norwegiae, ut et Ducat. Slesvici et Holsdiae, Sec. De- 

scriptio nova. 24ano. ■ ...... Amst. 1 655 

Swaningi^ (Joan., Dani,) Christiemus II. Daniae Rex. Speculum Regis magni, crudelis, infelicis, 

exulis, exemplum caeteris. 2^mo. ..... Frane. 1658 


Le Cabinet Satyrique, ou, Recueil des Vers Piquans et Gaillards de ce temps. Tir^s des Ca- 
binets des Sienrs de Sigognes, Regnier, Modn, Berthelot, Maynard, et autres des plus 
signales Pontes de ce Siecle. 2 vols. em. Svo. Imp. au Mont Pamaese. 1697 

Ovid's Metamorphoses. Englished by George Sandys. With MS. epigram by Sir W. S. 
3d edit 24mo. ....... Lond. 163S 

Lucan^s Pharsalia, &c. The whole Tenne Books, Englished by Thomas May. 2d edit. Lond, 
16Bld — Continuation of the Subject of Lucan's Historical! Poem till the Death of J. Caesar. 
In7book9. 24mo. ........ 1631 

Rowland's (Samuel) The famous History of Guy Earl of Warwick. 1 2mo. Title wanting. 

Lond. Botteeworth, 

Prbm N. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Sheive$ 7, 8. 

Treasury of Healthy contaioing many pirofitable Medicines, gathered out of Hippocrates^ Ghden, 

and Avicen^ by one Petros Hyspanius, and translated into English by Homfrie Lloyd^ &c. 

B» L, 1299SO. •...•.. L/n^d* 1585 

Le Soldat Fran9ois, 1605.^Le Padfique, ou, V Anti-Soldat Fran9oiB, 1604. — Response da 

Roy an Soldat Fran9oi8y &o.— Le Gapitaine an Soldat Fran9ois, 1004.— -Response de MaStre 

Goillauine an Soldat Fran9ois, &c. (and several other Rapomes.) 24ano. 1604-5 

Areandam, (the learned and expert Astrologians.) A Brief Declaration, &c. to find out, Slc 

Man's Fate, and Constellation indicatiye touching the natural inclination of Man, &c. 1 2mo. 

tide wcmHng. 

Les Armoiries des Nobles Fran9ai8. Engrafted an a set of 53 cards. In biue morocco ease. 

Phylarchanun Scotorum Gkntilicia Insignia Illustria, a Gualtero Scot, aurifice, ekartis lusoriis 

(54) espressa seulpsii. With MS. notes, on a card, by Sir W, S,, relative to his namesakes, 

the Publisher, and another of the same name. In yellow morocco ease. Edin. 1691 

Wither's (George) Satyre dedicated to His Most Excellent Majesty, sm, %vo. Lond. 1615 

Javenilia, 16BB.— Fidelia, 1682.— Wither's Motto, 1688.— Faire- Virtue the Mistresse 

of Philarete, 1638. — ^Epigrams, Sonnets, Epitaphs, &c. Imperfect, but having the defi- 

eiendes supplied by H. fVeberfrom a perfect copy. 12mo. id. 1632-8 

Castillo SoTorzano, (Don Alonzo de) Histoire et Ayantures de Dona Rufine, fameuse Courti- 

sanne de Seville. Trad, de 1' Espagnol. 2 vols. 24mo. La Haye, 1748 

Silva de Romances viejos. Publicada por Jacobo Grinun. sm. Svo. Vienna, 1815 

Fitsherbert's (Antony) Boke of Husbandry. Imperftdi — Boke of Surveying, land. Bertiidet, 

1 546.— Xenophon's Treatise of Housholde ; translated by G. Hervet, 1584. B. L. am. 8m. 

Sibbes's (Rev. Dr. R.) Bruised Reede and Smoaking Flax ; some Sermons contracted out of 

Matthew xiL 20. 4M ediL 24mo. ..... Land. 1682 

Dingle/s (Robert) Deputation of Angels, or the Angell-Guardian : proved by the dim light of 

Nature, clear beames of Scriptures, &c. 12ino. ib. 1654 

Manuscript Copy qf Poems by Dean Swift, Sfc supposed {but erroneousfy) io be in the hand' 

wrUing rf Stella. With MS. note by Sir W. S. \2mo. 

Churchill's (Charles) Poems ; with his Life prefixed. 3 vols, in 1. ISmo. Copy which he^ 

Umged to Mr. Canning, with his Autograph. .... Lond. 1776 

Ses Imtrodmdkm to Tkt Ahhot, 

Ap|Mano Alessandrino, Delle Guerre Civili de' RomanL Tradott da Aless. Braodo, Secret* 
Fioient. em. Svo. ....... Vif^eg. 1575 

SHELF Fill. 

Petrie's (Adam) Rules of Gk)od Deportment, or of Good Breeding, for the use of Youth. 1 2ino. 

Edin. 1720 

Figures in Rhymes, or Metrical Computations^ addressed to Northumbrians. By H. R. l2iiio. 

Finepaper.^ ..••... Newcastle, J. Bell, 1B14 

Right Merry Garland of Northumberknd Heroes. (8 Songs.) l2mo. Fine paper, ib. 1814 



Tressan^ (Comte de) Corps d' Extraits de Romans de Chevalerie. 4 torn. 12ino. Par. 1782 
See PomcAL Works, toL ▼. p. 74, &c. ; Pbosb Works, toL xrii. p. 53 ; and toL xtuu p. 27. 

La Bibliotheque Bleue ; entieremcnt refondue et considerablement augment^. 3 torn. 12mo. 

Lieffe, 1787 

See PomcAL Works, voL iL p. 265 ; Lifr, toL i p. 46. 

The Heroick Princes, or, the Conscious Lovers, &c. Surprising Adyentores of the Magnani- 
mous Prince Formidaur, and Prince Flonan, &c. &c. 4M edit l2mo, Lond. 1759 

Marivanx, (P. C. de) Le Paysan Parvenu, ou les M^moires do M* * *. 2 torn. 12ino. Par. 1782 

Prevost's ( Abb^ de) Life and entertaining Adventures of Mr. Cleveland, natural Son of Oliver 
Cromwell, &c. ^ edit. 4 vols. l2mo. .... Lond. 1760 

Bembi (Cardinalis Petri) Epistolarum Familiarium Libri vi. m. Svo. 

Venet, ex offieina Gualtkbi Sootti, 1552 

Another literary namesake of the founder o/ Abboteford, at a period, and in a quarter, least to 

be looked for ! 

Paris de Puteo, Duello : Libro de Re, Imperatori, Principi, Signori, Gkntil' homini e de tutti 

Armigeri, &c. sm, %vo. ...... Venei, 1525 

See Prosb Works, toL tl p. 81. 


Edwin and Anna, a Northumbrian Tale, founded on Facts. 8 vols, in 1 . sm. 8oo. Lond. 1 785 

Cervantes, (Miguel de) Instructive and Entertaining Novels, &c. Translated by Thomas 

Shelton. l2mo. ..... . . , ib. 

See LiPB, Tol. vii. p. 870. 

Persiles and Sigismunda, &c. Translated from the Original. 2 vols. l2ino. Dub. 1742 

and others. The Spanish Decameron, or Ten Novels, made English by R. L. ^vo. 

Lond. 1687 

Cespedes and Mene^es, (Don Gon9alo de) GFerardo, the Unfortunate Spaniard, or a Pattern for 

Lascivious Lovers, &c. made English by Leonard Digges. Bvo. • , ib. 1658 

Amadis of Gaul. By Vasco Lobeyra. Translated from the Spanish Version of Oarciordonez 

de Montalvo, by Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12ino. . . . . t^. 1808 

See Review of this in Prosb Works, toL zviiL p. 1. 

Palmerin of England. By Francisco de Moraes. Corrected from the original Portuguese, by 

Robert Southey. 4 vols. 12ino. ...... td. 1807 

See Prosr Works, toL vl p. 198 ; Lifb, voL 11 pp. 127 & 182. 

Fletcher, (R.) Ex Otio Negotium : or Martiall his Epigrams translated. With sundry Poems 
and Fancies, sm. 8fo. . . • . ib. 1656 

LesAmans Heureux, Trompez, Malheureuz. In three Parts. cr.Svo. Paris, (ib.) 1685 
The Oxford Sausage, or Select Poetical Pieces, written by the most celebrated Wits of the 
University of Oxford. — New Pocket Companion for Oxford, or Guide through the Univer- 
sity, &c. sm. Svo. ....... Oa^brd, 1803 



Companion to the Onidey and Guide to the Companion ; being a complete Supplement to all 
Ae Acooonts of Oxford hitherto published, (ascribed to Tom Warton.) 3<3feflfit \2mo. Land. 

Philosophicall Epitaph in Hierogljphicall Figures, with explanation, &c. Published by W. C. 
Esq. with a Catalogue of Chymicall Bookes. 800. . . t^. 1673 

PeQegrin, Historie von Edlen Ritter Galmy und einer schonen Herzogin aus Bretagne. 
2 VK^ in 1. <fn. 800. . . Berlin, 1806 

Rjmer's (T.) Curious Amusements for the entertainment of the ingenious of both sexes, &c. 
Rendered into English from the 15th edition, printed at Paris. — Translations from Ghreek, 
Latin, and Italian Poets, with other Verses and Songs. \2mo, Lond, 1714 

Valtrini (J. A.) De Re Militari Veterum Romanorum Libri vii. sm, Sw, CoL Agripp, 1597 

Bonamid, (Castruccio) Memoria di, sulla Giomata presso Velletri nel 1744. Trad, del Latino 
da D. Nicola Zehender. 9m. Sw, ..... ^a/>. 1802 


Coley's (Heniy) Clafri$ A$trohgiae, or Key to the whole Art of Astrologie. In 2 parts, &c. 

\2mo. ........ Lond, 16G9 

Le Solitaire Espagnol, ou Memoires de Don Varasque de Figueroas. 2de idit 2 torn. 1 2mo. 

Leyde, 1753 

Gavin's (Rev. Mr.) Master-Key to Popery. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 3 vols. 12mo. 

Lond. 1726-29 

Schotti (Gasp.) Phjrsica Curiosa, sive Mirabilia Naturae et Artis. Libris xii. With MS. note 

by Sir IT. S. 2 tom. Uo. . Herbip. 1662 

See PoincAL Works, voL ii p. 268. 

Melanges. 1 tom. sm. 800. 1776-84. containing, 

1. La Veanz, (M. de) Les Nnits ChampHres. .... Beri. 1784 

2. Vaas^ (Baronne de) Les Aveux d* une Femme Galante, ou Lettres de Mad. la Marquise de * * * & 

Myladi Fumy QtepelUm. ...... £oiu<. 1783 

3. Anaodotea mz Madame la Comteaie du Barn. ..... s6. 1776 

4. Nizel, (C. H.) Le Voyage Forc^ &c. ^t€ des M^oiies d* un Homme de Lettret, qui a fiiit un long 

a^oor en Angleterre, &c . . . ^ . . . t6. 1778 

Maillot's Telliamed ; or. Discourses between an Indian Philosopher and a French Missionary^ 

&c. Translated from the French. 890. . ib. 1750 

See PovncAL Works, vol. iv. p. 289. 

Criraldi, (Oiraldo) Novelle di, per la prima volta date in luce. Hvo. Amst. 1796 

P^revost's (Abb6 de) Memoirs, &c. of the Marquis de Bretagne and Due d' Harcourt To 

which is added the History of the Clievalier de Grieu and Moll 1' Escaut, an extravagant 

Love Adventure. Translated by Mr. Erskine. 3 vols. 1 2ino, . Lond, 1 743 

See Pbosi Wouu, toL iv. p. 45. 

The Mock-Clelia, being a Comical History of French Gallantries and Novels, in imitation of 
Don Quixote. «m. Bvo. • . . . ib. 1 678 

113 P 

Pbbss N. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skdoa 11, 18. 

Brown's (C. Brockden) Edgar Huntly^ or^ the Sleep Walker. 3 toLb. l2mo, Lond. 180S 
Jane Talbot 2 toIs. 1 2mo. . . ib.^ 804 

Philip Stanley, or, the Enthusiasm of Love. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Arthur Mervyn, a Tale. 8 vols. 12 mo. 

Wieland^ an American Tale. 3 toIs. 12mo. 

Ormond, or, the Secret Witness. 8 toIs. 12mo. . 

Carwin the Biloquist, and other American Tales. 3 vols. l2mo. 

ib. 1807 
ib. 1821 
ib, 182t 
t». 1882 
t^. 1822 

Dunlap's (William) Memoirs of C. B. Brown, the American Novelist. 800. . *6. 1822 

Edge-Hill, or, the Family of the Fitzroyals, a Novel. By a Virginian. 2 vols, in 1. \2mo. 

Richmond, Virginia, 1828 

Barnes's (Rev. Joshua) New Discovery of a little sort of people anciently discoursed of, called 
Pygmies ; with a particular Description of their Religion and {government. Language, Habit, 
Stature, Food, &c. With MS. note. Bvo. Lond. reprinted far R. Griffiths, 1750 

Lacombe, (M.) Dictionnaire du Vieux Langage Fran9ois, &c 800. Par, 1766 

Le Rouz, (P. J.) Dictionnaire Comique, Satyrique, Critique, Burlesque, Libre, et Proverbial, 
&0. nouveUe edit, S^e, 2 tom. 8ro. .... Pampdune,\7M 

Boccacio, (Giovanni) II Decameron. Di nuovo ristampato, &c. et aUa sua vera lettione ridotto 
dal Cav. Lionardo SalviatL Venet, Angelieri, 1594. — La Nobilta dell' Asino di Attabalippa 
del Peru. Riformata da Griffagno delli Impacci, &c. Venet, 1599. ^to, 

Antar, a Bedoueen Romance. Translated from the Arabic by Terrick Hamilton, Esq. &c. 

4 vols. em. Hvo. ....... Lond, 1817 

See pRotB Works, vol. vL p. 147. 

Tooke's (Andrew) Pantheon^ representing the Fabulous History of the Heathen Gods, and most 
illustrious Heroes, &c. I9thedit. em, Svo, .... t^. 1757 


Bussy Rabutin, (Comte de) Histoire Amoureuse des Graules. 24mo. CoL 1722 

Amours des Dames illustres do notre Siecle. {incittdee the preceding,) 24mo. ib, 1708 

Lavateri (Ludov.) Dc Spectris, Lemuribus, variisque Praesagitionibus, Tractatus vere aurens. 
4 partibus. edit, 4tta. 24imo, ..... Lvgd, Bat. 1687 

Pomponatii Mantuani Tractatus de Immortalitate Animae. ]2mo. . 1594 

Volume of French Tracts, em, 1 2mo, containing, 

1. Histoire des Insignes Faussetes et Suppositions de F. Fava, MMedn Italien, &c Par, 1668 

2. Lettres sur V Antiquity de la Veritable Religion. .... fawioiiiM, 1681 

3. Sentences Dor^ tir^ des Lettres, &c. d* Anthonio Peres. Tred. en FFan9ais par J. G. Romen^ 1603 

4. NouTeau Recueil de Lettres et Billets Galands, &c Par. 1686 
6. M^oires de la Reine Maigaerite. . . . tft. 1658 
6. Hauterive, (Sieur de) Ambassade Extraordinaire de Mylord Fauconberg, &c vers quelques Princes el 

Estats d* Italie. ...... AmU. 1671 

La Fausse Clelie, Histoire Fran9oise, Oalante ct Comique. 24mo , Amet, 1 672 


PBEas N. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelvet 14, 15. 


Vollubiicher. A Collection of Gennan Popular Story-books, containhig 26 pieces, made up 

by Henry Weber. 4 vols. %vo. . . . • . F. F. 

Auserlesene Stiicke der besten Deatschen Dichter, &c. mit hist. Nachrichten and kritiscfa. 

Anmerkongen versehen von F. W. Zacharia. Ztteyter Band. (Paul Flemmingy n. 

Andreas Scultetus.) Svo. ...... Brautuek, 1771 

Historic van alle Ridderlyke en Krygs-Orders, &c. 2 torn. l2mo. Anut, 1697 

Tasso, (Bernardo) L' AmadigL 4 torn. 12ino. .... Bergamo, 1758 

See Pbosb Works, toL zriii. p. 40. 

Folengo, (Th.) Orlandino di Limemo Pitocco. Nuovamente stampata, &c. 120io. Land. 1773 
QuevedodeVillcgas^ (Don Franc. de)(Euvre8de. Trad.derEspagnol. 2tom.]2ino. Bncx. 1699 
English Adventures. By a Person of Honour. The plot of Otwa/s Tragedy tftke Orphan u 

9aid to be taken from this, 12mo. • . . In the Savoy, 1676 

Cuspinianus, (Joan.) De Turcorom Origine, Religione, ac immanissiTna eomm in Christianoe 

tyrannide, &c. em, Svo. ...... Aniv. 1541 

Parrino, (Dom. Antonio) Teatro Eroico e Politico de' Gbvemi, de' Vicere del Regno di 

Napoli, dal Re Ferdinando II. Cattolico fino al presente. 3 torn. em. Svo. NapoU 1692 


Mflanges. 1 torn. 24tmo. containing, 

1. Bartanii (G. S.) Hebdomat, Opus Gallicum a Gab. Lenneo Latimitate donatom. Par, 1573 

2. Le Sandrin, ou, Verd Galant, &c. PhuBin de la Vie Ruttique. ... ib. 1609. 

3. Martial d* Auveigne, Amant rendu Cordelier k V obeenrance d* Amours. LtU. Chtk. A. $ana daU. 

4. Hall, (Joeeph) CaractireB de Vertus et de Vices tires de P Anglois. t&. 1619 

5. .£rodiu8, (P.) De Patrio Jure, ad filium Paeudo-Jesuitam. edit. 2a. • . A. 1597 

Roger Bontemps en belle humeur. 24mo. .... Cologne, 1(570 

Alamanni^ (Loigi) Girone il Cortese. ediz. do. 2 torn. \2mo. . Berg. 1757 

Balivemeries, ou Contes Noweaux d' Eutrapel^ dit Leon Ladulfi. {Par^ 1548.) 24fno. 

Re-imprimSe aux/raie de 3 Amateurs de la Litterature Comigue. Chiewiek, 1815 

J. N. D. P. Histoires Fac^tieuses et Moralles^ &c. Bme idit. l^mo. Leide^ 1669 

Louvet de Couvray^ Vie du Chevalier de Faublas. 13 torn. — Emilie de Vannont^ oo^ le 

Divorce n^cessaire^ &c. 3 torn. — 16 torn. ISmo. Londres, (Paris,) 1790-4 

Le Moine S6cularis^. B2mo. ...... Cologne, 1676 

Frischlini^ (Nicod.) Facetiae Selectiores; Bebelii (Henrici) Facetiamm Libri in.; Pog^ 

Florentini Sales scu Facetiae^ &c. 24mo. .... AmeL 1660 

Mancini Nivemois, (Nic.) Richardet Poeme en 12 Chants. (Rifiiccimento du Ricciardetio 

de Carteromaco.) 2 torn. 32ino. ..... Lond. 1781 

La Fontaine^ (Jean de) Contes et Nouvelles^ en Vers. 2 torn.— Contes et Nonvelles en Vers 

par Voltaire^ Verg^, Senece^ Perrault, Moncrif> et Ducerceau. 2 torn.— 4 torn. 32ifM. 

Lond. (Paris,) 1778 

Pbb88 N. ABBOTSFORD library. SMves 16, 17. 

Gaerino detto il Meschino^ nel quale si tratta come trovo suo Padre e sua Madre nella dtta di 

Dorazso in prigione, &c. With MS. note by Sir W. S, 800. Bauano, %en£ anno. 

See Pbosb Works, toL tL p. 195. 

Hotmandii^ ( ) Anti-Choppinus^ imo potius Epistola Congratolatoria M. Nic. Turlupini 

dcTurlupinisadM.R.ChoppinumdeChoppinis^&c. With MS. note. sm.8vo, Cammti,l592 
J. N. P. du C. dit V . Lea Tetons ; Po^ea diYerses du Sieur du Coounun ; Les Yeox ; 

Le Nez. ouvrage corieox^ &c. «m. Svo. .... Amti. 1760 

Wither's (Geo.) Fidelia, a Love Epistle. Reprinted from the edition of 1619, collated with 

that of 1633, hy Sit E.BTydge8. l2mo. .... Lond. IB15 

Le Sage (A. R et D' Orneval^ ( ) Th&tre de la Foire^ ou 1' Op^ra Comique. 2 torn. 

12mo. ........ AnuL 1723 

Tasso, (Torquato) II Rinaldo. Alia sua vera lezione ridotto da L. Nardini. 1 2tno. Lond. 1801 

Apuleio^ L' Asino d' Oro. em, 800. wants tide. [Vinegia, 1537^ 

Poetry of the Anti Jacobin. 5th edit. Lord Byron's Copy, with his Autograph, fodsc. 8eo. 

Lond. 1807 

Bcresford's (Rev. James) Miseriea of Human Life, or the Groans of Samuel Sensitive and 

Timothy Testy. 3d edit 2 voh. foolse. Svo. t6. ISOr 

See lUview o/thit m Pbosb Works, voL xU. p. 189. 

Gordon's (Thomas) Cordial for Low Spirits, being a Collection of curious Tracts. 3d edit. 
3 vols. 12mo. ....... id. 1763 


Mendoza, (Don J. H. de. Marquis de Mondejar,) Lazarillo de Tonnes castigado. sm. Svo. 

Zaragoqa, 1660 
Innamoramento di Rinaldo, nel quale si contiene il suo Nascimento, e tutte le Battaglie que lui 

fece, &c. sm. Svo. ....... Venet. 1616 

Kleiner Schau-Platz Denckwiirdiger Begebenheiten, wie auch mehrentheils trauriger Oea- 

chichten und UngliicksfaUc ; &c. Svo. .... Augsburg, 11^ 

Rottenhagen, ( ) Froschmauseler vorstellend Frosche und Mause wunderbahre Hoff- 

haltung, &c. Svo. ....... Franek. 1730 

Record of Ancient Histories, entituled in Latin« Gesta Romanorum, &c. \2mo. 

Lond. Basset, 1689 
Bruns^ (P. J.) Romantische und andere Gedichte in Altplattdeutscher Sprache^ aus einer 

Hands, der Akad. Bibl. zu Helmstadt. Svo. .... Berlin, 1 798 

Legrand d' Aussy, Fabliaux ou Contes du XIP. et du XIIP. Siecle, Fables et Romans du 

XI IP. Traduits ou extraits d' apres plusieurs MSS. du tems, &c. nouv. idit. (2^* ) aog- 

mentee. 5 tom. ISmo. ...... Paris, 1781 

See Pbosb Works, toL vi. p. 43. 

Colleccion de Historias Interesantes y Divertidas (por D. F. de Quintana y otros). 8 vols. 
sm. Svo. ....... Madrid, 1806-7 


PRB88 N. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdf>ei IB, 19, 20. 

Mtmday^ (Anthony) The fiimoaB^ pleasant^ and delightfol History of PaOadine of England, 

&c. Translated out of French With MS. note by Sir W. S. B. L. 4«9. Lond. 1664 

Roberte the Devyll, a Metrical Romance. Edited by J. Herbert, er, 800. ib, 1798 

Biblia Sacrosancti Veteris et Novi Testamenti. Joxta edit Vulgatam. «m. 800. Lugd. 1559 

Grazzini^ (Ant Franc, detto H Lasca^) La Prima e la Seconda Cena, Novelle. 890. Lond. 1 756 

Masuccio Salemitano, II Novellino, in Toscana favella ridotto. 2 tom. in 1. Svo. Ginev. 1765 

Thomas^ (Artos) Description de 1' Isle des Hermaphrodites^ nouTellement d^converte^ &c. 

pour senrir de Supplement au Journal de Henri III. nouv, ^dit. Svo. Cologne, 1724 

Case of Impotency debated ; in the late famous Tr3ral between the Marquis de Gksrres and 

his Lady^ &c. 2 toIs. 12ino. ..... Lond. 1714 

Early Metrical Tales^ (Scottish) including the History of Sir Egeir^ Sir Gryme^ and Sir Gray- 

Steill, (and 1 2 other pieces). Edited by David Laing. Jine paper. 4ito. Edin. 1 826 
See PoKTiCAL Works, toL L pp. 269, 311; Prosb Works, toL n. p. 209. 


Heptameron Fran9ois^ contenant les NouTclles de Marguerite, Reine de Navarre, nouvelle 

idition, avecfiguree. 3 tom. %vo. ..... Berne, 1792 

Barbasan, Fabliaux ot Contes des Poetes Francis des XI»^ XII«^ XIII«- XIV*^ et XV*- 

Sidles, &c. nouveOe 4dit. (2 ) augment^e par Meon. 4 tom. 890. . Parte, 1808 

See Prosb Works, toL tl p. 42 ; toI. xriii. p. 21. 

Roquefort, (J. B.) Glossaire de la Langue Romaine, &c. contenant 1' Etymologic et la Signifi- 
cation des mots usit^ dans les XI** XII*- XIII** XIV** XV** XVI*- Siecles, avec de 
nombreux examples. Prec^e d' un Discours sur 1' origine, &c. de la Langue Fran^oise. 
2 tom. Svo. ....... Paris, 1808 

Zayas, (Donna Maria de) Novelas Amorosas y Exemplares, &c. 4to. Madrid, 1729 

Mental van, (Doctor Juan Perez de) Successes^ y Prodigies de Amor, en 8 Novelas exemplares^ 

&e. 4fto. ........ Barcel. 1730 

Gualteruzzi da Fano, (Carlo) Libro di Novelle e de bel parlar gentile, &c. Cento Novelle, 
&c. di nuovo ricorrette. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 4tto, . . Fiorenza, 1672 

Ser Giovanni Fiorcntino, II Pecorone, &c. Cinquanta Novelle Antichc. 2 tom. Svo. Lond. 1798 
Parabosco, (Girolamo) I Diporti. Svo. , .id. 1795 

Mori da Ceno, (Ascanio dc') Novelle. Svo. . . . H. 1794 

Novelle de' alcuni Autori Fiorentini, (Machiavelli, Pulci, Alamanni^ &c.) 800. ib. 1795 

Novelle di Autori Senesi. 2 vols. Svo. . . . t^. 1796 


Boccacio, (Giovanni) II Decamerone. con Jig. 5 tom. Svo. . . ib. 1757 

Fabre d' Olivet, Le Troubadour, Poesies Occitaniques du XIII*- Siecle. 2 tom. Svo. Par. 1803 
Andreini, (Franc, da Pistoia) Le Bravure del Capitano Spavento, &c. in forma di Dialogo. 4to. 

Venet. 1624 



BuideUo, (Hatteo) NoTelle. 8 torn. 4to. and 1 torn. «m. Svo. Lueea, 1554, e Liane, 1573 

See Prooi Works, voL ti. p. 42. 

Cinthio, (G. B. Giraldl) Hecatommithi, overo Cento Noyellc, &c. 2 torn, in 1. Svo. Fenetl'lSOS 

Eiino, (Sebastiano) Le Sei Giomate, mand. in lace da Lod. Dolce, &c. 4to. ib. 1567 

Sacchetti, (Franco) Novelle. 2 torn, in 1. Svo, Fiorenz. 1724 

Malespini, (Celio) Ducento Novelle. 2 torn, in I. grand Svo. With MS. notes by H. Weber, 

wtmUtHIe. ........ [^Venez. \S09'\ 

Pms de Puteo, (Doct.) I>uello. Libro di Ri, Imperaturi, Principi, &c. continente Disfide 

CoDcordie, Pace, Casi accadciiti, et Judicii, &c. 4ro. Neap. 1518 

See PomcAL Wobkb, vol. viii. p. 228 *, Piioa Works, vol. vi. p. 81. 

Historia Verdadera del Rej Don Rodrigo, &c. Traduz. de la Lingua Arabica por Miguel de 

Luna. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 4to. . Madrid, 1054 

See PosncAL Works, vol. ri. note X ; voL iz. pp. 430-432. 


Brantome, ( de Bourdcille, Seigneur de,) (Euvres. 8 torn. Svo, . Par. 1787 

See PosncAL Works, voL vii. p. 270 ; vol. viiL pp. 200, 228, 375 ; Prohs Works, vol vi p. 81. 

Rabelais's (Francis) Works. Translated from the French ; with explanatory notes by Du 

Chat, Motteux, Osell, and others. 4 vols. Svo. Land. 1807 

Jordan's (William) Creation of the World ; with Noah's Flood. Written in Cornish in 1611 . 

With an English Translation by John Keigwin. Edited by Davies Gilbert Svo. ib. 1827 
Sbclair's (Professor Geo.) Hydrostatics, or, the Weight, Force, and Pressure of Fluid Bodies, 

&c. jm. 4/(9. ....... Edin. 1670 

Yorke's (Right Hon. Charles) Considerations on the Law of Forfeiture for High Treason, &c. 

Uedit. Lond. 1746. — Gordon's ( ) Review of ditto. Edin. . — Svo. 1746 

Midon's (F.) History of the Rise and Fall of Masaniello, the Fisherman of Naples, &c. Svo. 

Lond. 1729 
Vaoghan's ( ) Long Livers : a Curious History of such persons of both sexes who have 

lived several ages and grown young again ; with the rare Secret of Rejuvenescency of Ar- 

noldus de Villa Nova, &c. By Eugenius Philalethes. Svo. {reprinted,) ib. 1722 

Teonge's (Henry) Diary ; Chaplain on board H. M .'s Sliips Assistance, Bristol, and Ro3ral 

Oak, 1675-79. Edited by John Wilson Croker, Esq. Svo. . . . ib. 1S25 

MacFarlane's (Rob.) New Alphabetical Vocabulary, Gailic and English, Sec, Svo. Edin. 1 795 
Moor's (Edward) Suffolk Words and Phrases ; or an Attempt to collect the Lingual Localisms 

of that County. l2mo. ...... Woodb. 1S23 


Les Prouesses et Faictz Merveilleux du noble Huon de Bordcaulx, Per de France, Due de 

Guyemie. ktt.yoth, 4fto. {Roxburghe copy.) . Pari>, 1516 

See PomcAL Works, voL vi. note Y ; Prosb Works, vol. vi. p. 182. 

121 Q 

PrbssO. ABBOTSFORD library. SM/l, 

Lancelot du Lac. lett.goth. 3 torn. /ol. . nouceSement imprimi d Paris, 1533 

See PoiTiCAL WoAKS, voL v. p|>. 370, 425, &c. 

La tres elegante^ delicieuse, melliflue, et tresplaisantc Hystoirc du tres noble, victorienx, et 
excellentissime Roy Pbbcbforbst, Roy de la grant Brctaigne, &c. iett. gcth. 3 Umi,foL 

Paris, Galiot DuprS, 1531-2 

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Lc Premier Livre de la Cronicque du tres vaillant et redoute Dom Flores de Grece, sumomme 
Ic Chevalier des Cignes, &c. Mise en Fran9ai8 par lc Seigneur des Essars, Nicolas de 
Herberay, &c. fol, . . . . . . . ib. 1552 

The B3rrth, Lyf, and Actes of Kyng Arthur ; of his noble Knyghtis of the Roundo Table, &c. 

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Fratrum predicatorum. Editum a Fratre Antonio de Gislandis de Laveno. lit.goth, 2 partes 
in 1 \joia,fd, . . . . . t^. 1508 

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3 tom. 4/0. ........ AfMU 1741 

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Topsell's (Edward) History of Four-footed Beasts and Serpents, describing at large their true 
and lively figure, &c. ; collected from the Writings of Conradus Gesner, and other Authors. 
Whereunto is now added the Theatre of Insects, &c. by T. Muifet, Doctor of Phyuc. 
The whole revised, corrected, and enlarged, &c. by John Rowland, M.D. 3 parts in 
1 vol./b/. ....... Land, 1658 



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— Hittory of the Union of Ghreat Britain, fd, Edin, 1709 

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years, in the Kingdoms of Ethiopia, China, Tartaria, Cauchin- China, &c. &c. Written 

originally by himself in the Portugal Tongue. Done into English by H. Cogan. /ol, 

Lond. 1663 

Da Bortas's (W. S. Lord) Divine Weekes and Workes, &c. Translated and written by that 

fiunous Philomusus, Josuah Sylvester, /d, td. 1621 

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Mribed by the names of the Nine Muses, /d, , ib, \ 624 

Hierarchie of the blessed Angclls, their Names, Orders, and OfBces ; the Fall of Lucifer 

with his Angells. /d. ...... ih, \ 635 

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fitflholomeus De Proprietatibus Rerum. Translated into English by John Trevisa. B. L. /d. 

Lond, Berthelet, 1 535 
Scot's (R^inald) Discovery of Witchcraft; proving that the Compacts and Contracts of 
Witches with Devils, &c. are but erroneous novelties, and imaginary conceptions, &c. 
In 16 books. Whereunto is added an excellent Discourse of the Nature and Substance of 
Devils and Spirits. In 2 books. Sd edit /d. Lond, 1665 

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Treatise of Spectres, or an History of Apparitions, Oracles, Prophecies, and Predictions, &c. 
Collected out of sundry Authors of great credit, &c. by Thomas Bromliall. (Translation of 
Latin work, * Magica, sen Mirabilium Historiarum de Spectris,' Sic) Whereunto is annexed a 
learned Treatise^ confuting the opinions of the Sadducees and Epicures, denying the appear- 
ing of Angels and Devils to Men, &c. Written in French, /d, ib. 1658 

Stephen's (Henrie) World of Wonders, or, an Introduction to a Treatise touching the confor- 
matie of ancient and modem Wonders : or a Preparative Treatise to the Apologie for He- 
rodotus. Translated by R. C. em./d, . . ib. 1607 

Beard's (Rev. Thomas, B.D.) Theatre of God's Judgements. Wherein is represented the ad- 
mirable Justice of God against all notorious Sinners, both great and small, &c. Collected 
out of Sacred, Ecclesiastical, and Profane Histories. Now secondly printed and augmented, 
Ac. em/d. . 1^. 1612 




Wieri ( Joannis) Opera Omnia, (de Praestigiis Dacmonum^ &c.) edit. nova. Uo. Anut. 1 600 

See Letters on Demtmcio^^ Lett. 6. 

Magica^ sen Mirabilium Historiarum de Spectris et Apparitionibus Spiritanm : Item^ de Magicis 
et Diabolicis IncantatioDibiLB : De Miracolis^ Vaticiniis, &c. Libriii. %vo. IMiae, 1597 

Haen^ ( Antonii dc) De Magia Liber. Svo. .... L^miae, 1 775 

Traits des Atheistes^ Deistes, Illuminez d' Espagne^ et noaveaux pretendoa Inyiaibleay dita de 
la Confrairie de Croix-Rosaire^ &c. 4/o. ..... 1 624 

Sharp's (Granville) Case of Saul^ sheuing that bis Disorder was a real Spiritaal PosseasioD, 
&c. with a short Tract on the influence of Demons, sm. Svo. . Land, 1807 

Digges's (Leonard) Prognostication everlasting, &c. contayning plaine, briefe^ &c. Roles to 
judge the Weather by the Sunne, Moone, Starres, &c. Corrected and augmented by T. 
Digges, his Son. B. L. 4^o. . . ib. by Widow Oncin, 1 596 

Scheiferi (Joannis) Lapponia, id est, Regionis Lapponum et Gends nova et veriss. Dcscriptio, 
&c. 4to. ........ Franco/. 1673 

Floerckii (Jo. Em.) Commeutatio de Crimine Conjurationis Spirituum, &c. 4/0. Jenae, 1721 

Michaclis, (Father Seb.) Admirable Historic of the Possession and Conversion of a Penitent 
Woman, seduced by a Magician that made her to become a Witch, &c. in the country of 
Provence, &c. Whereunto is annexed a Pneomology, or Discourse of Spirits. Translated 
by W. B. %vo. ....... Lond. 1713 

Strozzi Cicogna, Palagio de gl' Incanti, e delle gran meraviglie de gli Spiriti^ &c. 4A). 

Victnza, con lieenza deBa Santa Inguisitione, 1 605 

Helmont, (J. Bapt. Van) (Euvres. Trait tan t des Principes de Medicine et Physique, pour la 

guerison assuree des Maladies. Trad par M. Jean le Conte, D.M. 4/o. Lyon, 1670 

See Poetical Works, vol. v. p. 417. 

MacTaggart's (John) Scottish Gallovidean Encyclopaedia, or the Original, Antiquated, and 
Natural Curiosities of the South -of Scotland, &c. Svo. Lond. \S24 

Journal of the Proceedings of the Fortunate Youth, &c. Svo. . North Shields, 1828 

Sharp's (Rev. J.) Life, Opinions, Character, and Tragic Dcatli of Count R» » * ♦ * *au, com- 
monly called F. G. Meyer, condemned to the Gallows, May 26, 1796, at Rotterdam. Svo. 

Lond. 1797 
Collection of Odes, Songs, &c. agt. the Whigs, including Mr. Hewerdine'sPolit. Songs. Svo. f^. 1790 
Thomson's (Richard) Chronicles of London Bridge. By an Antiquary, royal Svo. ib. 1827 

Historical Essay on the Magna Charta of King Jolm, the Oiarters of Liberties and 

Confirmations granted by Henry IIL and Edward L, tlie Original Charters of the Forests, 

&c. Svo. ........ ib, 1829 

See Introduiiwn to Itanioe. 

Northumberland Household Book. The Regulations and Establishment of Henry Algernon 
Percy, fifth Earl of Northumberland, at his Castles of Wresill and Lekinfield, in Yorkshire. 
Began A.D. 1512. {First printed, 1770.) Svo. . . reprinted, ib. 1827 


SUmm 2, S, 4. DEFOE'S WORKS. &c. Presb 0. 

Cfoodhug^'s (William) English Gentleman's Library Manual, or Ouide to the formation of a 
Library of Select Literature. &c. Svo, .... Lond. 1 827 

Mare's (Cresacre) Life of Sir Thomas More. With Biographical Preface. Notes, &c. by 
Aev. Joseph Hunter. Svo. ...... ib. 1 828 

Nidboka's (Sir Harris) Privy Purse Expenses of King Henry VIIL from November 1529. to 
December 1532. With Introductory Remarks and Illustrative Notes. Svo. ib, 1827 

— «^ Journal of one of the Suite of Bishop Beckington during an Embassy to negociate a 
Uarriogc between Henry VI. and a daughter of the Count of Armagnac. 1442. With 
Notes and Illustrations. Svo. , ib. 1828 


Defoe's (Daniel) Minor Works^ Collection of. in 2 vols. 4/o. and S3 vols. Svo. &c. containing, 

1. The True Bom Englithman, a Satyr. \MedU, 4to. . . . . i6. 1701 

See Pmmb Workb, toL ir. pp. S33-4. 

2. Vojage to the World of Cartesius. Written originally in French. TnuiBlatetl into Engliah by T. 

Taylor, M.A. 2d edU. 8«o. . . ib. 1694 

3. Collection of the Writings of the True Bom Englishman. (Satirical and Political Tracts.) 8t9o. •&. 1703 

4. Collection of Tracts in tm. 800. containing. 

1. Hymn to tiie Pillory. Lond. 1706 

2. Hymn to Peace, cocaakmedbj the 2 HottMt Joining 
in an Addreet to the Qneen. ib. 1700 

3. The Djet of Poland, a Satyr, Jec 2(< tdit Lomi. MVA 

4. True Relation of the Apparition of one Mn. Veal, &c Hth 

September 1705. &c. 16M oHt. . . ib. 

See PnosB Works, toI. It. pp. S63-274, ^ V^2UJ. 

5. Memoirs of the Life and Adventures of Signer Rozelli at the Hague, &c. 8ro. Lond. 1709 

6. The Same, tkird editiou^ with an Appendix. 8t!o. . ib. \ 72.'{ 

7. Continuation of the Life and Adventures of Signor Rozelli, &c. to the day of his Death. Bvu. ih. 1724 

8. History of Addresses. By one very near akin to the Author of the Tale of a Tub. Bro. ib. 17 OH 

9. Memoirs of the Church of Scotland, in 4 periods, &c. With an Appendix relating to the Union. 8ro. 

ih. 1717 
See PaosB Worka, toI. xlx. p. 41. 

10. Farther Adyentores of Robinson Crusoe ; being the 2d and last part of his Life. 2d edit. Svo. ib.\7]9 

11. Serious Reflexions during the Life and Surprising Adventures of Robinson Crusoe, &c. 8oo. ib. 1720 

12. Memager^ (M.) Negotiations at the Court of England, &c written by himself. Done out of French, 
ovo. •..•.•>.. to. 1717 

13. Life, Adventures, and Pyrades of the famous Captain Singleton, &c. Svo. . ib, 1720 

14. Tour throtigh the whole Island of Great Britain, &c. 3 vols. Svo. . ib. 1724-5-7 

See PiUMB Works, toL rlL p. 445. 

15. New Voyage round the World. (2 parts in 1 vol.) 8t«o. tZ». 1725 

16. Life and Entertaining Adventures of Mrs. Christian Davios, commonly called Mother Ross. 
(2 parts in 1 vol.) Bvo. . . ib. 

17. Political History of the Devil. (2 parte in 1 voL) Sw. . . ib. 172« 

18. Treatise concerning the Use and Abuse of the Marriage-Bed, &c. 8ro. ib. 1737 

19. Compleat English Tradesman, in fiuniliar Letters, &c. 2 vols. Bro. ib. 172.Q 

20. Plan of the English Commerce, &c. In 3 parte. Svo. t&. 1728 

21. Religious Courtship, Ac Discourses on the necessity of marrying Religious Husbands and Wives 

only,&c. 2d0dii. Svo. . ib. 17'29 






22. Poetical and other Tracts. 1 vol. 4/o. containing, 

1. The Mock Monrnen, a Satyr, by way of Elegy on 4. More Reformation, a Satyr on himaelf. Lmtd. 1709 
King William. 2d edit. Lomt 1702 ft. Hymn to Tybam. Soqnel to H. to Pillory, (turf AyZ]<A».) Ai 17(0 

2. The Spaniih Descent, a Poem. •&. 1702 & The Dyct of Poland, a Satyr. . .A. 1705 

3. Reformation of Mannen. a Satyr. ib. 1702 7. Delaane's (T.) Pica for the Non-Conibrmittt, Ac lb. 1706 

23. Collection of the most remarkable Casualties and Disasters, &c in the Great Storm by sea and land, 

26th November, 1703. 2d edit. 8ro. ..... »6. 

24. The Consolidator, or Memoirs, &c. from the World in the Moon. Translated from the Lunar lan- 

guage. 800. 

25. Mars stript of his Armour, or the Army displayed in all its true colours, &c 12jiio. ib. 1709 

26. Life and Adventures of Mr. Duncan Campbell, who, though Deaf and Dumb, writes down any Strangerls 

name at first sight, &c 2d edit, 8ro. . . ib, 172p 

27. Spy upon the Conjuror : or a Collection of surprising Stories, with names, &.c. reUting to Mr. Duncan 

Campbell. Svo. ....... •&. 1724 

28. Essay on the History and Reality of Apparitions. 800. . ib. 1727 

See note to OI(f 3ivrtaUt^. 

29. History of the most remarkable Life, &c. of Colonel Jaquo, \'ulgarly called Colonel Jack, &c. 

4tk edit, Svo. . . . t». 1738 

30. Life and Adventures of the frimous Moll Flanders, &c. 12mo. •5.1745 

31. Life and Adventures of Roxana, the fortunate Mistress, or most unhappy Wife, &c. 8vo. ib, 1774 

32. Every-Body^s Business is No-Body*s Business, or. Private Abuses, Public Grievances : exemplified in 

the pride, insolence, and exorbitant wages of our Women-Servants, Footmen, Ac By Andrew 

Moreton, Eat{. 4th edit, Lond, 1725. — Every Man mind his own Business, or Private Piques no 

Public Precedents ; being an Answer to a late scurrilous Pamphlet, ^ Every-Body^ Burinf,** &c. 

By Catherine Comb-Brush. t6. 1725. Svo. 

See Lire, vol. L p. 964 ; Paoss Wobrb, toI. It. pp. 288-S96. 

Lomd. 1718 
a. 1717 
A, 1718 
ib. 1709 
a. 1717 
A. 1724 

Ward's (Edward) Miscellaneous Works. 6 vols. Svo. containing^ 

1. London Spy. 5th edit, 

2. Miscellaneous Prose and Verse. 5^ edit, 

3. Poetical Satires and Prose Letters. Zd edit. . 

4. Characters in Prose, and Miscellanies in Verse. 

5. Poetical Miscellanies, and the Tory Quaker, in Prose. 

6. The Wandering Spy, &c Familiar Poems. With MS, note by Henry Weber, 

Life and Adventures of Don Quixote dc la Mancha. Merrily translated into Hndibrastic 

verse. 2 vols. 800. ....... t^. 1711-12 

Friendly Correspondences, or Epistolary Satyrs upon Virtue and Vice, See. Svo. ib. 1707 

Nuptial Dialogues and Debates, or, a Useful Prospect of the Felicities and Diacomforts 

of a Married Life, ^th edit. 2 vols. l2mo. .... t&. 1759 

True and exact Account of the Lives of Bumworth, Blewett, Berry, &c. with the several 

Robberies committed by them, &c. Svo. .... t^. 1726 

Verstegan, (R.) Theatrum Crudelitatum Haereticorum nostri temporis. 41^. Antverp. 1592 
Mackintosh's (Sawney) Travels through Ireland, &c. 1 2mo. . . Lond. 

Page^ (William) Narrative of the Life and Surprising Robberies of. 2d edit. With MS. 

note by Sir W. S. l2mo. ...... Uf. 1758 



Reprints of Rare English Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. containing^ 

1. Peele*t (George) Mem'e Conceited Jests. With notice by S. W. Singer. Lond, Ttiphook^ 1809 

2. Araignment of Lewde, Idle, Froward, and Unconstant Women. By Jos. Swetnam. 1615. ib, 1807 

3. Ester hath hanged Haman : or an Answer to the Aiaignment, &c by Ester Sowemam. 1617. t&. 1810 

4. Armin'S (Robert) Italian Tailor and his Boy. 1609. .... »6. 1817 

5. Histoiie of Frier Rush : how he came to a house of religion, &c. 1620. f'6. 1810 

Sec PosTicAL Works, toI. tU. p. 190. 

6. Litdiu Soaeehiae. Chesse-Play, &c. 1597. . ib, 


Johnson's (Captain Obarles) General History of the Pyratcs^ from their first Rise and Settle- 
ment in tlie Island of Providence, to the present time, &c. 2d edit 8vo. ib, 1724 

See PoKTicAi. Works, vol. ix. p. 149. 

CExmelin's (or Esquemeling, A. 0.) History of the Bucauiers of America, from their first 

original down to this time, &c. Newly translated from the Spanish and French, &c. Svo. 

ib, 1699 
See PoBTicAL Works, toI. ix. pp. 37, 93, J 46. 

Allan, (James, the celebrated Northumberland Piper,) Life of, and other branches of his 

extraordinary fEunily, &c. new edit, Svo. , . Blyth, } SIS 

Gesia Grayorum, or the History of Prince Purpoole, A.D. 1594. new edit Edited by 

Henry Keepe. 4/o. wants title, ..... [^Ixmd, 1688^ 
Clavell's (John) Recantation of an 111 Ledde Life, or, a Discoverie of the High-way Law, &c. 

2d edit. 4to. ....... i^. 1628 

The High-way Woman, &c. ; the Wicked Life and Deplorable Death of Marcy Clay, otherwise 

called Jenny Fox, &c. 1665. Svo. .... repr, ib. 

Barnard's (Rev. Dr. Nicholas) Penitent Death of a Woeful Sinner, or the Penitent Death of 

John Atherton^ executed at Dublin 1640. As also the Sermon preached at liis Buriall. 

With MS. note by Sir. W. S. ^to. . Duh. 1641 

Life and Death of John Atherton, Lord Bishop of Waterford, who, for Incest, &c. was hanged 

on the Gallows Greene at Dublin, &c. (a Poem.) Mo. reprinted, Land. 1641 

See Letters on Denumologyy p. 384. 

The Case of John Atherton, &c. fairly represented against a late partial edition of Dr. Bar- 
nard's Relation and Sermon, &c. Svo. . . t6. 1710 

The Ukimum Vak of John Carleton, &c. ; a Description of the passages of that Grand Im- 
postor, late a pretended Germane Lady, &c. Lond. 1663. — Newes from Spaine. Relation 
of the Death of Don Rodrigo Calderon, &c. faithfully translated, &c. ib. 1622. 4to. 

Extraordinary Life and Character of Mary Bateman, the Yorkshire Witch, executed at York, 
20th March 1809. Sth edit Svo. ..... L^^, 1809 

Michael Howe, the last and worst of the Bush-Rangers of Van Dicman's Land. Narrative 
of ttrocttiea committed by him daring six years. Svo. Hobart Town, 1818 



Mynshul's (GefTray) Essayes and Characters of a Prison and Prisonen^ Sec. Land. 1618. 
With Prefatory Notice hy the Editor. (? Sir W. S.) 800. repr. Edin. BaUantyne, 1821 

Mandevillc's (Bernard) Modest Defence of Public Stews^ or an Essay upon Whoring, &c. 
By the late Col. Harry Mordaunt. Svo. .... Lond, 1740 

The Compleat Mendicant^ or Unhappy Beggar^ being tlie Life of an Unfortunate GksntlemaD, 
&c. during 23 years pilgrimage. With a Character of a Monastick Life^ and the Descrip- 
tion of a Monastery. Svo. ...... ib, 1699 

Shakspeare's Jest Book; Tales and Quick Answers^ &c. Witli Prefatory Notice, by S. 
W. Singer. %vo. ....... . ChUvfick, \%\^ 

Gilkie's (James) Speak Evil of no Man, but of the injustice done by Men. 8tw. Edin. 1774 

Every Man his own Procurator, or, the Country Gentleman's Vade Mecum ; containing 

the Duty of a Sheritf, &c. 12 mo. . . .... 1^. 1778 

New Catechism for the Fine Ladies, &c. Lond, 1740. — Love's Invention, or the Recreation 
in Vogue. Ballad upon the Masquerades, ib. 1718. Svo. 

The Sixpenny Miscellany, or a Dissertation upon Pissing, &c. 8tw. . Lond. 1 726 

The Merry Thought : or the Glass-Window and Boghouse Miscellany. Taken from the ori- 
ginal MSS. written in diamond, &c. Svo. . . Lond, no date, but about 1730 

The Fatal Vesper ; (containing an Account of the Fall of a Room in Blackfryers, at Mr. Dmiie's 
Sermon, 26tli October, 1623.) By W. C. 4to. . . toanf tide. 

Bragge's (Rev. Francis) Defence of the Proceedings against Jane Wenham, (for Witchcraft.) 
Bvo, ........ ib. 1712 

Hall's (Rev. Thomas) Funebria Florae, the Downfall of May-Games ; wherein is set fortli 
the rudeness, prophaneness, stealing, drinking^ fighting, &c. of the rascality and rout in this 
their open prophanenesse and heathenish customs, &c. 2d edit 4fto, A. 1661 

Wilson, (James, Schoolmaster,) Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, by Claudero, eon of Nimrod 
the Mighty Hunter, &c. Bvo, ..... Edin. 1766 

The Curious History on several occasions, being part of the work of that noted Poet 

Claudero, &c. 12mo. ...... ib. 

The Universal Fortune Teller : or, Mrs. Bridget's (the Norwood Gipsey) Golden Treasury 
explained. l2mo, . . ,. • Lond, 

Rules to get Children by, with handsome faces ; or Precepts for the extemporary Sectaries, 
&c. Composed by George Spinola. 4/o. .... Land. 1642 

ParkjTi's (Sir Thomas) Inn-Play : or, Cornish Hugg-Wrestler. Digested in a Method which 
teacheth to break all holds, and throw most falls, mathematically, &c. 3d edit 4A>. ib. 1727 

Bar<;holomew Faure, or. Variety of Fancies, &c. 4ro. . . repr. ib. 1641 

Downefall of Temporizing Poets, unlicenst Printers, upstart Booksellers, &c. 4(d. repr. ib. 1641 

Treatise upon the Modes, or a Farewell to French Kicks. Svo. . ib.l715 

See Prosb Works, vol. iL pp. 119-20, note. 

Country Tom's Complete Jester, or, the Laugher's Delight, &c. limo, ib. 

Breto^'6 (Nicholas) Poste with a Packet of Mad Letters. 2 parts in 1 vol. B. L. 4to. ib. 



True Life of Betty Ireland. (A political squib.) Svo, . . Lond, 17 53 

ATery, (Captain John, the famous English Pirate,) Life and Bold Adventures of, raised from 
a Cabin-boy to a King, now in possession of Madagascar. 9m. 4to. ib. 1709 

The King of the Pirates, an account of the fsunous enterprises of Captain Avery, the Mock- 
Sling of Madagascar, &c. In two letters from himself. 800. .1^.1720 

See Notet to The PiraiU. 

Cox's (Joseph) Bloody-minded Gallows Thief-takers, alias Thief-makers, &c. shewing the 
diabolical acts by them practised, to get persons convicted for robberies, &c. 800. ib. 1756 

Harris's (Willian^ late merchant in Air,) Account of his Life, written and subscribed by him- 
self, the day before his execution, &c. 8fw. .... ib. 1770 

(Hideaby's (William) Life and Transactions, from the age of 17 to 28, &c. written by himself. 
800. ........ Edin. 1791 

Trial of Margaret Tindal, alias ShutUeworth, for the murder of her husband, &c. With a 
Memoir. 2d edit. \2mo. ...... ATon/roM, 1821 

Jonathan Wild's Advice to his Successor, &c. Hints and Instrucdons on the Art of Thief- 
taking, &c. 8fw. ....... Lond. 1758 

Orandval, ( ) Le Vice Puni, ou Cartouche, Po^me. nouvdie edit avec un Dictionnaire 

Aigot-Fran^ois. 890. ...... Paris, 1728 

Whipping Tom, or a Rod for a Proud Lady, bundled up in four feeling Discourses, &c. 
1. of taking snuff; 2. of drinking tea; 3. of wearing red cloaks; 4. of hoop petticoats. 
Sd edit. Svo. ....... t^. 

The Way to get and to save Wealth, &c. to which is added the Way how to turn a penny, 
&c. 3d edit. Svo. ....... i*. 1788 

Jocular Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Joe Miller^ Jeeta, or, the WifA Vade Mecum, &c. set forth bj hia lamentable fiiend and former com- 

paaioo, Elijah Jenkina, Eaq. 4M edit. . ib, 

2. Doddej"* (Robert) Chronicle of the Kinga of England, bj Nathan Ben SaddL . ib, 1 740 
S. TVp thrai^ Londoiw-ObaerTBtiona on Men and Things Stk edit, ib, 1728 

View of the Invisible Worid, or a General History of Apparitions, collected from the best 
authorities, &c. Svo. ...... t^. 1752 

Low Life : or, one half of the World knows not how the other half live, &c. a true Description 
of Sunday, as usually spent within the bills of Mortality. 3d edit. Svo. Lond. 1 764 

JRemariable Orders of the Ladies at Spring Garden, in Parliament assembled, 26 Martis 
1647> 4^ copy qf ike edition of 1 647.-7*^ Lampon, a Ballad. MS. 

Madagan's (Rev. of Melrose,) Narrative, Sec. (refutmg the accusations preferred against 

him.) 8flw. ....... wants title. 

WagBtaffe's (Humphry) Comment upon the History of Tom Thumb. (Parody of Addison's 
Critique on Chevy Chase.) 3d edit, Svo. .... Lond. \7 12 

New Description of Merryland ; containing a Topographical, Geographical, and Natural His- 
tory of that country, &c. ethedit. Svo. . • Bath and Lond, 17 isl 

129 R 

SAelcei 5, G. 



















Biographical Tracts. 1 vol. 8ro. containing^ 

1 . Narratiye of Life and Actions of Duke of Marlborongh. 

2. Life of William Hawke, the celebrated Highwayman, ^d edit. 

3. Life of J. P. Darrctier, master of five languages at 9 years of age. 

MisccUaneouH Tnicts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1 . Answer to a Letter to Dr. Smellie. ..... 

•3. Fortunate Transport, or. Secret History of Polly Haycock, &c. 

3. Four Letters, viz. 2 from a Husband to a Gentleman, and 2 from a Husband to a Wife 

4. llie Chaplet, a Musical Entertainment .... 

5. IIill*s (Sir John) Lucina sine Concubitu^ &c. 2d edit. 

6. Martin's (Benjamin) Panegyrick on the Newtonian Philosophy. 

7. Egerton*s (William) Memoirs of Mrs. Ann OldBeld. 


Tricks of the Town laid open : or a Companion for Country Gentlemen, to dissuade from com- 
ing to town, ^d edit, 12mo. ...... i6. 174-7 

The Scoundrel's Dictionary^ or^ an Explanation of the Cant Words used by the Thieves^ &c. 
about Town. With Dissertation on Wheedling^ Flash Songs, &c. sm. Svo. ib. 1 754 

Life, Voyages, and Adventures of Banipfylde Moore Carew, King of the Beggars, &c. By 
Thomas Price, of Poole ; with Dictionary of Cant Language. 1 2mo. . ib. no date, 

Campbell's ( ) Lexiphanes; a Dialogue imitated from Lucian, (Parody of Dr. 

Johnson.) Zd edit. l2mo. . . . . ib. 17 S3 

Sale of Authors ; a Dialogue, &c. With MS. note bit Sir W. S. l2mo. ib. 1767 

Journal of a Levant PiratCy or. Copy of a Journal kept by fVilliam Davidson, teaman, on 
board a Russian Privateer, from Dec. 3, 1788, to Sept. 6, 1789, <^. MS. l2mo. 
(Printed in the Edinburgh Annual Register.) 

Uncertainty of the Signs of Death, and Danger of Precipitate Interments and Dissections, &c. 
With an Account of Funeral Solemnities. l2mo. . . Lond. 11 W 

RadclifFc's (Alexander) Ovid Travestie, a Burlesque upon Ovid's Epistles. 2d edit. — The 
Ramble, an anti-heroick Poem, and other Poems. Svo. . . %b. 1681-2 

Celebrated Murders. 1 vol. \2mo. containing, 

1. Fairbum'A Account of the dreadful Murder of the Marr Family, Dec. 7, 181 1. . 16. 1812 

2. Account of the Murder of the Williamsons, Dec 19, 1811. . .A. 1812 

3. Life, Death, and Interment of John Williams, the supposed Murderer of the Ifarrs and WflliamsonB, &c 

ib. 1812 

4. Account of the Assassination of the Right Hon. Spencer Perceral, &c. A. 1812 

Adventures of tlie Extravagant Wit, or, the English Swindler, &c. 12mo. Stirling, 1803 
Surprising Life and Adventures of the celebrated Dr. Sartorius Sinegradibus, See. Svo. Edin. 
History of Miss Katty N , &c. her Amours, Adventures, &c. in Scotland, Ireland, 

Jamaica, and England, &c. Written by herself. 12mo. . . Ltmd. 

Trial of a cause for Crim. Con. between Theophilus Cibber, plaintiff, and William Sloper, 

Esq., defendant, sm. Svo. . . . . Dub. 1749 



New Dictionary of the Terms, Ancient and Modem, of the Canting Crew, &c. By B. E. 

Gent. l2mo. ....... Lond, 

Valentine's ( Basil) Last Will and Testament To which is added two Treatises, &c. 1 2mo. ti6. 1 67 1 

History of George-a-Grecn, Pindar of the town of Wakefield, &c. \2mo. ib. 1706 

The same, a /o/er «/t/. l2mo. ..... t6. 1716 

See PotncAL Works, toI. i. p. 223. 

Town and Coimtry Nut-Cracker, or. Jack Sharp's Jests, &c. Svo. ib. 

Criminal Trials. 1 vol. \2mo, containing, 

1. Life of Jamei M^Kean, Shoemaker in Glaagow, executed 20th Jan. 1797, for the Murder of James 

Buchanan, &c. Wiik MS. note by Sir W, S, 3d edU. . . Gla$g, 1797 

See Lrrs, toI. L pp. SS6-7- 

2. His last Letter to his Wife and Children. . i&. 

3. Account of his Execution. . •&. 

4. Trial of William Brodie and Oeoige Smiih,&c for breaking into the Excise Office, Edin. Blarch 5, 1788. 

Edm. 1788 

Head (R.) and Kirkman, (F.) The English Rogue Descrihed, in the Life of Meriton Latroon, 

a Witty Extrayagant, &c. 4 parts in 2 vols. sm. 890. • Ltrnd. 1671-4 

PriJteui Redivimu, or the Art of Wheedling, &c. «m. S^o. ib. 1 675 

Kirkman's (F.) Unlucky Citizen, full of entertainment and mirth, sm, Bvo, ib, 1673 

The Scotch Rogue ; or the Life and Actions of Donald Macdonald, a Highland Scot, &c. 

Part I. 12iiio. ....... ib, 1722 

Parts L and IL 18mo. ...... Glcu^, 1800 

The Irish Rogue ; or the Comical History of the Life and Actions of Darhy O'Brolaghan, &c. 

With the Cheats of Turlough and his man Patrick. l2mo. . Dub. 1740 

The Muse in Good Humour; a Collection of Comic Tales, &c Sthedit, 2vols. 12ino. Lond, 17 S5 

Fuller's (William) Plain Proof of the true Father and Mother of the Pretended Prince of 

Wales, &c. With MS. note by Sir JV, S, sm, Svo. ib.l 700 

See LiFB, ToL L p. 264. 

— Life, See* Written by his own hand. With MS, note by Sir W. S. sm, Svo. ib, 1701 
Ward's (Thomas) England's Reformation, (from Henry VIII. to Gates's Plot,) a Poem. 

2 vols, in I. 12i?io. ...... ib. 1747 

Huttenii (Ulrici) Epistolae Obscurorum Virorum ad Dom. Ortuinum Gratium, &c. 2 tom. 

Id 1. l2i7io. ....... Franco/, 1599 

Lires, Behaviour, and Dying Words, of the most remarkable Convicts, from the year 1700 to 

the present time. 2d edit. 3 vols. 12mo. . Lond, 17^^ 


Smith's (Capt Alexander) Complete History of the Lives and Robberies of the most notorious 
Highwaymen, &c. To which is prefixed the Thieves' New Canting Dictionary, and added 
the Thieves' Grammar, &c. With MS, note by Sir W, S, 3 vols. 12mo. (vols. 1 and 2, 
Sthedit.) ........ t^. 1719-20 



MaieruB^ (Count Michael) Themis Aurea, The Laws of the Fraternity of the Rome Croese. 

Written in Latin^ &c 12mo. ..... Land. 1656 

Delightful, Princely, and Entertaining History of the (Gentle Craft, shewing what fiunous men 

have heen Shooemakers in old time, &c. \2mo. . ib, 1760 

Beroalde de Verrille, Le Moyen de Parvcnir. (Euyre contenant la raiaon de tout oe qui a 

est^, est, et sera. &c, 1 2mo, ..... imp, eette ann^. 

See Prosb Wor««, voL ill p. 292. 

Les Quatre Livres des Avantures de Floride. 24mo. . wants tide. 

Help to Discourse, or More Merriment mixt with Serious Matters. I5tk edit. 24mo. Lond. 1663 
WliiUock's (Dr. Richard) Zootomia, or Ohservations on the present Manners of the English, 

&c. With MS. note by Sir W. S. \2mo. . . t^. 1654 

Aubery, (Jean, M.D.) L' Antidote d' Amour, &c. Ensemble les Remedes, &c. pour se pii- 

server et guerir des Passions Amoureuses. 12mo. . . . D^f 1663 

Blount's (Tho6.) Academy of Eloquence : containing, English Rhetoriqne, Formulae Majores, 

Formulae Minores, Letters. 1 2mo. ..... wants title. 

Amorous Gallant's Tongue tipp'd with golden Expressions, or Art of Courtship refined, &c. 

l2mo. (B. 2.) . . ... Gkuff. 1784 

Emblematical Plates. Mong 800. containing, 

1. Non moritur moritndo, CurJUHt ? 5 platet by J, Metfmu, 

2. The Ages of Sin: or Sinne'A Birth and Groweth ; with the Steppe and Degrees of Sinna, from Thought 

to final Impenitencie. 9 plaUt by Jacob van Locksm. 

8m CoOkr'i BridgaBater Catalogve. Ato. I8I7. p. 3. 

Scotish Poems y in Manuscript, oblong Sco. containing, 

1. Cotteotion of Epiiapk: 

2. J%t Layman^ LamcHtatkm^ jv. by way o/Diaioyue ftefuwm a proud Prelai and a poor Pn^€$mmr. 

3. Pomn^ oommmomg *« Chrytt Hmtd and Keqper oftke Holy Oiwt.** 

The Legend of Captain Jones : relating his Adventure to Sea : his first landing, and strange 
Combat with a mighty Bear, &c. In verse. l2mo. . Land. 1671 

History and Lives of the most notorious Pirates and their Crews ; from Captain Avery, &c to 

Captain John Grow and his Lieutenant, who were hanged at Execution Dock, June 1725, 

&c. M edit. l2mo. . . . ib. 1732 

See Note$ to I^e PuxOe. 

Memoires of the Life and Death of Sir Edmondbury GkHlfrey. sm. Sva. ib. 1682 

See NoU to Pevenl of the Peak. 

Fleckno's (Richard) Enigmaticall Characters. (In prose, all but the last) With MS. neteb^ 
Sir W, S. sm. Sva. ...... wants title. 

Don Tomazo: or the Juvenile Rambles of Thomas Dangerfield. sm. Sva. Lond. 1680 

M'Bane's (Donald) Expert Sword-Man's Companion, or, the true Art of Self-Defence; with 
an Account of the Author's Life, &c. \2mo. , . GZs^. 1728 

Account of the Sufibrings of William Houlbrook, Blacksmith of Marlbro, in the Reign of King 
Charles I. &c. \2mo. . rpr. Lond. 1744 



The Life and unaccountable Actions of William Fuller^ the notorious English Cheats &c. 

2d edit. \2mo, ....... Lond. 

Accolti (Bened.^ Arctino) La Guerra fatta da Christiani contra Barbari per la recuperatione 

del Scpolcro di Christo. Trad, par F. Baldelli. «m. 8ro. . . Venet, 15^9 

Pichard (Dr. Med.) Admirable Vertu des Saincts Exorcismes sur les Princes d^ Enfer^ &c 

avcc ses justifications centre les ignorances^ &c. de F. Claude Pithoys, Minime. 24ffio. 

Nancy, 1622 
Quevcdo's (Don^ de Alcala^) Lucky Idiots or Fools have Fortune. Verified in the Life of 

D. Pedro de Cenudo^ &c. Rendered into modern English by a Person of Quality. 1 2mo, 

Lond. 1762 
Marsh's (A.) Confession of the New Married Couple ; second part of Ten Pleasures of Mar- 
riage. 24/mo, . . . . . t^. 1683 
Amours and Adventures of two English Gentlemen in Italy, &c. \2mo. . ti^. 1761 
Giraffi's (Lord Alexander) Exact History of the late Revolutions in Naples^ &c. Rendered 

into English by James Howell^ Esq. 2 parts, sm. \2mo, . . t^. 1650-52 

Indagine^ (John) The Book of Palmistry and Physiognomy^ Artificial and Natural Astrologie^ 

&o. Translated into English by Fabian Withers. B. L, 12mo. , ib.l65i 

Hoylc's Games of Whist^ Quadrille, Piquet, Chess, and Backgammon, &c. 1 3ih edit. ( JVM 

Howie's Autoffrapk.) \2mo. . . . . . .id, 

Vandcrheyden's(H., Physician of Gaunt,) Speedy Help for Rich and Poor, or Physicall Discourses, 

touching tlie vertue of Whey, Cold Water, and Vinegar. Transl. from Latin. 1 2iwo. ib. 1 653 

Powel's (Thomas) Art of Thriving, or, the Plainc Pathway to Preferment. Together with the 

Mysterie and Misery of Lending and Borro\iing, &c. S2mo. . . t^. 1636 

See SoMSRs Tracts, toL Tii. 

New Art of Thriving, or the Way to get and keep Money, &c. 18mo. Gl(u^, 1797 

History of the Irish Rogues and Rapparees. l2mo. * wants title. 

History of the Lives and actions of Jonathan Wild, Thief-taker ; Joseph Blake, alias Blueskin^ 

Footpad ; and John Sheppard, Housebreaker. 8d edit. 1 2mo. . Lond. 

Nocturnal Revels, or a General History of Dreams. In 2 parts. 12mo. t&* 1706-7 

Eccentric Biography, or Sketches of Remarkable Characters, &c. 1 Smo. ib. 1 801 

Eccentric Biography, or Memoirs of Remarkable Female Characters. I Smo. ib. 1803 

The Canting Academy, or, the Devil's Cabinet opened, &c. To which is added, a Compleat 

Canting Dictionary, &c. and several new Catches and Songs. »m. Svo. . ib. 1673 

Settle's (E.) Notorious Impostor, or the History of the Life of William MorreU, alias Bowyer, 

&c. l2ino. ....... wants tide. 

Home's (Dr. Nathaniel) Daemonologie and Theologie. The first, the Malady, &c. the second, 

the Remedy, &c. sm. 8ro. ...... Lond. 1650 

Histoire des Tragiques Amours d' Hypolite et d' Isabelle, Neapolitains. sm. l2mo. Paris. 
History of Duelling. In 2 parts, &c. (Part 1. from the French of Coustard de Masae, part 

2. a Compilation frt)m several Authors.) sm. Svo . Lond* 1770 


PbessO. ABBOTSFORD library. SMflO. 

Exaltation of Christmas Pye^ as it was delivered in a Preachment in Lime Street, &c by P. 

B. Doctor in Divinity and Midwifry. 4to. .... Lend. 1728 

Curtis^ (Martin)^ and Eden^ (Richard), Arte of Navigation ; contaynmg a breife Description of 

the Spheare, &c. As also the making and use of certaine Instrmnents, &c. First written 

in Spanish. B. L, 4to. ...... ib. 1596 

Hodge's (Dr. Nathaniel) AoifiAKvyia : or an Historical Account of the Plague in London in 

1 665, &c. To which is added, an Essay on the different Causes of Pestilential Diseases, 

by Dr. John Quincy. 2d edit, Bvo, . . . . . ib. 1 720 

Burton's (R.) Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment and Mercy, discovered in above d(H) Memorable 

Histories, Ste. \2mo. ...... Edin. 1762 

Harvey's (John) Miscellany Poems and Letters. Svo. .... t^. 1726 

Paterson's (Rev. J.) Belief in Witchcraft unsupported byScripture, an Essay. 12itio. AberdASlS 
Miscellanea : or Choice Collection of Wise and Ingenious Sayings, &c. of Princes, Philosophers, 

&c. bv G. M. l^mo. ...... Land. 1694 

The Mock-Monarchs, or Benefits of High Blood, a Novel. 2 vols. 12mo. ib, 1770 

John Buncle, Junior, Gentleman. (Essays and Letters on various Subjects of Life and Manners.) 

Peacock's (Thos. Love) Headlong Hall, a Novel. 12mo. . ib. IB16 

Mackenzie's (Sir George) Religious Stoic, or. Short Discourse on these several Subjects, viz. 

Atheism, Superstition, &c. With a friendly Address to the Phanaticks. I2nw. ib. 1685 
The Pleasant Art of Money-catching: treating, 1. the original and invention, 2. the misery 

of wanting it, 3. how persons in straits may supply themselves. To which is added, the 

Way how to turn a Penny. 5th edit. \2mo. , . Glatj^. 

Humorous Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Did you eTer see such damned Stuff? or. So much the Better, a Story without Head or TUl, Wit or 

Humor. ......... Lomd. 1760 

2. Life and Opinions of Bfias Sukey Shandy, &c in Letters to her dear Brother lYistnun. 12iao. A. 1760 
French Novels : containing, 1. History of Marquis de Criton ; 2. History of CoL and Madlle. 

de Valence; 3. History of Madlle. de Roi. Translated by a young Lady. Svo. 

ib. 1738 
The Forced Marriage, or Miseries, &c. of Miss Betsey Ward. — History of John Cleveland^ 
Esq. and Miss Charlotte Haywood. — Unfortunate Twin-Sisters, or History of Lucy and 
Fanny Bendy . — Maid of the Farm, or Memoirs of Susanna James. — Narrative of the two 
Unfortunate Lovers, Polly Hawkins and William Jones. — ^Distressed Orphan, or Love in a 
Mad-house. — Unfortunate Happy Lady, &c. History of Harriet Wilding. 7 vols. <m. S«o. 

ib. J. Sabine 

Life and Surprising Adventures of Friga Reveep of Morlaiz, who was sixteen years in an 

uninhabited part of Africa, &c. 12mo, ..... 1755 

Bodini (Joannis) De Magorum Daemonomania, seu detestando Lamiarum ao Magorom cum 

Satana commercio. Accedit Joan. Wieri opin. Confutatio. Svo, Franc 1603 


Skdffet 10, 11. NOVELS, OCCULT SCIENCES, &c. Press 0. 

Boaistaau, (P.) Histoires Prodigieuses, extraictcs dc plusieurs fameux Autbcurs, Grecs ct 

Latins, sacrez et profanes, sni, Svo, ..... Paris, 156*6 

Memoires poor scrvir a 1' Histoirc du Marquis de Fresnc. 12mo. ib, 1702 

Cervantes, (Miguel de) Diverting Works of, now first translated from the Spanish. With an 

Introduction, by Edward Ward. 8po. .... t^. 1700 

Wight's (J.) Mornings at Bow Street ; a Selection of the most humorous and entertainhig 

Reports which have appeared in the Morning Heruld. 8ro. . . L,ond, 1824 

Gilxmelin, (A. Olivier) Histoire des Avanturicrs qui so sont signalez dans les Indes, &c. 

depnis vingt annees, &c. 2 torn, en 1. 12mo, . Paris, 1688 

Singular Life, Adventures, and Depredations of David Haggart, the Murderer, &c. related by 

himself while under Sentence of Death. \2mo. Land, 182} 


Torqnemade, (Antoine de) Hexameron, ou Six Joumecs^ contenans plusieurs doctes Discours 

&c. arec maintes Histoires notables, &c. Fait en Espagnol, et mis en Fran9ois par Gab. 

Chappuys. l2mo. ....... Rouen, 1610 

Bayle, (F.) et Grangeron, (H. Docteurs en Medecine,) Relation do 1* etat de quelques personnes 

pretendues possedees ; faite d' autorite du Parlcment de Toulouse, expliq. par les ver. prin. 

de la physique des ^fets regardes comme prodigieux. 12mo. . . Toulouse, 1682 

Dresseri (M.) De Festis Diebus Christianorum, Judacorum, et Ethnicorum Liber. Lubecae, 

1001. — Hieronimi de Sancta Fide, De Judaicis Erroribus^ ex Talmuth, Libellus, &c. Pn'mo 

impressus Tiffuri, a. d. 1552, denuo excusus Hamburgi. '\2mo. 
Rantzoyii (Henrici) Catalogus Imperatorum, Regum, ac Principum qui Astrologicam ArCem 

amarunt, &c. Additae sunt Astrologicae quaedam Predictiones, &c. Adjectus est Tractatus 

de annis Climactericis, &c. l2mo, ..... Antwerp, 1580 
Les Sorceleries de Henry de Valois, et les Oblations qu' il faisoit au Diable dans le Bois de 

Vincennes. l2mo. ........ 1589 

Bogoet, (Henry) Discours Execrable des Sorciers ; ensemble leur Procez, faits dcpuis deux ans, 

&c. en France. Avec un Instruction pour un Jugc. 2de edit, sm, 8co, Par, 1603 

Discours des Sorciers ; avec Six Ad vis en faict de Sorcelerie, &c. ^me edit sm. 8oo, 

Lyon, 1610 
Dictionnaire Herm^tique ; contenant T Explication des Tcrmes, Fables, Enigmes, &c. des vrais 

Philosophes, &c. Par un Amateur de la Science. 12mo. Par, 1695 

L' Astrologo Grottesco, Lunario Nuovo per T anno Bissestile 1712. sm, 8vo, Venez, 1712 
Geberis philos. perspic. Summa Perfectionis Magisterii in sua natura, &c. Libriquc Investiga- 

tionis Magisterii, et Testamenti ejusdem, &c. sm, 8vo, , ib, P, Schoeffer, 1542 

Indagine, (Jean) La Chiromancee et Physionomie par le regard des membres de V Homme. 

Mises en Fran9ois par A. du Moulin. \2mo, . Par, 1662 

Gocdall's (William) Adventures of Capt. Greenland. 4 vols. 12;/?o. Lmid, 1752 

History of Jack Connor, a Novel. 2 vols. \2mo, t^. 1752 

137 S 

PhessO. ABBOTSFORD library. Skei/U. 

Ward's (Edward) Vuigus Brifannicut, or tho British Hudibras; in 15 Cantos^ &c. ; being s 
Continuation of the late ingenious Mr. Butler's Hudibras. 2d edit Bto. Land* 1710 

The Hermit ; or the Unporallel'd Sufferings and Surprising Adventures of Mr Philip Qnarll, 
an Englishman^ lately discovered upon an uninhabited island in the South Sea, &c. ^rti 
edition. Svo, ...... JVestmifitter, 1727 

Dunton's (John) Ladies' Dictionary ; a General Entertainment for the Fair Sex. Svo. Land. 1 694 

Life and Errors ; written by himself in solitude. With an Idea of a New Life. »m. Bra, 

See Proab Works, toL ii. p. 26. t^. 1705 

Athenian Oracle ; being an entire Collection of all the valuable Questions and Answers 

in the old Athenian Mercuries, &c. 8d edit. 4 vols. 8w. . . ib, 1706-10 
Athenian Sport ; or, 2000 Paradoxes merrily argued, to amuse and divert the ago, &c. 

Svo, . . . . . . . .id. 1707 

Athcnianism ; or New Projects of Mr. J. D. ; being 600 distinct Treatises in prose and 

verse, &c. To which is added Dunton's Farewell to Printing, &c. Seo. . t^. 1710 

See PoBTicAL Works, vol. iz. p. 317. 

The British Apollo ; containing about 2000 Answers to curious Questions in most Arts and 
Sciences, serious and comical. (By Marshal Smith.) 3d edit. Svo. . . t^. 1718 

Behn's (Mrs. Aphra) Poems upon several occasions, with a Voyage to and from the Island of 
Love. And a Miscellany of new Poems. 2d edit 8vo. . . . ib, 1697 

Histories and Novels, entire in I vol. With her Life and Memoirs, &c. Edited by 

Charles Gildon. Bd edit Bvo. . . .... 1^. 1698 

See Frosb Works, toL ii. p. 343, note ; Lips, vol. ▼. p. 136. 

Alcmaii's (Matteo) Life of Guzman d' Alfarache ; with the Tnigi-Comedy of Celestina. Done 

into English from the new French version, by several hands. 3 vols. Svo. Lond. 1708 
Graves's (Rev. Richard) Spiritual Quixote : or Summer's Ramble of Geoffry Wildgoose, a 

Comic Romance. With MS. key. 2d edit 3 vols. 1 2mo, . . ib.l 774 
Pilkington's (Mrs. Loetitia) Memoirs. Written by herself. 2 vols. 12 wo. . ib, 1748 
(J. C, son of the Rev. Matthew and Mrs. Loetitia P.) Memoirs. Written by himself, 

&c. 2 vols. 12mo. . . . . . . , ib. 1761 

Phillips's (Mrs. T. Constantia) Apology for her Conduct, more particularly that part of it 

which relates to an eminent Dutch Merchant, (Mr. Muilman.) 3 vols. Svo. ib. 1748-9 
Memoirs of a Social Monster ; or the History of Charles Price, Sec. commonly called Old Patch. 

Containing an Account of his fraud and forgeries on the bank of England. 12mo. ib. 1786 
Adventures of an Actor, in the Characters of a Merry- Andrew, a Methodist Preacher, and a 

Fortune-Teller. l2tno. . . . . . . . ib. 

Hermetis Trismegisti Tractatus, &c. de Lapidis philosophici Secreto, &c. opera et studio Dom. 

Gnosii, Belgae. 12mo. ...... LijM. 1710 

Free-Masonry the Highway to Hell ; a Sermon. Bro. . . . Land, 1768 

Heaton's (James) Extraordinary Affliction and gracious Relief of a little Boy, &c. With ob* 

servations on Demoniac possession and Superstition. 2d edit \2mo. Pfynumtk, 1822 




Hau-Kiou-Ckoaan, or the Pleasing History ; a translation from the Chinese, &c. With notes 

by Bishop Percy. 4 vols. l2mo. ..... Lond,\l^i 

See PoBTicAL Works, vol. ix. p. 12. 

SmoUett's (Dr. Tobias) Adventures of Peregrine Pickle. JirBt edit 4 vols. 1 2mo. 

Lond. printed for the Author , 1751 
See Pbosi Works, voL iii. pp. 130-134. 

Haywood's (Mrs.) Select Collection of Novels and Histories. Written by the most celebrated 
Authors, in several Uuiguages. All new translated from the originals, by several hands. 
6 vols. l2i7to. . . . . . . i6. 1729 

Ccurroset^ (F. D., Lyonnois,) Histoire Generalc des Larrons. tm, 8oo. . Rouen, 1657 

Salkeld's (John) Treatise of Angels. Of the nature, essence, &c. &c. and all other properties 
of Angels. Collected out of the Holy Scriptures, Fathers, &c. 800. . Lond. 1613 

Fuller's (Thomas) Comment on Ruth. With two Sermons, &c. sm, Soo. . ib, 1654 

Centellas, (Don Diego de) Deceptio Fisus, or Seeing and Believing are two things. From 
the Spanish, sm, Svo. ....... t6. 1671 

Berkeley's (Bishop) Adventures of Signer Gaudentio di Lucca. 12 mo. . t^. 1803 

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partibus singulis universi, Libri 11. Svo, .... Antwerp. 1575 

Dunton's (John) England's Vanity, or, the Voice of God against the monstrous sin of Pride in 
Dress and Apparel, &c. Lond. 1683. — Five Sermons preached to the Societies for Reforma- 
tion of Manners in London and Westminster. By Shower, How, Chad wick, Alsop, and 
Oldfield. ib. 1687> 1688, 1689. sm. Svo. 


John Bon and Mast Person, (a Satire, tenip. Henry VIII.) B. L. with MS. note. Mo. 

reprinted, Lond. 

Kirk's (Rev. Robert, of Aberfoyle,) Essay of the Nature and Actions of the Subterranean 
(and for the most part) Invisible People, heretofoir going under the name of Elves, Faunes, 
and Fairies, or the lyke, among the Low Country Scots, &c. first printed 1691. With MS. 
note by Sir W» S. 4to. .... reprint. Edin. Ballanti/ne, 1815 

See NoiifS to Rob Ro^; Letters on Demonologjf. 

Reprinted Tracts. Lond. Triphook, 1815, 4*c. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

1. Old M^ of Hersfordflhire for a Mayd Ma^an, &c. , Lond. 1G09 

2, The Cold Yeare, 1614, Ac Written Dialogue-wise. , »6. 1G1.5 
X Life of Long Meg of Westminflter. . . . ib. 

4. FamouB Hiatorie of Fryer Bacon. With Lives, &c. of the Conjurors, Bungyc and Vandermast. ih. 

5. Hallli (Arthur, M.P.) Account of a Quarrel between him and Melchiaedeck Mallerie, Gent &c. t//. 


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&c. 1573. 4/0. ..... repr. Lond. Triphaok, 1814 

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by Mary Willcocks, alios Baker, &c. alias Caraboo, Princess of Javasu. ro^ Sro. ib, 1817 

Esquemeling's (John) Bucaniers of America, or, a True Account of the most remarkable 
Assaults committed of late years upon the Coasts of the West Indies by the Bucaniers of 
Jamaica and Tortuga, both English and Fn*nch, &c. Written originally in Dutch. 3 parts 
in 1 vol. 4/0. ....... ib, 1684 

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aux Fran9ois. 4/o. ...... Par, 1674 

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See PoKTiCAL Works, vol. iL pp. 276-278 ; vol. iii. p. 245 ; vol. vi. noU 2 A. ; Letten om Demomology^ Lett. 6. 

Torreblanca (Francisci) Epitome Delictorum, sive de Magia: in qua apcrta vel occulta 

Invocatio Dacmonis intervenit, &:c. i v. Libris. 4/o. . . . Lugd, 1 678 

Reraigii (Nicol.) Daemonolatreioe Libri in. : cz Judiciis capitalibus 90 plus minus hominum 

qui Sortilcgii crimen intra annos 15 in Lotharingia capitc luerunt. 8m,fol. ib. 1595 

See Letters on Denumoluffjfy p. 200. 

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Anges, Demons, et Ames, sc nioiistrans visibles aux honunes, &c. 4/o. Par. 1605 

Calendarium Naiuraie Magicutn Perpetuum, profundissimam Rerum Secretimtnarum can- 

tempkUianem totiusque Philosophiae copnitionem compiectena. MS. Mong 4to. 
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HoUe Warre. t^. 1639. /o/. 
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Schoolmaster ; 4. Letters. With Notes and Observations, and the Author^s Life, (by Dr. 

SamnelJohnson.) Edited by James Bennet. Uo. .... 116.1767 
See PorncAL Works, vol. v. p. 436 ; voL x. 252 ; vol. xu p. 68 ; Paoot Works, voL vi. p. 187. 


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raisonne des Ecrivains de cette Science, &c. 3 tom. 12mo. . . Parity 1742 

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monstrance du Pari, de Rouen au Roy Louis XIV. sm. Svo. . . ib. \tS\ 

Le Norman t, (J.) Histoire Veritable et Memorable de ce qui c' est pass^ sous 1' exorcisme des 
trois filles poss^dees ^s pais de Flandres, &c. Extr. des Memoires de Comte Destaire, Fr. 
Sebast. Michaelis, et Fr. Donsieux, &c. sm. %vo. ... %b, 1623 

Falconer's (John) Cri/ptomengsia Patefacta : or, the Art of Secret Information discloeed with- 
out a Key ; cent Rules for decyphering all manner of secret writings &c. Bva, Lomd. 1685 



Ciceron, (M. T.) Traite de la Divination, trad, par Regnier Dcsmarais. nouv edit augmentee 
d' un Discours d' Isocrate. 12mo. ..... Amst. 1711 

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cjiciendos e corporibus obsessis spiritos malignos, &c. sm, Svo, . Antv. 1635 

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Croix. l2mo. ....... Par. 1623 

Nande, (Gabriel) Instraction a la France 8ur la verite de Y Histoire des Freres de la Rose- 
Croix, sm. Svo, ....... ib, 1623 

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regime de Sante, refates ou cxpliqnes, &c. 2d edit, sm, 8po. . id. 1580 

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pass^^ tant en France, Espagne, Italie, Alcmagnc, Angleterre, qu' autres parties du Monde. 
Reyeu& et corrigees suyrant les premieres editions de 1556 et 1558. Svo. Rouen, 1649 

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&c. Adjouste quelques (Euvres de Michel Marot, fils de Clement Marot. rni, %vo, 

ib. 1560 

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II. josqu' S Louis le Grand. \2mo. ...... 2^.1693 

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les plus cuiieuses, pour se rejouir dans les compagnics. \2mo. Goiide, 1649 

Traite des Songes et Visions nocturnes, avec leur signification, &c. — Le Palais de la For- 
tune, ouvert aux Amateurs de la Loterie Royale de France, Sic. 1 2mo. Paris, 

Wither's (Geo.) Frapnenia Praphetica, &c. a Collection of the several Predictions dispersed 
thiongbout his works, &c. 12mo. ..... Lond. 1669 

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temps, adjoustees par F. de Belle Forest, Comingeois. sm. Svo. Paris, 1575 

Villanova, (Amoldi de) Tractatus Chemicus. Germanice, 1611. — Philosophi Anonymi 
TractatoB de Secretissimo Antiquorum Philosophorum Arcano. — Lasniori (Joannis) Trac- 
tatus II. de Lapide Philosophico. — Trithcmii (Joannis) Tractatulus iii. Chemicus, &c. 
sn. o9o» ..•••.... 161 1 

Ranzovii (Henrici) Tractatus Astrologicus de Genetliliacorum Thematum Judiciis, pro singulis 
Ba4i iioeidentibus. Svo. ...... Franco/. 1602 

Elidi, (Phil. Ludw.) Daemonomagia, sivc Libellus E^(arr,fiarixoi, de Daemonis Cacurgia, 
C^koomagorom et Lamiarum energia. Franco/. 1 607. — Pici Mirandulae (J. F.) Strix ; sive 
de Ladificatione Daemonum, Dialogi Tres. Itemque Epistola de quaestione, Utrum in non 
maritatis et castis mola possit gigni? op. et stud. C. Wcinrichii. Argent. 1612. 890. 
Wendelini (M. F.) Contemplationum Physicarum Sectio III. de Corporibus Ccelestibus, conti- 
Dens Uranologiam et Astrologiam, &c. 8ro. . • . . Hanoi?. 1652 

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8tom.l2mo. . . . . ' . Paris, 1751 



Bleadec^ (D. Charles^ Relig. de V Abbaye de Marchiennes^) Cinq Histoires Admirables etquelles 
est monstr^ comme miraculeusement par la vertu et poissance da S. Sacrement de V Autel, 
a este cbasse Beelzebub, Prince des DiableSj &c. bora des corps de diverses personnes, &c. 
en cette presente annec 1582^ en la rille, &c. de Soissons. Svo. . Paris, 1582 


Malleus Maleficarum : dc Lamiis et Strigibus^ et Sagis oliisque Magis et Dwmoniacis^ dec- 
Troctatus aliquot tarn vet. quam recent, auctorum. Tom. I. Jac. Sprpngeri et Henrici 
Institoris Inquisitorum Malleus Maleficarum. Joann. Nideri Formicarins de Maleficis, &c. 
\2mo, ........ Franco/. 1600 

See Letten on Demonologj/^ p. 200. 

La Fausscte des Miracles des Deux TestamenSj prouvce par le parallele avec de semblables 

prodiges operes dans diverses soctes. Ouvrage trad, du MS. Latin^ intitule, Tkecp/trastus 

Redivivus. sm. Svo, 
Daneau, (Lambert) Deux Traitoz Nouveaux, &c. Ic premier toucbant les Sorciers^ &c. le 

second. Sec. Remonstrance sur les jeux dc Cartes et de Dez. 2de. ^dit. \2mo. Gian. 1570 
Dialogue of Witches, in foretime named Lot-tellers^ and now commonly caUed Sorcerers^ 

&c. Written in Latin, and now translated into English. B, L, 12mo. Lond. 1575 

Prophetia Anglicana et Romana ; hoc est^ Merlini Ambrosii Britanni, &c. Vaticinia, &c ; eum 

VII libris Explanationum in eandem Propbetiam, &c. Alani de Insolis. Addita sunt 

Vaticinia et Praedictiones Joachimi Abbatis Colabri^ &c. 12mo. . JViaiic^ 1G08 

See Poetical Works, voL ▼. and vol. ix. p. 367. 

Prieur, (F. Claude) Dialogue de la Lycanthropie, ou Transformation d' hommes en loups^ rul- 
gairement dits Loups-garous, et si telle se pent faire, &c. 12mo. • Louoain, 1596 

See Letters on Demonoloffy^ p. 205. 

Birette, (Frere Sanson) Refutation de V errcur du vulgaire, toucbant les responces des diablcs 
cxorcisez. \2mo, ....... Rouen, 1618 

Ars Magica; sive Magia Naturalis et Artificiosa, &c. cui praeit Magia Superstitiosa^ de 
Dsemonum variis generibus, &c. 24mo. .... Francof. \QS1 

Pererii (Bened.) De Magia, de Obserratione Somniorum, et de Divinatione Astrologica, Librilll. 
&c. \2mo. ........ Cd. Agr. 1612 

Sinclaur's (Professor George) Satan's Invisible World Discorer'd, or, a Choice Collection of 
Modem Relations, proving evidently against the Atheists of this present age, that there are 
Devils, Spirits, Witches, &c. To all which is added that manrellous history of Major 
Weir and his Sister, the Witches of Bargarran, Pittenweem, and Calder, &c. fir^ edtt. 
With MS, note by Sir W, S. sm. 8w. . . . Edin. John Reid, 1685 

See LeUert on Demonology^ pp. 26'5, 296, &c. 

TYie Wixac, a subseqitent edition, sm, \2mo, .... Edim, 17^6 

Placet, (Fran9.) La Superstition du Temps reconnue aux Talismans, figures Astrales, et Stataea 

fatales ; centre un livrc anonyme, intitule, Les Talismans justifiez, &c. l2mo. Paris, 1*668 



Arbatel. ( ) de Magia Vetemm, — Suxnmam Sapicntiae Studium. 12mo, Basil. \57!i 
Artemidonis, Lea Jngemeiia Aatronomiqaes des Songcs. Angment^ par Aug. Niphc sur les 

Angurea. £t on Traicte sur les Divinations, par Ant. du Moulin. 12mo. Rouen, 
Ramesay'a (Wm.) Fox Stellarum, or the Voice of the Starres, &c. (Dedicated to his father, 

D. Ramesay, dock-maker to K. Charles I.) With MS. note by Sir W. S. \2mo. Land. 1652 

See NoU to Fortmmt of Nigel. 

TiyoD's (Thomas) Treatiae of Dreams and Visions, &c. 2d edit. \2mo. ib. 1695 

The same, lit edit under the psendonyme of Philotheos Phyeiologus. \2mo. ib. no date. 

See Life, voL iii. p. 7. 

Viret, (Peter) The Worlde possessed with Deuils, &c. In 2 parts, translated out of Frencli 
hy Thomas Stocker. B. L. . . . . ib. 1 583 

ViUars, (Ahb^ de) The Count of Gabalis, or the Extravagant Mysteries of the Cabalists 

exposed, in five pleasant Discourses on the Secret Sciences. Done into English, with short 

animadversions hy the translator, P. A., Gent. sm. Svo. . ib. 1680 

See Introduction to 7*he Monastery. 

Androl, (Pere) Les G^nies Assistans et Gnomes Irreconciliahles, ou Suite au Comte dc Gahalis. 

em. Svo. . . . . Ixi Haye, 1718 

W— , (J ) the Question of Witchcraft Dehated, or, a Discourse against their opinion 

that afiirm Witches, &c. em. Svo. ..... Lond. 1669 

Mather's (Rev. Cotton) Wonders of the Invisible World. Observations, as well Historical as 

Theological, upon tlie Nature, the Number, and the Operations of the Devils, &c. etn. Svo. 

Boston, N. E. 1693 
— - Memorable Providences relating to Witchcrafts and Possessions : a faithful account of 

many wonderful and surprising things that have befallen several bewitched and possessed 

persons in New England, &c. \2mo. Boston, printed, Edin. repr. by A. Anderson, 1697 

See LeUen on Demonology^ pp. 265-272. 

TaiUepied, (F. N.) Traitede 1' Apparition des Esprits, &c. \2mo. . Rouen, 1602 

Histoire Prodigieuse et Lamentable du Docteur Fauste, avcc sa mort 6pouvantable, &c. 2de 

^it. I2mc. ........ Paris, 1603 

Histoire Prodigieuse d' un Gentilhomme, auqucl le Diable s' est apporu, ct avec lequel il a 

convent, sousle corps d' une femme morte. f^. 1613. 12mo. (re^impression.) 
Bovet's (Richard) Pandcemonium, or, the Devil's Cloyster ; being a farther blow to Modem 
Sadduceism, proving the existence of Witches and Spirits, &c. l2nio. Ij)nd. 1684 

See Note to Ths Heart of Mid-Lothiun^ where the Author^s name is erroneously given Barton ; 

PoKTicAL Works, vol. u. pp. 278-9, and 312-.15. 

The Drummer of Tedworth, containing the whole Story of that Daemon, on which is founded 
the new Comedy of the Drummer, &c. With a large relation of the Marlborough Ghost, 
seen frequently in the day time, by Mr. J. Sacheverell. Svo. . . ib. 1716 

Hall's (Dr. John, Bishop of Norwich,) Fiery Darts quenched, or Temptations Repelled. In 3 
Decades. l2mo. . . . . ib. 1647 



Tandleri (Tob.) Dissertaiiones Physicae Medicae. 1. De Spectris^ &c. 2. De Fascino et In- 
caDtationc. 3. De Melancholia, &c. 4. De Melancliolicorum Vaticiniifly &c 5. De Noc-* 
tisurgio, &c. &c. sm, Svo. ...... I^euc. Atk. 1613 

(P. A. D. M.) Le Texte d' Alchemie, et le Songe-Verd. em. Svo. Pane, 1695 

Rosencreutz's (Christian) Hermetick Romance : or the Chymical Wedding. Written in High 
Dutch. Translated by E. Foxcroft. em. Svo. , . Lond, 1690 

Salter's (James) Calliope's Cabinet open ; wherein Gentlemen may be informed how to adorn 
themselves for Funerals, Feastings, and other Hcroick Meetings, &c. 12mo. ib, 1665 

Full and Impartial Account of the late tragical Duel between H. G. the Duke of Hamilton, 
and Lord Mohun, 12mo. . . . . . . .1713 

English Topographical Tracts. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. RogeT8*8(N.) Memoiis of Monmouthshire, andently called Gwent . . Land. 17 OB 

2. BenUy*8 (WiUiam) Hallifax and its Oibbet-Law placed in a true light, &c. To which are added, the 

Unparalleled Tragedies committed by Sir John Eland, &e. ... A. 1708 

3. Davis^s (J.) Ancient Rites and Monuments of the Monastical and Cathedral Church of Durham. 

tcantt title, ........ [ib. 1671] 


Almanacks for the year 1 680, by various Astrologers, beginning with Lilly's Merlini Anglici 

Ephemeris. \2vio. . . . . . . . U>. 1680 

See PoKTicAL Works, vol. iz. p. 10. 

Fifteen Almanacks for the year 1720; beginning with the Ladies' Diary. 12f7:o. ih, 1720 

Af engi, (F. Hieron.) Flagdlum Daemonum ; Exorcismos tcrribiles, potentissimos^ et efiicaces, 

&c. &c. complcctens. Accessit Pars secunda^ quae Fuetie Daemonum inscribitur, &c. 

With MS, note by Sir W. S. sm. Svo. .... Fenet. 1509 

See Letters on Demonoiogy^ p. 200. 

Aubin, ( ) Histoirc des Diablcs de Loudun, ou de la Possession des Religieuses Ursulines, 

et de la condamuation et du suplice d' Urbain Grandier, &c. 24mo. . Amet. 1693 

Menardayc, (M. de la) Examen et Discussion Critique dc V Histoire des Diables de Loadun, 

&c. em. Svo. ....... Parie, 1747 

Glanvill's (Jos.) Blow at Modem Sadducism; in some Philosophical Considerations about 

Witchcraft^ &c. sm. Svo, ...... Lond. 1668 

Vaughan's ( ) Euphrates^ or the Waters of tlie East ; being a Short Discourse of that 

Secret Fountain whose Water flows from Fire, and carries in it the beams of the Sun and 

Moon. By Eugenius Philaiet/tes. \2mo. . . . . . ib. 1655 

Secrets Revealed; or an Open Entrance to the Shut Palace of the King; containing the 

greatest Treasure in Chymistry, never yet so plainly discovered. By Irenaeue Phikdethee. 

Translated by W. C. \2mo. . . . . . id. 1669 

Accredited Ghost Stories. Collected by T. M. Jarvis^ Esq. \2mo. . id. 1823 

Eclaircissemeut des Veritables Quatrains dc Maistre Michel Nostradamus^ &c. &c. 12mo. 1656 


Skelvei 16, 17. MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, DEMONOLOOY, &c. Pbsu 0. 

Bekker, (Baithasar) Le Monde Enchant^, ou, Ezamen dea oommuns Seotimens touchant les 
BspritB, leor natare, leur pouyoir, leur administration, et lean operations, 8cc. Trad, du 
Hollandois. 4 torn. Anut, 1694. — Id6e Qininle de la Th^logie Payenne, servant de 
Refutation an Systemede Mr. Bekker,&c Par Mr. B*** Itom. Ani^.lSdd. 5 torn. 12iwo. 

— ^— The World Bewitched ; or an Examination of the common opinions concerning Spirits : 

Sec, Transl. from a French copy. vol. 1. only. l2mo. Lond.1605 

See PoxncAL Works, voL ii. p. 249. 

Lemnii (Levini) de Miraculia Occoltis {Naturae Libri iv. &c. 12mo. Franco/, 1598 

Ortnlns Anime. Ut goik, fig, depict, foL Imp, per (tuL Schaffener, m.ccoc.xcviii. 
With MS, notice prefixed, 

Trinam Magicum, sive Secretorum Magicorum Opus: continens, 1. De Magia Natural], Ar~ 
tificiosa, et Snperstitiosa Bisquisitiones^ &c, 2, Theatmm Naturae, &c. &c. 3. Oracula 
Zoroastrb, et Mysteria Mysticae Philosophiae Hebraeorura, Chaldacorum, &c. Edit a 
Caesare LoDgino, Philos. }2mo, ..... Franc, 1616 

Coras, (Jean de, ConseiUor^) Arrest Memorable du Parlemcnt dc Tholose ; contenant une 
Histoire prodigiense d' on suppose Mary, (Martin Guerre) &c. — Paraphrase sur 1' Edict 
des Mariages clandestinement contractez^ 8cc, Svo, , Paris, 1572 

Cocles, (Berthelemy) Le Compendion et brief Enseigncment de Physiognomic et Chiromancie, 
&c. &c. With MS, noU by Sir W, S. \2mo, ib. P, Drouart, 1546 

Pr§dictton de la Vision prodigieuse d' un Aigle ^uvantable, apparu le 25 Juillet^ 1 622^ entrc 
la Nonnandie et la Bretagne, &c. 12mo. ..... ib, 1022 

Hailes's (Lord) Little Freeholder, a Dramatic Entertainment, sm, Svo, Lond, 1790 

Last Speech, Confession, and Dying Words of Nicol Muschat of Boghall, Esq. who was ex- 

ecated at Edinburgh, 1721, for the horrid and bloody murder of his own wife^ &c. — Letter 

sent by the Lady Boghall to her Son, Nicol Muschat, Sec, 12mo. reprint, Edin, 1721 

See PoancAL Works, toI. iii p. 100 ; Note to Heart (/ Mid-Lofhian, 

Life of Alexander Alexander; vmtten by himself, edited by John Howell. 2 toIb,/c. 8vo. t^. 1830 


Ps^us, (Mich.) De Operatione Daemonum Dialogus. Gr. et Lat. Cum notis Gaulmini, &c. 

Paris. 1615. — ^Idem. Trad, en Fran9oy8 par Pierre Moreau, Touranio, &c. ib, 1577. sm, Svo. 
Ghifiarel, (M. J.) Curiositcz Inouyes sur la Sculpture Talismanique des Persans. Horoscope 

des Patriarches. Et Lecture des Estoillcs. sm, Svo, Rouen, 1681 

Casanbon's (Dr. Meric) Treatise proving Spirits, Witches, and Supernatural Operations, Sec, 

With MS. note by Sir W. S. Svo. . , Lond. 1672 

History of the Witches of Renfrewshire, burnt on the Gkdlow-grecn of Paisley. 12ino. 

Pam. 1809 
Naudaens's (Gab.) History of Magick, by way of Apology for all the wise men who have 

been unjustly reputed Magicians. Englished by J. Davies. sm. Svo, Lond. 1657 

See Letten on Demonolopy^ Lett. 6. 

145 T 


RoBsety (Fr. de) Histoires Tragiqnes de notre temps^ &c. Morts funestes de plasiean peraonnes, 
arnTees par leursambitioDSy amours deregl^y sortileges, &c dem.idit, Mn.800. Ir|foit,l669 

Pomponatii (Pet) De Natoralium Effectoum Causis, siye de Incantationibas, &c. adjuds 
Scholiis a Qui. Grataro. 9m, 800. ..... Ba$ii. 1556 

Demons, (J. Conseiller d' Amiens) La Seztessence Diallactique et Potentielle, tir^ par une 
nonyelle fa^on d' alambiquer, soivant les precepts de la saincte Magie. Pair. 1595— La 
Demonstration de la Quatriesme partie de Rien, et Qnelque Chose, et Tout, avec la Quint- 
essence du Quart de Rien, &c. Dedite a la Ville d' Amiens, wanti Hde, 8cw. 

Perkins's (Rev. William) Discourse of the Damned Art of Witchcraft, so farre forth as it is 
revealed in the Scriptures, &c. Published by T. Pickering, B.D. 9m. 8eo. Camb. 1608 

Baxter's (Richard) Certainty of the World of Spirits, fully evinced by the unquestionable 

Histories of Apparitions, &c. l2mo, .... Land. ^B^\ 

See Letters on DemoHoloffy^ p. 246. 

Hallywell's (Henry) Metampronoea, or Discourse of the Polity and Kingdom of Darkness, 
&c. sm, Svo, . . . . . t&. 1G81 

Perreaud, (F.) Demonologie, ou Traitte des Demons et Sorciers, &c. Ensemble 1' Antidemon 
de Mascon, &c. 12mo. ...... Genive, 1653 

Julii Obsequentis Liber de Prodigiis, cum Lycosthenis Supplemento, et annot J. Schefferi. 
sm, Svo. Amst. 1879 

Acontii (Jac.) Satanae Stratagematum Libri viii. l2mo, wants title. {_Lond. 1552]] 

Nynauld, (Dr. J. de) De la Lycanthropie, Transformation, et Eztasc des Sorciers, &c. avec la 

Refutation des argumens contraires de Bodin, dans sa Demonomanie. \2fno. Par. 1615 

See Lettert on Demondogjf^ p. 205. 

Boulton's (Richard) Compleat History of Magick, Sorcery, and Witchcraft, &c With MS. 
note by Sir W. S. 2vol8. l2mo. .... Land. E. CurB, 1715-10 

Vindication of the same, in answer to Dr. Hutchinson's Historical Essay. 12mo. ib.wantatitU. 

Cullen's (Fr. Grant, afterwards Lord,) True Narrative of the Sufferings and Relief of a young 

Girle (Christian Shaw) strangely molested by Evil Spirits, and their Instruments. With 

the Trial of the Seven Witches, who were condemned to be execute in the West (The 

materials collected by J. MacGilchrist, Town Clerk of Glasgow.) tm. Svo. Edin. 1698 

See Letter* on Demamtogy^ p. 261. 

Tracts. In 1 vol. tm. Svo. containing, 

1 . Lavateri (Lud.) De Spectris, Lemuribiifl, &c. yaziiBque Praesagitionibus quae plenunqiie oMtmn Homi- 

num, &c. praecedunt. Liber unuB. ediOo prima. .... Oemev.lS7S 

2. Paracelsus, (Phil. Theophrestus) The Nature of Things. Nine Books. Lomd. 1674 

3. Casaubon^s (Dr. Meric) Treatise ooDceming Enthusiasme, as it is an effect of nature ; but is mistaken 

by many fbr either Divine Inspiiation or Diabolicall Possession. 2d edit. With MS. motet by Dr. 
Farmer. ........ A, 1656 

P , (S ) Mundorum Easplicatio, or Explanation of an Hicroglyphical Figure, wherein 

are couched the Mysteries of the External, Internal, and Eternal Worlds, &c. a Sacred 

Poem. Svo. , . . . . . ib. 1GG1 


Skel9e$ 17, 18. MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, DEMONOLOOY, &c. Prjws 0. 

Masse, (Pierre) De 1' Imposture et Tromperie des Diables, Devins, Enchanteurs, Sorciers, Sec. 

qui, par Invocation Diabolique, &c. abusent le penple. sm, Svo. . Par. 1579 

Benoist, (M. R.) Traict^ enaeignant en bref Ics causes des Malefices, Sortileges, et Enchan- 

teriea^ &c. pour empecher 1' action et exercice du manage, &c. am, 8vo, ib, 1579 

Diacours Admirable, See. des choses advenues en la Ville de Mons en Hainaut, a 1' endroit 

d' une Religieuse possess^e, et depuis delivr^, &c. 8vo. Douay, 1586 

Heretical Tracts. 1 vol. 44o. containing, 

1. Fowler^ (Rev. Cfariit) Daemtmimm Meridianum. Satan at Noon, &c. &c. Relation of the Proceed- 

ing! of the CommiMioners of the County of Berks, authorized by the Ordinance for Ejection against 

John Poidage, late Miniiter of Bndfield, &c. 2 parts. Lond. 1 656 

See Pmwb Woiuu» toL L p. 990. 

2. Claztnn^ (Laur.) A Six^e Eye, All Lig^t, No Darkness ; or Light and Darkness One, &c. ib. no date. 

3. — Lost Sheep Found ; or the Prodigal returned to his Father^ house, &c. &c With MS. note by 

SirW.S.. . . . . . ih. 1660 

See Pmmm Wobxs» toL zviii. pp. 85-89. 

Memoires Authentiques, &c du Comte de Cagliostro. 12mo. Par. 1786 

Salmasii (Gl.) De Annis Climactericis, et Antiqua Astrologia, Diatribae. sm. 8fo. Lug. Bat. 1648 


Le Normant, (Joann.) Vera ac Memorabilis Historia de tribus Energumenis in partibus 
Belgii, &c. et Tractatus de Vocatione Magorum, &c. tm. %f>o. Par. 1623 

Tracts on Witchcraft, &c. 1 vol. 8oo. containing, 

1. Michaelif^ (Sebeit) Admirable History of the Possession and ConTersion of a Penitent Woman, 

seduced by a Magician, that made her to become a Witch, &C. . Lomd.XSl^ 

2. Glannll^ («!<»•) Philosophical Endeavour towards the Defence of the Being of Witches and Appari- 

ti<niB, &c ........ ti6. 1666 

Discourse on Witchcraft ; occasioned by a Bill, now depending in Parliament to repeal the 
Statute of K. James I. &c In seven Chapters. Sw>. . ib. 1736 

See Letten on Demonotopyf p. 264. 

Qifford's (Bey. Geo.) Dialogue concerning Witches and Witchcrafts, &c. B. L. ^to. ib. 1603 

Beaumont's (John) Historical, Physiological, and Theological Treatise of Spirits, Apparitions, 

Witchcrafts, &c With a Refutation of Bekker's World Bewitch'd, &c. (Attributed to 

Daniel Defoe.) 800. . . . . ib. 1705 

See Prosb Works, voL iv. pp. 258-9. 

Hutchinson's (Rev. Dr. Francis) Historical Essay concerning Witchcraft. With Observations 
upon Matters of Fact, &c. Also, Two Sermons. 2d edit Svo. ib. 1720 

SeeLettenom DemonoHogy. 

Du Lude's (Comte) Ao/fMnoXo/ia : or a Treatise of Spirits, &c. With an Appendix containing 
Reflections on Boulton's Answer to Dr. Hutchinson's Historical Essay, kc. Lond. 1723. 
—The Ax laid to the Root of Popery, &c. by the same. ib. 1721. Svo. 


PrissO. ABBOTSFORD library. Skdf IS. 

Trial of Richard Hathaway^ at Surrey Assizes, 24th March 1702, on an information for being 
a Cheat and Impostor, and endeavouring to take away the life of Sarah Mordnck, on a false 
accusation of Witchcraft, &c. Svo, ..... Land. 1754 

Authentic, &c. Narrative of the astonishing Transactions at Stock well in Surrey, on the 6th 

and 7th of January 1772, &c. Svo, ...... t6. 1772 

See LiUen om Demomolog^^ p. 365. 

Exact Narrative of many surprising Matters of Fact, uncontettably wrought by an Evil Spirit, 
in the House of Master Jan Smagge, Fanner, &c. in Essex, on the 10th, Idth, 14th, 15th, 
and 16th September last, &c. Svo. ...... t6. 1709 

Witches apprehended, examined, and executed, &c. The severall and damnable practices of 
Mother Sutton, and Mary Sutton, her daughter, of Milton Milles, &c. B. L. 4to. ib. no date, 

Taylor's (Jos.) Apparitions : or, the Mystery of Ghosts, Hobgoblins, and Haunted Houses de- 
veloped, &c. 2d edit Svo, . . , id, 1S15 

History of the damnable Life and deserved Death of Dr. John Faustus, &c. Lond. 1690. — 
Second Report of Dr. John Faustus, declaring how he was amongst the Infernal Spirits, &c. 
f^. 1680. B, L. 4to. 

Maieri (Michaclis) Symbola Aurea Duodecim Nationum, &c. Franco/, 1617. — Ejnsdem Jocus 
Sevcrus, &c. ib. 1617. — Ejnsdem Lusus Serins, &c. Oppenh, 1619. — Ejusdem Tractatus 
de CSrculo physico, quadrate, hoc est Auro, &c. ib, 1616. — Uo, 

Tripus Aureus, hoc est, Tres Tractatus Chimici, &c. 1. Basil Valentini Practica, &c. 

2. Thomae Nortoni Crede Mihi, &c. 3. Cremeri Testamentum. 4fo. Franc. 1618 

Scot! (Michaelis) Liber Physionomiae. editio princeps, 4^o. wants tide, [m.coclxxvii.^ 

Lilly's (William) Christian Astrology, modestly treated in 3 books, &c. 4(^. Lond, 1647 

Starry Messenger, or Interpretation of that strange Apparition of three Suns, seen in 

London 1 6th November 1 644, being the Birth Day of King Charles. 4to. . t^. 1 645 

Collection of Ancient and Modem Prophecies concerning these present times, &c. 4to, 

ib. 1645 

Astrologicall Prediction of the Occurrances in England, part of the yeers 1648, 1649, 

and 1650. 4to. . . . . . . . . ib, 1648 

Poole's (John) Country Astrology. In three books, &c. With MS, note by Sir W. S. 4io. 

ib. 1650 

Agrippa, (Hen. Com.) Of the Vanitie and Uncertaintie of Artes and Sciences. Englished by 

James Sandford, Gent. &c. B. L, 4fto. . , ib. H. Bynneman, 1 575 

See Prose Works, vol. ii. pp. 295-6. 

Three Books of Occult Philosophy. Translated by J. F. 4to. wants tide, [ib. 1651] 

See Letterton Demomdogy. 

A Bright Northem Star discovering the Fate of Great Britain, &c. 4to. wants title, but about 1 650 

Wharton's (Sir George, Bart.) Works. Collected into one entire volume. By J. Gadbury. 

With MS, note by Sir W. S. Svo, . . . Lond. 1683 

See Letten on Demonoloffy, p. 336. 



CampbeU's (Dr. John) Hermippus Redivimu : or the Sage's Triamph over Old Age and the 
G^ve ; wherein a metliod is laid for prolonging the Life and Vigour of lian^ &c. 2d edit. 
With MS. notes. ....... Lomd. 1749 

Tracts on New England Witches^ &c. 1 vol. 4to. containing^ 

1. Mather** (Rev. Cotton) Wonden of the InTisible Worid, &c A, rtprwUd/wr Jokm DmHku^ 1698 

2. The aame, $econd edition^ greatly enlarged. ..... A. 1698 

3. Mather*8 (Increase) Farther Account of the Tiyals of the New England Witcbei, Ac. a&. 1698 

4. Confeasion of Rebecca West of Colchester, in Essex, (shewing how she was manned to the DeviL) ib. 

5. Tzyals of 4 Quakers for sereral great Misdemeanon, &c before a Court of Quakers at Philadelphia, 

December 1692. ..*...•&. 1693 

8m LtUen em Demamokgpt pp. fl6&-t7S* 

More Wonders of the Invisible World, &c. In five parts : 1. Cotton Mather's Account of the 
Snfierings of Margaret Rule, &c. &c. Collected by Robert Calef, merchant of Boston, in 
New England. l2mo. Land. 1700. reprinted Salem, 1S2B 

Webster's (David) Collection of Rare and Curious Tracts on Witchcraft and the Second Sight 
With an Original Essay on Witchcraft. (Containing, 1, 2. Damnable Life of Dr. Fian, 1591. 
3. Extract from K. James's Daemonologie. 4-9. Letters, &c. about tlie Witches of Pitten- 
weem, Borrowstouness, Eyemouth, Kirkaldy, and Torrybum. 10. Frazer's Discourse con- 
cerning Second Sight. 1707.) Svo. .... Edin. 1820 

Glanvil's (Joseph) Sadudemus Triumphattis ; or Full and Plain Evidence respecting Witches 

and Apparitions. In 2 parts, &c. Zd edit. 8tw. Ixmd. 1700 

See PoRiCAL Works, toL tl mie 2 E ; LgtUn on Denumtdogy p. 123, &c 

Philosophical Con8iderationstouchingtheBeingofWitchesandWitchcraft,&c. Ato. t^.l667 

Defoe's (Daniel) System of Magick, or History of the Black Art Being an Historical Ac- 
count of Mankind's most early dealing vnth the Devil, and how the acquaintance on both 
sides first began. Sw. . . . . t^. 1727 

Complete Wizzard. Collection of Authentic Narratives, &c. of Ghosts, &c. Instancesof the eflRdcta 
of Witchcraft ; Account of Haunted Houses ; and a Treatise on Magic. 8eo. ib, 1770 

Saddueismus DebeStUus, or Truo Narrative of the Sorceries and Witchcrafts exercised, &c. 
upon Mrs. Christian, daughter of Mr. John Shaw of Bargarran, &c. &c. With Reflections 
upon Witchcraft in general, &c. 4fto. . ib. 1998 

See Letten on Lhtnomoiogy^ p. 261. 

J , (Rev. T ) Vindication of the Surey Demoniack as no Impostor; &c. a Reply to 

Mr. Zachariah Taylor's Pamphlet, called the Surey Impostor, &c.r— The Lancashire Levite 

rebuked ; or a Farther Vindication of the Dissenters from Popery, Superstition, &c. unjustly 

charged upon them by Mr. Z. Taylor, &c. 4to. . . t;^. 1^93 

See Ldten <m Demomology^ p. 228. 

True and Impartial Relation of the information against three Witches, &c convicted at the Asstaes, 

&c. at Exon, 14tli August 1682. Witli their Confessions and Speeches, &c. 4to. ib. 1882 

See Letten on Demonoloffjf^ p. 261. 


PRE88 0. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves 19, 20. 

Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1 . True and Surpriung Account of a Natuial Sleep- Walker. Bead before the Philosophical Society of 

Lausanne. From the French. ...... Edim. 1792 

2. Bell's (M. le Docteur) Principles of Animal Electricity and Magnetiflm, &c. 1 792 
.3. Villars^s (Abb^ de) Count de Gabalis ; being a diverting History of the Bodcrucian doctrine of Spirits, 

&c With Bayle'B Account of the Work, and of the Sect of Boeicrudana . LomtL I7li 

Foot's (Jesse) Lives of A. Robinson Bowes, Esq. and the Countess of Strathmore. Svo. 


Substance of the Trials of Skelton, Sutherland, M 'Donald, Macintosh, Napier, Grotto, &c. for 

Murder and Robbing on the Streets of Edinburgh, 3l8t December, 1811 and 1st January 

1812. 12mo. . . . Leitk, 1812 

See LiPK, voL ii. p. 391. 

Life of Dick England and Captain England, of Turf memory. 2d edit Svo. Lond. 1792 
Memoirs of Mrs. BiUington, Sic, Containing a variety of matter, ludicrous, theatrical, 

musical, &c. Svo, . . . . . ib, 1792 

Account of the Life, Trial, and Execution of James Bolland, executed March 1772, for 

Forgery. Svo, . . . . , ib, 1772 

Life of John Mctcalf, commonly called Blind Jack of Knaresborough, &c. With particulars 

relating to the expedition against the Rebels in 1745. 5t/i edit. l2mo. ib. 

See Note to Bedgawmtlet. 

Webster's (David) Scotch Haggis ; consisting of Anecdotes, Jests, curious and rare Articles 
of Literature, Epitaphs and Inscriptions. 890. .... Edin. I S22 

Melton's (John) Astrologaeter, or, the Figure-Caster ; rather the Arraignment of Artlesse 
Astrologers and Fortune-tellers, once again brought to the Barrc^ &c. With MS. note by 
Sir W. S. sm. 4tto. . . Lond. 1620 

Life and Character of Mrs. Mary Moders, alias Stedman, alias Carleton, alias Mary , the 

famous German Princess. Being an Historical Relation of her Birth and Fortunes, Sec. 
Together with her Tragical Fall at Tyburn, January 22, 1678, 2d edit. Svo. id, 


Lancre, (Pierre de) Tableau de 1' Inconstance des Mauvais Anges et Demons. Ou il eat am- 
plement traict^ des Sorciers et de la Sorcellerie. Avec la Procedure a 53 Magidens, Sec, 
a Logrogne, le 9 Nov. 1610. With MS, note by Sir W. S. 4to. . Paris, 1613 

L' Incredulite et Mescreance du Sortilege plainement convaincue ; ou il est traict^, &c. 

du Sortilege, de la Fascination, de 1' Attouchement, du Scopelisme, de la Divination, de la 

Ligature Magique, des Apparitions, Sic. 4>to, . . ib. 1622 

See Letten on Demonology^ p. 201. 

Frommann, (J. C.) Tractatus de Fascinatione, &c. in que Fascinatio Vulgaris profligatur, Na- 

turalis confirmatur, Magica examinatur, &c. Ado. . Norimb. 1 675 

Thyraei (Pat. Petri) de Apparitionibus Spirituum Tractatus duo. &c. 4to. Cd, Ayripp, 1605 


Skeivei 20, 21. MAGIC, WITCHCRAFT, DEMONOLOOY, 8cc. Press 0. 

Th3nraei (Pat Petri) Dfcmoniaci, h, e. Do Obsessis a Spiritibus Daemoniorum Hominibus, Liber 

unus. &c. edit. 2da. — Loca Infesta, h. e, De Infestis, ob molestantes Deemoniorum et 

defunctorom Hominum Spiritus, Locis, Liber unus. &c. Accessit ejusdem Libellus de 

Terricnlamentb noctumis, &c. 4to. .... Cd* Agripp, \5^S 

See PoBTia.lL Works, vol. iii. p. 245. 

Aactores de Stigmatibus. 1 torn. 4to. containing, 

1. (Estermanni (Petri) CommeDt Jurid. ad S. Stigmata. C. de Fabricensibus, 12 sectionibus dist. et plu- 

limiajucundis hifltoriifl,&c. illustratua. .... Col. Apr. Wi^ 

3. Joidanaei (Joan.) Disputatio, &c. de Proba Stigmatica, utrum sc. ea licitasit, necne. &c. ib. 1630 

3. LaTinaiiii, (PauL) ProoeesuB Juridicua contra Sagas et Veneficos. {in German). ih, 1629 

4. Defonaio Probae Stigmaticae et Magistratuura. .... wani.i title. 

6ode!manni (J. G.) Tractatus de Magis, Veneficis, et Lamiis, deque his recte cognoscendis et 
puniendis. Libris iii. 4^o. . . ... Franco/, 1601 

Historia Deomm Fatidiconim, vatum Sybillarum, Pboebadum, apud prisco8 illustrium : cum 
eorum IconibuB. Praep. est Dissert, de Divinatione et Oraculis. 4/o. t^. 1680 

Torreblanca, (Franc.) Dsmonologia : sive de Magia Naturali, Deemoniaca, licita et iJlicita, 
deque aperta et occulta interventione et invocatione Dcemonis. 4/o. . Mogunt 1623 

Bodin, (Jean) De la Demonomanie des Sorciers, (avec Refutation des Opinions de Jean 

Vvier.) 4to. ....... Pari$, 1580 

See Lettert on Demonulogy. 

Museum Hermeticum, &c. Continens Tractatus Ch}7nicos novem praestantissimos, &c. de 
Benedicto Lapide Sapientum. 4fo. ..... Franco/. 1625 

Billy, (Jacques de) Le Tombeau de V Astrologie Judiciaire. 4to. . Parti, 1 657 

Mitchell's (W. A.) Essay on Capacity and Genius, to prove that there is no original mental 
superiority between the most illiterate and learned of Mankind ; and that no genius, 
whether individual or national, is innate, but solely produced by, and dependent on circum- 
stances. Also, an Enquiry into the nature of Ghosts, &c. royal 800. NevDcasUe, 

Hamilton's (Mrs. Eliz.) Series of Popular Essays, &c. on the Improvement of the Understand- 
ing, the Imagination, and the Heart. 2 vols. Soo. . Edin, 1813 

Knight's (Richard Payne) Analytical Inquiry into the Principles of Taste. 4M edit. 8w. 

Lond. 1818 

Leslie's (Prof. John) Philosophy of Arithmetic, exhibiting a Progressive View of the Theory 
and Practice of Calculation. Svo. ..... Edin. 1817 


Webster's (John) Displaying of Supposed Witchcrafl; wherein is affirmed that there are 

many sorts of Deceivers and Impostors, &c. But that there is a Corporeal League made 

betwixt the Devil and the Witch, &c. &c. is utterly denied and disproved, &c. /ol. 

Lond. 1677 
See PosTiCiiL Works, voL ii pp. 303-5 ; iVbtM to Fortunes of Nigel ; Letters on Demonlopy^ S[c. 

153 U 


Gadbury's (John) Tin&'Ktakoyia^ or, the Doctrine of Nativities ; containing the whole Art, &c. 
whereby any Man, &c. may be enabled to discover the most remarkable and occult Acci- 
dents of his Life, &c. foL ...... Land. 1661 

See Letten on Dmrnmologj/j p. 3S6. 

Reynolds's (John) Triumphs of God's Revenge against the crying and execrable Sinnc of (wilfull 
and premeditated) Murther. With his miraculous Discoveries and severe Punishments 
thereof. In 30 severall Tragicall Histories, &c. 2d edit, /ol. . . ib. 1640 

Johnson's (Capt. Charles) History of the Lives and Actions of the most ftmious Highwajrmen, 
Murderers, Street-Robbers, Pirates, Sec, /ol, . . . . ib, 1742 

Clavell's (R.) General Catalogue of Books printed in England since the dreadful Fire of Lon- 
don, 1666, to the end of Trinity Term, 1680 ; and 2 Supplements to Hilary Term, 1681. — 
Catalogus Librorum Latinorum in diversis Europae partibus impressorum, ab anno 1670 
usque ad annum 1680. /bl. ...... ib. 1680-1 

Strutt's (Joseph) Horda^Angd-Cynnan, or Complete View of the Manners, Customs, Arms, 
Habits, &c. of tlie Inhabitants of England, from the Arrival of the Saxons till the Reign of 
Henry VIII. 3 vols. 4/o. ..... . ib. 1775-6 

Regal and Ecclesiastical Antiquities of England ; containing the Representations of all 

the English Monarchs, from Edward the Confessor to Henry VIII. new edit. With Sup- 
plement. 4to. . . . . . . . . ib. 1793 

Chronicle of England, (from Arrival of Csesar to the Conquest) 2 vols. 4/(0. ib. 1777-8 

Complete View of the Dress and Habits of the People of England, from tlie Establish- 

iiient of the Saxons in Britain to the present time. 2 vols. 4/o. . . ti^. 1796 

— Sports and Pastimes of the People of England, including the Rural and Domestic Recre- 
ations, May-Games, Mummeries, Pageants, Processions, and Pompous Spectacles, from the 
earliest period to the present time. 4eto. , . . . . ib. IS0\ 

— The same. 2d edit. With the Plates cdoured. 4to. . . . ib. 1810 

See Introducticm to Waverley Novels, voL i. 

Biographical Dictionary of Engravers, from the earliest period of the Art of Engraving 

to the present time, and a List of their most esteemed works. 2 vols. 4/o. ib. 1 785-6 

— Test of Guilt, or Traits of Ancient Superstition, a Dramatic Tale, em, 4to. ib. 1 808 





Chaucer's (Geffrey) Works. /oL B. L. wants title, S^. [^Lond. J km Wight, 1561] 

■ Works. Newly printed. (With six pieces, not in the former impression.) Edited by 

Thomas Speght. B. L. fd. .... ib. Ad. lelip. 1602 

See PoBncAL Works, pamm. 



Chaucer's (Geffirey) Canterbury Tales. To which are added^ an Essay on his Language and 
Versification^ and an Introductory Discourse ; together with Notes and a Glossary. By the 
late Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq. 2d edit. 2 vols. 4to. . Oxford, 1798 

Drayton's (Michael) Poltfolbion, A Chorographical Description^ &c. of this renowned Isle of 

Great Britain. Digested into a Poem. fol. .... Lond, 1622 

Garrick's Copy, with his autograph memorandum. 

The same^ the first Eighteen Books. Ist edit. /ol. . ib. 1G13 

See PomcAL WoaKs, voL ri. note 2 O. 

Boswell's (Sir Alex.) Woo-Crecl, or the Bill o' Bashan, a Tale. 4to. Auchinleck, 18U) 

Songs of the Justiciary Opera. Composed fifty years ago by C M and B J. 

C. C. 4^. . . . . . . ib. 181C 

Frondes Caducae. Dialogi Duo^ &c. quorum prior continet Colloquium inter Deum et 

Eoam (ut ferunt) eiusquo liberos ; posterior Salomonis et Marcolphi jucund'ss. Decerta- 
tionem proponit. Argent 4do. . i^. 181G 

— The fiuke of ye Chess. Script per manu Jhois Sloone. 4to. t^. 1818 

Dolamy's Primerose^ or the First Part of the Passionate Hermit, &c. Written by a Prac- 
titioner in Poetie, Sic. Lond. 1 606. Reprinted bi/ Bulmer for Sir Francis Freeling. 
{Roxburgh Cluh^Book.) 4to. ..... Lond. I SI G 

Tusser's (Thomas) Hundreth good Points of Husbandrie. Reprinted from first edition of 
1557. 4to. ...... ib. Triphook, 1810 

See Note to T%e PiraU. The Fme Hundred Points of HuBbandrie, eighth editum, 1599, are reprinted in 

Samert^ Tracts, toI. iii 

Rokesby's (Geo. of Newcastle,) Lay of the Reed-Water Minstrel. Illustrated with notes, &c. 

4to. With MS. noU bg Sir W. S., and the Ballad of Farcy Reed at the end. Nen>c. 1 809 

See PoBTicAL Works, vol. ix. p. 55. 

First Fruits of Australian Poetry. Frinted for private distribution. 4to. 

Sydney, New South Wales, 1819 
Carey's (Patrick, brother of Lord Falkland,) Poems, from a Manuscript written in the time of 

Oliver Cromwell. 4to. ..... Lond. Murray, 1771 

Trivial Poems and Triolets, &c. With Introduction and Notes by Sir Walter Scott. 

With MS. note by Sir W. S. in reference to the preceding edition, the existence of which was 

not known to him at the time of this second publication. 4to. . t^. 1819 

See Note to Woodstock ; Lifs, voL iii. pp. 30^3. The OrigimU MS., the gift of Mr. Murray, U at p. 107. 

Breton's (Nicolas) Longing of a Blessed Heart, which, loathing the World, doth long to be 
with Christ With Preface by Sir Egerton Brydges, Bart. 4to. repr. Lee Friory, 1814 

Melancholike Humours. With a Critical Preface by Sir E. Brydges. 4to. ib. 1815 

Quillinan's (Edward, Son-in-law of Sir E. Brydges,) Stanzas written on the Baptismal Day of 
Jane Grey Brydges. 4to. 

Hoghea's (John, Esq.) Pompeii, a Descriptive Ode. 4to. 

B^'s (Henry Glassford) Poems. Frivately printed. 4to. Edin. 1824 


Press P. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelvet I, 2. 

Berguer's (L. Thomas) Stanzas^ inscribed to Sir Walter Scott, Esq. With Letter /rom Ae 

Aufkor, 44o, ....... Edin. 1817 

See LiFS, voL t. pp. 368-370. 

Soventy-one Penny Ballads. Collected by John Bell, Nevcaetle. nbhng, 800. 

Erskine's (Hon. Andrew) Town Eclogues, ito. . . Lond. [^1797] 

White's (Thomas, Schoolmaster, Dumfries,) Saint Guerdun's Well, a Poem. 2d edit Mo. 

Dum/riee, 1797 

Macneill's (Hector) Pastoral, or Lyric Muse of Scotland. In three Cantos. fVitk Letter /rom 

the Author, i/o. ...... . Edin. 1808 

See LiPB, ToL ii. p. 229. 

Gillies's (Robert Pierce) Childe Alariquc, a Poet's Reverie. 4to. . ib. 1813 

See LiPi, voL iiL p. 52. 

Bochas Tragedies. Translated into English Verse by John Lydgate. B. L. /ol. 

Ceremonies to be observed at the Royal Coronation of His Most Excellent Majesty King 

George IV. on the 19th July 1821. /ol. With the Poet-Tickets given on the occasion to 

Sir W. Scott. 

See LiFS, toL t. p. 85. 

Gay ton's (Edmund) Pleasant Notes upon Don Quixote, sm./ol. . Lond. 1654 

D , (N ) Choice Songs and Ayres for one Voyce, to sing to a Theorbo Lute or 

Bass Violin, sm./ol, . . . . . . ib. 1673 

The Charms of Melody, or Siren Medley, a Collection of English and Scottish Songs, in 100 

N08. With Index, /d. ...... Dublin, 


Grose's (Francis) Provincial Glossary. 6vo, .... Lond. 1787 

See PoiTiCAL WoEKS, Tol. ii. pp. 320-21. 

Olio, a Collection of Essays, Dialogues, &c. 2d edit. 8co. . • *^* 1796 

Classical Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue. 3d edit. With MS. notes and a curious 

handbill. Svo. . . . . . . . ib. 1796 

Guide to Health, Beauty, Riches, and Honour, (Collection of puffing Advertisements from 

Newspapers.) Interleaved, with MS. notes by Sir W. S. %vo. . ib. 1785 

See LiFS, toL I pp. 123-24. 

— Advice to Officers of the British Army. 12mo. .... t^. 1782 

Dyer's (George, Bookseller of Exeter,) Restoration of the Ancient Modes of bestowing names 

on the rivers, hills, valleys, plains, and settlements of Britain, &c. 800. Exeter, 1805 

Owen's (William) Heroic Elegies, and other Pieces of Ll3rwarc Hen, Prince of the Cumbrian 

Britons; with a literal translation. Svo. .... Lond. 17^2 

See PosncAL Works, toL ix. pp. 342-44 *, /ntroductum to Anm ofCM§ntem. not*. 

Herrick's (Robert) Works ; consisting of Hesperides, &c. 1648. — Noble Numbers, &c. 1647. 
With biographical notice by Thomas Maitland, Esq. 2 vols. 4ro. Edin. 1823 





Scott's (Sir W.) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. Jirst edit, 2 vols. Svo. red mor. KeUo, 1 802 

•« From Hit M<^yt Library r 

Relations of diverse famous Battles and Sieges. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

1. Battle of Lutsen in I68S. 

2. Siege of Luxembuig, by the French, 1684. 

3. Siege of Vienna, by the Turks, in 1684. By John Peter, a Valcaren. 

4. Siege of Buda, by the Imperialists, 1684. 

5. Venetian Ctopaign in the Moiea, 1688. From the Italian. 

6. Siege and Battle of Belgrade in 1688. 

7. Walkerts (Re?. Dr. George) Si^ge of London Derry, 1689. 

8. Mackensie^ (Rev. J.) Si^ge of London Deny, (in answer to Walker) 1690. 

Roberts's (H.) Clio and Euterpe^ or British Harmony : a Collection of celebrated Songs and 
Cantatas, by the most approved masters, curiously engraved, &c. 3 vols. 8eo. Lond. 1762 
Old Poems. 1 voL 4tto, containing, 

1. Poems on Affairs of State, by A. Marrel, and others. 3 parts. 

2. The Double Descent, a Poem. .... 

3. Satire upon the Town. .... 

4. The Great Birth of Man. By M. S. (? Matthew Smith.) 2</ edU. 
6. Corinna, or Human Frailty, &c. 

6. Sylyia^ Revenge, or a Satjrr against Man. Sd edit. 

7. Motteux^ £urope*s Revels for the Peace, &c a Musical Interlude. 

8. The Wheel of Fortune, or. Nothing for a Penny. 

9. Toland'k (John) Clito, a Poem on the Force of Eloquence. 

10. Caledonia, or the Pedlar turned Merchant, a Tragi-Comedy. (Satire on the Darien Scheme.) 1700 

11. Miseries of England, &c fiom domestick Enemies. .... t6. 1707 

12. Essay on Prince Eugene^s Succew in Italy, &c. . . . . ib. 1702 
IS. Ward's (Edward) All Men Mad, &c ..... t^. 1704 
14. Helter-skelter, or, the Devil upon Two Sticks, a Comedy. ib. 1704 

15. The Monster, or. World tum'd Topsy-Turvy, a Satyr. ib. 1705 

16. Arwaker^ (Edm. jon.) Embassy from Heaven, or Ghost of Queen Mary. ib. 1704 

17. Stote^B ( ) Faction Displayed. Attributed aUo to Shippen. ib, 1704 

See Pbosb Woaks, toI. i. p. 333. 

18. _. Moderation Displayed. ...... 16. 1704 

19. The Leaden Age. ....... ib. 1705 

20. The M(itre) and C(lu)b, or, the L(ambe)th Consultation. i&. 1704 

21. Swift^s (Dean) John Dennis, &c. ; Invitation to Richard Steele, &c. t&. 1714 

22. The Weesel Trap*d, a Reflection on the late Satyrical Fable. . . . ib. 1691 

23. The Feu de Joye^ or a Brief Description of two Victories, &c. at Schellenbergh and Blainhelm. ib. 1 705 

24. Fatal Friendship, or the Drunkards Misery. 

25. Mandeville, (Bernard) The Grumbling Hive, or Knaves turned honest. 

26. Cowley^ (Abraham) Poem on the late Civil War. 

27. Dennis's (John) Monument, sacred to the memory of King William III. 

28. Defbe^ (Daniel) Reformation of Manners, a Satyr. . 

29. The Manager^ a Ballad. .... 

30. The Nuptials of the Lamb, a Pindarique Poem. By J. S. 

81. niust Piin. Duds Comubiae et Comitis Palatini Genethliacon. 


ib. 1689 
ib. John DunUMy 1692 
ib. 1693 
ib. 1689 
ib. 1699 
ib. 1699 
ib. 1697 
ib. 1698 
ib. 1700 

ib. 1693 

ib. 1705 

ib. 1679 

ib. 1702 

ib. 1702 

no title, 

Lond. 1708 

Cantab. 1687 

Press P. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelvei 2, 3. 

Jamieson's (Robert) Popular BaUads and Songs^ from tradition^ manuscripts, and scarce edi- 
tions ; with translations of similar pieces from the ancient Danish language, &c. 2 yols. 8vo. 

Edin, 1806 
See PosTicAL Works, vol. i. p. 81 ; voL viiL note K. ; Prosi Works, toL xm p. 115. 

Stuart's (George) Joco-Serious Discourse in two Dialogues, between a Northumberland Gent 
and his Tenant, a Scotchman, both old Cavaliers, &c. 4to. . . Lond, 1 686 

Y (N ) Pieces of Ancient Poetry, from unpublished MSS. and scarce books; with 

preface and notes. 4to. ...... Bristol, 1814 

Wine's (John) Welcome to Victory, a Congratulatory Poem on the success of Her Majesty's 
Forces in Germany, &c. 4/o. ..... LofuL 1704 

Campbell's (James) Treatise of Modem Faulconry : to which is prefixed, &c. an Introduction, 
(awribed to the Rev. Alexander Gillies of KUmauri) shewing the practice of Faulconry in 
remote times and countries. With MS. notes at the end, 8po. Edin. 1773 

Pegge's (Rev. Samuel) Forme of Cury, a Roll of Ancient English Cookery, compiled about 
1390, &c. With notes and glossary, &c. %vo. . . I.on</. 1780 


Greene's (Robert) Dramatic Works and Poems. Edited by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 

2 vols. sm. %vo. ....... Lond. 1831 

Webster's (John) Works ; now first collected, &c. by the Rev. Alex. Dyce. 4 vols. mn. Svo. 

ib. 1830 
CoUyer's (J. P.) History of English Dramatic Poetry to the time of Shakspeare ; and Annals 

of the Stage to the Restoration. 3 vols. cr. Svo. . . . . ib.lSSl 

Ritson's (Joseph) Life of King Arthur ; from ancient Historians and authentic documents. 

cr. Svo. . . • • • . ib. 1825 

See Life, vol i. p. 400. 

Ancient Songs and Ballads, from the Reign of Henry II. to the Revolution. 2d edit. 

2 vols. cr. Svo. . . . . . . ib, 1829 

Watts's (A. A.) Literary Souvenir, or Cabinet of Poetry and Romance, (vol. 1.) Svo. ib. 1825 
Bowring's (John) Poetry of the Magyars. Preceded by a Sketch of the Language and Lite- 
rature of Hungary and Transylvania, cr. Svo. . . . ib. 1830 

Bedding's (Cyrus) Gabrielle, a Swiss Tale. sm. Svo. . . . . i^. 1829 

Barnard's (Rev. E. W.) Fifty Select Poems, imitated from the Latin of Marc Antonio Pla- 

minio. With Memoir of the Author, by Archdeacon Wrangham. Svo. Chester, 1829 

Maude's (Thomas) Traveller's Lay, a Poem. sm. Svo. . . . Lond. 1830 

Woman's Love, or, the Triumph of Patience, a Drama, Sec. Svo. . . ib.l 829 

Mullen's (Samuel) De Grey, a Tale of Codnor Castle, a Poem. ( JVith Letter/rom the Author.) 

sm. Svo, • . ib. 1832 

Deakiu's (H. C.) Deliverance of Switzerland, a Dramatic Poem. ( With Letter from the 

Author.) sm.Svo. . . . . . . ib. 1830 


Skelvei 3, 4, 5, 6. ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH POETRY. Pubis P. 

Lamb's (Charles) Album Verses; with a few others, sm. Svo, . . Land. 1830 

Kinloch's (G. R.) Ancient Scottish Ballads, recovered from tradition, and nerer before pab- 

lished; with notes, &c. and airs, &c. 8vo. ..... ti. 1827 

See PomcAL Works, toL L p. 83 ; voU ii.-i7. pamm. 

Maidment's (James) Excerpta Scatka. (29 Short Pieces.) Svo. Edin, 1825 

■ Nugae Sootieae, Miscellaneous Papers (22) illastrative of Scottish Ai&irs, 1535-1781. 

8fo. ......... 1^. 1829 


Gibber's (CoUey) Dramatic Works. 5 yols. 12mo. . Lend. 1726 

D' Urfey's (Tom) Wit and Mirth, or Pills to puige Melancholy ; being a Collection of the 

best merry Ballads and Songs, old and new, &c. 4/A edit. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 

5 Tols. \2mo. . . . . . ib. 1719 

See PosTiCAL Works, ?oL iv. p. 12. 

Popular Histories. Collected by John BeU, Newcastle. 6 vols. 12mo. 
Right Merry Book of Garlands. Collected by ditto. 1 vol. l2fno. 


Right Merry Book of Garlands. 2 vols. 12mo. — Sevcnty-ono Ballads. 1 vol. ^2mo. — Ballads. 
5 vols. \2mo. — Sixty -three Ballads. 1 voL \2mo. — Ballads. 1 vol. \2mo. — Popular His- 
tories. 2 vols. l2mo. — History, &c. of Robin Hood, and Ballads. 1 vol. 12mo. — His- 
tories. 1 vol. 12mo. — Collected by John BeU, Newcastle. 

Histories. 1 vol. 1 2mo. Printed by Kendrew, at York. 


Popular Ballads and Stories. Collected by Sir Walter Scott. 6 vols. 1 2mo. 

**' This little collection of Stall TibcIb and Ballads waa formed by me, when a boy, flrom the baskets of the 
travelling pedlars. Until put into its present decent binding, it had such charms for the servants, 
that it was repeatedly and with difficulty recovered from their clutches. It contains most of the 
pieces that were popular about thirty years since, and, I daresay, many that could not now be pro- 
cued for any price. 1810, W. S.** — MS. note. 

See Poetical Works, vol i. p. 227, note ; Lira, voL i. p. 128. 

Ballads. 7 vols. 12mo. 

Popular Tracts. 3 vols. 12mo. 

Garlands. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 1 vol. 12mo. 

Penny Histories. 1 vol. 1 2mo. 

Pious Tracts. 1 vol. 12ino. 

Collected by John BeU, Newcastle, 1 vol. 12mo. 

Histories. Printed by Randall of Stirling. 2 vols. 12mo. 

History of an Irish Family^ in which the remarkable advantages of a Virtuous Education, &c. 
are exemplified. l2mo. ..... Haddington, 1822 



Train's (Joseph) Poetical Reveries. \2mo. .... GUug, 1806 

Scott's (Andrew) Poems on Various Subjects. \2mo, . . . ^m. 1826 

(George) Heath Flowers, or Mountain Melodies, &c. 12mo. . i^. 1820 

Hetheringtou's (Rev. W. M.) Twelve Dramatic Sketches, founded on the Pastoral Poetry of 
Scotland. 12mo. . . . . . , ib. 1829 


Pious Tracts. 1 thhi vol. 8ro. .... Lond. Evans, 

Comical Dialogue between Maggy and Janet ; or the folly of Witless Women displayed^ Sec. 
itn. Svo, ....... Edin.D, Webster, 1820 

Glass's (Willison) Caledonian Parnassus, a Museum of Original Scottish Songs. Bvo. ib. 1812 
Bums's (Robert) Fornicator's Court. With a MS, Song, " Sav ye my Maggie," in Burn$'9 
kand'ttriting. fine paper, 8«?o. 

Letters addressed to Clarenda. With MS, note by Sir W. S. l2mo. Belfast, 1806 

Bumomania; the Celebrity of Robert Bums considered, in a Discourse addressed to all real 
Christians of every denomination. \2mo, . . . . Edin. ISW 

Ward's (Edward) History of the Grand Rebellion ; containing the most remarkable Transac- 
tions, from the beginning of the reign of Charles L to the happy Restoration, &c. (In verse.) 
With 100 Portraits, 3 vols. 8ro. ..... Ixmd. 1713 

Daniel's (Samuel) Whole Workes in Poetric. sm, 4ito. . . . t^. 1623 

Gardiner's (Ralph) England's Grievance Discovered, in relation to the Cocl Trade, &c. Lond, 
1655, 8vo. .... repr. Nettcasde, 1796 

The Blackbird; containing 130 Songs, Scotch and English, sm. Svo, . Berwick, 1783 
The Vocal Magazine, or, Complcat British Songster. Svo, , . Lond. ^ 7 SI 

Taylor's (Edgar) Lays of the Minnesingers, or German Troubadours of the 12th and 13th 
Centuries, &c. With Historical and Critical Notes, &c. sm, Svo, , , ib, 1825 

Buchan's (Peter) Gleanings of Scotch, English, and Irish scarce Old Ballads, chiefly Tragical 
and Historical, &c. l2mo, ...... Peterhead, 1825 

Ancient Ballads and Songs of the North of Scotland. With Explanatory Notes. 2 vols, 

Svo, , ' . . • Edin, 1828 

See Poetical Works, vol. i. pp. 87-89 ; vols. u. to iv. jxusim, 

Chambers's (Robert) Scottish Ballads, collected and illustrated. Svo. , . i^. 1829 

Scottish Songs, collected and illustrated. 2 vols. Svo. . . . ib, 1829 

Campbell's (Thomas) Poetical Works. 2 vols. sm. Svo. , ,. . ib, 1828 

Nicol's (Rev. James) Poems, chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. 2 vols. l2mo. . ib, 1805 

The Assassins of the Paradise. By the author of Abassah. Svo. , Lond, 1831 

Northcote's (James) One Hundred Fables, original and selected. With 280 wood-engravings, 

sm. Sro. , ib, 1828 

Schiller's (Fred.) Wallenstein, a Dramatic Poem. Translated by Professor Moir. 2 vols. 

sm. Svo, ........ Edin. 1827 




Skelvei 9, 9. 

Boswell's (Jas. jun.) A Roxburglie Garland. JVM MS. note by Sir JV. S. l6mo. Lond. 1817 
" Swift's JournaV a MS, 1 vol. l2mo. beginnings " The motiyeB induced th« Scottiah 

Gentlemen to embrace tbc Catbolick Religion^ &c." 
Peele's (Edmund) Phantom City^ and other Poems, sm. 6vo. . . Neweastie, 1831 

Sillery's (C. Doync) Vallery, or, the Citadel of the Lake, a Poem. 2 vols. 12 wo. Edin, 1829 
Leyden's (Dr. John) Scotish Descriptive Poems : with some Illustrations of Scotisb Literaiy 
Antiquities, (containing, John Wilson's Clyde. 2 parts. — Albania, (anonymous.) — Alex- 
ander Hume's Day Estival.-*- William Fowler's Poems.) l2ino. . . t^. 1803 
Knight's (H. Gaily) Eastern Sketches. In verse. 3d edit. fc. 8ro. . hand, 1830 
Lessons for Lovers. In several Poems, &c fc, 800. . . ib. 1829 
Plumtre's (Rev. Jas.) Original Dramas, &c. With prefaces and notes. Ylmo. Camb. 1818 
Cottle's (Joseph) Malvern Hills ; with minor Poems and Essays. 4/A edit 2 vols. l2mo. 

Lond. 1829 
Hemans's (Mrs. Felicia) Poems; a new Collection. 2 vols. ISmo, Boston^ U. S. 1828 

Faith's Telescope: or Views of Time and Eternity, fc, 8co. Edin. 1830 

Bovirring's (John) Servian Popular Poetry, translated, fc, 8ro. . Lond. 1827 

College Album for 1830. Selection of original Pieces, edited by Students in the University, 
&c. 12mo. ........ GUug. 1830 


Taafe's (J.) Comment on the Divine Comedy of Dante, &c. {With Specimens of a proposed 
TranskUion, and a MS, Account of the Author's design,) royal 8ro. 

Italy printed : Ij)nd, Murray, 1822 
Myvirian Archaiology of Wales, collected out of Ancient Manuscripts. 2 vols, royal 8co. 

ib. 1801 
Gompertz, (J.) The Modem Antique : or the Muse in tlie Costume of Queen Anne. roycU Svo. 

ib. 1813 

Devon, a Poem, royal Svo, .... Teiynmouth, 1825 

Smidi's (Mrs. M.) Miscellanies in Prose and verse, &c. fx)yal Svo. , Lond. 1822 

Robb's (Rev. ) Gratulatory Address to his Alma Mater. By a Student of Medicine. 

With Notes, £w^aw»^*, &c. royal Svo, .... Edin. \S26 

Homer's lUad. Translated by William Sotheby. 2 vols. Svo. 
Wolcot's (Dr. John) Peter Pindar's Works. 3 vols. Sco. 
Driver's (Henry Austin) Arabs, a Tale in 4 Cantos. Svo, 
Parker's (H. M.) Draught of Immortality, and other Poems. Svo 
Poulter's (Louisa) Imagination, a Poem. ( With MS. Letter from Lady 

specting the Autlioress.) Svo. 
The Brunswick, a Poem in 3 Cantos. 2d edit. Svo. 
Heraud's (J. A.) Tottenham, a Poem. Svo. 

Legend of St. Loy, with other Poems. 2d edit, 


Lond. 1831 
. ib. 1794 
. ib. 1823 
. t^. 1827 
Charlotte Bury re- 
. ib. 1820 
. ib. 1829 
. ib. 1820 
. a. 1 825 


Fktdi^r's (John) Demetriut and Eaanthe, being the Humorous Lieutenant^ a Plaj^ 8cc, 

Edited hj Rev. Alexander Dyce. 8ro. .... Lond. 1830 

Milman's (Rev. H. H.) Anne Boleyn^ a Dramatic Poem. 8ro. . ib. 1826 

Baillie's (Joanna) Collection of Poems^ chiefly manuscript^ and from living Authors^ &c. 8vo. 

See LiFB, vol. v. pp. 156, 285. ib. 1823 

Martyr, E DraoiA. In 3 Acts. 8ro. ..... ib. 1S2B 

Bride^ a Drama. In 3 Acts. 2d edit Svo. .... f6. 1828 

Wilson's (James) Ars Caicbpolaria, or the Art of Destroying Mankind, &c. By Claudero. Svo. 

Edin. 1775 


Goldie's (John) Poems and Songs. VZtno. .... Ayr, 1 822 

Smedley's (Ret. Edw.) Prescience, or the Secrets of Divination, a Poem. \2mo. Lond. 1816 

Bulwer't(Ed. Lytton) Ismael, an Oriental Tale, with other Poems. 12mo. . ib, 1820 

Stnithers's (J.) Peasant's Death, or Visit to the House of Mourning, &c. 1 2mo. Gla$g. 1 806 

—— Ploiigh, and other Poems. 12mo. . t6. 1818 

See LiFB, vol. IL pp. 175-177. 

S , (J — L — ) Juvenile Effusions in Verse and Prose, composed at the High School, Edin- 
burgh. \2mo. ....... Camb. 1822 

Sepulchral Mottos ; consisting of Original Verses composed for public adoption as Epitaphs 
on Tombs and Gravestones, &c. 2d edit. \2mo. L(md.\%20 

Morehead's (Rev. Robert) Poetical Epistles and Specimens of Translation. \2mo. ib. 1813 
Gibson's (John) Odes, and otlier Poems, \2nio. Edin. 1818 

The Cianiad, or Spursheim Illustrated, a Poem. \2mo. . t&. 1817 

The Lay of Agincourt, vt^ith other Poems. 12 mo. . .1^.1819 

Mechanical Tales, or Poetical Effusions on various subjects. \2mo. Limd. \S\7 

Qilmour's (Robert) Lotliaire, a Romance. In G Cantos. 12mo. ib.}S\5 

See Lips, vol. iv. p. 75. 

Walker's (John, Farmer at Luss,) Poems in English, Scotch, and Gaelic. 1 2mo, Gkug, 1817 

Douglas's (R. K.) Poems and Songs, chiefly Scottish. l2mo. . Edin. 1814 

Alves's (James) Banks of Esk, or a Saunter from Rosliii to Smeaton, a Poem ; and Drum- 

mond Castle, a Poem, &c. 1 2mo. . . . . , ib. 1 800 

Knox's (William) Lonely Hearth, and other Poems. l2mo, . North ShieldSy 1818 

— — Songs of Israel, consisting of Lyrics, &c. 12»]o. . Edin. 1824 

See Life, voL vi. p. 152. 

Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. 12mo. containing, 

1. Anster^s (Dr. J. M.) Ode to Fancy, with other Poems. DtMin^ 1815 

2. Elegy on Trottin' Nanny, (Agnes fiertholet). CSipar^ 1814 

3. H^Laiizin'A (Colin, Lord Dreghom,) Parody on Gray's Elegy. Edin, 1814 

4. Qalloway'A (Geoige) Loyal Albany Miueum, &c. M edit. t&. 1817 



Drummond's (Rev. Dr. William Hamilton) First Book of Lucretios, of the Nature of Things. 
Translated into English Verse. 12mo. .... Edin. 1808 

Edwards's (Miss) Miscellanies in Prose and Verse. l2mo, . . . t^. 1776 

Drennan's (Dr. William) Fugitive Pieces, in Verse and Prose. 12mo. . Belfast, 1815 

Gillies's (R. P.) Wallace, a Fragment, witli other Poems. 12mo. . Edin, 1813 

Bretteirs (Rev. J.) Country Minister, a Poem. With MS. Letter from the Author, l2mo. 

Land. 1821 
Hours of Solitude, or Poems on Various Subjects. l2mo. . BcOh Sf Land, 1817 

Musomania, or, the Poet's Purgatory. \2mo, .... Lon</. 1817 

Brjrant's (W. C.) Poems. 9m. 8ro. .... Cambridge, U. S. 1821 
Britain Triumphant, with other Poems. By an East Lothian Ploughman, sm. Hvo. 

Haddington, 1816 
Mackay's (A.) Original Songs and Poems, in English and Ghielic. 12mo. Inverness, 1821 
Walker's (J.) Rhyming Dictionary. 2d edit, 2 vols. 12mo. . . Lond. 1800 

Hartstonge's (Matthew Weld) Minstrelsy of Erin ; or Poems, Lyrical, Pastoral, and Descrip- 
tive, cr. Svo, ....... Edin. 1812 

Mayne*s (John) Siller Gun, a Poem. In 4 Cantos, cr. Sdo. . . Gloucester, 1808 

See Poetical Works, vol. viii. note O. 

Hunt's (Leigh) Story of Rimini, a Poem. sm. Sco. . . . Lom/. 1816* 

Courtier's (P. L.) Pleasures of Solitude, with other Poems. 2d edit. l2mo. * tb. 1802 

Cartwright's (Dr. Edm.) Armine and Elvira, a Legendary Tale, &c. dth edit. 1 2mo. id. 1803 

See LiFB, vol. i. p. 139. 

Clarke's (Bernard) Collection of Poems on several occasions, &c. 12mo. Dublin, 1751 

Davidson's (Lucr. Maria) Amir Khan, and other Poems. (With a Biographical Sketch by 

Samuel T. B. Morse. (With MS. Letter from the Editor.) \2mo. New York, 1829 

Davidson's (Rev. John) Poetical Remains, &c. With a Biographical Account of the Author, 

and various illustrative papers, by James Maidmcut. sm. Soo. , Edin. 1829 


Oldham's (John) Works, togetlicr with his Remains, sm. Svo. . , Lond. 1684 

Curtis's (William) Unknown of the Pyrenees, a Tale. ( With MS. Letter from the Author.) 
12mo. > . . . . • . . ib. IS\7 

Walker's (J. S.) South American, a Metrical Tale, &c. Svo. Edin. 1816 

Cromwell's (Thomas) School-Boy, with other Poems. 8vo. . Lond. 1816 

The Rival Chiefs, or Battle of the Bo}Tie, a Poem. l2mo. . . . ib.lSlB 

Robertson's (John) Waddin' Day, &c. with other Poems and Songs in the Scottish dialect 12mo. 

dasg. 1822 
Peacock's (Thomas L.) Genius of the Thames, a Lyrical Poem. Svo. . Lond.lSlii 

Maxwell's (S.) Battle of the Bridge, or Pisa Defended, a Poem, in 10 Cantos. 2d edit. Svo. 

Edin. 1823 



Fitspatrick's (P. V.) Demosthenes contemplating the Ruins of Athens^ &c. sm, Svo, Dub, 1818 
Eartham^ (Seat of Mr. Hayley,) an Epistle to a Lady. Svo, . . Chicheiter, 1814 

Glasff. 181C 
Edin. 18U 
Lond. 1822 
. »^. 1816* 
. ib. 1822 
. 1^.1814 

Walk from the Town of Lanark to the Falls of the Clyde, &c. Sm. 

Poetical Pastimes, or Gamhols round the Base of Parnassus. Svo, 

Rattenbury's (J. F.) Edgar and Ella, a Legendary Tale. Svo. 

Taaffe's (J.) Padilla, a Tale of Palestine. Svo, 

Allan's (John Hay) Bridal of Caolchairn, and other Poems. Svo, 

Cabanel's (Daniel) Poems and Imitations. Svo, 

Cockle's (Mrs.) National Triumphs, a Poem. Lond, 1814. — Trotter's (J. B.) Leipsick ; or 

Germany Restored, a Poem. Svo, Dub, 1813. 

Malcolm's (Sir John) Persia, a Poem. Svo, , , . Lond, ISl 4t 

Todd's (J. G.) Strila; or the Palace of Strife, a Poem, &c. Svo. . Edin, 1823 

Train's (Joseph) Strains of the Mountain Muse. Poems, with notes illustrative of Ancient 

Traditions in Galloway and Ayrshire. 890. . . . . t6. 1814 

See PoBTiCAL Works, vol. x. p. 196 ; Lifk, vol. iii. p. 306. 

Miller's (James) Luckless Drave, and other Poems. Svo. , , , ib, 1820 
Si. Baldred of the Bass, a Pictish Legend. — The Siege of Berwick, a Tragedy, &c. 

Svo, .......... t^. 1824 

Polwhele's (Rev. R.) Fair Isahel of Cotehele, a Cornish Romance. 12mo. Lond. 1815 

Mitchell's (W. A.) Thoughts of One that Wandereth, a Poem in 4 Books or Reveries, &c. Scu, 

Xeiccastle, 1820 
Pumey's (Mr.) Pastorals after tlie Simple Manner of Theocritus, sm, Svo. Lond. 1717 

Wharton's (R.) Clicviot, a Poetical Fragment, with notes, &c. hy Jolm Adamsou. fVit/t 

MS, note by Sir JV. S. cr, Svo, ..... S^eiccastle, IS 17 
Poetical Collection. 1 vol. Svo, containing, 

1. Smedley^ (Edward, jun.) Jonah. ..... Lond. IHlfi 

2. Soott*8 (John) H0U80 of Mourning, &;c. . 16. 1817 

3. First Attempts at Rhyme, and Blank Vene. .... Edin, }B17 

4. Knight's (H. G.) Uderim, a Syrian Talc. ..... Lond. 1820 

Alfred^ ^r the Magic of Nature, a Tragedy. Svo, , Edin. 1S20 

Costello's (Louisa Stuart) Songs of a Stranger. Svo, , . Lond. 1 825 

M'Vitie's (William) Battle of the Drvfe Sands, a Poem. 1 2mo, Dumf, 1818 

Macpherson's (Donald) Melodies from the Gaelic, and original Poems. 12///o. Lond, 1824 
Watts's (Alaric) Poetical Sketches ; tlie Profession, the Broken -Heart, &c. and other Poems. 
Sdedit, 12mo. ........ 1^. 1824 

Henrey's (T. K.) Australia, and other Poems. 2d edit, l2mo, . ib. 1824 

Cunningham's (Allan) Songs of Scotland, Ancient and Modem. 4 vols. Svo. . ib. 1825 
Gillespie's (G. W.) Poems and Songs. 12mo. .... Edin. 1827 

Holland's (Thomas A.) Dryhurgh Abhey, and other Poems. 12mo. . Lofid. 1826 

Mozon's (Edward) Christmas, a Poem. sm. Svo. .... ib. 1S2^ 


Prebs p. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SAel/ 1 1 . 

Wilson's (Alexander^ afterwards the famous American Oniithologiaty) PoemB, (chiefly 

Scottish.) Svo. ....... 1700 Paisl^, 

Poems chiefly in the Scottish Dialect ; with an Account of his Life and Writioga. 

With MS. note by Sir W, S. 12 wo. . . . . . tft. 1816 

— The Foresters^ a Poem^ Descriptive of a Pedestrian Journey to the Falls of Niagara. 12»o. 

Paisley, 18S5 
Sillars's (David) Poems. Svo. . . . Kilmarnock, 1789 

Room's (Charles) Herculaneum^ and other Poems. With MS, Epigram by Sir W, S, em. Soo. 

Lond. 1828 
Browne's (Mary Anne) Mont Blanc, and other Poems. {With MS. Letter from the 

Author ees, a girl of \ 5.) Svo. ...... «(. 1827 

Ada, and other Poems, em. Svo. . . . . . ib. 1828 

Repentance, and other Poems. ( With MS. IjCtterfrom the Authoress.) sm. Svo. ib, 1829 

Scot's (Elizabeth) Alonzo and Cora, with other original Poems. Svo. . . i6. 1801 

Moore's (Thomas) Tom Crib's Memorial to Congress, Sec. 2d edit. \2mo. . t^. 1819 

Pryce's (John) Julia of Pallinsburn, a Border Tale. 12mo. . . Manchester, 1830 

P , (A. E., a young Quakeress of Bristol,) The Shipivrcck, a Tale of Arabia, and other 

Poems. l2mo. ....... L&nd. 1827 

The Poetical Melange. Edited by G. A. Douglas. 3 vols. l2mo. . Edin. 1828 

Scott's (W.) Kail Wife ; or a New Supply to His Majesty. I^ith, 182G.— Address of the 

Guardian Spirit of the Port to tlie Inhabitants of Leith^ &c. 2 parts. Edin. 1 826-7. 1 2mo. 
Hatfield's (Sibilla Eliz.) Moments of Loneliness, or Prose and Poetic Efforts, &c. 12in«. 

Falmouth, 1829 
Laurence's (Sir James) Etonian out of Bounds, or Poetry and Prose. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Lond, 1828 

Erskine's (Capt. D.) Mary Queen of Scots, or Melrose in Ancient Times, &c an Historical 

Melo-drama, &c. l2mo. ...... Edin. 1829 

Archie Allan, a Talc, in Scottish Verse. Brechin, 1827. — Sketches in Scottish Verse and 

Songs. Dundee, 1828. l2mo. 
Kotzebue's (Aug. von) Patriot Father, an Historical Play. Adapted from the German, by 

Fred. Shoberl. 12mo. ...... Lond. ISSO 

Satan in Search of a Wife ; with the whole Process of the Courtship and Marriage, &c. By 

an Eye-witness. 12mo. . . . . . . . t^. 1831 

Clarkson's (Edward) Robert Montgomery and his Reviewers, &c. sni. Svo. . ib. 1830 
Utterson's (Edward Vernon) Select Pieces of Early Popidar Poetry. Republished principally 

from early prmted Copies, &c. With Preface and Glossary. 2 vols, sm, Svo, ib. 1817 
Davison's (Francis) Poetical Rhapsody, &c. With Memoirs and Notes by Sir Harris Nicholas. 

2 Yols, sm. Svo. ........ ib. lB2i} 

Peele's (George) Works. Collected and edited, with some Account of his Life and Writings, 

by the Rev. Alexander Dyce. 2 vols, sm, Svo. , ib. 1829 



Scott M (Sir WaUer) Songs in tite Lady of the Isoke, Eiiin. R, Chambers scripsit 1821. A 
moai exquisite Specimen of Calligraphy , with Mr, Chambers's Letter to Mr. Constable, ac- 
eunpanying its presentation. I \th Dcce7nber I S21. Svo* 

Churchyard's (Thomas) Chips conccnihig Scotland^ Sec, With Historical Notices, and Life of 
die Author, by George Chalmers, cr. 8co, .... Lond. 1817 


Dmminond's (Rey. Dr. W. H.) Giant's Causeway, a Poem. Svo, Belfast, 1811 

WaUace's (Geo.) Prospects from Hills in Fife. 2d edit. Svo. . Edin, 1800 

Lawaon's (Edward) Relics of Melodino. Translated from an unpublished MS. of 1645. Svo, 

Lond. 1815 
Sellon's (Martha Ann) Caledonian Comet elucidated. Svo. t6. 181 1 

The Crusade, a Poem in 3 Cantos. Svo. .... Edin. 181 i) 

Bunn's (Alfred) Poems. Svo. ...... Lond. 1816 

Lesres of Laurel, or New Probationary Odes for the vacant Lauroatship. Collected and 

Edited by Q. Q. and W. W. 800. . ib, 1818 

Gower's (Samuel) Napoleon, and other Poems. 2d edit. Svo, . f 6. 1821 

Webb's (William) Lakelands, a Poem, &c. With MS. notes by the AtUlwr, Dublin, 1 805. — 

Legend of Cathleen and Kevin, a Poem. By the same. Dublin, 1812. Svo. 
Woodcock's (Mrs. Henry) Laura, a Tale. Svo. . Lond, 1820 

Terrot's (Rev. C. H.) Hezekiah and Sennacherib, a Poem. (^With Letter from Mr, Hay 
Donaldson respecting it,) Svo. ..... Ca7?ibridge,'\S\(i 

GKhnour's (Robert) Tales in Verse, with a Version of Morduth, a Poem by Douthal, an an- 
cient Highland Bard. 2d edit. Svo. . Lond, ISO 5 

See LiFB, vol. iv. p. 75. 

GiUies's (R. P.) Lines to QLady Byron] occasioned by Lord Byron's " Faro thee well !" &c. 

Edin^ 1816. — Albert, a Tale. — Egbert, a Tale. — Farther Illustrations of the same Character, 

a Tale. Privately printed. Svo. 
Bergoer's (L. T.) Trifles in Verse : including some experiments in Latin Rhyme. Svo. 

Edin. 1817 
Hartstonge's (M. W.) Ode to Desolation, &c. Lond, 1815.— Marion of Drymnagh, a Tale 

of Erin, in 2 Cantos, ib. 1814. Svo. 

Cunningham's (Rev. J. W.) Rothley Temple, a Poem in 3 Cantos. — De Ranee, a Poem. Svo, 

Lond. 1815 

Willyams's (J. B.) Influence of Genius, a Poem. Svo. . , . ib. ISld 

Stobert's (H.) Chinzica; or the Battle of the Bridge, a Poem, in 10 Cantos. Svo. ib. 1822 

Cimpbell's (Alex.) Grampians Desolate, a Poem. Svo. , Edin. 1804 

See LiFX, vol. i. pp. 48-9, note, 

dialmen's (Margaret, of Lerwick) Poems. ( With MS. Address of the Authoress to Sir Walter 
SeatL) Svo. ....... Newcastle, 1813 


Press P. ABBOTSPORD LIBRARY. Shdvet 12, 13. 

Military Poems. 1 vol. Svo, containing^ 

1. The Battle of Albueia. 2d edit, ....... X<w</. 1811 

2. Croker'8 (J. W.) Battle of Talavera, a Poem. 8a edit. With MS, Letttfnm ike Author. *. 1820 

See Review of this in Prosx Works, vol. zvii. p. 291. 

The Peasant of Auburn, or the Old Man's Tale. Svo, . . Loud, 1819 

Buchanan's Geo.) Franciscan Friar, a Satire ; and Marriage Ode of Francis and Mary, SoTcr- 

cigns of France and Scotland. Translated into English Verse by George Provand. Svo. 

Glasg. 1809 
Hall's (W. H.) Empire of Philanthropy, a Dramatic Poem. 8to. . Lond. 1822 

Poems written chiefly in France, &c. 1802, by a young Gentleman lately deceased, Bvo. 

Edin. 1804 

Burton's (Charles) Bardiad, a Poem in 2 Cantos. 2d jedit. ( fVith MS, Letter /rom the 

Author,) Svo. ....... Lond. 1823 

Grant's (Mrs. of Laggan) Eighteen Hundred and Thirteen, a Poem in 2 Parts. Svo, 

Edin. 1814 

Benson's (Richard) Momi, an Irish Bardic Story, in 3 Cantos; The Pilgrim of Carmel, an 

Eastern Tale. Svo, ...... Newry, 1815 

Patriotic Poems. 1 vol. Svo, containing, 

1 . Hunt's (Sir A. de Vere, Bart.) Ode to Duchess of Angoul^c. 

2. Swift's (Edmund L.) Waterloo, and other Poems, 

3. Hemans's (Mis.) Restoration of the Works of Art to Italy. 2d edit. . 

4. Bombardment of Algiers, and other Poems. 

5. Scott's (Sir Walter) Field of Waterloo. 

6. Shee's (John) Lines on the Battle of Waterloo. . 

Lond. 1815 
. A, 1815 
Oj^ordy 1816 
Edin, 1816 
. t&. 1815 
Dub, 1616 

Roby's (J.) Lorenzo, a Tale of Redemption. 3d edit, Svo, . . Lond. 1821 
Graham's (William) Poetical Pieces, &c. chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. Svo, CarUde, 1820 
Hemans's (Mrs.) Forest Sanctuary, and other Poems. Svo. . Lond. 1825 
Poems, (containing, League of the Alps, Siege of Valencia, Vespers of Palermo, &c. 

Forest Sanctuary, Lays of many Lands, Miscellaneous Pieces, Records of Woman, &c. 

2 vols. Svo, ....... Boeton, U. S. 1826-8 

bo\iiimB.*8Focn\B, in Russian, Gift of the Author, Svo, . . , 1812 


Dodsley's (Robert) Collection of Poems. By several hands. 6 vols, cr, Svo. L&nd. 1770 

Pearch's Collection of Poems. Continuation of Dodslcy's. 4 vols. cr. Svo. . ib, 1770 

Works of Celebrated Authors, of whose Writings there are but small Remains. (Roscommon, 

Dorset, Hallifax, Garth, Stepney, Walsh, Tickell, and Sprat.) 2 vols. 12mo, ib, Tonson, 1750 

Flatman's (Thomas) Poems and Songs. 4fth edit, Svo, , , , ib, 1686 

Smedley's (Rev. Jonathan, Dean of Clogher,) Poems on several occasions. Svo. ib, 1780 

See Pbosb Workr, toL iL pp. 153, & SS3. 



Oxford Prize Poems^ a Collection of such English Poems as have at various periods obtained 

Prises in the University of Oxford. (Eight Poems by Howard, Butson, Lipscomb, Richards, 

Reginald Heber, John Wilson, and Rolleston.) 3^ edit, cr. Svo, . Oxford, 1808 

See LiFK, vol. i. p. 374. 

CKiarini's (Bapt) // Pa^or Fido, the Faithfull Shepherd, a Pastorall, &c. Translated by 
Richard Fanshaw. 4to. ...... Lond, 1047 

Tyler's (Alex.) Memoirs of the Life and Actions^ of the most invincible and triumphant Prince, 
Jhon the Great, third of that name, present King of Poland, &c. Done in Verse, by a 
Lover of the peace and glory of Christendom. With two other Poems, — The Siege of 
Viennsy and The Tempest in the Forth, &c. sm, 4fto. . Edin, 1685 

Copie of a Letter sent from the Roaring Boyes in Elysium to the two arrant Knights of tlie 
Grape in Limbo, Sec. 1641. 4fto. . . reprint Lond. Sturt. 

Gay's (John) Trivia : or the Art of Walking the Streets of London. Jirst edition. Svo. 

ib. B. Lintott, 

Tory Pill to purge Whig Melancholy, a Collection of above 1 00 new Loyal Ballads, Poems, 
&c. written in defence of Church and State. Svo. . . . . . ib. M15 

Waller's (Edmund) Poems. MS. 4to. 

Tribe of Issachar, or the Ass Couchant, a Poem (against Passive Obedience and Non-Resist- 
ance.) W. H. Ireland's copy ; with his autograph. Atto. . . Lond. 1691 

Ramsay's (Allan) Collection of Scots Proverbs. \2mo. . . Edin. M 37 

Pringle's (Thomas) Autumnal Excursion, or Sketches in Tcviotdale. With other Poems. 

l2mo. . . . • . t^. 1819 

See LiFB, ToL vL p. 383. 

Bay's (John) Collection of English Words not generally used. 3d edit. Lond. 1737. — Col- 

' lection of Proverbs, English, Scottish, &c. 3d edit, wants title. 8t>o. 

KeDy's (James) Complete Collection of Scotish Proverbs, &c. Svo. Lond, 1721 

CoBeetian of Scots Proverbs; containing 2864. MS. 4ito. 

Letter from Miss Ford, (afterwards Mrs. Thicknesse) addressed to a person of distinction, (Lord 

Jersey) with a new Ballad to an old tune, &c. Svo. . . . Lond. 1761 

The Three Brothers : or the Travels and Adventures of Sir Anthony, Sir Robert, and Sir 

Thomas Shirley, in Persia, Russia, Turkey, Spain, &c. sm. Svo. . ib. 1825 


Campbell's (Duncan) New Ghielic Song Book, &c. \2mo. . . Cork, 1798 

Keach's (Benjamin) Glorious Lover, a divine Poem upon the adorable mystery of Sinners' 

Redemption. 4Uh edit. 1 2mo. . • . . . Lond. 1 696 

Gordon's (Pat.) Famous History of the renowned and valiant Prince, Robert, simamed the 

Bruce, King of Scotland, &c. Dor^, 1615. l2mo. , . reprint Edin. 17 IS 

The Syren ; containing a Collection of 432 of the most celebrated English Songs, Sec. 3d edit. 

2^mo. ..,....' Land. 1739 

169 Y 

Pbbk p. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SMvea 14, 15. 

Drolleries, &c. 1 Tol. 12mo. containing, 

1. WestmiiiBter Drollerj. Second part imperfiot, 

8. Westminster Quibbles, in Terse, vrnpttftd, .... hom4. 

3. Covent Garden Drollery, imperfect, . . . . . t&. 167'2 

Orpheus; a Collection of 1974 of the most celehratcd English and Scotch Songs. With a 

Qlossary of Scotch Words. 3 vols. 24/7io. ..... i&. 1740 

(Vol. i. entitled the Linnet ; VoL iL the Tknuk ; VoL ilL the RobiH.) 

Randolph's (Thos.) Poems. With the Muses' Looking-Glasse, &c. 4/A edit. lima. iL 1652 
Phillips's (Edward) Theatrum Poetarum, or Clompleat Collection of the Poets, especially the 
most eminent, of all ages, &c. With ohservations and reflections upon many of them, par- 
ticularly those of our own nation. 12i7M>. ..... tft. 1674 

Wither 's (George) Shepherd's Hunting ; heing Ccrtaine Eglogs written during the Author's 
Imprisonment in the Marshalscy. 12mo. . . . ' . • ti^. 1615 

Poetry, Original and Selected. 4 vols. l2nio. Glasgow, Brash and Reid, {about 1800) 

Ainslie's (Robert) Father's Second Present to his Family, &c. 2^mo. . Edin. 1820 

Political Merriment: or Trutlis told to some tune. (Collection of Whig Poems.) 12mo. Land, 1715 

See Prosb Works, toL ii. p. 183, moU, 

Ramsay's (Allan) Evergreen ; heing a Collection of Scots Poems WTote by the ingenious before 

1600. 2 vols. \2mo. ...... Edin. 1724 

See PosncAL Works, toL i. pp. 41-43. 

Ray's (John) (Collection of English Words not generally used, &c. in two Catalogues, the one 

of the Northern, tlie other of the Southern Counties. 2d edit. l2mo. Land. 1691 

Scott's (Andrew) Poems ; chiefly in the Scottish Dialect. l2nio. . Jedburykn 1S2\ 

Telfer's (James, a Shepherd,) Border Ballads, and other Miscellaneous Pieces. With MS. note 

by Sir W. S. 12 wo. . . . . . . . ib. 1824 

The Merry Companion, or, a Collection of Songs, tm. l2mo. imperfect. 

The Ingrate's Gift, a Dramatic Poem. 18>wo. .... Edin. 1830 

Macquecu's (Thos.) My Gloaming Amusements, a variety of Poems, &c. 18ino. Beitk, 1831 
Anderson's (William) Poetical Aspirations. 18;/iO. . . . Edin. ^KO 

Caw's (George) Poetical Museum ; containing Songs and Poems on almost every subject, &c. 
\2mo. ....... Hawick, Caw, 17%^ 

See Poetical Works, fol. ii. p. 61. 

The Rump, or a Collection of Songs and Ballads, made upon those who would be a Parliament, 
and were but the Rump of an House of Commons, &c. 1 2mo. . land. 1 660 


Rump : or an Exact Collection of the choycest Poems and Songs relating to the late Times, 
&c. from 1639 to 1661. sm, Soo. . . . . . . ib. 1662 

M , (G ) The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, wherein is enumerated several sorts of Drink, 

witli a Description of the Humors of most sorts of Drunckards, &c. l2mo. SdediL ib* 1697 



Baleigb's (Sir Walter) Poems, now first collected. With Biographical and Critical Introduc- 
tion, by Sir E. Brydges. 2d edit. er. Svo. .... Lond, 1814 

Withcr's (George) Shepherd's Hunting. Reprinted from the edition of 1633, collated with 
the editions of 1615 and 1620. With preface by Sir E. Brydges. 12mo. id. 1814 

Cfietehind's (J.) Rustick Rampant, or Rural Anarchy afironting Monarchy, in the Insurrec- 
tion of Wat Tiler. l2mo. . . . . . . t». 1658 

See Pao6K Workr, toL i. p. 34. 

Cliendandi Vindiciae; or Clieyeland's Genuine Poems, Orations, Epistles, &c. purged from 
the many false and spurious ones which had usiuped his name, &c. am. 8ro. ib. 1677 
Hogan-'Moganidea : or the Dutch Hudibras. %vo. .... t&. 1674 

Collection of Old Ballads, corrected from the best and most ancient copies extant. With In- 
troductions, &c. By Ambrose Philips. 2d edit. Svols. 12mo. . t&. 1723-5 

See PoBTiCAL Works, toL i. p. 38 ; Prohx Works, to], zyii p. 122. 

Rodd's (Thomas) Ancient Ballads from the Civil Wars of Granada, and the Twehe Peers of 

Charlemagne, cr. %vo. . . . . . . • t6. 1 80S 

Ramsay's (Allan) Tea-Table Miscellany ; a Collection of choice Songs, Scots and English. 

In 4 vols, (bound in I.) 13M edit. \2mo. With MS. note by Sir W. S. Edin. 1762 
See PoxncAL Works, toL i pp. 43^6, et pamm ; Lifb, voL L pp. 18 and 83. 

Hailes's (Lord) Ancient Scottish Poems, published from the MS. of George BannatMie, 1568. 

Bvo. ......... ib, 1770 

Wilson's (C.) Musical Miscellany. St. Cecilia : or the Lady's and Gentleman's Harmonious 

Companion ; Select Scots and English Songs. 12mo. . . . ib. 1779 

— — — (Gavin) Collection of Masonic Songs and Entertaining Anecdotes, for the use of all the 

Lodges. With MS. note by Sir W. S. \2mo. .... ib. 1788 

Herd's (David) Ancient and Modem Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads, &c. Collected from 


memory, tradition, and ancient authors. 2d edit. 2 vols. am. 8ro. . . ib. 1776 

See PoiTXCAL Works, voL i. pp. 71-2 ; yoI. iii. p. 199. 

— — Ancient and Modem Scottish Songs, Heroic Ballads, &c. Zd edit, with additions. 

2 vols. 12iitd. ........ t^. 1791 

See PoBTzcAL Works, vol. L p. 72 ; toL ill. pp. 199, 263. 

CfEignethan's Dochter, a Fairy Tale. (Newspaper article.) \2mo. 

Maidment's (James) North Countrie Garland. (Collection of ancient Ballads, with one ex- 

eeption never before printed.) 12mo, . . • . . t&. 1824 

Ross's (Alexander) Helenore, or the Fortunate Shepherdess, a Poem in the broad Scotch 

Dialect, with Songs and a Glossary. 2d edit. 12mo. . . Aberdeen, UK S 

Stevens's (GFeorge Alexander) Songs, Comic and Sat3n*ical. 12mo. . Lond. 1801 

Poems on Affiiirs of State, from the time of Oliver Cromwell to the Abdication of James II. 

Written by the greatest wits of the ogc, &c. %vo. . . . . ib. \ 697 

Pin to purge State Melancholy ; or a Collection of excellent new Ballads, &c. Zd edit, with 

additions. \2mo. . . . • . . t^. 1716 


Prbm p. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves 15, 10, 17. 

Collection of State Songs, Poems, &c. published since the Rebellion, &c. \2mo. Lond, 1716 
Benson's (Joseph) Battle of Flodden Field, &c. an Heroic Poem, in nine fits or parts, collect- 
ed from ancient MSS. With David Herd's auiograph, 1 2mo. . . t6. 1 774 
A copy of the first printed edition of this Poem, (Lo»d, 1664. 120u>.) sappofled to be unique, was presented by 
Sir W. S. to the Maiquis of Stafford. See DridgncaUr Catalogue^ by J, P. Collier. Lond, 1 837. Ho. p. 123. 

Lettischc Gedichte. l^ u. 2te Sammlung, von Gustav von Bergman, Pastor von Ruien in 
Livonia. 2 vols. 12mo. Frinted by the Editor. Ruien, 1807. — Palzmareeschu Dseesmu 
Krahjums, von. T. D. WaLr von Palzmarien in Livonia. 1 vol. 12mo. (1807.) With MS. 
English translations of many of the Poems, by Dr. John Bowring, whose Account of the 
Collection {derived from l/iis copy) teas given in the Foreign Quarterly Review, vol. viii. p. 61 . 


Percy's (Dr. Thomas, Bishop of Dromorc,) Reliques of Ancient English Poetry; consisting of 

Old Heroic Ballads, Songs, and other pieces of our earlier poets, &c. 4/A edit, 3 vols. 

cr, 8ro. ........ Lond. 1704 

See PomcAL Works, vol. i. pp. 44-48, et patsim ; Prosx Workk, vol. xvii. pp. 119-22 ; Lifb, yoL i. pp. 38-9. 

Evans's (Thomas) Old Ballads, Historical and Narrative, with some of modem date; now first 

collected and reprinted from rare copies and MSS. ^ith notes. 4 vols. cr. Svo. ib. 1784 

See PoxTiCAL Works, vol. i. p. 68 ; Introduction to Kenuwtrik, 

7iev3 edit. Revised and considcrahly enlarged hy the Editor's son, R. H. Evans. 4 vols. 

cr. Bf>o. . . . • . . . • . t&. 1810 

See Review of this Culledum in Prosb Worcs, voL xvii. p. 119. 

Cunningham's (Allan) Songs, chiefly in the rural language of Scotland. 8ro. . t^. 1813 

Blacklock, (Rev. Thomas) Collection of Original Poems hy, and other Scotch Oentlemen. 

2 vols. 127710. ....... Edin. 1700 

See Introduction to Bob R>y. Note, 

Collier's (J. P.) Poetical Decameron : or Ten Conversations on English Poets and Poetry, par- 
ticularly of the Reigns of Elizaheth and James I. 2 vols. sm. Svo. . Lond. 1820 

Hatfield's (Sih. Eliz.) Wanderer of Scandinavia, or Sweden DeUvered, in five Cantos, Sec. 
2 vols. cr. Svo. ....... Truro, 1826 

Mennis (Sir John) and Smith's (Dr. James) Facetiae. Musarum Delieitte : or the Muses Re- 
creation, &c. 1656, and Wit Restor'd, &c. 1658. — Also Wit's Recreations, &c. 1640, &c. 
To virhich are now added. Memoirs of Sir Jolm Mennis and Dr. James Smith. With Pre- 
face. 2 vols. sm. Svo, ...•., Lond. 1817 

Herder's (J. G. von) Volkslieder. 2 vols. cr. Svo. . . . Leipz. 1778-9 

See PorriCAL Works, vol. iv. p. 65. 


Chaucer's Canterhury Tales, modernized hy several hands, published by Mr. Ogle. (With Life 
bylJrry.) 3 vols. 8 to. . . . ... . Lofuf. 1741 



Pinkerton's (John) Select Scotish Ballads. 2 vols, er, Svo. . . Lond. 1783 

See PovncAL Work», vol. i. pp. 72-75. 

— Ancient Scottish Poems, never before in print, but now published from the MS. Collec- 
tions of Maitland and Bannatyne, &c. 1420-1586. With large notes and glossary, &c. (by 

Gawin Douglas, Dunbar, and others.) 2 vols, cr, Svo. . . Edin. 178^ 

See PoKTiCAL Works, toL l~iv. pastim ; Prosi Works, vol. vii. p. 85. 

— Tlie Bruce, or History of King Robert I. by John Barbour. First genuine edition, from 

a MS. of 1489. With notes and glossary. 3 vols. cr. Svo. ib. 17^0 

See Poetical Works, \o1. z. p. 350 ; Life, vol. ii. p. 47. 

— Scotish Poems, reprinted from scarce editions, (by Gawin Douglas, Sir D. Lindsay, &c. 

3 vols. cr. Svo. . . . . . . . ib. 1792 

Lindesay's (Sir David) Pleasant Satyre of the Thrie Estatis, hi commendation of virtue, and 

vituperation of vice, a play. Edited by J. Sibbald. Svo. . . . t^. 1802 

See Prose Works, vol. vi. p. 272. 

Dalyell's (Sir John G.) Scotish Poems of the 16th Century. (With historical and biographical 

sketches, and a glossary.) 2 vols. 127no. . . . . . f6. 1801 

See Poetical Works, vol. i. p. flO, et passim ; Note to The Abbot ^ &c. 

Sibbald's (J.) Chronicle of Scottish Poetry, from the 13th Century to the Union of the 

Crowns. With Glossary. 4 vols. Svo. . . . ib. 1802 

See Review of this by Sir W. S. in Edinburgh Review^ 1803 ; Poetical Works, vol. vii. p. 251. 

Higgins, (John) and Buckhurst, (Lord) Mirour for Magistrates, wherein may bee scene, by 

examples passed in this realme, with how greevous plagues Vices are punished in great 

Princes and Magistrates, and how frail e and unstable worldly prosperity is found, where 

Fortune seemeth most highly to favour. Newly imprinted, &c. with tlie addition of divers 

Tragedies, enlarged. Lond. Henry Marsh, 1587. — Blenerhasset, (Thomas) The 

Second Part of the Mirrour for Magistrates, &c. ib. R. Webster, 1578. B. L. 4i1o. 

See Poetical Works, vol. vi. note 2 R. 

The Vision of Pierce Plowman, nowe the seconde tyme imprinted by Roberte Crojdye, &c. 

B. L. 4to. ....... Lond. 1550 

See PoBTicAL Works, vol. iv. p. 147. 

Richardson-s (G. F.) Poetic Hours ; consisting of Poems, original and translated, &c. sm. Svo. 

Lond. 1825 
Thomson's ( W.) Orpheus Caledonius ; or Collection of Scots Songs set to Musick. 2 vols. Svo. 

Lond. 1733 


Stanley's (Sur William) Garland ; containing his Twenty-one years' Travels through most parts 
of the world, &c. 890. ..... repr. Leeds, \S^^ 

' Jolly Huntsman's Garland. (Written about 1670-80.) Reprinted by Sir Cuthbert Sharp. 
With MS ktier from the editor. Svo. . . .1823 


PiiRss P. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SkdvtM 18, 19. 

Bee's (Jacob) Diary^ 1682-1706. With wood-cuts, — Chronicon Mirabile^ &c. (Extracts from 

the Parochial Registers of Durham^ &c.) With poetical Prologue. '^ Cudberte Sharpe, his 

Boke." Svo. 

Ritson's (Joseph) Select Collection of English Songs. 3 vols. er. Svo. . Ijmd, 1783 

See PoiTicAL Works, toL i. p. 75-6. 

Remarks^ Critical and Ulustrative^ on the text and notes of the last Edition of Shak* 

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ib. 1791 

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ib. 1795 
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and 16th Centurys, with a short account of their works, cr. Svo. . . t&. 1804 

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— Practical Points, or Maxims in Conveyancing, &c. Svo, . ib. 1804 

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oMTi of the Awle Ryale, and Peblis to the Play. cr. Svo. . . . i^. 1810 

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raderistic Designs by the late David AUan. 4to. . . Edin, A. Fotdis, 1798 

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Knights of St. John. (3 parts.) am, 4to, ..... t^. 1828 
• Abstract of the Charters and other Papers recorded in the Chartulary of Torphichcn, 

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Fragment suggested by a bright gleam of Sunshine, Nov. 17, 1817^ two days before the 

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Albion Princess, the Field of Flowdon, the Feast of Holjrrood, the Cymean Hero, the Fate 

of Julia; all published separately.) 4/o. .... Loik/. 1771 
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Edmar and Elwinna, or the Waer Warlock, an old Ballad, &c. 4io. . Edin. 1/93 
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4^0. .......... to, 1823 

Wilson's (Charles) Tales translated from the Irish. 4fo. . . want$ title. 

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on Judgment in the Fine Arts. With Etchings and MS. Letter from the Author, 4io. 

privateltf printed, ....... Dublin, 1823 

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Literature, Manners, and Biography of the English Nation. 4/o. Lond. Triphook, 1816-21 

containing reprints of the following pieces : 

1 . PartlcularB of Life of Da^id Riccio, wUk portrait. 

2. Quarrel between Arthur Hall and Melchisedeck Mallorie, &c. {Deplicate. See Tracts, p. 189.) 
.3. Account of the Christmas Prince, as exhibited, &c at Ozfoid in 1607. 

4. Old Meg of Herefordshire, &c. {DupliaUe. See Tracts, p. 139.) 

5. The Cold Yeare, 1614, &c. {Do. do.) 

6. Long Meg of Wettmiitster, &c. (Do, do.) 

7. Famous Historie of Fryer Bacon. {Do, do.) 

8. Biatfawaite'A (Robert) Rules and Orders for the QoTemment of the House of an Eaik. 



MiseeBanea Poetica An^Ueana Antigua. Edited by Joseph Haslcwood and Sir Egerton 

Brydges. 4 toIs. 4to, Land. Triphook, 1811. Contfuns Reprints of the following Tracts : 
VoL I. 1. Oe<Hge Puttenham^ Art of English Poeeie. 

II. 2-11. Ten Tncts on the Arte of English Poesie, by Gascoigne, Harrey, Spenser, King James, Webb, 
Harrington, Meres, Campion, Daniel, and Bolton. 

III. 12. En^and'k Helicon, a Collection of Pastoral and Lyric Poems, &c 3d edit. With Biogra- 

phical and Critical Introduction by Biydges and Haslewood. 

IV. 13. Paradyse of Daynty Dorises, from the Ist Edition of 1576 ; with Additions from the Editions of 

1580 and 1608, and Introductory Remarks by Sir E. Biydges. 
14. Lmdue SeaeMae^ or Chesse Play. Written by O. B. 1597. 

Seria Mixta Joeis : Answer for Margaret Yates and the Procurator Fiscal^ to the Defences of 

Robert Cleland, present £[irk-Treasurer of Edinburgh. 4fto. . . Edin, 1737 

Gilbert^ a Poem. Book I. Cantos 1 and 2. Book II. Canto 3. ( Unpublished ?) 4to, wants title. 

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Brydges. sm. 4tto. ....... Lond, 1816 

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800. ib. 1810-12. Vols. III. and IV. of this publication include reprints of, 

1. Tuaser'S (Thomas) Hundreth Good Pointes of Husbandry, from the first edition of 1557. 

2. Paradyse of Dayntie Devises, &c 

3. England^ Helicon^ &c 

4. Higgins^ (John) Mirror for Magistrates, part 1. From the edition of 1587, collated with those of 

1575 and 1610. 

S«tt Introdiietion to /eonAoe; Prose Works, toL tL pp. 810-12. 

\ Same as in the Mi$e, Poet. Ant. Anglic, only in Svo, uuUad of Ato. 


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Ruins and Ancient Buildings^ drawn on the Spot^ with Historical Accounts. With Supple- 
ment 6 Tols. 4to. ....... Lond, 1783-7 

—^~ Antiquities of Scotland. 2 vols 4to. .... id. 1789-91 

—— Antiquities of Ireland. 2 vols. 4to. . . . »&. 1791-5 

— Military Antiquities^ Sec. and Treatise on Ancient Armour, new edit. 2 vols. 4/o. 

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marquans de la Revolution^ &c. 3 torn, /ol. ^and papier. . Paris, Auber, 1802 

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MS. note by him relative to his family, baronetage, &e. Cambridge, BaskerviUe, 1763 

See LiFi, vol. iy. pp. 889, 840. 

177 Z 



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minariea to Old Testament) . Lond. Dep, o/C. Barker, 1599 

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David in Meeter, according as they are sung in the Church of Scotland. Edin. Jamee 
Bryeon, 1640. 4to. Bound in crinuon vehet, with siiver embroidered ornaments andsiher 
clasps, — This Bible had belonged to Mrs. Haliburton of Newmains, Sir Walter Seott's 
great-great-grand-mother, who died in 1747, aged 97. 

The New Testament of Jesus Christ Translated faithfully into English out of the Anthen- 
tical Latin, &c. in the English College of Rhcmes. 4fto. . . Rhemes, 1 582 

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Tables, Alphabeticall, &c. to the whole Bible, ^to. Lond. Deputies of C, Barker, (1578) 

Book of Common Prayer, and Administration of the Sacraments, &c. together with the Psalter, 
&c. (The Apocrypha bound at the end.) 4/o. . Oxford University Press, 1712 

The Moors Baffled ; being a Discourse concerning Tangier, especially while under the goyem- 
ment of that renowned General, Andrew, Earl of Teviot, Lord Rutherfurd^ &c. With an 
Abbreviate of the Genealogy of the family of Ruthcrfurd thereto annexed. With some 
MS. Additions. 4to. ...... Edin, 1738 

Van Mildert's (William, D.D. Bishop of Durham,) Sermons preached before the Honourable 
Society of Lincoln's Inn, from 1812 to 1819. 2 vols. 8ro. . . Otford, 1831 


Familiar and Courtly Letters, written by Mens. Voiture, to persons of the greatest honour, &c. 
With Epistles of Aristacnetus, Pliny jun. and Fontenelle, &c. To which is added a Col- 
lection of Letters by Dry den, Wycherly, Congreve, &c. %vo. . Lond. 1700 
Thompson's (H. F.) Intrigues of a Nabob, (R. Barwcll, Esq.) &c. er. 8w). . ib. 1780 
Adventures of a Black Coat, &c. related by itself. 12mo. . . . ti&. 1760 
Polite Amusements ; containing Select Histories, &c. viz. the Platonic Lovers, the Fair Pil- 
grim, the Generous Lovers. From the French. 12mo. . • ib. 1745 
Life and Adventures of James Wyatt. Written by himself, ^th edit. l2mo. . ib. 1755 
Croft's (Rev. Sir Herbert) Love and Madness, a Story too true ; in a Series of Letters, &c 
(supposed to have passed between the Rev. Mr. Hackman and Miss Ray.) 4tf edit, sa^ 8m. 

ib. 17S0 

See PoincAL Wokkb, voL It. pp. 13, 14. 

History of Mademoiselle de St. Phale, Sec. Conversion of a noble French Lady and her 
Daughter to the Reformed Religion, &c. Sth edit. 12mo. . . . ib. 1761 



Fortune's Favourite ; containing Memoirs, &c. of Jacobo AngHcano, a young nobleman, &c. 

{The Annedey Case, introduced into Peregrine Piekk.) cr. 8vo. Lond. 1744 

The Nnn of Aroaca, a Tale. 12mo. ...... td. 1822 

StmttTg (Joseph) Literaiy Reliqnes ; being Queen-boo Hall, a Romance ; and Ancient Times, 

a Drama. (Edited by Sir Walter Scott) 4 toIs. 12mo. . ib. 1808 

See LiFi, ToL ii. p. 171 ; amd Prrfaee to Waverley Nooelt. 

Biogn^bical Memoirs of Extraordinary Painters, (a Satire.) With MS. note by Sir W, S, 
er. 8tw. . . . ib. 1780 

]>udley^a (Rot. Sir H. Bate) Passages selected by distinguished personages, on the great lite- 
rary Trial of Vordgem and Rowena, &c. 3 vols, in 1. 12mo. ib. 1795 


Sunyan's (John) Pilgrim's Progress, &c. 2M edit, platee by Sturt. %vo. •^l 

*— Holy War, made by King Shaddai upon Diabolus, &c. new edit. With notes by Rer. 

George Bmrder. 12mo. . ib. 1824 

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— «- Trials of Margaret Lyndsay. poet Hvo, . ib. 1 823 

Howiaon's (William) Fragments and Fictions. Translated from the French of Jean Pococurante 

de Peudemots, &c. 12mo. ....... t^. 1817 

■ Essay on the Sentiments of Adaptation, Attraction, and Vanity, &c. 12mo. ib. 1821 

See Lira, voL iii. pp. 29, 30 ; toI. v. pp. 28a-90. 

Grammar of Infinite Forms, &c. l2mo. ..... ib. 1823 

Dinan^ a Romance. 12»m>. ...... Lond, 1821 

Campbell's, (Lady Charlotte) now Bury, Poems on several occasions, cr. Svo. Edin. 1797 
Taylor, (Misses, of Ongar,) and Conder's (Josiah) Associate Minstrels. (Collection of Poems, 

teitk MS. addreee to Sir W, S, by Mr. Conder.) Svo. . Lond. 1810 

Gray's (Lieat. Charles) Poems and Songs. 2d edit. cr. Svo. Edin. 1814 

Mitford's (Mary Russell) Watlmgton Hill, a Poem. (With MS. letter from the Authoreee.) 

cr, 8eo« ........ Liond. 1812 

Beil's (Rer. Dr. Andrew) Mutual Tuition, &c. Instructions for conducting Schools through 

the agency of the Scholars, &c. 7th edit, \2mo, .... t^. 1823 
Richardson's (D. L.) Sonnets, and other Poems, em. Svo. . . ib. 1825 


Bird's (James) Vale of Slaughden, a Poem. 2d edit. Lond. 1819.-~Machin, or the Dis- 

ooTcry of Madeira, a Poem. ib. 1821. Svo. 

* Cosmo, Duke of Tuscany, a Tragedy. Lond. 1822. — Poetical Memoirs. — The Exile, 

a Tale. ib. 1823. Svo. 
Stieatfield's (Rev. Thomas) Bridal of Armagnac, a Tragedy. 8ea. Lond. 1823 



Douglas's (David) Fall of Constantinople^ a Poem. 1828. (n//?/reMe(/.)— Visions of Taste^ 

a Satire. Svo, ....... Land, 1823 

Hillhonse's (James M.) Judgment^ a Vision. Svo, . . Nev York, 1821 

Read's (William) Hill of Caves, and other Poems. Svo, , Lond, 1818 

Huddesford's (Rev. George) Saimagundi; a Miscellaneous Collection of original Poetry, &c. 

Svo, . . . • . . . . , lb, 1793 

Coleridge's (Samuel Taylor) Poetical Works, including the Dramas of Wallenstein, Remorse, 

and Zapolya. Z yois, post Svo, ...... t^. 1828 

Carey's (William) Critical Description, &c. of Benjamin West's Picture of " Death on the Pale 

Horse." Svo, . . . . . . t^. 1817 

Walker's (Geo.) Descriptive Catalogue of a choice Assemblage of original Pictures, &c. 

selected during a period of 30 years. Svo, .... Edin, 1807 

See LiFi, Tol. I pp. 126-7. 

Brockett's (J. T.) Catalogue of Books and Tracts printed at the private Press of G^. Allan, 
Esq. of Darlington. Svo, ...... Newcasde, ISIS 

Catalogue of Ancient Arms and Armour, exhibited at the Gothic Hall, Pall Mall, tm, Svo, 

Lond, 1819 

Johnstone's (J. & J.) Description of Rosslyn Chapel and Castle. Svo. . Edin. 1825 

Leslie's (Sir John) Short Account of Experiments and Instruments, depending on the Relations 
of Air to Heat and Moisture. Svo, , . . t^. 1813 

The Gold-headed Cane. 2d edit, Svo. .... Lond. IS2S 


Williams's (Sir Charles Hanbury) Works, (in Prose and Verse) from the originals in the pos- 
session of his Grandson, the Earl of Essex, &c. (Edited by Edward Jeffery, the Publisher.) 
3 vols. cr. Svo, . . . • . • . . ib. 1822 

Woodworth's (Samuel) Poems, Odes, Songs, &c. cr. Svo. . , New York, 1818 

Eastbum's (Rev J. W. & Jas.) Yamoyden, a Tale of the Wars of K. Philip, cr. Svo. ib. 1 820 
Sigoumey's (Lydia Huntley) Traits of the Aborigines of America, a Poem. cr. Svo. 

Canibridge University Press, (U. S.) 1822 
Malcolm's (Lieut. John) Buccaneer, and other Poems. 12mo. . . Edin. 1824 

Smith's (T. C.) Bay Leaves. l2mo, . . . . . . ib. 1824 

Pringle's (Thomas) Ephemerides, or Occasional Poems written in Scotland and South Africa. 
l2mo, ........ Lond. 1828 

Hemans's (Mrs.) Records of Woman, with other Poems. 12mo, . Edin. 1828 

Sharpe's (Richard) Epistles in Verse. 12mo. .... Land. 1828 

See Lxpx, yoL vi p. 341. 

Keightley's (Thomas) Fairy Mythology. 2 vols. l2mo, . . . ib. 1828 

See Note to Peveril of the Peak, 

Wilbiaham's (R.) Attempt at a Gloss, of some words used in Cheshire. 2d edit. sm. Svo. ib. 1 826 



Pope's (Alex.) Danciad ; \vitli notes varionim, and Prolegomena of ScriUeros. 2d edit Beo. 

Lond. ] 729 

Nieolson's (Wm« Bishop of Carlisle,) Irish Historical Library, &c. 8oo. DMin, 1724 

Orami (Gulielmi) Manifesto Juiidica, &c. Dedicated to James Graham of Airth^ Dean of 

Faculty, &c. (In English, although the Dedication is in Latin.) Bvo, noplace or date. 
** Very rare. By Bogle, &ther of the Artist.*'— Jlf5. note qfSir W. S. 


Atherston's (Edwin) Last Days of Hercolaneom, and Abradates and Panthea, Poems. l2mo. 

Lond. 1824 

Midsummer Day's Dream. 12mo. . . . . ib. 1824 

Oillics's (R. P.) Illustrations of a Poetical Character, in four Tales ; with other Poems. l2mo. 

Edm. 181G 
The Maze, a Poem. (With notes.) 12mo. .... Lond. 1815 

Clare's (John) Poems, descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery. 2d edit. l2mo. ib. 1820 

Armstrong's (Dr. John) Art of preserving Health. 12mo. . . . ib. 1757 

Colman's (Geo. the younger,) Broad Grins, Tales in Verse. 12mo. . . t&. 1802 

— Eccentricities for Edinburgh. 12mo. .... Edin. 

Carey's (William) Critical Description of Stothard's Picture of Chaucer's Pilgrims to Canter- 
bury. 2d edit. l2mo. ...... Loiu^ 1818 

The Whole Book of Psalmes, with the prose in the margin, &c. Collected into English 

meeter by Thomas Stemhold, John Hopkins, and others, er, Svo. . . ib. 1649 

Derrick's (S.) Letters from Liverpool, Chester, Corke, &c. 2 vols. 12mo. . ib. 1767 

Dubois's (Edward) My Pocket Book, or. Hints for a Ryghte Merrie and Conceited Tour, in 

quarto, &c. 12mo. . . . . . . ib. 1808 

Satire on Sir John Cair. See Pbosb Works, voL xix. p. 160. 

Butler's (Sam.) Hudibras. 12mo. ..... Gku^. 1763 

Hood's (Thomas) Odes and Addresses to Great People. 12mo. . Lond. 1825 

Chateaubriand's (Vicomte de) Aben Hamet, the last of the Abencerrages, a Romance. 12mo. 

ib. 1826 
Brougham and Vaux, (Henry, Lord) Discourse on the Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of 

Science, new edit. fc. 8oo. . . . . . . ib. 1828 

Belhaven's (Lord) Countrey-man's Rudiments : or an Advice to the Fanners in East Lothian 

how to labour and improve their ground. \2mo. . . Edin. 1699 


Walton, (Isaac) and Cotton's (Charles) Complete Angler. With the Lives of the Authors, 

and Notes, &c. by Sir John Hawkins. Svo. . . Lond. Ba^tter, 1808 

The same; with Notes by the same. Qth edit. l2mo. . . . t^. 1797 

Barker's (Thomas) Art of Angling, &c. 1651. 12mo. . . rej9r. *6. 1820 

Delight, or Art of Angling, &c. 1658. 12mo. . . repr. ib. 1820 



Whitney's (John) Genteel Recreation^ or the Pleasures of Anglings a Poem. 1700. l2mo, 

repr. Lond. 1820 
Lonardi's (Vincent) Account of the first Amal Voyage in England. Svo. . t^. 1784 
Account of five Aerial Voyages in Scotland, &c. Svo. . , ib.\7S6 

Loyal Pamphlets. 1 vol. Svo. Lond. 1820. containing, 

1. The New Chiistmas Budget 

2. Solomon Logwood, a Radical Tale. Uk edii. 

3. The Radical Hazmonist 

4. Slop^ ShaTe at a Broken Hone. 

5. Types of the Tjmes. 

Memoirs of Mr. and Mrs. Coutts. 1 vol. Sco. containing, 

1. Secret Memoirs of Hamott Pumpkin, &.C. ..... Lond. 

2. Life of the late Thomas Coutts, Esq. with Anecdotes of his first wife, Betty Starky, &c. t&. 
8. Biograph. and Historical Addenda to the Life, &c. also the Letter of the Earl of Dundonald, &c. t6. 

4. Dundonald^ (Archihald, Earl of) Answer to the Mis-Statements contained in the Life of the late T. 
Coutts, Esq. ....... ib. 1822 

Julia, or the POgrim. In two cantos, &c. 12mo. .... ib. 1825 

Lockhart's (J. G.) Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 2d edit. S vols. Svo. Edin. 1819 

See Lira, vol. iv. p. 282. 

Moncreiff-Welwood's (Rev,. Sir Henry) Sermons. 2d edit. Svo. . . t6. 1807 

The Scottish Pulpit ; a Collection of Sermons^ by eminent Clergymen of the Church of Scot- 
land. Edited by the Rev. R. Gillan. Svo. . . . . ib. 1823 


Marana's (J. P.) Letters writ by a Turkish Spy^ who lived 45 years undiscovered at Paris^ &c. 

llthedit. 8 vols. 12i7io. ...... Lond. 17^1 

Scott's (Sir Walter) Letters on Demonology and Witehcrafl^ addressed to J. G. Lockhart^ Esq. 

18mo. ......... ib. 1830 

Brewster's (Sir David) Letters on Natural Magic^ addressed to Sir W. Scott. 18mo. t^. 1832 
Chambers's (Robert) Notices of the most remarkable Fires in Edinburgh^ from 1385 to 1824, 

&c lSmo» ....... Edin, 1824 

Mercer^s (A.) Dunfermline Abbey, a Poem. With MS. note by Sir W. S. 1 2mo. Dun/. 1819 




Cerrantes, Vida y Heches del Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha, &c. Con Yida 
de Cervantes per Don G. Mayans i Siscar. (Lord Carteret's Edition.) 4 tom. 44o. 

Londres, Tonson, 1738 
Bamaay's (Chevalier) Travels of Cyrus, 4M. edit. Subscription edition, ^to. L.P. ib. 1730 



Warton's (Re'v. Tliomas) History of English Poetry, from the close of the 11th century, (to 

the end of the reign of Elizabeth,) &c. 2d edit 3 vols. Lond. 1775-1778-1781. — 

Vol. IV. Sections 44-48, (11 sheet9, being aU that were printed at the time of the autkar^s 

death,) ^to. 

See pROflB Works, vol. ▼!. p. 205 ; yoL xriL pp. 4, 18, 96. 

Brydges's (Sir Egcrton) Archaica ; containing a reprint of Scarce Old English Prose Tracts, 
Tiith Prefaces, Critical and Biographical. 2 vols. 4/o. Lond, 1815. containing. 

Vol. I. Part 1. Oreene*8 (Robert) Philomela^ &c. . 1615 

2. — .i— Arcadia, &C. ...... 1616 

3. Southwell's (Robert) Triumphs over Death. ''.... 1596 

5. Breton's (Nic.) Characters, and Good and Bad. . . 1615 

7. Naah'b (Thomas) Christ's Tears over Jerusalem. . . 1618 
II. Part 4. Harvey's (Gabriel) Four Letters and Sonnets touching Robert Greene. . 1592 

8. Pierce's Supererogation. ..... 1593 

9. New Letter of Notable Contents. .... 1593 

6. Brathwa}-te's (Robert) Elssays upon the Five Senses. 1625 

Park's (Thos.) Heliconia ; comprising a Selection of English Poetry of the Elizahethan Age ; 
^Titten or puhlished between 1575 and 1604. 3 vols. 4to, Lond. 1815. containmg. 

Vol. I. 1. Proctor's (Thomas) Gorgious Gallery of Gallant Inrentions. . . 1578 

2. Breton's (Nic.) Small Handfull of Fragrant Flowers. 1575 

3. —^ Flourish upon Fancie. ...... 1582 

Vol. II. 4. Robinson's (Clement) Handefiill of Pleasant Delites. . 1584 

5. Whetstone's (George) Mirrour of True Honour, &c. in the Life, Death, &c of Frauncii Earle of 

Bedford. ....... 1585 

6. 8 , (R ) The Phoenix Nest ..... 1593 

7. Barnes^ (Bam.) Divine Centurie of Spiritual Sonnets. . 1593 

8. Constable's (Henry ?) Spiritual Sonnets, to the Honour of God, &c. by H. C. 

9. Churchyard's (Thomas) Sad and Solemne Funerall of Sir F. Knowles. 1596 
10. Storer's (Thomas) Life and Death of Cardinall Wolsey. . . 1599 

Vol. in. 11. AlloU's (Robert) England's Parnassus. .... 1600 

12. Churchyard's (Thomas) Sad and Heavy Verses for the Losse of Archbishop Whitgift 1604 

Oolagrus and Gawane, the Knightly Tale of — and other Ancient Poems. B. L, Printed at 
Edinburgh by W. Chapman and A, MtfUar, in the year m.dviii. With MS, note by Sir 
W. S. Alto. {Contains 11 Pieces, with Introduction, Register, and Table of Errata,) 

Edin, repr.for David Laing, 1827 

See PoBTTCAL Woaas, voL l pp. 40-1 ; voL t. pp. 443-4. 

Singer's (Samuel Wcller) Researches into the History of Playing Cards. With Illustrations 

of the Origin of Printing and Engraving on Wood. 4to. . . Lond, 1810 

Fosbrooke's (Rev. T. Dudley) British Monachism, or Manners and Customs of the Monks 

and Nuns of England^ &c. new edition, very much enlarged. 4/o. . . t^. 1817 

Glassford's (James) Miscellanea. Translations (Latm and English), not printed/br sale, 4to, 

Edin. 1818 



CoUectioD of Hiscelkneoos Poems ; with some Prose Tracts. 5 toIs. 4to» ecmtMJnmg, 

Voi I. 1. Menyli (R.) Paulina, or, the Rmiimn Daughter, a Poem. 

2. The Country Book Club. 

3. Peter Pindar's Brother Peter to Brother Tom. 

4. The Choice. 

5. Knipe*B (Eliza) Six Narrative Poems. 

6. Thelwairs (John) Orlando and Almeyda. 

II. 7. Mickle's (William Julius) Sir Martyn, an imitation of Spenser. 

8ce PomcAL Works, toL i. p. 6D, note. 

8. The Progress of Envy, in imitation of Spenser, occasioned by Lauder's attack on Hilton. A. 1751 


A. 1788 





Lomd. 1777 

A. 1780 
Oford^ 1772 

. Lomd, 1796 
Norwich^ 1796 

. Loud, 1790 

A. 1799 

A. 1799 

90 date. 

9. Person's (Professor Richard) Eloisa in Dishabille, &c. 

10. Cortwright's (Dr. Edm.) Armine and Elvira. 5^ edit. 

Sec LiPB, Tol. i. p. lau. 

1 1 . Burger's Lenorv. Translated by H. J. Pye. 

12. Translated by William Taylor. . 

S«e PoBTiCAL Works, toI. ir. p. 57 ; Lire, vol. L pp. 235^ 243^ 2Si. 

13. The Bedesman of Nidsyde, a Legendary Fragment 
III. 14. Lewis's (M. G.) Love of G^n. Imitated from Juvenal. . 

15. Seward's (Anna) Original Sonnets and Odes. 

16. Memorial respecting the Bights, &c. of Clerks to the Signet. 

17. Philosophical and Religious Dialogue in the Shades, between Mr. Ilume and Dr. Dodd. 

Ltmd. 1778 

18. Blair'b (Rev. Dr. Hugh) Dissertation on Ossian's Poems. . ib, 1763 
IV. 19-23. Smarts (Rev. Christ) Hymn to, and 4 Poems on the Goodness, the Power, the Immensity, 

and the Omniscience of the Supreme Being. Loud, amd Camb, 1756^ 

24. Thomson's (Alexander) British Parnassus at the close of the 18th Century. . Edim, 1801 

25. Ty tier's (A. F. Lord Woodhouselee,) Examination of the Abb^ deSade^ hypothesis respecting 


26. Sotheby'b (William) BaUle of the NQe, a Poem. . L<md, 1799 
V. 27. Chmnery's (G. H.) Statue of the Dying GUdiator, a Prise Poem. . Ojford^ 1810 

28. Canning'k (Right Honourable George) Letter to Earl Camden, respecting his affair with Lord 

Castlereagh. ....... Lomi. 1809 

Sm Lirs, Tol. U. pp. 257-G4. 

29. Ossian, Translations of, by M'Farlan and Macpherson, contrasted. 

30. General Account of the fiunily of Vaux, Vans, or de Valllbres, &c ropresented by Vans Agnew 

ofBambarrow. ..... PtfM6roybr, 1800 

31. Ferriar'b (Dr. R.) Bibliomania, an Epistle to R. Heber. , Lond, 1809 

32. Mathias's (T. J.) Heroic Epistle to Mr. Winsor, Patentee of the Hydro-Carbonic Gas Mgfata. 

ib. 1808 

33. Mundy's( ) Fall of Needwood. .... Dirrly, 1808 

See Prom Works, n>L It. p. aua 

34. Rose's (W. Stewart) Crusade of St Lewis and King Edward the Martyr, BaUads. Lond, 1810 

See PoBTfCAL Works, vol. Iz. p. 383. 

35. Croker's (J. W.) Battles of Talavera, a Poem, m edit. . , ib. 1810 

36. Spenser's ( W. R.) Year of Sorrow. WriUen in Spring, 1803. t&. 1804 

Wilsou's (Professor J.) Magic Mirror, a Poem. Addressed to W. Scott^ Esq. 4/o. Edin, 1812 

See Lips, voL iiL p. 30. 


Prb88 R. ABBOTSFORD library. Shelves 3, 4, 5. 

Greswell's (Rev. W. Parr) Annals of Parisian Typography, Sec, With MS, Letter from the 
Author. 8t>o, ....... Land, 1818 

Ashburnham's (John) Narrative of his Attendance on King Charles I. from Oxford to the 
Scotch Army, and from Hampton Court to the Isle of Wight ; never before printed. With 
a Vindication of his Character, &c. by Lord Ashbumham. 2 vols, ro^al Stfo, ib, 1830 

Ban3ran's (John) Pilgrim's Progress. With Life of the Author, by Robert Southey, &c. 

royal Svo. Proof prints, , . . . . . , ib, 1830 

See Sir W. Scott^s Review of this editiou in Prote VToHb, voL xyiii. p. 74. 

Conybearo's (Rev. John Josias) Illustrations of Anglo-Saxon Poetry. Edited, with additional 

notes, &c. by his brother, W. D, Conybcare. royal Svo. , , . ib. 1826 

See PomcAL Works, vol. i. p. 61 ; voL v. p. 357. 

Bayly's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Herba Parietis : or the Wall-Flower, as it grew out of tlie Stone 
Chamber belonging to the Metropolitan Prison of London, called Newgate. Being a History 
which is partly True, partly Romantick, Sec. fd. .... ib. 1650 

Phrases. Specimen of an arrangement of English Phrases, faithfully collected from the works 
of our principal poets, &c. — Opus Epithbtobum. Specimen of a Gkurland of Epithets out 
of the English Poets, a Sheet of each, royal Svo. . . . no place or date. 

SHELF ir. 

Pope's (Alexander) Works, in Verse and Prose, &c. With Memoirs of his Life, &c. by die 
Rev. W. L. Bowles. 10 vols. Svo, ..... L.ond. 1806 

Bowles's (Rev. W. L.) Lessons in Criticism to William Roscoe, Esq. in answer to his Letter 
on the Character and Poetry of Pope, &c. Svo. .... ib. 1 82S 

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new edition by A. Chalmers. 12 vols. Svo. . . . , ib. 1806 

See PROSK Works, voL iii. p. 260. 

— Translation of Fatlier Lobo's Voyage to Abyssinia, Sec. With various other Tracts of 
Dr. J. &c. Edited by Bishop Gleig. Svo. ..... t^. 1789 

Boswell's (James) Life of Dr. Samuel Johnson, including a Jounial of a Tour to the HebrideR, 

new edition, with numerous additions and notes by J. W. Croker, LL.D. Sec. With MS. 

note by Sir W. S. 5 vols. 8 ro. ...... ib. I S3l 

See LiPi, vol. ii. pp. 310, 315-320 ; Prime Works, /wmun. 


Temple's (Sir William) Works. 4 vols. Svo. , , , . ib. 1770 

Gibbon's (Edward) Miscellaneous Works ; with Memoirs of his Life and Writings, composed 

by himself, &c. Edited by Lord Sheffield, new edit. 5 vols. St^o. . . t^. 1814 

See Prosx Works, toL i. pp. 271-2, note. 

Fielding's (Henry) Works. With an Essay on his Life and Genius, by Arthur Murphy. 

New Edition, by A. Chalmers. 1 vol. 8w, ..... i^. 1806 

See pRosK Works, toI. iii. p. 77. 


SUvet 5, e. BELLES-LETTRES. Passe R. 

Fielding's (Henry) True State of tbe Case of Bos. Penlez, wbo suffered on aceount of tLe 

lato Riot in the Strand. Svo, ..... Lond. 1740 

Rowlandson's Thirteen Etchings illustrative of Tom Jones and Joseph Andre wsj Sec. oblong Bvo, 

Edin, 1808 

Goldsmith's (Oliver) Miscellaneous Works. (With Life by Rev. Thos. Percy, Nephew of 

Bishop of Dromore.) 4 vols. 8tH>. ..... Lond,\%(^\ 

See Prosb Works, vol. iii. p. 231. 

BosweU's (James) Account of Corsica, Journal of a Tour to that Island, and Memoirs of 
Pascal Paoli. 2d edit, 8ro. ...... ib.MQS 

Johnson's (Dr. Samuel) Marmor NorfolcienBey an Essay, &c. 8ro. . repr, ib, 1820 

M'Nicol's (Rev. D.) Remarks on Dr. Johnson's Journey to tlie Hebrides, &c. 8ro. ib. 1771^ 

Wakefield's (Rev. Gilbert) Works of Alex. Pope ; with Remarks and Illustrations. Vol. I. 

(Containing the Early Poems, an edition commenced, but never proceeded with.) Svo. 

Warrington y 1704 
Tracts on the Controversy respecting Pope. 1 vol. Svo. containuig, 

1. Bowlet'k (Rev. W. L.) In\*anAf)le Principles of Poetry, &c. Lond. 1819 

2, 3. Gilchriifk (O. O.) Two Letters to the Rev. W. L. Bowles. . t&. 1820 

4. Byron'k (Lord) Letter to John Murray on the Rev. Mr. Bowleses Strictures on Pope. . ih, 18*21 

5. Bowleses (Rev. W. L.) Two Letters to Lord Byron. . t&. 18*21 
6. Vindication, &c from some charges brought against him in the Quarterly Review. 2d edit. 

ib. 1821 

Spence's (Rev. Joseph) Anecdotes, Observations, and Characters of Books and Men, collected 

from the Conversation of Mr. Pope, and other eminent Persons, &c. Publislied, with a 

Life of the Author, by S. W. Singer. Svo. . . . . ib. 1820 

See Prosx Works, vol. ii. pamm, 

Hervey's (Mary Lepel, Lady) Letters ; wiUi Memoir and illustrative Notes, by J. W. Crokcr. 
8p0. . . • . . . . . . t^. 1821 


Dryden's (John) Poems. FirBt or early editions. In 1 vol. 9m. 4to. containing, 1 . On tlic 
Death of Cromwell, 1659 ; 2, 8, 4. Astraea Redux ; to my Lord Chancellor on New Year's 
Day; Annus Mirabiiis ; 1688; 5. MacFlecknoe, tnx?t/« fi^ ; 6. Absalom and Achitophel, 
7th edit. 1692 ; 7. The Medal, 3d edit. 1692 ; 8. Religio Laid, 1693 ; 9. Threnodia Aug^ 
uMtalie, 2d edit 1685 ; 10. Hind and Panther, Zdedit. 1 687 ; 11. Brittania Rediviva, 1688. 

Annus MirabUis, the Year of Wonders, 1666, an Historical Poem. sm. Svo. Lond. 1667 

— Poems. Early editions. 1 vol. thin 4to. containing, 1. Threnodia Auyustalis, 1685; 
2. Absalon et Achitophel, Carmine Latino Heroico, Oxon. 1682; 3. Alexander's Feast, 
1736 ; 4. Absalom and Achitophel. 2d edit 1681. 

Wagstaffe's (Dr. William) Miscellaneous Works ; with an Account of his' Life and Writings. 
2d edit, Sro. ....... Lond, 1726 



Wdsted's (Leonard) Works, in Verse and Prose. Now first collected, with Notes and 

Memoirs of the Author, by John Nichols. Svo. . . . Lond, \7 87 

Berkeley's (Geo. Monck) Literary Relics ; containing Original Letters, See. and an Enquiry into 

the Life of Dean SwifL 2d edit 8vo. ..... t^. 1792 

See Prose Works, vol. iL pp. 87-d, &c. 

Leyden's (Dr. John) Poetical Remains; with Memoirs of his Life. By the Rev. James 

Morton. 82^0. . . . . . . . ib. 1819 

See pROSB WoRKK, vol. iv. p. 137. 

Harington's Nugae Antiquae ; being a Miscellaneous Collection of Original Papers in Prose 

and Verse, &c. By Sir John Harington, and others, &c. Selected from authentic 

Remains, by the late Henry Harington ; and newly arranged, with Illustrative Notes, by 

Thomas Park. 2 vols. 800. . . . . . . , ih, 1804 

See Poetical Works, voL ^i. noU 2 Y ; vol. ix. p. 177 ; Iniroductum to Tke Fortune$ cf Nigd, 

Todd's (Rev. H. J.) Illustrations of the Lives and Writings of Gower and Chaucer. 8ro. ibASlO 

Steele's (Sir Richard) Epistolary Correspondence, &c. with Fragments of three Plays, &c. and 

Literary and Historical Anecdotes. By John Nichols. 2 vols. 8po. . . ib, 1 809 

Tracts, &c. 1 vol. 4/o. containing, 

1. Stecle*8 Letter to a M.P. on the Bill for preventing the growth of SchiBin. 2d edit. . »&. 1714 

'1, Apology for himsielf and his writings, on account of his expulsion from the H. of C. 16. 1714 

3. Crisis, or a Discourse, &c. on the Just Causes of the late happy Revolution. . t&. 1714 

4. Swift's (Dean) Public Spirit of the Whigs, &c. 3rf edU, . . . A. 1714 

Cellini's (Bcn\enuto) Lifo, written by himself, &c. Translated by Dr. Thomas Nugent. 2 vols. 

See PnosB Works, vol. vii. pp. 307-8 ; Life, vol. vii. p. 363. 

Tracts. 1 vol. 8t?o. containing, 

1. Elgin's (Earl of) Letter to the Editor of the Edinburgh Review, &c. on the Review of the Remains of 
John Tweddell. ....... Edin, 1815 

*J. Southey's (Robert) Letter to WQliam Smith, Esq. M.P. . . Loud, 1817 

See Lips, toI. It. p. 71. 

3. Observations on the Present State of Affairs, and Conduct of the Whigs. . . •&. 1819 

Duncan, (Dr. And. sen.) Carminum Rariorum Macaronicorum Delectus, &c. Editio altera, 
with MS. epigram at the end, Edin. 1813. — Discourse delivered hy the same to the Horti- 
cultural Society, December 4, 1823. Svo. 

Logan's (Rev. John) Poems. Sd edit. Svo. .... Land. 1 789 

See [ntroductioH to Ivanhoe ; Prose Works, vol. vii. p. 250 ; Lipk, mA. vi p. 138. 

Bedingfield's (Thomas) and Pickering's (Geo.) Poetry, Fugitive and Original. With Notes 
and additional Pieces by the Editor. Netecastle, 1815. — Unpublished Remains of Mr. Geo. 
Pickering, and a brief Notice of the late Mr. Luke Long. By John Sykes. ib. 1828. Svo. 

Campbell's (Thomas) Specimens of the British Poets ; with biographical and critical Notices, 

and an Essay on English Poetry. 7 vols. cr. Svo. . . . Lond. 1819 

See LiFB, vol. ii. p. 45 ; Prosk Works, vol. iii. p. 127, &c. 


Pbb88 R. ABBOTSFORD library. Shelvei 7, 8. 

Coxe's (E.) Miscellaneous Poetry. ( With MS. Letter from the Author.) cr, Sco. Bath, 1 805 

Epics of the Ton, or. Glories of the Great Worid, a Poem. cr. Svo. . Lorn/. 1807 

Lysaght's (Edward) Poems, cr. 8vo, ..... Di£^. 1811 

Gifford's (William) Baviad and Maeviad. Sth edit, cr, Svo. . . Lond, 1811 

Anstey's (Cristopher) New Bath Guide. 13M edit. cr. Svo. . . , ib. 1788 

Dunlop's (John) Poems, on several occasions. 2 vols. 8ro. . . Greenock, 1817 

Ferriar's (Dr. John) Illustrations of Sterne ; with other Essays and Verses. 2^ edit, 2 vols, in 1. 

cr. 8ro. ........ Lond, 1812 

See PROSB Works, toL iii. p. 292, &c 

Woodhouselee's (A. F. Tytler, Lord) Essay on the Life and Character of Petrarch, er, 8ro. 

Edin. 1810 
Blacklock's (Dr. Thomas) Poems. With an Account of his Life, Character, and Writings, by 

the Rev. Mr. Spence. Zd edit. Lond. 1756. — Paraclesis, or. Consolations deduced from 

Natural and Revealed Religion, Sec, Edin, 1767* 2 vols. Svo. 
Drunken Bamaby's Four Journeys to the North of England, netp edit. cr. Svo. Lond. 1805 


Drayton's (Michael) Works. 4 vols. Svo. . . . , ib, 1753 

Roscoe's (William) Life of Lorenzo de' MedicL 5th edit, 3 vols. Sco. . . ib, 1 806 

Life and Pontificate of Leo X. 2d edit, 6 vols. Svo. . . ib, 1 806 

Collection of Poems and Pamphlets. 2 vols. Svo. containing. 

Vol. I. 1. ^Vhalley'& (Rev. Dr. T. S.) Kenneth and Fenella, a Legendary Tale, . ib. 1809 

See Pboab Woriui, toI. It. p. 808. 

2. Eden's (Sir Frederick) Brontes, a Cento to the memory of Viacount Nelion. A. 1806 

3. Hints to the Bearers of Walking Sticks. ^edU. ib, 1809 

4. Mathias's (T. J.) Letter, &c. occasioned by the death of the Rev. Norton NichoUs. ib. 1809 

5. Sellon*s (Martha Ann) Caledonian Comet elucidated, a Poem. . »&. 1811 

6. Heber*s (Bishop) Europe, Lines on the present War. ...•&. 1809 

7. Report of Case of Libel, Sir John Carr against Hood and Sbarpe. . ib, 1808 

(See Dnbob'i My Pocket Book, p. 182.) 

0. Gregory *s (Dr. James) Lucubrations on a Greek Epigram. . . Edm, 1808 

9. Duncan'k (Dr. Andrew, sen. .^) The Viper and File, imitated from Phaedrus. A. 1 810 

1 0. Pursuits of Agriculture, a Satirical Poem. Canto II. . £oiid. 1808 

11. Exposition of Ironical Attack on Lord Erskine^ Speeches, &c. in No. 31 of Ed. Re?. Edim, 1810 

12. Clifford^ (Arthur) Epistle to Henry Clifford, Esq. , . . ib, 1810 

13. Knight's (R. Payne) Monody on Death of C. J. Fox. Loitd, 1807 
U. All the Talents, a Satirical Poem. Dialogue Fourth. . , , ib, 1807 

15. Heber*s (Bishop) Sense of Honour, a Prise Poem. Orford^ 1806 

16. M^Kean's (Rev. J.) Death of the Princess Amelia, a Poem. Lond. 1810 

17. Galloway's (George) Elegy on Henry Duke of Buccleugh. Edim, 1812 

18. Coxe's (Edward) The Valentine, a Poem. . £oiMf. 1810 

19. Vaughan's (Right Hon. C. R.) Narrative of Siege of Zanigoza. 4M e*iU. ib. 1809 

fee PosrrcAL Works, toI. ix. p. 43S. 


Pbbm R. ABBOTSFOBD LIBRARY. Skdves 9, 10. 


Poetical Pieces. 1 Yol. 12mo, containiDg> 

1. Ma3me*8 (John) Glasgow, a Poem. ..... Lomd. 1803 

2. Sm}th*8 (ProfesBor William) Engliih Lyrics, part 2. . . «&. 1805 

(See p. 191 for part I.) 

3. Elliotts (Rev. B., brother of Lord Minto,) Detached Pieces in Verse; with GIossBTjand Notes. 

Domeaster^ 1807 

Smithy (Horace and James) Horace in London : Imitation of the first two Books of the Odes 

of Horace, /c. Svo. ...... Lend, IBIS 

Bowles's (Rev. W. L.) Missionary^ a Poem. 6tk edit. fc. 8t?o. . . f&. 1815 

GHfford's (William) Baviad and Moeviad. 6M edit. fc. Hvo. . . . ib. 1800 

Montgomery's (James) Wanderer of Switzerland, and other Poems. 12mo. . ib. 180G 

Chimney-Sweeper's Friend, and Climhing Boy's Album, &c. l2mo. . ti5. 1824 

Stultifera Navis, or the Modem Ship of Fools. 12mo. . . , ib. 1807 

Rogers's (Samuel) Pleasures of Memory, with other Poems, new edit. \2mo. . tift. 1810 

Smith's (M.) Vision, or, a Prospect of Death, Heaven, and Hell, &c. Load. 1702. — Gould's 

(Robert) Poems, chiefly Satyrs andSatyrical Epistles, i^. 1689. 1 vol. rr. 8oo, 

See Prosi Works, voL L p. 320, note. 


Nichols's (John) Select Collection of Poems. With Notes, biographical and liistorical, and a 

complete Poetical Index. 8 vols. l2mo. .... Land. 1780-2 

Collection of Poems, viz. the Temple of Death, by the Marquis of Norraanby, &c. Lord 

Halifax, Sir R. Howard, Lords Roscommon, Rochester, &c. Svo. . .* t^. 1701 

Drake's (Dr. Nathan) £8sa3rs. Biographical, Critical, and Historical, illustrative of the Tatler, 

Spectator, and Guardian. 3 yoh./c. Svo. ..... ib. 1803 

— Essays, &c illustrative of the Rambler, Adventurer, and Idler, &c. 2 vols. /c. Svo. 

ib. 1809 
Gay's (John) Plays, viz. the Captives, Beggar's Opera, Polly, Achilles, Distress'd Wife, ond 

Rehearsal at Gotham. With an Account of his Life. l2mo. . . t^. 1772 

Poems, on several occasions, (exclusive of the Fables.) 2 vols. l2mo. . ib. 1775 

See PoKTicjkL Works, toL iii. p. 183. 

Works of Celebrated Authors, of whose Writings there are but small remains. (Roscommon, 
Dorset, &c.) 3 vols. cr. Svo. ..... ib. 17^9-50 

Savage's (Richard) Works; \\ith his Life by Dr. Johnson. 2 vols. cr. Svo. . ib. 1777 

Poetical Register, and Repository of Fugitive Poetry, (for 1801 and 1802.; Edited by R. A. 

Davenport. 2 vols. cr. Sro. . . . ib. 1802-8 

Armstrong's (Dr. John) Miscellanies. 2 vols. cr. Svo. .... ib, 1770 

King's (Dr. William) Original Works. Now first collected, with historical Notes and Memoirs 
of the Author. 3 vols. 8ro. ....... ib.l77S 

Pamell's (Rev. Archdeacon) Poems on several occasions. l2mo. . Glcag. 1752 

Young's (Rev. Dr. Edward) Works, revised and corrected by himself. 4 vols. 12mo. Lond. 1767 
The Reigning Vice, a Satirical Essay. l2mo. . . . . ib. 1827 


Skehes 1, 2. MODERN ENGLISH POETRY. Prsss S. 




Milton's (John) Poetical Works. With the Notes of various Authors. Edited by Bishop 
Newton. 3 vols. 4to, Land. 1749-52. — Historical, Political, and Miscellaneous Works, 
&C. With an Account of his Life, by Dr. Thos. Birch. 2 vols. 4to. t^. 1753. — 5 vols. 4ft>. 

Waller's (Edmund) Works in Prose and Verse. Published by Mr. Fenton. 4to. Land. 1729 

Thomson's (James) Works ; with his last Corrections and Improvements. With an Account 
of his Life and Writings. 2 vols. 4^o. . . . . • t^. 1702 

Camoens, (Luis de) The Lusiad, or, the Discovery of India, an Epic Poem. Translated from 
the Portuguese, by W. J. Mickle. 4to. .... Oxford, 1776 

Campbell's (Thomai^ Pleasures of Hope ; with other Poems. Seventh edition, published by 

mbicriplion. 4fto. ....... Lond. 1803 

Gertrude of Wyoming, a Pcnsylvanian Tale, and other Poems. 4tto, . t^. 1809 

See Beview o/iku m'^Pbosb Works, voL xriL p. 267. 

Southey's (Robert) Joan of Arc, an Epic Poem. 4/o. Bristol, 1 796 

— — Madoc. 4/0. ....... Lond. 1805 

See LiFS, voL ii. pp. 58 and 124. 

Curse of Keliama. 4/o. 

; LiFB, vol. iL pp. 299, 302. 

ib. 1810 

See Review oftkia m Prosb Works, toL xvii. p. 301 

— — Roderick, the Last of the Goths. 4/o. 

— — Vision of Judgment. 4to. 

—— Chronicle of the Cid. From the Spanish. 4/o. 

Reviewed in Prose Works, vol. xviii. p. 44. 

— History of Brazil. 8 vols. 4to. ..... 

See LiFB, voL ii. p. 300 *, voL iv. pp. 72 and 241. 

Wordsworth's (William) Excursion ; a Portion of the Recluse^ a Poem. 4/o. 

— White Doe of Rylstone, &c. a Poem. 4to. 


Byron's (Lord) Don Juan. Cantos I. and II. 4to. ib. Davison, 1810 

— ^ Private Correspondence. Including his Letters to his Mother, &c. in 1809-10-1 1. Con- 
nected by Memorandums, Sec. by R. C. Dallas. (21 Sheets, or 168 pages, being all that 
were printed, when an injunction toas obtained from the Court of Chancer^ by Ij>rd Byron's 
exeetUors, to restrain the publication.) 4to. . . . . .1^.1824 

Letters and Journals. With Notices of his Life, by Thos. Moore* 2 vols. 4to^ id. 1 830 

. ib. 










. ib. 


Barber's (Mrs. Mary) Poems, on several occasions. Edited by Dean Swift. 4to. ib. 1734 



Ogilvie's (Rev. Dr. John) Rona^ a Poem. 4to, . Lond, 1777 

Karnes's (H. Homc^ Lord) Sketches of the History of Man. 2 vols. 4/o. Edin, 1774 

Gray's (S.) Happiness of States: or an Enquiry concerning Population, &c. 4to. Lond, 1815 

Darwin's (Dr. Erasmus) Botanic Garden, a Poem. Zd edit, 2 vols. Uo, . ti6. 1705 

Graham's (James) British Georgics. 4fo. .... Edin. 1809 

The Crusaders, or the Minstrels of Acre, a Poem. 44o. . . Land, 1 808 

Holford's (Miss) Wallace, or, the Fight of Falkirk, a Metrical Romance. 4/o. ib. 1 809 

See PomcAL Works, vol. x. p. 216. 

Sothehy's (William) Saul, a Poem. 4/o. ..... ib. 1807 

Posthumous Letters from various celehrated Men, addressed to Francis Colman and George 
Colman the elder. Witli Annotations and Remarks hy George Colman, jun. 4to. ib, 1820 

Brooke's (Miss) Rcliques of Irish Poetry ; consisting of Heroic Poems, Odes, Elegies, and 
Songs. Translated into English Verse, with notes, and the Irish originals. * 4to. Dub, 1 789 

Campbell's (Alexander) Grampians Desolate, a Poem. With Notes. 8oo. imperial paper. 

Edin. 1804 

Goldie's (Geo.) Letter to a Friend in London, &c. on James Hogg's Memoir of liimself, pre- 
fixed to the Mountain Bard. 4to. . . . . . . tift. 1821 

Johnson's (Dr. Samuel) Rasselas. With engravings from Smirke'e desiguB. 4/o. L. P. 

ib. BaUantpie, 1805 

(J. M. C. B.) L>Tic Poems. (Lady Burrell's?) 4to. L. P. , . Land. 1797 

Boinbridge's (G. C.) Fly Fisher's Guide, iUustrated hy coloured plates, ^to. Liverpool^ 1816 

See Lira, vol. v. p. 351. 

Poems. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

1. Southey*s (Robert) Odes to the Prince Regent, Emperor of Runia, and King of Pnusia. Lomd, 1814 

2. — ^ Carmen Triumpkale. , . . A. 1814 

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only 150 copies printed, 4tto. ..... Dublin, 1816 

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and City of Gloucester, &c. during the Civil War. With an Historical Introduction by the 
Rev. John Webb, &c. Uo. ...... Gloucester, 1825 

Coldcn's (Cadwallader C.) Memoir, &c. on the Completion of the New York Canals. 4A>. 

New York, 1825 



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parts. Svo. . • . . ib. 1811 

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Lond, 1808. (Onfy 40 printed.) — Specimen of an English De Bure. ib, 1810. (O/^fy 
50 printed.) Svo. 

— ^- Bibliographical, Antiquarian, and Picturesque Tour in France and Germany. 3 vols. 

royal Svo. With proofs o/ the plates on India paper, . . t&. 1821 

— The same. 2d edition, 3 vols. 800. ..... t3. 1829 

— Library Companion, or the Young Man's Guide and Old Man's Comfort in the choice 

of a Library'. Svo, . . . . . ib. } 824 

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See IntrodudwH to TWef o/tke Onuaden, 


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6. Maseppa. 1819. — Manfred. 1817. — Hebrew Melodies. 1815_Ode to Napoleon. lOtt eciif. 1815. 

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original ** Fare thee weU,^ and ^ Sketch frt>m private life.^ 

7. Marino Falicro. — ^The Prophecy of Dante. 1821 .-.Letter to John Murray on Bowleses Strictures on 

Pope. ddedU. 1821. 

8. Sardanapalus. — ^The Two Foscari Cain. 1821. 

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12 Cantos 12, 13, 14. 1823.— Cantos 15, 16. 1824. 

13. Age of Bronze. 1823.— The Island. 1823. — Werner. 1823. — ^The Deformed Transformed. 2d edit, 

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&c. with a short Account of each. vols. 1. and 2. 4to. , . t^. 1818^ &c. 

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/ ib. 1820 

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Author's Life^ &c. 3d edit, Sco, . . . . . ti^. 1815 

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in the Dialect of the South. Svo. ...... fi6. 1801 

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2d edit. Svo. ........ ib. 1822 

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— — Martyr of Antioch, a Dramatic Poem* Svo. . . ib. 1822 
Belshazzar, a Dramatic Poem. Svo. . ib. 1822 


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Political Miscellanies, &c. Revised, corrected, and enlarged, by the original authors. Soo. 

ib. 1795 

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Author to Sir W. S.) Svo. ...... ib. 1808 

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a Continuation of Dr. Johnson's Criticism on the Poems of Gray. 2d edit. Bvo. Edin. 1810 
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—» Sceptic, a Poem. 800. ....... ib.lB20 

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Second Series. 3 vols. 890. . ib. 1823 


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Bvo. ........ Edin. 1809 

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201 2C 

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Sec. 3 Yols. 8oo. ••..... Edin. 1810 

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Maria Edgeworth. 3 vols. Svo. . . . . . . ib. 1820 

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corrected Notices of his Life, &c. Svo. ..... t^. 1823 

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productions signed Matthew Bramble. Svo, . . . . , ib, 1820 

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Hoyland's (John) Historical Survey of the Customs, Habits, and present State of the 03rp8ies, 

designed to trace their origin, and improve their condition. Svo. . York, ISIO 

See Noi€t to Guy Ma»meri$tg, 

Sayers*s (Dr. Frank) Poems ; containing Dramatic Sketches of Northern Mythology, &c. Svo, 

Norfolk Press, 1792 

The same^yburM edition. With MS, Letter from the Author. Svo, Norwich, 1807 

- Disquisitions, Metaphysical, Literary, Antiquarian, and Historical. 2d edit. Svo, ib. 1807 

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Svo. ........ Lond, 1825 

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Plans for the Government and hberal Instruction of Boys in large numbers, drawn from ex- 
perience. Svo. . . . . . . . . ib. 1822 

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Boaden's (Jas.) Memoirs of Uie Life of John Philip Kemble^ Esq. &c. 2 vols. Svo. ib. 1825 
Reynolds's (Frederick) Life and Times ; written by himself. 2 vols. Svo. . t^. 1826 


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biographical Preface by Sir Walter Scott. 3 yoXs. post Svo. . . Edin. 1810 

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Mr. A. Constable. yols. post Svo. , . . . ib. ISll 

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Skehet S, 9, 10. LETTEBS, BIBLIOGRAPHY^ &c. Press S. 

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h'shed by her nephew, Matthew Montagu. Part I. 2 vols. cr. 8oo. . Land. 1 809 

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Land, and Sheffield, 1797 
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phical Memoir, and Obs. on his Writings, by Mrs. Barbauld. 6 vols. sm. Svo, Land. 1804 

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&c Edited by J. P. Malcolm. 8ro. . . . . . t^. 1805 


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English Books ; with Original Disquisitions, Articles of Biography, and other Literary An- 
tiquities. 10 vols. 8tH>. ...... f^. 1805-9 

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&c. Published by G. E. Ayscough, Esq. Zd edit 3 vols. 800. . . ib, 1776 

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Letters from India, &c. 3 vols. 8co. . . . . . ib. 1776 

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Poets. Together with several original Poems, by the most eminent hands. 5 parts, bound 
in 4 vols. 8ro. ....... t^. 1693-1704 

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Eug. Stanhope, bth edit. 4 vols. 800. . . . . . ib.l 774 

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See Prosx Works, toL i. pp. 337-4U0. 

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H. Shore, &c.) With the Life of Lucian, &c. by John Dryden. 4 vols. 8t;o. t^. 1 71 1 

See Prosb Works, vol. i. p. 343. 

— by Dr. Thomas Francklin, &c. 4 vols. %vo. . . . ib. 1781 

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3 vols. 8fH>. ....... Edin. 1798 

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Ariosto. 2 vols. 890. ...... Land. 1804 

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BesatifuL new edit Svo. « . . • . . . ib. 1787 

Asylum for Fugitive Pieces in Prose and Verse, &c. new edit. 4 vols. bm. Svo. ib. 1785-1793 



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T3nrtacu8, translated from the Oreek, &c. new edit. 2 yqIs. 800. . Bath, 1792 

Inflaence of Local Attachment with respect to Home, a Poem. Bd edit. Truro, 181 0. — 

The same. Jirst edit. Loiu/. 1796.— The Old English Gentleman, a Poem. »&.1797. Svo. 
Grecian Prospects, a Poem. Land. 1799. — The Unsex'd Females, a PoenL ib. 1798. — 

Sketches in Verse, with Prose Illustrations, t^. 1796. er. Svo. 

Es8a3rs on Marriage, Adultery, and Divorce, &c. &c. 12mo. Land. 1823 

Poems. 3 vols. 12ma. . . . . « . . t^. 1806 

Sermons. 2 vols, in 1. Svo. . . . . . . ib. 1813 

Fugitive Pieces on various Subjects, by several Authors. (Containing 15 pieces.) 3d edit. 
2 vols. cr. 800. ...... ib. Dodsley, 1771 

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/c. Svo. ......... ib. 1810 

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2 vols. 12mo. . . . . . . . ib. 1813 

——- Bertram, a Poetical Tale. 2d edit. l2mo. . . t^. 1816 



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12 vols. Svo. ....... Land. 1802 

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t^. 1796 
— History of America. Sd edit. 3 vols. 800. . . t^. 1786 

Wraxall's (Sir N. W.) History of France under the Kings of the Race of Valois, &c. 

(1361-1574.) ^edit. 2 vols. 8»o. ..... ib.\S07 

See Notet to Q^btntm Duneard. 

History of France, from the Accession of Henry III. in 1574, to the Death of Henry IV. 

in 1610. 2d edit. 6 vols. 8fH>. ...... t&. 1814 

Beckmann's (John) History of Inventions and Discoveries. Translated from the German^ by 

William Johnston. 3 vols. Svo. . . . . . . t^. 1797 

Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. John) Hermes Seythieue : or the Radical Affinities of the Greek and 

Latin Languages to the Gothic^ &c. Svo. .... Edin* 1814 


Prkm T. 


SkdveM 2, 

Vol. .0. PenianB. 

VoL 5. Karazm. 

Ancient Italy. 

Roman^ from Romulus to removal \ ^ ^ 

6. India, Hither Peninsula. 

to Byzantium. 

r i&rca. 
j Bower. 

India, Farther Peninsula. 

0, 11, 12,13, 14. 

7. Eastern Tartars. 

14, 15. Eastern and Western 

Empire, to taking of 


Constantinople. Dr. J. Campbell. 




8, 9. European Commerce, and 


Settlements in East Indies. 


Othman Empire, to the i 
10. Peace of CarlowiU. 1 



Rev. John 

Jewish Dispersion, y 


/ Swinton. 

n. i 




Modem Egypt. 

Arabs to Mohammed. 

African Islands. 1 
12. i 

Nice and Trapezond. 


Ancient Spain, i 
Ancient Gaul. 1 



17. Ancient Gennany. 

Southern Aiiica. 

Ancient Britain. 

13. Western Africa. 

Ancient Northern Nations. 


Ancient Italy. 




Exarchs of Ravenna. 

Ansiko, &c. 



M). Turks. \ 

Gold Coast. 1 


14. f 

Moguls. \ Rev. J. Swinton. 

Ivory Coast. 

Indians. : 
Chinese, j 

Grain Coast. 

Sierra Leone. 

Ancient Cosmogony. 

Interior of Africa. 



General Index. 


Mixltm, (Edited by Dr. Smollett.) VoL 19 to 60. 

Algiers. i 
15. 1 

Vol. I. Life of Mohanuned. 

Arabs, i 

> to taking of Constantinople. 
*-» <>• — ^^ J 




Seljukians. i 
4. 1 


Knights of Rhodes. 

Moguls, and i From Jenghis Kh&n to 
5. Tartars. 1 Sultan fiabr. 

Knights of Malta. 

16-18. Spain. 

Persia, to Nadir Shah. 

Portugal \ 


19. i 

Turkmans and 



20, 21. France, to Louis XIV. 



Press V. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdve» ^, 2. 

Walker's (Joseph Cooper) Historica] Memoirs of the Irish Bards^ &c. 4to. Lond. 1780 

See PoiTiCiLL WoRKB, ToL ii. p. 815 ; vol iz. pp. 185, 225, 340. 

Historical Essay on the Dress of the Ancient and Modem Irish^ &c. 4tto. Dublin, 1788 

Bemers's (Lady Juliana) Book of St Alhans ; containing the Treatises of Hawking, Hunting, 

Coat-Armour^ Fishing, and Blazing of Arms. An printed at Westminster by fVynkyn de 

fVorde, 1486. Reprinted in black letter, with hiographical and hihliographical Notices by 

Joseph Haslewood. sm./bl. ..... Land. 1810 

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with hi$ letter of presentation. 4to. ..... Dtdflin, ISIS 

See LiPB, ToL ilL p. 312. 

BailUes (Joanna) Family Legend, a Tragedy. The original Autograph MS. of the author. 

i-fo. .......... 1809 

See Lips, vol. iL pp. 268^73. 

Watson Taylor's (George) Profligate, a Comedy. Privately printed /or the atUhors friends. 

^to. L. P. . . Lond. Shakspeare Press, 1820 

Howard's (Sir Robert) Five New Plays, viz. the Surprisal, the Committee, Comedies ; and 

the Indian Queen, the Vestal Virgin, and the Duke of Lerma, Tragedies. 2i/ edit. fd. 

With MS. note. ........ ib. 1092 

See PoiTicAL WoRKt, vol. ix. p. 144. 

Dec's (Dr. John) True and Faithful Relation of what passed for many years between Dr. J. D. 

and some Spirits, &c. With Preface, &c. by Dr. Meric Casaubon. Jbl. • ib. 1659 

See Lettert on Demonologjf^ p. 339. 

More's (Rev. Dr. Henry) Works, in 2 parts, &c. fol, .... t^. 1664 

See Poetical Works, voL iv. p. 184. 

Taylor's (John, the Water Poet,) Works, &c. being 63 in number, collected into one vol. 

by the Author, fol. . . . t^. 1630 

See Poetical Works, vol. vii. note F. 


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£gerton'8 (John) Theatrical Remembrancer, contaming a Complete List of all the dnmatic 
performances in the English Language, &c. to the year 1787. To which are added, NotUia 
Dramatica, &c. 12mo. . . • . . . . ib, 1788 

Croker's (John Wilson) Familiar Epistles to Frederick Jones, Esq. on the present state of the 
Irish Stage. 5th. edit, 12mo. ..... DubUn, ISOS 

Wilkinson's (Tate) Wandering Patentee^ or a History of the Yorkshire Theatres from 1770 
to the present time. 4 vols. 12mo. ..... York, 1795 


PRB88 V. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdtm 9, 4, 5. 

Otway's (Thomas) Works ; with notes^ &c. and Life of the Author, by Thomas ThomtoD, 

Esq. With MS, Letter fiom the Editor. 3 vols. Sw>. L. P. Lond. 1813 

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ib. 1786 

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ib. 1738 

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Observations on Shakspeare, &c. Svo. . . . . ib. 1798 

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the Author to Sir W. S. Svo. . . , . . ib, 1822 

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Poems. With MS. Letter from the AtO^ior. Svo. . . ib. 1828 


Skottowe's (Augustine) Life of Shakspeare. — Enquiries into the originality of his dramatic 
plots and characters, &c. 2 vols. Svo, , . ib, 1824 


Prb88 V. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelvei 5, S. 

Old Plays. 1 vol. $m. 4fto, containing^ 

1. Bo}-er*8 (A.) Achilles, or Iphigenia in Aulis, a Tra^y. Loud, 1700 

2. Taverner^s (William) Female AdTocates, &c. a Comedy. t&. 1713 
a. Onery'8 (Earl of) Mr. Anthony, a Comedy. . . •&. 1699 

4. Fletcher's (John) Faithful Shepheard. 2d ediium^ newly corrected. . ib, 1629 

See PonrcAL Womu, toI. iL p. 300. 

Carey's (George) Contrivances^ with the Songs and other Additions^ &c. «m. 800. ib. 1 729 
Lillo's (George) Silvia, or the Country Borial, an Opera, tm. 800. . . ib, 1731 

Brome's (Richard) Jovial Crew, a Comic Opera, &c. (Revival of the Merry Beggvs.) 800. 

ib. 1731 


Baker's (David Erskine) Bioffraphia Dramatica: or a C!ompanion to tlie Playhouse, &c. 
Continued from 1764 to 1782, by Isaac Reed ; and brought down to 1811, &c. by Stephen 
Jones. 3 vols, bound in 4. 8ro. . . . • . . fi6. 1812 

Baillie's (Joanna) Series of Plays, &c. on the Passions. 3 vols. Lond. 1800-12. — Miscel- 
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See PoancAL Woaas, vol. iz. p. 33 ; Paoaa WoaaH, vol. vi p. 387 ; Life, toI. it pp. 365-7. 

Scliiller's (Frederick) Piccolomini, or the First Part of Wallenstein, a Drama ; the Death of 

Wallenstcin, a Tragedy. Translated frem the German by S. T. C!oleridge. 800. ib. 1 800 

See Paoss WoasA. toL t. p. 307 ; Lira, voL iv. p. 193. 

Robbers, a Tragedy. Translated by A. F. T3rtler, Lord Woodliouselee. 44k edit. 

800. . . . . ib. 1800 

See PoincAL Woaaa, voL iv. p. 44 ; Life, vol. i p. 205. 

Goethe's (A. W. von) Goetz of Berlichingen, with the Iron Hand, a Tragedy. Translated 
by Sir Walter Scott 8fH>. . . . . Edin. 1799 

The Falls of the Clyde, or the Fairies, a Scotish Dramatic Pastoral, with three preliminary 
Dissertations. 800. . . . . . . ib. 1806 

Soane's (George) Peasant of Lucerne, a Melo Drama. 800. . Land. 1815 

Sheil's (Richard) Adelude, a Tragedy. 8f?o. .... Jhib. 1814 

Haynes's (James) Durazzo, a Tragedy. 800. .... Land. 1823 

Grohame's (James) Wallace, a Tragedy. Unpublished, onfy 6 copies printed. 800. 

Edin. 1709 

— Mary Stewart, Queen of Scots, an Historical Drama. Svo. 

Wilmot's (Mrs.) Ina, a Tragedy. Svo. 
Maturin's (Rev. R. C.) Manuel, a Tragedy. Stfo. 
Tobin's (John) Faro Table, or the Guardians, a Comedy. Svo. 
Hemans's (Mrs.) Vespers of Palermo, a Tragedy. Svo. 
Croly's (Rev. Dr. George) Pride shall have a fall, a Comedy. Svo. 
Dupin> (Boron Charles) Lettre a Milady Morgan, sur Racine et Shakspeare. Svo. Par. 1818 


. ib. 1801 
Lond. 1815 
. ib. 1817 
. ib. 1816 
. ib. 1823 
. ib. 1824 

Press V. 


SMvet 6, 7. 

Arrowsmitb's ( ) Reformation^ a Comedy. «m. 4to. Ijmd. 1673 

Pleasant Conceited Comedic^ wherein is shewed^ How a Man may choose a Good Wife from 

f^. 1608 
ib. 1698 
t^. 1640 
td. 1640 
ib. 1 640 

a Bad, as acted hy the Earle of Worcester's Servants, sm. 4to. 
Lacey's (John) Sauny the Scott : or the Tamuig of the Shrew, a Comedy. 4to. 
Glapthome's (Henry) Hollander, a Comedy, sm, 4to. 

Wit in a Constable, a Comedy. *m. 4to. 

Ladies Priviledge. sm, 4to. 

Sir Gyles Goosecappe Knight, a Comedie, presented by the Cliil. of the Chappell. 4/o. ib. 1606 
Greene, (Robert) Honourable Historic of Frier Bacon and Frier Bongay. 4to. . ib. 1630 
Chapman's (George) Caesar and Pompey, a Roman Tragedy. 4to. . . 2^. 1631 


Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4>to. containing, 

1. Heywood (T.) and Rowley *8 (W.) Fortune by Land and Sea, a Tragi-Comedy. 

2. Rawlins's (T.) The Rebellion, a Tragedy. 

3. Faulkand's (Lord Viscount) Marriage Night, a Tragedy. 

4. Bladen's (Captain Martin) Solon, a Tragi-Comedy. 
Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

1. C. (J.) the Two Merry Milkmaids, a Comedy. 

2. Heywood's (T.) Challenge for Beauty. 
.'). Chettle's (Henry) Tragedy of Hofiinan. 

4. Bromc's (Richard) Spangus Garden, a Comedy. 

5. Stapylton's (R.) Slighted Maid, a Comedy. 

6. Boothby's (Mrs. F.) Marccba, &c. a Tragi-Comedy. 

Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

1 . Brewer's (Anthony) Lingua, or Combat of the Tongue and Four Senses, Comedy. 

2. Kirke's (J.) Seven Champions of Christendom. 

3. Maine's (Re?. Dr. Jasper) Amorous Warre, a Tragi-Comedy. . 

4. Rowley's (S.) Noble Souldier, a Tragedy. 

5. Lower's (William) Phceniz in her Flames, a Tragedy. 

Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

1. Middleton (T.) and Rowley's (W.) Faire QuarreU. . 

2. Massingcr's (Philip) Maide of Honour, a Tragi-Comedy. ttanit iWe. 

3. Dekker's(T.) Wonder of a Kingdom. .... 

4. Brome's (Alexander) Cunning Lovers, a Comedy. 
Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4tto. containing, 

1. Webster (John) and Rowley's (William) Cure for a Cuckold, a Comedy. 

2. Sharpe's (Lewis) Noble Stranger. .... 

3. Daye's (J.) Isle of Gulls, &c. . 

4. Webster's (John) White Devil, or Vittoiia Corombona, Tragedy. 

Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

1. Heywood's (Thomas) Golden Age. .... 

2. ^— . Iron Age^ in two parts. ..... 

3. Royall King and Loyall Subject .... 
















ib. 1640 
















[ib. 1632] 





ib, 1661 











A. 1687 


Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. 4fto. containing, 

1. Titeham^ (John) Scots Figgarict, a Comedy. .... Lom/. 165*2 

2. Rider'k (W.) Twini, a TragMJomedy. ..... t£. 1655 

3. The Unfortunate Utorper, a Tragedy. «6. 1663 

4. Joidan^s (Thomas) Walks of Islington and Hogsdoa, Comedy. »6. 1 657 

Old Plays. 1 vol. sm. ^to, containing^ 

1. Xabbes^ (Thomas) Bride, a Comedy. ..... »6. 1640 

2. Brome^s (Richard) Antipodes, a Comed}-. .... »6. 1640 

3. The Return from Parnassus, or the Scoui^ of Simony, a Comedy ; acted by the Students of St. 

John's College, Cambridge. ...... ti^. 1606 

4. Daubome^ (Robert) Poor Man'k Comfort, a Tragi-Comedy. i6. 1655 

5. Sharpham^ (Edirard) Fleire, a Comedy. i6. 1631 
6, 7. Chapman*s (George) Conspiracic and Tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron, &c. two plays, ib. 1625 

Chapman's (George) Conspiracie and Tragedie of Charles Duke of Byron, Marshall of France. 
In two playes^ &c. 4^o. first edit. ...... t^. 1608 

Sis Old Plays^ on which Shakspeare founded his Measure for Measure, Comedy of Errors, 
Taming the Shrew, King John, Henry IV. and V., and King Lear. Edited by J. Nicholn. 
2 vols. cr. 8co. ... ..... iA. 177 J) 

Hawkins's (Thomas) Origin of the English Drama, illustrated in its various species, vi%. 
Mj'stery, Morality, Tragedy, and Comedy, by specimens from our earliest writers, with ex- 
planatory notes. 3 vols. (T. 8po. ..... Ox/orff, 'i 77 3 

Langbaine's (Gerard) Account of the English Dramatic Poets, &c. cr, Svo. ib, IG.Ol 

Carlell's (Ludowick) Tm'o New Playes, viz. The Fool would be a Favourite, &c. and Osmond, 
the Great Turk, &c. sm, %vo. ..... lA)ttfi, Ki57 

Plays. 1 vol. \2mo. containing, 

1. Baron"^ (Robert) Mirza, a Tragedy. ..... r6. 

2. Howard (Sir Robert) and Dryden'ft (John) Indian Queen, a Tragedy. ih. 17.';5 

3. Otway^s (Thomas) Don Carlos, a Tragedy. ib,\ 734 

4. Owen^ (Robert) Hypermnestm, a Tragedy. .... ib. 112:1 

Howard's (Sir Robert) Poems, sm. 800. . . ib, 1660 

Daniel's (Samuel) Dramatic Works ; {being that jxirtion of the collected edition of his Works ; 
for tke other portion, see ft. 160,) sm, 4ito, ..... ;^. 1623 
Old Phiys. 1 vol. sm, 4tto, containing, 

1. Tomkis^s ( ) Albumazar, a Comedy. 

2. BCarston^ (John) Dutch Courtesan. .... 

3. Jones (John) Adrasta, a Tragi-Comedy. .... 

4. Webster's (John) White Deril, &c {Duplicaie. See p. 214.) icauU title. 

5. Heywood's (Thomas) Royall King, &c. (DupUeaU. ib.) 

6. Chettle'ft (Henry) Tragedy of Hoffman. (Duplicate. ib.) 

Old Plays, 1 voL sm, 44o, containing, 

1. Machine (Lewis) Dumb Knight, a Comedy. » 

2. Shirley^ (James) Humourous Courtier, a Comedy. {DHptieate^ p. 213.) 


ih. \G\5 


ib. lb-35 

[ib. 1631] 

ib. 1637 

ih. 1631 


ib. 1633 


t6. 1640 

Lomd. 1640 



[ib. 1640] 

[A. 1637] 


















Old Plays. 1 vol. sm, 4tto, containing, 

1. Rawlins's (Thomas) The Rebellion, &c {DupUcaU, See p. 2 U.) 

2. Randolph's (Thomas) Arittippus, or the Jovial Philosopher ; and the Conceited Pedlar. 

3. Cough's (J.) Strange Discoveries, a Tragi-Comedy. vkmU titU, 

4. Nabbes's (Thomas) Microcosmus. wanU HUe. .... 
Plays and Pamphlets. 1 vol. Svo. containing^ 

1. Gay's (John) Beggars' Opera ; with the Music. .... 

8«e Plots WojtKS, Tol. Ti. pp. .174^ 

2. Momus tum'd Fabulist, &c an Opera. ..... 

3. Art of Politicks, in imitation of Horace's Art of Poetry. 

4. Jack the Gyant- Killer, a Comi-Tragical Farce. .... 

5. Copy of a Letter, &c. by one of the Quakers, chosen Overseers and Elders, &c. 
Plays. I vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Banks^ (John) Earl of Essex, a Tragedy. .... 

2. Cibber^ (Colley) Non-Juror, a Comedy. .... 

3. Mitchell^ ( ) Highland Fair, or Union of the Clans, an Opera. 

Banks's (John) Virtue Betrayed^ or Anna Bullen. 5tA edit — Unfortunate Favourite^ or 
Earl of Essex. — Tragedies. l2mo, ...... t^. 1735 

Sedley's (Sir Charles) Works in Prose and Verse, &c. With Memoirs of his Life. Edited 
by Samuel Briscoe. 2 vols. cr. Svo. . . . . . ib, 1776 

Slieridan's (R. B.) Four Plays ; the School for Scandal ; the Rivals ; the Duenna ; the Critic. 

cr. Svo. .....«•.. id. 

See Prosi Works, vol. vi. p. 379. 

Old Plays, bound singly. 

Kyd's (Thomas) Spanish Tragedie. tm. 4>to. (icattts tide.) . . . t^. 1603 

— — Tragedy of Soliroon and Perseda. 1599. sm. ^to. reprint. 

Chapman's (Qeorge) May Day, a Witty Comedie, &c. em. 4fto. . . t^. 1611 

Heywood's (Thomas) Downfall of Robert Earle of Huntlington, afterwards called Robin 

Hood. B. L. ^to. . . . . . ib. 1601 

Love's Mistressc, or the Queene's Masque. 2d impression, sm. 4to. . ib. 1640 

Dekker's (Thomas) If this be not a Good Play, the Divcl is in it. 4to. . . ib. 1 612 

Holy day's (Barten) Tip^vo/a/t/a, or the Marriages of the Arts, a Comedy. 4to. ib. 1618 

Smith's (W.) Hector of Germany, or the Palsgrave, Prime Elector, a New Play, &c. $m, Uo. 

ib. 1615 
Lodge (Thos.) and Green's (Robt) Looking-Glasse for London and England, sm. 4(0. ib,l6l7 
Barrey's (Lod.) Ram Alley, or Merrie Trickes, a C!omedy. sm. 4>to. . f^. 1611 

Wilkins's (George) Miseries of Inforst Marriage, sm. ^to. . - . ib. 1629 

Middleton's (Thomas) Michaelmas Terme. sm. 4fto. . . . . ib. 1630 

Marmyon's (S.) Holland's Leaguer, a Comedy. Interleaved, with MS. notes, sm. 4/0. ib. 1 632 

Fine Companion, &c. sm. 4to. . • . • . ib. 1633 

Pleasant C!omedy, called Wily B^;uilde. sm. 4ito. . . . . i^. 1635 


Press V. 


SM^es S, 9. 

Behn's (Mrs.) Plays. 3d edit. 4 vols. l2tno. .... lAmd, 1724 

Lansdowne's (George Lord) Genuine Works, in Prose and Verse. 3 vols. 12mo. id. 1736 
Riiggle, ( ) Ignoramus, Comcedia, &c. fVith MS. key and note. 12mo, Westmrni. 1737 
Lennox's (Mrs. Charlotte) Shakspeare Illustrated : or the Novels and Histories on which his 

Plays are founded. Collected and translated from the Original Authors. 2 vols. 1 2mo. ib. 1753 
Cooke's (William) Memoirs of Samuel Foote, Esq. &c. With three Dramatic Pieces not puh* 

lishcd in his Works. 3 vols. l2mo. . . . . . . ib, 1805 

Davis's (J. F.) Laoti^Sing^Urh, or an Heir in his Old Age, a Chinese Drama. \2mo. ib. 1817 
Hillhouse's (J. M.) Percy's Masque, a Drama. 12mo. . . . New York, 1820 

Barker's (J. N.) Marmion, or the Battle of Flodden Field, a Drama, in 5 Acts, performed at 

the Theatres, Philadelphia and New York. 12i7i^. . . . . t^. 1810 

Impcy's (E. B.) Cunmor : or the Bugle Horn, a Tragedy, (taken from Kenilworth,) with other 

Dramatic Dialogues, and Miscellaneous Poems. 127/20. . . Land. 1822 

Cunningham's (A.) Sir Marmadukc Maxwell, a Dramatic Poem, &c. 1st edit. \2mo. ib. 1822 


Collection of Old Flays, Jirat or early editions, in ^to. bound in boards. 2 vols. 
Dryden (John) Sixteen Plays by, (out of the 27 vtTitten by him) with the following Plays, &c. 

in addition. 2 vols. 

1. Of Dramatic Poesie, an Essay. ...... 

2. Vindication of the Duke of Guise, &c. . . . . . 

3. The Mistaken Husband, a Comedie, (of which D. is said to have written one Scene.) 

4. Fletcher's Pilgrim, with alterations and additions by Dryden, the last of his tcorks. 

o. Dryden, jun-'s (John) Husband his own Cuckold, a Comedy ; with Preface by Dryden. 
0\ Duffett's (T.) The Mock Tempest, or the Enchanted Castle. 


Shad well, (Thomas) Sixteen Tragedies and Comedies by. 

See Prose Works, vol. i. pp. 222-37. 

Lc»e, (Nathaniel) Ten Tragedies by, .... 

Etherege, (Sir George) Three Comedies by, . 

Buckingham, (George Villiers, Duke of) Two Plays by, 

Motteux, (P.) Three Plays by, .... 

Ravenscroft, (Edward) Five Comedies and One Tragedy by. 

Sec Prose Works, vol. i. pp. 136-39. 

Howard's (Hon. Edward, James, and Sir Robert) Six PJays by, 

Hopkins, (Cliarles) Three Tragedies by, ... 

Banks, (John) Four Tragedies by, .... 

Tate, (Nahum) Five Tragedies by, . 

Settle, (Elkanah) Six Plays by, .... 

See PROSB Works, vol. i. pp. 159-65, and 230-37. 

Southcme (Thomas) Seven Plays by, . 


ib. 1668-1704 

ib. 1675-1708 
ib. 1676-97 
ib. 1672-02 

ib. 1696-1705 
1^. 1672-98 

ib. 1668-1710 
ib. 1695-1700 

ib. 1677-94 
ib. 1678-1707 

ib. 1673-94 

1^. 1682-1700 

^Aehfeid, 10. 


Oowne, (John) Nine Plays by, 

See Prosi Workr, vol. i. pp. 165>6*. 

^owe, (Nicholas) Six Plays by. 

See PROSB W0RK8, vol. vi. p. 368. 

3)' Urfey, (Thomas) Fourteen Plays by, 

3ehn^ (Mrs. Aphra) Ten Plays by, 

JDcnnis, (John) Six Plays by, 

.JohnsoD^ (Charles) Six Plays by. 

Trotter, (Birs.) Four Plays by, 

Tavemer, (William) Tteo Comedies by, 

Sedley, (Sir Charles) Three Plays by, . 

Powell, (George) Four Plays by, 

Bamaby, (Charles) Four Plays by, 

Gildon, (Charles) Four Plays by, 

Shad well, (Charles) Two Comedies by, 

Theobald, (Lewis) Ttpo Tragedies by, . 

Twenty Old Plays, by anonymous Authors. In 2 vols, containing, 

VdL L 1. The Mnae of Newmarket, &c. ; being 3 Faroes, vis. : 

2. The Merry Milkmaid of lalington. 

3. Love Lost in the Dark, &c 

4. The Politick >Vhore, &c . 

5. The Rampant Alderman, a Farce. 

6. Piflo^s Conspiracy, a Tragedy. 

7. Komulus and llersilia, a Tragedy. 

8. The Tragedy of King Saul. 

9. Siege and Surrender of Mona, a Tragi-Comedy. 

10. Triumphs of Virtue, a Tragi-Comedy. 

11. Win Her and take Her, a Comedy. 
II. 12. Wits led by the Nose, &c. a Tragi-Comedy. 

13. The Apparition, a Comedy, (by W. Chamberlaine.). 

14. Cinna*s Conspiracy, a Tragedy. 

15. The Different Widows, &c a Comedy. 

16. The Faithful General, a Tragedy. 

17. The Fashionable Lover, &c. a Comedy. 

18. The Fatal Divorce, a Tragedy. 

19. Feigned Friendship, a Comedy. 

20. Injured Love, or the lady^ Satisfaction, a Comedy. ( ? by N. Tate.) 

Land. 1679-94 

ib. 1702-15 

ih. 1676-96 
t^. 1671-98 

f^. 1699-1704 
ib. 1702-13 

ib. 1698-1706 

ib. 1713, &c 

ib. 1688-87 

ib. 1691-96 

ib. 1700-3 

ib. 1698-1700 
f^. 1710-13 
ib. 1715-17 


no daie. 



tcants titie. 

no date. 

no date. 


Otway's (Thomas) Ten Plays, original editions, including both first and second of ''Don 
Carlos," and the Play of " Heroick Friendship," 1 71 9, attributed, but falsely, to him. 1 vol. 
4fi7. ........ . 1675-1719 

Vanbragh's (Sir John) Ftve Plays, ^ar/^ ^(/fVtoiM. 1 yoI. 4^o. . . . 1702-9 


Prbss V. 



a Lid <^ 

Collection of Old Plays^ (78^) many of tbcm published anonymously. Arranged 

according to the Authors' names. 7 vols. 4/o. 
Vol. I. (A. B.) 1. AddiBon^ (Joseph) Cnto, Tragedy. 

2. Arrowsmith^s ( ) Refonnatioii, Comedy. 

3. Bailey's (Ab.) Spightful Sister, Comedy. 

4. Baker's (Thomas) Fine lady's Airs, Comedy. 
6. Bancroft's (John) Henry II. King of England, Tragedy. 

6. Bladen's (Captain M.) Solon, Tragi-Comedy. 

7. Brady's (Dr.) Rape, Tragedy. 

8. Brevai's ( ) Play is the Plot, Comedy. 

9. Bullock'to (Christ) Woman is a Riddle, Comedy. 

II. (C. D.) 10. Caryl's (J.) English Princess, Tragedy. 

11. Sir Salomon, Comedy. (Moli^re's Ecole des Femmes.) 

12. Corey's (John) Cure for Jealousy, Comedy. 

1 3. — ... Metamoiphoeis, Comedy. 
] 4. Cotton^ (Charles) Horace, (from Comeille,) Tragedy. 

15. Craufiird's (David) Courtship k la Mode, Comedy. 

16. Dancer's (J.) Nicomede, Tragi-Comedy, (from Comeille.) WUk 

to thit date^ at tkt end. 

17. — — Agrippa, Tragedy, (from Quinault.) . 

18. Da venant's (Charles) Circe, a Tragedy. 

19. Dilke's (Thomas) Lover's Luck, Comedy. . 

20. Dogget's (Thomas) Country Wake, Comedy. 

III. (E-O.) 21. Estcourfs (Richard) Fair Example, Comedy. 

22. Fane^ (Sir F.) Love in the Dark, Comedy. 

23. Sacrifice, Tragedy. 2d edit. 

24. Filmer's (Dr. K) Unnatural Brother, Tragedy. 

25. Gay's (John) Wife of Bath, Comedy. 

26. Goring's (Charles) Irene, Tragedy. 

27. Gould's (Robert) Rival Sisters, Tragedy. . 

28. Granville's (George Lord Lansdoune) She-Gallants, Comedy. 

29. Heroick Love, Tragedy. 

IV. (H. J.) 30. Harris's (Joseph) City Bride, Comedy. 

31. Henmiing's (W.) Eunuch, Tragedy. 

32. Hill's (Aaron) Elfrid, Tragedy, and Walking Statue, a Farce. 

33. Fatal Vision, Tragedy. 

34. Higden'to (Henry) Wary Widow, Comedy. 

35. Higgons's (Bevill) (Generous Conqueror, Tragedy. 

36. Horden'to (H.) Neglected Virtue, Play. 

37. Jevon's (Thomas) Devil of a Wife, Farce. 

38. Johnson's (Samuel) Hurlothrumbo, Farce. 

39. Joyner's (William) Roman Empress, Tragedy. 
V. (L-N.) 40. Lacy's (John) Sauny the Scot, Comedy. 

41. — Old Troop, or Mons. Raggou, Comedy. 

8«e PoRfCAi. WoiUES, ToL ix. pp. 135, 186 ; Note to fFcotUtoek. 

42. Leanaid^ (John) Counterfeits, Comedy. 

43. Manley'9 (Mrs.) Lucius, Tragedy. 



Enjfliek Phye, 



S keif 10. 


Press V. 

Vol V. (L-K.) 44. Manning's (Fr.) Generous Choice, Comedy. .1700 

45. Medboarne'b (M.) Tartuffe, &c. Comedy (from Moli^re.) 1707 

46. Moore's (Sir T.) Maugora, Tragedy. .... 1718 

47. Mountlbrfft (W.) Injured Loven, Tragedy. . 1688 

48. Female Wits, Comedy. 1704 

49. Newcastle's (Duke of) Triumphant Widow, Comedy. 1677 

50. — Humorous Lovers, Comedy. .... 1677 

51. Norton'ft ( ) Pausanias, Tragedy. .... 1696 
VI. (O-R.) 52. Oldmixon'ft (J.) GoTemor of Cyprus, Tragedy. . 1703 

55. Orrery*s (Earl of) As you find it. Comedy. 1703 
54. Payne'ft (NeTil) Fatal Jealousie, Tragedy. 1673 
55. Siege of Constantinople, Tragedy. .... 1675 

56. Pordage's (Samuel) Siege of Babylon, Tragedy. 1678 

57. Porter'b (T.) Villain, Tragedy. . 1694 

58. Rawlins's (T.) Tom Essence, Comedy. .... 1677 

59. Rhodes'B (R.) Flora'b Vagaries, Comedy. . 1670 

60. RiTers's ( ) Traytor, Tragedy. .... 1692 

61. Rocheiter'ft (Earl of) Valentinian, Tragedy. . 1685 

62. Rymer'ft (T.) Edgar, Tragedy. . . 1687 
VII. (S-W.) 63. St Serfe'ft (Thomas) Tarugo'ft WUes, Comedy. . 1668 

64. Scott's (Thomas) Mock Marriage, Comedy. 1696 

65. —i. Unhappy Kindness, Comedy. .... 1697 

66. Smith'ft (Edward) Phaedra and Hippolitus, Tragedy. 1709 

67. Steele's (Sir Richard) Lying Lover, Comedy. . . 1704 
G8. — Tender Husband, Comedy. .... 1705 

69. Swiney 'ft (Owen) Camilla, Opera. . 1706 

70. Trapp'ft (J.) AbbrarMuli, Tragedy. 1704 

7 1 . Tuke'ft (Sir Samuel) Adventures of Five Hours, Tragi-Comedy. 1 67 1 

72. Walker's (T.) Wit of a Woman, Comedy. 1705 

73. West's (Richard) Hecuba, Tragedy. 1726 

74. Weston's (Jo.) Amazon Queen, Tragi-Comedy. 1667 

75. Wilkinson's (Richard) Vice Reclaimed, Comedy. . 1703 

76. Wilson's (J.) Cheats, Comedy. Written in 1662. HkedU, . 1693 

77. Wright's (Thomas) Female Virtuosos, Comedy. 1693 

78. — The same. (Differing only in the title from preceding.) 1721 

CoDgreve's (William) Fine Plays, original edilions, including two of the Double Dealer. 1 vol. 

4to. ....•.-. . 1693-1706 

See Pnoaa Works, vol. vi pp. 360-1. 

Wycheriey's (Williain) Four Plays, early editions, including two of the Plain Dealer. 1 vol. 

4(0. ........ 1683-1709 

See Prosb Works, voL vi. p. 362. 

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See Prosr Works, vol. vL p. 361. 

Pix's (Mrs. Mary) Six Plays, early editions. — Sir John Vanbrugh's False Friend, a Comedy, 

1702. (Not included in the volume of his Plays, p. 219.) 1 vol. 4to. 1696-1701 



PbbsV. ABBOTSFORD library. SAel/ 10. 

Cihher's (Colhy) Nine Vhys, early ediiions. I vol 4io. . . 1697-1709 

Centlivre's (Mrs.) Nine Plays, earfy editions. 1 vol. 4to. . . 1700-12 

Ten Old Plays by various authors. 1 vol. 4to. containiDg, 

I . Rowe'8 Lady Jane Grey. 1715. {DupUcate, See p. 2 1 9.) 
2,3. Lee'sTheodosius. 1708. L. J. Brutus. 1708. (DupUcates, See p. 219.) 

4. Tate's Injured LoTC. 1707. (Duplicate. See p. 218.) 

5. ShadwelPs Libertine. J 705. (Dupliouie. See p. 218.) 

<>'. Higgons*8 Generous Conqueror. 1702. (Duplicate. See p. 220.) 

7. Dennis's Rinaldo and Armida. 1 699. (Dujilicate. See p. 2 J 9.) 

B. Crowne's (John) Destruction of Jerusalem, Tragedy, in 2 parts. 1 70S. 

See PmosB Works, toI. L pp. lfilM!» note 
9. Fix's (Mrs. Mary) Conquest of Spain, Tragedy. 1705. (Not included in the volume of her I^Iaya 

p. 221.) 
10. Filmer'ft Unnatural Brother. 1705. (DuplicaU. See p. 220.) 

Plays and Pamphlets. 1 vol. 8ro. containing^ 

1. Ilippisley's (J.) Journey to Bristol, a Farce. .... 

2. Hawker's ( ) Wedding, n Tragi-Comic Pastoral Farcical Opera, itith Music. 
:3. Miller's (James) Humours of Oxford, a Comedy. (WantaiUU.) . 

4. Fielding's (Henry) Tom Thumb, a Tragedy. Zdedii. . 

5. History of Priestcraft throughout all ages, &c. U edit, 

(». Johnson's (Samuel) Hurlothrumbo, &c. (Duplicate. See p< 220.) 

7. Argument against Excises, by Caleb D' Anvers, Esq. Part 2. 



Plays. &c. 1 vol. 8ro. containing^ 

1. Songs, &c. in the Comic Opera of the Woodman, by Bate Dudley. . Lomi, 1791 

2. Wilson's (John, Schoolmaster at Rutheiglen, afterwards at Greenock,) Earl Douglas, a Play ; and 

Clyde, a Poem. (WanU title,) ...... «&. [1760] 

See PojcTicAL Works, toI. iL pp. 176, 233. 

3. Tavemer's (W.) Artful Wife, a Comedy. WanU title. . . . , ib. [1718] 

4. Notes on Thucydides and Plata (Fragment of a volume.) 

5. Cowley's Poems on several occasions. (Fragment of an edition.) 

6. Miscellany (of Poems). Wanting title, 

Cartwriglit's (William) Comedies^ Tragi-Comcdies, with other Poems, cr, Svo. Lond. 1651 

Wilson's (Cliarlcs) Memoirs of the Life» Writings^ and Amours of William Congreve, Esq. 

Also some curious Memoirs of Dryden and his family. With MS. note by Sir W. S. Svo. 

ib. 1730 
See Prosb Workh, vol. L p. 373, note. 

Haynes's (James) Conscience, or the Bridal Night, a Tragedy. 8co. . . ib. 1821 

Ainslie's (Dr. Whitelaw) Clemenza, or the Tuscan Orphan, a Tragic Drama. 8oo. 

Lond. Sf Bath, 1823 
Twiss's (Horace) Carih Chief, a Tragedy. 2d edit. Svo. . . Lond. 1819 

Farquhar's (George) Love and Business, &c. Occasionary Verse and Epistolary Prose. Dis- 
course on Comedy, with reference to the English Stage. Svo. . . ib. 1 702 



Hey wood's (Thomas) Rape of Lucrece^ a Tragedie^ &c. 4M impreMion, Btn, 4fto. Lond. 1 630 
The Costlie Whore, a Comicall Historie^ &c. sm. 4>to. . . ib, 1 633 




3f ontfiaacon^ (Dom Bemardin de) L' Antiquity Expliqu^c^ at repr6$entee en figures. 5 torn. 

divis^ en 10. — Supplement. 5 tom. — 15 torn, /ol, G. P. rel, en maroquin rouge. 

Paris, 1719-1724 
The gift of his Majesty King George IV. See Lifb, vol. ▼. p. 328. 

Polwhele's (Rev. Richard) History of Devonshire. 3 vols/o/. Exeter, 1793, 1797, 1801 

SHELF in. 

Cornelius Nepos^ cum iuterp. et notis N. Courtin. In usum Delphini. edit. 3^- Spo. 

Lond. 1709 
Virgil's Georgics. Translated, with Notes, hy William Sotheby. Svo. . . »^. 1813 

Juvenal and Persius's Satires. Translated, &c. by William Gifford. 2 vols. Svo. ib, 1817 
Flavins Vegetius de Re Militari ; S. Julius Frontinus, Strategemata ; i^lianus de instruendis 

Acicbus ; et Modestus dc Vocabulis Rei Militaris, &c. 4>fo. With vol. of wood-cuts. Par. 1515 
Flavins Vegetius ; Julius Frontinus ; iElianus ; Modestus ; Castrametatio Romana, &c. cum 

comment. Stewechi, Modii, &c. 4>/o. .... Antwerp. 1585 

Bentley's (Rev. Dr. R.) Dissertation upon the Epistles of Phalaris. — Dissertation upon the 

Epistles of Themistocles, Socrates, &c. and the Fables of ^sop, &c. With an answer to 

the Objections of Hon. Charles Boyle, new edit. 8w. Lond. Bowyer, 1 777. — Life and 

Conversation of Richard Bentley. Latin and English, sm. %vo. ib. 1712. 

See Pkosk Work8, vol. ii. p. 36. 

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2d edit, er, ^vo. . . . . . . . . ib. 1698 

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lensis, Paulus Wamefridus ; ex recens. Lindenbrogii. 4/o. . . Hamb. 1611 

Rainoldes's (Dr.) Overthrow of Stage Playes, by the way of Controversie betwixt D. Gager 

and D. Rainoldes, wherein all the reasons that can be made for them ore notably refuted, 

&c. 2d edit. 4to. . . . . . . . Oxford, 1629 

Collier's (Rev. Jeremy) Short View of the Immorality and Profaneness of the English Stage, 

&c. 2d edit, 8vo. ....... Lond. 1698 

Defence of his Short View, Sec. ; being a Reply to Mr. Congreve's Amendments, &c. 8vo. 

See Prosx Works, vol. i. pp. 358-60. i^, 1699 


Press W. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skehei 3-9. 

Dennis's (John) Usefulness of the Stage^ &c. occasioned by a late book written by Jeremy 
Collier, cr. Svo, ....... Lond. 1698 

Select Works, containing Poetical Miscellanies, Four Plays, &c. 2 vols. Soo. ib. 1718 

Ancient and Modem Stages Snrvey'd, or Mr. Collier's View, &c. set in a tme light ; wherein 
some of his mistakes are rectified, &c. 8vo. .... ti6. 1699 

The Stage Condemned, and the Encouragement given to the Profaneness and Immoralities of 
the Theatre, &c. censured, &c. &c. 8vo. . . . . . i^. 1698 

Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Conduct of the Stage considered ; being a Short Hifltorical Account of its original, pr ogre aa , &c. A. 1721 

2. The Revolution and the present Establishment Tindicated, &c . A. 1721 

3. History of Menuthia, &c. Done out of French. . . yoitm^kam, 1715 

4. King Gcorge^s Right asserted, and the Church of England vindicated, &c. 2d edit. Lomd. 1717 
.5. Popish Cruelty displayed, &c. Designed as a caveat against the Designs of the Pretender. A. 17 J 8 

6. Validity of Baptism by Dissenting Ministers. . . A. 1713 

7. Shawns (Rev. Ferdinando) Judgment of the Church of EIngland in the Point of Ordination. t6. 1715 

8. Defence of Ditto. ...... A. 1716 

9. Apology for the Foreign Protestant Churches, having no Episcopacy, &c. With an aocoimt of the 

Ancient Churches of the Waldenses and A Ibigenses. . . . tft. 1717 

Tnicts for and against the Stage. Svo, containing, 

1 . Anderson^s (Rev. Gcoige) Use and Abuse of Diversions. 2d edii, . . Edim, 1733 

2. Remarks upon Mr. Andcrson^s positions, concerning the unlawfulness of Stage Plays. A. 1733 

3. Anderson^s (Rev. Geoige) Re-inforcement of the Reasons, proving that the Stage is an Unchristian 

Diversion. ....... t&. 1733 

Pamphlets on Foote's Minor, &c. Svo. containing, 

1. Whitefield's (Rev. George) Christian and Critical Remarks on the Minor, &c. 2d edit. Lomd. 1760 

2. Letter to Mr. Footc, occasioned by the preceding. . . . . t&. 1760 

3. Footers (Samuel) Letter to the Author of Christian, &c. Remarks. . . t&. 1760 

4. Whitofield^ (Rev. George) Letter in reply to the foregoing. ...•&. 1760 
o. Observations, good or bad, &c. on the Minor. ....•&. 1760 
6. City Latin, or Critical, &c. Remarks on the Latin Inscription in laying the first stone of Blackfiyars^ 

Bridge, by the Rev. Busby Birch, LL.D. 2d edit. . . . t&. 1761 

Gihlon's (Charles) Life of Mr. Thomas Betterton, the late eminent Tragedian, &c. To which 

is added, the Amorous Widow, &c. a Comedy, hy Mr. B. Sro. . . ih. 1710 

Egerton's (William) Memoirs of Mrs. Anne Oldfield, &c. Svo. . . ib, 1731 


AucTORES Clas8ICI,Graeci et Latinl Editionesoptimae,cum notis variorum. 140 torn. 8ro. viz. 
Auctores Graeci. 
1. JEliani Varia Historia, Gr. ct Lnt. Pcrizonii. 2 tom. . . £. Bat. 1701 

2. Appianus, Gr. et Lat. Tollii et Stephani. 2 tom. 

3. Appollonius Rhodius, Gr. et Lat Hoelzlini. 

4. Arrianus de Ex|)editione Alexandri Magni, Gr. et Lat Blancardi. 

5. Arrianl Ars Tactica, &c. Epicteti Enchiridion, &c. Gr. et Lat Blancardi. 
G. Callhnachi Opera, Gr. et Lat. Spanhemii. 2 tom. Bvo. 


Awut. 1670 
L. Bat. 1641 

Amit. 1668 

. ih. 1683 

UHr^j. 1697 

PbB88 W. 


SAeivet 3-9. 

17. Eiasmi Colloquia, SchzevellL 

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22. Homtiufl, Bond. .... 

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24. Justinus, Gronovii. .... 

25. Juvenolis et Pcrsii Satirac, Casauboni. 

26. Lactaotius, GallaeL .... 
— de Mortibus Persecutorum, fiauldri. 2 torn. 

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28. Lucanus, Schrevelii. .... 
2d. Lucretius de Rerum Natura, Wakefield. 4 torn. 

30. Macrobius, Grononi. .... 

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3*2. Minucius Felix, C. Cjprianus, et Julius Firmicus, Gronorii. 

33. Mythogmphi Latin! Veteres, Munckeri. 2 torn. 

See PoxncAL Woaxs, yuI. iv. p. SSI. 

34. Opuscula Mythologica, Physica, et Ethica, GalcL 

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38. Phaedri Fabulac, Burmanni. 

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40. Plinii Historia Naturalis, Gronovii. 3 torn. 

Sec POKTICAL WOftKT, TOl. !▼. p. 273. 

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42. Pomponius Mela, Abr. Gronovii. 2 torn. 

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44. Quintilianus, Schrevelii, et Gronovii. 2 torn. 

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46. Sallustius, Popmae. 

47. Senecae Opera, Gronovii. 3 torn. 

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49. ..«-. et Syri Sententiae, GruterL 

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58. VeUeius Paterculus, BurmannL 

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A. 1722 

i&. 1731 


A. 1720 

i&. 1720 

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. AwmL 1678-9 

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CRoiff. 1813 

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ib. 1670 

A. 1709 

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A. 1688 

A. 1670 

Ha^oB^ 1712 

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iMgd Bat. 1778 

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Luffd. Bat. 1669 

. t». 1669, 1675 
A. 1748 
. Hamover^ 1613 
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A. 1672 
A. 1682 
Lugd. Bat. 1727 
A. 1671 
Tr. ad Rk. 1690 
Amtt. 1«65 
A. 1685 
A. 1686 
Dord. 1619 
Lugd. BaL 1670 
Stewedil 2 torn. Fcsa/. 1670 
Li^. Bat. 1719 
A. 1680 

The gift of Archibald Constable, Esq. ; See LiPi, vol. v. p. 328. 


Prbss X ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY* Skdvet h 3. 

Pedanttus, Gomoedia, olim acta in Coll. Trin. Cantab. 24mo. LcmL 1681 

Wiflharty (Qeoig. Episc. Edinb.) J. 0. De Rebus Caroli Regis sub imperio Jaoobi HootisHfo- 

sanim Marcbionis^ &c. anno 1644^ et duobos seqoentibus^ g^^tis^ GommentarioSy AJ3. 

interprete. edit. 2da. 24mo. ..... Am&L 1648 

Stradae (Famiani) Eloquentia Bipartita. Pars I. : Prolosiones Academicae. Pan 11. : Pam- 

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De Bello Belgico Decades II. 2 torn. 24mo. . Juxta exemplar Ramae, 1653-8 

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Suetonius. Cum not. divers. 32mo. ..... Anui. 1630 

Erasmi CoUoquia. 24mo. . . . . . . ib. 1650 

See NoU io Si. Bomtn't WeU. 

Polydori Vergilii De Invcntoribus Rerum, et de Prodigiis. 24mo. . . •5.1671 

Oweni (Joan.) Epigrammata. 24mo. . . . . . ib, 1644 

Mascnii Exercitationes Oratoriac Joco-Seriae. 24mo. . • . C6L Agr, 1680 

Hildebrandi, (M. F.) Compendium Geograpbiae Cluverianae, &c. Franc. 1674. — Hartnacii 
(Dan.) Deductio contra periculosa molimina Jesuitarum. ib. 1675. 24mo. 




P. Virgilii Maronis Oeorgica Hcxaglotta, [[Text Latin, cum v. Versionibns: Hiepaniea, a J. 

de Guzman ; Germanica, a J. H. Voss ; Anglka, a Gul. Sotheby ; Italica. a Fran. Soave ; 

Gallica, a Jac Deliile ; a Gulielmo Sotbeby edita. /ol. max. Lond. typ. Gul. Hieoi, 1827 

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Ashburton's (Richard Barre^ Lord) Genealogical Memoirs of the Royal Hooae of France, Sec. 

/ol. •6.1825 

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/ol. ......... Parte, 1820 

Soane's (Sir Jobn) Designs for Public Improvements in London and Westminster. 2d tm- 

pressum. /d. ....... Lond. 1828 


Dionysii Halicamassensis Antiquitatcs, sive Origincs Romanae^ Sigism. Gelenio interprete. fcL 

BaeO, 1549 

Scbeifer's (Jobn) History of Lapland^ wherein are shewn the Original^ Manners, Habits, &c. 

of that People, /ol. ...... (h^ord, 1674 

Prb«8 Y. 



SHELF Fill. 

Tracts, &c. printed and ^f.S'., by James Graliam, M.D. 4to. 

See LiPB, ToL i. pp. 123-25. 

Egerton, (Thomas, Lord Chancellor of England) Life of. 4/o. 

Hejrvvood, (Thomas) The Earls of Derby, and Verse Writers and Poets of the IGth and 

1 7th Centuries. 4fto. ...... Manchester , 1 825 

Testimony of Truth to exalted Merit : or a Biographical Sketch of the Countess of Derby, 

(formerly Miss Farren,) &c. 4to. ..... Land, 1797 

Graham's (Rev. John) Statistical Account of Kilrush, Killard, Kilfieragh, &c. To which is 

prefixed in MS, '' Specif nens of the Minstrelsy of the English and Scottish Colonies in 

Ulster.'' snufd. 

See Life, vol. v. p. G9. 

Stevenson's (Robert) Roxburgh and Selkirk Railway Report. 4/o. . Edin. 1821 

Hall Stevenson's (John) Crazy Tales. 4to. .... Lond. 1762 

See Life, voL iv. p. 137. 

Ubaldini, (Pctruccio) Descrittione del Regno di Scotia, et delle Isole sue adjacently &c. sm.fd, 

Anv, 1588 
Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. 4/o. containing, 

1. Hawkinses ( ) Thimble, an Heroi-Comical Poem. Lomd. 1744 

2. Ballad on Lord Doneraile^s altering his Chapel to a Kitchen. t&. 1746 

3. Whitehead's ( ) Honour, a Satire. . •&. 1747 

4. Nature, a Poem. ....... tft. 1747 

.>. Johnson's (Dr. Sam.) Prologue and Epilogue, spoken at the Opening of Drury Lane Theatie. ib, 1747 

See Prosb Works, toI. rl p. 165. 

(>. Lyttelton's (Lord) Monody to the Memory of a Lady lately deceased. 2d edit, . •&. 1748 

See PfiosB Works, toI. iii. p. 134, nvU. 

7. Thomson's (James) Castle of Indolence. .... A. 1748 

8. Gray'b (Thomas) Elegy wrote in a Country Church- Yard. ... A. 1731 

9. The Scribleriad, an Heroic Poem, Book 1. . A. 1751 

10. Messiah, an Oratorio, as performed at Co vent Garden. Set to Music by liandeL ib. 1749 

11. Esther, Do. Do. Do. t6. 1751 
1*2. Alexander's Feast, an Ode by Dryden, &c. The Choice of Hercules. Do. . •&. 1751 




Scott's (Sir Walter) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 

Sir Tristrem. royal Svo, 

Lay of the Last Minstrel, royal Sco, 

Marmion. royal 8vo, 

Lady of the Lake. 2d edit, royal Svo. 

Lord of the Isles. 2d edit, royal Svo» 


3 vols, royal Svo 

Edin. 1806 
ib. 1806 
t^. 1806 
ff^. 1806 
ib. 1810 
a. 1815 

SMveM 1, 2, 3. SIR WALTER SCOTT'S WORKS, &c. Pbkss Y. 

lM[emoire of Robert Gary, Earl of Monmouth, written by hinisolf. — And Sir Robert Naunton's 
Fragmente Regalia, being a History of Queen Elizabeth's favourites, &c. Edited, with 
notes, by Sir W. Scott rogal Svo, ..... Edin. 1 808 

CI>riginal Memoirs, written during the Great Civil War ; being the Life of Sir H. Slingsby, 

Memoirs of Captain John Hodgson, and Relations of the Campaigns of Oliver Cromwell in 

Scotland, 1650. Edited, with notes, by Sir W. Scott, royal Svo, . . ib, 1806 

See Prose Workr, vol. vii. p. 64. 

Oarleton's (Captain George) Memoirs, including Anecdotes of the War in Spain under the 

Earl of Peterborough, &c. Edited by Sir W. Scott. 8vo. . . ib. 1 808 

See LiPK,voL ii. p. 172. 

.¥iettittUa : or. Titles, Extracts, and Cliaracters of Old Books in English Literature, revived. 

By Sir E. Brydges. 4 vols. Svo. ...... t^. 1814 

"%Vilson's (William Rae) Travels in Egypt and the Holy Land. 2d edit 8w. . ib. 1824 

^Alills's (Charles) History uf the Crusades. 2 vols. 800. 1*6.1820 

See IfUrodueUoH to The Talitmau^ {Tales of the Crueaden,) 

History of Cliivalry, or Knighthood, and its Times. 2 vols. Svo, , . ib. 1825 

3Denliam, (Major) Clapperton, (Captain) and Oudney's (Dr.) Narrative of Travels and Dis- 
coveries in Northern and Central Africa, in the years 1822, 1823, and 1824. 2d edit 
2vols. 8<70. ......... t^. 182(>' 


^3ecret History of the Court of James L (By Osborne, Weldon, Heylin, and Peyton, &c.) 
Edited by Sir W. Scott. 2 vols, royal Svo. . . , . t^. 181 1 

^Swift's (Dean) Works, &c. With Notes and Life of the Author, by Sir W. Scott. 1 9 vols. 
Sro, L, P. . . . . . . ib, 1814 


^Dryden's (John) Works, now first collected. With Notes, historical, critical, and explanatory, 
and Life of the Author by Sir W. Scott. 18 vols. Svo. L. P. Land. 1808 

Somerville's (James, Eleventh Lord) Memorie of the Somervilles ; being a History of the 

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in 4fo. ....«•.• Edin. 1815 

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Land. 1766 

The Gentleman's Recreations, in 3 parts. Part 1. Introduction to all ihe Liberal Arts and 
Sciences. Part 2. Horsemanship, Hawking, Hunting, Agriculture, &c Part 3. Gompleat 
Body of all our Forest, Chace, and Game Laws, &c. 2d edit fd. . . tift. 1710 

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/ol, . . . . . . ... . . f^. 1721 

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Cadwallader, &c. and of the Kings of Scotland to Eugene V. &c. &c. To which is added, 
the Breviary of Britayne, by Humfry Lhuyd, &c. /ol. . . . i^. 1729 

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To which is added, a Sketch of the Border Laws and Customs, &c. 2d edit, fcL (b, 1789 

See VomcAL Works, voL viiL note H. 

Here begynnyB the buke caU't the Buke of the Law of ArmyBy the quhiik was eompiUt be a netable 

man, Doctour in Decrees, caUit Bennet, prioure of SaUan, &c. MS. foi, 
Kircheri (A than.) Mundus Subterraneus, in xii Libros digestus, &c 2 vols, in I, foL 

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sg.fol, . . . . . . , ib, 1818 

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and IV. (Scotland ) fol, ...... Lond,\Sl6 


^Adve9 3, 4. ENGLISH HISTORY. Press Z. 


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Great Britain and Ireland, &c. 7 vols. ^. .... Land, 17^7 

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1642 to 1658, &c. /o/. . . . . . Westm. M. Siace, 1810 

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2 rols,/oL ......... t^. 1746 

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Charles I.) /ol, , . . . t^. 1705 

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Jbl, .*•....... t^. 1678 

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Medici; B. Hjfdriatapkia ; 4. Miscellanies, &c. fd. . t^. 1686 

A4[oiiBtrelet, (Enguerran de) Les Chroniques d', (depuis 1400 jusqu' a 1516.) 3 torn, in 1. 

fd. ......... Paris, 1595 

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Author by the Rev. Professor Alexander Murray. 7 vols, royal Svo. and Atlas of plates 
in 41b. ........ FaHti. 1 804 

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in 5. Oxfbrdy 1770. — Lives of John Lcland, Thomas Heame, and Ant. a Wood, &c. 

^m original papers. 2 vols. ih. 1772. — 7 vols, rotfal Sco. 

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— 800. ....... Lond. Bagster, 1810 

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Ireland, &c. 9vo, ....... Dub. \%20 

233 2G 


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1. Derriana; History of Siege of Londonderry, &c. LomtUmderry^ }^Z 

2. Ode on the Relief of Londonderry, &c. 

3. Historical Poem on the State of Ireland, &c. . . Dmb. 1820 

4. Sir Harcourt^s Vision, an Historical Poem. .... A. 1823 

5. Annals of Ireland, &c. ...... Lomd, IB\9 

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Dub. 1821 
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of Edward III. to the Revolution, new edition f completing Granger's 12th class, &c. 

3 vols, royal Svo, ....... Land, 1813 

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royal Svo. ........ Edin. 1793 

Historical and Descriptive Account of Uie Town and Castle of Warwick, and the adjacent 

towns, villages, &c. royal Svo. ..... Warwick, 1S1 5 

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York, 1824 
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Lord William Howard of Naworth. royal Svo. . . . Dtirkam, IS\9 

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Monarchy Revived ; being the Personal History of Charles II. from his earliest years to his 

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The Boscobel Tracts, relating to the Escape of Charles II. aflcr the Battle of Worcester, Sec. 

Edited by John Hughes, Esq. Svo. ..... Edin. 1830 

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royal Svo. ........ Newcastle, 1826 

Gervasii Tilberiensis, &c. De Imperio Romano, et Gottorum, Lombardorum, Brittonum, 

Francorum, Anglorumquo regnis Commentado. Ex ipsius Otiis Imperialibus, &c. cmn 

aliis, &c. nunc primum edita a J. J. Madero. sm. Mo. Hdmstadt. 1673 

Greswell's (Rev. W. Parr) Monastery of Saint Werburg (Chester), a Poem. With Notes. 

{Not printed for sale.) royal Svo. ..... Mancheeter, \S2S 


Ordnance Survey of England. Maps of the Counties, engraved under the direction of Colonel 

Mudge. On canvas, in morocco cases, royal 4tto. Containing Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, 

Essex, Kent, Sussex, Pembroke, Surrey, and Wilts. 

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of Orford. 3 vols. 890. . . . ib. \ 800 

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Mission in 1805. 2 voh». 800. . • . . t^. 1805 

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and continued to the present time. By Sir Egerton Brydges. 9 vols. Svo. ib. 1812 

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lived, &c. 3d edit. 6 vols. 8 w. ...... 16.1769 

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Selden's Mare Clausum. 2d edit. Svo. . . ib. 173i 

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Letters, &c. With Notes and Illustrations. 3 vols. Svo. . . . ib. 1824 

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island of Madagascar. 8eo. . . t^. 1743 

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royal Svo. ...... Osr/ard, Clarendon Press, 1S\2 

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Life and Acts of John Aylmer, Bishop of London—- of Sir Thomas Smith — and Sir John 

Cheke. new edit. 3 parts in 1 vol. royal Svo. . . . ib. 1820-1 

Life and Acts of Edmund Grindal, &c. Abp. of Canterbury, new edit, royal Svo, t^. 1821 

Life and Acts of John Whitgift, Abp. of Canterbury, new edit. 3 voU. royal Svo. ib. 1822 

Ecclesiastical Memorials, relating chiefly to Religion and the Reformation of it, &c. mider 

Henry VIIL Edward VI. and Mary, new edit, 6 vols, royal Svo. . . ib. 1822 

Annals of the Reformation and Establishment of Religion, &c. during Queen Elizabeth's 

reign, new edit. 7 vols, royal Svo. . . . . ib. 1824 

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Savage^ and brought down to 1704. 2 vols. Svo. .... tb. 1704 
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from the most authentick Arabick Authors, &c. 2 vols, Sco, . . . i&, 1708 

Memoirs, &c. of M. du Gue-Trouin, Chief of a Squadron in the Royal Navy of France. Written 

by himself, &c. Translated by George Shelvockc. 2d edit. l2mo. . Land, 17^3 

Scurry, (James) Captivity, Sufferings, and Escape of, while a prisoner during 10 years in the 

Dominions of Hyder Ali and Tippoo Saib. 12fno, . Land, 1S2^ 

Loveday's (Robert) Letters, Domestick and Foreign, &c. on subjects philosophical, historical, 

and moral. Published by his brother, Anthony Lovcday. 7th edit. Svo. . ib. 1684 
Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. l2mo. containing, 

1. Eisay on Gibing. ....... t6. 1727 

2. Bellegazde'8 (Abb^ Praise of Women. Translated by S. 31acky. tft. 1727 

3. Essay on the Mischief of giving Fortunes with Women in Marriage. t&. 1727 

4. Swiftiana ; containing Poems by Dean Swift, &c. . . . . tS. 1727 

5. The Praise of Owls. (Translated from the Latin.) . •5.1727 
Miller's (Rev. James) Progress of the Human Mind, its objects, conditions, and issue, &c. 

12/710. ........ Edin. 1823 

Characters and Opinions ; or the Blue Book. With MS. Letter Jrom the Authorees. Svo. ib. 1 825 
Wright's (Rev. Thomas) Farewell to Time : or Last Views of Life and Prospects of Immor- 
tality ; including Devotional Exercises for the Sick, &c. 12mo. . Edin. 1821 

See LiFB, vol. viL p. 112. * 

Story's (Rev. Robert) Peace in Believuig. Memoir of Isabella Campbell of Femicarry, Ros- 
neath, Dumbartonshire. 12;7io. ..... Greenock, 1829 




Chronicon Nurembergeme. Buch der Croniken und Geschichten. mit Figuren, &c. foL 

Numberg, 1693 
Hickesii (Georgii) Linguarum Vett. SeptcntrionaUum Thesaurus Criticus et Archaeologicus. 

3 tom.^. Ch. Max. ...... Oaoon. 1703-5 

See Poetical Works, vol. ii« p. 266. 

Historiae Anglicanae Scriptores Varii. E. Codd. MSS. nunc primum editi a Josepho Sparke. 
tom 1. fol. Ch. Max. ...... Land. 1723 

1. Joannis Abbat S. Petri de Burgo Chronicon. 

2. Botton, (Rob. de) Chronicon Angliae. 

3. Stephanidis (W.) Vita S. Thomae Cantuar. 

4. 5, 6, 7, 8. Hilt Coenobii fiuigensiB Script Var. 


Prb88 &. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelve$ S, 4. 

Hall's (Captain Basil) Voyage of Discovery to the West Coast of Corea, and the great Loo- 
Choo Island, &c. 4io. ...... Land. 1818 

Evelyn's (John) Siica : or, a Discourse of Forest Trees, &c. ; with notes by Dr. A. Hufitcr. 
3d edit. 2 vols. 4to, ...... YorJt, 1801 

Memoirs, illustrative of the Life and Writings of: comprising his Diary from 1641-1706, 

and a selection of his familiar Letters, &c. &c. Edited by W. Bray, Esq. assisted by W. 

Upcott. 2 vols. 4(0, ...... Land. 1818 

See P1106B Works, vol. vi. pp. 352, 354, 358-60 ; voL xx. pp. 107-13. 

Macpherson's (James) History of Great Britain, from the Restoration to the Accession of the 
House of Hanover. 2d edit. 2 vols. — Original Papers, containing the Secret History of 
Qreat Britain, from the Restoration, &c. To which arc prefixed. Extracts, frtim the Life of 
James II. as written by himself. 2d edit. 2 vols. — 4 vols. 4to. . . ib. 1776 

James II., Life of, collected out of Memoirs writ of his own hand. Published from the origi- 
nal Stuart MSS. in Carlton House, by tlie Rev. Dr. J. S. Clarke. 2 vols. 4to. t^. 1816 

Watson's (Rev. John) Memoirs of the ancient Earls of Warren and Surrey, and their de- 
scendants, &c. 2 vols. 4fto, ..... Warrin^fton, 1782 

Wilson's (Sir Robert) Remarks on the Character and Composition of the Russian Army, and 
a Sketch of the Campaigns in Poland in 1806 and 1807. 4to. . Land. 1810 

Francklin's (Col. William) Researches on the Tenets and Doctrines of the Jeynes and Bood^ 
hists, &c. of Ancient India, -^to. ...... t&. 1827 

O'Reilly's (Edward) Essay on the Nature and Influence of the Ancient Irish Brehon Laws, 
&c. 4to. ........ Uub. 1824 


Clark's (Samuel) Marrow of Ecclesiastical History, divided into 2 parts : the first containing 
the Life of our blessed Lord and Saviour, '&c. ; the second, the Lives of Christian EmperorB, 
Kings, &c. &c. Zd edit. fd. ..... Land. 1975 

Lives of sundry Eminent Persons in this later Age, in 2 parts; part 1. of Divines; 

part 2. of Nobility and Gentry of both Sexes, &c. /ol. . . . ib. 1683 

Mather's (Rev. Cotton) Magnolia Christi Americana : or Ecclesiastical History of New Eng- 
land, from its first planting in 1620 unto the year 1698. In 7 books. With MS. note by 
Sir W. S. fol. . . . . . . . . ib. 1702 

See Letter* on Demonoloyy^ Lett. 2. 

Lodge's (Edmund) Illustrations of British History, Biography, and Manners, in the reigns of 

Henry VIII. Edward VI. Mary, Elizabeth, and James I. &c. 3 vols. 4to. . ib. 1791 
See Poetical Works, toL iii p. 87 ; Prose Works, vol. it. p. 119, note. 

Peck's (Rev. Francis) Desiderata Curiosa : or a Collection of Scarce and Curious PieoeSy 
relating chiefly to matters of English History, &c. New edition, with Life of Mr. Peck. 

4to. ....•••.•. ti6. 1779 

See Poetical Works, vol. viiL p. 33 ; Introduction to PcrerU of the Peak, 


Pbu8 &. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Sheivei 5, C. 

Pepja's (Samuel) Memoirs^ &c. comprising his Diary from 1659 to 1669, &c. Edited hy 

Richard Lord Braybrooke. 2 vols. 4to. .... Land. 1825 

See Review o/tkiiin Prosk Works, voL xx. pp. 94-^52 ; Lifb, toL wL pp. 122-3. 

Bowdich's (T. E.) Mission from Cape Coast Castle to Ashantee, &c ito. . i^. 1819 

Adams's (Robert) Narrative of his Shipwreck on the Western Coast of Africa in 1810, hit 

three years' Slavery among the Arabs, &c. 4to, . . . * »6. 1816 

Riley's (James) Loss of the American brig, Conunerce, wrecked on the Western Coast of 

Africa in August 1825, &c. 4to. ...... ti^. 1817 

Butler's (Samuel) Hudibras. With variorum Notes. Edited by the Rev. Dr. T. Rnasdl 

Nash. JVith Hoffartk's plates. 3 vols. 4to. . . . . . ib. 1793 

Cervantes, (Miguel) El Ingenioso Hidalgo Don Quixote de la Mancha. nueva edie. cor- 

regida por la Real Academia Espauola. 4 tom. 4to. . . Madrid, 1780 

Giraldi Cambrensis Itinerarium Cambriac, cum annotationibus Davidis Powal. Editio nota, 

curante R. C. Hoare, Baronctto. 4to. .... Land. 1806 

Ginddus de Barri's Itinerary of Archbishop Baldwin through Wales, a.d. 1188. Translated 

into English, and illustrated with Views, Annotations, and a Life of Oiraldus. By Sir R. 

Colt Hoare, Bart. 2 vols. 4to. . , . . ib, 1806 

Kenil worth Illustrated ; or the History of the Castle, Priory, and Church of Kenilworth, Sec. 

royal 4to. ........ Chiswick, 1 821 

Monck Mason's (William) History and Antiquities of the Cathedral Church of St. Patrick, 

near Dublin, from 1190 to 1819. 4to. .... 7>tt^. 1820 

See Prosb Works, vol. ii. p. 131. &.c.pamm, 

Hibbert Ware's (Dr. S.) Illustrations of the Customs of a Manor in the North of England 

during the 15th Century, &c. 4/o. ..... Edin, 1822 

Castles of Aln^vick and Warkworth, &c. from Sketches by C. F. Duchess of Northumberland. 

Privately prifited. 4to. ...... Land. 1823 

** The gift of her Grace to Sir W. S. at Alnwick, 8th Oct. 1827."— 3/5. »ofe^-8ee Lii% yo\. viL p. 79. 

Sylvester's (Charles) Philosophy of Domestic Economy, as exemplified, &c. in the Derbyshire 

General Infirmary, &c. 4to. .... Nottingham, 1819 

The Jamaica Royal Gazette, from April 12 to June 17, 1823. fd. . Kingston, 1823 


Coxe's (Rev. William) Memoirs of John Duke of Marlborough, with his Original Correspon- 
dence, collected from the family records at Blenheim, &c. 3 vols. 4to, Land. 1818 

Howell's (James) Dodona's Grove ; or the Vocall Forest, With MS. key. sm.fol. ib, 16i0 

See PosncAL Works, vol. vi. note 2 H. 

Harrington's (James) Commonwealth of Oceana, sm.fol. . . . ib.X^b^ 

Gait's (John) Voyages and Travels in the years 1809, 10, and 11 ; containing Observations, 

&c. on Gibraltar, Sardinia, Sicily, Malta, Serigo, and Turkey. With MS. Letter /ram the 

Author to Sir W. S. 4to. . .... t*. 1812 


Prbbs &. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SJ^elves 6, 7. 

Carleton's (Sir Dudley) Letters^ during his Embassy in HoUand^ from January 1615-10 to De- 
cember 1620. 3^ edition, with Preface by the Earl of Hardwicke. 4A». Lond. 1780 

Turner's (Sharon) History of England^ (from the Norman Conquest to the end of the reign of 
Elizabeth.) 5 vols. 4to. ...... t3. 1814-29 


Lodge's Peerage of Ireland. 4 vols. 8ro. . . . ib. 1754 

Collins's (Artliur) Baronetage of England. 2 vols. Svo, . . . ti6. 1720 

Sketch of Irish History. Q. and A. \2ino, .... Ccrky 1815 

Hamilton's (Rev. Andrew) True Relation of the Actions of the Inniskilling Men, from their 

first taking up of Anns in Dec. 1688. sm. 4tto. . . . Lond. 1690 

Curry's (Dr. J.) Historical and Critical Review of the Civil Wars in Ireland, &c. With the 

State of the Irish Catholics, new edit. Srci. . . . . Du^. 1810 

Stafford's (William) Compendious or Briefe Examination of ccrtayne ordinary Complaints of 

divers of our Countrymen in these our dayes, &c. By William Shakespeare. 1581. 8c»o. 

repr. Lond, 1751 

See Life, to), i. p. 264. A MS. notice of the Author by Sir W. S. is inserted in his copj ofHarleian 

Mucellany^ vol. ix. where the tract is reprinted. 

Francklin's (Col. Wm.) Military Memoirs of Mr. Qcorge Thomas, &c. General in the Service 
of the Native Powers in the North West of India^ &c. Calcutta, 8w. ib. repr. 1805 

Hutchinson's ( ) Historical Account of the Rise and Progress of the Colonies of Sontli 

Carolina and Qeorgia. 2 vols. 8 fo. ...... t^. 1779 

Psaimanazaar*s (George) Historical and Geographical Account of Formosa^ an island subject to 
the Emperor of Japan, &c, 2d edition, with large additions. {With MS, Letter Jrrnn 
Captain Basil Hall.) Svo, . . . . . . - id, 1703 

— MemoirSj &c. "WTitten hy himself. 8ro. . . . , , ib, 1764 

Jeffrey of Monmouth's British History. Translated from the Latin by A. Thomson. Svo, t^. 1718 

Memoirs of Capt. George Corleton, an English Officer, who served in the two last wars against 
France und Spain, &c. With MS, note hy Sir W, S, 8co. . . . t^. 1743 

See Life, vol. ii. p. 172. In WiUon^s Life and Times of Daniel Defoe^ this work, first published in 1727, is 

included in the List of that multifarious Author'^s WorkSb 

Wafer's (Lionel) New Voyage and Description of the Isthmus of America, &c. 2d edit. 

Svo. . X . . . . . . , id, 1704 

Anson's (George, Lord) Voyage round the World in 1740, 1, 2, 3, 4 ; compiled from his 

papers, hy Richard Walter. 7th edit, Svo. . . , . , ib, 1753 

Head's (Capt now General Sir Francis Bond,) Rough Notes, taken during some rapid journeys 

across the Pampas, &c. sm, Svo. , . . . . , ib, 1826 

Beyer's (A.) Annals of the reign of Queen Anne. 9th year, 1710. Svo, , t^. 1711 

Dunois's (Countess of) Memoirs of the Court of England in the reign of King Charles XL See. 

2d edit. Svo. ........ t^. 1708 



Wood's (L.) Life and Raigne of K. Charles, from his Birth to his Death. «m. 800. Land. 1659 
Fairfax's (Sir Thomas) Original Memoirs, written hy himself, during the Great Civil War, &c. 

With an Appendix. 12mo. ..... repr, Knaretb. 1810 

Ludlow's (Qcneral Edmund) Memoirs ; with a Collection of Original Papers, &c. Sd edit, 

3 vols. 1 2 wo. ....... Edin. 1751 

Burke's (Edmund) Maxims, Opinions, and Characters, Moral, Political, and Economical. 

Selected from his Works, &c. 2d edit, 2 yols.yc. 8fo. . . Lond, 1811 

Symson's (Ez.) Essay in Defence of the Female Sex. In which are inserted the Chanders 

of a Pedant, a Squire, &c. By a Lady. 1 2mo. . . •&. 1 69€ 
The same. Zd edit Lond, 1697. — Farther Essay relating to the Female Sex, contain- 
ing six Characters, &c. tb. 1696. 12mo. 
Taylor's (Joseph) Danger of Premature Interment, &c. 129no. . . «(. 1816 
Haddington's (Earl of) Treatise on the Manner of Raising Forest Trees. With MS. note fnf 

Sir W, S, 12 wo. ....... Edin. 1761 

Narrative of the Life and Travels of Serjeant B Written hy himself. 12mo. t^. 1823 

Fraser's (Qeorgc, Soldier in 3d Regiment of Foot Guards,) Narrative of his Life and Military 

Travels, &c. Written hy himself 12mo. .. . GUu^. ISiO 

Nicol's (John, Mariner) Life and Adventures. 12mo. . Edin. 1822 

Macleod's (Dr. John) Vo)rage to Africa, with some Account of the Manners, &c. of the 

Dahomian People. 12mo. ...... Land, 1820 

Mocquet's (John) Travels and Voyages into Africa, Asia, and America^ East and West Indies, 

Svria, Jerusalem, and the Holy Land. Translated from the French hy N. Pullen. 12mo, 

ib, 1696 

Simpson's (James) Visit to Flanders in July 1815, being chiefly an Account of the Battle of 

Waterloo, &c. Sth edit. l2mo. . . . ti6. 1816 

See Prosb Works, vol. v. p. 337. 

Wordsworth's (William) Lyrical Ballads, with Pastoral and other Poems, (some by Cole- 
ridge.) 4(h edit. 2 vols. 12mo. . . , ib, 1805 

See PoBTiCAL Works, vol. x. p. 41. 

Southey's (Robert) Poems. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Thalaba, the Destroyer. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Metrical Tales and other Poems. ^2mo, 

Letters from Spain and Portugal. 3d edit. 3 vols. l2mo. 

Omniana ; or Horae Otiosiores. 2 vols. 1 2mo. 

Life of Nelson, 2 vols. 12mo. 

See Prosb Works, toL x. p. 332 ; vol. xii. p. 111. 

Poet's Pilgrimage to Waterloo. 1 2mo. 

See LiFB, voL iv. p. 70. 

Lay of the Laureate. Carmen Nuptiale. 12mo. . . . .1^.1816 

Expedition of Orsua, and Crimes of Aguirre. l2mo, . . t^. 1821 


Bristoi, 1797-9 
Lond. 1801 
ib. 1805 
. t^. 1808 
. t^. 1812 
. ib. 1813 

. ib. 1816 












Skey9. MISCELLANIES. Pbsss 8c. 

Holcroft's (Thomas) Memoirs. Written by himself. 3 vols. l2mo. . I^md. 1816 

Inring's (Washington) Salmagundi ; or the Whim- Whams and Opinions of Launeelot Lang- 
staff, Esq., &c. Reprinted, &c. with preface and explanatory notes by John Lambert. 
2 Tols. 12mo. . . . . v^. 1811 


ViUars's (Marshal, Duke of) Memoirs, &c. Translated from the French. 12mo. ib. 1735 
Wairington's (Henry, Earl of) Works, &c. containing his Advice to his Children, Speeches in 

Parliament, &c. 12mo. . . . . ib. 1694 

Ray's (John) Select Remains. (Itineraries through England and Scotland in 1658.) With 

his Life by Dr. William Derham. Published by George Scott. Svo. . ib. 1760 

Swedish Intelligencer ; wherein, out of the truest and choycest informations, are the famous 

Actions of that warlike Prince, Gustavus Adolphus, historically led along, in 9 parts. 

2 Tols. 9m. 4fto. ....... 

Tracts on Husbandry and Trade, sm. 4to. containing, 

1. LeTett*8 (J.) Ordering of Bees, or the True History of managing them, &c. 

2. Haitlip''8 (Samuel) Discours of Ilusbandrie used in Brabant, Flandres, &c. 

3. — Designe for Plentie, by an universal Planting of Fruit Trees. 

4. Reformed Husbandman, &c. Errors, Defects, &c. of English Husbandrle. 

5. Mascal^ (Leonard) Government of Cattel, &c. B. L. . 

6. B ^ (J — ) Mcrchant*s Avizo, or Instructions, &c. for their Sonnes and SerNnnts, when they first 

send them beyond the Sea, &c ..... ib. 1G40 

7. Treatise of Wool and Cattel, &c. . . . . . ib. 1677 

8. proving that the abatement of Intere&t is the effect, and not the cause of the Riches of the Nation, 

&c ........ ib. 1668 

9. Trerers^ (Jos.) Essay to the restoring of our decay M Trade, &c. . ib. 1677 

10. Desperate and Dangerous Designe discovered concerning the Fen Countries, &c. ib. 1642 

11. Flimin^s (Thomas) Proposals for the employment of the Poor, &c. ib. 

12. Treatise of Ttoes and Contributions, &c t&. 1667 
18. A *8 (J ) Younger Brother his Apologie, or a Fathers Free Power Disputed for the Disposi- 
tion of his Lands, &c. ...... Oj/bnf, 1671 

14. Coke*s (Roger) Treatise I. wherein is demonstrated that the Church and State of England are in equal 
Danger with the Trade of it, &c. II. Reasons of the increase of the Dutch Trade. Lond. 1671 

Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 yol. Svo. containing, 

1. Dibdin's (Rev. T. F.) Bibliomania, or. Book Madness, &c. Jirst edit. . . t&. 1809 

2. Haslam^ (John) Illustrations of Madness, &c. t&. 1810 

3. The Times, a Poem. ...... ib. 1810 

Cook's (Dr. John) Voyages and Travels through Russia, Tartary, and Persia. 2 vols. Svo. 

Edin. 1770 

Pitts's (Jos.) Account of the Religion and Manners of the Mahometans, &c. Svo. Lond. 1709 

Rollin's Ancient History, &c. 10 vols. 12mo. .... Edin. 1758 

Cavallier's (Col. James) Memoirs of the Wars of the Ccvennes, &c. 2d edit. Sco. Lond. 1 727 

Cowley's (Abr.) Works ; with his Life hy Bishop Sprat. I2th edit 3 vols. 1 2mo. ib. 1721 



Ward's (Rev. R.) Matlock^ Buxton, and Castlcton Guide. l2yAo. . Derby, 1814 

Lane's (Thomas) Student's Guide through Lincoln's Inn, &c. 800. . Lond. 1823 

Smith's (M.) Memoirs of Secret Services, (hy Charles, Earl of Peterhorongh.) im, 800. ib, 1699 
Mascall's (Leonard) Three Bookes of Cattel, &c. B. L, Lond. 1600^ &c. ; 2. New Art of 

Planting and Grafting, &c. ib. 1652. sm, ^fo, 
Markham's (Gervase) Maister-Peece ; containing all Knowledge belonging to the Smith, 

Farrier, or Horse-Leech, &c. 5th edit, em. 4>to. . . . ib, 1636 

Brerewood's (Edward) Enquiries touching the Diversity of Languages and Religions, &c. 

Lond. 1635 ; 2. Austen's (Ra.) Treatise on the Planting of Fruit Trees, together with 

the Spiritual! Use of an Orchard, wants title, ein. 4fto. 
Mauley's (Mrs.) Court of Atalantis ; containing a Four Years' History of that famous Island, 

&c. 890. ........ Land. 1714 

Corbet's (Richard, Bishop of Norwich) Poems. 4ith edit, with Notes and Life of the Author, 

by 0. G. Gilchrist, Esq. cr. Sno. . . . . . . ib. 1807 

See Prose Works, vol. i. p. 26 ; Letters on Denumology^ &c. 

Laugh upon Laugh : or Laughter Ridiculed, a Poem,&c. (Dedicated to Mr. Pope.) Bvo. ib. 1740 

Sandel's (Samuel) Account of Emanuel Swcdenborg, in an Eulogium to his Memory^ 8cc. 

Translated from the Swedish. 8vo. . . . . . ib. 1826 

The Angler's Progress, a Poem, by H. B. 1820. — Tntic Fisher's Farewell to liis favourite 
Stream, by W. S. T, 1824.— The Fisher's Garland, (by R. R., W. S. T., and W. G.) 1821-27 
— in att, 9 pieces of% pages each, tcith wood-cuts. sm. Svo. Newcastle, Chamky, 1820-27 





Biographia Britannica : or Lives of the most eminent Persons, Sec. 2d edit, with Correc- 
tions, Enlargements, and New Lives, by the Rev. Dn Andrew Kippis, and others, vol. 1^. 
(from A to FAS.) fol. . ... . . Lond. 1778-93 

Lye (Edvardi) Dictionarium Saxonico et Gothico Latinum, Sec. Edidit, &c. Owen Manning, 
S. T. B. &c. 2 Yois. fol. . . . . . . t*. 1772 

Ralph's (James) History of England, during the Reigns of King William, Queen Anne, and 
King George I. &c. 2 vols.^. .....«&. 1744-^6 

Stow's (John) Survey of the Cities of London and Westminster ; written at first in 1598, &c 

brought down from 1 633 to the present time, by John Strype. With the Life of the 

Author, &c. 2 yoU. /oL . . . . , ib. 1720 

See PoBTiCAL Works, toL iii pp. 221-22 ; Introdmctiim to J^ariums ifNigtL 


Shdf>e$ 1, 2. BRITISH HISTORY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c. Pbem M. 

Complete Histoiy of England ; with the Lives of all the Kings and Queens thereof, from the 
earliest Accoont of Time to the Death of King William III. &c. (Edited hy Bishop 
Kennett.) 3 yoU. /ol. ...... Lond. 1707 

VoL I. BfiHon^ History of Britain to the Conquest. 

Daniel^ (S.) History of England, from Conquest to Edward III. 

Anon. History of England, from Richard II. to Henry VI. 

Habington^s History of Edward IV. 

Moie*8 (Sir T.) History of Edward V. and Richard III. 

Buckli (Sir Geo.) History of Richard III. 

Bacon'k (Lord) History of Henry VII. 

II. Herbert's (Lord) History of Henry VIII. 

Haywaid*s (Sir John) History of Edward VI. 

Godwin's (Bishop) History of Queen Mary. 

Camden'li (William) History of Queen Elisabeth and James I. 

Wilson's (Arthur) History of King James I. 

III. Anon. (Bishop Kennetfs) History of Charles I. and II., James II., and William III. 

See Paosa Woaas, vol. yii. pp. 130-31. 

Hammer, (Josephus de) Mysteriom Baphomeds Revelatom, seu Fratres Militiae Templi, &c. 

Apostasiae, Idoloduliae et Impmitatis convicti per ipsa eorum monumenta. /ol. Vindob, 1818 
Taylor's (Richard)' Index Moncuticus : or the Ahheys and other Monasteries, &c. in the 

Diocese of Norwich, and the ancient kingdom of East Anglia, systematically arranged and 

descrihed, &c. /ol, ....... Lond, 1821 

Mentet, (Rohert, de Salmonet) Histoire des Troubles de la Ghrande Bretagne, &c. depuis 1' an 

1633, jasqu' a 1' ann^e 1649. 2 vols m 1. foL . . Par. 1661 

Sharp's (Thomas, of Coventry) Dissertation on the Pageants, or Dramatic Mysteries, annually 

performed at Coventry, by the trading companies of that city, &c. To which are added, 

the Pageant of the Shearmen, and the Taylor's Company, &c. &c. imperial 4to. Coventry, 1 825 

See PaosE Works, voL tL p. 271. 


Tonbridge Wells Guide, &c. l2mo, ..... Tunb. 1808 

Southampton Guide, &c. \2mo. ..... South, 1775 

Gillingwater's (Edmund) History and Descriptive Account of St Edmund's Bury, &c. 1 2mo. 

Bury, 1804 

Hargrove's (E.) History of the Castle, Town, and Forest of Knaresborough, with Harrogate, 

&c. 4e& edit. l2mo, ...... York, 1789 

White's (Rev. Henry) Short Account of Lichfield Cathedral, &c. 12ww. Lichfield, 1811 
Churchyard's (Thomas) Worthines of Wales, a Poem, &c. cr, Svo. . repr. Lond, 1776 

Collection of Welsh Travels and Memoirs of Wales, by J. T., a mighty lover of Welsh Tra- 
vels. (Includes Holdsworth's Mtucipula, or Welsh Mouse Trap. Translated by Samuel 
Cobb.) 1 2mo, . . ib,no date. 

Thumb's (Tom) Travels over England and Wales, &c. i2mo, , . ib, 1746 

249 2 1 

Pbm M. ABBOTSFORD library. SMdf 

Phillipe's (H.) Grandeur of the Law ; or an Exact Collection of the Nobility Mid Gentry^ &• 
whose Honoiirs and Estates have been acquired^ &c. by the Practice of the Law. 1 2mo 

Land. 108 

Morgan's (Major Genera]) Memoirs ; containing a Relation^ &c. of his Progreas in France an< 
Flanders in 1657 and 1658^ at the taking of Dunkirk^ &c. under the command of Lock- 
hart of Lee. 12mo. ...... Gkuff, 1752 

Pembroke's (Henry^ Earl of) Method of Breaking Horses^ &c. 2d edit. l2mo. Lond. 1762 

Pamphlets. 1 vol. l2mo. containing, 

1. Substance of Speech intended to be spoken at a County Meeting for nwfwing the Heriton of Lands 

and Houses in Scotland. ...... EJia, 1796 

2. 01dfield*8 (H. O.) Anecdotes of Archery. .... Lomd. 1791 

3. Cobbett^ (William) History of the American Jacobins, by Peter Porcupine. repr. Bdm, 1797 
A ^'s (J ) Princely Excellency, &c. being an Exact Account, &c. of the Actions of 

the most serene. Sec, Prince, William III. &c. 12i9to., . . Lomd. 1702 

Opinions of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough. Published firom the original MSS. by Lord 

Hailes. 12mo. ....... Edin. 1788 

Ecclesiastical Tracts. I vol. l2mo. containing, 

1. Burnett (Dr. afterwards Bishop) Reflections on M. Varillas^ History, Ac . Awui. 1686 

2. HitiragonittieoH : or Corah *s Doom ; being an Answer, &c. to the Enquiry into the GroimdB and occa- 

sions of the Contenipt of the CleiiS7) &c. . . . . t&. 1672 

Lives of the Rey. Father Angel of Joycuse, Capucin Preacher, &c. ; Lives of the Rev. Fathers, 

Bennett, Englishman, and Archangcll, Scotchman, of the same order, &c. Translated from 

the Frcnche, by R. R. Catholiquc Priest. \2mo. . Douay, 1093 

Wilkes, (John) Home's (Rev. John) &c. Controversial Letters. l2mo. Land. 1771 

Young's (Robert) Breviary of the later Persecutions of the Professors of the Gospel of Christ 

Jesus, &c. l2mo. ....... Glatg. 1674 

Clifford's (Arthur) Tixall Letters ; or the Correspondence of the Aston Family, &c. daring 

the 17th Century. 2 vols, in 1. \2mo. .... Lond. 1815 

Marriott's (Rev. John) Hints to a Traveller into Foreign Countries. ISnao. . *&. 1816 

Rose's (William Stewart) Thoughts and Recollections. By one of the last Century. 

l2mo. ......... lift. 1825 

Apology, addressed to the Traveller's Club ; or Anecdotes of Monkeys. 1 2mo. ib. 1825 

See Life, vol. v. p. 296. 

Court of Beasts. Translated from the A nimaliParlanti of Giamb.Ca8tL <m.8oo. t&. 1816 

Orlando Innamorato of Fr. Bcmi. Translated into prose from the Italian. 9m. Boo. a^ 1 823 

Orlando Furioso of Ariosto. Translated into English Verse. Vols. 1, 2. 9m. Bvo. t^. 1823 

See Life, vol. vi. p. 859. 

Orthodox Communicant, by way of Meditation on the Order for the Admlnistratiou of the 
Lord's Supper. 12mo. .... ib. engraved bjf J. Sturt^ 1121 

Exercise of the Foot, &c. likewise the Exercise of the Dragoons, &c Ordered by Sir Thomas 
Livingston, Commander-in-Cliief, &c. \2mo. . . . JS^tii. 1693 



Planta's (Edward) New Picture of Paris, &c. IBmo. Land. 1825 

Coxe's (Henry) Gentleman's Guide in bis Tour through France. l8mo. . ib, 1827 

Debrett's (John) Baronetage of England. 2 vols. 18 mo. . . . *&. 1819 

Cromwell's (Thomas) Excursions through Ireland. Vols. 1 and 2, Province of Leinster. 

2 vols. 12mo. ........ t^. 1820 

Captain Rock Detected ; or the Origin and Character of the recent Disturbances, &c. By a 

Munster farmer. 12mo. . . t^. 1824 

Croker's (T. Crofton) Legends of the Lakes, or Sayings and Doings at Killamey. 2 vols. 

12mo. ......... t^. 1829 

The Montgomery Manuscripts ; containing an Account of the Colonization of the Ardes, in 

the county of Down, &c. Printed from original MSS. of W. Montgomery, Esq. 12mo. 

Bel/att, 1880 
Angouleme's (Duchess of) Private Memoirs, &c. on the Captivity of the Royal Family of 

France in the Temple. l2mo. ..... Lond, 1817 

Account of the Battle of Waterloo, &c. ^thedit l2mo. Glas^. ISIB 

Goldsmith's (Dr. Oliver) History of England, in a Series of Letters from a Nobleman to his 

Son. Continued to 1802. 2 vols. 12mo. .... Land, 1807 

Lockhart's (J. G.) Life of Robert Bums. 3d edit. ISmo. Edin. 1830 

Lewis's (M. G.) Poems. {With a MS. Ballad, "the Hag in a Red Cloak" parodying hi9 

«^.) 12mo. ....... Lond. 1812 

See PonrcAL Works, yoL iv. p. 76. 


Dnfresne (Garoli, Domini Du Cange,) Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimae Latinitatis. 

Editio nova, op. et stud. Monachorum Ordiuis S. Benedicti e congreg. S. MaurL 6 tom. 

fol. ......... Paris, 1733-6 

See Noie$ to Omni Robert afParit. 

Carpentier (D. P.) Glossarium Novum ad Scriptores Medii Mn, &c. Seu Supplementum ad 
auctiorem Glossarii Cangiani editionem. 4 torn. /ol. . . . ib. 1766 

Dufresne (Caroli, Domini Dn Cange,) Glossarium ad Scriptores Mediae et Infimae Graedtatis, 
&c. 2 tom./oL ....... Lugd* 1688 

Canciani (F. Paul!) Barbarorum Leges Antiquae, cum Notis et Glossariis, &c. 5 tom. /ol. 

Venet. 1781-92 

Meyrick's (Sir Samuel Rush) Critical Inquiry into Ancient Armour, as it existed in Europe, 
but particularly in England, from the Norman Conquest to the reign of Charles II. &c. 

3 yo\b./oI. ........ Liond. 1824 

Morison's (David, jun.) Catalogue of Uie Gray Library, Kinfauns Castle. Privatefy printed. 

/ol. ........ Kin/auns Castle, 1828 


Oall^s (John) Life and Administration of Cardinal Wolsey. 4/So. L. P. ib. 1822 


Pbbss i£. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skehes 4, 

Rush worth's (John) Historical Collections^ beginning the 1 6th year of King James (1618). 
and ending witli the death of King Charles^ Anno 1648. 7 vols. — Trial of the Earl oi 
Strafford. 1vol. — 8 vols. y©/. ..... Land, 1659, ^^ 

Heatli's (James) Chronicle of the late Intestine War in England^ Scotland, and Ireland. In 

4 parts. 2d edit. With a Continuation to 1675 by J. Philips. Lond, 1676. — Montluc's 

(Blaize de, Mareschal of France,) Commentaries, translated by Charles Cotton, t^. 1674.*-:/o/. 

See PaosB Works, toL vi. p. 110. 

Dugdale's (Sir William) Short View of the late Troubles in England, from 1638 to 1659. 
With Narrative of the Treaty at Uxbridge, 1644. /ol, . Oj^ord, 1681 

Lloyd's (David) Memoirs of the Lives, Actions, Sufferings, and Deaths, &c. of those that suf- 
fered, &c. in our late Intestine Wars, from 1 637 to 1 660, &c. /oi, . Land. 1 668 

Matthaei Paris, Monachi Albanensis Angli, Historia Major, a Gulielmo Conquestore ad ult 

ann. Henrici III. Edit io prima, curis M. Parker, Archiepisc. Cantuar. /bl, . ib. 1571 

See LiFS, vol. i. p. 42 ; I^ostical Works, toL iii. p. 78. 

Ware's (Sir James) Antiquities and History of Ireland. With his Life. Jbl. Dub. 1705 

See Pross Works, voL viL p. 308. 

Cronycke van Hollandt, Zeclandt, en Vricslandt. B. L. /bl, . Antv. 1530 

Polydori Vergilii Urbinatis Anglicae Historiac Libri xxvi. &c. /ol. . Batil. 1546 

Miller's (William) Biographical Sketches of British Characters recently deceased, commencing 

M-ith the accession of George IV. Sec. 2 vols, imperial Mo. . . Land. 1826 


FuUer's (Thomas B. D.) Holy State. 2d edit. Camb. 1 648.— History of the Holy Warre. 

ib. 1639.— 1 vol./o/. 

Pete's (Joseph) History and Antiquities of Windsor Castle, &c. 4^o. . Eton, 1749 

Halford's (Sir Henry) Account of what appeared on opening the Coffin of King Charles I. 

in St George's Chapel at Windsor, 1st April, 1813. 4to. . Land. 1813 

See LiPB, voL iii. p. 106. 

Segar's (Sir William) Original Institutions of the Princely Orders of Collars. With emblazaned 

plates. 4to. ....... Edin. 1823 

Charlton's (Lionel) History of Whitby, and of Whitby Abbey. 4/o. Yari, 1779 

See PomcAL Works, vol. vii. pp. 104, 1 11-1*2. 

Nicolson (Joseph) and Bum's (Dr. Richard) History and Antiquities of Westmoreland and 

Cumberland. 2 vols. 4rto. ...... Land. 1777 

See PoBTiCAL Works, vol. i.-.iv. pastim; Prosb Works, voL vii. pp. 114, 121. 

Hutchinson's ( W.) View of Northumberland, and Excursion to tlie Abbey of Melrose in Scot- 
land. 2 vols. 4/0. ....... Newcastle, 1778 

See PomcAL Works, vol. zi. p. 60. 

The Saxon Chronicle, with an English Translation and Notes, &c. By the Rev. J. Ingrain. 
4/0. ........ Land. 1823 


SAelve$ 5, 6. BRITISH HISTORY, TOPOGRAPHY, &c. Press iE. 

Polwliele's (Rey. Richard) History of Cornwall, &c. 2 vols. 4to. Fcdmouthy 1 803, Sp Truro, 1 806 

Thornton's (Colonel Thomas) Sporting Tour through France, &c. in 1 802. 2 vols, royal 4>to. 

Lond, 1806 

Hoare's (Sir Richard Colt) Monastic Remains of the Religious Houses at Witham, Bruton, 

aod Stavordale, com. Somerset. Collected anno 1824. Privately printed, 4fto. 

Frame, Crackers, 

Orme's (E.) History of the Military Transactions of the British Nation in Indostan, from 1745 

&c. 2d edit. 3 vols. 4to. ...... Lond. 171 5-S 

See LiPB, ToL i. p. 48. 

Olas's ((George) History of the Discovery and Conquest of the Canary Islands. Translated 

from a Spanish MS. &c. 4'ta, . . . . t6. 1 764 

Hutchinson's (Mrs.) Memoirs of the Life of Col. Hutchinson, Governor of Nottingham Castle, 

&c. With her own Life prefixed. Published from the Original MSS. by the Rev. Julius 

Hutchinson. 4>to, . . . . . . . t^. 1806 

VTaldegrave's (James, Earl of) Memoirs, from 1754 to 1758. ^to. ib, 1821 

Fox's (Charles James) History of the early part of the reign of James II., with an introductory 

Chapter, ^to, . . ..... t&. 1808 

Rose's (Right Hon. George) Observations on Mr. Fox's Historical Work. With Sir Patrick 

Hume's (afterwards Earl of Marchmont) Narrative of Argyle's Enterprize in 1685. 4tto, 

ib. 1809 
Kicolson's (Wm. Bp. of Carlisle,) English, Scotch, and Irish Historical Libraries, giving a short 

view and character of most of our Historians, either in print or MS. 4>to, ^th edit, ib. 1776 
Asserii (Johannis, Menevensis) Res Gestae iElfridi Regis. — Walsingham, (Thomae) Historia 

Brevis ab Edwardo I. ad Henricum V. — Ejusdem Ypodigma Neustriae vel Normanniae ; 

ab irrupt Normannorum ad ann. 6 Henrici V. Curis et impensis Matt. Parker, Archiepisc. 

Cantuar. fol. ..... Land, Binneman et Day, 157 ^ 

Abal-pharagii (Gregorii) De Rebus Gestis Richard! Angliae Regis in Palaestina, excerpt, ex 

Chronico Syriaco. Edidit, &c. P. J. Bruns, LL.D. Ua, . Oxon, 1780 

Denham's (Major) and Clapperton's (Capt.) Narrative of Travels and Discoveries in Northern 

and Central Africa in 1822, 3, 4. 4to. .... Lond, 1826 

D' Alton's (John) Dermid, or Erin in the days of Boru, a Poem. With MS. Letter /ram 

the Author, July 1^25. 4ito. . . . f6. 1814 

■ Essay on the History, Religion, Learning, Arts, and Government of Ireland, from the 

Birth of Christ to the Enghsh Invasion. 4/o. . . . Dub, 1830 

Gompertz's (J.) Time : or Light and Shade, a Poem. '4to. Lond. 1815 


Campbell's (Dr. John) Lives of the British Admirals. With a Continuation to 1 779, &c. by 

Dr. Berkenhout. 4 vols. Sva. . , . ib. 177i> 

See LiPB, vol. v. p. 83. 


Press M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shelves 6, 7. 

Brady's (John) Clavie Calendaria : or a Compendious Analysis of the Calendar^ illustrated 
with Anecdotes. 2 vols. Svo. ..... Lond. 1812 

Malcolm's (J. P.) Anecdotes of the Manners and Customs of London^ from the Roman Inva- 
sion to 1700. 2d edit, 3 vols. — Anecdotes^ &c. of London during the Eighteenth Century. 

2 vols. — 5 vols. 8w. .......»&. 1810-11 

See LiFB, voL v. p. 144. 

Brodic's (George) History of the British Empire, from the Accession of Charles I. to the Re- 
storation^ &c. 4 vols. 8oo. . . . . ib, 1822 
Butler's (Charles) Historical Memoirs respecting the English, Irish, and Scottish Catholics, 
from the Reformation to the present time. 4 vols. %vo, . . ib. 1819-21 
Hoare's (Sir R. C.) Journal of a Tour in Ireland m 1806. 890. . . ib, 1807 
Wright's (Rev. Q. N.) Historical Guide to Ancient and Modem Duhhn. 800. L. P. t^. 1821 

Guide to the Lakes of Killamey. — Guide to the County of Wicklow. — Guide to the 

Giant's Causeway. 3 parts in 1 vol. 800. L, P, . . ib. 1822-3 

Aikin's (Lucy) Memoirs of the Court of King James I. 2 vols. Svo, . . ib, 1822 

See Note to Tke Forimtei ofNipel, 

Marchmont Papers. Selection from the Papers of Patrick, first Earl, Alexander, second Earl, 
and Hugh, third Earl of Marchmont ; in the possession of, and edited, with a Prefoce, by 
Sir George H. Rose. 3 vols. Soo. . . . . . t^. 1831 

Hone's (William) Ancient Mysteries described, especially the English Miracle Play^, founded 
on Apocrjrphal New Testament Story, &c. hr^e 800. . . ib, 1823 

Every-Day Book and Table Book : or Everlasting Calendar of Popular Amusements, 

Sports, Pastimes, Ceremonies, Manners, Customs, and Events, incident to each of the 365 

days, &c. 3 vols, hr^e Svo. , ib, 1830 

See Jntroduetiom to Woodttock, 


Cumberland's (Richard) Memoirs. Written by himself. 2 vols. Svo, . . t^. 1807 

See Lirs, voL vL pp. 188-9 ; Prosb Works, toL iii. p. 191. 

Stockdale's (Rev. Percival) Memoirs of his Life and Writings. 2 vols. 800. . t6. 1809 

Beloe's (Rev. Wm.) Sexagenarian, or Recollections of a Literary Life. 2 vols. Svo. ib, 1819 

Butler's (Charles) Reminiscences. Sd edit. Svo, .... 1^.1822 

Bowdler's (Thomas) Life and Character of Lieutenant General Villettes. With Letters from 

France in 1814, &c. Svo, , , . tl. 1815 

Duppa's (Richard) Memoirs of a celebrated Literary and Political Character, (Richard Glover, 

author of Leonidas,) from 1742 to 1 757, &c. (with a view to prove him the author of Jonins's 

Letters.) Svo, . . . . . tft. 1813 

Murray's (Lady, of Stanhope,) Memoirs of the Right Hon. George Baillie of Jerviswood, and 

of Lady Grrisell Baillie. Edited by Thomas Thomson, Esq. Svo, , Edin. 1822 

See NoU to Woodttock^ vol. ii. 



Melcombe's (€^Tge Bubb Doddington^ Lord) Diary^ from 1749 to 1761^ &c. Published by 

H. P. Wyndham. ^ edit Svo. ..... Lond. 17S5 

Gillespie, (Major Gteneral Sir R. R.) Memoirs of, Svo, . , ib, IS 16 

Sldnner's (Major) Recollections of the Peninsula. Svo. , , ib. 1823 

Hanson's (Capt) Route of Lieut. Gen. Sir Miles Nightingall overland from India. Svo, ib. 1820 

Hughes's (John) Itinerary of Provence and tlie Rhone in 1819. Svo. . ib. 1822 

Diyden's (John, jun.) Voyage to Sicily and Malta in 1700-1. Svo, . ib. 1776 

See PomcAL Works, voL vii. p. 65 ; Prosk Works, yoL i. pp. 394-5. 

Mariner's (William) Account of the Natives of the Tonga Islands, in the South Pacific, Sec. 

Compiled, Sec. by Dr. John Martin. 2 vols. Svo. . . ib. I S17 

See PROBB Works, vol. vii. p. 146, noia. 

Macleod's (Dr. John) Narrative of a Voyage in H. M.'s late Ship Alceste, to the Yellow Sea, 

along the Coast of Corea, &c Svo. ...... i^. 1817 

Campbell's (Archibald) Voyage round the World, from 1806 to 1812, Sic, Edited by James 

Smith, Esq. of Jordanhill. Svo. ..... Edin. IS'iC 

Murray's (Hugh) Shipwrecks and Disasters at Sea: or Historical Narrations of the most noted 

Calamities and Providential Deliverances, &c. 8 vols. Svo. . . ib. 1822 

RamUee Abroad : or Observations on the Continent, made in 1816, 17^ 18, &c. 890. Lond. 1823 
Kendall's (E. A.) Argument for construing largely the right of an Appellee of Murder to in- 

siBt on Trial by Battle, &c. Sd edit. Svo. . ib. ISl 5 

Rickman's (Thomas) Attempt to discriminate the styles of English Architecture, from the 

Conquest to the Reformation. 2d edit. Svo. . . ib. ISI 9 

History of Thirsk ; mcluding an Account of its Castle, Topcliffe, Byland, and Rievaulx Abbeys, 

&c. Svo. ........ Thirsk, 1821 

Young's (Rev. Geo.) History of Whitby and Streoneshall Abbey, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. Whitby, 1817 

Brand's (Rev. John) Observations on Popular Antiquities ; including Mr. Bourne's Antiquitates 

FtK^^oret ; with Additions, and an Appendix, &c. Svo. Lond. \S\0 

See PomcAL Works, vol. iii. p. 234 ; toL iv. p. 274. 

Forster's (T.) Perennial Calendar, and Companion to the Almanack, illustrating the Events of 
every day in the year. Sec. Svo. . . ib, 1824 

Present State of the British Empire in Europe, America, Africa, and Asia. Sco, ib. 1768 

Williams, (C, V.) The Book, complete ; being the whole of the Depositions on the Investiga- 
tion of the Conduct of the Princess of Wales, Sec. with an Historical Preface. Svo. ib. 1813 

Tracts oti the Poor, Sec. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Eawy on the State of the Labouring Poor. .... Giatff. IS16 

2. AddzesB to the Labouring Claaees. ..... Edin, I S\7 

3. Forbee'k (J. H.) Observations on Savings' Banks, &c. . ift. 1817 
4 Postscript to ditto. ....... 16. 1817 

Sfedces's (Dr. Whitley) Observations on the Resources and Population of Ireland. Svo. Dub. 1821 
Reflections and Resolutions proper for the Qentlemen of Ireland. 1738. Svo. repr. ib, 1816 


Pr£88 M. ABBOTSFORD library. Shelves 7, 8. 

Smith's (Dr. Adam) Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations. 5tk edit. 
3 vols. 800. ........ Lond, 1789 

Wordsworth's (Rev. Dr. Christopher) " Who wTote E/x«y BatfiXixni ?" considered and answered, 
in two Letters. Lond. 1824. — Documentary Supplement; including recently discoyered 
letters and papers, ib. 1825. — King Charles the First the author of Icon Basilike fiuther 
proved^ in answer to the ohjections of Dr. Lingard, Mr. Todd, &c. — 2 vols. 800. ib. 1 828 


Nares's (Rev. Dr. Edw.) Heraldic Anomalies : or Rank Confusion in our orders of Precedence. 
With Disquisitions, &c. on all the existing orders of Society, cr. 8&0. . t^. 1823 

Spence's (Rev. Joseph) Observations, Anecdotes, and Characters of Books and Men. Ar- 
ranged, with Notes, by the late Edm. Malone. cr.Soo. . . ib. 1820 

King's (Dr. William) Political and Literary Anecdotes of his own thnes. cr, 800. ib. 1818 

See Introduction to Redgauntld, 

Castlehaven's (Earl of) Review : or his Memoir of his Engagements and Carriage in the Irish 
Wars ; with Lord Anglesey's Letter, &c. thereon, (1684 and 1G81.) Svo. repr. Dub. 1815 

Steele's (Thomas) Notes of the War in Spain, &c from the Fall of Corunna to the occupa- 
tion of Cadiz by the French. 8po. . . . . . Loncf. 1824 

Semple's (Robert) ObservaUons on a Journey through Spain and Italy to Naples, and thence 
to Smyrna and Constantinople. 2 vols. cr. 800. . . . ib. 1807 

Second Journey in Spain in 1809, &c. cr. 890. . . . ib. 1809 

Waldic's (Miss, now Mrs. Eaton,) Rome in the 19th Century; containing a complete Account 

of the Ruins of the Ancient City, the Remains of the Middle Ages, and the Monuments 

of Modem Times, &c. 3 vols. cr. Svo. .... Edin^ 1820 

See Life, toI. i. p. 119. 

Hall's (Cnpt. Basil) Voyage to Corea and the Island of Loo Choo. new edit. \2mo. Lond. 1820 

Extracts from a Journal written on the Coasts of Chili, Peru, and Mexico, in 1821-22. 

2 vols. cr. Svo. ....... Edin. 1824 

Pringle's (Thomas) Account of the pi*esent State of the Settlers in Albany, South Africa. 

129710. ........ Land. 1824 

See Lips, yoL vi. p. 363. 

Bartlet's (B.) Episcopal Coins of Durham, and Monastic Coins of Reading, minted during the 
Reigns of Edward I. II. and III. new edit, with notes by J. T. Brockett. cr. 8fw. 

Newcasde, 1817 

Benuvais' Essay on Antique and Counterfeit Coins and Medals. Translated from the French, 
with Notes, Sec. by J. T. Brockett. cr. Svo, . . . .1^. 1819 

Lithgow's (William) Siege of Newcastle, &c. First printed Edin. 1645. Edited by J. T. 
Brockett. cr, 8&0. . . . ib, 1820 

Life of Ambrose Barnes, sometime Mayor of Newcastle. Edited by Sir Cuthbert Shup. 
sm. Svo. . • • • . tb, 1828 



^Newcastle Tracts^ published by John Sykcs. 1 vol. 8ro. contaiiiiii*:, 

1. Account of the Rejoicings, Illuminntion^ &c. in Newcastle and Gateshead, &c. from 1761 to 1821. 

2. Account of the Proceedings in N. and G. in celebration of the Coronation of their Majesties George III. 

and Queen Charlotte, Sept. 17G1, and of George IV. in July 1821, &c. . Hb, 1822 

3. Report of Trial, Watson against Carr, for Assault, &c. 22d Aug. 1823. i&. 1823 

4. Stanzas on the intended New Line of Road, &c. . . . . »6. 1825 

5. Account of the Statue of Kmg Charles II. &c. . . . . i&. 182(» 
0, 7. Representations of the Statues of Charles II. and James 1 1. &c. 4/o. hroadsidea. With verses, tft. 1 822-26 

8. Memdn of Benjamin Starkej, written by himself. .... A. 1828 

9. Account of Death and Funeral of Frederick Duke of York, &c. . ib. 1827 
10. The Black Garland, containing the Holy Puzzle, &c. ... t6. 1827 

<jreneral Outline of the Swiss Scenery. &c. Zd edit, \2mo, * Lond,\%\^ 

Sussell's (John) Tonr in Germany, and some of the Southern Provinces of the Austrian Em- 
pire in 1820-21-22. 2 vols. 12mo. ..... Edhu 1824 

Ordinatio seu Declaratio facta super xiii punctis Stili Parlamenti. Uu goth. l2mo, 

Paris, Gtii. Eustace, 1512 

Sritannicarum (ientium Historiao Antiquae Scriptorcs Tres : Ricardus Corinensis, Gildas 
Badonicus, Nennius Banchorensis : recensuit, &c. C. Bertramus. cum mappa. With MS. 
note by Sir W, S. sm, Svo, ..... Hauniae, 1757 

Corbet's (John) True and Impartial History of the Military Government of Gloucester, from 

the beginning of the Civil War, &c. to the Removal, &c. of Col. Edward Massey, &c. 

%d edit, sm, 4ito. ....... Lond, 1 647 

See SoMERs Tracts, vol. v. 

Dunton's (John) Merciful Assizes ; or a Panegyric on the late Lord Jeffreys hanging so many 

men in the West, &c. Svo, . . t^. 1701 

Walton's (Izaak) Lives of Dr. Donne, Sir H. Wotton, R. Hooker, and G. Herbert. 8co, ib. 1670 
Duck's (Dr, Arthur) Life of H. Chichele, Archbisliop of Canterbury, &c. Written in Latin. 

Now made English. 8po. . . . . ib, 1699 

Wann'ick's (Sir Philip) Memoirs of the Reign of King Charles L With a Continuation to the 

Restoration. Svo, , , ib, 1701 

Rereaby's (Sir John) Memoirs ; containing several private and remarkable Transactions, from 

the Restoration to the Revolution, &c. Svo, , ib. 1734 

The same ; with a copious Index, and a new title page, Sco. , ib. 1 7^5 

Grejr's (Ford, Lord) Secret History of the Rye House Plot, and of Monmouth's Rebellion. 

Written in 1 685. Svo. ....... t^. 1754 

See Paora Works, vol. i. p. 213, note. 

Gent's (T.) Most Delectable, Scriptural, and Pious History of the Great East Window in St 
Peter's Cathedral at York, &c. vrith two other Poetical Pieces of Gent. Svo, York, 1761-72 

Beach's (Rev. Dr. Philip) Two Letters to Thomas Burnet, Esq. (relating to the castrations in 
printing Bishop Burnet's History of his own Time.) Soo, Lond. 1736 

257 2K 

Prrss M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shdvu %, 9. 

Gilpin's (Rev. William) Life of Bernard Gilpin. 2d edit. %vo. . Lond. 1753 

See Poetical Works, voL ix. p. 281 ; Pbosx Works, vol. tIL pp. 96-7. 

Account of the Spanish Settlements in America. In 4 parts. 8oo. . . ^, 1762 

Kerr's (Captain James) Short Account of the Rise, &c. of the Mahrattah States. Translated 

from the Persian. Svo. . . . , ib. 1782 

Clark's (Samuel) Collection of the Lives of Ten Eminent Divines^ &c. With the Life of 

Gustavus Ericson^ King of Sweden^ &c. tm, 4ito, .... t^. 1662 
Boterus's Relations of the most famous Kingdomes and Commonwealths ihorowout the worid, 

&c. Translated out of the best Italian impression^ by R. J. Now once again enlarged^ &c. 

9m. 4fto. ......... ib. 1630 

Ricraft's (Jonah) Survey of England's Champions and Truth's faithfull Patriots^ &c. With the 

lively portraitures of the severaU Commanders. Lond, Haincock, 1 649. em. 8wf. 

reprinted, with notes, ib. 
Ireland's ( W. H.) Memoirs of Jeanne d' Arc^ la Pucelle d' Orleans, &c. 2 vols. sm. 8po. ib. 1 824 


Howes's (Edmund) English Chronicles^ (from Brute to K. James I.) B. L. 12imo. imperfect. 

Historical Collections ; or a Brief Account of the Transactions, &c. of the two last Parliaments. 

2d edit. l2mo. ....... Lond. 1682 

Life of King Charles I. 1 vol. sm. 8po. containing, 

1. Heylin^ (Dr. Peter) Short View of the Life and Reign of King Charles, Ac. from his birth to his 

burial. ........ Lomd. 1658 

2. Beliquiae Saerae Carolmae, 3 parts, (including Ettun Bm^iktun) with Table of Contents. 

Hoffuey Sammd Browm^ 1648 

Tracts on the Restoration. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Tolondli (John) Art of Restoring ; or the Piety and Probity of General Monk, in bringing about the 

last Restoration, Ac 2d edit. ..... Lomd. 1714 

2. Price's (Dr. John) Mystery and Method of His Majesty's Happy Restauration laid open, Ajo. A. 1680 

Jcbb's (Dr. Sam.) Life of Robert, Earl of Leicester, Favouriteof Queen Elizabeth, er. Bvo. ib. 1 727 

Perfect Picture of a Favourite ; or Secret Memoirs of Robert Dudley, Earl of Leicester, &c. 

Written during his Life, and now published from an old MS. With a Pl^face by James 

Drake, &c. Bd edit. 12mo. . . . . ib. 1711 

Parsons's (Robert) Leicester's Commonwealth, conceived, spoken, and published, with most 

earnest protestation of dutifull good will and affection towards this realme. Whereonto is 

added, Leicester's Ghost. l2mo. ...... t^. 1041 

See Note to Kendworth. 

Naunton's (Sir Robert) Progenia Regalia ; or Observations on the late Queen Elizabeth, her 
Times and Favourites. With MS. notes by Sir W. S. Lond. 1642.— Ponnet's (Dr. John) 
Short Treatise of Politique Power, &c. Published in 1556. Reprinted in 1642. sm. 4/o. 

Osbom's (Francis) Works, &c. In 4 parts. 7th edit. sm. Bvo. Lond. 1673 



Langallerie's (Marquess of) Memoirs, &c. from 1687 to 1707. Translated from the French. 

800. ........ Lond. 1708 

Atwood's ( ) Argumentum Anti-Normannicum : or, an Argument proving, &c. that 

William Duke of Normandy made no absolute conquest of England, &c. cr. 8vo. ib. 1G82 
Mercurius Rutiieus : or the Countrie's Complaint of the barbarous Outrages committed by the 

Sectaries, &c. to 25th March 1646. 2 parts. — Querela Cantahrigieneis, &c. and Mercurius 

Bdgicui, &c. cr, 890. .... reprint, ib, Royston, 1685 

Langhomii (Danielis) Elenchus Antiquitatum Albionensium, Britannorum, Scotorum, Danorum, 

&c. usque ad ann. 449, &c. una cum brevi Regum Picticorum Chronico. cr. 8vo, ib. 1 673 
Anglesey's (Arthur, Earl of) Memoirs, &c. published by Sir Peter Pett, &c. cr. Svo. 

ib. J. Dunton, 1 693 
Carter's (Matthew) Honor Redivivus : or the Analysis of Honor and Armory, &c. Sd edit, 

cr. 800. . . . . . . . ib, 1673 

Joaepbus's (F.) Works. Translated by Sir R. L' Estrange, &c. 3 vols. em. Svo. Edin. 1751 

See Life, voL i. p. 1 8. 

New System of Agriculture ; or a plain, easy, and demonstrative method of speedily growing 

rich, &c. By a Country Gentleman. 2d edit. \2nw. Lond, 1*755 

Anti-Jacobin, or Weekly Examiner, Beauties of; with explanatory Notes, &c. 12mo. t^. 1799 

Spirit of Anti-Jacobinism for 1802 ; being a Collection of Essays, &c. by Pol whole, Whittaker, 

Cobbett, &c. With MS. pencil notes and corrections by Pdwhde, 1 2mo, ib, 1 802 

Leyden's (Dr. John) Historical and Philosophical Sketch of the Discoveries and Settlements of 

the Europeans in Northern and Western Africa, &c. 12mo. . Edin. 179.*) 

History of Switserland, from the Conquests of Caesar to the Abdication of Buonaparte. 1 2mo. 

Lond. 1825 

Lindsay's (Sir Robert, of Pitscottie,) History of Scotland, from 1436 to 1565, &c. With a 

Continuation, by anoUier hand, to 1604. Zd edition, with Index. \2mo. Edin. 1778 

M'Intoeh's ( , of Borlam,) Essay on Ways and Means for inclosing, fallowing, planting, 

&c. Scotland, &c. By a Lover of his Countr}'. Svo, . . i3. 1729 

Ridpath's (Rev. George) Inquiry into the reasonableness and consequences of an Union with 

Scotland, &c. By Lewis Med way. Svo. .... Lond. 1706 

Freind's (Rev. John) Account of the Earl of Peterborow's Conduct in Spain, &c. Witli Ori- 
ginal Papers. Svo. , . . ib. 1707 
Collection of above Three Hundred Receipts in Cookery, Physick, and Surgery. Svo. ib, 1714 
Vertot's (Abbe) History of the Revolutions in Sweden, &c. Translated by Dr. J. Mitchel. 
2d edit. Svo. ........ i*. 1697 

Hofland's (Mrs.) Self Denial, a Tale. 12mo. . . t^. 1827 

Morier's (J. ) Adventures of Hajji Baba of Ispahan. 3 vols. 12^720. i^. 1824 

Adventures of Hajji Baba in England. 2 vols. \2mo. ib. 1828 

Waikins's (John, of Whitby,) Scarborough Tales. By a Visitant. \2mo. ib. 1830 

The AsgUng Excursions of Oreg. Greendrake, Esq. in Ireland. Part 1. County Wicklow. i2nw. 

259 Dub. 1824 



Maps and Plans^ on Canvaw and Rollbbs, in Closet between Library and Study 

Map of Great Britain, in two diyisions. With the Marches of Prince Charles Edwai 

1 745-6, and two Portraits of the Prince in the centre, one in female attire. 

(See Description at p. 91.) 

Ainslie's Map of Selkirkshire, or Ettrick Forest. 

Wigtonshire, or Oalloway. 

— ^— Forforshire. . 

Stewartry of Kircudhright. 


Fife and Kinross. 2d edit, 

Scotland. .no 

Armstrong's Map of the Three Lothians, and Plan of Edinburgh. 

reduced Map of Ayrshire. .... 

Blackadder's Map of Berwickshire. .... 

Crawford's Map of Dumfriesshire. Published by Kirkwood and Son. 
Dunn's Map of the Celestial and Terrestrial Hemisphere. 
Forrest's Map of Haddingtonshire. .... 

Lanarkshire. ...... 

Kirk wood's Plan and Elevation of New Town of Edinburgh. 

Old Plans of Edinburgh, by Gk)rdon and others. 

— Plan of Edinburgh. On paper. 
Langlands's Map of Argyllshire. 
Laurie's Map of Mid-Lothian. 
Stobie's Map of Roxburghshire. . nt 

Perth and Clackmannanshires. With Views. 

Brown's (J.) Historical and Genealogical Tree of Roynl Family of Oreat Britain. Edin. 



fValdemar and Nordmortnn, a SwedUh Tale of Ancient Timet. MS. fd. 

Sternbergh {J. F.) Grammatica Graeca, Latine comcripta, in utum ScAolarum. Dedicated 

to Sir Walter Scott, as President of the Royal Society. MS. fol. . Brunswick, 1826 
Gary's (John) New and Correct English Adas. imp. 4to. . . Land. 1818 

Shaw's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Travels ; or Observations relating to several parts of Barbaiy and 

the Levant /ol. ....... Oxford, 1738 

Schilteri (Joannis) ThesaoroB Antiquitatom Teutonicamm^ Eccleeiasticarum^ dviliom^ Lit- 

terariarum. 3 tom.^. ...... Ulmae, 1728 

Keating's (Rev. Dr. Jeoffiry) Oeneral History of Ireland. Translated from the Irish by Der- 

mod O'Connor, fd. L. P. . . . Land. 1723-6 

Knolls's (Richard) Turkish History^ &c. With Continuation by Sir Paul Rycaut, to the Peace 

of Carlowitz, 1699. ^th edit. 3 vols./o/. .... LoW. 1687-1700 

SHELF in. 

Assises et Bons Usages du Royaume de Jerusalem^ &c. ct autres anciennes Coustumes. Avcc 

des Notes et Observations^ et un Glossaire, &c. par Gaspard Thaumas de la Thaumassiere. 

foL ......... Bourges, 1690 

See NoU to Th» Talkman. (TaUi o/the Crutaden.) 

D' Aubign^ (Sieur) Histoire Universelle. Dedi6e a la Posterite. 2 parties en un volume. Jbi. 

A MaiiU,par Jean Moussai, 1816-18 

Davila's (E. C.) Historic of the Civill Warres of France. Translated from the Italian by Sir 
Charles Cotterell, and William Aylesbury, Esq. With curious MS. note. /ol. Lond. 1647 

iEmylii (Pauli, Veronensis) Historiae jam denuo emendatae de Rebus Gestis FranconuDy &c. 
usque ad Carolum VIII. Libri x. — Am. Fcrroni Burdigalensis de Rebus Gestis Gallomm, 
a Carolo VIII. usque ad Henricura II. Libri ix. — J. T. Freigii ParaUpomena, &c. usque 
ad A.c. 1569. — Jo. Tilii Chronicon de Regibus Francorum, &c. usque ad Henricum II. 
Cum imaginibus. fd. ...... Basil. 1569 

Appian of Alexandria, the History of, in 2 part«, &c. ^lade English by J. Dryden. foL 

Lond. 1679 
See Prose Works, toL i. p. 203, noU. 

Fuller's (Thomas) Church History of Britain, &c. to 1648. — History of the University of 
Cambridge. — History of Waltham Abbey, fd. .... t^. 1656 

Mariana's (Father John de) General History of Spain, &c. With Continuation and 2 Supple- 
ments. Translated by Captain John Stevens, fd. . ib. 1699 

See Poetical Works, vol. ix. p. 385. 

Phillips's (Edward) New World of English Words; or Universal English Dictionary. Bth 

edition, revised, &c. by J. Kersey, foi . . . ib. 1706 

Owen's (Rev. Dr. John) Works, fd. . . . . ib. 1721 

Russell (P.) and Price's (Owen) England Displayed ; behig a New, &c. Description of England 
and Wales. 2 xoh.fd. . . . . . ib. 1769 


Study. B. 4. C. A BBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Shd/X. 

More's (John Shank) Notes and Illustrations to Lord Stair's Institutions of the Law of Scot- 
land ; with Biog. Preface, Lord Stair's Apologie, &c. 1690. 2 vols, in I. royal Uo, ib. 1832 

Halkerston's (Dr. Peter) Compendium, &c. of the Faculty Collection of Decisions of the Lords 
of Council and Session, from 1752 to 1817, &c. fol. . . . t3. 1819 

Erskine's (John, of Camock,) Institute of the Law of Scotland. d</ edit, enlarged, fd. ib, 1793 

Dictionarium Scoto Celticum : Dictionary of the Gaelic Language, &c. Compiled and 

published under the Direction of the Highland Society of Scotland, (by the Rey. Dr. John 

Macleod, E. Maclachlan, Dr. Alexander Irvine, Alexander MacJonald, and Dr. Macintosh 

Mackay.) 2 vols, royal 4(o. . . . . . , ib, 1828 

See Life, vol. vii. p. 283. 

Livingston's (Dr. Edward) System of Penal Law, proposed for the State of Louisiana; com- 
prising Codes of Offences and Punishments, of Procedure, of Prison Discipline, and of Evi- 
dence, &c. (In seven parts.) /bl. .... Xew Orleans, 1824-27 

Ancient Laws of the Isle of Man, Extracted from the MS, Statute Book of the Island, ^c, 
by Joseph Train. MS, fd, . . . . . 1829 

Francisci Petrarche Trostbiicher von Rath That und Artzeney in Gliick and Ungliick, &c. 
Auss dem Lateiuischen, &c. und mitschonen Figuren, Franckf, 1584. — Ofiicia Ciceronis, 
Teutsch. Auss den Latein. &c. mit schon. Fig, fd, . . , ib, 1565 

Case of John Lindsay Crawfiird, Claimant of the Titles, Honours, and Dignities of Earl of 
Crawfurd and Lindsay, &c. fd, ..... Lend. 1824 

Dobie's (James) Examination of the Claim of John Lindsay Crawfurd, &c. ; containing an 
Exposure of the Forgeries on which that Claim is founded, &c, imp, 4to, Edin. 1831 

Lothian's (John) County Atlas of Scotland, with 33 Maps and Frontispiece ; Historical Atlas 
of Scotland, 6 Maps, &c. loyal 4to, .... ib, 1826-29 

Abela, (Fra G. F.) Malta Illustrata. Descrittione di Malta, Isola nel Mare Siciliano, Con le 
sue Antichita, &c. fd, ...... Malta, 1647 

Sallust, The Works of. To which are prefixed two Essays on the Life, &c. of the Historian. 
With Notes, Sec, by Dr. Henry Steuart. 2 vols, royal 4to, . . Lend, 1 806 

Rud (Tliomae) Codicum Manuscriptorum Ecclesiae Cathedralis Dunelmenais Catalogus 
Classicus. fd. ....... Dunelm. 1825 

Manuscript Scots Legal Tracts. Containing 19 Treatises, separaidy paged, fd. 

Notes of Lectures on Scots Late. Actions, Led. 96-106. fd. 

Pbbss C. Shelf 1 . 

Miscellaneous Collection of Manuscript and Printed Rdics of all descriptions. Prose and 

Poetical, Ancient and Modem, Formed by Sir Walter Scott, fd. 

Notes of Professor (afterwards Baron) Hume's Lectures on the Imw of Scotland, taken by Sir 

Walter Scott, when a Student of the Class of Scots Law, 3 voh.fd. 1791. 

See Lin, vol. i. pp. 58 and 184. 

idncy's (Sir Philip) Arcadia, modemiz'd by Mrs. Stanley, fd. , Land. 1725 


Study. C. ABBOTSPORD LIBRARY. Shelves 2, 3 - - 

4. Laneham's (Robert) Letter, &c Entertainment unto the Qneen*s M^estie at Killingwoorth Castle, ii 

Warwick Sheer, &c 1575. ..... Lcmd. 

5. Gascoigne's (O.) Princely Plcasuree of Kenelworth Castle, 1575. (From his Works, 1587.) 

6. Humfredi (L.) Oratio ad S. R. Elizabetham, &c in aula Woodstochiensi, 1575. Lond, Bvmemaa^ 157J 

7. Harveii (Qab.) Gratulationum Valdinensium Libri iv., ad A. P. R. Eliz. ib. ap. emndem^ 157^ 

8. Gar. (Ber. cit of London,) Joyfull Beceyving of the Q. m. e. M. into her Highneese dtie of Norwich ,« 

&C. 1578. ....... ib,9ame, 

9. Churchyard's (Thos.) Discourse of the Q. M. Entertainment in Suffolk and Norfolk, &c A. mum. 

10. GoldwePs (Henry) B. Declaration of the Shews, Devices, &e. done and performed before the Q. M.. 

and the French Ambassadours, &c. 1581. . ib. Waledgrave, 

1 1. Device of Pageant borne before Woolstane Dixi, Lord Mayor of London, &c. 1 585. A. AlUte^ 158^ 

12. Hake's (Ed.) Oration conteyning an Expostulation, &c. . . «5. Agga»^ 1587 

13. Aske's (J.) Elizabetha Triumphans ; conteyning the damned Practizes of the divelish Popes of R<HDev 

&c. . . , ib, Orvcin^ 1588 

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• • • • * 

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torn. 1 e 2. %vo, ....... t&. 1826-27 

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(Illustration of the preceding work.) ...... t^. 1825 

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(An English tianalation of thlB is given in the Perth Lit and Ant Society^ Transactions, vol. L See page 27 1 .) 

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of Scotland, May 1 700 to March 1 707. (John Hope.) A^to. . . t^. 1828 

Papers relative to the Marriage of King James VI. of Scotland, and Princess Anne of Den- 
mark, 1589, &c. (J. T. Gibson Craig.) 4/o. .... i^. 1828 

Kennedy's (Lady Margaret, afterwards Wife of Bishop Burnet,) Letters to die Duke of 
Lauderdale, ^to. . . . . t6. 1828 

Spalding's (Jolm) History of the Troubles and Memorable Transactions in Scotland and Eng- 
land, from 1624 to 1645. Edited by James Skene. 2 vols. 4to. . t*. 1828-9 

Les Affaires du Conte de Boduel V an 1568. (H. Cockbum and T. Maitland.) 4^o. ib. 1829 

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See the Original, in X. 8, p. 242. 

Arg}'le'M (Archibald, Earl of) Letters to John, Duke of Lauderdale. (James Campbell.) 
■itn. .......... t6. 1829 

Lesley's (John, Bishop of Ross,) History of Scotland, from the Death of King James I. in 

1436, to 1561. (Thomas Thomson, Editor.) (In Scots.) 4/o. . . 1^.1830 

Papers relative to the Regalia of Scotland. (William Bell.) 4to. . . t^. 1829 

The same. Printed on vbllum. Mo. . . . . . i^. 1829 

Bannatyne, (George) Memorials of, from 1545 to 1608. Printed from an original MS. (Sir 
Walter Scott.) \to. . . . . . . Edin. 1829 

Turner's (Sir J.) Memoirs of his own Life and Times, 1632-70. Edited by T. Thomson. 

Mo. .......... ffA 1829 

See PoKTiCAL Works, vol. ii. p. 202 ; Note to Old Mortality, and lutrodudkm to Legemd of Momfrtttt. 

Moysie's(D.)Mcmoirsof the Affairs of Scotland, 1577-1603. (J. Dennistoun.) 4to. f^. 1830 

See PoKTiCAL Works, vol. ii. pp. 45, 134. 

Rothes's (John, Earl of) Relation of Proceedings concerning the Affairs of the Kirk of Scot- 
land, August 1637; to July 1638. (James Nairne and David Laing.) 4to. . t^. 1830 

Grahame's (Simeon) Anatomic of Humors, and the Passionate Sparke of a relenting Minde. 
(Robert Jameson.) Mo. . . . . . . t^. 1830 

Trial of Dimcan Terig and Alexander Bane Macdonald, for the Murder of Arthur Davis, 1754. 
(Sir Walter Scott.) 4to. . . . . . i*. 1831 

Hume's (Alex.) H}'mns and Sacred Songs, 1590. (J. G. Kinnear.) Mo. . ib. 1832 

Pitcaim's (Robert) Trials, and other Proceedings in Matters Crinunal, before the High Court 

of Justiciary in Scotland. Selected from the Records of tliat Court, and original MSS. 

3 vols. Mo. . . . . . . . . . ib. 

See Bevieu' of this in Prose Works, vol. xxi. pp. 1^9, 265. 


Study. Cabinit. ABBOTSPORD LIBRARY. Shelf 3. 

Davidis Buchanani de Scriptoiibus Scotb Libii Duo^ nunc primnm editi^ cans Dav. Irving, 
LL.D. ^. . . . . . . . t^. 1837 

Rc^strum Episcopatus M oraviensis, e pluribns codicibus consarcinatam^ circa ▲. d. ujoccc. 
Cum Continuationc Diplomatum recendorum usqne ad a. d. m j>c.xxni. (Late and pre- 
sent Duke of Satherland.) 4to. ..... Edin. I S97 

Liber de Mailros. The Chartulary of Melrose. (Duke of Buccleuch.) 4/o. . t^. 1887 

The Seven Sages, in Scotish Metre, by John Holland of Dalkeith. Reprinted from the edition 
of 1578. (James Ivory.) 4ft). . . . . . , ib. 1837 

See Prose Works, vol. zxi. p. 224. 


Maitland's (Sir Richard^ of Lethington) History of the House of Seytoun. With Continuation 

by Alexander Viscount Kingston, to 1687. 4fto, (Club.) . GUug, 1829 

See Prosk Works, vol. vii. p. 402. 

Poems. With an Appendix of Selections of Sir John Maitland and Thomas Maitland. 

(Joseph Bain.) 4to. ...... Edin. 1830 

See PorrrcAL Works, vol. i. pp. 256-260, 308-9. 

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(1556.) (William Smith.) 4to. . . . . . . i*. 1830 

See PoKTicAL Works, yoI. i. pp. 127-129. 

Register of Ministers, Ezhorters, and Readers, and of their Stipends, after the Reformation. 
(A. Macdonald.) 4fo. . . . . ib. 1830 

Pitcaim's (Dr. Arch.) Babell, a Satirical Poem on the General Assembly, 1692. (G. R. Kin- 
loch.) 4fto, . . . . .id. 1830 

See an Original MS, o/tkia Poem, and mite tiereotiy p. 78. 

Clanodus, a Metrical Romance, from a MS. of 16th Century. (Edward Piper.) 44o. ib. 1830 

See PoBTiCAL Works, vol. ii. p. 221 •, vol. v. pp. 374-5. 

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Mackenzie.) 4to. . . . . . . ib. 1830 

Moysie's (David) Memoirs of the Affairs of Scotland, 1577-1603. (James Dennistoun.) 4to. 
{Same as the one in the Bannatyne Collection,) . . . . t^. 1830 

Lament's (John, of Newton,) Diary, 1649-71. (G. R. Kinloch.) 4/o. . . t^. 1830 

Hamilton's (William, of Wishaw,) Descriptions of the Sheriffdoms of Lanark and Renfrew. 
Compiled about 1710. (John Dillon and John Fullarton.) 4to. GUug, 1831 

See fntrodudion to CcuUe Dangerous, 

Duncan's (Richard) Notices and Documents illustrative of the Literary History of Glasgow. 
4to, (Club.) . . . ib. 1881 


Study. Cabinet. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelv€9 3, 4, 5. 

Letters of King James the Sixths from the Queen, Prince Henry, Prince Charles, the Princess 
Elizabeth, and her husband, Frederick King of Bohemia^ and from their son. Prince Fred- 
erick Henry. From the Originals in the Library of the Faculty of Advocates. (Sir Patrick 
Walker, of Coats.) 4/o. ..... . Edin. ISB5 

Reports of the State of certain Parishes in Scotland, made to his Majesty's Commissioners for 
Plantation of Kirks, &c. in pursuance of an Ordinance dated April xii., m.i>.xxvii. 
From the Originals preserved in her Majesty's General Register House. (Alexander 
Macgregor.) 4to. . • . . . . . . ib, 1835 

Rob Stene's Dream, a Poem. Printed from a Manuscript in the Leightonian Library, Dum- 
blane. (Club.) 4/o. . . . . . , ib, 1830 

The Cochrane Correspondence regarding the Affairs of Glasgow. M.DCC.XLV.-yi. (James 
SraiU), of Jordanhill.) i/o. ....... t^. 1830' 

Cotalogue of the Works printed for the Maitland Club, instituted March 1828; with Lists of 
the Members, and Rules of the Club. Atto, ..... t^. 1836 

Scala Chronica, by Sir Thomas Gray of Helon, Knight ; a Chronicle of England and Scotland, 
from A.D. M.LXVi. to A.D. M.ccc.LXii. uow first printed from the unique Manuscript; with 
an Introduction and Notes, by Joseph Stevenson. (Club.) ^, . . t^. 1836 

Selections from unpublished Manuscripts in the College of Arms, and the British Moseom, 
illustrating the Reign of Mary Queen of Scotland, m.d.xliii.-m.d.lxviii. (Kirlanan Finlay, 
of Castle Toward.) Uo, . . . . . , ib, 1836 

The Life and Death of King James the First of Scotland. (George Macintosh.) 4/o. 

t^. 1836 

Sir Bcves of Hamtoun, a Metrical Romance, now first edited from the Auchinleck MS. (W. 
B. D. D. Tumbull.) 4/o. ...... . t^. 1838 


NicoU, (John) Diary of, from 1650 'to 1667. Manusi^ipt Transcript from the original in 

the Adtocatefi Library. 3 vols. 4to. 

See Pross Works, vol. vu. p. 289. 

The Roi/al Outlaw ; or Edward the Black Prince, a Scottish Tale (in oerse) of the eighteenth 
Century y founded on the truth of History. MS. 4io. 


Catalogue of the Library at Abbotsford. MS. 5 vols. 4/o. 
Catalogue of the Pictures, Armoury, Sfc. at Abbotsford. MS. 4(0. 



Edm. 1712 









LomL lf>82 






Studt. O. ADBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Sheives 1, 2- 

5. Dick^ (John) Tettimonj to the Doctrine, &c. of the Chttich of Sootland, &c ; with hie ket l^ieedi on 

the 8ce£fbld, 1604. ..... PHatet w fit fear 

See NoUto Old MoriaUlift Pboss Wouii, toL tU. p. 89a 

6. Defoe^ (D.) Letter, &c. Account how the IVeatj of Union has heen leoeived here. Edku 1706 

7. Wehster^ (Rev. J.) Covenants of Redemption and Grace DiiplaTed. ib, 1707 

8. Lord Beilhaven^ Speech, 2d November. ..... 1706 

0. Williamson^s (Rev. David) Sermon before Duke of Queensbeny, High Commiisioner, &c Edm. 1700 

1 0. Letter to a M. P. &c. True Interest of Scotland respecting the Suooeaeion. 

1 1 . Oath of Abjuration displayed in its sinful nature, &c. 

12. Letter to a Gent. &c. respecting Mr. Adam Glass. (8ro.) 

1 X Just Reproof, &c of two late pamphlets on the Witches of Pittenweem. 

See Lfdkrt on Demnmulogjft pp. 324-5. 

1 4. Declaration of the Estatee of Scotland ; oq^taining the Claim of Right, &c. 

lo. Curat CalderWhipt Bj T. T. '* . 

1G. The Oath of Abjuration enquired into. ..... 

Tracts. I vol. thin 4to. containing, 

1. Hart^s (Rev. Dr. John) Warning Piece to all Drunkards and Health-drinkers. 

2. The Lawver Outlawed ; or a Brief Answer to Mr. Hunt's Defence of the Charter, &c. 

Sec Pmwb Womls, toI. i. p. M7. 

3. The Present Interest of England, &c. ..... 

4. Narrative of the Demon of Spraiton, (Devon) &c. .... 

5. Behold Two Letters ; the one written by the Pope to the (then) Prince of Wales ; the other an An- 

swcre to the said Letter by the said Prince, now his Majesty of England, Ac. 

Printed in the year of d»$eov9riei^ 1642. 
Olcl Tracts, thin 4ito. containing, 

I. Penn's (William) Letter containing Reflections on ** Good Advice to the Church of England,^ &c 

no daie^ [1687] 

J. Conviction, &c that it is the true interest of the City of Edinburgh, that Mr. F r be chosen, &c 

in the ensuing Parliament Edm, 1761 

3. Linet <m the Indtdgemoe^ wUh a Repty, MS. 

4. Paterson^s (Ninian) Morittomut Martyr ; a Funeral Elegie on Andrew Ker of Moristoun, abiiii at Buda, 

July 19, 1686. ........ I687 

5. To Hir Grace H ir Majesties High Commissioner, &c. Te Address far te fishers in te Highland Coasta,&c. 

no title or dat€, 

6. New Test of the Church of England^s Loyalty, (with allowance.) . . Lond, 1687 

(See SoMBiis Tracts, vol. ix. p. 196.) 

7. Advice to Protestants. ..... no title^ tnU abomt 1687 

8. Sherlock*s (Rev. Dr.) Letter to a Member of Convention, with answer. r9pr, 1689 

(See SoMBiui Tracts, toI. z. p. 188.) 

9. Humble Representation of House of Commons to the Queen, with Her Majesty^ most gradous Answer. 

Edin, 1712 


Tracts by Dean Swift and others. 1 vol. 4to. containing^ 

1. Memorial of the State of England, &c. by Earl of Nottingham. /)«^. I7O6 

(See S0MEB8 Tracts, toL ziL p. NO.) 

2. Swift's (Dean) Tripe Club, a Satyr, &c. . . . . i,^^^ X706 

3. The New Idol, a Poem, &c inscribed to the unchristian Author of the Tripe Club. . •(. 1706 



4. Gicat Britain'^ Union, &e. b j a Penon of Qnalitr. Lond. 1705 

5. Humble Repreientation, &e. of the Lords, Slc to Her Majesty, 14th March 1704, and Her Majestie'fei 

Answer. ........ Z>«6. 1705 

6. Defoe*b (Daniel) Advice to all Parties. .... Lond. 1705 

7. Burnett (Bishop) Speech on the Bill against occasional Conformity. i&. 1704 

8. Defoe'k (Daniel) Shortest Way to Peace and Union. . ib, 1704 

9. Reflections upon some Scandalous and Malicious Pamphlets, The Shortest Way, &c . ti. 1703 
10. Daqgers of Europe from the Growing Power of France. Zd edit. . . •&. 1702 
Jl. Two Letters, &e. respecting the Partition Treaty, vindicating King William. . . Dub, 1702 

12. Defoe'fei (Daniel) Mock Mourner, a Satyr, by way of Elegy on King William. 2d edit, Lond. 1702 

13. Somers^B (Loid) Jura Popvli Angliocud : or the Subject'8 Right of Petitioning set forth. ib, 1701 

14. The Memorial, alias Legion, answered pangraph by paragraph, &c no HtU. 

15. True Character of a Churchman. ...... idem. 

(See SoMBM TiLACTS, toI. U. p. 477-) 

16. Defoe*B (Daniel) New Test of Church of England's Loyalty ; or Whiggish Loyalty and Churdi 

Loyalty compared. . . . . . ib, 1700 

(See SoMSM Tracts, toI. iz. p. 589.) 

17. The Rectorii Case, concerning the Power of Suspension from Sacrament Lond, 1695 

18. Answer to the Rector'fei Libel ; or the Bishop's Case truly stated. . . DtA, 1694 

19. Case of the Suspended Bishops considered. .... Lond, \69l 

20. Johnson's (Samuel) Argument proving the Abrogation of King James to be constitutional. ib, 1692 

21. Short History of the Kings of England, proving no direct Succession, &c . , ib, 1692 

22. Hickeringil's (Rot. Ed.) Lay Clergy ; or the Lay Elder, Slc . ib, J. Dunton, 1695 
2S. Locke's (John) Letter concerning Toleration. ... . ib, 1689 

24. Defence of True Protestants, abused for the Service of Popery. , ib, 1680 

25. Eaton (Samuel) and Taylor'k (Tim.) Defence of the Congregational Way, &c. . ib, 1646 

26. The People'^ Ancient and Just Liberties asserted. Tryal of W. Penn and W. Mead, 1670. t&. 1682 

27. Death and Burial of John Asgill, Esq. ..... />m6. 1702 

Tracts relative to the Union, &c. 1 vol. 4to, containing^ 

1. Vindication of Informers of breaches of Act against Prophaneness, &c. no title, 

2. Draught for a National Church Accommodation. .... Lond, 1705 

3. Lord Beilhayen's Speech in Parliament, 2 November. .... 1706 

4. Letter from Mr. Scruplous to Trialogu%conceming the Union. 1706 

5. Ballantyne's Comical History of Marriage of Fergusia and Heptarchus. 1706 

6. Speech without doors concerning Toleration. . \ 

7. — in season against the Union. . . > . no titles. 

8. Word to the Unioners and their Confederates. . j 

9. Memorial concerning the disorders of the Highlands, &c. . Edin, 1703 

10. Webster'^ (Rey. J.) Lawful Prejudices against an incorporating Union with England. ib, 1707 
' 11 Author ofLawful Prejudices Vindicated. .... •6.1707 

12. Oath of Abjumtion displayed in its sinful nature, &c. .1712 

13. Oath of Abjuration enquired inta . . .1712 

14. Oath of Abjuration, some Thoughts and Questions upon. . . .1712 

15. Proper Project for Scotland, to startle fools, &c. With MS, noU by Sir W. S, . 1699 

16. Mystoy of Magistracy UnTeiled,&r. ..... 1708 



17. Samson's Riddle, or a Bnmch of Bitter Wormwood bringiiig fbrth a Bundle of 8weei-«iM 

Myirh. (Account of Judicial Proeeedings againrt the CoTenanters in 1666 and 166/, their 
Speeches, &c {wanit last leaf,) .... Printed m He ytar 

18. Modest Reply to a Letter from a Friend to Mr. John McMillan. Edm, 

19. Calamj^ (Rev. BkL) Sermon, &e. 1645, on the Danger of Ck>TenantrBreaking. . npr. 

20. SvMciywiMMUi BedwivuM : Answer to a Book entitled An Humble Remonstrance, &c. Stietlit, Sdm- 

Religious and other Tracts. 1 vol. 4to. contaiuiDg^ 

1. Propositions concerning Optic Glasses, &c. .... Oaefi>rd^ 

2. Stillingfleet*s (Dean) Letter to Mr. Godwin, giving a true Account of a late Conference. Lomd. 

3. Letter, &c. desiring Information of the Conference. .... wamit 

4. Stillingfleet^ Letter to a Friend, reflecting on some Passages, in a Letter, &c. . Land. 

5. _ Second Letter to Mr. G. in answer to Two Letters. , A, 

6. — Doctrine of the Trinity and Transubstantiation compared, &c. 2 parts. aft. 

7. Parish Churches no Conventicles, &c. by O. U. . . . t&. 

8. Burnetts (Bishop) Answer to a Letter occasioned by his Letter to Dr. Lowth. •&. 

9. Lowth*s (Rev. Dr.) Second Letter to Dr. Burnet . . . . i&. 
\0i Bishop Burnet's Letter, occasioned by the Second Letter (of Dr. Lowth.) . . t&. 

11. Stillingfleet's (Dean) Answer to Dr. Lowth*8 Letter. . . . t&. 

12. Smythies's (Rev. William) Three Replies to the Obscrvator. Aik edit. . 4b. 
J 3. Sicurus*8 Origin of Atheism, &c translated by E. Bohun. .A. 
14. Sayweirs (Rev. Dr. William) Inquiry into the Means of a happy Union. . . t&. 

* 15. Decree made at Rome, condenming some Opinions of the Jesuits. .A. 

16. Drydcn (John) Absalon et Achitophel, Poema, Latino Carmine donatum. 

17. Houghton \i (John) Letters on Husbandry and Trade. 

1 8. Wray's (Rev. W.) Anniversary Sermon on Fire of London. . . , A. 
Tracts, chiefly controversial between Protestants and Papists. 4io, containing, 

1. Dellons History of the Inquisitioi^at Goa. Translated fW>m French. i&. 

2. Canaries^ (Rev. Dr. James) Rome^s Additions to Christianity. . . . . t&. 

3. Sherlock's (Rev. Dr. W.) Preservative against Popery. 2 Parts. With Vindication. A. 

4. Gordon^ (Bishop of Aberdeen) Request to Roman Catholicks, to answer certain Queries, &c. 4i 

5. Clagett*B (Rev. Dr. W.) Prerogative of St Ann, Mother of the Mother of God. With Pie&ce. •&. 

6. Coventry's (Sir William) Character of a Trimmer, &c. . ib. 

7. Burners (Bishop) Sermon lit the Coronation of William and Mary. . . t&. 
i). Vox Regis et Regm ; or a Protest against Vox Cleri. . . . . ib 
9. Sherlock'i! (Rev. Dr. W.) Case of Allegiance due to Sovereign Princes. 2d edit, . ib 

10. Remarks upon Dr. Sherlock's Book. 2d edit. . . , ib. 

11. Wagstaffe's (Rev. T.) Answer to Dr. Sherlock's Vindication, &c ... . ib 

Tracts by the Duke of Buckingham^ &c. sm, 4tto, containing, ^ 

J . Buckingham's (Gemge, Duke of) Short Discourse upon the Reasonableness of Men's having a Re 

See SoMKRS Tracts, to), ix. p. la « *^ 

2. Answer to the Duke of Buckingham's Paper. . , ib 

3. Duke of Buckingham's Letter to the Author of Answer, &c. . . iB 

See SoMKRS Tracts, toI. ix. p. 1& 

4. Reply to his Grace the Duke of Buckingham's Letter. . . d 

5. Reply to the Ajiswerof the Man of no Name. By G. C. . * i2 

6. ConsidcrationsmovingtoaToleration,&c. occasioned by the Duke of Buckingham'bDiscoune. H 

286 ^ 


7. Defence of the Duke of Buckingham. Bj the A.uth<Hr of ConBiderationa, &c Lond, 1685 

& The Anti Thelemite. Answers to the Duke of Bucklngham*B Quaeres. ib. 1685 

9. Payne^k (Henry) Persecutor Exposed, &c. Reply to an ill-bred Answer to the Duke of Bucking- 
ham's Paper. ........ t6. 1685 

^Hontroversial Tracts. 9m, ^to, containiug^ 

1. Croftonii (Zech.) AmUepm : &c Consideration of Dr. John Gauden*s Sense and Solution of Solemn 

League and Covenant Atkedii. . . 1661 

2. News from France. Present State of Difference between the French King and Court of Rome, &c. 

ib. 1682 

3. Lane'i! (CoL Edward) Inuge of our Reforming Times, &c. ... ib. 1654 

4. Du Moulin*8 (Dr. ) Account of Advances the Church of England hath made toward Rome, &c. 

ib. 1680 

5. Disputation proving it not convenient to grant unto Ministers Secular Jurisdiction, &c. ib. 1670 

6. Passionate Remonstrance made by his Holinesse, &c. upon the late Proceedings and Covenant in 

Scotland, &c. ....... .EWin. 1641 

7. Relation of the True Funerals of the Marquisse of Montrose, &c. and Sir William Hay of Dalgity, &c. 

wants title. ........ [t%. 1661.] 

Beprintod in Barleian MitedUvny^ toI. tU. ; Sec PoKxrcAL Works, toI. ii. p. IWK 

8. Pacquet of Advice from Rome, Xo. 1. 3d December 1678. . . repr. ib. 1670 

9. Letter from a Catholick Gentleman to his Popish Friends. . . refr. ib. 1678 

1 0. L* Estrange'ft (Sir Roger) Seasonable Memorial, &c. Notes on the Liberties of Press and Pulpit ib. 1 680 

11. Declaration of the Faith and Order, &c in the Congregational Churches in England. . wantit title. 

Miscellaneous Tracts. 1 vol. 4^o. containing^ 

1. Clifford's (Martin) Notes upon Mr. Dryden's Poems. . . Lond. 1(>87 

See Pbosk WonKS, roL L pp. 121-2. 

2. Siort and Impartial View of the Manner and Occasion of the Scots Colony^s coming away from 

Darien, &c. ........ 16Pf' 

3. Scotland's Preecnt Duty, or a Call to the Nobility, &c. for our common Concern in Caledonia, &c 1 700 

4. Last Will and Codicil of Charles II. King of Spain, 2d October 1700 Aom/. 1701 

5. State of the Controversy betwixt united and separate Parliaments. i/>. 1706 

6. The late Lord IWilhaven's memorable Speeches in November 1706. With Preface. ib. 1733 

7. Convention between the Crowns of Great Britain and Spain, 1739 . . ib.llZi) 

8. Some Reflections on His Majesty ''s Proclamation, published 1686-7, for a Toleration in Scotland, &c. 

toants title. 

9. Letter writ by Myn Heir Fagel, &c. with the Prince and Princess of Orange^ Thoughts concerning the 

Repeal of the Test, &c. ...... Xoiu^. 1688 

10. Answer to a Paper entitled, A New Test of the Church of England^ Loyalty. . no title. 

Controversial Tracts. 1 vol. sm. 4to. containing, 

1. Pacquet of Advice from Rome ; or History of Popery. No. 1 to 31, (December 1678, to July 1679) or 

Vol I. Weekly Pacquet of Advice from Rome. No. 1 to 44, (July 1679 to May 1680,) or Vol. II. 

Loud, 1678-80 

2. Pacquet of Advices and Animadversions sent from London to the Men of Shaftesbury, (occasioned by 

Lord Shaftesbury's Letter.) . . . . . ib. 1676 

3. Second Pacquet of Advices and Animadversions. . t7>. 1677 

4. L^ Estrange^s (Sir Roger) Account of the Growth of Knavery, &c. . . ib, 1681 

5. — Citt and Bumpkin: in a Dialogue, &c on matters of Religion and Government ib. 1680 


Study, G. 


Skeltfes 2, 3. 

6. L^Estrange's (Sir R.)Citt and Bumpkin. Portll. Diwouneupoa Swearing and Lying. 2d «/d. Xomc/.! 680 

7. Truth and Honesty in Plain English. . . . . . ib, 1679 

8. Principles on which the Abjuration Oath may be grounded. . ib. 1702 

9. Separation and Sedition Inseparable, whilst Dissenters are permitted to controll, &c ib, 1703 
Miscellaneous Tracts, 1 vol. 4/o. 'containing, 

1. Humble Desires and Propositions for a Safe Peace. . 

2. Declaration of the Conunons of England. . 

3. Fourth Paper presented by Major Butler, &c 

4. Jenkins''s (David) Lex Terras Amgliae^ &c. vanti HUe, 

8«e SoMSRS TiucTBy Tol. r. 

5. Rawley^ (Sir Walter) Prince, or Maxims of State. 

6. BHia Vera^ or the Arraignment of IgnoramMi^ &c. 

7. Bury^s (Jacob) Advice to the Commons, &c 

8. The True Cess, by the exact intrinsick value of all Real Estates rightly stated. 

9. Discourse upon Usury, &c. proving the lawfulness thereof. 

10. Templet (Sir Richard) Essay upon Taxes, calculated for the present juncture. 

11. Briscoe*s (J.) Discourse on the late Funds of the Million Act, &c. 

12. Saunders^s (Tib.) Fortui)atus*s Looking Glass ; or Essay on Lotteries. 

13. Tindal*s {Dt, Matthew) Essay concerning the Law of Nations, &.c. 

14. Johnson*s (Samuel) Essay on Parliaments at a certainty. 

15. Asgill^s (John) Treatise, showing how usefull, &c the inrolling and registering of all conveyances of 

lands may be to the Inhabitants of this Kingdom. . . ib, 1694 

16. Angliae Tutatnen, &c. being an Account of the Banks, Lotteries, Mines, &c and many pemidouB pio- 

jects now on foot ; tending to the destruction of trade and commerce. . . ib, 1695 

17. Solon Secundut ; or Some Defects in the English Laws, with their proper remedies. ib, 1695 

1 8. Defoe's (D.)Poor Man*sPlea,in relation to the Proclamations, &c.for Reformation ofManners, &c. i&.l 698 

19. Considerations on the Choice of a Speaker in the ensuing Session, &c. . . »&. 1698 

20. The Occasional Paper, No. x. on Self Murder, and Verdicts of Non Compoi, ib, 1698 

21. Reply to the Hertford Letter, wherein the case of Mrs. Stout's death is more particularly considered, and 

Mr. Cowper vindicated. . . . . . . ib, \ 699 

22. The Julian and Gregorian Year: or Difference betwixt the Old and New Styles. . ib, 1700 

23. The Free State of the People of Engknd mamtained, &c. . . ' 16.1702 

24. Johnson's (Samuel) Vindication of Magna Charta, &c 2d edit, , . ib, 
Fonner Ages never beard of, and Afler Ages will admire. A Brief Review of the most ma- 
terial Parliamentary Transactions^ beginning Nov. 1640^ and continued to this present 
year, ^to, ......... ti^. 1G54 

Collection of Stall Ballads, Gbristmas Carols^ &c. (between 30 and 40 in number.) 4ft>. 

>&. 1644 

t&. 1648 

ib. 1652 

[ib. 16471 

ib. 1642 
>&. 1682 
ib. 1685 
if*. 1691 
ib. 1692 
ib, 1693 
ib. 1694 
ib. 1699 
ib. 1694 
ib. 1694 


Rollock's (Rev. Robert) Treatise of God's Effectual Calling. Translated out of Latin by H. 

Holland. 4tto. . . . Land, 1603 

Brown's (Rev. John) Quakerisme the Path- Way to Paganism, &c. Examination of the Theses 

and Apologie of Robert Barclay. 4/o. .... Edin. 167S 

Momay's (Philip of, Lord of Plessie Marlie) Tremiesse of Christian Religion. Translated by 

Sir Ph. Sidney and Arthur Golding. B. L, ^to, . Land. 1592 



9. Owen'k (Re?. Jan) Modeiitioii itill a Viitae ; in aniwar to sefaral bitter pamphlela, &e. Lomi. 1704 

10. Burnet, (GUb.) Diipnt Jnridiea de BeUi Caiiiii» &a • . . Img. Bai. 1701 


1 1. The Seaman^ Opmion of a Standing Armj in England. . . Lomd, 1699 

12. Letter from a Lawjrer, &e. to his Friend in the Country, (on the purehaie of New Eait India Stodk.) 

Controversial Tracts between the Presbyterians and Episcopalians in Scotland^ after the Revo* 
lution. 1 voL 4/0. containing, 

1. Representation of the Presbyterian Ministers to the Parliament, 30th May 1695 ; with some Remarks. 


2. Speech in the PaHiameni o/SooOaad om tke PredfyUrian ChvemmetU. By Sir Aiemmdtr Bruce. MS, At 

the end, ** This person was expelled the House by the remaining part of the Parliament.** no date [1702] 

3. Speech of one of the Barons of the Shire of B , at a Meeting for choosing Representatives to the 

ensuing Parliament, summoned for 12th November. .... 1702 

4. Premonitor Warning ; or Advice by a true Loyer of his Country, &c (Project for a National Bank 

in Scotland, signed J. A.) ...... 1702 

5. Letter from Mr. Hodges at London to a Member of the Parliament of Scotland. . Edin, 1703 

6. Great and Popular Objection against the Repeal of the Penal Laws and Tests, considered. no date. 

7. Reasons for maintaining the antiquity and necessity of Episcopacie. . 1703 
0. Counter Essay ; or Vindication of Calrin and Bcsa*s Presbyterian Judgment and Principles, &c. in 

answer to an Essay concerning Church GoTemment , ... mo UUe, 

9. Second Edition of the Debate in the Shop about Imparity among Pastors. . Edvu 1703 

10. Caldcr^ (Rev. Robert) Reasons for a Toleration to the Episcopal Cleigy. (12sio.) . A. 1703 

11. Case of the Episcopal Cleigy, &c as to granting them Toleration and Indulgence. . 1703 

12. Webster^s (Rot. James) Letter from a Gent, to a M. P. concerning Toleration. 2d edit. 1703 

13. Remarks upon the ** Case of the Episcopal Cleigy,^ in a Letter, &c. Eduu 1703 

14. Plain Dealing with the Presbyterians, by way of answer to (Webster^s) Letter. t^^ 1703 

15. Vindication of Plain Dealing, &c. ...... 1703 

16. Short Character of the Presbyterian Spirit, &c. as it can be gathered from the ^ Letter^ and **• Remado.*^ 


17. Sage> (Bishop J.) Remarks on the late ** Letter,** &c. and Mr. Williamson^s Sennon. 1703 

18. Thoughts concerning Toleration vindicated and enforced, &c in answer to a scurrilous pamphlet, 

^ Toleration*s Fence removed.** ...... 1703 

19. Short Answer to a Short Paper, &c persuading indulgence to the Episcopal Cleigy. . 1703 

20. Essay for Peace by union in judgment ; about Church Goyemment in Scotland. . 1703 

21 . Letter from a Country Gent &c. Reasons for thinking Mr. Webster not the author of the Answer to the 

Essay for Peace. ....... no ti&t. 

22. Letter to a Friend, &c Reflections on the Essay for Peace, the Answer, and Reply. no tUh, 

23. Sound and Solid Reasons against the Presbyterian Prints anent Patronages. . 1703 

24. Letter from a Country Presbyterian Minister, &c. concerning Toleration and Patronages. 1703 

25. Manifesto asserting, &c the legal right of the Princess Sophia and her issue to the Phirrnwinn of Scot- 

land, ........ repr, 1704 

26. Short History of the Sabbath. . . . . . £^ttk 1705 

27. Letter froni the Master of a Private School to a Reverend Member of General Assembly, &c (respec- 

ting the inaccuracy of the King*ft Prlnter*8 Bibles, and giving 3 pages of Errata in Mrs. Andenon*^ 
New Testament, edit. 1703.) . . . . A. 1705 



*28. Aniwen to Mr. John Hackmillanii Paper of Grievances, &c. by the Presbytery of Kircudbright. 1 705 

29. The Pamphlet, &c **" True Narrative of the. Proceedings of the Presbytery of Kircudbright,^* examined 

and found &lse. By a Member of that Presbytery. .... 1705 

CaUdogue of Dean Swift's Books, taken Bth October 1742, and compared June 2, 1744. With 
an Account o/tke Expencee, 4^. €md Produce of the Sale. MS. 4to. 

Adversaria : a thick sm. 4tto voL entitled, '' Common Places, I4tth May, 1792." Containing 
Poetical Pieces, principalfy selected ; Translations /rom the German ; Original MS, Frag- 
ments ; Scraps from Newspapers, ^. by Sir Walter Scott, With a few Odds and Ends of 
later dale, such as. Vocabulary ofShedand Phrcues; Tam Delap; Description ofDo/uglas 
Castle and Vicinity, and Traditional Notes, relative to the Scenery and History of Castle 
Dangerous, by Mr. Haddow. (See Notes to the latter Novel ; and Life, yoL yu. p. 295.) 

Variorum Protractionum, (Yulgo Compartimenfyi Yocant,) cum pictoribos omnibus, &c. tum 
et studiosis, &c. Lt&e^ito appnm^ utilis, &c. 4tto. . . . Antwerp, 1555 



Delany's (ReY. Dr. ) Fifteen Sermons on Social Duties. 800. • Land, 1744 

Kempis's (Thomas a) Christian's Pattern ; or a Treatise of the Imitation of Jesus Cluist. 

Translated by Dean Stanhope. 6th edit 9vo. . . . tb. 1708 

The Ladies' Calling. In two parts. 6th impression. 8vo. . Oxford, lG9d 

Sprague's (Rer. Dr. W. B.) Lectures to Young People. With Introductory Address by Dr. 

Samuel Miller. \2mo, ..... New York, l^dO 

Mason's (Roy. John) Treatise on Self Knowledge. l2mo. . Edin. BaUantyne, 1806 

Tracts. 1 yoI. \2mo. containing, 

1. Collection of the Laws in fovoiun of the Reformation in SooUancL With Index. . Edm, 1749 

2. Memoirs of Mr. Robert Blair. In two parts. The Brat by himself, the second by Mr. William Row. 

(1595-1666.) . . . . i&. 1754 

3. Trae State of Difference between the Reformed Presbytery and some brethren who lately deserted 

them. .•..•••.16. 1753 

Henrey's (Rcy. James) Thcron and Aspasio ; or a series of Dialogues and Letters, &c. 2 yoIs. 
12mo. ........ Dub. 1758 

Deism Refuted; or the Truth of Christianity Demonstrated, &c. l2mo. Land. 1753 

Book of Common Prayer, &c. of Church of England. With Tate and Brady's Psahns. 12mo. 

Edin. 1772 
Psalms of DaYid in Metre, Yersion of Church of Scotland. 12mo. • • t^. 1770 

Brady's (Dr. N.) and Tate's (N.) New Version of the Psahns. l2mo. . 1*. 1740 

Watts's (ReY. Dr. Isaac) Psalms of DaYid, &c l2mo. . Land, 1750 

Translations and Paraphrases in Verse, &c. \6mo. , . . Edin. 1781 



Duncan's (Rev. Dr. Alexander) Devoat Communicant's Assistant 18mo. Berwick, 1792 

Gessner's (C.) Death of Abel. Translated from the German by Mrs. Collyer. 5th edit. 

\2mo, ........ Lond. 1763 

See Lira, toL L p. 26 ; Poetical Works, toL ir. p. 42. 

Klopstock's (F. T.) Messiah^ attempted from the German. (By Mrs. Collyer^ and her husband 
Joseph Collyer.) 2 vols. 12mo. ...... »6. 1763 

SHELF 11. 

Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. John) Use of Sacred History^ especially as illustrating and confirming 

the great Doctrines of Revelation. 2 vols. 8f o. . . . Edin. 1 802 

Burrowes's (Rev. Dr. Robert^ Dean of Cork>) Sermons on the first Lessons of the Sunday 

Morning Service. 8w. ...... Lond. 1 829 

Scott's (Sir Walter) Religious Discourses^ by a Layman. New Edition. (Published by Greo. 

Huntly Gordon, Esq.) 8oo. . . . . . . ib. 1 828 

Ewart's (Rev. John) Lectures on the Psalms. ( With MS. Letter from the Editor j Mm. 

Porter, the Author's Daughter.) ...... t6. 1822 

Shicls's (Rev. William, of Earlston) Sermons. 8oo. .... t^. 1825 

Maltby's (Rev. Dr. Edward, now Bishop of Durham) Illustrations of the Truth of the Christian 

Religion. 2d edit. 8«o. ...... Camd. 1803 

——* Sermons, vol. I. 8t70. ...... Lon(/. 1819 

Mackie's (Rev. Charles) Spirit and Constitution of the Church, in their relation to the general 

welfiure of the State. Svo. ....... t&. 1827 

Drummond's (Rev. Dr. R. Hay, Archbishop of York) Sermons on Public Occasions, &c. ; 

with Memoirs of his Life, by George Hay Drummond, Prebendary of York. 8«o. Edin. 1 803 
Nott's (Rev. Geo. F.) Religious Enthusiasm considered, in Eight Sermons, preached, &c. at 

Bampton's Lecture. 800. ...... Oxford, 1803 

Sermons and Tracts. 1 vol. 800. containing, 

1. Act of the Aflsociate Synod, met at Stirling, Noyember 8, 1753 ; containing a Nanatiye of the Rise, 

Progress, and Grounds of their Seoemoim^ &c. .... Qltug. 1756 

2. Brown*B (Rev. John) Historical Account of the Seceders, in a Letter, &c EdM. 1766 

3. Wallace's (Rev. Robert) Sermon on the Regard due to Divine Revelation, &c. px^ached October 1729, 

&c. . . . . L(mi. 1731 

4. Wishart^s (Rev. Geoige) Sermons preached in the Tron Church of Edinbuxgfa in November 1745, on 

occasion of the present Rebellion. ..... £Um. 1745 

5. Hadfield's (Rev. Dr. Tliomas) Sermon preached at the Ordination of Mr. James Howe and Bfr. James 

Murray. . . . . hand. 1737 

6. Baumer's Short Essay on Man^s Original State, and Fall in the first Adam. «&. wi date, 

7. Proceedings of French King and Parliament against the Jesuits. . i&. 1761 

8. Blandy^ (Miss Mary) Account of the Afiair between her and Mr. Cranstoun. A, 1752 

9. The Pipe of Tobacco, in imitation of six several authors, itkedit, . i&. 1744 
10. E (T ) Christ only exalted, from Esekiel xxi. 26-27. . . . tft. 1758 


Skeltfe4 2,3. THEOLOGY ; PHILOSOPHY, &c. Study. H. 

Sennons by Scotch Divines. 1 vol. 800. containing, 

1. AitkeniB (Re?. W.) Ten Sermoni on important labjectt. Edim, 1767 

2. WiBhart^B (Rev. Geoif^) Sennonfl» &C. on the Rebellion of 1745. ib, 17 4!^> 

3. Landie*B (Rev. Archibald) Sennon preached at the opening of the Synod of Lothian and Tweeddale, 

NoTember 1726. .......•&. 1727 

4. Cuming^ (Rey. Patrick) Sennon at the opening of Synod of Dumfries, April 1726. ib, 172(: 

Tracts on Dr. Sacheverel, &c. 1 vol. Svo, containing, 

1. BiBsefg (Re?. William) Modem Fanatick, with a large Acooont of the Life, Actions, &.e. of Dr. Sach- 

eyerel. ........ Land, 1710 

2. Vindication of Dr. Sacheverel from the asperrionB of the Modem Fanatick. . »ft. 1710 

5. Withers^ (W.) Apology for the Lies made use of against Dr. Sacheverel. t5. 171 1 

4. Speeches of Bishops of Lincoln and Norwich, on 2d Article of Impeachment against Dr. Sacheverel. 

ib. 1710 

5. Bishop of Oxford*B Speech on the 1st Article of ditto. t&. 1 7 1 

6. Drake^ (Dr. James) Memorial of the Church of England, &c *&. 171 1 

7. No Queen no General ; argument proving the necessity of the Queen displacing the Duke of Marl- 

borough. . • . • . . t6. 1712 

8. Representation of the Present State of Religion, by the Lower House of Convocation. ib, 1711 

9. A Roman Story. ...... nopUtceordati. 

10. Trial of R.Thomhill, Esq. for the Murder of Sir Chohnly Dering, Bart. 2d edit, . ib,\l\\ 

11. Bugg^ (Francis) Quakers* Present Principles farther exposed. »6. 1711 

Sermons on Public Occasions. 800. containing, 

1. Smiths (Rev. James) Sermon on National Thanksgiving Day, January 1814. Pauley^ 1814 

2. Morehead'S (Rev. Robert) Sermon, July 1815, for Widows and Orphans of killed in Battle of Water- 

loo, &c . . Edin,l^X5 

3. Polwhele*s (Rev. R.) Sermon on Death of Princess Charlotte, 10th November 1817. Truro^ 1 817 

4. Alison^ (Rev. Arch.) Discourse on National Thanksgiving Day, Jan. 1814. Edin, 1814 

5. Address of the Associate Synod on Family Worship. .... (6.1812 

6. Brown*s (Rev. Dr. Andrew) Sermon on Love of Country, preached May 3, 1801, to Mid Lothian 

Volunteer Cavalry. . t6. 1801 

Sennons on Pablic Occasions. 890. containing, 

1. Smiths (Rev. James) Sermon on National Thanki^ving Day, {as in precedinjf voi.) 

2. Brown*s (Rev. Dr. A.) Sermon on Love of Country, {do,) 

3. (Rev. Dr. W. L.) Sermon preached at Utrecht on Qeneral Fast Day, March 1 794. Utrecht, 1794 

4. Chalmers's (Rev. Dr. Thomas) Sermon for Destitute Sick Society, April 1813. . Edin, 1813 

Baxter's (Andrew) Inquiry into the Nature of the Human Soul. Sd edit, 2 vols. 8ro. 

Lond. 1745 

SHELF in. 

Hall's (Rev. Arch.) Grace and Holiness^ &c. Two Discourses delivered at Wells's Street 
Chapel, August 1776. Svo, ....... ib, 1777 

Qilly's (Rev. W. St) Narrative of an Excursion to the Mountains of Pioraont in 1823, and 
Researches among the Vaudois or Waldenses, Sec, 2d edit, Bvo, , ib. 1825 


Study. H. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. SMnet d> #" 

The Cause of Truth defended, &c. Two Trials of the Rey. T. Hill, Methodist Preacher, 

Defamation of the Character of Miss Bell of North Shields, &c. 800. HmU 4* Ijmd. 1 827 

See Lm, toL yl pp. 304-6. 

Oillan's (Rev. Robert) Abridgment of the Acts of General Assemblies of the Church of Scot- 
land, from 1638 to 1820, &c. Svo. ..... Edin. 1821 

Inglis's (Sir Robert H.) Two Speeches deliTered in the House of Conunons, May 1825, and. 
May 1828, on the Catholic Question. Svo. .... Lofid. 1828 

Anichini's (P.) Analytical and Historical View of the Catholic Religion, 6cc. Svo. ib. 1826 

Memorial of the Established Church of Ireland, &c. Svo. . Dublin, I S27 

Catholic Tracts. Svo. containing, 

1. Dedaration of Catholic Bishopty&c. ..... 1*ob^. 1826 

2. fiaines'ft (Dr. P. A., Bishop of Siga,) Sennon at the Dedication of Catholic Chapel at Biadfbird, July 

1825. ........ A. 1826 

3. Howard*8 (Henry) RemarkB on the erroneous Opinions entertained respecting the Catholic Religion. 

A. 1826 
Summons of Wakening ; or the Evil Tendency and Danger of Speculative Philosophy, exem- 
plified in Mr. Leslie's Inquiry into the Nature of Heat, &c. Svo. . • Hawiei, 1 807 
Report of Proceedings, Sec. in General Assembly, respecting the Election of Mr. Leslie to the 
Mathematical Chair, &c. Svo. ..... Edin.lSOS 

Tracts on Professor Leslie's Election. Svo. containing, 

1. Stewart's (Prof. Dugald) Short Statement of some important Facts, relatiye to the late Electioo, &c. 

ib. 1805 

2. Examination of the Letter addiessed to Principal Hill on the Case of Mr. Leslie, &c. . A. 1806 

3. Play&ir's (Prof. John) Letter to the Author of the Examination of Profl Stewart's Short Statement, &c. 

t&. 1806 
Bannister's (Samuel, late Attorney-General in New Soutli Wales,) Humane Policy ; or. Justice 

to the Aborigines of the New Settlements, &c Svo. . . . LomL 1830 

Abercrombic's (Dr. John) Liquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers, and the Investigation 

of Truth. Svo. . • . . . Edin.lSSO 

Phillips's (Sir Richard) Golden Rules of Social Philosophy. ( With MS. Letter Jrom the Amikor.) 

Svo. ....••••. L/n%d. 1826 

Berry's (Miss) Comparative View of the Social Life of England and France, &c. 800. t^. 1828 


Irving's (Dr. David) Observations on the Study of the Civil Law. — Memorial of Anne Mar- 
garet Anderson, his Wife. Svo, ..... Edm.\S\5 

The Code Napoleon, verbally translated from the French ; to which is prefixed an Introductory 
Discourse, &c. By Bryant Barrett, Esq. 2 vols. Svo. Lomd. 1811 

Erskine's (John) Principles of the Law of Scotland, &c. new edit. Svo. Edin. 1802 

Halkerston's (Dr. Peter) Translation and Explanation of the Technical Terms and Plixaaes 
used in Mr. Erskine's Institute of the Law of Scotland, he. Svo. . . ib. 1820 


Skek>es 4, 5. SCOTS LAW; CRIMINAL TRIALS, &c. Study. H. 

Beveridge's (Thomas) Practical Treatise on the Forms of Process, &c. before the Court of 

Session, &c. 2 vols. 8vo. ...... Edin. 1826 

Clark's (Robert) View of the Office of Sheriff in Scotland, &c. 8ro. . . ib. 1824 

Tait's (Oeorge) Smnmary of the Powers and Dnties of a Justice of the Peace in Scotland, &c. 

8vo. ......... i3. 1806' 

Bell's (Robert) Treatise on Leases, &c. 8ro. ..... t3. 1803 

(Professor Oeorge Joseph) Commentaries on the Municipal and Mercantile Law of 

Scotland in relation to Bankruptcy. 2 vols. roycU 8vo. . . . ib. 1804 

MacmUlan's (Anthony) Supplement to the Forms of Writings used in Scotland, &c. in relation 

to Moveables, &c. l2mo. . . . . . . . t^. 178C 

Notes of Procedure in the Elections of the Representative Peers of Scotland. 8f>o, ib, 1818 


Tracts on Juries, &c. 8vo. containing, 

1. Wanant under H. M.*k Sign Manna], appointing Ckmimiiaonera to enquire into the Administnition of 

Justice in Scotland, November 1808. 

2. Statement explaining Rules and Regulations for Jury Court. ^tii. 1819 

3. Observations respecting the further Extension of Jury Trial in Civil Cases. i&. 18 i 9 

4. Meadowbank^s (Lord) ConsideraUons on Jury Trial in Civil Cases. . t6. 1814 

5. Report by the Commissaries of Eldinbuigh to the Commissioners, &c. . ib, 1809 

6. Report of R. H. Cay, Judge of Admiralty Court, to the ConmiissionerB, &c. . ib, 1809 

7. W— Ib (J ) SoImm Poptdi Suprtma Lex : &c Rights of the People to assemble and prepare 

Petitions to the King, &c. . . . . . Dttb, 1^19 

Bruce's (Alexander) Institutions of Military Law, Ancient and Modem, &c. 8vo, Edin, 1717 

Creech's (William) Account of the Trial of William Brodie and George Smith, for hreaking 

into and robbing the Excise Office, on 5th March last, &c. 8f>o, , ib, 1 788 

See NoU to Hwrt of Mtd-Lothian, 

Trial of Sir Archibald Gordon Kinloch, of Gilmerton, Bart., for the Murder of Sir Fr. Kinloch, 

Bart, his brother-german. With MS. note by Sir W, S. 8vo, . . ib. 1795 

Trial of James Stuart, Esq. &c. June 10, 1822, (for killing Sir Alexander Boswell in a duel.) 

2d edit. 8vo, . . . . . . . ib, 1822 

See LzFB, vol. v. pp. 163-54. 

Trial of William Burke and Helen M'Dougal, &c. 24th Dec. 1828, for the Murder of Mar- 
gery Campbell, &c. ; with a PreHoce. — Supplement to the Trial of Burke and M^Dougal, 
containing the whole legal proceedings against William Hare, in order to bring him to Trial 
for the Murder of Daft Jamie ; with an Appendix. — Second Report of tlie same Trial ; 
Tarious Reports and Comments of the Newspapers, especially the Caledonian Mercury ; 
several pamphlets, ballads, verses, articles from Phrenological Journal, and controversy be- 
tween Mr. Combe and Dr. Stone, &c. bound up in 5 vols. 890. and a iarye 4to. Atlas of 

eoUmred portraitiy viewe, S^. ^e. ..... Edin, 1829 

See Lira, toL viL pp. 169-75. 


Study. H. ABBOTSPORD LIBRARY. Shehe$ 5, C. 

Mackcouirs (John) Abuses of Justice, illustrated by my own case. 7d edit. Svo. Lond. 1812 

Memoir of the Life and Trial of James MackcouU, or Mof!at, who died in County Jail of 

Edinburgh, 22d Dec. 1820, &c. With MS. notes by Sir W. S. Sew. Edin. 1822 

See Prosb Works, yoL uL p. 109, note. 

Trials. 1. Report of Case, Paterson against Shaw, for a Libel, by imputing to the Pursuer false 
play at cards, tried at Edin. 7th June 1830. — 2. Report of the Trial by Jury, Thomas 
Mackenzie, Esq. against Robert Roy, Esq. May 11, 1830. 8vo. . . t^. 1830 

Medland (W. M.) and Weobly's (Charles) Collection of Remarkable and Interesting Criminal 
Trials, Actions at Law, &c. 2 vols. Svo. . . . Land. 1 803 

Trials, Tracts, &c. 1 vol. 8m. containing, 

1. Perreau^s (D.) Narrati?e of his unhappy Case, and his Transactions with Mrs. Rudd, &c Land. 1775 

Se« Pftou Works, toI. UL p. S08. 

2. Rudd^s (Mrs.) Facts : or Plain and Blxplicit Narrative of her Case, &c. . . A. 1775 

3. Proceedings, &c. on Trial of John Donellan, £sq. for the wilful Murder (by poison) of Sir Theod. E. 

A. Boughton, Bart., tried at Warwick, 30th March 1781. . . . s&. 1781 

4. Palmer^s (T. F.) Narrative of the Sufitmnga of T. F. Palmer and W. Skirving, during a Voyage to 

New South Wales 1794. 2d edit. ..... Comb. 1797 

5. Knox*s (Rev. Dr. Vic.) Narrative of Transactions relative to his Sermon at Brighton, Aug. 18, 1793. 

'2'1 edit. ........ Lomd, 1793 


Blackstonc's (Sir William) Commentaries on the Laws of England. \5th edit, with Notes 

and Additions, by Edward Christian, Esq. 4 vols. Svo, . . , ib. 1809 

Bum's (Dr. Richard) Justice of the Peace, and Parish Officer. 14M edit 4 vols. 8w. 

ib. 1780 

Kyd's (Stewart) Treatise on the Law of Bills of Exchange. M edit. %vo, , ib. 1795 

Cooper, (C. P.) Lettres sur la Cour de la Chancellerie, &c. nouv. edit, 8w. . ib. 1828 

Wilkinson's (G. T.) Authentic History of the Cato-Street Conspuwjy ; with the Trials of the 

Conspirators for High Treason and Murder, &c — FaoSimiles of the Hand-writing of the 

different Conspirators, collected by Mr. Addphus. — With MS, notes by Sir W, S. who was 

present at the trial, Svo, , , . . , ib. 1820 

Pamphlets relative to Mr. Weare's Murder. Svo. containing, 

1. Complete History and Developement of all the circumstances and events connected with the Murder 

of Mr. Weare, with the Trial at large, &c .... Lomd, 192A 

2. Observer Newspaper, Jan. 12, 1824, and Supplement, containing the Trial. 

3. Account of the Murder of Mr. Thomas Weare, &c . Edm, 

4. Egan's (Pierce) Account of the Trial of John Thurtell and Joseph Hunt, and Recollectioni of John 

ThurtelL ........ Lomd. 

5. Trial of John Thurtell and Joseph Hunt ; trt^ 6 vietos, . . , ib. 

See LiFB, ToL vi p. 330 ; vol. riL p. 140. 

Trial of Colonel Quentin, of the lOth Hussars, hy Court Martial, at Whitehall, 17th--dl8t Oct. 
1814. 2d edit. Svo. ....... f^. 1814 



Foster's (Sir Michael) Report of some Proceedings, &c. for the Trial of the Rebels in 17 
and of other Crown Casen^ &c, Svo. .... Dub. I 





SHELF 11. 

Howell's (John) Essay on tlie War Galleys of the Ancients, royai 8tw. Edin. 18S^ 

Principles of War exhibited in tlie practice of the Camp, and as developed in a aeries of Oen< 

Orders of Field Marshal the Diike of Wellington^ &c. Svo, . . Idmd. 181 

General Orders of the Duke of Wellington in Portugal^ Spain^ and France, from 1809 to 1814 

and the Low Countries and France^ 1815. Compiled by Lieutenant-Colonel John Garwood. 

8 CO. ......... tbm 1832 

Carruthers's (Adjutant) Instructions and Regulations, recommended, &c. to the Junior Officers, 

&c. of the Roxburghshire Yeomanry Cavalry. 8t?o. . Jedburgh^ \%1b 

Malcolm's (Major-General Sir John) Instructions to Officers acting under his orders in Central 

India, 1821. 8e?o. ....... Lcmd. 1824 

Dalkeith's (Charles, Lord, afterwards Duke of Buccleuch) General Rules and Regulations for 

forming advanced guards, &c. 8oo. ..... Edin. 1803 

Bismark's (Count Von) Lectures on Cavalrj' Tactics. Translated from tlie German, with notes 

by Major Beamish. 8ro. ...... himd. 1827 

Douglas's (Major-General Sir Howard) Treatise on Naval Gunner}\ 2d edit, Svo, ib, 1829 
Edinburgh Review of Sir Howard Douglas's two Pamphlets, claiming the invention of Breaking 

the Line for his father. Sir Charles Douglas. (^Printed 9eparatdy,) Svo, Edin, 1830 
Ferguson's (James) Astronomy explained upon Sir I. Newton's principles, &c. 1 2tk edition, 

improved by Dr. A. Mackay. 8w. ..... Lond. 1 809 

Jameson's (Professor Robert) Manual of Mineralogy. Svo, . . £^tit. 1821 

Lewis's (J. H.) Historical Account of the Rise ond Progress of Short Hand, &c. em, Svo. 

Lond, 1816 
Molleson's (Alexander) Melody the Soul of Music, an Essay towards the improvement of the 

Musical Art. Svo. ....... Glat^, 1798 

Ha^'^s (D. R.) Laws of Harmonious Colouring applied to House Painting, em, Svo. Edin, 1 828 

See Lira, toL v. p. 32o. 

Jacob's (William) Tracts relative to tlie Com Trade and Com Laws. Svo. Lond. 1828 

Buchan's (Dr. William) Domestic Medicine ; or the Family Physician, &c. let ediL Svo. 

Edin. 1769 

Cleland's (Eliz.) New and Easy Method of Cooker}'. Svo. . , ib, \755 


Skeh$$ 8, B. AGRICULTURE AND PLANTING, &c. Study. I. 

Apperf a (M.) Art of presenring all kinds of Animal and Vegetable Substances for several 

years. From the French. 2d edit, \2mo. .... Lond. 1 812 

Karnes's (Henry Home, Lord) G^tleman Farmer. 4M edit, Svo, . Edin. 1788 

Toplin's (William) Gentleman's Stable Directory, or. Modem System of Farriery, &c. With 

Supplement ISth edit. 2 vols. 8 ro. .... Land. \70G 


Somerville's (John, Lord) Tracts and Observations relative to Sheep, Wool, Ploughs, and Oxen, 

&c. 3d edit, Svo, , . . . . . • . ib, 1809 

Harley's (William) Harleian Dairy System ; and an Account of the various methods of Dairy 

Husbandry pursued by the Dutch, &c. 8oo. . . t6. 1829 

Napier's (William John, Lord) Treatise on Practical Store Farming, as applicable to the 

mountainous region of Etterick Forest, &c. 8oo. . . Edin, 1822 

Buchan Fanners' True Method of treating light hazely ground, &c. Soo. . ib, 1733 

Steele's (Andrew) Natural and Agricultural History of Peat Moss or Turf Bog, &c. {With 

MS. Letter from the Author,) Svo. , . . ib. 1826 

Anderson's (Dr. James) Miscellaneoas Observations on Planting and training Timber Trees, 

Sic Svo. , . , . , , , ib. 1777 
Nicol's (Walter) Practical Planter ; or Treatise on Forest planting. 2d edit. Svo, Lond, 1803 
Planter's Kalendar ; or Nurseryman and Forester's Guide, &c. Edited and completed 

by Edward Sang. Svo, ...... Edin, 1812 

Pontey's (William) Profitable Planter : a Treatise on the Theory and Practice of planting 

Forest Trees. Zd edit. Svo, ..... Lond, I S29 

— Forest Pruner, &c. Treatise on the training or management of British Timber Trees. 

Sd edit, Svo. . . , . , ib. 1810 

Monteath's (Robert) Forester's Guide ; or Practical Treatise on the training and pruning of 

Forest Trees. 12mo, ...... Stirling, 1820 

Forester's Guide and Profitable Planter, &c. 2d edit. Svo, Edin. 1824 

See Review oftkuim Prosb Works, yoL xxl p. 1. 

Miscellaneous Reports on Woods and Plantations, &c. Svo, Dundee, 1827 

New and Easy Way of draining and reclaiming the Bogs and Marshes of Ireland. Soo. 

Edin, 1829 

Weld's (I.) Essay on Evergreen Oaks, presented to the Royal Dublm Society. Svo. Dub. 1829 

Billington's (William) Facts, Hints, Observations, and Experiments on the different modes of 

raising young Plantations of Oak, &C. Svo, .... Newcastle, \S25 

Tracts on Planting. Svo. containing, 

1. Withen'k (Wm. jun.) Memoir on the planting and rearing of Forest Trees. 2(2 edU, HoU {^or/oik) 1827 

2. — . Letter to Sir Walter Soott, Bart exposing certain fbndamental errors in his late Essay on Plant- 

ing, &C. . . . . . . . ib. ] 828 

3. Hendenonii (Andrew) Practical Hints on the principles of sunreying and valuing Estates. Edin. 1829 



Mitchell's (J.) Dendrdogia ; or TreatiBe on Forest Trees ; with BTeljn's Silvft revisedj cor- 
rectcdj and abridged, &c. 8tro. • . Kei^fdm^, 1827 

Steuart's (Sir Henry, Bart of Allanton,) Planter's Guide ; or Practical Essay on the best 

method of giving effect to Wood by the removal of large Trees and Undsrwoodj he. 8«o. 

Edin. 1828 

The same, second edition, greatly improved and enlarged. Soo. . . ib. 1828 

See Reviev tfikit m Prou Worcs, toL zxi. p. 77. 


Speechly's (William) Treatise on the Colture of the Pine-Apple, and the maoageinent of the 
Hot-House. 8tH). ....... York, 1779 

Agricultural Tracts, &c. 1 vol. 8oo. containing, 

1 . De Sali8*8 (Count) Ck>ii8ideiation8 on the propriety of a general Draining BUI, Ac and fmt a Commu- 

tation of Tithes for Ireland. ....... 1815 

2. Coventry's (Profenor Andrew) Notes on the Culture and Cropping of Arable Land. Editu 1812 

3. Report of Committee of Lanarkshire CommiasionerB of Supply, on the procedure for atrikiqg the Flar^- 

of Grain for 1816. ...... d. 1817 

4. Account of the Improvements on the Sutherland Estate. Lomi. 1815 

5. Ainslie's (Robert) Practical Observations on Com and Money, &c. Edm» 1826 

Bodnall's (Richard) Letter on the present Commercial and Agricultural Condition of Great 
Britain. 8ro. ....... Liverpool, 1830 

White's (Rev. Gilbert) Natural History of Selbome, &c. With additions by Sir William 
Jardinc. l2nio. ....... Edin, 1830 

Gclieu's (Jonas de) Bee Preserver ; or Practical Directions for the management and preserva- 
tion of Hives. From the French, em, Bvo. . t6. 1829 

Morison's (Dr. John) Medicine no Mystery : a brief Outline of the Principles of Medical Sci- 
ence, &c. cr. Boo. ....... Lond, 1829 

Kitchiner's (Dr. W.) Art of invigorating and prolonging Life, &c. and Peptic Precepts. 4tk edit. 
129110. ......... %b, 1822 

Paul's (Sir Geo. Bart.) Considerations on the defects of Prisons, and their present 83rstem of 

regulation, &c. . . . • . . . , ib. 1784 

See Life, voL ii. pp. 315-16, 31d-20. 

Fifth Report of Conmiittee of Society for the Improvement of Prison Discipline. 8eo. id. 1 823 

Rules of the Thistle Golf-Club. With some Historical Notices of the progress of the game of 
Golf in Scotland. Bvo. ....... »6« 1824 

The Library of Useful Knowledge. Natural Philosophy. I vol. Bvo. containing the following 
Treatises : 1. Objects, Advantages, and Pleasures of Science, (by H. Brougham.) 2. Me- 
chanics. 3. Hydrostatics. 4. Hydraulics. 5. Pneumatics. 6. Heat 7. Optics. 8. Double 
Refraction and Polarisation of Light. 9. Glossary and Index. . . t^. 1829 

History of Greece^ from the earliest times to its final Subjugation to Rome. 8«o. t^. 1829 


Study. I. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skehet 6, 7 

Complete History of Europe, &c. from the Treaty of Nimcguen 1676^ to the Conclnsioii of 
the Peace with the Tnrks, 1699. 2d edit Svo, . . Land. 1099 

Biggs's (Lieut William) Military History of Europe, from 1739, &€. to 1748^ indading His- 
tory of the Rebellion in Scotland. 2d edit. Bvo, . . . . tft. 1756 

Contest of the Twelve Nations ; or View of the Different Bases of Human Character and 
Talent Svo. ....... Edin. 1826 


M'Ure's (John) History of Glasgow, nete edit, royal 8oo. . GUug, 1830 

Strutliers's (John) History of Scotland, from the Union to the Abolition of the Heritable Juris- 
dictions in 1 748. 2 vols, royal 8oo. . . . . • Uh 1827 

Wilson's (John, of Thomly,) Political State of Scotland, &c. royal 8oo. Lond. 1831 

Balfour's (Sir James) Historical Works. Published from the original MSS. in the Adyocates' 
Library, by James Haig. •!• vols. 8ro. . . . Edin, 1824 

M'Crie's (Rev.^Dr. Thomas) Life of Andrew Melville ; containing Illustrations of tlie Literary 
and Ecclesiastical Histor}- of Scotland during the 16t}i and 17th centuries. 2d edit. S vols. 
Svo, • . t3. 1824 

Memoirs of Mr. William Veitch, and George Brysson, &c. with other narrativea iUustra- 

tive of Scottish History, from the Restoration to the Revolution. 2d edit. Bvo. ib. 1825 

Bower's (Alexander) History of the University of Edinburgh. 3 vols. Svo. . t5. 1817 

Faden's Map of Scotland, on canvass, in case, 




The Medleys for 1811, and the Five Whig Examiners, royal Svo. . Lond. 1812 

Anthologia Hibernica : or Monthly Collections of Science, Belles-Lettres, and History. 4 vob. 

royal Svo, ........ 2>ii6. 1793--4 

Sec Prose Works, vol. ii. p. 67. 

Montmorency Morres's (Colonel dc) Historical and Critical Inquiry into the Origin, &c. of the 
Irish Pillar Tower, royal Svo, . . . Lond. 1821 

Jocel3m's (Monk of Fumes) Life and Acts of St. Patrick, the Archhishop, Primate, and Apostle 
of Ireland. Translated from the Latin, &c. hy Edmund L. Swift, Esq. royal Svo. Dub, 1 809 

Pamphlets respecting G. R. Fitz-Gerald. Svo. containing, 

1 . Fitz-Gerald*s (George Robert) Appeal to the Jocky Club, &c. Lomd. 1775 

2. Walker's (Thomas) Answer to Mr. Fitz-Gerald'i! Appeal, &c. . t&. 1775 

3. Case of G. R. FiU-Gerald, Esq. impartially considered, &c. With Letter from T. Brecknock, Esq. 

written a few weeks before his own and Fitz-Gerald^ execution. 2d edit. . •&. 1786 


Study. K. 



Smedley's (Dean) GuBiveriana ; or a Fourth Volume of MiacellaDies, being a Sequel of thi 
three Volumes published by Pope and Swift; to which is added Alexanderiana, &c- 

See Vbose Works, vol. iL pp. 832-3. 

Tale of a Tub Reversed, &c. With a Character of the Author. 8vo. . . il^. 170! 

Second Tale of a Tub ; or History of Robert Powel, the Puppet-Show-Man. Svo ib. 1715 

Arbuthnot's (Dr. John) History of John Bull. 6 Parts, first edition. (Part 1. Law is a 
Bottomless Pit — Part 2. John Bull in his Senses. — Part 3. John Bull still in his Senses. — 
Part 4. Lewis Baboon turned honest — Part 5. Postscript, containing History of the Crown 
Inn. — Part G. Complete Key, and St Alban's Ohost \2mo. . . ib. 1712 

Irish Miscellanies. 1 vol. l2mo. containing, 

1. Pope> Horace's Second Epistle of Book II. imitated. 

2. Modest Inquiry, addressed to the Bishop of Cloyne. 

3. Letter of Serious Advice to a young Poet 

4. Fordyce's (Dr.) Art of Preaching, in imitation of Horace. 

5. Epithalamium on Marriage of B. Rochfort, Esq. By U. G. 

6. Sober Advice from Horace to the young Gentlemen about town, &c. 

7. Devil upon Two Sticks. — Hue and Cry after Drapier^s Club. 

8. Wilkes'ft Pindaric Ode on the Birth of a Princess. 

9. Libel upon the Dublin Dunces. Epistle to Mr. W. Dunkin. 

10. Case truly stated between Swift and Bettesworth. 

11. The Satirist, in imitation of Horaceli 4th Satire, Book 1. 

12. Pope's Epistle on the Characters of Woman. 

13. Dryden^ Absalom and Achitophel, with Explanatory Key. 

14. Proposals for raising a Standing Army of Wax. 

15. Art of Wenching, a Poem. .... 

16. Flowers of Parnassus, or LadyS Miscellany. 

Gordon, (Thomas) and Trenchard's (John) Gate's Political Letters. With IVeface. Sdedit. 

Svo. ........ Lond. 1722 

Gollection of Choice, Scarce, and Valuable Tracts, taken from MSS. and Printed Books. 

(16 Pieces, with a List of Contents facing the Title-page. — A republication of "The 

Phenix, Sic." 1707> with the addition of King James's Book of Sports.) Svo. ib. 172r 
Young's (Richard, of Roxwel, Essex,) Prevention of Poverty, together with the Core of 

Melancholy, &c. and Ten other Tracts, by him, with quaint Titles, sm. Stfo. ib. 1653-^ 
Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Dryden^ Absalom and AchitopheL . 

2. Lucretius, a Poem against the Fear of Death. 

3. Yalden^s (Dr.) Temple of Fame, a Poem. 

4. Cobb^s (Samuel) Female Reign, an Ode. 

5. Mulgrave^s (Earl of) Essay on Poetry. 

6. Stote^s ( ,) (or Shippen^) Faction Displayed, a Poem. 

7. — ... Moderation Displayed, a Poem. 


. Z>m6. 1737 

^ 1736 

A. 1735 

•(. 1738 

A. 1737 

*. 1737 

A, 1736 

i&. 1737 


d. 1736 

d. 1733 

A. 1735 

A. 1735 


a. 1787 

A. 1787 

Lomd. 1708 


• • 

A. 1709 

• • 

A. 1709 

• • 

A. 1709 

• • « 

A. 1709 

• • < 

•5. 1709 



Study. K. 

Land, 1709 
ib, 1709 
ib, 1709 
U>. 1709 
ib, 1709 
ib. 1709 
ib. 1709 
i&. 1709 

ib. 1710 
i6. 1709 
ib. 1709 
i6. 1710 
t&. 1710 


ib. 1 737 

ib. 1728 

t6. 1712 

8. Diydea^ Eleonom, Panegyric on Coiinte« of Abingdon. . 

9. Waller*k Panegyriek on Cromwell, &c. 

10. Sprat's (Bishop) Plague of Athens, versified from Thucydides. 

11. Roscomon'k (Earl of) Essay on Translated Verse. 

12. Horace'fe Art of Poetry. 

13. Denham^ (Sir John) Cooper> Hill. . 

14. Normanby*8 (Marquis of) Temple of Death, from the French. 

15. ZOIPOZnPOrPAUA, sire Hoglandiae Descriptio. 

(See p. 61.) 

16. Love given over. Satyr against Woman Sylvia's Revenge, Satyr against Man. 

17. Hill, (T.) Nundinae Sturforigienses. ..... 

18. Swift's Baucis and Philemon, &c. ..... 

19. Philips's (Ambrose) Pastorals. ..... 

20. Addison's (Joseph) Campaign, a Poem. .... 

Burnefs (Bishop)" Account of the Behaviour of the Bishops, &c. in April 1688. 
from his History.) Svo. ...... 

Like to Like, &c. in the History of Will Squelsh and Harry Halter, sm. Svo. 
Miscellanies. 1 vol. sm. Svo. containing, 

1. Crispin the Cobler'k Confutation of Ben Hoadly. 2d edit. 

2. Wag8tafre'^(W.) Representation, and Second Representation of the Loyal Subjects of Albinia. ib. 1712 

3. —Testimonies of Citizens of Fickleborough, concerning the Life and Character of R. Hush, &c. t6. 1 7 1 3 

4. Punch tum'd Critick : Letter to the Hon. Rector of Covent Garden, (Rev. R. Lumlcy Lloyd.) t&. 1712 

5. On the Death of Mr. Edm. Smith, in Miltonic Verse. 

6. Oliver's Pocket Looking-Gkss, &c. Sd edit. 

7. Parliament of Birds, a Poem. .... 
Pamphlets. 1 toI. l2mo. 

1. Poem upon the Tragedy of Thorn. 

2. Wonderful Prophecy of one called Nixon, &c. 

3. Pope*s Universal Passion, Satires 1, 2, 3. 

4. Rules and Regulations for Merchants* Maiden Hospital, 1695, &c. 

5. Queen^ Pious Proclamation, fbr Encouragement of Piety and Virtue, &c. 

6. Properties of a Good Horse, (by W. 6.) 

7. Account of Ginglicutt^ Treatise on the Scolding of the Ancients. 

8. Difference between English Liturgy and Scottish Liturgy of 1637. 

9. Belhaven*k Vision, &c .... 

10. Pomfiret^ (Rev. Mr.) Choice, a PoeoL 

11. Monroes (Rev. Dr. Alexander) Short Account of the Reformation. 

12. Jonstoni (Arth.) Cantici Salomonis Paraphrasis Poetica. ed. alt. 

13. Daedalus His Advice to the Lemnian Ministry, a Novel. 

14. Joitini (Joannis) Lubub Poetici. edit, 2da. 

15. Phcthon : or First Fable of 2d Book of Ovid*s Metamorphoses Burlesqued. 





































State Tracts. 6 vols. Svo. containing, 

VoL L 1. Thoughts of an Honest Tory. 

8m Soxsas TaACTB, vol. zU. p. 078. 


•6. 1710 


Study. K. 


2, 8, 4, 5. Faulto on Both Sidet, &.e. 2 paita, with Supplement and VJndkttion. 

See SoMsmit Tracts, toL ztf. p. 078, 708 ; tad tol. siiL p. ft. 

6. Most Faults on One Side, (answer to the preceding.) 

7. Faults in the Fault-Finder : or Specimen of Elrron, &c. 

8. Answer to F. on B. S. relating to the English Army in Spain. 
.% 10. Defoe^s (Daniel) Secret History of the White Staff. 2 parts. (Part 1, 4a«M.) 

1 1 . Considerations on Secssft History of White Staff. 6^ edit. 

12. History of the Mitre and Purse. Uttdii, 

13. Considerations on History of Mitre and Purw. 
14, 15. Detection of Sophistries and Falsities of History of White Staff. 2 pait& 

Vol. II. 16. Impartial Secret History of Arlus, Fortunatus, and Odolphus. 

17. Secret History of Arlus and Odolphus. 

18. Defoe^ (Dan.) Eleven Opinions about Mr. Harley,&c. 

1 9. Account of Conduct of Robert, Earl of Oxford. 

20. Method of Proceedings, &c. in Impeachments. 

21 . Bumett^s (Thomas) Necessity of Impeaching the late Ministry. 

22. Letter to a Merry Young Gentleman, entitled Thomas Burnett, Esq. 

23. Dennis's (John) Julius Cssar acquitted, &c. . 

24. Brutus and Cassius ; or Some Observations, &c 
2.5. Vindication of the Honour, &c of his Majesty's Government. 

26. Letter to a Friend at the Hague on the danger of Europe, &c 

27. King of France'b Declaration of War against Spain. 2J edit, 
III. 28. Letters 1 and 2 to a Tory Member, on the Management of the War. 2d edit, 

29. 8 and 4 to a Tory Member on the Kegociations for Peace, 1709. 

30. Swift's Conduct of the Allies and of the late Ministry, &c 5M edU, 

31. The Allies and the late Ministry Defended. In 4 parts. 

32. Full Answer to the Conduct of the Allies. 

See SoMXBS Tracts. toI. xiii. p. 840. 

33. Swift's Remarks on the Barrier Treaty. 

34. Remarks upon Remarks ; or Barrier Treaty Vindicated. 
S/). Treaty between her Majesty and the States GeneraL 

36. The Dutch Barrier ours, or. Interests of England and Holland inseparable. 

37. Renuirks on the Letters between Lord Townsend and Secretary Boyle. 
IV. 38. Necessity of Peace and Union among Members of Church of England. 

39. Memoirs of her late Majesty and her last Ministry. 

40. Natural Reflections on the Debates about Peace or War. 

41. Short State of the War and the Peace. 

42. Case of the Catalans Considered. .... 

43. Observations on the State of the Nation, January, 1712.1 8. 

44. Vindication of the Earl of Nottingham. 
4.5. Remarks upon Observations, &c. (No. 43.) . 

46. Short History of the Parliament .... 

47. Neck or Nothing ; Supplement to the Short History, &c. 

48. Collection of all her Majesty's Speeches, &c. to June 21, 1712. 
V. 49. Swift's (or Dr. Wagstafie's) Character of Richard Steele, Esq. By Toby. 

50. Letter to Richard Steele, Esq. . . . ' 

51. Case of the Present Convocation. Answer to Examiner. 



A. 1712 
ift. 1712 
•&. 1712 
■6. 1712 
ih, 1712 
A. 1715 
A. 1715 
•ft. 1712 
ib, 1715 
ib, 1714 
•ft. 1718 
•ft. 1714 
•ft. 171S 
•ft. 1718 
•ft. 1718 
A. 1712 
A. 1715 
ift. 1711 

Study. K. 


Shelf 4^. 

12. Good News from the North, &c. ; Sermon at Invemen, October 1714. 

13. Robiii8on*8 (Benj.) Sermon on Chriftmas Day. . » 

1 4. €k>och*8 (Rev. Dr. Tliomas) Sermon on AnniverBary of King Charlee*8 Martyrdom. 

15. Parliament of Birds, (a Poem.) .... 

Pamphlets. 1 vol. 8ro. containing, 

1. The Nation Vindicated from the Aspersions of a late Pamphlet 2 parts. 

2. Norwich *s (Charles, Bishop of) Sermon on Anniversary of King Charleses Martyrdom 

3. Speech for Mr. Dundasse, Younger of Amiston, &c. 

4. The Re-representation ; or a Modest Search after the Great Plunderers, &c. 

5. The Duke of Marlborough*s Vindication. .... 

6. The Taxes not grievous, &c. ..... 

7. Repoit of the Commissioners for examining Public Accounts, &c. 
B. Debate between the Lords and Commons, in 1688, on the word Altdicaied. Id edit. 
^. Reasons for putting a speedy end to this expensive War. 

10. Swifl^s New Journey to Paris, by the Sieur de Baudrier, &c. 

Political Tracts. I vol. sm, 8oo. containing, 

I . Proceedings of the Lords on the Bill for preventing occasional Conformity. 
*J. Dr. Pateridge's Answer to Squire Bickerstaffe^s Strange Predictions, &c. 

3. Swift's Squire BickeistafTe's Reply to Dr. Patridge^s pretended Answer. . 

See Pbosb Wobkb, toL iL pp. 93-0. 

4. Universal Loyalty ; or Exposition of Principles and Practices of the English Cleigy 

5. Examination of Third and Fourth Letters to a Tory Member. 

(See No. S9, Tracts, toI. iU. p. 3(«.) 

6. Swift's Bickervtaffe's Predictions for the year 1712, &c. 

7. Secret History of the Gkertruydenbeigh Negociation. 

8. Articles of Peace concluded at Utrecht, 3l8t March, 1713. 
f). Treaty of Peace, &c. with King of Spain, July 12-13, 1713. 

10. Short History of the Parliament .... 

1 1. Swift's Importance of the Guardian considered. By a Friend of Mr. Steele. 

1 2. Hannibal not at our Gates, &c ..... 

13. Short State of the War and the Peace. .... 

14. Reasons offered by the late Ministry in defence of their Administration. 

Political Tracts. 1 vol. sm. ^vo. containing, 

1. Tokmd'b (John) Art of Restoring *, or Piety and Probity of General Monk, &c. 

2. Defoe's (Daniel) Secret History of the White Staff. . 

3. Hannibal not at our Gates, &c ..... 

4. Swift's Short Character of Thomas, Earl of Wharton, &c. . 

5. Justice done to the late Ministry, &c .... 

6. Answer to a Pamphlet entitled An Argument, &c 

7. An Argument to prove the Affections of the people of England the best security, &c 

8. Reasons for dissolving the Union between England and Scotland. 

9. Mar^b (Earl of) Letter to the King ; with Remarks by Steele. . 
10. Defoe's Accoimt of the Two Nights' Court at Greenwich. 

Political Tracts. 1 vol. «m. 8po. containing, 

1. The Muse's Fountain Clear : a dutiful Oxonian'k Defence of his Mother'^ Loyalty, &c. 

2. Snape's (Rev. Dr. A.) Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. Qih edit, 



Lomi. 1707 

A. 1712 


Lomd. 1711.12 
«. 1712 
Edin. 1711 
Land. 1711 
&. 1712 
ih. 1711 
&. 1711 
ib. 1710 
•&. 1711 
a. 1711 

ib, 1702 
A, 1708 
A. 1708 

•6. 1710 
A. 1711 

A. 1712 
A. 1712 
A. 1713 
A. 1714 
A, 1713 
A. 1713 
A. 1714 
A. 1715 
A, 1715 

A, 1714 
•6. 1714 
A. J7U 
A. 1711 
A. 1715 
A. 1716 
A. 1716 
A. 1716 
£dm. 1715 
A. 1716 

Lomd. 1717 
*. 1717 


3. Letter to Dr. Snape on hii Letter to the Bishop of Bangor. Zd edit. 

4. — on his Sermon before the House of Commons. 

5. Lewis^ (Thomas) Danger of the Church Establishment from the Dissenters. 

6. Tumer'a (Bishop) Vindication of Archbishop Bancroft, &c. 

7. Joseph and Benjamin ; or Little Demetrius toss'd in a blanket. 
A. Presbyterian getting on Horseback ; or DisKnters run Mad, &c. 
9. Rome or Genera ; the True Church of Ehigland without either. 

Land. 1717 
a, 1717 
&, 1718 
•ft. 1717 
A. 1717 
A. 1717 
•6. 1717 

10. British Wonders ; Poetical Description of the seTeral prodigies, &c since the death of Q. Anne. ift. 1717 

11. The Gk>ttenbuigh Frolick ; or Swedish Invasion burlesquM. . &&. 1717 

12. Allibond^s (Rev. Dr. John) Seasonable Sketch of an Oxford Reformation. Written originally in Latin, 

and now reprinted with an English Version, &c. (by Ed. Ward.) tft. 1717 

See SoMsms Tbactb, toI. r. 

Poetical and other Tracts. 1 vol. sm. Bco. containing, 

1. Letter, &c. containing Proposal for bringing in Bill to revise. Sec the Ten Commandments. 

2. Swift^s Cadenus and Vanessa, a Poem. 

3. Horace^s First Satire of 2d Book imitated, &a 

4. Verses addressed to the Imitator of the First Satire, &c. 

5. Men and Manners characterised from Horace, ice. 

6. Horace^ Instructions to the Roman Senate, &c. Two Odes. 

7. Glover^ (Richard) London, a Poem. 2d edit, 

8. State of Rome under Nero and Domitian, a Satire. . 

9. Toasts of the Patriots* Club at London. 
10. The Man of Taste, &c By the author of Art of Politicks. 
U. Dialogue, &c between the Knight and his man John. 

12. Someryille'ft (William) Hobbinol ; or the Rural Games. M edit. 

13. Crozall^s (Rev. Dr. S.) Royal Sin ; or Adultery rebuk'd in a Great King, 

Martini ..... 

14. The Ass-lElace ; or Secret History of Archy Armstrong. 

15. Mock Campaign ; or English Bravery, a Poem. 

16. Fielding'b (H.) Epistle to the Right Hon. Sir Robert Walpole. 

See Probb Works, toI. iiL p. 80. 

17. On Verbal Criticism : Epistle to Mr. Pope. 
Biographical Tracts. 1 thick vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Comwallis*s (Sir C.) Account of Baptism, Life, &c. of Fred. Henry, Prince of Wales. 

See SoMKM Tbacts, toI. ii. 

2. Memoirs of Public Transactions, &c. in Ministry of Duke of Shrewsbury. 

3. Brief Character, &c. of Dr. Ed. Grindal, Archbishop of Canterbury. 

4. Account of Life and Writings of Dr. T. Sprat, Bishop of Rochester. 

5. Voltaire*s History of Frederick, King of Sweden. Translated by Andrew 

6. Adventures of Captain De la Fontaine, &c. prisoner in Newgate. 

7. Toland^s (John) Funeral Elegy, &c. of Princess Sophia. 

8. Spenoe'fe (Rev. Mr.) Life, Character, &c of Mr. Bladdock. 

9. Memoirs of the JASd of Sir Stephen Fox. 

10. Authentic and Faithful History of that arch Pynte, Tulagee Angria. 

11. Trial of J. P. Zenger of New York for a LibeL 

12. History of the Marchioness of Brinvilliers, (the poisoner.) 

13. Memoirs of William Parsons, Esq. (executed for robbery, 1766.) 


ib. 1738 
ib. 1726 
t&. 1733 
A, 1733 
ib. 1739 
ih. 1740 
ib. 1739 
ib. 1739 
ib. 1734 
ib. 1733 
ib. 1733 
ib. 1740 
a Discourse deliverM in St* 

ib. 1738 
ib. 1740 
ib. 1740 
ib. 1739 

ib. 1733 


w. ib. 
















wants titU. 







ua9U$ title. 

Study. K. 


Skehm 4, S. 

Meadmff, 1751 

Lomd. 1750 

ib. 1756 

A. 1751 

ib. 1742 
ib. 1742 
•&. 1742 
ib. 1744 

»6. 1742 

14. Remarkable Tryal of ThomM Chandler, &c for perjury, Ac . 

15. Stroud'b (William) Genuine Memoin of his Life and Timnnctiona. 

16. Philips*8 (Ter. Court.) Letter to the Earl of Cheeterfield. 

17. The Fair Wanderer; or AdTentoret of Ethelinda. .... 

Tracts relative to the Duchess of Marlboroagh. Bvo. containing^ 

1. Hooked (N.) Account of the Conduct of the Duchess of Marlborough, &c. 

2. Review of a late Treatise entitled an Accoimt, &c. .... 

3. Continuation of the Reyiew of a late Treatise, &c. .... 

4. Last Will and Testament of Duchess Dowager of Marlborough. 

Remarks upon the Account of the Conduct of a certain Duchess^ Sec. Bvo, 

Modem Whig, True Picture of, set forth in a Dialogue, &c. 7M edit. Lond. 1705. — Tom 

Double retum'd out of the Country, a True Picture, &c. set forth in a 2d Dialogue. 2d edit. 

»m. Stfo. ......... fi6. 1702 

Swift's (Dean) Fraud Detected ; or tlie Hibernian Patriot ; containing all the Drapier's Letters^ 

&c. l2mo. ........ Dub. 1725 

See Prosk Worksi, vol. ii. pp. 268-9. 

Collection of Political Tracts, (against Sir R. Walpole.) 12mo. . . id. 1748 


Scottish Tracts, &c. 1 vol. 12mo. containing^ 

1. Memoirs relating to the Restoration of King James I. of Scotland, {impetfect.) 

2. The Recon {tUle andftnt lea/torn.) 

3. Letter from a Scots Gentleman in London, to his Friend in Edinbuxgh. 

4. The Resigners vindicated. Part II. and last 

5. Advantages, &c. to England from Hanover Succession. Part II. 

6. Preservation against Slavery ; or Conversation on ensuing Election. 

7. Watson's Collection of Scots Poems. Part I. toantt tUU^ ^c. 

Political and other Tracts. 4 vols. 8tH>. containing. 
Vol. I. 1. Political Dialogue between Pasquin and Marforio, &c 

2. Second Political Dialogue, &c. .... 

3. Pasquin and Marforio on the Peace, &c. 

4. Address to the Electors, &c. on the late Secession. (By Wyndham.) 

5. Observations on the Condition of Great Britain in Foreign Afikirs. 

6. Feiguson's (Robert) History of the Revolution. 

7. Belloni*8 (J. A.) Letters, &c. on the Charitable Corporation. 

8. To Mr. Secretary Murray on his turning Evidence, &c. 

II. 9. L* Eloge d' Ecosse, et des Dames Ecossoiies. Par M. Freebaim. 

10. Wisdom and Reason; or Human Underrtanding considered, &c. 

1 1. Mylius's (Christ.) Accoimt of a new Zoophyte, from Greenland. 

12. Holt's (Richard) Treatise of Artificial Stone. 

13. Montague^s (E. Wortley) Memoir against Ab. Payba. 
III. 14. Impartial Inquiry into Places and Pensions. 

15. State of the Nation considered. ZdedU. 

16. Key to the Business of the present Session. 









. ib. 




. ib. 


. ib. 


. ib. 


. ib. 




. ib. 


. ib. 


Rdin. 1727 


. ib. 


. ib. 


. ib. 


. *. 


. •6.1747 

. ib. 



17. The Rose ; a Detection of the perniciouB Tendency of Two Libels. . ib. 

18. Steele's Ciiiis, &c. ..... . Edm. rtpr. 1714 

19. Macdonald (And.) Description of the False Reasonings, &c of two late Pieces. . t&. 1747 

20. Memorial of M. Bestuchef; His Ciarish BCijeety's Resident, &c. , &. 1728 
Vol. IV. 21. Abridgment of Statutes and Rules of Society for propagating Christian Knowledge. . t6. 1732 

22. Articles and Regulations of Edinbuigh Friendly Insurance against Fire. . ib, 1728 

23. Dalrymple*s (Sir Hugh) Reasons of Dissent as Assessor for North Berwick. . ib. 1 734 

24. Proposals for restiaining the Abuse of Paper Credit in Scotland. . ib, 1765 

25. Considerations on the present State of Scotland. ZdedH. , »&. 1744 

26. Enquiry into some things that concen Scotland. .... t&. 1734 

27. Present State of Scotland considered. ..... A. 1745 

28. Considerations on Scarcity of Gold and Silver Coin in Scotland. . t5. 1762 

29. Proteeto taken in the Town Council, &c. With Memorial on the Riglits of the Trades. &. 1741 

30. Private Conference between two Hanoverian Ministers. . Loitd, 1744 

31. Excerpts, &c on the Office and Duty of Grand Juror. . » ib, 1750 

32. Considerations respecting the Public Fimds, &c , ib, 1735 

33. Letter to the Citizens of Edinbuigh concerning a New Turnpike Act. Edim, 1768 

34. Reasons for encouraging the Linen Manufacture of Scotland. . ib, 1735 

35. Acts of the General Assembly concerning some of the Ministers of the Presbytery of Dimform- 

line, Mr. Eb. Erskine, &c. . . i&. 1733 

36. AnderBon*s (Rev. Geoige) Complaint to the Presbytery of Edinburgh, (about Hume^s Essays.) 

ib. 1756 

37. Remarks on the Rules and Regulations of Town Council respecting Gazzette Crierty Rose SeUen^ 

and Link Cbmert, &C. ...... tft. 1734 

38. Reasons of Dissent from Sentence and Resolution of General Assembly's Commission 1752, con- 

cerning the Presbytery of Dunfonnline, &c .... t6. 1752 

Tracts roIttdTe to the Rebellion, 1745. Sro. containing, 

1. Miscellaneous Pieces relating to the present Rebellion. Edited by Thomas Gibbons. Loud, 1745 

2. Letter to the Duke of Newcastle on the Sources of Disaffection, &c. and the most rational Measures 

for extinguishing the Remains of the present Rebellion. , ib. 174() 

3. Remaiks upon Letter to the Duke of Newcastle, &c . . ib. 174C 

4. Brief Representation of the Posture of our AfiairB, &c. .... §6.1745 

5. Memorial and Admonition of the Synod of Glasgow and Ayr. . ib. 1745 

6. Fleetwood^ (Bishop) Papists not excluded from the Throne on Account of Religion. . ib, 1745 

7. Hughes'^ (John) Complicated Guilt of the late Rebellion. Now first printed. With a Prefoce. 

ib, 1745 

8. The Question, Whether England can be otherwise than Miserable under a Popish King, &c. 

ib. 1747 

. ib. 1747 

. ib. 1745 

. ib. 1745 

. ib. 1745 

. 1^. 1745 

. ib, 1745 

. &, 1746 

9. Address to the Electors of G. B. on the present Elections, &c. 

10. Secker>(Abp. of York) Sermon OB the present Rebellion. . 

11. Oxford*s (Thomas, Bishop of) Sermon on ditto. 

12. Roberts*s (Samuel) Sermon on Love to our Country, 6th October. 3J edit. 

13. Smyth'fe (Geo.) Sermon, The Protestant Cause a good one. . 

14. Chandler"^ (Samuel) Sermon at the Old Jury, 29th September 1745. . 

15. .... Thankigiving ditto, on Suppreosion of the Rebellion, 9th October 1746. 



Studt. K. 



MiscellaDeous Tracts. 1 toI. Svo, containing^ 

1, 2. Hey^s (Dr. Richard) Prize Disaertations on Duelling and Suicide. Cbfn6. 1784-5 

3. Clark's (John) Letter, &c. on the late Mutinies in the Highland Regimenli. Edm. 1779 

4. Burke's (El) Speech, Sept 1780, on plan for better securing the Independence of P&rliament Lomd. 1780 

5. Eden's (William, afterwards Lord Auckland,) Four Letters to Lord Carlisle. Edim. 1779 
a. ScTeral Seats in Parliament to be had Gratis. (Religious Tract) . t%. 1774 
7. Young's (Professor John) Criticism on Gray'k Elegy, &c. ( With MS. note,) Lomd. 1 784 

Political Tracts. 1 thick toI. 12mo. containing, 

1. Magna Charta, &c. from the Inyasion of Julius Caesaiv to the present time. Wrote bj Dr. Samuel 

Johnson. ...... 

2. Thoughts on the Impiety and Anarchy of the French Nation, Slc 

3. Proceedmgs of Public Meeting at Sheffield, 7th April 1 794, &c. 
4, 5. Paine's (Thomas) Rights of Man. 2 Parts. 

6. Age of Reason. ..... 

7. Rotherhamti (Rot. John) Essay on Human Liberty. 

8. Barclay's (James) Patriot displayed. An Oration, &c for Anti. Ghtlltcans. 

Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. Svo. containing. 

1. Benson's (William) Letters on Poetical Translations. 
2, 3. Pope's First and Second Epistles of 2d Book of Horace imitated. 

4. Fordyce's (Dr.) Art of Preaching, in imitation of Horace. 

5. Whitehead's ( ) Mariners, a Satire. 
6*. Pope's Essay on Man. Epistles 1, 2, 3, 4. 

7. Man of Honour, a Poem. 

8. Essay on Design and Beauty. 

9. Leslie'^ (Charles) Fall of Virtue, or the Iron Age, a Poem 

10. Hamilton'^ (W.) Three Odes, with the Miss and the Butterfly, a Fable, in imitation of Gay. A. 1739 

1 1 . Tears of the Muses. To the Memory of Viscountess Stormont 

12. The Beast's Confession to his Priest, by J. S. D. S. P. 2d edit. 

13. Dialogue, &c between the Knight and his Man John. 

14. Mendico-Hymm ; or the Beggar's Match. From the Latin 

15. Ode to His Royal Highness on his Birth-Day. 

Poetical and other Pieces. 1 vol. sm. Svo. containing^ 

1. NarmtiTe Sketches of Conquest of Mysore. 2d edit. . 

(Companion to Ker Porter's Pictnre.) 

2. Miss Kitty ; a Parody on Lenora, with Mr. Taylor'ft Torsion opposite. 

3. Burger'^ (O. A.) Hussar of Magdeburg. Ballad, translated by J. F. Donovan. 

4. Goethe's (J. W. Ton) White Rose of Vilna. Translated by do. 

5. Short Account of Ancient Chivalry, and Description of Armour, by T. H. T. 

6. Heron's (Robert) St. Kilda in Edinbuxgh, &c. a Comic Drama. 

Political Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Dillon'^ (J. Q.) Considerations on Royal Marriage Act 2d edit. 

2. Question as to Renewal of E. I. Company's Monopoly. 

3. Prentice's (David) Thoughts on Repeal of Bank Restriction Law. 

4. Argimient of the Foxiad, an Historical Poem. 

5. Sketch of the Politicks of the Edinbuxgh Reviewers in 1807. . 

6. Key to the Orders in Council. ..... 


repr. Edim, 1794 

. d. 1794 

Skef. 1794 

Lomd. 1792 

. •&. 1794 

JVeweoiOe^ 1782 

Lomd. 1750 

•6. 1739 

ib. 1737 

ib. 1738 


ib. 1733-4 

*. 1737 

Edm. 1739 


of Gay. ib. 1739 

ib. 1736 

repr. Lomd. 1738 


ib. 1724 

mo title or date. 

Lomd. 1800 

Edim. 1797 

A. 1800 

ib. 1800 


Edim. 1798 

Lomd. 1811 

Edim. 1812 


A. 1803 

•ft. 1807 

ib. 1812 



Study. K, 

Political Pamphlets. 1 vol. Svo. containing^ 

1. BaUantjiie's (James) Retrospect of Public Events of 1813. Edm. 1814 

2. CaxmingVi (Geoige) Speech on the Address, 29th Jan. 1817. . Lond, 1817 

3. Address to Inhabitants of Scotland on threatened Invasion. Edm. 1803 

4. Causes and Character of hite War with Great Britain, by the American .Government \2ihedii. LondASlS 

5. Santini'a Appeal, &c on the Treatment of Napoleon. 2d edit. 

6. Letter to a Noble Lord on the present Situation of France and Europe. 

7. Trotter'b (J. B.) Five Letters to Smyth, on Catholic BeUe^ &c td edU, 

8. Narrative of Events in the Island of Ceylon, &c. 

Political Pamphleta. 1 vol. 8oo. containing, 

1. CrokerVi (J. W.) Speech on Charges against the Duke of Yoric. 

2. VaughanlB (Ri«^t Hon. Charles R.) Nanative of Siege of Saragossa. 2d edit. 
8. Vindication of William Pitt, from Calumnies of Edinburgh Review. 

4. Huskisson^ (William) Question respecting Depreciation of the Currency. 

5. Canning*s (George) Two Speeches on Bullion Report. 

See Lirs, vol. iL p. 340. 

6. Moore*s (Thomas) Letter to Roman Catholics of Dublin. 

7. Croker'fe (J. W.) Sketch of State of Ireland. 4^ edit. 

Three Tracts. 1 vol. Svo. containing, 

1. Suggestions, &c. on Wellington TestimoniaL 

2. Dickson^ (Dr. William) Hints, &c on the present Crisis. 

3. Coronation Ceremony of Buonaparte. . . 

Irish Tracts. 1 toI. Sm. containing, 

I. Lawson's (Ed.) State of Irish Inland Navigation. 
^. Barneses (George) Statistical Account of Ireland. 

3. Croker's (J. W.) Sketch of State of Ireland. 5th edit. 

See Paosb Womcb, toL iL p. 971. 

4. Discourse on the propriety of arresting the Catholic Delegates. 

5. WebbiB (William) Legend of Cathleen and Kevin, a Poem. 

6. Lawson^s (Ed.) Report, &c. on the Records of Ireland. 

7. Swift*s (Theophilus) Correspondence with Rev. Dr. Dobbin. 

8. Wellesley Pole^ (Lord Maryborough) Speech on the State of Ireland. 

Dublin Pamphlets. 1 vol. Sdo. containing, 

1, 2. Rules relative to Stove Tenter House, and State of the Liberty Weavers, 1809, &c. /cL broadiidee. 

3. Weekly Gazette, 28th September 1816. folded. 

4. Speech of Counsellor Philips on Trial for Crim. Con. Creighton v. Townshead. 

5. Report of Heath Hospital for 1812. .... 

6. Keamey^s (Richard) Plan for Payment of National Debt 

7. Report of Trial, Magee v. O'Gorman. .... 

8. Speech of Counsellor North for Plaintiff in preceding Action. 

9. Calumny confuted : Speech vindicating Charles Philips against Quarterly Review 

10. Prudence, True Patriotism : Exposure of Catholic Directory. 

1 1. Pint Report of Edinbuig^ Society for Promoting Education in Ireland. . 

12. Faction UnmaskM : Letter on Conduct of Catholic Junto. 
Report of the Committee of Secrecy of House of CJommons of Ireland^ March 1790^ (on the 

Plans of the United Irishmen.) Bvo. . ' Land. 1799 

313 2R 


ib. 1817 


«6. 1815 


Dtdt. 1813 

Loud. 1815 


ib. 1809 


Lond. 1810 

ib. 1811 

Dub. 1810 

ib. 1808 

•6. 1815 

Edin. 1803 

Lond. 1804 

Z>k6. 1810 

ib. 1811 

ib. 1810 

ib. 1811 

ib. 1812 

ib. 1811 

ib. 1811 

ib. 1812 

£hib. 1816 
ib. 1814 
U>. 1816 
ib. 1815 
ib. 1815 
ib. 1817 
ib. 1817 
Edin. 1815 

DtA. 1815 

Study. K. A BBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skeif)e»6,7^ 

Thomson's (of Edinburgh) New Trayelling Map of Ireland^ on camwui, in coie. 

Pkn of City of Dublin, 1808^ on canvass, in ease. 

Hall's (Sidney) Small Map of the County of Wlcklow, 1 822^ on eanvags, in case. 


O'Flaherty's (Roderic) Ogygia : a Chronological Account of Irish Events^ &c. Translated 

from the Latin^ by Rev. James Hely. 2 vols. Svo. . . Dub. 1793 

See PovricAL Works, vol. ix. p. 184 ; Pnobi Workk, voL xx. p. 305. 

Ogygia Vindicated against the Objections of Sir George Mackenzie^ Sec. ; with Disser- 
tation and Notes, by C. O'Conor, Esq. Svo, , . . .id. 1775 
Wynne's (J. H.) General History of Ireland, to the Death of William III. new edit. 
2 vols. Svo, ........ Land. 1773 

Hay's (Edw.) History of the Insurrection of tlie County of Wexford in 1 798. Svo. Dub. 1803 

Musgrave's (Sir Richard) Memoirs of the different Rebellions in Ireland, &c. including that of 

1798. 3d edit. 2 vols. 8t?<?. . . . «6. 1802 

Plowden's (Francis) History of Ireland, from its Invasion under Henry 11. to its Union with 
Great Britain. 2 vols. Sw>. ..... Land. 1812 

From its Union with Great Britain in January 1801, to October 1810. 3 vols. Svo. 

Dub. 1811 

Parsons's (Sir Lawrence, now Earl of Rosse,) Observations on Mr. Flood's Bequest to Trinitj 

College, Dublin ; and Defence of Ancient Irish Histor}'. Sto. . . ti^. 1795 

Smith's (Dr. Charles) Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Cork. 2 y<^ 800. 

Uf. 1750 
— ^ Ancient and Present State of the County of Kerry. Svo, . . ib. 1750 

■ Ancient and Present State of the County and City of Waterford. 2d edit. Svo. ib. 1774 
Harris's (Walter) Ancient and Present State of the County of Down. Svo. . ib. 1757 

Sketches in Ireland : Description of interesting and hitherto unnoticed Districts in the Nortli 
and South, sm. Sto. . . . . ib. 1827 

Smith's (Geo. Nelson) Killarney and the surrounding Scenery, being a complete Itinerary of 
the Lakes. Svo. . ib. 1822 

Fitzpatrick's (P. V.) Thaumaturgus, (a Poem.) sni. Svo. . . . ib. 1828 

Adair's (James) Bride of Randal Gndiam, a Poem. l2mo. Bv^a&ty 1831 


Young's (Arthur) Tour in Ireland, (177G-79.) 2 vols. Svo. . . Dub. 1780 

Townsend's (Rev. Horatio) General and Statistical Survey of the County of Cork. 2d edit. 

2 vols. Svo. . . . Cork, 1815 

Post Chaise Companion, or Traveller's Directory through Ireland. M edit. Svo. Dub. 1803 
Richardson's (Rev. Dr. William) Letters on the Basaltic Productions, &c. of the County of 

Antrim. Svo. . . . ib, 1811 


Study. L. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skehe$ 2, 3. 





The Spectator. 8 vols. 8ro. .... Land. Tanson, 1757 

The Tatler. A New EdltioD. With Illustrations and Notes^ Historical^ Biographical, and 

Critical. (By J. Nichols.) 6 vols. cr. Svo, . . . , ib. 1786 

See Pro6b Works, voL iL p. 32, &c. I 

The Englishman ; being the Seqael of the Guardian. l2mo, . . t6. 1714 

Mortimer's (Thomas) Students' Pocket Dictionary, &c. l2mo. . . ib. 1777 

The Moral Miscellany. Select Pieces in Prose and Verse. 4th edit. . ib. 1773 

The Historical Miscellany. 2d edit. l2mo. ..... f^. 1772 

Behn's (Mrs.) Love Letters between a Nobleman and his Sister. (Ford, Lord Grey, and the 

Countess of Berkely.) 4th edit. Svo. . . t&. 1712 

Rowe's (Mrs. Eliz.) Friendship in Death, in Twenty Letters from the Dead to the Living. 

Svo. . • . • • . ib. 1740 

See LiPB, voL t. p. 26. 

SHELF in. 

Sismondi's (J. C. L. Simonde de) Historical View of the Literature of the South of Europe. 

Translated by Thomas Roscoe. 4 vols. Svo. . . . ib. 1823 

Bouterwek's (Fred.) History of Spanish and Portuguese Literature. Translated from the 

German by Thomasina Ross. 2 vols. Svo. . . . . fift. 1823 

Garces, (D. Gregerio) Fundamento del Vigor y Elegancia de la Lengua Castellana, en el uso 

de SUB Particulas, &c. 2 tom. in 1. em. 4fto. . . Mad. 1791 

Harris's (James) Philological Inquiries. 2 vols. Svo. . . Land. 1781 

Tooke's (John Home) EIIEA IITEPOENTA : or the Diversions of Purley. new edit, with 

numerous additions ; revised and corrected by Richard Taylor. 2 vols. Svo, . ib. 1829 
Gate to the Hebrew, Arabic, and Syriac, unlocked by a new and easy method of acquiring the 

Accidence. Svo. . . . ib. 1828 

Surenne's (Gab.) Practical Gnunmar of French Rhetoric. Svo, . . Edin, I S24 

Leclerc's (Theod.) Course of the French Language, &c. Svo. . . ib. 1829 

Baretti's (Jos.) Italian and English, and English and Italian Dictionary. 6th edit. 2 vols. Svo. 

ib. 1829 

Spanish and English, and English and Spanish Dictionary, new edit. 2 vols. Svo. ib. 1809 

Neiunan's (H.) Dictionary of the Spanish and English Languages. 2d edit 2 vols. Svo. A.l 809 
#>rmon, (J. L. B.) Dicdonnaire portatif £spagnol-Fran9ais, et Fran9ai8-E8pagnol. 2 vols. Svo. 

Lyon, 1800 



Sherer's (Major) Scenes and Impressions in Egypt and in Italy. 2d edit. 8vo, Land. 1825 

Jenkins (Thomas) and Lowcllin's (David) Admirable Travels ; containing a Tour of 3000 

miles through the unknown Tracts of Africa^ &c. 800. . . . ib. 1782 

Tench's (Major) Letters from Prance, between November 1 794 and May 1 795. Svo. ib, 1796 

Wolfe's (Rev. R. B.) English Prisoners in France ; containing Observations, &c. daring 9 

^■-' years' residence in the Depots, &c. Svo. . . . • . ib. 1830 

Jameson's (Mrs.) Diary of an Ennuy6e. new edit. sm. Svo. . . ib. 1826 

See Prosb Works, toL xiil p. 120, note. 

Tennant's (Charles) Tour through the Netherlands, Holland, (Germany, Switserland, &c. in 
1821-2. Witli Eight Letters from Napoleon to Josephine. 2 vols. Svo. . ib. 1824 

Smith's (R.) Notes made during a Tour in Denmark, Holstein, Prussia, &c« in 1826. With 
Observations on the Foreign Com Trade. 890. . . . . ib. 1827 


Fadcn's Map of the District of Albany, on the East Frontier of the Colony of the Cape of 

Good Hope. On canvaee, in case. . . • • ti^. 1822 

James's (G. P. R.) History of Charlemagne. Svo. . . . . ib. I S32 

Brydone's (Patrick) Tour through Sicily and Malta. 1770. new edit. . •. ib. 1806 

See Poetical Works, toI. vii. p. 331 ; Lifb, vol. vii. pp. 313-14. 

Forsy til's (Joseph) Remarks, &c. during an Excursion in Italy in 1802 and 1803. 2d edit. 

Svo, . . , . . . . .id. 1816 

Williams's (H. W.) Travels in Italy, Greece, and the tonian Islands, (1816-17.) 2 vols. 

Svo. ........ Edin. 1820 

See Prosx Works, vol. iiL p. 135. 

Rose's (William Stewart) Letters from the North of Italy, (1817.) 2 vols, Svo. Lend. 1819 
Beattie's (Dr. Wm.) Journal of a Residence in Germany, &c. with the Duke and Duchess of 

Clarence, (afterwards K. William IV. and Q. Adelaide) in 1 822-25-26. 2 vols. Svo. ib. 1 831 
Hodgskin's (Thomas) Travels in the North of Germany, &c. particularly in the IGngdom of 

Hanover, (1817-18.) 2 vols. Svo. . . . . . Edin. 1820 

Mignet's (A. T.) History of the French Revolution, from 1789-1814. 2 vols. Svo. ib. 1826 
Robison's (Professor John) Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments 

of Europe. Uh edit. With MS. notes by the Author, and note btf Sir W. S. Svo. ib. 1 798 
Alms's (J. J. Job) History of the Revolution of 1 8th Fructidor, (September 4,) 1797, and the 

Deportations to Guiana, &c. Svo. . . . . ib. 1800 

Wilson's (General Sir Robert) History of the British Expedition to Egypt 4th edit 2 vols, 

Svo. .... . . . . , ib. 1803 

Napier's (Colonel W. F. P.) History of the War in the Peninsula and in the South of France, 

from 1807-14. vol. Soo. ...... ib. 1828, &c. 

See LiPB, voL vii. p. 143. 



Study. M. ABBOTSFORD LIBRARY. Skelve$ 1> 2. 




Scott's (Sir Walter) Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. 3 vols. 8co. His Mother's Copy. 

Kelso <$• Edin. 1801-3 
La Donna del Lago^ Poenia^ rec. in versi Ital. dal Dottore Giiis. Indelicate^ &c. 8ro. 

With MS. LeUer/rom the Translator. Paris, 1825. . Palermo, 1821 
Romans Poetiques. Trad, en Prose FrQn9ai8e, par Amcdee Pichot, M.D. 3 torn. St>o. 

With MS. Letter from the Translator. .... Paris, 1822 
Das Fraulein vom See. Aus dem Englischcn^ von Dr. Ad. Storck. sm. %vo. With MS. 

Letter from the Translator. ...... Essen, 1819 

Schottische Lieder und Balladen. Uebers. von H. Schubart. 8ro. Leipz. 1817 

See LiFs, Tol. i. p. 379. 

Ivanhoe^ &c. uit het Engelsch^ van W. L. H. Koster Henke. 3 vols. %vo. Groning. 1824 

Lems's ( J. H.) Orations on Battle of Waterloo, and Rise and Fall of Buonaparte. 8oo. Lond, 1815 

Mounteney's (Barclay) Historical Inquiry into the principal circumstances and events relative 

to the late Emperor Napoleon. Svo. ..... t&. 1824 

See Prosb Works, vol. xii. p. 369. 

SHELF //. 

Scott's (Sir W.) Life of Napoleon Buonaparte, Emperor of the French. 9 toIs. cr. %va, 

Edin. 1827 

Adolphus's (J. Leicester) Letters to Richard Heber, Esq. containing Critical Remarks on the 

Waverley Novels, and an attempt to ascertain their Author. 2d edit. er. 890. Lond. 1822 

See Introduction to 7^ Foriunet of Nigel ; Oeneral Pre/ace to Wavbllxv Novbls ; 

LXFB,T01. V. p. 103-21. 

Warner's (Rev. Richard) Illustrations, Historical, Biographical, &c. of the Waveriey Novels. 

( fVith MS. Communication from Mr. Thomas Pringle, on the Death of Mr. Davison, 

the supposed original Dandy Dinmont, in 1820, bound at the end.) sm. 8vo. ib. 1823 

Criminal Trials, illustrative of the Heart of Mid-Lotliian, &c. l2mo. . Edin* 1818 

Christian's (John) Historical Notices of Edward and William Christian, two Characters in 

Peveril of the Peak. sm. Svo. ..... Lond. no date. 

See Introduction and Appendix to Peveril of the Peak. 

Nine Sixpenny Chap-Books, founded on the Waverley Novels ; 1. The Heart of Mid-Lothian. 
2. Ivanhoe. 3. The Monastery of St. Mary. 4. The Abbot. 5. Kenilworth. 6. and 7. The 
Pirate, 2 e(/tYt(m<. 8. Fortunes of NigeL 9. TheNight-Hag,&c. IyoHSmo. t&.1822,&c 



Sir W. Scott, Halidon Hill. Dnunatisk Skildring, overeat af K. L. Rahbek. l2mo. KiobenJLlB^ 

Der Astrology cine Caledonische Wiindereage^ bearbeitet von W. A. Lindan. 3 vo 

Svo, ........ Lctpz* 181 

Heart of Mid-Lothian, translated into Rtuiian, 4 vols. ISmo, Mo9eow, 182 

Racconti su i Crociati. I Fidanzati. II Talismano. Vers, dall' Inglese del Prof. Gai 

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— Biographisch-litcrarischcr Vcrsuch von, &c. Von Dr. K. G. Jacob, sq. 12mo. Kdin, 1827 



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Land. 1828-30 
Longmorc's (G.) War ofthe Isles, aPoem. Svo, .... «^. 1826 

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Readc's (Edm.) Revolt of the Angels, &c. an Epic Drama. Svo. . Lond. 1830 

Coin tlie Wanderer, and other Poems. Svo, . , . . ti6. 1829 

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lolande, a Tale, and other Poems. Wants title. — The Reform Deform'd, or the Fate of his 

Majesty's good Ship the State, &c. Svo. . . . t^. 1831 

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Scott's (Sir Walter) Miscellaneous Prose Works ,* now first collected, with additional Notes, 
&c. by the Editor. 28 vols./^. Svo. .... Edin. 1834-36 

Vol. 1. Life of Dryden. Vol. 7. Border and ProTindal Antiqiiittet. 

2. Life of Swift. 
3, 4. Lives of the Noveliata, and yariouB eminent in- 
■'). Paul*8 Letters to his Kinsfolk, &c. 
6. Essays on Chivalry, Romance, and the Drama. 

8-16. Life of Napoleon. 
17-21. Periodical Criticifln. 

22-26. Hiitoryof Scotland, I 

27,28. History of France, f ^-'^ ^/« C^««*5rfW. 

General Index. 


Study. R. 


Skelvm4, 5,6,T- 

Madame Campan, sur Marie Antoinette. 3 torn. 

Q€n€n\ Diunouriez. 4 torn. 

Louvct de Couvray. 

Meillan, (sur la Convention Nationale.) 

Due dc Montpensier. 

Freion, (sur la Reaction dans le Midi.) 

Abb^ Guillon de Montleon, sur les affiures de Lyon. 2 torn. 

Gr^ntfral Doppet. .... 

Duiand de MaiUane et Lanjuinais, sur la Convention, 
fiuzot. ..... 

Camille Desmoulins, Vilate, et Mdda, sur les joum^ de Thennidor. 
Papiers in^its trouv^ chez Robespiere, &c. 3 torn. 


D^bats de la Convention Nationale. 5 torn. .... 

Madame Bonchamps et Madame de la Rochejaquelein. 

Sur la Vendue, par un Ancien Administratcur Militaire, et Madame Sapinaud. 

G^n^ral Turreau. ....... 

Savary, Guerres des Vendcfens et des Chouans, &c. 6 torn. 

Abb^ MorcUet. 2 torn. ...... 

Thibaudeau, sur la Convention et le Divectoirc. 2 tom. 
Relation d' un Voyage a Bnixelles et Coblentz^ par Louif^ XVIII. 8ro. 


Londrt9^ 1823 

Memoires tires des Papiers d'un Homme d' Etat, (Prince Hardenberg^ Ministre Pnissien) sor 
la politique des Cabinets dans la guerre de la Revolution, tom. 1^ 2. Sro. Paris, 1828 

de Faucbe Borel (agent des Bourbons.) 3 tom. Svo, . . ib. 1829 

Petit^ (Joseph) Maringo^ ou Campagne d' Italie^ &c. 2de edit grand 8t?o. . ti6. 1801 
Berthier^ (Alex. Prince de Neufcbatel^) Relation de la Bataille de Marengo^ &c grand 8rc. 

ib. Imp. Imperiale, 1805 

Miot^ Memoires pour servir a 1' Histoire des Expeditions (de Buonaparte) en Egypte et en 

Syrie. 2de Mit. 8co. . . . . . . . t^. 1814 

Micliaud de Villette, Tableaux, &c. des Premieres Guerres de Napoleon B. 2**^. Mit. 8w. f^. 1815 


Correspondancelnedite^Officielle et Confidentielle, de Napoleon B., &c. en Italic, en Allemagne, 
et en Egyi)te. 7 tom. 8co. . . . , . . t^. 1819-20 

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siu* les Campagnes de 1799 a 1806-7. 19 tom. 8ro. avec Adas des Cartes et Plans in fU. 

ib. 1817-2G 

Thibaudeau, (A. C.) Memoires sur le Consulat. 8co. .... ib, 1827 


Bignon, (Baron) Histoire do France depuis le 18 Brumaire (1799) jusqu' a la Paix de Til- 
sitt(1807.) 6tom. 8co. ....... ib. \%29 



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De Pradt, (Archeveque de Malines) Memoires Hist, sur la Revolution d' Espagne. Svo. ib, 1816 
De Rocca^ (Chevalier) Memoires sur la Guerre des Fran9ais en Espagne. Svo. LoniL J 81 5 
Foy, (General) Histoire de la Guerre de la Peninsule sous Napoleon, 4 torn. 8t?o. aoec Atlas, 

Paris, 1827 
De Pradt, Hist, de V Ambassade dans le grand Duch6 de Varsovie en 1812. 2de edit Svo, 

ib. 1815 
Labonme, (Eug.) Relation circonst. de la Campagne de Russie en 1 812. 4me Mit. Svo. ib. 1815 
Chambry, (Col. Ic Marquis de) Histoire de 1' Expedition de Russie. 2de ^dit. 3 torn. Svo. 

ib. 1825 
S^ur, (General Comte Philippe de) Histoire de Na])oleon ct de la Grande Armee pendant 

1812. Smeedit. 2 torn. 8t^o. . . t^. 1825 

Gouigaud, (General) Examen de V ouvrage de M. le Comte Ph. de Segur. Svo. ib. 1825 
Boutourliu^ (Colonel) Histoire Militaire de la Campagne de Russie en 1 81 2. 2 tom. 8ro. ib. 1 824 

Tableau de la Campagne d' Automne en 1813, en Allemagne. 800. . ib. ISIS 

Sarrazin, (General) Histoire de la Guerre de Russie et d* Allemagne, &c. (Juin 1812 — Nov. 

1813.) 890. ........ ib. 1815 

La Verite* sur les Societes Secretes en Allemagne. Svo. . . <^. 1819 




Fain, (Baron) Manuscrit de Mil Huit Cent Douze, &c. 2 tom. Svo. . Paris, 1 827 

Manuscrit de Mil Huit Cent Treize, &c. 2de idit. 2 tom. Svo. . ib. 1823 

Manuscrit de Mil Huit Cent Quatorze. Zme edit. Svo. . . . ib. 1825 

Labaume, (Eug.) Histoire de la Chute de 1' Empire de Napoleon. 2 tom. Svo. . ib. 1820 
Beauchamp, (Alphonse de) Histoire de la Campagne de 1814, &c. 2 tom. Svo. ib. 1815 

Histoire des Campagnes de 1814 et 1815, &c. tom. 1, 2. Svo. . . i^. 1816 

Koch, (P. Chef de Bataillon) Memoires pour servir a V Histoire de la Campagne de 1814. 

3 tom. Svo. ........ ib, 1819 

Histoire d«B Conspirations formees contre Napoleon Buonaparte, &c. 3 tom. Svo. Londres, 
Proclamations et Bulletins, &c. da Prince Royal de Suede (Bernadotte) &c. jusqu' au 12 

Fevrier, 1814. ....... Stockholm, 1826 

Boymans, (Baron) La Garde d' Honneur, ou Episode du Regne de Napoleon, grand Svo. 

BruxcUes, 1822 
Lanrey, (D. J. Baron) Memoires de Chirurgie Militaire et Campagnes. 4 torn. Svo. Par. 1812-17 





Gallais^ Hist, de la Revolution du 20 Mars 1815, &c. 8eo. Paris, 181 

Bulletin dc Paris. Relation des ^venemens en France en 1814 et 1815^ &c. 8cw. t^. 181 
Regnault dc Warin, Cinq Mois de 1' Hist de France^ ou Fin de le Vie Politique de Napoleon, 
890. . . . , ib. 1815 

Pieces Historiques. 8ro. contenant, 

1. Michaud, (Jean) Uistoire des QuinzeSemaineA. . •&. 1815 

2. Histoire du Cabinet des Tuilerie^ depuis le 20 Man 1815. . , A. 1815 

3. Lamaiteli^re, (M.) Conspiration de Buonaparte contre Louis XVlll. 2^. edit. ib, 1815 

4. Trois Mois de Napolton, &c. . , ib. 1815 

5. Itintfraire de Buonaparte, depuis son depart de Doulevent, le 29 Mars 1814, &c. t&. 4815 
D., (T. F.) Histoire des Deux Chambres do Buonaparte, depuis le 3 Juin jusqu' au 7 Juillet 

1815, &c. Svo. . . . . . . . . ib. 18} 5 

St. MoTvs, (Comte de) Aper9us sur Ic Politique de 1' Europe, &c. Svo. . . t6. 1819 

Relation Circonstanciee de la demiere Campagnc de Buonaparte^ &c. par un Temoin Oeulaire 

4^'. edit Svo. ........ «&. 1816 

See PomcAL Works, vol. xi p. 270. 

Relations Militaircs de la Bataille dc Waterloo. Svo. contenant, 

1 . Relation Circonstanci^, (same as preceding.) 3«*f.6dit. . . i&. 1815 

2. Giraud, Pr^s des Joum^es des 15-18 Juin, &c. . ib. 1815 

3. Portefeuille de Buonaparte, &c. No. I. . . Lattage^ 1815 

4. Desaugiers, Le Terme d' un IUgne,&c Pot-pourri. 2**^ idii. . Par. 1815 

.5. , Le Commencement de la Fin, &c Pot-pourri. . . . s6. 1815 

f*. Shoberrs (F.) Narrative of Events at Leipzig, from 14th to 19th Oct 1813, &c. 46k edit. Umd. 1814 

Canuel, (General) Memoires sur la Guerre de la Vendee en 1815. Svo. Par. 1817 

Bamiel-Bcauvert^ (Comte de) Lettres sur V Intcr-regne des Bourbons. 3 torn. Svo, ib. 1815 

Dictiounaire des Girouettes, ou Nos Contemporains peiiits piir eux-memes^ &c. — Censeur du 

Dictionnaire des Girouettes^ &c. Svo. . . . . . td. 1815 

Fievee^ (J.) Correspondauce Politique et Administrative, &c. (Commen^ant Mai 1814^ ct 

finissant Jan. 1815.) 5 Parties en 1 torn, ^^^.edit Svo. . . t^. 1815 

Vie dc Joachim Murat, et Relation des Evenemens, &c. qui V ont precipite du Trone de Naples. 

Par. 1815. — 2. Macirone's (Fr.) Interesting Facts relating to the Fall and Death of Joachim 

Murat, King of Naples, &c. Lond. 1817. Svo. 
Vaudoncourt, (General Guillaumc dc) Histoire des Campagnes de 1814 et 1815 en France. 

5 tom. Svo. ........ Paris, 1826 

Itineraire de Buonaparte^ de V He d' Elbe a V He Sainte-Helene^ &c. Svo. . t^. 1815 

Vie du Marechal Ney, Due d' Elchingen, &c. Par. 1816. — Proces de Charles de Labedoyere, 

Ex-Colonel du 7"*. de Ligne. 2^. 6dit. ib. 1816. Svo. 
Chateaubriand^ (Vicomte de) Reflexions Politiques sur quelques ecrits du jour, &c. 2*. inUt. 

Land. 1815. — 2. Chateaubriand's Monarchy according to the Charter, t^. 1816. Svo. 
De Pradt, Du Congres de Viennc. Svo. .... Lond, 1816 


-SAe/iw 3, 4, 5. HISTORY AND REIGN OF NAPOLEON. Study. S. 

Canion-Nisas^ (H. de) De rOrganisation dc la Force Arm^e en France^ Sec. Svo. Paris, 1817 
Stald-Hoktein^ (Madame la Baronne dc) Considerations sur les prindpaux evenemens de la 

Revolution Fran9ai8c. Ouvrage posthume. 3 torn. 8tM>. . Lond. IS 1 8 

H^oire Historique sur Fouche de Nantes^ maintenant Due d' Otrante. ib, 1815. — 

Sketch of the Public Life of the Duke of Otranto. »^. 1 8 1 6. Svo. 
Mteoires de Joseph Fouch6, Due d' Otrante. 2(ie idit. 2 torn, en 1. 800. BruxeQes, 1825 
■ Historiques et Militaires sur Camot^ redig^s d' apres ses Manuscrits^ &c. Svo. Par, 1824 


Chateauneof des (A.) Histoire^ Qeneraux^ &c. 17^. partie, Bemadottc. l2ino. »6. 1810 

Amours Secrettes de Napoleon Buonaparte. 2 tom. 12ino. • . t^. 1815 

Bevel, (J. H. F.) Buonaparte et Murat^ Ravisseurs d' une jeune femme^&c. Memoire Historique. 

12mo. . . . . . . . t^. 1815 

L' Echo des Salons de Paris depuisla Restauration. 3 tom. 12 mo. t^. 1814-15 

Lemaire, (M. H.) Histoire de la Revolution Fran9ai8c depuis V annec 1787 josqu' en 1816. 

3 tom. l2fno. . . . . . . . ib, 1816 

Leopold, (M.) Paris pendant le cours de la Revolution^ avant et apres la Restauration. 3 tom. 

en I. 12mo. . . . . . ib. 1816 

BulletiDS Ofiiciels de la Grande Armee, rec. et pub. par A. Goujon. 4 tom. l2mo. ib. 1820-1 
Scottj (Sir Walter) Vita di Napoleone Buonaparte^ &c. Prima versione Italiana, di Vitt. 

Pecchioli. 20 tom. 18mo. ...... Fereme, 1827 

Refutation de la Vie de Napoleon de Sir W. S. par M * * ♦. 2 tom. \2mo. Paris, 1827 
*, par le Comte de * * * Ex-G4neral de Garde. l2mo. Bruz. 182? 


Maniiscrit venu de Ste. Helene. 890. .... Lond. 1817 

(Euvres de Napoleon Bonaparte. (Pamphlets et Correspondance.) 6 tom. Svo. Paris, 1822 
Napol^n et la Grande Arm^e, &c. Par un Ancien Officier Sup#rieur. 2 tom. Sro. ib. 1822 

H (P. F.) Histoire de Napoleon Buonaparte, &c. 4 tom. Svo. . ib. 1823 

Las Cases, (Comte de) Mtoorial de Sainte Helene. Journal de la Vie privee et des Conver- 
sations de r Empereur Napoleon a Sainte Helene. 4 tom. Svo. . Lond. 1823 
Memoires pour servir a 1' Hist, de France sous Napoleon, ecrits sous la dictee de 1' Empereur, 
&c. par les G^n^ux Gourgaud et Montliolon. 7 tom. Svo. . ib. 1 823 


GaUois, (Leonard) Histoire de Napoleon, d'apres lui-meme. Svo, Paris, 1825 

Rovigo, (Savary, Due de,) Memoires pour servir a V Histoire de I'Empercur Napoleon 

tom. Svo, ..... . . f^. 1828 

Bourrienne, (M. de) Mteoires sur Napoleon, le Directoire, la Consulat, V Empire, et la 

Restauration* 10 tom. Svo. . . ib. 182D 



Melanges Fran9ai8e8. Stfo. contenant^ 

1. Labouderie, (Abb^) Pan^rique de St. Lotiifl. .... Pom, 182 

2. Thi^bault, (M.) R^ponse k M. Dupin, tor le Droit d' ainesBe. ...«&. 182 

3. Sherwill, (Cap. M.) ReUtion de V afloenaon du Dr. Ed. Clark, et Cap. 8. ik la premiere Sommittf di 

Mont Blanc, Aout 1825. Trad, dc 1* AngUii. 1827 

4. Bonaparte, (Louis) R^ponse k Sir Walter Scott, sur son Hittoire de Napoltfon. •&. 1829 
Oa^'te, (M. M. C. Gaudin^ Due de,) Memoires, Souvenirs, Opinions et Ecrits. Tom. I. 8t». 

ib. 1826 

Memoires de Vidocq, Chef de la Police de Surete jusqu' en 1827. 4 torn. Svo. . t^. 1828 

Stacl Holstcin, (Madame la Baronne de) (Euvres Posthumes et Inedites, publiees par son fils ; 

pn'K^dees d' une Notice, &c. par Madame Neckcr de Saussure. 3 torn. Svo. Lond, 1820 


Locrc, (Baron) Legislation Civile, Commercielle et Criminelle de la France; ou Commentaire 
et Complement des Codes Fran9ais. I"^- Partie. Code Civil. 13 tom. 8ro. Porif, 1827-8 

Conference du Code Civil, avec la Discussion Particuliere du Conseil d' Etat et du Trihunat, 
&c. 8 ioia, pet, Sro. . . . . . . . ib. 1805 



Gentleman's Magazine, from its Commencent in 1731, to 1818 inclusive; from 1731 to 1782, 
one vol. per year, 52 vols. ; from 1783 to 1818, two vols, per year, 72 vols. 124 vols. %vo. 

Lout/. 1731-1818 
See LiPB, vol. vii. p. 144. 



Gentleman's Magazine. General Index from 1731 to 1818. By Rev. S. Ayscough and J. 
Nichols. Widi Prefatory Introduction, and Index to the Plates. 5 vols. 8co. 

t^. 1818-1821 
- - From 1819 to , vols. Svo. . ib. 1819- 

S HELVES IV. V. 4'c, 

Blackwood's Edinburgh Magazine, from its Commencement in April 1817> to 

vol. Spo. ...... Edin. 1817- 





The Monthly Review, a Periodical Work, giving an Account, with proper Ahstracts of, and 
Extracts from, the new Books, Pamphlets, &c. as they come out, hy several hands. From 
its commencement in May 1749 to 1789, inclusive. First Series, (2 vols, to each year,) 
81 vols. — Ayscough's (Rev. S.) Oeneral Index to the First Series. 3 vols. — 84 vols. Svo. 

lAmd. 1749-1789 

Monthly Review enlarged. New Series, from 1790 to 1808, (3 vols, to each year.) 
vols. 82-138. — 57 vols. 8co. ..... t^. 1790-1808 


Quarterly Review, from its commencement in Fehruary 1809, to , vols. ; with Gene- 

ral Indexes. vols. 8&o. ...... »^. 1809- 

Foreign Quarterly Review, from 1827-1830. vols. 1-7. 8ro. . ib. 1827-1830 

The Edinhurgh Philosophical Journal, conducted hy Professor Jameson and Dr. Brewster, 
vols. 1, 2, 3. Bvo, ....... Edin. 1819-20 

Brewster's (Dr.) Edinhurgh Journal of Science. vol. 8t?o. . . t^. 1824, &c. 

The Quarterly Journal of Agriculture, conducted hy Professor Low. vol. 8©o. i^. 1829, &c. 


Dodsley's Annual Register ; or View of the History, PoHticks, and Literature, from its com- 
mencement in 1758 to 1808, inclusive, (1784-85 in 1 vol., 1792 in 2 vols.) 51 vols. 8to. 

I^nd. 1759-1810 

Edinhurgh Annual Register, from 1808-1825, inclusive, (the complete Series.) 23 vols. Bvo.. 

See LiPB, vol. ii. pp. 832-33. Edin. 1 809-27 


The Edinhurgh Magazine, or Literary Miscellany, (Sihhald's.) vols. 1, 3, 4, 5. St>o. 

ib. 1793-95 
The Wonderful Magazine, or Marvellous Chronicle, vols. 1, 3, 4, 5. %to. Lond. 


The Scots Magazine, frt>m its commencement in 1739 to June 1816, inclusive, (1 vol. per year,) 
77 vols. — Edinhurgh Magazine, new Series of the Scots Magazine, 1817 to 1826, (2 vols, 
per year,) 20 vols. — 97 vols. 8vo. .... Edin. 1739-1826 

329 2 T 




Phaedri August! Liberti Fabularam ^sopiarum Libri quinquc. ados fd. 

Pari*. Jui. Didot, 1825 
Rheinische Bilder. Hcrausgegcben vou Nicolas Vogt. (24 German Ballads^ with lithographic 

illustrations.) large fd. ...... Frankfort, 1821 

Cockburn's (Major) Pompeii. A Series of Views, engraved by Cooke, with Deacriptions. 

2 vols, in I. fd. ....... Lond. 1827 

Wood's Town Atlas of Scotland, fd, ...... 1828 

Fadcn's General Atlas. Collection of his best large Maps. /d. 

Popple's Map of the British Empire in America; with the French and Spanish Settle- 
ments, /d. 
Lesage's Historical Atlas. Translated into English, fd, . . Lond. 181 S 

Collection of Old Prints, illustrative of the Siege of Malta by the Turks, /d, 
2 Portfolios (1 large and 1 small) of Engraved Portraits of Illustrious or Contemponir\' 


Portfolios of Engravings and Drawings, Architectural^ Historical^ &c. 

Portfolios of Caricatures, coloured. 
Catalogue (Alphabeticcd) of the Abbotsford Library, with references to the Press Calalogue, 

page 282. (vol. 1-4.) MS. fd. 


Melvei I, 2, 3. 

NOVELS AND ROMANCES, &c. Bbbakpast Parlour. G. 





Grattan's (T. C.) Heiress of Bruges. 4 vols, post Svo. 

Jacqueline of Holland. 3 vols, post Svo, . 

James's (G. P. R.) De 1' Orme. 3 vols, post Svo, 

Philip Augustus. 3 vols, post Svo, 

Ritchie's (Leitch) Romance of History : France. 3 vols, post Svo, 
Traeba's (Don Telesforo de) Castllian. 3 vols, post Svo, 


Ranulph de Rohais. 3 vols post Svo. .... 

Frazer's (James Baillie) Persian Adventurer. 3 vols, post Svo, . 

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Scott's (Sir Walter) Woodstock. 3 vols, post Svo, 

Laurence's (Miss H.) London in the Olden Time. I vol. post Svo, 

Tales of an Antiquary. 3 vols, post Svo. . 

Hogg's (James) Shepherd's Calendar. 2vols. 12mo. 

Sir John Chiverton, a Romance. ' post Svo. 

See LiFS, vol. vL p. 355. 

SHELF in. 

Tale of a Modem Genius. 3 vols. 1 2fno, 
Corbett's (Miss) Busy Bodies. 3 vols. 12mo. 
White's (J.) Earl Strongbow. 2 vols. 12mo. 

Adventures of Richard Coeur de Lion. 3 Yoh. post Svo. 

Rennet's (Mrs.) Beggar Girl and her Benefactors. Bd edit. 5 vols. 1 2mo. 
Trotter's (Dr. Robert) Herbert Herries. 1 2mo, 

Derwentwater. 1 2mo. ..... 

Ravenstonedale, or Triumph of Innocence. 12^0. 
The Privateer, a Tale. 2 vols. 12mo. .... 


Lond. 1830 
ib. 1831 
ib, 1830 
ib. 1831 
ib. 1831 
ib. 1829 



. ib. 


Lond. 1827 
. 1^. 1827 
. t*. 1789 
. t*. 1791 
. ib, 1813 
Edin. 1827 
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See Proab Works, rol. nL p. 271 ; Lira, vol. L p. 78. 

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Common Prayer Book of Church of England^ with Tate and Brady's Psalms. 24mo. Edin. 1802 
Murray's Family Library. 1 8mo. containing^ 

Southcy '8 Life of Nelson, new edit. ..... Zoncl. 1830 

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See NUc to Chronicta qfthe Canengok. 

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Annuals: Forget me not, for 1823, (vol. U) and 1831, (vol. 9.) Edited by F. Shobeil. 
2 vols. 18mo. ...... t^. 182a>dl 

Friendship's Offering, for 1828 and 1830. Edited by Thomas Pringle. 2 vols. ISmo. 

ib. 1828-30 
Blossoms at Christmas, for 1 825. 18mo. .... 1^.1824 

The Lotus. \%mo. ...... Edin. \SBii 


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■ Lionel Lincoln. 3 vols. 12mo. . . * . 

See I^oU to Peperit of ike Peak. 

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. ib. 1822 

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I*. 1795 
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ib. 1796 

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. t^. 1824 
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Edin. 1823 
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Shelves 1, 2, 3. 

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Vol. l-S. Tatler. 
6-1. J. Spectator. 
16-18. Guardian. 
19-22. Rambler. 
23-25. Adventurer. 
26-29. World. 
30-32. Connoisseur. 


VoL 33. Idler. 
34, 35. Mirror. 
86,87. Lounger. 
38-40. Obsenrer. 
41-44. Looker-on. 
45. General Index. 


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SHELF in. 

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— Patronage. 4 vols. 12mo. 

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ib, 1808 
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LofuL 1796 

Edin. 1825 

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Vol. 1, 2, 3. RobioBon Cnuoe. 

4, 5. MemoirB of a Cavalier. 
6, 7. Life of Colonel Jack. 

9. Adventurefl of Captain Singleton. 
10, 11. New Voyage round the World. 
12. History of the Plague. 

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leaved, in 2 vols. With lUustrations/rom Drawings by WestaU and Schetky^Jrom the " Bar^ 
der Antiquities," and other sources, collected by John BaUantyne, royal 4to. Edin. 1810 

Lady of the Lake. Illustrated by Engravings /rom Designs by R, Cook, and the Songs 

set to the Musical Compositions ofMazzinghi, Sir John Stevenson, Dr. John Clarke, Seketky, 
and Grahame, and interleaved, in 2 vols, royal Uo. (John BaUantyne' s copy.) ib. 1810 

Rokeby. \st edit. With the Songs set to Music by Whitaker and Grahame. demy 4/o. 

interleaced, in 2 vols, royal 4eto. (John BaUantyne' s copy.) . . . t^. 1818 

— Lord of the Isles. Illustrated by Engravings from WestaU' s designs. Portrait of the 

Aut/ior engraved by Heath from Saxon's picture, and a Dratoing of a Lord qf the Isles 
from a picture by Zuccaro, 1 575, in Lord Frederick Campbell's collection, demy 4to. 
interleaved, in 2 vols, royal ^to. (John BaUantyne' s copy.) . . . ib. 1S\ 5 

Tarbat's (George Mackenzie^ Viscount of, afterwards Earl of Cromarty,) Vindication of Robert 
tlie Third, King of Scotland, from the imputation of Bastardy, by the clear proof of Elizabeth 
Mure, daughter of Sir A. Mure of Rowallan, being the first lawful wife of Robert the Second, 
Sic. 4to. vrants title. ...... \^Edin. 1695^ 

L'Amour dc C^pido et dc Psiche, mere de Voluptc, prise de la Metamorphose de Lucius 

ApuleiuR, nouvcllement historiee et expos^e en vers Fran9ois. Leonar. Gaiter, fee. et 

excud. (32 planches.) — Cinq Planches dcs Sujets Mythologiques, avec t anagramme de J. 

— 1 torn. pet. in Mo. 

Southcy's (Robert) History of the Peninsular War. 3 vols, 4to. Land. 1823-27^2 

Lebensbeschrcibung dcr Koniginn Luise von Preussen. Asto. . • Gotha, 1826 

Tracts, Antiquarian, Historical, and Scientific. 1 vol. 4to. containing, 

1. Jef&ies's (Dr. J.) NarratiTe of Two Atrial Voyages in Nov. 1784, and Jan. 1785, with Mr. Blaachai^ 

'2. Skcno*8 (James) Account of Subterraneous Structures in Suabia, supposed to be connected with the 

Secret Tribunal. (From Scott. AnttquarkM Trans,) . Edm. 

3. Anderson^s (John) Origin of the Mercheta Mulienun. (From do.) . . i5. 

4, 5,6. Hamper's (William) Observations on Runic Inscriptions, &c. {From Arckaeologia.) Lomd, 1820-25 

7. — — Sarcastic Verses, written in 1399. {From elo.) . . . A. 

8. Ellis's (Sir H.) Copy of MS. Tract, relati^-e to Border Topography of Scotland 1590, with Map. 

{From <io.) ....... Ut. 1828 

9. Amyofs (T.) Reply to Mr. P. F. Tytler's Hist Rem. on the Death of Richard II. {From do.) ib. 1831 

10. Account of the Ditcoveryof St, CuthberVs Body at Durham, by the Rev, J. Rcdm, MS. 

See PoKTicAL Works, toI. tU. p. 106. 

11. Charter, Constitution, Bye-Laws, and First Annual Report of the Royal Societj of LHeratun. 


12. Bell, (Sir Charles) Of the Nerves which associate the Muscles of the Chest with the Actioiii of 

Breathing, Speaking, and Expression. . •&. 1822 

13. Hall, (Sir James) On the Consolidation of the Strata of the Earth. . Edm. 1825 

14. Le Prevost, (Aug.) Notice sur la Chasse de Saint Taurin d* Evieux. Cbsa, 1829 

15. Sellon, (M. de) Lettre, et Extrait d' un Discours, en faveur de 1* abolition de la peine de Mort. 



Fiewa in the Souih of France^ chiefly on the Rhone^ engraved by Cooke^ &c., from Drawings 

by Dewint, as Illastrations of Mr. Hughes's Itmerary. (See p. 255.) 4to. Lond. 1825 

Skene's (James) Series of Sketches of the existing Localities alluded to in the Waverley Novels, 

drawn and etciked 6g himself, vnih DeBCtiptioTiB. rogcU Svo, Edin, IS29, &c. 

See PoincAL Works, vol. yiL p. 177. 

Blore's (Edw.) Monumental Remains of Noble and Eminent Persons ; comprising the 

Sepulchral Antiquities of QteBi Britain, engraved from his Drawings, with Historical and 

Biographical Illustrations, regal 8oo. .... Lond, 1 824-26 

See Lira, voL TiL p. 290. 

Poetical and other Tracts, printed and manuscript, sm, ^to, containing, 

1. WiangM^'^** (Rev. Aichdeaoon) Scarborough Castle, a Poem. Prwatd^ primted, Soarb, 1823 

2. The Worme of Lambton. Dedicated to Lord Durham. Ditto. no plaee or date. 

3. Fit^geiald'k (W. T.) Nelson'k Tomb, a Poem. .... Loud. 1805 

4. Sketch of Life and Character of Lord Kinedder, by Mr. Hay Donaldson. Edin. 1822 

See Liwm, toL t. p. 299. 

5. {rroAoia^f {Rev. John) AfiteeUaneomi Pooms. Li^brd^ trtuucribed by James M^Culhgh, aged 14 years. 

iffo. ......... 1821. 

6. Song for Oliver Goldnnith*! Birth-daj, Nov. 29, 1820, on a card. . ib. 1820 

7. Klng'k Welcome to Ireland. ..... t6. 1821 

8. Burke's (Geoige) Prise Ode on Kii^'B Viut to Ireland. Dub, 1821 

9. BoabdiL Written in 1819, when the Autior. was only 17. MS. 

10. BooihbyU {Sir B.) Sorrows sacred to tke Memory of Penelope. MS. transcript by E. C. Edin. Aprils 1 800 

11. TV Vampire Bride^ Ballad. Utiog. transenpt. 

12. Cftarmtoff, a 7Vi2a, M 2 Omlof. Ode on Oe Death of Odin. MS. 

IS. Dtnexne {Jules) EjAtre a Walter Soott. MS. NouvelU Orlians, 1816. 

14. Die BesehwSrwn^ des SturmSf von Noma^ ^ von KUppe. MS, 

15. Memoria di 190 Teeori, MS, The gift of Sir William (Ml to Sir W. Scott, 

16. Capjcii (Sdp.) Caimen de Nativitate Domini, nuper feliciter inventimi. . Neap. 1831 

Istorie e Canzonette Italian!, sm, 4ito. containing, 

1. Tsadimento di Gano oontza Rinaldo. 

2. Istoiria, ht, di Giovanfioro e Filomena. 

8. -*— di Carlo Bainone. ...... Neap. 1779 

4. — — del fiun. e forib. Bandito Abbate Ceaare Riccardo. ib. 

5. I— » di Pietro Mandno, Capo di Banditi. ... ib. 
6 di Antonio di Santo. 

7. — — di Marzia Baale. 

8. della Begina Stella, e Mattabruna. ... Ne^p. 1801 

9. Cansonetta, Lode a Dio ed al Sommo Pontefice Romano. 

10. — — . topia la Madonna. 

11. —.. in Lode del glorioso S. Filippo XerL 

12. ._ eopra i Lamenti di due Promeen Sposi. 

IS. Cariow Contiasto che bk la Moglie, e 11 Marito per geloaia della Serva. 

14. Alftbeto del Villano. 

15. Bacco Tracamiaate, &c. 



Roma^ 181 r 

Storie Neapolitaiii c SicUiani. 12mo. containing, 

1 . Lamento e Morte di Benedetto Mmngone. 

2. Istoria di un orrib. e crud. Bandito, Bruno Grille, &c. 

3. Di Titta Gricgo, &c. ... 

4. Prodezze ed Imprese di Angelo del Duca, &c. 
.5. Istoria di un famoso Bandito Giuseppe Mastrillo. 

(». Delli Spicciarielli, &c. 

7. di Bartolomeo Romano. 

8. di un Case succewo in Valenxa, lac. 

9. di Pascale Riccio di Lauro. 

10. 0|)era piacevolc, 6ic. di un Villano lavoratorc nominate (irillo, il quale voUe diventar Medico, in ott. 

rioia. ....... Tm/i, 

1 1. Istoria del Guerino detto il Mcschino. 

12. di Agostino Avossa, &c. 

13. di Marietta Cortigiana. ..... Lmrtr^ 

Set Ltwm vol. rii. p. 341. 

Walpolc's (Horace, £arl of Orford) Catalogue of Royal and Noble Authors of England, Scot- 
land, and Ireland, with Lists of their Writings. Enlarged and continued by Thomas Park, 
{tcithout the portraits.) 5 vols, royal Svo, , . . . lA. 1 806 

Coleridge's (S. T.) Friend, ori^nal edition. 1 vol. rojfoi Sco. 

DalyeH's (Sir J. 6.) Analysis of Ancient Records of the Bishopric of Moray. Edin. 1 826. — 
Analysis of the Chartularies of the Abbey of Cambuskenneth, Chapel Royal of Stirling, and 
St Anthony's Prcceptory at Leith. ib. 1828. 1 vol. Svo, 

Ctirtis's (J.) History of the Mysterious Murder of Maria Marten, at Polstead, with the Trial 
of William Corder, &c. Svo, ..... Land. IB2S 

Constable's (David) Catalogue of a Collection of Tracts, illustrative of British History in 
Church and State, from the Accession of Charles I. to the present time. Edin, 1827. — 
Catalogue of Mr. D. C.'s Library, sold by D. Spcare, Nov. and Dec 1828, vith the prices. 
ih. 1828. — Catalogue of Trials, &c. and of a valuable Collection of Paintings, sold Jan. 
1 829, by Speare, with the prices. — Catalogue of a curious Collection, &c particularly rich 
in early English and Scottish History and Poetry, sold by Sotheby, Jan. 1827. L/rnd. 
1 vol. %vo. 

Bijhl dc Fabcr (Don. J. N.) Floresta de Rimas Antiguas Castellanas. 3 tom. 8ro. 

Hamburg, 1821-1825 

Hawkins's (Miss L. M.) Anecdotes, Biographical Sketches, and Memoirs. Vol. I. 8ro. 

Lond. 1822 

Guarini's Pastor Fido. Attempted in English blank verse, by W. Clapperton. 8ro. Edin. 1809 

Coplestone's (Rev. Dr. now Bp. of Llandaff,) Refutation of the Calumnies of the Edinburgh 
Review against Oxford. %vo. ..... Oz/brc/, 1810-11 

Vaudoncourt's (General Guillaume de) Letters on the present State of Spain. Translated 
from the French. Svo. ...... Land. 1823 

Schrevelii (Com.) Lexicon Manuale Graeco Latinum, curis Hill et Entick. 8m. ib, 1774 



4. Haydon's (B. R.) Description of his Picture of the Mock Election in the Kii^^ Bench Priioa. 

Umd. 1828 

5. BuUock's (WiUiam) DcKription of Napoleon'k llilituy Carriage. A. 1816 

i&. 1810 

Edm. 1818 

Fred. 1828 


Cbpar, 1831 

6. Radstock'b (Lord) Sketch of Aboul Haasan, the Peniaa Ambanador. 

7. ChaiBcter of Mrs. Brunton. From Edmbmr^ Qmrtint, 

8. Charter of King^B College, Fredericton, New BmnswiclL 

9. Reid^B Leith and London Smack Diiectorj. 
J 0. Trial of Henderson for Murder of Mr. Millie. 2d edit. 

1 1. Veitch*8 (J.) Tables for converting the Selkirkshire Weights and Pleasures to the Imperial Standards. 

JStfw. 1828 

12. Walker*8 (Rev. George) Diary of Siege of Londonderry. . I>erry^\S22 

Various Poetical Pieces^ &c. sm. Svo. containiDgj 

1. Lovelace's (R.) Lucasta. Posthum. Poems. With Pre&ce by a W. Singer, new edU, Chineidk^ 1818 

2. Cunningham^! (Allan) Magic Bridle, a Rhime Legend. 

3. Brown's (James) Poems on Military Battles, Naval Victories, &cl Aikedit. 

4. £rskine*s (Captain David) Airyformia, or Ghosts of Great Note. 
B, l^QmXworih^ a Sixpenny Chap4H)oky%ciik Colourtd Print, 

6. Astriel, a Poem. ...... 

7. Grant's (Jos.) Kincardineshire Traditions. .... 

8. Frazer's (William) Poems. ..... 

9. Williams's (T. M.) Traveller, a Poem. Dedicated to Sir W. Scott. 

Religious and Moral Tracts. 1 2mo, containing, 

1. Berens'B (Rev. Edw.) Christmas Stories. .... 

2. Conflict in Conscience of a Deare Christian, named Bessie Claricsone, in the parish of Lanark. Edim. 

1631. ...... repr.hyWebtter^Edim.\92^ 

no title or date. 
NewauUe^ 1820 
JTe/so, 1825 

t6. 1830 

Aberdeen^ 1830 

Gkugow^ 1823 

Lomd. no dvUc. 

(kfardj 1823 

3. Account of John Brown and his Companions in Suffering, 1680-8. 

4. Beyer's (Dr.) Declaration of Doctrines of Emanuel Swedenboig, 3^/ edU. 

5. Hamilton's (Joseph) Royal Code of Honor, for the regulation of Duelling. 18sio. 

6. — School for Patriots and Benevolists. . 
Pamphlets on the Currency, &c. Svo. 

1. Plan for a Safe and Economical Currency. . 

2. Treatise on the Currency. 

3. Sir W. Scott's Letters of Malachi Malagrowther on theCunency. 

4. Remarks on Modem Theories respecting Rents and Prices. 

5. No Trust, no Trade ; Remarks on the nature of Money. 

6. Racstcr's (M.) Consequences of Alteration of the Local Currency. 
Miscellaneous English Pamphlets. 8t^. containing, 

1. Letter to James Moncrieff, Esq. Advocate. 

2. Clowes's (Rev. J.) Address to the Cleiigy on Swedenborg's Writings. 

3. Letter from the King to his People. 22J edU. 

4. Rose's (Sir G. H.) Letter on converting the Slaves to Christianity. 

5. Hillary's (Sir William) Appeal for forming a Nat Institution against Shipwreck. 

6. Southey's (Robert) Letter on the Life of Wesley. (From The Correspondent) 

7. Fox's (Thomas) Letter on removing the Courts of Quarter-Session to Dorchester. 

8. Them's (Rev. James) Sermon on the Death of the Duke of York. 

9. Grand Vizier Unmasked. Remarks on Mr. Canning'^ Claims. 



Ltmd. 1829 

Dmb. 1825 

ib. 1825 

Edim. 1821 
•(. 1828 
ib. 1826 
ib. 1827 

Lond. 1826 
ib. 1831 

Edim. 1820 
ib. 1830 

Lomd. 1821 
A. 1823 
•6. 1823 
ib. 1823 
ib. 1824 


Lomd. 1827 


10. Key to '' AlmackV* from Litemiy Gasette. .... Lfmd. 1827 

1 1. Potter's (Rev. J. P.) Letter on the Popular Systems of Education. . ih, 182R 

12. Byron's (Lady) Remarks on Moore'b Notices of Lord Byron's Life. ib. 1830 

Historical and Political Tracts. 8ro. containing^ 

1. Lingard's (Rev. Dr. J.) Vindication of his History of Elngland, vols. 4 and 5. . ib, 182() 

2. Detection of Hugh Campbell's Love Letters of Queen Mary. . . «&. 1825 

3. Markland's (J. H.) Letter to Lord Aberdeen, on establishing a Museum of Antiquities. ib, 1828 

4. Sykes'^ (John) Account of the Rebellions in 1715.16, 1745.6, &c. Newcastle^ 1831 
A. .1^-. Last Moments of King Qeorge IV. &c. . . , , ib, 1830 

6. Wilson's (Sir R.) Sketch of Military and Political Power of Russia in 1817. 2d edit. Loud, 1817 

7. Noehden'8(Dr.G.H.)Letteron the German Pob'tical Secret Societies. (From the Correspondent.) i6.1817 

8. Savary's Duke of Rovigo) Vindication of his Political Conduct (From the Pamphleteer.) ib, 1817 

9. Letter on the Nepaul War. . . . . 1817 
1 0. Narratives of Aggressions of N. W. Company against Lord Selkirk's Settlements on Red River, ib, 1819 

11. Mr. Canning's Speeches on the Afiairs of Portugal. 2d edit, 

12. Mollcson'b (Alexander) Prospectus of History of Alexander the Great 

Poetical Pieces. 1 vol. Svo, containing^ 

1. Picken's (Ebeneser) Fate, a Poem. .... 

2. FUxgerahVs ( W, T.) Tribute to Memory of WiUiam Pitt, MS, 

3. _ Tyrant's Down&ll, Xapoleonics, &c 

4. Wiffen's (J. H.) Specimen of Translation of Tasso. (See p. 322.) 

5. The Coronation, a Poem, in Six Cantos. 

6. Hunter'to (Samuel, Water of Leith,) Prophecy of the World. 

7. Mackenzie'^ (Henry) Gowk Club. .... 

8. Luscombe's (M. H.) Pleasures of Society. 

9. Hope's (J. T.) Arch of Titus, Newdigate Prize Poem. 

10. Psychae. Haynes Bayley's Songs on Butterflies, attempted in Latin Rhyme, by Rev. Archdeacon 

ib, 1826 

Pavdey, 1788 


Loiid. 1814 

AiM, 1821 

ib, 1822 

Lund. 1824 

Ojford, 1824 

Malton, 1882 

Loud, 1828 

ib. 1828 

Wrangham. Pricatdy Printed, .... 

11. Specimen of Translation of Voltaire's Henriade. 

12. Maude's (Thomas) Memorial ; with Lines on Canning^ Death. 

13. Martin's (William) New Philosophical Song, or Poem Book, called the Northumberland Bard. 

NeweatHe^ 1827 

14. La Belle Assembly or Tinmouth Bathers, a Poem. repr, Newcastle^ Syketj 1828 

15. The Reever'to Penance, ane Ballad of the Bishopprickc. By R. Surtees, Esq. B. L, 

16. The Bleeding Hand of Kelbum, a Ballad, with Introduction. 

17. Fitzgerald's (W. T.) BatUe of Waterloo. 2d edit, 

18. Stanzas to the Memory of Lord Byron. 

20. Jackson'to (S. R.) Tribute in Verse to George Canning. 
Pamphlets on Ireland. 1 yol. 800. containing, 

1. State of the Poor in Ireland, &c .... 

2. Archbishop of Cashel'to Charge to the Clergy of his Diocese 

3. Review of the Evidence taken before the Irish Committees. 

4. Archbishop of Dublin's Eyidence before the House of Lords. 

5. Grierson's (George) Circumstances of Ireland with regard to Poor Laws. 

6. Clear's (W.) Address to Cork Literary Society. 

7. Mason's (W. Shaw) Reliqume Statisticae de Hibemia. 


Umd, 1817 
ib. 1825 
ib. 1825 
ih, 1828 

OiWoto, 1820 

DMiny 1822 

ih, 1825 

t6. 1825 

L(mi, 1830 


DMiMy 1819 


8. Graham*! (Rev. John) Statistical Account of Parish of ShrueL 

DubUm^ 1819 

^. 1823 

ib. 1825 

t6. 1825 

Co/*, 1819 

9. Report on the Agricultural School of Bannow. 

10. Grif!ith*8 (Richard) Report on the Moving Bog of Kilmaleady. 

1 1. Hart^B (John) Description of Skeleton of Fossil Deer of Ireland. 

12. Considerations on the Utility of tlie Casts presented to Cork Society 
Pamphlets on Parliamentary Reform. 1 vol. 8eK>. containing, 

1. Plan of a Reform in the H. of C. adopted by the Fiiends of the People in 1795, reprinted, with Intro- 

duction by Sir Philip Francis. ..... Land. 1817 

2. Symmons^s (John) Reform without Innovation. . . . t&. 1817 

3. Letter on Parliamentary Reform, (from The Correspondent.) . . i6. 1817 

4. Mundell's (Alexander) Considerations on the Elective Franchise in the Counties in Scotland, i^. 1821 

5. Inglis's (Sir R. H.) Speech on the Reform Bill, 1st March. , ib, 1831 

6. Mahon's (Lord Viscount) Speech on do., March 22. . . i&. 1831 

7. Views of a Modification of the Reform Bill, March. . tft. 1831 

8. Palgrave^s (Francis) Letter to T. Spring Rice, on the means of reconciling Parliamentary Reform, &c. 

ib. 1831 

9. Letter to Sir Robert Peel on the Reform Question, by a Country Clcrg]rman. . t&. 1831 

10. Walshes (Sir John) Popular Opinions on Parliamcnttiry Reform considered. 2d edit, ib. 1831 

11. Scott*s (William, jun. of Harden) View of the Representation of Scotland. ib, 1831 

12. Dissection of the Scottish Reform Bill, by a Member of the Middle Temple. ib, 1831 

13. The Reform Deformed, or the Fate of his Majesty *s Good Ship the State, a Tragedy, in 3 acts, by 

Lord J. R l,&c (Seep. 322.) . . t&. 1831 

Scottish Tracts. 1 vol. 8vo. containing, 

1. Report of Committee for Relieving the Sufferers by the Edinbuigh Fires in Nov. 1824. £dim. 1825 

2. Letter to J. A. Ilaldane, Esq., on his Sermon on the late Fires, &c . . t&. 1825 

3. Letters from Godfrey Sykes and Charles Bremner, Esq. to James Sedgwick, E^. . tit. 1827 

4. Memoirs and Trial of Charles Campbell, prisoner in Glasgow JaiL Glatff. 1 828 

5. Stone Vi (lliomas) Observations on the Phrenological Developement of Burke, Hare, 6lc, Edin, 1829 

6. _ Rejoinder to George Combers Answer. . . . . t&. 1829 

7. Memorial of Mr. Gillespie, Officer of Excise, Aberdeen. 

8. Brown^s (Rev. Andrew) Life and Character of Professor Christison. Edin, 1820 

9. Biographical Sketch of J. A. Schetky. ..... t6. 1825 

10. Tennant (William) and HQgg*s (James) Remarks on the Psalms of David and their various versions. 

ib. 1830 

11. Contract of Copartnership of Scottisli Union Insurance Company. . ib, 1825 

12. Rules of the Thistle Golf Club. (See p. 300.) .... t&. 1824 

Dramatic Pieces, &c. 1 vol. Soo, containing, 

1. Baillie'8( Joanna) Martyr, a Drama. (See p. 163.) . . . /xMitf. 1826 

2. Tennant's (William) John Baliol, an Historical Drama. ...»&. 1825 

3. Thomson*s (James) An Uncle too Many, a Musical Farce, with a Narrative of the Opening and 

Destruction of the Brunswick Theatre. .... t&. 1828 

4. Montague^! (H. W.) Montmorency, a Tragic-Drama, &c. (See p. 322.) U^. 1828 

5. Woman's Love, or Triumph of Patience, a Drama. (See p. 158.) . A. 1830 

6. Letter on the present State of the Drama in England, (from The Correspondent.) t&. 1817 
Poesies, Drames^ &c. 1 torn. Boo. contenant, 

1. Comtesse d* Hautpoul, Po^es Di verses. .... Par. 1824 



12. Summary of Powers and Dutiei of Comtable in Soot]and,&c £SiIm. 1813 

13. Eclinbiugh Law Journal. Not. 1 and 2. . • .' £.1831 

14. Inring's (Dr. D.) Observations on the Study of the Civil Law. . •&. 1 820 

15. Reddie*s (Dr. John) Letter to the Lord Chanoellor oa the proposal of a new Civil Code for England. 

£owi. 1828 

Tracts on the Catholic Question, 1823-8. 1 vol. 8oo. containing, 

1 . Attempt to explain on physical principles the cures, &c. of Miss Lalor and Mrs. Stuart, &c ZM. 1823 

2. I^Iaturin^s (Rev. C. R.) Five Sermons on the Errors of the Roman CathoUc Church. t&. 1824 

3. Declaration of the Catholic Bi8hop^ &c (See p. 294.) 

4. Anichini'to Analytical View of the Catholic ReUgion. (See p. 294.) 

5. Inglis's (Sir Robert) Two Speeches. (See p. 294.) 

6. Gisbome's (Thomas, jun.) Letter to the Rev. Dr. Henry Phillpotts on his Two Letters to Mr. Canning. 

Ltmd. 1827 

Tidsskrift for Nordisk Oldkyndighed, udgiyet af d. Nord. Olds. Selsk. Bind I. 4 No>. Bind. 
II. No. 1. Kiobenh. 1826.— Hermod, det Nordiske Oldskrift-SelskaVs Tidende. 4 Nos. 
ih, 1826. 1 yol. Sm. 

Oouiart, (Simon) Thresor des Histoires admirablcs, recucillier dos plosieurs Autheurs. 4 torn. 

in 2. 8ro. . . . . . . . Genhfe, \Q\^ 

(Omitted p. 137.) 

Marlowe's (Christopher) Works. 3 vols. 8tw. .... Lond. 1826 

(Omitted p. 166.) 

Irish Poems, Collection of, in MS., entitled Bolg an Tsalatker. 4to. 

(Omitted p. 207.) 

Soanc's (George) Falls of the Clyde, a Melo-drama. Svo. . Land. 1817 

(Omitted p. 216.) 

Beard's (Dr. Thomas) Theatre of God's Judgments. 4th edit, augmented by Thomas Taylor, 

D.D. sm./ol. . . . . . . . . ib. 1G48 

(Omitted p. 240.) 


Page 36. 1. 27. deU Les Cases^s Letters, being repeated p. 319. 
Page 40. L 14. dels Vidocq, Memoirs, repeated p. 328. 
Page 66. Sermons and Tracts, No. 9. /or A. Monro, read Alex. Rosse. 
Pago 139. Miscellaneous Tracts, No. 5. /or Sir Jn. Hill, read Coventry, (Rev. F.) 
Page 219. Twenty Old Plays, the Authorship of Na 13. (by W. Chamberlain,) applies to Na 12. 
Page 25,5. 1. 4. /or Skinner^ read ShererV. 

Page 386. Tracts, &c. No. 6./or Coventry's (Sir W.) read Halifia'fc (Charles, Marq. ot) 



In this Index, as weU as in the body of the Catalogue, aU the Manuscript artieks aire printed 
in Italics. The initial letters and numbers within parentheses which /oOcw the tides of 
certain Works, refer to the volumes of Tracts and Collections in which these works are included. 



Aikin'h (Dt. John) Vocal Poetiy. . 

— Easays on Song-writing, Slc 

— -. (Lucy) Memoirs of James I. . 254 

Ailredus, Abbas Rievallensia. (Twysd.) 27 

Aimtf^ History of Revolution of I8th Fmctidor. 318 

AinsUe's Maps of Scotland. . 260 

(Rob.) Obs. on Com and Moiwy. (A. T. 5.) 300 

Father's Second Pxwent . 170 

Reasons for the Hope that is in M. 341 

(Dr. W.) Clemenxa, Tragic Dimm. . 222 

Ainsworth*8 (R.) Latin and Eng. Dictionary, &c 267 

Airdrie Fair. See Young. 

Aitkeo, (John) The Cabinet 334 

(Robert) Principal BaUlie'k Letters. . 5 

(Rev. W.) Ten Sermons, (a 1.) . 293 

Aiton's ( W.) Battles of Drumdog and Bothwell. 79 
Ajax, Metamorphosis ot See Harington. 
Akensida's (Dr. Mark) Poems. (£. P.) 42 

Alamanni, (L.^ La Coltivadona. (P. L 23.) 55 

Girone il Cortese. . . 116 

Alani (de Insulis) Comment in Merlini Vaticinia. 142 
Albania, a Poem. . . 13. (S. D. P.) 162 

Albertus Magnus de Secretis Mulierum. 109. 115 

Albert le Grand, Secrets les plus curieux. (F. F. 6.) 117 
Albert Henry, (Prince, of Brunswick,) Life ct 91 

Albigenses and Waldenses, Account o£ (T. 9.) 224 
Albion Princess. See Cohill. 

Albion's FarawelL (P. T. 5.) . 18 

Albuera, Battle ot, a Poem. See Cioker. 
Alchemic, Le Tezte d\ et Songe Vezd. 144 

Aldati (And.) Emblemata. . 109 

Alcimedon, Voyage d\ (V. I.) . 45 

Alcuinus Flaccus, (G. et F.) 27 

Alderson'S (Dr. J.) Essay on Rhus Toz. &c T. 5. 345 

(Dr. Jas.) Lecture at Hull Infirmary. (T. 6.) 345 

Aldi Institutiones Grammaticae. 274 

Aleman'b Guzman d' Alfiuache. . . 101. 138 

Alexander ab Alex. Geniales Dies. (V. C. 6.) 225. 227 

175 I AlgierhBombaidmentoi;andoth«rPoaDS.(P.P.4.)168 
Alison's (Rev. A.) Memoir of LonlWoodhouselae. 38 

Alexander^ (Alex.) Life, by himself. 
Alexander the Great, Buik of. 

Life of, ^y Williams. . 

St, of Borne, (O. E, M. H) , 

Al&beto del Villano. (I. C. I. 14.) 
Alfieri, ( Vittorio) Tragedie, da Montued. 

Vita, da esso. 

Alfred, or Magic of Nature, Tragedy. 
Algarotti, F.) Poemetti. (P. I. 49.) 










Funeral Sermon on Sir William Forbaa. 186 

Discouxse on Nat Thank^v lag. 1 814. (S. 4.) 293 

AU the Talents, Satirical Poem. (P. P. 14.) 192 
Allan,(Geo.) Cat of Booksprintedat private press of. 180 

— (Jas., the Northumberiand Piper,) Life at 127 

*s (J. H.) Bridal of Cadlchaim. . 165 

(David) Illust to Gentle Sbepheid. . IS 

— (Wm.) Circassian Capttvea, Narr. daser. of. 32 

Illustrations of Waverley Nofala. ' 232 

Aliens (Rev. Dr.) Account of Madaine. (L. M. 2.) 2^ 

(J.) Younger Brother's Apokgy. (T. H. IS.) 247 

Alletz, Histoire dee Sevaiambes. (V. I.) . 46 
AlUbond*s Sketch of Oxford Reformation. (P. T. 12.) S09 

AUott^ (R.) England's Parnassus. (H. 11.) 1 84 

AUyn'» (R.) Jourmal in the fJdUmriom, 1691-2. 102 

Alpenrosen, Schweizer Almanach. . 47 
Alps, Passes of the. See BrodLcdon. 

♦• Almack'9," Key to. (M. E. P. 10.) 343 

Almanacksfor 1680 and 1720. . 144 

Almeida Garrett, ComoSns. Poema. 33 

Alnwick Castle, Description and Views of. . 242 

Althorp, (Lord) Worid and Child, Interiude. 275 

Alves^ (James) Banks of Esk, a Poem. ] 63 

Abdnger, Doolin von Mainz. . . 103 

Amadis de Gaule, par d* Herberay, &c . 115 

— Part 6, translated by Kirkman. 102 
Amadis of Gaul« Poem, by Rose. 106 

, translated by Southey. • 1 12 

Amalthei, Memoirs of the. (G. M.) 187 

Amans Heureux, Trompez, Malheureux. ] 12 

Amant (L') rendu Cordelier, &c. (M. 3.) . 1 16 

Amari, (Mich.) Marmion, trad, di W. Scott 321 

Ambrogi, (A.) Viigilio Italiano. . 239 

Ameses (Jos.) Typographical Antiquities. . 267 

enlarged by Dibdin. . . 265 

Aminadab, or Quaker^ Vision. . • 58 
Amorous Gallanfk Tongue tippM with golden ezp. 1S2 
Amoricaand W.Indies,Histo£(M. U.K. 34-36. 38.)207 

, Spanish Settlements in. Account of. . 258 

, United States, Constitution of. SOS 

, History of. See Feigus. 

American Govt on War with Gr» Britain. (P. P. 4.) SI 3 

Law. See Kent 

Amoxy's (T.) Life of John Buncle. . 181 

Amos*s ( W.) Theoiy and Pract of Drill Husbandly 248 



Appert's Art of preserving an. and veg. lubstanoet. 299 

Appianus, ToUii et StephanL (V. C. 2.) . 224 

Appiano Alcflsandrino, Guerre de RomanL . 110 

Appian of Alexandria^ History, by Dryden. 262 

Appollonius Rhodius, by Fawket. (E. P.) . 42 

,Hoelzlini. (V. C. 3.) . . 224 

Apuleius, PricaeL (V. C. 1.) . . 225 

in usum Delphini. . . . 229 

Cupido et Psich^ en vers. . . 338 

Apul^, Metamorphoses. (V. I.) • • ^^ 

Apuleio, L* Asino d* Ore . . . 118 

Arabes, Auteur8,8ur Saint Louis. (P. C. 3.) 49 

Arabian NighU and Tales. (T. o. £.) . 43 

translated by Dr. Jon. Scott . . 43 

Sec Galland. 

Remarks on, by Hole. . . 43 

Arabic, Hebrew, and Sjriac, Gate to, unlocked. 316 
Arabs,Hist of the. (A. U. H. 16,& M. U. H. 1.2.3.) 206 

Aragon, Ord. de Armadas Xavales de. 48 

Arbatel de Magia Veterum. . 143 

Arbuthnot^s (Rev. A.) Life of Lord Lovat . 89 

(Dr. J.) Miscellaneous Works. . 193 

History of John Bull. . 304 

(Sir W.) MelvUl's Diary. 279 

Arcandam, Declaration to find out Man'to Fate. 110 

Archaeologia ^liana, Newcastle Tracts. . 271 

Archaica. Old English Prose Tracts. . 184 

Archangell, (Father) Life of, (Lives of Cap.) 250 

Archangelus (F.) Scotus Capucdnus. . 133 

Archdairs (M.) Monasticon Hibemicum. . 267 

Archer's (J.) Every Man his own Doctor. 1673. 119 

Archie Allan, a Scottish Tale. . 166 
Aretine's (Leonard) Guiscard. See Walter. (W.) 

Aretino, (P.) Rotta di Francciosi e Scoooesi. 276 

Argenson, (Marquis d*) M^moires. . 323 

Celeste. Conte des FU$, . . 105 

Argument for burning the Tiag. of Douglas. (T. 9.) 10 
Argyle, (Arch., Marquis of,) Indict and Defences. 13 

Brief Explanation of Life of; &c by C. C. 16 

(Archibald, Earl o^) Case of, 13 

Account of Proceedings against (R. T. 9.) 289 

Tracts relative to. (M. T.) . 30 

Letters of; to Duke of Lauderdale. . 278 

Depredations on Campbells, on rising of, 3 

(John, Duke of;) Life o£ . . 15 

Argyllshire, Langlands's Map of. . . 260 

Ariana, a Romance, from the Fitnch. 101 


Arii (Thorgilsis 61.) Libellua de Islandia. 99 

Ariosto, Orlando Furioso. (P. I.) . 55 

Poesie. (P. L 26, 27.) . . 55 

Oriando F. by Sir J. Hanington. 185 

by John Hoole. (E. P.) . 42 

.-. by Stewart Rose. 250 

Aristobule, Rives d\ (V. I.) . . 46 

Aristophanes, Comedies, by Mitchell. . 210 

Arlus and Odolphus, Secret History of. (S. T. 17.) 306 

, Fortunatus, & Odolphus, S. Hiit ot (& T. 16.) 306 

Armeno, (Crist) Trois Princes de Saiendip. (V. I.) 45 
Armin'S (R.) Italian Tailor and his Boy. (R. T. 4.) 127 
Armoiries des Nobles Fran9ais. . . 110 

Arms and Armour, Ancient, Catalogue oil . 180 

Armour, Description of. (P. P. 5.) . 312 

— See Grose, Meyrick, Skelton. 
Armstrong's Map of Peebles, Companion to. 6 

Maps of Three Lothiani and Ayrshire. 260 

(Archie) Secret History of. (P. T. 14.) 309 

(Dr. John) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Art of Preserving Health. . 182 

(Economyof Love.(Bi. P.23. 181.)(C.& P. 7.) 307 

— Miscellanies. .... 194 
Army Displayed in its True Colourai See Defoe. 

Standing, Seaman's Opinion of, (R. P. T. 1 1.) 290 

Amauld, (Abbd,) Mcmoires. (P. C.) . 50 

.: — d' AndiUy, Memoires. (P. C.) 50 

Amim, (L. A. von) Gesch. der Gitlfinn Doloree. 52 

und Brentano, Des Knaben WUndcrhom. 54 

Trijst Einsamkeit . . . 102 

Arnold's Chronicle, by Douce. . 28 

Amot's (Hugo) History of Edinburgh. 14 

Celebrated Criminal Trials in Scotland. 272 

(Sam.) Scotland's Present Circumstanoe& 1718. 83 

Amott's (Dr. A.) Last Illness of Napoleon. 31 9 

Arriani Exped. Alex. Magnl (V. C. 4.) . 224 

Ars Tactica. (V. C. 5.) 

Arrowsmith's Reformation, Comedy. 214. (O 

Ars Magica. 

Art d' assassiner les Rois, iac 

Art of Beauty. 

Courtship. See Amorous Gallant 

Governing. (R. T. 7.) 

— Money-Catching. 

Playing. See Actor. Hill . 

Politicks. (P. and P. 3.) 

Preaching. See Foidyoe. 

P. 2.) 220 



B. (J.) Merchaut'k Avico. (T. H. 6.) 247 

fi. (J M. C.) Lyric Poemi. . 196 

B.(T.) Rebellion of Naples, &c. . 217 

B (Serjeant) Life and Tnfels of. 246 

Babdj or the AttembUej a Poem, 6y «/. P. 78 

. SeePitcairn. 

Bacon, (Fryer) History oL (Thorns, 2.) 103 

and Fryers BuQgye,&c. (R.T.4.)189.(R.T.7.) '76 

and Frier Bongay, Hon. Hist. of. See Greene. 

Bacon^ (Lord) Advancement of Learning. 62 

History of Henry VIL (C. H.) 249 

Natural History of, by Rawley. 62 

Philosophical Writings, Essay on. See Napier. 

Bacco Tracannante. (I. C. I. 15.) . . M9 

Baddeley's (R.) Boy of Biison. (pret ezordsm.) 149 
Badnall's Comm. and Agr. Condit of Great Britain. SCO 









Bage's (R.) Barfaam Downs. (B. N. L.) 

James Wallace. (B. N. L.) 

Mount Henneth. (B. N. L.) 

Hermsprong. . 

Baguette Divinatoire, Tiait^ sur la. 

Enchant^ La. (F. F. 2.) 

Bailey's (Ab.) Spi^tfiil Sister, Com. (O. P. 3.) 

(JaC.) Poema, numism. Cantab, dignata. 

Hieroglyphicorum Origo et Natnra. 

Baillie, (Geoige and Lady Grisell) Memoirs of. 254 

(Col Hugh) Letter to Dean of Christ Church. 33 

(Jac.) Cragii Jus Feudale. 12 

(Joanna) Collection of Poems. 163 

Plays on the Passions. 212 

Miscellaneous Plays. .212 

Martyr, a Drama. (D. P. 1 .) 344 

Bride, a Drama. 163 

FamUy Legend. Tragedy, . 208 

(Principal R.) Letters and Journals, by Aitken. 5 

(William) Impiety and Superstition exposed. 10 

Bailly, (Maire de Paris) M^oires. 323 

Bain, (Joe.) Maitland Poems. 280 

Bainbridge's (G. C.) Fly-Fisher'to Guide. . 196 

Baines's(Bp.)Serm.atDed.ofCath.Chap.(C.T.2.) 294 
Baker's (D. E.) Biogiaphia Dramatica. 212 

(Sir Richard) Chronicle of Kings of England. 25 

(Thomas) Fine Lady's Airs, Com. (O. P. 4.) 220 

Balack and Balaam, a Poem. 1775. (T.) 15 

Balcanquhal, (Dean) The King's Large Declaration. 3 
Balcarras, (Earl of) Ace. of Revolution 1688. (T.) 7. 15 
Baldi,( ) Poesie. (P. L 23. 25.) 55 







Baldi, (B.) Vite di Guidnhaldo, D. d* Uifaino. 
Baldovini, ( ) Poese. (P. L 33.) 

Balduini Galceos Antiquui et Mjilieiis. 
Balei (Joan.) Seriptorum Mij. Britann. OataL 
Balfour'to (Alexander) Weeds and Wild Flo 

(Sir A.) Letters on FnoMe and Italy. 

(Sir James) Historical Works. 

Balivemeries. See Da Fail. 

BaW$ ( ira/MfN,) Nii^ ITotdK a Poem. 

Ballad on Lord Doneiaile. (P. P. !L) 

— ^Book. See Maidment Shaipe. 

Ballads and Songs, CoUection ot 32. 67. 160. 2S8 

and Stories, Various Collectifliit ot 169 

Bailantyne'kMar. of Feigiisia,&e. (R.TA)28S. (TA)285 

(James) Kelso Pren, Font SpachneM o^ 185 

Mrs. Siddons'k CharactersL 209 

Retrospect of PubUc Affiun, 1813. (P. P. L) 313 

(John) Widow's Lodgings. SS6 

Defoe'to Novels and Life. 866 

Novelist's Library. ... 63 

Balmerino, (Lord) Memoirs ot (T. 1.) 93 

Bampfylde Moore Caiew, Life ot . 160 

Bancroft's(John)HenryII.of Eng-Tn^ (aP.S.) 220 

(Thomas) Glutton'k Feaver. . . 875 

Bandello, (Matt) Novelle. . . 121 

Banim's (John) Tales by the O'Ham Family. 633 
Bank, National, in Scotland, Project for. (C. T. 4.) 290 
Banking, Scotch. See Scott's Ma]i^;rowt]ier. 
Bankrupt Law of Scotland. See BdL 
Banks's (John) Miscellaneous Woria. Ill 

Earl of Essex. Tragedy. (P. 1.) 216 

Anna Bullen, and Eari of Essex. Tngediee. 216 

Four Tragedies. . 218 

Bannatyne against Molleson, Procws. (S. T. 6.) 19 


Alexander the Great, Buik 6L . . 279 

Atkinson's (S.) Gold Mines ia Seotbnd. 277 

Aigyle's (Arch., Earl of) Letters to Landerdale. 278 


Bannatyne, (George) Memorials o£ 


Club, Treasurer'^ Accounts 

Barnard's (Lady A. Lindsay) Robin Gwy. 
Berteville, Expedition en Eoosse, 1546. 
Boduel, Les Affaires dn Conte de. 
Boethii Murthlac et Aberd. Episc. Vitae. 
Buchananus (Dav.) de Scriptoribiii ScotisL 




Baroard'K (Rev. Dr. N.) P. Death of Bp. Atheiton. 127 
Barnes, (Arob. Mayor of Newcastle,) Life of. 256 

(Bam.) Spiritual Sonnets. (II. 7.) . 184 

(Geo.) Statistical Account of Ireland. (J. T. 2.) 313 

(Dr. Jos.) New Discovery, &c. of Pygmies. 114 

History of Edward III. . . 27 

Bamestapolii (Ob.) Maria Innoccns. (Jebb Coll.) 12 
Barometer, Historical Account of the. (C. P. a) 307 
Barometrical Scales, Remarks on. . . 32 

Baron^ (Rob.) Mirza, Tragedy. (P. 1.) . 215 

Barretier, (J. P.) Life of; (extraord. linguist) 130 

Barrett's (B.) Code Napoleon, verbally translated. 294 

(Joh.) Evangelium Matthaei. . 229 

Barrey^ (Lod.) Ram Alley, Comedy. . 216 

Barri, (Comtesse du) Anecdotes sur la. (M. 3.) 113 
Barrington, (Hon. Doines) Hist, of Gwedir Family. 245 
Bamiel Beauvert, L' Interregne des Bourbons. 326 
Barry>(Capt. O.) Discourse of Military Discipline. 101 

(Rev. J.) Reviv. Cordial for sin^ck Soul.(T. 3.) 70 

(Mai^garet) Experiences and Exercises. 73 

Barry more, (Earl of) Life of, by Pasquin. 135 

Bartas^ ( W. Lord du) Divine Weeks and Works. 123 
Bartassii (G. S.) Hcbdomas, a G. Lermeo. (M. 1.) 116 
Barthelemy, Voyage d* Anacharsis. 41 

Bartholdy^ Krieg d. Tyroler Landleuto. 54 

Bartholini Antiquitates Danicae. . . 99 

Bartholomeus de Proprietatibus, by Trcvisa. 123 

Bartholomew Fair, or Variety of Fancies. . 128 

Bartlet's (B.) Coins of Durham and Reading. 256 
Bartolomeo Romano, Istoria di. (S. N. I. 7.) 340 

Baruffaldi, ( ) Poesie. (P. L 48.) . 56 

Barwell, (Rich.) Intrigues of. See Thompson. 
BasUe, (Dom.) Pastor Fido Napol. (P. N.) 57 

(G. B.) Cunto de li Cunte. . . 57 

(Marzia) Istoria di (I. C. I. 7.) . 339 

Baaing House, Cromwell's Let. on taking of. (T. 26.) 61 
Bassompieire, Ambassades de, en Eip. et Ang. 25 

M^moires de (P. C.) . . 50 

Bastwick, (Dr. John.) See Prynne. 

Bate Dudey's (Rev. Sir H.) Lett of Sir J. Falstaff. 227 

Passages from Vortigem and Rowena. 1 79 

Songs in the Opera of the Woodman. (P. 1.) 222 

Bateman, (Mary) the Yorkshire Witch, Life of. 127 
Bates's (Dr. G.) Troubles in England. . 245 
Bathe, Treatise of the Baths of. See Venner. Anstey. 
Bathgate, News from, a Poem. (T. 7.) 67 
Letter resp. Parish of (T. 8.) 67 

Batimens dea Receptes. (F. F. 9.) 117 
Battle of Agincourt See NiooUiaw 

Albuera, Poem. See Croker. 

Bosworth. See Hutton. 

Falkirk. See Rebellion 1745. 

Flodden. . See Benson. Flodden. Lambe. 

Stoke. See Brooke. 

TalaveiB. See Croker. 

Waterloa See Waterloo. 

Battles, Famous, Relations ot . 157 
Baumer*^ E«ay on Kan'k Oxig. State. (8. & T. 6.) 292 

Baxter'k (And.) Nature of the HunumSonl. 293 

(Richard) Life and Times. 29 

Call to Unconverted Sinners. (T. 6.) . 77 

Certainty of World of Spirits. 1 4 f. 

Bayard, (Chevalier) Mtoolres. (P. C.) . 49 
Bayle, (Dr. F.) Ration des Poesedtfes de Tonlonae 1 37 

(P.) Dictionnaire Historique et Critique. AG 

. See Villars, C. de Gabalis. 

Bayley'fe(Haynes) Songs on Butterflies. (P. P. 10.) 34.'t 

(John) Hist of Tower of London. . 1 87 

Bayly's (Rev. Dr. T.) Wall Flower of Newgate. 188 
Beach's (Rev. Dr. P.) Letters on Bp. Baraefk Hist 257 
Beague's Campaignes. See Beai^gud 
Beamish, (Major) Bismark'to Cavalry Tactica. 
Beard's (Dr. Thos.) Theatre of God'k Judgments 

4th edition, improved by Taylor. 

Beast, The, is wounded. 1638. (T. 9.) . 
Beasts, Fou1^footed, History at See Topeell. 

Congress of the, a Farce. . . 98 

Beatson's (R.) Political Index. . 29 

Parliamentary Register. . 20 

Beattie's (Dr. J.) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Minstrel, and other Poems. . 193 

Life and Writings, by Forbes. . 18.S 

(Dr. W.) Residence in Germany, 1 822-26. 318 

Beatty's (T. E.) Lines on King*8 AimaL (I. P. 4.) 341 

Beauchamp, (A. de) Campagne de 1814. • 325 

Campagnes de 1814 et 1815. . . 326 

Beauchamps, Funestine. (C. F.) . 44 

Beauclerc's (Lady DI) Designs for Leonom. 232 

Beaugud, Guerre d* Ecosse, 1548-9. . 280 

's Campaignes. See Abereromby. 

Beaumont's (Fr.) Poems. (E. P.) 42 

and Fletcher's Works, by Weber. 211 

Monck Mason's Comments on. 210 

Island Princess, altered. (O. P. 1.) 213 





Bergman^s (G. von) Lettische G^dichte. . 172 

Beiguer'8 (L. T.) Stanzaa to Sir Walter Scott 156 

Trifles in Vor»e. . . . 167 

BcrkeleyVi (Bishop) Gaudentio di Lucca. 44 

— i- Gaudence de Luoques. (V. 1.) 45 

(G. M.) Literary Relics. . 190 

Berkenhout's (Dr.) Campbell's British Admirals. 253 

Berkshire, Ashmole's Antiquities of. . 245 
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translated by Rose. 250 

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See Boiardo. 

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from the Auchinleck MS. . 282 

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De r Amour. 

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BarkcrV. .... 

DauiellB. .... 

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Bibliographie Instructive. See De Bnie. 
Bibliographical Tour in France, Ac See Dibdin. 
Bibliomania, or, Book-MadneaSi See Dibdin. 

an Epistle to R. Heber. See Feiriar. 

Bibliosophia, or. Book- Wisdom. See Beieilbrd. 
Bibliotheca Britannica. See Watt 

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Hlbemicana. See Mason. 

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(Mrs.) Memoirs ot . 152 

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byKippis. .... 248 

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Biography, Eooentric. ... 134 




Boiardo. See Berni. 

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See Buonaparte. 

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of Common Prayer of Church of England. 1 78. 291 

of St. Albans. See Bemers. 

of Husbandry. See Fitzherbert 

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History. See Ridpath. — Laws. See Nicolson. 














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(William) on Scottish Feudal Dignities. 

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Select Discourses. 

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Edinburgh, or Ancient Royalty. 

Clan-Alpin's Vow. 

Woo-Creel. .... 

Songs of Justiciary Opera. 

Frondes Caducae. 

Buke of the Chess. 

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Botanical Cabinet See Loddiges. 

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(FrofkiStoaH, Earlo/^) Proceed, </ apt, BmacUmeL 13 

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— (Louis de) M^oires. 323 

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Reflections on do. See Du Lude. 

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Campagne d' Allemagne, 1813. 325 

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(Walter.) See Fozdun. 

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Vindication against Quarterly Review. (T. 6.) 189 

Lessons in Criticism to W. Roacoe. 188 

Missionary, a Poem. . 194 



Britton*s (John) Hist of Rodyn Chapel 
.— . Bights of Literature . 

— Memoir of his own Life. 

— Remarks on Shakspeare. 
Broadsides, Collection of Printed, ah. 1689. 
Brockedon's ( W.) Passes of the Alps. 






Brockett*3 (J. T.) Bartlet's Coins of Durham and B. 256 
_ Beauvais on Coins and Medals. . 256 

— Catalogue of Books printed hy G. Allan. 180 

Glossary of North Country WordsL . 198 

_ Lithgow^ Siege of Newcastle. . 256 

— -. Numismata Aurea Imp. Rom. . 227 

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Brodie's (Geo.) History of British Empire. 254 

Brome's ( Alex.)Cunning Lovers, Comedy. (O.P. 4.) 214 

Covent Garden Drollery. (D. 3.) . 170 

Antipodes, Comedy. (O. P. 2.) . 215 

— — (Rich.) Jovial Crew, or Merry Beggars. 212 

— • Sparagus Garden, Comedy. (0. P. 4.) 214 

Poems. (E. P.) ... 42 

Bromhall'ft (T.) Treatise of Spectres. . 122 

. See Magica, de Spectiis. 

Brompton, (Joann.) Hist Ang. (Tw}'sd.) . 27 

Brooke (Lord) Worthy Speech of; 1643. (T. 1.) 60 

's (Henry) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

(Miss) Reliques of Irish Poetry. . 196 

(R. jun.) Ohs. on Battle of Stoke Field. 243 

Broome's (Dr. W.) Poema (E. P.) . 42 

Brougham'b (Lord) Objects, &c. of Science. 182. 800 
BroughtonVi (Hugh) Translations from the Bible. 83 
Brown, (Rev. Dr. A.) Serm. on Love of Country. 80.293 


Life of Prof. Christison. (S. T. 8.) 

(C. Brockden) Life, by Dunlap. 

Arthur Merrvn. 

Carwin, the Biloquist 

Edgar Huntly. 

Jane Talbot. . 

Philip Stanley. 



( Jas.) Poems on MU. Battles, &c. (V. P 

(John) Gkneal. Tree of Royal Family 

(Rev. John) History of Indulgence. 

Review o^ by Vilant 

(Rev. Jn.) Rod of God shaken, &c (T. 7.) 66 

Two Sermons. (F. &) . . 69 

(Rev. Jn.) Hist Ac of Seceders. (a & T. 2.) 292 

P. 8.) 342 




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(Thg) Miscellanea Anlio. 8 

— Compleat Works, Prose and Vewe. . Ill 

_ life of Ja Hayns. « 341 

(Rev. Dr. W. L.) Fast Senrnni, 1794. (& 3.) 298 


Browne, (Jac) Disputatio Juzidica. 

Crit Exam, of Dr. Maocnlloch^ Hi^^ilanda. 

— — (L H.) De Animi Immortalitate, Poema. 

(MisB M. A.) Mont Blanc 

_ Ada, and other Poemi. 

— Repentance, and other Poems. 

(Sir Thomas) Works. 

Browning (J.) Northern Popular Tela. 

Brownlee'to (Thos.) Bat of Drumdog and BothwelL 79 

BruoB'i {Sir Alem,) Speech m Pari, 1702. {C T. 2.) 290 

(Alex.) Institutions of Military Law. 295 

(Jas.) Travels in Abyssinia, by Mumy. 233 

Life, by Head. (M.F.L.) . . 315 

(King Robert). See Barbour. Gordon. Kerr. 

(Brussu) Oratio ad Mackainm. (& T. 8.) 18 

(Rev. Robert) Sermona. 70 

Brunnmark'to (Rev. G.) Swedish Grammar. . 88 

Bruns, (P. J.) Abulpharagii R. G. Richaidi I. 253 

Romantische, &c Gedichte. . 118 

Brunsvicensium Rerum Scriptorea, a Leibnitz. 265 
Brunswick, The, a Poem. . . . 162 

Theatre, Account of Destruction of (D. P 3.) 344 

Brunton's (Sirs.) Self Control. 

Discipline .... 

Character of. (M. T. 7.) 

Bruscambille, Fantasies dc 

Brutus and Cassius. (S. T. 24.) 

Bryan's (Dan.) Appeal for suffering Geniusi 

Bryant's (W. C.) Poems. 

Brydges's (Sir E.) Archaica. 

— . Bertram. .... 

— Breton's Longing. 
«..——. Melanch. Humov^a. 
British Bibliographer. 

— Censura Literari& 

— CoUins'S Peerage of England. 
.— ^ Hagthorpe^i Poems. . * 
-.-> Hammond's Occasional Poems. 

Laelii Oratio in Obitum T. Taan. 

Misc Poetioa Anglicana. 




Brydges's (Sir E.) Philipe's Theat Poet Anglic 191 
^_ Raleigh^ Poemi. ... 171 

Bestituta. .... 281 

Ruminator. .... 204 

Stanley's Anacreon, Bion, Mowhus. . 175 

Wither's Shepherds Hunting. 171 

Brydone's (P.) Tour through Sicily and Malta. 318 
Bryd9on*8 (Tho.) Observations cone Precedence. 14 

Summary View of Heraldry. 234 

Brysson, (Geo.) Memoirs of; by Dr. M'Crie. 302 

Buccaneers of America. See Eequcmeling. 
Bucdeuch, (Chas. D. of,) Rules for adv. Guards. 298 

(Henry, D. of,) Elegy on. See Galloway. 

(Walter, Duke of,) Chartulary of Melrose. 280 

Buchan Farmer^ True Method. 299 

(David, Earl of,) Essays. 301 

Gleanings of Old Ballads. 160 

Ballads of North of Scotland. 1 60 

(P.) History of Keith Family. 1 6 

Witchcraft detected, &c. 109 

(Dr. W.) Domestic Medicine. 298 

( ) Desor. of St Kilda. (M.8.) 7. 19 

Buchanan^ (Da v.) Truths Manifest, Answer to. 59 

.^Knox^s Histoqf of the Reformation. . 2 

De Scriptoribus Scotis. 279 

Buchanani (Gtea) Opera, a Ruddimann. 10 

Detectio Mariae Reg. (Jebb. Coll.) . 12 

"S History of Scotland, by Bond. 9 

Appendix to, cont. Detection, &c. 9 

— Notes on, by Crawford. 20 

Chamaeleon. .... 7 

Franciscan Friar, by Provand. 168 

Life, by Dr. Irving. 5 

(Rev. J. L.) Travels in Hebrides. 6 

(Thos.) niust of Organ of Hearing. . 84 

(Wm.) Scottish Sumamea 7 

Buchon, Chroniques Nationales Fran9aises. 50-1 

Buck's (Sir Geo.) Hist of Richard III. (C. H. £.) 249 
BiickhuT8t*s(Lord)MlrourforMagis.]78.(B.B.4.) 177 
Buckingham, (D. of^) Poisoner of Jas. I. See Figlisham. 


(Geo. Villien, 2d D. of,) Two Plays. 

.». DisoovTse, &c on Religion. (T. 1-8.) 

(J. Sheffield, Duke of,) Works. 

Temple of Death. (C. P.) 194. (P. P. 14.) 

.-_ Poems. (E. P.) ... 

Rockland's (Rev. W.) Reliquiae Diluvianae. 
Buda, Siege of. Relation of. (B. and S. 4.) 

Budworth's (Rev. W.) Sermon, 1745. (T. 3.) 98 

Buffon, (Comte de) Histoire Naturelle. . 51 

Bugg's (Rev. F.) Four Tracts against Quakers. 78 

Quaker Principle exposed. (T. 11.) . 293 

Bugni, (Sm.) Inni di Sig. Barbauld. 269 

Bukelingi Genio, Poema. See Camberlyn. 
Bulkely and Cumming's Voyage to South Seas. 31 
Bulletin de Paris en 1814 et 1815. . 326 

Bulletins Offidels de la Grande Armee. . 327 

Bullinger's Christen Matiymonye. See Coverdale. 
Bullock's (C.) Woman is a Riddle, Com. (O. P. 9.) 220 

( W.) Desc of Napoleon's Carriage. (M. T. 5.) 342 

Bulwer's (E. L.) Ismael, and other Poemsi 163 
Bunbury's (H.) Annals of Horsemanship, (Gambado. ) 1 3 
Bimcle, (John) Life of. See Amory. 
(John, junior,) Essays and Letters 



Bunn's (Alfred) Poems. 

Bunyan'S (John) Pilgrim's Progress. 

with Notes by Burder. 

with Life by Southey. 

Holy War, by Burder. 


Amours Secrettes de. . 

Cabinet des Tuileries dep. Mars 1815. (P. H. 2.) 326 

Galerie Militaire de. . 261 

Histoire des Conspirations contre. . 325 

Itin^iaire de, depuis son depart (P. H. 5.) 326 

Itineraire de, de V He d' Elbe k Ste. Hdtoe. 326 

Portefemlle de, Na 1. (R. M. 3.) 326 

Trois Mois de, 1815. (P. H. 4.) . 326 

See Bourrienne. Gallois. Napoleon. &c. 

Buonarroti, (M. A.) La Tanda. (P. L 33.) 56 

Life of, by Duppa. ... 241 

Burckhardt's (J. L.) Travels in Nubia. 239 

BtirgeriB (G. A.) Sammtliche Schriften. 47 

Hussar of Magdeburg, by Denovai^. (P. P. 3.) 312 

Lenoie, by H. J. Pye. (M. P. 11.) 186 

by Sir W. Scott (Chase. William and Ellen.) 271 

by W. R. Spencer. ... 242 

by William Taylor. (M. P. 12.) 186 

Parody on. (P. P. 2.) 312 

Buighley^ (Lord) State Papers. Haynes Murdin. 233 

Burke's (G.) Ode on K.'S Visit to Ireland. (P. T. 8.) 339 

(Edmund) Works. 193 

Origin of Sublime and BeautifU. 203 

Vindication of Natural Society. (D. F. P.) 204 



Burke's (Ed.) Maxims, Opinions, and Characters. 246 
^-^ Speech on Inde];>cndence of ParL (M. T. 4.) 312 

(T. T.) Royal Visit (I. P. 3.) 
(William, ^c) Trial of, for Murder. 


Burman*9 (Charles) Letters. Sec Ashmole. 

Bum's (Dr. R.) Justice of Peace. . 

— History of Westmoreland and Cumberland. 

Bumaby's (Charles) Four Plays* 

Bumes's (James) Visit to Court of Sinde. 

Burnet's (Bishop) History of Reformation. 

History of his own Time. 

.— -. See Beach. Higgons. Salmon. 

Life of Sir Matthew Hale. 193 

Life of John, Ekirl of Rochester. 139 

Memoirs of Dukes of Hamilton. 2 

Preface, &c. to Pastoral Care. (C. of S.) 80 

Behaviour of Bishops in 1688. . 304 

Controversy with Dr. Lowth. (T. 8. 9. 10.) 286 

Refl. on King's Proclam. 1687. (R. P. 1.) 84. 289 

Reflections on Varillas's History. (E. T. 1.) 250 

Sermon concerning Popery. (S. 1.) . 98 

Ser. on Coronation of Will, and Mary. (T. 7.) 286 

SpeechonBillagainstOcc.Conformity.(T.7.) 285 

Speech on Sacheverell's Impeachment. (T. 5.) 88 

The White Crow, New Doctrines o£ (T. 22.) 88 

(Gilb.) Disput de Belli Causis. (R. P. T.IO.) 290 

(John) Criminal Law of Scotland. . 272 

(T.)Nece8B. of impeach. Ministry, and Answer. 306 

■ . (Sir T^homas) Sermons preached at Leys. 69 

Bumey, (Miss.) See D'Arblay. 
.^— (Dr. W.) Falconer's Marine Dictionary. 266 

Bumomania, Celebrity of Bums consid. religiously. 160 
Bums, (Robert) Poems. . . 199 

Works, by Dr. Currie. 199 

Reliques of, by Cromek. 199 

Life of, by Lockhart . .199,251 

Fornicator's Court. 160 

Letters to Clarinda. 160 

Poems, Kidd*s Illustrations of. 196 

Views Illustrative of . 199 

Tarn O'ShanteVj the original MS. 104 

, ■ " Sato ye my Maggie^^^ Song, . . 160 

(R. of Hamilton,) Cadzow Castle. (S. P. 2.) 341 

Bumworth, (E.) Life and Robberies o£ . 126 

Burrow's (Sir Jas.) Anecdotes rel. to Cromwell, &c. 62 
Burro wes's (Dean) Sermons on the Lessons. 292 

Burt's (Capt) Letters from North of Scotland. 19 





















Burton's (Charles) Bardiad, a Poem. 168 

(H.) Narr. of shutting out of Chuitfa. (T. 34.) 6 1 

— Grand Impostor Unmasked, (Abp. Laud.) 

(Robert) Anatomy of Melancholy. 

.-. (R.) Deligihts for the Ingenious. 

Extraordinary Adventures, 

Female Elxcellency. . 

History of Oliver Cromwell. . 

History of Ireland. 

History of London and Westminster. 

History of Nine Worthies. 

History of Wan in England, &c 

Memorable Accidents. 

Triumphs of Divine Justice. . 

Triumphs of Love. 

Unfortunate Court Favourites 

Unhappy Princesses. . 

Unparallel'd Varieties. 

Wonderful Prodigies of Judgment, &c 

Bury St Edmunds, History o£ 
Bury'b (Lady Charlotte) Poems. 

(Jacob) Advice to the Commons. (M. T. 7.) 

Busching,(DT J.G.) Deutsche GedichtedJiittelalters. 63 

Sammlung Deutscher Volkslieder. 47 

Ritterzeit u. Ritterwesen. . 48 

Schloss zu Marienbuig. . 102 

Busk's (Hans) Banquet &c Poem& 201 

Vestriad, a Poem. . . 201 

Bussy Rabutin, Hist. Amoureuse des Gaales. 114 

Butler, (Charles) Hist Mem. resp. Br. Catholica 251 

Reminiscences of. . . . 254 

(Major) Fourth Paper. (M. T. 8.) . 288 

(Nathan) the Penitent Murderer. 133 

(Samuel) Poems. (E. P.) 42. Hudibras. 182, 242 

Butson's (C.) Love of our Country. (O. P. P.) 169 
Buxtorfl^s Traditions of the Jews. . 135 

Buzot, Memoires. .... 324 

Byrom's (Samuel) Poems. (£. P.) . 42 

Byron's (Lord) Poetical Works, &c. . 198 

Don Juan, Cantos 1. 2. . . 195 

Private Correspondence, by Dallas. • 195 

Letten and Journals, by Moore; . 1 95 

Letter to Murray on Bowles^ Pope. (T. 1.) 189 

Conversations, by Medwin. . 198 

Monody on Sheridan. (P. M. 2.) . 199 

Stanzas to Memory ot (P. P. 18.) . 343 

(Lady)Rem.on Moore'BLife,&c(lf.E.P. 12.) 343 



C. (C.) Life and Death of Mazquis of Aq^ylc. IG 

C. (J.) Two Meny Milkmaida Com. (0. P. 1.) 216 

Cabala, MyBteries of State, &C. 27 

Cabaners (Dan.) Poems and Imitations. 165 

Cabinet, The. Selected by J. Aitkcn. 334 

Sportsman^ .... 185 

Cabinet des F^es. . 44. 45 

Satjrique. .... 109.119 

de r Eloquence Fran9oi9e. (F. F. 8.) 115 

Caeiar, (Julius) Acquitted. See Dennis. 

Caesaris Commentarii, GraeviL (V. L. C. 10.) 225 

Caesar^ Cimimentaries, Eklmundes^s Observ. on. 140 

Cagliostro, (Comte de) M^moires du. 147 

demaaqutf A VarsoTie. 341 

Cairns, (Elixabeth) Memoirs of. 75 

See Greig. 

CaUbri (Quint) Praetermissa Homeri. (V.G.C. 17.) 225 

Calamy'to (Rct. E.) Ser. on Gov. Breaking. (T. 19.) 286 

(Rev. Dr. E.) Sermon, May 6, 1713. (Ser.) 80 

Calcutta Cathedral, Monument to John Adam in, 34 

(?) Scotch Presbyterian Eloquence. 65 

Curat, Whipt, by T. T. (T. 15.) 284 

See Ridpeth. 

Calderon, (Don Rod.) Relation of Death of. (T.) 127 
Calderwood*s (Rev. D.) Church History of Scotland. 12 

(J.) Dying Testimony of ChriBt. in Scotland. 77 

Caledon'to Complaint. See Mure. 
Caledonia. See Chalmers. Darien. 
Caledonian Heroine, a Poem. Sec Colvill 

Mercury. 1745-47. . 100 

CaleTs (R.) More Wonders of Invis. World. 150 
Calendar. See Brady. Hone. Forster. 

QUendarium Naturale Magicum, 140 

Callander, Sketch of Scenery of. (S. P. 3.) 341 

(John) Letters from, to Geoige Paton. . 87 

Caliph Vathek, by Beckford. . 44 

Callcott^ (Lady) Life of Nic. Poussin. . 1 99 

Callimachus, Spanhemii. (V. G. C. 6.) . 224 

Calllope^s Cabinet open. See Salter. 

Cahnet, (Dom. A.) Traits sur les Apparitions. 141 

CalYinistic Purge. See Webster. 

Camberlyn, (J.B.) Eyckii immortnli Genio. (M.T. l.)341 

BukeUngi Gemo. (M. T. 2.) . . 341 

Cambridge Unirersity, History of. See Fuller. 

(Earl of) Last Speech of. (Cap. Cont.) 26 

'» (R.' O.) Poems. (E. P.) 42 

Camden's (William) Britannia, by Gough. 232 

! History of Q. Elizab. and K. James I. (C. IL) 249 

Cameron, (Dr. Archibald) Historical Account ofl 91 

Speech (intended) of^ at Elxecution. 

(Rot. R.) Life of, by Walker. 

's Predictions. 1680. (T.) 

42. 195 

CameroniaiUy NiUudale^ Minute Book of. 

Reoordi of Presbytery at Quarre/totai. 

Camo^ns, (L. de) Lusiad, by Mickle. (E. P.) 

L' Isle EnchanUfe. (V. I.) 

, Poema. See Almeida. 

CampagnedesAUi^ 1813-15. . . 48 

Campan, (Mad.) M^moircs sur Marie Antoinette. 324 
Campbell, (Alex.) Intro, to HLst of ScotUsh Poetry. 13 

Grampians Desolate. Poem. . 160.167 

Journeys through North Britain. . 14 

M'Kintosh's Gaelic Proverbs. . 86 

— - (Alex.) Cartulariimi Coul de Levenax. 281 

(Arch.) Lexiphanes. . 130 

Sale of Authors. . . 130 

(Arch.) Voyage round the World. . 253 

(aias.) Memoirs and Trial of. (S. T. 4.) 344 

(Lady Charlotte.) See Bur}'. 

(Collin, of Glendcroul) Letter to. (C. O. P. 2.) 100 

(Duncan) New Gaelic Song Book. . 169 

(Duncan) Life of. See Defoe. 

(Dr. Hugh) Case of Q. Mary and Q. Elizabeth. 23 

Love Letters of Queen Mar}'. . 23 

Detec. of Q. Mar} 's Love Letters. (H. P. T. 2.) 343 

(Sir Hug))) Essay on Lord^s Piayer. . 68 

(James) Treatise of Modern Faulconry. 157 

{Jos,) Ai^'le^s Letters to Lauderdale. 278 

(Dr. John) Descrip. of Scottish Highlands. (F.) 16 

Account of the Herring- Fishery. (T.) 16 

Sentiments of a Dutch Patriot 1746. 91 

Hermippiis Redivivus. See Cohausen. 

Lives of British Admirals, cont by Berkenhout. 253 

(Miss, of Zetland) Poems. . . 17 

(Mungo) Trial of, for murd. of Lord Eglinton. 297 

(Robert) Life of John Duke of Aigyle. 15 

(Thomas) Pleasures of Hope. . 1 95 

Gertrude of Wyoming. . . 195 

Poetical Works. . . . 160 

Specimens of British Poets. . 190 

_^ {MaJ.-Gcn.) Camp, of ArgyUthire Levies, 1746. 85 
Campbells, Account of Depredations on the, in 1 685-86. 3 
Campion, (Edm. Jesuit) Declnra. and Testim. of. 58 


3 A 


Campion, (E.) Arte of Eng. Poe«ie. (M.P.A. 1.) 177 
Camus^s Admirable Events, by Du Veiger. 1 03 

TriumphB of Love, by R. Burton. . 25 

Canada (Lower) Watchman. (1829.) . 133 

Canarie8*8(Rev.Dr.)Rome'B Add. toXonity. (7.2.) 286 
Canary Islands, Discovery and Conquest of. Glas. 253 
Canciani Barbarorum Leges Antiquae. . 251 

Canicola, (C. M.) Intertenimenti EstivL . 268 

Canning*8 (Geo.) Letter to Earl Camden. (M.P.28.) 186 

Speech on the Address, Jan. 1817. (P. P. 2.) 313 

Two Speeches on Bullion Report. (P. P. 5.) 813 

Speeches on Portuguese Affairs. (H. P. T. 1 1 .) 343 

Gr. Viz. Remarks on Clwms of. (M. E. P. 9.) 342 

Tribute in Verse to, by Jackson. (P. P. 20.) 343 

Lines on Death of, by Maude. (P. P. 12.) 343 

Cantalicio, (G. B.) Hist, di Consalvo de Cordova. 268 
Cant, (Rev. A.) Discourse on Renew, the Covenant 76 

(James) Notes on History of Perth. . 1 7 

Language, Dictionaries of. . 130. 131. 134 

See Carcw. Grose. Head. Smith. 

Canuel, (Gc<nenil) Guerre de la Vendue. 1815. 326 
Canzonettc Italiani, Quattro. (I. C. 1. 9-12.) 339 

Cai)acity and Genius, Essay on. See Mitchell. 
Capasso, (N.) Poesie Napoletani. (P. N.) . 57 

Capeirs (Arthur, Lord) Contemplations. . 26 

Capello, (Dr. P.) Corriero Infidele. . 106 

Capitani Illustri, Elogii di. . 268 

Capmany,(Don. A. de) OrdenanzasNa vales deAragon. 48 

Teatro de Eloquencia Espanola. 49 

Capriata's Wars of Italy. 1613-44. 263 

Capucin Fathers, Lives of Three. . . 250 

Capycii Carmen de Natlvitate Domini (P. T. 16.) 339 
Caraboo, Princess of Javasu, Impostures of. 140 

Carraccioli, Voyage de la Raison. (V. I.) 43 

Caradoc's History of Wales, by Wynne. 237 

Cardonnc's Eastern Miscellany. . . 43 

Care,(li.) Agrippa's Female Pre-eminence. (T. 3.) 108 

Pacquet of Advice from Rome. (C. T. 1.) 287 

Carew, (Bamp. Moore) King of the Beggars. 130 

(Sir G. Earl of Totnes) Regan's Hist (H. Hib.) 24 1 

Story of Richaid II. *s last being in Ireland, (ih.) 241 

(Richard) Survey of Cornwall. 243 

(Thomas) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Carey's (D.) Craig Phadric, &c. . 9 

(George) Contrivances, Opera. . 212 

(Pat.) TriviaU BaUads and Triolets. . 107 

Poems. .... 155 

Carey's (Pat) Trivial Poems, by Scott 155 

( Wm.) Descr. of West's Death on Pale Hona 180 

of Stothard's Pilgrims to Canterbury. 182 

Cargill'A ( Rev. D.) Life by Walker. . 65. 73 

Letter to his Paroch at Glaigow. 1681. 69 

Caricatures, Collections of. . 57. 830 

Carlaverock, Siege of, in 1300. See Xicolasi 
CarleU's (L.) Two New Playes. . . 215 

Carleton's (Sir D.) Letters from Holland. . 244 

(Capt Geoige) Memoirs of War in Spain. 231. 244 

(John) Ultimum Vale of. (T.) . 127 

(Mary, alias the German Princess,) Life. 127. 152 

Carlisle, (Comtc de) Ambassndes de. See Mi^. 40 

(Fred. Earl of.) Tragedies and Poems. 197 

Carminum Macaroniconun Delectus. See Duncan. 
Carnarvon's (Earl of) Moor, a Poem. . 202 

Game's (John) Letters from the East. . 286 

Carnegie, (J.) Trial of, forMurd. of Ld. Stnithmore. 297 






Camot, Mdmoires Hist, et Militaires. 
Caro, (Annibal) Vi^gilio. Eneide. . 

(Doro) Ncueste Novellen. 

Carolan, (Irish Harper) Commemoration of. (T.) 
Carolina, South, and Georgia, History o£ • 
Caroline, Princess of Wales, aft. Queen. The Book. 235 
Carpenter, (Geoigc, Lord) Life of. . 89 

Carpenter's (Rev. R.) Experience, History, &c 245 
Carpentier, Glossarium med. et inf. Tf**^»"it^ti!T. 251 
Carr versus Hood, Report of Trial o£ (P. & P. 7.) I9t 
Carriages, Early use of, in England. See Markland. 
Carrick, (Jas.) Account of the Robberies o£ (P. 1.) 297 
Carrion-Nisas, Dc 1' Organisation de 1' Arm^ 327 
Carruthers's (Adj.) Cavalry Instructions. . 298 

Carstares's (Principal) State Papers. . 4 

Carte's (T.) Life of James Duke of Ormonde. 27 

Carter's (M.) Analysis of Honor and Armory. 259 

Cartouche, Poifme. See Grandval. 
Cartularium Comitatus de Levenax. . 281 

Cartwright's (Dr. E.) Armine and Elvira. 164. 186 

(W.) Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, and Poems. 222 

(Poems. (E. P.) . . . 42 

Gary's (Earl of Monmouth) Memoirs. See Scott 

(John) English Atlas. . . 262 

New Itinerary of England, &c. . 335 

Caryl's (Rev. J.) Sermon at Lincolns Inn. 69 

(J.) English Princess. Tragedy. (O. P. 13.) 220 

Sir Solomon, Comedy. (O. P. 1 1.) . 220 

Casa, (G. della) Poesie. (P. I. 26.) . 55 



Cervantei, (Mig. de) Comedias y Entremeses. 

, Nouvelles Espagnoles. 

Don Quixote, tr. by Bloant 

, by Motteux and Oxell. 

, by Motteux and Lockbart 

, by SmoUett (B. N. L,) 

by Edw. Ward. 

See Avellaneda. Gayton. Sancho Panxa. 

Instr. and Entert Novels, by Shelton. 

Spanish Decameron, &c. 









Pendles and Sigismunda. . . 112 

Ce8pede^ (Don G. de) Gcrardo, the Unfort. Spand. 1 12 
Cew, The True. (M. T. a) • 288 

Cevennefl, Ware of the. See Cuvallier. 
Ceylon, Nar. of Eventsin. (War with Candy.X P.P.8.) 813 
Chafin's (Rev. W.) Anecdotes of Cranbourn Chase. 1 1 1 
Chalmere, (Alex.) British Essayists. 834 

English Poets. 41. 42 









Fielding^s Works. 

Johnson^s Works. 

(George) Caledonia. . 

Life of Thomas Ruddiman. 

Lifo of Mary Queen of Scots. 

Rem. on Spurious doc in Selden^ Tit. of Hon. 32 






Poetic Remains of Scottish Kings . . 

Sir David Lindsay^ Works. 

Allan Ramsay's Poems. 

Churchyard*i Chips concerning Scotland. 

Ilenryson's Robene and Mack3rne. 

(Rev. Jas.) Answ. to Letter on Sett of. (T. 15.) 66 

(Maigaret) Poems. . . 167 

(Rev. Dr. Thos.) Math. Pretens. of Sc. Clergy. 19 

Sermon for Destitute Sick, 1813. (S. 4.) 293 

Chamberlain's (W.) Love's Victory, Tragi Com. 217 

Wite led by the Nose. (T. O. P. 12.) 219 

Chambers's (Robt) Picture of Scotland. 87 

Scottish Ballads. . 160 

Scottish Songs. . . 160 

Notices of Fires in Edinburgh. . 183 

Hist, of Rebellions 1689 and 1715. (C. M.) 315 

H. of Rebellion 1 745. (C. M.) 315 

Traditions of Edinburgh. . 332 

SotiffS and Poems on King's VitU^ 1822. 97 

Songs in ScotVs Ladtf of the Lake. . 167 

(Wm.) Book of Scotland. . 87 

Chambre,( Da v.) Succession des Femmes.(Jebb.Col].) 12 
Chronicles of Kings of Scotland, 1611. 280 

Chambry, (Main, dc) Hift. de P Exped. de Ruasie. 825 
Chandler'* (Rev. Dr. a) Sermons on RebeL 1745. 311 

Thankigiving Sermon, 1746. (T. 6.) . 

(T.) Trial for Perjury. (R T. 14.) . 

Chansonniere Fran^ais, Quatone. . 
Chansons Folastres des Comediens. (F. 2.) 
Chapelle et Bachaumont, Vo}'age de. (V. I.) 
Chaplet, The, Musical Entcrtaimnent. (M. T. 4.) 
Chapman's (Geo. and Shirley'*) Tlie Ball, Comedy. 213 

Tragedy of Chabot ... 213 

Caesar and Pompcy, Tragedy. , 214 

Conspiracy and Tragedy of Byion. (O. P. 6. 7.) 215 

May Day, Comedy. ... 216 

Hymns of Homer, Ac. . . 175 

Chappuys, (Gab.) Torquemade, Hexaneron. 137 

Character of a Good Wife. (T. 8.) . 70 

, Paradoxical, of a Hairy MoMter. (P. P. 17.) 263 

Characten and Opinions, &c . . 238 

of the most conspicuoos Persona, Ac. 32 

of a Prison ond Prisoncre. See Mynshul. 

Charles I. Declaration resp. Tumults in Scotland. 3 

Procl. respi Scottish Service Book. (T. 4. 10. 1 a)79 

Letter from the Pope to, and Answer. (T. 3.) 284 

Letter to, from Mem. of H. of C. (T. 7.) 60 

Remonstrance of Gen. Assembly to. (T. 18.) 60 

Propositions of, to Irish Rebels. (T. 29.) 61 

Propositions of Irish Rebels to. (T. 61.) 61 

Declaration to Foreign ProL Churches. (T. 60.) 61 

Poetic Remains. See Chalmers. 

Reliquiae Sacrae Carolinae. inc. Eik. Baa. 258 

Entertain, at Richmond. Masque 1636. 213 

proved the Author of Eikon B. See Wordsvrorth. 

Ace of opening of Coffin of, 1813. See HaMbrd. 

Sermons on Martyrdom of. . 66, 80. 308 

See Brodie. Heylin. Kennett Mentet Sanderson. 

See CivU Ware. 

Charles II. Acts of 1st Scots Parlt of. . 11 

Act of General Indemnity. (T. T. 8.) . 30 

Royal Oak, or Progress ot (T. 7.) 59 

Boscobel Tracts reL to Escape of. See Hughes. 

Answ. of Pari, to his Dcclar. of 1650. (T. 6.) 62 

History of, to 1660, by Davie% 1660. 
Personal History of, to Restoration. 
Secret History of. 
Memoire of Court of, by Dunois. 
Declaration to, by Wenlock. 
Trials of Conspiraton against. 1662. 









Choice, The, a Poem. (M. P. 4.) . 

, by Pomfiret. (M. 13.) 

Chorle and Birde. See Lydgate. 
Choiseul, (Due de) ^Um. sur V Aff. de Varenne*. 328 
Choisy, (AbW) M^moires. (P. C.) . . 50 

Choisnin, (Jean) Mdmoires. (P. C.) . 50 

Chriemhildcn Rache, u. die Klage. . 100 

Christen Exhortation. See Coverdale. 

State of Matrymonye, by H. Bullinger. See do. 

Rule. See Tindall. 









Christian's Best Garment. (T, 1.) . 

Blessed Choice. (T. 2.) 

Christian, (Edw.) Blackstone^s Commentaries. 

(J.) Notices of E. & W. CTiristian. . 

Cbristiemus II. Daniac Rex. See Swaningi. 

Christine de Pisnn, Mt-moires. (P. C.) 

Christison, (Prof.) Life and Character of. (S. T. C.) 344 

(Prof. R.) Syllabus of Lectures. (T. S. 4.) 345 

Christmas, a Poem. See Moxon. 

Day, Sermon on. See Robinson. 

Prince, exhib. at Oxford, 1607, (M. A. 3.) 

Pye, Exaltation of, a Fragment 

Chronica dc Mailroe. (G. et F.) 

Chronicle of the Kings of England. See Dodsle} 

Fife. See Lament 

Perth, from 1210 to 160C. 

the year 1 744. (T. 2.) 

Chronicles of D. of N. of King of the Isles. (T.) 

Kings of Scotland. 1611. 

London Bridge. See Thomson, (R.) 

. Scottis. See Thomson, (Thomas.) 

Chronicon Ethel wardi. (Sav.) 

Coenobii Sanctae Crucis Edinburg. 

Nuremb. Buch d. Croniken, &c. 

Mirabile, &c. (Bee's Diary.) 

Chronique des Francais en Mor^e. (B. C.) 
Chroniqucs Byzantins, Fragmens des. (B. C.) 

Nationales Fran9aises. See Buchon. 

Church History of Britain. See Fuller. 

of England, Warning for the. (T. 13.) 

's Loyalty, New Test ot (T. 6.) 

by Defoe. (T. 6.) . . . 

Answer to. (M. T. 10.) 287. (T. 8.) 

\s Honesty, N. Test of. (T. 7.) 

Advances towards Rome. (C. T. 4.) . 

1 86 : Church of England, Common Prayer Book of. 1 78. 291 

305 Churchman, True Character of a. (T. 15.) 285 

Church of Scotland, Tracts relative to : 

Register of Mixiisters, Exhorters, &c. . 280 
Reporto of the SUte of certain Parishes. 1527. 282 
Apol. Relation of Sufferings of Ministers, &c 1 665. 69 
Apology for Persecuted Ministers of. 1677. 70 
Cloud of Witnesses, Last Speeches and Test &c. 71 
NaphtaU, or Wrestlings of; till 1 667. . 6*9 
Tracts relative to the Service Book, 1638. 79 
Declar. of Breth. for the Estab. Govert &c. 1658. 81 
Sufferings of, &c. since 1660. (T. S. £. 4.) 83 
Samson's Riddle, or. Bunch of Wormwood, &c. 286 
Protestation against Toleration, &c (T. U. 17.) 76 
See Howie. Shields. Stewart Walker. &c. 










Confut. of Manifesto, &c. of Cb. of Scot (C. T. 4.) 74 

Coll. of Pamphlets. . . 89. 90. 91 

Cburchiirs (Rev C.) Poems. (E. P.) 42. 110. 199 

Churchyard's (T.) Chippes, 12th Labour.(Q,E. P.3.) 265 

(Vs Entertainment in Sufrolk,&c.(Q.E. P. 9.) 266 

Sparke of Friendship. (Q. E. P. 14.) 266 

Pleanant Conceite, 1593. (Q. E. P. 18.) 266 

Farewell to Earl of Essex. (Q. E. P. 20.) 266 

Ovid de TrisUbus. ... 275 

Chips concerning Scotland. . . 167 

Funeral of Sir F. Knowles, (H. 9.) . 184 

Verses on Archbishop Whitgift (H. 12.) 184 

Worth ines of Wales. . . . 249 

Chytraei (Dav.) Chronicoi^ Saxoniae. . 99 

Gibber's (CoUey) Dramatic Works, . 159. 207 

Nine Plays, early editions. . . 222 

Non-Juror, Comedy. (P. 2.) . . 216 

Apologj' for his Life. . . • 207 

The Laureat, Explanation, &c. of Apology. 211 

Letter to Mr. Pope. . . . 211 

(Th.) Action against Mr. Sloper for Crim, Con, 130 

Lives of the Poets. (Shiela.) . 

Lives of Actors and Actresses. 

Ciceronis Opera, c. n. v. (V. L. C. 14.) 

Epistolas Familiares, Annot in. 

Officia, Teutsch. 

Ciceron, Traits; de Divination. 
Cicero's Familiar Epistles, by Webbe. 
Letters to his Friends, by Melmotb. 

Cicognini, ( ) Poesie. (P. I. 33.) 
Differ. l)etw. Liturgy of and Scott 1637. (P. 8.) 305 Cid, The. See Herder. Southey. 
Neces. of Peace and Union am. Members of. 306 

Cinna's Conspiracy, Tragedy. (O. P. 14.) 





Coclc Civil, Ck)nfcrence du, &c. 

Civil, Commentairc sur Ic. 

NapolcoiL, verbally translated. See Barrett 



Codes Fran^-ais, I^es Cinq, (Pailliet) 
Cogan, (H.) 3Iendez Pinto's Travels. 
Cohausen's (J. 11.) Hcrmippus Redirivus. 
Coin, Treatise of raising. See Locke. 

Scarcity of in Scotland. (P. T. 28.) . 311 

Cointreau, L' Amant Salamandre. (V. I.) . 46 

Coisy, (F. de) Chas. Stuart, Melodrame. (P. D. 6.) 845 
Coke's (Roger) Detection of Court and State. 237 

Two Treatises of Church and State,&c (T. 14.) 247 

Cold Bath Fields Prison, Papers relative to. 241 

Cold Year, The, 1614. (R. T.2.) 139. (M. A. 5.) 176 


Colden's (C.) Histor}' of Five Indian Nations. 

(C.) Memoir on New York Canals. 

Coleridge's (S. T.) Poetical Works. 

Christabel, Kubla Khan, &c. 

Piccolomini and Wallenstcin of Schiller. 

Sibylline Leaver 

Biographia Literaria. 


Coley^ (Ilenry) Key to Astrology. 
Coligny, (Gasp, de) M^moires. (P. C.) 
Collana Historica. See Ditte Candiotto. 
College Album, (Glasgow,) for 1830. 


Collier's ( Jn.) Tim Bobbin's Works, in Lane. dial. 

(Rev. Jcr.) View of the English Stage. 

Defence of View. 

(J. P.) Hist, of English Dramatic Poetry. 

Poetical Decameron. 

CoUingwood's (Lord) Life and Correspondence. 
Collins's (A.) Sydney Letters and Memorials. 

Peerage of England, by Brydges. 

Baronetage of England. 

(William) Poems. (E. P.) . 

Colloquium inter Dcum et Euam. (F. C.) 
CoUyer, (Mrs.) Gesner's Death of Abel. 

(and Mr.) Klopstock's Messiah. 

Colman, (Geor^ge) The Connoisseur. (B. E.) 

(George, jun.) Specimen of New Jest Book. 

.— — Broad Grins. .... 

Eccentricities for Edinburgh. 

Posthumous Letters of celebrated men. 

Random Records. 

Colmena, La, Coleccion de Ensayos, &c 




Colombi^re, (W. de la) Les Oracles Dirertisans. 141 

Traits des Songes et Visions Nocturnes. 141 

Palais de la Fortune. . 141 

Colonial Advocate, (U. Canada.) 1824-26. 261 

Colonixation of Ancient Free States, History ot 185 
Colours, Three Primitive, Treatise on. See Hayter. 
Cohen's (Rev. C. C.) Lacon. 202 

Columella de Re Rustica. (L. R. R.) 227 

Coluthus, by Fawkes. (E. P.) . . 42 

Colvill'A (Rev. R.) Six Occasional Poems. 176 

Colville'A (Sam.) Mock Poem, or Whigg's Supplica. 86 


Jl/bdt Poettty Part 2. 

Combe's ( W.) Dr. Syntax's Tour. 
Comic Poems, (Scotch.) See Brown of NewhalL 
Comical Dialogue between Maggy and Janet 160 

Comlers, (1' Aveugle) Ln Baguette juKtifi^. (T.) 108 
Commelini (Ilier.) Britann. Rerum ScriptoresL 27 

Commines, (Ph. de) Mtfmoires. . 37. (P. C.) 49 
Commissary Court of Scotland. Report from. (T. 5.) 295 
Common Prayer Book of Church of England. 178. 882 

' Complaint of a Lover's Life. . . 275 

i Com playnt of Scotland, by Leyden. . 141 

I Compleat Mendicant See Defoe. 

. Complimens de la Langue Fran9oi8e. (F. F. 7.) 115 
Componimenti Lirid, &c. d' Italia. Mathias. 88 

Connei (Geo). Vita Mariae. (Jebb Coa) . 12 

Condd, The Prince of. Tragedy. (M. P. 1.) 209 

Condor's (Jos. and 3Iisses Taylor) Associate Minstrela. 1 79 

Star in the East ... 198 

Conduct of Gr. Brit in Foreign Affairs. (P. T. 5.) 810 
Confession of Faith. See Covenant 
Confucius's Works, transl. by Marshman. . 84 

CongregationalChurches, Faith & Order of.(C.T. 1 1.) 287 






Way, Defence of the. (T. 25.) 

Congress of the Beasts, a Farce. 
Congrcve's (W.) Poems. (E. P.) . 

Five Plays. .... 

Wilson's Memoirs of Life of, by Oldmixon. 

Connoisseur, The. See Colman. Thornton. 
Connor, (Jack) History of, a Novel. 187 

Conrart, Mdmoires. (P. C.) . . 50 

Consal vo Ferrando, il gran Capitano. SeeCantalida 268 
Constable, (Arch.) Memoin of George Heriot 22 

Miscellany. . . 315 

Miss Seward'A Letters. . . 202 

(David) Berteville, Exped. en Ecosse. 277 



Court of Session, AcU of Sederunt, 1533-1553. 268 

Acts of Sederunt, 1553-1 790. . 263 

, Decisions of, 1678-1712, by Fountainhall 12 

, Comp. of Fac Decl752-1817,by Halkerston. 264 

, Fonns of Process before. See Beveridge. 

, Tracts relative to. (S. L. T. 2. 8. 11.) 


Court of Tuscany. Heir of Innes, Tragedies. 211 

Court Secret See Lyttelton. 

Courtici's (P. L.) Pleasures of Solitude. . 164 

Courtship, Art of^ refined. See Amorous Gallant. 

Religious. Sec Defoe. 

Coutt^ (ThoB. & Harriet) Memoirs of, (4 Tracts.) 183 

Covenant, (Nationall) or Con£ of Faith. (T. 16.) 70 

Covenanters. See CHiurch of Scotland. 

Covent Grarden Drollery. See Brome. 

Coventry Guide. .... 303 

Mysteries, See Sharp. 

Coventrj's (Prof. A.) Notes on Arable Land.(A.T.2.) 298 

(And.) Ubaldini, Desc di Scotia. . 278 

(Rev. F.) Lucina sine Concubitu. (D. F. P.) 204 

(G.) Enquiry rcsp. Author of Junius. 191 

(Sir Wm.) CTiaracter of a Trimmer. (T. 6.) 286 

Coverdale, (M.) Christen State of Matrimony. 107 

Exhortation to Cust. Swearers. . 107 

Cowley's (Abr.) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Poem on late CiWl War. (O.P.26.) . 157 

Works. 207. With Life by Sprat 297 

Guardian, a Comedy. . 217 

Poems. &C. (P. 5.) . 220 

See Grebner's Prophecy. 

Cowper's(L.Chan.)Sph.on8entRebelLords. 1715. 92 

(Thos.) Contin. of Lanquette^s Chronicle. 237 

(Wm.) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Power of Grace illustrated. (T. 1 .) . 81 

Cox's (Jos.) Bloody-minded Gallows Thief-takers. 129 
Coxe's (Edw.) Valentine, a Poem. (P. & P. 18.) 192 


— Miscellaneous Poetry, 
(Henry) Tour through France. 

— (Peter) Social Day, a Poem. 

(Rev. W.) Memtnrs of Sir R. Walpole. 

Memoirs of John, Duke of Marlborough. 

Co}'pel, Aghi^. (C. F.) 
Crabbe's (Rev. Geo.) Poems. 



Tales of the HalL 

Craig's (John) Poems. 

Craig, (Sir Thomas) Obsermtions on Homage. 9 

Jus Feudale, cuib Baillie. . 12 

EpiUialamium Henrid et Mariae. • 17 

Life of; by P. F. Tytler. . . 21 

(J. T. Gibson) Papers resp. Mar. of Jat. VI. 278 

Craignethan's Dochter, a Fairy Tale. • 171 

Cnuner, (C. G.) Leben, &c. Erasm. SchleicheiBi 47 
Cramond's (Dr. H.) Outlines of Human Lifb. Ill 

Cranboum Chase, Anecdotes ot See Chafir. 
Crnniad, Tlic, a Poem. . . . 163 

Cranmer, (^Vrchbishop) Memorials o£ Strype. 236 

Crasso, (L.) Elogii di Capitani lUustri. • 268 

Crawford's Map of Dumfries-shire. . 260 

Crawfurd's (David) Memoirs of Afiairs of Seoiland. 6 

Courtship k hi Mode, Com. (O. P. 15.) 220 

(George) Lives of Scoto Officen of Cr. and St 2 

Peerage of Scotland. . . 12 

Renfrewshire, by Robertson. . 13 

Renfrewshire^ by Semple. • . 17 

(Rev. M.) Knox's Hist of Refoimation. 2 

(Thomas) Notes on Buchanan's History. 20 

(Rev. W.) Manual against Infidelity. 81 

Zion's Traveller. . . . 81 

(J. Lindsay) Case of, (Claim, of Cr. Peerage.) 264 

Exposure of Foigeries in. See Dobie. 264 

Crawshaw's (Richard) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Crebillon Pirc, CEuvres. ... 35 

— Fils, (Euvres. ... 3il 
Creech's (W.) Edinbuigh FugiUve Piecesi 17 

Trial of Brodiean^ Smith. . . 295 

Cresdmbeni, Storia degli Arcadi . . 38 

Cretin, (Guill.) Poesies. . . . 117 

Crichton'S (Rev. Dr. A.) Mem. of Rev. J. Blackader. 80 

Life and Diary of Colonel Blackader. 80 

(CoL) Direct for const cheap Sick-Beds.(T.) 16 

Crim. Justice, JRem. on adm. ot, in Scot (& T. 9.) 345 

Trials, illustrative of Heart of Mid-Lothian. 320 

Trials in ScoUand. See Amot Pitcaim. 

Crispin the Cobler's Confut of Ben Hoadloy. (M. 1.) 305 
Crito, Dialogue on Beauty. (D. F. P.) 204 

Croft^s (Rev. Sir Herbert) Love and Madness. 178 
Grafton's (Z.) Analeptis. Conaid. on Gauden. (T. 1.) 287 
Croker'S (J. W.) Battle of Albuera. (M. P. 1.) 168 

Battles of Talavera. (M. P. 2.) . 168 

Boswell'S Life of Johnson^&Tourto Hebrides. 1 88 

Lady Hervey*iB Letters. 189 

— Suffolk Conespondence. . 191 



D. (N.) Choice Soiigs. See Playford. 

D. (S.) Yew of Wonders. Poet Prophecy. (P.P.IO.) 268 

D. (T. F.) Hist, des Deux Chambres de Bonaparte. 326 

Daeraonologia, &c. See Delrius. Elich. Malleus. Mcngi. 

Daemonologie. See Home. Lude. Witchcraft, &c. 

Daedalus^s Advice to Lemnian Ministry. (P. 13.) 303 

Daipliantus. See Scoloker. 

Dalgamo^s (George, of Aberdeen,) Works. . 281 

Dalkeith. (Charles, Earl of). See Buccleuch. 

Dallas's (R. C.) Ode to the Duke of Wellington. 197 

(R. C.) Correspondence of Lord Byron. 1 95 

Dallawav, (Rev. J.) Constantinople, An. and Mod. 271 

Lady M. W. Montagu's Works. . 202 

Dairy m pie, (Sir David. See Hailes. 

(Sir Hugh) Reasons of Dissent, &c (P.T.23.) 31 1 

(Sir James) Apologie, 1690. See Stair. 277 

(Sir Jas.) CoUec. concerning Scottish Hist. 9 

Remarks on, by Gillan. . . 16 

(Sir John) Memoirs of Great Britain. 3 

(Baron) Observations on Entails. (T.) 19 

D' Alton's (John) Dermid, a Poem. . 253 

Essay on the History, &c. of Ireland. . 253 

DalyelU (Sir John G.) R. Bannat}'ne's Journal. 19 

Chartularies of See of Aberdeen. . 23 

Chartularies of Cambuskenneth, &c . 340 

Fragments of Scottish Histor}'. 4 

Lindsay's Cronydes of Scotland. . 8 

G. ^larioreybank'b Annals. . 23 

Records of Bpric. of Moray. . 340 

Scotish Poems of 16th Century. 173 

Dana, (R. H.) The Idle Man. 201 

Danby, (Earl of) Case o£ (T.) 30 

Dance aux Aveugles. See Michault 
Dancer's (J.) Nicomede, Tragi Com. (O. P. 16.) 220 

Agrippa, Tragedy. (O. P. 17.) . 220 

Daneau, (L.) Traits sur les Sorders, &c. . 142 

DiiUogueofWitchea 142 

Dangerfield, (Capt T.) Memoirs of. . 59 

Juvenile Rambles of. . . 132 

Daniae et Norvegiae Descriptio. See Zeiller. 
Daniel, John, Life and Adventures of. . 44 

(Sam.) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Whole Works in Poetrie. . . 1 GO. 215 

Art of English Poesie. (M. P. A.) 177 

History of England to Edw. IIL (C. H.) 249 

Daniell's (Wm. R. A.) Voyage round Scotland. 232 
Danistoni (G.) Epist adG. Buchananum. See Pitcaim. 

Danonun Rebus gestis, Poema de. See Thorkelin. 
Gesta et Vestigia extra Daniam. 

Danske Folkesage, Thiele. 

Viser, Udvalgte, fia Middelalderen. . 

See Kaempe Viser. 

Dante, Divina Commedia. (P. I.) . 

, con Comment di Gabr. RossettL 

Comment on. See Tuafe. 

D' Anve^^ (Caleb) Arg. agt Excises. (P. & P. 7.) 222 
Danvers's (Col.) Murther will out (T.) 

(John) Royal Oake. (T.) 

D' Arblay's (Mad.) Evelina. 

Cedlia. .... 







Darcian^ a Tragedy. . . ' . 

Darien, Scots Colony at. Tracts on : 

Defence o^&c. .... 3.Sa 

Enquiry into Causes of Miscarriage of ft 

Proceedings of Company of, re^ Union. I(i 

Collection of Addresses, Memorials, &c . 22 

Letter from G^n. Ass. Conmu to Coondl of. (T. 8.) 82 

Lord Belhaven's Speech on. (T. 9.) . 82 

Caledonia, or Pedlar turned Merchant (O. P. 10.) 157 

Short Account of coming away from. (M. T. 2.) 287 

Scotland's Present Duty, &c. (M. T. 3.) 287 

Two Pamphlets relative to. (C. o. P. 1. 2.) 307 

Damley, (Henrici), et Mariae Reg. Epithalamium. 17 

Darrell'b (Rev. J.) Narrative of Lancashire possess. 149 

Relation of Will. Sommers. . 149 

Detection of S. Harshnef^ Disco?. 149 

Darwin, (Dr. Erasmus) Botanic Garden. 196 

Life of^ by Miss Seward. 202 

Daubome'B (Rob.) Poor Man's Comfort (O. P. 4.) 215 

Davenanfs (Chas.) Circe, Tragedy. (O. P. la) 220 

(Dr. C.) Modem Whig, aad Tom Double. 310 

(Sir W.) Works. ... 207 

Unfortunate Lovers, Tragedy. 213 

The Man's the Master, Comedy. 213 

Davenport, (R.) New Trick to cheat the Devil. 213 

(R. A.) Poetical Register. . 194 

Davezne, (/.) EpUre it Waller SooU, (P. T. 13.) 339 

David, Psalms ot See Psalms. 

Davidson's (Rev. H.) Two Sermons at Galashiels. 68 

(Rev. J.) Poetical Remains. 164 

(L. Maria) Amir Khan, &c. . 1 64 

( W,) Journal of a Levant Pirate, 130 

Davila, (E. C.) Guene Civil! di Francis. . 56 
Civil Warres of France, by Cotteiell. 262 



Desfore, Sir. {E, M, IL 5.) . . 103 

Deism Refuted ; or Truth of Xtaanity demonst 291 
Dckkcr's (T.) Wonder of a Kingdom. (O. P. 8.) 214 

If this be not a Good Play, the DeYil'ft inX €. 216 

Dclamer, (Lord). See Wanington, (Earl ct) 
%)elany'8 (Rev. Dr. P.) Sermons on Social Duties. 2dl 
Delanie, (Abb^) Rech. 8ur les Baides Annoiicains. 41 
Dclaune's (T.) Pea for Non-oonformista. See Defoe. 
Delitiae Poctorum Scotonun. A. Jooston. 1 1 

DcUoQ^s History of the Inquisition at Goa. (T. 1.) 286 
Dcloney's(Th.)Thomasof Reading. (Thomfl.7.) 103.104 

Strange Histories, Songs, and Sonets. 




Delrii (M.) Disquisitiones Magicae. 

Delti. See Moir, (D. M.) 

Demon de Socrate. (V. I.) , 

Demon of Spraiton, Devon, Narratire ot (T. 4.) 

Dcmonologie. See Bodio. Lancre. Loyer, &c. 

Demons, (J.) Sextessence Diallactique. 

Demonstration de la 4me. Partie du Rien. 

Dempsteri (T.) Hist Ecd. Gentis Scotonun. 

Montgomrii Cerasum ct S. P. &c. vers. Latin. 21 

Dempster, (F., Jesuite). See Menziea. 

Denbigh (Earl of) Rel. of Victor}- gained by, 1644. 60 

Denham's (Sir John) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Cooper^s Hill. (P. P. 13.) . . 305 

(Major) Travels in Africa. . . 231.253 

Denmark, History o£ (M. U. H. 29.) . 207 

Tours in. See Andersen. Smith, (R.) 

Dennis's (John) Usefulness of the Stage. . 210. 224 

Select Works, Poems, Plays, &c . 224 

Six Plays 219 

Rinaldo and Armida. (Ten. O. P.) . 222 

Julius Caesar acquitted. (S. T. 23.) . 306 

Monument to Mem. of William IIL(O.P. 17.)167 

Invitation to Steele. See Swift 

Denniston's (James) Legends of Galloway. 334 

Dcnnistoun, (Jas.) Moysie's Memoirs, . 278. 280 
Dcnovan's (J. F.) Hussar of Magdebuiy. (P. P. 3.) 312 

White Rose of Vilna. (P. P. 4.) . 812 

Dent, (John) Spousals, &c. of Ladye Harye. 275 

Deorum Fatidiconmi, &c Historia. . 153 

Depping, (C. B.) Sammlung Spanischen Romanzen. 55 
De Quincey, ( ) Popular Northern Tales. 335 

Dcrljy, The Earls of, &c by Heywood. . 230 

Biographical Sketch of C:k>unteB8 of. 1797. 239 

Derham's (Dr. W.) Life and Remains of John Ray. 247 
Dcring, (Sir C.) Tr. of ThomhiU forMurd. of. (T.l 0.) 293 

Derrick'k(&)Lettenftmii Liverpool, Chatter, &c 182 
Derschau, Betnchtuog, &c. ub. d. Religion. 54 

DesaugieTa, (M. A.) Ohansona. 47 

Le Terme d' un Regne. (R, M. 4.) . . 326 

Commencement de la Fin. (R. M. 5.) 326 

Description de V lie de Portraiture. (V. I.) 45 

du Sabbat (V. L) ... 46 

Deeeze'B Eloge of Duds, translated. (P. D. 10.) 345 
Desfontaines, Le Nouveau Gulliver. (Y. I.) 45 

Deslauriers, Fantasies de BmscambiUe. • 115 

Desmarais, (R.) Ciceron et Isocrate, de Divination. 141 
Desmoulins, (Cam.) M^moires. . . 324 

Destruction of Troy, Ancient History of the. 102. 1 U 
Deutsche Gedicht m. Eng. Ubersetz. See Beresford. 52 

Sagen u. Volksm&hrchen. 
Kinder u. Haus-M&hrchen. 


Deutscher Gcdichte, Sammlung. 

des Mittelalters. 

DeutschcB Dichter, StUcke der. 

Litteratur, Gesch. der. See Koch. 

Devil, Political History of tlie. See De Foe. 

The Mowing, in Hertfordshire. (T. 4.) 59 

The Merry, of Edmonton. . . 151 

on Two Sticks. See Drapier^s Club. Lesagc. Waid. 

Cromweirs Compact with the. (T.) . 58 

*8 Cloven Foot discovered. . . 68 

Cloyster, proving the Existence of Witches. 143 

Devils, The World possessed with. See Viret 
Devonshire, Histor>' of, &c. See Polwhele. 

Ordnance Map of. . . 234 

(Duke of) St Ursula. Guiscard and Sigismund. 275 

Diables de Loudun, Histoire dea. See Aubin. 144 
Dialogue betw. the Knight and his Man. (P.T. 11.) 309 

betw. T. Jones and J. Smith, ret from Flanders. 95 

between Smith and Ragouse, &c (T. 2.) 82 

between David Hume and Dr. Dodd. (M. P.l 7.) 186 

, Comical, between Maggy and Janet 1 60 

Dialogues,Two, betw. a Northumb. Gent and lusTen.1 57 
Diaz*8 (Bemal) Conquest of Mezioo, by Keatingo. 
Dibdin, (Rev. Dr. T. F.) Raatell's Chronides. 28 

's Bibliomania, 197. Jirtt edit. (J&. T. I.) 247 

Specimen of digested English Catalogue. 197 

Specimen of an English De Buie. . 197 

Bibliographical Tour in Fiance and Germany. 197 

Library Companion. . . . 197 

Typographical Antiquitief. . . 265 




Dioeto, (Bad. de) Hift Ang. (Twyad.) et (G. et F.) 27 
Dick^k (Bev. Jn.) Test toDoct ofCh. ofSoot (T.5.)284 
Dickson's (Rev. D.) Aim to Abent Dem. (T.6. 8.) 79 
_» True Christian Love. . . . 75 

— (Rev. James) Letters from the Bass. 76 

(Dr. W.) Hints on present Crisis. 1803. (T.T.2.) 31 3 

Dictionary of all Beligionflb See Defoe. 

(New) of Canting Terms. 

Dictionnaire ATgot-Fran9ais. 

Allemand-Fran9ois D. N. 

— — Hermetique. .... 

--I— des Girouettes, et Censeur du D. 

DictjTS et Dares de Bello Trojana (V. G. C. 7.) 

See Ditto et Darete. 

Diderot, (D.) Correspondance Allemande. (Grimm.) 37 

Dies, Picaia Giustina. See Ubeda. 

Diet of Poland. See De Foe. 

Dieij (J. >L the Empecinado,) Military Exploits of. 36 

Different Widows, The, Comedy. (O. P. 15.) 219 

Difficulties, Ac. of stud, the Scriptures. (P.S.T. 2.) 135 

Digby,(LordG.) Defeat of; by theScots.l645.(T.35.)61 

Digges's (Sir D.) Compleat Ambassador. . 23 

(Leonard) Gerardo, the Unfortunate Spaniard. Ill 

Prognostication Everlasting. . 124 

Dilke^(C.W.)01dPlay8 ; contin. of Dodslcy'sColL 209 

(Thomas) Lover'* Luck, Comedy. (O. P. 19.) 220 

Dillingham's (Bev. Dr. W.) Sir F.Vere'a Comment. 187 
Dillon, (John) Hamilton's Lanarkshire and Benfr. 280 

"9 (J.G.) Conaid. onBoyalMarriageAct(P.T.l.)312 

(Bev. B. C.) Lord Mayor's Visit to Oxford. 193 

Duna, (San, II Buon Ladrone) Vita di. 
Dinan, a Bomance. 

Dingley's (Bobert) Deputation of Angels. 
Dionysii Halic. Hist Bomana, Gelenii. 
Diplomatarium Ama-Magnaeanum. 
Direction to a Painter. (T. 7.) 
Diiectoire Executid See Thibaudeau. 
Diseases of Bath, a Satire. (P. P. 18.) 
D' Israeli'* (I.) Character of James I. 
>— . Calamities of Authors. 

— Literary Character illustrated. 
..-.. Curioiities of Literature. 

— Quarrels of Authors. 
Diurnal of Bemarkable Occurrents. 1513-75. 
Ditto et Daiete, Guerra Trojana, da Porcacchi. 
Diversarum Gent Hist Antiq. Script Tres. 
Divorce, The Fatal, a Tragedy. (T. O. P. 18.) 



Dixmerie, Voyage d' Espagne. (V. I.) . 45 

L' Isle Tadtume. ( V. I.) 45 

L' Isle Enjou^. (V. I.) . . 45 

Dobie's (James) Examination of Crawfurd'* Claim. 264 
Dob8on,(Edward) Articles of Treason against (T. 1 1 .) 60 
Dodd, (Bev. Dr.) See Dialogue. 

(Bev. W.) Funerals of Edward VI. . 275 

Doddington's (Bubb, Lord Melcombe) Diary. 255 

Doddridge's (Bev. Dr. P.) Life of Colonel Gardiner. 97 
— Two Sermons at Northampton, Feb. 1746. 9B 
Dodsley's (Bob.).Chron. of Kings of Eng. (J. T. 3.) 129 

Travels of Tom Thumb. . 249 

Poems. (E. P.) ... 42 

Annual Begister. . 32i» 

Fugitive Pieces, by several Authors. 204 

Collection of Poems. . . 16a 

Collection of Old Plays. . 208 

See Ancient British Drama. 

Dodwell's (Edward) Tour through Greece. 239 

Dog-Breaking, Observations on. Floyd. . Ill 

Dogs, Sporting. See Sportsman's Cabinet 
DoggefS (Thomas) Country Wake, Com. (O. P. 20.) 220 
Dolamy's Primerose. See Baynold. 
Domestic Economy, Philosophy of. See Sylvester. 
Dom Banucio d' Aletes, Historic de. . 20<) 

Don, a Poem. .... 18 

Quixote. Sec Cer>'ante8. Avcllaneda. 

Bodrigo, Historia verdadera del Bey. 121 

Donaldson's (H.) Sketch of Lord Kinedder. (P.T. 4.) 389 

(J.) PUl for Pork-Eaters. (T.) . 1 8 

Doncaster, History of Deanery of. See Hunter. 
Donean Tourist, by Laing. ... 23 

Donellan, (Capt J.) Trial of, for Murder. (T. 3.) 29G 
Donne's (Dr. John) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

First and Second Anniveraaric, &c. 107 

Life, by Walton. (W. L.) . . 193.257 

Dons des Enfims de Latone. See Serr£ de Bieux. 
Doolin de Mayence. . . . 105 

von Mainz, Bitteigedichte. . . 103 

Doppet, (G^tfral) Memoires. . 324 

Dorsefi (SackviUe, R of,) Poems. (E.P.)42.(W.C.A) 1 68 

(Mrs.) Peacock at Home. 193 

(St. John) Montezuma, Tragedy. 209 

Double Descent, a Poem. (O. P. 2.) 157 
Douce, (Francis) Arnold's Chronicle. 28 
niustiationsofShakspeare. 210 



Douglas, or the Field of Otterburn. . 335 

Douglas. See Home. Wilson. 

and Angus Houses, History of. See Hume. 

(David) Fall of Constantinople. 179 

Visions of Taste. . . . 179 

(Lady Elinoi) Appeal o£ . . 62 

(Bishop Gawin) VirgU's iEneis. . 12 

Palice of Honour. . . . 277 

(Sir George) Life and Death at, by Fowler. 229 

L (Sir Howard) Naval Gunnery. . 298 

Statement, &c on Breaking the Line.(T.&P.2.)345 

Review of, (from Edin. Review.) . 298 

(Sir Robert) Peerage of Scotland. . 1 1 

Baronage of Scotland. . . 11 

(Rev. Robert) Observations on Oaths, (a T. 2.) 19 

(R. K.) Scottisli Poems and Songs. . 163 

Down, County, History of. See Smith. 
Downefal of Temporising Poets, &c. (T. 1.) 59. 128 
Downcb^s (J.) Roscius Anglicanus. . 209 

Downing's (CI.) History of Indian Wars, &c 26 

Dowriche's (Rev. H.) Jaylor's Conversion. 75 

Drake's (Dr. Jas.) Anc and Mod. Stages Surveyed. 224 

Historia Anglo-Scotica. . . 8 

Memoirs of Earl of Leicester. . 258 

Memorial of Church of England. (T. 6.) 293 

(Dr. X.) Essays on Tatlcr,Spectator,Guardian. 1.04 

Rambler, Idler, &c 

Shakspearc and his Times. 

Dmma, Ancient and Modem, British. 

English, purified, by Plumptre. 

Letter on Present State of the, (D. P. 4.) 

Drapier's Club, Hue and Cry after. (I. M. 7.) 

Drayton's (Michael) Poems. (E. P.) 

— Polyolbion. .... 

Works. .... 

Dreams, General History oL 

and Visions, Treatise of. See Tryon. 

Dreghom's (Maclaurin, Lord) Philos. Opera. (T.) 

Parody on Gray's Elegy. (P. P. 3.) . 

Drennan's (Dr. W.) Fugitive Pieces. 
Dre8serus,(M.)DeFe8ti8DiebusChr.Jud.etEthn. 137 
Drinking, Law of. See Brathwait (R.) 
Driver's (H. A.) Arabs, a Tale. 

Afarct lio, and other Poemt, 

Drolleries. See Brome, (Al.) Westminster. 
Drummer of Tedworth, Story of. Comedy. && 
Drununond's (Rev. John) Case of Ensign Oswald. 








Drummond'b (Rev. R. H.) Town Eclogue. (T. 1.) 79 
~^— (Abp. of York) Sermons on Public Occasions. 292 

(William, of Hawtbomden) Works, by Sage. 11 

Polemo-Middinia, Essay on, trans, by J. C. (T. 7.) 82 

Poems. (E. P.) ... 42 

Poems. (M.C.) . 281 

(Rev. Dr. W. H.) First Book of Lucretius. 164 

Giant's Causeway. Poem. . 167 

Drunkards, Warning to. See Hart. 

Drunken Bamaby'fe Joumies. See Brathwaite. (R.) 

Drury's (Robert) Captivity in Madagascar. 

(Rev. H.) Cocke Lorell'S Boat 

Life of St Robert of Knaresborough. 

Drjden's (John) Poems. (E. P.) 

Poems, (12.) early editions. 

Poems by. (C. P.) . 


Absalom and Achitophel. (I. M. 13. & P. P. 1.) 304 

Eleonora. (P. P. C.) . . . 30.5 

Miscellany Poems, 203. (and Nichols.) 194 

Life of Lucian. ( W.) . 203 

Conquest of Granada, Three Tracts against 211 

Sixteen Plays, Tracts, &c. . 218 

(and Howard's) Indian Queen. (P. 2.) 215 

Viigil, (E. P. 42.) ... 227 

— Milboume's Notes on. 203 

Juvenal and Persius. (E. P.) . 42 

Alexander's Feast (P. P. 12.) . 230 

Absalon et Achitophel. (P. 2.) 189. (R. T. 1 6.) 286 

Works, and Life, by Sir Walter Scott 231 

(Jn. jun.) Husband his own Cuckold. (D. P.5.) 218 

Voyage to Sicily and Malta. 1700. . 255 

(J.) Appian's Histor}-. . . 262 

Dublin HistSoc. andFellowsof T.C.Tran8.(D.T.2.)215 

Dunces, Libel on. Epistle to Dunkin. (I. M. 9.) 304 

Conjuror. See Har\'ey. 

St Patrick's Hospital, Charter o£ (T.) 16 

Stove Tenter House, &c (D. P. 1. 2.) 313 

City, Phm of. ... 314 

Gaelic Society, Transactions ofl 315 

Weekly Gazette, 28th Sept 1816. (D. P. 2.) 313 

See Mason. Wright 

Dubois, Le Jaloux Tromp€, Com^die. (F. F. 6.) 117 

(Edward) Essay on Histor>' of Whittington. 133 

My Pocket Book. ... 182 

Mcnnis and Smith's Poems. . . 172 

Dubourdieu, James, Adventures and Deliverances ot 43 
Du BrcUil Pom^ Treite du Cavalier. . 119 



Letters of. 


Duca, (Angelo del) Prodezzeed Impresc. (S.N.I.4.) 340 i Dundee, (.T. G. Viscount) Memoirs of. (^lis. Scot) 7. 20 
Ducange, Glosfiariuin med. et inf. Liitinitatis. 251 

Glofsarium med. et inf. GraecitatiK. . 251 

Hirt. de Constantinople, sous les Frany. (B. C.)50 

Ducerceau, Contes ct Nouv. en vers. . Wii 

Duchesnii (And.) Hist. Normannorum Scriptores. 



Duchess, The Unfortunate. (T. 2.) . 135 

Ducbesse de Afedo, Nouvelle. . . 47 

Ducis, Deseze's Eloge of, translated. (P. D. 10.) 345 

Duck's (Dr. A.) Life of Archbishop Chichelc. 257 

Duclos, (M^moires.) (P. G.) . . 50 

Acajou et Zirphile. (C. F.) . . 45 

Duelling, Dissertation on, by Hey. (M. T. 1.) 312 Dunn's 3Iap of Celest and Terrest. Hemisphere. 260 
Duels, Hist of. See Selden. Paris de Puteo. Maas^. Dunois's (Countess) Court of Charles II. . 244 
Du FaU, (Noel) Contes et Disc, d' Eutiapel. 1 19 j Dunstan, (Sir Jeffrey) Fugitive Pieces of. ICl 
Balivemeries. Contes nouveaux d' Eutrapel. 166 [ Dunton's (Jn.) Athenian Oracle. 138. Ath. Sporta. 138 

DundonaldXA., E. of) Ans. tomist. ab.Coutts.(M.4.)ni3 
Dunfermline, History of. See Femie. Mercer. 
Dunkeldensium Episcoporum Vitae. See Myln. 
I)unkeldiensi5 Ponti% Comp. Mag. Fabrice. 
Dunkirk, Relation of taking of. (Mor. Mem.) 
Dunhip's (W.) Memoirs of C. B. Brown. . 

Memoirs of G. F. Cooke. 

Dimlop's (James) Papers rel. to Scottish Archers. 201 

(Jolin) History of Fiction. . .191. 334 

Poems on several occasions. . 1 92 


Duff, (of Muirtown) CuUoden Papers. . 3 

Duffett's (T.) Mock Tempest (Dr}d- 6.) . 218 

Dafresne, (A.) Samuel Harcourt. . 41 

Dufresnoy (L.) Hist de la Philosophie Hermetique. 140 
Dugdale'fc (Sir W.) View of the Troubles in Eng. 252 
Duguay Trouin, Mtfmoires. (P. C.) . 50 

Du Gu^ Trouin's Memoirs. . 238 

Duke of Mantua, Tragedy. . . 211 

Duke's (Richard) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Dumas, (G^n.) Prifcis des Ev^emens Militaires. 324 
Dumfries Remonstrance, §c. 1650. (T. 7.) . 62 

Dumfries-shire, Agric Rep. of. 30 1 .Crawford's Map of. 2 60 
Du Moulin's Advan.of Ch. of Eng. tow. Rome.(T.4.)287 

(Dr. P.) Problemes cone. Religion. (T. 5.) 62 

Dumouriez, (Gen.) M^moires. . . 324 

Duncan's (Rev. Alex.) History of Revolution, 1688. 8 

Preservative against Infidelity. . 81 

Devout Communicant . . 292 

(Dr. A.) Carminum Macaronicorum Delectus. 190 

Viper and File, im. from Phaedrus. ( P. & P. 9.) 1 92 

Edinburgh Monumental Inscriptions. 201 

Letter on Lunatic Asylums. (T.) . 14 

(Richard) Literary History of Glasgow. 280 

Dunciad, The New, 1741. . 1 82 

Dundas, (Ja.) Inform, ag. 13. Inform, for. (T.) 13 

Speech for, in case of Imp. (T.) 15. (P. 3.) 308 

(John) Acts of General Assembly abridged. 68 

Process agalqst Alexander Bell of Linlithgow. 97 

(President) Present State of Scotland. 18, 93 

(Robert) Mclvill's Diary. . . 279 






England's Vanity. 

Frank Scammony. 

Ladies' Dictionary. 

Life and Errors. 

3Ierciful Assizes. 

Neck or Nothing. Letter to CurlL 

Preaching Weathercock. 

Dupin, (Bar. C.) Voyages dans la Gmnde Bretagne. 267 

Mtfm. sur la Marine, ^c. d'Angleterre. 

Lettre sur Racine et Shakspeare. 





Dundee, Statistical Account of. See Small. 

Duppa's (R.) Life of Michael Angelo. 

Memoirs of Richard Glover. 

Durand de Maillane, Mc^moires. 

D'Urfcy's (Tom) Pills to Purge Mehincholy. 

I'ourteen Plaj-s. 

Durham, Hist of. See Raine. Rud. Surtecs. Bartlet. 

(Rev. James) Blessedness of Death, &c. 69 

Testament to Church of Scotland. . 75 

Dusaulx, Mdmoires sur la Bastille, . 323 

Dutch Prayer Book, . . • ^^-'^ 

Dutens, (Rev, L.) Tables gen. des Ileros de Romans. 105 


Duval, (A.) Edouard en Ecosse. (P. D. 5.) 
Duvillurs, (Baron) Mtfmoires. (P. C.) f 

Dyce's (Rev. A.) Greene's Dramatic Works. 

Webster's Works. 

Fletcher's Humorous Lieutenant. 

Peele's Works. 

Dyche and Pardon's English Dictionary. 
Dyer's,(Geo.of Exeter) Ancient Modes of Names,&c. 1 56 
(John) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

381 3C 


E. (T.) Christ only Exalted. (S. & T. 10.) 292 

Eachard'8(Dr.)CoQtempt of Clergy, Ana. to. (E.T.2.)250 
Eadmeri Historia Novonim, Seldeni. . 27 

Earlston^s (Lady) Soliloquies, &c. . 71 

Eartham, an Epistle to a Lady. . . 165 

Earthquake in Jamaica, 1 692, Letters on. (T. 11.) 74 
Ea&tburn's Yamoyden, Tale of Wars of K. PhUip. 180 
East India Co.'s Monopoly, Q. as to ren. ot (P.T.2.) 312 
Eaton and Taylor's Def. of Congrega. Way. (T. 25.) 285 

(Mrs.) Rome in the 19th Century. . 256 

Eccentric Biography. . . . 184 

Female Biography. . . 134 

Magazine. See Laing. 

Echard's (L.) Terence's Comedies. 227 

Eclipse, (L') ou V Effet dcs Astrcs. (F. F. 2.) 117 

Echo dcs Salons dc Paris, 1 1 4- 1 5. . 325 

Edda, Den iEldre, ved. F. Magniissen. . 86 

Snoironis, Isl. Dan. Lat ReseniL 99 

Eddius. (G. et F.) ... 27 

Eden's (Sir F.) Brontes. Canto to Nelson. (P.& P.2.) 1 92 

(R.) Arte of Navigation. See Curtis. 

(W.) Letters to Lord Carlisle, 1 779. (M. T. 5.) 812 

Edgcumb's (Sir R.) Voy. to Ireland in 1488.(H.Hib.)24 1 
Edge HiU, or Family of Fitz Royals. 
Edgworth's (Maria) Popular Tales. 

Moral Tales. . 

Tales of Fashionable Life. 


Harrington and Ormond. 

Comic Dramas. 

(R. L.) Memoirs. 

Edinburgh Annual Register. 

Law Journal. (S. L. T. 13.) 

■ Magazines. 

Philosophical Journal. 

Journal of Science. 

Review of Sir H. Douglas's Pamphlet 

323. 329 

— Calumnies of, agt Oxford refiit See Coplestone. 

— Calumnies of, on Pitt refuted. (P. P. 3.) 313 

— Lord Elgin's Letter to Editor o£ (T. 1 .) 1 90 

— Att on Erskine'h Speeches, Exp. of. (P.l 1.) 192 

— PoUticks o^ in 1807. (P. 5.) . 812 
— Jeffrey "kRep. to Thelwall'b Letter to.(S.T.2.) 80 
Gazetteer, or Geographical Dictionary. 303 
Miscellany, Poems, &c. 21. 161 
Plans o^ by Kirkwood, Gordon, &c. . 260 
Twelve Etchings of. See Peterson. 

Edinburgh, Craftsman'^ Banner of. . 

Dancing Assembly, Letter on. 

Fire in 1700, Sermon on. See Scott. 

Fires in 1824, Views of. 

, Report on Sufferers by. (S. T. 1.) 

.; , Letter to Haldane on. (S. T. 2.) 



Friendly Insurance, Articles of. (P. T. 22.) 

Fugitive Piece?. See Creech. 

Int of, to elect Mr. F, Member of P. (O. T. 2.) 284 

Improvements in 1823, Account of. . 299 

Luckenbooths, Cause of taking down. (T.) l.^ 

Merchant's Maiden Hospital, Rules of. (P. 4.) 305 

Oil Gas Company's Act of Parliament 270 

Outlines of, and other Poems. . 10 

Presbytery, Admon. agt Douglas. (D. T. 10.) 10 

Prophetical Warnings to. . . 7'A 

Three Pamphlets respecting, in 1745-46. 97 

Society for Irish Education, Report (D.P. 1 1 .) 31 3 

Sett of James VI. for Government of. (T. 4.) 70 

Town Council, Acts for ditto, 1683. (T. 5.) 70 

Town C. Regul., 1 784, Rem. on. ( P. T. 37.) 311 

Town Council, Protests in, 1741. (P. T. 29.) 31 1 

Turnpike Act, Letter respecting. (P. T. 33.) 81 1 

Trials for Murder, &c. in Streets of. . 152 

University, Historj' of. See Bower. 

University, Gratulatory Address to. See Robb. 

See Amot Heriot Holyrood. Maitland. Chambers. 

Edmar and Elwinna. . . . ] 7(> 

Edmonstone's (Dr. A.) State of Zetland Isles. 1 9 

Edmundes's (CI.) Observ. on Caesar's Commentaries. 1 40 
Edward the Martyr, King, Ballad. See Rose. 

III., History ot. See Barnes. 

by Daniel. (C. H.) . . . 249 

IV., Habmgton's History of. (C. H.) 249 

v.. Sir T. Mere's History of. (C. H.) 249 

VI., Sir J. Hayward's History of. (C. H.) 249 

Funeralles of. 1560. . . 275 

Edwards, (Rev. Jon.) Life of David Brainerd. 71 

(Miss) Miscellanies. . . 164 

(Rev. Th.) Gangraena, Catalogue of Heresies. 83 

Answer to, by CiK>odwin. 88 

'Edwin and Anna, a Northumbrian tale. 112 

(John) Eccentricities of. • . 209 

*& Last Legacy, Oddities, Songs, &c. 161 

Egan's (Pierce) Boxiana. . 135 

Sporting Anecdotes; . . . 135 

Trial of ThurteU and Hunt (P. W. M. 4.) 296 



Effer, Sir, Sir Graham^ i Sir Cfray'Steel.{E,M.PA2.) 104 

TranscHpt/romEdiium of 1711. . 108 

Egerton, (Lord Chanc.) Life of, by Ld. Bridgewater. 230 

(Loid Fr.) Goethe's Faust, &c. . 199 

—i.. Translations from the German. . 199 

Hemani, translated from V. Hugo. . 199 

...» (John) Theatrical Remembrancer. . 208 

( W.) Memoirs of Mrs. Oldfield. (M. T. 7.) 224. 1 30 

Eglintoun, (Earl of) Trial of Campbell for Murd. of 297 
Eglisham's (Dr. George) Forerunner of Revenge. 62 
Egloghe Boscherecce Ital. (P. 1. 1 6.) . 55 

EgyUi Skallagrimii Vita. . . . 100 

Egypt, History of! (A. U. H. 1. a M. U. H. 11.) 205-6 

See Miot. Passalaoqua. Salt Sherer. Wilson. 

Ei»ff B»rsXi«f|. See Charles I. Wordsworth. 

— . )tvrff «. See Charles II. 

Einersen, (H.) Kongs-Skugg-sio. Speculum Regale. 63 
Elcho's (Lord) Ace, o/Afairt in 5t»tf and, 1744-46. (T.)23 
Eldin, (John Clerk, Lord) Clerk's Etchings. 261 

Election Procedure of Scots Representadre Peers. 33 
Elegy on Trottin' Nanny. (P. P. 2.) . 163 

EUgin Literary Magazine. . • 227 

"B (Earl oO Letter to Edit of Edin. Rev. (T. 1.) 190 

Elibank's (Lord) Letter to Lord Hailes. . 5 

. Elich, (P. L.) Daemonomagia. • • 141 

Elizabeth, Royne d* Angleterro, Vie de. . 24 

_ (Q.) Declaration of Campion^ Treason against 58 
-^— Progresses and Processions of. See Nichols. 

and Earl of Essex, Secret History ot 109 

See Birch. Digges. Forbes. Naunton. Osborne. &c 

Elliot's (Rev. R.) Detached Verses. (P. P. 3.) 194 
Ellis'9 (George) Spec, of Early English Poets. 105 
^^-^ Spec, of Early English Metrical Romances. 105 
^^^ CoUeeHon of Metrical Romances. • 105-6 

(and Way's) Fabliaux, from Legrand. 18 

(Sir H.) Journal of Embassy to China. 239 

(Sir H. of Brit Mus.) Fabyan's Chronicle. 27 

.^.- Hardyng's Chronicle. • • 27 

— Letters illustrative of English History. 236 

Tract on Border Topography. (T. A. &c 8.) 338 

-..-. (W.) Tour through HawaiL . . 31 

~-^^ Stewart's Residence in Sandwich Islands. 238 
Elphinstone's (Hon. M.) Account of CaubuL 239 

Elwes, (John) Life of, by Topham. . 135 

Elys'b (Edm.) Observations on Books. (S. T. 68.) 307 
Emblems. See Aldat Burton. Wither. 
Emigration from Unit Kingdom, Third Report on. 270 

Empecinado, The. See Diez. 

Empires, East and West, Hist of. (A. U. H. 14. 1 5.)20G 
Encyclopaedia Britannica : Supplement, by Napier. 265 
Endtcr, (J. A.) Theatrum Sympatheticum. J 33 

England, (Dick and Captain) Life of. . 152 

England, Chronicle of Kings of. See Dodsley. 

, Affection of People of, best Secur. &c. (P.T.7) 308 

, Answer to. . . (P. T. 6.) 88. 308 

, Grand Concernment of, 1659. (T. 12.) 62 

, DecUr. of Commons of, 1648. (M. T. 2.) 288 

. Declar. of Civil Wnrs in. (T. 12.) . 



^ Deliverance of, from Northern Presbytery. 

- and France, Social Life of. See Berr}'. 
^ Free State of People of (M. T. 23.) . 
-, Hist (Short) of Kings of. (T. 21 .) . 
^ History of,to Peace of Paris. (M.U.H. 39. 40.) 207 
^ Present Interest of, 1683. (T. 3.) . 284 
-, Interest of maintained. (T. 57.) . 61 
^ Sixth Letter to People of, 1 757. . 93 
■, Miseries o^ from domestic Enem. (O. P. 1 1.) 157 
-, National Excellencies of See Heath. 

-, State of, in 1588. ... 97 

^ State of Nation. 1747-1748. . . 93 

-, Three Treaties betwixt, and Scotland. (T. 30.) 61 
-, Warning to, 1698. (T. 10.) . . 70 

-, Worthies of. See Anglorum. Fuller. Winstanley. 
-'s Parnassus. See Allott 

- Pressures. See Smith. 

- Remembrancer. Pari. Vict (T. 4. 19.) 

- Reformation, a Poem. 

- Summons, 1654. 

- Vanity, Pride in Dress and AppareL . 

- Helicon. (M. A. P. 12.) (B. B. 3.) . 






English Adventures, by a Person of Honour. 116 

Clergy, Principles and Pract of,1710. (P.T.4.) 308 

Gentleman's Travels to Rome. . 133 

Friend's Stanzas to Spanish Patriots. (P. 1.) 1 87 

Phrases and Epithets, Specimen of . 1 88 

Rogue, Meriton Latroa. See Head. 

Swindler, Adventures of the. . 130 

The, in Italy. ... 335 

Englishman, The. Sequel to the Guardian. 316 

Engraved Portraits, Prints & Drawings,Portfolio8 of. 380 
Enthusiasm, Danger of Epistle to Quakers. (T. 4.) 78 
Entretiens des Voyageurs. ... 35 

Epaphroditus and Epaphras, Conf betw. (T. 11. 12.) 67 
Epics of the Ton, a Poem. . . 192 



Epicteti Enchiridion, BlancardL ( V.G.C. 5. 8.) 2*24. 225 ; EaeajB upon Modem Gallantry. 


Episcopacy, Antiq. and Neceaaity of. (C. T. 7.) 290 
Episcopal Clergy of Scotland, Tracto leL to, (1G90.) 83 

Queries and Protestation of, (1703.) 290. (T. 4.) 84 

Case of. and Remarks upon. (C. T. 1 1 . 1 3.) 290 

Epistle to A. Pope from South Carolina (P. P. 7.) 263 

to the Public, a Poem. (T. P. M. 7.) . 16 

on Uscand Improvement of the Stage. (P.P.28.) 263 

Epistolae Ecclesiasticae et Theologicae. . 270 

Obscurorum Virorum. See Huttcn. 

Epithalamium on Marriage of Rochfort. (I. M. 3.) 304 
Equitable Assurance Society, D. of Sett & Bye Laws. 32 
Era8mi(Des.)Colloquia.Schrev.(V.L.C. 17.) 226.228 
Erasmus's Colloquies. . . . 139 

Erizzo, (Seb.) Le Sci Giomate. . . 121 

Ernst, (Herzog) Historic vom. . . 53 

Erskine's (Hon. A.) Town Eclogue. (F. S.) 69 

(Sir D.) Mary Q. of Scots. . . 166 

Airyfonnia.(V. P. P.4.) . . 342 

(Re?. ElKjn.) Three Sermons. (T. 2. 3. 4.) 66 

Viper shaken off. (T. 6.) . . 66 

Five Sermons. (F. S.) . . 69 

Sermon on Good Works. (T. 4.) . ^ 70 

Cr}' from the Dead. Ghost of Mr. Guthrie. 76 

Coll. of Sermons at renewing Covenant. 74 

Acts of General Assembly resp. 1733. (P.T.35.) 31 1 

(John) Institute of Law of Scotland. 264 

Principles of Law of Scotland. . 294 

(Rev. Dr. John) Letters of Comfort, &c. (T. 2.) 81 

(Rev. Ralph) FAegy on Mr. Cuthbert. 65 

Elegy on Mr. Hamilton. . . 65 

(T. Lord)Speeche^Exp.of Att.on.(P.& P.ll.) 192 

, ( Wm. Lord Kinedder) Sketch of. (P. T. 4.) 839 




Eschenbach, (Wolf von) Das Heldenbuch. 100 

Eschenburg, (J. J.) Denkm. Altd. Dichtkunst. 54 

Espana, Sumario de los Reyes de, por Llaguno. 48 
Esquemeling's Hist, of Bucaneers of America. 127. 140 
Essay on Capocity and Genius. See Mitchell. 

on Conversation. (P. P. 14.) . . 263 

on the vicious Bent,&c. of the Times. (P.P.22.) 263 

on Design and Beauty. (P. P. 8.) . 312 

on Gibing. (M. T. 1.) 238 

on Misc. of giving Fortunes wt.Women.(M.T.3.)238 

Essays on Nobility, SUitc of Britain, &c. (P. P. 27.) 263 

-, ( Wm.) Memoirs of Muhammetl Babor. 
-, Letter /i-om Dr. Leydeu to (3/. C 7.) . 
- (Sir ) History of Innes Family. . 

Essex, (Robert, Earl of) Proceedings on Divorce of. 58 

(Ro. E. oO Letter from, to Essex Gentry. (T.6.) 60 

Paper on resigning his Commission. (T. 31.) 61 

(Arthur, Earl of) Tracts (5) on Murder of. 58 

Champion, Sir Billy of Billericay. . 104 

Witches, Ex.Conf. and Arr. of (T.l I.) 148. (2.)151 

Evil Spirit, Narmtive of. • . 148 

Estcourt'8(Rich.) Fair Example, Com. (O. P. 21.) 220 
Estoile, (Pierre de V) 3I^moire9. (P. C.) 
Etherege, (Sir Geo.) Poems. (C. P.) 
Three Comedies. 





Etrennes do la Saint Jean. (R. F. 1.) 

Eugene, (Prince) not the Man you took him for. 

*8 Success in Italy. Essay on. (O. P. 12.) 

Eugenie, orVirtuouF and Hap. Life,a Poem.( PP.26.) 268 
Eugenius Philalethcs. See Vaughan, (Thoe.) 
Eunsou^s (Geo.) Ancient and Pres. State of Orkney. 15 
Europe, Ancient, Histoiy of. (A. U. H. 16. 17.) 20<; 

Complete Historj- of, 1676-1699. . 302 

Militar}- History of, 1739-1740. Biggs. 302 

Letter on the Danger of, 1718. (S. T. 26.) 302 

Dangers of, from Power of France. (T. 10.) 285 

Eutrapel. See Du Fail. 

Eutropii Historia Komaiia. (V. L. C. 18.) . 226 

Evans's (T.) Old Ballads. . . . 172 

(R. H.) Old liallads . . 1 72 

Aikin on Song-writing. . 1 73 

Ilakluyt's Early VoyagCi*. . . 28 

Evelyn's (John) Silva : Discourse of Forest Trees. 240 

Memoirs, by Bray and Upcott. . 240 

Eveque, (Mad. V) Prince des Aigue«- Marines. (V. I.) 45 

Prince Invisible. (V. I.) . . 45 

Everard's (Dr.) Hermes Trismcgistus, &c. . l(»a 

(E. C.) Memoirs. . . . 20f» 

Ewart's (Rev. John) Lectures on the Psalms. 292 

Examination of Way of teaching Latin to children. 102 
Excerpta Scotica. See Maidment. 
Exercise of Foot and Dragoons, 1 693. 

Horse, Foot and Dragoons, 17ir». 

Exeter, Surrender of, 1643. (T. 8. 9.) 
Exmouth's (Lord) Expedition to Algiers. 
Extravagant Shepherd, an Anti Romance. 

Wit, or English Swindler. 

EvnattcTi, M.inuale Exorcismonim. . 

Eyrbiggia Saga. 

Eyre's ( E. J.) Lady of the Lake. 




S(H? Salami. 








Faber's Sketch of Internal State of Fiance, 1 H 1 1 . 36 
Fabliaux. See Barbazan. Legnuid. Way. 

Fabre d* Olivet, Le Troubadour. . . 120 

Fabri (Bas.) Thesaurus ErudiL Scholasticae. 26*5 

Fabyan^B Chronicle, by Ellis. . . 28 

Faoetiae : Frischlini, Bebelii, et Poggii. . J 1 6 
Faceties Fian9oises. 

Fane's, (Sir F.) Sacritice, Tragedy. (O. P. 23.) 
j Fanshawe*B (Lady) Memoirs, by Nicholas. 
Fanshaw's (R.) Guarini^s Pastor Fido. 
Farces, Ancieunes et Alodemes. 
British. See British Drama. 

See Debes. 

Fare, (Marq. de la) Memoires, (P. C.) 
117. 119 . Farewell to Time. See Wright. 
FacUon Disphiyed, by Stote. (O. P. 1 7.) 1 57. (P. P.6.) 304 I Faroe Islands, Short Account of. . 
Fdden's General Atlas. . . . 330 

Map of Scotland. ... 302 

.: Plan of London, 1797. . 315 

Map of 20 miles round London, 1 8U0. 315 

Map of Albany Dist., Cape of Good lIoi)e. 3 J 8 




Fail, Noel du. See Du Fail. 

Fagnan, Minet-Bleu et Louvctte. (C. F.) 

Fain, (Baron) 3Ianu8crit du 1012. 

MS. del 01 3. 1814. 

Manuscript of 1814. 

2G. 246 
60. 61 



Fairfax, (Thos. Lord) Memorials of. 

Proceedings of Army of. (T. 9. 20-23.) 

Relation of Victor}- at Wakefield. (T. 13.) CO 

Letter of, on K.'s Removal fr. Holmby. (T. 15) 60 

See Sprigge. 

(Edward) Tasso's Godfrey of Boulogne. 187 

Fairclough's(Rev. U.) Relation of Essex Witches. 148 
Fair Play, Case of Rev. Ur, M^Caig. See M'Caig. 87 
Fair Wanderer : Adventures of Ethelinda,(B.T. 17.)310 
Fairies, Account of the. Sec Kirke. 
Fairy Mythology. See Keightlcy. 
Faith *8 Telescope. Views of Time and Eternity. 1 62 
Faithful General, Tragedy. (O. P. 16.) . 217 

Falco, (B. di) Storia d' Napoli. (V. L.) . 268 

Falconer, (John) Art of Secret Information. 140 

, Capt. Rich., Voyages, Adventures, 6cc. of. 44 

'8 (W.) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Shipwreck, by Rev. Dr. J. 8. Clarke. 197 

Marine Dictionary, by Dr. Burney. 266 

Falkirk, Battle of. Address to News-Writers on the. 97 

Falle's (P.) Account of Jersey. 

Falls of Clyde. Sec Clyde. 

False Accusers Accused, 1741. (C. O. P. 4.) 

Brother, The. New Map of Scotland. 

Patriots' Confession. (P. P. 25.) 





Fidstiiff, (Sir John) Letters of. See Bate Dudley. 
Family Worsliip, Address of Assoc. Synod on. (S. 5.) 293 

Fanc's(Sir F.) Love iu the Dark, Comedy. (O.P.22.)220 . Fendon, Contes et Fables. (C. F.) 


Farquhar's (Geo.) Seven Plays. . , 

Love and Business, &c. 

Fasano, (Gab.) Gerusalemme del Tasso. (P. N.) 
Fasciculus Temporum. Dutch Translation. 
Fashionable Lover, Comedy. (O. P. 17.) 
Fatal Divorce, Tragedy. (O. P. 18.) 

Friendship, or Drunkard's Misery. ((). P. 24.) 157 

Vesper, The, 26th Oct 1623. . :y9. 128 

Faublas, Chevalier de. See Louvet. 
Fauche Borel, Mcfmoires. . . 324 

Faucoiil)erg, (Lord) Ambassade en Italic. (F. T. 6.) 114 
Fauconnerie, La, par Fmnchi^res et Tardif. 103 

Faulcon, Livre de. . . . ^275 

Faulconry, Modem, Treatise of. See Camjtbell. 
Faulkland's(Visct.) Marriage Night, Trag.(0.P.3.) 214 
Faults on both Sides, and Answers. (S. T. 2-8.) 306 
Fauste, (Docteur) Hist Lament}d)le du. . 143 

r Enchanteur, Conte par Hamilton. . 46 

Faustus, ( Dr. J ohn) Life, &c. of. (Thoms. 3. 1 0.) 1 03. 1 48 
Faustin, oder d. philosoph. Jahrhundert 52 

Faustiui Alter Alexius, Scotus, &c. . 133 

Fava,(Fr.)Insignes Faussetez et Impost de.(F.T. I .) 1 1 4 
Fftvine's (A.) Theatre of Honor and Knighthood. 270 
Fawkes's (F.) Poems. (E. P.) 42 

Theocritus, 6lc. (E. P.) . 42 

Fayette, (Mad. de la) Memoires. (P. C.) 50 

Featherstonehaugh's (G. W.) Death of U;;olino. 322 
Featley's (Dr. D.) Dippers Dipt, &c. 81 

Fifes, Lcs Illustres. (C. F.) 44 

Feign'd Friendsliip, Comedy. (O. P. 19.) . 217 

Fell, (Jo.) et Gale, (T.) Hist Britann. Script. 27 

's, ( Bp.) Life of Dr. I lammond. 1 U'A 

Fellcnberg, Letti*es sur 1' Institut dc, a llofwyl. 54 

Female Rambler, Adventures of Mdlle. Janetoii. 1 15 

Sex, Edsnvs in Defence of. See Svmson. 

Fencing, Treatises on. See Hope. M*Baiie. 
Fen Countries, Desperate Design cone (T. H. 10.) 247 



Fenin, (Pierre de) M^oires. (P. C.) 
Fenn*s (Sir John) Paston Letters. . 
Fenton's (E.) Secret Wonden of Nature. 

(Elijah) Poema. (E. P.) 

Waller's Poemik 

Fei:{^*s (Rev. J.) HUlidrjr of United States. 







Ferguson's (Dr. Ad.) Morality of Stage Plays. (T.) 10 

Biographical Sketch of Col. P. Ferguson. 14 

History of Margaret, commonly called P^g. 21 

Ersh Sermon. ... 87 

Institutes of Moral Philosophy. . 301 

(Capt A.) Aoc of Persons in serv. of Chevalier. 96 

( Jas.) Astronomy Explained, by Dr. Mackay. 298 

(Rob. the Plotter,) Vind. of Pari, of Scot. 8. 18 

History of the Revolution. (P. T. 6.) 

(Robert) Poems, by Dr. Irving. 

(Dr, Rob.) History of Insects. (M. F. L.) 

Feme's (John) Blazon of Gentrie. . 
Femie's, (Rev. John) History of Dunfermline. 
Ferrari o, (G.) Romanzi di Ca>'alleria, &c 
Ferriar's (Dr. R.) Bibliomania. (M. O. 31.) 
Illustrations of Sterne. 






Ferronius et Freigius de R. G. Grallorum. . 
Ferumbrcu.{E, M, B.7.) 
Feude Joye on Vict, of Schellcnb. & Bl. (O. P. 23.) 157 
Fian, (Dr.) Damnable Life of. (Web. T.) 150. 275 
Fiddes's (Dr. E.) Life of Cardinal Wolsey. 268 

Fidentio, ( ) Poesie. (P. I. 25.) . 55 

Fielding's (Henry) Joseph Andrews. — ^Tom Jones. — 
Amelia,— Jonathan Wild. (B. N. L.) . 63 

Works, by Murphy and Chalmers. . 1 88 

Case of Bosavem Penlez. . . 1 89 

Tom Thumb, a Tragedy. (P. and P. 4.) 222 

Epistle to Sir R. Walpole. (P. T. 16.) 309 

Voyage dans 1' autre Monde. (V. I.) . 45 

Fie v^, Correspondance Politique. 1815. . 326 

Fife and Kinross, Ainslie's Map oil . 260 

History of. See Sibbald. 

Chronicle of. See Lament. 

Figures in Rh^me, &c. addressed to Northumbrians. 110 
Filmer's (Dr. E.) Unr*atural Brother, Tragedy. 220. 222 
Finch's Vind. of Foster's Ace. of Lord Kilmarnock. 96 
Finett's Finetti Philoxenisy by Howell. , 25 

Finglass's (Pat) Bfeviateofgettingof Irel.(H.Hib.) 241 
Finlay '8 (John) ScotUsh Ballads. . . 175 

Wallace, -or, Vale of Ellerslie. . 1 75 

(K.) Selections from unpublished MSS. 2r:3 

Finlayson's (John) Marches Day, Dram. Ent. 217 
Finnaei (Jo.) Liber Originum Islandiae. G3 

Fion's Choice, or Minstrel of the Sea. (I. P. 6.) 341 
Firmin'S (T.) Propos. for employing the Poor. (T. 1 1.) 24 
First Attempts at Rhyme. . • . 165 

Fruits of Australian Poetry. See Austialiaiu 

Fishes in the Ganges, Description of. See Hamilton. 
Fisher's (Rev. Jas.) Assembly's Sh. Catechism expL 65 
FisherlB Garland. 1821-1827. (A. P.) . 248 

Fitigerald'8( W.T.)Nelson'8Tomb,aPoem.(P. T. 3.) 339 

Tribute to W. Pitt. (P. P. 2.) . 348 

Battle of Waterloo. (P. P. 17.) . 343 

(G. R.) Pamphlets respecting. . 302 

Fitzherberfs (A.) Boke of Husbandly. Surveying. 110 
Fitzpatrick's (P. V.) Demosthenes at Athens. 165 

Thaumatuigus. . . . 314 

Fits Raymond, or. Rambler of the Rhine. 322 

Flagellum. Life and Death of CromwelL See Heath. 

et Fustis Daemonum. . . 144 

Flatman's (Thomas) Poems and Songs. 1 68 

Flaminio, (M. A.) Fifty Select Poems of BamariL 158 

Memoirs of. (G. M.) . . . 187 

Flanders, (Moll) Life of. See Defoe. 
Flandres, Croniques de. See Ougdegheist 
Fleckno's (R.) Enigmatical Characters. . 132 

Fleetwood's (Bp.) Papists not exc. from Throne. 88. 345 
Fleming, (Rev. J.) Rem. on distrib. of Animals. 345 

(Rev. R.) Ans. to 1st and 2d paper ot See M^Ward. 

Flemming, (Paul) Gedichte. . . 116 

Fletcher*s (And.) Speech on Limitations. (T. 12.) 82 

Political Works. . . . 16 

(Arch.) Memorial respecting Cleiks to Signet 1 86 

(Giles) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

(John) Dramatic Works, by Weber. 21 1 

Demetrius and Enanthe, by Dyce. • 163 

Faithful Shepherd. (O. P. 4.) . 212 

Pilgrim, altered by Dryden. (D. P. 4.) 218 

(Rev. J.) Stoppage of River Severn. (T. 2.) 73 

(Phin.) Poems. (E. P.) . , 42 

(R.) Martial's Epigrams. . . 112 

Fleur de BataiUes. See Doolin. 
Fleurange, (Chev. de) M^moires. (P. C.) . 49 

Fleurs, a Poem. .... 183 

Flodden, Battle of; by Lnmbe. 9. bl. leti. np. 10 

by Benson. (T. 3.) 73. 172. by Weber. 187 

Field. SeeColviU. 

Floerckius, (J. £.) De Ciimine Conjurationis Spir. 124 



Foy, (General) Guerre de la Peninsulc. . 325 

Fracastoriua, (II.) Memoirs of. {G. 31.) 187 

Fracastoro, ( ) Poctie. (P. I. 2(;.) . 55 

Fragments of Scottish History. See Dalyell. 
France, IlisUofto Loui8XIV.(M.U.H.20.2l.38.) 20G 

and Europe, Lett on Situa. of. 1015. (P. P. 6.) im 

Collection deM^moires BUT r Hist de. Petitot.49.50 

Coll. de M<5moire8 sur la Revolution de. 313-14 

Poet Roads in. ... 332 

Romance of Ilistorv of. See Ritchie. 

Franchiires (Jan des) La Fauconnerie. 103 

Francion, Comical Ilistor}- of. See Pare 

Francis's (Rev. Dr.) Horace. (E. P.) . 42 

French, Thoughts on the Impiety, &c of thc.(T. 2.) 302 

Nove^ (Three) translated by a young Lady. 13<l 

Invasions, Complete Histor}' of. (T. 1.) 87 

Protefltant^ Suffer, and Dying Words of. (T. 4.) 74 

Persecution against, 1745. 93 

Memorial concerning prcs. State of. (T. 3.) 93 

and Scots Alliance, Mem. of. See Moncreiff. 

FrtudruHtfht^ Satire airutNtt. (S. T. 1.) . 18 

Frcneau's ( P.) Poems. ... 30 

I'rerc's ( W.) Prospectus of National Work. 1 1 1 

Supplement to Fenn*8 Letters. . 28 

Freron, l^IJmoircs sur la Re-action du Midi. 324 

Fresne, (Marquis de) M(fmoires du. . 137 

(Sir Phil.) Plan of Pari. Reform. (P. P. R. 1.) 344 Friburg, Lett to Canton of, abt Pretender, &c. (T.2.) 87 

Francisci (Sti.) Seraphicae in Vitam, a Maripetro. 2(>0 Friendship's Offering, by Pringlo. 

Fronck*s (R.) Northern Memoirs. . 

Rabbi Moses, a Philosophical Treatise. 

Francklin'a (Dr. T.) Lucian*s Works. 

(Col. W.) Memoirs of General Thomas. 

Researches on the Jcvnes and Boodhists. 

Franco, ( ) Poesie. (P. I. 25.) . 
Francorum Ilistoriae Scriptores IV. 
FranklinVDr.B.) Way to Weal.GaeUndEng.(M*K.)86 
Frankenstein, by Mrs. Shelley. . . 335 

Frascr's (Jas.) Life of Simon, Lord Lovat. (T. 6.) 94 

(George) Life and Military Travels. . 246 

(Rev. J.) Treatise on Second Sight. (M. L.) 7. 150 

(Rev. Jas. of Brea,) Lawful. &c. of Separation. 68 

Memoirs of. . 

(J. B.) Kuzzilbash. 

Persian Adventurer. 

(William) Poems. (V. P. P. 8.) 

Freeboim, (J.) Eloge d' Ecosse, &c. (P. T. 9.) 

's (Robert) History of Queen Mar}'. . 

Frederick III. King of Prussia, Ans. to Manifesto of. 92 

M^moires de Brandebouig. . 46 

Souvenirs de, par Thi^beult. 37 

Frederick, King of Sweden, History of. See Voltaire. 
Freeke's (W.) Lingua Tersancta, &c. lOG 

Divine Grammar, &c. . . 106 

Freelmg, (Sir F.) Dolarny's Primerose. . 155. 275 

(H.) News from Scot 1591. Life of Dr. Fian. 275 

Informacon for Pylgrymes to Holy Londe. 276 

Contenance de la Table. . . 275 

Freeman*s (Ralph) Imperiale, Tragedy. 213 

Free Mason^ the Highway to Hell. 138 

Frcind^s (Rev. J.)Lord Peterborow'k Cond. in Spain. 259 

19 Friga Reveep of Morlaix, Life of. 

108 Frischlini (Nic.) Facetiae Selectiores. 

203 Frith's (John) Answer to Sir Thomas Bloxe. 
34. 244 j Froissardi (Joan.) Historiarum Epitome (Com.) 

240 j Froissart, (J.) Chroniques de. (B. C.) 
55 ''s Chronicles, translated by Lord Bemers. 

262 I translated by T. Johnes. 

Life, &c. by St Palaye. 

Frommann, (J. C.) Tractatus de Fasdnationc. 
Frontini Stratagemata. (S. R. M.)223.(L. C.20. 57.)22G 
Frugoni, (C. J.) Lirica. (P. I. 51.) . 56 

Poemetti. (P. 1. 49.) . . 56 

Fr)-'s (John) Pieces of Ancient Poetry. . L57 
Fualde^ Proces rcl. k V assa^sinat de. . 269 
Fugitive Pieces. See Asylum. Creech. Dodsley. 
Statesman. See Shaftesbury. 




Fuller's (Thomas) Holy State. . . 252 

History of the Holie Warre. . 252 

Comment on Ruth. . . . 139 

Church History of Britain. . . 262 

History of Cambridge University. . 262 

History of Waltham Abbey. 262 

Worthies of England. . . 29 

( W.) Real Fnth. and Moth, of Pr. of Wales. 88. 131 

Life, by himself. . . . 131 

Life and L^naccoun table Actions of. . 134 

Fullarton, (John) Hamilton's Lanarkshire. 280 

Records of the Buigh of Prestwick. . 281 

Funds, Publick, Considerations on the. (P. T. 33.) 311 

Funeral Solemnities, Accoimt ot . . 130 

FusB-Volk f Ur d. Regulamenta, &c. K. K. . 53 

Fyers*s (Col P.) Views of Loch Lomond, &c. 299 



Gaulminus, (G.) Psellus de Daemonibua. 

GaTin^s (Ant) Master-key to Popery. . 113 

Gay^ (John) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42. 194 

Trivia. .... 169 

Plays and Life. ... 194 

Beggar's Opera. (P. & P.) . 216 

Wife of Bath, Comedy. (O. P. 25.) . 220 

Gayot de Pitaval, Causes Cdibres. . 35 

Gayton*8 (Edm.) Notes on Don Quixote. . 156 

Geberis Summa perfectionis Magisterii. . 137 

Gee's (John) Foot out of the Snare. 59 

Geist Erichs von Sickingen. . 53 

Geister, Zauber, &c. Geschicbten. 52 

Gelieu's (J. de) Bee-Preserver. . 800 

Gdl's {Sir W.) Notes on the Island of Rhodes. 34 1 

Gellius. See Aulus Gellius. 

Gem, The, by Hood. . . 3*25 

Gemma, (Com.) De Naturae Divin. Cbaract 1 79 

General Assembly of Ch. of Scot Acts of;i638-49,&c. 73 

Acta of, 1646-1649. (T. 17.) . 70 

Acts of, abridged, 1688-1720. . 68 

Acte of, abridged, 1638-1828. . 294 

Reasonsfora,1638. (T. 8.) 79 

Protestations of, 1638-9. (T. 16. 17. 19.) 79 

RemonstFRnoe of, to King. (T. 18.) 60 

Committ Repr. for North of Scotland. (T. 5.) 84 

(Pretended) at Dundee (1 653) Ana. to Decl of. 81 

Babell, a Satirical Poem on, 1692. See Pitcaim. 

Queries to Seceding Ministers, 1720. (T. 5.) 74 

Acts of, cone. Seceders, 1733. (P. T. 35.) 31 1 


Overtures respecting Kirk-Sessions. (T. 1.) 67 

Proceedings of, in Professor Leslie's Case. 294 

Shorter Catechism. See Fisher. 

G^net, Idman, sur le Finois. 

Generous Usurer, The, Mr. Novell. (T. 6.) .59 

Genlis's (Countess de) Memoirs. 334 

Gennaro, (San) Viti, VirtO, e Miiacoli di. 2G8 

Genoino, (G.) Viag. Poet de' Campi Flegrei. 269 
Gent's (T.) Hist of EastWind. of York Cathedral. 257 
GentleCraft, History of the. 132 

Gentleman Farmer. See Karnes. 

, The Pretty. (D. F. P.) 204 

Gentleman's Magazine. 828 

Compleat Recreations, . 232 

Gentz, Meuria, KOniginn von Schottland. 47 

Geographia Islandica Med. Mii, See Werlauff. 

Geoponica, sive de Be Bustica. (V. G. C. 9.) 225 

(}eoige I., Sermons on the Acoeflsion o£ 80 

Vindication of his Miyesty's Govt (aT. 25.) 306 

George II., Ode for Birth-day ot (T.) . 3 

Ode, imploring the Return of; 1737. (P.P.20.) 263 

Pamphlets on the Reign of. 89-95 809-311 

Mem. of Last Ten Yean o£ See Orford. 

Geoige IIL, Celeb, of Cor. of; at Newc (N.T. 2.) 257 

Letters from, on Coronation Oath. Phillpotta. 270 

George IV., Ceremonies at Coronation ot . 156 

Celeb, of CoronaUon at Newcastle. (N.T. 2.) 257 

Letters on Visit of, to Scothind. See Simpson. 

Effusions occasioned by do. . . 23 

Soi^ and Poems on do. See Chawberf, 97 

Poems on Visit of; to Ireland. 264. 339. S4l 

Letter from, to his People. (M. £. P. 3.) 342 

Last Moments of! (H. P. T. 5.) . 343 

George-a-Green,thePindarof Wakefield. (T.9.) 103. 131 
Geoigiwicz, (B.) de Turcarum Moribus. . 115 

Geraldine, by Miss Agnew. . 335 

Gericaulfs Lithographic Subjects. 232 

German Empire, Hist of. (M. U. H. 26, 27, 3*2.) 207 

Electorates, Hist of. (M. U. H. 32, 33.) 207 

Novelists. See Roscoe. 

Poetrj', History of. Sec Taylor. 

Gkrman Princess. See Carleton (Mary.) 

Germany, Ancient History of. (U. H. 9.) 206 

Map of. See Chauchard. 

GerolimL W Nano di una Principessa. . 269 

Gertruydenbeig Negociation, Sec Hist of. (P.T. 7.) 30K 
Grervasius Dorobomensis, (Twysd.) . 27 

Tilberiensis, de Imperio Romano. . 234 

. See Brunsvicensium Rer. Script 

GerviUe, Anciens Chateaux de la Manche. 38 

Gesner's (C.) Hist of Foui>footed Beasts. SeeTopeell. 

(Sol.) Death of Abel,byCollyer. 

GestaGrayorum. Hist of Pr. Purpoole. 

Romanorum, Ancient Histories. 

Gesvrea, (Marq. de) Case of Impotency. 
Ghost Stories, Accredited. 

of Laird of Cool's Conf. with Ogilvie. 

Giannone, (P.) Storia di Napoli. 
G iant's Causeway, Guide to. See Dnunmond. Wright. 
Gibing, Essay on (M. T. 1.) . 238 
Gibbon's (Ed.) Decl. and Fall of Roman Empire. 204 
— Survey of Roman Law, with Hugo's Notes. 85 
Miscellaneous Works and Life. 1 88 




Godelmanni (J. Q.) Tract de Magis, &c . 153 

Godfrey, (Sir Edm.) Life and Death ot . 132 

Godly Sarah, &c a Pastoral Dialogue. (M. P. 22.) 181 
Godwin's (Bp.) History of Queen Mary. (C. H.) 249 

(Tho«.) Roman Antiquities. (T. I.) 
Hebrew Antiquities. (T. 2.) 
(W.) Life of Chaucer. 
Mandcville, Novel. 

Goecking, Lieder zweyer Liebenden 

Go&^ (D. a) Fides, Mores, &c. Aethiopum. 

Deploratio Lappianae Gentis. 

Goerres, Lohengrin, altdeutsch. Gedicht. 

Goethe's (C. W. von) Schriften. 

Faust, Umrisse zu. von Retzsch. 

Wilh. Meister's Wanderjahre. 

Hermann und Dorothea. 

Arminius et Theodora, Fischer. 

Poesies dc, trad, par Panckoucke. 

Faust, trensl. by Lord F. Egerton. 

Goetz of Derlichingen, by Sir W. S. 

Stella. (M. P. 3.) 

Clavidgo. (M. P. 4.) 

White Rose of Vilna. (P. P. 4.) 

Goif, (or Golf) Heroi-Ck>mical Poem. Sec Mattheson. 

Historical Notices of Game of. . 300 

Goguelat, (Baron) M^m. sur V affiure de Varenncs. 323 

Golagrus and Gawane. Laing. . 1 84 

Golden Chain of Four Links. (T. 3.) 77 

Spy, a Political Journal, &c 11 1 

Goldfinch, The, Collection of Scot and Eng. Songs. 161 








Gompertz*s Time, or Light and Shade, Poem. 253 
Gonin, (Maitre) Les Tours de. . . 117 

GU)nsalvo de Cordova. See Cantalicio. Giovia 
Gooch's,(Rev. Dr.) Sermon on K. Ch.Mart (P. 14.) 308 
Good-Breeding, Rules of. See Petiie. 
Goodall, ( Walt) Forduni Scotichronicon. . 1 2 

Catalogue of Advocates* Library. 265 

Goodall's (Wm.) Adventures of Capt Greenland. 137 
Goodhugh's(Wm.) English Gent's Library Manual. 125 
Goodlake's (Th.) Courser's Manual. 135 

Goodwin'b, (John) Theological Treatises, 83 

Cook's (John) The Contract Violated. 135 

Goosecappe, Sir Giles, Comedie, . . 214 

Gordon, (Alex.) Itinerarium Scptentrionale. 11 

(C. A.) Concise Histor}- of House of Gordon. 7 

(G. H.) Layman's Rclig. Discourses. See Scott 

(Lord Geoi^) Trial of, for High Treason. 297 

(Rev. Ja.) History of Ireland, to 1801. 315 

(Joftn) Collection of Prophecies. (T. 1.) 26 

(John, Adv.) Notes on Stair's Institutes. 263 

(John, of Gloncat) Memoirs of. (See Harding.) 72 

(Bp.) Queries to Roman Catholics. (T. 4.) 286 

— (Lady Mary.) See Faustini. 

— (Patrick) History of Robert Bruce. 

— (Sir Robt) Hist, of Earldom of Sutherland. 

— (Tho. & Trenchard,) Cato's Political Letters. 
Cordial for Low Spirits. 



Goldheaded Cane, The. . 

Ooldie, (Geo.) Letter from, on Hogg's Memoir. 

(John) Poems and Songs. 

Golding, (A.) Momay'k Trewness of Christianity. 
Goldingham'ft (H.) Garden Plot, Alleg. Poem. 
Goldoni, (Carlo) Commedie Scelte. 
—— — M^moires de. .... 
Goldsmith, (Dr. O.) History of England, in Letters. 251 

Miscellaneous Works, by Dr. Percy. 1 89 

Poems. (E. P.) 42. Traveller. (T. 4.) 81 

Vicar of Wakefield. (B. N. L.) 63 

Life of Beau Nash. ... 201 

Song for Birth Day of. See Graham. 

Goldwel's (H.) Declar. of the Shews, &c. (Q. E. P.) 266 
GomersoU's (Robt) Poems. 161 
Gompertz's (J.) Modem Antique 162 
Devon, a Poem. ... 62 




( Wm.) History of Gordon Family. 

( ) Review of Yorke's Considerations. 


Goring'ft, (Chas.) Irene, Tragedy. (O. P. 26.) 

(H.) Letter respecting the Y. Chevalier. 

Gottenburgh Frolic. Swedish Invasion burlesqued. 309 
GottfHed ▼. Strassbuig's TrisUn, &c. . 102 

Werke, &c. vonder Hagen. . . 102 

Gottschalck, Sagen u. Volksmfihrchen Deutschen. 53 
Gouget, Supplement au Diet de Moreri. . 39 

Gough'8( J.)Strange Discoveries, Tragi-Com.(O.P.3.)2 16 

(Rich.) Camden's Britannia. . . 232 

Goujon, Bulletins dc la Gr. Arm^e. . 327 

Goulart, (Sim.) Thresor des Histoires. . 346 

Gould's (Robt) Rival Sisters, Tragedy. (O. P. 27.) 220 

Poems, Satyrs, &c. 

Gouigaud. (G^n.) Examen de 1' ouvr. de Segur. 

M^moires de Napolton. 

Gourville, ( ) M^moires. (P. C.) 
Governing, Art of. (T.) 
Government, Origin and Ends of. (T.) 








Gow, (Cfl^t John.) See Pimtet. 
Gower, (Lord FrancU) Seo Egerton. 

(John) Poemfl. (E, P.) 

Balades and other Poems. 

Illustnitions of. See Todd. 

(Sam.) Napoleon and other Poems. 

Gowrie, (John Earl of) Life of. See Scott 
Grace, Power of; illustrated. See Cowper. 




Grant's ( Jas.) Life of Biaiy, Queen of Scots. 1 07 

(Jos.) Kincardineshire Traditions.(V. P. P. 7.) 842 

(M. A.) Tales founded on facts. . 336 

(Mrs. of Laggan.) Poems. . . 23 

Essay on Highland SuperstitionsL . 23 

— Eighteen hundred and thirteen. . 168 

(W. Lord Prestongrange) Occasional Writer. 96 

(Francis.) See Cullen, (Lord.) 

Grade, (J. D.) Winzet*s Tractates for Ref. of Doct. 282 j Grantham, Hist. DescripUon of See Marrat 

Grafton's Chronicle. ... 28 
Graham^ (Dougal) Uist of Rehellion, 1745. 89 
(Dr. Jas.) Travels and Voyages. 22. Tracts, &c 230 


(Rev. Jas.) Poems. 
British Geoigics. 
Wallace, a Tragedy. 
Mary Q. of Scots, Hist. Drama. 
(John, of Claverhouse.) See Dundee. 

(Rev. John) Stat Account of Kilrush, &c. 230 

StatisUcal Account of Shruel. (I. T. 8.) 344 

Tracts on Hist of Ireland. . . 234 

. King'* Welcome to IreUnd. (P. T. 7.) 339 

■ Ottava Rima on King's visit to Dublin. 234 
. Song for Goldsmith's Birth Day. . 339 
. Mi$eellaneou9 Poems, (I. P. 5.) 239 
. Specimens of Ulster Minstrelsy, 230 
.(Maria.) See Callcott 
. (Rev. Dr. P.) Sketches of Perthshire. 17 

■ E!ssay on Ossian's Poems. . . 20 
. (Robt) Liber Domicilii Jacobi V. . 279 
. ( ) Accoimt of Glencairn's Expedition. (M.S.) 7 
-'s (W.) PoeUcal Pieces in Scottish Dialogue. 168 




Grainger's (Dr. Jas.) Poems. (E. P.) 

Tibullus. (E. P.) 

Grami (G.) Manifesto. See Bogle. 

Grammaticae Institutiones, AldL 

Grammatices Rudimenta. 

Grammont, (Count,) Memoirs of. See Hamilton. 

Gramond, (Mar. Due. de) M^moires. (P. C.) 

Grana, (Marq. de) Conquestes du dans les Pays Bas. 47 

Granada, Guerras Civiles dc. Peres de Hita. 

Grandier, (Urb.) Condamnation et Supplice de. 

Grand Juror, Office and Duty ofl (P. T. 31.) 

Grandval, ( ) Cartouche, Po^me. 

Grand Vizier Unmasked. See Canning. 

Granger's (Rev. J.) Correspondence. Malcolm. 

Biograph. History of England. 




Granucci, (N.) La Piacevole Notte, &c 
Grattan, (Henry) Speeches of. 

(T. C.) Heiress of Bruges. 

Jacqueline of Holland. 

Gravenberch, Wigalois der Ritter. 
Graves'* (Rev. R.) Spiritual Quixote. 
Gravina, Delia Ragion Poetica. Mathias. 
Gray, Auld Robin. See Lindsay. 

*8 (Lieut Charles) Poems and Songs. . 179 

(Lord) Library at Kin&uns, Catalogue of. 25U 

(Patrick, Master of) Letters and Papers rel. ta 280 

(Sam.) Happiness of States. . . 196 

(Sir Thos.) Scala Chronica, by Stevenson. 282 

(Thos.) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Elegy written ina Country Ch. Yard. (P. P. 8.) 280 

Parody on. See Dreghom. 

Criticism on, by Prof! Young, 201. (M. T. 7.) 812 






Grangeron, (Dr. H.) Relat des Possed^s. 


Graziani, (G.) Conquista di Granata. (P. L) 
Grazzini, (A. F.) Prima e SecondaCena. 
Grebner'* (Ez.) Visions and Prophedee. 
Greece, Andent, History of. (A.U.H. 5. 6.) 

See Grote. 

Greene's (G. S.) Oliver Cromwell, a Play. 217 

(Mat) Poems. (E.P.) ... 42 

(Robt) Dramatic Works, by Dyce. 158 

Philomela (Ardi. 1.) . . 184 

Arcadia (Arch. 2.) ... 184 

Harvey's Letters and Sonnets touching.(A.4.) 184 

Historic of Frier Bacon and Frier Bongay. 214 

(and Lodge's) Looking Glass for London. 216 

Greendrake's (G.) Angling Excursions inWicklow. 259 
Greig's Letter to Robe on Life of E. Cairns. 75 

Gregg's Ghost, The Conference, or. (T. 7.) 88 

Gregorii Decretales. 288 

Qregory^s {Don,) Causes of Proscripiiono/ClanGregor,26l 

Hist Notices of Clan Gregor. 278 

(Dr. Geo.) Life of Chatterton. . 198 

(Dr. Jas.) Lucub. on Greek Epig.(P. & P. 6.) 192 


Gresweirs (Rev. W. P.) Memoirs of Politian, &c 187 

AnnalB of Parisian Typography. . 188 

Monastery of St. Werbuig, Chester, a Poem. 234 

Grey's (Ford, Lord) History of Rye House Plot. 257 

Let between, and Countess of Berkely. See Behn. 

(W.) Survey of Newcastle and Norihumbd. 241 

Gnego, (Titta) Istoria di (&N.I. 3.) . 340 

Grierson's (Geo.) Ireland and Poor Lawa.(LP. 5.) 343 
Grieu, (Chevalier de,) and Moll Elscaut, See Prevost. 
Grifiagno, Nobilta del Asino. . . 114 

Griffith's (R.)Rep. on Moving Bog of Kilm.(LT.10.)344 
GriUo, (Bruno) Istoria di.(aN.L 2.) . 340 

Opera di un Villano nom. (S.N.I. 10.) 340 

Grimston's (K) Memorable Siege of Ostend. 37 

Matthieu's Life and Death of Henry IV. 39 

Grimm et Diderot, Correspondance avec un Pr. All 37 


(Dr. J.) Silva de Romances Viejoe. 

Irmenstrasse u. IrmensEule. 

(W. C.) Drei Altschottische Leider. . 

(BrUder) Altdeutsche W&lder. 

Deutsche Sagen. 

Die beiden ftltest Deutschen Gedichte. 

Kinder u. Haus-M&hrchen. 

German Popular Stories. 

Grindal, (Abp.) Life of. See Stiype. 
Brief Character of. (B.T. 3.) 


GrindUy's (Capt) Scenery, &c. of Western India. 337 

Grivel, Lisle Inconnue. (V. I.) . . 45 
Groote, (C. von) Gotfrit*s Tristan. See Gottfried. 
Grose's (Fr.) Antiq. of Enghmd, Scotland, & Ireland. 177 

Military Antiquities. . . 177 

Treatise of Ancient Armour. . . 177 

Dictionary of Vulgar Tongue. . 156 

Guide to Health, Beauty, &c 156 

— . Olio. . . . . . 156 

Provincial Gloanry. . . . 156 

Advice to Officers of the Army. . 156 

Grote's (Geo.) History of Greece. (L.U.K.) 300 

GtMUsqwady The^ a Mock Heroic Poem. 85 

Groulaid, (Claude) M^moires. (P.C.) . 50 
Grumbling Hive. See Mandeville. 

Gualteruzzi da Fano, Libro de Novelle, . 120 

(guard's (Th. de la) Simple Cobler of Aggavvam. 58 

Guardian, The. (B.E.) . . 334 

Guarini, (G. B.) Pastor Fida (P. L 85.) . 6 

in Ling. Napol da BasUe. (P.N.) . 57 

translated. See Clapperton. Fanshaw. 

Guelf, History of House of. See Halliday. 
Guerin de Montglave. 
Gueiino U Mcschina 118. (&N.S. 11.) 
Guerre, (Martin) Hist de. See Coras. 
Guesclin, (Bertrand du) M^moires. (P.C.) 
Guettlette, Contes Chinoisee. (C.V.) 

Taitares. (C.F.) 

Mogols. (C. F.) 

Soir^ Bretonnes. (C. F.) 



Chine8e,Mogul, & Tartarian Tales. (T. of £.) 43 

Guevara, (L. V. de) Diablo Cojuelo. 
Guicdardini (F.) Istoria d'ltalia. 
Guidi, (Aless.) Endimione. (P. 1. 36.) 

Canzone. (P.I. 42.) 

Guidubaldo, Duca d'Urbino. See Baldi. 
Guillon, (Abb^) M^moires sur Lyon. 
Guinegate, Poeme sur la Joum^ de. Fortia. 
Guiscard and Sigismund. See Walter. 
Guise, (Henri, Due de) M^moires. (P.C.) . 

(Duke of) Memoirs of Rev. in Naples. 

Gulielmus Neubr. (Com.) 27. 227. Heome. 
Gulliveriana and Alexanderiana. 
Gulliver's Travels, Vol. III. 

Court of Lilliput 

. See Swift 

Gunner, The Compleat (M.M.D. 3.) 

Gunnlaugi et Rafnis Vitae. 

Gunpowder Plot, History o£ See Caulfield. 

Proceedings against Garnet, &c. 

Sermon on Anniv. of. (S. & T. 8.) 

39. 55 






Gumey's (J. J.) Notes on Prisons of Scotland, &c. 133 
Gurwood's (Col. J.) Orders of Duke of Wellington. 298 
Gustavus Adolphus, Actions of. (S. I.) . 247 

Ericson, Life of, by Claris. . . 258 

Guthrie's (Bp.) Memoirs «f Charles I. . 7. 21 

(Rev. Jas.) Causes of Lord'ft Wrath. (T. 8.) 62 

Ten Considerations on Apostacy. (Howie) 71 

Last Sermon at Stirling, rep. by Eb. Erskine. 76 

. See Manes Presbyteriani 


Guy, Earl of Warwick, Hist of. See Rowland. 

Tragedy of, by J. B. . . 217 

Guynand, Concordance de NestradamuSb 38. 141 

Guzman d'Alfiurache. See Aleman. 
Gwedir Family, Hist. of. See Barrington. 
Gwynne's (J ohn) Military Memoirs of G. Civil Wax. 243 
Gyptdes, History of. See Hoyland. 




(Wm.ofWishaw)De((.of Lanark&Benfrew8h.280 

( Wm. of Bangour) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Contemplation, or Triumph of Love. (T. 1.) 1S5 

Three Odes, and Fables (P. P. 10.) 312 

(Wm. G.) Parliamentary Logic, by Malone. 193 

Hammond, (Rev. Dr. II.) Life of, by FelL 193 

(James) Poems. (E.P.) . . 42 

(Wm.) Occasional Poems, 1C55. . 177 

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Hamper^s (W.) Observ. on Hoar Stones, &c 33 
Obs. on Runic Inscriptions. (T.A. &c. 4.5.6.) 338 

See Magnusen, Fersog, &c. 99 

Sarcastic Verses in 1899 (T. 7.) . 338 

Handel's (G. F.) Messiah, Oratorio. (P. P. 10.) 236 

Esther, Oratorio. ( P. P. 1 1 .) . . 230 

Hannibal notat our Gates, 1 7 1 4.88.( P.T. 12. & P.T.8.)308 
Hanover, Annals of House of. See Halliday. 

Characters of the Court of, 1714. (P. 9.) 307 

Priv. Conf. betv. 2 Ministers at,l744.(P.T.30) 31 1 

Hanoverian Succession, Tracts on : 

Advantages to England by. (T.2.) 89. (S.T.5.) 310 
K. Geoige's Right Aseerted. (T. 4.) 224 

Title Asserted. . 97 

Great Britain's Union,&c (R.T.4.) 283. (T.4.) 285 
Manife5?toon Rightof Princess Sophia.(C.T.25)290 
Pari. Right maint & H. S. justified. (R. T. 1.) 24 
Political Magnet, or Essay in defence o^ &c. 8.5 
Popular Prejudice resp. &c (T. 1.) 89 

The Wisdom of our Forefathers recom. &c. 93 
Vindication of II. M.'s Tit. &c See Webster. 96 

See Revolution. 

Hans Sachsen's Gedicht ... 53 

Werken, Proben aus, &c. . . 53 

Hanson's (Capt.) Route Overland from India. 255 

Haidenberg, ( Prince) Mem. tin^ dos Papiers du. 324 

Hardiman's ( Jas.) History of Galway. . 267 

Irish Minstrels}'. . . . 315 

Harding'B(Eliz.)An8w. to Mem. of Gordon of Glencat 72 
Hardwicke, (Ld. Ch.) Speech on Soot Rebel Lords. 92 

(Earl of) Sir D. Carlcton's Letters. 244 

Haidyng's Chronicle, by Ellis. . . 28 

Hargrove's (E.) History of Knaresborough. 249 

Harleian Miscellany, with Supplement, by Park. 29 

Harley's ( Wm.) Harleian Dairy System. . 299 

Harrington's (James) Oceana. . *. 242 

Harrington's ( Sir John) Metamorph. of Ajax. 1 06 

Harrington's (Sir J.) Apologie of Ajar. 106 

Anatomie of Ajax. . 106 

Ulysses upon Ajax. 106 

. See Singer. 

Ariosto'b Orlando Furioea 185 

Arte of English Poesie. (M.P.A. 177.) 1 77 

Englishman's Doctor. . . 107 

Nugae Antiquae, by Park. . . 190 

(John)Wond. Pieserv.of,&omCavalienL(T.3.) 60 

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Harris, (D.) Parival's History of this Iron Age. 229 

(Jas.) Philological Inquiries. . .316 

(John) Collection of Voyages and Travels. 231 

(Jos.) City Bride. Comedy. (O. P. 20.) 220 

(Walter) A. & P. State of County Down. 314 

Hibemica. Tracts on Ireland. . 241 

( Wm., of Air) Life of, executed 1 770. 129 

Harry's (Rev. Geo. Owen) Genealogy of James I. 16 

Harsnet, (Sam.) See Darrell. 

Hart, (And.) Ancient Scottish Prophecies. 21 

(Rev. Dr. J.) Warning to Drunkards. (T. 1.) 284 

Warning to Sluggards, Drunkards, &c. (T. 3.) 75 

Seimon on Edinb. City Elections, 1708. (T. 4.) 82 

(John) Descr. of Fossil Deer. (I. P. 11.) 344 

Hartc's (Walter) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Hartlip's(Sam.) Weston's Fhinders Hush. (T.H.2.) 247 

Planting of Fruit Trees. (T. H. 3.) . 247 

Defecte of English Husbandrj-. (T. H. 4.) 247 

Hartnacii (Dan.) Deductio contra Jesuitas. 228 

Hartshome's (Rev. C. II.) Ancient Metrical Tales. 105 
Hartstonge's (M. W.) Minstrelsy of Erin. 164 

Ode to Desolation. . . . 167 

Marion of Drymnagh . . 167 

Hartuelli (Abr.) Regina Literata. (Q. E. P. 2.) 265 
Harvey,(Gab.) G ratulationesValdinenses.(Q.£.P.7.)266 


Four Letters, &c. on R. Greene. (A. 4.) 

Pierced Supererogation. (A. 8.) 

New Letter of notable contents. (A. 9.) 

Art of English Poesie. (M. P. A.) 

(John) Miscellany Poems and Letters. 

the Dublin Conjuror, Life ot (P. T. 5.) 

HaslamGheray. Narrative illust of W. Allan's Pict 82 
Haslam's(John) Illustrations of Madness. (M.T.2.)247 
Haslewood, (Joseph) Miscell. Poet. Ajiglicaiuu 177 

British Bibliographer. . . 177 

« — Book of St. Albans. . . . 208 
Jack Juggler and Thersytes. . 275 



IIendenon*B (John) Theat Traniactions. Ireland. 210 

Letters and Poems. . 210 

( J.)Trial of, forMurder of Mr. Millie.(M.T.l 0.) 842 

Ilcnderweirs (T.) History of Scarborough. 284 

Henricus, Archidiac. Huntingdon. (Sav.) . 27 

Henry, (BUnd) Life of Sir W. Wallace. (Jam.) 4. 8 

(Rev. Dr. R.) History of Great Britein. 28 

(Dr. Wm.) Tribute to Thos. Henry. (P.M. 3.) 199 

(F. A.) Les Souvenirs. (P. D. 8.) 843 

(III.) de Valois, Sorceleries dc. . 187 

IV. of France, Life of. . 39 

VII., Reign of, by Lord Bacon. (C. H.) 249 

VII., King, or Popish Impostor, Tragedy. 92 

VIII., Reign of, by Lord Herbert (C. H.) 249 

Privy Purse Expenses of. See Nicholas. 

(Prince)Bap. of. 16.Acc. of by Com w.( B.T.I.) 309 

Letters of. .... 282 

Prince of Purpoole. See Oesta Gmyorum. 

Henryson, (Rob.) Robene and Mackyne. 

Testament of Cresseid. 

Moral Fables. 


Hentxners (P.) Journey in Engl., 1598. (D.F.P.) 204 
Heptameron Fmn9ois, Nouvelles de R. Marguerite. 120 
Hcptarchus and Fergiisia. See Ballantyne. 
Heraldic Anomalies. See Nares. 
Heraldry. See Brydson. Carter. Clark. Nisbet. Robson. 

of Crests. 

Heraud^s (J. A.) Tottenham, a Poem. 

Legend of St Loy. 

Herbelot, (B. d') Bibliothequc Orientale. 
Herberay, (N. de) Amadis de Gaule. 
Cronicque de Dom Florcs de Grece. 


Herbert, (Lord Ed. of Cherbury) Life of. 

History of Henry VIIL (C. H.) 

(George) Life of, by Walton ( W. L.) 

(J.) Robert the Devyll. 

(W.) Topographical Antiquities. See Ames. 

(Hon. W.) Poems, tr. from North. Lang., &c 98 

Herbin, Statistique de la France. 87 

Herd, (David) Ancient Scottish Songs and Ballads. 171 

Letters to George Paton. 

Sir T. Urquhart's Tracts. 

Herder, (J. G. von) Der Cid. 


Heresie, History of Sin and, (R. T.) 
Heresies. See Apocalypsis. Edwards. Pagitt 
Heriot'i HospiUl, Statutes of. 22. (T. 1.) 







Heriot* Hospital. See Constable. Johnstone. 

Heritable Jurisdictiana, Roll of Claims fiir. 1 1 

Disquisition on. (T. 2.) 96. Letter on. '(T. 8.) 87 

Act of ParL for Abolishing. . 87 

Obserr. on Act for Abolishing. (T. 8.) 96 

Heritier, (Mile, de V) Le Tour Tenebreux. (C. F.) 44 

Hermaphrodites, Isle dee. See Thomas. 

H«rmes Trismegistus de Lapide Philos., &c 1 38 

Pymander et Asclepias^ (Jamb.) 115 

Pymander and Asc. trans, by E?enid. 108 

Hermetick Romance. See Rosenkreuts. 
Hermippus Redinvus. See Cohansen. 

Hermit, The. Suff. and Adv. of Philip Quarll. 138 

Herodotus, Apologie for. See Stephen. 123 

Heroick Friendship, Play ascr. to Otway. . 219 

Poem on late Rebellion. (1688.) 6 

Princes, or Conscious Lovers. 112 

Heron's (Robt) Tour through West of Scotland. 10 

St KUda in Edinb. Com. Dram. (P. P. 6.) 312 

Heron, (Sir R.) Genealogy of Heron Family. 239 

Herrera, Historia. &c en Escocia. ( Jebb.) 12 

Kerrey's (Robt) Concordances to the Bible. 1 78 

Herrick'ft (Robt) Poetical Woiks, by Mfutland. 156 
Herring Fishery. See Campbell. 
Herring's (Abp.)Advice to Inhab. of Yorkshire, 1 745. 93 
Hertfordshire Witchcraft, Case of. See Bragge. 

Hervarar Saga. Hist Hervtfrae et Heidreki. 64 

Hervet, (G.) Xenophon's Treat of Household. 1 20 

Hervey'b, (Rev. Jas.) Theron and Aspasio. 291 

(Mary, Lady) Letters, by Croker. 189 

(T. K.) Australia, and other Poems. 165 

Hesiodus, Clerid. (V. G. L. 10.) 225 

Hesiod, translated by Cooke. (E. P.) 42 

Hetherington's (Rev. W. M.) Dramatic Sketches. 160 

Hewerdine's (W.) Political Songai 124 

Hey'ft (Dr. R.) Dissert on Duelling and Suicide. 312 

Heylin's ( ) Aulicus Coquinariae. (S. H.) 231 

(Dr. P.) Reign of Kmg Charles T. 258 

Heywood'ft (Thos.) History of Women. 123 

Hierarchie of Angels. 123 

Reader, here you'll plainly see, &c. . 98 

King in the Country, Drama. (Wald. L. M.) 209 

English Traveller, Play. 213 

Challenge for Beauty. 214 

Golden Age. . . . 214 

Iron Age. .... 214 

Rojall King and Loyall Subject 214. 215 



Hogg, (James) Jacobite Relics of Scotland. 19 

Mader of the Moor. . . 200 

Mountain Bard. (See Goldie.) . 200 

Poetic Mirror. 193 

Pilgrims of the Sun. . . 200 

Queen's Wake. ... 200 

Remarks on Psalms of David. (S. T. 10.) 344 

Royal Jubilee. ... 200 

Scottish I'astorals. ... 200 

Shepherd's Calender. . . 331 

Songs, by the Ettiick Shepherd. . 301 

Spy, a Weekly Periodical. 34 

Three Perils of Man. . . 335 

Hogland, Description of. (T.) . . 59 

Hoglandiae Dcscriptio. (P. P. 15.) . 305 
HoIberg,( Baron) Journey of N. K. under Ground. 43.44 

Voy. de Nic. Klimius. (V. I.) 

Holcroft, (Thos.) Anna St. Ives. 

Hugh Trevor. 

Memoirv of. 



Holdsworth's (Ed.) Muscipula, by Cobb. . 
Hole*s (Rev. Rich.) Remarks on Arabian Nights. 
Holford's (Miss) Wallace, or Fight of Falkirk. 
Holinshed's (R.) Chronicles of England, Sc. & Irel. 29 
Holhmd, (Earl of) Last Speech of, (Cap. Cent) 26 

(Henry, Lord) Life of Lope de Vega. 37 

(Sir John) Buke of the Howlat. Laing. 276 

(T. A.) Drybuigh Abbey, a Poem. 11. 165 

Hollande, Ilistoire de la. See Neuville. 
Hollar, (Wences.) Theairum Mulierum Europac. 109 
Holloway and Haggerty, Trial of, for Murder. (P. 2.) 297 
Holmes, (Rev. Dr. A.) American Annals. 30 

Rymer, Foedera, Ac. . 23. 24 

Holt's (R.) Treatise on Artificial Stone. (P. T. 12.) 810 
HolweU Carr, (Rev. W.) Porto, Due Nobili Amanti. 275 
Holyday's (Barton) Technogamia, Comedy. 216 

Holyrood House, Account of. See Johnstone. 
— See Chron. Coenob. S. Crucis. 
Home, a Poem. .... 193 

(John) Douglas, and Tracts relating to. 1 0. 209 


History of the Rebellion, 1745. 

Works, by H. Mackenzie. 

(Dr. X.) Daemonologie and Theologie. 

Homer's Iliad, and Odyssey, by Pope. (E. P.) 

Iliad, by Sotheby. 

Hymns, Batram. &c. by Chapman. . 

— — See Koliades. 


Hone's ( W.) Ancient Mysteries deter. 254 

Every Day Book and Table Book. 254 

Hood, (Thos.) The Gem. . . 335 

— - Odes and Addreaes to Great People. 182 

Hook's (Theodore) Sayings and Doings. 333 

(Rev. Dr.) Pen Owen. 333 

Percy Mallory. 333 

Hooke's (CoL) Negodations in Scotland, 1707. 96 

(N.) Acc.ofDuc.of Marlboroafl^^Cond.(T. 1.) 310 

Hooker, (Rich.) Life of; by Walton ( W. L.) 1 93. 257 
Hook's (John) Ariosto's Orlando. (E. P.) 42 

Tasso's Jerusalem. (E. P.) . . 42 

Hope's (C. Ld. Pros.) Notes on hear.CoundL (T.3.) 345 

(John) Hume's Diary of ParL 1700-1707. 278 

(J. D.) Arch of Titus, Priie Poem. (P. P. 9.) 343 

(Sir W.) Vindication of Art of Self-Defence. 86 

Hopkins's (Chas.) Three Tragedies. 

(M.) Discovery of Witches. (T. 1.) 

Hoppner's (John) Oriental Tales. 

Horae de Sancta Cruce, &c. 

Ho^aUu^ Aldi. 268. Bond. (V. L. C. -22.) 

Horace, Works of, translated by Francis. (£. P.) 

Art of Poetry, by Ld. Roscommon. (P.P.I 1.) 305 

Instructions to Roman Senate. (M. P. 20.) 181 

in London. Imitation of Odes. See Smith. 

Men and Manners Characterized. (P. T. 5.) 309 

Ode^ Epist. and Sat imit. (P. P. 4. 5. 6. 30.) 263 

1st Satire of B. 2. imit (M. P. 3. & 4.) 181 

4thSatireofB. Limit (S.M. 11.) . 304 

Sober Advice from, imit (M. P. 10.) 181 

Hordem's (H.) Neglected Virtue, PUy (O. P. 36.) 220 
Hors, Shepe and Ghoosi See Lydgate. 
Horsfft (G. C.) Zauber Bibliothek. . 53 

HosBck's (Dr. D.) Memoir of De WiU Clinton. 34 
Hotmandii ( ) Anti-Cboppinus. . 118 

Houbraken and Vertue's Heads. See Birch. 232 

Houghton's (Jn.) Let on Husb. &, Trade. (T. 17.) 286 
Houlbrook, (Wm., Blacksmith,) Sufferings ot 132 

Hours of Solitude. Poems. . . 164 

Hoveden (Roger) (Sav.) . 27 

Howard, (Hon. Edward.) IHays. 218 

(Lady F.) Proceedings in Divorce of, 58 

(Lord H.) Defenaative agt. Suppos. Prophecietbl49 

(H.) Erron. Opin. respecting the Cath. Relig. 294 

(Hon. James) Plays by. . 281 

(John) Life & Anecdotes of. (B. T. 2.) 133 



Ibbot'8 (ReT. B.) Sermon on King's Acoenion, 1715. 80 
Iberno Celtic (or Gaelic) Society of Dublin, Trans. 315 
Idman,(Nils) Rech. siir l^cien peuple Finoia Genet 99 
Iffland'S (W.A.) Bewustse3m, Schausp. (T.) 48 

Die Mttndel, Schausp. (T.) . 48 

Wardt^ trans, by Sir W. ScoU, . 104 

Imparity among Pastors, Debate upon. (C. T. 9.) 290 
Impeachments, Method of, (S. T. 20.) . 306 
Impey's (E. B.) Cumnor, Tragedy. . 218 
Impotency, Case of, debated. See Gefrres. 
Inatulla's Persian Tales, by Dow. (T. of E.) 43 
Incendio di Tordinona. Poema Eroicomico. 269 
Inchbald'S (Mrs.) Simple Story. . . 332 
Inchiquin's (Lord) Manifestation to Pari. (T. 7.) 60 
Inchmahome Priory, Notes on. See Stirling. 272 
Indaginc, (J.) Chiromancie et Pbysionomie. 137 
(J.) Palmistry and Physiognomy, by Withers. 134 

India, Ancient, Hist of (A. U.H.I a) . 206 

, Hindustan, Hist of. (M. U. H. 5. 6.) 206 

Peninsulas of; Hist of! (M. U. H. 5. 6.) 206 

European Setttlements, Hist of. (ib. 8. 9.) 206 

Stock, Letter fr. a Lawyer on the purch. of. 290 

See Glcig. Hanson. Leyden. Orme. 

Indians, No. American. See Adair. Halkett M'Kenney. 

Speech on Parliamentary Reform. (P.P.R.5.) 344 

Ingemann, (B. S.) Masaniello, Soigespit 49 

Ingram's (Rev. J.) Saxon Chronicle. . 259 

Ingrate's Gift, Dramatic Poem. . 170 

Ingulphus Croylandensis. (Sav.) et (G. et F.) 27 

Injured Love, a Comedy. (O. P. 20.) . 219 
Innes Family, History of. See Erskine. 

(Thomas) Ancient Inhabitants of No. Britain. 10 

Inquisitionum ad Cap. Reg. retom. Abbreviatio. 1 
Insects, History of. See Ferguson. Muffet 

Interest, Treatise on Abatement ot (T. H. 8.) 247 

Invisible Constancy, a Novel, in Ruuian, 35 

Invisible World, View of the. . 129 

See Calef. Mather. Sinclair. 

Ireland, Ancient Pieces rel. to. See Harris. 

Hibemia NoUUae. 1723. (S. T. 70.) 307 

History of, to 1691. (M. U. H. 42.) . 207 

Map (Travelling) of. . . 304 

Memorial of Established Church of. 294 

Education Conmiissioners' First Report 270 

Edinb. Education Society's First Report 313 

Pari. Evidence on State of, 1824. . 315 

Ireland, Poet-Chaise Companion through. Wilson. 314 

Refl. and ResoL proper for Gentlemen of. 355 

Population, Census of 1821. 269 

Sketches of Unnoticed Districts in. 314 

Ireland, Betty. See Betty Ireland. 

(John) Anecdotes of J. Henderson. 210 

(W. H.) Shakspeare Forgeries. See Dudley. 

Memoirs of Joan of Arc, from the French. 258 

Irenaeus Philalethes. See Cooper. Molinaei. 
Irish Antiquarian Researches. See Betbam. 

Family, History of an. . 159 

Harp Society, Rules of. (T.) . 1 « 

Historical Library. See Nicolson. 

History, Sketch oC Q. and A. . 244 

Language. See Lynch. Vallancey. 

Massacre, 1 64*2, Abstract of. (T. II.) 70 

Minstrelsy. See Hardiman. 

Rebellion in 1641, Hist. Mem. o^ by M. R. 245 

Rebels, Propos. of, to the King, 1646. (T. 61.) 61 

Add. Prop, of the King to, 1645. (T. 29.) 61 

Relat of Miseries of Munster. (T. 17.) 60 

Regiments in Fr. and Spa. Senice, Letter on. 25 

Rogue, The, Com. Hist of D. O' Brolaghan. 181 

Rogues and Rapparees, Hist of. 134 

Presb. Minister's ApoL to B. of Derry (T. 9.) 66 

Poems and Stories, , 206 

Poems, Borg an Tsalathar, (omitted.) 206 

Poetry, Reliques of. See Brooke. 

Statistical Returns. Rathvilly. See Mason. 

Irvini (Christ.) Hist Scoticac Nomenclatura. 10 

Irving, (Dr. Da v.) Life of G. Buchanan. 5 

Lives of Scottish Poets. 18 

Ferguson's Poems. ... y 

Montgomery's Poems. 175 

Observ. on Study of CivU Law. . 294. 846 

Memorial of his Wife. . 294 

D. Buchananus de Scriptoribus Scotis. 279 

Dempsteri Hist. Eccles. Scotorum. . 278 

(Washington) Salmagundi. 201. Lambert 267 

History of New York. . . 201 

Sketch Book. .... 201 

Braccbridge HalL . 201 

Tales of a Traveller. ... 201 

Life of Columbus. (M. F. L.) 315 

Companions of Columbus. (M, F. L.) 315 

Isaye le Triste, fils de Tristan. . 105 

Isidorus Hispalensis, Hist Gothorum. (D. G. H.) 229 



Islandia, Auctores de : 

Arii Libellns cog. lalendingft-Bok. 99 

Biornonis Annales Ulaiidici. 100 

Diplomotarium Ama-Magnaeanum. 64 

Edda, Den JEldie, Magnusen. 80 

Islandorum, Snononis. . 99 

E^iU-Saga. .... 100 

Eyibiggia Saga. ... 64 

Fonunanna SSgar, Olaf Tryggraaon's Saga. 86 

Gunnlaugi Saga. ... 64 

HeimakriDgla. .... 101 

Herranr-Saga. ... 64 
Hungurvaka. ... 99. 100 

Islands Landnamabok. 64 

Johannaei Hist Ecdes. Islandica. 99 

Jomsvikinga Saga. ... 99 

Kristni-Saga. .... 99 

Laxdaela-Saga. ... 101 

Olaviua, Elnarrationes de Islandia. 86 

Rymbegla. .... 64 

Stephenaens Vasa-Quer. 86 

Viiga-Qlumi Saga. ... 64 

Jonae Rudimenta Ling. Islandicac 56 

Isociate, Discouis sur la Divination. 141 

l8Bachar,Tribeof^ or AssCouchant. 169 

Istorie e Canzonette Italioni. 839 

Isted, (Geo.) New Notbonine Maid. 275 

Italy, Ancient, Hiftoiy of.'(A. U. H. 9. 17.) 206 

Modem, History ot (M. U. H. 22-26. 38. 34.) 207 

Ivory, (Jas.) Holland's Seven Sages. 1578. 280 
Jack, (Colonel) Lifb of. See Defoe. 
Jack the Gyani-killer, Ck>mi-Trag. Farce. (P.&P.4)216 

Jack Joggler and Thersytes. Two Interludes. 275 

Jacksonii (Rev. Dr. Thos.) Treatise on Unbelief. 151 

Jacobli (GQes) Li ves of English Poets. , 191 

(Sir Hild.) Progress of Religion. (P. P. 9.) 263 

Epistle from Clara to Teresa. (P. P. 16.) 263 

(Wm.) Tracts on Com Trade and Lavrs. 298 

Jaeobiie Journal* 0/174B, {Eleho cuid MaxweU,) 23 

Poetry, Collection of. 97. Relics. See Hogg. 

Poemsy JBalUuh, and Sonffi. 1745-6. 80. 90 

Jago'ft (Rich.) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 
JakobXDr.K.J.)Biog. UtVenuch von Sir W.Scott322 

Jal, (Alph.) Napoleon et la Censure. (P. D. 6.) 
Jamaica Royal Gazette, i 823. 
Jamblichus de Mysteriis Egypt. &c. 
James'k (G. P. R.) De rarme. 


James's (G. P. R.) Philip Augustus. 331 

History of Chivalry. . . 301 

History of Charlemagne. 318 

James I. Cronyde of Death of. (M.S.) 7 

Life and Death ot . 282 

Memoirs on Restoration o£ (S. T. 1.) 310 

Poems of. See Chalmers. Thomson. Tytler. 

II. Short Chronicle o£ . . 3 

IV. See Flodden. 

V. Life and Death of, (M. S.) 7 

Excerpta e Libris Domicilii, 1525-1533. 279 

Navigation o^ round Scotland. (M. S.) 7 

Poems. See Chalmers. 

Gaberlunrie Man. . 175 

VI. (L of G.B.) Hist & Life of, ed. by M. Laing. 8 

ed. by T. Thomson. . 277 

Lucta Jacobi. Double Delivery of 15 

Workes of. ... 12 

Essayes of a Prentise. Gillies 5 

Poetical Exercises. 9. PoetRemains. See Chalmers. 

Arte of English Poesie. (M. P. A.) 1 77 

Extr. fW)m Daemonologie. (Web. T. 3.) 150 

Book of Sports. (Phenix.) 304 

Apology for Oath of Allegiance. 18 

The Prince's Cabala, &c. 133 

Sett &, Dec. for gov. of Edinbuigh. (T. 4.) 70 

Papers reL to Marriage of. 278 

Letters of, and his Queen and Family. 282 

Miscellaneous Papers reL to. 281 

Geneal. ot See Harry. Fun.Serm.on. See Williams. 

VII. (II. of G. B.) Life o^ by Himaelt 240 

— -. EttunB*0tXt»n Aivn^ PourtofK. Charles II. 80 

Royal Tracts. ... 26 

Discoveries of Conspiracies against, 1685. 3 

ProcL for Toleration in ScotL (T.) 84. 287. 289 

Secret History of. . . . 109 

Four Tracts relative to. . . 95 

Ace of Statues of, at Newcastle. (N. T. 6. 7.) 257 

111. (Old Pretender) Dedaraiion of. (3/.C.5.) 11 

Jameson's (Prof. Rob.) Manual of Mineralogy. 298 

— Edinbuigh Philosophical Journal. 329 

(Mrs.) Diary of an Ennuyte. . 318 

Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. John) Wallace and Bruce. 4 

Hist of Culdees of lona. . 14 

Eternity, a Poem, (R. P. 3.) 80 

Hermes Scythicus. 204 

Dictionary of Scottish Language. . 266 



Jamieson's (Rev. Dr. J.) Use of Sacred History. 292 JohnBon (Charles) Six Plays 













(Rob.) Popular Ballads and Songs. 

Capt Buries Letters. 

lUust of Northern Antiquities. 

(Robt.) Graham^ Anatomie of Humors. 

.Tapan, History o£ (M. U. H. 7.) 

Jardine, (Sir Henry) Melvill's Diary. 

(Sir Wm.) Whitens Nat Hist of Selbome. 

Janris's (T. M.) Accredited Ghost Stories 

Jean de Troyes, M^moires. (P. C.) 

de Saintr^, (Petit) Histoire et Cronique de. 

.Teanne d'Arc, Mdmoires sur. (P. C.) 

Memoirs of. See Ireland. 

Jcannin, (President) Mtf moires. (P. C.) 

.Tebb, (Sam.) Au tores XVI. de Maria Scot R^. 

Life of Robert, Earl of Leicester. 

JefTery, (Edward) Sir C. H. Williams^ Works. 

Catalogue of Dr.Heath*s Library. 

Jeffere} a, (Geo. Lord) Life and Death of. (WM.) 

Dunton's Panegyric on. (M. A.) 

Jetfrey of Monmouth's Brit Hist by Thompson. 


.Teffrie9'8(Dr. J.) Aerial Voyages. (T. A. &c. 1.) 338 

Jenkins's (D.) Lex Terrae Angliae. (M. T. 4.) 

: (Elijah) Joe Miller's Jests (J.T. 1.) 

and Lowellin'S Travels in Africa. 

Jenyns's (Soame) Poems. (E. P.) 

Jerdan's (Wm.) Jouy'S Paris Spectator. 

Jersey, Acbount of. See Falle. 

Jesuits, Decree at Rome against, 1679. (T. 15.) 286 

Proceedings of French King& ParLagt 1661. 292 

Jeux de Cartes et de Dez, Rem. sur. See Daneau. 

Jevon's (Thos.) Devil of a Wife, Farce. (O. P. 37.) 220 

Jew^ History of. ( A.U.H.2.3.M.U.H. 10.1 1 .) 205-6 

Traditions of the. See Stohlin. . 135 

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Jocelyn'S Life and Acts of St Patrick SwiilL 
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.Tohn Bon and Mast Person, 
.rohn Bull, History of. See Arbuthnot 
.Tohnes's (Thomas) Froissarfs Chronicles. 

Join villous Memoirs. 

Life of Froissart, by St Palaye. 


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History of the Pyrates. . 127 


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(Rev. Sam« or Julian) Worics. . 29 

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Poems. (E. P.) ... 42 

Rasselas. (B. N. L.) 63. 196. 270 
















Rambler and Idler. (B. E.) 

London, a Poem. (M. P. 19.) 

Prol. at Op. of Drury Lane Th. (P. P. 5.) 

— Lobo*8 Voyage to Abyssinia. 

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Life of Savage. (S. W. ) 

Marmor Norfoldense. 

Works, by Murphy and Chalmeis. 

Life, &c by Boswell and Croker. 

Consid. on the Com Laws. (H. P. L.) 

Dictionary of the English Language. 

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Memoirs of, trans, by Johnes. . 28 

Jolande, a Tale, and other Poems. . 322 

Jolly Huntsman's Garland. See Sharp. . 174 

Jolly's (Rev. T.) Vindication of Surrey Demoniack. 150 








Joly, (Claude) Memoires. (P. C.) . 

(Guy) Memoires. (P. C.) 

Jomsvikinga Saga. .... 
Jonae (Run.) Rudim. Granmi. Islandicae. . 
Jones, (Captain) Legend o^ See Lloyd. . 

(John) Adrasta, Tragi-Com. (O. P. 3.) 

(Stephen) Baker's Biographia Dramatica. 



Ker, (John, of Kenland) Memoin ot . 7 

(Maj.Gen. Wal.)Memorial for, agt Sir J. I. Ker. 3 

(Rob.) Diacourse of Peace and War. (T. 3.) 6 8 

Abstract of Writings of. . . 77 

Account of Nobility, &c. of Scotland. (T. 1.) t^ 

Kerr, (Christian) Last Words o£ (T. 1.) . 74 

(Capt Jas.) Account of Marhattah States. 258 

(Rob.) History, &c. of King Robert Bruce. 10 

Collection of Voyages and Travels. • R4 

Gcoi^gcade, a Poem. . . . 322 

Kerr}', Stone Amphitheatre disc in. See Vallanoe}'. 
Key to business of Session, 1742. (P. T. 16.) 310 

to Orders in Council, 10)2. (P. T. 6.) 312 

to "Almack's." (M. E. P. 10.) . 343 

Key's (Rev. Dr.) New Catechism. (T. 1.) 77 

Khnsipnusad Ghosh'ft Shair, &c. Poems. . 322 

Kid, (John) and King (John) Last Speeches o£ 65 

Sermons. (Howie.) 71 

Kidd's (Wra.) Illustrations of Bums. . 196 

Kilkenny Cathedral, Epitaphs iiL See Shee. 
Killamey, Lakes of. See Smith. Wright 
Killigrew's (Henr}) Conspiracy, Tragedy. 217 

(Thomas) Plays. ... 207 

Kilmarnock, (Lord) Memoirs of. (T. 1.) • ^3 

Foster and Finch's Account of, &c. (T. 1-4.) 96 

Kilsyth, Extr. Work of Spirit of God at See Robe. 
King's (T. R.) Modem PUgrimage, Ballad. (S.P.1.) 341 

(Dr. W.) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Original Works, with Life. Nichols. . 194 

Political and Literary Anecdotes. . 256 

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Kinloch,(Sir A. G.) Trial of; for murd. of his brother. 295 


(G. R.) Ancient Scottish Ballads. 
Babell, by Dr. A. Pitcaim. 
Lament's Diary. • 

Kippis's (Rev. Dr. A.) Biographia Britannica. 
Kircheri (Ath.) Mundus Subterraneus. 
Kirchmanni (J.) Comment Hist de Reg. Nonrag. 98 
Kirk's (Rev. R.) Essays on the Scots Fairies, &c 139 
Kirke's (J.) Seven Champions of Xdom.(O.P. 2.) 214 

(T.) Modem Account of Scotland. . 21 

Kirkby's (John) History of Automathes, (P. R.) 43. 44 
Kirkcudbright, Ainslie's Map of Stew. of. 260 

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Kirkman's (F.) Amadis de Gaule, part 6. . 102 
Unlucky Citizen. ... 131 

Kirkman's Catalogue of Plays, 1671. (O. P. 16.) 220 

(and Head) English Rogue. . . 181 

Kirkton's (Rev. J.) Hist of Chureh of Scot by Sbarpe. 5 

History of Mr. John Welsh. . . 78 

Kirkwood's Plans of Edinburgh. . . 260 

(Rev. Mr.) Plea before the Kirk. (R.C. T. 1.) 283 

(Schoolm.) Hist of the 27 Gods of Linlithgow. 181 

Kitchen Novels, Collection of. . . 136 

Kitchiner's (Dr. W.) Art of Invigorating Life. 300 
Kitty, Miss, Parody on Lenora. (P. P. 2.) . 812 

Klopstock's Messiah, by Collyers. . . 292 

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Knight, (H. Gaily) Eastern Sketches. . 162 

Ildcrim, a S}Tian Tale. (P. C. 4w) . 165 

(R. Payne) Principles of Taste. 158 

Monody on Charles Fox. (P. tc P. 13.) 192 

Knighton, (Henricus) (Twysd.) . . 27 

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Knolls's (R.) and Rycaut'a Turkish History. 262 

abridged by Savnge. . . 238 

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Life of, by Dr. MK^rie. . . 4. 18 

See Bannatyne, (Rich.) 

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(Wm.) Lonely Hearth. 1G3. Songs of IsitoL 168 

Knytlinga Saga. .... 56 

Koch, (Dr. K. J.) Deutschen Litt-Geschichte. 53 

(F.) Campagnc de 1814. . . 325 

Koliades, (Const.) Ulysse-IIomere. . 228 

Kong's Skugg-sio. .... 63 

Kopp, (C. P.) Verfassung d. heiml. Gericht 48 

Kdmer's (Th.) Leyer and Schwert. .54 

Lyra og S^-aerd, ved Thaarap. . 269 

Dramatische Beytrage. 54. Poetische Nachlass. 54 

Kommannus, (H.) De Viiginitatis Jure. . 115 

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's Patriot Father, by Shoberl. . . 166 

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Kristni-Saga. .... 99 

Krug's Wcscn u. Wirken d. Tugenbundet. 274 

KufTner, (Ch.) Hesperidenhain d. Romantik. 52 

Kurt von der Wetterbuig. ... 47 

Kyd's (Stewart) Law of Bills of Exchange. 296 

(Tho.) Spanish Tragedy. . 216 

Soliman and Perseda, Trag. « 216 



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Letters of, to Sir Hudson Lowe, • 319 

Memorial de Ste. HAhne. . • 

Lasniori (J.) Tract de Lapide Philoe. (T. 3.) 
Latimer's (Bp. Hugh) Fruitful Sermons. • 
Latocnaye, Promenade de la Gr. Bietagne. 38 
Laud, (Abp.) The Grand Impostor. See Burton. 
Lauder, (Sir Johiu) See Fountainhall, (Lord.) 
(Sir T. Dick) Ace. of Floods in Morayshire. 301 

!La ys of the Minnesingers. See Taylor, (Ed.) 

of the Lindsays. See Scott. 

327 Laxarillo de Tonnes. See Mendoia. 
141 ; Leaden Age, The. (O. P. 19.) . . 157 

71 ; Leanard's (John) Counterfeits, Comedy. (O.P.42.) 220 


Leasee Treatise on. See Bell (R.) 
Leaves of Laurel. By Q. Q. and W. W. 
Leclerc^ (Th.) Course of the French Language. 
Leilwich'8 (Rev. K) Antiquities of Ireland. 

LaudcnlAle,(£arl of) Inform. for,agt. John Swinton. 82 : Ledyard, Aventures d'un jeune Anglois. (V. I.) 


(Duke of) Letters to. See Argyle. Kennedy. 

Laugh upon Laugh, &c. a Poem. • • 248 

Laun, (F. u. Latrobe F.) Geisterwelt Geachichten. 54 
Laureat, The, or Right Side of CoUey Cibber. 21 1 
Laurence's (Abp. of Cashel) Ch. to Clergy. (I.P.2. j 343 

(Dr. F.) Probationary Odes. 

Rollind, Probationary Odes, &c 

(Sir James) Etonian out of Boimds. 

Nobility of the British Gentry. 

(Miss H.) London in Olden Time. . 

Talcs of an Antiquary. 

Lauretta Pisano, Leb. e. ItaL Buhlerinn. 
Laurie's Map of Mid-Lothian. . 


Lavateru8,(L.) De Specttis,Lemuribus,&c(T.l.)l 14.146 
Laveau, Guide du Voyageur ^ Moscou. . 323 

Laveaux, ( ) Nuits Champ^tres. (M. 1.) 1 13 

Law, Grandeur of the. Sec Philips. 
Law, (John) Life of. See Wood. 

Poem to. See Ramsay. (A.) 

(Rev. Robert) MemoriaU, {T.) . 57 

, edited by C. K. Sharpe. . . 3 

Laws against Prophancness, Disc, concerning. (T. 3.) 88 

Vind. of inform, of breaches ofl (T. A. 1 .) 285 

and Judicatures of Scotland Vindicated. 97 

in favour of the Reformation inScoUand(T.l.)291 

Lawson's (Edw.) Academic Sportsman. (D. T. l.)j 217 

Relics of Melodino. . . 167 

Report on Irish Inland Navigation. (I, T. 2.) 313 

Report on Records of Ireland. (I. T. 1«) 313 

Lawjer Outlawed ; Answer to Hunt, 1683. (T. 2.) 284 

Lettor£roma,onEa8tIndiaStock.(P.R.T.12.) 290 

Laxdaela Saga. Thorkelin. • • 101 

Lay of Agincourt, a Poem. • . 163 

of the Reed- Water Minstrel. See Rokesby. 

Laymann, (P.) Proc Jur. contra Sagas,&c (A.dA) 153 
Layman's Lamentation^ The^ Poem, {S. P. 2.) 132 
Sermon on RebeUion, 1745, (T. 10.) 98 

Lee, (Harriet) Mysterious Marriage, Play. (P. 2.) 213 

(Rev. Dr. J.) Narr. de V. ct M. Rob. RoUok. 277 

(Nnth.) Dramatic Works. . . 217 

Ten Tragedies. . . . 218 

Theodosius. Junius Brutus. (O. P. 2. 3.) 222 

(Wm.) History of Lewes and Brighton. 303 

Lewes (Charles) Memoirs of. . 322 

Leeds, (W. H.) PopuLir Northern Tales. 335 

Lefonu's (Mrs.) Sons of Erin. (M. P. 2.) . 209 

Lefebre de Villebnmo, Nouvelles de Cervantes. 36 
Lefranc de Pompiguan, Voy. de Languedoc (V. I.) 45 
Legend of Captain Jones. See Lloyd, (D.) 

of Cathleen and Kevin. See Webb. 

Leffcnda Aurea Sanctorum. See Voragine. 1 1 

Leges Gula-Thingensea. Jus Comm. Nor?6g;ieam. 64 
Legrand d^Aussy, Fabliaux,&c 1 2. et 1 3. Siielea. 40. 1 1 8 

Fabliaux, transl. by Way and Ellis. 1 87 

Partenopex de Blois, by Rose. • 185 

Le Gr^'s, (Sir R.) Barclay's Argenis. . 1 02 

Leibnitii (G. G.) Scriptores R. Brunsvioensiam. 265 
Leicester, Exact Relat of Siege of; 1645. (T. 10.) 60 

(R. Eari of) Ent, at KiUingworth. (Q. E. P. 4.) 266 

Life of. See Drake. Jebh. 

Traditions respecting Countess o£ (T. C.) 303 

's Commonwealth. See Parsons. 

Leigh's (R.) Cons, of the Rota on Conq. of Oxanada. 21 1 
Leinster, Elxcursions through. See Cromwell. 
Leipzig, Narrative, &c of Battle of. (R. M. 6.) 326 
Leipsick, or Germany Restored, Poem. See Trotter. 165 


Leland's (John) Itinerary and Life. 

Assertion of King Arthur, by Robinson. 

(Rev. Dr. X.) Hist, of Ireland. 

Le Maire, (J.) Illustrations de Gaule. 
Lemaire, (M. H.)Hist. de la RevoL Francaise. 
Lemene, (F. de) Narciso. (P. I. 36.) 
Lemnius, (L.7 De Miraculis occult. Naturae. 
Lemoyne, (Pierre) Galerie des Femmes Fortes. 



Lhuyd's (Humfiy) Breviary of Britajne. See Lewis (Jn.) 
lAbiu» Disconius, (O, E. M. R. 3.) . 1 05 

Library of Useful Knowledge, Natural Philosophy. 300 
Licensing Act, Ld. Chesterfield's Speech on the. 58 
Lichfield Cathedral, Account of. White. 249 

Lidgate,(John.) See Lydgate. 
Life of Faith, Sermon explaining the. (T. 8.) 74 

LiketoLike. Hist ofWillSquelsh& Harry Halter. 305 
LUbume, (CoL J.) Trial of. . . G2 

Lillo*8 (Geo.) Silvia, or Country Burial, Opera 212 

Works, with Life. ... 217 

Lilly's ( W.) Book of Knowledge. . 1 33 

Christian Astrologer. . . 148 

Starry Messenger. . . 148 

Ancient and Modem Predictions. 148 

—^. Astrological Predictions. . 148 

Life, by himaell . . 149 

Lily's (John) Euphues. Anatomy of Wit 102 

Euphues and his England. . . 102 

Six Court Comedies. . . 217 

Lincoln's Inn, Students' Guide ta See Lone. 
Lindsay *s (Sir David) Heraldic Manuscript 12 

Works. 21. Poetical Works, by Chalmers. 105 

Satyre of theThrie Estati^ by Sibbald. 1 73 

(Rev. H.) State of Ch. of Scotland, 1733. 75 

(Sir R. of Pitscottie) Cronydes of Scotland. 8. 259 

Lindsays, La}'s of the. See Scott 
Linen Manuf.of Scot Reasons for encour. (P.T. 34.) 31 1 
Lines on the Indulgence^ and Reply, (O. P. 3.) 284 

Lingard's (Rev. Dr. J.) History of England. 241 

Vind. of Hist of England. (H.P.T. 1.) 343 

Lingbye, Faeroiske Quaeder, &c 99 

Lingua, a Comedy. See Brewer. 
Linguet, M^m. sur la Bastille. . 323 

Lintot, (Mad. de) Contes. (C. F.) . 43 

Lippi, (Lor.) Malmantilc Rocquistato. (P. J.) 56 

Lipscomb's (W.) Benet Eff. of Inoculation (O. P. P.) 1G9 
Lirici Antichi Italiani. (P. 1. 6.) . . 55 

Lisbon, Anat of English Nunnery at Robinson. 76 
Lisvart of Greece. (Am. de G. p. 6.) . 102 

Lithgow's(Wm.) Gushing Tears of Godly Sorrow. (T.) 6 

Survey of London. (T.) . . 6 

Siege of Newcastle. (T.) 6. (T. 8.) 60. 256 

Nineteen Years' Travels. . . 6 

Littledale,(Eklw.) Constable's Diana. . 275 

(Justice) Skelton's Magnyfycenoe. Interlude. 276 

Liturgy, Di£ betw. the Eng. and Scott 10*37. (P. 8.) 305 

Livii (T.) HistoriaRomana,Gronovii.(V.L.C.27.) 226 
Livingston'! (Dr. E.) Penal Code for Louisiana. 264 

(Rev. John) Life & Characteristics. (T. 1.2.) 67. 77 

Letters. .... 76 

Letter to his Parishioners, 1671. (R. T. 1.) 289 

(Sir Thos.) Exercise of the Foot, &c 1693. 250 

Lixars'ft ( W. H.) T<ac»niir Strevelinense. 12 

Llaguno, ( Sum. de los Reyes de Espana. 48 
Lloyd's (Cha.) Duke of Ormond, Tragedy. 1 93 

(David) State Worthies of Engkmd. 245 

Memoirs of Sufferers during the Civil War. 252 

(Rev. D.) Legend of Capt Jones. . 132 

(H.) Treasury of Health of P. Hyspanius. 1 1 

(J. A.) Percy's Cuck Quean, &c. 276 

(Rev. R. Lumley.) See Punch turned Critick. 

(Robert) Poems. (E. P.) . . 42 

Lly ware Hen, Heroic Elegies of. Owen. 156 

Lobe's (Father) Voyage to Abyssinia. See Johnson. 
Lobeyra, (Vasco) Amadis of Gaul. Southey. 112 

Loch's (J.) Ace. of Imp. on Sutherland Est (A.T.4.) 300 
Locke, (John) Lett cone Toleration. (T. 23.) 285 

Treatise of raising our Coin. (S. T. 69.) 307 

Life and Writings of. Account of. (8. T. 67.) 307 

Lockhart, ( of Lee)Campaign of, 1657-8.(Mor.M.) 250 











(Geo.) Memoirs of Scotland. (T.) 

Papers, by AufVere. 

(J. G.) Don Quixote, by Motteux. 

Ancient Spanish Ballada 

Valerius, a Roman Story. 

Reginald Dalton. 

Matthew Wald. 

Peter's Letters to his Kinsfolk. 

Life of Bums. 

Life of Napoleon. (M. F. L.) 

Court & Camp of Buonaparte. (M. F. L.) 315 

Memoirs of Sir Walter Scott . 322 

Locrd, (Baron) Code Civil, avec Commentaire. 328 
Lodbroci (Rag.) Epicedium. See Krakumal. 
Loddiges, (Messrs.) Botanical Cabinet 198 

Lodge's (Edm.) Illustrations of British History. 240 

Illustrious Personages of Gr. Britain. 261 

( ) Peerage of Ireland. 244 

(Thos. & Greene's) Looking Glass for London. 216 

LoCve-Veimars, Hist des Trib. Secrets d'Allem. 269 
Logan's (Rev. John) PoemsL (R P.) 42. 190 

Lohengrin, Altdeutsches Gedicht. See Goerres. 
Lokman, Fables Indiennes (C. F.) 44 



Luddites, Trials of the, at York, Jan. 1818. 
Lude's (Comte du) Treatise of Spirits. 
Ax laid to the root of Popery. 

127. 177 

Ludlow^ (Gen. Edmund) Memoirs. 

Ludus Scacchiae. Chesse Play. 1597. 

Ludwig^ German and English Dictionaiy. 

Luise, KGniginn von Preussen, Lebensbesch. 838 

Lumsden^B (M.) Genealogy of Forbes Family. 19 

Luna, (Don Alvaro de) Cronica. 

(Mig. de) Hist del Rey Don Bodrigo. 121 

Lunardi's (V.) First Aerial Voyage in England. 183 

Five Aerial Voyages in Scotland. . 183 

Lunatic Asylums. See Duncan. Stark. 

Lundie*s (Rev. A.) Synod Sennon, 1726. (8. 8.) 293 

(Rev. Thos.) Predictions. • . 75 

Luscombe's (M. H.) Pleasures of Society. (P.P. 8.) 343 
Lussan, (Mad. M. de) Revolution de Naples. 1647-8. 39 

Veill^ de Thessalie. (C. F.) . 44 

Luther^s (Mart) Commentary on GalatJans. 84 

Luttrers( ) Advice to Julia. . )93 

Lutzen, Battle of; Relation o£ (B. and 8. 1.) 157 

Luxembuig, Siege oH (B. and 8. 2.) . 157 
Lycanthropie. See Priein*, (Clsudo). Nynauld. 

Lycoethenis Sup. Jul. Obaeq. de Prodigiis. . 146 

Lydgate, (John) Bochas* Tragedies. . 156 

Life of Hector. ... 101 

Chorle & Birde. Hors Shepe & Ghooa. 275 

Lye, (Edw. et Manning) Diet Saxon, et Goth. Lat 248 

Lyle, (Thos.) Ancient Ballads and Songs. 161 

Lyme Regis, Dorset, History o£ Roberts. • 303 

Garrison, Rel. of relieving o^ 1644. (T. 17.) 60 

Lynch's (P.) Introd. to Irish Language. . 33 

Lyndsay "s (Da v.) Dramas of the Ancient World. 211 

Lyoun'ft ( Jna) Teares for Earl of Dunfermling. 277 

Lyric Poems, by J. M. C. B. . . 196 

LysaghfS (Edw.) Poems. . . 192 

Lysis, or Elxtravagant Shepherd, Romance. 102 

Lyttelton's (Geo. Lord) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

History of King Henry II. 286 

Court Secret ... 59 

Monody to Memory of a Lady. (P. P. 6.) 230 

Miscellaneous Woriu, by Ayscougb. 203 






M. (G.) Miscellanea. Wise and Ingenious Sayings. 135 

Praise of Yorkshire Ale. • . 170 

M. (T.) Cloud of Witnesses, or Suflfererli Mhrrour. 78 
M. (T.) Walker^s Hist of Independency, pt 4. 237 
M** (Marq. de) Les Solitaires en belle himieur. 88 
Mabillon et Germain, Museum Italicum. 273 

Mabrion, Roy de Hierusalem, Chronique de.(CtF. A.)l 1 9 
M'Alpine's (J.) Memoirs. • 

Macaulay'ft (Rev. K.) History of St Hilda. 

(Miss) Histrionic Delin. of Mary Q. of Scots. 

M'Bane's (D.) Expert Sword-man. 
M'Caig, (Rev. W.) Address, &c on Conduct of. 
Maccartney's Lett on Duel b. Ham. & Mohun. (T.) 58 
Mackcoull, (or Moffiit, John) Abuses of Justice. 296 

Life and Trial o^ by Donovan. . 296 

M<:Ue*s (Rev. Dr. Th.) Life of John Knox. 418 

Life of Andrew Melville. . . 302 

Lives of William Veitch and Geoige Brysson. 802 

Macculloch'ft (Dr. Jn.) Descript of Western Islands. 19 
-i-. Lett on Highlands and West IsL See Browne. 22 
MK^ulloh's (Dr. J. H.) Res. on Amer. Abor. Hist 81 
M'Diarmid's (John) Sketches Arom Nature. 85 

Macdonald Family, Hist and GeneaL of. 23 

^.- Letters to Inverness Journal, ag. CL Ronald. 19 

Macdonald, Vindication of CI. Ron. ag. In v. Jour. 19 

(Alex.) Ossiani Phingaleis. . . 14 

Register of Ministers, &C. . . 280 

(Rev. Alex.) Gaelic Dictionary. . 264 

(And.) Discus. &c. of Thistle and Rose. 94. 31 1 

(Rev. A.) The Independent, NoveL • 85 

Laura, a Novel. ... 85 

Miscellaneous Works, incL Vimonda, Tiag. 202 

(Arch, of Barisdale) Life. . , 91 

(Flora) Life o£ (Fern. Reb.) . 92 

(J.) Travels in Europe, Asia, &c. . 9 

(J. P.) Keppoch Song, a Poem. • 8 

(Sawney) Disc on Use and Abuse of AppareL 98 

MacdufTs Cross, Cunningham*s Essay on. 17 

Macedonians, Anc. Hist of. (U. H. 7. 8.) • 205 

MacFarlane^s (R.) Gaelic and Eng. Vocabulary. 121 
MKSeoige, (And.) Miscell. Papers, Maiy & Jas. VL281 
Macgregor,( Al.)Reports of certain Parishes in Scot 282 

(Jas. Dun. A Rob.) Trials of. . 91 

Maogregor,(Rob Roy) Memorable Actions of.(H.R.) 95 

See Gregory. 

and Lament, a Traditionaiy Tale. . 341 

M*Intosh's(of Borhim) Essay on inclosing, &c Soot 259 
Macintosh, (Geo.) Life & DeaUi of Jas. I. of Scot 282 



Magica, Hiitoiia Mimb. de Spectrin, &e. 124. 183 

Magical Viaion, or Fallacies of Witchemft. (T. 2.) 108 
Maginnli (Dr. W.) WhitehalL . 385 

Magistracy, Mystery of, unTaUed. (T. 1 6.) . 285 

Original and Design of. (T. 6.) . 289 

Magna Charta, History o( by Thomson. 124 

Magni (Joann.) Gothorum, Sueon. &c Hist 99 

(Olai) Hist de Gent Septent . 185 

(R^gis) Leges Gula Thingenses, &c 64 

Magnus's (01.) Hist ofGoths, Swedes, & Vandals. 64 
Alagnusen, (Prof. F.) Uds. o. d. Kaukai. Mennekest 99 

, Forklaring o, e. Rune-Indskrift. 99 

, Forklaring &c. af Ossian'b Digte. 51 

, Opiysningcr om Kildeme, &c. 64 

, Om Pictames, &c. ... 98 

Mahon's (Vise) Speech on Refoim Bill (P. P. 6.) 345 
Maidment, (Jas.) The Ballad Book. 161 

Banquet of Dainties for str. stem. 115 

Chronicle of Perth. ... 281 

J. Davidson Vi Poetical Remains. . 164 

Declar. of Nob. and Gent, on Raid of Ruthven. 15 

— Excerpta Scotica. 

>»-. Lyoun's Teares for Lord Dunfermling. 

North Countrie Garland. 

Nugae Derelictae. 

— ^ Nugac Scoticae. 
— — . Scottish P&squils, 

Templaria. .... 

Torphichen Charters. 

Maicr'^s (II. H.) Fust von Stromberg. 

WU/red o/Strombety, trant, by Sir W, S, 

Maieri (Mich.) Symbola Aurea XII. Nationum 

— Jocus Severus. 

Lusus Serius. 

Tractatus de Auro. 

Tripus Aureus. 

Maierus' Themis Aurea. Laws of Fr. of Ros. Cr. 

Maillet's Telliamed. 

Maimbouig, (Louis) Histoire des Iconoclastes. 

— Hist du Calyinisroe, Rem. sur. See Rou. 
Maine's (Rev. Dr. J.) Amorous Warre, Trag. 

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Blackwood's (Ad.) History of Q. Mary 
Beves of Hamtoun, a Metrical Romance. 
Cartularium Comitatus de Levenaz. 






Chronicle of Perth, 1210-1668 281 

Chronicles ofKings of Scotland to 1611. 280 

Clariodos, a Metrical Romance. . 280 

Cochrane Correspondence reg. GUugow, 1745-6. 282 

Dalgamo^ (Geo. of Aberdeen) Works. 281 

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Catalogue of Works printed for. 282 

Miscellany, pts. 1 & 2. . 281 

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Poems. .... 280 

Miscellaneous Papers on Reigns of Mary and Jas. 281 

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Register of Ministers, Exhorters, and Readers. 280 

Registrum Monasterii de Paaselct . 281 

Reports of Certain Parishes in Scotland. 282 

Rob Stene's Dream, a Poem. . . 282 

Selections from unpub. MSS. in reign of Q. Mary. 282 

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Anecdotes of London. . 254 

(Sir John) History of Persia. 241 



Malcolm's (Sir J.) Persia, a Poem. 
. Instructions to Officers. 


(Lieut John) Buccanier and other Poems. 

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Siege of, by the Turks. PrimUof, . 330 

See Abela. Brydone. Dryden. Vertot 

Maltbyli (Bp.) Illustrations of Truth of Xtianity, 292 
— .» Sermons, .... 292 

ilfoji, Andmt Laws f/the Itle o/, b^ Tram, . 264 

See Johnstone. Sacheverell. Waldron. 

Man of Honour, a Poem. (P. P. 7. P. T. 10.) 309. 312 
Man of Taste, oocas. by Pope*tt Epistle. (M. P.) 181 
Managers, The, a Ballad. (O. P. 29.) . 157 

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Mancini Niveniois. Richardet. . . 116 

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Maiideyille'ft (Bern.) Defence of Public Stews. 128 

GrumbUng Hive. (O. P. 25.) 1 57 

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Manifest Truths, or Inversion of Truths Manifest 59 
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with Remarks, by Steele. (P. T. 9.) 808 

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See Rose, (Geo.) Baillie, (Geo.) 

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See Marie. Mary. Craig. Gentx. 

Mariamne, a NoveL 336 

Marian, a Novel, .... 336 

Mariana'ls History of Spain, by Stevens. 262 

Marie^Fahletde{E.M.R,A,) . . 183 

Marie de Medicis, &c. Hist de, par Richelieu. 41 

(R. d'EscosBo) Hist Tnigique de. (Jebb. CoU.) 12 

Mort de. 11. (Jebb. ColL) . . 12 

Menu de la Maison de, &c. See Pinguillon. 

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Marivaux, ( ) Le Paysan Parvenu. ] 12 

Voiture embourb^. (V. I.) . 45 

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Marjoribanks' (Capt J.) Trifles in Veise, &c. 22 

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'ft (Mrs.) History of France. . 301 

Markland, (J. H.) on Use of Carriages in England. 32 
— Chester Mysteries. . . . 275 

Letter on Museum for Soc. of Ant (H.P.T.3.) 343 

Marlborough Ghost, seen by Mr. SacheverelL 143 

(John, Duke of) Tracts respecting : 

No Queen, No General (T. 7.) . 293 

Information against, and Answer. (S. T. 61.) 307 
Narr. of Life and Actions o£ (B.T. 1.) 130. 307 
True Character of an Honest Man. (S. T. 63.) 307 

Case of (8. T. 64.) . . 307 

Grand Parade, or Triumphant Criminal (S.T.65.) 307 
Letter f^m Suffolk Curate respecting. (S. T. 66.) 307 
The D. of M'i. Vindication. (P. 5.) . 308 

Report of Comrs. of Public Accounts resp. (P. 7.) 308 
Poem on Vict at Schellenbuig, &c. (O. P. 23.) 157 

Memoirs oil See Coxe. Madgett 

(Sarah, Duchess of) Tracts respecting : 

Account of the Conduct o^ by Hooke. (T. 1.) 310 
Review of Account of; &c (T. 2. 3.) 310 
Remarks on Account of. . 310 
Last Will and Testament of. (T. 4.) 310 
Opinions of, pub. by Lord Hailes. . 250 
(Gea D. of) Ravenscioft'k Mu& Works. 276 



Marlow'8 (Chr.) Ovid's Elegies, Ac. 

Works. .... 

Marmion, or Flodden Field, a Dnma. (D. 2.) 
.— a Drama, by Barker. 
Marmion's (Sh.) HoUand*tt Leaguer, Com. 
Fine Companion, &c 




Mannontel, ( ) CEuvres de. 

Marot, (Michel) Quelques CEuTies de (Pav*) 

Marrat's ( W.) History of Grantham. 

Marriage Bed, Treatise on U. and A. ot See De Foe. 

Marriott's (Rev. J.) Hinto to a Traveller. . 250 

Marrs and Williamsons, Murders of. 1811. (C. M.) 130 

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Marshman^ (J.) Confucius^ Works. . 34 

Dissertation on Chinese Language. . 34 

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(R.)Eleg. Poem on Th. Lord Grey de Wilton. 276 

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Martial's Epigrams, trans, by R. Fletcher. 112 

Martial d'Auvergne, L'Amant rend. Cord. &c.(M.3.) 116 
MarUn'd (R) Panegyrick on Newt Philoe. (M.T.6.) 130 

(M.) Descr. of Western Isles. 
Voyage to St Kilda. (M. S.) 
(Dr. John) Mariner^ Tonga Islands. 
(W.) Northumberland Bard. (P. P. 13.) 










Martine's (Geo.) State of Sec of St Andrews. 
Martiniere, (De la) Tombeau do la Folic. 
Marvell'ft (And.) Miscellaneous Poems. (T.) 

Rehearsal Transprosed. 

Poems on Affiurs of State. (O. P. 1.) 

Mary I. (Queen of Eng.) Godwin's Hist o£ (C. H.)249 

Spousals and Marriage to Prince of Castillo. 275 

(Q. of Scots)Cerem. of Marriage with Dauphin. 275 

— ..- Miscellaneous Papers relative to reign of. 281 

Lives of. See Chalmers. Freebaim. Grant 

Love Lett and Sonnets, and Case of. See Campbell. 

Poetic Remains ofl See Chalmem 

Collections rel. to Funeral ot See Pitcaim. 

.^— . Historical Drama. See Grahame. 

Histrionical Delineation ot See Macauley. 

See also Buchanan, (G.) Laing. (M.) 

Mary de Medids, (Q.) Voy. o^ to Mara. (QJ;.P.21 .) 266 
Masaniello, History o^ by Midon. . 121 

See B. (T.) Giraffi. Tontoli. &c. 

Mascal'8(L.) Government of Cattel. . 247 
Three Books of Cattel, and Art of Planting. 248 

Masenii Exercitatioues Oratoriac. 228 

Mason, (Francis) Relation of; 172 years old. (T. 2.) 74 
Mason's (Rev. J.) Treatise on Self-Knowledge. 291 

(Rev. W.) Poems. (E. P.) . 42 

Works. .... 191 

Safib, Trad. ItaL da Mathias. . 38 

(J. M.) Com. on Beaunu, Fletcher, and Shaksi 210 

( W. Monck) Hist of St Patrick'^ CMhediaL 242 

( W. S.) Fmgm. of Irish StatisUca. (J. P. 7.) 343 

Catalogue of Sir R. PeePs Irish Library. 315 

Masque, presented by Prince Charles at Richmond. 313 
Masquerades, Balhid on the. . 128 

Massachusetts Hist Society Colleotions. . 30 

Mass€,(P.) Impostures, &c. des Diablcs,Devins,&c. 146 

(C.) History of Duelling. 


Massinger's (PhiL) Plays, by Gifford. 

Maid of Honour, Tragi-Com. (O. P. 2.) 

Mastrillo, (Gius.) Istoria du (S. N. S. 5.) 

Masuccio Salemitano, II Novellino. 

Mather's (Rev. C.) Won. of Inv. Wor. (W.T.I. 2.8.) SO 

Memorable Providences, &c . 143 

Sufferings of Marg. Rule. (CaL 1.) . 150 

Ecct History of New-England. . 240 

Mathias, (T. J.) English and Latin Odes. . 88 

Heroic EpisUe to Winsor. (M. P. 82.) 186 

Lett on Death of Norton Nicholla (PAP.4.) 192 

Canzoni Toscanc. ... 32 

Trad. ItaL di Saffo di Mason. . 38 

Canzoni e Prose Toscane. . 38 

Poesie Liriche. ... 38 

Viro Celeb. Walt Scott . 38 

Aggiunta ai Componim. Lirid. . 38 

Cresdmbeni, Storia degli ArcadL 38 

Gravina, della Ragion Poetica. 38 

Menzini, Arte Poetica Italiana. . 88 

Monti, La Rivoluzione Fran