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Full text of "The commercial directory of Scotland, Ireland, and the four most Northern counties of England for 1821-22 & 23, etc"

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Digitized by the Internet Arciiive 

in 2011 with funding from 

National Library of Scotland 









1821-22 & 23, 







Embellished with neat Maps of Ireland and Scotland. 




And by tbe following Booksellers and others, viz. 

Lonclon-^Lonom?in and Co, and TJoosfv and Sons; E(ii/i6urff/i— Olher nnd Boyd, and A Constable 
Leah— J . BeiaarA, and J. Watt. Aheril.>'ek—\. Rrowne, aii'il A.Stevenson. Ayr—\N\\%o\\ and Co- and d' 
Auld. Dumffies—i. idhmon, Dundee— \K. Dun-AMiwn. (r'tosg-ow-W. Turnbnll, and D. ForreUer KU 
mar«oc.J—H. Crawford. Linlithgow— 3. I3ell. 7J«-rt—D. Morrison, jun. and Co. Bprwick-un.Tw'epif-i 

?" n*^*i;.'*''^''''''*'"i»' ^®*^- Belfast— -i^ hves^ax. Dundat/t—J.Covry. .Vetory— A. Willtinson. h^aterfurd 
J, K, iiirnie, -^ 

Prire £1 1 Neatly Bound, 




Thjit have faikd, or declined business, since the information for thii Publication 
bas been collected. 


Dublin, Sir Wm. Alexander & Co. 
Ctrk, Stephen and James Roche 
Cork, G. Newnbam and Co. 
Cork, C. H. & J. Leslie 
Clonmel, William Riall and Brothers 
Kilkenny, James Loughnan 
Limerick, George E. J. & G. Bruce 
Limerick, Maunsel and Kennedy 
fVattrfori, Wm, Newport and €o. 


IN preienting to the Public the New Commercial Directory of Ireland, Scotland 
tni the Four most Northen Counties of England, the Proprietors feel qreat 
pleasure. Since the first attempt to render assistance to the Commercial world 
by works of this nature, few publications have had greater obstacles to surmount 
or have been completed with more unabated activity. To give a commercial and pro- 
fessional representation of a population amounting to more than eight millions, spread 
over a tract of country, equal to~one half of the superficies of the United Kingdom, 
and engaged in such various branches of commerce and manufacture, was an under- 
taking at once bold and hazardous ; involving no common expence and requiring great 
perseverance, and knowledge of the routine of mercantile transactions. 

To complete a volume embracing so many subjects, has proved an arduous, but 
it is presumed a successful enterprize. For many months have the publishers and 
their 7iumerous agents toiled with unremitting perseverance to complete the work, 
but they feel most sensibly, that with their utmost endeavours, it could not have 
appeared in its present state hut for the great facilities that have been afforded them: 
to the Nobility and Gentry, to numerous Professional Gentlemen, as well as to the 
Merchants and Traders of the districts into which their labours have called them^ 
the Proprietors are happy in having an opportunity of acknowledging themselves 
deeply indebted; a patronage unprecedented, the most prompt and effectual assistance, 
polite personal attention, and continued proof s of kindness in contributing informa- 
tion on every subject required, these obligations demand the most heartfelt gratitude, 
and their warmest thanks ; and they beg leave respectfully to urge the assurance of 
a determination to deserve a continuance of their patronage and support. 

In referring to the subjects of the work, the Historic department naturally claims 
precedence. In the formation of this leading feature of the book, access has been 
generously afforded to the libraries of many gentlemen of taste in Literature, by 
which extracts from valuable works have been obtained and connected with the actual 
observations and remarks of the persons employed in the compilation. The Direc- 
torial part next comes under consideration, and here the most formidable obstacles 
have been encountered,. Although the language is the same, still peculiarities of 
diction, difference of idiom, and the danger of misconception from varied pronunci- 
ation, operate powerfully to increase the difficulties ever attendant on works of this 
nature, but which, through the patient attention shewn to the numerous enquiries, 
have been generally overcome; and it is hoped that comparatively few inaccuracies 
will appear. In laying down the plan of this work, attention has been paid to the 
existing connection between the countries. From the eastern coast of Ireland to the 
opposite coasts of Scotland and Cumberland, the communication is incessant and 
mutually advantageous. By combining them in the same volume, it is imagined that 
a desirable contact has been effected. Demonstrated in the public approbation, and 
the extensive support which the arrangement has received. 

The pages of reference attached to the conclusion of the larger towns, will great- 
ly facilitate the search for names, particularly where' the designation of business is 

Under the article Miscellany, are comprehended the addresses of many persons 
of respectability, which could not with propriety be inserted under the trade heads. 

The Maps annexed, engraved expressly for the embellishment of the Directory, 
having been completed with the greatest care, it is hoped will give satisfaction. The 
Table of Coins will be found of value to the export merchant, and the List of Bank- 
ers, compiled principally from individual inquiry, will contribute much t., the advan- 
tage of the general trading community. In addition to the foregoing Table and 
lAst, are added a variety of subjects of information, which will he found of qreat 
local, as well as of general interest. 

*:(:* To be continued Triennially, 




















- 188 





- - 191 










- 196 





- 200 





- 203 





- 211 



ABERDEEN - - 67 


AIRDRIE - - - - 342 

ALLOA ----- 344 

ANDREW'S ST. - 346 

ANNAN - - 92 




AYR - - - 85 

BANFF - - . - 351 


BATHGATE - - - ibid 

BEITH - - . - - 356 


BRECHIN - - - - 359 






COMRIE - - - - ibid 


CRAIL ----- 371 

CRIEFF - - - - 372 

CROMARTY • - - 374 


CUPAR FIFE - - 375 
DALKEITH - - - 94 

DALRY - - - - 379 

DINGWALL - - - 380 

DORNOCH - - - 381 

DUMBARTON - - 382 

DUMFRIES - - - 97 

DUNBAR - - - 105 

DUNBLANE - - - 385 

DUNDEE - - 107 


DUNKELD - - - 385 

DUNNING - - - 387 

DUNSE - - - - 388 

DYSART - - - 
ELGIN - - - - 
ELIE - - - - 
FORFAR - - - 
FORRES - - - 
HAWICK - - - 
HUNTLY - - - 

KEITH - - - - 
KELSO - - - - 
KINROSS - - - 
LARGS - - - 

- I 


LEVEN - - - - 433 

LOCKERBIE - - 433 
MAYEOLE - 210 

METHVEN ... 436 

MUTHIL - - - - 438 

NAIRN ibid 

NINIANS, ST. - - 439 
OBAN --•".. ibid 
PAISLEY - - 217 

CAMLACHIE - - 441 
PEEBLES ... - 442 
PERTH - - 229 

PETERHEAD - - - 44.'i 
PORTSOY - - - - 447 
ROTHESAY - - - 450 
SALTCOATS - - 192 
SANQUHAR - - - 454 
SELKIRK - - - - 455 
STONEH.WEN - r 457 
STIRLING - - 238 

TAIN ----- 459 
TURREFF - - - - 460 
WHITBURN - - - 461 
WIGTOUN - - 845 



20 Skillings 

Rjx Marc 


60 Rials 

Pistoj£ of Ex 

£ s 



24 Skillings 




2048 Marav 

Pistole of Ex 

.0 16 


4 Marcs 



78 Rials 



9 '■ 

'J 1) "* 

6 Marcs 

Rix Dollar 





11 Marcs 




12 Fennings 

a Shill. Lubbish 


14 Marcs 

Half Ducat 



1 6 Shillings 



6 '■■"■' 












2 Marcs 

3 Marcs 

Slet Dollar 
Rix Dollar 



A Penning 

4 Pennings an Urch 

8 Pennings a Grote 

2 Grotes Petard 

6 Petards Scaliu 

40 Grotes Horin 

17i Scalins Ducat 

240 Grotes Pound Flem. 

6| Marcs Ducat 9 4J 
120ShilUings Pound Flem. 11 3 

8 Pennings a Groat - 0|i 
2 Groats Stiver 1 ,^L. 
6 Stivers Scalin Q 6^^^ 
20 Stivers Guilders, or Flo.O 1 9 
50 Stivers Rix Dollar 4 4f 


60 Stivers 

Dry Guilder 



A Liard 



105 Stivers 




2 Liard piece 



6 Guilder, Flo. Pound Flem. 







6 Liard Piece 
Double Sous 




A Donari 

4 Denari a Quatrini 


6 Sous Piece 






10 Sous Piece, 

Demi Franc 


8 Gratia 



15 Sous Piece 



20 Soldi 



20 Sous Piece, 

or Franc 


6 Lir«s 

Piastre of Ex. 



30 Sous Piece 




7§ Lires 




3 Livre Piece 




22 Lires 




5 Franc Piece - 4 2 

6 Livre Piece, an Ecu - 5 3 

Louis Dixhuit 16 8 

The Livre, or Franc, is equal to ten-pence English, 
the t^nth part of a Franc is called a Uecime, and 
a hundredth part of a Franc is called a Centime. 
The Franc now in use, is one per cent, more tlian 
the Livre in use before the Revolution. 

A D^naii 

3 Uenari 
12 I^na^in 
10 Soldi Piw 
20 Soldi 


a Qaatrini 



115 Soldi 

Scudi of Current 4 


A Dimari 
12 Dimari 

=1 Solidi 

12 00 

117 Soldi 
6 Lires 

Scudi of Ex, 




4 Solidi 



23 Lires 



20 Solidi 



23 Lires 

Span. Pistole 



30 Solidi 





5 Li res 
115 Solidi 

6 Festoons 
20 Lires 

Pezzo of Ex. 



A Quatrini 
10 Grains 
40 Quatrini 
20 Grains 





40 Grains 




A Maravedi 

2 Maravedies an Ochava - 

4 Maravodies Quartil" - 





]0O Grains 
43 Taris 

Ducat of Ex. 







34 Maravedies Rial Velon 

6 3 


A Denari 



15 Rials 

Piastre of Ex 



3 Denari 

a Quatrini 


512 Maravedies Piastre 



12 Denari 





12 Soldi 
20 Soldi 

6 Florins 

7 Florins 
16 Lires 

A Shelon 
3 Shelons 
5 Groshen 

3 Caustics 
18 Groshen 
30 Groshen 
90 Groshen 

8 Florins 
5 Rix Dollars 

5 Vintens 

4 Testoons 
24 Vintins 
10 Testoons 
48 Testoons 
64 Testoons 




1 5 


£ i. 


Lire 1 

Scudi 4 

Diicatoon 5 

Pistole 16 

Louis d'or 1 

a Grosh 
Rix Dollar 
Frederic d'or 



a Half Vintin 



Crusade of Ex.0 2 

New Crusade 2 

Milre 5 

Moeda 1 7 

Joanesa 1 16 












A Quatrini 
5 Quatrini 
3 Bayocs 
10 Bayocs 
24 Bayocs 
10 Julios 
12 Julios 
18 Julios 
31 Julios 

a Bayoc 

Stamp Juilo 
Crown Current 
Crown Stamp 



A Copec 
3 Copecs 
10 Copecs 
25 Copecs 
50 Copecs 
lOO Copecs 
2 Rubles 

an Altin 
a Grievene 





APicoli - - 

6 Picoli a Grain 
























3 9 

8 Picoli PoDti 

10 Grains Carlin 

20 Grains Tarin 

6 Tarins Florin of Ex, 

•13Tarins Ducat of Ex. 

60 Carlins Ounce 

2 Ounces Pistole 

A Maravedi 

2 Maravedies a Quartil 
84 Maravedies Rial 
2 Rials Pistarine 

8 Rials Piastre of Ex 

10 Rials Dollar 

375 Maravedies Ducat of Ex. 
32 Rials Pistole or Doubl. 

5. d. 









8 + 

15 4,8. 






3 7 

4 6 

4 11| 

14 4 

A Stiver 

4 Stivers a Copper Marc 
3 Cop. Marcs Silver Marc 

5 Cop. Mares Copper Dollar 
9 Cop, Marcs Caroline 

3 Do, Dollars Silver Dollar 
3 Sil. Dollars Rix Dollar 
2 Rix Dollars Ducat 



4 8' 

9 4 



A Mangar 

4 Man gars 
3 Aspers 

5 Aspers 
10 Aspers 
20 Aspers 
80 Aspers 
100 Aspers 
10 Solotas 

A Picoli 
^ Soldis 
18 Soldis 
20 Soldis 
3 Julio 
124 Soldis 
24 Grosso 
22 Lires 


an Aspar 
a Parac 








a Soldi 














Due Current 
Ducal of Ex. 








37ie Commevcial Directorff 




THE city of Dublin, and capital of Ireland, is situated at the mouth of tbe river Liffey, 
wliich empties itself into a large and beautiful bay, in tlie Irish Sea, considered to 
be equal in fine and picturesque scenery to the celebrated Bay of Naples, and in some 
respects its superior. The beauties of this entrance into Dublin are heightened by th« 
grand elevation of the country towards the south of the city, which increases until it ter- 
minates in the wild magnificence of ihe Wicklow mountains, where the fine pointed cone 
of the Sugar Loaf forms a most sublime object in this diversified landscape, the, 
beauties of which are not surpassed in any country in Europe. To the north of the bay 
the country rises with an imperceptible ascent, presenting a wide prospect of rich cultiva- 
tion, the rugged hills of Howth forming the extremity of tbe northern boundary of Dab- 
lin bay, surrounded by this beautiful scenery, opens gradually to the view— the noble 
city, t;rowded in the perspective with lofty spires and domes, with numerous shipping 
moored in the harbour, altogether so happily combined, as to form one of the most deligfht- 
ful of nature's views, highly improved by affluence and taste. 

As the limits of the Commercial Directory will not admit of entering at any great 
length into its ancient history, it is hoped it will suffice to say, that this fertile Island is 
about 300 miles in length, and about 160 in its greatest breadth. Ireland was (two 
centuries before the birth of Christ) known to the Greeks by the name of Juvernum, but 
who were its first inhabitants cannot be ascertained. When Caesar undertook his expedition 
into Britain, he visited Ireland, and described it as about half the size of Britain, and 
although it never became subject to the Roman empire, it was afterwards invaded, and its 
capital besieged and conquered by the Danes and Norwegians, which they strongly fortified 
and sent forth their troops in every direction, committing the most deplorable ravages 
on the country and its inhabitants. The brave Hibernians with the gieatest heroism oppo- 
sed these oppressors, and gallantly disputed every foot of ground with them. It is the opinion 
of antiquaries that the first scite of Dublin was on the south side of the river, where the 
castle now stands, and also that its earliest inhabitants were a very few ot the southera 
Irish, joined at different periods by people from the north of the island, and adventurers 
from Wales, whose principal employment at that early period was fishing. The progressive 
increase of population, industry and wealth, and the commodious situation of the port, 
soon disposed the inhabitants to commercial pursuits, and after experiencing many 
fluctuations, Dublin has at length arrived at its present state of consequence, affluence 
and grandeur. 


When the Danes enclosed the city with walls, the extent, it is supposad, was not 
more than a mile, but so many of the ancient streets have been long since annihilated, 
and others so much improved and rebuilt, that it is utterly impossible now to say, where 
some of them stood at that distant period, indeed, so late as the year 1535, there 
was a small harbour near Cork Hill, and a strand of considerable length, which WM,; 
not embanked 'till the reign of Charles the 2nd. is now the scite of Essex-street, Cra^^ ■ 
lane, Temple-bar, and Fleet-street. The tide also flowed to the extent of two miles over 
ground which is now covered with elegant streets and quays ; viz. Batchelor's Walk, 
Ormond-quay, Arran quay, EUis's-quay, and many other parts that now form nearly 
the centre of this fine city ; indeed, so rapid has be.en its increai^e, to this period, that it is 
now about ten miles in circumference, and contains 240,000 inhabitants. 

The situation of Dublin 'too, is, perhaps, as happily lixeii, as it is possible for the 
mind to imagine. This city is built in an extensive valley, of gentls and pleasing declivity, 
with ranges of hills aud mountains on the north and south, which present to the 


view a di«rsi^^ »nd most delightful scene. The kntls »;e rich and higbly cuUi\'aleti, 
intersvicrscii with pleasaat villages, and scats of nobility and gentry, which cannot he 
exceeded in taste and elegance. Such is the delightful vicinity of this ancient, 
hut now elegant city, embellished by the gently flowing Liffy, sepiiiatiiig it into 
two equal parts, witu ranges "of noble houses on either side, and many superb 
bridges across the river, the water of which has been collected by art and indelatigable 
industry, so as to make it a safe and comnaoaicus receptacle for shipping, adding greatly 
to the delightful scenerv of the capital of Ireland. 

The river from Rin'gai-nd and North Wall is enclosed by fine walls of granite to a 
distance of more than three miles westward, extending? quite through tlie city. Below the 
Custom House, a fine capacious dock is now constructiug, and near to Ringsend are exten- 
sive Docks capable of holding several hundred sail of vessel.^, equally capacious with those 
of Liverpool. The Light- house, situated at the extreme end of an immense wall, 
thatstretches for three miles into the sea, like another Pharos, rising from the ocean, fills 
the mind with admiration. This great work confines the Channel on each side, and forms 
a sate harbour for shipping, in the front of an open sea. On the left, approaching from 
the bay, is Dunleary, where a new harbour and pier are forming, — an undertaking of the 
greatest magnitude, whichdoes honor to the nation. On the right, is the beautiful village 
of Clontarf, whose gently rising shores, and elegant white bouses, fill the mind of the 
spectator with delight. 


IT is impossible within the limits of this publication, to notice all the national and 
public structures of Dublirj, in the manner which they deserve; — nor can we Say, which of 
the numerous architectural beauties should be placed first in order, but as the Custom- 
House presents itself to the traveller's view, on his arrival in Dublin, by way of Liverpool 
or Holyhead, it solicits our first attention. This magnific<»nt pile of building, situated on 
the north side of the river, a short distance below Carlisle Bridge, was begun to be built in 
the year 1781, and was finished in 1791, it is 375 feet in length, and 200 feet in depth, 
having four elegantly designed fronts. In the centre of the building rises a noble and, 
stupendous dome, 125 feet in height, on the top of which is a colossal statue of Commerce, 
16 feet high; on various other parts of this amazing structure, are many beautifully 
sculptured emblematical figures, with other ornamental embellishments. In the front 
opposite the river, are arcades on each side of the grand entrance, the portico of which, is 
supported by massy pillars of the most chaste and beautiful design. The building of this 
grand monument of national taste cost ^£255,000. The architect was James Gandon, Esq . 
At a short distance &om the Custom House, on the same side of the river, is the King's 
Tobacco Warehouse. This building is of immense size, vaulted underneath, in a most 
ing;enious and complete manner, the vaults being nearly as light as if above ground. The 
entire roof of this extensive building, is of cast-iron, supported by numerous pillars of the 
same metal ; the stones underneath are also supported by iron-work apd pillars. It is the 
largest building of the kind in Europe, and perhaps the most complete. 

The Bank of Ireland, formerly the Parliament House, is situated in College Green. 
This building is of Portland-stene, and supposed to stand unrivalled in taste and elegant 
architecture. The entire structure, which is of a circular form, covers an acre and a half 
«f ground, the front is adorned with a magnificent arcade, with a fine lofty portico, 
supported by numerous Ionic Columns. This superb arcade is 147 feet in extent. The 
interior of this beautiful pile corresponds in elegance and accomodation to its external 
grandeur,, and presents a highly-finished, fiill length statue of his latq Majeaty, 
placed on a pedestal, on which are two emblematical figures of Religion and 
Justice. There is also a fine bust of his Grace the Duke of Wellington. This building, 
on the whole, is of peculiai beauty. It was begun in 1729, and was ten years in. 
erecting; the roof is flat, and will admit a full regiment of soldiers to act, in case of 

Trinity College, which is very near the national Bank, fronts towards College Green, 
It is a superb edifice, consisting of two noble and spacious quadrangles. There are attached 
an elegant Chapel and Museum. The Library is a beautiful room, capable of containing 
90,000 volumes in complete arrangement. There is also a Printing House annexed to the 
College. In the rear are fine and healthful Pleasure Grounds, for the recreation of the 
students, and respectable persons are allowed to walk there, at any time. The College in 
front extends about 300 feet, and COO feet in depth. Adjoining the Pleasure Grounds, is 
an Anatomical Lecture House, containing a collection of appropriate Wax Work, most 
ingeniously displaying the various stages of gestation. This collection is the performance 
of a French lady, and is considered of great value. The College altogether, (particularly 
the front, which is of fine Portland-stone, and of the Corinthian order) has the 
appearance of a royal palaee. The College is the only University in the kingdom, 
and by its T«st endowaents, ose of the richest ia Europe ; it was first projected in the 


year 1311, but did not begin to flourish until tbe reign of Queen Elizabeth, wlio granted 
it a charter. James 1st. endowed it with large estates in the province of Ulster, and 
in the year 1637, Charles 1st. was a great benefactor to it, and granted it a new charter 
and statutes. In the establishment are a Chancellor, Vice Chancellor, Provost, Vice Pro- 
vost, twenty-two Fellows, and five Royal Professors of Divinity, Common Law, Civil Law, 
Physic, and the Greek Language, there are also other Professorships, of Malhematics, 
Oriental Languages. Oratory, History, Natural Ptiilosopby, &c. in addition to these, Sh- 
Patrick Dupn founded three others, of Physic, Pharmacy, aud Chirurgery. The number 
. of students is generally about 400. At some little distance opposite this fine lustitutioa, 
in College Green, is a most beautiful brazen equestrian statue of William 3rcl, raised on a 
massy marble pedestal. The Royal Exchange, which fronts Parliament-street, is a costly 
edifice, and has a grand effect when viewed from Essex-bridge ; this fine structure was 
ten years in completing, and cost ^40,000. It is built of Portland-stont, nesirly of a 
•quare form, supporting a nobledome on its centre ; in the front are fine t oriiitiiian pillars, 
elevated on large flights of stone steps, ornamented with handsome '.ion pallitades. The 
interior also possesses great architectural beauties ; in the central part of tlte ambulatory, 
are twelve lofty fluted columns, which support the dome, and form a circular walk for the 
merchants. The entablature over the colu^nns is splendidly ornamented and enriched, and 
above are twelve elegant circular windows. It was opened for tbe transaction of mercan- 
tile business, in the year 1779. 

The Castle of nublin, wliich is adjacent to the Royal Exchange, is supposed to bare 
been built about tbe year 1205. In the reign of King John, it was considered a place of 
great strength. Queen Elizabeth established it as tbe seat of government. Before that 
time the Governor's Court was held at Kilmainham, and other places. The Castle has 
been the residence of the Lord Lieutenants of Ireland since the year 1563, who afe entitled 
to a salary of .£30,000 a j'ear, by parliament. This building is very extensive, and liaS 
had many recent additions and improvements ; it has an armoury forSO.OOO men. Aitached 
to the Caslle is a new and beautiful Chapel of most exquisite architecture, the interior of 
which is superb in the extreme. Divine service is performed there, in public, every 
Sunday, at tvvelve at noon. 

Tbe New Courts of Justice, called the Pour Courts, are situated on the north side of the 
Liffy, on King's Inn Quay. This is an erectiou (hat claims the greatest praise ; its taag- 
nitufie and grandeur must be admired by every one who possesses a taste for architectural 
beauties. This elegant pile of building is 433 feet in length, with two wings 90 feet by 50. 
On the centre part rises a majestic colossal dome, which gives light to an extensivo 
Rotunda in the interior. This structure was begun, and the first stone laid, by the 
Duke of Rutland, on the 13th of March, 1786, and was opei.ed for the administratioa 
of Justice on the 3rd. of November, 1796. 

The New General Post OfiBce, which is situated nearly in the centre of ofieO'f the finest 
streets of Europe, vi/. Sackville-street, is an edifice, which, for the same purpose, has 
not its equal. It is a superb embellishment to tbe citj'. This important national erection 
is built of fine stone, and is of the most chaste design. The front is decorated with gix 
beautiful Corinthian pillars, of great height, supporting a Portico, on the top of which, 
are finely sculptured figures; the entire displaying a degree of elegance not to be surpassed. 
The interior is equally complete in its judicious arrangements for the dispatch of business. 
The foundation-stone was laid onthe 12th of August 1814, (the centenary of the House 
of Hanover on the throne of Great Britain) by his Excellency, the Lord Lieutenant. 
Immediately opposite to the General Post Office, is seen, that grand memento of niwal 
heroism. Nelson's Mouument, which, perhaps, stands unrivalled in beauty and effect. This 
fine pillar, is 144 feet in height, and fluted to the top, on which is placed tbe statue of the 
ever to be remembered Hero of Trafalgar. The figure is 13 feet high, finely executed, 
and in an appropriate position, reclining against the representation of the Capstan of a 
Ship. The pedestal is surrounded by hansdome iron pallisades, and elegant lamps, it was 
built by subscription, and the first stone laid in Februaiy, 1808. 

The Rotunda, at the extreme end of Sackville-street, is an elegant circular building, 
where concerts are occasionally given, and assemblies held. The annual fruit and flower 
exhibitions are also held in this building. At the rear are beautiful Gardens, in the centre 
of Rutland-square, during summer evenings these gardens are tbe promenade of beauty 
and fashion, bands of music attend, and there are occasionally vocal performances, for the 
benefit of the Lying-in-Hospital, a highly praise-worthy arrangement, and an honor to 
those gentlemen who have the management. 

The New Corn Exchange on Burgh Quay, is a large and nearly square structure, of fine 
Stone, the architecture of which is most beautifully chaste and neat ; it has two grand 
entrances in front, and on either side are wings of red brick, but these are abiyiit to be 
taken down and rebuilt with stone, to correspond with the entire edifice, which will then be 
a most superb embeUishmsnt to that part of the cUy. The interior, where the Corn 


business is conducted is commodious and complete; over this is a very large room, where 
the Committee of the establishment assembles, &c. 

The Commercial Buildingfs, on the north side of Dame-street, is an edifice of neat and 
plain architecture, the first stone of which was laid on the 29th. July, 1796. It was erected 
by a company of spirited merchants, and incorporated by Royal Charter, 1st. January, 1798 
The Royal Exchange beins judged incouveiyent for mercantile pursuits, the merchants 
BOW assemble in these Buildings. Here is an elegant Coffee Room, to which all 
respectable persons have access. In the rear are spacious Counting Houses and Offices, 
fitted up with every convenience for Merchants, Insurance Companies, &c. &c. The 
Stock Exchange business is transacted in a commodious room, over the Coffee Room, 
which opens aquarter before three o'clock every day except Sundays. 

The Linen Hall, in Linen Hall-street, is situated on the north side of the city, this is a 
building, although not so elegant as many, yet it is of great magnitude, and perhaps of as 
high importance as anyin the kingdom, itis established as the receptacle of, and to prevent 
frauds in the principal manufacture of the country. Linens from all parts of the kingdom 
are rejce.ived at this Hall by the Linen Merchants, Brokers and Agents, It is the grand 
Mart, for the sale of the staple manufacture of Ireland. The entire of this extensive 
trade is conducted with the greatest regularity and is, in every respect, deserving the stran- 
ger's attention. We regret that our limits permit only a brief sketch of the Public Build- 
ings of Dublin. In addition to those which have already been enumerated, are many 
others which, although less attractive, are worthy of attention. 

The Mansion House, in which the LordMayor resides, is a fine old edifice inDawson-street, 
Near it, on the left, is an equestrian Statue of George 1st. placed on a handsome pedestal,- 
At a short distancetotherightisStephen's-green, allowed to be the largest Square in Europe. 
In the centre c which is an extensive beautiful meadow of about seventeen acres) is ele- 
vated on a fine stone pedestal an equestrian brazen statue of George the 2nd. which was 
erected in 1758, itis a grand embellishment to the Square, and produces a noble effect. On 
the west side, is the Surgeon's Hall, an elegant building of fine stone The houses round 
the entire of thisimmense Square, are pleasingly diversified, insterspersed with many superb 
mansions, belonging to the nobility, Stephen's Green, a short period since was surround- 
ed by rows of trees and water ; but, within these three years it has been very greatly 
improved by fine gravel walks, which are guarded from horses and carriages by numer- 
ous granite posts, connected by massy chains of wrought iron, entirely round the 
square, the green part, which is planted with anew shrnbbery, is inclosed by elegant iron 
pallisades, altogether forming a delightful promenade of a mile in circumference. 

In the Phoenix Park, at the west end of the town, lately erected on a fine elevated spot, 
stands a noble pillar, in commemoration of the heroic achievements of his Grace the Duke 
of Wellington at the ever-to-be-remembered Battle of Waterloo. This Park is an exten- 
sive Royal Enclosure, apd was formerly part of the lands of the Monastery of St. John of 
Jerusalem ; it is seven miles in circuit, containing woodland and beautiful rising grounds. 
The Viceroy's elegant Villa, and the seat of the principal Secretary are situated here; 
also, the Hibernian School, a grand and commodious edifice. The Powder Magazine, and 
other erections, adorn this picturesque spot, which, being so contiguous to the city, a visit 
to it, forms a rural and healthful recreation to the inhabitants, the rides and walks in it, 
being delightfully arranged, for either of those exercises. 

The Royal Barracks, on Arbour Hill, are situated near to Pheenix Park, they were built 
in 17i)6, and are supposed to be the largest and handsomest in Europe, they consist of four 
spacious, open courts, whose elevated situations, command the most beautiful prospects, 
In addition to these, are the Richmond Cavalry Barracks, which are situated on the Grand 
Canal, near Kilmainham, they are very extensive, and were finished about the year 1811. 
Near to tfai'', is VFhat may justly be called, the Rialto, or Island Bridge, it crosses the 
River from north to south, in one beautiful eliptic arch, extending 356 feet (being 12 feet " 
wider than the celebrated Rialto at Venice) in breadth it is 38 feet including two flagged 
foot-paths. This elegant bridge is justly considered a monument of national taste. Many 
other public edifices adorn this grand and beautiful city, namely, the Dublin Society 
House, formerly the town residence of his Grace the Duke of Leinster. This is a noble 
mansion, of stone, with two fine fronts, one facing Merrion-square, with a beautiful 
lawn ; and the other fronting Kildare St., enclosed by a wall and lodge-gates, enteriug^ 
into a spacious court-yard. This structure now contains an extensive Museum of 
natural curiosities, which, on certain days, is opened for public view, gratis. The Club 
House, in College Green, is a very capacious building. The New Club House is a beauti- 
ful structure, the interior of which, is elegant and convenient. The Stamp Office, in 
Wiiliam-street, formerly the residence of a nobleman, is a superb mansion of stone, 
beautifully embellished with sculptured ornaments. A fine flight of steps, adorned oi^ 
either side with stone balustrades, forms the grand entrance. 
The Theatre Royal, in Crow-st. is an ancient building, and in its external appearance 


has little to recommend it to the stranger's notice. It is in contemplation to erect a netr 
one, which there is no doubt will vie witli any theatre in the United Kingdoms. The 
interior of the present Theatre is very handsome and spacions, and the performances ar« 
generally most respectable. We cannot dismiss <he subject of the Public Buildings of the 
metropolis of Ireland, without repealing our regret at not being enabled (from a want of 
space) to be more descriptive of their justly celcl-.ratcd merits. The geueiality of the 
streets, squares, &c. correspond in beauty with the public structures. Menion-squure 
is magnifleent and extensive, with fine gardens and walks in the centre, enclosed 
by iron pallisades. It is often enlivened by the playing of a military band of music. 
Mountjoy-square, on the north side, is also a spacious, superb square, with a large pleasure 
around and shrubberies, and iron pallisades. Rutland-square, contiguous, is not inferior 
in elegance and size. Sackville-street, divided from Westmoreland-street, by Carliale 
Bridge, with the immediate view of the Bank of Ireland, Trinity College, the Custom 
House, the Four Courts, General Post Office, and Nelson's Pillar, with the river I-iffy, 
combine at once a view which cannot, perhaps, be equalled in the world, for the variety 
and extent of beauties, which nature and art have so abundantly accumulated. 

In no part of the world is there to be found more unlimited munificence than is evinced 
in the city of Dublin. Independent of the Royal Hospital, which is similar in its establish- 
ment to Chelsea Hospital, in London, are the Royal Military Infirmary, with the Hiber- 
nian and Marine Societies, for maintaining and educrdip.g the children of suldici-s aad 
seamen, and the Charter School, near Clontarf. This city contains above fifty oiher 
Charitable Institutions, evincing the humanity of the Irish nation, many of which are of 
private endowment. These institutions are adapted to every age and situation of life* 
and no city in the world can boast of greater and more worthy examples of attention to every 
species of distress. These invaluable Public Institutions we can only briefly enumerate, viz. 

The Royal Hospital, at Kilmainham, for the reception of invalid and superannuated 
soldiers, was erected by King Charles the 2nd. about the year 1684, It will bold about 
300 of those very deserving servants of the nation, and is generally foil. The building is 
noble andj well adapted for its purpose. It stands on the south side of the river, com- 
manding an advantageous elevation ; when viewed from Phoenix Park it has an admirable 
effect. The Blue Coat Hospital, founded in 1670, was the first, ^d the Invalid Soldiers 
the second eleemosynary Institution that was founded in Dublin. 

The House of Industry, in Brunswick-street, is an extensive range of building, and was 
founded to receive such as were by age or sickness rendered incapable of earning a 
subsistance, and for relieving the city from vagrant impostors. It is supported by voluntary 
subscription, parochial collections, and grants from Parliament. 

The Lying-in Hospital, situated in Great Britain-street, was founded by Dr. Mosse, 
a physician of Dublin, and wasopened for the reception of patients, 1757. That gentleman 
with the most humane and liberal efforts, erected this stately fabric, for the purpose of 
relieving poor lying-in-women, it is the first institution of the kind in his Majesty's 
dominions. The interior is finely adapted to its several uses, and the chapel which is 
attached, is much admired for its simple elegance. 

The Foundling Hospital is situated at the farthest end of Thomas-street. It is a fine 
commodious building, and was originally intended for the relief of the Poor of the city of 
Dublin ; but by an Actof Parliament, which dissolved the old Corporation, in the year 1728 
there were new Governors appointed, of i-ank and fortune, together with the Lord Mayor, 
&c. By this Act, they were ^o receive common beggars, and children of all denominations 
above six years old. Since that period another Act has been passed, which enacts, that 
from the 15th of March 1780, " the governors shall receive into the house all exposed 
and deserted children of either sex." This Act has totally changed the nature of the 
institution from the first intentions of the founders, it being now an hospital entirely for 
foundlings, cxcepta few indigent people who are admitted by a general board. This is 
most certainly a very laudable and praise-worthy chiirity. The preservation of exposed 
infants, rescued, as a many are, from destruction, and theirbeing received into this House, 
from all parts of the kingdom, renders it of the utmost utility and consequence. The 
younger children, as soon as they are received, are suckled by nurses, who are maintained 
in the Hospital for that purpose, under the inspection of proper persons ; and as soon as 
nurses with proper certificates can beprovided in the country, the children are sent to them, 
where they remain till six yeaas old ; they are then removed again to town and instructed 
, in reading, writing, and the principles of the Chri.stian Religion; when they arrive at a 
proper age, they are put apprentices to useful trades, to enable them to procure their future 
livelihood. There are generally altogether about 5,000 children in the House, and. with. 
the country nurses. 

The Hibernian Society, for maintaining, educating, and apprenticing the orphans of sol- 
diers, was opsned the 1st. of January, 1765, by subscriptioa, since which period 3125 boys 


and girls have been admiltedinto this humane Institution. A committee of fifteen meet, 
on the first and second Tuesdays in every mouth, to regulate its affairs. 

The Hibernian Marine Society, for maintaining, educating, and apprenticing the orphaaa 
and children of decayed seamen in his Majesty's navy, and merchants' service, is situated on 
Sir John Rogerson's Quay. It is a spacious neat Ijuilding, and was opened in the year 
1773. On one side is a handsome Chapel, and on the other a commodious School Room. 
The apartments where the children sleep, afekept in the neatest order, and -well adapted to 
promote health. This buUdinf^ will contain 200 children, it cost ^6600, and the expense 
was defrayed by Parliament; the society obtained a charter in 1775. 

Dublin General Dispensary, No. 28, Temple-bar is a very useful and laudable charity, 
where medical and surgical relief is administered to the poor, gratis. A physician and 
surgeon to each of the six cily wards are also retained to visit those who are unable to 
attend the Dispensary. It is wholly supported by voluntary contributions. 

Hospital for incurables, near Donny-brook-road This institution was founded by the 
Musical Society, who disposed of the produce of each year's subscription for this praise- 
worthy object ; the undertaking commenced on the 23rd. of May 1744, and met with de- 
served encouragement, and the most liberal support, and at length, a large and fine edifice 
has been 4)rovided for the reception of such objects as aro deemed incurable. 

Mercer's Hospital, Stephen-street. This institution was founded by Mrs. Mary Mercer 
in 1734, for the reception of sick poor. The physicians and surgeons, who are appoihted 
Governors, give their advice and attendance gratis. In the interior, are from 60 to 70 beds 
but the number of patients who receive advice and medicines out of the Hospital is more 
than400O yearly. The lady above named, gave the building for this useful chajity ; and it 
is supported by casual benefactions, annual subscriptions, and the profits arising yearly from 
B musical performance at St. Andrew's Church, 

Charitable Infirmary, Jervis-street, was opened on the Inn's-quay, 12th. of August, 1728 
■when first established, for the reception, without distinction, of sick and wounded poor. 
This infirmary was removed to Jerris-street, in the year 1803; it is managed by 20 trustees 
who are chosen annually; they meet the first Friday in every month. 

Charitable Loan. The Governors of the Charitable Musical Society (incorporated by 
Act of Parliament) for lending out money, interest free, to indigent tradesmen, meet at St. 
Ann's Vestry Rooom, eyeryThursday morning, at 12 o'clock, when they receive applications 
from all persons who wish relief by this charity, not less than 21. nor more than S/., are 
lent to any person, at any one time, for which his note must be given, joined by two 
other persons. 

Magdalen Asylum, Leeson-street, founded by Lady Arabella Denny, and opened the 
11th, June, 1766, for the reception of such unfortunate females as have deviated from the 
paths of virtue. They are supported by voluntary contributions, a charity sermon, col- 
lections in the chapel, interest of 2,000/. and sewing performed by the penitents, of whom 
there are generally about forty. 

The Bethesda Lock Penitentiary and Work-house, Dorset-street. This institution is 
for the reception and employment of females who leave the Lock Hospial, and are desirous 
of abandoning their former evil courses, and returning into the paths of virtue and indus- 
try; it was opened the 19th. March, 1794, and has afforded relief to many hundreds of those 
■unfortunate women, who must otherwise probably have peri&hed from the impossibility 
■»f extricating themselves from vice aud wretchedness. Several ladies of rank and humanity 
superintend this fine charity. It is endowed with a fine chapel, and other buildings by the 
Ifenerosity of William Smith, Esq. of Granby-row. "rhe earnings of the penitents 
amount to about 500Z. net per annum. 

Orphan House, for destitute boys, Prussia-street, opened in 1793, is supported by 
Toluntary contributions. This Charity is for receiving, maintaining, educating, appren- 
prenticing, and bringing up in good habits, poor destitute boys, who are without parents, 
»nd are between the ages of four and ten years. Subscribers to this generous and useful instit*i- 
tion, of 4/. are governors for one year, and those who subscribe 20/. are govemers for life. 

Orphan House, for destitute female children. Circular-road, opened the 1st. January, 
1791", is conducted in the same judicious manner, and is precisely to the same intent as that 
of the destitute boys' charity, the only difference is, the girls are admitted at the age of 
from five to ten years, they are educated, and brought up as useful servants, and at a 
proper age are apprenticed out. 

Freemasons' Female Orphan School, Dumville-lane, Raneljigh, founded in May, 1797, 
Under the patronage of the Grand Lodge of Ireland. Patricians, a large and charitable 
body of men, who contribute towards supporting eighty orphans, destitute of friends. 
Every person who feels so well disposed, may ijelong to this Society, by paying 6s. British, 
annually ; the Committee meet every Monday. • 

Strangers' Friend Society, established in 1790, an institution formed on principles the 


most generous and disinterested, to afford instant relief to the deserving stranger, where 
no other leconinoendation is required than evident apparent distress. 

Literary Teachers' Society, instituted by a few literary gentlemen, and since incorpora- 
ted, by Act of Parliament, for the support of superannuated Literary Teachers, and their 

Society for the relief of sick and indigent Room Keepers, established in the year 1790. 
It is calculated that since the orit^in of this humane Institution, to the present period, that 
not less than 400,000 people have been relieved by this Society. 

House ot Recovery, Cork-street ; this hospital was opened by subscription on the 14th. 
of May, 1804, for the purpose of counteracting the progress of infection in the habitations 
of the poor, within the Circular-road, No recommendation is necessary, but fever and 
poverty, ascertained by the report of one of the physicians, after an application is left at 
the House for admission. This institution is supported by parliamentary aid, and volun- 
tary contributions. 

Dispensary for the Infant Poor, Clarendon-street, was opened 25th of March, 1800 where 
advice and melicine are given gratis, three days in the week, to all infants and children, 
without distinctioi: or recommendation, under 12 years of age Children with infectious 
diseases must not h^' taken to this Dispensary, but they will be supplied with mediciue.on 
their situation and complaints being described. In the month of October, such children 
as bring certificates from subscribers of their parents' inability to cloathe them, will 
receive flannels, &c. to protect them from the winter's cold. About 40,000 have been 
relieved in this way, since tbe foundation of this laudable charity. 

Charitable Dispensary, Meath-strtot, for administering medical and surgical aid to the 
sick poor, and assisting them and their families with the necessaries of life, during sickness, 
and also for preventingthe spreading of contagious diseases. It was opened in November, 
1794, and is supported by charitable donations and annual subscriptions. 

Dispensary for the parishes of St. Mary, St. Thomas, and St. George. This charitable 
Institution was the first of the kiud established io Dublin. To those whose ages, complaints, 
or situations, by being able to procure the necesaries of life, render them improper object* 
for public hospitals, may receive medicines and advice at their own dwellings 
every day, if necessary, and at the Dispensary, three times a week. The expenses of this 
very useful charity, are defrayed by private subscriptions, and public parochial contribu- 

The Blue Coat Hospital was originally in Queen-street, and was founded in the year 
1670, b^ the contributions of the inhabitants of Dublin, together with other benefactions. 
A beautiful new building, opposite Blackhall-street, which already has cost 24,000/. and, 
it is expected, it will yet, before its completion, cost several thousands more, is the present 
Blue Coat Establishment, where instruction in the duties of religion, and a good education 
qualify the boys for respectable pursuits inlife. At a mature age, it is obsei-vable that they 
generally prove sober and diligent, and many of them have become citizens of the highest 
class. This admirable institution was chartered by King Charles the 2iid. who granted it 
the ground on which the building stands. The entire of this establishment is of the 
Protestant Religion. 

County of Dublin, or Meath Hospital, situated on the Upper Coomhe, was appointed by 
Act of Parliament, in the year 1774, as the General Infirmary, for the county of Dublin. 
It is a commodious g«od building, and supported by private subscriptions. 

Simpson's Hospital, Great Britain-street, incorporated by Act of Parliament, in 1780, and 
opened in 1781 for the reception of the poor, decayed blind, and gouty men, who are 
maintained, lodged, and clothed in a most comfortable manner. Thirty-six blind, and 
thirty-six gouty men are always in the Hospital, every department of which is conducted 
with the greatest cleanliness and exactness. 

Swift's, or St. Patrick's Hospital, for Lunatics and Idiots, founded by Dr. Jonathan 
Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's in 1745, and incorporated by charter, in August 1746. The 
Dean bequeathed 11,000/. for this Institution, which has been considerably augmented by 

Stephen's Hospital, Stephen's House, James'g-street, founded by Miss Stephens, and 
opened in 1723, for the reception of curable poor persons. The buiidiug is extensive aud 
rendered capable of containing 300 patients, seventy poor decayed housekeepei-s, trades- 
men, and servants of both sexes are also coHstantly supported in this Hospital, besides 
externa who attend for advice and medicine. Persons meeting with accidents are received 
at all times. 

Nicholas^ Hospital, Francis-street, united wich St. Catharine's was opened 1st. of April, 
1743, and is capable of containing 40' internal surgical patients. Two physicians attend 
every Tuesday and Friday, ami five surgeons altfrrnately, every morning, from eight to ten 
o'clock. Persons receiviiig sudden accidents are not admitted into this Hospital. 

Westmoreland Lock Hoepital, ToTfBSend-stpeet, tor the iadiscrinainate admission of tU. 



imligeiit persons, afflicted with tlie venereal disease. It is h large and elegant building, iM 
was opened the kOth, of November, 1792. This Hospital generally contains from two t6, 
300 patients who are regularly attended by physicians and surgeons. An establishment of 
the greatest importance, has been recently attached to this Hospital, for the relief of the 
ruptured pooi- ; two senior surgeons, attend every Wednesday and Saturday to distribute 
trasses to such as may then apply. 

The Molyueux Asylum, in Peter-streef, — &. new and invaluable institution for blind 
females, of every religious persuasion, founded by Lady Molyncux, and opened tlie 1st. 
June, 1815. In this excellent and very praise-worthy Asylum, poor blind females are 
snpported and instructed in such employments as will best enable them to earn their own 
livelihood. The building is sufficiently commodious for accomodating fitly such poor 
females who are destitute of the great blessing of sight, and are objects of true sympathy, 
A permanent Asylum for the aged blind, is already, or will be very soon provided. 

Mendirity-House, Hawkin's-strect. This establishment commenced about two years 
ago, and is one of the greatest importance to every inhabitant of this large city. We can 
only speak of it in a very brief manner, as it is quite in its infancy^ and of course, the 
arrangements are yet incomplete; but notwithstanding, from the great CKertions of the late 
Lord Mayor, Alderman M'Kenny, and the Committee, to whom too much praise cannot be 
given, the streets of Diiblin have hitherto been kept free from those wretched mendicants, 
who before infested them, and struck every stranger with horror and surprise, that this fine 
and munificent metropolis shonld be so much annoyed by such numerous objects of filth 
and poverty. It is most sincerely to be hoped, that this laudable institution, will not want 
that general and liberal support, that the niiture and extent of the undertaking will 
reqnire. In its present early stage, it has had the most desirable and pleasing effect to every 
feeling mind, and its internal arrangements, in all the departments, appear to be conducted 
■with the strictest regularity, wanting only time and farther public contributions, to perfect 
it. This establishment is entirely dependent on the generous and liberal subscriptions o f 
tbe inhabitants of Dublin, for its present support; it is therefore hoped, as its utility is so 
evident to every individual, that all will, when they duly appreciate so invaluable an Insti- 
tution, contribute their aid. 

There are, besides these already spoken of, a great number of other Hospitals,. Peni- 
tentiaries, and Sunday and Day Schools ; indeed to particularize the whole, would form a 
volume of itself; but those already enumerated must be a convincing, and very evident 
proof, that no nation in the world, evinces more refined feeling, and charitable generosity, 
than the Irish. 


Dublin is the See of an Archbishop, erected in the year 11.52, It was a bishopric in 
the seventh century, and in the year 1214 the bishopric of Glandalough, which was found- 
ed-in the sixth century, was incorporated with Dublin. The See of Dublin has two Ca- 
thedrals, both withinthe city, Christ Church, founded for regular canons, and converted 
into a Collegiate Church, for a dean and chapter, by Henry the 8th in the year 1541 ; and 
St, Patrick's for thirteen, now twenty-two Prebendaries. These two Cathedrals are rich 
Gothic buildings, but from their great antiquity, are in a state of decay, particularly St. 
Patrick's, which is obliged often toundergo repairs : in this Cathedral is the monument of 
the celebrated Swift, who was a native of Dublin, many other very ancient monuments, are 
also in the interior of this Gothic pile, which would afford great pleasure to the antiquary. 
There are eighteen other parish Churches, and two Chapels of ease, besides eighty-three 
chapels of different persuasions, all of which, contribute to ornament the city. 

St. Werburgh's Church, Werburgh-street, is a most beautiful and large structure, with 
« fine elevated tower and spire, containing a grand peal of bells. The architecture of this 
church is rich and chaste ; the interior is extremely handsome, fin which is erected afine 
toned organ. St. Werburgh's Church was twice burned, and was erected the last time 
in 1759. St. George's Church, Hardwicke-place, is a recent erection, and, perhaps, for 
its size not to be equalled for superb elegance. The body of the church forms a 
beautiful square, the tower of which stands in front, with a cupola, altogether, presenting 
a master-piece of architecture. This fine building stands on elevated ground, and is a 
prominent object in the picturesque view from Dublin Bay. St. Andrew's Church, 
Andrew-street, is a beautiful circular building, the interior is extremely handsome, and 
from its peculiar form has a most pleasing and grand effect. The New Catholic Cliapel, 
neartotheMerchant's Quay, isavery superb building. Ithas lately undergone great interior 
embellishments, and contains a fine new organ. It is perhaps, one of the neatest andmost 
eleaant Catholic places of worship in the kingdom. To particularize the entire of tbe 
churches, chapels, &c. of Dublin, is impossible in tins work, much as we desire to 
convey a just idea of this fine city. St. Ann's Church, Dawson-st, St. Audoen's, 
Audoen'sArch; St. Bridget's, inBride-street; St. Catharine's, Thomas-street ; St. James's 
James-street, St. John's, FishamWe-street, St. Lukt, in the Combe; Stl. Mark's 



Mark-stveet ; St. Mary's, Maiy-st ; St. Michael's, High-st ; St. Miclian's, Churcli- 
.street ; St. Nicholas' within, Nicliolas-street ; St. Nicholas' without, Patrick-street; 
French Church, Peter-street ; Danish and German Church, PooUoy-streot ; St. Paul's, 
Kiny;-street ; St. Peter's and Kevin's, Aungier-st; St. Thomas', Marlborough-street, &c. 
&c. are all respectable edifices and many of them very handsome, adding splendour and 
magnificence to this great metropolis. 


The Civil Government of the City of Dublin was anciently under the management of a 
Provost and BailKfs, in the vcar 1308, John Lc Dccer, was appointed the first Provost, and 
Richard do St. Clare, and John Stackbold, Bailiffs. In the yciir 1400, the title of the 
chief magistrate was changed to thai of Mayor, when Thou)as Cusack was appointed to 
the office, Richard Bove and Thomas Shortall being Bailitfs. fu the year 1547 the office 
of Bailiffs, was changed to SherifFs. la 1660 Charles II. gar.' a Collar of 3. S, to the 
Mayor, with a Company of Foot Guards, and in the year 1G6.5, this monarch confered 
the title of Lord Mayor on the chief magistrate, and grant-.^d him 5001. per anuum, in 
lieu of the Guards. Sir David Bellinghara, was the first who was honoured with the title 
of Lord Mayor, of the City of Dublin. Charles Lovet and John Quelsh the same year 
were Sheriffs. In 1672, Arthur, Earl of Essex, introduced new rules for the better 
government of the City, and in 1683, a Tholsel was built, for the Magistrates to meet in, 
and to hold their Courts, Assemblies, &c. 

The civil government at present is vested by various charters in the Corporation, con- 
sisting of the Lord Mayor, who is chosen annually. Aldermen, Sheriffs, and Common 
Council ; the Sheriffs' Peers arc 24 in number, the Aldermen are chosen from among them 
for life. The Common Council consists of 96 members, vvfho are chosen by their respective 
Guilds, or Companies, of which there are 25. The Sheriffs are chosen annually, and 
must be Freemen, and qualified by being worth 2000Z. without incumbrance of Debts. 
The Lord Mayor tries all offences, even capital ones, except for murder and treason, and 
also tries matters of property for any sum under 20/. 

A New Police is lately established by Act of Parliament, under a Chief, and three 
Assistant Commissioners, and four Divisional Justices, who are Aldermen of the City. 
This excellent establishment consists of 40 horse patroles, and 400 foot, well armed, 
trained, and clothed. They have stationary watch-houses, and are patrolling their different 
districts everanight, from dark 'till light in the morning. There are six divisions, each 
having a Police pifice ; the head of which is the Castle Division, in Exchange Court. At 
this Office, Hackney Coaches and Cars are licensed ; and complaints may be lodged against 
the drivers for imposition, &c. To each of the six districts three Magistrates are ap- 
pointed, and sit alternately every day, from ten to three o'clock in the afternoon, and from 
seven to eight o'clock every evening. In addition, there are regular watchmen, so that no 
city can be better protected from nocturnal deprodutians, 


The Trade of Dublin consists of various Manufactures of Silk, Woollens, Worsteds, 
Fustians, Cottons, &c. The Poplins and Tabinets that are made here are celebrated for 
their beauty and excellence, the manufacture of which employs many hundred looms and 
workmen. These trades are chiefly carried on in the Suburbs, a part of the Town called 
the Earl of Meath's Liberty, of very considerable extent, and now that the export restric- 
tions a'.e removed, for woollen and other goods, it is hoped that the daily enlargement of 
the exportation trade will produce a proportional increase of commercial consequence and 
opulence. The mereantile business of Dublin has heretofore consisted chiefly in the im- 
portation of foreign commodities ; but from the great increase of the Manufactures, and 
their progressive state of improvement, there is no doubt, 'out in the course of a few j^ears, 
the Metropolis of Ireland will boast of an extensive foreign Export Trade. The inconve- 
nience arising from the state of the harbour is at present a great obstacle to the Shipping 
Trade of Dublin, but it is expected to be soon removed by a Canal being cut from Sxitton, 
through the Isthmus of Howth, or from Dalkey, to communicate with the Grand Canal, 
by which there would be an excellent passage from the sea for the lai'gest ships, which 
now are obliged to send their caraocN up the river in lighters. 

The Wholesale aad Retail Domestic Trade of Dublin is conducted in a most respectable 
and extensive manner. The Warehouses are very commodious, particularly for Woollens, 
Cottons, Muslins, &c. &c.; aad at two seasons of the year, viz. Spring and Autumn, 
are crowded with shopkeepers from all parts of the country, who then purchase their 
stocks for the ensuing seasons. The retail business of this city is also very great. The 
numerous shops in all branches of trade, are elegant, and some of them superb, in fact to 
give a just idea of the general traffic of Dublin, it is only necessary to say that almost in 
every feature it resembles the style and splendour of the Metropolis of Great Britain. 

The country round this charming city corresponds with it in beauty. The river and 




walks are on the one hand enlivened by the delighlfivlly shaded gr\^«n lane*! of CloMaM^- 
with a • '.ew of the crag<»y hill 'Of Howtb, and on the other tbe scene is highly fiuished hy 
the distant prospect of vessels, with their extended white sails mnjcsticnlly gliding from the" 
view. Opj^osfte to this on the other siile of the water, at a considerable disUince are the; 
ivildK' roacrnificent Wicklow Mountains softeniusf into mild and varied beauty as they ap- 
proach the city, forming altogether environs that are not to be equalled iiv Europe., The; 
Black Rock, abont three miles distant towards the bay, is a pleasant vilhigc, wltere there is. 
inbst excellent bathinsf, the salt water being extremely pure. This place in samnier, is 
numerousl5'^ attended, and the throng of cars and carriages of all descriptions that are then 
on the roJid (particularly on Sundays) is calculated to strike tbe stranger with astonish* 
ment. In the same direction, abont six miles distant, is the Dargle, a wonderful natural 
finriosity, it is an immense valley, lined with fine lofty trees, whose tops are consideraidy 
below persons who are walking on the elevated ground on either side. Proceeding forwaid 
4ft so'me short distance is a Cataract of great depth, the water falls from the precipice intd 
the abyss below, with a noise that gives a sublimity to the entire scene. The lands are 
richly cultivated to the foot of the mountains, interspersed with plantations, gentlemen's 
country residences, and many beautifully rural cottages. In another direction from 
Dublin, towards the North West, is the beautiful village of Leixlip, which perhaps stands 
unrivalled for its varied charms ; here may be seen the happiest combination of wood and 
water, forming the most exquisite scenery conceivable. The young and the gay may here 
ramble among the most enchanting walks and prospects, while those more sedate may 
select shaded recesses, formed as it were by nature to contemplate these her wondrous 
beauties. In short Dnblin and the country around, want nothing but a resident Nobilit;^ 
and Gentry, to make it as flourishing and as happy a land as any on the Globe. L 





Established hy Act of Parliament ^ ^st of August^ 17S4, 

Right Honourable Earl O'Neill, K. St. P.— Right Honourable Earl of Rossc. 

Secretary's Office. 
S«cretary, Edw. Smith Lees, Esq. 
Chief Clerk, Thos. Orde Lees, Esq. 
First senior Clerk, T. G. Harrison, Esq. 
Second senior Clerk, Ant. Lyster, Esq. 
JMinute Clerk, John Burrows, Esq. 

Treasurer's Office. 
Treasurer, Gravss Chamney wann, Esq. 
Seniot Clerk, Glascott Symes, Esq. 

AccoMpTANT General's Office. 
Accomptant General, And. Redm. Prior, Esq 
Senior Clerk, George D. Mills, Esq. 
Resident Surveyor, H. A. Bushe, Esq. 
Surveyors, \Vm. E. Lees, Wm. Fetherston, 
Thomas Heron, and Wm. Cupples, Esqrs. 

Clerks or the Roads. 

Leiuster, Edward S. Lees, Esq. 
Connaugbt, William Donlieyy, Esq. 
North, William Johnston, Esq. 
Munster, Thos. Orde Lees, Esq. 
Express 1 Edward Ball, and Ambrose 
Neirspi^ers,j Leet, Esqrs. 

Inland Office. 

President, William Donlevy, Esq. 
Vice Presidents;, Edwud Ball, and Ambrose 
Leet, Esqrs. 

Senior Clerk, Step. De Joncourt, Esq. 
Second Senior, Francis Haiyey, Esq. 
Inspector of Franks, T. G. Harrison, Esq. 

British Mail Office. 

Comptroller, Frederick Homan, Esq. 
Senior Clerk, Henry Clare, Esq. 

Bye, Dead, & Missent Letter Office- 

Superintendent, Wm. Johnstot), Esq. 
Senior Clerk, 'fhomas Webb, Esq. 

Alphabet and Window. 

Superintendent, John Hamilton, Esq. 
Senior Clerk, John Somers, Esq. 

Letter Bill Office. 

Seuioi Clerk, Henry Beere, Esq. 

Mail Coach Office. 
Superintendent, Jos. Ferguson, Esq. 
Assistant, P. Urquhart, Esq. 

Inspector of Ship Letters. 

Stephen Draper, Esq. 


Thos. Thompson, Esq, 3»,N,€lt. Gtori^ 



Packits between Dublin & Holyhead. 

Montrose, Qapt. Maurice Goddard 
Union, Capt. John SkinntT 
Countess of tiverpool, Capt, Darles 
Speneer Capt. Western 
U'xbridge, Capt. Stevens 
Ptlham, Capt, Robert Hely Judd 
Chichester, Capt. Rogers 
Agent at Holyeead, R. Griffith, Esq. 
Agent at Howth, Lt, Brown, R. N, 

The Mails fur England leave Dublin every 
evening except Sunday, and are due in 
Dublin every day except Wednesday. 

Letters for England, Ireland, and Scot- 
land, are received until seven o'clock. 

All Double, Treble, and other Letters 
and Packets whatever, pay in proportion to 
the respective rates of Single Letters.— Pac- 
kets chargeable by Weight pay after the Rate 
of four Single Letters for every Ounce, and 
so on in proportion for any greater weight, 
reckoning ever quarter of an ounce equal 
to a Single Letter. 

* Members' Franks are chargeable if 
above one Ounce Weight, 

Rates of Postage to Great Britain. 

s. d. 
Dublin and London - - 1 3 

Dublin and Holyhead - - 2 

Dublin and Isle of Man - >,, ^-yj^^l .7 
Dublin and Guernsey or Jersey ''"' • ''% 7 
Waterford and London - 12 

Waterford and Milford - - 2 
Donaghadee and London - - 1 4 
Donahgadee and Portpatrick - 2 
Rates op Foreign Letters from ouiBLiN. 

Si di 
To Norway, Sweden, Russia, Den- 
mark, Prussia, Poland, and Ger 

To Holland and Netherlands 
To France - - 

To Spain, including Gibraltar 
To Portugal 
To Switzerland 
To Italy 

To Hungary - , , 

To any of the Islands in the Mediu- 

ranean Sea - - - 3 




s, a.. 
To Turkey In Europe - - 3 0^ 

To Archipelago Isles - - 3 7i, 

To Africa, except c;iipeof Good Hope 2 1 
To Madeira and neighbouriug Isles 3 1 
To New Sooth Wales - - 3 1, 

To North America & the West Indies 2 &', 
To South A.merica - - 4 9,,- 

To Ceylon (to be paid to London) I g^^ 

Letters for the Cape of Good Hope^-i 
Ceylon, Mauritius, and the East Indies, aie 
liable to twopence more than fiie Postage 
from this OflSce to London, it under the 
weight of three ounces ; and One Shilling 
per ounce, if above that weight. 

If Persons wish to send Letters to Gib- 
raltar through France, they must be sent to 
London instead of Falmouth, and the Post- 
age will be the same as to Spain. 

* The Public should take particular No- 
tice of the above Regulations to prevent the 
necessity of their Letters being opened and 
returned for Postage. 

Mails madb up in London as follow : 

France—EveryTuesday, Wednesday, Thurs- 
day, and Friday. 
Holland and Netherlands, Germany and the 
North of Europe — Every Tuesday and 
Sweden — Every Friday. 
Jamaica and America— First Wednesday, 

Leeward Islands. — First and Third Wed- 
nesday, Monthly. 
Madeira & Brazils-First Tuesday, Monthly. 
Portugal — Weekly, Tuesdays. 
Gibraltar, Malta, Corfu, and Mediteranean 

— First Tuesday, Monthly, 
Packet to Bourdea,ux, twice per Month. 

The Postage must be palfi on Le'ters for 
all the above places except the West Indian 
Colonies, and British America, (principal 
places Halifax and Quebec,) the payment of 
which is optional with the Writers. 

Letters addressed to Soldiers and Sailors 
at the Cape of Good Hope, Ceylon, Mauri- 
tius and the East Indies, must pay the full 
i By Command of the Postmasters General, \ 

EDWARD S. LEES, Secretary 
Receivings Houses for the Receipt of Letiei'sfor tlie General Post Office, open nntii ' 
Five o'clock itt the Afternoon, at the following Places ; 

No. 8, Clare-dtreet 
Kavanagh's Hotel, No, 24, Stephen's Green, 
North ' :' *^ ' 

No. 53, Aungier-street 
No. 88, Bride-street 
No, 26, Meath-street 
No. 53, Newmarket, Coombe 
No. 104, James's-street 

No. 6, Corn Market 

No. 74, Queen-street, corner of Barrack -st. 

No. 10, King's Ina's-quay 

No. 21, Capel-st. 

No. 18, Nsrth-Kiug-street 

No. 64, Dorset-street, near Bethesda Chapel 

No. 66, Great Britain-street 

No. 7, North Earl-street 

Letters for Englaritl, should not bt put into any of the Receiving- Housel. 




Note. — The Professional and Trading Classes will he found under their res-fective heads. 

AchiHuty, Mrs. S. 24, Rutland-street 
Acton, Miss M. 77, Stephen's-green, south 
Adair, Mre, 64, Mount-street, and Bel- 
grove, Monasterevan 
Adams, Mrs. Isabella, 2, Russel-st. 
Adams, Samuel, esq. 45, Eccles-street 
Adamson, J. esq. 55, Aungier-st. 
Agar, William, esq. 4, Molesworth-street 
Airey, Maj. Gen 14, Merrion-sqnare, north 
Alexander, Robert, Sen. esq. 12, Merrion- 

square, and Seamount 
Alexander, Sir William, Booterstown 
Alexander, W.J. esq. 16, Fitzroy-square, w 
Alexander, W. esq. 4, upper Baggot-street 
Alexander, W, esq. 1, Richmond-place 
Allen, Ulick, esq. 6, Mountjoy-square, south 
Allen, Captain, 3, Richmond-street 
Allen, Edmund, esq. 3, lower Fitzw.-st. 
Allen, Lieut. Col. 36, lower Gardiner's-st- 
Allen, Lord Viscount, 10, Merrion-sq. south 
Allen, Richard, esq. 24, Eccles-st. 
Anderson, E. esq, 30, upper Gloucester-st. 
Anderson, Js. esq, 148, Mecklenburgb-st. 
Anderson, Mrs. 15, Charlemont-st. 
Anderson, Mrs. 18, Mount-street 
Anderson, Mrs. M. 12, Cuffe-street 
Anderson, Mrs. Mar. 4, Digges-street 
Anderson, Robert, esq. 22, Brunswick-st. 
Annesley, Hon. Fra. 29, Molesw.-street 
Annesley, Rev. M. 2, South Cumb. -street 
Anson, Hon. G. 3d Guards, Dublin Castle 
Arabin, Henry, esq. 12, Clare-street, and 

Corka, Clnndalkin 
Archbold, Miss E. 39, Gloucester-st. 
Archdall, John, esq, Merrion-street 
Archdall, Hon. Mrs. M. 1, Kildare-place, 

Castle Archdall, Co. Fermanagh 
Archer, Aid. 9, Gardiner's-place 
Archer, Mrs. 65. Stepheu's-green, south 
Ardagh, Dean of, 26, Hareourt-street 
Armit, J. esq. 1, Kildare-st, & Newtown-pa, 
Armitage, Mrs. 45, Bishop-street 
Armstrong, Genl. Wm. 15, Baggot-street 
Armstrong, Capt. 17, Prussia-st, 
Armstrong, Col. 73, Mount-street 
Armstrong, Colonel, Merrion-street 
Armsti-dng, E. esq. 51, Dorainick-st. 
Armstrong, Mr. D. 12, lower Dorset-street 
Armstrong, Rev. Geo. 32, Eccles-st. 
Armstrong, Rev. Mr. 32, Hardwicke-strept 
Armstrong, R. esq. upper Baggot-street 
Armstrong, Thos. esq. 41, Bless. -street 
Arnold, Jas. esq, 45, jipper Rutland-street, 

and Banbridgc, Co. Down 
Arthure, B. esq. 42, Dominick-street 
Arthure, Mrs. 8, Charlemont-street 
Arlhure, Mrs. J. 9, Gloucester-street 
Ashe, Major, 4, upper Rutland-st, 
Ashe, Mrs. 24, Mount-street 
Ashe, Mrs. W. 45, Leeson-strect 

Ashworth, J. esq. 5, South Cumb.-street 
Ashworih, R. esq. 16, Merrion-sq. north 
Atkinson, John, esq. 1, Ely-place 
Atkinson, Joseph, esc|. 34, great Ship-st. 
Attorney-General, Rt, Hon. the, 27, Ste- 
phen's-green, north, and Carysfort-park 
Austin, Colonel, Dublin Castle' 
Aylmer, Lord, Royal Hospital 
Aylraer, Mrs. Catli. 1, Eccles-street 
Aylmer, Mrs. E. 24, Queen-street 
Aylward, Nich. esq. 9, Temple-street, and 

Shankbill Castle, Co. Kilkenny 
Babington, Mrs. T, 14, Blessington-street 
Bacon, James C. esq. 44, Domk. -street 
Bacon, Miss S. 8, great Ship-street 
Bagot, Mrs. D. 36, Leeson-sfreet 
Baile)', Mrs. T. 10, Hardvvicke-street 
Baker, Thomas, esq. Richmond Avenue, 

and Corduff, Swords 
Baker, Henry, esq. Treasurer, Co. Dublin, 

Malahow, Co. Dublin, and 5, north great 

Baker, Wm. esq. 65, lower Dorset-street 
Baker, Mrs. 36, lower Mount-street 
Baker, Mrs, 12, Merrion-square, south 
Baker, Sir Edward Baker, Bart. Dublm 

Castle, and Phoenix-pavk 
Kalfour, Mrs. 35, Rutland-square, west 
Ball, B, esq. jun. 37, Leeson-street 
Ball, Geo. esq. 71, tipper Dorset-street 
Ball, John, esq. 18, Gardiner's-street, up. 
Ball, Mrs. M. C. 47, Eccles-st. 
Banks, Robert, esq. 37, Macartney-br.: 
Barber, Captain, 7, upper Camdpn-st. 
Barber, John, esq. 31, Hareourt-street 
Barber, Rev. Mr. 1, Westland-row 
Bardin, Peter, esq. 20, Synnot-place 
Barker, Dr. 22, Baggot-street 
Barker, Rev. Mr. 13, Cumberland-street, n. 
Barlow, John, esq. 11, Temple-street, and 

Barlow, Miss A. 29, Frederick-street, south 
Barnes, Robert, e.sq. 68, lower Dorset-st, 
Barnes, Thos. esq. North great George-^. 
Barry, Hon. Mrs. 8, Cumberland-street, n. 
Barry, John, esq. 18, Frederick-street, north 
Barry, Rt Hon. Jn. M. Treasury Chambers, 

Dublin Castle, Mount Nugent, Co. Cavan, 

and Newtown-Bany, Co. Wexford 
Barry, Robert, esq. 11, upper Fitzw.-st. 
Baitou, James, esq. 47, Capel-st. 
Barton, Wm. esq, 27, lower Fitzwilliam- 

street, and Clonelly, Co. Fermanagh 
Batchelor, John, esq. 27, William-street 
Bateman, Mrs. 66, Mount-street 
Battcrsby, Mrs. 16, Mounijoy-squ^re, east 
Baylcy, Phil. esq. 24, Macartney-br. 
Bayly, Miss, 3, Havdwike-strcct 
Baynes, Edw. J. esq. Sackvllle-street 
Beasley, W. esq. 4, Clanbrassil-place 




Beatty, Fran, esq. 7, Moiiiitjoy-sq. smith 
Beaumont, Geo. esq. 19, Ipwer Fit/w-street 
Eeaiimont;, [\, 1, upper Giirdiiier-sUcet 
Beekwiih, Gen. Sir Geo, P.iiit. 

iu-Cliief, Royal Hospital, Kilmainham 
Bective, Earl of, 17, Rutland-square, north 

and Headford, Kells, Co. Mt^ath 
Becby, Tlioiiias, esq. .50, lower Mount-street 
Beeby, Wiliiaiti, esq. 9, Macartiiey-br. 
Beere, D. esq. Mt. Anviil-house, Roebuck 
Beere, Geo. esq. 59, Caintsen-street 
Bcere, Philip, esq. 13, Cliarlotte-strect 
Beers, VVm, esq. 13, Black liall-street 
Beggs, Mrs. J, I, Blackhali-parade 
Belcher, Mrs. A. 26, North great Georgc-st. 
Bell, Arch, esq. 57, lower Camdeu-strect 
Bell, Edw, esq. 22, Cumberland-street, n. 
Bell, Mrs, 13, lower Dorset-street 
Bell, Mrs, Eliza, 5, Charlemont-street 
Bell, Thomas, esq. 100, Baggot-st. 
Bellew, Sir Edward, Bart. 50, Eceles-st. 

and Barmcath, Dunleor 
Bellinghani, John, esq. Dawson-street 
Bclsou, John, esq. 36, great Ship-stxeet 
Belvedere, Countess of, (i, great Denm.-st. 
Benn, Mrs. J. 128, iipper Dorset-street 
Bennett, Miss, 12, Leeson-street 
Bennett, Miss E. 33, Kildare-street 
Bennett, Mrs. E. No. 58, Granby-row 
Bennett, Mrs. J. 13, upper Merrion-st> 
Benson, Lt.-Col. 12, North-strand 
Benson, Mrs. 22, lower Mount-street 
Benson, Mrs. 39, upper Rutland-street 
Beresford, Aid. John C. Belvedere 
Beresford, Wm. Lord Archbp. Tuam, 68, 

Berkeley, Mrs. 32, upper Rutland-street 
Berrell, Jn. esq. 6, lower Pembroke-street 
Berry, Mrs, Portobello 
Bessonet, Fran, esq. Leeson-street 
Bessonet, James, esq, 27, Leeson-street 
Betham, Sir. Wm. Palace-street, and Mont- 

pelier House, Monkstown 
Betsworth, Captain, 33, Mount-st. 
Bfitty, W, esq. 32, Rutland-square, west 
Bingham, Chas. esq. 12, Denzille-street 
Binns, Mrs. A. 25, Macartney-br. 
Bireh, Wm. R. esq. 25, npper Dom, -street 
Birmingham, Mrs, M. 3, Margalet's-place, 
■■ r and Raheny 
Bishop, Mrs, Eliza, 17, Hume-street 
Black, J. esq. 122, Summer-hill 
Blackburn, G. esq. 16, Clareudon-street 
Blacker, Lieut. Col. 8, North gr. George -st. 
Blackball, Major, 15, Temple-street 
Blackball, Major R. 9, Richmond-pl^ce 
Blacklcy, Mrs. 46, York-street 
Blackley, T. esq. 46, York-street 
Blackwood, Hon. Hans. 8, great Charles-st. 
Blackwood, Miss D. 22, Hardwicke-street 
Blake, Michael, esq. 3, 'George's-h. 
Blake, Thomas, esq. 60, Camden-street 
Blakeney, Mrs. 16^ Merrion-square, east 
Blakeney, Mrs. 8, lower Mount-street 
Blaquire, H. esq. 30, Merrion-sq. north 


.Blalu'.uey, Hon. Mr. 55, upper Sack. -street 
Bicnkinsop, Mrs. 17, Prussia-st. 
Ble.^Kuigton, the Earl of, 8, Henrictta-st. 

asul Mountjoy Forest, Omagh 
Blood, Mrs. W. i2, m. Gaidn. -street ' '''; 
Bloxhara, Mark, Aid. 26, Gardirier's-plapfij^ 

and Bootcrstown 
Blythe, Mrs. M. 22, Frederick-street, south 
Boggie, Alex, esq. 36, upper Ru<land street 
Boilcaii, J. T. esq. 34, Harcoiirt-strect 
Boileau, Mrs. 2, Fitzwilliam's -square, n. 
Bok's, Major, 24, Leeson-st. 
Holland, John, esq. 53, Blessington-.titreet 
Bolton, Mrs. 32, Merrion-square, soulk 
Bolton, T. esq. 14, lower Mount-street 
Eomford, Isaac, esq. 9, Beh-edere-place 
Bomford, L. R. esq. 8, Hardwicke-street 
Boiul Miss A. 51, Aungier-street 
Bond, bVf Jaaics, Bart. 13, Kildare-street 
BoBbani, E. e.'^q. 20, uppej- Gardin. -street 
Booker Brn, esq. 102, Mecklenb.-slreet, 

and St. Poulagh's 
Booth, Mrs. 23, upper Rutland-street 
Booth, Mrs. 22, Molesworth-stieet 
BooUie, Thomas, esq. 3, Hascourt-street 
Bourne, Mrs. 10, HoUes-street 
Bouveric Capt. 24, Denzille-street 
Bowman, Hen. esq. 20, V,'ent.-pl. &Dalkev 
Boyle, .^iex, esq. 6, great Cbarles-strcet 
Boyle, Vicars, esq. 112, Baggot-strect ■ 
Brabzon,J. Earlof Meath, 49, Stephen's-gr. 
Braddell, Jos, esq. 10, Macartney-br. 
Bradshaw, Ben, esq. 103, Baggot-street 
Bradshaw, John, esq. 81, Dorset-street, 

asd Clones, Co, Monaghan 
Brady, Richard, esq. 6, Peter's-place 
Brandon, Lord, 3, Fitzwilliam-square, 

west, and Gurramine, Co. Kerry 
Brassington, R. esq. 24, Domin.-street 
Bray, Mrs. 16, Denzille-street 
Bredin, John, esq. 33, upper Rutland-street 
Bremer, Edw. esq. 36, Denzille-street 
Brennan, Miss M. A. 7, Eccles-street 
Breviter, Miss, I, lower Gloucester-street 
Bridge, Major, 21, Montpelier-hill 
Bridgenian, Hon. Captain, Dublin Castle 
Bridgeman, Mrs. H. 22, Park-street, east 
Brien, John, esq. 63, Camden street 
Brien, L. esq. 11, Portobello 
Brooke, Geo. esq. 1, Gardin.-row 
Brooke, Gust. esq. 7, Hardwicke-place 
Brooke, Mrs. Agnes, 5, Russell-place 
Brookes, the Misses, 6, Grenville-street 
Broome, \\m. esq. KilmacuJ 
Brnwn, Clias. esq. 8, Summer-street, north 
Browae, Col. 20, Stephen's-green, north 
Browne, G. esq. 10, Westmorland-street 
Browne, Hon. Mr. Dublin Castle 
Browne, IJon. Mrs. H. 7, Molesw.-street 
Browne, John, esq. 36, Eccles-street 
Browne, Mr=. 14, "itzwilliam-square, west 
Browne, Mrs. 1, Merrion-square, south 
Browne RTrs. S. 10, lower Dorset-.street 
Browne, R. esq. 23, Harcourt-street 
Browne, Sir John, 11, Holies-street 




Browne, Thomas, esq. 131, Bagi^ot-slreet 
Bfowalow, Mrs. C. 29, Merrion-squave, s. 
Browniigg-, Brig. Gen. 30, upper Mei\-st. 
Brownrige, Miss, 114, Baggot-street 
Brownrigg, Mrs. 72, Camden-sti eet 
Bruce, Sir Stewart, Dublin Castle 
Bruen, Mrs. H. 41, North gnat George- 
street, and Oak-park, Co. Carluw 
Bryan, Captain, II, Henrietta-street, and 

Jenkinstown, Co. Kilkenny 
Bryan, George, esq, Castleuock 
Bryan, Luke, esq. 24, South gt. George-st. 
Bryan, Robei-t, esq. 20, Eecles-street 
Bunbury, Captain, 11, Peter-street 
Burdett, Geo. esq. 51, great George-street, n. 
Burdett, Mrs. 11, Park-st. and Rochetown 
Burdett, Mrs. 7, great George-street, north 
Burdett, Sir Wm. Bart. Berresford-place, 

and Merchampt, Clontarf 
Burge, Ben. esq. 20, upper Baggot-street 
Burgh, Mrs, A. 41, upper Sackv. -street 
Burgh, Rev. -John Hussey, 13, Ely-place, 
Lilliput, Co. Limerick, and Tdllycorbet, 
Ballybay, Co. Monaghan 
Burke, Bond, eiq. 62, Prussia-street 
Burke, J. esq. 5, Holles-st. and Waterford 
Burke, Miss Julia, 27, Hardwicke-.street 
Burke, Mrs. 15, Bishop-street 
Burke, Mrs. M. A. 12, George's-place 
Burke, Wra. esq. 11, Belvedere-place 
Burne, J. esq. 20, Merrion-square, south 
Burne, Mrs. Eliza, 51, Harcourt-street 
Burrowes, Geo. esq. 35, Harcourt-street 
Barrowes, Jn. esq. Gen. Post Office 
Burrowes, Mrs. Aune, 21, French-street 
Burrowes, Rev. Arn. 122, Baggot-street 
Burton, Cbas. esq. Fitzwilliam-square, n. 
Burton, Robt. esq. 17, Dominick-street 
Bushe, Charles Kendal, esq, Solicitor-Gen. 
5, Ely-place, and Kilmurry, Thomas- 
town, County Kilkenny 
Butler, Hon. Mrs. 7, Mountjoy-place 
Butter, Henry, esq. 7, upper Dorset-street 
Butler, Thomas, esq. 8, lower Fitzwm.-st. 
Buttle, Wm. esq 3, Charlemont-street 
Byrne, Anthony D. esq. Dromartin 
Byrne, Edm. 64, Suaimer-hill 
Byrne, Jas. esq. 54, lower Gard. -street 
Byrne, Joseph, esq. 25, Prussia-strefct 
Byrne, Mrs. M. A. 36, N. great George's-st. 
Byrne, Mark, esq. 18, lower Fitzw. -street 
Byrne, Michael, esq. 6, Synnot-place 
Byrne, Miss, 27, Aungier-street. 
Byijne, Wm, esq. 29, Grenville-street 
Cahill, James, esq. 5, York-street 
Cairns, Mrs. 47, upper Rutland- street 
Calbeck, Mrs. Anne, 36, French-street 
Caldbeck, E . esq. 3, lower Caniden-street 
Callaghan, M. esq. 18, upper Gard.-street 
Gallon, John, esq. 21, Park-street 
Callwell, James, esq, 7, upper Baggot-st. 
Callwell, Mrs. 26, Hardwicke-street 
Campbell, Alex. esq. 1, great Charles-st. 
Campbell, Colonel, 1, Grenville-street 
Campbell, Doug, esq. 90, Baggot-street 


Campbell, Geo. esq. Dublin ''Ca9tlei;i;«nit» 

ParneU-place, Graud-cauaV ' ''■ 'J ■'I'S 
Campbell, John, esq. 41, Eccles-slrect nhO 
Campbell, John, esq. 3, Rloimtjoy-squan© 
Campbell, Mrs. Cath. Drumcondra . •*: 
•Campbell, Mrs. E. 30, Stepheu's-green,il.> 
Campbell, Mrs. Mary, Drunicondra ;!' 
Cane, Col. 30, Baggot-street 
Caoe, Major Maurice, Detizille-street 
Cane, Richard, esq. 60, Dawson-street 
Canninjy, Mrs, J. 29, Rutland-square, west 
Cannon, Major, Synnot-place 
Garden, Mrs. R. 9, upper Mount-street 
Garden, Sir J. Bart. 28, up. Merrion-sq, 
Carens, Step. esq. 4, Montpelier-h. 
Carey, Henry, esq, 34, Richmond-street 
Carey, Rev. John, 13, Whitefriar-street 
Carlisle, Mrs, M. 23, Blessington-street 
Carmack, Mrs. A, 118, Stephen's-green, s. 
Carmichael, E. esq. 13, French-street '■'•' ' 
Carmichael, Messi-s. 24, Rutland-sq. n.afiA"^ 

Ballymanduff ' 

Carmichael, Mrs. Jean, 3, Digges-stretJt 
Carolan, John, esq, 14, Grenviile-street 
Carr, Geo. esq, 17, Mountjoy-sq. s. and 

Greenfield, near Hcvth 
Carr, Rev. Mr. 19, Leeson-street 
Carr, Rev. T. 19, Leeson-street 
Carroll, Epb. esq. 41, Stepben's-green, C; 

and Rockfisld, Co, -Wicklow 
Carioll, John, esq. 6, Hume-street 
Carroll, Wm. H. esq. 2, Gardiner's-place 
Carshore, Wm. esq. 57, lower 

and Trim, Co. Meatb 
Carter, W. Haret, esq. Maretimo, Black Rk. 
Carey, Tri^t. esq. 17, George's-place 
Casey, Audr. esq. 3, lower Pembroke-street 
Cash, Alderman, John, 34, Rutland-sq. w. 

and Belville 
Cash, 3, Temple-street 
Cashel, His Grace the Archbishop of, Mer- 

rion square, and Palace, Casbel 
Cashell, H. esq. 9, lower Glouc.-street 
Cassidy, Peter, esq. 10, Earl-street, n. 
Castlecoote, Rt, Hon. Lord, Ciistom-honsc, 

Dublin, Forest Lodge, Mountrath, and 

Leopardstown, Co. Dublin 
Cavanagh, Mrs. 20, s. Cumberland-street 
Cave, Rich, esq, 30, n. Frederick-street, 

and Bettyville, Rabeny "" /' 

Cavendish, J. esq. 24, s. Cumberland-strcetf 
Chabot, Lieut.-Col. 13, Dominick-street 
Chadwjck, Lieut. 26, Denzillc-street 
Chaigneau, P. esq. 4, lower Fitzw.-street 
Chamberlain, Mrs. 33, up. Merrion-street 
Chambers, Mrs. 17, up. Dorset-street 
Chambers, Jas. esq. 3, Gardiner* s-row, 

and Cockle-hill 
Chambers, Mrs. M, 46, Eecles-street 
Chamley, Cht. esq. 2, Gardiner's-row 
Chamley, Geo. esq. 15, up. Gard.-street 
Chapman, Sir T. 34, .Merrion-sq. s. and 

St, Lucy, Athboy 
Charlemont, Rt. Hon Earl of, 22, Rutland ." 

»q, N. and Marino, Co. Dublin ^ ''- -• 




Gh«rlex'il!e, Rt. Hoc. Earl of, 46, Stonben's- 

gr. E.& Charleville Forest, Tnllatnore 
Chinnery, LB<3y A. 5, Mouutjoy.-sti,, ii. 
GUristtBiis, Tl'.os. esq. 20, Dom.-st. and 

Newtown-paik-, Ulnck Rock 
Cidncarry, Rt. Honourable Countess of 10, 

Be]vcdere-p!aee " 
Clarke, Sir Artbui', 44, preat Geoi'gc-st. n. 
ClarkevEchv(i. esq, 12, Henrietta-street . 
Clarke, Edward, esq. 44, !^iesf.ington-st. 
Clarke, John, esq. .51, Ecci-s-street 
Cl.iike, John, esq. 14, North-Strand 
Clarke, Miss, 21, Blessinffton-street 
Clarke, Mrs. 65, Mouiit-.street 
Clarke, Mrs. C. 19, S. Frederick-street 
Clarke, Rev. G. 13, Behed -re-pkre 
Clarke, Thoa. esq. 12, Temple-street 
Clarke, Thos. esq. 107, Stephen's-grecn, w. 
Clegg, Miss, 34, A; ran-quny 
Clements, Jas. esq. 31, Summer-hill 
Cbnaeuts, Mrs. 74, Dorset-street 
Clibborn, Edward, esq. 42, York-street 
Clibborne, Mrs. E. 22, Camden-street 
Clinton, John, esq. 14, 1. Card. -street 
Cgates, Mrs. Isaac, 10, Molesworth-strcet 
Cochlan, Ch. esq. 11, GloncesJer-street 
Code, Henvy, esq. 13, Eccles-street 
Coghlan, Rev. J A. 34, low. Gard.-sf. 
Coldongh, Lady, 18, Molesworth-strect 
Coleman, Robt. esq. 1, Castle-yd. & Artane 
Colgan, Geo. esq. 3, Dawsou-street 
Colley, Mrs. Ann, Harold's-cross 
Collins, John, esq. 1, n. Earl-street 
Collins, Mrs, 10, Denziile-street 
Colvill, Mrs. Sarah, 33, Marlbro'-street 
Comerford, Edw. esq. 29, Eccles-street 
Commerford, John, esq. 2, Leinster-street 
Conlan, W. esq. 2, Clanbrassil-placc 
Council, Jeffery, esq. 17, N. Annc-street 
Connolly, M. esq. 46, Mount-street 
Connolly, Wm. esq, 19, Prussia- street 
Connolly, Wm. esq. 22, up. Baggot-street 
Connor, Edw, esq. 25, Summer-hill 
Connor, Henry, esq. Fair-view 
Conway, F. W. esq. 56, Mount-street 
Conyngbam, Capt. R. N. 25, Portobello 
Cooke, Geo. G. 27, Blessington-street 
Cooke. James, esq. 71, Blessington-street 
Cooke, R. esq. 16, Mabbot-street 
Cooper, Austin, esq. 4, Merrion.sq. n. 
Cooper, J. S. esq. 52, Summer-hill 
Cooper, Miss E, 18, up, Mcrrion-square 
Cooper, Mrs. S. 61, Dawsjn-street 
Cooper, Rev. W. 15, Charlotte-street 
Coote, Sir Chas. Bart. 88, Baggot-street 
Coote, Mrs. Maria, 3, Synnot-place 
Cope, Wm. esq. 9, Hume-street 
Corballis, Jas. esq. 9, up. Gard. -street 
Corballis, Richd. esq, 5, up. Mount-street, 

and Roebuck 
Corbet, John, esq. 28, lower Gard. -street 
Corbet, W. esq. 5, Montpelier-hill 
Corcoran, D. esq. 31, Blessington-street 
Corneille, Mrs. 21, Ely-place 
Cornelle, Capt. 11, Merrion-sqiiare, w. 


Cornwwiill, John, esq, 8, Frederick-street 
Corr, William, esq. 35, Molesworth-street 
Corry, Jfi's. esq. 9, Lurgan-street 
Cosby, Maior, 17, Belvedere-place 
Costigan, Mrs, 4, low. Mount-street 
Cotton, Rev. G. W, 50, William-street u.: 
Coulhourne, T. esq. 17, up. Camden-et. > 
Courtney, Miss, 117, Baggot-street 
Cowan, John, esq. 6, upper Camden«street 
Cowell, Mr.s. E. 19, Aungier-st. 
Cox, Lady E. 13, Molesworth-street 
Cox, Mrs. Cath. 25, Moles wo rth-street 
Coyne, Mrs, 32, Molesworth-street 
Cramer, Rev. Dr. Drumcondra 
Crampton, John, esq. 15, Merrion-street 
Crampton, Major, 15, Holies-street 
Crampton, P. C esq. 3, Merrion-sq. w. 
Crampton, P. Seijt.-Gen. 13, Merrion-sq, n. 
Crawford, Amir, esq. 61, Dawson-street 
Crawford, James, esq, 61, Dawson-street 
Crean, Andrew, esq. 28, Hardw.-street 
CreigJiton, Hon. Mrs. 9, Mountjoy-sq. 
Creighton, G. 26, French-street 
Creii^iiton, J. esq. 4, Merrion-square, w, 
Creighton, Lieut, Col. 37, Rutland-sq. w. 
Croffts, W. G. esq. 35, Merrion-sq. s. and 

Newtown, Charlevillc, Co. Cork 
Crofton, J. esq. Roebuek-castle 
Crofton, Sir Hugh, Bart. 27, up. Merrion- 
street, and ilohil 
Crofton, M. esq. 44, Leeson-st. & Kjllinei 
Crosby, Win. esq. 58, lower Dorset-street 
Crosdailc, Mrs, 14, Molesworth-street 
Crosthwait, L. esq, DoUymount, Qontarf 
Crostliwait, John, esq. Virgemont 
Crow, Chas. esq. 8, Summer-hill 
Cuff, Col. 59, Dawson-street, and Deal- 
castle, Co. Mayo 
Culie, Mrs. 44, DorRet-street 
Cullen, John, esq. 3, Crew-street 
Cullen, Miss E. 5, up. Dominick-street 
Cullen, Mrs. M. 1, King's-inns-street 
Gumming, Hugh. esq. 23, lower Fitzw.-st. 

and Ballyhone, Co. Dublin 
Cummins, A. esq. 20, up, Rutland-street 
Curran, Fran, esq, 25, Prussia- street 
Curtis, Colonel, 70, Blessington-street 
Curtis, Mrs. 92, Baggot-street 
Curtis, Miss A. 30, Kildare-street 
Cusack, Geo, esq. 29, Blessington-street 
Cusack, Mrs. M. 3, Hamilton's-r. & Merrion 
Cuthbert, Mrs. 10, Gloucester-street 
Cuthbert, W. P. esq. 9, Blessington-street 
Dabzac, Mrs. Cath. 27, mid. Gard.-street 
Dalton, E. T, esq, 12, low. Fitawilliam-st. 
Dalton, Edw. esq, great Ship-street 
Dal3', Jas. esq. 12, great Charles-street 
Daly, Lady Harriet, 3, Henrietta-street 

and Bromley, Co. Wicklow 
Daly, Mrs. Jane, 30, lower Gardiner-st, 
Daly, Rt. Hon. Justice, 15, Rutland-sq. e. 
Dames, Miss Maria, 48, Hardwicke-street 
Daniell, James, esq. 17, Cufle-street 
Daniel, Thomas, esq. .Commercial-build- 
ings, and Drumcondra 




Danioll, VVm. esq. 2«, Bas-.c^ot-street * 
Darley, Aid. F. 60, Wiiliani-strcpt 
Darley, ^Jrs. li. 13, North gt. Goorge-st 
Darling, Geo. esq. 19, Glonccster-street 
Davenport; Rev. Wm.F. T. C. D. 10, Hen- 
Davis, Mrs. 8, Russell-street 
Davis, Mrs, 8, Digues street 
Davis, Rev. Eris, 1^ Fitzwilliam-squarc 
Dawson, A. esq. 22, Merrion-sqimre, soutii 
Dawson, Mrs.- M. 54, M;irlboro'-street 
Dawson, Mrs. R. 24, Summsr-hill 
Dawson, Paul, esq. 72, Dorset-street 
Daxon, Giles, esq. 19, Kildare-street, and 

Ennis, Co. Ckre 
Day, Hon. Rob. 5, Merrion-square, north, 

and Laughlinstown 
Deane, C. H. esq. 9 1 , Summer-hill 
Dease, John, esq. 33, Curab. -street, north 
Deaves, Mrs. M. Nassau-street 
Decluzeau, Mrs. R. 2, Frederiek-street, n. 
Deey, Wm. esq. 5, Merrion-square, east 
Delahoyde, Mrs. R. 36, Hardivicke-strcet 
Delany, Mrs. ll, Mount-street 
Peiin, Andr. esq. 5S, lowei- Canulen-strcet 
Dennis, Mrs. Matil. 5, Hardvvicke-place 
Dennis, Thomas, esq. 33, Stephen's-gr. 

east, and Fortgianite. Co. Wicklov/ 
Derry, Lord Bishop of, 12, Merrion-sq. 

north, and Palace, Derry 
De Vesci, Rt. Hon. Lord, 25, Merrion-sq. 

north, and Abbeyleix, Queen.'s-C->, 
De Villiers, John, esq. 22, Gloucester-st. 
Dickenson, J. esq. 4, Margaret-place 
Dickson, Jos. esq. 21, Mount-street 
Dickson, Stephen, esq, 17, Steph. -green, n. 
Diclvson, S. esq. Merrion-square, north 
Dickson, Thos. esq. 11, Cufie-strest 
Digby, Mrs. E. 10, Mountjoy-sq. n. 
Digby, Mrs. J. D. 23, Leeson-street 
Dillon, Mrs. 88, Dorset-street 
Disney, Col. 6, Margaret-place 
Disney, Thomas, esq. 38, up. Gloucester- 
street, Clontarf, and Ballysax, KilcuUen 
Dix, Eben. esq. 62, low. Dorset-street 
Dixon, Captain, 34, Holies-street 
Dixon, John, esq. 72, Mount-street 
Dixon, Robt. esq. 10, Fitzw.-square, w. 
Dixon, Thos. esq. 4, Park-st. and Bullock 
Dixon, Wm. esq. 68, low. Mount-street 
Dobbin, Rev. Dr. 33, Eccles-street 
Dobbs, Mrs. 34, Summer-hill 
Dodd, John, esq. 27, Portland-street 
D'Olier, Isaac, esq. 18, Baggot-street 
Domville, SirCompton, Bart. Santry-house, 

Santry, Co. Dublin 
Donelan, M. esq. 57, up. Dorset-bouse 
Donlevy, Dan. esq. 20, Park-street, and 

Oranmore, Co. Galway 
Donlevy, Wm. esq. 14, Mountjoy-square, 

w. and Priestliouse 
Donlevie, Mrs. 16, Dawson-street 
Donovan, J. esq. 5, Fit7.william-square, n. 
Donovan, L. Neill, esq. 2, Mountjoy-sq. w. 

and Jeanville, Roebuck 

Donovan, R. esq. 61, low. Mount-street 
Dooner, Patrick, esq. 15, Digges-street 
Douglass, Dr. H. 12, Merrion-row 
Douglass, Mrs. A. 5, Clare-street 
Dowdall, Rev. Dr. 15, Kildare-street 
Dowdell, Pat. esq. 32, Mecklenb.-street 
Dowdoii, Mrs. E. 31, Charlemont-street 
Dowell, — esq. 6, Mountjoy-square, n. 
Dowman, J. esq. 1.j7, Mecklenb.-street 
Dov^n, Lord Bishop of, 45, n. groat Geo.- 

strcct, and Portanoi'e, Co. Dowti 
Dowues, Rt. Hon. the Lord Chief .Justice,. 
26, Merrion-square, n. and Merville, Co. 
Downey, Wm. esq. 57, Domk.-street 
Doyel,"Capt. R.N. 3, Russell-pl. 
Doyle, George, esq. 13, Russell-pl. 
Doyle, M U, esq. (36, Marlboro'rstreet 
Draper, Geo esq. 17, Summer-hill 
Draper, R. 11. esq. 18, Wentworth-pl. 
Drew, Mrs. 4, up. Mount-street 
])roglieda, Marquis of, Sackville-st. Moore- 
abbey, Monasterevan, Co. Kildare, and 
Moore-pl. Kent, England 
Drummond, Rev. Dr. 23, Cumb.-street, n. 
Drury, Rev. R. 26, Peter-street 
Dry, M. W. esq. 22, Queen-street 
Dublin, His Grace the Archbishop of, 15, 
Stephen's-green, n. and the Castle, Tal- 
Duflj Lionel, esq. 22, Marlboro'-street 
Duigenau, Mrs. Henrietta-street, and Sandj-- 

mount, Co. Dublin 
Dumoulin John, esq. 37, Stephen's-green: 
Dunbar, Major, 1, Clanbrassil-pl. 
Dunbar, Miss, 19, low. Gardiner.-street 
Duncan, John, esq. 61, Camden-street 
Duncan, Mrs. James, 17, Eccles-street 
Duncan, W. esq. 34, Charlemont-street 
Dunkin, Lieut. -Col. 15, Prussia-street 
Dunlevie, C. esq. 29, up. Doi'set-street 
]>unn, John, esq. 53, low. Camden-street' 
Dunn, Michael, esq. Balbriggan 
Dunn, Mrs. M. 37, Harcourt-street 
Dunn, Mrs. 9, up. Pembroke-street 
Dunn, Mrs. 6, Holies-street 
Dwyer, E. esq. 13, up. Fitzw.-street 
Eccies, Mrs. A. 2, Hardwicke-street 
Eehlin, M. esq. 7, Fitzwm.-square, w. 
Edgar, Mrs. E. Prussia-street 
Egan, Mrs. 11, Bishop-street 
Eifle, .John, esq. 56, low. Gai"diner-street 
Ekenliead, Mrs. 36, Cumb.-street, n. 
Ellis, Henry, esq. 23, Eccles-street 
Elphin, Lord Bishop of, up. Gard.-street, 

and Elphin-house, Elphin 
Elrington, Rev. Dr. Provost, Trin. College,. 

Dublin, Grafton-street 
Erck, Mrs. 100, Stephen's-green 
Erne, Rt. Hon. Earl of, 4, gt. Denmark- 
street, and Crum Castle, Co. Fermanagh 
Esmonde, Sir Thos. Bart. 9, gt. Denmark- 
street, and Ballinastraw, Co. Wexford 
Espinasse, Isaac, esq. 15, Hume-street 
Eustace, Mrs. 114, Stephen's-green, w. 




EiRtace, Robt. esq. 14, Merrion-square, s. 

*.nd NeWstown, Co. Carlow 
Eustace, Sam. esq. 19, Mecklenb.-street 
Evans, Geo. esq. 6, Digj^es-street 
Flvans, H. esq. 35, gt. George-street, n. 
Every, J. esq. 87, Dorset-street 
Evvin'g, Mrs. 1.3, great Charles-street 
Exshaw, Aklermaa J. 103, Grafton-street, 

and Windy-harbour 
Exshaw, Miss A. 35, Summer-hill 
Falconer, Andr. esq. 2, Dawson-street 
Fanning, N. esq. 24, Blackhall-street 
Famham, the Earl of, 18, Rutland-square, 

n. and Farnham, Co. Cavan 
Farrell, James, esq. 4, Merrion-square, e. 
Farrell, Richard, esq. 34, n. Great Geo.-st. 
Farrell, Wm. esq. 11, Kil dare -street 
Farrer, — esq. 26, Merrion-square s. 
Faviere, Mrs. 2, Fitzwilliam-square, w. 
Fayle, Robert, esq. 54, Blessington-street 
Fea, Rev. John, 10, Sumfner-hill 
Fearon. Dan. esq. 33, upper Baggot-street 
Fenner, VVm. esq. 135, Dorset-street 
Ferguson, Benj. esq. 9, south Frederick-st. 
Ferguson, John, esq. 107, Dorset-street 
Ferguson, Jos. esq. 7, Cope-street, north 
Ferguson, Miss, 65, Dawson-street 
Ferguson, T. esq. 1, Gloucester-street 
Ferns, Mrs. 30, Blessington-street 
Ferns, the Lord Bishop of, 1, Belvedere- 
pi. and Palace of Fearns, Co. Wexford 
Ferrar, Edw..28, lower Dorset-street 
Ferrar, Mrs. M. 7, Syunot-place 
Fetherstone, James, esq. 40, Dominick-st, 

and Bracklin-Castle, Co. Meath 
Fetherstone, Mrs, 3, Clare-street 
Fetherstone, Mrs- S. 42, Hardwicke-street 
Field, Boyle, esq. 3, Prussia-street 
Figgis, Sam. esq. 45, Charlemout-street 
Finch, Edw. esq. 77, Mount-street, and 

Tullamon, Co. Tipperary 
Findlay, 60, lower Dorset-street 
Fingal, the Earl of, great Denmark-street, 

andKileen, Co. Meath 
Finlay, Colonel, 74, Mount-street 
Finlay, Mrs. M. 49, Blessington-street 
Finney, Thos. esq. 34, Stephen's-green, east 
Fitton, Nich. esq. 22, York-street 
Fitzgerald, C. esq. 1, lower Pemb.-street 
Fitzgerald, Capt. 34, upper Merrion-street 
Fitzgerald, Dr. 7, Stephen's green, north 
Fitzgerald, Miss M. 55, Harcourt-street 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. 7, Russell-street 
Fitzgerald, Mrs. A. 9, Gloucester-street 
Fitzgerald, Right Hon, James, 11. Moles- 
worth-street, Booterstown, Co. Dublin, 
and Ennis, Co. Clare 
Fitzgerald, Right Hon. William, M. P. II, 

Fitzgerald, Thomas, esq. 12, Stepben's-st 
Fitzpatrick, P. esq. U, Berresford-place 
Fitzsimons, Captain, 19,. Anglesea-street 
Fitzimons, Edw. esq. 49, Harcourt-street 
Fitzimons, Mrs. 46, Jervis-street 
Flanagan, Mrs. 1, Peter's-row 


Fleming, Alderman, Smock-alley 
Fleming, Mrs. 5, Duke-street 
Fleming, Nich. esq. 8, Belvedere-place 
Fleming, P. esq. 139, Mecklenb.-street 
Fletcher, Hon. Justice, 15, Merrion-square, 

east, and Montrose, Co, Dublin 
Fletcher, Mrs, Esther, 35, Charlemont-st. 
Flood, Patric'.., e'q. 56, BleSsington-street 
Flood, Wm. e.:q. Henry-street 
Flynn, Rev. Mr. Kildare-street 
Foot, Jeoffrev, osq. 56, Leeson-street 
Forbes, Rt. Hiiu. Gen. Lord, 21, Mer-sq. n. 
Forster, John, esq. 16, upper Gard. -street 
Forster, Robert, esq. 48, upper Rutland-st. 
Fortescue, Sir Chichester, 21, up. Merrion- 
street, and Rostervor 
Fortescue, W, H. esq. Fitzgib.-street 
Fortesque, Wm. esq. 16, n. gt, George-st. 
Forth, Mrs. B. 6. Charlemont-street 
Fo.ster, Allen, esq. 62, Mount-street 
Foster, John, esq. 31, Nelson-street 
Foster, Mrs. 32, Mount-street 
Foster, Mrs. J. Wm. Rutland-square, east, 

and Milestown, Co. Louth 
Foulis, Sir Jas. Bart. 44, Mount-street 
Fowler, J. esq. 3, Wentworth-place 
Fox, CUr. esq. 15, up- Pembroke-street 
Fox, Hon. Luke, 25, Merrion-square, south, 

and I'imblestown 
Fox, Mat. esq. 81, Stephen's-green, south 
Fox, Mrs. 13, Hume-street 
Fox, Mrs, Ehza, 44, up. Dor.set-street 
Fox, Pat. esq. 66, lower Gardiner-street 
Foxhall, John, esq. 2, Harcourt-street 
Francis, Mrs. 37, Clarendon-street 
Francis, Mrs. 52, Dorset-street 
Frankfort de Montmorency, Right Hon. 
Lord, 15, Merrion-square, south, Mary- 
field, Clontarf, and Franlifort. Kilkenny 
Franklin, Rich. esq. 30, Camden-street 
Franks, R. esq. 52, Leeson-street 
Frazer, H. esq. 36, upper Dominick-street 
Freake, Alex. esq. 28, Jervis-street 
Freeman, Lt.-Gen. 8, up. Merrion-street 
French, Capt. George, R. N. 21, lower 

French, Lieut. Col. 127, Baggot-street 
French, Wm. esq. 2, Denzille-street 
Fyers, Ma^. Gen. Wm, 75, up. Stephen-st. 
Gahan, Mrs. 8, Mountjoy-square, west 
Galbraith, Mrs. Cath. 22, Summerhill, and 

Stewartstown, Co. Tyrone 
Galbraith, Sir James, Bart. 38, gt. George- 
street, north, andStrabane 
Gallagher, Mrs, 1, Richmond-street, south 
Galloway, John, esq. 37, north Cumb.-st. 
Gamble, Rev. Dr. Paradise- row 
Gamble, Rev. P. Clontarf 
Gardiuer, A. esq. 33, upper Rutland-street 
Garnett, John, P. esq. 125, Baggot-street 

and Arch-hal!, Co. Meath 
Garnett, Rev. G. Chas. 13, Temple-street 
Garratt, Richard, esq. 40, Blessmgton-st. 
Garden, Pat. esq. 8, Synnot-place 
Garvagh, Lord, 29, Rutland square, west 


Gaskell, T. 13, Fitzwillia,mrsq, w, 
Gavan, James, tjsq. IL, Blackhali-street 
GeaJe, Ju. esq. 1 1, iVl,ountjoy-s(i. nortji, and 

Gelston, John, esq. 3, Charlcmont-street 
Geoghegan, Gt^n;. esq. 2, Cumb.-street, ?outh 
Geoi-ge, IJjOn. B^ron, Cokliilo-.v, Co. Dublin 
Ge(?i;ge, James, esq. Si, Manor-street 
George, Mrs. D, 94, Baggot-street 
Gibbons, Mrs. 19, iQiver^Dorset-street 
Gibson, Mvs, 33, Gufle-f-treet 
Gibton, Mrs. M, Drgmcoudra 
Gi^^i:(J> Jphn, esq, upper, Baggot -street, 

am Drunjartin Castle 
GiljT!>fi}-e, J. B. esq. 9, Mcimtjoy-place, 

and Carrickfergus, Go. Antrim ' 
Glascock, E. esq. 3, Hfitch-street 
Gleadpwe, A^gsL.2.5, npper Saekvjlle-st. 
Glentwortl), I^rcJi 2, Merripn-sq. south 
Gle\y, Thpniaf!, F. esq. 7, Portland-row 
Goft; Jos. esq, 3» Movinfjoy-sq. north, and 

Goff^ i^ev- Mr,. 44, Eccles-street 
Golding, .Tac. esq. 30> HpUes-street 
Good, \^iliiam, esq. 2, Harcourt-street 
Goodin, Rjr.l^ardi esq. 121^ Dorset-street 
Gordon, Alex. esq. 10, Usher's-isJe 
Cloi;^9n, B^n- ^sq. 8, north Summer-street 
Gordon, PI. esq. 15, north Summer-street 
Gordqn, JVifs, 30, Dorset^street 
Gordon, P. esq. 13, lower Gloucester^street 
Gore, Fran, esq, 13, Stephen's-green, norUi 

and.Di^rrymore, Co, Clare 
Gore, George, esq, 21, Temple-street 
Gore, Hon, Colonel, Dublin Castle, and 

Gore, Mrs.. M. 31, great George's-street, n. 
Gorf;, William, esq. Elmgreen 
Gore, Sir Ralph,.9, Mountjoy-square, west 
Gorges, Mrs. M, 2, Temple-street 
Gort, Lord Viscount, 4, Kildare-street, and 

Qort, Co. Galway 
Grace, Mrs. A. 5, upper Eitzwilliam-street 
Grace, Sir W. Bart. 10. Leinster-street 
Grady„ Mrg, 15, lowjer Mpunt-street 
Grange, Captain, 25, uppei- Baggot-street 
Grant, Captain, 5, Charlemont-place 
Grant, Mrs. 2j Erne street 
Grant, Mrs, Jane, 5% Eccles-street 
Grant, Right Hon. Charles, M. P. Chief 

Secretary of State, Dublin Castle, & Phoe- 
nix-park ; Russellrst. London, & Fortrose, 

Invprnesshire,, Scotland 
Grant, Wm. esq. 33, Ship-street 
Grattan, Rt. Hon. Henry, M, P. Leeson- 
street, and T/innehinch Bray, Co. Wi<5klow 
Gray, O. W. esq. 15-, upper Camden-street 
Green, Abr, esq. 26, Molesworth-street 
Greene, John, esq. 11> Leesop-street, and 

Greenfieldj Co. Eildare 
Greene, C. esq. 50,^ Blessington-street 
Greene, Frederick, esq. Clanbra§8iI-row. 
Greene, Geo. esq. 46, upper Rutland-street 
Greene, J. esq. 2?, GrerivillerStreet 
Greene, Mrs, 38, Baggot-street 

Qreer, John, esq. 16, Nelson-street, and 

Grangemagregor, Co. Tyrone 
Gregg, Mrs. 21, great Ship -street 
Gregg, Thornton, esq. 76, lower Dorset-st. 
Gregg, G. esq. Monkstown Cottage, Dunleary 
1^ Gregory, Wra. esq. Castle of Dublin, and 
Grey, Chris, esq. 11, Digges-street 
Grey, Mrs. 11, Digges-street 
Grey, Mrs. M. 63, Summer-hill 
Griffin, Rev. Henry, 26, Mount-street 
Grilnth, Miss M. 78, Aungier-street 
Griiiith, Rev. Mr. 3, Richmond-street, south 
Grogan, Jolm, esq, 10, Harcourt-street, and 

Tinnykeliy-Lodge, County Wicklow 
Grogan, John, esq. 45, Prussia-street 
Grogan, Mrs. 48, Leeson-street, and John- 
stown Castle, County Wextbrd 
Grogan, Geo. Lieut. Gen. 29, Clare-street 
Guinnoss, Ar. esq, 33, Rutland-square, w. 
Guinness, Beuj. esq. Jamee'-gate 
Guinness, Rev. Dr. 52, lower Camden-street 
Guinness, W. L. esq. 13, Mountjoy-sq. n. 
Gunning, J. esq. 31, upper Dominick-street 
Guthne, Mrs. M. 32, upper Dominick-st. 
hacket, Mrs. M. 48, lower Mount-street 
Hacket, Mrs. 12, Molesworth-street 
Haddock, J. esq. 2, Gardiner's- row 
Haffield, Thomas, esq. Ranalagh 
Hagarty, J. C. esq. 37, Eccles-street 
Hagartys, the Bliss, 21, Blackh.-street 
Haggerston, Capt. Richmond-avenue 
Hp.ll, Alex. esq. 9, Synnot-place 
Hall, Chas. esq. Westmorland-street 
Hall, J. esq ISO, Baggot-st. andBurton-halJ 
Hall, Robt. esq. 17, north great George's-st. 
Ilamill, Rev, Mr. 70, Camden-street 
Hamilton, Alex. esq. 23, Rutland-square, 

north, and Carlingford 
Hfimilton, Arch. esq. 18, old Domiuick-st. 
Hamilton, Capt. 11, Russell-place 
Hfimilton, Col. 2, Blessingtonrstreet 
Hfimilton, E. esq. 1, Hamilton's-row 
Hamilton, Fr. esq. 32, Dominick-street, n. 
Hamilton, H. esq. 3, Fitzwilliam-square, e. 
Hamilton, Hans. esq. M. P. 13, Mountjoy- 
square, south, and Sheep-hill, Co. Dublin 
Hamilton, John, esq. 2, Preston-street, 
Hamilton, John, esq." 9, Leinster-street 
Hamilton, Lady, 1, lower Gloucester-street 
Hamilton, Miss H. 2,- Park-street, east 
Hamilton, Mrs. 144^ Dorset-street 
Hamilton, Mrs. 48, Dominick-street 
Hamilton, Mrs. B. 21, Montpelier-house 
Hamilton, Mrs. F. 14, Summer-hill 
Hamilton, Mrs. I. 8, Rutland-square, east 
Hamilton. Mrs. Sackville, 1, Fitzw.-sq. w. 
Hamilton, C. esq. Revenue Store Keeper, 

Hamilton, Rev. Geo. 38, upper Sackville-st, 

and Hampton, Balbriggan 
Hamilton, Rob. esq. 25, Gardiner's-place, 

and Clonsilla 
Hamilton, S. W. esq. 10, Grenville-street 
H^ndcock, M. esq. 24, Harct,-st. & Sally-pa. 




Handcock, Rev. Dr. 52, Marlboro'-street 
Handfield, Col. C. 9, Mountjoy-sq. north 
Hanks, G. esq. 18, upper Camden-street 
Hanley, Richard, esq. 37, Cuffe-streei 
Hanlon, Rob. esq. 58, Stephen's-gr. south 
Hanna, Mrs. D.22, Charlotte -street 
Harding, Henry, esq. Dunville 
Hardingi Wm. esq. 29, Mount-street 
Hardman, Edw. esq. Custom-house 
Hare, John, esq. 101, BagKot-street 
Hargreave, Abra. esq. 12, Charlotte-street 
Hartland, Lady Dow. 24, Merrion-sq. n. 
Harkness, Geo. esq. 1, Anne-st. Russell-pl. 
Harkness, Wm. esq. 22, Dominick-street 
Harley, — esq. 1, Fitzwilliam-square, e. 
Harrington, Mrs. E. 9, upper Dominick-st, 
Harris, Mich. esq. 9, upper Merrion-street 
Harrison, Jamfcs, esq. 2, King's-Inns-street 
Harrison, T. A. esq. 2, Harrington-st. 
Harrison, T. esq. 43, Blessington-street 
Hart, Capt. 29, upper Dorset-street 
Hart, Jas. esq. 20, Kildare-street 
Hart, Lieut.-Col. Sandy Mount 
Hartstonge, M. W, esq. 16, Molesworth-st, 
Harvey, Mrs. 1, n. Cope-street 
Harvey, P. W. esq. 72, Stephen's-green, s. 

and Portobello 
Hassard, Sir Francis, 39, Summer-h. 
Hastings, J. esq. 11, Blessington-street 
Hatton, Mrs. M. 11, Prussia-street 
Hawkesley, A. esq. 1, Mountjoy -square 
Hawthorne, Chas. Stew. esq. Custom-house 
Hawxford, Fra. esq. 32, Dorset-street 
Hay, Mont. J. esq. 9, Molesworth-street 
Head, Miss E. 16, lower Fitzwilliam-st. 
Hearae, Mrs. M. A. 12, great Charles-st. 
Heavyside, J. esq. 2, Wentworth place 
Hebden, John, esq, Beresford-place 
Henderson, Capt. Rathmines 
Henderson, Mrs. Park-street, east 
Henry, D. esq. 69, Marlborough- street 
Henry, Hugh, esq. 126 Bag!,'ot-strect 
Henthorne, J. esq. 109, Stephen's-gr. west 
Herbert, E. esq. 11, Hardwicke-place 
Heron, Michael, esq. 69, Capel-street 
Heron, Mrs. A, 67, lower Dorset-street 
Hewetson, Miss, 17, Portobello 
Hewett, Hon. Jas. 29, Merrion-square, n. 
Hewett, Mrs. Jane, 72, Kildare-street 
Hewett, T. esq. 16, upper Baogot-street 
Hewson, Rev. Wm. 6, upper Mount-street 
Hewson, Thos. esq. 17, French-street 
Heyland, Row. esq. 14, Russell-street 
Higgins, John, esq. 27, Molesworth-street 
Higinbotham, H. esq. 4, Mountjoy-sq. east 
Higinbotham, Mi-s. J. 18, Gardiner-place 
Higinbotham, T. esq. 14, Mountjoy-square, 

east, and Treasury, Dublin Castle 
Hill, Anth. esq. 25, Mount-street 
Hill, B. B. esq. Custom-house 
Hill, Col. E. 7, Cavendish-row 
Hill, John, esq. 40, -Aungier-street 
Hill, John, esq. 83, Dorset-street 
Hill, Mrs. 8, Fitzwilliam-square, north 
Hill, Mrs. Sarah, 59, Prussia-street 
Hincks, Miss B. 47, north great George-st. 


Hinds, Mrs. 1, PresWn-st. Nt.-sli's.'n'd 
Hitchcock, Mrs. S. 5, Clarertdom street 
Hoare, Mrs. 3, GrehviUe-street 
Hobart, Henry, esq. 18, BlcSsittgtbtt-stV^et 
Hobsbn, Rev. R. J. 6, low^r Fitzwiiliami-St. 
Hodgens, Thos. esq. 12^ Rutland-sq. ei"^ 
Hodges, Wm. esq. 41, great Shi^-^t^et 
Hodickinson, S.F. T.C. D. Trlkifty 

ColT^e , . 

Hodgson, !P. J. esq. WilliAms-tOWn ; 

Hodson, Edw, esq. Fitzgibboii-stre'et 
Hoey, Robert, iesq. 23, Manor-streei; 
Holdcroft, F. H. e»q. lO, upper Gardinfer^t. 
Holmes, Alex. fesq. Scribblestown ^ 

Holmes, James, ei5q. 118, Stephen's-g^een 

west, atld Mterrion 
Holmes, John, esq. 14, Chartemdnt-sft'e'et 
Holmes, Mrs. 116, SUthnier-iiill 
Holmes, P. esq. 7, Ely-place, arid Tipperaf-y 
Holmes, Rev. Mr. l5, Bishop-street 
Holmes', Sam. esq. 6, Richm'oiii'd-piaee, tfrtd 

Hone, Alderman, 124; B&ggot-Strleet 'iM 

Kannahdale, DuhdruAi 
Hone, Nath. esq. Bank Dir.44, Harcbui^''%t. 
Hone, C. esq. 2, Summer-hill 
Hone, Mrs. Anncj 46, York-street 
Hone, John, esq. 21, north great Ge'orgfe-st. 
Hone, Mrs. Eliz, 27, Yoi-k-st. and Roeldield 
Hone, Joseph, esq. §8, Harcourt-strefet £iKd 

Hone, Wm. esq. 32, SntnmeT-hill 
Hope, Mrs. 39, IdiVter Mouttt-street 
Hopkins, John, esq. Ccitta^e-terrae'e, Cir- 
Hopkins, Mrs. 6, Richmond-place 
Horner, Henry, esq. 8, Dot^et-street 
Horner, Rev. James, 23, lower Dorset-St. 
Horner, Rich. esq. 19, great Chaf-les-strfebt 
Hort, Lady, Hortlamd, Kilcock 
Howard, John, esq. 34, upper Dbminick-st. 
Howard, J. O. esq. 32, Denzille-street 
Howard, Lady S. 40, Rutland -square, weiit 
Howard, Hon. Col. Bushfield, Bi-ay 
Howard, Wm. esq, 30, Mount-street 
Howsc, Mrs. A. 34, Denzille-street 
Howth, Rt. Hbti. the Earl of, 34, lower 
Dominick-street, and the Castle of 
Howth, County of Dublin 
Huband, Jos. esq'. Chai^erilont-mall 
Huddart, Rev. T. P. 15, lower Gloucester-sl. 
Huddleston, F. esq. 6, Paradise-row 
Hudson, Joseph, esq. 10, Prussia-street 
Hudson, Mrs. 39, Summer-h'Jl 
Hudson, R. esq. 51, Blessington-street 
Hudson, Wm. esq. 53, Dawson-street 
Hughes, A. Esq. 15, Meckb-street 
Hughes, C. Clarke, esq. 81, Abbey-street 
Hughes, G. esq. 72, William-street, & But- 

terfield-house , Rathfarnham 
Hughes, John, esq, Drumcondra 
Hume, Arthur, esq. 63, Dawson-strfeet, 
Dublin Castle, and Down Lodge, New- 
town, Mount- Kennedy 
Hume, John, esq. 2, Symiot-place 
. Humphrey, A. ^sq 52, lower Gardmer-st. 




Humphrey, J. esq. 25, lower Fitzw.-st. 
Humphreys, Chr. esq. 62, Eccles-street 
Humphreys, John, esq. 25, Eccles-street 
Humphrys, Wm. esq. Gardiners's-row 
Hunt, J. esq. 14, u. Merrion-st. & Hollyville 
Hunt, Miss, 50, Leeson-street 
Hunt, Thos. esq. 39, lower Gardiner-st. 
Hunter, Lieut. Wm. R. N- 7, Blessingt.-st. 
Hussey, Mrs. M. 9, upper Gardiner's-street 
Hutchinson, H. esq 4, Richmond-place 
Hutchinson, Hon. Abr. Hely, 9, north great 
George 's-st . and Palmerstown. Co . D ublin 
Hutchinson, Hon. Francis Hely, 2, Hen- 
rietta street and St. Doulagh's 
Hutchinson, Lady, 23, Merrion-square, n. 
Hutchinson, Sir S. S. 32, Harcourt-street, 

and Palermo, Bray 
Hutchinson, Wm. esq. 5, Richmond-place 
Hutchinson, Ephraim, esq. 53, Harcourt-st. 
Hutton, Mrs. 23, Gardiner's-place 
Huxley, Colonel, 99, Baggot-street 
Hyde, Captain, 2, Gloucester-place 
Hyndham. R. esq. 11, Mountjoy-square, w. 
Ireland, Mrs. E. 18, lower Gloucester-street 
Ireland, R. 108, Stephen's-g. west 
Ireland, Wm. esq 31, Gloucester-street 
Irvine, Wm. esq. Chief Peace Qfficer, 2, 

Irving, Captain, Phoenix-park 
Irwin, Arthur, esq. 13, Grenville-street 
Ismay, Jerm. esq. 6, north Summer-street 
Jackson, Doctor, Gardiner's-place 
Jackson, Joseph, Dev. esq. 38, Leeson-st. 
Jackson, Peter, Register to Lord Norbury, 

64, lower Gardiner- street 
Jacob, Miss E. 9, Mountjoy-square, east 
James, J. A. esq. 1 , Mpuntjoy-street, and 

Barristown, Co.Meath 
James, Alderman John Kingston, 9, Caven- 
dish-row, Rutland-squarp 
James, Lieut.-Col. 15, Clare-street, and 

County of Wexford 
Jameson, John, esq. 38, Prussia-street 
Jameson, Robt. esq. 49, Charlem. -street 
Jameson, Th. esq, 8, Mountjoy-square, east 
Jameson, Wm. esq. 28, Merrion-square, n. 
Jemison, Wm. esq. 16, upper Dorset-street 
Jemison, Wm, Jun. esq. 2, Mountjoy-street 
Jenkin, Rev. Mr. 4, Wentworth-place 
Jennings, Mrs. M. 25, Mountjoy-street 
Jennings, W. esq. 5, middle Gardiner-street 
Jessou, Mrs. M. A. 11, DenzilJe-street 
Jessop, John, esq. 55, Leeson-street 
Jessop, Rev. Dr. 7, Belvedere-place, and 

Mount Jessop, County of Longford 
Jocelyn, J. esq. 25, upper Merrion-street 
Johnston, Alex. esq. 33, Molesworth-street 
Johnston, E. esq. 62, lower Camden-street 
Johnston, Fra. esq, 41, Eccles-street 
Johnston, H. esq, 17, upper Gardiner-st, 
Johnston, Miss A. 37. Denzille-street 
Johnston, Mrs. 1, upper Rutland-street 
Johnston, Rev. Dr. 12, Montpelier-hill 
Johnston, S. esq. 10, Caroline-row 
Johnston, Hon. Wm. Justice, 36, Harcourt- 
street, and Hebe Hill, Queen's County 


Johnstone, Mrs. A. 27, Mabbot-street 
Jolly, William, esq. Custom-house, Dublin, 

and Mervillej Marina 
Jones, Capt. 8, lower Gloucester-street 
Jones, Frederick, Edw. esq. Clonlitte 
Jones, James, esq. Merrion-square, north, 

and Urney, Strabane, Co. Tyrone 
Jones, Mrs. 128, upper Dorset-street 
Jones, Mrs. L. 66, Stephen's-green, south 
Jones, John, esq. 4, Russell-street 
Jones, R«v. James, 8, Merrion-square, north 
Jones, Rich. esq. 39, north great George-st. 
Jones, Thos. esq. 128, Baggot-street 
Jones, Wm. esq. 46, lower Gardiner-street 
Joy, Henry, esq. 14, Temple-street 
Judge, John, esq. 93, upper Dorset-street 
Judge R. esq. 11, Gloucester-street 
Kane, J. T. esq. 2, Richmond-street 
Kane, Colonel, N. 30, Baggot-street 
Kathrens, Mrs. Eliza, 29, Prussia-street 
Kavanagh, Thos. esq. Ely-place, and Borris, 

Kean, Colonel, 1, Fitzwilliam-square, east 
Kean, Miss, 121, Baggot-street 
Kean, Mrs. 1, lower Mount-street 
Keane, Rev. J. E. 24, lower Mount-street 
Kearney, Jn. esq. Cottage-terrace, Cir.-rd. 
Kearney, Mrs. 6, upper Pembroke-street 
Keating, Misslsab. 51, Aungier- street 
Keegan, Mrs. C. 36, Charlemont-street 
Keene, Mrs. M. 66, Charlemont-street 
Kelly, James, esq. 4, upper Pern broke -street 
Kelly, John, esq. 20, Molesworth-street 
Kelly, Jos. esq. 15, upper Dorset-street 
Kelly, L. T. esq. 4, Grafton-street 
Kelly, Michael, esq. 39, Queen-street 
Kelly, Miss, 63, lower Gardiner-street 
Kelly, Miss, 88, Stephen's-green, south • 
Kelly, Mrs. Catharine, 2, Hardwicke-placc 
Kelly, Mrs. Chas. 19, lower Gloucester-sir. 
Kelly, Rev. Mr. 78, Marlborough-street 
Kelly, Thos. esq. 20, French-street 
Kelly, Wm. esq. 6, upper Mount-street 
Kelly, Wm. esq. 71, Mecklenburgh-strcet 
Kemmis, Thos. esq. 40, Kildare-street 
Kempston, Mrs. E, 29, Macart.-br. 
Kennan, Chr. esq. 47, Prussia-street 
Kennedy, Hen. esq. 64, Baggot-street 
Kennedy, J. T. esq. 49, Summer-hill 
Kennedy, Mrs. C. 65, lower Camden-street 
Kennedy, Mrs. IS, Belvedere-place 
Kenny, James, esq. 23, French-street 
Kenny, Rev. J. P. 4, Prvissia-street 
Kenny, Wm, esq, 15, Gardiner's-place, and 

Kent, Ed. esq. 48, Stephen's-green, e. 
Keogh, John, esq. 14, up. Gardiner-street 
Keogh, Mrs. 9, Eccles-street 
Kildahl, S. A. esq. 8, up. Mount-street 
Kildare, Rev. Dean of, 38, RutJand-sq. w. 
Kilfoj'le, Jam. esq. 60, up. Dorset-streec 
Kilkelly, J. esq, 4, Gardiner-street 
Killala, Rev. Archdeacon of, 18, Ely-place 
Killaloe, Lord Bishop of, 45, Stephen's-gr. 

E. and Killaloe-Palace, Co. Clare 
Killaloe, Rev. Dean of, 35, Baggot-street 




Killer, J. M, esq. 5, lower Pemb.-strect 
Kiuahan, Dan. esq. 11, Mer.-sq. a. 
Kinaban, Geo. esq. 1, Rut.-sq. e. 
Kinder, Mrs. Cath. 44, Bolton-slreet 
King, AWlt. A. B. J2, Merrion-.street, and 

Bloomsbury, Co. Dublin 
King, Miss, 47, Aungier-street 
King, Mrs. Ghas. 19, n. gt. George-st. and 

Spring Grove, Co. Monaglian 
King, Mrs. Eliza, 49, Mount-street 
King, Steuart, esq. 1, Granby-row, <K Fingal 
Kirchoffer, Mrs. Surab, 4, Russell-p. 
Kirkwood, Jas. esq. 61, Prussia-street 
Kirton, J. esq. 3, Richmond-place 
Kirwan, John, esq. 54, Leeson-street 
Knight, R. esq, 4, upper Fitzwm. -street 
Kaipe, Capt. 21, upper Rutland-street 
Knipe, Wm. esq. 23, upper Gloucester-st. 
Knowles, Wm. esq. Exchequer-street 
Knox, Francis, esq. 17, Gardiner-place 
Knox, Rev. Arthur, 34, Molesw.-street, and 

VVoodiawn, Bray 
Kftox, Rt. Hon. G. 8, Merrion-squarc, e. 
Knox, John, esq. 30, Summer-hill 
Knox, Lady Mary, 23, Merrion-square, s. 
Knox, Mrs. O. G. Merrion-square, e. and 

Dunran-castle, Co, Wicklow 
Knox, Rev. Edward, Dean of Down, 36, 

Kyan, Mrs. 53, Eccles-street 
Kyle, Rev. Dr. F. T. C. D. 9, Holies-street 
Labarte, Mrs. E. 55, lower Mount-street 
Labilliere, Mrs. M. 75, lower Dorset-street 
Lacy, M. esq. 9, lower Gardiner-street 
La Fefere, Mrs, 23, middle Gardiner-street 
Lamb, Arthur, esq. Sandy mount 
Lambert, Gustavus, esq. Dublia-castle, and 

Beau-park, Co. Meath 
Lambert, Mrs. 8, Mountjoy-square, s. 
Lanauze, Henry, esq. 20, College-green 
Lang, Mrs. A. 10, Eccles-street 
Langley, Major, 47, lower Mount-street 
Langley, Mrs. 22, S. Cumberland-street 
Langton, Miss J. A. 34, Dawson-street 
L»nigan, T. esq. 51, Dorainick-streot, and 

Castlefogarty, Co. Tipperary 
Lardner, D. esq. 12, Russell-street 
Larkin, Mrs. 22, upper Merrion-street 
Lamer, Jos. esq. Glasneviu 
Lascelles, Rowley, esq. 15, Ely-place 
Latouche, Rev. J. J. 44, Leeson-street 
Latouche, Geo. esq. 75, Stephen's-green, n. 
Latouche, J. esq. 10, Merrion-square, e. 
Latouche, J. Digges, esq. Belfield, near 

Latouche, Mrs. D. 32, Stephen's-green, e. 
Latouche, P. 9, Stephen's-green, n. and 

Latouche, Peter, jun. 2, Fitzw.-sq. c. 
Latouche, Robert, esq. M. P. 10, Mer.-sq, 
Law, Robert, esq. 26, Eccles-street 
Law, Robert, esq. 8, great Denmark -street, 

aad Cottage, Ralieny 
Lawler, G. V. esq. 4, s. Cumberland-street 
Lawler, Rev. W. 2, Molaad-stn'et 
Lawless, Mrs. M. 11, French-street 

Lawless, Philip, e.-^q. 14, Digges-street 
Lea, Wm. esq. 33, great Gloucester-st. n, 

and Mount-pleasant, Co. Dublin 
Leahy, J. e;-q, 17, lower Gloucester-street 
Leake, Wm. esq. 120, Stephen's-green, w. 
Lealhley, the Misses, 8, Gloucester-street 
Le Bas, Paul, esq. 117, Stephen's-green, w. 
Le Bas, Peter, esq. Philipsborough 
Leckey, A. esq. 2, Richmond-place and Cas- 

tle-Leckey, Co. Derry 
Ledwich, Rev. Dr. 10, York-street 
Lee, Mrs. ^9^, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Lee, Wm, H. esq. CO, lower Gard.-st. 
Leech, Adam, esq. 68, Camden-strect 
Leech, James, esq. 7, lower Gardiner-st. 
Leech, Mrs. E. 16, Temple-street 
Leech, Thos. esq. 3, Park-street 
Lees, Edw. S. esq. Sackville-street, and 

Newtown- avenue. Black-rock 
Lees, Jn. es(j. 1, upper Mount-street 
Lees, Sir Harcourt, Bart. Seapoint, Black- 
rock, Co. Dublin 
Lees, T. O. esq. Sackville-street 
Leet, Ambrose, esq. 4, Grenv.-strcet 
Lefanue, Jos. esq. 27, Molesw.-street 
Lefanue, Rev, P. 9, upper Camden-strect 
Lefanue, Rev. T. Phoenix-park 
Legge, Hon. Heneage, Dublin Castle 
Leigh, F. esq. 4, Merrion-square, s. and 

Rosegarden, Taghmon, Co. Wexford 
Leigh, J. esq. 19, Molesworth-street 
Leigh, Mrs. Sarah, 2, n. gt. George-street 
Leinster, the Duke of, 13, Dom. -street, Sc 

Carton, Maynooth 
Leland, John, esq. 6, a. Cope-st. & Drum- 

Leland, T. esq. 6, Fitzw,-sq. w. Sc Roebuck 
Lentaigne, Mrs. M. 14, lower Dom.-street 
Leonard, Mrs. J. 14, Montpelier-h, 
Leslie, P. A. esq. 40, Bride-street 
Leslie, Rev. Dr. 5, great Charles-street 
Letablere, Rev. J. 16, Ely-place 
Levinge, Hen. esq. 12, Cliarlem. -street 
Levinge, Lady, 29, Merrion-square, aad 

High-park, Co, Westmeath 
Levinge, Lady Dow. E. F. 5, up, Fitzw.-st. 
Lewis, Rev, J. 30, York-street 
Leyden, F, esq. 2, Mountjoy-street 
Lifford, Lord, 1, Holies-street 
Limerick, Dean of. Holies-street 
Lindsay, Mrs, T. 28, Cuffee-street 
Lingham, Mrs. 32, Dawsou-street 
Lismore, Lord, 4, Henrietta-st, and Shan^ 

bally, Co. i'lpperary 
Little, J. 33, Baggot-street 
Litton, Mrs. 14, Holies-street 
Litton, T. esq. 3, Holies-street 
Livesay, R. esq. 4, Mountjoy-square, w. 
Lloyd, General, Turvey-house, Swords 
Lloyd, John, esq. 2, Merrion-square, w. 
Lloyd, Mrs, Summer-hill 
Lloyd, Mrs. A. 64, lower Caraden-street. 
Lloyd, Mrs. C, 12, upper Rutland-street 
Lloyd, Thos. esq. 1, i\lerrioa-square, e. 
Lloyd, Rev. Dr. 9, Fit.zwm.-square, e. 
Lloyd, Wm. esq. 42, Leeson-street 




Lloyd, Win. esq. 28, lov^er Gardiner-street 
Locke, Mrs. Eifea, 31, Eccles-street 
Locke, Peter, esq. 57, Summer-h. 
Lockyor, 13, Brunswick-street 
Lodge, Wm. esq. 14, Kildare-st. 
Loftus, Lady Jane, 8, Cavendish-row 
Lo^e, D. VV. esq. Harold's-cross 
Long, P. esq, 5, upper Gardiner-street 
Longfield, Colonel, M. P. 22, Merrion-sq. 

n. and Castlemartyr, Co. Cork 
Loagfield, Lieut. Col. 17, Harcourt-street 
Longford, Earl of, 10, Rutland-square, e. 

and Pakenham-hall, C&. Westmeath 
Lord, Mrs. A. 7, Charlemont-street 
Lorton, Lord Viscount, 14, Henrietta-street, 
and Rockingham, Boyle, Co. Roscommon 
Leugheed, Rev, Thos. 13, White-friar-st. 
Low, Nath. esq. 14, Eccles-street 
Lowry, Mrs. M. 56, Rutland-square, w. 
Lowther, R. esq. 32, Blessington-street 
Luby, Wm. esq. 15, Macartney-br. and 

Tralee, Co. Kerry 
Lucas, Robert, esq. 12, up. Baggot-street 
Lumn, Colonel, 26, Stephen's-green, n. 
Lynch, Jas, esq. 11, great Denmark -street 
Lynch, Mrs. 46, Jervis-street 
Lynch, P. esq. 63, lower Dorset-street 
Lyons, Mr. Johan, 16, Summer-hill 
Lyons, Miss S. 2, Mountjoy-square, n. 
Lyster, Mrs. 28, lower Mount-street 
Lyster, Mrs. A. 35, Den/jiUe-street 
M'Alpine, C. esq. 24, Gardiner's-place 
M'Call, James, esq. 17, upper Fitzwm.-street 
M'Canu, A. esq, 12, upper Dom. -street 
M'Caun, Mrs. James, 98, Capel-street 
M'Cann, Ross, esq. 26, Camden-street 
M'Carthy, J. esq. 21, Gardiner's-place 
M'Carthy, Mrs. 17, s. Frederick-street 
M'Casky, J. esq. 8, s. Cumberland-street 
M'Causland, W. J , esq. 38, up. Merrion-st. 
M'Cay, John, esq. 17, George's-place 
M'Clelland, Hon. Baron, 23, Gardiner' s-pl. 

and Ravensdale, Co. Louth 
M'Cochran, Jn. esq. 1 8, Digges-street 
M'Collum, John, esq, 4, up. Dominick-st. 
M'Creight, Mrs. M. 58, Eccles-street 
M'Dermott, Mrs. E. 47, Hardwicke-street 
M'Dermott, the Misses, 28, Grenville-st. 
M'Donald, C, esq. 39, upper Dorset-street 
M'Donnell, Jas. esq. 16, Prussia-street 
M'Dowell, Rev. B. D. D, 52, Eccles-street 
M'Elroy, Mrs. lower Gard.-street 
M'Evoy, James, esq, 13, Park-street 
Mac Farland, Captain, - 1 , Cowley place 
M'Farland, W. esq. 30, up. Rutland-street 
Mc Farlane, Richard, esq. North-wall 
M'Glarthry, Thomas, esq. Ordnance-office, 

and Rathmines 
M'Gowan, John, esq. 9, George's-place 
M*Gowan, Mrs. J. 57, Mount-street 
M'Guinness, S. D. esq. 115, up. Dorset-st. 
M'GuireEdw, esq. 8, Dawson-street 
M'llwaiu, Mrs. 38, Dorset-street 
M'Kane, Mrs. M. 33, upper Dominick-st. 
M'Kay, Dan. esq. 13, Stephen's-green, n. 
M'Kay, John, esq. Dublin Castle, and Mo- 
reen^ near JDundrum 

M'Kelvey, Rev. Mr. 7, George's-place 
M'Kcana, Mrs. F.50, north gt, George's-»t. 
M'Kennr, Jn. esq. 29, upper Gard.-street 
M'Kenny, Thos. esq, 24, low. Fitzw.-strcet 
M'Kiniey, Edw. esq. 3, lower Dorset-street 
.M'Loughlin, J. esq. 27, Usher's-qnay 
M'Loughlin, Rev. W. 23, Holies-street 
M'Mahon, Mrs. D. 31, Aungier-street 
M'MaLon, P. esq. 38, Ship-street 
M'Mahon, Rt. Hon. Sir Wm. Bart. Master 
of the Rolls, 45, Camden-street, and 
Fortfield, Rathfarnham 
M'Mullen, A. esq. 85, Capel-street 
M'Mullen, Jn. esq. 6, Richmond-place 
M'Mullen, Mrs. 60, Mount-street 
M'Neill, George, esq. 17, Synnot-place 
M'Nulty, T. esq. 128, Dor.set-street 
Macartney, A, C. esq. 47, Stephen's-green, 

east, and Bloomville, Roebuck 
Maccaud, Mrs. 56, Dawson-street 
Mackay, Captain, 19, Manor-street 
Mackay, John, esq, 10, Leeson-street 
Macklin, Ger. esq. 1, Harcourt-place 
Mac Lean, Allan, esq. Custom-house, and 

Mac Lean, Col. Jos. R. A. Dublin CaStle 
Macks, Mrs. S. 4, Portobello 
MacMalion, J. esq. 24, great Charles-St. 
Macnamava, Captain, 8, upper Rutland-st. 
Maconchy, J. esq. 11, Mountjoy-square, ft. 
Madden, Captain, 36, Stephen's-green, e'ait 
Madden, Mat. esq. 14, Camden-street 
Madden, Miss E. 50, lower Gard.-street 
Madden, Rev. J. 57, Blessington-street 
Maddock, Mrs. M. 32, Prussia-street 
Maddock, Simon, 7S, Summer-h, 
Maffet, Wm. esq. 24, Frederick-street, 8. 
Magan, Mrs. G. 5, Rutland-Square, east, 

and Newby-lodgL>, Clontarf 
Magee, T. Knox, esq. 9, Fitxgibbon-street 
Magrath, Col. 5, lower Gloucesttr-street 
Magrath, M. esq, 2, lov/er Fitzw.- street 
Maguire, Edw. esq. 8, Dawson-street 
Maher, Mrs. B. 22, Temple-street 
Mahon, Mrs, H. 6, upper Gard.-street 
Major, Mrs, C. 14, lower Dorset-street 
Malassez, Capt. 11, upper Rutland-street 
Malins, Richard, esq. 54, Prussia-street, 

and Stamp Office 
Malonc, James, esq. 17, Cottage Terrace, 

Malone, Rich. esq. 14, Sackville-strett, *lid 

Pallas-Park, King's County 
Malonj', H. esq, 7, upper Rutland-street 
Malony, John, esq, 118, Dorset-street 
Malony, T. esq. 3, Mountjoy-square, south 
Mangiii, Alex. esq. U, Mountjoy-square, 

south, and Dublin Castle 
Mangin, Capt. R. N. 14, Mountjoy-aq. s, 
Mangin, Mrs. S. 78, Stephen's-green, south 
Mangin, S. H. esq. 4, Harcourt-street 
Manners, The Rt. Hon. Lord, Lord Chan- 
cellor, 44, Stephen's-green, east, and 
Froston, Wainfleet, Lincolnshire 
Manning, H. esq. 2, Grenville-street 
Manninir, Miss. .^. P.lp=«5nrrtan-street 



Mansfield, W. H. esq. 19, Eccles-street 
Maquay, J, Leyland, esq. 21, low Fitzvv.-st 
Margaret, Mrs. E, 32, Charlemont-st. 
Marland, VV. esq. 6», Eccles-street 
Marley, Mrs. 77, Mecklenburgh-strect 
MarsdcH} Ales. esq. Booterstown 
Marsh, J. esq. 9, French-street 
Marsh, Mrs. R. 28, Denzille-street 
Marsh, P, esq. 4, York-street 
Marshall, John, esq. 5, Fitzwilliara^sq. w. 
Marshall, Rob. esq. 12, up. Ficzwillkm-st, 
Martin, Rev. E. 24, York-street 
aiartin, T. C. esq. 2, Ely-place 
Martley, Mrs. 9, great Charles-street 
Mason, Mrs. 67, Charlemont-street 
Mason, Mrs. 24, Kildare-street 
Mason, W, Shaw, esq, 54, low. Camden-st 
Masou, W. M. esq. 11, Harcourt-strcet 
Massey, J. Bolton, esq. 32, Merrion-sq. s. 
Massey, Hon. G. Avondale, Black-rock 
Masterson, Miss M. 50, lower Dom. -street 
Matthews, Mrs, G. 83, Stephen's-green, s. 
Matthews, Mrs. S. 48, Bolton-street 
Maturin, Rev. C. 37, York-street 
Maunsell, Danl. esq, 11, Merrion -square 
Maunsell, Edw. E, esq. 24, Temple-street 
Maxwell, L. esq. 54, Dominick-street 
Maxwell, Mrs. W. 4, Belvedere-place 
May, John, esq. 1 15, Mecklenb. -street 
Mayers, Miss F. 49, Queen-street 
Mayne, Capt. John, 22, lower Fitzw.-strcet 
Mayne, Fred. esq. Drumcondra 
Alayne, Hon. Judge, 21, Stephen's-green, n. 
Mayston, R. esq. Nottingham-street 
Maziere, B. esq. 6, Hardwicke-street 
Maziere, M. esq, 7, Gardiuer*s-row 
Maziere, Mrs. A- 68, Blessington-street 
Meara, M. esq. 51, lower Mount-street 
Meath, Earl of, 49, Stephen's-green, east, 

and Kilruddery, Bray 
Meath, the Rt. Rev. the Lord Bishop of, 

Ardbraccan-hoTise, Navan 
.Mercer, Mrs. I. 15, upper Gloucester-street 
Meredith, Mrs, 34, Holies-street 
Meredyth, Edw. esq. 11, Mecklenb.-street 
Meredyth, Lady, 11, Mecklenb.-street 
Meredyth, Sir Henry, Bart. 25, Rutland- 
square, n. and Kells, Co, Meath 
Metge, John, esq. 16, Eccles-street, and 

Athluniney, Co. Meath 
Meyler, John, esq. 19, Mount-street 
Miller, L. esq. 24, upper Dorset-street 
Miller, Mrs. M, 50, lower Dorset-street 
Miller, Mrs. 21, upper Dominick-street 
Mills, Captain, 29, Ship-street 
Miltown, Countess Dow. of, 17, u. Mer.-st. 
Miltown, the Earl of, upper Merrion-street 

& Rusborough, Blessington, Co. Wicklow 
Minchin, Falk. esq- 5, lower MouDt-street 
Minchin, W, A. esq. 6, lower Rutland-street 
Minns, Mrs. E. 23, Moles wworth-street 
Mitchell, Edw. esq. J 5, Belvedere-place 
Mitchell, H. W. esq, 19, Baggot-st: cet 
Mitchel, J. esq, 14, Denzille-street, and' 

Gore's-grove, Freshford 
Mitchell, Miss M. 31, Denzille-strie^t 


Molony, John, esq. 118, Dorset-street 
Molyneaux, Sir Capcl, Bart. 4, Westland- 

rovv, and Castle Dillon, Co. Armagh 
Monck, Lady A. 28, upper Merrion-street 
Monck, 5, Circular-road, North std 
Monseil, Wm. esq. 7, Merrion-sq. south, 

and Turvoe, Co. Limerick 
Montfort, M. S. esq. 15, Prussia-street 
Montgommeiy, Capt. 10, up. Mount-street 
Montgomery, Mrs, 34, Eccles-street 
Montgomery, R, esq. Trinity College 
Moore, Captain, 26, Temple-street 
Moore, Edw. esq. 80, Marlb.-street 
Moore, George, esq. 31, Kildare-street 
Moore, George, esq. 50, lower M'onnt-street 
Moore, J. esq. 15, Cottage-terrace, Cir.-rd. 
Moore, Hon. Pon. 3, Granby-row 
Moore, Hon. A. J. C. P. 7, Henrietta-street 
Moore, Miss E. 61, Eccles-street 
Moore. Miss E. 31, Hardwicke-street 
Moare, Phil. esq. 41, lower Mount-street 
Moore,, 10, upper Fitzwilliam-street 
Moore, Rev. James, 14, Prussia-street 
Moore, Stephen, esq. 38, n. great George- 
street, and Barn, Cloumel 
Moore, Verner, esq. 51, Marl.-street 
Moore, Wm. esq. 5, Blessingtou-street 
Moran, John, esq. 55, lower Dorset-st. 
Moreley, John, esq. 64, Eccles-st. 
Morgan, F. L. esq. 13, Harchvicke-street 
Morgan, John, esq. 17, Mecklenb.-street 
Morgan, L. esq. 56, upperSackville-street 
Morgan, Lewis, esq. 8, lower Rut!and-st. 
Morgan, Mrs. E. 49, upper Dorset-street 
Morgan, Mrs. E. 7, George's-place 
Morgan, Mrs. J, 34, Hardwicke-street 
Morgan, Sackville, H. esq. 83, North-strand 
Morgan, Sir C^iarles, 35, Kildare-street 
Morris, George, esq. 12, Mtountjoy-square, 

e. and Waterford 
Mountjoy, Viscountess, 20, Rutland-sq. n. 
Mount, Morres, Lord, 2; lower Mer-street 
Mulock, Robert, esq, 8, lower RMand-'St. 
Mulosk, the Misses, 5, Eccles-street 
Murphy, George, esq. 4, lower Mer.-street 
Murray, Edw. esq. 24, Brunswick-street 
Murray, Francis, esq, 35, Cuffe-street 
Murray, Miss A, 22, middle Gardiner-street 
Murray, the Most Rev. Dr. 41, n. Cumh.-st. 
Murray, Mrs.M. A. 141, Meckl.-street 
Needham, T. R, esq. 9, Merrion-square, c. 

and Edraondsbury, Lucan 
Neilly, Moore, esq, 16, Clare-street 
Nelley, Lieut.-Col. 3, lower Gard.-street 
Nelson, Mrs. J. 20, Holies-street 
Nelson, R, esq. 56, lower Dorset-street 
Netterville. Lord, 1, Blackhall-street, , aijt}^^ 
Dowth, near Dtogheda ".,,. 

Neville, B, esq. 77, Marlborough-street ; .;. 
Neville, B, esq. 35, up. Sack-st: & Asbbrodt^ 
Nev>ille, Messrs. IT, P6ter-street 
Ne\nlle, Richard, esq. Furnace, Co. Kildi^^^, 
Nevin, Mr. Isaac; 6,. Clare-street ,;' 

Nevin, Rev. J. A. M. 24, St. And^ew-sf. ;-' 
Newburglr, Mrs. 16, Russell-place 
Nanoe, Mrs. M, 13, upper Dominickistteet 



Newcouiii, Arthur, esq. 21, Char!otte-st. 
Newer.ham, B. esc[. 15, Nortli-strand 
Newman, John, esq. 27, upper Bagp:ot-street 
Newton, Wni. esq. Royal liilitmaiy, Mont- 

pelier hill, PhcBiiix-jjark 
Nickle, Mrs. 18, lo'vcr O.irdiner-street 
Nihell, CLrist. esq. 12, lower GardJner-st. - 
Nixon, Capt. Wilson, 12, Gloucester-street 
Nixon, Henry, esq. 5, Cianbrassil-place 
Nolan, W. esq. 8, Frederick-street, n. 
Norbury, the Right Hon. Lord, 3, great 

Denmark-street, and Cabr;t, Co. Dublin 
Norman, John, esq. 27, Sackviile-street 
Norman, Mrs. Flo. 14, m.Gard.-street, and 

Ardee, Coiirity Louth 
Normantown, Earl of, 40, Stephen's-green, 

e. and London 
North, R. esq. 26, upper Dorset-st.rcet 
Norton, Capt. 39, up. Doai.-st. & Kimmage 
Norton, Williuin, esq. U'ainsfort 
Nowian, Mrs. M. 63, Capel-street 
Nugent, Geor«;e, esq. 11, College-green 
Nupjent, J. esq. 9, Mcrrion-sq. s. and Ed- 

mondsbury, Lucaa 
Nugent, Sir II. Bart. 1, great Denmark-st. 

6l Bailinaloua^h, County Westmcath 
Nugent, Mrs. 11. 1, RusscU-street 
Nugent, Jas. Contractor, for Public Works, 

O'Beiine, John, esq. 11, Belvedere-place 
O'Brien, St. Col. 7, Hatch-street 
O'Brien, A. esq. 8, upper Gardiner-street 
O'Brien, John, esq. 5, Mountjoy-sqoare, e. 
O'Brien, Lieut.-Col. A. A. G.41, Mount-st. 
O'Callagban, Henry, esq. 14, up. Rut.-st. 
O'Connor, 1, Mountjoy-square, e. 
O'Connor, Lady, 10, Margaret-place 
O'Connor, Lieut. Col. 30, Mecklenb.-street 
O'Connor, Mrs. 34, Arran-quay 
O'Connor, R. esq. .3, Blackhali-parade 
O'Connor, Rev. Wm. 46, William-street 
O'Connor, Wm. esq, 10, low. Fitzw. -street 
O'Donnel, Lady, 15, Merriou-sq. n. and 

Newport, Co. Gahvay 
O'Donnel, Sir Neal, VVestland-row 
O'Donoghue, F. esq. 29, lower Gard.-street 
O'Gorman, Mrs. 6, Harcourt-place 
O'Grade, C. esq. t7, lower Fitzw.-street 
O'Grady, E. esq. 52, Stephen's-gi*een, e. 
O'Grady, Right Hon. Standish, Lord Chief 

Baron, 8, Stephen's-green, ik.and Mount- 
prospect, Co. Limerick 
O'Halloran, M. esq. 18, upper Baggot-st. 
O'Hara, Mrs. 15, Mountjoy-square, s. 
O'Mally, Capt. 17, upper Rutland-street 
O'Neill, John, esq. 8, Leinster-st, Stillorgan 

and Castle-Boden, Co, Galway 
O'Neill, Mrs. M. 24, Denzille-street 
O'Neill, O. P, esq. 39, H&rcourt-street 
O'Reardon, Dr. 52, Abbey-street 
O'Reilly, James, A. esq, 20, Gardiner's-pl. 

and Boyne-lodge, Co. Meath 
O'Reilly, Michaal Dease, esq. 36, 1. Staf.-st. 
O'Reilly, Rev. Gerald, Kinnegad 
O'Reilly, Christopher, esq. Catherine 

Grove, near Clonard 

O'Reilly, Mrs. 24,' s. Cuniberl;UKi-8rrcet 
O'Reilly, Mrs. 3, upper Gariliner-streel 
O'Ryan, Mrs. M. Anne-sireet, s. 
Ogilby, — esq. 18, Synnot-placc 
Oliver, Capt. R. N.3, Fitzw. -square, n. 
Olton, P. esq. 32, lower Camdea-street 
Onnond,Cnuntessof, 11, Rutland-square, e. 

atid Castlecoraer, Co. Kilkenny 
Ormsby, C esq. 10, upper Gloucester-street 
Ormsby, M. esq. 13, Montpeiier-h. 
Ormsby, Mrs. 4, Merrion-row 
Ormsby, Mrs. 10, upper SackvlIle-street 
Orr, Mrs. A. 76, Marlborough-street 
Ossory, Lord Bishop of, 19, Mcrrion-sq, g. 

and Palace, Co. Kilkenny 
Ottley, Brooke, T. esq. 4, Ely-place 
Owen, Lieut. Col. 3, Mountjoy-placc 
Palmer, Geo. esq. 121, Stephen's-green, w. 
Palmer, J, esq, 16, upper Camden-street 
Palmer, Richard, esq. 7, French-street 
Pardy, Geora;e, esq. 9, lower Merrion-street- 
Parker, Fro;', esq. 63, Prussia-street 
Parker, F. S. esq. 42, lower Mount-street .- 
Partinson, Robert, esq. 52, Prussia-street 
Parkinson, Lieut. Col. 4, Summer-h, 
Parks, William, esq. 57, Charlemont-street 
Parsons, Thos, e.sq. 14, Harcourt-street 
Parsons, William, esq. 9, Caroline-row 
Partington, John, esq. 16, York-street 
Pasley, Chas. esq. II, Gardiner's-place 
Pasley,, 32, Baggot-street 
Pasler, Wm. esq, 19, great Charles-street 
Patrick, Jn. esq. 27, Rutland-square, n. 
Patrickson, Jn. esq. 1, Merrion-square, n. 
Patterson, Fra. esq. 3, Mecklenb-street 
Patterson, Robert, esq. 3, Leiuster-street 
Paumier, Miss S. 3, Gloucester-street 
Payne, Heu. R. esq. 49, lower Camden-st. 
Peebles, Robt. esq. 8, upjier Dominick-st. 
Peile, R. M. esq. 41, York-street 
Pemberton, Mrs. 20, Frederick-street, n. 
Pepper, Jn. esq. 8, Mountjoy-square, n. 
Pepper, Mrs. Hen. U, great Charles-st. and 

Ballygart, Co. Meath 
Perceval, Dr. Robert, Kildare-place 
Perceval, Mrs. 31, lower Mount-street 
Perceval, Wm. Rev. 39, Leeson-street 
Perrin, George, esq. 83, Stephen's-green, s. 
Perrin, Mrs. S. 5, Prussia-street 
Persse, Mrs. E. 55, Eecles-street 
Phelps, John, esq. 24, upper Dorset-street 
Phelps, the Misses, 62, Prussia-street 
Phepoe, Thomas, esq. 17, Hardwicke-street 
Phibbs, Harloe, esq. 33, Holies-street 
Phibbs, O. esq. 5, Merrioa-square, w. 
Philips, Thos. esq. 53, Stephen's-green, e. 
Pigott, Mrs. W. 51, Baggot-street 
Pike, Robert, esq. 40, Jervis-street 
Pilsworth, Fra, esq. 26, upper Dom.-street 
Pim, Mrs. I, n. Cumberland-street 
Plunkett, Misses C. and J. 9, Ely-place 
Plunkett, J. esq. 14, n. great George-street 
Plunkett, Peter, esq. 9, Blackh, -street 
Plunkett, Wm. esq. Royal Hospital 
Poe, Jas. esq. 20, Peter-street, ai\d h^S^k? 

lia-bridge, Co. Carlovr ,?? , 



Poer, Samuel, esq. 5, Gard.-row, & Belle- 

rille-park, Co. Waterford 
Pollock, J. esq. 11, Mountjoy-square, e, 

and Mountainstown, Co. Meath 
Pollock, Wm. esq, Mountjoy-place 
Pomeroy, Hon. A. J. 54, Summer-h. 
Pomeroy, Hon. and Rev. J. 27) Merrion-sq. 

Ponder, George, esq. 31, Blessinerton-street 
Pontct, Mademoiselle, 3, tipper Fitzw.-st, 
Pontet, Mons. Desire, 14, upper Fitzw.-st. 
Pope, Miss, 39, Prussia-street 
Poppleton, Captain, 16, George's-place 
Porter, Mrs. T. 15, Mountjoy- square, w. 
Potts, J. D. esq. 11, Fitwilliam-square, w. 
Pountney, Henry, eiq. 6, Montpelier-li. 
Powell, E. B. esq. 55, Mount-street 
Powell, Robert, esq. 24, Gloucester-street 
Powell, Wm. esq. 118, Meek. -street 
Power, .In. R esq. 28, Parliament-.street 
Power, Miss, 74, upper Dorset-street 
Power, Richard, esq. 7> Kildare-street, and 

Kilfane, Thomastown 
Powerscourt, Viscountess, 6, Ely-place 
Pratt, Rev. J. 7, Mountjoy-square, w. and 

Cabra Castle 
Prendergast, 10, Merrion- square -. 
PrestoufHon. Mrs. 14, m. Gloucester-st. 
Preston, Mrs, A. 11, great Charles-street, 

and Newbrook 
Preston, Jos, esq. 30, Paradise-row 
Prior, A. R. esq. 11, FitzwiUiam-square, n. 
Proctor, George, esq. 73, Marlborough-st. 
Prosser, W. esq.4, Fitzwilliam-squarc, w. 
Purcell, Mrs. J. 66", lower Camden-street 
Putland, Chas, esq. 15, Fitzwilliam-sq. w. 
Putland, Geo. esq. 2, lower Mount-street, 

and St. Suoci, Bray 
Quinan, Tb. esq. 22, Leeson-street 
Quinn, Mrs. M. 42, Manor-street 
Qiiinn, Rev. Mr. 89, Stephen's -green, s. 

and Wingfield, Bray 
Quinn, Thos. esq. 32, Leeson-street, and 

Firgrove, near Innishaanon 
Quinton, John, esq. 13, great Longford-st. 
Raferty, Chr. esq. 10, Blessington -street 
Hamage, Thos. esq. 10, Mountjoy-place 
Rambaust, Mrs. 73, Dorset-street 
Ramsey, Miss E. 3, upper Dominick-street 
Rawlins, Jos. esq, 11, Ilarcourt-street 
Rawson, Mrs. M. 54, Dawson-street 
Read, John, esq. 4, Blackhall-parnde 
Read, Mrs. J, 42, upper Rutland-street 
Read, Mrs. M. 16, Belvedere-place 
Read, Richard, esq. 7, Peter's-place 
Read, Wm. esq. 19, n, Cumberlaml-street 
Reay, Jos. J,*sq. 31, North-strand 
Recorder of Dublin. 11, lower Dorninick-st 
Redmond, G, R. esq. 3, Camden-street 
Redmond, Jno. esq. 37, Charlemont-street, 

and Newtown, Co. Wexford 
Reed, Captain, 11, Mountjoy-square, south, 

and Ayrfield 
Reid, Ralph, esq, 11, Clare-street 
Reilly, B. esq, 6, Macartney-bridge 
Reilly, Wm,esq. 87, Stephen' s-grcen, south 


Reynell, Lieut.-Col. 32, n, Frederick-street 
Riall, Mrs. Cath. 17, Temple-street 
Ribton, Dow. Lady, 5, lower Gardiner-st. 
Ribton, Sir J. Bart. Fitzwilliam-square, n. 
Rich, G. esq. Dublin Castle, <k Phrenix-park 
Ric>,ards, J. esq. lO, Mecklenburgh-street 
RiclmrdS; Robt. esq, 22, Ely-pl?ce 
Richardson, Alex, esq, 58, Summer-hill, 

and Raheny 
Richardson, B. esq. 27, Clare-street 
Richardson, M:s 1, Montyelier-b, 
Richardson, Mrs. 0,43, Hardwick-street 
Richardson, Mrs, S, 119, Baggot-street 
Rickard, Jas. esq. 29, KilrlAre-street 
Rigidoe, Miss E. 34, French-stveet 
Robinson, Captain, 24, Chari -rannt-etreet 
Robinson, H. esq. 32, Dominick-street 
RohJnson, Mrs. M. 21, Portobello 
Robinson, ^lev. Mr. 40, Cu}fee-street 
Robinson, R. esq. 34, Macartney-b. 
Robinson, R. esq. 4, n. Cope-stieet 
Robinson, Richd. esq, Fdrkga*e-st'-eet 
Robinson, Wm. esq. 2, Mour.tjoy-street 
Roche, John, esq. 41, Harcourt-street 
Roche, Lady, 42, Eocles-street 
Rocke, Mrs. George's-place 
Roe, James, esq. 59, Summer-hill 
Roe, Mrs. 7, Digg«s-street 
Roe, Peter, esq. 6, FitzwiUiam-square, n. 
Roe, Rev. Richard, 114, Grafton-street 
Rogers, John, esq, 6, Belvedere-place 
Rogers, John, esq. 8, Portobello 
Rogers, J. eaq. 5, Henriettti -street 
Rogers, Lieut. Col. 31, Ship-street 
Rogers, Mrs. E. 56, Queen-street 
Romaiiie, Monsiue; , Consul de France, 36, 

Stephen's-grfeu, east 
Rorke, Mrs. Mai'g. 5, Mountjoy-place 
Rosborougli, Samuel, esq. 89, Sir John 

Rose, Captain, 18, Cuffc-street 
Rose, Richard, esq, 31, lower Gard,street, 

and Foxhall, Co. Tippcrary 
Rosmonage, T. esq. l'\ Mountjoy-place 
Rossmore, Lady Dowager, 32, up. Mer.-st. 
Rotton, J. esq, f>9, lower Mount-street 
Rowan, Arch. Ham. esq. 5, Leinster-street 

Rathcoffey, Co. Kildare, and Killylcigh 

Castle, Co. Down 
Rowe, Eben, Rad. esq. 8, upper Pemb.-st, 

and Ballyharty, Co. W^exford 
Rowley, Mrs. S. 42, lower Gard. -street 
Rowley, Re^'. J, Summer-hill 
Rowley, Rev. J. 30, Gardmer's-pl. and Fort 

George, Virginia, Cr.unfy of Cava;i 
Rowley, Tho. T. esq. 1 1, great George-streot, 

north, and M:<yiyratli, County of Me.illi 
Russell, Geo. esq. 18, north great Geo.-str. 
Russell, James, es((. 5, Ardee-strcct 
Russell, John, esq. 1, RusscU-place 
Rutherfoi'd, John, esq. 14, R>uland-sq. c. 
Rutlidge, Robert, esq, 12, .Mountjoy-square, 

s. and Hollymount, C;o. Wayo 
Ryall, Surgeon, 5, north Cumberland-street 
Ryall, H, esq, R. N.21, Mccklenburgh-st. 
Ryan, John, esq, 102, Bajgot-strect 



Ryan, ^rs. 50, Cainderi-strtet 

Ryan, Nlrs; 6, Russell-street 

Ryder, William, esq. Manor-street, and 

Bailygalli Co. MeSth 
Rynd, Major, 1 8, M«rrio»-squ'afe, noftb 
Ryves, Mrs. 29, lower Pitzwilliaifl-street - 
Sadler, Rev; Mr. 6, Klourit-street, and Mul- 

locii. King's County 
Samuels, John, esq. 25, Cbartemorit-Street 
Sands, Rev; Ml-; 59i, upper Sackville-street 
Sandys, Robt. esq. farrell's Hotel, IDoiiiii 

nick-street, and Dargle, Co. Wicklow 
Sankey, Col. 6, Rutland-square, e. and Fort- 
Frederick, Co. Cavan, 
Sankey, Major, l,Fit2wiiliam-squarc, north 
Sankey, Mat. esq. iJ, tlarcoisrt-street 
Sargent, jotn, F. 8, lower Rjerrion-strefet 
Saunders, A. esq. 6, upper Fitzwilliam-s. 
Saunders, Geo. esq. 24, Clare-street 
Saunders, Jas. esq. 12, s. Fredei-ick-street 
Saunders, Major-General, 28, Gardiner's- 

place, and Rabran, Co. Wieklow 
Saurdan, Jas. esq. Fitzwilliam-square, north 
Saurin, Rt. Hon. Wm. Attorney-General, 

27, Stephen's-green, n. and Carysford-pk. 
Savage, Paul, esq. 7, Rutland-square, west, 

and Tulkey-park 
Savage, flev. H. 59, Charlemont-street 
Scanlan, Mrs. 49, upper llutland-sti'eet 
Scott, Edvtr. and Jas; esqrs. 3, Mer.-sq; s. 
Scott, Ged. esq. 33i Dawson-street 
Scott, J. esq. 45, Miecklenbiirgh-^treet 
Scott, Lady, 5^ Temple-street 
Scott, Wm. esq. il, tioUes-street 
Scully, Jer. esq, 20, middle Gardiner's-street 
Scurlog, Gregory, esq, 44, Dominick-street 
Searight, 'Vm. esq. 11, Merrion-street 
Seaton, Major, 45, Blessington-street 
Segrave, Chas. esq. 35, Hardwicke-street 
Seymour, Rev. J. 45, Baggot-street 
.Sharkey, Fran- esq. 29, lower Camden-st. 
Shaw, Edw. esq, 16, upper Pembroke-street 
Shaw, Mrs. 4, Hardwicke-place 
Shawi Mrs. M. 24, Holies-Street 
ShaWi Pi esq. 7, upper FitzVeJlliAm-slreet 
Shaw, Robt. esq. M. P. 31, Merrion-square, 

and Bushy-park, Co. Dublin 
Shaw, W. A. esq, 10, gt. Denmark-street 
Shea, Phil. esq. 18, Manor-street 
Shiel, Edw. esq. 23, Holies-street 
Shiel, James, esq. 93, Baggot-street 
Sheridan, E, esq. 11, s. Frederick-street 
Sherlock, Colonel, 3, Black hall-street, and 

Sherlockstown, Co. Kildare 
Sherlock, Mrs. Summer-hill 
Sherlock, Mrs. M. 110, Stephen's-gr. w, 
Sherlock, Mrs. M, 5, n. Summer-street 
Sherard, Thomas, esq. 72, Dorset-street 
Shiell, E. C. esq. 4, Suffolk-.streel 
'Simons, James, esq. Spring-gardens 
Simpson, Mrs. 2, lower Gloucester-street 
Sims, Mrs. Isa. 29, York-street 
Singer, James, esq. Annandale, Phitips- 

Singer, Paul, esq. 1, Temple-street 
Siree, Mrs. A. 105, Summer-hill 


Sifr, Major Cha. Hen. Dublin Castle 
Sissoni Miss S. 16, upper M«rrion-stre6t' 
Sisson, Mrs. A. 20, Charlemont-Street 
Skelton, Mrs. 33, Denzille-sti'eet 
Skerrett,Mrs. 19, mid. Gard. -street 
Skeys, John, esq. 3, Summer-till 
Slater, George, esq, 41, Leeson-street 
Slatei', Rev. James, 27, Temple-street, te&4 

Naass, County of Kildare 
Slatei-, Rev. M. Pleasant-view 
Slater, Stephen, esq. Brown Bray 
Slow, Thomas, esq, 32, Kildare-street 
Small, John, esq. 46, Rutland-square, W.- 
Smith, Acquilla, esq. 68,Marlborotfgh-st. 
Smith, Dow. Lady, 12, up. Pemb.-street 
Smith, Hon. Baron, Sir Wm. C. Bart.- 

Rathfarnham, Co. Dublin 
Smith, J. esq. 8, up. Fitzwilliam-street 
Smith, Mrs. 46, Harcourt-street 
Smith, Mrs. 33, Marlborough-street 
Smith, Mrs. 100, Dorset-street 
Smith, Geo. esq. head contractor, Dunleary 
Smith, T. D- esq. 11, Mecklenb.-street 
Smith, William, esq. 10, Brunswick-street 
Smith, William, esq. 10, lower Rutland-st. 
Smith, William, Jun. esq. Golden-br. 
Smithson, T. B. esq. 12, Mount-street 
Smoke, Mrs. E, 24, lower Camden-strcet 
Smyth, Archdeacon, 50, up. Sackv.-street, 

and Annydeph, Co. Leitrim 
Smyth, Corn. esq. 22, Blackball -street 
Smyth, Edward, esq. 14, Baggot-street 
Smyth, Mrs. C. 6, Merrion-square, s. 
Smyth, Mrs. E. 2, Holies-street 
Smyth, Rev. Dr. 24, Molesworth-street 
Smythe, Charles, esq. 31, s. Frederick-st. 
Sneyd, Nathaniel, esq. M. P. 34, Sackv.-st. 

and Virginia, Co. Cavan 
Solicitor General, Hon. Cha, Ken. Bushe, 5, 
Ely-pl. and Kilmurry, Thomastown, Co, 
Scran, Mrs. 23, Summer-hill 
Southwell, Henry, esq. 9, Digges-street 
Spencer, Jos. esq. 38, Dominick-street 

and Hillbrook, Castlenock 
Spread, Major, 19, Merrion-sqnare, n. 
Spring, James, esq 13, Leeson.'street 
Sproule, Captain, R. N. 120, Baggot-street 
Spunner, Thomas, esq. 116, Baggot-street 
St. George, Major. 12, Grenv.-street 
St, George, Rev, Dr. 7, Dawson-street, 

and Freshford 
St. George, 1 homas, esq. great Chavles-st. 
St. George, T. B. esq. 1, Gard.-place 
Stables, Miss M. 29, Charlemont-street 
Stack, Dr. William, Harcourt-road 
Stafford, Huerb, esq. 49, Leeson-street 
Staraer, Mrs.' 24, upper Rutland-street 
Stamer, Sir W. Bart. 36, Dawson-street 
Stamper, John, esq. 19, Belvedere-place, 

and Warble-bank, Co. Wick'ow 
Stannard, Miss C. 62, Dawson-street 
Stanley, John, esq, 56, Eccles-street 
Stanley, Michael, esq. 12, Russell-placc 
Stanley, Mrs. Jane, 6, Prussia-street 
Staples, Rev. Dr. 104, Dorset-street 



fStaples, Hon. Lady, 1, Mer.-sq. w. & Dua- 

tnore, Castle Durrow 
;8teele, Mrs. 53, Summer-hill 
iSteele, SiriRd. Bart. Blackrock, Co. Dublin 
rSteele, Wm. esq. 5, Fitzgibbon-street 
Stephenson, G. esq. II, va. Gard.-street 
■Steifne, 'Edward, esq. 19, upper Camden-st, 
StewarJ, Mrs. F. 21, Hardwicke-street 
'Stewart, Mrs. G. 29, upper Mer.-street 
:^tewart,'W.B. esq. Custom-house 
'Stewarta,'Lady Howard, 40, Rutland-sq. 
^6tock, H. F. esq, 4, Temple-street, and 

'Stokes, Geo. €sq. 39, Paradise-row 
Stone, Major, 5, Russell-place 
Storey, Mrs. A 51, York-street 
Stoyte,ilatnes, esq. Royal Hospital 
Straban, Henry, esq. 159, James's-street 
'Stratford, J. esq. 42, upper Giouc.-street 
Strecth, Mat. esq. 19, Wentworth-place 
Streatfield, S. esq Dublin Castle, & Phoenix-p 
Stretteil, Mrs. S. 9, Mer.-square, n. 
Strong, Rev. Mr. IS, Hardw.-street 
Stuart, James, esq. 122, Steph.-gr. w. 
Studdart, George, esq. Drumcondra 
Subremont, Mrs. E. 61, Charlemont-street 
Sjil I Ivan, James, esq. 22, Eccles-street 
Sullivan, Mrs,!l38, Dorset-street 
Sulliran, M. J. «sq. 18, upper Baggot-street 
Supple, E. esq. 45, upper Dorset-street 
Supple, i\'iHiam, esq. Paradise-row 
-Sutton, Francis, esq, 5, lower Mer.-street 
Sutton,' Rev.' Tho. 59, low. Dorset-street, •& 

Clongill, Co. Meath 
«wan, Mrs. A. 23, upper Dorsef-street 
Swan, W. B. e«q, 23, gt. George's-street, n. 

and Richmond 
Sweetman, James, esq. 1, Fitzgibbon-street 
Sweetman , Mrs. E, 4, Mountjoy-square, n. 
Sweetman, W.jun. esq. Booterstown 
Sweny, John, esq. 4, Fitzwilliam-square, e. 
Swift, Ben. esq. Brighton -lodge, Clontarf 
Swift, Deane, esq. 10, upper Rutland-street 
Swift, John, esq. 1, Synnot-place 
Swinny, Bla, esq. 9, Kildarc-street 
Swords, J. G. esq. Farrell's Hotel, Domi- 

nick-street, and Dargle, Co. Wicklow 
Synge, Fran. esq. 8, Ely-place, and Glen- 

more-Castle, Wicklow 
Taaffe, Hen. E. esq. 7. Fitzgibbon-street 
Talbot, Col. M. P. Malahide, Swords 
Talbot, Hon. and Rev. J. C. Dublin Castle, 

and PhcEnis-park 
Talbot, John Noble, esq. Clontarf 
Talbot, J. W. esq. 35, Ship-street 
Talbot, Mrs. Marg, 43, Eccles-street 
Tarleton, Edward, esq. 9, Summer-hi!l 
Taylor, Major Alex. Leeson-street 
Taylor, Capt. 39, Camden-street 
Taylor, G. esq. 14, Digjies-street 
Taylor, John, esq, 20, Temple -street 
Taylir, J. esq. 12, Hardwicke-street 
Taylor, J. S. esq, 26, upper Baggot-street 
Taylor, Mrs. 45, WiUiam-s' i-oet 
Taylor, Mrs. 6, Mountjoy-square, s. 
Taylor, Mrs, A. P. 4, e. James's-s. 


Taylor, Robert, esq. 3f, upper Pominick-st. 
Taylor, Thos. esq. Dublin Castle 
Taylor, Thomas, esq. €0, Pi ussja-street 
Taylor, T. eaq. 59, lower Dorset-street 
Taylor, William, esq, 45, Yorkrstreet 
Taylor, William, esq. 11, Leinster-street 
Temple, Mrs. M. 7, Leinster-street, and 

Scarvah, Co. Armag'h 
Tennant, William, esq. 28, Baggot-street 
Tew, John, es<(. 9, Mountjoy-square, w. 

and Fellows-hall, tCo. Armagh 
Therry, John, esq. 48, Summer-hill, and 

Cove of Cork 
Thomas, <Jeorge, esq. 17, Denzille-street 
Thomas, M rs. ;! 2^ lower Giouc.-street 
Thompson, D. esq. |l6j Meek, -street 
Thompson, G. esq. id, ! 
Thompson, George, esq. Traasury, and 

Thomson, J. esq. 18, m. Gard-street, and 

Dunganuon, Co. Tyrone 
Thomson, J. esq, 11, Camden-street 
Thomson, Mrs, 5, Belvedere-pl, and Rath- 

nally. Trim. Co, Meath 
Thompson, W. esq- Circular-road, up. Cam- 
den-street, and Oatlands, Co, Meath 
Thornton, Mrs. M. 10, Gard.-place 
Thorpe, Ch. esq. 15, Blessington-street 
Tickell, Major, 13, Clare-street 
Tighe, Mrs. S. 33, lower Dominick -street, 

and Rosana, Co, Wicklow 
Tighe, S. esq. Hotel, Kildare-street, and 

Gartlandstown, Mullingar 
Tilly, Thomas, esq, 14, Mountjoy-square, n 
Tinkler, Mrs, 27, Charlemont-street 
Tobin, Major, 30, Ship-street 
Todd, Mrs. Drumcondra- hill 
Toler, the Hon. G. 21, Rutland-square, n, 
Torrens, John, Archdeacon of Dublin, 46, 

Stephen's-green, e. 
Tottenham, N. L. 99,Stephen's-g.w, 
Tottenham, Rt. Ld. Bishop of Killala, 45, 

Stephen's-green, e. 
Toucher, Rd. Harbour Master and Store- 
keeper, Dunleary 
Townsend, H. esq. 33, Holies-street 
Tracy, Mrs. 74, lower Dorset-street 
Trant, John, esq. 10, Mountjoy-square 
Trant, Mrs. 7, Mountjoysquare, north 
Trench, John, esq. Stamp-oflBce, Dublin, 

and Moore-abbey, Monasterevan 
Trench, Rev. Segar Stuart, Swords 
Trevor, Alder. 53, Leeson-st. and Dunleary 
Trevor, MrS. Mer. 4, George's-place 
Trimleston, Lord, 6, Mountjoy-square, w. 

and Trimleston Castle, Co. Meath 
Trotter, Maj.-Gen. Stephen-street 
Troy, the Most Rev. Dr. 3, Cavendish-row 
Truell, Rev. Dr. 11, Fitzwilliam-square, p. 
Tuam, His Grace, the Archbishop uf, 68, 

Stephen's-green, s. & Tuam, Co. Galway 
Tnthill, George, esq. 10, Fitzwm.-sq. e. 
Twigg, Mrs. 10, Merrion-square, n. 
Tyrrell, Richard, esq. 3, Russell-street 
Tyrrell, Thomas, esq. 4, French-street 
Underwood, James, esq. 43, Mouot-stree 




Upton, Mrs. 1, lower Merrion-street 
Upton, Mrs. Marg. 7, Hume-street 
Usher, Dr. 22, Denzille-strcet 
Vance, James, esq. 51, Sununer-hill 
Vanileleur, Rt. Hon. J. O. 13, Rutland sq^ 

p. and Kilrush, Co. Clare 
Vaughan, Miss M. 7, Granby-row 
Vaughan, Mrs. 44, Hardwicke-street 
Vatiglian, Mrs. 1, Blessington-street 
Vavasour, W. esq. L. L. D. 22, Kild.-street 
Vernon, Sir Charles, Dublin Castle, and 

Verschoyle, R. esq. 27, Merrion-square, s. 

and Mount-Meirion 
Vesey, Rev. G. 5, Berresford-pl. & Roy, Ho9. 
Vicars, Mrs. M. 3, Mount-street 
Vicars, Tb. esq. 21, Leeson-street 
Vicary, Mrs. 11, Hardwicke-place 
Villiers, Mrs. 43, Stephen's-green, east 
Vincent, .Mrs, E. 36, Rutland-square, west 
Viridet, Mrs. A. 25, Harcourt-street 
Wade, Dr. \y alter, 72, lowef Dorset-street 
Wade, Mrs, 13, middle Gardiner's-street 
Wade, Rob. esq. 33, north gt. George-street 
Wade, Tobias, esq. 5, lower Dorset-street 
Wainwright, Capt. 14, Russell-place 
Wakely, James, esq. 7, Russell-place 
Wakely, Rev. Mr. 24, Eccles-street 
Wakes, C. esq, 95, Stephen's-green, w. 
Walker, Cbam- esq. Merrion-avemic 
Walker, J. H, esq. 13, Mecklenb.-street 
Walker, J. esq. 73, lower Dorset-street 
W^alker, Miss, 55, Blessington-street 
Walker, Mrs. Frances, 15, Eccles-street 
Walker, Peter, esq. 7, upper Dom.-street 

and Sea- view, Clontarf 
Walker, Rev. Wm. 23. upper Dominick-st. 
Walker, Samuel, esq. 40, lower Gardiner-st. 
Walker, Thomas, esq. 69, Stephen's-green, 

s. and Belmont, Co. Wexford 
Wall, Garret, esq. 1 1, low. Fitzw.-street 
Wallace, J. esq. 29, George-street 
Wallace, Mrs. 27, Eccles-street 
Wallace, W. B. esq. 12, n. gt. Geo.-street 
Waller, Geo. esq. Custom-house 
Waller, Mrs. 31, upper Merrion-street 
Waller, R. esq. Kimmage, Raihfarnham 
Wallis, Mrs. A. 16, Molesworth-etreet, and 

Walsh, John, esq. 24, Blessington-street 
Walsh, Mrs. 46, Hardwicke-street 
Walsh, Mrs. 3, Clanbrassil-place 
Walsh, Mrs. 1, n. Summer-street 
Walsh, Mrs. S. 75, Mecklenburgh-street 
Walsh, Wm. esq. 12, Digges-street 
Walsh, Wm. esq. 42, Blessington-street 
Walshe, John, esq. 7, s, Richmond-street, 

Walstein, Miss, 59, Mount-street 
Ward, L. esq. 5, Russel-street 
Ward, Mrs. 39, low. Dominick-street 
Ward, Mrs. 21, Merrion-square 
Waring, John, esq, 19, Gardiner's-place 
Warner, G. M. esq. 50, Summer-hill 
Warner, H. esq. 16, Merrion-square, e. 
Warren, J, esq. 40, M«cklenburgli-street 

Warren, Mrs. 2, upper Camden-street 
Warren, R. esq. 17, lower Mount-street 
Waterford, Marquis of, Tyrone-house, 
Marlboro'-street, and Curraghmore, Co. 
WatsoB, M. esq. 17, Blackball-street 
Watson, Miss M. A. 26, French-street 
Watts, Capt. 5, York-street 
Web^, Jos. esq. 6, Prussia-street 
Webb, Mrs. A. 52, Dawson-street 
Webb, Rev. Dr. 15, French-street 
Webb, Vere, esq. 110, Dorset-street 
Webb, W. esq. 7, Prussia-street 
Webb, W. esq. 105, Baggot-street, andKil- 

macud, Co. Dublin 
Webber, — esq. 59, Dawson-street 
Weeks, Mrs. J. 57, Stephen's-gr. s. 
Weir, Mrs. 9, Denzille-street 
Weldon, J. H. esq. 42. lower Gard. -street, 

and Gravel-mount, Nobber, Co. Meath 
Welsh, Mrs. Cath. 4, Hardwicke-street 
West, Alderman, 42, Harcourt-street 
West, Jacob, esq. 7, Gardiner's-place 
West, Mrs. 43, Harcourt-street 
West, Mrs. 13, Fitzgibbon-street 
West, Mrs. R, 85, upper Dorset-street 
Westby, Edw. esq. 26, York-street, and 

High-park, Hacketstown 
Westby, Mrs. 57, Aungier-street, and Bray 
Westby, William, esq. 6, MerrlQn-square,n. 

and Thorn-hill, Bray 
Westenra, Hon. Hen. Merrion-square 
Westenra, Mrs, H. 7, Merrion-square, n. 
Westenra, Mrs. 55, Granty-row 
Westmeath, Countess Dowager of, 6, Gar- 
Westropp, Mrs. 31, Merrion-square, s. 
Wetherall, Mrs, M. 20, great George-st. n. 
Wetherall, Thomas, esq, 1, George's-place 
Whaley, John, esq. 76, Stephen's-green, s. 
Wheeler, George, esq. 21, Stephen's-gr. n. 
Wheeler, Henry, esq. 21, Greek-street 
Wheeler, Mrs. E. 29, CufFc-street 
Whelan, Mrs. 11, upper Gardiner-street 
Whipple, Capt. R. N. 20, low. Glouc.-st. 
Whitaker, George, esq. 45, Barrack-street 
White, James, esq. 13, Gardiner's-place 
White, Luke, esq. 6, Gardiner's-row, and 

Woodlands, Co. Dublin 
White, Major-General, E. Royal Barracks 
White, Rev. W, 26, s. Frederick-street 
White, Robert, esq. 51, Camden-street 
White, T. esq. 34, upper Gloucester-street 
White, Wm. 17, s. Cumberland-street 
Whitehead, Hon. Mrs. 9, Summer-street, n. 
Whiteside, Mrs. A. 65, lower Gardiner-st. 
Whitney, Mrs. 12, Holies-street 
Whittle, Mrs. C. 13, upper Perab.-streot 
Whyte, Mi-s. 12, upper Camden-street 
Wiber, Charles, esq. 13, George's-place 
Wiber, W. esq. 6. s. Cumberland-stupet 
Wicklow, the Earl of, 4, Rutl.-sq. e. Castle- 
forward, Co. Donegal, & Shelton, Arklow 
Wildridge, T. esq. 21, Harcourt-street, an* 

Glenville, Tallaght 
Williams, Edward, esq. Drumcondra 




Williams, George, esq. 47, Ba^^i^ot-street 
Williams, Jn. esq. 14, n. CumberJaud-street 
Williams, Mis. 19, Hardwicke-street 
Williams, Mrs. 8, lower Gardiner-street 
"Williams, Thos. esq. 2, Belvedere-place 
Williams, T. esq. 9, lower Fitzw.-etreet 
Williamson, Richard, esq. 9, upper Fitz.-st. 
Wilkins, C. J. esq. 1, Harcoiirt-road 
Williomier, Charles, esq. L. L. D. T. C. D. 

83, (irafton-street 
Willock, Captain, 19, Holies-street 
Willoe, Mrs. 96, Basfgot-street 
Wilmot, Hen. esq. 3.t, lower Gardiner-street 
Wilmott, Mrs. 8, Blcssington-street 
Wilson, Edward, esq Drumcondra 
Wilson, Jas. esq. 26, Cliarlemont-street 
Wilson, Mrs. E. 6, Mountjoy-square, e. 

and Thorndale, Co. Dublin 
Wilson, Mrs. E, 32, Frederick-street, 3. 
Wilson, Mrs, M. 47, Suramer-hill 
Wilson, Mrs. 14, Russell-street 
Wilson, Richard, esq. 23, Portobello 
Wilson, R. esq. 41, low. Camden-street 
Wilton, Captain, Dundrum 
Winder, Ed. esq. 1, low. Fitzw.-street 
Wingfield, Hon. Col. Cork-abbey, Bray, 

County Dublin 
Wingfield, Hon. Miss, 19, Merrioa-sq. n. 
Wisdom, J. esq. 9, Fleet-street, and Dun- 

ville-lodge, Raneleagh 
WoUestonecraft, Mrs. 17, Hume-street 
Wolseley, The Rev. Clement, 38, Eccles-st, 
Wolseley, Rev. R. 63, Mount-street 
Wolseley, Mrs. W. 6, James's-street, e. 


Wolsey, Mrs, 4, Clare-street 
Wood, Wm. esq, 40, lower Mount-street 
Wood, Rev. Samuel, 13, Wbitefriai'-street 
Woodhouse, Mrs. 16, Gloucester-street 
Woodroffe, James, esq. 48, Dominick-st, 
Woods, Ed. esq. 37, Dominick-street 
Woodward, Mrs. J. 16, middle Gardiner-st, 
Woodward, B. B. esq. 41, Leeson-street 
Worthington, A. esq. 2, Fitzgibbon-street 
Worthington, the Rev. J. R. 2, low. Gar- 
diner-street . ^ 
Worthington, Lady, 3, Blackhall-place, and 

Worthington, P. 6, n. Cumb.-street 
Worthington, Thomas, esq. 19, Temple-st. 
Wray, Rev. H. 3, Ely-place 
Wright, Edward, esq. 79, Mecklenburgh-«. 
Wright, Lieut.-Gen. 35,Stephen's-greGn, e, 
Wright, Rev. G. N. 7, Gardiner's-row 
Wrightson, Rich. esq. 32, great Ship-street 
Wulff, Lieut. Col. George, Island-bridge 
Wybrants, Miss A. 50, Grauby-row 
Wybrants, Mrs. P, 64, great Britain-street 
Wybrants, Robert, esq. 47, Rutland-sq. w. 
Wynne, Robert, esq. Rathmines Castle 
Yeates, Mrs. M. 12, s. Cumberland-street 
Yelverton, Hon. W. A. 36, Gloucester-st. 
Young, Charles, esq. 27, Tempie-street 
Youn^, Miss, 5, Portland-place 
Young, Mrs. Cas. 4, Portland- place 
young, Mrs. 1, Hardwicka-place 
Younge, Mrs. A. 5, upper Pemb. -street 
Zouch, Richard, esq. Treasury Chamber*, 
and 26, Portobello 




Adamson J. (French) 3, Frcder5Tk*st. s. 
Barber, J. R. L. L. B. 37, Aungier-street 
Bell Julia, (Ladies) 33, Usher's-quay 
Brenan John, (Gent's.) 35, Usher's-quay 
CJivroIl Thomas, 35, lower Mount-street 
Cayre and Nolan, 37, Srep-hfen's-green, e. 
C'legg Rebecca, (Ladies) 34, Arran-quay 
Corigan Joseph, Sandynrount 
Daly Tliomas, Gcorfe-court, {rt. Geo.-st. s. 
Delaney Val. (Eag', and Class.) 7^ Essex-q. 
Domoulin .1. (F, & E.) 37, Stephen's-gr. e^ 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, 12, P^ter-street 
Flinn Hannah, (Ladies, f reitch and Eng- 
lish) 52, Grafton- Street 
Flinn Thomas, ^Feinaiglian) 41, Kildare-st. 
GifFord Rachael, (Ladies) 15, Denzille-st. 
Harvey George, (Commercial) 81, Abbey-st. 
Higginson S. (Ladies) Sandymount 
Hill Jonathan, (different languages) 40, 

Hutchinson Wm. 22, gt- Ship-street 
Jenkins John, 4, Wentwortli-place 
Jones M. (Ladies) lO, Freacb-istrfiet 
Kean Lawrence, 6, Peter-street 
Killens Ann, 58, Leeson-street 
Kirkwood Mrs. and Misses, 3, Frencb-st. 
M'Cabe M. (Ladies) 40, Clarendon-street 
M'Crea John, 61, up. Stephen-street 
M'Menamy Wm. (Professor of Mathema- 
tics) 1, Hawkins-street 
M'Murry Samuel, (Charter School) 3, up. 

Mitchel B. (Ladies) 64, Stephen's-green, s. 
Montgomery Misses, 43, Dorset-street 
Morton Mark, 42, King-street, s. 
Murphy Alexander, (Gentlemen's) 31, Kil- 

Newl and Abraham, 33, Aungier-street 
O'Beirne Maria, (Ladies) 38, Usher's-q. 
Parsley Ann, (Ladies Boarding) CO, Ste- 

Phelan Thomas, 36, Usher's-quay 
Phillips Thomas, 63, Stephen's-green 
Powers Misses, 78, lower Mount-street 
Raye M, 20, Cam den-street 
Regan Mary, 18, Stephen's-green, north 
Rivett Patty, 3, s. Frederick-street 
Rooney Hugh, 23, Arran-quay 
Sharman John, 22, Dawson-street 
Stewart A. O, 5, Dorset-street 
Thorpe Margaret, 28, Usher's-quay 
Turpin, M. 22, upper Rutland-street 
Verner George, (Gentlemen's) 71, lower 

Wall Alexander, Irish Town 
Warren Caroline, 22, upper Baggot-street 
West Mifii-es, and Mrs. Barker's (Musical, 
&c. Seminary) 9, lower Fitzwjlliam-street 
Av'cst Mary, 39, Usher's-quay 

-Wheeler James, (Writing) 36, Abbey-st, 
Wbyte Edward, 79, Grafton-street 

Anderson Matthew, 3, low. Britain-street 
Greig James, 53, lower Dorset-street 
Jemison William, 16, upper Dorset-street 
Maeder J, G. and Co. 38, gt. Ship-street 
Richmond Jnhn, Richmond-street 
Spruhan Michael, 44, Jerris-street 
Stickland Nathaniel, 16, Hardwicke-placc 

Agricultural Implement Makers. 
Battley T. C. Stephen's-green 
Farming Lmplement Manufactory, 123, 

L' Estrange H. 40, Smithfield 

Agents, Ship and Commercinl. 
Brocas and Sons, (Linen) 10, Lurgan-st. 
Brown Robert, 67, Townsend-strcet 
Ellis Francis, (Ship) 30, George's-quay 
Fisher Emanuel, 33, George's-quay 
Howard Henry, 23, Mary-street 
Kealey Henry, (Ship) 4j Marlbo,rough-st. 
Kj'te Henry, Commercial Buildings 
Livingston and Crane, (Com.merciiCl "Stores), 

Thompson Isaac, 74, Towjisend-street 
Webb Richard, (Commer..) 7> Nicbolas-st. 

Agetd«^ /General nmd P<wtimla9'/. 
Bamber Richard, (to British colour Co.) 36| 

lower Grinond-quay 
Bentley Robert, 5, Stepben's-green, north 
Darling: George, ('surveyor and accomptant 

to the commissioners for Dunleary Har- 
bour) 19, middle Gloucester-street, north 
Deverell J. (general factor) 21, Meath-street 
Farran William, 76, Abbey-street 
Golding William and Co. (furniture and 

commission broker) 39, Grafton-street 
Henzille H. E. 45, Stephen-street 
Heudrick George, 27, upper Jervis-street 
Henley James, 61, Grafton-street 
Humphreys William, (house and estate) 7* 

Kirkland John, (to the Cork mall coach Co.) 

12, Dawson-street 
MafFett William, (to Nobility and Gentry) 

24, Frederick-street, south 
Massey Thomas, (Hibernian and City Regis- 
try for Servants) 19, Fowness-street 
Meredythe Edward, (money agency and 

annuity office) Henrietta-street 
Moonev Thomas, (to the London plate glass 

Co. 41, Pill-lane 
Palmer and Carroll (Law) 13, King-st. s. 
Purcell P. D. (to the Liverpool packets) 18, 

Trouten Thomas, (to the patent kitchen 

range manufacturers) 5, Dawson-street 
Wilson Edward, (to the Stock Office,) 21i 

Moore-street ' 



Anchor Siuiths. 
Coyle Thomas, 95, Sir J. Rogeison's-quay 
O'Reilly Edward, 111, Sir John's-quay 
Rociiford John, 61, City -quay 
Apolhecaries, SfC. 
Acheson Francis, 142, Capel-street 
Ambrose William, 23, SI. Andrew-street 
Armstronfi; William and Co. 42, Mary-street 
Aston Richard, 45, Meath-street 
Atkinson and Mahood, 2(>, 1. Bridge-st. 
Atkinson Robert, 25. Meckleaburg- street 
Aylmer John, 48, Mary-street 
Bagnall Michael, 9, Queen-street 
Barker Richard, 123, Great Britain-street 
B»ll Thomas, 144, Francis-street 
Bell Samuel, 66, Francis-street 
Betty John, 110, upper Dorset-street 
Boileau J , T. Bride-street 
Booth Thomas, 64, Grafton-streel 
Bowling J . and Co. 4S, Capel-slrect 
Brady James, 144, Francis-street 
Branagan Michael, 2, 1. Baggot-street 
Buchanan and Macnamara, 80, Grafton-st. 
Buckley and Leitch, 52, Castle-street 
Caldwell Arthur, Meath-street 
Callaghan William, 38, Mary-street 
Carrigan Michael, 2, N. Mary's Abbey 
Clarke Benjamin, 37, Grafton-street 
Clifford Richard, 65, great George-st. s. 
Clindenen Samuel, 31, Peter-street 
Clindenen Alexander, Harold's-cross 
ConneU and Bell, 144, Francis-street 
Craven and Nicholls, 48, Dawson-street 
Crawford Oliver, Black-rock 
Cuddy Daniel, 3, Aungier-street 
Dalton Michael, 37, 1. Fleet-street 
Daly, James, 37, Henry-street 
Delany Felix, 150, Thomas-street 
Dillon William, 57, High-street 
Dillon Michael, 1j04. Stepben's-green, w. 
Donovan Michael, Townsend-street 
Donovan John, 2, Townsend-street 
Dwyerand Sullivan, 18, Andrew-street 
Dyas Walter, 20, Parliament-street 
Dyas William and Son, 3, Castle-street 
Eaton John, 16, Henry-street 
Empson, Richard, 144, n. King-street 
iFitzpatrick Patr, 139., upper Dorset-street 
Fraaer John and Co. 4, Dame-street 
Furlong Thomas, 53, Ftancis-street 
Gaghraa John 63, Great Britain-stroct 
Gillman John and Co, 1(50, Capel-street 
Gordon, Pollock and Co. 118, Capel-street 
Graves, T, H. 103, Great Britain-street 
Gresham Stanhope, 47, Castle-street 
Halaham George, 3, Mercer-street 
Halliday William, 33, Arran-quay 
Hamilton W, C. 4.3, Cuffe-street 
Hardman Thomas, 25, George's-qu.iy 
Henry Charles, 44, Queen-street 
Herron William, 1T6, n. King-street 
Hickson Robert, 50, Exchequer-street 
Hogan Edward, 25, Church-street 
Holmes Joshua, 134, upper Dorset-street 
Honner Edward, 21, Clare-street 
Hoyteand Flood, 17, 1, Sackvillc-street 

Hughes William, 16, upper 
Hughes John, 4, York-street 
Hunt and Kiernan, (state) .'j8, Henry-.strcet 
Hutchinson John, 72, Great George-str. s. 
Johnson, John, Black-rock 
Kearney Justin, 8, Williani-stroct 
KellyJohn, 11, Stephen's-green, n. 
Kennedy John, 67, Capel-street 
Keon Michael, 9, Arran-quay 
Keon M. A. 15, Arran-qu.iy 
King Robert, 91, Stephen's-gre.en, s. 
Leech Robt. (& chemist) 12, Parliament- st. 
Lloyd and Carroll, 29, Nassau-street 
Mc Alpin Owen, 8, Suffolk-street 
Mc Can John, 18, Clare-street 
Mc Carthy James, 43, Aungier-street 
M'Derniott William, 77, Aungier-slrect 
Madden WiUUiui, 75, James-street 
Maginnis Haml. 115, up. Dorset-street 
Mansfield George, 2, lower Kevin-street 
Matthews Christopher, 21, Monntjoy-strcet 
Meredith Richard, 28, north Earl-street 
Moran Thomas, 145, Thomas-Street 
Moore, J. W. 8, south Anne-street 
Mortashed Edward, 4, Old Church-street 
Murry Patrick, 43, Grafton-street 
Mulock Robert, 63, Charlemont-strect 
Murphy John, 2, Mountjoy-square, south 
Newberry F. and Son, (medicine ware- 
house) 29, Dame-street 
Nugent Thomas, 2, Merrion-row 
O'Brien John, 44, north King-street 
O'Brien Valentine, 120, great Britain-street 
O'Donel Nathaniel, 25, great Britain-street 
O'Reilly Edmund, 126, Capel-street 
O'RonrkeOwen, Ringsend 
Peter C. B. & Co. 108, upper Dorset-street 
Price J. R. 66, William -street 
Reilly John, 128, Thomas-street 
Reilly Luke, Dunleary 
Reynolds Bernard, 84, Bride-street 
Savage, Arthur and Son, 30, Meath-street 
Scott Thomas S. 8, Kevin's-port 
Scholes Alexander, 107, Capel-street 
Shaw John, 71, great Britain-street 
Sims Elizabeth, 65, upper Dorset-street 
Smyth aud Bruen, 26, upper Sackville-st. 
Sohan Edward, 39, Fleet-street 
Stringer Joseph, 32, Aungier-street 
Stroker T. 51, great Britain-street 
Thomas John, 22, Dawson-street 
Wadswortl-i James, Black-rock 
Wallace Samuel, 21, Townsend-street 
Watts, William, 31, upper Sackville-street 
Williams Charles, 60, Charlcmont-street 
Willis Thomas, 72, north King-street 

Architects and Builders. 
Berrell Jolin, (principal for Barracks) 6, 

lower Pembroke-street 
Binns Geo. (& measurer) 25, Paradise-roW 
Bowdeu John, 6, Blessington-street 
Butler ^V. U. 3, Circular-road 
Byrne Patrick, 25, Mabbot-street 
Colbourne Tiiomas, 17, upper Camden-st. 
FahyOwen, 18, Great Sliip-street 
Farrell William, 12, Kihlare-street 



Hargrave Abraham, 12, Charlotte-street 
Hay M. J. 9, Buckingham-street 
Henry David, 14, Hume-street 
HenzellJohn, 45, Stephen-street 
Johnston Francis, (to the Board of Works) 

48, Eccles-street 
Keegaa Patrick, 55, Marlborough-street - 
Knight Richard, 4, upper Fitzwi!liam-st. 
M'Mahon John, 24, Great Charles-street 
Mullen Bernard, 2, Mou.itjoy-square, w. 
Mullins Bernard, 20, Leeson-street 
Murphy Gabriel, 18, Stephen's- gr. n. 
O'Reilly Anthony, 8, Marlborough-street 
Papworth George, 6, George's-place 
Sandys Robert, 19, s. Anne-street 
Shiel James, 93, Baggot-street 
Taylor John, 2, Cottage Terrace 
Williamson Arthur, 27, Paradise- row 
Williamson John, 33, Paradise-row 
Williamson Matthew, 26, Paradise-row 
Afmy Accoutrement Makers. 
Creeds Rebecca, 15, Dame-street 
Davies and Howell, Montpellier-hill 
Hawkes, Moseley and Co. 13, Grafton-st. 
M'Neely Samuel', 10 and 11, Arran-quay 

Army Agents, 
Armit and Borouglis, 18, Leinster-street 
Atkinson John anc^ Sons, 1, Ely-place 
Blaquire,Hon. P. B. (&land)49,Dawson-st 
Browne, Col. William, 20, e. Park-street 
Burge Benjamin, 21, upper Baggot-street 
Cane Richard ami Co, 61, Dawson-street 
EwingR. H. 5, upper Rutland-street 
Neddry Sergeant Major David, (for Recruit- 
ing Service of Hon. East India Company,) 
15, Pool Begg-street 
Reed and Frazer, 9. Henry-street 
Taylor and Findlay, 20, Temple-street 
Woodward H. A, 7, Ellis-quay 

Artists and Machmists. 
Crosby Fo'rd, (Artist's Warehouse) 40, Gol- 
den Lane 
Crow Laurence, (Artist's Warehouse) 24, 

Golden Lane, and 90, Steplien's-green 
Kennan T. and Son, (and Mechanical Im- 
plement Venders) 19, Fishamble-street 
Marphy Edward, 7, Skinner-row 
Peacock Joseph, 40, Great Strand-street 
West, Michael, (Drawing) 35, Molesworth-st 
Attorneys and Solicitors. 
See the latter part of Dublin Directory 
Auctioneers and Auction Marts, 
Archer Abraham, 22, Abbey-street 
Bentley W. F. 45, Bride-street, and 19, 

Biggar Wm. 73, Camden-street 
Clare J. (mart) 9, upper Ormond-quay 
Cole Wm. 2, lower Ormond-quay 
Cusack Isaac, 32, upper Sackville-street 
Dodd John, 12, upper Sackville-street 
Edward George, (books) 4, Eustace-street 
Elliot John, (and furniture warehouse) 34, 

upper Sackville-street 
Farrell Owen, 108, Abbey-street 
Fell John^ 3, Crow-street 

Frayne Robert, 13, upper Ormond-quay 

Gibbon Wm. 7, Bishop-street 

Gibson Thomas, 63, Capel-street 

Gillingtea S. and G. 119, Abbey-street 

Howard Henry, 23, Mary-street 

Jones Thomas, (books and prints) 6, 

Eustace- street 
Jones Samuel, (books) 8, Trinity-street 
Law R. and P. 21, North Earl-street 
Lewis Hemy, 44, Dame-street 
M'Cready Thomas, 66, Bride-street 
Mack, Williams and Gibton, 39, Stafford-st 
Preston John, 8, Henry-street 
Sherlock and Reid, 62, gt. George-street, 8, 
Smiih John, 38, Nassau-street 

Baby Linen Warehouses. 
Bell L. and S. 27, Aungier-street 
Boardman M. 92, Grafton-street 
Murray A. andR. 83, Grafton-street 
Roche Sarah, 69, Grafton-street 
Smith Jane, 54, Grafton-street 

Bakers, Bread and Biscuit. 
Allen Michael, 25, Bride-street 
Andrews Barth. 104, Pill-lane 
Arnold Peter, 50, great George-street, s. 
Arthur James, 7, Ardee-row 
Ashe William, 57, Henry-street 
Balfe John, 49, Moor-street 
Barry Patrick, 2, Redmonds-hill 
Booth Edward, 114, Jamcs-strert 
Brennand James, 12, upper Dorset-street 
Byrne Thomas, 29, Cross Kevin-street 
Camptiell Edward, 8, great Britain-street 
Carroll Christopher, 36, s. great George' s-st, 
CassidyJohn, 1, Moss-street 
Clarke Patrick, 40,'s-quay 
CUtford William, 121, Townsend-street 
Collins Mary, 99, upper Dorset-street 
ConoUy Michael, 26, King-street, s. 
Coyne Nicholas, 16, Stafford-street 
Coyne Thomas, 19, Patrick -street 
Coyne John, 2, Marrowbone-lane 
Daly Martin, 35, Coombe 
Devine James, 27, Thomas-street 
Dempsey Jo'nn, 44, Goldeu-lane 
Dempsey Christopher, 81, James-street 
Dignam Thomas, 72, Francis-street 
Dignam John, 41, Cook-street 
Donovan Robert, 38, Aungier-street 
Donovan Nicholas, 122, Francis-street 
Donovan John, 80, Bride-street 
Dungan Thomas, 55, upper Dorset-street 
Dunn Thomas, 36, Nicholas-street , 

Dunne Peter, Birick-rock 
Dunne John, 53, s. great George-street 
Ennis. Thomas, 44, Thomas-street 
Ennis Alice, 26, Grafton-street 
Ennis James, (biscuits) 1.30, Capel-street 
Fitzharris Agnes, 84, Marlborough-street 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, 91, James-street 
Flanagan, John, 97, Coombe 
Flanagan Alicia, 9, Mcrrion-row 
Flood, Mary, 7, Bride-street 
Gannon Nicholas, 11, Moss-street 
Grant James, 30, great George-street, s. 
Grealy Martin, 30, Townsend-street 



Higglnbotham Tbomas, 149, Francis-street 
Hipwell George, 73, Abbey-street 
Hoey Peter, 69, Bride-street 
Hogan James, 35, Stoney-batter ' 
Horan Bridget, 19, Duke-street 
Hoy John, 54, lower Fleet-street 
Hoyne Nicholas, 5, Fishamble-street 
Hyland Luke, 49, Coombe 
Ince John, 34, Nicholas-street 
Jones John, 62 j. City-quay 
Kelly Henry, 6, Park-street, south 
Kelly Nicholas, 39, Bolton-stre'et 
Kennedy Richard, 9, King-street, south 
Kennedy Owen, 5, William-street 
Kibney Robert, 12, Patrick-street 
Lynch Richard, 34, Exchequer-street 
M'Cabe John, 88, Capel-street 
M'Dermott Michael, 4, Boot-lane 
Rl 'Guinness John, 64, Meath-street 
Madden Phillip, lOfi, north King-street 
Madden J. S. 1, Baggot-street 
Magrane Marj', 13, Townsend-street 
Magrath Miles, 78, Franeis-street 
Maguire Hugh, 40, Exchequer-street 
Manders Richard & Co. J 14, James-street, 

and 9, Fowness-street 
Meighaa Thomas, 18, Cook-street 
Monks Laur. 23, Denmark-street 
Moran Charles, 7, Werburgh-street 
Moran James, 5, Leeson-street ■ 
Moran Esther, 33, Kevin-port 
Patterson John, 34, Cit^'-quay 
Richard James, 46, lower Fleet-street 
Rickard Matthew, 156, King-street 
Rogers Thomas, 53, King-street, south 
Ryder Patrick, 104, Abbey-street 
Scale Edward, 13, Smock-alley 
Smith Michael, 21, St. Andrew-street 
Taylor George, 19, Meath-street 
Ternan James, 143, north King-street 
Tipper Richard, 3, north King street 
Troy Bartholomew, (biscuit) 5, Priucess-st. 
Troy Judith, 23, Pill-lane 
Tyrrell Thomas, 62, Meath-street 
Wade Edward, 32, Kildare-street 
Walsh Peter, 48, Meath-street 
Walsh' Peter, 22, Tighe-street 
Ward Peter, 36, north King-street 
Weily John, 132, Sammer-hill 
Welsh M, T. 33, Poolbeg-street 
Winter James, 48, Poddle 
Winter A. J. 46, Patrick-street 

Governors and Directors of the BANK OF 

IRELAND, College-green 
Alexander Sir Wm. Bart. Robert Alexander, 

Jun. Wm. Jas. Alexander, Wm. John 

Alexander, and Wm. John Alex.indcr, 

Jun. Esqrs. 22, upper Sackville-strcet 
Ball Benjamin, esq. Matthew Jas. Plunkett, 

esq. Philip Doyne, Jun. esq. and Henry 

Samuel Close, esq. Henry-street 
Finley Thomas, esq. John Geale, esq. Robt. 

Law, esq. & Michael Law, esq.u. Jervis-st 
Latouche George, esq. J.D.Latouche, esq. 

John Latouche, esq. Peter Latouche, Jun. 

esq. Peter Digges Latouche, esq, and 

James Digges LatOucbe, asq. Castle-street 
Newcomen Right Hon. Lord Viscount, and 

James Evory, esq. Castle-street 
Shaw Rob. Thos. R. Needham, and Pon- 

sonby Shaw, esqrs. Foster-pl.College-gr. 
Barm Brewers. 
Daly Patrick, 5, Hannover-lane 
Reilly Hugh, 106, north King-street 
Smith W. J. (factor) 41, Thomas-court 
Barometer Sf Mirror Manufacturers. 
Del Vecchio James, (statuary, plaister of 

Paris and Roman cement manufacturer) 

26, Westmoreland-st. & 6, D'Ollier-st. 
Gallagher Thomas, 31, George-street, south 
Gatty Andrew, 1, Smock-alley 
Hobart John, 2, Abbey-street 
Jackson Richard, 5, Essex-bridge 
Kearney Joshua, 49, Henry-street 
King Charles, 40, James-«treet 
Mnckey P. D.3. Skinner-row 
Milessio Dominiok, 6, Skinner-row 
Pusteria Anthony, 143, Capel-street 
Saudford Patrick. 45, Henry-street 
Barristers, Benchers, 8sc. 
See. latter end of Dublin Directory. 
Basket ^-e. Warehouses, 
.\skam Charles, Fishamble-street 
Cottle J.ine, 17, Fishamble-street 
Cottle William, (and groc«r} 34, Watling-Bt. 
Doyle Edward, 45, Fishamble-street 
Miller James, 33, Fishamble-street 
Miller John, 7, Essex-street 
Noonan Michael, 46, Fishamble-street 

Block and Pump Makers. 
Dignan Michael, 83, Sir John's-quay 
Dignan Thomas, 104, Sir John's-quay 
Farrcil John, 36, George's-quay 
Fox J. and C. (hydraulists) 121, Coombe 
Hammond J. 86, Sir John's-quay 
HiHi;hes Henry, 46, City-quay 
Kane John, 79, Sir John's-quay 

Candler Paul, 63, gt. George-street, south 
Challiner William, (periodioal publication) 

1,1. Britain-street 
Cutler 'George, (and stationer) 56, upper 

Dornin Thomas, 33, south Anne-street 
Dunbavin Thomas, 37, great Strand-street 
Duncan Thomas, 15, Crow-street 
Gal way Edward, Smock-alley 
Gibson James, (iancy and plain) 32, upper 

Harford J. P. 4, Trinity-place 
Kiddie Thomas, 7, Swift's-roAV 
Lpech John, 30, great Strand-street 
Litton Anne, 1, Dawson-court 
Malier George, Coghill-court, Dame-street 
Maillc and Farrell, Wolf s-alley 
Mullen George, 27, Temble-bar 
Reilly Michael, Cook-street 
Rogers Robert, (ornamental and plain) 12, 

Sweeny (ieorge, 30, low. Strand-street 
Tucker Thomas, 14, great Strand-street 
Waters J. 85, great George-st. s. 



Booksellers. Stationers 4' Printers. 

See also Printers, Lotter-press 

Allen Gcor£;e, ('printer & publisher of Me- 

loilia Sacra) 3!), Fishamble-strect 
Arclicr Charles, 34, Dame-street 
Archer and Biirnside, 18, Capol-street 
Bagot E. ami S. fstationers) 5)9, James'-st. 
Beatty S. 24, Anglesea-street 
Beddy Lester, 14, Kinof's-Inn-qiiay 
Bentham Christopher, (printer iS; stationer) 

19, Eustace -street 
Blenkinsop Peter, (to Maynoot'i Colleec") 

129, Capel-street 
Bonsall John, 2S, Da\rson-street 
Bowes Tiiomas, 69, low. Gardiner-st. 
Brenan Patrick, 7, Anjriesea-st. 
Burnside Tlios. (to the Education Society) 

fiyrne Peter, 26, An;^lesea-st. 
Callwcll Nathaniel, 2S, Collejre-greerv 
Carr George, 23, AVestmorcian.'-'t. 
Chcunliers audllalla^j-in, 4, Abbev-st. (and 

fancy stationers] 5, Wc;,tniorc"laH(l-st. 
Charles James, 57, Marv street 
Clarke Nicholas, 50, gt.'B:it:ii:i-strect 
Codd Thomas, 59, pt. Britain-st. 
Connell M. 38, up, Oimond-quav 
Cooke John, (lawsta.) 6, up.Ori'i!0(ul-quay 
Coyne John, 74, Cooko-strcct 
Coyne Richard, 16, Parliament-street 
Cliiiford T. C 115, Stepheii's-'grccn, w. 
Crookes Christopher, 83, Capel-street 
CummincJohn, 16, low. Ormond- quay 
Cumming Cliarles, 19, Dame-street 
Cnmming' W. (;;nd binder) 27, gt. Britain-st. 
Delancy Edw. 39, lower Orniond-qnay 
Devaux Wni. Jun. 19, Clare-street 
Doolittle T. \F. 13. Whitefriar-st 
Dornin Thomas, 33, s. 
Dowd M. 10, Mary-street 
Downes Charles, 2, Whitefriar ?t. 
DraperJames, [stationcrto Bank oflreland] 

t), Cranipton-ct. 
l^r-Sdale B. (>, Dame-strcet 
Edwards Gcorire, 4, Eustace-street 
Ennis M. A. 14, BatcheUn's-walk 
Exshaw Aid. John, 103, Grafton-st. 
rerrar Josepli, 140, Capel-street 
Findlay John, 46, An-an-quay 
Eitzpatrick John, 4, Capel-st. 
Flcinino; John, l5i», Capel-street 
Fliim Thomas, 52, Grafton-str^'et 
Fitzgerald E. M. [stationer] 41, New-row, w. 
litzgibbon Rd. [and binder] 18, King-st. s, 
Gonnc .fames, 61, Moore-st. 
Grace Richard, 3, Mary-street 
Greene M. A. 25, Anglesea-st. 
Greene M. W. 23, Anglesea-st. 
Haydock Thos. [scarce books] 17, lower 

Henshall T. [circula. library] 36, Nassau-st. 
Hodges and M' Arthur, 21, College green 
Hogiiet Joseph, [French] 33, Grafton-st. 
Hutchinson Willi-.m, 34, Mary-street 
Johnson John. 14, Golden-lane 
Johnston and Dcas, 8, Batchelor's-walk 
Jones John, 40, gt. George-st, s, 

Jones Thomas 6, Eustace-street 
Jones Samuel, 8, Trinity-street 
Jones WiJiiam, 75, Thomas-st. 
Jordan Thos. 40, Bolton-st. 
Keene Martin, 6, College-green 
Keightley Rd. 35, upper Ormond-quay 
Kelly N. and Son, 6, gt. George's-street 
Kempsion John, (extensive circulating li- 
brary) 31 , low. Sackville-st, 
Kenrick Jane, 16, Cliancery-lane 
King A. B. (to his Majesty)' 36, Dame-st. 
La Grance Chas. 35, Nassau-st. 
T.arkin Thomas, 6, Parliament-st. 
I^ewis Henry, 44, Dame-street 
Lidford Matthew, 53, Golden-lane 
LowtherWm. (stationer) 81, gt. Britain-st 
M-Donnel Eli/a, 50, Essex-st 
[Madden M. [fancy sta.] 115, Stephen's-gr. 
Mabon M. N. 116, Grafton-street 
Maitland Alex. 5, Bedford-row 
Maude W. H. 148, Abbey-street 
Mercier Rd. (to Unirersity) 31, Anglcsca-st. 
Milliken Rd. 104, Grafton-street 
Mosse Charles, Essex-bridge 

Murray W, J. 2, Bride-st. 

Murray H. (stamp stationer) 49, Capel-st. 

Nixon John, (stationer) 131, Capel-st. 

Nolan, J. J. 3, SufTolk-st. 

Nugent Edward, 39. up. Dominick-st, 

Parry John, 33, Anglesea-st. 

I'orter Joshua, 72, Grafton-street 

.Sb=,ikcy AV. (stationer) 25, St. Andre\v-st. 

SUaw Win. (stationer) 105, Abbey-st 

Smith Brett, 46, R!ary-street 

Smith Richard, 15, Leinster-strcet 

Stewart & Hope, (station.) 1, Old Churoh-st. 

Stewait W. [printer & station.] 86, Bridc-st. 

Taylor E, (;-.tafioner) 18, Cumbciland-st. 

Tims R. M. 85, Grafton-street 

Twigg Rd, (stationer) 11, Henry-st. 

Tyrrell VV. H. 17, College green 

AVatPOn .'\nne, 7, Canel-.s'Lreft 

Walton William, 26,'Eolton-st 

Walsh George, 19, Wood-quay 

Webb M. & T. Jun. 23, low. Sackvillc-st 

White R, M. 85, gt. Britain-st. 

Wogau David, 28, Merchant's-quav 

WoodWm. 41, Stafford-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers and Shoe 

Adams Bernard, (livTies) 12, gr. Britain-st. 
Abbott Benj;-'min, 15, upper Ormond-quay 
Alcock Steven, 19, Kevin's-port 
AlloAvay John, 62, High-street 
Andrews James, 5, Wood-quay 
Bagnall Jonathan, 24, Wesimoreland-strcet 
Barret John, 81, Aungier-st, 
Bell William, 1, upper Ormoud-quay 
Bolton John, (ladies) 62, Grafton-street 
Bomford William, 61, High-street 
Botts Hartfield, 2o, Kevin's-port 
Boyd Hugh, 149, Abbey-street 
Bradsbftw Thomas, 3, Nicholas-street, and 

65, High-street 
Brenan Peter, (ladies) 74, gt. Brltain-st. 
Brenan Thomas, 42, WilJiam-street 



Brcnan Peter, (boots) 60, Grafton-street 

Brindley Robert, 5, Parliament-street 

Brooks Thomas, 58, High-street 

Byrne Thomas, 167, great Britain-street 

Byrne John, 69, great Genrij-e-street 

Cahill Edward, 73, great Britain-street 

Carroll Richard, 53, High-street 

Clancy Richard, 6, Back-lane 

Cashman Michael, 71, upper Stephen-street 

Cole Thomas, 46, great George-street, s. 

Colgan Matthew, 16, Wood's-quay 

Collins William, 95, Grafton-strcct 

Clarke Bernard, 30, upper Orniond-quay 

Cloney Richard, 6, Nfjssau-street 

Cope George, 12, Nicholas-street 

Corr Nicholas, 54, Capel-strect 

Cowen Benjamin, 45, Towasend-street 

Crane William, 26, great George-street, s. 

Dack Robert, (ladies) 17, LeiTister-street 

Daniel Thomas, 23, Capel-Street 

Dealo James, 16, upper Stejjhen-slreet 

Delany Bartholomew, 12. Mary-strjet 

Dillon Edward, 6, Johnson's-place 

Dillon P. 16, Essex-quay 

Doyle Patrick, 35, Nicholas-street 

Druinmond John, 1, Trinity-street 

Earl Robert, 71, Abbey-street 

Egan William, 8, Wood-quay 

Ellis William, 13, Westmoreland-street 

Ewing W. T. 6, W^ood-quay 

Pagan Bartholomew, 185, great Britain-st. 

Fay Thomas, 22, Meath-street 

Fisher & Sou, (ladies) 38, Westmoreland-st. 

Fitzsiinmons Mary, ("and trimmings) 19t| 

Fletcher John, 79, Queen-street 
Galbraitb Thomas, 1, Nassau-street 
Qilligan Nicholas, 116, Stephen-street 
Giltram John, 25§ Smock-alley 
Griffiths Rice, 4, Nicholas-street 
Griraely Robert, 9, Wood-quay 
Grove William, 112, great Britain-street 
Guy Edward, 2, Nassau-street 
Harford John, 41, Bolton-street 
Harford Patrick, 26, High-st. 
Haj-es A. and Co. 18, Arran's-quay 
Hayes Henry, 70, Grafton-st. 
Healey William, 6, Grafton-st. 
Holmes R. P. 46, 1. Stephcn-st. 
Holmes George, 6, Capel-st. 
Hughes James, 25, Damc-strret 
Hussey Owen, 22, Capel-st, 
Hussey Thomas, 1, lower Abbey-st, 
Johnson William, 7, Wood-quay 
Johnston William, 9, Ellis-quay 
Jones Nathaniel, 29, 1. Sackville-st, 
Jones Shephard, 35, Westmoreland-st. 
Jordan William, (ladies) 5, Nassau 
Kavanagh Andrew, 29, Aungier-st. 
Kavanagh James, 2, Nicholas-street 
Kearney William, 2R2, Kevin's-port 
Keegan J. and F. 44, great Gcorge-st, s, 
Kelly Thomas, 59, great Britain-st. 
Kelly Edward, 25, Henry-st. 
Kelly Malacbi, 11, Cope-st. 8, 
Kelly C. A. 57, upper Stephen-st. 
Kelly John, 17, Essex-quay 

Kelly Clement, 83, great George-strett 
Kelly M. (ladies) 1, Chatham-street 
LangstafF John, 29, Stepheu-st. 
Laphen Thomas, 26, great George-st. s. 
Laphen Daniel, 25, Townsend-st. 
Leahy Theophs. 45, great George-st, s. 
Lynch Laurence, 27, Westmoreland-st. 
M'Cabe James, 2, Wood-quay 
M'Call Anne, 45, Abbey-st. 
M'Cormick Peter, 5, Essex-quay 
Madden Patrick, 13, Arrau-quay 
Martin Patrick, 16, Abbey-st. 
Miles John, J5, M^rcer-st. 
Miller John, 58, Back-lane 
Monks Richard, 12, Wood-quay 
Mulvey Patrick, O. C. 78, Thomas-gt, 
Murphy Patrick, 38, Nicholas-st, 
Murphy John, 16, Suffolk-street 
Murphy John, 11, Nicholas-st. 
Murphy Patrick, 1, Aungicr-st. 
Murphy Joseph, 4, Wood-quay 
Murphy John, 6, Nicholas-st.' 
Murtagli Matthew, 26, Temple-bar 
Ncislle Peter, 6, Mary-st, 
O'Brien Michael, .'57, great Britain-st. 
O'Connor Thomas, 63, Leeson-st. 
O'Donnell Terrence, 3, 1. Sackville-st, 
Ogle R. G. 4, Leinster-st 
O'Neal C. and J. 48, Grafton-st. 
O'Neill John, 38, High-streec 
O'Npill George, 52, High-st. 
Palmer George, 21,1. Saqkville-st, 
Parker Samuel, 63, upper Stcphen-st. 
Patterson Robert, 24, s. Anne-st, 
Raper Peter, 27, Parliaraent-st. 
Reeves LifFord, 57, Henry-st. 
Rial 1 George, 91, BridcTSt. 
Rickard Edward, 32, upper Ormond-quay 
Rpche and M'Carthy, 18, Parliament-st s. 
Rooney Patrick, 135,. Townsend-st. 
Rooney S. and J. 17, Parliament-st. 
Ilorke John, 170, great Britain-st. 
Rothwell John, 17, Arran-quay 
Sharp ^Yilliam, 15, Trinity-st. 
Sheridan Patrick, 155, great Britain-st. 
Silly John, 10, Wood-quay 
Smith John, 21, Nass^iu-st. 
Smith Francis, 83, great Britain-st. 
Sraithsou Benjamin, 33, great George-st. s. 
Sraytli Moses, 3, Wood-quay 
Stewart William, 13, upper Stephen-st. 
Studdart Anthony, 127, Coombe 
Swectman Nicholas, 17, Cramjiton-courJ 
Tobin Jahn, 17, Westmoreland-st. 
Tronson Peter, 28, Stephen-st. 
White Johu> 1, Wood-quay 
Whitley Peter, 13, Duke-street 
Williamson Robert, 27, Moss-street 
Wily Robert, 93, Bridge-street 
Wood Thomas, I'iS, Cnpel-street 

/?r«s.f Founders, 

Foley Patrick, 118, Abbey-st. 
M'Dermott Francis, 2, Paradise-row 
M'Dcnnell George, 17, Jervis-street 
Mallett W. (&. metal) 90 & 91 , MnrlbroSst. 
Murphy Winiani, 32, lower Ormond-quay 



Reilly Andrew, 5, Bridge-foot-street 
Savage Silvester, 105, Thomas-street 
Sbeircliff Thomas, 8, Back-lane 
Smith Edward, 54, Jervis-street 
Braziers, Pewterers, and Tin Plate 

Anderson Gregory, 39, lower Stephen-street 
Anderson John, 96, Thomas-street 
Barrington William, 19, King-street 
Bentley George, 38, Tigbe-street 
Brown Edward, (and illuminator) 40, 

Busby Alexander, 44, Back -lane 
Byrne Thomas, 86, Dame-street 
Byrne Thomas, 5, Back-lane 
CafFray J. and J. 69, Jaraes'-street 
Campbell Archibald, 80, Sir John's-quay 
Carroll Michael, 87, great Britain-st. 
Cartland Elinor, 49, Exchequer-st, 
Colgan Robert, 4, Dawson-st. 
Daniel William, 51, Murray-st. 
Davies Thomas, 41, VVilliam-st. 
Ducross Wm. (japanner) 9, Werburgh-st. 
Duffe Anne, 5, Mary-st. 
Egan Peter, 35, Back-lane 
Elliott Christopher, 17, Mary's-abbey 
Fitzpatrick James, (teaurBs)33, n. King-st, 
Frayne Wm. (manufacturer) 61, Back-lane 
Geraghty John, 57, Back-lane 
Hayes Denis, 2, Clarendon-st. 
Henderson John, 93, great Britain-st. 
Hill John, 14, Essex-quay 
Hill William, 79, Pill-lane 
Hodges J. (coppersmith) 16, Westmorel-st. 
Honeywood Charles, 30, Kevin's-port 
James William, 61, great George-st. s. 
Kennedy D. 52, upper Kevin-st. 
La Pier Tottenham, 46, Back-lane 
M'Garry M. (copper-smith) 13, Cook-st. 
Miller Daniel & Co. 3, Bow-street 
Merry Martin, 3, Bride-street 
North John, (pewter measures) 15, Nichl.-st 
O'Neill Thomas, 70, Thomas-st. 
Patterson George, 67, Thomas-st. 
Ransford John, 6, Meath-row 
Reilly Cornelius, 80, Cooke-st. 
Robinson John, 88, Cooke-st. 
Roe Peter, 21, Duke-strei't 
Rogers Joseph, 16, Back -lane 
Sharpe John, 3, Back-lane 
Shirley James, 78, Fleet-st. 
ShirtliflFe Mary, 8, Back -lane 
Walker George, 12, Back -lane 
Welilon James, 6?, great George-st. south 
Whitty Thomas, 1, Temple-lane 
Brewers, Ale. Porter, Sf Table Beer. 
Allev John, 55, Towusend-st. 
Boardman Wm. (barm) 685, Cork-street 
Brett H. 55, James-st. 
B}Tne& M'Niilty, Byrnes-hill 
CouIhu Wm & Edward, 47, New-row, s. 
Conoliy and Summers, 28, south King-st. 
Conolly James, Mercer-st, 
Darcy &. M'Nully, Usher st. 
Darley Charles, 89, Jame.s-st. 
Donohoe Jn.^vinegar & mead)34, Earl-st, s. 

Fagan Charles, 61, Townseud-st. 
Forbes & Whitsitt, 76, North King-street 
Guinness A, B. & Wm. Lunell, James-gate 
Hogan John, 81, Exchequer-st. 
Madder Samuel and Co. Black-pitta 
Manders & Powell, (porter) 113, James-st. 
Murphy John, 4, south Glo'ster-st. 
Murray Patrick, 22, Bishop-st. 
Pirn Jas. & Co. 55, City-quay 
Rooney John and James, 61, New-moikey 
Rooney John, 33, Qiieen-st. 
Roy John & Co. north Anne-street 
Sutter Robert, (beer) 19, Usher's-quay 
Sutton, Coleman & Co. lower Mount-st. 
Sweetman Michael, 25, Francis-st. 
Thunder M. & H. 11, Bow-lane 
Trevor & Watkins, 13, Ardee-st. 
Whitsitt Thomas, 173, north King-st. 
Wigelsworth John, 4, Ardee-st. 

Brokers, Ship. 
Goodfellow Henry, 108, Sir John's-quay 
Kernan John, 75, Marlborough-st. 
Maddox Thomas, 107, Sir John's-quay 
Mollan Thomas, 24, Batchelor's-walk 
Nevill G. O. 6, Abbey-st. 
O'Meara Christopher, 12, Geo.-st.Geo,-quay 
Thompson, Isaac, 74, Townsend-st, 
Tomlinson John, 25, Poolbegg-st. 

Brokers, Stock. 
Barber John, 85, Dame-st. 
Bardin J. A. 5, Cope-st. south 
Bayly William, 32, Anglesea-st. 
Belcher Ve, College-green 
Boyle Alexander, 22, Eustace-st. 
Brown James, 36, College-green 
Browne John, 5, Capel-st. 
Bruce and Halliday, 37, Dame-st. 
Campbell John, 40, Dame-st. 
Can- George, 28, Westmoreland-st. 
Cuniiug and Lowe, 34, Anglesea-st. 
Curtis Patrick, 42, Dame-st. 
Deey William, (letter E.)Commercial-bldgs. 
Findlay James, 3, Fowness-st. 
Franklin Richard, Commercial-buildings 
Gibbons and Williams, 38, Dame-st. 
Hamerton Edward, 4, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Hawkins John, 6, Fowness-st. 
Hayes Patrick, 18, Westmoreland-st. 
Hone William, 32, Commercial-buildings 
Hume Arthur Dublin Castle 
Kent Acquila, 37, College-green 
Labertouche Abel, Commercial-bniklings 
Lananze Henry, jun. 20, College-green 
Marchbank Robert, 2, Luke-st. 
Murpliy Michael, 5, College-green 
Page Samuel, 2, Eustace-st. 
Patterson James, 37, Westmoreland-st. 
Price Rowland, Dublin Castle 
RicliardsoQ Henry, 6, south Cope-»t. 
Roose D, C 2, Capel-f.t. 
Stroker William, 32, lower Sackville-st. &f 

17, upper Ormond-quay 
Talbot Richard, 17, upper Ormond-quay 
Tisdall diaries, Colloge-grcen 
Travcrs Boyle, 98, Steplieu's-grceu 
Trim Edward, 33, Damc-st. 



Turner Timothy, 1, Suffolk-st. 
Webb Robert, 17, Dsme-st. 
Wheeler George, 19, Dame-st- 
SecretaryT. Daniel, esq. Comuiercial-bldgs. 

Brush Manufacturers. 
Austin James, 13, great George-st. south 
Barrett Samuel, 4, Chatham-row 
Burgess Thonnas, 32, great George-st. south 
Ford Bernard, 49, 6rafton-9t. 
Greene Joseph, (genl.) 14, Wood-quay, and 

121, Cork-street 
Higginbothani Edward, 13, e. Arran-st, 
Hunter James, 45, Graftoii-street 
Kelly Eugene, 18, lower Sackville-st. & 55, 

M'Donagh Simon, 9, great George-st. south 
Martin Edward, 8, great George-st. south 
Mooney James, 22, great George-st. south 
Murray James, 7, great Gearge-st. south 
I^oney James, 14, Cutpurse-row 
Button and' Trimming Warehousct. 
Harnett and Parkea, (aud buckles) 48, 

Brennan Margaret, 28, Nicholas-st. 
Browne William, 2, Francis-st. 
Burke G. (and girth web) 25, Vicar-st. 
Byrne John, near Dolphin's-barn 
Clancy Charles, 14, College-green 
Collier M. M, 110, Bride-st. 
Dillon William, 55f, Thomas-st, 
Doyle Aifcirew, 16, Cutpurse-row 
Dwyer William, [pins] 9, New-row, w. 
Egan James, 35, New-row, west 
Farnell Thomas," 13f , upper Stephen-st, 
Fitzgerald E. M. 41, New-row, w. 
Fitzpatrick Edward, 14, s. Anne-st. 
Flinn M. St. Joseph's-lane 
Harricks Joseph, 26, New-row, w. 
Hayes Peter, 3, Aston's-quay 
Healy John, 3, Wormwood-gate 
Herring Thos. [pearl] 62, great George-st. s. 
Jones Edward and Son, 2, Cork-hill 
Kirwan Patrick, 4, Skinner-row 
Knott Benjamin, 27, New-row, west' 
LaniganVal. 15, Cork-hill 
M'Cues James, 37, Pill-lane 
M'Donald John, 10, Wormwood-gate 
MacheU Lancel. 1 , Aston's-quay 
M'adden Jane, 13, Aiton's-quay 
Madden James, [and fringe] 1 1 , Aston' s-q. 
Mooney Laur. and Co. 40, Pill-lane 
Mullen J. D. 146, Francis-st. 
Pearce Thomas, 158, Capel-st. 
Powell William, 10, New-row, w, 
Purcell Francis, 60, Thomas-st. 
Renshaw and Walton, (pearl and bone) 82, 

Smithson T. B. and J. 35, 1. Bridge-st. 
Talbot Thomas, 1, Wormwood-gate 
Vallanigan Val. 15, Cork-hill 
Woodhouse John, 17, great Strand-st. 

Cabinet Makers and Upholders. 
Anderson Thomas, 7, Merrion-row 
Archer Abraham, 22, Abbey-st. 
B all Richard, 4, Henry-st, 
B ayley Richard, 47f , Staffprd-st. 

Bermingham Michael, 5, Trinity-place 

Bigger William, 73, Camden-street 

Bolger Patrick, 22, Peter-st. 

Bolton Francis, 17, Mary-st. 

Bradshaw II. and W. 23, Aungier««t. 

Brierlcy John, 40, upper Dorset-st. 

Buckley Richard, 46, Stafford -st, 

Byrne & Grant, (furn. ware.) 55, Jervis-St. 

Casey Patrick, 28, Brides-alley 

Conlff Peter, 14, Ash-st. 

Connell James, Whitefriar-st. 

Connell Richard, 54, Aungier-st, 

Connell James, 66, Aungier-st. 

Corr Patrick, 22, Brides-alley 

Costello Patrick, 16, Bride-st. 

Dempsfcy Richard, 62, upper Stephen-st. 

Durham Francis, 13, Brides-alley 

Evans George, 6, Digges-street 

Fannin Robert, 15, Brides-alley 

Fi'.rrell James, 29, Brides-alley 

Farrell Owen, 108, Abbey-st, 

Finn James, (coffins) 30, Cook-st. 

Flood James, 42, Grafton-st. 

Flood Daniel, 48, King-st, 

Fossit Ebz. 95, Bride-street 

Foxall Zachariah,(camp furn'?)40, Arran-q. 

Frayne Robert, 13, upper Ormond-quay 

GillingtoQ S. and G. 119, Abbey-st. 

Gibson Thomas, 63, Capel-st. 

Grundy Anne, 20, Brides-alley 

Harris Henry, (chairs) 41§, Mary-st. 

Hickey William, 14, Stafford-st. 

Humphreys T. (and uphr.) 30, Brides-alley 

Jesson James, (uphr.) 34, Stafford-st. 

Jones Wm. and Sous, (and uphr.) 5 & 6, s. 

Jones Thos. (and uphr.) 7, 1. Pembroke-Bt. 
Kavanagh Cathr. 24, Brides-alley 
KelletJohn, 10, Pembroke-quay 
Knaggs M. (uphr.) 51, Jervis-st. 
Laler P. M. 133, great Britain-street 
La Prelle James, (uphr.) 48, CapCl-st. 
Law R. and P. 21, nortli Earl-st. 
Lennartz Joseph, 3, Duke-st. 
Llewellyn Henrj', 31, m. Gardiner-st. 
M'Carthy Chas. (and uphr.) 24, D'OlIier-st, 

and 3, Leinster-market 
M'Carthy P. (and uphr.) 5f , Henry-st. 
M'Cready Thomas, 66, Bride-st. 
M'Donald Peter, 10, Bishop-st, 
M'Williams and Gibton, (uphr,) 89, Sttf- 

M'Kenzie John, 31, Bride-street 
M'Owcn J. and P. f&upbr.) 119, Capel-st. 
Madden Patrick, 32, great Strand-st. 
Martin Austin, 45, Bolton-st. 
Miley Walter, 21, Brides-alley 
Moore Daniel, [and uphr.] 45, Stafford-st. 
Morgan L. and A. 21, Henry-st. 
Mossc Edward, 21, great Ship-st. 
O'Brien Dennis, 4, Brides-alley 
Oxburgh J. [and broker,] 3, Brides-alley 
Paisley Robert, 50, Abbey-st. 
Perrin Arthur, 11, Jei-'vis-st, 
Powell Thomas, 60, Bride-st. 
,1 Preston John, 7, Henry-st. 
Proudfoot John, 23, Brides-alley 



Ross Eleanor, ffurn. wai'e,) 6, E!lis-qnay 
Roycraft Gilbert, [and uphr.] 14, Henry-st. 
Scott William, [and uphr.] 44, Stafford-st. 
Sinnott Alicia, 106, A1)bey-st, 
Strahan William, 8, Bride-st. 
Strahan Robert, 10, Cliancery-laiie 
Strahan James, 25, Brides-alley 
Woods and Sons, 124, Abbey-st. 
Young John, 22, great Ship-street 
Calico Printers, dfc. 
Bewley John, 20, upper Bridge-st. 
Cbappell I-l. [silk] 44, Marrowbone-lane 
Christian T. [calico niercht.] 2, Usher's-q. 
Duffy John, [and impr.] 2.9, 1. Bridge-st. 
Orrs&Co.[& manufrs.] 24, Merchts.-quay 
Stubbs R. S. 3, Danie-st. 
Waldron, Osbreys & Waldron, 11, Inns-quay 
White A. & Son, [cal. nicrts.] 7, Usher's-quay 

Card Manufacturers. 
Barry Patrick, 67, Coembc 
Beahan James, 121, Thomas-st. 
Booth Jane, [comp.] 82, Exchequer st. 
Fleming T. S. [playing] 2, Smock-alley 
French Peter, 99, Thomas-st, 
King; and Co. 19, Grafton-st. 
M'Keon Francis, l(i2, Tliomas-st. 
M'Mahon Etiz. 101, Thoraas-st. 
Malonc Andrew, 37, Thomas-st. 
Parker M. [wool.] 3, Titikler's-court 
Young John, [pi. & comp.] 9§, Eustace-st. 

Carpet Manvfactiirers. 
Eustace James, 3, Ormond-st, 
Lapham Henry, 31, Chanibei--st. 
M'Creery John, 5, High-street 
Nolan, Briscoe and Co. (dealers) 11.5, Graf- 

Sparks R. and Son, [merchts.]25,SufFolk-st. 

Carvers and Gilders. 
See also Harometer makers. 
Baillie Robert, 15, Henry-st, 
Boswell Henry, 63, Bride-st. 
Brangan Richard, 37, Abbcy-st. 
Callaghan Corn. 4, Clare-st. 
Charge IMordecai, 135, Abbey-st. 
Collins Hugh, [co;u h] Cufle-lane 
Grehan John, 3, n. Anne-st. 
Lindsey Simon, 48, Stafford-st. 
Murray G. [picture frame manu.] 2, Duke-st. 
Stewart R. [stone & wood] 10, Rlabbott-st. 
Wilkinson John, [& prints] 19, Aungier-st. 

Cheese and Pickle Wurehoiises. 
Lazenby George, 23, Parliament-st. ' 

Moore George, 44, Essex-st. 
Murray Bernard and Sons, 3, ijt. Geo.-sf. s, 
O'Neill H. A and Co. 23, up. Ormond-quay 
Tharel Peter, 13, Clarendon-st. 

Cheese Merchants Factors 4" Mongers. 

See also Provision Merchants. 
BacanJohn, 4, little Ship-street 
Byrne Patrick, 153, Francis-street 
Cassidy Philip, 46, Cooke-st, 
Doyle Matthew, 7, Fishamble-,st. 
Martin John, 24, gt. George-street, s. 
Tully John, 11, Thomas-street 
Williams Francis, 23, Thomas-sti-cet 

Chemists Manufacturing, 

Gamble Joseph and Co. 2, Lurgan-stree£ 
Herbert Nicholas, 6, Smock-alley 
Jones Arnold and Co. 9, Bonham-st, 
Kertland William, 1,1. Ormond-quay 
Mitchiltrce, Wm- Motitpelier-hill 
Maspra't James, 14, Parkgate-street 
Price James, 5, Lincola-lane 
Stroker Thomas, 51, gt. Britain-st, 
Th waites A. & R. & Co. 52, up. Sackville-st. 

Club Houses. 
Depo Peler, [dalys] 3, College-green 
Law Club House, )3, Dame-st. 
Sharp George, 6, Iviidare-st. 
Wiber William, 54, upper Sackville-st. 
Coach, Gig, SfJaimting Car Builders, 
AUpress John, 91, Abbey-st. 
Bennett Messrs, 8, Auneicr-st. 
Branaon Ennis, 11, Whitefriar-st. 
Brinnan James, 57, Moore-st. 
Cain William, jui;. 10, Mercer-st. 
Christie F. 185, great Britain-st. 
Colclough Richard, 22, Duke-st. 
Commins John, 25, s. Earl-st. 
Cooper Henry, 25, Mary-st. 
Collitir Ivory, 2, Church-lane 
Cuuiroins Michael, 58, Janies-st. 
Cuff E. A. 79, Abbcy-st. 
Curran Patrick, 9, north King-st. 
Devoy Nicholas, 9, north King-st. 
Dillon John, 17, Bolton-st. 
Dodd William, 5, Marlborough-st. 
Dogberry Timotiiy, 3, Ciiffe-st. 
English John, 20, north Earl-st. 
Farrell William, 7, lower Kevin-st. 
Flood Thomas, North -strand 
Fowler Francis, 134, Baggot-st. 
Fox Martin, 14, Redmcnds-hill 
Garland Michael, 7, Con=titution-hill 
Gillespie D. H. 27, Ca-.^el-st. 
Goodwin John, 11, Hendrick-st. 
GralKim Thomas, 36, Quccu-i-t. 
Griffin ix Saunders, 14, Mabbott-st. 
Hackett Laurence, [winnowing machines] 

H anbury Patrick, 25, Dominickst. 
Huttou & Sons, 113, Suuuiier-hill 
Johnson &Tonge, 113, qrcat Britain-st. 
Karanatch James, 18, Dep;;ilk'-st. 
Long VViliiara & Sons, 19, M;iry-st. 
Lynch John, 6, south Earl-st. 
Meyrick James, Bles.sington-st. 
Moore Thomas, 16 & 17, Bridge-foot-st. 
Moran Edward, [horse dealer] 24, Park-st. 
Mullen & Taylor, (il, Bolton-st. 
Murpliy Michael, 59, Aungierrst. 
Nnt^entand Orson, 6, Dcnmark-st. 
O'Rcillv J. and S. 47. Clarendon-st. 
PalmerThomas, 5, Pefers-row 
Palmer &:Grevill, 33, M;uy-.<r. 
P;.ilnier George, 3, Cauulen-buildings 
Stephens H . E. 40, Bishop-st. 
Swcny Eugene, 5, Camden-st. 
Tench Patrick, 14, Back-lane 
Thomas, Lewis & Robert, 8, Henry-st. 
Whitsitt William, 78, lower Mount-st. 
Young Jacob, 13, Redmonds-hill 



Coach Proprietors, 

Behan James, 8, Camden-st. 

Collins & Fanoll,[liv. sta.]62, Marlbro'-st. 

Collins William, [liv. sta.] 23, Denzillc-st. 

Dempscy Thoiiias, 7, High-st, 

Dillon iSi Anderson, [proprietors of Ennis- 
kiilen anil iJelfast maiij 1)7, Cfvpel-st. 

Gerly Tlumas, (report, for horses & job car- 
riages) 132, Bag-got-st. 

GooUlen John, 10, Camden-st. 

Gorman Michael, 5, Bool-lane 


Horseman Martin, 27|, Dominick-st. 

Kirifr George, K'l, New-st. 

N*3h Patrick, [job car] 4, F. William-lane 

(^uiti John, 5, Pembroke-st. 

Sweny Eugene, 5, Camden-slreet 

Coal Sr Culm Merchants S^ Factors. 
Armstrong John, (& slate) 3, Swift's-alley 
Uennis Richard, 44, Bolton-street 
Brady Patrick and Edward, 2, Moss-st. 
Chadvvick Richard, 24, Ciiffe-st. 
Clarke Patrick, 20, Poolbeg-st, 
Codd Clement, 3, Ordnance-lane 
Colgan Michael, 15, Liike-st. 
Collier Thomas, 3, Lnke-st. 
Comerton Michael, 129, Townsend-st- 
Crawley Hugh and Co. 67, Townsend-st. 
Dunn Edward, 12, Luke-st. 
Eiffe Christopher, 5, 8uckingham-st. 
T'orbcs William and Co. 1, Prineehs-st. 
Fox Aftthony, 7, Batclielor's-walk 
Gardiner R. A. 12, Mark-st. 
Grand Canal Co. (Kilkenny) Agent, Hugh 

Polen, Ringscnrl Docks 
Hall William, 93, Townssnd-st. 
Hand Tliomas, 2, Luke-st. 
Hayes An.nsirong, 49, TownsenJ-st. 
Hoey John, 57, City-quay 
Hoey iM. A. 1, Luke-st. 
Kenny Thomas, 94, Townsend-st. 
Kenny Martin, & Co. 10, gr. Brunswick-st. 
Lawler George, 29, George's-qnay 
Mitchell and Thorny, (meters) Gloster-st. s. 
Morris Bartholemew, (tiles and flags) 4, gr. 

Mulligan P;.tritk, 10, Mo:itgomcry-st. 
M'.isson and Tracy, 93, Townsend-st. 
Murphy James, 1, Sackville-st. 
Peile Thomas, 14, Luke-st. 
Phillips Francis, 10, Aston's-qnay 
Roughley Thomas, 3, s. Cunaberland-st. 
Ruysell and Co. 64, City-quav, & Rinssend 
Stephens S. and Son, 69, Townsend-st". 
Walker Abraham, 58, Towusend-st. 
Whiteford and Co. 22, George's-quay 

Coffee Hoiises. 
Alwell Sarah, 41, Dame-st. 
Commercial, John Rogers, Dame-st. 
Dublin, 4, lower Sackville-st, 
O'Brien John, (globe) 51, Essax-st. 
Spadicini Christ p'ler, 64, William-st. 

Commission Warehouses, 
C^icbsey Peter, 157. Capel-st. 
D rby West, 31, Mary's-abbev 
Kelly and Collins, (farn.) 15, Grafton-st. 
Misset A. and Co. 102, great Britain-st. 

Sanders James, 23, nppcr Jervis-st. 

Sinclair William, 141, Capel-st. 

Sproule W. (wool & worsted) 4, s. Earl-st. 

Comb, ifc Mamtfactiirer$. 
Bull Wm. (and perfumery) 79, Dame-st. 
Gray Edward, 2^^, 1. Exchange-st. 
Sullivan John, 5, Ushcr's-ct. 
Ash Rainey John, 10, Capel-st. 
Baines Richard, 424, Fishamble-st. 
Barrett Thomas, 41, Marj'-st. 
Bermingham Margaret, 58, Charlemont-st. 
Bird William, North-strand, Clontarf 
Bouchier John, 5, College-st. 
Brady Patrick, 54, Grafton-st. 
Byrne Timothy, 70, Graftonrst. 
(^afFry Eliaa, 6, Kevin's-port 
CafFiyJohn, 117, Capel-st. 
Campbell James, 24, Cuffe-st. 
Cf^unelley John, CI, Dame-st. 
Connelley John, 149, Capel-st. 
ConroyJohn, 25, Thoraas-st, 
Curren Eliza, 45, Nassau-st. 
Delahoyde Christopher, 8, Trinity-st. 
Dimond Margaret, 8, upper Stephen-st. 
Delahoyde Christopher, 8, Trinity-st. 
Dimond Margaret, 8, upper Stephen-st. 
Doyle C, 1, Charlemont-place 
Gorman Elizabeth, 113, Capel-st. 
Hanlon Mary, 7G, Flect-st. 
Heaiey Terence, 45§, James-st. 
Henderson Ruth, 93, great Britain-st. 
Hoare Mary, 47, upper Dorset-street 

Home G 23, 1. S.ickville-st.&5, Suffolk-st. 
Johnson Anne, 107, Bride-st. 

Kavanagh John, 83, Bride-street 

Kelly Anne, 4, Baggot-st. 

Killeen Elizabeth, Black-rock 

Lennon Ellen, 12, Stephen's-green 

M'Cartby S, 71, 1. Dorset-street 

Maguire Hugh, 73i, great Britain-sf. 

Maly Anthony, 39, Thomas-st, 

MdJiday Mary, 4, Arran-quay 

iV}itGhdlW.(to Id. lieutenant) 10, Grafton-st. 

Morgan Michael, 1, Grafton-st. 

Murphy E, 60, Capel-st. , 

Murray and Son, 37, Nassau-st. 

Murray Simon, 30, 1. Sackville-st. 

Murray Sarah, 55, great Britain-st. 

O'Brien Mary, 70, Capel-st. 

Page Margaret, 14, Leinster-sf, 

Parker Sarah, 21, Aungier-st. 

Rucklev Joseph, 22, Bolton-st. 

Taaffe Patrick, 13, Capel-st. 

TaafFe Thomas, 14, Arran-quay 

Turpin, James, 40, Mary-st. 

Ward Bartholemew, 5, great George-st. s. 
Consuls of Foreign Powers. 

America, Tho. English, esq. 9, Beresford-p. 

Denmark, T. Crosthwaite, esq. CO, Fleet-st. 

France, Mon. Romaine, SC, Stephen's-green 

Netherlands, Stevenson Seaver, esq. office 
Gateway, n. Cope-st, 

Portugal, James Sugrue, esq. Rathmines 

Prussia, Jn. Wajsh, esq. Sir John's-quay 

Spain, J. O'Neill, esq. 23, upperOrmond-q. 
1 Sweden and Norway, Emanuel Fisher, esq. 
33, George's-quay 



Arclibold Joseph, 25, little Strand-st, 
Bourke James &. Nicholas, 132, n. King-st. 
Boylan Thomas, 27, Abhey-st. 
Callagban Christopher, 22, Fisher' s-lane 
Collins Patrick, 62, lower Kevin-st. 
Collins Andrew, 54, Marlborough-st. 
Corrigan Pa'rick, Maiden-lane 
Dennan John, [wine] 49, Abbey-st, 
Doran John, 98, Abbey-st. 
Haly William, 136, Abbey-st. 
Hill George, 49, Townsend-st. 
Kelly Thomas, 51, New-row, s. 
M'Donald Thomas, 18, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Mara Daniel, 3, Thomas-court 
Matthews Patrick, 1, Bow-st, 
Moore Thomas, '23, Abbey-st. 
Redmond Dennis, 9, Island-st. 
ReillyJohn, 4, Bridge-foot-st. 
Ronrke James and N. 182, north King-st. 
Roycraft Thomas, [wine] 78, Abbey-st. 
Shallow Matthew, 14, upper Liffey-st. 
Sherry Patrick, §6, Mary's-lane 
Tormay Patrick, 14, 1. Britain-st. 
Wood Christopher, 14, Bow-lane 
Cork Manufacturers, 
Forrestal Thomas, 14, Mary's-abbey 
Higgs John, 19, Abbey-st. 
Hughes William, 4, Essex-quay 
Kennedy John, 5, 1. LifFe.y-st. 
Kennedy Edward, 23, 1. Exchange-st. 
Kirwan'Rd. 9, Old Church-st. 
Lynch Catharine, 24, Essex-st. 
Murray Marilla, 73, Pill-lane 
Phelan Andrew, 52, Thomas-st 
Stewart David. 4, Mary's-abbey 

Corn Merchants and Factors, 
Bamber Richard, 36^, 1. Ormond-quay 
Barrett James, 23, lower Kevin-st. 
Bates Abraham and Co. 6, 1. Britain-st, 
Byrne John, 36, James's-st. 
Campbell Matthew, 16, s. Anne-st. 
Campbell M.[aBd livery stable] 3, Baggot-st. 
Clynch Laurence, 101, north King-st. 
Corcoran James, 29, little James's-st. 
Cowley Wm. [and malt] Poolbeg-street 
Dalton Stephen, 27, Coombe 
Dodd Christopher, 9, Smithfield 
Donelly James, [& spi. sto.] 87, James'-st. 
Flanagan Stephen, 93, Sir John's-quay 
Gill Henry, g. Canal-harbour 
Gormby Bernard, 60, James-st. 
Graham Bridget, 7, lower Kevin-st. 
Halion Thomas, 142, Thomas-st. 
Lambert Casey and Co. 13, Luke-st. 
Lynch David, 44, gt. Strand-st. 
Matthews S. and T. 26, Smithfield 
Meara Chas. and Co. 3, Bachelors-walk 
PUsworth Francis, 26, upper Dominick-st. 
Reynolds Thomas and Son, 67, n. King-st. 
Thacker Alexander, 57, Lotts 
Todhunter John, 85, Sir John's-quay 
Yates James, 103, Sir John's-quay 
ComSf Flour Merchants, «? Chandlers. 
Allen Thomas, 142, Themas-st. 
Alley, Cartott & Co. 109, Abbey-8t. 

Andrews Bartholomew, 104, Pill-lane 

Batterton Samuel, 46, New-market 

Blake Michael, U, Luke-st, 

Bray George, i7, Mary's-abbey 

Bridges Thomas, 8, Lotts 

Burke and Dixon, 57, Abbey-st. 

Clarke Richard, 112, Townsend-st. 

Codd and Brennan, 126, Townsend-st. 

Colgan James, Bond-st. 

Crawford and Patterson, 14, Mark-st. 

Cullen John, 63, Francis-st. 

Cummins Peter, 142, James-st. 

Daly Matthew, 8, Brabazon-st. 

Darling Richard, 132§, Townsend-st. 

Dillon Patrick, 139, Thomas-st. 

Dolan Michael, 126, Dorset-street 

Dunn Mary, 13, Meath-street 

Egan Daniel, 22, Batchelors-walk 

Egan Cornelius, 63, Lotts 

English William, 14, Meath-st. 

Farrell John, 45, south King-st. 

Farrell James, 20, Pill -lane 

Fleming & Co. 22, Poolbeg-st, 

Fleming Thomas, 54, lower Stephen-st, 
Gibbons Thomas & Co, 12, Meath-st. 
Gorman Michael, 9, Patrick-st. 
Grace Patrick, 124, Coonibe 
Hannan Margaret, 148, Thomas-st. 
Harman John, 91, Coombe 
Houghton J. and J. 55, City-quay 
Hughes Francis, 4, Batchelors-walk 
Hylaud B. and Sons, gd. Canal-harbour 
Hyland Patrick, 4, Park-st. west 
Kelly and Kearney, 8, Smithfield 
Keogh William, 125, Francis-st, 
Kerigaa Thomas, 8, Hamilton-row 
Lysaght Thomas, 59, upper Kevin-st. 
M'Gauran Patrick, 9, Camden-st. 
Mahony Alexander, 37, Mary's-abbey 
Mangan James, 11, Arran-st. 
Mills James, 32, Kevin's-port 
Mooney John, 44, Smithfield 
Morgan Paul, 14, Usher-st. 
Murphy Hugh, 18, Roberts-st. 
Murphy John, 29, Meath-st, 
Norris Patrick, [and malt] 16, Fleet-st. 
Power and Redmond, 127, Townsend-st. 
Rolls George, 51, lower Stephen-st. 
Scanlan Daniel, 11, Camden-st. 
Sullivan Michael, O, 6, Camden-st. 

Corn and Flour Millers. 
Conolly James & Co. Ringsend-dock 
Duignan J. and P. 134, James-st. 
Hutton Wm. and Co. Kilmainham 
Hutton Wm. [& spi. stores] Mount-browa 
Lawler Patrick, 1, Bellview 
Manders Rd. & Co. 114, James-st. 
Morris Edward, 62, James-st, 

Cotton Merchants and Factors. 

Adams A. B. 29, north Anne-st. 
Bell George, 11, Linen-hall-st. 
Cooksou Thomas, 6, Usher-st. 
Griffiths Thomas, 12, lower Bridge-st. 
Lear John, 12, Linen Hall-st. 



Cotton Manufacturers. 

See also silk and cotton Mannfacturers. 
Birch T. H. & E. 11, New-row, west 
Conolly Thomas, 105, Francis-st. 
Cotton Wm. 52, Francis st. 
Coulter Joseph, 100, Cork st. 
Daly Denis, 21, Cork-st, 
Dillon Thomas, (warehouse) 34, Cook-st. 
DomacanJohn, 16, Hanbury-lane 
Eustace Margaret, 30, Back-lane 
Good William, 21, Braithwaite-st. 
Greenham J. (spin. & cord man.) 9, Cork-st. 
Jackson Samtiel, senr. 15, Cork-st. 
Jackson Samuel, jun. 17, Cork-st. 
Leake Thomag, 34, Cole-alley 
Leake John, 24, Cole-alley 
M'Connick Patrick, 11, Engine-alley 
Mahlia James, 32, Cole-alley 
Magrane P. [and linen] 2, Linen-ball 
Majuire Bridget, 19, Ardee-st. 
Morrow Richard, 6, Ormond-st, 
Mulholland Thomas, 6i, Pill-lane 
Newman Christopher, 28, Marrowbone-lane 
O'Donnell Michael, [fustians] 38,l.Bfidge-st 
Quigley Michael, 7, Cole-alley 
Robinson Wra. 36, Bride-st. 
Rounds George, 16, Braithwaite-st. 
Shaw Wm. 44, New-row, west 
Singleton John, 33, Cork-st. 
Wilson Henry, 28, Skinuer-alley 
Wylde H. 12 & 13, Cork-st. manufacturer 

of cords, and cotton-spinner 
Younge Drelincourt, 17, George's-quay 

Curriers and Leather Merchants and 

Brady Philip, 2, Merchaiit's-quay 
Duffy Richard, 47, Back-lane 
FarrellJohn, 32, New-row, south 
Fleming Celia, 4, Mill-st. 
Gallagher Thomas, 21, Back-lane 
Griffith Rice, 11, Back-lane 
Harlin James, 23, Wine Tavern-st. 
Hardgraft and Dillon, 11, Wine Tavcrn-st. 
Harding Rd. (dresser) 3, New-row, w. 
Hart Thomas, 63, Back-lane 
Hart Thomas, 4, Love-lane, Cork-st. 
Haslam Draught, 1, Cutpurse-row 
Hughes Isa. 15, Back-lane, and 12, Mill-st. 
Hylaud William, 49, Back-lane 
Hyland William, 12, Longford-st. 
Kennan Richard, 12, Wine Tavern-street 
M'Donnell A, (dresser) 44, Watling-st. 
M'Glue James, 4, Back-lane 
Mooney W. J. 6, New-row, south 
Moore Anthony, 75, Cook-st. 
Reilly Michael, 19, Wine Tavern-st. 
Reynolds Peter, 45, Back -lane 
Strong George, 32, Corn-market 
Walsh Michael, 37, Cook-st. 
York Patrick, 2, 1. Kevin-st. 

Byrne Peter, 79, Bride-st. 
Clegg Anne, 60, upper Stephen-st. 
Duke William, 44, lower Stephen-st. 
King and Bradford, 8, Grafton-st, 

Lacy Wm. 5, Watling-st. 

Lamprey Joseph, 29, Westmorland-st. 

Lamprey Samuel, 29, Castle-st. 

Miliken John, 4, Trinity-st. 

Monks Richard, 21, Wine Tavern-st. 

Osborne Joseph, 10, Fade-st. 

Read Thomas and Co. 4, Parliament-st. 

Read John and Son, (surgeons' instruments) 

8, College-green 
Reeves Thomas, 80, Capel-st. 
Seaver John, 29, Back-lane 
Stuart John, 7, Ross-lane 
Thompson Samuel, 6, Henry-st. 
West George, 39, Hanry-st, 
West Lewis, (razors) 53, 1. Stepbenit. 
Yeates Rd. 9, Parliament-st. 
Barralet Joseph, [and artificer to the College 

of Surgeons) lower Sackville-st. 
Blake Robert, M. D. (State Dentist) 19, 

Bott John, 19, Da««e-st. 
De Lesard Alfred, Richmond-st. 
Hudson Edward, 40, Grafton-st. 
Hudson William, 53, Dawson-st. 
Kelly J. F. 7, Grafton-st. 
M'Clean Samuel, 29, s. Anne-st. 
M'Clean John, jun. 101, Capel-st, 
Whitely Edward, 21, Harcourt-st, 
Distillers and Rectifiers. 
Aickens Willett, [usq.j 19, gt, George-st. s. 
Colgan Pat. 19, Queen-st. 
Costigin John, 12, Thomas-st. 
Donohoe Thomas and Co. s. Earl-st. 
HaigRobt.and Co. Dodder-bank, & Cope»st. 
Hayes Pairick, 2, Hammond's-lane 
Jameson John, Bow-street 
Jameson James and Co. 161, Thorn as-st, 
Jameson Wm. & Co. 50, Marrowbone-lane 
Keogh T. [cordial water] 1, Audeon's-arch 
Lyons Wm 7, John-st. west 
Morris Edward, 62, James-st. 
Power John & Co. John's-lane, Thomas-st. 
Roe Nicholas and Co. Bellview 

Drug and Drysaltery Merchants^ 
Dealers in Dye Woods, d)C. 

Boilcaus and George, 88, Bride-st. 
Busby J. and Son, [and oil] Mill-st, 
Collins Robert, 9, Meath-row 
Cunningham B. [wholesale] 107, Coombe 
LiRhtfoot Thomas and Co. 50, High-st. 
M'Dermott Patrick, 15, Jervis-st. 
M'Donakl C. J. 22, Arran-quay 
Mitchelltree M. [wh.] 72, Capel-st. 
Phlpsand Hill, 115, Capel-st. 
Rea ik Deane,[to the L. Lieut.] 2, Skinner-r 
Redmond Andrew, 47, Capel-st. 
Stanley John, 72, Dame-st. 
Stanley A. aad Co. 40, Bride-st. 

Balf Eilen, 15, great Sbip-st, 
Boardman Joseph, 68, Cork-st. 
Brazil! Patrick, 14, King-st. 
Burke "iViiliam, 23, Henrj'-st. 
Burke Oliver, 46, south King-St. 



Brian Patriclc, 34, Pimlico 
Brown S. and Son, (silk) 6, Brabazon-st. 
Cassidy Edward, 6, Cbp.iiiber-st. 
Edington Dd. [silk dresser] 3, Benny's lane 
Eustace Andrew, 17, Bra;tbvvalte-st. 
Flanagan James, [silk skein]5, Brabazon-r. 
Cfe&gbeganS. and J. Rilmainham 
Kirwan Michael and Co. 129, James-st, 
Langan Rlatthew, 7, south Aime-st. 
M'Grane Peter, 143, Abbey-st. 
M'Mahon Patrick, [silk] 23, gr. Britain-st, 
M'Mabon Mary, 23, great Britain-st. 
Molloy Patrick, 36, upper Ormond-quay 
Molloy Patrick, 61, Marlborough-st. 
NichoUs Andrew, 40, Pitiilico 
Palmer Joseph, [silk] 15, Meatli-st. 
Plunkett Thomas, [silk] 10, iM ark's-alley 
Robinson Peter, 2, Longford-st. 
W:alsh and Sons, 37, York-st, 
Walsh Jeretniah. 74, Abbcy-st. 

Earthen and China Warehouses. 
Adams and Wolfe, (1, Essex-st. 
Ashley James, 77, Francis-st. 
Boyd Saiiiuel, 2, Arran-st. 
Bradley Joshua, 4, Clarendon-st. 
Cab.ill Mary, 49, great Britain-st. 
Clare Barbara, 53, great Britain-st. 
Corrigan John, 91, Thomas-st. 
Dillon Francis, [and glass] 9, Arran-st. 
Ebling Anne, [and glass] 20, Henry-st. 
Clelston John, 12, Kevin's-port 
Jackson James, 112, Grafton-st. 
Johnson Samuel, 45, Essex-st. 
Kerr James and Joseph, 110, Capd-st. 
KingSlcy W.[ew.manufac.]56, New-row, s. 
Knight Thomas, 107, Townsend-st. 
Linan Sarah, [china hall] 15, Dawson-st. 
Poolmaa M. 47, Patrick-st, 
Pope Jolin, 9, Essex-st. 
Segrave Nicholas, 111, upper Dorset-st. 
.Sheridan M. and Son, 156, great Britain-st. 
Twyford and Walker, 6, Aston's-quay 
Usher Francis, 78, Queen-st. 
Aim John, esq, [resident] Dunleary 
Henzell J.N. (civil) 45, Stephen-st. 
Thomas Richard, [assistant] Dunleary 
Engravers and Copper-plate Printers. 
Allen George, 39, Fishamble-St. 
Badge Thomas, 2, Trinity-place 
Brigley Simon, 39, Clarendon-st. 
Bvunton Benj. 21, Fleet-st. 
Carroll Wm. 48, Moore-st. 
Dawson Francis, 17, Crow-st. 
Ferrall, John, 13, Essex -quay 
Fitzgerald Charles, 33, Wood-quay 
Fitzgerald Edward and Son, 33, Abbey-st. 
Fleming G. [and seal cutter] 8, Essex-quay 
Galland B. 54, s. great George-st. 
Gonne George, 9, Cope st. south 
Green Francis, 9. Eustace-st. 
Heneey A. 18> Surtblk-st. 
Holbrook John, R. 15, Anglesey 
Keogh Andrew, 3, Sycaniore-alley 
Maguire Charles, 28, Anglesea-st. 
MJkrtyn John, 30, lower Orraond-quay 

'Sandys Michael, 1^, uppcr-Stephen-st. 
Shaw John, 1, Cope-st. south 
Waller and Son 20, Suifolk-st. 
Whitty Joshua, 1, Temple- lane 

Engravers and Seal Cutters. 
Brown and De Veaux, (& scnlptors of^etns) 

3, Fowness-st. 
'Doyle Starkey, 20, Exchange-st. 
Forster Thomas, 22, S(ephen-st. 
Holbrook J. R. 15, Anglesea-st, 
Mossop Wm. (and medalist) 144, Mecklen- 

Robertson W.&J. 21, upper Ormond -quay 
Willett James, 1, great George-st, south 

Exchange Money Brokers. 
See also brokers, stock. 
Browu John, 9, Capel-st. 
Eachus Robert, 39, City-quay 
Kent Aquila, 37, College-green 
Lover S. and Co. 18, Dame-st. 
Lover Wm. Fred, 118, Graftoii-st. 
Malone John, 42, City-';nay 
Morris Wm, 4, Cork-hill 
Patterson James, 37, Westmoreland-st. 
Richardson Wm. 23, Poolbegg-st. 
Roose D. C. 2, Capel-st. 
Webb Robert, 17, Dame-st, 

Fancy Warehouses. 

See also Haberdashers and Milliners. 
Carberry Mrs. 13, lower Exchange-street 
Cottle Mrs. lower Exchange-st. 
Farrell Bridget, 2, Esses -quay 
Magee Mary, 14, Leinster-st. 

Palmer -, 23, Kevin's-port 

Potter Francis, 13, Angksea-st. 
Smithsons and Co. (and habs.) I, Welling- 

Feather, Fur, tmd Stan Merchants^ 

and Warehouses. 
Anderson Maurice, 6, Franciti-st. 
Baker Thomas, 1, Capel-st. 
Bury John, 35, St. Patrick-st. 
Byrne F. (and luce) lb, Stafford-street 
Cooney and Rutbcrford, 1, Batchelors-walk 
Grundy Anne, ^0, Brides-alley 
Hoguet Joseph, 3.3, GraftOn-street, and 

45, Exchequer-st. 
Hoguet and Fliury, 32, Batchelotij-walk 
Kearney and Reiley, 143, Thomas-street 
Kennedy Thomas, 105, Francis-st. 
Kilgalin James, 123, Coombe 
Lee John and Cb. 13, lower Mary-st. 
M'Mahon Michael, (and 3kin_) 55, upper 

Murphy Nicholas, 153, Thomas-st. 
O' Berne J, T. 11, Usher-street 
O'Hanlon John, Usher-st. 
Reynolds Wn.. 94, Grafton-st. 
Seabrooke Geo. and Co, II, Crow-st, 
Smith and Strich, (to her lEXcellency) 22, 

Wade Andrew, 15, Patrick-street 
Walsh Joseph, ffur and leather caps) f>, 




Fell Mongers, Skinners, and Mo- 
rocco Mannfaeturers, 

Behan Patrick, 25, New-row, south 
Brady and O'Sullivan, 2, Mill-st. 
Brophy James, 12, Watling-street 
Bropliy James, G2, New-row, south 
Browne Henry, 6, Watling-street 
Byrae Pat. [drcssci,] 9, New-row, south 
Canavan Goo. 6, W.itling-Pt. 
Canavan Joseph, 11, Watlirig-st. 
Carnon Richard, .55, Watling-street 
Carroll Wm. (dress^rJ 4, New-row, south 
Conner Alice, 26, New-row, south 
Cummins Edward, 57, Watliag-st. 
DoJan John, 16, Watling-st, 
Dunn Michael, 50, VV.ntling-street 
Ennis Thomas, 17, Watling-st 
Fan-ell Thomas, (dealer) High-st. 
Flanagan Gilbert, 25, Watling-street 

Glannon Thomas, (and glu^) 3, Cookes-la. 
Hart Pat. 18, WatHn?-st. 
Hart Owen, 21, Wutling-st. 
H.irtford James, 22, Watling-st. 

JoJly Samuel, 33, New-row, south 

Jones C. [dealer in skins] 10, New-row, s, 

Jones John, 27. New-row, south 

Jones Wm. 15, New-row, south 

Keogh Andrew, 59, Watling-st. 

Larkin Chr. G2, WatHng-st. 

Lowry \Ym. 33, Watling-st, 

M'Cann Richard, 14, Water-street 

M'Cann Law. 61, Watling-st. 

Martin John, 15, Water-st,. 

Murphy Patrick, 53, Watling-st. 

Pigott James, 23, Watling-st. 

Rayne Chas. 60, Watltng-st. 

Rj'an Chas. 60, Watling-st. 

Ryan John, 52, Watling-street 

Salters Wra. 10, Bonham-st. 

Tommins John, 8, Watcr-st. 

Whelan Luke, 65, Watling-street 

Wilde Joseph, 58, Watling-st. 
Fire and Life Insurance Offices, &c. 

Albion, Aid. J. Jame3,secr.9,Cavendish-row 

Atlas, J. H. Moore, socr. [on the equitable 
plan] 33, Batche'ors-walk 

British & Irish Fire & Westminster Life, 40, 
iiame-st. John Campbell 

Commercial Insurance Co. of Ireland [lives, 
shipping & fire] D. Com. Bldgs. Dame- 
street, Secretary, Saml. Bruce 

County Fire & Provident Life, Edw. Hauicr- 
ton, 4, Mecklenburg-st. 

European Co. of London, for life insurances, 
the sale and purchase of annuities, endow- 
ments for children, and the invtstmcnt of 
money for accumulation, 1. low. Sackville- 
st. Agent, John Kent Johnson, Secretary, 
Wm. Baker 

Globe, James Patterson,37,Westmore!and-st 

Hibernian Co. Patrick Cwrtis, 42. Dame-st, 

Hope, Patrick Hayes, 18, Weatmoreland-st. 

London Union, Henry Lauauze, jun. 20, 

Marine Insurance Co. Abel Labeitouche, 
Conj. Bldgs, Dame-st. 

Norwich, C. D. Roose, 2, Capel-st. 
Pelican, Wm. Farran, 76, Abbey-st 
Phoenix, Dublin, John Barber, 85, Dame-st. 
Phoenix, London, Edw. Trim, 33, Dunie-^t, 
Royal Exchange Insurance Co. of Ireland, 

Wm. Deey, Com. Bldgs. Damc-st. 
Royal Exchange Assurance Co. i^f London, 

Michael Muiphy, 5, CoUegc-grecn 
Royal Exchange Assurance Co. of l^oiidon, 

John Murphy, 62, Fleet-st. 
Sun Assurance Co. T. R. Newberry, 29, 

Westminster Life and Annuity Co. John 

Campbell, 40, Dame-st. 
West of England, Saml. Page, 2, Eustacc-st. 

Fish Merchants and Mongers, 
Davidson E. [herrings] 2, Gfcrg-'-st. 
Gaven Timothy, 7, George's-quay 
Geoghegan B. 98, Pill-lane 
Greene John, 17, Williain-st. 
Hanlon John, 100, Pill-lane 
Hcnre John, 8, Pill-lane 
Hoare C. D. [ling stores] 12, Pill-lane 
Kelly T. (herrings) 14, Poolbegg-st. 
Kilroy Patrick, (herringsj 1, Gcorgc's-st. 
Meara T. and .J. 14, George's-quay 
Fishing and Fowling Tackle Makers, 
Cox Eliza, 5, upper Ormond-quay 
Kelly Martin, 36, lower Sackville-st. 
Mallow and Ettingsall, 34, Coal-quay 
Murray David, 'JO, Arran-quay 
Norman Frederick, 26, upper Ormond-quay 
Flour Dealers. 
See also Bakers and Corn Chandlers, 
Banks Michael, 38, St. Patrick-st. 
Bardin John, 30, St. Patrick-st. 
Byrne Daniel, 40, St. Patrick-st. 
Byrne Thonaas, 26, St. Patrick-st. 
Connolly James, Mercer-st. 
Conroy Thomas, 36, Townseud-st. 
Cullen Margaret, 76, Francis-st. 
Cullen James, 48, St. Patrick-st, 
Green Samuel, 15, Leeson-st. ' 
Handcock Pster, 36, Patrick-st. 
Healey John, 43, Patrick-st. 
Igoe Dennis, 17, Townsend-st. 
Lawler Patrick, 22§, Charlotte-st. 
Mackey Patrick, 105, Pill-lane 
Meehan Thomas, 6, Boot-lane 
Redmond Patrick, 37, Patrick-st. 
Tyrrell Thomas, (factor J 62, Meath-st. 
Woods William, 64, Letts 

Fruit Merchants . 
Flanagan Laurence, 24, lower Sackville-st. 

and 11, Wood-Cjuay 
Middlewood W iiliarn, 30, Grafton-st. 
Vaughan and Conxior. . 0, Mary's-abbey 
Floor Cloth3iaunfacttirers.. 

See also Paper Hanjring Manufacturers. 
GanUyT- [and painter] 1, Gardiner's-row 
.Jones Charles, (and painter) 5, Bishop'st. 
O'Neill J. M.y4, Capel-st. 

Anderson J. 10, upper Ormond-quay 
Anderson William, 33, College-green 



Anderson Elizabeth, 25, low. Sackville-st. 
Davison M. A. 28, Dawson-st. 
Delalian William, 65, Dame-st. 
Doyle Catharine, 37, upper Ormoad-quay 
Drew Elizabeth, 23, Mary's-abbey 
Faulknfr H. 44, Nassau-st. 
Fox Bernard, 23f , Grafton-st. 
Gogan Julia, 43, Henry-st. 
Green Valentine, 7, Essex-bridge 

Johnson 88, Dame-st. 

Keating John, 7, upper Sackville-st. 
Mastersan Bgt. 27, upper Ormond-quay 
Price Margaret, 75, Great Britain-st. 
Regan J. (to the Ld. Lieut.) 18, College-gr. 
Russell Maria, 19, Nffssau-st. 
Ternan Patrick, 136, Cape'-st. 
White Matilda, 1, upper Sackville-st. 
Furniture Brokers. 
See also Cabinet Makers. 
Armstrong & Falby, 11, lower Sackville-st, 
Burke Michael, 63, Sackville-st. 
Flanagan Thomas, 144, Abbey-st. 
Flanagan John, 136, Abbey-st. 
Kellv and Collins, 15, Grafton-street 
Kelly John, 140, Abbey-st. 
Kinar Thomas, 18, Btides-alley 
Murphy Peter, 21f , Brides-alley 
Murphy Christopher, 12, Brides-alley 
Murphy Anne, 14, Brides-alley 

Berk Alexander, (dyer & dresser) 8, Peter-st. 
M'Neely Samuel, 10 and 11, Arran-quay 
Murphy John, 35, Thomas-st. 

Girth Weh Manufacturers. 
Burke G. 25, Vicar-st. 
Smith Charles, 34, Chamber-st. 
Walsh Alex. 38, Chamber-st. 
Glass Manufacturers and Merchants. 
Callagan Corns, [window] 43, Mary-sl. 
Constable Wm. (cut glass) 59, City-quay 
Donovan 'ame-, Ringsend 
Finlay Richard, (walc.h) 15, Ross-lane 
Higginbotham Thos. Mary's-abbey 
Higginbotham T. & W. H. [cut] 1, Pill-la. 
Hill John, 4, Eden-quay 
Hodge*s Thomas, Ringsend 
Hugiics Chas. 16, Luke-st. 
Hynes John, [cut] 18, Mary's-abbey 
Keightley James, [cut] 42, Henry-st. 
Linaa Sarah, [china hall] 15, Dawson-st. 
Lowe Edw. [stained glass] 11, Marlb.-st. 
Mooney Thos. agent to the London plate 

glass Co. 41, Pill -lane 
Mulvany Chas. lower Abbey-st. 
O'Brien John, (stores) 139, n. King-st, 
Phillips Wm. 38, lower Ormond-quay 
Sibthorpe M. 12, Cork-bill 
Sibthorpe Luke, [stained] 1, Palace-st, 
Toole Henrv, 54, King-street, south 
Williams Richard, 50, Stephen's-green, 

warehouse, Marlboro.' ~st. 

Glass and C dna Merchfints, 
Alker A. and S'^n, 31, VVestmoieland-st. 
A\ckbown M. nnd Co. 16, Grafton St. 
Ball and Son, [china] 8, Temple-bar 
Bambrick Edw. 15, Essex-st. 

Browne Anthony, 31, Essex-st. 
Callinan Thos, 47, Essex-st. 
Carter William, 84, Grafton-st. 
CheeversN, (fancy glass) 63, City-quay 
Crean and Kelly, 6, lower Abbey-st. 
-Donovan J. 23, Geo. q, & 25, Pool Begg-st. 
Doyle Mich. 64, City-quay 
Graham David, (cutter) 61, Grafton-st, 
Hampson J- 57, Capel-st. 
Linan Sarah, 15, Dawson-st. 
Linfoot Samuel, 21, Essex-st. 
M'Donnell Sophia, 31, Bride-st. 
Mackie Wm. 26, Dawson-st, 
Nixon Jame?, 17, Capel-st. 
Whyte James, 9 & lO, Temple-bar 
Twyford & Walker, 9, Essex-st. 

Glass Bottle Warehouses. 
Smith Brian, s. Cspe-st. 
Tracy Mary, 4, Crampton-quay 

Glove and Breeches Manufacturers, 

and Dealers. 
Brion Chas, 64, Graftou-st. 
Browubill Oliver, (hosier and laceman) 34, 

Byrne Thomas, 3, upper Sackville-st. 
Byrne Pat. (and br. ma.) 19, We3tmorel,-st, 
Byrne Edward, New-row, w. 
Cahill and Walsh, 35, Dame-st, 
Clinch Wm, 10, New Buildings, Inns-quay 
Coall Henry, 22, Moore-st. 
Davis John, SO, Pill-lane 
Delany Bartholomew, (ladies) 12, Mary-st. 
Duff James, (breeches) 13, Nassau-st. 
Field Dennis, 3, 1. Exchange-st. 
Figgis Samuel, 34, upper Ormond-quay 
Fleming Adams; 25, upper Ormond-quay 
Francis John, 14, Essex-quay I 

Hall James, 12, gt. Britain-st. 
Ham Pat. S. 45, Pill-lane 
Hawthorn Alexander, 4, upper Sackville-st. 
Kempston Henry, 41, Nassau-st. 
M'Ardle P. [cloth and lea,] 43, Excheq.-st. 
M'Cormick Catherine, 8, Capel-st. 
M'Namara John, 29, upper Ormond-quay 
Moran Frances, 58, Cas(le-st. 
Nash John, 42, Nassau-st, 
Nowlan William, 28, upper Ormond-quay 
O'Neill Andrew, fbreeches) 34, Henr}'-st. 
Sharp Samuel, 35, Molesworth-st. 
Simpson Alexander, 16, lower Sackville-st. 
Simpson Alexander, 107, Graflon-st. 
Stubbs VVilliam,19, up. Ormond-quay 
Tancred William, 78, gt. Britain-st. 
Tliompson Arthur, 1, Mary-st, 
Toone Margaret, 64, Bride-st, 
Troy Morris, 4, Mary-st. 
Wall James, 5, Arran-quay 
Watkins James, 2, Essex-quay 
Willis John, 3, Trinity-st. 

Glue and Size Manufacturers. 
Flinn Christopher, 41, Patrick-st. 
Groves Rd. and Son, 48, Ne\v-t;t. 
Hoey Nicholas, 13, New-row, s. 
Keegan Henry, 35, Chamber-st. 
Lawless GHoi-ge, 24, Ush.M's Island 
Spratt James, 104, Cork-st. 



Goldsmiths and Jewellers, 
See also Jewellers and Silversmiths. 
Boxwell Ambrose, 17, Skinner-row 
Brown Charles, 35, Grafton-st. 
Clark and West, .9, Capel-st. 
Connor Thomas and Son, 48, Nassau-st. 
DafFion Joseph, 10, Skinner-row 
Flower Turvey, 35, Essex-quay 
Henzell J. A. 45, Stepheu-st. 
Murphy Edward, 7, Skinner-row 
Pinkney J. (manufacturing) 34, Grafton-st- 
Povfer John, 47, Naasau-st. 
Sherwin John, 39, Golden-lane 
Smith and Gamble, (manu) 31, Exclieq.-st. 
Teare JohD, 3, Wilme-court 
Twycross John, 69, Dame-st. 
Willis Anthony, 7, up. Ormond-quay 
Gold and Silver Lace a7id Bullion 

Brady C.R. and W. 43, Dame-st. and 30, 

Bartlett's-buildings, London 
Jesson H.S. and J. 12, Dame-st. 

. Gold Beaters. 
Le Bass Jas. 43, gt. Ship-atreet 
Murphy Wm. 2, Stafford -st. 
Smyth John, 11, Eustace-street 
Wright Wm. 52, s. gt. George-st. 

Grocers, Wine and Spirit Stores. 
Anderson John, 112, James-st. 
Armstrong Jane, 34, Molesworth-st. 
Armstrong Wm. 19, upper Exchange-st, 
Asken Esther, 32, Meath-st. 
Barnes Thomas and Co. 51, gt. George-st- s. 
Barron Dennis, 74, Church-st. 
Bass Joseph, jun. 32, Denzille-st. 
Beahan Patrick, 197, great Britain-st. 
Beaghan Patrick, (& tobacconist) 42 & 43, 

Beere Richard, 2, Aungier-st. 
Behan John, 137, Baggot-st. 
Bergin Joseph, 39, Essex-street 
Bligh Bryan, 41 and 42, great Britain-st.. 
Blosset John, Harold's-cross 
Bond Robert, 10, Meath-st. 
Bond Luke, Dunleary 
Brady Philip, 29, Thomas-st. 
Bran^an Lawrence, (who.) 82, n, King-st. 
Bray Dennis, 1, Fieet-street 
Brennan M. A. 14, York-st. 
Brophy Maurice, Dunleary 
Butler John, 45, Thomas-st, 
Butler Thomas, 67, Barrack-st. 
Byrne John, 57, Thomas-st. 
Byrne Thomas, 10, south Anne-street 
Byrne Joseph, 53, Bride-st. 
Byrne James, 151, Francis-street 
Byrne Walter, 34, Thomas-st. 
Calagan Thomas, 58, Townsend-st, 
Caldwell John, 4, Queen-st. 
Callaghan Peter, Black-rock 
Callan James, 79, Francis-st. 
Calvert Adam, 38, Thomas-st. 
Campbell John, and Co. 53, Sackvillc-st. 
Cannon John, 59, Leeson-st. 
Carey Patrick, 80, lower Mourit-st, 
Carey James, 38, old Church-st. 

Carr Mary, 124, great Britaia-st. 

Casey Walter, 203, great Britain-st, 

Cassin Joseph, 23, Grafton-st, 

Cassin Luke, 1, Clare-street 

Cassin & Co. 33, French-st. 

Clarke John, 44, Henry-st. 

Clements Joseph, Pdngscnd 

Clinton Archer, 40, Fishamble-st. 

Clinton James, 11, George's-qw&y 

Cophlan Robert, (tob.) 139, Thoma**!. 

Collins Edward, 13, Trinity-st. 

Couftty Patrick, 5, Patrick-st. 

Conolly M. H. 57, Dame-street 

Cooke Richard, 18, William-st, 

Copcland James, 76, James-st. 

Cormick Martin, 54, York-st. 

Costello Bridget, 12, Aungier-st. 

Covle G. K. 28, Bride-st. 

Cuilen John, (and toh.) 13, P.aTrack-st 

Ciilien James, 40, Mary's-la;ie 

Cummins Owca, 131, Thomas-sU 

Dalton Stephen, 27. Coombe 

Davis Wm, 131, great Britain-st. 

D':lany B. li, (^ueen-st. 

Derwin Michael, Sandymonnt 

Deverell A. and L. 21, Meath-st. _ 

Devcrcux Thomas, 41, lower KcTin-Sit; 

Dillon Richard, 31, Kevin-poit 

Doherty Owen, 1, Buckingham-st. 

Donnellan Patrick, 9, Townsend-st. 

Donohoe Eliza, 67, City-quay 

Donohoe Patrick, 71, Thomas-st, 

Doody Michael, 17, Holles-st. 

Dowling John, 30, Thomas-st. 

Dowling Wm. 35, Francis-st. 

Doyle Dorothea, 103, Pill-lane 

Doyle Michael, Clanbrassil-st, 

Doyle Morgan, 132, great Britain-sL 

Doyle Francis, 76, north King-sU 

Doyle Wm. & Co, 36 & 75, Excheqoer-St. 

Drake Jane, 124 & 5, Capel-st, 

Duff Matthew, 118, upper Church-st. 

Duffy Edward, 84, great Britaiu-St. 

Duignan M. 26, St. Andrew-st. 

Dwyer Joseph, 106, Thomas-sU 

Eades Samuel, 30, Golden-lane 

Eades W. G. 3, Johnson's-place 

Ebbling Anne, 21, Phoenix-st. 

Echlin \Vm.51, Batchelors-walk 

Edmond and Kingsley, 28. gt. George-st. 8. 

Egan T. and J. 29, north King-st, 

Elliott Chr, 17 and 26, Mary's-abbey 

Ennis Moses, 38, Nevv-rnw, we^st 

Ennis Moses, 57, Francls-st. 

Enc-is Andrew, 67, High-st, 

Ennis Andrew, 23, great George-st. soutk 

Ennis Tliomas, 15, old Church-st, 

Etchingham Arthur, 54, lower Kevin-st. 

Etcliins;ham Nicholas, 1, New-street 

Falkener Wm. 21, Grafton-st. 

Fallon James, 11, -.tonsy-batter 

Farnam P. 12, Sto!R'y-l)atter 

Farrelly S. 15, Cross-pnddle 

Farran Mark, 95, Pill-lane 

Farrell John, 28, 3oltoii-st. 

Fairell Dennis, Ringstjnd 

Feroni Eliaor, 49, lower Ficet-St. 


Fewtrell Ricbatd, 17, Camden-st 

Fitzpatrick James, 134, Townsend-st 

Flanagaa James. 12, Dame-court 

Flint Benj. 94, Cork-st. 

Flood John, 119, n. King-st. 

Fox Edw. and Co. 97, up. Dorset-st. 

Furlong John, 38, 1. Keyin-st. 

Fyan Talbot, 17, Pool Begg-st. 

Fyan and Taylor, 95, Townsend-st. 

Fyaijk Raines, 25, Moore-st. 

Gallagher Michael, 14, AVine Tavern-st. 

Gannon John, 70, up. Dorset-st. 

Gibbon Thos. (wholesale) 8, George's-quay 

Gilfoyle Owen, 40 & 41, 1. Stephea-st. 

Glynn J. W, & C. 179, Old Church-st. 

Goldsmith J. & J. (wholesale & retail} 25, 

Gorman Edw. 40 & 46, gt. Britain-st. 

Goriiaan. Patrick, 27, Kevin's-port 

Gorman James, 27, Wine Tavern-st, 

Grace Luke, 124, Coombe 

Green Timothy, 162, Capel-st. 
Green James, 6, Merrion-row 
Green.& Co. 50, Castlc-st. 
Green Patr. 8, E^-chcquer-st. 
Hamiil James, 5.3, Church-st. 
Hamilton J. & J. 14, upper Ormond-quay 
Hanna Robert, 12, Henry-st. 
Hart M. C. 104, great Britaiu-st. 
Heney |jaurence, 13, Moss-st. 
Hoey James, 21, Townsend-st. 
Holdbrook Marian, 8, Molesworth-st. 
Huglies Stephen, 94, great Britain-st. 
Hughes Patrick, 9, CufF^-st- 
Hunter Catharine, 85, Capel-st. 
Hurley Michael, 56, Charlemont-st. 
Hussey NicJioks, 56, Henry-st, 
Hutton N. and J. 101, St. James-st. 
Hynes John, ll,Tighe-st. 
JessopT, and A. (wli.) 26, 1. Sackville-st, 
Johnson William, 13, Essex-st, 
Jones Robert, 27, Golden-lane 
Kelly M- C, 12, Townsend-st. 
Kavanuagh P. 21, Patrick-st. 
Keanes William, 19, Park-st. s. 
Keating John, 18, New-market 
Kearney Francis, 131, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Kehoe James, 29, Nicholas-st. 
Kelly William J. 135, Abbey-st. 
jtcjly Laurence, 50, upper Kevin-st. 
Kennedy Hugh, 43, Camden-st. 
Keogl> and Etcliingham, 1, CufFe-st. 
Keon Patrick, 26, Cook-st, 
Kerigan Thomas, 8, Hamilton-row 
Kernaii Christopher, 12, north King-st, 
K^llyJolin, 154, Old Church-st. 
Kelly Aylmer, 71, Grafton-st. 
Kcnna Francis, 10, Townseud-st, 
Keshafi Uodolphus, 76, Cook-st. 
Kenny John, 17, 1. Bridge-st. 
Kent William, 82, Aungier-st. 
Kennedy and Fitzpatrick, 83, Grafton-st. 
Kinahan, Son and Smyth, (wh, and ret.) 

Kinahan James, 66, Church-st. 
Lailor Thomas, 15, Wine Tavern-st. 
Lang G, W. 50, Mai-y-st. 

Leary Mary, 27, Clare-st. 
Leonard Matthew, 51, 1. Dorset-st. 
Long Catharine, 15, Bolton-st. 
Long Mark, 8, West-st. 
Lon^ Michael, 1 and 2, Thomas-court 
Long George, 7, Luke-st. 
M'Auley Bryan, 103, upper Dorset-st. 
M<C«rmick Hugh, 78, B«rrack-st. 
M'Donnell Jo?. 43, Bolton-st. 
M'Enteggart John, 4, 1. Dorset-st. 
M'EvoyJohn, 112, Abbey-st. 
M'Gauraii Thomas, 25, Patrick-st, 
M'Gioin John, 89, great Britaiu-st. 
IVrivee Patrick, 1 , Circular-road, Baggot-st. 
Mackey John, 18, Charlottest. 
M'Keirsan Peter, 13, Hay-market 
M'Lean James, 9, St. Andrew-st. 
Maffet S. and Co, 47, Marlboro'.-st. 
Madden Micliael, 16, Francis-st. 
Magennis Edward, 9, Smock-alley 
Maguire Philip, 40, Bow-^ane 
Maguire James, 41, north King-st. 
Maloue J. and I. 49, 1. Stephen-st. 
Malone and Wilcock, 42, 1. Stephen-st. 
Maaly James, 74, Queen-st. 
Mason John, 43, Coombe 
Mason John, 36, great Britain-st, 
Mason James, 105, Coombe 
Meagher M. 31, Cross Kevin-st. 
Meehan Martin, 33, upper Ormond-quay, 

and 55, J, Fleet-st, 
Meredith Mary, 8, St. Andrew-st, 
Miller Peter, 17, Pill-lane 
Mills John, 5, Charlotte-st. 
Molineaux Patrick, 69, Meath-st. 
Mooney William, 35, High-st. 
Moore Lewis, 27, little James-st. 
Moore George, 40, Francis-st. 
Moore and Egan, 23, great Ship-st, 
Morris Mary, 26, Meath-st. 
Mullahy John, 2, Fishamble-st. 
Mullen D. (wh, andrt.) 54, Francis-st. 
Murphy Edward, (wh.) 24, George's-quay, 

Liverpool New Cos. Packet-house 
Murphy James, 93, Marlboro. '-st. 
Murphy John, 62, Francis-st. 
Murphy Dennis, 36, Coombe 
Murphy Barw. 38, Bridc-st. 
Murphy Peter, 87, Patrick-st. 
Murphy Bernard, 53, James-st, 
Murray James, 45, Aungier-st. 
NanfleJohn, 136, Thomas-st. 
Nangle Thomas, 15, Tighe-st. 
Naylor Thomas, 96, great Britain-st. 
Neilly M. 17, Clare-st. and Dunleaiy 
Nelson Owen, 49, Mary's-lane 
Nowlan Maurice, 25, Francis-st, 
Nugent Michael, 84, Cork-st. 
O'Brien and Hickcy, (and whiskey factors) 

O'Brien Patrick, 13, upper Dorset-st. 
O'Brien Andrew, 65, Thomas-st. 
O'Donnell John. 69, Mary's-laiic 
O'Donnell Penelope, 16, CutFe-st. 
O'Donnell Patrick, 59, Thomasrst, 
O'Loughlin Patrick, 1, Anglesca-st. 
O'Neill Charles, 59, Fishamble-st 



O'Neill Charles, DoTphin's-barn 

O'Reilly Juraes, 53, Mestb-st. 

OrmsbyJobn, 62, Back-lane 

Pasiey Joseph, 19, north Frederick-st. 

Perry A. and J. 70, James-st. 

Persse Williftm, 55, Capel-st. . 

Phelan Dennis, 147, Thomas-st. 

Plant James, 1, Mos~-bt. 

Power Edward, 17, Meatb-st. 

Power Peter, 110, Thomas-st. 

Prentor John, 81, Bride-st. 

Quelcli Joseph, 87, g;reat George-st. s. 

QuigleyJohn, 126, Francis-st. "^ 

Quinn Francis, 33, Francis-st. 

Kainey Hugh. 72, Thomas-st. 

Read John, 138, Bagsfut-st. 

Rejlly James, 63, Meath-st. 

Rcillv James, 55, 1 hoinas-st. i 

Reiliy Hugh, 18, Cork-st. 

Roach Richard, 59, Meath-st. 

Rogers George, 65, BaiTack-st. 

Rogers Andrew, 136, Baggot-st. 

Rooney Dominick, 31, Mary-st. 

Ryan Owen and Co. 10, Inns-quay 

Sandford Patrick, 1, Summer-hill 

Sheridan John, 1, Westmoreland-st. 

Slater Rodolphus, 10, Hammond's-lane 

Smith J. and H. 1, Skinner-row 

Smith Patrick, 3, Fishamble-st. 

Smyth John, 49, Meath-st. 

Smyth Henry, 61, William-st. 

Smyth James, 14, Stoney-batter 

Smytb Robert, 68, Grafton-st. 

Smyth Matthew, 78 n. King-st, 

Smyth Charles, 36. up, Sackville-st. 

Smyth P. H. 3, New Mary's-abbey 

Smyth Eliz, 69, Coombe 

Smyth M. 33, Camden-st. 

Stafford Jas, 33, New-st. 

Stanniis James, 24, n. f^arl-st. 

Swail John, 26, Usher's-quay 

Taggart and Son, 37, Townsend-st. 

Taubman Wm. (wholesale dealer in wine, 

Cider aUd herrings) 32, George's-quay 
Tighe Simon, 109, upper Dorset-st. 
Tonilinson Susannah, 34, south King-st. 
Toohy Matthew, 44, Summer-hill 
Tynan Edward, 31, Stephen-st. 
Tyrrell VVra. 51, Meath-st. 
Wade James, 85, Bridge-st. 
Wade J. Stephen's-green, west 
Wall Samuel, 90, Coombe 
Walpole S. and J. Essex-bridge 
Ward Matthew, 25, Moss-st. 
Watson George, 4, Patrick-st, 
Whelan James, 2, Denmark-st. 
White Richard, 10, Gloucestei'-place 
White William, 83, Pill-lane 
Whyte Charles, 1, Buckingham-st. 
Whyte Joseph, 72, Bairack-Bt. 
, Williamson Thomas, 64, Barrack-»t. 
Woodcock Benjamin, 121, James-st, 
Gun Alakers and Smiths. 
Calderwood Thomas, 14, n.Eail-st, 
Dempsey William, 12, Swift's-row 
Deveraux Michael, 62, Bride-st. 
Fowler TlioniJis, 2,9, Capel-st. 

Gallagher Henry, 207, gt. Britaia-at. 

Herbert John, 17, PlicEuix-st. 

Holiaiid Wm. (air guns) 5, Chyrch-lane 

M'Dermott Farrell, l.Abbey-st, 

IM' Knight;, George, 14, Wood-st. 

Muley Daniel, 32, Townsend-st. 

Murphy J, (gun barrels) 190, gt. Brltaiu-stT 

Pattison .lobn, 112, Capel-st. T 

Rigby William, 19, Suflfolk-st. 

Truelor.k Win. 10, 1. Biitain-s't. 

Turner George, 1.54, Capel-st. 

M'arruingbam John, \9, Fleet-street 

Wilson James, 43, Ne\F-row, west 

Gunpowder Mercfumts and Ojfices^ 
Arabin Henry, 5, Pembroke-(Juay 
Codd Clement, (general) 23, 1. Ormond-q. 
Dic)iiiiso!! Wm. 11, up. OrrHOnd-quay 
Jam -s J. K- and Co. Tunbridge Mills, and 

V), Cavendish-row 
Roche Hannah, 3, up. Stephen-st. 
See also Linen Drapers, Milliner, and 
Fancy Warehouses, 
Atkin Jane, 50, lower Stephen-st. 
Banks William, 47J, Henry-st. 
Bannon Matthew, 38, Kcnry-st. 
Bordman Jane, 53, Grafton-st. 
Bourke Henry, 108, Grafton-st. 
Boursiquot John, 5, upper Sackville-st. 
Brady Elizb. 68, great Sritain-st. 
Brownlow W.(wholesale)18, St. Andrew-st, 
Butler Wm. 147, great Britain-st. 
Cain Wm. 23, Corn-malket 
Clegg Anne, 60, upper Stephen-st. 
Clements Jane, 10, Anglesea-st. 
Church Michael, 44, south King-st. 
Connolly Peter, 8, I>igges-st. 
Craig J. and J. 38, s. great George-st. 
Crane Mary, 12, upper Kevi.i-st. 
Cuisset W. and Co. 149, great Britaui-Sl, 
Dry Elizb. 7, Hamilton-row 
Dunne Biddy, 24, Henry-st. 
Dunne M. A. 61, LeesoU-st. '[ 

Dunn & KeDnedy,(& mills,)u. SabkvlIte-BC 
Ebbs Margaret, 6, Trinity-st. 
Ellison A. and J. 58, Pill-lane 
English Anne, 19, TowHsend-st. 
Ferris Barnett, 37, Camdcn-st. ' ' !' 

Foster Joseph, (& mil'iner) 55, Graft6ft-jt. ' 
Harricks M. A. & S. 35, Arran-quay 
Harris Wm. (milliner) 10, up. Stephen-st. ' 
Heme Wm. 133, Capel-st. 
Howe and Craig, 33, lower OrmoUd-qUaV 
Huge-s Wm. 2, Johnson's>place 
Kane Mary, 43, Henry-st. 
'Keogh Eliza, 25, Boltpn-st. 
Kingsmill C.aud J. 18, Heaiy-st. '^. 

Kilpatrick Mary, 152, great Britain-st. 
Lambert M. 135, Capel-st. '■ 

Lodge Robert, 46, Castle-st. ;* 

Lodge Eliza, 14, upper Steph6n-st, * 

Long John, 103, Bride-St. 
M'Dermott Jacob, 92, Grrifton-st. 
Magee C. & E. 29, Grafton-st. "* 

Maguire Michad, 54, great Georje-st. s. [ 
Mec Dorotky, 9, Kevins-port '^ - 

Merritt ThoHaas, 3, Cork-hill 



Miachin Wm. 45, Castle-st. 
Mooney Lawr.& Co. 40, Pill-lane 
Moore Wm. 3, G.-aftou-st. 
Moore ThotrfUs, 3, Pitt-st. 
Morris John, 25, Dawson-st. 
Murphy J. C. and M. 82, great Britain-st. 
Newbold Margaret, 23, Dawson-st. 
North Anne, 3, Church-lane 
Norton R. F. 25, Henry-st. 
■ O'Neill John, 18, Nassau-st. 
Parkinson anci Fagan, 27, gt. Sbip-st. 
PlunkettJane, 29, Grafton-st. 
Baynor M. and S. 94, Abbey-st. 
ReUly Sarah, 3, up. Sackvil!e-st. 
Rogers Owen, 122, Capel-st. 
Shannon, Eliza, 101, gt. Britain st. 
Sharp Benjanlin, 99, Grafton-st. 
Shaw Charles, 15, upper Stephen-st. 
Smith Mary, 32, s. Anne-st. 
Smyth Richard, 16, Dame-st. 
Sherrock J. C. 80, Dame-st. 
Thomas Ant. 31, s. Anne st. 
Tickell John, 28, Mary-st. 
Tims Jane, 33, Mary-st. 
Troy James, 4, Castle-street 
Underwood Eliza, 3, south Anne-st. 
Wall Alicia, 31, Capel-st. 
Walsh M.(& trims.) 53 and 55,Fishamble-st. 
Webh Rebecca, 162, north King-st. 
Whaley Richard, 47, Grafton-st. 
Wheatley Anne, 2, Trinity-st. 
Wheeler S. (and stationer) 6 If, Henry-st. 
Wifjgins Francis, 38, Golden-lane 
Wilkinson Elinor, 74, Grafton-st. 
Wilson Anne, 1 1, Castle-st. 
Wood J. (cambrics & silks) 10, Andrew-st. 
Hardware and Trimming Merchants 

and Warehojises. 
Binns N. (Executors of) 21, Dame-st. 
Bryan L. A. 10, Bride-st. 
Crotty and Keshan, 18, New-row, west 
Ferrall Andrew, 130, Thomas-st. 
Glorney Samuel, 37, New-row, west 
Griffin James, 33, New-row, west 
Hall William, 51, Pill-lane 
Lodge F. and O. 9, Ross-lane 
M'Can Francis and Michael, 34, 1. Bridge-st. 
M'Gawren Patrick, 1, Exchange-st. 
Mooney Thomas, 41 . Pill-lane 
Murphy Bryan, 29, Keunedy's-lane 
North James, 21, New-row, west 
Nffwlan John, 28, New-row, west 
O'Brien Thos, 11, and 12, 1, Exchange-st. 
O'Mara H. and Son, 32, New-row, west 
O'Neill Con. (and stationary mercht.) 17, 

1. Bridge-st. 
O'Reilly Andrew, 2, Kennedy' s-lane 
Sarage Silvester, 105, Thomas-st. 
Sellors James, 19, New-row, west 
Smith Eliza, 27, Kennedy's-lane 
Woodlock William, 13, New-row, west 

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers, 
Bain Catharine, 9, Skinner-row 
Bardsley, Son and Co. 173, old Church-st. 
Butler and Sutton, 30, Essex-st. 
Byrne Peter, 3, Temple-bar 
Gollier Christopher, 22, upper Ormopd-quay 

I Dames Joseph, 32, Temple-bar''. ;T ^'>'"'"''| j 
Drought Frederick, 3§, Temple-bkr ' " ' 
Eiwood Joseph, 6, Westmoreland-st, ' 

Flood Patrick, 5, Temple bar 
Franklin Richard, 68, New-st. 
Galon, Richards and Co. 18, 18, CoUege-gr.' 
Guest Frederick, 92, Dame-st. 
Hall George, 21, Capel-st. 
Haslam Robert, 16|, Temple-bw 
Hill Thomas, 104, Thomas-st. 
Hynes James, 106, Grafton-st. 
Jackson Francis, 34, Temple-bar 
JessonH.S. andJ. 12, Dame-?t. 
Jewster Wm. 45, Temple-bar 
Johnston Wm. 38, Temple-bar 
Kelly John, 4, Temple-bar 
Kelly Mary, 54, Castle-st. 
baw'ther J. H. 60, Henry-st. 
Lee John, 5, Skinner-row 
Leland Joseph & Henry, 5 & 6, M«ath-st» 
Lord James, 19, Capel-st. 
Lovett Robert, 15, Golden-lane 
Lrnoh John, 48, Temple-bar 
M'Auley Christopher, 46, Temple-btr 
M'Auley James, 39, Temple-bar 
M'Cabe Patrick, 2 and 3, Meath-st. 
M'Donald Richard, 1, Temple-bar 
Maddock William, 28, Temple-bar 
Martin and Rogers, 57, north King-st, 
Matthews Elizabeth, 40, Temple-bar 
Mills and Ward, H, great George-st. s. 
Morgan Francis, 9, Grafton-st. 
Norris Robert and Son, 5, 1. Sackville-st. 
Nowlan John, 16, Templa-bar 
O'Sullivan and Co. Mort, 7, Grafton-st. 
Palmer John, 36, Temple-bar 
Potterton Alexander and Co. 8, Dame-st. 
Smith William, 35, Temple-bar 
Smvth Francis, 151, Capel-st. 
Stanton Thomas, 37, upper Ormond-quay 
Stretch Stephen, 28, Skinuer-row 
Tate Davis, 11, Temple-bar 
Walker Benjamin, 1, Meath-st. 
Walsh Thomas, 42, Temple-bar 
Wright Joseph, Richard and Robert, 20, 
Essex-st. 11, LOrmond-q. &Donnybrook 
Wright Thomas, 33, Westraoreland-st. 
Younge and Son, 12, Temple-bar 


Barton J. (wholesale) 47, Bolton-st 

Breden M. 13, Camden-st. 

Byrnes Peter, 41, Capel-st. ' 

Carleton W. (and shoe wareh.)48, Castle-st 

Colgan Michael, 17, up. Bridge-it 

Conolly John, 77, gt. Britain-st. 

D«bbs H. T. 6, St. Andrew's-st. 

Dowling John, 6, Corn-market 

Dunn John, 13, Corn-market 

Fairbrother J. 6, Castle-st. 

Ferrall Richai-d. 24, upper Ormond-quay 

Folds Richard, 75, Grafton-st. 

Fortune Joseph, 12, Corn-market 

Friend George, 33, Skinner-row 

Gaven Thomas, 14, Corn-markat 

Glover John and Co. (wholcsale)5, Castle-st 

Greham Peter, 3, CapeUt. ^ 

H^lowell Joseph, (and lace) 83, Gr»fton-s 




Harrick T. 23, Westmoreland-st. 
llarriclcs Richard, 25, Westmoreland-st. 
Harty and Co. 9, Westmoreland-st. 
Hincks Thomas, (and lace) 25, Grafton-st. 
Jordan Patrick, 4, Corn-market 
Larkin Matthew, 1 1 , Capel-st. 
Leslie Tliomas, 14, Capel-st. 
Lynch John, 15, Corn-market 
M'CuUa James, 65, north King-st. 
M'Guinness N. 3, Corn-market 
M'Jennett John, 4, Essex-bridge 
Maley Michael, 6, I. Sackville-st. 
Malone Joseph, 22, Skinner- row 
Miot Joseph, [wh.J 67, Dame-st. 
Moran Robert, [and Iace| 86, Grafton-st. 
Norton Thomas, 48, Exchequer-st. 
Peck George, 4, Cross poddle 
Perry Bridget, 32, Skinner-row 
Poyntz Benjamin, 62, Dame-st. 
Reilly Christopher, 18, upper Bridge-st. 
Rielly Piiilip, 10, Corn-market 
Rielly Thomas, 17, Corn-market 
Richardson Robert, 2, Westmoreland-st. 
Ring William tk Co. 47, great Gcorge-st. s. 
Rosseter and Shaw, 16, Usher's-quay 
Sharpley James and Co. 89, Grafton-st. 
Smith VVilliam, 22, Clare-st. 
Smith VVilliam, 6, Chancery-lane 
Stephens Edward, 38, Capel-st, 
Thorpe Matthew, 20, Corn-market 
Thorpe John, 27, Skinner-row 
Tommins Thomas, 30, Skiuaer-row 
Winter Samuel, 76, great Britain-st. 


Abbott Joseph, 57, Dawson-st. 
Bilton Christopher, 51, Sack-ville-st. 
Cofley Patrick, 11, upper I)omintck-st. 
Commercial, Commercial-buildings 
Crosbie Matthew, (and tavern) 2 and 3, 

lowei- Abbey-st. 
Dempster F. (Queen's Head) 25, Bride-st. 
Dignam Luke, Dunleary 
Dollard Nicholas, 2, Bolton-st. 
Dutiy James, 16, Duke-st. 
Dwyer Patrick, 51, Exchequer-st. 
Elvidge Geo. (Old Leinster) 28, s. Fred-st. 
Farrell Andrew, (Howth) upper Dorset-at. 
Gosson John, 6, Bolton-st. 
Gresham Thomas, 21, upper Sackville-st. 
Hayes Daniel, (Porto Bello) Richmond-st. 
Horan Thomas, [Blessington Hotel] 100, 

upper Dorset-st. 
Hynes M. (Belfast) 46, Capel-st. 
Jones Francis, (Hibernian) 47, Dawson-st. 
Kavanagh Garatt, [Wicklow] 24, Stephea's- 

green, north 
M'Ardle Henry, 41, Exchequer-st. 
M'Donnell Catherine, 39, Mary-st. 
M'Evoy William, 5, Kildare-st. 
MackenTho. (Falkiners) 12, Dawson-st. 
M'Kenna J. [Prince of Wales] 19, upper 

Morrison Arthur, [Leinster Hotel and Great 

Rooms] 1, Dawson-st. 
Murphy James, [Moira] 1, Sackville-st. 
O'Deinne P. [Waterfordl 17, up. Sack.-st. 

Orford Edwards, 38, Kildarc-st, 
Ralph Andrew, [Talbot] 60, gr. Britain-st^'. 

Ryland William, 46, upper Sackville-st. '"'. 

Stubbs Edward, 9, Usher' s-quay M 

Teeling Joseph, 48, north King-st. "'. 

Tuthill William, 51, Dawson-st. :vl 

Wilson Sarah, [Enniskillen] Capel-st. Vi 

Inns and Taverns. 
See also Hotels and Vintners. 

Beddy John, 18, lower Kevin-st. '[ 

Brady Daniel, [Star of the North] 183, ' 
north King-st. 

Burgess Js. [Garrick Tavern] 4, Fowness-st. 

Byrne Luke, [and corn factor] 95, Frances- 

Crosbie Matthew, [Moira] 1, Abbey-st, 

Darcy James, [Globe] 52, Essex-st. 

Dempsey Edward, [Shakespeare] 17, south. 

Dempsey James, [Old Cock] 2, Mary-st. 
^©illon Patrick, [White Bull] 139, Thos-st. 

Dooley John, [Erin Tavernl 20, Fowness-st. 

Duff John, 29, Moore-st. 

Dunn Lawrence, (Moor's Head) 11, FoW- -^ 
ness-st. ■ ' 

Grace Thomas, (Exchange Tavern) Crane-l. 

Harford Christopher, 107, up.Church-st. n. 

Hart Widow, Harry-st. 

Hayes Edward, 13, Dawson-st, 

Heron William, Porto Bello 

Lee Thomas, CShamrock) 11§, Fowness-st. 

Madden Michael, 13, upper Bridge-st. 

Malone Mary, [The Struggler] Cook-st. 

Moore James, (and hotel) Dunleary 

Murphy Arthur, (Turk's Head) Meath-st. 

N )onan Jn. (Moor's Head) 40, old Ch.-st. 

O'Neill Daniel, (Ormond Tavern) 132, 

Parker Michael, (Carlisle Tavern) 30, 

Plunkett Jane. (Old Root) Boot-lane 

Power Catherine, (Cherry Tree) 116, Tho- 

Ratclirt Jn. (Carlisle Tavern) 22, Aston's-q. 

Sallins J. (Com. Tavern) 80, Abbey-st. 

Shell Matthe-.v, [Wicklow and Wexford Ta- 
vern] Black-rock 

Tighe Nicholas, (White Cross) 72, Pill-L 

Towson Catherine, (Sun) 122, Thomas-st. 

Tunstall Anne, (Pigeon House) 

Turner Abraham, (Post-office) 27, 

Welch Patrick, (Royal Canal) 1, Dorset-st. 

Whelan Wm. [Rock Tavern] 10, Baggot-st. 

Wilkinson Thomas, (Carteret's Head) 32, 

Wogan Anne, (Churn) 111, Thomas-st. 

h'on Founders. 
Bennett John, (& manufr of wrought iron) 

city foundry. 25, old Church-st. 
Byrne John, 164, old Church-st. 
Clarke <*ohn,(monger&smith) 17, Aston'8-q.^ 
Foley Patrick, 118, Abbey-st. 
Grendon Joseph, Dirty-lane 
Hughes Thomas, 79, n. King-st. 
Lowe Maiy, [metal sash] 11, Marlb.-st. 
Peebles David & Co. 42, Bridgefoot-st. f 




P6<intlen JoLn, 47, Br'ulgefoot-st. 
Rinorwood Wm. 165, old Church-st. 
Ilobin?on Richard, (steam engines) Phoenix 

Foundry, Pavlcgate-st. 
Sheridan James, 163, old Clnirch-st, 
Teeling Luke, 2, Tho-nas-st. 

If on Merclwnts. 

Carney Walter, (& salt store) -12, Frahcls-st. 
Classon and Dn^gan, Bridgjfoot-st. 
Clas«on iTahrt, 2, P!ack-haii-place 
Gibbons Chiif:. (& h. ware) S, Ellis-quay 
Gi^jgarty James & Co, 33, cross Kevin-st. 
Milles Jan^r-s, 
M'Caskv ^Vm. 22, old Churoh-st. 
M'Creafy &lSale, [.& steel] 20, gt. Strand-st, 
M'Creary Wni. 4, Summer-st. n. 
Mooney Thomas, 41, Pill-lane 
Moore Jas. 119, Thomas-st. 
Nowland John, 28, New-roiY, west 
O'Neill Ambrose, (tnnster of the King's iron 

yard) 83, sir John's-qnay 
Pickering Thomas, 124, Francis-st. 
Si'le M. R. 2, Summer-st. north 
Smith Robert, 23, Thonias-st. 

iron Mongers. 
AnHen James, (smith) '^6, Abbey-st. 
Bingham Henry, 144, Capel-st. 
Binns Benj. 20, Dame-st. 
Brady H«nry, 119, great Britain-st. 
Burgess Wm. 14, Clarendon-st. 
Caldvvell John, 7, King's Inns-quay 
Carton and Ha\vthorn, 39, Pill-lane 
Dickinson Wm. 11, upper Ormond-quay 
Doyle James, Black-rock 
Egan James, 35, New-row, west 
Elliott John, 95, Thomas-st. 
Evans Wm. Cooke, 13, Werburgh-st. 
Perrall Andrew, 1.30, Thomas-st. 
Fletcher S. and Sons, 70, Abbey-st. 
Gatchell Samuel, {& hardware) 87, Pill -lane 
Hewson John, 27, n. Earl-st 
Hodges Wm. 28, lower Sackville-st. 
izon Thomas, 64, great George-st. south 
Kelly Patrick, 71,Fleet-st. 
Kelly Hugh, 117, Thomas-st- 
Kelly Joseph, .'IS, Pill-lane 
M'Caskey Wm. [& hardwr.] 8, Rr,ss-!ane 
Mallet Wm. (& smith) pO & 91, Marlb.-st. 
Marchant C. and Son, 43, King-st. s. 
Mason Abram. 9 and 10, Dawson-st. 
Mason Sam. (and hardwr.) 73, Thomas-st. 
Mooney Thomas, 41 , Pill-lane 
Murphy Bryan, 29, Kennedy's-lane 
Mtirphy Rd. (& harfwr.) 4, Kennedy's-lane 
NangleThos. 61, Mary's-lane 
O'Connor John, 128, James-st. 
O'Reilly Andrew, 2, Kennedy's-laue 
Parkes John & Co. (wh. and hardware mer- 
chants) 57, Steelhouse-lane 
Perry Jas. and Henry, 27, Pill-lane 
Richard Joseph, 36, Capel-st. 
Scarlet Jas. 57, Pill-lane 
Smith Brent, 44, Grafton-st. 
Smith Edw. (manufacturing) 20, College-gr. 
Stenners Wm. 69, great Britain-street 
Taylor Wm, 55, Exchequer-st. 

Turner Rd. & Co. 4, Stepheu's-'gitfen,''B."' 
White Ellen, 24, old Chnrch-st. 
Whitestone Rt. 26, Kennedy's lane 
Wilson Peter, 21, High-street 
Wilson John, 33, Pill-lane 
Wyon Jas. 18, 1. Ormond-quay 

See also Goldsmiths and Silversmiths, 
Adams Edward, 44, Nassau-st. 
Barnett Robert, 4, Smock-alley 
Hoyle William, 34, great Britain-st. 
Brown John, 3, Fowness-st. 
Burke James, .37, Stephcn-st. 
Caineu William, 14, Skinijer-row 
Campbell C. C. 30, south King-st. 
Clarke and Ayre, 17, Trinity-place 
Gaskin Richard, 13, Nassau-st. 
Gonne T. and Son, 14, Cro\v-st. 
Holmes James, 58, upper Steplien-st. 
Jackson Joim, 110, Grafton-st. 
.Jenkins E. W. 64, Exchequer-st. 
Johnson Joseph, 32, William--st. 
Kavanag'h J. (& hardware) 14, 1. Exchg.-st.i 
Kavauagh John, 32, Capel-st. : i 

Kelly Edward, 12, Skinner-row i 

Kelly Jane, 21, lower Exchange-st. 
Kcville Edward, 82, Grafton-st, 
law William and Son, 1, lower Sackville-st. 
Maguire Bernard, 12, lower Exchange-st. 
Mason Daniel, 25, low. Eschange-st, 
Moore Patrick, (and plate) 5, Fleet-st. 
Moore James, 16, Eustace-st. 
Morgan Thomas, 13, Skinner- row 
Morgan William, 105, Grafton-st. 
Moseley W. and R. (Wholesale) 17, Angk*^ 

sea-st. . . 

Mullen MfchaeJ, 68, Dame-st. 
Murphy Edward, f manuf.) 7, Skinner-row 
Murray Edward, 7, Aston's-quay 
Nowland Henry, 54, Exchequer-st. 
Orr Mi«hael, (working) 5, Essex-quay 
Peter and Mockler,T09, Grafton-st. 
Petrie M. 82, Dame-st. 
Robinson John, [lapidary! 6, Crow-st. 
Rooke Henry, 14, Crampton-court 
Rorke Walter, 24, 1. Sackville-st. 
Segrave Patrick, 87, Dame-st. 
Stewart Charles, Exchange-court 
Tate John, 148, Captl-st. 
Turpin P. [manuf.] 1 6, Trinity-' place 
rigne Henry, 9, T'itt-st. 
Vigne James, 3, Nassau-st. 
West Mattheiv, 15, Skinner-row 
Williams Rt. [& goldsmith] 17, Grafton-st. 

Joiners, Carpenters, and House 

Barry William, 63, Smithlield 
Bass Joseph, 10, Bass-place, Denzille-st. 
Battei-sby Arthur, 27, Peter-st. 
Blackburn James, Mountjoy-st. 
Boyd Ro.bert, 4, Michael-lane 
Bradshaw James, Sandymount 
Carolin Edward, 1, Noland-st. 
Chapman Joseph, 3, Redmonds-Lill 
Clarke James, [builder] 56, New-st. 
Clinch John, 5, Summer-hill 



Cockburn Gilbert,.9, Porset-st. 
Conolly William; 42, Cook-st. 
Crosbie Jam^s, 22, King-st. south 
Curran John, 55), Townsend-st. 
Curran Matthew, 11, Montague-st. 
Devitt James, 19, Bride-st. 
Dillon Edward, 119, Summer hill 
Dobbin David, 4, Boot-lane 
Dobbin William, 30, great Strand-st. 
Dolittle John, 175, nOrth Kin^^-st. 
Donn Daniel, 16, Charlotte-st. 
DooleyP. [brick builder] 106, Twvnsend-st. 
Doolin Walter, 64f , Marlb,-st. 
Dovvling John, 71, Ncw-st. 
Doyle Gregory, 9, 1. Pembroke-st. 
Dunckelly Richard, 42, s. great (icorge-st. 
Eaton Benjamin, 4, Black-hall-place, and 

14, Fitz9Cibbon-st. 
Elliott Andrew, 21, Bolton-st, 
Farrell George, 18, Wentwortli-place 
Farrell Patrick, 13, Sfaiiord-st. 
Fitzpatrick John, 13, Bishop-st. 
Flaherty Robert, 38, Stephen-st. 
Flinn M, [and machinist] 7, Chamber-st. 
Gibson George, 5, 1. Pembroke-st. 
Grant James and William, 17, Goiden-lane 
Griffin Richard, 20, Wood-st. 
Hale Edward, 6, Hanover-st. west 
Hamilton John, 6, Bride-st. 
Hardy Joseph, 16, llichinond-st. 
Head"Daniel, 17, Cook-st. 
Holdbrook Benjamin, 18, Bishop-st. 
Holmes J. [tool maker] 13, Aungier-st. 
Hussey John, 3!), Cook-st. 
Hutchinson William, 58, 1. Jervis-st. 
Hutton Daniel, 20, Ivlary-st. 
Jones R. 17, great Ship-st. 
Jones Samuel, 19, White-friar-st. 
Kavanagh Edward, 54, upper Dorset-st. 
Kearns Thomas, 47, Cuife-st. 
Keogh Edward, 1, Cumberland-st. south 
Keogh John, 67, Cook-st. 
Kildahl Nicholas, 2, upper Baggot-st. 
King John, 2, Dawson's-court 
Knight Richard, 4, Fitzwilliam-st. 
Leaman H. O. 1, lower Diffg*'s-st. 
Lever James, (builder) Mabbott st. ' 'i 

Lincham Dennis, 63, Queen-st. 
Lynch John, 10, great Britain-st. 
Lynch Peter, 3, Ryder's-row 
M'Daniel Thomas, 2, Peter's-row 
M'Donnell John, 78f, 1, Mount-st. 
M'Kenna Arthur, 24, Tbomas-st. 
M'Kenna Patrick, 7, Wflliam-st. 
Maginnes Patrick, 72, Townsend-vSt. 
Majrshall Cathnrine, 8f^, Cook-st. 
Mitchell Joseph, 72, Bride-st. 
Morris John, 43, Abbey-st. 
Morrison Robert, 68, Aungier-st. 
Murphy. Michael, 44, Clarendon-st. 
Murray Edward, 32, Jamcs-st- west 
Needham Henry, 10, (Jeorge-st. Geo.-quay 
Norwood Benjamin, 51, Town^jcnd-jt. 
O'Neill and Walsh, 2, 1. Pembroke-st. 
Plunkett Garrett, 7, Montague-st. 
Quilton Edward, 67, Townsend-st. 
Read J. W, Sumnier-hill 

Reynolds John, 21, Cook-street 
Ring Thomas, 81, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Robi.nson Joseph, 9, Golden-lane 
Russell John, Marlboro' -place 
Russell John, 1, Russell -place 
Scallau Wm. 3, 1. Pembroke-st. 
Semple John, 21, MarHuoro'-st. 
Shaw John, 65, Townsend-st. 
Sfapleton Geo. i, ftlou'itjoy-place 
Templeton "Vm. 5, fctnry-st- 
Thorp Charles, \li, Elegsington-s,t, 
Tuubri'ige Martin, 10, n. Frpdeirj^k-st. 
Tutty James, Dunleary 
Wall Thomas, 6, Bishop-st. 
Wallis Thomas, 12, n. Aune-^t, 
Ward tfenry, 47, Moore-st. 
Whelan J. and P. 46, Higli-st. 
Whelan Jas. 39, Thomas-st. 
White J, D. 17, Chancery-lane 
Wbyte Robert, 35, Montgomerj'-st- 
Wildridge George, 5, James-st. east 
Williamson George, 27, 1. Dorset-s^. 
Woods Andrew, 63, Baggot-st. 
Wooldridge Hugh, 13, n. Strand 
Wybrants George, 23, Peter-st. 

Lace Merchants and Manufacturers. 

Atkinson Wm. (army, &c.) 14, Werburgh-ut. 
Brownbill 0. (and hosier) 3t, Grafton-^t. 
Chapman John, 7, lower Ormond-quay 
Fisher J. and T- (British) 29, Ano-lasea-st. 
Fletcher R. (livery & fringe) 4, (Jrafton-s^. 
Forrest James, 98, Grafton-st. ■ 
Freeman E, [and fur] 15, Cutpurse-rovy 
Fry and Nesbitt, 30, Dame-st. 
Knight R. (livery) 161, great Britain-st. 
Locke Thomas, (livery) 40, Nassau-st. 
Maskerry Joseph, 3, St. And^ew-st, 
O'Shaughnessy L. [coach & livery} 9, Bow- 
lane, Aungier-st, 
Sharp Benjamin, 99, Grafton-st 
Warren and Cowper, [Asilk] 2, AngleseanSt. 
Wilson Brab. ] 1, Dame-st. 

Lamp and Kitchen Furniture Manu- 
See aiao Braziers, Ssc. 
Commins John, 59, Henry-st. 
Lowry R. and Co. [patent] 8, Werburgh-st. 

Land and Building Agents and Sur- 
Hartley H-umphrey, 1, Fitzwilliam-square 
Sherrard Thus, .ind Sons, 72, Blessington-st. 
Stewart and Swan, 6, Leinster-st. 
V/oods Patfipk, 22, Fiahamble-st. 

Land Surveyors, 

See also Mciisurers. 
Brassington Richard, 24, Dominick-st> 
Byrne.). J. 2B, Camden-st. 
Cooke Jas. (and architect) 42, up. Dorset-st. 
Jones Wm. 7, Ciuiuliam 
Longfield John, 67, Grafton-st. 
Neville and Son, 2y, lower Ormond-quay 
Roe John, 10, Merrion-row 
Sherrard, Brassington and Green, 72, Bles- 



Leather Warehouses, and Cutters, 

See also Fell Mongers and Tanners. 
Alcorn John, 26, Back-lane 
Byrne Thos. 51, Back lane 
Eccles John & Sons, [English] 108, Bride-st. 
Graham W. F. & Son, [English] 35, Capel-str 
Harding Pat, 13, Back-lane 
Keefe Margt. 41, Back -lane 
Lamb James, 33, cross Kevin-st, 
M'Clue James, 4, Back-lane 
Passmore Pat. 92, Cook-st. 
Wade C J. 32, Winetavern-st. 
Walsh Michl. 37, Cook-st. 
Watson Daniel, 1, New-row, west 
White John, 60, Back-lane 
White Michael, 63, Cook-st. 

Lime Merchants, 
Booker Nugent, 1 10, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Byrne Miles, 26, Newmarket 
Conelly and Hamill, Rings-end 
Kane John, 48, Henry-st. 
Ledwich Wm. upper Baggot-st. 

Linen Drapers, ^c. 
iUlen Edward, 22, upper Bridge-st. 
Bagley Austin, 5, Thomas-st. 
Barton Thos. 7, Castle-st. 
Bashford George, 17, n. King-st, 
Belshaw Redmond, 87, Grafton-st. 
Bingham Jane, 47, Henry-st. 
Birkett Israel, 49, Dawson st. 
Black Barbara, 2, Back-lane 
Boake Barcroft, 14, Dawson-st. ' 
Bolton Henry, 63, Grafton-st. 
Boyd Saml. 3, Queen-st. 
Boyd Anne, 12, Cutpurse-row 
Boyle Michael, 35, Mary-st. 
Bradley Michael, Black-rock 
Brady Judith, 67|, Thomas-st. 
Brian Michael, 27, north King-st. 
Briscoe Jas. 1 , upper Bridge-st. 
Brown Joseph, 8, north King-st. 
Buchanan Wm. 1 00, Grafton-st. 
Burke Jas. 32, King-sf. 
Burton John, I, Merchants-quay 
Butler Edward, 96, Grafton-st. 
Byrne Mary, 15, n. King-st. 
Byrne Thomas, 30, lower Bridge-st. 
Campbell and Kelly, 34, Merchants-quay 
Carr Anne, 98, Thomas-st. 
Carrothers Anne, 55, Abbey-^st. 
Christian Isaac, 2, Usl^rs-quay 
Clarke, H. 10.'), upper Dorset-st. 
Clarhe Thomas, 1, Back-lane 
Clare and Henry, I, Johnson's-place 
Cochrane and Kennedy. 17, Dawson-st. 
Cooke Peter, 88, Piil-lane 
Corbally James, 2, Back-lane 
Coulrer Wm. 5, Castle-st. 
Cowen C;atharine, 44, St. Patrick 's-st. 
Cullen Nicholas, 70, jrreat Britain-st, 
Daly Thomas, 14, Francis-st. 
Davis Deborah, 20, great George et. s. 
Dc'd J. (lin. & c?l.! 1, Mullinahack 
Drggan P.obt. 28, Moore-st. 
Dunn Edw. 7, low. Sackville-st. 
Dunn Mary, 67, Back-lane 

Farrell C. 137;ilit^W')b(5rset-st. 

Farrell C. and A. 3^, Castle-st>, 

f inlay Michael, 44, Townsend-st. 

Fitzgerald Eliza, 3, Werburgh-st. 

Fitzpatrick Matthew, 30, Westmoreland-6t. 

Flanagan Edw. 9, upper Bridge-st. 

Ford Arthur, 90, Graiton-st. 

French M. A. 104, upper Dorset-st. 

Furlong Nicholas, 23, north King-street 

Gamble Saml. 64, High»pt. 

Gellis M. T. (and tea) 17, Digges-st. 

Geoghegan Thos. 67, gr. Britain-st. 

Goodison John, 29, Corn-market 

Graham Harriet, 1 , White Friar-st, 

Gregor M. (and silk mercer) 62, Thomas-st. 

Harding Anne, 144, James-st. 

Handcock Richd. 19, Corn-market 

Harvey Ann, 64, Thomas st. 

Hayes Rt. [wholesale] 37, 1. Bridge-st. 

Hession John, 20, north King-st. 

Hetherington Saml. 9, Castle-st. 

Hogan Timothy, 11, north King-st. 

Hopkins AVm. 76, Grafton-st. 

Jackson and Sinton, 30, Corn-market 

Jackson Thos. 3, Cutpurse-row 

Jackson Wm. 58, great Britain-st. 

Jones Humphrey, 84, Pill-lane 

Kavanagh Michl. 36, Henry-st. 

Keenan John, 12, upper Bridge-st. 

Kellett and Wilson, 16, north King-st. 

Kelly Mary, 18, Corn-market 

Kelly Edw. 2, upper Bridge-street 

Keman Margt. 38, Bolton-st. 

KentWm. 18, Stephen-st. 

Leary Eliz. 2, Queen-st. 

Logan Mary, 10, Aungier-st. 

M'Bride&Atkinson, [wh.&re.J 5,Werb.'St. 

M'Dermott Ann, 37, up. Sackville-st. 

M'Donald Michl. 11, Bridge-st. 

M'Lorinan Teresa, 12, Nicholas-st. 

M'Mullen John, 35, Blessington-st. 


Madden Bridget, 22, north King-st. 

Maginn John, 19, north Kiug-st. 

Mansfield Ann, 1 , Francis-^t, 

Mara Jos. 25, Kevins-port 

Monks Margt. 26, Francis-st. 
Moran Eliza, 49, Francis-st, 
Murphy John, 11, Nicholas-st. 

Murphy Chas. 57, Castle-st. 
Murray John, 61 , Capel-st. 
Nicholas Wm. & Co. 55, Castle-st. 
Nicholson Thos. 57, Grafton-st. 
Nevin P. 61, Capel-st. 
Nolan Cecilia, 10, Nicholas-st. 
Nugent John, 130, Townsend-st. 
O'Beirne John Jas. 34, Capel-st. 
O'Brien Joseph, 1, Castle-st. 
O'Donohoe Martin, 158, north King-st. 
O'Flaherty Hugh, 6, up. Sack.-st. 
O'Keefe Catharine, 66, n. King-st. 
Oldham Hugh, 118, north King-st. 
Oldham Samuel, 11, Westmoreland-st, 
O'Rielly Mich. 22, Pill-lane 
O'Reilly Jas. 31, Coombe 
Orr Isaac, 86, Pill -lane 
Parry Abm. 10, upper Bridge-st. 



Pigott John, 3, up. Bridgc-st. 
Place Chas. 13, Castle-st. 
Purcell Bridget, 39, Francis-st. 
Puriiold James, 22, Pill-lane 
Quigley Jane, 35§, Nicholas-st. 
Ilaflerty John, 25, Corn-market 
Reilly Eugene, 24, north King-st. 
Reilly Elinor, 33, King-st. 
Richey Andrew, 22, Dame-st. 
RicheyRobt. fwholesale) .91, Grafton-st. 
Roche Henry, 32, Nassau-st. 
Rounds Jane, 25, north King-st. 
Sharkey Mary, 5, up. Bridge-st. 
Simmons and Walpole, 7, Suffblk-St. 
Sinton Elizb. 27, Corn-market 
Smith H- and J. 10), Grat'ton-st. 
Smyth Geo. 38, Castle-st. 
Sneyd Thomas, 51, Castle-st. 
Spear Wm. 6, Arran-quay 
Stack Pat. 38, Grafton-st. 
Stott Ann, 8, up. Sack.-st. 
Stubbs Rt. S. 3, Dame-st 
Studdert George, 12, Grafton-st. 
Taylor George, Dunleary 
Teevens ThOs. 27, Patrick-st. 
Thacker Elizabeth, 4 J, Sliinner-row 
Tonry M. F. 30, Capel-st. 
Tully Bernard, 8, upper Bridge-st. 
Usher John, 13, Merrion-row 
Vernor and Dawson, 31, King-st. 
Walker Thomas, 73, Grafton-st. 
Wall Wary, .50, Francis-st, 
Ward Jas. 14, north King-st. 
Webb Richard, 7, Nicholas-st. 
Webb Jas. [wh.] 14, north King-st. 
Webb John, 160, great Britain-st. 
Wilkins Henry, 46, Hemy-st. 
Williams E. and R. 22, Francis-st. 
Williams Thos. 30,' lower Sack.-st. 
Wilson Richard, 8, Castle-st. 
Wolfenden Edward, [wh.] 27, Dame-st. 
Wright Nmh. [& bed tick] 3, Skinner-row 
Young Chas. 42, Cutte-st. 

Linen Merchants and Factors. 

Alexander and Garratts, 6, Linen-hall-st. 

Barrett S. [lin. & cot. factors] 1, Anne-st. n. 

Barton John, 52^, Jervis-st. 

Bastiville Rd. 54,-Bolton-st. 

Beggs Jameson and Co. Linen-hall 

Bell R. and F. [& cotton] 14, Linen-hall-st. 

Boyle Vicars, Lurgan -St. 

Brady James, 127, Linen-hall 

Campbell Peter, 34, Merchants-quay 

Chambers, Todd and Co. n Frederick-st. 

Christie Jas. M. Linen-hall 

Clibborn Edward, 42, York-st. 

Clarke James, 4, Granby-row 

Coile Bernard and Co. 10, Linen-hall-st. 

Coulson John, Wm. Walter, and Jas, Lineh- 

hall, and Lisburne 
Courtnay John, 10, Linen-hall-st. 
Courtnay Wm, 1, Yarn-hall st. 
Dawson and Reids, [& muslin] 1.3, Liuen- 

Dick Saml, and Co. 7, Linen-hall-st. 
Doyle William, 9, Hatch-st, 

Doyle Peter, 26, Corn-market 

Doyle Peter, 2, Cutpurse-row 

Egan Constantine, 2.'5, Beresford-st. 

Fisher J. [& wh. calico] 19, up. Bridgc-st. 

Gardiner Cusack and Co. Lineii-Iiall 

Giirnett J. and R. 6, Linen-hall-st, 

Gibson Joseph, 31, lower Onnond-quay 

Hahnston and Boyle, Linen-hall 

Hall Alexander, Linen-hall 

Harkness VVm. and' Co. Linen-hall 

Hawthorn Wm. 5, Lurgan-st. 

Hogan Edward, 11, Usher's-quay 

Johnston and Boyle, 8, Lurgan-.?t. 

Knox Wm. 4, Blessingtou-st. 

Knox John, 5, n. Anne-st. 

Leckey --olin, 7, n. Anne-st. 

M'Cormick Mark and Co. [and furniture] 

Mai^rane Christopher, 7, Ilardwicke-st. 

Maguire Alex. 58, Bolton-st. 

M'Kiernan Hugli, 2, Linen-hall 

j\r Mullen and Magrane, 2, n. Anne-st. 

Meade Matthew, 'S, Lisbuvn-st, 

Mills and Chambers, 1 , Lislnirn-st. 

Nicholson John, Linen-hall 

Nolan and Taafle, Linen-hall 

Nolan Walter, 8, Frederick-st. n. 

Ogilby James and Son, 18, Prussia-st. 

Pepper J. and W. Locke, 26, n. Anne-st. 

Pira Tobias, 67, Aungier-st. 

Prentice Thomas, 1 1 , n. Anne-st. 

Reid J. H. [muslin, &c.] 4, Linen-ball-st. 

Richardson R. and T. 56, Bolton-st. 

Russell N. [calico and flannel] 8, 1. Bridge-st. 

Salmon Michael, Linen-hall 

Shaw and Carroll, 13, Granby-row 

Sproul Arthur, Linen-hall 

Stanley .lohn, Linen-hall 

Stanley John, ^G, Ecqles-st. 

Stott Samuel, 30, Dominick-st. 

Taylor David, 8, Lurgan-st. 

Twigg James, 54, Bolton-st. 

Woolfenden Wm. 27, Arran-qxiay 
Lottery Offices. 

Brown James, 36, College-green 

Browne John, 5, Capel-st. 

CallwcU Nathaniel, 28, College-grecH 

Kent Aquilla, 37, College-green 
Lover S. and Co. 18, Dame-st. 
Koose D. C. 2, Capel-st. 
Webb Robert, 17, Dame-st. 

Machiiie Makers, &c. 
See also Artists, &c. 
Benson Thos. 1, Lees-lane, n. Fleet-st. 
Buckley Joseph, 114, Ncw-st. 
Dimcan Thomas, [lire engine] .3, Bank-st, 

Trinity College 
Kennedy James, 2, Ardee-row 

Conolly James and Co. Ringsend-dock 
D'Arey John, 1, Bonham-st. 
Plunlcctt John, Portland-st. 

Map mid Print Sellers, 
Allen Wm. and Sons, .32, Dame-st. 
Le Petit Joseph, [prints] 20. Capel-st. 
M'tleary Wm. 39, Nassau-st. 


Mathematical Instrument Makers, 

Clarke Edward, 10,lowerSacla'ille-st. 
Flanagan Patrick, 13, Fishamble-st. 
Hicks George, 46f , City-quay 
Hicks P. 13, lower Camden-st. 
Yeates Kendrick, 26, Staftbrd-st. 
See also Land Surveyors. 
Annesley James, 9, Fade-st. 
Barcroft Jaffray, Hanover-st. 
Gorman Thomas, 33, Hardwicke-st. 
Kelly Hugh, 33, Peter-st. 
Sharkey Joseph, 16, Kevins-port 
Tomy Wilson, 61 , Queen-st. 

Abbott Wm. 9|, Abbey-st, 
Adair John, 5, Eustace-st. 
Alexander Wm. Richmond-place ' 
Anderson Nathaniel, 86, Abbey-st. 
Armstrong Robert, 20, lower Ormond-quay 
Astle John, 47, Bishop-st. 
Ayre Martin, 28, Francis-st. 
Barber John, 7, Camden-st. 
Barber and Purdy, 27, lower Ormond-quay 
Batchelor John, 27, William-st. 
Beirs Wm. 13, Black-hall-st. 
Belle w Christopher, 51, Lotts 
Bennett Samuel, 166, n. King-st. 
Berry S. R. and F. grand Canal-harbour 
Bewley S. C. Fowler and Co. 24, SuflPolk-st. 
Bewley A. 20, upper Bridge st. 
Birch T. H. & E. 11, New-row, west 
Boursiquot & Woodroofe, 10, Jervis-st. 
Boyce J.&J. [gen.imprs.] 25,gt. Geo.-st.s. 
Boylan Michael, 20, Batchelors-walk 
Brechner John, 70, Fleet-st. 
Brooke Henry, 10, lower Ormond-quay 
Brophy Peter, 88, Abbey-st. 
Butler John, Swifts-alley 
Byrne Mark, 18, lower Fitzw.-st. 
Byrne M'Donnell & Co. AUens-court 
Cahill Luke, 10, Fisher's-lane 
Callaghan T. & Sops, 20, Fleet-st. 
Carleton G. F. 12, Eustace-st. 
Carton Lawrence, 103, Stephen's-green, w. 
Cashell Henry, 9, Geo.-st. Georgo-quay 
Chamberlain P. and T. 8, Fowneas-st. 
Clarke James, 4, Granby-row 
Clouston and Fottrell, 9, lower Liffey-st. 
Cogan B. and Co. 5, Lotts 
Colville Wm. & Son, [corn] 6, Batlrs.-walk 
Connell J. P. 4, Montgomery-st. 
ConoUy Maxwell & Fortescue, 3, Burgli-q. 
ConoUy Jas. & Co. Ringsend-dock 
Conolly Wm. & Brother, 28, Batclrs.-walk 
Coulson John, 52, Boiton-st. 
Croker Edward, 10, upper Dorset-st. 
Crombie Wm. 24, n. Anne-st. 
Crostwaite L. & Sons, 60, Fleet-st. 
CrottyCors. 18, Ushers-island 
Crowe L. 90, Stephen's-green 
Cusack Thomas, 34, Ushers-quay 
Daniel Wm. 26, lower Ormot>d-quay 
Dawson Thomas, 7, s, Cope-st. 
De Joncourt & Thompson, 79, Marlb.-st. 
Dillon Patrick, Ushers-cdurt 

Doherty John, 0, pld, Church-st. 

Dollard Robert, 28, Mecklenburgh-8t. 
Donoghue John, 9, Fleet-st. 
Douling Patrick, 13, Fleet-st. 
Doyle J. P. bO, upper Church-st. 
Drevar George, 82, Abbey-st. 
•DuffV. R.9,'n.,Earl-st, 
Dumoulin Francis, 9, upper Baggot-st. 
Duncan John, 6, Granby-row 
Dj'kes Wm. 10, Aston's-quay 
Elliott John, [Dublin and London parcel 

Office] '6'^, lower Sackville-st. 
English Isaac, 20, Batchelors-walk 
FarreJl Michael, 59, Abbey-st. 
Ferrall Joseph, 58, Abbey-st. 
Ferrall J. and Son, 13, Hay-market 
Fitzgerald David, 2, Fleet-st. 
Fottrell Thomas, 6, Marlb.-st. 
Fox Thomas, 8, York-st. 
Garratt Richard, 40, Blessington-st» 
Gibbon Alexander, 5, Granby-row 
Gorman Robert, 92, Marlb.-st. ^ 

Grierson James, 142, New-st. 
Grierson John, 20; Staiibrd-st. 
Green Joshua, 36, Arran-quay 
Grogan James, 34, upper Dorset-st. 
Hall and M'Jntire, 22, lower Ormond-quay. 
Hall Robert, 17, great George-st, n. • 
Halliday Chas. w. Arran-st, 
Hamilton Jas. 39, James-st. 
Hamilton W. S. and Co. 23, Moore-st. 
Harnett Wm. and Co. 12, Eustace-st. 
Healy Thoma";, 48, Townsend-st. 
Hendrick John, jun, 72, great Britain-st. 
Henry J. and J. 5, lower Ormond-quay 
Henry Porter and M'Cullagh, 69, Abbey-st, 
Hill John, 83, upper Dorset-st. 
Hoare Stephen, 4, lower Britain-st. 
Hodgens Thomas, 9, PilVlane 
Hodgkinson, Porter and Co. 61, Abbey-st. 
Hone John, 6§, Eustace-st. 
Hone and Hutton, Commercial-buildings 
Howe E. 34, Aungier-st. 
Howie Thomas, [Scot's] 7, Lurgan-st. 
Hughes Michael, 119, Townsend-st. 
Hughes Terence, 11 /, Townsend-st. 
Hunt Robert, 10, n. Anne-st. 
Hunt Thomas, .39, lower Gardiner-st, 
Humphreys Wm. 8, Gardiner's-row 
Hyland B, and Sons, 5, Market-st. 
Hyndmanand Sons, Commercial-buildings 
Jackson Jas, and Co. 24, ujyper JenisTst. 
Jameson Thomas, 48, lower Gardiner's-st. 
Jameson Rt. 32, Abbey-st. 
Jones Aid. D. 3, Cope-st. south 
Journeaux E. and I. A. 24, Arran-quay 
Joy Arthur, Stocking-ln.and 48, l.Mount-st. 
Kearney Hickman, 37, great Strand-st. 
Kelly Wm. 43, lower Gardiner-st. 
K/nncdy, Nelson and <'o. 12, Island-st. 
Kirwau Thomas, 66, F!oet-st. 
King James, 12, Colerain-st. 
Lane Abm. 3, lower Ormond-quay 
Lealand Crosthwaite and Sons, Nortli-wall 
Leonard Edwd. and Son, 13, Usher's-qiiay 
Lindsay John, 46, upper Sackirill§-st;. , 
Lowe Josiah, 23, Suflblk-st. j ., ., ,,; /i^ 


Lyndi David, 4, great Strand-st. 
Lynch Gt>ora;e, 32, Marlb.-st. 
Lyons RohcFt, 12 V, upper Dorset-st, 
M'Bride George, 87, Abhey-st. 
M'Cal! Jimesand Co. T6, Batchelor?-walk 
M'DamelWm, [indigo] 26, ). Urmond-q. 
M'Donnell John, 33, lower Gardiner-st. 
M'Gauran Micliacl, Bridge foot-st. 
M'Kenny .fohn, 20, lower Dorset-st. 
M'Loghlin Cor. I'S, Ushers-island 
Magce W. snid R. 47, tqjjipr Sackville-st. 
Ma£-:rath Folett, 31, Mec'';l!;nburg-h-t--t. 
Maguire Win. 3! , Frfnic^^-st, 
Malone J, [|??n- com.] •!, V\erl)urgh-6t. 
Marmion Francis, 7, Flcet-st. 
Marquis Wm. Erne-st. 
Matthews John, .'t, Linen-liall-F^t. 
Mayne Rt. jun. 2£, -jpper Jervis-st. 
Mills Francis, 13, .Jervivst. 
Mitcheitree Wm. 72, Capel-st. 
Molloy P. atid R. Commercial-buildings 
Montgomery J. jun, 8, Hume-st. 
Montgomery Alexander, 29, n. Fredcrick-st. 
Moore John, 35, great Sti-and-st. 
Moore John, 67. Fleet-st. 
Murphy John, 62, Fleet-st. 
Nevill B. and B. 77, Marlb.-st. 
Newcomb Wm. 15, Fleet-st. 
O'Brien, Meade and Co. Merchants-quay 
O'Brien Christopher, 31, Mary's Abbey 
O'Connor and Moore, 80, Marlb,-st. 
O'Connor Valentine, 37, Queen-st. 
O'Donnell Robert, 13, Batchelors-walk 
O'Gilby James and Son, 18, Prussia-st. 
O'Kelly John and Co. 53, Abbey st. 
O'KellyWm. 43, lower Gardiner-st, 
O'Neill Patrick, 40, Bridge-st, 
O'Neill John, 23, \ipper Ormond-quay 
Orr Alexander, 76, Marlb.-st. 
Partington iohn, 16, York-st. 
Palmer Geo. and Richard, 7, French -st. 
Palmer John and Co. 32§, P. Bride-st. 
Patrick and Heney, 4, Aston's-quay 
Phelps W. J. and Co. 92, Capel-st. 
Pirn Joseph, s. Cope-st. 
Pim J. and J. 15, Usher's-fsland 
"Pim and Goodbody, 115, James-st. 
Pim John, 115, James-st. 
Pine t. J. and J. 22, Wm.-st. 
Porter John, 61, Abbey-st. 
Purdon Thomas, 67, Abbey-st. • 
Purdy Richard, 27, Ormond -quay 
Rainey Samuel, 42, Stalibrd-st. 
Rainsford John and Co. 116, Abbey-st. 
Reddy Neal, 18, Thomas-st, 
Roach Michael, 118, Townsend-st. 
Robinson and Jameson, 32, Abbey-st. 
Roche John and Co. 9, great Strand-st. 
Roe Robert and Heniy, Crampton-quay 
Russell George, IS, great Georga-st. n. 
Rutherford John and Son, 9, 1, Sackville-st. 
Soanlan Patrick, 21, Eustace-st. 
'Scott Samuel, 37, lower Gardiner-st- 
Seaver Stephenson and Co. 54, Abbey-st. 
Shaw Turbet and Co. 2, Batchelors-ualk 
Staunton Miles, 5, Mountjoy-square, w. 
-Stephens Thomas, 7, grand Canal-harbour 
'Stftpbeiis James, 2."^, Batrhelors-walk 

Stephens John, 12, s. Earl-st. "«'^'''*^-^ 
Stephens E. and S. Princes-st. 
Stewart Isaac, 12, Batchelors-walk 
Stewart John, 122, Abbey-st, 
Stott and Son, 30, Dominick-st. 
Sutton J. and R. 13, Mary's Abbey 
Swinny Bladen, 9, Kildare-st. 
Teeling Robert, 44, Abbey-st. 
Thacker Alex. 57, Lotts 
Thomas Wm. and Co. 53, Jervis-st. 
Thompson Urquhart, 14,' Mecklb.-st. 
Thompson Geo. and Co. 9, Tempie-lane 
Twigg Paul, 30, George-st. n. 
V'Uighan Jaj!. and Co. 29, Mary's Abbey 
Vaug'ian Patrick, 28, Mary^s Abbey 
Verschve John, 10, Francis-st. 
'"al b Robert, 65, Abbcy-^t. 
Vnl'ih ifohn and Co. 74, Sir Johu's-quay 
Vv'ivvner .Joseph, 62, City-quay 
Waiion and Law, Agents to the Belfast 

iiank, 92, Abboy-st, 
V>eish H. T. Hawkins-st. 
Whyte Marcus, 50, Abbey-st. 
Williamson and Watson, 63, Fleet-st. 
Wilson Rt. 41, Camden-st, 
Wilson Joseph, Son & Co. 10, gt. .Straiid'St, 

Merchant Tailors. 
Allen Robert, .3, Dolier-st. 
Baker James, [and draper] 18, Flefit-st. 
Baker R.and J, 11, Dawson-st. 
Barry John, 2, Clarendon-st. 
Braithwaite John, Church-lane, CoUege-gr» 
Byrne Patrick, 12, Dame-court 
Carroll Michaal, 23, Exchequer-st. 
Canry James, 137, Capel-st. 
Cumberland John, 10, Crow-st. 
Doyle Miles, 70, Aungier-st. 
Ennis Richard, 4, Skinner-row 
Fonnan Martin, 5, Eden-quay 
Gaffhey Philip and Son , 1 2, Pitt-sf . 
Gallagher Owen, 25, Capel-st. 
Gee Thomas, 2, Essex-gate 
GUcreest George, 66, High-st. 
Gorman James, 22, Leinster-market 
Hayes Wm. [&wo.drapr.] 1, Wine-tavern^it. 
Huirinton James, 22, Batchelors-walk 
Jackson Robert, 21, 1. Sackviile-st. 
Jones Elizabeth, 17, St. Aadrew-st. 
Kavanagh Ajudrew, 32, Anglesea-st. 
Kilkenny Edward, 8, Mary-st. 
Kennedy James, 15j Aston's-quay 
Kelly Henrv, 8, Crow-st. 
Kelly Edward, 22, .St. Andrew-st. - , 

Lagrange George, 70, upper Stephen-st, ; 
Lawless and Toole, 23, upper Sackville-st. 
Leeson Patrick, 18, Wine-tavern-st. 
Leet AVilliam, 4, Merchants-quay 
Macarthy Jeremiah, 44, William-st. 
M'Comas Samuel, 60, great George-st. s. 
M'Comas William, 7, upper Stephen-st. 
M'Coy Thomas, 2, Fowness st. 
M'Evov Mattliew, 52, Mary-st. 
M'GiliThos, [& robe maker] 23, Fred.-st. s. 
M'Grane Patrick, 26, Henry -st. 
Matfit John and Co. 13, Anglesea st. 
Meade John, 77, upper Dorset-st, ; 

I Pcirce James, 5, Crampton-st. 
' Powell Thomas, lOjPeter-st, 



Quinlan William, 41, great Gcorge-st. s, 
Reily Jeremiah, 43^ Clarendon-st. 
Russell Henry, 24, Eustace-st. 
Sargent Hcnrj-, .)4, Bolton-st. 
Saunders George, 10, Cork-iiill 
Sharp Samuel, 35, Molesworth-st. 
Sherry James 11. 10, Fleet-st. 
Singleton William, 2, upper Ormond-quay 
Smith Patrick, 18, Anglcsea-st. 
Smyth Charles, 7, Peteis-row 
Stoddon John, 45, Dame-st. 
Sullivan John, 13, St. Andrew-st. 
White JohB, fi, High-st. 
White William, 27, Mary-st. 
White Hamilton, 150, Ahbey-st. 
Wilkin John, 4, StafFord-st. " 
Willis George and Co. 11, Kildarc-st. 
Willis Cullen and Co. 11, Kildare-st. 56, 
Voung C. 10, Crow-st. 

Milliners, Sfc. 
See also Robe Makers & Fancy Warehouses, 
Affleck and Crosthwaite, 24, Clare-st. 
Askeu Eliza, 4, south Anne-st, 
Begley Catharine, 10, south Anne-st. ^ 
Bell M. and J. and Co. 90, Abbey-st. 
Boardman Sarah, 35, Graftou-st. 
Brady E. 31, Grafton-st. 
Clarke A. (and hab.) 48, Thomas-st. 
Clarke M. 28, Exchange-st. 
Conran Mary, 26, Dawson-st. 
Dccourcy Jane, 24, Nassau-st. 
Dobbs A. M. and J. 12, Anglesea-st. 
Doran Mrs. great Ship-st. 
Drue Susan, 22, Clare-st. 
Elliott M. 35, upper Sackville-st, 
Finlayson and Co. 34, Nassau-st. 
Gonne Susan, 3, upper Ormond-quay 
Head Mary, 30§, Bride-st. 
Hicks Hannah, 20, Nassau-st. 
Hodgsons J. and Co. 19, Suffolk-st. 
Jennett M. Bell and Co. 90, Abbey-st. 
Jennings M. 22, SuflFolk-st. 
Kearns and Co. 8, Nassau-st. 
Kinder Sarah, 6, upper Steplien-st. 
Kirby Catharine, 95, Abbey-st. 
Kennedy Anne, 43, Capel-st. 
LambermontM. 71, Meath-st. 
Lloyd D. 148, great Britain-st. 
lAI'Donnell D. 7, Grafton-st. 
M'EUroy Hannah, 56, Grafton-st. 
jM'Keon Mary, 32, Arran-quay 
.Alrmniug and Co. 12, SuiFolk-st. 
I'laynard and Co. 13, Fowness-st. 
Morgan A. 1, Cavendish-row 
Ormond Ellen, 6, south Anne-st, 
Reynolds Mary, 20, Chatham-st. 
Richardson Susannah, 24, Grafton-st. 
Thomson A. and Co, 10, Nassau-st. 
Treenor M. A. 4, upper Sackville-st. 
White M. A. 39, High-st. 
Wood S. and Co. 21, Suffolk-st. 

Brown Wm. Bonham-st. 
Grogan Wm. to the works, Dunleary 
Kearney Thos. (& machinist) 3, s. Earl-st, 
Ryan Michael, 13, Engine-alley, [successor 
'toRt. Hall] 

Music, and Musical Instrument 
Makers and Dealers. 

Alday Paul, (piauo forte) 10, Dame-st. 
Aldridge John, fpiano forte) 4, Duke-st. 
Attwood Elizabeth, 4, Nassau-st. 
Brown David, 12, up. Sackville-st. 
Cooke Wm. 107, Summer-hill 
Cavvlan James, 1, Batchelors-walk 
Deianv John, 31, great Britain-st. 
Egan J. (pedal harpj 30 & 31, Dawson-st, 
Eiiard Andrew, 27, lower Sackville-st. 
Flinn Hemy, 62, Exehequer-st. 
Holies M. fmilitary) 7, Essex-quay 
Hull Chas, 78, Bride-st. 
KcaiiaT. (union pipes) 1, Essex-quay 
Lee Edmund, 2, Dame-st. 
Mackintosh John, 10, Essex-quay 
Me. Lean John, 10, Batchelors-walk 
^/forland S. fpiane forte) 63, Mecklenb.-st. 
O'Reilly Wm. 12, Trinity-place 
Perry and Wilkinson, 4, Anglesea-st. 
Power Wm. 4, Westmorelaiid-st. 
Southwell John, (piano) 34, Marlbro'-et. 
Warren \Vm. (piano) 65, Grafton-st. 
W iUis Isaac, 7, Westmoreland-st. 
Woffingtou Ann, (organs) 9, WiUiam-st, 

Muslin Warehouses. 
Cock ran Robt. 28, upper Sackville-st. 
Cockrau Saml. (fancy) 24, up. Sackville-st. 
Fagau J. (linen & calico) 24, upper Bridge-st. 
Farrar Jane, 28, lower Dorset-st. 
McarfiGeo. flinen"* 50, Capel-st. 
Richardson R. & T. (& linen) 56, Bolton-st. 
Rowan and Hamilton, 46, Abbcy-st. 

Newspapers and Offices. 


Cnrrick John, Morning Post, 29, Batchelors- 
Freeman'sJour. P.W.Harvey, 16, Trinity-st. 
Saunder'sNews Letter, J. Potts, 74, Dame-st. 


Correspondent, H.Townseud, 19, College-g. 


riiberniaii Journal, J. B. Fitzsimmons, 19, 



Com. Gazette, Law. Tute, 44,gt. Straud-st. 


Dub.Journal,WakeiThom. 15, Parliament-*. 


Dublin Gazette, (by Authority) 
Dublin Even. Post, Jas Magee,ll,Trimty-s. 
Patriot, Dan. Laphen, 19, Sycamore-alley 
Saturday Dublin Observer, M. Groves, Par- 

Dublin Weekly Register, M. Stanton, 3, 

Irish Farmers' Journal, William Porter, 72, 

Weekly Freeman's Journal, P. W. Harvey, 

16, Triniiy-st. 
General Advertising, & Newspaper Agency 

Office, 1, lower Sackville-st. Orders 

and Advertisements received for all Papera 

in the United Kingdom, on the usual 

Terais of each Paper, 



M'Rayn Charles, 13, Park-st. Merrion-sq. 

Ryall Isaac, 5, north Cumberland-st. 

Oil Manufacturers, Merchants, and 

Codd Thomas, (and colours) 57, Patrick-st. 
Dalton Stephen, 27, Coombe 
Doyle James and Thomas, 3, Excheq.-st. 
Fegan William, 29, Kevins-port 
Gillespie Wm. 29, Lotts 
Hanlon John, 100, Pill-lane 
Haskins C. (and dyewoods) 9, Chamber-st. 
M«GrathW.&P. (and cols.) 26, Strand-st. 
M'Nally Patrick, (manu.) 21, Fishamble-st. 
Nowlaa M. (and colours) 70, Chuich-sl. 
Rathborne H. and Hawthorn, 48, Essex-st. 
Spear Rd. and Co. \^spermaciti and wax re- 

fiaers) 27, College-green 
Lynch James and Son, 26, Capel-st. 
Mason T. (to the Lord Lieut.) 3, Essex.'br. 
Mason J. 14, C«pel-st. 
Saunders Thomas, Eden-quay 
Spear Rd. 27, College-green 
Walker Wm. I7» Temple-bar 
Yeates Saml. 89, Dame-st. 
Painters, Historical and Portrait. 
Comeford John, 2, Leinster-st. 
Dunn John, (miniature) 4, Chatham-st. 
Edwards Edward, 16, Cro\T-st. 
Gubbens M. 6, Grafton-st. 
Hunt Wm. (herald) 98, great Britain-st. 
Jones Edw. (miniature) 7, Chatliam-st. 
Peck F. C. (historical) 37, Aungier-st. 
Roberts T, S. (landscape) 4, St, Andrew-st. 
Robertson W, & J.(her.) 21, up. Ormond-q. 
Robertson Chas. (min.) 7, HoUes-st. 
Sadler Wm. (landscape) 88, g. George-st. s. 
Williams S. (his. & por.) 39, Molesworth-st. 
Painters, Glaziers, House, Ship and 

Sign Board Writers. 
Austin Richard, 17, Molesworth-st. 
Battersby John, 75, Capel-st. 
Bosswell J. and J. 27, Batchelors-walk, and 

119, Grafton-st. 
Bowles Daniel, 50, Aungier-st. 
BoylanPt. (and floor cloth) 102, Grafton-st. 
Brady Chas. 89, Sir John Rogerson's-quay 
"Brenan Wm. 10, Tighe-st. 
Chery Patrick, Irish-town 
Clare James, 11, Granby-row 
Concannon George, 26, Nassau-st. 
Darcy Patrick, 4, Eustace-st. 
Dempsey Anthony, 50, Bolton-st. 
Dempsey Wm. 39, Jervis-st. 
Donohoo James, 67, upper Dorset-st. 
Dowling Patrick, 4, Bedford-row 
Ducross Henry, 7, Triuity-st. 
Fleming Thomas, Black-rock 
Foulkes Frederick, 1 1 , Montgomery-st. 
Graves Robert, 18, Stephen's-green, n. 
Griffin John, 28, AUngier-st. 
Grooftie IVlichael, 13, Summer-st. n. 
Hatnilton Alex. 12, Meath-row i 

Hantoa Nicholas, 113, Francis-st. | 

Harney Wnw Fishambl«-st,.v:> jj 5i,i3'f I 

Harvey Wm. 1 7, Park-st. i i 9 /■ d ^ ',<,', (f- 

Heape Wm, 67, lower Gardiner-st. 

Jackson Allen, 12, Kevina-port 

Jackson Josiah, 41, Dawson-st. 

Lee Jas. 9, Mary's Abbey 

Leedom David, 63, upper Dorset-st. 

Levey N. 107, Abbey-st. 

Lewis George, 5, Queen-st. 

Lynch Jas, 32§, Malb.-st. 

Lynch Eliza, 26, great Britain-st. 

M'Clean Wm. 27, Anglesea-st, 

M'Cormick Wm. 13, Mary-st. 

M'Guire Luke, 4, Leeson-lane 

M'Mahon Jas. 44, Moore-st. 

Maclaine Wm. 27, Anglesea-st, 

Morris Jas. 187, great Britain-st, 

Morris Wm. 3, Fleet-st. 

Murphy Pat. 47, lower Stephen-st. 

Nevin Thomas, 8, Peters-row 

North Wm. 8, Stephens-st. 

North Eugene, 126, Abbey-st. 

Nowlan Pat. Black-rock 

O'Byrae Henry, 24, Kevins-port 

O'Neal Joshua, 76, Aungier-st. 

Orpin.lohn, 2, Montague-st. 

Orr Wm. (to the Dublin Society) 140, 

Pakenliam James, 4, Townsend-st. 
Peacock John, (ormt) 40, gi-eat Strand-st. 
Phillips Josias, 21, Golden-lane 
Pindar Alexander, 22, lower Sackville-st. 
Poole Edward, 2, Paradise-row 
Quinlan John, (house) 6, Aungier-st. 
Quinn Christopher, 62, upper Dorset-st. 
Richardson T. 72, Charlemont-st.Portobello 
Roe Peter, 55, King-st, s, 
Ryan Richard, 10, n. King-st, 
Ryan John, (fancy) 19^, Abbey-8t. 
Sibthorpe M. 12, Cork-hill 
Sibthorpe Luke, 1, Palace-st. 
Sillery John, 17, Abbey-st. 
Spratt Francis, 34, Bolton-st. 
Star John, 50, Thomas-st. 
Stark Wm. 82, Rogerson's-quay 
Storey Wm. 8, lower PSmbroke-st. 
Surridge Daniel, 2, Fade-st. 
Vero Thomas, 44§, Bride-st. 
Vero Wm. 78, Capel-st. 
Walker Nathaniel, 16, St. Andrew-at. 
Wilson Alexd. 4, upper £xchauge-st. 
Woods John, 82, Marlb.-st. 

Paper Makers and Merchants. 

Egan John, 43, Cook-st. 

Freeman Richard, 25, Cook-st. 

Fry Bri<lget, 4, Cook-st. 

Hart Luke, 5, Essex-quay 

Hely Edward, 28, lower Ormond-qtiay 

HoUingsworth Edwd. 10, old Chufch-st. ' 

Kirwan Richard, 9, old ChurCh-st. 

Lacy Michael, 8, Ushers-quay 

Lee John and Co. (and skin) 13, 1. M»ry-'st. 

M'Carthy Jane, 4, Cook-st. 

M'Donnell Christr. 9, Merchants- quay 

M'Donnell Law. 17, Ushcrs-quay ' '' 

M'Donnell Wm. 22, Ushers-quay 

M'Donnell John, 24, Cobk-st. 

M'Donnell Michftd, jun. 15, Wm.-st,' '. 



Msnnint; Thomas, 1 , lower Bridge-st. 

Martia Richard, 38, Cook-st. 

Msylan Edmund, (wh.) Crown-alley 

O'Reilly Andrew, 24, lower Orinond-quay 

Oulton P. 2, Cecelia-st. 

Pickering: Wm. and C«. 8, great Strand-st. 

Power J. P. (and sta.) 51, Thomas-st. 

Robinson John, 24, Ushers-quay 

Ryan Edwd. 7, Merchants-quay 

Scanlan Mary, 9, Cook-st. 

Simpson John, 31, Cook-st. 

Sullivan Daniel, I, Cook-st. 

Taylor J. (and trimmings) 39, New-vow, w. 

Paper Hanging Manufacturers. 
Boswell J. and J. (floor clotbs^^ 27,Batche- 

lors-walk, and 119, Grafton-st. 
Concannon George, 26, Nassau-st. 
Franklin John, (and painter) 13, l.Ormond- 

quay, and 13, great Strand-st. 
North' Eugene, 126, Abbey-st. 
Smith Samuel, ]2,Hpper Ormond-quay 
Smith Samuel and Co, 27, Nassau-st, 

Paper (machine) Rulers. 
MoUowney M. lower Strand-st. 
Nowlan A. &reek-st. 
Nowlan Matthew, Fishers-lane 
Sharkey Wm. 25, St. Andrew-st. 

Paper Stainers. 
Boswell J. and J. (and oil cloth factors) 119, 

Grafton st. 
Boylan Patrick, 102, Grafton-st. 
Callagan Cornelius, (and floor cloth) 43, 

Carroll John, 51, Capel-st, 
CluflF Richard, 72, Fleet-st. 
Dillon Thomas, 14, great Ship-st. 
Dyas Robert, 13, Henry-st. 
Franklin John, 13, lower Ormond-quay 
Franklin Jh. (and ho. painter) 22, Wood-q. 
Handcock T. (and painter) 52, Aungier-st. 
Higgins William, 30, Pool-beg-st. 
Locke Walter, (and ho. painter) 34, Cuffe-st. 
Logan Thomas, 33*, Temple-bar 
Lunn Richard, (and painter) 84, Capel-st. 
M'Dermott John, 24, Mary-st. 
Mahon John, 8, old Church-st. 
Milliken George, 23, Bishop-st. 
Morris William, 3, Fleet-st. 
Morris James, 187, great Britain-st. 
<2uinlan John, 6, Aungier-st. 
Radford John, (and painter) 29, William-st, 
Smith William and Co. 25, 1. Ormond-quay 
Star John, (and painter) 50, Thomas-st. 
Talbot William, 53, Aungier-st. 
Tully Thomas, 17, Henry-st. 
Woods John, 82, Marlbro.-st. 

-Parchment Sf Vellum Manufacturers. 
Coyle Patrick, 56, WatKng-st. 
Groves R. and Son, 48, New-st. 
Lawless George, 24, Ushers-islaad 
Spratt James, 104, Cork-st. 

Pawn Brokers. 
Adams Thomas, 117, Thomas-st. 
Aadcrioa John, Id, great LoDgford-»t. 

Bamier Joseph, 22, Stcphen-st, 

Bonb&m Edward, 199, great Britain-st, 

Booth Henry, 49, Bishop-st. 

Burrows Robert, 25, Dentnark-st. 

Byrne John, 28, Townsend-st. 

Campbell Patrick, 28, Chancery-lane 

Carpenter John, T6, Bride-street 

Clark William, 68, Fleet-st. 

Cooney James, 127, Francis-st, 

Dillon James, 32, n. King-st. 

Dillon Robert, 94, Bride-st. 

Doolcy Timothy, 11, Beresford-st. 

Douglas Richard, 16, Meath-st, 

Dunne William, 13, Phoenix-st. 

Eades W. G. 4, Johnson's-place 

Fannin Thomas, 41, York-st. 

Fenton Joseph, 8^ Townsend-st. 

Foster John, 10, Dame-court 

Fox Thomas, 46, Francis-st. 

Gregor George, 89, Bride-street 

Harris Thomas, 43, great Britain-st. 

Henderson Edward, 15, Montague-sfr 

Hickey Laurence, 12, Moore-st. 

Hunt James, 3, Smock-alley 

Hynes John, 11, Tighe-st, 

Langan John, 67, Church-st. 

Locke Henry, 34, Coombe 

M'Cormick H. 5, south Earl-street 

M'Gregor George, 89, Bride-st. 

M'Namara John, 5, lower Jervis-st^ 

M'Namara J. 12, LFsher's-court 

Muley Thomas, 1 1 , Greek-street 

Murphy Thomas, 96, Coombe 

O'Hara James, 52, King-st. south 

Parker Thomas, 28, Denmark-st. 

Parker Stephen, 2, St, Andrew-st» 

Pearson Eliza, 7, Pitt-street 
Pervier John, Petticoat-lane 

Phillips John, 20, High-st. 
Quin James, Hay-market 
Redmond Laurence, 65, Back-lane 

Reilly Patrick, 5, south Earl-strcet 
Richardson, Robert, 96, Abbey-st, 
Sherwin William, 6, William-st. 
Simmons Robert, 2, Pembroke-quay 
Slater R. 10, Hammonds-lane 
Smith Samuel, 89, Capel-street 
Spencer Samuel, 4, Cross-poddle 
Spring Richard, 75, Framcis-street 
Stephenson M. 2, Andrew-st. 
Tracy Thomas, 5, Kennedy's-]an« 
Venables Peter, 4, Usher's-island 
Wall Luke, 50, Marlbro.-st, 
Walsh Joseph. 67, Meath-street 
Walsh Peter, 118, great Britain-st. 
Ward Bernard, 1, Hawkins-st. 
Ward Christopher, 10, Mary's Abbey 
Whitcroft .John, 18, Temple-lane 
Willis Anthony, 7, upper Ormond-quay 
Wise Arthur, 29, Queen-street 

Baseggios John, 53, Exchequer-street 
Clarke John, 25, Nassaa-st. 
Corcoran Thomas, (court) 32, Graft«n-3t. 
Croker J. A. (to her excellency) 6, s.Anne-st. 
Dallas and Clarke, 24, Exchequer-st. 
Ipe Vaux W. (and hab.) 151, gr. Britam-st,.v 



Dillon James, 77, Grafton-street 
Davison and Williams, 1, Parliament-st. 
Devillars Hamilton, 1, Grafton-sireet 
Dunn William M. (wip) 58, Grafton-st. 
Fagan James, 37, Capel-street 
Harriman William, 11, Grafton-street 
Janilion J. B. (wh.) 16, Capel-street 
Jouille Francis, (wh.) 10, Heury-street 
Kelly John, 53, Temple-bar 
Leahy James, 18, Grafton-street 
M'Dermott John, 8, upper Ormond-quay 
North Anne, (fancy wigs) 28, College-green 
Prince William, Clarendon-street 
Ryan Lawrence, 111, Capel-street 
Sherrock J. C. 80, Dame-strcet 
Smyth John, 24, Colleige-green 
Stephens William, 21, Crow-street 
Sweeny Philip, 146, great Britain-street 
Worn William, 18, Dawson-street 


Achrauty A. 18, Duke-street 
AUman Wm. 23, Kildare-street 
Archer Nicholas, 25, Kildare-street 
Arthure Thomas, 13, upper Rutland-street 
Barker Francis, 22, Baggot-street 
Beatty John, 28, Molesworth-street 
Bible Thomas, 49, Charlemont-street 
Blennerhassett H. 24, lower Garainer-st. 
Boyle Philip, 70, Meath-street 
Boytou J. W, 16, Dominick-street 
\ Bredin Robert, 35, Dorset-street 
Breen John, 5, Cavendish-row 
Brenan John, 25, French-street 
Brooke Wm, 16, north Cumberland-street 
! Browne James, 43, Henry-street 
i Bryan Daniel, 11, Aungier-street 
I Burke J. J. 49, Rutland-square, west 
Callanan James, 63, Exchequer-street 
Callonne A. 163, Capel-street 
Cheyne J. 6, Merrion-square, west 
Clarke Sir Arthur, 44, north g. George-st. 
Clarke Gabriel, 31, Queen-»treet 
Clarke James, 9, Rutland-square, east 
Clarke G, 47, Bride-street 
Clarke Joseph, 44, Rutland-square 
Cleghorn James, (slate) 26, Rutland-sq, n. 
CowenJohn, 8, Gardiner's-place 
Crampton J. 12, Gardiner's-place 
Daly Cornelius, 33, Mary-street 
Douglas Henry, 26, William-street 
Douglas }. C. 2, Cavendish-row 
Doyle Thomas, 82, upper Dorset-street 
Drew John, 18, Bolton-street 
Dromgoole N. 24, Batchelors-walk 
Duany Francis, Meatb-street 
Duncan James, 38, Marlborough-street 
Eagan Thomas, 10, Sackville-strcet 
Emerson Caleb, 20, Bolton-street 
Eustace John, 19, Eustace-street 
Evory Thomas, 2, Rutland-square, east 
Falloon Daniel, 37, south Frederick-street 
Ferguson Thomas, 57, Granby-row 
Ferguson Hugh, 62, Sackville-street 
Fitzgerald D. 7, Stephen's-green 
Fleming Pat. 58, Marlborough-street 
Frizell Charles, 24, upper Sackville-street 

Gamble Richard, Moleiworlh-itreet 
Gilholy Anthony, Henry-street 
Grattan Richard, 33, French-street 
Hagan George, 16, Arran-quay 
Hamilton P. 28, College 
Hardman Thomas, 25, George's-quay 
Harkau P. 40, Sackville-street 
Harrison Wm. 62, Queen-street 
Harty Wm. 32, Glosler-street 
Healy Robert, 35, Aungier-street 
Healy Joseph, 140, Abbey-street 
Her view Victor, 14, Dominick-strect 
Hill Edward, 8, Harcourt-street 
Hopkins Francis, 130, Baggot-street 
Ireland R. S. 108, Stephen's-gree.i 
Jackson Alexander, 16, Gardiner's-plaee 
Jackson T. B. 43, Aungier-street 
Johnson P. 14, Clanbrazil-stieet 
Johnstone P. R. 72. lower Dorset-street 
Kent P. G. Mary-street 
Labatt S. B. Lying-in Hospital 
Leahy J.J. 55, Marlborough-street 
Le« T. 3, Cavendish-row 
Leigh Francis, 27, Parliament-street 
Litton Samuel, 10, lower Gloster-strcet 
Macabe James, 35, Marlbo;ough-street 
M'Cartney James, 35, upper Merrion-st. 
Marsh Henry, 8, Charlemont-street 
Mills Thomas, 41, Dominick-street 
Mollan John, 17, Jervis-streat 
Morgan W. J. 21, Henry-street 
Murphy G, F. 79, Stephen's-green, soutfe 
Murray James, Charlemont-street 
Newport Matthew, Lying-in Hospital 
Nicholson A. J. 14, Moore-street 
O'Brien J. 34, Kildare-street 
O' Flanagan T, 4, north A»ne-street 
O'Gilby James, 15, upper Sackville-street 
O'Grady Michael, 11, upper Ormond-quay 
O'Reardon John, 52, Abbey-street 
O'Reilly M. D, 36, Stafford-street 
Orpen T. H. 13, south Frederick-street 
Osborne J. 54, Harcourt-street 
Pentland John, 46, Marlborough-street 
Perceval Robert, 3, Ki 'dare-place 
Raipadge Frauds, k, Fleet-street 
Reid Robert, 16, Belvedere-place 
Robinson Samuel, 12, Ecclos-street 
Robinson Wm. 12, Digges-street 
Roe Henry, 87, Grafton-street 
Sheridan Edward, 46, Dominick-street 
Sheill W. J. Royal Infirmary 
Smyth John, 15, George's-place 
Speer T. C. 61, lower Gardiner-street 
Stack Wm. 2, Harcourt-road 
Stoker William, 18, York-street 
Sullivan J. Sir P. Dun a' a Hospital 
Stokes Whiteley, 16, Harcourt-street 
Taylor Thomas, 27, Ba^^'got-street 
Taylor Joseph, 23, Nassau-street 
Teeling Christopher, 66, Exchequer-street 
Thorp R. W. 28, m. Gardiner-street 
Todderick G. F. 18, s. Frederick-street 
Tracy Eugene T. 12, York-street 
Trevor Edward, Fitzgibbon;street 
Tuke Thomas, 106, Stephen's-green 
Tuomy Martin, 30, s, Frederick-itraet 



Ussher John, 19, Denzille-street 
Wade Walter, 72, lower Dorset-street 
Wall L. 10, Stephen's-green 
Waring Thomas, 12, Fleet-street 
Willett James, 1, great George-street, s. 
Pin Makers. 
See also Wire Workers. 
Flower Mark, 152, old Church-street 
Hoey Thomas, (and umbs.) 66, Pill-lane 
Kiusela Thomas, (and wire) 60, Francis-st. 
See also Painters and Glaziers. 
AskinJohn, 71, Queen-street 
Aveyard Daniel, 21,Michaers-lane 
Connor Luke, 32, Cuffee-street 
Devine J. (and brass founder) 17, Fleet-st. 
Drake M. A. 70, Exchequer-street 
Duff John, 14, Abbey-street 
Grant John, 85, Cook-street 
Lamb John, 15, Wood-quay 
Mallett John, 8 and 9, Ryder's-row 
Tobin Thomas, 1, College-street 
Walsh Richard, 18, Back-lane 
Wilkinson H. and Co. 21, Wine Tavern-st. 

Pocket-Book Makers. 
Read Eliaa, 10, Trinity-street 
Smith Charles, (work box and dressing 
case) 7, Nassau-street 

Printers, Letter-press. 
See also Booksellers, Stationers & Printers. 
Bentham Chris, (and sta.) 19, Eustace-st. 
Byrne Patrick, 36, King-street 
CoUes W. (linen ornamenter) 17, Fade-st. 
Connolly Robert, 9, Crow-street 
Corbet William, (law) 3, upper Ormond-q. 
Courtney Thomas, 18, White-friar-street 
Espy William, 6, little Strand-street 
Folds William, 38, great Strand-street 
Goodwin Michael, 29, Denmark-street 
Graisberry and Campbell, 10, Back-lane 
Grierson George, & Martin Keene, Printers 
to the King's Most Excellent Majesty, 28, 
KirkwQod John, (law) 3, Arran-street 
Napper Robert, 140, Capel-street 
O'Brien Dennis, 8, New-row, west 
O'Neill Arthur, 17, Chancery-lane 
Power J, P. 51, Thomas-street 
Proctor George, 73, Marlborough-street 
Underwood WilHam, 19, St. Andrew-street 
Walsh George, 19, Wood-quay 
West Matthew, 154, Capel-street 
Witworth John, 14, upper Exchange-street 

Professors of Music. 
Barton John, 32, upper Baggot-street 
Blewitt J. 26, lower Fitz will iam-street 
Bowden Jolm, 9, Aston's-quay 
Duncan James, 12, Dawson-street 
Haliday Joseph, 13, great Ship-street 
Heren William, 22, lower Dorset-street 
Hoffman Francis, 12, upper Baggot- street 
Wcidner John and Christopher, 3, Cumber- 

Provision Merchants and Stores. 
Begg Nicholas, 68, City-quay 

Boshell WilHam, 21, Merchants-quay 
Byrne James, 14, Duke-street 
Chaytor J. M, Bellview 
Clarke John, 131, Townsends-street 
Collier and Costello, 1 1 , Batchelors-walk 
Connell Joseph, 39, Mecklenburgh-street 
Delany Edward, 10, Werburgh-street 
Duffy Patrick, 17, south Anne-street 
Dunn Michael, 22, Spital-fields 
Flanagan James, 11, Duke-street 
Foley Daniel, 56, lower Fleet-street 
Galagher Peter, 1, Duke-street 
Glynn Thomas, 4, Fishamble-street 
Grenan Patrick, 57, lower Fleet-street 
Hill George, 4, Shoe-lane 
Hoey Patrick, 45, City-quay 
Holland Edward, 18, Corn-market 
Jones Sjirauel, 6, Duke-street 
Kelly Thomas, 70, Marlborough-street 
M'Farlan Patrick, 8, Park-street 
Macken Patrick, (butter) 13, Bridge-foot-st. 
Manion Thomas, 1, south Frederick-street 
Mulhall Edward, 17, east Arran-street 
Pollard Thomas, 19, Summer-hill 
Sherlock Thomas, 101, Abbey-street 
Stewart Robert, Harrolds-cross 
Usher Robert, jun. 93, Abbey-Street 
Waldron Nicholas, 15, Batchelors-walk 

Public Notaries. 

Aicken Samuel, 5, Hume-street 
Barber John, 85, Dame-street 
Bardin J. A. 5, Cope-street, s. 
Belcher V. E. CoJlege-green 
Boyle Alexander, 22, Eustace-street 
Bruce and Halliday, 37, Dame-street 
Crawford R. H. Trinity-place 
Crawford James, 2, Buckingham-street 
Cuming and Low, 34, Anglesea-street 
Deey W. (E.) Commercial-buildings 
Deey Wm. jun. 16, Anglesea-street 
Dunn Josias, 8, Kildare-strcet 
Dunne J. G. 19, Black Hall-street 
Findlay James, 3, Fowness-street 
Gibbons and Williams, 38, Dame-street 
Hagarty Matthew, Prussia-street 
Hamerton E. 4, Mecklenburgh-street 
Hayes Patrick, 18, Westmoreland-street 
Labertouche Abel, Commercial-buildings 
Lemaistre Philip, Batchelors-walk 
Lopdell Christopher, 8, Gloucester-place, n'j 
M 'Anally Francis, Capel-street 
Mills John, 39, Capel-street 
Page Samuel, 2, Enstace-street 
Richardson Henry, 6, s. Cope-street 
Richardson Wm. 23, Poolbegg-street 
Robinson John, 3, St. Andrew-street 
Rogers J. C. 5, Henrietta- street 
Shaw Bernard, 20, College-green 
Stroker Wm. 32, Sackvilte-strect 
Trim Edward, 1, Dame-street 
Turner Timothy, 55, Camdcn-strect 
William H.J, 1, upper Gloucester-street 

Quill and Waa? Merchants. 

Maguire John, (quill manufac.) 3, Cook-st. 
Murray Owen, 2, Aston's-quay 



Itleilly Michael, 8, Merchatits-quay 
Walsh Francis, 23, Fishamble-street 

Rope Makers, and Dealers in Pitch, 

Tar and Rosin, and Sail Cloth. 
Atkinson Edward, (sail cloth) 49, Cork-st. 
Birch Eland, 89, Thomas- street 
Bolet Birch, 178, old Church-street 
Collins George, 6, Francis-street 
Dowdall Hugh, 18, Watling-st. 
Fitzgerald John, 40, New-row, west 
Fitzpatrick T. (sail cloth) 23, New-row, w. 
Flood Patrick, (sail cloth) 47, City-quay 
Hanratty Jane, 101, Pill-lane 
Hodgens Sarah, 167, old Church-st. 
Hodgins Thomas, North-wall 
Lloyd GriflSth, Rings-end 
Maguire William, 31, Francis-street 
Magnire Robert, 87, Thomas-st. 
Matthews Edward, 86, Thomas-st. 
O'Connor Patrick, 48, New-row, west 
O'Donnell Patrick, 93, Thomas-st, 
O'Donnell Daniel, 11, old Church-st. 
Todhunter Isaac, 81, Sir John's-quay, and 

Walsh Anne, 55, north King-street 
Williamson Rd. and John, 91, Sir Jolin's-q. 
Woodhurne and Begg, (sail cloth) 83, Sir 


Saddlers, Hunting and Military, 
Arnold Francis, 35, Nassau -street 
Bagnall James, 4, Redmonds-hill 
Brenaa Matthew, 20, Mary's Abbey 
Butler William, 129, upper Dorset-st, 
Collier Nicholas, (harness) 74, Cork-st. 
Darker James, 104, Thomas-st. 
Douglas John, 99, great Britain-street 
DuflFy Malhy, 92, Thomas-st. 
Elliott Peter, 13, Parliament-street 
Feake George, 36, Grafton-st. 
Fletcher Samuel and Sons, 70, Abbey-st. 
Galbraith Richd. (mercht.> 21, Ushers-islaod 
Gray W. S. 31, William-st. 
Halpin Bartholomew, 41, Henry-street 
Hamiltsn Christopher, 27, lower Sackr.-st. 
Hamilton Francis and Sons, 49, Castle-st. 
Hanlon James, 4, Thomas-street 
HarperEph. 2, u. Sackle.-st. & 66, Dawson-st. 
Henzell W. B. 45, Stephen-st. 
Hudson Robert, 114, Capel-st. 
Kennedy Edward, 23, south Anne-st. 
Lamb John, 31, lower Exchang©-st. 
Large Thomas, 12, Leinster-st. 
M'Gee Patrick, 55, lower Kevin-st. 
Magill William, 15, Nassau-st. 
Martin Peter, 22, great B»itain-st. 
Might James, 1, Bolton-st. 
Molony John, 41, Marlborough-st. 
Murphy Peter, 135, Thomas-st. 
O'Brien Thomas, 11 and 12, 1. Exchange-sti 
Peel William, 58, Dame-street 
Rankin Joseph, 153, Capel-st. 
Reddy John, 37, Kevins-port 
Reilly William, [harness] 18, ?r. Britain-st. 
Rourke Patrick, 209, great Britain-st. 
Shaw Thomas, 16, Bolton-st. 
Spinks Thomas, 24, Tighe-st. 

Stephens Wm. 2, New-row, w» 
Tench Patrick, 14, Back-lane 
Thompson Michael, 43, Dawson-nt. 
Tindall Thomas, 18, Duke-st. 
Togher James, 8, H^y-market 
Toll erton Robert, 114, Thomas-st 
Victory C. (harness) 113, Thomas-st, 
Wade James, 32, Mary-st. 
Walsh James, 32, Mary-st. 
Ward and Goodland, 14, Parliament-st.. 
Wilkinson Richard, 20, Boltoa-st. 
Williamson W. H. 22, lower Sackville^^t. 

Sales Masters, 
Barrett Wm. 17, lower Kevin-st. 
Birmingham John, 62, Smithfjeld 
Byrne and Whelan, 56, Smithfield 
Coates James, 5, Smithfield 
Golclonghs Raffeity and Co. 60, Smithfield 
Fleming Thomas, 54, Smithfield 
Gallagher Michael, 55, Smithfield 
Heaney Pat. 20, Smithfield 
Matthews S. and T. 26, Smithfield 
Murphy W. and J. Smithfield 

Salt Proprietors, Merchants and 
Bray Michael and Co. Rings-end 
Doyle M. (andiron) 115, Francis-st. 
Hamilton Junies, Rings-end 
Hickinson James, 120, Francis-st. 
M 'LaughlinMichael , (& iron) 116, Fraacis-st. 
Moore John, 67, Fleet-st. and Rings-end 
Pentland Charles, 93, Sir John's-quajT' 
Pomeret Solomon, Rings-end 
Roe Robert and Henry, Wellington-qnay 
Rowe Peter and Sons, Rings-etid 

Baldwin Rt. 8, Mary's Abbey 
Calligan John, 16, Crampton-court 
Farrell Patrick, 19, Crampton-court 
Fitzpatrick George, 37, Staflbrd-al. 
Gordon George, 8, Stafford-3t. 
Kenrick J. 6, Cork-st. 
M'Coy Jas. 35, upper Dominick-st. 
Yatea John, 1, Morgan-pl, King's Inns-quay 

Seed Merchants and Nurserymen* 
Berry Joseph, 12j Arran-quay 
Berry William, 54, cros8 Kevin-st. 
Corigan Tliomas, 2, Merchants-quay' 
Donagon John, 1, Arran-quay 
Forrest k. J, 72, Thomas-st. 
Gargan and Farrell, 116, CapeKbt. 
Grimwood and Son, 1, Charlemont-st. 
Hickey P. M. & Co. 32, lower Sackville-st. 
Lawless Edrad. 26, Clanbrazil-st. 
M'Kenna Michael, 82, Capel-st. 
Pope George, 59, Capel-st, 
Rainey Hugh, 72, Thomas-st. 
Simpson Thomas, 1, College-green 
Stretch Eliza, 3, old Churcii-at. 
Toole C. & L. & Co. 41, Westmoreland-st. 

Ship Chandlers-. 
Coyle Thomas, 95, Sir J. Rogerson's-quay 
Fisher Emanue), 33, George's-quay 
M'Auley and Hughes, 10, Georgp's-qujij* 
O'Neill Patrick, 36, Tighc-st, 
Seed William, 35, Tighe-st, 



Thompson William, 26, Georges-quay 
White Philip, 1, Georges-quay 

Ship and Boat Builders. 
Baldwin J. am' Co. 20, grand Canal-harbour 
CardiflF and Furlong, 93, Sir John's-quay 
Clements John, Rings-end 
Connery Rd. & Sons, 97, Sir J. Rogerson's-q. 
Ferris Archibald, 102, Sir John'e-quay 
Gaffney Thomas, Rings-end 
Hill Anthony, C3, Townsend-st. 
Kehoe Michael, 101, Sir John's-quay 
Long James, grand Canal harbour 
Lynch John, 14, grand Canal-harbour 
Morton Robert, grand Canal-docks, and 67, 

Silk, Cotton and Worsted Mamtfac- 
turers, and fVarehouses. 

Brassington and Son, (silk) 60, Dame-st. 

Branghall Edward, (silk) 173, Church-st. 

Brenan Paul, (silk) 12, Mill-st. 

Brown William, 7, upper Bridge-st. 

Cahill George, 64, Dame-st. 

Crannen James, (sillt) 16, Hendrick-st. 

Daly Jamfes, 8, West-park-st. 

Davock Thomas, (silk) 12, Capcl-st. 

Dignani Christopher, 135. great Britain-st. 

Dillon J. and J. 10, Malpas-st. 

Doolittle H. 32, lower Bridge-st. 

Dowling James, (silk) 9, Braithwaite-st. 

Doyle Thomas, (silk) 38, New-market 

Dunn John, (silk) 8, west Hanover-st. 

Flinn Patrick, 15, Ashted 

Good William, (cottonj 21, Braithwaite-st. 

Greenham James, (cotton spinner and cord 
manufacturer) 9, Cork-st. 

HamiltonEml. (silk&worsted) 6,Park-st.w. 

Hart Catharine, 20, New-row, west 

Healey Gabriel, (silk) 28, upper Bridge-st, 

Hevey John, (silk) 1, Castle-st. 

Keane Patrick, (silk) 42, low. Bridge-st. 

Kelly John, (silk, cotton and muslin wh.) 
3, low. Bridge-st. 

Lyons Nicholas, (silk) 14, Mark's-alley 

Madden Edward, (and thread) 9, Worm- 

Poynton Francis, 112, New-st. 

Power and Co. (silk) 21, Parliament-st. 

Price Thomas, 128, Cork-st. 

Saul Francis, 12, Spital-fields 

Short James, (silk) 41, Caslle-st. 

Sissonwhite Saml. (silk) 19, low, Sackvl.-st. 

Stephens John, 60, New-st. 

Sterne Saml, (silk) 37, Nicholas-st. 

Strahan S. and E, (silk merchants) 18, 

Sweny J. & M. (silk merchts.) 59, Wm.-st. 

Talbot Thos. 1, Wormwood-gate 

Tyndall and Lewis, (silk imiporters) 16, 

Tyndall Isaac, (silk) 14, up. Bridge-st, 

Whiteford Anne, (silk) 74, great Britain-st. 

Williams Henry, 25, lower Bridge-st. 

Silk Mercers. 
Bj^ne Davrd, 87, Dame-st. 
Colclough John, 40, Nicholas-st, 
Conron John, (and stuff) 9, Francis-st. 

Dunne Morrice and Co. 63, Dame-st 
Fletcher Robt. 2, Essex-bridge 
Fottrell Peter, 11, Parliament-st. 
Madden M, and E. 5, Nicholas-st, 
Moore Wm. 3, Grafton-st. 
O'Brien Pat. 2, Castle^st. 
O'Reilly Richard, 32, College-green 
SatchweH Margaret, 84, Dame-st. 
Shannon John, 28, Dame-st, 
Sherrock J. C. 80, Dame-st. 
Smithsona and Co 1 , Wellington«quay 
Troy James, 4, Castle-st, 
Weldon John, 39, Dame-st. 

Silk and Ribbon Manufacturers and 

Abbott Thomas, 20, St. Andrew-st. 
Brown Henry and Co, 14, Dame-st. 
Bushell Richard, 32, Chamber-st, 
Davock James, 8, Merchants-quay 
Ferrier Pollock & Co. (& habs.) 56, Fisham^ 

Geoghegan J & Sons, 51, Franci«-st. 
Gilligan Edwd. 9, Hanover-st. w. 
Hale Thomas, (and tape) 24, Coombe 
Harter Wm. Chapel-alley 
Howe and Craig, 33, low, Ormond-quay 
Kearney Thomas, 5, Malpas-st. 
Kicrnan John, 3, Francis-st. 
Leigh James, 9, Cross-poddle 
Leonard John, 81, Grafton-st. 
M'Avoy James, 27, Elbow-lane 
M'Cormick James, 46, low. Bridge-st, 
M'CoyJohn, 1 , Hanover-st, w. 
M'Dermott John, 3, Park-st. w. 
M'Dermott John, 2, Hanover-st. w. 
M'Entire Robert, 26, Bridge-st, 
M'Kenny Neal, 36, Anglesea-st. 
Mailing Wm. 11 & 12, Mark's-alley, corner 

of Hanover-st. 
Maguire John, 11, Dame-ct, and 89, great 

George-st. s, 
Merritt Thos, 9, Dame-st. 
Moran John, 9, Park-st. west 
Murray Bernard, 45, Francis-st. 
Ness Geo. (silk merchant) 11, Wm.-st. 
Osborne Wm. (& trimming) 42, Castle-st. 
Osborne Wm. 60, Fishamble— st. 
Savage Henry, 11, Wormwood-gate 
Sissonwhite Saml. 10, lower Sackville-st. 
Talbot Thomas, (sewing silk and legee 

twist) 1, Wormwood-gate 
Tassie Hugh, 6, upper Biidge-st. 
Whitestone Wm. 39, C«pel-st. 
Wiles John, 96, New-st. 
Williams E. H. 117, Coombe 

Silk Tabinet, and Velvet Manvfae- 

Arthur T. and J. 46, New-st. 
Atkinson Thos. 15, Mark's-alley 
Broughall John, 55, New-row, soutli 
Brown Michael, 7, Spital-fields 
Cahill and Co. 81, Dame-st. 
Cluff Joseph, 53, Francis-st. 
Copeland John, 9, King's Inns-quay 
Crawford John, 72, New-st. 



Hardy Mary, 51, Bridge-foot-st. 
Johnston George, 24, Parlianaent-St. and 

18, Brat)azoii-row 
Mallin John 5, Mark's-alley 
Reynolds Wm, 7, Huuover-st. yr, 
Richie VVm. 4, Hiinover-st. w. 
Rourke John, 72, Meath-st. 
Taylor Samuol, 93, Grafton-st. 

Silk Tlrrou'Sters. 

Atkinson Robert, 110, Coombe 

Brown Joseph, ill, Francis-st. 

DwyerT. (imp. (Xniann.) 14,low.Bridge-st. 

Minnitt Paul, 25 P.;' iinment-st. 

Mullen John, 18, Spital-fields 

Scott John. 37, New-st. 

Swords Wm. 13, Sp5'al-fields 

Wadden Barrett, 2, P&lace-st, 

Silversmiths, 8fc. 
See also Goldemiths and Jewellers. 
Bergin Stephen, 8, Nicholas-st. 
Crofton Edward, 9, Peter's-row 
Fray James, 39, Bride-st. 
Le Bass James, (working) 43, gt. Ship-st. 
Molan David, 29, lower Exchange-st. 
Neville Samuel, 27, Stafford-st. 
Nowlan Wm. 21, White-friar-st. 
Smyth John, (manufac.) 11, Eustace-st. 
West Matthew, 15, Skinner-row 

Silver Platers, Varnishers, fc. 
Figgis Thomas, 72, Abbey-st. 
Lynch Nicholas, 3, Essex-quay 
Ravell Charlotte, 17, Sycamore-alley 
Rooke Margaret, 15, low. Exchange-st. 
Smyth Alexander, 2, Crow-st. 

Slaters, Plasterers, and Stucco 

Anderson Lawrence, 12, New-mark«t 

Bowles Danl. 50, Aungier-st. 

Brophy Michael, John's-Iane 

Charles Rd. (slates & tiles) 1 , great Bruns- 

wick-st. and 142, Townsend-st. 
Cnlshaw Wm. gun. (flags and slates) 75, 

Dunn John, 11, Francis-st. 
Grome Michael, 13, Summer-st. n. 
Lovely Robt. 26, Pool-begg-st. 
Morris Wm. 3, Fleet-st. 
Peraberton John, (stucco) 24, Paradise-row 
Saunders John, 4, lower Dlgges-st. 
Sharkey Valentine, 16, Kevius-port 
Smith Wm. (merchant) 60, Townsend-st. 
Smith Richard, 9, Chancery-lane 
Simpson G. 146, Abbey-st. 
Stapleton Geo. 1 , Mountjoy-place 
Stedraan John, 14, Cottage-terrace 
Stedman Michl. jun. 11, Cottage-terrace 
Storey Luke, (and painter) 50, Charle- 

Stubbs George, 26, Richmond-st. 
Tl^homson Henry, 1, Stocking-lane 
Towson David, 18, Golden-lane 
Wilson John, (mercht.) 32, I9W. Oraond-q. 
VouBgThos. 1«, Fade-st. 

Swallware, Tape, kc. Manufacturers 
and Dealers. 

See also Tliread Manufacturers. 
Atkinson Wm. 14, Werburgh-st. 
Bradley Michael, 37, Cork-st. 
Fayle R. and T. (& imprs.) 63, Thomas-St* 
Kuott John, 25, New-row, west 
Smithson T. B. & J. (dls.) 35, 1. Bridge-st. 

Snuff and Tobacco Manufacturers 
and Dealers. 

Adams Peter, 60, Mary-st, 

Adams Johu, 3, Patrick-st, 

Caffray Jamey. 7, Hammonds-lane 

Callaghan Timothy, 8, Qaeen-st. 

Casey Michael, (tobacco) 83, Abbey-st. 

Coweil John, Wm. & Co. 1, Nicholas-st. 

Delany John, 53, Thomas-st. 

DwyerJohn, 115, Thomas-st, 

Egan and Woodhouse, (who.) 1, Cork-hill 

Fagau Thomas, 86, Barrack-st, 

Fegan Wm. 29, Kevins-port 

Ferrally Thomas, 155, Thomas-st. 

Flood James, 28, old Church-st. 

Foot Jeffery, (late Lundy) 9, Essex-bridge, 
and 22, Wcstmoreland-st. 

Cartlan Pat. Synnott-place 
Geoghegan M. H. and Co. 67, Abbey-8t» 
Geoghegan Lawrence, 32, Stoney-batter 
Gregg H. W. 6, Fowness-st. 
Hevey James, 12 and 20, Thomas-st. 
Hunchin Thomas, 72, James-st. 
Hunt Elizabeth, 56, Francis-st, 
Lynch John, 12, old Church-st. 
M'Evot Pat. 67, William-st. 
Molineux James, 6, Essex-bridge 
Molton John, 33, Stephen-st. 
Moran Edward, 144, Thomas-sti 
Morgan Thomas, 68, Church-lane 
Murtha James, 18, old Church-st. 
Nicholson Edward, 29, Golden-laao 
O' Conner Wm. 36^ Thomas-st. 
Phelan John, 146, Thomas-»t. 
Segrave Thomas, 1, up. Kevin-st. 
Troy Jas. 135, Francis-st. 
Walsh John, 47, Thomas-st. 

Soda Water Manufacturers. 
MoUoy Jane, 29§, Nassau-st, 
Plake Thos, VVellington-quay 
Thomson Alex. 47f , lower Stephen-8t. 
Spirit Merchants and Factors. 
See also Wine and Spirit Merchants. 
Browne John, 156, Thomas-st. 
Cavan Jas. f& foreign^ 125, Stephen's-gr. w, 
Finucane and Sons, (com. stores^) 50, Jer- 

M'Tallon Timothy, 2, Fowness-st. 

Starch and Blue Manufacturers. 
Corney Edward, (& hair powder^ 66, Back -I. 
Field Catharine and Co, 27, old Chureh-st* 
Flynn James, 49, Thomas-st, 
Flynn Patrick, 157, Francis-st. 
Fraye William, 61, Back -lane 
Grattan M. and R. 58, Thomas-st. 
Hyland William, jun. 51, Back-lane 
Keating C. and R, I9?f^ great Brltwn-sfc 



Neville James, 13, CroSs-poddle 
Roilly Thomas, 82, Jiaines-gate 
Walsh Joseph, 81, Meath-st. 

Stap Alakers and Ware Rooms, 
Agnew Ann, 23, lower Ofmond-quay 
Bell M. 39, Aungier-st. 
Carroll Margaret, 23, Exchequet-st. 
Carroll Mary, 2, Cavenflish-rovir 
Connor Margaret, 77, Caraden-st. 
Edgeworth Emily, 11, south Anne-st. 
Hunt D. (to Countess Talbot) 98, gt. Brit.-s. 
Johnson Emma, 6, Chatham-st. 
Kingslagh Jane, 45, Grafton-st. 
M'Laiue John, 83, Dame-st. 
Meredith Jeoffrey, 17, Wcrburgh-st. 
Murphy Ann, 26, Nassau-st. 
Murray Catharine, 33, low. Orraond-quay 
Nugent D. 15, lower Sackville-st. 
Peters Margt. 8, Nassau-st. & 42, Kildare-st. 
Scheveuell M, A. 11, Grafton-st. 
Smith Alicia, 4, Aungier-st. 
Sturgeon John, 48, Grafton-st. 
Watson Sarah, 12, Aune-st. south 
Withrall Catharine, 5, Aungier-st. 

Stone, Statuary and Marble Masons. 
Allanson and Son, (cutters) 13, Kevins-port 
Ballantihe Duncan, 23, Boltoh-st. 
Brod«Hek John, (cutter) 33, great Straud-St. 
Brooks George, 14, Swift's-alley 
Bushe Thotnas, 49, lowei* Kevin- st. 
Cockburn Peter, great Brunswick-sf. 
Dwyer John, (and builder) l,up.Camdea-s. 
Hughes John, 35, MecklenbUrgh-sf, 
Johnson Daniel, 7, Baggot-st, 
Keogh Michael, 113, Coombe 
Kirk Thomas, (sculptor) 21 , Jervis-st. 
M'Cartney Robert, 38, upper RutlAnd-st. 
Miller John, [stone cutterj 41, New-st. 
Nowlan Edward, Mecklenburgh-st- 
Russell William, [cutter] 18, Beresford-gt, 
Ryan Patrick, [cutter] 11, Mercer-st. 
Smyth Edward and Sons, [sculptors] 36, 

Tassie Wm. James and Hugh, [Italian and 

Irish warehouse] 9, Dorset-st. 
Taylor John, 66, Grafton-st. 
Thirlow Matthew^ Haymarket 

Straw Hat Mannfacturet'S & Dealers. 
Annesley RiAard, 13, Cork-hill 
Blow and Co. 24, Dame-st. 
Brady Mary, 56, Maribro'-st. 
Bristow and Morris, 89, Graftoa-st. 
Bnrnet M. A. [and perfumery] 16, Lein- 

Byrne Margaret, 19, Chatham-st, 
Cahill Richd. 20, Mary-st. 
Carty James, 6, Esaex-quay 
Conray Jane, 47, King-st. s. 
Dale John, 19, Werburgh-St. 
Fairtrother Thoi. 31, Skinner-row 
Fitzpatrick J. H. 22, great George-st. s. 
Flynn Julia, II , Suffolk-st. 
Gaynor John, [impr.] 31, Aunglef-St. 
Harrison M, 13, Gfafton-st. 
Hawkes Geo. and Co. 78, GrafCon>'»t. 
mn Matthew, 1, Bride-st. 

Honeywood Eliza, 24, Stephen-st. 

Keegan A. and C. 55, Marlbro'-st. 

Lake Daniel, 16, Mary-st. 

M'Neely Saml. 10 and 11, Arran-quay 

Melville C. 15, s, Anne-st. 

Mitchell J. and A. 18, Mary-st. 

Ryan Eliza, 10, Castle-st. 

Sharp Benj. 99, Grafton-st. 

Sutton Mary Ann, 23, Chancery-lane 

Taylor Thonaas, II, Mary-st. 

Toole Mary, 34, Townsend-st. 

Wildman Elizabeth, 39, Nicholas-st. 

ShiffManufactvrers and Warehouses. 

Barnett Thomas and Co. 4, Summer-st, %, 

Caifrey John, I, south Suromer-st. 

Doran Patrick, 8, Francis-st. 

Harold William, 52, Meath-st. 

Wall Thomas, 2, Mark's-alley 

Adams Robt. lower Gardiner-st. 
Adrien John, 19, Dawson-st. 
Archer West, Gardiner's-place 
Armstrong Rt, 68, Camden-st. 
Auchinleck Wm, 36, Dominick-st. 
Ball J. 24, lower Gloucester-fit. 
Bevan Wm. Clare-st. 
Bible Thomas, 25, Anglesea-st. 
Blair Jas, 73, Meath-st. 
Booth Thos. 64, Grafton-st. 
Boxwell Wm. William-fet. 
Boyle P. [and accouchier] 70j Meath-st. 
Byrne Wm. 42, Prussia-st. 
Carmichael Hugh, 3, Dig^es-st. 
Carmichael Richard, 24, Rutland-sq. n. 
Chartres Geo. 57, Jervis-st, 
Clarke Sir A. 44, n. great George-st. 
Colles Maurice, Nassau-st. 
Colles Abm. 10, Stephen's-green, north 
Collis M. 25, Kildare-st. 
Connor John, n. Cumberland-st, 
Corbet Wm. 23, lower Gardiner-St. 
Cramptou Philip, 13, Merrion-sq. n. 
Creighton John, 4, Merrion-sq. w. 
Cusack J. W. Stephen's-hospital 
Dalton G. E. 4, Nelson-st. 
Dinid Wm. 3, Chatham-st. 
Daniel Michael, 38, Cuffe-st. 
Daunt Henry, 28, William-st. 
DeaneJ. 41, upper Dorset-st. 
Dease Oliver, 33, Stafford-st. 
Doyle John, 14, Usher's-island 
Doyle Joseph, 39, Blessington-st. 
Drought Robert, 53, William-st. 
Drury Freiderick, 5, White-friar-st. 
Dufiy Charles, Dunleaty 
Duggan James, 75, Aungier-st. 
Duigan John, 133, Capel-st. 
Erskine Thomas, 3, York-st. 
Farrell James, [R. N.] Sandymount| 
Field H. C. Black-rotk 
Fitzsimmons Chr. 1, Lofigford-st. 
Garnet J. A. 34, Dawspn-st. 
Geogehan EAif. riortll Earl-st. 
Griffith A. A. 21, Frederick-st. h. 
Halahan Saml. H. 8, York-st. 
HsTfiilton Wm. A^on'-qusy 
H»milton R, 9, upper MouRt'ft. 



Harrison Robert, 7, north Cumberland-st. 

Healey Joseph, 14, Abbey-st. 

Henthorn James, 109, Stephen's-green, w. 

Hewson Thomas, 17, French-st. 

Mines James, 47, Abbey-st. 

Howse George, 34, Denzille-st, 

Hughes C. C. 25, Marlbro'-st. 

Jacob Arthur, 37, Kildare-st. 

Johnson Charles, 28, south Anne-st. 

Johnston A. 6, upper Temple-st. 

Kent Edward, Stephen's-green, east 

Kerin James, 9, great George-st. south 

Kirby John, 40, Harcourt-st. 

Leake W. [city] 20, Stephen's-greea, west 

L'Estrange George, 49, William-st. 

Lynch John, 45, Arran-quay 

M'Donnell Robert, 35, Baggot-st. 

M'Dowell Ephraim, 52, Eccles-st. 

Macklin G. [state] 1, Harcourt- place 

M'Mullin Alexander, 85, Capel-st. 

Al'Namara Rawdow, 15, York-st. 

Maziere Henry, 29, College-green 

Molony Michael, 22, Dawson-st. 

Morrison Thomas, 3, Eustace-st. 

Morton John, Sackville-st. 

Mulvey Ferrall, s. great George-st, 

Newell E. J. 35, great Britain-st. 

Obre R. S, Granby-row 

G'Brian William, 31, Bridge-foot-st. 

O'Hara Henry, Royal Infirmary 

O'Reilly R. P. Westmoreland-st. 

O'Reilly Michael Dease, 36, Stafford-st. 

Orpen C, H. 40, great George-st. n. 

Peacock G. Sackville-st. 

Peebles John, sen. 5, Dominick-st. 

Peebles John, jun. 8, upper Dominick-st. 

Peile R. M. 39, York-st. 

Poett J. Hibernian School 

Porter W. H. 15, Kildare-st. 

Quinlan Matthew, Grafton-st. 

Read Alexander, 13, York-st. 

Redmond Dennis, 16, Aston's-quay 

Renny George, Iloyal Hospital 

Richards Solomon, 42, Stephen's-green, e. 

Robertson James, 3, Mark-st. 

Roney Patrick, 9, Meath-st. 

Roney Cusack, Dominick-st. 

Roney T. Arran-quay 

Rooney Thomas, Moore-st, 

Rumley Thomas, 3, French-st. 

Ryall Isaac, 5, north Cumberland-st. 

Scholes Alexander, 107, Capel-st. 

Sheckleton Robert, Lying-in Hospital 

Short A. Q. 19, French-st. 

Stringer J. 20, Baggot-st. 

Sullivan John, 13, St, Andrew-st. 

Tagert William, Essex-bridge 

Todd C. H. 3, Kildare-st. 

Usher Thomas, 2, Digges-st, 

Wall C. H. 131, Dorset-st. 

Wallace William, 3, upper Gardiner's place 

White Francis, 40, Dawson-st. 

Willett James, 1, s. great George-st. 

Wilmot Samuel, 28, York-st. 

Wright Thomas, 26, great Ship-st. 

Surgeons, Veterinary. 

RooDey Themas, 11, Moore-st. 

Walker James, 63, Marlbro'-st. . 
Watts George, 22, Aungier-st. 
Watts John, 157, great Brit«in-St. 
Wilkinson John, 40, Molesworth-st. 


Banks Francis, 14, upper Dorset-st. 

Barrett Robert, 63, Aungier-st. 

Bolger Michael, 9, Chatham-st. 

Brien Patrick, 17, Crow-st. 

Brophy and Bergin, 30, Clarendon-St. 

Conan Anne, 55, Dawson-st. 

Connis Benjamin, 159, Capel-st. 

Cox Robert, 61, Fleet-st. 

Curran Anne, 11, Trinity-place 

Delaport Anthony, 135, Capel-st. 

Doran Nicholas, .38, Kildare-st. 

Doyle Martin, 1 , Eustace-st. 

Doyle James, 15, St. Andrew-st. 

Dwyer Patrick, 15, Crampton-court 

Edmeston Wm. William's-court, Skinner-r, 

Flinn Richard , 36, Stephen-st. 

Harrison Thomas, 25, Batchelors-walk 

Howkin John, 9, Dame-court 

Jones Thomas, 44, Clarendon-st. 

Karanagh James, 2, Coppingers-row 

King George, 51, Bolton-st. 

Leeson Timothy, 8, Skinner-row 

Long John, 52, Clarendon-st. 

Lynch Edward, 26, Batchelors-walk 

M'Cleary David, 4, Crampton-court 

M'Dona William, 27, Capel-st. 

M'Guire James, 3, Fade-st. 

Mara Michael, 4, Crow-st. 

Martin Daniel, 14, Anglesea-st. 

Martin William, 88, great George-st. 

Merna James, 46, Clarendon-st, 

Moss Edward, 16, Cork-hill 

Macklin Thomas, 9, Whitefriar-st. 

Quin Thomas, 15, Crow-st. 

Rivell John, 7, Crow-st. 

Scally Edward, 33, Exchequcr-st, 

Scully James, 4, Pit-st. 

Sheridan James, 36, Moles worth -st. 

Stafford Mark, 6, upper Stephen-st. 

Taylor Daniel, 20, south Anne-st. 

Tracey William, 73, Francis-st. 

Tynan Patrick, 5, Longford-st. 


Brady James, 20, little James-st. 

Brady Peter, 21, little James-st. 

Brady Peter, jun, 103, Cork-st. 

Brovv Laurence, 24, Mill-st. 

Caftrey Laurence, 19, New-row, south 

Dixon James, Kilmainham 

Duff Michael, 51, Dolphins-barn 

Finn Christopher, 9, Mill-st. 

Finn Richard, 20, Wine-tavern-st. 

Fleming Celia, 4, Mill-st. 

Gannon Thos. [and currier] 59, Back-lane 

Ging James, [and skinner] 20, New-row, s. 

Hall Daniel, 27, Mill-st. 

Hart Thomas, Love-lane 

Hart Thomas, 63, Back-lane 

Hart Henry, Roberts-st. 

Jones Richard, Dolphins-bam 

Jones John, 27, New-row, south 



Jones William, 15, New-row. south 
Kane Pati-ick,,a4, Back-lane 
Keary MJcUael, 44, Jam<js-st. 
Kennan Richard, 2, Wine-tavern-st. 
Lamb Anne, 32, Bolphins-barn 
Laphan jQse-ph, U2, Coik-^t. 
Long Thomas, Su-e(}nys-laiie,Mill-^t. 
Lynham John, J3olphius-hara 
M'Guire Charles, -8, Delphi ns-biarn-lane 
Magina Charley,. 32, Back-lane 
Maguire James, 156, James-st. 
Monks Richavtl, 21, VViue-tavem-st. 
Ord John, Dolphins-barn 
Ord Margaret, -80, Cork-st. 
Passmore Patrick, 92, Cook-st. 
Reilly Michael, 19, Wine-taveni-st. 
Shannon MatthCTv, 95, James-st. 
Shernan Oliver, Kilmainham 
Shells J»mes, 44, Dolphins-^barn-lane 
Sluels Williain, Kilmainham 
Strong Michael, 116, Gork-st. 
Strong George, 32, Corn-market 
Wall John, 66, Jaraes-st. 
Walsh Andrew, Kilmainham 
Westray, James, 57, James-st. 
White John, 40, Chamber-st. 
Wilde Patrick, Marrow-boue-laiie 

Tea Merchants and Warehoxises. 

See also Grocers. 
Anderson "Robert, 32, upper Jervis-st. 
Barton Beresford, ,31, French-st. 
Garnett A. J. 7, Arran-quay 
M'Ejdily Thomas, 31, lower Sackville-st. 
MaiTet S. and Co, 47, Marlbro'-st. 
Malone Lawr. 96, Bride-st. 
Mansergh Jane, 12, Men'ion-row 
Newcomb George, 11, Fowness-st. 
Price R. H. 66, Capel-st. 
Singleton A. 7, Charlottc-st. 
Walshe Thomas, 3, Swift's-row 

Thread and Tape Manufacturers. 
Fayle R.and T. 63, Thomas-st. 
Fayle Robert, 54, Blessington-st. 
Littlewood John, [& cotton balls] 3, Us!ier-st. 
Knott John, rgarter& tape] 25, New-row, w. 
Smith Samuel, fi2, Thomas-st. 
Strong John, 105, Francis-st. 
ToUerton John, 4, Wormwoodrgate 

Timber Merchants. 

Ashley Joseph, 46, Queen-st. 

Beggs James, Black FJall-paradc 

Blair and Grehan, 77, n. King-st. 

Byrne & Duffy, [& bark] 67, Bridgc-foot-st, 

Byrne Judith and Sons, 5, New-st. 

Byrne Bernard, 3, lower Jervis-st. 

Callahan Thomas, 136, James-st. 

Calvert S. 1 19, Coombe 

Cardiff and Furlong, 93, Sir John's-quay 

Carson Wm. 93, Sir John's-quay 

Connell James, Whitefriar-Bt. 

Connery R. and Sons, 97, Sir John's-quay 

Connor Thomas, 37, Ushers-quay 

Connor Christopher, 66, New-st. 

Corballis R. 96, Sir John's-quay 

Cunningham Edwd. 70, Bridge-foot-st. 

Curran John, [and slate] 59, Townsend-st. 

Curry Wm. and Son, 107, Sir John's-quay 
Cusack XhoBvas, [apd bark] 4, EUis-quay 
Dignan Michael, 1, Bridge-foot-st. 
Dowling Patrick, €7i, Bride-st. 
Fagan James, 10, Bridge-foot-st. 
Ferrall John, 13, upper Kevinrst. 
Fitzsimmons Alice, 3 & IS, Bridge»foot-st. 
Flinn Michael, 17, Beresford-st. 
Fraley Andrew, [and cat punter] 21^, Towns- 

Grehsui Peter, 77, n. King-st. 

Ilanis Wm. 66, Queen-st. 

Hautenville Thomas, [& slate] Hawkins-st. 

Kavanagh M. Baggot-st. 

Keene and Pars<Mis, [artists warehouse] 
North-wall, and 32, Golden-lane 

Kehoe Dennis, 1, Bedford-st. 

Kehoe JVIicliael, 101, Sir John'srquay 

Kelly HughandCo. 45, Bride-^t. 

Kelly John, ;13, Peter-st. 

Kildahl Nichl. 2, upper Baggot-st. 

Lawrenson John, 30, Fisher's-lane 

M'Donald Matthew, 82, upper Church-st. 

Manders Edw. [and slate] Sohool-st. 

Manders HuiK(pl)ries, Wellington-quay 

Marquis Win. Erne-st. 

Martin John, North -wall 

Matthews, Mei'vyn & Co. [deals] 13, Luke- 
St. and 60, City-quay 

Murphy John, QQ, 

O'Connor Thomas, 2, Swift'sraUey 

Quilton Edw. -8, Merrion-row 

Robinson and Fajle, 81, Sir Johii's-qua.y 

Ilooney Edw. 62J-, Bridge-foot 

Itoouey and Son, .52, Bridge-fpot-st. 

Smith Wm. 60, Townsend-st. 

Smith Patrick, 8, Bonliam-st. 

Sneyd G. W. and H. 98, Sir John's-quay 

Straker John,.99-2-, Sir John's-quay 

Taylor Daniel, [jKing's srtores] Sir.Tohn's-q- 

Todliunter John, 85, Sir Jphn's-quay 

Tollerton Samuel, oO, New-rpw, wtist 

UjUhauk Thomas, 9y, Sir John's-quay 

Walsh M. St. John's Pimlico 

Whelan J. and P..46, High-st. 

Wilkinson \Yn\. 20, Camdon-st. 

Yates James, 103, Sir John's quay 

Toy and Timhridge Wflr^Qifj^s. 

Archibold Mary, 9, Essex-quay 
Cunniff Bernard, 24, Dawson-st. 
Jackson John, 1 10, -Grafton-st. 
Kelly William, 2, Bridge-foot-st. 
Kirk Patrick, 13, Christ-ehurch-yard 
Philpot Mary, 9, Aungier-st, 
Spence Neal, 22, Nassau-st, 
Standish Henry, 23, Nassau-st. 

Trunk Makers. 

Cottle M. 8, Smock-alley 
Davies Edward, 14, Fisliamble-st. 
Flood Michael, 49, Fishamble-st. 
Knaggs John, 24, Eishamble-st. 
M'Donall William, 17, Smock-alley 
Martin James, 13, Essex-quay 
Mason William, 12, Werburgh-^t, 
Ruskell Robert, 15, Essex-qijay 



Trust Makers. 

Cheevers Thomas, 27, Ransford-st. 
Morpie Thomas, 2, Hawkins-st. 
Smith Samuel, [patent] 5, upper Stephen-st. 
Smyth Robert, 25, Dawson-st. 

Turners in Wood, Metal and Ivory, 

Balfe Lawrence, 46^, lower Lil!ey-st. 

Downey John, 12, New-st. 

Grace Michael, 2, Essex-quay 

Hall Robert, 54, Coombe 

Reid George, [ivory] 16, great Ship-st. 

Rice John, Burn's-laije, 1, Jervis st. 

Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers. 
Barrett Samuel, 4, Chatham-row 
Barrett Nicholas, 44, Exchequer-at. 
Boles George, 5, Trinity-si. 
Clements and Newman, 59, Dame-st. 
Connor Patrick, 46, Nassau-st. 
Dutton Job, 55, s. great George-st. 
Grace Michael, 2, Essex-quay 
Hammer Francis, 20, Grafton'^st. 
Hoguet Joseph, 33, Grafton-st. 
M'Crea Alexander, 20, lower Sackville-st» 
Mason H. G. I, Ushers^court 
Rankin Thomas, 138, Capelrst. 
Smith and Stritch, [to lw?r Excellency] 22, 

See also Coach Owners. 
Bennett Mavgacet, 13, Mercer-st. 
Dempsey Thomas, 73, Cook-st, 
Farrell M. 5, Cook-st. 
Fayle William, 14, Wine-tavern-st. 
Gerty Thomas, 132, Baggot-st. 
Graham Garrett, 94, Cook-st. 
Horan Thomas, 100, upper Dorset-st. 
Murphy Hugh, [coffins] 18, Cook-st. 
Toole Margaret, 16, Cook-st. 
See also Cabinet Makei-s. 
Archer Abraham, 22, Abbey-st. 
Bolton Francis, 17, Mary-st- 
Buckley Richard, 46, Stafford-st. 
Durham Francis, 13, Brides-alley 
Flood Daniel, 48, King-st. 
Gillington S. and G. 1 19, Abbey-st. 
Jesson James, 34, Stattord-st. 
Jones William and Sons, 5, and 65, King-st. 
Jones Thomas, 7, lower Pembroke-st. 
Knaggs M. 51, Jervis-st. 
La Prelle James, 48, Capel-st. 
M'Carthy Charlci, 24, Dolier-st. 
M'Carthy P. 5\, Henry-st. 
M'Cready Thomas, 66, Bride-st. 
Mack, Williams and Gibton, 39, Slafford-st. 
M'Owen J. and P. 1 19, Capcl-st. 
Moore Daniel, 45, Staftbrd-st. 
Morgan L. and A. 21, Henry-st. ' 
Roycraft Gilbert, 14, Henrv-st. 
Scott William, 44, Staftbrd-st. 
Sutton Joshua, 44, Paradise- cow 
West John, 26, Brides-alley 

Vinegar Manufacturers . 
DOohoe John, [and meade] 34, s. Earl-st, 
Metcalf Timothy and Co. 64, James-st. 

Robinson George, 38, Sycanrore-aUey 
Thompson Alexander, 47f , low. Stephcn-st. 
White Hugh, 64, James-st. 

Vintners,. Spirit mores, and Port9r 
and Punch Houses. 

Allen Edward, 5J, lower Liffey-st. 

Anderson Christopher, 16, s. Earlrst, 

Andrews Wm. Dunleary 

Angle John, 136, Thpmas-st. 

Archer James, 48, lower Fleet-st. 

Armstrong James, 3, Abbey-st. 

Armstrong Edward, Dunleary 

Armstrong Joseph, Black-rock 

Atkinson Samuel, 35, lower Liifey-st. 

Ashley Joseph, 100, n. King-st. 

Barrett George, 11, little Strand-st. 

Barrett Charles, 25, Bride-st. 

Beahaa Nich. [vintner] 11, Werburg!i-st, 

Beahan Dennis, Black-rock 

Beggs Thomas, 74, n. King-st 

Beglin- Michael, 73, ChurcHrst. 

Bergan Patrick, 77, Eleet-st. 

Bergin Thomas, 25, Richmond-st. 

Birmingham John, 39, Patrick-st. 

Biggs James, North-wall 

Blake John, 59, Fleet-st. 

Boland Matthew, 2, s. Fredtricfc-rst. 

Bolger Michael, <0, Leeson^st. 

Boshell Simoii, [vintner] 49, Gco.-st, 

Boulger Michael, 3G, High-st. 

Bourke Thomas, North-strand 

Bourke Michael, Michaelrlane 

Brady Owen, 72, up. Stephen-st. 

Brady Patrick, 44, Aungier-st, 

Brady Thos. 127, New-st. 

Brady Terence, 31, Thomas-st. 

Brady Hugh, 57, upper Kevin-st. 

Brennan James, 5, Johnson's-place 

Brereton Thomas, 1, great Bvitain-st. 

Bride Lawrence, 18, Temple-bar 

Brown John, 78, Cork-st. 

Buckley Michael, Clanbi-asil-st. 

Bulger Michael, 53, City-quay 

Burke Jamos, 5, up. Exchange-st, 

Burnell Edward, 2, Exchequer-st. 

Byrne Terence, 8, Gratton-court 

Byrne James, 19, Camden-st. 

Byrue James, 1, upper Baggot-st. 

Byrne Garret, 65, Bride-st. 

Byrne John, 155, Capel-st. 

Byrne Thomas, 19, Pill-lane 

Byrne James, 1, Sj'camore-alley 

Byrne Patrick, Dunleary 

Caliary Dennis, 17, Aungier-st, 

Catlrey Mary, 9, George's-quay 

Cartry Patrick, 94, James-st. 

Callagan George, 45, Church-st. 

Callagan Patrick, Dunleary 

Callan James, 16, FishamblcTst, 

Callan James, 50, Coombe 

Campbell M. W. 16, s. Anne-st. 

Cantu'cU Nicholas, 77, Sir John's-quay 

CarbeiTy James, 19, Denzille-st. 

Carroll John, 6, Wormwood-gate 

Carroll Wm. 71, lower Dorset-st. 

Carroll James, 23, Townsend-st. 



Casey Eliza, 139, Abbey-st. 

Cassin Wm. Eden-quay 

Cavan James, 7, lower Werrion-Et. 

Clarke Dominick, 36, Jervis-st. 

Clarke David, Dunleary 

Cleary Dennis, Mountjoy-court 

Clements Sarah, 48, City-quay 

Coffey Rd. 36, Bolton-st. 

Coghlan John, 8, Essex-st. 

Coghlan Lawrence, 32, Clarendon-st. 

Coghlan James, 16, Townsend-st. 

Coleman Christopher, 1, Fitzwilliam-place 

Coleman J. 15, upper Exchange-st. 

Colfer Miles, 11, Cross-poddle 

Colgan Philip, 18, Thomas-st. 

Comerton Michael, 129, Townsend-st. 

Comiskey Patrick, 8, Duke-st. 

Conaty Bernard, 8, Fowness-st. 

Conaty John, 17, Patrick-st. 

Conaty Thomas, 27, Watling-st. 

Connelly Catharine, 31, Montgomery-st. 

Conner John, 52, City-quay 

Conner John, 14, William-st. 

Conroy John, 123, Stephen'e-green, w, 

Cooney P. 1 , Moore-st. 

Corcoran Michael, 43, Townsend-st. 

Corr Wm. 25, Bridge-foot-st. 

Corrigan Eleanor, 38, Townsend-st. 

Cower Mary, 17, Chatham-st. 

Crosbie James, 22, s. King-st. 

Cummins Wm. 2, SufTolk-st. 

Cummins Patrick, 14, lower Mary-st. 

Dalton Andrew, 1, Exchange-st. 

Daly Peter, 21, Werburgh-st. 

Daly Eliza, 27, great Ship-st. 

Davis Wm. 58, Meatb-st, 

Davy James, 1, Bond-st, 

De?an Ann, 3, Arran-quay 

Deigan Wm. 12, Mary-st. 

Delamour John, 82, Bride-st. 

Delany Chas. 26, Fishamble-st, 

Deaahy Daniel, 18, Holles-st. 

Devine Silvester, 4, Mary's Abbey 

Dignam Richard, 34, Smithfield 

Dollard James, 11, Cork-hill 

Donnelly James, 129, Summer-hill 

Doran John, 98, Abbey-st. 

Doran Andrew, 68, Queen-st. 

Doran Margaret, 35, Townsend-st. 

Doran Charles, 2, Chui'ch-lane 

Dowd Pat. [beef-stake tavern] Corn-market 

Dowdall Christ. 42, Queen-st. 

Dowling Patrick, 62, City-quay 

Dowling Joseph, 5, Molesworth st, 

Dowling Thomas, 6, Anglesea-st. 

Doyle George, 9, Tighe-st. 

Doyle Thomas, 8, Stoney-batter 

Drake Robert, 105 and 9, Capel-st. 

Drake Michael, 28, Golden-lane 

Drumgold Dennis, 24, Pill-lane 

Drumm Michael, Kilmainham 

Dunn Edw. 51, High-st. 

Dunn Richard, 8, Wards-hill 

Dunn Dennis, 77, Abbey-st, 

Dunn James, 98, upper Dorset-st. 

Dunn Dennis, 81, Queen-st. 

Dykes Chas. 30, Bolton-st. 

Eaton Matthew, 1, Fitzwilliam-Janc 
Eaton Matthew, [snack house] Eden-quay 
Egan Cornelius, 29, Francis-st. 
Ellis Francis, 30, George's-quay 
Ellis Edw. Macartuey-bridge 
Ennis Thomas, 3, Canal-place 
Eustace Joieph, Rings-end 
Fagan M. 35, Golden-lane 
Farrell Bridget, 30, upper Ormond-quay 
Farrell Maurice, 115, Cork-st. 
Fay James, 24, Aston's-quay 
Finn Peter, 45, Cufie-st. 
Finn Lawrence, 20, Francis-st. 
Finigan Patrick, 9, upper Exchange-st. 
Finigan Bartholomew, 152, Thomas-st. 
Fitzgerald John, 136f , Abbey-st. 
Fitzgerald John, 1 1 , Crane-lane 
Fitzpatrick John, 18, Park-st. 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, 46, City-quay 
Fitzpatrick Wm. 20, Duke-st. 
Flanagan Mary, 49, Essex-st. 
Flanagan Elizab. 1, John's-lane 
Flinter Bernard, 4, Spital-fields 
Flood Bernard, 2, George's-quay 
Flood Michael, 28, Grafton-st. 
Folley Redmond, 22, Crow-st. 
Ford Joseph, [cockle hall] Clontarf 
Fowler Henry, 18, Werburgh-st. 
Fox James, Black-rock 
Fox John, 15, Crane-lane 
Fraughan Thomas, 36, New-row, s. 
Gafney Ellen, 7, Swifts-alley 
Gaffney James, 64, Leeson-st. 
Gaffhey Thomas, Rings-end 
Gafney Patrick, 14, Aston's-quay 
Gaven Timothy, 7, George's-quay 
Gaven Wm. 42, Bolton-st. 
Gaven Michael, 11, Anglesea-st. 
GajTior Wm. 6, Swifts-row 
Gelly Samuel, North-strand 
Genty Michael, Rings-end 
: Geoghegan Chr..35, Frederick-st. s. 
Geraghty Mary, 45, Watling-st. 
Gibney Thomas, 1, great Strand-st. 
Gilligan John, Rings-end 
Gorman Patrick, 28, Kevins-port 
Gorman Wm. 76, Thomas-st. 
Goss Patrick, 114, Francis-st. 
Grady James, 5, Harcourt-place 
Graham H. 8, Thomas-st. 
Green James, Johnson's-court 
Gribben J. J. 41, Thomas-st. 
Griffen Wm. 165, n. King-st. 
Hale Wm. 50, Coombe 
Hall Michael, 81, Camden-st. 
Halpin Simon, 130, great Britaiii-st. 
Halpin John, [Saint Patrick] Mountjoy- 
Hanlon James, 154, Thomas-st. 
Hanratty Mary, 38, Coombe 
Hardiman Patrick, 47, Townsend-st. 
Harding James, 7, Park-st. e. 
Harewood John, 1, Essex-gate 
Harrison James, 37, upper Lificy-st. 
Haughton Wm. 21, great George-st. s. 
Haj'cs Lawrence, 135, Baggot-st. 
Healy Patrick, 5, Silver-st. Ellis-quay 



Healy John, 2, Mar]<et-st. 

Hebert Nicholas, 6, Smock-alley 

Herbert Mary, [ship] Clontarf 

Hickey Jeremiah, 151, James-st, 

Higgios Mary, 60, City-quay 

Higgins Barthw. 112, Coombe 

Horseman Margaret, 4, Bolton-st. 

Howell Henry, 15, Ardee-st. 

Hughes Patrick, Lacy-lane 

Hughes Michael, 35, Frederick-st. s. 

Hughes John, 81, Marlbro'-st. 

Ingham George, Clontarf 

Johnson Thomas, 110, New-st. 

Johnston James, [ci^Jer] 121, Summer-hill 

Kane Wm. 16, Park-st. i" 

Kane Patrick, 88, Sir John's-quay 

Kavanagh Felix, 1, Kevins-port 

Keane Patrick, 94, Sir John's-quay 

Kearney P- (theatre tavern) 20, Crow-st. 

Kearney Andrew, 21, lower Mary-st. 

Kearney Michael, 44, Meath-st. 

Kearns Peter, 93, Pill- lane 

Kearns Catherine, 133, Jamesrst. 

Keating Ambrose, 163, Thomas-st. 

Keathig John, 18, New-market 

Keating Margaret, Clontarf 

Keating John, 7, Temple-bar 

Keenan Andrew, 6, Baggot's-courfe 

Kelly John, 18, Abbey-st. 

Kelly Charles, 23, Coles-lane 

Kelly Elmer, 20, Wood-quay 

Kennedy Charles, 146, Capel-st. 

Kennedy Michael, 17, Cross-poddle 

Kenny Owen, 4, n. Earl st. 

Kernan Edward, 118, Thomas-st. 

King Patrick, 26, lower Sackville-st. 

Kinsela Frances, 1, Usher's-quay 

Kinselas Wm. 76, Townsend-st, 

Lacy Patrick, 61, n. King-st. 

Ladley Henry, 147, Capel-st. 

Lahiffe James, 31, lower Dorset-st. 

Lamb James, 33, cross Kevin-st. 

Lamb Wm, 129, New-st. 

Landan Patrick, 108, Thomas-st. 

Landy Peter, 58, Bridge-foot-st. 

Landly Thomas, 180, old Church-st. 

Langan John, 23, n. King-st. 

Lawler Mary, 22, Smithfield 

Lawless Catherine, 40, CharlemOnt-st. 

Leary Patrick, 34, Golden-lane 

Leary Martin, 1, Clare-st. 

Lenan Monica, 23, Ash-st. 

Lewis Thomas, 7, Portland-st. 

Lightfoot Nathan, 14, Pill-lane 

Little Thomas, 26, Thomas-st. 

Livingston Arthur, 65, Summer-hill 

Long Michael, 43, City-quay 

Long Jane, Dunleary 

Looby John, 113, Abbey-st. 

Lourans John, 20, old Church-st. 

Lube James, 33, Golden-lane 

Lundy Wm. (Ormond tavevi\) 24, Ardee-st. 

Lynch Rd. 45, n. King-st. 

Lynch Christ. 32, lower Dorset-st. 

Lynch Edmund, 17, Coombe 

Lyng Dennis, 52, City-quay 

Lynham Michael, 22, Denmark-st. 

Lyons Thomas, 3, JohnsonVcourt 

M'Avoy John, 40, Abbey-st. 

M'Cabe Terence, Canal-place 

M'Cabe James, 65, Meath-st. 

M'Cann James, 12, lower Britain-sti 

M'Dermott Michael, 23, High-st. 

M'Dermott Roderick, 3, Bonham-st. 

M'Dermott Stephen, 15^ n. Anne-st. 

M'Dermott Catherine, J8, Townsend-st. 

M'Donagh John, 1, Moore-lane 

M'Gahy John, 19, Peter-st. 

M 'Garry James, 94, Marlbro'-st. 

M'Ginnis Wm. 150, old Churdi-st. 

M'Ginnis Lawr. 39, Pimlico 

M'Ginnis Pat. C8, n. King-st- 

M'Guinness Wm. 169, old Church-st. 

M'Kee J. P. Kilmainham 

M'Keon Daniel, 1, Merrion-niw 

Mackey Thomas, 66, City-quay 

M'Quirke Pat. i44|, upper Dorset-st. 

M'Quaid Neal, 38, William-st. 

Macken John, 7, Queen-st. 

Madden John, 43, Meath-st. 

Magennis Patrick, 2, Swifts-row 

Maguire Joseph, 25, Nicholas-«t. 

Maguire Hugh, 47, Exchequer-st. 

Maguire James, 14, Marrow-bone-Iaiie 

Mangan M. 117, upper Dorset-st. 

Malone Mary, 2, Clare la'xie 

Mangam Pat. 2, Petticoat-lane 
Marr Patrick, Clontarf 
Martin Brgt. 26, Kildare-st. 

Martin M, 56, Thomas-st. 

Matthews Wm. 88, Marlbro'-st. 
Merry Richard, 69, Thoraas-st. 
Mikel Robert, 57, City-quay 

Miley Robert, 79, Thomas-st. 
Milley James, 1 , Redmonds-hill 
Milley Garratt, 13, Garden-lane 
Mitchell Joseph, 72, Bride-st. 
Mooney James, 1 1, Bridge-foot-st 
Mooney John, Rings-end 
Mooney Thomas, Rings end 
Mooney Martha, 13, Wood-quay 
Moore John, 1, Market-st. 
Morgan Anthony, 38, Essex-st. 
Morris Paul, Wine-tavern-st. 
Morrison Francis, 15, George's-quay 
Moylan John, 1, Werburgh-st. 
Mulhall Peter, 108, Francis -st. 
Mulligan Walter, 14, Trinity-«t. 
Mulligan Wm. 32, upper Lifey-st, 
Mulligan Edw. 35, Henry-st. 
MuUia Mary, 119, Thomas-st. 
Mulvey Francis, 136, Francis-st. 
Mulvey Andrew. 15, Cooke-st. 
Murphy Edwd. 76, ToiTuseud-st, 
Murphy Thomas, 4, Bank-st. 
Murphy Martin, 90, Sir John's-quay 
Murphy James, Irish- town 
Murphy Dennis, 40, Cumberland-st, n. 
Murphy Alice, 7, Corn market 
Murphy Henry, 119, upper Doreet-st. 
Alurphy Lawr. 37, great George-st. s. 
Murray John, 53, Bride-st. 
Murray Mary, 1, Mill-st. 
Murray Margaret, 140, lower James-tt. 



Murray Patrick, 32, Nicholas- st. 

Murta Andrew, 6, Engine-alley 

Neary Nicholas, 109, Coombe 

Neill Robert, 8, Clarendon-st. 

Nelson W. H. 66, Barrack-st. 

Nixon Christopher, 9, Mabbot-st. 

Nolan James, 142, great Britain-st. 

Nowlan Murtagh, 65, Francis-st. 

Novvlan John, 3, Bolton-st. 

Nowlan Michael, 9, Trinity-st. 

Nugent William, 27, Constitution-hill 

O'Brien William, 17, upper Stephen-st. 

O'Brien Joseph, 48, lower Kevin-st. 

O'Brien John, 156, Francia-st. 

O'Brien Christopher, 1 1, Gi-anby-row 

O'Brien James, 145, great Britain-st. 

O'Donohoo Patrick, Harolds-cross 

O'Gara Farrell, 81, Coombe 

O'Leary John, 38, great Britain-st. 

O'Neill Edward, 23, Leeson lane 

O'Neill John, 109, James-st. 

O'Reilly Edward, 111, Sir John's-quay 

Orr William, 85, New-st. 

Pigott John, 24, lower Bridge-st. 

Pilkington John, 2, great George-st. south 

Plowman William, Kilmainham 

Portfield Jane, 79, Fleet-st. 

Purden John, 156, Mechlenburgh-st. 

Quade Thomas, 68, Barrack-st. 

Quin Margaret, 22, Coles-lane 

Radcliffe John, 21, Aston'i-quay 

Raverty James, 16, little Ship-st. 

Redmond George, Rings-end 

Redmond Michael, 39, lower Kevin-st. 

Redmond Michael, Canal-place 

Reiley James, 2, Hanover-lane 

Reilly Miles, 2,1, Pill-lane 

Reynolds Edward, 1 , Henry-st. 

Roach Nicholas, 24, Bridge-foot-st. 

Robinson Henry, Crampton-court 

Rogers Miehsel, 55, Henry-st. 

Rogers Michael, 110, upper Church-st. 

Rooney Thomas, 4f , Bow-lane 

Ross John, 19, Richmond-st. 

Ryan Matthew, 12, Stephen-green, north 

Ryder William, [King Geo. HI.] 37, City-q. 

Sampson John, north Frederick-st. 

Sexton Mai'y, Dunleary 

Sharp Joseph, 11, Kevins-port 

Sheild Patrick, Eden-quay 

Sheridan John, 19, Corn-market 

Sheridan Terence, 1 , great Brunswick-st. 

Sheridan Farrell, Kilmainham 

Sheridan James, 4, Johnson's-court 

Sheridan Thpmas, 76, Exchequer-st. 

Sheridan Thomas, 102, Fraucis-st. 

Sheridan Patrick, 11, Meath-st. 

Sherry Patrick^ 66, Mary's-lane 

Short Charles, 85, great Georje-st. south 

Sinnott Elinor, 1, Bishop-st. 

Smith John, 13, Patrick-st. 

3mith Peter, 28, great George-st. south 

Smith E- 63, Barrack-st. 

Smith John, 47, Arran-quay 

Smyth Patrick, 18, Cutfe-st. 

Smyth Edward, 26, north King-st. 

Smyth. James, Sycamore-alley 

Smyth John, 106, Pill-lane 
Staunter Edward, 35, great George-st. s. 
Sullivan Laurence, Clanbrazil-st. 
Sweeney James, 144, upper Dorset-st. 
Taylor Mark, 7, Pill-lane 
Thornton Richard, 6, lower Liffey-st, 
Tiernan John, North-strand 
Timmens Michael, 1 00, Thomas-st. 
Tighe Thomas, 38, Exchequer-st» 
Timms William. 29, Moss-8t. 
Tomey Ann, 55, New-st. 
Toole John, Crampton-court 
Troye Rose, 79, James-st. 
Treece Jonathan, 61, Bow-lane 
Tyrrell Ann, 49, James-st. 
A'aughan Susan, 20, Batchelors-walk 
Vecchio Rose, 58, lower Fleet-st. 
Vickers Daniel, 24, Bride-st. 
Wade James, 136, great Britain-st. 
W alsli Patrick, 3, King-st. south 
Walsh Thomas, great Charles-sU 
Walsh Thomas, Denmark-st. 
Whelan James, 13, Suffolk-st. 
AVhite P. [old liv. Co. Packet-house] 1, 

George's- quay 
White Margaret, 44, New-market 
Wilson William, 79, lower Mount-st, 

Watch and Cloek ManufacitireM, 

Allen Richard, 40, Capel-st. 

Barrington Isaac, 20, Westmoreland-st, 

Beith Robert, 16, George's-quay 

Blundell Thomas, 142, Abbey-st. 

Bradshaw Rt. 19, Hemy-st. 

Buchonnon Thomas, 31, College green 

Bullock Wm. 8, Capel-st. 

Burke James, 37, Stephen-st. 

Carty Wm. 33, s. great George-st, 

Chancelor John, 35, lower Sacfcville-st. 

Clarke Wm. 1, Ellis-quay 

Connor John, 153, Capel-st. 

Craig Richard, 48, Thomas-st. 

Dalrymple John, 42, Aungier-st. 

Farley Thomas, 82, Grafton- st. 

Fry Samuel, [clocks] 8, Tyinity-pfece 

Garty George, 30, William-st. 

Gaskin John, 22, College-green 

Gordon and Fletcher, 77, Dame-st. 

Hanlon W. 93, Dame-st. 

Hartstone Henry, 10,,Mercer-st. 

Heney Pat. 65, Capel-st, 

Hodges Frederick, 27, Grafton-st. 

Holmes Chr. 18, Ormond-quay 

Hughes Patrick, 73, n. King-st. 

Johnson J. F. (& jeweller) 19, Parliamcut-st, 

Johnson F. T. 8, Parliament-st. 

Kennedy Patrick, 22, Arran-quay 

Kennedy Roge.", 54, Mary-st. 

Kisler Anthony, (clockb) 34, gt. Geo-st. s. 

L'Estrange Anthonv, 81, Dame-st. 

M'Master Maxwell," 97, Grafton-st. 

May John, 39, Grafton-st. 

Morgan Wm. 105, Grafton-st. 

Osborne and Molyneux, 2, Grafton.-st. 

Peter and Co. 109, Grafton-st. 

Pilkington Thomas, 30, upper Sackville-st, 

Rorke Walter, 24, lower S^ckyitle-st. 



Scott and Son, 4i, Grafton-s*. 
Seed Richard, 20, Bride-st. 
Sharpe Chrt. 57, Exchequer-st. 
Sinclair Wm. 164, Capel'St. 
Smitli Edwd. (clooks) 54, Jorvis-st. 
Vizer Barnaby, 26, upper Exehange-6t» 
Walsh James, 33, Capel-st. 
Warner and Hinds, 9, CoHege-jgreen 
Waugh James ^ Sons, 24^ lower.Jajtnes-st. 

Waa? and Talloju) Chandlers and Soap 


Adrien Paul, 42, Thomas-st. 
Atkinson William, 32, Ushers-quay 
Barnier Joseph, 2, upper Stephen-st. 
Barrington J . and Co. (tallow) 13, Pill-lane 
Bermingham James, 18, Francis-st. 
Birkctt W. J. 10, Ryder's-row 
Birkett G. H. 34, upper Jervis-st, 
Bloxliam Mark, 26, Gardiners-place 
Bradley Mipiil. (M tobacco) 125, Coombe 
Brady Nicholas, 95, upper Dorset-st. 
Branagan Thomas, 129, grpat Britain-at. 

and 8, lower Mount-st. 
Brangan Michael, l48, north King-st. 
Brownrigg William, 34, William-st. 
Bury John, 35, St. Patrick-st. 
Butler Philip, 121, Capel-pt. 
Byrne Robert, 32, Thomas-st. 
Byrne Charles, 32, Cuffe-st. 
Callaghan Timothy, 30, mid. Gai'diner-st. 
Callagkan Thomas, 53, Pill-lane 
Callaghan Jane, 39, Abbey^st. 
Carney Daniel, 126, JamesTSt. 
Casey J. 10, Kingrst. south 
t!hartres John, 164, great Britaij^st, 
Colgan Patriflk, 67, Queen-rst. 
ColganEdw. [and soap b.] 158, Thomas-st. 
Colgan William, 18, Da\i'8on-st. 
Conlan Owen, 16, cast Arran-st. 
Daly John, 24, little Mary-«t. 
Danelly Patrick, 1 55, King-et. north 
Danelly George, 1 0, Q«een-»t. 
Danelly George, 70, south grait George-st. 
Dease Edward and Elias, 25, east Arran-st. 
Dbeerit^g Joseph, fand tob.] 43, Francis-at. 
Dixon Robert, 1, Erne-st. 
Doran James, 47, great Britain-st. 
Doran Jfjmes, 64, Cook-st. 
Dufour Samuel, 6, Fleet-et. 
Dunbavin William, 56, High-st. 
Dunn Dennis, 1, lower Dorset-st. 
F;arraa Stephen, 29, Patrick-st. 
Farreil Patrick, 133, north Kiijg-st. 
Flay Thoii)a6, 30, Teraple-b&r 
F^n Williaip, 29, Kevins-port 
Fijkp John, 71, Churcb-st. 
Fitzpatrick John, 13^, Thomas-st. 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, 54, Themas-st, 
Flanagan John, 36, Mary-st. 
Gill Edward, 62, Leeson^st. - 
Grace John, 13, Bol^n-st. 
Grange Mattliew, 71, Char}emont-st. 
Healy Margaret, 2, upper Exchauge-st. 
Healy Terence, 64, Mftiy'g-lflie 
Hornidge John, 3.^, lower Fleet-st. 

Jackson Richard, 73, Barrack-st- 

Kavanagh P. 66, Thomas-st. 

Kearney John, 169, great Britaiti-st. 

Kenny George, 14, great George-st. 8. 

King William, 9, Moore-st. 

Knaggs Jonathan, 58, Exebequer-at. 

Lambert John, 12, Chatbam-st. 

Lawrence Samuel, 5, Eustace-st. 

Ledwich Francis, 15, upper Exchange-st, 

Leedom James, 35, Moore-st. 

M'Cann Judith, 57, Fishamble-st. 

Maguire Thomas, 56, King-st. south 

Mahon Dominick, 10, Mary-st. 

Malone James, 4, Werburgh-st. 

Mayne John, 9, Bride-st. 

Me tcalf Anthony, 106, Francis-st. 

Molloy Thomas, 143, great Britain-st. 

Moncics George, 48, great George-st- »outk 

Monks Catharine, 111, New-st. 

Moore James, 147, Abbey-st. 

Morgan Patrick, 2, Patrick-st. 

Mullen James, 55, Francis-st, 

Morgan Robert, 193, great Britain»st, 

Newman Samuel, 5, Anglesea-st. 

Nolan Patrick, 29, lower Sackvill/e-5|u 

Now! an John, 37, Meath-st. 

Nowlan Anne, 160, great Bjitain-st. 

Nowlan George, 74, Exchequer-st. 

O'Connor William, 36, Thomas-st. 

Odium Henry, Ansley-bridge 

O'Neills C. (and oil) 15, Merrioo-row 

Owens Patrick, 61, Meath-st. 

Pearson John, 8, upper Exchan^e-st. 

Pearson John, 20, Clare-st. 

Pearson John, 5, Baggot-st. 

Pender J. 139, Francis-st. 

Phepoe Nicholas, 26, Townsend-st. 

Rafter Mary, 33, Thomas-st. 

Rathbone Henry and Hawthoi:n, [wax and 

. spermaceti] 48, Essex-st. 

Ratigan John, 19, south CumberUnd-st. 

Reilly Patrick, 28, Psitrjck st. 

Reilly Ch. and Co. 4, C^iurcli-lape, joutk 

Rice Thomas, 52, Henry-rst. 

Ridgeway William, 10, great Geocge-st. 

Ringland A. H. 24, Bishop-st, 

Ryan Percival, 165, gre£^t Britain-st, 

Salmon Daniel, 35, Poolbegg-st, 

Segrave Thomas, (soap b.) 1, up, Kevin-«st. 

Segrave Richard, HO, great Britaip.-st. 

Sheridan Jolm, 97, Franeis-st. 

Sherlock Mary, 52, great Britain-st, 

Slater and M'Glon, 106, upper Dorget-st. 

Stephens Robert, 86, Capel-st. 

Stephens William and Edv^ard, 29, Briderst. 

Ternan Nicholas, 33, Towns^Rd-st. 

Tharell Peter, 31, Grafton-st- 

Thomas James, 15, R£dmQnds-bJll 

Tighe Michael, 15, Tljomas-st. 

Thompson Henry, 2, uortji Earl-§t. 

Tobin John, 51, Cutf^:-st. 

Troy James, 135, Francif-s^. 

Vaughan A. 14, Town§end-st, 

Vickers Robe,rt, (soap boiief^) 74, Fraijcfe-9t'. 

Walpole Ann, 23, Duk^-st, 

Walsh Michael, 11, Braba?on-st, 

Warren Lawrence, 47, Golden-lanr 



Whelan WilKam, 140, Thomas-st. 
Wheatley Jane, 18, Kedns-port 
Whitty Moses, 33, Bolton-st, . 
Woods M. A. 22, Fishamble-st. 
See also Coach Makers.. 
Begg Philip, 113, Townsend-st, 
Cogfalan Thomas, (cars) 10, Cnckoo-lane 
Hackett H. {& machine mkr.) 10, Island-st. 
Popplewell Tho. (and engineer) 52, Cork-st. 
Riley Philip, Poolbegg-st. 

fFhip Makers. 
See also Saddlers. 
Butler John, 84, Thomas-st. 
Ford Christopher, 36, Watling-st. 
Kane John, 10, Duke-st. 
Kells Robert, 120, n. King-3t. 
Pittman Lawrence, 10, Suffolk-st. 
Rice James, 1, up. Stephen-st. 
Walsh James, 88, Thomas-st. 

Whitesmiths and Bellhangers. 
Gaynor Thomas, 13, Ryder's-row 
Hayes Matthew, (& blacksmith) Bellview 
Taylor Wm. 55, Exchequer-st. 
Toole Wm. 10, Aungier-st. 

Wine Importers and Merchants. 
Bellingham and Jones, 5, Harcourt-st. 
Boyd Wm. 6, lower Jervis-st. 
Brooke George, 1, Gardiner's-row 
Butler and Scott, 49, Abbey-st. 
BymeM.& J.&Co. (& hops)10, Eustace-st. 
Clarke Philip, 40, n. King-st. 
Courtney David, 56, Summer-hill 
Dempsey John and Co. 54, Abbey-st. 
Dempster Frederick , 25, Bride-st. 
Forrestal Catharine and Son, Dame-lane 
Fuller J. and T. 75, Meath-st. 
Gray James, 49, Abbey-st. 
Hardy P. D. 19 and 20, great Longford-st. 
Haughton Duke, 61, Jervis-»t. 
Hendrick John, 27, upper Jervis-st. 
Hughes Michael, 5, Luke-st. 
James Aid. J. K. 9, Cavendish-row 
Lowther Edw. 10, Fowness-st. 
M'Mahon Hugh, 27, great Strand-st. 
MaffetSaml. &Co. (&spirits),47, Marlbr.-st. 
Malone Lawrence, 100, Brid6-st. 
Mangan Richd. 22, Eustace-st. 
Monsarratt Mark, 55, Summer-hill 
Murphy Patrick, 68, Summer-hill 
Nelson John, (& porter) 23, Usher's-quay 
Newcombe George, 11, Fowness-st. 
Nugent James, 6, lower Gloster-st. 
O'Connor Richd. 53, Abbey-st. 
O'Kelly Thos. 56, Abbey-st. 
Pidgeon Wm. 20, Whitefriar-st. 
Ramsay J. W. 55, Abbey-st, 
Richardson Wm. 25, Abbey-st. 
Risk C. and A. 172, old Church-st. 
Robinson Jphn, 24, Usher's-quay 
Scurleg Gregory, 44, Dominick-st. 
Shaw and Hall, 2, George's-quay 
Short John, 28, Camden-st. 
Smith Joseph, 124, Towusend-st. 
Sneyd, French & Barton, 42, up. Sackr.*st. 
Sparrow Wm. 7, Eustace-st. 

Tarleton Edw, 9, SummeC'ihill! v ,yf bS( aaud 

Tyndall Ann and Son, 20, Jerviai^^ar.jgitnf,^ 

Walsh John, 3, lower Gloster-st. ,■-',-' "'Sr 

West John, 121, Abbey-st. '"v." 

White James, 60, Marlbro'-st. 

White Thomas, 13, Denzille-st, 

Wilson James R. 55, Abbey-st. 

Wisdom John and Co. 9, Fleet-st. 
Wire Workers. 

Buckley J. (boulting machines) 114,New-st. 

Cavanagh Thomas, 20, great Britain-st. 

Conyngham John, 19, great Britain-st. 
Ellis Michael, (& flour machines) 9, Fum- 

Holmes Susannah, lower Ship-st. 
Littlewood John, (thread) 3, Usher-st. 
Woollen Merchants, Drapers, and 
Manchester Warehouses. 
Acheson and Smith, 13, College-green 
Aeheson Joseph, 113, Grafton-st. 
Alexander Frederick, 12, Castle-st. 
Andrew* Wm. (Irish woollens) 33, Castle-st. 
Armstrong & Byrne, 29, Merchants-quay 
Asbmore Richard, 21, Francis-st. 
Baird Samuel and Thomas, 64, Pill-lane 
Baker John, 5, Parliament-st. 
Bayley P. E. & Co. (ready-made clothes) 1 1 7, 

Beasiey Joseph & Co. 21 , Merchanti-quay 
Bellwood Rt. 16, Ardee-row 
Blacker James, 7, College-green 
Black wall Wm. 22, Parliament-st. 
Blood N. and T. 36, Westmoreland-st. \ 

Bolton & Co. (wholesale) 15, Merchants-q. ', 
Boyan M. 49, Fishamblc-st. i 

Brennaud& Redmond, (factors) 39, l.Bdg.-st.' | 
Briscall John, John's-lane 
Brisscoe and Co. 112, Grafton-st. 
Brophy Eliza, 13, High-st. 
Burton Thomas, 30,Trancis-st. 
Byrne Chas. (to his Excellency) 35, Castle-st. 
Byrne Ross, 7, Francis-st. 
Byrne and Burton, 30, Francis-st. 
Byrne Patrick, 17, Francis-st. 
Byrne Maurice, 15, Francis-st. 
Carroll Henry, Eden-quay 
Christian T. R. (and tMlor) 14, Westmore- 
land-st, i 
Coleman Henry, 58, Bride-st. * 
Cooke & Mincliin, Lucas & Co. 10, Parlia- 
Coleman James and Henry, 19, Francis-st, 
Coleman Jane, 22, High-st. 
Conway Thos, (& cotton) 2, low. Bridge-st. 
Cox Joseph, 44, Castle-st. 
Crawford Thos. (wholesale) 18, Eustace-st, 
Crawford Wm, & Jas. 14, Merchants-quay 
Cusack Edwd. [& blankets] 34, Westmore- 
Crean Andrew, 5, Inns-quay 
Cullen and Co. 16, Arran-quay 
DayW. R. 1, Dam?-st. 
Dickson John, 39, Westmoreland-st, 
Dillon Thomas and Luke, [wool erant] 25, 

Doyne Chas. 91, Dame-«t. 



Dudgeon John and Co. 10, Merchants-quay 

Dunn Edw, 7, lower Sackville-st. 

Edmiston Mary, 60, High-st. 

Egan John, 11, Merchanta-quay 

Egan Clare and James, (flannel & blankets) 

19, High-st. 
Fletcher Wm. 15, lower Sackville-st. 
Flood T. and P. 11, Dame-st. 
French Wm. 10, Westmoreland-st, 
French James, 37, Castle-st. 
Gahan Jas. (merchant) 27, Francis-st. 
Gamble Samuel, 64, High-st. 
Geogerty and Murplty, 33, Merchauts-quay 
Geoghegan M. J. 26, Dame-st. 
Geraghty Lawrence, 11, lower Bridge-st. 
Glover J. and R. (who.) 25, low. Sackvl.-st, 
Gogarty Patrick, (and men's mercer) 71, 

Graham Christopher, 30, Merchants-quay 
Graham Chas. 30, Merchants-quay 
Graham Edw. and Co. 76, Abbey-st. 
Gray R. and G. north Anae-st. 
Hague, Beaumont & Cooke, 57, Fisham.-st. 
Harding Wm. 2, Corn-market 
Hardy and Gardiner, 78, Dame-st. 
Harney M. corner Sldnner-row 
Hart Matthew., 75, Dame-st. 
Hawkshaw John, 24, Francis-st. 
Hayes Wm. (linen &cotton) 12,New-row, w 
Henry Robert, 15, College-greea 
Hickson John, 26, College-green 
Koughton Jer. 12, Usher's-quay 
Hughes Bridget, 10, High-st. 
Humphreys Wm. 17, Merchants-quay 
Irvine and Co. 19, Merchants-quay 
Jones John, 5, Dame-st. 
Kearns M. 6, upper Bridg«-st. 
Kiernan Patrick, 4 and 5, Thomaa-st. 
Lawless and Toole, 23, upper Sackville-st. 
Lawrence and Reynolds, 71, Pill-lane 
Lear and Walsh, 9, Linen Hall-st. 
Leet Wm. 4, Merchants-quay 
Lynch Chas. 6, Usher's-quay 
Lynch and Young, 31, New-row, west 
Lyster Thomas, 31, Dame-st. 
M'Ardell Matthew, 15, High-st. 
M'Greery Thomas, 59, High-st. 
M'Creery John, 5, High-st. 
M'Dermott Murphy & Co. (who.) 3fi, lower 

M'Donagh Edward, 8, lower Sackville-st. 
Mahon N. (wo. mer.) 26, Merchants-quay 
Martin Nicholas, 52, Pill-lane 
Matthews Jehu, [Man.wh.] 5, Linen Hallnst. 
Milling Wm. 76, Dame-st. 
Millner Geo. (& stuff) 1, St. Andrews-st. 
Minnitt Wm. (& cotton) 25, Merchaiits-q. 
Morris Thomas, 16, High-st. 
Mullen &. Co. [Man. whs.] 7, Wormwood-gate 
Mulligan Patrick, 4, Bridge-st. 
MunceS. and Co. 10, Usher's-quay 
Nolan Briscoe & Co. [blankets] 1 15, Graf. -st. 
Nowlan and Walsh, 2, Francis-st. 
Nugent Richard, (& cotton) 27. Bridge-st. 
O'Brien R. D. & M. 5, Usher's-quay 
O'Connor Dennis, 8, Ross-lane 
O'fiorman Richard, 3, Usher' s-qway 

O'Halloran Edwd. 21, upper Bridge-it. 

O'Halloran James, 13, Merchants-quay 

O'Halloran Edwd, 21, upper Bridge-tt, 

O'Loughlin Andrew, 19, Skinner-row 

Parsons Wm. 39, Castle-st. 

Phibba John, 73, Dame-st. 

Richey Robert, (wh.) 91, Grafton-»t. 

Robinson Wm. and Co. 8, Inns-quay 

Rogerson John, 58, Wm.-st. 

Russell Henry, 24, Eustace-st. 

Saul Jas. 4, High-st, 

Shannon Edwd. 31, Castle-st. 

Shine Wm. 90, Dame-st. 

Simpson John and J. 66, Dame-st. 

Smyth Daniel, 4, College-green 

Smyth and Nicholson, 2, Parliament-st. 

Stinson John, 36, Castle-st. 

Stubber John and Co. 23, Dame-st. 

Talbot Wm, H. 12, College-green 

Talbot Samuel, 40, Castle-st. 

Taylor Wm. 40, Westmoreland-st. 

Vance and Beers, 13, lower Bridge-st. 

Walsh and Kelly, 12, High-st. 

Walsh Jas. 10, John's-lane 

Walker Jas. (woollen & fancy waistcoatingt 
23, upper Bridg6-st. 

Wentworth Wm. 5, Inns-quay 

West John, 30, College-green 

White Wm. late John Stamper (and tailor) 

Whitfield Thomas, 5, old Church-st. 

Williams J. D. & Co. (wh.) 15, Eustace-»t, 

Williams Griffith, (wh.) 9, Crampton-couit 

Wardle T. & J. & Co, 12, Francis-st. 

Willis Geo. and Co. 11, Kildare-st. 

Wright John, 29, Skinner-st. 

Woollen Manufacturers. 

Atkinson Thomas, 15, Mark's-alley 

Beasley Thomas, 40, New-market 

Bradford William, 13, Brail hwaite-st. 

Beeby Samuel, 1 , Weaver-square 

Hunn Henry, (blankets) 56, great Bfitain-st. 

Burke William apd Co. (oil and dyewoods) 
Mill-town and Skipps-alley, Merchants-«[. 

Burke William, 32, Charaber-st. 

Burke Christopher, 20, Chamber-st. 

Burke Walter, 19, Chamber-st. 

Butler J. and A. 23, Chamber-st, 

Boardman Joseph, 33, Ardee-st. 

Bourk Walter, 26, Ardea-st. 

Clarke Thomas, 12, Chamber-st. 

Dowling Christopher, 8, Chamber-st. 

Dromgoole Christopher, 2, Weaver-square 

Foley G.J. 20, Pool-st. 

Furlong Robert, 24, Chamber-st. 

Gray burn Rt, (& presser) 17, Brabaaon-row 

Houghton Jeremiah, i2. Ushers-quay 

Irwin William, 37, Chamber-st, 

Jones James, 15, Brabazon-row 

Kane D. and Son, 70, Dame-st. 

Kearney J. and J. 10, Pimlico 

Lambert P. and J. (army clothiers) 14, Bra- 

Lambert John, 42, Chamber-st. 

Lambert John, 3, Pool-st. 

Lowry James, (flannel) 54, Pill-lane 

Marabe Matthew, 3, Joho-st. ». 


M'Cormick JfdlfeP^ 75, G6t)riifec 

M'Craci^-'-n Addr^, 18, Chamber-st. and 
Red-mills, Caapel-izod 

Macbin Simou, 5, Weaver-square 

JVIulhoiiand Thomas, 61, Pill-laae 

Murray John, 33, New-rtiarket 

Neill William, 33, Cliamber-st. 

Neill John and Robert, 22, Chamber-st. 

Neill TliomHS, 5, John-st south 

Nowlan and Shaws, 10, Westmoreland-st. 
and Merino Factory, Kilkenny 

Nugent Edmund, 11, College-green 

Nultv John, 10, Brabazon-row 

O'Leary Patrick, 19, Pool-st. 

Oxley Tboiuas, 1, Ceeilia-st. 

Parker Thomas, 13, Brabazon-row 

Read John, 10 and 11, Chair.ber-st. 

Reeves George, 14 and 3fi, Chamber-st, 

Rouike Patrick, 9, Brabazon-row 

Shaw John, 6, Ardee-at, 

Tuton and Foss, 28, Chambor-st. and Rock- 

Watson John, 40, Chamber-st. 

Wheatley Thomas, 16, Spital-fields 

Wilde John, (flannel) 63, Pill-lane 

Wilkinson William, 15, lower Uridgc-st. 

Willans O. and Sons, 6, low. Bridge-st. and 
Hibernian Mills 

Willans John, 8, upper Camden-st, 

Williams Nathaniel, 33, Cole-alley 

Wool Combers. 
Merryman James, 104, Coonibe 
O'Reilly James, 31. Coombe 
Russell Joseph, 8, Spital-fields 

Wool Factors, Staplers, Sf Merchants. 
Eccles Richard, (blankets and yarn) 2}, 

Smock-alley, and Wakefield, England 
Matthews S. and T. 26, Smithfield 
Mullen Barnabas [wool merchant] 16, 
. Chanjber-st. 

.iSeill Thomas, 5, John-st. south 
Reilly James, 31, Coombe 
Roberts Wm.^ Thomas-court, Wool-crane 
Thompson John, 11, upper Camden-st. 
Whitehead Thomas, 31 , Pimlico 
Williams Nathaniel, 33, Cole-alley 

Worsted Manufacturers. 
Atkinson Thomas, 15, Mark's-alley 
Culloden Lriwrence, 36, Cole-alley 
Dowdall E. and Son, (and silk) 23, Meath-st. 
Payton Charles, 69, Francis-st, 
Pennell Rose, 9, Mark's-alley 
Thomas William, 10, Mill-st, 


Albani Lorenzo, Professor of Languages, 

13, Pitt-st. 
Battley T. C. Farming Repository, Ste- 
1 pheii'ls-green 
Birnie James, Professor of Dandn*, 11, 

south Anne-st. 
Brown Col, Deputy Quarter Master General, 

20, Stephen's-green, n. 
Bull W. PatentMedicineVender, 79, Dame-st. 
Bnrdett Sir B. W, Agent to the Recruiting 

Service, 4, Park-st, 

Cohea B. aAiS J. Wi<*-leM'tieti«il'W«tmMi 

8, Charlemont-bridge 

Crozier Wm', 175, great Britain-st. 

Cunningham Patrick, tobacco pipe makerj 
136, Francis-st. 

Dowling Jos. vitriol munufrs. 144, New-St, 

Downing Michl, stereotype letter foundef, 
3, great Strand-st. 

Duff John, lead merchant, 14, Abbey-st. 

Duncan Rebecca, robe maker, 3, Bank-st. 

Duncan Wm. robe maker, 4, Church-lane 

Elmirton James, 3, Circular-road, north 

Fiulay& Evans, clerksof market, 8, Arran-q. 

Fisher John, callenderer, 23, Cook-st. 

Foley Rt. copper & tin mercht, 24, Capel-st. 

Gardiner, Cusack and Co. lineu y^rn factors, 
Linen Hall-st. 

Green Samuel, sawmaker» 1 , low. Jervis-st. 

Healy Samuel, electrician, 43, James-st. 

Jeanett Michael, last and boot tree maker, 
1, lower Exchange-st. 

Johnson J. marble paper man. 14,Golden-l. 

Kane Thomas, curled hair and hair cloth 
manufacturer, 150, Francis-st. 

M'Laughlin Philip, tobacco pipe maker, 
147, Francis-st. 

M'Menamy William, professor of mathe- 
matics, 1, Hawkins-st. 

Martin Luke, reed maker, 57, Coombe 

Newman Pab» cotton mer. 31, Thomas-st. 

Nowlin Dominick, earthenware manufac- 
turer, 10, Montgomery-st. 

Perrin Joshua, print cutter, 3, Chancery-1. 

Phillips Reuben, chocolate and cocoa manu- 
facturer, 12, Aston'a-quay 

Pickering Thomas, rag merchant, 124, 
Francis-st, and 3, Stafford-st. 

Pickering J, beam scale manuf . 73, Pill-lane 

Rocchi Lewis, artificial flower maker, 35, 
great Britain-st. 

Salmon Wm. plaister of Paris manufacturer, 
3, Anglesea-st. 

Shearman F. hop mer. 34, low^ Ormond-qu. 

Sheridan Wiii.colouriiianuf. 17,1. Ormond-q. 

Smith W. J. gut string manufacturer in 
general, Thonias's-court 

Sweetmau Wm. sugar baker, 26, Stephen-s. 

Taaffe Bartholomew, poulterer, 24, Coles-l. 

Fallon John, hemp merchant, 10, Pill-lane 

Walter J . shear maker & grinder, 27, Cork-it. 




Alms Houses. 
Aged Widows, White-friar-st. 
St. James's, Bow-lane, south 
St. Thomas's, (& cjjarity school) 147, MecU- 

For Discountenancing Vice, 7, Capel-st. 

For Aged and Infirm Female SeiTants, 12, 
lower Doraet-st.. 



I?or Aged and Infirm Female Servants^ '67, 

Bedford, Brunswick-st. 
Betbesda, fgr Female Orphans, u. Dorset-st. 
Goldsmiths Jubilee 
Magdalen, Leeson-st. 
Magdalen General, Townsend-st. 
Molyneux's, for Blind Females 
Old Men's, Russel-place, Circular-road 
Richmond Lunatic, near Brunswick-st. n. 
Vintners, Charlemont-st, 

Artillery, Island-bridge 
Cavalry, Baggot-st. ' 
Ditto, Porto Bello 
Ditto, Royal, Barrdck-st. 
Infantry, Coombe 
Ditto, great George's-st. s. 
Ditto, James^st. 
Ditto, Kevin-st. 
Ditto, Pigeon-house 
Ditto, Richmond, Kilmainhara 
Ditto, Royal, Barrack-at. 
Ditto, Townsend-st. (Depot) 

Army Medical, 5, Parliament'St, 
Of Education, 
Of General Officers, 

Of Paving, Mary-st. 
Of Works, 5, north Cope-st. 


Barrack, end of Watling-st. 

Carlisle, ends of Westmoreland'St. and Sack- 

Essex, ends of Capel-st. and Parliament-st. 

Queen's, end of Bridge-foot-st. 

Richmond, end of Wine-tavern-st. 

Sarah's, (Countess of Westmoreland) oppo- 
site the Phoenix-park 

Wellington, ^New Iron) end of lower Liffey- 

Whitworth, end of old Church-st. 


Christ Church, Skinner-row 

St, Patrick's, Patrick-st. 

Parish Churches. 
St. Andrew's, Andrew-st. 
St. Ann's, Dawson-st. 
St, Audeon's, Aijdcon's-arch 
St, Bridget's, Bride-st. 
St. Catherine's, Thomas-st, 
St. George's, Hardwicke-place 
St. James's, James-st. 
St. John's, Fishamble-st, 
St. Kevin's, Church-lane, Kevin-st. 
St. Luke's, Coombe 
St. Mark's, Mark-st. 
St. Mary'», Mary-st. 

St. MicUael's, High-st. 'imp. b>^A loK | 

St. Micuan'Sj Church-st. v^rJoCl i^ffdl 

St. Nicholas within, Nicbolas-st. 

St, Nicholas without, in fuins 

St. Paul's, King-st. 

St. Peter's, Aiingier-st* 

St. Thomas's, Marlborough-st, 

St. Werburgh's, Werburgh-st. 

Besides these there is a Chapel of Ease, in 

Temple-st. ; and the Chapel Royal, for the 

Viceroy, &c. in the Castle. 

Chapels not under the Archbishop. 
Bethesda, Dorset-st. 
Blue Coat Hospital, Black Hall-st. 
Foundling Hospital, Mount Brown 
Hibemico School, Phoenix Park 
Lying-in Hospital, Britain-st. 
Magdalen Asylum, Leeson-st. 
Marine School, Rogerson's-quay 
Molyneux Asylum, Peter-st. 

Foreign Churches aiid Chapels, 
French Calvinist (Jhurch, Peter-st. 
German Lutharaa Church, Poolbeg-st. 
St- Patrick's French Chapel, St. Patrick's 

Protestant DissentingMeetingllouse^. 
Bishop-st. Moravian 
Eub>tace-fit. Presbyterian, 'Westminster Cpu- 

Hei)drick-6t, Methodist, Wesley Chapel 
Mary's-abbey, Presbyterian, -f^ntiburgher 

Mary's-abbey, Presbyterian, Westminster 

Confession ■ v^ 

Mass- lane, Presbyterian, Burgher Seceders 
Meath-st. Quakers 

Mountjoy-sq. Methodists, Wesley Chapel 
Plunket-st. Independent 
Ranelagh Methodist, Cullin's-wood Avenue 
Strand-it. Presbyterians, Unitarians 
Swift's-alley, Baptist 
Sycamove-alley, Quakers 
Usher's-court, Presbyterian, Westminster 

Confession • i 

White-friar-st, Methodist, Wesley Cbapel 
York-»t. Independent 

Roman Catholic Parish Chapels. 
Arran-quay— Bridge -St. — Exchange-st.— St, 

Michael's and St. John's — Fraucis-st, — 

Hardwick-st. — James's-st. — Liftey-street 

— Marlbro'-st, — Mary's-lane — Meath-6t. 

— ^Townsend-st. 

Ash-st. — Church-st.— Ciavendon-st.— Cook- 

st. — Adam & Eve— Denmark-st.— French- 

st. — St. Patrick— Thomas-st. St. John 


Cloatarf — George's-hiii — Harold's-cross — 

James-st. — Kiug-st.— Ranelagh— Warren-* 

The Jews h.ive no Synagogue in Dublin, 

nor in Ireland ; but they have a Burying 

Ground near Ballybough-bridge 
Charitable Loans. 
Meath, Vestry Room of St. Catherine's,. 

Thomas-st. , 
i JMusical Society, St. Anne^sVestjy; Regis- 
ter, Rev.G. W.CottoBj VVilliam-st. 




King's and Queen's, of Physicians, Sir P. 
Dunn's Hospital, 21, College-green 

Lay College, Maynooth 

Koyal, of St. Patrick, Maynooth 

Of Surgeons, and School of Surgery, Ste- 
phens-green, west 

Trinity, School of Physic, &c. Stephens-gr. 


Of Accounts, Stamp-office, William-st. 

Of Asylums, Chief Secretary's Office, Dub- 
lin Castle 

Of Bankruptcy, at the Royal Exchange 

For Charitable Donations 

Of Customs and Port Duties, Custom-house 

For Dunlaary Harbour, Secretary's Office, 
19, Gloucester st. 

Of Grand Canal, Grand Canal-hduse, 49, 

For Improving Bogs 

For Improving the Port of Dublin, West- 

For Improving Wexford Harbour, Ballast- 
office, Anne-st. 

Of Inland Excise and Taxes 

For the Issue of Money, 37, Sackville-st. 

For the Reduction of the National Debt, 
Treasury, Dublin Castle 

Of the Royal Canal, Royal Canal-house, 

Of Stamps, Stamp Office, William-st. 

Of the Treasury, Dublin Castle 

For Widening Streets, Treasury, Bk. of Ire. 

Boyne Navigation 

Dublin Fishery, Sec. L. Thornhill, esq. 

Liberal Annuities 


Of the Bank of Ireland, College-green 

Geneial of Inland Navigation, 11, Mer-st. 

Dorget Nourishment, Meath-st. 
Dublin General, 29, Temple-bar 
Infant Poor, (& vaccination) 17, Claren.*st. 
North West, Bei'esford-st. 
Sick Poor, 25, Meath-st. 
St. Bridget and St. Peter, Peter-st. 
St. George's and Fever Hosp. Cir.-road, n. 
St. Mary & St. Thos. Coles-lane, Henry-st. 
St. Michau and St. Paul, Beresford-st. 

Corn, Burgh-quay 
Stock, Cork -hill 

Gaols and Penitentiaries. 
Adult Female Penitentiary 
City Marshalsea, (for small debts) Grecn-st. 
Dublin Female Penitentiary, Circu.-road, n. 
Four Courts Marshalsea, near Thomas-st. 
Insolvent Debtors, (receptacle) 10, Marrow- 
Kilmainham, (criminals) Gaol & Penitcn. 
New Bridewell, (Grimiiials) near New-st. 
Newgatr», (criminals) Green-st. ^ 
Penitentiary, (lock) Dorset-st. 
Penitentiary, (for young criiBinalsVSniithfidd 

Richmond General Penitentiary^ ' {BoiSirttti) 
Grange Gorman-lane • > '• ■!*! iC 

Sessions House, (for trials) Green-stw ' '' 

Sheriffs Prison (for debtors) GrCen-st. 

St, James's-street Penitentiary, (females for 
limited periods) 

St. Sepulchre's, (debtors) Long-lane 

Apothecaries, 48, Mary-st. 
Goldsmiths, 22, Golden-lane 
Linen, Linen Hall-st. 
Medical, 34, lower Sackville-st, 


Blue Coat, and Free School, Oxmantowa 
Clinical, (Sir P. Dunn) grand Canal-st'. 
Dublin Infirmary, Jervis-st. 
Fever Hospital, Cook-st. 
Foundling, Mount Brown 
Of Incurables, Donnybrook-road 
Lying-in, great Britain-st. 
Meath, Long-lane, New-st, 
Mercers, Stephen-st. 
Richmond, Surgical, Brunswick-st, 
Royal Hospital, near Kilmainham 
Royal Military, Phoenix-park 
Simpson's, great Britain-st. 
Steeven's, near St. James-st. ■ 
St. Mark's 

St. Nicholas & St. Catherme's, Francis-sfc. 
St. Patrick's, (Swift's) Bow-lane, south 
St. Peter and St. Bridget's, Peter-st. 
Talbot Fever, James-st, 
Westmoreland Lock, Townsend-st. 
Whitworth Fever, on Royal Caaa,l, Drum- 

Household Estdblishtnent and Offices under 
the command of his Excellencp Earl 
Talbot^ Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, 
Dublin Castle, and Phoenix Park, con- 
sisting- of the Privy Council and State 

The very Rev. the Dean and Chaplains of 
the Chapel-Royal, Castle of DubHu. 

Officers of the Civil and Military jpepart- 

Secretary for the provinces of Ulster and 
Munster; Privy Seal; Keeper of Phoenix 
Park and other Local Officers ; Medical 
Department ; Inspector of Prisons, &c, ; 
Battle-ase Guards ; Board of Works ; 
Record Tower ; Parliamentary Record 
Office ; State Paper Department ; Surveyor 
General of Lands ; Birmingham Tower 
Records ; Ulster Records ; &.c. &c. &c. 

City Assembly, William-st. 

Female Orphan, Circular road 

Female Orphan, 110, Summer-hill 

Female Orphan, of the parishes of St, Marv, 
St. Thos. and St. George, 102, Abbey-st, 

Mansion House, Dawson-st. 

Of Industry, near Brunswick-st. n. 

Of Industry, Hawkins-st. 

Mansion, Dawson-st. ■"' i-''Ji';J<- 

Orphan- HotiseiPftlssia-st;* s3««J9iasf 



Of Recovery, Cork-st. 

Of Recovery, (St. George's) St. George's-pl. 
Of Refuge, 54, upper Baggot-st. 
Stove I'ciiter House, near Cork-st. 

"- Institutions. 

Botannic Garden, Glasnovin 
Charitable, (diseases of tlie ckin nod eyes) 

Charitable Infirmary, Jervis-st. 
Cowpocji, (vaccination) 62, Sackvillc-st. 
Dublin Institution, 15, upper Sackville-st. 
Economical, (for general education^ 45, 

National Eye Infirmary, 5, Cumberland-st. n. 
National Institution, [for the tuition of deaf 

and dumb persons] 14, Brunswick-st, 
Richmond, [for industrious blind] , 37, upper 

Royal Irish 

Royal Irish Academy, Grafton-st. 
Savings Bank, 46, CulS'-st. 
Sterne's Charity, Seer. Office, 1, St. Aud.-st. 
United, St. Mark & St. Anne, Mark-st. 


For Bacon and Potatoes, Spital-fields, near 

Corn, Thomas-st. 

Egg and Poultry, Mary's-lane 

Fish, Pill-lane 

Fruit and Potatoes, little Britain-st. 

Hay, Petticoat-lane 

Hay, Straw, Bacon and Butter, Kevin-st. 

Live Cattle, Smithfield, nr. King-st. n. 

Shambles, Meat. — Cattle Market, George - 
6t. ; City Market, Black Hall-row ; Cla- 
rendon, William-street; Fleet Marlsets, 
Townsend-st. ; Leinster, D 'Oilier-street ; 
Meath, Hanbury-lane ; Norfolk, great 
Britain-street; Ormond, Ormond-quay ; 
Patrick's, Patrick-sti-eet 

Turf and Potatoes, grand Canal Harbour, 

Vegetables. — A space is occupied in the 
vicinity of a major part of the markets 
for the sale of vegetables. 




Court of Chancer?/. 
Lord Chancellor ; Master of the Rolls ; 
Masters in Chancery ; Six Clerks ; Clerk 
of the Crown and Hanaper Registrar ; 
Usher and Registrar of Affidavits ; Ac- 
countant General ; Clerk of Report Ortk-e ; 
Clerk of the Recognizances ; Cursitor ; 
Pursuivant ; Chief Examiners ; Regis- 
trar and Clerk of the Faculties ; 
Purse Bearer ; Train Bearer and Crier ; 
Commissioners of Bankrupts, five divi- 
sions ; Raj's! Exchange; Secretary of 
Bankrupts ; Clerk of Enrolments ; Mes- 
sengers to the Commissioners ; Assistant. 
Besides the above , there , are p,u.m)bers of 
Secretaries ai^ |i«pMi^^j^ ^H«^^fl^^ I ij^ 

Court of King^s Bench. 

Lord Chief Juetice, and tb.ree other Jus- 
tices ; Clerk of the Crown : Prothonobiry^i; 
Keeper of Writs ; Filazcr ; Cierk of the 
Errors ; Clerk of Rules and Ordfi-s'; 
Examiners ; Seal Keeper and Tipstaff; 
Tlie major part of these have their Rg»- 
gistrars and Deputies. 

Court of Common Pleas. 

Lord Chief Justice and three other iw.-.- 
tices i Chirographers ; Keepers of the 
Writs; Clerks of the King's Silver; Pro- 
thonotary ; Filazer and Exigenter ; Ckuk 
of Warrants ; Clerk of Rules and Entries,; 
Clerk of Errors ; of Essoigns ; of Juries; 
of Outlawries, and of Assignments ; Ex- 
aminers ; Seal Keeper and Tipstaii" ; Re- 
gistrars and Deputies. 

Coiiirt of Exchequer. 

Chancellor of the Exchequer ; Lord Chief 
Baron and three other Barons ; Exami- 
ners ; Pursuivant ; Deputy Keeper of the 
Seals ; Serjeant at Arms ; Chief Cijier ; 
Marshall of the Four Courts. 
Law Side. 

Clerks of the Pe^ace ; of the Rules ; of the 
Pleadings ; of the Alphabets ; of Record 
Office and Satisfection of Judgments ; 
Clerk and Signer of Writs ; Cledv of the 
Appearances, &c. ; Principal Clerk? ; 
Agents for Attornies ; Registrars and De- 

Equity Side, 

Chief Remembi-ancer ; Auditor of Acts and 
Deputy Examiner in Aid and Clerk of 
Causes ; Counsel to the Chief Remem- 
brancer ; Clerk of Reports ; Filazer a,nd 
Deputy ; Clerk in Secondary's Office ; Re- 
gister and Clerk ; Ushers ; Accountant ; 
General and Deputy. 

Revenue Side. 

Lord Treasurer ; Secondarys ; Clerk of the 
Pipe ; Clerk Comptroller of the Pipe ; 
Transcriptor, &c. ; Sumnionister, &.c. ; 
and Deputies. ' iJ^^i 

Surveyor General of Lands and DepuM^ 
Court of Exchequer Chamber .i: 

Judges ; Clerk of the Errors and Deputy. 

Court of Appeal in Revenue Causes. 


High Court of Admiralty, 
Judge ; Surrogates ; King's Advocates Ge- 
Registrar ; Marshall ; Proctors and Deputies. 

Civil Bill Court. 
Recorder and Register. 

City of Dublin Record Coufti *^ 
Held at the Sessions House. 
Judges ; Lord Mayor ; Sheriffs ; Recorder ; 
Attoi-ney and Prothonotary. 

Court of Quarter Sessions, Greea-st. 
Chairman ; Register and Attorney. 
Prerogative Court, Henrietta-st. 


High Court of Delegates, 4, St, An- 

Register of Appeals & Spiritual Provocations. 

Cotisistorial Court of Dublin, 107, 
Stephen's- green, west. 

Vicar General ; Surrogates ; Register and 
Deputy and Public Notary. 

Metropolitan Court, Dublin Castle. 
Vicar Gen. ; Register and Deputy ; Proctors. 

Court of Conscience, Coppingers-row . 

In addition to the foregoing enumeration of 
Public Offices, the following may with 
propriety be here noticed : — Seneschals, 
with their Registers ; Marshalls ; Clerks 
of the Markets ; Weigh Masters ; Cra- 
ners and Deputies ; Coroners of Ireland ; 
Benchers of the Honourable Society of 
King's Inns ; King's Counsel ; Clerks of 
the Crown and Peace ; Crown Solicitors ; 
' Commissioners of Affidavits, &c. &c. 

Offices, Public, 

Of the Accountant General, Custom -Honse 

Of Arms, Palace-yard 

Of Army Medical Department, 5, Parlia- 

Of Audit of Public Accounts, Foster-place, 

Of Auditors General, Dublin Castle 
Of Ballast Office, Westmoreland-st. 
:Of the Bank of Ireland, College-green 
Of Barrack Department, 8, up. Merrion-st. 
Of the Chief Secretary, Dublin Castle 
Of the Clerks of the Crown, Peace, and 

Pells, Four Courts, K, Inns-quay 
Of Coal Meters, 15, Mark-st. 
Of the Collector of Revenue, Custom House 
Of the Commissary General, 31, Palace-st. 
Of the Commissioners of Enquiry, 15, Do- 

Of Excise and Permits ; Principal Office and 
Excise, Custom House; other Offices are 
at 21, Moore-st. 13, Longford-st. Bed- 
ford-st. Francis-st. Grand Canal Harbour, 
Royal Canal, 36, Earl-st. 
• Of Commissioners of Stamps, William-st, 
Of First Fruits, Record Office, 1 , Castle-yard 
Of the Inspectors of Linen, Linen-hall 
Of the Linen Manuf. Trustees, Lurgan-st. 
Of Military Account, 30, upper Merrion-st, 
Of Muster, lower Castle-yard 
Of Naval Department 
Of Ordnance, Dublin Castle, Civil Depart- 
Of Ordnance, Barrack Department, 8, up. 

Of Pipe Water Establishment, William-st. 
Of Post Office General, Sackville-st. 
Of Privy Seal, Dublin Castle 
.Of Public Coal Yards, City-quay, and Mar- 

Of Registry of Deeds, Four Courts, King's 

Inns-quay ■ 

Of Revenue Department^ Dublin Castle 


Of the Six Clerks, Four Courts, King's 

Of State Papers, Dublin Castle 
Of Surveyors and Landvvaiteis, 59, City-q* 
Of Teller of the Exchequer, Dublin Castle 

Places of Amussment, 
Theatre Royal, St. Cecilia-st. Crow-St. ^ 
Theatre Amateur, Fishamble-st. ^- 

New Circus, lower Abbey-st. * 

Rotunda Gardeu's, Rutland-square ' 

Fairs of Donnybrook, Palmerstown, and 


Police Offices. 
No. 1, Head Police Ofiice, Castle Divisio% 
5, Exchange-court. ; 

Alderman Darley, 60, William-st. 
Counsellor R. Guinness, Mercer-st. 
Major Ch. Hen. Sirr, Dublin Castle _ 

No. 2, First Liberty Divis. 28, Usher's^q. 1 
Alderman Exshaw, 103, Grafton-st. 
Counsellor Herbert, Constitution-hill 
Wm. Lindsay, Esq. 

No. 3, Second Lib. Div. Office, SO, Jas.-st. 
Alderman Archer, Gardiner's-place 
Counsellor C, Graves, Fitzwrn. -square 
John Tudor, Esq. n. Frederick- st. 

No. 4, Kivig's Inn Div. 17, Montrath-st. 
Alderman Sir W. Staraer, Bt. 38, Dawson^st< 
Counsellor Cole, Hard"wicke-st. 
James Blacker, Esq. College-green 

No. 5, Mountjoy-sq. Div. 43, Marlb.-st. 
Alderman Cash, Rutland-square 
Counsellor Thomas Casey, Ely-place 
William Long, Esq. 12, Mary-st. 

No. 6, Merrion-sq. Div. 15, Bank-st. 
Alderman Fleming, Hatch-st, 
Counsellor Jos. Gabbett, Mount- st. 
Mark Magrath, Esq. Nelson-st. 
Agents and Solicitors, Hamilton and Gor- 
don, 38, upper Sackville-st. 
Ferrall Wm. City Marshall, 63, Fleet-st. 

Quays in Rotation' 


Sir John Rogerson, City, Geprge's, Burgh, -^ 
Aston's, Crampton, Wellington, Essex,. 
Coal, Wood, Merchants, and Ushers. 


Pembroke, Ellis's, Arran, King's- Inn, iip. 

Ormon4, lower Ormond, Eden, and Cu! ' 

torn House. 

Schools, Public. 
Charity for Girls, lower Kevin-st. 
Charter School, Corporation Society, 3, up 

per Baggot-st. 
Dublin Weekly & Daily, School House-lane 
Education Society, Model School, Kildare-p 
Erasmus Smith's 
Feuaiglian School, Kildare-st. 
Freemason's Female Orphan, 4, Glouc.-pl. 
Royal Irish Academy, Grafton-st. 
St. Mark's Female, 33, Merrion-st. 
St. Michael's, Mary's-lane 
Sunday and Daily, North-strand 
Schools are established in every Parish in 

the City, and almost every Chapel and'' 

Meeting House have separate ones« 




Auxiliary Bible Society 

Charitable Society, Secretary^ 3, n. Anne-st. 

Charter School Society, near Clontarf 

Pebtors Friend Society, Secretary, Caven- 

Of Dublin Library, Burgh quay 

Dublin Le.inster Hou?e, Kildare-st. 

Of Dublin Institution, Sackville-st- 

For Promoting the Education of the Poor, 

Farming Society, Summer-hill 

Hibernian Bible, and Sunday School, 16, 
upper Sackville-st. 

Hibernian Marine. — Sir John Rogerson's-q- 

Hibernian Society, for care of Soldiers' Or- 
phans, PlioenixTpark 

Iberno Celtic Society 

Incorporated Society, for P'Tomoting English 
Protestant Schools, in Ireland, Aungier-st. 

Of Irish Musical Fund, Treasurers, Messrs, 

Kirwanian Society 

Of Marsh Library, near Patrick-st. 

Of the Ouzel Gal, Secretary, 10, gt. Geo.-st.n. 

Pharmaceutic Society 

For Promoting the Comforts of the Poor 

Of Reduced Literary Teachers 

Of Strangers' Friends, Secretary, Peter-st. 

Stephen's -green, Merrion-square, Mount- 
joy-square, Rutland-square, and Fitzwil- 

Conveyance by Water. 
king's packets. 
For Particulars of the Sailing of His Ma- 
jesty's Packets, vide account of Post 
Office business at the commencement of 

the Dublin Directory. Office, Royal 

Mail Hotel, 12, Dawson-st. Packet 

Wherries at 82, Sir John Rogerson's-quay. 


A regular conveyance by Packets to Bris- 
tol every Thursday. 


Marquis of Wellington. John Hyde 
County of Cork. John Massey 

Marshal Blucher. James Cooke 

A Commercial Packet to Cork every Tues- 
day : to Waterford on the 8th and 25th, 
monthly. Agent in Dublin, Jas. Bowdich ; 
Office, Eden-quay 
A Packet to Bourdeaux from Eden-quay, 
twice monthly, 


Old Companies Packets between Dublin and 
Liverpool sail daily. The following is a 
List of the vessels and masters : — 


Alert. Mof^an 

Duke of Leinster. Clements 
Duke of Richmond. J. Duncan 
M Earl Annesley. Brett. 

Bfteket Office, 18. George' s-quay ; iigent, 
P. Purcell, corner ot-Luke-st. 

New Companies Packets between Dublin 
and Liverpool sail daily. 


Duke of Wellington, J. Owens 
Earl Moira, E. Owens 

Hero. ^ AVilliams 

Shamrock. W. Roberts. 

Packet Office at Mr. Edward Murphy's, 24, 
George's-quay. Agent, Thos. FieW, 4, 


Two Steam Packets ply between Howth and 
, Holyhead, alternate days. 

The Waterloo Steam Packet plies between 
Dublin and Liverpool, making occasional 
trips to Belfast and Glasgow. — Apply at 
N, Kelly and Sons, 6, gt. George-st. s. 

Grand Canal. 

This canal extends from Dublin to Roberts- 
town, 20 miles west ; whence proceed 
two branches, one to the river Shannon, 
at Shannon Harbour, near Banagher, 63 
miles from Dublin ; the other to the river 
Barrow, atAtliy, 43 miles from Dublin. 
Boats ply regularly on these canals. The 
Barrow is navigable from Athy to Ross 
and Waterford, and the Shannon from 
Shannon Harbour to Athlone and Lime- 
rick. — Grand Canal-house, William-st, 
Secretary, Edw. Lawson, esq. 49f , Wil- 

Arrangement of the Passage Boats daily 
from Portobello : 

Depart. Return to Dub. 

For Athy & TuUamore, 7 m. 10 min. p. 8, e. 

For Shannon Harbour, 4 aft. 20 m. p. 11, m. 

New Royal Canal. 

This canal is navigable from the Liffey to 
Tarmonbury, on the Shannon, an extent 
of 71 miles ; boats ply on this canal to 
the following towns : Leixlip, Maynooth, 
Kilcock, Newcastle, Thomastown, Mul- 
lingar, Killishee, Athlone, Carrick-on- 
Shannon, &c. 

Arrangement of Passage Boats daily fron» 
Broadstone. — From the 1st of March to 
the 1st of November. 

Depart. Ketnro to Dab. 

To Mullingar 6 mg. fi evng. 

From 1st Nov. to Ist of March. 

To Mullingar at 7 mg. 6 evng. 

To Killishee 3 aft. § p. 10 morn. 

Parcel Offices and Carriers, on the 

Grand Canal, Grand Canal Harbour. 
S. B. & F. Berry, on the line generally 3 

Days per Week. 
William Dunn's, weekly 
Hyland and Son, ditto 
Pirn & Goodbody, ditto 
William Singleton, to ffvtterfordy &c. thre« 

Days per Week 
John Thompson, to Carlow, weekly 

Parcel Officks and Carriers on the 

Royal Canal, Broadstone. 

Giristopher Dillon, to Mullingar, Sallt/- 

wifl74e»,and .4tlel(me, &c. weekly 


Jolm Fagan coaveys Goods reguhrly to 
^Kitcock, Fe'rnnlocti, CloncurrK, New- 
castle, KUlmnre., Moyvalli/, Boyne, lial- 
Imporl, jinrl TItomastown, 

J. and F. Pptwotth aiitl Co. to Maynooth, 
Multingar, Ballymahon, and Richmond 
Harbour, &c. &c. every Tu. Thu. & Sat._ 

Dublin and London Parcel Office, or- 


Jo'ia Eiliott, Merchant, '^?>, lower Sackv.-st. 
conveys ^icl•chandise, Lusrgage, and small 
Piirccis of Goods lo London, and all parts 
of the IJnited Kingdom, with accuracy 
arid dispatch, through tin; Port of Holy- 
head, also from Duliui, to all [larla of 

Land Carrici^e. 
Carmen to the following- Towns attend at 

Tighe's, near White Cross Poddle. 
Antrim, Jas. M'Cann and Hugh M 'Mullen 
Arnvigh, Jn. Wynne, J. Short, & H, Canlan 
Jughnncloy, Moses Murphy 
Jughrhn, Edward M'Cann 
Banbridge, Edward Magill 
Bangor, Pat. Campbell and David Rea 
Belfast, John Tate, Aiex. Williamson, Ed- 
ward Williamson, Paul Spears, Walter 
Colerain, Geo. Doherty & Thompson Lynn 
Downpatrick, Pat, Dolierty, H. Williamson, 

and Roger Magrennis 
Dundalk, Bryan Nugent and J. M'Kenny 
Dungannon, Edward M'Nally, Pat. Hillin, 

James Rourlie 
Lame, John Poole 
Lisburn, Robert Pealin, Francis Pealin, 

\Vn^. Kelly, Wm. Walsh 
L. Berry, Edward Devlin, Jos. M'Laugh- 

lin, Daniel M'Fadden 
Lurgan, Jas.Jardan, Jn. Carter, P. Jardon 
Maghera, E. M'Shane & Alex, M'Clusky 
Neivry, P. Milligan, T. Kearny & M. Collins 
Newtown Umavndu John M'Clamon 
Newtown Stewart, Wm. M'Grath 
Omagh, John Bannon and George Christie 
Stewartstown, John Finney & Isaac Moyne 
Strabane, Jas. Camon, J. M'Kenny, Wm. 
Vance, and Michael Rogau.'T 

From Various Iniisi' ij* 

From Thos. Butlep's Inn, 64, Bridge- 

Cars daily to all parts of the Cotnities of 
Mayo, Leitrim, Longford, Roscommon, 
and Sligo 
From P. Delany's, 123, Thomas-street, 
Cars ever>' Morning at six o'clock to Mary- 
borough, Montrath, Monstraver, Naas, 
and Roscrea 
From P. Dillon's, White Bull Inn, 139, 

Cars to Ballina, MuUingar, and Prosperos, 
also to theCounties of KUdare, Longford, 
Mayo, and Westmeath occasionally 
From Matthew Dunns, Churn Inn, 112|, 

Cars to King and Queen's C'oim fj, to 
Lima-ick, and to the Counties of Kerry, 

KUdare, Tii)perary, Waterford, and 
parts of the South of Ireland weekly and 

From Mary Gormley's, Garter Inn, 6, 
upper Kevin-street. 

Cars on Tuesdays and Fridays, to the 
Counties of IVexford and JVicMnw 

From Edward M'Greery's, Sun Inn, 4, 
Black Hall-place. 

Cars occasionally to Clones, Londonderry, 
Monaghan, Strabane, and all parts of 
the North of Leland 

FromThos. M'Gavern's,Stoney-Batteb, 
AND Jas. Morris, White Cross. 

Cars occasionally to all parts of the North 
of Ireland 

From R.M'Dermot's, 3, Bonham-street. 

Cars regularly to Athlone, Ballymahon, 
Boyle, Carrick-on- Shannon, MuUingar, 
Roscommon, Sligo, and Stokes Town, 
BulUua-Drumsna, James-Town, ffest 
Port, and all parts of Connaught 
From 8, Mark's-alley. 

Joseph Leonard's Cars to Enniscorthy, , 
every Tu, Th. and Sat. To Tullamore, i 
every Mon. Wed. and Fri. T 

From Mary Mullin's, Yellow Lion, 119, 

Cars occasionally to all parts of the Counties 
of Mayo, Galway, and Roscommon 

From Mrs. Power's, Cherry TreiE, 116, 

Thomas-street, j 

Cars three days per week to Bandon, Clon- 
mell, fjnyne, Cork, Killarry, Limerick, 
Lismore, Multo7i>, Nenagh, Roscrea, 
Thurlus, Tralee, fVaterford, and Yottg- ' 
hall. To all parts of Munster three days 
per week, and occasionally to all parts of 

The Carriers from this f nn conveys Goods 
for the Apothecaries-Hall, Dublin. 

statement of the I 

or all the 
Mails and Post Coaches. 

t Returns is the period each Coach arrives 
in Dublin. 

Armagh^ Post Coach to Armagh, from 
Gosson's Hotel, 6, Bolton-st. every Sun- 
day, Tuesday, and Thursday, at six in 
the morning, through Droghedn, Dun- 
dalk, and Newtoivnhamilton ; returns 
every Monday. Wednesday, and Friday, 
at six in the evening. 

Athlone. Post Coach to Athlone, from the 
Hibernian Hotel, 46, Dawsoa-st. every 
Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at six 
in the morning ; through Leixlip, May- 
nooth, Carberry, Edenderry, Phillips- 
town, Tullamore, Clara, and Moate ; 
returns Monday, Wednesday, & Friday, 

' at six in the evening. 

A thy and Johnstown. Post Coach t^i 
Athy, ^c. every Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, at «x 5a the morning ia 8u«« 

:,;.•. H (J ff 


^i&i^i:^'4iod'8eT«iyri[ vHnUr >$ Ibnugh Naat, 
Kilcullen, Stradbally , Abbyleix, and 

I 'tDwrrow ; returns Monday, Wednesday, 
and Friday at five in the evening. 

Belfast^— M&\\ to Belfast, from the Water- 
ford Hotel, 17, upper Sackville-st. every 

.■evening, at forty-five minutes pa3t seven, 
through Di-igheda, Dundalk, Newry, 
Banbridge, Hillsboron^h, and Lisbum ; 
returns following morning, at seven. 

Belfast. •rt'M.&W to Belfast, from the above 
Hotel, by the same route, at seven every 
morning-, returns at seven in the evening. 

Packets from Donaghadee to Portpatrick, 
on the arrival of the Mail from Dublin, 
and two Steam Packets weekly from 
EtUast to Glasgoiv. 

Carlow.—VosX Coach to Carlow, from 
Duffy's Hotel, 16, Duke-st. through 
Naas, Castle Dennott, Sfc, every morn- 
ing at seven, returns at three in the 

Castle Pollard. — Post Coach to Castle 
tfiollard, irom'^6, Dawson-st. every Sun- 
day, Wednesday, and Friday, at eip'ht in 
the morning, through Trim, Athhoy, and 
Castletown, Oelvin , thence a Diligence 
to Granard, returns Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Saturday, at four in the afternoon. 

Cavan. — Post Coach to Cavan, from 97, 
Capel-3t. every Monday, Wednesday, and 
Friday, at seven in the morning, through 
Dunskaughlin, Navan, Kelts, and Vir- 
ginia, returns Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, at five in the evening. 

Clones. ~-PosX. Coach to Clones and Coote- 

, hill, from the above Hotel, every Tues- 
day, Thursday, and Saturday, at sfiven 

. inthe morning; through Navan, Nnbber, 
King' s-court, Shircock, and Cooie/iill, 
returns at sis in the evening. 

Cork. —Mail to Cork, from 12, Dawson-st. 
every evening at a quarter before eight, 
through Naas, Kilcullen, Athy, Strad- 
bally, Abbyleix and Durrow, returns at 
six, the following morning. 

Cork, — Mail to Cork, from the above Hotel 
every morning at 4 quarter before ten, 
through Naas, Castle Dermot, Carlow, 
Kilkenny, Clonmell, Leighlin bridge. 
Royal Oak, and Fermoy, returns at six 
in the evening. 

lyrogheda — Post Coack to Drogheda, in 
four hours, from GoBspn's Hotel, 6, 
:Bolton-st. daily at three in the afternoon, 
returns at the same hour. 

JBrogheda. — Post Coach to Drogheda, from 

• Dollard's Hotel, 2, Bolton-«t. every 
afternoon at four,' arrives from Drogheda 
at twelve at noon. 

Enni$kerry. — Post Coach to Enniskerry 
from Molesworth-st. (Uawson-st.) at 4, 
"every afternoon, except Saifday, returns 
at ten at night. 

EnnishiUen.-^-MsiW to Enniskillen irovfx *>7, 

•Capel-st." every ewning, . at 40 minutes 
*ipffcfrseyen, tlirough Navan, Kelts, Cavm, 

\ Niwtownlutler.&rA.yJAmeiJiea, tbeQ(;e 

' & Diligence to BaUyshannsH, and returns 
at six the following morning. 

Ga^wa^.-Mail to Galway from 46, Dawson- 
st. every evening at a quarter before eight, 
through LeixUp, Maynooth, Kinn*gad, 
Athlone, to Ballinatloe, whence ft Coach , 
is dispatched to Westport, the route is ' 
then continued to Galway by Loughrea, 
returns at six the next morning. 

Kilkenny. — Post Coach to Kilkenny, from 
12, Dawson-st. every morning , at seven, 
througk iV««^, Carlow, Royal Oak, Hfc, 
returns at five in the evening. 

Killeshandra. — Post Coach to Killeshandra 
from the Belfast Hotel, 46, Capel-st. 
every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 
at six in the morning, through Trim, 
Athhoy, Clonmallon, Old Castle Mount, 
Nugent, nadBallynaught, returns at five 
in the evening. 

Limerick. — Mail to Limerick from 46, 
Dawson-st. every night, at a quarter be- 
fore eight, through Naas, Kildare, Mo- 
nasterevan, Maryborough, Mountrath, 
Borris, Roscrea, and Ninagh, returns at 
six in the morning. 

Limerick. — Post Coach to Litneriekirova^S , 
Dawson-st. every morning at nine through 
Mountrath, Celbridge, and Kildare, Sfc. 
returns at half past three in the afternoon. 

Limerick.— -Post Coach to Limerick from 
the above Hotel, every Sunday, Tuesday, 
ftud Thursday, at six in the morning, 
through Parsnnstown, Portarlington, 
MouHtm^lick, Modderrenny and Nenagh, 
returns every Tuesday, Thursday, and 
Saturday, at half past six in the evening, 

Londonderry. — IMail to Londonderry, from 
Gosson's Hotel, 6, Bolton-st. every even- 
ing- at half past seven, through Drogheda, 
ylrdee, Castleblayney , Monaghan, Augh- 
nacloy, Omagh, and Utrabane, returns 
at seven in the morning. 

Monaghan. — Post Coach to ^%onaghan, 
from 46, Dawson-st. and Farrell's Hotel, 
Dominick-st, every Mon. Wed. and Fri, 
at ten minutes before seven in the morn- 
ing, through Slane, Collon, and Ardee, 
8(v. returns every Tu. Thu. and Sat. at 
five in the evening. 

Ncu'ty, — The Newry Lark Post Coach 
from 6, Bolton-st. every morning at six, 
tlirougli Drogheda, Dundalk, ^c, returns 
at five in the evening. 

Rathdrum,— Post Coach to Ralhdi-um, 
from 14, Harry-st. every Tu. Thur. and 
Sat. at ten in the morning, thvongh Bray 
Newivwn, Mount Kennedy and Wich 
low, arrives in Dublin every Mon. Wed. 
and Fri. at six in the evening. ; 

SUgo. — Mail to Sligo, from 46, Dawson-st.' 
every morning at ten, through Leixlip, 
Maynooth, Alullingar, Longford, Car.^ 
ruk-on-Sfiantion, and Boyle, Sfc. returns 
;at two ill the afternoon ^ ,^. 

FPater/ord,~} , tQ Jf^aterfyrtt from ' l7i 
M ■ ■■ ■' '■ 


upper Sackville-st. every evening at a 
qiiBrter before eight, througli NaaSy Ti- 
molin, Carlowy Gowran, and Thomas- 
town, returns at half past six in the 

Waterford.—Vost Gdach to Waterfm-d, 
the same route as the Mail, from 17, up., 
Sackville-st. every Tu. Thur. and Sat. at 
seven in the morning, returns every Mon. 
Wed, and Fri. at nine in the evening. 

Ifaterford and i?o5«.— Commercial Post 
Coach from 17, upper Sackville-st. e\ery 
Mon, Wed. and Fri. atsix in the morning, 
returns everyTu. Th. and Sat, at nine in 
the evening. 

^ra/or(i.— The Mail to JVexford, from 14, 
Harry-st. every evening at a quarter before 
eight, throagh \flmy, M. Ktnnedy, Wick- 

low, Arkloiv, Gorey, Camolin, Ferns 
and Enniscortliy, rcttirnB at six in the 

Minor Coaches, Cars, &c. 

Coach to How'th, from 47, Dawson-st. to 
meet the Talbot Steam Packet at half 
past seven on the mornings of alternate 

Coach to f/bw<A from Falkiner's Hotel, 12, 
Dawson-st. to meet the Government 
Packets every evening at half-past six. 

Coaches daily to Black Rock and Dunleary, 
from Cnrberry's, Baggot-st. at a quarter 
past four in the afternoon, and at nine iu 
the evening. Caravans hourly. 

Caravans and Cars to Black Rock and Dun- 
leary, hourly, from J. B. Martin's, 134J, 



A$ they ranked in Michaelmas Term, 1819. with the Dates •/ their 



T. 1807 Rt. Hon. Thomas Lord Manners, 

Lord High Chancellor of Ireland 
M. 1805 Rt. Hon Sir W. M'Mahon, Bart. 

Mast, of the Rolls. 
H. 1792 Rt. Hon, W, Downes.L.C. J.K.B. 
T. 1781 Rt. Hon. Lord Viscount Norbury, 

L. C. I. C, P. 
M. 1798 Rt. Hon. Stand, O'Grady, C.B. E. 
H. 1786 Hon. Denis Geon-p. 2d B. E. 
E. 1801 Rt. Hon.St. ft • Daly, 2d. J. K.B. 
M. 1806 Hon. Wm. Fletcher, 2d. J. C. P. 
E. 1806 Hon. Edw. Mayne, 3d. J. K, B. 
II. 1802 Hon Sir Wm. C. Smith, Bart. 3d 

M. 1803 Hon J. M'Clelland, 4th B. E. 
M. 1805 Hon. Arthur Moore, 3d J. C, P. 
E. 1814 Hon. W. Johnson, 4th J. C. P, 
E. 1814 Hon. Richard Jebb, 4th, J. K. B. 
T. 1769 Rt. Hon. Hugh Lord Viscount 

M. 1770 Sir Frederick Flood, Bt. 
M. 1777 Rt. Hon. James Fitzgerald 
E. 1784 Beresford Burston, Esq. 
E. 1784 Rt. Hon. John Foster 
T, 1789 Hon. Robert Day 
T. 1789 Edmund Stanley. Esq. 
T. 1789 Edward Westby, Esq. 
T. 1789 Robert Johnson, Esq. 
M. 173^ Thomas Walker, Esq. 


M. I79:i William Ilenn, Esq. 
H. 1797 AVilliam Walker, Esq. 
M. 1798 Rt. Hon. Sir J. Stewart, Bt. 
M. 1798 lit. Hon, Wm, Sanrin, Attorney- 
M. 1800 A. C Macartney, Esq. 
T. 1802 Rt. Hon. Lord Redesdale 
T. 1804 Rt. Hon. W. C. Plunket 
M. 1805 Hon. C. K. Bushe, Sd. Gen. 
M. 1805 Steuart King, Esq. 
M. 1809 Thomas Ellis, Esq. 
E. 1814 I-Ienrv Joy, Esq. 1st Sarj. 
M. 1817 Cliar' Burton, Esq. 2d Seij. 
M. 1818 Thos. Lefiroy, Esq. 3d Seij. 
E. 1814 Henry Deane Grady, Esq. 
T. 181 6 J. Jameson, Esq. 
M. 1817 Rt. Hon. John Ratcliffe 
M. 1817 Peter Burrowes, Esq. 
T. 1818 Robert Torrens,Esq. 
T. 1818 Thos. Ball, Esq. 

Treasurer, Hon. Justice Johnson 
Under Treasurer, Hen. Sandes, Esq, 
Librarian, H. J. MonckMason, Esq. 
Law Agent, Archibald Hamilton, Es%., 
Clerk, Edward Ferris, Esq. 
Bookseller, R. E. Mercier - 
Stationer, Bennett Dugdale 
Q^ce, KiBg's-inas, H^nrietUrstreet 



•zH isiqqis 

ff-ith the Dates of their Admmien, 

H. Hilary, E. Easter. T. Trinity. M. Mishaelmas, shew the Terms, and the figures the 
years ia which they were called to the Bar. K. C. King's Council ; M. P. Member of 
Parliament, Thus marked § were called to the English Bar. 


M, 1806 Abbot John 

E. 1796 Adair H. 6, Mountjoy-place 

T. 1785 Alexander H. 

H. 1794 Allen C. E, 3, Fitzvv.-st. 

E. 1812 Allen Hen. F. 26, Beresford-st. 

H. 1793 Alley Peter 

M. 1798 Anderson Ed\r. 3», up. Glolic.-st. 

M. 1792 Anderson R. 17, Dig?es-st. 

T. 1770 Annesley Rt. Hon. R. Earl Cas- 

H. 1796 Antisell C 61, Gardiner-st. 
H. 1775 Apjcihn Mich. Marshall 
T. 1803 Arabin Hen. Wm. 
M. 1799 § Archdale Richard 
E. 1814 Archer H. B. 65, Stephen's-green 
M. 1814 Ardill J. W. 74, Aungier-st. 
H. 1779 Armstrong E. 
M. 1819 Armstrong Wm. 20, 1. Ormond-q. 
E. 1804 Arthur* J. 3, Mountjoy-s. 
E. 1814 Arthure P. E. 
T. 1785 AttinsonJ.T.Hume-Bt. 
E. 1795 Atkinson.!. Wray 
E. 1800 Baker R. 105, Sammer-h. 
H. 1792 Baker WUliam 
M. 17S8 Baker Wm. Jephson 
H. 1798 Baldwin Richard 
M. 1780 Ball Benj. Merrion-sq. s, 
H. 1781 Ball Ghas. 2fi, Temple-st. 
H. 1795 BallJ.Com. ofBankr. 16, upper 

M. 1774 BallJames 
H. 1815 BallJohn, 3, 1. Pemb.-st, 
M. 1814 Ball N. 16, Mountjoy-sq. n, 
E, 1800 Ball Thomas, Master in Chancery, 

L. L. D. 
E. 1775, Ball W. L. L. D. 7, Clare-st. 
T. 1815 Barber John, 31, Harcourt-st. 
M. 1816 Barlow J, N. gt. George-st. 
E, 1787 Barrett Rog. 5, Monta^ue-st.- 
T- 1787 Barrington Sir Junali,K. C. Judge 

Adm. Court 
E. 1791 BarryJcs. 
M. 1811 Barry G, S. 6, 1. Mer.-st. 
H. 1802 Barry T. 4, 1. Merrion-st. 
M. 1785 Barrv W. N. o4, Granby-row 
H. 1788 BanVkk William 
E. 1816 BarwisJohn : 

H. 1788 Bateman Geo- Brooke 
H.- 1780 Bateman J. 49, Castle st. 
T. 1798 Battersby WUliam ' 
T. 1791 Battlev T. C. 97, Baggot-st. 
T. 1781 Batty J.E. 

T. 1788 BavlyJohu, Dorset-st.-i .' , V> 
M. 1818 Beamish Robert 
E. 1302 Beatty F. 7, Mountjoy-squaye^ s. 


T. 1810 Beatty T. 100, Baggot-st. 

T. 1788 BeaumanCh. 

T. 1789 Bell J. W. 2, low. Gardiner-st. 

H. 1811 BellThos.3, Hatch-st. 

T. 1791 Bellew William, 10, gt.Charles-st. 

E. 1600 Bennett G. )", low. Fitzw.-st. 

•H. 1796 Bennet R. N. 23, Harcourt-st. 

H. 1808 BennettR. 26, Molesw,-st. 

M. 1793 Benson C. Cottimis. of Bankr. 

M. 1806 Bessonet James, Assist. Bar. Co, 
Carlow, 27, Leeson-st. 

M. 1818 Betty James 

E. 1776 Betty W. L. L. D. 32, Rutland- 
square, w. . 

E. 1794 Bethell I. B. 

T. 1805 Blackburne P. 10, Leinst.-st. 

M. 1795 Blacker M. Conn, to Com. of 
Char. Donat. Board of Edue. 
46, n. George-st. 

E. 1779 Blake A. 10, Marlbro.-st. 

E. 180l Blake E. Com. of Bankr. Staf.-st, 

M. 1816 Blake Hen. 8, upper Temple-st. 

h. 1801 Blake John 

H. 1799 BlakeneyR. 9, Fitzw.-square, w. 

E, 1795 Bland J B. 

M. 1790 Blennerhasset Harman 

M. 1781 Blood Edmund Maghlin 

E. 1800 Bodkin John 

H. 1813 BolandJohnM. 

M. 1812 Bolger Thomas ■ 

H, 1809 Bolton J. M 32, 

E. 1806 Bookey W. T, 25, College-gfeiBn 

E. 1817 Bourchier J. 123, Baggot-st. 

H. 1784 BourkeJohn 

M. 1789 Bowen Charles 

M. 1770 Bowen Thomas 

M. 1786 Boyd A. K. C. 6, gt. Denmark-st. 

E. 1776 Boyd Charles 

H. 1700 Boyd J. 67, Stephen's-green, s. 

T. 1818 Boyd W. 24, n. great George-st. 

T. 1818 Boyd William 

H. 1788 Brabazon Ed. Renmore, Galway 

T. 1818 Bracken Wm. Henry 

H. ] 801 Braddcll George 

T. 1818 BradshawR. S. 

M. 1796 Bradstreet E. 

M. 1819 Brady M.yy, Baggot-st, 

T. 1811 BreenJ.31, great Britain sti 

M. 1794 Brew Art. 8, Gardiner-st j; 

M. 1795 Bride Rt. ■ ' 

T. 1789 § Brooke SirRic. B.<k Capell, IH, 

T, 1817 Brooke Wm, 8, Blc88i*igton-8t. t* 

M. 1794 Browne Gewrge T. 

,M. 1798 Browne Henry 



M 1792 Burdett A. Com. Appeals 
E 1808 Burke Francis, 51, great Geo.-st, 
E 1776 Burke James Henry 
M 1791 Burke Nicli. A. Ship-st. 
H 1806 Burke W. M. 4, Buckingham-st. 
T 1788 Burleigh Wm. Dobbs, 4, Bucking- 
E 1784 BurneJ. K. C. 20, Merrion-sq. s. 
T 1798 Burroughs Sir W. England 
T 1795 Burron-esA. 
E 1785 BurrowesP. K C. 57, Lees.-st. 
H 1768 Burston B. K. C. 
M 1792 Burton C. 2dSeij. 4, Fitzw.-sq, 
H 1802 Burton R. 
M 1793 Bushe C. K. L. L. D. Solicitor 

General, 5, Ely-place 
H 1803 Bushe Ger. P. Assist. Bar. Co. 
Kilkenny, Coun. to Linen Board, 
Vicar Gen. of Lisraore, L. L. D. 
16, Merrion-square, e. 
Bushe John, Fitzwilliam-sq, 
M 1797 Byrne Patrick 
M 1780 Cahill Michael 
E 1801 Calbeck E. Jn. Rutland-st.. 
E 1792 Calcut Richard 
E 1802 CamacJohn 
E 1786 CambellJ. 41, Eccles-st. 
,M 1795 Carr George 
M 1802 Carr Geo. 17, Mountjoy-sq. 
E 1794 Carroll A. 18, Mountjoy-sq. 
E 1780 Carroll E. Stephen's-green, east 

T 1810 Carroll J. 1, 1, Pembroke-st. 

M 1815 Carroll J. M. P. Stephen's-gr. e. 

M 1805 Carton F. Js. 

M 1788 Casey Th. Com. of Bank, and 
Magi, Police, 10, Ely-place 

M 1808 Cash G. 3, upper Temple-st. 

T 1802 Cassan S. 8, gt. Britain-st. 

E 1809 Castles George 

E 1803 Castles Jas. F. Seneschal of Thos.- 
court and Donore, 73, Steph.-gr. 

E 1722 Cavendish Hon. G. 

E 1784 Chadwick Rich. Bangor 

M 1811 Chambers J. 60, up. Dorset-st. 

H 1819 Chambers Wm. 43, Leeson-st. 

M 1798 Chaigneau P. 4, Fitzw.-st. 

T 1798 ChamleyC. 11, Teraple-st. 

H 1792 Checkley Richard, Cork 

H 1799 Chichester Arthur 

H 1819 Chinnery R. St. Leger 

H 1774 Chritchley James 

M 1794 Church T. 20, Arran-quay 

T 1799 ClanceyJ. 37, Merrion-sq. 

M 1793 Clarke J. D. Rec, of PortarlingtOD, 
79, Aungler-st 

H 1809 Clarke J. 7, up. Pemb;-st. 

E 1785 Clements Robert 

T 1807 Clinch J. B. 3, Eccles-st. 

M 1789 Coats I. 10, Molesw.-st. 

H 1782 Colclough Cffisar, M. P. 

E 1795 Cole Hen. Magist. of Police, 18, 

E 17.95 ColIesJn. 37, Eccles-st. 

H 1785 Colless W. S. Cumb,-st. 

H 1789 Coneys John 

E 1795 Coneys T. 

H 1805 Congrere T. 

T 1792 Connell A. Recorder of^insale, 

and a Com. of Bankr. Cork 
M 1806 Conner R, ^, 1. Mount-st. 
M 1788 Conroy Ph. Js. J. Capel-st. 
H 1785 Cooke John, 22, Baggot-st. 
T 1794 Cooke Peter 
T 1785 Cooke Thomas 
T 1814 Cookmau Edward R. 
H 1796 Cooley W. Cumb,-st. 
H 1806 Cooper H. 11, up. Pembroke-st, 

H 1776 Cooper R. n. gt, George's-st. 

E 1779 Coote Charles H. Lord Castlecoote, 

T 1818 Coppinger Stephen 
T 1793 Corbet Francis 

T 1782 Corry George 

E 1796 Lorry James, 9, Lurgan-st. 

M 1809 Cosgrave Thomas, n. g. George-st. 

H 1815 CostelloJ. 

T 1789 Cottingham Jas. Henry 

M 1811 Courtney D. R. 26,Denz.-st. 

T 1817 Craig James, 9, Astons'-quay 

M 1795 Crampton John, 15, up. Mer.-st. 

E 1810 Crampton P. Prof. Com. Law. 
Univ. of Dublin, LLD. 3, Mer- 
rion-sq. w. 

M 1804 Crawford Andrew 

M 1794 Creagb Johu "^ 

H 1799 Creagh Richard, 

T 1814 Crealhorne G. England 

E 181S Creed William M. 

E 1813 Creighton G. W. 26, French-st. 

E 1783 Croitou M. 45, Harcourt-st. 

E 1802 Crokcr J. W. MP. England 

E 1776 Cromie J. 

M 1792 Crooksliank George 

T 1794 Crosbie William 

M 1813 Cross George W. 

H 1310 Cruise W.P.41, 1, Gardiner-st, 

E 1791 Cullep James 
I M 1801 CuUen M. 38, n. Cumb.-st. 

M 1790 Cummins Jn. 32, Denz.-st. 

T 1816 Curran W. H. 3, Nassau-st. 

T 1785 Curry J, Assist Barrister for the 
Co. Londonderry 

T 1806 Curry W. 37, Summer-hill 

H 1800 CuthbertE. 26, Stephcn's-green n. 

E 1813 D'Alton J. 6, upper Rutland-st, 

M 1792 DalyCuth. 

E 1813 Daly Jn. Jas. 33, s. Frederick-st. 

H 1794 Daly Miehael, Ennis 

H 1793 Daly Rt. Hon. St. Geo. 2d J.K.B. 
15, Cavendish-row 

M 1795 Daniel G. R, 2, Mountjoy-sq. e. 

M 1777 Darby V; 

M 1784 D'Arcy James, n. Cmnb.-st. 

T 1796 DarcyJ.F. 

M 1793 Dawson A. 5, George's-place 

M 1806 Dawson H. 3, Hnme-st. 

H 1788 Dawson James, Assist. Barrister, 
for County Armagh 

M 1777 Day Hon.R. 7, Merrion-sq. n. 

T 1802 Day Robert 

M 1799 Deane Robert, Cork 

Dee Wm . 5, up. Merrion-sq. east 

E 1766 Deeriiig J. 25, up. Temple 

H 1809 Delap Hugh, 110, Capel-st. 




M1788 Delacour Robert^ Mallow 
T 1785 Dennis John 
M 1787 Dennis Joseph, Com. of Bank- 
rupts, Cork 
M 1785 D'Esten-e Henry 
T 1810 D'Estene Hen. A. 14, Molesw.-st. 
H IBIO Dick Q. England 
M 1801 Dickson Jas. Thomas, Com. of 

Bankr. 98, Baggot-st. 
E 1796 Dickson Stephen, Com. of Bankr. 

17, Stephen's-green, a. 
E 1794 Dickson S. P. Com. of Bankr. 

<J2, Grafton-st. 
M 1792 Dickson Thomas, 10, Cuffe^gt. 
H 1809 Digby Robert, 8, 1. Gloucester-st. 
E 1796 Digby Thomas George, 29, upper 

M 1818 Dillon Giirratt 
M 1787 Disi.>ey VV illiam. Black-rock 
M 1 794 Dobbin VV 
M 1795 Dobbs Conway Edward, Recorder 

of Carvickfergus, 34, Suminer-hill 
E 177'J' DobbH Richard, Assist. Bar. for 

Co\inty Antrim 
H 1808 Djherty J. L.L.D. Com. of Enq. 

Fees. Co. Justice, 51, Steph.-jir, e. 
T 1812 Doherty J. 25, upperDominick-st. 
T 1797 Dolphin H. T. 69, Capel-st. 
H 1792 Donek-ia Edmund 
T 1792 Donelan H. Baggot-st. 
T 1799 Donovan A. 
E 1792 Donovan John 
E 1819 Donovan Morg. VV. 33, Denzille-st. 
T 1761 Doolan William 
E 1791 Dooner John Robinson 
E 1797 Dopping Ralph 
T 1789 Dopping Samuel 
M 1781 Dorman Ed. south King-st. 
E 1776 Downes Rt. Hon. VVm. C, J. K. B. 

26, Merrion-square, north 
H 1811 Doyle Patrick 
M 1789 Doyne P. 12, Molesw.-st. 
H 1788 Dri'scol Timothy, K. C, 50, Har- 

H 1813 Dumoulin J. F. 36, Stephen's-gr. 
H 1805 Dunn Arth. 16, Ely- place 
T 1778 Dunn J. K.C. 11, up. Sackville-st. 
T 1796 Dwyer J. Com. Bankr. and of Lu- 
natics, Kildare-place 
M 1799 Eaton Richard 
H 1810 Edgeworth Charles, Bath. 15, 

H 1786 Ellis Thomas, Master in Chan. 9, 

Merrion-square, north 
M 1800 Ellis W. Henry, Assist. Bar. Co. 

Mayo, 123, great Britain-st. 
M 1791 Enraight Bailie 
M 1792 Ensor George, Armagh 
M 1793 Evans Francis 
M 1793 Evans Thomas D. 
H 1792 Eva tt H. Country • 
H 1781 Evelyn L. Londoa 
M 1808 Everard Richard 
M 1790 EwingG. 
E 1789 Falkin or Daniel 
H 1806 Fallon James VV. 


E 1795 Faris Joseph • 

H 1601 FarrcU R. 34, n. great George-st. 

T 1 799 Fauikener Henry 

M 1778 Featon WMUiam' 

Yt 1812 FennerW. 135, Dorset-st. 

T 181b Fleming Lionel John 

H 1818 Fleming Robert 

T 1796 Filgate Thomas 

M1776Filgate Townly Patten, LowtUer- 
lodge, Balbriggan 

T 1809 Finlay John, 31, Cumberlaod-st. n. 

M 1808 Finn William F. 

H 1769 Fitzgerald Rt. Hon. Js. 11, Moles- 

M 1798 Fitzgerald P. 2, great Char.-st. 

T 1801 Fitzgerald T W. 2, up. Rlount-st. 

H 1810 FitzsimonsEd. J.B.J9,Anglesea-st 

H 1801 Fitzsimons Michael 

H 1778 Fleming T. 

E 1778 Fletcher Hon. Wm. 2d JCP. Mer- 
rion-square, east 

E 1816 Fletcher William 

H 1818 FleuryRnbert Anthony 

T 1794 Flood Hen. 25, Arran-quay 

H 1764 Flood Sir F. Bart. KC Cus. Rot. 
Co. Wexford 

H 1799 Foot George 

M 1788 Foot L 13, Denzille-st. 

M 1817 Foot L, jun. 13, Denzille-st. 

T 1805 Forbes Arthur 

T 1813 Forde T. 17, Mountjoy-sq. east 

H 1815 Foster R. 48, upper Rutland-st. 

H 1796 Fortescue P. W. Country 

M 1797 Forth N. F. 12, Hume-st. 

M 1766 Forth Sam. 12, Hume-st. 

H 1816 Fosberry John Francis 

M 1803 Foster J. L. M.P. King's Adv.Gen. 
K.C.L.L.D. Com.of Board of Edu- 
ca. and Com. of Enq. into Fees of 
Co. of Justice, Merrion-square 

M 1766 Foster Rt. Hon. J. M.P. 

T 1814 Fox Charles, 13, Hume-st. 

H 1788 Fox P. 112, Stephen's^green, west 

T 1781 Fox Richard 

FoxM. C. II, Ely -place 

T 1792 Franks J. 8, Harcourt-st. 

M 1795 French Geo. Assist. Bar. Co, PvOS- 
commoo, 54, Eccles-st. 

M 1767 French R. 39, Kildare-st, 

T 1794 Fudge William Tallow 

M 1791 Fullam John 

E 1796 Fuller Abr. 

H 1804 Furlong J. S. 46, Leeson-st. 

E 1791 Gabbet Jos. Magistrate of Police, 
70, lower Mount-st, 

H 1800 Gabbet Thomas 

H 1791 Gale John, Mountjoyrsquare, south 

M 1788 Gaidc John, 41, York-sr. 

E 1776 George Hon. Denis 2d B. E. Cold- 
blow, Co. Dublin 

M 1794 Geraghty J. 31, HoUes-st. 

H 1795 Gcran Miles , 

H 1793 Giffard A. H.^lGcn. at CeyloB 

r 1784 Gilraorc J. B. 9, Mountjoy-place 


E 1792 Going" R, 



T 1764 Goldsbury J. Arthur 
T1791 GooldT. K.C. 20, Menion-square 
M18I6 Gordon Robert 
E 1784 Gordon Walter 
E 1787 Gore Frau. 14, Stephen' s-green 
M 1781 Gorman W. 87, Stephen's-green 
E 1788 Grace G. 
H 1787 Grady H. D. K.C. Coun. to Com. 

of Customs & Excise, 2, Merrion- 

square, east 
M 1786 Grady Thomas, Country 
M 1792 Grant Joseph, 30, Stephen's-gr. e. 
T 1772 Grattan Rt. Hon. H. M.P. 
M 1810 Grattan Henry, Jun. 56, Step.'gr.s. 
H 1800 Graves John. C. Magistvp.te of Po- 
lice and Com. of Bank. 12, Fitz- 

william-square, west 
H 1795 Graydon Charles, Mount-st. 
H 1805 Graydon William, 28, 1. Fitzw.-st. 
M 1789 Greene F, W. 
E 1790 Greene Jonas, 20, Harcourt-st. 
E 1814 Greene R. W. 48, York-street 
H 1818 Grierson G. A. 28, Parl.-st. 
M 1817 Griffith W. H. 1, Dame-st. 
T 1794 Grogan J. 10, Harcourt-st. 

Grogban John, Markstown Cottage 
H 1796 Groves J. K. 
M 1782 Guinness R. Magist. of Police, 

Dub. 9, Mercer-st. 
M 1789 Guinness S. 7, Mercer-st. 
T r794 Guthrie John, Gardiner-st. 
M 1812 Haddock T. 2, Gard.-row 
H 179,i Haire R. 19, Summer-hill 
M1805 HallJames 
M 1793 Hall James Trail Com. of Bankr. 

M 1792 HallidayN. 
T 1814 Hamerton Robert Tisdall 
M 1795 Hamilton Al. L.L.D. Vicar Gen. 

of Clogher, 23, Rutland-square 
JSI 199 Hamilton Arth. L.L.D, 7, s. Cum- 
H 1786 Hamilton B. L.L.D. 20, Paradise-r. 
H 1802 Hamilton F. Assist. Bar. Co. Louth, 

61, Blessington-st. 
H 1777 Hamilton S. 25, Merrion-s, 
H 1809 Hanna W. 10, n. great George-st. 
M 1798 Hare Mark, L.L.D. Scnesclial to 

St. Sepulchre's, and Com. of Ap- 
peals, 12, Park-st, east 
H 1793 Harrison Jonas, Cork 
E 1770 Hartnett Rt. Co. Cork 
E 1795 Hartstonge Weld M. 15, Moles- 

E 1792 Harvey William 
M1806 HassardSir Francis Jobn, Recorder 

of Watei-foi'd 
M 1814 Hassard Wm. Hen. 
H 1809 Hatchell J. 36, uj-per Mer.-st. 
T 1781 Hawthorne Char. Stew. Ch. Coni. 

Excise, Custom-house 
M 1792 H earn Daniel 
^T 1784 Hearn William 
IM 1778 HeatleyCon. Com. of thing's Forces , 

Henchy F. LLB 3, Mcrrion-sq, 8. 
H 1813 Henley T. H. 27, Summer-hiU 
E 1811 IlennJ. 17, Merrion-square, south 

T 1784 Henn W. Master in Chancery, 17, 

Merrion-square. s. 
E 1808 Henn W. 9, Clare-st. -- '^^ i-f^ 
H 1780 Herbert R. Towns. First Coriii 

mis. of Public Ace. 
H 1795 Herbert T. Magistrate of Police, 

M 1808 HewsonW. 93, Stephen's-gr. s. 
H 1819 Hickson G. B.23, Mount-street 
H 1800 Hickson Robert, Conway 
T1786 Hill Sir G. F. M.P. Recorder of 

Derry, Vice Treasurer of Ireland 
E1795 HillasR. W. 122, Dorset-st. 
T 1797 Hinchey P. F, Com. Bankr. 33, 

Merrion-square, s. 
H 1785 Hinds W. 
E 1791 Hitchcock R. 23, Baggot-st. 
T 1805 Hobart H. 
E 1778 Hobson Sam. Assist. Barr, for the 

county ef Cork 
T 1807 Hobson S. M. LLD. Vicar Gen. 

Dioc se ClonserC & Kihnacduagb, 

32, Merrion-square 
H 1785 Hodgkinson F. Professor of Civil 

Law to the University of Dutlin, 

S. F. T. C. D. Trinity College 
T 1810 Holland Fred. 
H 1795 Holmes R, 27, Gardiner's-place 
M 1792 HomanT. 

Hone Brindley, 46, York-st. 
T 1788 §Hone J. T. England 
M 1783 Houghton E. Com. «f Bankr. a 

Gover. of the House of Iiiditstrj', 

9, n. Frederick-st. 
T 1815 Howley John, 1, Clare-st. 
M 1773 Huband J.Charicfflt.-mall 
M 1800 Huband W. Com. of Bankr. 11, 

Fitzwiliiam-square, n. 
M 1807 Hudson E. 
E 1818 Hudson Wm. Elliott 
T 17B5 Humfrey H. 23, Park-st. 
E 1809 Hussey A. S. 
H 1803 Hussey P. B. 
M 1792 Hutchins Eman.Bantiy 
E 1818 Hutchins Samuel 
T 1792 Hutchinson Hon. C. H. M. P. 
M17e2 HnlcWnson Hon. F.H. 2, Heiiri.-St 
T 1818 Hutchinson James 
H 1777 Hutchinson Rt. Hon. R. Hely, 

Earl Dononglnuore, Ld Treii, 

Remem. of Court of E::chequer 
E 1815 Hutchinson Thomas, L. 19, iip. 

E 1812 Hutchinsoii J. 53, Karcourt-st. 
M 1792 Ikerry Jobn 
E 1798 Irwin Jones \V. 48, Leeson st. 
M 1806 Jacksun J&s. D- Leeson-st. 
T 1806 Jackson Warren Hast. Row. Cas- 
tle-view, Cork 
H 1798 James C. 30, W'illiam-st. 
M 1778 Jameson J. L.L.D. K.C. Ace. Gen. 

of th€ Court of Chancery, ^6, 

T 1805 Jameson Jobn, 36, York -St. 
M 1778 Jameson R. - ' ' 

T1789 Jebb Hoh.' Richd. 4Jh J.K.B. 41- 

Rutland-square, w. 


M 1791 Jervis Sir J. J. W. Bt. 
H 1783 Johnson Hoo. VV. 4tli Jastcc, 

CP. 36, Havcourt-st. 
M 1794 Johnston James 
Ml 776 Johnston Rob. KC. 16, Mountjoy- 

Sfiuare, s. 
AI 1792 Johnston R. Assist. Bar, Bar. Co. 

Siigo, 7, Mountjoy-stiuure, e, 
E 1792 Jones Richard, l7, Bagg;oJ-st. 
T 1788 Joy H. IstSeijt. 14, up. Temple-st. 
T 1805 Kean J. C. 33, MoleBWorth-st. 

Kearns John, 92, upper Doisut-st, 
T 1788 Keating M. 2, up. Fitzw.-st. 
E 1813 Keatinir R.91, Baggot-st. 
E 1799 Keating T. 30, 1, Sackville-st. 
E 1799 Keller Jer. 1, Peinbroke-xt. 
E 1814 Kellet Richard 
T 1794 Kelly Denis 
,,M1795 Kemmis H. Assist. Bar. Queen's 
Co. 12, Merrion-square 
H 1812 Kennedy W. P. 11, Lein.-st. 
M 1788 Keogh JVfichael 
E 1807 Keou M. 

M1805 KernanR. 17, Blessington-st. 
M1795 Kerr Lewis 
T 1809 Kiernan Patrick 
E 1818 Kinahan D. 11, Merrion-square , n. 
M 1798 Kinchela J. L,LD.3, s Cumberland- 
H 1799 King H, S. Commis. of Customs, 

45, Granby-row 
M 1795 King J. 7, Summer-kiU 
,E 1811 King M. 35, Dame-at. 
?i E 1787 King Steuart, Master in Chancery, 
1, Granby-row 
T 1802 KingT. 

M 1805 Kinsley C. A. 4U n. Cumb.-st. 
M 1778 Kirwan John, KC. 54, Leesan-st. 
T 1779 Kirwan James, Assistant Barrister 

for county of Galway 
E 1790 Knott W. Com. Appeals 
E 1792 Knox Francis, KC. 17, Gard.-pl. 
M 1797 Knox James, 67, Dame-at. 
E 1813 Knox John 

M 1788 Knox Rt. Hon. Geo. Mexrion-sq. 
H 1791 Lanigan R. Harcourt-st. 
E 1792 Lapp W, 39, lower Dominick-st. 
M 1806 Lascelles R. 15, Ely-place 
H 1814 Latouche William Digges 
T 1780 Lauter Th. §tephen's-greea 
M 1805 Lawless Luke 
M 1793 Lawsoii Edward, Grand Can^Sec, 

H 1798 Leader N. P. 51, Laeson-st. 
H 1796 I<eckey John Gage 
H 1786 LeeEdkv. Waterford 
M 1798 Lees J. C. Trea. Police Estab. 1, 

upper Mount-street 
M 1792 Leeson John 

E 1797 Lefroy T. KC. SdSerj. 12, Lees.-st. 
H 1797 Le Hunte W. Augustus 
H 1780 Leland John, Com.. of Bankr.23, 

n, Fredeiick-st, 
T 1817 Lendiick James, 4, Hatch-st. 
T 1791 Leslie John, Cork 
T 1 792- Leslie R.G. Dep. Judge Ad. Csji, 
• €3, Bles8injgtoo,-*|j ^_^ 

V ,9Tfilfp8-i)UBlJu; 


H1815 L'EstrangeSamuel, 40, u.R^t.-st. 
M 1814 Levne M. 50, Exchequer-st. 
M 1787 Lill James Godfrey 
E 1802 Lindsay G. 54, Capel-st. 
M 1812 Lindsay Jn. 11,8. Anne-st. 
M 1772 Lindsay R. Assist. Bar. for Muntf 
of Tyrone, Granby-row :,- 

E 1811 LittonEdwd, 27, n. gt. Geo.-st. 
T 1780 Lloyd J. KC.2, Merrion-square, w. 
T 1794 Lloyd T. KC. Assistant Bar. county 
of Limerick, 1, Merrion-square, e. 
M 1 794 Longfield William 
Tiyi8 Lopddl John 
H 1787 Louglin James 
M 1807 Low Peter, 7, Baggot-st. 
T 1818 Lyle Acheson 
H 1814 Lynch A. H. 
T 1792 § Lynch M.F. 4, Mountjoy-place' 
T 1801 Lyne C. Westmoreland-st. 
M1794 Lyne J. Com. to Bankr. Assist. 
Bar, for Co. Westmeath, 2, low. 
M 1800 Lj'saght Jas. 17, Lecson-st« 
M 1798 McCarthy B. 17, Fred.-st. 
M 1808 M'Carthy M 3, Aston's-quajr 
T 1780 M'Cuusland M. Chatbam-st. 
H 1796 MTausland Robert 
M 1790 M'Clelland Hon. J. 4tb B. E. 33, 

H 1810 M'Cormick S. LLD, 48> Abbey-st, 
M 1789 M'Dermott Owen 
H 1816 M-Dcraiott W. C. 40, upper GloM- 

M 1816M'Donell Thomas 
H 1799 M'Dougall Heu. Vicar Gen. of 
Waterford and Lismore, 13, Har.-s 
M 1814 M'Gough Walter 
H 1791 M'Grath Thomas, 2, 1. Fitzw.-st. 
M ISOeM'Kanp T. Consul to Pav. Board 
and Police Estab. 26, Harcourt-st. 
T17S9 M'Mahon Rt. Hon. Sir Wiliam, 
Bart. Master of the Rolls, Rath- 
E 1790 M'Mahon A. 41, Aungier-stv 
T 1813 M'NagUtoa William 
M 1806 M'NeUl Robert 
H 1814 Macabe J. P. 35, Mur^b.-st. 
E 1815 Macan John, 133, great Britain-st. 
T 1778 Macartney A. C. KC Counsel to 

Ch. Remem. Excheq. 47, Step.-g. 
H 1810 M'Donnell Eneas, 49, 1. Gard.-st. 
H 180.9 Mackay Jn. 10, Leeson-st. 
M 1771 M'Naghton Fr, Judg^ in Be^g^l 
T 1776 M'Nally L. Seneschal of the Liber- 
ties of Kilmainhiiiit, 22, Harc.-st. 
T 1799 Madden J, 10, Mountjoy-sq, s. 
M 1796 Magaa F. 20, Usher's-island 
E 1796 Magrath M. Assist. Barrister for tUe 

county of Wicklow, Fitzwm.-st. 
H 1788 MahaffyNin. LLD.C<W. ofBanHr. 

17, n. Earl-st. 
E 1781 Mahon C. Assist. Barrister for the 

county of Clara 
II 1791 Mahftd Js. 10^ n. CwwWt. 
E 1795 Mahon Japies 
H 1785 Mahony Jqha 
l-I 1^14,M|hftnv .R; 5?, Willian>-st. 
iliioa .o'lCjr^e-aoinsM 




H irfiS Mahony Richard 
H ISli"^ Major James 
H 1804 Major Win. Edw. Assist. Bar. Co. 

Donegal, 34, Blessington-st, 
Ma'ony Henry, 7, upper Riitland-st, 
H IPOl Mannin John 
T 1818 Mannix Henry 
T 1813 Mansergh N.'27, Grafton-st. 
M 1792 Maqiiay G. P. 14, Mei.-rovt 
E 1804 Manett C. A. 
M 1787 Marsdec A. Booterstown 
M 1770 Marsh Francis 
H 1794 Martin George 
T 1781 Martin R. M,P. Gnlway 
E 1814 Marlley.J. 9, great Cliarlcs-st. 
T 1781 Mason Henry Lib, to King's-isns, 

T 1803 Mason St.JoLn 

MassyJ. B, 32, Merrion-sq. s. 
H 1816 Maunscl Daniel. 
E l8l3Maiinsel Henry 
M 1774 Maunsell Daniel, U, Mer.-sq. s. 
H 1779 Maunsell John 
M 1788 Maxwell Rb. 18, Summer-hill 
E 1808 Mayne C. 
E 1781 Mayiie Hon. E. 3d JKB. 28, Ste- 

pben's-grecn, n. 
H 1816 MayneJohn 
T 1799 Mayne S. Assist. Bar. Co. Cavan, 

T 1812 Mayne William, 60,Blessington-!st. 
■T1780 Meade Thomas 
M 1811 Mecredy R. D. 12, g. Dcn.-s. 
E 1793 Mee Joseph 
T 1797 M^redyth Sir H, Bart. LLD. 25, 

Rutland-sq. n. 
M 1311 Miller J. B. 3, upper Gardincr-st. 
M 179() Mills William 

Mitchell H. H. 19, Basrgot-st. - 
H1804Mitford Bertram, Com. Bankr. 

Senesc. of Grange Gorman, Vic. 

Gen. Kildare, LLD. Ciontarf 
M 1795 Moloay E. Woodlands 
T 1783 Molony H. G. 13, mid. Glouc.-st. 
T1797 Molony Js. 
T 1789 Monck W. D. Stanley 
M1788 MonsellT. Assist. Bar. for Co. Fer- 
H 1777 Monsell Wm. Tho. 
M 1804 MonsellWm. jun. 
H 1780 Montgomery R. Com, Bankr. 31, 

upper Rutland-st. 
H 1799 Moody James, 56, Dominick-st. 
H 1809 Mooney Fred. 
T 1815 Moore Frederick, 23, s. Anne-st. 
T 1788 Moore Hon. Arthur, 3d JCP. 7, 

M 1800 Moore G. LLD. Dep. Reg. of 

Deeds, 50, Domiuick-st, 
T 1812 Moore G. P. 23, Hard.-st. 
T 1799 Moore Hamilton 
T 1792 Moore Hubaad 
H 179'j Moore John 
M 1792 Moore Rd. Assist. Bar, for Co. Tip- 

perary, 10, up. Fitzw.-st, 
E 1797 Moore Stephen 


M 1805 Moore V. 11 , Fiizgib,-st,: 

T 1786 Morgan Charles 

T 1815 Morgan Rob. 19, Synnot-place 

E 1769 Morres Rt. Hon. LLD. Frankfori;: 

Merrion-sq. s. 
H 1811 Morouy Fr. 42, L Mount-st. 
M 1779 Morris Abraham, Cork 
M 1775 Mullov Tobias 
E 1789 Mulock T. Aug. 
H 1772 Mulock T. 35, Eccles-st. 
T 1834 Murray Allen 
E 1900 Murray J. 25, middle Gardiner-st. 
T 1 819 Musgrave J. 8, Holles-st. 
H 1770 Mussenden Daniel 
E 1808 Mussenden William 
M 1799 Napper William 
E 1819 Nash L. 4, George's-st.'s. 
M 1790 Nevil Thomas 
H 1799 Newcoraen Charles 
T 1793 Newenham VVilliam 
M 1 780 Newport Rt. Hon. Sir John, M. P. 
T 1.^0 Nixon And. 26, Portobello 
H 1785 Nixon G. 
M 1813 Nolan Thomas 
M 1810 North J. H. 31, Mer.-sq. s. 
H 1800 Norton R. 
T 1773 Nugent Lawren. Coyne 
E 1808 Nun R. 26, Hoiles-st. 
T 1793 Nunn John, Nickson 
T 17S9 O'Beirne Charles 
E 1788 O'Brien D. 
M 1796 O'Brien John 
H 1776 O'Brien Matthew 
M 1803 0'Bryen Ken. 19, Holles-st. 
T 1816 O'Callaghan Cornelius 
E 179S O'Connell D. 30, Merrion-&q, s. 
H 1817 O'Connor M. 43, Dom-st. 
T 1804 O' Dell Christopher 
H 1804 O'Dell Thomas, Com. of Customs 
H 18 14 O'Donnell J. 9, uppef Mount-st. 
H 1816 O'DriscoH John 
H 1816 O'Dwyer John, 89, Baggot-st. 
M 1785 0'DwyerMor. 
H 1806 O' Fallon J. W. 33, Jervis-st. 
M 1783 Ogle Hen. M.M.P.- ^ 

E 1803 Ogle W. H. 

T 1803 O'Gorman N. P. lower Nferrion-st. 
E 1802 O'Grady E. S, Assist. Bar. for Co. 

Waterford, and Com. Bankr. 52, 

Stephen's-green, e. "\ '^ '. ,'. 
E 1787 O'Grady Rt. Hon. St^n. C'.;|i;j]^.;8,, 

T 1818 O'Grady W. Stephen's green 
E 1796 O'Hanlon P. Newry 
H 1770 O'Hara Charles 
T 1772 O'Hara James 
M1811 O'Laughlin Mich. 13, up. Rutl,-st. 
M1808O'Leary Mill-st, 
T 1813 O' Meagher Samuel 
T 1813 O'Meagher William 
M 1799 0'Neil J. Ace. Geni, Co, Excheq, 

8, Leinster-st. 
M 1805 O'Regan Js. Cork 
E 1785 O'Reilly Edmund 
E 1796 O'Reilly E. S. 39, Eccles-st. 
E 1801 O'Reilly E, Assist. Bar. for the Co, 




E 1803 O'Reilly Hugh 
E 1813 O'Sullivan John 

Osborne R. B. 25, Fitzw.-st 
T 1?83 Owens Thomas 
E 1800 Parker \V. 22, s. Cumberlaud-st 
E 1785 Parsons J. C. M P, 40, Dawson-st. 

M 1792 Parsons Th. Cleare, Assist. Bar. 

for King's County, 14, Harc.-st 
H 1778 Patterson F. Judge Advocate Gen. 

H 1778 Patterson Mar. 
M 1766 Paul Robert 
E 1798 Paul Wm.E. 
M 1790 Pearde W. P. Tallow 
Peile R. P. Ely-place 
E 1791 Pendleton S. 

E 1795 Pennefather EMP. KG. 20, Fit2w.-st 
H 1795 Pennefather R. M. P. K. C. 5, 

Merrion-sq. s. 
M 1779 Percy W. P. 
H 1 806 Perrin L. 24, Haidw.-st 
M 1789 Phipps Benjamin, Cork 
E 1808 Phipps R. L. L. D. S. F. T. C. D. 

M 1792 Pigott Alexander 
H 1772 Pitt George 

E ISlSTittar Samuel John, 10,Fifzw.-sq.n. 
M 1805 Phmket L. a. Strand 
II 1787 Plunkett Rt. Hon, W. C. M. P. K. 

C. 16, Stephen's-green, n. 
M 1792 Plunket W. Com. Rev. And. and 
Regist. Royal Hospital, Kilmninham 
H 1778 Pollock Jos. Assist. Barr. County 

E 1 775 Pomeroy Rt. Hon. Henry Viscount 

E 1797 Poole Thomas, Middleton 
M 1817 Powell Caleb 
M 1777 Powell George 
M 1817 Power Robert, 24, Parliament-st. 
H 1809 Pratt John 
T 1787 Prendergast Thomas, Cursitor iij 

Chan. 3, Merrion-square 
E 1779 Purcell John 
M 1796 Purcell J. 

M 1801 Purcell W. 2, upper Rutland-st 
M 1795 Purdon G. 
H 1797 Purdon Roliert 
H 1792 Purdon Simon 
H 1797 Puxley John, Beerhaven 
E 1785 Quin T. K.C. 16, Leeson-st 
M 1815 Quin Thomas, 32, Leeson-st 
M 1789 RadcUft' Rt. Hon. J. K.C. Judge 

Prerogative Co. Dub. LLD. 1, 

E 1779 Radford Samuel 
E 1816 Read Philip, 42, upper Rutland-st 
M 1811 Read Sir J. Kildare-st 
T 1785 Reade John, Athboy 
U 1787 Redford Ar. 
E 1796 Reed John 
E 1813 Revell Henry, 42, Dawson-st 
E 1811 Reeves W. M. 19, upper Mer.-st. 
E 1791 Regan William 
H l8Q4ReillyJas. Wiles, 62^ Blessing,-st, 


M 1790 Reynolds William Bowen 

T 1794 Rice Dominick 

T 1781 Rice S. E. Country 

T*1792 Rice S. Hen. Assist Bar. Co. Kerry, 

59, Exchequer-st 
E 1811 Richards J. 10, Mecklenburgh-et 
M 1816 Richards J. G. 
H 1802 Riohards R. Assist. Bar, Co. Wex- 
ford, 22, Eh'-place 
E 1786 Richards Thomas 
H 1814Robinson Harstonge,4,Hardwick-Bt 
T 1789 Rochfort G. 
T 1786 Rochfort John Staunton 
T 1789 Rogers George Pigot, Cork 
M 1785 RoUeston Joseph, 55, lower Gar- 

T 1817 Ronayn D. 58, Marlhro.-st 
H 1794 Roper W. Rathfernham 
M 1790 Rowan William 
M 1799 Rowe R. Rad. 
H 1787 Rowley W. 11, n. George-st. 
T 1788 liudd Pemberton 
T 1815 Rutherford M.B.I4, Rutland-sq. e. 
M 1799 Rutledge Richard 
H 1789 Rutledge Robert 
H 1802 Ruxton R. Assist. Bar. for the Co. 

iMeath, Vicar Gen of Meath,LLD. 
H 1789 Ruxton V/. P. 
T 1813 Rj-an D. F. 62, Summer-hill 
T 1799 Rvan Ewer, Moore-st. 
M 1788 Ryan J. Com. of Bank, 102, B&g- 

T 1794 Ryan William 
T 1796 Ryves William, 11, Leeson-st 
H 1759 Ryves William 
E 1790 Saint Leger, Chichester 
M 1799 Saikeld Thomas 
H 1789 Sandes H. Und.Treas. King's-inns 
H 1800 Sandes William 
M 1819 Sankey J . 1, Fitzwilliam-sq.n. 

Sankey M. 9, Harc.-st 
H 1816 Saurin Mark Anthony, 31, Ste 

Stephen's-green, north 
T 1780 Saurin Right Hon. W. Att, Gen 
, 27, Stephea's-green, north 

Scally Dennis, 13, Merrion-square, south 
H 1817 Scanlan John Joseph, 49, upper 

T 1818 ScannellJoseph 
M 1792 Schoaies J. Assist. Bar. of the Co. 

of Kildare, ol, Leeson-st 
K 1814 Scott R. CO, upper Dorset-st 
H 1807 Scott Edward, 3, Mer,..sq. s. 
M 1789 Scott Henry Owen 
E 1804 Scott J. S-m'ytli, 3, Merrion-sq. s. 
H 1779 Scott T. Purd. 40, 
H 1786 §Scrivpn J. Baiclay, 12,riarcour.-8t 
M 1796 Scajlly D. 13, Mer.-stiuare, south 
HI 795 Seton A. 
H 1814 Shanahan Frederick 
M 1788 Sharkey R. F. Paymast. of Corn 

Bounties, 76, 1. Mouiit-st 
H 1793 Shearer Alexander 
E 1811 Shiel James, 15, upper Dom.-st. 
H 1814 Slicil Richard, 23, Ho\les-st 
E 1762 Sherlock J. 37, Jervis-st 




M 1792 Sinclair James 

T 1776 Sinclair Robert 

T 1796 Singer P. M. 1, upper Temple-st 

M 1796 Slaicke John, Assist. Bar. Co. Mo- 

nagh, 19, Dominick-st 
E 1798 Smith Amb, Com. of Bankr. upper 

M 1776 Smith G. Rec. of Limerick 
H 1816 Smith John, 104, Stephen's-green 
Smith John, 14, 1. Fitzwilliam-st 
H 1798 Smith Joseph, upper Fitzwilliam-st. 
H 1792 Smith Marcus 
H 1792 Smith M. 151, Mecklenburgh-st. 
E 1791 Smith Thomas 
*! 1788 Smith Hon. Sir W. C. Bart. 3d BE. 

8, Mer. -square 
H 1790 Smyly J. K C 1.3, Baggot-st 
H 1818 Smyth Burston, B. 25. D'OUier-st 
H 1803 Smyth Carew, 46, Baggot-st 
H 1796 Smyth J, Com. of Bank, and Com. 

of Appeals, 14, Fitawilliam-st 
M 1795 Smvth J. A. 2, Denzille-st 
M 1785 Smyth R. L.L.D. 10, up. Temple-st 
H 1796 Smyth William, 11, Harcourt-st 
H 1814 Southwell R. Jun. 
T 1790 Speer Sol. 25, Dorset-st 
T 1784 Spencer Josh. DoHiini«k-st 
T 1796 Spread J. 
H 1815 Sproule A. 5, n. Anne-st 

Stack Rich. Harcourt-road 
T 1785 Stanford Jo. Glost.-st 
M 1782 Stanley Sir Ed. K.C.C. Judge at 

E 1803 Stannard E. 

H 1802 Staples T. 48, n. great George-st 
T 1805 Stapleton Hovenden, 9, Bucking- 

M 1789 Stawell Eustace, Bandon 
M 1795 Stawell George 
M 1795 Stawell Jonas 
E 1770 Stawell William, Doneraile 
T 1813 Steele Walter, 13, Mountjoy-sq. 
M 1794 Sterling Edward 
H 1795 SteuartD. 121, great Britain-st 
T IBHStevelly Robert Jones 
E 1777 Stewart Alexander 
M 1773 Stewart Hen. 6, Leinster-st 

Stewart James, 122, Stephen's-green 
H 1781 Stewart John 
E 1781 Stewart Rt -Hon. Sir J, Bart. 

M 1806 St. George A. 12, Gi-env.'St 
T 1807 St. George T. 7, Dawson-st 
M 1812 Stock Jos. L, L. D. 44, Blessing- 
ton -st. 
M 1785 Stokes John Wm. Com. of Bankr. 

13, Leeson-st 
H 1817 Stoney James Johnston,. 25, lower 

E 1790 Stringer Ralph 
H 1816Stritch Bartholomew 
M 1811 Stritch L. 14, Molesw.-st 
T 1780 Studert Jonas 
M 1806 Studdert Thomas 
T 18J 7 Sullivan M. J. 6, Sum.-st.n. 
T 1794 Swan J. Cham. 6, Lein.-st. 


M 1776 Sweeney J. Mountjoy-squarc 

T 1803 Swift E. L. England 

T 1778 Swift Robert, Baldoyle 

T 1806 Swindell Wm.Cha. 26,MoBntjoyJsr 

H 1804 SwineyS. 7, Harcourt-st <i 

T 1782 Synge Sir R. Harcourt-st 

H 1806 Tallon J. W. 32, north Dom.-st 

H 1794 Tandy Thomas 

T 1813 Tennant Henry W. 

M 1796 Therry J. Com. of Rev. 

H 1788 Thompson Fred. Dep. Chief Re- 

memb. of Co. Exch. 16, Merrion- 

square, south 
M 1807 Thompson G. 167, north King-st 
H 1785 Thompson John Norris 
T 1790 Thorp Robert 
E 1803 Tickell Ed. 10, Clare-gt 
H 1796 Tighe Henry 
E 1794Tisdall George, Cork 
M 1770TolerRt. Hon.Jn, Lord Norbury, 

C. J. C. P. 3, gt. Denmark-st. 
M l814Tombe Geo. 18, up. Temple-st 
M 1798 Torrens Robt. K.C. Chairman of 

Sessions Co. Dub. and Coun. to 

Barrack Board, 9, Grenville-st 
M 1787 Townsend John Sealy, K. C. 24, 

Merrion-square, s. 
H 1797 Townaend Thomas, L. L. D. 30, 

T 1791 Travers J. Moore, Cork 
M 1807 Trayer A. Cork 
M 1774 Trench Fred. 

E 1793 Trench Rt. Hon. Rd. Earl Clancarty 
M 1804 Tyrrell Th. 4, French-st 
M 1795 Upton Whitney 
E 1781 Vandeleur Boyle 
M 1814 Vandeleur John Scott 
M 1790 Vandeluer Rt. Hon. J. Ormsby, 

Com. of Cust. 13, Cavendish-row 
T 1790 Vandeleur Tho. Burtou, K.C. 

Councel to Post Office, 35, up. 

T 1792 Vanhomrigh P. Recorder of Drog- 

T 1775 Vavasour W. LLD. Kildare-st 
M 1793 Vaughan John 
T 1775 Verdon Jn. Jamaica 
M 1818 Terschoyle Robert 
M 1785 Vesey George 
T 1789 Vicars G. 27, Hollcs-st 
M 1800 Vicars T. Com. of Bankr. Conn, to 

to the BoardofOrdn.21, Leeson-st 
H 1788 Vickers T. 40, Leeson-st 
T 1795 Waggett W. Rec. of Cork 
M 1809 Walker C.R. 30, n. Ciwnberland-s. 
H 1804 Walker Cham. W. L. L. D. Sec. 

to Board of Educ. Vicar Gen. 

Leighlin and Ferns, OUicp, 20, 

Molesworth-st * 

H 1804 Walker David 
T 1806 Walker R. C. 6, u. Gloucester-st 
T 1780 Walker Thomas 
T 1779 Walker Wm. Recorder of Dublin, 

1 1 , Dominick-st 
M 1798 Wallace T. L. L, D. K. C. 32, 

north great George-st. 




T 1798 Waller Bolton, Limerick 
T 1805 Waller R. 15, Dawson-st 

Walsk And. 10, Russell-st. 
M 1818 Walsh Philip 
M 1808 §Walshe Holwell, 13, Kildare-st 
H 1806 Walshe W. 3, Rutland-square 
M 1794 Ward Sam. LLD. 1, Henrietta-st 
E 1783 VVardlow WiUiam 
M 1806 Warren R. B. 17, Mouut-st 
T 1776 Warren Thomas, Cork 
E 1816 Walters Henry 
M 1793 Webb Thomas, 11, Russell-st 
M 1791 Webb W. Livingston, Com. Bank. 

H 1788 Webber D. Webb, K C Com. of 

Enq. into Fees of Co. Justice, 

E 1795 Weld Mat. Moles worth-st. 
T 1819 Weldon M. R. 64, Marl.-st 
Ml 788 Welsh Robert 
M 1815 West John B. 
H 1779 Westby Ed. 26, York-st 
M 1782 Westenra H. Merrion-square, n. 
E 1798 Wcstrop Wm. Johnston 
E 1815 White George 
E 1784 White John, 7, Mount-st 
M 1818 White J, Jerr. 4, 1. Gloucester-st 


T 1811 White T. S. 34, Gloucester-6t 
T 1809 Whitestone William 
E 1775 Wilkinson Sir H. Recorder of Kil- 
E 1778 Williams C. S. Coun, to Pavinj 
Corp Dublin K C 65, Stephen-st 
T 1812 Williams C. W. 2, Belvedere-place 

Williams Geo, 47, Baggot-st 
T 1793 Williams Sol. England 
M 1799 Wills Anthony, 17, up. Gard.-st 
M 1807 Wilson H. B. 57, Dominick-s» 
H 1792 Wilson Joseph 
T 1809 Winstanley George Fred. 12, 

H 1792 Winter John Pratt 
M 1792 Wolfe John Lord V. Kilwardcfc 

Reg. of Deeds 
E 1799 Wood Attiwell, Doneraile 
M 1792 Woodward B. B. Mount-st. 
T 1814 Woulfe S. 1, up. Fitzw,-st 
M 1804 Wray T.60, Baggot-st 
T 1811 Wybrants R. Jun. Rutland-sq. ■«?•. 
T 1791 Wynne W. Comm. of Appeals, 

E 1795 Yclverton Hon. W. A. Com. Back. 

36, Gloucester-st 
T 1787 Young Robert 


Note. The Lettters K King's Bench, C Common Pleas, E Exchequer, denote the 

Courts to which they belong. Those without Letters belong to all the three Courts. 

Those in Italics we hare not been favoured with the information in which Courts they 

Those lettered s admitted Solicitors in Chancery, pursuant to an order of that Court, the 

1st day of January, 1791. 
Thus marked * or J are Members of the Law Club ; a Society instituted in the year 

1791, for the better regulation of practising Solicitors. 

Club House, Damje-street. 

s Abbott and Tisdall 30, Marlborough-st 
« Abbott J. 164, Capel-st 
•« Abbott W. 11, Baggot-st 

* Achmuty Town, 18, Duke-st 

* Acton T, 77, Stephen's-green 
Adams H, Y. 28 , s. gt. George-st 

^ Adams Sam. Jun. Office, 20, 1. Gard.-st 

s Aickea Sam. 15, Mercer-st. 

« Alcock Alex. 26, l^eeson-st 

Alexander Alex, E. 10, Suffolk-st 

s Allen & Norman, Office, 27,u.Sackville-st 

5 Allen and Ware, 11, St. Andrew-st 

*jAllenC. CE 11, St. Andrew-st 

Is Allen John, Town Clerk, of Dub. Sec. 

to Pipe Water Estab. 8, Clare-st. Office, 

37, Sackville-st 
Allen Tim. Clerk of the. Com. Council, 56, 


* Alley Jer. 72, Aungier-st 

* Alley J. 6, lower Gard.-st 
s AlJ<pyne S. 8, Castle-st 
Allman Rd. £. 32, Hardwicke-st 

s Alsop T. Ray, 10, Camdeo-st 

s Andereon Alex. C E 39, Marlb.-st 

Js Anderson Geo. C E 30, Gloster-st 

Anderson Jas. 58, Queen-st 

s Andrews and Williams, 51, Wm.-st 

Andrews W. 51, William-st 

4 Andrews \V. 6, Mer,-sq. w. 

Angell J. W. K. 7, Fownes-st 

jArchold Rd. 2, Bolton-st. 

s Archer ahd White, Office, 6, Hem'ietta-st 

J* Archer Geo. 6, Hcnrieitta-st 

Archer Jas. K E. Rutland-st 

Xs Ardill J. 74, Aungier-st 

Ardill J. 74, .^ungier-st. 

Armstrong E. 33, French-st 

1$ Armstrong F. 20, Dawson-st 

\s Armstong J, 17, ». Fred.-st 

s Armstrong J, 15, Digges-st 

s Armstong J. T. 5, upper G!»rdioer-st 

s Armstrong T. 8, Vsher's-isl. 

Armstrong W. E. 42, Capel-st 

Arnold Thomas, £ 5, lo^^r Templs-tt 




3 Arthur Js. 53, Mary-st. 

Arthure and Vaughan, 43, Dom.-st 

s Arthure Benedict, Dep. Clerk of the 
Peace, Co. Dub. 42, Dom-st 

Atkin Here. 9, Castle-st 

s Atkins Robert Tho. 4, Mecklb.-st. 

s Atkinson Jn. 6, Monta-st. 

Atkinson Miles, 23, Blessington-st 

s Atkinson Rt. K E 31, Bolton-st 

Atkinson R. VV. E 2, Blessington-st 

Aucliinleck A. C. 11, Hardivicke-st 

s Austin Samuel, 4, IVl ountjoy-sq. s. 

a Austin W. T. 1, SufFoIk-st 

|4 BabiDgton, Irwin and Farange, Ofrice,30, 
Rutiand-sq. w. 

{« Babington D. Chirographer, Custos and 
Brevinm Keeper of the King's silver, 
Com. Pleas, 30, Rutl.-sq. w, 

$ Babington T. K E 81, Stephen's-green 

< Bagge Hen. 57, Excheq.-st 63, Wm.-st 

» Baggs Geo. 40, Marl.-st 

a Baillie Richard, 24, Peter-st 

a Baillie W. K E 23, Grenville-st 

's Baker Arth. 5, n. great George-st 

Baker Isaac E. 9, Hardwicke-st 

s Baker Walter, 69, Excheq.-st 

s Balfe Edm. 29, Marlb.-st 

Ball Abr. E.43, Jervis-st 

s Ball B. and H. Wilson, 7, south Fred.-st. 

« Ball Ben. Jua. 21, Leeson-st 

s Ball Henry, 41, French-st 

* Ball James, 26, Clare-st 
JsBallJ.W.32, Dom.-st 
» Ball Rob. 40, French-st 
Barber C. R. E 5, Clare-st 

s Barclay G. 13, Summer-hill 

Barker -fames E. Stephen's-green 

s Barker R. William -st 

s Barker Tho. E. 9, Greek-st 

J« Barlow Js. 4, n. great George's-st 

Barloiv T. TF. 8, Mercer-st 

Barnes Sam, Ed, K, 3, Ushor's-island 

Barrett E. D. K. C. 13, Trinity-st 

» Barrett J. 149, Abbey-st 

BarringtonDan. Clerk Cr. Co, Limerick, 

13, lower Fitzwilliana-st 
%s Barrington Matt. 13, lower Fitzw.-st 
Barry James, C E 40, Marlb.-st 
Barry M. C. 6. Henry-st 
» Barry Sam. 23, n. great George's-st 
%$ Barton J. M. 84, upper Dorset-st 
#BashfordW. 128, Dorsel-st 
Bastable Charles, K E Harry-st 
s Bates Jas. 101, Stephen's-green, w. 

* Bath Jos, H. 46, Jems-st 
Battersby Fr. E. 33, Mecklb.-st 
Bayley Wm. 56, Excheqner-st 

s Bayly and Frewan, 48, Queen-st 

* Bayly John, 172, great Britain-st 

* Bayly Joseph, 48, Queen-st 
sBaylyRd. 45, Dominick-st 

c Bayly S, Sol. 83, n. King-st 
s Bayly Wm. 3, Merrion-row 
*BaylyWm.J. 7, Nassan-st 
J Beasley T. 64, Dawaon-st 
s Beauchamp R. 118, Baggot-st 
Jji psaujBW W. 42, Rutlaud-jq.w. 

Beckett Ju. C E. 1, Kings-inn-st. 
BeckfordT. F. K E 11, Frcd.-st 
Xs BeereDan. CB. Secondary to Lord Treas. 

Rememb. Dep, Pursuit, of Co. of Exc. 

Office, Four-courts 
s Beere Geo. K E 59, Camden-st 
Js Beere Usher, 50, €rafton-st 
Beer« Wm. E. 6, Aston'a-quay 
s Belcher J. M''. 4, Suffolk -st. 
Belcher J. /^, 15,n. Earl-st 
s Bell and Dobbin, 17, n. Cumberland-st 
Bell George, E 23, York-st 
« Bell John, 43, Summer-hill 

* Bell Js.T. 20, Brunswicke-st 
Bell Nugent, K E 3, Moland-st 
iBellTh. 17, n. Cumb.-st 

s Belton Sam. 23, Blackh.-st 

* Bennett G, M. 6, s. Camb,-st 

* Bentley W. 11, Stephen-st 

s Bernard Wm. 26, Arran-q, 

s Berry C. 4, Riehmond-place 

s Berry T. S. 4, Hnme-st 

Js Besnard J. C. 74, Marlb.-st 

Bevan Hump. 13, Charlotte-st 

s Beytagh Js. 5, lower Rutland-st 

s Bibby Richard, 55, Mary-st 

s Biddulph and Eames, 23, lower Card, -st 

s Biddulph F. H. Reg. of the Court of 

Excheq. 14, upper Dom.-8t 
s Billing James G. 80, Stephen's-green 
s Billing Rob. 22, Arran-qsliy 
s Billing W. 

Xs Birch Rd. 36, Camden-st 
s Birmingham W. Harcourt-st ' 

s Black Mat. C E 17, Duke-st 
s Black Tho. K C 60, Eccles-st 
s Blacker Lat. 6, Dawson-st 
s Blake A, 58, upper Dorset-s. 
s Blake Dom. K C 51, Heniy-st 
» Blake Fran, K 162, great Britain-st 

* Blake Rob. 8, up. Temple-st 
iBIakeneyJ. 9, Mecklenb.-st 

s Blennerhasset A. 27, lower Mount-st. 

♦* Blenerhasset J, 27, lower Mount-st 

Blenerhasset T. A. Glouc.-st 

:« Blood T. 17, Bishop-st 

s Bloomfield W. J. C E 27, Cban.-lane 

s Bolgcr W. 30, Bishop-st 

s Bomford L. R. 8, Hardwicke-st 

Bonham John, t 20, up. Gard.-st 

Booker Kob. K E 2, Temple-st 

s Boomer Jn. 5, lower Temple-st 

*,?BoothJ. 31, Blessington-st 

* Borrowes Rob. Solicitor to the Staro^ 

Duties, and to the Governors of the Royal 

Hospital, Kilmainham, 13, Clare-st 
J* Bovirchier Thos. Dep, Ci. Crown and 

Hanap, 123, Baggot-st 
Bouke Bart. E 18, Mary-st 
Bourke Thomas, K E 72, Flcet-st 
s Bourne John, Clerk of the Peace f«r the 

Co. Louth, 55, William-st 
s BoWne Peter, Dep. Clerk of Crown, K B 

37, GraftoB-st. 
s Bourne Walter, Clerk of Crown Province 

of Ulster, Dep. Clerk of Crown, K B. 

16, Harcourt-st 




s Bowen C. 53, Capel-st 

s Bowcn Hen. K C 21, middle Gardiner-st 

5 Bowors Robei-t, 31, Molesworth-st 

Boyle Efhrarti, K E 1^7, iipp3rDorset-st 

« Boyle Hu^ii, 112, Capel-st 

BoyieJoha, KC n2, Capel-st 

.1 Boys PLilip, 2."{, Old Dom.-st 

Boyse Jolm, 10, ufiner Orniond-qui^y 

Brabrzon Ch. Fr. K H, Eecles-st 

+« Braddish M. W. 17, Ely-place 

sBradiv'v VV.J. Ai, Cuife-st 

Bradshuw B:j. 10^, Baggot-st 

Js Bradshaw J. SI, up. Dorset-st 

JBradshavv Sam. K C Solicitor for the 

King's Bents, 15, Hume-st. Office, Ciis- 

tom house 
+* Bradshaw W. II. B C 48, Harcourt-st, 
Brady Wm. C 52, Exchequer-st 
s Brazil T. 2, Whitefriai-st 

* Brereton W. Bull-lane 

* Breton G. 12, 1. Mount-st 

Br»tt James, C E 4, low. Dorsct-st 

Brett John, K E 13, Bolton-st 

a Brett Matthew, K C 1, Blackh.-st 

* Brewster Edw. 18, French-st 
s BrieJi L. 9, 1. Rutland-st 
Briscoe J. W. C. 10, William-st 
s Bromlow J. 44, Bride-st 

s Brooke Jn. E 18, Dominick-st 
Browne Alex. C E ^6, Capel-st 
s Browne Antli. 29, Gard.-8t 
J Browne Bra. 115, Baggot-st 
s Browne D, 158, Capel-st 
s Browne Dd. 6, n, Cope-st 
« Browne John, 36, Eccles-st 

* Bro.vne John Wm. 36, Ecclcs-st 
« Browne W. Granby-row 

* Brownrigg J. 3, Chatham-st 

J* Brownrigg R. and Com. for AfBd, in Co. 

AVexford, 28, n. g. Georgo-st 
s Brunton R. 28, Dominick-st 
s Brush Crane, 60, Capel-st 
« Brush J. F. E 6, Capel-st 
» Brush R. N. 3, Charlotte place 
Js Bryau W. J. K E 33, York-st 
Buchanan Alex. E 3, College-gieen 
« Buchanan Js. C E 18, Dorset-st 
s Buck A. 12, north Sumnier-st 
Buck Rob. E. 12, north Summer-st 
« Buck Sam. U, Hendrick-st 
s Burchcll J. 7, Russell-st 
.« Burke Bryan, E 66, great Britain-st 
s Burke E 4, greatCharics-?t 
Burke F. •'• E 52, Abb«v-st 

* Burke R. \Y. 1,' Blr;ckhall-parade ' 
Burke Thomas, K C 8, Teuipie-at 

i Burke Thomas, K E 10, Stafford st 
Is Burke \¥. 23, Capel-ft 
Burke John, K E 68, Marlb. st 

* Burnett R. 15, Staflbi-d-st. 
«Burroughes W. 13, Peter-st 

s Burroughs P. Jun. 48, Abbey-st 
s Burton "Wing. K E. 17, Dominiok-st 
s Bury John, 28, Gloucester-st 
.i.Butler George, K 52, Jervis-st 
** Butler Henry, il.'i, 1. Safkvil!s-«t 


* Butler Joh',, 44, York-st 
Butler J. P. K C 6, M'ood-st 
Butler Theop. 25, French-st 
Butler John, 113, Baggot-st 

s Butler Thos. K E 26, Arbour-I. 

s Byrn James, 1, Pitt-st 

s Byrne James, Coroner County Carlow, 58, 

%s Byrne James, Com. for Affi. and Special 

Bail iu- City and Co. Cork, 74, Graf- 

tou-st. and Patrick-&c. Cork 
s Byrne John, K £ Coroner of the county 

of Louth, 27, up. Dominick-st 
Carey H. Clerk of Pldgs. of Exch.-off. 34, 

« Caddell Ed. 148, Abbey-st 
s CahiU Edw. K- E. 91, Capel-st 
s Cahili Isaac, 19, upper Dorset-st 
s Cahili James, C E 5, York-st 
s CahiU John, 2, Lurgan-st 
Cahili P. C E 67, south great George's-st 
Is Caldbock VV. 3, low. Camden-st 
s Caldwell James, 2. Luke-st 
s Campbell Alexander, 22, Gard. -place 
s Campbell W. 2, north King-st 
s Cane Bellfield R. K E 12, Ross-lane 
s Cantwell John, 17, upper Dom.-st 
Is Card F. James, 21, York-st 
Carey John, 7, William-st 

* Carey Jos. KC 23, Dame-st 

Carleton And, C 30, north Cumberland-st 
« Carmichael A. K E Ins. Stamp-Office, 24, 

s Carmichael A. B. Reg. to Hon. Justice 

Moore, 28, French-st 
s Carmichael J. 7, upper Temple-st 
Carmichael James, E 3, Mercer-st 
J« Carr Edward and William Dowsley, 7, . 

St. Andrew-st 
s Carroll An. 9, Mecklenburgh-st 

* Ciuroli Edward, K C 7, Fitsnvilliam-s. 
s Carroll George, 13, King-st. south 
J*Corroll,Wilfiam Henry, 2, Gardiner'S-pl, 
s Carroll H. P. 4, Aungier-st 

Carroll John C. 6, Hume-st 

* Carroll R. F, 92, Summer-hill 
Carroll Standinh, 4, Aimgier-st 
Carshore J. E. 18, Charleniont-st 
Carter J. 30, French-&t 

s Carty Alexander, K 45, s. gr. George's*st 

Carty Tho. King's-beueh-ofl". 

s Casoman R. K C 2, lit. Britain-st 

Casey John, E 18, 1. Ormond-quay 

s Ca*h J. S. And. 79, Marl.-st 

Cashel Arthur, C SQ, Capel-st 

Cashel R. P. K E 57, Capel-st. 

« Castles John, K E 5, Hendrick-st 

s Cathcart R. N. E 65, Stephen-st 

Is Cathrew J. Secondary to the Chief Re- 
mem, of the, Courti of Exchequeji, 17* 
Harcourt-st . r.^ , 

sGavanaliJ, KE:25, Wood-st . .. . 

s Cliambers Day, C E 27, Grenv.-st. 

« Chambers fed. E 114, Capel-st 

i« Chambers J, 6, G*ye«^sb-row 



« Cliambers R. 43, Leeson-st 
s Chambers R. 27, Aungior-st 
Chambers K. 13, Clanbrassil-st 
Chapman G. great Britain-st 
Cbarlton William, K E 3, Cbancerj'-lane 
s Chinnery G. Com. of Affidavits, Co. Cork 
Cbinnnerj' R. E. Com. of Affidav. City of 

Cork, ]l,St. Andrew-st 
Cbristian C. R. 148, Abbey-st 
5 Christian G. K C 3, s. great Geo.-st 
Church D. K E 7, Summer-hill 
« Church Jolm, E 48, Bolton-st 
Church T.K. Filaz.ofK B.50,Arran-q 
Clancy John C. Dep. Filazer and Exig. of 

Court of Com. P. Office, f nus-quay 

* Clare Hugh, 27, n. Earl-st 

« Clark and Greene, 113, Stepbens-gr.w. 

s Clarke A 17, upper Temple-st 

s Clarke Caldwell, 25, Bless.-st 

Clerk Edward, 113, Stephen's-green, west 

4 Clark Fran. 51, Jems-st 

Clarke James, 25, 1. Strand-st 

* Clarke M. 47, Camden st 

* Clarke Fat. 6, Chatham-st 

s Clarke R. 113, Stephen's-green 

s Clarke T. 12, Temple-st 

s Clarke W. 28, upper Dom.-s. 

Clinger J. R. E 32, Holles-st 

Close Burrowes, 5, Clare-st 

Coates Abr. 34, Beresford-st. 

+«CoatesS. Com. Affid.Co.WicklOAr, 10, u. 

« Codd W. 84, Capel-st 
(Colbert W. S. 3, Swilt'«-row 
« Colbnrn John, 73, Aungier-st 
s Colgan J. 12, Esses-quay 
Colboun T. 144, Capel-st 
CoUett S M 13, lower Glouc.-st 
( Collins Josh. K E. 161, great Britain-st 
Collins T. 12, upper Dom.-st 
Collins Tho. K E 148, Abbey-st 
s Collinson H. 12, Usher's-st 
GoDnell Wm. K E Clarke's-court 
s Connolly Jn. C E Lord Treasurer, Re- 

memb. Office, King's-inns 
Connolly Pat. CE 63, William-st 
« Connor George, 48, Sackville-st 
« Connor Geo. jun. C E 5, Fowness-st, 
s Connor James, Com. Affi. in Tralee, 9, 

B. Cumberland-st 

* Connolly G. 16, Henrietta-st 
Conroy SR. E 100, Capel-st 

s Cooke E. Office 65, Marlb.-st 

s Cooper Anth. C E 19, Blackball st 

J Cooper J. C E50, Bishop-st 

s Cooper S. E 115, Capel-st 

s Copperthwaite Tho. 71, Marlb.-st 

Coppinger T. R. E 32, Holles-st 

s Corbet R. 23, lower Gard.-st 

Corcoran John, 12, SuflTolk-st 

s Corcoran M. 2, lower Gardiner-st 

^ Cormick M. 2, Blackh,-st 

Cony John, 48, Capel-st 

Cosgrave Hen. 57, Eccles-st 

1$ Cosgrave W. Reg. to the Hon. Baron 

George, 15, n. great George-st 
Cotgrave ff, jun. 10, great George-st. n. 


s Costello Philip, 48, upper Jervis-st 

* Cotter Edwd. K E 29, s. Fred,-st 
s Cotter Tho. 2, upper Camden-st 
« Courtnay P. Keeper of Seals of Co, of 

Excheq, 56, Summer-hill 
Courtenay W. E 4, Anglesea-st 
J Courtray Robert, K Kildare-st 
« Couzens John, E 16, Camden-st 
Cowan David, E 17, upper Dominick-st 
Cowan James, K E 64, Queen-st 
s Cower John, 24, Eustace-st 

* Cowley James, 7, Gloster-st 
s Cowley James, jun, 2, upper Rutland-st 
« Coyle R. 53, great Britain-st 

4 Craig John, Sol. for Ireland to Lords of 

the Adm. Clerk of Peace for county of 

Down, 7, 1- Jervis-st 
Is Cranston W. 38, Capel-st 
s Crawford C. K E 28, b. great Georges-s. 
s Crawford James, 2, Buckingham-st 

* Crawford R. K E 19i, Beresford-st 
s Crawford R. H. Trinity-place 

5 Crawft9rd Samuel, E. 11, Blackhall-st 
s Crawford T. K 23, Stafford-st 
.? Crawford Wm. C E 32, Stephen~St 
.1 Crawford W. H. 48, Camden-st 
s Creagh John, K E 18, south Anne-st 
p Creagh R. 4, Pikt-st 
s Creed John, 37, Clarendon-st 
t Creed Robert, 14, French 
tsCrofton M. L. C E 33, Paradise-row 
« Croker Th. 29, upper Dominick-st 
Croker Wm. R. C 63, Grafton st 
s CrookeNich. Gordon, 6, Charlemont-st 
Crosbie Jas. 39, Jerns-st 
Crosbie Wra. E 35, Paradise-row 
.' Crouch W, 33, Exchequer-st 
Crowe Chr. 1 1 , Castle-st 
s Crowe George, 27, Greek-st. 
t*CrozierG. KE 3, Dominick-st 
Crozier F. K 3, Dominick-st. 
Is Crozier H. Exam, to the Hon. B. M'Clel- 

land, 41, Hardwicke-st 
I* Cruise E. 4, lower Gardiner-st 
s Cufle Thomas, K 64, Dame-st 
5 Cullen G. 12, upper Gardiner-st 
*Cullen Stephen, 7, upper Gardiner-st 
Cunifte Bryan, 40, upper Liffey-st ^ 

s Curtis Wm. Dep. Clerk Crown for Cos. - 

Wicklow, Wexford & Kilkenny,25, Wm,-s. 
s Cusack J. C E 11, upper Dorset -st 
Cusaek John, 1 1 , upper Dorset-st 

* Dalton G. F. Agent for E. India Af&irs, 

4, upper Sackville-st 
Is Dalton J. K. K. 28, n. Cumberland-st 
Dalton James, 28, n. Cumberland-st 
iDaly D.C E Register-office, Chanc. 
Daly Francis, K E 33, Mary-st 
Daly James, K C 12, Parliament-st 

* Daly Owen, 51, Henry-st 
Daly T 19, Werburgh-st 
s Daly W. C E 14, York-st 
*s Dance Js. Sumroonister, &c. and Clerk of 

Estreats, 47, York-st 
4 DareusSol. 54, Dorcet-st 
s D'Arcy E. Gr. 6, Hardwicke-pl. 
s D'Arcy £. K E 4, upper Gardiner-st 



*s Darley W. Agent to Com. Wide Streets 
Treas, of the Public Money, 38, York-st. 

* Davenport Wm. E. 63, upper Dorset-st. 
Davidson Sam. 6, Trinity-place 

s IJnvis Ju. J. 19, m. Jervis-st. 
Davis M. J. E. 16, Eccles-st. 
Davis R. 49, Bride-st. 

* Davis Robert E. 33, Cuffe-st. 
i Davis Wna. 20, Gloucester-st. 
Davoren B. L. 59, Marlb.-st. 

« Dawson Abr. 7, Greek-st. 

4 Dawson 1. G. 4, Gardiners-place 
sD&wsonW. 105, Dorset-st. 

s Dawson Yelv. 6, Fowness-st, 

t Day r. 53, Queen-st. 

« Day Wm. 26, Arran-quay 

s Deane Coll. 90, Abbey-st, 

** De Courcey J.CE. 13, lower Ormond-qu. 

* Denehy H. 157, Capel-st. 
( Deey W. 16, Anglesea-st. 

« Delany H. P. 5, Arran-quay 

« Delmage C. 28, lower Gloucester-st. 

Denmead A. 8, Castle-st. 

* Denneby and Baron, 101, great Britatn-st 
s Dennis Ja. 23, Frederick-st 

5 Denroche Ch. 1 1 , Capel-st, Capel-st. 
Derenzy Henry C. 40, Leeson-st 
D'Esterre A. H. 48, s, King-st 

» Devenish Th. K 33, Paradise-row 

s Devenish T. lit. Britain-st 

J Devereux Hervey, a Com. for Affid. for 

City and C». Kilkenny, & Master Extra. 

in Chan. 11, St. Andrew-st & Kilkenny 
s Dickinson J. R. C 5, Digges-st 
s Dickson A. 2, a, Cope-st, 
*s Dickson S. 2, Merrion-square, n. 
s Dignan Dennis, 52, Aungier-st. 
Dignan Pat. C N Frederick -st 

* Dillon C. C E 11, Leeson-st 

s Dillon Mich. K E 24, William-st. 

« Dillon W. J. 5, 1. Temple-st. 

*s Dix W. Register and Law Agent to the 

Farming Soc. of Ireland, 30, Card's, pi 
•* Dobbin L. 17, n. Cumberland-st 
Dodd David, 14, Hardwicke-place 
s Doherty Ed. K E 58, Excheq.-st 

* Doherty Leonard, E 88, Stephen's-green . 

* Doherty Wm. Izod. 5, upper Glouc.-st 
sDolphin H. J. 139, Abbey-at 

* Donville John, C E Reg. to the Sol. Gen, 

17, Henrietta-st. 
s Donlevie Jn. K E 16, Dawson-st 
s Donell C. 50, Bishop>st 

* Donnelly J. 88, upper Dorset-st 

« Donovan and Walker, 24, Peter-st. 

I Donovan J. C E 3, Chatbam-st 

a Donovan Robert, 111, Abbey-st. 

Js Donovan Robert, 24, Peter-st 

DooleyThos. 1, Leinster-st 

s Doran Edm. 56, Wm.-st 

Dowd John, K 9, Eustace-st 

Dowd W. 8, Park-st 

Dowdall Geo. 19, Rutlaud-st, 

DowdallJohn, E 15, Kildare-st 

4 Dowling T. Synamei^ ^od Dowling, 19, 

J. upper Omond-quay ,: ,ii.^;i' 


s Dowling T. 5, Crampton-quay 

s Dowman J. 74, Graft.-st & South-ra. Coilt 

Dowse R. B. £43, Jervis-st 

s Dowse Tbos. E. C. 13, Loinster-st 

* Doyle Wm. 14, Usher's-isl. 
s Drought R. 49, Aungier st 
Duane Bryan, E 14, Essex-quay 
+Duckett W. 30, Statford-st 
Duckett R. M. 5, Westmor.-st. ' 
Dudgeon And. 25, Mountjoy-st 

* Duff R. V. 9, n. Earl-st 

Duggan Daniel, K E 32, s. Frederick-st, 
s Duigenau Geo, P. 39, Hardwicke-st. 
s Dulhunty M. 41, 1. Marlb.-st. 
Dumas T. C E. 1, s. great George's-st. 
s Dumoulin P. G. 56, 1. Mount-street 
Dunn Bryan, E 8, Gloster-st 
s Dunn James, E 127, Capel-st 
X Dunn Josias, Exam, to the Court of K. B. 

and Sol. to Com. of Accts, 8, Kiklavc-st 
s Dunn Rob. 7, Eustacc-st 
s Dunne Jn. Wm. 3, Bach-w. 
s Dunne Wm. C. 56, William-st 
s Durdin Alex. 86, Dorsef-st 
s Dwyer Francis.Sixth Clerk in Chan.Office, 

upper Fitzwiiliam-st. . 

* Dwyer Jas. D. 6, Summer-hill 

* Dwyer J. 27, Stephen-st. 
Dwyer Mich. Camden-st. 

s Dwyer T. E 42, William-st 

* Dyas Rob. J. 57, Mary-st 
Eagar E. S. 4, Bishop-st 

« Eagle Edw. 27, n. Cumb,-st 
Eames F. 91, n. Kiog-st 
J Eames Rich. Dep. Filazer of the Equity 
Excheq. 32, lower Gardiuer-st 

* Eastwood 5. 21, Beresford-st 

Is Eason W. M. 54, Stephen's-green, e. 

* Eaton F. C. 12, Leinster-st 
s Eccles D. 2, Buckingbam-st 
s Eccles Wm. 35, Eccles-st 

* Echlin D. Moore, 7, Fitzw.-sq. 
s Echlin F. H. 

s Echlin Rob. 12, Clarendon-st 

s Edkins Geo. K C Warrenmount 

» Edmonds J. 11, Peter-st 

s Edwards Henry, 11, Cuffe-st 

s Edwards J. Sol. for the Rev. Inland De- 
part. 50, n. great George's-st Office, 

s Edwards R. Com. Affid. Co. Wexford, 16, 
upper Camden-st 

s Edwards T. 2, u. Cope-st 

« Edwards Wm. E 4, upper Camden-st 

sEe^anT. 41, Jervis-st. 

s Elgee C. 6, Leeson-st 

Elliott Thos. C E 6, Chatham-st 

s Ellis H. Eccles-st 

Xs Ellis N. 8, Hardwicke-plac9 

s Einerson and Swift, Holles-st 

Xs Emerson J. S. Exam, in Exchequicrj, J4» 

* English Wm. Trevor, LLD,5,Frederick-st 
Ennis Rd. 17, upper Qrmond-quay 

* Erskine Mo. 2iJ, Arran-quay 

Xs Espinasse & Frenpli, 25, Baggot-sf., 
|;u3tace f i^Jxer & jErawford, 60^. \Esciicc^t 



J« Eustace R. Solicitors for Minors & Luna- 
tics, 14, Mer.-sq. s. 

* Erans Geo. 55, Mary-st 

4 FairtlougU L. C E 6, Bolton-st, 

Fairtlough W. O. C E42, Capel-st 

FalkinerDan. 25, lower Sackville-st 

s Falkiner Fred. 38, Frederick-st 

s Falkiner T. C. 2, Pitt-st 

s Falls Alex. 37, Bolton-st 

s Falls Jas. 35, great Britain-st. 

Fanning Jos. KE 39, lower Ormond-quay 

s Farrange H. 38, Blessington-st 

*s Faris T. 5, Gardiner's-place 

* Farley Jas. 31, Anne -st s. 
Farquhar T. M, E 17, upper Dorset-st 
Farquhar Ji,n, upper Dorset-st 

*s Farran John, 50, York-st 
*s Farran Joseph, Clk. of the Pleas and Reg. 
of the Pleas Side of Excheq. 40, York-st 
s Farran W. 76, Abbej^-st 
J* Fausset Ch. 2, n. Anne-st 
» Fausset C, Jun. 2, n. Anne-st 
s Fawcett Js. 15, Blackhall-st 
s Fay J. 5, Beresford-st 
» Fearon G, 33, lower Baggot-st 
Feely Geo. E 49, great Britain-st 
Fenner W. C E 135, Dorset-st 
a Ferguson Fr. 46, Blessington-st 
* Ferguson J. 25, middle Gloucester-s t 
Ferrall John, 25, upper Sackville-st 
s Fetherston G. 42, Hard.-st 
« Fewtrell and Dooley, 1, Leinster-st 
J Fewtrell S. 1, Leinster-st 
Field Joseph, 26, Gloucester-st 
Finch Dan. K C 57, lower Mount-st 
s Fisher Edw. 
Xs Fisher Laun, 31. York-st 
Fitton Geo. 4, Anglesea-st 
5 Fitzarerald A. 1 1, Essex-quay 
s Fitzgerald C. 25, StafFord-st 
Fitzgerald Da^ad, E 14, n. Earl-st 
s Fitzgerald Ed. 10, n. Earl-st 
« Fitzgerald Jn. A. C E 17, College-green 
Fitzgerald M. Clerk of the Crown, 37, up. 

Fitzgerald P. E 64, Capel-st 
Fitzgerald Rich. C E 5, upper Ormond-q. 
s Fitzgerald R. 43, great Britain-st 
a Fitzgerald Robert B. 32, Bishop-st 
Fitzgerald Th. 1, upper Ormond-quay 
Fitzgerald Wm. B. 7, Stalford-st Office, 34, 

s Fitzgibbon Jn. 36, Cuffe-st 
Fitzmaurice Js. E. 1 1, I'eter's-row 
Fitzmaurice Nich. E. 3, Eustace-st 
Fitzpatrick E. K E 5, Usher's-st. 
sFitzpatrick P. 46, Jervis-st 
s Fitzpatrick Sa, K E 12, Queen-st 
Fitzpatrick S. Jun. E 12, Queen-st 
s Fitzpatrick T. Aungier-st. 
5 Fleetwood Ch. E. with Sir Cha. Vernon, 
Joint Usher and Marshal of Court of 
Exch. Register to Baron Smith, 29, up. 
s Fleetwood and Darley, Law Agents to the 
Governor and Go. of the Bank of Ireland, 
38, York-st. 

Fleetwood Henry, 2 upper FitzmlKam-Bt. 
s Fleming H. 5, Patrick-st e. 
5 Fleming P. 9, Bolton-st ■• i 

J Fleming Ts. S. 26, Leeson-st ■ i myhv 

s Fletcher Wellesley, P. K C Reg. to Judge 

Fletcher, 16, Wiiliam-st 
s Flood Charles, 16, Bow-st 
s Flood Francis, 19, n. King-st. 
Js Flood John, Clerk of Peace Co.Kilkenny, 

28, n great Geo.-st 
s Foley M. 48, Rutland-square, west 
Foley ThomaK KE23, Angle.sea-st 
s Foot FL Bald. £32, south Frederick-st 

* Forde William, 25, Usher's-quay 
s Forde H. E. Clerk and Exam, to Steuart 

King, esq. Examiner's Office, King's-inns 

* Forrester T. 29, Hardwicke-st 
s Foriter Charles S. K E 43, North Cum- 

Forster Fr. H. 29, Bolton-st 
Forster J. 16, upper Gardiner-st 

* Forster W. H. K E 43, n. Cumbcrlnud-st . 
s Forster Edward, 56, Aungier-st 

* Fowler F. 134, Baggot-st 

* Fowler Jasper Villiers, 20, Mceklen.-st 
s Fowler V. B. 42, north Cumberland-st 
s Fox and Babington, 81, Stephen's-gr. e. . 
Xs Fox Michael, 81, Stephen's-green 
.« Fox William, 24, Summer-hill 
s Franklin J. 16, College-green 

* Franks Charles E. 23, Auglesea-st 
Franks G. E, 39, Eccles-st. 
+ Franls Mat. 17, York-st 
Franks R. 52, Leeson-st 
Frayne J. 16, VVentwortli-pIace 

* Frazer W. M. 2'Z, Beresford-s. 
s Freeman W. 5, Hendr.-st. 
« Freke J. 16, Blessington-st 
« French A. KE61, Mecklenburgh-st 
A' French Anthony F. 31, Molesworth-st 

* French James, 42, Jeivis-st 

* French Robert, and Dep. Usher Co. 

Chan. 17, Baggot-st 

* Frewen William, C. Ei 48, Queen-st. 
s Fulliim P. 49, Mary-st 

* Fullerton J. J. 11, North'Strand 
Fulton Henry, 20, WesUnorcland-st 
Xi Furlong A. 60, Aungier-st 
*s Furlong W. 60, Aungier-st. 
** Furlong W. Sen. Exam. Conrt of Excli. , ^ 

60, Aungier-st [^^ A 

s Fynn John, 31, upper Dorset-st > 

« Gabbett Da. 34, Kildare-st 

s Gahan T. W. 47, Hardw.-st 

s Gahagan J. 39, north Cumberland-st 

Galan P. 20, Bachelors-w. 

•sGalbraith Sir James, Bart. Patentee Clerk 
of the Errors of Co. of Exch. Chamber, 
Crown Sol. for N. W. Circ. Keg. of Dio- 
cese of Derry, & Treas. of Tyrone, 42, 
north great George!s-st 

s Galloway John, 37, north Cumberland-st 

Galvin B. E. Cursitors's Office, Chancery, 
12, Ranelagh-road 

s Galway J. 11 , Summer-hill 

^ Galway William, 74, Grafton-st. & South- 
mail, Cork 



*s Garde Henry P. K 6, Stephen' s-green 

* Garde W. 6, Stephen's-green, n. 
Garstin William, 27, low. Gard.-st. 
s Garea Fr. 11, B!ackhall-st. 
Gaven John, CE 63, Dorset-st. 
Geary Richard, E 48, Bolton-st. 

s Gaale Piers, CrowH Sol. for Home Circ. 
10, lower Glouc.-st. 

* Gibbon Thomas, 2, north King-st. 
Gibbons E. H. E 27, Queen-st. 
Gibbons Edward, W. C 27, Qucen-st, 

s Gibbs George, Deputy Clk. Crown, Co. 

Longford, 35, York-st. 
*s Gihnnr James, 73, Grafton-st. 
Girven James H. E 5, north King-st. 
Glasco John, E 3, Rutland-st. 
Glasco William, E 7, north King-st. 
s Glascock and Black, Offices, 17, Duke-st. 

* Glascock Walt. Remem. and Receiver of 

first Fruits, and 20 Parts, and Estreator 
of Leinster, Office, 17, Duke-st. 
Glascock T. EC 8, Usher's-islann 

* Gleeson D, EC 27, Stephen-st. 

* Glenny Joseph, 15, north Cumberland-st. 
s Gloster Edward, 7, Castle-st. 

s Glover John, KE I, Wentworth-place 
*Goddard W. 15, m. Gard.-st. 
Goodwin W. KE 33, upper Dominick-st. 
s Goold W. 1, south Cope-st. 

* Gonlon and Hamilton, Crown Sol. for N. 

E. Circuit, Sol, to Board of In. Nav. Sol. 

to Police Instit. 3, Moore-lane 
$ Gordon Joseph W»tson, 6, nortli great 

s Gordon Samuel, CE 14, Leinster-st. 
s Gore Ralph, KE 7, York-st. 

* Gorman P, 35, Kildare-st, 
Gorman T. 31, Stafford-st, 

Gough Arthur, E 20, south Cumb.-st. 
Goulding John, C 26, south Anne-st. 

* Gower Henry, 44, upper Sackville-st. 
s Grace Henry, War. 12, north Fr.-st. 
i Grace John, 52, lower IVIount-st. 
Gracey James, E 69, Capel-st. 

* Grady Henry, K 8, William-st. 
Graham Joseph, E Chancery-lane 
s Grant James, 77, Grafton-st. 
Grasett James, E 17, Freneh-st. 

s Gray John, 16, Pcter-st. 

» Gray R. 16, Peter-st. 

s Green George, E 25, Holles-st. 

Grsen George, 26, gr«at Ship-st. 

s Green Thomas, CE 5, Clare-st, 

s Greene and Saunders, 5, St, Andrcw-st. 

s Greene John, 57, Exchequer-st. 

5 Greene Molcsw. Town Clerk, and Sec. to 

the Pipe-water ENtablish. 2, Dawson-st. 
s Greene Thomas, 50, Gruiton-st. 
*s Greene Thomas, E joint Law Agent to 

Corp. of Dublin, and Pipe-water Estab. 

5, St. Aiidrew-st. 
t Greene William, Marlb.-st. 
Greene William, 113, Stcphen's-grepn, e. 
s Greer H. KC 163, great Brltain-st. 
4 Gregg James, 17, upper Dominick-st. 
* Gregg VV. 54, Exchequer-st. 

.5r.jjtoa it 


Gregory T, KC 22, Park-st. 
*« Gresson Henry, 4, Synnot-pla0 --'^'«"'al J 
sGrier J. 29, Arraa-quay - >'.«■>" 

Grier Thomas, C 32, Marlbro.-st. \'f ^ 

s Griffith A. A. CE 21, north Frederick-st, -",» * 
« Groves And. 32, William-st. . '*:^ 

s Gubbins Joseph, KC 81, Dame-st. ':J » 

s Guest J. F. 55, Exchequer st, . '"^" ^ 

*• Guinnes Edward, 32, York-st. _ ,:"';',,*,, " 
s Gunning James, 31, upper Doniinick-Bfe**'; - 
s Hackett Michael, 58, Sackville-st. '^ ' 

Hackett P. 28, Parliament-St. ' y 

Haddock John, KE 5, north King-st. 
s Hairc Hamilton, CE 103, Capel-st. 
s lln\rc James, KE 103, Capel-8t. 
.? Hall R. F. 41, Hardwicke-st. 
s Hall William, 12, Andrew-st. 
*s Hall W. 17, middle Gloucester-st. 
Hallnran James, 14, Bishop-st. 
s Halpin James, K 7, Molesworth-st. . 

*s Hamilton and Ball, 32, Dominick-st. z' * 
*# Hamilton A. Law Agent and Sol. to th« **• 
Hon. Society of the King's Inns, & Assoc. ^J 
incorporated for discountenancing Vicei 3 * 
and Inspector of Stamps in the Court of ^ ' 
Chan, the Ecclesiastical and Admiralty 
Courts, 18, old Doniinick-st. 
s Hamilton Bened. E 50, Summer-hill 
*s Hamilton F. Sol. to Com. Military Ac. 
coimts, 32, Dominick-st, 

* Hamilton F. W. 38, Denzille-st. 
Hamilton J. P. CE 22, Henry-st. 

«* H."imilton Rob. K Dep. Prothon. Keeper 
Writs, Clk. Entries and Errors, K. B. 25, 

4 Haniilton Robert, Clerk of the Securit- of 
his Maj. Customs and Excise, Crown Sol, 
for N.E. Circuit, Sol. to the Police Estab. 
and Sol. for the Board of In, Nav. 38, , 
up. Sackville-st, Office, 3, Moore-lane 

s Hamilton R. and (Jo. Partners, R. Hamil- 
ton, R. Simpson and James Pratt, 38, Up. 
Sackville-st. Office, 3, Moore-laae 

Hanly Steph. 91, Capel-st, 

s Hannan John, 20, Brunswick-st. 

* Harden J, W. 30, Arran-quay 
s Havtrunan J, 36, Pariidise-row 

*s Harding Heniy, KE 43, York-st. 
« Haniv James, C 108, Capel-st. 
*5 Hare John, KE 101, Baggot-st. 
*A' Harmau VV. M. 94, upper Dorset-st. 

* Harricks John, 89, upper Dorset-st. 
Harris, Bryan and Harris, 33, York-st. % 
"s Harris .\lichael, KE 9, Merriou-st, ^^ 
Harris R. W. C 121, Abbey-st. -"i^ 
Harrison Henry, KE 62, Qucen-st. L 
s Harrison J. Ste. 57, Mary-st. '•■!^-^ 
Harrison iSIichael, E 44, Bolton-st. ,:.', ," 
« Harrison R. 56, Aungier-st. -*'-w 
s Harrison Thos. CosQiii^r Co. Kildare, \^t^ 

Peler-st. , ;4 ? 

s Hart W. S. Office, 15,Fowne8s-st. .-^^^ 

s H«rt and O'Hara, 5,5, lower Dominick-n;;' 
s Hartford T. 12, Usber's-island ' '^ 

* Hart'.ev Hum. KE 88, Stgphen's-gre^pi; !';\ . 
Harvey 1). E 5, Stafford-st. V ' ^ 



Haslam John, CE 24, lEnstace-st. 

* Hassard JAson, 2(i, middle Garc1iner-st. 
« Hautenville W. 1, Fitzgerald-st. 

* Hawkins A. 10, Hume-st. 
s Hawley E. T. 3f), Bridc-st. 
» Hayes Ed. Mount-pleasant 
s Hayes James, 79, Abbey-st. 

* Haynes David & Thomas, 74, Gral'ton^st. 

and Soiith-niali, Cork 
** Heard H. G. KE 17, lower Gloucester-st. 
t Heatly G. J. 46, Bride st. 
Heatly J. W. 17, Fleet-pt. 
s Heffernan F. 11), Riitland-st. 
s Hemphill R. 65, Stephen-st, 
s Hemsworth B. 2, north King-st 
s Henderson G. 51, Mary-st. 

* Hendley M. 9, south g^veat G-corge-st. 
s Hciin Thomas, 3, Westland-row 
Hennessy Thomas, E 7, Heiiiy-st. 
Henry and Gerard, KE 18, Irlarcourt-st. 
5 Henry J. 12, Dom.-st. 

Henzel Hudson, 45, Stcphen-st. 
Herbert Wm. KE Exchange-st. 

* Herford John, KE 17, Arran-quay 

4 Heron Edward, 23, Ptter-st. 

« Heron Gust. E 67, lower Dorset-st. 
Heron Samuel, 6, College-green 
s Hetherington and Cooper, li), Blackhall-st. 
« Hetherington Richard, It), Blackhall-st. 

5 Hetherington VVm. 19, Bishop-st. 

* Hewitt Fra. Pierp. CE Tipstaff, Common 

Pleas, and Clerk of the Warrants and 
Estreats, 15, Fowness-st. 

* Hewitt Richard, 3, James's-st. east 

« KewsoB J. 93, Stephea's-groen, south 

Hewson J. M. CE 93, Stepheu's-green, s. 

*s Hewson Jobxn, E 36, Grafton-$t. 

« Hewson Lancelot, 20, east Park-st. 

*s Heyland Rowley, Dep. Proth. Keeper of 

the SVrits, Clerk of the Entries and Enors 

of the KB 14, Rijsseli-st. Mouiitjoy-.sq. 
Hickey Mar. 26, Beresford-st. 
5 Hickman E. S Crown Sol. for Conuaught, 

17, middle Gardiner-st. 
Hickson George, 35, Paradise-row 
Hickson J. J. 53, William-st. 
Hickson James, 53, Wiiliam-st. 
s Higgins T. 23, Abbey-st. 
Higginson T. E. E 61, 
Higginson Th. E 44, Boltt«n-st. 
.V I-iill A. Y. 48, William-st. 
s Hill Dudley, KE 48, lower Gardincr-st. 
*s Hill George, Dej). Proth. Exam, of Court 

Com. P. Buckinghara-st. 
Hill R. 9, Summer-hill 
•* Hill Rich. Dep. Proth. of Court of Com. 

P. 2, Mounljoy-place 

* Hill Stephen, 1(55, Church-st. 

s Hillas George, 143, Mecklen.-st, 
Hinde Benj. CE II, Hardwicke-st. 

* Hinds G. T. 62, lower Gardiner-st. 
A' Hinds John, 14, Jervis-st. 

* Hinds Thomas, Leixlip 

* Hines G. 47, Abbey-st. 

s Hitchcock R. 9, Suffolk-st. 

.< Hoare Fred, P, 29, lower Dominick-st. 

Hoare Pat, CE 12, great Ship-st. 
** Hobart W. 39, Cuffe-st. 
5 Hobbs W. 40, Marlb.-st. 

* Hodges Terence, E 32, sruth Anne-st, 

* Hogan Anthony, KE 18, Kildare-st. 
i Hogan George, 75, lower Mount-st. 

s Hogan, Ward and Butler, Oftice, 44, 

s Holland N. C 19, West-sf, 
Holland Wm. 9, great Ship-st. 
Holmes George, 20, Bow-st. 
s Holmes Joseph, 21, Bolton-st. 
*s Holmes R. 58, Stephen-st. 
Holmes Wm. 3, Caroline-row 

* Hooper Garrelt, KC 19, Werb.-st. 
s Hope William, jun. 13, Leinster-st, 
5 Hopkins A. 10, Blackball-st. 

* Horan Thomas, E 15, Anne-st. 
Houghton Wm. E Clerk and Signer of Writs 

of Attachments in the Pleas Oflice of the 
Excheq. 16, north Frederick-st, 

s Howard Thomas, 64, Daiaie-st. 

*s Howlin James, CE .35, Kildare-st. 

s Howly Richard, 45, Dom.-st. 

*s Hudson R. 51, Blessington-st, 

Hughes Ger. 25, Batchelors-walk . 

Hughes Henry, E 44, William-st. 

s Hughes James, 105, Capel-st, 

s Hughes Wm. 26, north Cumberland-st. 

* riumfrsy Al. CK 52, Gardiuer-st. 
s Ilimifrey J. 25, Fitzwilliam-st. 
Hunt John, 65, Aungier-st. 
Hunt W. S, 14, upper Merrion-st. 
Hunt Charlg.-i, 49, upper Sackvillc-st. 
** Hunter J. A. 7, Blcssington-st. . 
Hunter Rob. CE 110, Capel-st. 

s Hurley Thomas, KE 14, Duke-st. 

Iluson Math. E south Cumberland-st. 

*s Hutchinson G. 19, upper Gardiner-gt. 

s Hutchinson R. M. KE 53, Harcourt-st. 

Hutton R. E 12, Digges-lane 

s levers 11. N, 156, Capel-st, 

s levers R. 28, S(ephen-st. 

Ingham John, 56, Mary-st. 

s Ireland Wm. 31, Gloucester-st. 

Irvine Gerard, CE 46, Summer-hill 

Irvine James, KE 2, little Longford-st, 

s Irvine W. Deputy Clerk Crown, for Conn- 
ties Cavan, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Donegal, 
and Londonderry, 51, Mary-st. 

*.< Irwin Ar. 13, Grenville-st, 

* Irwin George, 13, Digges-st. 

*5 Irwin John King, Reg. of Civil BillCourt, 

30, Rutland-square 
s Irvin Jones, EC 20, north Cumberland-st. 
** Irwin Thos. Inspector of Stamp Duties, 

22, Rutland-st. 
Ivers Thomas, E 41, Marlborough-st. 
s Ivie and Burke, 119, Grafton-st. 
*s Ivie and Mortimer, 1, Palace-st. 
J<jckso)i George, 4, St. Andrew-st. 
s Jackson G. 16, lower Gloster-st. 

* Jackson H. V. 142, Mecklenburghst. 
t Jackson J. W, 

Jackson and Warburton, 142, Mecklenb.-sL 
*s Jackson Peter, Reg. to Lord Norburyj 




Clerk of Rule* and Entries, Seal Keeper 
and Exam. CP 64, middle Gardiner-st. 
Office, Inn's-quay 
"s Jameson W. 23, York-st. 

* Jennings Jolin, CE 16, Kildare-st. 
** Johnson B. B. 12, Mountpelier-h. 

*■ JohAson T. Reg. to Judge Jolinson, 75, 

upper Dorset-st. 
« Johnson VV'm. KE 18, Dawson-st. 
Johnston Georg-<», KE 7, great Charles-st. 
« .'ohnston James, 15, Dominick-st. 

* Johnston J, 40, Summer-h. 

* Jones Arthur, E 9, Dominick-st. 
Jones Daniel, C 22, Beresford-st. 
.1 Jones John, 77, Dorset-st. 

s Jones Richard, 56, Aungier-st. 
*i Jones Rohert, 21, Peter-st. 
Jones Thomas, 42, Oloucester-'^t. 
•« Jordon Richard, 2, Aston's-qiuiy 
5 Keatinge N. CE 21 , soutlvCuaibt- riaud-st. 
s Kell Jephson, IGO, Capel-st. 
Kelly D. CE 20, great Ship-st. 
■1 Kelly Edward and G. 17, Mer.-swuare, u. 
5 iCelly James, 47, Dominick-Nt. 
*s Kelly J. Clerk of the P;;ace for County of 
Galway, 14, Belvedero-plaoe 

* Kelly John, 14, Molesvvorth st, 
$ Kelly John, 19, Grenville-st. 
*s Kellj'John, 10, Danie-st. 

s Kelly Luke, E 17, Fade-st. 
Kelly Matthew, CE 27, north Anne-st. 
Kelly Richard, E 7, lower Gardiner-st. 
Kelly T. Com. for Allid. for County & City 

of Kilkenny, 27, Greek-st. 
s Kelly Thomas, 21, French-st. 
■ * Kelly W. F. 79, Summer-hill 
Keller Jerm. 2, lower Pembroke st. 
*« Kemmis Tho. Crown Sol. 40, Kildare-st. 
Kemmis William, 40, Kildare-st. 

* Kennan George, K 5, upper Baggot-tt. 
s Kennedy David, 78, Marlborough-st. 
Kennedy George, 9, Essex-quay 

* Kennedy Henry, 7, upper Doin.-st, 

i Kennedy Maear. John, 10, low. Gard.-st, 

* Kennedy M. KG 2, Mountjoy-square 

* Kennedy Qnintin, 44, soutli great George- 

st. and 99, Fleet-st. Lond^jn 
** Kennedy T. 6, Caveudish-rou- 
s Kennedy W. 7, upper Dom.-wt. 
Kenny John, C 17, Aston's-qn vy 

* Keonfli Wm.2.':5, Mecklenburgh-st, 
« Keogh \N . M. 

Keoghoe R. B. KE .I!}, Capel-st. 

* Keough J. 22, soi' th great George-st. 

* Keown Richard, KE 1, Doininick-st, 

* Kernan George, ."31, old Douiinick-st. 
Kerren Nicholas, K 100, great Britain-st. 
s Kettlewell VV. KE .')!, Dorsct-st, 

Keys Fr. 19, Beresford-st. 
Kidd Richard, KC 43, Abbey-st. 
s Kiernan F. 32, Anglesea-st. 
Kiernan John F. 32, Ansclesea-st. 
*s KifE J. Th. 40, Marlboi-ough-st. 
Kildahl James, 36, groat Britain-st. 
« Kildahl J. V. 14, Eustace-st. 
-t Kildahl S. 13i Saokviile-st, 


* Kilkelly John, C 53, lower Gardiner-st. . 
** Kilkelly D. Mv 45, upper Domiuick-st. 
s King Arthur, KC 25, Clare-st. 

s King C. Crok. 64, Mar!borough-st. 

* King Edward, 50, Britain-st. 
King Jcrr, CE '3>by Dame-st. 

4' King William, Blackhall-st. 

Kirwan Andrew, E 39, lower Ormond-quay 

* Kii-wan M. 15, Park-st. 

*s Knipe and Barclay, 13, Summer- hill 

Knott James, KE 15, Richmond-st. 

s Knox Dom. 6, Cas-endish-row 

.5 Knox Man. 4, Henry-st. 

*s Knox Samuel, KE 4, Blessington-st. 

Lackey R. L. 7, Statford-st. 

« Laler J. 118, Baggot-st. 

Laler J. 4, Phibsborough 

Laior Martin, KEM^i, Abbej--st. 

Lambert H. P. C 19, Aungier-st, 

*s Lane John, 11, Peter-st. 

Latie Timothy, E 23, Anglesea-st. 

s La.-dnor AV. O'B.CE 12, Russell-st. 

Lathiiju F. CE GO, Jervis-st. 

* ijiuv George W. K 15, College-green 
s Law Henry, 2, lower Sackville-st. 

4 Law William, EC 48, William-st. 

4' Lawder Robert, E 3, Harry-st. 

Lawler P. K 101, great Britain-st. 

4 Lawless Barry Edward, KC 24, French-st. 

Lawless John, E 1, Dame-st. 

s Lea Wm. Deputy Clerk of the Pipe, 33, 

s Led witch W. 25, Leeson-st, 
« Ledsam G. 1 1 , Mary-st. 
Leadon George, E 1, Cliurch-lane 
s Ledwith George, CE 22, Staffbrd-st. 
s Lee Edward, 30, Cu!le-;.t. 
s Lee James, lower Mount-st. - 
s Lee Robert, 29, William-st. 
.? Lee Robort Weldon, K 29, William-st, 
Legh D. 12, lower Gardincr-st. 

* Legh Peter T. 12, lower Gardiner-st. 
*4 Leland T. 6, Fitzwilliam-st, west 
L'Maitre Henry, CE 6, Grafton-st. 

s Leonard Dennis, K Stcphen-st. 

** fjevisay Richard, Register to the Hon. 

Justice D.aly, 4, Mountjoy-square, west 
s Lewis Henry, 1, Chatham-st, 
« Jjewis Michael, 23, Dominick-st, 
Lewis William, 3, Moland-st. 
Lidu'ell Mark, 17, Nassau-st. 
.V Linde J. H. 23, Marlborough-st. 
s Little G. 51, upper Jervid-st. 
Little George, 2, Nassau-st. 
*.v Little J. W. 33, Baggot-st, 
s fjitton John, 14, Ilolles-st. 

* Lloyd Edward, KE 41, upper Rutland-st, 
.« Lodge William, 14, Kildare-st. 

Jvoi'cie John, 29, Capel-st. 
*s Lopdcll C. CE 8, Gloucester-place 
*s Lopdell W. E 10, south Frederick-st. 
s Lord John, K 41 , Abbey-st. ^ 

s Lov.-ndes I'bomas, 8, (irenville-st. 
Ludlow Henry, E51, William-st. 
*■ Lynch Francis, 55, Capel-st. 
i Lynch George L. 13, E'sacx-cjuay 



« Lynch Mar, 14, upper Gardiner-s't. 
Lynott John, KE 2B, Fisher's-lane 

* Lyons John, C 21, Arran-quay 
Lyons Joseph, KE 6, Arran-quay 
Lysaght John, 133, Mecldenburgh-st. 
s Lysaght Richard, 5, Merrion-ro'^v 

J« Lysaght Thomas, Reg. Collector and Laij; 

Agent to the Dublin Society, 33, Leeson-s. 
sLyster Thomas, M. CE 16,"Synnot-place 
i M'Alpin W. P. 20, Gloucester-st. 
s M'Carty A. 15, Fishamble-st. 
McCarthy Joseph, 67, Marlborough-St. 
ts M'Causland W. Jafties, 38, up. Mer.-st. 
M'Clatchy and Rogers, 16, Digges-st. 
M'Cleland H. E Reg. to Hon. Bar. M'Cle- 

land, Gardiner's-place 
s M'Combe Alexander, 74, Capel-st. 
M'Connell R. KE 31, Beresford-st. 

* M'Cormick James, 4, Blackhall-st. 
«M'Cready J. 3, Bishop-st. 
M'Dermot J. E 45, Clareridon-st. 
M'Dermott P. 29, William-st. 
M'Dermott T. 22, CoUege-green 
M'Dermott Terence, E 13, Capel-st. 
Xs M'Dermott W. 37, Ffench-st. 

s M'Donagh P. 60, Eccles-st. 
s M'Donogh A. 5, Rutland-st. 
M'Donogh John, CE 8, Granby-row 
M'Donogn J. jun. K 8, lower Sackville-st. 
s M'Donogh W, S3, Blessington-st. 
s M'Donnell A. 123, Capel-st. 

* M'Dowell W. P. 3, upper Gardiner-st. 
M'Grath George Robert, 6, up. Dorset-st. 
J* M'Grath Nich. 6, upper Doi-set-st. 

Xs Gusty G. 24, north Cumberland-st, 
M'lllree Henry, K 6, Mabbot-st. 
s M'Keogh Luke, 31, Capel-st. 

* M'Key Hugh, E 15, north Cumberland-st.! 
s M'Kinstry Lee, 38, Bolton-st. 

s M'Kinstrv R. 38, Bolton-st. 
M'Mahon J. KE 45, Carnden-st. 
M'Mahon Pat. CE 4, Lamb-rflley 
M'Manus J. A. 5, Dbminick-st. 

* M'Mullen John, C 15, north King-st. 
M'Nabb Richard, 5, upper Staftbrd-st. 
p M'Naghten R. 38, Summer-hill 

* M'Nally Leo KE 20, Cuffe-st. 
M'Namara Dillon, 6'3, lower Gardiner-st 
M'Namara J. 7, Stafford-st. 
M'Namara T. E 102, Dorset-st. ' - 
M'Neill John, 69, Capel-st. 

s M'Nevin D. 8, middle Gardiner-st, 

M'Peakc James, CE 21, new Dom.-st. 

s M'Peake N. 54, Dorset-st. 

s M'ReynoMs and Holmes, 3, low. Britain-st. 

M'Swiney E. 9, Peter-st. 

s M'Vey James, KE 4, Marlborough-st. 

Macartney C, 97, Marlborough-st. 

.? Macartney Fox, E 14, Molcsworth-st. 

p Macartney F. KE 7, Buckingham-st. 

p Macartney J. Ck. of Reports, 97, Marl.-s. 

4 Macartney Rich. CE 5, Holies -st. and 

William-st. Gahvay 
Jllackei/ M. 54, Wiliiam-st. 
s Madden John F. 36, I'aradise-st. 
Maddock J. Dep. Clk. of the Crown for the 

Couaaught Circuit, Office, Inn's-quay 


» Maddocks Robert, 25, Kiklare-Vt. 
Magrath Eneas, CE 40, Queen-st. 

* Magrath L. 21, Grenville-st. 

s Magrath W. lOl, -north King-st. 
s Maguire B. 2, Paradise-row 
Maguire George, 13, LeiSister-st. 
sMahon John, C 27, Marlborongh-st. 
s Mahon N. 16, upper Ormond-quay 
+* Mahony P. 12, upper Ormond- quay 
s Mangan James, 24, Henry-st. 
Manifold W, 71, Camden-st. 
s Manning James, 10, Moore-st. 
s Mara Jer. 55, Mary-st. 
Mara Samuel, KE 24, Anglesea-st. 
s Marchbank Robert, 30, Angl.-st. 
Marshall H. CE 3, little Britain-st. 
Marshall John, CE 21, Manor-"st. 
Marshall Wm. 66, Mecklenburgh-st. 
Martin A. C 6, Fowness-st. 
Martin James, 24, great George-st. 
Martin and Creed, 14, French-st. 
Martin James, C 2, Ely-place 
Martin Michael, 8, south great George-st. 
p Martin R. Sol. for Casual Revenue, and 
to Barrack Board, 37, Gloster-st. 

* Martin Samuel, KE 16, Bolton-st. 
s Martin T. 44, William-st. 

* Mason W. S. M. R. I. A. E Joint Re- 

mem, and Receiver of First Fruits and 
20 Parts, and Sec. Com. Pub. Rec. Office, 
Record Tower, lower Castle-yard 

Matliers J. 46, Camden-st. 

Mathers Th. 46, Camden-st. 

Mathews Edw. C Common "Pleas-office 

s Maunsell Edw. E 24, Temple-st. 

Maunsell and Greene, 25, Holles-st. 

Maunsell Richard, K 7, Stephen's-green 

s Maunsell Chas. 25, HoUes-st, 

Xs Maxwell Alb. KE 43, York-st ♦ 

p Maxwell A. 26, mid. Gard.-st. 

s Maxwell Jos. CE 3, Mcrrion-row 

s Mayberry D. 2, Chatham-st. 

s Mayne and \ralker, 3, Hard. -pi. 

s Mayne Ed. Reg. to the Hon. J. Mayne, 45, 

s Mayne Js. Mecklenb.-st. 

Xs Mriyne J. 3H, French-st. 

s Mayne J. St. Clair, 8, Usher's-quay 

s Mayne R. 25, Jervis-st. 

Mayne Thomas B. 3, Hardwidce-piace 

s M'aziere W. 53, Marlh.-st. 

s Meagher VV. 31, south Anno-st. 

5 Meares Charles, 33, upper Dorset-st, 

Meares C. H. E Office, Inn's-quay 

* Meares P. G. Deputy IMarshal of H. M. 

High Court of Adm. Ireland, Office, 44, 

Meares T. C 5, upper Rutland -st. 
s Mecredv W, H. KE 12, great Denniark-st. 
« Medlicott J. 26, Staiibrd-st. 
s Mee V/. M. 14, Synnot- place 
*Mi"lvin G. 8, lower Gardiner-st. ' •• 

s Menzies J. 7, n. Earl-st. Office, 74i;Dom..fet. 
s Meredith Charles, 48, JervTs-'St. i » 

Merren Thomas, KE 2, north' Kiiig-st. 
*Mctcalf Geo. 100, Cappl-?t. • > 

s IVJiddleton T. B. 31, Bishop-st, 



* Miclflleton William 

Milts TUouias, E 5, Anderson's-court 
Milkr John, ilESfi, Beresford-st. 

* Miller Joseph, 4, Dawson-st. 

'» Miller and Franks, 39, Ecdes-st, 

sMills J. 39, Capel-st. 

Zs IMillti John, Com. for Affid. Co. Wiefclow, 

12, middle Gloucosier-Bt. 
« Mills Michael, E Sixth Clerk in Chaficery, 

Office, Inns-quay 
Milw»rd Hen. KE 40, French-st. 
Js Mincliin Joseph, Dep. 2d Scrg. at Arms 

of C, of Chancery, 8, Fitzwilliam-sq. w. 
s Miot A. 17, Henrictta-st. 
Mitchell Foster, 1, upper Dominick-st, 
s Mitchell G. 26, north Anne-st. 
t Mitchell J. 32, Molesworth-st. 
» Mitchell T. 2, Rutland-st. 
» MoflFett A. 34, Moles worth-st. 
MofFett James, E 16, north gr. George-st. 

* Moffett John, 53, Dawson-st. 

» Moiles James, 28, gretit Dominick-st. 
+s MolesvTorth Hickman 8. Exam, to Thos. 
Ellis, Esq. Master in Chan. 26, Suramer-b. 
s MoUoy J. S. 102, Capel-st. 
Molony H. CE 32, upper "Ormond-quay 
Molony James, CE 46, Bolton-st. 

* Molony Tim. 54, great Britain-st. 

* Molton William, 53, lower Gardiner-st. 

I* Montgomery Alexander, Sec, to Grand 
Juries, City of Dublin, 14, Frederick-st. n. 
♦* Montgomery A. T. 5, Hume-st. 

* Montgomery G. K 22, Greek-st. 

« Montgomery Nath. and Rich. CE 34, up. 

* Montgomery Philips, E 34, Ecc!es-st. 
« Montgomery R. 122, Capel-st. 

s Mooney Edm. 68, Capel-st. 

s Moore William John, 33, Rutland-sq. w, 

Moore A. H. 23, Arran-quay 

s Moore C. G. 23, Hardn-icke-st. 

Moore Christ. E 33, Anglesea-st. 

Moore J. Finlay, CE51, Francis-st. 

Moore Fran. 58, lower Gard.-st. 

J* Moore Oliv. and Fra, Armstrong, 20, 

Moore Philip, KE 67, Fleet-st. 
s Moore Richard, K 3, Camden-st. 
s Moore T. R. 22, Moore-st. 
Moran J. 33, Rutland-square, west 
s Moran J. VV. 27, Qt!een-st. 
Moran Man. 6, VVerburgh st. 
Moriarty Chr. 7, m, Gard.-st. 
Moloney H. W. CE 46, 
4 Morris Richard, KEl, Montogne-st. 
Morris Thomas, 5, lower Saekville-st 
s Mortimer M 1, 
s Morton William, 25, Aungier-st. 

* Mosse A. B. Coroner County Dublin, 13, 

« Mowlds G. F. 2, north Cumberland-st. 

* Mowlds J. CE 24, Chancery-lane 
Mowlds W. T. CE 49, CufFe-st. 

» Murrlock R. 15, College-greea 
Murphy Bern. E 29, Williara-st. 

* Murphy D. 9, Greek-st. 


s Murphy James, CE 98, tJaine«-st. 

X» Murphy J. CK 49, Doinijiick-it. 

Murphy John, 33, iieiosfor-d-st. 

Murray Edward, 9< lower Gloucester-st, . 

s M'.irray Geoige William,, 144, ivkifk'ku*- 

burgh-st. coiiser of oa*'dincr-»i. 
Murray John, K 138, 0apel-8t. 
Murray VV. K-E 44, Cniie-st. ■ 
s Nagliteu M. -8, SyniK>t-p4ace 
s Nash Edm. 4, little F;ritain-et, 
Nash John, KE28, Anglesea-st. 
Nash R. E Enrolling Clerk to Court of 

Chancery, 14, Andrew-st. 
Nash Robert, 44, Dawson-st. 
s Nash William, E 9, south groatGeonge-st. 
i Neiigan \V. J. 15, lower Ormond-quay 
s Nelson R. J. 50, Baggot-st.- 
s Net-hitt All. 84, Stephen'sTgreen, ao^th 
s Nesbitt Hugh, 13, Csipel^t, 
s Neville Jacob, 17, I'eter-st. 
s Neville William 

s Newcoraen James, KC 10., Beresford-*p. 
s Newell R. 74, Maribro.-ht. 
t Newenham J. H. lb, Uuke-st. 
s Newman G. K 8, Kildare-st. 
4 Newton A. 16I,^reat BrLtain-st. 

* Newton George, E 24, Baggot-st. 
Newton G. H. K 64, Stepheu-st. 

s Nixon Henry, 5, Clanbrassil-place 

* Nixon James, 41, Capel-st. 

s Nolan and Campbell, 37, n. grt. GeOi-st. 

s Nolan Dan. 10, Beresford-st. 

s Nolan G. 27 , iiortli great Georgo-st, 

Nolan Pfttridc, E 25, Paradise-ruw 

Norman and Worlhington, 8, Henrietta-st- 

s Norman John, 27, upper Sackville-,st. 

s Norman L. 8, Hi!.irietti»-st. 

Norris Thomas, i, Hishosp-st. 

s North Emor, KE 20, north King-at. 

North John R. CE 9, Belvedere-plaoc 

i Norton J. H. 6, lower Ormona-qui^y 

* Nowlan T. 10, VV'esfiaorelai:d-st. 

* Nugent A. 23, lower 'GaTvl.-st. 
Nugent George, 16, Muuve->fit. 

s Nugent J. 9, Mer.-sq. south 

* Nuau Joshua, 6, Dawson-st. Dep, Loal 

Treas. Reuiemb. and one aftthe ticcond, 

OJliee, Inns-quay 
i O'Beirne E. 1 1, north Eari-st. 
s O'Beirne F 42, Glouce^ter-st. 
s O'Brien (Jh. E S, itofth Cuaiberland-^st. 
0'Bri«n Fitz. C£ 17, Jcrvis-st. 
O'Brien Gcor(;e., C 5, Hardwicke-iSt. 

* O'Brien J^)hn, 23, Temple-st. 
O'Brien John, CE 2(3, swith Anfle-St. 
O'Biieii JoJin, CE W), .Vim-lb. -st. 

s O'Brien M. KE 6,Bt'resford.&t. 
O'Brien 'IVr. 2«J,!Up.{»wOri«ofl<l.qiTay 
O'Brien W. KE 55, ^E.-iche^uer-st. 
s O'Brien William, Com. for Aiiid. and a 

Master E.-itra. Nei>«<.rh 
t*0'Callaghan C. 13, Hoilesjst. 

* O'Callaghan E. 19, iower Ormood-qiiar 
sO'Callaghan H.H. 47, Gr-a£6on^t, 

s O'CallagUan J. 47, Grattun-st.' 
s O'Cormeil C. CE3,;t'k^i;b.-»t. 



s O'Connor C. 23, lower Ormond-quay 
« O'Connor R. 22, Stafford-st. 
O'Connor Rice, KE 64, Exchequer-st. 
s O'Dell R. Deaiie, K 4, m. Gard.-st. 
s O'Donnell Charles, Com. Affid. Co. An- 
trim, 12, Artbur-st. Belfast 
s O'Donnell H. CE 106, great Bnltain-st. ^ 

* O'Donnell J. 27, Dorset-st. 

» O'Ferrall J. 25, upper Sack ville-st. 
O'Flaherty T. R. E Jt. Dep. Keep, Parliam. 

Records, Record Tosver 
O'Farrell J. B. Office, 20, Anglesea-st. 

* O'Gilby William, K25, Dorset-st. 
» Ogle G, 21, Bolton-st. 

a Ogle John, 8, Capel-sr. 
s O'Grady S. H, Aston'.s-quay 
O'Hara Con. 6, Arran-quay 

* O'Hara \V. 6, Blackh;vll-st. 

* O'Keefe Charles, Joint J)ep. Register in 

Oldham M. W. KE 17, Arran-quay 
O'Mara J. D. KE 42, Esrhequer-st. 
s O'Mara T. 3, Batchelors-w. 
s O'Neill James, 57, Queen-st. 
O'Neill Samuel, KE 49, Capel-st. 
O'Neill Thomas, KE south grt. George-st. 
5 O'Reilly and Dix. 30, Gardiner's-place 
O'Reilly Denis, KE 95, Abbey-«t. 
5 O'Reilly Fleming Pinksian, 15, Mountjoy- 

square, north 
Is O'Reilly Miles, t>, Marg.-p. 
5 O'Reilly Thomas, 4, Essex br. 
O'Reilly Ter. 41, Usher's-quay 

* Ormsby Robert, CE 46, Jervis-st. 

s Ormsby VV. K. 19, upper Merrion-st. 

s Orpen E. H. 13, south Frederick-sr. 

X» Orpen R. J. 40, great George-st. ' 

s Orpin John, KE 6, Fowuess-st. 

sOrr James, KE4, Blessington-st. 

Osborne Quintin, E 4, Claik's-court 

O'Shaugnessy J. CE 32, upper Dom.-st. 

s Owen G. T. 5, Gloucester-place 

«Owen Henry, CE 16, Andrew-st. 

Pack George, 45, lower Mount-st. 

Palmer Hen. 47, Leeson-st. 

Palmer Paul, C Registrar to the Stamp- 
OlHce, William-st. 

Palmer Hf Carrol, Law Agents, 13, King^t.w. 

s Parker J, 189, great Britain-st. 

s Parker J. jun, 13, n. Fred.-st. 

s Parkinson G. 17, Fleet-st. 

« Parr John, Coroner of, and Com. for 
Artidavits in Couniies Kildare and Wick- 
low, 6, Mercer-st. 

5 Parr T. H. 20, VVilliam-s». 

Pasley John, Common Pleas, Office, Inns- 
quay, Coroner Co. Dublin, 2, Geo.'s-hill 

Patten Henry M. E44, Moore-st. 

J Patten Rich. E 15, Hardw.-st. Office, Law 

Patterson Ja. E Digges-st. 

Payne J. D. 78, Bride-st. 

« Peacock Jn. P. 6, Anne-sf. s. 

Peard Wm. K 42, William-st. 

s Pearson Wm. 12, Granby-row 

A Pearson W. 31, Peter-st. 


«Peed Ed. 24, St. Andrew-st. '^ ^ ar^^?*. 
Peudergast R. C 47, Jervis-st. "" ■"-»'-'»^^^ 
Pendergast SotrtL Grown, 40, up. Mer.-st. 
s Pemberton Charhw, 64, Stephen-st. 
i PennefatlicrT. E 40, French-st. 
$ Pentland G. Sec. and Sol. to the Rer. in 
the Inland Departments, 39, Rutl.-aq. w. 
s Pepper G. 31, north Fredcrick-st. 

* Peter Dav. 2, Stephen's-green 

s Peter Dav. T. Sub. Sheriff City of Dublin^ 

2, Stephen's-green 

s Peter R. 27, French-st. 
s Petry Edw. KE New-st. 
Phelan G. 47, Mar)'-st. 

* Phelan Jos. 6, south Frederick-st. 
s Phelan Wm. E 69, Excheq.-st. 
Phillips Myl. CE 8, Temple-st. 
Phillips S. 10, Peter-st. 

Phillips W.jun. 7, Went.-place 
Philpot John, E 14, great Longford-st. 

* Piers Ed. 27, lower Gloucester-st. 
Piers G. KE 22, upper Dora.-st. 

* Pilkington Jn. K 40, Cl*rcndoa-?t, 

« Pineau D. Reg. of High Court of Adm. 

in Ireland, 1, Slephen's-green, n. 
s Plunkett J. J. 13, Henry-»t. 
s Poe Jas. Coroner County Kilkenny, 20, 


* Poe Js. jun. 10, Dame-st. 
s Pollock J. 10, Anglesea-st. 
Pondere Geo. 31, Blessington-st. 

* Pope and Besaard, 74, Marlb.-st. 

* Pope T. 74, Marlboiough-:-.t. 

Pophani B, KE Eaurion, and 8, gt. Ship-st, 

5 Powell J. L. 7, Mockib-yt. 

s Powell R. 179, Stephen's-green, w. 

Power John, KE 61, Henry-st. 

Xs Power W. 71, Atmgier-st. 

* Pratt Jas. and Robert Simpson, Dep. Serj. 

at Arms for Court of Exchequer, Office, 

3, Moore-lane 

s Prendergast Fran. E Dep. Reg. in Chan- 
cery, and Mess, to tlie Con), of Bank, 37, 
Dawsou-st. Office, Inns-quay 

Prendergast Jn. CE 21, little Strnnd-st. 

* Prendergast W. KE 11, great Ship-st. 
Price Joseph, E 44, Dawson-st. 

s Purcell 1. F. 14, south Cuiiiberland-st. 

* Purceil John, E 105, Abbey-st. ; 
s Purcell Nich. CE 43, Abbey-st. • 
s Purcell Thomas, E 10, l)igges-st. \ 
s Purdon J. B. Ui, lower Gloucester-st. 

s Purdue Ed. 61, Sackville-st, , 

+s Quinan T. First Exam, of the Court of 

Chan. 8, Leeson-st. 
Quinlan Wm. CE40, up Rutland-st. 
Xs Ransey J. & T. Garrett, 24, upper J)om.- 

st. and York-st. Belfast 
+5 Ransforrt E. H. 3, great Charles-st. 
s Rawlins Jos. 11, Harcoiirt-st. 
Raymond G. E- 2, loW(?r Gloucester-st, 
Rea George, E 21, Gloiicesier-st. 
Rea Laur. 30, St. Andrew-st, 
Readc Edw. B. 42, upper Ruliand-st. 
Reardon W. H. 23, Dawson.--- 
s Redmond H '" 




HeevesD. Hen. C 7, IMmlb.-st. 

s Reeves Boles, 2, Clare-st. 

s Reeves & Son, 19, upper Merr'on-at. 

*s Reeves Roljt. Solicitor for Forfeited Es- 
tates, 19, upper Mervioi)-st. 

•^Reid K.Joseph, CE CJeik of Errors, Clerk 
of the Juries and Essoigus, 26, Gloac-st. 

*Rei(l S. .^S, Marlb.-st. 

* Reilly ftfat. 23, Qiieeii-st. 

*« Revdi and M^Dermott, 37, French-et. 

* Reynell f. 28, Grenvi!le-st. 

« Reynolds and Hiiuls, ()2, lower Gard.-st. 

Reynolds Chr. C. 143, Abbey-st. 

V* Reynolds R. Y. {i2, lower Gard.-st. 

» Reynolds J. K 2/, Chajjcery-laue 

*s liice Den. 8, Dominii:k-st. 

Rice T. KE Office, 26, Clarend.-st. 

Ridge De Courcy, E Com. Atitid. Queen's 

Co. 76, Camden-st. 
Richards Thos. 46, Bride-st. 
s Richardson A. 10, George's-quay 
« Richardson C. 29, Doni.-st. 
Richardson Hen. K 6, south Cope-st. 
« Richardson H. KE 31, Stafford-st. 
s Richardson W. Proctor of Admiralty, 23, 

s Richardson VV, Kildarc-st, 
Richardson W. 56, Exchequer-st. 

* Riky Ben. Dep. Clerk of the Crown for 

Home Circuit, and for the City and Co. 
Dublin, and Pursuiv. of Co. Dub. KB 
19, Rutland-square 

* Roberts C. VV. 17, Duke st. 
Roberts John, CE 4, Hamilton-row 

» Roberts Samuel, CE 1, Chatham-st. 
i Roberts Wm, D. KE 27, Mabbot-st. 
« Robinson A. 52, York-st. ■ i;Vv 

« Robinson James, 50, Biihop-st. ' ; >. 

* Robinson John, Reg. High Court of Delcg. 

Dep. Reg. of Court of Admiralty, Reg. to 
Sterne's Charities, &c. 1, St. Andrew-st. 

Robinson Robt. CE 2, Luke-st. 

Roche J. E 12, Pitt-st. 

Roche Robt. E .3, Parliament-st. 

Rochford P, 6, south Frederick-st, 

» Roe John, KE 94, Abbey-st. 

» Roe Peter, K 9, ^phen-st. 

Roe Robt. 10, Castle-st>- 

sRoe W. H.16, William- §t. 

Rogers Robt. C 31, Queen-st. 

Rogers Robt. E .'JO, Jervis-st, 

Rogers W. F. E Office, 10, Pelor's-row 

* Rooke W. D. KE 30, Molesw.-st. 

* Rose S. 28, lower Gloucester-st. 

s Rose Rich, A. KE 31, lower Gardiner-st. 

s Rowley F. H. 71, great Britain-st. 

» Russell J. G. 7, middle (iardiner-st. 

Russell Jn, E 15, Essex-quay 

» Russell Mich. CE 5, Mercer-st- 
1 Russell Js. 7, middle Gardiner-st. 
'S Rutherford A. 25, north Anne-st. 

Rutledge Peter, E 73, Dame-st. 

+i Ruxton Allen, 64, Aungier-st. 

* Ruxton Thos. 64, Aungier-st. ' 
i Ryall Jn. CE 6, Trinity-st. 

H yan D . B. 30, north Cumberland-st. 
'-' -an D. 21, MeckleHburgh-st, 

« Ryan Geo. 52, Harcourt-st. 
s R)-au Godfrey, 19, upper Rutland-st. 
s Ryan H. 29, upper Sackville-st. 
s Ryan Jas. KE 3, north Anne-st. 
Ryan John, E 2, north Cumberland-st. 
Ryan Jos. CE 51, Henry-st. 

* Ryan Mich. 21, lower Dom.-st. 

* Ryan Ph. 6, Hume-st. 
Ri/an Thos. 3, Nelson-st. 

Is SadleirN. 59, Marlborough-st, 
Salmon Sam. KE 3, Anglesea-st. 
s Sampson Den. Clerk Crown, Co. Clare, g, 

* Sandys D. 20. new Dom.-st. 
Sandys R. 47, Henry-st, 

St. John P. 1^, Batchelor'a-walk 

* St. John W. 8, Arran-quay 

s Saunders T. 5, St. Andrew-st. 

Savage Henry, Pill-lane 

s Savage Thos. 6, north Anne-st, 

* Scalion R. W. 7, Batchelor's-walk 
Scott B. C 3, Chatham-st. 

* Scott Jn. 32, Holles-st. 

.s Scott Rich. 19, north Earl-st. 

Scott Wm. CE 14, upper Dominick-st. 

« Segravc W. KE27, Greek-st. 

%» Seward T. 29, William-st, 

s Sexton A. 27, Anglesea-st. 

* Seymour E. W. 45, Baggot-st. 
s Shadwell J. 122, Capel-st. 
Shannon Charles, 21, Kildare-st. 
Shannon Geo. E 2, Charlemont-mall 
s Shannon J. 27, Grenville-st. 
Shannon T. E 7, Dorset-st. 
Sharnmn A. KE 11, StaflTord-st. 

« Shaw B. 20, College-green 

* Shaw Ber. 39, Dawson-st. 

& Shaw George, 39, Bishop-st. 

•f Shaw John, KE 1, upper Ormond-quay 

* Shea R. S. 8, north Strand 

s Shea Thomas, 7, Stephen-st. 
s Shee George, 27, Dorset-st. 
Shegog John, 29, Bolton-st 
Shegog Richard, K 6, Bolton-st. 

* Shell M. 137, Dorset-st. 

Sheridan Dan, R. C 11, south Frederick-st. 
s Sherlock J. VV. CE 23, middle Gard.-st. 

* Short Jona. 12, Hendrick-st. 

s Sillery and Boys, KE 23, Nelson-st. 

Simcockes George, E 8, Fowness-st. 

Xi Simcockes T. M. 21, Mockienburgh-st. 

Simcockes W. E 26, Gard.-st. 

Js Sinimonds D. 3, lower Merrion-st. 

Simpson G. E 36, Anglesea-st. 

Simpson Robt. CE and James Pratt, Dep. 
Serjt. at Arms to Co. Exch. and Marshal 
of Adm. 36, Summer-hill, OiEce, 3 
Moor-lane ' 

* Sinclair Itichard, 42, Kildare-st. 
« Siree Hen. 4, Gloucester-st. 
Sk-ipton W. 5, Hardwicke-st. 

Xi Small John, KE 46, Granby-row 

« Smith and Cruise, 29, Hardwicke-st. 

J Smith C. R. 31, Marlbro'-st. 

s Smith Hen. & Wm. Walker, 27, gt. Ship-st. 

* Smith J. C. 19, upper Ormond-quay 
Smith James, 53, Capel-st, 


+« Smith Joseph, 15, north Frederjck-st, 

* Smith Xi. 77, Capd-st. 
» Smith R. Cleik of Peace, Co, Monaghan, 

12, BJessington-st. 
s Smith S. B. 21, Anglcsea st. 
s Smithwick P. G, .9, Aston's-quay 
» Smyth Edwavd, 12, south King-st. 
5 Smvth W. H. 25, D'OUier-st. 
Xs Sn'agir T. 31 , Molesworth-st. 
Southwell H. 9, Digges-st, 
Speer Jolin, 31, Capel-st. 
Spencer Georare, K 43, Henry-st. 
« Spiller and Stewart, 2, old Dominick-st. 
Spotswood C. CE 31, south great Georgc-st. 
Sprigg Samuel, 39, Clarendon-st. 
s Spuiiner Thos. Six Clerk in Chan. Office, 


* Staines Henry, 88, Abhey-st. 
s Stfiines W. 33, Harcourt-st. 
Staney Jonathan, 8, north Anne-st. 
Stanley Edward, K 41, Anngier-at. 
Stanley James, 41, Aongier-st. 
Steele Henry H. 12, north Earl-st. 

s Steele W. R. Exam, of Witnesses to Dep.- 
Chief Remem. and Clerk of the Causes 
Equity Exchequer, 25, Mabbot-st. 

s Stephens B. N. 33, Exchequer-st. 

Sterling Henry, C 30, Stafford-st. 

s Stevelly Jones, K Six Clerk in Chancery, 
Office, Inns-quay 

s Stewart and Macartney, 67, Marlbro'-st. 

X Stewart J. 27, middle Glouccster-st. 

*s Stewart T. L. 67, Marlbro'-st. 

Stewart William, E 21, Hardwicke-st. Office, 
Law Exchequer 

s St. Giorgio J. N. 12, Cuffe-st. 

Stock William, E 24, lower Dorset-st. 

« Stokes G. 1, north great Georg;e-Rt. 

5 Storey Robert, ISi, Beresford-st. 

s Strahan Hen. Police Office, 159, low. Js.-st. 

s Stretch C. P. 20, Eustace-Bt. 

s Stringer Robert, 21, Whitefriar-st. 

s Stuart J. CE 34, lower Mount-st. 

Sullivan Dan. Clarke's-court 

s Sullivan John, KC43, north Cumb.-st. 

« Swanzy Hen. 5, Hendi-ick-st. 

Swanky Samnel, CE 16, Hardwicke-st. 

Sweney John, E 4, Morgan-place 

♦^SwenyA. 10, Hume-st. 

Swcny Daniel, KE 16, Bolton-st.. 

Xa Sweny H. C 12, Mountjoy-square, north 

Swift Ben. 25, William-st. 

* Swift Godwin, 1, Synnot-p. 

.r Symniers and Dowling, 19, up. Ormond-q. 

f Symmers G. 19, upper Ormond-quay . ' 

t Symcs Sandh. 52, Dominick-st. 

Tanfffe Geo. Joseph, C Florinda-piace 

.? Taaffe J. 22, Anglesea-St. 

*s Tandy Charles, 4, Moland-st. 

Tandy Cha. Sam. E 4, Moland-st. 

Tatton Peter, C 2, VVestmoreland-st. 

Taylor E. 80, Aungier-st. 

A Taylor Lewis, 40, Westmoreland-st. 

Ta3'ior Michael, E 45, Mounirath-st. 

s Taylor W. 45, York-st. 

« Tegart Riehard, K 106, great Britain-st. 



«Templeton J. Com. for taking Affidavits, / * 

122, Capel-st. - t 

s Tench Gerald, Examin. to Chief Baron, ; « 

10, York-st. Office, Four Courts 
sTennant E. 121, great Britain-st: 
Is Terry and Hunt, 26, Leeson-st. 
*s Terry C. 26, Leeson-st, 
Terry John, E 26, Leeson-st. 
s Tew and Armstrong, 5, upper Gardiaer-st. 
iTew George, 2, Paradise-row 
s Thos. Ben, & Castell, 4, up. Fembroke-st. 
JiThomas L. H. 7, upper Gardiner-st. 
Thomas William, C Office. Inns-quay 
s Thompson A. 12, lower FitzwilliamrSt, 
s Thompson J. 20vBlessJngton-st. 
\i Thompson J. KE 18, middle Gardiner-st. 
Thompson R. E 30, north great George-st. 
*« Thompson T. Solicitor 1o General Post- 

Office, Harcourt-st. 
s Thornton R. CE 13, lower Dorset-st. 
s Thorp John, 2, French-st. 
Tickell Edward, 10, Clare-st. 
« Tierny Edward, 15, Fitzwilliam-st, 
s Tighe R. P. E l.S, College-green 
s Tilly Robert, 25, Leeson-st. 
Tinkler Luke, 27, Charlemont st. 
i Tisdall Hen. 30, Marlbro'-st. 
s Tisdall William, 72, Marlbro'-st, 
sTobin David, 19, Usher's-island 
s Torrens Andrew, Reg. Co. Dub. Qwar. 

Ses. 14, Granby-row 
Townsend J. 27, Ship-st. 
Townseiid W. H. E 3, Mary's-abbey. 
Tracy James, E Charleraont-st. 
s Tracy W. W. 21, Summer-hill 

* Traver* Boyle, KE 93, Stephen's-green 

« Travers R. KE 69, south great George-st. 

.1 Travers Stephen, Dorset-st. 

Tresilian John, E40, Marlbro'-st. 

Tronson J. D. KC 37, Hardwicke-st. 

iTrottCF W. H. 34, Capel-st. 

Tuckcy D. KE Coroner of Co, Cork, 40, 

Tnrkington R. 64, Mecklenburgii-st. 
s Tuthill John, KC 26, Dame-st. 
•Twibill G. 41, Capel-st. 
y Tyrrell George, 4, Mcrcer-st. 

* Tyrrell James, 22, Clarc-st. 
Tyrrell Ward, KC 1, (.'amden-p. 

* Vance James, E 48, Aungier-st. 
>■ Va\)ghan G. 5, lower Temple-st. 
Vaughan James, C 1, Blessington-st. 
« Venlon Edward, 1, Usher-st, 

* Vereker Tliomas, CE 4, south grt, Geo.-st. 

* Vero John, Denzille-st. 

s Vicary Ben. 8, Mercer-st. 

Vicary Nath. 86, Bride-st. 

Vincent Nich. 26, Leeson-st. 

Wade Henry, 2, Peter-st. 

.•sWade J. Mecklenburgh-st. 

Waldron Michael, 9, Hardwicke-st. 

Waldron V. 134, great Britain-st. 

s Walker F. S. 24, ^eter's-row 

s Walker Henry, CE 7, York-st. 

*« AValker John, 44, Wllliam-st. 

« Walker John, C 39, Mecklenburgh-st. 


9 Walker J. H. 3, Hardwicke-place 
« Walker T. S. 63, Stephen's-green 

* Walker W. A. 18, Cliatham-st. 
s Walker W. L. 31, Stafford-st. 

* Wallace H. 29, north great George-st. 

« Wallace James & Sons, 29, n. gr. Geo,-st. 
s Wallace J. 29, north great George-st. 
Wallace JoWn, 38, Bolton-st. 
*s Wallace W. B. 12, north great Geo.-st. 
•* Wallace William Bailey, jiin. 12, n. grt. 

s Waller E. A. Sol. forCust. and Law Agent 

to T. C. r3. 6, Dawson-st. 
Waller S. 3, Harry-st, 
s Walpole Fra. 3, Blackhall-st, 
Walsh C. W. and Ch. 42, Arran-quay 
« Walsh E. 57, Dame-st. 
.V Walsh E. 25, Charlemont-st. 
s Walsh Efiward, 6, upper Dominick-st. 
Walsh H, F. and Hen. Le Maitre, CE 122, 

s Walsh James, 87, north King-st. 
s Walsh M. 65, Marlb.-st. 

* Walsh P. 12, Usher's-st. 

s Walsh Rd. R. 3, Clark's-court 

*s Walsh Thomas, 10, middle Gardiner-st. 

s Walsh Thomas, KE 31, Beresford-st. 

* Walsh W. 65, Abbey-st. 

Walsh W. W. KE 8, Mary's-abbey 

s Walshe J. 7, south Richmond-st.^ 

Walton J. D. E 8, Kildare-st. 

s Warburton & Jackson, 36, Marlbro.-st. 

Warburton W. KE Dep. Keeper Records in 

Birmingham Tower ; Clerk and K eper 

of Enrolments in Bankr. 36, Marlb.-st. 
s Ward Peter, 35, upper Dorset-st. 
s Ward W. R. 76, Camden-st. Office, 44, 

*s Ware W. 11, St. Andrew-st. 
s Warren J,. Register and Secretary to Court 

of Appeals, 6, lower Sackville-st. 
s Warren P. 13, Henrietta-st. 
« Warren Robt. 29, Jervis-st. 
Watts John, KE 1, Anglesea-st. 

* Webb Ch, Gordon, KE 30, up. Dom.-st. 

.1 Weir Jn. & Forster Mitchell, 14, Gard,-pl. 
W^elsli) Robt. jun, E 104, up. Dorset-st. 
Welsh Geo. 56, Marlbro.-st. 
« West Wm. 12, Capel-st, 

* Wharton G. 49, York-st. 

s Wheeler F. 29, Molesworth-st. 

« Wheeler Js, 14, lower Gloucester-st. 

*s Whistler G. 14, south Frederick-st. 

Whitbey W. E 28, south great George-st, 

s White Robert, E 43, French-st. 

« White Rod. 11, York-st. 

*s White T J. 4, lower Gloucester-st. 

** White W. Sub-Sheriff City of Dublin, 1, 

Hamilton-row, Office, Charles-st. 
Whitestone W. H. 38, Hardwicke-st. 
Whiteway R, A. 24, Poolb.-st, 
*.! VVhitla F. 39, Hardwiske-st. 



Whitty Thos. E 33, Exchequer-st. 
s Whitton C. 26, lower Gardiner-st. 

* Whitthorn W, Jervis, 4, north Cope-st. 

* Wiber J. 15, south Frederick-st. 
VVildridge Jn. E 56, south great George-st. 
s VVildridge W 14, JerTis-st. 

* Wilkins Wm. 173, great Britain-st, 

* WilkinsC. 117, Abbey-st. 
Wilkinson T. E 1, Mercer-st. 

i Willcocks J. S. Commissioner for taking 
Affidavits for Cork, King's Bench 

s Willet H. J. 1, south great George-st. 

Williams Bart. 17, Mary-st. 

Williams Geo. 47, Baggot-st. 

Williams J. 16, French-st. 

s W^illiams J. 8, Chancery-lane 

s Williams Jn. 44, Bishop-st. 

s Williams M. Buckingham-st. 

s Williamson W. 30, Stafford-st. 

s Williams Jn. K 143, Abbey-st, 

Wilson Andrew, 45, lower Gardiner-st. 

s Wilson David, 5, lower Britain-st. 

5 Wilson Hill, 7, south Frederick-st. 

s Wilson Jos. Abbey-st. 

Wilson R. E 56, Mary-st. 

.« Wilson Th. 34, great Ship-st. 

Is Wilson T. 44, Gardiner-st. 

s Wilson Tha. KC 21, William-st. 

Wilson Thos. 48, Bride-st. 

Wilson W. 11, great Ship-st, 

s Wilson W. 29, Stephen-st. 

s Wisdom Chas. Sec. Term. Grand Jury 

County Dublin, 9, mid. Gardiner-st. 
-s Wogan John, KE 101, Bride-st. 

+s Wogan Rob. E Dep. Keeper of the Rolls, 
45, Camden-st. 

* Wolfe Jn. 15, Trinity-st. 

* Wolfe John, 28, old Dom.-st. 

s Woodley Hen. and Rich. 33, s. gt. Geo.-st, 

Woodroofe H. P 12, Pitt-st, 

Woodroofe Joseph, 93, Capel-st, 

S Woodroofe W. Com. for Affid. Queea's 

Cotmty, 19, Ely-place 
s Woods Blen. 28, upper Dorset-st. 
s Woods Edward, K Six Clerk in Chancery, 

Dom.-st, Office, Inn's-quay 
.« Woods J. E 6, Chatham-st. 
Worthington A. CE 2, Fitzgibbon-st. 
5 Won-all W. 5, Cliatbam-st. 
s Wray J. N, CE 147, great Britain-st. 
s Wright Jn. 29, south Anne-st. 
s Wright Jos. 52, Rutland-sq. w. 
s Wiight Nat. 117, Capel-st. 

* Wright Rich, CE 73, Aungier-sf. 
Yeates Robt. E 40, s. gt. George-st. 
s Yelverton W, 17, Digges-st. 

Yeo Henry, Clerk to the Rules in Pleas-side 

of Ex. 6, Summer-hill 
Is Young Al. 28, south George-st. 
Young Jn. K 19, Gardiner's- place 
s Young John, 17, upper I)om.-st. 
s Young William, Com. of Affiidavits for Cb. 

Monaghan, 20, Beresford-st. 


.iiMkm^v*i*. i'- 

[ ^u J 


Merchants and Tradesmen of the City of Dublin, 

N»«6.--fBfe'Npbllityh,tia Gentry, also the Barristers and AttornieS, IS^ittg Alpliabeticany 
arranged, preclude the necessity of inseTting them in the Reference. 

ABBOTT 42, 5/, 62, 

Acheson 39 
Achmuty 67 
Adair 62 
Adams 42, 48, 50, 58, 

Adamson 38 
Adrian 72 
Adrien 79 
Affleck 64 
Agnew 72 
Aicken 68 
Aickens 49 
Aird 50 
Alcock 42 
Alcorn 60 
Alday 64 
Aldridge 64 
Alexander 41, 61, 62 
Alker 52 

AUanson 72 ' 

Allen 40, 42, 48, 50. 

60, 61, 63, 75, 78 
Alley 44, 48 
AUman 67 
Alloway 42 
Allpress 46 
Alwell 47 
Ambrose 39 
Anderson 38, 44, 45, 

50, 51, 52, 53, 62, 

66, 71, 74, 75 
Andrews 40, 42, 48, 

Angle 75 
Annesley 62, 72 
Arabin 55 
Archbold 48, 74 
Archer 40, 42,45,67, 

Armit 40 
Armstrong 39, 47, 52, 

53, 62, 72. 75 
Arnold 40, 69 
Arthur 40, 70 
Arthure 67 
Ash 47 
Ashe 40 

Ashley 50, 74, 75 
Askam 41 
Asken 53, 64 
Askin 68 
AKtle 62 

Aston 39 
Atkin 55 
Atkinson 39, 40, 59, 

69, 70, 71, 75 
Attwood 64 
Auchinleck 72 
Auden 58 
Austin 45, 65 
Aveyard 68 
Ayckbown 52 
Aylmer 39 
Ayre 62 
Bacan 46 
Badge 50 
Bagley 60 
Bf»gnall 39, 42, 69 
8a2;ot 42 
RaillJe 46 
Bain 56 
Baints 47 
Baird 80. 

Baker 50, 51, 63, 80 
Baldwin 69, 70 
Half 49 
Balfe 40, 75 
Ball 41, 45, 52, 72 
BallaHtine 72 
Bamber 38, 48 
Bambrick 52 
Banks 51, 55, 73 
Bannon 55 
Barber 38, 44, 51, 62 

Barcroft 62 
Bardin 44, 51, 68 
Bardsley 56 
Barker 39, 67 
Barnes 53 
Barnett 45, 58 
Barnier 66, 79 
Barralet 49 
Barret 42 
Barrett 45, 47, 48, 61, 

69, 73, 75 
Barrington 44, 78, 79 
Barron 53 

Barry 40, 46, 68, 63 
Barton 56, 60, 61, 68 
Baseggios 6S 
Bashford 60 
Bass 53, 58 
Bastiville 61 
Batchelor 62 
Bates 43 

Battersby 58, 65 
fiatterton 48 
Battley 38, 82 
Bay ley 45, 80 
Bayly 44 
Beaghan 53 
Beahan 46, 53, 75 
Beasley 80, 81 
Beatty 42, 67 
Beddy 42, 57 
Beeby 81 
Beere 53 
Begg 68, 80 
Beggs 61, 74, 75 
Begley 64 
Berlin 75 
Beith 78 
Beirs 62 
Belcher 44, 68 
Bell 38, 39, 40, 42, 

48, 61, 64, 72 
Bellew 62 
Bellinfi;ham 80 
Bellwood 80 
Belshdw 60 
Bennett 46, 57, 62,75 
Bennis 47 
Benson 61 
Bentham 42, 63 
Bentley 38, 40, 44 
Bcrgan 75 
Bergin53, 71, 75 
Berk 52 
Bermingham 45, 47, 

Berrell 39 
Berry 62, 69 
Betty 39 
Bevan 72 
Bewley 46, 62 
Bible 67, 72 
Biggar 40 
Bigger 45 
Biggs 75 
Bilton 57 
Bingham 58, 60 
Binns 39, 56, 58 
Birch 49, 62, 69 
Bird 47 
Birkett 60, 79 
Birmingham 69, 75 
Birnie 82 
Black 60 

Blackburne 58 

Blacker 80 

Blackwall 80 

Blair 72, 74 

Blake 48, 49, 75 


Blenkinsop 42 

Blennerhassett 67 

Blewitt 63 

Bligh 53 

Blood 30 

Blosset 53 

Blow 72 

Bloxham 79 

Blundell 78 

Boake 60 

Boardman 40, 44, 49, 

55, 64, 81 
Boileau 39 
Boileaus 49 
Boland 75 
Boles 75 
Bolet 69 

iiolgcr 45, 73, 75 
Bolton 42, 45, 60, 75, 

Bomford 42 
Bond 53 
Bonbatn 66 
Bousall 42 
Booker 60 
Booth 3i?, 40, 46, 66^ 

72 . 
Boshell 68, 75 
BoSswell 65 
Boswell 46, 66 
Bott 49 
Bomchier 47 
Boulger 75 
Bourke48,55, 75,81 
Boursiquot 55, 62 
Bowden 39, 68 
Bowes 42 
Bowles 65, 71 
Bowling 39 
Boxwell 53, 72 
Boyan 80 
Boyce 62 
Boyd 42, 50, 58, 60, 

Boylan 48, 62, 65, 66 
Boyle 44, 58, 60, 61, 


R^iFBEENCB TO mmi^uj^ 


Boyton 67 

13radford 81 

Bradley 50, 60, 71, 

Bradshaw 42, 45, 58, 

Brady 39, 47, 49, 51 

53, 55, 57, 58. 60, 

61, 64,65, 72, 73, 

75, 79 
Braithwaite 63 
Branagan 39, 79 
Brangan 46, 53, 79 
Brannon 46 
Brassington 59, 70 
Braugliall 70 
Bray 48, 53, 59 
Brazil! 49 
Brechner 62 
Breden 56 
Brediii 67 
Breen 67 » 
Brenan 38, 42, 43, 45, 

C>D, 67, 69, 70 
Brennan 53, 75 
Brennand 4p, 80 
Brereton 75 
Brett 44 
Brian 50, 60 
Bride 75 
Bridges 48 
Brien 73 
Brierley 45 
Brigley 50 
Brindley 43 
Brinnaji 46 
Brjon 52 
Briscoe 60 
Brisscoe 80 
Bristow 72 
Brocas 38 
Broderick 72 
Brooke 62, 67, 80 
Brooks 43, 72 

73, 80 
Rroughall 70 
Brow 73 
Brown 38, 44, 50, 53, 

58, GO, 61, 64, 70, 

71, 75,82 
Erownbiil 52, 59 
Browne 40, 44, 45, 

Brownlow 55 
Brownrigg 79 
Bruce 44, 51, 68 
Brunton 50 
iiyan 56, 67 
Juchanan 39, 60 
iuchonnon 78 
iuckley 39, 45, 61, 

75, 80 
■ ulger 75 
ull 47, 82 
uUock 78 

Buon 81 

Burgess 45, 57, 58 

Burge 40 

Burdett 82 

Burke 45. 48, 49, 52, 

58, 60. 67, 75, 78, 

Burnell 75 
Burnet 72 
Burnside 42 
Burrows 66 
Burton 60, 74, 80 
Bury 50, 79 
Busby 44, 49 
Buslie 72 
Hushell 70 
Butler 39, 53, 55, 56, 

60, 62, 69, 79, 80, 

Byrne 39, 40, 42, 43, 
44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 
49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 
56,57, 59, 60,62, 
63, 66, 68, 69, 
70, 72, 74, 75, 79 

Byrnes 56 

Caffery 75 

CafFray 44, 71 

Caffrey 73 

Caffry 47 

Caliill 43, 50, 52, 62, 
70, 72 

Cain 46, 55 

Caitieu 58 

Calagan 53 

Calderwood 55 

Caldwell 39, 53, 58 

Callagan 39, 52, 66 

Callaghan 46, 48, 53, 
62, 71, 79 

Callahan 74 

Callan 53, 75 

pallanan 67 

Callignn 69 

Callinan 52 

Cailonne 67 

Callwell 42, 61 

Calvert 53, 74 

Campbell 40, 44, 47, 
48, 51, 53, 58, 60, 

61, 66, 75 
Canavan 51 
Candler 41 
Cane 41 
Cannon 53 
Cantwell 75 
Carberry 50, 75 
Cardiff 70, 74 
Carey 53 
Carleton 56, 62 
Carmicbael 72 
Carney 58, 79 
Carnon 51 
Carolin 58 
Carpenter 66 

Carr 42, 44, 53, 60 . 
Carrick 64 
Carrigan 39 

Carroll 38, 40, 43, 44, 
50, 51, 63, 66, 72, 

Carrothers 60 

Carson 74 

Carter 52 

Cartland 44 

Carton 58, 62 

Carty 72, 78 

Oasey 45, 53, 71, 76, 

Cashell 62 

Cashnian 43 

Cassidy 40, 46, 50 

Cassin 53, 76 

Cavan 71, 76 

Ca^ anagh 80 

Cayre 38 

Cliadwick 47 


Chamberlain 6? 

Chambers 42, 61 

Chancelor 78 

Chapman 58, 59 

Chappell 46 

Charge 46 

Charles 42, 71 
Chartres 72, 79 
Chaytor 68 
Chebsey 47 
Cheevers 52, 75 
Chery 65 
Cheyne 67 
Christian 46, 60, 80 
Christie 46. 61 
Church 55 
Clancy 43, 45 
Clare 40, 50, 60, 65 
Clark 53, 66 
Clarke 39, 40, 42, 43, 
47, 48, 53, 57, 58, 
60, 61, 62, 64, 66, 
67, 68, 72, 76, 78, 
80, 81 
Classon 58 
Cleary 76 
Clegg38,49, 55 
Cleghorn 67 
Clements 53, 55, 70j 

75, 76 
Clibborn 61 
Clifford 39, 40, 43 
Clinch 52, 58 
Clindenen 39 
Clinton 53 
Cloney 43 

Cloustou 62 
Ciuff 66, 70 
Clvnch 48 
Co'all 52 
Coates 69 

Cochrane 60 
Cockburn 59, 72 

Cockran 64 

Codd 42, 47, 48, 55, 

Coffey 57, 76 

Cogan 62 

Coghlan 53, 76, 80 

Cohen 82 

Coile 61 

Colbourue 39 

Colclough 46, 70 

Colcloughs 69 

Cole 40, 43 

Coleman 76, 80 

Colfer 76 

Colgan 43, 44, 47, 48, 
49, 56, 76, 79 

CoUes 72, 68 

Collier 45, 46, 47, 56, 
68, 69 

Collins 40, 43,46,47, 
48-, 49,53, 69 

CoUis 72 

Colville 62 

Comerford 65 

Comorton 47, 76 

Comiskey 76 
Commins 46, 59 
Conan 73 
Conaty 53, 76 

Concannoa 65, 66 
Coniff45 ' 
Conlan 44, 79 
Connell 39, 42, 45, 62, 

68, 74 
Connelley 47, 60 
Connelly 76 
Conner 51, 76 
Connery 70, 74 
Connis 73 
Connor 53, 68, 72, 74, 

75, 78 
51, 53,55, 56i 59, 
61, 62, 68 
Conray 72 
Conrau 64 
Conron 70 
Conroy 47, 51, 76 
Conry 63 
Constable 52 
Conway 80 
Conyngham 80 
Cooke 42, 53, 59, 60, 

64, 80 
Cookson 48 
Cooney 50, 66, 76 
Cooper 46 
Cope 43 
Copel 53 
Copeland 70 
Corballis 74 
Corbally 60 
Corbet 68, 72 
Corcoran 48, 66, 7t! 
Corigan 38, 69 
Cormick 53 
Cornev 71 



Corr 43, 45, 76 
Corrigan 48, 50, 76 
Costello 45, 53 
Costigin 49 
Cottle 41, 50, 74 
Cotton 49 
Coulson 61, 62' 
Coulter 49, 60 
Courtnay 61 
Courtnev 68, 80 
Cowell 71 
Cowen 43, 60, 67 
Cowlan 64 
Cowley 48 
Cow per 76 
Cox 51,73,80 
Coyle 39, 53, 66, 69 
Coyne 40, 42 
Craig 55, 78 
Crampton 67, 72 
Crane 43, 55 
Crannen 70 
Craven 39 
Crawford 39, 48, 68, 

Crawley 47 
Crean 52, 80 
Creeds 40 , 
Creighton 72 
Crofton 71 
Croker 62, 66 
Crombie 62 
Crookes 42 
Crosbie 57, 59, 76 
Crosby 40 
Crosthwaite 47 
Crostwaite 62 
Crotty 56, 62 
Crowe 40, 62 
Crozier 82 
Cuddy 39 
Cuff 46 
Guissett 55 
Cullen 48, 51, 53, 60, 

Culloden 82 
Culsliaw 71 
Cumberland 63 
Cuinina' 44, 68 
Cuinniiiig 42 
Cummins 46, 48, 51, 

53, 76 
Cunniff 74 
Cunningham 40, 74, 

Curran 46, 73, 59, 

Curren 47 
Curry 74 
Curtis 44, 51 
Cusack 40, 62, 72, 74, 

Cutler 41 
Dark 43 
l):UiVon 53 
Date 72 

Dalrymple 78 
Dalton 39, 48, 53, 65, 

72, 76 
Daly 38, 39, 40, 41, 

48, 49, 60, 67, 70, 

Dames 56 

Daniel 43, 44, 62, 72 
Dannellv 79 
D'Arcy 61 
Darcy 44, 57, 65 
Darker 69 
Darley 44 
Darling 38, 48 
Daunt 72 
Davidson 51 
Davies 44, 74 
Davis 40, 52, 53, 60, 

Davison 52, 67 
Davock 70 
Davy 76 

Dawson 50, 6J., 62 
Day 80 
Deale 43 
Deane 72 
Dease 72, 79 
Decourcy 64 
Deerinjr 79 
Deey 44, 51, 68 
Degan 76 
Deigan 76 
De JoncoMrt 62 
Delahan 52 
Delahoydfe 47 
Delaraour 76 
Delaney 38, 42 
Delaay 39, 43, 52, 53, 

64, 68, 71, 76 
Delaport 73 
Delesard 49 
Del Vecchio 41 
Dempscy 40, 45, 47, 

55, 57, 65, 75, 80 
Dempster 57, 80 
Denaby 76 
Dennan 48 
Derby 47 
Derwin 53 
Devaux 42, 66 
Deveraux 55 
Deverell 38, 53 
Devercux 53 
Devilars 67 
Define 40, 68, 76 
Devitt 59 
Devoy 46 
Dick 61 

Dickinson 55, 58 
Dickson 80 
Dignam 40, 57, 70, 76 
Dignan 41, 74 
Dillon 39, 43, 45, 46, 

47, 48, 49, 50, 53 

57, 59, 62. 66. 67 

70; go"'™^'-'; 

Dimoud 47 
Dixon 73, 79 
Dobbin 59 
Dobbs 56, 64 
Dodd 40, 46, 48, 60 
Doghertv 46 
Dohertj''53, 62 
Dolan 48, 51 
Dolittle 59 
Dollard 57, 62, 76 
Doraocan 49 
Domoulin 38 
Donogan 69 
Donelly 48, 76 
Doon 59 
Donnellan 53 
Donoghue 62 
Donohoe 44, 49, 53 
Donohoo 65 
Donovan 39, 40, 52 
Doody 53 
Doolioe 75 
Dooley 57, 59, 66 
Doolin 59 
Dooljttle 42, 70 
Doran 48, 64, 72, 73, 

Dornin41, 42 
Douglas 66, 67,69 
Dowd 42, 76 
Dowdall 69, 76, 82 
Dowling 53, 56, 59, 

62, 65, 70, 74, 76, 

81, 82 
Downes 42 
Downey 75 
Downing 82 
Doyle 41, 43, 45, 46 

47, 50, 52, 53, 58 

59, 61, 62, 63, 65, 

67, 69, 70, 72, 73, 

Doyne 80 
Drake 53, 
Draper 42 
Drevar 62 
Drew 52, 67 
Dromgoole 67, 81 
Drought 56, 72 
Drue 64 
Drnmgold 76 
Drumm 76 
Druminond 43 
Drurv 72 
Dry 55 
Duany 67 
Ducross 44, 65 
Dudgion 81 
Duff 52, 53, 57, 62, 

68, 73, 82 
Duffe 44 

Duffy 46, 49, 53, 57, 

68, 69, 72 
Dufoiir 79 
Duggan 60, 72 


Duignan 48, 63 
Duke 49 
Dumoulin 62 
DunbaviD4l, 79 
Duncan 41, 61, 62, 

67, 68, 82 
Dunckelly 59 
Dungau 40 
Dunn 40, 47, 48, 51, 

55, 56, 57, 60, 65, 

67, 68, 70, 71, 76, 

Dunne 40, 55, 66, 68, 

Durham 45, 75 
Duttou 75 
Dwyer 39, 45, 53, 57, 

Dyas 39, 66 
Dykes 62, 76 
Eachus 50 
Eades 53, 66 
Eagan 67 
Earl 43 

Eaton 39, 59, 7S 
Ebblins 53 
Ebbs 55 
Ebling 50 
Eccles 60, 82 ' 
Echlin 53 
Edge worth 72 
Edington 50 
Edmeston 73 
Edmiston 81 
Edmond 53 
Edwards 40, 42, 65 
Egan 43, 44, 45, 48. 

53, 58, 61, 64, 65, 

71, 76, 81 
Eiffe 47 
Ellard 64 
Elliott 40, 44, 53, 58, 

59, 62, 64, 69 
Ellis 38, 43, 76, 80 
EUisop 55 
Elmirton 82 
Elvidge 57 
Ehvood 56 
Emerson 67 
Empson 39 
English 46, 47, 48, 

55, 62 
Ennis40, 42, 51, 53, 

(i3, 76 
Erskine 72 
Espy 68 
Etchingham 53 
Eustace 46, 49, 56, 

67, 76 
Evans 45, 58 
Evory 67 
Ewing 40, 43 
Exshaw 42 
Faffan 43, 44, 64, 67, 

1, 74,76 
Faby 39 
Fairbrother 56, 72 



Falkner 53 

Fallon 53, 67 

Fauniu 45, 66 

Farley 78 

Farnan 53 

Farnell 45 

Farraa38, 51, 53, 79 

Farrar 64 

46, 48, 49, 50, 51, 
53, 57, 59, 60, 62, 
69. 72, 75, 76, 79 

Farrelly 53 

Faulkner 52 

Fay 43, 76, 79 

Fayle71,74, 75 

Feake 69 

Fegan 65, 71, 79 

Fell 40 

Fenton 66 

Ferguson 67 

Ferone 53 

Ferrall 50, 56, 58, 62, 

Ferrally 71 
Ferrar 42 
Ferrier 70 
Ferris 55, 70 
Fewtrell 54 
Field 52, 71, 72, 87 
Figgis 52 

Findlay 42, 44, 68 
Fiaigan 76 
Finlay 52, 60, 82 
Finley 41 
Finlaysan 64 
Finn 46, 73, 76, 79 
Finucane 71 
Fisher 38, 43, 47, 59, 

61, 69, 82 
Fitzgerald 42, 45, 50, 

60, 62, 67, 69, 76 
Fitzgibbon 42 
Fitzh arris 40 
Fitzpatrick 38, 39, 42, 
44, 45, 54, 59, 60, 
69, 72, 76, 79 
Fitzsimmons 40, 43, 

64, 72, 74 
Flaherty 59 
Flanagan 40, 48, 50, 
51, 52, 54, 60, 62, 

68, 76, 79 
Fleming 42, 46, 48, 

49, 50, 52, 65, 67, 

69, 73 
Fletcher 43, 58, 59, 

69, 70, 81 
Flinn38, 42, 45, 52, 

59, 64, 70, 73, 74 
Flint 54 
Fliuter 76 
Flood 40, 45, 46, 54, 

56, 69, 71, 74, 75, 

Flower 53, 68 
FJynn71, 72 

Folds 56, 63 

Foley 43, 57, 68, 81, 

Folley 76 

Foot 71 

Foibes 44, 47 

For,] 45, CO, 76, 80 

Forman 63 

Forrest 59, 69 

Forrestal 48, 80 

Forster 50 

Fortune 56 

Fossitt 45 

Foster 55, 6G 

Fottrell 02, 70 

Foulkes 65 

Fowler 46, 55, 76 

Fox 41, 46, 47, 52, 
54, 62, 66, 76 

Foxall 45 

Fraley 74 

Francis 52 

Franklin 44, 56, 66 

Frauglian 76 

Fray 71 


Frayne 40, 44, 45 

Frazer 39 

Freeman 59, 65 
French 46, 60, 81 

Friend 56 
Fry 59, 65, 78 
Frizell 67 
Fuller 80 

FurIong39, 54, 60,81 
Fyau 54 

Gaffney 63, 70, 76 
Gafney 76 
Gaghran 39 
Gahan 81 
Galbraith 43, 69 
Gallagher 41, 49, 54, 

63, 68, 69 
Galland 50 
Galon 56 
Gal way 41 
Gamble 46, 60, 67, 


Gannon 40, 54, 73 
Gardiner 47, 61. 32 
Gargan 69 
Garland 46 
Garnet 72 
Garnett 61, 74 
Garratt 62 
Garty 78 
Gaskin 58 
Gatchell 58 
Gatty 41 

Gaven 51, 56,76 
Gaynor 72, 76, 80 
Gee 63' 
Gellis 60 
Gelston 50 

Genty 76 

Geogarty 81 

Geoghegan 50,51, 60, 
70, 71, 72, 76, 81 

Geratrhtv 44, 76, 81 

Gerty 47, 75 

Gibbon 40, 54, 62 

Gibbons 44, 48, 53, 

Gibney 76 

Gibson 40, 41,45,59 

Gifford 38 

Gilcrcest 63 

Giifoyle 54 

Gilholy 67 

Gill 4W, 71) 

Gillespie 46, C5 

Gllligaa 4:-!, 70, 76 

Gilliiigtoii 40, 45, 75 

Gillman 39 

Giltram 43 

Gi'ig 73 

Glannon 51 

Glorney 56 

Glover 56, 81 

Glynn 54, 68 

Gogan 52 

Gogarty58, 81 

Golding 38 

Goldsmith 54 

Gonne 42, 50, 58, 64 

Good 49, 70 

Goodfellow 44 

Goodisou 60 

Goodwin 46, 68 
Goolden 47 
Gordon 39, 69, 78 
Gorman 47, 48, 54, 

62, 63, 76 
Gormby 48 
Gogs 76 
Gosson 57 
Goulding 47 
Grace 42, 48, 54, 57, 

75. 7y 
Grady 76 
Graham 46, 48, 52, 

60, 75, 76, 81 
Graisberry 68 
Grange 79 
Grant 40, 59, 68 
Grattan 67, 71 
Grares 39, 65 
Gray 47, 69, 80, 81 
Grayburn 81 
Grealy 40 
Green 50, 51, 52, 54, 

62, 76, 82 
Greene 42, 45, 51 
Greenhara 49, 70 
Gregg 71 
Gregor 60, 66 
Greham 56 
Grehan 46, 74 
Creig 38 
Grendon 57, 

Gresham39, 57 

Gribbeu 7S 

Grierson 62, 63 

GrilKn 46, 56, 59, 65, 

Griffith 49. 72 

Griffiths 43, 48 

Grimcly 43 

Grim wood 69 

Grogan 62, 64 

Grome 71 

Groome 65 

Groves 64, 66 

Grove 43 

Griiofjy 45, 50 

Gubbens 65 

Guest 56 

Guinness 44 

Guy 43 

Hackett46. SO 

Hagarty 68 

Haig 49 

Hague 81 

Hahnston 61 

Halaham 39 

Halahan 72 

Male 59, 70, 76 

Halion 48 

Haliday 68 

Hall 47, 52, 56, 61, 
62, 73, 75, 76 

Halliday 39, 62 

Hallowell 56 

Halpin 69, 76 

Haly 48 

Ham 52 

Hamerton 44, 51, 68 
Hamill 54 

Hamilton 39, 54, 59. 
62, 65, 67, 6'i, 70, 
Harnmer 75 
Mammond 41 
Hampson 52 
Hams 74 
Hanbury 46 
Hand 37 

Handcock51, 60, 66 
Haulon 47, 51,65,69, 

Hanna 54 
Hannan 48 
Hanratiy 69, 76 
Hantenville 74 
Hanton 65 
Hardgraft 49 
Hardiman 76 
Harding 49, 60, 76, 

Hardman 39, 67 
Hardy59, 71,80, 81 
Hare wood 76 
Harford 41, 43, 57 
Hargrave 40 
Harkan 67 
Harlin 49 



Harman 48 
Haraett 62 
Harney 65, 81 
Harold 72 
Harper 69 
Harrick 57 
Harricks 45, 55, 57 
Havriman 67 
Harris 45, 55, 66 
Harrison 67, 72, 73, 

Hart 49, 51, 54, 57, 

65, 70, 73, 81 
Harter 70 
Hartford 51 
Hartley 59 
Harty 57, 67 
Hartstone 78 
Harrey 38, 60, 64, 65 
Haskins 65 
Haslam 49, 56 
Haughton 76, 80 
Hawkes 40, 72 
Hawkins 44 
Hawkshaw 81 
Ha^vthorn 52, 61 
Hay 40 
Haydock 42 
Hayes 43, 44, 45, 47, 

49, 51, 57, 60, 63, 

68, 76, 81 
Head 59, 64 
Healey 70, 73 
Healy 43, 45, 47, 51, 

62, 67, 76, 77, 79, 

Heaney 69 
Heape 65 
Hebert 77 
Hely 65 
Hencey 50 

Henderson 44, 47, 66 
Hendrick 38, C2, 80 
Heney 54, 78 
Henley 38 

Henry 39, 40, 62,81 
Henshall 42 
Hentliorn 73 
Henzell 38, 40, 50. 

53, 69 
Herbert 46, 55, 77 
Heme 55 
Heron 57 
Herring 45 
Herron 39 
Herview 67 
Hession 60 
Hetherington 60 
Hewson 58, 73 
Hickey 45, 66, 69, 77 
Mickinson 69 
Hicks 62, 64 
Hickson 39, 81 
Higg'inbotham 45, 52 
Higgins 66, 77 
Higginson 38 

Higgs 48 

Hill 38, 44, 48, 52 
56, 62, 67, 68, 70 
Hincks 57 
Hines 73 
Hoare 47, 51,62 
Hobart 41 
Ilodgens 52, 62 
Hodges 42, 44, 58, 78 
Hodgins 69 
Hodgkinson 62 
Hodgsons 64 
Hoey 41, 47, 52, 54, 

Hoflrman 63 
Hogan39, 41, 44,60, 

Hoguet42, 50, 75 
Holbrook 50 
Holdbrook 54, 59 
Holland 55, 68 
Holies 64 
Hollingsworth 65 

78, 80 
Home 47 
Hone 44, 62 
Honywood 44, 72 
Honner 39 
Hopkins 60, 67 
Horan 41, 57, 75 
Hornidge 79 
Horseman 47, 77 
Houghton 48, 81 
Howard 38, 40 
Howe 55, 62, 70 
Howell 77 
Howie 62 
Howse 73 
Howkin 73 
Hoy 41 
Hoyne 41 
Hoyle 39 
Hudson 4S, 63 
Huffinton 63 
Hughes 39, 41, 43, 48, 

^9, 52, 54, 55, S,1, 

62, 72, 73, 77, 78, 

Hull 64 
Hume 44 
Humphreys 38, 45, 

62, 81 
Huncbin 71 
Hunt 39, 62, 65, 66, 

Hunter 45, 54 
HuTly 5A 

Hussey 43, 54, 59 
Hutchinson 38, 39, 42, 

flutton46,48, 54, 59 

Hyudmau 62 

Hynes 52, 54, 5Q, 57^ 

Igoft 51 
Ince 41 
Ingham 77 
Ireland 67 
Irwin 81 
Irwine 81 
Izon 5S 
Jackson 41, 49, 50, 56^ 

58, 60, 62, 63, 65, 

67, 74, 79 
Jacob 73 
James 44, 51, 55 
Jameson 49, 62 
Jannillion 67 
Jemison 38 
Jenkins 38, 53 
Jennett 64, 82 
Jennings 64 
Jesson 45, 53, 56, 75 
Jessop 54 
Jewster 56 
Johnson 39, 42, 43 

46, 47, 50, 51, 52 
54, 58, 67, 72, 73 
77, 7%, 82 

Johnston 40, 42, 43 

56, 61, 67, 71, 73^ 

Jolly 51 

Jones 38, 40, 41, 42, 
43, 45, 46, 51, 54, 

57, 59, 60, 62, 63, 
65, 68, 73, 74, 75, 

Jordan 42, 43, 5^ 

Jouille 67 

Journeaux 62 

Joy 62 

Kane 41, 55, 74, 77, 

80, 81, 82 
Kavanagh 43, \5, 46, 

47, 54, 57, 58, 59, 
60, 63, 73, 74, 77, 

Kealey 38 

Kean 38 

Keane 70, 77 

Keanes 54 

Kearney 39, 41, 43, 

50, 54, 62, 64, 70, 

77, 79, 81 
Kearns 59, 64, 77, 81 
Keary 74 

Keating 52, 54,71,77 
Keefe 60 

Keegan40, 43, 52, 72' 
Keenan 60, 77 
Keene 42, 74 
Kehoe 54, 70, 74 
Keigbtly 42, 52 
Kellet 45 
Kellett 60 
Kells 80 
Kelly 39, 41, 42, 43, 

45, 47, 48,4^, 51, 

52, 54, 56, 58, 60, 
62, 63, 67, 68, 7©, 

74, 77 
Kempston 42, 52 
Kenna54, 64 
Kennan 40. 49, 74 
Kennedy 39, 44, 48, 

50, 54, 61, 62, 63, 

64, 69, 77, 78 
Kenny 47, 54, 77, 7% 
Kcnrick 42, 69 
Kent 44, 50, 54, 60, 

61, 67, 73 
Keogh 48, 49, 50, 51, 

54, 55, 59, 72 
Keon 39, 54 
Kerigan 48, 54 
Kerin 73 

Kernan 44, 54, 60, 77 
Kerr 50 
Kertland 46 
Kesham 54 
Keville 58 
Kibney 41 
Kiernan 70, 81 
Kiidahl 59, 74 
Kilgalin 50 
Kilkenny 63 
Killeen 47 
Kilpatrick 55 
Kilroy 51 
Kinahan 54 
Kinder 64 
King 39, 41, 42, 46, 

47, 49, 52, 59, 62, 

73, 77, 79 
Kingsley 5u 
Kingslagh 72 
Kinsela 68, 77 
Kinsclas 77 
Kings miill 55 
Kirby 64, fi 
Kirk 72, 74 
KirklanrJ 38 
Kirkwood 38, 68 
Kirwiin45, 48, 50,62, 

Kisler 78 

Knaggs 45, 74, 75, 7l| 
Knight 40, 50, 59 
Knott 45, 71, 74 
Knox 61 
Labatt 67 

Lacy 49, 65, 71 
Ladley 77 
La G. ange 42, 63 
Lake 72 
|Lalcr 45 
iLallor 54 
il>mb (50, b%, 69j 74, 

Lambemiount 64 
Lambei t48, 5a, 79, 81 
Lampri-y 49 



Lananze 44, 51 
Landati 11 
Land! ay 77 
Landay 77 
Lane 62 
Lani; 54 

Langan 50, ^(!,, 77 
Langstaff 43 
Lanigan 45 
-Lapliam 46 
La;ikan 74 
Laphen 43, 64, 68 
La Pier 44 
La Prelle 45, f5 
Large 69 
Larkin 42, 51, 57 
Latonche 41 
Law 40, 4j), 58 
Lawler47, 48, 51, 77 
Lawless 52, 63, 66, 

69,77, 81 
Lawrence 79, 81 
Lawrenson 74 
Lawther 56 
Lazenby 46 
Leahy 43, 67 
Leake 49, 73 
Lealand 62 
Leaman 59 
Lear 48, 81 
Leary 54, 60, 77 
Le Baas 53, 71 
Leckey 61 
Ledwich 60, 79 
Lee 50, 56, 57,64,65, 

Leech 39, 41; 
Leedom 65, 79 
Leeson 63, 73 
Leet 63, 81 
Leigh 67, 70 
Leland 56 
Lemaistre 68 
Lenan 77 
Lennartz 45 
Lennon 47 
Leonard 54, 62, 70 
Le Petit 61 
Leslie 57 

L'Estrange38,'73, 78 
Lever 59 
Levey 65 

Lewis 40, 42, 65, 77 
Lidford 42 
Lightfoot 49, 77 
■ Liaan 50, 52 
Lincham 59 
Lindsay 4f), 62 
Linfoot 52 
Little 67, 77 
Littlewood 74, 80 
Litton 41 
Livingston 77 
Llewellyn 45 
Lloyd 39, 47, 64, 69 
Locke 59, 66 
,Lods:t> 55, 56 

Logan 60, 66 

Long 46, 54, 55, 70 

73, 74, 77 
LongfieUi 59 
Looby 77 
Lopdell 68 
Lord 56 
Loiir'ans 77 
Lovely 71 
Lover 50, 61 
Lovett 56 
Lowe 52, 57, 62 
Lowry 51, 59, 81 
Lowther 42, 80 
Lube 77 
Lundy 77 
Lunn 66 
Lynch 41, 43, 46, 48, 

56, 57, 59, 63, 65 

70, 71,73,77,81 
Lyng 77 
Lynham 74, 77 
Lyons 49^ 63, 70, 77 
Lysaght 48 
Lyster 81 
M'Alpin 39 
M« Anally 68 
M'Ardell 81 
M'Ardle52, 57 
M<Auley 54, 56, 69 
M'Avoy 70, 77 
iVI'Bride60, 63 
M'Caba 33, 41, 43, 

iVf'Call 43, 63 
M'Can 56 
M'Carthy 39, 45, 47, 

65, 75 
M'Cartney 72 
M'Caskey 53 
M'Clean 49, 65 
M'Cleary 61, 73 
M'Clure 60 
M' Com as 63 

54, 61, 65, 66, 70, 

Vl'Coy 63, 69, 70 
M'Cracken 82 
M'Crea 38, 75 
M'Cready 40, 45, 75 
M'Creary 58 
M'Creery 46, 81 
M'Cues 45 
M'Daniel 59, 63 

49, 55, CO, 66, 67, 

70, 77, 81 
M'Donagh 45, 77, 81 
McDonald 45, 48, 49, 

52, 5.6, 60, 74 
M'Donall 74 
M'Donael 42 
M'Donneli 49, 24,57, 

59, 63, 64, 65, 73 
M'Dowell 73 
M'Enily 74 
M'Entegar 54 
M' Entire 70 
MT.vot 71 
M'Evny 54, 57, 63 
M'Farlan 68 
M'Gnn'y 44, 77 
M'Gauran 48, 54, C3 
M'Gawreji 56 
M'Gee G9 
M'Glll 63 
M'Ginnes 77 
M'Gloin 54 
M<Glue 49 
M'GraneSO, 61, 63 
M'Grath 65 
M'Grcgor >3Q 
M«Gmnnesa41,57, 77 
M'Guire 65, 73, 74 
M'Jennett 57 
M'Kee 54, 57 
M'Kenna 57, 59, 69 
M'Kenay 63, 70 
M'Keon 46, 64, 77 
M'Kenzie 45 
M'Kiernan 54, 61 
M'Knight 55 
M'Laine 65, 72 
M'Laughlin 69, 82 
M'Lean 64 
M'Loghlin 63 
.VI'Lorinan 60 
M'Mahon 40, 46, 50, 

65, 80 
M'Master 78 
M'Menamy 38, 82 
M'Mullen 60, 61 
M'MuIlin 73 
M'Murry 38 
M'Nally 65 
M'Naaiara 52, 66, 73 
M'Neely40,52, 72 
M'Owen 45, 75 
M'Quaid 77 
M'Quirke 77 
M'Rayn 65 
M'Tallon 71 
M'Winiams 45 
Macabe 67, 81 
Macarthy 63 
Macartney &7 
Machell 45 
Machin 82 
Mack 40, 75 
Macken 57, 63, 77 
Mackie 52 
Maeklin 73 
Mackintosh 64 
Madden 39, 41, 42, 

43, 45, 54, 57, 60, 

Maeder 44 

Maddnck 56 
Maddox 44 
Mader 38 
Maffet 54, 74, 80 
Maffett 38 
Maffit 63 

Magee 50, 55, 63, 64 
Magennis £4, 77 
Magill 69 
Maginn 60, 74 
Maginnes 59 
MaginnJs 39 
Magrnne 41, 49 
Maguire 41, 47, 49, 

50, 54, 55, 58, 61, 

63, 68, 69, 70, 74, 

Malilin 49 

Mahon42, 66,79, 81 
Mahony 48 
Mailie 41 
Maitland 42 
Maley 5 
Mallet 43, 58 
Mallett 68 
Mallow 51 
Mallin 71 
Malllns 70 
Malone46,50, 54,57, 

63, 74, 77, 79, 80 
Malv 47 

Mander9 41,44,48,74 
Mangam 77 
Mangan 48, 77, 80 
Manion 68 
Manly 54 
Manning 64, 66 
Mansergh 74 
Mansfield 39, 60 
Mara 43, 60, 73 
Marchant 53 
Marcbbank 44 
Marmion 63 
Marquis 63, 74 
Marr 77 
Marsh 67 
Marshall 59 
Martin 43,45,46,51, 

66, 69, 73,74,77,82 J. 
iVlartynSO . } 

Maskerry 59 , ,^ 

Mason 54, 58, 65, 24»!' 

75 . ,:: 

Massey 38 
Mastersou 52 
Matthews 39, 43, 56,; 

Maude 42 
May 78 
Maynard 64 
Mayne 63, 79 
Maziere 73 

Meade 61, 63 ,j( 

Meagher 54 ^y 

!\(rearu43, 51, 64 f 



Mee 55 

Meehan 51, 54 
Meiplirm 41 
Melliday 47 
Melville 72 
Mercicr 42 
Meredith 39, 54, 72 
Meredythe 38 
Merna 73 
Menilt55, 70 
Merry 44, 77 
Metcalf75, 79 
Mcvrick 4tf 
Mikel 77 
Might 69 
Miles 43 
Miley 45, 77 
Miller 41, 43,44, 54, 


Millikcn 42, 49, G6 
Milling 81 
Millner 81 
Mills 48, 54, 56, 61, 

63, 67, 68 
Minchin 56 
Miot 57 
Missett 47 
Mitchell 38, 47, 59, 

12, n 

Mitcbeltree 46,49, 63 
Molan 71 
Moiineanx 54 
Molineux 71 
Mollan 44, 67 
Mollony 69, 73 
Mollowney 66 
Molloy 50, 63, 71, 79 
Molton 71 
Moncks 79 
Monks41,43, 49, 60, 

Monsarratt 80 
Montgoroei'y 38, 63 
Mooncy 38, 45, 48, 

49, 52, 54, 56, 58, 

Moore 39, 45, 46, 48, 

49, 51, 54, 56, 57, 

58, 63, 69, 70, 75, 

77, 79 
Moran39, 41, 46,52, 

57, 60, 70, 71 
Morgan 45, 47, 48, 56, 

58, 64, 67, 71, 75, 
77, 78, 79 

Morland 64 

Morpie T5 

Morris 47, 48, 49, 50, 

54, 56, 59, 65, 66, 

Morrison 57, 59, 73,77 
Morrow 49 

Mortashed 39 
Morton 38, 70, 73 

Moselev 58 
Moss 73 
Mosse42, 45 
Mossop 50 
Moylan 66, 77 
Muley 55, 66 
Mulhall 68, 77 
Mnlholland 49, 82 
MuUahy 54 
Mullen 40, 41, 45, 46, 

54, 58, 71, 79, 81, 

MuIlJsan 47, 77, 81 

Miillin 77 

Mullins 40 

Mulock 39 

Mulvaney 52 

Afiilvey 43, 73, 77 

MiiDce 81 

Murphv 38, 39, 40, 
43, 44, 46, 47, 48, 
50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 

55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 
60, 63, 65, 66, 67, 

69, 72, 74, 75, 77, 

Mun-ay40,42, 44, 45, 
46, 47, 4S, 51, 54, 
58, 59, 60, 67, 68, 

70, 72, 77, 78, 82 

Miirta 78 
Mnrtagh 43 
Murtba 71 
Muspratt 46 
Musson 47 
Nangle 55, 58 
Napper 68 
Nash 47, 52 
Naylor 54 
Neary 78 
Neddry 40 
Needhani 59 
Ncill 72, 82 
Neilly 54 
Neistlc 43 
Nelson 54, 78, 83 
Ness 70 
Nevill 44, 63 
Neville 59, 71, 72 
Nevin 60, 65 
Newberry 39, 51 
Newbold 56 
Newcomb 63, 74 
Newcoinbe 80 
Newell 73 
Newland 38 
Newman 49, 79, 89 
Newport 6? 
NicboUs 50 [71 

Nicholson 60, 61,67, 
Nixon 42, 52, 78 
Nolan 42, 46, 60, 61, 

78, 79, 81 

Norman 51 

N orris 48, 56 

North 44, 56, 65, 66, 

Norton 56, 57 
Norwood 59 
Nowlan 52, 54, 56, 65, 

66, 71, 72, 78, 79 
. 81,82 
Nowland 58 
Nowlin 82 
Niigent39, 42, 46, 54, 

60, 72, 78, 80, 81, 

Nulty 32 
O'Beirne 38, 60 
O* Berne 50 
O' Brian 73 
O'Brien 39, 43, 45, 

47, 52, 54, 56, 60, 

63, 65, 67, 68, 69, 

70, 78, 81 
Obre 73 
0*Conner 71 
O'Connor 43, 58, 63, 

69, 74, 79, 80, 81 
O'Deinne 57 
O'Donel 39 
O'Donnell 43, 49, 54, 

O'Donohoe 60 
O'Donohoo 73 
Odium 79 
O' Flaherty 60 
O' Flanagan 67 
O'Gara 78 
O'Gilby 61, 63,67 
Ogle 43 
O'Gorman 81 
O'Grady 67 
O'Keefe 60 
O' Kelly 63, 80 
Oldham 60 
0'LearY78, 82 
O'Loghlin 81 
O'Mara 56 
O'Meara 44 
O'Neal 43, 65 
O'Neill 43, 44, 46, 47, 

51, 52, 55, 56, 57, 

58, 59, 63, 68, 69, 

O'Neills 79 

O'Reardoo 67 
O'Reilly 39, 40, 46, 

55, 56, 58, 60, 64, 

66, 67, 70, 73, 78, 

Orford 57 
Ormond 64 
Ormsby 55 
O'Romke 39 

Orpen 67, 73 

Orpin 65 

Orr 58, 60, 63, 65, 7S 

Orrs 46 

Osborne49, 67, 70,78 

O'Shaughuessy 59 

O'SuUivan 56 

Oulton 66 

Owens 79 

Oxburgh 45 

Oxley 82 

Page44, 47, 51, 63 

Paisley 45 

Pakenham 65 

Palmer 38, 43, 46, 50, 

56, 63 
Papworth 40 
Parker 43, 46, 47, 57, 

Parkes 58 
Parkinson 56 
Parry 42, 60 
Parsley 38 
Parsons 81 
Partington 63 
Pasley 55 
Passmore 60, 74 
Patrick 63 

Patterson4l, 43,44, 5» 
Pattisou 55 
Payton 82 
Peacock 40, 65, 73 
Pearce 45 
Pearson 66, 79 
Peck 57, 65 
Peebles 57, 73 
Peel 69 
Peirce 63 
Pemberton 71 
Pennell 82 
Pender 79 
Pentland 67, 69 
Pepper 61 
Perceval 67 
Perrin 45, 82 
Perry 55, 57, 58, 64 
Persse 55 
Pervier 66 
Peter 39, 58, 73 
Peters 72 
Petrie 58 

Phelan 38, 48, 55, 71 
Phelps 49, 63 
Phepoe 79 
Phibbs 81 
Phillips 38, 47, 52, 65, 

66, 82 
Philpot 74 
Pickering 58, 66, 82 
Pidgeon 80 
Pigott51, 61,78 
Pilkington 78 
Pilsworth 48 
Pirn 44, 61, 63 
Pindar 65 
Pine 63 




Pinkney53 "'"] 

Pittman 80 

Place 61 

Flake 71 

Plant 55 

Plowman 78 

Plunkett 50, 56, 57, 

59. 61 
Poett 73 
Polen 47 
Pollard 68 
Pomeret 69 
Poole 65 1 
Poolman 50 
Pope 50 
Popplewell 80 
Porter 42, 63, 64, 73, 
Portfleld 78 
Potter 50 
Potterton 56 
Potts 64 
Pounden 58 
Powell 45, 63 
Power 48, 49, 53,55 

57, 64, 66, 68, 70 
Powers 38 
Poynton 70 
Pofntz 57 
Prentor 55 
Prentice 61 
Preston '40, 45 
Price 39, 44, 46, 52, 

70, 74 
Prince 67 
Proctor 68 
Proudfoot 45 
Purcell 38, 45, 61 
Purden 78 
Purdon 63 
Purdy 63 
Purfield 61 
Pusterla 41 
Quade 78 
Quelch 55 
Quigley 49, 55, 61 
Quilton 59, 74 
Quin 47, 66, 73, 78 
Quinn55, 65 
Quinlan 64, 66, 73 
Radford 66 
Rafferty 61 
Rafter 79 
Rainey 55, 63, 69 
Ramadge 67 
Rainsford 63 
Ralph 57 
Ramsay 80 
Rankin 69, 75 
Ransford 44 
Raper 43 
Rathborne 65, 79 
Ratigan 79 
Ravertv 73 
Raye 38 

Rayns 51 

Raynor 56 

Rea 49 

Read 49,55,59, 68,73 

Reddy 63, 69 

Redmond 48, 49, 51 

66, 73, 78 
Reed 40, 82 
Reeves 43, 49, 82 
Regan 38, 52 
Reid 61, 67, 75 
Reilly 39, 41, 44, 48, 

49, 55, 56, 57, 61, 

64, 66, 69, 72, 74, 

78, 79, 82 
Renny 73 
Renshaw 45 
Reynolds 39, 48, 49, 
* 50, 59, 64, 71, 78 
Riall 43 
Rice 75, 79, 80 
Richard 41, 53 
Richards 73 
Richardson 44, 50, 57, 

61, 64, 65, 66, 68, 

Richey 61, 81 
Richie 71 
Richmond 33 
Rickard 41,43 
Ridgeway 79 
Rigby 55 
Riley 80 
Ring 57, 59 
Ringland 79 
Ringwood 53 
Risk 80 
Rivett 38 
Roach 55, 82, 78 
Roberts 65 63 
Robertson 50, 65, 73 
Robinson 44, 49, 50, 

58, 59,63,66,67,68, 

74,75,78, 80,31 
Rocchi 82 

Roche 40,43,55,61,63 
Rochford 39 
Roe 44, 49, 59,63,65, 

67, 69 
Rogers 41,44, 55, 56, 

68, 78 
Rogerson 81 
Rolls 48 
Romaine 47 
Roney 73 
Rooke 58, 71 
Raouey 38, 43, 44,45, 

55, 73, 74, 78 
Roose44, 50, 51, 61 
Rorke 43, 58, 78 
Ross 46, 78 
Rosseter 57 
Rothwell 43 
Rough'ley 47 
Rounds 49, 61 
Rourke48, 69,71,82 
Rowan 64 

Rows 69 

Roy 44 

Roycraft 46, 48, 75 

Ruckley 47 

Rumley 73 

Ruskell 74 

Russell 47, 52, 59,61, 

63, 64, 72, 81, 82 
Rutherford 63 
Ryall 65, 73 
Ryan 51, 55, 64, 65, 

66, 67, 72, 78, 79 
Ryder 41, 78 
Ryland 57 
Ryvell 73 
Sadler 65 
Sale 58 
Sallins 57 
Salmon 61,79, 82 
Salters 51 
Sampson 78 
■-Zanders 47 
Sandford 41, 55 
Sandys 40, 50 
Sargent 64 
Satchwell 70 
Saul 70, 81 
Saunders 64, 65, 71 
Savage 39, 44, 56, 70 
Scallan 59 
Scally 73 

Scanlan 48, 63, 66 
Scarlet 58 
Schevenell 72 
Scholes 39, 73 
Scott 39, 46,63, 75,79 
Scully 73 
Scurlog SO 
Seabrook 50 
Seale 41 

Seaver 47, 49, 63 
Secretary 45 
Seed 69, 78 
Segrave 50, 58, 71, 

Sellors 56 
Semple 59 
Sexton 78 
Shallow 48 
Shannon 56, 70,74,81 
Sharkey 42,61, 62,66, 

Sharman 38 
Sharp 43, 46, 52, 56, 

59, 64, 72, 78 
Sharpe 44, 79 
Sharpley 57 
Shaw 39, 41, 42,49, 

50, 56, 59, 61, 63, 

68, 69, 80, 82 
Shearman 82 
Sheckleton 73 
Sheil 40, 57, 67 
S'jeild 78 
Sheircliff 44 
Sheridan 43,50,58,67, 

73,78, 79,82 

Sherlock 40, 68, ;f;;,if; 
Shernan 74 -.unigi.K 
Sherrard59 . '.,i,;!M^ 
Sherrock56, 67, 70ijl^ 
Sherry 48, 64, 78 .;M 
Sherwia53, 66 ,1/ 

Shiels 74 ,\t- 

Shine 81 t> 

Shirley 44 
Shirtliife 44 
Short 70, 73, 78, 8» 
Sibthorp 52, 65 
Sillery 65 
Silly 43 

Simmons 61, 66 
Simpson 52, 66,69,71, 

Sims 39 
Sinclair 47, 7^ 
Singleton 49, 64, 74 
Sinnott46, 78 
Sinton 61 
Sissonwhite 70 
Slater 55, 66,79 
Smith 40, 41, 4?, 43, 

44,50, 52,53,55,56, 

57, 58, 61, 64, 66, 

68, 71, 72, 74, 75, 

78, 79, 80, 82 
Smithson 43, 45, 71 
Smithsons 50, 70 
Smvth 39, 43, 53, 55, 

56, 61, (A, 67, 72, 

75,78, 81 
Sneyd 61, 74,80 
Sohan 39 
Southwell 64 
Spadicini 47 
Sparks 46 
Sparrow 80 
Spear 61,65 
Speer 67 
Spence 74 
Spencer 66 
Spinks 69 
Spratt 52, 65, 66 
Spring 66 

Sproul 61 .t* 

Sproule 47 t; 

Spruhan 38 
Stack 61, 67 
Stafford 55, 73 
Standish 74 
Stanley 49, 61, 
Stannus 58 
Stanners 55 
Stanton 56, 64 
Stapleton 59, 71 
Star 65, 66 
Stark 65 
Staunter 78 
Staunton 63 
Stednian 7 1 
Stephens 46, 47,57,63> 

67,69,70,79 ^^ 
Stephenson 66 i^ 

Sterne 70 



Stewart 38, 42, 43, 

46,' 48, 58, 59, 6Z, 

Stic^land 38 
Stinson 81 
Stoddoa 6.4 
Stoker 67 
Stokes G7 
Storey 65, 71 
Stott 61, C3 
StraLan 46, 70 
Straker 7.4 
Stretch 56, 69 
Stringer 39, 73 
Stroker 39, 44^ 4-6", 

Strong 49, 74 
Stuart 49 
Slubber 81 
Stubbs 46, 52, 57, 61 

71 ' 
Stucklart 43, 61 
Sturgeon 72 
Sugrue 47 
Snllivan 47, 48,64,66 

67, 73, 78 
Surridge 65 
Sutter 44 

Sutton 44, 63, 72, 75 
Swail 55 
Sweeney 78 
Sweeny 41, 67 
Sweney 46, 47, 70 
Sweetman 43, 44, 82 
Swinny 63 
Sword 71 
Taaffe47, 82 
Tagert 73 
Taggart 55 
Talbot 44, 45, 66, 70 

Tallon 82 
Tancred 52 
Tarleton 80 
Tassie 70, 72 
Tate 56, 58 
Taubinan 55 
Taylor40, 41, 42, 58, 

61 66, 67,71, 72, 

73, 74, 78, 80, 81 
Teare 53 

Teeling 57, 58, 63,67, 
Teevens 51 
Templeton 59 
Tencb46, 69 
Ternan41, 52, 79 
Thacker48, 61, 6a 
Tharell46, 79 
Thirlow 72 
Thorn 64 
Thomas 39, 46,50,56, 

63, 79, 82 
Thompson 38, 44, 49, 
52, 63, 69, 70, 71, 

75, 79, 82 I 

Thomson 64, 71 
Tkornton 7? 

Thorp 59, 67 
Thorpe 38, 57 
Thunder 44 , 
Tbwaites 46 
Tick el! 56 
Tieruan 78 
Tighe 55, 57, 78, 79 
Tirnmcns 78 
Tims 42, 56 ' 
Timms 78 
t indall 69, 80 
Tipper 41 
rol)in 43, 68, 79 
Tod J 73 
Todderick 67 
Todhunler 48, 69, 74 
Togher 69 
Tollerton 69, 74 
Tomey 78 
Tomlinson 44, 55 
Tommins 51, 57 
To my 62 
Tonry 61 
Toohy 55 
Toole 52, 69, 72, 75, 

78, 80 
Toone 52 
Tormay 48 
Townsend 64 
Towsou 71 
Tracey 73 
Tracy 52, 66, 67 
Travers 44- 
Treece 78 
Treeuor 64 
Trevor 44, 67 
Trim 44, 51, 68 
Tronson 43 
Troy 41, 52,56,70,71, 

Troye 78 
Truelock- 55 
Tucker 41 
Tuke 67 

Tullv46, 61,66 
Tunbridg* 59 
Tunstall 57 
Tuomy 67 
Turner 45, 55, 57,58, 

Turpin 38, 47, 58 
Tute 64 
Tuthill 57 
Tuton 82 
Tutty 59 
Twigg 42, 61 , 63 
Twycross 53 
Twyford 50, 52 
Tynan 55, 73 
Tyndall 70 
Tyrrell 41, 42, 51, 55, 

Underwood 56, 68 
lUnthank 74 
Usher 50, 61, 68,73 
Ussher 68 

Vallauigan 45 

Vance 81 

Vaughan 51, 63, 78, 

Vecchio 78 
Venables 66 
Verner 38 
Vernor 61 
Vero 65 
yerscbyle 63 
Vickers 78, 79 
yictory 69 
Vigne 58 
Vizer 79 
Wadden 71 
Wade 41, 50, 55, 60, 

68, 69, 78 
Wadsworth 39 
Waldron 46, 63 
Walker 44', 47, 56,61 

65, 73, 81 

Wall 38, 52, 55,56,59, 
61, 66, 68, 72,73, 

Wallace 39, 73 

Waller 50 

Wailis 59 

Walpole 55, 79 

Walsh 41, 42, 47,49, 
50, 52, 56, 60, 63, 

66, 68, 69, 71, 72, 
74, 78, 79, 80, 81 

Walshe 74 
Walter 82 
\\'alton 42 
Ward 41, 47, 55, 59, 

61, 66, 69 
Wardle 81 
WaiiDg 63 
Warmingham 55 
Warner 63, 79 
Warrm 38, 59, 64, 


Waters 41 
Watkins 52 
Watson 42, 55, 60,63; 

72, 82 
Watts 39, 73 
Waugh 79 
Webb 38, 42, 45, 50 

56, 61 
Weidner 68 
Weily 41 
Welch 57 
Weldon 44, 70 
Welsh 4 1,63 
Wentworth 81 
West 38, 40,49,58,68 

71, 75, 80, 81 
Westray 74 
Whaley 56, 82 
Wheatley 56, 80, 82 
Wheeler 38, 45, 56 
Whelan51, 55, 57,59, 

74, 78, 80 
Whitcroft 66 
White 42, 43, 46, 52, 

55, 58, 59, 60, 64, 

70, 73, 74, 75, 78, 
80, 81 

Whiteford 47, 70, 
Whitehead 82 
Whitely 49 
Whites'tone 58, 70 
Whitfield 81 
Whitley 43 
Whitsitt 44, 46 
Whitty 44, 50, 80 
Wkyte 58,52, 55,59, 


Wiber 46 
Wigelsworth 44 
VV'iggins 56 
Wilde 51, 74, 82 
Wildman 72 
Wildridge 59 
Wiles 70 
Wilkin 64 
Wilkins 61 

Wilkinson 46, 56, 57, 
. 68, 69, 73. 74, 82 
WiUans 82 
Willett 50, 68, 73 
WUliam 68 
Williams 39, 46, 52, 

58, 61, 65,70,81,8Z 
Williamson 40, 43,55, 

59, 63, 69 

WiUit 39i 52, 53, 64, 

66, 81 
Wilmot 73 
Wilson 38, 49, 55, 56, 

57, 58,59,61,63,65, 

71, 78, 80 
Wily 43 
Winter 41, 57 
Wisdom 80 
Wise 66 
Withrall 72 
Witworth 68 
Woffington 64 
Wogan 42, 57 

Wood 42, 43, 48, 56, 

■V^'oodburne 69 
Woodcock 55 
Woodliouse 45 
Woodlock 56 
Woods 46, 51,59, 66, 

Woodward 40 
Wooldiidge 59 
Worn 67 
\yright 53, 56,61,73, 

Wy brants 59 
Wylde 49 
Wyou 58 

Yates 48, 69, 74 .{ 

¥eates49, 62,65 
York 49 

Young 46, 61, 64, 71, 
Younge 49, 56 

L 123 J 



HE town of Antrim, in tbe county of the eame name, is a small neat market town, 
84 miles from Dublin, and 14 from Belfast, the trade of this place is not very extensive 
owing to there being no linsil or butter market held here, consequently, the chief of the 
business on marl-.ct days is for domestic purposes, and of little benefit to the r«sidenf trades- 
people—Contiguous to the town, are the coucerus belonging to A & T. Lcdlie, Esqrs. 
consisting of a very extensive paper manufactory, starch works and brewery, which con- 
tribute greatly to the employment of numerous workmen, and are also generally of great 
service to the Town.— Some considerable quantities of linens, and a few cottons are made 
here, about 300 looms for that purpose are kept in constant employ. Tliis town stai\d« on 
the north end of the beautiful Lake, Lough Ncagh. It is a very ancient borough, whose 
Mayor, once commanded a very great extent of coast in thecounty, and also in the county 
of Down, the Corporation receiving the benefits of the customs of the vesdeis that came 
within the bounds of their jurisdiction, (those of Bangor and Belfast excepted) but tliia 
right being purchased some time back by the Crown, the general Custom Houf r> was then 
transferred to Belfast, Antrim consists of one handsome, spacious and clean street, at the 
top of which is a very neat Market House, with a handsome Cupola, near this is the fine 
lodge and castle gate, the entrance to the late Earl Massareens Castle, which ib a superb 
mansion, and furnished in a style of great magnificence. The Church which stands in th« 
main street, is a sinall neat building with a handsome square tower, terminating a 
fine high spire ; at a place called Steeple, very near the town, is one of those ancit ut round 
towers, and about three miles west, immediately on the shore of the Lake, stands Shanes 
Castle. The country round is beautifully pleasant in summer, and the lauds are good and 
fertile, there are four yearly fairs, viz. 1st. Jan. 12th. May, 1st. August, and 12tli. Nov. 
Market day on Thursday. The population is considered to be about 1800 inhabitants. 

Post Office.— Elenor Charters, Post Mistress. — The Mail from Dublin arrives in Antrim 
everyday at twelve o'clock; and letters dispatched to Dublin at two. — The mail leaves 
Antrim at half past two ally, by which the Londonderry letters are forwarded, and retufni 
at six every morning, when the Belfast bags are sent off, ' 

Forsyth John, High-st. 
M'Master Alexander, High-st. 
Morton Join, High-st. 

Crozier William, High-st. 
Dillon Wm. John, (and stamp distributor) 

Millar William, Massareen-st. 
Molyneux William, High-st. 
Shannon James, High-st. 
Woods John, High-st. 

Skelton Samuel, High-st. 

Boot 8f Shoe Maker. 
Gibson Matthew, High-st. 

Brewer and Maltsters. 
Ledlie Alex- and Thomas, Higb-st, 

Cabinet Maker, 
Scott Robert, High-st. 

Clothes Dealers. 
Gilmour John, High-st. 
Patrick William, High-st. 

Cotton Manufacturer. 
Dickey James, High-st. 

Earthenware Dealer, 
LaveryCathn. Higb-st. 


Campbell John, High-st. 
Chapman Thomas, High-St. 
Clugston Alex. High-st. 
Cosgrave Alex. High-st. 
Craig Nathl, High-st. 
Cunningham Thomas, High-st. 
Dickey Nathl. High-st. 
Donaldson Hugh, High-st. 
Johnston William, High-st. 
M'Gee James, High-st. 
M'Lorininilenrj", High-st. 
Milliken Henry, High-st. 
Smyth Patrick, Hiffh-st. 
Swan C. & A. High-st. 

Campbell Agnes, High-st. 
Craig and Charters, High-st. 
Cuddy Henry, High-st. 
M'llsea M. and J. High-st, 
Palmer Sarah, High-st. 
Young and Millar, High-st. 

HardiAiare Dealert: 

Millar Campbell, High-st. 
Palmer Sarah, H'lgh-st. 

Gordon Henry, High-st. 
Hagan Robert, Fligh-st. 
Mag«e James, High-8t. 
M'Kain Mary, High-st, 



Rainey William, High-st. 
Rooney Alex. High-st. 
Wilson Andrew, High-st. 
Wilson David, High-st. 
Wilson Saml. High-st. 
Wilson William, High-st. 
Young William, High-st. 
Forbes William, (Massareen Arms) High-st. 
Keenan Jas. (car-man) Bew-lane 
M'Annally Henry, (Mail Coach Hotel and 
Head Inn) High-st. 

Linen Manufacturers. 
Clugston William, High-st. 
Ciaig Nathl. High-st. 
Crawford Thomas, High-st. 
Gray James, High-st. 
M'Bride San.l, High-st. 
M'Ferran William, High-st. 
M'Ferrau James, High-st. 
M'Nair John, High-st 
O'Neill John, Higb-st. 

Willans William, High-st. 
Campbell Henry, Commissioner Extraor- 
dinary Court of King's Bench 
Painter and Glazier. 
Judge John, Massareen-st. 

Paper Makers, 
Ledlie Alex, and Thomas, High-st. 

Agnew James, High-st. 
Harbison John, High-st. 
Kelly John, High-st. 
Kennedy Anthony, High-st. 
M'Lorinan Ann, Highest. 
Megirerin John, Masareen-st. 
Moore John, Masareen-st. 

Reid Daniel, Bow-lane 
Shannon James, High-st. 
Taggart John, High-st. 
Wilson Thos. & Co. (and Spirit Stor«) 

Glyn William, High-st. 
Maff«tB. High-st. 

Starch Manufacturers. 
Ledlie Alex, and Thomas, High-st, 

Bnice John, (& Man Midwife) High-st. 
Forsyth John, High-st, 
M'Master Alex. High-st, 
Morton John, High st. 

Blaney John, High-st. 
Craggs Saml. High-st. 
Johnston William, High-st. 
Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers. 
Chapman Thomas, High-st. 
Quin John & Co. High-st. 

Tanners 4- heather Cutters, 
Campbell William, High-st. 
Gibson Matthew, (Leather Cutter) High-st. 

Watdh Maker, 
M'Neilly Alex. High-st. 

Wine and Spirit Merchant, 
Ferguson John, Hijh-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Forbes William, High-st. 
Taggart John, High-it. 

The Mail to Belfast every morning at six 
o'clock, and to Coleraine and Londonderry , 
at half past two daily. A Car for passen- 
gers &c. every Friday morning to Belfast, 
and returns the same evening. 



iiLRMAGH is a neat and well built town, situate on the river Callen, 62 miles north 
of Dublin, in a rich and populous country, chiefly occupied in the manufacture of linen. 
It is the see of the Archbishop of Armagh, the Primate of all Ireland. This city, 50 
years ago presented a very different appearance contrasted with its present state ; its 
cathedral was dilapidated, the streets unpaved, mud cabins, miserable hovels, were the 
only wretched retreats of a population wanting industry, and even cleanliness ; excepting the 
cathedra], it was without churches o:- schools. Such was Armagh half a century ago. 
Another " Man of Ross" in the person of Prelate Robinson, by the gecerous sacrifice 
of ofSfl.OOO of bis fortune effected in the space of seven years a perfect metamorjihose. 
He repaired the half mined cathedral and built three churches, exclusive of a very 
handsome one of white stone, to the erection of which he was instruraental. He con- 
Btructcd likewise a school ot considerable magnitude, nowtermed the College; built and en- 
dowed a publiclibrary ; was the means of establishing an infirmary, and the present handsome 
appearance of the city may be principally attributed to the plans laid down by liim. 
He erected also the Episcopal Palace and the Market House, which is at once useful and 
ornamental. The Barracks at the suggestion of his Grace, were built in a situation which 
prove au embellishment to the suburbs of the city. Ttris excellent man encourao-ed piety 
by his e^^ample, and industry by bis munificence. The following Statement extracted 



from the annals of Armagh, will at once shew its antiquity and recapitulate its misfortunes. 
In 547, St. Patrick founded a priory of Canons of the order of St. Augustine, which con- 
tinued for many years one of the most celebrated Ecclesiastical Institutions in the wOiW, 

670 and 687. The town destroyed by accidental tires. 

724. St. Colman Humacensis Biographer of St. Patrick died here. 

729. King Flathbert abdicated his Throne and became a Monk in this Priory. 

778. The town consumed by Lightning. 

831. Tlie Danes pluudeied .\rmagh thrice in one month. 

839. The Danes burned the town and destroyed all the sacred reliqucs. 

850. The city was laid waste hy invaders. 

873. The Danes plundered and burnt the town, and massacred 1000 of the inhnbitnuts. 

830. The Danes sacked Armagh, destroyed the great Church and other edifices, ;md 
carried away captive 720 of the inhabitants. 

892 — 895 and 898. The town Vf as pillaged by the Danes. 

919 — 931 and 943. The toviu plundered, sparing only the sick and the chnvchcs. 

1004. King Boromh presented a collar of gold weighing 20 ounces to the Clergy of 
the Cathedral. 

1012. The Danes reduced the town to ashes. 

1013. King Boromh and his son (killed in the battle of Clontarf) were interred here. 
1016. Sitric with the Dublin Danes bnrned Armagh. 

1022. Malachy Monarch of Ireland was interred here. 

The City of Armagh suffered greatly from fires, in the years 1074—1090—1093—1112 
— 1116—1122—1150—1164—1166—1179 and 1195. 

1160. Sir John De Couray plundered Armagh when Thomas O'Corcoran the Arch- 
deacon was barbarously murdered. 

1179. William Fitz Adelm forcibly removed St, Patrick's Ci-ozier to Dublin. 

1 184. Philip De Worcester with a great army ravaged the town for six days. 

1189—1199—1206—1208. The City was plundered by De Couray and De Lacic 
the ydunger. 

1373. The possessions of the Abbey seized by King Edward III. 
" 1612. Abbey suppressed by Henry the VIII. 

The principal public buildings and places of note in Armagh are the Cathedral, which 
contains some fine specimens of sculpture, particularly a monument to Drelincourt, author 
of the celebrated work on " Death ;" with others of Archbishop Rcbinson and the Rev^. 
Thomas Carpendale, &c. The Metropolitan Palace and Deanery House — The Sissioug 
House — The Barracks — The Market and Yarn Halls — The College and Charter School— 
The New Gaol, whose appearance is terrific to the guilty mind — The New Church — The 
Model School — The Infirmary — Public Library, anu the Observatory. — The Tontine and 
Commercial News Rooms, the Savings Bank, in English-street, the County Excise office, 
the Mall, a dehghtful promenade, in CoUege-st, the romantic walks in the subuibs, 
termed " Dobbin's Walk," &c. &c. The places of worship not of the Establishment, are 
the Catholic Chapel, the Presbyterian and Seceders Meeting Houses, one of Wesleyaa 
and one of the Modern Methodists. — The Provision Market is held on Tuesday, and that 
for Corn on the Saturday. F^rs — March 28th, July 10th, \ugust 12th, October 5th, 
The Races are held on the third Friday in October. 

Post Office, bottom of Scotch-street.— Post Mistress, Mrs. Abigail Bolton. — Mail 
from Dublin arrives at ten in the morning, dep. at a quarter past four in the afternoon. — 
Mail from Belfast (with the letters from Scotland,) arrives at ten in the morning, dep. at 
half past four in ihe afternoon. — Bye Post daily, from Loughgall, arrives at four in the 
evening, departs at a quarter past ten in the morning — Bye Post from Caladon, Tvnan 
and Glaslough arrives at four in the evening, departs at a quarter past ten in the morning. 
—Bye Post to Keady and Castle Blauey, arrives at half past ten in the morning, de- 
parts at three in the Afternoon, on Sundays, Wednesdays and Fridays. 

Academies (PrincipaLj 
Howden Rev, William, Dobbin-st, 
M'Corraick Anne, College-st. 
Murray John, English-st. 
Ryan Rev. Alexander, Abbey-st. 

Algeo William W. Esq. (land) English-st. 
Beatty David, (land steward to the LordFri- 

niate) English-st. 
Caldwell Johnston, (to nohilityandcharitable 

loan society) English-st. 
Pobbin Leonard, Esq. (to the Belfast Bank) 


Kelly A. J. Esq. (to nobility) the Mall 
Waugh John. Esq. (t.^ the Tontine Commer- 
cial News Rpflm) English*st. 

Apothecaries and Surgeons. 

Those marked are Surgeons, 
t Dobbin M. Scotch-s 
fHeniy Robert, Thomas-st. 
fM'SpaddenJohn, Market-st. 
Maziere Andrew, Market-st. 
Sloan ^s.(& oil& colour def^ler) English-st 
tVog?kn Joshua, Market-st. 



Carroll Sinclair, (& measurer) College-st. 

Attornies, Solicitors, Sfc. 
Appleby Thamas, Licenced Conveyancer 

Armstrong James, Abbey-st. 
Armstrong Francis, Abbey-st. 
Bell & Dobbin. Seven Houses, Englisli-st, 
Haddock John, Irish-st. 
M'Kinstry Lee, Office, near Scotch-sr. 

Auctioneers . 
Campbell M. Jrish-st. 
Jones John, Barrack-st. 
Pilkington P. College-st. 

Beatty James, Scotcb-st. 
Bell Matthew, English-st. 
Davis Walter, Barrack-st. 
Garvey Robert, Endish-st. 
Hughes Henry, Endiah-st. 
Lindsey Richard, Scotch-st. 
M'Gough Patrick, Thomas-st, 
M'Glennan Jane, Scotch-st. 
Public Bakery, English-st, J.M. Foster,Agt. 
Richards John, English-st. 


Pollock Joseph, English-st. 
Stationers, Booksellers and Binders. 
Coxy F. W. Castle-st. 
Liudley Thomas (cir. lib.) Scotch-st, 
Pooler William, (printer) Scotch-st. 
Stevenson Robert, (& printer) Scotch-st. 
Wright William, English-st. 
Young John, (printing & binding neatly 
executed) Market-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers, 
Barrett Edward, Thomas-st. 
Christy Peter, Scotch-st, 
Gordon James, Barrack-st. , 

Hughes George, English-st. 
Hughes Arthur, Scotch-st. 
Johnston Robert, Thomas-st. 
Luas Andrew, Thomas-st. 
Mosson William, Thomas-st. 
Reilly John, Thomas-st. 
Ross John, Castle-st. 
Sherry Lawrence, Thomas-st. 

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers. 
Scott William, Euglish-st. 
Scott Robert, Meeting-st. 
Tyrrell Gerald, Thomas-st. 
Lyle Andrew, (& malster) English-st. 

Cabinet Makers. 
Drum Hugh, (& chairs) Thomas-st. 
Eno Christopher, (Scuphl.) Thomas-st. 
Eves J. W. (& uphr.) Scotch-st. 
Henry John, (& uphr.) English-st; 
pilkington P. College-st, 

Clothes Brokers. 
Collins James, Church-lane 
M'Gurk Patrick, Castle-st. 
M'Mahon Owen, Castle-st. 
Yoaug John, (wliol, & ret.) Mark«t-st. 

Coal Merck ant, 
Lee Oliver, (& iron stores) Thomas-st. 

Confectioners , 
Bi-jght Samuel, Englisii-at. 
Bright Anne, Thomas-st. 
Moran James, Scotch-st. 
Campbell Florence, Jenny's-row 
Trainer Thomas, Thomas-st. 

Corn Merchants and Millers, 
Bell Matthew & Co. English st. 
Dobbin Leonard, Scotch-st. 
Jackson Robert, (flour) Market-st, 
Kidd Thomas & Osborne, English-st. 
M'Kinstry and Kidd, English-st. and Ready 
Prentice Alexander, Scotcb-st. 
Simpson Thomas, (and flour) Thomas-st. 

Jones William, (and wool dlr.) Thomas-st. 
Kierans Thomas, Thomas-st. 

Fire and Life Insurance Offices. 
British and Irish (fire) and Westminster 

Life, S. and W. Gardner, Market-st. 
Eagle, James Maxwell, English-st. 
Globe, Thomas Liadley, Scotch-st. 
Norwich Union, Hugh M'Master, Abbey-st. 

Glass and China Dealers. 
Williamson John, (wh. and rt.) English-st. 
W^ilson John, Thomas-st. 
Wilson M. (delf.) Thomas-st. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 
Boyd William, Thomas-Kt. 
Bradley James, Thomas-st. 
Caldwell C. andT. English-st. 
Campbell William, Seotch-st. 
Carroll William and Co. EnglisIi-St, 
Cavanagh Charles, Irish-st. 
Cochrane Robert, sen. English-st. 
Cochrane Robert, jun. English-st. 
Corvan Patrick, English-st. 
Crummey Neal, Castle-st. 
Devlin Patrick, (Turk's Head) English-st. 
Graham John, English-st. 
Haddock James, Thomas-st. 
Hancock Jane, English-st. 
Harrington William and Robert, Market-st, 
Lee John, Scotch-st. 
M'Clure James, Scoteh-st. 
M'KeanRohert, Market-st. 
M'Williams W. andT. Scotch-st, 
Milles John, Scotch-st. 
Quin Thomas and Hugh, English-st. 
Simpson John, Market-st. 
Stanley J ahn, College-st. 
Stanley Jsmes, Scotch-st. 
Trainer Hugh, English-st, 
Wbittington Richard, Irish-st- 
Gun Makers. 
Evitt David, (smith) Thomas-st, 
Leslie William, Scotch-st. 

Linen Drapers, Haberdashers, Milli' 

ners, ^c. 
Cochran Eliza, (milliner) Seotch-st. 
Corrigan Meredith, (1. drp.) Market-st. - 
Irwine William, (hab.) Scotch-st. 



Lane Matilda, milliner, English-st. 
M'llroy Alexander. [Hn. dpr.j Market-st. 
M'Kean Henry, Market-st. 
Palmer Rarh:;el, S-cotch-st. 

Hotel and Coach Inn. 
M'Keau Jane, fiend of Scotch-st, 

Ironmongers . 
Craig Samnri, (i.nd lihrd^are) Seotch-st. 
Maxwell James, [lead and gunpowder 
merchant] Market-st. 

Joiners and Builders. 
Baxt«r Robert, Abbey-st. 
Blair William and Samuel, Abbey-st. 
■Boyd Joseph, Poor-School-iune 
Hillick Charles, Ban-ack-st. 
Anderson Catiiarine, Scotch-st. 
Lindley Thomas, (and fancy hardware^ 

Orr Daniel, (manufac.) Scotch -s 

Land Surveyors. 
Armstrong J. English-st. 
Hutchinson John, Thomas-st. 
M'Cartan Terence, Raven-hill. 
Leather Cutters. 
Calagban Owen, Thomas-st. 
Crummey Neal, Castle-st. 
Dalzel Richardson, Market-st. 
M'Kee Francis, Castle-st. 
Palmer John, Thomas-st. 
Smyth James, English-st. 

Begg William, [linen] College-st. 
Dobbin Leonard, [agent to theBelfastBank] 

Fowler Henry, (linen) Market-st. 
Prentice Alexander, Scotch-st. 
Stanley John, College-st. 

Nursery and Seedsmen. 
Penton William, Thomas-st. 
Smyth James, English-st, 

Oil and Colour Dealers. 
Boyd William, Thomas-st. 
Prentice George, (and spirits) Scotch-st. 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Beggs Nathaniel, College-st. 
Henry William, Market-st. 
Macan Thomas, Poor-School-lane 
Rutherford John, Barrack-f>t. 
Thompson Robert, (plumber) A!)bey-st. 

Paten Brokers, 
Galagher John, M u-ket-st, 
M'CuUa John, (and geai. coaimis. broker) 

Young Sarah, Church-laue 

Atkinson Edward, Engl'sli-st. 
Campbell James, Vicar-hill 
Kidd W. L. Vicar-hill 
Ryan William, Abbey-st. 

Reed Makers^ 
Boyd Samuel, Barrack-st, 
Justice Hugh, Ca!lan-st. 
Linton Walsh, Thomas-st. 
Webster Hugh, Charter-School-lant 

Rope Makers. 

Lappan Daniel, Scotch-st. 
M<Crum W. and N. (and flax dressei;*). 
Scotch-st. i« 

Saddlers. a 

Bambrick William, Scotch-st. fl 

Brown John, Thomas-st. '-'■ 

Crnwley Maryaret, Thomas-st. 
Healey Thomas, fthong maker) English-st. 
NibUck Rirbar.i, Thomas-st. 
Slevin Fraucis, Eugliih-st. 

Spinning JFJieel Makers. 
Ballantyne Alexander, Callan-st. 
Blair Francis, Thomas-st. 
M'Kelvey Wi'iiam, Oobbia-st. 

Stocking Manufacturers, 
Christian Christonbe! , Thomas-st 
Robinson William, Thomas-st. 
Stone Masons. 
Brown Benjamin,, ' 

Nugent James, (cutter) Abbey-st. 
Straw Hat Makers, 
Carlow Margaret, Scotch -at. 
Gardner William, Market-st. 
Maul Jane, English-st. 

M'Gowan Samuel, Thomas-st. 
Mallon James Thomas-st. 
Scott Mark, Callen-st. 
Seott Robert, English-st. 
Warwick Armour, Scotch-st. 
Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers. 
Carroll William and Co. English-st. 
Cochran Robert, Sen. Eoglish-St. 
Cuming James, Barrack-st. 
Richardson John, Thomas-st. 
Whittington Richard, Irish-st. 

Tamiers and Leather Dealers. 

Barnes John, Scotch-street-bridge 
Barnes William, Scotch-st, 
Bennett Francis, English-st. 
Callaghan Owen, Thomas-st. 
Irwine William, Dobbin-st. 
Stephens James, English-st. 

Tm^emf! and Spirit Dealer's. 
Andrews William, (linen draper) Seotch-sti 
Bennet'- James, MH,rket-st. 
Brown John, Wellingion-st. 
Bvrne Henry, Thomas-st 
C;' ds/*ll Elisabeth, Eaglish-st. 
Calter Eliza, Irish-st. 
Connor Mary, (Black Bull) Barraek-»t 
Corry George, Market-i?t. 
Devlin Owen, English-st. 
Dickson Elizabeth, (Cross Keys) Scotch-st. 
Donelly Jam^, English-st, 
Ferguson James, Engdsh-st. ^i« 

GarveyHugh, English-st. ''-'^ 

Gi'ary John, Markct-st. 
Gribbin James, Irisu-st. 
GrifSn Judith, fKing's Arms) English-st. .„ 
Hardy James, (Dog and Duck) Scotch-st.. ^ 
Hart James, Scotch st. . T: 

Henry Thos. (Coach and Horses) Barr« 
Henry William, Market-st. 



Hughes Patrick, Castle-st. 

Lappan Jane, Barrack-st. 

Lee Elisia, Scotch-st. 

Lee Malcolm, (cider merchant) English-st. 

Lister Robert, Thomas-st. 

M'Bride Michael, English-st. 

M'Coue Patrick, Irish-st. 

M'Garrity Jn. (Friendly Brothers) Scotch- 

M'Kee Dennis, (Lion and Harp) Scotch-st. 
M'Nair William, Market-st. 
M' Williams John, (Nelson & Abercromby) 

Malone Richard, English-st. 
Plunkett William, English-st. 
Savage Henry, Thcmas-st. 
Star Archibald, Market-st. 
Summervill John, Scotch-st. 
Treanor Mary, Thomas-st. 
Wheeler Patrick, Market-st. 

Timber Merchants, 
Caldwell T. and C. English-st. 
Sloan Mary, English-st. 
WhittiDgtonRichard,(& iron store) Irish-st 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 
Campbell William, (dealer) Scotch-st. 
M'Williams William, 8cotch-st. 
Stanley James, Scotch-st. 
Stanley John, College-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Cullen John, Thomas-st. 
Donnelly Daniel, English-st. 
Duncan John, (and engraver) English-st. 

Wine Merchants. 
Cochran Robert, English-st. 
Harington William and Robert, Market-st. 
Stanley James, Scotch-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Adams John, English-st, 
Cl0se James, English-st. 
Close Bernard, English-st. 
Corry George, Market-st. 
Gardner Samuel and William, Market-st. 
Kane John, Market-st. 
Kelly Bernard, (and hats) Market-st. 
M'Keaa Henry, Market-st. 
Oakman & Sproul, (fancy whs.) Market-st. 

Bell John, Drawing Master, Thomas-st. 
Boyd Matthew, Thread Manuf. Thomas-st. 
Brocas Wm. Professor of Music, English-st. 
Duncan Isabella, Stay Maker, English-st. 
Flanagan Daniel, Yam Merchant, Castle-st. 
Gray John, Hat Manufacturer, Thomas-st. 
Jones AVilliam, Glover and Wool Dealer, 

Lang Mary, Calico Manufacturer, Thos.-st. 

Lucas James, Comb Maker, Thomas-st. 
Moran James,Soda-water Maker, Scotch-st 
Mossby Thos. Cattle Dealer, &c. English-st 

JWagistrates, &c. 
lies Jatnes, Esq. Sovereign, Englisk-st. 
AlgeoW.W. Esq. English-st. 
Kelly A. J. Esq. Mall 
Livingstone James, Esq. English-st. 
Winder John, Esq. Abbey-st. 

Stuart the Right Honourable William,D.D. 
Primate and Metropolitan of all Ireland,' 
Archbishop of Armagh, Residence, the 

Lifford Rt. Honbl.Lord Viscount, The very 
Rev. The Dean of Armagh, Deanery 

Proctors of the Ecclesiastical Court. 
M'Master Hugh, Abbey-st. 
M'Master Charles, (of office) Castle-st. 
Scott George, Vicar-hill 
Register, John Patrickson, Esq. 
Deputy, Robert M'Kew. 
Surrogate Rev. W. Ball, L.L.B. 
Metropolitan and Consistorial Registry 
Office, City of Armagh, Vicar-hill. 
Officers, Principal of Excise. 
Collector, Acheson, St. George, Esq. 
Pro Collector, William Kennedy, Esq. 
Surveyor, H. Armstrong, Esq. 
Inspector, W. Kilpatrick 

Kelly A.J. Esq, Distributor of Stamps Mall. 
M'Kinstry Robert, Esq.Clerk of the Peace, 

Magee Michael, Esq. Coroner. 
Barker Captain Joshua, Sheriflf's Office, 


, Coach, 

A Post Coach to/)MAftM,frpmMrs.M'Keans, 

Head of Scotch-st. every Monday, Wed- 

nesday,and Friday, at six in the morning, 

to Belfast same days at seven in the 


Cars for the Conveyance of Goods. 

Fro'i James Hart's, Scotch-street. 

To Dublin through Newton, Hamilton 

and Dundalk, 
To Monaghan, Clones, and Belturhet, 
To Sligo and £^n»wAj7/ew, through Caledon, 

Aughnacloy, Five Miles Town, Sfc, 
To Londonderry, Omagh and Strahane 
To Dungannon, through Moy and Char- 

To Belfast through Rich-hill, Portadown, 

Lurgan, Moira -and Lisburn. 
To Newrjf, throHgh Market-hill. 

[ 129 I 8s, 


^F^ORMERLY a town of considerable note, is situated nearly in the centre of the king- 
dom, stands on the great river Shannon, which in its courie divides it into nearly twii» 
equal parts, one situate in the County of Roscommon, in the province of Connaught, 
the other in Westmeath, in the province of Leinster, but in close connection with each, 
other. It is 59 miles west from Dublin, and 47 from Galway. It was formerly fortified, 
and is famous in the annals of Irish History, as the scene of one of the greatest efforts 
of valour on record, for in the year 1691, General Ginekle, at the head of Kihg Williara'a 
army, passed the river, which was here deep and rapid, in defiance of « heavy fire, kept 
up by the French and Irish armies, who were in possession of that part of the town, 
which was deemed impregnable, and to the astonishment of all, stormed and carried the 

works in less than half an hour. On the bridge which joins that part of the town, 

situated in the county of Roscommon, to the Westmeath side, are some badly executed 
figures, with inscriptions indicative of the success of Queen Elizabeth, and of the mods 
of execution practised on the rebels in her time. 

In that part of Athlone called the English town, on the east of the Shannon, a Monas- 
tery was founded by Cathel Croible Deary O'Connor, prince of Connaught; who, not 
living to finish the building, it was completed by Sir Henry Dillon, who was buried there 
in the year 1244. In the Connaught part, a Monastery, called De Innocentio, was an- 
ciently found, to which King John in 1216 gave some land, in exchange for the scite on 
which he built the Castle ; and to which, in the year 1279, King Edward the first, granted 
all the weirs and fisheries, together with the toil of the bridge, and eight acres of arable 
land. In the year 1241, Albert, Archbishop of Armagh, consecrated the great Church. 
It is recorded that, on the 27th October, 1697, the town of Athlone was visited by an 
unusnal and terrible storm of wind, rain and lightning, accompanied with the loudest 
claps of thunder ever heard, which so appalled the soldiers, on duty, after witnessing the 
guard house stript of its covering, that they fled to the doors and windows, in the greatest 
trepidation ; but here they are doomed to witness a scene more terrific and alarming ; aa 
Ebon darkness prevailed for a short time, torrents of rain fell with great violence, impelled 
by a hurricane ; the clouds discharged immense globes of the electric fluid, some of 
which struck the castle ; in an instant, a most tremendous explosion announced the dire- 
ful catastrophe. The magazine blew up, containing 260 barrels of gunpowder, 1000 
charged hand grenades and 810 skains of match: these were all blown into the air, 
together with 220 barrels of musket and pistol balls, great numbers of pick axes, spades, 
shovel*, horse shoes and nails, spreading devastation all around. The town's gates were 
forced open, the windows all broken, the houses shaken to their foundations, the town 
and neighbouring fields covered with the spoils of the castle, and the alarmed inhabitants 
invoking heaven to have mercy on them, who suddenly roused from sleep, thought the 
last trump proclaimed the day of judgment. Notwithstanding the advantageous position 
which Athlone commands, at the extremity of Lough Ree, and bearing witness to the 
daily improvements which are made in places all around it, from supineness, or some other 
(Siuse, it continues iu a ruinous state. 

Athlone is governed by a Sovereign and Vice Sovereign. The present officers are Richard 
Handcockjjun. esq. Sovereign ; Richard Handcock, sen. esq. Vice Sovereign ; John Hast- 
ings, Clerk ; Thomas Gray and Jolm Longworth, Bailiffs ; George French, Esq. Eccles- 
street, Dublin, Recorder ; Peter Shackey, Deputy Recorder, and Town Clerk. 

Post Office, Connaught-street.— M. Burrows, Post Mistress. The Dublin Mail every 
morning at nine o'clock. The Roicommon Mail every morning at nine o'clock. 

Carr George, [and surgeon] Church-st. 
Hughes Edward, 

Kelly Dennii, Bridge-st. 
O'Beirne Christopher, Main-st. 


Healey Thomas, Main-st. 
Tighe James, Barrack-square 

Bakers, i^c. 
Hawkins James, High-st. . 
Norton Hannah, Bridge-st, 
Turkington John, King-st. 

Bookseller and Printer. 
Daily Daniel [Athloae Herald Office] 
Friday, High-st, R 

Boot and Shoe Makers, 

Foster Rowley, Churcli-st. 
Foster Luke, Dublin-gate 
Hopkins Andrew, King-rst. 
French & Co. Shannon-brewery 

Corn Merchants. ^ 

Miller John & Jos, [and canal boat tradets] 

Corn Millers. 
Bracken Patrick, Bridge-st, 
Jones William, Bridge st. 
Mabbott Edward, Bridge-st. 
Kolton & O'Beirne, Potsdam 
O'Eeirne John, Main-st. 



Earthenware Dealers, 

Farlon Maria, Hip^h-st. 
M'Nulty Winifred, Connaught-st. 
Seymour Anne, Main-st. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers, 
Egan Patrick, Church-st. 
Fallon William, Church-st. 
Garty John, Church-st. 
Holton Thomas, (and wine) Main-st. 
Joyce William, Higk-st. 
Joynt Andrew, Castle-lanc 
Justin Joseph, Dublin-gate 
Poland Matthew, Dublin-gate 
Smith Robert, Dublin-gate 
Walker John, Malu-st. 

Butler John, High-street 
Gaynor John, Main-st. 
Hardyman John, Main-st. 
Sun — Arthur Garty, Mardyke-st, 
Swan — ThomasGray, Chureh-st. 

Gaynor John, Main-st. 
Kelly Bernard, High-st. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Thosemarkedthusf areWoollenDrapersonly 
fDaly Bernard, Bridge-st. 
tDaly Daniel, Counaught-st. 
Fallon William, Church-st. 
Fuliam Patrick, Main-st. 
Gogan William, Church-st. 
INorton Peter, Church-st. 
Porter John, Bridge-st. 
Quigley Matthew, Main-st. 
tRigney William, Bridge-st, 
Sharkey Peter, Castle-lane 
Stanley E. and A. Chureh-st. 
Tully John, Barrack-square 
Walsh William & Son, Main-st. 

French & Co. Shannon Brewery 

Henry Terence, King-st. 
Kelly Thomas, Church-st. 
Ward George, Brtdge-st. 

Porter and Spirit Dealers. 

Brooke Ann, Connaught-st. 
Butler Buddy, Barrack-square 
Daly John, Dublin-gate 
Divine Michael, Mardyke-st. 
Dowde John, Connaught-st. 
Dunning David, Dublin-gae 
Fawcett Thomas, Castle-st. 
Flanagan John, King-st, 
Foster William, Bridge-st. 
Gaify Catherine, Castle-lane 
GajTion Henry, Barrack-square 
Loughery Thomas, Mardyke-st. 
M'Cann William, Connaught-st. 
M'Donough Bridget, Barrack-square 
Magee John, Barrack-square 
Moran Michael, Main-st. 
Nowlan James, Barrack-square 
Sullivan James, Barrack-square 
Vanstan Robert, Barrack-square 

Hannan James, Church-st. 
O'Brien Lawrence, Bridge-st, 
Stanley Robert, Mardyke-st. 

Tallow Chandlers 
Cofly Michael, Barrack-square - 
Fleming John, Main-st. 
Longworth Ralph, Bridge-st. 
Longworth Richard, Main-st. 
Sproule William, Main-st. 
Fleming William, Main-st. 
Fax Anthony 

Sproule V7illiam, Main-st. 
Walsh William & Son, Main-st. 

Clarke William, Main-st. 
Fleming William, Main-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Byrne James,Barrack-square 
Good John, Bridge-st. 


Byrne Lieutenant Thomas, Barrack-square 

Daly John, skin buyer, Dublin-gate 

Dunn Thomas, hosier. Barrack- square 

Flinn Bartholomew, card-maker, High-st. 

Gatley Patrick, leather-seller, Main-st, 

Grcgan Matthew, seedsman, Barrack-square 

Longworth John, painter, Mardyke-st. 

Longworth B. stamp distributor, Strand-st. 

Lyon Thomas, cooper, Queen-st. 

Matthews George, cabinet maker, Sec. Con- 

O'Berne Jno.Taafe, feather and skin dealer, 

Pim John, gentleman, Bridge-st. 

Tumblety John, gun-maker, King-st, 

From the V^'heat Shfiaf, M. Divine, Mar- 

To Dublin Thomas Isling, Bryan laling, 
Patrick Manning 

To Ballymnhan, Michael Lee, John Ganley 
Patrick Digan, M. Divine, Jas. Doljn, 
James Welsh, Timothy Hogan, Gilbert 

From the Sw^n Hotel, Church-st. 

The Royal Mail to Dublin, every afternoon 
at half past live o'clock, and arrives in 
Dublin every morning at six. 

The Royal Mail to Galway every morning 
at eight o'clock, and arrives in Galway 
every afternoon at five o'clock 

The Royal Mail to Roscommon every morn ■ 
jng at half-past eight o'clock, and arrives 
in Roscommon at 12 o'clock, returns to 
Athlone same evening at half-past four. 

A Coach to Dublin every Mon. Wed. and 
Fri. mornings at six o'clock, arrives in 
Dublin every evening at six o'clock 

A Coach to Tullamore through Moate and 
Clara every afternoon at half past four 
o'clock, arrives at Tullamore every eve- 
ning at nine, in time for Packet. Ofiice, 

131 J 


Jls situate on the northern side of thejiver Bandon, in the county of Cork, in the pro- 
vince of Munster, at the distance of 137 miles from Dublin, and by the new line of 
communication 17 from Cork. The great Earl of Cork, as he was called, founded 
this tOA-n, about the year 1640, ' for the accommodation of his English followers, to the 
total seclusion of the natives, who were not permitted to enter a town built on that ground, 
from which, very few years before their ancestors had been driven. Having almost a 
princely estate in this county, he wished to have it entirely inhabited by English Pro- 
testants, and the poor natives were to be expelled to make room for those new settlers. 
From the vast property gathered from his hitherto poor Irish tenants, he was enabled in a 
very short time, to erect Bandon, containing two churches, and two market-houses, with 
several well built streets, and a bridge across the river Bandon, whence the town took its 
name. The town was founded on firm land, in midst of an impassable bog, which was 
drained by Richard Boyle, first Earl of Cork, and fether to the philosophic Boyle, who 
was born at Lismore, and, whose physical tracts are in such high esteem. It was well forti- 
fied against the attacks of the Irish enemy, and rapidly increased in size and wealth. As 
the people he settled here were industrious and economical, all Protestants, and lived 
within side the walls. After some time, the sti-eets within the walls became incapable ot 
containing the increased number of inliabitants, and several very long streets were built 
outside of them in every direction. Time at length saw the walls and gates demolished, 
and the admission of Irish Roman Catholics into the town of Bandon ; indeed, the compiltr 
of the Commercial Directory, views with inexpressible satisfaction, the expiration of pre- 
judices, in the union of all parties, and trusts the day is not far distant, when man will 
embrace his fellow man by the tender name of brother, laying aside all religious and poli- 
tical differences, and studying most how to render each other happy. Bandon contains two 
parishes, namely, Ballymodane and Kilbrogan. One of the churches and one of the market 
houses, are on the north side of the river, the other on the south. At present, the founda- 
tion of a third, and an extensive market house is dug, and from the well known spirit of 
enterprizeand perseverance in the leading characters in Bandon, it will doubtless soon be- 
come an ornamental and useful building to the town. The river divides the town, in which 
there are two churches, as already noticed, two Roman Catholic Chapels, two Methodist, 
and a Presbyterian chapel, a female school of Industry, a Charity school for Protestant 
boys ; two Charity schools for Catholics, one for boys, the other for girls ; a fever hospi- 
tal, and a Dispensary, a Court house, and a Bridewell ; extensive, new, and very eligible 
shambles, on an eminence without the town, circular in form, very spacious, with an excel- 
lent contrivance to admit fresh air into each stall, and in the centre of the aVea, possessing 
a large public pump. Near to these shambles, is a barrack for cavalry, and a Sav- 
ings' Bank. In the neighbourhood is a Salmon fishery, and a tnile from the town 
is Castle Bernard, the seat of Lord Bandon. Bandon is a borough, and very considerabl* 
market town. In one of the market houses is a market held on Wednesday, and in the 
other on Saturday,, the latter of which is the best and one of the largest in the county ; it 
is also one of the most reasonable, butcher's meat being cheaper than in Cork, or Kinsale. 
Most articles of shop business may here be procured on reasonable terms ; numbers of them 
the manufacture of the tewn. The inhabitants generally respectable, and frequently 
opulent, are remarkable to a proverb, for sober demeanour, and diligent attention to their 
respective pursuits. There are several extensive manufactures carried on here, giving full 
employment to the numerous inhabitants, viz, that of linen, particularly tickens, cottons, 
corduroys, &c. woolcombing, stuffs, also blankets and coarse woollen cloth. Blue dying 
is carried on extensively, that colour being a favourite one with the country people, 
who manufacture their own frize and send it to the tow-n to be dyed. There are also 
extensive flour mills, a very large brewery, and eligible tan-yards ; all of which are 
carried on with great spirit, to the credit of their respective proprietors, and the advantage 
of the whole town. It is governed by a Provost, twelve Burgesses, and town clerk, 
and sends one member to Parliament. Market days, Wednesday & Saturday. Reverend 
.Joseph Jervois, Provost, John Cotter, town clerk. Its fairs are held on Ascension day, 
the 6th. of May, 29th. of October, and 8th. of November ; and its population are stated 
at 14000. 

Post-Office, Bridge-street, — .Post Mistress, Elizabeth Hall. — Mail for Cork, &c. is 
dispatched every day at fifty minutes past two o'clock in the afternoon ; afd foi the six 
western towns every morning at half past nine. 



Gentry and Clergy. 

Alcock Rev. Mason, Kingston's-buildings 
Baldwin Hewitt, Egq. Kingston's-buildings 
Beamish Rev. Saml. magistrate, Church-st. 
Brandon Captn. Rice's-hill ■ 

Evanson Nathaniel, magistrate, Broolc-field 
Hornbrook Thos. magistrate, north Main-st 
Jervois Rev. Joseph, south Main-st, 
Loane Wm. magistrate, Rqund-hill 
Longfield John, Esq. Kingston's-buildings 
Popham Benj. magistrate, Lodge r 

Popham Richard, gent. Watergate 
Sealy John, magistrate, Richmount 
Sweet John, magistrate, Bridge-st. 
Travis Captn. Robert, Kinjston's-buildiBgs 
Williams John, Esq. north Main-st. 

Barry Wra. [writing master] north Main-st. 
Barry Ann, north Main-st. 
Sullivan Jonn Wheeler, ioutk Main-st. 

Wheeler John, jun, [to the south gate brew- 
ery] Cork 

Belcher William, Bridge-st. 
Jagoe William St. John, south Main-st. 

Chinnery George, Gallows-hili 
Tresilian John, north Main-st. 
Tresilian Robert, south Main-st. 

Bakers and Flour Dealtrt. 
Fisher Alice, south Main-st. 
Hunter John, Bridge-st. 
Loane Thomas, Bridge-st. 
Lovell William, south Main-st. 
Moriarty Catherine, south Main-st. 
Shine John, Bridge-st. 

Barrister. ' 

Doherty Edward, south Main-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Barry Edward, Bridge-st. 
Clarke Francis, south Main-st. 
DaWson James, north Main-st. 
Manning George, Bridge-st. 
Moxly Stephen, south Main-st. 
Murray Thomas, Bridge-st. 
Shine William, north Main-st. 

Cornwall George and Sons, Watergate 

Corn Merchants. 
Biggs W.J. & J. 
Sweeny, Francis, east Gully 
Sweet JoliB, Gallows-hill 

Corn Millers. 
Allman William, south Main-st. 
Hayes George, Cloughmasimon 
Sweeny Francis, east Gully 

Cotton Spinners. 
Wheeler Richard and Co. Lisnegat 

Coulter Jas. '[whol, & ret.] south Mairi-st 

Beamish Thomast •outh Main-st. 
. Harris George, north Main-st. 
Hurley Cornelius, Chapel-6t.^ 

Scott James, south Main-st. 
Sullivan John, Bridge. 

Earthenware and China Dealers. 
Clarke Eliza, north Main-st. 
Fawsjtt Edward, south Main-st. 
Hagarty Marmaduke, south Main-st. 
Hayes Mary, south Main-st. 
Sloane William, north Main-st. 

Flour Factor. 
Scott Edward, south Main-st. 
■ Grocers. 

Bcnnet George, south Main-st. 
Emerson George, south Main-st. 
England Michael, south Main-st. 
Hunter John, Bridge-st. 
Hunter William, north Main-st. 
Jagoe Jonathan, south Main-st. 
M'Intosh Jane, north Main-st. 
M'Mahan Mary, Castle-st. 
Merry John, south Main-st. 
Porter John, south Main-st. 
Robinson Siivanus, south Main-st. 
Seymour John, Bridge-st. 
Weekes Thomas, Gallows-hill 

Bright Richard, south Main-st. 
Coulter James, [whol. & ret.] south Main-st j 
Hamilton James, south Main-st. m 

Ironmongers. i 

Coulter James, south Main-st. 
Lucey Timothy, south Main-st. 

Leather Sellers. 
Baker Thomas, south Main-st. 
BuUen Joseph, north Main-st. 
Drew Richard, south Main-st. 
Giles George, north Main-st, 
Mills John, south Main-st, 
Tresilian Josias, south Main-st. 

Linen Factors. 
Wheeler John Joseph, north Main-st. 
Linen and Woollen Drapers, 
Those marked thus *are linen drapers only, 

thus + woollen drapers only. 
Beamish Thomas, south Main-st. 
Beek John, south Main-st. 

* Bennett William, south Main-st, 

* Dowden Isaac, south Main-st. 
Evans William, south Main-st. 
Fawsitt Edward, south Main-st. 
Harris George, jun. south Main-st. 

* Heazle and Beamish, south Main-st. 
Mahony Edward, south M^in-st. 

* O'Brien John, south Main-st. 

Pope William, [and distributor of stamps] 

south Main-st. 
t Popham Mary, south Main-st. 
t Qiiinlan J©hn, Bridge-st. 

* Tresilian Stewart, south Main-st. 

Cornwall George & Sons, Watergate 

Allman William George, [cotton cordis] 

south Main-st. 
Allman William, (cotton) south Main-st. 
Beek John, [cotton] south muin-st. 
Burchill John, [cotton] south Main-st. 



Busteed Thomas, (cotton) south Main-st. 
Carbury William, (stuff) south Main-st. 
Dowden Christopher, [linen]south Main-st. 
Harris George jun.[corduroy]south Main-st 
Harris George,^ (corduroy) south Main-st. 
Robinson Silvanus, [cotton] south Main-st. 
Scott James, [stufls] south Main-st. 
Tresilian Stewart, [cotton & woollen] south 

Wheeler Joseph, [linen] south Main-st. 

Coulter James, south Main-st. 
Wheeler Richard, south Main-st. 
Oil and Colour Man. 
Bennett Thomas, south Main-st. 
Pawn Brokers, 
Fuller Thomas, Castle-st. 
Perrott George, Bridge-st. 

Gierke Jonathan, north Main-st, 
Harris Richard, Khigston's-buildings 
Hayes Francis, south Main-st. 
Homan John, south Main-st. 

Public Houses, 
King's Arms [hotel] Paul V/illiams, north 

George & Dragon, John Murphy, Castle-st. 
Half Moon, John Miller, Castle-road 
Letters, C. Crowley, Castle-st. 
Letters, Henry Joyce, south Main-st. 
Letters, Thomas Lovell, north Main-st, 
Shannon Arms, Jeremiah Falvey, Irish-town 
Spinning Wheel, John Murnane, Castle-rd. 
Sun, Richard Corbally, Castle-road 
Wheat Sheaf, John Carbury, south Main-st. 

Saddlers, (Sfc. 
Cotter John, south Main-st, 
Walsh Thomas, south Main-st. 

Salt Manufacturers, 
Gash Richard, north Main-st. 
SuUiTan Giles, south Main-st. 
Sutton Andrew, south Main-st. 

Silk Mercer. 
O'Connor John, south Main-st. 
Tallow Chandlers. 
Edvvards Robert, south Main-st. 

Hamilton William, south Maiti-st. 
Kingston William, north Main-st, 
Ring David, south Main-st. 
Stanley Abraham, south Main-st. 
Stanton John, Castle-st. 
Sullivan Mary, north Main-st. 

Hornibrook Thomas, sen. Springfield 
Hornibrook Samuel, Springfield 
Hurley Cornelius, Chapel-st. 
Murphy Timothy, north Main-9t. 
Sullivan John, Bridge 
Sullivan William, Bridge 
Sivanton John, South-quay 
Tresilian Josias, south Main-st. 

Hamilton William, south Main-st. 
Hardwey Frederick, north Main-st. 
Kingston William, north Main-st. 

Watrh and Clock Makers, 

Coppinger Francis, Gallows-hill 
Jenkins William, north Main-st. 


Baldwin Samuel, painter and glazier, north 

Bennett Thos. haberdasher, north Main-st. 
Coombs Thomas, bookbinder, Watergate. 
Hannan Richard, surveyor of excise, King- 

Harris George, clothier, north Main-st. 
Heazle and Beamish, timber merchants. 

Hudson Hannah, straw hat manufecturer, 

Mahony William, seedsman, south Main 6t. 
Perkin Charles, wheelwright, south Main-st 
Seymour Harris, coppersmith, Bridge-st. 
Shtw Patrick, whitesmith, south Main-st. 
Smith William, professor of music, north 

Tresilian Robert, wine merchant, s. Main-st 

From James Harts, Bridge-st. A Jingle to 
Cork every morning, [Sundays excepted] 
at six o'clock, for passengers and parcels. 


Jls situated on the western side of the Lagan, in latitude 54° 35' 42" north, and in lon- 
gitude 6** 1' 30", west of Loudon, on a tract of land remarkable for being extremely level. 
Near the bridge of 22 Arches, was formerly a ford at low water, and a ferry nt high tide. 
It is supposed to have derived its present name from Bela Fcarsad, which signifies a town 
at the mouth of a river. Belfast Lough, is a safe and commodious harbour, the entrance 
being in breadth about five English miles, from the point between Groomsport and Bally- 
holme Bay, in the county of- Down, and the White Head in the county of Antrim. The 
length of the Bay, from the White Head to the Quays, is about twelve miles, gradually 
becoming narrower as it approaches the bridge, where it is iimcli contr.icted by the dif- 
ferent landing places on the one side, and the embankments of Ballymacarrct on the other, 
formerly at high tide, there was not more than from eight to nine feet water at the town; 


now the depth is so much increased by the judicious lallours of the Ballast-Office, that 
vessels which require fourteen feet water, are moored close to the Quays. Belfast is men- 
tioned hy Spencer, as having been wasted by Edward Bruce, in his progress at the be- 
ginning of the fourteenth century. Of the Castle there is no date known. The charter 
constituting Belfast a corporation consisting of a Sovereign, and twelve Burgesses, was 
granted by James I, At this period the town probably was not a place of much note, as 
it is styled in the patent, town or village. In 1648, it was taken possession of by General 
Monk, for the Parliament, and during the protectorate, tranquillity seems to have been 
established, which however was interrupted during the reign of James II. who endea- 
voured to force a new Charter upon the Corporation, but which in fact was never acted 
upon. In 1740, Lord Strafford purchased on the part of the Crowu, from the Corpora- 
tion of Carrickfergus, their Privilege of importing foreign goods, at one third of the 
duties payable in other places. This mostjudicious measure, would have been of small 
consequence had not Belfast and the surrounding country been at that period inhabited by 
an industrious people, who applied themselves closely to the manufacture of linen, which 
created a demand for articles of importation. But the wars subsequent to the year 1741, 
caused considerable interruption to the rising prosperity of Belfast. But from the day 
that peace was given to the country, and attention was paid to its interests, by encourage- 
ment afforded to the already established manufacture of linen, then a wonderful fabric of 
prosperity was raised, and in the beginning of the last century, Belfast was well known 
in Europe, as a place of considerable trade, since that period it has arisen to a degree of 
prosperity seldom exceeded in any age, or by any country. The population of Belfast, in- 
cluding Ballymacarret, may at the present period be estimated at 35000. Rapid as the 
increase of inhabitants has been, the progressive improvement of trade has fully kept 
pace with it; the average amount of customs for eight years previous to 1818, amount to 
th» sura of 370,000 pounds. The Sovereign has the government of the markets, and the 
regulation of all matters respecting the sale of provisions, he is also an ex-officio Magis- 
trate of the county of Antrim. Commissioners of Police are vested with authority to exe- 
cute all regulations respecting the paving, lighting and cleansing the streets, and we feei 
pleasure in stating that their exertions are deserving the warmest approbation. 

Ballast- Office. — The Ballast-Office, has the power to make bye laws, for cleansing and 
improving the Harbour, and regulating all matters relative to the shipping. Its revenue 
arises from a tax on registered tonnage. An additional Graving Dock, is now being 
formed, which it is anticipated will prove of great benefit. Belfast Academical Institu- 
tion was opened in 1814, under the superintendance of aboard of managers and visitors. 
The school department was conducted by several masters ; and the Collegiate department 
under the direction of a Faculty, consisting of the several professors. The building forms 
a fine termination of Chichester-street. This institution was erected by voluntary sub- 
scription, amounting to 22,000 pounds, and is justly considered the glo>y of the town. Its 
regulations are admirable and the number of students and scholars, amount to some hun- 
dreds. Belfast Academy in Donegall-street, was founded in 1786, under the direction of 
a President, Trustees and patrons ; the departments of learning taught in this Academy, 
are the Classics, Mathematics, French, English, Mercantile and Writing Schools. Bel- 
fast Lancasterian School, Frederick-street, is open every day in the week, except 
Sunday, for the instruction of children of every religious denomination. 

The Chamber of Commerce was established in the year 1800, for the purpose of guard- 
ing the Mercantile interests against encroachments, and the arbitration of disputes be- 
tween Merchants. 

The Commercial Buildings, end of Donegall-street, are now nearly completed, 20,000 
pounds, having been subscribed for its erection. This building is intended, exclu- 
sively for the accommodation of Merchants; it is fronted with the best Granite from 
Dublin, and presuming from the elegance of the design ; it will be a conspicuous orna- 
ment to the town. 

The Custom House is a large buildingsitwated on Hanover Quay, with appropriate offices 
for transacting the business of the port. The exchange is situated in the centre of the 
town at the termination of Donegall-street. The building is handsome, built of brick, 
faced with stone. Above, are elegant Assembly Rooms, and below, the Piazza, where the 
Merchants assemble on Mondays atid Wednesdays at twelve, and on Fridays at eleven 
o'clock, for the transaction of Business. 

The Dispensary was established in 1792, for the relief of sick poor at tlieir own habi- 
tations. The benefit of this institution will be -apparent when it is stated that in the first 
four years more than 2000 persons had received advice and medicines : connected with 
the Dispensary is the Fever Hospital. The advantage of this establisliment will be best 
seen by stating that in the year 1817, in the short space of three months 959 patients 
were admitted, of which number 4() only died. Which will appear a very small propor- 
tion when compared with the ravages made by that wide spreading malady the Typhus' 
Ferer, in other large towns. 


The Lying-m-Hospital was instituted in 1794, and is supported by the subscriptions of 
the ladies of Belfast and the surrounding neighbourhood. 

The House of Correction erected in 1817, near the upper end of Chichester-street, is a 
good brick building and well adapted for the intended purpose, and possessing excellent 

The House of Industry, instituted in 1809, for the suppression of mendicity, and of 
giving employment to indigent Females in spinning flax, &c. This may be considered 
one of the best institutions in the 

The Public Library, White Linen Hall, termed the Belfast Society for promoting 
knowledge, contains a valuable collection of books, and a Museum : it is supported by 
annual subscriptions. 

_ Linen Halls. Tile White Linen Hall was erected by subscription in the year 1783, it is 
situated at the end of Donegall-plabe. The building is spacious and convenient and the 
business transacted in it is very considerable. The Brown Linen Hall, in Donegall-street, 
where the unbleached linens are exhibited, has lately been greatly improved. A consider- 
able quantity of fine yard wide linen is sold on each Market-day. 

Markets. Belfast is well supplied with shambles meat ; it has two markets for the 
sale of this commodity, one in Hercules-street, the other in Castle-place, better known by 
the name of Montgomery market ; which latter lias accommodations for the sale of fish, 
vegetables, fruit, &c. amarkst for the sale of eggs, butter, and vegetables has lately been 
established on May's ground, lower Chichester-street. There is also a well supplied fish- 
market, in William-street, south, k market is held in Smithfield three days per week for 
the sale of grain, and on four days per week for the sale of hides. 

The News Rooms of Belfast, are the Commercial Inn, Waring-street, in the buildings 
of the White Linen Hall, and at the Nelson Club House, in Donegall-place. They are 
well supplied with papers of the three kingdoms. Magazines, Reviews, &c. &c. 

The places of Public Worship are numerous and well attended. They consist of the 
Parish Chnrch of St. Ann and St. George's Chapel of ease ; four Presbyterian, two Se- 
ceding; one Covenanting ; one Independent ; two Methodist ; one Baptist ^ and two 
Catholic Chapels ; also one Friends' Meeting House. 

The places of Amusement are the Theatre, in Arthur-street, Montague Talbot, Mana- 
ger ; and the Private (Amateur) Theatre, 42, Castle-street, Alex. Johnstone, Manager. 

The Poor House and Infirmary, built by Subscription and private Lottery, was 
opned in 1774. 

The Belfast Savings* Bank, was institutedin the yearl816. Itis open every Friday even- 
ing, at six, at the House of Industry. 

The Female Society for clothing the poor, commenced in 1812, it is supported by 
voluntary contributions, and has been productive of much good among the necessitous in 
periods of distress. 

Ti;e Literary Society was instituted in 1801. Its objects are science, antiquities, and 

The Association for discountenancing vice ; a branch of which was established here in 
1815, for the distribution of Moral and Religious Tracts, &c. 

The foregoing are the principal public institutions and buildings of Belfast, there are 
however others, which at once denote the piety, the humanity, and public spirit of this 
flourishilig town. 

The markets of Belfast, are open daily, although Friday is considered the principal one. 

The Fairs are held on the 1 2th of August, and the 8th of November. 

Post Office, Church-street. — Post Master, Thomas Whinuery, Esq. — Mail from Dub- 
lin, &c. arrives every day except Monday, at eleven in the morning, depart* every evening 
at four, except Saturday, From England, Donaghadee, Newton Ards and Bangor, arrive* 
daily at nine in the morning, departs daily at half past eleven in the morning. From Car- 
rickfergus, Larne, Glenarm, Crumlin, arrives daily at half past nine in the morning, 
departs daily at a quarter past eleven in the morning. From Armagh, Auchnacloy, Bel- 
turbet, Cavan, Cootehill, Dungannon, Enniskillen, Lisburn, Lurgan, Moira, Monaghan, 
Postadowu and Richill, arrives daily at eleven in the morning, departs daily at four irt the 
evening. From Antrim, Randalstown, Ballymena, Ballymoney and Dervock, Colerain, 
Londonderry and Newton Limavady, &c. arrives daily at nine in the morning, departs at 
8 quarter past eleven in the morning. From Ballyclare, Kircubbin and Newtonglens, 
every Sunday, Tuesday and Friday, arrives at half past nine in the morning, departs at a 
quarter past eleven in the morning. From Portaferry, arrives daily except Saturday, at 
nine in tlie morning, departs daily, except Monday, at half past eleven in the morning. 
From Castlewellan, Clough, Comber, Down, Kilhinchy. Killileagh, and Rathfjyland, daily 
except Tuesday, at nine in the morning, departs daily except Friday, at a quarter past 
eleven in the Morning. 



Academical Institution, top of Chichester-st. 
AUea Susanna, 49, Castle-st. 
Belfast Academv, Donegall-st. 
Boyd David, 45, John-st. 
Brown Rev. William, Donegall-st. 
Bullock G. and Son, 76, High-st. 
Bunting John, 1, Donegall-place 
Compton John, [Eng.and Comr.] Anne-st. 
Cross Maurice, Lancasterian School 
Davis Rtv. John, 32, Castlc-st. 
Dunlop John, 16, Castlc-st. 
Dobhin M. 1, Corn-market 
Fetherston M. Castle-st. 
Kennedy Rev. John, 13, Commercial-court. 
Kilwick Catharine, Donegall-st. 
Knowles M. and M. Donegall-st, 
Lenords M. 13, Talhot-st. 
Le Pan Monsieur, [French] Academy-st. 
Shaw Robert, 7, Castle-st. 
Ware Ann, Chichester-st, 

Bruce Samuel, jun, 10, Donegall-st. 
M<Cune Hugh, 42, Castle-st. 
M'Dowell and Auchinleck, George-st. 
Agents Law and Ship, and Commer- 
cial Brokers. 
Anderson Wm. (for distiltery Co.) 27, Bar- 

Beckett Oliver, (for steam packets) 4, Cl.i- 

Doyle John, [law] 4, Mill-st. 
Finlay John, (ship & commis.) 6, Princes-st. 
Folingsby T. J, [gen. com. and ship] 7, 

Graham Thomas, (tambourino;) 43, John-st. 
Grier Robert, [to the coach factory Co.], 

William-st. south 
Hill William and Co. (ship brokers and 

packet office] 3 Chichester-quay 
Hind John, [superinteudant of cotton mill] 

77, Smithfield 
Macartney J ohn& Co. [shi p] 23 ,Chichester-qu 
M'Clenaghan M, Hanover-quay 
M'Cloy Robert, [ship] 7, Cbichestei'-quay 
M'Donnell & Bailie, 5, Skipper-»t. 
Munster Paul, 24, Princess-st. 
O'Donnell Charles, [law] Arthur-st, 
PeeblesHans,[to theDerry mail coach office] 

VVilliam-st. soutk 
Rider Job, [supr.ofiron works] 1 , Donegall-st 
Shaw John and Co. [ship] Waring-st, 
Soden Martin, [Navy] Lancaster-st. 
Tobin Michael, [coach] 10, Castle-st. 
Topping John, [and comr.] 48, Waring-st. 
Waterson Henry, [law] Anne-st, 

Agricultural Implement Makers. 
Lindsey Bryson, 33, Princes-st. 
M' Gammon Charles, Ballymacarret. 
Martin Robert, 19, Curtice-Bt. 
Matrow Samuel, Anne-st. 

Apothecaries, Chemists, Druggists Sf 

Those marked thusf are Surgeons. Mark- 
ed thus * are Manufacturing Clieinists. 
tAnderson H. 36, Hlgh-st. 

tAnderson William, 31, North-st. 
•j-Arrott Samuel, 8, High-st. 
■ffiell James, Bellville 
Brady Nicholas, 47, Anne-st. 
fBruce and Smyiie, 35, Corn-market 
t Bryson Samuel, 86, High-st. 
fCampbellJohn, 6, Donegall-st. 
f Coffee & Birnie, 47, Anne-st. 
tGibson Robert, [& acchr.] 10, Mill-st. 
•Gregg & Boyd, [vitriol] Ballymacarret. 
f HerroB M. Ballymacarret Dispensary 
*Hill Thomas, (salts) Mays-ground 
Kennedy Andrew, High-st. 
t Leathern William, 29, Arthur-st. 
M'Adam John, [wh. druggist, cc mauufac. 
of colours, oil, oil of turpentine & to- 
sin] Donegall-st. 
fM'Cleery James, 94, High-st. 
tM'Cluney Robert, 25, Chichester-st, 
f M'Donnell Alexander, Hercules-st. 
tM'Donnell John, 72, North-st. 
JMagee William, 28, North-st. 
■{■Marshall Andrew, 88 High-st. 
fMawhinny Thomas, 2, High-st. 
•Mellish James, [soda water, &c.] 15, Wine- 

Montgomery James, 28, High-st. 
■f-Mpore David, (and oculist j 2, Castle-st. 
+Murray James, 30, High-st. 
•fPurden Henry, (staff) WelliBgton-place. 
Shannon John Batt & Co, (vitriol works) 


-f-Worthington James, 74, Hlgh-st. 

f Wright M. 9, Church-lane 

Architects and Builders. 

Boyd James, 3, lower Arthur-st. 

Donaldson William, Chichester-st. 

Fitzmaurice Thomas, 17, Lancaster-st, 

Hastings William, (& measurer) 14, Aca- 

Lapping Valentine J. (& inspector of the 
commercial buildings) 57, Waring-st. 

M'Cutcheon John, 1 , great Edward-st. 

M'Murtry James, 8, Trafalgar-st. 

Murphy John, Hamilton place 

Patterson Joseph, Chichester-st. 

Shea William, 39, Hanover-quay 
Attornies, Solicitors, ^-c. 

Arthur James, 10 Chichester-st. 

Boomer John, Donegall-st. 

Cavert John,46, Castle-st. 

Cranston William, Donegall-sqaare, south 

E«hlin Hamilton, 17, Arthur-st. 

Hamilton Robert, 8, Arthur-st. 

Joy Robert & George, 3, Rosemary-st. 

Montgomery Robert,' 2, Arthur-place 

O'Donnell Charles, 23, Arthnr-st. 

Orr J. A. 41, Donegall-st. 

Ramsay & Garrett, 5, York-st. 

Stewart T. L. [Seneschal] Castle-st. 

Wallace Jadies& Son, 14, Ca8tle-st> 

Whitla Francis, 44, Donegall-st. 

Wright Joseph, 23, Rosemary-st. 

Watterson Hen, (conveyancer) 128, Ann«-«t 

Punlop Jas, 36, Nelson-st. 



Drinkwater Thomas, 9, Marquis-st, 

Gawthorn Wm. R. Donegall-st. 

Hyndman G.C. (& valuator)22,Donegall-st. 

Irvine Fraucis, 19, Smithfield 

M'Cainon George, 51, Mill-st. 

Matier Samuel, 111, North-st. 

Sheals James, 177, North-st. 

Boyd James, 77, North-st. 

Crawford Robert, 105, North-st. 

Crawford John, 22, Hcrcules-st. 

Crawford Robert, 31, Union-st, ' 

Diet Baa;h,30, old Barrack-st. 

Galla way James, 19, Barrack-st. 

Gibson Samuel, 27, Pottinper's-entry. 

Gilmorc Alexander, 26, 1. Patricli-st. 

Gilmour Joseph, 37, Anne-st. 

Hunter Charles, 65, North-st. 

Johnston William, 33, Mill-st. 

Johnston Joseph, 47, Peter's-hill 

Kennedy John, 28, Hercules-st. 

Law James, 76, High-st. 

Lowry John, 11, Skipper-st. 

Martin Thomas, 1 20, Anne-st. 

Martin George, 35, Anne-st. 

M'Clure William, 5, Nor(h-st. 

M'Cune Samuel, 15, Mary-st. 

M'Dowell George, 24, Waring-st. 

M'Veagh Patrick, North-st. 

Meek John, 148, North-st , 

Meek William, North-st. 

Moffat Thomas, 2, Church-lane 

Moffet Joshua, 8, Anne-st. 

Murtajfh John, 5, Anne-st. 

Patterson Alexander, 57, Mill-st, 

Pippard James, 30 , Talbot-st. 

Public Bakery, 14, Church-st. 

Russell John, 13, Gordon-st, 

Setton Joseph, [ship bread] 50, W'aring-st. 

Smith Samuel, 4, Peter's-hill 

Waugh John, 58, North-st. 

Wilson James, 138, North-st. 

Belfast Bank, Gordon, Batt, Houston and 
Crawford, Donegall-square. north 

Commercial Bank, Tennent,Caldwells, Cun- 
ningham and Thompson, 1, Donega)I-st. 

Northern Bank, Montgomery, Hamilton, 
Orr and Sloan, Donegall-placi; 
Barometer and Mirror Makers. 

Capo Anthony, 154, Mill-field 

Myers George, 104, High-st. 

Basket Manufacturers. 

Pclan C, and Sons. 16, William-st. south 
Bellows Makers. 

Anderson Jumcs, 37, North-st. 

Jamieson Hugh, 63, Smithfield 

Muckle Moses, [dlr.] 6, Rosemary-st. 

Russell John, (forge) 50, Donegall-st, 

Bleachers, JAncn and Muslin. 
Alexander Saml. Brooltfield 
Beggs & Waddle. Drumadarah 
Bell J. &R. 06 Co. Ballyclare 
Charlie Wm. Mossvale 
Charlie John, Finaghey 
Curtis Edw. Derriagh^ 

Dune Stewart, Woodhurn 
Gemmill Saml. Lambeg 
Hamilton R. & Co. Cotton Mount 
Hancock W. J. JAsbum-road 
Hunter Alex. Dunmurry 
M'Nair John, Creigha 
Ward Jas. Hilden 
Williamson Rt. Lanibeg-house 
Williamson Alexander, Lambeg-house 

Block Makers. 
Busby Thomas, 20, Quay-lane 
Graham Hugh, Tomb-st. 
Graham John, [& pump borer] 134,High-st 
Lyons David, 6, Store-lane 
M'Murray Jas. 18, 1. Patrick-st, 
Miller Wm. [& pump borer] 20, James-st. 
Mooney Bernard, 24, Hagan's-entry 

Brown James, 1, Pottingers-entry 
Cinnamond Wm.41, John-st. 
Gnrney John, Hammonds-court 
Harrison George, [account book & music 
pnper ruler&stationer] 5, Pottingers-entry 
M'Laughlin Wm. Hammonds-court 
Wfcir Richd. near 34, High-st. 
Winnington Jas. 28, Chapel-lane 

Booksellers and Stationers. 

Archbold Saml, [bookbinder and dealer ia 
perfumery, patent medicines, music & in- 
struments, fancy stationary, ] 82,High-st. 

Archer Saml. [dealer in room paper, music, 
lottery tickets «S:c.] 37, High-st. 

Archer & M'Millan,4.9, High-st. 

Greer Henry, [second hand books&cir. lib.] 
8, North-st. 

Hodgson John & Co. 9, High-st. 

Hull Rt, 18, Castle-st. 

Lamont and Dugan, [printers, & dealers in 
fancy stationary, patent medicines & lot- 
tery tickets&agentsfor the Dublin Weekly 
Regi^stor] 43, High-st. 

M'llfroy George, 63, High-st. 

Moore Wm. (sta.) 33, Donegall-st. 

Searson Henry, 1, Elliotts-court, Donegall-st 

Simms & M'Intyre, 18, Donegall-st. 

Smyth Joseph, 34, High-st. 

Ward Thomas, 27, High-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Bayley John, 59, Anne-st. 
Beaumont Saml. 51, Berry-st. 
Blackadder John, 51, North-st. 
Carmichael Rt. 61, Mill-st. 
Carmichael Rt. 22, Castle-st. 
Cinnamond John, 17, Corn-market 
Dixon Simon, 39, North-st. 
Drummond Alex. Mill Field-st. 
Ferguson John, 79, High-st. 
Ferguson Henry, 13, High-st. 
Gray V^m. 106", High-st. 
Hector Patrick, 19, Hercules-st. 
Knox Robert, 5, Castle st. 
Knox .Tohn, 82, High-st. 
Lewis Rt. 55, High-st. 
M'Clure Rt. 37, Church-lane 
M'Grotty Wm. 2, Berry-st. 
M'Guire Alex. 42, Auue-st. 



M'Laren John, 43, Ch^i'ch-lane. 
M'Laughlin Alex. 33, Hercujes-st. 
M'MuUan Jas. 85, Higli-st. 
M'Nulty VVni. 2,Berry-st. 
Mussenden Chas. 67, Anne-st. 
Neill Sanil. 22, Berry-st. 
Neville John, (ladies) 9,Union-St, 
NicbolTlioma?, 3, Bridge-st. ' 
Nicliol Andrew., 33, Church-lane 
Palmer Thomas, 15, Anne-st. 
Petticrew Robert, 8, William-st. 
Pirry Saml. 27, 
Pollock Jag.4f), John-st. 
Quin Arthur, 13, Higb-st. 
Rippit George, 22, Round-entry 
Robinson Daniel, 27, Donegall-st. 
SherifF Joseph, 16, Wine Tavern-st. 
Spence Hugh, 85, North-st. 
Spencer Wm. 12, Castle-st. 
Taylor George, 30, Church-lane 
Thompson Mary, 58, Anne-st« 
Turner Jas. 25, Talbot-st. 

Brass Founders. 
Law Andrew, Fo«ntain-st, 
Law Patrick, 29, Hercules-st, 
M'Nair John, 141, North-st. 
Redmond Rt. 4, Pottingers-entry 
Reid Wm. and Oswald, 75, Apnq-st. 
Shaw John, 3, Queen-st. 

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers, 
Baxter Edwd. 13, Carrick-hill 
Bbomfleld James, 7, John-st. 
Clarke Angus, 16, Mary-st. 
Collier James, 102, Hercules-st. 
Hcadly Robt. 131, North-st. 
Ireland Jas. 23, Corn-market 
M'Cullough Thomas, 40, Waring-st. 
Newbigham Archibald, Mustard-st. 
Sergeston Jas. 49, Church-lane 
Wright. Lu<}ford, 51, Forest-lane 

Auchialeck Wm. [vinegar] Acadcmy-st. 
Bell John, 100, Hercules-st. 
Benn John, 43, North-st. 
Dobbin Clntuwrthy, 42, Sfmitlifield 
Mackenzie Alex. Donaghmore, Dungannon 
Napier Wm. 18, Bank-lane 
Stewart, Magill & Co.Chapel-lanc 

Bradbury Joseph, Salt-water-bridge 
Lennon James, Ballymaearret 
Moore H. S. Salt-water-bridge 

Brush Manufacturer. 
Jamieson Hugh, 63, Smitlmeld 

Brush, Bellows, Sfc. Dealers. 

Fox George, 46, Norlh-st. 

(Jniy Mary, 118, North-st. 

Morrison Jolm, 78, North-st.&Shank-hill-r 

TilleyJas. 108, North-st. 

Turner Oeorge, 10, Margaret-st. 

Butter Merchants. 

Bell Clements, Talbot-st. 
Davis and Allen, Hill-st. 
Douglas Wm. 8, Nelson-st. 
6 luble Rt, 58, Waring-8t. 

Gilles Joseph, 16, Tomb-st. 
Herdman Rt. 78, Hercules-st. 
Jameson Wm. 1. Donegall-st. 
Kirkpatrick John, Tomb-st, 
Kirkpatrick Robt. 124, High-st. 
Langtry Geo, & Co, ,37, Waring-st. 
M'Clarnon Patrick, Tjclfairs-ct. Anne-st, 
Orr Davd, 14, Kill-st. 
Wallace Archi. & Co. Tomb-st. 

Thomas Bernard, (inspector) Quay-lane 

Cabinet Makers. 
Clarke Peter, Fountain-st. 
'Crawford Jas, 33, Waring-st. 
Gdston Saml. 41, Waring-st. 
Getty John, Danegall-st. 
Giimore Andrew, 23, Hercules-st. 
Green John, 31, Roseinary-st. 
Henesy D. (chairs) 33, Rosemary-st. 
Henesy Edwd. 35, (chairs) Rosemary-st. 
Lyle Archibald, Qneen-st. 
Mines Saml. 3, Hercules-st. 
Scott Jas. 92, North~st. 
Scott John, 41, Smithfield 
Taylor Wm. 45, Donegall St, 
Wilson James A. 1, York-st. 
Young James, 22, Church-lane 

Calico Printers. 
Batt Ewing, and Co. Hyde-park 
Dunn Stewart, JFoodhurn 
GrimshawT. and E. fF/iitehtyitse 
(irimshaw James, fPhiCch.ouse 
Hay Samiu'l, near Caryichfergiis 
Stanton Aaron and Co. Carmoney 
Wilson Hamilton, Falls Mills 

Card Makers. 
Baker Richard, (patent cotton and woollen) ' 

Broadie.y Benjamin, (cotton wool and tow> 

4, Mill-field 
Jamieson Hugh, 63,SHiithftftld 
Muckle Moses, (tow&wool) 9, Rosenmry-st 
Muckle Robert, ;tow) 70, North-st, 
M'Crcig'Kt Patiick, (tow) 21, Novth-st. 
Sanders William, (tow) Wine-cellar-entry 

Carvers and (Jitders. 
Greig Janse-s, 3, Fountain-st.- 
M'Cabe Sarali, 4, Hercules-st, 

Clothes Dealers. 
BarrybillJobn, [wb.] 87, Carrick-hill 
BellThomiis, 130, High-st., 
Bogan James, Milifield-st. . 
Boyce James, VMnetavern-st. 
CampbellJohn, 7, Smitblield 
jCampbell Thomas, 35, Church-lane 
Caughey Isabella, 5, Chichester- quay 
Devlin Felix, 68, Peter's-hill 
Doe Thomas, [wh,&rt.] U, Church-lane 
Elliott James, 31, Church-lane 
Ferguson George, 40, Churcli-lane 
Grant Alexander, 7, Church-lane 
Hamill Owen, 37, Smithfitld 
Hanna Jane, 38, Church-st. 
Heyburn John, 28, Brrry-st. 
Jenkins Andrew, 27, Cburcb-Iane 
Kearnes Alexander, 61, Union-st. 



Keenaa Francis, 45, Chnrch-lane 
M'Crea John, 13, Chuich-lane 
M'llroy Christopher, 15, Church-lane 
M'Laughlin Walter, 3, West-st. 
Marlfiy Alexander, 55, Mill-st. 
Milliken Thomas, (wh.) 91, North-st. 
O'Hara Catharine, 34, Church-Iana 
O'Reiley Thomas, 4, Berry-st. 
Patterson John, 17, Church-lane 
Short Thomas, 19, Church-lane 
SkefFington William, 3, Smithfield 
Tearney Hugh, 24, Berry-st. 
Yates John, 39, Church-lane 
Young Charles, 29, Church-lane 

Coach Buildefs. 
Belfast Coach Factory Co. William-st. south 

Agt. Rt. Grier 
BrowH John, 11, Marlbro.-st. 
Flanagan John, Fountain-st, 
Smith and Wright, Fountain-st. 
M'Cartney Mich, (coach smith) 42,CastIe-st 

Coal Merchants. 
CoatesJohn, 6, Smithfield 
Elliott George, Smithfield 
M'CuUough Patrick, 3, Custom-bouse-qu. 
M'Cullough Hugh, 3, Hanover-quay 
SkellyJohn, 59, Smithfield 
Woods John, King-st. 

Commissioner of affidavits. 
Wattersoa Henry, 128, Aune-st. 

Bunting Robert, Hercules-st. 
Douglas John, 35, North-st. 
Gray Mary, 72, Anne-st. 
Linden Matthew and Sons, 75, Castlc-St. 
Murphy John, Corn-market 
MurtaghJohn, 5, Anne-st, 

Consuls and Agents. 
America, S. Luke, York-st. 
Netherlands, Gregg Fortescue, Ballyma- 

Sweden, Norway and Denmark, L. F. Eid, 


Adams John, 15, Talbot-st, 
Atkins William, 15, Bells-row 
Balladay Francis, Pottingers-entvy 
Brown Abigail, 21, Forest-lane 
Burbick James, 5, Edward-st, 
Busby John, Tomb-st. 
Callendar John, 41, Forrest-lane 
Crawford William, 37, Forrest-Inne 
Ewart James, 8, Wcigh-house-laue 
Farrell James, 2, Moi'rows-eiitey 
Fullcrton John, 87, Grattan-st. 
Gray John, 46, Talbot-st. 
Hoy Samuel, 42, Waiing-st. 
Je3ers Matthew, Hamiltoa's-court 
Johnston James, 23, Green-st. 
Lennon Patrick, 11, Forest-lane 
M'Aulay Archi. Edward-st. 
M'Cullagh James, 49, Forest-lane 
M'Cunn William, 126, Mill-field 
M'GonnigalJohn, 35, Talbot-st, 
M'Murtry Samuel, Mays- ground 

Murphy Alexander, 1,'Caxton-st. 
Reid James, 19, Talbot-st. 
Wright VriUiam, 23, Talbot-st. 


Clarke Angus, 16, Mary-st. 

Ireland James, 23, Corn-market 

Kirkwood Brice, 6, Anne-st. 

Lynch Robert, 30, Mill-st. 

Sterling M. (and bellhanger) 46, Anfte-st. 

Wright Ludford, 51, Forest-lane 

Cork Manufacturers. 

Hamilton John, Rosemary-st. 

Kerr Joseph, Ballymacarret 

Spring Edward, 39, Hecules-st. 

Corn and Flour -Sfc. Merchants and 

Alexander John and Co. Belfast-mills 
Archibald James, 183, North-st. 
Colviile John, James-st. 
Cunningham J. and T. 6, Mill-st, 
Fitzgerald Wm. (dye woods) 19, North-st. 
Gardner J. and T. (lotrwood) 62, North-st. 
Hawthorn John, 2, Skipper-st. ' 
Hunter William, 125, North-st, 
Hyndman Robert, 30, Ncrth-st. 
Lyle John, 17, Chichester- quay 
M'Murtry Thomas, Mill-field 
Radcliff and Munce, (and dye woods) 26, 

Seed VVllliam, 24, James-st. 
Seed William, 24, James-st. 
Whitla G. V. and Co. Tomb-st. 

Cotton Manufacturers hWarehoiUcSf 

Baker James, 39, Patrick-st. 

Bell J. and Co. (mus. and cal.) John-st. 

BodelJohn, 47, Smithfield 

Boomer James and Co. 14, Waring^st. 

Bryson John, [muslin & gingham] Castle-st 

Bryson James, [muslin and gingham] 43, 

Byers and Briggs, 47, Donegall-st. 

Crossen William, (mus. and cal.) Brown-st 

Ewart William, (wh, and rt. dir.) 4, Rose- 

Ewing Robert, 30, great Edward-st. 

Gordon James, 22, Brown-st. 

Hall Edward and Co. 26, Donegall-st. 

Hall Joseph, 57, North-st. 

Harlin William, 16, Commercial-court 

Heyburn Miles, 8, Rosemary -stt 

Hill George, 47, Edivard-st. 

Hobson Lawrence, ?.6, Anne-st, 

How Thomas, Louyliine 

Hunter Vv^'illiam aiid ('o. Margaret-at. 

Kennedy William, 22, Gardner-st, •*. 

Kennedy Thomas, 37, Patrick-st. i 

Leppers and Co. Lodge-read-mill * 

M'Conkey James, lirown-st. 

M'Cracken John,,Donetr:!ll-st. 

M'Crnm J. and S. :iiid Co. 21, Skipper-st, 

M 'Culiough Thomas, Margaret-st. 

M'Dowell John, ereat George-st. 

Matcar Samuel, 39, Edward-st, 

Mills Robert, 11, Yoik-st. 

Morrison A, (muslin) 57, Gardner-st- 



Mulholland T. and Co. 49, Union-st. 

O'Neil Thomas, 11, Donegall-st. 

Osborne William, 16, Brown-st. 

Park James, 17, West-st. 

Plunkett George, 122, Carrick-hill 

Reid James, 61, High-st. 

Robinson Daniel, 27, Donegall-st. 

Scott Robert, 3, Brown-st. 

Scott Cath. (fancy muslin) 30, Bridge-st. ' 

Sterling- James, Church-st. 

Tennent George, New-road 

Tucker William, 3, Castle-lane 

Watt William, 4, Wariug-st. 

Weir Samuel, Ballymacarret 

Williamson Thomas, 1, Patrick-st. 

W^orkman lobn, 39, 1. Patrick-st. 

Workman Robert, finus.) 39, 1, Patrick-st. 

Young John, Ballymacan-et 

Cotton Spinners. 
Bell John and Co. John-st. 
Boomer James and Co. 14, Waring-st. 
Cochran James, Falls-road 
Ferguson James & Son, Ballyclart-hill 
Halls Edward & Co. 26, Donegal-st, 
Hannay George and Co. Bangor 
Henderson John, Shank-hill 
Leppers and Co. Lodge-road Mill 
M'Cracken John, York-lane 
M'CrumSaml. & John & Co.21, Skipper-st 
M'Cullock, Stott, Bell and Co. Bangor 
Malholland Thos. & Co. Wine-tavern-st. 
Park Jas. 17, West-st. 
Stevensons & Co. Spritig-field 
Tucker Wm. 3, Castle-lane 
Watt Wm, 4, Waring-st, 

Cotton Yarn Merchants, 
Bain John, 66, Anne-st. 
Bell John and Co. John-st. 
Cochran Wm. 2, Commercial-court 
Hamilton & M'Connell, 19, Donegall-st. 
Honter J. & W. Elliots-court 
M'Crum S. & J. & Co. 21, Skipper-st. 
Raid James, 61, High-st. 


Hare George, 79, North-st.' 
Johnson Wm. 22, Mill-st. 
Moore Wm. 116, North-st. 
O'Neal Pat. 15, Barrack-st. 

King Cunningham, 26, Church-lane 
Porter Edward, 69, High-st. 
Riddel John, 50, High-st. 

M^Kenzie John and Co. Belfast Distillery, 


Brady James, Saltwater- Bridge 
Campbell Wm. Dam Side 
Corrigan Michael, Francis-st. 
Dobbin John, 41, Wine Tavern-st. 
English Thomas, 42, Union-st. 
Ferrall Walter, 9, Brown-st. 
Fisher Thomas, 13, Francis-st. 
M'Clcan James, 9, Mil!-st. 
Sloan Charles, 8, Mill-field- 
TurubuU Pettr, 51, Castlc-st. 

Barnett Thomas, (civil) Corporation-dock 
Donaldson Wm. (millwright) Chichester-st 
Thomson John,(steamengine manufacturer) 

great George-st. 
Engravers 6f Copper Plate Printers. 
Bradshaw George, (man. of platillas, lasti- 

does, slips and hand papers for Linens) 

court 60, High-st. 
Hill Wm, 8, Crown-entry 
Johnson Robert, 49, Mill-st. 
Smith James, (in wood) 30, Mill-field 
Stephenson James, 49, Anne-st. 
Thompson John, 30, Castle-st. 

Feather, Sfc. Warehouses, 
Bnrkf Catharine, 12, Skipper-st. 
Burke Robert, 63, Hercules-st. 
M'Veagh John, (& quills) 28, Church-lane 

Fire and Life hisurance Offices. 
Albion, T. Seed, Weigh-house-lane 
Atlas, Wm. Sloan, 33, Castle-st. 
Belfast, Robert Simms, 34, North-st. 
Commercial, John Ward, 18, Arthur-st. 
Globe, Samuel Archer, 37, High-st. 
London Union, Thos. Welsh, 8, Donegall-st 
Norwich Union, Thomas Ward, High-sf. 
Royal Exchange, R.&A. Gordon, 19, Castle-st 
Sun.Saml, Archbold, 82, High-st. 
Fishing and Fowling Tackle Maker. 
Marshall Wm.2^, Bride-st. 

Furniture Brokers, 
Drinkwater Thos. 10, Marquis-st, 
Lockart Wm. 30, Smithfield 
O'Neal Cornelius, 5, Smithfield 

Fustian Manufacturers. 
Bodel John, 41, Smithfield 
O'Brien John, 18, Berry-st. 
WattWm. 4, Waring-st. 

Gardeners, ifc. 
Chambers John, 5, Core-row 
Morrow Dav.Montgomery's-market&.Knoci. 
Ruett George, Fruit-lodge 

Glass and China Warehouses. 
Bell and Robson, 87, High-st. 
Carey and Cooper, 110, High-st. 
Clelanci Jane, 37, Castle-st, 
Morrow Eiiphemia, 9, Hanovcr-qtiay 
Robinson Jonathan, High-st. 
Shaw James, 112, Anne-st. 
Stewart J. (&earthenwave")20. Corn-market 
Wood Enoch, Sons & Wood, (&earthenware) 

102, High-st. 
Glass Manufacturers and Merchants. 
Belfast Glass Works Co. 14, Peter's-hill 
Cuddy James, (merchant) 25, Cburch-lane 
Davies Patrick, [merchant] 33, North-st, 
Edwards Benjamin, Ballymacarret 

Glass Cutters. 
Cunningham Wm. 126, Carrick-hill 
Davis Wm. 71, Mill-field 
Orridge Ralph, Berry-st. 
Potts Thomas, (watch glass) 12, Carrick-hill 
Tennent Wallace, 34, Smithfield 

Glovers and Breeches Makers, 
Armstrong Jolm, 20, Castle-st. 
Carson Thomas, 40, Smithfidd 



Hughes John, 67, Hefcules-st. 
Rodgers John, 60, Anne-st. 

Glue Mamifactnrers. 
Johnston Samuel, 43, Mill-st. 
Tucker Sarnl. 16, Skipper-st. 

Allen Robert, 39, Anne-st. 
Anderson Robert, 8, Curtice-st. 
Archibald James, 183, North-st. 
Atkinson Wm. 23, North-st» 
Bailie James, 68, North-st. 
Bain James, 72, Anne-st. 
Barlvley Martha, 3, Priacess-st. 
Bell Abraham, 81, North-st. 
Berwick & Ash, (wholesale) 34, Waring-st. 
Bigger VV.&S. 11, High-st. 
Black Alex. (& pickU whs.) 41, High-st, 
Black Robert, 13, Berry-st. 
Black J. and H. 8, Church-lane 
Bowden James, 102, Anne-st. 
Boyd J. H. 21, Anne-st. 
Boyd Esther, 6, Curtice-st. 
Boyes Francis, Waring-st. 
Bragg Thomas, 30, North-st. 
Brown John, 84, North-st. 
Byrne Pat. C. 107, Peter's-hill 
Cairns Barbara, 94, Anne-st. 
Campbell Wm. 84, A.nue-st. 
Campbell Saml. & Co. (who.) 24, NortU-st. 
Carlisle John, U, Princes-st. 
Cassidy Daniel, 90, Anne-st. 
Cavan John, 7, High-st. 
Cinnamond Thos. 9, Smithfield 
Clarke Wm. 43, Anne-st - 
Clementg David, 139, North-st, 
CoburnThos. 185, North-st. 
Coleman J. & T, 2, Waring-st 
Coleman Thos. (& salt-store) 13, North-st. 
Colville John, James-st. 
Corner Wm, 1, Barrack-st. 
Corcar Wm. 114, North-st. 
Creek Chas. (wholesale) 16, North-st. 
Crawford Arthur, 142, North-st. 
Crawford John, 23, Berry-st. 
Davison & Charlie, [who.] 73, High-st. 
Dick Rt. 12, Church-lane 
Dickey Alex. & Co. 60, North-st. 
Dixon Alex. 14, Church-lane 
DuffieldSaml. 166, North-st. 
Dunn John, 62, Millficld 
Duprey Hastings, 37, Union-st. 
Emerson Wm. 19, North-st. 
Ferguson Thos 32, Limekilu-dock 
Fleming Wm, 9, Carrickfergus-st. 
Flowers James, 7, Berry-st- 
Fitzgerald Wm. 19, North-st. 
Galway Abigail, Sandy-row 
Gardner J. & T. 62, North-st. 
Gihon Thomas, 93, High-st. 
Gilles Benjamin, 79, North-st. 
Gilmour Joseph, 37, Anne-st. 
Glasgow Jamiis, [wh.] 22, Rosemary-st, 
Gordon John, (wh.) 20, AVaring-st,' 
Granger Catharine, 58, Anne-st. 
Hadskiss Stewart, 20, North-st. 
Hagaa Edward, 50, Gordon-st. 
Hanaill M.aud E. 70, High-st. 

Hamilton William, (cheese and pickle) 6, 

Hanna Hans, 1, Petes's-liill 

Hauna Thomas, 53, Peter's-hill 

Hardie, Clarke and Henry, (wh.) Wine- 

Harkins George, 4, New Market 

Harper John, 19, Union-st. 

Harpur Martin, 76, Annc-sl. 

Harrison Isaac, 80, Anne-st. 

Hays James, 43, Berry-st 

Henderson James, 6, Nelson-st. 

Hill Andrew, (wh.) 18, Rosemary-st. 

Hobson Laurence, 86, Anne-st. 

Hughes Thomas, (wh.) North-st. 

Hughes Sarah, 18, North-st, 

Hughes John, 29, Talbot-st. 

Hunter William, 125, North-st. 

Hunter William, 12, North-st. 

Jameson John, 129, North-st. 

Jamison William, 29, 1. J>oncgall-st. " 

Johnston John, 98, North-st. 

Johnston John, 38, North-st. 

Kane Daniel, 2, Mustard-st. 

Kelly Andrew, 2, Carrick-hiil 

Kelly James, 10, Peter's-hill 

Kennedy Charles, 18, North-st. 

Kerr James, 70, Anne-st. 

Kirker William, 114, North-st. 

Kirkpafrick Samuel, 3, Church-lane 

Law David, 119, North-st. 

M'Alister John, 1, Grahams-entry 

M'Bride John, 66, North-st. 

M'Clave S. R. 16, Church-st. 

M'Cleave James, 100, Milliield-st. 

M'Clinton John, 109, North-st. 

M'Clure William, 35, Doaegall-st, 
M'Connell James, Talbot-st. 
M'Connell John, (wh.) 41, Anne st. 

M'Connell Samuel, 31, Edward-8t. 
M'Cosh David, (wh.) Rosemary-st. 
M'CulIoch John, 86, North-si. 
M'Gahan Philip, 5, Hercules-st. 
M'Gouran Peter, 1, Bcrry-st. 
M'Gouran Michael, 1, North-st. 
M'Henry Daniel, Church-st, 
M'Kean James, 100, Grattan-st. 
M'Kendry John, 30, Peter's-hill 
M'Kibben John, 96, Anne-st. 
M'Kinstry Henry, 94, 1. Patrick-st. 
M'Kittrick John, 51, Atme-st. 
M'Master Jaraci, (wh.) Nortb-st. 
Macmullcn S. W, (fruit and sauce) 31, 

Magee Elizabeth, 41, Waring-st . 
Marshall John, 3, Donegall-si. 
Martin W. R. 127, North-st. 
M;;rtins and Co. (\Vh.) 20, Church-lane 
Matter Samuel, 111, North-st. 
May George, 31, Carrickfergus-st. 
Mawhinuy Thomas, iOl, Anne-st. 
Moorcroft Hugh, 2, West-st. 
Moorcroft J. Berry-sr. 
Moore James, 152, North-st. 
Moreland Andrew, (wh.) 11, Rosemary-st, 
Moreland and Dunn, 1, Church-lane 
Morehind J. and J. (wb,) 21, Rosemarjr-st, 



Morgan John, 87, North-st. 

Morgan Thoraas, 8, Barrack-st. 

Mullan John, North-st. 

Murney Henry, 26, Anne-st. 

Nelson William, 35, John-st. 

Norwood Sarah, 133, North-st. 

Nugent Joseph, 92, Talbot-st. 

O'Farrell James, 21, John-st. 

O'Neill Terence, Mill-st. 

O'Neill Thomas, 46, Barrack-st. 

Raphael and Carson, [wh.] 14, Cora-market 

Rea Samuel, 35, Gardner-st. 

Rea John, 8, West-st. 

Reford Lewis, 53, High-st, 

Reid Thomas, 35, Anne-st. 

Rice Michael, 101, North-st. 

Risk William, 17, Union-st. 

Rogers William, 31, Corn-market. 

Rowan Robert, 128, High-st. 

Russell Rocert, 67, Patrick-st. 

Shaw James, 112, Anne-st. 

Shaw William, 27, Mill-st. 

Simminton Robert, 15, North-st. 

Standfield Charles, 95, High-st. 

Standfleld James, 2, High-st. 

Stavely James, 21, Waring-st. 

Stewart Alexander, Church-st. 

Stewart Alexander, 18, Barrack-st. 

Stockman Ralph, 99, North-st. 

Tate John, 120, Millfield 

Thomson C. & W. 99, High-st. 

Thomson Samuel, 28, Anne-st. 

Toal Henry, 37, Wine-tavern st. 

Trimble David, [tea and toys] 22, North-st 

Vance William, 22, Millfield 

Walker John, 21, Corn-market. 

Watson George, 43, Barrack-st. 

Watt David, 83, North-st. 

Webster Anne, 114, Anne-st. 

WhiteJohq,2, Rosemary-st. 

Wilson William, 5, Berry-st. 

Gun Makers. 

Cole William, Hercules-st. 
Gardener John, 24, Anne-st. 
Whitfield Henry, 38, Anne-st. 

Brice E. and Sisters, 33, Castle-st. 
Carleton ConWay, 46, High-st, 
Carson Mary, 23, Castle-st. 
Craig M. and M. 49, North-st, 
Curran Margaret, 132, High-st. . 
Ferguson R. and E. (silk mercers and Irish 

poplin warehouse) 22, High-st. 
Grainger James, 56. Anne-st. 
Greer and Neal, (wh.) Rosemary-st. 
Hadskiss Susan, 24, High-st. 
Hall Joseph, 57, North-st. 
Harrison Mary, 20, Bridge-st. 
Johnston H. (and linen dealer) 49, Mill-st. 
Lennon John, (wh.) 26, High-st, 
Lewis George, 12, High-st. 
Lowry Susanna, 6, High-st. 
M'AfeeMary, 21, Castle-st. 
M'Ferran George, 71, High-st. 
Moonan M. and M. 93, North-st. ■ 
Shaw Deborah, 9, Castle-st. 

Watson Robert, 32, Church-st, 
Whittle John, (wh.) 9, Elliotts-court 
Young James, [wh.] 84, High-st. 

Haberdashers and Milliners, 8fC. 
Acheson Misses, 64, Anne-st. 
Armstrong Sarah, 60, High-st. 
Cardwell Margaret, 64, High-st. 
Cinnamond M. A. 27, Castie-st. 
Cinnamond Mary, 149, North-st. 
Crawford Mary, 33, Waring-st. 
Digby M. and A. 15, Hercules-st. 
Ferguson Isabella, 44, Hiph-st. 
Flanagan and Evans, 6, Corn-market 
Hamilton Amelia, 27, Berry-st. 
Ireland Misses, 11, Corn-market 
Jameson Mary, 29, Castle-st. 
Johnson Anne, 48, High-st. 
Johnston and Halliday, [wh.) 2, Donegall-st 
Keenan, A. M. 16, Church-lane , 
Kelso J. and M. 10, High-st. 
Lawrie William, 181, North-st. 
M'Auley and Kinley, 6, Castle-st. 
M'Blain & Oliver, [silk mercers] 14,High-st 
M'Bride Urs. (leather caps) 17, High-st. 
M' Bride Elinor, 19, High-st. 
M'Cord Eliza, 3, Donegall-st. 
M'Cutcheon Jane, 36, Princess-St. 
M'Ghie Mrs. J. 37, Castle-st. 
M'Intyre E. & M. 58, High-st. 
O'Farrell Mary, 6, North-st. 
Officers S. & Co. 10, Bridge-st. 
Patterson E. M. 56, High-st. 
Peebles Mary, (baby linen & haberdashery, 

commisjion repository) 20, Annc-st. 
Rice Mary, 101, North st. 
Robinson Chai-lotte, 39, Castle-st, 
Scott Anne, 41, Anne-st, 
Shanahan E. A, 62, High-st, 
Spears Magdoline, 4, Corn-market 
Swiney M. & Co. [silk mercers] 13,Castle-st 
Thomson Jane, 30, Anne-st. 
Warnick Martha, 23, Castle-st. 
Willis Elizb. 59, High-st. 
Wilson Mrs, A. 53, Anne-st. 

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers. 

Bailey Robert, 24, Bridge-st. 
Collins Wm. 8, Francis-st. 
Davis Joy, 19, Bridge-st. 
Foote win. 178, North-st. 
Graham Rt. 1 12, High-st. 
Gray George, 16, High-st. 
Mulholland John, 41, Forest-lane 
Robinson John, 53, Anne-st. 
Scott Catharine, 36, Bridge-st. 
Tucker Sanil. [wh.] 16, Skipper-st. 
Wright Richard, 31, High-st. 

Herring Merchants, 
Dixon Alex. 3, Liine-kiln-dock 
Orrott Isaac, Weigh-housc-st. 

Hide Merchants and Commission 

Graham Thomas, 107, North-st, 
Hunter Wm. 154, North-st. 
M' Master Patrick, rSi tallow) Curtice-st. 
Nelson J as, 17, Carrick-hill 
OrrAlox. 73, Smithfield 




Brown Robt. 58, Barrack-^t. 

Ferguson John, 18, Gordon-st, 

Gray John, 81, High-st. 

Johnston Andrew, 6, VVarinjf-st. 

Marshall Rt. (wli.) 22, Bridge-st. 

Pinoerton Andrew, 15, Bridge-st. 

Rogers Wit). 5, 1. Patrick-st. 

Shaw RoberD, Millfield 

Smith Wni. 75, Siniihfield 

Wallace Thomas, 2, Bridge-st. 

Whiteside \Ym. G'A, Mercnlcs-st. 
Hotels and inns, 

CampbellThomas, (CoinmerciaU 44, Anne- 

Haylock Tlbalt, (Nelson Club-House) Do- 

Higgison VVm. 51, Donee;all-st. 

Jami.son Wm. (King's ArmsJ 45, North-st. 

Linn Patrick, 1, Castle-st. 

Martin J. 47, North-st. 

Miskelly Danl. (bucks-head) I, Roscmary- 

Wilson Thonsas, (Donegall Arms) 11, Cas- 

Iron Founders, 

Belfast Foundry Co . Donegall-st. 

Booth \Vm, 151, North-st. 

Coats Victor, Son and Young, Lagan Foun- 
dry, Balli/macarret 

Iron Merchants. 

Crawford Arthur, 14, North-st. 

Getty Wm. (& bops) 43, Donegall-st. 

Matthews Robert, 108, Anne-st 

Ironmongers and Hardware Dealers. 

Getty R. & J. 17, Bridge-st. 

M'Adam Jas. (to .saddlers) .36, High-st. 

M'Adam George, 108, High-st. 

Rt'Clean Francis, 45, Castle-st. 

Marshall Wm.(hardware andfishing tackle) 
28, Bridge-st. 

Montgomery John, 77, High-st. 

Patterson Robt. 40, High-st. 

Porter Edwd. 69, High-st. 

Riddel John, 50, High-st. 

White Wm. 6, Bridge-st, 

Jewellers and Gold and Silversmiths. 
Those marked thus f are dealers in watches 
fCarrutliers Jas, 8, Castlc-r,t. 
■fGardner Henrj', 65, High-st. 
fGribben and Wallace, 3, High-st. 
fGray J. & R. (raanufac. jewellers) 32, 

Keenan Patrick, (manufac.} 3, Castle-st, 
fMoore Jas.68, High-st, 
NeiU Rt. 25, High-st. 
Stewart John, (lap. & seal engraver) 
Joiners f Carpenters Sf House Builders. 
Bright John, 10, New- row 
Brovrn John, Chichester-ct. 
Carval Danial,32, Marquis-st. 
Clark Jas. Hammonds-ct. 
Gardner Willis, nearlChicheste r-st. 
Glenkolraes John, 50, John-st. 
©reerWiM. (loom .carpenter) 117, Northk«t. 

Kennedy Rt. 27, Smithfteld 

M'Gartney Canno, Nile-st. 

M'Keown Bernard, 32, Edward-st, 

M'Murtry John, (& glazierj 59, Academy-St 

M'Murtry Wm. 7, Carrick-hill 

Murphy John, 7, Mustard-st. 

Nelson Josepli, 22, William-st. 

Purine John, 30, Waring-st. 

Spence George, 27, Weigh-house-lane 

Thompson Alex. 10, Uniosi-placc 

Watson John, 72, I. Donegall-bt. 

Wallace Andrew, Fountaiu-st. 

Williamson James, 30, Union-st. 

YatesRt. 21, Millfield 

Land Surveyors, 8(C, 
Greig Wm. 1, Corn-market 
Guthrie Edward, Anne-st. 
Johnson T. Smithfic'.d 
Pattison Robert, Dundonald 
Williamson Jas. James-place 

Leather Cutters and Dealers. 
Anderson Jas. 37, North-st. 
Connor Patrick, (Spanish leather dresser) 

21, Barrack-st. 
Gumming Saml. (wh.) Donegall-st. 
Graham Thomas, 107, North-st, 
Hare George, 74, North-st. 
Hind Jas. (& dealer inwire)37, Hercules-lt, 
Houston Wm. 135, North-st. 
Jameson John, 129, North-st. 
Johnston Wm. 32, Mill-st. 
M'Kibbcn John, 86, Anne-st 
Moore Wm. 116, North-et. 
Murray Cha8.46, John-st. 
O'Neal Patrick, 15, Barrack-st. 
Small Hugh, 31, North-st. 
Wallace John, 115, North-st. 

Lime Masters. 
Bell John, Lime-stonct 
Ekcnliead Francis, Ballymacarret 
M'CuUough Edwd. Ballymaearret 
M'Cullough Matthew, 66, Lodge- lant 

Linen Merchants, 

Alexander James, Wbite-luien-.hall 

Andrews T. and J. Donegall-st. 

Andrews Michael, Shank-hill 

Arthurs, Creenvietc 

Barklie Archibald, Lame 

Black'.vell Robert and Co. White- linen, hall 

Charlie William, Moss-vale 

Charlie John, Finagliey 

Curtis Edward, Derriaghey 

Ferguson J. S. and Co. (factors) Whito- 

Ferguson Annesley and Co.White-linen-hail 
Garr Edward, Port-view 
Garr John, Lagan Cottage 
Gracey James, Comber 
Gi'ogaa John, Gienbank 
Hill J. C Donought 
Hopes Thonaas, White-linen-hall 
Hunter William, Dunmurrj/ 
Hunter Alexauder, Duumwrrjf. 
M'Cance John, Suffolk- 
Ma gill Hugh, 1, King-st. 
M' liven St,Johti, Castle-larie 



M'Keown Hugb, il, King-st, 
Miles George, 22, Academy-st. 
Moore Henry, Malone 
Neilsoii Robert, Vvliite-lincn-Iiall 
Nelson Alexander, White-linen-hall 
Oakman Walter, Cromack-st. Glenavey 
Park John, 13, Nelson-st. 
Smith E. J. near Belfast 
Stevenson J. W. and Co. 8, York-st. 
Stewart Alexander and Co. Wliite-liiien-hall 
Stewart and Ciiuninghnm. White-linen-hall 
Stewart & Nelson, (factors) VVhite-linen-hall 
Stitt William, Comber 
Williamson Robert, Laynhcg 
Williamson Alexander, Lamheif 
■Wolfenden John, Layuheg 
Young William and Sons, Ralli/mcna 
Linen Drapers. 

See also Haberdashers. 
■Agnew Charles, Broomlierigc 
Ashmore and Co. White-linen-hall 
Bell Henry, Lamheg, Diiblin-raad 
Blackwell Alexander, {)7, Iligh-st. 
Burns Robert, 57, Hin:h st. 
M'Keown Hugh, 11, King-st. 
Orr William and Co, Fouwtain-st. 

Linen Yam Dalers. 
Kelly Andrew, North-st. 
Kirkwood William, 114, North-st. 
M'Cnlloch John, 86, North-st. 
Morgan John, 87, North-st. 
Neal Hamilton, 12, lower Chnrch-lane 
Pattison James, Ballymacarret. 
Rice Michael, North-st. 
Scott Samuel, 76, North-st. 

Machine Makers, 
Beatty Edward, 4, Union-st. 
Freebai rnJno. (stock ingframes) 4 6, Patrick- St 
Phillips John. Foiintain-st. 
Tilley James, 108, North-st. 

Merchants (General) 
Allen Thomas, 2, Thomas-st. 
Barclay Allan, 27, Anne-st, 
Baraett A. J. and Sons, Store-lane 
Barnett John, 31, Mill-st. 
Batt Goddard and Co. 2, Calendar-st. 
Bell John and Co. John-st. 
Bell Thomas, 1. Donegail-st. 
Berwick and Ash, 34, Waring-st. 
Brennan Alexander, York-st. 
Brown John E. 4, Calendar-st. 
Brush Edward, 19, Chichester-quay 
Campbell Samuel and Co. 24, North-st. 
Casement Hugh, Academy-st. 
Cramsie John, Lime-kiln-dock 
Crawfords and Wallace, 18, Hill-st. 
Cunningham J.andT. (corn) 6, Mill-st. 
CunninghamJas.&Co. (old rums)72,High-st 
Davison and Charlie, 73, High-st. 
Dawson Samuel R. 7, Hill-st. 
Delap & Charleton, (com.) 13, Chichester-q. 
Dinnen John, 16, Academy-st. 
Dixon Alexr. (herrings) 3, Lime-kiln-dock' 
Ekenhead Thomas, 15, Chichester-quay 
Gamble Arthur, 2d, North-st. 
Gamble Robert, 58, Waring-st. 
Gausen John and Co. 36, Waring-st, 

Getty Robert, 27, North-st, 
Gillies John, 29, Custom-honse-quay 
Gillis Joseph, Tomb-st. 
Gordon R. and A. 19, Castle-st. 
Graham Campbell, Anne-st. 
Gregg Fortescue, Ballymacarret 
Grimsbaw Robert, 2, Mustard-st. 
Hartley John, 9, Douegall-quay 
Harvey W. T, and Co. (corns.) Douegall-q. 
Hayes Halloway, Hewitts-court. 
Hayes Thomas, Hewitts-court 
Holmes and Crawford, Tomb-st. 
Hughes Thomas, North-st. 
Johnson Hugh, 2, Rosemary-st. 
Jones and Lyle, 77, Anne-st. 
Kennedy John, Donegall-quay 
Kennedy James, 26, Waring-st. 
Kirkpatrick Samuel, Church-lane 
Kirkpatrick Robert, 124, High-st. 
Langtry George and Co. 37, Waring-st. 
Linn Robert, jun. 15, Donegall-qnay 
Luke Thomson and Co. 14, York-st. 
Lyle John, 17, Chichester-quay 
Martin John and Co. 25, Anne-st. 
M'Cammon Joseph, 11, Donegall-quay 
M'Connell John, 31, Anne-st. 
M'Donnelland Bailie, 5, Skippcr-st. 
M'Donnell and Carson, 7, Skipper-st, 
M'Master James and Sons, Nortli-st. 
Miller Samuel and Sons, Donegall-st. 
Montgomery Geoi-ge, 9, Chichester-quay 
Moorhead H. and Jf. 82, North-st. 
Murphy J. W.2, Mustard-st. 
Ret'ord Lewis, 53, High-st. 
Seed William, (com.) Weigh-house-lane 
Shaw William, 24, James-st. 
Sims William, 11, Chichester-quay 
Simpson Paul, Elliotts-court 
Smith Samuel and Son, Church -st. 
Stcen James Jun. and Co. 4, Hill-st. 
Stevenson W. and J . York-st. 
Stewart James and Co. 7, Leggs-lane 
Suffern William, 26, North-st. 
Suffcrn M. and G. S, Long-lane 
Telfair Robert, jun. and Co. Telfairs-entry 
Tcnnent, Dillon and^Brown, Waringst. 
Thompson Richard, 60, North-st. 
Tomb Henry Joy, Tomb-st. 
Vance and Stockdale, 10, Calendar-st. 
Wallace Archi and Co. Tomb-st, 
Weir Robert, 11, James-st. 
^V'liitla George & Val. & Co.Weigh-house-st 
Whilla William John, Tomb-st. 
Wilion Hugb and Sons, 2, Corporation-st. 
Woolsey Stewart andCo. Quebec and Mon- 
tr eal, Corn-market 

Money Ea'change Brokers. 
Gardner Henry, 65, High-st. 
Gunning Robert, 30, High-st. 
Hartley John, 9, Doneiall-quay 
M'Culiougli Hugh, 3, High-st. 
Murdock Thomas, 33, High-st. 
Pinkertoa Andrew, 15, Eridge-st. 

Music Teachers and Dealers, Sfc. • 
Barr Henry, 25, Patrick-st. 
Brown Hugh, (instr.) 3, Commercial-court ' 
Coleman T. H. (teacher) Salt-water-bridge ' 



Carr J. (tuner of pianos) 24, Mugtard-st. 

Guirini Signer, Belfast 

Hart Robert, 17, Skipper-st. 

Hull Wm. (organ builder) 32, Prinees3-8t. 

Weir William, 8, Cliichester-st, 

Willis John, Acaderay-st. 

Nail Manufacturers. 

Allen Thomas, 41, Peter's-hill 

Allen Joseph, 34, Peter's-hill 

Brannen Abraham, 14, Coles-alley 

Donaldson Roger, 50 Grattan-st. 

M 'Cord Alexander, 193, North-st. 

Shanks Wlliam, 33 Smithfield 

Stockman Ralph, 99, North-st. 

Wilson Robert, 158, North-st. 
Newspaper Offices. 

Belfast Commercial Chronicle. — Drummond 
Anderson, Printer, Proprietor and Pub- 
lisher, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, 
9, Wilson's-courl, High-st. 

Belfast News Letter. — Alexander Mackoy, 
Proprietor and Publisher, Tuesday and 
Friday, 6, Bridge-st. 

Irishman. —John Lawless, Proprietor, Prin- 
ter and Publisher, weekly, Friday, 2, 
Pottingers-entry, High-st. 

Mercantile Journal. — F.Taggart, Proprietor 
and Publisher, weekly, Thursday, 116, 

Nursery and Seedsmen. 
Caulfield John, 4, North-st. 
Coleman J. & T. (seeds) 2, Waring-st. 
Farrell Luke, 43 Castle-st. 
Lindsay Edward, 5 Donegall-st. 

Oil and Colour Dealers. 
Cuddy James, 25 Church-lane 
Davis Patrick, 33 North-st. 
M'Adam John, 37 Donegall-st. 
Orr Alexander, [oil] 73 Smithfield 

Atkins Jas. (coach & sign) 10, Back -lane 
Atkins Jas. jun. (his. & por.) nr. Princes-st 
Clark Wm. (house) 61 Castle-st. 
Culbert David, 3, Yerk-st. 
Dyke Richard, [min. & por.] 5 Castle-court 
Gribbcn Thomas, 3 Carriekfergus-st. 
Hinchy James, 22 Edward-st. 
Hirst John, (min.) 1 Thomas-st. 
Johnston Alex, (various) 12 Wilson's-court 
Poole Chas. (min) Donegall-square, east 
Rhodes T. [and paper hang.] 29 Gardiner-st 
Steed Daniel, (ship and house) 24 Lime- 
Watson J. (portrait) 21 Academy-st. 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Allen John, 7 Patrick-st. 
Brown D. (lis. andsg.) 36 Mill-st. 
Cuddy James, 25, Church-lane 
Davis Patrick, 33 North-st. 
Freman Richard, 15 Academy-st. 
Hoy Joliu, 5 Quay-lane 
Ireland F.(& paper hanger) 18 Church-lane 
Kane Daniel, 2 Mustard-st. 
Lowry George, Williams-lane 
M'Burney and Coates, 1 Skipper-st. 


M'Murtry John, 57 Aoademy-st. 

Stormont Williani, 43 North-st. 

Tomen Hugh, 46. Anne-st. 

Paper Manufacturers. 

Blow, Ward, Greenfield and Co. mills, Du- 
nadry La Ballyclare,and Cromack, ware- 
house, Pottingers-entry, High-st. 

Syms and M'Intyre, (paper merchants) 18 

Pawn Brokers, 

Ballantyne James, 29 Patrick-st. 

Bell John, 32 Smithfield 

Bingham John, Smithfield 

Campbell Robert, 6, John-st. 

Cinnaraond James, 11 Smithfield 

Foster James, 33 Berry-st. 

Geary Joseph, 13' Marquis-st. 

Jacobson William, 20 Robert-st. 

Laughran Michael, 180 Hercules-st. 

Leckcy James, 106 Anne-st. 

Marshall Matthew, 66 1. Donegall-st. 

Reddin;,' Joseph, 6 Smithfield 

Scott Joseph, Smithfield 

Turacy Alexander, 16 Smithfield 

Wales John, 14 Smithfield 

Weir Matthew, J 8 Ne!son-st. 

Williams William, 10 Smithfield 

Periodical Publishers. 
M'Clune John, (to Bungay Co.) 11 Thos-sl 
Manning William, (to Fisher & Co.) Liver- 
pool) 30, Cliapel-lane 
Searson Henry, (for London and Glasgow) 
1, Elliotts-court 

Anderson J. E. 9, Arthur-st. 
Drennan ^^'illiam, Cabin-hill 
Drummond James, Chichester- st. 
Forsythe James, Arthur-st, 
Forcade Henry, 14 Castle-st. 
Halliday William, Clifton 
Hutton William, High-st. 
Kennedy Andrew, Hidi-st. 
M'Donnell James, ll Donegall-place 
Magee Robert, 23 North-st. 
Stephenson S . M 6 Waring-st. 
Stephenson Robert, 6 Waring-st. 
Thomson Samuel, 2 Donegall-square, north 


Benson Patrick, sen, 13, Chichester-lane 
Benson Patrick, jun. 3 Chichester-laua 
Brown Robert, 19 Chichester-lane 
Graham John, 16 Chichester-lane 
Johnson R. 8 Chichester-lane 
M'Clean Henry, 17 Chichester-lane 
M' Clean William, 6 Cliichester-lane 
M'Clean John, 8 Grattan-st. 
M'Clean William, 51 Green-st. 
M'Cuilough Neal, 7 Chichester-lane 
Seeds Thomas, 20 Weigh-house-st. 

Plasterers and Stutco Vt^orkers. 
Britain Alexander, York-st. 
Curran William, 31 Pottingers-entry 
Dougherty Patrick, Grace-st. i 

Gorman J. 22 Mill-st. 
Johnson Alien, Cromack-st, 



Drown David, 36 Miil-st. 
Cufldy William, 23, Bark-lane 
Rethriond Robert, 4 Pottingers-entry 
Keid William and Oswald, 75 Anne-st. 

Porter and Spruce Seer Dealers. 
Hauiili Avthiir, (spnice) Wilsons-court 
Joliuson Tbos. (porter & aiej 26 Talbot-st.- 
Kelso I'aul, (brewer) 1,5 Co!ii;nerdal-court 
M'Cnne HukIi, (bottled ,ile, porter, spruce 

and cordial whs.) 42 Cnstle-st. 

Print Block Cutters. 
Asbcr-oft Joshua, 14 Mill-field 
Copperthwaite Frederick, 128 Mill-field 
lanis John, 47 Mill-field 

Printers, Letter Press. 
Anderson Drumraond, 'J Wiisons-'court 
Finlay Francis Dalzell, (law, connnercial, 

military and marine) 1, Corn-market 
Lyons David, 1 Pottingers-entiy 
Mackey Alexander, 6 Bridse-st. 
Sinims and M'Intyre, 18 Donegall-st 
Smyth Joseph, (pub. of Belfast r.lnik.) 34 

Printed Calico ^" Muslin Warehouses, 
Atkinson Henry and Co. 4 Donegall-st. 
Gibson James, 7 Donegall-st, 
Greer and Neal, Rosemary-st, 
Hall Joseph, ,59 North-st. 
Hamilton and M'Counell, 29 Donegall-st. 
Heyburn Miles, B Rosemary-st. 
Hunter W J. 1;) Donegall-st. 
LennonJohn, Hii^h-st. 
Patton Isaac and Sons, 20 High-st. 
Robinson Daniel, 27 Donegall-st. 
Simms Arthur, 25 Donegall-st. 

Provision Merclumts. 

Battersby Richard, Anne-st. 
Booth William, 145 North-st. 
Bretinan Alexander, 21 York -St. 
Casement Hugh, Acadeu)y-st. 
Coonev Conrtuey. 13 Anne-st. 
Davis and ASle i,'Uiil-st. 
Gillis Joseph, Tonib-?t. 
Hagan Edward, 50 Gordon-st. 
Ilnraili Jehn, 36 Waring-st, 
Kirkpatrick John, Tumb-st. 
JM'Caw William, G Artluir-st. 
M'Lorn.m Patrick, 3 Telfairs-court 
M'Loughlin Francis, 38 Patrick-st. 
Maxwell William, 14 Skipper-st, 
Miller S. and Sous, Donegall-st. 
Moreland Alexander, William-st. south 
Robinson James, Tomb-st. 
Robinson Samuel, 63 Waring-st. 
Thompson Richard, 60 North-st. 
Wallace Archi and Co. Tomb-st, 
WilsoH Charles and Co. (com.) 16 Hill-st, 

Provision Dealers. 
Bryson John, 12, Store-lane 
Crawford John, 23 Berry-st. 
M'Ali.^tcr John, 1 Grahams-entry 
IMagcc EUiJabeth, 44- Waring-st. 

Public Notaries , Masters in (Jliancery 
and Commissioners of Affidavits. 

Marked thus* are Public Notaries. 
Doyle John, 4 Mill-st. 
Gurnell Anthony, 17 North-st, 
*Hartley John, Donegall-quay 
*Hyndman James, 22 Donegall-st. 
KeenanJ. C. 16 Church-lane 
Kilbee James, 28 Princess-st. 
Knowles Jacob, 28 Rosemary-st. 
O'Donnell Charles, 23 Arthur-st. 
»Sloane George, 27 Arthur-st. 
*Taggart Francis, 116 High-st. 
Waltersovi Henry, 128 Anne-st. 
•Welsh, 8 Donegall-st. 

Reed Makers, 
Fox George, 46 North-st. 
MinuisWm. 17 Peters-hill 
Nicholls Rcbt. North-st. 
Smith Wm. 4 Margaret-st. 
Smith James, 41 Sniithfield 
Smith Sanil. 14 Mnrgaret-st. 
Smith Michl. 49 Peters-hill 

Rope and Sail Makers. 
Campbell Wm. 75 North-st. 
Ehcnhead Thomas, (ship chandler) 15 Chi 

Ferguson Thomas, 32 Linie-kiln-dock 
Fitzsimmons Samuel, (ship chandler) 55 

W aring-st. 
Keenan Jas. near great George-st. 
M'Cracken Francis, 7 James-st. 
Miller George, 38 VVarJng-st. 
Mitchell Jas. Tomb-st. 
Moore Thos, (ship chandler) 126 High-st 

Blades Matthew, 18 Corn-market 
Blades Rt. 6 William-st. 
CouUins Wni. 140 North-st. 
Curmingliam Jas. 52 Anne-st. 
Fit^patriek John, 4 Castle-st. 
Fortade John, 14 Castle-st. 
Harrison John, 46 Anne-st. 
M'Credie John, 23 High-st. 
M.irtin Jas. Corn-market. 
Park Jas. (& trunk maker) 53 North-st. 
Redicrn Joseph, eld Bank-buildings 
Richards Thomas, 74 Anne-st. 

Saddle-tree Makers. 
Askcy James, 28 Wine-tavern-st. 
Kennedy Daniel, 36 Hercules-st. Mamifacturers. 
Belfast Salt Work Co. BaUt/macarret 
Gregg Fortescue, Ballt/macarrel 

S/iip Builders, 
Hunter Matthew & Co. great George-st. 
Ritchie & M'Laine, Corpnration-grouni 
Ritchie Wm. & Co, Ritchie's-dock 

Bell John, 20, Mnstard-st. 
Burns & Johnston, 20 Gregg's-row 
Griffith John, 1 Must.ird-st. 
M 'Roberts Hugh, 3, 1. Donegall-st, 
Milliken Israel", [baths] Peters-hill 




Toal Henry, 37 VVine-tavern-st. 
WilieJas, Cons-conrt 

Campbell Patrick, 121 MiUfield 
FuUerton Patrick, Smitlifield 
Russel Christopher, 20 Berry-st. 
Seed Elizabeth, 13 SraithfieM 

Slate Merch ants. 
Corbitt Thos. & Co. 5 great George-st. 
M'Clean James, Mays-quay 
Murphy John, Hamilton-place 
Robinson James, Tomb-st. 

Spirit Merchants. 
Craig Saml. 5 Marlbro.-st. 
Cunningham J. & T. [old rums] fi SliJl-st. 
Dobbin Clotworthy. 42 Smith field 
Elliott Robert, 82 Herculcs-st. 
Graham C'am;ibel!, Anne-st. 
Kane John, Wine-cellar-entry 
Lepper Maxwell, 23 Doncgall-st, 
M'CleanS. and A. Sugar-house-entry 
M'ClearyJ. H.65 Smithfield 
Napier & Dunrill, 25 Rank-lane 
Refordand Savage, V/ariiig-pt. 
Risk Henderson, 1 Covn-suarket 
Robinson Jas. 60 Waring-st. 
Rodgers Wm. 31, Corn-market, 
Standfield Chas. 95 HigU-st. 
Stewart Jas. & Co. 7, Lcggs-lane 
Teunent& M'Connell, 17 Waring-st. 
Thompson Richard, 60, North st, 

Spirit Dealers. 
Boyle Patrick, 45, Annc-st. 
Boyes Francis, Waring st. 
Carson Thomas, 33, Hercules-st. 
Cassidy Duncan, 48 Gordon-st. 
Colville John, Janies-st. 
Connell John, Ritchies-flock 
CrbakanJohn, 56 Hercules-st. 
Daniel Stephen, 67 North-st. 
Donnelly John, 88 High-st. 
GowdyJnmes, 111 High-st. 
Hagan Edward, 50 Gordon-st. 
Hanna Hans 1 Peters-hill 
Hoy Saml. 42 Waring-st. 
Hughes John, 29 Talbot-^t. 
Hunter J. H. 154 North-st. 
Jamison Wm. 29 i. Donega!l-st. 
Lowrey Hugh, 16 Skippcr-st. 
M'Camioon John, 10, Rosomary-st. 
M'Clelland David, Peters-hill 
M'Gonran Peter, 1 Bcrrj'-st. 
M'Gouran Michi.l North-st. 
Magce Henry, 3 North-st. 
Magee John, High-st. 
M'llenery Danl. Church-s.t. 
M'Kittrick John. 51 Annc-st, 
Mulholland John, 12 Nelson-st. 
Mullan John, Nortli-st. 
Murney Henry, 26 Anne-st. 
Murney Bernard, 16 Corn -market 
Nugent Joseph, Talbot-st. 
O'Farrcil Fergus, 57 Waring-st. 
O'Favrel! James, 21 John-st. 
O'Neill Terence., Mill-st. 
Risk Henderson, 1 Corn-market 

Rodgers Wm, 31 Corn-market 

Rowan Rt. (& wine, ale, porter and cider ) 

128 High-st. 
Shaw Wm. 27 Mill-st. 
Stewart Alex. 61 North-st. 

Starch and Glue Manufacturers. 
Beggs Tlios. and Jas. Rusnbrook 
Coates Victor, Ballymacarret 
Gardner J . and T. 62 North-st. 
M'Cord Andrew, 12 Pelers-liill 
Miller and Sons, Donegall-st. 
Stay Makers. 
Alexander Saml. 18 Anne-st. 
Glanccy .fames, 26 Rosemary-st. 
Kirkwood Misses, Corn-market 
Robinson M. 11 Anne-st. 
Tolon A. Corn-market. 
Stone and Marhie Masons 8f Cutters. 
Campbell and M'Cann, 41 Waring-st. 
M'Mullen Alex. George's-lane 
Ajiller John, 39 Berry-st. 
Murphy Michl. 43 Academy-row 
Murray Hugh, 35 Acadcmy-st. 

Strmv Bonnet Makers. 
Crawford Mnry, 33 \\ aring-st. 
Digby M, and A. 90 High-st. 
Fox Margt. 22 Annc-st, 
Gautltorn W m. 79 Doncgall-st, 
Handin M. A. 77 Castle-sl. 
Hynds Wm. 5 High-st. 
King and Angliton, 2 Arthur-square 
M'Biain and'oiivcr, 14, High-st. 
M'Bride Ursula, 17 High-st. 
M'Neill Mary, 8 Hcrcules-st. 
Murphy E. and A. 90, High-st. 
Orr M. C. Castle-lane 
Smylie Mary, 103 High-st, 


Andrew Saml. 30 Gordon-st, 
Boyd Wm. 7 Castle- court 
Cameron John, 14 Crown-entry 
Cromie John, 59, MlU-field 
Dalton John, Smithfield 
Ferguson Wm. Bigg;ars-court 
Heany Wm. 10 Quay-lane 
-lohnston John, 7 Mary-st. 
Lcnnon Patrirk, 17! North-st. 
M'Connell Jolin, 132 High-»t. 
Marshall Hugh, 7 Pottingers-entry 
Murray Owen, 17 Joys-entry 
Nocher Wm, 36 Forest-lane 
Rea James, 11 Pottingers-entry 
Stewart John, 14 Marv-st. 
Vance Wm. 22 MiUfield 
Walt James, 21 Pottingers-entry 
Wilson George, 7 Tei fairs- en try 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Anderson Andrew, 1 Smitlifield 
Andrew Alex. 18 1. Chnreu-fane 
Bailie Jasnes, 68 North-st. 
Bell Ahraiiiiiii, 81 NoM;li-it. 
Boden Jhs. 102 Anne-st. 
Burrows Timothy, 102 North-st. 
Byrne Arthur, 90 North-st. 
Crawford James, 32 James-st, 
Crogsley John, 22 Waring-st. 



Dennin Hugh, (& soap boiler) 38, North-st 

Dennins Michl. 121, North-st. 

Finay Alex. 24, Mill-st. 

Finlay Alex. 97, High-st. 

Fletcher Thomas, 96, North-st. 

Fulton Nathaaiel, 5, North-st. 

Glenfield Francis, 84, High-st. 

Greer Jane, 56, North-st. •• 

Kirkpatrick Thos, 68, Anne-st. 

Law J as. 180, North-st. 

M' Lister John, 7, Anne-st. 

Sayers Archibald, 27, Corn-market 

Seeds Cbas. 75, High-st. 

Thompson John & Co. 82, Millfield-st, 


Bajnett John, 31, Mill-st. 

Hamill Patrick, West-st. 

Herdman Sarah, 17, Mill-st. 

Hudson Christopher, 112, North-st. 

Jamieson James, 194, North-st. 

Johnson Wm. 22, Mill-st. 

Johnston Saral. 43, Mill-st, 

Law Saml. 176, North-st. 

Law James, 180, North-st. 

M'CammonThos. 23, King-st. 

Montgomery & Greer, 50, Mill-st, 

O'Neill Patrick, 15, Barrack-st. 

Taverns and Public Houses. 

Bain John, 1, Anne-st. 

Boyle John, (St. Patrick) 25, Hercules-st. 

Brannan Michl. 7, Caddells-entry 

Canovan J as, (ship) Carrickfergus-st. 

Cinnamond Thos. 9, Smlthfield 

Clarke Jas. (hope tavern) Hammond-ct. 

Clarke Elinor, 53, Forest-lane 

Coffey James, 118, Anne-st. 

Cole Wm. 1, Hercules-st. 

Cummins Edwd. 2, Smithfield 

Daley Daniel, 38, Mill-st. 

Davey Alex, (red cow) 126, North-st. 

Doberty A. M. 3, Pottingers-entry 

Duffield Saml. 164, North-st. 

Dunlop A\'m. (wlieat sheaf) 82, Anne-st. 

Dunlop Wm. (bear tavern) 140, High-st. 

Dunlop Robt, 4, New-market 

Eilidge Joseph, 87, Anne-st. 

Faloon Wm, 3, Sugar-house-entry 

Fitzpatrick John, (boot& crown)3, West-st 

Fletcher Alex. 20, Rosemary-st. 

GibbsT.(Ld. Wellington) 29,Carrickfergus-st 

Gibson Andrew, (wheat sheaf) 1, May-st. 

Gilliland Eliza, (hare&hounds)99,North-st. 

Glancey John, (dog & ducks) 4, Leggs-lane 

Gowdy Thomas, liallymacarret 

Graham Mary, (white cross) 88, North-st. 

Grabarii Robt, John-st 

Greenan John, 41, Hcrcules-st, 

Greenwood Christopher, Merchant's-quay 

Gribbon E. D' (shamrock) 69, Smithfield" 

Griffin Panick,(red cross)l ,Blue-bell-entvy 

Halliday Maxwell, (mail coach) 26, Corn- 

Harrison Wm. (Cumberland hotel) 5, Haa- 

Hoy Ellen, 14, Blue-bell-entry 

Hudson David, (eagle) 160, North-st, 

Hunter John, 27, Millfield 

Jameson Thomas, 18, John-st. 

Johnston Geo. (LordVVellington) Barrack-st. 

Kelly Hugh, 12, Berry-st. 

menncAy ioYi'a, Baltymacarret 

Kerr Mary, (whitecross)33,Pottingers-eotry 

King Wm. 19, Weigh-house-lane 

Lynass Wm. 59, Green-st. 

Lynch Anne, 30, Mill-st. 

M'Allester Alex. 12, William-st. s. 

M'Alister John, 1, Grahams-entry 

M'Bratney Robt. 54, James-st. 

M 'Clean Danl. (golden lion) 65, Anne-st. 

M'Clelland Francis, 34, Lime-kiln-dock 

M'CuUy Sarah, (Hollywood) 3,l.Church-ln. 

M'Cune Bernard, 32, Edward-st. 

M'Gouran Bernard, 92, Anne-st. 

M'Grotty Jane, 2, Caddells-entry 

M'Kendry James, 29, Peters-hill 

M'Laughlin Joiin, 28, Lime-kiln-dock 

M'Master William, 132, North-st. 

M'Nabb M. J. 14, Wilsons-ct. 

Magee J. (Lurgan coach office) 21, High-st 

Mitchell Thos. 9, Grahams-entry. 

Morrison Chas. (plough) Smi^field 

Morrow Euphemia, 9, Hanorer-quay 

Murray Wm. 16, Gordon. st. 

Nimick John, 88, Anne-st. 

O'Neill F. (Belfast-arms) 14, Rosemary-st. 

O'Neill Thos. (swan) 46, Barrack-st. 

Quin John, ^cock) Ballymacarret 

Robinson Jas. 60, Waring-st. 

Ross Hugh, (bird in hand^ 57, Anne-st. 

Roy James, (running horses) 3, Leggs-lan« 

Rutherford Anne, 55, Anne-st. 

Scott Mary, (wheat sheaf) 76, North-st. 

Sheal James, 177, North-st, 

Sheal John, 156, North-st. 

Stewart J . (Irish arms) Ball-ct.29Smithfield 

Stewart John, 12 Crown-entry 

Stewart Alex. 33, Corn-market 

Stewart James, [maze races] 45 Smitlifield 

Taylor John, 4 1. Patrick-st. 

Thomas Berd. [Edinburgh tavern] Quay-ln. 

Thompson Fletcher, 11, Hanover-quay 

Thompson James, Strand-st. 

Turney Thomas, 18 Smithfield 

Vint Wm. 104, Nortii-st. 

Walkef John, [Highlandman] 33, Carrick- 

Watson George, 43, Barrack-st. 

Wheeler John, (glass-house) Ballymacarret 

Wilson Saml, 1. Chichester-st. 

Wortbington Nathan, (Glasgow tavern) 138 

Young Hugh, 45, North-st. 

Tea Merchants. 
See also Grocers. 

Brice Wm. 1, Higb-st. 

Haslet Henry, 8, Waring-st. 

Thread Manvfacturcrs. 
Atkinson H. & Co. 4, Donegall-st. 
Hadskiss George, Wine-tavern-st. 
M'Clicsney Mary, 30 Marquis-st. 
M'Keown Hugh, 11 King-st. 

Timber Merchants. 
Barklie Allan, Anne-st. 



BiiUTIios, 81, Anne-st. 

Carson Jatnes,^ 71, Anne-st. 

Coates John, 6, Smithfield 

Corbitt Thomas. & Co. 1, great Georg-e-st. 

Gordon Alex. & Robt, Ballymacarret 

Holmes & Cnawford, Tomb-st, 

Kirkpatrick Saml. 3, Church-lane 

M'Clean Jas. Mays-qiiay 

Murphy John, Hamilton-place 

Robinson Jas. Tomb-st. 

Sterling Robt. York-st. 


Black J. & H. 8, Church-lane 

Cunningham J. & B. (Belfast snufT manu- 
facturers) 15, Rosemary-st. 

Emerson Wm, 19, North-st, 

Harrison Isaac, 80, Anne st. - 

Hill Andrew, (snuff manufr.) 18, Rosemary- 

Moorhead H. & J, 82, North-st, 

Moreland J. & J. 21, Rosemary-st, 

Moreland & Dunn, 4, Church-laue 

Morrow Thos. 23, Anne-st. 

Murney Henry, 26, Anue-st. 

Murray James, 105, High-st. 

Telfair Rt. jun. & Co. 1, Tel fairs-entry 
Tobacco Pipe Makers. 

Belfast Pipe Manufactory, North-st. 

Hamilton James, North-st. 

Umbrella, inc. Makers^ 

Henan Wm. 41, Weigb-house-lane 

Kennedy Neal, 17, Anne-st. 

Wilson Wm, 59, North-st. 

Bell Isaae, 28, Donegall-st. 

Bell Charles, 8, Skipper-st. 

Burke Catharine, 12, Skipper-st. 

Burke Rt. 63, Hercules-st. 

Clarke Mary, 11, Bank-lane 

Clarke Peter, Fountain-sl. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Bell James, 95, North-st. 
Cochran and Shaw, 4, Bridge-st. 
Coleman James, 88, North-st. 
Johnston Thomas, 41, Anne-st. 
Lawler J. (watcli glass cutter) Bridge-end 
Moore James, 68, High-st. 
Neil Robert, 25, High-st. 
FFheelwrightSfiiTurners in Wood,<^c, 
Anthony Isaac, 17, Bells-row 
Ireland John, 36, 1. Ddnegall-st. 
Linn Wm. 38, Smithfield 
Millar David, 172, North-st, 
Murphy Wm. Wine-tavern-st. 
Murray John, Ballymacarret 
Wallace Andrew, Fountain-st. 

Whip Makers. 
Barry Wm. 159, North-st. 
Justin Richard, 182, North-st. 

Whitesmiths, Beam Sf Scale Makers, 

Bellhangers, Sf.c. 
Cameron D. (beam& scale) Hudson's-entry 
Dunbar James, 16, Blue-bell-entry 
Johnston Samuel, 13, Coles-alley 
M'Keown P. & J, 5, Cooneys-court 

Martin Wm. 8, Smithfield 
Rogers James, 17, 1. Donegall-st. 
Shaw Johii, King-st. 
Stirling Matthew, Anne-st. 
Taylor James & Co. gt. Gcorge-st. 
Taylor James, 39, Weigh-house-iaae 

Wine Merchants. 
Colville John, James-st. 
Craig Samuel, 15, Mailbro'-st. 
Cunningham Jas. & Thos. 6, Mill-st. 
Dobbin Clolworthy, 42, Smithfield 
Dunn James, 14, Pottingers-entry 
Elliott Robert. 82, Hercules-st. 
Gordon R. & A. 19, Castle-st. 
Graham Campbell, Anne-st. 
Holmes & Crawford, Tomb-st. 
Kane John, Wine-ceiliir-ontry 
Kelso Paul, Commercial-court 
Lepper Maxwell, 23, Donegal 1 st. 
M'Clean S. & A. Sugar-house-entry 
, Napier & Dunville, 25, Bank-lane 
Reford & Savage, Waring-st. 
Standfield James, 2, High-st. . 

Stewart James and Co. 7, Leggs-lane 
Tennent and M'Connell, 17, Waring-st. 

Wire Drawers, Workers and Deale)s, 
Hind Jas. (dealer) 37, Hercules-st. 
Manks Squire, (drawer) 14, Francis-st. 
Stormont Wm. (worker) 43, North-st. 

Woollen Drapers, and Manchester 

Black Matthew, 18, Bridge-st. 

Burns Wm. 18, High-st. 

Chrimside Thomas, 8, Bridge-st, 

Colville John, 9, Bridge-st. 

Day& Bottomley, (wh. & rt.)14,Bridge-st. 

Dobbin Samuel, 15, High-st. 

Douglas Isaac, 78, High-st. 

Greenfield Jamos, 5, Biidga-st, 

Groer & Neal, (wh.) corner of Rosemary-st. 

Gunning Robert, 30, High-st. 

Howard J, & Sous, (wh.) 12, Bridge-st. 

Johnston & Haliday, (wh.) 2, Donegall-st. 

Lennon Jol.ui, (wh.j 2;j, High-st. 

.M'Clean Adam. 42, High-st. 

Mack Robert, (& tjiilor) 7, Bridge-st. 

Mulrea Wm. 1, Bridge-st. 

Murdoch Ths. 33, High-st. 

Murray Francis, 29, High-st. 

Nevpsam Wm. (carper, &C.) 35, High-st. 

O' Farrell Thomas, 2, North-.-it. 

Radcliflfe & Munce, (manufac.) 26, Bridge-s 

Rea John, 53, 

Reid Jas. 11, Bridge-st. 

Smith & Barklie, (& tailors) 47, High-sf. 

Wallace Thos. 2, Bridgo-st. 

Whittle John, (wh.) 10, Waring-st. 

Willans Wm. & Co. (mer.) 9, Donegall-st. 

Young James, 84, High-st. 


Campbell John, girth webb manufacttirer) 

29, Brown-st. n, 
Davison James, trunk maker, 5, Mill-field 
Hendry Edw. ship smitji, Tomb-st. 
HyltonC. W. 147, North-st. 



Lepper Francis, dentist, 46, Donegall-st. 
Middlemore Thomas, silver plater, 28, 

Miinn Samuel, toy, musical instruinent,per- 

fumer&stationaryvvarehouse, 44, Higli-st. 
M'Farlane Jn. British gum manufacturer, 

22, Talbot-st. 
Molineux Joseph, 30, John-st., 
Mulholland J, M. Coast officer Ballywalter 
Newton Isaac, stocking needle manu,5,Fer- 

Wain Alex, black soap, iron and red liquor 

manufacturer, 2, 1, Donegall-st. 

The most Noble the Marqins of Donegall, 

Ormeau Cottage 
Sovereign, Thos. Verner, Esq, Donegall-pl. 

Bristow George, Esq. 2, Donegall-sq. s. 
Chichester A. Esq, M.P. Donegall-place 
Clarke Wm. Esq. 3, Donegall-st. 
Ferrar W. H. Esq. Donegall-st. 
May Rev. E, Douesall-place 
M'llveen G. Esq. Donegall-place 
Sliinuer C. M. Esq, Hauover-quay 

Allen Henry, Esq, Coroner, 7, Hercnles-st. 

Begg.'s Stewart, Gent. County Constable,31, 

Joyce C. V. High Constable, 12, Done- 

Stephen Dau. Town Clerk, 67, North-st. 

Stewart Peter, Town Major, nr. Cromack-st 

Officers Principal of h. m. Customs. 
Collector, Sir Stephen May 
Pro Collector, James Green, Esq. 
Port Suiveyor, H. A. S. Harvey 
Land VT'aiters, F. Coulson, G. Black, A. 

Store Keeper, C. M. Skinner 
Ganging Survej'or, T. Sim pi 11 
Tide Surveyor, Georf:fe Bristow 
Comptroller, Jas. Fnlingsby 
Clerk of Permits, Thomas Gunning 

Officers Principal of Escise. 
Collector, Thomas Verner, Esq. 
Pro Collector, John Kirkwood, Esq. 
Permit Officers, Wm. Jackson & J. Watt 
Surveyors, J. Blackman & J. Crawford 

Supervisor and Assessor of Heiirth Money, 
Robert Weir, Esq. 

Post Master, T. Whinnery, Esq, office, 

Distributor of Stamps, A. O'Connor, Esq. 
office, Arthur-st. 

Ballast Office, 1, Chichester-quay 

John Macartney, Esq, Ballast Master 

Deputies Wm. Matier, & W. C. Mackenzie 
Dock Masters, J. Caughey & J, Shaw, south 
side ; Alexander Davison, north-side 

Co7iveyance of Passengers and Goods 
hy Water, 

The Steam Packets, Sir William Wallace* 
Cajitain, A. Macnair and the Rob Roj'i 
Captain Smith, sail twice per wetk for 
Green i:k and Glasgow. The days and 
hours of sailing, may be known by appli- 
cation to Willi;! ,n Hiil and Co. 3,Chiches- Vlr.CampbeU'sHott'l.Anne-st. 
at the Denegjili Arms and VV bite-cross, 
Castle-st. and at Mr. Nathan VVorthing- 
ton'SjGlasgow Tavern, bottom of High-st. 

Goods are conveyed expeditiously byregular 
Traders, to the ports of Dublbi, Glasgow, 
JAverpool, Cork, Sfc. for which places, 
vessels regularly sail, goods are conveyed 
by the Lagan Navigation, (by Lough 
Nengh and the Bann River) to Porta- 
down, Newry, &;c. office, 2, Queen-st. 

Mail and Stage Coaches. 

Ma.\\ to Dublin, from 10, Castle-st. every 
morning at five o'cIock,re turns to Belfast 
at ten in the morning. 

Mail to Dublin, from 10, Castle-st. every 
afternoon at 45 minutes pasi three o'clock, 
returns to Belfast every morningat eleven, 
in time for the mails to Donaghadee and 
Ijondondcrry . 

Mail to Londonderry from the office, Wil- 
liam-street, s. and the Donetcall Arms, 
Castle-st. every morning at .half past ele- 
ven o'clock, returns to Belfast at nine in 
the morning. It is intended to run a mail 
coach from this office to Donaghadee, 
early in the spring. 

Post Coach — to Lurgan and Armagh, 
from Magee's, 21, High-st. every Tues- 
day, Thui'sday and Saturday morning, 
at ten o'clock, returns to Belfast e^-ery 
Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at two 
in the afternoon 

f4-t A Car to Z;e/;-o«Mcver3'evenlng, except 

Post Coach to Lame from Higgison's Do- 
ne^all-st. on the evenings of Monday, 
Wednesday, Fridaj' and Saturday, at five 
o'clock, arrives in Belfast at ten in the 

The Commerce to Lame, same days and 
hours as Uie above, from Jameson's, 

The EagleCoachfromHigginson'SjDonpgali- 
st. to Carrickfergus, cveryMonday,V't ed- 
ne?^day, Friday and Saturday, at live in the 

Post Coach to Lisburn, from the Doneguil 
Arms, Castle-st. every evening at half past 
five, except Sunday. 

Post Coach to Lisburn, from Linn's Hotel, 
same days and hours as above. 

Car to Carrickfergus, from Higginsons, 
Donegall-st, every Monday, Wednescl'^' 



Friday and Saturday, at five in the evening. 
Car to iyff%me«tf,froniJan!ieson's,North-st 

every Tli"<iy at ten in the morning, 
Car fiom Janieison's, to y^ntmn, every Fri- 

dan evening. 
Cars from Mrs. M'Cnllya, Lower-cburcli- 

lare, to Hniywnod every day at one at 

noon, to Bangor every eveniiigj and to 

Neii.'tnnnrds, three days a week. 

Cars for tlie Vonvcyance of Goods. 
To Anirim and Ballymena, from Jamea 

Meekins, Donegall-st.dailyjexceptSunday 
To Crumlin, Glennvey and Ballnndorry , 

from Alexander Daveys, 126, North-st. 

every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. 
To Dublin and the intermediate towns, 

Terence Raverty, regularly from Peter's 

To Londonderry, Strabane arid' NewUn- 

Umivady, from John Alexander's, Peter's 

Hiil, Weekly. 



Adams 139 
Agnew 144 
Alexander 1.37, 139, 

143, 147 
Allen 136, 141, 144, 

143, 150 
Anderson 136,137,141 

143, 145, 146, 147 
Andrew 147 
Andrews 143 
Anthony 149 
Archbold 137, 140 
Archer 137, 140 
Archibald 139, 141 
Armstrona: 140, 142 
Arrott 136 
Arthur 136 
Arthurs 143 
Ashcroft 146 
Ashmore 144 
Askey 146 
Atkins 139, 145 
Atkinson 141,146,148 
Auchinleck 13B 
Bailey 142 
Bailio 141, 147 
Bain 140, 141, 148 
Baker 139 
Balluday 139 
Ballantyne 145 
Barclay 144 
B.<irker 138 
Barkley 141 
Barklie 143, 148 
Barnett 140, 144, 148 
Barr 144 
Barry 149 
Barryhill 138 
Batt 138, 144, 149 
Battersby 146 
Baxter 138 
Bayley 137 
Beatty 144 
Beaumont 137 
Beckett 136 
Beggs 137, 147, 150 
Bell 136,137,138,139; 

140, 141, 143, 144, 
145, 146, 147, My 

Benn 138 

Benson 145 

Berwick 141, 144 

Bigger 141 

Bingiuim 145 

Black 141, 149, 150 

Blackaddcr 137 

Blackham 150 

Blackwell 143, 144 

Blades 146 

Bloonifield 138 

Blow 143 

Bodel 139, 140 

Boden 147 

Bogan 138 

Boomer 136, 139,140 

Booth 143, 146 

Bowden 141 

Boyce 138 

Boyes 141, 147 [147 

Boyd 136, 137, 141, 

Boyle 147,148 

Bradburv 138 

Bradshaw 140 

Brady 136, 140 

Bragg 141 

Branuan 148 

Brannen 145 

Brennan 144, 146 

Brice 142, 148 

Bright 143 

Bristow 150 

i'lritain 145 

Broadlev 133 

Brown 137, 139, 141, 
143, 144, 143, 145 

Browne 136 

Bruce 136 

Brush 144 

Brvson 136, 139, 146 

Bullock 136 

Bunting 136, 139 

Burbick 139 

Burke 140, 149 

Burns 144, 146, 149 

Burrows 147 

Busby 137, 139 
Byers 139 
Byrne 141, 147 

aims 141 
Callendar 139 
Cameron 147, 149 
Campbell 136, 138 

140, 141, 143,144 

145, 146, 147, 149 
Canovan 148 
Capo 137 
Cardwell 142 
Carey 140 
Carleton 142 
Carlisle 141 
Carmichael 137 
Carr 145 
Carruthers 143, [149 
Carson 140, 142, 147, 
Carval 143 
Casement 144, 146 
Cassidy 141, 147 
Caughey 138, 150 
Caulfiekl 145 
Cavan 141 
Cavert 136 
Chaiiibers 140 
Charlie 137, 143 
Chichester 150 
Chirmside 149 
Cinnamond 137, 141 

142, 145, 148 
Clark 143, 145 
Clarke 138, l."i), 141 

148, 149. 150 
Cleland 140 
Clements 141 
Coates 139, 147, 149 
Coats 143 
Coburn 141 
Cochran 140, 149 
Coffee 136 
Coflfey 148 

Cole 142, 143 [149 
Coleman 141,144,145 
Collier 138 
Collins 142 [149 

Colviile 139,141, 147, 

Conipton 136 
Connell 147 
Connor 143 
Cooiiey 146 
Copperthwaite 14# 
Corbitt 147, 149 
Corcar 141 
Corner 141 
Corrigan 140 
Conllins 146 
Coulson 150 
Craig 142, 147, 149 
Cramsie 144 
Cranston 136 
Crawford 137, 138, 

139, 141, 142, 143, 

146, 147, 150 
Crawfords 144 
Creek 141 
Crokan 147 
Cromie 147 
Cross 136 
Crossen 139 
Crossley 147 
Cuddy 140, 145, 146- 
Culbert 145 
Gumming 143 
Cunningham 139, 140, 

146, 147, 149 
Cummins 143 
Curran 142, 145 
Curtis 137, 143 
Daley 148 
Dalton 147 
Daniel 147 
Davey 148 
Davies 140 
Davis 136, J 38, 140, 

142, 145, 146 [150 
Davison 141, 144,149, 
Dawson 144 
Day 149 
Delap 144 
Dennins 148 
Dennis 148 
Devlin 138 
Dick 141 
Dickey 141 



Di*kson 141 

Diet 137 

Digby 142, 147 

Dinnen 144 

Dkon 137, 142, 144 

Dobbin 136, 138, 140 

147, 149 
Doe 138 
Doherty 248 
Donaldson 136, 140 

Donnelly 147 
Dougherty 145 
Douglas 138, 139, 149 
Doyle 136. 146 
Drennan 145 
Drinkwater 137, 140 
Drummond 137, 145 
Duffield 141, 148 
Dnnbar 149 
Dunlop 136, 148 
Diiun 137, 138, 141, 

Duprey 141 
Dyke 145 
Echlin 136 
Edwards 140 
Eid 139 
Ekenhead 143, 144, 

Ellidge 143 
Elliot 138, 147 
Elliott 139, 149 
Emerson 141, 149 
English 140 
Ewart 139 
Ewing 139 
Falcon 148 
Farrell 139, 145 
Ferguson 137, 138 

140, 141, 142, 143, 

146, 147 
Feirall 140 
Ferrar 150 
Fetherston 136 
FiBlay 136, 846, 148 
Fisher 140 
Fitzgerald 139, 141 
Fitzmaurice 136 
Fitzpatrick 146, 148 
Fitzsimmons 146 
Flanagan 139, 142 
Fleming 141 
Fletcher 148 
Flowers 141 
Folingsby 136, 150 
Foote 142 
Forcade 145, 146 
Fortescu* 139 
Forsythe 145 
Foster 145 
Fox 138, 146, 147 
Freebairn 144 
Freman 145 
Fullerton 139, 147 
Fulton 148 
Gallaway 137 . 

Galway 141 
Gamble 138, 144 
Gardener 142 
Gardner 139, 141,143, 

144, 147 
Garr 143 
Gausen 144 
Gauthorn 147 
Gawthorn 137 
Geary 145 
Gelston 138 
Gemmiil 137 
Getty 138, 143, 144 
Gibbs 148 
Gibson 136, 137, 146, 

Gihon 141 
Gillps 141 
Gilliland 148 
Gillies 144 
Gillisl38, 144, 146 
Gilmorel37, 138 
Gilmour 137, 141 
Glancey 147, 148 
Glasgow 141 
Glenfield 148 
Glenhohnes 143 
Gordon 137, 139, 140, 

141, 144, 149 
Gorman 145 
Gowdy 147, 148 
Gracey 143 
Graham 136, 137,142, 

143, 144, 145, 147, 

148, 149 
Grainger 143 
Granger 141 
Grant 138 
Gray, 137, 138, 139, 

142, 143 
Green 138, 150 
Greenan 148 
Greenfield 149 
Greenwood 148 
Greer 137, 142, 143, 

146, 148. 149 
Gregg 136, 144, 146 
Greig 138, 143 
Gribbenl43, 145,148 
Grler 136, 139 
Griffia 148 
Griffith 146 
Grimshaw 138, 144 
Grogan 143 
Guirini 145 
Gunning 144, 149, 

Gurnell 146 
Gurney 137 
Guthrie 143 
Hadskiss 141,142,148 
Hagan 141, 146, 147 
Hall 139,142, 146 
Halliday 1457148 
Halls 140 
Hamilll38, 141, 146, 


Hamilton 136, 137, 

139, 140, 141, 142, 

146, 149 
Hancock 137 
Handcock 150 
Haridin 147 
Hanna 138, 141, 147 
Hannay 140 
Hardie 141 
Hare 140, 143 
Harkins 141 
Harlin 139 
Harper 141 
Harpur 141 
Harrison 137, 141, 

142,146, 148,149 
Hart 145 
Hartley 144, 146 
Flarvev 144 
Haslet' 148 
Hastinijs 136 
Hawthorn 139 
Hay 138 
Hayes 144 
Haylock 143 
Hays 141 
Headley 138 
Heany 147 
Hector 137 
Henan 149 
Henderson 140, 141 
Hendry 149 
Henesy 138 
Hcrdman 138, 148 
Herron 13 (T 
Heyburn 138, 139,146 
Higgison 143 
Hill 136, 139, 140 

141, 143, 149 
Hinchv 145 
Hind 136. 143, 149 
Hirst 145 
Hobson 139, 141 
Hodgson 137 
Holmes 144, 149 
Hopes 143 
Houston 143 
How 139 
Howard 149 
Hoy 139, 145, 147, 

Hudson 148 
Hughes 141,144, 147 
Hull 137, 145 
Hunter 137, 139, 140, 

141, 142, 143, 146, 

147, 148 
Hutton 145 
Hylton 149 
Hyndman 137, 139, 

Hynds 147 
Innis 146 
Ireland 138, 139, 142^ 

145, 149 
Irvine 137 
Jackson 150 

Jameson 138, 141, 

142, 143,148 
Jamieson 137, 138, 

Jamison 141, 143, 147 
Joffers 139 
Jenkins 138 
Johnson 140, 142, 

143, 144, 145, 146, 

Johnston 137, 139, 

141, 142, 143, 145,- 

147, 148, 149 
Jones 144 
Joy 136 
Joyce 150 
Justin 149 

Kearnes 138 
Keenan 139, 142, 143, 

Kelly 141, 144, 148' 
Kelso 142, 146, 149 
Kennedy 136, 137, 

139, 141, 143, 144, 

145, 146, 148, 149 
Kerr 139, 141, 148 
Kilbee 146 
Kilwick 136 

King 140, 147, 143 
Kirker 141 
Kirkpatrick 138, 141, 

144, 146, 148, 149 
Kirk wood 139, 144, 

147, 150 
Knowles 136, 146 
Knox 137 
Lamont 137 
Langtry 138, 144 
Lapping 136 
Laughran 145 
Law 137, 138, 141, 

Lawler 149 
Lawless 145 
Leatham 136 
Leckey 145 
Lennon 138,139, 142, 

146, 147, 149 ; 
Lenords 136 

Le Pan 136 
Lepper 147, 150 
Leppers 139, 140 
Lewis 137, 142 
Linden 139 
Lindsay 145 
Lindsey 136 
Linn 143, 144, 149 
Lockart 140 
Lowrey 147 
Lowry 137, 142, 145 
Luke 139, 144 
Lyle 138, 139, 144 
Lyuass 148 
tyach 189, 148 



Lyons 137, 146 
M'Adam 136,143,145 
M'Afee 142 
M«Alisterl41, 146,146 
M'Allester 148 
Macartney 136, 150 
M'Aulay 139, 142 
M'Blain 142, UT 
M'Bratnev 148 
M'Bride 141, 142,147 
M'Barney 145 
M'Cabe 138 
M'Camon 137 
M'Cammoa 136, 144, 

147, 148 
M'Cance 143 
M'Cartney 139, 143 
M'Caw 146 
M'Cheiney 148 
M'Clarnou 138 
M'Clean 140, 143, 

145, 147, 148, 149 
M'Cleary 147 
M'Cleave 141 
M'Cleeiy 136 
MTlelland 147, 148 
M'Clenaghan 136 
M'Clinton 141 
M'Cloy 136 
M«Clune 137, 145 
M'Cluney 136 
M'Clure 137, 141 
M'Conkey 139 
M'Connell 14), 144, 

M'Cord 142, 145, 147 
M'Cosh 141 
M'Crackeu 139, 140, 

M'Crea 139 
M'Credie 146 
I M'Creight 138 
5 M'Crum 139, 140 
M'Cullagli 139 
M'Culloch 141,144 
M'Cullough 138, 139, 

143, 144, 145 
M'Cully 148 
M'Cunel36,146, 148 
M'Cunn 139 
M'Cutcheon 136, 142 
M'Donnell 136, 144 

M'Dowell 136, J37, 

M'Farlane 150 
M'Ferran 142 
M'Gahan 141 
M'Ghie 142 
M'Gonnigal 139 
M'GouranHl 147,148 
M'Grotty 137, 148 
M'Guire 137 
M'Heneiy 147 
M'Heniy 141 



iM'Illroy 137 
M'llveen 143, 150 
M'llroy 139 
M'lntyre 142 
Mack 149 
M'Kean 141 
M'Kendry 141, 148 
Mackenaie 13?, 150 
M'Kenzic 140 
M'Keown 143, 144, 

148, 149 
Mackey 146 
M'Kibben 141, 143 
M'Kinstry 141 
M'Kittnck 141, 147 
M'Lareo 138 
M'Laughlin 137, 133, 

139, 148 
M'Lister 148 
M'Lornan 146 
i\l'Loug1ilin 146 
M'Master 141, 

144, 148 
M'MuUan 138 
M'Mullen 147 
MacmuUen 141 
M'Murray 137 
M'Murtry 136, 

143, 145 
M'Nabb 148 
M'Nair 137, 138 
M'Neill 147 
M-Nulty 138 
Mackoy 145 
M« Roberts 146 
M'Veagh 137, 140 
Magee 136, 141, 145, 

146, 147, 148 
Magill 143 
Manks 149 
Manning 145 
Marley 139 

143, 145, 147 
Martin 136. 137, 141 

143, 144, 146, 149 
Martins 141 
Matear 139 
Matier 137, 141, 150 
Matthews 143 
Mawhinny 136, 141 
Maxwell 146 
May 141, 150 
Meek 137 
Middlemore 150 
Miles 144 

Millar 149 [147 

Miller 1?7, 144, 146, 
Milliken 139, 146 
Mills 139 
Mines 138 
Minnis 146 
Misliclly 143 
Mitcbell 146, 148 
Moffet 137 
Molineux 15Q 


JMontgomeryl36, 137, 

143, 144, 148 
Moonan 142 
Mooney 1 37 
Moorcroft 141 
Moore 136, 137, 138, 

140, 141, 143, 144, 

146, 149 
Moorhead 144, 149 
Morelaiid 141, 146, 

Morgan 142, 144 
iVIorrisou 138,139,148 
Morrow 136, 140,148 

Miicklel37, 133 
Mulbolland 140, 142, 

147, 150 
Mullan 142, 147 
MuJrea 149 
Munn 150 
Munster 136 
Murdoch 149 
Murdock 144 
Mnrnev 142, 147, 149 
Murphy 136, 139, 

143, 144, 147, 149 
Murray 136, 143, 147, 

148, 149 
Murtagh 137, 139 
Mussenden 133 
Myers 137 
Napier 138, 147, 149 
Neal 144 
Neil 149 
Neill 138, 143 
Nellson 144 
Nelson 142, 143, 144 
Neville 138 
Newbigham 138 
Newsam 149 
Newton 150 
Nichol 138 
Nicholls 146 
Nimick 148 
Nocher 147 
Norwood 142 
Nugent 142, 147 
Oak man 144 
O'.Connor 150 
O'Donnell 136, 146 
O'Farrell 142,147,149 
Officers 142 
O'Hara 139 
O'Neal 140, 143 
O'Neill 140, 142, 147, 

O'Reiley 139 
Orr 136, 138,142,144, 

145, 147 
Orridge 140, 
Osborne 140 
Palmer 138 
Park 140, 144, 146 
Patterspn 136, 137 

139, 142, 143 
Pattison 143, 144 
PattoB 146 
Peebles 136, 142 
Pelan 137 
Petticrew 138 
Phillips 144 
Binkerton 143, 144 
Pippard 137 
Pirry 138 
Plunkett 140 
Pollock 138 
Poole 145 
Porter 140, 143 
Pott^ 140 
Purse 143 
Quin 138, 148 
Radcliffe 139, 149 
Ramsay 136 
Raphael 142 
Rea 142, 147, 149 
Redding 145 
Redfern 146 
Redmond 138,146[149 
Reford 142, 144, 147, 
Reid 138, 139, 140, 

142, 146, 149 
Rhodes 145 
Rice 142, 144 
Richards 146 
Riddel 140, L43 
Rider 136 
Rippit 13» 
Risk 142, 147 
Ritchie 146 
Robinson 138, 140, 

142, 146, 147, 148, 

Rodgeis 147 [149 
Rogers 141, 142, 143,, 
Ross 148 
Rowan 142, 147 
Roy 148 
Ruett 140 
Russel 147 
Russell 137, 142 
Rutherford l48 
Sanders 138 
Sayers 148 
Scott 138, 140, 14S, 

144, 145, 148 
Searson 137, 145 
Seed 139, 140,144,147 
Seeds 145, 148 
Sergeson 138 
Setten 137 
Shanahan 142 
Shanks 145 
Shannon 136 
iha\T 136. 138, 140, 

142, 143, 144, 147. 

149, 150 
Shea 136 
Shea! l48 
Shcals 137 
Sheriff 138 


Short 139 ■ 
Simminton 142 
Siinmsl37, 140,140 
Simpill 150 
Simpson 144 
Sims 144 
Skeffmjrton 133 
Skelly 139 
Skinner 150 
Sloan 140 
Sloane 146 
Small 143 
Smylie 147 
Smith 137, 139, 140, 

143, U4, 146, 149 
Smyth 137, 146 
Soden 136 
Spears 142 
Spencel38, 143 
Spencer 138 
Spring 139 
Standiield 142, 147, 

Stanton 138 
Stavely 142 
Steed 145 
Steen 144 
Stephen 150 
Stephenson 140, 145 
Sterlingl38, 140, 149 


Stevenson 140, 144 
Stewartl36, li38, 140, 

142, 143, 144, 147, 

148, 149, 150 
Stirling 149 
Stitt 144 

Stockman 142, 145 
Stormontl45, 149 
Suffern 144 
Swiuey 142 
Syms 145 
Tacrgart 145, 146 
Tate 142 
Taylor 138, 14«, 149 
Tearney 139 
Telfair 144, 149 
Tennant 137 
Tennent 140,144,147, 

Thomas 138, 148 
Thompson 138, 140 

142, 143, 144, 146, 

147, 148 (145 

Thomson 140, 142 
Tilley 138, 144 
Toal 142, 147 
Tobin 136 
Tolen 147 
Tomb 144 
Tomea 145 

Topping 136 
Trimble 142 
Tucker 140, 141, 142 
TurabuU 140 
Turner 138 
Tuniev 145, 148 
Vance 142, 144, 147 
Verner 150 
Vint 143 
Wain 150 
Wales 145 
Walker 142, 148 
Walkington 136 
Wallace 136, 138,143 

144,146, 149 
Ward 137, 140 
Ware 136 
Warnick 142 
Waterson 13,6 
Watson 142, 143, 145, 

Watt 140, 142, 147, 

Watterson 136, 139, 

Waugh 137 
Webster 142 
Weir 137, 140, 144, 

145, 150 
WeUh 140, 146 

Wheeler 1 48^ ';< -^ 
White 142, 143 
Whitfield 142 
Whiteside 143 
Whitla 136, 139, 144 
VVhittle 142, 149 
Wilie 147 
Willans 149 
Williams 145 
Williamson 137, 140, 

143, 144 
Willis 142, 145 
Wilson 137, 138, 142, 

143, 144, 145, 146, 

147, 148 
Winnington 137 
Wolfcnden 144 
Wood 140 
Woods 139 
Woolsey 144 
Workman 140 
Worthington 136, 143 
Wright 136, 138, 139 

Yates 139, 143 
Young 138, 139, 140, 

142, 144, 148 
Youngs 149 

#s^tftr «i^ ^N/'.#s/\/>A»y^t##»#*»*y'f>*v»^-» 



^ , IE metropolis of a county of the same name, anciently called Catherlough, or the 
city on the lake, is pleasantly situated on the great river Barrow, about 40 miles south 
west from Dublin ; 16 from Naas ; and 18 from Kilkenny. The two principal streets 
are long, and by crossing each other at nearly right angles, divide the town into four 
parts, nearly equal ; in each quarter are other streets of minor importance. There are 
also extensive suburbs on each side the river. The situation of Garlow is exceedingly 
pleasant ; up the river the landscape is highly picturesque, and for eijfht miles downwards 
is one of the most delightful rides imaginable. In this town is a very good flesh market, 
and a most extensive one for butter, most of which is sent to Waterford for 
exportation. The church is a modern building, plain, but neat, with a steeple of a 
moderate height. The Romish chapel is very large ; the Methodists have a chapel 
here, and the Quaksrs a meeting house. The Roman Catholic College, or Academy, 
is a large and elegant building. Carlow has a very cheerful appearance at a distance • 
from the number of white houses scattered up and down in its neighbourhood, nor >s 
the stranger disappointed when he enters it, there being a cleanness and neatness in the ^ 
streets superior to most towns in the Kingdom,. The Court Honse is built over the 
Gaol, there is a Barrack in this town, and, on an eminence overhanging the river, stands 
the reiDains of an old Castle, which, at present, a traveller would imagine, from the 
stupendous masses of stone cemented together, and covering a large plot of ground, 
that some convulsion of nature had shook its foundation : the ruins of an abbey also 
present themselves to observation, built as early as the year 634, whose founder wa? 
buried there, and gave name to the structure. The Castle is said to h.ive been erected j 
by King John, and was taken bv one of the Cavanaghs, named Donald M'Art, who 
stiled himself M'Murrough, King of Leinster, in the 20th year of Richard 2Qd 
1346: in his possession it remained for some time. In 1577 it sustained a long siege 
against Rory Ogc Moore, then in rebellion against Queen Elizabeth, but at last was 
obliged to surrender, when it was pluncjered, and many ot the inhabita«ts mhur 
manly put to the sword : it was once walled round, but submitted to Cromwell, on his 



first approach. On Carlow, a party of insurgents made a violent attack on the 25tli of 
May 1798, but were so well received by the small garrison, that above 600 were killed, 
and numbers burned in about eighty houses, which were destroyed ; forty -eight men and 
several rebel officers were taken prisoners and executed a few days after. The great 
road to Kilkenny, Waterford and Cork, runs through the toWn, thereby making it a 
great thouroughfare. The river.Barrowtis navigable from Athy, (where it disjoined by th« 
grand canal from Dublin) through Carlow, and from thence to where it falls into the Suir 
below Waterford, so that boats pass from Carlow to the Metropolis, Ross, Waterford, &c. 
By these means this town lias the advantage of inland navigation to a superior degree. 
Here is a bridge of eleven arches, beyond which is an extensive suberb called Graigue ; 
there is a lock on the river in this part, and good quiys for the convenience of trade. 
A passage boat goes daily from hence to Athy, where the Barrow is joined by a braneh of 
the grand canal from Dublin. 

Carlow possesses a Dispensary, and a Fever Hospital. A Nunneiy with a beautiful 
chapel attached ; a new Presbyterian chapel, the first ever erected in Carlow. A Mag- 
dalen Asylum ; and a Military Hospital ; an elegant Assembly Room ; and a subscription 
News Room. The trade at present is very much circumscribed, being principally 
confined to provisions, and in supplying the town and neighbou;-hood with coals 
from Kilkenny. It is governed by a Sovereign and sends one member to Parliament. 
The present member is the Right Honourable Lord Charleville. Its market days are on 
Monday and Thursday, and its fairs the 4th of May ; 22nd June ; 26th August, and 
8th November. Carlow contains a population estimated at 8000 souls. 

Post Offiee, Burrin-street.— Po.«< Mistress, Mary Shervingion. Mail to Dublin every 
morning at ten o'clock. To Cork every evening at half past six. To Waterford at half- 
past three every morning, and to Dublin every night at half-past ten. A bye post to 
Tullow at four every morning, returns every evening at seven. 

Gentry and Clergy. 

Best A. C, gent. Athy-st 

FalknerRev. Dr. John, D.D. rector and 
vicar of the parishes of Carlow and Kil- 
leshin, Dublin-st 

Falkner Jn. Fred, deputy registrar of the 
Diocese of Laighlin, Dublin-road 

Fishburn William, Esq.TuUow-st 

Jackson Robert, Esq. Graigue 

Minchen Rev. Humphrey, Church-st 

Caldwell Rev. J. master of the scientific, 
classical and mathematical school, Rut- 

Stephens Michael Clarke, Tullow st 

Byrn Nicholas, Dublin-st 

Malcomsom Henry, Tullow-st. 

Montgomery Francis, Dublin 

Hill Dudley, Dublin-st 

M'Mahon Charles-moore, Burrin-st 

Walker Singleton, Browne-st 

Brown Robert, Dublin-st 

Burbrid'ge John, Tullow-st 

Flynn Lawrence, Castle-st 

Gardiner Hamilton, Tullow-st 

Gardiner Singleton, Tullow-st 

Hanlon Rose, Tullow-st 

Jones James, Tullow-st 

Johnson Stanley, Dublin-st 

Kelly Wm. Castle-st 

Lakes Wm. Tullow-st 

Murphy Nicholas, (& auctioneer) Castle-st 
Booksellers, Stationers; S^c. 

Nowlan Timothy, Tullow-st 

Price Richard, Carlow Morning Office, Mon. 
and Thursday, Dublin-st 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Bowles Joseph, Burrin-st 

Davies Richard, TuUlow-st 

Davies Robert, Tullow st 

Leonard John, Tullow st 

Murrow John, Tullow-st 

Brewers and Maltsters. 

Burroughs Frances, Bridewell-lane 

Ferrall, Cofley and Finn, Centaur-lane 

Redmond Matthew, Dublin-st 

Holmes Thomas, Dublin-st 

Holmes James, Burrin-st 

Williams Edward, Tullow-st 

Earthenware Dealers. 

O'Brien Joshua, Tullow-st 

Nowlan Timothy, Tullow-st 

Whitton Elizabeth, Tullow-st 
Flour Factor. 
Dillon Thomas, Tullow-st 

Grocers, Sfc. 
Bogard ^Valte^, Castle-st 
Carroll Thos. Wright, Wellington-bridge 
Coyle Thomas, Tullow-st 
Coiiey John, Dublin-st 
Curran Patrick, (and spirit dealer)Dublin-6t 
FitzsimmonsThos.(& tobacconist) Tullow et 
Gittman Edw. (baker,) Castle-st 
Hughes Thomas, Dublin-st 
jvers Robert, Tullow-st 
Kennedy Edward, Dublin-st 
King James, Dublin-st 
Lawler and Furlong, Tullow-st. 
Leakes William, Tullow-st 
Murray Hugh, Castle-st 



Nowlan Henry, TuUow-st. 
Richardson Jphn, Dublin-st. 
RudKinMark, Dublin-st. 

Connolly Michael, Dublin-st 
Dunn Andrew, Dublin-st, 
Galbraiih William, Dublin-st. 

Hat Manitjacturers. 
Murray John, Tullow-st. 
O'Connor John, Dublin-st. 
Walsh Bridget, Dublin-st. 

Coifey James, Wheat Sheaf, Burrin-st. 
Lehon John, Yellow Lion, Burrift-st, 

Burrows Thomas, Burrin-st. 
Cramvell Richard, TuUow-st. 
Spencer Benjamin, Castle-st 

Leather sellers. 
Calian Ge©i^e, Tullow-st, 
Haughton Joshua, Tullow-st. 
King Richard, Dublin-st. 

Line7i and Woollen Drapers. 
Brophy John, Tullow-st. 
Byrne James, [wholesale] Burrin-st. 
Dillon Thomas, Tullow-st. 
Haughion Samuel, Burrin-st. 
Hughes Thomas, Dublin-st. 
O'Brien Daniel, TUllo\r-st. 
Ryan John, Tullow-sfi 
Sherlock Ellen, Tullow-st. 
Waring Lettice, Tullow-st. 
Warren John, Tullow-st. 
Wright Rebecca, Tullow-st. 
Alexander Jn. {.miller & maltster] Mill-ford 
Clark Simon, (corn & miller] Athy-st. 
Haughton Thomas, Graigue 
Kennedy Thos. (skin & feather) Tullow-st 
MacartueyHenry,[corn & miller] Castleville 
M'Gillycuddy Pat. and Co. Quay 
Morris William, Dublin-st. 
Thompson John, John-st- 
Thompson Benjamin, [corn.] John-st. 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Bennett James, (coach) Tullow-st. 
Davis and Reilly, Tullow-st. 
Hill James, Burrin-st. 


Conroy , Burrin-st. 

MahargJohn, Athy-st. 
Reed Arthur, Brown-st. . 
Stone M. N. Burrin-st. 

Public Craner. 
0'MearaDaniel,(& corn factor) Butter-crane 

Pttblicans, Sfc, 
Barry Charles, Centaur- lane 
Bynie Michael, Dublin-st. 
Cary John, Tullow-st. 
Culien Johu, Tullow-st. 
Dunn Thomas, Dnblin-st. 
Dunne William, Graigue 
Gaskin Edward, Wellington-bridge 
Hines Michael, TuUow-st. 
Kavanagh Matihew, Graigue 

Kavannagh Michael,v€teigH* 
Keating Edward, Burrin-si. 
Keating James, Castle-st, 
Kennedy James, Tullow-st. 
Kenny James, Tullow-st. 
Lyons Patrick, Tullow-st. 
M'Donald Martin, Dublin-st. 
M'Evay Wm. Castle-st. 
M'Quirk, Centaur-laue 
Moore Michael, Castle-st. 
Mulball William, Dublin-st. 
Murphy James, Burrin-st. 
Nowlan Peter, Castle st. 
Nowlan Matthew, Dublin-road 
Redmond Andrew, Tullow-st. . 
Reynolds Edward, Centaur-lane 
Warren Henry, Burrin-st. 
Worthington Thomas, Burrin-st. 

Costello Jasper, Dublin-st. 
Fitzgerald Andrew, Dublin-st, 
Little Thomas, Burrin-st. 
Smith James, Tullow-st. 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Ailment Lucy, Tullow-st. 
Comerford James, Tullow-st. 
M'Carthy Wm. Castle-st. 
McCarthy Patrick, Tullow-st. 
Muldowny Daniel, Tullow-st. 
Paul Mary, Dublin-st 
Woodroofe Richard, Tullow-st. 


Dowling John, Graigue 
Finn Thomas, Castle-st. 
Jackson Wm. & Adam, Graigue 
Wilson James & George, Graigue 

Hughes Francis, Dublin-st. 
Moore James, Castlc-st. 

Watch Makers. 
Dyer Henry, Tullow-st. ' 

Foster Joseph, Tullow-st. 

JFine and Spirit Merchants. 
Gittman Edward, Baker, Castle-st. 
Hughes Thomas, Dublin-st. 
Kavanagh John, Church-lane 
Rudkin Mark, Dublin-st. 


Condell William, flour dealer, Tullow-st. 

Crawley Thomas, pawn broker, Browne-st« 

Corrigan Samuel, brazier, Tullow-st. 

Culien James, marble manufac. Dublin-st. 

Fitzgerald Edward, surgeon, Dnblin-st. 

Holland Jas. high constable, Browne-st. 

Kirwan James, jailer, Barrack -st 

Maxwell Martia, ropemaker, Tullow-st. 

Murphy Bernard, cabinet maker, Dublin-st 

O'Brien Wm. breeches maker, Dublin-st. 

Proctor Nat. distributor of stamps, Athy-st 


From Wheat Sheaf, Buurin-street. 

Kilkenny, Day Coach |to Dublin, througl 
Naa& every morning at a quarter past 
nine to Kilkenny every day at half-past' 
two. ...■■"- ■■^■'^ 

Carlow and Jiublin Day Coaeh from .Ha^ 



vffioe Dublip'St, to Dublin every morning 
at half past eight, returns every day at 
three, when a Diligence starts for Lei^h- 
Un-hr'ulge and Bagenahtown, and re- 
turns next morning in time for the Car- 
low oach. 

Royal Mriil to Dublin every morning at ten, 
to Cork through Kilkenny, Clonmtl, S^'c. 
every evpaing at half-past six. 

ff^aterford Mail to Dullin every night at 
half past ten, to TVutcrford every morn- 

ing at half past three, 

A Carr from George Faircloths, Tullow-st» 
to Newross, Tuesday, Thursday, & Satui- 
day mornings at seven through Leighliif 
bridge, Bagenalstown, Gores-bridge, 
Borri$ and Graig, returns Mon. Wed. 
and Sat. 
From James Tynan's, Dublin-road. 

A Car to Dublin Mon. Wed. a/>d Friday 
mornings at nine, to Kilkenny, Tuesday, 
Thursday and Saturday afternoons at two. 


Ji.S a very considerable and thriving town, situated on the northern side of the river Suir^ 
whose water is beautifully clear, and navigable to Waterford, it is the county antt assize 
town of Tipperary in the province of Munster, about 83 miles from Dublin, 25 from 
Kilkenny, 24 from Waterford, and 42 fiom Cork. It is governed by a Mayor» Recorder, 
Bailiffis and Town Clerk. The streels are long and regular, and the" houses a»e well built, 
the greater part of which are rough cast, and are either cream-coloured or white, save here 
and there one of neat appearance, whose front is ofren curiously ornamented with blue 
slates, cut into various devices. From the great fertility of the country in which this in- 
dustrious town is situated, it gained the appellation of the golden vale, and contains 
some of the richest land in the whole island. Clonmel within these few years has been 
very considerably enlarged. Mr, Banfield has added much to the appeaiance of the town 
by the erection of a row of very genteel houses, at the east entrance, and Messrs. Rialls 
are adding very considerably both to its extent and appearance,, in the erection of a whole, 
street of very eligible houses, '^he streets are clean, and well paved, but want that com- 
fortable accomodation, a flagged causeway. The Church is an ancient gothic buildin"- 
in good preservation, with a handsome octagonal steeple, containing a ring of five mu° 
«ical bells ; there are ramparts round the top of the steeple, as well as all round the church • 
the interior boasts an elegant simplicity, and possesses an excellent organ, the exterior 
corresponds with the rest of the town in appearance, being roui^hcast, and white-washed 
Within the church yard is a pleasant walk, overshadowed by "trees on each side which 
gives a truly picturesque appearance to the whole. There are two Catholic Cha- 
pels, one of them large, new, and beautiful, the other in Irishtown ; there is also a 
Friary, a Nunnery, and a Monkhouse, two Methodist Chapels, a Meeting-house, beloudne 
to the Quakers ; aBaptist and a Presbyterian Chapel. There is also a House of Industry 
large, clean, and convenient, a building which reflects the highest credit on the countv - 
It was erected,in the year 1811, and is chiefly supported by county presentments at present 
It consists of three departments, namely, infirm poor, vagrants and lunatics ■ though its 
advantages are not confined to these objects, for in March, 1818, when the Typhus fever 
proved so fatol, the Governors with christian charity, admitted into it tlie orphan children 
of such parents as fell victims to the disease, in the various hosnitals in the town who 
had not friends to afford them relief ; the number of such children in the house 
amount to 23, who are comfortably provided with meat, drink, washinir, loddnsrs 
clothes and education; the aggregate number of the persons in the various departments 
at present, ^180 There ,s a I-ever Hospital and a Dispensary, ef elegant appearance ; 
a Lying-in-Hospital ; a Sick Poor Establishment, and a Female Orphan Protestant Asvlum 
The county Gaol is a strong stone f:ibric. The new Court-house stands in an eliffible situ- 
ation, in Nelson-street, is a good convenient building, and an ornament to the town • the 
°l .^"V^* ?^''0'«"^ ^'^ *^'^ "■''^ «i ^^« soldiery, possesses a good clock, is known by the name 
of the Main-guard, and stands at the entrance into Main-street, in which tlie Post Office 
is situated, at tl^ far end of which one of its gates are still standing, a«d. which leads into 
Irishtown; in Duncan-street is a commodious Commercial Coffee Room, supported bv 
subscription; and at the Royal Mail Coach Hotel, a Subscription News Room • in War 
ren-strcet 18 an Abbey in ruins though the steeple is nearly perfect ; it is of considerable 
extent, and supposed to have been built in the thirteenth centurv. There is a Butter Market 
House, which 18 a tery large stone building, containing two Offices, for the Butter Inspec- 

ukitt^-T",'^ !" •"*"^f/''^- f"*«l«"f «» butter weighed, and where all must be 
taken to be weighed hat is sold, either for home consumptioa or for exportation, tU* 
average quantity sold m the market annually, is about 50,000 firkins, supplied from tt 



dairies of several adjacent conntics. William Chaytor, Esq. iS Weigh Master, and John 
Keating- is Butter Inspector. The Corn Market is one of the greatest in the king- 
dom, iinnjeiise quantities being purchased for exportation as well as for manufacture 
and home consumption. There is a large market-place for potatoes, and a very excel- 
lent shambles. Three good stone bridges admit an easy passage over the Suir, into the 
two counties of Waterford and Tipperary, the one near the east entrance into the town, 
is of four well turned arches, the second bridge is of three arches, and the third bridge 
is at the extremity of Irishtown, near to ^the House of Industry, and is the direct 
road to YoUghal, by way of Cappoquin, Aiglisb, and the Ferry across the united streams 
of the Bride and the Blackwater. The traveller on his approach to the town, has a good 
view of two fine and extensive Barracks, one for artillery, the other for infantry. Juan 
airy situation without the town, is an extensive and convenient military hospital. Clon- 
mel is a Borough, and sends one member to Parliament ; its present Representative it 
John Keily, Esq. Its Market daj's are Tuesday and Saturday ; its Fairs are the first 
Wednesday in every month, except those of May and November, in which months they 
are observed oa the fifth day of each. The population is estimated at from .15,000 
to 16,000. 

Post Office, south Main-street. — Rev. James Worrall, Postmaiter, — J. O'Brien, act- 
ing Post Master. — ^This office is open from eight o'clock in the morning, tHl ten at night. 
— .The Cork Mail to Dublin at one o'clock in the morning. — The Dublin Mail to Cork, at 
a quarter past three in the morning, also at half past three in the afternoon.— To Cahir, 
by Post Boy, at a quarter before eleven in tlie forenoon. — To Waterford at halt past six 
in the morning. 

Nobilitjf, Gentry and Clergy. 

The Right Honourable the Earl of Do- 
noughmore, Knocklofty 

Tl^e Right Honourable William Bagwell, 
M. P. Marlfield 

John Keily, esq. M. P. Clifton 

The Right" Worshipful, John Croker, Mayor 

William Chaytor, esq. Deputy Mayor, Bam- 
fields buildings 

Saranel Morton, esq. Little-island 

Stephen Moore, esq. Barn 

John Challoner, esq. Nclson-st. 

James Morton, esq. Warren-st. 

The Rev. Daniel Wall, Rector of St. Mary's 

The VeryRcverend Thomas Flannery, Ca- 
tholic i)ean of Lismore, Irishtown 

The Rev. Thomas Monks, Jerris-place 

The Rev. James Worrall, Mary-st. 

The Rev. Patrick Gaffney, Irishtown 

The Rev. John Baldwin, Irishtown 

The Rev. Charles Dalton, Irishtown 

The Rev. John Prendergast, Irishtown 

The Rev. Thomas Power, Irishtown 

Thomas Sadler, esq. Clerk of the Peace, 

Richard Millett, Gordon-st. 

Mrs. Hill, Jervis-place 


M'Crea Jqhn L. Richmond-8t. 

Worrall 'Rev. J am es, Mary-st. 

Collett Benjamin,, Irishtown 

Comas Michael, Dublin-st. 

Kearney Richard, Irishtown 

Mahony Michael, Main-st. 
Phelan Dennis, Main-st. 

Baier Walter, Gordon-st. 
Close Burrowes, Mary-st. 
Collett S. M. Old-quay 
Denmead Adam, Old-q^y. 
Demville John, Raheen 

Duckett Richard M. Dnckett-st, 
Duckett William, Jervis-plaee 
Gordon Samuel, Warren-st. 
Labarte E. (town clerk) Duncan-st. 

Briscoe Paul, Main-st. 
Broderick William, Dublin-st. 
Luther William, Nelson-st. 

Cott Catherine, IrisbtoTva 
Craven Ellen, Main-st. 
Devine Patrick, Main-st. 
Duggan John, Main-st. 
Flanagan William, Dublin-st. 
Gilfoyle Mary, Dublin-st. 
Grady Richard, Johnsonrst. 
Headen Thomas, Main-st. 
Maher Michael, Johnson-»t, 
Reily Ellen, Dublin-st. 
Ryan Thomas, Main-st. 

Riall William and Brothers, Puncan-st. 

Grace George, esq. Mary-rt. 

Boarding Schools. 
Colclough Mrs. Johnson-st. 
Foley Peter Joseph, (ladies) Gordon-st. 
Kelly Mary Ann, Johnsoil-st. 
Mason Sarah, Dublin-st. 
Strangman Misses, Mary-st. 

Boat Owners. 
Gfubb George, New-quay 
Moore Thomas, New-quay 

Higgins George, Duncan-st, 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Goggin William, Maini-st. 
Gorman Ellen, Maini-st, 
Hackett John, M«in-st. 
Higgins George, Duncan-st« 

Boot and Sho^naker*y 
fioles Robert, Dublin-gt. 



Boiirke Edinuii4j Iriebtown 
Fitzgerald Michftel, Mary-st. 
Harvey Henry, Dublia-st. 
Holmes John, l)ublin-st. 
Holmes Thomas, DobliD-st. 
Kempstou Robert, Bapfi»ld-buyding 
Legg John, Dublin-st. 
Meagher John, Mary-st. 
Thoiney Matthew, Richrnon-st. 
Thompson William Wade, Dublin-st. 
Wilson John, Dublin-st. 
Wright John, Irishtown 

Breeches Maker, 
SmythJames, (glover) Main 

Brewers and Maltsters, 
Going Stephen, Morton-st. 
Greer and Murphy, Nelson-st. 

Broken . 
Briscoe Paul, Uomjaaission) Main-st. 
Luther William, Nelson-st. 

Builders and Architects. 
Hanley John and Ce. Charles-st. 
Shea Adam, William-st, 

Butter Merchants. 
Feeban John, Old-quay 
Grady Patrick, New-quay 
Murphy and White, [bacon and provision) 

Cabinet Makers. 
Graham Jacob, (upholsterer) Duacan-st, 
Poyntz Thomas, Dublin-st. 
Taylor Thomas, Irishtown 

Carver and Gilder, 
Bianconi Charles, Dublin-st. 

Circulating Libraries. 
Heuston Archibald, Dublin-st. 
Lynch Margaret, Dublin-st* 

Clothes Brokers. 
Hewitt Laurence, Irishtown 
Shauahan Matthew, Irishtown 

Crean Richard and Sons, Irishtown 
O'Brien Joseph, Main-st. 
O'Brien Mary, Main-st. 

Ceach Makers. 
Julian Henry, Dublin-st. 
Roe Mathias, Kil$heelan-st 

Coach Smith, 
Gorman William, Dubliu-st. 
English Sophia, Dublin-st. 
Young Susannah, Marj'-st. 

Collectors of Excise 
Duckett Thomas, (pro collector) Duckett-st 
Jepson Lorenzo Hickey, esq. up. Johnson-st 

Ahem James, Jobnsoa-sti 
Daniel Maurice, Maip-st. 
Masey James, Johneon-st. 
O'Brien Michael, Maiii-st. 
Ryan John, Main-st ,' 

Corn Merchants, ^j »nis«iy 
Cantwell Tbomas, OW-quay , ;,<^_ "* 

Cantwell Patrick, Old-quay 

Cantwcll ThujnaB, Jun. fhouae) Ncw-rt yi 

Edmundson William, Johnson -St. 

English Patrick, Cashel-st. 

Grady John, IJolton-st. 

Grubb T. S. Richmopd-st. 

Hayes R. and J, Old-quay |. 

Hughes Thomas, Spring Garden 

Malcomsom Darid, Old-qiiay 

Morton and Grubb, Bridge-lane ), 

Morton James, Warren-st. ,^ 

Power Edward, Old-quay j 

Power John, Duncaa-st. 

Pressor Anthoay, Old-quay 

Whitten and Co. Old-quay 

Corn Millers. 
Grubb Joseph Thomas, Suir-islanil 
Hayden Thomas, Irishtown 
Hughes Thomas, Spring-garden 
Morton and Grubb, Bridge-la'oe 
Morton James, Warren-st. 
Stein John and Co. New-quay 

Crean Richard and Sons, Irishtown 
Floyd Thomas, (silk and cotton) Irishtowo 

Fire, ^c. Offices. 
Albion Fire and Lifa Insurance Company, 

Abraham Grubb, Warren-st. 
British and Irish Fire and Life Insurance 

Company, Robert Banfield, New-quay 
Sun Fire and Life Insurance Company, Ja. 

Luther, Main-st. 

Furniture Broker. 
Shea James, Duncan-st. 

General Agent Office. 
Luther John, Main-st. 
Glass, China 6f Earthenvsare Dealers 
Carroll Esther, Main-st. 
Davies Robprt and Co. Main-st. 
Lewis Michael, (wholesale) &^ain-st, 
Penistan Catherine, Johnson-st. 
Penistan James, Main-st. 

Glasiers and Painters. 
Hughes Samuel, Johnson-st, 
Lyster George, Dublin-st, 
Lyster John, Johnson-st. 
Savage John, Mary-st. 
Stoteshury Robert, Dublin-st. 

Burke Edmund, Irishtown 
Davies and Co, Main-st. 
Glasscott George, Main-st. 
Gorman John, [gunpowder officej Main-st. 
Grubb J. and J. Gordon-st, 
Hickey David, Irishtown 
M'Clelland William, BanfieM-buiidings 
Maguire William, Irishtown 
O'Donnell Philip, Dublin-st. 
O'Neill Honoria, Irishtown 
Power Susannah, Dubli»-st. 
Purceil James, Dublin-at. 
Stokes Thomas, Jofcn«oB»«t. 

Grocers atid Spirit Dmlers. - 
Achison Charles, Johnjomist. '^ 



Burke Thomas, Dublin-st. 

Cunningbam William, Bridge-lane 

Daniel Philip, Main-st. 

Daniel Maurice, Main-st. 

Devine Patrick, Main-st. 

DunphyJohn, Main-st. 

Firm William, Main-st. 

Hayes John, Main-st. 

Hayes Nicholas, Dublin-st. 

Hennessy Arthur, Main-st. 

Kennedy Matthew, Dublin-st. 

Lean Francis, Main-st. 

Lonergan John, Main-st. 

Louergan William, Main-st. 

Magrath John, Main-st. 

Kowlan Thomas, Banfields-buiidings 

O'Connor Walter, Johnson-st. 

Power Thomas, Main-st. 

Purcell James, Dublin-st. 

Purcell James, Johnson-st. 

Quirk Margaret, Johnson-st. 

Ryan Edward, Main-st. 

Ryan Pierce, Main-st. 

Ryan William, Main-st. 

Slattery Joseph, Main-st, 

Stattery Mary, Main-st, 

Stokes Thomas, Johnston-st. 
White James, Dublin-st. 

Gun Makers. 
Armstrong George, Main-st. 
Carter Andrew, Dublin-st. 
Harris Benjamin, Dublin-st. 
Cleary Patrtck, Main-st. 
£vans Eliza, Irisbtown 
Grubb Francis, Dublin-st. 
M'Namara William, Main-st. 
Quirk Ann, Main-st. 
Ryan Mary, Main-st. 
Thompson Susannah, Main-st. 
Fleming Francis, Main-st. 
Hughes Joseph, Main-st. 
Jameson Sarah, Johnson-st. 
Otway William, Main-st, 
Power Thomas, Dublin-st. 

Harness Maker. 
Flood Michael, Nelson-st. 

Hat Manufacturers. 
Barrett Michael, Flag-lane 
Langau Bryan, Dublin-st. 
Ormond, Mary Richardson, Jobnson-st. 
Royal Mail Coach, F. Grubb, Dublin-st. 

Eagle, Margaret Carroll, Main-st. 
Great Globe, James Butler, Dublin-st. 

Maddin Denis, Dublin-st. 
Hannovan Patrick, Dublin-st. 
Iron Founders. 
Proctor John, (brass and steel) Jervis-st. 
Williams Michael, Main-st. 

Iron Merchants. 
CatAwell William, Irishtown 

Grubb Thomas Saniuel, Richmond-st. 
Williams Michael, Main-st. 

Iron Mongers. 
Hickey David, Irishtown 
Keating Walter, Main-st. 
Williams Michael, Main-st. 
Leather Sellers. 
•j Butler John, Irishtown 
Carew Mary, Main-si. 
Downy John, Johnson-st. 
Kelly Patrick, Irishtown 
Quirk John, Bridge-lane 

Linen Drapers. , 
Barry John, Main-st. 
Davies Thomas, Johnson-st. 
Flyn William, Main-st. 
Grubb Robert George, Main-st. 
Hanley Thomas, Main-st. 
Hannovan Patrick, Dublin-st. 
Hefernan William, Main-st. 
Keily Ellen, Main-st. 
Lonergan Alice, Main-st. 
Martio Mary, Dublin-st. 
Murphy P. Main-st. 
Neagle Mary, Main-st. 
O'Neill Philip, Irishtown 
Phelan Michael, Main 
Reylance Thomas. Main 
Taylor Hannah, Main 
Waring Joshua, Johnson-st. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Kearney Michael, Main-st. 
M'Keary John, (and carpets and blankets^ 

O'Connor Patrick, Main-st. 

Machine Maker. 
Graham George, Duncan-st. 
Banfield Robert, [provision] New-quay 
Cantwell Patrick, Irishtown 
Daniel John, Mary-st. 
Harvey Hill, Johnson-st. 
Joyce Henry, (bacon) Irishtown 
M'Cheane Denis, Gordon-st. 
O'Brien Daniel, Gordon-st. 

Hinds Eliza Coote, (&. dressmaker) Ma5n-st 

Nursery and Seedsman. 
Higgins Thomas, Duucan-st. 

Hayes Edward, [landscape and minature] 

Hennessy Robert, (& paper stainer) Main-st 
Sleaden Richard, (heraldrj') Irishtown 

Brennan Richard, Mary-st. 
Davies Thomas, Johnson-st. 
Flanigan John, Dublin-st. 

Burgess Richard, Warren-st. 
Constable Robert, Johnson-st. 
Eagle Edward, Johnson-st. 
Fitzgerald Gerald, Duncan-st. 
Hemphill Samuel, Gordon-st. 


''' '■ Printers. 
Carson William, (general, and proprietor of 

the Clonmel Advertiser, Wednesday and 

Saturday) Office. Johnson.-st. 
Gorman Ellen, Main-at. 
Grace George, (Clonmel Herald, Wednesday 

and Saturday) Mary-st. 
Hackett John, Main-st. 

Professors of Music. 
Sulivan Emund, Johnson-st. 
Sweeny Charles, New-st. 

public Notaries, 
Hayman James, Commissioner of his Ma- 
jesty's Courts of Exchequer,Common Pleas 
and King's Bench, and Master Extraor- 
dinary of his Majesty's High Court of 
Chancery, Richmond- st. 

Rape and Bacon Merchant. 
Grubb Robert Samuel, Suir-island 

Rope Maker 
.Hudson William, Main-st. 
Castell William, Main-st. 
Collett Stephen, Main-st. 
Harvey John, Main-st. 
Lonergan and Daniel, DuWin-st. 
Seery Michael, Johnson-st. 
Willis Robert, Dublin-st. 

Salt Manufacturers. 
Edmundson William, Johnson-st. i 

O'Neill William, Old-quay 
*>;. Seedsmen. 

O'Brien Michael, Main-st. 
Taylor Peter, Iriehtown 

Serge Manufacturers. 

Crean Richard and Sons, Irishto\vn 

Soap Boilers. 
Bond John, Main-st. 
Going Stephen, Irishtown 
Keily Jeremiah, Main-et. 
Phelan Andrew, Johnson-st. 

Collins Petjr, Bridge 
Connor John, Bridge 
Davis Lawrence^ Irishtown 

Spirit De tiers. 

Anderson Thomas, Dublin-st. ^^ 

Bourke Patrick, Main-st. 

Geary Patrick, Johnson-st. 

Kelter Andrew, Bridge-lane 

O'Neal Henry, Main-st. 

Ryan Martin,. Main-st, 

Bell Casper, Mary-st. 
Dillon William, William-st. 
Flood Michael, Charles-st. 
Murphy Patrick, Main-st. 
Philips J. R. 3, Banfield's-buildings 


Burke James, Maia-st. 
Lalor Terence, (and draper) Main-st. 
Moriarty Peter, Mary st. 
Murphy John, (and draper) Main-st, 
X , 

Cashin Timothy, Bridge - 

Davis Michael, Irishtown 

Hayden Thomas, Irishtown ^ 

King William, Charles-st. ^.^ 

Price John, Irishto'-n ■ -" 

Price J. and R- Irishtown 

Prendergast Thomas, Mary-st. -^ 

Taylor Thomas, Irishtown ;■' 

Taverns and Public Houses. ' 
Anchor. M. Hogan, Dubliii-st* 
Anchor, P. Hogan, Shambles-lane 
Anchor, J. Prendergaist, Shambles-lane 
Bear, .>. Tennison, Braham's-laue :. 

Letters, J. Cassin, opposite the post of&oen, 

Letters, A. Collins, Dublin-st. 
Letters, Patrick Ferrall, Irishtown 
Letters, J. Hackett, Dublin-st. 
Letters, J. Hackett, Main-st. 
Letters, William O'Brien, Irishtowo ...^ 
Leiters, L. Ryan, Johnson-st. , .ji 

Letters, B. Walsh, Johnsoh-st. .; 

Plough, James Fleming, Johnson-st. 
Rock of Cashel, R. Burke, Irishtown ''' 
Royal Oak, C. Hotran, Bridge-lane 
Royal Oak, E. Woods, Irishtown 
Shamrock, E. Goggin, New -sham bles-lan« 
Sun, P. Mulcahy, Irishtown 
Wheat Sheaf, Mary Keating, Irishtown 
Yellow Bottle, J. Fitzgerald, Main-st. 

Timber Merchants. 
Cantwell Dennis, I'-ishtown 
Castell James, Main-st, ' 

Cant ell William, Irishtown 
Dillon John, Main-st. 

Fell Nicholas, Main-st. j 

Keily Jeremiah, Main-st. ,,: 

Murphy Mary, Main-st. 

Umbrella Makers. 
Blanchiield James, Diibli'n st. 
Nowlan James, Maii-st. 

Watch and Clock Makrrti. 
Broderick William, Dublm-st. 
Doherty James, Dublin-st.. 
Harvey Tlioophiius, Dublin-st. 
Hill John, Dublin-st. 
Prossor Simon, Dublin-st. 
I (Vine and Spirit Merchants.. „ 
lAchison William, John'-i:rt-st. 
Gilliard Philip, Nelson-st. 
Greer Thomas, Old-q 1 1 v 
Grubb Abraham, Wa -.-i n-st. 
Kenny William, Duh' ;. 
Ryan Patrick, Gordon-«t. "'f 

IVoollen Drrrpers, - 

Burke James, Johnson-st. 
Butler John, Main-st. ainru;;;' 

Cahill Widow, Main-st. . "'oaijfiB 

Lawlor John, Main-st. 
Magrath Edward, Main-st. .q 

Mara James, Main-st. ■'■'•f^ 

Woollen Merchants, S(c. 
Moore James, • and -manufacturer)'Warrilii-»fe' 
Sargint W, and E. Irishtown 




Allen J. bacon factor, Banfields-buildings 
Blakenny J. chair-maker, Dublin-st, 
Bradford J. razor-maker, Main-st. 
Casey William, skin and feather dealer 
Crawley T. stay-maker, Mary-st, 
Curtis Richard, Pump-maker, Johason-st. 
Excise Ofl&ce, IDuck ;tt-st. 
Geron M. stone-cutter, William-st. 
Hinds F. Coote, brazier & tinman, Main-st 
Kelly Edward, pump-maker, Dublin-st. 
Kempston Esther, toy-shop, Main-st. 
Massey Wm. 'inplate- worker, Johnson-st. 
Moran Stephen, glover, Dublin-st. 
Power Patrick, Ncw-st. 
Ryan Stephen, House of Industry 
Stephenson Thomas, hosier, Dublin-st. 
Talbot Thomas, Master of county Tippe- 

rary House of Industry 
Thompson John, Coroner, Charles-st. 
Triggs Thomas, brush-maker, Main-st. 

Carriers by Land. 
A well appointedsetof cars, leave Bianconi's 

Car Office, every day (Sundays excepted. 

which travel at the rate of five miles per 
hour, and go to the following places : 
Cdrrick on Suir, fVattrford, New Ross, 
Taghmore, TVexford, Cnshel, Eirtiis- 
corthy, Thurles, Cahir, Tvpperury and 
A Car also leaves Mr. Robert Hennessy's 
Main-street, for Kilkenny, every Tuesti ay, 
Thursday and Saturday, at 11 o'Clock, 
A. M. which arrives at that place at four 
in the afternoon, and returns on Mondays, 
Wednesdays and Fridays. 


From Royal Mail Coach Hotel. The Royal 
Mail by Kilkenny for Cork, a quarter 
past three every morning, by CaJdr, for 
Cork, at half past three every afternoon. 
To Dublin at one o'clock in the morning. 

The Limerick Coach changes horses here at 
twelve o'clock at noon every Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday, on its way from 
Waterford to Cork, and returns every 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at half 
past two in the afternoon. 



JL HE town of Colerain, in the county of Londonderry, is 114 miles N. E. from Dublin. 
It has long been famed, forthe superior fabric and fineness of the linen manufacture, of 
which the principal part is exported to the English markets. Colerain is also remarkable 
for the large quantities of salmon, of superior quality, which are caught in the river Bann. 
The fishing season commences in March, and continues till August, the principal part of 
the salmon then caught are exported to Liverpool, packed in ice, by fast sailing smacks, 
which are dispatched twice weekly ; at a distance of a mile above the town there is a lodge 
of rocks which intersect the river, over which the water that issues from Lough Ncagh, in 
its progress to the sea is precipitated with grand rapidity, a height of 12 feet. Piers are 
constructed on these rocks, between which are cuts at spaces of 27 feet, 15 fett, and leaving 
40 open, it being only when there is a strong fresh that the fish can leap up the rocks on 
their progress up the river to spawn. The place where the cuts are erected, being easier of 
ascent, hence they enter and are taken thereout with hand nets, but the largest quantities 
of salmon are taken at the Cveena, a mile below Colerain, in nets which extend across the 
river, it is only the fish that pass those nets that are taken at the cuts. There are also 
two eel fisheries, on the Bann, commencing in September, when considerable quantities 
are caught, which arc chiefly salted for winter use. Colerain is a handsome v.'ell built 
town, governed by a Mayor, and tivelve Aldermen, (one of whom is annually elected 
Mayor) and twenty-four Burgesses, under the government of Sir John Perrot, it was in- 
tended to be the chief city of the county, and it now is the second town for extent and im- 
portance, containing upwards of 5000 inhabitants. In the centre of the town is a spa- 
cious handsome square called the Diamond, surrounded by well built bouses, and respect- 
able shops, the markets are held here, and in the middle is the market-honse, a large 
handsome building, (with a Piazza) under which is the meal market, and above, the 
courts ol quarter sessions, assemblies, &c. are held ; indeed the town of Colerain can vie 
with most others, with good, well paved, clean streets and houses, additions 
are also rapidly making. 

The trade of this port, consists principally in the export of linen and linen yarn, butter, 
pork, hides and salmon, to Liverpool, Glasgow, America, and British Plantations ; the 
importations consist chiefly of timber, sugar, rock salt, coals, hardware, earthenware, 
herrings, &;c, &c. leather and cotton goods are manufactured in this town, to some con- 
siderable amount j'early. The importation of tobacco, spirits, teas, and wines Jire not 
permitted, which is of considerable disadvantage to the merchants, as they are 
.obliged fpr the most part to purchase such articles from Belfast ; could these restrictions 



be done away (to which there appears no reasonable objection) and the entrance to the 
harbour improved, Colerain would then perhaps be as flourishing a mercantile town as any 
in the kingdom. The staple manufacture of the county being linens, they are brought 
by the weavers, (which are in immense numbers) to the weekly markets on Saturdays, 
when the merchants and bleachers attend and purchase the webs in a brown state ; this 
trade in Colerain, and its immediate vicinity, is little less than 600,000 pounds annually. 
Provision mercliants also attend this market for the purchase of pork, beef, &c. in very 
large qtiantities. 

The shambles and market for domestic uses, are plentifully supplied with beef, mutton, 
rabbits and fiae turbot and other fish, at very reasonable prices. The town is pleasantly 
situated, and the country round, with the Eann river, and the salmon leap at the cuts, 
(the proprietor of which is George Little, esq.) are extremely interesting, and well worth 
the strangers notice. The Giant's Causeway, that wonderful natural and grand phenome- 
non, is only nine miles from Colerain ; and attracts numerous visitors to the town and 
neiglibourhood, during the summer months, particularly as there is excellent bathinf all 
along the coast. There are here two Protestant Cliurches ; one of which in a street 
called Killowen, is very ancient, two places for Dissenters, one Methodist, one Independ- 
ent, one Sectarian, and one Catholic Chapel. The Fairs are held on the 12th May, 5th. 
July, and !ind November. Market days on Saturdays. 

John Boyd, Poster Master, and Stamp-Office, Bridge-st. — The Mail for Dublin, is 
dispatched from this Office, at half past ten o'clock every night, (Frlrlay's excepted.) — The 
letters from Dublin arrive at eleven o'clock every night, (Mondays excepted. )— 
The Belfast and Scotch letters, are dispatched and received by the above mail. — The 
English letters are sent also at the same time — The cross post to Ballycastle, through 
Bush-mills, leaves at live every morning, and returns at nine every evening, — A cross post 
to Magharafelt, every day at twelve at noon ; returns every evening at eight o'clock. — Let- 
ters for Dublin, Belfast, England and Scotland, must be in the Office before nine o'clock 
in the evening, to go by next day's mail. 


Cawfield John, Meeting-house-lane 
Coyle Dennis, Barrack-yard 
Hamill Jane, New-row 
M'Caldin Rev. A. Church-st. 
Thomson Ann, Diamond 


Chambers Chas. Diamond 
Knox Saml. New- row 
Lowndes Thos. Tamnamoney 
M'Naghten Robt. New-row 

Boyd John, Bridge-st. 
Eoyle Alex. Water-side 
Huston Robt. Kings-gate 
NeillAlex. New-row 


Mitchell John, Bridge-st. 


Dogherty Michael, Meeting-house-lane 
M'MulIin Thomas, Kings-gate 
Thellar Saml. Brook-st. 

Lavin John, Church-st. 
Morrow Magt. Kings-gate 

Black Soap Manufacturers. 
Donaldson William, Church-st. 
Hamilton John, Church-st. 

Bookseller and Stationer. 

Dunlop David, (music seller and agent to the 
Norwich Union Fire & Life Office) Diamond 

Boot and Shoemakers, 
Crebbin James, Kings-gate 
Lowdin John, Kings-gate 
M'Gregor DanI, Kings-jate 

Brewers and Maltsters. 

O'Kaneand Mitchel, New-row 

Cabinet Makers. 
Dennison Robt. Church-st. 
Dogherty John, Diamond 

Clothes Dealers. 
Wanlock Richd. Church-st. 
Yates John, Killowen 

Burrell Richard, Diamond 
Andrews Wm. New-row 

Cotton Manufacturers. 
Gribben Edwd, and Henry, Water-side 
Hamilton John, Church-st. 

Gribben Edwd. jun. (& printer) Water-side 

Earthenware Dealers. 
M'Kee Mary, [and glass) Diamond 
M'Kinley Elizh. Diamond 
Nelson Jane, Kings-gate 

Flax Dressers^ 
Donnelly James, Lawrence-lane 
Donnelly William, Killowen 
Hume John, Common 

Adams John, Water-side 
Black Jas. and Son, (and bleaching gtuff dea- 
lers) Diamond 
Caldwell Eliz, (and medicines) Water-side 
Caldwell James, Water-side 
Caldwell John, Church-st 
Donaldson William, Church-st. 
Gil more James, Diamond 
Giviu Robert, Church-st. 
Given and Bellas, Church-st. 
Glenn Thos. Kings-gate 



GleimJohn, Killowen 

Jackson John, Church-st. 
M^lntire John, Church-st. 
M'Kinley Elizb. Diamond 
M'Peake Thos. Water-st. 
Miller Joseph, Bride:e-st. 
Miller Thomas, Bridore-it. 
Nimick Jamea, Water-side 
Pftul James, KilloWen 
Rnbb James, Church st. 
S.corby Ann, Kins^a-gnte 
Steen M'illiam, Killowen 
Stewart Jame?=, sen. Water-side 
Stewart Samuel Kings-gate 
Swan William, Bridge-st. 
Swan Hugh, Church-st. 
Taylor Daniel, Church-st. 
Todd John, Diamond 
Walker James, Church-st. 

fiegly Sarah, Diamond 
Cawfield John, Meeting-house-lane 
Charles Ann, Diamond 
Cochran John, (muslin & calico Warehouse) 

l^ulton Abram- Church-st. 
Gribben Edwd. and Henry, Waterside 
Hamilron John, Church-st. 
M'Gregor S- and J. Kings gate 
Mooney Sarah, Bridge-st. 
Or» Martha and Sarah, Water-side 
Scott Francis, Diamond 

Hat Makers, 
Hall Wm. Water side 
M'Clusky George, Bell-house-lane 
M'Kee Abram. Killowen 
Henry E. (mail coach hotel) M«eting-house- 

M'Grotty John, (head inn, and keeper of 

post horses, chaises, &c.) Water-side 
Mooney Stephen, (swan hotel) Bridge-st. 

Imn Monger*. 
Given and Bellas, Church-st. 
Wark Alex. Diamond 

. . , Leather Cutters. 
flunter "fhomas, Lavvrence-L^ne 
Winlack Richard, Church-st. 

Linen Merchants and Bleachers, 
Who attend the Colerain markets regularly. 

Marked thus § are linen merchants only. 
Alexander James, Newtown-limavady 
Alexander John, Newtown-limavady 
§Black James and Son, Colerain, Diamond 
Barklie Jas. Mullamore 
Bennett and Son, Greenfield 
Bennett Thomas, Ballydivit 
Boyce Saml. Capel-field 
Boyd Saml. Ballymoney 
Boyle James, Ballymoney 
Birnie Chas. Agevey 
§Cochran John, Ballymoney 
§Conn Robert, Gorton 
§Cramsie James, Ballymoney 
§Cramsie John, Ballinacree 
Curtis, Hempill, Hunter and Co. Greenfield 

§Dick Samuel, Ballymoney 
Gamble Cochran, English town 
Gamble James, Englishtown 
Hamill, Smyth and Co. Englishtowh 
Hart John. Drumcroon 
Hezlet Robert, jun. Colerain, Waterside 
Kidd James, Ballyclivet 
Knox John, Rushbrook 
M'Afee John, Englishtffwn 
M'Cieery John, Ballybritaift 
M'Farland James, Camies 
§Mitchell Robert, Ballj-money 
Moody William, Newtown-limavady 
&Neill James, Ballj-money 
Nevin Thomas, Kilmoyle 
Ogilby Robert, Woodbank 
Orr Andrew, Keely 
Orr Henry, Ballybritain 
Orr John, Drumcroon 
Orr Wm. Moneycarrier 
Rankin David, Heathfield 
Rankia and Ogilby, Heathfield 
Rodgers Mark, Newtown-limavady 
§Scott Hugh, Ballymoney 
§SpencerJohn, For t-ballau tine 
§Thompson James, Ballymoney 
Torbitt James, Greenfield 
Wilson John and Sons, Drumcroon 
Wilson Samuel, Killeague 


Gait John, Diamond, 

Givin Benj. Diamond 

Kyle Robert, Laurel-hill 

Lawrence Wm.(85 a^nt to the Belfest bank.) 

Lawrence Sam. jun. & Co. Church-st. 
M'Neary Thos. (provision) New-row 
Rice Thomas, sen. Bridge-st. 
Rice Thomas, jun, Banii-side 
Steen William, Killowen 

Oil and Colourman. 

Duncan John, Church-st. 

Painter and Glazier.- 
Gardner Allan, Diamond 


Lithgow David, New-row 
M'llwaine Jamesj Bann-side 


Canning James, Society-square 

Public Hoiises. 
Anderson William, Kinigs-gate 
Atcheson James, Churcb-st. 
Archibald John, [crown] Meeting-house-lane 
Barr James, (fox-hunters) New-row 
Bradley James, Diamond 
Bradley Michael, Killowen 
Campbell Wm. (sun) Meeting-house-lane 
Caskey Saml. Diamond 
Dogherty Jas. [post horses and bar bwn^rl- 

Hall Thomas, Bell-house-lane 
Higgins Elenor, Bridge-st. 
Kennedy John, Killowen 
Killip William, Water-bide 



Kinf? Samuel, Kings-gHte 

Lavin John, Chiirrh-st. 

M'Alli<!ter Daniel, Bell-house-lane 

M'Fetrish Henry, Kings-gate 

M'Grntri- Robt.fplume feathers) Church-st. 

M'LaiKjblin Richard, (ship! Water-side 

Quigff Bernard, (Kings arms) Diammond 

Shannon Cathn. (King George) Lawrence-l. 

Shannon Thomas, Kings-gate 

Simpktn Henry, (three tuns) Kings-gate 

Simpson Anne, Church-st. 

Smyth Daniel, Bridge-st. 

Steen James, Killowen 

Wallace James, Diamond 

Rope Makers. 

Crossley James, Killowen 
Dennison Andrew, Bridge-st, 
M'Canless Charles, Back rampat 


Caldwell Alex. Bridge-st. 
M'Allister Ennis, Church-st. 
Ward Andrew, Church-st. 

M'Gonegal David, Diamond 
Taggart John, Bridge st. 

Spirit Merchants. 

Caldwell James, Water-side 
Glenn ./ohn. Killowen 
Miller Joseph, Bridge-st. 
Nimick James, Water-side 
O'Kane Daniel, Killowen 

Boyd John, Bridge-st. 
Boyle Alex. Water-side 
Gregory Wm. New-row 
Huston Robt. Kin^s-gate 
Neill Alex. New -row 

Tailors and Habit Makers. 
Alexander Geo. Meeting-houie-lane 
Blair William, Curtis-lane 
Lockitt John, Stone-row 
M'Gee Roht. Lawrence-lane 
Miller John, Kingsgate 

Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers. 

Miller Thomas,- Bridge-st. 
Sharp Robt, Church-st. 

Andrews William, New-row 
Dallas Henry, Brook-st. 

Hunter Thomas, Lawrence-lan« 
Savage Patrick, Killowen 
Sharp Robt. Church-st. 

Beatty John, Water-side 

Tobacco Manufacturer. 

Stewart James, jun. Water-side 
Watch Makers. 

Caldwell James, Water-side 
Huston Samuel, Bridge-st. 
Mathers Adam, Church-st. 
M'KownJ. New-row 

Woollen Drapers. 
BeglyHugh, Bridge-st. 
Boyle Daniel, Water-side 
Calderwood Hugh and Co, Water-sid« 
Curry William, Bridge-st. 
Dougherty John, Diamond 
Dunlap Harriet, Bridge-st. 
Dunlap Thomas, Killowen 
Holmes William, Diamond 
M'Elwain Archib. Bridge-st. 
Weir Joseph, Bridge-st. 
Young Nathaniel, Church-«t. 

Yarn Merchants. 
M'Mullan Thomas, Church-st. 
White John, Ballymoney 

Custom House. 

M'Causland Connolly, esq. Collector 
Cooper George, esq. Pro Collector 
Knox Alex. esq. surveyor and landwaiter 
Wier Wm. gent, tide and quay officer 
Knox Andrew, tidewaiter 
Henshaw Matthew, tidewaiter 
M'Naghten James, esq. surveyor of Port 

M 'Neill Alex. esq. surveyor and landwaiter 

at Ballycastle 
Wray Jackson, esq. surveyor of Port Ballia- 

E.vcise Office. 
Hunter Richard, esq. collector 
O'Donnell Francis, pro. ooUector 
Gray Bazil, esq. surveyor 
The Mail leaves Colerain, for Belfast at 
eleven o'clock every night, and for Lon- 
donderry/ at half past ten every night. 
Coach Office, in Church-street.— John 
Sharp, Agent 



JL HE capital of the county, is a sea port, and Bishop's see, in the province of Munster ; 
124 miles S. W. of Dublin ; 25 from Youghal ; 42 from Clonmel, and 60 from Water- 
ford. It is situated on the river Lee, by which it in intersected; and over which it has 
several bridges ; the principal one, of very elegant structure, named after the tutelar Ssunt 
of Ireland, and standing on ■ three beautiful arches. COftk is the second city in the king- 
dom, and is peculiarly well situated for trade, being fonik on the north and south sides of 
the rirer above named, and on a number of Islands, round which the river forms natural 
canals, by means whereof boats come through the town, a^d deposit their cargoes along 

166 CORK. 

the numerous quays. It is said to have been founded by the Danea^ and enclosed by them 
with walls, about the middle of the ninth century. It was never a place of any con- 
siderable strength, yet it made a \;esistance of five days against a regular army, in Sept. 
1690, when it was besieged l)y the Earl of Marlbro' who took it from King James's 
army, at which tim?, the Duke of Grafton, was slain in the attack, M'ho was serving as 
a volunteer ; the trarrison, consisting of 4,5000 men, surrendered on Michaelmas day, and 
were made prisonersof war. The ancient name of this city, was Corcag, i. e. the West 
Plain, Marsh, or Morass ; and from the circumstance of the great number ot marshes, 
and the river branching out in several directions, and flowing through many of its streets, 
causes the whole to bear a strong resemblance to a Dutch town. The city of Cork is 
large, the main streets well built, w'tJe and airy, and the houses with a few solitary in- 
stances, fronted with blue slates; one of them called the grand parade, is ornamented 
with an Equestrian Statue of George 2d. The Mansion House at the corner of Henry- 
street, is a spacious and elegant edifice, and pleasantly situated near the windings of the 
river. The Cathedral is dedicaicd to St. Patrick, and is said to have been founded by 
him in the seventh century. In 1725, it was taken down, and rebuilt in about ten years 
after, from the produce of a duty on coals. In this city, were several religious founda- 
tions, particularly the Abbey of Saint Finbar, founded by the Saint of that name, who 
died at Cloyne, but was buried in his ov/n church, where is bones were afterwerds de- 
posited in a silver shrine. Historians relate tiiat A. D. 800, this Abbey contained seven 
hunc|red Monks, and seventeen Bishops. In 1057, Mugrnn O'Mutan Comorb, of St. 
Barr, was murdered in the night, by his own people. In the year 1134, this Abbey was 
refounded by the Kingr of Desmond, for Canons regular of St. Augustine. A Dominican 
Friary was founded in 1229, and was granted by Henry VIII. in 1546, to William Bonve- 
man, at the yearly rent of 6s. i)d. sterling. And in the year 1578, the Bishop, to the 
great grief of the Irish inhabitants, publicly burned at the high, cross of the city, the 
image of St. Dominick, which had belonged to this friary. In 1420, an Augustinian 
friary was foundid by Patrick Lord Kinsale; which in 1576, was granted by Queen 
Elizabeth, to Cormac M'Teige M'Carthy. The walls of the Church, and the steeple, 
which is sixty-four feet high, still remain, on the top of which is a gilt ship, serving as a 
fane ; the east window, the only one of the choir, was thirty feet high, and fifteen feet 
broad, and uncommonly magnificent. It is now distinguished by the name of the red 
Abbey, and is the residence of Philip Donovan, who is grcaily improving it. 

In the south suburbs, the Priory of St. Stephen was founded, for the support of Lepers 
which, at the general suppression of Monasteries, was granted to the city of Cork. Here 
was also a Nunnery of St. Jolm Baptist, near to the scite of the present market house. 
A house for Carmelite Friars, and a Preceptory of Knights Templars. The city of Cork 
contains thirteen ancient parishes, which by Act of Parliament, were about the year 
1726, by joining and dividing, formed into seven ; and from that time till 1749, the old 
churches were thrown down, and new ones built, according to the new division ; except 
in the parish of St. Peter, which was not rebuilt till the year 1783. The parish cliurch of 
St. Anne Shandon, on a very high ground, on the north of the river, is the most striking 
object in the view of the city, from its lofty situation, with a high steeple, consisting of 
several stories, gradually diminishing to tlie top, where it terminates in a beautiful cupo- 
la ; in this steeple is a good ring of bells. A little lower, on the same hill, is situated 
the parish church of St. Mary Shandon ; to which the old parish of St, Catharine is united ; 
hence passing over the old north bridge, into i,hc ancient city, St. Peter's parish, whose 
church is remarkably simple, but elegant within. Near the south ;rn end ef the main- 
street, is Christ-church, one of the largest modern parish churches in Irelartd ; it was 
built in 1749, of hewn stone, with a tall steeple, but the foundation being bad, gave 
iray at one side, which obliged it to be taken down as far as the roof of the church, but 
the remaining part continued so leaning in its position, as to threaten destruction to the 
passengers, and in this state it remained more than half a century, vvhen it was taken 
down entirely. The parish church of St. Paul, in the eastern part of the city, is a large and 
neat building, but without a steeple. The Cathedral Church of St. Finbarry, which is 
also a parish church, is well situated, and kept in excellent order ; it has a tower at the 
west end, supporting a spire of considerable height, but of very inelegant form. In the 
neighbourhood of this church is the Bishop's Palace, a large modern building. The 
parish church of St. Nicholas, which serves for six parishes, is a small neat building, but 
without a steeple. There are three Roman Catholic Chapels; four Friaries; three 
Methodist Chapels ; one^ Presbyterian ; one Baptist ; and one Calvinist ; also a Meeting 
House for Quakers. Two Infirmaries, a Dispensary, a Fever Hospital, and a Dispensary 
for the cure of diseased eyes ; a Lying-in-Hospital, a Fonndling Hospital, and an Orphan 
Asylum. Nor is Cork without its Magdalen Asylum, and House of Industry; attached 
towhichis a Lunatic Asylum, situated on a rising ground without the town, named Terrace 
walk ; of which two places, Mr. William Collins is governor; and Mrs. Mary Ann Day 



the matron ; here are three Nunneries, and two Monk-bouses, a Bridewell, two Gaols, 
two Court-houses, and several offices of Justice. An Exchange, a Custoni-liouse, and 
Cotumcrclal-buildings, there are several Charity-schools. — A Vaccine Institution, a So- 
ciety of Arts ; two Theatres; a Linen Hall ; a Butter VVeigh-house, excellent Shambles, 
and well stocked Markets. 

The Cork Institution is a public one, founded for the purpose of diffusinfr knowledge, 
and f:icilitating the general introduction of all improvemeuts in arts and uianufitctiire, 
especially agriculture; and for teaching by courses of Philosophical Lectures and experi- 
ments, the application of science. Itwas incorporated by Royal Charter, in 1807, and h 
principally supported by an Annual Parliamentary Grant. Attached to the Institution, 
are a Botanic Garden, a Scientific Library, a Museum of Minerals, and a Collection of 
Agricultural Implements, to serve as models for farmers ; the Riglit Hon. the Earl of 
Shannon is President; and there are three professors belonging to the estublishment, 
viz'. Edmund Davy, esq. professor of Cliemistry. — James Willis, esq, M. D. professor 
of Natural Philosophy; and George Tisdali, esq. professor of Agricultuie. There are con- 
nected with tiie establishment, eight Farming So!-ieties, in different parts of the county, 
which receive an annual grant from the Institution to promote agricultural improvemiMit; 
contiguous to the institution is the Savings Bank, which is open for the transaction of busi- 
ness, "every Saturday between the hours of twelve andtiiree. TheFoundlingHospital, situate 
in Leitrim-st. is on an extensive scale, having no fewer than 360 childreu in the, 
besides 650 out at nurse, supported by a tax of one shilling per ton, on all coals imported. 
The Rev. Thomas Cole, is Superintendent, the Mayor, Sheriffs, and Common Speaker, for 
the time being;, together with the Common Counci!, and 26 Freemen of the city ekctei! an- 
nually, are the Governors. Her Royal Highness the Princess Augusta, is patrojnss oftiie 
Sunday and daily Free-schools, forclii'drenof both sexes, supported by voluntary contribu- 
tions. The Lying-in-Hospital is chiefly supported by charity sermons, it is situated in :i re- 
tired and healthful part of the town, in Nile-st. and is calcilated to receive twelve poor 
women, but from its depressed funds, is only capable of atforditig relief to ten ; the Right 
Rev. Lord Bishop of Cork is Treasurer. The Orphan Asylum, supported by voluntary 
subscription, contains 40 children, besides supporting 37 out at nurse. Another institution 
does honour to Cork, called the Humane Society, the object of which is not confined 
to to the recovery of persons apparently drowned, but also extends to the administering 
of advice and medicine, to the poor of the county and city ; nor should the Cork Society 
be passed over in silence, which was established for the relief and discharge of persons con- 
fined for small debts, to which is annexed, a charitable loan society. Numerous other cha- 
ritable institutions open their friendly doors to the indigent of this spirited city, amongst 
which is the Blue Coat Hospital, founded in the year 1700, by the benevolent Dr. Edwai-d 
Worth, for the maintainance and education of poor boyst A Green Coat Hospital also, 
affords an Asylum to 30 boys and 10 girl*. A School of Industry was established in 1801, 
for the educating, dieting and rlothing 100 children of both sexes, without any exception 
to religions tenets. The Barracks situate on a rocky mountain, which overlooks the city, 
are very fine buildings, and on an extensive scale. The Markets, which are covered in, are 
commodious and accomodating, enabling the caterer to purchase. Flesh, Fish, Poultry 
and vegetables without danger of being wet- The ci^y is suppiied with fresh water liy 
means of machinery which raises it into a reservoir, and thence into pipes that are con- 
veyed through the city. The country around is extremely pleasing, chequered with 
hill and dale, wood and water, and highly cultivated ; indeed, the landscape /views down 
the river on both si.les, afford extensive and diversified prospects. The north side called 
Glanmire, is" elegant beyond description ; and up the river are two beautiful walkf^, 
one called Sunday's well, and the other the IVIardyke, a gravel walk nearly an English 
mile in length, with rows of trees on each side, which meet at the top ; this 
walk is the sinnmer retreat of beauty and fashion, and is terminated by the elegant 
Mansion of Dr. Coghlan, distinguished by the name of Mardyke House. Thiscity posses- 
ses an annual Revenue of about o£'2000 out of which the Mayor enjoys .£500 for his salary. 
The Harbour of Cork is opposite to Cove, seven miles below the town wliere ships of 
the greatest burden can ride ; but those of great draught can proceed no higher than 
Passages, five miles and a half from the city, where they lighten their cargoes ; the Lee 
admitting vessels of 150 tons ouly up to the town. The export trade is very considerable, 
exclusive of an immense quantity of Spices, Groceries, Hardware, Eartht-nware, Cloth, 
JFish and various other articles from England, with Wines, Brandy, Oil, Timber, Shingles 
Staves, Tar, Turpentine, Rum, and Sugar, from the Continental States of America and 
the West Indies. In the year 1812, it imported 5,754 hhds. of fhtx su'ed ; and ex- 
ported 57,156 barrels of different kinds of grain ; 2,896 cwts. of flour and meal ; 
34,750 barrels of beef ; 127,084 cwts of Imttcr ;" 64,990 barrels of pork ; 4,813 flitches of 
bacon; 5,000 bullock.s and cows ; 10,000 hogs ; and 1,337,787 yards of piain, with 
105,394 yards of coloured linen. This trade is of long standing ; and, in consequence of 
the establishment of most extensive breweries, and distilleries, porter and whiskey 
haye of late years added very considerable to its exports. The principal intercourse in 



with Brisiol, Liverpool and London. Its chief manufactum are itil cloifii; tfaeetin^. 
paper, leather, glue, glass, and coarse woollen cloth. 

Cork is governed by a Mayor, Recorder, BailiflFs, Town Clerk, Alderman and Com- 
mon Council. The Mayor is annually elected frem among the Burgesses. The present 
men in office are the Right Worshipful Isaac Jones, Mayor; Wm. Waggett, Esq. Re- 
corder ; Wm, Preston White, Esq. George Atkins, Esq. High SherifTs ; Thomas Parsons 
Boland, Esq. Common Speaker ; Wm. Jones, E-q. Town Clerk, and Clerk of the Crown 
and Peace ; Wm. Phillips, Henry Hardy, Coroners ; Lieut. Gen. Lord Beresford, G.C.B, 
Governor; Major General James Stirling' Lieut. Governor; James Comerford, Esq. 
Town Major ; Cork, sends two members to the imperial Parliament ; its present repre- 
sentatives are Sir Nicholas Conway Colthurst, Bart, and the Honourable Christophv 
Healy Hutchinson. 

The fairs are held on the day after Trinity Sunday, and on the first day of October. 
Its market days are Wednesday and Saturday, and its population estimated at 85,000.* 

Post OfiSce, Caroline-street. — Henry Fortescue, Esq. Post-Master. The po»t from 
Dublin by Clonraell is due every day expcept Monday, at 12 o'clock, and goes out every 
day but Saturday at half past four. The post from Dublin by Cashel is due every 
evening but Monday at half past nine o'clock, and goes out every morning but Saturday, 
at six o'clock. These two posts take and bring letters to and from all parts of England, 
the Continent, &c. The posts from Limerick, Croom, ChajlevJle, Donerail and Maljow, 
are due in Cork every evening at four o'clock, and return every morning at nine o'clock ; 
letters to lie in the office at nine at night. The post to Kanturk and Newmarket go every 
Monday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at six o'clock, and returns the same evening 
at six o'clock. The post from Innishannon, Bandon, Kinsac, Clonakilty, Dunmanway, 
Roscarberry, Skibbereen, and Bantry, are due in Cork every night at seven o'clock, and 
returns every morning at four. — The posts from Dingle, Tralee, Miltown, Killarney, 
Mill-street, Macroom, and Ballincoiig, are due in Cork every evening al six, o'clock, 
and go out every morning at six. — The posts from Cove and Passage, are due every 
evening at seven, return every morning at five. - The Mail from Youghal, Castle- 
martyr, Cloyne and Middleton, are due every night at seven, and return every morning 
■t five o'clock. 

Rates of Postage from Cork to Great Britain. s. d 

Between Cork and London, by way of Holyhead - 2 1 

Ditto ditto by way of Haverford West - - - 110 
Between Cork and Holyhead, - - - - - 1 1 

By an Act of Parliament passed in 1814, the former rate of Postage in Ireland, was re- 
pealed and a new rate substitued agreeable to the following scale. 
When the distance does not exceed d 

seven miles - - - - 2 

When over 7 miles not over 15 - 3 

ditto 15 - ditto 25 - 4 

ditto 25 ditto 35 - 5 

ditto 35 ditto 45-6 

ditto 45 ditto 55-7 

When over 55 miles not over 65 






Nobility and Gentry. 
Atterbury Rev. Francis, South-terrace 
Aldworth Robert, gent. Patrick's-place 
Burke Wm. gent. 5, Patrick's-bridge 
Chudleigh Major Thomas, S. 4, Wellington- 
Crofts George, gent. Charlotte's-quay 
Digby Richard, gent. 6, Camden-place 
Donovan Philip, gent. Red-abbey-castle 
' Dount Thomas, esq. Fahal«a 
Dumas Peter, esq. (alderman) Jones's-sq. 
Gibson William, gent. Strand-row 
Japee Wm. esq. Morrison's-island 
Johnson Robert, gent. Grenville-place 
Kennedy Rev. Alexander, George-st. 
Morrogh Edward, gent. 3, Camden-placc 
Phipps Benjamin, esq. Rutland-st. 
Pi«k Sir Vasian, (magistrate) George-st. 
Raynes John, geat. Grand-parade 

Saunders John, epq. Grefiville-plare 

Spearing Thomas, gent, Morrison's-island 

Smart J.N. (war office packet house) 1, 

Sullivan Daniel, Wm. gent. Strand-parad* 

Townsend Maurice Jones, {rent. Terrace 

Travers Capt. John, Morrison's-place 

Byrne Grace Ann, Duncan-st. 

Caborn William, Nelson-place 

Doherty Felix, Robert-st. 

Doherty John, (Sherman & Pomroys en- 
dowed school) Thomas-st. 

Farreil M. J. George-st. 

Faviers Miss, Douglas-st. 

Finney William, Academy-st. 

Goulding James, Duncan-st. 

Hamblin Daniel, George-st. 

Hancock Eliza, WeHingtou-plac« 



M'Intosh William, ^arlbro'-st. 
Meara Rev. Bobt. Rutland-house 
Rorke E. F.M. and M. Duncan-st. 
Thomas Ann, 6, Wellington-st, 
Thwaites Richard, Jones's-sq. 
Dudley John, Anne-st. 
Moriarty Joseph, Duncan-st. 

Armstrong Patrick, Bowling-green-st. 
Baily Robert, (land) South-mall 
Barry Michael J. George's-quay [Parade 
Davies E. (for patent medicine) 11, Grand 
Edwards, Casey (iSon (commission) Henry-st. 
Hayes and Barry, (ship) Wairen's-quay •'■ 
Jennings & Jamicson, (shipj Maylor-st.- 
Stewart Wiliiam, (ship) Warren's-quay ^^ 
West William, (house & land) 25, Patric^t 

CalananJohn, Barrack-st. 
Carroll and Jones, 46, north Main-st. ^-* ; 
Edgar John, St. Paul's-st. 
Evans George, Blackpool 
Fowler Richard, Mallow-lane 
Gosncll William, north Main-st. '' 

Haines Humphrey, Grand-parade v,, 
Halloran Jfseph, Patrick-st. 
Lanft-ley Thomas H. 1 1 , George-st. 
M'Carthy Jaraps, 22, Grand-parade 
Maguire Richard,' 9, Princess-st. '*• 
Ryan John, Shandon-st. 
Sharpe George, 43, north Main-st. *jt. 
.Squirl Thomas, Mallow-lane ^ ■' ^ 
Stack Richard, Mallow-lane 

Wall Thomas, 31, Hanover-st 

Bealo George J. Half Moon-st. 

Buckley Timothy, Mary-st. 

Conway John, 4 George-st. 

Cottrell Charles, Nelson's-place 

Cudmore Richard, Prospect-row 

Deane Thomas, Lapp's-island 

Deane Alexander Sharpe, Lapp's-island 

Ford John, Back-terrace 

Martin Edward, St. Fina-barrs ^ I* 

Martin William, St. Finn- bars ^ ^ 

Oakshott Thomas, 12, Nile-st. ^' < s 

Pain George Richard, 5, Wellington-place 

Silke Patrick, South-mall 

Buck Frederick, Buckingham-square 

Parks Edward, Morri'^on's-island 

M'Donnel , Society of Arts 

Chaliner , Society o{ Arts 

■■ Brennan , Clarke's-brWge 

Attornies. ■'*' c 

Ahearne Daniel, Wintropp-st. 

Allen Christopher, Grand-parade 

Atkin John Drew, Pembroke-st. 

Baldwin John, 2, Princess-st. 'it 

BarberOsborn Edward, Cook-st. 
vBennett Joseph, George-st. 

Bennett John, Nelson's-place 
* Bennett Henry. South-mall 

Besnard Julius Caesar, South-mall 

Bullen William, South-mall 

Bullen Edward, Marlborough-st. 
Burt Richard, Sullivan's-quay 
Byrne James, 12, Patrick-st. 
Casey Thomas, South-mall 
Chatterton Abraham, Chatterton's buildings 
Chatterton James, Crown-office* 
Chinnery Rithard, South-mall . 

Chinnery Richard, (proctor of the ecclesi- 
astical court, commissioner for takmg spe- 
cial bail and affidavits, South Mall 
Colburne and Beaunett, South-mall ^ 

Colburne John, South-mall 
Cottrell William, Nelson's-place 
Crofts William, Duncan-st. .. 
Daltera James, Wintropp-st. v .j^ 
Dowman John Southrmall * 

Exhara Richarn, South-mall 
Fitton George, Marlb.-st. 
Foott Richard, 22, South-mall 

Foott Michael, Marlbro'-st. • 
Franklin D-nham, 22, South-mall 

Galway F. H. Princess-st. 
Galway William, South-terrace 

Gregg George, Cook-st. 

Gregg William, Cemmercial-buildings 

Halbnrt James, George-st. 

Hardy Henry, Charlotte's-quay 

Harris Abel, 37, George-st. 

Hartnett Michael, Hanover-st. 

Hiiynes Thomas, Maylor-st. 

Haynes David, South-mall 

Heard Henry John, (registrar of the diocese 
of Cork and Ross, St Finn-bar's 

Hoare Henry, South-mall 

Hobbs William, Patrick-st. 

Howard Thumas, South-mall 

Johnson Noble, South-mail * 

Johnson William, (local agent to the board 
of customs, and inspector of stamps to 
the law courts, Cork) South-mall 

Johnson and Swiney, (agents to the admiral* 
ty and navy board) South-mall 

Jones John Townsend, Graud-parade 
i*(ones William, City Crown-office 

iCift John Thomas,' Margaret-st. 

Lander John, Nile-st. 

Lawton Hugli, Cook-st. 

Lucas Heywai'd G. George-st. 

Vl'Namava Michael F.George-st. 

Malion James Nicholas, Cook-st. 

Mannix Thocnas, Patrick-st. 

Merrick Samuel, South-mall 

Milward Hen>-y, South-mall 

Milward Thomas, South-mall 

Murray William, 41, Patrick-st. 

Nash William, South-mall 

(ytJrien James, Marlbro'-st. 

O'Callaghan Thomas B. South-mall 

O'Callaghan John, Marlbro'-st. 

O'Callaghan Thomas, St. Finn-bar's 

O'Keeffe G. A. Grand-parade 

Orpen Richard, J. South-mall 

Orpen Emanuel H. Morrison' s-island 

Phillips William, South-mall 

Phillips William, jun, South-mali 
Pope and Bernards, 10, South-mall 
Reynglds John, South-mall 
Scol lard Nicholas, 1, Bridge-st. 




Scott Patrick, 21, George-st. 

Sheehari R. South-mall 

Smyth John M. South-mall 

Swiney John, Soutli-mall 

Tianner Boyle, South-mall 

Terry and Vincent, South-mall 

Terry Carden, South-mall 

Travers Robert, George-st. 

Tuclsey and Kift, South-mail 

Vincent N|icholas, South-mall 

Wallis John, Cook-St, 

Walsh Richard, P4trick-st. 

Ware William, 'Grand-parade 

Woodiey Henry, Princess-st. 

Woodley Richard, South-mall 

Bryan Thomas, l6, George-st. 

Connor Michael, Wintropp-st. 

Hall Robert and Son, (and brokers). Com- 
mercial buildings 

Maskell R. Peter*s-churcb7lane 

Sheehan John, Drawbridge-st. 

West William, 25, P;itrick-st. 

Bflfcers aiid,Fj(our Dealqrs,' 

Callanan Alexander, 2, Pati^ick-st. 

Casey Thomas, Mallow-lane 

Cocker Edward, South^Mairi-st. 

Cocker Tbomas^ north, Main-st. 

Connor William, Castle-st, 

Downing Edmund, Fighamble-lane 

Downing- Cbristopber, Barrack-st. 

Effan Stephen, Blarney-lane 

Ellis Harman, Princess-st. 

Haynes William, Princess-st. 

Keating Jeremiah, 15j Barrack-st. 

Keaysjames, Duncan-st. 

Kemp Richard, south Main-st. 

Lymbury George, 8, Patrick-st. 

Martin William, St. Paul's-st. 

Moorhpad and Co. George's-qiiay 

Murphy Jeremiah, 15, north Main-st. 

Noblett William, George-st.. 

O'Brien P. J. George's-quay 

O'Neill Michael, (ship biscuit) M.rr!i;ints-q. 

O'Neill William, Fish-sti 

Pennington Edmund, 40, noiti :\ain-&t. 

Smith and Good, south Maiii->\., 

Sullivan Thomas, Market-st. 

Swiney Timothy, Bavrack-sl. 

Walsh David, north Main^st. 

Walker James, Hanover-st. 

Webb Joseph, Princess-st. 

Wright John, Brunswick-st. 

Woodward Catharine, south Main-st. 

Leslie C. H. and J. Patrick-st. 

Pike Joseph, Hoares-lane 

Roche gtephen and James, 2, Camden-place 

Connel Anthony, Lapps-island 

Deane Robert^ Grenville-place] 

Dennis Joseph, Lavitt's-quay 

Kellett Henry, (commissioner for bankrupts 
in the city of Cork) Morrison's- island 

M'Carthy Michael, Cook-st. - 

Tiadall George, Tuckey-st. 

Wsggett William, (& Recorder) GreatDle-pl 

Webb William L. Nile-st. 

Block and Pump Makers. 
Bennett William Di. Warrens-quay 
Lester J, Brown-gt. 
Seymour Peter, Drawbridge-st. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Bolster John, 7, Patrick-st. 
Connellan Edward, N.19, Patrick-st. 
Denmead Henry, 24, Patrick-st. 
Edwards and Savage,' 6, Castle^st. .- 
Fergusson William, 4, Grand-parade 
Foulks Anne, St. Paul's-st. 
jGeary Ellen, north Main-st, 
Hoare John, Hanover-st. 
kerncr Samuel, 34, Patrick-st. 
Miller George, St. Paul's-st. 
p'Hara William and Co. 11, Putrick-st. 
jPurccll Edward, 24, Patrick-st. 

Spearing Joseph, jun Bowlinf;-grg.en-st. 
Tivy Richard, 2, Patrick-8*, 

West and Coldwell, 8, Patrick-st. 

Boot and. Shoe Makers. 
Ahern William, Fishamble-lane 
Alien John, Hanover-st. -^^ 

Ashe Thomas, 22, George-st. ' 

Atkins Richard, 14, Grand-parade 
Busteed John, 37, Patrick-st; ' 

Byrne John, 9, Geor'ge-st. ^ , 

Connell Minton, 11, Castle-st. ^ 

Cooke George, 34, PatriclsSfet.^ 
Cotter John, 2, Patrick-stV 
Dagg George, Batchelor's-quay 
Dannaby Peter, Fishamble-st. 
Davidson John, 21, Tuckey-st. 
Down William, Patrick-st. 
Down William, Duncan-st. 
Dudley Richard, 18, George-st. 
Ford Samuel, 37, Patrick-st. 
Franklin John, south Main-st. 
FrankTm Richard, Fishamble-laije. 
Gibson John, St. Paql's-st. ■ 

Harris Daniel, south Main-st. 
Hayes James, 8, Patrick-st. 
Hogan H. Henry-st. j^^ 

Hogan Danieli 11, George' Srqji;aJ?; , (prjK 
Horgan John, southiMainrSt, ^_. 

Horgau Willi-uu, NefV[enhaips-quay 
Ireton Williaic, Balchelprs-quay 
Johnson Aijclrcw, Castlsrst. 
Kelly Henry, Nile-,st. ■ 
Lamphler Hughes, 9, G,ebr£e-st. 
Ludgate Maltl'ew, south Main-st. 
M'Carthy fJauiel, Patrick-st. 
iM'Clise Alexander, Nile-st. 
M'Leod John, 6, George-st. - 
Mahony Timothy, Fishambla-lane 
Maliony James, Bachelors-quay 
Maliony Timothy, Parliameiit-st. 
Marks Samuel, 30,, St. Paul's-st. 
Oakshott William, 92, north Main-st. 
Phillips Henry, north Main-st. 
Reed Alexander, Fishamble-lane 
Roche Edward, 23, Patrick-st. 
Ryan Patrick, Fishamble-lane 
Sheehan John, Batchelorsrquay 
Sullivan Giles, Fishamble-lane 
Sulivan Joseph, 46, north Main-st. 
Thornhill John, 29, Patyick-st. 
Wilkinson Richard, south Main-st. 

Brazil itri^ f^n-plate Workers . 

Austen Jos. manufac, of bVaSS, copper, titt, 
block-tin, andjapanned goods, n. Main-st 

Austen Robert, 11, Patrick-st. ' 

Hurley John Sammett, fet'oad-lane 

Hughes Joshiia, soiitli Main-st. 

Keyburn George, 34, hortli Main-st. 

Keyburn M 85, north Main-st. 

Seymour N. G. 8, Patrick-st. 

Abbott Samuel and Sons, Fitton-st. 

Beamish and Crawford,, CretaenS-square 

Cashman James and John, Crosses-greea 

Lane Daniel and Co. south Main-st. 
Brush and Bellows Makers. 

Clarke and D<^eble, 2, Batchelors-qnay 

Fitzi::;ei aid William, Broad-lane 

Geary Patrick, nortli Main-st. 

Haly Patrick, north Main-st. 

Harding: William, north Majn-st. 

Varian Thomas, I3f), north Main-st. 

Ahern John, (church) Lancas-ter-^nay 

lielcUier John, Everg'reen-st. '''■ ^^ ■ ^ 

Colburn ErI-.vard, Drawbrid^re-st. ^ i 

Hodnett Charles, Mary-st. " 

Howard Thomas, George-st. 

Af 'Sweeny Timothy, Cove*st. 
^arks Edward, Fish-?t. 

Oakshott Thomas, 12, Nile-st. 

Bntlcr Merchants, 

Byi-ne jfohn, Domimck-st. 
. Cagney Richard, Mallow-lane 

Carmichael James, Dominick-st. 

Connell Maurice, Mallow-lane 

Cremen John and Sons, Mallow-lane 

Croft Richard; Mallow-lane ^ 

I)e Courcy John, Church-st. 

Finn John, Mallow-lane 

Fitzgibbons John, Mallow lane 
^Gould John, Cove-st. 
^Haruett Daniel, Mallow-lane 

Lombard John, Dorainick-st. 

Mahouy John D. Mallow lane 

Minhean James, Dominick-st. 

O'Leary Jeremiah, Queen-st. 

O'Siiltivan Jeremiah, Donainick-st. 
: Quill Thomas, Mallow-lane 
^ Reordan John, Mallow-lane 
i Cabinet Makers. 

1 BallardWm.&Chris. 'camp fur )34,Grand-pa 

Castles William, 6, Patrick-st. - 

Clarke William, Cross-st. 

Coleman Thomas, (and uphol.)Duncan-st. 

Cox Samuel, DuDcaa>-st. 

DriscoU Hugh, Broad-lnne 

Harris J. and J.>.Hiinover-st. 

Leonard Patrickv Duncan-st. 
fLester Samuel, 22, Duncan-st. 
j Neagle Philip, (& upholsterer) Duncan-st. 
,Nott & Co. (& upholsterers) Duncan-st. 

O'Neil Lewis, Broad-lane 

Smithes Thomas, 45, Duncan-st, 

WoodhouseChas. (&Hphefl.) 31, Hanover-st. 

Flanagin Chas. (Ss com. warehouse) Peter-st 

Spencer Michael, Duncan-st. 



Carpenters and Joiners. 
Bass Denis, Broad-lane 
Good John, Broad-lane 

Carvers and Gilders, 
Bohan Daniel, Fishamble-st. 
Harris Richard, Hanover-st. 
Lee John, Millers-st. 
Peri,cho Lewis, Mardyke-st. 
Biggs Catharine, "Blaimey-lane 
Burke Michael, Barrack-st. 
Crofts Thomas, juU. great Britain-st. 
Mahony Timothy, Water-lane, Black-t^ool 
Mahony Martin, Clarehce-st. 
Chtb iffouses., 
Brennan Denis, Grand-parade 
Daly's , Grand-parade . ,.^ 

Coach Makeri 
Coates Robert, Cqach-st. 
Corbett William, Anne-st. 
Edden R, W. Nelson's-plsce 
Williams Henr«jand.Thomas Hanover-st. 

Cb'al Mercihants, 
Baily Robert, South-mall 
Barry Bartholomew, York-st. 
Barry Edward, Cove-st. 
Bell Isaac, Devonshire-st. 
Bergin Dennis, Kyrls-quay 
Callan Patrick, Carroil-st. 
Coleman Thomas, Coal-quay 
Crowley John, north Main-st. 
Courtney .lames, George's-quay 
Delany Jeremiah , Clarkes-brldge 
Denny Patrick, Coal-(Juay 
Donovan Denis, Market-st, 
Lynch Jeremiah, York-st. 
Lynch John, Water-course 
Rees William, Coal-quay 
Storach Alexander, M ai'garet-st. 
Sullivan John, Brown-st. 

Collar and Harness Makers. 
Dwyer Wm. 14, Xuckey-st. 
M'Cormick Henry, south Main-st. 

Boland Thomas, 10, George-st. 
Cane Margaret, Nile-st, 
Connor James, 7, Prlncess-st. 
Cremen Harriet, 26, Grand-parade 
EganJohn, Clarkes-bridge 
Fowkes John, Duncan-st. 
Jeffcott Ellen, 8, Princess-st. 
Lacy Mary, Castle-st. 
Pilsworth M. & E. Batclielors-quay 
Supple Mary, Hanover-st. 
Jamesbn William, (Dutclf and Hanoverian) 

South-mall « 

M'Mahon Col. (French) Black-rock 
Mark Jacob, (American) i^ 

Church James, (Swedish) 


Bennett George, Fitton-st. 
Brady William, Merchants-quay 
Brown John, Mary-st. 

172 ||,l|^ CORK. 

Cinr'se James, Lcltrim-st. ' u 

Duhig Matchett, great Britain-st. 

Dunbar Tliomas, Abbey-st. 

G uld.'ohn, tJove-st. 

Howe David md Randle, St. John-St 

Keatinjr Robert, Pembroke-st. 

Lc-ahy Daniel, Douglas-st. 

Lan rence George, Clarence-st, 

>J.Mvman John, Georpe-st. 

Ottley Jolin, Charlotte's-quay 

Po'ter 'Spencer, Cbapel-st. 

Roche William, Cove-st. 

S'ocft John Daniel, Fish-st. 

Tanner Benjamin, Queen-st, 

Tivv Charles, Dominick-st. 

Tivy .John Laiyrence, Leitrim-st 

Tivy Peter, HardwicUe-st. 

Townley Richard, Water-course .; 

Williamson William, Maylor-st. ■- 

Cork Cutters. 
Barry Da^vid, Grand-parade 
Conilell Michael, Peter-st. 
Hartnett Michael, Castle-st, 
Roche John, 46, Grand-parade 

Corn Merchants. 
Allen Joseph, §outh-mall 
Armstrong Patrick, 2,Bowling-green-st. 
Caliill John, Academy-st. 
Donovan Richard, Drawbridge-st„ 
Good John, Charlotte's-quay 
Howell Nicholas, Cook-st. 
Lane Daniel & Son, Si- Finn-baiys 
Murphy Michael, York-st. 
Roberts VVilliara & Son, Union-island 
Sexton Patrick, Barrack-st. 
Webb Joseph, Mary-st. , 

Cotton Manufacturer. 
Murphy John, Brocklebridge-st. 

Bradford Richard, 13, Castle-st. 
Hallum Frederick 0£ Thos. 7, Tuckey-st. 
Mitchell Robert, 20, Grand-parade I ; 

Corbett Daniel, 34, Patrick-st. 
Hudson Edward, Peter-st. 

Discount Offices. 
BourkeJohn, Patrick-st 
Daly Edward and Co, Patrick-st. 
Ellis Abraham, 3, Merchants-quay 
Harington John Murray, Levitts-quay, cor - 

ner of Palrick-st. 
Leyeester William and Co. Lapps-island 
O'Keeflfe Mary, 113. north Main-st. 
O'Neill Michael, 8, Patrick-st. 

Distillers and Rectifiers. 
Callagban P. N, and Brother, Dodges-glen 
Daly Jaraes, Blarney lane 
Hewitt Thomas arid Co. Watercourse 
Meagher, Daniel, Wintropp-st. 
Walker 'Tho.s. and Co, St. Dominicks 
Waters George, St. Paul's-sfc 
Wise William and Thomas, North-ma}l 

Gosnell W'lliam', north Main-st. 
Harrington William, 17, Patrick-st. 
Hayes James John, 11, Grand-parade 


O'Regan Timothy, north Main st- 
TrkCy John, 14, Grand-parade 

Burke Michael, Barrck st. '-' 

Craig Robert (& presser) Baphelor's-quay 
Gwynn Robert, (silk) Haiiovet-st, " f 
Keating Henry, Moore-st, ' 

Lee John, North-abbey' ' i* 

Lloyd Robert, Devonshire-st. 
Neale Daniel, York-st. 
Purcell J. Hanover-st. 
Tremmels E, Hanover-st. 

Dye Stuff Merchants. \ 

Caulfield William, 9, north Main-st. 
Going Charles, North-abbey '■ 

Earthenware and China Dealers. 
Barry James, 5, Kyrls-quay " 
Carey John, Kyrl's-quay 
Cottrell Ann, Kyrls-quay 
Davenport Charles, Brown-st, { 

Dooly John, Kyrls-quay 
Holten Charles, Kyrls-quay 
Kerns Nichohis, Kyrls-quay 
Knight Edward, St. Paul's-st. 
M'Carthy Catharine, Kyrls-quay 
Meares James, Kyrl's-quay K' 

Pumphry Michael, Kyrls-quay 
Savage Johnson, 23, Grand-parade 

Cummins John, SuUivan's-quay 
Good Robt. (& millwright) Batchelor'a-quay 

M'Swiney --, Glanmire-road 

Woods and Barnes. Miller-st. 
EngravfiTS Ss Copper-plate Printers. 
Green John, 36, Patrick-st. 
Heyland William, Nile^st. 

Farming Implement Makers. 
Daly Maurice, Leitrim-st. 
Sheehan Michael, Leitrim-st. ' "^" *" 
File Cutters, ^'n-'^'^^ 
Burke Richard, Co'ach-st. "J 

Kennifick Edmund, Colemans-lane J 

Vire, S^c. Offices. 
Atlas, Edward Daly, Patrick-st. 
Hope, John Bourke, 5, Patrick-st. 
London Union, Thonjas Exham, South-mall 
Royal Exchange, Leslie & Eroy, gouth-mall 
Sun, Rbt. Hall & Son, Commercial-bldngs. 
West of England, Samuel Crook^bank, 

Flour Factors. 
Dawson Thomas, Maylor-st. 
M'Mulleu J, and R. St. John's-st. 
M'Swiney -^ — , Duhbar-st. 

, V Fruiterers. 
Holland Mary, Nelson's-place 
Sullivan Ellen, Grand-parade 

M'Namara, Grand-parade , 

Glass Cutter. ' 

Hodgkiss William, {& chrystal manufactu- 
rer) Hanover-sfc 

Glass MamtfacturerSi. 
Foley Daniel and Co. VA aterloo glass-works, 
Clarks-bridge, and 16, Hanover-it. 



Foley William, Warrens-quay 

Ronayae brothers. Terrace glassworks. 

Smith Williaro, Evergreen 
Condon John, 14, Patrick-st. 
Humphreys James, Broad-lane 
MiiUins Denis, Blarney-lane 
Wall Richard, 30, Grand-parade 

Glue Maker. 
Mahony William, north Cattle-market 

Barry Honora, Mallow-lane 
Barry Michael Joseph, south Main-st. 
Beale George, Strand-parade 
Boddy Francis, 7, Grand-parade 
Burniston Anthony, Princess-st. 
Cleary John, S. north Main-st. 
Cole Sarah, Clark's-bridge 
Cooke Catharine, 96, north Main-st, 
Cunningham Eugene, 36, north-st. ,-'' 
Curry Elizabeth, 18, Patrick-st. ' , 
Curtin Cornelius, 4, Grand-parade k 

Daly John, ParKameut-bridge , 

Daly Mary, Mallaw-lane 
Doherty William, Bandon-road 
Donovan Daniel, Bridge-st. 
Donovan Denis, Bridge-St. 
Douthat Mary & Elifea, Nortli-naall 
Dowden Richard, 16, George-st. 
Dowe IsaaCj south Main-st. 
Drinan Margaret & Co. south MaiD'St. 
Dudley Guildford, Mallow-lane 
Fennell Christopher, Peter-st. 
Fitzgerald James, Mallow-lane f 

Fitzgerald Edward, Market-st. 
Flynn James, York-st. 
Going Charles, North-abbey 
Greaves Charles, Duncan-st. 
Hare John, 28, Patrick-st 
Hatton John & Robert, 78, south Main-st. 
Haughton Isaac, Devonshire-st. 
Haynes Thomas, Bandon-road 
Ingram John, 10, Grand-parade ' >' 

Jervois C. 39, Patrick-st. 
' Kemp Richard, 90, south Main-st. 

Langley Samuel, north Main-st 
-'■■ Long Eliaa, 25, Patrick-st. 
LoVe John, St. Paul's-st. 
Lyons John, south Main-st. 
Lynch Thomas, Browns-hill 
Macauliffe John, Castle-st. 
M'Carthy Timothy, south Main-st. 
M'MuUen Daniel, Patrick-st, 
M'Namara Margaret, 58, south Main-st. 
Magrath John, St. Paul's-st. 
Meyers John, 9, Patrick-st. 
Morsey Francis, 19, George-st. 
Morrogh Walter, (& spirits) Sliandon-st. 
Nagle Pierce, Hardwicke-st. 
Nyhan M. and C. Bandon-road 
O'Flyn Denis, Shandon-st. 
O'Leary Jeremiah, 4, Patcick-st. 
';, G'Deary John, north Main-st. 
O' Regan Timothy, nortluMain-st. 
Pierce Punch, 13, Ca|tl^fet. 
Quinlan N. 9, Bridge-st, 

Reeves George, 7, Bridge-st. 
Roberts R. T. and F. 61, Patrick-st. 
Scoliard Nicholas, Shannon-st. 
Sexton Pairick, south Mairi-st. 
Sexton Lawrence, Barrack-st. 
Short Richard, Barrack-st. 
Short Richard, 93, north Main-st. 
Spearing Joseph, St. Paul's-st. 
Sullivan Daniel, Church-st, 
Sullivan Patrick, Blarney- st. 
Sullivan Thomas, (and spirit) Market-st, 
Taylor John, 37. Grand-parade 
Toomy John, Bandon-road 
Tuohy Mary, Church-st. 
White EliiJa, north Main-st, 
Williariison James, Maylor-st. 
Wright Thomas, 29, Duncan-st, 
Young Robert, north Main-st. 


Bowls Joseph, 22, Patrick-st. 
BryanJohri, 2, Grand-parade 
VVhitney Paul, 19, Grand-parade 

Abel Jane and Sarah, Douglas-st' 
Byrne Mary, 31, Patrick-st. 
Cogan James, 22, Grand-parade 
Dickinson Jane, 45, Patrick-st. 
Dwyer Margaret, South-mall 
Hayes David, Grand-parade 
Jackson Joshua, 6, Tuckey-st. 
Jago Sarah, 14, Grand-parade 
M'Donnell H. and A. 1, Patrick-st. ' 
M'Swiney J. 3, Chattertons-buildings 
Mulcahy Timothy, George-st. 
O'Leary Eliza, 93, north Main-st, 
Roche Catharine, South-mall 
Silke Mary, South-mall , ' 

Stack Honora, 4, Castle-st. 
Stewart Jane, South-mall 
Webb and Sandvvick, 38, Patrick-st, 

Alexander George, Shand<Bi-st. 
Manly Joseph H. 48, Guapd-parade - 
Osborne Walter, 7, Oastle-st. 
Thomas George, 8, Castle-st, 
Thompson Robert, 10, Castle-st. 

Bass Isaac, Cross-rst. 
Downes Robert, 8^ Grand-parade 
Haines James, 13sflortb<Main-st. 
Hardum Thomas, 22, north Main-st, 
Laflan Michael, 6, Grand-parade 
M'Namara Daniel, Grand-parade 
Nugent Garret„J.8,: I'uckey-st. 
Osborne Ebenezer; north Main-st. 
Russell Joseph, 12, north Main-st. 
Spencer Ebenezer, south Main-st, 
Walsh John, 29, north Main-st. 
\^'ood Richard, 94, north Main-st. 
Wood Richard and Son, 6, Patriek-st. 
Young Goodwin, 28, Grand-parade 

Hosiers. ^ 

Hill Thomas, 18, Grand-parade 
Lawson Joseph and John, (irand-parade 
NoblettGeorc:c, 5, Castle-st. 
Robinsoi)^ William, 2, Castle-st. . 
StoneUouse Sajah, 24, P^trick-st, 




Barber Dorothea, (Globe) Fish-st. 

Best Francis, (and Bristol Packet (Jffice) 

Patrick-st. ' 

Conway John, 4, George-st. 
Daltera Emma, (royal mail) Patrick-st. 
Daly Felix Roberts-st. 
Day Ann, (royal mail coach) PafeiSck-st. 
Flynn Deni'', 23, George-st. 

Iron Founders. 
Barnes Thomas A. and Co. (and spades and 

shovels) Hanover-st. 
M'Swiney Paul, King-st. 
Stotesbury" Robert and Co. (and brass) 80, 

north Maii!-st. 
Sweeney Japiies, 5, Pntrick-st. 
Young J. and G. 100, north Main-st. 
YoungLiGeorge, Meeting-house-lane 

. ^ * Iron Manufacturers. 
Beal'e Abraham, Monard iron- works, and 
HalfMoon-st. **• 

Eames Edward, (wBpught)r'Sullivan3-<pfty 

Iron Merchants. 
Guest T- R, Hanover-st. 
Haughton Bfujamin, 45, north Main-st. 
M-iuly .Joseph, H. 48, Grand-parade 
Morton John, Patrick-st, 

Iron Mongers. 
Butler Peter, 42, north Main-st. 
Carr George, 16, Patrick-st. 
Corlett Joseph, 98, north Main-st. 
Davis Jonathan, 4, Patripk-st. 
Doherty William, Bandou-road 
Flaherty Michael, 6, Grand-parade 
Kemp Robert andSon, Kyrls-quay 
Manlv Joseph H. (wholesale) Grand-parade 
Nash 'W. & G. 9, north Main-st. 
Purcell & Howell, 20, Patrick-st. 
Seymour William, 31, north Main-st. 
Young James, north Main-st. 

Jetvelleri and Lapidaries. 
Armstrong John, Patrick-st. 
Conway Stephen, 36, George-st. 
Egan John, Coach-st. 
Gibson Joseph, 3, Grand-parade 
Greene N. G. Coach-st. 
Nicolson Nicholas, 10, Grand-parade 
Phipps Willtam, 4, William-st. 
Salter John, Brown-st. 
Salter James, Brown-st. 
Solomon Isaac, 9, Patrick-st. 
Terry and Williams, 9, Grand- parade 
Teulon William, 6, Patrick-gt. 
Tolekin John, Grand-parane 
Wyburd George, (working) Marrlyke-st. 

Lace Manufacturer. 

Marriott Charles, 28, Patrick-.-^t. 
Land Surveyors. 
Fitzgerald Michael, Georges-quay 
Fitzgerald Michael, (and mathematical in- 
strument maker) Sullivans-quay 
Lath Makers, 
Reardon Michael, KyrLs-quay. 
Reardon Timothy, Kyrls-uoay 

j*"' |4| Leather Mirchant^. 

Desmond John, 81, south Main-st. 
Hackett J. & Co. Pltton-st, & South-bridge 
Murphy Daniel, south Main-st. 
Leather Sellers, 
Barker Eobert, 1 0, Shandon^st. 
Desmond Daniel, 28, south Main-st. 
Drew John, south Main-st. 
'\ Gillman John, Shandon-st. 
Hamilton John, '.outh" Main-st. 
Harrington Henry, Shandon-st, 
Horgan John, south Main-st. 
Lucey Miciiael, South-gate 
Lynch Lawrence, 
M'Garchy John, south Maih-st. 
Morgan Joseph, south Main-st. 
Murphy James, south Main-st. 
M u rphy Andrew, (and currier) BaiTack-s. 
Shea Ellen, south Main-st. '", „•_ 
Walsh Thomas, l,Grtulnasptiri^ J 
Wright James, south JVMn-st ■' 
. Leathef StameHf 

WilliamB Abraham, Miliar-st. 

■' * ■■■ ", -^ i,. 

.J^ Libraries^ * ^ 

TFIigginson d&mes, Duncan-St. 

Holt William, Patrick-st. 'J 

• Linen and Woollen Drapevf^. * 
Those marked * are Linen Draper^ oiil}', and 

thusf WooUeii Drapere. 
*Abbott Thomas, 3, North-abbey' < 
*Babingtou Thomas, 31, Grand-parade 
•Beale Elizabeth, 32, Patrick-st. 
*Bell Edward, south Main-st. 
*Bennett EUza, 20, Tuckey-st. 
*Boland Daniel, 4, Castle-r~t. 
*Brien Thomas, north Main-st. 
tBrowne Robert, 'outhjyiain-st. 
*Bury Charles, Fish-st. 
fCondon WiWiam, Paul-st. 
tConnor Lawrence, 17, north Maiu-st, 
fConnor John, north Maiu-st. 
♦Cotter John, Shandon-.^t. 
*Creage William, 9, Tuckey-st. 
fCrone Daniel, 8, Shandon-st. 
fCrowley Daniel, s^oiith Main-st. 
*Daly .To\in, 24, Duncan-st. 
JDaly John, 3, Shaudon-st. 
*Dannahy Catharine, 3, George-st. 
i-Dawson Wiliiam, 18, south Main-st. 
*Denuehy John, 3, Patrick-st, 
fDesmond Cornelius, 1, north Main-st. 
*Dowden and Popham, 36, Grand-parade 
*Drew John, south Main-st. 
•Edmonstou William and Co. 15, Tuckey-st. 
•f-Edwards Casey and Sou, (wholesale only) 

*E!ms Stephen, south Main-st. 
tElms Thomas, south Main-st. 
•Enwright Eugene, 5, Tuckey-st. 
•IFitzgibbon, William, 6, Shaiidon-st. 
t Foley Dan.' & Bartholomew, 10, Bridgc-st 
* Foley Mary, south Main-st. 
« Greaves Charles, 16. smith, Main-st. 
*Hagarty John, (uholeL-ale and retail) 

Grattan-st. >, 
t Hayes Stej>hcn, soulfe- Mdinsst. 



•Heron Sophia, 38, north Maiii-si» 

fHodder Francis, 21, Pp.tvick-st. 
, "l-lyflts James, south Main-st. 

•Jackson Joshua, 'J, 7'u(;kev-st. 

•Johv^on Williabi, SoiUh-m.iU ■ '" 

fJones Thomas and sions, north Main-st. 

♦KeatingJohn, south Main-st. 

tKeiinedy John, north Main-st. 

•Lee Peter, 16, Tuckey-st. 

•Lawrence G, 99, north Main-st. 

fLyons Thomas and Co. (wholesale only] 
22, Tnckey-?t. 

tLyons John.* 73, south Main-st. 

*M'Carthy Eugene, south Main-st. 

tMagnier William, 25, south Main st. 

•Maguire Henry, 76, south Main-st^ 

•M' Sweeny Eridget; Shandon-st. 

*Malet J. A. .South-mall 

tMoriarty Edward, 30, south Main-st. 

*Morrogh Henry, south Main-ft. 

*Murphy Jeremiah, (wholesale) s. Main-st 

♦Murphy Jeremiah, north Main-st. 

"t" Murphy John, 20, Ha,nover-st 
• '*Nixon E. and L. Daunts-square 

tNowlan, Shaw and Co. 28, Patrick-st. 

tO'Brien James, 17, Tuckey-st. 

*0'Connell Ellen, Fisha.nble-st. 

•O'Connor Mary, Castle-st. 

*0'Hara Henry, south Main-st. 

fO'Shea William,, 11, Shandon-st. 

i" Power Cathiaine-st; 

♦Power Edmund, Duncan-st. 

fPower Edward, 5, Patrick ->st. 

fPower James, 7, Shandon-st. 

•f-Quinlan William, soutli Main-st. 

■f-Rearden Daniel, 1.3, Patrick-st. 

*Rearden John, 23, noi-th Main-st. 

Rearden M. north Main-st. 

tReardon John, north Main-st. 

tRichardson Matthew, Shandon-st. 

♦Roche Francis, north Mnin-st. 

t Rogers Patrick, south Main-st. 

•f-Rumney William, Mardyke-st. 

•f Ryan Catharine, 27, south Main-st. 

♦She?. Dennis, Fislisliambls^-lane 

*Shee John, Dattnl's-sqtiare 

♦Smith John, 15, Patrick-st. ' 

♦Sullivan Bartholomew, tsoath Main-st.» 

•f-Teape John, 11, north Main^st^ ' 
.♦Thornton Joseph, south Main-sw iff 

tTidmarsh Francis, soutii Main-st. 

•Trcnwith Eiganuel, noifth Main-st. 

♦White William, south Main-st. 
.^. Machine Mttkers. 

iBarnes Thoma? A. & Co; (mill) Hinover-st. 
, Bolster H. Francis-st. 
■Sullivan Eugene, (& millwright) Henry-st. , 

Abbott Henry, Fitton-st. 
Lane t)ah1el and Co. south Main-st, 
Marble Masons and Chimney Piece 

Fitzgerald James & Thomas, Gran's Parade 
Shanahan Henry, White st. ' 
Swiney Rober^, Cook-st. 

Adams Roger, south Terrace ''■ 

Bagnall Henry, Charlotte's-quay 
Beamish & CraM't'oriJ, Merchants-quay 
Peiiiiett and T.iy'or,' Beasley-st. 
Brown JoL ;i, Ne!j 'n'o-piice 
Bi;vkp aiid Houar., Patr' k's-quay 
GahaiJohn, Araden;y-st. 
Callaghan D.uuri & '■•o/is, -irvuth^fnall 
Calvert Johi., m*- liritain-si. 
Carr Robert and Co. M;;rchauts-quay 
Carroll Joshua & Thosi, & Oo. I>evon*hirc-st 
Carroll and Harris, (commission' Meeting- 
Chinch, Busteed & Co. Warren~-qiiay 
Clear Richard and Sons, Pembroke-st. 
Cotterill C. &Co. Merchants-quay 
Crawford William, Merchants-quay 
Creagh Arthur flethin & Co. Bowling-gr.-st 
Creraen Jeremiah, Mallow lame 
Crofts Richard, l\iailow-!ane 
Crofts John, ^^al low-lane 
Cuthbert Hare -t Co. South-mall 
Doyle Jo'iu & Joseph, Lapps-island 
Dunscombe Thomas, Morrisons-island 
Egan Bryan, MallovT-lane 
Feath henry K. Academy-st. 
Finn^Thomas, Church-st, 
Fitzgerald Thomas, Shandon-st. 
Fitzgibbon Thomas & Co, Lavitts-quay 
Goold Pafrick & Sens, Georges-quay 
Grove Wiliiara, Maylor-st, 
Guest T. R. Hanover-st. 
Hardy Simeon-, King-st. 
H.'irgreaves Josh ua, St. John-st. 
riarman BevisJiam, South-mall 
Harvey William, Lapps-island 
Harvey, Son, and Deaves, (commission) 

Haughton & Co. [commis.] Buckingham-sq, 
Hodder John, [commis.] Merchants-quay 
Honan Frederick, Carrol-st. 
ifHopper William, Wintropp-st. 
Jaraieson Matthew, Nicholas-st. 
Keniiick Patridc, King-st. 
Large and Adams, Fish-st. 
Leckey and Cotter, Morrisons-island 
Leckey and Mark, Charlotte's-quay ■■ 
Leyeester, M'Call and Cotter, Lapps-island 
Logan William, South-mall 
Lynch David, St, ,Tohn's-st. 
Lynch Jer. Sullivan's-qnay 
LyoijLS Wm. St. John's-st. ■ 
M'Auliffe Joseph and Co. D.omihick-st. 
M'Carthv Rodolph, Peter's-st. 
M'Muilen J, & 11. St, John's-st. 
M'Swiney J. Dnnbai'-st,. ■■ 
Maziere Peter & Sons, Faiiilkner's-lane 
Molony Joseph, Church-st. 
Morgan Isaac & Henry, VVhite-st. 
Morgan and Reeves, Buckingham square - 
Moylan Dennis Richard,. Blarney-lane 
Murphy Daniel, south Main-st. 
Murphy I. N. & J, Morrison's -island' ' 
O'Molony Francis, Travers-st. 
Payo Samuel & Co. Camdeh-place 
Powers John & William, NorthT^st.. 
Prendergast William, Nile-st. 
Roberts William & Son, UnionHisland 
|fcRonayne Riclsit-d, Wintropp-st. 




Rutterford John, Lapps island 

Savage Jonathan, Grand-parade 

Sharpe Henry, Patrick-st. 

Shaw George, Perry-st. 

Sheppard Thomas and Co. South-mall 

Skcj-s Abraham, George-st. 

Stephenson Richard, Moore-st, ' 

Strange John, Lcitrim-st. 

Sugrue Charles, Dominick-st. • 

Sullivan David. Mallow-lane 

Todhunter William, Cove-st. 

Vippond Robert and Co. Kyrls-quay 

Waggett Christopher & Thos. Knapps-sq. 

Waters George, Academy-st. 

Whately John and George, Lapps-island 

Wherland James, St. Finn-bnrrs 

White William, Dominick-st. 

White Benjamin, Lavitts-quay 

' Milliners. 
Armstrong Sarah, Grand-parade 
Cahill Johanna, 3, Tuckey-st. 
Callaghan Mary, South-mall 
Clavery M. 8, Tuck-y-st. 
Fanning Mary, 5, Grand Parade 
Fo;key M. 7, Castle-st. 
Greaves Eliza, Patrick-sl. 
M'Carthy Daniel, Grand Parade 
O'Keeffe Eliza and Ellen, 26, Grand Parade 
O'Sullivan Ann, Grand Parade 
Roche Harriet, 23, Tuckey st. 
Wheeler Rebecca, .33, Grand-parade 
Wily & Fitton, Patrick-st. 

Music Dealers. 
Fitzpatrick Daniel, South-mall 
Gillespie Richard, 25, Patrick-st. 
Music. Professors of 
Aubery Lewis, Duncan-st. 
Buckley John, 6, Sullivan's-quay 
Moeran Edward, Rutland-square 
Roche John, South-mall 
Shaw John, St. Peter's-st. 
Stephens James Brelsford, Marlb.-st. 

JStirsery and Seed§meii% 
Casey James, 10, Patrick-st. 
Drummond James, Parliament-st. 
Hartland Richard. 22, Patrick-st. 
Hartland Arthur, 9, Grand-parade 
Laffan Thomas, 80, Grand -parade 
Murphy Michael, Castle-st. 
Sheehan Thomas, 3, Grand-parade 

Oil Merchants, 
Beale Joshua & Co. {& colour) south Main- 
Caulfield Willinm, 9. north Main-st. 
Martin & Doyle, ( & colour) 47. n. Main-st. 
Mahony Wm. north Cattle- market 
Newsom Denis, [& colour] north Main-st. 
Ring Edward, Castle-st. 

Rennett Thomas, 2, Patrick-st. 
Hunt Thomas, jun. 37, Patrick-st. 

Duncan Edward, 1| , Patrick-st. 
Keays White, 4, Patrick-st. 
Roche Joseph George, 10. Princess-st. 

Painters and Glaziers, 
Barrett and Denny, [& plumbers] puUcan-^ 

street '.. t ''?.^ 

Barry Jeremiah, Batchelor's-quay 
Buckley Thomas, Batchelor's-quay 
Connell Patrick, King-st. 
Cranitch William, St. PauPs-st' ' 
Devereux Thomas, Parliament-st. 
Donovan Daniel, Duncan-st. 
Fisher Reuben, Fishshamble-lane 
Force John, St. Paul's-st. 
Gwynn George, Mardyke-st. 
Hennessy Michael, Duncan-st. 
"Keays Stephen, St, Paul' 
Keays Thomas, 1, Merchants-quay 
Koily B. Batch elors-quay 
Mahony Timothy, St. Paul's-st. 
Mannii; John, 15, George-st. 
Mehegan Denis, Brunswick-st. 
O'Keeffe Charles, "^ullivan's quay 
Reardon Robert, Duncan-st. 
Robinson George, St* Paul's-st. 
Stevens William, 7, George-st. 
Sullivan Phillip, George's-quay 
Turner John, Princess-st. 
Walsh Parker, 47, St. Paul's-st. 

Paper Dealers. 
Moylan Francis J. Patrick-st. 
Sullivan E. and J. north Main-st. 

Paper Makers. 
Dillon Thomas, Patrick-st. 
Phair Francis and Wm, 24, north Main-st. 
Reeves Peter & Co. 27, Patrick-st. 

Paper Stainers. 
Duncan John, Princess-st. 
Fanning Caesar, 43, Patrick-st, 
- Noble Hugh, Mardyke-st. 
" pb\e & Byrne, Peter-st. 

Patten Makers, 
Hurly John Hamett, Broad-lane 
Kennedy David, Broad-lane 
Lawlor Denis, Fishshamble-st. 

Pawn Brokers. 
Bagley William, Coach-st. 
Bennett Jane, Brunswick-st. 
Burd George, North-abbey 
Cleary John and Co. Cove-st. 
Collins Elizabeth, Bishop-st. 
Divett George, Newenham's-quay 
Donovan Timothy, Cove-st. 
Field John, Blarney-lane 
Geran Thomas, north Main-st. 
Helen Joseph, Black-pool 
Hicks George, Phillips-lane 
Hosford Mary, Fishshamble-lane 
Husband .fohn, Abbey-st. 
Jameson Thomas, Shandon-st. •. 
M'Carthy Eliz. Roberts-st. 
M'Carthy Daniel, York-st. 
Vl 'Daniel D. Shandon-st., 
Mahony Richard, Domiriick-st. 
Mann Noah Richard, Knapp-square 
Martin John, Pope's quay 
Miller Jane, Bam,ck-st. 
Moorhead and Co. Sullivan's-quay 
O'Brien Rachael, George-st. 



O' Jy<'nry TljooMSj,Poi3ainick-it. 

O'Neill ^viy, ;C6ve-st. , 


Ring Wilii:in, Slii>n<lon-st. 

St. Helen Roger, Cross-st. 

Smith Johh, Meeting-house-laue 

Trenwijih E. Groan-green 
^ Perfumers. 

Atrid^e Eliza, 4, Georf?e-st. 

Coghlan Charles, Grand-parade 

Coghlan Richard, 2, George-st. 

Fitzgerald John, 20, George-st. 

Walsh Mary, 7, Patrick-st, 
' Waters Margaief, 14, Georgp-st. 
Pewter ers. 

Austen Joseph, north Main-st. 

Austen Rohert, 11, Patrick-st, 

Baldwin Herbert, South-mall 
Bnrry D. Patrick's-quay 
Barry John, Henry-st. 
Barry l.Milnefj Cook-st. 
Beamish J. S. South-mall 
Bell Thomas, lMarlb.-»t. 
Bullen VVilliaro, South-mall 
Cahill Thomas, Academy-»t. 
Calanan Albert, Queen-st. 
Casey Thomas, 17, Marlb.-st, 
Croniii John* south Main-st. 
Daly Charles, Patrick 's-bridge 
Fowler George, GrenTiUe-place 
Greene Richard, Patrick-st. 
Halloran William S. South-mall 
Harding R. George-st. 
Harris Thomas, Donovan-st. 
Hawkins Frederick, 11, Tuckey-st. 
Heard Edward, Dbuglas-st. 
Johnston John, South-mall 
Kelly Peter, 30, George-st. 
M'Donogh Anthony, Marlb.-st. 
M'Sweeney Joseph, Princess-st. 
Magrath John, I)rawbridge-st, 
Mann Anthony, George's -quay 
O'Brien Bdward, Mary-st. 
Orpen Abraham, 4, Camden-place 
Osburne Thomas, Carey Dyke .j 
Pickles William, Dun<:an-st. 
Piteairn James, South-mall 
Potter Jepson, Nile-st. 
Reade Joseph, Dyke ■. 

Sealy James, 38, Grand-parade 
S^muur George, 8, Patrick-st, 
Sharkey Patrick, Hemy-st. 
Sharp Thomas, Princess-st. 
Walsh Francis, Soutb-mall 
V^illes James, Coal^quay 
Woodroflfe Jolin, Soutli-mall 

Porter Dealers. 
Cooke R. W. South-mall 
Daly Thomas, Drawbrid^e-st. 
Howard Luke, Maylor-st. 
Jennings Thomas, Brown-st. 
Sharpies Matthew, Fish-st. 
Walker Henry & Co. Maylor-*t. 

Porter and Spirit Dealers. 
Abern John, Grand-parade 

Barry John, 2, Merchants-quay 
Barry James, north Maih-st. 
Barry James, Mallaw-lane 
Barry Grace, Shandon-st. 
Barry John, Mallow-lane 
Barry Edward, Church-st. 
Barry John, Broad-lane 
Barry Mary, Dnnbar-st, 
Bayler William, Hanover-at. 
Beamish Jotin, George's-quay 
Booth James, Market-st» 
Brebon Anliur, Princes-st. 
Brennan Jiimes, Barrack-st. 
Brenian C. George-st. 
Broderick Andrew, Coal-fluay 
Campbell Collin, Warrens-quay 
Carroll Richard, 2, Bridge-at. 
Casey Henry, Dcminick-st. 
Casey Thomas, York-st. 
Cleary Roger, south Main-st, 
Coakley Patrick, Blarney-lane 
Cogan Willianx, Market-st. 
Collins Ellen, Su Hi vans-quay 
Collins Joseph, Coach-st. 
Condon Eliza, Coal-quay 
Conway Francis, Barrack-st. 
Cotter Garrett, Blarney-lane 
Cotter Pierce, Parliament- bridge 
Crawjey Daniel, 12, George-st. 
Crean Daniel, Shandon-st. 
Crowly John, Daunts-jquare 
Crosbie James, Shandon-6t. 
Cunningham Mary, 28, north Maia-it. 
Cunningham Eugene, Shandon-st. 
Cunningham John, Barrack-st. 
Daly Marj-, Newenham's-quay 
Daly John, 15, George-st. 
Deary Simon, nof th Main-st. 
Decourcy William, 1, George-st, 
Delany William, St. Paul's-st. 
Desmond Daniel, south Main-st. 
Desmond Daniel, Grand-parade 
Donovan Daniel, Duncan-st. 
Donoran Richard, 89, south M'aid-st 
Donovan Jeremiah, 4, Princess-st. 
Donovan Daniel, Water-course 
Egar William,- south Main-st. 
falvey Timothy, Grorges-quay 
Farrell John, 2 Daunts-square 
Fitzgerald Davi-.', Anne-st. 
Fitzgerald James, King-st. 
Fitzgibbon Garrett, George-st, 
Flaherty Hugh, Bridge-st. 
Flynn Michael, York-st. 
Flynn Daniel, 42, Patrick-st. 
Flynn Edmund, Drawbridge-st 
Foley Marjjkret, Broad-lane 
Forrest Joseph, Merchants-i|uay 
Forneau Eliaabeth, Barrack-st. 
Gallwey Patrick, Shandon-st. 
Gibson Robert, south Maiur^t. 
Hagerty C French's-quay 
Hassett Daniel, Market-st. ^ 

Hayes Denis, south Main-^t> 
Hendrick John, James'-St. 
Hennessy George, Maylor-Rt. 
Hodgkiss William, Hauoycr-it. 



Horgan John, Coal-fi'.iay 

Horj,'an Margaret, Dunbar-sl. 

Howse John, Lapps-island 

Hyne Timothy, Geora;c's-i|uay 

Kdly Richani, Gfcorge's-q\)ay 

Lane Timothy, Kyrls-quay 

Lane Jolin & Co. Briflge-st. 

Lane John, south Main-st. 

Lane Maiirice, (spirit) Markt't-st. 

Langley George, 12, George-st. 

Laiigley Samuel, Newsome's-quay 

Lai yi'.iour Hugh, south Main-st. 

Lee Giles, Cross-st. 

Lee Giles, (crown tavern) Austin-1ane 

Lineh;im James Bai:tlioloine\v, Barrack- st. 

Lynch John, fspirit) Barrack-st. 

M'Carthy Charlts, north Main-st. 

M'Carthy Denis, Dublin-st. 

M'CauIiffe C. south Maiu-st. 

M'Dermott Margaret, 30, Grand-parade 

M'Donnell John, Merchants-qnay 

M'Donnell William, north Main-st. 

M'Keevers Daniel, George-st. 

Mason Thomas, 4, Marlbro'-st. 

Matheson Robert, south Main-st. 

Moore Wra. (spirit^l Nelson's-place 

Morrifsy Daniel, Barrack-st. 

Moynihan John, Blarney-lane 

Mullins Patrick, Caroline-st. 

Murphy Daniel, Blarney-lane 

Murphy Jeremiah, (spVit) south Main-st. 

Murphy Walter, 3, Castle-st. 

Murpliy James, Clarence-st, 

Murphy Denis, Parliament-st. 

Murray Cornelius, Bandon-road 

Neenan James, North-abbey 

Neenan John, York-st. 

Neville Richard, Margaret-st. 

Norris John, Merchants-quay 

O'CoDnor John, Mannix-st. 

O'Donnoghue Joseph, Lavitts-quay 

G'Leary Arthur, Grattanst. 

O'Leary Jeremiah, 2, Lavitts-quay 

O'SuUivan Silvester, Shandon-st. 

Parker John, Shandon-st. 

Punch James, Castle-st, 

Quin Jeremiah, Drawbridge-st. 

Qiiin Thomas, Drawbridge-st. 

Ready Eliza, Fish-st. 

Reed Henry, 8, north Main-st., 

Regan Jeremiah, Barrrck-st. 

Reynoldson George, Barrack-st, 

Smith William, Barrack-st. 

Smith James 5, Princess-st. 

Sullivan Wax. (& livery stables) Barrack st 

Sullivan Andrew, south Main-st. 

Thomas William. Fishshamble-lane 

Walsh Daniel, Barrack.-st. 

Ward John, Bi»hop-st. 

Waters Christopher, Pembroke-st. 

Watson Mary, Merchants-quay 

West Richard, Newsome's-quay 

White H«nry, Leitrim-st. 

Wood William, Mj|rket-st, 

Printers, Letter Press. 
iJarber Edmtind, Brown-st. 

Roister John, 7, P;itric!;-st. 

Boyle ./ohn, (Frefhol Icr OfEce' JjnblisheJ 

every eighth (iay) ' !.',7rtt?'J 
Connor Jolm, (iratid-pfiraih: 
Cork Mercantile Chronicle, Inspectors of, 

(M.m,-]ay, Wednesday and I-"ridav) 12, 

Patrick -St. 
Donmeari Henry, 24, Patrick-st. 
Dillon Charles,!, Cystk-st. 
Eihvards and Savay;e, G, Castle-st, 
Ferguspon ^ViHiam, 4, Grand-parade 
Geary Ellen, north Main-st. 
Haly Joseph, Hanover-st, 
O'Droscol John, fSouthern Reporter and 

Cork Commercial CourierOffici', Tuesday 

Thursiiay and Saturday,) 4, Patrick-st. 
Tisdall and Tatam, (Cork .Advertiser Office 

Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday) Patrick-st 
Townsend Henry, fMorning intelligencer 

Office, Tuesday, Thursday and Sat\nday) 

6, Castle-st, 
West and Coldrteli, 8, Patrick-st. 

Print Seller. 
Kerner Samuel, (and gilder) 34, Patrick-st 

Provision Merchants. 
Cummins Nicholas & Joseph and Brothers, 

Newsom Samuel, Patrick-st. 

Public Notaries. 
Baldwin John, 2, Princess-st. 
Bennett Joseph, George-st. 
Bennett John, Nelson's-place 
Bennett Henry, South-mall 
Chennery Richard, South-mall 
Coulburne and Beannett, South-mall 
Cottrell William, Nelson's-place 
Dowman John, South-mall 
Foot Richard, 22, South-mall 
Gregg William, Commercial-buildings! 
Hardy Henry, Charlotte's-quay 
Hobbs William, Patrick-st, 
Johnson and Swiney, South-mall 
Jones William, City Crown Office 
Lander John, Nile-st. 
; Lawton Hugh, Cook-st. 
Mannix Thomas, Patrick-st. 
Merrick Samuel, South-mall 
Milward Henry, South-mall 
Pope and Besnards, 10, South-mall 
Swiney John, South-mall 
Terry and Vincent, South-mall 
Travers Robert, George-st. 
Tuckey and Kift, South-mall 
Saddlers, Sfc. 
Abernethy Richard, 27, Patrick-st. 
Abernethy Tliomas, 25, Grand Parade 
Barrett William, 13, Tuckey-st. 
Connell Richard, 35, Grand Parade 
Hawkes William, 5, Tuckey-st. 
Holmes William, 15, Grand Paradt 
Hyde William, 9, Patrick-st. 
Maybury Thomas, Mallow-lane 
Murphy Daniel, Barrack-st. 
Smyth Bryan, 20, Patrick-st. 
Strang Bryan, Grand Parade 



■ '.ii Sttil Cl(dh Manufacturers. 
Bernard Julius, Perry-st. 

Salt and Lime Works. 
Cksey Michael, great Britain-st, 
Coley William, Watctcoiirse 
Crowley Richard, Rocl<?:ivajc 
Deaue S. and Son, SoiUti-a;ile-bridge 
Deanc William, Blackpool 
Herlihy Jeremiah, St.. Johii-st. 
Jobnson George, St. Finn-barrs 
Verling Bartholomew, Maylor-st. 

Ship Brokers, 
Bickerton George and Co. Warrcns-quay 
Dodd and Johnson, Maylor-st. 
Finn John, 50, George-st. 
Hall John, Maylor-st. 
Hall Frederick, Commercial-buildings. 
Miirphy William, South-mall 
Palmer John, Maylor-st. 
Stewart 'Vui. jnn. Longroom-custom-house 
Williamson Thomas Wilson, Mayler-st, 

Ship Builders. 
Knight John, Glanmire-road 
Wheeler Jo-^^eph, Strand-road 

Ship Chandlers. 
Gallaghan Michael, Coal-quay 
Connor Denis, Merchants-quay 
Ford Catharine, Newenhanis-quay 
Harilon Cornelius, Coal-quay 
.Ki Icher Catharine, Coal-quay 
Murphy Mary, Newenhams-quay 
Murphy William, Newenhams-quay 
Shaw Mary and Sons, Merchants-quay and 

^ Silk Mercers, 
Fmlay James, Grand-parade 
Hynes Francis, south Mainrst, 

Silver Platers, 
Naylor Thomas, Bowling-green-st. 
Naylor G. 7, Hanover-st. 

Skill and Feather Merchants. 
CiiUaghan Timothy, Dominick-st. 
Purcell Martin. Popes-quay 
Ridings William, Morgan-st. 

Stone Merchants. 
Fitzgerald James & Thomas, Grand-parade 
Fitzpatrick John, Georires-quay 

Straw Hat Manufactiirerg, 
Savage M. Fisliamble-lane 
Shinick Johanna, Clarkes-bridg^ 
Simkins Mary, Duncau-st. 
Smith Frances, Fishamble-lane 
Thomas Mary Anne, Hanover-st^ 

Banks Samuel, Mardyke 
Coghlan John, Coach-st. 
Gosuell Samuel, 23, Patrick-st. 
Murphy William, Cook-st. 
Rodgers James, Rutatirl-st. 

Tailors (Merchant.) 
Flanagan Francis, 4, P.itrici< s't, 
Galwey Thomas, 6, Grand-parade 
O'Grady Jeremiabi 18, Patrick-st. 
Sullivan Daniel, 21, Grand-parda 
Tracey John, Cook-st. 


Callaghan Timothy, Cas(le-st, 
Evans John, Hftnnver-st, 
Tangney Thomas, ,3, George-st. 
Whitney John, St. F*aul-st. 

Tallotv Chandlers and Soa^ Boilers. 

Cosfan James, Coal-quay 

Cogan John, 33, Palrick-st. 

Collins R. J. north Main-st. 

Denn John, Mallow-lane 

Donegan Daniel, south Main-st. 

F;ilis Finn, 25, north Main-st. 

Foott Samuel, south Main-st. 

Furneau John, Barrack-st. 

Garde James, Blackpool 

Hagin Patrick, Blarney-lane 

Hatton Edward, George's-quay 

Hawkes (Jorless, south Main-st. 

Hurley Charles, 13, George-st. 

Kemp William, 27, Patrick-st. 

Leckey and Cotter, Morrison's-island 

Long Rowland and William, Shandon-st< 

Murphy Timothy, Blarney-lane 

Newman Charles, Caroline-st. 

Olden Thomas, north Main-st> 

Olden Robert, Duncan-st. 

Parker Mary, Bandon-road 

Pearse Michael, George-st. 

Penrose William, Barrack-st. 

Thornton George, 18, north Main-st, 

Wren George, Bandon-road 

Tanners and Cttrriers, 
Baker John, Fi(ton-st. ■ > 

Carland Michael, Philiips-lane 
Condon John, St. Jobu's-st, 
Dunn Michael, Wuter-conrae 
Field Williani, north Cattle-market 
Fitzgerald John, Hillgrove's-lane 
Flanagan Denis, Water-course 
Hackett J. & Co. Fitton-st. & South-bridge 
Hackett James, SuUivap's-quay 
Hackett William, great Britaia-st. 
Mansergli John, B!ea«by-st. 
Merrick Jeremiah, Water-course 
Merrick Thomas, jun. Clarence-st. 
Murphy James and Daniel, Water-Ians 
Steers Thomas, Water-course 
Walsh John, Blarney-lane 
Wise George, north Cattle-market 
Wise Henry Blakeny, north Cattle-market 
Wise Thomas, north Cattle-market 

Tea Dealers. 
Atkins George-, Morrison's-island 
Graham Eliza, Patrick-st. 
Hopper E. J. Patrick-st. 
King Joseph, South-mall 

Thread Makers. 
Delany Michael, York-st. 
Delay David, Clarencc-st. 
Hynes Francis and Co. (tape and army 

lace) Hanover-st. 
Keating Henry, Moore-st, 
Noonon Denis, Mallow-lane 

Timber Merchants. 
Callagban Andrew, Devonshire-st, " 
Carroll James, Driag's-marsh 
Coleman Denis,Churcl)-st. 



Coleman Thomas, Grattan-st. 

Coleman Thomas, Leitrim-st. 

Daly Maurice, Leitrim-st. 

Deane Alexander & Jervis, SuUivan's-quay 

Osborne Edward, Kyrl's-quay 

Bennett Jane, South Main-st. 
Bennett Thos. 88, north Main-st. 
Cogan Mary, Barrack-st. 
DennisoD James, 1, Patrick-st. 
England Edward, Blarney-lane 
Hosford Jonathan, 92, South Main-st. 
Hosford Joseph, 95, south Maia-st. 
Kcnifeck James, Bandon-road 
Lambkin James, Market-st. 
Moriarty Timothy, south Main-st. 
NicoUs Robert, 90, south Maia-st. 
Power John, Barrack-st. 
Walsh Jonn, Blarney-lane 
Walsh James, Barrack-st. 

Toy Dealers. 
Harris Mary, Grand Parade 
Loder Ann, Georgre-st. 

Trimming Warehouses s 
Beale George, south Main-st. 
Buckley Lewis, Barrack-st. 
Holland Robert, north Main-st. 
Manlv Joseph H.48, Grand Parade 
Meyers George, north Main-st. 
Murphy and Condon, south Main-st. 
O'Driscol Sarah, 34, north Main-st. 

Trunk Makers. 
Ballard Wm. & Christh. 34, Grand-parade 

Crawley John, Francis-st. 
Jervis Jacob, Peter's- Chnrch-lane 
Quill Thomas, Cross-st. 
Withers John Francis-st. 

Umbrella Makers. 
AhernThoma-*, Broad-lane 
Ahern James, Broad-lane 
Hassell Abraham, Broad-lane 
Hymes Solomon, 29, Grand-parade 
Supple John, Fishamble-lane 
Cogan James, 22, Grand-parade 
Coates John, Duncan-st. 
M'O'Boy David, 33, Patrick-at. 
O'Keeffe John, Graltan-st. 
Shinkw.n Thomas, Mardyke-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Bagley Richard, 13, Grand-parade 
Bagley Richard, jun. 12, Grand-parade 
Bagley William, Nile-st. 
Byrotn William, 2, Patrick-st. 
Fuller Richard, 21, Patrick-st. 
Hawkeaworth Edward, Grand-parade 
Haynes Samuel, Grand -parade 
Manpan Jarae<, Patrick-st. 
MontjoyJobn, Bridge-st. 
Montjoy Thomas, 1, Batchelor's-quay 
Murphy John, '6, Patrick-st. 
O'Shaughnessy Mark Stephen, Grand-pa. 
Ross Charles, Warren'.s-quay 
Rnss William, South-mall 

Stoteibury George, north Main-st. 
Thornhill Walter, Broad-lane 

Wax Chandler. 
Davies Edward, 11, Grand-f;:»raue 

Wine Merrhitnfs. 
Atkins George, Morrison's-islaud 
Cleary John S. north Main-st. 
Curtis Thomas, Castle-st. 
Uunbar Thomas, Abbey-st. 
Foott John and Sons, South-mall 
Galway Gerard, Princess-st, 
Hadigaa Thomas, Georjre's^quay 
Hawkes Richard (and importer) Queen-st. 
Larymore George, Sulliran's-quay 
M'Carthy Markum {& spirit) 1,'Castle-st. 
Mahony Michael, 10, Grand-parade 
Martin Henry, South-mall 
Moore Wm. (« spirit) Kyrl's-quay 
Murray R. T. Mcrchant's-quay 
Meagher Daniel, VVintropp-st. 
Newton Richard, Church-st. 
Roche James, Cook-st. 
Westropp H. B. Marlborongh-st. 

Wire Workers and Drawers. 

Barnes Thos. A, & Co. (wire webbj Han- 

Hackett John, Peter's Church-laae 
Massey Henry, Pcter's-Churcli-lanej 
Seymour George, 43, St. Panl's-st. 
Sullivan Eugene, (wire webb) Henry-»t. 

Wool Combers. 
Connell Robert, great Britain-st. 
M 'Mullen James. Clarence- st. 


Aberuethy Widow, saddle-tree-maker 
Bass John, sergeant at mace, Nile St. 
Bryaa&Pulvertaf^brassfounders, Hanover-s 
Collins William, governor of the Lunatic 
Asylum,&Houseof Industry, Terrace- walk 
Celumby Martha, artificial flower make, 

CoUis Robert, whipmaker, 12, Tuckey-st. 
Conntll James, corn dealer, great Britain-s 
('ook Richard, playintr cardmaker.Nel.sons-p 
Costello J. fishing tackle maker, Duncan-st. 
Cottrell Francis, bookbinder, Hanover-st. 
Day Mrs. Mary Ann', matron of the Lunatic 
Asylum, & House of Industry, Terrace-w. 
Dove John, whipmaker, Hanover-st. 
Downing Peter, miller, Fishamble-lane 
Ellis John VV. looking-glassmaker, Cook-st 
Flanagin Thos. musical instrument maker, 

Geary Thos coach globe mkr. Fishamble-la 
Hatchett John, fish hook maker, Peter's- 

Hanlan John, roper. Black-pool 
Hockin William, ocilist. Grand-parade 
Ingram John, glass warehouse, Hiiiiovt-r-st. 
Jameson and Kellett, agents to the Euro- 
pean Co. and general advertising; and 
newspaper agency oliice,, Sont.b-maU 
Jones Man. straw manufacturer, Gt;anil-pa 
Lane Richard and Sejis, army clothiers 



Lane Richd, STAMP OFFICE, Soullj.raall 
Lawrence Thos. card-makerj Sliandon-st. 
Lealiy Matt, cheese-raougcr Newenliaui's-q 
Lewis Wra, furrier, 45, f'atrick-st. 
M'VluUen Jos. woollen mnnuC. Mardyke-pu 
Numan Timotliy, uierchiints' elk. Northmll 
O'Le^ry Matthias, cbair-mnki-r, Petci-st. 
Spearing Joseph, jun. commissioa ware- 
rooms, Bovvliog-greeri-st. 
Splaine Abraham, 21, Palrick-st. 
Tancred M. stay maker, Hanover-st. 
TennantThos. col, of customs, James-st. 
Thompson James, Merchants-quay 
VVelpy John, goldsmith, &c. 3, n. Main-st. 
Welsh J. ftovernor of the city gaol, Mardyke 
Whitney Thos. bookbinder, &c. Gcorge-st. 
■yVoCids James, coppersmith, Mardyke-parade 

Mail and Stag's Coaches. 

To Dublin.— The Royal Mail, by Clonmel, 
sets out from the Mail Coach Oflftce, \V in- 
troppst. every afternoon, at half past 
four, and arrives in Dublin at half past 
five, the following afteinoon 

To Duhlin.—T\\e Royal Mail, from the 
abore office, by Cashell, sets out every 

morning at six o'clock, and arrifcs in 
Dublin at six, the following morning 

To Trake. — The R^ailCoach from the ofiice 
Pcmbroke-st. every morning at si>i;o'c)<iok 
p:isaes through the towns of Mill-street 
and Killarnei/, where it arrives at half 
past three, and at Tralee at half past six 

To fjimerick. — A Day Coach from the 
above office, every morning, at six o'clok, 
and arrives at JLimera.k, at five o'clock in 
evening, from whence a Mail an;! Day 
Coach proceed for Dublin nejit morning, 
in each of which are two seats, reserved 
until the arrival oftheaboveCoacb, wiiich 
passes one day by Fermoy, and the other 
by Mallow 

To fVaterford — The Mail Coach every fore- 
noon at half past eleven o'clock, and 
arrives in Wuterford every evening, at a 
qn^r'er past ten. 

To Voughal.-~\ Coach from the above 
ofiice, every Sunday, Tuesday, andThurs- 
day morning, at nine o'clock, and returns 
to Cork every Monday, Wednesday and 
Friday afternoon, at half past two. 


ABBOTT 171, 

Abel 173 
Abernethy 173 1 
Adams 175 
Ahern 170*171, 

Aherne 169 
Aldworth 163 
Allen 169, 170, 
Alexander 173 
Armstrong, 169, 

174, 176 
Ashe 170 
Atkin 169 
Atkins 170, 179 
Atterbury 1 68 
Attridge 177 
Aubury 176 
Austen 171, 177 
Babington 174 
Bagley 176, 180 
Bagnall 175 
Baily 169, 171 
Baker 179 
Baldwin 169,177, 
Ballard 171, 180 
Banks 179 
Barber 169 174, 
Barker 174 
Barnes 174, 175, 
Barret 176, 178 









Barry 169, 171, 172 

173, 176, 177 
Bass 171, 173,180 
Beale 169, 173, 174, 

176, 180 
Beamish 171, 174, 

Belchier 171 
Bell 171, 174 177 
Bennet 169, 170, 171 

174, 175, 176, 178 

Bergin 171 
Besnard 169, 179 
Best 174 
Bickerton 179 
Biggs 171 
Boddy 173 
Boh an 171 
Boland 171, 174 
Bolster 170, 175, 178 
Booth 177 
Bourke 172 
Bowls 173 
Boyle 178 
Bradford 172 
Brady 171 
Brehon 177 
Breman, 177 

Brennan 169, 171,177 Carland 179 

Broderick 177 
Brown 171, 175 
Browne 174 
Bryan 170, 173 180 
Buck 169 
Buckley 169, 176 

Bullen 169, 177 
Burd 176 
Burke 168, 171, 172. 

Burniston 173 
Burt 169 
Bury 174 
Busteed 170 
Byrne 168, 169, 170. 

171, 173 
Byrom, 180 , 
Caborn 168 
Cagney 171 
Calanan 169, 177 
Callaghan 172, 175, 

17b, 179 
Callan 171 
Callanan 170 
Calvert 175, 176 
Campbell 177 
Cane 171 
Carey 172 

Carmichael 171 
Carr 174,175 
Carroll 169, 175, 17»^ 

Casey 169, 170, IZfr 

177, 179 
Cash man 171 
Castles 171 
Caulfield 172, 176 
Chaliner, 169 
Chatterton 169 
Cheanery 173 
Chinnery 169 
Chudleigh 168 
Church 171, 175 
Clarke 171, 172 
Clear 175 
Clearyl73, 176, 177, 

Coakeley 177 
Goates 171, 180 
Cocker 170 
Cogan 173, 177, 17» 

Coghlanl77, 179 
Colburne 169, 171 
Coleman 171, 179, 

Coley 179 
Collins 176, 177 

Colds 180 



Golumby 189 

Conder 177 

CondoQl73, ir4,17ir 

Connel 170 

Conncll 170, 171, 17-2 

Connellan 170, 176 
178, 180 

Connor 170, 171, 174 
178, 179 

Conway 169, 174,177 

Cooke 170, 173, 177, 

Corbett 171, 172 

Corlett. 174 

Costello 180 

Cotter 170, 174, 177 

Cotterill 175 

Cottrell 1«9, 172, 17^, 

Coulburne 173 

Courtney 171 

Cox 171 

Crai? 172 

Cranitch 1 76 

Crawford 17'j 

Crawley 177, 180 

Crawly 177 

Creage 174 

Creagh 175 

Creraen 171, 175 

Crean 177 

Croft 171 

Crofts 16S, 169, 171, 

Crone 174 

Cronin 177 

Crodkshank 172 

Crosbie 177 

Crowleyl71, 174,170 

Cudraore 169 

Cummins 172, 178 

Cunningham 173, 177 

Currv 173 

Curtin 173 

Curtis 180 

Cutbljert 175 

mgg 170 

Dalteral69, 174 
Dalv 172, 173, 174, 

Dalys 171 
Dannaky 170, 174 
Darenport 172 
Davidson 170 
Davies 169, 180 
Davis 174 
Dawson 172, 174 
Day 174, 180 
Deane 169, 170, 179, 

Deary 177 
DeCourcv 171, 177 
Delany 171, 177, 179 
Delay 179 
Denmead 170, 178 
Dena 179 
Denneliy 174 
Dennis 170 

Dennison 180 
Oenny 171 
Desmond 174, 177 

U'vereiix 176 

)ickitisbn 173 
!3igby 168 
iJillon 176, 173 
Oivelt 176 
Dodd 179 

Onherty 168 173, 17-^ 
Donegan 179 
Donovan 168, 171. 
176, 177 


172. 173 

Dooly 172 

Dount 168 

Donthat 173 

Oovc ISO 

Dowden 173, 174 

Oowe 173 

Dowmau 169, 178 

Down 170 

Oownes 173 

Downing 170 180 

Doyle 175 

Drew 174 

Drinan 173 

Driscoll 171 

Di'ummond 176 

Duhley 169, 170, 173 

Duhig 172 

Dumas 168 

Duabar 172, 180 

Duncan 176 

Dunn 179 

Dunscombe 175 

Dwyer 171, 173 

Eames 173, 174 

Edden 171 

Edgar 169 

Edmonston 174 

Edwards 169, 170> 174 

Egan 170, 171, 174, 

Kg&v 177 

Ellis 170, 172, 179, 

Elms 174 
England 130 
Enwright 174 
Evans 169, 179 
Fanning 176 
FarrelUfig, 177 
Faviers 168 
Feath 175 
Fennell 173 
Fer^usson 170, 173 
Field 176, 179 
Finlay 179 
Finn 171,175, 179 
Finney 168 
Fislier 176 
Fitton 169 

Fitzgerald 171, 173, 
174, 175, 177, 179 

Fitzpibbon 174 

FitzLiibbons 171 

Fitzpatrick 176, 179 

Flaherty 174, 177 

Flanagan 171, 179 

Fla > 180 

j^'lynu 173, 174, 177 

Ftilpv 172, 173, 174, 

F.)ot' 1C9, 178, 179, 

'ord 169, 170, 179 

Force 176 

Forrest 177 

Foskey 176 

Foulks 170 

Fowkes 171 

Fowler 169, 177 

Franklin 169, 170 

Fuller 1 80 

Fiirneau 177, 179 

Galu-ay 169 

Galwey 177, 179, 180 

Garde 179 

Gearan 176 

Geary 170, 171, I 

Gibson 168, 170, 174 

Gillespie 176 
Gillman 174 
Goias 172, 173 
Good 171, 172 
Goold 175 

Gosnell 169, 172, 179 
Gould 171, 172 
Gonldiii;r 168 
Graham 179 
Greaves 173, 

Green 172 
Greene 174, 177 
Gregg 169, 178 
Grove 175 
Guest 174, 175 
Gwvnn 172, 176, 
Hackett 174, 179, 180 
Hadigan 180 
Hagarty 174 
Hagerty 177 
Haines 169, 173 
Hagin 179 
Hall 170, 172, 179 
Halloran 169, 177 
Halhim 171 
Halyl71, 178 
Hamblin 168 
Hamilton 174 
Hancock 168 
Hanlan 180 
Hanlon 179 
Harding 171,177 
Hardum 173 
Hardy 169, 175, 178 
Hargreaves 175 - 
Hare 173 

Harman 175 , 
Harnett 171 
Harrington 173, 174j 
Harris 169, 170, 17.1, 

177, 180 
Hanland 176 
Hartnett 169, 172 

Harvey 175 

Hassel'l 180 

Hatchett 180 

Hatfnn 173, 179 

iHawkes 178, 179, 189 

Hawkesworth 180 

Hawkins 177 

Hayes 169, 170, 172, 
173, 174. 177 

Haynes 169,170,173, 

Heard 177 

Helen 176 

Hendrick 177 

Hennessy 176, 177 

Herd 169 

Heron 175 

Herlihy 179 

Hewitt 172 

Heyla nd 172 

Hicks 176 

Hig-ffinson 174 

Hill 173 

HoRrel69, 170 

Hobbslo!), 178 

Hofkin 1»0 

Hod<H'r 175 

Hongkif.s 172, 17' 

Hodnett 171 
iHoiran 170 
174,1 Holland 172, 180 
I Holmes 178 
Holten 172 
Hoiian ] 75 
Hopper 175, 179 
Hor^an 170, 174, 173 
Hosford 176, 180 
Howard 169, 171, 177 
Howe 172 
How.'U 172 
Howse 178 
Hudson 172 
Hughes 171 
Humphreys 173 
Hunt 176 

Hurley 171, 176, 179 
Husband 176 
Hyde 178 
Hymes 179, 180 
Hyno 178 
Hyncs 179, 180 
Ingram 173, 180 
Ireton 170 
Jaclison 173, 175 
Jago 173 . . .,. 
.'smiesoh 1/3^ 

apee 168 



Jonninp:* 16"9, 177 
Jerri s IHO 
Jervois i?.'i ' 
Johnson I'iB, Il^;9,i70 

170. 178, 17y 
J(iinistoi) 177 
Jo!u>s 169, 175, 178, 

Keating 170, 172, 175 

I<faA'sl70, 176 
Kell\- 176 
Koldier 179 
Kellcu 17i' 
Kollv 170, 177, 178 
Kyrni) 170, 17;}, 174, 

KcnifecU 180 
Keiuiifrrk 172, 1 
Kennedy 168, 175, 

Kerner 170, 178 
Kerns 172 
Kevburn 171 
KVft 169 
King 179 
Knigbr 172, 179 
Larv 171 
Lalfan 17 3, 176 
Lambkin 180 
Lander 169, 178 
Lane 171, 172, 175, 

178,180, 181 
Large 175 

Langley 169, 173, 178 
Lamphier 170 
Larymore 180 
Laryinour 178 
Lawlor 176 
Lawrence 172, 175, 

Lawson 173 
Lawton 169, 178 
Leahy 172, 181 
Leckey 175, 179 
Lee 171, 172, 175, 

Leonard 171 
Leslie 170 
Lester 170, 171 
Lewis 181 
Leycester 172, 175 
Lineham 178 
Lloyd 172 
Loder 180 
Logan 175 
Lombard 171 
Long 173, 179 
Love 173 
Lucas 169 
Ludgate 170 
Lucey 174 
Lynch 171, 173, 174, 

Lyons 173, 175 
M'Auliffe 173, 175 

M'Cnrthy 169, 170jMorrogli 

172. 173, 174, 175,1 1 

176, 178, 180 
M^< vilifle 178 
M'Cli^~e lt& 
M'Cormicix 171 
M'Dnnid 176 
M'Di-rmot 178 
^f'Donnell 169, 173, 

Vj-Donngh 177 
M'keevers 178 
Markinlosh 169 
>Mcod 170 
•\i'Vrt!ion 171 
Vr Mullen 172, 173, 

175 180, 181 
M'Namara 169, 172, 

M 'Sweeny 171, 175, 

M'Swinev 172, 173, 

174, 175 
Magnier 175 
Majrrath 173, 177 
Magnire 169, 175 
Wahon 169 
Mahony 170, 171, 

173, "176, 180 
Malpt 175 
IVIringan 180 
Manlv 173, 174, 180 
Mann 176, 177 
Man.iix 169, 176, 178 
Mansergh 179 
Mark 171 
Marks 170, 171 
IVtarriott 174 
Martin 169, 170, 17C, 


Maskell 170 
Mason l78 
Massey 180 
Matheson 178 
Mavbupv 178 
Maziere' 175, 
Mengber 172, 180 
Meara 169 
Meares 172 
Mehegan 176 
Merrick 169,179 
Merricks 178 
Mevers 173, 180 
Miller 170, 176 
MiUvard 169, 173 
Minluan 171 
Mitch ell 172 
Moprun 176 
Molonv 175 
Montjoy 180 
Moore 178, 180 
Moorhead 170, 176 
Morgan. 174, 175 
Moriarty 169, 17^ 

Morissy 178 

Morsoy 173 
Morton 174 
VIoylan 175, 176 
Moynihan 178 
Vhilraby 173 
Mnllins 173, 178 
Mnrp|,yl70,172, 174, 

175, 176, 178, 17:*. 

Mnrray 169, 178, 180 
Nangle 173 
Nasli 169, 174 
Naylor 179 
Ncagle 171 
Neale 172 
Neenaii 178 
Neville 178 
Newman 172, 179 
Neus,in 176, 178 
Newton 180 
Nicholson 174 
Nieolls 180 
Nix' n 175 
Nobb,^ 176 
Nobk-tt 170, 173 
Noonan 179 
Norris 178 
Nott 171 
Nowlan 175 
Nnnan 181 
Nyhan 173 
Oakshott 169, 

0'Tlrienl«9, 170, 175 

17 6, Iff 
O'CHllaghan 169 
O'Connell 175 
O'Connor 175, 178 
O'Donnoglme 178 
O'Drescnl 178 
O'Driscol 180 
O'Flyn 173 
O'Grady 179 
O'Hara 170, 175 
O'Keeffe 169, 

176, 180 
O'Leary 171, 

177,178, 181 
OHen 179 
O'Mollonoy 175 
O'Neil 171 

O'Neill 170, 172, 177 
O' Regan 172, 173 
Orpea 169, 177, 
Osborne 173, 180 
Osburne 177 
O'Sbaughnessy 180 
O'Shea 175 
O'SuUivan 171, 176 

Ottlev 172 
Pain 1 69 
Palmer 179 
^Parker 178, 179 

168, 17o Parks 169 
Payo 175 
Pearso 179 
Pennington 170 
Penrose 179 
Perricho 171 
Phair 176 
Phillipsl69, 170 
Piiippsl68, 174 
Pick 168 
Pickles 177 
Pierce 173 
Pike 170 
Pits worth 171 
Pitcairn 177 
Pope 169, 178 
Porter 172 
Potter 177 
Power 175, 180 
Powers 175 
Pendergast 175 
Pumphry 172 
Punch 178 
Purcell 170, 172, 174, 

Quill 171, 180 
Quin 178 
Quinlan 173, 175 
Raynes 168 
Reade 177 
Ready 178 
Rearden 175 
Reardon 174, 175,176 
Reed 170, 178 
Rees 171 
Reeves 173, 176 
Regan 178 
Reordon 171 
Reynolds 169 
Reynoldson 178 
Richardson 175 
Ridings 179 
Ring 176, 177 
Roberts 172, 173, 175 
Robinson 173, 176 
Roche 170, 172, 173, 

175, 176, 180 
Rogers 17/5, 179 
Ronayne 173, 175 
Rorke 169 
Ross 180 
Rumney 175 
Russell 173' 
Rutterford 176 
Ryan 169, 170, 175 
Salter 174 
Saunders 168 
Salfege 172, 176, 179 
Scollard 169, 173 
Scott 170 
Sealy 177 
Sexton 172, 173 
Sevmour 170, 171, 

174, 177, 180 
Shanahan 175 
Sharkey 177 
Sharp 177 





Sbarpe 1^9, 17() 
Sliarpu'S 177 
Shaw 176, 179 
Sbeal72, 174, 173 
Sliee 175 
SheeSianl70. 172, 176 
Sheppard 176 
ShinU'vin 180 
Shmic'.'! 179 
Short 17H 
Simkii:R 179 
Skevs 176 
Smart 168 
Smith 170, 173, 175, 

177, 178, 179 ' 
Smithes 171 
Smyth 170,178 
Solomon 174 
Spearing' 1G3, 170, 

173, "i81 
Spencer 171, 173 
Splaine 181 
Sqiiirl 169 
Stack 169, 173 
Steers 179 
Stephens 176 
Stephenson 176 
Stever.s 176 
Stewart 169, 173, 179 

St. Helen 177 
Stonchouse 173 
Storach 171 
Stotosbiivv 174, 180 
Strang 178 
Stran-i^e 176 
Sufrvue 176 
Sullivan 168, 170, 17^ 

172,173, 175, 176, 

178, 171,180 
Supple 171, 180 
Sweenev 174 
Swincy'l70, 175, 178, 
Far. ere d 181 
Taniraev 179 
Tanner 170, 172 
Teape 175 

Terry 170, ) 74, 178 
Tennant 181 
Teulon 174 
Thomas 169, 173, 179 
Thompson 173, 1«1 
Tliornhiil 170, 180 
Thornton 175, 179 
thwaites 162 
Tidniarsh 175 
Tisdall 170,178 
Tivy 170, 172 

Todhonter 176 
Tolekin 174 
Toomy 173 
Townley 172 
Townsend 168, 178 
Tracy 172 

Travers 163,170, 173 
Tremmell'5 172 
Trenivith 175 170, 178 
Tnohy' 173 
Turner 176 
Varjan 171 
Verlinp,- 170 
Vincent 170 
Vipponc' 176 
'.Vaggett 170, 176 
Valker 170, 172, 177 
Wall 169, i;3» 
Wallis 170 
Waish 170, 173, 174, 

176, 177, 178, 179, 

Ward 178 
Ware 170 
Waters 172, 176,177, 

Watson 178 

Webb 170, 172, 173 

Welpy IHl 

West 169, 170, 172, 

Welsh 181 
Westropp 1£0 
Wbately 176 
Wheeler 179 
Wherland 176 
White 173, 175, 176, 

Whit,neyl73,179, 181 
Wilkinson 170 
Willes 177 
Williams 171, 174 
Williamson 172, 173, 

Wise 172, 179 
Withers 180 
Wood 172, 173, 178 
Woods ISl 
Woodley 170 
Woodhouse 171 
Wnodroffe 177 
Wren 179'^ 
Wrisfht 170, 173, 174 
Wvhurd 174 
Yo'uug 173, 174 



J.S' a town and county of itself, locally situated in the counties of Louth and Mcath, 
although principally in the former. Its antiquity is so great that no records are preserved 
of its origin ; it is seated on the banks of the Boyne, rcn ^ered memorable by a great battle * 
fought near it, between Kina' William the Third, and King- James the Second, on the first 
of July 1690, in which the latter was discomfited; the English army crossing the river, 
near the old bridgf, two miles from the town, in attempting which, the gallant Schomberg 
was killed by a shot from tho Irish army ; in commemoration of which, a pillar of 90 
feet high has been erected on the spot where he fell ; the Boyne runs through Drogheda 
from west to east, and empties itself into the Irish sea, two miles below the town, by 
nieana of which, it carries on an extensive commercial intercourse with England, export- 
ing grain, linen and butter, and importing coals, — Over the Boyne is a bridge of three 
arches, which affords a view of the Custom House, and an extensive prospect of diversified 
scenery ; nearly opposite the Custom Mouse, maj-ficnlly soaring above the town, and not 
far distant from the Boyne is a strong round tower of stone, supposed to have been built 
by the Danes, adjoining to which is a more modern building, used as a barrack for soldiers. 
Several good buildings adorn the town. St. Peter's Church, abeaiitiful edifice, commands 
an elevated situation, wfth an extensive burial-ground; in this church-yard stands St. 
Peter's Charity School, erected in 1723, which is supported by subscription, educating 
and maintaining twenty poor boys. The Tholsel at the end of West-street, is a good stone 
building. The Linen Hall is very capacious, and well adapted to the purpose of its erection, ^ 
The Corn Market in Fair-street is a neat structure, near which is a barrack for infantry, a. 
The Charitable Institutions of Drogheda are numerous; the County Hospital in great ^ 
George-street, and 9t, John's Poor House in Peter-street, afford support and relief to many. 
Ib Barlow's Field, in an open airy situation, stands the new Jail, erected in the year 1818; it 
isa stone building, plain and commodious, and as far as a prison can be rendered comforta- 
ble, it is so; within its walls is a Chapel ; ten cells for felons, in which the sexes are kept 
apart, and the unfortunate delinquentsclassed, a plan of the greatest utility for arresting the 
progress of crime and immorality; also comfortable apartments for Debtors. The other 
buildirjgs and institutions of Drogheda worthy of notice, are the Commercial, News, and 
Assembly Rooms, on the Quay ; the Patrician School, conducted on the Bell andLancaste- i 
rian systems, the Endowed School of Erasmus Smyth, in L(iwrence-st. ; the Female Orphan 
School,ia Fair-street; theNunnery in Fair-street; the W«K>denHoase ia Shop-street, and | 


the City Gates, termed Snnday, and St, Lan-rence Gales, are worthy the attention of the 
antiquary, particularly the former, which is completely formed, of oak tinjber, curiously 
carved; the pannels in the front and sides are connected by oaken projecting pins, not a 
solitary piece of iron being found near it ; .the date of its erection appears to be 1517. 
In the vicinity of Drogheda is the seat of George Ball, Esq. romantically situated ; from 
various scites the eye is gratified with the truly picturesque views of Ball's Grove, where 
trees of varied hue adorn a gradual slope of great extent, beautifying and overshading 
a public walk leading to Navan ; the municipal government of Drogheda is vested in a 
Mayor, two Sheriffs, a Recorder, twenty-four Aldiermen and Common Council, High 
Constable and four Serjeants at Mace ; in remote periods, it appears that parliaments were 
held here ; the town at the present period sends one Member intheperson of Henrv Metcalf, 
Esq, The population of Drogheda it is believed, now amounts to upwards of 25,000. 
It has a good market held on Saturday, and four fairs, viz. May the 12th, June 22nd, 
August 26th and October the 29th. *fcp^ 

Post Office, Lawrence-street — John Allen, Pvst Master. — Mail to the north every 
morning at eleven o'clock, and every night at twelve, to the south every morning at three 
o'clock, and every afternoon at three. 

, Caldwell James^ Peter-st. 
Coleman Misses, (ladies) Fair-st. 
Fitzgerald John, Fair-st. 
Hamilton Wakefield, Mount-pleasant 
Montcalm John, Fair-st, 
Ij Wynne Miss, Cliurch-avenue 
Boyle Owen, 27, West-st. 
Drew James, 1, West-st. 
Fogarty John Edward, Shop-st. 
Kelly John, Shap-st. 

Architects and Builders. 
Boyd Andrew, Magdalen-st. 
Nicholls Austin, William-st. 
Archbold Richard, West-st. 
Collins Thomas, -Brighfon ' 

Fairtlough William Oliver, (town cl^rk) 

Fairtlough Latham, William-st. 
Holmes Joseph, Paradise 
Shegog Richard, Cottage 

Allen Jehn,''Lawrence-st. 
Coleman James, sen. Peter-st. 
Drummond Disney, Peter-st. 

De Lahoyde George, West-st. 
Duffy James, West-st. 
Flood Patrick, Dyer-st. 
Garry Thomas, West-st. 
M'Cann John, West-st. 
, Public Bakery, West-st, Agent, Thomas 
White Charles, Shop-st. 
^ Bark Merchant. 

^ llerntti John and Son, (office) North-quay 
'» Barristers. ^ , ' 

Hamill John, Lawrence-st, ^ ^ ^^'^* 

► Metcalf Henry, Lawrence-st. ▼ 

Van Homrigh Peter, Liitohe 

' Booksellers, Stationer s,Sfc. 
Hart Eleanor, 10, West-st, 
Holland tfohn, 30, West-st. ' 

.. -* ■ ' A a 

M'Donnell Edward, Free-School-lane 
iM'Kenna Charles, \^est-st. 

Boot and Shoemakers. 
Bagnall John, Peter-st. 
Bagnall William, 6, Shop-st. 
Branagan Patrick, Peter-st. 
Dawson William, Peter-st. 
Led with Patrick, West-st. 
M'Cullen John, West-st. 
.Smith William, Shop-st. 
Thompson Henry, West-st, 
Ward Hugh, Lawrence-st. 
Wiseman Thomas, 6, Lawrence-st. 

Braziers and Tinplate Workers. 

Clarendon Edward, 20, West-st. 
Smith Henry, 7, West-st. 

Gernon James, West-st. 
M'Cann John, West-st. 

Cabinet Makers. 
Coleman James, sen, Peter-st. 
ElliattWilliam, 11, West-st. 

■Coach Makers. 
Connelly Francis, Patricks-wcll-lanc 
Daltoh' Edward, D Ilk e-st. 

Boyle Thomas, John-st. 
Duffy Eliza, Lawrence-st. 
Rath Patrick, Peter-st. 
Tallou William, Bull-ring 

Courtney Bartholomew, Shop-st. 
Curtis Mary, West-st, 
Duffy Sarah, 28, West-st. i' 

Martin Alice, 116, West-st. 
Norris Patrick, Peter-st. 

Corn Merchants. 
Chadwick and Blundell, Lawrence-st. 
Buxton and Skelly, North-quay 
Hardman, Tow^hley, stnd Co. North-quay 
Ridgway Thomas, John-st. 
Rodgers Ninian, Lawrertce-st. 
Smith and Smith, North-quay 
Ternan John and Sou, North-quay 

4» ' . 



Cotton Manufacturers^ 

Dowling Edward, Lawrence-st, 
Hudson John, South-quay 
M'Caul John, Duke-st. 
Magrane George, West-st. 
M'Gowan Samuel, James-st. 
in ,1 ■* Distillers. 

Jameson, Woolsey and Co; Newrquay >. 
Dyers. ■* ^ 
Keegan James, 3, Lawrence-st. 
M'Ginnis M. Linen-hall-st. 

Glass and China Dealers. 

Lynch James, Dyer-st. 

Morgan Patrick, Peter-st. 

Owens John, Shop-st. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 

Bell John, North-quay 

Berrill Christopher, West-st. 

Berrill Rose Ann, 4, Lawrence-st. 

Campbell Patrick, AVest-st. 

Coleman James Simon, 12, West-st." 

Delahoyde Richard, 16, West-st. 
* jDe La Hunt Christopher, 13, Shop-st. 

Devin Margaret, 36, West-fet, ^ 

Dowdall Ann, Shop-st. ^ 

Ennis Catharine, Peter-stV 

Flood James, Wefeb^st. 

Garry Thomas, West-st. ' 
jGaugran John, Fair-st. 
«. Hanlon Thomas, 26, West-8t. 

Kieman John, (and tobacconist) Shop-st. 

Leonard Jane, Bull-ring 

Johnston Christopher, Lawrence-st. 

M'Cabe Felix, 72, West-st. 

Muldoon Peter, 74, West-st. 

Murphy Margaret, (and British Exchange 
Office) 21, Shop-8t. 

Murphy Patrick, 22, Shop-st. 

Skinn Phillip, Shop-st. 

Russell Margaret, 35, Shop-st. 

Wisdom Samuel, Peter-st. 

* Haberdashers. 

Adam John, Shop-st. 

Bolton Eleanor, Shop-st. 

Carroll Ann, 22, West-st. 

Coogan Andrew, 14, Shop-st. 

Matthews Rose, West-st. 
|k Nicholls Hester, West st. ^ 
H, Sherlock Margaret, Shop-st. 

Hat Manufacturers. 

Birrill Matthew, 34, Shop-st. 

DavisJames, Peter-st. 

^ ^? Hotels. ' 
Belfast and Dublin, James Hoey, West-st. 
Carney Richard, West-st. 
Kappocke Anthony, West-st. 
, 4" White Horse,JohnDerepus, West-st. 
' • Iron Founder, 

Grcndon Thomas, West-gate 

Iron Mongers. 
Collins Bartholomew, Shop-st. 
- North Elizabeth, Peter-st. 
O'Ferrall John, 6, West-st. j 
Roylance Thomas, ^uth-qu^ 

Land Surveyors^ 
Kearns Joseph, William-st. 
Smith George, Lawrence-st. 

Leather and Oil Dealer, ^ 
Waltrin John, Shop-st. 

Linen Drapers. 
Bellew Christopher, West-st, 
"TVlagrath Edward, i, Shop-st, 
M'Kenna Francis, 41, Shop-st. 

Linen Yam Factor. 
Ferrall Michael, West-st. 

Linen Manufacturers, 
Collins Francis, Peter-st. 
Cunningham Patrick, West-st. 
Daw John, 4, Lawrence-st. 
Ennis Barnard, West-st. 
M'Donald James, West-st. 
Magrane Patrick, Cotton [fdH ■ ' .^. 
M'Evoy Peter, Fair-st. *» »^ )£c 
M'Guire Owen, Fair-st. « ^ • -w 

Skelly Robert, Peter-st. 
Tiernan Thomas, Rope-walk 
White Patrick, West-st. 

• Linen Merchants, 
Bird Michael, Lawrence-st. 
Buxton and Skelly, North-quay 
Chadwick and Blundell, Lawrence-st. 
Fallon P. J. William-st. 
Hamill Roger, Lawrence-st. 
Hudson John, South-quay 
M'Crone John, West-st. 

Carty Thomas, John-st. 
Duff Michael, South-quay 
Hamill Roger, Lawrence-st. 
Hanlon Thomas, 40, West-8l__ 
Hardman Crooks & Ennis, North^qu! 
Gernon James, West-st. J 

Leland John, Linen-hall-st, >*«■ 

M'Cann John, West-st. -^ 

Smith Ralph, jun. Lawrence-st. | 

Smith St. George, Green-hills 
Ternan Patrick, Lawrence-st. ■ | 

Tiernan John, Shop-st. ,. Si^<* > 

Montgomery A. Lawrence-sW ^It. "'' 

Roth L. and M. (and haberdashel-s) West-st 
Smith Mrs. West-st. ^ „r itr * * 

Wall Eliza, (and haberdasher) 25, West-st. 

, ttFainters and Glaziers. 
Armstrong Robert, Peter-st. 
Drummond Disney, Peter-st. 
Lyon John, William-st. 
Matthews Denis, Shop-st. 
M'Entageri Edward, Fair-st. 
Pawn Brokers. 
Finegan Bernard, Shop-st. 
Plunket John, Stockwell-lane 

, Physicians and Surgeons. 
Fair'clough Edward, Lawrence-st. 
Fogarty Edward, Shop-st, 
Green James, Fair-st. 
Kelly Thomas, Fair-st. 
Pentland Robert, Fair-st. 
Sketon James, Magdalen-st. 




Porter and Spirit Dealers. 
Adams Rose, Dyer-st. 
Barron Patrick, West-st. 
Barron Lucy, 9, West-st. 
Barron Nicholas, Shop-st. 
Byrne John, James-st. 
Cartin Valentine, 19, West-st. 
Clark Patrick, West-gate 
Cainton Richard, (royal oak) West-st. 
., Coleman Richard, James-st. 
Daley John, Dyer-st. 
Daw John, 4, Lawrence-st. 
Domigan Patrick, West-st. 
Pinigan Thomas, great George-st. 
Harlin Richard, Shop-st. 
Hart Patrick, West-st. 
Heeley Robert, Shop-st. 
Hitchcock Daniel, North-quay 
Keating Robert, Magdalen-st. 
Long Patrick, Bull-ring 
" Mallou Catharine, Duleek-gate 
, Mamiini; Ann, Masjdalen-st. 
M'Cann James, Shop-st. #% 1 Mjj t 
M'Donaid James, U'pst-st. l- ~T • w'L c* 
M'Guire John, 110, West-st** ^ 
Moor William, '"Vesfe-st. 
Murphy Martin, Bull-ring 
O'Ferrall Michael, Batchelors-lane 
Read James, Simday-g-ite 
Rice Charles .James, North-quay 
Smith Lawrence, North-quay 
Thornton Thomas, West-st 
Travers Patri-k, P -ter-st. 
Walsh Alice, BuU-ring 
Weir Mattlie-v, Laurence-gate 
Wise Thomas, North-quay 

Printer, Letter Press. 

Evans Charles, (Drogheda Journal Office) 

Monday and Saturday, Lawrence-st. -• 

' Rope Maker. 

Wall John, Lawrence-st. 

Sacking Manufacturers. 

Cunningham Patrick, West-st. 
Crawley Lawi-ence, West-st. 

Saddlers and Harness Makers, 

^.Beddy Thomas, West-st. 
Connelly Patrick, Bull-ring 
Halpenny John, 31, West-st. 
Kirwan Edward, 1,3, Lawrence-st. 
Kirwan William, Duke-st. 

Salt Works. 
Bird Michael, West-st. 
Flood James, Dyer-st. 
Gernon James, South-quay 
Harpur Joseph and Son, BuU-ring 
Leland John, Linen-hall-st. 

Skinners and Glue Makers, 

Byrne Margaret, Dyer-st. . 

Morgan John, John-st. • ^ 

Skeliy Henry, Dyer-st. , ,^ ' 

Seed Merchants. 
Clark George R. West-st. 
Flanagan Elizabeth, 5, Lawrence-st. 

Spirit Merchants. 
Beghan Owen, Dyer-st. 

Delahoyd George, W^est-st. 
Ennis Patrick, Batchelovs-lane 
Flood James, Dyer-st. 

Tailors and Habit Makers. 

Byrne Michael, Lawrence-st. 
Caulfield James, Shop-st- 
Fegan Peter, St. Peter's Church-yard 
Harris William, Lawrence-st. 

Kerrigan , Peter-st. ' 

M'Keever Thomas, Diike-st. 4 

Tallotv Chandlers. 

Byrne Patrick, 21, West-st. 
Dowd Eliza, Shop-st. 
Dowd Owen, West-st. 
Gosson Michael, 4, West-st, 
M'Cann John, 31, West-st. 
M'Dermot Edward, Bull-ring 
M'Laughlin William, West-st, 

Tanners and Currier^. 

Byrne Thomas, West-st. 

Dowd Eli^i-ie'. n , Shop'-st. 

'-'inegau Phiiio, /ohu-st. 

Fine'jan Bernard, (leather .seller) S' 

Fiuegan Michael, John-st. . '< 

Hart Patrick, John-st. * * 

Kelly Thomas, Lawrence-st. 

Lannders Nicholas, James^t. 

Lynch Christopher, Shop-st. 

Moore Themes, Johh-st. 

M'Cann James, Dyer-st. 

Moore Thomas, Shop-st. 

O'Farrell Patrick, Dublin-gate 

Terney Thomas, John-st. 

Tiernan John, Shop-st. 

Uriell John, John-st. 

Wall Bartholemew. Shop-st. 

Waltrin John, Shop-st. 

Waltrin Simon, Stock well -laae 

Ward Hugh, Dyer-st. 

Waters Thomas, John-st. 

Timber Merchants, 

Carty Thomas, John-st. 
Crosby Thomas, Magdalen-st. 
Duff Michael, South-quay 
Leland John, West-gate 
Smith and Smyth, North- quay 


Dowd George, Shop st. 
Kiernan John, Shop-st, 
Sweeney James, (& grocer) Stockwell-lane 

Watch and Clock Makers. 

Adams Charles, 111, West-st. 
Atkinson Saml, (& engraver) 2, West-st. 
Glover Thomas, Peter-st. 
North Thomas, 1, Lawrence-st. 

^Whitesmiths, 4*0, 

North Thomas, Peter-st, 
Tierney Wilfiaip, Peter-st. 



Wine and Spirit Merchants, 

Campbell Patrick, West-st. 
Coleman James Simon, 12, West-st, 
Delahoyd Richard, 16, West-st. 
Murphy Joseph, Shop-st. 
Roden Michael, (and tea) Shop-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Barrett Andrew, Shop-st. 
Cartan Patrick, West-st. 
Daly Robert, 5, West-st. 
Levins Michael, Shop st. 
Magrath Edw. (& Manchester warehouse) 
l,Shop-sti - 

M'Kenna Francis, 41, Shop-st. * 

Barker Wm. butter inspector, North-quay 
Corragan Lawrence, stone mason, Dyer-st. 
Harpur Joseph, basket warehs. Bull-ring 
Hayes Wm. accountant, Fair-st. 
Holmes George, distributor of stamps, Law- 
rence -st. 
O'Brien Margaret, earthenware dealer, 

O'Donnagen John; bookbinder, James-st, 
Pentony Peter, glover & breeches maker, 

14, West-st. 
Power Ed. teacher of music, Magdalen-st. 
Scholes James, Callenderer, West-st. 
Wisdom Obadiali, gun maker, West-st. 

Mails and Post Coaches. 

From the Royal Mail Coach Office, 


The day Mail to Belfast, at eleven in the 
morning, to Dublin at three in the after- 

The night Mail, to Belfast, at five minutes 

* past twelve, to Dublin, at three in the 
From Gosson's Hotel, West-street. . 

The Mail to Londonderry, every night, at 
a quarter past twelve. To Dublin at two 
in the morning 

A Post Coach, to Dublin, every morning 
ateight, & on Sundays, at ten the morning 

A Post Coach, to Dublin, every Mon, Wed. 
and Friday, at two in the afternoon ; to 
Armagh, every Sunday, Tuesday, and 
Thursday, at half past ten in the Morning 

The Lark Post Coach, to Newry, every 
morning, at half past ten ; to Dublin 
every day, at half past twelve 

From Dollards Coach Office, Hoet'r 

A Post Coach, to Dublin, ateight in the 
morning, daily; on Sundays, at ten in 
the morning. 
Goods are conveyed to Liverpool, by regu- 
lar Traders, as frequently as cargoes occur. 



JLS an ancient market and assize town, of the county of Louth, built on the south side of 
the Castletown river, and near the shore of a large open bay to which it gives name, 40 ' 
miles north of Dublin ; it is a flourishing sea port, containing about 10,000 inhabitants. 
Its principal import, is flax seed. — Its exports which are considerable, consist of barley 
and oats, beef, butter, live cattle, hogs, and a great quantity of plain linen. — The bay is,, 
large and safe, having from one to three fathoms water, with a sandy bottom. The town iS' 
^ pleasantly situated in a valley, surrounded by rich enclosures, and backed by a bold outline 
of mountains, particularly those of Carlingford, to' the east and north. The houses are 
<of stone, and the principal street extends to the distance of a mile, near the centre of which 
is a well built Mansion, now in the possession of Lord Roden. In the neighbourhood of 
Dundalk,is a Tumulus, supporting a fine building of large dimensions, commanding pleas- 
ing and extensive views, the present proprietor of which is Mr. Burns ; near it is a very 
old Castle, with a square tower at each angle, converted into a modern dwelling house, the 
residence of Charles Eastwood, Esq. The Castle was erected by Edward Bruce, in 1318/' 
The country south of Dundalk, is extremely rich and well cultivated. This town has 
experienced its share of sufferings, in the early period of its history, and was a royal city 
in the time of King Edward the Second. In this Reign, Robert ds Bruce, King of Scotland, 
taking advantage of the divisions which at that time existed in England, sent over an 
army of Scots, under his Brother Edward, who being assisted by the malcontents of the 
day, entered the English Pale plundering all the cities aad towns in his way to Dundalk, 
where he, caused himself to be proclaimed King, and reigned for the space of one year : 
The English Monarch, having appeased his domestic troubles, sent over an army under , 
Lord Birmingham, and in the engageipent which ensued, Bruce lost the battle and his life. 
The present bridge over the Castietown /river, possesses but fev; claims to admiration, 
A new one however, is about to be built, the estimated expence of which is 14,000 pounds. 
The most remarkable public buildings of Dundalk,are the fine Church of St. Nicholas ; the 
Charter School ; the Courts of Justice, and new Sessions House, with fine Pillars in 
front; the Market Hall, News and Assembly Rooms, where a Guild is held periodically ; 
the Corn Stores, Butter Crane, and a Linen Hall, The Barrack^ are rather a spacious 
than comfortable habitation fqr. the soldier. Two Catholic Chapels, with one Presby- 
terian, and one Methodists and a Lancasteriah Free gchool. The , town also possesses a 
Literary Society of some eminence ; a Fe\er Hospital, and the general pqe ^f the county 
of Louth. The principal manufacturer establishe^nhere, are thdse of ^lt,,poap, candles, 



and tanned leather, in the neighbourhood a gr^t qnantity of linen is fahncated. The 
" Lady Well" is celebrated for fine water, and many cures ar^ attributed to it. The 
neiffhbourhood of the Black Rock, is peculiarly favourable for sea-bathing. The market 
which is well suWied and attended by multitudes, is held on Mondays. The Fairs are 
Feb 22ni May 17th. July 5th. Au£?. 30th. Oct. 25th. & Dec. 13th. A Hunt & Races are 
held annually at Lord Charlemont's. Tbe 24th. of June, (St. John's) is held as a festival 
at Castte Town, anfl the 2S)th. (or St. Peter's) is celebrated at Sea Town. 

Post Office, upper Ward,— Post Master, George M' Gusty, Esq.— The Mails to Dublin 
at quarter past twelve at noon, and at twenty-five minutes befoie twelve at night.— To 
Belfast, at two in the afternoon, and a quarter past three in the morning.— Bye mails 
every Sun. Wed. and Fri. arrive at ten minutes past eight in the evening, departs at six 
in the morning.— Post Ofl&ces established at Dunlter, Castle Bellingham, Lm-gan-grsen, 
and Ferry -Bridge. 

Braziers and Tin-plate Workers. 
Eyre George, Middle-ward 
Pattison Thomas, Middle-ward 

Bell Saml. Alex. & Co. Upper-ward 
Duffy, Plunkett & Co. Cambrick-ville 

Cabinet Maker. 
Hale Wm- (& upholsterer) Middle-ward 

Clothes Brokers. 
Bradley Stephen, Middle- waid 
Kelly Patrick, Lower-ward 

Coal Merchants. 
Duffy John, Salt-house-quay 
Fitzpatrick John, Martin's-quay 
Godbey Wm. Lower- ward 
M'Court Anthony, (& slate) Shamble-lane 
O'Rourke Constantine, Chapel-lane 
Stevenson John, Barrack-st. 
Tallon L. E. Middle- ward 


Academies, (Principal). 
Keener Rev. John, Upper-ward 
StuLhs Rev M. Chapel-lane 
Sullivan Rev, M. Upper-ward 

Accountant (Puhlic). 
Hill Patrick, Upper- ward 

^.Apothecaries and Surgeons. 
Those marked thus + av« Surgeons. 
Brown Robt. Middle-ward 
tCallan John, Upper-ward 
Clarke Patrick, Lower-ward 
tOetty John, Middle-ward 
Murphy Richard, Lower-ward 
tNeilson J. A. Middle- ward 
JNoble Brabazan, Upper-Ward 
O'Brien Denis, Middle-ward 
tPage R. L Upper-ward 
Sibthorpe Marj', Middle-ward 
Wood James, Middle- ward 

Clarke James, Upper-ward 

Attomies and Solicitors. 
Byrne John, Upper-ward 
Twibill Georg«, Middle-ward 
Wallace John, Upper-ward 

Daw Andrew, Lower-ward 
Fitzpatrick Peter, Upper-ward 
Gilmer Patrick, (& barm-brewer)Mid.-warc^ 
Kelly Michael, Middle-ward 
Lannan Charles, Lower-ward 
Magee Mary, Upper-ward 
Public Bakery, Middle-ward 
Soraghan Ann, Middle-ward 

Thomson Robt. Ravensdale 
Lloyd Thomas, Ravensdale 

Booksellers, 6j-c. 

Corry John, (printer and dealer in music atfd 
instruments, paper hangings, patent medi- 
cines, maps and colours, books elegantly 
bound) Middle-ward 

tarks J osepl). Middle-ward 

Temple Joseph, [new and second-hand 
school and childrcns' books,' and circu- 
lating librarj'] UpperTWard 

' Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Atkinson John, Cliapel-lane 
M'Alester William, Middle ward 
Matthews James, Middle-ward 
Parker Joseph, Middle-ward 

* 1l^ .1 

Fagan Thomas, Upper-ward 
Giffney Francis, Middle-ward 

Byrne Thomas, Middle- ward 
M'Cartriey Brj'an, Upper-ward 
Matthews, Upper-ward 

Corn Merchants. 
Boyle James, Lower-ward 
Cliauibcrs Jolin, Upper-ward 
DuUaghan Jas. Wellington-place 
Ferrall Edw. Wellington- place 
Godbey Wm. Lower-ward 
M'Gorisk Patrick, Upper-ward 
Sherry Arthur, Middle-ward 

* Corn and Flour Dealers* 
Bigger G. L. Scotch-green 
Ctilian Patrick, Middle-ward 
Brown, Malcolm, & Co.„Sea-town 

^ . 'Earthenware Dealers, 

Bradley Stephen, Middle-ward 
^Boy!e*E!eanor, Lower-ward 
CallanJohp, Mifldle-ward 
Connick Thos. (& glass) Middle- ward 

^ Gig and Car Builders. 
■Carney Owen, Upper-ward 
Hoey Patrick, Sea-town 

Glue Manufacturer. 
Clarke Patrick, (& skinner) Middle-ward 



Boyle Jas. Lower-ward 
Byrne Ann, Upper-ward 
Caffley Daniel Middle- ward 
Carroll John, Middle-ward 
Dorian Rose, Upper-ward 
Hill Patrick, Upper-ward 
Lamb Patrick, Lower-ward 
M'Alester James, Middle-ward 
M'Kenna John, (wh, & rt.) Middle-ward 
M'Mahon Jane, (toy dlr.) Middle-ward 
Magrath Peter, Middle-ward 
Smith Ann, Lower-ward 
Smith Alice, (& toy dlr.} Middle-ward 
Soraghan Ann, Middle-ward 
Stevenson John, Barrack-st. 
Tailon Lawrence Edward, Middle-ward 
Ward John, Upper- ward 
Watson Ann, Middle-ward 
White Bridget, Middle-ward 
Williams David, Barrack-s*:. 

Boj'le Eleanor, Lower-ward 
Hill Patrick, Upper-ward 
Watson Ann, Middle-ward 

Hat Manufacturers. 
Corran Patrick and James, Upper-ward 
Corran Edward, Middle-ward 
Hanlon Thomas, Upper-ward 
Mannon James, Upper-ward 

Iron Mongers, Sfc. 
Boyle James, ^iron merchant) Lower-ward 
Coanery Michael, Middle-ward 
Sheckleton Alex, (gunpowder merchant, 
agent to the Atlas insurance Co. manu- 
fac. of nails, & smiths' work) Middle-wd 
Tailon L. E. Middle- ward 

Joiner and Builder. 
Finegan Peter, [& bricklayer] Lower-ward 

Leather Cutters. 
Hanlon John, Middle- ward 
Matthews Thomas, Middle-ward 
Sandys Lawrence, Middle-ward 
Treanof James, Middle-ward 
Ward Patrick, Upper- ward 
^. , Linen and Woollen Drapers, 
•Coleman Ellen, Middle-ward 
- Connelly James, Lower-ward 
Dogherty Patrick, Middle-ward 
Getty Robt, Middle-ward 
M'Kenna John, Middle-ward 
Magrath Peter, (& fancy wareh.) Mid.-Wd. 
Qiiin P-atrick, Lowei-ward 
Cairns William, Lower-ward 
Godbey William, Lower-ward 

Boyle JaS. (timber) Lower-ward 
Callon Patrick, (corn) Middle-ward 
CarroUJohn, Middle-ward 
Chambers John, (provision) Upper-ward 
Cqleman Neal, Middle- ward ■ ^jp 

Godbey William, .Lower-ward * 

Healy Edw. (spirits, oil, & colours) Up.-wd. 
Kiern^,, Jas. [dour] Mkldle-ward, aod 

M'Alester James, Middle-ward ■ *^ 

Reed William, [seed merchant] Middle-wd. 

Sherry Arthur, Middle-ward 

Townley John, [commissioner for special 
bail and affidavits] Middle-ward 

Coleman Patrick, Sca-towu-road ^ 

CoDcannon Thomas, Middle-ward 

Hinds John, Sea-town 

Page R. L. Upper-ward 

Plumbers, Glaziers Sf Painters. 

Hoey Bernard, Middle ward 

Marks Thomas [pai. & glz.] 'Wcllington-pl, 

Pattison Thomas, Middle-ward 

Rope, 5fc. Makers. 

M'Laughlin Peter, Middle- ward 

Verdon Edward, Middle-ward 

Byrne Patrick, Middle-ward 

CorryJohn, Middle-ward 

Salt Manufacturers. 

Duffy John, Dundalk-quays 

Fitzpafrick John, Dundaik-quays 

Martin John Castle-town 

Spirit and Porter Dealers. 
Boyle Jas. [spirit merchant] Lower-ward 'f 

Boyle Alice, Lower-ward 

('•yrue Arin, Upj-er-ward 

Byrne Tiiomas, Middla-ward 

Clarke Patrick, Middle-ward 

Dransfield J. A. [Kings Arras] Middle-ward 

Fhcley Tlios Upper-ward * 

Farrell John. Dundalk-quays 

Fmegan Peter, Lower-ward 

Finegan Arthur, Middle-ward 

Flanagan Margaret, Middle-ward 

Gallagher John, Middle-ward 

Garstin Matthew, Upper-ward 

Gilmer James, Lower-ward 

Godbey Wm. [spirit merchant] Lower- ward 

Healey Edward, Upper- wai-d 

Lavisher Philip, Middle- ward 

Lawless James, Upper-ward 

M'Allister James, Middle-ward .; 

M'Ardle Henry, [red lion] Lower-ward 

M'ArdleOwen, Lower- ward 

M'C'annOwen, Sea-town 

M'Cartoey Bryan, Upper-ward 

M'Entecr" Edward, Middle-ward 

M'Kgnna James, Lower-ward 

M'Kittrick Owen, Lower-ward 

M'Parlaiid Peter, Lower-ward 

Magenuis Owen, Upper-ward 

Malcolm Mary, Dundalk-quays * 

Marmion William, Upper- ward 

Martin James, Middle-ward 'Hj 

Martin Jjohn, jun. Middle-ward . ^1 

Martin John, [spirit merchant] Middle-wd. 

Noble John, Shamrock, Middle- ward jP 

O'Hagau Edward, Upper- ward ^ "I 

O' Hanlon Roger, Lower-ward 

O' Hanlon Felix, Middle- ward 

O'Roiirke Patrick, Lower- ward 

RooneyJohn, Lower-ward 

Tallou Lawrence, iun. Middle- ward 

Townleyjohn (spirit merchant) Middle"- Syard 

Williams David, Barrack-st, 


M'Caiin Patrick, Uprtr-waid 
' Matthews Jn.uies, Maiket-soc.are 

Tallow Chandlh'S Sf Soap Boilers. 

Brady Elizabeth, Lowei-waid 

CarrollJohn, Mi;klle-ward 

Coleman Nt-al, Middle-ward 

Drowdall Richard, Middle-warr' 

Grant Jiunes, Upper-ward 

Hoev Owen, Lower- ward 

Keliy Patrick, Middle-ward 

M'Alester James, Middle-ward 

Marmion Ellen, Middle-ward 

Murphy Arthur, Lower-ward 

Tanners and Curriers. 
'' Callaa Mifbl. Upper-ward 

Coleman Thomas, Upjier-ward 

IWartin James, Middle-ward 

Matthews James, Middle-ward 
Turners in Wood. 

Casey Michl. Chapel-town- lane 

Dwyer Hugh, Upper-ward 

Kecfe Denis, Lower-ward 

Stevenson Jeremiah, Lower-ward 
Watch and Clock Makers. 

M'Corraack Andrew, Middle-ward 

Townley Edward, Middle-ward 

•• Quilton Caleb, pawnbroker. Upper-ward 

Sandys Peter, lock-smilh, &c. Upper-ward 

Shedden Robert, manufacturer of muslins, 
&c, Sca-town-rond 

. Magistrates, 8fC. 

Bigger Lenox, Esq. magistrate & dcpnty- 
bailiff of Dundalk, Middle-ward 

Srabazon Henry, Esq. magistrate, Sea-town 

Coleman Peter, Esq. Clmrch-hill 
K.Ford Jas, Esq. magistrate, Sea-town 

Forster Geore-c, Esq. Sea-town 

Foster Sir Thomas, Baronet, Phillip'.s-town 

Jocelyn Rt. Hon. Viscount, Dundalk-honse 
' JocelynHon.Jobn,Bailiif of Corpor,Fair-hUl 

Johnston Graham, Esq. Sea-town 
1 Maxwell Henry Esq. Sea-town. 

Ogle John, Esq. I'ork-hill 

Parks Panl, Esq. stamp distributor & coroner 
of the county of Louth, M-ddle-ward 

Rodcn Rt. Hon. Earl, Tullamorei 


Thackay Rev. Elias, Vicar of St. Nicholas, 

Wallace lient. Rt. Graville, Wellington-pl. 
Revenue and Excise Officers, 

Comptroller of Customs & Town Clerk, 
Lawrence Tallon, Esq. Upper-ward 

Collector, R. Page, Esq. Upper- ward 

Collector of Port Duties, John Stralton, 
Esq. Lisnawilly ■* 

Land Waiter, William Purcell, Sea-town 

Port Surveyor and Custom Store-Keeper, 
Henry M'Clintock, Sea- town 

Surveyor and Store- Keeper of Excise, 
Alexander Smith, Upper- ward 

Tide Surveyor, Jsh. Purcell, Dnndalk-point 

Assessor of Taxes, Jas. Tallon, Sea-town 

Pro-collec. of Customs, H. Parker, Mid-wd. 

Pro Collec. of Excise, W. Page, Upper-wd 

Col. of Hearth Money, G. Lepper, Mid-wd. 

Arrival and Departure of Coaches. 
From P. Clarke's, Middle-Ward. 

Mail to X>M6/m, (daily) at a quarter past 
twelve at noon, to Belfast, at two in the 

Mail to Dublin (nightly) twenty-five mi- 
nutes before twelve at night, to Belfaat, 
at a quarter past three in the morning.- 

Post Coach to Dublin, (daily) at a quarter 
past nine in the morning, to Newri/, at 
two in the afternoon 

Post Coach to Dublin, every Mon. Wed. 
& Fri. at half past ten in the morning, 
t© Armagh, every Sun, Tues, & Thure. 
at ^o in tlie afternoon, 

FnoM THE King's Arms. 
The JMtky Post Coach, to Dublin, every 
morning at nini-, to Newry, at two in the 

Conveyance of Ooods^, 

Goods are conveyed regularly by traders, 
to Liverpool, and other Ports, from Dun- 
dalk-quay ,_ 

Th^e^ is a regular conveyance for Passen- 
j^el'sto Liverpool, . by Packet from If^ar- 
ren's-point. Cars convey Goods with 
Safety and dispatch, to all parts of Ireland, 
daily, from John Rooney's Lower-ward, 
and from the Carman-inti, near Edward 
Healey's, Upper-ward. 




!ea Portj b(p'0i%h town, and bay of the same name, in the county of Waterford, 100 
milesf rom Dublin, 22 from Waterford, and 42 from Cork ; it is oneof the most considerable 
fisheries in Ireland, and i^ remarkable for producing in its vicinity the first apple potatoes in 
the country. It supplies a great part of the interior of Munster with fresh fish, and is itself 
a remarkably cheap town. It was formerly noted for its export of fruit and timber to Dub- 
lin, but that trade has lately declined, and in its place has sprunjafup a considerable export 
of CGrn,butter, and provisions, ft) the ports, of the English cliannel , it also possesses a great 
number of vloopsand brigs, which are employed in the carrying trade for all the neighbour- 
ingports. TheriverCoUigannms through the town, anddivides it from Abbey-^side, where 
there is au ancient castle, and abbey, in the latter of which, is still to be seen some sheeting 
..boards of the ground arch, of old Irish oak, which, although but an inch thick, are yet un- 


decayed after a lapse of centuries. Thfe Quarter Sessions of the j^ce fo*%e wcsteni 
division of the county, are held here generally twice or thrice a year, in January, April, 
and October; there is also a Manor Court held here, by the SenesCliHl, every three weeks, 
at which debts under 15/. may be recovered. The Church is a neat buUding delightfully 
situated, commanding a full view of the bay and harbour, and when the fishing boats are 
going to sea, presents a most picturesque prospect. The Cattolic Chapel now building, 
will be both large and handsome, and when finished, not inferior to any thing of the 
kind in Ireland, The Duke of Devonshire is* principal proprietor and patron of the town^ 
he has lately made considerable improvements therein ; built a finij stone bridge and 
causeway upwards of 900 feet long, at a very great expence, and has most generously 
gi't'en it toll free to the public. The Seneschal is appointed by him, and is the returning 
officer for the borough. Dungarvan sends one member to Parliament. Pre- 
sent member A. W. Clifford,- Esq. It contains about 8000 inhabitants. Saturday is 
thechief market day for pigs; and there are four other market days in each week for 
com and provisions. 

Post Office, Main-st.-— Post Master and Sub-distributor of Stamps, Benjamin G. 
Dyer. Mail to Cork every day at three ; to Waterford every night at six. 

Hudson John, Seneschal and chief magis- 
trate, Devonshire-square 
Galwey John, M. Ducks-pool 
Humble John Nugent, Clonkoskeran Castle 
Longan Robert, Dunfiarvan 
M'Guire Thomas, Clonea Castle 

Rev. Stephen Dickson, Vicar, Hermitage 
Rev. Alex. M'Donnell, Curate, Church-lane 
Rev, P. O'Meagher, Parish Priest, Church-1. 

Bagg Henry, Church-lane 
^ , Barron William, Maiu-st. 
* . Bayley William, Abbey-lodge 
Greene Rodolphus, Bridge-st. 
Hearn John, Ballinarauck 
Kiiely Edward, Spring-mount 
Walsh James, Bridge-st. 

Dower Robert and John, Fairlauc 

Baker Stephen, Barrack-lane 
Hearn Thomas and Co. Blackpool 

^ Grocers. 
Dower Patrick, Black-pool 
Redmond Martin, Main-st. 

Hat Manufacturers. 
Fitzpatrick William, Oven-lane ■ 
Scanlan John, Buttery-st. ^ ^A 
^ Inns. ^** 0_ 

Devonshire Arms, Rich. M'Grath,'Bridge-st. 
'New Inn, John Sherrin, Maiu-st. 
Iron Mongers, i 
' ^Carbery Andrew, Main-st. 
^,Mahony Michael, Black-pool 

♦ Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
"f %.ECyjrne James, Blackpool 

Kiely Michael, Blackpool 

• iM'Grath Patrick, Main-st. 

O'Donnell Neal, (Manchester Warehouse) 

Quin John, Maln-st. 
^j 4 * Merchants r 

'^oym—-^, Main-st. 
Carbery Andrew, Main-st. 



Codd Francis, Clubbarts-lane ^ 
Dower Robert and John, Fair-lane* 
Galwey John M. Ducks-pool * ^ 
Hudson John, Devanshire-square 
Roche Stephen, Quay 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Browne James, Blackpool 
Draper John, Buttery-st. 
Duggan Michael, Devonshire-square 
Eyres Michael, Buttery-st. 

Pawn Brokers. 
O'Neill Ellen, Main-st. 
Rondyne Patrick, Thompson's-laue 

Gleeson John, Cove-hill 
Kennedy James, Quay-lane 
Lonergan Gabriel, Church-lane 
Public Notary. 
M'Grath Richard, Bridge-st. 

Revenue Officers. 
Anderson Barton, surveyor and chief port 

Anderson John, Pro-collector 
Baker Robert, Ganger 
Coghlan David 
Godfrey John, Ganger jf 
Unthank Samuel, Gauger 
^earn Anthony 

Baker Stephen. Main-st. ; 

Crotty Dan. & Thos. Black-pool 

Sail Makers, 
Mulcahy David, Abbey-side 
Mulcahy Nicholas, Clubbarts-lane ''* 

Salt 8f Lime M&nufactuters. 
Carberry Andrew, Main-st. 
Tallon, Dominick & Co. Abbey-side 

Ship Builders. 
Risbill John, Borcheqatra 
Thompson George, Black-pool ^ 

Ship Owners. 
Colbert John, Black-pool ■ 

Curreen Timothy, Abbey-side 
Fitzgerald James, Main-st. 
Foley William and John, Abbey-side 
Higgins Patrick, Abbey-side 




Higgins Tlios. Abbey-side 
Kiely Jobn, Main-st. 
Mansfield Edward, Black-pool 
M'Grath Richard, Bridge-st. 
Walsh Edmund, Main-st. 

Surgeons, SiC. 
Conian Patricia 
Quin Arthur 

Tallow Chandlers and Tobacconists, 
Carbery William, Blackpool 
Galveu Eugene, Main-st. 

Tanners and Leather Sellers. 
Anthony Abraham, Church-lane 
Dower Patrick, Main-st. 


From the Devonshire Arms. 

The Royal Mail to Cork every day at three, 
through Cappoquin, Lismore, ifc. to 
fFhter/ord every night at six through 



S extremely well situated for foreign and inland trade, manufactories ahd fisheries, on 
a broad and stony river. This ancient town has ready access to the navigation of the At'antic, 
and to a large range of country, through the medium of Lough Corrib, which extends 30 
miles, with a range of coast of near 50 miles, through a populous and fertile country. This 
lake is said to occupy 30,000 acres, and contains upwards of 1000 acres of arable land and* 
its isles. Its surface is asserted to be only thirteen feet nine inches above high water, and its 
medium rise in floods is about three feet. Galway, so early as 1280 was a place of note, a« 
is evinced by their town records, &c, about this time they began to fortify themselves, and 
surrounded their town with walls, bastions, &c. We may find from the reports of the com- 
missioners on the records of Ireland two Roils, one from the Sixth of Edward I. empower- 
ing the collecting of customs and tolls, on various commodities, in aid of, and for building 
the walls, &c. The other record, from the Patent Roll of the 49th of Edward III. eatitled 
" Charter of the Staple of Galway ; also another record granting unto Germyn Lynch the 
office of Warden and Master of the Mint in Ireland, dated the 6th of Aug. the 1st of Edward 
IV. empowering him to coin money for Galway. The merchants here carried on an exten- 
sive trade with France and Spain, particularly in the wine and brandy line ; of the former 
article, their records assert they used to import 1200 tuns a year, which they engrossed 
for near four centuries. They not only supplied all Couaught, Lcinster and part of Mun- 
ster, but they even Itad their vaults and stores at Athboy, in the county of Mcath, the re- 
mains of which are to be seen there to this day, from whence they supplied Dublin, Drog- 
heda, and the adjacent towns ; in return for which they exported wool, beef, pork, butter, 
and fish. At present the fishery gives employment to between 3 and 4000 of the inhabitants. 
They used for a long time to contract for, and supply the British navy with beef and pork. 
Their trade and commerce was so lucrative that it enabled the thirteen tribes at an early 
period to purchase large estates all over Connaught, and part of Mutster, manv of whom 
notwithstanding the different revolutions that have occurred, their posteiity enjoy to this 
day agreeable to the various charters, &c. In some parts of the town the houses are 
divided into separate estates or properties, for each room of which, the respective tenants 
pay a quit rent to the crown, in consequence of a separate patent having been granted by 
Oliver Cromwell. Galway is constituted a town and county of itself, the liberties of which 
extend upwards of four miles round. The meat markets are plentifully supplied, particu- 
larly with veal, kid, and lamb in the season, one of which is conveniently situated at the 
entrance of the town ; it was erected about the year 1802, fitted out with stalls and hand- 
somely shaded. The streets, which are long and narrow, are in a bad state, not having been 
paved for a number of years. The greater part of this town consists of square edifices 
upwards of 200 years old, with each a small court in the centre; there is an arched way 
from the street to the court, with a stone stair case on each sida. The public buildings are 
the Collegiate Church, which is very large and of Gothic structure, of which the constitution 
and privileges are unique ; an Exchange; a Charter School and a Hospital ; a County Jail, 
which is a noble structure, built in a simple but elegant stile of architecture, at a place 
called Nuns' Island, situate at the west end of the town ; it was ready for the reception of 
prisoners in June, 1811; and for situation and convenience rivals any prison in the empire. 
Here is also a Barrack that will contain several thousand troops ; four Nunneries and three 
Monasteries. Galway is governed by a Mayor, (who is a magistrate, ex-officio, of the 
county at large) a Recordero Aldermen, and Sheriffs. The population is computed to ex- 
ceed 20,000 : it sends one member to Parliament, the present is J. M. Prendergast, Esq. 
Market days, Wednesday and Saturday. Fairs, Slst May, abd 4th of September. 

Post Office, Dotainick-st.— Pcrsse, Post Master. — The Mail for every part of the United 
Kingdom, leaves at nine o'clock every morning, and arrives at five o'clock everv- even'ne-. 


Kearns Danie] , Flood-st. 

Blake Charles, Shop-st. 
Doyle John, Bridge-st. 
Hillary John, Eyre-square 
Keough Thomas, Shop-st. 
O'Maley Martin, High-st. 
O'Shaughneesy Francis, Eyre-sq. 

Bath Joseph, Wood-quay 

Blakeney John, Dominick-st. 

Borke Edward, Nuns' Island 

Kirwau John Abbey-gate-st. 

Lynch George Lawler, Middle-st. 

Madden John French, Wiliam-st, and 35, 

Paradise-row, Dublin 
Martin Anthony, Back-st. 
O'Connor Charlesi Back-st. and 23, Lower 

Ormond^quayj Dub]in| 
O'Hara Constantine, Cross-st. and 6, Arran- 

quay, Dublin 
Quia Andrew, Spanish Parade 
Ruxtea Allen, West Galway 
Ruxten Samwel, High-st. 
£ixncacks Wilkin, Bushy-park 
Smyth James, Cburch-lane 

Baker, 8fc. 
Halloran John, Quay-st. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Clayton Matthew, (perfumer and general 

fancy warehouse) High-st, 
Conolly Caleb, High-st. 
ConoUy George, High-st. 
Imns Christiana, High-st. 
Macartney Saint George, Shop-st. 
CFlaherty John, Cross-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers, 
Dea Thomas, Lombard-st. 
Keane Francis, Cross-st. 
Rooney John, Lombard-st. 

Brazier, dfc. 
Murphy Edward, Shop-st, 
Adams, rannon & Co. Newcastle 
Burke Thomas, Abbey-gate-st, 

Mahon John, High-st. 

Corn Millers. 
Fitzgerald F. Nuns-island 
Francis Thomas, Newtown-Smyt'a 
Fynu Bartholomew, Newtown-Smyth 
Hernon Denis, Nuns-Island 
Mitchell Frederick, Dominick-st. 
Mitchell John, jun. Bridge-st. 
Morris Jeffry, Upper Dominick-st. 
Nevin Patrick, William-st. 

Discount Bank Offices 
Clayton Oliver, High-st. 
Lynch Patrick and James, Shop-st. 

Joyes James and Patrick, Newtown-Smyth 
Regan MichtKl, Nuus-Island 

Blake Charles, Shop-st. 

Earthenware Dealer, 
Mullin Denis, High-st 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 
N. B, Those marked thus J are grocers only. 
Blake Andrew, High-st. 
♦Clarke William, William-st. 
jCorcoran Denis, Dominick-st. 
Corr Thomas, Cross-st. 
Dowling Jas. fand wine) Abbey-gate-st. 
Duggan James, Old Mainguard-st. 
French Mark and Thomas, Abbey-gate-st. 
Fynn James, (and wine) William-st. 
Hughes Martin, Quay-st. 
JKelly John, William-st. 
Kinne Bernard, Abbey-gate-st. 
Kineavy Martin, William-st. 
Knight James, Sbop-st. 
J Lee Stephen, William-st. 
Mahon Francis, Old Mainguard-st. 
Maloney Patrick, Cross-st. 
Marshall Abraham, Dominick-st. 
Winston Richard, High-st. 

Clayton Matthew, High-st. 
Harlow Patrick, SUop-st. 

Jackson Robert, Williams-gate 
Ryan William, Mainguard-st. 
Smyth Patrick, 6ross-st. 

Conolly Thomas, Eyre-squarc 
Kilroy John, Eyre-square 
Staunton Walter, Quay-st. 

Iron Mongers. 
Commins Redmond, William-st. 
Conolly Morgan, Sbop-st. 
Simcockes Samuel, Old Mainguard-st. 
Stephens Patrick, Old Mainguard-st. and 

Burdge Nicholas, Shop-st. 
Clinch James, High-st 
Kelly James, Shop-st. 
RoMnson Andrew, High-st. 

Leather Cutters and Sellers. 

Carrcrfl Bridget, Shop-st. 
Cloran Michael, William-st. 
Glougherty Penelope, Old Mainguard-st. 
Commins Thomas, Wilfiam-st. 

Macartney Saint George, Shop-st. 
O'Flalierty John (Lyceum) Cross-st. 
Smith R. Lombard-st. 

L.inen and Woollen Drapers. 
N. B.Those marked thusfare Linen-Drapers 

only, and thus * Woollen Drapers only 
t Brady Thomas, Williams-gate 
tDaly Thomas. Shop-st. 
fFahy Bartholomew, Williams-gate 
tFurrell Patrick, High-st. 
fGardiner Mary Ann, H^h-st. 
♦Ireland John, High-st. 
Kealy Mark, Shop-st. 
Kelly Coll, High-st. 
fKing Patrick, HigU-st. 



•Kirby William, High-st. 
♦Lynch Henry, High-st. 
LynesS Bridget, Old Mainguard-st. 
t Madden Mary, High-st. 
Mannin Patrick, Old Mainguard-st. 
♦Mitchell Anthony, Sbop-st. 
♦Mitchell Patrick, Shop-st. 
•tMoran Thomas, Hig^-st. 
♦O'Connor James, High-Bt, 
O'Dogherty James, Shop-st. 
tRabbiti Roderick, Shop-st. 
fSheridan John, William-st. 
Joyes James, and Patrick, Newton-smyth 

Burke John and James, Back-st. 
Clarke Denis and Hun;h, Merchants-road 
Costello James {grain& commission) Back-st 
JOodd Richard, Eyi-e-square 
Fitzgerald Francis, Back-st. 
Lynch aud Martin Back-st. 
Lynch Anthony, High-st. 
Moore John, Back-st, 

Milliners and Haberdashers. 
Blair William, Shop-st. 
Cox Eliza, High-st. 
Gardiner Mary Ann, High-st. 
Murphy Joseph, Cross-st. 

Paper Maker. 
Httghes Rueben 

Blake Henry, Bominick-st. 
Bmke Myles, Newtown-Smyth 
O'Maley Martin, High-st. 
Whistler Thomas, Dominick-st. 

Porter and Spirit Dealers. 
Belton John, Quay-st. 
Braugball James, Quay-st. 
Buchanan James, Old Mainguard-sf, 
Burke Edmund, Old Mainguard-st. 
Burke Patrick, Williams-gate 
Burke Thomas, William-st, 
Donnelly Patrick, William-st. 
Evans Evan, Flood-st. 
Francis James, William-st. 
Greally John, Old Maingnard-st. 
Higgins Daniel, Wiiliam-st. 
Hughes Patrick, Wiiliam-st. 
Joyce Patrick, Dominick-srt. 
K«m8 Thomas, William-st. 
King John, William's-gate 
Lally Michael, William-st. 
Matbews John William, William's-gatc • 
Mitchell Godfrey, William-st. 
Mitchell James, Cross-st. 
Mitchell John, Cross-st. 
O'Brien Bridget, Quay-st. 
O'Brien John, William-st. 
Raftery Daniel, Quay-st. 
Reed T. William's-gate 
Roach Mark, Shop-st. 
Rooney Patrick, Bridge-st. 
Ruane Michael, William's-gatc 
Scully Robert, Quay-st. 
Sleator Edmund, Abbey-gate-st. 
Sweeny John, Cross-st. 

Tieruey Joh», WilUsmwst. 
Toole Margaret, Shop-st. 
Trehern Mary, Quay-st. 
Wilkinson Joseph, Market-st. 

Printers, Letter-press. 
Busteed Richard, (Galway Chronicle Office, 
Wednesday and Saturday) Abbey-gate-st 
C^onnolly Caleb, (Galway Weekly Register 

Office, Saturday) High-st. 
O'Flaherty Bartholomew, (Connaught Jour- 
nal Office, Monday & 'Thursday) High-st. 
O' Flaherty John, Cross-st. 

Rope Makers. 
Stephens Patrick, Old Mainguard-st. and 

Castiaux Frederick, William-st, 
Haverty Michael, Shop-st. 

Salt Mantifacturer. 
Burke William, Merchants-road 

Silk Mercer, 
Gardiner Mary Ann, Higb-st. 
Starch Maker. 
Morris Jeffery, upper Dominick-st. 

Tailor and Habit Maker , 
Keogb Michael, Shop-st. 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Donnelly Martin, William's-gate 
Forster James, Bridge-st. 
Kerwin Peter, Williara-st. 
Mitchell Edward, Cross-st, 
Murphy William, Old Mainguard-st, 
Newell Patrick, Dominick-st. 
Northen Edward, High-st. 
Peare Thomas, Bridge-st. 
Ryan John, Eyer-square 
Ward Darby, Shop-st. 

Gunning James, Dominick-st. 
Joyce Patrick, Dominick-st. 
Kineary Martin, William-st, 
Lee Stephen, Wiliiam-st. 
Marshall Abraham, Dominick-st. 
Oliver Bartholomew, Quay-st, 
Ryan John, Eyre-square 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Burdge Nicholas, Shop-st. 
Clinch James, High-st. 
Robinson Andrew, High-st. 
Verdon Charles, High-st. 


Barlow Abraham, painter, Cross-st. 
Bath Robert, architect. Wood-quay 
Beegan Bartholomew, gentleman, Newcastle 
Burke Richard, notary public, Church-yard 
Calcutt Wm. inspector of stamps. Well-park 
Daly Dominick, distributor of stampSj 
High-st. ., I,'. 

Daly Rev. James, Warden of Galway, Do- 
Dodd Richard, butter crane, Eyre-square 
Fallon Michael, gunsmith, High-st. 
Killery James, collector of excise, Abbey-. 



(fO'Donovan.R. J. pawnbroker, Middje-st. 
Officers nt the Custom House. 
Joli L. Riely. Collector 
John BlaUe, Pn Surveyor 
Henry S. Persse, Land Waiter 
Dnocan Cameron, Tide Surveyor 
Thomas Younar, Inspector of Fisheries 

Officers of the Toum. 
James Daly, Mayor 
John Haidiman Burke, Deputy-Mavor 
James O'Hara, jiin. Recorder, 
John O'Hara, Town Clerk 
Francis Smyth, Coroner 
Michael Dillon, "> ^, ._ 

Matthew Thomas Smyth, J^"^"'^'* 

From the Royal Mail Coach Office, 

The Royal Mail to Dublin throufrh Athlone 
every morning at nine o'clock, arrives in 

Jthlone same evening at five o'clock, and 
at Dublin nest morning at six o'clock, 
leaves Dublin every evening at eight 
o'clock and arrives in Athlone at eiffht 
next morning, and at Galway at five 
o'clock same evening 

From Conolly's Hotel, Eyre-SquarSb. 

A Canal Coach leaves every Tuesdaj', Thursi 
day and Saturday mornings at six o'clock j 
and meets the Packet at Shannon Har- 
bour at four o'clock in the afternoon ; the 
Packet arrives in Dublin at eleven o'clock 
the following day, those who perfer this 
mode of travelling leave Dublin at two 
o'clock on Sunday, Tuesday, and Thurs- 
day, and arrive in Galwuy on the evening 
of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 
Places to be taken at Conolly's, who will 
not be accountable for parcels not regu- 
larly entered. 



JLKENNY.the largest inland town in the kingdom of Ireland, is situated on the banks 
of the Norc, in a county of its own name, in the province of Leinster, about 5S miles, 
S. W. of Dublin ; itconsists ofacityand borough, withoutauyperceptibledivision, namely, 
the city of Kilkenny, or the English town, and the borough of SJ. Canice, or the Irish 
town, independantly of extensive suburbs ; it is the seat of the Bishop of Ossory, aud the 
ailjacenf territory is a county in itself; its situation on the river Nore is romantically 
pleasant, covenngr two little hills : on one of them stands the Cathedral, and on the other 
the Castle of the Ormond family, founded in the year 1192, by Randolph, the third Earl 
of Chester, but it owes its present form to the Butlers. It enjoys a commanding situation 
on a precipice overhanging the bend of a deep and rapid river, whose water is remarkably 
clear, so that aquatic plants, or small pebbles can be distinctly seen at a great depth, and 
have a pleasing effeiit; in the immediate neighbourhood of this city, and over the river, are 
two stately bridges, the one named St. John's ; the other Green Bridge, the last is the 
mostjdistantup the river and ^s composed of seven arches. St. John's Bridge, which is nearest 
to the Castle, has but three arches, but of very wide span, of hewn marble, in fine eliptical 
proportion. The city and borough arc tolerably well built ; it appears from ancieot re- 
cords, that in former times there were seven Churches in this city, now there are but two ; 
viz. tlie Cathedral and the Parish Church of St. Mary, The Cathedral Church of St. Ca- 
nice is a fine Gothic structure, in the form of a cross, it was begun in the year 1202, aud was 
^ finished 1 252 ; the length from E, to W. is 226 feet, and the length of the cross from N. to 
,,,S. is 123 feet, being perhaps the largest Church in the whole kingdom, except St, Patrick's 
and Christ's Church in Dublin, and iti the beauty of its nave, it exceeds both, the roof of ^ 
which is sijpported by five pillars, and a pilaster of black marble. In the north transept 
is the Chapel of St. Mary, where the parochial Vicar of St. Canice formerly officiated. ' 
On the outside, round the Church, runs a regular battlement, and at the west end are two 
small spires. The tojv^r of this Church was never finished ; but it is possessed of a ring 
of six bulls, and in the Church is an elegant Organ ; the present is Mr. Christo- 
pher Betteswoi til Bailey, professor of Music ; a man highly respected for professional ta- 
lent. From the ^ishop's Palace to the Church, is a long double colonade, in the modern 
style ; the nav^ is divided from the aisles by massy columns, of black marble ; tiie Church- 
yard is regularly planted with trees, into which, from Irish town is an entrance by a flight 
of twenty-seven marble steps ; on the west of tlie church is a hand-some terrace walk, 
from which there is a fceautiful prospept, of a fine and well cultivated country The Ca- 
thedral is both neat and light, though a strong fabric ; the Choir is heautihil, the ceiling 
adorned with curious fret work, the stalls are of wood, but elegantly ornamented. There 
are some Monuments scattered about the cliurch, which though irregular disposed of, 
ha%-e an imposing effect. One of thes^ merits particular attention, it is that to the me- 
nioiy of Doctor Nicholas Smyth, Bishop of Ossory, who was imrrdered by James Dallard, 
an assassin, as he was exaipining him in the Bishop's house, for thu crime of adultery. 
The tomb is cut out of one entire block of maihie. Ntvir tl\e Csthcdnjlis a round tower 
fif great height, and in a good stiite of preservation ; \ is in the ( iiurci)-rfird, and onthe 


south side of the Cathedral. The Bishop's Palace is a handsome huilding, enclosed by sT \ 
high wall, in which are two gates, one leading out of the Church-yard, and the other 
into a back street. The present bishop of Ossary is the Right Rev. Robert Fowler, aud 
the Dean of Ossory, the Honourable and rery Reverend Joseph Burke. 

The parish Church of St. Mary, situated in the high street of the English-town, is u 
good building, in the form of a cross, with a steeple of a tolerable height, and possesses a 
good and handsome organ. There are four Roman Catholic Chapels, very well attended ; 
and a Methodist Meeting-house. The Castle is a noble edifice, in the Gothie style, the 
situation is beautiful, the front lies nearly S. \V. looking towards John's bridge. Before 
the front is a lawn edged with flowering shrubs ; this lawn, with its walls, forms a rampart 
nexttbe river ; a walk of about eight feet in breadth, has been taken from the river, for the 
recreation of the citizens, Athich is called the Mall, is very pleasant in fine weatheif; 
and much frefjueuted by the genteel of both sexes. On the opposite side of the river, is 
the residence of the Rev. Andrew O'Callaghan, delightfully situated, where young gentle- 
men ai e boarded and educated. The College, founded by the Ormoud family, is a good 
building, whence many learned men, particularly Swift, Berkely, and Congreve have been 
prodiiced. There are two Charity Sch«ols belonging to the Roman Catholics, and one to 
the Protestants, all three supported by subscription, and conducted on the plan of Mr. 
Joseph Lancaster; there is also a nunnery, with a School belonging thereto; and four 
Parish Chapels for the Catholics ; two Convents, the one Franciscan, the other Dominican. 
Tliere are also the ruins of two monasteries, and the remains of the abbey af St. John, 
and those of St. Francis; newly erected Barracks for soldiers, of light and elegant 
appearance, possessing an extensive area in front, enclosed by a good stone wall. The 
main street is an English mile in length, spacious and well built. There is a conve- 
nient Market-place, and the Tholsel is a good building, with a lofty steeple, in which is a 
good clock of infinite service to the citizens, and a numerous peasantry,,. who attend 
the Markets which are held here on Wednesday and Saturday, and for catfle, pigs, &Cf 
on Tuesday and Friday. Many of its gates are still standing, and some remains of its 
old walls, which indicate its former strength ; and in some places they, are raised over 
rocks. In the English-town stands the Town Hall; the Gaol, with a fine sculptured figure 
of Justice in front, and a Market-house. Without the town, at a short distance, stands 
the building used at present as a Fever Hospital, formerly a Work-house or House of 
Industry, with a Lunatic Asylum. At a little distance be5'ond the castle, is St; Ja,mes's 
Asylum, founded and endowed by thelate JamesSwifts, in 1803. In this Asylum, there are 
live r6oms,twoof which aredevoted to the service of widows of the Roman Catholic jjersua- 
sion, and three to those of the Protestant. Eveiy widow is allowed twenty pounds per yfer 
besides the produce of the garden. Not far from the Castle, is a Theatre, of light and 
tasteful appearance, where the general performances, (chiefly by amateurs of the first 
families) are the means of amply contributing towards the support of those who are de- 
pendent On the fostering hand of charity; In the city and Its environs, abundance of 
blankets and coarse woollen cloths are manufactured. The Corporation consists of a Mayor, 
a. Recorder, two Sheriffs, 18 Aldermen, 36 Conimott Council-men, and a Coroner; the 
Mayor is elected on the first Thursday, after Midsummer-day, he is then stiled the Mayor 
elect, and enters into ofiice the 25th. of September following ; he is obliged to reside *in 
the town during the time of his Mayoralty. Kilkenny sends one membei' to Parliametit; 
the present Member is the Right Hon. Dennis Browne; Its fairs are held on the dajr of 
Corpus Christi, and on the 28th. of Marcti ; there are Other Fairs of minor import, Its 
■- Markets are well supplied with every necessary of life; and its shambles are plentifully 
.supplied with meat, andthetown with immense quantitiesof milk. In the Gollfge' Meadow, 
. : on the banks of the river Nore, and in a marble quarry, ts a chalybeate water, which is in 
very great repute. A mile from this city, are the noted marble Mills, and ^''srry, the pfo- 
: perty of Charles Collis, Esq. the mechanism of which is so contrived, that they saw, bore 
and polish atthesame time ; and at little more than an hour's walk, is thefamous Cave of 
Dunmore; well worth the attention of the curiotis stranger. The population is estiiha- 
ted at from 25,000, to 26j000. ■ -» 

Post Office, John's bridge. — \FilUatnClifFord, Acting Post Moster. ' This Office is open 
for letters all the day; and letters are delivered out, after eight o'clock in the 
morning. Letters for Waterford, and the West of England, if put into the ofiice before 
four o'clock in the afternoon, are dispatched by way of GoUran ; but if aftci ihut hour, 
Uiey are sent by the Cork Mail Coach, by Clonmel at ted o'clock at night. 

3«! Nobility, Clergt/and Gentry.^ 

i''The' Marquis of Ormo'nd 
The Rt, Hon. Lord Carrick ■ ' 

The Rt. Rev. Robt. Ld. Bishop, of Ossory 
Tlie Hon. & very Rev. Joseph Bourke, 

The Rt. Rev. Dr. M^i'um, Catholic Bishop 

of the Diocese 
The Worshipful the Mayor, Wm. Hartford, 

Esq. Parade 
Bradish Mrs. Irish-town 

Dejiu of Ossory 1 Christian Capt. Jonathan, R-^. King-st. 



- ypoUis Ricbard, Esq. River-view 

Cooke Edward, Esq Patrick-st. 

Hartford Geo. Esq. Parade 

Keough John, Esq. Sheriff 

M'Ennis Danl. Gent, lower John-st. 

Madden Major Chas, Patrick-st. 

Madden Major Samuel, Patrick-st. 

Met^e Rev. Jas. Patrick-st. 

O'Callaghan Rev. A. College , 

Pack Rev. Anthony, D. D. Patrick-st. 

Roe Rev. Peter, St. Mary's 

Ryan'Peter, Esq. Kiug-st, 

Shaw Wm. Esq. Back-lane 

Shea Mrs. Patrick-st. 
I Sherman Ambrose, Esq. County Magistrate 

Thompson John, Esq. Coal-market 

Cummins Elinor, High-st. 

Empson William, High-st. 

Gregory Joseph, Rose-inn-st, 

Hutchinson Thomas, High-st. 

Nowell John, (chemist) High-st. 

Treacham Richard, Coal-market 

Robertson William, 12, William-st. 

Bibby Richard, Coal-market 

Cormick Williamy 5, William-st. 

Costelloe Patrick, Coal-market, 

Denroche E. C. John's-bridge 

Devereaux Hervey, Patrick-st, 

Fitzpatrick John, Hif h-st. 

Hartford Thomas, King-st. 

Kelly John, Coal-market 
^ Kelly and Poe, jun. Coal-market 

Kelly Thomas, King-st. 

Nixon Henry, King-st. 

Nowlan Thomas, (county treasurer) IHgh-st 

Scott B. (commissioner of affidavits, &. mas- 
ter extraordinary in chancery) King-st. 

Watters John, (town clerk, & clerk of the 
peace) Patrick-st. 

Walters William, Patrick-st. 

Douglas Wm. Jackson, Rose-inn-st. 

Walters Lewis, King-st. 


Coyne Francis, (miller) 66, Walkin-st, 

Duggan Joseph, Coal-market , 

Healey Jam«s,^igh-st. 

Kealy Matthew, High-st, 

Kelly James, Rose-inn-st. 

Neeland Jane, Rose-inn-st. 

Smithwick Paul, High-st. 

Young Thomas, 20, Chapel-lane 

Latouche George & Co. and Dublin 

Loughnan James, Coal-market 

Loughnan, Son & O'Brien, and London 

Barwis John, Parade 

Bracken Henry, Patrick-st. 

James Christopher, John's-quay 

KincbelaJohn, Coal-market 

Bording Schools, 

Cody Jame8 7, Wellington-place 

Leech George, (ladies) Parade 
O'Callaghan Rev. Andrew, College 
Pack Catharine, (ladies) Patrick-st. 
Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Cronyn Thomas, 3, Patrick-st, 
Duncan Peter, Rose-inn-st. 
Hoyne Thomas, Rose-inn-st. 
JCennedy Edmund, High-st. 
Mackey Thomas, High-st. 

Akenhead Thomas, Coal-market 
Byrne William, High-st. 
Murphy Henry, High-st. 

Brennan and Cormick, High-st. 
Brennan and Meighan, Coal-market 
Fitzgerald Simon, Irish-town 
Loughnan and Sullivan, James's-st. 
Shearman Richard, 15, John-st. 
Shearman Robert, John's-bridge 

Beigin John, John-st. 
Murphy Martin, 40, Walkin-st. 
Shaw John, 11, William-st. 

Cabinet maker. 
Bateman Richard, Rose-inn-st. 

Card Makers, 
Doherty M. & S. New-buildings 
Mara Bartholomew, Irish-town 

Clothiers, Blanket Manvfis. S)C. 
Boumer George, Church-lane 
Brennan Thomas, Ormond-mill 
ClohosyJohn, 18, Irish-town 
Ccstcllo Thomas, St, Canice's 
Davis Martin, Kilcreen- factory 
Kelly James, Irish-town 
Moran Catharine, Irish-town 
Phelan James, Irish-town 
Read Mrs. Margaret, Butts 
Scott & Brown, Ormoud-hill 
Shortall Nicholas, Walkin-st. 
St. Leger Michael, Goose-hill 

Brennan Patrick, St. Francis's-abbey 

Looby Timothy, 48, John-st. 
Marum Mary, Coal-market 
Stephen Barton, St. Canice's steps. 

Glass, China, ^ Earthenivarc Dealers, 

Bolger Margaret, Coal-Market 

Brazell Anne, Parade 

Maher Ann, Coal-market 

Murphy M, Watergate-bridge 

Porter John, jun. Rose-inn-st, 

Sinton Catha)'iiie, W^ater-gate 

Fire Office. 
West of .England Fire and Life lustirance 
Company, Joliii Powell, High-st. 
Ayl ward James, Hiffh-st. 
Bawdwin Thomas, Irish-town 
Birch Martin, Irish-town ' 
Bradley Thomas, High-st. 



Byrne Daniel, lower John-st. 
Corrierford Francis, High-st. 
Dalton Edmund, Coal-marlcet 
Dorvney James, Hig>i-st. 
Doyle Arthur, High-st. 
Fitzgerald James, Irish-town 
Freeman Martin, Coal-market 
Grace Miak, Coal-market 
Hart Thomas, High-st. 
Healy James, Hisch?<f. 
Healy Patrick, Highest. 
Hone Luke, High-st. 
Kelly NichtOas, High-st. 
Kelly Timothy. Hi^h-st 
Laffan Thomas, High-st. 
' Lahey John, High-st. 
M'CreeryJohn, High-st. 
Maher James, High-st. 
Phelan Patrick, John-st. 
Smithwick& O'Callaghan, High-st. 
Walsh James, High-st. 
Walsh Thomas, Patrick-st. 

Hardtvare Men. 
Burnham Francis, Coal-market 
Foley Ann, High st. 
Madden Edmund, High-st. 
Meighan Francis, High-st. 
Spear Christopher, sen. High-st. 

Birch Nicholas, Rose-iun-st. 
Byrne James, Coal-market 
Nowlan and Wood, High-st., 
Powell John, High-st, 
Pratt William, Rose-inn-st. 
Walsh Robert, Coal-market 

Poyntz Luke, High-st. 

Devereaax, Walter J^evereaux, Walkin-st. 
HibermaM, Rice and Walsh, Patrick -st,- 
Patrick-street, Wm. Devereaux, PatrJck-st. 

Inns, 8fc. 
Bush Tavern, James Power, Rose-inn-st. 
EagJe, Mary Proctor, Coal-market 
King's Arms, P. M'Aginnis, John-st. 

^ * Ironmongers, Sfc. 

'fiyi'ne Daniel lower John-st. 
DoylKjolm, 7, Irish-town 
Dunn Timothy, High-st. 
■Monisey John, Watergate 
Pnckley Nicholas, 5, High-st. 
Linen Drapers. 
Dnnphy Edward, High-st. 
Foley Thomas, High-st. 
Haughoey Patrick, .H4gli*st. 
Lecky Eliza, High-st. 
Nowlan John, High-st. 

Linen and Woollen Draptrs. 
Cody James, Coal-market 
Lanigan William, Coal-naarket 
Murphy John, High-st. 
Potter Michael, Coal-H»arket 
Quigley Mary, Coal-market 
Quigley Patrick, High-st. . 
Ryan Cornelius, High-st. 

Scott Patrick, Coal-market 
Tynan Catharine, Parade 


Brennan andComiick, High-st. 

Reade Redmond, janies's-st. 

Baker Mary, High-st. 
Carey Ellen and Ana, High-st. 

Music Seller. 
Byrne Simon, John-st. 

Notary Public. 
Grace William, Registrar Deputy of the 
diocese of Ossory, Coal-market 

Painters and Glaziers. 

Campion John, 18, William-st. 
Doyle James, High-st. 
Doyle James, Walkin-st. 

Paper Stainer and Painter. 

Hennessy John, High-st. 

Campion John, King-st. 
Reynolds Ann, Kiug-st. 


Alcock Nathaniel, King-st. 
Butler John, [physic chirurgcry & mid- 
wifery] King-st. 
Shannan William, John's-quay 

Plumber, Glazier and Painter. 
Gaze Benjamin, John-st. 

Professor of Music. 
Bailey Christopher Bettesworth, (erganist 

at the Cathedxal) William-st. 

Printers and Stationers. 
Denroche Abvaham,(Mo<leratorOffice,Tues- 

day, Thursday and Saturday,) High-st. 
Hsnderson Andrew, (Lcinster Journal Office, 

Wednesiilay and Saturday) Parade 
Reynolds John, High-st. 

Cody William, High-st. 
Hudson John, Rose-inn-st. 
Maxwell Martin, Rose-inn-st. 

Bateman Henry, High-st. 
Corbett Michael, High-st. 
Jack John, Parade 
Sammon James, Rose-inn-st. 

Soap Boilers, Sfc. 
Aylward James, High-st. 
CaTlagan John, Coal-market 
Healy Patrick, High-st. 
Sinitliwick and O'Callaghan, High-st. 

Stone Cviten. 

CoUis Richard, Esq. Jobu's-quay S,, 

Dowling Richard, Maudlin-sti. 
Gready Andrew., Kiog-st. 

Straw Hat Manufaeturers, 
Baker Mary, High-st. 
Colles Mary, High-st. 



Spirit Stores. 

\ Grant James, Higli-st 

iMahor John, Coal-market. 
Tjmaii Christopher, Rose-ian-st 

Pack Thomas, Jolm's-bridge 
Treacham Richard, Coal-market 

Glennan Patrick, Chapel -lane 
Guinn Thomas and Son, King-st. 
Ryan John, Chapel-lane 

, Jjoughnan Joseph ( & iron and timber mer- 
»'*' chant) Ifishtown 

Sullivan William & Son. (& starch manufac- 
turers,flour millers &factors) Coal-market 
Tea Dealer, 
Clifford William, John" s-bridge 

Fitzpatrick E. High-st, 
Lawrenson Thomas, Coal-niarkct 
O'Donnell Richard, High-st. 
Meigham John, (& spirit merchant, tallow 
chandler and grocer) Coal-market f 
Watch and Clock Makers. 
Colles Nicholas, Higli-st. 
Doyle Edmund, King-st. 
ReJly Frederick, High-st. 

fVine and Spirit Merchant, 
Gray Basil, High-st. 

Woollen Drapers, 
Aylward Michael, High-st. 
Burnham George, High-st. 
Cody James, Co^l-uiarket 
Croyn George, High-st 
Quigley Eliza, High st. 
Rowan George Hamilton, High-st. 
Scott Martin , High-st, 

Bolger Daniel, breeches maker, High-st 
Castelli J. carver and glider, Patrick-st. 
Dausr' ny J. stuff manufacter. 47, Irishtown 
Empson R. haberdasher, Coal-market, 
Flanigan M. neachine maker, King-st. 
Fogarty M. woollen merchant, High-st. 
Flood John, clerk of the peace, Parade 
Kelly James, city crane master, High-st. 
Kinchela L, C. bleacher, Goal-market 
Laffan Joseph, barrack master, Johu-st. 
Martin Pat. basket maker, King-st. 
M'Donnell Thomas, confectioner. Parade 
Pemberton Thos, book-biuder, Rose-ian-st. 
Porter John, glover, Rose-inn-st. 

Prim Jn. distributor of stamps, William-st 
Quigly E. corn and flour factor, Coal-market 
Rathe Abraham, gun maker. Rose-inn-^ t. 
Robertson and M'Craith, nursery and seeds- 
men, High-st. 
Williams William, high constaMe of the 
county of the city of Kilkenny, I, Wm.-st 

Carriers by Land, 
From William, Tynan's Roseinn-st, an ele- 
gant covered Caravan, for the accommo- 
dation of Passengers, and the conveyance 
of parcels, leaves Kilkenny at five o'clock 
in the morning, every Monday, Wednes- 
day and Friday ; passing through Royal 
Onk, Carlow and Naas, and arrives at 
Mr, Bohys, Lamb-alley, Corn- market, 
Dublin, at five o'clock the same eveaing ; 
leaves the above Inn at six in the moring, 
every Tuesday Thursday, and Saturday, 
passing through Naas, Carlow and Royal 
Oak, and arrives &t Kilkenny at six in the 
evening, on each of the above daj's. 
From the Bush Tavern, Rose-inn-street, 
a Car for passengers and parcels, leaves 
Kilkenny, for Thomastown, every morn- 
ing (Sunday excepted) at five o'clock 
From John Hennessy's, High-street, a gen- 
teel Car for passengei's and parcels, leaves 
Kilkenny at seven o'clock every Monday, 
Wednesday and Friday morning, passing 
through Callan, Killamory and Nine 
Mile House, and arrives ai Mr. Robert 
Hennessy's Main-street, Clonmel, at one 
o'clock at noon, on each of the above days. 


The Mail Coadh from Cork, arrives at six 
o'clock in the morning, an J is dispatched 
for Dublin ten minutes afterwards. The 
Post Boy from Gouran with Dublin Mail 
arrives every morning at a quarter past 
eight, and is dispatchrd with Dublin Mail, 
(to meet the Waterford Mail Coach for 
Dublin at Gouran) at four o'clock in the 
afternoon. The Mail Coach from Dublin, 
arrives at ten o'clock at night, and pro- 
ceeds to Cork in fifteen minutes af- 

From the Hibernian Hotel, ^tbe Kilkenny 
Day Coach, sets oflF every morning, during 
summer, at five o'clock, passes through 
Royal Oak, Carlow and Naas, and ar- 
rives in Dublin at four o'clock in the even- 
ing. The same Coach, during winter, 
leaves Kilkenny at six in the morning. 



_^N ancient borough town and sea-port, 136 miles from Dublin, 10 from Bandon and 
12 from Cork ; lies on the north side of the Bandon river, where it falls into a bay callecl 
the Harbour of Kinsale, which is deep, spacious, and commodious ; frequently resorted '^ 
to by vessels of war, that are occasionally repaired here. It is well defended by Charles' 
Fort, on the left bank of the river, above the bar. which has from three to three and a 



half fathoms of water, at the lowest<tide. Its harbour, thougli much less spacious than 
that of Cork^is one of the roost compact and secure that can well be iraaginexl. It is of 
a round form,with a long and deep entrance from the south, and pei#ctly secured by high 
land surrounding it in every directidri ; yet this town derives but little advantage in the 
way of trade, from so fjne a hftrbour, the superior situation of Coflt, engrossing thft 
foreign commerce. Something however is dohe liere in the import of coals, and also iii 
the coasting trade ; hut the great marine establishment is its iishery; immense numbers 
of boats, of about twenty tons burden, are employed in this business, and afford an ample 
supply of fish to the markets of Cork, Kiiisaie, and Bandon. In the'j'ear 1600, the Spa- 
niards took the town, but were driven out of it the same year by the Lord Deputy of Mount-- 
joy, who obliged the Spanish commander, with 5000 men to-surrender the place. Charles*^ 
Fort, though a place of great strength, was taken by the Earl of Marlborough in 1690, 
from the forces of King James II. Kinsale being an old town, the streets are narrow and 
ill-paved. Front) the great number of tVees in and about it, it has the appearance of a 
town in a wood, when viewed froih some of the rising grounds in the neighbourhood. It 
has been greatly improved within tlVese few years, by the erection of many comfortable 
and commodious houses ; in addition to which, the establishment of hot and cold salt- 
water baths have contributed much to the irifliix of company. There is an assembly Roomy 
and a Bowling-green, where a be^utifal prospect is gained of the harbour, and tlie uvo 
v/ell-built villages of Cove and Scilly. Kinsale possesses one Church, two Catholic 
Chapels, and one Methodist Chapel. A Fever Hospital, and a Dispeiisarv; a Female 
Srhool of Industry; Alms-houses, and a building called the Gift House, foe, widows of 
freemen , also a Gaol and a Barrack. There is a Dock and Yard for repairing ships of 
war, and a Crane and Gun Wharf for landing and shipping heavy artillery, wi^h a hulk 
in time of war, for laytn^f doVm and careening ships of great size, with the proper esta- 
blishment of royal dotk-yard, the more remarkable, as this is the only one in the islands 
Kinsule gives the title of Baron, to the ancient and noble family of De Coui-cy, lineally 
descended from John De Courcy. Earl of Ulster. It is govern&d bj' a Sovertign, aiid 
Recorder, and sends one member to Parliament. It is in the county of Cork, and has a 
good market on Saturday. ' , 

The population of Kinsale arid its par&Iies is estimated at 12,000. 

Post Office, Lower Fisher-st.— Ann F'arzer, Post Mistres$. — The Dublin Mail leaves 
every day except Friday, and arrives every day except Tuesday. The Cork Mail arrives 
every morning at n,ij(ie, and returns every afternoon at three o'clock.— Attendance in the 
Office from nine in the morning until four in the afternoon. 

l^ohility, Getitry and Clergy., 
Kingsale Rt, Hon. Lord 
De Courcy Hon. and Rev. Thomas 
Adams Lieut Michaelv R. N. Long-qua^ 
Beamish George Esq, 
Beamish Rev. Samuel 
Beamish Rev. Henry H. 
Becher Lionel, Esq. 
Beven Griffith E., Esq. 
Bishopp William, Esq. 
Bishopp Edward 
Browne W . I. , . 

BuUen Joseph, Esq. 
Co.ilis John, Esq, 
Connell Anthony. Esq. Barrister 
Cramer John Thomas, Esq. 
Crosbie Lieut-Col. Fearer 
Daly Denis, Esq. 
Daunt George Digby, Esq. 
Dealy John, gent. ' '<*->-'^* 

De Courcy James, Esq, 
Denis Major John J. 
Doneclift Lt. John, R. N. 
Dunn George Newman, Esq. 
Dunn Robt. Lander, Esq, 
Dunn Miss A. 
Fenton Ma,ior Temple 
,Foly;Robert, Esq. 
Green Roger Edwardj Esq. 
Heard John Igaac, Esq. Sovereign 
C c 

Heard Edward,: Esq. 

Heard Lieut. William, R. N. 

Hunt Edward, Esq. 

HiirlyDaniel, Esq. 

Irwin John, Esq. 

Jackson N. W. Esq. 

.Tackson Williani, Esq, 

Kenny Rev. Thos. 

Langton Major James 

Lewis Richard Hull, Esq. 

M'Daniel Lieut. R. N. 

Markham Thomas Esq. 

Markham Capt. M'illiani 

Massey Henry, Esq. 

Meade Rev. John 

Meade Rev. tlicha.rd 

Meade Richard, Esq. 

Meade William, Esc^; 

Mol-kler Wm, Esq. 

Moore Jamea, Esq; 

Nason John, Esq. 

Nason Henry T. K. Esq. 

Newman George, Esq. Tovrn Clerk 

Newman Capt. Richard 

Newman, Williani, Esq. 

Nicboll William. Esq. 

Pratt James, Esq,, 

4lainsford Capt. Mark 

Reynolds James, Esq, 

Sandys Capt. Jahjes 


Sandy Williitiifi, Esq. 
Scott Percy. Esq. 
Stewart Rev. John 
Taylor Capt. Henry. R. N. 
Teulon John, jun. Esq. 
Verling Watkins William, Esq. 
Warren Robert B. Esq. 
Webb, Rev. R. 
Webb Rev. R. F. 

McCarthy Denis, lower Fisher-st. 
kice John, upper Fisher-st. 
Gibbons Gerald Henry & Co, (to Lloyds) 

lower Fisher-st. 

Kelly Daniel, Market-st. 
O'Connor Michael, Long-quay 

Newman William, public notary, commia- 

sioner for taking affidavits in Chancery, 

and all the Law Courts, lower Fisher-st 
Walton Joseph Dunn, Long-quay 

Bakers and Flour Dealers. 
Byrne Anne, Lower Fisher-st 
Coleman John, Market-place 
Denmond Michael, Market-lane 
Donovan Catharine, Market-st. 
Garrett Arundel, Market lane 
Hopps James, lower Fishcr'st. 
Leahy Meade, lower Fisher-st. 
Mahony Denis, Market-st. 
O'Keeffe John, Market-st. 

Block and Pump Makers. 
Fuller Richard, lower Fisher-st. 
Hosford Nicholas, lower Fisher-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Barrett Richard, upper Fisher-st. ^ ^; ^ 
Barry Thomas, lower Fisher-st. 
Black James, Geoi'ge-st. i oairij ,-^3i r 

Carrick Daniel, lower Fisher-sKJ lo «i3b" 
Carwen James, Main-st. "■•^Jii -oilti 

Plinn Michael, Market- plt»ce !•/"''? -o^ 
Fudger William Nicholas, lower Fisher«st 
Leary Jeremiah, Market-place 
Southwick Joseph, lower Fisher- st. '•-■ ' ? 
Ward Benjamin, lower Fisher-st. ' 

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers. 
Hackett Thomas, Market-st. 
Seymour William, Market-8t. ■ 

Brewers. -1 to/io<j^-, 

Dunn George and Co. Glynn ^, 

Cabinet Maker* 
Morgan Jonathan Lander, lower Fisher-st. 

Coal Merchants. 
Casey Timothy, lower Fisher-st. 
Dempstey Daniel, Market-quay 
Taylor Archimond, lower Fisher-st. 

Gibbons Gerald Henry, (French , Swedish, 
aM Norwegian) lower Fisher-st. 
Custom- House Officers* 
Green R. E. Esq. Collector ^ 

Saiidys William, Pro-Collector 



Pratt 3aimn,f(yrt^ir'i^foJe{ -f'^d^sl ,q«K 
Massey Henry, Land- waiter '^^' '"^'"^ -.'.fircn 
henry M. Port Master?s Siii^^Voiy'^GWe^ 
KinsaJe ' " '■' ■'"' .'•i'=''-^ 

Heingerford Richard, Surveyw, Cloriikif^ 
Norcott Richard B. Surveyor, Cidnakilty ' 
Hea John, Tide Surveyor, Cove M'Sherry - 
Holines A. Tide Surveyor, Oyster Haven 
Massey Wm. Tide Surveyor, Seven Heads 
Earthemvare and China Dealers.' 
Anderson John, lower Fishef-st. 
Green Thomas, lower Fisher-st. 
Excise Officers. 
Jackson Wm. Collector, Long-quay 
Newman John Spiller, Pro-Collector, Loug-q. 
Burke Thomas, Long-quay. , , ^>v,- 

Allen Catherine, Market-lane 
Fryer Charles George, lower Fisher-st, , , 
Green M. A. lower Fisher-st. 
Hogan Patrick, Market-st. 
Howe Jonas, lower Fisher-Sti '• 
Keane Norris, Market-lane •'-■■''' '^ I'^mmJ 
Keefe Timothy, Market-pl^ee"'*o'' f«)?3H'0 
M'Neill Jane, upper Fisher-st. 
Toohig John, Market-place fTiaoLbr^ 
Haberdashers. '>i '••'•? i-*'*"'' 
Doneclift Susannah, Ibwer Fisher-st. 
Donovan Margaret, Market-plac^ iii9. ' ' 
Hotnott Mary, Market*lane 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Those marked § are Linen Drapers only, 

and thus J Woollen Drapers only* J 
§ Fryer Ann, lower Fisher-st. 
§ Furzer D. and G. lower Fisher^s^ . ^^^^^^ 
§ Harrington J. Potatoe-market "" 
§ M'llnoe Catharine, Market-place 
J Mahony Michael, Market-place 
Murphy Denis, Market-place 
I Murphy John, Market-place , ,., Ij 
§ O'Regan John, lower Fisher-st. ' '^' ' ■ * * 
Southwick Joseph, lower Fisher-st. 

Merchants, '! 

Gibbons Gerald Henry & Co. I. Fisher-st- j 
Keely John, lower Fisher-st. . 
Lan,der William, Long-quay -, 

Newman John Spiller, long-quay , 

Painters and Glaziers, _i , . 
Doyle John, lower Fisher-st. ; [-jilot. i ^dt . 
Hussey Henry, lower Fisher-st. r jnd ^^-^nifJ . 
■ Pawn Brokers. 1 

Sullivan D. F. lower Fisher-st. ^ 

Su11i^^an Denis, Cork-st. ' ;• 

Williams John, upper Fisher-st. ^ 

Physicians. 3 

Beamish John, Denilis'-qiiay 
Bishopp Edward, Dennis's-quay '■ 

Donecliffe A. Long-quay 
Scottowe St. John • [ 

Publicans, , - j 

Kinsale Arms, (hotel) Thornas Holland,) 
lower Fisher-st. .^ 

Anchor, N. Kennedy^ lower Fisher-st. /^ 
Black, Horse, J. Donovan, Market- qi^y^f, 
Harp, Daniel Kyan, Mar1ket-quay ^ 


Harp, Isabella Whiter .Market-Ianej«« . 
Letters, John Aherns, Market-plae^ ,. , 
Letters, Kichar^ Beardan,- Market lane 
Letters, Henry Brown, lower Fisher-st. 
Lettnfs, Daniel CoUhiSj Market-place 
Letters, James Connell, Market-place 
Letters, Micbael Connell, lower Fisher-st. 
liCtters, Daniel Deuipsey, Market-place 
Letters, Jere. Hennessej', Potatoe market 
Letters, Robert Mahony, lower Fisher-st. 
Letters, Richard Routh, Market-place 
Liverpool Arms, H. Kemp, low. Fisher-st», 
Ship in Dock, Mary Copley, low. Fisher-st. 
Strap and Block, John Lee, lower Fisher-st. 
Three Jolly Sailors, C. Roche, FisUer-st. 

M'Daniel Jeremiah, lower Fisher-st. 
Semple Robert, Mall 

Saddlers Sf Harness Mak(k^.^^\\- 
Atkinson Thomas, Market-st. . ':' . 

Williams Thomas, potatoe-market 
Salt and Lime Works. 
Cramer J. Thomas, Market-quay 
O'Regan John, Market-quay 
Ruddock Thomas, lower Fisher-st. 
Smith Francis, Lower Fisher-st. 

Straw Hat Makers . . 
Doneclift, Sophia, lower Fisher-st. 
M'Carthy Phoebe, lower Fisher-st. 

.,.».. Surgeons. 
Despourrins Peter, lower Fisher-st. 
Herrick Henry, George-st. 


3 riiif '■'■ '■;;i I'j 

Tailors tind HaUt Mak&iis.^i,? 

Buckley VVm. Market-place ->:! '"y\_r i ■ ■ - 
Connor John, lower Fisher-stl •■"*>'' " is" ;> 
Coveny Daniel, lowef Fisher ^.iq*».^ -loi^*- i 
Dillon Maurice, lower FHshen-stf^i^ noiusT 

Tallow Chandler! ^'' ^^^^J 
O'Regan John, lower Fisher-st. , ,;/ ,^<j^7/ 

Timber MercharA*">^- ^d^W 
Murray John, lower Fisher-st. 

Tobacconists.:"^ '(^^'^'}^ 
Connell James, Market place ' 
O'Regan John, lower Fisher-st. 
Power John, Market-place 


Armstrong John, Compass-hill ■ ^ - , .;V 
Burke Charles, cooper, upper Fisher-st. ft; 
Browne John, waach and clock-maker, 
lower Fisher-st. , 

Desmond Denis, wlieelwright, 1. Fisher-st. 
Driscol Florence, har^wareman, Market-st. 
Dunn Robt. L. maltster, upper Fisher-st. 
JNI'Carthy Dan. whitesmith, up. Fislier-st. 
M'Daniel Mary, confectioner, 1. Fisher-st» 
Perrott John, oil & colourman. Market- pl»; 
Shanahan Timothy, ieatherseller, Market-pl2 
Sunderland Eliza, toy dealer, 1. Fisber-st. , 
Treacy William, spirit dealer, Market-st. ;- 

Convepaiice. .; 

From the Kinsale Arms, a Chaise to Cork'/ 

every morning at seven o'clock, and reM 

lurns the same evening, ^ :'.V0 


JLjIMERICK is a large, populous well-built city,three miles in circumference, situate^l* 
on the east side of the river Shannon, on the borders of the county of Limerick, one of 
the most fruitful and best cultivated in Ireland ; it lies in So 30" W. longitude from Lon- 
don, and 52« 35'' N. latitude ; it is distant 94 miles from Dublin, 50 miles from Cork, 50 from 
Galway, 66 from Waterford, and 50 from Tralee . Limerick is a city and county of itsel f and 
sends one member to Pa.rliamcnt, has two weekly markets on Wednesdays and Saturdays, 
and four feirs, viz. on Easter Tuesday, the 4th. of July, the 4th. of August, and the I2th 
of December. ^ There is a privilege annexed to the fair on the 4th. of August, that during 
fifteen days, no person can be arrested in the city or liberties, on any process issuing out of 
the Tholsel Court of Limerick. The number of its inhabitants has not been exactly ascer^^, 
tained but are geherally supposed to be about 60,000. The linen and woollen manufec?-; 
tares are carried on here to some extent, and the export of provisions is very considerable ; 
Limerick is the See of a Bishop, to which Artfert and Aghadoe in the county of Kerry 
are united ; it gives the title of Earl, to Edmund Henry Perry, nephew to the late Lord 
Perry. It is governed by a Maynr, Sherifls, Recorder, Aldermen and Burgesses, who com- 
pose the common council of the city. The Burgesses serve the office of Mayor, before 
they are elected Aldermen ; but in Dublin and other cities they are elected Aldermen, be- 
fore they come to be chief Magistrates. There are six Justices of the Peace appointed by 
charter, viz. the present Mayor, the late Mayor, the Recorder and three Aldermen ; there 
is also a military Governor, and a Town Major on the establishment. There are barracks 
for a considerablenumberofmilitary, bothhorse,foot, and artillery. St, Michael's Parish 
or Newtown Perry, is situated near the Old Town, and is regulated by 21 Commissione?^.^ 
(seven of whom are elected every t \'o years) appointed under an Act of Parliament granti^ 
a few years ago, to the above parish, ; the Commissioners are authorized by the safd 
Act to levy money for the purpose of paving, cleansing, watching, and lighting tl^«!^ , 
parish, the n^a^a|§i^ent of which, -^fl^^qj^^tljie highest credit on.,«i_9se^ to w^h^^^^ 



entrusted. There is a chamber of Commerce, established by Chapter, consisting of 
the principal merchants, who give bounties to encourage the manufactories. The 
river Shannon is navigable for vessels of 500 tons burden, from the quay of Limerick to . 
the sea, which measures 60 miles. The pool where vessels anchor is an English mile from 
the city, and the prospect from thence is deservedly admired by foreigners, when sailing up 
to the town. On one side Newtown Perry, with the Bishop's and Sir Henry HarlstoHge's 
gardens close to the river: on the other a number of villas, belonging to the citizens, and 
in front a full view of the city. A great proof of the early consequence of Limerick is, 
that King Richard, in ihe 9th year of his reigp, 1 197, granted a charter to the city, to elect 
a Mayor, an honour which London did not obtain until ten years after, nor Dublin until 
the year 1308, and Cork not until the year 1318. Limerick was formerly well fortified, 
and has sustained some memorable sieges: one against General Ireton, son-in-law to 
Cromwell, and Lord Deputy for him in Ireland, King William also, in 1690, sat down be- 
fore it, but was obliged to withdraw his forces ; the following year, the French and Irish 
having re* reated thither after the battle of Aghrim, were followed by General Ginckle, 
and the King's troops, and, after a month spent in the siege, forced the fords of the river, 
some miles above thp town dispersing the cavalry who guarded them, attacked the works 
that covered Thomond Bridge, and drove the inhabitants into the town, who thereupon 
surrendered on honourable terms. Donald O'Brien, King of Limerick, bestowed his palace 
to the Church, about the year 1180, on the site of which, St. Mary's, or the Cathedral 
Church now stands. The entire edifice is in the ancient Gothic taste, and only 
remarkable for the noble simplicity attendant on that order. There are seventeen arches 
in the ailes and choir, besides the great eastern window, which is a good antique ; there are 
also three Parish Churches, and a Chapel of Ease ; four Roman Catholic Parish Chapels,; 
three Friaries, and one- Nunnery; a Meeting House for the Presbyterians ; a Methodist 
and a Quakers' Meeting House; There is a House of Industry and a Fever Hospital ; a 
handsome Custom House ; a new Court House ; and a Prison for the city and epunty pri- 
soners ; there is another new Prison for the county just finished, near Gallows-gceen. 

Post Office, Cecil-st —Edward Bernard, Post Master. — The Dublin Mail leaves every 
morning at eleven o'clock ; the Cork Post every afternoon at four ; the Ennis JVfail 
every afternoon at half-past three ; the Mallow Post every afternoon at four o'-clock. 
The Office is open from nine o'clock in the morning, until twelve, and from three until 
five in the aftemoon. 


Carey Rev. Timothy, D. D. (mercantile & 
modern languages) Catharine-st. 

Gayer Edward, William-st. 

Sullivan Joseph, upper Cecil-st. 

Bold and Boucher, 12, George-st. 

Carroll John, Broad-st. 

Grace Charles, 116, George-st. 

Hogan John, 128, George-st. 

Kelly Timothy, Wiiliam-st. 

Purcell Robert, 15, Rutland-st. 

Rahilly Eustace, Mnngret-st.' ' 

Ryan Lorenzo, 16, Mary-st. 

Ryan Patrick, Bridge-st. 

Ryan Thomas, 31, Denmark-st. 

Igain James & G. R. Catharine-st. 

Those marked f only practice in the Thol- 
sel Court, those marked J practice in the 
Consistorial Court; those marked * are 
Commissioners for taking affidavits ' 
those marked ^ are Masters extraor- 

Barrington Matthew & Daniel, 3, Francis-st 

Beauchamp Robert, Denmark-st, 

Bowles Henry, Glentworth-st. 

*TfBoyse John, 112, George-st. 

Brazill Thomas, James-borougli 

Carroll Henry P. Clare-st. 

Carroll Robert F. Clare-st. 

Carroll Standish, Cl%re-st. 
Creed John, 4, Fraricis-st. 
*ItDartnell George, George-st. 
D'Esterre Robert, upper Georgc-st. 
Dickson Samuel, Tontine-buildings 
Eason William M. George-st. 
Egan Patrick, Thommond-gate 
Eggers Henry S, 15, Shannon-st. 
Furnell George, Thomas-st. 
*^+Fitzgerald John 1 1 , Francis-st. 
Fitzgerald John A. 12, Francis-st. 
Fitzgerald Richard, Roches-st. 
*Gabbett Daniel, 5, Bank-place 
Gloster Edward, Wiiliam-st. 
Harte Henry, Arthur's-qiiay 
Holland William, ArthuHs-quay 
♦^Holland Wm. jun. Bridge-st. 
Holland Phillip H. upper Cecil-st. 
fJackson William M. North-strand 
J*T[Macmahon Bryan & Son, Arthur's-quay 
Mahony David, upper Cecil-sf;. 
O'Callaghan H. H. George-st. 
O'Connor James P. Bridge-st. 
t*0'Connor Patrick, Bridge-st. 
O'Shaughnessy James, Arthur's-quay 
Russell Jame^ George, 6, William-st. 
Sayers Edward, 107, George-st. 
Sexton Andrew, Catharine-st. 
Tierny Edward, Cecil-st. 
Vereker Thomas, upper Cecil-st, 
Waller Samuel, upper Cecil-st. 
Wight John, Roches-st. 
Worrali William, William-st. 



Bcrmmgliam Michael, Winiam-st, 
Connell Patrick, 2, Francis- st. 

Bakers and Flour- dea^^r%. ^ 
Caswell Samuel, 15, Broad-st. 
Clempett James, Mungret-st. 
Conway J obn, 35, Patrick-st. 
Dwyer William, Mungret-st. 
Erson Paul, upper Cecil-st. 
Griffith Mary, Catharine-st, 
Hedigan Jeremiah, Mary-st. 
IJogan Daniel, Mungret-st. 
Meehan Daniel George' s-quay 
Morony Michael, Mungret-st. 
O'Loghlan James, 14, Mungret-st. 
Russell Benjamin, 23, Denmark-st. 
Wallis William, William-st. 
Bruce Geo. E. J. and G. 6, Rutland-st. 
Maunsell, Kennedy 85 Maunsell, 6, Bank-p 
Roche Thos. and William, upper George-st. 

Block and Pump Makers. 
Faulkne- Mary, Mercliants-quay 
Murphy James, Arthur's-quay 

Booksellers and ^tajtion^r^. 
Auriff George, Mary-st. 
Cripps Mary, 9, Patrick-st. 
Goggiu S. B. 121, George-st. 
Macdonnell Alexander, 4, Rutland-st. 
M'Kern George, 25, George-st. 
M'Keru William, 1 6, Rutland-st. 
O'Brien Brian, 4, George-st. 
Watson Henry & And. Jas. 2. Rutland-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Beech William, Mary-st. 
Bowrke Stephen, 20, Patrick-st. 
Bunton John, 2, Patrick-st. 
ColopyJohnj 18, Patrick-st. 
ConoUy Andrew, 29, Patrick-st. 
Cooke John, 37, Patrick-st. 
Parrac Joseph, 1, Patrick-st. 
Lander William, 7, Mary-st 
Ryan John, 16, Patrick-st. 
Tracy Thomas, 13, Patrick-st. 
Wilson Samuel, 4, Merchants-quay 
Worrall Edward, 8, Arthur's-quay 
Worrell Thomas, 19, Charlotte's-quay 

Braziers and Tin Plate Workers. 
Baggot Thomas, George's-quay 
Hill Richard (& pewterer) I, Bank-place 
Riordon James, Bridge-st. 
Fitzgerald John Francis, John's-gate 
Tucker Mary, Square 
Walker and Co, Canal-brewery 

Fitzgerald Michael, Cathariue-st. 
Ryan James, Corn-market- row 

Cabinet Makers Sf Upholsterers, 
Clarke Michael, 35, George-st. 
Eyres Thomas & James, 3, Palrick-st. 
James Charles, George's-qnay 
Ledger William, 14, George-st. 
Card Makers, 
Johnston John, 15, Broad-st. 
Malony David, 14, Broad st. 

Malony Patriclf^^ 1£, Broad-st. 

Connpll William, 36, Broad-st. 
Halpin James, Mungret-st. 
Mjles George, Neison-st. 

Clnb- House. 
Crosbie Joseph, 23, George-st. 

Coach Makers. 
Gubbins James, upper William-st' 
Quiulan James, 42, Thomas-st 
Quinlan Tliomas, 8, Shannoij-st. 
Stephenson Standish, Thomas-st, 

Bizley John, IJ , George-st. 
Carmody Ann, 4, Pattick-st. 
M'Namara John, 23, George-st. 

Barron Thomas, Palinerstown 
Sarsfield Patrick, Peter's-laue 
Corn Mllers. 
Caswell Samuel, George's-quay 
Kogan John, James & Robert, Golden-mill 
O' Gorman James, Curragour-mill 
Wallis William, William-st. 

Cotton Manufacturer. 
Humphrys John, north Clare-st. 

Colgan James 21, Patrick-st. 
Delany Daniel, 29, Denmark-st. 
Discount Offices. 
Delany Joseph, upper Cecil-st. 
Ryan James, 34, Patrick-st. 

Distillers and Rectifiers. 
Russell Francis Phillip, Lock-quay 
Stein, Brown and Co. Thomond-gate 

Druggists . 
Cantrell James H. {&. Chemist) 7, Bank-p. 
Kelly Wm. Bennetand Co. 2, 1. William-st 
Tinsly Patrick, 18, Charlotte's-quay 

Barrett John, John-st. 
Dickson William, John-st. 

Earthenware Dealers, 
Caulfield Jas. 13, Francis-st. 
Caulfield William, Charlotte's-quay 
Erson William, (& (;hlnaj26, George-st, 
Higginson Marcella, 1^7, George-st. 
Mullock Luke. Charlotte's-quay 
O'Donnell William, Charlotte's-quay 
Feather and Skin, Dealers. 
Abrill John, Mungret-st. 
Browne John, John-st. 
Connelly John, Wilson's-quay 
Fire, Sfc. Offices. 
Atlas — John Carroll, CommercijU-buildings 
British and Irish United — J. N. Russell, 

Globe— D, F. G, Mahony, 109, George-st. 
Hope — B. O'Brien, 4, George-st. 
Norwich Union — Kelly, William-st. 
Pelican, C. O'Brien. 44, George-st. 
Royal Exchange. James Morgan, 2, Gep.-;S]; 
Sun, — Edward Bernard, George-st. .'. 

Fifth Monger. 
Hcgan Peter, 16, Denmark-st. 



Flow JFactor^t ' 

Gunson Rolrert, J Mungret-st 

Bourke Michael, 24, Patrick-st. 
Dwyer William, 35, Patrick-st. 
Lyon James, (to tbe Royal Famly) Mary-st 
Sullivan John, Bridge-st. 

Alexander Samuel, 10, George-st. 
Beanis George G. & William, 29. 
Bodkin Richard andJas. 41, Patrick-st. 
Corneal James, 1, Mary-st. 
Crowe George R. Mary-st. 
Hogan Patrick, Broad-st. 
Joynt John, Broad-st. 
Keating Edmund, William-st, 
Kenny Matt^iew, Thoraond-gate 
Moore Matthew, 24, Bridge-st. 
Russell Henry & John, 3, Rutlandst. 
Russell Hughes, 1, Broad-st. 
Sheehy Thomas, M ungret-st. 
Shepherd William, Wiciiam-st. 

Steward James, upper George-st. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers, 

Arthur William, 8, Bridge-st. 

Bodkin Anthony, 16, George-st. 

Bourke, Michael, 7, Broad-st. 

Evans William, [and wine] 13, George-st. 

Hanrahan-lohn, 39, Mary-st, 

Hickey James, Mary-st. 

Hill James, Bank^place 

Hiaks Thomas, 10, John-st. 

M'Mahon Thomas, 11, Patrick-st. 

M'Namara Patrick, 14, Broad-st. 

Molony Joseph, 12, Mungret-st. 

Molony Thomas, Weekham-st. 

Morris Jonas, 14, Rutland-st. 

Murphy Patrick, 15, Patrick-st. 

JJunan John, Corn-market-row 

O'Brien James, 12, Mary-st, 

O'Callaghan P. 9, George-st. 

O'Shaughnessy Mark, 12, Rntland-si» and 

Purcell Thomas, 9, Broad-st. 

QuiH Michael, 2, Honan's-quay 

Quin Thomas, 12, Broad-st. 

Roche Martin, Charlotte's-quay 

Russell Wm. Francis, 12, Charlotte's-quay 

Tisdall William, 6, John-st. 


Carroll Mary, 2, Bedfords-row 

KennellyJohn, 106, George-st. 

O'Connor Ellen, 38, upper George-st. 

Hardwaremen . 
Dooley James, Broad-st. 
Glover William, 9, Patrick-st. 
Hastings Stephen John, 20, Charlottes's-qy. 
Jones William. 22, Charlottes-quay 
Lacy John, Broad-st. 

M'Carthyyerem. & Dan. 17, Charlotte's-q, 
Myles James, 2, Broad-st. 
O'Hara Charles, 5, Rutland-st. 
Sarsfield Sylvester, 13, Charlotte's-quay,. 
Shannon Mort, 10, Broad-st. \,,/ . ,v, 
Woulfe John, Broad-st. 

Dooly James, Mary-st. 
Hayes Cornelius, 19, Mary-st. 
Quirk William, Mary-st. 
Ryan Denis, Mary-st, 
Wheeler Henry, Maty-st. 
Blake John, William-st. 
Glenn Margaret, Wiiliam-st. 
M'Namara Bridget, 8, Denmark-st. 
Molony William, Catharine-st. 
Moriarty Owen, (mail coach) 7, George-st." 
Swinburn Anthony, [Limerick] George-st. 
Walsh Kyr^ins, Clare-st. 

Iron Founders, 
Doyle James, Clare-st. 
Doyle Phillip, f& engineer) John-st. 
Newsom Thomas, (brass & iron factory) 
Corn-market-row '■ 

Iron Merchants. "ij. 

Hill Joshua, William st. "' "'^-'h'o 

Shannon Pierce, Corn-market- row ■ " :i .»»(t, 
Unthank George, jun. (& coal) Mungretr^, 

Iron Mongers . p. 

Bromell Joseph, 1, Mary-st. ijj 

O'Hara Charles, 5, Rutland-st, .3 

O'Shaughnessy Robert, 17, George-st. 
Walsh 'fhomas, 41, Patrick-st. , * 

Ward Thomas, Charlotte's-quay .:.r'' 

Leather Sellers. ■• n 

Gubbins William, .Mary-st. 
Humphreys John, FrancJs-st, 
M'Donnell John, Curriers-lane 
M'Mahon Edward, Francis-st. 
M'Mahon Bryan, Mungret-st. 
Norman Philip, Mary-st 
Stephens Wm. & Son, Francis-st. Irish-town 

Linen Bleachers. 
Doonass John Massey, Nicholas-st. ^'-^ 

Poe Herman Jacobs, upper William-st.*^'- 

Linen Drapers. 
Allen George, Mungret-st. 
Carroll Hugh, 4, Broad-st. 
Creagh Patrick William, Lock-quay 
Creagh Francis, 17, Broad-st. 
Fisher and Unthank , upper Georgerst. 
Grace Patrick, Mary-st, 
Hill Joshua, 11, George-st. 
Howley John, 14, Charlotte's-quay 
M'Mahon John, Mungret-st. 
M'Namara Thomas, Lock-quay 
Unthank Joshua, 26, Mungret-st. 

Linen and Woollen Drapers. 
Ellard John, 9, Broad-st. 
Hill Geo. Lucas. 15, Charlotte's-quay 
Hogan John, 130, George-st. 
M'Mahon Terence, Mungret-st, 
O'Loghlin Eliza, 3.3, Patrick-st. 
Unthank Isaac and Co. 8, Rutland-st, 

Baker Robert, Robert-st. 
Bannatyne and Robinson, Brunswick^fc* 
Black George, Brunswick-st. < r uv....ii.i-. 


Bodkin Thomas GfeorgfeV 36, GeorgerSt. 

Clanchy Bartholomew, Mary-st.''" 

Creagh Martin, Henry-st. 

Creagh and Arthur, Brunswick-st. 

Egan Michael, Thomas-st. 

Ferguson James & Co. At)ne-st. 

Fisher Joseph and Son, upper William-st. 

Gabbett John and Co, Sir Harry's-mall 

Gabbett W. and T. Roches-st. 

Hart Thomas, William-st. 

Harvey Joseph, Massey & Sons, Francis-st. 

Hill John and William, Shannon-st. 

Hogan James, Lock-mill 

Hunt David, Roches-st, 

Kelly John and Co. Patrick-st. 

M'Kay and Langlands, Shannon-st. 

M'Namara Jas. & John, Denmark-st. 

Macneill John and Co. Robert-st. 

Mahony Francis (& stuff manufactr,) Square 

Mark, Fisher and Markj Henry-st. 

Nugent Richard, William-st. 

O'Brien Terence, Henry-st. 

O'Brien Peter, Bank-place 

O'Callaghan Daniel, Curriers-lane 

O'Neill Jas. and Alan Francis, O'Neill's-q. 

Phelps Jas. and Samuel, (corn) Roches-st, 

Reddan, Maunsell and Co. upper Wm.-st. 

Roche David, BrunswJck-st. 

Rochford Michl. Paul and John, Honan's-q. 

Rodgers Robert, Bedford-row 

Russell John Norris, Shannon-st. 

Ryan Edmund and Sons, Mungret-st. 

Ryan Timothy, upper William-st. 

Spaight and Ewart, Honans-quay 

Stevenson David, upper William-st. 

Westropp Ralplt and Son, Thomas-st. 

White William, Denmark-st. 

White Walter Martin, Thomond-gate 

Colquhoun Ann, 36, Patrick-st. 
Dwyer Mary,118, George-st. 
Herbert Mary, 8, Patrick-st. 

Nursery and Seedsmen. 
Fennessy Edward and Richard, Wilsons-q 
Lewis Thomas, 17, Patrick-st. 
Wilson William, 3, George-st. 

Browne Edward, John-st.- '^'i *"' [ i^'"' 

Bunton Timotliy, George' s-quay "" 

Carey William, Mary-st. 

Conway — — , Mungret-st. 

Gould Stephen, WilsOn's-quay 

Halliday James, Charlotte' s-quay 

Homan Edward, Sir Harry's-mall 

Keath Eliza, George's-quay 

O'Connor Jeremiah,- Clare-st. and Broad-St. 

Campion William, upper CeCil-st. 
Carey Joseph, William-st. 
Carroll James, 27, George-st. 
Grogan Richard, George-st. 
Harding Thomas, upper Glehtwortb-s(. 
Hargrove George, upper Cecil-st. 
Keating William, Tbomas-st. 
Reardon Simon, George-st, • - 

Sayers James, upper George-st. 


Plunioers ana Glaziers. 
Hand John, Thomas-st. 
Jones John, 22, George-st. 
Jones Joseph, William-st. 
M'Cormick Thos. Lock-quay 
M'Mahon Charles, 52, William-st. 

Porter and Spirit Dealers, 
Baron Michael, Broad-st. 
Bass Thomas, Brunswick-st. 
Boland Thomas, (spirit only] 16^ Broad-8t. 
Brogy Patrick, George's-quay 
Callstghan James, 1, Denmark-st. 
Carey James, 4, Bedford-roW 
Carr John, 2, Denmark-st. 
Casey Michael, Lock-quay 
ClarkeThomas, 1, Arthur's-quay 
Coghlan Patrick, Nicholas-st. 
Conway John, John-st. 
Conway Neptune, Thomond-gate 
Connery John, Broad-st. 
Coomy John, Newtown-mahotl 
Cromin Jeremiah, Lock-quay 
Cunningham Daniel, Thomas-st. 
Dwyer James, Mary-st. 
Egan John, 28, Denmark-st. 
Egan Timothy, 5, Merchant's-quay 
Griffin Jndy, 27, Denmark-st. 
Hand Mark, Lock-quay 
Jackson Richard, George's-quay 
Kelly Tobias, George's-quay 
Lahiff Thomas, 17, Arthur's-quay 
M'Carthy Michael, Corn-market-row 
Mackey Mary, 54, William-st. 
M'Namara Matthew, Thomond-gate 
M 'Sweeny, Mary, Francis-st. 
Magee Charles, upper William-st. 
Magher Michael, White- wine-st. 
Magrath Jane, 10, Denmark-st. 
Molony Thomas, William-st. 
Mullen Denis, Mungret-st. 
Nealan James, 'spirit only) Broad-st. 
O'Brien Lewis, upper William-st. 
O'Connell John, John-st, 
O'Farrell William. Mary-st. 
O'Kecfe Arthur, 7, Merchant's-quay 
Parker George, 10, Arthur's-quay 
Peacocke William, upper William-st. 
Quinlan Edmund, 15, Mungret-st. 
Quinlan Thomas, Nelson-st, 
Rahily John, Nicholas-st, 
Raleigh James, upper William-st, 
Raleigh Catharine, Wickam-st. 
Rey Mara;aret, 4, Denmark-st, 
Rj-an Thomas, Roches-st. 
Ryan Thomas, Mary-st. 
Saxton James, Nicholas-st. 
Sheedy Michael, Old-Jail-lane 
Sheehan Denis, George's-quay 
Sheehy Patrick, Roches-st. 
Size John, 53, William-st. 
Small William, Thomas-st. 
Stewart James, Prospect-row 
gupple James, 5, Brunswick-st. 
Tiusley Anrie, John-st. 
Turbidy Michael, Mary-st. 
Walsh Margaret, Shannon-st. 
Wheaton John, Mungret-gate 
VVormleightoa Joseph, Prospect-row 



Printers. Letter- Presi. 
Auriff George, Mary-st. 
Flin Edward, (Limerick Journal Office, 

Wednesday and Saturday) 10, Rntland-st 
Geary Dnl. (Lim«tck Evening; Post Office, 

Monday and Thursday) 14, Patrick-st. 
M'Auliff Thomas, 7, Pafriclt-st. 
Macdonnell Alexander, (General Advertizer 

Office, Tuesday and Friday) 4, Rutknd-st 
M'Kevn George, 25, George-st. 
Watson Henry and Andrew James, (Lime- 
rick Clironicle Office, Wednesday and 

Saturday) 2, Rntland-st. 

Public Notaries. 
Boyse John, 112, George-st. 
Dartnell George, George-st. 
Fitzgerald Joho, Francis-st. 
Gabbett Daniel, Bank-place 
Holland Wiiliani, jun. Bridge-st, 
M'Mahon Bryan, (notary for all Ireland 

and registrar for Limerick, Ardfert and 

Aghadee) Arthur's-quay 
M'Mahon Bryan and Son, Arthur's-quay 
O'Connor Patrick, Bridge-st, 
Sands Daniel, Arthur's -quay 
Smyth William, 52, Thomas-st. 

Saddlers and Harness Makers. 
Crowe Francis, upper William-st. 
Furuell Benjamin, 126, George-st. 
Haines Adam, 2i, George-st. 
Qninlan James, 42, Thomas-st. 
Sheehan Thomas, 5, Patrick-st, 
Spain George, 7, Patrick-st. 
Walton John, 4, Bridge-st, 

Ship Agents. 
Graham John, Mardyke 
Mullock and Graham, Arthur's-quay 
Parker George, 10, Arthur's-quay 
Sands Daniel, Arthur's-quay 

Ship Chandlers, 
Crilley Collin, 3, Merchants-quay 
G'Meally Patrick, 12, Arthur's-quay 
Shannon Pierce, 1, Merchants-quay 

Strmf) Hat Mmiufabturers. 
Fitzgerald David, 24, George-st. 
Rainsbotham Jas. (& straw) 123, George-st 

Allen John, 2, Mary-st. 
Franklin Richard, Willlam-st. 
Furlong, 54, Henry-st. 
Grace Charles, 116, George-st. 
Lloyd Edward, upper Glentworth-st. 
Tailors and Habit Makers. 
Grey John Barton, upper Cecil-st. 
Hunt Richard, Thomas-st. 
Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers^ 
^Bolster George Dickson, 7, Jolin-stk 
Bradshaw William, Jobn-st. 
Carey Timothy, Broad-st. 
Carroll William, 8, Broad-st. 
Dickson Bassett, Mungret-st. 
Dwyer Joseph, 8, Patrick-st. 
Evans Mary, 1/7, Broad-st. 
Fawl Andrew, Nicholas-st, 
Joynt Charles, Jebn-st, 

J oynt William, 34, Br6ad-3t. 
Kidd Thomas, 17, 
Merrick Thomas, 12, Patrick-st. 
Moore Matthew, 26, Patrick-st. 
Moore Samuel, Mary-st. 
O'Dwyer John, 3, Broad-st. 
Parker Edward, 3, Wickam-st. 
Peacocke James, 5, William-st. 
Peacocke John, 11, John-st. 
Sheehan Patrick, Mary-st. 
Wheeler William, Mungret-st. 

Kelly Matthew, Little-islaud 
Ryan John, John's-gate 
Ryan Jeremiah, Francis-abbey 
Ryan Matthew, Mungret-st. 

Tea and Wine Dealer. 
levers G. H. [wholesale) 4, William-st, 

Timber Merchants. 
Hartigan John, Thomas-^st. 
Newsom William, Mungret-st. 
Reardon and O'Connor, Robert-st. 
Ryan William, Linen-hall-st. 
Arthur William, 1, George-st. 
Coghlan Patrick, Broad-st. 
Cussen Catharine, 12, upper William-st. 
Hartigan Richard, 5, Broad-st. 
Hogan James, ll. Bank-place 
Looney Mary, Broad-st. 
Murphy Daniel, Mungret-st. 
O'SuUivan Henry, 5, George-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Baynham, 22*, Patrick-st. 
Glover W^illiara, 11, Rutland-st. 
Goggin Richard, 28, Patrick-st. 
O' Hogan Lawreiice, 10, Francis-st. 
O' Shaughnessy Robert, 17, George-sti 

Purcell John, 31, Patrick-st. 

Mulcahy Thomas, Cornwallis-st. 
Woollen Drapers. 

Abbott P. and T. 42, upper George-st. 

Connell Jane, Mungret-st. 

Dwyer John, Charlotte's-quay 

Feriiuson William and Son, 132, Geo.-st. 

Hanly John, Charlotte's-duay 

Honan Martin, Charlotte's-quay 

Hynes Edward, 2, Bvoad-st. 

M'Ardell John, Charlotte's.quay 

Macdonnell Gerald, 40, Patrick-st. 

Morgan John, 27, Patrick-st. 

O'Dea James, Cbarlotte's-qiiay 

O'Shaughnessy Francis, Charlotte's-quay 

Owens George, 38, Patrick-st. 

Roon'ey Richard Bernard, Charlotte's-q. 

Ryan Matthew, 32, Patrick-st. 

Scanlan Thomas Mungret-st* 

Tomlin and Molony, 2, Gebrge-st. 

Unthank John, 25, Mungret-st. 

Waller Thomas, 131, Geotge-st. 
Worsted Spinners, 

Gould William, Nelson-st. . 

Myles James, Thomas aiid John, l^Ifelibi-tt'^ 

Myles Thomas, Thomorid-gate 

Myles Zachary, Thomoud-gate 




Arthur i>eter, oil dealer, Denmark-ef. 
Harrington Daniel, clerk of the crown for 

the coiinty of Limerick, Francis-st. 
Beale Elizabeth, provision dealer, 13, Rut- 

Corbett James and Patrick, music sellers^ 

37, Patrick-st. 
Dodd James, paper hanging manufacturer, 

18, George-st. 
Devitt TlM>nias, silk mercer, 25, Patrick-st. 
Fitzgerald William and Son, silversmiths, 

10, Patrick-st. 
Fitzgihbon Thomas Gibbon, stamp distri- 
butor, Thomas-st. 
GsflFney P. reed maker, John's-gate 
Gloster & Parker, painter, &c. 44, Henry-st 
Hall Jeremiah, carpenter, Francis-st. 
Keath Simon George, cork manufacturer, 

Macdonnel John, pewterer, Mary-st. 
Nash Cornelius, starch maker, Newgate-la 
O'Donohue Jn. stay maker, 119, George-st. 
O'Connor Macnamarai, artists' repoaitory, 

37, George-st. 
O'Shea Maurice, book-binder, 1, Bedford- 
Riboldi Joseph, carver and gilder, 122, 

Richardson William, gunsmith, 1, George-st 
Smith Richard, clerk of the peace, (office] 

Stephens William, late lieutenant in the 

fourth Lancashire Militia, Francis-st. 

Wade and O'Neil, salt manufacturers, north 

Walsh Michael, jun. commissioner far taking 

special bail, and master in chancery, 8, 

Waters & Carroll, paper makers, 2, Rank-pl 
Wilkinson Samuel, umbrella maker, 3, 

Wood Jn. &Son, fruiterers, 114, George-st. 


From the Mail Coach Hotel, 7, George-st. 

the Royal Mail Coach to Dublin every 

morning at 1 1 o'clock, through Nenagh, 

Roscrea, Mimntrath, Naas, and arrives 

cver'j^ morning" atJ^x o'clock, leateS Dwh- 
lin every evening at eight o'clock, and 
arrives in Limerick every afternoon at 
The Roval Kfail to Ennis, every afternoon 
at half-pa^ three o'clock, through New- 
rHdrket en Fergus, and arrives at half-past 
seven in the evening, leaves Ennis at sii 
every morning, and arrives in Limerick 
at half-past ten 
A Coach to Cork every morning at si* 
o'clock, one day through Brvff, KilmaU 
lock, Fermoy, ^c. and arrives at half 
past five in the afternoon; the next day 
through Bruff, Kilmalloek, Charleville^ 
Mallow, 8fe. and arrives at half-past five 
in the afternoon, leaves Cork every 
" morning at six o'clock, passing one day 
through Fermoy, and the next througU 
Mallow, arrives in Limerick evef* even- 
ing at half-past five 
A Coach to Waterford every Tuesday, 
Thursday and Saturday mornings at 
seven through Tipperary, Clonmeil and 
Carrick on Suir, strrives at seven o'clock 
in the evening, leaves fFaterford every 
Monday, Wednesday & Friday mornings' 
at seven and ai'rives in Limerick at seven 
in the evening 
The Dublin two day Coach, every morning 
at nine o'clock, through Nenagh, Ros- 
crea, Mountrath to Naas, at which' 
place it turns lo Culbridge and Leixlip, 
and arrives in Dublin the second day at 
half-past three o'clock in the afternoon ; 
leaves Dublin every morning at nine' 
o'clock, and arrives in Mountrath at six 
in the evening, leaves next morning at 
six and arrives in Limerick at half past 
three in the afternoon 
The Dublin two day Coach at a quarter 
past eleven o'clock, every Sunday, Tues- 
day and Thursday, through Nenagh, 
Parsonstown, Moitntmelick, Naas, Hfc- 
and arrives in Dublin at half past six 
o'clock in the evening, leaves /Jiffc/msamo 
days at six in the morning, and arrives" 
at Birr at six the same evening, leaves' 
at six next morning, and arrives in Li- 
merick at half past one 



Abrill 205 
Alexander 206 
Allen 206, 208 
Arthur 206, 208, 209 
Auriff 205, 208 
Baggot 205 
Baker 506 
Bannatyne 206 
Barrett 205 
Barrington 204, 209 

Barron 205, 207 
Bass 207 
Baynham 208 
Beauchamp 204 
Beale 209 
Beech 205 
Bennis 206 
BenniBgham 205 
Bernard 205 
Bixley 205 
Black 206 


Blake 206' 
Bodkin 206, 207 
Bolaoa 207 
Bold '?04 
Bolster 208 
Bourke 205, 206 
Bowles 204 
Boyse 208 
Brad Shaw 208 
Brazil! 201 
Brogy 207 

Bromell 206 
l^iowne 205, 207 
Bruce 205 
Bunton 205, 207 
Callaghan 207 
Campion 207 
Cantrell 205 
Carey 2«4, 207, 208 
Carmodv 205 \ 

Carr207 [207, 20^f^ 
Carroll 204, 205, 206^^ 



Casey 207 

Caswell 205 

Caulfield 205 

Clanchy 207 

Clark 207 

Clarke 205 

Clempett 205 

Coglilan 207, 208 

Colgan 205 

Colopy 205 

Colquhouu 207 

Connell 205, 208 

Connelly 205 

Connery 207 

Conolly 205 

Conway 205, 207 

Cooke 205 

Coomey 207 

Corbett 209 

Corneal 206 

Creagh 206, 207 

Creed 204 

Crilley 208 

Cripps 205 

Cromin 207 

Crosbie 205 

Crowe 206, 208 

Cunningham 207 

Cussen 208 

Darrac 205 

Dartnell 204, 203 

Delany 205 

D'Esterre 204 

Devitt 209 

Dickson 204, 205, 208 

Dodd 209 

Dooley 206 

Dooly 206 

Doonass 206 

Doyle 206 [208 

Dwyer205, 206,207, 

Eason 204 

Egan204, 207 

Eggers 204 

Ellard 206 

Erson 205 

Evans 206, 208 

Eyres 205 

Faulkner 205 
Fawl 208 
Fennessy 207 
Ferguson 207, 208 
FisLer 206, 207 [209 
Fitzgibbon 209 
Flinn 208 
Franklin 208 
Furlong 208 
Furnell 204, 208 
Gabbett 204, 207, 208 
Gaffney 209 
Gayers 204 
Geary 208 
Glenn 206 
Gloster 204, 209 
Glover 206, 208 
Goggin 205, 208 
Gould 207, 208 

Grace 204, 206, 208 
Graham 208 
Grey 208 
Griffin 207 
Griffith 205 
Grogan 207 
Gubbins 205, 206 
Giinson 206 
Haines 208 
Hall 209 
Halliday 207 
Halpin 205 
Hand 207 
Hanly 208 
Hanrahan 206 
Harding 207 
Hargrove 207 
Hart 207 
Harte 204 
Hartigan 208 
Harvey 207 
Hastings 206 
Hayes 206 . 
Hedjgan 205 
Herbert 207 
Hickey 206 
Higginson 205 
Hill 205, 206, 207 
Hinks 206 [207, 208 
Hogan 204, 205, 206, 
Holland 204, 208 
Homan 207 
Honan 203 
Howley 206 
Humphrys 205, 206 
Hunt 207, 208 
Hynes 208 
levers 208 
Jackson 204, 207 
James 205 
Johnston 205 
Jones 206, 207 
Joynt206, 208 
Keath 207 
Keating 206, 207 
Kennelly 206 
Kenny 206 
Kidd 208 
Lacy 206 
Lahiff 207 
Lander 205 
Ledger 205 
Lewis 207 
Lloyd 208 
Looney 208 
Lyon 206 
M'Ardell 203 
M'AuliflF 208 
McCarthy 206, 207 
M'Cormick 207 
Macd9nnell 205, 208 
M'Donnell 206, 209 
M*Kay 207 
M'Kern 205, 208 
Mackey 207 

Macmahon 204 [207 

Macnamara 205, 206, 

Macneill 207 

M' Sweeny 207 

Magee 207 

Magher 207 

Magrath 207 

Mahony 204, 205,207 
, Malony 205 

Mark 207 

Maunsell 205 

Meehau 205 

Merrick 208 

Molouy 206, 207 

Moore 206, 208 

Morgan 205, 203 

Moriarty 206 

Morony 205 

Morris 206 

Mulcahy 208 j 

Mullen 207 

Mullock 205, 208 

Murphy 205, 206,208 

Myles 205, 206, 208 

Nash 209 

Nealon 207 

Newsem 206, 208 

Norman 206 

Nugent 207 

Nunan 206 
O'Brien 205, 206,207 
O'Callaghau 204, 20fi 
O'Connell 207 [207 
O'Connor 204, 206, 

207, 208, 209 
O'Dea 208 
O'Donnell 205 
O'Dwyer 208 
O'Farrell 207 
O'Gorman 205 
O' Hogan 208 
O'Keefe 207 
O'Loghlan 205 
O'Loghlin 206 
O'Neill 207 [206,208 
O'Shaughnessy 204, 
O'Shea 209 
O' Sullivan 208 
0«'ens 208 
Pain 204 
Parker 207, 208 
Peacocke 207, 208 
Phelps 207 
Poc 206 

Purcell 204, 208 
Quin 206 

Quinlan 205, 207, 208 
Quirk 206 
Rahillv 204 
Rahily 207 
Raimsbotham 208 
Raleigh 207 
Reardon 207, 208 
Reddan 207 
Rey 207 

Riboldi 209 
Richardson 209 
Riordon 205 
Roche 205, 206, 207 
Rochford 207 
Rodgers 207 
Rooney 2C3 [207 

Russe!! 204, 205, 206, 
Ryan 204, 205, 206, 

207, 203 
Sands 208 
Sarsfield 205, 206 
Saxton 207 
Sayers 204, 207 
Scanlan 208 
Sexton 204 
Shannon 206, 203 
Isheedy 207 
iSheehan 207, 208 
[Sheeliy 206, 207 
Sheppard 2u6 
Size 207 
Small 207 
Smith 209 
Smyth 208 
Spaight 207 
Spain 208 
Stein 205 
Stephens 206, 209 
Stephenson 205 
Stevenson 207 
Steward 206 
Stewart 207 
Sullivan 204, 206 
Supple 207 
Swinburn 206 
Tie my 204 
Tinsley 207 
Tinsly 205 
Tisdall 206 
Tomlin 203 
Tracy" 205 
Tucker 205 
Turbidy 207 
Unthaiik 206, 208 
Vereker 204 * 

Wade 209 
Walker 205 
Waller 204, 208 
Waliis 205 
Walsh 206, 207, 209 
Walton 208 
Ward 206 
Waters 209 
Watson 205, 208 
Westropp 207 
Wheaton 207 
Wheeler 206, 208 
White 207 
Wight 204 
Wilkinson 209 
Wilson 205, 207 
Wood 209 
Wormleighton 207 
Worrall 204, 205 
Worrell 205 
Woulfe 206 

L 2n J 


j3L neat and well built town on the north side of the river Lagan, which separates it from 
the County of Down, was in the reign of Elizabeth only a small village caMed lAsnegarveif. 
It is situated about 7 miles south of 'Belfast, and 73 N. by E, from Dublin. In the reign 
of James I. Sir Fulk Conway obtained a grant of it, and settled some English and Welsh 
families here ; but the rise of Lisburn to commercial importance, may be attributed to 
the settlement of French refugees in 1699, when a patent was granted lo them, (after 
tht repeal of the Edict of Nantz) who introduced the manufacture of linen, and for 
which it has long been famous, and great quantities together with cattle and seed corn 
are constantly disposed of on its principal market day, which is Tuesday. The chief 
buildings of note are the church, the Market House, and Linen Hall. A Catholic Chapel, 
together with one for di6 Society of Friends, one Presbyterian, and two Methodists' Cha- 
pels. The public Institutions of Lisburn are : The Quakers' School ; the Humane Society ; 
the County Injftrniary ; the Philanthropic Society ; the Spinning Institution for the assist- 
ance of the industrious poor ; a Fever Hospital ; a School for boys on the joint plan of 
Bell and LancHSter, and two Schools for girls. The population is about 5000. The fairs are 
held on July 21sl. and October 5th. The markets are held on Tuesday and Saturday : 
a Manor Court sits every third Wednesday. 

Post Office, Castle-st.— Post Master, Felix Cunningham . The Dublin Mail arrives 
at ten in the morning, and departs at five in the evening. The Belfast Mail arrives at 
five in the evening, departs at ten in the morning. The Inniskillen Mail arrives at nine 
in the morning and departs at five in the afternoon. Car with mail, pasticngers and parcels 
every evening at five to Lurean, where it arrives at eight same night, dispatched from 
Lurgan at six in the morning, and returns to Lisburn at nine. 

Neely Benjamin. Castle-st. 
Neely Erskinc, Market-square 
Shield Charles, Castle-st. 
Smith Samuel , Bridge-st. 
Cordner James, Castle-st. 
Mason Peter, (to the Vitriol Works} Vitriol 

Stannas Rev. James, (lo the Marquis of 

Hertford) Castle-st, 

Dickson Wm. ^and surgeon) Bridge-st. 
Thompson Wm. Castle-st, 
Walker Mary, Market-square 

Attornies and Solicitors. 
HallRoj'ley F. Market-square 
Kennedy Heniy, Castle-st. 
Bradley Wm. Market-square 
Burrows Francis, Bow-lane 
M'Clure James, Castle-st. 
M'Clure John, Bridge-st. 
Sloan Adam, Bridge-st. 
White James, Jackson's-lane 
Woods John, (and confectioner) Bridge-st. 

Boot a)id Shoemakers. 
Clarke Robert, Bridge-st. 
Close Wm. Linen-hall-st. 
Collins Joseph, Piper-hill 
Cordner Thomas, Long-stone 
Davis Francis, Jackson's-lane 
Davison Alexander, Antrim-st. 
Dorrity James, Tan-yard 
Ferguson James, Back-lane 
Ferguson Andrew, Bridge-end 

Flack Patrick, Long-stone 
Fletcher John, Antrim-lane 
Fletcher Thomas, Bow-lane 
Gallery John, Tan-yard 
Gill Wm. Haslam's-lane 
Graham Robert, Long-stone 
Hall John, Bridge-st. 
Hare Henry, Antrim-lane 
Hunter John, Long-stone 
Isdall David, Bow-lane 
Johnson John, Antrim-lane 
Johnson Wm. Bow-lane 
Leech Thomas, Long-stone 
Matthews Wm. Long-stone 
M'Atier Archibald, Bridge-st. 
M'Carty Wra. Smithfield 
M'Comb Thomas, Smithfield 
M'Comb Nathaniel, Market-lane 
M'Dougal James, Piper-hill 
M'Gough Laughliu, Long-stone 
M'Gurnaghan Patrick, Herons-folly 
M'Quaid Bernard, Market-lane 
Neill James, Long-stone 
O'Donnell Hugh, Haslam's-lane 
Palmer Mary, Bridge-st. 
Park Moses, Piper-hill 
Rogers Ricliard, Antrim-lane 
Rutlage William, Bow-lane 
Thompson Thomas, Market- square 
Thompson James, Church-row 
Tutou James, Bridge-st. 
Wilson George, Bow-lane 
Wilson William, Bow-lane 
Wilson Adam, Smithfield 

Braziers and Tin-plate Workers. 
Gilmore Edward, Bakery-lane 
Gilmore Hill. Linen-hall-st, 


Cabinet Makers, 

Forest Thomas, Bridge-st, 

Heron John, Smithfield 


Berry Samuel, Rack-lane 

Hamilton Wm. Bakery-lane 

M'Namara John, Bow-lane 

Mairs Thomas, Tan-yard 

Rpad David, Bridge-st. 

Spence James, Smithfield 

Flas Dressers. 

Kernaghan David, Linen-hall-st. 

M'Laughlau Denis, Johuson's-catiy 

Murphy Wm. Antrim-lane 

Gardeners, Sfc. 

Blaney John, Jaokson's-lane 

Conn John, Back-lane 

Hay James, Castle-st. 

Huey Samuel, Jackson's-lane 

Kennedy Denis, Belfast-gate 

Pattison John, Bridge-st. 

Grocers, Stc. 

Biddulph John, Bridge-end-hill 

Brownlee Alexander. Bridge-st. 

Clark Ann, Church-row 

Coulson Wt. (oil and colours) Bridge-st. 

Dickson Thomas, Bridge-st. 

Dixon John, Bow-lane 

Ferguson John, Bridge-st. 

Finlay David, Bridge-st. 

Frazier Thomas, Bridge-st. 

Gowdey Ruth, Antrim-lane 

Greer Richard, Bow-lane 

Lemon John, Bridge-st. 

M'Donald James, Chapcl-hill 

Major George, Belfast-gate 

Major James, (oils and colours) Market-sq. 

Major John, Market-?quare 

Murray William, Market-square 

Patterson James, Bridge-st, 

Pelan Thomas, Bridge-st. 

Phillips Wm. Cross-row 

Rogers John, Market-square 

Rogers John, Church-row 

Simpson George, Bridge-st, 

Stewart David, Market-square 

Wheeler John, Smithfield 


Bell Samuel, Bridge-st. 

Fox Frances, Castle-^t, 

Fukon Eliza, Bow-lane 

Fulton Andrew, Market-squa,i?e 

Heron Anna, Market-square 

Hughes Samuol, Market-square 

M'Alister Eliza, Castle-st. 

Magee Sarah, Bridge-st. 
. Shaw E. and M. A. Bridge-st. 

Smith John, Market-square 

Wolfenden Ann, Market-sq. 

Black William, Castle-st. 

Clegir William, Antrim^lane 

M'Connell Owen, Piper-hill 
^ Newbuen Thomas, Market-lane 

Pilson Conway, Haslam's-lane 

Scandiatt Joseph, Bow-lane 


M'Comb John, (Hertford's Arms) Market-sq 

Moore George, (King's Arms) Market-sq. 
Joiners and Builders, 

Crossley Edward, Belfast-g^t,e 

Curran Richard, Belfast-gate 

Faires William, Antrim-I^ne 

Gilliland David, Tan-yard 

Jacobson John, Haslam's-lane 

Kennedy James, Bow-lane 

M'Cabe Joseph, Johnson's-etjtry 

M'Comb Hugh, Jackson'g-lane 

Mo'row George, Castle-st, 

Patterson John, Chapel-bill 

Read William, Belfast-gate 

Walker William, Linen-hall-st. 

Watson Thomas, Linen-hall-st. 

Weir James, Jaekson's-lane 

Wilson Robert, Track line 

Wolfenden Abraham, Piper-hill 

Linen Manufacturers and Merchants 

Coulsoa John, Wm. Walter, and James, 
(reel and imitation damask table-liqep, 
diaper, and sheeting manufacturers and 
bleachers) Lisburn and Duhlifi, 

Gregg Dominick, Castle-st. 

Hancock John. Ca?tle-st. 

Hancock William, Market-square 

Hogg James, Castle-st. 

Mulholland Henry, Belfast-gate 

Richardson James, John and Joseph, (linen 
manufacturers and bleachers) LisbMm 

Barnsley Richard, Bridge-st. 
Johnston Samuel, Market-^au^ire 
M'Clure John, Market-square 
Major John, (timber, spirits and groceries) 

Mulholland Hugh, (spijits) Bri(}g;e-st. 
Mulholland Heury, jun, (tin^ber, coals, and 

■wincjow-glass) Brids^e-st, 
Whitla George, Bow-fane 

Butcher M- A. C»^tle-et. 
Garrett Mary, Ca$t|e-8t. 
Magee Mrs. Sarah, Bridge-st. 
Mulholland Ann, Castle-st, 
Read and M'Conkey, Castle^at 

Muslin Manufacturers 
Chapman William, Bow-lane 
Clark John, Bridge-st. 
Clark Saywell, Bridge-st. 
Clark John, jun. Market-square 
Dunn George, Chapel-hill 
Foreman Mary, Bow-lane 
Hicks Henry, Long-stone 
Kennedy Samuel, Bow-lane 
M'Call Robert, Market-^uare 
Major William, Bridge-st. 
Stewart Robert, Chapel-hiU 

Nail Makers, 
Foote Richard, Bridge-st. 
Lappen Cornelius, Market-lane 
M'Dowell William, Bow-kmc 
Murray Diiaiel', Antriut-laraBii.-iM tc^j 



M'Cloy Mattbew, Bow-lane 
M'Clow Alexander, Bridge-st. 
M'Donald James, Smithfield 
WrightThomas, Herons-folly 
Neely Erskine, Market-square 
Seeds Hugh, Markef-sqnare 
Spence Ann Jane, Market-square 
Williams James, Market-square 

Crawford Alexandes, Kilrueh 
Stewart William, Castle-st. 

Proctors of the Ecclesiastical Court- 

Dillon William, Castle-st. 
Magee Henry B. Bridge-st. 
Pennington John, Bow-lane 
Bell Edward, Bow-lane 
Bell Henry, Bow-lane 
Bell Thomas, Market-sqijare 
Benson Francis, Bow-lane 
Boyd Alexander, Church-row 
Cahoon Rodney, (>hurch-row 
Clark Jonathan, Bridge-st, 
Corkin James, Church-row 
Craney Joseph, Bow-lane 
Croiisley Mary Ann, Bridge-st. 
Davis Arthur, Buw-lane 
Dawson John, Market-eqnare. 
Dawson Judith, Bow-lane 
Fitzsimmons John, Bow-lane 
Greer Arthur, Bow-lane 
Irwin William, Belfast-gate 
Johnson Mary, Bow-lane 
Jordan Matthew, Bridge-st. 
M'Gurk Arthur, Church-row 
Magee Edward, Church-roW 
Murdoch James, Bow-lane 
Murray Thomas, Market-square 
Mussen Richard, Market-squara 
Phillips William, Church-row 
Rogei's Patrick, Bridge-st, 
Scandratt Joseph, Bow-lane 
Singer Hamilton, Bridge-st. 
Smith Robert, Bridge-st, 
Waring Richard, Market-square 

Rope Makers- 
pixonJohn, Bridge-end 
£lcenhead Robert, Track-lfue 

M'Clure Joseph, Market-sq. 
M'Dowell John, Castle-st. 
Murray James, Bridge-st. 
Walsh Ralph, Bow-lane 

Shuttle Makers, 
Kelly Henry, Bridge-st. 
Kelly Henry, jun, Bridge-st. 

Stone Masons. 
Brannan Willam, Castle-st. 
Harrison John, Kennedy's-court 
Kerr AVilliam, Antrim-lane 
Milligan John, Bridge-st. 
Morgan John, Bow-lane 
Serby Richard, Bridge-st. 
Stretton Richard, Linen-hall-st, 

Dickson William, Bridge-st. 
Musgrave Samuel, Market-square 
Nesbitt John, Castle-st. 

Boyd Hugh, Castle-st. 
Hood Thomas, Castle-st. 
Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers.. 
Beaumont John, Track-line 
Dickey Thomas, Bow-lane 
Mussen Matthew, Market-square 
Mussen James, Market-square 
Pelan George, Market-square 
Pelan R. B, Market-square 
Pelan Mary, Bridge-st, 

Beatty Thomas, Bow-lane 
Beatty Joseph, Bow-lane 
Graham William, Market-sq. 

Watch Makers. 
Dixon Charles, Bow-lane 
Parsons Robert, Bridge-st. 
Wiley Alexander, Bow lane 
W heelwrights and Turners in Wood. 
Anderson Hugh, Smithfield 
Cosgrave David, Smithfield 
Fleming Samuel, Market-lane 
Fleming William, Linen-hall-st. 
M'Donald William, Bow-lane 
Patton Thomas, Jackson' s-lans 

Dornan James, Bridg^-st. 
Shannon Philip, Smithfield 
Weldon Patrick, Smithfield 

Woollen Draper $. 
Bell Samuel, Bridge-st. 
Fulton Andrew, Market-square 
Hughes Samuel, Market-square 
Smith John, Market-square 


Bell William, land surveyor, Linen-hall-st. 
Coats James, heddle maker. Piper-hill 
Douglas Samuel, tobacconist, Bridge-st, 
Dowdalls John, sizer, Bridge-st. 
Graham James, bleacher, Jackson's-lane 
Gray Robert, slater, Smithfield 
Greer Thomas, dyer, Smithfield 
Hamilton David, button-mould maker, 

Heron Wm. earthenware dealer, Market-sq. 
Hill Samuel, weigh master. Bow-lane 
Hodgson James, hat manufactufer, Bow-la. 
Hunter Joseph, veterinary surgeon* 

Knox Robert, cutler, Castle-st;. 
Lutton Chfirles, auctioneer, Bdfast-gate 
M'CuUy Hugh, bookbinder, Jackson's-lane 
WGaghey Francis, linen-yarn dealer, 

Morrow Hugh, reed maker, Linen-hall-st. 
Read Arthur, riddle maker. Bridge-end 
Rooney Jas. spruce beer maker, Market-9q, 
Sbarkey Allan, pump maker, Smithfield 
WavA Jas. bookseller & stationer, Market-sq 
) Wheeler John, cloth lapper, fiow-lane 


GENTRY, ^c, 

Caldbecl William, Gentleman, Belfast-gate 
CarletonJohn, Gentlemen, Chapel-hill 
CarmiclBel, Thomas, Gentleman, Bridge-st, 
Cordner James, Gentleman, Castle-st. 
CrossleyJohn, Gentleman, Bow-lane 
Cupples Rev. Snowdon, D. D. Vicar General 

&c. Castle-st. 
Delacheiois N. Esq, Magistrate, Castle-st. 
Fulton Joseph, Gentleman, Castle-st. 
Fulton Richard, Gentleman, Bridge-end 
Fulton John, Gentleman, Chapel-hill 
Hancock J. B. Gentleman, Gregg-st, 
Hawksh&w VVm. Esq. Magistrate, Castle-st. 
Higginson Rev. Tliomas, Register to the 

Bishop's Court, Bow-lane 
Hogg William, Gentleman, Castle-st. 
Hunter William, Gentleruan, Castle-st. 
Johnson Arthur, Gentleman, Market-sq. 
Morewood George, Gentleman, Castle-st. 
Simon John, Gentleman, iViarkel-sq. 
Smith T.J. Esq. Magistrate, Castle-st. 

Stewart Pointz. Esq. Magistrate Castle-st. 
Stewart Wm. Gentleman, Castle-st. 


From Thomas Shaw's, Bridge-street, 

The Mail to Dublin through Newry at five 
every evening ; to Belfast, at ten every 

A Mail and Post Coach to Dublin at six in 
the morning, to Belfast at half past 
eight in the evening. 

Mr. M 'Combs Post Coach to Belfast every 
Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, at Due 
at noon ; to Armagh every Tuesday, 
Thursd.aj', and Saturday, at half past 
eleven in <he morning. 

From Mr. Moores. 

A Market Coach every Wednesday, Thurs- 
day, Friday, and Saturday at half past 
nine in the morniiig 

Goods are conveyed on the Bann and Legan 
navigation, to Belfast and Newry 



Jl HE city of Londonderrj' is situated 112 miles N. W. of Dublin ; it is a Bishop's See 
and derives 'its name by a grant to a company of London adventurers, who built it in 
reign of James the first. This city is renowned in history for the brave and patriotic 
defence made by the inhabitants, under the command of a Mr. Walker, (a clergyman) in 
the seige of James the second, when, (except the metropolis) he was in possession of nearly 
all the kingdom. Londonderry is also remarkable for its noble and brave opposition against 
anuDTiercus army, at the time of the revolution, during 105 days of almost unparalleled 
hardships, privations and famine, which was sustained so long a time with the most deter- 
mined fortitude. This fine city seems not the least degenerated from its ancient respecta- 
bility and consequence, and may in fact be ranked with any in the kingdom (of its size) 
for elegance and cleanliness. Londonderrj' is a city and county of itself, and is governed 
by a Mayor, Aldermen, Recorder, and Sheriffs. It is finely situated on a rising ground 
from the Foyle, which is a beautiful river, and flows round nearly two thirds of its emi- 
nence. The city is walled entirely round, nearly a mile in circumference, 24 feet high 
and six ffet thick, with bastions, and four entrance gatesbattlemcnted, viz. the Ship's Quay 
Gate on the E. Ferry Quay Gate on the S.E., Bishop's Gate on the W., and Butcher's, Gate 
on the N . W, ; the walls, althou';h built in the year 1632, are in perfect repair, and form a and picturesque promenade. The streets within the g.atcs are spacious, well 
paved, lighted and kept well cleaned ; the houses in general are well built and handsome, 
mostly of brick. The Diamond, a large handsome square in the centre of the city, adds 
greatly to its beauty, in the middle of which is the market place and market house, a fine 
stately building ; the Cathedral, which stands on lofty ground, is a grand Gothic structure 
with a lofty square tower containing ten fine toned bells ; it is furnished with a good organ, 
and was built :n 1633, under the inspection of Sir John Vaughan ; the tower has a fiae 
effect when viewed a( a short distance. The New Court House, fof which too much can 
scarcely be said) is a recent erection in Bishop-street, it is built from an Athenian model 
furnished by Mr, Boden, of the finest stone, in the most chaste style of architecture : in 
the centre front is agrand portico, supported by four massy fluted pillars, on the top are the 
King's Arms, on one side the emblematical figure of Mercy, and on the other that of Jus- 
tice, finely sculptured in stone ; in fact, the entire edifice displays an elegant design of 
taste and grandeur. The other public buildings are the Presbyterian Chapel, a neat Doric 
erection, the Linen Hall, Theatre, and County Goal ; there are also excellent Shambles, 
and a good Fiah market, all well supplied. 

Across the river, is a wooden bridge, that deserves particular mention, ronstiucted by 
Samuel Cox, of Boston, North America. This wonderful structure, is 1068 feet in length, 
and 40 feet wide, with a broad parapet on both sides for foot passengers. It is lighted by 
26 lamps ; at about a third of its length, is a fine turning bridge, with very ingenious ma- 
chinery, to admit vessels through. 'I'he water that supplies the city, is carried across this 



extensive bridge in raetal pipes; indeed take it allogetlier it is an elegant, curious aad won- 
derful e^eclioii. The mercantile trade consists in the export of linen and linen yarn, 
grain, mc-tal, mess-pork, beef and considerable quantities of butter ; and Impoti/ 
ing rum, hrandv, wJiies, tea, sugar, flax seed, timber, &c. &c. Various manufiicturcs^ 
for domestic purposes, are carried on in the town and suburbs; in fact, the entire trading' 
partofDerry, is hi^'hiv respectable, as failures are scarcely ever known here. The places of 
worship ai^ the t athedrul, a Protestant Chapel of ease, a Presbyterian Chapel, li Cove* 
nanter Meeting Honse, one Methodist Wesley's Chapel, and one Methodist of the New^ 
Light; aCatholicChapel, and an independent Chapel are about to be built. The Charitable 
Institutions consist of a city and a county Poor House, an Infirmary and a Dispensary, a 
Society conJucted by Ladies, for the relief of sick and indigent Rcom-keepers, fn very* 
praise-worthy undertaking) a Bible Society and a Saving's Bank ; all respectably ahd well 
conducted. There is also a good News Room, and an elegant Library attached to it. 
The country round is fertile and pleasant, and the river adds much to its pic- 
turesque beauties. The CJuays arc good and commodious, and the harbour for shipping is 
extensive and safe. The population is considered about twelve thousand. The Market 
days are Wednesday and Saturday, There are three fairs in the year, viz. Juna 17th. 
Sept. 4th. Oct. 17(b. 

« Post Office, Ca=-,tlc-st.— Eliza Peoples, Post Mistresn.— The Dublin and Eiiglisli Mails > 
are dispatched from the Post Office every morning, (Saturdays excepted) at sevea'^ 
o'clock, and the same arrive in Londonderry, every evening, (Mondays excepted) at,^ 
seven o'clock. The Belfast and Scotch Mails, are dispatched at five every evening,'.. 
the same are received at the above Office, at four every juorning. All letters are kept 
at the Post Office till called for. 

Agents to Bankers, and Fire and 
Life Assurance Offices, 

Davenport Williani, (Royal Exchange Fire 
and Life .\ssurance, of London) Foyle-st. 

Kelso .John, (union Fire and Life Company, 

Ditto for Ball and Co. (Bank of Dnblin,) 

Lee Samuel, (Atlas Fire &c.) Ship-quay-st. 

Mackay William, (for Alexander and Co. 
Bank of Dublin) Ship-quay 

M'Intire R. and W. (for Belfast Commer- 
cial Bank) Ship-quay 

Smyth John Acheson, for Lloyd^s 

Ditto, for Belfast Bank, 
Apothecaries and Surgeons. 

Alexander William, Ferry-quay-st. 

Brown James, Diamond, 

Browne George, Pump-st. 

Dougherty William, Butcher-st, 

Kelly Cornelius, Ferry-quay-st, 

Kerr Alexander, Ferry-qu.ay-st. 

Maginnis Robert, (apothecary only) Ferry- 

Monteith John, Ferry-quay-st. 

Morton William, Ferry-quay-st. 

Smyth George, (surgeon only) Buncrana 
Architects and Builders. 

Adamsoii James, (& engineer) Fountain-st. 

Edgar Edward, Buncrana 

Montgomery Samuel, Rosemary-lane 

Porter William, Linen-hall-st, 

Stewart William, Ferry-quay-st. 

Stokes John, Artillery-lane 

Black Thomas, Diamond 
Boggs George, Ferry-quay-st. . 
Calhoun Isaac, St. Column's-court 
Chambers John, Cascion 
Clarke Caldwell, Ferry-quay-st. 

Crookshanks Alexander, Pump-st. 

Franks and Miller, Puinp-st. 

Gregg James, (Clerk of the Peace) Pump-st, 

Hassou Alexander, London-st. 

Knox and Kennedy, Bishop-st, 

M'Donagh Peter, Pump-st. 

Moore Joseph, Bond's-glen 

Murray Edward, Bishop's-st. 

Murray John, Cunningham-row 

Murray Roger, Green-castle 

Nesbitt Hugh, Linen-hall st. 

O'Doherty Charles, Ferry-quay-st. 
Shannon John, Fonntain-st. 

Auctioneers and Valuators. 
Bradley 7)enis, Butcher-st. 
Doherty Edward, Pump-st. 
Waugh Thomas, Ferry-quay-st. 

Alexander Joseph, Ferry-quay-st. 
Bond John, Diamond 
Dougherty James, Bridge-st. 
Marshall and Woore, Pump-st. 
Morton G. Foyle-st. 
Shaw Matthew, Diamond 


Boyd William, Ship-quay-st. 
Carey Tristram, Cascino [walls 

Curry John, (city and county barrister) East- 
Doherty James, Pump-st. 
Maciiliu Thomas, Cottage 
Major James, VVilsboro 
Moore Hamilton Rathmeltoa 
Scholes John, Diamond 
Scott Thomas, Foyle-hill 
Walker David, Ship-quay-st. 
Block Makers, 
Cunningham Thomas, Foyle-lane 
M'Pherson Alexander, Ship-quay 

Boyd John , Castle-st. 



Bookiellers and Stationers^ 

Boyd Samuel, Diamond 

Hampton Moss, Butcher-st, 

Kelso Ajin, Diamond 

M'Corkcll William, (& PuBlisher of the 

L. Durry Journal, Tuesday and Friday) 

Ramsay Robert, Ferry-quay-st. 

"Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Blundell Francis, Ferry-qMay-st, 
Edgar Jtimes, Diamond 
Kerr Robert, Sliip-quay-st. 
M'GoWim Henry, Bridge-at. 
M'Shane Edward, Diamond 
Park Joseph, Dridge-st. 
Patterson James, Diamond 
Steen Moses, Diamond 

Braziers and Tinmen. 
Coolie Wm. (and plumber) Ferry-quay-st. 
D*nnison John, (and plumber) Ferry-qy.-at 
DUnlap James, Linen-hall-nt, 
Matthews James (and plumber) Ferry-qy.-st 

Robinson James, Water-side. 
Smyth James, Willlam-st. 

Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers. 
Andrews John, Biidge-st. 
Browa Thora-riN, Bisliop-st. 
Friel Thomas, Siiip-qua)"-st. 
M'Fadcn William, Linen-hall-st. 
Smyth Philip, Pump-st. 
Storey Francis and James, Ship-quay-St. 

Clothes Brokers. 
Barr Pat. Fauglian-st. 
Brown James, Faughan-st. 
Connor Denis, Faughan-st. 
Coyle Daniel, Faupflmn-st. 
Dougherty Neal, Faughan-st. 
KeBy James, Ferry-quay-st. 
M'Carren William, Bishop-st. 
M'Daid William, Faughan-st, 
Redden Edward, Faughan-st. 
Smyil) James, Faughan-st. 
Strain Michael, Faughan-st, 

Coach and Car-makers, 
Foy Timothy, Mecting-hoase-row 
Kcrnaghan William, Bishop'St. 
Co7nb Maker. 
M'Lauglilin James, Sugar-house-lane 

Confectioners and Pastry-cooks. 
Branon Richard, Ferr\-quay-st. 
Gallagher Thomas, Pump-st. 
Wilson Thomas, Ferry-quay-st. 

Davenport Thomas, (American) Ship-quay 
Davenport William, (Dutch) Ship-quay 

Connaghan James, Mag^azine-st. 
Hunter William, Ship-quay 

Cork Cutters. 
Bradley Catharine, Faughan-st. 
Long Robertj, Cow-bog 

Curriers and Leather Cutters. 
Dohcrty James, Butcher-st. 

Edgar Jamea, IW.iirtofrd ^ 

Kelly Sampson, Diamond 
M'Canless Jiimes, Diamond 
M'Clcland Hugh, Diamond 
Patterson James, Diamond 
Steen Moses, Diamond 

Kennedy John, (and surgeon's instroment 

maker) Bridge-st. 

Leathem William, Burl, 
Robinson James, Water-side 
Smyth James, Abbcy-st. 
Stewart Alexander, Penny-burn 
Watt A. H. (rectifier) Bishop-st, 

Hamilton James, Bog-side 
Ingram Elizabeth, Butcher-st. 
LoagueJohn, Ferry-quay-st. 
League William, Ferry-quay-st, 
M'Elhenny Andrew, Faughan-st. J 

Earthenware Dealers. *'j 

Bakewell and Hughes, Ferry-qnay-st. 
Bell John, (glass & china)' BiJ-hop-st. 
Billington James, (and china) Bishop-8t. 
Hammott jHm«s, (and china) Bishop-st, 
M'Mullen Michael, Bishop-st. 

Flax Dressers and Retailers. 
Bovarbe William, Bog-side 
Cain Alexander, Fox-corner 
Devine Richard, Bridge-st. 
Kelly Andrew, Britlge-st. 
Kelly Mary, Bishop-st. 
Murray Pat. Long-tower 
O'Hara M. Priest-lane 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers. 
Adams John, Bridge-st. 
Babington Humphrey, Diamond 
Bond John, Ferry-quay-st. 
Carmichael Samuel, Bishop-st. 
Corscaden Robert, (and spirits) Ship-quay-st 
ETlis William, Bishop-st. 
Ewing Alexander, [and spirits) Bishop-st. 
Fisher William and James, (glass and tin* 

waredealers) Bishop-st. 
JIaliiday Patrick, jun. Bishop-st. 
Haslctt Ann, Ferry-quay-st. 
Hiislett William and Co, Ferry-quay-st. 
Hill John, (and spirits) Butcher-st. 
Hood Samuel, Butcber-st. 
Little Lindsay (and glass) Ship-quay-st. 
Mucshetfrey Daniel,. Bishop-sl. 
M'Gowan Samuel, (and fish-merchant) 

Matthewson Clarke, Bishop-st. 
Mehan James, (and spirits) Butcher-st. 
Miller Jamen, Bishop-st. 
Morton Richard, (and spirits) Ship-quay 
Munn tlohn, (wholesale) Bishop-st, 
Patton David, (pickle, sauce, and sporting 

tackle warehouse) Bishop-st. 
Porter Andrew, (and spirits) Butcher-st, 
Preston James, Butcher-st. 
Klamsay Thomas, (and wine merchant) 

S^niley William, (and spirits) Ferryrquay^st. 
Steen Wm, (spirits and glass) Ferry-qviay-st 



Thompaon and Porter, Bntcher-st. 

Walker Samuel, (and spirits) Bishop-st. 

Watt Andrew A. (and spirits) Bishop-st. 

Haberdashers and Dealers in Cotton 

Bogies Jane, (and circulating library) Fcrry- 

Carlile Ann Jane, (&milliner,&c.) Diamond 

CorscadenIsabella,(&millin&c )Shipquay-st 

Fulton Emily, (&mininer,&c.) Ferry-quay s, 

Gourley Jane,(&milliner,(S£C.) FeiTy-quay-st 

Haslett, John, Ferry-quay-st. 

Henderson Sarah, (and milliner) Ferry- 

Lowr>' Martha, (and milliner) Ferry-quay-st 

Marshall Matilda, Ferry-quay-st. 

M'Cleau J. Butcher-st. 

M'Connell George, (wholesale}Ship-quay-8t 

•M'HughOwen, Bishop-st, 

Morrison Elizabeth, Bishop-st. 

MulhoUand Thomas, Bishop-st. 

Risk Jane, (and milliner) Bishop-st. 

Scott Elizabeth, (and milliner) Ferry-quay-st 

Smiley Robert, Ferry-quay-st. 

Thompson John, Ferry-quay-st. 
Hat Makers. 

Foster George, Butcher-st. 

Graham William, Bishop-st. 

Hall Thomas, Diamond 

Lucas Daniel, Ferry-quay-st, 

Liifiis John, Diamond 

Moore David, St. Column's-conrt 

Robinson and Paul, Bishop-st. 

Anderson William, B( nnets-lane 
M'Clure Wm. Wapping-st. 

Vance James, Ferry-st. 

Vance John and Son, Wapping 
Inns and Hotels, 

Alexander, (Lion) Bishop-st. 

Birch Catherine, (King's Armsj Pump-st. 
Boyle John, (Hotel) Bish<.p-st. 
Brison John, (King's Head) Bishop-st. 
Brown Walter, (City Hotel) Ship-quay-st. 
Doherty Daniel, (Hotel) Bishop-st. 
Murray Thomas, (Hotel) Bishop-st, 

Iron Mongers. 
Beatty Andrew, Diamond 
Cooke Wm. (and coppersmith) Ferry-quay-st 
Dysart James, Bishop-st. 
Moore Andrew, Bishop-st. 

Joiners and Carpenters. 

Carey Ralph, (and engineer) East-wall 
Casey Phillip, Fountain-st. 
Clark John, Bntcher-st. 
Hughs James, Castle-l:ine 
O'Brien Roger, Wapping 
yuigley Abraham, Bog-side 
Robinson Thomas, Bridge-st. 
Stewart William, Bridge-st. 
Porter William, Linen-liall-st. 
Stokes John, Artillery-lane 
Leatham William, Bohillaii 
Robinson Henrv, Water-side , 

SteW'^rt A-lexiv^et, Pennyburn v ff m?*-* 


Buchanan Willi^im and Co. FoylcrSt. 
Campbell John and Sons, Castle-st. 
Corsoaden Robert, Ship-quay-st. 
Crompton Adam, Ship-quay-st. 
Curry William, Ship-quay-st. 
Davenport Thos, and Co. (and slip agents) 

Davenport William, Foyle-st. 
Dunlap Robert, Society-st. 
Dysart James, (and fla.\ ) Bishop-st. 
Dysart Wm. John and Wni. Ship-quay-st, 
Gilmour Patrick, Ship-quay 
Harvey Thomas & W. S. Ship-quay-st. 
Horner Francis, Magazine-st. 
Horner J. B. Ship-quay-st. 
Kelso John, Ship-quay-st. 
Logan William, Waterloo-place 
M'Auley G. and R. Ship-quay 
M'Connell George, Ship-quay 
M'Cna James, Ferry-qUay-nt. 
M'Cleery James, Foyle-st. 
M'Intire R. and W. F. Ship-quay 
Mackay William, Ship-quay-st. 
Moore David, Bishop-st. 
Munn John, Bishop-st. 
Nicholson John, Ship-quay-st. 
Orr William, Ship-quay-st. 
Schoales A, and M'Clintock Wm, and Co- 

Sniiih Lee and Smyth, Ship-quay 
Smyth J. A. and Co. Ship-quay-st. 
Thompson John, Ship-quay-st. 
Watt A. II. Bishop-sti 
Young Joseph, Ship-quay 
Young Robert, Butcher-st. 

Milliners and Dress Makers. 

Hamilton Mrs. FeTV-quay-st. 

Hunter Miss, Rosemary-lane 

MColgan iVL I'ost-otfice-laue i^ 

Moore Miss, Castle-st, . 

Porter Mrs Rosemary-lane 

Porter Miss, Rosemary-lane 


Adamson James, Fountain-st. 
Carey Ralph, East-w.U 

Notaries Puhlic. 
Murray Roger, Green-castle 
Ncsbitt Hugh, Lion-hall-st. 
Scott William, Custom-house^ ■?, 

Painters and Glaziers. 

Barnes P. London-st. 

Bossy -, Foinitain-st. 

Clarke James, Butcher-st. 
Daly John, Ferry-quay-st. 
Evans William, Ferry-qiiay-St. 
Foy Timothy, Mceting-house-row 
Nevins John, Bridge-st. 
Nevins Wm. Ferry-qnay-st. 
Stirling Joseph, Bishop-st. 
Stirling William, Ferry-quay-st. 

Caldwell John, Pump-st. 
Masjinnis John, Pump-st. 
Miller Joseph E. Butcher-st. 
Rogin Francis, Richftioiid-fet. ' 



Scott Williiinj, Old-fish-market 
Skipton Alexander, Strand-st. 

Bucbatian John, Castle-st. 
Buchanan Robert, Fouiitain-st- 
Hampton M. Butcher-st. 

Kelso , Diamond 

M'Corkell William, Diamond 

Rope Makers. 

Black Jane, Diamond 
Crompton Adam, Waterloo -place 
Davenport and Co. Ship-quay 
M'Colky William, Ship-quay 

CampbellJohn, Ferry-quay-st. 
Johnston John, Bishop-st. 
M'Cormick Hugh, Bisliop-st. 
M'Elroy James, Diamond 

Sail Makers ^ 
Grompton A. Waterloo-place 
Davenport and Co. Ship-qUay 
M'Colley William, Ship-quay 

Salt Manufacturers. 

Alexander James, Bishop-st. 
Major Alexander, Wilsborough 
Walker Samuel and James, Bridge-st. 

Marshall Martha, Ferry-quay-st. 
Marshall Matilda. Ferry-quay-st. 
Pigott James, Ship-qiiay-st. 
Walker Henry, (and nursery) Ferry-quay-st 

Ship Brokers. 
Cunningham James, Foyle-st. 
Davenport Tlioiiias, and Co, Ship-quay 
Lyons George, Foyle-st. 
M'Cleery John, Foylc-st. 

S/iip Chandlers. 
Crompton Adam, Ship-quay 
Davenport T. and Co. Ship-quay 
M'Colley William, Ship-quay 

Ship Owners. 

Buchanan William, Foyle-st. 

Davenport Thomas and Co. [Props, new es- 
tablished London and Liverpool Traders] 

Dunlap Robert, Society-s(. 

Gwynne George, Ship-quay 

M'Corkell and Co. Ship-quay 

M'Crea James, [Props, old established Li- 
verpool traders] Ferry-quay-st. 

Miller James, Ferry-quay-st. 

M'Sheffrey John, Feny-quay-st. 

Nicholson John, Ship-quay-st. 

Silversmiths and Jewellers. 

Doherty Denis, Diamond 

MjClure John, Pump-st. 

Adams John, Bridge-st. 

Gallagher William, Bridge-st. 

M'Manaman— — , Bridge-st, 
Stay Makers. 

Coyle E. Artillery-lane 

Doherty B. London-st. 

Wright Elirabeth, Artillery-lane 

Slone Mason. \ 
Stirling James, Foyle-st. 

Straw Hal Makers. 
Hennis Martha, Castle-st. '^tabwW 

M'Caulley Elizabeth, Bishop-st. 

Tailors and Habit Maker i* 
Bigley George, Play-house-row 
Kelly James, Society- st. 
M'Neight John, Bishop-st. 
Miller David, jun. Bridge-st. 
Robinson John, Lineu-hall-st. 
Tinnan James, Church-lane 
Trayner Neal, Castle-st. 

Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers, 
Brown Alexander, Bridge-st. 
Gwynn Alexander, Water-st. 
Graham John, Bridge-»t. 
Mathewson John, Bridge-st. 

Osborne James, Bridge-st. 
Thompson James, Ferry-quay-st. 

Alexander James, Bishop-st. 

Davenport Matilda, William-st. 

Edgar Alexander, Diamond 

Foster William, Ballynacross 

Lindsay Thomas, Waterside 

M'Candless James & William, Long-tower 
Tavern Keepers Sf Publicans^ 

Alexander James, [Crown] Biidge-st. 

Brown Thomas, Bisbop-st. 

Bulger Ann, [Anchor] Ship quay 

Cole Denis, Linen-hall-st. 

Cole Roger, [Derry Arms] Bridge-st. 

Doak Anthony, [Wellington] Bridge-st. 

Doherty Daniel, Bishop-st. 

Floyd John, Ship-quay 

Foresyth Philip, Ferry-quay-st. 

Fulton William, [Harp] M.irket-st. 

Gillen Charles, [Ship] Bishop-st. 

Gillespie John, Bishop-st. 

Gillespie Paul, Bishop-st. 

Goodwin James, [Buck] Bridge-st, 

Hibbit William, Bishop-st. 

Halrick John, Butcher-st. 

Hughs James, Castle-st. 

Kelly Sampson, (Cross Keys) Diamond 

Kerney William, (Ship) Ship-quay 

M'Bride John, [Harp] Bishop-st. 

M'Candless William, Long-tower 

M'Cann Jame.i, CPlough) Butcher-st. 

M'Carren VVilliam, Bishop-st. 

M'Causland Alexander, Bishop-st. 

M'Clay James, (Sun) Butcher-st. 

M'Cleland Robert, Butcher-st. 

M'Colley Elizabeth, (Marine Hotel) Ship-q 

M'DaviU David, Butcher-st. 

M'Ginley John, [Rising Sun] Bishop-st. 

M'Kim M.A. (Cross Keys) Linen-hall-st. 

M'Nutt John, [Swan] Butcher-st. 

M'Quillan James, Bishop-st. 

Mehan Catharine, Bishop-st. 

Phillip Edward, (Islander) Bridge-st, 

Porter Ann, Butcher-st. 

Porter Thomas, [Blue Bell] Bishop-st. 

Scally John, [ Brig] Ship-quay 

Sherwood Wm. [Peace & Plenty] Bridge-st 



steel James, [Grey Hdrse} Bishop-st. 

Steele John, Maiket-st. 

Steen Thomas, (Plough) Bntcher-st. 

Woods John, (Four Awls) Bridge-st. 
Timber Merchants. 

Logan WilJiam, Waterloo-place 

Young James, Waterloo-place 

Tobacco Mamifacfurers, 

Ewing Alexander, Bishop-st. 

Gwynn George, Butcher st. 

Haslett Wiiliain and Co. Ferry-quay-st, 

M'Slieffrey Daniel, Bishop-st. 

Mehan James, Butcher-st, 

Miller Ja'nes, Bishop-st. 

Thompson and Porter, Butcher-st 

Walker Samuel, Bishop-st. 

Brady James, [& wheelwright] Faughau-st 

Campbell Alexander, Bishop-st. 

Rogers Philip, [& wheelwright] bennets-la. 
Watch and Clock Makers. 

Colhoun James and Sou, Siiip-(|uay-st, 

Colhoun Js. jun. [& lapidary] Ferry-quay-6 

Hamilton William, Ferry-quay-st. 

Hutchinson John, Waterside 

Kirwan Matthew,[& engraver] Artillery-lane 

M'Colgan John, Ferry-quay-st. 
.Macky George, [& engraver] Bishop-st. 

Campbell James, Bishop-st. 
Cooper Thomas, Foyle-st. 
Hastings Thomas, Fountain-st. 
Smyth Johnson, (& gunsmith) Bridge-st. 

Wine Merchants. 
Allen and Gray, Linen-hall-st. 
Watt Alexander, Bishop-st. 
Woore Thomas, Slvip-quay-st. 
Woollen Drapers. 
Allen David, Bishop-st. 
Brisland John, Diamond 
Doherty William, Butcher-st. 
Fairchild George and Co. Diamond 
Gallaher John, Butcher-st. 
Gallaher William, Butcher-st. 
HuffingtonWm. f&merchl. tailor] Diamond 
Lindsay and Geo. Little, ^ [and haberdashers] 

M'latire Robert, Butcher-st. 
Preston James, [& haberdasher] Diamond 
Shiel Bridget, Butcher-st. 
Simpson John, Diamond 
7'hompson John, [wholesale] Ship-quay-st, 


Babbington Richard, Stamp Office, Society-st 
Booth Robert and Co. Iron and Metal 

Foundry, Sngarhouse-lane 
Conahan James, provision merchant and 

cooper, Maga»ine-gt- 

Cooper Thomas, bell-hanger, Bridge-sCk -,8 

Cunningham Wm. shipsmith, Foyle-lane^jg 

iCreightoQ Jas. A. academy, Cunningham-r. 

Doran Michl. wire card-maker, Butcher-st^^ 

Ewing Wm. wire card maker, Bridge-st, ^ 

M'CIintock Wm. Kerr, general hardware^ 

and trimming warehouse. Diamond . >t 

M'Colley John, cart and plough iranufaqjjf 

turer, Bridge-st. ■• 

M'Conegal Robert, ale and porter dealerj^' 

Society-st. '/? 

Macklin , teacher, London-st. J 

Shannon Thomas, lath cutter, Ferry-quay-^B 
Sweeny Thomas, wire card manufacturer,- 

Watts Thomas, twine s{>inner, Bishop-st. 
Wilsou James S. linen-merchant and 
bleacher, Buncrana, Office, Foyle-st, 
Custom House. 
Hill Marcus S, esq. Collector 
ShepTierd Thomas, Esq. Port Surveyor '-'' 
Riddall Hans, Esq. Comptroller '-" 

Stewart Robert, Esq. Clerk of Cheques '^ 
Ferguson Robert, Esq. Gaaglng Surveyor ^ 
Newburgh Thomas, 1 ^^ LandwaitersV 
Hemmg James, J ' 

Curry Sam). Esq. Surveyor of Green Castle 
M'Causland Marcus, Gent, Tide Surveyor 

at Culmore 
Foster Robert, Esq, Store Keeper 

Eoscise Office. ; 

Miller Williara, Esq. Collector 
Miller William, jun. Esq. Pro Collector 
Reed Samuel, Esq. Permit Officer 
Moore Thomas, Esq. Surveyor and Store 

Miller William, "^ 

Goff William, 
Hendrick William, 
Downs Williara, J 
Thompson John, "1 ^ 

Gillespie Joshua, >Esqrs. Assessors of taxes 
Tracy John J 

Logie Daniel Esq. Deputy Surveyor General 
of Excise 

The Mail for Dublin leaves Londonderry 
at seven o'clock every morning, and ar- 
rives at six on the following morning. 
The same arrives in Londonderry every 

evening at seven. Office, Society-st. 
The Belfast Mail Coach leaves London- 
derry every evening at five, and arrives 
there at nine the following morning. 
The same arrives in Derry at four every 
morning. Office, Bridge-st. 
The Buncrana Mail Coach leaves every 
morning at eight, and returns every even- 
ing at nine. Office, Ship-quay 

Esqrs. Surveyors. 



(220 ) 


Jls a borongb town, and a small, but busy sea port ; most advantageously situated on. •; 
the great river Barrow, in tbe province of Munster, and county of Wexford, at the dis-"^ 
tance of 67 miles from Dublin, 12 from Waterford, 19 from Wexford, and 76 from 
Cork. Its local advantages are very great^^but from its proximity to Waterford, and a 
combination of other circumstances, they are not of that real uiility to the adventurer, 
that a superficial observer would be willing to ascribe to them. At a little more than a 
mile from New Ross is the junction of the Nore and the Barrow, over the latter of whicH 
rivers, leading into the town from Waterford, is a very long and wide wooden bridge,'' 
possessing a portcullis, to admii vessels up or down the river as their destination may re-* 
quire. The river here is (!eep enough to admit brge vessels to the quays, and which 
(since it has been made navigable through most of its length) has added much to the 
commercial prosperity of the town. New Ross was formerly strongly fortified, accounted' 
of considerable consequence, and adorned with many religious houses, among which was a 
crouched friary, built on the summit of a hill in tbe town ; but which wa^ totally destroyed 
in consequence of a murder committed by one of the friars, on a principal inhabitant ; 
the atrocity of the deed stirred up the whole body of the people, who arose collectively 
put the friar to death, and demolished tbe friary. On the scite of this ill-fated building, 
the Monastery of St. Saviour was afterwards erected, by Sir John Devereux, for con- 
ventual Fraciscans, and the east end of this last building is now the parish Clburch. In 
the reign of Edward HI. a friary for hermits following the rule of St. Augustine was 
founded here. In tlic civil wars of 1641, an engagement happened near this place, be- 
tween the English forces under the command of the Marquis of Ormond, and the Irish 
commanded by General Preston, in which 500 of the latter were slain, and all their bag- 
gage and ammunition taken by the victors. On the fifth of June, 1798, a considerable 
battle was fought here, by a very large body of msurgents and the king's troops, when 
the insurgents were completely routed ; three thousand falling in the attack, and Harvey 
their General was deposed. New Ross, though small, possesses a Fever Hospital,; vfit\\ 
a Dispensary attaclied ; a Lying-in-Hospital : an auxiliary Cow-pock Establishment, and 
the Trinity Hospital for reduced housekeepers. Here are two Catholic Chapels ; three*' 
for the use of the Methodists ; a Quakers' Meeting-house, and an extensive Nunnery ; 
also a spacious an.l well-built Court-house, ornamented with a steeple and a good public 
clock. Amongst the useful buildings rank the Corn Market; two Charity Schools, and 
in a most eligible situation, over-looking the river, is an endowed School, founded by Sir 
John Ivory, in the twelfih year of the reigr. of Queen Anne, in which four poor scholars' 
are taught the Greek and Latin tongne. Present master, the Rev. Thomas Surridge, A. M. 
who basin a spirited manner much improved the House, School, &c. at his own expence. 
Three of the ancient gates of the town are still standing, and, in the old part is a cross i 
of singular rustic appearance. Nor does it want for a Barrack, which is here fitted up foi^.1 
cavalry. Many good houses and lofty stores adorn the toivn, and, in general, the streets ' 
are pretty wide and tolerably well paved. It is governed by a Sovereign, Record- 
er, Chief Burgess, Bailiffs and Town Clerk, and sends one member to Parliament; thd 
present representative is John Carroll, Efeq, Its market days are Wednesday rtnd 
Saturday, and its inhabitants are st::ted to be about 8000. 

Post Office, top of John-street.— Richard Ulysses Burgh, Post Master. — Mail to Dubr 
lin every day at three in the afternoon. To Wexford and Taglimon every evening At six. 
To Thomastown every afternoon at three, and to Enniscorthy every evening at six. 


Elly SamueL & Sandbam, (to Lloyds, and 
Danish Consuls for the counties of Wex- 
ford and Wicklow,) John-st. 

Elly Sandbam, [to the Roj'al Exichauge 
Assurance, London] Quay 

Clarke Michael, South-st. 
Whitney Henry, South-st, 

Carr and Dowsley, South-st. 
French Anthony, South-st. 
Rogers Robert, South-st. 
Towusend John, South-st. 

Allen and Murra}', North-st. 
Coyne William, South-st. 
Connor Edward, South-st. 
Cummins Moses, Quay-st. 
Langshaw John, South-st. 
Nowlan Michael, South-st. 
Phelau James, South-st. 
Power James, South-st. 

Boot (.y Shoemakers. 
D >wsley James, South-st. 
Martin William, Quay-st. 
Sherlock James, Quay-st. 
Sherlock John, North-st. 
Wilson Peter, Charles SC. 




Sutton Michael, Irisbtown 

China Dealers. 
Farreil Edward, Quay 
Malony Catherine, Mary-st. 

Custom House. 
Loftus Hen.Tottenliam, Esq.collector,Qiiay 
Ward George, Esq. Landw;iiter,Charles-st. 

Flax Dressers and Ropers. 
Lanargan John, Mary-st, 
Wall Philip, Mary-st. 
Williams Joseph, Mary-st. 

Grocers, (Sfc. 
Banks William, South-st. 
Boiger Moses, (and spirit dealer) Mary-st. 
Culien Peter, North-st. 
Cummins Moses, Quay-st. 
Doyle John, Quay 
Eustace Ann, Mary-st. 
Fisher Robert, Quay-st. 
Hewlett John, North-st- 
NevillJohn, Mary-st. 
Williams Joseph, Mary-st. 

Carr Ellen, North-st. 

Everitt William Strongbow, (& sub-distri- 
butor <»f stamps) South-st. 
Hcaly William, High-st. 
New Inn, Mary Shanahan, North-st. 
Royal Oak, Hugh Sliield, North-st. 

Doyle Catharine, Quay 
Gaul Thomas, South-st. 
Godwin J. and W. North-st, 
Molloy Eliza, North-st. 
Wood Ann, North-st. 

Linen Drapers. 
Doj'le John, Mary-st. 
Moran Daniel, South-st. 
Murphy Mary, Mary-st. 
Russell Elizabeth, South-st. 
Stephens Jeremiah, Mary-st. 

Linen and fVooUeti Drapers, 
Gallavin Bridget, Mary-st. 
Howlett James, Quay-st. 
Kelly John, Mary-st. 
Murphy Margaret, Mary-st, 
Redmond John, Mary-st. 

Bennett&Matthie, (spirit, coal & corn) Quay 
Boyd John, (corn & flour) Sugar-house-ln. 
Curtis William, (corn) John-st. 
Drapes Samuel and Co. (provision) Quay 
EUy Sand ham, Quay 
Elly Samuel, jun, John-st. 
Goff Jacob & Rich, (corn &provis.) John-st. 
Haye Edward, (timber) Qu^y 
Hartrick Lamphier & Son, (bacon, corn, 

flour, &c.) Meeting-house-lane 
Hinton Samuel, Mary-st. 
Jones Thos. & John, (lime & salt) Priory-st 
Keily John, Quay 
Kough Edward, Rosberton 
M'CormicK Andrew, John-st. 
M'Gillicuddy Patrick & Co. Quay 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Doyle Michael, Mary-st. 
Nicholson Charles, Mnry-st. 
Drapes Richard Lamphier, South-st. 
Foley William, Jolin-st. 
Kavanajh Edward, John-st. 
Kavanagh Genrge, John-st. 

Publicans, ^c. 
Busher John, Mary-st. 
Culien Peter, Nort!i-st. 
Coyne William, South-st. 
Doyle Arthur, South-st. 
Doyle Martin, North-st. 
Farreil Michael, North-st. 
Handrick Martin, Bridge-st. 
Kavanagh Arthur, Mary-st. 
Lang^haw Jrihn, South-st. 
Malony Denis, Miiry-st. 
Murphy Brant, (and auctioneer) Bridge- 
Power Martin, Quay-st. 
W'alsh Philip, Mary-st. 

Chambers James, North-st. 
Chute George, South-st. 

Cliirke Michael, South-st. 
Hewlett [Martin, Mary-st. 
Mulgrew Patrick, Quay-st. 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Corish Nicholas, North-st. 
Jeffares Joseph, Marj'-st. 

Tanners and Leather Sellers. 
Hinton Samuel, Mary-at. 
Jones Thomas & Son, Priory-st. 

Allen and Murray, North-st. ' 

Haiirick John, South-st. 
Redmond John, North-st. 

Watch and Clock Malcei'S. 
Lynch Timothy, South-st. 
Whitney Andrew, Sottth-st. 

Wine and Spirit Merchants. 
Comniins William, North-st. 
French John, South-st. 


Cavannagh Eliza, pawn broker, Mary-st. 

Dovv'sley William, card maker, Mary-st. 

Keating John, ioiner, Mary-st. 

Kenny Margaret, dyer, Mary-st. 

Shaw Ann, confectioner, South-st. 

Thompson William, cooper. Quay 

Tennison Ann, stay maker, South-st. 

Tobin Thos. mercantile academy, Mary-sti 


From the New Inn, North-street. 

To lVate.)ford three times every day, ex- 
cept Sunday, the first at seven in the 
morning, the second at nine, and the 
third at one p, m. 

To TVexfm-d every day except Sunday, a t 
eleven in the morning. 

To Eniscorthy Mon.Wed.& Fri. at one p.m. 

To Carlow iVlon, Wed, and Fri, at seven in 
the morniug, 

( 222 ) 



BATED OH the banks of a small but navigable river, which bears its name (Newry 
Water) is a considerable River Port, Borough, Market, and Post Town, chiefly in the 
County of Down, 50 miles north of Dublin. It is principally built on the side of a steep 
hill, and its situation generally is but indifferent ; the streets for the most part narrow^ 
and it boasts of but few Public Edifices worthy of note. This town owes its origiu to Sir 
Nicholas Bagnall. He rebuilt it, and erected the Church, (now in a state of dilapidation) 
with a strong Gastle for its defence. Within the last 50 years Newry has become thft 
most opulent and Commercial Town in the County, possessing many wealthy Merchants 
and Traders. By means of a navigable communication with the Irish Sea, on the one 
hand, and with the celebrated lake of Lough Neagh and the town of Belfast, on the i 
Other, its exports and imports are very considerable ; among the former may be enumef ^ 
rated, oats and oatmeal, beef, pork, hams, and fitches, live cattle, hogs, plain lineo'l 
and butter ; for the latcer article it is particularly famous. Among its imports may 
be named flax seed, timber, iron, and colonial produce generally. The town con- - 
tains about 2500 houses, and upwards of 15,000 inhabitants. The principal employ- 
ment of the labouring classes in the vicinity, is the manufacture of linen cloth, of which 
'ipwards of 3,000,000 of yards are exported atmually. Newry, it has been previously 
remarked, is comparatively poor in Public Buildings. The New Church however, forms 
an exception, it possesses some degree of grandeur, but its scite is by no means happily 
selected. It has a good Commercial Coffee Room, used as an exchange, with a small 
but neat Theatre. The places of worship are two Churches of the Establishment, one ^ 
Catholic Chapel, with Meeting Houses of Presbyterians, Methodists and Scceders, and, 
three Public Schools. Here are also a Fever Hospital, two Sessions Houses, and a 
Bridewell. The town is governed by a Seneschal, Magistrates, High Constable, and 
four Baronian Constables. The Borough of Newry returns one Member to Parliament j 
the present representative is the Hon. Francis Jack Needham. Markets are held every 
Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, and the Fairs on the Monday after Easter and the 29tb 
of October. Cairn Bane Races on the 1st of November, 

Post Office, HUl-st.- 


From Dublin at 5 Morning,and 4 Afternoon 
Belfast and Scotch, at half past 9 Evening 
Carlingford at 7 Evening 
Dungannon qunvter before 9 Evening 
Kirkeel 20 minutes past 7 Evening 
NewtoflArdes, 5 minutes before 8 Evening 

Assistant Postmaster, Mr. J. Moore. 


To Dublin 10 Morning and 10 at Night 
Belfast at 20 minutes past 5 Morning 
Carlingford, Garvagh,. Kirkeel, Newtoa 

Ardes, P. Glenone, and Siigo, at 6 

England at 4 Afternoon 

Alcorn .Jane, near Hill-st. 
Campbell Archibald, High-st. 
Cleveland Elinor, Hill-st. 
Henderson David, Hill-st. 
Leigh Isaac, Mill-st. 
M'Neill Robert, Hill-st. 
O'Beirne Francis, Edward-st. 
Smith M. Market-st. 

J gents. ' 
Henry and Reid [to Sir VVm. Alexander's 

Bank] Sugar-house Quay 
Ogle Samuel, [to the Underwriters at 

Lloyd's] Merchants-quay 
Thompson W. N. Esq. [to Lord Viscount 

Kilmurray] Sandys-st. 
Townley S. and J. [to the Belfast Bank] 


Bell George, [and chymistj HiU-ft,^; ... 
Black William, North-st. "„ *,','■''"•, 
Magoffin James, Nortji-st,. t ., •: ■ 

Miller George, M[arket-st> 

Taylor Robert, Boat-st. 
Verdon Michael, Castlc-st. 
Wood John, Sugar-island 

Boyd James, Hill-st. 
Cowan James, [and measurer] Mill-st. 
Duff William, Boat-st. 
O'Fairell Patrick, near Lurgan •' 

Ryan Patrick, Queen-st. Bailybought 
Attornies and Solicitors. 
Anderson George, Ncedham-place 
Bell & Dobbin, Needha«n-place, & Armagh 
Devlin Mark, jun. Sugar-island 
Glenny J. and J. O. jun. Castle-st. 
Grier Robert, Hill-st. 
Ogle John, Canal-st. 
Ogle George, Hill-st. 

Reed Samuel, sen. esq. [Seneschal 6f 
Newry, and Stamp Distributor] Cartal^gt- 
Reed Samuel, jun. Canal-st. 
Russel John, Boat-st. 
H .. Auctioneers, 

Clarke Arthur, High-jst.'; ,^..„.. ,.,;.., im,.Oij 
Corbet John, Hill-stwd^BfroM ..g^njisl I'M.' 



M'Macken RobRrt, Canal-st. 
OiT John, Canal-st, 

Devlin Mark, Caatle-it. 
Dooney Ann, Castle-st. 
Gosson John, Market-st. 
Lawless Henry, C anal-st. 
M'Ginnis Thomas, North-st. 
M'Kittrick Thomas, Mill-st. 
M'Linden James, North-st. 
M'Linden William, Castle-st. 
M'lVJanus Daniel, Mill-st. 
Madden William, Boat-st. 
May Thomas, Hill-st. 
Osborne William, Hill-st. 
Public Bakery, Hiil-st. 
Quia Patrick and James, Water-st. 
Rnssel Miles, Sugar-island 
Ryan Lawrence, Boat-st, 

Bark Merchants. 

Carlile Hugli, Merchants-quay 

eieuny and Mailing, Merchants-quay 

Glenny J. W. Merchants-quay 

Anderson George, Needham-place 

Moody James, Hill-st, 

Basket Makers. 

M'Garry Hugh,(2ueen-st. Ballybouglit 

M'Garry John, Queen-st. Ballybought 
Bleachers and Linen Merchants, 

Coulter James, Carmeen 

Cully James, Moorvale 

Gordon William, Sheep-bridge 

Gordon John, Derrylackey 

Rankin and Co. near MuUyglass 

Blackham William, Hill-st. 

Burgess J. Corry-placc 

Corry Samuel, (bookseller) Market-st. 
Booksellers and Stationers. 

Blackham William, Hill-st 

M'Kenny John, Market-st. 

Stevenson James, Market-st. 

Wilkinson Alex, (priater of the Newry Te- 
legraph, published Tn. & Sat.) Hill-st. 
Boot and Shoe Makers. 

Anderson Samuel, North-st. 

Brodie Hugh, High-st. 

Cadley Thomas, Mill-st. 

Donnell James, North-st. 

Guy John, Mill-st. 

Herron Christopher, North-st. 

Lemnion Alexander. North-st. 

Lockhart James. Nyrth-st. 

M'Kittrick James, Hill-st. 

Magrath Robert, High-st. 

Ross Christopher, North-st. 

Templeton Thomas, North-st. 

Weii: William, North-st. 

'Brass Founders, Braziers, and Tin- 

Bergin Michael, (and engineer) Hill-st. 

Boyle Michael, (brass-founder) Sngar-island 

Gordon William, North-s-t,^ 

Hill James, Monaghan-st. 

Magrath Richard, Water-st. 
White Francis Market-st. 

Courtney and Boyd, Ballybought »^ 

Russell, M'Kenna and Co. Ballybaogbfi^ 
Turner and Glennie, Warren-point ''' 

Butter Merchants. 
Caraher John, Butter-crane 
Carter William, Butter-crane 
Cowan William, Butter-crane 
Harvey Thomas, Merchants-quay 
M'Allister Robert, sen. Butter-crane 
M'AlHster Robert, jun. Butter-crane 
M'Clenaghan James, Butter-crane 
Nesblt John, Butter-crane 
Nesbit Joseph, Butter-crane 
Orr John, Merchants-quay 
Savage John, Butter-crane 
Townley Samuel and James, Butter-crane 

Cabinet Makers. 
Bryden James, Kin;^-st. 
Flanagan John, High-st. i 

Fletcher William, (and uphol.) Kildare*sll 
Fletcher Michael, Canal-st, 
Henecy John, [chairs] High-st. 
Smith Isaac, [and upholst.] Kildare-st. 
Smith John, W illiam-st. 

Card Makers. 
Fagan James, Market-st. 
M'Cnnis Hugh, Water-it. 

Cart and Car Makers. 
Jennings James, Spence's-row 
M'Evot Moses, Firidge-st. , 

M 'Shane Nicholas, Mill-st. 
Roundtree Patrick, Hill-st. 

Clothes Dealers, 
Anderson John, North-st, 
Black Robert, North-st. 
Brown Jauc, High-st. 
Foster John, Nortli-st. 
Gallagher James, North-st. 
Glenny Mary, Norh-st, 
Gourley Samuel, North-st. ; , 

Keenan Bernard, North-st. ,,. 

Kelly George, North-st. 
Kenan Joseph, North-st. 
M'Court John, North-st. 
M'Crwm Robert, North-st, 
M' Manns W. North-st.J 
Madden J. North-st. 
Mooney John, Noitb-st. 
O'Donnell Michael, North-st. 
Quin George, North-st. 
Raverty Terence, North-st. 

Coach Owners and Builders. 
Benn Robert and Co. [builders] Hill-st. 
Greir & Anderson, [Mail Coach Co.] Hill-ljt 
Russell Robert, Hill-st. ;5,'; 

Coal Merchants. 
Bryden William, New-st. 
Cooke Richard, Edward-st. , 

Corry and Little, Merchants-quay j 

Courtney and Boyd, Merchants-quay 5!:^ 
Duffy Terence, New-st. . '/; 

Johnson G, W. Sngar-boiise-t(uay 


Lyle Joseph, Merfhants-qua'/ 

INI'Guire ;incl M'Parlan, IV1 ercliants-quay 

OiT Jobn, Merclwints-quay 

Siinil cy Robert, KcUvfti'il-st. 

Speijce and Nlooie, (.'anal-st. 

Towiiley S. and J. Merchants-quay 

Jlorgan Mary, Water-st. 
Osborne Win. Hill-st, 

Grant Tliomas, BallybouglU-biidge 
Grant John, High-st. 
M'Ardell Henry, Mill-st. 
Nicholson William, Water-st. 
Nicholson John, Ballybought 
Nicholson Thomas, Water-st. 
Rooney Peter, New-st. 

Ballard William, North st. 
Gordon William, North-st. 
Hill James, Monaghan-st. 
Magrath Richard, VVatcr-st, 
Pattison John, North-st. 
White Friinc)?, Market-st. 

Cork Mmivfadurcrs. 
Wallace J. H. fiildMre-st. 
Wallace Samuel, Hill-st. 

Cvrn Merchants . 
Caraher John, Merchants-qnay 
Duffy Terence, New-st. 
Harvey Thomas, Merchants-quay 
Henry and Reid, Stigar-house-quay 
Townley S. and J. Mercbants-quay 

Corn Millers and Flour Dealers. 
Atkinson George, Mill-vale 
Collins Arthur, Water-st. 
Gordon and Parsons, Derrylackey 
Newry Mill Co. Mill-st. 
Thompson W. N. Saudys-st. 
Wright John, North-st. 

Cotton Mannfacturers. 
Bell Edward, Hill-st. 
Clarke Edward, High-st. 
Rankin and Co. (and cotton spinners-) 

Caulfield, Thompson & Darcy, Monaghan-st 

■ Dyers. 
Collins Arthur, Water-st. 
Collins Arthur, North-st. 
Cosgrave Francis, Mill-st. 
Keenan Barnet, North-st. 
M'Henery Charles, North-st. 

Feather Merchants, 

Burke Patrick, William-st. 

Dunn Michael, Mill-st. 

Ferrigan James, (and rag dealer) Mill-st. 

Hamilton James, Mill-st. 

Sharkey D. (and rag dealer,) Mill-st. 
Fire and Life Insurance Offices. 

Atlas, Richard Walsh, Market-st. 

Norwich Union, John Corbet, jun. Hill-st 

Royal Exchange, William Carter, Mer- 

5mjj, J. T. Halyday, Hill-st. 

Glass, Chincf^^E'artkenware Diners 
Haughy Maurice, Market-st. 
M'Cann Bridget, North-st. 
Savage C. James, North-st. 

Glaziers, Painters aiid Plumbers, 

Baird Hans, Hill-st. 

Boyd James, Norlh-st. 

Harbison Rlatthew, High-st. 

M'Donald William, North-st. 

M'Donaid John, North-st. 

Pock ridge Michael, Ballybought 

Ruddle William, North-st. 

Grocers, Spirit Dealers, 8fc, 

Best J. and E. (and spirit merchants) Su- 
-Brady Daniel, Castle-st. 

Bradv Thomas, Castle-st. 

Caulfield Edward, Hill-st. 

Coleman Bernard, Castle-st. 

Collins Arthur, VVater-st. 
.Cooke George, Canal-st. . 

Cowan .William, Market-st. 

Crawford Andrew, North-st. 

Davidson Isaac, W^ater-st. 

Davidson John, High-st'. 

Devlin Mark, Castle-st. 

Pagan Terence, High-st. 

Fagan and Dojie, North-st. 

Farin and Coleman, (& 0!l)'Watcr-st- '^, 

Hancock William, (wh.) Sugar-island ' 

Hai-court Ricliard, High-st -' 

Humphries William, Boat-st, 

.'enuings Daniel, Mill-st. 

Jennuigs Charies, Mill-st. 

King Thomas, North-st. 

M'Cambley John, Castle-st, ; 

M'Cambley Henry, Castle-st. 

M'Cann Francis, North-st. ' 

M'Gill Heury, High-st. 

M'Glathery VYilliam, High-st. 
M'Naghten and Dalzell, (wh.) North-st. 

Maguire & M'Parlan, (wh.) Merchts.-quay 

Maguire Mary, Water-st. 

Marshall John, Market-st. 

QuinJohn, (and wh. spirit dealer) Kildare-st 

Quin Luke, (& .'spirit & oil dealer) North-st 

Quin Patrick -and James, Water-st. 

Rice Ann, Mill-st 

Ryan Lawrence, Boat-st. 

Savage John, Sugar-island 

Savage William, North-st. 

Savage Hcnvy, North-st. 

Scott George, Market-st. 

Scott and Nelson, Sugar-island 

Scott David, Water-st. 

Sharkey Dominick, Mill-st. 

Small John, Market-st. 

Spence and Moore, fwh.) Canal-st. 

Spence Thomas, Canal-st, 

Taggart Owen, Market;-st. 

Todd John, North-st. 

Tosh William, Sugar-island 

Town)ey S. and J. (merehts.) Mei'chants-q. ' 

Turley Henry, High-st. 

Wilson James, North-st, 

Blaney Mary, (lineu draper) North-st. 



Campbell E. and M. North-st. 

Campbell M. Mill-st. 

Crosier M. M. and E. North-st. 

Jamieson M. Market-square 

Marshall William, North-st. 

Nugent JasTies, North-st. 

Reeves Ann, Hill-st. 

Rooney Charles, (linen draper) North-st. 

Torley Patrick, Market-st. 

Trainor Terence, North-st. 

Haberdashers and Milliners. 
CaulfieldM. andT Kildare-st. 
Heron Mary, North-st. 
Marshall Joseph, Market-st, 
Mee Jane, North-st. 

Hat Manufacturers and Dealers, 
Benn Thomas, North-st. 
Cowan George, North-st. 
Cunningham M.J. North-st. 
Cunningham Michael, Market-st. 
Thompson John, North-st. 

Hemp and Flax Merchants and 

Caralier Jn. (flax merchant) Merchants-quay 

Clarke Edward, High-st. 

Dunbar Charles, North-st. 

Hughes Phillip, (merchant) High-st. 

Johnson Thomas, High-st. 

Kean William, Sugar-island 

Postley Alexander, Sugar-island 

Russell Matthew, Sugar-island 

Townley S. and J . (hemp merchants) Mer- 

Hotels and Inns. 

Black Adam, (Shakspeare) Hiil-st., 

Farran Edward, (White-cross) Water-st. 

Gray Sarah, (Coach & Horses) Margaret-st. 

Hillan Marv, (Coach and Horses) Water-st, 

Trainor Patrick, (New White Cross) Mar- 

Williams Patrick, (King's Arms) Hill-st. 
Iron Founder, 

Sharkey Patrick, Edward-st. 
Iron Merchants. 

Cooke Richard, Edward st. 

Jennings Charles, Merchants-quay 

Maguireand M'Parlan, Merchants-quay 

Sharkey Robert, Edward-st. 

Townley Samuel and James, Merchants -qu. 
Iron Mongers. 

Cooke Richard, (English iron mongery) 

Creek W. and 3. North-st. 

Jennings Peter, Nprth-st. 

Liddy Richard, (and jeweller) North-st. 

M'Corry Henry, North-st. 

Madill Robert, Canal -st. 

White John, North-st. 

Joiners and Builders, 
Benn Robert, (and engineer) Sugar-island 
Boyd James, Hill-st. 
Humphries William, Boat-St. 
Ryan Patrick, Queen-st. 

- -if-M (iSqfllfa U5.aJl) ,1fl«I/i '<yJ.. ; 

Leather Cutters. 

Anderson Samuel, North-st. 
Byrne CJatharine, Casile-st. 
Crawford Hiigh, Castle-st. 
Donnell James, North-st. 
M'Caniley Henry, Castle-st, 
M'Cann Francis, North-st. 
M'Sherry Edward, North-st. 
Maguire Mary, Water-st. 
Power John, North-st. 
Ross Christopher, North-st. 
Small Hugh, Castle-st. 

Lime Masters. 
Courtney and Boyd, Dublin-bridge 
Hinnan Robert, Boat-st. 

Aiken John, Son and Co. Merchants-quay 
Boyd and Kerr, Monaghan-st. 
Boyd John and H ugh , Bason 
Caralier Jn. (gen. com mis.) Merchants*qu. 
Carlile Hugh, Merchants-quay 
Cooke Richard, Edward-st. 
Corry and Little, Merchants- quay 
Courtney and Boyd, Merchants- quay 
Dutfy Terence, Merchants-quay 
Glonnv and Melling, (commis. stores) Mer» 

Gl?<iny Isaac Wm, Merchants-quay 
Hanna George, Edward-st. 
Harvey Thomas, Merchants-quay 
Henry and Reid, Sup;ar-house-quay 
Hughes Philip, High-st. 
Jefferson and Godirey, Merchants-quay 
Jennings Charles, Merchants-quay 
Johnston W. G, Sugar-house-quay 
Lyle Joseph, Merchants-quay 
M'Clenaghan James, Merchants-quay 
M'Macken Robert, Merchants-quay 
M'Naghten and Dalzell, North-st. 
Maguire and M'Parlan, Merchants-quay 
Nesbit Joseph, Butter-crane 
Ogle Samuel, (& master extraordinary in 

the four eourts) Merchants-quay 
Orr John, Merchants-quay 
Purden Robert, Merchants-quay 
Sharkey Robert, Edward-st. 
Spence and Moore, Canal-st. 
Swanzy Wilson and Co. Sugar-house-quay 
Townley S. and J. Merchants-quay 
White David and Henry, (commiss.) Mer- 

Donnell Ann, North-st. 
Fitzsimmons Fanny, Bason 
Heron M. H. B. and E. North-st. 
M'iiaffin Misses, North-st. 
Moore Charlotte, Kildare-st. 
Morgan Mary, Hill-st. 

Nesbit Harriet, Kildare-st. ^ 

Ruddle Susan, North-st. 
Steward A. J. North-st. 

Oil Dealers^ 
Farren and Coleman, Water-st, 
Kearney Francis, Boat-st. f 

Quin Luke, North-st. , y>, 




Campbell Thomas, Castle-st. 
' Frazer George, Canal-st. 
Lyle James, High-st. 
Whitehead Richard, Boat-st. 
Black John, Hill-st. 
Johnson William, Sandys-st. 
Verdon Thomas, Market-square 

Jackson Edward and ^ons, Boat-st, 
M'Donnell and Sons, Commons 
Ryan Daniel, High-st. 

Public Notaries. 
Corbett John, (and accountant) Hill-st. 
Ogle Samuel, Merchants-quay 

Rope and Sail Makers. 
Dunbar Charles, (and pipe maker) North-st 
Holmes James, High-st. 
Kean William, Sugar-island 
Postley Alexander, Sugar-island 
Russell Matthew, Sugar-island 

Barnet Hugh, Sugar-island 
Blackham James, Market-st. 
Hancock Robert, Water-st. 
Murphy Patrick, Hill-st, 
Quin Bernard, Castle-st. 
Spotswood Henry, Boat-st. 
Spotswood George, Boat-st. 

Seed Merchant. 
Creevy William, Corner t)f Hill-st. 

Ship Brokers. 
Godfrey and Jefferson, Merchants-quay 
Lang William, Merchants-quay 
M'Macken Robert, Merchants-quay 
Purden'Robert, Merchants- quay 
Ship Builder's, 8fc. 
Russell Matthew, Merchants- quay 
Shiels Isaac, Green-island 
Shiels Patrick, (and publican) Green-island 

Slate Merchants. 
Bry den William, New-st. 
Guy George, Merchants-quay 
Hanna George, Merchants-quay 
Lyle Joseph, Merchants-quay 
Stay Makers. 
Dunsheath Mary, Hill-st. 
M'Lin Margaret, Sugar-island 
Murphy Sarah, Hill-st. 

Stone and Marble Masons. 
Hanna George, Edward-st. 
Lyle Joseph, (marble mercht.) Merchants-q 
May James, (marble manufactory) Dublin- 

Straw Hat Makers. 
Corry William, Hill-st. 
Douglas Jane, Sugar-island 
Gillespie Catharine, Sugar-island 
Heanan Elizabeth, Mill-st. 
Ruddle Eliza, North-st. 

Brown Richard, (staff) Low-grounct 
Magoffin .James, North-st, 

Miller George, Market-st. 
Verdon Thomas, (and M. D.) Market-sq. 
Wood John, Sugar-island 
Dodds William, Water-st, 
Logan William, Bridge-st. 
Luddon John, Water-st. 
M'Convill Anthony, Market-square 
M'Convill Matthew, Market-st. 
Sloane John, Mill-st. 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Coleman Bernard, Castle-st 
Crawford Andrew, North-st. 
Davison Arthur, Castle-st, 
Leadly Edward, Canal-st. 
M'Adam Owen, High-st. 
M'Minn Joseph, Sugar-island 
M'Naghten and Dalzell, North-st. 
Murtagh Ann, Boat-st. 
Savage John, Sugar-island 
Todd John, North-st. 
Wilson James, North-st. 

Tanners and Curriers. 
Callan Denis, Mill-st. 
Caaningham Michael, Hide-st. 
Pagan Hugh, Mill-st. 
Kearney Francis, Boat-st. 
Kearney Patrick, Boat-st. 
M'Cormick Patrick, Hide-st. 
M'Coy Matthew, Market-square 
Murphy Lawrence, Downsbire-road 
Simpson Ebenezer, Old-quay 
SkilSngton Hugh, Boat-st. 

Taverns and Public Houses. 
Blackham William, Boat-st, 
Byrne Peter, Boat-3t. 
BjTnes William, North-st. 
Campbell Felix, Boat-st. 
Campbell Michael, Canal-st. 
Clarke John, Boat-st 
Coleman Joseph, Water-st. 
Copeland William, North-st. 
Copes Mary, Water-st. 
Crawford Samuel, Castle-at. 
Crawford Hugh, Boat-st. 
Cunningham Mary, Boat-st. 
Daly Francisj North-st. 
Dempsey John, Castle-st. 
Gosson Peter, Market-st. 
Graham Isaac, Water-st. 
Grant Nicholas, Castle-st. 
Grant Thomas, Merchants-quay 
Griffin Philip, Water-st, 
Griffin George, Ballyhought 
Hamilton James, Mill-st. 
Hamilton James, Mill-st, 
Hare Michael, Boat-st. 
Horton xMoses, High-st. 
Jennings Daniel, Mill-st. 
Killen Thomas, Mill-st. 
M'Calpin George, Ballybougbt 
M'Campley Terence, Nortb-st. 
M'Campley Bridget, North-st. 
M'Campley Michael, Canal-st. 
M'Cormick Arthur, Castle-st, 



M'Cenvill Ann, North-st. 
M'Dowall Wm. Canal-st. 
M'Gowan George, Nortli-st, 
M'Keown Felix, Monaghan-st. 
M 'Sherry Edward, North-st. 
Magee Henry, Mill-st. 
Maguire M. Margaret-st. 
Matthews Thomas, Buat-st. 
Mitchell Joseph, Sugar-island 
Morgan Francis, Bridge-st. 
Morgan Edward, Mill-st. 
Murphy Joseph, Ballybought 
Norton Moses, High-st. 
Polan Thomas, Castle-st. 
Quia James, Water-st. 
Revel James, North-st. 
Ryan Lawrence, Boat-st. 
Ryan Jimes, High-st. 
Sherry Thomas, Ballybought 
Shoulder Arthur, North-st. 
Small Hugh, High-st. 
Thompson Archibald, Boat-st. 
Thompson James, NorCh-st. 
Thompson Robert, Ballybought , 
Trainor Patrick, Margaret-st. 
Trainor J. (carmen's inn) Canal-st. 
Withers J. Mill-st. 
Wright John, North-st. 

Timber Merchants 
Aiken John, Son and Co. Merchants-quay 
Boyd and Ker, Monaghan-st. 
Boyd John and Hugh, Bason 
Cooke Richard, Edward-st. 
Corry and Little, Merchants-quay 
Guy George, Merchants-quay 
Hanna George, Edw:ard-st, 
Henry and Reid, Sugar-house-quay 
Jennings Charles, Merchants-quay 
Lyle Joseph, Merchants-quay 
Maguire and M'Parlan, Merchants-quay 
Sharkey Robert, Edward-st. 
Townley Saml, and James, Merchants-quay 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 
Hancock William, Sugar-island 
Jennings Charles, Merchants-quay 
M'Naghten and Dalzell, North-st. 
Rice Ann, Market-st. 
Savage John, Sugar-island 
White D. and H. Merchants-quay 
Wilson James, North-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers, 
Aicken Greaves, Water-st, 
Blackham George, Hill-st. 

Wheelwrights and Wood Turners. 
Chadwiek George, Ballybought 
Henery James, Boat-st, 
Hill Joseph, Sandys-st. 
Ruddy Patrick, Needhara-st. 
Madill Robert, Canal-st. 
Magrath ITiomas, Sugar -island 
Magrath Ralph, Sugai--island- 

Wine Merchants. 
Thompson Henry, Sugar-island 
Walker Isaac, Canal-st. 

Wallace J. H. Kildare-st, 
Wallace Samuel, Hill-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Byrne Catharine, Castle-st. 
Graham Andrew, Market-st. 
Halydaj'J.T. (carpet, furniture and paper 

hanging warehouse, and lottery office 

keeper.) Hill-st. 
O'HaganA. P- North-st, 
O'Hagan John, Market-st. 
O'HaganJ. A. Market-st. 
Searight James, North-st. 
Walsh Richard, Market-st, 


Carlile Hugh, (American, West Indian, an^ 
Danish Consul, and Master of "the But- 
ter-crane) Merchants-quay 

Dunsheatli James, eomb manuft. Hill-st. 

Guy George, stocking manuft. North-st. 

Irvine John, gun m.iker, Boat-st. 

M'Cardell John, block maker, Boat-st. 

M'Clcnaghan James, provision merchant,- 

M'Gijmls Thomas, starch manuft. North-st. 

Orr John, ma.sier of the corn crane, Canal-st 

Rogers John, glover, &,c. Hill-st. 

Thompson Nicholas, cutler, North-st. 

Thompson Rt, master of the meal crane, 

Wilson William, brush manuft. King-st. 

Officers (principal) of H. M. Customs, 

Collector, W. iN. Thompson, Esq. 

Comptroller, H. M'Clelanfl, Esq. 

Store Keeper, Samuel Bell, Esq. 

Cheque on Stores, Hans Ogle, Esq. 

Port Surveyor, VVilliam Isaac Corry, Esq>. 

, , . f Thomas Waring, Gent. 

Landwaiters | Christopher Moore, G*nt. 

Pro Collector, Rt. Sheehan 

Guaging Surveyor, James M'Conway 
Officers (prinripal) of Excise 

Thompson Ross, Esq. Collector 

Robert Wallace, Gentleman, Pro-Collector^, 

Edward T. Savage, Esq. Surveyor 

Andrew Wallace, Esq. Surveyor. 
From Anderson and Greer's OFfiCE, 

Mails to Dublin at ten in the morning, and; 
ten minutes before ten at night. 

To Belfast at twenty minutes past five in 
the morning, and at quarter past four ia. 
the evening. 

The Lark Post Coach to Dublin every 
morning at seven, and retorns at four ip, 
the evening. 
From Mary Hillan's Water-street^ 

Post Coach to Downpatrich, evefj' Monday, 
Wednesday, and Friday, at ten in the' 
morning, returns Tuesday, Thursday, 
and Sunday, at four in the evening. 

The St. Patrick, Marquis and Mat-y Packet* 
sail in rotation to Liverpool from War- 
ren's Point. Agent at Nemry, Mr, James. 


Hamilton, Mill-st.— at Warren's Point, 
Mr. John Gossoon. 

Newry Passage Boat 

Arrives from Knock Bridge every Tuesday, 
Thursday, and Saturday, at half past ten 
in the morning, and leaves Newry on its 
return at four in the evening on the same 

Regular Traders convey goods \iO Liverpool 
from Merchants-quay 

Cars attend daily at Trainer's & Robinson's,' 
Canal-st. which convey goods to the 
Counties of j^ntrim, Armagh, Cavan, 
Enniskillen, Louth, Meath, Monaglian, 
and Tyrone. And from Morgan's Dub- 

' lin Bridge, to the Counties of Dublin, 
Armagh, Louth, Meath, and Monaghan. 



Jl he county of Sligo, which the Atlantic Ocean confines on the North,^ is from N. to S. 
•^" miles in length, and the greatest breadth is 30 miles. The town of Sligo is the capi- 
ta ; and the only sea port and town of any trade in the county, it is 104 miles N. W. of 
Dublin, and is a very flourishing commercial place. Within these eight or ten years the 
London trade has been greatly extended here. The merchandize consists in the exportation 
of butter, meal, gi'ain, mess beef and pork, linen and linen yarn, chiefly shipped to London, 
Liverpool & Glasgow; the butter trade forms avery prominent feature of mercantile interest ; 
it conmiences about May, and continues till December following, and is transacted in the 
butter market, which is a spacious new and convenient erection. The merchants here make 
their purchases from farmers, &c. who bring the butter from the surrounding country, 
packed in casks ready for exportation ; previous to the sales taking place, it undergoes an 
examination by the butter taster, appointed for that purpose , every cask is then marked 
according to its quality, such an excellent regulation prevents all possibility of imposition, 
which probably at one period of the trade was practised. The amount of cash paid in this 
market weekly, is from 3 to 4000 pounds, with an encrcase of nearly 30,000 casks more 
than was sold last year. The purchases of grain in the corn market, is also considerable, 
there being bought 44,000 barrels of oats more this, than the last year. The market 
days for corn and butter, are Tuesdays and Fridays, l^he encrease of commerce generally, 
is evident fi'om the list of tonnage of shipping, which belonged to this port in the year 1810, 
being only 2S0 tons, and all small sloops ; and at the present period, there are upwards 
of 1200 tons and many fine large vessels, which are constantly employed in export and 
importation, beside many ships often arriving from foreign parts, with timber, flax seed, 
&c. &c. The public Institutions of Sligo, evince the refinement and liberality of its re- 
spectable inhabitants, viz. a well conducted Infirmary, Fever Hospital, and a most respect- 
able Charter School ; there is also a News Room, (to which all strangers have free access) 
a well edited newi-paper, is published in this town, every Tuesday and Saturday, by the 
much respected Proprietor, Mr. Alex. Bolton. 

The places of worship are at present, an extensive Protestant Church, an Independent 
Meeting House, a Methodist Chapel and two Catholic Chapels, viz. the Convent and St. 
Patrick's, another large Church of England is in contemplation, and is supposed will soon 
be built. Close to the town, are the ruins of an Abbey, supposed to have been built in the 
thirteenth century, the cloisters and some parts which are still pretty perfect, display great 
chastity of architectural beauty ; within it are many tombs and monuments of very 
ancient date, and would allow gi-eat pleasure to the antiquarian. The country about this 
flourishing town is mountainous, romantic and M'ildly grand ; the river Garrogue which 
flows through the town adds considerably to its beauty, and in the summer months, there 
are numerous aquatic parties who frequent it. Hazelwood, the seat of Owen Wynne, Esq. 
two miles distant, is a delightful demesne, and a model of agricultural taste ; no 
stranger .should omit visiting this beautiful spot, it being open to all respectable people, to 
ride or walk round it. There have also lately been built a vei-y neat and commodious 
Custom House, and a spacious new Quay, wliich adds considerably to the convenience of 
the shipping Interests ; the town is also, much beautified by many handsome new houses 
being lately erected. There are five fairs annually, viz. on the 27th of March; the first. 
Saturday after old May day ; 4th July ; 12th of August and 9th of October; which are 
held one day each, and are chiefly cattle fairs. The market days are Tuesday, Fridays 
and Saturdays. 

Post Office, Stephen-st.— Adam Guthry, Post Master.— The Dublin Mail, kaves Sligo 
every morning, (Saturday's excepted) at eight. The North and Scotch Mails, are dis- 
patched on the arrival of the Dublin Mail, at six every evening. The English letters are 
forwarded by the Dublin Mail. 

' ■t"=.sctltil «^(;iOij}(U'. nii(n((j3i: ." ■ ^Ttius/i ^.t^oiau jjooi^i-' 



Apothecaries and Surgeons, 

Anderson Francis, (& surgeon) Ratlcliff-st. 
Armstrong VVm. (& surgeon) Knoxes-st. 
Bell Win. (& surgeon) Stephen-st. 
Burne Jolm, (& surgeon) Market-st. 
M'Munn Saml. Market-st. 
M'Naier James, (& surgeon) Castle-st. 
Murray John, Stephen-st. 

Ham Thos. (& builder) Ardnaree 
Kerr Geo. (& builder) Union-st. 
Lynn John, [& builderJ Union-st. 

Baker Isaac, Knoxes-st, 
Hines Valentine 

M'Donough John & Jas, Jail-st. 
Rutherford Allen, Stephen-st. 
Rutledge Peter, Tyreragh 
Walker James, Rathcarrick 

Lawson Wm. (& ship broker) Knoxes-st. 
M'Cann Fras.f&furniture broker) Market-st 
O'Rourke Bryai(,(& ship broker) New Cus- 
- tom-house 

Gilgan Edw. Radcliff-st. 
Gilgahn Michl. Knoxes-st. 
Hart Michl. Radcliff-st. 
Hetherington Smith, Old-bridge 

Baker Robt. 
Everard Richard 
M'Cann John, 
Phillips Chas. Abbey-view 

Bleachers and Linen Dealers. 
Algeo John, Glenboy 
Ballantine J. and D. Clonsillagh 
Blest Albert, Greenville 
Cunningham Jas. Drapers-lawn 
Holmes Wm. (and inspector) Farm-hill 
Kelly Andi-ew, Colooney 
M'Donnell Wm. Thorn-hill 
M'Tucker John, Spring-field 
Boat Builders. 
Feeney John, Quay-st, 
Welsh Patrick, Quay-st. 

Book Binders. 
Drennan Alex. Bridge-st. 
SomerviUe Beni. Castle-st. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Bolton Alex, (Printer and Publisher of the 

Sligo Journal, Published on Wednesday's 

and Saturday's*) Castle-st. 
FeenyJohn, Knoxes-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Couolan Owen, Radcliff-st. 
Gilgan Tliady, Radcliff-st. 
Harrison John, Castle-st. 
Hopewell Andrew, Radcliff-st. 
M'Cready George, Raifcliff-st. 
Ralph John, Thomas-st. 
Shaw William, Castle-st. 
Wallis Bartholomew, Castle-st. 

Braziers and Tinmen. 
Gamble James, Knoxes-st. 

Johnson Robert, Pound-st. 
Paiferty Neal, John-st. 
Robertson Saml. Castle-st. 
Townsley J. Knoxes-st. 
White James, Ratcliff-st. 
Whyte Edwd. High-st. 

Anderson John and Cbas. Farm-hill 
Jamieson Punbar, Buckley's-ford 
Madden Martin & Co. Radcli(f-st. 
Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers. 
Arbuckle Adam, Castle-st. 
Burrows George, Maghar-boy 
Henry James, Knoxes-st. 

Clothes Brokers. 
Conlan Patrick, Jail-st. 
Dyer ! atrick, Thomas-st. 
Keaugliron John, Thomas-st. 
M'Caran J. Thomas-st. 
M'Glone, Pound-st. 

Coach Maker. 
Read George, Linen-hall-st. 

Cc<fl Merchants. 
Allen William, yuay-st. 
Lawson William, Quay-st. 
Middleton William, Wine-st. 

Comb Maker. 
Rochford George, Pound-st. 

Kelly Darby, Market-st. 
Kelly Edwd. Castle-st. 
Kelly Patrick, RadclifF-st. 
Black John, (American Vice Consul) Knox- ' 
es-street '• 

Coopers. '■* 

Allingham Frank, Pound-st. ' * 

Allingham Hugh, Quay-st, 
Armstrong James, Holbourn-st. 
Brennan Jamds, old Market-st. 
Caffry John, Pound-st. 
Hare James, Stephen-st. : 

Henry Thomas, Gore-st. 
Hudson Josh. Church-lane 
M'Corraick Michl. Pound-st, 
M'KenzieDaul. Pound-st, 
Middleton John, Wine-st. 
O'Doud Patrick, Pound-st. 
Park Roger, Old-bridge 

Cork Cutter. 
Chapman Anthony, Knoxes-st. 

Curriers and Leather Cutters, 
Deignan, Market-st. 
Ward Matthew, High-st, 

Doberfy Henry, (& jeweller) Marke^-9t, 
Smith Barton, Bridafc-foot-st. 
Warren William, New-bridge 

Martin Abraham, Knoxes-st. 

Kelly James, Pound-st. 

Earthenware Dealers. 
Chapman Anthony, Knoxes-st. 



Christian Margt. Knoxes-st. 
Connellan Dominick, Market-st. 
Lawson William, Knoxes-st. 
Warreu William, Kaoxes-st. 

Grocers and Spirit Dealers, 
Anderson James, Radcliff-st. 
Baird Moses, {& oils and paints; Market-st 
Barklie Robt. Markct-st. 
Coleman Peter, (& glass) Market-st, 
Compton Eliza, Knoxes-st. 
Conlan Malachi, (& ironmonger) Higb-st. 
Conlan Roger, (& ironmonger) High-st. 
Gaffny Michl. Market-st, 
Goolrick James, Castle-st, 
Graham Henry, High-st. 
Graham Patrick, [and corn merchant] 

Hart John, High-st. 
Henry James, High-st. 
Henry Jane, Knoxes-st. 
Henry William, (and salt dealer) High-st. 
Hume Andrew & Co. (wholesale) Knoxes-st 
Madden James, Radcliff-st. 
Murphy John, Stephen-st. 
O'Connor Pat, Market-st. 
Smith Richard, Radcliff-st. 
Smyth John, Market-st. 
Walker Andrew, Market-st, 
Ward Pat, [and earthenware] Knoxes-st. 

Gun Makers. 
Ashfield William, Knoxes-st. 
Leech Henry, Castle-st. 

Caldwell Ann, Old Market-st. 
Crawford Francis, Market-st. 
Fiddes Sidney, Knoxes-st. 
Faucett Rebecca, Stephen-st. 
Gallagher Michael, (& hardware) Market-st 
M'Kee Ann and Jane, Market-st. 
M'Neight Jane, Stephen-st. 
Ward Mary, Market-st. 

Hat Makers. 
Dougherty David, Radcliff-st, 
Lamb William, West-garden-lane 
M'Gill James, West-garden-lane 
M'lver Charles, Market-st. 
M'lver Robert, Mall 
Poquin Thomas, Castle-st, 
Pugh Michael, West-garden-lane 

Armstrong John, New-bridge-st. 
Elliott Simon, Thomas-st, 
Hopewell Nathaniel, Stephen-st. 
Kelly John, Holbourn-st. 
(Head Inn & Hotel, & Mail Coach Offite) 
The Ld. Nelson, Wm.M' Bride, New-bridge 

Iron Mongers. 
Brenan Bartholomew, Kuoxes-st. 
Connelly Thomas, Market-st, 
Donagher Pat. (and salt dealer) High-st, 
Mulvogue Pat. Knoxes-st. 
O'Conner Pat. Market-st, 

Joiner and Carpenter, 
Johnson Edward, Market-st, 


Fewtrell William, Qnay-st. 
Lawson William, Knoxes-st. 

Linen Drapers, 
Boyle Hugh, Market-st. 
Boyle James, Market-st. 
Callaghan Terence, Market-st. 
Connellan Peter, Market-st. 
Goreran Pat, Market-st. 
Johnson Edward, Market-st. 
Knox Hugh, Knoxes-st. 
Motherwell Adam, High-st. 
Parke Thomas, Market-st. 
Prestwicb John, High-st. 
Robinson William, Market-st. 

Litien and Woollen Drapers. 
Brady Henry, Market-st, 
Brady Pat. Market-st. 
Brady Thomas, Market-st. 
Brown John, Market-st. 
Feeny .James, Market-st. 
M'Gloin, Francis, Market-st. 
M'Kee Alexander, Market-st. 
M'Kee Henry, Market-st. 
O'Beirne Francis, Market-st. 
O'Donnell Daniel, Market-st. 
O'Donnell Terence, Market-st. 
Thacker William, Market-st. 

Anderson John, Farm-hill 
Jamieson Dunbar, Buckleys-ford 
Madden Martin and Co. Radcliff-st. 
Martin Abraham, Knoxes-st, 

Baird Moses, High-st, 
Barklie Robert, High-st. 
Black John, Knoxes-st. 
Culbertson David and Co. Wine-st. 
Everard Ignatius, old Market-st. 
Fewtrell William, Quay-st. 
Freeland and Cochran, Wine-st. 
Kelly William, High-st. 
Mac Donough Morgan, Knoxes-st. 
M'Creery Alexander, Wine-st, 
M'DougallDoiiald, Quay-st. 
Martin Abraham, Knoxes-st. 
Middleton William, Wine-st. 
Ramsey Robert, Knoxes-st. 
Welsh Andrew, Union-st. 
Scott, Patrickscn andCo, Quay-st, 

Martin Abraham, Knoxes-st. 
Christian William, Mill-port 

Notary Public 
M'Cann Francis, Market-st. 

Painters and Glaziers. _ 
Moran Thomas, Pound-st. 
Parke CoUes, Stephen-st. 
Talbot Thomas, Stephen-st. 

Bolton R. H. Knoxes-st. 
Carter Bartholon^ew, Wine-st., 
Coyle Bernard, Knoxe.s-st. 
Irwin Henry, Stephen-st. 
Jackson R. D. Market-st. 



Johnson Charles, Stephen-st. 
Pipe Maker, 
Creighton Henry, Gore-st. 
Gamble James, Knoxes-st. 

hope Maker. 
Black William, Knoxes-st. 
Henry William, Castle-st. 
Jones George, Knoxes-st. 
Mackey John, Pound-st. 
M'Neight William, Stephen-st. 
Murray Nicholas, Found-st. 
Tucker John, Cnstle-st. 
Wittaker George, Castle-st. 

Salt Manufacturers. 
Allen William, Quay-st. 
Bovd Miles, Quayst. 
M'Munn A. and W. Ballisodare 
Salt Retailers. 
Conlon Roger, High-st. 
Donogher Pat, High-st. 
Gathins James, High-st. 
Henry William, High-st. 
Jordan James, High-st. 
O'Connor Pat. High-st. 

GriflSn Thomas , High-st. 
West Georgs, High-st, 

Ship Brokers. 
Lawson William, Knoxes-st. 
Middleton William, Wiue-st. 
O'Rourke Bryan, Quay-st. 

Ship Chandler. 
Alien William, ^uay-st. 

Ship Owners. 
Black John, Knoxes-st. 
Cochran Alexander, Quay-st. 
Fewtrell William, Quay-st, 
Kelly William, High-st. 
Lawson William, Knoxes-st. 
Martin Abraham, Knoxes-st. 

Skinners and Glovers. 
Bell Saml, old Market-st. 
King John, Mall 

Slate Merchants. 
Everard Ignatius, old Markct-st. 
Scott, Patrickson and Co. Quay-st. 

Tailors and Habit Makers. 
Gallagher Denis, old Market-st. 
Griffin James, Castle-st. ' 

Madden John, old Market-st. 
O' Conner Matthew, old Market-st. 

Tallow Chandlers. 
Anderson Richard, Market-st. 
Baird Moses, Market-st. 
Judge James, Radcliff-st. 
Ramsey Robert, Knoxes-st. 
Streete John, Radcliff-st. 

Conlan Owen, Ratcliff-st. ' 

Taverns and Public Houses. 
Anderson John, (swan) High-st. 

Bree Owen, Castle-st. 
Campbel William, [plough] Market-st. 
Chalk Jane, [Scotch tavern] Quay-st. 
Donagher J as. [hope and anchor] High-st. 
Fawsett George, Radciiff-st. 
Hart Roger, Knoxes-st. 
Hudson William, [black lion] High-st.' ', 
Lavfield Robt. [& billiard room] Wine-st. * 
M'Donagh Pat. Pound-st. 
M'Gettrick Pat. old Market-st. 
M'Gowan Jas. [spinning wheel] Pound-st. 
Mulhern Thomas, Quay-st. 
Scales John, (Wellington] Radcliff-st. 
Scott Ann, [St. Patrick] old Market-st. 
Williams Margt. (Free Mason tavern) old 

Timber Merchants. 
Barklie Robt. High-st. 
Black John, Knoxes-st. 
Cochran Alex. Quay-st. 
Kelly William, High-st. 
Martin Abrra. Knoxes-st. 
O'Connor Pat, Market-st. 

Tobacco Manufacturers. 
Graham Pat. High-st. 
Macdonojgh Morgan, Knoxes-st. 
Madden Thomas, Radcliff-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers. 
Lattimer Josh. Thomas-st. 
M'Dowall James, Castle-st. 
Molyneaux William, Market-st. 

M'Namara Thady, Pound-st. 
M'Kim Robt. Knoxes-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Burrowes Chas. High-st. 
Kernaghan Jas. & Co. Market-st. 
O'Donnell Jas. High st. 
Ross John, Market-st. 


Bell Josh. sen. leather breeches maker, ol^ 

Bell Josh. jun. leather bi'eeches maker, old 

Ball Henry, working jeweller. Market-st. 
Brennan John, nail maker, Market-st. 
Burrows Thos. keeper, Knoxes-st 
Carter Jane W, keeper of the news room. 

Christian Wm. clerk of butter market, 

Cosgrif Mary, straw hat maker, Market-st. 
Davidson Oas.tasternf butter,Butter-market 
Fausset Wm. Esq, Provost, Willsboro 
Gallagher Jas. iron & flannel dealer, High-st 
Hines Josh, master of the Charter School.& 

linen manufacturer, Ha^lewood-road 
M'Cann Fras. furniture broker, Market-st. 
M'Donogh John, keeper, Pound-st 
Monaghan John, flannel dealer, High-st. 
O'Connor Ann.hardward dealer, High-st. 
Scott Margt. milliner and dress mak^r, 

Simmoads Josh. Stamp Office, Knoxes-st. 



Custom House, 
Holmes Richard, Esq. Collector 
Holmes John G. Esq. Pro Collector 
M'Lister Edw. Esq. Comptroller 
Gething Richard, Esq, Port Surveyor 
Phillips Wm. Esq. Landwaiter 
Caithness ,)n, Esq. Second Clk. to Collector 
Bnlteel Edwd. Gent. Tide Surveyor 
Ramsey Jas. Esq. Pro Collr. 
Rutledge Jas. E.sq. Port Survr. 
Goodwin Fras, Esq. Tide Survr, 
Exche Office for Sligo ^ Killyhegs 
O'Hara Chas. Esq, Collector 
M'Creery Stephen, Esq, Pro Collector 


Crawford John,, Esq,^ Surrepr* f,:i,^^„ y,] ^y^ 
Walsh J atnes, Ganger, West " ' s'mhM 
Meaglien Thomas, Gauger, North. !, |.^;jbȣ 
Casgrave Pat, Gauger, East '.''..■ 

Boyle John, Esq. Inspector of Taxes 
Homan Fras, Assess, of Taxes for SligO 

Coaches. .,. A, ^, 
The Dublin mail, aod only Coach^ that goes 
from Sligo, leaves the Nelson Hotel Inn, 
every morning at eight, and arrives at the 
General Post-Office, Dublin, every fol- 
lowing; morning, at six ; arrives in Sligo, 
at six, every evening 




HIS town is in the County of Tyrone, 101 miles north-west of Dublin : it is situated 
on the river Moiirne, about half a mile from its confluence with the Foyle, which flows iu 
beautiful serpentine windings to the north-west, is a handsome and well built populous 
Town, and gives the title of Viscount to a branch of the noble family of Hamilton ; itis 
also the seat of a good and extensive market. 

The linen trade of Strabane is of great importance, and it may be considered the third 
town in Ireland for the quality and quantity of that branch of manufacture ; the provision 
trade, mess beef, and pork is also carried on very respectably and extensively here ; 
the Strabane brands are highly approved in foreign and other pans where they are, exported 
to, but the chief part of the provision is more immediately shipped to England and 
Scotland. The bulter trade is not so extensive here as it otherwise would be if encou- 
ragement was given to it by Parliament extending the Act to Strabane; the butter that 
is now taken to this market must undergo another inspection at some town where the Act 
does extend, before it can be exported, which is a great impediment to the trade, however, 
if this obstacle was removed, it would probably be as large a butter market as any in the 
kingdom. The canal, which is extremely wide and fine, with a large basin, is about 
four miles in length, and communicates with the Foyle, opposite to Port Hall, it is navi- 
gable for vessels of 200 tons burthen; some time ago a line of canal was marked out 
from Port Hall to Lough Em, which, if it had been accomplished, would have added the 
greatest benefits to the trade of a great extent of country. Lough Ern being navigable for 
40 miles, and b)' the opening of so desirable a communication it would have been of the 
highest national importance, besides having afforded the pleasing gratification of hundreds 
of the poor being so usefully employed. Strabane contains a Protestant Church ; a large 
handsome Market-house ; a Dispensary ; Fever Hospital ; and Sunday Poor Schools ; sup- 
ported by voluntary contributions. There are four yearly fairs, viz. on the 1st of Feb. 
12th of May, 1st of August, and 12th of November, The general market days are on 
Tuesdays and Saturdays , that for linen cloth, yarn, and butter, on Tuesdays, The town of 
LifFord is across the Foyle about a mile from Strabane ; it is a very small place, and no ' 
trade whatever, although the Assizes are held there ; it is pleasantly situated and contains ' ' 
a good Church, with the County Goal, Court House, occ. The town altogether has a ** 
pleasing and picturesque effect in the view from Strabane, the river adding greatly to tbe'¥ 
beauty of the scene. "1 

Post OflSce, — Oliver Jenkins, Post Master. — Letters leave this office for Dublin every 
morning at nine o'clock, and arrive there at six the following morning. Letters to 
Belfast dispatched at five every evening ; letters to England are sent by Dublin mail ; 
letters to Scotland by Belfast ; the Londonderry mail leaves Strabane every afternoon at 
three o'clock. 

Hunter James, Market-house-st, 
Leney William, Main-st. 
Rogan Bernard, Main-st. 

Arnold George, Main-st. 
Collins John, Main-st, 

Auchinleck Alexander, Bowlipg-greea 

Colhouu Thomas, New-town 
Farquhar James, Irish-st. 
Keys Francis, Canal Basin 
Young John, Irish-st. 

Bakers. .^ 
Crawford John, Meeting-house-st. 
Dougherty Philip, Back-st. 
Gallagher Charles, Butcher-st. 
Logue Patrick, Bridge-end 

i..i;>'.; ilOiia'^ 



M' Laughlin Jolin',*MarRet-house-st 
Matthewson Samuel, Main-st. 
Patterson Wm. Main-st. 
Warnock Leighton, Patrick-st. 

Booksellers and Stationers. 
Alexander Elizabeth, Market-house-st. 
, Carroll and Foster, (and publishers of Stra- 
bane Morning Post, on Tuesdays) Meet- 
Gamble Mary, Main-st. 

Boot and Shoe Makers. 
Graham Andrew, Castle-st. 
Hamilton William, Main-st. 
M'Adam Daniel, Main-st, 
Stewart William, Main-st. 

Braziers and Tinmen, 
Dunlop William, Main-st. 
M'lntosh, (and plumber) Main-st. 
Brewers and Maltsters, 
Symth, Holmes and Symth, Front-st. 

Clothes Dealers. 
M'Intire William, Back-st. 
Quin Samuel, Back-st, 
Ward William, Back-st. 
VVatsonJobn, Back-st. 

Bell Elizabeth, Main-st. 
Burrell Jane, Main-st. 

Buchanan Alexander, Maiti-st. 
Letter Pat, Main-st. 
Ramsey John, Main-it. 

Earthenware Dealers. 
Bonner Charles, Bridge-end 
Orr I&aac, Market-house-st. 

Baird Daniel, Main-st. 
Bork Aaron, Back-st. 
Boyd John, Back-st. 
Brown Robert, Main-st. 
i Donaghy John, Castle-st. 
I Foster Hamilton, Main-st. 
! Gault Leslie, Main-st. 
Graham T. and J. Castle-st. 
I Hamilton Hugh, Main-st. 
i Hamilton R, and J. Main-st. 
{ Irvine Gerald, Main-st. 
Kerr Josias, Market-house-st. 
Knox Margaret, Main-st. 
Mahon Margaret, Main-st. 
Matt'jewson Samuel, Main-st. 
Miller John, Meeting-house-st. 
Morton Samuel, Main-st. 
Orr Isaac, Market-house-st. 
Patterson William, Main-st. 
Smith John and Robert, Main-st. 
Steele Samuel, Main-st. 
Stewart Samuel, Back-st. 
Thompson Joseph, Main-st. 

F"'ainock Leighton, Patrick-st. 
ilson John, Back-st. 
Haberdashers. ■ 
Blair Isabella, Main-st. 
Finlay and Stevenson, Main-st 
Glasse Ann, Main-st. , • ,, ,' 

M'Intire Margaret, Maia-st. 
Motherell J. A. Main-st. 
Rolston Sarah, Ma!n-st. 
Thompson Rebecca, Main-st. 

Hat Makers. 
Hall Robert, Main-st. ! i 

M'Cabe John, Back-st. ^ 

M'Intosh Gabriel, Main-st. 

Inn Keepers. 
Osborne Thomas [Abei ci)rn arms] Main-st. 
Wauchob Daniel, [King's arms] Main-st. 

Joiners and Carpenters. 
Arnold George, iMain-st. 
Collins John, Main-st, 

Iron Mongers. 
Jenkins Andrew, Back-st 
Kerr James, Main-st. 
Walker Robert, Main-st. 
Wark and Stevenson, Main-st. 
Leather Cutters. 
Hamilton William, Back-st. 
M'Adam Daniel, Main-st. 
Matthewson Samuel, Main-st. 
Stewart William, Main-st, 
Thompson William, Main-st. 
White Barton, Back-st. 

Linen Merchants. 
Adams James, Square 
Brown Thomas, Castle-st. 
M'Dougall Jas. Artygarvon 
Wark William, Front-st. 

Bailey Wm, (provision) Main-st. 
Barclay John, (wine) Main-st. 
Orr Jus. Jiin. & Co. (timb. & gen) Main-st. 
Graham Tlios. & Jas. (provision) Castle-st. 

Painters and Glaziers. 
Cook Daniel, (and herald) Main-st. 
Cook James, (and paper hanger) Maia-st. 
Cook John, Main-st. 
Gibson Cunningham, Church-st. 
Tolaud , Bridge-st. 

Adams John, (cross keys) Mceting-bouse-st 
Baird John, sen, (King's arms) Main-st, 
Bonner Charles, (mail coach) Bridge-end 
Garland Frank, Main-st, 
Connor Samuel, (swan) Back-st. 
Crosson James, New-st, 
Devine Felix, Church-st. 
Dougherty Philip, Back-st. . ) 

Dunn Charles, Main-st. H 

Hamilton Robert, Back-st. 
Holiday Pat. Meeting-bouse-st. 
Humphreys Charles, Back-st, 
Hunter James, (red lion) Main-st. 
Kelly Thomas, Townend-st, 
Kirk John, New-st. t' 

M'Cormick Charles, Bridge-end jJ 

M'Dou gal Charles, (ship) New-st. ■■■ • 

M'Guire Hugh, Market-house st. 
M'Gurk John, Butcher-st, 
M'Kinne Michael, Main-st. UoJ 

Martin Samuel, Main-st. 
Monaghan Pa^ Ney-^U^ . ^^^^^^^^^.^jjl^;,^ 



Moor Jacob, Main-st. 
Stewart Robert, Meeting-honse-st. 
Warnock Williani, Church-st. 
Wilson James, Castle-st. 
Wilson Tbomas, Castle-st. 
Borland Archibald, Church-st. 
M'Crea Archibald, Church-st, 
Mills Andrew, Main-st. 
Spence Cornelius, Church-st. 

Spirit Dealers. 
Ash Charles, Bridge-end 
Donaghy John, Cas.tle-st, 
Kerr Josias, Market-housft-st. 
Smith John and Robert, Main-st. 

Hunter James, Market-house-st. 
Leney William, Main-st. 
Rogan Bernard, Maiu-st. 
Rogan H. G. Main-st. 

Tailors and Habit Makers, 
Alexander John, Bowling-green 
Falkner Joseph, Back-st. 
Graham Peter, Town-end 
Gwynn Richard, Main-st. 
M'Namee, Market-house-st. 
Means Bernard, Butcher-st. 
Thompson William, Bridge-end 
Vance John, Main-st, 
Tallow Chandlers and Soap Boilers. 
Baird John, Main-st. 

Foster Hamilton, Main-st. 

Hamilton Robert and James, Main-st. 

Knox Thomas, Ballyskigh 
M'Carter William, Town-end 

Tobacco Manvfacturers, 
Baird Daniel, Main-st. 
Foster Hamilton, Main-st. 
Gault Leslie, Main-st. 
Graham T. and J. Castle-st. 
Hunter Samuel, Main-st. 
O'Brien Thomas, Back-st. 

Watch and Clock Makers, 
Bell Dawson, Main-st. 
Cook John, Castle-st. 
M' Cardie James, Main-st. 

Woollen Drapers. 
Doherty William, Main-st. 

M'Davitt , Main-st. 

M'Laughlin, Main-st. 
Scott John, Main-st. 
Wauchob William, Main-st. 


Bonner Chas. straw-hat maker, Bridge-end 
Boyd Charles, gun & whitesmith, Front-st. 
Green Edward, cabinet maker, Main-st, 
Holliday Pat. reed maker, Meeting-honse-st. 
King Elizabeth, toy dealer, Main-st. 
Mease Andrew, physician. New-town 
Miller John, yarn dealer, Mceting-house-st 


J. HE capital of a county of the same name in the province of Munster, is the third 
export city in Ireland, and situated on the south side of the broad and rapid river Suir, 
about four miles from its junction with the >Jore and Barrow, 76 miles from Dublin, 64 
from Cork, and 25 from W«xford ; in latitude 52d 18' N. and longitude 6" 54' W. This 
city was originally built in 879, but destroyed in 981 ; it was much enlarged by Strong- 
bow in luCand still more in the reign of Henry VII, who granted.the citizens considerable 
privileges ; in 1399, Richard the second landed, and was crowned here ; and in 1690, James 
II. embarked in the harbour for France, after his defeat by Williani UI. who made this 
city his residence for some time. The. ancient name given to Waterfordby the Irish, was 
Cuan-na-Groith, that is, the harbour of the Sun; a second name, was Glean-naGJeodh, the 
valley of lamentation ; so called, from abloody battle fought between the Irish and the Danes 
in which the former gained a complete victory ; and burned tliecity to the ground. Water- 
ford is deservedly famous for its manufacture of white glass; there are also here, on au ex- 
tensive scale. Breweries, Salt Houses and Founderies. The foreign trad« of Wateiford., js