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07 THB 



AlO) 0¥ THE 
















Pall Mall East, 

London, S.W. 

Telegraph Address—" Medicorum, London." 
Telephone Number— 77 0\. Gerrard. 



Explanation of the Abbektiations 

List of Peesidents of thk Colleoe 

Officees of the College 

Committees, Finance and Libeaet .. 

CuEATOES of Museum 



Standing Counsel 

HoNOEAEY Fellow 

List of Fellows,. 

,, ,, Membees 

„ „ Extea-Licentiates 

„ ,, Licentiates 

,, „ diplomates in public health ,. 

CouNTEY List, with the Towns in which 
Members beside 

Fellows and 



The Haeyeian Oeation 

List of Haeyeian Oeatoes since 1863 


Ceoonian Leciuees ,, „ ,, „ „ 

Beadshaw Lectuee „ ,, ,, 

MiLEOY Lectures „ ,, ,, 

FitzPateick Lectuees . . 

Oliyee-Shaepey Lectueeship oe Peize 

Hoeace Dobell Lectuee 

SwiNEY Peize, List of Eecipients .. 

Baly Medal „ ,, 

MuECHisoN Memoeial Scholaeship and List of Scholabs 

MoxoN Medal and List of Medallists .. 

Jenks Memoeial Scholaeship and List of Scholabs .. 

Webee-Paee;es Peizb and Medals .. 

Bisset Hawkins Medal 

Index to Fellows and Membees and Extea Licentiates 


















p. Formerly President. 

V. p. Vice-President. 

C. Censor. 

Tr. Treasurer. 

K. Registrar. 

A. R. Assistant Registrar. 

H. L. Harveian Librarian. 

R. U. L. Representative on the Senate of 

the University of London. 

R. M. C. 






Or. — 

M. M. 

B. — 





Representative in Medical Council. 



Harveian Orator. 

Lumleian Lecturer. 





j^Iateria Medic a 

















Thomas Linacre, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 


Thomas Bentley, M.D. Oxon. 

Richard Bartlot, M.D. Oxon. 

Thomas Bentley, M.D. Oxon. 

Richard Bartlot, M.D. Oxon. 


Edward Wotton, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 

John Clement, M.D. 

William Freeman, M.D. Oxon. 

John Burgess, M.D. 

Richard Bartlot, M.D. Oxon. 

John Fryar, M.D. Cantab. 

Robert Huicke, M.D. Cantab, et Oxon, 

George Owen, M.D. Oxon. 

John Caius, M.D. Patav. et Cantab. 

Richard Masters, M.D. Oxon. 

John Caius, M.D. Patav. et Cantab. 

Robert Huicke, M.D. Cantab, et Oxom 





Thomas Francis, M.D. Oxon. 

John Symings, M.D. Oxon. 

Richard Caldwell, M.D. Oxon. 

John Caius, M.D. Patav. et Cantab. 

John Symings, M.D. Oxon. 

Roger Giffard, M.D. Oxon. 

Richard Smith, M.D. Cantab. 

William Baronsdale, M.D. Cantab. 

William Gilbert, M.D. Cantab. 

Richard Forster, M.D. Oxon. 

Thomas Langton, M.D. Cantab. 

Henry Atkins, M.D. Corb. 

Sir William Paddy, M.D. Lugd. Batav. et Oxon. 

Thomas Moundeford, M.D. Cantab. 

Richard Forster, M.D. Oxon. 

Henry Atkins, M.D. Corb. 

Sir William Paddy, M.D. Lugd. Batav. et Oxon. 

Thomas Moundeford, M.D. Cantab. 

Richard Palmer, M.D. Cantab. 

Thomas Moundeford, M.D. Cantab. 

Henry Atkins, M.D. Corb. 

John Argent, M.D. Cantab. 

John Giffard, M.D. Oxon. 

John Argent, M.D. Cantab. 

Simeon Fox, M.D. Patav. 

Othowell Meverell, M D. Lugd. Batav. et 

John Clarke, M.D. Cantab. 
Sir Francis Prujean, M.D. Cantab. 
Sir Edward Alston, M.D. Cantab, et Oxon. 
Francis Glisson, M.D. Cantab. 
Sir George Ent. M.D. Patav. et Oxon, 


Sir John Micklethwaite, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 

Thomas Coxe, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 

Daniel Whistler, M.D. Luord. Batav. et Oxon. 

Sir Thomas Witherley, M.D. Cantab. 

George Eogers, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 

Walter Charletox, M.D. Oxon. 

Thomas Burwell, M.D. Lugd. Batav. et Oxon. 

JoHX Lawsox, M.D. Patav. et Cantab. 

Samuel Collixs, M.D. Patav. et Oxon. 

Sir Thomas Millixgtox, M.D. Oxon. 

Edward Browxe, M.D. Cantab, et Oxon. 

JosiAs Clerk, M.D. Cantab. 

Charles Goodall, M.D. Cantab. 

William Dawes, M.D. Lugd. Batav. et Cantab. 

JoHX Batemax, M.D. Oxon. 

Sir Haxs Sloaxe, Bart., M.D. Aurant. et Oxon. 

Thomas Pellett, M.D. Cantab. 

Hexry Plumptre, M.D. Cantab. 

Richard Tysox, M.D. Cantab. 

James Jurix, M.D. Cantab. 

William Wasey, M.D. Cantab. 


William Battie, M.D. Cantab. 

Sir William Browxe, M.D. Cantab. 

Thomas Lawrexce, M.D. Oxon. 

William Pitcairx, M.D. Oxon. 

Sir George Baker, Bart., M.D. Cantab. 

Thomas Gisborxe, M.D. Cantab. 

Sir George Baker, Bart., M.D. Cantab. 

Thomas Gisborxe, M.D. Cantab. 

Sir George Baker, Bart., M.D. Cautab. 

Tho:^ias Gisborxe, M.D. Cantab. 




Sir Lucas Pepys, Bart., M.D. Oxod. 

Sir Francis Milman, Bart., M.D. Oxoi>. 

John Latham, M.D. Oxon. 

Sir Henry Halford, Bart., G.C.H., M.D. Oxon. 

John Ayrton Paris, M.D. Cantab. 

Thomas Mayo, M.D. Oxon. 

Sir Thomas Watson, Bart., M.D. Cantab. 

Sir James Alderson, M.D. Oxon. 

Sir George Burrows, Bart., M.D. Cantab. 

Sir James Bisdon Bennett, M.D. Edinb. 

Sir William Jenner, Bart., G.C.B., M.D. Lond. 

Sir Andrew Clark, Bart., M.D. Aberd. 

Sir .John Bussell Beynolds, Bart., M.D. Lond. 

Sir Samuel Wilks, Bart., M.D. Lond. 

Sir William Selby Church, Bart., K.C.B., 

M.D. Oxon. 
Sir BicHARD Douglas Powell, Bart.,K.C.V.O., 

M.D. Lond. 

Sir Richard Douglas Powell, Bart K C V 

M.D. ' ' * *' 

Norman Moore, M.D. 
Francis de Havilland Hall, M.D. 
Seymour John Sharkey, M.D. 
James Kingston Fowler, M.D. 

Sir Dyce Duckworth, M.D. 

Edward Liveing, M.D. 

Joseph Frank Payne, M.D. 

I^ssislaitt Registrar. 
Joseph Arderne Oemerod, M.D. 

i^jjnstntatiuts ^f il^t Callage on ih StmU i}f|% 
HntUtrsib oi ^oixiion. 
Philip Henry Pye-Smith, M.D. 
Frederick Taylor, M.D. 

S^pnsmtatiijrc ot tlj^ CiDilcgc m tin 6ciural[Coimni 
of glfibiral ^biiratinii anli g^riistraiion. 
Norman Moore, M.D. 

J^inancc Commtttce. 

David Bridge Lees, M.D. 
Francis Henry Champneys, M.D. 
Sir Edwin Cooper Perry, M.D. 

IJibravD Committee. 

The President. 

Senior Censor. 

Second Censor. 



Hahveian Librarian. 
William Oslek, M.D. 
Humphry Davy Rolleston, M.D. 
Arthur Francis Voelcker, M.D. 
Charles Arthur Mercier, M.D. 

Curators of Uluseum. 

The President. 

The Treasurer. 

William Cayley, M.D. 

Sir William Henry Allchin, M.D. 

Seymour John Sharkey, M.D. 

William Hunter, M.D. 


The President. 

The Censors. 

The Treasurer. 

Representative on the Senate of the Uni- 
versity OF London. 

Eepresentative on the General Medical 

Sir William Henry Allchin, M.D. 

Thomas Robinson Glynn, M.D. 

George Ernest Herman, M.D. 

David White Finlay, M.D. 

Nestor Isidore Charles Tirard, M.D. 

WiLMOT Parker Herringham, M.D. 

Sidney Philip Phillips, M.D. 

William Pasteur, M.D. 

Sidney Harris Cox Martin, M.D. 

Archibald Edward Garrod, M.D. 

George Newton Pitt, M.D. 

Robert Percy Smith, M.D. 

Wm. Holdsworth Hurtlet, D.Sc. 
George Senter, Ph.D., B.Sc. 


Dawson F. D. Turner, M.D. 
Alfred W. Porter, B.Sc. 

•Cyril Ogle, M.D. 
Joseph John Perkins, M.D. 
Arthur Philip Bkddard, M.D. 
Robert Arthur Young, M.D. 
Otto Fritz Frankau Grunbaum, M.D. 

Peter Thompson, M.D. 

William Dobinson Halliburton, MD. 
Marcus Seymour Pembrey, M.D. 

Medical Anatomy and Principles and Practice of Medicine. 
Joseph Arderne Ormerod, M.D. 
Theodore Dyke Acland, M.D. 
Sidney Harris Cox Martin, M.D. 
Humphry Davy Rolleston, M.D, 
Sir Edwin Cooper Perry, ]SLD. 
Sir Hugh Reeve Beevor, Bart., M.D. 
James Galloway, M.D. 
Walter Essex Wyxter, M.D. 
Wilfred James Hadley, M.D. 
Laurence Humphry, M.D. 

Midwifery and Diseases Peculiar to Women. 
John Phillips, M.D. 
Herbert Ritchie Spencer, M.D. 
William John Gow, M.D. 
Thomas Watts Eden, M.D. 
•George Henkell Dkummond Robinson, M.D. 

Public Health. 

William Henry Willcox, M.D. (Part I). 

Alexander Grant Russell Foulerton, F.R.C.S. 
(Part II). 

^tanbing Counsel. 

Sir Charles Alfred Cripps, K.C. 
Bryan Farrer. 

William Fleming. 

Honorary Jf^lloh) : 

%* Admitted an Honorary Fellow in 1897, when Prince of Wales. 



1873! Sir Riclmrd Douglas Powell, Bart., K.C.V.O., 
M.D. Loncl., President (1905). Physician- 
in- Ordinary to the King. Cor. 1892, 93, 94, rao2. 
I L. 1898. c. 1898, 99, 1902. 62, Wimpole-street. w. 

1856 Sir Samuel Wilks, Bart., M.D. Loud., Physician to 
H.R.H. the Duke of Connaught. Ex. i867. Cor. 

1870, 71, 72, 80, 81, 82. ^ C. 1875, 76, 88. H. 1879. V.P. 1890. 

P. 1896, 97, 98. 8, Pviuce Arthur-road, Hamp- 
I stead, x.w. 

1859 Sir Hermann Weber, M.D. Bonn, Cor. i877, 78, 84, sf, 
I 86. c. 1879, 80. Cr. 1885. 10, Grosvenor-street. w. 

William Odling, M.B, Lond., Ex. i863, 64, 69, 7o, 9i, 92, 93, 
94. M.M. 1865. 15, Norhira-gardens, Oxford. 
1861 Frederick Vfilliam Pavy, M.D. Lond., G. I862, 63. Ex. 

1872, 73, 78, 79. Cor. 1875, 76, 77, 88, 89, 90. Gr. 1878, 94, 

c. 1882, 83, 91. H.1886. 35, Gvosvenor-street. w. 

1864 James Edward Pollock, M.D. Aberd., Cor. issi, 82, 83, 98, 

99, 1900. Ex. 1882, 83. Cr. 1883. C. 1884, 85, 93. H. 1889. 

37, Collingham-place. s.w. 

1865 WiUiam Howship Dickinson, M.D. Camb. Es. 1872, 

73, 78, 79, 83, 84. Cr. 1876. Cor. 1879, 80, 81, 1901. C. 1885, 
86, 92. L. 1888. H. 1891. 10, StailhopC - plaCC, 

MarJjle Arch. w. 



1866 William Ogle, M.D. Oxf., Cor. 1883,84,85. 10, Gordon- 

street, w.c. 
„ I Peter Wallwork Latham, M.D. Camb., Cr. i886. Cor. 

I 188G, 87. C. 1887, 88, 94. H. 1888. Ccimhriclge. 

1867 I Alderman Thomas Houghton Waters, M.D. St. 
I Andr,, 69, Bedford-street, Liverpool. 

John Harley, M.D. Lond., G-. I868. Ex. i875, 76, 83, 84, 
85, 86. L. 1889. Cor. 1890, 91. Beediugs, Pulhorougli, 

1868 John Hughlings Jackson, M.D. St. Andr., a. i869. 

Cr. 1884. Cor. 1885, 86, 87. C. 1888, 89. L. 1890. 3, MciU- 

chester-square. w. 
Reginald Edward Thompson, M.D. Camb., Cor. i885 
86,87. 13, Cheyne-qard.ens, Chelsea, s.w. 

1869 George Fielding Blandford, M.D. Oxf., Cor. i887, 
88,89. L. 1895. 48, Wimpole-street. w. 

Henry Maudsley, M.D. Loud., g. i870. cw. I892, 93, 94. 
12, Queen-street, May fair. w. 

1870 Edward Clapton, M.D. Lond., 41, JElt ham-road, 
Lee. s.E. 

Edward Thomas Wilson, M.B. Oxf., Westal, Chel- 

Sydney Ringer, M.D. Lond. Ex. i876, 77, 81, 82, 83, 84. 
Cor. 1886, 87, 88. 15, Cavendish-p)lace. w. 

Sir William Selby Church, Bart., K.CB., M.D. Oxf. 

Ex. 1874, 75, 84, 85, 86. Cor. 1888, 89. C. 1890, 91, 96. H. 1895. 

P. 1899-1904. 130, Harley -street, w. 
Samuel Jones Gee, M.D. Lond., Honorary 
Physician to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales. 

G. 1871. Cor. 1890, 91, 92, 1902, 3, 4. B. 1892. C. 1893, 

94, 97. L. 1899. 9, Stankope-placc , Marble 
Arch. w. 
Walter Butler Cheadle, M.D. Camb., Ex. i885, 86, 87, 

88. Cor. 1889, 90, 91. C. 1892, 93, 98. L. 1900. 19, Portman- 

street, w. 
Philip Henry Pye-Smith, M.D. Lond., Repre- 
sentative ON Senate of the University of 

London (1902). Ex. 1875, 76, 81,82,85,86, 87, 88. Cor.1888, 

89, 90. L. 92. H. 1893. C. 1894,95, 99. 48, BrOOk-StrCCt, 

Grosvenor-square. w. 






Sir Dyce Duckworth, M.D. Edinb., Treasurer 
(1884). Kepresentative Governor Uni- 
versity OF Liverpool, r.m.c. isse— i9oi. Ex. isso, 

87,88,89. L.1896. H.1898. C. 1900, 1, 3. 28, GroSVeUOr- 

place. s. w. 
Henry Charlton Bastian, M.D. Lond. Ex. i877, 78, 85, 

86, 87, 88. Cor. 1890, 92, 93, 94. C. 1896, 97. L. 1897 

Fairfield, Chesham Bois, Bucks. 
Augustus Drake, M.B. Camb., Exmouth. 
Charles Theodore Williams, M.V.O., M.D. Oxf., 

Representative Governor University of 

Birmingham. Cor. i89i, 92, 93. l. 1893. c. 1899, 1900. 

2, Upper Brook-street, w, 
Philip JohnHensley, M.D. Camb., g. 1872. Ex. i892, 93, 94, 

95. Cor. 1895, 96, 97. c. 1898, 99. The Ai^k, Famliam, 

Philip Frank, M.D. Berlin, Cor. i9oo, i, 2. 2>,Elvaston- 

place. South Kensington, s.w. 
Robert Liveing, M.D. Camb., g. 1873. Ex. i878, 79. 

Cor. 1894, 95, 96. \\, Manchester-squave. w. 
William Murray, M.D. Durh., Ellison-place, Nttv- 

William Cayley, M.D. Lond., Curator (1888). 

Cr. 1880. Ex. 1885, 86, 87, 97, 98. Cor. 1890, 92, 93, 94. 

c. 1895, 96, 1900. 120, Queens-voad, Richmond, 

Charles Coates, M.D. Aberd., 10, Circus, Bath. 
Alfred Baynard Duffin, M.D. Edinb., Ex. 1889,90,91,92. 

Cor. 1894, 95, 96. 18, Devoiishire-street. w. 
John Beddoe, M.D. Edinb., Bradford- on- Avon. 
Sir Peter Eade, M.D. Lond., Norwich. 
Sir George Hare Philipson, M.D. Camb., b. i884. Cor. 

1901, 02, 03. Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
The Rt. Hon. Sir B. Walter Foster, P.O., M.D. 

Erlangen, 30, Grosvenor-road. s.w. 
Thomas Tillyer Whipham, M.D. Oxf., Ex.isss, 86, 

87, 88. Cor. 1891, 92, 93. C. 1894, 95, 1901. Fishleigh, 

Hatherleigh, B.S.O., North Devon. 

D 2 








Thomas Buzzard, M.D. Lond. Cor. i890, 9i, 92, 1905, 6, 7. 

74, Grosvenor -street, w. 
Josepli Frank Payne, M.D. 0x1", Harveian 

Librarian (1899). g. i874. Ex. i889, oo, 9i, 92, isos. 

99, 1900, 01. Cor. 1890, 91, 92, 96. H. 1896. C. 1806, 97, 1905. 

L. 1901. F. 1903, 4. Lifonsdown House, New 

Barnet, Herts. 
Edward Liveing, M.D. Camb., Begistrar (1889). 

A. R. 1886, 87, 88, 89. 52, Queeu Annc-street. w. 
Henry Gervis, M.D. Lond., Ex. i88o, 8i, 85, 86, 87, 88. 

Cor. 1895, 96, 97. 15, Royul-cvescent, Bath. 
John Charles Thorowgood, M.D. Lond., Cor. i899, i9oo. 

Springfield, Bognor. 
Eustace Smith, M.D. Lond,, Cor. 1890, 97, 98. 15, 

Queen Anne-street, w. 
John Buckley Bradbury, M.D. Camb., Cor. 1899, 1900, 

1901. B. 1895. Cr. 1899. Cambridge. 
Thomas Henry Green, M.D. Lond. Ex. isso, 86, 88, 89, 

90,91,97, 98. Cor. 1893, 94, 95, 1907. C. 1900, 1, 4. 74, Wim- 

pole-street. w. 
James Barclay Montgomery, M.D. Glasg., Penzance. 
George Bernard Brodie, M.D. St. Anclr., 65, Prince' s- 

gate. s.w. 
William Ainslie Hollis, M.D. Camb., Hove, Brighton. 
John Wickham Legg, M.D. Lond. B. i883. 4, St. 

Margaret' s-road, Oxford. 
Sir Thomas Lauder Brunton, Bart., M.D. Edinb., 

G. 1877. Ex. 1880, 81, 83, 84, 85, 86, 93, 94, 95, 97, 1-8, 99, 1900. 
Cr.l889. H.1894. Cor. 1894, 95. 10, Stvatford-place. W. 

Isaac Burney Yeo, M.D. Lond., Ex. i894, 95, 96, 97. 

44, Hertford-street, w. 
Frederick Thomas Ptoberts, M.D., Lond., Be- 

GovERNOR University of 

1881, 82, 83, 84, 89, 90, 91, 92. Cor. 1894, 

Sheffield. Ex. 

95,96. l. 1902. c. 1902, 3, 6. H. 1905. 102, HarUy- 
street. vr. 
David Ferrier, M.D. Edhib. G. i878. Ex. 1882, 83, 84. 

Cr. 1890. Cor. 1896, 97, 98. H. 1902. 

34, Cave7idish-square. w. 

C. 1902, 3, 7. L. 1906. 


1877 Norman Moore, M.D. Camb., Censor (1908), Repee- 

(1901). B. 188y. Cor. 1896, 97, 98. H. 1901. C. 1904, 5. 

F. 1905, 6. 94, Gloucester - place, Portman- 
sqiiare. w. 
Michael Comport Grabham, M.D. Aberd., Madeira. 

1878 William Orange, C.B., M.D. Heidelberg, Oakhurst, 

David Lloyd Roberts, jM.D. St. Andr., 11, St. John- 
street, Manchester. 
John Mitchell Bruce, M.D. Lond. Ex. i884, 85, 86, 87, 

89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96. Cor. 1897, 98, 99. C. 1906, 7. 23, 

Harley-street. w. 
Sir William Henry Allchin, M.D. Lond., Coun- 
cillor (1909),"CltRATOE (1906). Ex. I88I, 82, 83, 
84, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93. A.R. 1883, 84, 85, 86. B. 1891. 
Cor. 1897, 98, 99. H. 1903. C. 1903, 4. L. 1905. R.U.L., 1902, 

3,4,5,6,7. 5, Chandos-street. w. 
Alfred Lewis Galabin, M.D. Camb. Ex. i88i, 82,86, 87, 

88, 89, 1901, 2, 3, 4. Cor. 1898, 99, 1900. 49, Willipole- 

street. w. 
Christian Gottfried Heinrich Baumler, M.D. 
Eiiangen, Freiburg, Germany. 

1879 Sir William Pdchard Gowers, M^.D. Lond., G. isso. 
I B.1896. Cor. 1900, 1, 2. 50, Quccn Anne-street. w. 

„ ' George Charles Bright, M.D. Oxf , Cannes, France. 
„ Frederick Bagshawe, M.D. Camb., 35, Warrior- 
square, St. Leonards. 
Frederick Taylor, M.D. Lond., PvEPRESENTATIYe 
ox Senate University of London (1907). 

Ex. 1885, 86, 87, 88, 93, 94, 95, 96. Cor. 1897, 98, 99. L. 1904. 

c. 1904, 5. H 1907. 20, Wimpolcstreet. w. 
Sir John Williams, Bart., K.C.V.O., M.D. Lond., 
Physician Accoucheur to H.R.H. the Princess 

of Wales. Ex. 1882, 83, 84, 85, 86, 90, 91, 92, 93. Cor. 1899, 

1900, 1901. Plas IJanstephan, Carmarthenshire. 
Sir Stephen Mackenzie, M.D. Aberd., Ex. i893, 94, 95, 96. 

Cor. 1899, 1900, 1901. Great BooJchani, Leatherhead. 
William Smith Greenfield, M.D. Lond., b. 1893. 

7, Heriot-rovj, Edinburgh. 


1880 ThomasClayeShaw,M.D.Lond.,30,//a?-%-s^7'ee«. w. 
Horatio Bryan Donkin, M.D. Oxf., Ex. i896, 97, os. 

62, Portland-place, w. 
Sir Thomas Barlow, Bart. , /f. C. F. 0. , M.D. Loud., 
Physician to the King's Household. B. ibo^. 

Ex. 1897, 98, 99, 1900. Cor. 1900, 1, 2. C. 1905, 6. 10, Wini- 

pole-sto^'ct. w. 
Sidney Coupland, M.D. Lond., G. issi. Ex. isss, 89, 90, 

91,96. Cor. 1900, 1, 2. 16, Qucoi Anne-stveet. w. 
James Frederick Goodhart, M.D. Aberd., b. i885. 

Ex. 1889, 90, 91, 92. Cor. 1901, 2, 3. C. 1907. 25, Poi't- 

land-place. w. 

John Ro&erts Thomson, M.D. Edinb., Bourne- 

Cornelius Benjamin Fox, M.D. Edinb., Ilfracomhe. 

1881 James Watt Black, M.D. Edinb., Ex. i883, 84, 85, 86, 93, 
94,95,96. Cor. 1905, 6, 7. 15, Clarges-street. w. 

Francis de Havilland Hall, M.D. Lond., Censor 

(1908). Ex. 1899, 1900, 1, 2, 5, 6. Cor. 1901, 2, 3. 47, 

Wimpole- street, w. 
William Ewart, M.D. Camb., G. i882. Ex. i885, ^<j, 

87,94,95,96,97. Cor. 1901, 2, 3. 31, UpptV Bvook- 

street. w. 
David Bridge Lees, M.D. Camb. Ex. isso, S6, 87, 8s, 90, 

91, 92, 93, 97, 98. Cor. 1903, 4, 5. 22, Weymouth-street. 

James Lewis Siordet, M.B. Lond., Mentone, Alpes 

Maritime s, France. 

1882 Thomas Robinson Glynn, M.D. Lond., Councilloe 
(1907). L. 1903. 62, Rodney -street, Liverpool. 

Robert Leamon Bowles, M.D. St. Andr., Pinors 

Mesne, Lydney. 
Francis Henry Champneys, M.D. Oxf., RepresExVTA- 


Ex. 1887, 88, 89, 90, 1903, 4, 5, 6. Cor. 1902, 3, 4. 4:2, Upper 

Brook-Street, w. 
Sir Henry Blanc, K.C.V.O., M.D. Montpelier, 

Cannes, France. 
Sir James Alexander Grant, K.C.M.G., M.D. 

McGili, Ottawa, Canada. 




Sir James Sawyer, M.D. Lond., L. igos. 31, Tem- 

ple-roiu, Birmingham. 
Francis Warner, M.D. Lond., m. is92. Ex. i897, 98, 99, 

1900. 5, Prince of Wales-terrace, Kensington, w. 
William Miirrell, M.D. Brussels, Ex. isss, 86, 87, 88. 

17, Welheck-street. w, 
Henry Cook,_ M.D. St. Andr., Lee-on-the- Solent, 

Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt, K.C.B., M.D. Camb., 

Regius Professor of Physic, Cambridge, g. i884, 

Ex.1899. H. 1900. Cor. 1905, 6. c. 1906, 7, Cambridge. 
Herbert Watney, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1882, 83, 84. Buck- 
hold, Upper Basildon, Peadijig. 
William Osier, M.D. McGilL, Begins Professor of 

Medicine, Oxfo7xl. G-. i885. h. 1906. Cor. 1906-8. 

13, Nor ham-gardens, Oxford. 
William Carter, M.D. Lond., b. i8S8. Ex. 1897, 98, S9 

1900. Talavon, Deganwy, Llandudno. 
George Ernest Herman, M.B. Lond., Councillor 

(1908), Ex. 1901, 2, 3, 4. 20, Harley- street, w. 
David White Finlay, M.D. Glasg., Honorary Phy- 
sician to the King, Councillor (1908), 2, 

Queens-terrace, Aberdeen. 
Sir Felix Semon, K.C.V.O., M.D. Berlin, Physician 

Extraordinary to the King, 39, Winipole- 

street. w. 
Vincent Dormer Harris, M.D. Lond., Ex. issj , 86, 87, 88, 

94, 95, 96, S7. Milford-on-Sea, Lymington. 
Joseph Arderne Ormerod, M.D. Oxf., Assistant 

Begistrar (1908), Examiner (1907). Cor. 1903^ 

4, 5. H. 1908. 25, Upper Wimpole-street. w. 
Samuel Hatch AVest, M.D. Oxf., b. i887. Ex. 1902, 3, 4, 5. 

Cor. 1904, 5, 6. 15, Wimpole-strcet. w. 
Bobert Shingleton Smith, M.D. Lond., Deepholm, 

Clifton-park, Bristol. 
George Henry Savage, M.D. Lund., Cor. i89S, 99, 1900, 

l. 1907. 26, Devonshire-place, w. 
Sir Herbert Isambard Owen, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1888, 

89, 90, 91,99,1900,1, 2. Cor. 1903, 4. Tlic Armstrong 

College, Neivcastle-on-Tyne. 


Percy Kidd, M.D. Oxf. Ex. looo, i, 2, 3. Cor. 1903, 4, 5. 

60, Brooh-street. w. 
Seymour John Sharkey, M.D. Oxf., Censor (1908), 

Curator (1905). g. isse. Ex. 1893, 94, 95, 96. Cor. 

1902, 3. 4. B. 1906. 22, Harley-street. w. 
Edward Seaton, M.D. Lond., Ex. i89o, 91, 92, 93. M.1896. 

93, St. Georges- square, Westminster, s.w. 
John Abercrombie, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1900, 1, 2, 3. Cor. 

1904, 5, 6. Brough, Westmoreland. 
James Kmgston FowJer, M.D. Camb., Censor 

(1908), Ex. 1892, 93, 94, 95, 99. Cor. 1904, 5, 6. 35, 

Clarges-street, Piccadilly, w. 

Nestor Isidore Charles Tirard, M.D. Lond., 
Councillor (1908), ex. isse, 87, 88, 89, 93, 9c, 97, 98, 
99, 1900, 1, 2, 3- 74, Ilarley-street. w. 

Sh' Donald MacAlister, K.C.B., M.D. Camb., g. i887. 
Cr. 1888. Ex. 1900, 1, 2. UniveTsity of Glasgoiv. 

George Oliver, M.D. Lond., Cr. i896. o.s. i904. Harro- 
gate, and Riversleigh, Farnliam, Surrey. 

Henry Radcliffe Crocker, M.D. Lond., Cor. i906, 7, 8. 
121, Ilarley-street. w. 

Frank Buszard, M.D. Lond., Northam2?to7i. 

Eobert Saundby, M.D. Edinb., B.i89o. Ex. i893, 94, 95. 
140b, Great Charles-street, Birmingham. 

William Julius Mickle, M.D. Toronto., G. 1888. 
8, Rosedale-road, Toronto, Canada. 

George Allan Heron, M.D. Glasg., 57, Harley- 
street. w. 

Walter Balls Headley, M.D. Camb., 4, Collins- 
street, Melbourne, Australia. 

George Blundell LongstafF, M.D. Oxf., Putney 
Heath, s.w. 

Richard Caton, M.D. Edinb., H. i904. Holly Lee, 
Livingstone Drive South, Liverpool. 

Frederick George Dawtrey Drewitt, M.D. Oxf, 
14, Palace Gardens-terrace, Kensington, w. 

Howard Henry Tooth, C.M.G., M.D. Camb., g. i889. 
Cor. 1906. 7, 8. 34, Harlcy-street. w. 

William Hale White, M.D. Lond., Ex. i889, 90,91,92, 98, 99, 
1900,1. Cr. 1897. Cor. 1905, 6, 7. Qo, Harley-strcet. w. 


1889 Thomas Crawford Hayes, M.D. Dubl., Ex. iS9i, 92, 93, 94. 
17, Clarges-street. w. 

Graham Steell, M.D. Edmb., 96, Jlosley- street, 

Montagu Lubbock, M.D. Loud., 127, Mount-street, 

Grosvenor-sqiiare. w. 
Cecil Yates Biss, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1889, 90, 91, 92. 

46, Belsize-square, Hampstead. x.w. 
Peter Horrocks, M.D. Lond., Ex. i894, 95, '^q, 97- 42, 

Brook-street, w. 
Wilmot Parker Herringham, M.D. Oxf., Councillor 

(1908), Ex. 1888, 89, 90. 40, Wimpole-street. w. 
Robert Maguire, M.D. Lond., 4, Seymour-street, w. 
Theodore Dyke Acland, M.D. Oxf., Examixer(1908), 

Ex. 1903, 4, 5, 6. Cor. 1906, 7, 8. 1 9, Bri/CinstOll-Sq. W. 

George Newton Pitt, M.D. Camb., Councillor (1907). 

G. 1890. Ex. 1903, 4, 5, 6. 1 5, Portlaiid-place. w. 
Rayner Winterbotham Batten, M.D. Lond., 1, 
I Brunsioick-sq aare, Gloucester. 

1890 Fletcher Beach, M.B. Lond., Alton, Hcmts. 

„ 1 John Dixon Mann, M.D. St. Andr., 16, >SV. Jo/m- 

street, Manchester. 
Edwin Clifford Beale, M.B. Camb., 72>,Addison-road, 

Kensington, av. 
Thomas Wdliam Thursfield, M.D. Aberd., Beau- 

champ-square, Leamington. 
Sir Thomas Oliver, M.D. Glasg., a.i89i. Ex. 1892,93,94, 

95,99. 7, Ellison-place, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Alexander Haig, M.D. Oxf, 7, Brook street, w. 
Robert Percy Smith, M.D. Lond., Councillor (1907). 

Cor. 1905. 36, Queen Anne-street, av. 

1891 William Allen Sturge, M.V.O., M.D. Lond., 

Icklingham Hall, Mddenhall, Suffolk. 
„ I Alfred Henry Carter, M.D. Lond., 61, Newhall-street, 
' Birmingham. 

Richard Grainger Hebb, M. D. Camb. , 5 0, Ridgmount- 

gardens, Grower-street, w.c. 
Sidney Philip Phillips, M.D. Lond., Councillor 

(1909). Ex.1894, 95, 96, 97, 1901, 2,3,4. 3, Upper 

Brook-street, w. 


John James Pringle, M.B. Edinb., 23, Lower 

Seyniour-street. w. 
William Pasteur, M.D. Lond., Councillor (1909), 

Ex. 1894, 95, 96, 97, 1901, 2, 3, -1. B. 1908. 4, Chaildon- 

street. w. 
Sidney Harris Cox Martin, M.D. Lond., Councillor 

(1909), Examiner (1907). a. i892. Cr. i898. lo, 

Mansfield-street, w. 
Archibald Edward Garrod, M.D. Oxf., Councillor 

(1909). B. 1900. Cr. 1908. 9 ,Chandos-street. w. 
Samuel Herbert Habershon, M.D. Camb., 88, Harleij- 

street. w. 
Donald WilHam Charles Hood, C.V.O., M.D. Camb., 

43, Green-street, Grosvenor-square. w. 
John Ebenezer Ranking, M.D. Oxf., Tunhrldge 

Harrington Sainsbury, M.D. Lond., 52, Wimpole- 

street. w. 
Thomas Colcott Fox, M.B. Lond., 14, Harley- 

street. w. 
William Arthur Foxwell, M.D. Camb., b. i899. 22, 

Ndwhall-street, Birmingham. 
John Phillips, M.D. Camb., Examiner (1905). 

Ex. 1897, 98, 99, 1900. 68, Brook-street. w. 
William Dobinson Halliburton, M.D. Lond. 

Examiner (1906). g. i893. Ex. i896, 97, 9s, yy. 

Cr. 1901. o.s. 1907. 17, Marylehouc-road. n.w. 
Lauriston Elgie Shaw, M.D. Lond., 64, Harley- 

street. w. 
Edward Alfred Birch, M.D. Brussels, Jersey. 
William Collier, M.D. Camb., Ex. i904, 5, 6, 7. Oxford. 
Hector WiUiam Gavin Mackenzie, M.D. Camb., 

Ex. 1896, 98, 99, 1900, 1. 34, U'pper Bvooh-st. w. 
Frederick Walker Mott, M.D. Lond., Ex. i889, 90, 9i, 

92, 93, 94, 95. Cr. 1900. 25, Nottingkam-place. w. 
Sir James Reid, Bart., G.C.V.O., K.C.B., M.D. 

Aberd., Physician in Ordinary to the King 

and to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, 72, 

Grosvenor-street. w. 





Walter Spencer Anderson GriflSth, M.D. Camb., 
Ex. 1893, 94, 95, 96. 96, Harleystveet. w. 

Paul Morgan Chapman, M.D- Lond., o i894. Hereford. 

Alfred George Barrs, M.D. Eclinb., Leech. 

Sir Robert William Burnet, M.D. Aherd., Honorary 
Physician to H.R.H. the Prince of Wales, 36, 
Grosvenor-street. w. 

Henry Davy, M.D. Lond,, Exeter. 

Arthur Templer Davies, M.D. Camb., 9, ToJcenhouse- 
yarcl. e.g. 

Norman Dalton, M.D. Lond., Ex. i904, 5, 6, 7. 4, Mans- 
field-street, w. 

Henry Lewis Jones, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1889, 9o, 9i, 92,93, 
94,95,96,97. 143, Havley-street. w. 

Judson Sykes Bury, M.D. Lond., b. 1901. 10, 
St. Johris-street, Manchester. 

Herbert Pennell Hawkins, M.D. Oxf., 56, Portland- 
jylace. w. 

Humphry Davy Rolleston, M.D., Camb., Examiner 

(1906). Ex. 1891, 92, 93, 94. G. 1893. 55, Uj^JDCr 

Brook -street, w. 
Sir Edwin Cooper Perry, M.D. Camb., Examiner 

(1907). Ex. 1900, 1, 2, 3. Guy s Hospital, s.e. 
Robert Michael Simon, M.D. Camb., 47, Xewhall- 

street, Biimingham. 
Frederic Barry Haynes, M.D. 'Lond., Leamington. 
William Radford Dakin, M.D. Lond., Ex. is93, 94, 95, 96. 

8, Grosvenor-street. w. 
Dawson Williams, M.D. Lond., 48, Greycoat- 

gardeiis, Westminster, s.w. 
Frank Joseph Wethered, M.D. Lond., 83, Harley- 

street. w. 
Frederick John Smith, M.D. Oxf, Ex. i904, 5, 6, 7. 138, 

Harley-street. w. 
James Calvert, M.D. Lond., Ex. i897, 98, 99, i9oo.- 

113, Harley-street, Cavendish-square, w. 
Francis George JPenrose, M.D. Lond., Ex. 1893,94,95,96. 

1903, 4. Doivnton, Salisbury. 
Frederick William Andrewes, M.D. Oxf, d. 1906. 

Higliwood, Hampstead-lane. x. 


1895 , William Heaton Hamer, M.D. Carab., Ex. 1902, 3, 4, 5. 
M. 1906. 55, Dartmouth- park-] till. n.w. 

Sir Patrick Manson,/ir.C.i¥.(y., M.D. Aberd., g. i896. 
21, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Charles Montague Chadwick, M.D. Oxf., Leeds. 

Harry Campbell, M.D. Lond., 23, Wimpole- street, w. 

Arthur Gamgee, M.D. Edinb., Ex. isss. 89, 90, 91. G6, 
Harley-street. w. 

John Anderson, C.I.E., M.D. St. And., 9, Harley- 
street. w. 

John Michell Clarke, M.D. Camb., 28, Pembroke- 
road, Clifton, Bristol. • 

Sir Hugh Reeve Beevor, Bart., Examiner (1908), 
M.D. Lond., 17, Wimijole-street. w. 

Ernest Septimus Beynolds, M.D. Lond., 2, St. 
Peters-square, Manchester. 

William Hunter, M.D. Edinb., Curator (1907). 
103, Harley-street. w. 

Wm. Aldren Turner, M.D. Edinb., 18, Harley- 
street. w. 

Arthur Pearson Luff, M.D. Lond. Ex. i89o, 91, 92, 93, 
1902,3,4,5,6,7. G. 1897. 9, Queeu Annestreet. w. 

John Alfred Coutts,M.B. Camb., 54, Ui^per Berkeley - 
street, w. 

James Galloway, M.D. Aberd., Examfner (1908), 
54, Harley-street. w. 

AValter Essex Wynter, M.D. Lond., Examiner 
(1905). Ex. 1901, 2, 3, 4. 27, Wimpole-street. w. 

Walter Stacy Colman, M.D. Lond., 9, Wimpole- 
street. w. 

Arthur Francis Voelcker, M.D. Lond., 101, Harley- 
street. w. 

James Taylor, M.D. Edinb., 49, Welheck-street. w. 

I Ernest Henry Starling, M.D. Lend., Ex. i904, 5, 6, 7, 
Cr. 1905. 40, West End-lane, Hanipstead.. N.w. 

James Samuel Kisien Russell, M.D. Edinb,, 44, 
Wimpole-street. w. 

John Rose Bradford, M.D. Lond., a. 1898. Ex.i9oi, 2, 3, 
4, 5. Cr. 1904. 8, Manchester-squqre. w. 


1898 i William Richard Hugaard, M.D. Roy. Univ. Ireland, 
Davos Platz, Switzerland. 

Joseph Wiglesworth, M.D. Lond., County Asylum, 

Rainhill, near Liveiyool. 
William Bramwell Ransom, M.D. Lond., Nottingham. 
Frederick Parkes Weber, M.D. Camb., 19, Haiiey- 

street. w. 
Henry Johnstone Campbell, M.D. Lond., 36, Man- 

ningham-lane, Bradford. 
Horace George Turney, M.D. Oxford, 68, Portland- 

place. w. 
George Red mayne Murray, M.D. Camb., G. i899. b.1905. 

13, John-street, Manchester. 
Arthur Newsholme, M.D. Lond., m. i895. 57, North 

Gate, Regent's Park. n.w. 
Benjamin Arthur Whitelegge, C.B., M.D., Lond. 

M. 1893. 3, Edwardes-place, Kensington, w. 
John Francis Walkingame Tatham, M.D. Dubl., 

Somerset Hoiise. w.c. 

1899 William Vicary Snow, M.D. Loud., Bournemouth. 
Henry Handford, M.D. Edinb., Elmjleld, Southwell, 
Herbert Ritchie Spencer, M.D. Lond., Examiner 

(1906), 104, Harley-street. w. 
Wilfred James Hadley, M.D. Durb., Examiner 

(1908). 33, Queen Aime-street. w. 
Cyril Ogle, M.D. Oxf., Examiner (1905). 96, 

Gloucester-jylace, Portman-square. w. 
William Halse Kivers Rivers, M.D. Lond., Cr. i906 

St. Johns College, Cambridge. 
William John Ritchie Simpson, M.D. Aberd., Cr. 1907. 

31, York-terrace, Regent's Park. n."w. 
*Percival Horton-Smith-Hartley, M.V.O., M.D. 

Camb., G. 1900. 19, Devonshire-street, w. 
Sydney Arthur Monokton Copeman, M.D. Camb., 

M. 1898. 57, Redclijfe- gardens, s.w. 
Arthur Ransome, M.D. Camb., M. i89o. Sannyhurst 


1900 Clement Dnkes, M.D. Lond., Rugby. 
Robert Bridges, M.B. Oxford, Chilswell, Oxford. 

* Formerly Horton-Smith. Percival. 


1900 Seymour Taylor, M.D. Aberd., Ex. i889, 90, 91, 92. 16, 
Seymour-street, w. 

Amand Jules McConnel Routh, M.D. Lond., 
Ex. 1899, 1900, 1, 2. l^ A, Manchester-square, w, 

Charles Moiitao^u Haiidfield- Jones. M.D. Lond., 
Ex. 1898, 99, 1900, 1. 35, Cavendisli-squave. w. 

Richard Thomas Williamson, M.D. Lond., 
2, St. Peter s- square, Manchester. 

Leonard George Guthrie, M.D. Oxford, r. 1907, 8. 
15, Upper Berkeley -street, w. 

Frederick Foord Caiger, M.D. Lond., b. i904. South 
Western Hospital, Stockwell, s.w. 

Herbert Morley Fleicher, M.D. Camb., 98, Ilarley- 
street. w. 

Henry Albert Caley, M.D. Lond., Ex. 1901, 2, 3, 4. 
24, Ujyper Berkeley -street, w. 

Henry Head, M.D. Camb., g. i9oi. 4, Montagu- 
square, w. 

Fleming Mant Sandwith, M.D. Durh., 31, Cavendish- 
square, w. 

1901 I William Burns Beatson, M.D. St. And., Grange- 
road, Eastbourne. 

Arthur Hamilton Nicholson Lowers, M.D. Lond., 
43, Upper Brook-street, w. 

John Walter Carr, M.D. Lond., 19, Cavendish- 
plaxe. w. 

William Joseph Tyson, M.D. Durh., 10, Langhorne- 
gardens, Folkestone. 

Edmund Hobhouse, M.D. Oxf., 12, Second Avenue, 

William Elvers Pollock, M.D. Camb., Ex. 1901, 2, 3, 4. 
56, Park-street, Grosveuor-square. w. 

Hugh Walsham, M.D. Camb., 114, Hurley -street, w. 

Walter Sydney Lazarus-Barlow, M.D. Camb., Fern- 
holme, Woodside Park, n. 

Edmond Fauriel Trevelyan, M.D. Lond., b. i9C3. 
40, Park-square, Leeds. 

John Hannah Drysdale, M.D. Camb, 11, Devon- 
shire-place, w. 


1901 I Frederick Eustace Batten, M.D. Camb., 33, Harley- 
1 street, w. 

Raymond Henry Payne Crawfurd, M.D. Oxf., 

71, Harley -street. \v. 
George Frederic Still, M.D. Camb., a. 1902. 

114, Harleif-street. w. 

1902 Henry Carr Maudsley, M.D. Lond., Melbourne, 

William Camac Wilkinson, M.D. Lond., Suclney, 

N.S. W. 
Frank Montao-ue Pope, M.D. Camb., Leicester. 
Edward Malins, M.D. Edinb., Ex. 1902, 3, 4, 5. 50, New- 

hall-street, Birmingham. 
William Alfred Wills, M.D. Lond., RotherUll, 

Stedham, Midhurst. 
Thomas Hancock Arnold Chaplin, M.D. Camb., 

41, Finshury-square. e.g. 
William Page May, M.D. Lond., University 

College, w.c. 
Arthur George Phear, M.D. Camb., 47, Weymouth- 

street, w. 
George Francis Blacker, M.D. Lond., 45, Whnpole- 

street. w. 
John Fawcett, M.D. Lond., 66, Wimpole-sireet. w, 
Herbert Campbell Thomson, M.D. Lond., 34, Queen 

Anne-street, w. 
Albert Sidney Fraukau Griinbaum, M.D. Camb., 

G. 1903. Void House, Leeds. 
Sir James Barr, M.D. Glasg., b. 1907. 72, Rodney- 
street, Liverpool. 
Joseph John Perkins, M.B. Camb., Examiner (1905). 

8, Mansfield-street, w. 

1903 St. Clair Thomson, M.D. Lond., 28, Queen Anne- 
street, w. 

Edwin Goodali, M.D. Lond., Valinda, Whitchurch, 

George Alexander Sutherland, M.D. Edinb., 29b, 

Wimpole-street. w. 
! Edmund Cautley, M.D. Camb., 15, Upper Br^ook- 
I street, w. 


1903 James Alexander Lindsay, M.D. Roy. Univ. Irel., 
3, Queens Elms, Belfast. 

William Gordon, M.D. Camb., Exeter. 

Walter William Hunt Tate, M.D. Lend., 32, Queen 
Anne-street, w. 

Alexander Morison, M.D. Edinb., 14, Upper Berke- 
ley-street, w. 

Bertrand Edward Dawson, M.D. Lond., Physician 
Extraordinary to the King. 32, Wimpole- 
street. w. 

George Francis Angelo Harris, M.D. Durh., 14, 
Russell-street, Calcutta. 

Alfred Milne Gossage, M.D. Oxf,, 54, Upper Berke- 
ley-street, w. 

Laurence Humphry, M.D. Camb., Examiner (1908). 
Lensjield, Cambridge. 

James Stansfield Collier, M.D. Lond., 57a, IVim- 
pole-sti^eet. w. 

Arthur Philip Beddard, M.D. Camb., Examiner 
(1908). 44, Seymour -street, w. 

Robert Hutchison, M.D. Edinb., g. 19oi. 22, Qiieen 
Anne-street, w. 

Frederick John Poynton, M.D. Lond., 1, Harley- 
p)lace, Harley-street. w. 

1904 Edward Johnstone Jenkins, M.D. Oxf., Sydney, 
Neiv South Wales. 

William John Gow, M.D. Lond., Examiner (1905). 

27, Weymouth-st. w. 
Thomas Robert Bradshaw, M.D. Dubl, 51, Rodney- 
street, Liverpool. 
Edmund Henry Colbeck, M.D. Camb., 55, Upper 

Berkeley -street, w. 
Arthur John Hall, M.D. Camb., 342, Glossop-road, 

Sir John Francis Harpin Broadbent, Bart., M.D. 

Oxf., 35, Seymour- street, w. 
Charles Arthur Mercier, M.D. Lond., 34, Wimj^ole- 

street. w. 
William Cecil Bosanquet, M.D. Oxf, g. i905. 117a, 

Harley-street. w. 


1904 Arthur Carlyle Latham, M.D. Oxf., 38, Portland- 
Ijlace. w. 

1905 Duncan Burgess, M.B. Camb., Glossop-rd., Sheffield. 
Bedford Pierce, M.D. Lond., The Eetreat, York. 
James Wi] Ham Eussell, M.D. Camb., 72, Newhall- 

street, Birmingham. 

James Harry Sequeira, M.D. Lond., 8a, Manchester- 
square, w. 

Arthur Whitfield, M.D. Lond., 21, Bentinck-st. w. 

Thomas Watts Eden, M.D. Edinb. Examiner 
(1905). 2(S, Queen Anne-street, w, 

WiUiam Barnett M'^arrington, M.D. Lond., 69, 
Rodney -street, Liverpool. 

Wilfred John Harris, M.D. Camb., 73, Wimpole- 
street. w. 

Piobert Arthur Young, M.D. Lend.; Examiner 
(1906), Ex. 1900, 1, 2, 3. 8, Mansfield-streei. w. 

Leonard Rogers, M.D. Lond., m. i907. 4, Hunger- 
ford-street, Calcutta. 

Harold Batty Shaw, M.D. Lend., a 1906. 7, Devon- 
shire-street, w, 

Edmund Ivens Spriggs, M.D. Lond., o.s. 1906. 48, 
Bri/anston-street. w. 

1906 Samuel Walton Wheatou, M.D. Lond., 17, Rastell- 
avenue, Streatham Hill. s.w. 

^Frederick William Burton-Fanning, M.D. Camb., 

John Hill Abram, M.D. Lond., 74, Rodney-street, 

George Henkell Drummond Eobinson, M.D. Lond., 

Examiner (1907), 17, Seyraour-street. w. 
Piichard Tanner Hewlett, M.D. Lond., Lyddon 

House, Gressenhall-i^oad, Southfields. s.w. 
Ernest Graham Gordon Little, M.D. Lond., 61, 

Wimpole-street. w. 
Charles Pvichard Box, M.D. Lond., 2, Devonshire- 

2Dlace. w. 
Maurice Craig, M.D. Camb., 54, Welheck-street. w. 

* Formerly Burton, Frederick William. 



James Piirves Stewart, M.D. Edin., Ex. 1904, 5, 6, 7. 

94, Hurley -6t. w. 
Thomas Jeeves Horder, M.D. Loud., 141, Harley- 

street. w. 
James Hugh Thursfield, M.D. Oxf., 84, Wimpole- 

sti^eet. w. 
Edward Farquhar Buzzard, M.D. Oxf., G. 1907. 

78, Wimpole-street. w. 
Daniel Colquhouii, M.D. Lond., Dunedin, New 

James Barry Ball, M.D. Lond., 12, Ujyper Wimpole- 

street. "W. 
Arthur Shadwell, M.D. Oxf., Ham Common, Rich- 
mond, Surrey. 
Arthur Thomas Wilkinson, M.D. Lond., 22, St. 

John's-street, Manchester. 
Edward Mansfield Brockbank, M.D. Vict., Northern 

Assurance Buildings, A Ihert-square, Manchester. 
William James Fenton, M.D. Camb., 58 a, Wimpole- 

street. w. 
George Edward Bennie, M.D. Lond., 1 59, Macquarie- 

street, Sydney. 
Edwin Bramwell, M.B. Edinb., 23, Drumsheugh- 

gardens, Edinburgh. 
Andrew Duncan, M.D. Lond., 24, Chester-street, 

Grosvenor-place. s.w. 
Bobert Jones, M.D. Lond., Clayhury Asylum, Essex. 
Thomas McCrae, M.D. Toronto, Johns Hopkins 

Hospital, Baltimore, U.S.A. 
Herbert Stanley French, M.D. Oxf, g. 1908. 26, St. 

Thomas -street, s.e. 
Bobert Charles Brown, M.B, Lond., 27, Winckley- 

square, Prestou. 
George Ogilvie, M.B. Ediu., 22, Welheck- street, w. 
Charles Henry Cattle, M.D. Lond., 1, East Circus- 
street, Nottingham. 
John Elliott, M.D. Lond., 24, Nicholas-street, Chester. 
Guthrie Bankin, M.D. Glasg., 4, Che sham- street. 

Theodore Fisher, M.D. Lond., Sidcup. 


1908 Robert James McLean Bucbanan, M. D. Vict., 

6, Rodneii -street, Liverpool. 
Arthur Francis Stabb, M.B. Camb., 132, Harley- 

slreet. w,. 
William Henry Butter Stoddart, M.D. Lond., 

Bethlem Royal Hospital, s.e. 
Arthur Latham Orinerod, M.D. Oxf., 99, Holywell, 

Walter Langdon Brown, M.D. Camb., 37a, Fins- 

hury-square. e.g. 
Alfred Ernest Russell, M.D. Lond., 7, Upper Wim- 

pole-street. w. 
Reginald Cecil Bligh Wall, M.D. Oxf. 6, Cavendish- 

p)lace. w. 
Thomas Wardrop Griffith, M.D. Aberd., 43, Pai'k- 

square, Leeds. 
Leonard Stanley Dudgeon, d. 1908, 23, Down-street, 

Piccadilly, w. 

Total Number of Fellows, 338. 

K 2 


M E M B E II S. 





Septimus (xibbon, M.B. Camb., 39, Oxford-terrace, 

Hyde Park. w. 
Henry Pratt, M.D. St. Andr. 
Horace Benge Dobell, M.D. St. Andr., Parkstone 

Heights, Dorset. 

William Walkinshaw Macreight, M.D. Glasg., 

Charles Henry Felix Roiith,M.D.Lond., 52, Montagu- 
square, w. 

William Woodham Webb, M.D. Aberd. 

Charles Izard Beard, M.B. Camb., 11, Keith-grove, 
Shejjiierd' s Bush. w. 

George Britten Halford, M.D. St. Andr., Mel- 
bourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Michael Castaneda, M.B. Lond-, 22, Myddleton- 
squarc, Fentonville. E.c. 

William Millington, M.D. Edinb., 3, Waterloo-road, 
Wolverhampton . 

William Barney Tate, M.D. Aberd., Nottiugham. 

George Philipp Justus Ludwig Lichtenberg, M.D. 
Gottingen, Billingford, Dereham, Norfolk. 

Edmund Dapples, M.D. Wiirzburg. 

Joseph Hutchinson Hammond, M.D. Aberd., 

Robert Crothers, M.D. Glasg., Southhorough, Tun- 
bridge Wells. 










Alonzo Henry Stocker, M.D. St. Andr., Peckham 

House Asylum, s.e. 
Clarence Cooper, M.D. St. Andr., 3, Warminster- 

road, Souf,h Norwood Park. s.e. 
Elias Jones Roberts, M.B. Lond., Clacton-on-Sea. 
John Jones, M.D. St. Andr. 
Thomas Lawes Kogers, M.D. St. Andr., Court-road^ 

Eltham, Kent. 
Charles Muller, Sydneij, New South Wales. 
Kobert Battersby, M.D. Jefferson Coll. 
Alexander Charles MacLeod, 35, Drayton- gardens^ 

South Kensington, s.w. 
George James Symes Saunders, M.D. Lond., 

Howard -square, Eastbourne. 
Benjamm Bmgay Thurgar, M.D. Edinb. , 97, Regent- 
street, w. 
Offley Bohan Shore, M.D. Edinb. 
Pierre Geoi-ges Cox, 

Hey wood Smith, M.D. Oxf., 25, Welhecl-street. w. 
William Lomas, M.D. St. Andr., 23, Sackville-street, 

Piccadilly, w. 
Francis Valentine Paxton, M.B. Oxf., Chichester. 
Charles Gayner, M.D. Pisa. 
Moses Prosser James, M.D. St. Andr., 71, *SY. Mark's- 

road, N. Kensington, w. 
Joseph Ptutter, M.D. Lond., Hove, Sussex. 
John Charles James Fen wick, M.D. Camb., Long 

Framlington, Morpeth. 
James Beginald Stocker, M.B. Lond., Board of 

Trade Office, Ccmiing-place, Liverpool. 
Littleton Stewart Forbes Winslow, M.B. Camb., 

57, Devonshire-street . w. 
Joseph William Eastwood, M.D. Edinb., IS, Farndon- 

road, Oxford. 
John Cook, M.D. Edinb., I , NoftingJiani-terrace N.w. 
Isidor Boas Berkart, M.D. WUrzburg, 71, Wimj^oie- 

'street. w. 
Henry Forbes Winslow, M.D. Lond., 29, Belsize- 

square, Hampstead. N.w. 


1872; Sir Fnmcis Henry Laking, Bart., G.C.V.O., M.D. 

Heidel., Physician in Ordinary to the King, 

and to H.R.H. The Prince of Wales, 62, Pall 

Mall. s.w. 
Isaac Dobree Chepmell, M.D. St. Andr., Hurst- 

pier point, Sussex. 
William Williams, M.D. Queen's Univ., Ireland, 

58, Rodney-street, Liveyyool. 
Charles Henry Carter, M.D. Lond., Bromley, Kent. 
James Edmunds, M.D. St. Andr., 23, Sussex- 
square, Briijliton. 
Clement Godson, M.D. Aberd., 82, Brook-street, w. 
Alfred Kino-come Newman, M.B, Aberd., Wellington, 

New Zealand. 
Arthur Evershed, Eversjield, Fishhovrne, Chichester. 
Albert John Venn, M.D. Aberd., Huntersdale, 

Vivfjinia Watery Surrey. 
AVilliani Park, M.D. St. Andr., ], Doughty - 

street, w.c. 
Richard Thomas Smith, M.D. Lond., 117, Haverstock- 

hill. x.w. 
Edmund Holland, M.D. Lond., 1, Titchjield-terrace , 

Regent's Park. N.w. 
Edwin Burrell, M.D. Aberd., 1, Doughty-street, w.c. 
Alexander Collie, M.D. Aberd., Fotcy, Cher, France. 
Charles Sethward De Lacy Lacy, M.B. Oxf. 
Henry Huinphreys, M.D. Camb., St. Auhins, Tor- 
Ernest Wyndham Cottle, M.D. Oxf., Ningivood 

Manor House, near Yarmouth, Isle of Wight. 
William Valentine Bird, M.D. Aberd., 90, Redciiffe- 

gard^ns, West Kertsington. s.w. 
Percy Boulton, M.D. Edinb., \b, Seymour-street, w. 
Stanley Augustine Gill, M.D. Durham, Formhy, 

James Alfred Mansell Moullin, M.B. Oxf, 80, 

Porcliester-terrace, Hijde Park. w. 
Jules Edmond Theophile de Yalcourt, M.D. Paris, 

Cannes, France. 


1878 • Abraham Matthewson Edge, M.D. Queen's Univ., 
Ireland, WhalUy Range, Manchester. 

1880 , Ewing Mould Glynn "Whittle, M.D. Camb., Princes- 
avenue, Liverpool. 

Bernard O'Connor, M.D. Queen's Univ., Ireland, 

2'1, Old-haikbngs, Lincoln's Inn. w.c. 
Henry Singer Gabbett, M.D, Dubh, Eastbourne. 

1881 Siegmund Moritz, M.D. Wiirzburg, 26, King-street, 

Bedford Fenwick, M.D. Durh., 20, Upper Wimpole- 
street, w. 

Jolin William Springthorpe, M.D. Melbourne, Mel- 
bourne, Australia. 

1882 Alexander Frederick Bradshaw, C.B., Honorary 
Physician to the King, 111, Banbury-roacl, 

William H^nry White, M.D. DubL, 43, Weymouth- 
street, w. 

George Wallington Grabham, M.D. Lend., Mathyas, 
Witham, Essex. 

Gilbert Richardson, M.D. Dubl., 19, Putney- 
hill, s.w. 

Edward Joshua Edwardes, M.D. Lund., 73, Spring- 
Jield-road. x.w. 

Frederick Lucas Benham, M.D. Lond., Camden 
House, Semaphore, South Australia. 

1883 Robert Alexander Gibbons, M.D. Edinb., 29, Cado- 
gan-place. s.w. 

Georo-e W^illiams Parker, Tumtumari Potaro River, 

British Guiana. 
Narendra Prasanna Sinha, 24, Florence-road, Ealing. 

Charles Fillingham Cox well, M.D. Camb., 4, Alley n-^ 

park, Dulwich. s.e. 
Walter John Kilner, M.B. Camb., 218, Ladbroke- 

grove. w. 
Joseph Baldwin Nias, M.D. Oxf., 5, Rosary -gardens. 

South Kensington, s.w. 


^''William Smith Paget-Tomlinson, M.D. Lond., The 

Biggins, Kirhhij Lonsdale. 
Money Lall Diitt. 
William Duncan, M.D. Brussels.. 6, Harley- 

street. w. 
Thomas Dixon Savill, M.D. Lond., 66. Harley- 

street. w. 
Cornelius William Suckling, M.D. Lond., 103, 

New} tail- street, Birmingham. 
Henry Seymour Branfoot, M.B. Lond., 51, Lans- 

down-place, Brighton. 
Dudley Wilmot Buxton, M.D. Lond., 82, Mortimer- 
street, Cavendish- square, w. 
Charles Alfred Hebbert, Boston, United States of 

John Edward Squb'e, C.B., M.D. Lond., 5, Harley- 

street. w. 
Ernest William White, M.B. Lond., Christchurch- 

road, Streatham-hill. s.w. 
Edward George Younger, M.D. Brussels, 19, Meck- 

lenhurgh -square, w.c. 
Edward Owen Daly, M.D. Oxf., Hidl. 
James Oliver, M.D. Edinb., 18, Gordon-square, w.c. 
John Michael McDonagh, M.D. Brussels, 14, 

College-street, Sydney, New South Wales. 
Wilham Gabriel Bockwood, M.D. Madras, Ceylon. 
Edward Stewart, M.D. Brussels, East Gr instead. 
Bichard Kingston Fox, M.D. Brussels, 55, Wim- 

pole-street. w. 
Robert Box all, M.D. Camb. Ex. i897, 98, 99, i9oo. 

Ahinger-eommon , Dorking. 
Michael Colman Collins, M.D. Queen's Univ., 

L'eland, 25, Derhy-road, Nottingham. 
Jogendra Nath Mitra, M.B. Calcutta, 86, Harrison- 
road, Calcutta, India. 
James Limont, M.B. Yjdiiwh. ,Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Thomas Glover Lyon, M. D. Camb. , 1 , Victoria-sq. S.W. 
William Gay, M.D. Edinb., Croshy-road, Liverpool. 
Francis Leslie Miner, M.D. McGil'l. 

* Formerlj Paget, William Smith. 






George Donglas Pidcock, M.D. Camb., 74, Fitz- 
jol ins-avenue, n.w. 

Joseph Henry Philpot, M.D. Lend., 61, Chester- 
square. ,s.w. 

George Arcliibald Maconacliie, M.D. Aberd., 33, 
QueeiiS-road, Aberdeen . 

Jeffery Allen Marstoii, C.B., IM.D. St. Audr., 56, 
Necern-square. s.av. 

Thomas Johnstone, M.D. Edmb., Harrogate. 

Thomas Frederick Pearse, M.D. Brussels, c/o Messrs. 
Thomas Cook & Son, Calcutta, India. 

William Henry Gregg, M.B. Dubl. 

Charles William Marriott, M.D. St. Andr., Reading. 

Stephen Little, M.D. Ptoy. Univ. Ireland, Raivel 
Pindi, Punjab, Lndiu. 

Albert Martin, M.D. Lond., Wellington, New 

Simeon Holgate Owen, M.D. Eoy. Univ. Ireland, 
Whalley Range, Manchester. 

Thomas Carleton Kailton, M.D. Lond., 9, Moorfeld- 
road, ]Vest Didsbury, Manchester. 

John Duff, M.D. Glasg., 5, Abbey-street, Chester. 

Henry Waldo, M.D. Aberd., 19, Pembroke-road, 
Clifton, Bristol. 

Alexander Disney Leith Napier, M.D. Aberd., 
28, Angas-street, Adelaide, South Australia. 

Frederick Kufenacht Walters, M.D. Lond., Pine- 
croft, Fornham, Surrey. 

Charles Planck, Edenbridge. 

WilHam Henry Spencer, M.D. Camb., St. Marys 
Hospital, w. 

Theodore Stacey Wilson, M.D. Edinb., 51, Newhall- 
street, Bii^rningham. 

Thomas Outterson Wood, M.D. Durh., 40, Margaret- 
street, Cavendish-square, w. 

Otto Jackson Kauffmann, M.D. Lond., 22, Broad- 
street, Birmingham. 

John Fletcher Little, M.B. Oamh.,\, Park-crescent, w. 

Auguste Elisee Cordes, M.D. Paris, 12,' Rue Bellot, 


1889 Donald Eose Paterson, M.D. Edinb., 15, St. 
Ayulrew s-crescent, Cardiff. 

Frederick Howard Taylor, M.D. Loud., China 

Inland Mission, Neivington Green, n. 
Duncan Turner, 125, Collins- street, Melbourne, 

John Livesay Whitehead, M.D. St. Andr., Ventnor. 
George Alfred Carpenter. M.D. Lond., 12, Welhech- 

street. w. 
James Davison, M.D. Queen's Univ., Ireland, 

IG, Bath-road, Bournemouth. 
Elijah Baxter Forman, M.D. Brussels, 11, Bramham- 

gardens, South Kensington, s.w. 
Edwin Hvla Greves, M.D. Edinb., Bournemouth. 

1890 Charles William Chapman, M.D. Durh., 21, Wey- 
mouth-street. \v. 

Archibald Donald, M.D. Edinb., 2, *S^ Peters- 

sqnare. Manchester. 
Vaughan Berkeley Harley, M.D. Edinb., 25, Harley- 

street. w. 
John Sinclair, M.D. Durh., Medical Department, 

General Post Office, e.g. 
George Owen White-Cooper, M.B. Camb., 5, Court- 

Jield-road. s.w. 
Charles Henry Allfrey, M.D. Edinb., Princes-road, 

St. Leonards. 
George Gavin Morrice, M.D. Camb., 17, Royal- 
terrace, Weymouth. 
John Stephenson Selwjni Harvey, M.D. Durh., 1, 

Astwood-road. s.w. 
John Alfred Masters, M.D. Durh., 94, Knights- 

hridqe. s.w. 

1891 Ernest Christisoii Carter, M.D. Edinb., Oriel Lodge, 

Edward Lawrence Fox, M.D. Camb., 9, Oshorne- 

2ylacc, Plymouth. 
Samuel Otway Lewis Potter, M.D. Jefferson Coll., 

70, Liberty -street, San Francisco, Ccdifornia, 





Walter Kiiowsley Sibley, M.D. Camb., The Man- 
sions, 70, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square. w. 

Dawson Fyers Duckworth Turner, M.D. Edinb., 
Examiner(1907), 37, George-square, Edinburgh. 

Winslow Anderson, M.D. California, 1065, Sutter- 
street, San Francisco, Califoiiiia, U.S.A. 

George Bainbridge, M.D. Durh., The Grove, Clevedon, 

Roland Danvers Brinton, M.D. Camb., 8, Queen' s- 
gole-terrace. s.w. 

William Soltau Fenwick, M.D. Lond., 29, Harley- 
street. w. 

Anghel Gaster, M.D. Bucharest, 68, Greencroft- 
gardens. West Hamj^stead. n.w. 

Frank Papillon Haviland, M.D. Camb., St. Leonards. 

Frederic La Coque Thorne, M.D. St. Andr., Manor 
House, Adderhurij East, Banhury. 

William Bezly Thorne, M.D. St. Andr., 2, Harley- 
street. w. 

Stuart Alexander Tidey, M.D. Lond., Montreux, 

William Francis Menzies, M.D. Edinb., Cheddleton 
Asylum, Leek, Staffordshire. 

Thomas Sydney Short, M.D. Lond., 85, Edmtmd- 
street, Birmingham. 

John Oglethorpe Wakelin Barratt, M.D. Lond., 
Blantyre, British Centred Ajrica. 

Matthew Mitchell Bird, M.D. Durh., St. Mary's 
Hospital. ^\. 

John William Campbell, M.B. Camb., Casa Rossa, 
Meyitorie, France. 

George Frederick Crooke, M.D. Edinb. 

Charles John Macalister, M.D. Edinb., 35, Rodney- 
street, Liverpool. 

John Inglis Parsons, M.D. Durh., 3, Queen-street, 
May fair. w. 

Sir William Japp Sinclair, M.D. Aberd., St. Ann- 
street, Manchester. 


Frederick John McCann, M.D. Edinl)., 5, Curzon- 
street, Mayfair. w. 

Neville Thorold Wood, M.D. Durli., 42, Elvaston- 
place. s.w. 

Perry David Goldsmith, M.D. Toronto, Peter- 
borough, Canada. 

William Harding, M.D. Edinb., County Asylum, 
Berry Wood, Northampton. 

Thomas Davies Harries, Aherystivith. 

Nusserwanji Fakirji Surveyor, M.D. Bombay, 
145, QueeTLS-road, Bombay. 

Robert Fortescne Fox, M.D. Lond., 55 Vy^imj^ole- 
strcet. \Y. 

William Kington Fyffe, M.B. (Jamb., Wellington, 
New Zealand. 

Arthur Edward Giles, M.D. Lond., 10, Upper 
Winipole-street. w. 

Charles Herbert Thompson, M.D. Dubl., Jiinior 
Constitutional Club, Piccadilly, w. 

Frederick Poyn'ton AVeaver, M. L). Lond., Cedar 
Lawn, Hampjstead Heath, x.w. 

Robert Murray Leshe, M.D. Edinb., 152, Harley- 
street. w. 

Chichester Gould May, Al.D. Camb., o9, Cadogan- 
place. «.AV. 

William Arthur Bond, M.D. Camb., Municipal 
Offices, 197, High Holborn. w.c. 

Frederick Edge, M.D. Lond., Wolverhampton. 

AlfredMantle.M.D. Durh.,62, York- place, Harrogate. 

Charles Hubert Roberts, M.D. Lond., 21, Welbeck- 
street. w. 

Edward Henry Biddlecombe, M.B. Lond. 

George Francis Johnston. M.D. Edinb., 3, Montagu- 
place. AV. 

Francis Whittaker Tunniclilfe, M.D. Lond., 
Ex. 1902, 03, 04, 05. 129, Harlcystrcet. w. 

Reginald Langdon Langdon-Down, M.B. Camb., 
47, Welbeck-street. w. 

Charles Edwin Purslow, M.D. Lond., 192, Broad- 
street, Birmingliam. 


1894 James Kingston Barton. 14, Ashhurn-jolace, South 
KeMsington. s.w. 

Ludwig Freyberger, M.D. Vienna, 9, St. Marie s- 
sqiiare. n.w. 

Thomas Arthur Helme, M.D. Edinb., 3, St. Peters- 
square, Marichester. 

Charles Edward Shelly, M.D. Camb., Hertford. 

Samuel Buckley, M.D. Lond., 72, Bridge-street, 

1895 Thomas Vincent Dickinson, M.D. Lond., 33, Sloane- 
street. s.w. 

John Porter Parkinson, M.D. Lond., 57, Wimpole- 
street. ^Y. 

Sydney E.iissell Wells, M.D. Lond., 16, Lower 
Sey7nour-street. w. 

Theophilus Nicholas Kelynack, M.D. Vict., 133, 
Harleij -street, w. 

Charles Samson Jaffe, M.D. Lond., 138, Sutherland- 
avenue, w. 

Heinrich Oppenheimer, M.D. Heidelberg, G3, Fins- 
hury-parenient. E.G. 

John Henry Dauber, M.B. Oxf., 39, Hertford- 
street, Mayfair. w. 

Max Sally Lowenthal, M.D. Wllrzburg, 126,P7'mc^5- 
road, Liverpool. 

Ebenezer Stanley Smith, M.D. Durh., 68, Wimpole- 
street. w. 

1896 Cuthbert Chapman Gibbes, M.D. Aberd., 89, 
Harley -street, w. 

John Douglas Stanley, M.D. Edinb., 21, Broad- 
street, Birmingham, 

Arnold Francis JBill, M.D. Oxf., Davos Platz, 

Eobert Henry Cole, M.D. Lond., 25, Z/j^p^'?' 
Berl^eleii-street. w. 

Thomas George Stevens, M.D. Lond., 8, Weymouth- 
street. w. 

Arthur John Whiting, M.D. Edinb., 142, Llarley- 
street. w. 


Walter Broadbeut, M.D. Camb,, 50, Brunsmck- 

squarc, Brighton. 
Samuel Haslett Browne, C.I.E., M.D. Queen's Univ., 

Ireland, East India United IServicc Club. s.w. 
William Ronaldson Clark, M.B. Aberd., 2, Belvedere^ 

Beach-road, Weston-Super-Mare. 
Daniel McCluro Eoss, M.D. Durh., Cedar Lodge, 

Littledown-road, Bournemoutli. 
Joim Le Mare Bunch, M.D. Lond., 84, Park-street, 

Gj'osvenor-square. w. 
Walter Jobson Horne, M.D. Camb., 23, Weij- 

mouth-street. w. 
Ewen John Maclean, M.D. Edinb., 12, Park-place, 

Hugh James Moore Playfair, M.D. Lond., 7, Upper 

Brook-street, w. 
John King Warry, M.D. Lond., 39, Filey-avenue, 

Clapton- common, x.e. 
George Harold Arthur Comyns Berk;eley,M.B.Camb., 

53, WimiDole-street. w. 
William Bain, M.D. Durh., York-place, Harrogate. 
Alfred Eddowes, M.D. Edinb. ,28, Wimpole-street. w. 
Edwin Stephen Pasmore, M.D. Lond., Wccrlingham, 

Donald John Armour, M.B. Toronto, 89, Harley- 

street, Cavendish-sqiiai e. w. 
Francis Henry Edwards, M.D. Bru.ssels, Camhericell 

House. s.E. 
Michael George Foster, M.D. Camb., Harrogate. 
"^Hugh Boubiliac Boger-Smith, M.D. Lond., 

1, College-terrace, Fitzjohrb s-aveniie. n.w. 
Thomas Beattie, M.D. Durh., 3, Ellison-p)lacey 

N eiv castle- on- Tyne. 
Edward John Cave, M.D. Lond., 20, Circus, Bath. 
Bobert Briggs Wild, M.D. Lond., 96, Mosley-street, 

Edwin Gilbert Emerson Arnold, M.B. Durh., Fiji. 

* Formerly, Hugh Eoubiliac Smith. 


1898 William Lamb, M.D. Edinb., 22, Temple-roiv, 

Ernest Playfair, M.B. Lond., 57, Gloucester-terrace^ 
Hijde Park. w. 

Edward Hanly, M.D. Queen's Univ., Ireland,, 
951, Santa Fe, Buenos Ay res, Argentina. 

William Dnrley Hartley,, M.D. Durh., Cauvins 
Gift, Sea Point, Cape Town. 

Edward Arthur Saunders, M.B. Oxt*., 49, Harley- 

street. \\. 
Ralph Henry Crowley, M.D. Lond., 21, Wilmer 

Drive, Heaton, Bradford, Yorkshire. 
Cuthbert Henry Jones Lockyer, M.D. Lond., 

117 a, Ha.rley -street, w. 

1899 Henry John Davis, M.B. Carnb., 8, Portman- 
street. w. 

Francis Edward Fremantle, M.B. Oxf., 30, Chester- 
street, Belgrave-square. s.w. 

Sidney Herbert Perry, M.D. Lond., 54, Neivhall- 

street, Birmingham. 
Reginald Pratt, M.D. Lond., Leicesler. 
Peverell Smythe Hichens, M.D. Oxf., 45, Slieej^- 

street, NorthctmiUon. 
George Thornton, M.D. Edinb., General Hospital^ 

Colo'mho, Ceylon. 
Augustus Whitehorn Addinsell, M.B. Edinb., 10, 

Curzon-street, Mayfatr. w. 
Ptichard Walter Marsden, M.D. Vict., 3, St. Peters- 
square, Manchester. 
Robert Oswald Moon, M.D. Oxf., 45, Greeyi-street, 

Park-lane. w. 
Thomas Frank Ricketts, M.D. Lond., Southjield 

House, Dartford. 
Robert Dawson Rudolf, M.D. Edinb'., 396, Bloor- 

street West, Toronto, Canada. 
Thomas Frederick Gardner, M.D. Durh., Boscombe, 



Daniel West Samways, M.D. Camb., Mentone, 

Edward Staiiier, M.B. Oxf., 60, Wimpole-street, 
Cavendish-square, w. 

Charles Oliver Hawthorne, M.D. Glasg., G3, Harley- 
street. w. 

John MacLeod Hendrie MacLeod, M.D. Aberd., 
1\, Harley-street. w. 

Clive Riviere, M.D. Lond., 12, Queen Anne-street. 

Alfred Walter Sikes, M.D. Lond., 57, Wimjpole- 
street. w. 

Lewis Albert Smith, M.D. Lond., 25, Queen Anne- 
street, Cavendish- square, w. 

*.Ralph Vincent, M.D. Durh.. 1, Harley-street. w. 

John Koger Charles, M.D. Camb., 12, Victoria- 
square, Clifton, Bristol. 

Alexander Gunn Auld, M.D. Glasg., 23, Henrietta- 
street, Cavendish- square, w. 

Noel Dean Bardswell, M.D. Edinb., Midhurst, 

Arthur John Cleveland, M.D. Lond., 10, Thorpe- 
7na7isions, Norwich. 

Henri Dardenne, M.D. Edinb., 49, Albany -street. 


Francis Woodcock Goodbody, M.D. Dubl., 6, 
Chandos-street, Cavendish-square, w. 

Francis Henry Havi^kins, M.D. Edinb., 73, London- 
street, Reading. 

Thomas David Lister, M.D. Lond., 50, Brook- 
street, w. 

Wilfrid Brougham Warde, M.D. Lond., Tunhridge 

Thomas Rowland Charles Whipham, M.D. Oxf. 
58, Park-street, w. 

Oliver Key Williamson, M.D. Camb., 55, Ujyper 
Berkeley-street, w. 

* Formerly Vincent, Ralph Harry. 


Henry llussell Andrews, M.D. Lond., 22, Upper 

Wimpole- street, w. 
Wm. Francis Victor Bonney, M.D. Loud., 15, 

Harley-street. w. 
Frederick William Collinson, M.D. Edinb,, 32, 

Winckley-square, Preston. 
Karl Joseph Flirth, M.D. Freiburg, 39, Harley-^ 

street, w. 
Shapurji Hormasji Modi, Apollo Hotel. Bomhay, 

John Llojd Roberts, M.D. Lond., 68, Rodney - 

street, Liverpool. 
Francis Arthur Bain bridge, M.D. Camb., 9, Rughy 

Mansions, Addison Bridge, w. 
WiUiam Samuel Octavius Byrne, M.D. Dubl., Ann- 
street, Brisbane, Queensland. 
John Shields Fairbairn, M.B. Oxf., 42, Wi7npole' 

street, w. 
Hugh A. McCallum, M.D. Western Univ., Ontario ; 

London, Ontario, Canada. 
Frederick Stephen Palmer, M.D. Durh., 27, Queen 

Anne-street, w. 
George Eric Campbell Pritchard, M.D. Oxf., 63, 

Harley-sty^eet. w. 
Henry John Forbes Simson, M.B. Edinb., 36, Gros- 

venor-street. w. 
Francis Hugo Thiele, M.D. Lond., University 

College, w.c. 
Francis Robert Bryant Bisshopp, M.D. Camb., 

Tunhridge Wells. 
Frank Cecil Eve, M.D. Camb., 14, Albion-street, 

Archibald Gordon Gallan, M.D. Lond., 37, Rodney- 
street, Liverpool. 
Edward Forster Maynard, M.D. Edinb., 49,. 

Brunsivick-p>lace, Ilove, Brighton. 
Nathan Raw, M.D. Durh., 66, Rodney-street,. 

Charles Henry Reissmann, M.D. Camb., ;S'^ Peters^ 

Adelaide, S. Australia. 



1901 Thomas Bushbj, M.B. Edinb., 43, Catherine-street, 

John Cecil Mackmurdo Given, M.D. Lorid., Lowood, 

Mossley-hill , Liverpool. 
Arthur Douglas Heath, ]\LD. Lend., 41, Newhall- 

street, Birmingham. 
Frederick Craven Moore, M.D. Vi(;t., Pnory, 

Ardwich Green, Manchester. 
Harold Douglas Singer, M.D. Lond., ''' Hospital" 

P.O., Illinois, U.S.A. 
Charles Henry Fennell, M.D. Oxf., County Asylum^ 

Hellingly, Sussex. 
David Nfunes Nabarro, M.D. Lond., 40, Cannon-hill, 

Finchley-roa d. N. w. 
Frank Charles Shrubsall, M.D. Canib., 34, Lirae- 

grove, Uxhridge-road. w. 
William Mitchell Stevens, M.D. l.ond., 21, St. 

Andreiv s-cre scent, Cardiff. 
Septimus Sunderland, M.D. Brussels, 11, Cavendish- 
place, w. 

1902 Arthur Stanley Barnes, M.D. Lond., 141, Gt. 
Charles-street, Birm ingham. 

John Charlton Briscoe, M.D. Lond., 110, Harley- 

street. w. 
x^rthur Edmund Carver, M.D. Camb., 8, Higher- 
terrace, Torquay. 
Otto Fritz Frankau Grlinbaum, M.D. Camb., 

Examiner (1906), 92, Portland-jjlace. w. 
Richard Crawshaw Holt, M.D. Durh., 2, Alhert- 

7'oad, Southjyort. 
Charles Hunter, M.D. Aberd., 222, Portage-avenue, 

Winnipeg, Canada. 
William McCallin, M.D. Eoy. Univ. Irel., 

Isolation Hospital, Millhrook, Southamjyton. 
Sheffield Henry Morier Neave, Mill Green Park, 

Charles Gabriel Seligmann, M.D. Lond. 
Joseph Shaw Bolton, M.D. Lond., County Asylum, 

Rainhill. Liverpool. 


William Philip SutclifFe Branson, M.D. Camb., 

21, Upper Wiinj^ole-street. w. 
Gerald GodtVay GiffarcJ, 54, Parliament-street, s.w. 
Charles Herbert Meliand, M.D. Lond., 96, Mosley- 

street, Manchester. 
Sidney Vere Pearson, M.B. Camb., Mundesley, 

Edward Farniss Potter, M.D. Brussels, 49, Queen 

Anne-street, w. 
Walter Henry Maxwell Telling, M.D. Lond., 

29, Park-square, Leeds. 
-"William Wallis Ord, M.D. Oxf., The Hall, 

Edwin Harold Brown, M.D. Durham, I ndioAi Medical 

Andrew Elliot, M.D. Edin., 110, Gloucester-place, 

Portman-square. w. 
Joseph George Emanuel, M.D. Lond., 47, Ncivhall- 

street, Birmingham. 
George Norman Meachen, M.D. Lond., 11, Devon- 
shire-street, w. 
David Waters Sutherland, M.B. Edinb., Medical 

College, Lahore, India. 
William Lawrence Ascherson, M.D. Camb., 22, Nishi 

Machi Azabu, Tokyo, Japan. 
Charles Bolton, M.D. Lond., 16, Devonshire- 
street, w. 
Eobert Joseph Dwyer, M.B. Toronto, 732, Spadina- 

avenue, Toronto, Canada. 
Llewelyn Leonard Bulkeley AVilliams, M.D. Glasg., 

123, Hao'ley- street, w. 
tCharles Frederick Bailey, M.D. Lond., 125, Marine 

Parade, Brighton. 
Arthur Herbert Hayes, Eoyal Army Medical 

Goldwin William Howland, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, 

Ontario, Canada. 

* JJi))loi!ia resigned 189G, re-gvanted 1902. 
t Diploina resigned 1891, re-granted 1903. 




Frederick William Price, M.B. Edinb., 133, Harley- 

street. \v. 
Henry Edmund Symes-Thompson, M. U. Carab., 

33, Cavendish-square, w. 
*George Lestock Thornton, 6, The Beacon, Exmouth. 
John Abernethy Willett, M.D. Oxf., '26, Upper 

Wimpole-sti'ect. w. 
Herbert Williamson, M.B. Camb., 84. Wimpole- 

street. w. 
Emil Paul Baumann, M.D. Edinb., Johannesburg. 
Robert Alfred Bolam, M.D. Durh., Queen-square, 

Saville-row, Neivcastle-on-Tyne. 
Edward Alfred G?ites,, M.T). Ijond., vid Palestro A., 

Florence, Italy. 
John Hay, M.D. Yict., 12, Rodney-street, Liverjyool. 
George Lucas Pardington, M.D. Durh., Tunhiidge 

Llewellyn Caractacus Powell Phillips, M.D. Camb., 

Cairo, Egypt. 
James Hutchinson S wanton, M.D. Boy. Univ. Irel., 

40, Harley -street, w. 
Bobert William Dodgson, M.D. Lond., 25, Clifton- 
villas, Maida-hill. w. 
Frank Harwood Jacob, M.D. Lond., 32, Regent- 
street, Nottingham. 
George Wm. Falconer Macnaughton, M.D. Edinb., 

33, Lower Belg rave-street, s.w. 
Thomas Howard Morgan, M.D. Edinb., Brisbane^ 

John Alexander Nixon, M.B. Camb., 18, West 

Mall, Clifton, Bristol. 
Beaumont Albany Percival, M.B. Camb., Isthmian 

Club, Piccadilly, w. 
Paul Cuningham Edward Tribe, M.B. Lond., Cairo, 

fHoratio George Adamson, M.D. Lond., 9, Wey- 

mouth-street, w. 

• Diploma resigned in 1904 re-granted the same year, 
t Diploma resigned 1897, re-granted 1903. 

MEMBEE9. 47 

1903 Sydney Walter Curl, M.D. Camb., 58, Crouch- 
street, Colc]l€StC7\ 

James Edward Hill Sawyer, M.D. Oxf., 93, Corn- 
wall-street^, Birmingham. 

Jacob Snowman, M.D. Brussels, 11, Shoot-up-Hill, 
Bro7ideshury. n.w. 

James George Taylor, M.D. Camb., 35, Nicholas- 
street, Chester. 

1904 Sol Jervois Aarons, M.D. Edinb., 6, Harley- street. 

David Forsyth, M.D. Lond., \0, Harley-street. w. 

Alfred Ernest Jones, M.D. Lond., 13, Harley- 
street. w. 

Lindley Marcroft Scott, M.D. Aberd., 98, Shane- 
street, s.w. 

James Graham Forbes, M.D. Camb., 1, Duke-street, 
MaiicJiester-square. w. 

Donald George Hall, M.D. Camb., 30, Brunsivick- 
place, Hove, Brighton. 

Charles Christopher Heywood, M.B. Camb., Winters 
Buildings, Manch ester. 

David Sommerville, M.D. Eoy. Univ. Irel., 31, Manor 
House, Marylebone-roa'd. N.w. 

Edward Turton, M.D. Vict., 1, Alhio7i-street, 

John Frederick Gordon Dill, M.D. Camb.. 16, B7mns- 
tvick-square, Brighton. 

Edward Henry Douty, M.D. Camb., Mont Fleuri, 
Can7i?s, France. 

Wilfrid Stephen Fox, M.D. Camb., 63, Grosvenor- 
street. w. 

Ernest Edward Glynn, M.B. Camb., 62, Rodney- 
street, Liverj)Ool. 

Henry Lawrence McKisaek, M.D. Boy. Univ. Irel., 
17, University -square, Belfast. 

Thomas Grainger Stewart, M.B. Edinb., 33. Harley- 
street. w. 

Guido Yule Giglioli, M.D. Florence, Florence, 


1904 I EricDanvers Macnaraara, M.D. Camb., 54, Welbeck- 
I street, w. 

Harold Theodore Thompson, M.D. Camb., 35, 

Harlef/sfreet. w. 
Henry Willougliby Gardner, M.D. Lond., Shrews- 
Charles John Nepean Longridge, M.D. Vict., 30, 

JVimpolc-street. w. 
William Henry Willcox, M.D. Lond., Examiner 

(1906), 43, Queen Anne-street, w. 
Arthur John Jex-Blake, M.B. Oxf., 47, Up^^er 

Brook-street, w. 
Frank Edward Taylor, M.D. Lond., 11, Bentinck- 

street. \v. 
George William Watson, M.D. Lond., 24, Park- 
square, Leeds. 
William Henry Wynn, M.D. Lond., 41, Newhall- 

street, Birminghaw. 
John Brian Christopherson, M.D. Qs^mh., Khartoum, 

Lewis Augustus Clutterbuck, M.D. Durh., Golders 

Green, Hendon. x.w. 
Arthur Frederick Hertz, M.D. Oxf., IG, Lower 

Seymour- street, w. 
Connid Meredyth Hinds Howell, M.D. Oxf., 53, 

Queen Anne-street, w. 
Henry Percival Johnson, Royal Army Medical 

Hrirold Campbell Parsons, M.D. Toronto, 72, Bloor- 

street, W., Toronto, Canada. 
William Morton R.obson, M.D. lyond., NortJiampton. 
Alexander George Gibson, M.B. Oxf., 46, St. Giles' - 

road, Oxford . 
Joseph George Harsant^ M.D. Lond , Exeter-road, 

Ernest Bosdin Leech, M.D. Camb, Timperley, 

Chesli ire. 
John Cyril Holdich Leicester, M.D. Lond., c/o 

Messrs. Grindlay and Co., 11, Hastings-street, 



1906 Joseph Arthur Arkwright, M.D. Camb., Kenley^ 
WilHam Carnegie Brown, M.D. Aberd., 32, Harley- 

street, w. 
Robert Fielding-Ould, M.D. Oxf., Jenny n-terr ace, 

Frederick Samuel Lungmead, M.D. Lond., 53, 

Queen Anne-street, w. 
Charles Hewitt Miller, M.D. Camb., 22, Queen 

Anne-street, w. 
Athelstane Ilitl' Simey, M.D. Carab., 5, Horton- 

terrace, Rughy. 
John Telfer Calvert, M.B. Lond., c/o Messrs. 

Grindlay and Co., Parliament-street, s.w. 
Thomas Edwyn Cecil Cole, M.D. Oxf., Norfolk 

House, Kenilworth-road, Leamington. 
Henry Eoy Dean, M.B. Oxf., 53, Elm Park- 
garden, s.w. 
George William Ross, j\I.B. Toronto, Toronto, 

Charles Henry Benham, M.D. London., 27, Sackville- 

road, Hove, Brighton. 
William Haio- Brodie, M.D. Edinb., 6, St. Stephen' s- 

road, W., West Paling, w^ 
Peter Kevin Byrne, M.D. Lond., 40, York-place, w. 
Ernest ISichoison Cunliffe, M.D. Vict., 11, St. 

John- st reet, Manch este i : 
Henry Devine, M.B. Lond., Lojig Grove Asylum, 
I Epsom, Surrey. 

John McCrae, M.B. Toronto, 190, Peel-street, 
I Montreal, Canada. 

Carlton Old field, M.D. Lond., 32, Park-square, 

Alexander Corsar Sturrock, M.D. Edinb., 11, Vic- 
toria- crescent, Eccles. 
1907 ! Alfred Edward Barnes, M.B. Lond., 348, Glossop- 
road, Sheffield. 
Dudley William Carmalt -Jones, M.B. Oxf, 78, 
Wimpole-street. w. 


1907 Alfred Charles Coles, M.D. Edinb., York House, 
Poole-road, Boiirnemovth. 

George Alexander Finlayson, M.B. Aberd., Singa- 

Frederick Lucien GoJla, M.B. Oxf., 68, New 
Cavendish-street, w. 

George Hall, M.D. Lond., 9, Ellison-place, Neiv- 
castle-on- Tyne. 

Frederick William Higgs, M.B. Lond., (5, Hertford- 
street, May fair. w. 

Walter William Moore, M.B. New Zealand, Pidjlic 
Hospital, Napier, Nein Zealand. 

Owen Thomas Williams, M.D. Lond., 42, Rodney - 
street, Liverpool. 

Julius Meyer Bernstein, M.B. Lond., Woodstock- 
avenue, Goldey^s Green. N.w. 

Wilfrid Edgecombe, M.D. Lond., Victoria-avenue, 

Daniel Caesar O'Connell Finigan, M.D. Berlin, 1], 
Woodville-road, Ealing, w. 

Archibald Montague Henry Gray, M.D. Lond., 
30, Neiv Cavendish-street, w. 

Thomas Lewis, M.D. Lond., 7, Nottingham-terrace. 


Newman Neild, M.B. Yict., 9, Richmond-hill, Clifton, 

Clifford Sidney White, M.D. Lond., 49, Hanover- 

gate-mansio7is, Pa7'k-road. N.w. 
Arthur Wellesley Falconer, M.D. Aberd., 10, Bon 

Accord-avenue. Aberdeen. 
Vincent Sutherland Hodson, M.B. Oxf., Athara, 

Bernard Hudson, M.D. Camb., 77, New Cavendish- 
street, w. 
Harold Charles Corry Mann, M.D. Lond., 8, 

St. Thomas' s-street. s.f. 
Reginald Henry Miller, M.D. Lond., 53, Queen 

Anne-street, av. 
Harold Pritchard, M.D. Lond., 11, Welheck-street, 



Ernest Athole Eoss, M.D. Camb., 54, Nevern-square. 

George Maclver Campbell Smith, M.B. Aberd.^ 
Indian Medical Service. 

Frank EdvAard Tylecote, M.D. Yict., Barnes Con- 
valescent Hosjjital, Cheadle, Manchester. 

Samuel Alexander Kinnier Wilson, M.B. Edinb., 
03, Wimpole-street. w. 

Mam^ice Alan Cassidy, M.B. Camb., St. Thomas's 
Hospitcd. s.E. 

Charles Wilberforce Daniels, M.B. Cnmb., London 
School of Tropical Medicine, Albert Docks. E. 

Samuel Ernest Dore, M.D. Camb., 26, New 
Cavendish-street, w. 

John Prescott Hedley, M.B. Camb., 11, John- 
street, Berkeley-square, w. 

Eeginald Charles Jewesbury, M.B. Oxf., 10, Chandos- 
street, Cavendish-square, w. 

Herbert William George Macleod, M.D. Edinb., 17, 
JJjyper Wimpole-.'^treet. w. 

George Basil Price, M.D. Lond., 53, Devonshire- 
street, w. 

Robert Frazer Standaoe, Bangcdore, S. India. 

Harold Waterlow Wiltshire, M.B. Camb., King's 
College Hospital, w.c. 

*Charles Edwin Percy Forsyth, M.B. Aberd., 6, 
Dalton-road , Liscard, Cheshire. 

Jehangir Cawasjee Balsara, The Brunswick House 
Hotel. Brunsicick-square. w.c. 

Hector Charles Cameron, M.B. Camb., 6, St. 
Th omass-street. s.E. 

Carey Franklin Coombs, M.D. Lond., 74, >SY. Paul's- 
rond, Clifton, Bristol. 

John GaUie Fraser, M.B. Edinb., '' Caa an-Righ," 
Leigh -on-Sea, Essex. 

Charles Edward Iredell, M.D. Lond., 41, Devonshire- 
street. \v. 

John Owen, M.D. Lond., 13, Rodneij-st., Liverpool. 

•Diploma resigned April, 1906; restored October, 1907. 


Herbert Chavasse Squires, M.B. Oxf., Richmond 

Henry I,etheby Tidy, M.B. Oxf., 26, Haiieij -street. 

Godfrey de Bee Turtle, M.D. Diirli., 18, Cambridge- 
terrace, llijde Park. av. 

Rupert Waterhouse, M.D. Lond., 128, Gay -street, 

John William Watson, Indian Medical Service. 

Eobert Alexander Chisholm, M.B. Oxf, 16, Wey- 
mouth-street. w. 

James Clark, M.D. Aberd., Sor7L, AifTshire, N.B. 

Thomas Bogie Hamilton, M.B. Edinb., Court of 
Appeal, Cairo. 

Eardley Lancelot Holland, M.D. Lond., 92, Portland- 
place, w. 

James Mackenzie, M.D. Edinb., 17, Bentiuck-st. w. 

Alexander Manuel, M.B. Lond., 14, Clctrges-street, 
Mayfoir. ^Y. 

Richard John Morris, M.D. Durh., Southfield, Har- 

John Norman Walker, Indian Medical Service. 

George Bidie, M.B. Edinb., 9, Pall Mall. s.w. 

Stanley William Randolph Colyer, M.D. Lond., 
Sccvile- place, Halifax. 

Stanley Dodd, M.B. Camb., 11, iVimpole-.street. w. 

John Foster Gaskell, M.B. Camb., The Uplands, 
Great She/ ford, Cambridge. 

Kenneth Harrison illloa Kellie, M.B. Camb., 2, 
Chester-gate, Regent's Park. N.w. 

Charles Paget Lapage, M.D. Vict., Hulme Hall, 
Victoria Park, Manchester. 

Alfred Goodman Levy, M.D. Lond., 2, Manchester- 
square, w. 

John Charles Francis Naumann, M.D. Brussels, 12, 
Bedford-square, w.c. 

Alfred Parkin, M.D. Durh., 56, Jesmond-road, 
Ne I vcastle- on- 1 yne. 

Albert RamsboLtom, M.D. Vict., 2. St. Peter s-square, 


John Clark Wilson, M.D. Edinb., 22, Hilgrove-road. 


Hugh Tuke Ashby, M.B. Camb., 13, St. John- 
street, Manchester. 

Haldinstein David Davis, M.B. Oxf., 9, Portman- 
street. w. 

Harold Benjamin Da}-, M.D. Lond., Cairo, Egyj^t. 

Gordon Morgan Holmes, M.D. Dubl., National Hos- 
pital, Queen Square, w.c. 

Charles Ernest Lakin, ]\I.D. Lond., Middlesex Hos- 
pital, w. 

Archibald Currie MacGilchrist, M.B. Edinb., 52, 
Grange-Toad, Edinhurgh. 

Otto May, M.B. Camb., 126, Cazenove-road, Stam- 
ford Hill. N. 

Wm. iSouthwick Willmore, Indian Medical Service. 

George Augustus Auden, M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P., 
Education Offices, Birminqham. 

Francis Wilham Clark, M.D. Durh., L.B.GP., 
Sanitary Department, llonq Kong. 

John Frederick Halls Dally, M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P., 
105, Sloane-sti-eet. s.w. 

Eobert McCarrison, M.B. Boy. Univ. Irel., Capt. 
I.M.S., Kirkton, Guildford, Surrey. 

Edward Fretson Skinner, M.B. Camb., L.B.C.P., 
309, Eulivuod-road, Sheffield. 

Arthur Lionel Hall Smith, M.B. Camb., L.B.C.P., 
16, New Cavendish-street, w. 

James Aubrey Torrens, M.B. Loud., L.Pi.C.P., 36, 
South-street, Park-lane. w. 

* Alfred Jamts Rice Oxley, M.D. Durh., 5, Kensing- 
ton-square, w, 

Tot;il Nunibei- of Members, 488. 

* Dip oma resigned 1896, re-granted 1909. 





James Vaughan Hughes, M.D. St, Andi-., Heme'' 

Lawrence Thomas GrifBn, Killarney, Ireland. 
Edwyn John Slade King, M.D. Edinb., Bicksleighs- 

combe Down, Ilfracomhe. 



Aaron, David Jacob (Chowry, Hill Grove, Wells^ Somerset. 

Abadjian, Alexander Tateosian, Harley College, Bow. e. 

Abbot, James Arthur, 211, Hyde Park-road, Leeds. 

Abbott, Francis Charles, I\I.B. Loncl., Bletchingly. 

Abbott, Frederic William, 141, Bedford Hill, Balham. s.av. 

Abbott, George, Tunbridge Wells. 

Abbott, lioratio White, 66, Jackso7i-road, Holloicay. n. 

Abbott, James Edward, Bramley. Leeds. 

Abbott, Samuel Franklin, M.D. West. I'niv. Ont., London, Ontario, 

Abbott. Wilham Louis, Philadelphia, United States. 

Abcarius, Joseph John, London Hospital, v.. 

Abel, Horace Marshall, 10, A7?i/7's Z?eH6'/i Walk. e.g. 

Abercrombie, Rodolph George, M.B. Camb., Middelhurg, Transvl. 

Abram, George Stewart, M.B, Camb., Reading. 

Acker3% Edward Faulknor, 11, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Ackland, Charles Herbert, Poole-road, Bournemouth. 

Ackland, Charles Kingsley, Bideford. 

Ackland, Donald, Gay-street, Bath. 

Ackland, Robert, 54, Brook-street, w. 

Acland, Hugh Thomas Dyke, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

Aclaud, John Henry Dyke, Beira, Portuguese S. Africa. 

Acland, John Musgrave, 22, Chichele-road, Cricklewood. 

Acomb, John, M.B. Lond., Fork. 

Acomb, Leonard Ernest, Clytha park, Newport, Mon. 

Acres, George Charles Johnston. 77, Falcon-road, Clapham. s.w. 

Acton, Charles James, Wangford, Suffolk. 

Acton, Hugh Wm., Indian Medical Service. 

Adam, Caleb Denovan, 31, Femhead-road, St. Peter s-park. w.. 

Adam, George Henry, West Malling-jilace, Kent. 

Adam, Thomas, County Hall, Wakejield. 

Adams, Alfred, M.B. Oxf., West Looe, Cornwall. 

Adams, Arthur James Bowman, Springwell, Barnes, s.w. 

Adams, Arthur Reginald, G^iy's Hospital. s.E. 

Adams, Edmund Weaver, Church-street, Slough. 

Adams, Edward Coker, Lokoja, North Nigeria, West Africa. 

Adams, Eustace Henry, The Villas, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Adams, Evelyn George Beadon, M.B. Lond., Martock, Somerset, 

Adams, Evel3'n Lancelot, M.B. hoYLdi.,ll%,North-end,W. Croydon^ 

Adams, George Basil Doyue, M.B. Camb., King Edward VII 

Sanatorium, M idh u rs t . 
Adams, Gofton Gee, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Adams, Harold Cotterell, Paignton. 
Adams, Harry, Wellington, New Zealand. 
Adams, Henry Cyril, Naval Medical Service. 
Adams, James Wilmot, 20, Sydney-street, Chelsea, e,.w. 
Adams, John, 180, Aldersgate-streel. e.g. 









Adams, Joseph Ebenezer.M.B.Lcmd., 107, Lamhpth Palace-rd. S.E. 
Adams, Percj'^ Edward, M.D. Lond., I/art/eij Wiittnei/, Winchfield. 
Adams, Philip Edward Homer, 34, St. Giles, Oxford. 
Adams, Wm. Francis, Medical Mission, Dera G/iazi, Khan N.India. 
Adarason, James Weeden Woodhamg, Lee-oa-the-Solent, Hants. 
Adcock, George Robert, Tanstall, Stoh-e-on-Trent. 
Addenbrooke, Bertram, M.D. \)y\r\\.,'r>\ , Mill- street , Kidderminster. 
Addey, Wm. Fielding, M.D. Lond., Lower Addiscombe-road, 

Addinsell, John Howard, Surhiton. 

Addison, Christopher, M.D. Lond., 2, Hanover-terrace. N.w. 
Addison, Eldred Arthur, Coddenham, Fpswich. 
Addison, Hugh Cecil, Broxbourne, Herts. 
Addison, Jose|)h Bartlett, Malifi\ Se>/chelles. 
Addison, Oswald Lacy, M.B. Lond., 55a, Welbeck-street. av. 
Addison, William Bragg, M.B. Camb., Thornton Heath, Surrey. 
Adeney, George Cuthi)ert, Whalley Range, Manchester. 
Adie, Alexander James, Hampden House. N.w. 
Adkins, Albert James, M.D. Lond. 
Adkins, George, Freshwater, Isle of Wight. 
Adler, James Elrick, 53, Piirland-rnad, Oanonbury. n. 
Adler, Magnus. St. John-street, Hanley. 
Agar, Morley Frederick, 68, Wimpnle-street. vr. 
Agate, Henry St. Arnaud, 9, King Edward-mansions, Charing 

Cross-road. w.C. 
Agnew, Edward DaUon, Bishop's Stortford. 
Agnew, Colville Smith, Ibstock, Leicester. 
Ahearne, Joseph, Townsvtlle, Queensland. 
Ahlswede, Oscar Jacob Louis, Hamburg. 
Ahrens, Heiny Augustus, Basingstoke. 

Aikin, William Arthur, (>6, Bedford-gardens, Kensington. \v. 
Aikins, William Henry, M.B. Toronto, 50, College-street, Toronto. 
Ainger, Wm. Bradshaw, 15, Moorgate-street. e.g. 
Ainscow, James, Lice^ ]Vigan. 
Ainsworth, Iierl>ert Pearson, Marden, Kent. 
Ainsworth, Hugh, M.B. Vict., Indian Medical Service. 
Ainsworth, Ralpli Bignell, Roy(d Army Medical Corps. 
Ainsworth, Richard, Loudvater, Iliiih Wycombe. 
Air, Alexander Cummings, 205, Selhurst-rd., South Norwood. S.E. 
Air, Samuel Henry Cummiiigs, M. 13. Lond., 205, Selhurst-road, 

South Norwood. S.E. 
Aird, Thomas Wilson. Wallington, Carshalton. 
Airth, George Leslie, M.D. Toronto, Shelburne, Ontario, Canada. 
Aitchiscm, Charles Umpherston, M.D. Oxf., 9, Dray ton-terrace, 

S. Kensington, s.w. 
Aitken, Robert Young, M.D. Glas , 53, Preston Ncic-rd.. Blackburn. 
Akers, William Dutton, Hove, Sussex. 
Alban, Edgar, M.B. Lond., Lindfeld, Ilaywards Heath. 
Albert, James Valek, 49, S I oane- street, s.w. 
Albur3% Joseph 13aird, Nassau, N.P., Bahamas. 
Alcock, Frank, May Bank, Stoke-on-Trent. 



Alcock, George Herbert, HigJiam s-parl: , CMufiJord. n.e. 

Alderman, Harry Cole, Ty-Croes, Halifax. 

Alderson, Fredk. Herbert, .M.B. Durh., 21, Queen's Gate-ter. s,"\v. 

Aldersoii. Percy Francis, Naval }fedical Service. 

Alderson, VVm. Seaforth, Old-road, Leeds. 

Alderton, Herbert Charles, Bamoldswick, Leeds. 

Alderton, Thomas Gunton. 82, Haminersinith-gruve. w. 

Aldous, Georg-e Frederick, Plijmonf.h. 

Aldred, Wilfrid Ashwell, Lanbeevor, Wroxham, Norwich. 

Aldren, Bertram Cecil Robert, 42, Bristol-road, Binninghani. 

Aldridg-e, Artliur AVm., M.B. Durh., NorthfieUU Birmingham. 

Aldridge, Aug-ustus Henr^-, South Pender Island, Victoria, B.C., 

Aldridge, Charles, M.D. Aberd., Ph/mpton. 
Aldridge, Charles Braxton Mooring-, Westover, Bournemouth. 
Alexander, Alfred, Buxted, Sussex. 

Alexander, Edward Henry, M.B. Edin., Danedin, New Zealand. 
Alexander, Frederick Hug'h, jNF.B. Lond., Littlehampton. 
Alexander Gervase Disney, Blachn-all, Halifax. 
Alexander, Herbert, Church Hill, Waltliamstow. x.e. 
Alexander, Kenneth Bush, M.B. Lond., Guifs Hospital, s.e. 
Alford, Cyril Wolrige, M.D. Lond., Chehmford. 
Alford, Ernest Francis Rimino-toii, Weston-super-Mare. 
Alford, Herbert Thomas Marmaduke, W eston-snjyer-Mare. 
AH, Subhan, Agra. 

Allan, Alexander William, M.D. Brussels, Skegness, Lincolnshire. 
Allan, Edward Buller, M.D. Lond., Maldon, Victoria, Australia. 
Allan, Herbert William, Wells, Somerset. 
Allan, James Hugh Brodie, M.D. McGill, 3fontreal, Canada. 
Allen, Charles Percival, Gillingham. Dorset. 
Allen, Charles Wm., 40, Fortune Green-road, W. Hampstead. n.av. 
Allen, Frank James. M.D. Camb. 

Allen, James Lynn, M.B. Camb., Kelvedon Common, Brentwood. 
Allen, Lancelot Lloyd, North Paramatta, New South Wales. 
Allen, Richard Clayton, Rirersdale, Belper. 
Allen, S.ydney Chalmers, M.D. N.Z., Wellington, New Zealand. 
Allen, Thomas, Branksome, Bournemouth. 
Allen, Thomas Percival, Howard, Queensland. 
Allen, Vernon. Liss. 

Allen, Walter Hemy. Hurst-hill, Bilston. 
Allen, William Arthur, M.B. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Allen, William Herbert, M.B. Camb., Derbji. 
Allford, Ji-X. Geo. Lynwood, 29, Cornwallis-gardens, Hastings. 
Allfre}", Frederic Henry, M.B. Camb., Southwick, Sussex. 
AUin, Edgar William, M.D. Trin. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
AUin, Norman George, M.D. Toronto, 42, Fremantle-rd., Bristol 
Allingham, Harry Reginald, M.B. Lond., Reigate. 
Allinghnm, Waltei', Orsett, Grays. 
AUiott, Richard, Eamsgate. 

Allison, Godfrey Fredk. K\y, M.B. Lond., Peter sfield. 
Allott, John Ernest Cecil, York-road, Southend, Essex. 


1894 Allport, Alfred, 28a, Moorr/ate-street. e.g. 

1902 Allport, Evett Gordon, Port Esperance, Djve^; Tasmania. 

1872 Allport, John Philip. 

1899 Allport, Roland Harrison, High-road, Lonr/hfon, E^sex. 
1896 Allport, Wilfrid, M.B. Lond., /faiulsworfJi, BinningJiam. 
1893 Allworth, Alfred Leigh, Parliament ITonse, Feckkam. s.E. 
1890 Almas, William Edwin, 8, G nil ford-place, av.c. 

1902 Alment, Edward Wliyte, Abbot's Lanqleii, Hertford. 

190G Almond, George Ilely-Hutchinson, 27, Qneeii's-sqnare, Bath. 

1882 Alpin, William George Patrick, Abridge, Essex. 

1908 Alquire. Alexander Ross, M.D. McGill, Cormcall, Ontario, Canada. 

1884 Alsop. Clement, Naral Medical Serrice. 

1892 Alston, Hugh, M.D. Bru.ssels, West Kirb//, Cheshire. 

1896 Alston, John Averell, Union-street, Cape Town. 

1887 Althorp, Charles Predk, Manning, M.B. Lond., Bradford. 
1880 Alvares, Nicolas Santana, Colvalle, East Indies. 

1906 Amarasuriya, Charles, Dolosbnge, Ceylon. 

1905 Ambler, Francis Bnriow, M.B. Lend., United Province->, India. 

1902 Ambrose, Alfred Cole, Qny, Cambridge. 

1900 Ambrose, Alfred Parker, 27, South-side, Claphani Common, s.w. 

1897 Ambrose, George Patrick, 69, Q'leens-road, Dalston. n.e. 

1898 Ambrose, William Cole, Barnt Green, Worcester. 
1897 Amenabar, Julio Daniel, Valparaiso, Chili. 

1869 Amsden, George, M.B. Edinb., Essex County Asylum, Brentwood. 

1901 Amsden, Walter, Potters Bar. 

1902 Ampler, Albert Maurice, M.B. Lond., 39, High-street, Eton. 
1908 Anderson, Alexander Charles, 80, Christ Church-road, Tulse 

Hill. s.E. 

1901 Anderson, Arthur, M.B. Vict., Warrington. 

1900 Anderson, Arthur Ponsonby Moore, M.B. Camb., Woodstock, 
Cape Town. 

1902 Anderson, Cauklwell Hamilton, 53, Egan-street, Kaljoorlie, W. 


1903 Anderson, Charles Alexander, Sandwich, Kent. 

1908 Anderson, Charles Ernest, 19, Sj)encer-ro(ul, Chiswick. vr. 

1892 Anderson, Charles Macdonell, M.D. Edin., 1, Elm Park-gar- 
dens, s.w. 

1896 Anderson, Chas. Thompson, Caj^e Town, South Africa. 

1834 Anderson, Daniel Elie, 5, Harley-street. w. 

1889 Anderson, Ernest Chester, D.S.O., Royal Army Afedical Corps. 

1888 Anderson, George Reinhardt, 36, Hnghton-street., Southport. 

1899 Anderson, Harry Bertram, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
„ Anderson, Henry George Sidley, Bramhall, Cheshire. 

1885 Anderson, James, M.D. Toronto, Hamilton, Canada. 

1889 Anderson, James Robert, Charters Toivers, Queensland. 
1892 Anderson, John Buckle, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1896 Anderson, John Sewell, Willerhy, Hull. 

1902 Anderson, Kenneth, M.B. Lond., Bamrell, Somerset. 

1899 Anderson, Maurice Clare Bielefeld, Winfrith^ Dorset. 

1 890 Anderson, Richard Walker, Sydenham, Canterbury, New Zealand. 
1867 Anderson, Robert, Bury St. Edmunds. 


Anderson, Robert Grenville, Eoyal Anmj Medical Corps. 

Anderson, Wm. James, Flelston., Cornwall. 

Anderson, Wm. Maurice, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Anderson, William Monro, 14, Hanover-square, w. 

Anderton, Wm. Bniy, M.B. Lond., Didsbury, Manchester. 

Andre, James Edward Felix, Sidlesham, Chichester. 

Andreae, Harry, 479, Falham-road. s.w. 

Andrew, Alfred John, 7, Park-place, Cardiff. 

Andrew, Bennet tlarvey, M.D. Dnrh., Thame. 

Andrew, Edwyu Gaved, M.D. Brussels, St. AustelL 

Andrew, Francis William, 1, Bankside, Hendon. N.w. 

Andrew, George, M.D. Durh., 5, Montpelier-crescent, Brighton. 

Andrew, Henry, 29, East Soufhernhay, Exeter. 

Andrew, Philip Oswald, Nelson, New Zealand. 

Andrews, Alexander Gordon, Naval Medical Service. 

Andrews, Archibald George, Moss-lane East, Manchester. 

Andrews, Henry Arthur, Tonhridge. 

Andrews, James Alford, 2, Frognal-lane, Finchley-road. N.w. 

Andrews, Samuel, Basingstoke. 

Angear, Frederick Charles. 

Angior, Thomas Matthews, Standishgate, Wigan. 

Angus, Henry Brunton, M.B. Durh., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Anklesaria, Kekobad Cowasju, 6, Tavistock-place, Russell-square. 

Anklesaria, Manekjee Dhanjishaw, c/o 3Iessrs. Thomas Cook ^ 

Son, Ludgate Circns. E.c. 
Anley, Frederick Eustace, Naval Medical Service. 
Annacker, Ernest, M.D. Berlin, 342, Oxford-road, Manchester. 
Aunand, Wm. t'raser, M.D. Lond., 9, Lichfield-road, Stafford. 
Anning, George Paul, Kirkstall, Leeds. 
Anningson, YinvkeW, Abbey Park-road, Great Grimsby. 
Annis, Ernest George, Westcombe Park-road, Blackheaih. s.E. 
Anson, George Edward, M.D. Camb., Wellington, New Zealand. 
Ansorge, William John, 12, Addison-road, Bedford-park. w. 
Anstey-Chave, Thomas, M.B. Lond., Bute Docks, Cardiff. 
Anthonisz, Edward Grey, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Anthony, Frederic, Ramsbury, Hungerford. 
Apperly, Raymond Ebenezer, 20. St. George' s-road. Regent's 

Park. N.w. 
Appleford, Stephen Herbert, 17, Finsbury-circus. e.c. 
Applegate, John William, Dewsbury. 
Appletou, James Enderby, Poole-road, Bournemouth. 
Appleton, Roy, M.D. Vict., The Bar House, Beverley. 
Appleyard, Francis Edward, M.B. Camb., Salisbury, Rhodesia. 
Appleyard, James, 3, Clifton-villas, Bradford. 
Appleyard, William, M.B.Lond., 6't'/ie7-«Z Hospital, Wolverhamptov^ 
Arango, Miguel, M.D., Bogota, Barranquilla, Colombia. 
Arathoon, Hilary Charles, Naval Medical Service. 
Arbuthnot, Thomas Shaw, JNLD., Columbia, New York. 
Arch, Arthur James, Coventry. 

Archer, Herbert Ray, M.D. Lond., St. Heliers, Jersey. 
Archer, Samuel Arthur, Royal Army Medical Corps. 



1892 ' Archer, Stafford Lewis, 38, fli/l/ield-mad, Hampstead. n.w. 

Archibald, Richard James, 23, Crockerton-}-oad, Wandsworth 

Comvion. s.w. 
Argles, Ernest Edward, 74, Oxford-ierrace^ Ihjdi Park. av. 
Arg-yle, Stanley Seymour, M.B. Melb., Kew, Victoria, Australia. 
Ari's, Frederick Wm.,M.D. Mont., N^ew Works, Limtead, Jamaica. 
Arkle, Alexander Septimus, 24, liodneii -street, Liverpool. 
Arkle, James Vere, Kalgoorlie, W. Australia. 
Armer, Alfred, M.D. Lond., Tani/hriin, Barmouth. 
Armit, Henry William, Wembley, Middlesex. 
Armitage, Chai'les Ernest Augustus, 43, Nicoll-road, Harlesden. 


Armitage, Edward Harris, M.D. Durh., Hawaiian Islands. 

Armitage, Frank Rhodes, c/o H. M. King, Esq., Oundle, North- 

Armitage, John James, Salisbury. 

Armitage Richard, Ramsey, Hants. 

Armson, Charles James, Yoxall, Burton-on-Trent. 

Armstead, Hugh Wells. M.D. Lond., 30, Quecnsborough-terr. \y. 

Armstrong, Arthur Keith, 42, Dartmouth Park-road. N.w. 

Armstrong-, George Samuel. 

Armstrong, Harry Frederick William, Upper Richmond-roud. s.w. 

Armstrong, Hugh, Tamworlh, New South Wales. 

Armstrong, Walter Sej'mour, Burgess Hill, Sussex. 

Armstrong, Wilfrid Ernest Arbuthuot, Indian Medical Service. 

Armstrong-Dash, Charles James, M.B. Lond., Ottershaw, Surrey. 

Arnim, Henry Charles Leffler, Army Medical Service. 

Armson. Wm. Drewett, M.D. Durh., 2, Sari lie-place, Newcastle- 

Arnold, Ernest Charles, M.B. Durh., Forest-hill. s.e. 

Arnold, P'rederick Octavius, M.B. Camb., Westbourne, Hale, 

Arnold, Gilbert James, The Toicers, Torquay. 
•^Arnold -Wallinger, Robert Nasmyth, Writtle, Chelmsford. 

Arnott, Sandford, 146, Brixton-road. s.AV. 

Arnott, William, M.B. Loud., Beverley. 

Arnould, Loris Arthur, Igatpouri, India. 

Arthur, Francis, 417, Bethnal Green-road. E. 

Arthur, Joseph Hugh, M.D. Lond., 404, Commercial-road. e. 

Arthur, William, Government Emigration Service. 

Ascough, Matthew Thomas, Romiley, Stockport. 

Ash, Alfred Edwin, M.D. Vict., High-street, Iloniton. 

Ash, Berkeley Noel, 2, Parkhill-road, Hampstead. n.av. 

Ash, Edwin Lancelot, iVLB. Loud., 30, Harley-street. av. 

Ash, Percy Roberts, 73, Wright-street, Hull. 

Ashby, Edgar, 58, Boutham. York. 

Ashby, Thomas Harry, M.B. Toronto. 

Ashdowue, Wallace Chas. George, 39, Devonshire-street, w. 

Ashe, Frank, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

* Fonnerly Wallinger, Robert Nasmyth Arnold. 


Aslie, William Percy, M.D. Durh., 17, Alexander-square, s.w. 

Ashford, Claude Heury, 5, Lansdowne-place, Plymouth. 

Ashford, Wm., Topsham, Devon. 

Ashley, Herbert Ernest, Stratford, Essex. 

Ashley, Martin, M.6. Lond., Weston-super-Mare. 

Ashley, Sydney Dukes. 134, Brixton-hill. s.w. 
'^Ashmore-Xoakes. Saml. Silverthorne, M.D. Wash.,iV/ce, France. 

Ashton, Georg-e, M.D. Vict., Fallowfield, Manchester. 

Ashton, John Hilton, Duke-street^ Southport, Lanes. 

Ashton, Joseph, M.D. Lond., St. John's-hilt, Battersea. s.av. 

Ash win, Richard Hamilton, M.D. hond., Market Weirjhton, Forks. 

AshAvorth, John Walhvork, Heaton Moor., Stockport. 

Ashworth, Percy, M.D. Loud., 26, Albert-road, Southport. 

Askham, Hugh Lowrie, Dovercourt, Essex. 

Aslett, William Stacey, 296, Clarendon-park-road, Leicester. 

Aspinwall, John Pullertou, Marsden, Huddersjield. 

Aspland, AYm. Harold Graham, M.D. Toronto, »S'»<^2?i<o?i, Notting- 

Astbury, Thomas, Market Bosivorth, Leicestershire. 

Aston, Richard Henry, Ashford., Middlesex. 

Atal, Pundit Piaraylal, Indian Medical Service. 

Atcherley, John, N. Kona, Hawaii. 

Atchley, Edward Godfrey Cuthbert Frederic, TyndalVs-pk., Bristol. 

Atkey, Oliver Francis Haynes, M.B. Lond., Wimbledon, s.av. 

Atkey, Percy James, Southampton. 

Atkin, Charles, Endcliffe Croft, Sheffield. 

Atkius, Charles Alfred, Eoi/al Army Medical Service. 

Atkins, Frank Robert Lowth, Abele Grove, Epsom, Surrey. 

Atkins, Fredk. Durnford, M.B. Durh., Love, Sheffield. 

Atkins, George Ernest, Wombwell, Barnsley. 

Atkins, John, M.B. Lond., o9. Addison-garaens. ^x. 

Atkius, John Francis, M.B. Birm., Handsworth, Birmingham. 

Atkinson, Arthur Edward, Mombasa, Uganda, E. Africa. 

Atkinson, Arthur Georg-e, 27, Lunham-road, Upper Norwood. s.E. 

Atkinson, Charles Mason. Ashford. Kent. 

Atkinson, Edward Leicester, Naval Medical Service. 

Atkinson, Francis Edward, Settle, Yorkshire. 

Atkinson, Frederick Holg-ate, M.D. Lond., Grimsby. 

Atkinson, George James Smith, Infirmary, New Cross, Wolver- 

Atkinson, George Louis, Hampton-hill, Middlesex. 

Atkinson. Henry Lawrence, Kirkstatl, Leeds. 

Atkinson,Hugh Xor man Crowley, J. wc^/antZ-rcZ., Up).Norwood. s.E. 

Atkinson, Jackson Arthur, Knaresborough. 

Atkinson, John Parkinson, Lynton, Devonshire. 

Atkinson, John Parkinson, M.D. Glasg., Saffron Walden. 

Atkinson, Samuel Ernest, Osgathorpe, Loughborough. 

Atkinson, Stanley Bean, M.B. Lond., Cawley-road, Hackney, e. 

Attenborough, Wilfrid Godwin, M.B. Lond., Strawberry-hill. 

* Formerly Noakes, Samuel Silverthorne. 

G 2 


Atthill, Frank, Great BeiHleij, Colchester. 

Attlee, Cecil Knig-ht, 153, Jieeclwroft-road, Upper Tooting. s."\v. 

Attlee, John, M.D. Camb., 65, Grosvenor-slreet. \v. 

Attlee, Wilfrid Henry Waller, M.D. Camb., IIu//i-street, Eton. 

Attwoofl, Richard Dentin, Bar/ei/, Houston, Herts. 

Aubin, Emile Dupont, M.B. Lond., Ponsonhy-rd., Aucklainl, N.Z. 

Aubrey, Geo. Ernest, M.D. Lond., Hong Kong, China. 

Aubrey, Harold, Perce vail, 40, Curzon-street, Arai/fair. w, 

Aubrey, Sydney Ernest, The Bei-ea, Durban. Natal. 

Aubrey, Thomas, M.B. Lend., Bitton, Bristol. 

Audland, William, Wellingborovgh. 

Austen, Harold William Colmer, M.D. Lond., 129, Harley-st. w. 

Austen, Thomas, Naval Medical Service. 

Austin, Elfred Chalmers, Brovgldon, Astley, Rugby. 

Austin, Herbert Ward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Austin, James Herbert, Toronto. Ontario, Canada. 

Austin, John Staines, M.B. Birra., 63, Church-road, Mcseley, 

Austin, Lorimer John, M.B. Camb., 5, Worcester-villas, Clifton, 

Austin, Neville Henry, Ling field, Surrey. 

Austin, Reginald Francis Edmuntl, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Auty, Charles ILirley, 47, Chvrch-road^ Willesden. N.w. 
Aveline, Henry Talbot Sidney, M.D. Durh., Asylum, Cotford, 

Aveling, Charles James, 88, Clapton-common, n.e. 
Aveling-, Leslie Baldwin, M.B. Camb., Park Lane House, 

Roy ton. Lanes. 
Avery. John, 54, Fitz George-avenue, Kensington, "w. 
Avery, John Stanley, M.B. Ijond.., Priory-road, Clifton, Bristol. 
'Avery, Leonard Avery, 15, Chesterfield-street. w. 
Aviss, William George, Army Medical Service. 
Awdry, Arthur John, Berkeley, Gloucestershire. 
Axford, Sidney Bertram, Te Aroha, New Zealand. 
Aylen, Ernest Vaughan, Royal Army Medical Corjjs. 
Aylen, John, Halesworth, Suffolk. 
Aylward, Edward Bailey, IJaretcood, Leeds. 
Aylward, Walter Charles, Tunbridge Well's. 
Aymard, John Law, Pilgrim's Rest, Transvaal. 
Ayre, Frederick John, 219, A^e;t" King's-road, parsons Green, s.w. 
Baber, Edward Creswell, M.B. Lond., 62, Bj-oo'r-street. w. 
Babington, Stanley Noel, Taichow, Ningpo, Mid-China. 
Bacha, Ardeshir Pestonji, 1 6, Trebovir-road, Earfs Court, s.w. 
Back, Ivor Gordon, M.B. Camb., 14, Clarges-street. av. 
Backhouse, Charles Fenwick, aS'^. Ives, Cornwall. 
Bacon, Robert Alfred Edward, Bif.teme Park, Southampton. 
Bacot, William George, M.D. St. Andr., Marlboro -road, 

Bacque, William Jules, Batli. 

* Formerly Q-rimes, Leonard Averj. 


Badcock, Austin Lewis, M.B. Lond., 10, Bucki))r/ham-pl., Bright07i. 

Badcock, Charles Halford, 148, Croxted-road, Duhcich. s.e. 

Badcock, Ernest Reg-inald, 55, West-hill, Wandsworth, w. 

Badcock, Henry John Francis, Gillingham, Kent. 

Badcock, John Henry, 140, Ilnrl en-street, av. 

Badger, Arthur Roscoe, Berksivcll, Warwickshire. 

Badgerow, George Washington, M.B. Toronto, 64, Broolc-st. "vv. 

Badham, Robert Charles, Mosmans Baij, New South Wales. 

Bagnall, Sanuiel Freeman. 

Bagshawe, Arthur VVm. Garrard, M.B. Camb., Shirland, North- 

ivood, Middlcseo:. 
Bagshawe, Herbert Vale, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 
Bahadurji, Jamslied Nassarvanji, 20, Upper Bedford-place, w.c. 
Balir, Philip Heinrich, Perrysfield, Oxted, Surrey. 
Bailey, Bernard Edwai'd Granville, Midhiirst. 
Bailey, Charles Henry Farley, Bedford. 

Bailey, George Fredk. Selborue, 'SLB.Gamh., Langley-rd., Watford. 
Bailey, James Connor Maxwell, M.B. Lond., 49, Alleyn Park. s.e. 
Baile}^ Francis William, 51, Grove-street, Liverpool. 
Bailey, Henry, Horsforth. 
Bailej", Lionel Danyers, Chiddingfold, Surrey. 
Bailey, Matthias, Tue Brook, Liverpool. 
Bailey, Reginald Throlfall, 51, Grove-street, Liverpool. 
Baile}^ Robert Cozens, M.B. Lond., Spanish-place Mansion, w. 
Bailey, Robert Greenoak, 1 8, John-street, Bedford-row. av.c. 
Baile}", Thomas William, High-street, Orpington, Kent. 
Baile}', William Arthur, Eccleston-park, St. Helens. 
Baillfe, James Hamilton Hall, M.B. X.Z., Wellington, New 

Baillie, Robert Alexander, 9, Lordship-park, Stoke Newington. x. 
Bain, Edward Walter, M.B. Lond., 40, Devonshire-street, w. 
Bain, AVilliam, M B. Loml.. 10, Russell-square, w.c. 
Haines, Allen Mackenzie, M.B.Toronto, Toronto, Canada, 
Baines. Joseph Charles, Malvern. 

Baird, James Joseph AYilliam, 31, Akerman-road, jS\ Brixton, s.w. 
Baird, Roy Fearon, Indian Medical Service. 
Baiss, Llewelyn Arnold, Naval Medical Service. 
Baker, Albert de Winter, 6, Holmhush-road. s.w. 
Baker, Alfred Eaton, M.B. Lond., Hastings. 
Baker, Arthur de Chair, Haling Park-road, Croydon. 
Baker, Arthur Ernest, 44, Brook-street. \x. 
Baker, Charles Ernest, M.B. Camb., 5, Gledhoic-gardens. s.w. 
l^aker,Clement John, Entebbe. Uganda. 

Baker, Dodington George Richard Sherston, Indian Med. Service. 
Baker, P'rederic Charles Joseph, North ^Folton, N. Devon. 
Baker, Frederick Relland, 11, Albert-road, Brighton. 
Baker, Gerald Rumsey, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. 
Baker, Harold Ramsey Popham, Shaldon, Teigmnouth. 
Baker, Harry Cecil, De Aar, Cape Colony. 
Baker, Herbert Stainer, Rushden, Northants. 
Baker, John Charles, M.B. Lond., Aylesbury. 


Baker, John Ileiiry. 

Baker, Montagu Wilfred, 75, Victoria-street, s.w. 

Baker, Walter Robert, Edginswell, 'furquay. 

Baker, Wildman Edward, Patneij Bridfje-rocul, Pulnei/. s.w. 

Baker, William Ileury, 65, Eaton Rise, Ealing, w. 

Baker, William James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Baker, William Langwortliy, 148, Briygate, Leeds. 

Baker, William Lincoln, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Bakewell, Robert Turle, M.B. Loud., 4, Cavendisli-place. w. 

Bakhle, Cliintaman Ramchaudea, Indian Medical Service. 

Baldeiston, Robert, M.B. Lend., 17, Westbourne-road, Foreft- 

hill. s.E. 
Baldock, Edward Henry, Herejord. 
Baldwin, Aslett, G, Manchester-square, w. 
Baldwin, Edgar, 218, Yorkshire-street, Rochdale. 
Baldwin, Francis John Augustus, BatJunst, Gambia, W. Africa. 
Baldwin, Gerald Robert, Melbourne, Victoria., Australia. 
Baldwin, Henry Clifford, Lochwood. Hnddersfield. 
Baldwin, Thomas Paul, M.B. Lond., Prescot-roud, St. Helens. 
Bale, William Barker, Shaw Heath, Stockport. 
Balean, Hermann, M.B. Loud., 4. Hong Kong-road, Shanghai. 
Ball, Alfred, M.B. Lond., 2o, Woodland-gardens, Mtiswell-hill. N. 
Ball, Charles Rowan Hamilton, Hunstanton, Norfolk. 
Ball, Francis James, M.D. Trin. Univ., Toronto, Regina, Canada. 
Ball, Malcolm Edward, West Court, Lewisham Hill. s.E. 
Ball, William Girling, 11, Welbeck-street. w. 
Ballance, Charles Alfred, M.B. Lond., 106, Barley -street, w. 
Ballance, Hamilton Ashley, M.D. Lond., Norivich. 
Ballance, Herbert Stanley, M.D, Lond., Weston-snjnr-Mare. 
Ballance. John Des Carrieres. 38, Hagley-road, Birmingiiam. 
Ballard, Philip, Smarden, Staplehurst. 
Ballard, Robert, Milverton, Market Harborovgh. 
Ballingall, George Anderson, ALD. Brussels, St. Leonards. 
Balme, Harold, 2\ii Yuan Fu, Shansi, N. China. 
Balthasar, Ewald, County Asylum, Tooting, s.w. 
Baly, Arthur Lioi.'el, 1, Cleve-road, West Hampslead. x.w. 
Baly, Charles Francis Peyton, 152, Harley-street. av. 
Bamber, Charles James, Indian Medical Service. 
Bamber, W^illiam Edward, M.B. Vict., Wentworlh-street, Bolton. 
Bamfield, Harold John Kinahan, Indian Medical Service. 
Bamford, Charles Robert, St. Mary's Mount, Uttoxeter. 
Bamford, Th(^mas, Uttoxeter. 

Banatvala, Hormasjee Edaljee, Indian Medical Service. 
*Banda, Kobbekaduwe Tikiri, Kandii, Ceyhm. 
Bauerji, Umadas, Raipid, Central Provinces, India. 
Banham, Cecil Walter Ramsay, Denby Dale, Hi alder sfield. 
Banham, Sidne}- Marshall, M.B. Lond., Ellesmere, Uxbridge-rd. w. 
Banham, William Wilfred, Cemetery-road, Sheffield. 
Baakart, Arthur Sj'dney Blundeil, Guys Hospital. s.E. 

* Formerly Kobbekaduwa, Tikiri Banda. 



1904 Bankes, John Herbert, 11, Cranley -place, South Kensington. 





Bankes-Price, Hugh, Dole, Lampeter, S. Wales. 

Bankes-Price, Sydney Herbert, Stroud Green, n. 

Banks, Alfred, Brifjhton-street. Seacombe. 

Bannerman, Georo^e Dong-las King-, High Wycomhe. 

Bannerman, "Walter Big-.i^-ar, High Wucombe. 

Bannister, Marmaduke. M.B. Lond.. Preston Xew-rcL, Blackhvrn. 

Banting, Cecil, M.B. Lond., West Hill, Putneg. s.w. 

Barber, Alec. M.B. Lond., Whetstone, n. 

Barber, Charles Harri.^on, Indian Medical Service. 

Barber, Frederic Samuel, Streatham. s.Ar. 

Barber, George Thomas Cong-reve, Coventrg-road. Birmingham. 

Barber, Georg-e Walter, Kalgoorlie, W. Anstralia. 

Barber, Halford Vaug-han, The Homestead, Neic Barnet 

Earlier, Ilenrj', M.D. St. Andr., Ashbg-de-la-Zouche. 

Barber, Hug-h, ^LD. Lond., 45, Friar-gate, Derbg. 

Barber, John ^Vatson, Ikleston, Berbgshire. 

Barber, Maurice Charles, Staple Hill, Bristol. 

Barber, Percival Ellison, 3, Ctarh house-road, Sheffield. 

Barber, Sidney Frederick, 11, St. Bai-nabas-road, Sheffield. 

Barberi, Jose Ignacio. 

Barclay, Alfred Ernest, Kersal, Manchester. 

Barclay, Herbert Clifford, Wainiate, New Zealand. 

Bardsley, Henry, Hau-thorne-road, Moreton, Birkenhead. 

Barendt, Frank Hugh, M.D. Lond., 65, Rod neg -street, Liverpool. 

Barford, Arthur Morton, M.D. Brussels, Chichester. 

Barford. James Leslie, Naval Medical Service. 

Barford, Percy Crompe. M.B. Lond., Selseg, Chichester. 

Barham, Guy Foster. M.B. Camb.,, Epsom. 

Barham, Percy Cornelius, 31, The Grove, E. Duhcich. s.e. 

Baria, Dinsha Darasha, 24, Kildare-terrace, Bai/swater. N. 

Bark, Ernest Gilbert, M.B. Lond., Seabank-road, Liscard. 

Bark, Ernest Onesimus, Handsworth, Birmingham. 

Barkas, \Yilliam James, Paddington, New South Wales. 

Barker, Alleyne Hayward, Wantage. 

Barker, Chesman, M.B. Lond., Church End, Finchleg. n. 

Barker, Ernest Marriott, M.B. Camb., St. Leonards. 

Barker, Frederic, M.B. Lond., Barnton. Nortliwich, Cheshire. 

Barker, George Henry, M.D. Lond., 124, Redland-road, Bristol. 

Barker, George Lajxock, Gold Coast Colony. 

Barker, Henry Lewis, 172, Blomfield-terrace. Paddington. w. 

Barker, Horace Jc>hn Maurice Drummond Sale, 16, Tite-streef, 
Chelsea, s.w. 

Barker, John Collier, Watford. 

Barker, John Hamer, 330, Chorleg Old-road, Bolton. 

Barker, Percy Duckworth, Bexhill-on-Sea. 

Barker, Toft, Whiteley Cross, Reading. 

Barker, "Wm. James Townsend, 304, Wandsworth Bridge- 
road. S.AV. 

Barker, William Lewiugton, 22, Cheyne-row, Chelsea, s.w. 


188G Barkwortli, Henry Smith, M.D. Brussels, Junior AthencBum Club, 

. Piccadilly, w. 

1901 ! Barlet, Jelian Meredith, 99, ShafU'shury -avenue, av. 

1887 Barling", Arthiu* Stanley, Queen-square^ Lancaster. 

1903 Barlino-, Seymour Gilbert,M.B.Lon(l., SI, 7i<://»?/??(:?-s^,5jVwm/jr/ia«j. 

1887 I Barlow, Charles, Heath Town., Wolverhampton. 

1890 Barlow, (Jeorg'e, Lytham, Lancashire. 

1891 Barlow, Henry Goodeve, Ml ., Jamaica-road. s.K. 

1898 Barlow, Herbert Cecil, M.B. Lond., Somersham, St. Ires, Hunts. 

„ Barlow, Herbert Wm. Leyland, M.D. Oxf., Urmston, Manchester. 

1896 Barlow, Thomas Wm. Naylor, Kgrevwnt, Cheshire. 

1873 ; Barnard, Charles Edward, M.D. Aberd., Sunlury, Victoria, 

1 Australia. 

188C Barnard, Walter BurroAVS, 77, Z7/j;)^/- 7?z'c/jHionrf-?*oarZ, pM^Hey. s.w. 

1894 I Barnes, Arthur, Charinf/ Cross Hospital, w.c. 

1905 I Barnes, Ernest Charles Edward, 207, Gi^een- street, Fm-est-qate. e. 
1907 I Barnes, Ernest Charles Page, Fern Bank, Lyncombe-hill, Bath. 
1898 Barnes, Frank, M.B, Lond., Kdnmnd-street, Birmingham. 

1904 Barnes, Fredeiick, Sharrow, Sheffield. 

1901 Barnes, George, 4, Wolverton-gardens, Hammersmith-road. vr. 

1906 Barnes, George Charles, Dunloe, Hoylake, Birkenhead. 

1903 Barnes, Henry Edgar, M.D. Lond., Eye, Suffolk. 

1892 Barnes, Herbert Cooper, M.D. Durh., Petworth. 

1898 Barnes, John Alfred, 25, Buckleshnry. e.c. 

1899 Barnes, John Arthur Percival, 802, High-road, Tottenham. N. 
,, Barnes, Joseph Saudert, Silrergate, Carnjorih. 

1891 Barnes, Leonard Stewart, Welwyn. 

1901 Barnett, Bertram Leeds Thomas, M.B. Carab., 114, Queen 

Victoria- street, e.g. 

1907 Barnett, Ernest Cuthbert, Taihopc, N. Island, New Zealand. 

1888 Barnett, Horatio, I\LD. Camb., Church Stretton, Salop. 

„ Barnett, John Edward Sewell, Qneen's-road, Kinc'ston-hill. 

1889 Barnett. fiouis Edward, M.B. Edin., Dunedin, New Zealand. 

1902 Barnicot, Joseph, M.D. Camb., 40, Queen-street, Hitchin. 
1881 Barns, John Gay, IVheatley, Oxford. 

1905 Baron, Alfred Edward, Asylum, Winterton, Ferry Hill. 
1888 Baron, Horatio Nelson, Orford, Wickham 31arket. 

1887 Barr, Horace Carlos, Wentworth., Rotherham. 

1888 Barr John Coleman, 47, Church-street, Maiylehone. N.w. 
1894 Barr, Valentine Herbert, Nelson, New Zealand. 

1865 Barraclough, Kobt. Wooding Sutton, M.D. Brussels, 4, Park- 

jJace, St. dames', s.w. 

1905 Barradell-Siiiith, Sydney, Lowestoft. 

1881 Barralt, Herbert James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1887 Barret, Edward Ernest, M.D. Paris, 12, Avenue de la Grande 

Arme'e, Paris. 

1891 Barrett, Alfred Keppel, 5, Bedford-gardens, Kensington, w. 

1 899 Barrett, Edmund Howard, M.B. Durh., 258, Gloucester-terrace, w. 

1886 Barrett, Ernest, Market Deeping. 

1897 I Barrett, Frederick Walter, 7, Cavendish-jylace. w. 

1904 I Barrett, Henry Edward, 6, Darnley-road, Holland-jxirk. w. 


Barrett, James Wilkie Collingwood, Rhondda VcdUii. 

Barrett, John James, M.D. St. Audr., Uamsden-rd., Bcdham. s.w. 

BaiTett, Robert Ilasby, Wisbech. 

Barrett, Sidney Edward, M.B. Camb., Tillingham, Soidhminster. 

Barrett, Walter Russell, 41, Barley-street. \f. 

Barrett, Wm. Amherst Henry, Portarlington, Victoria, Australia. 

Barrick, Eli James, M.D. Vict. Coll., Canada, Toronto. 

Barriog-ton, Fredk. James Fitzmaurice, M.B. Lend., Stjuaffhani. 

Barring-ton, Nicholas William, M.D. Dubl., 97, «S7. George's-rd. s.w. 

Barrionuevo, Jose Maria, San Jose, Costa Rica. 

Barris, John Davis, Albury, Putney-hill. s.av. 

Bairitt, Gilbert Lacy, Spalding. 

Barritt, John Thomas, 68(), Oldham-road, Manchester. 

Barron, Henry Thompson, M.D. Lond.,282, Balham High-rd. 

Barron, Herbert Georg-e, 24, Ilogldon-street, Southport. 

Barron, Richard Dunlop, Wellington, N. Zealand. 

Barron, Robert Macpherson, Indian Medical Service. 

Barron, Thomas Ashby, Spoiidon, Derbyshire. 

Barron, Thomas Walter, M.B. Camb. 

Barron, Willie Netterville, Ascot. 

Barrow, Georg'e Augustus, Cheetham-hill, Manchester. 

Barrow, Harold Percy Waller, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

BaiTOW, Wm. Dodg'son, M.B. Edinb., Dalton-square, Lancaster. 

Barry, Cecil Charles Stuart, Indian Medical Service. 

Barry, James William, 5, Lauderdale-road, Maida Vale. w. 

Barry, Thomas St. John, 33, Derby-lane, Liverpool. 

Bartholomew, Ernest Urquhart, Tenison Rouse, I^eicester- 

square. w.c. 
Bartlett, Basil Sorley, Royal Army Medical Corjys. 
Bartlett, Chai'les Eastt}', 2, Denmark-terrace, Brighton. 
Bartlett, Edward Leslie, General Dispensary, Lincoln. 
Bartlett, Ernest John Reeve, Ipswich. 
Bartlett, Felix Paul, Ottery St. Mary. 
Bartlett, Frank Whinfield, Ronisey. 
Bartlett, Georg-e Bertram, London Hospital, e. 
Bartlett, George Norton, M.B. Lond., Bexley. 
Bartlett, Hedle}^ Coward, Saffron Walden. 
Bartlett, Hemy, M.D. Aberd., 150, Norwood-road. s.e. 
Bartlett, Lionel Jasper, Wardington, Banbury. 
Bartlett, Ralph Clarke, Romsey. 

Barton, Bertram Henry, M.B. Lond.. Suttton, Surrey. 
Barton, Charles Nathaniel, 17, Redcliff'e-gdns., S. Kensington, w. 
Barton, Edwin Alfred, 56, Kensington-court, Kensington, w. 
Barton, Edwin William, M.D. Brussels, Authorpe, Louth. 
Barton, Eustace Robert, Cintra, Portugal. 
Barton, Francis, 30, Sea Bank-road. Liscard, Cheshire. 
Barton, Francis Alexarider, Beckenham. 
Barton, Frederic William, 216, Stockwell-road. s.w. 
Barton,Georg'e Alexander Ileaton, 15, Talbot-road. w. 
Barton, Guy Douglas, M.B. Camb., Norwood Lodge, Weybridge. 
Barton, John, 410, Audley Range, Blackburn. 



1896 Baitou, Perc^' Frederic, Lingjield-road, Wimbledon . s.av. 
1881 Barton, William Edwin, M.D.Diirh., Amble Jlouse^Strcaiham. s.w. 
1900 Barwell, Francis Reinagle, MiUlenhall, Siiphl/c. 

1899 Barwcll, Harold Sliuttleworth, M.B. Lend., 55, Wimpole-st. w. 

1907 j Barwick, llichard fjaviii<rton, Yeadon^ Leeds. 

1885 I Bascom, Horace, M.B. Toronto, Uxbridtje, Ontario, Ccuiada. 

1898 Bascombe, Edwin Cecil Dare, G, Hertford-street, w. 
1895 , Basden, Harold Stevens, Crowborongh, Sussex. 

1893 I Bashall, Charles Edward, Byjleet, Surrei/. 

190-1- I Bashford, Henry Ho\varth,'M.D. Lond.', G.P.O., St. Martin s-le- 

Grand. K,c. 
1891 Biiskett, JJertram George Mortimer, M.D. Oxf., ILiltnv, Leeds. 

1899 Bassano, Harold Frederic, M.]}. Camb., Ventnor. 
1885 I liasset, Walter, Stoic-Iiill. Newport, Motimouthshire. 
1883 I Bassett-Smith, I'ei'cy WWWv^m., Naval Medical Sercive. 

1900 Bastian, AVilliam, Naval Medical Service. 
1887 ; Batclielor, Charles, Staines. 

1894 Batchelor, Ernest Hall, Bridlington. 

1897 I Batchelor, Ferdinand Stanley, Duned'tn, New Zealand. 

1876 Batchelor, Henry Thomas, Queen's Toicn, Cape of Good Hope. 

1889 [ Bate, Richard Francis, Naval Medical Service. 

1870 Bately, John, M.D. Durham, Gorleston, Great Yarmouth. 

1900 Bateman, Herbert Raymond, Roijal Arm;j Medical Corps. 

1883 Bateman, Hinton Ernest, 48, Mickelgate., York. 

1894 I Bateman, Robert Watering', ('orner Cottage, Eastbourne. 

1898 Bates, Georg-e Llewell^'n, GO, Harleij-strcet. av. 

1879 Bates, Henry Leslie, St. Albans. 

1891 Bates, James Curling-, 5, Church-road. Upper Norwood. s.E. 

1904 Bates, Joah Edward Lionel, Central Hill, Norwood. s.E. 

1894 Bates, John Edwin, M.B. Camb., i/?».7AV(Z-?-o«(Z, Wimbledon, s.w. 

1889 Bates, Stephen Henry, M.D. Lond., 11, Arcliwaij-road. x. 
1898 Bates, Thomas Wright, Derby-road, Bootle, TJverpool. 
1904 Bates, Tom, ^LB. Lond., Worcester. 

1880 Bathe, Anthonj^ John, 8, Hanover- buildings, SouthamjJton. 
1904 Bathurst, Lacey, M.B. Lond., Burleij, Leeda. 

1885 Bathurst, Lancelot, Ellesmere. 

1893 I Bathurst, Lullnm Wood, M.D. Lond., 15, Inverness-terrace, w. 

1890 I Batley, Albert Brook, Christchurch, Hants. 
1879 Batson, William Lasceiles, Dorking. 

1904 Batten, Herliert Ernest, Sick Asylum, Cleveland-street, w. 

1898 Battersby, James, Parkhead Cross, Glasgow. 

„ Batteson, Carol Luther, 9, Colder sham-villas, W, Ealing, w. 
1900 Battiscombe, Eric George, Bridgwater. 
1903 j Battle, Charles John, Benoni. Transvaal. 

1894 I Battle, Edward Wharmby, Coleford, Gloucester. 

1897 Battye, Walter Rothney, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1899 I Bawtree, Frank. Maldon, Essex. 

1908 I Baxter, Charles \^oi\jex'\\\,^S\.V>.¥-.^\\\h.,HohiweUHouse, Shrewsbury. 

1900 I Baxter, Charles Thomas, Naval Medical Service. 

1895 Baxter, Stephen Edward, Wollaston, Wellingborough. 
1894 Bayfield, John Blytb, ,S'oM<^6o?-o?/<7/j, TwM&n'd«7e Wells. 



Baylej', Eric, M.D. Lond., 36, City-road x. 

Bayley, Joseph Herbert, St. Andrew's Hospital, Xorthampton. 

Bajlis, Henry, M.B, Birm., Long Eaton, Derbi/sliire. 

Baylis, Henry Edward Montgomery, M.B. Durh., Maidenhead. 

Bayliss, Richard Arthur, Bath. 

Bayly, Hug-h Wausey, 64, Brook-street. \\. 

Bazalg-ette, Sidney, Fishponds Asylum, Bristol. 

Bazett, Henry, Jesmond, Sunningjields-road, Ilendon. N.w. 

Beach, Henry WiUiara, Great Yarmouth. 

Beach, Thomas Boswell, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Beachcroft, Francis Seward, Petworth. 

Beadel, Algernon James, 33, Church-road, St. Leonards. 

Beadles, Arthur Harry, 38, Si/verdale, Sydenham, s.e. 

Beadles, Cecil Fowler, 1, Western-villas, New Sonthgatc. N. 

Beadles, Harold Shatford, 234, Barking-road. e. 

Beadles, Hubert. 

Beadles, Hugli Stanley, 61, London-road, Forest Hill. s.r.. 

Beadnell. Charles Marsh, Naval Medical Service. 

Beadnell, Herbert Owen Marsh, lioyal Army Medical Corps. 

Beale, Hanway Richard, M.D. Loud., East Retford. 

Beale, John Foster, Brierley -house., Sidcup, Kent. 

Beale, Peyton Todd Bowman, 6, Bentinck-street. w. 

Beale, Stanley James Annear, 82, Hedsor-bldngs., Shoreditch. v.k. 

Beale-Bro wne,Tliomas Richard.^ .'i»//«'?i,i>e?-»7/iroof/.iVo?-^/jrt'"^:'^OH. 

Beales, Thomas William Lewis, Martham, Great Yarmoulh. 

Beaman, Winfred Kelsey, Royal A nny Medical Corps. 

Bean, Algernon Carter, Naval Medical Service. 

Bean, Charles Edward, 19, Lockyer-street, Plymouth. 

Bean, John Willoughby Butler, Brentwood, Essex. 

Bean, Louis Constantine, 18, Falcon-road, Batfersea. s.w. 

Beane. Robert Leonard, Long Eaton, Derbyshire. 

Bearblock, Peter Esdaile, Oakamoor, Staffordshire. 

Bearblock, Walter James, Naval Medical Service. 

Beard, Joseph. 65, Spencer-street, Carlisle. 

Beardmore, George Russell, 326. Upper-street, Islington, n. 

Beards, Clifford, London Fever Hospital, Islington, x. 

Beards, Ernest Jonathnn, 428, Moseley-road, Birmingliam. 

Beath, David Leslie, Bath. 

Beaton, Edwin, Sheemess. 

Beattie, Henry, Banbury. 

Beattie, James Martin, University, Sheffield. 

Beatty, Henry Albert, 2'oronto. Canada. 

Beauchamp, Sydney, M.B. Camb., 8, William-st., Lowndes-square. 

Beaumont, Arthur Reginald, St. Mary's Hospital, ^v. 
Beaumont, Edgar, M..1). Durh., 30, Gipsy-hill, Norwood, s.e. 
Beaumont, Noel Charles, Port ^foresby, British New Guinea. 
Beaver, Robert Attwood, M.D. Vict., Clifton, Bristol. 
Beavis, John Douglas Wilson, Dibru Ghar, Assam. 
Beazley, Tom Wiiliam, M.B. Birm., City Hospital, Birmingham. 
Bebb, Richard, Silver- street, Upper Edmonton. N. 


1906 [ Beck, William, 20, Fremantle-square^ Gotham, Bristol. 

1889 } Becker, Jonathan Ernest. An<^.s. Geor<i;'e. Edin., Colchester. 
1904 I Beckett, Hugh (Jeorge William, Whitchurch. 

1892 ; Beckett, James Clay, Leigh, Lancashire. 

1897 ; Beckton, William, LuzingJtall, ]>ra({ford. 

1898 Beddard, William Oliver, I, Kiclimond Bridge-mans., Ihoiclcenham. 

1893 I Beddoe, David Morgan, Sharia cl Manakh, Cairo. 

1907 ; Beddow, Harold Jos^iah, 95, Clifton-road, Bughij. 

1893 Beddy, Thomas Alf red, .7a^(??-.?/b«teH, Orange River Colony, Africa. 

1900 I Bedford, Douglas James, Kegicorth, Derby. 
1873 I Bedford, Robert, Marlborough, New Zealand. 

1893 I Bedford, Robert Thomas, 514, Fulham Palace-road. s.av. 

1906 ; Beeley, Arthur, 14, Park-Avenue, Keighley. 

1890 I Beesley, Albert James, Baschurch, Shreivsbury. 

1896 Beesley, Robert William, M.D. Edinb,, 135, Deane-road., Bolton. 

1901 j Beet, William Ashley, Beaudesert, Brisbane., Queensland. 

1900 Beetham. Herbert Arthur, 64, Harehills-road, Tweeds. 

1891 Begbie, Francis Warburton, Royal Army Medical Corp.". 

1896 Behramjee, Dinshah Bnrjorjee, 12, Sinclair-road. Kensington, w. 

1897 Beit, Francis Victor Owen, M.B, Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
1895 Bekeun, George Henry Ernest, 30, Bath-roic, Birmingham. 

1901 Bekenn, Justin James, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
1893 Belben, Frank. ALB. Camb., Bournemouth. 

1 895 Belcher, George Clement, M.B. Birm., 80, Dale End, Birmingham. 

1888 Belcher, Henry Edward, West Bridgford, Nottingham. 

1895 Belcher, James Arthur, M.D. Lond., 1, Beckuith-road, Heme 

Hill. s.E. 

1864 Belcher, Joseph Silverthorue, M.D. St. Audr. 

1888 Belding, Davy Turnei', East Dereham. 

1899 Beley, George, Ecdeshall L}firmary, Sheffield. 

1898 Belfrage, Sydney Henning, M.D. Lond., 11 , Gloucester-place, w. 
„ Belilios, David Aaron, 109, Queen's -road, Wimbledon, s.w. 

1891 Bell, Arthur Sydney Gordon, Naval Medical Service. 

1902 Bell, Charles Cameron, Neio South Wales. 

„ Bell, Edward Augustine, M.B. Lond., New Brighton^ Cheshire. 

1888 Bell, Edward Stock, Bermondsey, Infirmary, Botherhithe. s.E. 
,, Bell. Frederick, 17, Winckley-square, Preston. 

1889 Bell, George Alexander Stuart, Naval Medical Service. 
1886 Bell, Georg-e Craigie, Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. 

1890 Bell, George Lawaluk, M.B. Melb., Melbourne, A usfralia. 

1896 Bell, Hugh Thomas Symes, Mururllumbah, New South Wales. 

1892 !:ie]l, James Adamson, Gloucester. 
1884 Bell, James Francis. 

1861 Bell, James Vincent, M.D. St. Andr., Mayfield-jylace, Eastboui ne. 

1883 Bell, John, Civil Hospital, Hong Kong, China. 

1904 Bell, John Arthur. M.B. Durh., St. Pancras Infirmary. N.w. 

1900 Bell, John Cunnin<i-ham, Wist Coker, Yeovil. 
1904 Bell, Kenelm Digbj^ N'aval Medical Service. 
1898 Bell, Kenneth de Risley, Lambourn, Berks. 
1861 Bell, Thomas, Uppingham. 

1895 Bell, Thomas Dobson, Woodhouse, Leeds. 


Bell, Thomas Herbert, Hocanville, Assiuiboia, Canada. 

Bell, Victor Samuel Alexander, Bedford. 

Bell, Wm. Blair M.D. Lond., 7, Hodnei/street, Liverpool. 

Bell, William Ker. Shaldon, Teirjnmouth, Devon. 

Bellamy, Gerald Eade. Jloi^tlake-road, Keic. 

Bellamy, Henry Francis, ^M.D. Lausanne, Abbots Langley. 

Bellamy, John Henry, As/ibi/. Doncaster, 

Belson, George de Veulle, 7, Paragon^ Bath. 

Bendle, Jas. Huxtable, M.B. Lond., Abbott's Bromley., Rugeley. 

Benett, Arthur Morris, Rojial Army Medical Corps. 

Benians, Thomas Herbert Cecil, The Mount, Gouldhurst, Kent. 

Bening-ton, Robert Crewdsou. M.D.Durh., Perth, West Australia, 

Bennett, Arthur, Hamilton, Victoria, Australia. 

Bennett, Arthur George, 10, Miilgmve-terrace, Kingstown. 

Bennett, Cecil, Ipswich. 

Bennett, Christopher Henry Wentworth, Sandbach, Cheshire. 

Bennett, Claude John Eddowes, Shreicton, Wilts. 

Bennett, Colin Edwaid VCilmot, Vancouver-road, Forest Hill, 


Bennett, Francis Dillon, 20, St. James -place, s.av. 

Bennett, Frank Cyril Harvie, M.B. Loud., Highfield, Southampton. 

Bennett, Harold Garfield, ^sLB.Loud., East Bergholt, Suffolk. 

Bennett, Harry Charles Plant, M.B. Lond., Auckland, N.Z. 

Bennett, Henr}' Stagg, Kowloon, Hong Kong. 

Bennett, James, Padgate, Warrington. 

Bennett, James Henrj-, Staplehurst, Kent. 

Bennett, James Wodderspoon. Marsden, Ilkley, Yorls. 

Bennett, Kenneth Hugh, Escot, Penzance. 

Bennett, Lawrence Henry, M.B. Oxf.. Paignton. 

Bennett, Norman Godfrey, M.B. Camb., 50, Brook-street, w. 

Bennett, Robert Allan, M.B. Lond., Torquay. 

Bennett, Wm. Boase, Aigburth, lAverpool. 

Bennett, William Edward, M.B. Birm., 22, Broad-st., Birmingham. 

Bennett, AVilliam Fay, Barrow, Bury St. Edmunds. 

Bennett, William George, Worcester. 

Bennett, Sir Williaui Elenry, K.C.V.O., 1, Chesterjield-street. av.. 

Bennett-fowell, Norman, General Infirmary, Chester. 

Bennetts, Archibald James, Flushing, Falmouth. 

Beunetts. Frederick. Alma-road, Sheerness. 

Bennion, John Meulove, ^f.D. Camb., St. Mary Craij, Kent. 

Benoly, Nathaniel, M.D. Wiirzburg, 150, Belhnal Green-road.. 


Bensley, Clement Henry, Ijidian Medical Service. 

Bensle}', Edwin Edward, 18, St. George-place, Northampton. 

Bensley, George Egbert, Acton Hill. w. 

Bensley, Vernon Cyril, Beaufort West, Cape Colony. 

Benson, Alexander Vigors, M.D. Brussels, Albeston, S. Australia.. 

Benson, Alfred Hugh, Cleobury Mortimer. 

Benson, Charles Thornton Vere, Lewes. 

Benson, Christopher, Bradford-road, Shipley. 

Benson, George Vere, St. Anne's, Lewes. 


Benson, Henry Thomas Market Deeping. 
Reuson, John Robinson, Bath, 
Benson, Matthew, M.D. Brussels, Wvjan. 
Bensted, Lovvin, Muswell Hill. n. 
Bensusan, Artlnir Daniel, M.D. Brussels, Johanneshurg. 
Bent, (xeorge, Fleet, Hants. 

Beat, Percy Claude Vincent, bO, Erpiagham-road, Putney, s.w. 
Bent, Sidney Ciiarles Henry, Burlington House, Balltam. s.av. 
Bent, Vincent Thomas Clare, Mitcham-lane, Streatham. s.w. 
Bentham, Andrew Occleshaw, Abram, Wigan. 
Beutley, Harold, Miicham, Surre//. 
Benton, Samuel Landor, Milfurd-on-Sea, Hants. 
Benton, William, 132, Plashet-road, Upton-park. e. 
Beresford, Edwyn Henry, Metropolitan Asi/lum. looting Bee. s.w. 
Beresford, Robert de la Poer, M.D. Glas., Oswestry. 
Beresford, William Hugh, Esher, Surrey. 
Berlin, Frank Gower, 1, York-h nil dings, Clifton, Bristol. 
Bergin, George Fred, M. ii. Lond., Clifton, Bristol. 
Bergin, AVilliam Marmaduke, M.B. Lond., 37, Walbrook. e.g. 
Beringer, Fritz John Alfred. Wolverhampton. 
Berkeley-Hill, Owen Alfred Rowland, M.B. Oxf.,/HcZ. Med. Service. 
Berkley, Ernest James Gibson, 70, Camberwell-road. s.e. 
Berlyn, John Aaron, M.B. Lond., Egbaston, Birmingham. 
Bernard, Claude, Fishponds, Bristol. 
Bernard, Robert Spence, Naval Medical Service. 
Bernard-Onraet, Hugh, 2G, Peak-hill-gardens, Sydenham, s.e. 
Bernau, Henry Ferdinand, Napier, New Zealand. 
Bernays, Charles Murchison, Shirley, Warwickshire. 
Berncastle, Herbert Melbourne, 7. Wood-vale, Forest Hill. s.e. 
Bernhardt, Dudley Richard, 45, Bell-street, n.w. 
Bernstein, Matthias Max, 51, Cazenove-road, Stamford-hill. n. 
Berridge, Wm. Robert Morpott, Enderby, Leicester. 
Berrill, Alfred, High-road, South Woodford, n.e. 
Berry, Albert Edward, M.D. Lond., Walkden, Bolton-le-Moors. 
Berry, Arthur William, M.B. Loud., East Dulwich. s.e. 
Berry, Charles Harold, Dartmoor Sanatorium, Devon. 
Berry, Herbert George, Reepham, Norivich. 
Berry, Horace Simeon, Ashburton, Devon. 
Berry, Robert Sewers, Southport, Queensland. 
Berry, Thomas Percival, M.D. Lond., Swindon. 
Berry man, Henry Aithur, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Berryman, Richaid Charles Palmer, Guildford, Sur7-ey. 
Bertin, Henri Victor. 

Bertram, Benjamin, M.B. Lond., Cape Colony. 
Best, Frederick Henry de Graves, Wallham Cross. 
Best, Palemon, St. Ives, Cornwall. 
Best, William Harris, High-road, Ilford. 
*Betenson, William Betenson, Sussex Lodge, Newhaven. 
Betenson, Woodley Daniel, 9, Kew-gardens-road, Kew, Surrey. 

* Formerly Slyman, William Eetensun. 


Bethell, Hug-h Wood. Basingstol-e. 

Bett, Dong'las Home Blackader, M.B., X. Zealand, AsJibin-ton,Xew 

Bett, Francis Arnot .Blackader, Nile-street, Xelson, New Zealand. 
Bett, William, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service 
Betteridge, Thos., ]\[.B. Camb., Sutton Coldfield, Birminrjham. 
Betts, Alfred John Vernon, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Betts, Edward Hetley, i2a, Wilberforce-road, Finshurtj. x. 
Betts_ Leonard Bowring, Bradworthy, N. Devon. 
Betts, Robert Sidney, Wellinf/ton-road, Bournemouth. 
Bevan, Arthur, >LD. Lond., 17, Lancaster-gai-dens-terrace. \x. 
Bevan, Henr}^ Crook, Blaina, Monmouthshire. 
Bevan, Richard, 31, Girdlers-rood, W. Kensington, av. 
Bevan, Tom Webb, Nantr/glo, Monmouthshire. 
* Be van -Lewis, Wm., West Riding Asylum, Wakefield. 
Beven, Octavius. M.D. Durh., 137, High-road, Lee. s.e. 
Beverley, Kenneth Harold. Whi'tington ifoor, Chesterfield, 
Bevers, Edmund Cecil, M.B. Oxf., Oxford. 
Beville. Frederick Wells. Bath. 
Beville, Herbert Georg-e, 4i), DijJce-road, Brighton. 
Bevir, George, Timshurii, Bath. 
Bevis, Harold. 81, St. Thomas-street., Portsmouth. 
Bej'ts, William George, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 
Bhedwar, Pallonji Pestouji, Manor-jxirk, Lee. s.e. 
Biale, John Seaton. 

Bice, Frank Veale, Saint Columb, Cornwall. 
Bickerstaff, Georg'e Roger, Bournemouth. 

Bickersteth, Robert Alex., M.B. Camb., 4, Rodney-st.. Liverpool. 
Bickford, Bertram Raleigh, Naval Medical Service. 
Bickford. Nicholas Seymour, Haydo)i's-road, Wimbledon, s.w. 
Bickle, Leonard Watkins, Adelaide, South Australia, 
Biddle, Cornelius, Merthyr Tydvil. 
Biddle, Henry George, JBroadstairs. 
Biddulph, Robert Nicholas William, Edenmore, Mount Herman^ 

Woking, Surrey. 
Biden. Charles Walter, Laxfield, Framlingham. 
Bidwell, Charles Hugh, P.O. box 24, Bloemfontein, S. Africa. 
Bidwell, Laurence. Naval Medical Service. 

Bigelow. Arthur Wellington, 3850, Ellis-aven., Chicago, U.S.A. 
Bigg, Edward, Cranley, Surrey. 

Biggs, Arthur Cecil Barker, ///// Side, Child's Hill. x.w. 
Biggs, John James Egerton. 161, Newport-road, Cardiff. 
Biggs, John Maund}', ChihTs-hill, Hendon. x.w. 
Billiald, Richard Atherstone, West Kirby, Cheshire. 
Billinghurst, Walter Brinsmead, M.B. Oxf., 7, Oakcroft-road, 

Blackheath. s.e. 
Billings, Bernard Richardson, IZ, Filey-avenue, Stoke Newington. N. 
Billington, Wm., M.B. Lond., 9, Easy-row, Birmingham. 
Billsou, Charles, 28, Hornsey Park-road. x. 

* Formerlv Lewis, Wm. Bevan. 


1898 Billups, Christopher Robert, Tower House, East Grinsteud. 

1907 Billups, Howard Barclay, M.E. Oxf., Station-avenue, Sandown, 
Isle of Wi(jht. 

1886 Billups, Percy Cliristopher Charles, New Swindon. 

1897 Binckes, Frederick William, Hillside, East Dulwich. s.k. 

1890 Bindloss, Arthur Henry, M.B. Camb., Harrow. 
1885 Biudloss, Edniuud Frederick, Melbourn, Eoyston. 

1900 Bingham, Frank Miller, Caton, iMncaster. 

1907 Bing-ham, Raymond Glendore, 85, Gloucester-st.,Warivick-sq. s.w. 

1898 Bingham, Sydney Oliphant. Alfreton. 

1893 I Bingley, Ernest Horsford, Midnapore, Bengal. 

1908 Binney, Charles Newton, 72, Clovelhj-mansions, Graijs-inn- 

road. AV.c. 

1906 Biims, John Braybrooke, Dujfield, Derhij. 

1907 Bintcliffe, John William, J/oli/ifell-fjreen, Halifax. 

1901 Birch, Anthony, M.B. Lond., ^Wallingford. 

1902 Birch, Charles, Whitchurch, Reading. 

1887 Bii'ch, Charles Ormoud, Liverpool, Sydney, Neiv South Wales. 
1905 Birch, George, 105, Downs-road, Lower Clapton, n.e. 
1882 Birch, Henry Priestley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Birch, John, 58, Moss-lane, Liverpool. 

1875 Birch, Philip, Gunlerstone-road, West Kensington, w. 

1879 Birch, Richard Charles, Nottingham. 

1899 Bird, Arthur Cyril, Sidmouth. 

1893 Bird, (ieorge William Harvey, M.B. Camb., Bridgwater. 

1905 Bird, Gerald Francis, M.B. Camb., Godahniufj, Surrey.^ 
1885 Bird, Henry, 235, 7u«(7s/and-?-oa<:Z. n.e. 

1896 Bird, John Wilfred, 21, St. Andreic-street. Shafteshury-avenue. 

1888 Bird, Robert, CLE., M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
1892 Bird, Wm. Edmund Prankish, 3, St. Leonards, York. 

1892 Birdwood. Gordon Travers, M.D. Camb., Indian Medical Service, 

1889 Birkenhead, Harold. 

1904 Birkett, Henry James Dilkes, 3, Clarendon-road, Sonthsea. 

1906 Birks, Melville, M.B. Adel., Petersburg, South Australia. 

1895 Birley, Hugh Kennedy, 54, Derby-road, Weaste, Manchester. 

1903 Birt, Amelius Cyril, Wantage. 

1882 Birt, Cecil, Roi/al Arm)/ Medical Corps. 

1878 Birt, Ernest, M.D. Durh., West Riding Asylum, Wakefield. 

1893 Birt, Shirle}^ Hall, Naval Medical Service. 

1899 Bishop, Charles Dudley, 110, Lavender-hill. s.av. 

1900 Bishop, Darell Winn, Zeerust, Transvaal Colony. 

1903 Bishop, Frederick Michael, Varenna^ Lake of Como, Italy. 

1892 Bishop, George Thompson, Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Bishop, Henry Draper, M.D. Brussels, Guernsey. 

1893 Bishop, John Ramsay, Stalybridge. 

1889 Bishop, Reginald William Snowden, West Tanfield, Bedale. 

1902 Bishop, Thomas Henry, St. Georges-road, Harrogate. 

1896 Biss, Hubert Elwyn Jones, M.D. Camb., 56, Outer Temple, e.c. 
1863 Bisshopp, James, Tunbridge Wells. 

1905 Bisson, Albert Ogier, Springfield-j-oad, South Tottenham, n. 
1896 Blaber, Percy Leonard, Shoot-up-hill, Brondesbury. n.w. 


Blachford.Jaines Vincent, M.D. l)uvh.,S7,Belvede7'e-rd.,Penge. s.E. 
Black, Arthur Campbell, Paddock Wood, Kent. 
Black, Charles. Norton Wuodse-it.-, Sheffield. 
Black, Guy, M.B. Lond., 104, Deidah-liill., Upper Noncood. s.E. 
Bla,ck, Kenneth, General Hospital, Nottlnghnm. 
Black, Lewis Potter, M.B. Canib., Saa-trij, Peterborough. 
Black, Patrick, 19, Queeashoro-terrace, Bai/swater. ^v. 
Blackall, William Edward, M.B. Oxf., Cnttesloe, W. Australia. 
Blackbui'n, Albert Edward, SpriPf/Jield, West Hartlepool. 
Blackburn, Ernest Wood head, M.B. Oxf., Bamsiey. 
Blackburn, Vernon Kent, Bamsiey. 

Blackett, Edward Joseph, 50, Bryanston-st., Portman-sqiiare. w. 
Blackler, Henry John, M.B. Lond., Redhili. 

Blackman, Sidney Spencer Farwell, Normantoii-rd., S. Croydon. 
Blackstone, Charles Edj^-ar, liinr/ivood, Hants, 
Blackstone, LeonardChristopher, M.B. Loiid.^iG, Holmdale-rd. n.w. 
Blackstone, Willoug'hby Arthur 19, Reg enf s- park-road N.w. 
Black well, Arthur Seal, M.D. Lond., Monte Carlo. 
Blackwood, John, Festing-road, Southsea. 
Blagden, John James, 10, Nicholas-street, Chester. 
Blao-g, Arthur Frederick, M.D. Durh., Clifton, Bristol. 
Blaikie. Arthur Babington, M.B. Camb., Oswestry. 
Blair, James Andrew, M.D. Edin., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Blake, Anthony Fewster, 43, High-street, Grays, Essex. 
Blake, Henry, M.B. Lond., Park View, Great Yarmouth, 
Blake, Hubert Elliot, Bog»or. 

Blake, Matthew Robert, >[.D. Toronto, Winnipeg, Manitoba. 
Blake, Morgan Dix, Hiagham, Norfolk. 
Blake, Percy Ryall, 102, High-street, Walthamstow. x.E. 
Blake, Tobias Rustat Henisted, 33, Douglas-mansions, Cromwell- 
road, s.w. 
Blake, Victor John, M.B. Lend., Outram-road, Souihsea. 
Blake, William Farewell. 

Blake, William Henry, M.D. Brussels, West Wickham. 
Blakeman, Charles John, 10, Roe-lane, Southport. 
Blakemore, Herbert, Atherton, near Manchester. 
Blakeney, John Heni-y, 5, Crescent-terrace, Cheltenham. 
Blaker, Percy Stanley, Ealing Common, w. 
Blakeway, Harry, M.B. Lcmd., Norton House, Stourbridge. 
Blakie, James Landells, Surrey-hill, Melbourne. 
Blakiston. Frederick Cairns, Glastonbury, Somerset. 
Blanc, Antonio, 55, Burton-court, Lower Sloane -street, s.w. 
Blancard, Joinville Toby, Indian ^Fedical Service. 
Blanchet, Jean Baptiste, M.D. Montreal, Quebec, Canada. 
Bland, George, Lincoln. 
*Bland-Sutton, John, 47, Brook-street. ^\. 
Blaudford, Harry Oliver, M.B. Lond., 11, The Grove, Highgate. N. 
Blandford. Joseph John Guthrie. Whittingham, Preston. 
Blandy, Francis Dawson, M.D. Loud., Belvedere, ^Vhitley Bay. 

* Formerly Sutton, John Bland. 



1902 Blandy, Wilfrid Boothby, Nottingham. 

,, Blatchford, A¥illiam Nichols, Naval Medical Service. 

1863 Blatherwick, Chaa., M.D. St. Andr., Donaivon, Helensburgh, 

1882 Blatherwick, Henry, The Laurels, Dulwich. s.e. 

1902 Blathwayt, Arthur de Visme, Bath. 

1888 Blaxall, F. Ricliardsou, M.D. Lond., The Hade, Ilendon. n.w. 

1904 Blaxland, Athelstau Jasper, M.B. Loud., Norwich. 

1886 Blaxlaud, Eruest Gregory, Burwood, New South Wales. 

1 884 Blaxlaud, Walter, Fremantle, W. Australia. 

1901 Blease, Arthur Torkiugton, M.B. Vict., \Voodland-rd.,Altrineham. 

1887 Blenkiusop, Alfred Percj', Eoyal Arimj Medical Corps. 

1861 Bleukinsop, William Henry, M.B. Dubl., 7, Poi«is-gfar(Ze/w. w. 

1897 Bletcbley, Geo. Playne, M.B. Loud., A^az'Zstt'o/'f/j, Gloucester. 

1904 Bletsoe, John Henry, M.B. Lond., Upminstei, Essex. 

1894 Blewitt, William Francis. Bacton-on-Sea.Walsham. 

1891 Blick, Graham Thomas Baylis, Broome, W. Australia. 
1897 Blieden, Max, P.O. box 5297, Johannesburg, Transvaal. 

1892 Bligh, William, M.D. Loud., Caterham Vallei/. 

1885 Blight, John Henry, M.B. Durh., Chesterfield, Derby. 

1884 Bhght, William Lyne, M.D. Durh., 47. Newport-road, Cardiff. 

1892 Bliss, Ernest William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1893 Blomfield, Alfred Bealy 217, Queens-road, Peckham. s.e. 
1891 Blomfield, Edward Eldridge, M.D. Lond., Dunedin, New Zealand. 

1887 Blomfield, George Wills, M.D. Durh., Horsefair, Pontefract. 
„ Blomfield, James Edward, M.D. Oxf., Sevenoaks, Kent. 

1895 Bloomfield, Herbert Wadmore Gissing, 32, Ilolbom-viaduct. e.g. 
„ Blount, George Bertie Clavell, East Molesey. 

1885 Blower, Bernard, Liverpool. 

1883 Bloxam, George Edward, 113, Newbridge-road, Bath. 
1891 Blucke, Harry Fredk. Stokes, Cann Lodge, Shaftesbury. 

1886 Bluett, George Mallack, Courtland-terrace, Kensington, w. 

1888 Blunt, Arthur Henry, Leicester. 

1903 Blunt, Thomas Edward, Naual Medical Service. 
1891 Boake, Basil, Ormesby., Norfolk. 

1900 Boam, Herbert, 36, Honeywell-road, New Wandsworth, s.w. 
1869 Board, Edmund Comer, Clifton, Bristol. 

1905 Board, John Henry, M. B. Camb., 8, Caledonian-pl., Clifton, Bristol. 
1886 Boase, Richard Davey, Penzance. 

1889 Boase, William George, New Amsterdatu, British Guiana. 

1904 Boclet, Faustin Marcel, 1, Westbourne-street. s.w. 

1894 Boden, John Smedley, M.B. Lond., Muswell-hill. n. 
1888 Bodilly,Reginald Thomas Hacker, ,Sor<//i TFoocZ/brd n.e. 

1905 Bodkin, Herbert Alfred, Chelmsford. 

J899 Bodman, Christopher Osmond, M.D. Durh., 143, Whiteladies-road, 


11895 Bodman, John Hervey, M.D. Lond., 3, Whiteladies-road, Bristol. 

1906 Bodman, Richard Osmond, Redland, Bristol. 

1903 Bodvel-Roberts, Hugh Frank, Napsbury, Asylum, St. Albans. 

1901 Body, Thomas Howard, Leigh-on-Sea, Essex. 

1902 Body, Thomas Munn, Afiddlesbrough. 


Boeddicker, Hans Frederick William, M.B, Lond., 97, Bradford- 
street, Birminqham. 
Boissier, Arthur Henry, Banburi/, Oxford. 
Boissiere, Felix Anthony, 10:3, Fortess-road. s.w. 
Bokenham, Thomas Brandon, Wokingham. 
Bokenham, Thomas Jessopp, 10, Devonshire-street, vr. 
Bolton, Fi-auk ElUott, Naval Medical Service. 
Bolton, John Henry Doug-las, University College Hospital, w.c. 
Bolus, Harry Boulcott, M.B. Camb.. Beckenham. 
Bolus, Percy Reg-inald,M.B. hondi.. Fox Bay, West Falkland Island. 
Bomford. Sir Gerald, K.C.I. E.., M.I). Lond., Indian Med. Service. 
Bond, Arthur Herbert, Rogal Ami)/ Medical Corps. 
Bond, Barnabas Mayston. 30, Brook Green, w. 
Bond, Bertram William, M.B, Durh., Godalming. 
Bond, Cecil William, 2.'), Mattock-lane, Ealing, w. 
Bond, Charles John, Leicester 
Bond, Charles Knox. 

Bond, Charles Shaw, M.B. Camb., 7, Broadlands-rd., Highgate. N. 
Bond, Francis Spencer, Bruthen, Victoria, Australia. 
Bond, Frank Fouracre, Trowbridge. 

Bond, James Henry Robinson, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Bond, William Ernest. BramhalL Stockport. 
Bonnefin. Fernand Henry, 202. High-road, Leytonstone. x.e. 
Bonnet, Saint Rene, M.D. Paris, Chatel Guyon, Puy de Dome. 
Bonney, Ernest Henry, 49, Church-street, ^y. 
Bonnin, James Atkinson. M.B. Adel., Adelaide, S. Australia. 
Bontor, Sidney Algernon, M.D. Durh., Berkhampstead, Herts. 
Booker, Charles William, Witley, Surrey. 
Boon, Ernest Gerald, Alassio, Italy. 
Booth, Charles Herbert, Thornhury, Bradford. 
Booth, Daniel, Dukinfield. 

Booth, Edward Hargrave. M.D. Lond., 1, Cambridge-rd., Brighton. 
Booth, George, M.D. Durh.. 43, Central Pavement, Chesterfield. 
Booth, John Gregory, Padiham. 

Booth, Lawrence Twemlow, 301, Ashton New-road, Manchester. 
Booth, Lionel Hethorn, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas. 
Booth, Oscar Milner, New Cleethorpes. 

Booth, William Henry, 6G, Dunsmure-road, Stoke Newington. x. 
Borcherds, Walter Meent, Cathcart, Cape Colony. 
Borrett, George Goss, Naval Medical Service. 
Borrie, Frederick John, Port Chalmers, Neic Zealand. 
Borrow, Frederick Charles, M.B. Lond., 219, Evering-road. x.e. 
Borrows, Robert, M.D. St. Andr., Dunedin, New Zealand. 
Bosson, George Archibald, M.B. Lond., Asylum, Tooting Bee. s.w. 
Bostock, Arthur Hastings, Chichester. 
Bostock, Eustace Bernard, M.D. Lond., Guernsey. 
Bostock, Robert Ashton, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Boswell, John Irvine, ]\LD. Lond., Newport Pagnell. 
Bott, Henry, Brentford. 

Bott, PercivalGeorgeAlbert,M.B.Lond.. 59, Cambridge-terrace, ^v. 
Bott, Robert Henry, Indian Medical Service. 

H 2 



1905 I Bott, Stanley, 54, Melton-road, LeiceHer. 

1864 j Bottle, Alexuuder, iSr.D. Ediiib., ^, Eaf<y-ioiL\ liirminfjiKint. 

1897 Bottoiuley, Francis Carr, M.D. (Jamb., Boumemotil/i. 

„ Bottomley, Thomas Abbey, S/mpla/, IfnddersfitbL 

1908 Boucher, Frank Treadwell, Ilazclmere, Cothani-park, Bristol. 

1875 Boulter, Harold Baxter, Indian Medical Service. 

1877 Boulting-, William, Lantosque, Alpes, Maritivies, Fiance. 

1890 Boultou, Arthur, Iforncastle. 

1897 Boulton, Harold, M.B. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 

1888 Bour, Edward Fraii(;oif=. 

1899 Bourdas, Ernest (Markson, 32, Bedford- /lill, Balhani. s.w. 
1905 Bourdas, John, Narul Medical Service. 

1867 Bourg-uig'nou, Honore, M.D. Paris. 

1901 Bourke, Isidore Mac William, St. George's Hospital, s.av. 

1895 Bousfield, Arthur, M.B. Lond., The Cheul, Hornseij-lane. n. 
1879 Bousfield, Edward Collins, 3G3, Old Kent-road. s.k. 

1902 Bousfield, Leonard, M.D. Camb., Roijal Army Medical Corps. 
1897 Bousfield, Stanley, 35, Princes-square, Bai/sivater. w. 

1896 Bovey, Thomas William Wid<j;er, Jlorsnionden, Kent. 

1905 Bowater, William, 207, Broad-street, Binningliam. 

1886 Bowdeu, Walter, Naval Medical Service. 

1901 Bowdler, Archibald Pemhyu, 49, Duke's-avenue, Chiswick. w. 

1876 Bowen, Alfred Long-more. 

1901 Bowen, Francis Goding, Abercorn, N.E. Rhodesia. 

„ Bowen, Wm. Henry, M.B. Lond., 60, Ilarlei/streef. ^v. 

1904 Bowen-Jones, John, Pontyrhi/l. Bridgend, South Wales. 

1884 Bower, Edvvaid Ignatius, 81, Barnshury-road. n. 

1874 Bower, Reginald. Knoirle, Wancicks/iire. 

1900 Bov/er, William Charles, Stamford., Lincolnshire. 

1887 Bower William Georg-e, Southport. 
1861 Bowes, John, Ilerne Bay. 

1895 Bowes, Thomas Armstrong", M.D. Camb., Heme Bay, Kent, 

1884 Bowhay, Albert, M.D. Durh., Gimnislake, 'Javistock. 

1892 Bowie, Robert Arthur, BrockvilU\ Ontario, Canada. 

1885 Bowie, Robert Forbes, Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Bowker, Charles Stanser, Newport, ]\[onmonthshire. 

1906 Bowkett, Leonard Howard, Hants Hospital, Southampton, 

1889 Bowlby, George Herbert, Berlin, Ontario, Canada. 
1906 Bowie, Charles William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1903 Bowie, Sidney Clement, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1893 *Bowle-Evans, Charles Harford, Indian Medical Service. 
1899 Bowles, Alfred, Southcliff'e, Eastbourne. 

1906 Bowling-, Rowland Alessandro, 43, Argyle-road, Ealing. Av. 

1888 Bowman, Riciiard Oxley, M.D. Lond., Ulverston. 

1883 Bown, Artliur Thomas, Indian Medical Service. 

1885 Bown, John Quinton, M.D. Brussels, Buxton, Derby. 

1905 Bown, William Quinton, 59, Abbotts-road, Sonthall. 

1892 Bo wring, Walter Andrew, Furze Hill, Brighton. 

1883 Bowser, James Charles, M.D, McGill, Chicago, United States. 

Formerly Evans, Charles. Harford. 



Bowtell, Herbert Richmond. 10, Madeley-road, Ealing, w. 
Box, Stanley Long-hurst, M.D. Lond., 36, Gordon-rd., Ealing, w. 
Box, WilUam Frederick, M.B. Lond., Stratford-on-Avon. 
Boxall, Frank, Rudgwick, Sussex. 
Bojan, John, A^avdl Medical Service. 

Boyce, Sir Rubert Wilham, M.B. Load., The Uniaeisiti/, Livivpool. 

Boj^cott. Artliur Norman. M.D. Lond., Asijlum, Hill-end, St. Albans. 

Boyd, Alexander Brooke, M.B. Oxf., Famcombe, Godalming. 

Boyd, Ezekiel Alexander, M.D. Toronto, 171, Sei/mour-place. "\r. 

Boyd, Georg'O Samuel James, Stansjord. Lincoln. 

Boyd, John Errol Moritz, lioi/al Army Medical Corps. 

Boyd, John Fi-ancis, Indian Medical Service. 

Boyd, Samuel John, ^LB. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Boyd, Sidney Arthur, M.B. Lond., 10, Chandos-streei. w. 

Boyden, George Henry, Rliodes, Barhly East. Cape Colony. 

Boyle, Henry Edmund Gaskin, 4, Tenby-mansions, Nottingham- 
street, w. 

Boys, Leonard Herbert Henry, M.B. Lond., Woodhall, Spa, Lines. 

Boyton, Arthur James Henry, Watlington, O.von. 

Boj'ton, Edward Thomas Aug-nstus, Forest Gale. e. 

Brabant, Robert Herbert Wm. Hughes. 

Brabant, Thomas Hug'hes, (56, St. George' s-road. s.av. 

Brabazon, Edward, 34, L^aurel-road, Fairfield, Livo'pool. 

Brackenbury, Hy, Britten, 21, Qiteenmore-road, Fiusbury Park. N. 

Bradbury, Charles Henry. 1, Gt. George-st., Salford, Manchester. 

Bradbury, Harvey Kinnersle}', Burton-on- Trent. 

Bradbury, John Cecil Openshaw, Sandgate, Kent. 

Bratldock, William, Oldham. 

Bradford, Anthony Bourchier, M.D. Durham, St. Thomas's Hos- 
pital. S.K. 

Bradford, Cordlcy. M.B. Birm., AcocJcs-green, Birmingham. 

Bradford, John, M.B. Camb., 3, Wilton-place, Exeter. 

Bradley, Alwyn Hewett, M.B. Lond., Leicester. 

Bradley, Clement Henry Burton, M.B. Syd., Sydney, New South 
*Bradley, Charles Reginald Sylvester, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Bradley, John, Coventry. 

Bradshaw, Gerald Arthur, Naval Medical Service. 

Bradshaw-Lsherwood, Percy Arthur, Headcorn, Kent. 

Braidwood, Thomas Lithgow, Epsom, Surrey. 

Brailey, Arthur Robertson, 11, Old Burlington-street, w. 

Brailey, Wm. Herbert, M.B. Camb., 21, Lansdowne-place, Hove. 

Braine, Charles Carter 26, Wimpole-street. w. 
fBraine-Hartnell,Geo.MarcusPanton, Lunatic Asylum, Powick. 

Braine-Hartnell. James Christopher Reginald, Cheltenham. 

Braithwaite. Charles Bernard. M.B. Lond., Golcar, Huddersfield, 

Brakenridge, Francis John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Bramhall, Charles, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

* Formerly Bradley, Charles Kegiiiald. 

t rormerly Braine, George Marcus Pantcn. 


1898 Branisdon, William Arthur, 1, St. George' s-sqnnre. p.w. 

11)01 Brandon, Arthur John Spiller, M.B. Durh., 2Go, Elizabeth-street, 

Iljjde Park, Si/d/iei/, New South Wales. 

1871 Branfoot, Arthui- Mudj^e, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1900 Brang'win, Charles Harold, 20, Weech-road, W. Hanrpstead. n.w. 

„ Braiisbnry, Henry Arthur Biamsdon, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1896 Branson, Clement Waites, Bournemouth. 

1886 Branson, Herbert William Archer. 

1889 Branson, William, M.B. Lond., CarbrooJc, Sheffield. 

1884 Branthwaite, Robert Welsh, M.D. Bru^els, Home Office, s.^r. 

1896 Branwell, Charles, Alverton, Penzance. 

1874 Brash, Edward Alexander, Exeter. 

1896 Brash, John Bardsley, I/andsworth, Birmingham. 

1892 Brasher, Charles William James, 128, Cotham Brow, Bristol. 

1889 Bi-aund, Arthur Mather, Bude, North Cornwall. 

1900 Braund, Henry, Bodmeyric, Ilolsworthy. 

1899 Brawn, Harry Ellis, Uitcnage, Cape Colony. 

1907 Bray, Frederick Richard, 41, Savemake-road, Hampstead. x.w. 

1888 Bray, George Arthur Theodore, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

„ Bray, Hubert Alaric, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

„ Braye, Reginald James, St. Saviours-road, Leicester. 

1874 Brayn, Richard, Criminal Asylum, Broadmoor, Berkshire. 

1907 Brayne, Robert Edward, Combe Hay Rectory, Bath. 

1897 Brebner, Arthur, 55, Kingsland-road. n.e. 

1900 Bree, Sidney, M.B. Lond., Manningtree, Essex. 

1894 Breen, Adi'ian Louis, 43, St. Luke's-road, Notting Hill. w. 

1900 Brehm, Robert Almon, M.D. Dalhousie, St. John' s, Newfoundland. 

1888 Bremner, Ramsay Allan, Canterbury. 

1905 Bremner, Walter Charles i'alm'er, M.B. Toronto, 89, St. 

Johil's-rodd, Upper Holloiray. N. 

1897 Bremridge, Richard Harding, M.B. Oxf., County Offices, Derby. 

1901 Brenan, Alexander Richard Micklethwait, M.B. Camb., 49, 

Eaton-rise, Ealing, w. 

1902 Breud, William Alfred, M.B. Lend., 14, Bolingbroke-grove, Bat- 

tersea. s.w. 

1889 Brenton, William Hore, Plymouth. 

1894 Brereton, Frederick Sadleii-, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1900 Breton, Hewlett, Terang, Victoria, Australia. 

1895 Breton, Lancelot Moyle, Southampton. 

1895 Breton, Moyle, Naval Medical Service. 

1902 Breton, William Kenneth Dudoit, Naval Medical Service. 

1897 Brett, Harry Clarence Marshall, Cranbrook, Kent. 

1877 Brett, John, 108, Collins-street, Melbourne, Australia. 

1891 Brett, William George, Coombe Martin, N. Devon. 

1896 Breuer, August, M.D. Frieburg, 10, Finsbury-circus. e.c. 
1865 Brewer, Alexander Hampton, VdG, Richmond-i-oad, Dalston. n.e. 
1899 Brewer, Alexander Hampton, 29, Court-rd., Barry Dock, Glam. 

1897 Brewer, Dunstan, Eastern Hospital, Homerton. x.E. 
1904 Brewer, Heiuy Jeaffreson, A'^jiJ Maiden, Surrey. 
1868 Brew^er, Heury Melvill, Neioport, Monmoidhshire. 

1874 Brewer, Reginald Edward Wormald, Newport, Monmouthsliire. 


Brewer, William Kenneth, 175, Manor-road, Brochley. s.e. 

Brewerton, Elmore Wright. 84, Wimpole-street. w. 

Brice, Henry Doyle. Dunkinjield. 

Brickwell, Frank, M.B. Lond., Mendleshaw^ Stowmarhet. 

Bridge, John Crosthwaite, Orsetf, Grays, Essex. 

Bridger,JamesFredk. Edmund, M.B. Lond., i?n(i5refoif?«,-Srt/-JacZoes. 

Bridger, John Dell, 50, Dartmouth-road, Brondeshury. N.w. 

Bridger, Robert Daniel, Biggleswade, Beds. 

Bridger, Sydney, Soutkend-on-Sea. 

Bridges, David, Bedford. 

Bridges, Ernest Chittenden, M.D. Durh., 2, Courtjield-road, South 
Kensington, s.w. 

Bridges, Roland Harley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Bridgman, Henry Edward, Budleigh, Salterton. 

Brierley, Charles Isherwood, Indian Medical Service. 

Brierley, Wilfred Edward, M.B. Vict., General Infirmary, Leeds. 

Briggs, Geoi'ge Frederick, 136, Spring-hank, Hull. 

Briggs. John Arthur Oswald, M.D. Lond.,S7,Noel-st., Nottingham. 
'^Briggs, Robert Warden, M.D. Edinb., Harhorne, Birmingham. 

Bright, Archibald Leonard. 3, Royal Crescent, Brighton. 

Blight, Richard Charles, M.D. Montpelier, Cannes, France. 

Brightmau, Frank, Broadstairs. 

Brigstocke, Percy Ward, C.M.S., M.B. Lond., Beyrout, Syria. 

Brimacombe, Richard WiUiam, 1, All SouVs-jjlace, Portland- 
place, w. 

Brimblecombe,Stanle5" Leemove,Burlescombe,Wellington,So7nerset. 

Brincker, John August Hermann, M.B. Camb., 8, Christchurch- 
road, Hampstead. n.w. 

Brind, Henry Hanslow, Dartnell Park, Byfleet. 

Brinton, Arthur Greene, Johannesburg, Transvaal. 

Briscoe, James Rynd. Chippenham, Witts. 

Briscoe, John Edward, Charlestown, Natal. 

Briscoe, ^Villiam Thomas, Chippenham. 

Brisley, Charles Walker, London-road, St. Leonards. 

Bristow, Walter Rowley, M.B. Lend., Chislehui^st, Kent. 

Bristowe, Hubert Carpenter, M.D. Loud., Wrington, Bristol. 

Broadbent, Joseph, Ardi rick, Manchester. 

Broadhurst, William James, ;Senekal, Orange River Colony. 

Brock, Ernest Henry, M.D. Lond., 21, Streatham-hill. s.w. 

Brock, John, Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony. 

Brockat, Andrew Alexander, Malvern. 

Brock way, Archibald Birt, Brisbane, Queensland. 

Brockwell, John Brocas Chambers, W alton-on-the-Naze. 

Broderick, Frederick William, 4, York Row, Wisbech. 

Brodie, Charles Gordon, Wootton, Isle of Wight. 

Brodie, Desborough, ^I.B. Lond., Bamford House, Tetbury. 

Brodie, Frederick Carden, M.B. Durh., OUerton, Newark. 

Brodie, Tlios. Grigor, M.D. Lond., Univ., Toronto, Canada. 

Brodrecht, John Henry Richard, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Brodribb, Arthur Hubert, Bury-fields, Guildford. 

* Formerly Briggs, Eobert Ward. 



1905 Brodribl), Arthur Williamson, M.B. Oxf., Si. Leonards-on-Sea. 

1900 IJrodriltb, Charles Ilildred, iM.i>. Lond., Indian Medical Service.. 
1896 J^rodtibb, Ei-nest, lt()ii(d. Ariiit/ Medical Corps. 

1904 l^rodribb, P'raiicis Arthur, Tatteiulnn, Newburi/. 

1884 I Hro,ndon, Rich. Wm., JNl.B. Loud., 12. Lower Brook-st., Ipswich. 

1908 ]>roliier, Samuel Lindsay, ;5(), Upper Bedford-place, w.c. 

1895 Bromet, Edward, Red Hill. 

1892 Bromliall, Ernest, liawfenstall, Manc/iesfer. 

1888 Bromliead, Frank Ilodgson, M.Ii. Camb., 5, Dreicsland-road, 
I Streatliam. s.w. 

1904 Bromley, James, Castle Iled'nf/ham, Essex. 

1884 Bronstorph, Ernest Ebenezer, M.l). Montreal, Kingston, Jamaica. 

1899 Brook, Francis William, 149, Walworth-road. s.e. 
1887 Brook, Henry Darville, Fareham, Hants. 

1891 Brook, Tom Stanbury, Denholm, Cldnqford. x.e. 

1887 Brook, William Ily. Breffit, M.D. Lond., Lincoln. 

1894 Brooke, Bai'on, The Banms, East TtvickenJiam. 

„ j Brooke, Fredk. Arthur John Robertson, Binfield., Berks 

1908 Brookhouse, Herbert Orpe, 38, Tweedy-road , Brondetj, Kent. 

186] Brooks, Brausby, Sonning, Reading. 

1890 Brooks, Charles, Chalfont St. Peters, Bucks. 

1888 Brooks, Francis Auo-ustus, M.D. Brussels, Felixstoive, Suffolk. 
„ Brooks, Richard Philip, 24, Wimpole-street. M'. 

1895 Brooks, William Patrick, Walkers-road, East Moors, Cardiff. 

1901 1 Broome, Harold Holkar. M.B. Edinb., Indian Metrical Service. 

1900 I Broomhall, Benjamin (Jhnrles, 2, Fi/rland-7-oad, Mildmay. n, 

1901 I Brough, Daniel.' IVr.B. Edinb., Battle, Sussex. 

1905 Broughton, John Frederick, M.B. Lond., Wetherhy, Yorkshire. 
1898 Brown, Alexander, M.B. Lond., 1, i?^/r;/<o/o)/i<?it-?Y/., n.av. 

1900 Brown, Allen Bathurst, Donhead, Salisbury. 

1904 Brown, Arthur Carnarvon, D.M.O,, Allahabad, India. 

1894 , Brown, Daniel Dorward, yVc/rz-o^rrt^e. 

1889 Brown, David., M.D. Lond., Harrogate. 
1879 j Brown, Edward. 

1901 I Brown, Edward Archer, M.B. Edinb., 9>\, J eppe-st., Johannesburg. 
1904 Brown, Edward Middleton, M.B. Camb., Craven Anns, Salop. 

1893 Brown. Elijah, 1, Devon-viansiuns, Lewisham. s.e. 

1898 ! Brown, Evelyn Kerapson, Cranbourne, Salisbury. 
1887 Brown, Frank Manson, M.D. New York. 

1889 Brown, Frederick Nathaniel, Friiuley, Surrey. 

1899 j Brown, Ceorg-e Minter, Griqualaud West, South Africa. 

1896 Brown, George Walter, 10, Westminster Bridge-road. 6.w. 

1892 Brown, Harold Corser, M.B. Birm., Tipton. 

1896 i Brown, Harry Mewbui-n, M.B. Vict., Market Drayton. 

1906 Brown, Horace George, The Willows, Tredegar. 
1873 BrOAvn, James, Uig, Portree, Scotland. 

1898 Brown, James Warburton, 58a, Tr2wy;o/e-5^, Cavendish-square, w 
1877 Brown, John, M.D. Vict., Burwood House, Bacup. 

1899 i Brown, John, Balderton, Newark. 
1872 Brown, Joseph L'Oste, Shifnal. 

1894 j Brown, Joseph Norwood, M.D. Loud., 92, Finch ley -road. n.w. 




3 899 


Brown, Lewis, 28, Chorley Old-road, Bolton, Lancashire. 

Brown. Lewis Henry. Buvlhurst Hill. Essex. 

Brown, Ralph, M.B. Loud., IlifjlijiehJ, Sherborne. 

Brown, Kalpli Cliarles, M.B. Melb., IVindsor, Victoria, Australia. 

Brown, Reginald, 56, Rectory-road, Stoke Newington. N. 

Brown, Robert Dixon, Tmi/eville, Johannesburg. 

Brown, Robert Tilbnry, M.D. Durh., Bo//al Arnvj Medical Corps. 

Brown, Stanley Mewburn, M.U. Lond., Birkdale, Southport. 

Brown, Thomas Warren, Wallington, Surrey. 

Brown, Walter George Stephens, 9, Priory-street, Cardigan. 

Brown, William McEnery, M.D. Toronto, Neustadt, Ontario, Canada. 

Browne, Cnthbert Garrard, lioi/al Army Medical Corj)s. 

Browne, Kdwd. Granville, M.B. Camb., Pembroke Coll.., Cambridge. 

Browne, Edward Wemyss, Indian Medical Sn-rice. 

Browne, Harold Elliott, Molong, New South Wales. 

Bi-owne, Harrie Speiice David, M.B. Camb., Winchester. 

Browne, Henry, Salisbury. 

Browne, Herbert Henry, Bethlehem, Orange River Colony. 

Browne, John James, Wigton, Cumberland. 

l^rowne, Josiah, Claremont, Bromyard, Worcester. 

Browne, Robley Henry John, Naval Medical Service. 
*Browne, Thomas Walker Stanley, Paddock Rouse, Chatham. 

Browne, William Walker, Royal Amu/ Medical Corps. 
fBrowne-Cnrthew,RalphHenry,M.D.Durh.,2lA,4s/j/e//-/?/rtce. s.w, 

Brown-Fairlie, James Daniel, M.D. Brux.. Colombo, Ceylon. 

Browne- .\[ason, Hubert Oliver Browne, Royal Army .\J edical Coj-ps. 

Browufield, Matthew, 171, East India-road. v.. 

Browning'. Benjamin, Sidmouth, Devon. 

Browning, Edgar, Lennoxville, Quebec, Canada. 

Browning, Paul Ransome, Jolton, Hants. 

Brownlow, Harry Lnrgan, flenlcy-on-Thames. 

Brownson, Roger Dawson. Dawscjn-Duflfield, London Hospital, e. 

Browse, George, Indian Medical Service. 

Bruce, Herbert Alexander, 61, Blonr-st., Toronto, Canada. 

Bruce, Olliver, Heme Bay. 

Bruce, William James, Mil ford-on- Sea, Lymington. 
JBruce-Porter, Harry Edwin, M.D. Brussels, 6, Grosvenor-st. vr. 

Brunton, John, M.B. Glasg., L5, Endsleigh-gardens, N.w. 

Bruntoii, Walter, M.B. Durh., Birchington, Kent. 

Brushfield, Archibald Nadauld, Ilalifa.r. 

Bruzaud, Alfred Sigismnud, Greenfield, Oldham, Lancashire. 

Bryan, Charles Walter Gordon, 47, Princes-square, w 

Bryan, Clement Arthur Douo-las, 44, Humberstone-road, Leicester. 

Bryan, Herbert James, Railuay-street, Chatham. 

Bryan, John, A intree, Liverpool. 

Br^an, John Morgan, Northampton. 

Bryant, Charles Hilary, M.D. Durh., Montpelier-crescent, Brighton. 

* Formerly Brown, James Daniel. 

t Browne, Ralph Henry. 

X Formerly Porter, Harry Edwin Bruce. 



Brydeii, Ronald Anderson, Royal Armij Medical Corps. 

Brydonc, James Marr, M.P>. Camb., 16, South Aiidley -street, w. 

Brye1t.,Le\visTlio.s Fra.ser,M.D.Lond.,2,/l/(';//ne-rrf.,C'a?«oHtwr.y. N. 

Bryett, William Robert, M,l). Lond., 59, Stanhope-st., Strand, w.c. 

Bry son, Leonard Uorner, M .B. Edinb., Wardlaw-gdns., St. A ndrews. 

Bubb, William, Cheltenham. 

Buchanan, Archibald <irahani, 75, Warwick-square, s.av. 

Buchanan, James Sjjittal, M,B. Glas,, 37, Collins-street., Mel- 
bourne. Victoria^ Australia. 

Buchanan, Norman Duncan. M.B. Toronto, Zurich, Ontario. 

Buck, Arthur Herbert. ;59, Cambridye-road, Brighton. 

Buckelb Edward, Romsey. 

Buckell, Ernest Hook, Chichester. 

Buckell, Leonard Martin, Lee-on- Solent. 

Buckell, William Robert, Cheltenliam. 

Buckeridfre, Guy Leslie, Naval Medical Service. 

Buckle, Fleetwood, M.D. St. Andr., 20, Merton-road, Southsea. 

Buckley, Charles Herbert, Werneth, Oldham. 

Buckley, John Philip, Broadhnrst, Bury Old-road, Manchester. 

Buckley, Joseph Richard, M.B. Loud., Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Buckley, William Henry, 20, Union-street, Oldham. 

Bucknall,Thos. Rupert Hampden, M.D.Lond., 16, Devonshire-st. w. 

Budd, Wm. Hindshaw, Vosburg, Cape Colony. 

Budd-Biidd, Edward John. 72, Marine Parade, Brighton. 

Budden, Tice Fisher, M.D. Camb., Crouch End. n. 

Buendia, Nicolas, Bogota, Republic of Colombia, South America. 

Bueno de Mesquita, Solomon, M.D. Lond., Fin chley -road. n.av. 

Bull, Doug-las William Anderson, Stony Stratford. 

Bull, Georg-e Coulson Robins, M.B. Loud., Bedford. 

Bull,Georg'e Vernon, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

Bull, Harry Ashworth, Gt. Haywood^ Stafford. 

Bull. James Weston, M.D. Brussels. 

Bull, Stanley Aithur,M.D. Lond., Auckland, New Zealand. 

Bull, William Henry, Stony Stratford. 

Bullen, Charles Henry, M.D. Lond,, Tettcnhall. Wolverhampton. 

BuUey, Felix Marshall, M.B. Camb., Hindhend, Haslemere, Surrey. 

Bullivant, Samuel. 

Bullmore, Edward Augustus, '[{), South Brink, Wisbeach. ■ 

Bullmore, Frederick Guy, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. 

Bullock, Charles Penry, Oswestry. 

Bullock. Henry Maurice, 14a, Upper W impolc-street. w. 

Bulstrode, Christopher Victor, M.B. Camb., Shrewsbury. 

Bulstrode, Herbert Timbrell, M.D. Camb., M. 1903, 52, Palace- 
gardens-terrace, Kensington, w. 

Bulteel, Cecil Edward, Indian Medical Service. 

Bulteel, Marcus Henry, Guernsey. 

Bumsted, Henr}' James, M.B. Camb., 7, High-rd., Streatham. s.av. 

Bunbury, Edwin Garrett, 13, Doivry-square, Bristol. 

Buncombe, William Dewey, City Injirmary, Boiv-road. E. 

Bunting-, Edward Lancelot, M.B. Birm., St. John's, Worcester. 

Buntiug-, Gerald Lantsbery, M.D. Lond., Tonbridge. 



1883 I Buol, Florian, Davos Platz, Switzerland. 

1893 Burch, Henry Edwin, Kingston-rocd, Portsmoulh. 
1888 Burchell, Ernest, o, Waterloo-place, Brighton. 

1898 Burd, ('yril Prichard, Upton-on-Severn, Worcestershire. 

1886 Burd, Edward Lycett, M.D. Camb., Shirehampton, Bristol. 
1900 Burd, Reginald Shirley, M.B. Birm., Oaken, Wolverhampton. 

1892 Burden, Henr3^ Indian Medical Service. 

1908 Burdett, John Head, 24, Lammas Park-road, Ealintj. av. 

1894 Burditt, Ralph Austin, 3Ioss Side, Manchester. 

1903 Burfield, Joseph, M.B. Lend., 49, Prince of Wales-road, Noricich. 

1900 Burfield, Thomas, M.B. Camb., Warhleton, Sussex. 

1865 Burge, Frederick John, Shanghai, China. 

1896 Burges, Frederick Augustus L'EstrSinge, Bockiey-Jiill, Birmingham. 

1903 Burges, Richard, 12, Rosehery-road, Musicell Hill. n. 

1896 Burgess, Arthur Henry, M.B. Vict., 195, High-street, Manchester. 
1906 Burgess, Arthur Saveli, Burch Hanger, Godalming. 

1875 Burgess, Edward John, Whitchurch, Hampshire. 

1903 Burgess, Harold Lynch, Market-square, Dover. 

1902 Burgess, John Hay, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Burgess, Robert, Market Ilarhorough. 

1894 Burgess, Thos. Wra. Warkin, Wagga Wagga, New South Wales. 

1907 Burke. Gerald Tyler,M.B. Lond., 14, Somersei-road, W.Ealing. Av. 
18S8 Burland. Herbert, Finedon, Wellingborough. 

1905 Burman, Hugh Westley, Colicall, Herefordshire. 

1897 Burn, Alfred, M.D. Lond., Craicleg, Sussex. 

1887 Burn, Thomas William Barnett, Cambridge. 

1899 Burnand, Walter Eardley, i)?/?'Sa«, Natal. 

1905 Burner, Laurence Henry, General Ilosjntal, Cheltenham. 

1904 ' Burnett, Arthur Hill, Carlton-place, Southampton. 

1895 Burnett, Frank Marsden., M.D. Lond., Sevenoaks. 
1891 Burnett, John Ridley, M.D. Edinb., Keswick. 

1895 Burnett, Leslie Burton, M.B. Camb., Balcluthu, Otago, N.Z. 

1902 Burnett, Philip, M.D. McGill, 1073, Sherbrooke-street, Montreal. 
1886 Br.rnett, Reuben, Leek. 

1897 Burney, Charles Dudley Francis, 327, New Cross-road. s.e. 

1906 I Burney, Walter Henry Skardon, Grcenivich Infirmary, s.e. 

1893 [ Burniston, Hugh '^omQr\\\\e,'M3.'D-av\i., Naval Medical Service. 

1900 : Burns, Edward Pay ton, 158, High-street, Smethwick,Bi7nningham. 
"1895 ! Burns, William Thomas, The Crescent, Carlisle. 

1904 I Burpitt, Harry Reginald, London Asylum, Cane Hill, Surrey. 
1906 Burr, W'^ilfrid Buchanan, Winchester. 

1908 ; Burr,William Alexander, M.D. Toronto, i^er;7«6% Ontario, Canada. 

1905 Burra, Launcelot Toke, M.B. Oxf., Consumptive Hospital, Nexv- 

castle, CO. Wicklow, Ireland. 
1885 Burrell, Arthur Wra., M.D. Lond. 

1908 Burrell, Lancelot Stephen Topham, Oak Holm, Wimbledon. 

1895 i Burrell, Lionel Cottingham, M.B. Camb., Kew, Surrey. 

,, I Burridge, Henry Alfred, 46, Herne-hill. s.e. 
1904 Burridge, John Harold, Slough. 

1903 Burroughes, Henry Neville, M.B. Camb., 3, Hertford-street, 

May fair. AV. 



1892 j*Burroiio-hs, Jolin Herbert, 169 City-road. e.c. 

1884 Bunoiig-hs, Leopold, 7, Eltham-road, Lee. s.E. 
1894 Burroug-lis, William John, 75, Camden-road. n.w. 

„ Burrow, Thomas, J)alton-sf/nai'C, Lancaster. 

1896 Bm'rovv, Vincent, M.D. Durh., South-road, Alnwick Northumber- 


1907 Burrows, Arthur, Soll>>/s, Hadleigh Ji'at/leif/h, /Usser. 

1901 Burrows, Cresswell, M.B. Ca-iilt., Cambridf/e. 

1899 Burrows, Harold, Lond., Grove-road, Southsea. 

1878 Burr}', Henry Burry Pullen, Barnstaple. 

1897 Burt, Albert Hamilton, Falmeira-square, Hove, Brighton. 

1890 Burt. Cyril Cecil BarroAv, Sniiter field, Stratford-on-Avon. 

1902 Burt, Joseph Barnes, M.D. Lond., Manchester-road, Brixton. 

1891 Burt, William Charles, Wolverton, Bucks. 

1865 Burtch, John, M.D. Vict. Col., Fingal, Canada West. 

1894 Burton, Arthur, M.D. Camb., Cromer. 

1896 Burton, Charles George, Lower Edmonton, n. 

,, Burton, Edward Theodore, Naval Medical Service. 

1876 Burton, Herbert Campbell, Lee Park Lodge, Blackheath. s.E, 

1893 i Burton, James Cecil, Catne, Wilts. 

1868 Burton, John Eai"p, 64, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

1895 Burton, Leonard Lamming", M.D, Brussels, Longton. Staffordshire. 
189b Burton, Percy, Neiccastle, Stafordshirc. 

1891 Burton, William Edward, Frodsham, Cheshire. 

1879 Burton, William Henry, M.D. Toronto, Melbourne, Victoria. 
„ Burwash, Heniy John. 

1885 Bury, Herbert Taylor, Sydney, New South Wales. 

1892 Bury, Reginald Frederick, Leamington. 
1891 Busfield, James, Claygate^ Surrey. 

1880 Bush, Erasmus, Chillington, Kingsbridge. 

1890 Bushnell, Fiank George, M.D. Lond., County Hospital, Brighton. 

1905 Bushnell, Percy Charles, 16, Avondale-square. s.E. 

1907 Buss, Ho^\■ard Decimns, Undata, Cape Colony, S. Africa. 

1887 Buswell, Ferherd Richard, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1905 Butcher, Charles Bazett Deane, Ealing, "w. 

1902 Butcher, Hari'y Hendy, 4, Z)('A:eVrtrenw<', C//i6it"j't7.-. w. 

1900 Butcher, William James, Bedford. 

1893 Butement, William, Masterton, New Zealand. 

1896 Butler, Arthur George, M.B. Lond., ikckenliam-road, Penge. s.E.* 
1890 Butler, Charles, M.D. Brussels, East Budleigh, S. Devon. 

1907 Butler, Frank, 36, City-road, Finsbury-square. E.c. 

1879 Butler, Gamaliel Henry, 52, Macqvarie-street, Hobart, Tasmania. 

1906 Butler, Geor^^e (iuy, 61, Lambcth-palace-road. s.E. 
1884 Butler, Gilbert Edward, Montagu, 'I'asmania. 

1901 Butler, Harold Branson, Waterden-road, Guildford. 

1900 Butler, James Alfred, M.D. Lond., 280, Goldhawk-road, 

Shephei'd's Hush. \v. 

1906 Butler, Percival, Great-bridge, Tipton. 

1897 Butler, Sydney George, Royal Army Afedical Corps. 

* Formerly Tootal, John Herbert. 






Butler, Thomas Edward. 

Butler, Thomas Ilarrisou, M. D. Oxf., Kenihcorth. 

Butler, Thomas [.angton, Hdmsley, rorkshire. 

Butler, William Barber, Hereford. 

Butliu, Henry Trentham, .S2, Harlxi/sti-eet. av. 

Butt, Harold Thomas Hay ward, .S7. Bartholomew's ffo-^pital. e,c. 

Biittar, Charles, M.D. Camb., 10, Kensinf/tou-'/ardens-square. w. 

Butterfield, Nathaniel An^^nstns., Adde/ci/street, Cape 'Town, 

Butterworth, Joiin, lirentwood, Midd/efoit, Manchester. 

Button, Martin Biniis Stmiei", Marthufield, Deal. 

Buxton, Gurney White, Fenny Stratford. 

Byam, Samuel Henry, SS, Chester-square, s.av. 

Byam, William, Roijal Arniij Medical Corps. 

Byass, Thomas Spry, Langhani House, Northampton. 

Byatt, Harry \^ivian Byatt, Roijal Arni'i Medical Corps. 

Bye, Norman Huthnanee, Buckhnrst-hill, Essex. 

Byers, Hy. Stag-g-, M.B. Durh., Cleator, Cumberland. 

Byford. William Francis, Ruthin, X. Wales. 

Byles, James Beuzeville, M.B. Lond., 5. Sackville-street. w. 

Byles, John Beuzeville, M.B. Camb., .Joyce Green Hosp., Dartford. 

Byrne, George, Oicens College, Manchester. 

Byrne, John Joseph, Molden, Saskatchewan, Canada. 

Byrne, John Scott, M.B. Vict., 205, Up. Parliameni-st., Liverpool. 

By water, Ernest Fiederick Wharton, MJ3. Birm., Isolation 

Hospital, Muswell Hill. x. 
Caddy, Adrian, M.D. Lond., Harinr/toa-street, Calcutta. 
Caddy, Arnold, Hariugton-street Calcutta. 
Cade, Harry Mills, Ropsley Grantham. 
Cade, Henry Lowless. Parkhill-road. Wallington. 
Cadg"e, ^Villiam Hotson, Indian Medical Service. 
Caesar, Riciiard Thompson, Maidstone. 
Cag'lieri. Gnido Enrico, San Francisco, California. 
Cahill. John, 12, Serille-streef, Knightshridge. s.^w. 
Cahill, William Arthur. 

Caiger. Herbert. M.B. Lond., Burghersdorp, Orange River Colony.. 
Calder, Frank, M.B. Lond., Forbes, New South Wales. 
Caldicott, Charles Holt, M.B. Loud., Chobham. 
Caley, Guthrie Neville, ]N[.D. Durh., 44, Castlebar-rd., Ealing, "w. 
Caley, Thomas Aloysius, Tickhill, Rotherham. 
Callender, Eustace Maude, 47, Connaught-squnre. w. 
Callum, Harold Sidney Hill, M.B. Vict.. Tadcaster. 
Calthorp, Christopher William, Indian Medical Service. 
Calthrop, Edward, Satt'>n. Surrey. 

Calthrop. Lionel Claude, M.B. Durh., Wooflhall Spa, Lincoln. 
Calverlej', Jos. Ernest Goodfellow,C.M.G,, M.D. Lond., Folkestone^ 
Calvert, William Dobree, 17, Xeiv Steine, Brighton. 
Camacho, Angel, 48, Holland-park. "W. 
Camacho, Martin, 29, Elsham-road, Kensington, vr. 
Cameron, Alexander, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Cameron, Allan Gordon Russell, M.B. Durh., Worthing. 
Cameron, Charles, Bengal Army. 


Cameron, Charles Hamilton Hone, Eastbourne. 
Cameron, Kwan Gordon, 04, Great Portland-street. "NV. 
Cameron, John, M.D. Edinb., Middlesex Hospital, w. 
Cameron, John Joseph, 30, Beeston-street, Kingston, .Tamaica. 
Cameron, Malcolm, M.B. Lund., Naval Medical Service. 
Cameron, Robert Miles Fletcher, Boulder City, West Australia. 
Cameron, Robert Watson, Fenn-road, Wolverhampton. 
Cammidg-e, Percy John, M.B. Lond., 2, Beaumont-street. ■ w. 
Campbell, Alfred Young, MarrickviUe, New South Wales. 
Campbell, Ai-chibald John, Ross, Herefordshire. 
Campbell, Arthur Minton, M.B. Oxf., 25, Sth. Lamheth-rd. s.w. 
Campbell, Ciiristopher Addison, M.B. Toronto, Kirkton, Toronto., 

Campbell, Colin Alexander, M.D. Toronto, 87. Yorkville-avenue, 

Toronto, Canada. 
Campbell, Duncan McDougall Lochnell, Acton, av. 
Campbell, Francis Wayland, M.D. Montreal, Canada. 
Campbell, George Gunning, 25, Cambridge-road, Anerley. s.E. 
Campbell, John Alexander Langford, Naval Medical Service. 
Campbell, John Hay, D.S.O., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Campbell, Patrick Duncan Maclver, Naval Medical Service. 
Campbell, Robert, M.B. R. Univ., Irel., 03, Gt. Victoria-sL, Belfast. 
Campbell, William Archibald, M.B. Glasg., 24, Glasgow-street, 

Campbell, William Wellesley, Georgetown, British Guiana. 
Campiche, Paul, M.D. Switz,, Lausanne, Switzerland. 
Camps, Percy Wm. Leopold, M.B. Lond., Teddington. 
Candler, Arthur Laurence, M.B. Lond., 47, Coombe-rd., S. Croydon. 
Candler, George, Black Torrington, North Devon. 
Candler, Wallace Harry Charles, 8, High-st., Stone, Staffordshire. 
Candy, George Spence, 6, Gordon-square. AV.c. 
Cane, Howard, M.D. Brussels, Belvedere, Kent. 
Cane, Howard James Barrell, The Gables, Belvedere, Kent. 
Cane, Leonard Buckell, M.B, Camb., Peterborough. 
Canfield, Ralph Metcalf, M.D. Vermont, Stanstead, Quebec. 
Cann, Francis John Hughtrede,]\LB. hond., Sefton House, Dawlish. 
Caun, Ralph Thomas, Fowey, Cornwall. 
Cannau, David. 34, Sebert-road, Forest Gate. e. 
Caune}', James Robertson Campbell, University College Hos- 

intal. w.c. 
Cant, Arthur, M.B. Birm., Coleshill, Birmingham. 
Cant, Frederick, Woodley, Stockpoi^t. 
Cant, William Edmund, M.D. Durh., Jerusalem. 
Cant, William John. M.B. Birm., 3, Lindum-road, Lincoln. 
Canton, Frederick, 24, Upper Wimpole-street. av. 
Capes, Robert, 181, Grove-lane, Denmark-hill. s.E. 
Capon, Herbert James, M,D. Brussels, 40, Upper George-st. w. 
Capora, Albert William, Woodstock, Cape Town. 
Cappe, Herbert Nelson, Asylum, Brookwood, Surj'ey. 
Capper Harold Selwyn M.D. Lond., Miller-street, Sydney, N.S. W. 
Card, Alfred Herbert, 37, Muswell-rise, Musiuell Hill. n. 


Cardell, Edward Stewai't, Tonbridgc, Kent. 
Garden, William Alfred, Bothaville, Orange River Colonij. 
Cardew, Henry Jameson, M.B. Camb., 181, Ehury- street, s.w, 
Cardin, Herbert, Ingatestune, Essex. 

Cardinall, Charles Daking, 47, Church-road, Willesden. n.v.'. 
Cardozo, Samuel Nmiez, North Molton, Devon. 
*Carew, Sydney, 79, Nightingale-lane. s.av. 
Carg'ill, Lionel Vernon, 31, Harley-street. \y. 
Carle, Fredk. Charles, M.B. Lond., West Biifieet, Surrey. 
Carling, Albert, M.B. Camb., Great George-street, Bristol. 
Carling, Ernest Rock, M.B. Lond,, 14, JIandevi lie-place, w. 
Carlisle, Geoffrey, Naval Medical Service. 

Carlyll, Hildred Bertram, 7, Hanover-terrace, Regent' s-jmrk. N.w. 
Carlyon, Edvv. Trewbody, M.B. Durh., Yamouth, Isle of Wight. 
Carmody, Ernest Patrick, Tilehurst, Berkshire. 
Carnes, William, 152, Cardigan-road, Leeds. 
Carney, xVmbrose, Romford-road, Stratford, e., 
Carolin, George, Boscombe. 

Carpenter, Arthur Bristowe, M.B. Oxf., Croydon. 
Carpenter, Edgar Godfrey, Cairo, Egypt. 

Carpenter, Geoffrey Douglas Hale, 73, Elsham-road, Kensington. 
Carpenter, Percy Tranter, Parkstone, Dorset. 
Carpenter, Wm. Stanley, M.B. Durh., Abinger-rd., Deptford. s.E. 
Carpmael, Cecil Edward, M.B. Lond., 17, Half- Moon-lane. s.e. 
Carpmael, Norman, M.B. Lond., Henley-on-Thames. 
Carr, George Francis, Bank House, Wood-street, Wakefield. 
Carr, William James, T hornton-in-Craven, Leeds. 
Carr-Harris, Ferguson Fitton, M.D. Queen's, Canada, 13, Upper 

Woburn-place. w.c. 
Carre, Louis John Gerard, Limplestoke, Bath. 
Carre-Smith, Herbert Lovell, 74, Holland Park-avenue, av. 
Carrell, George Northern Piccaver, Ilford, Essex. 
Carroll, Edward Rich. Willm. Chas., Indian Medical Sei^vice. 
Carroll, Francis Radcliffe, M.B. Camb., Caterham. 
Carron, Frederick Burke, M.D. McGill, Brockville, Ontario, Canada. 
Carruthers, George, M.D. McGill, Prince Edward Island. 
Carruthers, Walter Donald, M.B. Birm., Ashby-de-la-Zouch. 
Carsberg, Alfred Ernest, M.B. Camb., Bruton, Somerset. 
Carson, Herbert William, '2Q, Welbeck-street. w. 
Carswell, William EUiott, M.B., New Zealand, 4, Endsleigh- 

gardens. N."W. 
Carstairs, Herbert James, Grahamstown, Cape Colony. 
Carter, Ai'thur Burnell. Dartford. 
Carter, Arthur Huuton, M.D. Loud., Wolverhampton. 
Carter, FeUx Bolton, M.D. Lond., Leicester. 
Carter, Frederick, M.D. Durh., Billericay, Brentwood. 
Carter, Frederick John. Sea View, Isle of Wight. 
Carter, George Archibald, Tunstall, Staffs. 
Carter, Howard Bernard, 287, Lewisham High-road. s.e. 

* Formerly Smith, Sydney. 



1892 Carter, IIii^li Kouald. 11, Lennard-pUice, Ketisiiir/ton. s.w. 

1893 Carter, Jaines P.ubicr, Vict., Ulccrston. 
Carter, Joliii Goorg-e, 7(!, Xeio Ktnf-road. s.k. 

1901 Carter, llobert Markhaui, Imluui. Medical Service. 

1907 Carter, Sydiie}', C/iandlli/, Oise, France. 
1863 Carter, Thomas, Riclimond, Yorkshire. 

1891 *Carter, Thomas Moravian, M.B. Durli., Clifton, Bristol. 

1887 Carter, Tyler l^Ieydell, Ckippcnluua. 

1888 Carter, Weldoii Cra<--o-, M.D. Lend., Southport. 

,, Carter, William Jeffrys Beclicr, Cape Colony, South Africa. 

1890 Carter, William I'obson, M.B. Camb., Wanvick. 

1892 Cartwrig-ht, Ernest Henry, M.D. Oxf., Ticehurst, Sussex. 

1908 Cnrver, Alfred Edward Arthur, 10, Donghtji-street. w.c. 

1904 Carver, Norman Clifton, M.B., Camb., FAcell-road, Surhiton. 

1892 Carwardine, Thomas, M.B. fiond., Clifton, Bristol. 

1867 Cascaden, John, M.D. Toronto, St. Thomas, Canada West. 

1897 Case, Hug'h Martin, Fareham, Hants. 

1893 Cass, Artliur Morgan, South Wigston, Leicester. 
1906 Cassidy, Colin, M.B. Caml3., Annji Medical Serrice. 
1887 Castel, Adoiplius Leo, Quatres Domes, Mauritius. 
1906 Casteilaiii, John Graham, St. CJeorgts Hospital, vr. 
1884 Castor, Richard Ilendereon, Indian ]\[edical Serrice. 

1901 Cathcart, George Elliott, Boyal Armt/ .\fedical Corps. 
1908 Cathcart. Samuel Earle, Greenfield, Ilighgate. n. 

1905 Catling:, Henry, 38, St. James-road, Brixton, s.w. 

1889 Cato, Alexander ls\c\je?a\,\hA, Stanstead-road. s.e. 
1899 Cato, Chai-les Stanley, Rojial Army Medical Corps. 

1886 Cattell, George Trew, M.D. Brussels, 179, Cromwell-road. s.-w. 
1899 Catterall, Cuthbert Geo., Ctarerley-grore, Finchleij. x. 

1887 Caudwell, Eber, 122, North Side, Clapham. s.AV. 

1888 Caudwell, Francis Bernard Henry, Great Coggesha/l, Essex. 

1902 Causton, Edward Postle Gwyn, Naval Medical Service. 

1895 Cave, Francis William, Ipswich. 

1886 1 Cave, Frank Evans, Silrerhill, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

1890 i Cavell, Herbert Bertram. 

1886 Caveii. Jolni, 29. Carlton-street, Toronto^ Canada. 

1888 Caven, William Prondfoot, Toronto, Canada. 

1896 Cavenagh - Maiiuvaviiig', Wentworth Rowland, Adelaide^ 
' Australia. 

1895 Cawley, George, Otfei'sliaw, Chertsey. 

1901 Cawston, Albert Edward, Wantage, Berls. 

1896 Cayley, Frank Pierson, M.B. Camb., Slansted, Essex. 
1892 Cazalet, Grenville William, Sutton, Surrey. 

1898 ; Cazaly, William Henry, M.B. Lond., Indian Mediccd Service. 

1899 Cazenove, William Reginald, Kuighfs-hill-rd.. W. Norwood, s.e. 
1896 Center, Wm. Rudolph, M.B. Ediiib., Naval Medical Service. 

1902 Cerswell, William Alfred, M.B. Toronto, 914, Dovercourt-rd., 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

1898 Chadborn, Charles Nugent, 10, Camlridge-road, Hove, Brighton. 

* Formerly Carter, Arlingliam. 





















































Chadwick, James Morley, Ilanc/iester. 
Chaff, Thomas Waycott, Higher Brour/hton, Manchester. 
Chaffey, Wayland Chas., M.D. Lond., Hove, Brighton. 
Chaikiu, George, 47^ White Lion-street, Norton Folgate. n.e. 
Chaklecott, John Henry, 60, Barley -street, w. 
Chalk, Charles Launder, Hatfield Broad Oak, Essex. 
Challans, F^rank, M.D. Loud., Upton Manor, e. 
Challice, John Scott, Mount Pleasant, Leeds. 
Challinor, Cedric, Leigh, Lancashire. 
ChaUinor, Samuel Macmillan, Askam-in-Furness. 
Challis, Harry Thornton, 315, Hoe-street, Walthamstow. n.e. 
Challis, Oswald, Royal Army Medical Coiys. 
Chalmers, Albert John, M.D. Vict,, Colombo, Ceylon, 
Chamberlain, Durie Averj^ Shalton, North Cornwall. 
Chamberlain. Edward Twyford, M.D. Durh., Billinghurst, Essex. 
Chambers, Alexander Jasper, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Chambers, Alfred Edward, Denton, Manchester. 
Cliambers, Ernest James, 9, Regaicy House, Regency-street, s.w. 
Chambers, Herbert William, Goldhaivk-road, Shepherd's Bush. w. 
Chambers, John Miles, 76, Talgarth Mansions, W. Kensington, w. 
Chambers, William Francis, Folkestone. 

Chance, Robert Francis, 34, West-side, Wandsworth Commom. s.w. 
Chand, Fatch, College of Medicine, Neivcastle-on-Tyne. 
Chandler, Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Chaplin, Clement Woodthorpe, M.D. Lond., Angmering, Sussex. 
Chapman, Algernon Vivian, Croydon. 
Chapman, Charles Leopold Granville, Grimsby. 
Chapman, Donald Poyntz, Naval Medical Service. 
Chapman, Frederick Hei'cy Montagu, Roy. Army Med. Service. 
Chapman, George William, Margate. 
Chapman, Herbert Frederick, Richmond, Surrey. 
Chapman, John Ellis, Greai Clacton, Essex. 
Chapman, Walter, M.B. Birm., Totnes. 

Chapman, William Daniel, M.B. Camb., Hehnicood, Windermere. 
Chapman, William James, M.D. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 
Chappie, Aubrey Durant, St. George' s-road, Weybridge. 
Chappie, Harold, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 
Chappie, Robt. Llewellyn, Stanfoot, Bamsley. 
Charles, Arthur de Courcey Cranstoun, Lidian Med. Service. 
Charles, Blackwell, Neivton Abbot. 

Charles, Clifford Pendrill, Orwood Court, Kensington, w. 
Charles, Godfrey P^ustace, Indian Medical Service. 
Charles, Herbert, 22, Anson-road, Crickleivood. 
Charlesworth, George Henry, East Hill, Wandsworth, s.w. 
Charlton, Frederick John, Wimborne. 

Charpentier, Ambrose Edward Lea, M.D. Durham, Uxbridge. 
Charsley, Gilbert William, M.B. Birm., Great Malvern. 
Charsley, Robert Stephen, Slough. 
Chase, Robert Godwin, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 
Chaster, George William, 42, Talbot-street, Southport. 
Chatelain,Victor Albert, M.B. Lond., ii.,Aberdour-gd7is.,Goodniayes. 







Chater, Harold John, Naval Medical Service. 

Chater, John Samuel, M.D. Lond., 10, Steep Hill, Lincoln. 

Chater, Thomas Andrew, Ladijsmith, Natal. 

Chatterton, Edg'ar, 2, Upper Westboume-terrace. w. 

Chatterton, Harold, fil, Pnrtsdou-n-rnad, Maida Vale. w. 

Chaudhuri, Suhrid Nath, Calcutta, India. 

Chauncy, James Hornidg'e, 44, Lee-park, Blackheath. s.e. 

Chavasse, Howard Sidney, Sutton Coldjield, Birmingham. 

Chawner, Alfred, Chesterfield. 

Cheadle, Bernard Arthur, The Cloisters, Westminster Abbey, s.w. 

Cheale, Montague, Uckfield, Sussex. 

Cheatle, Arthur Henry, 18, Savile-row. w. 

Cheatle, Cyril Thomas, Burford, Oxon. 

Cheatle, William George, Asylum, Ranivell. "W. 

Cheese. Fredk. Wra., M.D. Dnrh., 9oa, Blackheath-hill. s.e. 

(!)heese, John William, Northwood, Herts. 

Cheesman, Herbert Hilton, Kamnrjahak, New Zealand. 

Cheetham, S3'dney William, 233, Romford-road, Forest-gate. E. 

Chell, George Russell Haines, Newark. 

Chenery, Arthur, Mortlake, Victoria, Australia. 

Chennells, Ernest Phdip, M.B. Lond., 39, Woodville-road. 

Thornton Heath. 
Cherrett, Bertram Walter, M.B. Lend., Fever Hosp., Plaistow. e. 
*Chesson, Herbert, Brisbane, Queensland. 
Chetwood, Thomas, M.B. Lond., 79, New North-road. n. 
Chevallier, Claude Lionel, British Protectorate, E. Africa. 
Cheyney, George Hammond, Caversham, Oxon. 
Chichester, Edward, M.B. Lond., Colchester. 
Chicken, Rupert Cecil, Nottingham. 
Chidell, Claude Churchill, M.B. Lond., Ville Gentiana Arosa, 

Chilcott, Arthur Edward, M.D. BTUss.e\s,St.Pancras Lifirmary. s.w. 
Chilcott, William Winsland Douglas, Naval Med. Service. 
Child, Francis Joseph, M.D. Camb., Winchester. 
Child, Gerald Alfred, Southampton. 

Child, Harry Norman Rix, 65, Gaisford-st., Kentish Town. n.w. 
Child, Stanley, M.B. Camb., SUnfold, Horsham. 
Childe, Charles Plumley, Kent-road, Southsea. 
Childs, Christopher, M.D. Oxf., Boscarne, Ijooe. 
Chiles-Evans, David Brynmor, Fforest Fach, Swansea. 
Chisholm, Murdoch, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 
Chisnall, George Henry, Frating Abbey, Colchester. 
Chissell, Percy John, Middlesex Hospital, w. 
f Chittenden, Thomas Hillier, M.D. Durh. , 25, Ovington-square. s.w. 
Chitty, Hubert, M.B. Lond., Brockhill-park, Hythe, Kent. 
Cholmeley, Montague Adye, Truro. 
Cholmeley, William Fredk., Wolverhampton. 

* Formerly Lardner, Herbert G-alloway. 
t Kesigned membersliip, April, 1908. 


Chopping', Arthur, Roi/al Army Medical Corps. 

Chopra, Ram Nath, M.D. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 

Chown, Henry Havelock, M.D. Kingston, 

Christal, Thomas Forster, Benbulben, Ireland. 

Christian, John Beresford, Indian Medical Service. 

Christmas, Robert Wm. Samuel, Gamlingay, Sandy. 

Christopherson, Cecil, St. Leonards. 

Churchill, George Brooke Forbes, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Churchill, Herbert Melville, 180, Spring field-road, Brighton. 

Churchill, John Aylward, Tientsin, Chinci. 

Churchill, John Foot, Chesham, Amersham. 

Churchill, Joseph Henry, Wembley, Middlesex. 

Churchill, Spencer, Fairharen, Putney Heath, s.av. 

Churton, John Gaitskell, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Clapham, Edward William, 48, Har ley -street, w. 

Clapham, Harold, Thorney, Peterborough. 

Clapham, John Thurlow, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Clapham, Roderic Arthur, M.B. Camb., Eastbourne. 

Clapham, Stanley Cornell, M.B. Durh., Handley, Dorset. 

Clapham, William Crochley Sampson, M.D. Brussels. Rotherham. 

Clapp, Robert, Whitchurch, Tavit^tock. 

Clare, Thomas Charles, M.B. Lond., Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Claremont, Louis Bennett, 60, Haverstock-hill. n.w. 

Claridge, William Walton, N. Territories, W. Africa. 

Clark, Brown, 86, Turnpike-lane, Hornsey. N. 

Clark, [lenry Colbatch, Wellington, Hereford. 

Clark, Henry James, Sicanage, Dorset. 

Clark, James Aitkin, M.B. Lond , 93, Fordwych-road, Brondesbury. 


Clark, Reginald William, Chamberlayne-road, Willesden. n.w. 

Clark, Richard Foster, Naval Medical Service. 

Clark, Sydney, 25, Blenheim-ten^ace., Leeds. 

Clark, William Adams, M.D. Lond., Beckenham-road, Penge. s.e. 

Clark, William Brown, M.B. Lond., 11, Beaufort House, Chelsea. 

Clark, William Gladstone, Bulawayo, Rhodesia. 
Clark, William Thomas Marston, Cross Deep, Twickenham. 
Clarke, Arlhur, Morley, Leeds. 

Clarke, Arthur Allen Foster, 74, Inverness-terrace, w. 
Clarke, Arthur Ernest, M.D. Lond., Rickmansicorth. 
Clarke, Arthur Hopkins, Hobart, Tasmania. 
Clarke, Astley Vavasour, M.D. Camb., London-road, Leicester. 
Clarke, Cecil, ]\LB. Lond., 17, Elmdale-road, TyndalVs Park, 

Clarke, Colin, Quex-j'oad, West Hampstead. n.w. 
Clarke, Edward Revely, Plymouth. 
Clarke, Fielding, Tunbridge Wells. 

Clarke, Fincastle George Barlow, 49, Bel grave-road. s.w. 
Clarke, Frederick xVdderley Howard, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Clarke, George Fernandez Mitchell, Cranbourne-mansions, Cran- 

bourne-street. w.c. 

I 2 





J 886 



Clarke, George Gilbert, Foulby, Wakefield. 

Clarke, George Saunder. Springfontein, Orange River Colony. 

Clarke, Harold AVrangel, M.D. Brussels, 67, St. (luintin's-avenve, 
North Kensington, "vv. 

Clarke, Harry Edward, 34, The Avenue, Bedford-park. w. 

Clarke, Harry Ward, M.B. Durh., Capel, Dorking. 

Clarke, Henrj', M.D. Durh., West Riding Prison, Wakefield. 

Clarke, Henry Hiigii Rose, Ilagley-road, Stourbridge. 

Clarke, Henry Joy, M.B. Camb., 53, Ilallgate, Doncaster. 

Clarke, Heni'y Robt. Stanhope, Wolverhampton. 

Clarke, Hugh Campbell Wilson, A shton-on- Mersey, Cheshire. 

Clarke, Huntley, Truro. 

Clarke, James, Walthamstoiv. n.e. 

Clarke, James Macfarlane, M.B. Vict. 

Clarke, John, Rotherham. 

Clarke, John Stephenson, M.B. Camb., Magor, Mon, 

Clarke, John Tertius, Batu Gnyah, Perak, Malay States. 

Clarke, Samuel Arathoon, Horley., Surrey. 

Clarke, Sidney Herbert, M.B. Lond., Leicester Asylum, Nar- 

Clarke, Thomas Alexander, 88, Bolingbroke-grove , Wandsworih- 

common. s.w. 
Clarke, Walter James, Gravelly-hill, Bii^mingham. 
Clarke, Walter Travers, Morley, Leeds. 

Clark-Hall, James Richard Alexander, Naval Medical Service. 
Clarkson, Colin Campbell, M.B. Lond., Stonegate-road, Leicester. 
Clarkson, Frank Cecil, Indian Medical Service. 
Clarkson, George Aylwiu, Caterham Hill, Surrey. 
Clarkson, John Wilkins, Indian Medical Service. 
Clarkson, Thomas Harry Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps^ 
Clay, Cecil Ernest, Deicsbury. 
Clay, David Lloyd, Otaki, Neiv Zealand. 
Clay, Ernest Langsford, M.B. Lond., Moseley, Birmingham. 
Clay, Francis Edmund, 130, Stondon-park. s.e. 
Clay, James Duncan, 20, St. Asaph-rood, Brockley. s.e. 
Clay, John, M.B. Durh., 6, Victoria-square, Neiocastle-on-Tyne. 
Clay, William Rudolph, Hornsby, Sydney, N.S. W. 
Clayton, Arthur Ross, M.B. Adelaide, Medinclie, South Australia. 
Clayton, Charles Hollingsworth, 10, College-terrace, Belsize- 

park. N.w. 
Clayton, Edward Bellis, Hillside, Ditton-hill, Surrey. 
Clayton. Ernest Tomlinson, 19, Harpur-st., Red Lion-sq. w.c. 
Clayton, Frank, Meadow-side, North Finchley. N. 
Clayton, John Cecil, Brondesbury-park, Crickleioood. n.av. 
Clayton, John Hazel wood, M.B. Lond., Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
Clayton, Joseph Everett, Heilbron, Orange River Colony. 
Cleary, Augustine Patrick Douglas, 9, Templeton-place, South 

Kensington, s.w. 
Cleaver, William Fidler, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies. 
Clegg, John Gray, M.D. Lond., 22, St. John-street, Manchester. 

1891 I Clegg, Richard, Clayton-le-Mooi-s, Accrington. 


Cleg-g-, Walter Thomas, 97, Durning-road, Liverpool. 
Clemens, James Ross, 110, NorthSth-st., St. Loins, Mo,, U.S.A. 
Clementi-Smith, Herbert Drayton, 11, A Omgdon-ct., Kensington, w. 
Clements, Edward Cecil, 3, Lindum-road, Lincoln. 
Clemesha, John Craig, 33, Upper Bedford-place. w.C. 
Clemesha, Wm. Wesley, M.B. Vict., Indian Medical Service. 
Clemmey, William Newlands, Merton-7-oad, Bootle, Liverpool. 
Clendinnen, Frederick John, Hawksbum, Victoria, Australia. 
Clendinnen, William McEntire, M.B. Birm., Coseley, Bilston. 
Cleve, Richd. Plowman. 

Cleveland, Henry Francis, Lidian Medical Service. 
Cleveland, John Wheeler, Clarence-rond, St. Albans. 
Cleveland, Robert Achilles, Nicosia, Ci/jvus. 
Cleverton, Thomas Charles Albert, Windsor Villa, Saltash. 
Clifford, Frank Charles Weeks, Audleij, Newcastle, Stafford. 
Clifford, Harold, M.B. Lond., 15, St. John's-street, Manchester. 
Clifford, Maurice, 11, Randolph-crescent, Maida Hill. w. 
Clifford, Thomas, M.B. Durham, Stalijbridge, Cheshire. 
Chft, Hugh, Naval Medical Service. 
Clift, Samuel Leonard, M.D. Brussels, Bournemouth. 
Clindeniug-, Fredk. Talbot Driffield, Kiukiang, China. 
Clitherow, Herbert George, Peckham Rye. s.e. 
Clogg, Herbert Sherwell, M.B. Lond., 43, Harley-street. w. 
(Jlose, John Basil, 48, Esplanade-road, Scarborough. 
Close, John Borrill, M.D. Durham, Piyme-street, Hull. 
Clothier, Henry, M.D. Lond., Selpham, Bognor. 
Cloud, Frank Henry Loveless, New Buckingham, Norfolk. 
Clough, Alfred Hollier, Maldon, Essex. 
Clough, Joseph, Hunslet, Tweeds. 

Clover, Martin, Verjjan, Grampound-road, Cornwall. 
Clowes, Ernest Francis, Wotton-iinder-Edge. 
Clowes, Herbert Alfred, M.D. Durh., 4, St. Stephen' s-road. w. 
Clowes, John Palphreyman, County Asylian, Prestwich. 
Clowes, Norton Burroughs, ^mc/fna. 
Clowes, William Frederick Albert, Colchester. 
Clubbe, Charles Percy Barlee, Sydney, New South Wales. 
Coad, Claude Norman, Walton, near Wakefield. 
Coad, Stanley Allan, Farnham, Surre>/. 
Coaker, Francis Wm. John, 22, High-street, Bromsgrove. 
Coalbank, Robert Malcolm, Teddington Lodge. Teddington, 
Coates, Frederick Arthur, Whitchurch. 
Coates, Henry Houiton. 
Coates, John, Humansdorp, Cape Colony. 
Coates, Richard, Great Barford, St. Neots. 
Coates, William Henry, M.B. Durham, Patrington, Hull. 
Cobb, Ernest Herbert, Belmont, Stevenage. 
Cobb, Robert, 83, High-road, Leytonstone. n.e. 
Cobb, William Ernest Stanley, 6, Selkirk-road, Tooting, s.w. 
Cobbett, Louis, M.D. Camb., Cambridge. 

Cobbledick. Arthur Stanbury, M.D. Lond., 402, Brixton-road. 


1894 Cochrane. Archer William Ross, M.B., Lond., Bengal Army. 

1890 Cochrane, James Mackeand, M.D. Toronto, Horn-lane, Acton, w. 
1894 Cock, Charles James Edward, Naval Medical Service. 

1903 Cock, Frederick, Naval Medical Service. 

1896 Cock, George Herbert, M.B. Edinb., South Molton. 

1907 Cock, James Lyall, M.D. Dalhousie, 16, Torrington-sqttare. w.c. 

1882 Cock, John, Exniouth. 

1883 Cock, Morris Fisher, Ashford, Middlesex. 
„ Cockburn, Lestock Weatherley. 

1893 Cockburn, Robert Pitcairn, M.D. Edinb., 64, Avemte, Ealing, s.w. 

1905 Cockcroft, Georg^e, M.D. Lond.. Middleham, Yorks. 
1900 Cocke, Robert Sturgeon. 78, Wimpole-street. "\v. 
1888 Cockerill, Jolin William 138, Stockwell-road. s.w. 

„ Cockerton, Herbert, Middleburg, Transvaal. 

1891 Cockill, Thomas Treffry, Richmond., Surreij. 

1887 Cockill, William Baron, M.D. Durh., Kendal, Westmoreland. 

1883 Codd, Arthur Frederick Gambell, M.B. Durham, Bromley^ Kent. 

1867 Codriugton, John Frederic, Orange New South Wales. 
1896 Codrino-ton, Wm. James, Naval Medical Service. 

1884 Coe, Hy. Clark, M.D. Harvard, 124, East ooth Street, New 

York, U.S. 

1899 Coghlan, Edward Francis, 1, Ormonde-terrace^ Regent's Park. N.w. 

1893 Cogill, Harry, 2, Gwendwr-road, W. Kensington, w. 
1898 Cogswell, Philip Dare, Stoney Stanton, Hinckley. 

1908 Cohen, Bertie Isaac, St. George's Hospital, s.w. 

1900 Cohen, Edward, Femhank, Shoot-up Hill, Crickleivood. N.w. 

1896 , Cohen, Joseph, 87, Victoria-road, A Idershot. 

1902 Cohen, Marcus Woolf, M.B. Lond., 100, Commercial-road. E. 
1907 Cohen, Meyer, M.B. Lond., 68, Grosvenor-road, Canonhury. sr. 

1900 Cohn, Jacob, M.D. Jena, 34, Belsize-square. n.w. 

1892 *Coke, Edmund Percival Isaacs, 1, Sinclair-road, Kensington, w. 

1901 Coke, William Francis Harriott, Ashford, Kent. 
1874 Coke, William Harriott, Ashford, Kent. 

1904 Coker, Alfred Philip, Siidney, New South Wales. 
1886 Coker, Owen Cole, Ealing, w. 

1863 Colbeck, Thomas William, Dover. 

1888 Colborne, George, Bungay, Sufolk. 

1886 Colborne, William John, Naval Medical Service. 

1894 Colby, Francis Edward Albert, M.B. Camb., Wokiug. 
1888 Colby; James George Emest, M.B. Oxford. Malton. 

1892 Colclough, William Frank, ^LB. Camb., Hillsdon, Sidmouth. 

1894 Coldicott, Wm. Rimell, 91, Shepherd's Bush-road. w. 

1903 Cole, Arthur Frederick, Ningpo, Mid China. 

1906 Cole, Horace Godden, 34, Pelham-road., Liverpool. 

1895 Cole, George, Sneinton-road, Nottingham. 

1897 Cole, John William Edward, M.B. Camb., Mivomboshi, N.E. 


1904 Cole, Percival Pasley, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1868 Cole, Richard Mount, Gloucester. 

* Formerly Isaacs, Edtmrud Percival, 


Cole, Samuel John, Bideford. 

Coleman, Alfred Thomas, Leicester. 

Coleman, Edw. Hayliug", M.B. Camb., Wolverhampton. 

Coleman, Ernest, M.B. Lond., Ilford, Essex. 

Coleman, Frank, 129, Harley-street. w. 

Coleman, James George Blj^th, Langlands, Mortimer, Salop. 

Coleman, James Jordan, M.B. Loud., Bridlington., Yorkshire, 

Coleman, Maurice Were, M.D. Lend., 129, Castle-hill, Reading. 

Coleman, Percy, M.B. Diirb., Clacton-on-Sea. 

Coleman, William Edward, Wedneshury. 

Coieridg-e, Alfred, M.B. Lond., 12, Cotham-gardens, Bristol. 

Coles, Charles, M.D. Lond., Oxford. 

Coles, Charles, St. Arnaud Lavington-road, Ealing, w. 

Coles, Donald Alexr., M.D. Brussels. 

Coley, Frederic Collins, M.D. Durh., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Colg-ate, Henry, M.D. Lond., Eastbourne. 

Collard, Bevil Molesworth, Sherborne, Dorchester. 

Collard, Frederick Stuartson, Brighton-i^oad, Croydon. 

Collcutt, Arthur Maurice, M.B. Camb., St. Feter's-place, Brighton. 

Colledge, Lionel, 26, Warwick-square, s.w. 

Collenette, Frauk de Beauchamp, Tooting Common, s.w. 

Collens, Edward Howard, M.B. Lond., Hereford. 

Collet, Gilbert Golding-, M.B. Camb., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Collet, Golding Bird, Worthing. 

Collier, Charles, 21, Eaton-terrace, Eaton-sqtiare. w. 

Collier, Henry William, M.B. Lond., 71, Whitehall-park, High- 

yate. N. 
Collier, Herbert, M.D. Brussels, Penzance. 
Collier, Horace Stansfield, 57a, Wimpole-street. w. 
Collier, Robert Stanley, Livingstone, iV. W. Rhodesia. 
CoUier, Walter Edgar, Asylnni, Barming Heath, Maidstone. 
CoUingham, David Horace, 80, Cheyne-court, Chelsea. s.w. 
Collingridge. William Rex, Morland, Penrith. 
Ceilings, Dudley Willis, M.B. Loud., ^5C0^ 
Collings, Edward Beresford, Church-street, Bamsley. 
Collington, Frank Amott, Coventiy. 
Collingwood, Fredk. William, 17, St. Margaret' s-road, Brockley. 


Collingwood, George Trevor, Naval Medical Service. 

Collins, Algernon Boniface, Yapton, Arundel. 

Collins, Arthur Ward, M.B. Vict., Ulverston. 

Collins, Charles Edward, East Grinstead. 

Collins, Charles Phillips, Leamington. 

CoUins, Edward Treacher, 17, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Collins, Ethelbert, Saivbridgeicorih, Herts. 

ColUns, Floyd, Ryecroft-street, Fulham. s.w. 

Collins, Francis (larland, Mount Hawke, Cornwall. 

Collins, Frank, Neic Wanstead. n.e. 

Collins, George William, The Mall, Wanstead. n.e. 

Collins, John Boniface, Hawthorn Lodge, Yapton, Arundel. 

Collins, John Norton, M.D. Lond., Peterborough. 


1901 Collins, Michael Abdy, M.D. Lond., Bexlen Asylum^ Kent. 

1883 Collins, Octavius Au^nistus Glasier, 5, Paraf/on, Bath. 
1891 Collins, Richard Hawtrey, M.D. Brussels, East Ham. e. 

1902 Collins, Reg-inald Thomas, Royal Army Medical Coi-ps. 

1896 Collins, Victor Evelyn, M.D, Lond., Graaf Re.inet, Cape Town. 

1899 CoUinsou, Francis diaries, Biiryh Wallis, Rotherham. 

„ Colliuson, Ilai-old, M.H, Lond., General Infirmary, Leeds. 

1891 Collinson, Thomas Arthur, 62, Cranhmok-road, Bristol. 

1894 Collis, Arthur John, M.D. Camb.. Neiccastle-on-Tyne. 
1896 Collis, Edgar Leigh, M.B. Oxf.. Home Office, s.w. 
1898 Colls, Percy Cooper, Benenden, Cranbroolc, Kent. 

„ Collum, Rowland William, 85, New Gavendish-slreet. \v. 

„ Collyer, Bertram Joseph, Totnes-road^ Paignton. 

1893 Collyer, Brice, M.D. Lond., Croham-road, Croydon. 

1864 Collyer, James, Playden, Sussex. 

1884 Collyer, James Ralph, Playden, Sussex. 

1900 CoUyns, John Moore, M.BI Lond., Entebbe, Uganda. 
1882 CoUyns, Robert John, Dulverton. 

1884 Colnian, Henry, Reigate. 

1904 Colmer, Cecil, M.B. Lond., Yeovil. 

1892 Colmer, Ptolemy Augustus, South-street, Yeovil. 

1905 Colmer, Vyvian Bridfort., Somerset. 

1886 Colquhoun, William Brooks, 12a, Bloomsbury- street. "W.C, 
1904 Colt, George Herbert, M.B. Camb., 4, Prioiy-court, West 

Hampstead. n.w. 

1898 Coltart, Guy Hemming, M.B. Lond., 714, Falham-road. s.w. 

,, Coltart, Henry Neville, Samastijmr, India. 

„ Coltart, Wilfred Henry, M.B. Lond., Oswesti'7/. 

1872 Coltart, William Wilson, Epsom. 

1867 Colter, Newton Ramsey, M.D. Harvard, Canada. 

1890 Colvin-Smith, Robt. Curzon Molison, M.B. Camb., Cromer. 

1900 Colwell, Hector Alfred, M.B. Lond., 55, Ridge-road., Hornsey. n. 

1891 Colyer, Arthur Reginald, Beckenham. 

1907 Colyer, Horace Charles, 54, Upper Wimpole-street. w. 

1889 Colyer, James Frank, 11, Q//ee?i Yl«ne-5<}w^ w. 

1887 Comber, Arthur Wandesforde, Oxford. 

1886 Comber, Charles Thomas Thornton, cjo Pawling 4' Co., Victoria 

Falls, Rhodesia. 

1887 Comerford, Beaumont Harry, M.D. Durh.,3, Chester-terrace, s.av. 

1901 Gompton. Ahvyue Theodore, S, Mount View-road. n. 
1900 Compton, Maurice Winzar, Keyingham^ Hull. 

1896 Compton, Thomas, East Molesey. 

1865 Compton, Thomas Armetriding, M.D. Dubl., Parkstone. Dorset. 

1907 Comyn, Arthur Fitzwilliam, 7/////z^, Keiit. 

1893 Conder, Alfred Hartwell, Durban., Natal. 

1877 Cones, George Augustus, Indian Medical Service. 

1885 Cones, John Archibald, Burgess Hill, Sussex. 

1895 Conford, (xeorge James, M.D. Oxf., Felixstowe. 

„ Counell, Arthui- Mayers, 79, Hanover-street, Sheffield. 

,, Connell, Walter Thomas, Spencerville, Ontario, Canada. 

1908 Connellan, Edmund Victor, 6, Charlton-road, Keymlianu Somerset. 



ConnellaD, Percival Sandys, 10, Queen-square, w.c. 

Connolly, Frank Glynn, South Brisbane, Queensland. 

Connor, Frank Powell, Indian Medical Service. 

Connor. Georg-e Washin2;'ton, 77, Hill-street, Newry. 

ConolIy,Noel Alfred William, Drummoyne,Sydney,N. South Wales. 

Conran, Philip Crawford, Garryowen, Basingstoke. 

Constable, John Cecil, 215, Brixton-road. s.w. 

Constant, Thomas Edward, Scarborough. 

Conway, Aubrey, Stockport. 

Conwa}^, Basil Wiseman, Stockport-road, Manchester. 

Coode, Claude Lionel, M.B., Oxf., Stroud, Gloucester. 

Cook, Augustus Henry, M.B. Ijoiid., Roslyn-hiU. n.w. 

Cook, Ernest Neville, M.B. Lond., 12, liosslyn-hill, Hanq^stead. 

Cook, Frederick Ernest, Laura, South Australia. 

Cook, Harry Franklyn, St. Domingo-grove, Liverpool. 

Cook, Herbert Geo. Graham, M.D. Lond., 22, Newport-rd., Cardiff. 

Cook, Isaac Keginald, M.B. Lond., Woodford Green, Essex. 

Cook, John, Newport, Mon. 

Cook, John Howard, M.B. Lond., Mengo, Uganda. 

Cook, Jonathan Nield, Bedford. 

Cook, Joseph Basil, M.D. Vict., Great Missenden, Btickinghamshire. 

Cook, Lewis, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Cook, Robert James, Derby. 

Cook, Samuel Bird, M.D. XionA. , Askam, Lancashire. 

Cook, William Warner, St. Faith's, Norwich. 

Cooke, Albert William, Northampton. 

Cooke, Arthur, M.B. Oxf., Cambridge. 

Cooke, Cecil Whitehall, M.D. Lond., 129, Walm-lane, Crickle- 

ivood. N.W. 
Cooke, Charles Michael. 
Cooke, Ernest Wilfrid, Shrewsbury . 

Cooke, Francis Gerrard Hamilton, Trichinopoly, S. India-. 
Cooke, Francis Henry, Birch, Colchester. 
Cooke, Fredk. Arthur, M.D. Dnrh., Iladdmham, Bucks. 
Cooke, George Harry, M.D. Lond., St. Helens, Lancashire. 
Cooke, James Douglas, M.B.. Melb., Stanmore, Middlesex. 
Cooke, John Ambrose, Tue Brook Villa, Liverpool. 
Cooke, John George, M.B. Camb., Walsall. 
Cooke, Martin Alfred, 17, Gipsy -hill. Upper Norwood. s.E. 
Cooke Montague Percy, 52, Ealing-road, South Ealing, w. 
Cooke, Owen Cunningham Preston, Army Medical Service. 
Cooke, B,egmdi\dTorr'mno, Brightwalton, Wantage. 
Cooke. Thomas Alfred Burnard, New Milford, Pembrokeshire. 
Cooke, William Henry, Bath. 
Cookson, Fredk. Nesfield, M.D. Lond., Stafford. 
Cookson, Reginald George, Formby, Tasmania. 
Cooley, Alfred Glover, Campbelltown, New South Wales. 
Coombe, Thomas Sandby, Purton, Swindon. 
Coomber, Arthur Beauchamp, 36, Great Eastern-street, e.g. 
Coomber, Francis, 36, Great Eastern-street, e.g. 
Coombes, Percival Charles, Asijlum, Wallingford. 


1867 Coombs, Rowland Hill, M.D. Durham, Bedford. 

1889 Cooper, Ardaseer Dossabhoy, Bombay^ India. 
1870 Cooper, Arthur, 20, Old Burlington-street, w. 

1892 Cooper, Arthur Tanner, 87, Great Portland-street, w. 

1890 Cooper, Charles Dudley. 

1900 Cooper, Charles Minor, 1, Fingal-place. Edinburgh. 

1892 Cooper, Dossabhoy Nowrojee, 13, Roy(d-avenue, Sloane-sg. 8."\r 
1888 Cooper, Edward, Naval Medical Service. 

1896 Cooper^ Edward Harold, Radlett, Herts. 

1875 Cooper, Ernest Frederic, 22, South Hill Park-gardens, Hamp- 
stead. N.AV. 

1894 Cooper, Francis Bastow, M.B. Durh., Lincoln. 

1898 Cooper, Frank, Gordon-place, Erdiugtim, Birmingham. 
1864 Cooper, George Frederic, Valparaiso, S. America. 
1882 Cooper, Georg-e Frederick, M.B. Lond., Lovghton, Essex. 

1896 I Cooper, Harold Merriman, M.B. Lond., Hampton-on- Thames. 

1893 I Cooper, Harry, M.D. Oxf., Ewell-road, Surbiton. 

1897 I Cooper, Harr}- Gordon, Altrincham, Cheshire. 

1890 Cooper, Harry Joseph, M.B. Camb., Lijme Regis, Dorset. 

1904 Cooper, Henry, Naval Medical Service. 

1900 Cooper, Henry Creemer, 80, Gloucester-road, S. Kensington, w. 

1890 I Cooper, Henrj- Spencer, Yaxley, Peterborough. 

1903 Cooper, John Sephton, M.B. Camb., Rossendale, Clitheroe. 

1890 Cooper, Ludford, M.D. Durh., Rochester. 

1893 Cooper, Percy Robert, M.D. Lond., Bowdon, Manchester. 
1877 j Cooper, Peter, Stainton-lodge, Blackheath. s.e, 

1895 i Cooper, Robert Montagu Le Hunte, M.D. Durh., 18, Wimpole- 

street. w. 

„ I Cooper, Thomas George Duncan, Tpoh, Perak, Federated Malay 
i States. 

1882 I Cooper. Walter, Barnstaple. 

1900 I Cooper, Walter Edward, East Harling, Norfolk. 

1905 ! Cooper, Wilbye. Sutton-in-Craven, Keighley. 

1896 Cooper, William Herbert, Trewellard, Pendeen, Cormvall. 
1907 Coorawala, Rustom Nusserwan, Hyderabad, Deccan, India. 

1900 Cope, Gilbert Edgar. 2, Vauxhall Bridge-road. s.w. 

1901 Cope, Ricardo, Woi-thing. 

1894 Copeland, Frederick. Mafeking, Cape Colony. 

1888 Copeland, Wm. Henr^-^ Lawrence, M.D. Camb., 4, Bolton- 

gardens, s.w. 

1894 Copeman, Alfred Heathcote, M.D. Dnh., Pavilion-parade, Brighton. 

1893 Copland, George Anderson, Dunedin, Neiv Zealand. 

1907 Copland, James Ebenezer, 34, Oppidans-rd.,S. Hajnpstead. n.w. 

1894 Copley, Stanley, Durban, Natal. 

1899 Copp, Charles Joseph, 96, Wellesley-street, Toronto, Canada. 
1893 Corben, Charles, Caldicot. Chepstoic. 

1908 Corbett, Cyril Dudley Hely, M.B. Oxf., Five Oaks, Streatham 


1905 Corbett, George Holmes Uvedale, M.B. Camb., Steyning, 

1900 1 Corbett, Sidney d' Alton, 64, Brook-street, w. 


1903 Corbin, Herbert Ernest, Stockport. 

1902 Corbin, John, South Aitsirah'a. 

1894 Corbould, Victor Albert Louis Edward,M.D. Brussels, 8, Victoria- 
road, Kensington, w. 

1887 Cordiner,, Richard, Donfflas. 

1903 Cordner, Robert Harry Lucas, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1894 Corfe, Robert, M.B. Lond., 6, Croom^s-Jnli, Greenwich, s.e. 

1902 Corfield, Charles 4, Copthall Chambers, e.g. 

1897 Corfield, Edward Carruthers, 265, Cavendish-road, Balham. s."\v. 

1904 Corfield, Walter Francis, M.B. Lond., 26, Old Burlington- 

street, w. 

1881 Corlett, William Thomas, M.D. Wooster, Cleveland, Ohio. 

1900 Cornaby, Edgar Edward, M.B. Camb., Hammersmith. w. 

1891 Corner, Albert, Westgate-on-Sea, Essex. 

1898 Comer, Edred Moss, M.B. Camb., 37, Harley-street. w. 

1888 Corner, Frank, Manor House, Poplar, e. 

„ Corner, Harr}', M.D. Lond., 37, Harley-street. w. 

1890 Coruilliac, Joseph, 4, Endsleigh-street, Tavistock-sqiiare. w.c. 

1900 Cornish, Charles Vivian, 39, Mortlake-road, Kew Gardens. 

1891 Cornish, Edward. 

1894 Cornish, Sydney, M.D. Lond., Dorking. 

1907 Corry, Harry Barrett, i^e/^/icr/^, Middlesex. 

1887 Cort, John Giles Denison, Whitburn, Sunderland. 

1868 , Cortis, William Richard, Sydney., New South Wales. 

1894 j Cory, Charles Georg-e, Soham, Cambridge. 

1891 I Cory, Ernest Richard Haines, Bournemouth. 

1889 Cory, Frank Gillett, Tishury, Wilts. 

1901 I Cory, Harold Myrie, Quithing, Basutoland. 

1885 i Cory, Isaac Rising, Guildford, Surrey. 
1887 I Cosens, Charles Hyde, Paignton. 

1894 Cosens, Francis Robert Seppings, Seaton, Devon. 

1887 Cosens, William Burrough, Dorchester. 

1893 I Costa, Isaac, M.B. Lond., Adelphi, P.O.. Jamaica. 
1868 Costerton, Horatio, Government Emigration Service. 

1905 Costobadie, Hugh Palliser, Midsnmer Norton. 

„ Costobadie, Vincent Ackroyd Palliser, Treicell, Taunton. 

1886 Cottell, Reginald James Cope, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1895 Cotter, George Edmond Wentworth, M.B. Camb., 40, Chnrch- 
I lane. Tooting Graveney. s.w. 

1897 I Cotterill, Albert Ernest, Fallowfield, Manchester. 

1899 Cotton, Fredk. William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Cotton, Henry Hugh Powell, Westerham, Kent. 

1889 Cotton, John, 101, Liverpool-road, St. Helens, Lancashire. 

1905 Cotton, Robert Hugh, Reading. 

1862 Cotton, Thomas, M.D. St. Andr., 235, Camden-road. N. 

1888 Couch, James Kynaston, M.D. Duvh., Perth, West Australia. 

1903 Couldre}', Thomas Reginald, Scunthorpe, Doncaster. 
1893 Coulson, James Edmund, St. George's Infirmary, s.w. 
1888 Coulton, John James, Humansdorp, Cape Colony. 

1906 I Couper, James, 23, Gresley-road, Hornsey-lane. N. 

„ I Couper, Samuel Barrett, 35, Wemyss-road, Blackheath. s.e. 


Coupland, James Alane, 37, Parh-square, Leeds. 

Counsell, Herbert Edward, 27, Banhnry-road. Oxford. 

Court, Arthur, M.B, Camb., Staveley, Chesterfield. 

Court, Edward Percy, Fordinghridge^ Hants. 

Court, Josiah, Stavelet/, Chesterfield. 

Courtauld, Louis, M.D. Canil)., Lincobi's Inn. w.c. 

CourteiKiy, John Iloysted, East Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Courtney, Guy liudd, JNI.D. Camb., Bracknell, Berks. 

Courtney, Harold Georjare Shackieford. Beckenkam, Kent. 

Coutts, David Kirkpatrick,M.B. Loud., Kars-el-Ainy Hosj)., Cairo. 

Coutts, Francis James, M.I). Lond., Leijtonstove. n.e. 

Coutts, John Morton Sim, M.D. Lond., 88, Hir/hhunj-new-park. N, 

Couzeus, Albert Ebenezer, Cavendish-place, Eastbourne. 

Couzens, Alfred John, 2, Rom ford-road, Stratford. E. 

Coventon, Albert William Duncan, Sonthgate. n. 

Coventon, Chai'les Arthur, Oxford. 

Coventry, Charles, M.B. Vict., Perth, W. Australia. 

Govern ton, Ilugh Selby, Gawler, South Australia. 

Covey, Wm. John, Ellastone, Ashbourne. 

Cowan, Frnnk, Strood, Kent. 

Cowan, William Joshua, 41, f.ovg causeway, Farmvorth, Bolton. 

Cowburn, Arthur Douglas, M. D. jirussels, 'dl,Burkston-gdns. s.w. 

Cowell, Alfred Rodgers, M.B. Camb., 204, Haverstock-hill . n.w. 

Cowt'll, Ernest Marshall, ^LKhond., Steyning, Sussex. 

Cowen,(Teorge Hebb, M.B. Lond., Southampton. 

Cowen, Thomas Philip, M.D. Lond., County Asylum, Lancaster. 

Cowes, Adam, 2, Goldhurst-terrace, S. Hampstead. N.w. 

Cowie, James Alexander, Masterton, Netu Zealand. 

Cowie, Robert Macnamara, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Cowin, Douglas Henry Fawcett, Indian Medical Service. 

Cowper, Claude Marriott Lovell, 4, Royal-avenue, Lowestoft. 

Cos, Alfred Edward, Watford. 

Cox, Alfred Hai'old Lissant, Naval Medical Service. 

Cox, Arthur Bi-ooks, Sydney, New South Wales. 

Cox, Charles Alfred Stanley Hill. 

Cox, Clement Harlow, 17, Wheeleys-rd., Kdgbaston, Birmingham. 

Cox, Edmund, M.B. Camb., Narai Medical Service. 

Cox, Ernest Alfred, Long Buckby, Rugby. 

Cox, Franklin. 163, Kivg's-road, Reading. 

Cox, George Lissant, M.B. Camb., Ellacot, Orton. Birkenhead. 

Cox, George Ralph, Winchcombe, Gloucester. 

Cox, Henry Procter, Anderton, Plymouth. 

Cox, James Herbert, Cape Town, S. Africa. 

Cox, John Henry, Nottingham. 

Cox, Ralph, cjo Messrs. Tucker, V2, Coleman-street. E.c. 

Cox, Reginald John Hands, Peshawar, India. 

Cox, Robert Hippisley, 50, Pall Mall, s.w. 

Cox, Roland Frederic, M.D. Durh., Ashcott, Bridgwater. 

Cox, Walter Mundy, Olton. Rirmingltam. 

Crabtree, Augelo Matteo, Weybridge. 

Crabtree, Emilio Frederico, Buntingford. 


1895 Crace-Calvert, George Alfred, M.B. Lond., Ruthin. 

1899 Cragg-, Edward Henry, M.D. Bvn?se\s, Billingbo7'o', Lincolnshire. 

1883 Crago William Henry, 16, CoUege-st, Sydney , New South Wales. 

1898 Craig-. James Andi"ew, M.B. R.U.I., 11, University-square, Belfast. 
1890 Craig-, William Wallace. Bridgnorth. 

1906 Crampton, Harold Percy, M.B.Camb., 7, Frognal, Hampstead. N.w. 
1905 Crampton, Walter, Rock Ferry, Birkenhead. 

1903 Cran, Hugh Rose, New Maiden, Surrey. 

1895 Cran, Robert David, 247, Regent-road, Salford. 

1888 Crane, Horace Charles Frederick, 171, East India-road. e. 

1899 Crapper, Harold Sugden, Parkstone-road, Poole. 

1896 Craven, Walter, Umtati, Rhodesia. 

1907 Crawford, Andrew John, M.B, New Zea., 4, Endsleigh-gdns. N.w. 

1893 Crawford, Cyril Rodney Holtz, Pembury, Kent. 

1886 Crawford, Gustavus Rochford Jarvis, New Brunswick, Canada. 
1907 Crawford, Robert, Bestwood, Notts. 

1905 Crawford, Stephen Estridge, Marton, Neiv Zealand. 

1904 Crawford, Thomas Wm. Walter, M.D. West. Univ. Ont., Fort 

Hall, Brit. E. Africa. 

1899 Crawford, Vincent James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1902 Crawford, WilliamThomson, M.B. Lond. ,CoMH^?/4syZM7?i,ire//2H^3?/. 

1900 Crawley, Hei'bert Edward, Wendover, Tring. 

1901 Crawshaw, Ernest John, Burnham, Somerset. 

1905 Crawshaw, James Henry, Jemuka, S. Canterbury, N.Z. 

1894 Creak, Alexander Brodie, King's Heath, Birmingham. 

1895 Creasy, Lawrence Eliot, 36, Wey mouth-street, w. 

1885 Creasy, Rolf, Windlesham, Surrey. 

1888 Cree, James Douglas, M.D. Durh., 337, Finchley-road., 

Hampstead. n.av. 

1880 Cree, William Edward, 2, Pemberton-gdns., Upper Holloway. n. 

1877 Cressey, George Henry, Tonbridge. 

1883 Cresswell, Francis, Barrow-on-Soar , Loughborough. 

1892 Cresswell, Frank Pearson Skeffington, M.B, Lond., Cardiff. 

1893 j Cresswell, Stuart Comwalhs, Dowlais. 

1888 I Cressy, Charles James, Ringwood, Hants. 

1889 i Creswell, John Edwards, Suez^ Egypt. 

1875 ! Cretin, Eugene, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1907 I Creux, Paul Alfred, P.O. Box 796, Pretoria, Transvaal. 

1905 Crew, Fiederick Denys, M.B. Camh.^ Highain, Ferrers, Northants.. 

1869 ' Crew, John, Higham. Ferrers. 

1890 Cribb, Arthur William Gordon, Millthorpe, New South Wales. 
1895 j Cribb, Harry Gifford, Count// Asylum, Cane Hill, Surrey. 
1882 Crick, William Throne, Barwell, Hinckley. 

1898 Cridland, Arthur Bernard, Wolverhampto7i. 

1905 Crinks, Victor Adolphus, Redland-road, Bristol. 

1877 Cripps, Edward Charles, Cirencester. 

1903 Cripps, Wm. Lawrence, M.B. Camb., Oxford and Cambridge- 

mansions, Marylebone. av. 

1887 Crisp, Ernest Henry, 43, Fenchurch-street. e.g. 

1897 Crisp, George Bedford, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1886 Crisp, John, Market Harborough. 


Crispin, Edward Smyth, Port Soudan, Red Sea. 
Crocker, James Meadmore, Bingley. 

Crocker, John lledley, M.D. Vict., Petersham, Richmond, Surrey. 
Crocket, Wm. Caldwell, M.D. McGill, Fredericfon, N'.B. Canada. 
Croft, Edward Octavius, M.D. Durh., 28, Hyde-terrace, Leeds. 
Croft, John Thomas Herbert, Longford, Coventry. 
Croft, Lawrence, HiUfoot, Pudseii, Leeds. 
Cmfton, John Hutchinson. 12, Westbourne-sriuare. w. 
Crofts, Arthur Douglas, 26, Kimfs-road, Windsor. 
Crofts, George Heury, Leicester. 
Croly, Henry Pennington. Charlbury, Oxon. 
Cromie, Mortimer John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Crompton, Alfred, Benington, Boston. 
Crompton, Ernest, Newmarket. 
Crompton, Ralph, Oak Bank, Ramsbottom, Hants. 
Crompton, Richard Henry, Gorton, Manchester. 
Crompton, Sydney, King's Norton, Birmingham. 
Croneen, Sydney, Naval Medical Service. 
Crook, Arthur, Norwich. 

Crook, Arthur Henry, 253, Devonshire-road, Honor Oak Park. 8.E. 
Crook, Herliert Evelyn. M.D. Lond., Richmond- road, Twickenham. 
Crook, John Siddon, West Tarring, Sussex. 
Crooke, William, Egremont, Cheshire. 
Crooksnank, Francis Graham, M.D. Lond., Barnes, s.w. 
Cropp, Edward Lycett, Reading. 

Crosby, Arthur Henry Pascal, Hospital, Wellington, New Zealand. 
Crosby, Herbert Thomas, M.B. Camb., 1 9, Gordon-square, w.c. 
Crosland, George William Kilner, New North-road, Huddersjield. 
Cross, Claude Harold, LuUan Medical Service. 
Cross, Edward John, M.D. Durh., St. Neots. 
Cross, Ernest William, Wallwood-park, Leytonstone. n.e. 
Cross, Francis George, Beaufort-road, Kingston-on-Thames. 
Cross, Geoffrey, M.D. Durh., Ramsgate. 
Cross, Gerald Coneybeare, Naval Medical Service. 
Cross, James Allan, Murton, Victoria, Australia. 
Cross, Robert George, Petersfield. 
Cross, Wm. Foster, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, e.g. 
Crosse, Reginald Edward, Devonshire-road, Balham. s.w. 
Crossing, Augustus Vmcent, Medley, Plymouth. 
Crossley, Ely Wilkinson, Triangle, Halifax. 
Crossley, Henry Joseph, Royal Anmj Medical Corps. 
Crossley, Richard, 172, Cloices-street, West Gorton, Manchester. 
Crossley, Samuel, Kippax, Leeds. 

Crossman, Francis Ward, M.B. Durh., Hambrook, Bristol. 
Crouch, Herbert Challice, St. Michaels, Ascot. 
Crowe, Henry Neville, 43, Foregate-street, Worcester. 
Crowe, Henry Warren, M.B. Oxf,, Homleigh, Yelverton. 
Crowther, Arthur Bingham, Hobart, Tasmania. 
Crowther, Charles Keith, Queensbury, Yorks. 
*Crowther-Smith, Stanley Francis, M.B. Loud., Headley. Hants. 
* Formerly Smith, Stanley Francis. 



Crowther, Sydney Nelson, Asylum, Brookwood. 
Crozier. George Rowland Henderson, Durban, Natal. 
Crozier, John Beattie. M.B. Toronto, 9, Elgin-avenue, ^y. 
Cruddas, Hamilton Maxwell, Indian Medical Service. 
Cruickshank, John David, Chingford. n.e. 

Cruickshank, Malcolm Ogden. cjo Messrs. Baddetey, 60, Leaden- 
hall-street. E.C. 
Cruise, Richard Robert, 58, Harley-street. w. 
Crump, James Arthur, Park-lane, Welshpool. 
Crump, Stanley Trefusis, Indian Medical Service. 
Crump, Thomas Greenwood, M.B. Camb., Burnley. 
Crutchley, Edgar James Temple, Perth. West Australia. 
Crutchley, Henry, M.D. Brussels. Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Cryer, Joseph, 50, Upper BrooL-street, Manchester. 
Cnbley, Arthur, 48, Narcissus-road, West Bampstead. K.w. 
Cuddou-Fletcher, Ang-us Joseph McNab, Somerby, Oakham. 
Cudmore, Arthur Murray. Adelaide, S. Australia. 
Cuff, Archibald William. 285, Glossop-road, Sheffield. 
Cuffe, Alfred Gordon. M.D. Heidelberg, Chester. 
Cullen, Alfred Edgar, Mc Ivor-terrace, Nottingham. 
Cullen, James Alfred Patrick, Bedford. 

CuUinan, Edward. M.D. Brussels, 331, King-st., Hammersmith, w. 
Culmer, John James, Nassau, Bahamas, W. Indies. 
Culmer, Joseph William, Saltley, Binningham. 
Culpin, Millais. M.B. Lond., Shanghai, China. 
Cumberlidge, William Isaac, M.B.,Limelield, Hyde, Cheshire. 
Cuming, Richard Ingram, Chudleigh, Bognor. 
Gumming, Charles Reginald, M.B.Toronto, Gait, Ontario,Canada. 
Gumming, Wm. Allan, M.D. McGill, Buckingham, Quebec, 

Cummings, Arthur Pollard, Leytonstone-road. k.e. 
Cummings, Harold Lytton, Franklin, Tasmania. 
Cummings, Henry Joseph, 5, Upper Bedford-place, w.c. 
Cundell, Harold Juler, 1, Springrove-terrace, Leeds. 
Cunliffe, Thomas Yarley, M.D. Lond., 75, Greengate-st., Oldham. 
Cunningham, Arthur John Wellington. St. Bartholomew's 

Hospital. E.C. 
Cunningham, Herbert Hugh Blair, ^[alone Park, Belfast, Ireland. 
Cunningham, John Francis, 45, Welbeck-street. w. 
Cunningham, XormanRowsoll, The Hospital, Boksburg, Transvaal. 
Curgenven, John Saddler, 12, Craven Hill-gardens, Bayswater. w. 
Curgenven, William Brendon, Dapto, Neic South Wales. 
Curl. Henley Frank, Ely, Cambndge. 
Curhng, William, 27, Brunswick-square, Hove, Brighton. 
Curme, Duncan Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Currey, Edmond Francis Xeville, Lismore, co. Waterford. 
Currie, John, M.D. Lond., Lagos, W. Africa. 
Currie, John Legge, Bungay. 
Curties, Arthur William Stutter, Bur wash, Sussex. 
Curtis, Arthur Humphrey, Alton. 
Curtis, Charles William, Electra House, Finsbury Pavement, e.g. 


1901 Curtis, Frederick, Redhill. 

1 908 Curtis, George Herbert, 32. Wei/mouth-street. w. 

1901 Curtis, George William, Week St. Manj, N. Cornwall. 

1891 Curtis, Henry Jones, M.I). Lond., 58, Harlejj- street, w. 

1893 Curtis, Montague Wm. Worthington, 5, Campden Iloitse-tej-race, 

Kensiiif/ton. w. 

1899 Curtis, Percy James, Beckenham, Kent. 

1889 Curwen, Elliot, M.B. Camb., 1,^^ Auhi/n's, Hove, Brir/hton. 

1877 Cusack, Robert Oriel, Roj/al Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Custance, Gustavus William Musgrave, Naval Medical Service. 

1892 Cutcliffe, Montagu, North Tawton., North Devon. 

1889 Cuthbert, Henry Pierce. 

1902 (Sutler, Horace Arthur, M.B. Camb., Walton-on- Thames. 
1891 Cutler, Lennard, 1, Kensington-gate. w. 

1894 Cutting, Ernest Buxton, Stalham, Norwich. 

1908 Cyriax, Richard Julius, 23, Aherdare-gardens. n.w. 
1888 Da Costa, Francis Xavier, Bangalore, India. 

1883 Dacre, John, 14, Eaton-cresceni, Clifton., Bristol. 

1907 Dadacbatiji, Kailkhosru Kersaspji, 38, Upper Bedford-pl. w.c. 
„ Daft, Hedley Gascoyne, West Fields, Retford, Notts. 

1905 Daft, Leonard, Retford. 

1 890 Daggett, Henry Ingledew, M.B. Camb., Boronghhridge, Yorkshire. 
1883 D'Aguiar, Joao Gomes, Demerara. 

1893 Dain, Harry Guy, M.B. Lond., Sellij Oak, Birmingham. 

1908 Dakej'ne, Daniel Irving, Cheadle, Staffordshire. 

1897 Dakin, Thomas Burns, Gloucester. 

1895 Dalai, Ratansha Dinsha, Indian Medical Service. 

1894 Dal by, John Lyttletoii Bennett Julius, 75, Dyke-road, Brighton. 

1891 Daldy, Arthur Manteil, M.D. Lond., 17, Palmeira-square, Hove. 
,, Dale, Cuthbert Bracey, Edgbnston, Birmingham. 

1879 Dale, Frederic, M.D. Camb., Scarborough. 

1908 Dale, John, Coleshill, Birmingham. 

1882 Dale, Walter Frederick, Alford, Lincolnshire. 

1898 Dalebrook. Johii, Alhareda, Seville, Spain. 

1879 Dalgado, Daniel Gelasio, M.D. Brussels, Lisbon, Portugal. 

1898 Dalgado, l^atrick, Colombo, Ceylon. 

1906 Dalgliesh, Frank Belljl, Vanbrugh Park-rd. East,Blackheath. s.E. 

1887 Dalgliesh, John William, M.D. X)\xxh{!im., Sutton, Surrey. 

1888 Dallewy, John, Wem, Shrewsbury. 

1901 Dally, John Frederick Halls, M.D. Camb., 105, Sloane-street. s.w. 

1883 Dalton, Arthur John, M.D. Brussels, Cricklewood. N.w. 

1867 Dalton, Benjamin Neale, M.D. Lond., Selhurst-road. s.e. 

1889 Dalton, Ernest Edmund, Cerne Abbas, Dorchester. 

1868 Dalton, Frederick, Rottingdean, Brighton. 

1891 Dalton, Fredk. James Abercrombie, Naval Medical Service. 

1904 Dalton, George Fredk., 54, Johnston-street, Kingston, Canada. 

1905 Daly, Ashley Skeffington, 185, Amhurst-road, Hackney, n.e. 

1899 Daly, Frederick James Purcell. 164, Upper Clapton-road. n.e. 

1896 Daly, Nolan, Kingston, A bingdon. 

1902 Damian, Oswald Joseph Stanley, 112, Regent's Park-road. n.w. 

1897 D'Amico, Carmel De Piro, 34, Brunswick-square, w.c. 


D'Amicn, Guido de Piro, 34, Brtinswic^-square. "W.c. 

Dauaher, Edward Harry James, Rainham, Essex. 

Dando, Edwin Arthur, Compton Hoime, Dudley. 

Dane, Harold, N ovthwood, Rickmans worth. 

Dane, Robert. Slncjapore, Stirtiis Settlements. 

Daniel, Alfred Wilson, M.D. Camb., County Asylum, Hanicell. w. 

Daniel, Edgar George Clement, M.B. Camb., Epsom. 

Daniel, Peter Lewis, 1, Upper Wimpole-street. \v. 

Daniel, R(il)ert Napier, 3U0, Earl's Court-road. w. 

Daniel, William Patrick Taylour, 273, Cable-street, e. 

Daniell, Benjamin Adams, Aberavon, Port Talbot. 

Daniell, Edgar Percy, 416, N'ew Cross-road. s.e. 

Daniel], George Warwick Bampfylde, 167, Smit-street, Johannes- 
burg. Transvaal. 

Daniell, Henry Pywell, 55, Nassau- road, Barnes, s.w. 

Daniels, Davis Woodcock, M.B. Lond., 22, Springfield-road, 

Daniels, Frederic \yilliam, Cardiff-road, Neicport. 

Danks, Walter Seymour, M.D. Lond., Ecering House, Wor- 
cester-road, Sutton, Surrey. 
*Dansey-Browniug, Geoi-ge, Royal Army \[ed. Corps. 

Dantes, Augustus Paul, Esplanade. Cross-road, Bombay, India. 
fDanvers-Atkiuson, Fredk. Cecil Edgar, M.B. Lond., 20, Lower 
Seymour-street, ^v. 

Darabsheth, Bomonji Beraraji, Grant-road, Bombay^ India. 

Darby, William Sydney, M.B. Camb., Harrow. 

Darbyshire, Douglas Edw., M.B. Vict., Cotteshe, W.Australia. 

Darbysbire, Harold Stuart Cassan, West Ealing, w. 

Darker, George Fitzjanies, 2, Middle Temple-lane. e.c. 

Darlington, Wm. Whitfield, 'Jl, Ashted-row, Birmingham. 

Darlow, Alfred, Upton Manor, Plaistoio. e. 

Darling, Harry Cecil Rutherford, 12, Gordon-street, av.c. 

Darrell, Harrington Wyndham, Norwich. 

Darroll, William Burwell, Leintwardine Herefordshire. 

Dartnell, Louis Edward, Naval Medical Service. 

Daser, Peter Paul, M.D. Innsbruck, 54, Bathbone-jAace. w. 

Dashwood, Charles Ewart, Taormina, Sicily. 

Daukes, Sidney Herbert, Lennard-road, Beckenham. 

Daunt, Elliot, Burlesdon, Hants. 

Davenport, Cecil John, Hankow, China. 

Davenport, Edward Charles, M.B. Lond., Canton, China. 

Davey, Arthur Tonkin, Goodmayes, Iljord. 

Davey, Ernest Llewellyn, Hill House, W^almer, Deal. 

Davey, James, Que Que, Rhodesia. 

Davey, John Bernard, M.B. Loud., Chiromo, Brit. Central AJrica. 

Davey, Samuel, Caterham, Surrey. 

Davey, AVm. Henry Hawker Carthew, 30, Princes-road, Liverpool. 

David, Archibald Sinclair, Waterbeach, Cambridge. 

Davidson, Alan, M.D. McGill, St. Albans., Vermont, U.S.A. 

* Formerly Browning, George. t Formerly Atkinson, Frederick Cecil Edgar. 









1862 ! 

i'.'Ol 1 













































Davidson, Archibald Thorpe St. A ndrew, Nonrich. 

Davidson, Duncan, 15, rr{nrt/-roic. Corenlnj. 

Davidson, Geoig-e Gillies, M.D. Oxf,, 2, lidrons-coiirt-road. w. 

Davidson, Guilford, Sandi/ate, QufensUtnd. 

Davidson, Harold, Teddinrjton. 

Davidson. Jackson Graham, M.D.Toronto, Ontario. Canada. 

Davidson, Win. Henry, T'nnrj Ch'wan, \\ii Clnnuikinfj,West China. 

Da vies, Abel Christmas, Gowerton, Glamorganshire. 

Davies, Alban Davy, Yarnmulh. 

Da vies, Albert Barnes, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Davies, Arthur, 33, Charleicood-street, Belfjrare-road. s.AV. 

Davies. Aul>rey liug-h, M.B. Camb., Delhi, Ontario, Canada. 

Davies, Charles Woolmer, 13, D'de-streef, Southpcrt. 

Davies, David, Birchhill, LUingeitho, Cardiganshire. 

Davies, David, M.B. Lond., Tunhridge Wells. 

Davies, David Lawford Francis, W'orple-road^ Epaom. 

Davies, David Leighton, M.D. Lond., 124, lyewport-road, Cardiff. 

Davies, David Living-stone, Criccieth, Carnarvon. 

Davies, David Morgan, Brynrjwili, Ponfyberetn, Carni. 

Davies, David Morgan, M.B. Lond., Aberavon, Cardiganshire. 

Davies, David Samuel, M.D. Lond., Clifton^ Bristol. 

Davies, Pklward Chineg-las, M.D. Durh., Lampeter. 

Davies, Edwin Thomas Harries, 14. Westhoume-sqvare. "vv. 

Davies, Ellis Thomas, M.D. Edinb., Liverpool. 

Davies, Ernest Edg-ar, 7, Oakfield-road, Clifton, Bristol. 

Davies, Francis Joseph, Godalming. 

Davies, Frederick Chailes, \S, Alexandra-avenue, Battersea. s.w. 

Davies, Frederick Mark, 16, Warrington-crescent,Maida Vale. w. 

Davies, Fredk. Spencer, Morcliard Bishop, Devon. 

r)avies, Frederick William Samuel, 21, Xewport-road, Cardiff. 

Davies, George Augustus. Clifton, Bristol. 

Davies, Herbert Rees, M.B. Lond., 20, Harley-street, Bow. e. 

Davies, Howai-d Owen, M.D. Lond., Ealing, w. 

Davies, Howell, Pretoria, South Africa. 

Davies, Hugh. M.B. Lond., 234, Trcfilgar-rd., Greenicich. s.K. 

Davies, Hugh Edward, Lufterioorth. 

Davies. Hugh Morristou. 55, Gordon-square, "w.c. 

Davies, Hughes Reid, Woodford Green, Essex. 

Davies, John Charles, M.D. Durh., Rhos, Ruabon. 

Davies, John Edgar Philip, Castle-hill, Llanelbi. 

Davies, John Edwaid Henrj', Plas Darland, Wrexkam. 

Davies, John Lloyd, Newport, Monmouth. 

Davies, John Rees, 43, Wellington-slreet, Merthyr. 

Davies, John William, Ebbw Vale, Monmouthshire. 

Davies, Joseph Trower, M.D. ]\Iichigan, Grahamstown, S. Africa. 

Davies, Langford George, 25, St- Johns-park, Blackheath. s.e. 

Davies, Morgan, M.D. Aberd., 10, Goring-street, Houndsditch. i.e. 

Davies, Nathaniel Edward, 44, Harley-street. av. 

Davies, Richard, M.D. Kdinb., Cheltenham. 

Davies, Samuel Hugh Rattra}', Abergavenny. 

Davies, Sidney Trevor, 28, Shortlands-road, Shvrtlands, Kent. 



Davies, Sievwright Arthur, Blackburn. 

Davies, Thomas, Civmgwen, Pencader, Carmarthen. 

Davies, Thomas Ashton, Staimnore. Spencer-road, Newport, Man, 

Davies, Thomas Befijamiu Philip, M.D, Load., Milford Haven. 

Davies, Thomas Boniior, Char/es-sti-eel, Briton Ferry, Glam. 

Davies, Thomas John, Watts Town, Rhondda Valley, S. Wales. 

Davies, Thomas Joseph, 58, Vine-street, Liverpool. 

Davies, Thomas Sidney, 52, Kingsdown Parade, Bristol. 

Davies, Timothj Howell, Middlesex Hospital, w. 

Davies, Trevor Berwyn, Brynhenlog, Pentre, Rhondda, Glam. 

Davies, Walter Ernest Llewelyn, Cwrtmawr, Aberystwith. 

Davies, William Henry, Frome. 

Davies, William James, London House, Aberayron, Cardiganshire. 

Davies, William John Edwin, Yokohama, Japan. 

Davies, Wm. Lloyd Bowen, Slough, Bucks. 

Davies, William Thomas, Penybont. Radnorshire. 

Davies-CoUey, Hugh, Briarwood, Woking. 

Davies-Colley, Robert, 24, St. Thomas-street. s.E. 

Davis, Arthur Holdsworth, M.B. Lond., Sunderland. 

Davis, Arthur Hubert Treby, Lytham, Kew Gardens, w. 

Davis, Charles Noel. Shanghai, China. 

Davis, Cyril Stephen, M.D. Brussels, Waipiro Bay, New Zealand. 

Davis, Edward David, 33, Wiin pole-street, w. 

Davis, Everard Iiiseal, Brighton-road, Worthing. 

Davis, Frederick Lionel, Belize, British Honduras. 

Davis, Gateward Coleridg-e, Hyde-park, Sydney, New South Wales. 

Davis, George Brocklesby, M.D. Camb., Amritsar, India. 

Davis, George William, M.D. Durh., Sidcup. 

Davis, Harry, M.D. St. Andrew's, Caltington, Cornwall. 

Davis, Harry, Callington, Cornwall. 

Davi^, John James, M.D. West Uni.,Ont., 142, Gananoque, Ontario. 

Davis, Newton Charles, 18, Holford-square. "w.c. 

Davis, William, 60, lAsson-grove. n.w. 

Davis, William Herbert, Keyham, Devonport. 

Davison, Henry Edward, M.D. Durh., Whitley Bay, North uniberland. 

Davson, John Ben. Hoghton, Free Town, Sierra Leone, W. Africa. 

Davy, David Henrj'^, Hull. 

I>avy, Gerald Henry, Hidl. 

Davy, Phihp Claude Tresilian, M.B. Loud., Royal Army 

Medical Corps. 
Davy, William Bradshaw, 348, Finchley-road. N.w. 
Daw, Samuel Wilfrid, M.B. Lond., Guy's Hospital. s.E. 
Daw, William Henry, Naval Medical Service. 
Dawe, Charles Henry, Naval Medical Service. 
Dawe, Frank Sherwill, M.D. Lond., 69, High-road., Chiswick. w. 
Dawes, Christopher Deriug, Indian Medical Service. 
Dawes, George Harry, 254, St. Philip' s-road, Sheffield. 
Dawes, Herbert Edwin Tonge, Walmer, Kent. 
Dawes, John Alphonsus, Pretoria, Transvaal. 
Dawes, Richard vSt. Mark, Gawler, Sotith Australia. 
Dawkin, George Mansell, Pontypridd. 

K 2 


1805 ' Dawuay, Arcliibald Hugh Payan, 120, 7/rt?-/f//-5;ree/. vr. 

1891 I Dawson, Cecil Lacy, Berrii, New South Wafcs. 
1889 ' Dawson, Ernest, 4, Gvanf/e-park-road, Lfi/ton. n,e. 

1905 I Dawson, Josepli Bernard, M.B. Lond., 78, Bootham, York. 

1881 Dawson, IJankine, 3o, Lansdoicne-crescent. w. 

1899 I Dawson, Thomas Deuman, Stafford Street, Midland Junction, 
I W. Atistr(dia. 

1901 Dawson, William Collings, M.B. Lond., Erdington, Birmingham. 

1906 j Da}', Arthur Percival, Wei/bridge. 

1908 Day, Bernard. \Vi/forne, Woodspeen, Newbury. 
1903 , Day, Charles Frederici\, Leigh-un-Sea, Essex. 
1874 I Day, Charles Ileniy, Brightivell, Oxfordshire. 

1887 Day, Edward Irving', Cape Town, S. Africa. 

1888 Day, Francis W^'illiam Henry Langston, Baldock, Herts. 

1896 Day, James John, Sandwich. 

1882 Day, John Roherson, M.D. Lond., 35, Queen Anne-street, w. 

1892 i Day, Joseph Henry. 60, Margaret-street, w. 
1882 Day, Thomas Montagu, Harloio. 

1903 Day, William Frank Lydstone, M.B. Camb., Roj/don, Essex. 

1902 Day, William Leigh Maule, M.D. Oxf., 4, Head-street, Colchester. 

1893 Dayus, Frederick Herbert, Forest date. Essex. 

1897 Deakin, Frank Newstead, M.B. Birm., 18, Bradford-street, 

1899 Dean, Edmund Clapperton, Bridgetown, West Australia. 
1908 Dean, Lawrence Thompson, Heath House, Norton, Norivich. 

1886 ! Deaue, Edward, Caversham, Reading. 

1877 I Deane, John Richard, i^fH^rt/ J. rmy. 

1907 I Deane, William, Wragbij, Lincoln. 

1885 j Dearden, William Francis, Vrmston-lane, Stretford, Manchester. 

1889 ! Deare, Benjamin Hobbs, Indian Medical Service. 

1878 Deare, Edwin Walter. 

1895 j Deas, Frank, Merton Park, s.^v. 

1904 I de Brent, Harold John, 33, Victoria-road, Clapham Com- 

mon. S.AV. 

1887 Debenham, Horace Allan, Presteign, Radnorshire. 

1890 j Debenham, Robert Barsham, 92, East India Dock-road. e. 

1894 De Castro, George, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

1886 De Chazal, Edmond Lucien, M.D. Lond., Poi-t Louis, MaxaHtius. 

1896 Deck, Edward James Waihi, New Zealand. 

1906 Deck, Horace Leigh, 23, Alderbrook-road, Balham. s.w. 

1862 Deck, John Field, M.D. St. Andr., Ashfield, New South Wales. 

1898 Dee, Maurice Vincent, M.B. Edin.,i^e?"A/e???, Orange River Colony, 
1871 Deeping, George Davidson, Hastings. 

1906 de Coteau, Joseph Taafe, 60, York-street, York-road, s.e. 

1899 de Freitas, Quirino Bonifacio, Georgetown, British Guiana. 

1898 de Gannes, Joseph Louis Fernand, 6, Upper Phil limore-place. w. 
1896 de Gebert, Louis Jean Adam, 25, Avenue, Hornsey. N. 
1885 De Gruchy, Charles William, Caerleon, Monmouth. 
1889 De Jersey, Walter Brock, M.B. Camb., Guildford. 
1893 De Korte, Wm. Edmond, M.B. Lond., Lock Hospital, Dean- 
street, w. 


De Kretsei', Edward William, Ceylon. 

De la Cour, George Francis, M.D. Edinb., 268, Camden-road. N.w. 

De la Cour, George,, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Delbruck, Raoul Ernest, M.B. Camb., 13. BacJdnr/luan-gate. s.w. 

De Lorn, Henry Anthony, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

De Montbrun, Domingo Antonio, Port of Spain, Trinidad, 

De Montbrun, Pedro Louis. Po)-t of Spain, Trinidad. 

Dempsey, Patrick Joseph, 7, Merrion-square North, Dublin. 

Dempster, John Henry, Red/nil. 

Dempster, William Thomas, 94, Bririhton-road, South Croydon. 

Dendy, Walter Chester, Maidwell, Northampton. 

Denholm, George, Meadoufeld, Brandon, Durham. 

Denne, Francis Vincent, M.D. Brussels, 69, Brooh-green. \v. 

Denne, Henry, M.D. Heidelberg, Edyhaston, Birmingham. 

Denning, Arthur FfoUiott William, 174, Blackfriars-road. s.E. 

Denning, George Fanning, Fulhourne Asijlunu Cambridge. 

Denning, William Frederic, Elland, Yorkshire. 

Dennison, Tom Stephenson, Newton-row, Birmingham. 

Denny, Arthur William, Isleham, Soham, Cambridge. 

Dennv, Herbert Reginald Hwrvy, Naval Medical S'irvice. 

Dennys, George William Patrick, Indian Medical Service. 

Densham, Arnold Thomas, Indian Medical Service. 

Densham, Ashley Bloomfield, 18, Stratford-place, w. 

Dent, Howard Henry Congreve, M.B. Durham, Wolverhampton. 

Dent, Louis William, South Woodford, Ksf^ex. 

Denyer, Clarence Hamul, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Deuyer, Stanley Edward, M.D, Camb., C.M.G., Hull. 

De Nyssen, Petrus Johannes, Halesworth. 

dePinna, Herbert Alfred, 20, Grosvenor-street. w. 

Dernier, Wm. Thomas, Freemautle, Western Australia. 

Dermott, Edward James, 45, Richmond-road, Montpelier, Bristol. 

Derry, Bartholomew Gidley, Bodmin. 

De Silva, Appu Hennedige Charles, M.B. Durh., Galle, Ceylon. 

De Silva, Arthur Marcellus, Colombo, Ceylon. 

De Souza, David Henriques, M.D. Lond., 32, Belsize- 

square. n.av. 
d'Esterre, John Nortcott, Eastbourne. 
d'Esterre, Wm. Henry Daniel Patrick, M.D. Durh., 20, Farquhar- 

road, Upper Norwood. s.E. 
Des Voeux, Harold Antoine, M.D. Brussels, 14, Buckingham- 

Qote. s.w. 
De Vail, Alfred Ernest, 199, Alum Rock-road, Bimdngham. 
Devas, Horace Charlton, Cleveland Cottage, Barnes, s.w. 
Deveuish-Meares, Archibald Lewis, Mou7it Hope, New South Wales. 
Devereux, Norman, Teivkesbury. 

Devereux, Willia;n Charles, M.B. Camb., Tewkesbury. 
de Villiers, Carel Christiaan Alex., M.B. Lond., Cape Town. 
de Villiers, James Henry, Rondebosch, Cape Town. 
Devis, Harry Fran9ois, Wells-road, Bristol. 
Devitt, Herbert Pye Smith, 14, Devonshire-terrace, Hyde 

Park. w. 








de A^'ertcuil, Eric Joseph, M.B. Lond., 8, Newlcn-road, Wcst- 

bourne-firove. "\v. 
de Vertenil, Fernand Louis, Naval Medical Service. 
D'Ewart, Jolin Thomas, M.H. Lond., Moss Side, Manchester. 
Dewes, Frederick Joseph, Indian Medical Service. 
Dewe}', Edward Wilham, Fortsmonth. 

Dewhurst, John Henry, ^LI). Camb., Compden, Gloucestershire. 
Dhingra, Behari Lai, M.D. I'russelis, Jhind State, Punjab, India. 
Dihhs, Wm. Steward, Dewsbnrii-raad, Leeds. 
Dick, John Lawson, M.D.Edinb., 89, Cazenove-rd., Stamford Hill. x. 
Dick, Maxwell. M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Dick, Walter, lUni/wood, Hants. 

Dickens, Charles Henry, M.B. Durham, Chiswick. s.w. 
Dickey, Wm. CraufuirdMcNag^hten, 354, //?V///-ro«c7, Clnsa-ick. a\'. 
Dickie, William Stewart, Middlesbrough. 
Dickin, Edward Percival, M.D. Edinb., Brightlingsea, Essex. 
Dickius, Sidney John Oldacres, M.D. Brussels, Horsham. 
Dickinson, Charles Marshall, Talbot-road, Winton. 
Dickinson, George Frank, Leaminr/ton. 
Dickinson, Harold Bertie, M.D. Lond., Herejord. 
Dickinson, Robert Lumley, Naval Miiitanj Service. 
Dickinson, William Gilbert, M.D. Durh., Pntney Heath, s.w. 
Dickinson, Wilham Henr^^ 2, Grove Park, Liverpool. 
Dickson, Arthur Norman, M.B. Camb., 6, Arlington Park-mans.., 

Chiswick. AV. 
Dickson, Avery Wynn, Stainland, Halifax. 
Dickson, Harold Stewart, A7'7ny Medical Coll., Milbank. s.AV 
Dickson, John William, M.B. Camb., 42, Hertford-street, w. 
Dickson, Louis Edinglon, M.D. Lond,, Hoole, Chester. 
Dickson, Thomas Hugh, M.B. Camb., II. M. Customs, e.g. 
Dickson, William Leonard, Di/ke-road Drive, Brighton. 
Dig-by, Kenelm Hutchinson, M.B. Lond., 15, Trinity-square. s.E. 
Dillon, Rupert Wentworth, 39, AUfarthing-iane. S.w. 
Dimmock, Henry Peers, Indian Medical Serince. 
Dimock, Horace, M.B. Camb., Stretham Manor, Ely. 
Dimsey, Edgar Ralph, D.S.O., Naral Medical Service. 
Dingle, Harry, Barmouth, N. \V<de.s. 
Dinule. Percival Alfred, 46, Finsbury-sqnare. e.g. 
Dingle, William Alfred, M.D. St. And., 46, Finsbury-sqnare. e.g. 
Dingle}", Allen, 36, Carleton-road, Camden-road. >".w. 
Dingley, Arthur William, M.D. Lond., 7, Argyle-sqvare. av.c. 
Dinnis, Alfred, 4.'^, Ch(tda-ick-road, Leytonstone, n.e. 
Dismorr, (Jecil James Stewart, Bagthorpe Infirmary, JVottingham. 
Dismorr, Henr}" Bertram, Wmughton, Swindon. 
Distin, Howard, M.B. Lond., Enfield. 
Dive, Gilbert Henry, St. Bartholomew s Hospital, e.g. 
Diver, Ebenezer Wm., M.D. Uurh., Shotley Bridge, Durham. 
Dix, Charles, Bruton, Somerset. 
Dixon, Alban, The Vicarage, Willesden. n.av. 
Dixon, Arthur, Fulwood, Preston. 
Dixon, .Austiu Clarence, Bolivia Railway, Chile. 


Dixon, Charles Harvey, Esher. 

Dixon, Godfrey Brooks, Tollesburij, WitJimn, Essex. 

Dixon, Harold Evans,, 'JO, Kellet-road^ liri.rton. s.w. 

Dixon, Henry Charles, Orange Free State, South Africa. 

Dixcn, Henry Cuthliert, o4. King Edicard-road, S. Hackney, n.k. 

Dixon, Henry Edward, Buntinfiford. 

Dixon, John, M.D. St. Andr., 133, Jamaica-road. s.e. 

Dixon John Francis. Rohben Island, Cape Town. 

Dixon, Montag-ue. M.D. Lnnd., Me/ton Moicbrai/. 

Dixon, Robert Halsiead. M.B. Lond., Hacing-oreen, Ealing, w, 

Dixon, Thomas, Ecclcshall. 

Dixon, Walter Ernest, M.D. Cauib., Cambridge. 

Dixon, William Arthur, Toronto, Canada. 

Dixon, William John, M.B. Madras, Templecombe, Somerset. 

D'Monte, Dominick Anaclete, Bandora, Bnniba?/. India. 

[)obl)in. Wilfrid Arthur Edwin, 2 1 ,Marylands-rd., Ilarrow-rd. w. 

Dobbs, Matthew, M.D. Durh., Folkestone. 

Dobell, Clai-ence Bi'ian, M.D. Edinb., Charlton Kings, Cheltenham. 

Dobie, Edward Cyril, M.B. Edinb.. Northgate House, Chester. 

Dobie, Herbert, M.D. Edin., Chester. 

Doble, Francis Carniinow, Reedham, Xorfolk. 

Dobie, Heii'y Trej^'elUis, 2, Union-street, Oldham. 

Dobson, Arthur, Ilkeston, Derbi/shire. 

Dobson, Joseph Faulkner, M.B. Lond., 29, Park-square, Leeds. 

Dobson, Leonard Charles Talbot, M.D. Lond., 71, Ilolland-park- 

avenue. "W. 
Dobson, Maurice Rowland, Woodbank, Ilkleij. 
Dockray, John Smalley, M.D. Vict., Bishops Stortfvrd. 
Dodd, Alexander Russell. 3, Margaret-street, av. 
Dodd, Arthur Herl»ert. Hore. Brighton. 
Dodd, Arthur Timothy Aliddleton, AnfieAd, Liverpool. 
Dodd, Ernest James Auberon, Chapel Allerton, Leeds. 
Dodd, Frederick Lawson, 41, Wimpole-streei. w. 
Dodd. Henry Work, 136. Harleg-sireet. -w. 
Dodd, Percy Vernon, M.D. Diibl., Folkestone. 
Dodd, Walter Henry, Wimborne. 

Dodg-son, George Stanley, M.B.Carab., Sherborne House, Durham. 
Dodson, Georg'e Everard, Kinnan, Persia. 

Dodswortii. Frederic Charles Arlington-park, Gunnersburg. w, 
*Dodwell, Philip R., M.D. Lond., 57, Bridge-rd., Battersea. s.v,-. 
Doig, Kenneth, Alan Crawford, Royal Arnii/ Medical Corps. 
Dolamore, William Henry, 63, Ilarley-street. av. 
Dolan„ Edmund Michael, Fontefract. 
Dolbey, Robert Valentine, M.B. Lond., Vancouver, British 

Columbia. * 

Dolman, Edg-ar Winn Fox. Mattaburra, Queensland. 
Domela-Nieuwenhuis, Theodor, Tunis. 
Domin)', Georg-e Herbert, Milton Abbas, Blandford. 
Domville, Edward James, Exeter. 

* Resigned Membership. 



1902 - 'Dona\d,Archh\(].,M.B.G\'dS<i;.,24J\'enthvorth-ave.,Wi7nbledon. s.w. 

1903 DtJiiald, Rol)eit, Dunedin, Nco Zealand. 

„ Donaldson, Alexander Henry, lloisworthji^ North Devon. 
1901 Donaldson, Samuel, S3, .leppe Stre<'t, Johanneshm-fj. 

„ Donaldson-Sim, Ernest Alfred, St. Bartholomew's Hospital. E.c. 
18G7 Donor, AVilliam Jerome. 
1892 I Dorman, Marcus Rob. Pliipps, M.D. Camb. 

1903 I Doiman, Oscar Cliipman, xM.D. Dalliousie, 650, Logan-avenue, 

Winnipeg, Canada. 
1894 I J)orve\\.'E>*\n\n\\\\xv., Lrincroft-ga7xlens.iWestHa)npsteQd. n.w. 
1900 Doubble, Meredith Sedgwick, Lm^o?i. 
1906 Doudney, Leslie, Salop Injirmary., Shreicshtn^y . 
1866 Doug"al, Daniel. M.D. Glasg'., Lansdown-road, Bonrnemonth. 
1896 Douglas, Archibald Robert John, M.D. Loud., Rangoon, Burma. 
1874 Douglas, Claude. Leioister. 

1905 Douglas, Jas. Sholto Cameron, M.D. Oxf., Oxford. 
1898 Douglas, Kenneth Ilarington, 105, Wood-s^treet, Walthamstow. e. 

1904 i Douglas, Reginald Inglis, M.B. Durh., 500, Jjordship-lane. s.e. 

1896 I Douglas, Stewart Ranken, ,SV. Mary's Hospital, w. 

1908 Douglas, Wm. Robert, 20, York-place, Oxford-street, Manchester. 

1900 ' Douglass, Percy Clarence, Royal Army Medical Corp-. 
,, Douglass, William Claughton, South Miumis, Barnet. 

1903 I Douse, John Freeman, 125, L>/ndhurst-avc7iue, Streatham Hill. s.w. 

1890 Dove, Percy William, M.B. Lond., 84, Crouch-hill. x. 

1897 Dove, William Bathurst, M.B. Camb., Leatherhead. 

1891 Dow, John Hardman, 2. Cowley Hdl-lane, St. Helens. 

1892 Dow, Wm. Alex., M.D. Durh., Lewes. 

1905 Dowdall, Arthur Melville, 12, Thorhum-road, New Ferry, 

1888 Dowdell, Charles Seymour, M.B. Lond.,Oi«s.?v, Gold Coast Colony. 

1898 Dowding, Ernest Fredk. Charles, Wansford, Northonts. 

„ Dowding, William Frederick Charles, Hospital, Copse Hill s.w. 

1893 Dowler, Herbert Matthew, Mussoorie, India. 
1888 Dowling, Edward Alfred Griffiths, Clifton, Bristol. 

1890 Dowling, George William, Alderley Edge, Cheshire. 

1891 Dowling, Nortnan, Toung, New South Wales. 

1905 Dowling, Stanislaus Marcus, Woodford Green, n.e. 
1887 Down, Arthur Reed, Bampton. Devonshire. 
1895 Down, Elgar, Stoke, Devonport. 

1901 Downer, Clarence Herbert, Jfahaica, Demerara. 

1907 I Downer, Reginald Liouel Ernest, M.B. Loud., General Infirmary, 

CI tester. 
1876 Downes, Edmund, M.D. Bi'ussels, Bolton-road, Eastbourne. 

1897 Downes, Godkin, Statmi-road, Wcddstone. 
1885 Downes, Howard, Priory-road, Ilornsey. x. 

1901 Downes, Ttiomas W^illiam Hardwicke, 26, Broad-street, Ludloic. 
1882 Downing, Charles, 49, Charles-street, Cardiff". 

1887 Downing, William, 1, (I'real Colmore-street, Birmingham. 
„ Downman, Charles Frederick, Burnham, Maldon. 

1902 Downton. Arthur Sydney. 5, Weston-park, Crouch End. x. 

1898 Dowse, Thomas .Alexander, Levuka, Fiji. 









Dowsett, Ernest Blair, 1, Gloucester-street, Portman-sqnare. "vv. 

Dowsing-, Herbert Leopold, Beverlen-road, Hull. 

Dow son, John, Naval Medical Service. 

Doyle, Edward Angel Gaynes, South Naparima, Ti^inidad. 

Doyle, Henry Martin. Newcastle, New South Wales. 

Drabble, Percy Toplis, College-road, Rotherham. 

Drake, Arthur William Courtney, Winchester. 

Drake, Courtenay Henr}-, M.B. Lond., Streatham High-road. s.w. 

Drake, Dennys John, Thakurhari P.O., Assam. 

Drake, Ernest Charles, Red Hill. 

Drake, Ernest Henr}', 161, St. George' s-road, Peckham. s.E. 

Drake, Hugh Basil, Indian Medical Service. 

Drake, John Alexander, M.B. Loud., Tenbij, S. Wales. 

Drake, William, Harwich. 

Drake, AVilliam Elliot, M.B. Camb., Red. House, Winchester. 

Drake-Brockman, Edward Foster, 18a, Hanover-street, "vv. 

Drake-Brockman, Henry George, Asi/lum, Middlesbrough. 

Drake-Brockman, Herbert Edward. Indian Medical Service, 

Drake-Brockman, Ralph Evehn, Berbera, Somaliland. 

Drake-Brockman Vivien Godfrey, Indian Medical Service. 

Draper, James William, Almondbury, Huddersjteld. 

Draper, Robert Athelstan, Fnlford-road, York. 

Draper, Thomas ^[akitl, Watlington, Norfolk. 

Drapes, Thomas Lambert. M.B. Camb., Chepstow, Man. 

Drawbridge. Wilfred Ralph Leycester, Sussex Hosp., Hastings. 

Dreaper, AVilliam Grey, Grosmonl, Yorkshire. 

Drew, Alfred Stanbanks, Alexandria, Cape of Good Hope. 

Drew, Arthur John, St. Aldates, Oxford. 

Drew, Douglas, M.D. Lond., G, Wimpole- street, w. 

Drew, EdwardHatherell. 167, High-road, Balham. s.w. 

Drew, Hedley Vicars, Timaru, Canterbury, New Zealand. 

Drew, Henry William, 3, Addiscombe-road, Croydon. 

Drew, John Haimer, M.B. Loud., Plymonth. 

Drew, Robert Stanbanks, M.B. Camb., Littlecroft, Egham, 

Drinkwater, Fredk. Andrew Worsley, Cenfron, Llangollen. 
Driver, Henry Lloyd, Soufhsea. 

Droop, Charles Edward, M.B. Camb., Madeley, Salop. 
Druitt, Ai'thur Edward, Alraston, Derby. 
Druitt, Claud Francis, Alraston, Derby. 

Drur}^, Edwd. Guy Dm, M.D. Lond., Grahamstoicn, Cape Colony. 
Drury, Godfrey Dru, Coife Cattle, Dorset. 
Dryland, Gilbert Winter, Guys Hospital. s.E. 
Dryland, Leslie Wiuter, Kettering, Northampton. 
Drysdale, Theodore, M.B. Camb., 84, Sloane-street. s.w. 
Du Boulay, Hubert Houssemayne, Weymouth. 
Du Buisson, Edward William, Castle-street, Hereford. 
Ducat, Arthur David, M.B. Loud., Iltathfield-gardens, Chiswick. 
Ducket, Charles Alexander, 150, Broivning-road. Manor-jjark. E. 
Dudding, John Scarbrough, Naval Medical Service. 
Duddiug, Thos. Scarbrough, Royal Army Medical Corps. 



1885 ! 


1904 ; 


1888 ; 


1 894 






Dudfield, Reg-inald Samuel Orme, M,B. Camb., Town Hall, 

Faddiiifjlon. w. 
Dudgeon, Herbert William, M.D. Durh.. Cairo, J^oyp^- 
Dudgeon, Robert Henry Beano h amp, 7\>xtet/i-park, Liverpool. 
Dudley. Arthur Dudley Parr, Mari/i/ie/d, Chippenham. 
Dudley, Bernard John, 35, liyde-vale-road, Balham. s.w. 
Dudley, Edward Percy Hughes, Caxton, Cambridge. 
Dudley, George James, Stourbj-idf/e. 
Dudley, Sheldon Francis, 12, Si. George" s-terrace, Stonehouse, 

Pljl month. 
Duer, Charles, M.B. Lend., Indian Medical Service. 
Duer, Sidengham Unwin, 22, Ilai-etvood-square. n.w. 
Duffett, Henr}' Allcroft, Sidciip. 

Duffield, Ernest Alphonse, 110, Bute- ft., Treherbert, Glamorgan. 
Duffy, Patrick Joseph, 54, Khedire-road, Forest-gate. e. 
Dugon, Francis, 17. Itderton-rcad, Bermondsev. s.E. 
Dugon, ThoMias Henderson, Neir Ellhara, Kent. 
du Heaume, Herbert Thomas, St. JJeliers, Jersey. 
Duigan, Victor John, High-street. EaM Dereham. 
Duigan, William, M.B. Camb., Woo(h>tock-road. Oxford. 
Duka, Albert The(Hihilus, D.S.O., Bournemouth. 
Duke, Uanjld Denny, 43, Fordngch-road, JJrondesburg. N.w. 
Dnkes. Edmund Spiagnie, M.B. Lond., Paparoa Kaipara, I\\Z. 
Dukes. Major Charles, M.D. St. Andr., Iljracombe. 
Dukes Thomas Archibald, M.B. Lond., 16, Wellesley-road^ 

Dumergue, Herbert Walter, M.D. Camb., 9, Stafford-terrace, 

Kensington, w. 
Dunnnere, Howard Howse, Sevenoaks. 

Dun. Robert Craig, M.B. Edinb., 73, Bodnej/streef, Lirerpool. 
Dun. Walter Angus, M.D. Miami, Cincinnati, United States. 
Dunbar, James John Macwhirter, M.D. Lond., Claphavt-common. 

Duncan, George Ernest, Naral ^fedical Service. 

Duncan, Horace, ]\LB. Lond., 11, Bolton-sfreet. w. 

Duncan, John, M.B. T'oronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Duncan, Percy James. M.D. howd.. Bournemouth. 

Duncker, William Keinhold, Port.<ilade, West Brighton. 

Dundas, George Albert, Bengal Army. 

Dunderdale, Robert Harold Web.ster, Blackpool. 

Duukerton, Norman Edwin, lioj/al Army Medical Corps. 

Dunkin, Silas Ethelbert. G8, Studleg-road, Clapham. s.w. 
i Dunlop. John Beattie,M.B. Camb., 1 b. Spring-bank-place, Bradford. 

Duun. Arthur Gibson. M.B. Durh., S, Cavendish-place, Newcastle- 

Durni, Philip Henry, M.D. Durh., 87, Regent-street, w. 

Dunn, Robert Ayton, M.D. Durh., Htrtfrn-d. 
; Dunn, Thomas \Vm. Newton, M.B. Camb., b, Beaufort East, Bath. 

Dunn, William Edward NickoUs, M.B. Lond., 7, Christchurch- 
i avenue. Brondesbury. k.w. 

Dunne, Arthur Briggs, M.B. Camb., West Bridgford, Nottingham 



1908 I Dunning-, John Beatson, 35, Blandford-square. n.^v. 
1900 Dimstan, Robert, 57, Kingsmead-rnad. Tulse Hill. s.w. 
„ I Dunstan, Walter Robert, M.B. Loud., G, Water-lane, Brixton. 

I S.AV. 

1899 Danston, John Thomas. M.D, Lond., Lunatic Asylum. Pretoria. 

1898 Dupigny, Joseph Elford. 7, St r eat ham-hill. s.w. 

1893 1 Dupi-ej, Albert Joseph Bonniface. Trinidad, West Indies. 

1902 I Duprey, George Perry, Maijars, Trinidad. 

1874 \ Duran, Carlos, Costa Rica. 

1899 I Durance. William Arthur, Sutton-in-AsIifield, Xotts. 

1882 Durant, Robert James Anderson, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1900 Durbridye. Henry, Jfatlock, Bath. 
1893 Durell, Robert Edward, Seldown, Poole. 

1896 I Durrant, Charles Edwin. Al nf/sbridgr". 

1888 I Durrant, Thomas Arnold, M.D. Durh.. 199, Gloucester-terrace. 

1893 Durston, John Christopher, Naval Medical Sei^vice. 

1886 Dutch, Henry Asher, M.D. Brussels, 8, Berkeley-street, w. 

1892 Dutton, Arthur Stayt, 5, Divinity -road, Oxford. 

1902 Dutton, Hug-h Reginald, Indian Medical Service. 
1899 Dutton, William. Belgrave, Leicester. 

1886 Dw^-er, Hubert De Burgh, Banbury, Oxon. 
1895 j Dyball,Brennan.M.B. Lond., £xe<^r. 

1898 I Dyer, Harold, North Vancouver. British Colombia. 

1888 j Dyer, John Edward. Klerksdnrp. Transvaal, South Africa. 
1884 ! Dyer, Sidney Reginald, M.D. Brussels. H.M. Prison, Wand^- 
icorth. s.w. 

1899 Dyer, AVulter Percy, JVaval Medical Service. 

1897 I Dykes, Campbell, M.B. Lon'L, /«(i?'an Medical Service. 

„ I Dykes, ('harles Reginald, Queen s-road, Buckkurst Hill. 
„ Dykes, Percy Armstrong, Castle Cary, Somerset. 

1893 Dymoke, Fvaderlck, Stapleton-road, Eastville, Bristol. 

1904 Dyson, Harold Edward, M.D. Lend., Addison House, Harrow- 
road. Wembley. 

1901 Dyson, John Newlon, Bournemouth. 

]897 I Dyson, Malcolm Goodworth, 93, Union-road, Eotherhithe. s.E. 
1906 I Eager, Gurth, Bvrford, Oxfnd. 

1903 I Eager, .Mervyu, Durban-road, Watford. 
1871 Eager, Wilson, Woodbridye. S'ljfolk. 

1895 Eames, Charles William, M.P>. Edinb., 48, Church-lane, Shipley. 

1896 Eames, Edwanl Shairp Barnard. Uffvulme, CuUompton. 

1892 Eames, Edward Thomas Philip, Naval Medical Service. 
1864 Eames. .John Davev, Chapelfown-road, Leeds. 

1897 Eardley. AVilliam."^M.B. Canib.. Goole. 

1871 Eardley-Wilmot, Robert, M.B. Lond., Leamington. 

1906 Earl, Guy Stanley, M.B. Loud., Si. George's Hosjntal. s.AV. 
1890 Earle, Edward Rol)ert Charles, Jamaica, West Indies. 

„ Earle, Hubert Malius, Itidian Medical Service. 

1893 Earle, John Rolleston, M.B. Oxf., Woodf<tock-road, Oxford. 

1907 Earle, Maurice Mason, Guy's Hospital. s.E. 
1895 Earle, Walter George, Bournemouth. 

1898 Eason, Herbert Lightfoot, M.D. Lond., 24, St. Thomas-street, s.e. 


East, William Norwood, M.D. Loud., 2, North-road, Clapham- 
Park-road. s.av. 

Eastes, Georg-e Leslie, M.B. Lend., 38, Neiv Cavendish-st. w. 

Eastman, Julio Daniel, Caton, Lancashire. 

Eastment, Allan Gi'ant, Naval Medical Service. 

Eastment, Gerald Meade, Naval Medical Service. 

Eastmond, Reginald Anthony, M.B. Lond., Mansfield. 

Easton, Frank Edward, 12, Devonpoi't-sireet, Ifyde-parl: "W. 

Easton, Harold Augustus, Thornton Heathy Surrey. 

Easton, Philip George, Indian Medical Service. 

Eatock, John Albert, Widnes. 

Eaton, James William, Bingham. 

Eaton, Oliver, Eo;mouth. 

Eaves, Wilberforce Vaughan, Junior Athenaeum Club, Picca- 
dilhj. Av. 

Eccles, Bertram Joseph, 21, Univei'sity-avenue, Belfast. 

Eccles, Charles Heur^^, Nafferton, Hull. 

Eccles, Herbert Aunesley, M.D. Lond., Upper Norivood. s.e. 

Eccles, Horace Dorset, Mongonui, N. Island, New Zealand. 

Eccles, Robert Burton, Great Drijfteld. 

Eccles, William McAdam, M.B. Lond., 124, liar ley-street, ^y. 

Eck, Vincent Frederick, Chilis South America. 

Eckensteiu, Kenneth Edward, M.B. Lond., 8, Gainshoroiigh- 
mansions, Queen Club-gardens, w. 

Eckstein, John McDougall, 63, Guilford-street. w.c. 

Eddison, Francis R^'alls, Bedale. 

Eddlestone, Neville Avory, M.B. Durh., 14, Scotch-st., White- 

Eddj^ James, Leicester. 

Edelsten, Ernest Alfred, M.B. Oxf.. 370, Brixton-road. s.w. 

Eden, Wm. Annesley, Rendcombe, Cirencester. 

Eder, Montague David, 2, Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square. w.c. 

Edge, Arthur James, M.B. Lond., Tudor House., Maidenhead. 

Edge, Bruce Edgar, Old Basford, Nottingham. 

Edgelow, George, M.D. Aberd., 18, Hertjord-street. w. 

Edgelow, Herbert, Mashonaland. 

Ediugton, Ernest Adolphus, Ley Moor, Golcar, Yorks. 

Edington, George Henry, M.D. Glasg., 20, Woodside-place, 

Edlestou, Richard Shafto Chambers, Baslow, Derbyshire. 

Edlin, Herbert Ebenezer, Levenshulme, Manchester. 

Edmond, William Square, Farringdon Dispensary, e.g. 

Edmonds, Charles John Ernest, Manor House, Streatham. s.w. 

Edmonds, Frank Rowe, Georgetoicn, Brit. Guiana. 

Edmonds, George, May field, Sussex. 

Edmonds, Harry Augustus, Pattisivorth, Queensland. 

Edmondson, Watts, Jxmcaster. 

Edmondson, William Coustantine, M.B. Toronto, Orillia, Canada. 

Edmunds, Arthur, M.B. Lond., 30, Welbeck-street. w. 

Edmunds, Clive Thornley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Edmunds, Flavell, Avenue House, Saltergate, Chester-field. 










Edmunds, Percy James, M.B. Loud., 5, Great Marlboroiujh- 

street. w. 
Edridg-e, Kay, 18, Laion-terrace, BlacUieath. s.e. 
Edsell, Georg-e Alfred, M,D. Durham, Surhiton. 
Edwards, Arthur Rea, 
Edwards, Augustus Lea, Upavon, Wilts. 
Edwards, Charles, Granville House, Bridport. 
Edwards, Charles Stanstay, Mombasa^ E. Africa. 
Edwards, Charles Wrig-ht, Wincanton, Somerset. 
Edwards. David, Mold. 

Edwards, David Richard, Compton House, Conceii. 
Edwards, Edgar Steele, Empintjliam, Stamford. 
Edwards, Frank Payne, M.B. Camb., Ranhaw, Victoria, Australia. 
Edwards, Frederick George Henry. M.D. Paris, Mauritius. 
Edwards, Frederick Swinford, 55, Har ley -street, w. 
Edwards, Frederic ^Villiam, 222, Stanstead-road, Forest Hill. s.e. 
Edwards, George Bennicke, Eoi/al Army Medical Corps. 
Edwards, George Frederick, M.D. Vict., The Eyrie, Furze 

Plait., Maidenhead. 
Edwards, Geo. Mackenzie, M.B. Camb., Harrow. 
Edwards, Harford Norman, Mai-kyate, Dunstable. 
Edwards, Harry Rumsey, 12, Park-road, Beckenham, Kent. 
Edwards, John Maltl>y, Bromley, Kent. 
Edwards, Leonard, London Hospital, e. 
Edwards, Octavius, Leominster. 
Edwards, Percy, Newsliam Park., Liverpool. 
Edwards, Philip LIugh, Devoran, Cornwall. 
Edwards, Robert, Lambs Conduit-street, w.c. 
Edwards, Robert Thomas, Walters-road., Swansea. 
Edwards, Thomas Henry, Huddersfield. 
Edwards, "William Howard, Brixton-hill. s.w. 
Edwards, William Lloyd, 142, Holton-road. Barry, Glamorgan. 
Edye, John Simpson, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Eedle, Edward John, Palmer'' &- green, n. 
Ehrlich, Henry Albert, 89, Dawes-road, Fulham. s.w. 
Ehrmann, i\lbert, 255, Camden-road. n.w. 
Eichliolz,Oreste, M.D.Oxf., 36, Russell-road, Kensington, s.w. 
Ekins, Charles Maxwell, Cairo, Egypt. 

Elam, George, M.D. Durh., 9, Fawley-road, West Ham pstead. N.w. 
Elder, x\.rmiu Gascoigne "Vavasour, Junior Conservative Club, w. 
Elder, George Tatham Davison, Mansfield, Nottingham. 
Eldred, Arthur George, Gold Coast, W. Africa. 
Eley, Xorman William, Batley. 

Ellacombe, Gilbert Henry Wemyss, Livingstone, N.W. Rhodesia. 
Ellcome, John Edwin, 8, Loxley-road, Wandsworth-common. s.w. 
EUerton, Henry Byam, Leavesden Asylum, Watford. 
Ellerton, John, M.D. St. Andr., Middlesbrough. 
Ellery, Ernest Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
EUiman, Arthur Charles, 73, Southwark Bridge-road. s.e. 
Elliot, Ernest Edward, Dover. 
Elliot, Robert Henry, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 









Elliot, Thomas Stokoe, Tlie Old Bectory, Southwell. 

Elliott, Arthur Bowes, Llanddulas. North Wales. 

Elliott. Charles Caldwell. M.D. Lond., Cape Toivn, Cape Coloivj. 

Elliott, Christopher, Clanricarde J/oiise, Tunhridge Welh. 

Elliott, Gilbert, 30, Black Horse-road, Walthamstoiv. 

Elliott, Harold St. Clair, Drijden s-diamhcrs, Oxford-street, "vv. 

Elliott, Harry J^cott. Victoria-road, Southsea. 

Elliott, Howard Robinson, WInttington, Chesterfield. 

Elliott, James Warner, 1, Askew-road, Shepherd's Bush. "W. 

Ellis, Carlton Atkinson, Chislehursf-ave., Church-end, Finchley. N. 

Ellis, Edgar Severn, 6, Clarence-street, Gloucester. 

Ellis, Ernest Alfred, M.B. Camb., Asylum, Broadmoor, Berks. 

Ellis, Ernest Fitzgerald, Naval Medical Service. 

Ellis, Francis Hamilton, M.B. Camb., Shirley, Southamjyton. 

Ellis, Francis Heygate, Salisbury, Rhodesia. 

Ellis, Fred, 25, Commercial-road. Peckhani. s.E. 

Ellis, Henry Reginald, M.B. Durham, Shipley Ball, Shipley. 

Ellis, Herbert Mackay, Naval Medical Service. 

Ellis, John Constable, Metheringham, Lincoln. 

Ellis, Leonard Ei-asmus, M.D. Brussels, Leicester. 

Ellis, Philip Mackay, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Ellis, Richard Thomas, 57, London-road, Holyhead. 

Ellis, Robert Mackay, Chudleigh, South Devon. 

Ellis, William Ashton, Preston Park, Brighton. 

Ellis, William Francis. Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Ellis, William Hodgson, M.B. Toi-onto, Toi'onto. 

Ellis, W^illiam Mcl'onagh, M.D. Brussels, Woldingham, Surrey. 

Ellison, Arthur, RipUy House, Holheck, Leeds. 

Ellison, Ernest Henry, M.D. Durh., Systou, Leicestershire. 

Ellison, Harold Blades, Hoscote, West Kirhy. Citeshire. 

Ellison, William Augustine, M.D. Oxf., ls\.\ .^..Eton, Windsor. 

Ell wood, Thomas Ashcroft, 99, Tollington-park. N. 

Elmslie. Reginald Cheyne, M.B. Lond., 81, St. Mary's-mansions, 

Paddington. AV. 
Ellington, Nicholas, Wethersfield., Essex. 
Elton, Uenr}' Brown, Cheddon Fitzjmine, Taunton. 
Elvy, Frank, Hellingly, Sussex. 

Elwes, Frederick Fenn, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Elwin, George Richard, M.D. Lond., 82, Blackfriars-road. s.E. 
El worthy, Henry Herbert, 41, Pimlico-road. s.w. 
Elworthy, Henrj- Stuart, Ehhw Vale, Movmovthsliire. 
Elworthy, Reginald Robert, 8, Rosenau-cres., Dattersea-park. s.av. 
Enibleton, Dennis, 8, Heath-mansions, Hampstead. x.w. 
Embling, William Heur}-, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia. 
Emerson, Herbert Bree, Pershore, Worcester. 
Emery, Arthur, M.B. Birm., Ludlow. 
Emery, Frederick William, M.D. Brussels, 196, Stratford-road, 

Emery, Walter d'Este, M.D. Lond., 35, Clifton-hill. n.w. 
Emlyn, Charles Willniore, Banbury. 
Emmersou, Herbert Harry, 392, Glossop-road, Sheffield. 





















































Einmer, John William. Sea-roacL Bexliill. 
Einmett, Richard, M.D. Durh., North-em/., Portsmouth. 
Emms, Harry RobQrt, 132, Wivon-graen-road, Birmingham. 
Eoderby, Tom Sidney Dawber, 5. Bainton-avemie, Grimsby. 
England, George, Monlton, Spalding. 

England, Ilumphre}^ 22, IVest Kensington-mansions, ^v. 
English, Thomas C'risp, M.B. Lond., 47, Upper Broolc-street. w. 
English, Thomas Harks, Sleiglits, Yorkshire. 
English, Thomas Johnston, M.D. Brussels, 13, Gilston-road. s.w. 
Ennion, Octaviiis Roberts, Bnrwe/l, Cambs. 
Enraght, William, 143, Croydon-road, Anerley. s.e. 
Ensor, Cecil Arthur, Tisbun/, Salisbury. 
Ensor, Charles William, 23, Marine-paradp, Sheerness. 
Ensor, Jolin William, 204, Mose.ley-road, Birmingham. 
Ensor, Theodore Francis, Stalbridge, Dorset. 
Ereaut, Ilarold John, Morsel Bay, Cape Colon//. 
Erhardt, Conrad Charles James, Cross Hills, Keighley. 
Ernst, George Reginald, M.D. Rush., Godesberg bei Bonn, Germany. 
'^Erskine-(Jollins, James Edward, 218, Barking-rd., East Ham. e. 

Eschwege, Fritz Salo, Sunnyside, Mayow-road, Forest Hill. s.k. 

Escombe, William, Great Grimsby. 

Esser, Samuel Jonathan David, ^faraisbnrg, Cape Colony. 

Etches, William Robert, M.D. Durh., Warlingham, Surrey. 

Etheridge. Charles Edward, M.B. Lond., Dankerton, Whitstable. 

Etlinger, Frederick Kiiicaid, Cotswold, Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

Evans, Albert Edward, Prestatyn, Flintshire. 

Evans, Alexander, Market Weighton, Yoiks. 

Evans, Arthur Heniy, M.D. Lond., 18, Upper Wimpole-st. w. 

Kvans, Arthur John, 83, Canning-street, Liverpool. 

Evans, Arthur Owen, Indian Medical Service. 

Evans, Arthur Vernon, Weybridge. 

Evans, Cadwallader Edwards, St. Kilda, Victoria. Australia. 

Evans. Charles Edward, 97, Chatsworth-road, Lower Clapton, n.e. 

Evans, Charles Hoiiiam, 56, Woljington-road, W. Norwood, s.e, 

Evans, Chai-les Robert, Roi/al Army Medical Corps. 

Evans, Daniel Cyril, 290, Coivbridge-road, Cardif. 
I Evans, Daniel Edward, M.B. Lond., St. Helen' s-road, Swansea. 
' Evans, David, Aberamen, Aberdare. 
1 Evans, David Edward, The Poplars, Pontypridd. 

Evans, David Haydn, Llandaff, Cardiff. 

Evans, David Robert Powell, 75, Za/rt6to«-?-ort(/, Wimbledon, s.w. 

Evans, Edgar Griffith, Mumbles, Swansea. 

Evans, Edward, flolbeach, Lincolnshire. 
j Evans, Edward Albau, 4, Northampjtvn-jylace, Swansea. 

Evans, Ernest Riciiard, Fore-street, Hertford. 

Evans, Evan, M.B. Lond., Lampeter, Cardiganshire. 
, Evans, Evau Laming, M.B. Camb., 36, Bryanston-slreet. w. 

Evans, Evan Parry, 22, Windsor-road, Barry, Cardif. 

Evans, Evan Robert, Ffynnon Groew, Mostyn, N. Wales. 
I Evans, Francis Morse, 32, Kenilworth-road, Ealing, av. 

* Formerly Collins, James Edward. 


1897 Evans, Frederick Hudson, IGl, Lewhhum-road. s.e. 

1888 i Evans, George Edward Alfred, N ether liayes, Seuton, Axminster. 
1904 Evans, Georf^-e Jewel, Somerset Hospital^ Tannfon. 

1889 I Evans, Harold Muir, M.D. Lend., Lowestoft. 
Evans, Harold Ward, Main-street, Littleport, Ebj. 
Evans, Harry Loll, Hull. 
Evans, Henry, Hove, Brif/Iiton. 

Evans, Hugh Koker, M.B. Lond., 4, Chesterfield-mansions, High- 
gate. N. 

Evans, James, Llandovery , Carmarthen. 
Evans, James Arnold, Breeze Hill, Liverpool. 





1902 Evans, John. M.D. Lond., 18, Londun-road, Neath. 

Evans, John, M.D. Lond., 2, Church-street, Carnarvon. 
Evans, John, JJigh Wijcoinhe. 

Evans, John Howell, M.B. Oxf., 24, Berkeley-square, "w. 
Evans, John Jackson Whatiey, 9, Gerrard-street, Soho. w. 
*Evans, John Jameson, M.D. Birnl., 85, Edmund-st., Birmingham. 
Evans, John Morgan, Llandrindod Wells. 
Evans, John Morton, 117, Ashley-road, Bristol. 
Evans, John Richard, Llandilo, Carmarthen. 
Evans, John Tasker, M.D. Aberd., Hertford. 
Evans, Oliver Conrad Penrhys, M.D. Durham, Kidderminster. 
Evans, Percy, M.B. Durh., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Evans, Richard, Wrexham. 
Evans, Robert Cecil Turle, M.B. TiOnd., Marine-crescent, Heme 

Evans, Robert Jones, Plasynmrd, Pwllheli. 
Evans. Samuel, Dovercourt, Harwich. 

Evans, Thomas John Carey, Llysmeddyg, Blaenau-Festiniog. 
Evans, Thomas Llewell^'n, Penlhin- court, Cowbridge, Glamorgan. 
Evans, Trevor, 11, Picton-place, Swansea. 
Evans, William, 13, Pimlico-road. s.av. 
Evans, William, Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand. 
Evans, William Edward, Babbacombe, Torquay. 
Evans, Wm. Geo., 56, Holyhead-road. Handsworth. 
Evans, William Norman, 3, Thurlow-road, Hampstead. N.w, 
Evans, William Thomas, Maes-y-bryn, Treharris., Glamorgan. 
Eve, Frederic Samuel, 61, //ar/e^-5-^ree^ w. 
Evelyn, William Arthur, M.D. Camb., York. 
Everard, Arthur Geo., 43, Clapham-road. s.w. 
Everett, Ernest William, Norwich. 
Everidge, John, Anniecot, Surbiton, Surrey. 
Everington, Herbert Devas, M.B. Lond., Sanderstead, Croydon. 
Evershed, Arthur Reginald Field, ]3, Hurley-street, w. 
E very-Clay ton, Leopold Ernest Valentine, M.D. Lond., Clevedon. 
Eves, Percy Stanhope, M.D. Lond., St. Peter' s-place, Brighton. 
Evill, Frederick Claude, Barnet, Herts. 
Evison, Frank Arthur, March, Cambridge. 
Ewart, Charles, M.D. Brussels, 58, Queens Gate-terrace, s.w. 

* Formerly Evans, John James. 


Ewart, John Henry, Eastbourne. 

Ewart, Robert John, M.D. Vict., 33, BerMey -street. Liverpool. 

Ewbank, Arthur George, Ligatestone, Essex. 

Ewen, Gerald Sidney, Tudor House, Tivickenham. 

Ewens, Georg-e Frank Wm.,M.n. Roy. CFniv. Irel., Bengal Army. 

Ewens, Henry Luther, M.D. Durh., Maldon, Essex. 

Ewens, John, Redland, Bristol. 

Ewing'. Alfred Waahing-ton, Guy^s Hospital, s.e. 

Eyre, Charles Roland Babington, The Ivies, West Liss, 

Eyre, John Wm. Henry, M.D.Durh., M. 1908, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 

Fa ber, Hamilton Stanley. 53,Cranhurst-rd.,Willesden-green. n."W. 

Facey, Reginald Ambrose, 115, Uxhridge-road. w. 

Facey, Samuel Henrj', Naval Medical Service. 

Fagan, Arthur Roberts St. Leger, 57, St. John's-road. N. 

Fagan, Charles Horace John, St. Georges Hospital, s.w. 

Fagge, Charles Herbert, M.B. Lond., 3, Devonshire-place, w. 

Fagge, Frederick Thomas, Llanfairfechan, North Wales. 

Fagge, Robert Hilton, Melton Mowbray. 

Fagge, Thomas Henry, M.D. Brussels, 21, Ovington-gardens, 
Chelsea, s.w. 

Faichnie, Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Fairbank, Christian Beverley, Naval Medical Service. 

Fairbank, Frederick Royston, M.D. Heidelberg, Westcott, Dorking. 

Fairbank, Harold Arthur Thomas, M.B. Lond., 137, Harley-st. w, 
*Fairbank, John Gerald Atkinson, M.B. Lond., 18, George-street, 
Hanover-square, ^v. 

Fairclough, Wm. Aiken, Ophthalmic Hospital, King William- 
street. ^\.c. 

Fairfax, Edward Wilfred, M.B. Sydney, Sydney, New South Wales. 

Fairhall, George Victor Hamlyn, M.B. Melb., 214, Algernon- 
road, Lady well, Lewisham. s.e. 

Fairlie-Clarke, Allan Johnston, Horsham. 

Fairweather, William Ernest, Race-street, Salford, Manchester. 

Faithfull, Robert Lionel, M.D. New Yoi-k, Sydney, N.S. W 

Falk, Herman, M.B. Camb., Indian ^fedical Service. 

Falkener, Lyon, M.D. Camb., East Molesey, Surrey. 

VsXkn&c,Yidi^.k.B\\\Qy,'^L^.Y)\xYh..,Toowoomba,Queensland, Australia. 

Falla, Walter, St. Heliers, Jersey. 

Falwasser, Arthur Thomas, Maidstone. 

Fanning, William Joseph, Kelling, Holt, Norfolk. 

Farbstein, Henry, 5, Albemarle-terrace, Hull. 

Farbstein, John Heurj', M.B. Lond., Anlaby-road, Hull. 

Fardon, Albert Henry, M.D. Camb., Red Hill, Surrey. 

Fardon, Harold Joseph, M.D. Camb., Brendon, Red Hill, 

Fardon, John Henr}'-, Claughton, Birkenhead. 

Farebrother, Harold William, 442, Hackney-road. n.e. 

Farmer, Frederick Reginald, Cinderford, Gloucestershire. 

* Foi-merly Atkiasoii, Jolui G-erald . 


1890 I Farmer, Gabriel \Vm. Stuliel, M.I^. Oxf., Oxford. 

1895 Farmer, William Ilenrv, Gravel Hill, Ludlow. 

1905 Farncombe, ILirry, M.B. Lond., Soutlisea. 

1893 Farucombe, Thomas Stone, M.D. Toronto, Trenton, Ontario, 


1890 Farncombe, \Vm.Tnrberville,M. D.Brussels, //arior«e,52V?HZH(7/?a?H. 

1896 Farndale, John William, Ba, Fiji. 

1906 Farnfield, John Stewart, Ilastinqs. 

1896 Farnfield, William Walter, Mere, Wills. 

1894 Farnam, Charles Mortimer Stone, Port of Spain, Trinidad. 

1891 Farquharson, William George Robertson, Hanover, Jamaica. 

1897 Farr, Arthur, Pembroke-road, Kensington, s.av. 

1886 Farr, Ernest Augustus, Andover. 
1896 Farrant, Charles, Taunton. 
1893 Farrant, Mark, Exeter. 

1905 Farrant, Percy, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1906 Farrant, Rupert, 132, Taclibrook-street. s.w. 

1889 Farrar, John Frederick, 83, Clielverton-road, Putney, s.^r. 

1888 Farrar, Reginald Anstruther, M.D. Oxf., Chiswick. ^y. 

1889 Farrington, John, Fiji. 

„ Fasuacht, Reymond Edward, Bedford. 

1903 Faulder, Thomas Jefferson, 50, Welheck-street. v>\ 

1905 Faulkner, Ebenezer Ross, M.I). Dalh., Canada, Halifax, Nova 

Scotia, Canada. 

1902 Faulkner, Erasmus Oakes, Stanford-le-Hope, Essex. 
„ Faulks, Edgar, Bexley Asylum, Kent. 

1906 Favell, Richard N'ernon, Glossop-road. Sheffield. 

1903 Fawcett, Hugh Herbert James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Fawkes, Marniaduke, M.B. Lond., Felixstowe. 

1902 I Fawley, Tom Bower, 481, Hessle-road, Hull. 
1869 Fawsitt. Thomas, Oldham. 

1899 Fawssett, Basil, Sparkbrook, Birminyham. 

1903 Fawssett, Francis Wm., M.B. Lond., 260, Fore-street, Edmonton, n. 

1887 Fawssett, Frank, M.B. Lond., Lewes. 

1905 Fawssett, Wilfrid, 32, P«r^--?-oaJ, Colliers Wood,M'erton. s.w. 

1896 Fayrer, Frederick Durand Stirling, Indian Medical Service. 

1889 Fazan, Charles Herbert, ije//y<OH^, Wadhurst, Sussex. 

1890 Fearnhead, Thomas, Lytham. 

1892 Fearule}^ Jonathan, 82, Bow-road. e. 

1908 Fearuside, Edwin Greaves, 56, Gore-road, South Hackney, s.e. 

1891 Featherstone, George William Beaumont, Aldershot. 

1893 Feaver, Lewis, Truro. 

1900 Fedden, Walter Fedde, M.B. Lond., 36, South-st., Park-lane. w. 
1887 Feeny, John Aloysius, Lahardane, Ballina, Ireland. 

1898 Fegan, John Herbert Crangle, Welwyn, Herts. 

1897 ; Fegan, Richard Ardra, Forest-row, Sussex. 

1901 I Fehrsen, Alexander Oloff, Malcolm, Cradock, Cape Colony. 

1904 Feldman, Moses, 3, Whitechapel-road. e. 

1886 I Felix, Edward, 113, iiJ/^2ft-ayen«e, J/ou/a-ra/e. ^y. 

1904 1 Felix, Jean Joseph Toussaint Raoul, M.B. Lond., Beau Bassin, 
i Mauritius. 



Felkin, Henry George, >[.D. Lond., Einr/wood, Herts. 
Fell, Matthew Henry Gregson, Royal Aivni/ Medical Corps. 
Fell, Robert, 62, Scqrscroft-road, York. 
Fell, AV^alter, M.D. Oxf., Wellington, New Zealand. 
Felton, Edgar Hall, Torrinr/ton House, Park-street, Grimshy. 
Felton, Richard, M.B. Lond., Broadbottom, Manchester. 
Fenn, Charles Edward. M.D. Durh.. 34, Streatham Hill. s.w. 
Fenn, Joseph Hiorns, New Road, Southport. 
Fenniugs, Arthur Allen, M.D. Durh., Eastbourne. 
Fenton, Charles Francis, Barking. Essex. 

Fentou, Herbert Alfred Hill, M.D. Brussels, 1, Cumberland-st. s."\v. 
Fenton, Thomas Gerald, Easky, Co. Sligo, Ireland. 
*B'enton, William Hugh, M.D. Brussels, 27, George-street, Hanover- 
square, w. 
Fenwick, George Ernest Oswald, University College Hospital, 

Gower Street, av.c. 
Fenwick, Percival Clenneii, M.B. Lond., Christchurch, N. Zealand. 
Fenwick, Samuel Chas. CoUingwood, M.D. Brussels, Nutfteld. 
Fenwick, William Stephen, M.B. Lond., 3, Princess-road, Primrose 

Hill. x.w. 
Fere, Gregory Arthur, M.D. Toronto, Ontario. 
Ferguson, Arnold Samuel, 31, Harley-^treet. ^y. 
Ferguson, George Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Ferguson, James Henry, Skipton-road, Kngliley. 
Ferguson, John, M.B. Loud., 26, Baldry-gardens, Streatham. s.w. 
Ferguson, John, M.D. Durh.. 266, Stockport-road, Manchester. 
Ferguson, Lionel Cecil, 1, Defoe Road, Tooting, s.w. 
Ferguson, Malcolm, Winnipeg, Canada. 
Ferguson, Robert Bruce, M.D. Camb., New Sonthgate. n. 
Ferguson, William Alexander, Douglas, Isle of Man. 
Fergusson, James Herbert, Naval Medical Service. 
Fergusson, John Newberry' Eraser, M.B. Camb., Hydropathic 

Establishment, Great Malvern. 
Fernandas, Cactano Jose, Assagdo Badir Goa, India, India Por- 

Fernie, Charles Henry, Stone, Staffordshire. 
Fernie, Francis Edward, Stone, Staffordshire. 
Fernie, Jolm Firth, Stone, Staffordshire. 
Fernie, William Thomas, M.D. Durham, Richmond, Surrey. 
Ferraby, George Arthur, Nottingham. 
Ferriere, Joseph Anthony, M.B. Lond., Mauritius. 
Ferris, John Spencer, M.B. Lond., Uxbridge. 
Ferris, William, M.D. Lond., Middlesex County Asylum, Upper 

Tooting, s.av. 
Fetherstoniiaugh, Robert Trevor, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 
Fiaschi, Piero, 135, Madison-avenue, dl-street. New York, U.S.A. 
Fiddiau, Arthur Edwin, 23, The Walk, Cardiff. 
Fiddian, Benjamin Gregory, M.B. Lond., 23, The Walk, Cardiff 
Fido, Herbert Adamsou, 78, Brixion-hill. s.w. 

* Formerly Fenton-Jones, William Hugh. 

L 2 


1888 Field, Ed^ar Alfred, Darwen. 

1891 Field, Frederick Arthur, M.D. Lond., Birchiiif/ton, Kent. 

1894 Field, George Hammond, M.B. Camb., 280, Christchurch-road, 


1887 Field, Oliver, M.D. Edin., Gardner House, Clapham-common. &.y\\ 

1906 Field, Stephen, 152, IJarky-street. w. 

1908 Field, William Vincent, 32, Spital-square. k. 

1893 Fielder, Frederick John, M.D. Lond., Raleujh-gardens. Brixton- 

hill. s.AV. 

1905 Fielding, Chas. Ilenr}', M.B, Lond,, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Finch, Alexander Henry, Shepton Mallet. 

1891 Finch, Ernest James, M,D. Brussels, Naval Medical Service. 
1905 Finch, George, 1, Hills-place, Oxford Circus, w. 

1895 Finch, Herbert Jonathan, Sudbury, Suffolk. 

1897 Finch, William Stanley, Furston, Poniefract. 

1890 Fincham, A¥illiam Sidney, 53, Kew-hriilge-road, Middlesex. 

1902 Finlay, Douglas Edward", M.B. Lond,, Park-road, Gloucester. 

1903 Finlayson, Walter Taylor, Indian Medical Service. 

1892 Finley, Harry, M,D. Lond,, Malvern. 

1904 Finn, Allan Rigden, M.D. Lond., 19, Cliveden-place, s.w. 

1893 Finnie, John Ellison, 69, Liverpool-road, Birkdale, Southport. 

1905 Finucane, Morgan Ignatius, 10, Ashley-place, s.w. 
1904 Finzel, Harry, M.D. Lond., Neiv Maiden, Surrey. 

1903 Finzi, Neville Samuel, M.B, Lond,, 14, WelbecJc Street, vr. 

1907 Firth, Arthur Ch;irles Douglas, c/o Messrs. Peake 4" Co., 6, Bed- 

ford-row. w.C. 

1894 Firth, Edwin Gore, Baildon, Shipley, Yorks. 
„ Firth, Henry Edward, Doncaster. 

1888 Firth, John Lacy, M.D, Lond., Clifton, Bristol. 

1879 Fischer, Carl, M.D. Wiirzburg, Sydney, New South Wales. 

1893 Fish, Cecil Edgar, M.B. Camb., Ruthin. 

1902 Fish, WiUiam Ambrose, M.D. Toronto, 192, Dunn-avenue, Toronto.. 

1906 Fisher, Arthur Roland, Shelton Rectory, York. 

1902 Fisher, Edward Fow, M.B. Lond,, Great Bookham, Surrey. 
1879 Fisher, Frederick Bazley, Dorchester. 

1907 Fisher, Frederick Pearson, M,B. Lond., The Level, Brierl y-hill. 
1885 Fisher, Henry Holdrich, M.D, Loud,, Park-road, Siltingbourne. 

1903 Fisher, Henry Richmond, M.B. Camb., Fillongley, Coventry. 
1900 Fisher, Herbert Wortley, Southery, Downham Market. 

1896 Fisher, John Cecil, M.B. Oxf.. Lythatn, Preston. 

1891 Fisher, John Herbert M.B. Lond., 83, Wimpole-st-iet. w. 

1894 Fisher, Reginald Willis, Westbury -on- Severn. 

1896 Fisher, Richard Denington, M.B. Durh., Port Nottoth, Cape Colony. 

1890 Fisher, Thos.EscolmeHervarre, 272. Wightman-rd., Hornsey. n. 

1887 Fisher, Walter, Kalene Hill, N. W. Rhodesia. 

1902 Fisher, Walter Harington, M.B. Camb., Cleethorpes, Grimsby. 

1900 Fisher, Welb}^ Earle, 142, Fellowes-road, S. Hampstead. N.w. 

1887 Fisher, William Featon, North Curry, Taunton. 

1896 Fisk, Edward, M.D. Lond., Ramsgaie. 

1895 Fison, Edmund Towers, M.D. Camb-, Salisbury. 

1889 I FitzGerald, Edward Desmond, Folkestone. 


Fitzgerald, Gerald Eustace, Grahamstown, South Africa. 
Fitzmaurice- Kelly, Maurice Anthony Miller, M.B. Loud., 

43, Queen Anne-stveet. "W. 
Flavelle, John Mason, Junior Athenceum Club, Piccadilly. "\v. 
Fleetwood, William Hardy, Great Meols, Cheshire. 
Flegg-, Frederick Arthur Martin, George- lane, S. Woodford, n.e. 
Fleming-, Alexander, M.B. Lond., St. Mary's Hospital, ^y. 
Fleming, John Kenneth Sprot, Indian Medical Service. 
Fleming, Wilfrid Louis Remi, Pirbriyht, Surrey. 
Flemming, Arthur Launcelot, Clifton, Bristol. 
Flemming, Charles Edward Stewart, Bradford- on- Avon. 
Fletcher, Cavendish, 7, Custellian-mansions, Maida-vale. ^^'. 
Fletcher, Frederick James, 6, Woodhouse-streel, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Fletcher, John Howard, Ince, Wigan. 
Fletcher, Leslie, Harlest, Bury St. Edmunds. 
Fletcher, Nigel Corbet, 128, Haverstock-hill. n.w. 
Fletcher, Roland Henry, 25, Chichele-road, Crickleivood. N.w. 
Fleury, Charles INIarley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Flewitt, Charles York, M.B. Birm., Sutton Coldfeld, Birmingham. 
Flint, Arthur, M.D. Brussels, We^^tgate-on-Sea. 
Flint, Ethelbert Rest, M.D. Leeds, Filey-road, Scarborough. 
Flint, Harold Edwards, lb\,Auc}dand-rd., Upper Norwood. s.E. 
Flint, Thomas Buxton, Buxton, Derbyshire. 
Flint, William Henry, Whitstable. 
Fliutoff, Charles Ashley, Bedale. 
Flood, Frederick Gray, Wymesicold, Loughborough. 
Flook, Hubert Sydney, Nkandhla, Zululand. 
Flory, Cyril Hobson, Pen-y-Glyn, Overton, Flintshire. 
Flower, Arth. Fred. Ashbrook, Green-hill House, Derby. 
Flower, Xorman, M.B. Oxford, Hendford, Yeovil. 
Floyd, Stephen George, M.D. Lond., Grays, Essex. 
Flux, George Belben, M.D. Durh., 5, Old Burlington-st. w. 
Foerster, Arthur Edwin, Cancer Hospital. Fulham-road. s.w. 
Fogarty, Daniel, 52, Salisbury-road, Harringay. n. 
Foley, Charles Nicholas, Darwin Harbour, Falkland Islands. 
Foley, James Leslie, M.D. Montreal, Montreal, Canada. 
Folker, Herbert Henry, Hanley. 
Folliott, Edwin, Naval Medical Service. 
Follit, Harold Harry Baily, 56, Margaret's, Bedford. 
Fookes, Ernest Faber, M.B. Lond., New Plymouth, N. Zealand. 
Fooks, Edward Verdou Russell, Gaivlor, S. Australia. 
Fooks, Walter Pembertou, M.B. Camb., Five Way s, Birmingham. 
Foote, Edmund George, Sedbergh, Yorkshire. 
Foote, Vivian Percival, 14, Leigham Court-road., Streatham. s.w. 
Footner, Bertram Maughan, Porlock, Somerset. 
Footner, George Rammell, M.B., Camb., St. Thomas's Hospital. 


Footner, John Bulkley, Tunbridge Wells. 

Forbes, Norman Hay, Church Slretton, Shropshire. 

Forbes, Robert Dow, M.D. McGill., Stratford, Ontario, Canada. 

Ford, Frank Chubb, M.B. Durh., 7, Leopold-rd., Wimbledon. &.^Y. 


1906 Ford, Georg^e, M.B. Toronto, Shakespeare^ Ontario, Canada. 

1907 Forde, Cecil Led ward, 56, Grosvenor-rcL, Claughton, Birkenhead. 
1891 Forde, Tlionias Artlinr Munro, Soidhsea. 

1897 Fordham, John William, Belf/rarf-rnad, Leicester. 

1904 Fordham, William John, Jlfiddlesboroitgh. 

1906 Foreman, John Eugene, 37, The Avenue, Bedford-park. w. 

1897 Forg-e, George Baynton, Rochfnrd, Essex. 

1903 Formby, Henry Harper, M.B. Melb., Strathalbyn, S. Australia. 

1904 Forrest, Frank. Roi/al Army Medical Corps. 
1877 Forrest, John George Stracey, Bun/ St. Edmunds. 

1 901 Forrest, William Duff, M.D. Dalh., 22, John-st., Hah/ax, N.S. 

1906 Forrester, Archibald Thomas William, M.B. Lond., County 
Asylum., Wenivick. 

1895 Forrester, William, Punjab, India. 

1894 Forsayeth, John Richard Martin, 48, St. George' s-road. s.E. 

1901 Forsdike, Sidney, M.B. Lond., 71, Cathedral-road, Cardiff. 
,, Forshaw, William Herbert, London Hospital, e. 

1904 Forster, Arthur Frost, Sivyapore. 

1899 Forster, Frederick Cecil, Bournemouth. 

1888 Forster, John Erwood, Brockley. s.e. 

1884 Forster, Thomas Frederick, M.D. Durh., Dalton-in-Fnrness. 

1902 Forsyth, Charles Wesley, M.B. Lond., Gt. Bedivyn. Wilts. 

1903 Forsyth, Lennard William, 24, George-street, Hanover-square, w. 
1902 Fort, Charles Leyland, 159, High-road, Willesden. N.w. 

1896 Fort, Henry Richard I'lecothick, liickmansrvorth. 
1874 Forty, Daniel Herbert, Wotton-nnder-Edge. 

1899 Forward, Ernest Lionel, The Coppice, Nottingham. 

1889 Forward. Francis Edward, 32, Hillmarton-road, Camden- 

road. N. 

1894 Fosbery, Francis Clifford, M.D., Brussels, Bath. 

1898 Foss, Edwin Vincent, *S'/. George, Bristol. 

1889 Foster, Alfred, Alderney ^fanor, Park-street, Dorset. 

1900 Foster, Arthur Herbert, Hitchen, Herts. 

1908 Foster, Arthur Leslie, Kincraig, Malcolm Road, Wimbledon. 
1902 Foster, Edward Cecil, Oxford. 

1891 Foster, Francis Wheldale, Thorpe-le-Soken, Colchester. 

1900 Foster, Henrj' Bertram, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Foster, John Josej)!), M.B. Durh., Churclulown., Cheltenham. 

1906 Fostei-. John Rowland, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1892 P'cister, Michael Bernard, Puckeridge. 

1899 Foiiler, Percy, Badlipnr, P.O. Assam. 

1901 Foster, Raymond Leslie Vachell, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1889 Foster, Walter Edwin. 

1890 Foster, William James, 107, Oxford-road, Reading. 

1884 Fotherby, Henry Arthur, Ileadcorn, Kent. 

1906 Fothergill, Claud Francis, M.B. Camb., Chorley Wood, Herts. 

1894 Foulds, Basil Samuel, Camden, N.S. W. 

1899 Foulds, Francis Henry, Droitwich. 

1900 Foulds, Matthias Frederick, Rogal Army Medical Corps. 

1885 Foulerton. Alexander Grant Russell, Examiner (1906), Middlesex 

Hospital, w. 


1897 Foulerton, Harry Percival, H.M. Prison, IloUowm/. K. 

1903 Foulkes, Peter Gifford, M.B. Loud., K/iigJdicick, Worcester. 

1902 Foulkes, Samuel Newall, 29, High-street, Comrajj. 
1892 Foulkes, Thomas Howard, Indian Medical Service. 

1886 Fouutain, Edward Osborne, M.D. Brussels, SiMon-lane^ Turnham 

Green, av, 

1884 Fowler, Alfred Henderson, Tlie Gardens^ Tilbury, Essex. 

1890 Fowler, Chappell Hodgson, 47, CharltJoood-street,Behjrave-rd. s.w. 

1889 Fowler, Charles Edward Percy, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1885 Fowler, Cliarles Owen, M.D. Brussels, Thornton Ilealh. 

1901 Fowler, Edwin Samuel George, Ileadingley-with-Burley, Leeds. 

1890 Fowler, Frank, M.D. Durh., 29, Poole-road, Bournemouth. 

1896 Fowler, James Grant, Naval Medical Service. 

1892 Fowler, James Stewart, M.D.Edinl).,A^or^//MmierZau(i-si;.,S(Z/H&«/r^/*. 

1887 Fowler, Thomas Webb, M.D. Birm., Coventry. 

1904 Fowler, Trevor Hayman, Epping., Essex. 

1907 Fowler, William Edward Lindsey, Oswald Villa, South-side, 

1891 Fox, Arthur Claude, Royal Armii Medical Corps. 

1901 Fox, Campbell Tilbnry, Ashford, Kent. 

1897 Fox, Edward Hamilton Bruce, Woolston, Southampton. 
,, Fox, Edward Joseph, 12, Rylands-street, Warrington. 

1887 Fox, Frederic Georg-e Townsend, Kaffir River, South Africa. 

„ Fox, George Martin, M.D. Durh., 48, Bradjord-street, Walsall. 

1894 Fox, Georg-e Kaymond, Beccles. 

1905 Fox, Henry Edward, M.B. Vict., Blackburn-road, Accrington. 
1884 Fox, Herbert, Oudtshoorn, Cape Colony. 

1898 Fox, Hereward Evelyn Croker, M.B. Lend., Weymouth. 
1900 Fox, Hugh Watson, Bvttws-y-Coed, N. Wales. 

1903 Fox, John William, M.B. Lond., Park Hospital, Hither Green, s.e. 

1887 Fox, Stephen Charles Gundry, Perak., Straits Settlements. 

1893 France, Charles Frederic, Wigan. 

1886 France, James Mead, Naval Medical Service. 

1903 France, WilHam Henry, Tierra del Fuego. 

1899 Francis, Arthur Edward, 82, Cromwell-avenue, Highgate- N. 
1886 Francis, Harry Arthur, Parsons Bridge., Victoria., B.C., Canada. 
1891 Francis, Harvey, M.D. Durh., Arnold, Nottingham. 

1890 Francis, Henry Alexander, M.B. Camb., 9, Henrietta-street, w. 

1902 Francis James Bernard Chalmers, Croydon. 

1891 Francis, John, M.B. Edinb., Phpnouth. 

1900 Francis, John Edmund, Northam, North Devon. 
1891 Francis, Louis Arthur, 56, High-street, Uxbridge. 

1888 Francis, Thomas William, Bundaberg, Queensland, Awitraiia. 
1879 Francis, WilUam, 62, Leytonstone-road, Stratford, e. 

1900 Francis, William Vare Chalmers, North Thoreshj, Lincolnshire. 

,, Francis-WiiJiams, Cecil Hug-hes, 38, Craven-hill-gardens, Hyde- 

1896 Francisco, Sylvester Agostinho, Georgetown, Demerara. 

1907 Frankau, Claude Howard Stanley, St. George's Hospital, s.w. 

1904 Prankish, Earold, M.B. Oxf., 26, Hardwick-rd., Palmer's 
1 Green, x. 


1877 Prankish, William John, 37, Cadogan-rjanlens. s.w. 

1871 Krankhn, George Cooper, Leicester. 

1902 Franklin, Georg-e Denue, Indian Medical Service. 

1888 Franklin, Lawrence, Southwicfr, Sussex. 

1907 Franklin, Philip Julius, 10 i.. Priory -road, West Ilampstead. N.w. 

1908 Franklin, Reginald, Cecil Lodr/e, Ilook, Surlnton, Surrey. 

1898 Fiankling, Herbert George, Harrogate. 

1867 Franklyn, Louis Hugh, 87, Albert-bridge-road, Battersea. s.w. 

1907 Fraser, Alexander Edward Gordon, 164, Blomjield- terrace, w. 

1903 Fraser, Charles Frederick, M.D. Brussels, Indian Medical 


1894 Fraser, David Harley, Pendleton, Manchester. 

1901 Fraser, Ernest Albert, 8, Delaniere-crescent. w. 

1894 Fraser, Forbes, Bath. 

1889 Fraser, Herbert, The Thorns, Slough. 

1892 Fraser, Herbert St, John, Indian Medical Service. 

1883 Fraser, James Alexander, Romford. 

1871 Fraser, John, M.D. Toronto, Strahane, Ontario, Canada. 

1899 Fraser, John Henry Pearson, Southampton. 

1887 Fraser, Paul Wilkes, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia. 

1892 Frazer, Ernest Edward, M.D. Durh., Jersey. 

1898 Frazer, Ewan Richards, Wooll/n-a, Sydney, N.S. W. 

1902 Frazer, James Hogg, 29. Buccleugh-place, Edinburgh. 
1891 Frazer, John Ernest Sullivan, Kiiu/s College, "w.c. 

1895 Frazer, William D^'er, Fordsburg. Johannesburg. 

1908 F'rean, Henry George, M.B. Camb., 62, Walton- street, Oxford. 

1896 Frederick, Edward Gurdon, 485, North Woolwich Road. e. 
1905 Frederick, Ernest Victor. 

1893 Frederick, Herbert John, Western A ustralia. 

1899 ; Freear, Alexander, Chatham. 

1889 I Freeborn, John Charles Richard, 38, Broad-street, Oxford. 

1894 Freeland, Arthur Raymond Stilwell, Ashbourne. 

1885 Freeland, Ernest Harding, 145, Harley-street. w. 
1891 Freeland, Reginald Stillwell, Brockenhurst, Hants. 

1888 Freeman, Charles Delamark, Trinity-road, Wandsworth, s.w. 

1886 Fi-eeman, Ernest Carrick, M.D. Durh.. Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1891 j P'reeman, John, M.D. Durh., Queen's-road, Clifton, Bristol. 
1879 i Freeman, William Thomas, M.D. Durh,, Reading. 

1888 Freer, Gerald Dudley, M.B, Lond., Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

1900 Freer, Horace Wilberforce, Gig Mill Bouse, Stourbridge. 
1861 Freer, John Henry, Rugeley. 

1899 Freer, William Leacroft, Blachheath, Dudley. 

1888 Fremlin,HeaverSiewart,Z//7«/?/i Laboratories, Ilendon. N.w. 

1898 French, Gilbert Edwin, High-road, Chistvick. w, 

1892 French, Herbert Gumming, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1902 French, John Gay, M.B. Lond., 146, Harley-street. 

1897 French, Alexander Weatherhead, H.M. Prison, Wakefield. 
1891 French, Robert Houle, M.B. Durh , North Finchley. n. 
1894 Frend, Eustace Clifford, Hurstpierpoint, Sussex. 

1903 Freshwater, John Douglas Hope, M.B. Camb., 13, Welbeck- 

street. w. 






Frew, Wm. Doug"las, Walmer, Kilmarnock, N.B. 

Friend, Gerald Edward, St. George s Hospital, s.w. 

Friend, Herbert Edward, St. Stephens-crescent, Wesfboitrne- 

park. Av. 
Fripp, Sir Alfred Downing, K.C.V.O., C.B., M.B. Lond., Honorary 

Surgeon in Ordinarj^ to the King, 19, Fortland-place, w. 
Frizzell, William Thomas, M.B. Toronto, Oicen Sound, Ontario, 

Frohwein, Otto Fraser, Bnrton-on-Trent. 
Frossard, Emilien Edward, Bishop's Lydeard, Taunton. 
Frost, Francis Turner, 28, Ashbonrne-road, Derby. 
Frost, George, M.D. Durh., BournemoiitJi. 
Frost, Joseph Reginald, 296, Qiieens-road, New-cross, s.e. 
Frost, AValter, Iligh-grore, Wrexham. 
Frost, William Adams, Furest-i'oii\ Sussex. 
Fry, Arthur Brownfield, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Fr}', Augustin Cradock. M.B. Camb., Horsham. 
Fry, John Blount, Horsham. 

Fry, John Farrant, 13, Dane-road, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Fry, John Marchant 725, Commercial-road. e. 
Fry, Percy Victor, Sowerby Bridge. 
Fry, Walter Burgess, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Fry, Walter Ernest, Aberdeen House, Hammersmith, w. 
Fry, William Herbert, Pahang. Straits Settlements. 
Fryer, Ernest Henry, Silcer-street , Wellingborough. 
Fryer, George Ernest, Urmston, Manchester. 
Fuller, Alfred Leonard, Bath. 

Fuller, Ashbury Joseph Stu;irt, 83, Rosebery-road, Muswell-hill. x. 
Fuller, Charles Arthur, M.B. Lond., Cawnpore, India. 
Fuller, Courtenay James, Woolwich. 
Fuller, Fredk. Holcombe, Poole-road, West Bournemouth. 
Fuller, John Eeginald, M.D. Durh., 95, Tollington-park. n. 
Fuller, Laurence Otway, East Harling, Norfolk. 
Fuller, Ralph Annesley, Long Ashton, Bristol. 
Fuller, William Anderson, Milnthorpe, Westmoreland. 
FuUerton, Alexander Young, Mwrurunch, New South Wales. 
FuUerton, Francis William, M.D. Durh., Hull. 
Fulton, Henry, M.D. Brussels, Lisburn, Sevenoaks. 
Fulton, John, M. B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
Furber, Edward Price, Oxted, Surrey. 
Furness, Harold Sydney, The Infirmanj, Lambeth. s.F. 
Furnivall, Charles Hilton, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Furnivall, Percy, 28, Weymoufh-street. w. 
Fyffe, Eric Leigh, <S5, Lambeth Palace-road. s.E. 
Fyffe, Robert James, St. Phillip's-road, Sheffield. 
Fyzee, Ali Azhar Hassanally, Mazagon, Bombay. 
Gabe, William, Morriston, Swansea. 
Gabbett, Pultency (Jharles, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Gabell, Douglas Phillimore, 9, Portland-place, w. 
Gadgil, Shridhar Bheekajee, Guest Hospital, Dudley. 
Gadsden, Arthur Horace, Newquay, Cornwall. 








Gaff, James, M.B. Lond., 31, Bridge-road, irammersnnth. \\. 

Gains, John Edwin, Kippax^ Leed.o. 

Gairdner, Jolm Francis Kobert, Germiston, Transvaal. 

Gaitskell, Cliarles Edward, 855, Hiiih-road, Leiftonstone. n.e. 

Gaitskell, Edward Forbes, Crystal Palace-park, Sydenham. s.E. 

Galbraitli, Colin James, 2, Jlighani Station -avenue, Chingford. 

Gale, Artlnir, Jfanorgafe House, Kingfton-hill. 

Gale Arthnr Knischt, iV''o?Yo/i Woodseats, Sheffield. 

Gale, Frederick William, Kaikoura^ Blenheim, New Zealand. 

Galizia, Joseph Sylvester, Valletta., Malta. 

Gall, Herbert, 88, Gloucester-road. s.av. 

Galloway, Hugh, 15, Lamholle-road, Ihnnpstead. N.w. 

Galloway, John Dobie. 97, Browning-road, Manor Pari:, Essex. 

Galloway, William Hearfield, Bradford-road, Otlej/, Leeds. 

Galsworthy, Laurence, 6, Brvnswiclc-place, liegent's Park. N.w. 

Gait, William James, 141, Minories. e.g. 

Gaman, Francis Robert Snug-g-s, Caistor, Lincolnshire. 

Gamgee, Leonard Parker, 95, Cornwall-street, Birmingham. 

Gamlen, Robert Long, M.B. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 

Gaudevia, Merwanjee Nourojee, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Gandevia, Navroji Bamanji, Surrey Hills, Melbourne, Australia. 

Gandhi, Nadir Ilermazshaw, 10, Werrington-road, Bucknall, 

Ga,ndier, Augustine, Shei'brooke, Quebec, Canada. 

Gandy, Eric Worsle3% The Hill Top, Norivood, Surrey. 

Gandy, Thomas Hall, M.B. Loud., i37, Cheetham-hill-road, Man- 

Gane, Edward Palmer Steward, Boro. Asylum, By hope, Sunder- 

Gang'e, Frederick Wbitechurch, IM.D. Brussels, Faversham. 

Gaun, Thomas William Francis, Hayling. 

Gauner, Joseph, M.B. Lond., Acocks-gjren, Birmingham. 

Gans, Friedrich, M.D. Prague, 8, Gliddon-rd., W. Kensington, w. 

Gardener, William Frederick, Venner-road, Sydenham. s.E. 

Gardiner, Geoff rej' Edward, Nascot Lodge, Wafford, Herts. 

Gardiner, John, 10, Braidwood-terrace, Mutley, Plymouth. 

Gardiner, John Herbert. 

Gardiner, Joseph Napier, M.D. Camb., Dunmou: 

Gardner, Eric, M.B. Camb., Weybridge. 

Gardner, Ernctst Frederick, Ilfracombe. 
*Gardner, Harold Bellamy, 126, Harley-strect. \v. 

Gardner, Harry, Thrale-road, Streathani. s.w. 

Gardner, John, Adwick-road^ Mexborovgh. 

Gardner, John Twiname, 5, Embankment-gardens, Chelsea, s.w. 
Gardner, Thomas Hudson, M.B. Lond., Streathum-hill. s.^ . 
Gardner, AVilliam, Nanney, Frame. 
Gardner, William Thomas, M.B. Lond., Bournemouth. 
Gardner-^Medwiu, Frank Medwin, Wavertree, Liverpool. 
Garle, Robert Hubert William, Pnrley, Surrey. 

* Formerly Gardner, Harold. 


Garlick, George, M.D. Lond., 3, Gordon-square, "vv.c. 

Garman, Cornelius Bernard, 143, Bow-road. e. 

Garman, Edwin Cornelius, Boreham, Hailsham, Sussex. 

Garman, John Bernard, Great Barr, Bmningham. 

Garman, Joseph Marcus, Brahovrne. Ashford, Kent. 

Garner, AVm. Lang-ham, Ampthill. 

Garrad, Francis William, M.D. Camb., Harrogate. 

Garrard, Georg-e, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Garratt, William, Madras. 

Garrett, Charles Dudley, Cooksditch, Faversluim. 

Garrett, Percy Charles, SHi'fold, Sussex. 

Garrett, Philip Gel!, M.B. Durh., Earl Slnlton, HincMey. 

Garrett, Raymond Reynolds, Easthigh^ Hants. 

Garton, Wilfrid, Regent-street., J^^'ffbi/. 

Gask, Chas. Herbert, 760, Barling-road. E. 

Gask, George Ernest, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, e.g. 

Gaskell, Arthur, Naval Aledical Service. 

Gaskell, Leonard Sadgrove, ^l.B. , Camb. , Stech ford, Birmingham. 

Gaskiu, Alfred Charles. 

Gaster, Sidney, Dei-a Ghazi Khan, Punjab, India. 

Gater, Arthur William, li0i;al Army Medical Corps. 

Gatt, Joseph, M.D. Malta, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 

Gault, Arth. Hy., M.D. Lond., Lr. Mitcliam, Adelaide., S. Australia. 

Gauntletl, Eric Gerald, 39, Oakhill-road, East Putney, s.w. 

Gauutlett, Owen Binus, East Gate, Chichester. 

Gauvain, Henry John, Alton Park, Altar,. 

Gay, Charles William Ebenezer, Chudderghant. Hyderabad, India. 

Gay, John, 137, Upper Richmond-road, Putney, s.w. 

Gaj'er, Reg-inald Cnurtenay, 33, Stanhope-gardens, s.w. 

Gayford, Charles, M.D. Durh., 52, Fleet-street, e.g. 

Gayner, Francis, M.B. Camb., Red Hill, Surrey. 

Gayner, John Stansfield, Earswick, York. 

Gaze, William Henry, 84, Cnllin's-street, Melbourne. 

Geach, Robert Neville, Chorlbury, Oxon. 

Gedge, Arthur Johnson, Hcvant. 

Gedge, Arthur Sydney, Pewsey, Wiltshire. 

Gee, Claude Alfred Heath, Evercreech, Somerset. 

Geikie, Walter Bayne, M.D. Vict. Coll., Toronto, Canada. 

Geng-e, George Fredk. Saunders. M.B. Lond., Bournemouth. 

Genge, George Gilbert, M.D. Lond.. Croydon. 

Geiitles, Thomas Lawrie, Moreton, Newport. 

George, Alfred AValter, M.D. Edinb., Shoot-up-hill, Brondes- 

bury. N.^v. 
George, Henrj', Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. 
George, Howard Trevelyan, 2, St. Andrew' s-place, Cardiff. 
George, Isaac, 2G, Widegate-street, Bishopsgate. E.G. 
Geraty, Laurence Unthank, 5, Low Pavement, Nottingham. 
German, Arthur William, 296, Kensington, Eiverpool. 
German, Hugh Bernard, Naval Medical Service. 
Gerrard, Alfred Henry, M.D. Lond., Lower Addiscombe, 



Gerrard, Robert Francis, Glenhurst, Helsby, near Chester. 
Gerrish, Daniel Smith, 322, CIvirch-road, Bristol. 
Gervis, Arthur Frederick, 48, Primrose-hill-road. n.w. 
Gervis, Charles Berkeley, M.D. Brussels, Seaford, Sussex. 
Gervis, Fredk. Harcourt, M.D. Brussels, 1, Li/ncroft-mansions, 

HampsteaU. N. w. 
Gervis, Henry, M.B. Camb., 74, Di/ke-road, Brightou. 
Gerzabek, Boleslaw, M.D. Cracow, Cracoiv, Austria. 
Gettings, Cuthbert Keay, M.B, Birm., Chase Lodge, Walsall. 
Ghau}', Mohamed Abdul, 1, Fingal-place, Edinburgh. 
Gibb, Harold Pace, M.B. Camb., ol, Lad broke-groove, w. 
Gibb, James Glenny, Union Medical College, Pekin, China. 
Gibbens, Frank Edward, Barking, Essex. 
Gibbes, Heneag^e, M.D. Aberd., Michigan, America. 
Gibbes, Lewis Nicholas, 13, Sheffield- gardens, Kensington, w. 
Gibbins, Herbert Bowly, M.B. Loud., Ashtead, Surrei/. 
Gibbijis, Kenneth Mayoh, M.B. Lond., Parkstone, Dorset. 
Gibbons, Arthur Philip, M.B. Lond., 71, Finsburg-circus. e.g. 
Gibbons, Charles James Preston Telford, 21, Maldon-cres. N.w. 
Gibbs, Alfi-ed Napier Godby, Whiteladies-road., Clifton, Bristol. 
Gibbs, Charles, 23, Upper Wimpole-street. w. 
Gibbs, PYancis Richard, Bourne End, Maidenhead. 
Gibbs, Herbert Jennings, Singapore. 

Gibbs, Seymour Farrage, M.B. Lond., 11, Adamson-road. N.w. 
Gibbs, Stanley Rider, Bear-street, Barnstaple. 
Giblin, Wilfred AVanostrocht, Ilobart, Tasmania. 
Gibson, Charles Walter, 2, Temple-gardens, e.g. 
Gibson, Frederick Goulbourn, M. D. hond.,Christchurch, N.Zealand. 
Gibson, Harold, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Gibson, Henry Wilkes, M.B. Lond., 6, College-terrace, Hamp- 

stead. N.w. 
Gibson, Howard Graeme, Royal Army Medical C oips. 
Gibson, John Hutchinson, 1, Lansdowne-ruad, Aldershot. 
Gibson, Lawrence George, Iicyal Army Medical Corps. 
Gibson, Lewis Percival, Coices, Isle of Wight. 
Gibson, Sydney Herbert, 2, Temple-gardens, e.g. 
Gibson, Thomas, Hants Asylum, Knowle, Fareham. 
Gibson, Thomas Sidney, West Derby, Liverpool. 
Gibson, Walter, Kalgoorlie, West Australia. 
Gibson, William Edmund, M.B. New Zeal., New Zealand. 
Gibson, William Robert, Langside, Glasgow. 
Gibson, William Stonier, 318, Sydenham-road. s.e. 
Gideon, Eugene de Montevin, Port Antonio, Jamaica. 
Gideon, George Vernon Minchin, Hatcham, s.e. 
Gidley, Gustavus George, Cullompton. 
Giesen, Ernest Wm., M.B. Lond., Rintoil-street, Wellington, 

N. Zealand. 
Gifford, Alexander Harold, 27, Bassett-road, N. Kensington, w. 
Gilbart-Smith, Thomas Bewlej", Nottingham. 
Gilbert, Charles William. Purley. 
Gilbert, Henry, M.B. Melb., Melbourne. 


Gilbei't, Leonard, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Gilbertson, Jame 1 Henry, Hitchin. 

Gilbertson, William, , Southhonrne, Christchurch. 

Gilchrist, Alexander Win., Nice 4' La Bourboide les Bains, France. 

Gilday, William Carnochan, Midland Eye Hospital, Birmingham. 

Gilder, Dhanjibbai Ratanjee, 1, Lochrin-terrace, Edinburgh. 

Giles, Henry O'Halloran, Glenelij. South Australia. 

Giles, Leonard Tbomasou, M.B. (Jamb., Scarhurough. 

Giles, Oswald, Ska ford. 

Giles, Wm. Betts, Westfield, Bonchnrch, Isle of Wight. 

Gilford, Hastings, King's-road, Heading. 

Gilkes, Ernest Oimond, Stamford-avenue, Brighton. 

Gilks, John Langtun, Camberwell Infirmary, s.e. 

Gill, Clifford Allchin, Indian Medical Service. 

Gill, Francis Philip, Horfield, Bristol. 

Gill, George Brittan, M.B. Durh., Belper. 

Gill, George Frederick, Moneague, .lamaica. 

Gill, James McDonald, AF-D. Lond., Sydney, New South Wales. 

Gill, John Wallis, St. Germans, Cornwall. ,j 

Gill, Joseph William, M.D. Durh., Liskeard, Cornivall. 

Gill, Samuel Ernest, M.D. Lond., Nottingham. 

Gill, Sutton Dudley, 17, High-street, West Bromwich. 

Gillam, Thomas Henry, Bromyard, Herefordshire. 

Gillbard, Richard, Furley, Surrey. 

Gillespie, Thomas, M.B. Camb., Winchester-road, Southampton. 

Gillett, George Edward, Brooke, Norwich. 

Gillett, Henry Tregelles, M.D. Lond., Oxford. 

Gilliatt, William, M.B. Lond., 6, Stevenage-road, Fidham. s.w. 

Gillies, Harold Delf, St. Bartholomew Hospital, e.g. 

Gillies, John Winn Ford, Wimbledon Park. s.w. 

Gillies, Niel, M.D. Kingston. 

Gillies, Robert Gray, Saffron Walden. 

Gillies, Sinclair, M.D. Lond., Sydney, New South Wales. 

Gillingham, Alfred, 439, High-road, Chiswick. w. 

Gillitt, William, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Gilmonr, Harry Morgan, Andover. 

Gilmour, Percy Graham, Gorleston, Suffolk. 

Gilmour, Richard Withers, M.B. Durh., St. Luke's Hospital, e.g. 

Gilmour, Robert Thomas, Royal Naval Service. 

Gilpin, Robert Harrison, Kaeo, Auckland, N.Z. 

Gilpin, William John, Bourne. 

Gimlette, John Desmond, Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

Gimson, William Douglas, Chelmsford. 

Girdlestone, Gathorne Robert, St. Thomas's Hospital, s.e. 

Girdlestone, Howard Edward, Poole-road, Bournemouth. 

Girling, Charles John, M.B. Lond., Cranborne, Salisbury. 

Girling, John, M.D. Brussels, Clacton-on-Sea. 

Girvin, John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Gittens, Carleton Wyndham, University College Hospital. w.G. 

Gittins, Alfred Benjamin, Madeley, Newcastle, Staff. 

Giusseppi, Paul Leon, M.B. Lond., 80, Palace-gardens-terrace, w. 



Gladstone, Arthur Edward, Newton Ferrers, Ph/>nout/>. 

Gladstone, Reginald John, 1, Glouce'<ter-f/nte, liefjent's-jmrk. N.w. 

Glaeser, Egidius Benodictus, M.B. Edin., Worcester, Cape Colony. 

Glaister, John Norman, 169, Ilighbunj New Park. N. 

Glasgow, John George, 341, Brixton-road. s.w. 

Glasier, Howard, Mi/den/iall, Sujfolk. 

Glassford, Ian Canute Gordon, Australasian Club, Edinburgh. 

Glasson, Charles James M.D. Brussels, 80a, Brook-street, s.w. 

Gledden, Alfred Maitiand, 22, CoUege-sf., Sydney, New S. Wales. 

Gleed, Seymour Richard, 21, Flodden-ro'id. s.k. 

Glenny, Elliott Thornton, M.B. Lend,, St. Andrew' s-park, Bristol. 

Glinn, Cornelius Frederick, Salisbury -road, Ptymout/i. 

Glinn, George Frederic, 52, Caniden-square. n.av. 

Glover, John Abel, M.B. Lond., We^t Malliny, Kent. 

Glover, Lewis Gladstone, M.D. Camb., 17, Belsize-park. k.w. 

Glynn, Thomas Kawdou, 62, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

Goadl>y, Kenneth Weldon, 21, New Cavendish-street, w. 

Goard, Thomas Arthur, 28, Southernhay, Exeter. 

Goble, Edwin Wallace, Naval Medical Service. 

Goble, Frederick George, 120, Cazenove-road, Stamford-hill. N. 

Goddard, Bertram, 27, Pentonvilte-road. N. 

Goddard, Charles Ernest, M.D. Durh., Wembley, Harroiv. 

Goddard, Eugene Gilbert, Tarkastad, Cape Colony. 

Goddard, Gerald Hamilton, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Godding, James, 69, East India Dock. e. 

Godfrey, Albert Edward, M.B. Lond., Woodside-pk., N.Finchley. n. 

Godfrey, Thomas Ilenr}^, M.B. Durh., Church-end, N. Finchley. n. 

Godson, Alfred Henry, M.B. Camb., 63, Union-st. West, Oldham. 

Godson, Charles Aubrey, Indian Medical Service. 

Godson, Francis Arthur, JNI.B. Camb., West Didshary, Manchester. 

Godson, John Edward, M.B. Birm., 36, .Tudd-street. w.c. 

Godson, Leonard Joseph, Shrewsbury. 

Godwin, Alfred Harold, Warren Drive, Neic Britjhton, Cheshire. 

Godwin, Frederick James, Derngate, Northampton. 

Godwin, Herbert James, M.B. Durh., Winchester. 

Goffe, Ernest Geo. Leopold, M.D. Lond,, N'orth Eastern 
Hospital, Tottenham. N. 

Gofton, Edward, M.B. Durh., 33, Borour/h-road, North Shields. 

Gofton, Joseph Edward, High Wick, Newton Abbot. 

Going, Robert Marshall, M.B. Dublin, Littlehampton. 

Gokliale, Vinayak Balvant, 68, Warwick-avenue, Paddington. 

Goldie, EUisGordon, M.B. Lond., 1 1\, Lower-road, Rotherhithe 

Goldie, Walter Leigh Mackinnon, British East Africa. 

Goldie-Scott, Thomas, M.B, Edinb., Royal Asylum, Glasgow. 

Golding-Bird, Cuthbert Hilton, M.B. Lond., Meopham., Kent. 

Goldney, Arthur (Jeorge Nelson, 224, Mare-street., Hackney, n.e. 

Goldney, Thomas William, 34, Kew-road, Richmond. Surrey. 

Goldsmith, Arthur Frederick, Ilarpur-place. Bedford. 

Goldsmith, George Harvey, M.D. Camb., Harpur-place, Bedford. 

Goldsmith, Septimus Jesse, Cheltenham. 

Goldstein, Herbert Myer, M.B. Lond., Auckland, New Zealand. 




Goldstein, John Leopold, 26, Summerhill-road, Tottenham, n. 

Gollan, Laclilan, Ulverston. Tasmania. 

Gomess, Alfred Franc's Bilderbeck. 33, Drajjton-gardms. s.av. 

Gomez. Anthony Clement. George Town, Denierara. 
*^Gomez, Francis Joseph, South Petherton, Somersetshire. 

Gomez, Guillermo, M.D. Colomba, Bonota. 

Gompertz, Ricliaid Henry Cyril, M.B. Lond., Drurij-Iane, w. 

Gonin, Bertram Winter, Broad-street Bouses, s.k. 

Gooch, Horace, Harold-wood, Essex. 

Good, Arnold Saxty, High Bickington, Chulmleigh. 

Good. Edo^ar Hubert, St. Botolph's-road, W. Worthing. 

Good. Hardman AUgood, N^ew Zealand. 

Good, Thomas Saxty, Countij Asj/lam, Littlemore, Oxford. 

Goodall. Joseph. 

Goodbody, Cecil Maurice, Indian Medical Service. 

Goodchild, John Fleming, 8, Bloor-street, E. Toronto. 

Goodchild, Nathaniel John, M.D. Canada, 9, Highgate-road. n.av. 

Gooddy, Edward Samuel. Llandudno. 

Goode, George Ernest, " Homewood," Parley. 

Goode, Henry Norman, M.B. Lond., 8, St. Leonard's, York. 

Goodfellow, Thomas Ashton, ^LD. Lond., West Didsbunj. 

Goodhue, Frederick William Jcrvis, 14, Ashleg-gardens. s.w. 

Gooding', Ang"elo, Adelaide, Cape Colony. 

Gooding, Matthew Richard, Bideford. 

Goodman, Harold, Llemsworth, Wakefield. 

Goodman, Henry Cyril, M.B. Camb.. Turf Club, Cairo. 

Goodman, Roger Neville, M.D. Camb., Kingston-on-Thames. 

Goodridge, Walter Lisle Tajdor, Fonthill, A'ew-road, Windsor. 

Goodson, William Henry, CO, Leytonstone-road. e. 

Goodwin, Edward Knox, Dalton-road, Eastbourne. 

Goodwin, Frederick Charles, M.D. Durh., Dalton-road, Eastbourne. 

Goodwin, Frederick William, M.D., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. 

Goodwin, Thos. Herb J. Chapman, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Goodwin, William Richard Power, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Goonetilleke, Fredk. William, 1, Colville-square, Hyde Park. ^v. 

Goonewardene, Andrew Simon Swaris, 26, Gloucester-road. x.w. 

Gordon, Cecil Frederick, 44, Parliament Hill-rd., Hampstead. n.w. 

Gordon, Frederick \X'\\]v;im.,Manukau-rd.,Auckland,yew Zealand. 

Gordon, Harry, Benibridge, Isle of Wight. 

Gordon, James Edwai'd, 52, Endless-street, Salisbury. 

Gordon, John, Carlton, Victoria, Australia. 

Gordon, Kenneth Farquharson, Andover. 

Gordon, Loudon Pasle}'. Brails ford, Derby. 
fGordon-Green, Henry William, Naval Medical Service. 

Gore, Alfred Joseph, Folkestone. 

Gore, Henr}' Bushell, Park-road. Bowdon. 

Goring, Charles Biickman, M.D. Lond., H.M. Prison, Isle of Wight. 

Gornall, John Pegge Joseph, Blackpool. 

* Formerly Gomez, Francisco Jose. 

t Formerly Green, Henry William Gordon. 


1877 i Gorst, Ilenrj', Huytov, Liverpool. 
1907 ! Goss, Edward Slade, 1, Circus, Bath. 
1903 I Goss, John, M.B. Camb., Gloucester. 

1893 Gossag-e, William Herbert, Chertseii. 

1907 Gosse, Philip Henry George, Beaulieu, Hants. 
1886 Gosse, William, jM.D. Durh., Sittingboume. 
1900 Gostling-, Ernest Victor. Needham Market. 

1886 Gostling-, John Harrj', Stonerjate, York. 

1890 Gostling-, Percy Robert, Biire^, St. Mary., Suffolk. 

1 884 Gostling, Thomas Preston, Worcester. 

190f) Gotelee, Hugh Evelyn, Royal Army tUedical Corps. 

1888 Gott, Henr}^, M.B. Durham, Gillingham., Kent. 

1897 Gough. Bernard Bradle3% Compton Martin, Bristol. 

1905 Gough, Harold Oscar, 98, Ilampton-road, Eedland, Bristol. 

1888 Gough, Henry Edward, Northwich. 

1885 Gough, Jolin Harley, M.D. Durh., Toi-guay. 

1900 Gough, William, M.B. Lond., 37, IVoodsley-i-oad, Leeds. 

1874 I Gould, Alfred Pearce, M.B. Lond., 10, Queen Anne-street, ^y. 

1902 Gould, Harold Utterton, M.B. Camb., Shaftesbury, Dorset. 
1905 Gould, Horace John, 18, Hanover-street, Hanover-square, w. 

1887 Gould, John Edwin, M.D. Lond., Bolton. 

1908 Goulden, Charles Bernard, M.B. Camb., Clarendev, Canter- 

1896 Goulden, Herbert Edward, Clyst Hydon, Devon. 

1886 Goullet, Charles Arthur, 2, Finchley-road. n.w. 

1888 Goulston, Arthur, Heavitree, Exeter. 

1900 ' Gover, John Maxwell, Gosforth, A'ewcastle-on-Tyne. 
1892 1 Gover, Lawford Dineley, Clay Point, Flushing, Falmouth. 
1908 I Gow, Alexander Edward, St. Bartholomew'' s Hospital, e.g. 
1885 Gow, Duncan, M.D. Toronto, Cardinal, Ontario, Canada. 

1887 j Gowan, Bowie Campbell, Great Stanmore, Middlesex. 

1901 Gowland,Wm. Percy, M.D. Ijond., 1, Clegg-street, Oldham. 
1892 Gowring, Benjamin Wm. Nettlefold, Dorchester. 

1903 I Goyder, Francis Willoughby, M.B. Camb., 88, Great Horton- 

road, Bradford. 
1908 Grabham, Henry Leatham, M.B. Lond., 5, St. .lames's-road, 
Surbiton., Surrey. sew^i 

1891 I GrabKam, Michael, M.B. Camb., Kingston, Jamaica, \V. Indies. 

1892 Grace, Gerald, Box 7, Springs., Johannesburg. Transvaal. 

1894 Grace, John Johnston, M.D. Durh., Hilo, Hawaii. 

1900 Grace, Nathaniel, M.D. McGill, Tunbridge-wells. 

1907 Graham, Alexander Savill, 16, Auckland-hill, West Nor- 

icood. s.E. 
1899 Graham, 7\llan Gordon, 2, Lansdowne-road., Wimbledon, s.^^. 

1901 I Graham, Cecil Irving, 47, Queen Anne-street, w. 
1892 i Graham, Charles Hunter, Wellington, New South Wales. 
1901 j*Graham, Edward Naggiar, Auxiliaries Forces Club. s.w. 
1907 i Graham, George, 12, Ladbroke-gardens, Notting-hill. w. 
1905 I Graham, Harold Ernest, M.B. Camb., Cirencester. 

* Formerly Naggiar, Edward Elie. 


Graham, Howard William, Cliftonville, Margate. 
Graham, John Charles William, Cambridge. 
Graham, John Henry Porteus, Wallase//, Cheshire. 
Graham, Joseph Sutherland Aikin. 
Graham, Samuel, Lunatic Asyhim, Antrim, Ireland. 
Graham, Samuel Lewis, M.B. Lond., 45, JVeirhill-street, Birni. 
Graham, Sydney Gag"g", Swain-street., Watchet, Somerset. 
Graham, Vyner, 46, Hall Gate, Doncaster. 
Graham, Walter, M.B. Vict., Eevelstoke, British Colombia. 
Graham, Walter Ap Samuel James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Graham, William, M.B. Toronto, Toronto., Canada. 
Graham, AVilliam Ezra, M.D. Toronto, 17, Torrington-square. w.o. 
Graham-Jones, John Lawrence, The Rectory, Cowden, Kent. 
Graham-Smith, George Stuart, M.D. Camb., Cambridge. 
Grandage, William Briggs, 90, Cromwell-road, Kensington, s.w. 
Granger, Edgar Bridden, Little Milton, Wallingford. 
Granger, Farington Marsden, 18, Nicholson-street, Chester. 
Granger, Henry, Victoria Hospital, liournemouth. 
Grant, Alexander Smeaton, Brondeshury . n.ay. 
Grant, Alfred James, M.D. Brussels, 6, Queens Club-terrace. "W. 
Grant, Hope, 15, Christopher-street, e.g. 
Grant, James Alexander, jun., M.D. McGill, Ottawa, Canada. 
Grant, John Prescott, Royal United Hospital, Bath. 
Grant, John William Geary, IJanwrtyd Wells, Brecon. 
Grant, Montagu Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Grant, William Prince, M.B. Vict.. Hursted, Rochdale. 
*Grant- Johnston, Joseph, Ashforde-grange, Wilmsloic, Cheshire. 
Grant-Wilson, Charles Westbrooke, St. Winnows, Bromley, Kent. 
Grantham-Hill, Wilfred St. George, M.D. Brussels, Chiswick. w. 
Granville, Alexander, 10, Lonsdale-road, Bedford-park. w. 
Grapel, Francis Gaspar, London-road, West Croydon. 
Grattan, Henry William, Royal Army Medical Service 
Gratte, Charles Brooke, 18, Gold-tops, Newport, Mon. 
Graves, Charles. 58, St. Andrews-road, Southsea. 
Gr aves, Robert Ken uedyGrogan, Clevedon, Somerset. 
Gray, Arthur ClayjX)uHorner,M.B.Lond.,7?0(/aZ4n?«?/ Med.Corps. 
Gray, Douglas, M.B. Lond., Chorley New-road, Bolton. 
Gray, Gilbert Clement, Ashcroft, Station-rd., Winchmore Hill. n. 
Gray, Harry Tyrrell, Children s Hospital, Great Ormond-st. w.c. 
Gray, Herbert Edward, Cambridge. 
Gray, Leonard, St. Martins, Stafford. 

Gray, Ronald Evelyn Gordon, M.B. Camb., Haslemere, Surrey. 
Gray, Thomas LTnderwood, 76, Wimpole-street. w. 
Gray, William Harrington, 713, Garret-lane, Tooting, s.w. 
Gray, William Henry, West Gate, Mansfield, Nottingham. 
Gray don, Archibald, Santa Fe, Argentina. 

Grayling, Arthur, M.B. Lond., lif) , Sunderland-rd., Forest-hill. s.k. 
Grazebrook, Edwyn Robert, Naval Medical Service. 
Great-Rex, James Burnell, Plumstead, Kent. 

* Formerly Johnston, Joseph. 



1892 Greaves, Edward [larrison, Amen^ham. 

1897 Greaves, Francis Ley Aiig-ustu.s, 57, Friar-rjate, Derby. 

1891 Greaves, Heiuy, JSI.B. (Jamb., Audlem, Nmitivich. 

1897 Greaves, Henry, 115, Iluddersfield-rond, Oldham. 

1899 Greaves, Herbert Stanley, General IlospiUd, liarhadoes. 

1908 Greaves, Horatio Norman, George Toicn, Demerara, B. Guiana. 

1893 Grech, John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1886 Green, Albert, M.B. Lend., Chesterfield. 

1876 Green, Alfred Withers, 4, Wardrobe Place, e.c. 

1904 Green, Arthur Augustus Russell, Aldridge. 

1902 Green, Arthur Llewellyn Baldwin, Ivy House, Ross-on- Wye. 

1891 Green, Arthur Robert, New-street, Ledbury. 

1883 Green, Charles David, M.D. Lend. Romford. 

1885 Green, Charles Robert Mortimer, M.D. Durh., huUan Medical 


1887 Green, Conrad Theodore, Birkenhead. 

1901 Green, Edward, 22, Uplamls-road, Ilarringay. N. 

1884 Green, Edwiji Collier. Friar-gate, Derby. 

1887 Green, Fredk. Wm. Edridg-e M.D. Durh., Hendon. n.w. 

„ Green, George Sydney, We.ston-siqyer- Mare. 

1906 Green, Gilbert Eg-erton, 13, Church-street, Prescot. 

1896 Green, Howard, 280, PIdlip-lane, South Tottenliam. n. 

1873 Green, James, Landport, Portsmouth. 

1890 Green, James Howard, M.B. Vict., Higher Jfillgate, Stockpoi^t. 

1892 Green, Joseph, 203, Bramhall Lane, Stockport. 

1891 Green, Percy Andrew, Pietersburg, Transvaal. 

1902 Green, Philip Anthony Mark, M.D. Lond., 37, Onslow-square. 


1889 Green, Robert Walter, 257, Deivsbu7-y-road, Leeds. 

1899 Green, Samuel Morris, 13, Chuixh-street, Prescot. 

1892 Green, Sibert Francis St. David, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1901 Green, Sydney Balch, M.B. Lond., Felton, Bristol. 
1887 Green, William, Campbell-road, Soulhsea. 

1906 Green-Arniytag-e, Vivian Bartley, 13, All Saints-road, Clifton. 

1896 Greene, Arnold James, 18, King-street, Wigan. 

1906 Greene, Charles William, M.B. Gumh., 7, Glenluce-7-oad, Black- 

heath. S.E. 

1902 Greene, George Watters, M.D. Camb., Turvey, Beds. 

1900 Greene, William Henrj^ Claj'ton, 43, Queen Anne-street, w. 
1902 Greenfield, Diidlej'- George, M.D. Lond., Rushden, Northants. 
1892 Greenhalgh, Arthur, M.B. Vict., Blackburn-road., Accrington. 

1905 Greening', George Frederick, Melville House, Ryde. 

1907 Greening, William Robert, St. George's Lijirmury. s.w. 
1895 Greenway, Charles Melville, 291, High-street, Plumstead. 
1878 Greenwood, Arthur, Christchurch-road. Crouch-end. N. 

1897 Greenwood, Arthur Rowland, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1895 Greenwood, Augustus Charles, Corby, Grantham. 

1886 Greenwood, Edwin Climson, 1, Hanover House, Regent' s-park. 

1896 Greenwood, Frank Redmayne, M.D. Lond., Sparkhill, Bir- 




Greenwood, Frederick Stowell, M.D. McGill. Toronto, Canada. 

Greenwood, George, Bush Hill-park, Enfield, Middlep-ex. 

Greenwood, George Spencer, Ossett, Wakefield. 

Greenwood, Henry Harold, M.B. Lond., Cardy en-lane., Leeds. 

Greenwood, Major, M.D. Brussels, 243, Hackney-road. n.e. 

Greenwood, Major, Jan., LonglUon, Essex. 

Greenwood, Xewton, Penvyn. 

Greenwood, Richard Edwin. 

Greenyer, Vivian Tudor, Sackville-road, Hove., Brighton. 

Greer, Mori'ice, 9, Regent-road, Wallasey, Cheshire. 

Greeves, Reginald Affleck, M.B. Lond.,' Middlehurgh, Transvaal. 

Greeves, Thomas Neville, 7, Hillside, Stunehridge-park. n.w. 

Greg, Arthur Hyde, 16, West Halkin-street, Belgrace-sq. s.w. 

Gregor, Edmuud William, Aylesford, Maidstone. 

Gregory, Arnold, 78, Stanley-grove, Longsight, Manchester. 

Gregory, (Jhas. Hebden, M.B. Camh., Fielding, New Zealand. 

Gregory, Henry Lonsdale, M.B. Camb., Highgate. n. 

Gregoiy, Thomas, Cheetham-hill, Manchester. 

Greig, Alexander William, Indian Medical Service. 

Greig, VViiliam John, 493, Sherbourne-street, Toronto, Canada. 

Grenfell, Henry Osborne, Hose Hill, Saltash. 

Greenfell, Pascoe Bevil, Alexandria, Cape Colony. 

Grell, Jesse Mitchinson Potter, M.B. Camb., Port of Spain, 

Grenfell, Wilfred Thomason, C.M.G., M.D. Oxf., 181, Queen 

Victoj'ia-street. e.g. 
Grey, Harry Martin, 82, Cambridge-gardens, North Kensington, w. 
Grey, John Temperley, Stanfield House, Lenham, Kent. 
Grey, Thomas Campbell, 11, Gerald-street, Wrexham. 
Gribbell, William Ernest, Naval Medical Service. 
Grice, Joliu William, Guy's Hospital. s.E. 
Grieves, James Percy, Portshead, Somerset. 
Grieves, Thomas Arthur, Burraga, New South Wales. 
Griffin, Alfred Ernest, 122, Leadenh all-street, e.g. 
Griffin, Frederic Wm. Wandby, Royal Sea Bathing Hospital, 

Griffin, Gerald, Tir Phil, Cardiff. 
Griffin, John Henry, Brisbane, Queensland. 
Griffin, John Hubert, Fulham-place, Paddington. w. 
Griffin, John Purser, 41, South-parade, Southsea. 
Griffin, Walter Bristow, 41, South-parade, Southsea. 
Griffin, William Watson, M.B. New Zealand, Hove, Brighton. 
Griffith, .\rthar Donald, M.B. Lond., 3, Wellfield-avenue, 

Muswell-hill. N. 
Griffith, Gideon de Gorrequer, 34, St. George's-sguare, Pimlico. s. w. 
Griffith, John, Bethesda, North Wales. 
Griffith, John Richard, Argold, Monmouthshire. 
Griffith, Richard, Brecon-place, Portmadoc. 
Griffith, Robert Constantino, Kingston, Canada. 
Griffiths, Charles Thomas, 9, Newhall-street, Birmingham. 
Griffiths, Cornelius Albert, 6, Windsor-place, Cardif. 

M 2 


1906 I Griflfitlis, C^tU Verity, Rosemead, Church-road, Horley, Surrey. 

1903 Griffiths, Edward Reginald, 100, South Hill-park, Hampstead. N.w. 

1892 Griffiths, George Batho, H.M. Convict Prison, Aylesbury. 
1891 Griffiths, Gilbert Ileudersuii, Deganwy, Llandudno. 

1895 Griffiths, John Albau Kendal, M.B. Loud., Knighton. 

„ Griffiths, John Crisp, M.D. Lond., Kidderminster. 

1893 Griffiths, John Howell, M.D. Lond., Brook Hospital, Shooter's 

Hill, Kent. 

1891 Griffiths, John Samuel, Hedland Park House, Bristol. 
1866 Griffiths, Richard Samuel Purnell, Naval Medical Service. 

1892 Griffiths, Samuel Albert Ernest, Afeopham, Kent. 
1887 Griffiths, William Arthur, Micheldever. 

1901 Griffitiis, William Layard, M.D. Lond,, 21, Mansion House- 
chambers, Cape Town, South Africa. 

1884 Grig-gs, William Alfred, Kingston-on-Thames. 

1894 Grimsdale, Harold Barr, M.B. Camb., 114, Harley -street. ^\. 
1891 Grimshaw, John, M.D. Lond., Birkenhead. 

1901 Grimwade, Alfred Slieppard, Geelong, Victoria, Australia. 
1906 Grimwade, Sidney Wilfred, M.B. Loud., i^i), Jackson-lane, High- 
gate. N. 

1893 Griuling, Frederick Newman, Walker., Northumberland. 

1887 Grogan, Henry William, Bombay. 

1902 Grogono, Eric Walter. 43, liomford-road, Stratford, 2. 
1906 Grogono, Jonathan, 171, Bomfurd-road, Stratford. E. 

„ Grogono, Raby Montague, Heme Bay, Kent. 

„ Gromitt, John William, Mahebourg, Mauritius, 

1901 Gi'oue, Friedrich, M.B. Lond., Alexander-buildings, Hong Kong. 

1889 Grose, John Sobey, Bideford, Devon. 

1895 Gross, Charles Fredeiick, Wickham Market, Suffolk. 

1896 Gross, Solomon, M.B. Lond., 248, Finchley-road. n.w. 

„ Grosvenor, Randolph Lea, 75, Oakley-street, Chelsea. s.W; 

1888 Grosvenor, Wilshaw William, M.D. Durh., Gloucester. 

1903 Grote, Robert George Ernest, 182, Worple-rd., Wimbledon, s.w. 
1808 Groube, George Patrick Thomson, Indian Medical Service. 
1877 Ground, Edward, M.D. Camb., Maidstone. 

1897 Grove, Ernest George, Bootham-park, York. 

1893 Grove, William Reginald, M.D. Camb., St. Ives, Hunts. 

1901 Grover, John Morgan Key, Hartington, Buxton. 

1868 Groves, Edward, Hunslet, Leeds. 

1895 Grovesi Ernest William Hey, M.D., Lond., Clifton, Bristol. 

1885 Growse, William, Dudley Hmse, Kenihvorth. 

1899 Gruber, Rudolph, M.D. Vienna, 81, Harley-street. w. 
1897 Grummitt, Charles Christopher, Scalby, Scarborough. 
1888 GrUn, Edward Ferdinand, Southicick, Brighton. 

1905 Grundy, Morris, M.B. Camb., 26, Wyre-grove, Blackpool. 

1901 Gruner, Oskar Cameron, M.D. Lond., Iluby, Leeds. 

1885 Gubb, Alfred Samuel, M.D. Paris, Algiers. 

1881 Gubbin, George Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corjys. 

1895 Guest, Herbert Merrick, Dorringtou, Shrewsbury. 

1900 Guest, Leslie Haden, 218, Bottersea Park-road. s.k. 
1891 Guinand, Paul, Korumborra, Victoria, Australia. 



Guinane, Joachim, Toronto, Canada. 

Guinness, Henry Grattan, M.D. Brussels, Harley House, Bow. e. 

Guiselin, Frentz William, Jamaica, West Indies. 

Gully, Percy, Great Malvern. 

Gummow, James Fi-eeman, Northfield, Birmingham. 

Gunasekara, Septimus Theodosius, Ceylon. 

Gundlach, John, 138, Upper Clapton-road. n.e. 

Gunn, Donald Stilwell, 40, Dover-street, w. 

Guun, Frank Walter, M.D. Durh., Widdrington, Acklington. 

Gunn, John Nisbet. M.B. Toronto, 9, Fitzroi/street. w. 

Guune, John Robert, M.D. Manitoba, 62, Bloor-street, W. Toronto, 

Gunning, Charles Jolm Hope, 409, i^«//ia??i-ro«tZ. s.w. 
Gunson,Johu Bernard, M.B, Kdie\aA([e, Adelaide, South Australia. 
Gunther, Charles Theodore, M.D. Tubingen, Hampton Wick. 
Giinther, Herman Arthur, M.B. Loud., Hampton Wich. 
Gurd, Charles Cowen, fi5, McGill Coll.-avenue, Montreal, Canada. 
Gurd, David Frazer, Montreal, Canada. 
Gurley, John Herbert, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Gurney, Alexander Cecil M.B. Lond., 6, College-rd., Eastbourne. 
Gutch, John, M.D. Camb., Ipsioich. 

Guthrie, Thomas, M.B. Camb., 55, Rodney -street, Liverpool. 
Guthrie, Thomas Clement, M.B. Bdinb., Ttinbridge Wells. 
G-willim, Richard Davis Hoyle, Southampton. 
Gwynn, Neville Claude, M.B, Durh., Geistcot, Belstone, Olce- 

Gwynn, Wm. Purnell, Naval Medical Service. 
Gyllencreutz, James Randolph, 19, Lion Gate-gardens, Richmond. 

Gyton, Walter George, 273, Lavender-hill. s.w. 
Habgood, Arthur Henry, 17, Nassington-road, Hampstead. N.w. 
Habgood, Henry, M.I). Brussels, Hartfield-sqiiare, Eastbourne. 
Habgood, William, M.D. Brussels, il/HH2c//;«/ Offices, Sutton, Surrey. 
Hacking, John Herbert, Wilmslow, Manchester. 
Hackney, Alfred Clifford John Hill, 115, High-st., Hythe, Kent. 
Hackney, Gordon Herbert, Lyminge, Kent. 
Hackney, William, M.D. Toronto, 15, Torrington-square. w.c. 
Hacquoil, Philip Homfray, Penarth. 
Hadfield, Charles Frederick, M.D. Camb., Manor Lodge, Ujyper 

Clapton. N.E. 
Hadfield, Rowland Hurst, 118, Deepdale-road, Preston. 
Hadley, Ernest Cutcliffe, M.B. Lend., Lozells, Birmingham. 
Hadle}^, Frederick Augustus, High field House, Sheffield. 
Hadwen, John, M.B. Lond., Brunswick-square, Gloucester. 
Hadwen, Walter Robert, M.D. Durh., Gloucester. 
Haggard, Thomas Bai-ker Amyand, 10, Hans Crescent, s.w. 
Hagger, Roger Lionel, Indian Medical Service. 
Hague, John, Amsdale, Southport. 

Hague, Juhn Locke, Northern Hospital, Winchmore-hill. N. 
Haig, Harold Axel, M.B, Lond,, Hospital, Colchester. 
Haig, Kenneth George, 7, Brook-street, w. 


IXaig-, Patrick Balfour, Indian Medical Service. 
Haig", Percy de Haga, Indian Medical Service. 
Ilaig-h, Bernard, Ke7itlu-orth, Radclijfe-road, Winchmore-hill. x. 
Ilaig'h, Ilaroldi Meltham, Hudderf-field. 
Hailstone, John Edward, Cheltenham. 
Haines, Arthur, Melbo7irne, Victoria, A nstralia. 
Haines, Aubrey Wheeler, Pardgolen, Llanhedr. 
Haines, Edmund William, 64, Marlborotigh-inansiom. n.w. 
Haines, Edward, Rochdale. 

Haines, Frederick Haselfoot, Winfrith Neivhurgh, Dorchester. 
Haines, John Wni., M.D. Loud., Sutton Coldjleld, Birmingliarn. 
Haines, Rupert Lawrence, 15, Bromley-road, Beckenham. 
Hainworth, Edward Marrack, M.D. Lond., Hull. 
Hair, Allan, 481, llolloioaji-road. n. 

Hale, Charles Douglas Bowdioh, M.D. Durh.,3, Sussex-place, w. 
Hale, Charles Henry, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Hale, Edward, Wallasey, Cheshire. 

Hale, Lancelot Hugh Downman, Chillington, Kingsbridge. 
Hale, Robert Eug'ene Vaughan, 3. Sussex-jylace, Ilyde-jmrk. w. 
Hall, Alexander Ritchie, M.D. McGill, Washington, Ontario. 
Hall, Arthur James, M.B. New Zealand, Duncdin, New Zealand. 
Hall, Charles Beauchamp, 7, Compton-terrace. n. 
Hall, Chailton Robert Frederick, Shredton, Wilts. 
Hall, Edmund Stokes, M.B. Lond., Bitterne, Soutliampton. 
Hall, Elias George, M.B. Lond., Hampton-road, Redland, Bristol. 
Hall, Frederick William, M.D. Lond., College-st., Sydney, JSf.S.W. 
Hall, Henry Acton, Rotlierfield, Sussex. 
Hall, Henr}'' John, Mayfteld, Sussex. 
Hall, Herbert Strange, Leigh, Lancashire. 
Hall, James Thomas, Alton, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Hall, John Arthur, 7, Pershore-road. Edghaston, Birmingham. 
Hall, John Basil, M.B. Camb., 116, Manningham,-lane, Bradford. 
Hall, John Spencer, M.D. Durh., Farnham, Surrey. 
Hall, Joseph Percy, M.B. Lond., West Derby, Liverpool. 
Hall, Percy, 44, Selborne-road, Ilford, Essex. 
Hall, Richard Charles Baker, Swadlincote, Burton- on- Trent.. 
Hall, Robert William Basil, Naval Medical Service. 
Hall, Walter, Hodnet, Salop. 

Hall, William Hamilton, Fordcombe, Tunbridge Wells. 
Hallam, Herbert, Broom-hill, Sheffield. 
Hallett, Henry Arthui-, M.D. Aberd., Kimbolton, St. Neots. 
Hallett, Henry George Drummond, Darenth Asylum, Dartfoi-d. 
Hallett, Thomas George Palmer. 

Halley, William, Pai-k House, 724, Fiilham-road. s.w, 
Halliday, Frederick "William, Wortley, Leeds. 
*Hallidie, Andrew Hallidie Smith, M.B. Camb., St. Leonards- 
Hallilay, Herbert, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Hallinan, Thomas John, M.B. Lond., 210, Camden-road. n.w. 

* Formerly Smith, Andrew Hallidie. 


Halliwell, John, Winchcombe. Gloucestershire. 

Halliwell, Thomas, Lowther Hill, Forest-hill. s.e. 

HalHwell, Thomas Gates, 3Ianor-place, Dewshury. 

Ilallsworth, Francis Arthur, Carishroolce, Isle of Wight. 

Hallwrig-ht, Matthew Leslie Guy, La Vega, San, Domingo. 

Halsall, Cutlibert Murray, Millom, Cumberland. 

Halstead, Georg-e Ezra, M.D. Lond., Albion-place, Ramsgate. 

Halsted, Denis Gratwicke, M.B. Durh., Sutton, Siirreu. 

Halsted, Harold Cecil, M.D. Durh., Pechham House Asylum, s.e. 

Halsted, William Wilfrid, Waltham Cross. 

Ham, Bertie Burnett, M.D. Brussels, Brisbane, Queensland, 

Hamel, Gustav, C.V.O., M.D. Bern., Spanish-pl., Manchester-sq. w. 
Hamertou, Albert Ernest, Poyal Army Medical Corps. 
Hamertou, George Albert, 26, Southampton- street. Strand, w.c. 
Hames, George Henrj', 125, Piccadilly, ^y. 
Hamill, John Molyneux, M.B. Gamb., 14, South-parade, Bedford 

Park. w. 
Hamilton, Andrew, Whitley, Reading. 

Hamilton, Archibald, St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington. w. 
Hamilton, Archibald Douglas, M.D. Lond., 9, Grosvenor-street, 

Hamilton, Arthur Francis, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Hamilton, Bruce, 5, Crediton-road, West Hampstead. n.av. 
Hamilton, Charles Dai. 
Hamilton, Edward Thomas Ernest, M.D., Loud. 7'd,Jeppe-st., 

J oh a n n es burg, Tra nsvaal. 
Hamilton, George, Dmiedin, New Zealand. 
Hamilton, George, M.B. Loud., G, Wallbolton-rd., Brockley. s.e. 
Hamilton, Henr}^ 22, Park-crescent, Brighton. 
Hamilton, Herbert James. 

Hamilton, John James Cecil, Bexley Heath, Kent. 
Hamilton, Richard, M.D. Lond., Washwood Heath, Birmingham. 
Hamilton, Roger Kerr, Leicester. 
Hamilton, William Gavin, Indian Medical Service. 
Hamilton, \Vm. Haywood, Indian Medical Service. 
Hamilton, \Vm. Thompson, ^LB. Toronto, Stratford, Ontario. 
Hammei'sley, Percy Herbert Vickers, Christchurch, N. Zealand. 
Hammond, Frederick Arthur Lucas, Indian Medical Service. 
Hammond, John Abbott Balding, M.B. Lond., Shanklin. 
Hanunond, Robert Edward. 
Hammond, Thomas, H.]\[. Prison, Liverpool. 
Hamond, Philip William, M.B. Lond., Thornton Heath, Surrey. 
Hampton, Thomas, M.B. Lond., Grosmont, Hereford. 
Hanau, Alfred, Chante' Strasse &, Berlin. 

Hanbury, Langton Fuller, Borough Asylum, Goodmayes, Ilford. 
Hanbury, Reginald Janson, 37, Lomard-street. e.c. 
Hanbury, Saville Waldron, County Asylum, Banstead, Surrey. 
Hanbury, William Reader, West Ham Asylum, Goodmayes, Ilford. 
Hancock, Arthur Ernest, Saltley, Birmingham. 
Hancock, Edward Dawbney, Bath. 


1908 Hancock, Frank Thompson. Clovelhj^Hounslow. 

1895 Hancock, George Charles, Local Gov. Board, Whitehall, s.w. 
1888 Hancock, John Edwin, Hurst Green, Sussex. 

1896 Hancock. William Ilbert, 27, Queen Anne-street, w. 
1890 Hancock, William John, Stalybridge. 

1904 Handcock, Robert Oliver, 193, Green-street, Forest Gate. 

„ Handtield-Joues, Chai'les Ranald, M.D. Durli., Leamington. 

1895 Handley, "William Sampson, M.D. Lond., 12, New Cavendish-st. \v. 
1872 Hands, Arthur, Wolverhampton. 

1898 Handson,LionelEdwinCharles,M.B.Loiid..76A,C//r/«cer//-/«?ie. w.c. 

1892 Hanham, Leonard Leighton, St. Bartholomews Hospital, e.c. 

1 902 Hanley, John Joseph. M.D. Boston, 37, Chamber-street, Boston, 
Mass., U.S.A. 

1893 Hann, Reginald George, 23, Bhindell-street, Leeds. 

1900 Haunay, Maurice Gilberc, 36, Citij-road. e.g. 
1885 *Hannen, Habeeb Jabboor, Codsall, JFolvei-hampton. 

„ fH^^iiS'N John Jabboor, M.D. Constantinople, Bej/rout, Syria. 

1907 Hanschell, Hother McCormick, Boi/al Armij Medical Corj)S. 

1896 Han well, Gerald Lucas, Shanghai, China. 

1901 Harbinson, Robert James, 43, Great Western-road, Glasgow. 
1892 Harcourt, Charles Harold, M.B. J5irm., Finxton, Alfreton. 

1894 Harcourt, George Robert. M.B. Lond., f^eyton. n.e. 

1896 Harcourt, John Charles., M.B. Lond., 82, Romford-road, Strat- 

ford. E. 

1885 Harcourt, Vincent Ximenes, Castle Donington. 
1906 Hardcastle, Alfred Herbert, Forest Town, Mansfield. 

1895 Hardcastle, Wm., M.B. Lond., Westgate-road,Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
1894 Hardenberg, Edward Francis Herman, M.B. Lond., Watford. 

1901 Hardenberg, Emile John Frank, Cliveden, Chingford. n.e. 
1869 Hardey, Edward Peirce. 80, Spring Bank, Hull. 

1902 Hardie, Charles Frederick, M.B. Camb., Barnet. 
1894 Harding. Chailes Headle3\ Whittlesea, Cambridge. 

1886 Harding, Charles O'Brien, 1, Chisiviclc-place, Fastboume. 
1892 Harding, Haiold William Litton, Taranaki, New Zealand 

1894 Harding, Henry William, M.D. Lond.. Catford. s.e. 

1895 Harding, Lionel Nicholson, M.B. Camb., 22, Stanfovd-av., 


1894 Hardman, Richard Smith. M.B. Vict., Cheadle Hnlme, Stockport. 
1875 Hardman, William, M.B. Edinb., Blackpool. 

1897 Hardwick, George, Snainton, Yorkshire. 

1896 Hardwick, Harold George Cooke, (S^ Thomas's Hospital, s.e. 

1904 Hardwick, Reginald Henry. Pur lands. Charing, Ashford, Kent. 

„ Hardwick-Smith, Henrj-, M.B. Camb., Christ Church, New 

1906 Hardy, Edward William Dacre, 8, Barley-road, Bournemouth. 

1895 Hardy, Frank Samuel, Pitsmoor, Sheffield. 

1896 Hardy, Fredk. Hallara, Royal Army Medical Co7'ps. 

1905 Hard}', George Francis, Chajnpion-hill. s.e. 

1906 Hardy, George Wilfrid, Blackpool. 

Formerly Habeeb Jabboor. + Formerly Fanna Jabboor. 


Hardy. Henry Louis Preston, Strond, Gloucesterslnre. 
Hardy, Percy, M.B. Camb., Nottingham. 
Hardy, William Edmund, Royal Army Medical Corps, 
Hare, Edward Christian, Indian Medical Service. 
*Harford, Charles Forbes, M.D. G&mh., Leyton. n.e. 
Harger, Frank Arnold, P.O. Box 2512, JoJianneshurri., Transvaal. 
Harg-reaves, Walter Herbert, Akaroa, New Zealand. 
Harke, Sydney Lawrence, M.B. Camb., Church-road, Upper 

Norivood. S.E. 
Harker, Thomas Henry, M.D. Lond., Dovercourt, Essex. 
Harkness, Geoi'ge Francis Innes, Indian Medical Service. 
Harland, Wm. Charles Frederick, Beverley-road, Hull. 
Harley, Edward, Saffron Walden. 

Harman, Albert Brice, 1, Cr anbury -terrace, Southampton. 
Harman, Leonard, M.B. Durh., Leivishum. s.e. 
Harman, Nathaniel Bishop, M.B. Camb., 10<S, Harley -street, av. 
Harmer, William Douglas, M.B, Camb., 45, Weymouth-street. av. 
tHarneis, Theophilus AVilham Morcom, 188, Amhnrst-road. n.e. 
Harness, Henri Nelson, liainsbroo/c, Rugby. 
Harnett, Walter Lidwell, M.B. Camb., Salisbury-road, Barnct. 
Harold, John Patrick, 91, Harley-street. w. 
Harper, Charles John, Church End, Finchley. N. 
Harper, Gerald Samuel, M.B. Aberd., 40, Curzon-street. av. 
Harper, Henry Cecil, SUnvmarlcet. 
Harper, James Edei", Oldbury, Birmingham. 
Harper, John, Parkstone, Dorset. 
Harper, John Robinson, Barnstaple. 
Harper, Philip Thomas, Chivenor Wrafton., N. Devon. 
Harper, Raymond Sydne}', Shoreham, Sussex. 
Harper, Robert Russell, 61, Haverstock-hill. n.w. 
Harper, Thomas Edward, Sanatorium, Virginia Water. 
Harper, Walter Joseph. Braunton. 

Harper-Smith, George Hastie, 102, Huntingdon-road, Cambridge. 
Harratt, Thomas Tomkinson, Rye, Sussex. 

Harrer, Charles John Joseph, M.D. Gottingen, 34, City-road. e.g. 
Harries, Eric Henry Rhys, M.B. Lond., Adamsrill-road. 

Sydenham., s.e. 
Harries, Henry Jones, Naval Medical Service. 
Harris, Arthur Byam, Maple Creek, Assiniboia, Canada. 
Harris, Arthur George RaA\'son, 414, Jarvis-street, Toronto. 
Harris, Charles Joshua Joseph, M.D. Durh., 14, Scotch-st., 

Harris, Charles Poulett, M.D. Lond., Croydon. 
Harris, Clayton Campbell. 
Harris, Dudley Ra^'mond, Falmouth. 
Harris, Edward Bernai-d, Tottenham-lane. n. 
Harris, Frank Drew, M.B. Lond., Treherbert, Glamorgan. 
Harris, Frederick. 

* Formerly Harford-Battersby, Charles Forbes, 
t Formerly Morcom j Theophilus William. 


Harris, Frederic Rosenberg, Flat 2, 4. Colville-gds., Bayswater. w. 
Harris, Frederick Stuart, M.B. Durli., 10, Croftdown-road^ 

Kentish Toivn. k.w. 
Harris, George .Tames, Anstey, Leicester. 
Harris, Hy. Arthur Cliftou, Dyke-road, Brighton. 
Harris, Herliert Ehvin, M.B. Camb., Clifton., Bristol. 
Harris, Herbert Georg-e, M.D. Durh., Birchiiigton, Kent. 
Harris, Herbert Stocker, Esher, Surrey. 
Harris, James Edward, 124, Queen' s-i-oad, Bayswater. w. 
Harris, Jolin, M.D. Durh., 40, Trinity-square. s.E. 
Harris, Noel Hug-h, Naval Medical Service. 
Harris, Norman MacLeod, Toronto, Canada. 
Harris, Robert, M.B. Loud., South port. 
Harris, Robert James, 190, Yorkshire-street, Rochdale. 
Harris, Sampson George Victor, M.B. Durh., Wliitehaven. 
Harris, William James, M.D. Camb., Shaftesbury. 
Harris, William Roberts, The Injirmary, Lewisham. 
Hari'is, Wm. Trengweath, High-road, Chiswick. \v. 
Harris, Worsley John, Bream, Sydney. 

Harris-Liston, Llewellyn, M.D. Brussels, St. George, Darlington. 
Harrison, Arthui- William, M.D. Brussels, Mossley, Manchester. 
Harrison, Charles Alan, Stunninster. 

Harrison, Chas. Joseph, M.D. Lond., 6, Swan-walk, Chelsea, s.w. 
Harrison, Edward Montague, M.B. Lond., Guys Hosjntal. s.E. 
Harrison, George Alfred, Eltham, New Zealand. 
Harrison, Gerald Woodforde, Ealing, w. 
Hari-ison, Harold Charles, Lincoln. 

Harrison, Henry Frank Egbert, Shepherd's Bush-green, ^v. 
Harrison, Herbert, 14, Southampton-street. w.C. 
Harrison, Herbert Meredith, West Ayton, York. 
Harrison, James Plerbert Hugh, Belize, British Honduras. 
Harrison, Louis Kenneth, M.B. Camb., Leicester. 
Harrison, Napoleon Augustus Rogers, Madras Army. 
Harrison, Percy Booth, Woodville. Ilkley. 
Harrison, Reginald Temple, Grahamstown, Cape Colony. 
'^Harrison, Richard Charlton, 33, Uxhridge-road, Ealing, w. 
Harrison, Samuel Richard, 177, Portsdown-road, Maida Vale. w. 
Harrison, Sidney Hope, North Walsham. 
Harrison, Sydney George, Ealing, w. 
Harrison, Thomas Smith, Mobberley, Cheshire. 
Hai-rison, Tom Henry, Betley, Crewe. 

Harrison, William, 93, Montgomery-road, Sharrow, Sheffield. 
Harrison, William John, M.B. Durh., West Jesmond, Newcastle. 
Harrison, William Rhodes, Naval Medical Service. 
Harrison, William Walter, 8, Waterloo -place, Brighton. 
Harriss, Stanley Arthur, Indian Medical Service. 
Harrisson, Alfred Everson, Daventry, Northamjiton. 
Harry, Norman George, M.B. Camb., Evesham. 
Harston, George Montagu, M.B. Lond., Hong Kong, China. 

* Formerly Harrison, Eichard. 



Hart, Arthur Herberl, M.D. Durb., 55, South-road, Southall. 

Hart, Bernard, M.B. LoncL, Long Grove Asylum, Epsom, Suvreij. 

Hart, Fredk. Jas., M.lJ. Toronto, Ban-ie, Ontario, Canada. 

Hart, John Hamilton, High-street, Walton. 

Hart, Richard Xeville, M.B. Camb., King's College Hospital. av.C. 

Hartill, John Thomas, Willenhall. 

Hartley, Francis William, Heywood, Lancashire. 

Hartley, James Victor, Tsomo, Transkei, Cape Colony. 

Hartley, John, Darlington. 

Hartlej^ John Dawson, Graresend. 

Hartley, Robert Norman, Pemberton, Wigan. 

Hartley, Walter Dixon, M.B. Lend.. Ill, Kings-road, Peckham. 


Hartnell, Edward Bush, Bridgivater. 

Hartridge, Gustavus, 12, Wimpole-street. w. 

Hart-Smith, Humphry Morshead, M.D. Camb., Brockley. s.e. 

Harvey, Alfred Wallace, St. Thomas's Hospital, s.e. 

Harvey, Arthur George, M.B. Camb., Wanganui, New Zealand. 

Harvey, Arthur George, M.D. Camb., WirJcsworth, Derbyshire. 

Harvey, Charles Edward, M.B. Ediu., Savanna-la- M or, Jamaica. 

Harvey, Charles Walter Cow ell. Kings Langley. 

Harvey, Charles William, M.B. Lend.', Univ. Coll. Hosjntal. w.c. 

Harvey, Christopher ratey, Bridge-street, Witney. 

Harvey, Frank, Sicinton, Rotlierliam. 

Harvey, Frederic, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Harvey, Henrj', Health Department, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Harvey, James, Falsgrove-road, Scarborough. 

Harvey, John Owen, Wolverton, Bucks. 

Harvey, John Oweu, M.D., Lond.. Bexhill, Sussex. 

Harvey, Joseph Frederick. Manchester. 

Harvey, Joshua Harold, Wyke Regis, Weymouth. 

Harvey, Percival George, M.D., Lond., Monmouth. 

Harvey, Sidney Frederic, 117a, Queen's Gate. S. Kensington, s.-w. 

Harvey, Walter Anstice, M.B. Lond., Hobart, Tasmania. 

Harvey, William John Sauudry, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Harvey, AVilham Yeo, 92, Great Tichjield-street. w. 

Harwood, Claud Sebastian van Eeueu, M.B. Lond., 78, Primrose- 
mansions. Battersea. s.w. 

Harwood, Elias Francis, Brugspruit, Middelburg, Transvaal. 

Harwood-Yarred, William Henry, M.B,, Lond., Coombe Lodge, 
High Wycombe. 

Haslam, Arthur Charles, M.D. Lond,, Sackville-road, Hove, Sussex. 

Haslam, Hy. Cobden, M.B. Camb., Cambridge. 

Haslam, William Arthur, Whiston Infirman/, Prescot. 
*Haslett, William John Handheld, Halliford House, Sunbwy. 

Haslip, George Ernest, M.D.Brussels, 8, Sitfolk-place. s.w. 

Hassan, Syed, M.B, Calcutta, Indian Medical Service. 

Hassard, Edward Moresby, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Hasslacher, Francis Joseph Maria, Bicester. 

* Formerly Haslett, William John. 


1887 Hastirig's, Edwin Birchall, M.D. Lond., 415, 3/i7e End-road. k. 
1875 Hastings, George, M.D. Brussels, 14, Old Burltnf/tnn-street. w. 

1907 Hastings, John Patrick, M.B. New Zeal., Dunedin, New Zealand. 

1902 Hastings. Soraerville, M.B. Lond., h\,New Carendish-stvett . w. 

1905 Hastings, William Howitt, M.B. (Jamb., Halton, Lancaster. 
1892 Hatch, Herbert Lincoln, M.D. Dnrh., Pinner, Middlesex. 
1904 Hatfield, Henry Francis. 37, London-road, Farest-hiU. s.E. 

1898 Hatfield, Ronald, M.D. Lond., Bamoldswick, Yorks. 

1896 Hatherley, Sidney Oldall, Sicinion, Rotherham. 

1886 Hanltain, Charles Selby, M.D. Toronto, Regina. Canada. 
1863 Hauser, Philip, M.D. Berne, Madrid, Spain. 

1868 } Havard. David, M.D. St. And., Newpoi-t, Pembrokeshire. 

1881 Haveli, Charles Graham, M.D. Durh., Felixstowe., Ipswich. 

1894 Ha ward, Henry Horace, M.B. Camb., Castle-Northiuich, Cheshire. 

1863 Haward, John Warrington, 57, Green-street. ^Y. 

1904 Haward, Walter, M.B. Durham, 5.3, Prionj-road. x. 

1891 Bawarden, Samnel, Bennni, Transvaal. 

1900 Hawes, Colin Sadler. 207, Albio)i-road, Stoke Newington. n. 

1894 Hawes, Godfrey Charles Browne, Panghourne, Reading. 
„ Hawke, Edward Drnmmond Hay, Shortlands, Kent. 

1904 I Hawkes, Alfred Ernest Underwood, Liscard, Birkenhead. 

1890 ! Hawkes, Claude Somerville, Brisbane, Queensland. 

1897 j Hawlvosworth, Thomas Ayscough, M.B. Lond., Watlington, 
] Oxford. 

1875 Hawkins, Alexander Frederick. 

1906 I Hawkins, Arthnr, Xile Boat Company, Cairo. 

1899 ! Hawkins, Charles Louis, M.B. Camb.. Bromsgrore. 

1908 j Hawkins, Charles Thomas, Melrose, Caerphilbj, Cardiff. 

1892 Hawkins, Edward James. 

1904 Hawkins, William Lawrence, Naval Medical Service. 
1881 Hawksworth, Herbert, Welshpool. 

1891 HaAvley, Arthur, M.B. Birm., Coventry. 

1895 I Hawthorn, Frank, M.D. Durh., Newcastlc-on-Tyne. 

1903 I Hawthorn, Henr}- William John, Holly Lodge, Wellington, Salop. 

1887 Hawthorn, Herbert John, Uttoxeter. 

1904 Hay, Arthur Edgar, Pickering. 

1898 Hay, Kenneth Ptobert, M.B. Camb., 20, St. James-place. s.w. 

1901 I Hay, Malcolm Bell, Kingston-on-Thames. 
1898 Hay, William Leslie, Walmer, Kent. 

1900 Hay den, Arthur Falconer, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
1895 Hay den, George Alfred Thomas, Eltham, Kent. 

1863 ! Hayden, William Gallimore, Famham. 

1892 Ha^'don, Arthur George, M.D. Brussels, 23, Henrietta-street, w. 
1891 Haydon. Frank, Apothecaries' llall. Water-lane. e.g. 

1893 Haydon. Hillyard Wm., M.D. Durh., Park-row, Bristol. 

1902 Haj^don, Maurice Willoughbj^ Naval ^fedical Service. 
1865 Haj'don, Nathaniel Thomas John, Newton A bbot. 
1891 Haydon, Thomas Horatio. M.B. Camb., Marlborough. 
1902 Haydon, Walter Turner, Naval Medical Service. 
1904 Hayes, Edwin Claude, Somerset. 

1876 Hayes, Francis Georg-e, Dunster. 


Hayes, George Constable, Park-square, Leeds. 

Hayes, George Sullivan Clifford, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Hayes, Hawkesley Roche, Basingstoke. 

Hayes, James, Leiyh, Lancashire. 

Haj^es, Joseph, Nelson, Jnrarnic/ii, New Brunswick, Canada. 

Hayes, Lionel Chattock, 11, Duchess-rd.,Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Hayes, Reginald Hewlett, 93, CornwaU-gdns.,S. Kensington, s.w. 

Hayes, William Andrew, Kenilworth, Cape Colony. 

Hayford, Ernest James, Cape Coast Castle, Gold Coast. 

Hayloek, Sydney John, Woodland Lodge, Blackheath. s.e. 

Hayman, (ieorge Atkin, 18, Foseleigh-avenue, Highbury Barn. N. 

Hayman, Samuel Clifford, L^eicester. 

Hayman, William Speed, M.B. Loncl., 121, Stanford-avenue,. 

Ha3'ue, Percy Alfred, Insein, Burma. 
Haynes, Edmund Lj-all, Harrogate. 
Haynes, Edward James Ambrose. Gunnedah, Australia. 
Haynes, George Secretan, M.D. Camb., Cambridge. 
Haynes, Horace Guy Lankester, Markfield, Leicester. 
Haj'nes, Walter Frederic, Stanstead, Montjichet, Essex. 
Ha3'ward, Arthur William, Westminster Hospital, s.w. 
Hay ward, Charles Williams, M.D. Edinb., 117, Grove-street, 

Hayward, John Arthur, M.D. Lond., 23, The Grange, Wimbledon 

Common, s.w. 
Hayward, Milward Cecil, M.B. Camb., Abingdon. 
Hayward, William Curling, M.B. Durh., Fort Said, Egypt. 
Hazell, Frederick, M.B. Lond., Cape Town. 
Head, Ernest Edward, Bulaivayo, Rhodesia. 
Head, Robert Turner, Balsham, Cambridge. 
Head, Timothy John, 159, Edg ware-road. w. 
Heale, Alfred Lawson, Gisborne, New Zealand. 
Heauley, Charles Montague, M.B. Lond., Bacteriological Institicte,. 

Hong Kong. 
Heap,, Edward Fortrey George Turnbull, St. Asaph, Flintshire. 
Heapy, Harold Ernest, M.B. Vict., Manningham, Bradford. 
Heard, John, SOU, Loj-dship-lane, East Dulwich. s.e. 
Heard, Wm. Nevill, M.B. Camb., Hove, Sussex. 
Hearn, Edward Michael Wm., Naval Medical Service. 
Hearn, Richard Stirke Flemying, Enfield. 
Hearnden, Ernest Morgan, Sutton, Surrey. 
Hearnden, Hamilton, St. Ives, Hunts. 
Heasman, Frank, Boscombe, Bournemouth. 
Heasman, William Gratwicke, Wokingliam. 
Heath, Arthur, INLD. Lond., Normanton-road, Derby. 
Heath, Francis Harold Rodier, Weymouth. 
Heath, James Glover, Winbvrg, Orange River Colony. 
Heath, Philip Maynard, M.B. Lond., 5, Devonshire-street, w.. 
Heather, Lewis Daniel, Hay, Breconshire. 
Heaton, Alan Baldwin, 88, St. James' s-street. s.w. 
Heaton, Ajrthur Frederick, Malmesbury. 


Heaton, Charles James, M.D. Brussels, Westgate-on-Sea, Kent. 

Heaton, George, 47, Newlmll-street, Birmingham. 

Heaven, Jolin Cookesley, Clifton, BristcL 

Hebb, Frederic Theodore, 70, Oakley-street, s.w. 

Ilebbert, Robert Francis, 95, Lambeth Palace- mad. s.e. 

llebblethwaite, Alfred George, Keighley. 

Hebbletliwaite, Septimus Montague, M.D. Lond., Cheltenham. 

Heberden, George Alfred, Barkley West, Cape Colony. 

Heberden, AVilliam Stanley, Sabakicc, Rhodesia, S. Africa. 

Hebert, Paul Zotique, M.D. McGill, 14, York-jjL, Portman-sq. w. 

Hedden, Richard, lioniton. 

Hedges, Charles Edward, M.D. Camb., Mayfield, Sussex. 

Heekes, John William, 72, Station-road, Barnes, s.w. 

Heelas, Walter Wheeler, on. 

Heelis, Robert, M.D. Durh., Lenton, Nottingham. 

Heffernau, Harold Hilton, Warminster. 

Heffernan, William Hilton, 59, Arthur-road.! Wimbledon, s.w. 

Heggs, Francis Raymond Mitchell, Ventnor. 

Heinemann, William, Orange, New South Wales. 

Heiser, Arthur Lewis, Eastbourne. 

Helby, Ernest Hasler, 4, Du Cane-road, Wormivood Scrubbs. ^y. 

Hele, John Warwick, 11, Portland-square, Carlisle. 

Hele, Thomas Shirley, M.B. Camb., 11, Portland-square, Carlisle. 

Hellyer, William Woodmason, Port Talbot. 

Helsham, Hugh Paul, Beccles, Suffolk. 

Helsham, William Macdonald, Richmond, New South Wale.s. 

Hemingway, John, 51, Prince' s-road, Wimbledon, s.w. 

Hemranig, Charles Harold, Brighton. 

Hemsted, Edmund Spencer, Kintbury, Berkshire. 

Hemsted, Henry, M.D. Brussels, Christchiirch, Hants. 

Hemsted, Rustat Henr3\ M.D. Brussels, Marazion, Penzance. 

Henderson, Cecil, J[ad7-as Army. 

Henderson, Frederic Louis, N^ew Bushey, Herts. 

Henderson, Henry John, M.B. Lond., 70. Wick ham-road, 

Brockley. s.e. 
Henderson, James Threaplaud, Wibsey. 
Henderson, John Hunter, Auburn, Melbourne, Australia. 
Henderson, Robert, 254, London-road, Croydon. 
Henderson, Thomas Bouhote, M.B., Oxf., 28, Walpole-street 

Sloane-square. s.^v. 
Henderson, William Douglas, Somerville-road, Bristol. 
Henderson, William Savile, M.D. Liverp., 76, Rodney -street, 

Hendley, Thomas Holbein, Indian Medical Sei-vice. 
Hendley, Arthur Gervase, Lidian Medical Service. 
Henley, Waltei- Fairar, T^eadqate. Co. Bui-ham. 
Heuly, Albert William, Bromley, Kent. 
Henniker, John Granville Catcoit, Bridgwater. 
Henning, Thomas Irwin. 90 Hill-street Newry, L-eland. 
Henry, Edwin, Wingham, Kent. 
Henry, Gordon George William, Minchead, Somerset. 


Heniy, Louis, M.D. Wui-zburg-, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. 
Henry, Robert, 42, BelUne-road, Southampton. 
Henry, Sjaluey Alexander, 1, Harcotirt-bldgs., Inner Temple, e.c. 
Henry, William George, M.D. McGill, Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. 
Henshaw, Harry Williams, 1, Priory-terrace, Kew. 
Hensliaw, William Alfred, Leicester-terrace, Northampton. 
Henshaw, William Henry, 30, Swan-street, Manchester. 
Heusler, Oscar Henri, M. D. Strass. 
Henson, William Warner, Impendhle, Natal. 
Henstock, John Lea, Valparaiso, Chili. 
Henton, Albert Ernest, East-hill-road, Wandsworth, s.w. 
Hentsch, George Frederick, 36, Halter-road, Brixton, s.w. 
Heuty, S3'dney Haviland, 302, Camden-road, Holloway. n 
Hepburn, Fi-ederick Charles, Southern Nigeria. 
Hepburn, Malcolm Lang-ton, M.D. Lond., 66, Wimptole-street. w. 
Hepper, Evelyn Charles, Indian Medical Service. 
Heptinstall, Robert Holling-s, Hitchin. 
Heptou, John Cussons, Waterloo, Liverpool. 

Hepworth, Frank Arthur, M.B. Camb., Woodfield House, Dewsbury. 
Hepworth, John, Penman, Beaumaris, Anglesey. 
Herapath, Charles Edward Kyuaston, M.B. Lond., 12, Brunswick- 
square, Bristol. 
Herbert, Cliarles Henry, New Hanover, Natal. 
Herbert, George Heywood, Uttoxeter, Staffs, 
Herbert, Herbert, Indian Medical Service. 

^Herbert, Salomon, M.D.Vienna, 174, Chealham-hill-rd, Mancheste?: 
Herbert, Sidney. 

Herbert, Thomas, Asylum, Fulford, York. 
Herbert, William, Foulsham, Norfolk. 
Hereford, Charles Francis Alexander, Kingston-on-Thames. 
Herklots, Gerard Andreas, Vicarage., Eton-road. n.w. 
Hern, George, 7, Stratford-place, w. 
Heron, George Henry, 131, Hall-lane, Liverpool. 
Heron, George Wykeham, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Herring, Edward Ken, West Maitlaud, New South Wales. 
Herrington, Edmund William, 18, Lorrimore-sq., Kennington. s.e. 
Hertslet, Lewis Eccles, Kscourt, Natal. 
Heseltine, Yerner George, Adelaide, South Australia. 
Heslop, James Willie, M.B. Durh., N ew castle- on- Tyne. 
Hessey, James Dodson, Hastings. 

Hetherington, George Haynes, M.D. Durh., Clifton, Bristol. 
Hetherington, Vernon, M.B. Lond., Wokingham 
Hett, Geoffre}'' Seccombe, M.B. Lond., 45, Queen Anne- 
street, w. 
Hewan, John, Cinnamaru Jorhdt, Upper Assam, India. 
Hewavitarna, Charles Alwis. Colpetty, Ceylon. 
Hewer, Alfred Earnshaw, M.B. Camb., Blackall, Queensland. 
Hewer, Cecil Mackenzie, Tarporley, Cheshire. 
Hewer, Edward Septimus Earnshaw, Stratford-on-Avon. 

* Formerly Halberich, Salomon. 


1900 Hewetson, Alfred, Falsfjrave, Sr.nrbnrotigh. 

1895 Hewetson, Henry, Royal. Armij Medical Corps. 

1896 Hewetson, John Thomas, M.D. Edinb., 89, Cornwall-sf., 

1905 Hewett, Frederick Stanley, M.B. Carab., St. Thomai Hasp. s.E. 
1891 Hewitson, John George, M.B. Lond., Ne.wcasile-on-Tyne. 

1897 Hewitt, 11-ury Edward., M.D. Lond., Medical DepL, General Post 

Oj/ice. E.G. 

1893 Hewitt, Julius AVinch, 85, Lambeth Palace-road. s.e. 
1863 Hewitt, William. 

1888 Hewlett, Clarence William, Cedros, Trinidad., W. Indies. 

1891 Hey, Charles Edward Milues, 158, Leadenhall-street. e.g. 

1892 Hey, Harold Darwin, Faringdon. 
1900 Hey, Samuel, Ripon. 

1905 Hey, Wilson Harold, M.B. Vict, Colne. 

1906 Heygate, Reginald Beaumonr. Billinghnrst, Sussex. 

1892 Heywood, Thomas, M.D. Chile. Chile. 

1896 Heywood, Wm. Benjamin, M.D. Camb., Neicbury. 

1907 Hey worth, George Alexander Frederick, Lindon House, Sefton 

Park, Liverpool. 

1894 Hibbert, Joseph Coote, M.D. Lond., Warrington. 
1890 Hichens, William, Redruth, Cornwall. 

1889 Hick, Herbeit Edward, Volksrust., Transvaal. 

1906 Hickey, Carl Coinelius, Clifton-terrace, Kilkee^ Co. Clare. 

1893 Hickinbotham, James Ryland, M.B. Lond., Carnarvon, W. 


1889 Hickley, Arthur Mackenzie, 259, South Lambeth-road. s.e. 

1894 Hickman, Heurj^ Richard Belcher, M.B. Oxf., 5, Harleij-street. av. 

1890 j Hickman, Herbert Vigers, M.B. Loud., The Mall, Wanstead. x.e. 
1893 I Hickman, John Edwin, Brislington, Bristol. 

1900 Hicks, Charles Edward, Huntingdon. 

1868 Hicks, Edward Buller, Easingwold, York. 

1889 Hicks, Edward James, 149, Amhurst-road. n.e. 

1888 Hicks, Philip, M.D. Camb., Leamington. 

1889 Hicks, Robert Grieve, Ramsgate. 

1893 Hicks, Thomas Roger Cardew Hays, Wenham Priory., Colchester. 

1892 Hicks, Thomas William, M.D. Lond., East Finchley. n. 

1868 Higgens, Charles, 52, Bvonk-stieet. av. 

1889 Higgens, Oakley Elford, 135, Hornsey-road. n. 

1899 Higgins, Alexander George. Neicent. 

1888 Higgins, Hubert, Varese, Como, Italy. 

1902 Higgins, James Gilkison, Vancouver-road, s.e. 

1908 Higgins, Patrick Charles, Tower Hamlets Disjicnsary, Stepney. E. 

1907 { Higgins, Tom Shadick, M.B. Lond., Palmer' s-avenue, Gray's, 
\ Essex. 

1904 i Higgins, William Robert, Louth. 

1896 Higginson, Charles Gaskell, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

1895 Higginson, George, Church Stretton, Salop. 

1889 Higginson, John Wigmore, Hayes, Middlesex. 

1891 Higgs, Ernest William ]SIules, %^, James-street, Oxford. 

1892 I Higgs, Walter Alpheus, Chippenham. 


1903 Hig-liaiu, Beruard. ladiau Meflical Service. 

1892 Ilignett, Lionel Watson, M.B. Edinb., Northwood, Middlesex. 
1900 Hio-son, Thomas, 87, Preston Neic-road. Blackburn. 

1886 Hill, Alfred William, Adelaide, South Australia. 

1899 Hill, Arthur Croft, M.D.Camb.. 169, Cromwell-road. s.av. 

1893 Hill, Charles Alexander, M.B. Camb., 13, Rodney-st.., Liverpool. 

1900 ' Hill, Edward Falkner,M.iiVict..C7/o?-//o«-o/i-J/e<://oc/:, Manchester. 

1892 Hill, Ernest, Pieter niaritzhurg , Natal. 

1895 Hill, Ernest Gardiner, Morhy Hall, Wymondham. 

1888 tlill, Geor^'e Leonard, M.B. Birm., Acock's-r/reen, Birmingham. 
„ Hill, Hedley, M.D. Durham, Redcliffe-hill, Bristol. 

190-4 Hill, Horace Bryden, M.B. Lond., Naval }[edical Service. 

1889 Hill, John, 17, Via Principe Uniberto, Milan, Italy. 
1870 Hill, John de Vere, 34, Wesley-street^ Liverpool. 

1889 Hill, Leonard Erskine, M.B. Lond., O.S. 1905, Ex. 1902-03, 
04, 05, Loughton, Essex. 

1893 Hill, Leopold Georg-e, 202, Green-lanes, Finsbury Park. x. 

1904 Hill, Ludovic, Haltwhistle, Northumberland. 
„ I Hill, Nelson AVood, Poplar Hospital, e. 

1896 Hill, Reg"inald Augustus Lowder, Worple-road, Wimbledon. s."nv. 

1906 I Hill, Richard Athelstane Parker, Ihirrow-on-the-Hill. 

„ , Hill, Richard Chambers, M.D. McGill. Great Falls, Montana, 

1888 Hill, Robert, M.V.O., Naval Medical Service. 

1907 ! Hill, Walter de Marchot, 10, Russell-square, av.c. 

1902 Hill, AValter Henry Philip, M.D. McGill, Montreal, Canada. 
1886 Hill, Walter James, Clevedon, Somerset. 

1901 Hill, William, M.B. Camb., Lyncombe, Bath. 

1886 *Hill- Wilson, Arthur Edward, 30, Stamford Brook-road. \v. 
1884 Hillaby, Arthur, Pontefract. 

1896 Hilliard, Haive3% 30, Wilton-place, s.w. 

1865 Hilliard, Henry Charles, M.D. Loud., Bletchingley, Red Hill. 

1891 Hillier, Robert John, 387, Hartshiil-road, Stolce-on-Trent. 
1899 Hillier, William Thomas. Bromley. Kent. 

1894 Hills, William Charles Dillon, Upivell, Wisbech. 

1896 Hills, William Ernest, 25, Church-roiv. Hampstead. n.av. 

1887 Hillyer, William Henry, M.D. Durh., Fast Grinstead. 
1883 Hind, Alfred Ernest, Jersey. 

1886 Hinde, Alfred Buckley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Hinde, Ernest Bertram, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1898 Hinde, William Cathcart, Treherbert, Glamorganshire. 

1863 Hindle, Frederick Thomas, Askern. Doncaster. 

1897 Hindley, Godfrey John Douglas, M.B. Oxf., 794, Fulham-rd. s.w. 

1895 Hinds, Herbert Austen, Chartham, Kent. 

1889 Hinds, Thomas Walter, M.D. Lond., BcxJey, Kent. 

1892 fHine, Alfred Ernest Barratt. Cnarmonth, Dorset. 

1879 Hine, Alfred Leonard, M.D. Lond. Ilarpenden. 

1880 Hine, Henry, Farnham, Surrey. 

1897 Hine, Hugh Fitz-Xeville, M.B. Lond., Newark-on-Trent. 

* Foi-merly Wilson, Arthur Edward. f Formerly Hine, Alfred Ernest, 











Hine, Montague Leonard, M.B. Lond., Ilarpenden. 

Iling-e, Ileniy vVlexander, Rnyal Army Meilical Corps. 

Iliiigston, Clayton Alexander Franci?», Indian Medical Service. 

Kingston, Donald Alexander, M.D. [j;ival, Montrecd^ Canada. 

Kingston, James Clarence Jjedeatt, Royal Army Medical Corps, 

Kingston, liichard, Liskeard. 

Kingston, William Perceval, Naval Medical Service. 

Kinks, Alfred Grosvenor, M.B. Diirh., Soutkend-on-Sea. 

Kipvvell, Harry, M.D. Brussels, Slicniayton, Banbury. 

Kird, Alfred Ernest Wilson, Norton House., Coventry. 

Kird, Fi'ederick Robert, Ridyeway Lodge, Wimbledon, s. w. 

Kird, Robert Beatson Dennis, M.D. Birm., Tlie Leys, Bletcliley 

Kiron, William Nathaniel, Bnenos Ayres. 

Kirsch, Charles Tiieodore William, Rectory-place, Woolwich. 

Kirscli, Leonard, Indian Medical Service. 

Kirst, Geoff ley (iratrix, Indian Medical Service. 

Kirst. Leonard Fabian, M.B. Loud., 248, Victoria-park-road. n.e. 

Hislop, Walter John Henry, 59, Amkurst-road, Hackney, k.k. 

Kitch, Frederick, Perth, West Australia. 

Kitcli, Frederick George, M.B. Lond., High-street, Ware. 

Kitchcock, Frank Norman Spurrell, M.B. Lond., Dispensary, 
Water-lane, Brixton, s.av. 

Kitchfield, Alfred Reginald, Artliurs-liill, N ewcastle-on-Tyne. 

Kitcliings, Robert, Oxford. 

Kitchins, Frederick Charles, St. Austell. 

Kitchius, Thomas Johns, Broad field., Crawley. 

Kitchon, Kenry Hardacre living, Heywood^ Manchester. 

Koar, Chas. Desambler, Dover. 

Koar, Charles Edward, M.D. Lond., Maidstone. 

Koar, James Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Koare, Edwin Stanley, 17, Lupus-street, s.av. 

Hoare, William Wallis, M.D. Brussels, ^l/ac/.Yt//, Queensland. 

Kobart, >iathaniel Kenry, M.B. Camb., South Mall., Cork. 

Kobbs, Albert Remington, Golders Green, n.w. 

Hobbs, Frederick William, 29, Randolph-crescent, w. 

Kobbs, Roland Augustus, 29, Randolph-crescent, Maida Vale. w. 

Hobday, James, M.B. Camb., Muswell Hill. n. 

Kobson, Hugh Geoi-ge, 21, Hollini/boume-yardens, W. Ealing, w. 

Kobson, John Morrison, M.D. Edinl)., Morland-road, Croydon. 

Kocken,JamesPreston, M.D. Brussels, Wallsend,New castle .,N.S. W. 

liodder- Williams. Frank Garfield, M.B. Lond., 86, College- 
street, Calcutta, India. 

Hodge, Albert, Farnworth, Bolton. 

Hodge, Edward Humfrey Vere, Stamford. 

Hodge, Reginald Felix Vere, M.B. Camb., St. George's Hasp. s.av. 

Hodges, Aubrey Dallas Fercival, M.D. Lond., Uganda. 

Hodges, Geo?ge Montague Williams, M.B. Lond., Deddington, 

Hodges, George William Cecil, Cleobury North, Bridgnorth. 

Hodges, Herbert Chamuey, Watton, Hertford. 

Hodges, William, 38, Park-road, Gloucestei-. 



1888 Hodgetts, Charles Alfred, M.D. Toronto, 189, Collerje-street, 

Toronto, Canada. , 
1907 Hodgins, Emerson Le Roy. M.B. Toronto, Hotel Cobuni, 
EndsUirfh-qardens. x.w. 

1892 Hodgins, Walter William,M.D. Durh., 108, Fortess-road. N.w. 
1898 Hodgkins, Albert Edward, Stetchford, Birmingham. 

1893 Hodgson, Charles, Strealham. s.av. 

1897 Hodgson, Cortes Rawsthorne, M.D. Lond., Si/dnei/, X.S.W. 

1902 Hodgson, Ernest Charles, Indian Medical Service. 

1889 Hodgson, George Goodfellow, Chertseii, Surrey. 

1890 Hodgson, Harold, M.B. Lond., Alresford, Hants. 

1900 Hodgson, Harold West, 3, Albert-terrace, Bedford. 

1898 I Hodgson, John Edward, lioyal Arm// Medical Corps. 

1901 Hodgson, Robert Edward, Difjbys, Heavitree, Exeter. 

1900 Hodgson, Stanley. M.D. Lond., Crescent, Salford, JIanchester. 

1890 Hodgson, Victor James, WestcliJfe-on-Sea. 

1907 Hodgson, William Hammond, Fonltun-le-Fi/lde, Preston. 

„ Hodson, John Ernest, cjo C. E. Barry, Priest's Mere, Teda-ortk. 
1893 Hodson, Thomas George Smith, M.D. Durham, Buxton. 

1891 Hoffman, Aug. Wm. Westinghauseu, 54, Brook-street, w. 
1906 Hoffmeister, Cyril John Roby, Bamsf/ate. 

1893 Hoffmeister, Henry Edgar William, M.B. Camb., East Coices. 
1866 Hoffmeister William, M.V.O.. M.D. Heidelberg, Cowes. 
1900 Hogan, Cyril Evelyn, 4, Heath Hurst-road, Hampstead. n.w. 

„ Hogan, Edward Vincent, Weymouth, Nova Scotia, Canada. 
1898 Hogan. James Joseph. 18, Upper Bedford-place, Russell sq. w.c. 

1903 Hogarth, Archibald Henry, M.B. Oxfi, Toynbee Hall. e. 

1890 Hogarth, Bertram Wheweil, M.D. Lond., Morecambe. 

1887 Hogarth, Christopher Wheweil, 12, Woolwich-road. s.E 

1908 Hogarth, Frederick Wheweil, Cross Copp, Morecambe. 

1891 Hogarth, Robert George, 60, The Rupewalk. Nottingham. 
1900 Hogg, Ernest Henry, Bridqwater. 

1888 I Hogg, Frederick .Stapleton Dickey, Richnanswortli. 
1893 j Hog-g, Joim Augustus, Shardlow, Derby. 

1892 I Hogg, Robert Henry, 61, Albert-street, Regent's Park. x.av. 

1902 I Hogg, William John, Lansdown-road, Belfast. 

1881 Holberton,Hy.Xelson,M.D.Durh., E. Molesey, Kingston-on-7'hames. 
1905 I Holbrooke, Cecil Dacre More, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1908 ) Holburn, Claud Anthony, Rectory, Great Staunton, Ferry Hill, 
I Durham. 

1889 Holdeu, George Herbert Rose, M.D. Camb., i?eafZ2«'/. 
1908 ' Holder, Sidney Ernest, University College Hospital, w.c. 
1889 Holderness, John Cautley, Longwood, Huddersfeld. 

1904 ( Holdsworth, Charles Dyson, M.D. Lond., Wilmsloiv, Cheshire. 
1908 j Hole, Kenneth Hill, M.B. Loud., Townley-road, East Dubvich, 
1902 Holford, Christopher Tredwell, Burion-on-Trent. 

1888 I Holford, Walter Stanley, Sutton. Surrey. 

1907 I ^o\g?itQ,^i&\i\'ice 3dt,mQ^. Metropolitan Hos2ntal,Kingsland-rd. n.e* 

,, [ Holl, Francis Harold, 51, Lambeth Palace-road. s.E. 
1888 Holland. Charles Thurstan, 43, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

N 2 


1891 Uo\\imd,K(\nnm<\\hu\ie,], Park .Afuniiioi}S,St.Jo/ins Wood. K.w. 
1880 1 Holland. Edward Wiliuot, Chelmsford. 

1905 Holland, Edward Torriaiio, Chelsea Injirmary. s.w. 

1908 ;*Holland, Heiir}' Huuwink, M.B. Load., 45, Tredegar-rd., Bow. e. 

1904 j Holland, William Algernon Louis, Hasp., Erdingf on, Birmingham. 

1898 Hollander, lieruard, M.I). Freiburg:, ;35a, Welbeck-street. w. 
1901 Hollick, Bernard Septimus, Shtrniinster-Nea'ion, Dorset. 

1899 Hollick, Hubert Harry, Ashbourne, Derbyshire. 

1893 Hollick, John Orton, M.B. Huili., Knowle, Birmingham. 

1896 HoUiday, AVilliam Henry, 31.15. Loud., Gihln-some., Leeds. 

1892 Holling'S, Edwin Thomas, 182, Jamaica-road. s.e. 

1898 i Holling'S, Guy Bertram, M.I). Edinl)., 22, ^'/K/s/ei'i^'^-^rtrJfj/.*. x.av. 

1905 i Hollis, Herbert ^tM\\ey, 'M.Whond.,\,ralmeira-av.,Hove,Brighton. 
1903 Hollisr, Gerald Wetherell Capron, Maidenhead. 

1887 i Holloway, Samuel Frederick, The Avenue, Bedford-jmrk. \y. 
1908 i Holman, Charles Colg'ate, BAist Hoathly, Sussex. 

1888 I Holmau, Frank Kay, M.D. Durh., GO, Eton-avenue, n.av. 

1889 I Holman, Henry James, Hardwick-road, Eastbourne. 

1895 ' Holme, Crampton AVhitaker, Ripley. Derby. 

1896 I Holmes, Bernard Willoug-hby, Bocking, Braintree. 
1891 Holmes, Charles Denton, h'ewbnrn-ou-Tyne. 

1889 ' Holmes, James Willie, ^7. Philip' s-road, Sheffield. 

1897 Holmes, John, Louis-street^ Leeds. 

1901 I Holmes, VVillmot, Ponteland, Neivcaslle-on-Tyne. 

„ I Holroyd, Benjamin, Oat/ands, Harrogate. 

1905 I Holroyd, Gilbert, Indian Medical Service. 

1907 Holroyde, Gerald, 25, Savile-park, Halifax. 

1891 I Hoist, Otto Leonard, Upjiertou-gardens, Eastbourne. 

1888 Holt, Arthur Knig-ht, M.D. Diu-h., Ilenfield, Sussex. 

1893 Holt, George Frederick. Minchinhampton. 

1900 Holt, John Lupton, Stoneferry, LIull. 

1906 Holtby, Eichard, Billericay, Essex. 

1908 Holthusen, Alan VVm., 102, Clareinont-road, Forest Gate, Essex. 
„ Hijltom, Ernest Charles, 23, Junction-road, Heading. 

1891 Holton, George Waddington, Elland, Yorkshire. 

1900 Holj'oake, Ernest William, M.B. Lond., 2, Tower-street, Leicester. 
1886 Holyoake, Hubert, Naval Medical Service. 

1874 Homan, Georg:e William, Lichfield. 

1895 Home, Alfred Lucette, M.B. Lond., 6, C/n«-t7i-s^, (S'q/f?-©?! Walden. 

1901 Home, Frederick Christian Henry, Tarrington, Hereford. 
1891 '] Home, John Armistead, 2, Kew Gardens-road, Surrey. 
1886 '• Honey, Thomas Edward, M.D, Durh., Stoke, Uevonport. 

1906 Honeybourne, Victor Cjuil, M.B. Camb., lloyal Army Medical 


1886 Honsberger, Jerome, Berlin, Ontario, Canada. 

1903 Hood, Basil, Fletching, Sussex. 

1905 Hood, Eric Crichton, M.B. Lond., Eldermere, Ilkley. 

1896 Hood, Frederick Colton, M.D. Toronto, ro/-o«^», Ontario, Canada. 
Hood, Thomas, Crowborougk, Sussex. 

* Formerly Houwiiik, Hendrik. 





Hooker, Alfred Wyatt, M.B. LoncL, Faisham. Canton, China. 

Hooker, Edward Miles Coverdale, Sea ford, Sussex. 

Hc)oper, Arthur AVinsmore, D.S.O., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Hooper, Geo. Henry James, M.D. Lond., Sutton, Surrey. 

Hooper, Henry \Valpole, Souldem, Sevenoaks. 

Hooper, Lionel Swinton, 143, Westcomhe-hill, Blackheath. 

Hoople, Edwin Manle}', M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Hooton, Alfred, Itidiaa Medical Service. 

Hooton, William Arthur, 6, Aytoun-streft, Manchester. 

Hope, Charles William Mcnelaus, M.B. Durh., Jesniond, 

Hope, Edward Cuthbertson, Winton, Queensland. 
Hope, Edward Wm., M.D. Edinb., Municipal Offices, Liverpool. 
Hope, George. Beaconsjield House, Uxbridgt-road, Hanwell. "sv. 
Hope, Hubert Lindsay Curling-, Guildford. 
Hope, John Lamplu<;-h Allen, Addlestone. 
Hope, I'ercy Lake, 60, Montpelier-road, Brighton. 
Hope, Walter Bayard. Caversliam, Reading. 
Hopewell, Samuel Prince, Water-lane, Brixton, s.w. 
Hopg'ood, Thomas Frederick, Sunderland. 
Hopkin, Richard, Llangadock, Carmarthenshire. 
Hopkins, Charles Hensley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Hopkins, Frederick Gowhind, M.B. Lond., Cambridge. 
Hopkins, Georg^e Herbert, North Quay, Brisbane, Queensland. 
Hopkins, AValter Donald, 67, Mount Park-road, Ealing. w\ 
Hopkins, Walter Kempson, Naval Medical Service. 
Hopkins. William Georg'e, 24:, Warrington-cres., Maida Vale. 
Hopkinson, Emilius, M.B. Oxf., 45, Sussex-square, Brighton. 
Hopper, Arthur Richard, M.D. Durh., 63, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 
Hopton, Ralph, M.D. Lond., Brudenall-road, Leeds. 
Hora, Julian, M.B. Lond., 3, Maple-road^ Birmingham. 
Hore, Ernest Wickliam, M.B. Lond., Lidian Medical Service.. 
Hore, Harry George Standish, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Hurley, Richard Rothwell, Naval Medical Service. 
Hormusji, Sorab Cowasji, M.D. Brussels, Bondiag, Lulia. 
Horn, Andrew Ferg-uson, M.B. Lond., 66, Lord-street, Southport. 
Horn, Arthur Edwin, ]NLD. Lond., Ferry-vale, Forest-hill. s.E. 
Hornabrook, Rupert \7alter, M.B. Adelaide, Adelaide, S. 

A ustralia. 
Home, Harold Forster, !\LD. Camb., The Poplars, Barnsley. 
Home, Maynard, M.B. Camb., 37, Nottingham Place, vr. 
Horner, Charles Julian, M.D. Durh., Walthamstow. n.e. 
Horner, Norman Gerald, Tonbridge. 

Horner, Wni. Ernest L., M.D. Loud., Wolstanton, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Horrocks, Herbeit, M. D. Lond., Capri, Italy. 
Horrocks, John Ernest, Tatbrooh Villa, Liverpool. 
Horseman, Frederick, Whitley Batj. N orthumberland. 
Horsfield, William, Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Hort, Frederick Aylmer, M.B. Montpellier, Nice, France. 
Horton, James Henry, M.B. Lond., Lidian M^edical Service. 
Horton, Thomas, M.D. Durh., Castle-road, I'orquay. 



Horton, Walter Ilartland, Chasetown, Walsall. 

*Horwich, David, P.O. Box 503, Johanneshiirfj . 

Hoseg-ood, Samuel Price, North Walsham. 

Hosford, Alfred Stroud, Eastern-road, East Finchlei;. n. 

Hosford, Arthur HoUoway, Chapeltoivn-road, Leeds. 

Hosford, Johu Stroud, 33, St. James -place, s.w. 

Hosken, James Gerald Faj'ter, Estado de Minas, Brazil. 

Hoskin, Theopbilus, 1, Amhurst-parki Hackney, n.e. 

Hosking, John Edward Francis, Deliniquin, N.S. W. 

Hoskyn, Charles Reginald, St. Bartholomew's Hospital. e.c. 

Hoskyu, Donald Templeton, M.B. Loud., Naval Med. Service. 

Hotchkis Robert Dunmore, M.D. Durh., Asijlum, Dijkebar, Paisley. 

ITotop, Francis Rudolph, M.B. New Zealand, Evelina Hasp. s.E. 

Houfton, Ernest Henry, M.D. Lond., Mansfield. 

Houghton, Leonard Frank, Weston-super-Mare. 

Houghton, Murtaugh James, Ilford, Essex. 

Houghton, Norris Norman Allen, M.D. Lond., 23, Woodstock- 
road, Croj/don. 

Houghton, Philip Arthur, Lindfield, Hatjivards Heath. 

Houlbrook, William Edward, Bradwell, Derbyshire. 

Houlgi'ave, Augustine, St. George' s-road, Waterloo, Liverpool. 

Houlton, Jose Leighton, Elmdon, Richmond-road, New Barnet. 

Hounsfield, Sydney' Coupland, Stowrnarket, Suffolk. 

House, Frederick Maurice, Katanning, W. Australia. 

Housman, Basil AVilliam, Tardebridge, Bromsgrove. 

Hovenden, Arthur Cecil, M.B. Lond., East Sheen, s.w. 

Hovendeu, Gerald Stanley, M.D. Lond., Church-rd., Barnes, s.w. 

Howard. Arthur Dash wood, M.D. Brussels, Fair light, Hampton- 
hill, Middlesex. 

Howard, Arthur Walters, 83, Queen- street, Maidenhead. 

Howard, Charles Reginald, M.D. Camb., Selston, Notts. 

Howard, Ernest Henry, M.B. New Zeal., Murchison., Nelson, 
New Zealand. 

Howard, Heaton Clark, 281, Clapham-road. s.w. 

Howard, James, 60, Great Norbury -street, Hyde. 

Howard, John Alexander, M.D. Lond., Upper N^orwood. s.e. 

Howard, Joseph Louis, M.D. Cooper Med. Coll., San Francisco. 

Howard, Robert Jared Bliss, M.D. McGill, Montreal Canada. 

Howard, Vincent, Buckingham. 

Howard, William Henr}', tiSG, Green-lanes, Hornsey. n. 

Howarth. Walter Goldie, M.B. Camb., St. Thomas s Hosjntal. s.e. 

Howat, Robert King M.B. Glasg., Middlesbrough. 

Howden, Charles Ernest, 33, Buxton-road, Chingford. 

Howell, Alfred, M.D. Lond., Roath Park, Cardiff. 

Howell, Arthur Henrj', Naval Medical Service. 

Howell, Francis Musgrave, M.B. Lond., Babbacombe-road, 

Howell, Frederick Duke Gwynne, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Howell, Hector Lionel, Royal Army Medical Corjys. 

* Formerly Horwitch, David. 




Howell, James Bonnell, Asi/lum, Hanwell. Ar. 

Howell, John, M.B. Loud., Cheltenham. 

Howell, Robert Edward, M.B. Ediub., Middlesbrough. 

Howell, Thomas Arthur Ives, 59, Upp. Richmond-road. s.w. 

Howell, Trevor, Bams/ey, Yorks. 

Howells, Howell Tylford, 29, Delaware-mansions, Maida Vale. w. 

Howells, Jeukiu, M.D. Brussels, Bridgend, South Wales. 

Howells, Johu, Trimsaran, Kidwelly, South Wales. 

Howes, Frank Charles Plumptre, M.D. Ediub., Lincoln. 

Howitt, Alfred Bakewell, M.B. Gamb., St. Thomas's Hospital. s.E . 

Howitt, Henry Orton, 235, Woolwich-stJ-eet, Guelph, Ontario, 

Howitt, Joseph Henry, Lyme Regis, Hough Green, Chester. 

Howitt, AVilluim Adhng-ton, b'^, Gold smith-street, Nottingham. 

Howkins, Cyril Henry, 83a, Edmund-street, Birmingham. 

Howlett, Bernard Featherstone, Kingston-on-Thames. 

Howlett, Edmund Henry, Hull. 

Howse, Alfred Oswald, Manning River, New South Wales, 

Howse, C^'ril Beresford, Theale, Reading. 

Howse, Neville Reg'inald, V.C., Orange, New South Wales. 

Howse, Percy Williaui McDowall, 17, Castle-street. Reading. 

Hoylaud, Stanley Stenton, M.D. Durh., 10, Museum-street, 

Hoyle, James Collings, M.B. Durh., Upham. Hants. 

Hoyle, John. Brierfield, Burnley. 

Hoysted, Lionel Norton, Camperdown, Victoria, Australia. 

Hoyten, William James, Longsight, Manchester. 

Hubbard, Adrian Russell Fortescue, 83, Devonshire-street, Higher 
Broughton. Manchester. 

Hubbard, Arthur John, M.D. Durli., 5, Ravmshourne-gardens, 
W. Ealing, w. 

Hubbard, Walter Lovett. M.D. Brussels, Edenlridge 

Hubert, William Arthur, BillingJiurst, Sussex. 

Huckle, Arthur Henry Headle}', Hastings. 

Hudleston, Wilfrid Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Hudson, Arthur, Dawlish. 

Hudson, Arthur Byrn, Cobham, Surrey. 

Hudson, Arthur Cyril, M.D. Camb., 73, Lambeth Palace-rd. s.E. 

Hudson, Aug-ustiiie Henry, 62, Grafton-road, North Plaistow. e. 

Hudson, Charles Tilson, Indian Medical Service. 

Hudson, Corrie, Indian Medical Service. 

Hudson, Edmund, 154, King\s-road, Chelsea. s."W. 

Hudson, Frank Horace, 12, Water-lane, Brixton. s."\v. 

Hudson, Henry, Blyth, Northumberland. 

Hudson, John Samuel, M.D. Brussels, Rickmansworth. 

Hudson, Theodore Joseph, M.D. Durh. Leeds. 

Huelin. Lewis William, 2, Parkside, Jersey. 

Hug-gins, Godfrey Martin, Sibertswold, Berkhamsted. 

Huggins, Sydney Penrose, M.D. Lond., 114, Lower Richmond- 
road, s.w. 

Hughes, Burroughes Maurice, Wymondham. 


Hughes, Cecil Ilug-h Myddelton, M.B. Lond., 70, Wtmpole- 

street. w. 
Hughes, David Arthur, Ammanford, Carmarthen. 
Hughes, David Morgan, M.B. Lond., Blackwood, Mon. 
Hughes, Edgar Alfred. 

Hughes, P]dniuDd Octavius, 14, Falbin'-street , Liverpool. 
Hughes, Edward Lucas, 14, Falkuer-street, Liverpool. 
Hughes, Ernest Crauiner, 4, St. llioma'i's-street. s.E. 
Hughes, Ernest Theodore Cobbett, S'S, Church-road, Richmond, 

Hughes, Ernest William Shaw, Danecourt, Halifax. 
Hughes, Frank Pcrcival, M.B. Lond., Ast/lum, Arle^ei/, Ifitchin. 
Hughes, (Jeoffrey Wallace Grainger, Roi/alAnni/ Medical Corps. 
Hughes,George Osborne, 22,Overstrand Mansions, Battersea. s. w. 
Hughes, Gerald Stephen, M.B. Lond., 110, Bootham,\York. 
Huglies, Guy, Macclesfield, Cheshire. 
Hughes, Henry Spencer, Galea House, Birminrjham. 
Hughes, Hugh, Fenrhyn Deudraeth, N. Wales. 
Hughes, James Bradley, Bethesda. 
Hughes, John Brierley, lioe-strect House, Macclesfield. 
Hughes, John Douglas, Naval Medical Service. 
Hughes, John Howl, Ombersley, Droit2vich. 
Hughes, Leslie Edward, 65, iJijer -street, Cirencester. 
Hughes, Norman Alexander Aylmer, Calvcrky, Leeds. 
Hughes, Reginald Hugh St. Bernard Ellis, Naval Medical Service, 
Hughes, Robert, M.B. Lond., Fenian, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Hughes, Robert, Naval Medical Service. 
Hughes, Robert Thomas, Birkenhead. 

Hughes, Samuel Henry, Macqnarie-st., Sydney, New South Wales. 
Hughes, Sidney, King's-road, Clapham-park. s.w. 
Hughes, Thomas Clarke, Hospital, Hither Green. s.E. 
Hughes, Thomas Martin, Hale. Altrincham, Cheshire. 
Hughes, Thomas Hugh James Ellis, Meathop,Grange-over-Sands. 
Hughes, Wilfrid Kent, M.B. Lond., Melbourne, Australia. 
Hughes, Wm. Stanley, Park-view, Aberayron, Cardiganshire. 
Hugill, George Frederick, M.D. Durh., 197, High-rd.Balham. s.w. 
Hugo, Edward Victor, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Hugo, James Heniy, D.S 0., Indian Medical Service. 
Hulbert, Ernest Beddoc, M.D. Durh., 77, Welbeck-street. w. 
Hulbert, Henry Harper, Colebrook-road, Bexhill. 
Hulbert, Henry Louis Powell, M.B. Camb., Northampton. 
Hulbert, Joseph George, M.B. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 
Hulke, Frederick Backhouse, Admiralty House, Deal. 
Hulke, Sydney Backhouse, Wulmer, Kent. 
Hull, Alfi'ed John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Hull, Henr}' Woolcott, Naval Medical Service. 
Hull, Walter, M.D. Loud., Cootamundra, New South Wales. 
Humby, Daniel Morgan, 74, Oakfield-road, Stroud Green, n. 
Humby, William John, Stroud-green. n. 
Hume, Douglas Walter, M.B. Lond., Lower Clapton-roady 

Hackney, n.e. 




Hume, Fredk. Nutcombe, Xorth- West Hospital. Hampstead. n.av, 
Hume, Norman Haliburton. M.H. Durh.. Indian Medical Service. 
Humphreys, Charles Stj'le, 85, Gunterstone-rd., W.Kensington, "sv, 
Humphreys, Francis Rowland, 2, C/ialcot-gds., Hampstead. x.w. 
Humphrej'S, Frederick William, 4-4, Addison-gardens. av. 
Humphreys, George Herbert, 7, Cavendish-place, ^y. 
Humphris, Francis Howard. M.l). Brussels, 8, West Chapel-st 
Humphry, Arthur Dumville, Kurseong, Bengal, India. 
Humphry, Edward Scott, Southern Cross, Western Australia. 
Humphry, Ernest, Toivnsville, Queensland. 
Humphry, Lawrence, Royal Anni/ Medical Corps. 
Humphry, Philip Reginald, 8, St. Johns-street, Chichester. 
Humphry, Robert Ernest, Reading. 

Hnnnard, Arthur. M.B. Loud., Nottingham-road, Mansfield. 
Hunt, Albert William Duuning, Cliagford, Newton Abbot. 
Hunt, Arthur Henry William, Wolverhampton. 
Hunt, Edward Lewis, 2], Upper Hamilton-terrace. "W. 
Hunt, Edwin Guy, M.D. Durh.. Foregate-street, Stafford. 
Hunt, Edmund Henderson, M.B. Oxf., Secunderahad, India. 
Hunt, Ernest, Ilarlington, Neicton A hbot. 

Hunt, Ernest Rivaz, M.D. Camb., 3, Goldsmith-road, Brighton. 
■^Hunt, George Bertram, M.D. Lond., Scarborough. 
Hunt, George Henry, San Remo, Itahj. 
Hunt, Henry John, Harrogate. 

Hunt, John William, M.B. Lond., P.O. Bux. 1194, .Johannes- 
burg, I'ransvaal. 
Hunt, Lawi'ence Charles, Naval Medical Service. 
Hunt, Robert, Preston New-road, Blackburn. 
Hunt, Spencer, M.B. Lend., Indian Medical Service. 
Hunt, Sydney, Spondon, Derbij. 
Hunt, William Alfred, Yeovil. 

Hunter, Christian Bernard, Indian Medical Service. 
Hunter, Clement Harris, Swansea. 
Hunter, George Yfr-ates Cobb, Indian Medical Service. 
Hunter, Irwin Walter William, 1G7, Ham Pavk-rd., Forest Gate. k. 
Hunter, Mark Oliver, Brading, Ryde. 
Hunter, Percy Douglas, County Asylum, Hellinglfi. 
Huntington, William. 43. South-street, St. Andrews. 
Huntley, Edgar, M.B. Lond., Sudbury. Suffolk. 
Hunton, Alfred \\ ilViam. Birkdale, Southport. 
Hurlbutt, Spencer, 15, Old Burlington-street, w. 
Husband, Frank, Crowland, Lincolnshire. 
Husband, "Walter Edward, Bath. 

Husbands, Harold Wessen, North Town House, Taunton. 
Huskinson, Harold, M.B. Durh., Naval Medical Service. 
Hussey, Bertram Fowler, IG, Cecil-road., Harlesden. x.w. 
Hussey, James, M.D. Lond., Castle-street., Farnham, Surrey. 
Hutchens, Harold John, D.S.O., Coll. of Med., N ewcastle-on-Tyne. 
Hutcheson, George, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

* Kesigned Membership 1899. 


Hutcheson, Jrimes. JNI.D. Edinb., 44, Morwj-place, EdinhnrgJu 

Ilutcliiiison, Fredk. Arundel Stewart, M.D. Canib., 32, Brwis- 
ii-ick-pUicf, Ilovc. 

Hutchinson, Frederick Ernest, Leicester. 

Ilutcliinson, George Arnold, Waterloo, Liverpool. 

Hutchinson, Kog'er Jackson, Ilaslemere. 

Hutchinson, Thomas, Cannock, Staffs. 

Hutchison, (/yi'il Bertram, 90, Kcllett-road, Brixton, s.w. 

Huthwaite, VVm. Henry Joseph, Skipton-in-Craven. 

Hutley, William Charles, Withernsea, Hull. 

Hutt, Cecil Williani, 2;5, Montague-road, Richmond, Surrey. 

Hutt, Charles Edward, G2G, IIi(jh-road, Tottenham, n. 

Hutt, Herbert Augustus, S//lhet, Lidia. 

Hutton, Albert Edward, 145, Victoria-road, Leeds. 

Hutton, Edwin Rutherford, 42, West Green-road, Tottoiham. N. 

Hutton, Eustace, Rht/l. 

Hutton, James Alfred, M.D. Durh., Scarborough. 

Hutton, James William, Burley View, Leeds. 

Hutton, John, 3, Falcon-avenue, e.g. 

Huxley, Henry, 39, Leinster-gardens. w. 

Huxtable, Ricliard Kossiter, Earlsridge., Red Hill, Surrey. 

Huyssen, Charles William, 14, Linkenholt-mansiuns, Stamford 
Brook, Hanimersmitli. w. 

Hyde, Edwin, Bassett Heath, Southampton. 

Hyde, George Edwin, Bassett Heath, Southampton. 

Hyde, Harry Feeny, Worthing. 

Hyde, Reginald Henry, London-road, Kingston-on-Thames. 

Hynes, Ernest Jermyn, Grassington, Skye. 

Ibbotson, William, 9a, Streatham-place, Brixton, s.w. 

levers, Osburne, M.B. Lond., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

lies, Alfred John Hopkinson, Taunton. 

lies, Arthur Ernest, Coiham Lawn, Bristol. 

Hes, Charles Edward, M.B. Loud., Moseley, Birmingham. 

Illesinghe, Richard de Silva, 19, Endsleigh-street. w.c. 
*Illington, Edmund Moritz, Indian Medical Service. 

Hlius, Henry Warwick, Indian Medical Service. 

lUius, John Warwick, Indian Medical Service. 

Ilott, Arthur Talman, Rainhill, Liveipool. 

Hott, Cyril Herbert Thomas, M.B. Camb., 57, High-street, Brom- 
ley, Kent. 

im Thurn, Robert Mackenzie, Whetstone, n. 

luce, Arthur Godfrey, Slurry, Canterburij. 

Inchley, Orlando, M.D. Camb., Loughborough. 

Ind, Charles Uncles, 50, Shell-road, Lewisham. s.k. 

Infield, Stephen, Mottram-road, Hyde. 

Ingall, Frank Ernest, Brook Hospital, Shooter' s-hill, Kent. 

Ingle, Charles Durban, Somerton, Somerset. 

Ingleby-Mackenzie, Kemieth Walter, John-street, Ryde. 

Ingouville, John George, 13, Templeton-place, Earl's Court, s.w. 

* Formerly Iliewicz, Edmund Moritz. 



Ingram, Alexander, M.D. Edinb., AJcrokerri, via Sehondi^ W. 

iDgram, Arthur Charles, M.D. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 
Ingram, Percy Cecil Parker, Royal Societies Club, St. James-st. ^y. 
Ingram, Thomas Lewis, Welford, Ew/b)/. 
Inkson, Edgar Thomas, V.C., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Inmaij, Harold Mundee, 69, Warwick-road., Earl's Court, s.w. 
Inmau, Robert Matthews, IQb. Burlington-ruad, Thornton Heath. 
Iniies, Hubert, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Inness, Wm. James Deacon, Lokoja, N. Nigeria. 
Instone, Bradney, 68, Addison-road. "W. 
Instone, Noel, 68, Addison-road. av. 

lonides, Theodore Henry, M.B. Lond., 25, First Avenue, Brighton. 
Iredell, Alfred William, Naval Jfedical Service. 
Ireland, Archibald Edward, Turks Island, West Indies. 
Ireland, James Aubrey, Allerton-road, Wavertree. 
*Ireland-Smith, Norman, Naval Medical Service. 
Ironside, Arthur Edmund, 59, High-street., Fulhaui. s.w. 
Ironside, Reginald ^Villiam, Campbell House, Fitz Joltiis-av. N."W. 
Irvine, Arthur Gerard, Selly Oak, Birmingham. 
Irvine, Delaware Lewis, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Irvine, Maurice Lionel Coriie, 75, Lambeth-palace-road. s.e. 
Irving, Duncan Bell, Vancouver, British Columbia. 
Irving, Hiimilton, M.B. Loud., 2, Greenliead-road, Huddersfield. 
Irving-, Wm., M.B. Camb., Christchiirch, New Zealand. 
Irwin, John Robert, M.B. Toronto. 6, Endsleigh-gardens. N.w. 
Isaac, Charles Leonard, Swansea. 

Isaac, Ernest Emrys, Colney Hatch Asylum, Neiv Southgate. N. 
Ivatts, Edgar Reginald, Shear Brow, Blackburn. 
Ivers, John Gladstone, Bolton-road, Moses Gate, Farnworth. 
Ives, William Robert Yeates, Portswood-park, Southampton. 
Izard, Arnold Woodford, M.B. Camb., Wellington, New Zealand. 
Izard, Herbert Edward, St. Thomas Abbey, Birmingham. 
Jack, Wm. Andrew Morton, M.B. Lond., 5, Rosendale-rd., W. 

Dulwich. S.E. 
Jackson, Basil Frederic Forrester, Brighton. 
Jackson, Edward, St. Georges Hospital, s.w. 
Jackson, Francis Seymour, Aberdovey, Merionethshire. 
Jackson, Francis Willan, Market Rasen. 

Jackson, Frederick Douglas Selmes, 27, Queen Anne-street, w. 
Jackson, Frederick William, Broadstairs. 
Jackson, George, Plymouth. 

Jackson, Harold Edgar Atheling, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. 
Jackson, Harold Hart, Newbiggen-by-Sea, Northumberland. 
Jackson, Herbert Soames. 

Jackson, Herbert Wm., M.D. Lond., Middlesbrough. 
Jackson, John Charles, Town Hall, Fulham. s.w. 
Jackson, Percy Vaug-han, Naval Medical Service. 
Jackson, Richard, 1, Ashchurch-terrace, Shepherd' s-bush. w. 

Formerly Smith, Norman Ireland. 


1892 Jackson, Ricliard Tloulton, Bakewe.ll, Derhisldre. 

18? G Jackson, Robert Alexander, 32, Ladhroke Grove, w. 

1896 Jackson, Tliomas Leonard, M.B. Cainb,, Cheaclle, Cheshire. 

1893 Jackson, Thomas Sparks, 59, Carter-lane. k.c. 

1897 Jackson, Wilfrid Anthony Leg-b, M.B, Birm., Smethwich, Bir- 


1899 Jackson, William Ferriday. M.B. Vict., Ardivick, Manchester. 

19U1 Jackson, William Taylor, The Uoost, Jlaj/docL; St. Helens. 

19()4 Jacks(jn-Taylor, Basil John Francis, Llysxven, Breconshire. 

1905 Jacob, Arthur Ilildebrand, Rojidl Arm>i Medical Corps. 

,> Jacob, Norman Bremer Vickers, Naval Medical Service. 

1889 Jacobsen, George Oscar, Featluif/, Lutterworth. 

1904 Jacobson, Sidney Dattner, M.t). New York., Anglo- Austrian 

Bank., Vienna. 

1887 Jacomb-Iiood, Charles John, 8, St. George' s-place, Ilrighton. 

1906 Jaffe, Jacob Isaac, 170, Conimcrcial-road. K. 

1890 Jaffrey, Francis, 33, N ottingham-place. w. 

1892 Jiiger, Harold Julius, 172, HoUand-park-avenue. av. 

»> Jag'O, Ashley Tilsted, St. Buryan, Cornivall. 

1897 Jago, Thomas Diimen, 18, Artmdel- square. Barnsbiiri/. x. 

1907 Jago, William .Jolin, IS, A riindel-sqnare, Barnsbur//. x. 
1871 .Jallaud, ^V^illiam Hamerton, St. Leonardos House, York. 

1905 James, Algernon Meyrick Alban, Brampton, Huntingdon. 

1887 James, Arthur William, M.D.Brussels, 09, Gloucester-terrace, vv. 

1881 James, Charles Alfred, 49, 5'/</?»/orf/-^//Z. x. 

1887 James, Charles Henry, Indian Medical Service. 

1903 James, Charles Wilniot Wanklyn, Knowle, Bristol. 

1887 James, Coram Llewellyn Stuart, Wahn-lane, Willesden-green. x.w. 

1886 James, David Philip, Wellington, New Zealand. 
1892 James, Ernest William, Hingham, Attleboroiigh. 

1895 James, Frederick Charles, M.B. Durh., Fressingfeld, Harleston. 

1899 James, Frederic William, Melbourne-avenue, West Ealing, w. 

1890 James, Georg-e Thomas, 45, Wimpole-street. w. 

1894 James, Gwilym Prosser, Penarth. 

1891 James, Henry Daniel, Royal Army 3fedical Corjis. 
1903 James, Henry Walter, 190, Llondiff-road, Cardiff. 
1901 James, Herbert. Boxmoor, Herts. 

1881 James, Herbert Ellison Rhodes, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

„ James, James Thomas, M.D. Durh., 108, Harley-street. w. 

1887 James, John, Llanjihangcl, Borth. 

1903 .lames, John, ^l.M. Ijond., Seamen's Hospital, Greenwich. s.E. 

1887 James, John Angell, 43, Nevil-road, Bristol. 

1891 James, Leo Edward, Naval Medical Service. 

1897 James, Philip William, M.D. Durh., TItornton Heath, Surrey. 

1892 James, Robert Blake, Hungerford. 

1906 James, Robert Rutson, 119, Oxjord-street. w. 
1891 James, Rupert, Von Brandis-square, .Johannesburg. 
1899 James, Samuel, G waun-Caegwrwen, Glamorganshire. 

1893 James, Stanlake. 8-'), Erpingham-road, Putney, s.w. 

1895 James, Sj'dney Price, M.D. Lend., Indian 3fedical Service. 
1890 James, Walter Evelyn, Newbridge, Monmouthshii-e. 

LlCEXTlATEy. 167 

James, William Abel, St. Dials House, C/ciubran, Monmoutlishire. 

James, William Morg'uu, oo Slow Hill, Newjwrt, Mon. 

James, William Warwick, 22, Wimpole-street. w. 

Jameson, Archibald Doug-las. lioi/al Armij Medical Corps. 

Jameson, Reginald, M.B. Oxf.,o2, Pembroke-voa<L \\. 

Jameson, Robert William, M.l). Brussels, Wiibank, Transvaal. 

Jamiesou, Harold Henry, Uppertkorpe, S/ieJfield. 

Jamieson, Svtlney, Li/ons-terracc, S/jdnei/, JS'eiv South ]Vales. 

Janion, Harold Garnett, Great Berkfiamstead. 

Jaiunaliomed, Habib Ismail, M.B. Lond., Gay's Hospital. s.K. 

Jaques. John Warren. 

Jaques, RohtMt, 2, Tlie Crescent, Pltjnioutlt. 

Jarvis.tJharlesGeorg'ejM.D. Pa.vis,Sl, Boulevard Malesherbes, Paris. 

Jarvis, John, Gaij- street, Bath. 

Jarvis, Joseph Henry Ernest, 127, Praed-street. \v. 

Jarvis, William Charles, 325, Soutlianipton-street. s.e. 

Jauffret, George Heury Louis, Mauritius. 

Jay, Fredk. Fitzherbert, M.D.St. Andr., Constitutional Club. w.C. 

Jay, Melville Richard Hiiidmarsh, Adelaide, Australia. 

Jay, William Eugene, Willunga, S. Australia. 

Jays, Tom, Kingston-on-Thames. 

Jayakar, Atmaram Sadashiva, Indian Medical Service. 

Jeaffreson, Christopher Julius, West-hill, Hastings. 

Jeaffresou, George CordN', Frandingham, Sufolk. 

Jeaffreson, John Leslie, Shanhiin, Isle of Wight. 

Jeans, Alfred Normau, Glastonbunj, Somerset. 

Jeans, Frank Alexander Gallon, M.B. Camb., 30, Rodney -street, 

Jeans, Thomas Tendron, M.B. Lond., Naval Jfedical Service. 
Jeeves, John, Cemetern-road. Sheffield. 
Jefferiss, Frederick Burroughs, 217, New-road, Chatham. 
Jefferiss. Iain Mackiunon, Kirkoswald, Cumberland. 
Jeffer}', Charles Chimmo, (>2, Norroy-roMl, Putney, s.vr. 
Jeffery, Thomas Walter, Naval Medical Service. 
Jeffreys, Alfred, Briton Ferry, Neath. 
Jeffreys, Herbert Castelman, Grosvenor Club, 1, Dover-street, 

Piccadilly, ^v. 
Jefferys, Walter Marmaduke, University College Hospital. •w.C. 
^Jeffreys-Powell, John Powell, Senny Bridge, Breconshire. 
Jekyll, Lewis Nugent, Leytonstone. n.e. 
Jellicoe, Stanley Coleman, Sevenoaks. 
Jelly, George Aubre}^, Bury. 

Jenkin, Nelson West, 3o, S ha wji eld-park, Bromley, Kent. 
Jenkins, Arthur William, M.B. Lend., Hinckley. 
Jenkins, Evan Llewellyn, M.B. Durh., Hinckley. 
Jenkins, Geoi'ge John, M.B. Edinb., 7, Welbeck-street. "w. 
Jenkins, Henry Hollis, Sidcup, Kent. 
Jenkins, Herbert Stanley, M.D, Lond., Hankow, China. 
Jenkins, Herbert Thomas, Penmaenmawr, N. Wales. 
Jenkins. John, Hammersmith Infirmary, w. 

* Formerly Jeffreys, John Powell. 


Jenkins, Jolm David, M.T). Lond.. Pentve, Rhoncfxfa, Glamorgan. 

Jenkins, John Elystan Morris, Iladleigh., Suffolk. 

Jenl\ins, Ifichard Sidney, 30, Da irson -place, JJaijsicater. ^v. 

Jenkins, Thomas John Price, 11, Hills-place, Oxford- street, ^y. 

Jenkins, Thomas Jones, Jlenlla)!, S.O., Cardif/ans/iv-e. 

Jenner, Arthur Gordon, Moss-lane, Walton, Liverpool. 

Jeiiner, John Earle, M.D. Toronto, Leaminfiton, Ontario, Canada. 

Jennings, Charles Kgerton, M.D. Durh., Gt. Somerford, Wilts. 

Jennings, Edward, 218, Gkmcesler-st., Christchnrch, New Zealand. 

Jennings, John Frederick, M.H. Lond., 13, John-sireet, Mayfair. "W. 

Jennings, Richard Edward Wilham, Bniirnemonth. 

Jennings, Robert, M.D. St. And., Fall River, Mass., U.S.A. 

Jensen, Ernest Thomas, M.B. Lond., 53, Devonshire-street, w. 

Jephcott Charles, M.B.. Camb., Chester. 

Jepson, Victor Brodie, Walsingliam, Norfolk. 

Jeremy, Harold Rowe, GO, Friern-road, East Didivich. s.E. 

Jermaine-Lulham, Frederick Sydnej'-, Melbourne., Australia. 

Jerman, Arthur Edward, M.B. Lond., Erith. Kent. 

Jerome, George Percy, M.B. Lond., Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. 

Jervis, Arthur, M.D. Durh., f)2, York-street., Portman-sqnare. w. 

Jesso]3, Edward, 81, Fitzjohn s-avenue, Hampstead. n.av. 

Jessopj John William, West-street, Horncastle. 

Jewell, John Wilham Frank, M.D. Lond., Balham. s.w. 

Jewell, Wm. [Tenry, M.D. Lond., 33, Streatham-hill. s.AV. 

Jimenez, Gerardo, 5, Childebert-road, Balham. s.^v. 

Jimenez, Ricardo Luis, 2, Hiimn-road., Upper Tooting, s.w. 

Jounnides, Anastasius, M.D. Athens, 57, Talbot-road. av. 

Job, ilenry Percy, Castle-gate, Newark. 

Joberns, William, M.B. Lond., Wolverhampton. 

Jobson, Frederick Cuthbert, Nortimmberland Ho., Finshury-pk. N. 

John, Ambrose Hilton, M.B. Lond., Stoke-on-Trent. 

John, David, Yonkers, Westchester, United States of America. 

John, Thomas, 14, Grove-place, Swansea. * 

Johns, Charles Percival, M.D. Queens' Uni^., Canada, Thornhill, 

Ontario, Canada. 
Johns, Frederick Arthur, M.B. Lond., 30, Leeds-road, Harrogate. 
Johns, Henry Douglas, M.D. Durh., Hornsea, Hull. 
Johns, John Francis, M.D. Durh., Cheltenham. 
Johnson, Alfred, Liscard, Cheshire. 

Johnson, Alfred Edward, M.B. Vict., Middlesex Hospital. "W. 
Johnson, Claude, M.B. Birm., King's Heath, Birmingham. 
Johnson, Edwin Charles, Dispensary, Rochester-row. s.w. 
Johnson, Edward Angas, Adelaide, Melbourne. 
Johnson, Frederick, M.B. honA., Kerak, M oab, Palestine. 
Johnson, George Arthur, 58, St. Andrew's-street, Cambridge. 
Johnson, Harold Josse, M.B. Lond., 29. Gracechurch-strect. e.c, 
Johnson, Harry Oswin, Parkes, New South Wales. 
Johnson,Henry Heath Pochin, Fonrth-av., Brooks Bar, Manchester. 
Johnson, John James, Cotessey, Norivich. 
Johnson, John Pratt, M.B. Loud., 24, Fore-street, Devonport. 
Johnson, John Robert, Richmond, Surrey. 



Johnson, Lawrence Alfred, Normanton. 

Johnson, Lionel Capper, M.B. Lnnd., Lidgett Fark-road, Leeda. 

Johnson, Marcus Beauchamp, 9, Henrietta-street. ^\. 

Johnson, Ranee Dreweatt. Osivald Place, Lower Edmonti n. x. 

Johnson, Robert George, M.B. Lond., Poole. 

Johnson, Samuel Harvard, Bessie, Hull. 

Johnson, Smeeton, M.B. Loud., Clcohimj, Mortimer, Shropshire. 

Johnson, Valentine Goode, Poi/al Army Medical Corps. 

Johnson, Walter Burfoid, Fairlight, Frances-road, Windsor. 

Johnson, William, M.B. Lond., Gicern Abjn,Kuahon-road, Wrexham. 

Johnson, William Jerold Greaves, Hospital, Barrotc-in-Furness. 

Johnson, Wm. Jolui.M.D. Lond., Shejfbrd, Bedfordshire. 

Johnston, Arthur Hammerslej', Anlaby-rd., Hull. 

Johnston, Duncan Matheson. 2, Rock)/ Hill-terrace, Maidstone. 

Johnston, George David, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. 

Johnston, George Lawson Harvey, Westminster Hosjjital, The 
Broadway, s.av. 

Johnston, George Saint, M.D. Lond., Edgbaston. Birminglunn. 

Johnston, John Macphersoii, Northern Hosp., Winchmore-hill. x. 

Johnston, Lambert Arthur Wellesley, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 

Johnston, Robert Mache, M.B. Lond., >S'^. Leonards. 

Johnston, William, Cape Town, South Africa. 

Johnstone, John liloyd, UphoUand, Wigan. 

JoUye, Francis William. M.D. Durh., Alresford. 

Jolly, Robert Henry Hatten, 6, Broad Bridge-st., Peterborough. 

Joly, Joseph Antoine Maurice, Barkbj Asylum Hospital, 

Jonas, Herbert Charlton, M.D. Loud., Barnstaple. 

Jones, Albeit Edward, Crickhoivell. 

Jones, Alfred, Tomjpandy, Rhondda, S. Wales. 

Jones, Alfred Gwilym, M.B. Lond., Guys Hospital, s.e. 

Jones, Alfred Lancelot, 42, King-street. Brynmawr, S. Wales. 

Jones, Alfred Stanley , Mornington-jdace, Regenfs-park. n.w. 

Jones, Arthur Bassett, M.B. Lond., Aberystwiih. 

Jones, Arthur Reginald, Howarth Cross, Leigh. 

Jones, Arthur Thomas, Mountain Ash, South Wales. 

Jones, Arthur Webb, Alexandria, Egypt. 

Jones, Arthur Wentworth, Weymouth. 

Jones, Arthur William Llewellyn, 28, Charlton-road, Black- 
heath. S.E. 

Jones, Bernard Watson, M.B. Lond., Hay Mills, Birmingham. 

Jones, Bertrand Seymour, 93, Cornwall-street, Birmingham.. 

Jones, Bevington Sydney, 97, L^ouisville-roud, Tooting, s.av. 

Jones, Cecil Herbert, Laydawn, W. Australia. 

Jones, Charles Albert Thornrlijf. Penarth. 

Jones, Charles Edward Mellersh, Alton, Hants. 

Jones, Charles Owen, M.B. Vict,, New Brighton, Birkenhead. 

Jones, Christopher Lloyd, Dunstable. 

Jones, David Egryu, M.D. Toronto, 109, Collins-street, Melbourne. 

Jones, David John, Pontypool, Monmouthshire. 

Jones, David Lewis, Car donnel-ter race, Skewen, Neath. 


1884 Jones, David Llewellyn, 231, King-street^ JTammer smith, w. 

1905 Jones, David Morgan. Jiuhrell, Nottiiif/hfim. 

1886 Jones, David ()i>deii Roebuck, 126, Cartfon-streef, Toronto. 

1890 Jones, David Thomas, Wosfenholme-rond, S/ieJfield. 

1894 Jones, p]dniund Benjauiin, Golders Green, n. 

1902 Jones, Eiiwaid Alfred, M.B. Toronto, Winnipeg, Canada. 

1897 Jones, Edward Shirley, Oxton., Birkenhead. 

1895 Jones, Edward Thomas, Helsfnn, CnrniuaU. 

1906 Jones, Edwin Clark, 2'oofing Common, s.w. 

1901 Jones, Ernest Williams, M.B. Lond., Aldridge, Walsall. 

,, Jones, Evan, >/Bri/n, Lla)njbi/ther, South Wales. 

1891 Jones, Evan, 89, Gosiccll-road. e.g. 

1900 Jones, Evan Harries, M.B. Edinb., Northampton. 

1893 Jones, Evan James Trevor, M.D. Bru.ssels, Ti/-7nawr, Aberdare. 
1908 Jones, Evan Rhys, Bripi Cadnant, J\Ienai Bridge, Anglesey. 

1905 Jones, Fiancis Frederick, Ticerton-on-Avon, Bath. 

1906 Jones, Francis Samuel, 151, Crotvn-street, Live'yool. 

1894 Jones, Frank Silva, M.B. Durh., Clarence House, Southend. 

1896 Jones. Frederick Pryce, Newtown, Montgomeryshire. 

1904 Jones. Frederic Wood, M.B. Lond., liar ley Lodge, Enfield. 

1891 Jones, Georg-e, M.B. Oxf., 8, Church-terrace, Lee. s.e. 
1886 Jones, George Burnett Mander, Sydney, New South Wales 

1892 Jones, George David Edwardes, M.D. Durh., 39, High-st., Cardigan. 

1904 Jones, George Francis, 21, Buckinaham ^fansions, Kilhurn. x.w. 

1898 Jones, George Horatio. JJeddington, Oxford. 
1889 Jones, George Mellersh, Alton, Hants. 

1892 Jones, George Reginald, 73, Withington-road, ]\[anchester. 

1905 Jones, Grenville Parry, Newlands Park, Sydenham, s.e. 

1906 Jones, Hai-old Emlyn, T^ondon Hospital, e. 

1903 Jones, Hector. Maesteg, Bridgend. 

1892 Jones, Henry Hepburn Averay, Ocean S.S. Company, Water- 

street, Liverpool. 

,, Jones, Henry John Rutherford, Caterham. Surrey. 

1893 Jones, Henry Macnaughten, M.B., R.U.L, 2, Fawley-road, W. 

Hampstead. n.av. 

1906 Jones, Henry Travers, M.B. Lend., Kent Hospital, Maidstone. 
1903 Jones, Herbert Stanley, M.B. Lond., 2, Abbeville-road, 

Clapham. S.AV. 

1863 Jones, Hermann Johnston, M.D. Heidelb., Wallington, Surrey. 

1886 Jones, Hugh Edward, 19, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

1903 Jones, Ivor Davenport, M.D. Lond., Lulian Medical Service. 

1884 Jones, Isaiah Henry, 53, Maida-rale. w. 

1865 Jones, James, M.D. Edinb., 157, Lewisham-road. s.e. 

1895 Jones, James Evan, Newquay, Cardigan. 

1879 Jones. James liobert, M.B. I'orouto, Winnipeg, Canada. 

1892 Jones, John, M.D. Lond., Clydach, Swansea. 

1904 Jones, John, Church Mission, Ningpo, China. 

1885 Jones, John Arnallt, M.D. Durh., Aberavon, Glamorgan. 

1883 Jones, John Edward Evans, M.D. Brussels, Cathedral-rd., Cardiff. 

1907 Jones, John Ellington, 16, Hickmond-jmrk-road, Clifton, Bnstol. 

1899 Jones, John Henry, Naval Medical Service. 


Jones, John Howard, 49, Ehjin Mansions, Elgin Avenue, vr. 

Jones, John Lewis. 

Jones, John Llewelyn. ]NLD. Lond., Luton. 

Jones, John Pug'h, Barmouth, Merionetlishire. 

Jones, Lawrence, M.B. Lend., 47. Upper Brook-street, vr. 

Jones, Lewis, Sialkot, Punjab, India. 

Jones, Llewellyn Gwynn Duaffydd, Swanscomhe, Kent. 

Jones, Lloyd Middleton Bowen, Carmarthen. 

Jones, Martin Llewelyn, Victoria-square, Abenlare. 

Jones, ^lurray Parr}", Naval Jfedical Service. 

Jones, Oswal Wynn, As'iron-in-MakerJield, Newton-le-Willows. 

Jones. Oswald Meredith, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

Jones, Owen Clayton, M.B. Oxf., Silverton. 

Jones, Philip Xapier, Crowfhorne, Berks. 

Jones, Philip Tlieodosius, Coleford, Bath. 

Jones, Rees Gabe, Cbidach Vale, Rhondda, South Wales. 

Jones, Richard, Llandilo. 

Jones, Richard Llewelyn, M.B. Loud., Bath. 

Jones, Richard Nelson, PresicyJfa, Swansea. 

Jones. Rowland Francis Hugh. Boncath. Pembrokeshire. 

Jones, Samuel Lloyd, Colney Hatch Asi/ban. n. 

Jones. Seymour Whitworth, Indian Medical Service. 

Jones, Thomas, Amlwch, Anglesey. 

Jones, Thomas Burnell, 54, Chaucer-road, Forest Gate. s.e. 

Jones, Thomas Caldwell Litler, 1, Abercromby-square, Liverpool. 

Jones, Thomas F]vans, Llanrwst. 

Jones, Thomas Robert Lloyd. Glyn Curig, Mumbles, Swansea. 

Jones, Thomas Slater, M.D. Durh., 2, Truro-road, Wood Green. N. 

Jones, Thomas William, Felmj'uch, Swansea. 

Jones, Valentine Llewellyn Watson, St. Clears. 

Jones, Walter Paul, M.D. Brussels, 1, Walton-pL, Hans-rd. s.av. 

Jones, \Vm. Black, M.D. Lond., Llangammarch Wells, Brecon- 

Jones, William David, M.B. Lond., Spa-road, Gloucester. 

Jones, William Edmund, (U, Ainsworth-street, Blackburn. 

Jones, Wm. Ernest, Talgarth, Brecon. 

Jones, William Forsyth, L5, Marylebone-road. x.w. 

Jones, William Griffith, 56, Bridge-street, Newport, Mon. 

Jones, William Howard, Peterston-super-Ely, Glamorgan. 
*Jones, William James, Bennett, M.D. Edinb., Sheil-road, Liverjyool. 

Jones, William Meredith, Victoria-square, Aberdare. 

Jones, William Phillips, Rock House, Wostenholme-road, Sheffield. 

Jones, William Watkin Cadwaladr, 41, Craven Hill- gar dens, 
Hyde Park. w. 

Jones, William Warner, M.B. Toronto, Forest ^^ount, Ontario, 
fJones-PhilipsoD, Cecil Ernest, M.D. Brussels, Port Alfred, Cape 
Colony, South Africa. 

Jordan, Alfred Charles, M.D. Camb., 14, Wey mouth-street, w. 

* Forirerly Jones, William James. f formerly Jonea, Cecil Ernest. 



1873 Jordan, Frederick William, M.D. Durh., Heaton Chapel, 


1891 Jordan, John Furneaux, M.B. Roy. Univ. Ireland, 9, Neichall- 

sti'cet, Jiirminghain. 

1889 Joscelyue, Aithur Edwin, Taunton. 

1882 Joseph, John Baptiste Edg-ar, Conva, Trinidad. 

1903 Joseph, Henry Michael, M.B. Camb., 54, Oxford-fjardens. w. 

1888 Joslen, Hubert, MJJ. Durh., »S^. Amis Baii, Jamaica, W. Indies. 

1885 Joi'ling', (Jharles Langford, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1878 Jover, Anthony. 

1888 Jowers, Launcelot Emilius, 51, Marina, St. Leonards. 

1886 Jowers, Reginald Francis, 55, Brunswick-square, Brighton. 

1898 Joy, Norman Humbert, Bradfteld, Berkshire. 

1907 Joyce, James Leonard, The Vicarage, Ilarroiv-on-the-IIill. 
1895 Joyce, Robert Dwyer, 7, Ely-place, Dublin. 

1897 Joynes, Francis William, 14, Victoria-road, Wolverhampton. 

1894 Joynson, Gerald George, Southjiort. 
1893 Joynson, Harold Mead, Oswestry. 

19l)5 Jubb, Archie Vivian, 71, Victoria-street, Lythani. 

1897 Judd, AYalter Rossall, Ashton-imder- Lyne. 

1903 Judson, James Douglas, Southport. 

1900 Judson, Joseph Edward, Ashton-under-Lyne. 
1877 Judson, Thomas Robert, West Derby, Liverpool. 
1905 Juler, Frank Anderson, 24, Cavendish-square, vr. 

1 886 Julian, Oliver Richard Archer, C.M.G., Eoyal Army Medical Corp?, 

1905 tlupp, Edgar Norman. 84, Welleshy-road, Croydon. 

1886 Kaka, Sorabji Manekji, Karachi, hidia. 

1901 Kalomiris, Nicholas John, Alexandra, Egypt. 
1886 Kapadia, Farduuji Sorabji, Bombay. 

1903 Karanjia, Khursedji Nasserwanji, cjo Messrs. Cook ^- Son, 

lAulgate Circus, e.g. 

1882 Karanjia, Merwanji Dhunjibhai, Bombay. 

1899 Kaufmanu, George Bernard, Dunster House, Mincing-lane. E.C 
„ Kay, Alfred Reginald, Cley, Norfolk. 

1897 Kay, Richard, M.B. Lond.,' Cockermouth. 

1903 Kaye, Henry Wynyard, M.D. Oxf., Strathppffer Spa. 

1904 Kaye. Wm. Holland, 528, Gorton-road, Reddish, Stockport. 
1867 Keagey, David, M.D. Vict. Coll., Canada, Hamilton, Canada. 

1889 Kealy, John William Gregory, Gosport. 

1895 Kearney, Charles James, New South Wales. 

1908 Keates, Courtney Cooper, 20, £(«i jDi//jfzc'/<-/'oad s.e. 

1874 Keates, William Cooper, 20, Eaf<t Dulwich-road. s.e. 

1890 Keats, W\\\i?i,n\ 3o\\u Q\\?i9.,Camberwell Infirmary, s.e. 

1892 Keele, David, 14, Ilighbury-grove. n. 

1884 Keele, John Rushworth, Cumberland-place, Southampton. 

1898 Keeling, George Sydney, M.D. Camb., Attleborough. 

1902 Keeling, Hugh Nevill, 25, Blenheim-terrace, Leeds. 
1867 Keen, William, 35, Carlyle-square, Chelsea, s.w. 
1874 Keer, George Edwardes, Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

1873 Keetley, Charles Robert Bell, 56, Grosvenor-street. ^y. 

1893 Keevil, George Mulread}^ 20, Weymouih-street. w. 




*Keiffeiiheim-Tiabridg'e, Lui^'i Walter, M.D. Durh., Rochester. 

Keig-hley, Herbert, Datley, Deivshirjj. 

Kei.^•htley, Archibald, M.D. Cauib., 46, Brook-street, av. 

Keith, Darwin Mills, 86, Hariortrd-court, Hainp^^tead. x.av. 

Keith, William Dow, Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Kekwick. John, The Crescent. Carlisle. 

Kelbe, Walter Edward; Victoria Ea-'t, Cape Colony. 

Keller, Hermann Louis Arthur, Keloicna, Brit. Columbia, Canada. 

Kellett. Urme Stirling, B 'lisle, British Honduras. 

Kellgreeu, Ernest (j-reo'or, 49, Eaton-square, s.w. 

Kellock, Thomas Herbert. 8, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Kellond-Kiiiglit, Henry Arthur, Naval Medical Service. 

Kelly, Bruce Curtis, M.B. Edinb., Bumftam, Somerset. 
fKelly, Charles Ernest Mackenzie, M.D. Lend., \Vitne>/. 

Kelly, Thomas Thehvell, Cm/s Hospital, s.e. 

Kelly. Thomas William, INI.D. Durh., Sherwood-street, Nottingham. 

Kelsall, Charles James Seddon, Naval Medical Service. 

Kelsall, Henry Truman, M.D. Lond., Perth, West Australia. 

Kemp, Ciiarles Gordon, M.B. Durh., St. Helens Park, Hastings. 

Kemp, David Chvude, Indian Medical Service. 

Kemp, Frederick William, M.D. Durh., Wellington, New Zealand. 

Kemp, George Lajus, M.D. Lond., Potter-street, Worksop. 

Kemp, James Reginald, Pinner, Middlesex. 

Kemp, John Harold, M.B. i^Amb.,Wellington, New Zealand. 

Kemp, William George, ^LD. Durh., St. Helens Park, Hastings. 

Kempe, Charles Gilbert Burrington, M.D. Durh., Salisbury, 

Kempe, John Arthur, Edgbaston. birmingham. 

Kempster, Christopher Richard, Whitehall., Bank-place, Melbourne. 

FCempthorne, Gerard Aiiislie, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Kendal, Nicholas Joseph, Smethwick, Birmingham. 

Kendall, George, Battle. Sussex. 

Kendall, Nicholas Fletcher, Chiddingfold, Surrey. 

Kenderdine, Ernest Henry, Coventry. 

Kendrew, Alexander John, M.B. Lond., 33, Lissenden-mansions, 
Kentish Town. Ih.av. 

Keudrick, Geoi'ge, Bilston. 

Kendrick, Horace Herbert, Coventry. 

Kenion, Thomas Lloyd, Roseland, Rockferry, Birkenhead . 

Kennard, Alfred Dudley Eskell, 6, Wobum-square. w.c. 

Kennard, David Gerald, Faringdon, Berkshire. 

Kennedy, Angus Endicutt, 113, Balaam-street, Plaistow. e 

Kennedy, Charles Matheson, li'S, Albert Pal. Mans.. Battersea. s w. 

Kennedy, James Buckley Martin, 13, Gosta-green, Birmingham. 

Keimedy, John, 2, Crosvenor-terifice, Cumber well-road. s.e. 

Kennedy, Robert Pettigrew, Blair-hill, Coat Bridge. 

Kennedy, Wni. Adam. M.B. Durh., 833, Hay-st., Perth, Australia. 

Kenned}', William \Villoughby,M.D.Lond.,36, Chouvin ghee-street, 
1 Calcutta, India. 

Kennington, Edgar, Foulsham, Norfolk. 

* Formerly Keiffeuheim, Luigi Walter. 

t Resigned Membership, 1903. 

o 2 


1895 I Kenriok, William lhnm\t(m, J n>i inn Medical, Service. 
1889 ! Kent. Chai-les Artlnir, M.I). Lond., FoUcestone-road, Dover. 
1908 Kent, Hugh Braund, M.B. Lond., cjo At/ent for Colonies, White- 
hall. s.w. 

1895 Kent, Percy Wheeler, Barry, (jlaniort/an. 

1892 Kent, Sydney, M.B. Camb., Be.rhilL 

.1888 Kenwood, Harry Richard, M.B. Edin., Stoke Newington. N. 

1866 ' Kenyon, George Arthur, M.B. Lond., Chester. 

1868 Ken3'on, John Edward, iJehnont-road, Upper Twickenham. 

1907 Keogh, Fredeiick Edwin Hubert, 38, St. Marie s-road. w. 

1896 ! Keown, David Boyd, 48, Windsor-road, Ealing, s.w. 

1893 i^Keppel-Compton, John Herbert, Southampton. 

1888 I Ker, Jolin Errington, Kiii>/<ton, Jamaica. 

1902 j Ker, AVilliaui Percival, Walsham-le- Willows, Bury St. Edmunds. 

1884 Kerby, Robert John. M.D. Brussels, Speenhamland, Newbury. 
1900 Kerfoot, Stanley Jaines, Bedminster, Bristol. 

1908 Keruahan, Joseph Artliur Alexander, 8, Neivton-rd., Bayswater. w. 
1904 I Kerr, Arthur Edgar, jNJ.B. C&mh., Bet worth. 

1889 I Kerr, George Douglas, 15, Denmark-terrace, Brighton. 

1890 I Kerr, William James. M.D. Vict., Rochdale. 

,, I Kershaw, Heibert Warren, Dinsdale-park, Darlington. 

1894 Kerswill, Harry, Sandwich, Kent. 

1896 I Ketcheu, Arthur Dickson, M.B. Lond., Cat)e Town, S. AJrica. 

1895 I Kettlewell, George Douglas, Ilfraoombe. 

1893 j Kevern, Grahame Travers, Rowhedge, Colchester. 

1896 Keyser, Charles Ralph, 46, Queen Anne-strect, w. 

1908 ! Khambata, Ratanshaw Bouianjee, y/t(^/o/i 5(««^-,17,Z?t^//()/95^a<e. e. 

1907 I KhAmhiita,,'So\ivsihMiineckyi,cloT.Cook ^' S jn,LudgateCircus. E.C. 

„ Khan, Abdus Sattai-, 9, Marsden-roud, East Dulwich. s.h. 
1889 Khan, Masha Allah, Agra, India. 

1891 Kidd, Archibald, Nightingale-road, Godalming, Surrey. 

1903 \ Kidd, Francis Seymour, M.B. Camb., 41, Wimpole-street. w. 
1889 Kidd, Harold Andrew, We.\t Sussex Asylum, Chichester. 

1885 Kidd, Hugh Cameron, M.B. Loud., Bromsgrove Worcestershire. 

1902 ' Kiddle, Horace Harvard, Indian Medical Service. 
1872 Kiddle, John Nelsnn, 65, Albert Hall Mansion.^, s.w. 

1903 Kidner, Henry Ratcliff, M.B. Lond., Wallington, Surrey. 

1906 Kilgour, AVilliam Robert, 9, Briar-walk, Putney, s.w. 
1883 I Kilham, Charles Speight, Crookesmoor. Sheffield. 

1907 Killby, Thomas Alfred, 152, Highbury Xew-park. v,. 

1892 j Killery, St. John Browne, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1900 Killick, Charles, M.B. Camb., Triniti/ House, Maidstone, Kent. 
1903 Kilner, John Newport, M.B. Lond., Adra, Bengal. 

1906 Kilpatrick, James Armstrong, King's Coll. Hospital, w.c. 

1893 Kilroy, Lancelot, Naval Medical Service. 
1898 I Kilvert, John Ellis, Derby. 

1907 KimheW, Henry John SuWings, lo7, Richmond-rd., Hackney, n.e. 
1906 I Kinder, Alexander, M.B. New Zeal., Children's Hospital, Great 

Ormond-strett. w.c. 

* Formerly Coiupton, John Herbert. 



1890 I 
1894 1 

1905 I 
1886 I 


1903 ! 
1900 ! 
1894 I 
1898 I 
1902 I 
1893 j 

1906 I 
1897 ! 
1893 j 

1904 i 
1893 I 





King-, Arthur, FaitresmitJu Orange River Colony. 

King, Arthur Frederick Wilhani, Indian Medical Service. 

King-, Colin, M.H. Canab., Cnckjiehl, Sussex. 

King, Edmund Eleazar, Toronto, Canada. 

King, Frank Kaymond, Nortlnunherland House Asylunt. N. 

King, Fi-ederick WilHaui Robert John, Auckland, New Zealand. 

King, John Charles, Mountsorrel, Barry, Glamor (janshire. 

King, Leslie Kegir.ald, Hill Head, Farelmm. 

King, Nevill Pearce, Garth, Breconsliire. 

King, Kalph De Veil, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

King, Richard Heni-y, Twyl'ord, Berkshire. 

King, Thomas Arthur, Bnde, Cornwall. 

King, Thomas Percy, M.B. Camb.. Guy's Hospital, s.k. 

King, William Athol Desmond, Walkern., Stevenage, Herts. 

King, Wm, Herbert, 18, Ravenscroft Park-road, High Barnef. 

King. William WiU'rid, 19 Portland-place, Bath. 

Kingdon, Edward Owen, Holsworthy. 

Kingdon, James Renorden, King's Lynn. 

Kingsbury, William Neave, 15, Blacklieath-rise. s.p:. 

Kingsford, Arthur Beresford, M.I). l)nrh.,19, Upper George-st. w. 

Kingsford, Berti-am Harold, M.D. Lond., Woking. 

Kingsford, Edward Claude, Carntyne., Brondeshury. n.w. 

Kingsland, Alfred, Small Heath, Birmingham. 

Kingsmill, Henry Ardag'h, 1(5, Torrington-squarc. w.C. 

Kingston, Chailes Samuel, 3, CanJivld-gardens,Hampstead. N.w. 

Kingston, Percy John. Penn Hill, Yeovil. 

Kinloch, Robert Blair, M.B. Lond., St. Albans. 

Kinuersley, George Edward, Guernsey. 

Kinsey-Morgan, Augustus, M.D. Dnrh., Bournemouth. 

Kirby, Guy Hannah. Bearwood-road, Smethwick. 

Kirby, Rowland Arthur, M.B, Camb., Putney, s.w. 

Kirby, Thomas William. M.D. Toronto, Maple, Ontario, Canada. 

Kirk, John Lamplugh, M.B. Camb., Pickering, Yorkshire. 

Kirkby, Robert Casement, Towyn. 

Kirkman, Albert Henry Beaumont, Touws River. Cape Colony, 
South Africa. 

Kirkness, William Ronald, The Haven, FalmoutJi. 

Kirkpatrick, Ranilolph, Natural History Museum. S.AV. 

Kirkpatrick-Picard, Arthur AVilliam, M.D. Lond., 59, Boundary- 
road. N.-\v. 

Kirtikai', Kanoba Ramchoddas, Indian Medical Service. 

Kirton, Ciinrles Imray, M.B. Lond., Honor Oak. s.E. 

Kirton, Martin Ainger, Outram-terrace, Stoke, Devonport. 

Kirton, Reginald Gower, M.D. Lond., Cairo, Egypt. 

Kisch, Harold Albert, M.B. Lond., 42, Devonshire-street . w. 

Kitchen, Charles Frederick Hewick, 112, Cheetham Hill-road^ 

Kitchen, Harold Ernest, 112. Cheetham Hill-road, Manchester. 

Kitchin, Ernest Hugh, JNF.B. Camb., Skipton. 

Kitchin, Henr\' Brunton, M.D. Lond., 188, Brockley-road . s.e. 

Kitchin, Percy, Bournemouth. 



Kitcliiiiji,-, Cliarles Atkinson, Mosscl Bay, Cape of Good Hope. 

Kitchin^-, John /-ea Walton, Cob/iam, Surrey. 

Kitson, Francis Parsons, Beaminster. 

Kitson, John Pole, M.B. Lond., Kaxt London, Cape Colony. 

Kittson, Ednmnd Graves, M.D. Mc.Gill, Toronto. 

Klnnipp, Ernest George, M.B. Durh,, Wootton Bassett. 

Knaggs, Francis Henry, Huddersjiekl. 

Knaggs, George John, Rcyal Army Afedical Corps. 

Knaggs, Robert Lawford, M.l). Canib. 27. Park-square, Leeds. 

Knapp, George Harvey, Umfata, Cape Colony. 

Knapp, Montague Henry, Naval Medical Service. 

Knaptou, Henry Alfred Forbes, Bombay Army. 

Knechtel, Robert, Brussels, Ontario, Canada. 

Kuevitt, Herbert, 4, Elm-villa!', Ealing, w. 

Knight, Aubrey Harvey Davenport, 1, Grosvenor Mansions. 

Victoria-street. s.AV. 
Knight, diaries Voughton, M.D. Lond., Gloucester. 
Knight, Ernest, M.B. Lond., Sf. Annes-on-Sta, Preston. 
Knight, Fi-ederick Charles ifienzi Maliiis, 43, Claremont-sqnare, 

Pentonville. x. 
Knight, Henry, Mailiamclinrch, Bude. 

Knight. Henry Finest. M.D. Lond.. Brocddands, BotherJiam. 
Knight,HerbertStanley,.^LB.Lond.,'J4, Wickham-rd..,Brocklty. s.E. 
Knightley, Walter Randall. 

Knill, Edv;in Gilniore, Detroit. Michigan, America. 
Knobel ,AVilli!im Bernard, M.D.Camb., Btlbroughton, Worcestersh. 
Knocker, AVilliam Douglas, M.B. Lond., 4, Essex-court, e.g. 
Knott, Edward Mihvard, 1, Cole.-/iill-street. Stitton Coldfield. 
Knowles, Arthur, Beech-grove, Scarcroft, Leeds. 
Knowles. Frederick Joseph. St. Helen's. 
Knowles, Henrj^, M.D. Dnrh., St. George's-place, Barnsley. 
Knowles, Ralph. *SY. Anne's-on-Sea. 

Knowlton, Alexander John, M.B. Lond.. St. Deny's, Southampton. 
Knox, Charles Arthnr Northhuid. Sydenburg, Transvaal. 
Knox, Robert, M.B. Edinb., SJicj.heid's Hill, Highgate. N. 
Knowles, Robeit, 63, Sovfhivokl-UKoisions, Elgin-avenue, ^y. 
Knox, Robert George, Fieshford. Bath. 
Kobla Dosabhai Homjibhai, Bombay. 
Koenig, Rene Paul, M.D, Berne, Geneva, Smtzirland. 
Koettlitz, Maurice, Dover. 

Kolaporewalla, Framroze Jamsetiee, 3. Biacon-hill,Camden-rd. N. 
Kolaporewalla, Phirozshaw Jamshedji, Guy's Hospital. s.E. 
Kola(»urvala, Jamsetjee Framjee. Bombay. 

Kresiin, SolouK^n. M.D. C'eneva, 92, Sidney-st., Commercial-rd. e, 
*Kroenig-Ryan, Victor Fowell, Carsltalton-lahe, Coulsdon. 
Krohn, Ronald Edwd. Stewart, M.D. Lond., 13, Belsize-sq., 
Krnmbholz, Charles James Izzard, M.B. Lond., Bugby. 
Kumarasaey, Murugnisam Muthii, 21, St. Stephens-road, Bay s- 

ivater. ^v. 

* Forinerlv Kroenig, Victor Kicliard FowpU. 


Kuiihardt, John Coiirad Gie, Indian Medical Service. 

Kyffin, Johu, Gosport. 

Kynastoii, Albert Evelyn Fairfax, 19, Lanark-mansions^ Maida 

Vale. w. 
Kynsey, Herbert Artliur, 12. Priory Grove, S. Kensington. SAV 
Labe}', Julius, Jersei/. 
Lace, Frederick, Para'gon, Bath. 
Lacey, Allan Eanisey, Siidenham, A'ataK 

Lacey, Bernard Warner, M.B. Durh., 196. Bnrrage-rd..Plumstend, 
Lacey, Hugh Kirbell, Torquay. 

Lacey, Thomas Warner, M.D. Durh., Woohcich Ccmmon, Kent 
Lacey, William Walter, Colvil le-mansions, Powis-sqiiare. vc. 
Lack, Harry Lambert. M.D. Lend., 48, Harley-street. ^v. 
Lacy, Alexander (yairdner, Sunuing Hill, Ascot. 
Ladell, Ernest William Julius, M.B. Lend., 54, Canonhury-rd. n. 
Ladell, Mordaunt Percy, 116, Si. John's-road. n. 
Laimbeer, Frederick James. 

Laing, Alfred AVllliam, 197, Upper Richmond-road,Putney. s.w. 
Lake, Richard, 60, I Jar ley -street. \\. 

Lakin, Cecil Lionel. M.B. Lend., S.E. Hosp., New Cross, s.e. 
Lakshmanan, Peter, N. 2, Carlton-mansions, Claphain-road. ^v. 
Lalcaca, Cawas, M.L). Brussels, Shanghai. Cliina. 
Lamb, Archibald Walter, 22, Mentone-road, Highbury Barn. >r. 
Lamb, George, Anlaby-i^oad, Hull. 
Lamb, Hugh. 

Lamb, Ralph, 51a, Podney-street., Liverpool. 
Lamb, William Henry, M.B. Lend., 23, Palace-ct., Bay.nvater. av. 
Lambe, Thomas, Secford, Sussex. 
Lambert, Ernest Charles, M.D. Brussels, 23, Fairjield-street, 

Wandsworth, s.w. 
Lambert, Francis Courtenay, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Tiambert, Frederick Samuel, Newland, Lincoln. 
Lambert, Hugh Llewellyn, 110, Castelnau, Barnes. s.AV. 
Lambert, John, M.D. Camb., 77, Buci-ing ham-road, Brighton. 
Lambert, Percy, 81, Queens-road, Finsbnry-park. n. 
Lambert, Thos. Wilson, M.B. Camb., Kamloops., British Columbia. 
Lambert, William Osborne, M.D. St. Andr., Ayclijfe, Darlington. 
Lamborn, Wm. Alfred Stedwelh Georgetown, British Guiana. 
Lammimam, Cleland, Tunbi'idge Wells. 
Lamplough, Charles, Gosport. 

Lamplough, Wharram Henry, M.D. Durh.. Alverstoke, Hants. 
Lancashire, Geoi'ge Herbert, M.D. Brussels, Withington , Manchester. 
Lancaster, Henry Francis. M.D. Brussels, 154, Westbourne- 

terrace. "'.v. 
Lander, Charles Llewellyn, M.B. Lond., Stoke, Devonport. 
Landon, Ernest Edward Bahnan, 271, Acton Vale. w. 
Landon, Thomas Hamlyn Whittington, Loskop, Kstcourt, Natal 
Lane, Clayton Arbuthnot, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Lane, Harry Angell, 03, New-road, Stepney, e. 
Lane, William Byam, Indian Medical Service. 
Lang, Arthur Joseph, Janscnville, Cape Colony, South Africa. 



1006 Lang', Basil Tliorne, 22, Cnvendiah-ftqunrc. w. 

1891 Lang-, Ernest Jackson, 1 (!, Old Bur linfj ton-street, "sv. 
187G Lang-, TIenry Charles, M.I). Brussels, Southend. 
1907 Lan^j;-, Percy, Mirjifld, Yorks. 

1905 Langdale, Ilarry iNIarmaduke. Coiintij Hospital, Brighton. 

1888 Langtlale, Heniy, M.D. Lond., Warrington. 

1897 Langdon, Henry Charles Theodore, 413, JTifjh-road, ChisuicL 

1889 L&Jiigc, Andve Ph'iWp, 11, Claverfnii-street. s.w. 

1897 Lang'e, Massillon Henri Joseph, 6, Upper Phi/limore-pkice. av. 
1893 Laugford, Charles Harris, M. H. Lond., Shepherd's hill, Highgate. N. 

1896 Lang-ford, Fredk. Charles, 48, s.e. 

1892 Lang-ford, Moi-ris Charles, Naval Medical Service. 

1898 Lang-ley, John Edward, 746, Ful ham-road. s.w. 
,, Lang-ley, John Inman, M.D. Brussels, Coventry. 

1888 Lang-ley, Kobert Jackson, Orange River Colony. 

1893 Langmore, Herbert Richard, M.B. Camb., Wallingford. 
1888 Lang-ridge, Frank Washington, Cleave House, Ilfracomhe. 
1871 Langridg-e, George Thomas. Royal Army Medical C^rps. 
1891 Langston, Thomas Alfred OUivant, Indian Medical Service. 

1897 Langworth}", Edward Southwood, Neasden. n.av. 
1893 Langworthy, William Southmead, Yealmpton, Flymoiitk. 

1890 Lankester, Arthur Colbourne, M.D. Lond., Fethawar, India, 

1897 Lankester, Cecil Prj^or, Guildford. 

1887 Lankester, Francis John, Belvoir-street, Leicester. 

1898 Lankester, Ralph Albert Rogers, M.D. Durli., 140, Toller-lam, 


1887 Lansdale, William, M.D. Durh., 44, Trinity-square, s.e. 

1891 Lansdown, Charles Ewbank, Berkeley-place, Cheltenham. 

1895 Lansdown, Gilbert Harry, Knapp Hill. Surrey. 

1890 Lansdown, Robert Guthrie Poole, M.D. Durh., Clifton, Bristol. 

1896 Lanyon, Edgar Temple, Gainsboro', Lincolnshire. 

„ Larbalestier,Wm. Robert, 1, Prtr^- Vieiv-terr., Wimbledon, s.w. 

1888 Larkam, Edward Thomas, M.D. Brussels, Whittaler-la.,Frestwich. 
1903 Larkin, Reginald, M.B. Lend., Craven House, Grove-pk., Kent. s.e. 

1905 Lascelles, John Eaton, Uclcfield, Sussex. 

1907 Lash, Henry Andrew, 4, Monnt-park-crescent, Ealing, w. 

1895 Laslett, Maurice Howard, Gillingham, Kent. 
1884 Laslett, Thomas George, Farntvorth, Bolton. 
1900 Last, Cecil Edward, Littlehampton. 

1898 Last, Thomas Clifford, New Milton, Hants. 

1896 Latchmore, Arthur Thomas. 55, Shaw-street, Liverpool. 
1903 Latham, Charles Hugh, M.B. Lond., Sawley, Derby. 

1897 Latham, Denj-er William Fellows, 2, Heming ford-road. N. 

1903 Latham, Godfrey Holland, Burton-road, Derby. 

1906 Latham, Thomas Jones, 2, Ihmingford-road, Barnsbury. N. 

1891 Lathbury, Arthur Edward Anthony, Eastbourne. 
1879 Lathbury, Charles John, Dunstable. 

1904 Lathbury, Ernest Browning, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1883 Lathern, John Simpson. M.D. McGill, T'oronto, Canada. 
1875 Lattey, Aithur, Woking. 

1873 Lattey, Walter, M.D. Durh., Reading. 








Laurence, Bertram Eustace, London-road, Croydon. 

Laureuce, George, Catford. s.e. 

Laurie, Caspar Robert, Redruth, Cornwall. 

Laver, Philip Guvon, Head-street, Colchester. 

Laverick, John Valentine, Hindenvell , Yorkshire. 

Lavers, Xorman. M.D. Brussels, Bath. 

Law. Joseph, IToUinwood, O/dham. 

Lawford, John Bowring, M.D. ^lcGi\\,9d, Hat^lei/street. "sv. 

Lawrence, Alan Arthur Tlinds, 16, Cranesivater- avenue, 

Southsea, Hants. 
Lawrence, Henry, Rondesbosch, Cape Colony, South Africa. 
Lawrence, Henr}' Cripps, M.D. Durh., Torquay, Devon. 
Lawrence, Henry Gwynue, M.B., Lond., 59, Green-street, 

G rosvenor-square. w. 
Lawrence, John, The Hospice, Crewe. 
LaAvrence, Sidney Cameron, M.B. Birm., Town Hall, Lower 

Edmonton. N. 
Lawrence, Stephen March, M.B. Loud., Black Rock, Brighton. 
Lawrence. Thomas George, Cape of Good Hope. 
Lawry, James Littleton, AF.B. Lend., Calstock, Cornwall, 
Lawry, Richard 'Joger, Penzance. 
Laws, Harold Lionel. Charlbury, Oxon. 
Lawson, Arnold, 12, Harley-street. w. 
Lavv'son, Douglas, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Lawson, Frank Howard, Steyning, Sussex. 
Lawson, Fred, .lames, M.B. Lond., G6, Bel grave-road. s.w. 
Lawson, Hugli, Chislehurst. 
Lawson, James Ward, 154, Camden-road. n. 
Lawson, Richard, 69, Balhani-hill. s.av. 
Lawton, Waltei- Chaplin, Cambridge. 
Layborn, William Kirkus. 

Laycock, Albert Penard, 10, Z-rajcos/^y-roacZ, West Norwood, s.e. 
Layng, Henry, Sivatow, China. 
Layton, Frank George., Walsall. 
Layton, Thomas Bramley, M.B. Lond., Gu7/s Hospital. s.e. 
Lea, Arnold Wm. ^^^arrington, M.D. Lond., Manchester. 
Lea, Julian Augustus, Grahamstoivn, Cape of Good Hope 
Leacii, Edgai', 61, Wellington-road, Eccles. 
Leach, Harold, Ovendon, Halifax. 
Leach, Herbert, Lomagvndi, Rhodesia. 
Leach, Richard Ernest Howell, Bungay, Suffolk. 
Leader, Harold, M.B. Lond., Sheffield. 

Leaf, Cecil ILmtiugtou, Camb., 75, Wimpole-strect. ^v. 
Leah, Thomas iS'oy, M.B. Lond., Stonehouse, Plymouth. 
Leak, Hector, Winsjord, Cheshire. 

Leake, George Dalton Nugent, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Leake, Jonas William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Leaning, Robert Craske, M.B. Lond., Gunnersbury. w. 
Leapingwell, Arthur Edward, i?^/^/e^'5-/^^7/,6'/^(?ofZ/e,^S'^o^•e-l/?^-7re/^^ 
Leatham, Alfred Newman, Gwydor Cottage, Beckenham, Kent. 
Leathart, Percival Wilson, M.B. Camb., Upper Norwood. 


Leatlies, Hill Mnssenden, Thirlmere^ Godalming. 

Leathes, John Beresford. 89, Albert Brklge-voad. s.w. 

Le Bas, Dainares(i, 40. St. Mani's-mansions, Paddington. w 

Lebon, Camille, M.D. Strasb., Saargeinnnd, Alsace-Lorraine. 

Le Brocq, Charles Noble, M.B. Camb., Jerseij. 

Leckie, Malcolm, Guii\^ Hospital, s.e. 

Leclezio, Georg-e .Joseph Alexis, Molca, Mauritius. 

Leclezio, Giistave Ei-iiest, G9, Albert-street, x.av. 

Le Croiiier, Ilardwick, .Terseg. 

Le Cronier, Maxwell, Jersey. 

Ledger, Alfred Vernon, Chelston, Torquay. 

Ledward, llug-h Davenport, M.B. Camb.. Letchivnrth, Hitchin. 

Lee, Charles Georcre, 11. Prince s-avenue, Liverpool. 

Lee, Crichton Stirling-, King Edward VII Sanatorium., Midhurst. 

Lee, Frederick William, Storrinqtan, Pullborough.^ Sussex. 

Lee, Robert Ilammersley, M.B. Lond., 7G, Kenninghall-road, 
Lower Clapton, n.e. 

Lee, Ronald Outram, M.B. Camb., ITaddenham, Thame. 

Lee, Sidney Herbert, M.B. Camb., Teddington. 

Lee, William Edward, M.D. Lond., Musw ell Hill-road. n. 

Lee, William Emerson, Cavendish-crescent South, Nottingham. 

Lee, Wm. Herbert, The Crimps. Ellesmere. Salop. 

Lee, William Howe, Pilsleg, ChesterJieU. 

Lee, William John. * 

Leech, Frederick Samuel, Oxford-terrace., Gateshead. 

Leeder, Forrest Bertram, Parkstone, Dorset. 
*Leedham-Green. Charles Albert, M.B. Birm., Birminghapu 

Leeming-, Arnold, M.B. Lond., Sudburg, Suffolk. 

Leemiug-, Arthur Norman, M.B. Lond., 74, Brodrick-road, Upper 
Tooling. s.AV. 

Leeming-, John. 3541, Indiana- avenue, Chicago. 

Lees, Charles Archibald, 39, Lavington-road. Ealing, ^y. 

Lees, Charlie, 29, Church-road, Tnnhridge Wells. 

Lees, Frederic Arnold, .^feanwood. Leeds. 

Lees, Harold Cruickshank, M.B. Lond., Bel grave-road, Darwen. 

Lees, Kenneth Arthui-, 22, Wn/mouth-street. ^v. 

Leeson, Harold Howard, CoJlinghom. House, Cromwell-road. s.^v. 

Le Feuvre, William Philip, Box 150, Bulawago, Rhodesia. 

Le Fevre, John Speechly, 208, Bou:-common-lane. e. 

Le Fleming, Ernest Kaye Windwrne. 

Leg'assick. William Kingdon, Plgmpton. 
fLe Geyt, Daniel Edward, St. Hcliers, Jersey. 

fjegg, Cyrus, Upper Tooting, s.w. 

Leg-g-, Thomas Percy, 141, Harleij-street. av. 

Leg-g-e, Sydney Colen, Worcester. 

Legh, Harry Legh de, M.D. Dnrli., Coatham, Redcar. 

Le Grand de la Liraye, Louis ALarc, Paris. 

Lehmani), Julius Eduard, M.B. Toronto, Winnipeg, Canada. 

Leicester, Wm. Samuel, Thompson-road. Singapore. 

Formerly Green, Charles Albert. t Formerly Le Geytj Edward. 



1893 Leig-b, Albert, Malpas^ Cheshire. 

1864 Leigh, Thomas, 68, Grand Parade^ Brighton. 

1907 Leig-h, Wm. Hamer, Westhow/hton, Bolton. 

„ Leipcildt, Christian Prederin Louis, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1895 Lelean, Percy Samuel, Rmjnl Arniy Medical Corps. 

1888 Lemau, Thomas Curtis, Chipping-Sodbury, Gloucester. 

1892 Lemarchaud, Arthur Wharton, Barnstaple. 

1889 Lemon, Edward Henry, 96, Burnt Ash-road, Lee. s.e. 

1902 Lenuane, Alfred James xVndrew, 11, Park-court, Clapham. s.w. 

1895 Leon, Georg-e Alexander, M.D. Brussels, Torquay. 
„ Leon, John Temple, M.D. Lond., Southsea. 

1902 Leonard, Napoleon, M.D. Brussels, PostRestante, G.P.O., Welling- 
ton, New Zealand. 

1894 Leonard, Robert Cecil, M.D. Durh., 134, Coronation-ixl., Bristol. 
1899 Leonard, William Hugh, Indian Medical Service. 

1890 Le Quesne, Claude Philip, Lawn-road, Southampton. 
1877 Le Quesne, Edwin Joseph, rrzrt^r. 

1885 Le Quesne, Ferdiiiand Simeon, V.C, Royal Army Medical Corps, 

1889 Le Riche, Philip -John, Marine-parade, Worthing. 

1895 Lermitte, Edward Augustus, Church Green, Redditch. 
1867 Le Rossignol, Augustiu. M.D. Aberd., Jersey. 

1898 Leslie, Lewis Francis, Evesham. 

1907 Lessel, John Frederick, M.D. Dalhousie, Halifax, Nova Scotia, 


1883 Lessey, Sandford Scobell, M.D. Durh., Hyihe. Hampshire. 

1904 Lester, Gsorge Mackenzie Lester, Christchurch , New Zealand. 

1893 Lesur, Marie Paul Ainie. 

1898 Letchworth, Thomas Wilfrid, M.B. Camb., Bournemouth. 

1901 Lett, Hugh, M.B. Vict., 48, Queen Anne-street, w. 
1904 Leverton-Spry, Edward, St. Keverne, Helston. 

1890 Levick, George David Baker, Pinner. 

1896 Levick, Geo. Kenny, M.B. Loud., Gable House, Havant. 

1902 Levick, George Murray, Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Levick, Harry Driffield, M.B. Lond., South field-rd., Middlesbro\ 
1898 Levison, Hugo Adolf, 44, West 3f)fh-street, New York. 

1902 Levy, Aaron, M.D. McGill, 67, Wimjioh-street. AV. 

1895 Levy, Oscar Ludwig, Talbot Mansions, Bloomsbury. w.c. 

1892 Lewarne, Frank, CricMade. 

1902 Lewellyu, John Woodruff, Kingswood, Bristol. 

1889 Lewers, Alexander, 12, Chichester-road, Westbourne-park. Av. 

1901 Lewin, George, M.B. Lond., 1, Haling Park-road, Croydon. 

,, Lewis, Arthur Cedric, Rochford, Essex. 

2899 Lewis, Arthur Daniel, 189, High-street, Stoke Newington. n. 

1887 Lewis, Benjamin Adams, Mydrim, St. Clear s. 

1888 Lewis, Benjamin Morgan, Pontypridd. 

1897 Lewis, Cecil Ernest Miliijigton, M.D. Camb., Bickley.^ Kent. 
1888 Lewis, Charles Harvey, Southampton. 

1887 Lewis, Charles Mortime/., Hindhead, Haslemere, Surrey. 

1879 Lewis, Chi-istopher John, M.D.Brux., 72, Newhall-st., Birmingham. 

1897 Lewis, Colton Taylor, Luton. 

1906 Lewis, David Thomas, Cartraf, Ponty-y-Pridd. 



Lewis, Ernest Edward, 30, IVei/iunuth-ftreet. w, 

Lewis, Ernest Wool, 15, Queen-street. Jlamniei-smith. w. 

Lewis, Frank Charles, M.U. Lond., 2:j, J'arL-ltill, Ealiufj. w. 

Lewis, Frederick, Ifenjield. 

Lewis, Frederick William, Smith FanihoroiujlL. Farnhorongh. 

Lewis, Georo-e Williams, Fir Hill Lodge, Lower Sydenham, s. E. 

Lewis, Gwilyni, Old CharUon, Kent. 

Lewis, Ileniy Williams, St. David's, Pembroke. 

Lewis, Herbert Wolsele3% M.D. Brussels, Kent County Asylum^ 

Barmiucj llenih,, ]\f<ndstone. 
Lewis, John, M.B. Loud., Cardiff 

Lewis, Lewis, M.D. Durh., 153, Selhurst-road, S. Norwood, s.e. 
Lewis, Llewelyn, M.D. Dnrh., London-raad, Neath. 
Lewis. Jtobert Robinson, Uoyal Army Medical Corps. 
Lewis, Rowland Philip, Laugharnc, St. Clears. 
Lewis, Wm. Collins, Denhigh. 
Lewis, William Edward Vanghan, Worcei'ttr. 
Lewis, Wm. Henry Phillips, <S, Glnncester-st.., Belgrave-rd, s.w. 
Lewitt, Frederick William, M.D. Dnrh., Sutton-on-Sea. 
Lewthwaite, Alfred. M.B. Lond,, Thirlmere, New South Wales. 
*Lewys-Lloyd, Evan, 9, High-street, I'owyn, Merionethshire. 
Ley, Bernard, G, Longridge lid., EarVs Court, s.w. 
Ley, George, Naval Medical Service. 
Ley, Gordon, Duncroft, f'lxiuauth, iJeron. 
Ley, Richard Leonard, Nelson-road, Great Yarmouth. 
Leydeu, Charles Dominic, 284, JJ rod: ley- road. s.e. 
Leyshon, Thomas St. Leger, Southampton. 
Libby. Harold Samuel, Falmouth. 
Lichfield, James William, L<yton. n.e. 
Lidderdale, Francis John, M.D. (3ainb., 4, London-street^ 

Liebstein, David William. Preston, Brighton. 
Liesching, Charles Edward, Tiveriou, Devon. 
Ligertwood, Walter Hood, Somerset Couuty Asylum, Wells. 
Light, Edwin Mellor, M.D. Camb., 4, Wilton-street, s.w. 
Light, Leonard William, Sonfhminster, Essex. 
Lightbody, John Henry, M.D. Vict., Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex. 
Lightfoor, John Henrj-, Naval Medical Service. 
Lilley, Ernest Lewis, M.B. Lond., Leicester. 
Lillie, Cecil Firmin, M.D Camb., San Remo, Italy. 
Lillie, Charles O.uilvie. 5, Kensington Park-road, Notting Hill. w. 
Lilly, Alfred Thomas Irvine, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Lincoln, Charles Hope Septimus, Lidiuit Medical Service. 
Lindop, Llewellyn, Naval Medical Service. 
Lindsay, Alexander Wm. Crawford, Bankside, Jlendon. w. 
Lindsay, Edwin Algernon, G, Lower PorcUster-street, Connaught- 

street. w. 
Lindsay, William Baltimore. 
Lindsey, Colin Dunrod, M.D. Lond., Mannaniead, Plymouth. 

* Formei'ly Lloyd, J'>an. 








Lindsey, Edward Vaug-hau, M.B. Lond., Eepton^ Burton-on-Trent. 

Liudsey, Eric Craig'ie, Blandforcl, Mannamead, Pli/mouth. 

Liniug'toii, William West, Folkestone. 

Liunell, Robert McOheyue, Great Barford, St. Neots. 

Liuney, William Wycklit'fe, Haiukes Bay, New Zealand. 

Lipscomb, Edgar Richard Senhouse, Starcross^ Exeter. 

Lipscomb, Eustace Henry, M.B. Camb., St. Albans. 

Lissaman, Thomas, 128, .SY. George' s-road, Bolton. 

Lister, Alfred Ernest John, M.B. Lend., Indian Medical Service. 

Lister, Frederick Spencer, Noru-ell, Newark. 

Lister, Herbert Shaw, M.B. Vict.. Fever Hospital, Plaistow. p:. 

Lister, Septimus Rayner, Kings Lynn. 

Lister, Walter, Meanwood. Leeds. 

Lister, William Tindall, M.B. Camb., 24, Devonshire-place. ^Y. 

Liston, Walter Lawrence, M.D Brussels, Tewkesbury. 

Litchfield, Henry Robert Campbell, 6 1,^4 jTrt^o't-roarf, Twickenham. 

Litchlield, Percy Collins, The Haven, Purley, Surrey. 

Lithg-ow, Ernest George Robert, Royal Army iVedical Corps. 

Lithgow, Thomas Georg-e, Farnborough, Hants. 

Litteljohn, Arthur Rieussett, Cuckoo House, Hanwell. w. 

Litteljohn, Edward Salterne, Cuckoo House, Hanwell. w. 

Litteljohn, Saltern George, M.B. Ediub., District Schools, 

Hamvell. av. 
Little, Arthur Edwin, Roundhay-terrace, Leeds. 
Little, Ernest Muirhead, 5, Duchess-street, Portland-place, w. 
Little. Harold Norman, Normanhurst, Strood, Kent. 
Little, John \Vishart, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Little, Joseph Pearson, Old Vicarage, Maryport. 
Littlehales, Arthur Gascoyne, Ampfield, Hants. 
Littlejohn, Thomas Plested, West Worthing. 
Littlejohns, Archibald Smith, 6, Behnont-villas, Stoke, Devonport. 
Littler, Robert Meredith, Southport. 
Littlewood, Harry, 25, Park-square, Leeds. 
Littlewood, John Oscroft, Mansfield. 

Livermore, William Leppiiig'well, 52, Stapleton Hall-road. n. 
Liversidge, William, M.D. Lond., Skipton. 
Liv'ock, William Slierwood, Brighton. 

Livsey, William Edward, M.D. Vict,, 78, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 
Llewellyn, David William Henry, Soutliborough, Tunhridge Wells. 
Llewellyn, Rees Ralph, 108, Stamford-hill. x. 
Llewellyn, Thomas Lister, M.D. Lond., Bargoed, Glamorgan. 
Llewellyn, Thomas Richard, Pemjgraig, Pontypridd. 
Llewelyn, Llewelyn, Mountain Ash. 

Lloyd, Bertram Arthur, 25, Ilallewell-rd, Edgebaston,Birmingham. 
Lloyd, Brinley Richard, M.B. Lend., Merthyr Tydfil. 
Lloyd, David George, Mount House, New Castle, Emlyn, 

Lloyd, Edmund Eyre, Leytonstone. k.e. 
Lloyd, Francis Seymour, M.D. Lond., Luton. 
Lloyd, Frederick George, 27, Russell-road, Kensington, w. 
Lloyd, George William, M.B. Lond., Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent. 


Lloj'd, John. 

Lloyd, John Allden, M.B. Lond., ITaitinfj Spnn't, Natal. 

Ijh)yd. John Daniel Stnart, CJiirk., Dnithhjhfiliirr.. 

Lloyd, John Ross, o2, PaUtce-rond, Slreatham Hill. s.w. 

Lloyd, John Tryweryn, M.H. Lond., 4;j, UUet-roady Liverpool. 

Lloyd, John AVesley, 1a, Rodney/street, TAvcrpool. 

LLoyd, Langford Newman, D.S.O.. Royal Aimy Medical Cor/i.s. 

Lloyd, Lewis Jones, Slra/ian, Tasmania. 

Lloyd, Morf»'an, M.D. Dnrh., Lianarthney^ Carinavthen. 

Lloyd, Nathaniel Helling's, Tiverto?i. 

Lh^yd, Perceval Allen, Ilavcrfordwest. 

Lloyd, Richard Ernest. Royal A rmy Medical Corps. 

Lloyd. Richard Hurte, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Lloyd, Robert, 3, Cobnor-road, Wvodseat.% Sheffield. 

Lloyd, Robert Archer, M.B. Lond., 3, Elder-av.^ Crouch-end. x. 

Lloyd, Thomas Edward, ]Vood.^tock, Aherr/avenvy. 

Lloyd, Walter Everard, Bank I/onse. L/.andilo, Carm. 

Lloyd, Wm. Frederick, M.Il Camb.. Alma-road, Windsor. 

Lloyd- Jones, Pei'cy Arnold, M.B. Camb., 8, Manor-place 

Paddinriton. ^v. 
Lobb, Eflward Leslie Martyn, M.B. Ijond., 11, South Norwood 

J nil. S.K. 
Lobb, Francis Frederick, Naval Medical Service. 
Lobb, Hubert Poche, Neir Milton, Jlampshire. 
Lock, Geoi'ge Ha3'lett, 4.')G, Uxbridge-road. w. 
Lock, John Lewis, M.B. Camb., 14, St. Andrew's, Uxbridgp. 
Lock, Lyonel John, Enfield Lock. 

Lock, Percy Gonville, 6, Cromwdl-rnad, Hove, Brighton. 
Lockett, George Vernon, M.B. Edinb., Kingston, Jamaica. 
Locking, Benjamin, Nelson, New Zealand. 
Lockwood, John Parker, Faringdon. 
Lockyer, Conrad William, Birchington., Kent. 
Lockyer, Gerard Edward, Amesbury, Salisbury. 
Loddiges, Conrad, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, Rochester. 
Lodwidge, William Charrott, Langport, Somerset. 
London, John Edward, M.D. Durh., George Town, British Guiana. 
Long, Edward Charles, Maseru, British Basutoland. 
Long, Frederick, Norwich. 
Lcng, Herbert Birch, Bicester. 
Long, James Ernest, M.D. Brussels. Bath. 
Long, John Reginald, 1, Priory-road, Dover. 
Long, Thomas Fi'eeman, Ivy House, Chesham. Bucks. 
Long, William Christopher, Indian Medical Service. 
Loiighurst, Bell Wilmot, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Longhnrst, Ernest Archibald, 28, Old Burlington-street. "W. 
Longhurst, Frederic William, 26, Lower Belgrave-street. s.w. 
Longhurst, Percy Augustus, 28. Old liurlington-street w. 
Longinotto, Michael Joseph, 10, Russell-square, w.c 
Longley, John Augustus Noel, M.B. Birm., Bristol. 
Longton, George Harold, 30, Wdbeck-street. w. 
Lonnon, Frederick, 77, Denmark-hill. s.e. 



1892 Loos, William Christopher. 

1902 Looseley. Alfred Edward Arthur, M.B. Oxf., 68, IVood-lane. ^y. 

1907 Loosely, Charles James, 68, Wood-lane, W. 

1897 Lord, Cyril Coiirtenay, New Brompton, Chatham. 

1893 Lord, Samuel Thomas, Castleton, Manchesto-. 

1889 Lord, William Henry, JVeio Noi-th-road, Huddersjield. 

1900 Lord, William James, Farinfidon. 

1884 Loring-, Jonathan Bi'own, M.D. Montreal, Montreal. 

1887 j Lotz. Henry John, Fremantle, West Australia. 

1895 j Loud, Frank, Albion House, Lewes. 

1908 I Loudon, Julian Derwent, M.B. Toronto, 83, St. Georc/e's-street^ 
I Toronto. 

1906 I Loug-hborough, Albert Lawrence, 45, Holland Park-avenue, ^y. 
1905 Loughborough, Walter Gerald, Brijn, Derwen, Dorking. 

1908 Loughlin, Dermot, 16, Merton Hall Road, Wimbledon. 

1904 Louisson, Maurice George. M.B. Loud., Christchurch, iV. Zealand. 

1890 Lourensz, Charles Ball. 

1907 Louwrens, James Johnson, FicLsburg, Orange River Colony. 
1902 Love, Herbert, M.B. Lend., 34, Connaught-road, Stroud Green, x. 

1905 Loveday, Francis John, 13, Rot/al-avenue, Chelsea, s.w. 

1902 Loveday, George Edward, 14. St. John-st?-eet, Manchester. 
1892 Loveday, AVm. Dunmore, Beckett House, Wantage. 

1898 Lovegrove, Frederic Thomas Alexander, M.B. Vict., Marina, 

Blundellsands, nr. Liverpool. 

1871 Lovell. F'rancis Otley, 3J, Avenue House, St. John's Wood. n.w. 

1879 Lovell, Robert Haynes, 3a, Hans-crescent, s.w. 

1907 Lovell, William, (i2, Hohndalc-rond. W. Hampstead. 

1901 Lovell-Keays, Lionel Francis, East Hoatldg, Sussex. 
1897 Lovitt, Arnold Edward, Tientsin, North China. 

1903 Low, Allan Douglas. Bridgend, Glam. 

1884 Low, Charles William, M.B. Durh., Stowmarket. 

1902 Low, George Harvey, J'owis Lodge, Vicarage Park, Plumstead. 

1890 Low, Harold, ^LB.Cumb., 10, Evel//n-gardens,S. Kensington, s.w. 

1903 Low, Neh?on, Roijal Armg Medical Corps. 
190G Low, Eobert Bruce, Kuching, Sarawak, Borneo. 

1891 LoAY, Vincent Wavreii, M.D. Loud., 146, Harley-'<treet. w. 
1878 Lowdell, Charles George Walton, hxdian Medical Service. 
1907 Lowe, Fiederiek Boulton, 43, Thurhao Park-road. s.e. 

1894 Lowe, Godfrey John Ralph, St. Catherine's, Lincoln, 

1896 Lowe, Henr^', Tycroes, Anglesey. 
1894 Lowe, Lockhart, Clent, Stourbridge. 

1905 Lowe, Otto William Axel, 38, Westbourne-road, Birkdale. 

1870 Lowe, Walter George, M.D. Lond., Burton-on-Trent. 

1901 Lowenthal, Louis Laurence, M.D.Chicago, l,Highbur)j New-pk. n. 
Lower, Nynian Yec, St. David's, Presteign. 

1897 Lowman, Wm. Henville, M.B. Lond., Coventry. 
1900 Lowr}^, Ernest Ward, 53, Keiv Bridge-road. w. 

1907 Lowry, Wm. Herbert, M.D. Toronto, College-street, Brentford, 

1905 Tot onto. 

1890 Lowsley, Lionel Dewe, Uganda, East Africa. 

189G Lowsley, Montagu Marmion, Royal Army Medical Corps. 


1887 I Loxtoii, William Arthur, M.H. Birm.,85, Cornu-all-st., Birmingham. 

1804 Loy, Martin \\'illiain. New JJrompion, Knit. 

1887 Luard, Ilu^-h Bixb}', M.B. Canib., Osmotherhj, Northallerton. 
„ Lubbock, Edg-ar Ashley, G30, Fnlham-rowl. s.w. 

189fi Lubeck, Wilfred Joseph, /rt/ar/)e/, /«(Zm. 

1888 I Lucas, Albert, 9, Ea.'^ij-rotv, Birminf/ham. 

1890 Lucas, Aithur, Stanlc>/-place, Bnri/, Lancashire. 

1894 ! Lucas, Claude Robinson, Broadicai/ House, Tooting, s.av. 

1897 Lucas, George Humphrey, Wisbech. 

„ Lucas, Joseph John Scammell, M.D. Lond.. WelCs-road, Bristol. 

1868 Lucas, Richard Clement, M.B. Lond., .oO, Wimpole-street. w. 

1898 Lucas, Stanley Arthur. Nelson, New Zealand. 
1903 Lucas, Travis Clay, Huntingdon. 

1893 Luce, Richard Harman, M.B. Canib., Derby. 

1908 Luciani, Julius Cjesar, M.D. Venez., Caracas, Venezuela, South 

1891 Lucy, Sidney Herbert, Sungei Ujong, Malay States. 

1889 Lukmani, Budrudiu Abdulkarim, Bombay. 

1896 Lulham, Edwin Percy Habberton. Ditchling, Sussex. 
,, Lumb, Edward John, 881, Leeds-road, Bradford. 

1907 Lumb, Thomas Fletcher, Boyal Army Medical (^orps. 

1 887 Lumley, Charles Armstrons^, Idutuwa, Transkei, Cape Colony. 

1892 Lumley, Frederick Davidson, Naval Medical Service. 

1902 Lund, John Knowles, Stretford, Manchester. 

1892 Lunn, Cyril Reginald, M.B. Birm., 0/ton, Birmingham. 

1 879 Lunn. John Reuben, Marykbone Infirmary, Ladbroke Grove-rd. w. 

1890 Lumi, Percy Trenavin, Alverstoke, Gosport. 
1874 Luptou, Harry, Stratford-on-Avon. 

1903 Luxmoore, Evelyn John Hansler, Royal Army Medical Corp?. 
1871 Lycett, John Allan, M.D. St. .Andr.. Wolverhampton. 

1895 Lydall, Wykeham Tracy, City-road., Birmingham. 
1886 Lyle, Charles Conway Vacy, Amersfoort, Transvaal. 

1893 Lyle, Herbert Willoughby, M.D. Lond., 39, Hertford-street, w. 
1863 Lyle, Thomas, M.D. Aberd., 18, Castellain-road, Maida Vale. w. 

1908 Lynch, Arthur Alfred, 40, Rue de Luxembourg, Paris. 
1885 Lynch. George William Augustus, ]\LB. Camb., Suva, Fiji. 
1866 Lym;h, Jordan Roche, 160, Holland Park-avenue, w. 

1897 Lynch, Stephen Frederick, Hexhoim, Plymouth. 

1901 i Lynch, William Warren, Knowlton, Quebec, Canada. 
1908 I Lyon, Edwin James, 10, Torrington-square. "W.c. 
1890 Lys, George, Bere Regis, Wareham. 

1902 Lyth, Charles Ernest Wheatley, M.B. Lond., N. South Wales. 
„ Lyth, Haiold Ashton, M.B. Lond., Mutley, Plymouth. 

1903 Maberly, Ernest,, Everslei/, Winchfield. 

1888 Maberly, John, Woodstock, Cape Colony. 

1905 j Macalister, George Hugh Kidd, M.B. Camb., Torrisdale, Cambridge 

1896 McAdam, Kenneth, New Zealand. 

1904 McAlhim, John Henry, Jfilford-on-Sea, Hants. 
1007 Macalpine, James Barlow, Broad Oak, Accrington. 
1892 ' McAnally, Archibald Acheson, Eastry, Dover. 

1897 McAnally, Edward Arthur, Neiuington, Kenf. 


Macann, Arthur Charles Joseph, 26, Stanley-gardens, Belnze 
Park. N.AV. 

McArthur, Arthur Xorman, Melhou7'ne, Victoria, Australia. 

McArthur, Duncan Campbell. 

McArthur, John. Manor-road, East Molesey. 

McAsli, John, ^[.B. Toronto, Clinton, Ontario, Canada. 

McBane, Dugald, M.R Toronto, 68, Goicer-street, av.c. 

MacCallari, Arthur Ferguson, M.B. Camb., Royal London 
Ophthalmic Hospital, City-road. E.G. 

McCandlish, Alexander Henry, 14, Avenue-rd.,Forest-r)ate. s.e. 

McCardie, William Joseph, 89, Cornicall-street, Bimnngham. 

MacCarthy, Ibar Ansbert Ovoa, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

McCarthy, Thomas, Sherborne. 

McCaskie, Harry Bertram, 12, Sydney-place, Onslow-square. s.av. 

McCaskie, Norman James, M.D. Camb., 12, Sydney-place, Onslow- 
square. s."\r. 

Macaulay, Wm. Cameron, M.B. Lond., Heme Hill. s.e. 

McCausland, Albert Stanley, M.B. Brussels, Swanage. 

McCaw, Alexander Todd, 33, Handsworth-avemie, Hale End, Essex. 

McClean, Edward Henry, Barbados. 

McClean, John Francis, British Hospital, Constantinople. 

McCleland, Hug-h Augustus, New Plymow, Neiv Zealand. 

McClintock, Joseph Andrew, M.D. Trin. Coll., Toronto, 

McClure, Charles Thomas, Retford. 

McClure, James, Cheyne-gard^ns, Chelsea, s.w. 

McClure, Walter St. Clair, Brierley Hill, Stafordshire. 

McColhnn, John Alexander, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

McComb, James Adrian. Millwall. e. 

McCombe, John, M.D. McGill, Quebec, Canada. 

McCone, James Francis, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 

McConnell, James, 2.">, Percy-gardens, Tyncmouth. 

McConochie, Samuel Watson, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

McCord, James Bennett, M.D. Chicago, Amanzimtoti, Adams, 
South Africa. 

McCorraack, Charles Vincent, Booth, Liverpool. 

McCowen, William Thomas, 73, Talbot-road, Bayswater. ^y. 

McCoy, Samuel Harvey, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

McCoy, William John, 48, 6'^. Phillip' s-road, Dalston. n.e. 

McCrea, Benjamin Henry, 58, Cawley-road, South Hackney, n.e. 

McCuUoch, Robert John Percival, M.B. Toronto, BelleciUe, 
Ontario, Canada. 

McCuUough, Hugh Allan, Georgetown, Ontario, Canada. 

McDonagh, James Eustace Radclyffe. Wien IX, Hofergassc. 

McDonagh, George Raymond, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Macdonald, Arthur Harkness. Singapore. 

McDonald, Charles Eric Wells, King^s College Hospital. "\a.c. 

MacDonald, Charles John, Skeabost, Isle of Sky e. 

McDonald, Edgar John Cecil, Indian Medical Serrice. 

Macdonald, John George, 86, Forth-street, Dunedin, N, Zealand, 

Macdonald, John Nonuan, 22, Belsize Park-gardens, x.w. 










1 904 

Macdonald. Keitli Norman, M.D. St. Andr., Edivburf/Ii. 
MacDonald, Sydney Gray, Camb., ,St. 'ritomas.s Hospital, s.e. 
Macdonald, William Chisholm, Edinb., Indwe, Cape Colony, 

South Africa. 
McDonald, Wm. Maclaclilan, Ph/mouth, W. Indies. 
McDonnell, William Campbell, Park Houses Stoke Neii'ington. N. 
McDouall, Herbert Crichton, Gladesville, New South Wales. 
McDonall, John Crichton Stuart, National Bank, 15, Moorgate- 

street. ic.c. 
McDougal, Ernest Duncan, 60, Park-street, Grosvenor-sq. w. 
McDougall, Alan, M.D. Vict., 6, Aytoun-street, Manchester. 
McDougall, Alexander Henry, Moss-lane, East Manchester. 
McDougall, John T^'ley Montg-omerj'. Southampton. 
MacDowall, Wm. MacDowall,31. Crouch-hall-road, Crouch-end. N. 
McDowall, Colin Francis Fredk., M.D. Durh., City Asylum, 

McDowell, Samuel Edgar Creighton, Noricay, Michigan, U.S.A. 
McEnery, William Augustine, M.B. Lond.,27, J'egent-sti-cet. s.w. 
McEvecly, Patrick Francis, M.B. Loud., Guy's Hospital, s.e. 
Macevoj', Henry John, M.D. Lond., ^\,Buckley-rd., Kilburn. n.w. 
McEwen, Owen Reginald, 9, Montrose-ferrace,Mntley, Plymouth. 
Macfad^^en, Norman, M.B. Lond., The Croft, Letchicorth, Hitchin. 
McFarlane, Alexander Rastrick, 27, 3Iilner-street. s.w. 
McGavin, Donald Johnstone, M.B. Lond., Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
McGavin, Lawrie Hugh, 6, Mansfield-street, w. 
MacGill, Donald Grey, Small Bridge, Rochdale. 
McGillivray, Donald, M.D. Toronto, 42, Carlton-street, Toronto. 
Macgowan, Alexander, Thorburu, M.D. St. Andr. 
MacGi"ath, Edmund John, 72, Central-hill, Upper Norwood, s.e. 
McGieer, Charles Grange, M.D. Edinb., 7, Douglas-block, 

Winniiieg, Canada. 
MacGregor, Arthur Robert, 69, Central Hill, Upp. Norwood, s.e. 

McGregor, George, Naval Medical Service. 

Macgregor, Joseph Johnston, M.D. Lend., 69, Splott-rd., Cardiff. 

INlachin, Frank Smith, Hereford. 

ISb.'Tlroy, James Archibald, Grove-avenue, Moseley, Birmingham. 

Mcllroy, John Black, Bahnain, New South Wales. 

M'llroy, John Morrison, The Priory, Boehanrpton. s.w. 

Macllwaine, Sidney Wilson, Bromley, Kent. 

Macintosh, Archibald Malcolm, Pietermaritzburg, Natal. 

Mclntyre, Ernest, Mitcham, Surrey. 

Mack, Cyril Gordon, M.B. Lond., 26, St. PauVs-rd., Canonbury. N. 

Mack, Hans Hamilton, 243, Ronan-road, Boiv. E. 

McKague, William Henry, Coburg, Ontario, Canada. 

Mackay, Duncan Matheson, M.D. Edinb., Hull. 

Mackay, Ernest Charles, M.D. Lond., St. Leonard's. 

Mackay, James Jerome, 112, Stockwell Park-road. s.w. 

McKay, John Gilbert, 8, Malvent-road, Melbourne, Australia. 

Mackay, Percy Barnard, Hall Gate, Doncaster. 

McKay, Robert, 11, Queen Anne-street, w. 

McKean, George Bartley, Ledbury. 


1902 j McKee, Joseph Fennell, -^21, North Delaware-street, Indiampolis, 
1 Indiana, fl.S.A. 

1907 j McKeuty, Francis Edmund, M.D. McGill, Winnipeg, Canada. 

1895 I Mackenzie, Alexander, M.B. Cauib., North-street, Leeds. 

1903 I Mackenzie, Colin, 29, Chester-terrace, Regent's Park. n.av. 
1868 I Mackenzie. Georg-e Welland, 13, William-st., Lowndes-sq. s.w. 
1892 j Mackenzie, Kenneth Morell, 00. Grand-parade, Brighton. 

1872 1 Mackenzie, Lewis, Tiverton. 

1907 Mackenzie, Louis Hope Lovat, Glenoran, Beauly, N.B. 

1904 Mackenzie, Stephen Morton, Uamb., 3, Bose-hill, Dorking, 


1903 Mackenzie, Stuart Donald, M.D. McGill, Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. 
1877 Mackern, John, M.D. Camb., Shooters Hill-road, Blackheath. s.e. 

1908 Mckerrow, Charles Kenneth, 14, Great Ormond-street. w.c. 
1892 Mackeson, Gu}', 15, King William-stj-eet. e.c. 

1907 i Mackey, Leonard George Joseph, M.B. Birm., 155, Hagley-rd., 

1897 Mackie, Frederic Percival, Compton-Greenfield, near Bristol. 

„ McKie, Gordon McKenzie, 72, Union-road, Rotherhithe. s.e. 

1885 McKillop, Alexander, M.D. Toronto, Button, Ontario, Canada. 

1873 Mackinlay, James Egan Harrison, Coathar.i, Redcar. 
1902 i McKiune}^, Hngh Giffeu, Northern Nigeria. 

1892 McKinuon, Archibald Andrew, Berhice, British Guiana, 

1863 Mackintosh, Hugh Richd. Duncan, M.D. Erlan, Onslow-gdns. s.w. 

1895 Mackintosh, John Stewart, Platfs-lane, Hampstead. k.w. 
1891 ]\[acknish, James William. 

1899 McLachlan. Arthur Ronald, Cape Town, S. Africa. 

1904 McLaren, George Hagarty, Hamilton, Canada. 
1901 Maclaren, Norman, 23, Portland-square, Carlisle. 

1906 MncLean, Charles Murraj^, M.D. McGill, New Brunswick., Canada. 
„ Maclean, Ivan Clarkson, M.B. Lond., Beckenham, Kent. 
„ j Maclean, Neil John, M.D. Manitoba, 323, Flora- avenue, 
' Winyiipeg. Manitoba. 

1887 ! MacLeau, William Walter Laroche, Board of Trade Offices, 
1 Queenstoirn. 

1904 I McLeay, Charles Wm.,M.D.W est. Univ., Canada, London, Canada. 
1906 McLellan, Wilbert Ernest, M.B. Toronto, 13th St., Neiu York. 

1896 Maclennan, Duncan Neil, 126, Bloor-st., Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

1891 MacLeod, Chas. Edward Alex., 70b, Ladbroke-grove. w. 
,, MacLeod, Evan Cameron, Lidian Medical Service. 

1889 MacLeod, Harold Hay Brodie, Shrewsbury. 

1901 MacLeod, James Alexander, 2, Vernon-pluce. w.c. 

1898 MacLeod, Roderick Alexander, 93, Charlwood-street. s.w. 

1888 Maclure, Herbert Wm., M.B. Camb., Brill, Thame. 
1906 McMane, Charles, ^LB. Toronto, Toroido, Canada. 

1901 MacMaster, Donald Aeneas Duulop, M.B. Sydney, Henson-street, 
Sydney, N. S.W. 

1892 McMichael, Arthur William, Vowchurch, Herefordshire. 
1882 Macmilian, John Furse, hidian Medical Service. 

1901 Macmilian, John McCallum Anderson, M.B. Edin,, 12, Chalmers- 
! crescent, Edinburgh. 

P 2 


1898 McMullen, William IIallibui-ton„M.B. Loud., 27, Welbeck-st. w. 

1879 ]\IcMiiiin, James, G(5, lunsbin-j/ Parcmeut, E.C. 

1907 MciMurtry, Walter Campbell", M.D. McGill. 
1887 Maciial), Allan James, Indian Medical. Service. 

1905 Macnab, John Theodore, 38 Murraiijield-auenne, Edinbuvfjh. 

1897 Macnair, Norman, Benviic, Doican/iill-fjardens, Glasgoiv. 

„ McNally, Georg-e Johnston, New Brvnswick, Canada. 

1882 Macnamara, Hugh Wiuckworth, Naval Medical Service. 

1881 Macnamaia, James Thomas, 203, High-street, Leivisham. s.E. 

190:^ McNutt, William Fletcher, M.D. Harvard, San Francisco. 

1889 McOscar, John, Bridf/e House, Buxton. 

1892 Macphail, John Andrew, M.D. McGill, Montreal. 
1905 McPherson, Thomas, 15, Torrington-square. w.c. 
1891 Macpherson, Wm. Hugh, Ilenley-on-Thames. 

1903 McQueen, Robert Martin, 89, Eaton-terrace, s.w. 

1908 Macrae, I'ouald, 1, Bow-road. e. 

„ McSheehy, Oswald William, M.B. Lond., Donovan, The Drive, 

1897 McSorley, Alexander Somerled, St. Paul's House, High Bar net. 

1879 McSwain, Angus, M.D. Massachusetts, Fzc^or/a, British Columbia. 

1904 McTavish, Frank, M.B. Toronto, 331, Westminster-avenue, 

Vancouver, British Columbia. 

,, McVail, John Borland, Autofagasta, Chile. 

1896 MacWatLers, John Courtenay, Almondsburg.^ Gloucestershire. 

1902 MacWatters, Matthew Robert Cecil, M.B. Lond., Bath. 

1895 Madden, Francis Brian, Folkestone. 

1896 Madden, Frank Cole, Kasr-el-Ainy Hospital, Cairo. 

1905 Maddison, Thomas William, M.B. Durh., 123, Stamford-hill. N. 
1868 Maddox, William Gordon, Tasmania. 

1891 Madge, Arthur Ernest. 

1896 Madge, Edward Douglas, 16, Clarges- street, May fair. "W. 

1895 Madge, Hubert Abraham, 150, High Cross-street, TMcester. 
1901 Magee, Charles Crozier Tandy, 354, Old Ford-rd., Bow. E. 

1886 Maggs, William Adolphus, 14, Upper Wimpole-street. w. 
1864 Magor, Thomas, St. Colmnb. 

1906 Magowan, Peter Donald Fraser, Clonlee, Lame, Ireland. 
1904 Maher, Mahmoud, Government Hospital, Beni Sue/, Egypt. 
1891' Maher, Michael Robert, 6, Arundel-avenue, LAverpool 
1891 Maidlow, William Harvey, M.D. Durh., Ilminster. 

1893 Maingay, Henry Bertram, Scarborough. 

1897 Mainprise, Cecil Wilrnot, Royal Ar?ny j\fedical Service. 
,, Mains, John Henry, Wakeham, Portland. 

1887 Mair, Ludovic Wn). Darra, M.D. Loud., Co.rshalton, Surrey. 

1888 Maisey, Chas.Thos. Boodle, Witham, Essex. 

1884 Maitland, Alfred Derweut, 44, Uxbridge-road, Hamvell. w. 

1896 Maitland, Charles Robert, 1^, Park-road, West Duhcich. s.k. 

1898 Maitland, Pelham Christopher, Sion House, Clapton, n.e. 
1884 Maitland, Percy Edmund, Naval Medical Service. 

1904 Maitland, Vivian Gray, The Vicarage, Dudley. 

1889 Major, Arthur Cundell, Reading. 

1903 Major, Hugh Marcus, St. Heliers.^ Jersey. 













Makalua, Matthew Manuia, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Making, George Henry, C.B.. 47, Charles-street, Berkeley-sq. "\v. 

Makuna, Manikjee Dosabhai, Trealait\ Pontypridd. 

Malabre, Herbert Frederic, M.B. Edinb., Kingston, Jamaica. 

Malcolm, Alexander John, 39, Gwendwr-rd., West Kensington, w. 

Mallam, Harry Guy, 4, Pavilion-parade, Brighton. 

Mallam, William Andrew, 63, Roslyn-hill, Hampstead. N.w. 

Mallam, William Prior, 97, The Vale, Acton, w. 

Mallesou, Herbert Cecil, 30, Thnrlow-road, Hampstead. n.w. 

Malloch, Wm. John Ogilvie, M.B. Tor., 44, Grosvenor-terrace, 

Camberwetl. s.e. 
Malpas, James, Fawcett-road, Southsea. 
Maltby, William Ernest Georofe, Feltham, Middlesex. 
Mamlock, Harold Charles, M.D. Paris, 20, Rue Lesueur, Paris. 
Manasseh, Antonius Joseph, Beyrout, Syria. 
Manby, Walter Edward, M.B. Canlb., Bridport. 
Manchester, John William, M.D. McGilL, St. Johns, New 

Brunswick, Canada. 
Mandel, Elins Leopold Woolf, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 
Mander, Percy Robert, M.D. Durh., The Rockei^y, Stafford. 
Manders, Neville, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Mandy, Percy Stephen, Hythe, Kent. 
Manfield, Geo. Herbert Hind, Shenstone, Lichfield. 
*Mang'iu, Frederick Meredyth, Royal Army Medical Corjjs. 
Manknell, Arthur, M.B. Lond., Laisterdyke, Bradford. 
Manlove, James Ernest, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 
Maun, Fairman Rackham, Naval Medical Service. 
Mann, Fredk. Wm. Sling-sby, Revesby, Boston. 
Manning, Ernest John, Southall. 

Manning-, Guy Eugene, M.D, hondi., Eastern Hasp., Homerton. n.e 
Manning, Harry Paul Owen, Faversham. 
Manning, Herbert Campbell, Fulbourne Asylum, Cambridge. 
Manning, Richard Beattie. Wells, Somerset. 
Manning, Thomas Davys, M.B. Lond., Weymouth. 
Mannington, Frank, Musweli Hill-road. N. 
Mausbridge, Josiah, 112, Harley-street. w. 
fMansel-Howe, Sidney lorwerth, M.D. Brussels, 115, St. George s- 

square. S.w. 
Manser, Fredk. Baile3', M.B. Camb., Tunbridge Wells. 
Mansfield, Perceval Aubertin, M.B. Oxf,, Sevenoaks. 
Mant,'H.SLVo\dTur\ey, M.\:i.Lond.,'d.Notlinf/ham-ter., York-gate. Ji.w. 
Mantell, Hugh Eraser, Western Hospital, Fulham. s.w. 
Manton, John Albert, Shrewsbury House, Park, Sheffield. 
Mantri, Dadoba Janardhan, Bombay. 
Man waring, Edward Ernest, Worthing. 
Maples, Ernest Edgar, M.D. Lond., 57, Croftdown-road, Highgate- 

road. x.w. 
March, Edward Gerald, 41, Castle-street, Reading. 

* Formerly Mangan, Meredyth. 

t Formerly Joseph, Sidney Westbrook lowerth. 






















































March, Geoffrey Colley, AhboUburii, Dorset. 

Marcli, Jost'pli Ogdin, Amcsbnn/, Sdlishury. 

Marchant, Eric Lachlan, M.B. New Zeal., Ophtlialmic Hasp. ■nv.c. 

Marder, Edward Swan, Lijtnc Ilegis. 

Marder, Nicholas, Rajjal Arvaj Medical Corps. 

Marett, Philip Jauvriii, St. Sdviours-, .Jersey. 

Margrave, Malcolm Llewellyn, Mojlat. 

Marin, Ferdinand Baptiste, 236, Camberwell-road. s.e. 

Mark, Leonard Portal, M,D. Camb., 49, Oxford-terrace, w. 

Markby, Herbert. Morley, Leeds. 

Marks, Herbert William James, M.D. Camb,, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Marks, Leonard Freeman, M.B. Loud., Mumbles, Glamorgan. 

Marks, Urban, 1, Trinity-place, Swansea. 

Markus, Charles, 28, Wimpole-street. "W. 

Marles-Thomos, Theodore, Naval Medical Service. 

Marlow, Frederick William, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Marrack, George Comj'ns, Itchen, Hants. 

Marrett, Henry Norman, Merioell Sanatorium. Sandon, Essex. 

Marriag-e, Herbert James, M.B. Lond., 109, Ilarley- street. \v. 

Marriott, Arthur, M.B. Lond., Aldeburfjh, Suffolk. 

Marriott, Cecil Edward, Leicester. 

Marriott, Henry Tancred, East-strett, Brighton. 

Marriott, Horace Bruce, Naval Medical Service. 

Marriott. Oswald, M.D. Lond., Hong Kong, China. 

Marris, Henry Fairley, Clinton House, Worksop. 

iNfari'is, Wm. Arthur, M.D. Lond., King's Heath, Birmingham. 

Marsdin, Frederick, M.B. Lond., Old Town, Eastbourne. 

Marsh, Charles Alfred, M.D. Lond., Bath. 

Marsh, Edward, Penn, Wolverhampton. 

Marsh, Edward Henr3', Long Freston, Yorkshire. 

Marsh, Frank, 93, Cornwall-street, Birmingham. 

Marsh, Henry Rupert, 83, Croydon-road, Anerley. s.e. 

Marsh, John Hedley, Macclesfield. 

Marsh, William Aspinall, Skelmersdale. 

Marshall, Arthur Thomson, M.B. Lond., Bideford. 

Marshall, Aug-ustine, M.D. Brux., 145, London-road, Lowestoft. 

Marshall, Charles Devereux, 112, Harley-street. "w. 

Marshall, Charles de Zouche, Thorverton, Exeter. 

Marshall, Claude Herbert, The Elms, Burgh Heath, Surrey. 

Marshall, Edward Williams, Mitcham. 

Marshall, Eric Stewart, 24, Willow-road, Hampstead. x.w. 

Marshall, Francis Edward, Twickenham. 

Marshall, Herbert Frank, Highgate, Walsall. 

Marshall, James Cole, M.D. Lond., ZCi,Albion-st., Hyde Park. "w. 

Marshall, John Dodds, M.B. Vict., Chorley New-road, Bolton. 

Marshall, Reginald Prynne, 143, Grange-road, Bermondsey. s.E. 

Marshall, Thomas Bing-ham, Lechlade, Gloucestershire. 

Marshall. William Ernest, Naval Medical Service. 

Marshall, Wm. Burton, 29, Canning-street, Liverpool. 

Marson, Cyril Darb}-, 23, Greengate-street, Sta/Jbrd. 

Marson, Francis Herbert, M.D. Curb., Eastgate, Stafford. 


1882 Marston, Francis Ernest, High-street, Welshpool. 

1887 Marston, Henry John, Durlston-road, Upper Clapton, n.e. 

1901 Mart, WiWiamThomasDakiu, Pi fsmoor, /Sheffield. 

1884 Marten, Rol)t. Humphrey, M.B. Camb., Adelaide, S. Australia. 

1889 Martin, AlhertEd\v.,M-'D.T>mh.,ld6,Stiirt-st.,Ballarat, Australia. 
1899 Martm, Alfred Eug-ene, M.B. Camb., Fremantle, W. Australia. 
1893 Martin, Antony Alexander, M.D. Lond., Eastbourne. 

„ Martin, Arthur James, M.D. Lond., Bloxwich, Staffordshire. 

1908 Martin, Edward Kenneth, M.B. Lond., 7, Royal-terrace, Weston- 

1902 Martin, Edward Lister, M.D. Lond., Hull. 

1886 Martin, Francis George Clifton, 45, Grange-road. s.e. 

1898 Martin, Francis John Hensley, Bottcsfurd, Nottingham. 

1897 Martin, Francis Raynes, M.B. Camb., Randfontein, Transvaal. 

1887 Martin, Fredk. Geo. Sturridg-e Goodall, Darlington. 

1905 Martin, Harold Philip, M.D. Trin.Univ., Tor., 108, Carlton-street, 


1903 Martin, James Ernest, 7, Parthenia-road, Fulham. s.w. 

1885 Martin, James Pirie, Box, Wilts. 

1897 Martin, James Sackville, Leigh, Lancashire. 
,, Martin, John, Naval Medical Service. 

1908 Martin, John Birch, Bechett Hospital., Barnslejj. 

1899 Martin, John Macleod, 238, Warren-sL, Boston, Mass., U.S.A. 
1893 Martin, John Newton, Casejjtown, Tavistock. 

1900 Martin, Louis Charles, 8, Upper Bedford-place. w.C. 

1899 Martin, Robert Collins, 3, Clifton Vale, Clifton, Bristol. 

1898 Martin, Thomas, Thatcham, Neivbury. 

1907 Martin, William Beare, Plymouth-grove, ]\Ianchesier. 

1897 Martin-Leake. Arthur, V.C., 14, Garden Reach, Calcutta. 

1895 Martineau, Alfred John, 8, Eaton-road, Hove, Brighton. 
1903 Martineau, Arthur, County Asylum, Bodmin. 

1892 Martland, Thomas, Kenmare House, Walsall. 

1890 Martley, Francis Chas., M.D. Camb., 32, Upp.Merrion-st., Dublin. 

1889 Martyu, Alfred Lea, Ilartland, North Devon. 

1902 Martyn, Frank Derecourt, -/l/o^?ta, St. Catherine's, Lincoln. 

1893 Martyn, George, Burley, Hants. 
1887 Martyn, Reginald, Exmouth. 

„ Marvin, Harry Forbes Churton, Heme Bay. 

1876 Masani, Hormasji Dadabhoy, Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Mascarenhas, Eugene Augustus, Bombay. 
„ Masina, Dinshaw Manekji, Bombay. 

1896 Maskell, John Wm., Chorley, Lancashire. 

1901 Mason, Alfred, The Limes, Deal. 

1883 Mason, Arthur Henry, Oahwood, Walton-on-Thames. 

1890 Mason, Frank, M.B. Edinb., Handsivorth, Sheffield. 

1894 Mason, Frank William, Boston. 

1896 Mason, Gerald Bovell, Antigua, West Indies. 

1890 Mason, Harold, M.B. Lond., 73, Willes-?-oad, Leamington. 

1900 Mason, Herbert Alfred, Duffield, Derby. 

1898 Mason, John Harold, M.B. Vict., Thornbury, Bradford. 
1900 Mason, Samuel, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, e.g. 


1893 Mason. William Blaikie, 218. Somers-road, Southsea. 

1891 Masser, Edward Charles, Waschbank, Natal. 

1882 Massey, Ileury Massey, Queenstown, Tasmania. 
1867 Massiah, Clarence Henry, Demerara, British Guiana. 

1893 Master, Alfred Edmund, M.B. Canib., Roijal Army .\fedicai Corps. 
1907 Master, Dudley Cyril, J"Mmor Conservative Club, Atbemarle-st. \v. 

1892 Master, George, M.B. Camb., Bnrj/ St. Edmunds. 
1907 Master, Jehang-ir Ardeshir, 17 o, Fentiman-road. s.av. 

1891 Mastermau, Ernest William Guruey, IG, Lincoln's Fields, w.c. 

1883 Masters, Edg-ar Ernest, 2U7, Bridge-road, Batlersea. s.w. 

1903 Matheson, Farquhar Mackenzie, 11, So/to-square, "vv. 

1893 Mathew, Charles Montague, Indian Medical Service. 
1885 Mathew, Charles Pynsent, Thomcombe, Dorset. 

1894 Mathew, George Porter, M.D. Camb., Fort Elizabeth^ Cape Cotonj. 
1907 Mathew, Philip Walter, Heavitree, Exeter. 

1895 Mathews, Charles, Sevenoaks. 

1885 Mathews, Frank Edward, Welsh Row House, Nantwich. 

1881 Mathews, Sidney Robert Harvey, Bickley, Kent. 

1907 Mathews, William L'Estrange, Whitehall Lodge, Great Bridge, 


1892 Mathews. William Robert, Alhury, New South Wales. 

1905 Mathias, Charles David, North Cliff House., Tenby. 

1896 Mathias, Richard, Radyr, Cardiff. 

1908 Mathieson, William., G-4, Livema Court, Kensington, w. 
1896 Mathison, Arthur John, 46, High-road, Wood Green, n. 

1904 Matson, Horace Sidney, M.B. Lond,, 3, Lewin-rd, Streatham. s.w. 

1894 Matthews, Arthur Kenward, 9, Quex-road, South Hampstead. n.av. 
1887 Matthews, Charles Edward, M.D. Oxf., Northern Hospital. N. 

1906 Matthews, Edgar William. The Maples, Hampton Wick. 

1898 Matthews, Ernest Albert Churchward, Lulian Medical Service. 

1899 Matthews, John, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1901 Matthews, John Cuthbert, M.B. Camb., Blin\dellsand, Liverpool. 

1896 Matthews. Samuel Ryder Russell, 207, New Cross-road. s.e. 

1890 Matthews, Sidney Philip, Holly Lodge., Crawley. 

1901 Matthews, Thomas Arnold, M.B. Lond., Richmond, Surrey. 
1906 Matthews, Vernon Lickfold, London Hospital, e. 

1881 Mattice, Richard Iram, M.D. McGill, Winnepeg,Manitoba,Canada. 

1896 Maturin, Francis Henry. M.B. Camb., Lymington. 

1884 Maude, Arthur, Westerham, Keni. 

1897 Maugham, A\"illiam Somerset, 34, Dover-street, w. 

1883 IsidM^h&n^Soimes, b&. Albany-street., Regent' s-park. N.w. 
1890 Maund, John Hansb}', Newmarket. 

1897 Maunsell, Debonnaire Frederick, 67, Earl's Court-road. w. 

1890 Maurice, George Thelwall Kindersley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1893 Maurice, Oliver Calley, Marlborough. 

1896 Maurice, Walter Byron, Marlborough. 

1884 Maurice, William James, M.B. Oxf., London-street, Reading. 

1897 Maver, Patrick Alpin James, IIG, Knollys-road, Streatham. s.w. 
1874 Mavor, William Samuel, M.D. Durh., Brentwood, Essex. 

1902 Mavrogordato, Anthony, St. Thomas's Hospital, s.e. 
„ Maw, George, Coningsby, Shortlands, Kent. 


Maw, Henry Trentham, M.D. Camb., Wesfcott, Surrey. 

Mawson, Joseph Arthur, 17, Nether field- road North, Live.iyool. 

MawsoD, Samuel Francis, Derhy-street^ Bolton. 

Mawson, William Arthur, Indian Medical Service. 

Maxwell, Ernest James, M.B Camb., South Shields. 

Maxwell, Herbert Bowen, Knapp-hill^ Surrey. 

Maxwell, James Burn^i, Southend-on-Sea. 

Maxwell, James Laidlaw, M.B. Lond., Tainan. Formosa. 

Maxwell, Johu Preston, M.B. Lond., Changpoo, Amoy, China. 

Maxwell, Matthew. Toronto, Canada. 

Maxwell, Richard Drummond, M.D. Loud., 41,Wimpole-street. av. 

Maxwell, Wm. Hv., P.O. Box 473, Johannesburg. 

Maxwell, William Walker, M.D. Edinb., Thames Ditton, Surrey. 

May, Albert Edward, Chandos, South Hayling. 

May, Arthur William, Naval Medical Service. 

May, Charles Montague Xeale, Swallow cl iff e, Seaton, Devon. 

May, Francis Hollingsworth, 9, Birchfield-road, Birmingham. 

May, George Ernest, Ware. 

May, Henry, 37, Birchfield-road, Aston, Birmingham. 

May, Henry James, M.B. Camb., College-place, Southampton. 

May, Percival Marshall, Naval Medical Service. 

May, Sydney William, Woodville. Burton-on-Trcnt. 

May, Walter John, 24, Upper Wimpolc-street. ^v. 

May, Wilham Xoimau, M.D. Loud., Reading. 

Maybur}', Aurelius Victor, !^LB. Dm'h., Landport, Portsmouth. 

Mayer, Clifford Antony Leo, M.D. Lond., In French Hospital, 

Shaft e-shury-av en ue. av, 
Mayer, Thomas Frederick Gisborne, Punjab, India. 
Mayes, Frederick James Alexander, Heaton Chapel, Stochport. 
Mayhew, Christopher John, Southsea, Portsmouth. 
Mayhew, Evelyn Hill, M.B. Camb., Lodson Vicarage, Norjolk. 
Maynard, Charles Dudley, 130, Babington-road, Streaiham. s.w. 
Maynard, Edwin, General Hospital, Bristol. 
Maynard, Frederic Pinsent, Indian Medical Service. 
Maynard, George Darell, P.O. Box 1286, Pretoria. 
Mayne, Bertie James, Cam Brea, Cornwall. 
Mayne, James O'Neil, Moorlands, Brisbane, Queensland. 
Mayne, William Boxer, Swindon. 
Mayne, William Sidney, Park End, Lydney. 
Mayo, Edmond Godfrey, Corsham, Wilts. 
Mayo, Herbert Reginald, M.B. Camb., Great Yarmouth. 
Mayo, Thomas Alfred, M.B. Camb., Cowes. 
Maj'O, Walter Cyril, -4, Wood-lane, Headingley, Leeds. 
Mayor, John Beecham, //eo^on Chapel, Manchester. 
Mayou, Marmaduke Stephen, 46, Weymouth-street. ^y. 
Mays, Charles Cecil ^Vildman, Norton Wood&eats, Sheffield. 
Mayston, John Harry, 74, Elmbourne-road. Upper Tooting, s.w. 
Mayston, Robt. Wm., M.D. Lond., Erith, Kent. 
Meacher, John Howard, Wadebridge, Cornwall. 
Meacock, Henry Charles, North Brink, Wisbech. 
Mead, George Borwick. 


1908 Mead, G113' Ilarvey, 71, Lamheth Palace-road. s.e. 

1905 Mead, John Clarke, M.B. Lond., Watford. 
1897 Meade, Frank Elliott, Reading. 

,, Meade, Norman (ierald, 3/anni))ffIiam. 

1899 Meade, Warren, Fort Said. 

1892 I Meade-King', Richard Liddon, M.D. Durh., Taunton. 

1904 Meade-King-, AV^illiam Thomas Pearse, Minehead, Somerset. 

1902 Meaden, Alban Anderson, T'orriiifiton Park, North Finddey. 
1886 Meaden, Edwar<l Ilenr}-, Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Meadows, Arthur Hamilton, 141, Kiiuj-street, Great Yarmouth. 

1906 Meadows, Frederick Evelyn Wof)lner, Otley. Ipswich. 

1901 Meadows, Sydney Manvers Woolner, Otley, Jpsicick. 

1891 Meagher, Edward Thomas. Naval Medical Service. 

1877 Meek, John William, M.D. Lond., Norwood-rd.., Ilerne-hill. s.e. 
1904 Meek, AVilfrid Ombler, M.B. Lend., 3, Meath-street, Battersea. 


1885 Meeson, Alfred, 361, Park-road, Liverpool. 

1894 Meggs, Theodore Hugh Egbert, Pimcell, Slough. 

1903 Meiklejohn, Norman Sinclair, IQrs, Holland-road, Kensington. "W. 

1902 Melhuish, Herbert Michael Henry, Armritsar, Punjab. 

1897 Mellish, John Stafford. Tetbury. 

1901 Mellor, Alfred Shaw, M.B. Camh., 14, Weslbonme-street. w. 

1892 Mellor, George Mullijis. Chapel Alford, Lincolnshire. 

1893 Melville, Stanley, 18, Nevern-road, EarVs-court. s."W. 
1901 Mence William Charles, Perranporth, Cornwall. 

1908 Mennell, James Beaven, jNI.B. Camb., 1, Poyal-crescent. av. 

1900 Mennell, Zebulon, M.B. Lond., 57, IJolland-park-avenue. w. 
1908 Menon, Chittayil Ramunni, Telliclierry, Malabar, India. 

1898 Mercer, Alexander, Westhougldon, Bolton. 

1892 Mercer, Wm. Bracewell, M.B. Camb., Ripponden, Halifax. 

1893 Mercer, Wm. Stainton, Park-road, Wolverhampton. 

1901 Mercier, Charles Jerome Alexander Nicolai, M.B. Lond., Uptoyi 

Park. E. 

1900 Meredith, Richard William Herbert, Wellington, Somersetshire. 

1899 Merry, Edward, M.D. Ontario, 106, Trinity-road, Balham. s.w. 

1903 Merryweather,Roy Charle.«, P(?r?//, W. Australia. 
1885 M(;ssiter, Arthur Frederick, Doncaster. 

1878 Messum, Gordon Bennington Willie, M.D. Durh., Pretoria, 

South Africa. 

1890 Metcalfe, Alfred Waugh, M.D. Camb., 2, St. Leonards, York. 

1907 Metcalfe, Brian Bentley, 42. Eltham-road, Lee. s.e. 

1888 Metcalfe, George, M.D. Durh., Skehnersdale, Ormskirk. 
„ Metcalfe. George Herbert, Clare, Suffolk. 

1889 Me3'ers, Donald Campbell, 23, Montague-place. "W.c. 

1893 Meyrick-Jones, Hugh Meyrick, M.B. Durh., Charlton Kings. 

1894 Miall, Charles L'Oste, Paulton, Somerset. 

1897 Michael, ('yril Eden, Crystal Palace Park-road. s.e. 

1902 Michel, Arthur George Herbert Hay, 23, Redesdale-street, Chel- 

sea, s.w. 

1899 Michell, Ralph, 173, London-road, Leicester. 

1891 Michels, Ernst, M.D. Berlin, 48, Finsbury-square. e.c. 




Mich6d,Fredc. Archibaldnope,M.B. Lond., Boma, Queensland. 

Mick\e,B.erhe\% Bufalo, New York U.S.A. 

Micklethwait, George Whitley, M.D. Camb., Haslington, Creive. 

Middlebro', Thomas Holmes, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada. 

Middlemiss, James Ernest, Spital, Chesterfield. 

Middlemist, Robert Charles, Stevenage. 

Middlemist, Robert Percy, 6, Devonport-street, Hijde-parTc. "\v 

Middleton, Edward Meredyth, M.B. Toronto, The Manor House^ 

Poplar. E. 
Middletoi), Percy Ellwand, Knottingley, Yorks. 
Mideltou, William John, Bournemouth. 
Mieville, Georg-e Christian Blake, Maidstone. 
Milbauke, William Byrou, Sunderland. 
Milbank-Smith, Harry James Milbank, Worthing. 
Milburn, Frederick Valentine, Kidlington, Oxford. 
Milburn, Leslie, Town Hall, Tifnemouth. 
Milburn, Oscar Le Fevre, Kidlington, Oxjord. 
Miles, Alfred, Cgnuner, Port Talbot. 
Miles, Charles Henry, High-street, Stantonhury. 
Miles, Georg-e Edward, Rydalmere, New South Wales. 
Miles, Hem-y Pode, Modburg. 
Miles, Usher Wm. Newton, Bewdley. 
Miles, William, Fairfield, Treforest, Glam. 
Miles, William Ernest, 3, Upper Wimpole street, w. 
Miles, William Percival,7w»^'5 Lynn. 

Mile}', Miles, M.B., Camb., 21. Belsize-avenue, Hampstead. N.w. 
Millar, Alex. Fleming-, 494, Fulham Palace-road. ^y. 
Millar, Lindsay Flag-g-, Ontario, Canada. 
]\Iillar, William, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Millar, William Heptinstall, '2Q, Streaiham-hiU. s.AV. 
Millen, Seymour Alfred, Milverton, Mabnesbury. 
Miller, Alfred, M.B. Lond,, Madras Army. 
Miller, Arthur Alan, M.B. Durh., Sutton, Surrey. 
Miller, Arthur Dixon, CormcaU-street, Birmingham. 
Miller, Arthur Hallowes, M.B. Camb., Woburn Sands, Beds. 
Miller, Ernest Alfred, 42, Upper Richmond-road, Putney. s.AV. 
Miller, Frederick Montague, High-road, Upper Clapton. E. 
Miller, Frederick Richard, 70, Holland-road. w. 
Miller, Georg-e, Forest Drive, Manor Park. k. 
Miller, Georg-e Valentine, M.B. Lond., 1, Cleveland-square, w. 
Miller, Guy VVitton, North Thoresby, Lincolnshire. 
Miller, Herbert Percy, M.D. Brussels, 100, Stoke Newington- 

road. N. 
Miller, John, Exeter. 

Miller, Thomas Davidson, M.B. Durh., Sidcup. 
Miller, Tiiomas Mackinlay, General Hospital, Tunbridge Wells. 
Miller, Walter Frederic, M.B. Durh., Wrangle, Boston. 
Miller, Walter Richard Samuel, Zarta, N. Nigeria, West Africa. 
Miller, Wm. Henry, M.B. Lond., 32, Kyverdale-road, Stoke 

Neivington. N. 
Milles, Walter Jennings, Shanghai, China. 


1897 Millichanip, Ocorge Ernest, 592, Church-street, To7'Gnlo, Canada. 

1884 Milligaii, Kobert Arthur, M.D. Durli-., Northampton. 

1901 Mills, Albert Charles, Ivi.U. Brussels, line de Livoume, Brvssds. 

1894 Mills, Andrew McFarlaiie, Monteyo Bay., Jamaica, W. Indies. 
1906 Mills, George Percival, M.B. Loud., Great Barr, Birnwujham. 
1905 Mills, Ilenr^', Holt, Norfolk. 

1895 Mills, Henry AVilliani, San Bernardino, California. 

1891 Mills, Herbert Ilenry, M.D. Lund., 21, St. Mari/ Abbott" s-terrace. w. 

1902 Mills, Oswald, Naval Medical Service. 

1905 Mills, Percy Strickland, Gitifs Hospital, s.e. 
1884 Mills, Robert, 13, St. George' s-place, Northampton. 

1894 Mills, Thomas Ingham, FAtdngwold. 

1880 Mills, Thomas Wesley, M.D. McGilL, Toronto, Canada. 

1891 Mills, Yaruold Hubert, M.B. Lond., Hill-street, Haverfordwest. 

1897 Mills-Roberts, Richard Arthur, M.B. Hxxrh., Bishops Castle, Salop. 
1870 Millsou, George, 90, AngeU-road, Brixton, s.e. 

1904 Milne, James Alexander, M.B. Lond., 32, Bow-road. e. 

1881 Milne, James Kershaw, Kingston-road, Merton-park. s.w. 

1898 Milne. John "Wallace, M.B., Neiv Deer, Aberdeen. 

1904 Milne, Robert, M.D., Lond., 32, Bow-road. e. 

1892 Milner, Arthur Edward, Royal Army Medical Cotps. 

1893 Milner, Cyril Wm., 32, Heath cote-street, Nottingham. 
1898 Milner, Norton, Mnirfoot, Shef/ield. 

1906 Milner, Sydney Wood, Maltou. n. 

„ Milner, William Arnold, 9, Budall-crescent, Hampstead. n.w. 

1884 Milnes, John George, GisUngham, Eye, Suffolk. 

1900 Milnthorp, Richard, TrentJiam-strect, Leeds. 

1903 Milsom, Edward Henry Britton, M.D. Lond., Wellington, New 


1905 Milsom, Ernleigh Guy Durham, Thornton Heath, Surrey. 

1896 Milsome, Harr}' Blunt, M.B. Camb., Chertsey. 

1902 Milson, Ernest Henry, Marlborough. 

1892 Milton, Arthur Reginald Octavius, Hittton, Leyton. 

1889 Milton, Francis Ralph Septimus, Llanheris. 

1898 Milton, John Penn, Yelverton, S. Devon. 

1899 Milton, William Tayler, M.D. Lond., Eltham. 

1895 Milward, Fred. Victor, M.B. Camb., 91, Cornwall-street, Bir- 


1898 Milward, William Courtenay, 54, Charles-street, Cardiff. 

1907 Minett, Edward Pigott, Westcliffe-on-Sea. 
1905 Minett, Percy Vvdixxk, High-street, Cheltenham. 

1903 Minkley, Henry Richmond, 1, Greenleaf-road, Walthamstow. n.e. 

1896 Minnes, Robert Stanley. Ottaiva, Canada. 
1884 Minns, Allan Glaisyer, Thetford. 

1892 Minshall, Arthur Gladstone, Northampton, Mass., U.S.A. 

1899 Minshull, Herbert Barford, Disj)ensary, Highgate, Birmingham. 

1893 Minter, Leonard John, Marine Parade. Brighton. 

1892 Minton, Alfred Hugh. 124, High-strett, Woolwich. 
1903 Miskin, Albert Francis, 150, Kennington-road s.e. 

1893 Miskin, Ernest, M.B. Lond., Eltham, Kent. 

1894 INIiskin, Leonard John, Dartford, Kent. 


Mitchell, Arthur Henry MacXeill, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Mitchell, Charles Martin, 60, Kirkdale, Sydenham. s.E. 

Mitchell, Ernest John Drum, M.B. Camb., Oxf. cj- Camb. Mans. x.av. 

Mitchell, Howard Vincent, Tamworth. 

Mitchell, James Edwin Henry, Middleicich, Cheshire. 

Mitchell, John James, Howard-place, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Mitchell, Talbot Carter, Topdife, Thirsk. 

Mitchell, William Steele, Crowthome, Berkshire. 

Moberly, Sydney Charles Hilh'ard, Winsloic, Bucks. 

Moffat, Henry Alford, Cape Toicn, S. Africa. 

Moffatt, Alfred Arthur Paget, 89, Whalley New-road, Blackburn. 

Moffatt, Charles Edward, Datston, Cumberland. 

Moffatt, Christopher William Paget, M.B. Catab., Town Hall, 

Moffitt, Charles Gordon, University College, Gower-street. w.c. 
Moir, Gerald Chetwynd Algernon, Bootle, Liverpool. 
Moir, Gordon, Guy's Hospital. s.E. 
Moiser, Bernard, M.B. Lond., Heworfh Grange, York. 
Moiser, Lionel Henr}--, M.B. Lond., Crediton. 
Mold, George HennyChavasse, 39, Wheelwright-road, Erdington, 

Mole, Harold Frederick, Clifton, Bristol. 
Molesworth, Robert Everard, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Molesworth, Theodore Henderson, St. Margaret's, Dover. 
Molesworth, Wilham, M.B. Durham, Madras Army. 
Molinenx, Bernard Xewmarch, 20, Hartingion-road. Liverpool. 
MoUer, Adolf Andreas Christian, Easington, Castle Eden, Durham. 
Mollison, William Mayhew, Guys Hospital. s.E. 
Molsou, John Cavendish, 17, Vernon-terrace, Brighton. 
Molson, John Elsdale, ]M.D. Camb., Goring, Worthing. 
Molyneux, Echlin Storry, Winchester. 
Molyneux, Edward, M.B. Vict., Southporf. 
Monckton, Robert Vernon Giraud, M.B. Lond., 30, Vanconver- 

road, Catford. S.E. 
Mondy, Samuel Lee Craigie, Bruce Grove, Tottenham, n. 
Monier- Williams, Montagu Sneade Faithfull,.54, Onslow-gar. s.w. 
Montague, Arthur John Helm, M.D. Durh., Woi-ksop. 
Montague, Aubrey Alfred, M.B. Lond., Rewa, Fiji. 
Montesole, Max Herschel Edward Richard, 270, Wighlinan-road, 

Hornsey. N. 
Montgomery, Edwin Cecil, M:aidenhead. 

Mongoniery, Colonel Harry, Box 403, Orilla, Ordario, Canada. 
Montgomery, Gordon Nevil, Parkstoue, Dorset. 
Montgomery, Wm. Perc}^ M.B.Lond., lo,*.S7. Jo/uis-st., Manchester. 
Montgomery-Smith, Edwin Charles, 36, Abbey-road. n.w. 
Moon, Archie Trevor, Wallington, Surrey. 
Moon, Edward Gibson, Broadstairs. 
Moon, Harold Joseph, 91, Stockport-road, Manchester. 
Moon, Robert Henry, 148, Xorivood-road, West Norwood. s.E. 
Moore, Alfred William, M.B. Camb., Stony Stratford, Bucks. 
Moore, Athol Raymond, M.B.Camb., Boyson-rd., Camberwell. s.E. 


1007 1 Moore, Benjamin, Oxton, Birkenhead. 

1905 Moore, Cliarles William, 177, Byerden-terrace, Burnley. 

1903 Moore, Clifford Arthur, M.B. Loud., Stoke Bishop, Bristol. 

1901 Moore, Edward Bertram Leslie, llarlesden. n.w. 

1903 Moore, Edward Henry Milnsr, St. Marys Hospital, w. 

1891 Moore, Edward James Fleetwood, 53, Well-street, Hackney, n.e. 

1902 Moore, Geoff rey Stuart, Edgbaston, Birmingham. 
1862 Moore, James Foster. 

1872 Moore, John Bartholomew Giles Gidley, Ongar, Essex. 

1867 Moore, Joseph, M.D. McGill. 

1897 Moore, Joseph, 44, Torrington-square. av.c. 
,, Moore, Julius, M.D. Lond., Enfield. 

1900 Moore, Leonard Augustine, 45, Ashley-road, Bristol. 
1864 Moore, Miluer Montgomery, M.D. Durh., Coventry. 

1895 Moore, Percy L^mdon, P.O. Box 28, Salisbury, Rhodesia. 

1898 Moore, Percy VVilliam, M.B. Lond., Melbourne, Derby. 
1908 Moore, Reginald Mark, Kenilwortli, Exeter. 

1904 Moore, Robert Foster, Chesterton, Cambridge. 

1862 Moore, Robert Wilson, Bristol-road, Northjield, Worcestershire. 

1885 Moore, Walter Francis, M.B. Durh., Winckley-square, Preston. 
„ Moore, Walter Henry Bernard, Med. Dept., Straits Settlements. 

1896 Moore, William Hodgson, 18, Church-street, Kidderminster. 

1888 Moores, Samuel Guise, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1899 Moorshead, Robert Fletcher, M.B. Durh., Tulse-hill. s.w. 
1908 Mora, Charles Bernabe, 29, Larkfield-road, Richmond, Surrey. 

1900 Mordauut, Leonard John Pavillet, Walthamstow. n.e. 

1891 More, John, RotJnvel I, Kettering. 

1894 Moreton, Frederick, Warrnambool, Victoria, Australia. 

1895 Moreton, Reginald, Wrington, Bristol. 

1890 Moreton, Thomas William Earl, Tarvin, Chester. 

1905 Morgan, Conwy Llewellyn, M.D. Lond., Droit icich. 

1864 Morgan, Cosby Wm., M.D. Brussels, Sydney, New South Wales. 

1901 Morg-an, Daniel Leigh, M.B. Lond., Pembroke Dock. 
1890 Morgan, David Naunton, Bridgend, South Wales. 

1893 Morgan, Edgar John, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Morgan, Edward, 23, Honor Oak-park. s.e. 
1878 Morgan, Edward Smith, 51, George-street, Hull. 

1901 Morgan, Edwin, M.B. Lend., Glen View, Tonypandy, Pontypridd. 

1902 Morgan, Frank, West Norwood, s.e. 

1899 Morgan, Frederick Charles, 40, Cotham-road, BriMol. 

1886 Morgan, Frederic James, Royal Army Medical Cor2is. 
1884 Morgan, George, 6, Pavilion-parade, Brighton. 

1887 Morgan, George Frederic Elliot, West Hartlepool. 

1892 Morgan, Harry de Riemer, 23, Embankment-gardens, Chelsea, s.w. 

1907 Morgan, Henry Lewis, 6, Hnddlcston-road, Tujnell-park. N. 
1861 Morgan, Herbert Major, Lichfield. 

1904 Morgan, Idris Nauntou, Cal Glas. Tonyptandy, S. Wales. 

1894 Morgan, James Arthur, Llanwrtyd Wells, Breconshire. 
1886 Morgan, James Campbell, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1908 Morgan, John Griffiths, 6, Huddlcston-road, Tufncll-park. x. 

1889 Morgan, Morgan John, 35, North Parade, Aberystwith. 


Morg'au, Thomas, Abernant. Aherdare. 

Morgan, Walter Harmon, We.'itcU/fe-on-Sea, Southend-on-Sea. 

Morg-an, William Ellis, 56, Peckham-road. s.e. 

Morgan, William Holmes, Kinrjston-on-Thames. 

Morgan, William Parry, 7, Osborn House, St. Marys-terrace, w. 

Morice, Charles George Frederick, Greymonth, New Zealand. 

Morison, Frederick William, 78, Cadogan-place. s.w. 

Morison, Henry Bannerman, M.B. Durh., Cranleigh, Guildford. 

Moi'land, Charles Henry Duncan, M.B. Durh., Sioatow, China. 

Morland, Egbert Coleby, Arosa, Switzerland. 

Morley, Arthur Solomon, 29, Gower-street. av.c. 

Morley, Edward John, Naval Medical Service. 

Morley, Frank, 67, Wimpole-street. w. 

Morley, George Frederick, 45, Hvih-street., Portsmouth. 

Morley, Henry Webster, 45, High-street, Portsmouth. 

Mornement, Robert Harry, Naval Medical Service. 

Morphew, Edward Maudsley, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Morrell, Reginald Arthur, Flat 2, 8, Carey -mansions, Vincent- 
square. S.AV. 

Morris, Arnold, Leamington. 

Morris, Arthur Hugh, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Morris, Charles Edward, Holywell. 

Morris, Charles Sculthorpe, 47, Upper Brook-street, w. 

Morris, Colin Dwight, Feltham, Middlesex. 

Morris, Cyril George, Combe Down, Bath. 

Morris, Edward, St. George's Hospital, s.w. 

Morris, Edward Walter, Port Adelaide, Australia. 

Morris, Edwin Haigh Grant, M.B. Camb., 47, Onslow-gdns. s.w. 

Morris, Frank Mayo, M.B. Lond., Capie Town. 

Morris, Frederick Temple, St. Andrew'' s-crescent, Cardijff^. 

Morris, George Edward Victor, Wednesburij. 

Morris, Gerald Hamilton, 47, Upper Brook-street, w. 

Morris, Graham, Shotjield, Upper Wallington, Surrey. 

Morris, Henry, M.B. Lond. (Ex. 1884, 85, 86, 87.), 8, Cavendish- 
square. ^y. 

Morris, Henry, Upton-on- Severn, Worcester. 

Morris, Henry Cecil Low, Bognor. 

Morris, Henry Gibbins, West Bromwich. 

Morris, Herbert Mackinlay, Indian Medical Service. 

Morris, Isaac Llewellyn, Ty Twyn, Ahercynon, Glamorgan. 

Morris, James John Nixon, 1, Acre-ptlace, Stoke, Devonport 

Morris, John Ignatius Worgan, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Morris, Jonas, Hosp. Britanico, Buenos Ayres, Argentine. 

Morris, Leonard Newsom, 263, Staplefon-road, Bristol. 

Morris, Leslie Miles, Naval Medical Service. 

Morris, Robert Alex., M.B. Durh., Bedlington, Northumberland. 

Morris, Sydney, Wretham Hall, Thetford. 

Morris, Thomas Harold Pryce, Newcastle-under-Lyme. 

Morrish, William John, M.D. Lond., Thr ale-road, Streatham. 


Morrison, Alexander, Opunake, New Zealand. 






Morrison, David, M.B. Lend., Sandrinr/ham, Victoria, Australia' 

Morrison, James, M.D. Lond., 11, Jh-ook-sti^eet. "w. 

Morrison. William Cecil, M.B. Toronto. Copper Cliffy Ontario. 

Morrow, David. Boivdon, Cheshire. 

Morshead, Ernest Garstin Anderson, M.D. Brussels, Guildford. 

Morson, Albert Clifford, KJ, Elsu-orthy-rd., Primrose Hill. x.w. 

Mort, James Henry, Patricroft, Manchester. 

Mortimer, Edg-ar Fairbuuk, Naval Medical Service. 

Mortimer, William, 107, Guilford-street, Russell-square. w.C. 

Mortimer, William Graddon, M.B. Lond., Martin, Lincoln. 

Mortimore, James Anning, 1, Neiv Cross-road. s.e. 

Mortis, Harold Edward, Kinnerley, Oswestry. 

Mortlock, Charles. 

Morton, Charles Alexander, Clifton, Bristol. 

Morton, Jas. Robert, M.B. Lond., Bournemouth. 

Morton, John Levdeu, M.D. hoi)d.,6G,Piiory-rd.,Hampstead. n.w. 

Morton, Samuel Ernest, 8, Bumgreave-road, Sheffield. 

Morton, William Britain, M.D. Lond., Brislington House, Bri'stol. 

Mosele}', Charles Kingdon, 14, Northgate-street, Ipswich. 

Moses, David Assiir Henry, 12, York-gate. n.av. 

Moss, Basil Eustace, M.B. Lond., Temperance Hospital, Hainp- 
stead-road. n.av. 

Moss, Bertram Wilmore, M.B. Lond., Lutterworth. 

Moss, Cjail Raymond, Fern Hill, Huyton, Liverpool. 

Moss, Edward Lawton, 8, Oakf eld -road, Croydon. 

Moss, Enoch, M.D. Loud., Wrexham. 

Moss-Blundell, Cuthbert Blundell, Walthamstow. n.e. 

Mosscrop, Gilbert Phillips, M.B. Lond., Stockport. 

Mossop, Charles Henrj', New Jiomney, Kent. 

Mossop, Ernest Edward, M.B. Lend., Cape Town. 

Mostyn, Sydney Gwenffrwd, M.B. Oxf., Health Office, Russell- 
street, South Shields. 

Mothersole, Robt. Devereux, M.D. Lond., St. George' s-road, 

Mott, Clarence Harry, 138, Newcastle-street, Burslem. 

Mott, Raymond Culver, M.B. Camb., 20, Manor-road, Stamford- 
hill. N. 

Motteram, Henry Prince, M.D., Birm., Smethwick, Birmingham. 

Mottram, Guy Nasmyth, Bridgwater. 

Mottram, James Cecil, M.B. Lond., Dial House, Twibridge Wells. 

Mottram, Maurice John, King's Lynn. 
*Mouat-Biggs, Charles Edward Forbes, Bayshill, Cheltenham. 

Mould, George Thomas, Indian Medical Service. 

Mould, Gilbert Edward, Hounsjield-road, Sheffield. 

Mould, Philip George, Whitejields, Manchester. 

Mould, Richard John, G'l, Gipsy-hill, Upper Norwood, s.e. 

Mould, William Thomas, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 

Mounsey, Ridley Ewart, Camberley, Surrey. 

Mouritz, Arthur Albert, Waialua, Sandwich Islands. 

* Formerlv Biggs, Charles Edward Forbes. 


Moxey, Vincent, 1, Victoria-avenue^ Finchleij. N. 

Moxham, Marcus Camplin, Stickney, Boston. 

Moxon, Charles Carter. Corn Market, Pontefract. 

Moxon, Herbert William, Darleij Dale, Maltock. 

Moyle, Henle^' Hamlyn, Brook, Totnes. 

Moyle, Reginald, Brook, Totnes. 

Moyle, Walter Henry ,■ Rogate, Petersfield. 

Moynihan, Berkeley Geo. Andw., M.B. Loud., Park-square, Leeds. 

Mudd, Frank Burnand, Johannesburg, IVansvaal. 

Mudg-e, Thomas, Hayle. 

Mudge, Zachary Belling, Hayle. 

Mug-ford, Sidney Arthur, 135, Kennington-park-road. s.E. 

Mug'g-leton, Ferdinand Charles Harry, Southsea. 

Mugliston, Reginald, 3, Lansdowne-terrace, Hampton Wick. 

Muir, Arthur, M.B. Camb., Bushey Heath, Herts. 

Muir, Berthold, Dalefidd, Buckhurst Hill, Essex. 

Muir, David William Stevens, Bradford, Manchester. 

Muir, Joseph Corbett, M.D. Camb., St. George's Infirmary, s.w. 

Muir, Robert Douglas, 286, New Cross-road. s.E. 

Muirhead, James, M.B. Durh., 69, Linskill-terrace, North ShiehU. 

Mulberger, Arthur, M.D. Munich, Munich. 

Mulkern, Hubert Cowell, 45, Godolphin-road, Shepherd's Bush. vr. 

Mulligan, Frederick AVilliam, Millbrook, Ontario, Canada. 

Mullins, Reginald Cuthbert, M.B. Birm., Cape Colony, 

MuUis, George W^illiam. 

Mulvany, John, Indian Medical Service. 

Mulvany, Joseph Archie, cjo Dr. Wolfe, Paarl, Cape Colony. 

Mulvany, Thomas Edward, M us ivell-a venue, Muswell-hill. N. 

Mumford, Wilfred George, M.B. Lend., Bath. 

Mummery, John Percy Lockhart, 10, Cavendish-place, ^v. 

Mummery, Norman Howard, Naval Medical Service. 

Mummery, Stanley Parkes, 10, Cavendish-jilace. w. 

Munday, Richard Cleveland, Naval Medical Service. 

Muncien, William Poole Henley, Ilminster, Somerset. 

Mundy, Herbert, Dui-ban, Naial. 

Munro, xVlex., M.D. Montreal, 10, Wohurn-pl., Tavistock-sq. w.c. 

Monro, Donald John, M.B. Lond., 56, Acre-lane, Brixton, s.av. 

Munro, Henry Acland, M.B. Oxf., Rushey Green, Catford. s.k. 

Munro, John May Herbert, Bath. 

Murdoch, Alan, The Oaks, Hythe, Kent. 

Murdoch, Alexander, M.B. Toronto, 6, Endsleigh-gardens. n.w. 

Muriel, Cecil Jeffery, 42, St. Giles-street, Norwich. 

Muriel, George Bertram, M.B. Camb., Whitehaven. 

Murison, Alexander Logan, 27, Welbeck-street. vr. 

Murphy, Basil Newman, Neio Brighton, Cheshire. 

Murphy, Henry Howai'd, M.D. Camb., The Barons, Twickenham. 

Murphy, James Keogh, M.D. Camb., 9, Weijmouth-street. w. 

Murphy, Jerome Joseph, Banstead Asylum, Surrey. 

Murphy, John Findon, 15, Dartmouth Park-road. N.w. 

Murphy, Thomas Charles, 28, Brunswick- square, w.c. 

Muri-ay, Charles Molteno, Tudor-cottage, Maple-road, Surbiton. 







Murray, Frederick William, Lutham-avenue^ SeafurtJi^ Liverpool. 

Murray, George, Queen Annes-mansion. s.w. 

Murray, Geo. Alfd. Everitt, M.B. Durh., Johannesburg, Sth. Africa. 

Murray, John Hanna, M.B. Loud., Indian Medical Service. 

Murray, Richard Gal way, 49, Eastbourne-terrace. "\v. 

Murray, Robert William, 15, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

Murray, Stuart, M.B. Vict., Gedlin;/, Nottingham. 

Murray, \Vm. J^erkeley. Teubur//. 

Murray- Ay usley, Johu Henry, L2ketahuna, New Zealand. 

Murrell, George Frederick, M.B. Loud., London-road, Reading. 

Mursell, Ilenr^' Temple, M.Ij. Edin., Johannesburg. 

Musgrave, Cecil Benjamin Thomas, M.D.Lond., Lifton, N. Devon. 

Muspratt, Percy Kuowles, M.B. Camb., West Dragton, Middle- 

Mussellwhite, William, Spennipnoor, Durham. 

Musson, John Orrett, f^eicester. 

Musson, William Edward Coulson, Bridge-av., Hammersmith, w. 

Mutch, Robert Samuel, M.D.Durh., Streatham. s.w. 

Mutis, Aurelio, Bucaramanga, Columbia., S. America. 

Myer, Leonard, 76, Wim pole-street, "w. 

Myers, Albert Augelo, Sanatorium, over Wells, Mendip Hills. 

Myers, BernhardElirenfried, 93, Priory-rd., WestHampstead. n.w. 

Myers, Charles Samuel, M.D. Camb., Gt. Shelford, Cambridge. 

Myers- Ward, Charles Frederick, Green Lane, Northu-ood. 

M^'ler, John William, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 

Myles, James Perceval, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Mylvagauam, Henry Bailey, o. Queen s-gate- villas, South Hack- 
ney. N.E. 

Myott, Edgar Coningsby, M.D. Lond., Sidmouth-av en ue, Newcastle. 

Myrtle, George Yule, Harrogate. 

Naden, John Bassett, 111, Liverpool-road, Warrington. 

Naesm^^tb, Donald Kilve Luttrell, Ashtead, Surrey. 

Nairn, Robert, Hastings, New Zealand. 

Naish, Albert Ernest, M.B. (Jamb., Wadsley-lane, Sheffield. 

Nail, Johu Frederick, Clayfield, Brisbane, Queensland. 

Nance, Henry Chester, Nonvich. 

Nanjapa, Codanda Apacha, 2G, Camden- street, OaJdey-sq. N.w. 

Nanji, Ratanji Manclierji, First Avenue, Durban, Natal. 

Nankivell, Austin Threlfall, M.B. Lond., 161, Auckland-road, 
Ujijter Noricood. s.i-;. 

Nankivell, Bertram Wright, West Cliff-road, Bournemoutli. 
fNariman, Sorab, 117, Hornby-road, Bombay. 

Nash, Arthur Charles, Inirnham, Surrey. 

Nash, Charles, Horndean. 

Nash, Elwiji Harral Thomas, Barsham, Beccles. 

Nash, Lorimer Gilford, Baldoch, Herts. 

Nash, Walter Gifford, Bedford. 

Nathan, Edward Albert, M.D. Lond., Johannesburg. South Africa. 

* Formerly Ward, Charles Frederick Myers, 
t Formerly Nariman, Sorabji Karsedji. 


1901 I Nathan, Sidney Herbei't, 50, Harriiujton-riardens. s.w. 

1902 I Nattle, Harold Rundle Fitz, Mqfeteng, Basittoland, S. Africa. 

1894 Nattle, AVilliam Robert, Basutoiand, South Africa. 
1900 Navarra, Norman, 51, Upper Bedford-place. "W.C. 

1889 Nay lor, Joseph, Tipton-green. 

1890 Naylor, William Roebuck, Wallington, Surrey. 

1899 Na'z, Jean Baptiste Charles Octave, Port Louis, Mauritius. 

1904 Neal, Frank, M.B. Toront., Walton, Ontario, Canada. 

1891 Neal, James, 610, Coventry-road, Small Heath, Birmingham. 
„ Neale, Benjamin Gabriel. Tickenham Xailsea, Somerset. 

1905 NTealor, William Steward, Hoj/al Army Medical Corps. 

1881 Neatby, Edwin Awdas, M.D. Brussels, 82, Wimpole-street. w. 

1904 Neatby, Thomas Miller, Manningham, Bradford. 

1906 Neave, Lionel Uigby, Middlewich, Cheshire. 

1902 Nedwill, Courteney'Llewellyu, M.B. Camb., Christchurch, New 
„ Needham, Richard Arthur, M.B. Vict., Didsbury, Manchester. 
,, Neil, James Uardie, M.B. New Zealand, Auckland, Xew Zealand. 

1905 Neil, Reginald Cavan, Brentford. 

1907 Neil. William Fulton, M.B. New Zealand, 4, Endsleigh-gardens. 


1902 Neil, William Herbert, 64, Churchfield-road, Acton, w. 

1906 Neild, Frederic Miller, M.B. Loud., St. Thomas Hospital, Albert 

Emhankment. s.E. 

1889 Neill, Balfour, M.D., Brussels, 9, Victoria-road, Kensington, w. 

1903 Nelig-an, Anthony Richard, M.D. Lond., Teheran, Persia. 

1892 Nellen, George Frederick Marshall, 9, Clifton-road, Brighton. 

1890 Nelson, Harry Augustus de Beauvoir, 217, Barking-road. e. 

1908 Nelson, Malcolmsou Knox, 42, Bargery-road, Cutford. s.e. 

1888 ; Nelson, William Bremnei', Wallingford. 

1900 I Nelson, William Ernest, Henley-in-Arden, Warwickshire. 

1901 I Nesfield, Vincent Blumhardt, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Nesham, Robert Anderson, 12, Ellison-place, Newcastlc-on-Tyne. 

1889 Xettleship, Philip Lafout, Krugersdorp, South Africa. 

1901 Neville, Thomas Crofts, 346, Upper Richmond-road, Putney, s.w.. 
1903 New, John Sherwood, 35, Harrington Square. N.w. 

1895 I Newbald, Clement Arthur, 25, Park-sireet, Macclesfield. 
Newby, Charles Henry, llfracombe. 
Newby, Gervase Edward, 12, Addi^comhe-road, Croydon. 

*Newcombe, James Kivelle, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Canada.. 
Newham, Hugh Basil Greaves, The Dingle, Liverpool. 
Newingf.on, Charles Wilmott Henderson, Edenbi-idge. 
Newiugton, Frank Enefer, Rock Ferry, Birkenliead. 
Newland, Clive, M.B. Adel., Adelaide, South Australia. 
Newlaud, Edward Oriel, Cjonanible, New South Wales. 
Xewlaud, Henry Simpson, 6, Gore-road, Victoria-park. e. 
Newling, Harry Tudor, Paignton. 
Newman, Charles, Cheltenham-road, Bristol. 
Newman, Ernest Alan Robert, M.D. (Jamb., Indian Medical Service. 


* Formerly Newcombe, James. 


Newman, Herbert Robert Cambridge, M.B. Dm'h., 150, Welh- 
roady Knowle, Bristol. 

Newman, Jolin Campiii, M.B. Caml)., Bishop Stortford. 

Newmarcli, Bernard James, North Sydney, Neiv South Wales. 

Newnham-Davis, Robert, 19, Greville-road, Kilhurn. N.w. 

Newport, Alexander Charles William, Naval .]fedical Service. 

Newport, Harry MacGregor, Alverstoke, Gosport. 

Newton, Arthur Charles Duncan, Woodside Grove, North 
Finchley. n. 

Newton, Francis Morley, Wansford. 

Newton, Henry William, Chelmsford. 

Newton, Herbert William, Feltham. 

Newton, Isaac, Tonhridfje. 

Newton, Reginald Frederick Henry, Balcombe, Sussex. 

Newton, Robert Earle, Penh, West Australia. 

Newton, William Henr}', M.B. Camb., 3.5, High-street, Wimble- 
don, s.w. 

Nichol, Frank Edward, M.B. Camb., Margate. 

Nicholas, Cecil Francis, B utter woi-th, Straits Settlements. 

Nichol 1, Ernest Edward, Billinghay^ Lincoln. 

Nicholls, Francis John, M.B. Camb., Eltham, Kent. 

Nicholls, Harry Williams, Coed Celyn, DolgeUy. 

Nicholls, Henry Cecil, 128, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde Park. w. 

Nicholls, James, M.D. St. Andr., St. Columb, Cornwall. 

Nicholls, John Michael, St. Ives, Cornwall. 

Nicholls, Percival Thomas, Naval Medical Service. 

Nicholls, S^'duey Richard, 23.5, Leytonstone-road. E. 

Nichols, Herbert George, Burton-on-Trent. 

Nichols, William Robson, 30, Kep pel-street, Russell-square. w.C. 

Nicholson, Arthur, M.B. Lond., Brunswick-square, Brighton. 

Nicholson, Charles, Morley-sireet, Bradford, York. 

Nicholson, Charles Rowley, Naval Medical Service. 

Nicholson, Edgar, Fenny Stratford. 

Nicholson, Edmund Custis, 4, Peafield, Blackrock, co. Dublin. 

Nicholson, Guy Berners, Hull. 

Nicholson, James Edward, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Nicholson, John, 96, Harehills-avenue, Leeds. 

Nicholson, Mark Alleyne, 12, Grove-court, Dray ton-gar dens, S. 

1906 Nicholson, Roger Brighouse, West Didsbury, Manchester. 
1894 I Nicholson, Thos. Goddard, M.B. Lond., Marlow. 
1896 I Nicholson, Tom Marshall, 293, Ronnd/iay-road, Leeds. 

1902 S\cho\son,W\\\\a.m,12S, Queen-street, Cardiff. 
1896 ; Nicol, Alexander Campbell, High-street, Glossop. 
1899 I Nicol, Burton Alexander, Ramsgate. 

1904 • Nicol, Hamish, Harlston, Norfolk. 

1896 1 Nicol, William Percy, M.B. Lond., Mount Ayliff, Cape Colony. 

1904 I Nicolas, John Papa, 17, Harp-lane. e.c. 

1903 I Nicoll, Charles Vere, 30, Ivema-court, Kensington, w. 
1878 Nicoll, Thomas Vere, 4, Collingham, South Kensington, s.w. 
1906 I Nightingale, Henry John, M.B. Lond., Kingston-on-Thames. 








*Nig'hting'ale, Samuel Shore, Matlock. 
Nihill, John Edward, M.D. Durh., Jlelhourne, Australia. 
Ximmo, Frank Hatton, Naval Medical Sei-vicc. 
Xiramo, Wilfrid Cowan, Westminster Hospital, s.w. 
Xitch, Cyril Alfred Rankin, M.B. Lond., 69, Harlerj-street. w. 
Xison, Arthur Percival, Aintree, Liverpool. 
Nixon, Edward John, Worcester, Cape of Good Hope. 
Nixon, John, Cleethorpes, Grimsbi/. 
Noad, Henry Garden, Ealing Dean. w. 
Noall, William Payuter, M.B. Lond., Club Chambers, York. 
Noble, Frank Stanley. M.D. Brussels, 96, Kinrjs-road, Brighton. 
Noble, Hugh Percy, M.B. Lond., 24a, Portland-place, w. 
Noble, Joseph William, Cairo, Egijpt. 
Nock, William Wilson, Claverley, Wolverhampton. 
Nockols. JIumphrey, M.B. Lond., Ballards-lane, Finchley. N. 
Nodes, John Dickinson Sydenham, Worthing. 
Noke, Frank Herbert, M.B. Lond., East Hages House, Bath. 
Nolan, Rupert Henry, Banstead Asylum, Sutton, Surrey. 
Noon, Leonard, Farnccmbe, Godalming. 
Norburn, Albert Edward. M.D. Lond., Oklfield Park, Bath. 
Norbnry, Lionel Edward Close, M.B. Lond., St. Thomas's Hospital. 


Norburj, William, 12, Moreton Gardens, S. Kensington, w. 

Norcott, William Boyle, Carshalton, Surrey. 

Norgate, Robert Henry, Fishponds, Bristol. 

Norman, Alexander Stewart, Havant. 

Norman. Frederick, 5. Hulland-road, Brixton, s.w. 

Norman, George, M.B. Durh.. Buckhurst Hill, Essex. 

Norman, Joseph Clement Arthur, Hadleigh, Suffolk. 

Norman, Ralph, M.D. Lond., St. Andrew's, Northampton. 

Norman, Reginald Leslie, 26, Walton-street, s.av. 

Norman, Richard Henry, 286, Upper-street, Islington. N. 

Norman, Thomas, Guy's Hoqntal. s.e. 

Norrington, Henry h^^v^YenceV^ eeks. Boy al Army Medical Corps. 

Norris, Arthur Ernest, East Harling, Norfolk. 

Norris, Arthur Herbert, 14, Colet-gardens, West Kensington. "W. 

Norris, Frank Baker, M.D. Camb., Surbiton. 

Norris, George Abbott, M.D. Toronto, Markham, Canada ^yest. 

Norris, George Hugh, 1, Bedford-place, Gateshead-on-Tyne. 

Norris, Hugh Leigh, Naval Medical Service. 

Nortli, Charles, M.B. New Zealand, Chandpur, E. Bengal. 

North, Donald, 4, Eslaforde, Rotherham. 

North, Herbert, 139, Boudenell-road, Leeds. 

Northcote, Percy, M.B. Lond., 101, Jermyn-street. av. 

Northcott, John Ford, M.D. Lond., Park Hosp., Hither Green, s.e. 

Norton, Edgar Lionel Robert, M.B. Lond., St. John's Hospital, 

Lewisham. s.e, 
Norton, Edward, ]\LD. Abei'd., Capel Lodge, Folkestone. 
Norton, Everitt Edward, Lifrmary, Isleworth. 

* Formerly Shore-Smith, Samuel. 




1 901 




Norton, Frank Arthur, Savlamar, Jamnvd, IJ.WJ. 

Norton, Henry Harvey, 87, Kenninglnn-park-roail. s.E. 

Norton, John Chalmers, Balsa// Heath, Birming/iam. 

Noi'ton, Ritchie Robinson, 35, Broad-lane, South I'ottenham. N. 

Nothwang'er, Roheit Georg-e, M.H. Camb., Newcastle-on-Tjjne. 

Nolt, Arthui" Ilolbrook, M.13. Dnrh., Lndian Medical Service. 

Nott, Ilerbert Walter, Little Sutton, Chester. 

Nonrse, Stuart Christopher Myng-.s, I^uf/bi/. 

Novis, Thomas Shepherd, Indian J^fedical Service. 

Nowell, AV alter Salmon, 18, Stratford-place, w. 

Noyes, Alexander Wellesley Finch, Me/bonrne, Australia. 

Noyes, Fredk., M.D. W'est. UnW. Ontario, Clieveleij, Newmarket. 

Noyes, Harry Francis Golding',M.B. Camb., Buc/churst Hill, Essex. 

Noyes, Henry, M.D. Toronto, Chevelejj, NewmarkcA. 

Nunes, Herbert FitzStephen,l,i4///ar</«'n y-lane, Wandsworth, s.w 

Nunez, Daniel, Costa Rica. 

Nium, Gerald, Guii's Hospital. s.E. 

Nunn, James Henry Francis, Upper Tooting, s.w. 

Nuun, John Wilfi'ed, Hadley-green, Barnct. 

Nunn, Philip William Gowlett, BouraemoutJi. 

Nunneley, Fredk. Pitcairn, M.D. Oxf., Ehtree, Herts. 

Nunuerlej'', Phillip Jebb, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 

Nuthall, Alex Watlien, M.B. Birm , 89, Cornwall-st., Birmingham. 

Nuthall, Ernest Edwin Tallent, M.B. Lond., Christ Church-road., 

Nuthall, Robert Lothian Scratchley. 

Nutt, Harold Rother}', M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Nuttall, Arthur Peel, M.D. Lond., Mancliester-road, Bury, 

Nuttall, Charles Dalley, L^ondon-road, St. Alban^s. 

Nuttall, Walter Wing-tield, Lo/kestone. 

Nutting, Philip Henry, St. Kilda, Melbourne, A ustralia. 

Nyulasy, Arthur John, Perth, Western Australia. 

Oakeley, Arthur Eckle}", 86, Selwyn Avenue, Chingford. 

Oakley, George Gardner, 196, Pellon-lane, Halifax. 

Gates, James Christopher, Bampton, Own. 

O'Brien, Arthur Boniface, M.D. Lond., Christchurch, New Zealand. 

O'Brien, Charles William, 58, Denbigh-street, s.w. 

O'Brien, James Mattliew, Ledesma, Jujny, Argentina. 

O'Brien, Philip Kenned^-, Asylum, New Norfolk, Tasmania. 

Ockwell, Charles Melton, 1, Hig/i-slreet, Cray ford, Kent. 

O'Connor, Francis William, 3, Alexander House, St. Marys- 
terrace, Paddington. w. 

O'Connor, Richard -Dominic, 2, Alexander House, St. Mary's- 
terrace, Paddington. av. 

Odell, Robert, Hertford. 

Odgers, Paul Norman Blake, Northampton. 

O'Dowd, John Austin, ]\I.B. Lond., Netlierton, Dudley. 

Ofenheim, Ernst Ritter, M.D. Leipzig, 36, Weymouth-street. w. 

O'Ferrall, Edward French, 358, Cold/iarbour-lane, Brixton, s.w. 

O'Flaherty, Austin Romuald, Royal Army Medical Corps. 


1894 I O'Flanag'an, Martiu Joseph, 94:, Alexandra-road, Manchester. 

1895 Ogden, Ogden Watson, M.D. Darh., Newcastle-on-Ty ne. 
1888 I Og-ilvie, Fergus Meiiteith, M.B. Camb., Oxford. 

1897 I Ogilvie, James, Crawley, Sussex. 

1888 I Og-le, John Gilbert, M.D. Oxf., Reigate. 

1906 ' Ogle-Skan, Heury William, St. Johns V icarage, Hendun. N.w. 

1877 O'Grady, William Fitz'vvilliam, Swinton, Manchester, 

1895 O'Hea, James Patrick, M.B. LodcI., Catford. s.e. 

1899 O'Hea, John, Naval Medical Service. 

1890 Ohlmils, Walter Theodore, Ceylon. 

1886 Okell, John Bathurst, 2, Magdala-road, Nottingham. 
1888 O'Kinealy, Frederick, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Old, Joseph Edg-ar Sydney, M.D. Brussels, Blantyre, British 

Central Africa. 

1891 Oldersha-.v, George, 202, County-road, Walton, Liverpool. 

1897 Oldfield, Josiah, Bromley, Kent. 

1888 Oldham, Benjamin Curwen, Indian Medical Service. 

1889 I Oldham, George Frederick, Langton Green., Kent. 
„ ; O'Leary, Arthur Price Evelyn. 

1894 I O'Leary, Elystau Glodrydd Evelyn, Naval Medical Service. 

1889 j Olive, Eustace John, M.D. Camb., Leamington. 

1908 Oliver, Arthur Cardellj 38, Ravenscourt-park-mansions, Ham- 
mersmith, w. 

1887 Oliver, Charles Pye, M.D. Lond., Maidstone. 

1888 Oliver, George Henry, 28, Peel-square, Bradford. 
1885 Oliver, John, Sydney, New South Wales. 

1891 Oliver, John Percy, Fenarth. 

1894 Oliver, Leonard William, Ropley, Alresford, Hants. 

1906 Oliver, Matthew William Baillie, St. George s Hospital, s.w 
„ Oliver, Norman Henry, 63, Whitbred-road, Brockley. s.e. 

1887 Oliver, Stuart, c/o Crown Agents, Whitehall-gardens, s.av. 

1883 Oliver, Vere Langford, Sunninghill. 

1900 Olivey, John Michael Abraham, Poole, Dorset. 

1891 Olive}', William James, Braidwood, New South Wales. 
1908 Ollerenshaw, Robert, M.B. Vict, Glossop. 

1907 Ollerhead, Henry Sandford, HiUhury, Minehead, Somerset. 

1902 Ollerhead, Thomas Hamilton, HiUbury, Minehead, Somerset. 

1901 i Olsen, Alfred Berthier, M.D. Mich., The Hydro, Caterham Valley. 

1895 Olver, Richard Sobey, St. Austell. 

1892 Olver, Thomas, Crown-hill, South Devon. 

1895 O'Malley. Edward Dominic Joseph, Naval Medical Service. 

19ul , O'Meara, Eugene John. Indian Medical Service. 

,. j Ommanuey, Francis Montagu Maxwell, 42, Kidbrook-park- 
road. S.E. 

1907 ! O'Neill, Arthur, Crathorne, Teignmouth, S. Devon. 

1901 i O'Neill, Bernard Price, 17, Ravenscourt mansions. Hammersmith, w. 

1903 ; O'Neill, Eugene Joseph, M.B. New Zealand, Dunedin, New 


1898 I O'Neill, Gordon, Chin-ivang-tao, China. 

„ O'Neill, Thomas, M.B. Vict., 241. Blackburn-road, Bolton. 

1908 Onslow-Ford, Max, 62, Acacia-road. n.w. 


1904 Oponheim, Ernest Hitter von, M.D. Leipzig-, 40, Jhn'tmovth-roio, 

Jilacklicatli. S.E. 

1890 Opensbaw, Edward Hyde, Cheddar, Sainerset. 

1884 Opensbaw, Thomas Ilorrocks, M.B. Durli., C.M.G., IG, Wimpole- 
street. Av. 

1899 Opzoomer, William, M.D. Montreal, Montreal, Canada. 

1905 Oram, Evelyn Henry Bardens, M.B. Lond., Bromley-park, 

Bromley, Kent. 

1884 Oram, Peicy Sprag-uo, Rochdale-road, Manchester. 

1878 Oram, Richard Rundell Wm., Bolinghroke-grove^ Wandsicorth. 


1884 Orchard, Alfred, Ashhy-de-la-Zouch. 

1907 Orchard, Harry Percival, llo, Jioseber//-road, Musivell Hill. N. 

1887 Ord, George AViliinm, 58, Queen'' s-road, liichmond, Surrey. 

1893 Ord, Reginald Whistler, Dover. 

1888 Ord, William Theophilus, Bovrnemonth. 

1891 Ord-Mackenzie, Stuart Allan, Midf/havi, Reading. 

1904 O'Reilly, Brefney Rolph, M.D. Toronto, 294, Sumach-street, 

Toronto, Canada. 

1894 Orella, Fermin Ralph, Santa Barbara, California, U.S.A. 

1900 Orford, Herbert John, M.B. Birm., Klerlsdorp, Transvaal. 
1883 Orford, John, Pontefract. 

1 890 Orford, Robert James, Sutton Coldjield, Birmingham. 

1900 Orford, Thomas Christian, Grenada., Wef;t Indies. 

1891 Orisadipe, Obasa ; of Ikija, Lagos, West Africa. 

1905 Orlebar, Jeffiey Alexander Amherst, M.B. Camb., Glencarse, 


1899 Orme, Gilbert Edward, M.B. Camb., Z.oi(;^eW, Clitheroe. 
1894 Orme, William Bryce, Taiping, Perak., Malay States. 

1888 Ormerod, Charles Evelyn, M.D. Brussels, Burgess Hill, Sussex. 

1894 Ormerod, Ernest Wm., Southam, Warivick. 

1895 Ormerod, Ernest William, M.D. Camb., Wimborne. 

1889 Ormerod, Henry Lawrence, M.D. Roy. Univ.,Irel., Westbury-on- 

Trym, Bristol. 

1896 Ormond, Arthur William, 37, Queen Anne-street. Av. 

1898 Ormond, James Service, M.D. Glasg., 3falvern, Melbourne, 

1 901 Ormond, Sidney Jas., M.D. Loud., Leatherhead. 

1890 Orr, Frederic Lay ton, M.D. Lond. 

1891 Orr, John, M.D. Ediu., 1, Rillhank-crescent, pAlinburgh. 

1900 Orr, Vivian Bernard, M.B. Melb., 28, Loicndes-strcet. &.^y. 

1892 Orr, Walter Hood, C.I.E., Indian Medical Service. 
„ OrtleY)}!, Alhevt James, Rnyton, Transvaal. 

1905 Orton, Douglas Catterall Leyland, St. Helen's. 

J 901 Orton, George Harrison, M.B. Camb.. 07, Upper Berkelcy-st. w. 

1893 Orton, John, M.D. Birm., Coventry. 

1900 Orton, Lionel Edward, Congreve House, Bedivorth, Nuneaton. 

1902 Orton, Loraine, 'Tlie Broadxcay., Crouch End. N. 

1906 Orton, William Hunt, 7, Cavqid en-hill-road, Kensington. ^^'. 
„ Orton, William Stuart, 14, College-road, Brighton. 

1890 Osborn, Edward Collet, Tooting Graveney. s.w. 


1892 Osborn, Francis Arthur, Dover. 

1898 Osborne, Albert, Norihjield House, I/fracombe. 

1890 Osborne, Frank, Bexhil/, Sussex. 

1898 Osborne, Harry, M.D. Vict., Toivn Hall, Salford. 

1889 Osborne, Oswald, Bexldll, Sussex. 

1898 Osborne, Richard Sidney, Naval Medical Service. 

1902 Osburn, Arthur Carr^ Itoyal Army Medical Corj)S. 

1889 Osburn, Harold Burgess, cjo Messrs. Arher 4' Lewis, 11, Old 
Jewry-cliamhers. E,c. 

1887 Osmond, Edward Bartram, Pontejract. 

1900 Ostheimer, Alfred James, M.D, Pennsylvania, Philade/jjlua, Fa., 


1895 O'Sullivan, Daniel, 37, Duncan-terrace, Islington, n. 

1907 Oulton, Ernest Vivian, Gateacre, Liverpool. 

1905 Ouranofski, Vladimir Nikolaevitch, Russian Consulate, TAverpool. 

1891 Ouston, Thomas George, 1, Saville-place., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

1899 Outred, Charles Deane, Grays, Essex. 

1888 Ovens, Thomas, Arkona, Canada. 

1903 Overy, Harry, 30, Harley -street, w. 

1908 Owen, Albert Harold, Upper Bagnor, ISf. Wales. 

1894 Owen, Arthur Deaker, Hampton, Middlesex. 

1895 Owen, Arthur Dunley, Barrydale. Sivellendani, Cape Colony. 

1900 Owen, Arthur James, 205, London-road, West Croydon. 

1889 Owen, Charles Arthur, Lahore, Punjab, India. 

1874 Owen, Charles William, C.M.G., CLE., Bengal Army. 

1888 Owen, Harold Edward. Upper Wanganui, Neiv Zealand. 

„ Owen, John Lewis, Holyhead, Anglet^ey, N. Wales. 

1882 Owen, John Morgan, Fishguard, Pembroke. 

1888 Owen, John Vaughau, Llanidloes. 

1898 Owen, Lanyou Edward, 28a, Moorgate-street. e.c. 

1886 Owen, Samuel Walshe, 10, Shepherd's Bush-road. w, 

1904 Owen, Sydney Arthur, M.B. Camb., 50, Harrington-gardens, s.w. 

1893 Owens, Isaac Edward, Wavertree, Liverpool. 

1895 Owles, Oscar AVilliam, Beccles. 

1898 Owsley, George Chetwode, 5, ]\lontpelier-row, Blackheath. s.e. 
1888 Oxley, Frederick John, 1. Dock-street, i;. 

1899 Oxley, James Charles Stewart, Indian Medical Service, 

1897 Oxle3% William Henry Francis, Wd, East India Dock-road. k. 

1881 Ozanne, Frederic Newell, Victoria-avenue, Harrogate. 

1888 Ozzard, Fairlie Russell, Indian Medical Service. 

1893 Pace, Harold Everett, M.B. Lond., High-road, Leyton. n.e. 

1906 Packe, George Garfield, M.B. Camb., 15, Harley-street. Av. 

1894 Packer, Harry Dixon, Iloyal Army Medical Corps. 
1878 Packer, William Herbert, M.D. Bi"ussels, Shrewsbury. 
1888 Padbury, George John, ^[.B. Lond., Axminster. 

1880 Paddle, James Isaac, M.D. Loud., Rose-hill, Mauritius. 

1900 Paddock, Thomas Danily, Bootle, Liverpool. 
1865 Paddon, George. 

1893 Padmore, Gordon, 100, Denbigh-street, s.av. 

1896 Padwick, John Cayle}^, East Castle, Bridgnorth. 
1885 Page, Alfred Matthew, Naval Medical Service. 





1 1104 


Page, Alg-ernoii Fountain, ITniili'iia-cottnge, Noriiich. 

Page. Cecil Herbert Winter, M.D.Cainb.,//6'?,i7/K/m-co«<c///e, Noricich. 

Page, Charles Max. M.B. Lond., 4, Cdrliik-mam^iong, Chelsta. s.w. 

Page, Edward Ferdinand, M.H. Pirni., Solihull., JJiriinitf//iam. 

Page, Fredk. AVni. Tudor, Georr/e-^ireet, Brisbane, Qiieeaslaud. 

Page, Harry Marmaduke, M.D. J3rus.sels, 14, Grmville-pl. s.w. 

Page, John Howard Le Bouverie, Naval Medical Service. 

Page, Walter Thomas, 74, Compton-street, Clerkenwell. k.c. 

Page, William Sidney, M.H. Loud., Midhurst. 

Pagen, Wilfrid Robert, 20, Eastern-road, Romford. 

Paget, Charles Edward, County Hall, Northampton. 

Paget, Peter, Tenter den, Kent. 

Paget, Tom Lakin, Taranaki, New Zealand. 

Paget, AValter Gray, Waddon-road, Croydon. 

Pain, Alfred, 146, New Kent-road, s.e. 

Pain, Arthur, 2i^, Sutton-t-treet, Durham. 

Pain, Basil Hewitt, M.B. Camb., Leatherhead. 

Pain, Francis, Allora, Queensland. 

Paine. Ernest Wm. Mynall, Royal Ai-my Medical Corps. 

Paine, Frederick, Claybnry Asylum, Woodjord Bridye, Essex. 

Paine, William Henry, 10, Havergal-viUas. Green-lanes. N. 

Painton, George Richard, Royal Army Medical Corps, Alders hot. 

Pakes, Albert Ernest Hardman, Belfast, Transvaal. 

Pakes, Walter Charles, M. Hospital, .Johannesburg. 

Paley, Fredk. John, M.D. Lond., Hove, Briyhton. 

Paley, William Edmund, M.B. Durham. 

Paley, William Xormau Awdry, Eumore House, Durand-yardens, 

Stock widl. s.w. 
Palgrave, Edward Francis, Pitshanyer-road, Ealiny. av. 
Palin, Edward Watson, M.B. Oxf., Fukenham, Norfolk. 
Paling, Albert, M.B. Lond., Burton-o7i-Trent. 
Pallant, Hubert Arnold, 120, Harley-street, Maidenhead. 
Pallant, Santiago Luis, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Palmer, Ambrose Henry, Barton-under-Needivood, Burton-on- 

Palmer, Arthur Aubrey, Elizabeth-street, Sydney, New South 

Palmer, Arthur Ernest, Louyhhorovyh. 
Palmer, Basil Henry, Guy's Hospital. S.E. 
Palmer, Cadwallader Edwards, Kepier, Wind)ledon-park. s.w. 
Palmer, Charles Ambi-ose, Old Whittinyton, Chesterfield. 
Palmer, Charles John Linton, 24, Rock-park, Ruckferry, Cheshire. 
Palmer, Charles Spencer, Station-road, Red Hill. 
Palmer, George Edward, Westport, co. Mayo. 
Palmer, Harold Thornbury, Barton-under- N eedwood. Burton-on- 

Palmer, Horace Kemp, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Palmer, James Foster, 8, Royal-avenue, Chelsea, s.w. 
Palme)", John, Snodland, Rochester. 

Palmer, Percy Allan, 1, Cyril-mansions, Battersea. s.w. 
Palmer, Ralph Herbert. 


1903 j Palmer, Russell Edwards, Rnchestev. 

1892 Palmer, William Mortlock, M.B. Diirh., Linton, Camhridgeshire. 
1879 Palmer, William Pitt, M.D. Durh., Torquay. 

1897 Palser, John Edward Ford, Victoria Crescent, Sonthsea. 
1900 Panckridge, William Panckridg-e, Petersjield. 

1882 I Paniotv. John Emanuel, 19, Roi/d-street, Calcutta, India. 

1902 I Pank, Ilarold William, Market Rasen. 

1893 j Pantin, Chas. Satchell, M.D. hon(\.., Douglas, Isle of Man. 
189-1 1 Panting, dharles Henry, 675, ///^r/i-ro^fi, /^c_y^o«, x.e. 
1890 t Panting, John, Watton, Norfolk. 

1908 j Panton, Kenneth Douglas, M.B., Toronto, Milton West, Ontario. 

1903 Panton, Philip Noel, M.B. Camb., .S/. TAomos'5 i7o57«7"/, s.e. 
1874 . Parakh, Dhaujisha Xavroji, Indian Medical Service. 

1908 j Parakh, Framrose Katansha, M.B. Vict., 7, Great St. Helens, e.g. 

1900 Paramore, Richard Horace, M.D. Lond., 2, Gordon-square, w.c. 

1905 Paramore, William Erasmus, M.B. Camb, 2, 6^o?'Jon-s5'»/o?-e. w.c. 
1902 I Parbury, Frederic Denis, 26, Ditchling-road, Brigliton. 

1901 ' Parbury, Walter Ke}', Sharnbrook, Bedfordshire. 

„ Pardhy, Krishna .\loreshwar, Roijal Cornwall Infirni'irij, Truro. 

1895 Pardoe. John George, M.B. Aberd., 77, Wimpole-strect. w. 

1898 Pares, Basil, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1896 Parfitt, Charles Daniel, London, Canada. 

„ Parfitt, John Brodribb, 179, King'' s-road, Reading. 

1907 Paris, Robert Colin, 25, Beaucltamp-road, Claphani. s.w. 

1874 Park, John Steele, Cranhourne, Victoria, Australia. 

1894 Park, William Charles Cunningham, Hither-green, Lewisham. s.e. 
1900 Park, Wihiam Hodgson, 8, Victoria-place, Carlisle. 

1904 Pai-ker, Christopher, The Veterinary College, Glasgow. 
,, Parker, Frederick Henry, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 

1887 Parker. Frederick William, Naral Medical Service. 

1889 Parker, George Dines, M.B. Loud., 131, Comtcall-rd., Lambeth, s.e. 
1877 Parker, George Roger, Lancaster. 

1899 ' Parker, Herbert Francis, M.D. Camb., Waterdm-road, Guildford. 

1906 j Parker, Jefferj^ Wimperis, 33, Sinclair-rd., \V. Kensington, s.w. 

1897 ' Parker, Lionel Edmund Longworth, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1896 I Parkei', Robert Derwent, M.D. Camb., Caledon, South Africa. 
1871 I I'arker, Walter Augustus, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1886 Parker, William, 10, Tollington-park, Holloway. n. 

1888 I Parkin, Alfred, M.D. Lond., 24, Albion-street, Hull. 

1906 Parkinson, George Singleton, Corston, near Bristol. 

1907 Parkinson, John, M.B. Lond., 13, ^aZ/brcZ-^^ree^, Grafton-street. e. 

1895 Parkinson, AValter George, Standerton, Transvaal. 

1897 I Parkinson, William, North Otterington Vicarage, Northallerton. 

1908 Paruell, Roderick Joseph Graham, 5, xlldridge-road-villas, 

Bayswater. w. 

1899 Parrett, Edward Erratt, Thn-ne, Doncaster. 

1892 Parrott, Albert George, 31, Szechuen-road, Shanghai, China. 
1871 Parrott, Edward John, Hayes Middlesex. 

1900 Parrott, Hugh McDowall, M.B. Loud., 100, South-side, Clapham 

Common. s.AV. 

1902 Parrott, John Xorman, Hayes, Middlesex. 


1884 PaiTott, Thomas Godfrey, M.D. Diirh., Aylcshunj. 

1888 Parry, Albert Alexander, JNI.B. ^Mell)., lloclcliampton, Queensland. 

189!^) Parry. Edward James, Hurxtpierpoint, Hassocks. 

1904 Parry. Evan Williams, IVI.B. Lend., 3, Wickham-terrace, 

Brisb<iiie^ Qiieeiis/and. 

1890 Parry. Henry Jules, D.S.O., M.B.Durh., Roijal Army Medical Coi-j)s. 

1884 Parry, Herbert Lloyd. 

1894 Parry, Leonard Arthur, ]M.D. Lond., 83, Church-road, Hove. 


1882 Parry, Robert, M.B. Lond., Carnarvon. 

1892 Parry, Thomas Wilson, M.D. Caml)., Belmont, Crouch End. x. 

1886 Parry, William Thomas, Toronto, Canada. 

1898 Parsons, Allan Chilcott, Clovellij, Earlswood, Surrey. 

„ Parsons, Arthur Ruscombe Crane, Royal Ann// Medical C'jrj)S. 

1887 Parsons, Charles Octavius, 189, J'ichiuond-road, Cardif. 

1903 Parsons, Edward Daniell, 47, Cottenham Park-rd., Wimbledon, s.w. 

1899 Parsons, Ernest Alsager, Livingstone, X.W. Rhodesia. 
1867 Parsons, Frederic William, Seaton, Devon. 

1888 Parsons, Frederick George, Constitutional Club, Piccadilly, w. 
1886 Parsons, Fredk. Gymer. Ex. i892, 93, 94, 95, St. Thomas's Hosp. s.e. 

1905 Parsons, Geoffrey Owen, 12, Elm-grove, Wimbledon, s.w. 
18iS9 Parsons, Qeovga G!OoAen,Westbnry, Wiltshire. 

1907 Parsons, Gerard Lyue, Loughton, Essex. 

1908 Parsons, Harold, London Hos/ntal. K. 

1885 Parsons, Harry Compton, Torrington, North Devon. 

1897 Parsons, Henry Francis, Tlie Heath, Sneyd-park, Bristol. 

1899 Parsons,John Edward Hocking', .s7«7;^()//-«?irft;r- Wychwood,Oxford. 

1891 Parsons, John Herbert. M.B. Loud., 18, Straljord-place. w. 

1903 Parsons, Leonard Gregory, M.D. Lend., Parley, Surrey. 

1898 Parsons, Walter Brock, 29, Queen Anne-street, av. 

11I02 Parsons. Wilfred, H.B.M. Considale, Busreh, Persian Gulf. 

1907 Parsons-Smith, Basil Thomas, M.B. Lend., 58, Addiscombe-road, 


1908 Parsons-Smith, Eustace Macartney, 58, Addiscombe-rd., Croydon. 

1888 Part, John Shepley, 30, Ruth-road, Bedford-park. w. 

1896 Partridge, Lionel Sti'owd, Warminster. 

1902 Partridge, Victor Stanley, 103, Albany-road, Camberivell. s.e. 

1904 Pascoe, James Sydney, 3, The Grove, Highgate-road. x.w. 

1906 J*ask, Edward Henry Allon, M.B. Lond., Zomba, Central Africa. 
1675 Pasley, Nicholas Claude Burgoyne, Trinidad. 

1892 Passmore, John Edmund Sanders, Gainsborough. 
1894 Passmore, Joseph Ernest, Burbage, Hinckley. 

1899 Passmore, William Henry, Park Hill, Carshalton. 
1902 Patch, Burnet Graham, Royril Army Medical Cor /is. 

1893 Patch, Henry Herbert Lloyd, Hertford. 

1889 Patel, Framji Jivanji, Bombay, Lidia. 

1897 Paterson, Archibald Richard, M.D. Camb., Parkstone. Dorset. 

1890 Paterson, George William, Grenada, West Indies. 
1892 Paterson, Herbert John, 9, Upper Wivipole-street. w. 

„ Paterson, Hugh Gordon, Shtfjield. 
1906 ^ Paterson, James Jenkins, M.B. Loud., 18, Talbot-strcet, Cardiff. 



1894 Paterson, Marcus Sinclair, M.B. Darh., Brampton Hospital Sana- 
torium, Frimley, Surrey. 
1893 I Paterson, Peter, M.B. Glasg-., 10, Sandyford-place, Glasgow. 
1908 Paterson, Robert Kerr, M.D. King-ston, Renfrew, Ontario, Canada. 

1901 Paterson, Thomas Wm. Staniforth, M.B.Camb., ^2,Holland-pk. av- 

1902 Paterson, William Fergus, Wakari, Dunedin, New Zealand. 

1907 Patey, Walter, M.B.'Loud., Norfolk Hospital, Norwich. 
1877 Patmore, Tennyson Deig'hton, 16, Finsbmif-circus. e.g. 

1901 Paton, James Scott, Rochester. 

1902 Paton, Leslie Johnston, 1, Spanish-place, w. 

1892 Paton, Roderick Mclver, Glen Eldon-road, Streatham. s.av. 

1908 I Patrick, Norman Colum, 25, Bernard-street, Itussell-square. 

1880 Patten, Charles Arthur, Marpool House, Ealing, w. 

1901 Patten, Stephen Kerr, 72, Dale-street, Boston JIass., U.S.A. 

1891 Patterson, Charles Sumner, MB. Edin., High-street, Lambourn. 
1879 Patterson, George Henry, Town Hall, Ulverston. 

1889 *Pattin, Harry Cooper, M.D. Camb., Norwich. 
1900 ' Pattison, Albert John, Goodmayes, Ilford. 
1887 i Paul, Arthur Edmund, 463, Harrow-read. av. 

1873 i Paul, Frank Thomas, 38, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

1886 I Paul, Georg-eWm. Fredk.,M.D.Brussels,roit'?«5j;/ZZe,iV.QMee»5/a«J. 

1890 Paul, John Ernest, M.D. Loud., Torquay. 

1900 Paul, John Frederick, 215, Isledon-ruad, Finshury Park. N. 

1889 Paul, Maurice Eden, Parkstone, Dorset. 

1900 Paul, Samuel Chelliah, M.D. Madras, 128, Gower-street. w.c. 

1893 Pauli, Edwin Henry Churton, 172, Wells-road, Bristol. 
1907 Paulin, Stanley, M.B. Toronto, Toronto. 

1892 Pauling", William Tennant, Somerset Hospital Cape Town. 
1906 Panlley, John, M.B. Lond., St. Bartholomew's Hospital, e.g. 
1870 Paulson, AVilliam, Mount Sorrel, Loughborough. 

1902 j Pavitt, Percy George, o7a, Wimpole-street. w. 

1894 Pavri, Mervanji Erachji, 70, Oakley-square, 

1890 Pawlett, Thomas Lawrance, Crookwell, New South Wales. 

1897 Payne, Alfred Ernest, 56, Melbourne-street, Leicester. 

1902 Payne, Archibald Gates, Z)«a./or(:Z, Cambridge. 

1900 Payne, Edward Melville Bruce, Sheplierdswell, Kent. 

1893 Payne, Ernest Le Fevre, Brunswick House, Kew, Surrey. 
1883 Payne, Frank Cob ham Wit ham. 

1874 Payne, Henry Peter, Tulbagh, Cape Colony. 
1899 Payne, Joseph Lewin, 44, Devonshire-street, w. 
1893 Payne, Wm. Henry, 8, Vesta-road, Brockley. s.E. 

1903 Peace, Percy Clift, Cliorlton-cum-Hardy, 3fanchester. 

1904 Peach, William Frank, 11, Bridge-avenue, Hammersmith, w. 
1903 Peachell, George Ernest, M.B, Loud., County Asylum, Chichester. 

1893 Peacock, Wm. Francis, M.D. Brussels, 289, Londou-rd., Croydon. 

1894 Pead, John Hunter, M.B. Camb., Naval Medical Service. 

1898 Peake, Arthur Edward, Northleigh, Henley-on-Thames. 
1893 Peake, Arthur Walton, Bi.'ihopston, Bristol. 

Formerly Cooper-Pattin, "Wm. Harry. 


1894 I Peake, Fredoric Eruest, 129, Cnronation-road, Bristol. 

1892 Peake, Georg-e Arthur, Alma House, Cheltenliam. 

19UU Peake, Sydney Joliii, Inharrime, via, Inharnbdne, Portuguese E, 


189') Peake, Wm. IIailand,i\r.J).Durli., l,P/a^/''s-/ane, F2'»c/i/c'/-n/. n.w. 
1887 I Peake, Vv^'illiam Pemberton, Leicester. 

1903 Peall, Perc}' Alfred, M.B. Lond., Eldorado, Lojuagundi, S. 


1878 Pearce, Charles Worth, M.D. St. Andr. 

1893 Pearce, David Arnold Chaning", M.D. Lond., Wokingham. 

1896 Pearce, Francis Henry, M.B. Camb., Madeleij Court, iShropshir*' . 

1 887 Pearce, Frank, Rose HiH-tenace, Brighton. 

1889 Pearce, Frederick William, 53, Preston-road, Brighton. 

1871 Pearce, Joseph Chaning-, M.D. Edinb., Victoria-parade, Itamsgate. 

1905 Pearce, Percival Leslie, M.B. Glasg., 512, Rochdale-road, Man- 

1900 Pearce, Thomas Massey, M.D. Lond., Bushey, Watford. 

1891 Pearman, Thomas Edward Allaway, 81, Ililljield-av., Hornseii. x. 

1907 Pearn, Oscar Phillips Napier, West Herts Hospital, Hemel Hemp- 

1888 Pearse, Albert, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

188G Pearse, Arthur William, *S7. Thomas's Hospital. s.E. 

1890 Pearse, Athol Stewart Joseph, M.B. Camb., 110, Cathedral-road, 


1899 Pearse, Edward Mountjoy, Zisl-eorcZ. 

1891 Pearse, Herbert Henry, Naval Medical Service. 

1895 Pearse, Joseph Steele, 153, Union-street, Plymouth. 

1889 Pearse, Robert Edward Franklyu, Jagcrsfontein, South Africa. 

1897 Pearse, William Henry, Naval Medical Service. 

1 900 Pearson, AJlan Campbell, M.B. Camb., Borstal, Rochester. 

1901 Pearson, Arthur, M.B. Lond., 28, Woodcille-gardens, Ealing. \\. 
1907 Pearson, Dudley' Garencieres, Spennithorne. Barrow-in-Fvrness. 

1896 Pearson, Francis James, Owston Ferry, Lines. 
1886 Pearson, George Kenneth. 

1890 Pearson, Harry Beason Allen, V/andsivorth Common, s.w. 
1886 Pearson, Heslop Laird, Bay House, Holt Hill, Birkenhead. 
1888 Pearson, James, 83, Merton-road, Bootle, Liverpool. 

1903 Pearson, John Douglas, Greville Lodge, Cheltenham. 

1904 Pearson, John Sidney, M.D. Camb., 27, A^ew Cavendish-st. w. 

1905 Pearson, John Sydney, Cec27i/o?/se, Westwood-rd., Sydenham, s.E. 
1895 Pearson, Maurice Grey, M.B. Lond., Durban, Natal. 

1890 Pearson, Reginald Spencer, Leighton Buzzard. 

1886 Pearson, Richard, M.D. Durh., 34, Brvton-street. w. 

1898 Pearson, Roland Wilfred, M.B. Durli., Arundel. 

1897 Pearson, Thomas, Park View, P<ickham Rye. s.E. 

1898 Peatson, Joseph Clarence Stanhope, 211, London -road, 


1875 Peck, Awdry, 15, East Castle, Bridgnorth. 

1900 Peck, William Edward, M.B. Lond., Wellington-square, Hastings. 

1871 Pedler, George Henry, 235, Knightsbridge. s.w. 

1888 Pedler, William Frederick, 26, Bloomsbury-street. w.c. 



1887 I Pedle}', (xeorge Aston. Winchester. 

1888 1 Pedley, Samuel Edward, 18, Peckham-road, Cambencell. s.e. 

1887 • Peeke, Harold wSamuel. Royal Armij Medical Corps. 
1898 Pegg', John Henry, Rngate. 

1888 Peg-ge, Edward Vernon, Briton Ferry. 

1898 Peile, Harry Diamond, Indian Mudical Service. 

1897 Peile, William Hall.M.D. Dubl., 28, Campden ffou-^e-conrt. w. 
1890 Peirce, Henry Ireson. 

1901 Peirce. James Arthur Lilwall, Laajley Green, Birmingham. 

1896 Pell, William, 217. Bethnal-green-road. x.k. 

1872 Pellereau, Georg-e Elie, Jraiiritius. 

1901 Pellew, Edward Irving- Powiioll, Pan, Basses Pyrenees, France. 
1904 Pellow, John Edwards, M.B. Camb., 5, High-street, Southampton. 

1907 Pemberton, Charles Arnold, 4, Endsleigh-gardens. x.w. 
1890 Penberthy, William, Wiveliscombe, Somerset. 

1 896 Pendlebury, Herbert String-fellow, M.B. Camb.. 44, Brook-st. vr. 

1889 Pendlebury, John Philip, Ormskirk. 

1896 Pendred, Berthon Fleming, Loughton, Essex. 

1902 Penfold, Fi'ed Bailey, 30, York-street, Portman-square. ^y. 

1898 Penfold, Thomas Cuuuingham, Elvaston-road, Hexham. 

1893 Pendred, Vaughan, M.D. Durh., Corentry. 
1882 Penn, John Evans, Naval Medical Service. 

1900 Penuefather, Claud Maxwell, M.B. Durh.. Harrow-on-the-Hill. 

1888 Pennell, George Herbert, M.D. Uxf., Buenos Ayres. 

1890 Pennell, Theodore Leighton, M.D. Loud., Bannu, Punjab, India. 

1902 I Pennington, Drury, M.B. Camb., Sandoivn, Isle of Wight. 

1898 Pennington, Septimus Benjamin Cullen Carter Adolphus, Arcpjle- 

road. West Ealing, w. 

1888 Penno, Francis Forbes Lanyon, Bangalore, India. 

1903 Penny, Charles Burnage, M.B. Loud., 4. Dacre Park. Black- 

heath. S.E. 

1894 Penny, Frederick Septimus, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1891 Penn}', Herbert Lloyd. N'a>-al Medical Service. 
1887 Penny, Jeremiah, Indian Medical Service. 

1902 Penny, Robert Augustus Greenwood, Littlemore Asylum, Oxford. 

1904 Penny, Sydney Gi-eenwood, Marazion, Cornwall. 

1895 Penny, William Reginald, Penny Bridge, Ulverston. Lanes. 

1899 Penrose, Arthur Wellesley, 33, Compton-terrace, Highbury, x. 

1886 Penton, Richard Hugh, Royal Army Medical Coips. 
1899 Pentreath, Herbert Massingberd, Seajord, Sussex. 

1895 Pentreath. Leonard Xorbourne, Hampton Pcyle. Kidlington. 

1880 PepJer, William Henry, 38. Mansfield-road, Haverstock-hill. n.av. 

1887 Pepler, William Herbert, M.D. Toronto, Toronto. Canada. 

1892 Perceval, Frank, County Asylum, Prestwich, Manchester. 

1908 Percival. Thomas Godfrey, Ash Grove, Knottingley, Yorks. 
1902 Pereira, George, M.B. Edinb.. 9, Duke-avenue, Musicell Hill. x.av. 

1894 Pereira, Joseph Anthony AVenceslaus, M.D. Brussels, Exeter. 
1906 Pereiria, Patrick Howaid Hennessy, M.B. Madras, 204. Hoxton- 

road. x.E. 

1902 Perkins, Eric McLeod, St. Aubins, Jersey. 

1895 Perkins, George, Sox 1, Knight, Germiston, Transvaal. 


18S0 Perkins, Geo. Chapman Steele, M.D. Edinb., 85, Wimpole-st. w. 

1890 Perkins, Henry Bowen, Staple //ill, Bristol. 

1893 Pei"kins, Henry Campbell, Trevandrum, Travaticore, India. 

1908 Perkins, Herbert Edward, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1905 Perkins, Herbert Wilberforce, //avrow. 

1900 Perkins, John Shirley Steele, M.B. (Jamb., St. Sidwells, Exeter. 
„ Perkins, Philip Meyler, Tnnbridge Wells. 

1864 Perks, Charles, Burton-on-Tvent. 

1882 Perks, Robert Howell, M.D. Brussels, Paignton. 

1885 Perks, William Cassie, Woodstock, Ontario. Canada. 

1869 Pern, Alfred, Botley, /lants. 

1895 Pern, Edgar Courtney, Droxford, /Jants. 

„ Fern, Horace, Siui/thesdale, Victoria, Australia. 

1901 Pern, faonel, 86, Osmaston-road, Derby. 

1900 Pern, Norman, P.O. Box 1050, ./ohannesburg, Transvaal. 

,, Pern, Sydney, Sont/i Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. 

1891 Pernet, George, 94, Harley-street. w. 

1904 Perodeau, Edward George, M.B. Lond., St. Margarets, Tvncken- 


1893 Perram, Charles Herbert, M.D. Lond., Bedford. 

1892 Perram, Edward Arthur, M.D. Lond., Whitchurch. 

1899 Perrin, Thomas, M.D. Lond., Aylesbury, Bucks. 

1893 Perry, Cranley Marten, Eastbourne. 

1907 Perry, Dallas Gordon, M.n. Manitoba, 3, Upper Bedford-pl. vr.c. 

1895 Perry, Edmund Ludlow, Indian Medical Service. 

1876 Perry, Edward Verdon, Reepham. 

„ Perry, Francis Frederick, Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Perry, George D<jwning, Trysail, Wolverhampton. 

1892 PeiTy, Samuel Herbert, 3, Church-street, Spalding. 

1895 Perry, Walter Dymock, 1, Gloucester-crescent, Regenfs-pk. x.w. 

1898 Pershouse, Frank, Hadley Wood, /lerts. 

1893 Pershouse, Frederick, Johannesburg, S. Africa. 

1898 Pestonjee, Rustom, Civil Hospital, Galle, Ceylon. 

1907 Fetch, Charles Henry Lambert, 8, Abingdon-court, Kensington, "w. 
„ Peter, Alastair Gordon, M.B. Aberd., Monaliadh, Inverness, N.B. 

1891 Peters, Albert Edward Duncan Ralph, Petersjield. 

1900 Peters, Charles Ayre, M.D. McGill, Montreal., Canada. 

1889 Peters, David, Bala. 

1894 Peters, Edwin Arthur. M.D. Carnb., 52, Wimpole-street. Ay. 
1882 Petherick. Wallace, Hopton, Thetford. 

1890 Pethick, Charles Stuart, M.B. Camb., Woolton, Liverpool. 

1892 Pethybridge, Walter Ley, M.D. Lond., Plymouth. 

1902 Petrie, Alexander Sturrock, Yateley, Hants. 
1894 Pettey, Tom, M.D. Edinb., Eastbourne. 
1902 Pettigrew, David, AttercHJfe, Sheffield. 

„ Pettigrew, William, S<5, AttercliJfe-commo)i, Sheffield. 

1899 Pettinger, James Wilson, Kingsbridge. 

1888 Pettingill, Alfred Ernest Albert, 255, High-road, Lee. s.e, 

1889 Pettitt, William Brakenridge, Long Melford, Suffolk. 

1908 Petty, William Joseph, Maybank, Colby-road, Upper Norwood. 
1906 Phelps, Arthur Robert, 37, Compton-terrace, Highbury, s. 


Phelps, John Hemy Dixon, M.B. Oxf., Catierick, Torks. 

Philipps, Arthur Edward, 50, Epple-road, Fnlham. s."W. 

Phillipps, William Alfred, M.D.' Brussels, I'd, John-st., Berheleij- 
squcwe. w. 

Phillips, Arthur Owen Henry, Warwick, Queensland. 

Phillips, Charles AUeyne Doug-las Herbert, Cape Colony. 

Phillips, Charles Morley, Brislington, Bristol. 

Phillips, David. 3, Bank-terrace, Llandilo. 

Phillips, David Jonatliaii, M.D., Bishop's Coll., 1541, Thompson- 
street, Philadelphia, U.S.A. 

Phillips, Edgar Vaughan. Kibivovth, Leicester. 

Phillips, Edward James Montagu, 33, Rodney-street, Liverpool. 

Phillips, Frederic Eustace fieigh, 31, Warwick-sriuare. s."W. 

Phillips, George, 157, De Grey-street, Hull. 

Phillips, George Gordon Owen, Wychepronf, Victoria, Australia. 

Phillips, George Ramsay, 1, Birminfjliam-road, Wallsall. 

Phillips, Harry Harding, Hamilton House, Fenc/e. s.E. 

PhiUips, Henry Arthur, 5, Bootham-terrace, York. 

Phillips, Herbert James, ^Sanatorium, Wokingham. 

Phillips, James, Bradford. 

Phillips, John, The Pentre, St. Clears. 

Phillips, John Elphinstone Hood, Naval Medical Service. 

Phillips, John Evans, Malpas. 

Phillips, John George, M.B. Lond., Bethleni Royal Hospital. s.E. 

Phillips, John Robert Parry, 19, Brook-green, Hammersmith, w. 

Phillips, Josiah Xorthey, Ilednesford. 

Phillips, Lionel Lewis, Totnes. 

Phillips, Miles Harris, Royal Infirmary, Bristol. 

Phillips, Montagu, 33, Rodney-street, Inverpool. 

Phillips, Nathaniel Richard, Monmouth Asylum, Abergavenny, 

Phillips, Norman Routh, St. Martins, Canterbury. 

Phillips, Percy Cranston, Vine House, Grantham. 

Phillips, Philip, Llanelly, Carmarthenslure. 

Phillips, Richard Edward Game, Mount Fletcher, E. Griqualand. 

Phillips-Jones, Benjamin James, Tan-y-Byrn,Penrhiwenber,Glam. 

Philpot, Harvey John. 

Philpot, Henry Austin, 61, Chester- square, s.w. 

Phillpotts, Herbert McDonald, Kingswear, Dartmouth. 

Philps, Fredk. George Me^'uell, 3, The Mansions, Richmond- 
road, s.w. 

Phippen, Harry Garnet, Western Fever Hospital, Fulham. s.w. 

Phipps, Charles Arthur Gayer, Naval Medical Service. 

Phipps, Edgar Vivian Ayre, Bedford. 

Phipps, Henry Hostache, Swinton, Manchester. 

Phipps, John Hare, M.B. Lond., Mosman, Sydney, N.S.W. 

Phipson, Edward Selby, M.B. Lond., 105, Harborne-road, 
Edgbaston. Birmingham. 

Pick, Arthur, Bad Kissinqen, Germany. 

Pick, Bryan, The Nook, Great Bookham, Leatherhead. 

Pick, Lawrence, 3, Norroy-road, Putney, s.w. 

Pickard, Ransom, M.D. Lond., Southernhay, Exeter. 









Pickels, Josepli Arthur, M.B. Lond., cjo P.M.O., Lagos 
S. Nigeria. 

Pickering-, Bernard, M.B. Ediiib., 28, Charley New-road, Bolton. 

Pickering', Charles Frederick, Berheley-^qiiarey Bristol. 

Pickering:,Rowland Neville Umfreville, 50, Upper Berkeley-st. w. 

Pickering, William Cowper, M.B. Lond., Northampton. 

Pickford, James Shaw, IJttle Lever, Bolton. 

Pickford, John Kemble. Cleethorpcs, Grimsby. 

Pickin, Fredk, Harold, 3, AJbert-hnihlings. Weston-super-Mare. 

Pickthorn, Edward Butler, Naval Medical Service. 

Picton, Lionel James, Holmes Chapel, Crewe. 

Pierce, Frederick James, Baker-street, Enfield. 

Pierce, Fredk. Morrish, M.D. Q.U.L, 174, Oxford-road., Man- 

Pierce, George Oliver, Havant. 

Pierce, Robert Wynne Charles, Guildford. 

Pierpoint, Harry, Ainsdale, Southport. 

Pietersen, James, Kingswinford. 

Piggot, Allen Pledger, 26, Cloudsdale-road, Balham. s.w. 
*Pigg-Strangeways, Thomas Strangeways, Cambridge. 

Pike, Cyprian Royston, St. Vincent, Weft Indies. 

Pike, Norman Howard, M.B. Lond., Ileckmondwihe, Yorkshire. 

Pilcher, Cecil Westland, Boston. 

Pilkington, Frederick William, Alvescot, Oxford. 

Pinch, Albert Edwin Ha3'ward, 22, Chenies-street, Gon-er-st. w.c. 

Pinches, Henry Irving, 1, Nevern-road, South Kensington, s.w. 

Piuclies, Horace George, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Piuchin, Arthur John .Scott, M.B. Loud., 27, Cavendish-road, 
Clapham Common, s.w. 

Pinching, Chai-les James, Graveaend. 

Pinching, Sir Horace Henderson, K.C.M.G., Cairo. 

Pinching, William Guy, 76, New-road, Gravesend. 

Pinder, Alan Hargrave, Walton Union Infirmary, Liverpool. 

Pineo, Ernest George Douglas, Laugford, Bristol. 

Pinhorn, Richard, Camhridge-terrace, Dover. 

Pinker, Henry George, 22, Avonmore-road, Kensington, w. 

Pinniger, Albert Edward, M.B. Loud., Broadstairs. 

Pinniger, Charles Lever, 163, Queen' s-road. N. 

Pinniger, Francis Baldwin, M.D. Lond., 32, Stanford- road, 

Pinniger, Walter Augustus, PrestonviUe., Brighton. 

Pinniger, Wilfrid James Hussey M.B. Lond., 9, Beaconsfield- 
road, Clifton, Bristol. 

Pinto-Leite, Hubert, St. George's Hospital, s.w. 

Piper, Francis Parris, M. B. Lend., Whitstdble. 

Pires, George, Karachi, India. 

Pisani, Orestes Victoriano, 56, Cavendish-rd., Clapham-pk. s.w. 

Pitcairn, John James, Portland, Dorset. 

Pitcairn, Stephen Hugh, Belmont, Harrow-on-the-Hill. 

* Formerly Pigg, Thomas Strangeways. 


Pitkin, Montague Claud Melville, Ascot. 
Pitman, George John Edward, Univeisitij College, w.c. 
Pitt, Kobert Cecil, Gloucester House, Malmeshurij. 
Pitt, William Carey, Sunbun/, Middlesex. 
*Pitt-Pa3'iie, William, M.B. Lend., 281, Brockley-road. s.E. 
Pittock, Francis William. 

Pitts, Arthur Gentry, Waimate, S. Canterbitrij, X. Zealand. 
Pitts, Henry Yate, Tue Brook, Liverpool. 
Pitts, Robert Elliot, Springfield, Chelmsford. 
Pitts-Tucker, Francis Augustus, Sutton, Isle of El//, Cambs. 
Plaister, Geoffrey Ratcliffe, Pembreij House, Tottenham, n. 
Planck, Charles, jun., Countji Asi/lum, Haywards Heath. 
Plant, Charles, Dalton-in-Furness. 
Plant, Henry William, Dudlei/. 
Plant, James Robert, 107, Hinckley-road., Leicester. 
Piatt, Arthur Hardwicke, 8, Weech-road, W. Hampstead. N.w. 
Piatt, John Edward, M.U. Lond., Albert-square, Manchester. 
Piatt, John Noble, Wiimsloiv, Manchester. 

Plews, John Mackay, M.B. Lond., 5, Mitcham-lane, Streatharn. s."W. 
Plowman, Sidney, Frankston, Victoria., Australia. 
Plowman, Tom Alexander Barrett, North Curry, Taunton. 
Plowi-ight, Charles Tertius MacLean, M.B. Camb., King's Lynn. 
Plumbe, Arthur, Singleton, Xew South Wales. 
Plumle}', Arthur George Grant, M.B. Lond., Wakefield. 
Plummer, Charles Joseph, M.D. Brussels, I-IG, Heme Hill. s.e. 
Plummer, Edgar Curnow, Bath Easton, Bath. 
Plummer, Wm. Edwin, Wenchow, Shanghai, China. 
Poate, Hugh Ra^-mond Gay, M.B. Sydne}', 60, Gower-street. "w.c. 
Pockett, Lev,-is Walter, M.D. Durh., Grimsby. 
Pocock, Alfred George Claike, 213, High-road, Streatharn. s.vr. 
Pocock, Arthur Robt. Geo., M.D. Lond., Beaconsfield, Bucks. 
Pocock, Herbert Innes, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 
Pocock, Theodore Charles, M.B. Lond., Burgess Hill, Sussex. 
Poignand, Ralph Newman, M.B, Camb., Littleport, Ely. 
Point on, James, 147, lAverpool-road, Southport. 
Poland, John, Home Cottage, Seal, Kent. 
Pollard, Alexander Morton, 21, St. Nicholas-road, Upper 

Tooting, s.w. 
Pollard, Arthur Haig, Esneh, Upper Egypt. 
Pollard, Charles, M.D. Brussels, Worcester. 

Pollard, Frederick, M.D. Lond., St. Nicholas-7-d., Up. Tooting, s.w. 
Pollard, Herbert Dean, M.B. Lond., Bedford. 
Pollard, George Richard Mackintosh. 
Pollard, (Sidney Pochin, M.D. Camb., Hehden Bridge. 
Pollard, Walter Henry, M.B. Lond., Bearwood-rd., Birmingham. 
Pollard, William Pox Branch. 

Pollock, Aubrey Kea tinge Halliday, Dibrugarh, Assam, India, 
Pollock, Charles Edward, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 
Pollock, John Robert Russell, Bampton-slreet, Tiverton. 

* Formerly Payne, William. 

-p o 

Xti mi 



1800 j Pollock, Richard Gordon, Warlin;/Iiam, Surreji. 

1883 ! Poison. James Ronald, M.I). Birni., St. Johns, Worcester. 

1894 Ponieroy, Wallace, Clueen Came/, Bath. 

1883 j Pomfret, Henry Waytes, M.D. Vict., lloUingicorth, Cheshire. 

1892 I Pond, Francis Aloysius, Liverpool. 

1906 ' Ponder, Constant Wells, Cambridge. 

1897 Ponsonby, John, Ne.wland-avenne, Hull. 
„ Poole, Cyril Cecil, Injinnarjj, Pontefract. 

1900 Poole, Edward Albert Bodeuham, Barrow-on-Humher, Lincoln- 
sh ire. 

1894 Poole, .lohn Copeland, Hampton Wick. 

1889 i Poole, Kenneth Worsley, M.B. Dnrli., 1, Palace-mansions, Ken- 

sin qt on. w. 

1896 ! Poole, Thomas Brice, M.D. Dnrh., Westcliffe-on-Sea. 

1890 Pooler, Ilany William, M.B. Birm., Ashted, Birminqham. 
1908 ' Pooley, George Henry, 89, Prionj-road, Hampstead. K.w. 
1903 ' Pooley, John Mxhwa, Nettkbed, Henleji. 

1888 Poolman, Arthur Edward, 10, Wei/moufh-street. ^v. 
1903 Pope, Charles Alfred Whiting-, M.B. (Jamb., Penrhos House, 

1907 Pope, Edward Campbell, 7, Emlyn-villas, Stamford Brook, w. 
1903 Pope. Egerton Llewellyn, M.D.McGill, Winnipeg, Canada. 

1898 Pope, Francis, Johannesburg. Transvaal. 

19u3 ' Pope, Frederick Samuel, M.D. Toront., First-street, San Jose, 

1897 Pope, Henry, Gathorne House, Roundhay-road, Leeds. 

1896 '■ Pope, Wm. Henry, Naval Medical Service. 

1886 I Popert, Alfred William, Southport. 

1891 Popham, Robert Brooks, 130, Ai-gt/le-road, West Eali)ig. av. 
1880 Porritt, Noi-man, Huddersfeld. 

1893 Port, Aithur William, M.B. Durh., 122, Southwark Park-rd. s.E. 

1898 I PorteousHerbert Llewellyn, Chalford, Stroud. 

1897 ' Porter, Arthur Edward, M.D. Camb., Reigate. 

1900 I Porter, Charles Robertson, Great Berkhamsted, Herts. 

1892 I Porter, Frank Constable, 12, Oxford-street, Nottingham. 

1890 Porter, Frederick Joseph Wm., D.S.O., Royal Army Med. Corps. 

1903 Porter, James Houston, 26, Queen s-road, Dal ston. n.e. 

1895 Porter, Robert Ibbetson, 90, Edith-road, W. Kensington, w. 

1901 Porter, Rol)t. Langley, M.D. Cooper Med. Coll., Montreal, Canada. 

1899 Porter, William George M.H. Brussels, Neiv Maiden, Surreij. 
1879 Porter, William Smith, M.D. Durh., 283, Glossop-road, Sheffield. 

1892 Posnett, Edward, M.D. Durh., Hainton-square, Grimsby. 
1906 Postlethwaite, Joseph Marshall, Staid Villas, Clitheroe. 

1887 Pott. Francis Henr}', M.D. Brussels, 11, Scarsdale Villas. 

1896 Potter, Bernard Elwell. M.B. Lond., b8. Park-street, vr. 

1900 Potter, Godfrey Russell, Bamsley. 

1893 Potts, Horace, Great Yarmouth. 

1890 Potts, Frank Reginald Henry, Stanger, Natal. 

1899 Potts, Wm. Alexander, M.D. Birm., 118, Hagley-rd., Birmingham. 

1890 Potts, Wm. James, M.D. Lond., Bethnal-green Infirmary. N.E. 

1904 Pou, Wm. Oscar, M.D. Michig-an, Michigan, U.S.A. 


1888 Poulter, Arthur Reginald, 3, Addle-street, e.g. 

1905 Pounds. Gordon Christopher, IS-i, Humber-road, B/acl-Jieath. s.e. 

1898 Powell, Cecil, Stony Strafford. 

1891 Powell, Charles Marten, Caversliam, Reading. 
1908 Powell, Dan .Arthur, Charing Cross Hospital, w.c. 

1887 Powell, Edg-ar Elking, Rogal Armij Medical Corps. 
1886 Powell, Frederick Hamilton, Ottawa^ Canada. 

1890 Powell, Herbert Andrews, M.D. Oxf., St. Catherines, Guildford. 

1904 Powell, Hugh Falkenherg, Fittcille, Cheltenham. 

1902 Powell, James Farquharson, 7-4, Huron-road, Balhani. s.w. 

1898 Powell, John Edward, Xaral Medical Service. 

1896 Powell, Josiah Cecil, 5, Alfred-place, Thurloiv-square. ^y. 

1869 Powell, Llewellyn, Christchurch, New Zealand. 

1889 Powell, Llewellyn William, Kingsicood, Bristol. 
1 891 Powell, Pthys, Brecon. 

„ Powell, Thomas Morgan Jones, M.B. Lond., Swansea. 

1892 Powell, "Walter Augustus, 5, Grand-parade, Brighton. 

1888 Powell, William, 17, Cavendis'h-jilace, Cavendish-square. "W. 

1895 Power, Herbert Robert, 35, St. Marys-terrace, Paddington. w. 
,, Power, John Hugh Spalding. 

1908 Power, John Wardell, M.B. Sydney, 50, Harrington-gardens, s.w. 

1871 Power, Thomas, 156, East India iJoch-road, Poplar. E. 

1904 Power, Thomas Costello, 156, Kast India-road. e. 

1862 Power, Wilmot Horton Trevor, University College Hospital, w.c. 

1889 Powers, Charles Henry, Soutlavaite, Carlisle. 
1898 Powers, Richard Henry, 2, Bigby-street, Brigg. 

1896 Pownall, Graham Steiumetz, 83, Onslow-square. s.w. 
1892 Powrie, Percy Chamberlain, Mossel Bay, Cape of Good Hope. 
1894 Pow^-s, Henry Lionel, 134, York-road, Lambeth, s.e. 

„ Poynder, Frederick Cecil, M.B. Oxf., East Grinstead. 

1875 Poynder, George Frederick, 45, Chaucer-road, Bedford. 

1877 Poynder, John Leopold, Indian Medical Service. 

1908 Poyser, Arthur Vernon. Charing Cross Hospital, av.c. 

1882 Prabhakar, Goviudrao Bhau. 

1892 Prada, Enrique. 

1894 Prain, John Leay, Casilla 1213, Valparaiso, Chile, S. America. 

1892 Prall, Cednc Barkley, Indian Medical Service. 

1890 Prall, John Henniker, Bampton, Faringdon. 

1886 Prall, Samuel Esmond, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

1897 Prance, Charles Herbert Gouldsmith, St. Austell, Cornwall. 
1889 Pratt, Edward Fredk., M.B. Durh., Heaton-road, Newcastle- 


1896 Pratt, Eldon, M.D. Lond., Whitehaven. 

1905 Pratt, John Edward, Whitehaven. 

1902 Piatt, John Isaac, M.B. Toronto, Port Arthur, Ontario, Canada. 

1889 Pratt, William Sutton, >LD. Brussels, Rugby. 
1907 j Prausnitz, Otto Carl Willy, Grove-road, Sutton, Surrey. 

1902 Prell, John Philip, Aberdulais. Neath. 

1906 j Prentice, Hugh Ridley, 57, Chancery-lane. w.c. 

1907 j Prentis, John Edward, Lancing, Sussex. 

1896 I Preston, Charles Chichester. 89, Earl's Court-road. w. 



1890 Preston, Charles Ilenr}', M.D. LoikI., Sale, Cheshire. 

1887 Preston, Frederick, Norwich. 

IS'.ll Preston, Jolm Robert, Fleetwood^ Lancashire. 

1872 Preston, Tlieodore Julian, IG, St. John's-park^ Blackheath. s.e. 

1900 Pretty, Harold Cooper, Ketterinr/. 

1908 Pretty, Kenneth, 2G, St. Jame/s-sqvare, Holland Park. w. 

1898 Price, Archibald xVinslie, 84, St. Johns-park, Blackheath. s.e. 

1891 Price, Arthur Edward, M.B. Loiul., 7, Westboume-terrace. v,'. 
1908 Price, Charles Edwin, Orpington, Kent. 

1901 Price, Clifford, AbertiUerij, ^Monmouthshire. 

1897 Price, David, Sadelleworth, Yorkshire. 

1879 Price Edward Morris, Bridgend, Glamorrjanshire. 

1904 Price, Edwin Ed<^-ar Montag'ue, Great Bridge, Tipton. 

1903 Price, Ernest Aubrey, 24, Gold-street, Kettering. 
1901 Price, Ernest AVa iters. High-street, Narhtrth. 
1896 Price, Francis Edward, Igatpnri, Liombaij, India. 

1907 Price, Geoffrey, Naval Medical Service. 
1896 Price, Henry James, Maldon, Essex. 

1908 Price, Horace John D'Arcy Gerard, Beacon House, Dudley Port, 

Tipton, Staff's. 

1889 Price, John Dodd, Messa, Nowgong, Assain, India. 
1884 Price, John Dudlej', Ambleside, Dudley. 

1904 Price, Laurence Edwin, Nuneaton. 

1907 Price, Maurice Dyball, Bushreh, Persian Gulf. 

1908 Price, Philip Seymour, Tolcthorpe, Ware, Herts. 

„ Price, Robert Bernard, M.B. Lond., 4:2, Bromley-road, Beckenham. 

1870 Price, William, M.B. Lond., 40, Park-place, Cardiff. 

1896 Price, William Matthews, 48, Turk-place, Newport, Mon. 

1898 Prichard, Ax'thur Ileaward, Xaval Medical Service. 

1899 Prichard, David Llewellyn Kurtz, Bettws-y-Coed, N. Wales. 
1903 I Prichard, John Llewelyn, Plas-yn-Phos, liuabon, North Wales. 
1899 Priddle, Alfred Ernest, Pins Madrc, Llanrwst. 

1908 j Prideaux, Joseph Francis Engledue, Vernon House, East 

Acton, w. 

1899 Pridham, Vrthur Tregellue, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical 


1891 Pridham, Charles Fortescue, Wittersham, Kent. 

1908 Pridham. Gerald Henry, Windsor Villa, Mannamead, Plymouth. 

1888 Pridham, William Frederick, Richmansworth. 

1890 Pridmore. Ei-ic Leonard Norman, M.B. Lond., Folkestone. 

1896 Pridmore, John Walter, Pyde. 

1908 Priest, Robert Cecil, ](), Albert-pcdacc-mansionSy Battersea Park. 

1905 Priestley, Harold Edgar, Hoy. Army Medical Corps. 
1908 Priestley, Reginald Fawcett, Pontypool, Mon. 

1897 Priestley. Thomas. Hillsborough, Shejfiehl. 

1893 Prince, Hugh Tennant, Boston Spa. 

1890 Pi-ince, John ^Vooluoug•h George, Hartjield, Tunbridge Welts. 

1897 Priuce, Peregi'ine Charles. Eeigate. 

188.5 Pring, Frederick Artliur, 278. Old Kent-road. s.e. 

1894 , Pring, Horace Reginald, \, Highbury-place, n. 


1890 Pring-le, Arthur Young, Ipswich. 

1902 Priiig-le, Ernst Georg-e, M,D. Lond., 195, Croydon-road, 

Anerley. s.e. 
1908 Pringle, Kenneth Douglas, Norfolk Ho.^pital, Norwich. 

1907 Prins, Henry Mallock, Colney Hatch Asijlnm, New Southgate. N. 
1906 Prior, Edward S^'mes, 22, Torrington-squnre. w.c. 

1898 Prior, Guy Percival Underdown, The Hospital for Incurables, 

Paramatta, N.S. W. 

1894 Prior, James, Heckmondwike. 

1896 Prior, John Ralph, M.B. Durh., Council Offices, Church End, 
F'inchley. N. 

1890 Pritchavd, Edward Josiah. 5/'««X'S0??!e, Wandsworth-common. s.w. 

1891 Pritchard, Eric Law, M.D. Lond., Fairhazel-gardens, S. Hamp- 

stead. x.AV. 

1895 Pritchard, Harry Washington, 12, Brunswick-street, Manchester. 

1905 Pritchard. Ireton George, 55, Highburi/ New-park. n. 

1885 Pritchard, Joseph James Gawler, West Park-street, Dewsbury. 

1899 Pritchard, Robert John, Reigate. 

1888 Pritchard, Ti-evor John, M.B. Edinb., Chichester. 

1869 Pritchard, Urban, M.D., Ediiib., 26, Wimpole-street. ^y. 

1890 Pritchard, WiUiam Bridgett, 272, Oxford-road, Manchester. 

1898 Pritchard, WilUam Clowes, 28, Wellington-square, Hastings. 

1901 Pritchett, George William Morris, Plymouth. 

1890 Pritchett, Sidney Isaac, Rochester. 

1893 Probyn, Percy John, D.S.O., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1890 *Probyn- Williams, liobert James, M.D. Durh., 13, Welbeck-st. w. 

1900 Procter, George Woodyatt, M.B. Durh., Woolton-road, Garston. 

1873 Procter, John Ward, Brampton Kinlets, Bournemouth. 
1890 Procter, William James, M.B. Loud., Gt. Bonkhnm, Leatherhead. 

1896 Proctor-Sims, Frank Richard, 294, Essex-road, Canonbury. N. 
1876 Pronger, Charles Ernest, Harrogate. 

1894 Propert, \y?i\teY ^.v<:\\\h■A\•^,\()0. Gloucester-place, Portman-sq. w. 
1888 Prosser, xlstley Bennett, M.B. Birm., Brear ley-street , Birmingham. 

1892 Prosser-Evans, Jehosophat, Rainham, Essex. 

1898 Provis, Francis Lionel, 11, Brook-street, w. 

1900 Prowse, Wm. Barrington, 31, Vernon-terrace, Brighton. 

1899 Pr3'ce, Harold Vaughan, M.B. Camb., 101. Befhune-road. K. 
1892 Prynne, Harold Vernon, Royal Army Medical Service. 

1906 Pryse, Albert Edward, Woodpecker-road, New Cross, s.e. 

1900 Prytherch, John Rowlands, Llangefni, Anglesey. 
1887 Puddicombe, L(,'oiiard, 38, Neu-lancls^ Sydenham Park. 

1904 Puddicombe, Thomas Phare, M.B. Lond., Education Offices, 

1899 Pugh, Arthur Bailey, Bream Lydney. 
1898 Pugh, Chas. Grant, M. D. Lond., Pai-k Hospital, Hither Green, s.e. 

1908 Pugh, John, Manor House, Caencys, Flints. 

1894 fPugh, Wm. Thomas Gordon, M.I). Lend., Cere larm Hospital, 
Dart j or d, Kent. 

* "Formerly Williams, Robert James. f Formerly Pugh, William Thomas. 





"» OAQ 

J. %j\jO 


Pullen, Ralph Seymour MacDougal, ,Sto/ie, Devonport. 

Pullin«^, Ih'rbcrt John, 11, Old t<tc.iiu!, ]iii(fhton. 

Purdom, Win. Percy, 25, Park Hill-road, Croydon. 

Purnell, Piiincll, Woodlands, Streatham -hill. s.av. 

Purvis, Alfred, 156. Trafahjar-road, Greenwich. s.K. 

Purvis, AVilliain Prior, M.D. Loud., Southampton. 

Puttock, Peg-inald, M.H. (Jamb., (.'hard. 

Puzey, ChauMcey, 71, liodney-street, Liver pool. 

Pye, Thomas. 

Pye-Smith, Charles Derwent, M.B. Lond., Huddersfield. 

Pye-Sniith, Kutherfoord John, 450, Glo.vsop-road, Sheffield. 

Pyle, George Edward. 

Pym, Charles Jirownlow, ^FarrichviUe., New South Wales. 

Pywel], Ernest Alfred, Stilton, Feterboroiu/h. 

Pywell, Percy Dodd, 174, York-road, Lambeth. s.E. 

Quait, Alexander AVortley, Mundesley, Norfolk. 

Quay, Federick Aiken "William, Sunbitry, Middlesex. 

Quayle, Edwin, Urmston, Jfanchestei: 

Quennell, Arthur, Brentwood., Essex. 

Querney, Thomas Mather. Port St. John, Cape Colony. 

Quick, Hamilton Ernest, Derwen House, Crouch Hill, N. 

Quiller, Chailes Turner, 97, L^arkhall-rise, Clapham. s."\v. 

Quinby, Edwaixl Melville, 21, Rodney-strett, Liverpool. 

Quinb}', f lank Gray, Shreirslvry. 

Quirk, Ed-ward dolin Joseph, 8, Avtnne-road, Highgate. N. 

Quirk. Fiedk. "Whitly, 3, Glehe-ioad, I\nowle-gre(n, Staines. 

Quirk, Thomas Augustus, St. Kilda, Victoria, Australia. 

Quirke, Herbt.,Chas., 117 ,.IJun1e7's-road, Havdstcoith, Birmingham, 

Quiike, John Joseph, 308, Lillie-road, Fulham, s.w. 

Raby, Ralph, Bumwell Lodge, Daunton. 

Race, John Percy, Asyhnn, Carmarthen}. 

Racker, Eugene Clifford, Hounsloiv, Middlesex. 

Radford, AVilliam John, Nairdi, East Africa Protectorate. 

Rae, Francis Lionel, Gui/s Hospital, s.k. 

Rahilly, John Maurice Bisdee, M.B. Loud., licy. Army Medical 

Rahim, Bakhshi Isaac, 284, Commercial-road. e. 
Rahman, Mohan. ed Abdur, Guys Hospital, s.e. 
Rai, Dhaupat, Punjab, Lahore. 
Raiment, Percy Charles, 33, Ntiu Walk, Leicester. 
Raines, Robert, Hull. 

Rainforth, John Jekyll, M.B. Lond., LJncoln. 
Rainier, Norman Robinson Jones, Lidian Medical Service. 
Rake, Alfred Theodore, ]\LB. Loud., 58, Delavcy-street. n.w. 
Ralph, Charles Hugh Danson, Medical Staff, Accra, W. Africa. 
Ralston, Robert Gow, Children's Hosp., Great Ormond-st.^ [w.c. 
Raujsay, Jeffrey, M.B. Lond., Chead/e Hulme, Cheshire. 
Ramsay, Palmer Devo}^ Nacal Medical Service. 
Ramsbottom, Edgar Nelson, M.B. Lond., Horwich, Bolton. 
Ramsden, Herbert, M.D. Lond., Dobcrcss, Oldham. 
Randall, Ernest Bidgood, M.D. Lond., 367, Romford-road. e. 


Randall, George Frederick, Dunmoir, Essex: 

Randall, Martin, ^lA). hond. ,Leoj)o/d-i'oad, Wimbledon. s.AV. 

Randle, Alan, M.D. Loud., I'/ie Injirmary, Ltnnheth. s.E. 

Randle, James Mayne, Raaii ^finor S.O., Cornwall. 

Randolph, William Henry, Milverton, Somerset. 

Rankeii, David, M.B. Lond., 14, Crraufje-cresceat, Sunderland. 

Rankin. Allan Coats, M.l). McCxill, Montreal, Canada. 

Riinkine, John Lawson, JRoiveltown, Carlisle. 

Ranking. George Lancaster, Romseij. 

Ranking, Robert Maurice, M.B. (Jamb., Roy. Army Medical 

Rannie, James, M.B. Aberd., Transvaal, South Africa. 
Ransford, Alan Carpniael, Ingatcstone, Essex. 
Ransford, John Ernest, Rirkdale, Soutltjxirt. 
Ransford, Sydenham Teast Gifford, 4, Westbourne-street. vr. 
Ransford, Thomas Davis, Bat/i. 

Ransom, Frederick Parlett Fisher, M.D. 'Edinh., Berlin. 
Ransome, Arthur Cyril, M.B. Camb., O.cton, Birkenhead. 
Ransome, Gilbert Holland, Bungay. 
Ransome, Herbert FuUarton, Bowdon, AUrincham. 
Raper, Matthew Henry, M.D. Load., Shoeburyness, Essex. 
Rashleigh, Hugh G(!Orge, Chartham, Canterbury. 
Kastrick, Robert Joseph, Guildford. 

Rattray, Malcolm John, 17, Trinity-square, Borough. s.E. 
Raven, Hugh Milville, Broadstairs. 
Raw, Herbert Harland, Whitby. 
Raw, Wm. Edmund St. Michael. 

Rawes, Charles Kinsman, M.B. Vict., 4, Tubbs-rd., Harlesden. n. w. 
Rawes, Leslie, Sarisbury Green, Southampton. 
Rawlence, Harold Ernest, M.B. Edinb., Srinagar Kashmirf 

Rawling, Louis Bathe, M.B, Camb., IQ, Montagu-street. "W. 
Rawlings, Alfred, Heme, Canterbury. 
Rawlings, John Dunnell, M.B. Lond., Doikiug, Surrey. 
Rawlins, \Villiam Peter, M.D., Hayicards Heath. 
Rawlinson, Frederick Juland, Bognor. 
Rawson, William Foster, Easby-road, Bradford. 
Rawsthorne, Hubert, Haslingden, Manchester. 
Ray, John Howson, M.B. Vict., 11, St. John-street, Man- 

Ray, Walter John Orbel, Wimborne. 
Raymond George, Carisbroolce, Newport, Isle of Wight. 
Raymond, George Howard, New Brunswick, Canada. 
Rayner, David Charles, 9, iMusdown-place, Clifton, Bristol. 
Rayner, Herbert Edwaixl, Camberley, Surrey. 
Rayner, William Hartree, Ticiot Dale, Stockport. 
Rayson, Herbert Knights, Steyllerville, Cape Colony. 
Raywood, John Robert Isaac, White Cross, Hereford. 
Read, Arthur William, M.D. Durh., 13S, Cromwell-road. s.w. 
Read, Charles Stanford, M.B. Lond., c/o P. ^- 0. S. N. Co.y 

Leadenhall-street. e.c. 


1893 Read, Clarence, Llanleris, Chatswood, Si/chiey, N.S.W. 

1897 Read, Edward Henry, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth. 
1905 Read, Harold William, Newport, Isle of Wight. 

1890 Read, Richard Henry, 39, Chwch-street, Hanley. 
1903 Read, ^\"alte^ Woolfe, County Asylum. s.E. 

1902 Read, Walton Rix, 1, Portland-place, ^y. 

1905 Reade, Arthur Georg-e Lawrence, Ambleside-av., Streatham. s.e. 

1906 Reader, Stanislaus, Wakefield. 

1887 Reading, Richard Fairfax, Macquarie-street, Sydney, N.S. Wales. 
1900 Reaney, Michael Foster, M.B. Lond., c/o Mess7's. King, 

Hamilton 4' Co., Calcutta. 

1906 Reckless, Philip Alfred. Infirmary, Leicester. 

1886 Reddall, Osborne Henry, Randwick, New South Wales. 

1878 Reddy, Herbert Lionel, 705, Dorchester-street, Montreal, Canada. 

1908 Redman, Cliarles Edward, The Knoll, Skawfurd, Winchester. 

1903 Redmond, Robert Clark, 27, Lansdowne-avemie, Toronto, Canada. 
1874 Redmond, William, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. 

1892 Redpath, William, M.B. Camb., Woodbridge, Suffolk. 

1903 Redwood, Robert Yachell de Acton. Rhymney, Cardiff. 
1865 Redwood, Thomas Hall, M.D. Durh., Rhymney. Cardtfi. 

1886 Reece, Richard James, M.D. Camb., Local Government Board, 

Whitehall, s.w. 

1902 Reed, George Augustus Keppel Hart, Royal Army Medical 


1885 Reed, Henry Albert, Maldon, Essex. 

1896 Reed, John Charles Groscort, Naval Medical Service. 

1888 Reed, John Sleeman, Gorleston, Suffolk. 

1891 Reeks, Henry, New Skoreham. 
1877 Rees, Alfred, Cardiff'. 

1895 Rees, David Charles, Public Health Office, Port Elizabeth, Cape 


1876 Rees, David Valentine, Brecon. 

1893 Rees, Edward Davies, Caersivs, Montgomeryshire. 

1905 Rees, Frederick John, West Hum Lifirmary, Leytonstone. n.e. 

1904 Rees, Griffith Henry, M.B. Loud., 86, Grove-pk., Denmark Hill s.e. 

1898 Rees, Harry William Melville, Naval Medical Service. 
1871 Rees, Howell, 190, Newport-read, Cardiff. 

1888 Rees, John Jilewell^ni, Pontardawe, Glamorganshire. 

1889 Rees, John Milsom. 18, Upper Wimpole-street. vr. 

1904 Ree=, John Valentine, Bettws, Ammanford, Carmarthenshire. 
1902 Rees, Morgan James, M.D. Lend., Stephen Green, e. 

1899 Rees, Rees William, Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire. 

1893 *Rees-Thomas, William Henry, M.D. Brux., Basingstoke. 

1902 Rees, William Arthur, M.D. Lond., Shawford, Hants. 

1900 Reeve, Ernest Frederick, M.B. Lond., County Asylum, Rainhill. 
1899 Reeve, Herbert Midgley, xM.B. Lond., Manor-park, Lee. s.e. 
1891 Reeve, Walter, 38, Mancbestci-street. "vr. 

1905 Reeve, Walter, 32, St. Peter s-road. South Croydon. 
1895 Reeves, Albert, 6, Streutliam-hill. s.w. 

* Formerly Thomas, William Henry. 


1888 Reeves, John Kingliam, (56, Upper Tulse-hiV. s.av. 
1903 Regan, Tliotnas Edward, Knjield, Middlesex. 

1905 ReichwHld, Max Balzar, M.H. Loud., Ashtead, Surrey. 

1873 Reid, Alexander, Opntiki, New Zealand. 

1900 Keid, Alfred, M.B. Durh., The Cranes, Tooting, s.w, 
1898 Reid, Allan Georg-e, ,73, Balaam-street, Plaistow. e, 

1901 Reid, Arcbibald Douglas, 30, WelbecL-street. \v. 

1893 Reid, Arthur Lestock, Watford. 

1894 Reid, Edgar 200, St. Helens-road, Swansea. 

1896 Reid, Ernest Stewart, Naval Medical Service. 
1905 Reid, James Derham, Walkden, Manchester. 

1866 Reid, Lestock Holland, Bowmanville, Ontario. Canada. 

1892 Reid, Mathew Alexander, Brunswick, Victoria, Australia. 
1890 Reid, Peter Macpherson, Riclnnond, Victoria, Australia. 
1903 Reid, Robert Watson, M.B. Aberd., Woking. 

1894 Reid, Sidney Thomas, Naval Medical Service. 

1898 Reid, Stuart Bathg-ate, M.B. Camb., Auckland, New Zealand. 
1875 Reid, Thomas Whitehead, M.D. St. Andr., Canterbury. 

1884 Reilly, Charles Cooper, Eoijal Armij Medical Corps. 

1890 Reilly, Frederick Bradshaw, 233, Victoria Park-road. n.e. 

1905 Reilly, Percy George, 154, Glohe-road, Mile-end. E. 

1886 Reily, Alexander Yates, M.B. Durh., Roy. Army Med. Corps. 

1903 Reinhold, Carl Henry, Indian Medical Service. 

1899 Relph, Arthur Ernest, 24, Wimpole-street. av. 

1897 Relph, Herbert John, 24, Wimpole-strect. ^y. 
1875 Rendall, John, Lymington. 

1906 Rendall, Robert Montgomery, ^faiden Newton, Dorset. 

1889 Reudel, Arthur Bowen, M.B. Camb., 19, Norfolk-cres., ffyde-pk. w. 

1891 Rendle, Anstruther Cardew, M.D. (^amb., Kampala, Uganda. 

1893 Rendle, Arthur Russel, 732, Fulham-road. s.w. 
1905 Rendell, Samuel Sluittleworth, M.B. Lond., Salisbury. 

1880 Renner, Charles, M.D. Wiirzbnrg-, 75, Upper Gluucester-place, n.av. 

1890 Rennie, George Septimus. 

1889 Rennie, William, King's Heath, Birmingham. 

1892 Renny, Eustace George, Welledey-road, Colchester. 

1898 Reushaw, Graham, M.B. V ict., Sale Bridge House, Sale, Manchester. 

1894 Renshaw, Herbert Comer, ^^7* House, Strefford, Manchester. 

1862 Renshaw, Herbert Smith, M.D. St. Andr., Sale, Manchester. 
1880 Renshaw, Israel James Edward, Sale, Manchester. 

1907 Renshaw, John Allister. 

1893 Rentzsch, Sigisinuud Henry, Week-St. Mary, No7'th Cornwall. 
1877 Reporter, Maneckjee Eduljee, Indian Medical Service. 

1871 Reston, Heniy, M.D. Durh., Ash ford, Barnstaple. 

1894 Kevell, Hugh Stanley, 49, Wimbledon Park-road. s.av. 

1890 Revill, Geo. Leslie Howard, Heighington, Lincoln. 

1904 Rew, George Russell, Appleshaw, Andover. 
„ Rey, Jules Frederick, Fleet, Hants. 

1863 Reynalds, John, Clifton, Bristol. 

1891 Reynolds, Austin Edward, Shepherd's-hill, Hiqhgate. N. 
1894 Reynolds, Bernard Gore, College-park, Willesden. n.av. 

1899 Reynolds, Bryan Ellis, M.B. Lond., Orlcans-rd., Hornsey Rise. 


1904 Keyiiolds, Cecil Edward, Reading. 

1908 Reynolds, Dou-las, M.B. Lond., Hifjh Wucomhe. 

1888 Reynolds, Ernest James, Barry-road, East Dulwich. s,E. 
1895 Reynolds, Harry William, St. Saviour s- gate .^ York. 

1889 Reynolds, James Jones, Crediton. 
1882 Reynolds, Frank Ernest, \Vaffo7-d. 

1901 Reynolds, Leetliem, Indian Medical Service. 

1897 Reynolds, Leonard Grugeon, 26, Balham-hill. s."\v. 
1908 Reynolds, Lewis Leslie Clayton, High Wiicombe. 

1907 Reynolds, Russell John, M.B. Lond., 17, Streatham Hill. s.w. 

1877 Reynolds, William Percy, 128, Stamford-hill. n. 

1894 Rliind, Thomas, J/awkesbunj, Upton, Glos. 
1867 Rhodes, Francis, M.D. Glasg. 

1900 Rhodes, Fred Schofield, Thurnton Ponlton-le-Fylde, Preston. 

1899 Rhodes, James Herbert, M.B. Lond., 30, Brechin Place, s.w. 

1900 Rhodes, John Henry, Kaulal. 
1-885 Rhys, Watkin Llewellyn, Aberdare. 

1898 Rice, David, Citii Asi/lmn, Ilcllesdon, Noririch. 

1905 Rice, Frank i\Ielville Fitcairn, West Hill, S//denham. s.e. 

1899 Rice, Hubert Richard, Lilhgnir. New South Wales. 

1902 Rice, Thomas Jlarper, jV(.I). Fenn., Pot/stoicn, Penna., U.S.A. 

1879 Rich, Evelyn Arthm*, 12, Wilton-street, Groscenor-place. s.w. 

1903 Richard, George Herbeit, Rojial Army Medical Corps. 

1890 *Richards, Albert Francis Blagdor, M.D. Camb., Swansea. 
1905 Richards, David Harold, Bangor Ferry, Bangor, iV. Wales. 

1899 Richards, Francis Graham, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

,, Richards, George Maurice Oswald, Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Richards, Harold Meredith, ^LD. Lond., Town Hall, Croydon, 

1895 Richards, John, Park -road, Hengoed, Cardiff. 

1900 Richards, John Evans, M.B. Lond., Stoke Newington. N. 
1890 Richards,JosephStewait. M.D. Lond., We/lesley-road, Croydon. 

1896 Richards, Lewis Wm., M.D. Durh., Belvedere, Kent. 
1890 Richards, Norman Lloyd, Naval Medical Service. 
1902 Richards, Owen William, ALU. Oxf., Cairo. 

1898 Richards. Ramsey Martyu, Naval Medical Service. 

1890 Richards, Richard Walter, M.D. Loud., Dolgelly. 
1888 Richards, Thomas, Routh Park, Cardiff'. 

1893 Richards, Walter Gnyon, Indian. Medical Service. 

1897 Richards, William Jones, Aheravon. 

1907 Richardson, Alfred, M.B. Lond., General Infinnary, Leeds. 

1902 Richardson, Arthur Henry Sims, Naval Medical Service. 

1880 Richardson, Charles Boards, M.D. Aberd., Hove, Brighton. 

1903 Richardson, George Quintin, 16, Little Grosvenor-street. w. 

1891 Richardson, Horace, 530, Commercial-road. E. 

1899 Richardson, Irwin Browne, Ginishill. Shrewsbury. 

1874 Richardson, John Billingsley, M.D. Edinb., South-street, Devon. 

1901 Richardson, Reginald Percy, Wellingborough. 

1893 Richardson, Sidney Wm.Franklin.M.B. Lond., Cape Town, S.Africa, 

1875 Richardson, Timothy, M.D. Brussels, 530, Commercial-road. e. 

* Formerly Richards, Albert Francis. 


Richardson, Walter Silverwood, Boscombe, Bmirneiiwuth. 

Richardson- Jones, Arthur Trevor. Abergele, Denbighshire. 

Richmond, x\rthur, M.B. Vict., Princes-road, Liverpool. 

Richmond, Benjamin Arthur, M.D. Lond., 61, Loiver-road, 
liotherliithe. s.e. 

Richmond, Onslow Robert, Gravesend. 

Richmond, Reofinald Thomas, Wilton., Salisbury. 

Rickard, Cecil Rodney, JXaval Medical Service. 

Rickards, Alfred. 

Ricketts, Arthur, C.M.G., M.D. Lond., 8, Wobiirn-square. w.O. 

Rickman, Hubert George. Blundford. 

Riddell, Andrew Wilson, New Brigliton, Birkenhead. 

Riddell, James, M.B. Melb., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. 

Riddett, Albert John, Mere-road, Leicester. 

Riddick, (ieorge Bushman, Itoijal Army .\tedical Corps. 

Ridewood, Harold Edward, M.D. Lond., London Hospital, e. 

Ridewood, Vivian Ernest, 103, Bethnal Green-road. n.e. 

Ridg-e, EdwA-n Manners, Enfield. 

Ridge, Robert Leslie, M.B."^Lond. 

Ridgeway-Macauley, "Wm. Geoi-ge, Harlesden. n.w. 

Ridle}'', Nicholas Charles, M.B. Lond,, Leicester. 

Ridout. Chas. Archibald Scott, Ivl.B. Lond., Southsea. 

Ridsdale, Arthur Erriiigton, Bottingdean, Sussex. 

Rielly, \Vm. Ernest, M.B. Durh. 

Rigb}^ Claude Mallinson, 25, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Rigby, Cyril Stephen Stokes, Darlaston, Staffs, 

Rigby, Hugh Mallinson, M.B. Lond., 24, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Rigbj', John ^ViUiam, Charley. 

Rigby, Morris Notley John, 17, Norton-road., West Brigliton. 

Rigb}'. William Bradshaw, 233, Hyde-road, Gorton, Manchester. 

Rigden, Alan, M.D. Durh., Salop County Asylum, Shreicsbury. 

Rigg, Samuel Edward, 1, Alfred-street, Carlisle. 

Rigoulet, Marie Joseph Jean Roger, M.D. Paris, Pan, Basses- 
Pyrenees, Prance. 

Riley, Ai-thur, M.D. Durh., Sale, Cheshire. 

Riley, Francis, M.B. Lond., Sale, Cheshire. 

Riley, Frederick Ratcliffe, Dunedin, New Zealand, 

Riley, Staidey, Stanley Villas, Tyldesley. 

Rilot. Charles Frederick, 22, Wimpole-street. w. 

Riugrose, Ernest, 25, Lombard-street, Newark. 

Rischbieth, Harold, London Hospital, e. 

Risdon, Alfred, Wells, Somerset. 

Risdon, George Owen, Wells, Somersetshire. 
*Risdon, William Elliot, M.D. Lond., 63, Threadneedle-street. e.c. 

Ritchie, Arthur Fisher. 

Ritchie, John Lichtenstein, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

Ritchie, Russell Ian, M.B. New Zeal., 254, George-street, Dunedin, 
New Zealand. 

Ritson, Robert, Hamilton-road, Reading. 

* Formerly Eisdon, William Newt, 



190G Rivers, Arthur Tiiiina, \0, Ilerveij-rixKJ, Blackheath. s.E. 

1892 Kivers, Jcihn Herbert, Roi/al Army Medical Corpn. 

1898 Rivers, Walter Courtena}', Sanatorium, Barrasford, XortJiland. 

19U4 Riviere, Bernard Beryl, .SV. Giles Plain, Norwich. 

1906 Rivingtnn, Charles Sangster, 16, Sandbnnrne-i-d., BrocLley. 8.E. 

1891 Rix, Francis William, \,Denniuriton-pnrk-rd.,W. Hajnpstead. N.w. 

1902 Rix, John Cecil, 1, Mount Eph-aiii-inad, Tunhridge Wells. 
1908 Rix, Rowland VVaters, M.B. Lond., o2, 1/ifj/i-st., Gillingham, Kent. 

1897 Roach, Sidney', Naval Medical Service. 

1896 Roache, William Henry, Ilkeston, Derbyshire. 

190-4 Roaf, Herbert Eldon, M.D. Toronto, University, Liverpool 

1887 Roalfe-Cox, Walter John, Mortimer, Reading. 

1904 Robbins, Reginald Henry, M.B. Camb., 60, Ilolland-road. w. 

1888 Robbins, Tom Wiltshire, Watford. 

1900 Robbs, Charles Haldane Denny, M.B. Lond., Grantham. 

1893 Roberts, Alfred Dean, Shreicshury. 
1861 Roberts, Arthm', St. Lawrence, Ramsgate. 

1883 Roberts, Arthur Henry, West ^ falling. 

1888 Roberts, Astley Carrington, Badlesmere, Eastbourne. 
1900 Roberts, Bernard Hamilton St. Clair, Dudley. 

1895 Roberts, Cecil David Dale, ^[.B. Lond., The Hollier,, Dursley. 

1896 Roberts, Charles, M.B. Lond., 15, *SV. .John-street, Manchester. 

1903 Roberts, Edmund Arthur, Indian Medical Service. 

1889 Roberts, Edwd. Augustus, M.D. Lond., 33, Lowndes-street. s.w. 

1898 Roberts, Edward Hugh, 347, Queen's-road, Battersea. s.w. 

1896 Roberts, Edwin Shelton, Fenygroes, North Wales. 

1905 Roberts, Ellis James, Clwlybont, Cwmyglo, Carnarvon. 

1903 Roberts, Ernest, 71, Pechham-rye. s.b:. 

1890 Roberts, Francis Henry, Church-road, Fore&t-hill. s.e. 

1891 Roberts, Frank Allan, M.D. Lond., Houghton House, Brighouse. 

1905 Roberts, Frank Douglas, M.B. Lond., P. , Cachar, Kumblur, India. 

1904 Roberts, Frederic Emilius, 8, Cambridge-street, Hyde-park. w. 

1898 Roberts, George Augustus, Stoke, Devonport. 
1890 Roberts, George Edwin. 

1885 Roberts, Henry, Sion Hill. Garstang, Lancashire. 
1893 Roberts, Hugh Corrol, Melton Mowbray. 

1904 Roberts, James Alexander, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

1906 Roberts, James Ernest Helme, M.B. Lond., St. Luke's Hosp. e.g. 

1884 Roberts, James Reid, M.B. Durh., Indian Medical Service. 

1905 Roberts, John (chambers Lawton, M.B. ('amb., Ruabon. 

1899 Roberts, John Haselwood, Wroxall, Isle of Wight. 

1886 Roberts, John Saunders Hughes, Picton Villa, Swansea. 

1888 Roberts, John William, Knayton, Thirsk. 

1889 Roberts, Kilham, Shillington, Bedfordshire. 

1890 Roberts, Llewelyn, M.D. Lond., Pontypridd. 

1897 Roberts, Llewellyn William, Cowra, New South Wales. 

1884 j Roberts, Owen William, 79, Cambridge-gardens, Notting-hill. w. 

19')6 Roberts, Philip Meredith, 25, Fopstone-road. s.w. 

1908 Roberts, Raymond Paul Middleton, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1906 Roberts, Richard Cadwaladr, Neivport, Mon. 

1888 Roberts, Richard Lewis, 92, St. James'-road, Holloway. n. 


Roberts, Richai'd Lumley, 11, Penn-stred. Bridport-place. N, 
Roberts, Robert Herbert Mills. C.M.G., Llanheris, JVorih Wales. 
Roberts, Sidney John, Was/ncood, Heath-road, Birmingham. 
Roberts, Thomas Howard Frederick, 71, Peckhara-rije. s.e. 
Roberts, William Edgar, 23, Ninian-road, Cardiff. 
Roberts, AVilliain Owen, Camforth. 

Robertson, Cecil Frederick, 98, Tottenham Court-road. N.w. 
Robertson, Christoph(^r, Alicedale, Cape Colony, South Africa. 
Robertson, Carrick Hey, M.B. Lond., Johnsonville, New Zealand. 
Robertson, Frederick Marrant, M.B. Aberd., Wimbledon, s.w. 
Robertson, Fredk. "Wm., M.D. Lond., Wimbledon, s.w. 
Robertson, George Struau, M.D. Lond., 101, Thurloiu Farh- 

road. S.E, 
Robertson, George Vans Agnew, Pickering. 
Robertson, George Watson, Cape Town, South Africa. 
Robertson, James, J\LB. Lond., 130, Cliristchurch-road, Tulse- 

hill. s.w. 
Robertson, James Fen wick, Althorpe, Doncaster. 
Robertson, John, M.D. Lond.,G6, Christchurch-rd., 2\ilse-hill. s.w. 
Robertson, Lome Forbes, M.D. McGill., Stratford, Ontario, Canada. 
Robertson, William, Dunedin, New Zealand. 
Robertson, Wm. Edgar, M.B. Toronto, Milton, Ontario, Canada. 
Robertson, Vfilliam Greeme, M.D. McGill, Montreal, Canada. 
Robertson, William John, 19a, High-street, Clapham. s.w. 
Robins, John Norman, Rochester, Kent. 
Robinson, Arthur Cecil, 144, Brixton-road. s.w. 
Robinson, Benjamin Joseph Adolphus, M.D. Bishop's Coll., 

Montreal, Canada. 
Robinson, Bernard, Bocester, Stafford. 
Robinson, Charles Allen, M.B. Camb., Bletchingleij, Surrey. 
Robinson. Charles Henry James, Naval Medical Service. 
Robinson, Christian Cathcart, M.B. Lond., Wye, Kent. 
Robinson, Clement Sumner, Sark, Channel Islands. 
Robinson, Edward Herbert, 427, Eccles New-road, Salford. 
Robinson, Edward Stanley, Stourport, Worcestershire. 
Robinson, Edwin William, Walthamstow. n.e. 
Robinson, Ernest Laurie, St. Peter Port, Guernsey. 
Robinson, Francis Harry, 11, Bernard-street, Bussell-sq. w.c. 
Robinson, Frederic Cecil, Indian Medical Service. 
Robinson, Frederick Cecil, Naval Medical Service. 
Robinson, George Burton, M.B. Durh., Blundelsands, Liverpool. 
Robinson, Geo. Edward James Antoine, M.D. Lond., Nottingham. 
Robinson, George Somerville, Eastbourne. 
Robinson, George Winsor, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 
Robinson, Gerald Charles Frederick, Plymouth. 
Robinson, Harold Joseph, M.B. Camb., Grays, Essex. 
Robinson, Harry, 2, Acol-road, Kilburn. N.w. 
Robinson, Henry Betham, M.D. Lond., 1, Upper Wimpole-st. w. 
Robinson, Henry Harold, 76, Woodchurch-road, Birkenhead. 
Robinson, Henry James, M.B. Camb., 13, Hargreaves-st., Burnley. 
Robinson, James Frederick, North End, Croydon. 






Robinson, James Herbert, Jloijal Army Medical Corps. 

Robinson, Jolm Charles Reynolds, JIar/esfon, Norfolk. 

Robinson, John Elliott, Moscow-court, Baj/sivafer. w. 

Robinson, John Ilng'h Ripon, Sfanle/f-road, Teddinrjton. 

Robinson, Kenneth, " liochJJeUir Dunfcar, Bolton. 

Robinson, Murk, 79, East Hill, Wandsworth, s.w. 

Ro])inson, Norman Battye, Pcppard, Henley. 

Robinson, Oliver Long', Royal Army Medical Corj)/!. 

Robinson, Tliomas, Leicester. 

Robinson, Tom, M.D. Dnrh., 9, Princes-st., Cavendish-sq. w. 

Robinson, Waring-, Moira Iloiifie, Peckham-rye. s.k. 

Robinson, Wilford. Vidal, 2\v, Bickenhall Mansions, vr. 

Robinson, William Edwaid, M.H, Oxf., Sonninrj, Reading. 

Robinson, William Henrys Fleetwood, Lancashire. 

Robson, Aithnr William Maj'o, 8, Park-cres., Portland-place, w. 

Robson, Henry Naunton, 291, Oxford-street, w. 

Robson, Hubert Alan Hirst, 4, Wykeham House, 18, Rosendale- 

road, West Dulwich. 
Robson, Thomas Stretton, St. Osyth, Essex. 
Robson, AVilliam Walter Constable, Gainsborough. 
Roch, Horace Sampson, Jioyal Army Medical Corps. 
Roche, Alfred Reginald, 99, Queen' s-cresceiif, n.w. 
Roche, Eleazer Birch, Surrey-street, Noricich. 
Roche, Ivan Joseph, 2, Vermont-road, Upper Norwood. s.E. 
Roche, Nelson Joseph, Naval Medical Service. 
Roche, Redmond John, 1, Ecclesfon-srjuare. s.vr. 
Rochfort-Brovvn, Herbert, M.B. Oxf., Pietermaritzhirg, Natal. 
Rock, Cecil Howard, Naval Medical Service. 
Rock, Ernest Albert, 30, Malrem-rcad, Beeston-hill, Leeds. 
Rock, Frank Ernest, M.D. Lond., 38, Glenthorne-rd. w. 
Rockstro, Frank Braine, Southcote-road, Bournemouth. 
Rockwood, David Pratt, 19, Torrington-square. w.c. 
Rodd, Montague Louis Bouchier, Naval Aledical Service. 
Roderick, Henry Buckley, M.D. Camb., Cambridge. 
Rodgers, Robert Isaac Craig, Burnley. 
Rodocanachi, Ambrose John, M.D. Lond., Stalybridge. 
Rodrigo, Wm. Paul, 53, BlomJield-7-oad, Shepherd's Bush. w. 
Rodriguez, James Donald, 57, Croivndale-road. N.w. 
Roe, Edvrin Ernest William, Hambledon, Hants. 
Roe, Thomas O'Neill, M.B. Lond., Iquique, Chili. 
Rogers, Arthur Anderson, Woolston, Soutltawp)ton. 
Rogers, Bertram Mitford Heron, M.D. Oxford, Clifton, Bristol. 
Rogers, Edward Norman Tilly, West Southborne, Bournemouth. 
Rogers, Frederick Arthur, D.S.O., Indian Medical Service. 
Rogers, Frederick Colin, Jndian Medical Service. 
Rogers, Frederick Edward, 103, Bethnal Green-road. n.e. 
Rogers, Kenneth, M.D. Lond., Bromley, Kent. 
Rogers, Reginald James, Auckland, New Zealand. 
Rogers, William Gusterson, M.D. Lond., Johannesburg, S. 

Rogers-Tillstone, John Monkhouse, Chalford, Gloucestershire. 


Rogerson, Frederick, M.B. Lond., 109, Streathboume-rd., Up. 

Tooting, s.v/. 
Rollason, Abel, Heidelberg, Victoria^ Australia. 
Rolleston, Lancelot Wm., M.B. Durham, Napsburg, St. Albans. 
Rolls, Allison Montague, M.B. Toronto, 15, Torrington-sq. w.c. 
Rolph, John VVidmer, M.D. Vict. Coll., Canada. 
Rolston, Thomas Restarick, Morice Toivn, Devonport. 
Roman, Alphonse Henry, 22, Motz Str., Berlin. 
Romano, Frederick William Richard, Brazil. 
Romer, Frank, 11, Seymour-street, w. 
Romer, Harry, M.B. Oxf., St. Leonards. 
Romer, Robert Leslie, Great Staninore, Middlesex. 
Ronald, Arthur Edwin, M.B. Camb., Napier, Hawkes Bay, N.Z. 
Ronaldson, Robert Miller, M.B. Edinb., Edinburgh. 
Rood, Felix Stephens, 22, Alwyne-square, Canonbury. N. 
Rook, Albert Edward, Eastbourne. 

Rooke, Alfred Basil, 8, Alexaudra-grove, North Finchley. 
Rooke, Ernest Morley, 14, Alexander-court, Queen^s Gate. s.w. 
Rooke, Frederick James Faulkland, 41, Welbeck-street. w. 
Rooke, William Stanley, North Finchley. N. 
Roome, Alfred Martin, Dunster, Somerset. 
Rootes, Georg-e. 

Rooth, James Augustus, Brighton. 

Roper, Hei'bert John, 6, Spencer-place, Roundhay, Leeds. 
Roper, Richard Snelling', St. Marylebone Lifirmary. ^y. 
Rorke, Robert Francis, M.D. McGill, Dorchester-street, Montreal. 
Roscoe, Henry, County Asylum, Cheddleley, Staff's. 
Rose, Frank Atcherley, 3, Upper Wimpole-street. ay. 
Rose, Frank Herbert, 13, West field-park, Bristol. 
Rose, Horace, Melrose, Aylesbury. 
Rose, Percy, 161, Barking-road, Canning Town, e. 
Rose, Samuel Frank, 25, Wey mouth-street, w. 
Rose, Thomas, 60, Bloomsbury-street. w.c. 
Rosenau, Albert Bath Kissingen, Germany. 
Ross, Alexander Michael, Norwich. 
Ross, Donald Murray, 75, Lambeth Palace-road. s.E. 
Ross, Edward Halford, Port Said, Egypt. 
Ross, Frederic Wm. Forbes, M.D. Edinb., 15, Goiver-st. w.c. 
Ross, Hugh Campbell, Royal Southern Hospital, Liverpool. 
Ross, James, M.D. McGill, Dundas, Ontario^ Canada. 
Ross, James Frederick William, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
Ross, James MacBain, Broken Hill, New South Wales. 
Ross, Murdoch William, Tiviakina, Wellington, N.Z. 
Ross, Percy Alexander, Hamlet Court-road, Westcliff-on-Sea. 
Ross, Philip Hedgeland, Uganda, British East Africa. 
Ross, Robert Ainslie, M.B. Edin., 6, Warrender Hill-crescent, 

Ross, William Albert, M.D. Toronto, Toronto. Canada. 
Rossiter, Harold Trenchard, 109, Fentirnan-road. s.w. 
Rost, Ernest Reinhold, Lidian Medical Service. 
Rostant, Andre Arsene, 85, Northumherland-pk., Tottenham, n. 











Rosten, Leslie Martin, M.B. Duih., Kinr/s Heathy Bivminoham. 
Roth, Felix Norinan, Nifier Coast Protectorate, W. Africa. 
Rotli, Walter Edrmiiul. Cooktoion, (lueensland. 
R(jtli\vell, Thomas Andrew, M.D. Vict, Hale, Altrincham. 
Roug'hton, John Paul, Kettering. 
Rou^'hton, Walter, Neiv Barnet. 
Roiiillaid, Jean Antoine Abel, Uniziuto., yatal. 
Round, John Corn well, 19, Crescent Wood-road, s.k, 
Rous, John Bart, M.B. Lond., General Hospital, Hampstead. N. 
Rouse, Algernon Edward, Worthing. 
Rouse, Eusebius Rouse, Frant, Tunbridge Wells. 
Routh, Randolph Ileury PVlix, Bridgumter. 
Routley, Edwin Walter, M.D. Brussels, Church-lane, Aldershot. 
Routly, Ernest Sydney', 18, Melville-road, Brighton. 
Rouw, Robert Wynne, 7, Wiiapolc-street. \v. 
Row, Charles Mai'tin, 'J'emplecomhe, Somerset. 
Row. Edward Reginald, Nanango, Queensland, Australia. 
Rowbothara, Edgar Joseph, Narbonne-avenue, Clapham. s.w. 
Rowbothani, Herbert Barnwell, 254, Hfoseley-road, Birnnnghani. 
Rowe, Robert M orison, M.B. Ediub., 25, Langham-street, Port- 
land-place, w. 
Rowe, William Trethowan, M.D. Loud., Nottingham. 
Rowell. (xeorge, 6, Cavendish-place, w. 
Rowell, Herbert Ellis, M.D. Durh., East Rudham, Norfolk. 
Rowell, John George, 66, .John William-street, Iludderslleld. 
Rowland, Edward Roger, M.D. Brussels, Dordrecht, South Africa. 
Rowland, Edward Walton Spenser, Reading. 
Rowland, Frank Mortimer, M.D. Camb., 26, St. John-st., Lichfield. 
Rowland, Frederic Samuel, Wrexham. 

Rowland, Fredk. Wm., M.D. Durh., 3, St. George s-p lace., Bright on. 
Rowland, John Jones, Aberystwith. 
Rowland, Lewis Thomas Archibald, Lampeter. 
Rowland, Peury William, M.D. Lond., Wellesley-road, Colchester. 
Rowland, S.ydney Domville. 

[lowland, Walter .lohn, M.B. Durh., 5, College-road, Brighton. 
Rowlands, Hugh Pugh, M.D. Durh., Ti-eveddyg, Toivj/n. 
Rowlands, John Sydney, M.D. Liverp., Llangollen, N. Wales. 
Rowlands, Moses John, 27, Beauchamp-place, Pont-street. w. 
Rowlands, Richard Pugh, Talybont, Towyn. 
Rowlands, Robert Pugh, M.B. Lond., 12, Queen Anne-street, w. 
Rowlands, Wm. Herbert, Bromsgrove. 
Rowley, Oswald Francis, 20, Church-street, Barnsley. 
Rowntree, Cecil William, M.B. Lend., Middlesex Hospital, w. 
Rowntree, Sidney John, 20, Richnwnd-road. Islington, x. 
Rows, Richard Guudry, M.D. Lond., County Asylum, Lancaster. 
Rowse, Edward Leopold, M.D. Brussels, Putney-hill. s.w. 
Rowstron, Noel Florentine, M.B. Durh., Sunderland. 
Roxburgh, Alexander Bruce, M.B. Oxf., 7, Henrietta-street, w. 
Roy, Donald Whatley, Harby, York. 
Roydeu. William, St. Margaret's, Great Yarmouth. 

1867 1 Rojds, William Alexander Slater, St. Mary Bourne, Andover. 


1896 Roze\aav,A.hvsiha,mIjevie, ll'.),Gree)icroft-(/rd)is.,IIam2}stead. n.av. 

1894 Rubel, John Leopold, ShephenVs Well, Dover. 

1892 Rubra, Henry Homer, %Q, Crouch Hall-road, Crouch End. N. 

1887 Ruck, David Xaunton, Ealing, w. 

1891 Rudd, Arthur, 493, 0/rf A>«^roarf. s.e. 

1888 Rudd, WiUiam Arthur, M.D. Durh., Acton-hill. ^Y. 

1877 Ruddock, John Burton, British Consul, Muzagan, Morocco. 

1869 Rudge, Charles King-, 14o, Whiteladies-road, Clifton, Bristol. 

1904 Rudge, Frederick Henry, 145, Whiteladies-road, Clifton, Bristol. 

1905 Rudkin, Gerald FitzGerald, 2, The Crescent, Teignmouth. 

1889 Rudyard, Henry Ashton, 103,5^. Albans-road, Watford. 
„ Ruel, Charles Percival, Kent-road, Southsea. 

1904 Ruete, Alexander, 112, King-street, Blackburn. 

1861 Rugg, George Philip, M.D. Aberd., 3, Lower Rock Gardens, 

1901 Rugg, Godfrey Faussett, Rogal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Rumsey, Cecil Frank, Regent-street, Cambridge. 

1895 Rundle, Claude, M.D. Lend., Citg Hosmtal, Liverpool. 
1869 Rundle, Henry, 13, Clarence-parade, Southsea. 

1908 Rupp, Karl, M.D. Graz, German Hospital, Dalston. x.e. 

1896 Rusby, Edward Lionel Macpherson, 369, Coldharhour-lane. s.w. 

1885 Rushbrooke, Thomas, 93, Stamford-hill. n. 

1884 Rushworth, Frank, M.D. Lond., 153, Finchley-road. x.-w 

1882 Rushworth, Norman, Beechfield, Walton-on-Thames. 

1903 Russ, Charles, M.B. Lond., 38, iVety Cavendish-street, w. 

1894 Russell, (Jharies Henry, Great Yarmouth. 

1908 Russell, Edmund Neptune, Milford House, Limerick. 

1905 Russell, Francis John, 58, South-street, Greenwich, s.e. 

1886 Russell, George Herbert, 1, St. Stephens-road, Upton Park. e. 

1896 Russell, John Dill, M.B. Lond., Fortiss-green, East Finchley. n. 

1892 Russell, John Ronaldson, Westerham, Kent. 

1886 Russell, Robert Hamilton, Spring-street, Melbourne, Australia. 

1889 Russell, William Alfred, Eastwood, Notts. 
„ Russel-Rendle, Charles Edmund, Plymouth. 

1887 Rust, John, St. Mary s-road, Manchester. 

1902 Rutherfoord, Thomas Corrie, M.D. Durh., Indian Medical Service, 
1894 Rutherford, xYlfred Ernest Raif, 3, Brondesbury-rd., Kilburn. N.\r. 

1891 Rutherford, George James, Gold Coast, West Africa. 
1905 Rutherford, James tldmund, ^S^. (?eyr(7e's i/os/^eYa/. s.w. 

1903 Rutherford, Randolph Henry Neilson, Stoke. Devonport. 

1892 Rutter, Francis Burchett, M.D. Durh., Mere, Wilts. 

1891 Rutter, Hubert Llewellyn, M.D. Durh., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
1900 Ruttledge, William Edward, BatJi Asylum, Wells, Somerset. 
1861 Ruttledge, William Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1899 Ruzzak, Shaik Abdur, Indian Medical Service. 

1894 Ryall, Charles, 62, Harley -street, w. 

1890 Ryall, Edward Canny, 77, Harley -street, ^y. 

1895 Ryan, William Bonner, Burton-on- Trent. 

1892 Ryde, Cyril Alexander, 89, St. Helens-gar., JSI. Kensington, ^y. 
1898 Ryder, Claude Clifford, San Francisco, California, U.S.A. 

1897 Rygate, Arthur Montague, M.B. Durh., Saxmundham. 

S 2 


1889 Rygate, Charles Daniel Hartley, S. Brisbane, Queensland. 
1883 Ry^-ate, David John, Watchet, Scmerset. 

1891 Rygate, Henry Bertram, M.B. Diuh., Ipswich. 

1895 Rykert, Arthur Frederick, St. Catherine s, Canada. 

1897 Ryland, Robert Felix, Solihull, Birminr/ham. 
1901 Ryley, Charles, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Sachs, Alfred Ludovicus, 26, Marlboroitah-hilL n.^vv. 

„ Sadler, Vyvyan Kendall, University College Hospital, w.c. 

1905 Sadler, William Mackenzie, M.D. Lend., 117, Durham-road, 

East Finchley. k. 

1892 Saffery, Frank Golder, 20, Talfourd-road, Camherwell. s.e. 
„ St. John, Alexander Story, Eltham. 

1908 St. John, Alfred Henry Valentine, 34, Ehury-street. s.w. 

1898 St. John, Winstan St. Andrew, Derby. 

1906 St. Johnston, Thomas Reginald, Guest Hospital, Dudley. 

1893 St. Stephens, Wm. Trewhella, 36, Avenue-mans., Finchley-rd. x.w. 

1907 St, Vincent Welch, Leslie, New South Wales. 

1900 Salaraan, Redclifte Xathan, M.D. Camb., Frognal End. Hamp- 

stead. N.AV. 

1901 Sale, John Caruthers, Skegness. 

1888 Salisbury, Chas. Ramsden, 110, Evering-road, Stoke Newington. N. 

1906 Salisbury, Harold Keimeth, The Limes, Wells, Somerset. 

1900 Sail, Ernest Frederick, Canterbury. 

1906 Salmon, Albert, 7, Waterloo-place, Brighton. 
1883 Salmon, Arthur Guy, M.D. Lond., Bodmin. 
1904 Salt, Arthur Philip, Kempsey, Worcester. 

1896 Salt, Thomas, IVasInvood Heath, Birmingham. 
1895 Salter, Alfred, M.D. Lond., 198, Jamaica-road. s.e. 
1891 Salter, Charles Edward, M.D. Lond., Scarborough. 

1893 Salter, Samuel CoUey, Longsight, Manchester. 

1883 Salter, Stephen Thomas, M.B. Camb., 125, Hambalt-road, 

Clapham. s.w. 

1884 Salvage, John Valentine, M.D. Durh., Royal Aiiny Medical Corps. 

1894 Sames, John William, Mill Hill-park, Acton, w. 
1903 Sampson, Bernard Moore, City Asylum, Birmingham. 

1899 Samuel, David, Skeiven, Neath, S. Wales. 

1907 Samuel, Henrj- Charles, 32, Blackhorse-road, Walthamstoic. n.e. 

1903 Samuel, Henry Thomas, 17, St. Andreic's-crescent, Cardiff. 
1893 Sandall, Thos. Edward, M.B. Camb., Alford, Lincolnshire, 

1895 Sanders, Alfred William, M.D. Lond., P.O. Box 11 Q, Pretoria, 


1901 Sanders, Edward Arthur, 51, Abington-street, Northampton. 

1900 Sanders, James Herbert, M.D. Brussels, South Molton, Devon. 
1907 Sanders, Louis Philip, Union Infirmary, Greenwich. S.E. 

1904 Sanders, Thomas, Newsham, Barnard Castle. 

1905 Sanderson, George Meredith, Poole-road, Parkstone, Doi-set. 
1895 *Sanderson-Wells, Thomas Henrj', M.D. Lond., Weymouth. 

1890 Saudifer, Hy. Stephen, M.D. Lond., 29, Dawson-place. ^v. 
1869 Sandiland. Arthur Henry, \Z1, Southgate-road, Islington, n. 

* Formerly Wells, Thomas Henry. 


1901 Sandiland, Digby Sayer, 137, Soutligate-road. x. 

1905 Sandiland, Ernest Littleton, M.B. Load., 137, Southgate-road. n. 

1897 Sandilands, John Edward, M.D. Camb., Guild Hcdl, Winchester. 

1898 Saudison, James, Lady well Sanatorium, Salford. 

1896 Sanduer, Adolph, 5e/«(:%o, Victoria^ Australia. 

1888 Saudoe, John Warden, M.D, Durh., Broad Cli/st, Exeter. 

1883 Saneyoshi, Yasuzumi, Tokijo, Japan. 

1908 Sanford, Harry Archibald, M.B. Lend., 39, Woodland-terrace. 
Charlton, Kent. 

1899 Sanger, Frederick, M.D. Camb., Hing Hwa, Foochow, China. 

1897 Sang-ster, John Ikin, Kooringa, S. Australia. 

,. Sanguiuetti, Harold Herbert, M.B. Oxf., MineJiead, Somerset. 

1908 Sankey, Charles Fox Octavias, M.B. Lond., Boreatton Park, 
Bascliurch , Shreicsbury. 

1886 Sankey, Julius Ivor, Gt. Yarmouth. 

1902 Sankey, Richard Harvey, M.B. Oxf., 35, St. Giles, Oxford. 

1906 Sankey, William Octavius, M.D. Lond., 32, Bridge-street, 


1902 Sansom, Bertram Eli, Conwai/-j'oad, Southgate. n. 

1887 Sansom, Harry Arthur, M.D. Lond., 127, West End-lane. x.av. 

1897 Sansome, Thomas, Hilltoj), West Bromwich. 

1884 Santi, Philip Robert William, 1 5, Stratford-place, ^y. 

1888 Sapp, John George Victor, M.B. Edinb., 16, King William- 

street, w.c. 

1901 Sapwell, Benjamin Beckham, The Grange, Aylsham, Norfolk. 
1893 Sargant. WilUam Edward, St. Bartholomew'' s Hospital, e.g. 
1896 Sargent, Alfred George, Indian Medical Service. 

1898 Sargent, Percy William George, 67a, Rarley-street. "w. 
1890 Sarjant, Frank Perc}', M.B. Lond., Withingion, Manchester. 

1893 Sarjeant, John Frederic, 65, Parkhurst-road. N. 

1900 Sass, Frederick Joseph Wilfrid, cjo Messrs. Sass and Young, 

3, New-square, w.c. 

1907 Saul, Barnett, 100, High-street, Oxford-road, Manchester. 

1889 Saul, Victor Salmon, 41, Cheetham Hill-road, Manchester. 
1887 Saunder, Charles Stirling, 6, Upper PhiiUmore-place. w. 

1894 Saunders, Allan Lindsay, 1 12, J/afcZa-raZe. av. 

1907 Saunders, Ernest Albert, Stafford-road, Wallington, Surrey. 

1889 Saunders, Fredk. William, M.B. Camb., Neivbury. 

1868 Saunders, Lawrence, M.D. Queen's Coll., Canada. 

1898 Saunders, Leonard Dimock, Salisbury. 

1902 Saunders, Leonard Douglas, Tunbridge Wells. 

1886 Saunders, Mark Richard, Uuchiall Torkard, Nottingham. 

1905 Saunders, Percy Whittington, M.B. Toronto, City of London 

Hospital, Victoria-park. x.E. 

1907 Saunders, Stuart MacKenzie, " Tsu Shima," Grove- jiark, Lee. 

1867 Saundry. James Baynard, 72, Blackheath-hill. s.E. 

1896 Savage, Ernest Smallwood, ]NI.B. Oxf ., 133, Edmund-st., Brmnghm. 

1900 Savage, Thomas Copeland, M.B. Loud., Auckland, N.Z. 

1894 Savage, William Arthur, 3, Sterling-street, Brompton. s.w. 

1896 Savage, William George, M.D. Lond., Colchester. 

1887 Savery, Frank, 4, Mount Park-road, Ealing, w. 


1901 Savill, Philip, M.D. LoncL, Beo-MII. 

1895 Savin, Lewis, Cliaotamj, Yvnnan, IV. CInnu. 

1889 Savory, Horace, M.B. Camb., Ahhotfs Jiromleji., Rugeleij. 

1887 Savory, William Harinsworth, Afhford, Kent. 

1898 Saward, Arthur Henry Michael, Richmond, Surrey. 

1908 Sawdon, James Edgar, M.D. Toronto, Listoicel, Ontario, Canada. 

1898 Sawdy, Edward Charles, Naval Medical Service. 

1884 Sawers, Frederick Hayes, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
1892 Sawers, John Lorimer, M.D. Loud., 29, Grosvenor-place. Margate. 
1908 Sawhney, Mulk Ritj., 19, Sinclaii'-f/ardens, West Kensington. 

1887 Sawnhy, Bhag-at Ram, Lahore, India. 

1889 Sawyer, Ramon Alexander, Nassau, Bahamas, W. Indies. 

1901 Sayer, Thomas, Kirklington, Bedale. 

1895 Sayers, Matthew James Hazlitt, Alsager, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1890 Say res, Alexander Ward Fortescue, M.D. Brussels, Exeter. 

1888 Scadding', Henry Crawford, T'oronto, Canada. 

1897 Scale, Thomas \ViHiam, Gloster House, Aherdare. 
1905 Scales, John Edwin, Llanferres, Jfold, N. Wales. 

1898 Scanlan, Arthur de Courcy, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1900 Scanlan, Henry, M.D. M'Gill, 11, Ovaxlale-av., Montreal, Canada. 

1897 Scanlon, Leonard Edmund, Princess-road, Moss Side, Manchester. 

1898 Scaping, Harold Massey, 307, Beverley-road, Hull. 

1905 Scarborough, Oswald Lowndes, Chapel Alh'rton, Leeds. 
189G Scatchard, James Percival, M.B. Lond., Tadcaster. 
1869 Scatchard, Thomas Edward, Boston Spa, Yorks. 

1903 Scatliff, Harold Harris Elborough, 11, Charlotte-street, Brighton. 
188G Scatliff, Philip Melaucthon, 30, Undei^hill-road, Lordship-lane. S.E. 

1904 Schapiroff, Abraham, M.D. Geneva, 31, Old Comp ton-street, w. 

1894 Scharlieb, Herbert Johann, C.M.G., M.D.Lond., 149, Harley- 

street. w. 

1896 Schaub, Justus Martin, M.B. Lond., Harlesden Park Parade, n.w. 

1906 Schenck, Edward, M.D. Freiburg, Frankfort-on-Maine. 

1892 Scheurer, Jan Gerrit, Java, Nc.tlier lands India. 
1864 Schmid, Carl Theodor, M.D. Tubingen. 

1895 Schnoller, Anton, Davos Platz, Orisons, Switzerland. 

1883 Schofield, Alfied Taylor, M.D. Brussels, 19, Ilarley -street, w. 

1902 Schofield, Arthur Reginald, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service. 

1899 Schofield, (Jusack Roney, SoutJiport. 

1885 Schofield, Gerald, M.D. Brussels, Chesham Bois, Bucks. 

1893 Schofield, Samuel Robert, M.B. Lond., 1, Pliillimore-gardens, w. 

1898 Schcilberg, Harold Alfred, M.B.Lond., Univ. College, Cardiff. 

1899 Scholberg, Peter Herbert, 42, Little Britain, e.g. 

1898 Scholefield, Ernest Hail, M.B. Oxf., County Asylum, Lancaster. 

1899 Schuller, Walter Joseph, Charlton, Kent. 

1902 Schumer, Jacob, M.D. Vienna, 127, High-street, Aldgate. e. 

1905 Schwarz, Emil, M.D. Vienna, Stefaniestrasse 18, Vienna. 
„ Scoones, Harold Edward, Ilythe, Kent. 

1899 Scorah, Ernest John, Ilighfield, Driffield. 

1893 Scorer, Frank, Cliristchurch-roxid, Bournemouth. 

1895 Scot-Skirving Arch. Adam, C.M.G.,^., Randolph-crescent, Edin- 










Scotson, Fredk. Charles, M.B. Vict., Cliorlton, Manchester. 

Scott, Aleck Lauriston, Roijcd Army Medical Corps. 

Scott, Alfred, 141, Marine Parade, Brighton. 

Scott, Aruolci, M.D. Lend., Backing, Braintree. 

Scott, Arthur Bodley, Ashcroft, Station-road, Winchmore Hill. x. 

Scott, Arthur Eldou, Middlesex Hospital. ^\. 

Scott. Arthur Williaili, Beverley-road, Hull. 

Scott, Charles Walter, 27, Seliiurst-road. S. Norwood, s.e. 

Scott, Edward Speucer, 59, Fellows-road, Hampstead. x.w. 

Scott, Ernest Harold, Creffield-road, Colchester, 

Scott, Francis Gilbert, Hermon Hill, S. Woodford, e. 

Scott, Frank ShoU, M.B. Lond., 40, Downleaze, Stole Bishopy 

Scott, George Henry, St. George's-terrace, Sheffield. 
Scott, Gerald Claude, Tan-y-Gyrt, Denbigh. 
Scott, Gilbert Bodle}^ Hurleii House, Grove-road, Surhiton. 
Scott, Harold Munro, 196, Gloucester-terrace., Hyde Park. w. 
Scott, Henry Harold, M.D. Lond., Ludloiv. 
Scott, Henry James Herbert, Scone, New South Wales. 
Scott, Hemy Thomas, 69, Mill-lane, West Hampstead. n.ay. 
Scott, Herbert Bodley, Aldington, Poole-road, Bournemouth. 
Scott, James Andrew Neptune, Wijcheproof, Victoria, Australia. 
Scott, John Geddes, Fanchal, Madeira. 
Scott, John Robinson, The Fosse, Leicester. 
Scott, John Walter Lennox, 126, Tulse-hill. s.w. 
Scott, Maitland Bodley, Bournemouth. 

Scott, Robert Beresford Seymour, The Deanery, Westminster, s.w. 
Scott, Sack N03', Pli/mstock, Plymouth. 
Scott, Sebastian Gilbert, 28, Tavistock-square. w.c. 
Scott, Sydney Richard, M.B. Lond., 46, Queen Anne-street, w. 
Scott, Thomas Graham, 75, Denmark-hill. s.e. 
Scott, Thomas Walter, Warrnambool, Victoria^ Australia. 
Scott, Thomas Wilfred, M.B. Camb., Southborne, Hants. 
Scott, Wallace Arthur, M.B. Toronto, 576, Church-street., 

Toronto, Canada. 
Scott, AValter Henderson, Devon-square, Newton Abbot. 
Scott, William Jermyn, M.B. Durh., Windsor. 
Scott, William Lockhead, M.D. Lond., University College 

Hospital. "W.C. 
Scowby, Edward Thomas, M.B. Lond., Worsley, Manchester. 
Scowcroft, Herbert Edwin, Gt. Lever., Bolton. 
Scrase, Frank Edward, G, Woodchurcli-road, West-end-lane. N.w. 
Scrase, James John Sheat, 56, Walhorough-street, Newton 

Scrog'gie, Wm. Reith John, Indian Medical Service. 
Scudamore, Charles Edward, 42, Tollington-park. N. 
Scudamore, Leonard George, Rhymney., Mon. 
Scully, John, Indian Medical Service. 
Scutt, Tom Homer, Staines, Middles-ex. 
Seagrove, Herbert Aylward, Brondesbury-park. N. w. 
Seal, Arthur William, The Bartons, Tetbury. 


1888 Seal, Charles Edward, Darjee/ing, India. 

189G Seal, Francis Montgomery, M.B. Lond., Wirksworth, Derby- 

1904 Seal, Philip Henry, M.B, Lond., South Molton. 

„ Sealy, (xeoffrey Orr Fern, Indian Medical Service. 

„ Sear, John Taylor, 06, Drakejield-road, Ujrper lootinr/. s.w. 

1908 Searle, Francis Charles, T/ie C'lecve, Guilford, Surreij. 

1865 Searle, Richard Burford, Bexley, Dartmouth. 

1895 Sears, Alfred Ernest, 52, Lee-terrace, Blackheath. s.e. 

1902 Sears, Charles Newton, M.D. Loud., 07, Soiithbrook-road, 

Lee. S.E. 

1907 Sebastian, Gerald Koel Boyd, 22, Kensington-court. s.w. 

1896 Secconibe, Charles AVilliam, Albaston. Tavistock. 

1908 Secconibe, Clovis Leopold, 5, Duchess-street, Portland-place, w. 
1874 Seccombe, George Samuel, Port of Spain, IVinidad. 

1901 Seccombe, John William Smyth, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Seccombe, Philip John Ambrose, M.B. Camb., Oporto, Portugal. 
1900 Secretan, Walter Bernard. M.B. Lond., 102a, Castle-hill, 


1907 Sedgwick, George Henry, 70, Demesne-road, Alexandra-park, 

1895 Sedgwick, Hubert Redmayne, M B. Camb., Kingston-on-Thames. 
1893 Seed, AVilliam Pope, Perth, West Australia. 

1891 Segundo, Charles Sempill de, M.B. Lond., 97, Gloucester-place, w. 

1892 Selby, Edmond Wallace, M.D. Lond., Doncaster. 

1893 Selby, John Samuel Ernest, Waddesdon. Aylesbury. 
1887 Selby, Prideaux George, Teynham^ Kent. 

1892 Selby, William, D.S.O., Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Seldon, George Elliott, M.D. Toronto, Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada. 

1907 Selfe, John, 9, Lower Rock-gardens, Brighton. 

1889 Sellers, Arthur Edward, Thornhill, Dewsbury. 

1876 Sellon, John A\^illiam Gore, Spring-road, Southampton. 

1809 Sells, Charles John, Guildford. 

1900 Selous. Cuthbert Fennessy, M.B. Loud., Barton-on-Sea, New 

Milton, Hants. 

1901 Semmence, Ernest Edward, Westcliff, Southend-on-Sea. 

1905 Semon, Henry Charles Gustavus, 39, Wimpole-street. vr. 
1880 Semple, Henry Frederick, Budleigh Salterton. 

1887 Sen, Chandi Chavan, 19, Schiller strasse. Munich. 

1891 Senior, Arthur William, Xere??s/'?</?«e, il/anc/it's«er. 

1892 Senior, Harold Dickinson, M.B. Durh., University of Suracuse. 

N.Y., U.S.A. 

1905 Sephton, Robert Poole, Atherton, Manchester. 

1893 Sequeira, Walter Scott Harecourt, M.B. Loud., N'aval Medical 


1871 Sergeant, Edward, Countii Offices, Preston. 

1903 Sergeant, John Noel, M.B. Lond., 20, Bigby-road, Brigg. 

1896 Serjeant, Robert, 27, Peckhani-road. s.e. 
1903 Serpell, Hugh Hamilton, Polyphant, Launceston. 

1897 Sessions, Fredk. Leonard, Famworth, Bolton. 
1891 Seton, Bruce Gordon, Indian Medical Sei^ice. 







•^Sevestre, Robert, M.D. Camb., 119, London-road, Leicester. 
Sewaki, Hisao, Tokio, Japan. 

Sewell, David Lindley, M.B. Lond., 2, St. Peter's-sq., Manchester. 
Sewell, EvelynPierce, M.B. Camb.,3, Dora-rd., Wimbledon, s.av. 
Sewell, Robert Beresford Sejmour, Deanery, Westminster, s.av. 
Sewill, Joseph Seftop, 9a, Cavendish-square, w. 
Sexton, Henry William, Borstal., Rochester. 
Sexton, Timothy William, Festing-road, Southsea. 
Seymour, Charles Gibbons, Indian Medical Service. 
Seymour, Harold Farley, M.D. Lond., College Gates, Worcester. 
Seymour, Lionel William, Oxford. 
Shackel, George Arthur, lAidlow. 
Shacksnovis, Reuben, 32, Gower-street, Leeds. 
Shadbolt, Lionel Pierrepont, 56, Balliol-road, IJverpool. 
Shadwell, Harry Winstanley, 9, Leat lav ell-road, Clapham Com- 

'nion. &.\y. 
Shadwell, Lancelot Walter, Bedford Park. av. 
Shadwell, St. Clair Brockway, M.D. St. Andr., Walthamstow. 
Shand, Walter Moray, Shoreditch Infirmary, Hoxton. N. 
Shann, Frederick, St. Leonardos-place, York. 
Shann, William Arthur, M.B. Camb., Lowestoft. 
Shannon, James Webster, M.B. Vict., Liscard, Birkenhead. 
Shannon, Stanley Samuel Howard, Naval Medical Service. 
Shardlow, Joseph, M.B. Lond., 13, Richmond-crescent, n. 
Sharman, Eric Harding', Indian Medical Service. 
Sharman, Henry, M.D. Lond., Arkwright-road, Hampstead. 
Sharman, John SchutzeAVm. Edward, Avenue-gate, Norvjood. 
Sharp, Arthur John, M.D. Lond., Nottingham. 
Sharp, Charles John, M.D. Durh., 2, Wellingion-avenne, Liverpool. 
Sharp, John Adolphus, Derby. 

Sharp, Leonard Whittaker, 47, Bnxton-road, Chingford, Essex. 
Sharp, Percy, Brant Broughton, Neivark-on-Trent. 
Sharpe, Wm. Salisbury, M.D, Durh., 8, Cleveland-ter., Hyde Pk. w. 
Sharpin, Archdale Lloyd, Bedford. 
Sharpin, Walter Archdale, Bedford. 
Sharpies, Joseph Percival, Wye, Kent. 
Sharpie}'. Christopher Wilfred, Royal Infirmary, Hull. 
Sharpley, Edward, M.D. Durh., Louth. 
Sharpley, John Ernest, Kirton, Lindsey. 

Shattock, Charles Robert, 25, Heathfield-terrace, Chisivick. ^x. 
Shave, Edward Simpson, 1a, St. Paul's-rd., Camden Town. N.w. 
Shaw, Alfred Eland, Overdale Laxey, Isle of Man. 
Shaw, Arthur Hemans Plows, Cranbrook, Kent. 
Shaw, Arthur Priest, 15, Holderness-road, Hull. 
Shaw, Charles Thomas Knox, 19, Bentinck-street. w. 
Shaw, Cyril Walrond, Warcop Vicarage, Penrith. 
Shaw, David Christopher Mawhinne}', 229, Ashton Old-road, 

Shaw, Ernest Henry, 70, Parkhurst-road, Upper HoUoway. x. 


* Resigned membership 1901. 


1884 Shaw, Harrj'- Chaa. Costello, Wemh/e/j-park. 

1888 Sliaw, Joliii Ciistance, Boro' Asyluni, Goodmai/cs, Essex. 

1890 Shaw, Johu Ilepworth, M.B. Vict., !), Dovedale-i-oad, Liverpool. 

1891 ShaAV, Richard llolg'ate, The Grove, Liversedge. 

1900 Shaw, Robert Wesley, M.D. Western Univ., Toronto, Ontario, 

1888 Shaw, Wilham Rutherford. 

1897 Shea, Henry Francis, Jio>/al Army Medical Corps. 

1892 Shearer, Donald Francis, 48, Uj^p. Richmond-road, Putney, s.w. 

1880 Shears, Charles Hartley Bedwell, Upper JJuke-street, Liverpool. 

1893 Shears, William, M.D. Lond., Ill, Rnshey Green, Catjord. s.e. 

1898 Shedden, Arnold Ward, 141, Lichjield-street , Walsall. 
1900 Sheehan, INIichael, Bank-place, Mallow., co. Cork. 

1875 Sheeh}', William Henry Patmoi-e, MontKbello, Tocteridr/e. n. 

1892 Sheen, AUred\Yi\\iiim,M.T).Loud., 2, St. Andj-ew's-crescent, Cardiff. 

1879 Sheild, Arthur Marmaduke, M.B. Camb., 4, Cavendish-place, w. 

1900 Sheldon, Arthur Izod, Naval Medical Service. 

,, SheldoTi, Hug-h Frederick, Clover, Ladybrand, 0. R. Colony. 

1889 Sheldon, Robert Garuett, 223, Boundary-street, Liverpool. 
1898 Sheldon, Walter SiiT, 44, Cormvall-road, Notting Hill. -w. 
1884 Sheldrake, Edward Nodiu, Roi/al Army Medical Corps. 
1904 Shelley, Arnold, M.B. Oxf., Hamond Hill, Chatham. 

1895 Shelley, Percy AVilfred Graham, Witheridge, N.Devon. 

1881 Shelswell, Oscar Berridg-e, Mitcham, Surrey. 

1904 Shelton, Harve}^ Llewellyn, IJove, Brighton. 

1901 Shelton-Jones, Ernest, Pwllheli, N. Wales. 

„ Sheuton, Edward Warren Hine, 126, Har ley -street, w. 

lcS94 Shepard, Robert Heniy, Cookham, Berks. 

1895 Shepheard, Henry, 19, Brook-green, Harnmersinith. w. 

1890 Shepheard, John, North Walsham. 

1895 Shepherd, Alfred Edward, Doncaster. 

1898 Shepherd, Cyril, 40, Baysicater-road. Sydney, N.S.W. 

1906 Shepherd, Doug-las Robert Chaplin, M.B. Lond., Middlesex 

Hospital, w. 

1889 Shepherd, Henry Bowman, Castleton, Sheffield. 

1896 Shepherd, Henry Brooks, 8a, New Cavendish-street, w. 

1900 Shepherd, Thomas Scott, Henstridge, Somerset. 

1895 Sheppard, Arthur Murray, M.B. Syd., 2, Temple-gardens. E.c. 

1872 Sheppard, Thomas William, Bengal Army. 

1883 Sheppard, Wm. John, M.D. Durh., 235, Upper Richmond-rd.. s.w. 

1905 Sherren, Hug-h Godwin, 4, CVoj-ence-roacZ, Wood Green, n. 

1899 Sherren, James, 40, Devonshire-place, w. 

1886 Sherring-tou, Charles Scott, M.D., Camb., Ex. 1888, 89, 90, 91. 
University, Liverpool. 

1873 Sherwood, Arthur Paul. M.D. Durh., Eastbourne. 
1903 Shettle, Francis Broughton, Lidian Medical Service. 

1894 Shields, Oswin, M.D. Durh., Selden-road, Worthing. 

1901 Shields, William Thomas, Lonqport, Stoke-on-Trent. 

1892 Shillitoe, Alfred Ashby, M.B. Camb., cjo T. Cook ^- Sons, Cairo. 

1893 Shillitoe, Arthur, 2, Frederick-place., Old Jewry. E.C. 
1905 Shing-leton-Smith, Lionel, M.B. Camb., Clifton Park., Bristol. 



Shipmau, George Alfred Carg-il, Watergate, Grantham. 

ShiiDiimu, George William, Grantham. 

Shipton, Herbei't, Buxton, Derbyshire. 

Shirtliff, Edward DickiDSOij, St. Leonards-cn-Sea. 

Shirvell, Edgar Arthur, Exeter. 

Shone, William Vernon, Strafhalbi/n, South Australia. 

Shopoff, Pane Ivan, Phillippolis, East Roumelia. 

Shoppee, Edward Collett, 21, Carleton-road, Tufnell-parlc. n. 

Shore, Richard Allan Ambrose, M.D. McGill, Toronto, Canada. 

Shore, Thomas William, M.D. Lond., 6, Kingswood-road, Upper 

Norwood. s.E. 
Shorland, Ernest Trevor, Westhury, Wiltshire. 
Sliorland, George, Tockwith, Harpenden. 

Short, James Joseph, 36, AS/?e/iCYr-/;/b., Wandsworth Common, s.w. 
Shortt, William Rushton, M.D. Durh., 70, Fit z George-avenue, 

Kensington, ^x. 
Shute, George Sidney, M.D. Brussels, Northfleet, Kent. 
Shutte, Malcolm Winfrid, Walton-on-Thames. 
Shutte, Theodore, Fareham. 

ShuttJeworth, Chas. Buckingham, M.D. Toron., Toronto, Canada. 
Siblej', Reginald Oliver, Caterham Valley, Surrey. 
Sibson, Arthur Bertram, Ilardwick House, Stockton-on-Tees. 
Sichel, Gerald Theodore Sylvester, Sevenoaks. 
Sidebotham, Harold, San Francisco, U.S.A. 
Sidgwick, Harry Christopher, M.B. Camb., Royal Army Medical 

Sieveking,Hei-bert Edward, 23, Devonshire-terrace, Hyde-park. w. 
Sievwright, Henry Gates, Whitchurch, Cardiff. 
Silas, Walter Biscombe, 101, Southgate-road. N. 
Sills, Clarence Ham, M.D. Trin. Univ., Toronto, Wye, Kent. 
Silver, Hugh William, 9, Newlands-park, Sydenham. s.E. 
Simmonds, Ernest George, St. Leonards. 
Simmouds, William AUason Indian Medical Service. 
Simmons, Edmund Wretham, Bishopsioke, Hampshire. 
Simmons, Frederick Hero, Joliannesburg^ Transvaal. 
Simmons, George Alan, Woburn Hill, Addlestone, Surrey. 
Simmons, Gerald Allpress, M.D \jon(\., 216, Ashleij-gardens. s.w. 
Simmons, Harold, M.B. Durh., Bournemotdli. 
Simmons, Herbert Charles, Standerton, Transvaal. 
Simmons, Stewart Septimus, Enmore-road, Norivood. s.E. 
Simoens, Joseph Auspicio, Colva, Goa, East Indies. 
Simon, John Wellesley, Bunting ford. 

Simons, Robert John Richard Cobden, Bridgend, Glamorganshire. 
Simpson, Adam Pearson Hope, 108, Hartington-road, Liverpool. 
Simpson, Cecil Butler, Filey, Yorkshire. 
Simpson, Charles Shackleton, 2, Portland-road, Brighton. 
Simpson, Chas. Stanlej^ 176, Hoxton-street. N. 
Simpson, Francis Odell, 47, Berkeleij-street, Liverpool. 
Sinjpson, Fred Algernon, Accrington. 
Simpson, Frederick Charles, Werburgh, Rochester. 
Simpson, Fredk. Hampson, M.B. Durh., 45, Welbeck- street, w. 


1908 Simpson, George Charles Edward, Royal Southern Hospital. 

1900 Simpson, George Herbert, 9, Lucerne-road, Brif/hton. 

19<>7 Simpson, George Maxwell, 2, Chepstow-mansions, Baijswater. w. 

1889 Simpson, Godfrey William, Spencer Park, Wandsworth, s.w. 

1899 Simpson, Graham Scales, Royal Hospital, Sheffield. 

1891 Simpson, Henry, M.B. Camb., Brenchley, Kent. 

1905 Simpson, Julius Benedict, 11, Gloucester -row, Weymouth. 

1901 Simpson, Thomas Young, M.l). Durh., Feverell, Devonport. 

1892 Sims, David, 260, Meanioood-road, Leeds. 

1888 Sims, George Samuel, M.D. Durh., Green Hill, Derby. 
1898 Simson, Colin Coape, Melbourne, Victoria, Axistralia. 

,, Simson, Harold, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1901 Sinclair, Harold Weightman, M.D. Lond., Workhouse Hospital, 

1904 Sinclair, James Donald, Darlington. 

1908 Sinclair, Neil Frederick. 10, Carlyle-mansions, Kensington, "w. 

1896 Sing, Wilfrid Macdonald, M.D. Camb., 26, Southa7npton-st. vr.c. 

1907 Singer, Arthur Leonard, Coundon Court, Coventry. 

1903 Singer, Charles Joseph, M.B. Oxf., 4, Gloucester-terrace, Hyde- 
park. AV. 

1889 Singh, Bawa Jiwan, Indian Medical Service. 

1905 Singh, Kanwar Shumshere, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, s.k. 

„ Sington, Harold Sigismund, 23, Cleveland-gardens, Hyde Park. 

1893 Sinigar, Harr}'. M.D. Lond., Southall, Middlesex. 

1908 Sircom, Edmund Ralph, 23, Bushy-park, Knoivle, Bristol. 

1893 Skeels, William, 29, Church-lane, Brighouse. 

1901 Skelton, Dudley Sheridan, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1900 Skerrett, Frank Blenkinsopp, M.B. Lond., 39, Claremont-road, 

Forest Gate. e. 

1898 Skevington, Joseph Oliver, Crescent Lodge, Windsor. 

1896 Skey, Arthur Richard Harrie, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service. 

1887 Skill, James Maurice, Norbiton-avenue, Norbiton. 

1906 Skinner, Edward Fretson, M.B. Camb., Devonshire-street, Sheffield. 

1888 Skinner, George Henry, Caster ton, Victoria, Australia. 
1864 Skinnei", William. 

1894 Skipworth, Philip Lyonel Grey, 39, Tlie Terrace, Gravesend. 

1 902 Skrimshire, Henry Finch, 3Ioreton-in-the-Marsh, Gloucester. 
1888 Skyrme, Henry Edward, 22, Windsor-place, Cardiff. 

1902 Slade, Herl)ert Jas., M.B. Durh., 26, Jesmond-road, Newcastle- 


1903 Slade, John Godfrey, M.D. Camb., Fleet, Hants. 

1907 Slade, Sidney, Hatherleigh, N. Devon. 

1901 Sladen, Reginald John Lambert, Igatpuri, Bombay, India. 
1906 Slaney, Charles Newnham, Jaffrey Hospital, Birmingham. 

1899 ! Slater, Alan Butler, M.B. Edinb., 36, Bryanston-street. \v. 
„ Slater, Benjamin Holroyd, Little Horton-lane, Bradford. 

1894 Slater, Geo. Nathan Oscroft, County Asylum, Brenttcood. 

1890 ! Slater, Howard, M.D. Durh., Wathi, New Zealand. 
1893 ; Sloane, John Stretton, M.B. Loud., Leicester. 

J 895 








Slocock, Richard, Sjnlshy. 

Sloman, Herbert, Bedford. 

SI Oman, Samuel George, Farnham. 

Slowan, William John More, 91, Sheperdessl,Walk. n. 

Smailes, "William Herbert, M.B. Lond., Honley, Ruddersfield. 

Smale, John, Grange-road., Darlington. 

Smale, Oswald Ridle^'', Leigh, Kent. 

Smales, William Clayton, Longroclc, Cornwall. 

Small, Arthur Atwell, 244, Bloor- street, W. Toronto, Canada. 

Small, Robert, Worcester. 

Smalley, Herbert, M.D. Durh., Home Office, s.w. 

Smalley, James, Westford, Cheadle, Cheshire. 

Smalley, James Thoruton, 5, Park-road, Beckenham. 

Smallhorn, Cyril Aubrey, M.B. Oxf., Knutsford, Cheshire. 

Smallpiece, William Donald, Sivanivick Shore, Southampton. 

Smallwood, Edward, AF.D. Brussels, West Norwood, s.e. 

Smallwood, Matthew Edmund, Wheat hampstead, St. Albans. 

Smallwood, Robert Percy, M.B. Camb,, Little^ Waltham. 

Smart, David, 108, Grange-road, Bermondsey. s.e. 

Smart, Herbert Doug-las, M.B. Lond., Shelley, Huddersfield. 

Smeaton, Bronte, Mount Barker, S. Australia. 

Smedley, Ralph Davies, M.D. Camb., Durham. 

Smeeton, Cliarles William, Hovingham, York. 

Smillie, Alexander Buchanan, M.B. Toronto, Sheffield., Ontario, 

Smith, Alan Ayre, M.D. Durh., Infirmary, Sunderland. 

Smith, Alfred Egerton Manners, Retford. 

Smith, Armstroug-, Wymering, Cosham, Hants. 

Smith, Arthur Grosart Lehman, Crick, Rugby. 

Smith, Arthur Henry, 28, Chorlton-road, Manchester. 

Smith, Arthur Hopewell, 58, Park-street, Grosvenor-square. ^y. 

Smith, Charles, M.D. Lond., South Yarra, Victoria, Australia. 

Smith, Charles Charnock, Woburn, Beds. 

Smith, Charles Edwin, Altrincham. 

Smith, Charles ILarold, M.B. L'pool, Moorside, ISfeston, Cheshire. 

Smith, Daniel Lloyd, M.B. Lond., Sanatorium, Kingswood. 

Smith, Dansey, Wuchoiv, Canton, S. China. 

Smitii, Doug-las Wilberforce M.B. Lond., Mossel Bay, Cape 

Smith, Edward, St. Leonards. 

Smith, Edward Archibald, M.B. Vict., 42, Gordon-square.** w.c. 

Smith, Edward Arnold Cloete, 1, Westbourne-street, Hyde- 
park, w. 

Smith, Edward Bertram, Gt. Saling, Braintree., Essex. 

Smith, Edward Hickson, Leicester. 

Smith, Edward Protheroe, 16, Prospect-liill, Redditch. 

Smith, Edwin, M.D. Lond., 278, Balham High-road. s.w. 

Smith, Edwin Chas. Temple, Charters Towers, Queensland. 

Smith, Eric MacLeod, M.B. Oxf., Breivarrina, Neio South Wales. 


1901 1 Smith. Ernest George, Phpnouth. 

1891 Smith, Ernest Newl3'ii. M.D. Loud., Willesdm-lane. n.w. 

1881 Smith, Ernest Sutton, Braadsfairs, Kent. 

1907 Smith, Francis Maylett, 8, Nirerda/e-road, Tvickeuhain. 

1906 Smith, Francis Sliing-leton, Deephclm, Clifton Park, Bristol. 

1877 Smith, Ferdinand Clarence, M.B. Durh,, Indian Medical Service. 

1895 Smith, Frank Addinsell, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
,, Smith, Frank Laughton, M.D. Durh., Gl, Uprjate, Louth. 

1902 Smith, Frank Wyliourn, Ton-er House., Pliintstead-common, Kent. 
„ Smith, P'rederick Morton Vincent, Naval Medical Service. 

1869 Smith, Frederick Walter, 40, Neicinfiton-canseway. s.e. 

1903 Smith, Frederick Wm. Weeks, M.B. Lend., 40, Neivington- 

causeway. s.e. 

1902 Smith, Gayton Warwick, M.D. Lend., Counfi/ Asylum, Tooting, s.w. 

1885 Smith, George Francis, Watford. 

1902 Smith, George Frederick Darwall, M.B. Oxf., 30, Winipote- 

street. s.w. 

1901 Smith, George Melville, The Retreat, Buntingford, Herts. 

1880 Smith, George Munro, 18, Apsley-road, Clifton, Bristol. 

1901 Smith, George Percy, 58, Summer-road, Edghaston, Birmingham. 

1896 Smith, Gilbert, M.D.'^Durh., Hindiiead, Haslemere. 

1895 Smith, Graham Udale, Wivenlioe., Christchnrch, Hants. 
1889 Smith, Henry Archbold, Headingley, Leeds. 

„ Smith, Henry Cleveland, Soiithend-on-Sea. 

1874 Smith, Henr}' Hammond, St. Alban's-mans., Kensington Court, w. 

1889 Smith, Henry Walter, Pleasley, Mansfield. 

1890 Smith, Herbert Austen, M.B. Camb., Indian Medical Service. 
1906 Smith, Herbert Austin, Claybrooke, Magna, Rnghy. 

1884 Smith, Howard Lyon, M.D. Durh., Buckland- Newton, Dorchester. 
1906 Smith, Hoyland, Armley, Leeds. 

1902 Smith, Hugh Bernard ^Villoughby, M.B. Lond., Box 201, 


„ Smith, James, Coho, Guernsey. 

1896 Smith, James, M.B. Camb., 16, St. John's-road, Putney-hill. s.w. 
1906 Smith, James Edmund, St. Ba.rtholomeic's Hospital, e.c. 

1902 Smith, James Ernest Sutcliffe, M.B. Lend., Moor Vieiv, Bacup, 
1865 Smith, James William, Tunbridge Wells. 

1889 Smith, James William, Kingsland, Herefordshire. 

1885 Smith, John, M.D. Edinb., Kirkcaldy, Scotland. 
1889 Smith, John Barker, Heme Hill. s.e. 

„ Smith, John Percy, 26, Eaton-terrace, s.w. 

1900 Smith, John Salmon, 6, Marine-terrace. Old Cohoyn, N. Wales. 

1885 Smith, John Turville, 28, Chorlton-road, Manchester. 

1891 Smith, Joseph Stanley Kellett, 23, Biissell-street, Liverjjool. 
1905 Smith, Julius Hodgetts, Seven Kings, Ilford, Essex. 

1897 Smith, Lionel Shingleton. 

1898 Smith, Malcolm Arthur, Bangkok, Siam. 

1903 Smith, Malcolm William Stewait, M.B. Lond., 18, Bowes-road, 

Palmers Green. N. 

1896 Smith, Maurice Hamblin, Princetown, S. Devon. 

1897 Smith, Montague, 10, Kenninghall-road, Clapton, s.e. 


1886 ' Smith, Newman, Braintree, Essex. 

1895 Smith, Percy Montague, M.D. Lond., 288, Earl's Cov.rt-rd. s.w. 

1899 ! Smith, Percy Nelson, Stamford. 

1892 Smith, Reginald, Lipiton House, Warrington. 

1894 Smith, Reginald Nitch, 10, New Bond-street, w. 

1889 Smith, Richard Arthur, 303, Upper-street, x. 

1891 Smith, Richard Leonard Bealy, Eastleigh, Southampton. 

1863 Smith, Richard Wagstaff, Exmouth. 

1902 Smith, Robert Howard Newb}^, 203, High-street., Lewisham. s.e. 

1900 Smith, Robert William Innes, Brightside, Sheffield. 

1867 Smith, Samuel Montgomery Charles Alfred Anderson, M.D. 
Brussels, 2, Garnet-road, Willesden. n.w. 

1890 Smith, Sidney Browning, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Smith, Sidney Frederick, 147, Hunherstone-road , Leicester. 
1898 Smith, Sidney Maynani, M.B. Loud., 1, SpanisJi-place. w. 

„ Smith, Sidney Robert, 23, Pa>-/c-i-oad, Plumstead, Kent. 

1891 Smith, Sydue}^ Calvin, 27, Muswdl-rise, Highgate. N. 
1894 Smith, Thomas, Church End, Finchleij. n. 

1864 Smith. Thomas Haywood, Alcester. 
1902 Smith, Thomas Morland, Bournemouth. 

1892 Smith, Thos. Rudolph Hampden, M.B. Camb., Stockton-on-Tees. 

1893 Smith, Thomas AVuddelow, Tlie Square, Wahner, Kent. 
1900 Smith, Thomas William, 90, Larkhall-rise, Clapham. s.w. 

1889 Smith, Thomas Wilson, M.D. Lond., 17, Brock-street, Bath. 
1906 Smith, Walter Heaton, 16, King-street, Wigan. 

1897 Smith, Walter Hugh Montgomery, 204, Selhurst-rd., S. Norwood. 


1900 Smith, Ward, M.D. Edinb., Shiiiley. 

1901 Smith, William Christian Baumgarten, Naval Medical Service. 
1908 I Smith, William Frederic, M.D. New York, Halifax, Nova Scotia. 

1892 Smith, William Robert, M.D. liowd., Beeston, Nottingham. 

1896 *Smith, William Steele, M.B. Lond., Wilhrahwn-rcad, Chorlton- 
cum-Hardy , Manchester. 

1901 Smith, Witney Charles Palmer, Burnham-on-Crouch, Essex. 

1 890 Smith, Wm. Stephen Montgomery, 2S. Elm Park-gardens, s.w. 

1898 I Smithson, Arthur Ernest, M.B. Camb., Rogal Army Medical Corps. 
1896 Smithson, Oliver Cromwell, Luton. 

1904 Smulian, Samuel, Navarino-mansions, Dalston. n.e. 

1893 [ Smyth, Ernest Jackson, M.D. Lond., Epsom-road, Guildford. 
1908 i Smyth, Francis Radway, 5, Duchess-street, Portland-place, "w. 
1886 i Smyth, Henry James, South Molton. 

1902 I Smyth, James kvi\\u\\ ^L^.l^onA., Burton-road, Melton Moivbray. 

1904 I Smyth, John Cecil, M.B. Vict., Great Malvern. 

1893 I Smyth, Joshua Charles, Sanatorium, Kiljyedder, co.Wicklow. 

1889 ; Smyth, Nugent Edward, Malvern Wells. 

1892 I Smyth, Reginald Mander, M.D. Lond., Ze/^/ortZ, Ringwood. 

1889 1 Snape, Ernest Alfred, M.D. Brussels, 41, Welbeck-street. w. 

1905 Snell, Douglas Montague Brooking, Stapleford, Nottingham. 
1889 I Snell, Ernest Hugh, M.D. Lond., 10a, Hay-lane, Coventry. 

* Formerly Smith, William. 


1908 Snell, lleiiiy Cecil, Moor Lodf/e, Shejield. 

1890 Snell, Sidney Herbert, M.D. Lond., Wamhworth-common. s.w. 

1873 Snell, Simeon, 70, Ilaiiover-street, Sheffield. 

1907 Snoad, Francis Georg'e, Aylesione Pcuk, Leicester. 

1895 Snoad, Philip Epliraini, Ai/lestone Parte, Leicester. 

1890 Snook, Samuel Penny, Wej/moiitfi. 

1886 Snow, Lionel Mason, Jlorsham. 

1897 Snowden, Arthur de Winton, M.D. Camb., The Sanatorium, 

Mmidesletj, Norfolk. 

1873 Sobey, Arthur Lyne, San Francisco, California. 

1893 Sedan, Wilfred Newell, M.D. Lond., Mapeshury-road, Brondes- 

bury. N.AV. 

1900 Softly, Alfred Ernest, South Jlornclmrch, Essex. 

1887 Solly", Ernest, M.B. Lond., Harrof/nte. 

„ Solly, Reginald Vaughan, M.D. Lond., 40, Soutliernliay, Exeter. 

1900 Soltau, Alfred Bertram, M.D. Lend., Plymouth. 

1904 Soltau, George Alick, Balliol House, Toynhee Hall. e. 

1897 Somers, Charles Dudley, Deodora, Portsmoutli-road, Surbiton. 

1887 Somers, Edward O'Reilly, 4, Leaf-square, Pendleton. 

1888 Somerset, Edward, Reading. 

1901 Somerville, Henry, Harrold, Slianibrook. 

1898 Somerville, John, M.D. Glasg., 52, Burgoyne-road, Sfieffield. 

1901 Soper, Artluir VValrond, 197, Anerley-road. s.e. 

1902 Soper, Gerald Morgan, Proftpect House, Dartmouth. 

1906 South, Frank Montague Wilson, 02, Queens-road, Peckliam. s.e. 

1890 South, Richard Edward Ernest, Church-close, Boston. 

1884 Southcombe, Arthur George, M.D. Durh., 83, Sidney-road, 

Hackney. N.E. 

1885 Southern, Francis Gerald Llandebie, South Wales, 
„ Southern, John Acton, Friar-gate, Derby. 

1895 Southey, Herbert Watson, Maidstone. 

1904 South wick, George Rinalds, M.D. Harvard, 31, Massachusetts- 
avenue, Boston, United States of America. 

1906 Souttar, Henry Sessions, M.B. Oxf., 144, High-street, Brent- 

loood, Essex. 

1891 Soutter, David Wright Luther, 8, Cumberland-ter., Finsbury. N. 
1885 Soutter, James, Hedon, Hull. 

1891 Soutter, Mansfield Knox, 42, Avenell-road, Finsbury-park. n, 

1900 Sowden, George, M.D. Brussels, Toicn Hall, East Ham. e. 

1895 Sowry, George Herbert, M.D. Lond., King' s-street, Newcastle^ 


,, Spain, Charles Milner, »S'^ Heliers, Jersey. 

1901 Spalding, Archibald Denize, Naval Medical Service. 

1896 Spark, Percy Charles, Epsom, Surrey. 

1901 Sparks, John Elliott, M.B. Lend., 6, Widcombe-crescent, Bath. 

1899 Sparkes, William Moore Bell, Boyal Army Medical Corps. 

1907 Sparrow, Edward Cyril, M.B. Camb., Beclcminster, Wolver- 


1895 Sparrow, George Randal, 80, Ricfimond-road, Cardiff. 

1894 Spaull, Percy William, 1, Stanwick-road, West Kensington, w. 
1899 Spear, George Arthur Whitworth, Fittleworth, Sussex. 


Spear, John Augustus, St. John Del Re;/ Mining Co.^ Brazil. 
Speechley, Alec John Liucohi, Wondalli, Deccan, India. 
Speechly, Hurry Martiiidale, Pilot Mound., Manitoba, Canada. 
Speedy, Robert Geo. Dunell, Bushiaans Kop, Orange River 

Speers, Charles, St. Mark's Hospital, "sv. 
Speers, William Gordon, Sao Paulo, Brazil. 
Spence, Daniel Benham, 615, West ISlst Street, New Yorh, U.S.A. 
Spence, Harry AVilkie, M.B. Toronto, 4, Endleigh-gardens. n.av. 
Spencer, Alfred Richard, M.B. Lend., Ewell, Surrey. 
Spencer, Charles George, M.B. Lnnd., Roijal Army Medical Corps. 
Spencer, George Herbert, Wallsend, Northumberland. 
Spencer, Henry Alexander, Middlesburg, Transvaal. 
Spencer, Henry Banks, M.D. St. Andr., Oxford. 
Spencer, John Heatly, M.B. Lond., 252, Satidycombe-road, Kew 

Gardens, w. 
Spencer, Matthew Henry, M.D, Camb., 92, Oxford-gardens. "\v. 
Spenc(T, Sandy, 226, Stamford-street, Ashton-inukr-Lyne. 
Spencer, Thomas, 42, Cavendish-street., Keighley. 
Spencer, Thomas Edward, Weston-svper-AIarc. 
Spencer-Phillips, Percy Tyrell, Parkhurst, Bsckenham. 
Spensley, Frank Oswald, Darenth Asylum, Dartford, Kent. 
Spensley, James Richardson, Albergo delV Unione, Genoa, Italy. 
Spicer, Arthur Herbert, M.B. Lond., Petivorth. 
Spicer, Harry, M.B. Durh., Naval Medical Service. 
Spillane, James Charles, M.B. Lond., Fort Jameson, N.E. 

Spink, Christopher Peirson, Johannesburg, South Africa. 
Spink, Ernest William, M.D. Lond., Eccles. 
Spiteler, Alfred, 126, Christclairch-road, Tulse Hill. s.w. 
Spitta, Edmund Johnson, 41, Ventnor-villas, Hove. 
Spitta, Harold Robert Dacre, M.D. Durh., St. George^s Hospital. 

Spittel, Richard Lionel, 30, Upper Bedford-place, w.c. 
Spitzly, John Henry, 32, Gracechurch-street. e.g. 
Spon, Harry James, 23, Soutluvark-bridge-road. s.e. 
Spooner, Fredk. Henry, M.D Aberd., 33, Pembury-road, Lower 

Clapton. N.E. 
Spooner, Vvilliam, Birkenhead. 

Spooner, William Casswell, M.B. Ediub., Blandford. 
Spotswood, Maurice, 16, Elgin-drive, Liscard, Birkenhead. 
Sprague, Francis Henry, Gloucester. 
Spratly, Ernest Richard Woody, South Africa. 
Sprawson, Cuthbert Allan, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Sprawson, Evelyn Charles, 26, New Cavendish-street. \y. 
Sprawson, Francis Edgar, Belle Vue, East Finchley. N. 
Sprawson, Frederick Charles, M.B. Lond., Blackpool. 
Sprig'gs, Neville Ivens, M.D. Lond., Shrewsbury. 
Sproat, James Hugh, M.B. Loud., Gravelly Hill, Birmingham. 
Sproat, Robert Douglass, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
Spry, William, Naval Medical Service. 








Spurgin, Percy Bertram, 35, Wdbcck-street. \\. 

Spurrell, Charles, Poplar Sick Asylum, Bromle}/. e. 

Spurrell, William Dewing-, Aldboroitr/li, Nnrtcich. 

Spurrier, Alfred Henry, Prixoa I.sland, Zanzibar. 

Spurrier, Harry, M.]i. (Jamb., Maidenhead. 

Square, James Elliot, Pliimonth. 

S({uare, William Russell. Thiirlcdnne, near Kiiujsbridffe. 

Squibbs, Robert Edward Portbury, New Lenion, Noltiiifjham. 

Squire, Frank Henry, Pudsey. 

Squire, Maurice Frederick, ]\I.B. Durh., Paddington Injii'manj. w. 

Stabb, Evveu Cartliew, 57, Queen Anne-street, w. 

Stableford, Frank Barney Gorton, Wlntchurch, Cardiff. 

Stacey, Frederi*". George, The C/iff'e, Ranmoor-road, Sheffield. 

Stack, Edward Hugh Edwards, M.B. Camb., Down-road, Clifton, 

Stacy, Richard Davis, 10, Cambridge-road, Barking. 
Staddon, Henry Ernest, Roj/al Armtj Medical Corps. 
Staddon, John Richard, Ipswich. 
Staddon, Walter Joseph, Ipswich. 
Stainsby, John Addison, EcclesJieUl, Sheffield. 
Staley, Herbert McLean, *S'^. Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire. 
Stalkartt, Charles Edward Grey,M.D. 'Ej.fWnh., Royal Army Medical 

Stallard, Harry, Newark. 
Stallard, Nigel Frampton, M.B. Lond., 8, Stanley-gardens, 

Haiiipstead. N.w. 
Stallard, Philip Lechmere, 3, Lansdoivne-pL. Brunswick-sq. "w.c. 
Stully brass, Clare Oswald, M.B. Lond., Neio Brighton, Birkenhead, 
Stamford, Robert Basil, Loughborough. 
Stamford, William, Tunbridge Wells. 

Stamm, Louis Edward, M.D. Loud., 43, Iligh-rd., Streatham. s.'W. 
Stammers, George Elliott Frank, Royal Army Afedical Corps. 
Stamp, Lionel Duncan, P/ympfon. 

Staudish, Frank, M.B. Lond., G.P.O., St. Jfariin's-le-Grand. 
Stanford, William Bedell, Sutton Valence, Kent. 
Stanger-Leathes, Hugh Ellis, Indian Medical Service. 
Staniforth, John William, Ilindericell, Yorkshire. 
Staniland, John Henry, Hornsea, Hxdl. 
Staniland, Meaburn Francis, 255, Stapleton-road, Bristol. 
Stanistreet, Richard Weld, Naval Medical Service. 
Stanley, Arthur, M.D. Lond., Shanghai. China. 
Stanley, Arthur John, M.B. Birm., Hinckley. 
Stanley, Charles James, M.B. Durh., 1, Castlebar-road, Ealing, w. 
Stanley. Edmund Hamilton Blake, Indian Medical Service. 
Stanley, Hubert, M.B. Camb., 12, Pevensey-road, St. Leonards- 

Stanley, John Brentnall, Burton-on- Trent. 
Stanley-Claike, Crispian, M.B. Camb., Tunbridge Wells. 
Stannus, Hugh Stannus, M.B. Lond., Zomba, Nyasaland. 
Stansby, Charles John, M.D. Biussels, 56, Ludgate-hill. e.g. 
Stansfeld. John Stedwell, 60, Riley-street, Bermondsey. s.e. 



Stausfield, Fredk. Joseph, Ben Eliijddinrf, Leeds. 

Stdusdeld, Walter, Liscard. 

StantoD, Ambrose Thomas, M.D. Toronto, I'ropical Medicine 

School, Albert Docks. K. 
Stanton, James "Win. Wilcocks, Naval Medical Service. 
Stanton, Tliomas William, Folldiuiham, Lincohishire. 
Stanwell, St. John, M.B. Edinb,, Johannesburg, Transvaal. 
Star, Paul Hohling- Mills, Naval j\redical Service. 
Stares, Charles Lindsay Baker, Sivanleji Junction, Kent. 
Starkey, Thomas Albert, M.B. Lond., McGill University, 

Montreal, Canada. 
Starkey-Smith, Thos. Gordon, Christchurch Park, Sutton, Surre/j. 
Starling-, Edwin Alfred, M.B.,' R.U.I., Tnnbridrje Wells. 
Starling-, Hubert John, M.D. L(md., Norwich. 
Starr, William Henderson, lioj/al Army Medical Corps. 
Startin, John, Royal Army Medical College, Millbank. s.w. 
Statham, Hugh, M.B. Camb., Jymington. 
'^Statham, John Charles Baron, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Statter, Henry Bel lam}', Winihome-road, Bournemouth. 
Staveley, \Villiam Henry Charles, 24, Sloane-gardens. s.w. 
Stawell, Rodolph de Sails, M.B. Camb., Shrewsbury. 
Stead, Charles Clement, M.B. Camb., Hawkkurst, Kent. 
Stead, Dryden, 194, N ewtownards-road, Belfast. 
Stead, Geoffrey, Hatherton House, Walsall. 

Steadman, Sidney Francis St. Jermain, 7, Ejfra- rd . Brixton, s.w. 
Stebhing-, Geo. French, M.B. Lend., 21, Lewin-rd., Strecdham. s.w. 
Stedmau, James, Pokesdoivn, Bournemoxdh. 

Stedman, Percy Taylor Humphrey, M.B. Lond., Leiijhtcn Buzzard. 
Stedman, Savignac Bell, Binbrook, Market Rasen. 
Stedman, Thomas Bernard, M.D. Lond., Selby. 
Steedmai), Percy Andrew, Oxford. 
Steei'-mann, Edward John, M.B. Durh., Isleworth. 
Steele, Charles, M.D. Durh., Riclanond-lnll, Clifton, Bristol. 
Steele, Charles Francis, M.B. Lond., Chistvick. av. 
Steele, George Herbert, Birch Lodge. Much Birch., Hereford. 
Steele, Henry Frederick, M.D. Durh., Stoke Ferry, Brandon. 
Steele, Percy Kingsley, M.B, Vict,, 10, Lord-street, Halifax. 
Steele. Wm. Kenneth, 4. Ingoldsby-mansions, Kensington, ^y. 
Steele, Wm. Lawrence, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Steen, Wilfred Alexander, Ilford. 

Steggali. Septimus Leonard John, Port Simon, Costa Rica. 
Steinhaenser, John Robert, M.D. Lond., J^ewes. 
Steinthal, AValter Oliver, Withington, Manchester. 
Steinthal, Wilfr-ed Moritz, West Didsbury, Manchester. 
Steuhouse, James Wilson, M.B. Edin., 524, Stretford-road, 

Stepanian, Hovsep Der, Harley House, Boiv. e. 
Stephen, Guy Neville, Grosvenor Club, Piccadilly, w. 
Stephen, Lionel Henry Yorke, Bassingbourn, Cambridge. 

* Diploma granted to Charles John Earon Statham. 

T 2 









Stepliens. Augustus Edward Richard, Bengal Arm;/. 

Stephens, Frank Harold, 3o, Ilowley-phice, Paddinglnn. w. 

Stephens, Henry Newport, Leatherhead. 

Stephens, Henry Woolcott, Laingshurg^ Cape Coloni/. 

Stephens, Henr}'^ Zouch, Geevesfon, J/uon River, Tasmania. 

Stepliens, James Batsou, Lond., Park Corner, Red Hill. 

Stepliens, James William, Ti/mairr, Cardigan. 

Stepliens, Reginald, Torbay Hospital, Torquay. 

Stephens, Stanley, Yet minster, Sherborne. 

Stephens, AVilliain John, Hayne, Newquay, Cormvall. 

Stephenson, John Leemiug, County Asylum, Whittingliavi, 

Stephenson, Owen Taunton, Woolston, Sotithampton. 
Stei)hensou, Robert West, Cannon Crag, Winder-mere. 
Stephenson, William Arthur, West Haddon, Rugby. 
Steiicker, William, M.D. Aberd., 30, Park-lane, Croydon. 
Stern, Moritz, Kingston, Jamaica. 
Starry, John River head, Sevenoaks. 

Stevens, Alfred Edward, M.D. Durh., 12, Cadogan-place. s w. 
Stevens. Algernon Francis, Indian Medical Service. 
Stevens, Andrew Norris, Great Yarmouth 
Stevens, Bertram Crossfield, M.D. Durh., Lancaster. 
Stevens, Cecil Robert, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Stevens, Charles Henry, Plympton. 

Stevens, George Jesse Barnabas, 1, Neivington-green. N. 
Stevens, Hemy Geo. Lewis, Ferndale-mad. s.w. 
Stevens, Herbert John. 79, Stamford-hill. n. 
Stevens, Reginald Charles Jeremie, M.B. Durh., Olds, Alberta, 

Stevens, Richard Hetry Easington, 59, Clarence-gate-gdns. n.av. 
Stevens, William Edward, Kurow, N. Otago, New Zealand. 
Stevens, William Henry, Zetland-road, Bristol. 
Stevenson, Archibald Campbell, M.B. Lond., University College, 

Gower-street. AV.C. 
Stevenson, Claude Maberly, M.B. Camb., 382, High-road, 

Streatham. s.w. 
Stevenson, Fredk. Cone}', M.B. Toronto, Castletoicn, Isle of Man, 
Stevenson, Leader Henry, M.D. Lond., 50, Westeroft-square. w. 
Stevenson, Roland Arthur, Pinewood, Wokingliam. 
Stevenson, Thomas Henry Craig, M.D. Lond., The Boulevard, 

Stevenson, Walter Brodie, Aliu-al North, Cape Colony. 
Steward, Edward Simmons, 10, Princes-square, Harrogate, 
Steward, Francis James, M.D. Lond., 125, Ilarley-street. w. 
Steward, Joseph Septimus. 
Steward, Sidney John, M.B. Camb., Worcester. 
Stewart, Andrew, M.D. Montreal, Montreal, Canada. 
Stewart, Charles Balfour, M.B. Camb., Huntspill, Bridgwater, 
Stewart, Charles Howard, Netley Abbey, Hants. 
Stewart, Charles Mou, M.D. Trin. Coll., Toronto, Toronto. 
Stewart, George Eland, 28, Putney-hill, s.w. 



Stewart, George Irvine Thompson, M.B. Aberd., County Hall,. 

Stewart, Howard Douglas, 98, Redcliffe-gardens. s.av. 
Stewart, James Allan, M.B. Glasg., Normanton. 
Stewart, Walter Grahame, M B. Lond., Ware, Hertfordshire. 
Stewart, William Howard Edwin, War erley -road Bourntmoiith. 
Stbanier, Eduard Franz Adolf, M.D. Leipsig, P.O. box G678, 

Stibbe, Edward Philip, G, St. Annes-villas, Shepherd's Bush. ^v. 
StidstoQ, Charles Algernon, M.D. Land., Hospital, Wolverhampton. 
Stiebel, Charles, M.B. Camb., 43. Grosvenor-square. av. 
Stiff, Harold Henry, M.B. Camb., Bunj St. Edmunds. 
Stiles, Theodore Mayo, Gotham, Bristol. 
Stilwell, George Robert Fabris, M.B. Lond., BecJcenham. 
Stilwell, Reginald John, Moorcroft, Hillingdon, Uxbridge. 
Stirk, Percy Herbert, Exeter. 

Stirling-Hamilton, John, M.B. Camb., Ingateston, Essex. 
Stock, Philip Graham, Johannesburg, Transvacd. 
Stock, William Stuart Vernon, M.B. Lond., Clifton, Bristol. 
Stockdale, Ernest Malcolm, 67, Rodneg-street, Liverpool. 
Stocken, Leslie Maury, Winchester House, Uxbridge-road. AV. 
Stocker, Charles .Joseph, Horn ford-road. Forest Gate. e. 
Stocker, Edward Gaved, Clevedon. Somerset. 

Stocker, Walter Woodley, 253, High-road, Willesden-green. N.w. 
Stockert, AVilliam, M.D. Heidel., Hauptstrasse 88, Heidelberg, 

Stocks, Reginald Woolsey, 421, Wandsivorth-road. s.av. 
Stokell, George, Campbell Town, Tasmania. 
Stokes, B^'ancis Alexander, Basin r/stole 

Stokes, Frank William, M.B. Durh., Leichhardt, Sydney, X.S.W. 
Stokes, Hem-y Fraser, M.D. Durh., 1 1 , Higltbunj-place, Islington. N. 
Stok-es, John Wilfrid, Sheffield. 

Stokes, Kenneth Ilenrj-, M.B. Lend., 11, Highbury-place, n. 
Stokes, Lemiard, 40, Lee-road, Blacllieath. s.e. 
Stokes, Richard Lingard. Ditchliug, Hurstpierpoint. 
Stokes, Whitley, M.B. Loud., Pilgrim's Rest, Lydenburg. Transvaal. 
Stolterfoth, Chai-les Sigismund, Stokenchurch, Wallingford. 
Stone, Frederick Wm. Stanley, 40, Norbury-court-road. s.av. 
Stone, George, London Hospital. E. 
Stone, Gerald William, Cuninor, Dyke Road, Brighton. 
Stone, Robert Sidne}'. 

Stone, William Gream, M.D. Oxf., 93, Denmark-hill. s.e. 
Stonehouse, Henry, Loftus, Yorkshire. 
Stoner, Harold Boniface, 18, Regency-square, Brighton. 
Stones, Robt. Yelverton, M.B. Lend., 2.5, Hartington-st., Derby. 
Stonham, Henry Archibald, 511, Commercial-road. E. 
Stordy, Thomas, The Bank. Preston. 
Storey, Percy Arthur, 24r), Jlai-ylebone-road. x.w. 
Stormont, James Henry, Tanworth, BirmingJiam. 
Storrs, Eric Gleadow, Orerton, Ellesmere. 
Storrs, William Henry Townsend, King's College Hospital. w.C. 






Storrs, "William Townsend, Tunhridfje Wells. 

Stott, Hugh, M.B. Loud., Leires. 

Stott, Ilugli, 23, Srhool-hill, Lewes. 

Stott, William Atkinson, M.B. Vict., 2, Hillary-pUice, Leeds. 

Stowe, Wm. Reginald, Falmerston North, New Zealand. 

Sto vvers, James Herbeit, M. I). Brussels, 1 28, Ilarlcy-street. w. 

Strachan, William Henry \\ illiaras, C.M.G., Lagos. S. Nigeria. 

Strahaii, Sttiart Sequin, Oakhnrd, liaveufcroft-jparl:. "\v. 

Strand, Alick Coudell, 30, Wimpole-street. -vv. 

Strange, Arthur, Knebivorth, Stevenage, Herts. 

Strange, Charles Frederick, 81, Constantine-rd., ITampstead. n.w. 

Strange, Roi)ertGordon,M.B.L(jnd., 2, Zye/.s?','e-ai-.,/y«n?/?sfea(i.N.w. 

Scratford, Ernest, i»4, Westhoume-terrace, r<(ddlngton. w. 

Stratford, Howard Martin Blenheim, 210, Worple-road, Wimhle- 

don. s.w. 
Strathy, George Stewart, M.D. Toronto, 102, Bedford-rd., Toronto. 
Straton, Alexander Walter Keith, West Lodge Wilton, Salisbury. 
Straton, Arthur Arbuthnot. M.B., Lond., Wilton, Salisbury. 
Straton, Chaile.s Henry, liutjal Army Medical Corps. 
Stratton, Percy Houghton, 63, St. J ames^ -street, s.w. 
Streatfeild, Thomas, M.D. Durh., Folkestone. 
Streatfield, Perc}' William, Sontliborovgh. 
Stroatfield, William Uugli Raymond. \!)2, Pall Mall. s.w. 
Street, Albert Ernest, Wobura Sands, Bedfordshire. 
Street, Alfred AVilliam Frederick, Indian Medical Service. 
Street, Charles Tidbur}', Newton-le- Willows. 
Streeten, Ernest Rock, 34, \V estbonrne-road, Barnsbury. N. 
Stretton, John Lionel, Kiddersmiuster. 
Strickland, Charles, Naval Medical Service. 

Strickland, Harold ¥oi>tiivAl , Jiarllttt's-bidldings, Holborn. E.G. 
Strickland, Percy Charles Hutchison, Indian Medical Service. 
Strong, Edgar Hugh, Bulaicayo, South Africa. 
Strong, Robert Henry, 110, Col/ins-street, Melbourne, Australia. 
Strong, Walter Mersh, M.D. Camb., Papua Via, Australia. 
Strouts, Sidney Robert, Week-street, Maidstone. 
Stroj'an, Frederick Trinity House, Aldershot. 
Strugnell, P'l-ederick William, 45, Ilighgate-road. x.w. 
Slruthers, William Eugene, Lanark. Ontario, Canada. 
Stuart, Fred., M.B. Durh., 2, Charles-street, Knightsbridge. s.w. 
^Stuart, Frederick Joshua, Berry Wood Asylum., Northampton. 
Stuart, Hackworth, M.D. Lond., Old Hall-st., Ilanley, Stajs. 
Stuart, Robert, 20, New Elcet, Durham. 
Stuart, Thomas Edmund, 100, Rugby-road, Leamington Spa. 
Stuari", Walter Lea, Grays, Essex. 

Stuart, Wm. Lumsden, M.D. Lond., Frimley-road, Camberley. 
Stubhs, Ismay Donald. G, Burlington-road, Westbourne Park. w. 
Stubbs, Percy Belford Tr.avers, Wynberg, Cape Toicn, South Africa. 
Stuck, Sidney Joseph, 450, Mile End-road, Bow. k. 
Stnrdee, Frederic Herbert, Walsingham, Norfolk. 

Formerly LctI. Joshua 


Sturdy, Harry Carliie, M.D. Durh., 81, Bolinghroke-grove, 

Wandsworth, s.w. 
Sturge, William Howard, M.D. Lond., Hoddesden, Serfs. 
Sturges, Frank, Wellington, N.S. W. 

Sturg-es- Jones. Wilfred Ed<xa.Td, Half Moon-lane. Heriie Hill. 3.F.. 
Sturmer, Arthur James, Madras Army. 

StuvrockAY']\\ia.mI)imcAU,yLli.OxL, 4:-2,Addison-rd..>Kensington.vr. 
Stu.sser, Israel, Oudtshoorn. 

Stuttaford, Wm. Joseph Edward, Worcester Park, Surrei/. 
Style, Arthur Hurrell. M.B. Camb., Pembroke, South Wales. 
Style, Frederic William, South Brent, Ivyhridrje. 
Stj'Ie. Mark, Moreton-in-Marsh. Gloucester. 
Sudlow, George Wray, M.B. Loud., Ellesmere Park, Eccles. 
Sug'den, Henry, South Ealing, w. 
Sugden, Henry Clapham, Ramsey, hie of Man. 
Suhr. Alfred C'liristupher Herman. 82, Palace-rd., Tube Hill. s.w. 
Sullivan, Daniel Vincent. Kingston. Ontario, Canada. 
Sulli\an, Edward Henr}- Charles, St. Heliers, Jersey. 
Sully, Albert Max. Clay gate, Eslier. 

Summerhayes, James \\'ard,M.D. Durh., Tarffontein, Transvaal. 
Summerhayes, John Orlando, Thame. 
Summers, Thomas Collyer, 69, Bow-road. e. 
Summerskill, William. Seven Kings, Jlford. 

Sumner, Benjamin. M.D. Roy. Univ. of lieland, Waterloo, Liverpool. 
Sumner, Fred William, M.B. (Jamb., Indian Medical Service. 
Sumpter, Walter John Ernely, Slierringham, Cromer. 
Suuclerland, Robert S.\c^a\hii\(\.l^\2itQ\\M.Drayton-pk., Highbury, x. 
Sunnucks. Edward John, Chedworth, Gloucester. 
Susmann. Walter James, ^I.B. Camb., Henley-on-JTiames. 
Sutcliffe, Archibald Alfred, M.B. Lond.. Great Torrington, Devon. 
Sutcliffe, Edward, Ben well. Xeivcasile-on-2'yne. 
Sutclifie, James Herbert, 61, Whetley-kme, Bradford. 
Sutcliife, ^N'illiam. The Hawthorns, West Broniivich. 
Sutcliffe, William Greenwood, 7. Dalby-square, Margate. 
Sutheiland. Joseph Roderick, M.B. Glasg., 12, Westbank-terrace, 

Sutherland, William. M.B. New Zealand, Bunedin. Xeic Zealand. 
Suttierland, William Ross, M.D. McGill, Montreal, Canada. 
Sutter, Robert Ross, M.D. Aberd., Warboys, Hunts. 
Sutton, Edward. Xaval Medical Service. 

Sutton, Henry Martyn, o, Manor-road, Stoke Newington. x. 
Sutton, James Bryan, Stoke Pages, Slough, Bucks. 
Sutton, Samuel Walter, M.D. Lond., Dharmsala, Punjab. India. 
Sutton, William Hubert Reitz, St. Thomas s Hospital. s.K. 
Suzuki, Shigemechi, Tokio, Japan. 
Svensson. Robert, District Hospital, West Bromwich. 
Swabey, Maurice, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Swainson, Edwin Arthur Cleveland, M.B. Camb., Marple^ 

Swainson. James Midleton Graham. 9, Welbeck-street. w. 
Swale, Harold, M.B. Lond., Wtybridgii. 


1900 Swales, Edward, Prenton, Birkenhead. 

1889 Swallow, Allan Jas,, M.Ji. Durli., M^ount Edgcumbe-gardetis, 

Claphaiii. s.w. 

1890 Swan, Cliarles Robert John Atkiii, M.J3. Oxf., 3, C/iester-place, 

IIi/(Ie-park. w, 

1876 Swanwick, Eustace Maclean, West Hartlepool. 

1888 Swayne, Walter Carles.s,M.D. Lond., St. PauCs-rd., Clifton, Bristol. 
1896 Sweet, Edward Iloare, llckjield, Sussex. 

1905 Sweet, Samuel Ileury, M.H. Loud., Temple Buildinr/s, Dnwlais. 

„ Sweet, \Vm. Sidney, M.B. Lond., Unicersity Colle(je Hos- 
pital, w.c. 

1889 Sweetapple, Herliert Algar, M.D. Duih., Parkside, Adelaide. 

Sout/i A iistralia. 

1898 Sweetlove, John Wallace, Mildred Lodye., East Moleseij, 


1803 Sweetnani, Stephen AVestrope, Iioi/al Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Swendeu, Benjauiin Wood, 4, Victoria-road, Darlint/ton. 

1902 Swete-Evans, William Benjamin, M.B. Carnb., Sonttiport. 

1889 Swift, Sidney Sampson, M.B. Lond., Broadr/reen, Liverpool. 
1904 Swindale, Henry Vernon, Clit/ieroc. 

1893 Swinhoe, Georg-e Kodwa}', Sn-indon. 

1891 Swinton, Francis Edward, Indian Medical Service. 

1896 Sworder, Ernest George, M.B. Camb., Folkestone. 

1877 Sworder, Horace, Luton. 

1904 Sworn, Alfred (reorg-e. ^LB. Lond., 5, Hiijhhury-crescent. N. 

1897 Sworn, Arthur Ben Richman, 45, St. Peter' s-street, Canterbury. 

1892 Sworn, Ernest Andrew, 42, Hope-street, Hanley. 

1890 Sykes, Arthur, Walli.iujton. Surrey. 

1905 Sykes, Arthur Barry, Formhy, Liverpool. 
1868 Sykes, John, Harrogate. 

1878 Sykes, John Fredk. Jos., M.D. Edinb., M. I'JOl, -10, Caniden-sq. n.w, 
1889 Sykes, John Herbert, M.D., Loud., Biikdale, Soutliport. 

1897 Sykes, John Lewis, 170, West Green-road, Tottenham. N. 

1881 Sykes, Matthew Carrington, M.D. Durh., 50, Maddox-street. ^\. 

1879 Sykes, William Ainley, M.B. Lond., Bengal Army. 
1887 Sylvester, (jcorge Holden, Moolpa, Tonhridge. 

1892 Sylvester, Herbert Mayris, St. Petroc, Leiston, Sufolk. 

1908 Symes, Arthur Jessop, M.B. Lond., The Manor House, Crediton. 

1898 SVmes, Ernest, Box, Wills. 

1891 Symes, John Odery, M.D. Lond., Clifton, Bristol. 
1877 Symonds, Edniond, Kroonstadt, South Africa. 

188S Symonds, Henr}-, M.D. Lond., Kimherley, South Africa. 

1901 Symons, Angelo Nelson, Beaumont, Jersey. 

1894 Symons, Robert Fox, 95, Cromwell-road, South Kensington. s.AV. 
„ Symons, Thomas Henry, Indian j\[edical Service. 

1901 Symons, Vivian Hood, Charters Towers, Queensland. 

1894 Symons, AVilliam Henry, M.D. Brussels, The Guildhall, Bath. 

1908 Syms, Gilbert Fi-ancis, Laurcalh, The Avenue, Surbiton-hilly 


1904 Syms, John Kendall, 157, Sherlock-street, Birmingham. 

1891 Syrett, Ernest Frank, M.D. Durh., Nay land, Colchester. 


1886 Tabor, Charles James, M.B. Durh.. 5, Pulteney-sfreet, Bath, 

1906 Tacey, Dalton William, Woodfurd Green, Essex. 

1896 *Tahmisian, Paul Baldasar, 11, Balham-gi-ore, Bal/icnn. s.w. 

1882 Tait, Henry Brewer, 22, Sunmjside-road, Hornsey-lane. N. 

1886 Tait, James Sinclair, 49, Forest-road, Edinburgh. 

1878 Takaki, Kanehiro, Tokio, Japan. 

1904 Takaki, Kenji, Tokio, Japan. 
1899 Takaki, Yoshihiro, Tokio, Japan. 

1896 Takayasu, Michishige, ShichOme, Doshomachi, Osaka^ Japan. 
1895 Talbot, Alfred George, M.B. Edinb., Christchurch, New Zealand, 

1903 Talbot, Francis, 109, Southwood-lane, Higlujate, x. 

1898 Talbot, Francis Theodore, M.B. Camb., Stockton-on-Tees. 

1905 Talbot, Leonard Smith, M.B. New Zealand, Tuynhee Hall. E. 
„ Talbot, Philip, M.B. Vict., Stahjbridge. 

1899 Tallent, John Henry, M.B. Camb., Ckiskhurst. 

1905 Tang-ye, Claude Edward, M.D. Loud., Knoivle, Wandckshire. 

1885 Tanner, Herbert, 152, Westbonme-grove. w. 
1901 Taplin, Julian, Westbourne, Boumemoutli. 

1886 Tapson. Joseph Alfred, The Grove, Clapham-coniinon. s.W. 

1893 Tarachand, Nowroji Merwanji. Manslield Woodhouse, Mansfield. 

1906 Tarapurwala, Pheroze Kharsedji, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 

1898 Tarbet, Peter Rowley, M.B. Camb., Stevenage. 

1897 Tarbet, \Vm. Edward, Cormont-road. Cainbei'well. s.e. 

1900 Tatchell, Percy, 73, Holland-park. w. 
1906 Tate, John, Harrow. 

1904 Talcliell, William Arthur, Wesleyan Hospital, Hankow, China. 

1894 Tatham, Arthur Leopold, M.D. Camb., Abergavenny. 
1886 Tattersall, Charles Hermann, Town Hall, Salford. 
1900 Tattersall, John, County Asylum, Hanwell. w. 

1899 Taunton, Edgar, M.B. Lond., Betliersden., Asltford, Kent. 

1898 Taunton. John Godfrey Cresswell, Old Brompton, Chatham. 

1865 Tayler, Francis Thomas, jM.B. Lond , 224, Lewisham Uigh-rd. s.e. 
1903 Tayler, Frederic Ernest, Trowbridge. 

1866 Tayler, George Christopher, M.D. Lond., Trowbridge. 
1898 Tayler, George Padgett, M.B. Lond., Irowbridge. 

1900 Tayler, Henry Christopher, Bradfurd-on-Avon. 

„ Tayler, John Lionel, S. St. A dy's Lawn, Ci-icklewood. N.w. "^ 

1906 Taylor, Alfred King Burford Pichard Wm., M.B. Lomh, Sitting- 

1894 Tny]ov, Ashhy, Sark, Channel Islands. 

1874 Taylor, Christopher Musgrave, Luckipore, India. 

1906 Taylor, Douglas Compton, M.B. Lond., Long Compton. 

1893 Taylor, Dudley Claude Palmer, Sibsey, Boston. 

1901 Taylor, Edward James Davis, M.B. Camb., Southsea. 
1908 I Tayloi-. Edwaid Leonard, The Rectory, Poplar, e. 

1894 Taylor, Edwin Claude.M.D.Lond.. IS, /i'o55/3/?(-/H7/,//'a?«/7.«fe«fZ.>r.AV. 
1889 I Taylor, Ernest Edmmid, M.D. Edinb. 

,, I Taylor, Fred. Ryott Percival, M.D. Lond., East Sussex County 
I Asylum, Hellingly, Sussex. 

* Fonnerly Tahmisian, Boghos Baghdasar. 









Taylor, Frederic, 43, BeaucJtamp-road, Wandsworth, s.w. 

Taylor, Frederick Henry Arthur, Kidlini/ton, Oxford. 

Taylor, George Orissa, M.B., Lend., Ckandraghona, Chittagong 

Hill Tracts, India. 
Taylor, Gerald Maberley, 11, Refjeufs-park, Headingley, Leeds. 
Taylor, Gordon Ernest Oddin, Fitter maritzburg, Natal. 
Taylor, Henry Herbert, 36, Brunsivick-sqvare, Hove, Sussex. 
Taylor, Henry James, 1, Starkie-street, Preston. 
'i'aylor, Henry Shinglewood, M.D. Aberd., St. Beliers, Jersey. 
Taylor, Herbert, Alverthorpe-road, Wakefield. 
Taylor, Herbert Hampden, 28, Kensington Park-gardens, w. 
Taylor, Herbert Stockley, lioijal Ann// Medical Corps. 
Taylor, Isaac, M.B. Lond., Beeston-hill, Leeds. 
Taylor, James, Haygorth House., Chester. 
Taylor, John Jiackus, M.D. Michig-au, Wheeler shurgh, Ohio. 
Taylor, John William, M.B. Brussels, 22, Neichall-street, 

Taylor, John William, Oaklands, Ulethleii, Leeds. 
Taylor, John William, lledclijf'c Parade, Bristol. 
Taylor, Mark Ronald, Helston, Comical/. 
Taylor, Martin l^ramle}-, Hemsivorth, Wakefield. 
Taylor, Reginald Thane, 79, Graj/s Inn-road. vr.c. 
Taylor, Robert Stanley, St. Leonard's. 
Taylor, Shephard Thomas, M.B. Lond., Norxvich. 
Taylor, Tom Robin.'^on, M.D. Lond., 22, Park-place, Leeds. 
Taj'lor, Walter, M.B. Toronto, Dunnville, Ontario, Canada. 
Taylor, Wilfrid Reginald, Grnnge-over-Savds, Lancashire. 
Taylor, Wm. Benjamin Batchelor, Rogal Army Medical Corps. 
Taylor, William Gordon, M.B. Lond. 15, Ilarley-street. "\v. 
Taylor, Wm.Lwin,I\r.D.Trin. Univ., Toronto, Lagos, W. Africa. 
Teale, Michael Aubrey, Leeds. 

Teasdale, John Camidge M.B., Vict., 22, Holly-terrace, Retford. 
Tebb,Albei't Edward, M.D. Lond. ,22(5, i'Y;ic///<;-w-r(:/.,^/a»(^)c«<er«?.N.w. 
Tebb, William Scott, M.D. Camb., Toivn Hall., Southicark. s.E. 
Tebbs, Basil Nelson, M.B. Camb., SontJiampton. 
Tebbs, Lionel Virtue, Idutyn-a, Transkei, Cape Colony. 
Teichmami, Oskar, Sitka, Chislehnrst. 
Telford, Evelyn Davison, 8, St. Johns-street, Manchester. 
Tempest, Henry, Thorner, Leeds. 

Tempest, James, 1, Clarendon-road. Wludley Range, Manchester. 
Temple, Percy George, Croivn-liill, Norwood, s.e. 
Templeton, George, M.B. Edinb., 10, Seymour-street. "\v. 
Tem[)leton, James, Exeter. 
Templeton, Perc}', Worthing. 
Tench, Montague, M.D. Brussels, Dunmoic, Essex. 
Tench, Sidney Edward, Frinton, Essex. 
*Tenison, Adolf, Stocklridge. Hants. 
Tenison, Edwd. Tenison Ryan, M.D. St. .\ndi'., 215, Uxhridge-rd. w. 
Terr}', John, Braunston, Rngby. 

Formerly Ryan, Edward Tenison. 






Tetley, Thomas "Walsh, Kirhy moor side, Yorks. 

Thackraj, Christopher, M.D. Lond., >'^, Pancras Injirmari/. n.w. 

Thaue, Edg-ar Herbert, M.D. Loud., Wajga-Wagga, N. S. Wales. 

Thane, Philip Thorntou, Yass, New South Wales. 

Theobalds, Owen leMare, 5, Glenloch-road, Haverstock-hill. n.av. 

Thistle, Frederick Thomas, M.D. Durh. Clairville, Torquay. 

Thistle, William Brown, M.D. Toronto, Stratford, Canada. 

Thom, Georg-e, Devonport. 

Thomas, Abraham, M.B. Lond., 22, North-parade, Aherystwith. 

Thomas, Albert Edwd., M.B. Lond. Whitilesea, Cape Colony. 

Thomas, Albert Ivcir, 25, Derivent-road, Liverpool. 

Thomas, Arnold Newall, M.B. Lond., 14, Whatley-road, Clifton, 

Thomas, Arthur Richard, Naval Medical Service. 
Thomas, Benjamin Wilfred, Wehcyn, Herts. 
Thomas, Cadogan, 315, Garratt Lane, Earlsfield. s.Ar. 
Thomas, Charles James, M.B. Lend,, Walton-on-the-Hill, Epsom. 
Thomas, Daniel Jenkins, Bargoed, Glamorgan. 
Thomas, Daniel Lewis, 23, Bromley-street, Commercial-road. E. 
Thomas, Daniel William, Shirley, Southampton. 
Thomas, David, Elsmere, Manly, New South Wales. 
Thomas, David Jones, 130, Churchf eld-road, Acton, w. 
Thomas, David Owen, Minneapolis, United States. 
Thomas, Edmund James Fairfield, 12\, Richmond-road, Cardiff. 
Thomas, Elijah Richard Lockwoud, Nacal Medical Service. 
Thomas, Ellis Rae, New Brompton, Kent. 
Thomas, Evan, M.D. Lond., Newbridge, Monmouthshire. 
Thomas, Frank Leslie, M.B. Lond., Barnstaple. 
Thomas, George Henry Warren, Childers, Queensland. 
Thomas, George Tucker, I ndian Medical Service. 
Thomas, Gordon "Wilson, M.B. Lond., Cross Hills, Keighley. 
Thomas, Harold Sibert, Casham, Hants. 

Thomas, Harold Skarratt, 35, Wil berforce-road, Einshury Pari: x. 
Thomas, Harold AVynne, Htgh-street, Bromley, Kent. 
Thomas, Henry Darby, Etsfemurch, Melbourne. 
Thomas, Herbert Hem^y, Hcbden Bridge, Manchester. 
Thomas, Hugh Mortimer, Gooda-ick, Pembrokeshire. 
Thomas, James Douglas, 36, Rotherhithe New-road, Rotherhithe. 


Thomas, John, Neath. 
Thomas, John Llewellyn, Colombo, Ceylon. 
*Thomas, John Lynn, U.B., Penylan, Cardiff. 
Thomas, John Morgan Murtimer, 5, Colston-parade, Bristol. 
Thomas, Josiah Telfer, Penvean, Camborne. 
Thomas, Leonard Kirkby, Edgbaston-road, Birmingham. 
Thomas, Lewis, M.D. Dalhousie, Dartmouth, N.S., Canada. 
Thomas, Montague, 39, Nottingham-place, w. 
Thomas, Nevill Everard, Hattun, Ceylon. 
Thomas, Rhys Tudor, M.B. Lond., 40, Boverton-streef, Cardiff. 

* Formerly Thomas, John. 


Thoma?, Kichard Francis, Cwmaman, Aberdare. 
Thomas, Robert Arthur, M.I). Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
Thomas, Robert Evans, M.H. Lond., Rock House, Draijcoty 

Cheddar, Somerset. 
Thomas, Robert .Folin Percy, Trcfjertha. East Lone, Cornwall. 
Thomas, Rol)ert Russell, 2G, W'indsor-place. Cardiff'. 
Thomas, Robert Stanley, M.D. Camb., Carlton-hill, Exmouth. 
Thomas, Thomas, Ferndale, South Wales. 

Thomas, Thomas James Bell, Bron-i/-Garn, Maesteg, Bridgend. 
Thomas, Thomas Morrell, M.D. Lond., JVeivpnrt, Monmouthshire.. 
Thomas, Thomas Nash, 34, Ilamberstone-road, Leicester. 
Thomas, Thomas Price, Brecon. 
Thomas, Wm. Georjz,-e, Wallington, Salop. 
Thomas, William John, South Woodford, n.k. 
Thomas, William ^Lurray, Lottwiihiel, CornivalL 
Thomas, AYilliam Protheroe. Briton Ferrij-road, Neatli. 
Thompson, AliVed, Boxford, Suffolk. 
Thompson, Arthur, IVeivbnri/^ Berksfiire. 
Thompson, Arthur George James, M.B. Oxf., Hamplon-roady 

Thompson, Arthur Hirst, Darlington. 

Thompson, Arthur Hugh, M.I). (Jamb., 36, W einnouth- street, w. 
Thompson, Arthur Ralph, M.B. Vict., 4, (SV. Thomas -street, s.e. 
Thompson, Cecil Charles Brandon, Tutshilt, Gloucestershire. 
Thompson, Charles, Stapenhill, Burton-on-Trent. 
Thoni}>son, Charles Henry Burton, Middlesex Hospital, w. 
Thompson, Francis, Sunbnri/-on-Thames. 
Thompson, Francis Barrallier. 112, Maida Vale. av. 
Thompson, Geoffrey Ward, M.D. Camb., West-street., Scarborough. 
Thompson, Georg-e Hobson, High-street, Buxton, Derbyshire. 
Thompson, George Stanley, St Marifs Hospital. "\v. 
Thompson, Henry Evans, M.B. Lond.,£'iye Hospital, Birmingham. 
Thompson, Isaac, M. B. New Zealand, Union [u firm., A^ewc.-oii-Tyne. 
Thompson, John, M.B. Roy. Univ. Irel., 1, Bowes-road, New 

Southgate. ti. 
Thompson, John Ashburton, M.D. l>i-ussels, Sydney, N. S. Wales. 
Thompson, Joseph, 1, Oxford-street, Nottingham. 
Thompson, Joseph Bernard, linddington, Nottingham. 
Thompson, Louis Clifford, 1 G, Belle Vne, Clifton, Bristol. 
Thompson, Patrick Oswald. 
Thompson, Reginald, Ahival Medical Service. 
Thompson, Richard James Campbell, Fopes-grove, T ivickenham.. 
Thomjisori, Robert, M.D. Durh., Brisbane, Queensland. 
Thomi)Soii, Stephen Robert, o, Fair-street, Tooley-street. s.e. 
Thompson, Walter, 4, Park-square, Tweeds. 
Thompson, Wilbert'orce, 18, Friarn-street, Bridgwater. 
Thompson, William Atkin, 38, Beverley-road, Hull. 
Thompson, William Hartley, 27, Easby-road, Bradford. 
Thomson, Arnold James, Kingsu-inford, Dudley. 
Thomson, Arthur William Dunville, 1, Beacon-fiill. x. 
Thomson, Charles Beitram, Wiudjorne. 









Thomson, Fredei-ick George, M.T). Lond., 20, Guy-street, Bath. 

Thomson, Georcre Ding-well, Ruskington, Lincolnshire. 

Thomson, Edward Merv^n, Kensington, Bath. 

Thomson, Louis Leopold Ai'thur William, Elrochey, France. 

Thomson, Feter James, Avenue j\farnix, Brussels. 

Thomson, William Traill, 15, Lansdoivne-place, Leamington. 

Thorman, William Henry, Kirkburton, Huddersjield. 

Thorne, Atwood, M.B. Loud., 148, Harley-slreet. w, 

Thorne, Berthold Bezly Thorne, M.D. Diirh., ^Voking. 

Thorne, John Mills, Betchvorth, Surrei/. 

Thorne, Leslie Cavendish Thorne, M.D. Durh., 45, Inverness- 
terrace. AV. 

Thorne, Richard Thorne, M.D. Durh., Woking. 

Thornely, Michael Harris, Indian Medical Service. 

Thornely, William, M.B. Camb., Epsom. 

Thornley, Robert Lewis, ^J.D. Loud., Beverley, Yorkshire. 

Thornton, Bertram, Trinitg -square, Margate 

Thornton, Edward ISewbury, 55, Parliament-street, Cape Town. 

Thornton, Frank Butler, M.B. Lond., Ormaston-road., Derby. 

Thornton, Hastwell ^Villiam, M.D. McGill, Montreal.^ Canada. 

Thornton, Henry John, 25, Maples, Acton, ^y. 

Thorold, William Grant, Indian Medical Service. 

Thorp, Albert, UndercliJ'e, Hohnjirth. 

Thorp, Arthur Edward, Royal Army Medical Co?ps. 

Thorp, Charles Glover. 

Thorp, Harold, M.B. Vict., Comholme. Todmorden. 

1'horpe, Reginald, Elmhourne-road, Tooting, s.w. 

Thorpe, William George, 270, High-road, Balham. s.w. 

Thring, Edward. Sydney, New South V/ales. 

Thuiiiell, Herbert Leslie, V/oodville, Gravesend. 

Thursfield, William, M.D. Aberd., Bridgnorth. 

Thurston, Edgar, Government Museum, Madras, India. 

Thurston, Edward Owen, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service, 

Thurston, Edward Whitfield, Ashjord, Kent. 

Thurston, Hugh Chanipneys,C.M.G., 7%«Z Aj-my Medical Corps. 

Thurston, Hugh Stanley', Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Thurston, Lionel Victor, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Thwaites, Cyril Evered, Brocklesby, Lincolnshire. 

Thwaites, Gilbert Bahn, M.B. Lond., 94, Beaconsfield-road, 
Brighton, Sussex. 

Thwaites, Harry, Wandsworth Common, s.av. 

Th3'ne, James Andrew, M.B. Edinb., Greytoicn, S. Australia. 

Tibbetts, Thomas Major, M.D. Lond., Cradley Heath. 

Tibbits, Hubert, M.B, Edinb., 22, .Tury-street, Warwick. 

Ticehurst, Charles Sage, Point Hill, Rye, Sussex. 

Ticehurst, Claud Buchanan, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 

Ticehurst, Gerald Augustus, M.B. Camb., St. Leonards. 

Ticehurst, Norman Frederic, M.B. Camb., St. Leonards. 

Tickell, Henry Maurice, M.D. Camb., Cheltenham. 

Tidcombe, Francis Sitwell, St. Albans, Bognor. 

Tidswell, Herbert Henrj-, Torquay. 



1901 ■ Ti(^iney, Thomas, M.I). Vict., Durbci/rille, Marple, Chesliiie, 
I Tilbury, Robert, '23'^, Qitef)i's-rowl^ Peck-ham. s.k. 

Tildesley, Josiah Percival, M.B. Lond., WillenltalL 

Tilleke, liobert Edwin (jloone, Kaiid//, Cei/loii. 

Tilley, Herbert, >r.l). Loud., Hi), lLirlci/-street. w. 

Tilley, William James. Lisniore, Neir .South Wales. 

Timothy, John Il.'idyn, Xantgaredig, Cam. 

Timothy, Peter Vincent, Great Yarmouih. 

Timi)Son, Gtiorge Gilbert, Itendlei^ham, Jfomaen-htne. x. 

Tindale, Wentworth Raynes, M.B. Aberd., Hampton. 

Tindall, Ernest Edward Parti-idg-e, Exeter. 

Tinker, William. Vinjinia Water, Surrey. 

Tinley, William Ed wyn Falkingbridg-e,'M.D. Durh., Whitby. 

Tinne, Philip Frederic, Grassendale, Lirerpool. 

Tipper, Ernest Harry, 25, Holland-road, Brixton, s.w. 

Tlppett, Sydney Gordon, M.B. Lond., Barnes, s.w. 

Tipping-, Harold, M.B. Lond., Staines, Middlesex. 

Tipping-, Henry Hubert, 578, Si rat ford-road, Birmingham. 

Tireman, Arthur Lumley, Hull. 

Titley, Frederick Lionel, Plumsiead, Kent. 

Tiwary, Sheo Nandon, Ajmere, India. 

Tizard, Henry John, Mental Hospital, Seacliff'e, Neio Zealand. 

Tod, Hunter Finlay, M.D. Camb., Ill, Harley-street. w. 

Todd, Arthur Rochefort. Jamaica, West Indies. 

Todd, Charles, M.I). Camb., Serum. Institute, Cairo. 

Todd, Charles Edward, Victoria-sqnare, Adelaide, South A iistralia. 

Todd, David Bansall, Westbury, Wilts. 

Todd, Henry Bausall, Cheltenham. 

Todd, John Lancelot, M.D. McGill, Victoria, British Columhia. 

Todd, Ronald Ernest, M.B. Lond., Itoyal Army Medical Corps. 

Todd, AVilliam Fentham, Karem District, Sierra Leone. 

Todd- White, Arthur Thomas, Leytonstone. n.e. 

Tolhurst, St. John Alexander Molesworth, Komomho, near 
Assouan, Egypt. 

Toller, (Jharles \Villiam Edward, M.D. Dinh., Ilfracombe. 

Tolputt, Arnold Georg^e, Montagu-street, Kettering. 

Tomkys, Leonard Sydney, Lichfield. 

Tomlins, William Henry, Alsfonrille., Richmond River, N.S.W. 

Tomlinsou, George Hedley, M.B. Durh., Church-lane, Bir- 

Tomlinson, Henry Edward, Naval Medical Service. 

Tomliason, John Henry, Belmont, Egham, Surrey. 

Tomlinson, Lionel Philip, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Tomlinson, Percy Stanley, 16, Royal-park, Clifton, Bristol. 

Tompsett, Robert Henry, Creu-herne. 

Tomson, Walter Bolton, M.D. Durh., Luton. 

Tong', Livsey, Farnivorth, Bolton. 

Tongue, Edwin John, Winterton, Doncaster. 

Tonking-. John Herbert, M.B. Lond., Camborne, Cornwall. 

Tonks, Arthur Edwin, 42, Corjwration-road, Neivport, 31 on. 

Tonks, Henry, University College, w.c. 


1898 Tooker, James Pollock, 208, Bow Common-lane. e. 

1894 Toombs, Hei'bert George, 24, Woodcille-ijardens, Ealing, ay. 

1901 Tophain, Frederick Stocks, Halifax. 

1902 Topham, John Arthur, Kent Countij Asijlum, Cliarlham. 
1887 'I'ordoff, Sargen, 53, Ash-street, Soutlipurt. 

1884 Torres, Julio Zeuon, M.D. Columbia, Bogota, Colombia. 

1903 1 Tosswill, Leonard Robert, 1, West Southerhaij, Exeter. 

1907 , Totesau, George Stiebel, Asglam, Kingston, Jamaica. 

1886 ' Totsuka, Kankai, Tokio, Japan. 

1905 Toulmin, Arthur, 35, West Cliff] Preston. 

1908 i Toulmin, Ernest William, San Reino, Festing-road, Southsea. 

1901 ;, Tovey, Arthur Hamilton, Upton, Ockham. 

1895 i Towne, Hugh Rose Forster, Aliwal North, Sonth Africa. 

,, I Townend, Richard Hamilton, M.D. Lond., 99, Wickham-road, 
Brockleij. s.E. 

1903 j Townroe, Eugene Dunbar, WinsJey, Bradford-on-Avon. 
1908 Townrow, Vincent, M.B. Lend., Giig''s Hospital. s.E. 
1890 i Townsend, Arthur Allen Deykin, M.D. Birm, Gloucester. 
1897 I Townsend, Henry William Worth, Naval Medical Service. 
1907 Townsend, Reginald Stephen, M.B. Lond., Glenvak, Mount 

Radford, Exeter. 
1895 Toye, Edwin Josiali, M.D. Lond., Bridgeland-street., Bideford. 

1892 Tracey, Henry Eugene, M.B. Loud., Cidlompton, Devon. 

1906 Tracy, florace Ernest Humphrey, Bin'i/ St. Edmunds. 

1902 Trail, David Herbert, M.B. Lond., Falmouth. 

1876 Traill, Mark Windeyer, Burwuod, New South Wales. 

1906 Trapnell, Francis Cynl,' Leijsian Settlements, City-road. e.g. 

1885 Tratman, Frank, M.B. Lond., Perth, Western Australia. 

1887 Travers, Archibald Limlsay. 

1886 Travers, Ernest Aston Otho, Selangor, Malay Peninsula. 

1904 Travers, Ernest Frank, M.D. Lond., 22, Upper Phillimore- 

gardens. w. 

1893 Travers, Fredk. Thomas, M.B. Loud., Maidstone. 

1883 Travers, Geoffrey Frederic, Drouin, Victoria, Australia. 
1902 Traylen, Charles Leonard, Willesden Green, n.w. 
1904 Treble, Charles Edward, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

1899 Tredgold, Alfred Frank, Guildford. 

1886 Tredinnick, Albert Stephen, Melbourne, Derbyshire. 

1894 Tregaskis, Edward Paul Robins, Heilbron, South Africa. 

1895 Tregenza, William, Ranmoor, Sheffield. 

1904 Trench, John Henry, M.B. Loud., 3, St. Johns Wood Park. n.w. 
1890 Trenfield, George Henry, 28, Lawrence-hill, Bristol. 

1905 Tresawna, William Samson, iVLB. Camb., /S^. George's Hosp. s.w, 
1883 Tresidder, Edward Stanle}'', 2, The Rope-walk, Nottingham. 

,, Tresidder, Harry Lmis, Oaehunga, Auckland, N.Z. 
1897 Tresidder, Morton Everard, Mycence-road, Blackheath. s.E. 
1895 Tresidder, Percy Edgar, 12, Shakespeare-street , Nottingham. 

1888 Tresidder, William Eliot, M.B. Lond., Chudleigh, Devon. 

1906 Tressider, Alfred Geddes, M.B. Lond., IS, Park-ter.., Falmouth. 
,, Trethowan, William Henry, M.B. Lond., Guy's Hospital. s.E. \ 

1901 Treusch, John Benjamin August, 15, Enmore-rd., S. Norwood. s.E. 









Trevan. Frederick Adolplius, A'^aval Medical Service. 
Treves, Frederick Jioileaii, 32, iJalhu-sqwire, Mdrrjale. 
Treves, Harold Thotusett, 32, Dalbn-square, Mari/ate. 
Trevor, Aithur Herbert, /li</h-t:treef, East Hum. e. 
Tievor-Roper, Bertie ^Villiam Eihvard, The Grore, Timperley, 

Trewby, Henry "William, 17, George-street, Hanover-square, vr. 
Trewbv, Joseph Frederic, 72 Wimpole-street. av. 
Tribe, Reginald Herman, 31. St. LeonarcVs-terrace, Chelsea, s.w. 
Trimmer, Francis Inman, Blj/th, Xorthumherland. 
Trinder, Alfred Probiis, Bemhridtje, Isle of Wight. 
Tripe, John Henry, London Hospital. E. 
Tripp, Basil Hubert Howard, SouthwokU Suffolk. 
Tripp, Charles Llewellyn Howard, Dawlish. 
Trist, John Ronald Rig-den, Putney Bridge-road. s.w. 
Tritsch, Isidor. 58, Clifton-gardens., Maida Hill. vr. 
Trott, Uudle}' Cox, INI.B. Camb., Hamilton, Bermuda, \V. Indies. 
Trotter, Edward, M.B, Vict., Ilolmjirth, Huddersfield. 
Trotter, Robert Hale, M.D. Vict.. Holmfirth, Huddersfield. 
Trotter, Wilfred Batten Lewis, iNl.D. Lond., 101, Harleij-street. w. 
Trow, Charles, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 
Trubshaw, Kenneth Vincent, M.B. Lond., Ilobnjield, Mold, 

Truman, Bernard Renshaw Beckit, M.B. Camb., 447, Mansfield- 

road, Carringfon, Nottingliam, 
Trumper, Wm. Arthur, I'orquaji. 
Tiythali, William Reynolds, Xaval Medical Service. 
Tubby, Alfred Herbert, jNLB. Lond., 68, Harley-street. w. 
Tuck, Ernest Sydney, Naval Medical Service. 
Tucker, Alexander Benjamin, M.B. Lond., Fordshurg, Transvaal. 
Tucker, Ernest Frederick Gordon, Indian Medical Service. 
Tucker, Sydney Arthur, Pelhurst, Homejield-road , Bromlei/, 

Tucker, William Eldon, M.B. Camb., Hamilton, Bermuda. 
Tucker, William Hancock, Indian Medical Service. 
Tuckett, Ivor Lloyd, South Shelford, Cambridge. 
Tuke, Arthur William, Indian Medical Service. 
^Tuke-Johnson, William, Orleans Lodge, London-rd., Tu-ickenham. 
Tulk-Hart, Thomas John Augustus, M.D. Durh., Brighton. 
Tuoliy, William Edward James, Indian Medical Service, 
Turle, James Evan, Rottingdean, Sussex. 

Turnbnll, Charles Cuthbert Ingram, Penisfone Vicarage. Sheffield. 
Turnbull, Hubert Maitland, M.D. Oxf., London Hospital. 
Turnbull, Hugh Prideaux, Naval Medical Service. 
Turnbull, Robert C3'ril, M.B. Lond., Horton Asylum, Epsom. 
Turner, Alan Charles, 287. Glossop-road, Sheffield. 
Turner, Arthur Hewett, Newton-le- Willows. 
Turner, Arthur John, C.M.S. Hosjn'tal, Peshawar, India. 
Turner, Arthur Scott, 39, Anerley-i-oacl. s.e. 

* Admitted as Joliuson, William. 


1890 Turner, Charles Byron, Grimsby. 

1898 Turner, Charles Ernest, 20, Bun/sfreet, Bloomsbury. w.c. 
1900 Turner, Charles Harold, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1903 Turner, Charles William, 2, Hammersley-street, Hanky, Staff. 
1900 Turner, Douglas Duke, Naval Medical Service. 

1888 Turner, Edgar Olive, M.B. Lond., Great Missenden, Bucks. 

1890 Turner, Edward, M.B. Durh., 159, Brigstock-road, Thornton-heath. 

1877 Turner, Edward Beadon, 9, Sussex-gardens, w. 

1899 Turner, Frank Douglas, M.B. Loud., Counties Asylum, Colchester, 

1885 Turner, Frederick Senior, Amersham. 

1907 Turner, Frederick Thomas, Clarence-road, Teddington. 

1899 Turner, Geo. Grey, M.B. Durh., 22. Jesmond-road, Newcastle-on- 


1872 Turner, (^eorge, M.B. Camb., Pretoria, Transvaal. 

1878 Turner, George Eobertsou. Ex. 1897, 98, 99, 1900. 41, Half 

Moon-street, w. 

1897 j Turner, Harry Fulham, Colney Hatch-lane. N. 

1899 i Turner, Harry Stanley, 211, Bridge-road, Battersea. ^v. 

1904 1 Turner, Henry Strawson, 6, Ormiston-road, Shepherd's Bush. w. 

1898 j Turner, Henry Watson, 59, Wimpole-street. w. 
„ : Turner. James AVilliam, Moseley, Birmingham. 

1892 ' Turner, Joseph George, 59, Wimpole-street. ^y. 

1886 Turner, Nathaniel Henrj^ 35, Highbury-grove, n. 

1892 I Turner, Oliver Polhill, Peckham House. s.E. 

1893 Turner, Percy Edward, M.B. Durh., Nagercoil, Travancore, India. 
1897 Turner, Philip, M.B. Lond., 8, St. Thomas' -street. s.E. 

1891 Turner, Reginald George, Indian Medical Service. 

1905 Turner, Sydney Booth, Walthanistow. n.e. 

1897 Turner, Sydney Duke, M.D. Durh., Purley, Sussex. 

1906 Turner, Thomas, M.B. Lond., £'a.5'i&c>?<r?<e. 
1895 Turner, Thomas William, Deddington, Oxford. 

1900 Turner, Walter Edward, 198, Church-road, Willesden. n.w. 

1893 Turner, William, M.B. Lond., 17, Har ley -street, w. 
1905 Turner, William George, M.D. McGill, Quebec, Canada. 

„ I Turnly, John Edward Alexander Litton, c/o Dr. Long, Ivy 
I House, Chesham, Bucks. 

1892 Turnor, Philip Watson, Penkridge, Stafford. 

1904 Turtle, James, 35, High-street, Homerton. x.E. 

1905 : Turtle, William Reginald Margetts, //i/jVHiarj/, Ze^^o?is^orae. n.e. 

1907 Turton, James Richard Henry, >SV. Bartholomew'' s Hospital. E.c. 

1887 Turton, Robert Straker, Stony Hill., Jamaica. 

1899 Tuxford, Arthur Wren, M.D. Durh., Stonehouse, Gloucester. 
1897 Tuxford, Reginald, Bout Green, Boston. 

1887 j Tweed, Edward Reginald, M.D. Brussels, Hembury Fort, Honiton. 

1900 , Tweedie, Alexander Robert, 17, Regent-street, Nottingham. 
1872 i Tweedy, Sir John, 100, Ilarley-street. w. 

1892 [ Tweed^"^, Reginald Carlyon, Abbey House., Kenilworth. 

1894 I Twemlow, Wilham Albert Fytche, 45, Avenue-ixl., Acton, ^x. 
1907 I Twigg, Garnet Wolsley, St. Bartholomew's Hospital, e.g. 

1906 Twigg, Stuart William Jackson, M.B. Lond., Wirksworth, 

Matlock, Bath. 








Twort, Frederick AVilliam, Borishot, Surrey. 

Twjnani,(ieorg-e Edward, 2, Wetherbn-phice, Earts Court. s.M'. 

Tyacke. Nicliolas. Jioi/al A rmy Medical Corps. 

Tylor, Cliristoplier, Willnv-firove, Chislehnrst. 

Tylor, Max Forster, Wisbeach. 

T3'min.s, Herbert Geo., M.B. Melb., Rockhampton, Queensland. 

Tyndale, Wentworth Francis, C.M.G., M.B. Lond., J!oi/al Army 
Medical Corps. 

Tyudall, Fi-ancis, Westhoitghton, Bolton. 

Tyrrell, Arthur Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Tyrrell, Francis Astley Cooper, M.B. Camb., Swanky, Kent. 

Tyrrell, Robert Shaw. 

Tyrrell, Walter, 104, Cromwell-road, S. Kensington, s.w. 

Tyrrell, Walter Gwy Beauchamp, Clai-etnont, Great Malvern. 

Tyson, Wilsor), The Beeches, Loivestoft. 

Udale, Joseph James, 70, Citij-road. e.c. 

Ulrich, Frank P'erdinand Aplin, M.B. New Zeal., 20, Russell- 
mansions, Brunswick-square, w.c. 

Umney, Win. Francis, M.D. Lond., 81, Laurie Park-road, 
Sydenham. s.K. 

Underhill, Sydney Valentine Hercules, Newport, Isle of Wight. 

Underwood, Arthur Cresse'o, Saliley, Birmingham. 

Underwood, Frank Louis, Flore, Weedon. 

Underwood, John Charles. \A, Campana-road, Putney, s.w. 

Unwin, Harold Arthur Kobert Edmond,M.B. Camb., St. Thomad 
Hospital. s.E. 

Unwin, William Howard, M.D. Lond., Timaru, New Zealand. 

Upcott, Harold, lo, A lb ion- street, Hxdl. 

Upc(»tt-Gili, Geoffrey Allen, Ilatjiehl. 

Upham, Charles Hazlitt, Lytielton, N. Zealand. 

Upton, Alfred, Hove, Brighton. 

Upton, Herbert Chrippcs, 28, Medina-villas, West Brighton. 

Upward, Harold Arthur, M.I3. Camb., Romford. 

Urwick, Reginald Henry, M.D. Camb., Shrewsbury. 

Urwin, John Johnson, M.B. Glas., Indian Medical Service. 

Usher, John Edward, M.D. New York, Roy. Soc. Club. w. 

Utting-, Horace Ebbag-e, M.B. Birm., 117, Lichfield-street. Walsall. 

Vachell, Charles Tanfiold, M.D. Lond., 11, Park-place, Cardijf. 

Vaile, William Bartholomew, Aldershot. 

Vakeel], Nusserwatijee Hormasjee, 24, Kildare-ten^ace. ^v. 

Valerie, John, Hampton Court, Surrey. 

Valerio, Ismael, Guy's Hospital, s.e. 

Valintine, Thomas Harcourt Ambrose, Taranaki, New Zealand. 

Vallance, P>nest, WestcliJ/'e-on-Sea. 

Vallance, Herbert, Lewes. 

Vallance, Hugh, Meadvale, Redhill. 

Vallancey, Aymer d'Estamjies de, Ravenscroft-park. AV. 

Van Buren, Asa Claude Ali, M.D. Lond., East.Hosp., Homerton. n.e. 

A'^andermin, Henry Fran(;ois, M.B. Lond. 5, Peckham-grove. s.e. 

van Geyzel,Colvin Thomasz, Colombo, Ceylon. 

Van Rooyen, Charles Ellard. 


van Someren. Ernest Herbert, 183, Calle del Capello Nero, Venice. 

Varug-hese, Mang-utta Kariyan, M.B. Madras, Madras, India. 

Varvill, Bernard, Woodcote, Eediiifjton-road, Hampstead. n.av. 

Vasey, Charles Lyon, Xaval Medical Service, 

Vasey, Samuel William, Naval Medical Service. 

Vaughan, Arthur Llewellyn, Diss. 
*Vaughau-Jackson, Herbert Francis, Potters Bar, Middlesex. 

Vaughan, John Courtenay Folliott Dudley, Ashburton, Devon. 

Vaughan, Robert William Walter, M.B., 3G, Stanley-nardens, 
Harnpstead. x.w. 

Vaughan, Walter Frederick Hamilton, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Vawdrey, Theophilus Glascott, Plymouth. 

Vazifdar, Sohrab Shapoorji, c/o Tlios. Cook & Sons, Ludgate 

Veale, Rawdon Augustus. M.B. Lond., Harrogate. 

Vellacott, Harold Fitz, London Hospital, e. 

Vellacott, Philip Northcott, M.B. Lond., Bloemfontein, Orange 
River Colony. 
fVenniker, John Charles, M.D. Durh., 2, Lauderdale-mansions. w. 

Venning', Sir Edgcombe, 30. Cadngan-place, Chelsea, s.^\. 

Venning, James Arthur. M.B. Camb., St. George's Hosjjital. s.w. 

A'^erco, Joseph Cooke, M.D, Lond., Adelaide, S. Australia. 

Verdon, Egbert Sumner, M.D. Camb., Morocco. 

Verdon, Francis, 33, Wetherhy-ma asions, Earl's Court, 

Verdon, Walter George Howard Masterman, 58, Streatham 

Hill. S.AV. 

Verdon-Roe, Spencer, M.B. Camb., 47, West-hill, Wandsworth, s.w. 

Verley, Reginald Charles, M.B. Edin., 33. Kensington-gardens- 
square. AV. 
|Verling-Brown, Charles Richard, M.D. Lond., Covrt-rd.., Sutton. 

Vernon, Alexander Apfell, " Worcester" Montego Bay, .Jamaica. 

VernoUjArthurHeygate, Christclairch-rd.. Boscombe, Bournemouth. 

Vernon, Claude Martin, Ehvick-road, Ashford. 

Vernon Mark Henry Herbert, Horsham. 

VerralK Paul Jenner, M.B., Camb., Fiji. 

Verrall, Thomas Jenner, 97, Montpelier-rd., Brighton. 

Verry, Guy Tyi-rell, St. Bartholomew s Hospital, e.g. 

Vertannes, Carr Aratoon, Rangoon, Burma, India. 

Vevers, Oswald Henry, Norton Vicarage, Worcester. 

Vicars, Frederic Geox'ge. M.D. Brussels, 11, Campden-grove. w. 

Vick, Reginald Martin, 88, Talbot-road, Highgate. N. 

Vickerman, Philip Sexton, M.B., Edin , K)2, Burlington-road, 
Bayswater. ^v. 

Vickers, John Benj. Nicholson, Great Yarmouth. 

Vickers, Kirsop Bainbridge James, M.B. Lond., Wellington^ 

Vickers. Gliomas Hedley, Naval Medical Service. 

Vickery, William Henry, Weston-super-Mare. 

* Formerly Jackson, Herbert Francis. t Formerlv Velenski, John Charles. 

X Formerlv Ero^^n, Charles Eicbard Verliug. 

u 2 










Vidler, Albert Etlward, Ash ford, Middlesex. 

Viaceut, Herbert Edmimd,M.D, Loud., Ilorler/, Surrey. 

Vinceut, John Francis, Jersei). 

Vincent, Thomas Swale, M.D. Lond., Universitij of Manitoba, 

Winniper/, Canada. 
Vincent, William James Nathaniel, Asylum. Wadsley, Sheffield. 
Vine, Alfred Bertram, M.B. Lond., Bury, Lancashire. 
Viner, Geoffrey, M.B. Lond., Northcote, Hatch End, Middlesex. 
Vines, Charles Stuart, Bridge-street, Newport, Monmouthshire. 
Viney, Josiali Ernest, M.D. Camb., Chertsey. 
Vinrace, Mattliew Henry, 26, Cannon-place, Brighton. 
Vinter, Charles Herbert Sawyer, Station-road, Blackpool. 
Vinter, S^'dney Garratt, Torpoint, Devonport. 
Viutras, George Charles Louis Bartlett, M.D. Durh., 8, Regents- 

j)ark-road. N.W. 
Viret, Benjamin Pope, M.B. Lond., 125, Horton-lane, Bradford. 
Vise, Arthur Blithe, Holbeach. 
Vise, John Neville Blithe, Axminster. 
Visger, Charles, Clevedon, Somerset. 

Visick, Charles Hedley Clarence, 29, Brownswood-park. N. 
Vivian, Charles St. Aubyn, Roseville, Winchnore Hill. N. 
Vivian, Harold Sugdeu, M.B. Lond., Roseville, Winchmore 

mil. N. 
Vivian, John Henry Percival, Beltinge, Heme Bay. 
Voisin, Alexander Bishop, Chateau de Keranguilly, Quimper, 

Voisin, Ernest Ormond Bishop, St. Heliers, Jersey. 
VoUer, Frank, 2, Alexandra-avenue, Battersea. s.w. 
Von Berg-en, Carl Wahlgren, M.B. Durh., Leatherhead. 
von Eberts, Edmond Urquhart Melchior, 7, Endsleigh-street. w.c. 
Von Rosen, Alfred Dittop Benedictus, 100, Victoria-street, s.w. 
*Von Winckler, William Joseph, Geoi^ge Town, British Guiana. 
Vorah, Runchhoddas Purmananddos, Gurganm, Bombay. 
Vosper, Cecil, King's College Hospital. "W.c. 
Vosper, Percy, 112, Regent's Fark-road. N.w. 
Vosper, Sydue}'^, Metropolitan Hospital, Kingsland-road. n.e. 
Vulliamy, Justin Theodore, Rugby. 
Wace, Cyril, Walcote, Winchester. 
Wacher, (xeoffrey, Westcliffe-on-Sea. 
Wacher, Harold, M.B. Camb., Canterbury. 
Wacher, Sidney, Canterbury. 
Wadd, Henry Randall, Richmond, Surrey. 
Waddelow, John Joseph, Whittlesea. 
Waddy, Henry Edward, Brunsivick-road, Gloucester. 
f Wade-Brown, Francis Joseph, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Wade, Charles, Boscastle, Cornwall. 
Wade, Herbert, Ponders End. 
Wade, Newton, Intake, Sheffield. 

* Formerly Winckler, William Joseph, 
t Formerly Brown, Francis Joseph. 


Wade, Rubens, The Grange, Windermere. 

Wadham, Frank Jesser, Rycle. 

Wadham, Frederick, Eedmyre, Sydney, New South Wales. 

Wadia, Maneck Dhunjishaw, 89, Bartholomeiv-close. e.g. 

Wadmore, James Ghn^to^^v, Hamilton, Wackato, Aucldand, N.Z. 

Waggett, Ernest Blechynden,M.B. Camb., 45, Up. Brook-st. ^y. 

Wagstaff, Charles Bertrand, Homchurch, Essex. 

Wagstaff, John Philip, Homchurch, Essex. 

Wagstaff, Frank Alexander, Northampton. 

Wahby, Behdjet, St. George s Hospital, s.w. 

Wainman, Benjamin, 258, Dewshury-road, Leeds. 

Wainwright, Lennox, M.D. Brussels, Folkestone. 

Wainwright, Wm. Longworth, M.B. Lond., Henley-on-Thames. 

Waite, Joseph Edward, M.B. Lend., Leicester. 

Waites, Richard Foulstoue, East Bank, Rotherham. 

Waithman, James Clarksou, M.D. Camb.,9, Willesden-lane. N.w. 

Wake, Charles Hereward, Eltham, Taranaki, Neiv Zealand. 

Wakefield, Arthur William, Birklands, Kendal. 

Wakefield, Christopher Frank, Charlwood, Surrey. 

Wakeham, Charles Henry, 714, Harrow-road. w. 

Wakeling, Thomas George, Mena House, Cairo. 

Wakley, Thomas, 16, Hyde Park-gate. s.w. 

Walch, Charles Nash Crosby, Hobart, Tasmania. 

Waldmeier, Frederick John, Holywell House, Chesterfield. 

Waldron, Charles Edward, 14, Forest-drive, East Leytonstone. 

Waldrou, Francis Thomas, M.D. Lond., Mossel Bay, Cape 

Waldy, John, Green-park, Darlington. 
Wale, George, 133, High-street, Croydon. 

Wales, Edward Garneys, M.B. Camb., Downham Market, Norfolk. 
Wales, Harr3% Anlaby-road, Hull. 
Wales, lEeiiry Charles, M.B. Toron., Bracehridge, Toronto, 

Wallis, Basil, Undercroft, Reigate. 

Walford, Harold Rosser Styleman, 120, Finchley-road. n.w. 
Walford, Reginald Manwood Hodson, 3, Calcourt-court. n.w. 
Walford, Walter Gilson, M.D. Durh., 120, Finchley-road. N.w. 
Walker, Alexander Hope, Cranleigh, Surrey. 
Walker, Alfred Ernest, Wibsey. Bradford. 
Walker, Alfred William Hinsley, M.D. Brussels, Harrogate. 
Walker, Arthur, 16, High-street, West Glossop. 
Walker, Arthur, M.B. Camb., Gillingham, Dorset. 
Walker, Arthur Nimmo, M.B. Camb., 45, Rodney -street, lAverpool. 
Walker, Arthur West, Cromer. 
Walker, Basil Woodd, M.D. Durh., 6, Dawson-place, Pembridge- 

square. w. 
Walker, Cuthbert Ferguson, M.B. Lond., 188, Milnroiv-road, 

Walker, Ernest George Agars, Ightham-place, Sevenoaks. 
Walker, Ernest Ronald, Widmore-hill. Bromley, Kent. 
Walker, Francis John, M.D. Durh., Spilsby. 


1894: Walker, Frederick, Uolheach^ Lincolnshire. 

1899 Walker, P'rederick Edward, M.B. Lond., St. Andrev/s, Uxbridtje. 

1889 Walker, George, 35, Wood-vale, Lordship-lane. s,E. 
1876 Walker, George, 39, Worple-road, Wimbledon, s.w. 

1898 Walker, George Charles, M.D. Vict., Winchmore Hill. n. 
1872 Walker, George Edward, tJO, Gordon-road, Ealinr/. "W. 

1901 Walker, Harold, M.B. Camb., Ashleigh, Middlesbrough. 

1890 Walker, Henry, Singapore, Straits Settlements. 

1865 Walker, Henry George, M.D. Brussels, 5, Afarloes-road. w. 

1904 Walker, Henry James Davey, Dormansland, Surrey. 

1895 Walker, Henry Roe, 8, Barleij-street. w. 
1885 Walker, Henry Seeker, 45, Park-square, Letds. 
1897 Walker, Herbert John, Springfield-road, Brighton. 
1876 Walker, Horace, 143, Hammersmith-road. w. 
1869 Walker, James, Stonj-street, Hull. 

1888 ^Valker, James Herbert, 55, Fitzroy-road. x.w. 

1887 Walker, James Pixton, M.D. Durh., Belamere, Wallis-road, 

1902 Walker, John, Ham Common. Surrey. 

1899 Walker, John Frederick, M.B. Lond., Southend, Essex, 

1907 Walker, John Leeming, M.D. McGill, c!o G. Wollaston, Esq., 

26, Victoria-street. S.w. 

1906 Walker, John Philip, ShipUij. 

1883 Walker, John Willam, The Elms, Wakefield. 

1896 Walker, John Wm. Thomson, M.B. Ediub., 30, Queen Anne- 

street, w. 

1908 Walker, Josiah, 33, Westgate. Peterhorovgh. 

1887 Walker, Joseph Eagland, Bexley. 

1906 Walker, Kenneth Macfarlane, Bracknell-gardens. Frognal. N.w. 
1899 Walker, Lewis Augustus, M.D. Lond., Lee-on-Solent, Gosport. 
19U7 Walker, Norman Hamilton, M.B. Loud., Percy Lodge, Wiiich- 

more-hill. N. 

1888 Walker, Reginald Field, Esher. 

1899 Walker, Robert, M.B. Durh., 14, James-street, Cardifi'. 

1900 Walker, Robert Alexander, M.B. Cambs., Peterborough. 

1907 Walker, Robert AVjnne Stanley, I^eicester. 

„ AValker, Ronald Ralph, liatclifi' Hall, Leicester. 

1906 Walker, Spencer Lewis, 37, Gloucester-street, Waricick-sq. S.w. 

1897 Walker, Sydney" Robert, Mombasa, E. Africa. 
1899 Walker, Thomas Malcolm. Hook, Norton, Banhiry. 

1897 Walker, William Percival.M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Sei-vice. 

1905 Walker, William Percj', 3. Queeii's-inamious, Mvsivell Hill. n. 

1898 Walkeri William AValter, Batley. 

1896 Walker, AVillinm Watson, 2, Chevening-road. Willesden. N.w. 
1902 Wall, Alfred Herbert Edwin, M.B. Lond., Wanganni, N.Z. 
1892 Wall, Frank, Indian Medical Service. 

1908 Wall, Harold Eustace McMahon, St. Marys Hosjntal. w. 

1897 Wall, James Bligh. 125. Palace-road, Tulse-hill. s.w. 
1902 Wall, Vivian Francis, G6, South Eaton-jylace. s.AV. 
1871 AVall, William Barrow, Pembroke. 

1881 Wallace, Alfred Cyprian, Guernsey. 


1891 Wallace, Cathbert Sidney, M.B. Lond., 26, Upper Wimpole- 

street. w. 

1892 Wallace, Francis Gore, M.B, Camb,, 278, EarVs Court-road. s.w. 
1867 Wallace, Frederick, 133, Upper Clapton-road. n.e. 

1903 Wallace, Frederick Herbert, Foulden Lodge, Upper Clapton, n.e. 

1907 Wallace, Gerald Douglas Hamilton, The Dispensary, Union-street, 

1899 "^Wallace, James Williamson, Soiithville, Bristol. 
1906 Wallace, John, M,B. Oxf., 74, Earl's Court-road. s.w. 

1894 Wallace, Lewis Alexander Richard, M.B. Oxf., 31, Welbeck-st w, 
1889 Wallace, Richard Teale, Eastbourne. 

1893 Wallace^ Robert Fitz-Henry Stanley, Skegness. 

1904 Wallace, AVillium Thomas,'M.B. Toronto, 68, Goicer-street. w.c. 

1889 Waller, Alfred Whalley, M.D. Durh., Stroud, Gloucestershire. 

1902 Waller, Arthur Beaumont, M.B. Lond., Ilkeston, Derbyshire. 
1898 Waller, Herbert Ewan, Bourne End, Bucks, 

1882 Waller, Theodore Harry, Chelmsford. 
1871 Waller, Walter Augustus Ewen, Rugby. 

1908 Wallis, Basil, Guys Hospital, s.e. 

1894 Wallis, Charles Edward, 38, Queen Anne-street, ^y. 
1886 Walhs, Charles George, 241, Xew Cross-road. s.e. 
1897 1 Wallis, James Garfit, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service. 

„ I Wallis, Maurice Edmund Arnold, 97, Chatsworth-road, Lower 
Clapton. N.E. 

1895 I Wallis, Sidney Seymour, 237, Roman-road, Bow. e. 

1903 I Wallis, Vernon Montague, Doncaster. 
1897 Wallis, William, Bamsley. 

1895 Walls, Edward Geoffrey, Burgh, Boston. 
1862 Walls, William. 

1888 AValls, William Kay, M.B. Lond., 14, St. John-street, Manchester. 

1905 Walsh, Fred Newton, 6, South-road, Handsworth, Birmingham. 

1903 Walsh, George Delavel, Naval Medical Service. 

1883 Walsh, John Henry Tull, hidian Medical Service. 

1890 Walsh, Leslie Herbert, M.D. Durh., 21, Gay-street, Bath. 

1904 Wallenberg, Theophilus Ralph, 8, Bury New-road, Manchester. 

1896 Walter, Albert Elijah, M.D. Brux., Lidian Medical Service. 
1893 AValter, Edwin Charles, Wallingfcrd. 

1892 Walter, Richard Arthur, M.B. Durh., Tanbridge Wells. 

„ Walters, Alexander Radcliffe, Reigate, Surrey. 
1907 Walters, Arthur Leslie. Horley, Surrey. 

1889 i Walters, Arthur Piercefield, Sandown, Isle oj Wight. 


Walters, Charles Ferrier, Plymouth. 

Walters, Frederick Wilfred. 

Walters, Henr}' Blanchard, Chudleigh. 

Walters, John Basil, 9, Park Crescent, vr. 

Walters, Joseph, Mossley, Manchester. 

Walthard, Robert Rudolf Max, M.D. Bern, Bern, Sioitzerland. 

Walthardt, Gustav Rudolph, M.D. Bern, Frankfurt-a- 

Walton, Albert James, M.B. Lond., London Hospital, e. 
Walton, Francis Fielder, 19, Charlotte-street, Hull. 









Walton, Henry Beckles Gall, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 
Walton, Herbert James, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
Walton, Walter Rees, Milton, Stoke-on-Trent. 
Wanhill, Charles Frederick, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Wanklyn, William McConnell, 8, St. Martinis-place. w.C. 
Warburton, Arthur, M.D. Durh., East Molesey. 

Warburton, John, Orrell-road, Peniberton, N. Wigan. 

Ward, Anthony Arthur, 12, Asylum-road. Peckham. s.e. 

Ward, Arthur Blackwood, M.B. Camb., Bloemfontein, Orange 
River Colony. 

Ward, Arthur Henry, Arts Club, 40, Dover-street, w. 

Ward, Bernai'd Joseph, 133, Edmund-street, Birmingham. 

Ward, Ellacott Leamon, Indian Medical Service. 

Ward, Ernest, M.D. Camb., Llanelly. 

AVard. Ernest, Wokingham. 

Ward, Ernest Lewis, Ghsdir, Merthyr Tydfil, S. Wales. 

AVard, Georg-e Stafford, M.B. Lond., Wamtead. n.e. 

AVard, Herbert Kingsley, Moulton, Northampton. 

Ward, Horace AA'alshman, 16, Emscote-road, Warwick. 

Ward, Jas. Philip Stephens, 10, Tothill-avenue, Plymouth. 

Ward, John Alfred, M.D. Durh., Grays, Essex. 

AA^ard, Joseph, 110, Upperthorpe, Sheffield. 

AVard, Oswald Erasmus, Chesterton, Staffs. 

Ward, Percy Harold, Southern Rhodesia. 

AA^ard, Ronald Francis Campbell, M.D. Camb., Harrogate. 

Ward, Stanley Edward, Brasted, Sevenoaks. 

AA'ard, A'ere Godsalve. M.D. Lond., West Byfleet, Surrey. 

Ward, AA^alter Fisher, Baictry, Ydrkshire. 

AA^ard, AAllliam Alfred, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

AA'ard, AA'illiam Charles Augustus, Weybridge. 

Wardale. Joseph Augustus AA'"illiam, Invercargill, New Zealand. 

AA^'arde, Arthur Waldemar Brougham, M.D. Durh. 

AA'are, Arthur Maitland, M.D. Camb., 13, Launceston-place. w. 

Ware, Ernest Edwin, M.D. Lond., Frognal Park. x.w. 

AA^are, George Stephen, M.B. Durh.. Barnstaple. 

\A"are. John \Allliam Langston, 2, Well-icalk, Ilampstead. x.w. 

AA'areham, Sidney James, 12, New Cavendish-street, w. 

AA'aring, Anthony Henry, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

AA^aring, Holburt Jacob, M.B. Lond., 37, Wimpole-st. w. 

Waring,John Alfred, M.B. Loud., 7, East Circus-st., Nottingham. 

Waring, John Arkle, M.B. Oxf., Chichester. 

Warneford, Stanley AA'ilson Collingwood, Matlock. 

Warner, Allan, M.D. Durh., Kirby Muxloe, Leicester. 

AA'arner, Frederic Ashton, 10, Brechin-place, South Kensing- 
ton. S.AV. 

AA^'arner, Howard Francis, Heath-road, Hayward's Heath, 

AVarner, Percy, Wood/or d-green, Essex. 

AA'arner, Thomas, M.D. Lond., Worthing. 

Warren, Alfred Castle, 15, Lansdoune-crescent. Notting Hill. w. 

AVarren, Charles Frank, Wagga Wagga, New S. Wales. 


1904 I WarreD, George Hope. Plymouth. 

1880 I Warren, Heury Guy Seymour, Sifdney, Neiu South Wales. 

1904 I Warren, Leonard, M.B.Lond., Gillmf/ham.i Kent. 

1900 Wavren, Richard, M.D. Oxf., o'i. Finsbury-square. e.g. 

1905 ! Warren, Stanley Herbert, GilUngham, Kent. 
1895 I Warrington, Richard James, M.D. Lond., Craicshaichooth, Man- 

Warwick, Percj^ Halesworth. 

Washbourn, William, Blackfviars, Gloucester. 

Wason, Richard Llewhellin, 2, Burgoyne-road, Harringay. s. 

Waterfield, Noel Everard, M.B. Lond., Khartoum, SudaUy 

Waterhouse, Amyas Theodore, M.B. Oxf., 36, Beaumont-streety 

Waterhouse. Herbert Furnivall, M.D. Edin., 81, Wimpole-street. w. 
Waters, Alfred Charles Stanley, High-street. March, Cambridge.. 
Waters, Fred William, Adelaide, S. A ustralia. 
Waters, George Wm. Bennett, Mytholmroyd, Yorkshire. 
Waters, Hariy George. Tundla, North- Western Provinces, India. 
Waters, John Frank William, 10, Calthorpe-street. w.c. 
Waters, Walter James, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Waters, Wm. Arthur Pernow, M.D. Oxf., 99, Holywell, Oxford. 
Watkin, Arthur Christopher, Brijnmair, Llanfair, Caereiniony 

Watkin, Paul Jeuau, Mansfield House, Canning Toicn. E. 
Watkin- Williams, Penrose Laiiyon, Bridgwater, Somerset. 
Watkius, Alan Percival, 48. Lupus-street, s.w. 
Watkins, Arthur Muriel, Whitchurch. 
Watkins, Bernard Vincent, M.B. Vict., Whitchurch. 
Watkins, Devereux John Gregdry. M.B. Camb., Lincoln. 
Watkins, Fi-ank Augustus, 115, Denmarlc-hill. s.E. 
AVatkins, Gwilym David, Brynrnawr, Breconshire. 
Watkins, Harold Ernest, Stone Legh, Neicton-le- Willows. 
Watkins, John Graudisson, Taunton. 

Watkins, John Prestwood, 36, Bournes Park-road, Hackney. x.E. 
Watkins, Waiter, Southend-on-Sea. 
Watkins. Will iam," A<'»acW, Llnngaitock. 
Watkins-Pitchford, Wilfred, M.B. Lond., St. JxaWs Vicarage, 

Southwark. s.E. 
Watney, Herbert Andrew, M.B. Lond., 42, Becke nham-road, 

Penge. s.e. 
Watson, Cecil Francis, Famham, Surrey. 

Watson, Charles Everard Samuel. South-road, Forest-hill. s.E. 
Watson, Charles Gordon, 44, Welbeck-street. ^Y. 
Watson, Charles Henry, Indian Medical Service. 
Watson, Charles Robert. M.D. Brussels, Tunbridge Wells. 
Watson, Douglas Percival, M.B. Camb., Boyal Army Medical 

Watson, Frederick James, Bulls. Rangitikei, New Zealand. 
Watson, George Henry, Cottingham, Hull. 
Watson, George Trustram, M.B. Camb., Tunbridge Wells. 








Watson, John, M.D. Durh., Newhury, 

Watson, John Harry, M.B., Lotid,, University of Birmingham. 

Watson, John Nuthall, Guy's Ifospiial. s.E. 

Watson, Robert Nimmo, llarrorjaln. 

Watson, Wm. Bertram, M.D. Loml., Jlavrogate. 

Watson, WilHani Douglas, Leigh-on-Se<i^ Essex. 

Watson, William Robert, Nelson, Ontario, Canada. 

^\''att, John Alexander, M.B. Lond., Epping, New South Wales. 

Watt, James George, Naval Medical Service. 

Watt, Thomas Newlands. 

Watts, Alexander Miiiter, M.D. Durh., Minster, Birchington, Kent. 

Watts, Bi-ian, M.D. Brussels, Royal Army Medical Corjys. 

Watts, Fred. 

Watts, Harry John Manning, Tonhridge. 

Watts, Uenry Ernest, 1, S unity side-road, I/ford, Essex. 

Watts, Hugh, M.B. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 

Watts, James Alex. Wood, M.B. Darh.,//'/(/e, Cheshire. 

Watts, Thomas, M.D. Durh., Hyde, Chcslnre. 

Watts-Sylvester, Thomas Uenry Evered, Sturminster Neioton. 

Waugh, George Ernest, M.D. Lond., 55a, Welbeck-street. w. 

Waugh, Robert James, M.B. Lond., Fulham Infirmary, w. 

Way, Arthur Orsborn, Winchester. 

Way, John Henry Frederick, Victoria-road North, Sonthsea. 

Way, Lewis, Roycd Army Medical Corps. 

Way, Montague Harold, 1 , Clarendon-road, Sonthsea. 

Way, William, Bramley, Leeds. 

Waylen, George Heni'y Hitchcock, 53, Wertei'-rd., Putney, s.w. 

Waylen, George Swithin Adee, 41, Long-street, Devizes. 

Wayne-Morgan, Lewis, Tygwyn, Whitchurch, Glamorganshire. 

Wayte, Frank Edward, Ilanson-lane, Halifax. 

Wayte, dolm, M.B. Oxf., 108, North End, Croydon. 

Weakley, Alfred James, Westcliffe-on-Sea. 

Weakle}', Arthur, Queens Town, Cape of Good Hope. 

Weakley, Arthur Leonard, 369, Rom ford-road, Forest Gate. e. 

Weakley, Samuel Josei)h John, 369, Romford-road. e. 

Wear, Arthur Taylor, M.D. Durh., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 

Weary, George Edward. 

Weatiierhead, Ernest, M.B.Camb., Southborough,Tunbridge Wells. 

Weaver, Frederick Kearsley, M.B. Camb., Guildford. 

Weaver, William George, 38, Circus-road. n.w. 

Weaver-Bridgman, Harry Meilor. 

Webb, Albert William, M.B. Oxf., 79, Church-street, Stoke New- 

ington. N. 
Webb, Arthur Lisle Ambrose. Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Webb, Charles Henry Shorney, M.B. Lond., Bank House, 84, 

Rosebery-avenne. e.c. 
Webb, Chohnondele}', Nayland Rock, Margate. 
Webb, Frank, Nelson-place, Newcastle-under-Lyme. 
Webb, Fredk. Edwd. Apthorpe, 48, Tenison-road, Cambridge. 
Webb, Harry Gordon, 30, Terrapin-road, Balham. s.w. 
Webb, Hugh George Stiles, Royal Army Medical Corps. 


1886 Webb, John Bartlett, 10, Barton Hill-road, Bristol. 

1893 Webb, John Curtis, M.B. Carab., 24, Bina-gardens. s.w. 

1866 Webb, John Holdeu, Melbourne., Australia. 

1872 Webb, Thomas Law, M.D. Birm., Iron Bridge, Salop. 

1886 Webb, William Henry, M.D. Durh., Kingsbridge. 

1903 Webb, William Tuc^or, 1, Buckingham-place, Clifton, Bristol. 

1896 Webb-Ware, Hugh Robert, Savlinnham, Norwich. 
1903 Webber, Alexander Moxon, M.B. Lond., Nottingham. 

1890 Webber Henry Woolniiugton, M.D. Lond., Phjmouih. 
1874 Webber, William Littleton, Brad ford-on- Avon. 

1898 Weber, Edward Albert, Queens Town, Cape Colony. 
1908 Webley, Arthur Sydney, 37, Pembridge-villas. w. 
1893 Webster, Edwin, 21. Old Steine, Brighton. 

1899 Webster, Harold George, Longford, Coventry. 

1891 Webster, Percy Lawrauce, 2 o, ^ Dalbij -square, Margate. 

1886 Webster, Percy Samuel, M.D. Durh., Collins-street, Melbourne, 


1866 Webster, Thomas, Eedland, Bristol. 

1883 Webster, William Frederick, Heathfield, Sussex. 

1903 Wedd, B(3rnard Harry, JVC.D. Loud., 18, Nottingham-place, w. 

1898 Wedd, Gilbert, Wellington, Shropshire. 

1890 Wedgwood, William Brackenbury, King's Lynn. 
1880 Weed, Theodore Arthur, M.D. Wooster. 

1897 Weekes, Charles Peterson, Southampton. 

1893 Weekes, Henry Holman, M.D. Brussels, Croivborough. 

„ Weekes, Reginald Newton, Modbury, South Devon. 

1895 Weeks, Courtenay Charles, Catford. s.e. 

1896 Weeks, Harold, M.B. Lond., 44, Scarsdale-villas, Kensington, w. 

1892 Weichert. Charles John, Penygraig, Pontypridd. 

1903 Weinberg, Solomon James, Higher Broughton, Manchester. 

„ Weir, Edmund George Harrison, M.D. Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, 

1886 Weir, Frederick William. 

1907 W^eir, Henry Bright, 184, Ebury-street, Pimlico. s.w. 
1901 Weir, Hugh Hey wood, M.B. Camb., Chemulpo, Korea. 

1908 Weir, Walter, South Lodge, Merstham, Surrey. 
1868 AVelby, Erasmus, M.D. St. Andr., Biarritz, France. 

1900 Welch, Charles Herbert, Bath. 

1906 Welch, Cuthbert Gerald, M.B. Lond., Knights Hill Lodge, West 

Norwood. S.E. 

1908 Welch, Cyril Howard, Knight's Hill Lodge, West, Norwood. 

1895 Welch, Edmund, Stanningley, Leeds. 

1901 Welch, Frederick Day, Westbury-avcnue, Wood Green, n. 
1883 Welch, George, Naval Medical Service. 

1872 Welchman, Edward, Cambridge. 

1902 Welchman, Frank Ernest, 16, Carlton-road, Putney, say. 
1905 Welchman, Walter, M.B. Lond., Gufs Hospital, s.e. 

1897 Weld, Alfred Edmond, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 

1889 Weld, Octavius, M.B. Toronto, Vancouver, British Columbia, 

1891 Weldon, Stawell. 


Welham, Georg^e Sydney, Charinr/ Cross Hospital. "\v,c. 

AVellby, Stanley, M.D. Oxf., Fleat/iam, East Liss. 

Weller, Cliarles Joseph, Frampton-on-Severn. 

Wellington, ^\rtliur Robarte.s, St. Johiis Island, Singapore. 

Wellington, llichard Ilenslowe, 5, Essex-court, Temple, k.c. 

Wells, Albert John Walton, i2o?/a/ Anny flfedical Corps. 

Wells, Alfred Ernest, M.D. Loud., Cuckfield, Hay wards Heath. 

Wells, Alan Geoffrey, 60, Bvrvahy-gardens, Chmvick. 

Wells, Arthur George, Ticickmhaiu. 

Wells, Frank Barber, M.B. Loud., 107, FonZif^c/t-rcZ.jA'iViiavj. n.w. 

Wells, Hardy Vesey, Naval Medical Service. 

Wells, John, Daisy Bank, Bilston. 

Wells, John Edmund Bishop, Hoddesdon. 

Wells, John Herbert, M.B. Lond., 7, Osnaburgh-ierrace. n.w. 

Wells, Lionel Thomas, Wakefield. 

Wells, Stanley Martin, Casilla 924, Lima, Fern. 

Welpton, John. 

Welsh, John, Tarvin-road, Chester. 

Wenham, Herbert Victor, M.B. Lond., Peking, N. China. 

Wernet, August Jo?(^ph, M.B. Lend., Naval Medical Service. 

Wesley, Frank William, M.D. Lond., W. Bridgford, Nottingham. 

Wessels, Cornelius Adrian, Robertson, Cape Colony. 

Wessels, FrauQois Hendrick, Cape Town, South Africa. 

West, Charles Ernest, 60, Queen Anne-street, w. 

West, Charles James, M.D. Durh., Newbury, Berks. 

West, Henry William, Old Basford, Nottingham. 

West, John Arthur, Clyst House, Theydon Bois, Essex. 

West, Lionel Frederick, Tadcaster. 

West, Richard Milbourne, ]\I.D. Durh., 134, London-road^ 

West, Robert Uvedale, Seamen^s Hospital, Greenwich. s.E. 

AVest, Stephen Harold, M.B. Vict., Park-road, Southport. 

West, William Goldsborough, Watson's Hotel, Bombay. 

Westcott, Warren Guy, Naval Medical Service. 

Western, George Trench, M.D.Camb.,30, York-st. , Portman-sq. w. 

Westmacott, Frederic Hibbert, 8, St. John-street, Manchester. 

Westman, Samuel Henry, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Weston, Arthur Ernest, Salisbury House, Blandford. 

Weston, Henry James, St. Leonards-on-Sea. 

Weston, Thomas Alexander, The Oaklands, Handsworth, Birming- 

Weston, Walter John, Gillingham, Kent. 

Westrup, Joseph Perceval, Boxmoor, Hemel Hempstead. 

Wetherall, Pritzler Sim Batten, Weymouth. 

Wethered, Ernest, M.D. Lond., Maidenhead. 

Wetherell, Marmaduke Cordeaux, M.D. Durh., Royal Army 
Medical Corps. 

Whait, John Robert, M.B. Edinb., 124, Finchley-road. N.w. 

Whale, George Harold Lawson, M.D. Camb., Copthall House., 
Copthall-avenue. e.g. 

Whalley, Edgar, Street-lane, Roundhay, Leeds. 


1902 Whatley, James Lawson, Knowle, Birmingham. 

1908 Wheat. Ernest Godfrey, Somerset Hospital, Cape Town. 

1895 Wheatley, Rupert, 4, Park-place, Torquay. 

1889 Wheeler, Albert, M.D. St, Andrews, Honor Oak Park. s.e. 

1892 Wheeler, Charles Edwui, M.D. Lond., 5, Devonshire-street, av. 

1903 Wheeler, Edwin Robert, M.B. Lond., Peking, China. 
1861 Wheeler, Henry, Eaton, Norwich. 

1887 Wheeler, Humphry John, M.D. Durh., High Wycombe, 

1908 Wheeler, James Norman, Wimhorne. 

1896 Wheeler, Malcolm, 237, Junction-road. n.w. 

1902 Wheeler, Percy Charles Edward D'Erf, Jerusalem. 

1903 Wheen, Charles, 42, Albion-street, Hyde Park. w. 
1894 Whelpton, Edward Smith, Beckenham-road, Beckenham. 

„ Whichello, Harold, Tattenhall, Chester. 

1897 Whincup, Frank, Shrewsbury. 

1864 Whipple, Connell, -S"^. Andrew's Lodge, Plymouth. 

1885 Whishaw, Reginald Robert, M.B. Camb., Brisbane, Queensland. 

1887 Whiston, Philip Henry, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1905 Whitaker, Alfred Gurth, Evershot, Dorset. 

1903 Whitaker, Frederick, M.B. Camb., Halifax. 
1891 Whitaker, James Smith, 429, Strand, w.c. 

1899 Whitaker, Leonard Edgar, Diss. 

1901 Whitaker, Roy Henry RoUinson, 141, Great Charles-street, 

1889 Whitaker, Sydney Morgan, M.D. Brussels, Crosby-road, 

N. Waterloo, Liverpool. 

1904 Whitamore, Vernon Northwood, Gravesend. 

1896 *Whitcombe-Brown,Wm. Henry, M.B. Durh., Westcliff-on-Sea. 
1903 White, Arthur Denham, M.B. Lond., 1, Buckingham-mansions, 

West Hamjjstead. N.w. 
1908 White, Charles Francis Orr, 7, Kingswood-road, Upper Norwood. 


1894 \Vliite, Charles Powell, M.D. Camb,, Withington, Manchester. 

1900 White, Charles Vaughan, 24, ZVeyer/i-s^ware. s.w. 

,, White, Cyril Charles Coleb.y Kirke, Clapham,Torkshire. 

1888 White, Edgar Ramsay, 1, Victoria-road, Deal. 

1900 White, Edwaid, 2, Green-park, Bath. 

1908 AVhite, Edward Barton Cartwright, cjo Mr. G. L. Wild., 

3, Barbican, e.g. 
1903 White, Edward How, West Knoll, Bournemouth. 

1884 White, Ernest Alfred, 27, Blundell-slreet, Leeds. 

1898 White, Finch, 23, Vanbrugh-park. s,e. 

1885 White, Frank Faulder, 142, Harley-street. w. 

1897 White, Frank Harris, Forest Gate. e. 

1888 White, Frederick Job, Greenspond, Newfoundland. 

1901 White, Frederick Norman, M.D. Lond., Indian Medical Service. 
„ White, George Whittenbury, 8, Bromgrove-road, Sheffield. 

1888 1 White, Gilbert Benjn. Mower, M.B. Lond,, 112, ^ar%-5frec^ av. 

* Formerly Brown, Wm. Henry. 








Wliito, ITarold Edward, JNI.B. Loud., Wylde Green, Birminghmn. 

White, llciiry, Jf<).y)itol Ye:(l, Persia. 

White, Herbert Georg-e, Swineshead, Bo.ffon. 

White, Jas.Atkin IIenton,M.I). Duvh., jM (mv7ne7it-rd., Birmimjltam. 

White, John Artliur Temple, Jfatficld Broad Oak, Essex. 

White, John Douglas Campbell, M.D. Oarab., fTarrow. 

AVhite,.Tohii Wow^hUm, Buenos Ayres, Arr/entina. 

White, Leonard, 62, Primrose-mansions, Prince of Wales-rd. s."\v. 

AVhite, ]\[alcolm, 3, Conninf/ton-road, LewisJiam. S.E. 

AVhite, Percy Stanhope, Bughrooke, Weedon. 

White, Percy Walter, Woodland-road, Clifton, Bristol. 

White, Ralph Kuper, Bye, Sussex. 

White, Richard \Vatts, Swat^escy.^ Cambridge. 

White, Sidney Hugh, Cambridge. 

White, William Thomas, 241, South Lambeth Road. %.y\\ 

Whiteford, Charles Hamilton, 5, Sussex-terrace, Plymouth. 

Whitehead, Arthnr Longley, M.B. Lond., 31, Park-square. Leeds. 

Whitehead, Charles Ernest, 70, Queens-road, Battersea. s.w. 

Whitehead, Clarence Barns, M.B. Lond., Richninnd, Yorkshire. 

Whitehead, Elihn Theophihis, 118, Lavender-hill. s.w. 

Whitehead, Eugene Christopher, M.B. Lond., Rnyal Army 
Medical Corps. 

Whitehead, Francis Henry, 118, Lai'ender-hill. s.w. 

Whitehead, Frank Edred, 109, Lincoln-road, Peterborough. 

Whitehead, Henry Edward, 475, Caledonian-road. n. 

Whitehead, John Herbert, Johannesburg, Transvaal. 
*Whitehead, Arthur, 129, Arngate-road, Catford. s.e. 
fWhitehorne-Cole, Arthur George, 38, Sackville-rd., Hove, Sussex. 

Whitehouse, Alfred Landon Walter, 139, Victoria-street, s.w. 

Whitehouse, Edwin St. John, Solihull, Birmingham. 

AVhitehouse. Harold Beckwith, Ilaudsworth, Birmingham. 

Whitelaw, Francis, 3, Grove Park, Wrexham. 

Whitele}^ Daniel Flocktou, 4s, Britannia-road, Fulham. s.AV. 

Whiteman, Wilfred Augusta Dixon, Grenada, W. Indies. 

Whiteside, Henry Cadman, Naval Medical Service. 

Whitfield, Allan, 38, Rochdale-road, Harpurhey, Manchester. 

Whiting, Robert Gardeu, Stoke-by-Clare, Suffolk. 

Whitley, Henry Walter, Stroud. 

Whitling, Henry Townsend Makepeace, M.B. Durh., Husbands 
Bosivortli, Rugby. 

Whitmore, Fielding Charles, Plymouth. 

Whitmore, John, 28, Glodwick-road, Oldham. 

Whitmore, William Beach, M.B. Lond., 41, 21inrloe-square. s.w. 

Whitnall, Samuel Ernest, M.B. Oxf., Kidlington. 

Whitney, Willis Norton. 17, Hikaicacho Akasaka. Tokyo, Japan. 

Whittall, Harold Frederick, 3, Horsecroft-road, Boxmoor. 
|Whittick, Fallon Percy, M.D. Durh., 9a, Upper Brook-st. w. 

Whiltingham, George Matthew Yonug, Balha7n. s.w. 

* Formerly Whitehead-Smitli, Arthur. f FormerlT Cole, Artliur George. 

X Formerly Whitwick, Fallon Percy. 



1896 Whitting-ton, Richard, M,D. Oxf., 1, Sillivood-place, Brighton. 

1906 Whittle, Edward Denis, 9, Refjenaj-square, Brighton. 

1874 Whittle, Edward George, M.D. Lond., 25, Clifton-gardens y 


1901 Whitweil, Hugh, Norwich. 

1883 Wholey, Thomas, M.B. Durh., Eastbourne. 

1890 Whyte, Herbert Williaii), Guildford. 

1878 Wickers, Henry Adolphus. 

1907 Wickham, Harrie Bruce, The Ilennitage, Biiford, Onnslcirlc. 
1887 Wickham, Ouslow Arthur, M.D. Durh., 1, Westbourne-roady 

Barnsbunj. n. 

1896 Wicks, Spencer, Beacomfield. Kimberleg., S. Africa. 

1908 A^Mg'an, William Cecil, Lmldesdown, Gravesend. 
1880 Wigg, Alfred Edgai', Norwood, South Australia. 

1883 Wig-g, Henry Higham, M.D. Brussels, North-terrace, South 

Adelaide., Australia. 

1887 W\g^, J 2a-\\e&,\\2, Kentish Town-read. N.w 

1894 Wiggin, Hugh Peter Victor, Bmnshill-road, Torquay. 

1890 Wiggins, Charles, Charing Cross Hospital, w.c. 

1900 Wiggins, Clare A veling, Nairobi, British East Africa. 

1894 Wiggins, Henry, Worthing. 

1897 Wiggins, William Denison, Greenwich Infirmary. s.E. 

1893 Wigginton, Albert Edward, 287, Ladypool-road, Birmingham^ 

1890 Wigglesworth, Sidney, Kirkham, Preston. 
1906 Wight, Edward, 9, Regcncn-square, Brighton. 
1893 Wightman, Cecil Frank, Royston, Herts. 

1889 Wightman, Henry Temp]e,'92, Brocco Bank, Sheffield. 

1891 Wightman, John Brest, 1, East Mount-road, York. 
1871 Wiglesworth, Arthur, 12, Brougham-terrace, Liverpool. 

1892 1 Wiglesworth, Thomas Ridler, Minster, Sheerness. 
1905 Wigmore, Alfred James, Catford. s.K. 

1887 Wigmore, Arthur William, Northiccod, Middlesex. 

1908 AVijegoonewardena,AYil]iam, 19, Endsleigh-st., l\ivistock-sq. w.c. 

1887 Wiibe, Richard Haydock WifiSn, M.D. Durh., 21, Finchley-roady 


1898 Wilcox, Richard Loy, The Grove Hospital, Tooting. s.AV. 

1888 Wild, Charles Heui-y, 13, Church-street, Prescot. 
1892 Wild, Henry Sydney, Guernsey. 

1895 Wilde, Alfred Neville, 29, Court-road, Barry, South Wales. 

1890 Wilding, Walter Fredk. William. 

1901 Wilkes, Ernest Alfred Freear, 256, Derwent, Sheffield. 

1892 Wilkes, George Arthur, M.D. Birm., Aston, Birmingham. 

1901 W^ilkes, Wm. Henry Grififin, 192, Ladywood-road, Birmingham^ 

1887 Wilkin, Griffith Charles, Paignton. 

1899 Wilkin, Lancelot, 46, London-road, Gloucester. 

1893 Wilkin, Robert Hugh, Wickhamhrook, Newmarket. 
1886 Wilkins, Gilbert Hamilton. 

1880 Wilkins, Henry George Gastrin, Uxbridge-road, Ealing, "w. 

1873 Wilkins, James Sutherland, Lidian Ifedical Service. 

1888 Wilkins, John, Norili-Western Hospital, Hampstead. n.av. 
1895 1 Wilkins, John Claude Verity, Sarislury^ Soutliampton. 


1899 Wilkins, Thomas Ilalford, 403, Coventry-rond, Bv'mingham. 

1905 Wilkins, Trevor Hamilton, 24, St. A/bcais-avenue, Chiswick. w. 
1896 Wilkins, Walter, 2, I layman s-green, West Derby, Liverpool. 

1906 Wilkins, AVilliam Douglas, M.B. Vict. The Sanatoiium, Beneudeu, 


1895 Wilkinson, Arthur Norris, Frank.Htin, Melbonme. 

1888 Wilkinson, Edmund, Indian Medical Service. 

1906 Wilkinson, Edmund, Jiordesleij, Birmingham. 

1903 Vv^ilkinson, Edward Aubrey Guy, Naval Medical Service. 

1880 Wilkinson, Francis Tichborne, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Wilkinson, George, M.B. Camb., 350, Glossop-road, Sheffield. 
1892 Wilkinson, Harry Bacon, Asi/lwu, Blackadon, Ivybridge. 

1889 Wilkinson, James Howard, 204, Wolverhampton- street, Dudley. 

1888 Wilkinson, John Cooper, 1, Elwick-road, Ashford, Kent. 

1890 Wilkinson, Robert, M.D. Brussels, 8, Hamlet-road, Upper 

Norwood. S.E. 

1892 Wilkinson, Sidney, 4, Hamilton-square, Birkenhead. 

1905 Wilkinson, Wm. John, Seamens Hospital, Greenivich. s.E. 

1891 Wilks, Herbert Lorraine Earle, Wilton-i-oad, Salisbury. 

„ Wilks, Joseph Henry, M.B. Camb., 43, Montgomery - road, 

1895 Wilks, Morris, M.B. Lond., Sparkhill, Birmingham. 

1892 Wilks, Stephen Longmore B., M.D. Lend., Grassington, Skijytoii, 
1908 Wilks, Washing-ton Everitt, Hordle, Brockenhurst, Hants. 
1898 Will, Henry Chisholm, 4, Columbia-road. n.k. 

1907 William, Reginald, Melton Mowbray. 

1901 Willau, George Thomas, Milton Sittingbourne. 

1903 Willan, Richard, Navy Medical Service. 

1907 Willan, Robert Joseph, M.B. Durh., 25, Ellison-place, Newcastle- 

1889 Willard, Sylvester David, 48, Hertford-street, av. 
1901 Willcox, Hubert Listen, Warminster. 

1907 Willcox, Joseph William James, Ethandnne, Glastonbury., 


1869 Willcox, Robert Lewis, Warminster. 

1891 Willey, Thomas, M.D. St. And., Swanage. 

1901 Williams, Alfred (Jarleton, 203, Albion-road, Stoke Neicington. n. 

1906 Williams, Arthur Harold, Hospital House, Wisbech. 
1905 Williams, Augustus Scott, Royal Army Medical Corps. 
1885 Williams, Campbell, 18, Queen Anne-street, w. 

1896 Williams, Charles Elihu, 356, West Green-road, Tottenham, n. 
1895 Williams, Charles Welliugham, Smallburgh, Norwich. 

1908 Williams, Cyril Oswald Oxford, St. Bartholometv's Hospital, 


1891 Williams, David John, The Asylum, Kingston, Jamaica. 

„ Williams, David Lewis, Ferry-side, Carmarthenshire. 

1889 Williams, Edgar McKenzie, Royal Army Medical Corj)s. 

1901 Williams, Edward Colston, M.D. Lond., 13, Park-view, Wigan. 

1904 Williams, Edward Kynaston, Billesdon, Leicester. 
1885 Williams, Edward Lloj'd, 11, Buckingham-gate. s.w. 
1882 Williams, Edward Richard, 36, Spilman-street, Carmarthen. 



1889 j Williams, Ernest Graham Hamilton, M.D. Durh., Omlersley, 
I Droitivich. 

Williams, Ernest Harry, M.B. N. Zealand, Hope-street, Dunedin. 

U illiams, Ernest Montg-omery, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Williams, Ernest Ulysses, Eastbourne. 

Williams, Evan, Bala. 

Williams, Fenwick D'Arcy Moore. Redlmd. Bristol. 

Williams, Frederick Edg-ar, Buckden, Huntingdon. 

Williams, Geo, Chisholm Waldemar, 20, Bedford-square. "\v.c. 

Williams, George Edward, Rhostn/fan, Carnarvonshire. 

Williams, George Rowland, M.D. Durh., 1, Sinclair-gardens, 
West Kensington, w. 

Williams, Gwj'uue Evan Owen, M.D. Lond., 30, Neiv Cavendish- 
street, w. 

Williams, Harry Bowen, M.D. Brussels, 78, Lewisham High- 
road. S.E. 

Williams, Harry J. Egerton Hutchins, M.D. Brussels, City 
Fever Hospital, Shejfidd. 

Williams, Henry Currer, M.B. Canib., Alton, Hants. 

Williams, Henry. 

Williams, Henry Thoijias Hadley. 

Williams, Herbert, M.D. Lond.. 7. Ulundi-rd., Btackheath. s.e. 

Williams, Herbert Whitley Skey, Holyivell, North Wales. 

Williams, Howel Meirig, Flas-y-ward, Ruthin. 

Williams, Hugh Owen. Bryninor, Abersoch, Carnarvonshire. 

Willian^s, John Daniel Evans, 135, Stewart' s-road, Battersea. s.w. 

Williams, John Edward, Ebbw Vcde, Jlon. 

Williams, John Frederick, 56, Cambenvell-road. s.e. 
Williams, John Henry Hywell, 22, High-street, Haverfordwest. 

Williams, John Owen, Mount Pleasant, Barmouth. 

Williams, John Price. M.D. Lond., Swinton, Manchester. 

Williams, John Robert, Nelson, British Columbia, Canada. 

Williams, John Sydney, 175, Barking-road. e. 

Williams, John Thomas Creswick, Whitland. Carmarthen. 

Wilhams, Joseph Arthur, M.D. Vict. Coll., Canada. 

Williams, Joseph William, 128, Mansfield-road, Gospel Oak. N,\v. 

Williams, Keuvvay Thomas, Tividale, Tipton. 

Williams, Leonard Addams, Royal Army Medical Corpc. 

Williams, Miles Melliourne, Heapey, Chorley. 

Williams, Montague AVilliam, 45, London-road., Leicester. 

Williams, Morgan Julian, Victoria, Rhodesia. 

Williams, Moses Thomas, M.B. Lond., Canterbury. 

W^illiams, Peiiry Garnous, Naval Medical Service. 

Williams, Percy Glyn Savours, M.D. Lond., Sanitary Dept., Cairo, 

Williams, Philip George, 170, Albion-road, Stoke Newington. ys. 
Williams, Ragaiya Robert, Vaddukkoddai, Jajfra, Ceylon. 
Williams, Ralph Paul, M.D. Loud., 6, Severn-road, Sheffield. 
Williams, ReginaldMuzio,M.D.Lond.,13, Kensington-park-gdiis. \\. 
Williams, Richard Bridgman, Marlborough, Neiv Zealand. 
Williams, Richard Geoffery, Egerton House, Wrexham. 


1892 Williams, Richard Ileiiry, 27, Commercial-road, Penjhroke Dock 

1906 Williaiiie, Richard Ilug-li, 21, Penelope-road, Manchester. 

1907 Williams, Richard Tudor, Prince of Wales Hoap., Tottenham. N. 
1888 Williams, Robert Edwin, M.B, Loiid., Woolwich., Kent. 

1885 Williams, Robert Richard. 

1891 Williams, Samuel, M.D. Loud., Lakejield-road, Llanelbj. 

18GI Williams, Samuel White D,, M.D. St. Aiulr.,VG, Jermyn-st. s.w. 

1896 Williams, Stanley Walter, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man. 

1900 Williams, Sydney Rice, M.B. Lond., Toll 3Iarsh, Buckfastleigh. 

1886 Williams, Thomas Henry, 1, Gibbons-street, Plyviouth. 

1903 Williams, Thomas John, M.D. Lond., 3, Eversley-street, Liverpool. 
1861 Williams, William, Penrallt-terrace, Upper Banrjor. 

1880 W^illiams, Wm, Daniel Cain})bell, C.B., Melbonrne, Victoria. 

1887 Williams, William (iriftith, M.B. Lond., Toxteth-park, Liverpool. 
1876 W^illianis, William Henry, Acacia-road, Acton. Av. 

1907 Williams, William Humphrey, Wrexham. 

1867 Williams, William Jones, M.D. Edinb., Middlesbrough. 

1905 Williams, William Percival Gould, St. Thomas's Hospital. s.E. 

1900 Williams, William Reginald Eyton, M.B. Edinb., Pembroke. 

1879 Williams, Wiliam Rog'er, Walton-by-Clereden, Somerset. 

1905 Williams, William Wymie, Grange-road West, Middlesbrough. 

1900 Williamson, Archibald Robert Barclay, M.D. Kingston, Canada, 

Kingston, Ontario, Canada. 

1907 Williamson, Cecil Lennox, 3, Ronald-road, Waterloo, TAverpool. 
1886 WiUiamson, Charles Frederick, Clerklands, Horley., Surrey. 

1892 Williamson, John, M.D. Lond., Epsom. 

1870 Williamson, John Gover. Royal Army Medical Cor2')S. 

1908 Williamson, John Samuel, Swindon. 

1898 Williamson, Joshua, M.B. Vict., Neiv Cleethorpes, Grimsby. 

1906 Williamson, William Sugden, 1, Lleaton-grove, Bradford. 
„ Williamson, Wilson Trevor, Bredwardine, Hereford. 

1885 Willis, Arthur Keith, 44, West End-lane, Kilbnrn. n.w. 

1905 Willis, Charles Savill, M.B. Sydney, Annandale, Sydney, N.S.W. 

1893 Willis, Cyril Hamer, ]\lotcombc-road, Bournemovth. 

1897 Willis, Harry Alexander Legge, L\ireham, Hants. 

1904 Willis, John Keith, M.B. Camb., Redcroft., Crankigh, Surrey. 

1898 Willis, Joseph Darringtou, 79, Hyde-rd., Manchester. 

1899 Willis, William Frederick, 29, Birchington-road, Kilburn. N."sv. 

1895 Willis, William Morley, 7, Regent-street., Nottingham. 

1906 Willis-Bund, Henry Dewi Hampton, cjo P. ^ 0. Co., 122, Leaden- 

hall-street. K.C. 

„ Willmore, James Graham, 31, (S^ ZeoHar(i's-<e?Tace, Chelsea, s.av. 

1892 Willock, Edward Hulse, 113, London-road, Croydon. 

1885 Willoughby, Alfred Plarvey. 

1901 Willoughby, James Frederick Digby, Southwell, Notts. 

1888 Willoughby, William George, M.D. Lond., Eastbourne. 

1897 Wills, Bertram Shera, J^eicester. 

1896 Wills, James Tremlett, M.B. Camb., Farnborough, Hants. 

1903 Wills, Robert Glover, M.B. Camb., 4i,Mei-ton-rd,Bootle, Liverpool. 

1898 Wills, Walter Kenneth, M.B. Camb., 19, Whiteladies-road, 

Clifton, Bristol. 









Willsoii, John Wherry, Ba^-ker end-road, Bradford. 
Willway, Frederick William, 181, Queen Victoria-street. E.c. 
Wilmer, Charles Henry, Lyndhurst. 

Wilmot, Alfred Edward, Burnham, Buckingham. 
Wilmot, Hugh Begbie, Church-street, Edmonton. N. 

Wilmot, Philip Mt;KinnelI Corbould, ^l.B. Lond., 6, Sussex- 
terrace, Plymontlt. 

Wilmot. Keg'inald Cameron, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Wilmot, Robert Eardley Byam, Burnham, Bucks. 

Wilmot, Tliomas, Lumh-lanc, Bradford. 

Wilson, Albert, 311, Anlaby-road, Hull. 

Wilson, Alexander, 3, Anson-road, Manchester. 

Wilson, Alexander Garrick, M.B. Camb., Ranmoor, Sheffield. 

Wilson, Alexander Gordon, M.D. Lond., 1, Philb each- gardens, ^y. 

Wilson, Ambrose (Jyril, The Rectory, Tackiey, Oxford. 

Wilson, j\rthur Hiielin, Medical Department, Gen. Post Office, e.g. 

Wilson, Arthur Marius, M.D. Durh., Hof-street, Cape town. 

Wilson, Charles McMoran, M.B. Lond., 162, Biomfield-terrace, 
Paddinyton. ^Y. 

Wilson, Christopher James, M.B. Camb., Cohham, Surrey. 

Wilson, David, M.B. Lond., Paddock, Huddersfield. 

Wilson, Edmund Monkhouse, Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Wilson, Edward Allan, M.D. Loud., Hartley Hill, Leedi. 

Wilson, Francis Keimeth, M.B. Loud., Walsham-le- Willows, Bury 
St. Kdmunds. 

Wilson, Frederick Ernest, Brockley. s.e. 

Wilson, Frederick Wallace, 9, Fore-street, e.g. 

Wilson, Geoff re}^ Plumpton, County Asi/lum, Sleaford. 

AVilson. George Ewart, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

Wilson, Graham Lionel John, 13, Queensbein-y -place. s.w. 

Wilson, Harold \Xm., M.B. Lond. 4:-2,W elbeck-street. w. 

Wilson, Harry Theodore Minden, Royal Army ^fedical Corp),".. 

Wilson, Henry Adrian Fitzroy, 12, Cheyne-court, Chelsea, s.w. 

Wilson, Henry Lydiard, M.B. Camb., Lansdown, Bath. 

AVilson, Horace Bagster, Balsall Heath, Birndngham. 

Wilson, Horace Richard, M.B. Lond., J , Wrentham- avenue, 
Willesden. N.w. 

Wilson, Ivan Stuart, Loughborough Hospital, Leicester. 

Wilson, John, M.D. Durh., Harpenden, St. Albans. 

Wilson, J(jhn Black Ferguson, M.B. Lond., Headingley, Leeds. 

Wilson, John Gratton, M.B. Lond., Dennington,Victoria, Australia. 

Wilson, Lorton Alexander, Abbey-road, Barrow-in-Furness. 

Wilson, Murray Richard Osmond, Wells-road, Bath. 

Wilson. Norman Methven, hidian Medical Service. 

Wilson, Norman Octavius, Dovers, Reigate, Surrey. 

Wilson, Robert James, M.D. Coburg, Toronto. 

Wilson, Roger Parker, Indian Medical Service. 

Wilson, ^Villiam, 184, Goldhawk-road, Shepherd's Bush. w. 

Wilson. William, Hitchin. 

Wiltshire, Herbert Pattison, Hemsworth, Wakefield. 

Wimble, Herbert Charles, Bushey, Herts. 

X 2 



1876 Winckworth, Charles Edward, Sheford. 

1903 Winckworth, Harold Charles, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 

18'J3 Winckworth, Wadhain liruce, Taunton. 
1907 ' Winder, John, 43, T/ie Aveiuie, ChmcicL: 

1900 Winder, Maurice Guy, lioj/al ArriDj Medical Corps. 

1883 Winder, ^Villiam Henry, Convict Prison, Aylesbury. 

1901 Windeyer, John Cadell, M.B. Sjdney, Australia. 

1897 Windsor, Charles William, M.D. Camb., Royston, Herts. 

1892 Windsor, Frank Needham, M.B, Vict., Indian Medical Service. 

1 907 Windsor, James Frederick, M.B. Camb., St. Thomas. •< Hospital. s.E. 

1886 Winfield-Kfjll, Grahame, M.B. Camb., 7, Upper Wimpole-st. w, 
1899 Wingate, Basil Fenton, Iloyal Army Medical Corps. 

1890 Wingate, William Warburton, M.B. Camb., Cambrid<je. 

1902 Wiugate-Saul, William Wingate, M.B. Camb., Lancaster. 

1898 Winkfield, Charles Franks, Belmont, Whetstone, x. 

,, Winkfield, Wm. l>ertram. Royal Armi/ Medical Corps. 

1891 Winslow, Waller, M.B. Camb., Watlington. 

1899 Winston, Gerald Denton, 8-5, Oxford-gardens, X. Kensinyton. w. 

1893 Winston, William Bamford, M.B. Lond., Bov:es-park. N. 

1894 Winter, Edward Stuart, Lincoln. 

1890 Winter, George Mitchell, ,S'^ Mary's Church. Torquay. 

1887 Winter, Herbeit Edmund, Roy<d Armij Medical Corps. 

1895 i Winter. John Bradbury, 28, Montpelier-road, Brighton. 

1892 Winter, Laurence Amos, Farnhorouyh. 

1896 Winter, William Cecil Pollard, British Honduras. 

19u3 Winterbotham, Lauriston Leonard, 136, South Lamheth-rd. s.E. 

1899 Winterbotham, Kayner, Brixworth, Northampton. 

1891 Wintle, Colston, 24, GloucestPr-road,Bishopston, Bristol. 

1899 Wirgman, Charles Wj'nn, M.D. Lond., 45, Queen Anne-street, w. 

1903 Wisdom, Robert Horace Constable Owen, Hampton-hill^ 


1877 Wise, Alfd. Thos. Tucker, IM.D. Brussels, Montreux, Switzerland. 

1882 Wise, Chas. Henry, M.D. Roy. Univ. Ireland, Walthamstow. n.e. 
1895 Wise, Harry Mortimer, M.B. Lond., 'I'd.Phnnstead-rd., Plumstead. 

1888 I Wise, Henry Wellsted, M.B. Edinb., Poynton, Stockport. 

1904 Wise, Kenrick Stanton, M.B. Lond., 84, Ocerstrand Mansions, 

Battersea. s.w. 

1866 Wise, Thomas, Poynton, Stockport. 

1864 Wise, William Clnnie, M.D. St. Andr., Diss. 

1895 Wiseman, David William, Gravesend. 

1867 Wiseman, John Greaves, St. Margaret's, Tvickenham. 
1885 Wishai-t, David James Gibb, M.D. McGill, Toronto, Canada. 

1891 Witham, Ernest Wells, Doona Dooma, Assam, India. 
1894 Witham, Henry, Kirton, Boston. 

1892 Withers, Frederick Ernest, Horncastle. 

1884 Withers, John Sheldon, Windermere. 

1883 Withers, Oliver, M.D. Durh., Sale, Manchester. 
1894 Withers, Percy, M.B. Durh., Keswick 

1867 Withers, Richard Walter Owens, Chirk, N. Wales. 

1903 Withrnw, Oswald Charles, M.B. Toronto, Fort William, Ontario, 








Witney. Ernest William, 44, BoUngbroke-grove. Wandsworth 

Common, s.w. 
Woakes, Arnold Beaumont, 52, Harley-street. w. 
Woakes. Claude Edward. 52, Harley-street. w. 
Wohlmann. Arthur Stanley-, M.D. Lond., Eotorua, N.Z. 
Wohrnitz, Ferdinand Broer Mathieu, 104, Ledbury-road. w. 
Wolt'e, John lienr\", Ingleicood, Seivard-road, Hanwell. W. 
Wolfenden, Henry Cliarles, Tatbury, Burton-on-Trent. 
Wolferstan, Sedley, 1, Alton-terrace, Plymouth. 
Wolff, Ernest Doug-las Weston, 31, Beulak-hill, Upper 

Woricood. s.E. 
Wollaston, Alexander Fredk. Riclimond, Flax Bourton, Bristol. 
Wonnacott, Richard Reginald Howard, Faversham. 
Wood, Charles Albert, Park View, Bishop Auckland. 
Wood, Charles Herbert, 39, Regent's Park-road. N.W. 
Wood, Charles Rawdou, M.D. Durh., Shoreham, Sussex. 
Wood, Cyril George Russ, Shrewsbury. 
Wood, Edward, Waverley-road, Enfield. 
Wood, Edward Archer, 261, Barry-road, Dulwich. s.E. 
Wood, Frank Herbert, Cheshunt. 
Wood, Frank Stanley, Westbourne House, Sheffield. 
Wood, George Edward Cartwright, M.D. Edinb., 61, Alderbrook- 

road, Balham. s.av. 
Wood, George Ernest. Gringley-on-the-Hill, Doncaster. 
*Wood, Gny Edward Mills, M.B. Durh., 49, Gordon-square. w.C. 
Wood, Henry Utting, Brandon, Suffolk. 
AVood. Horatio Chas. Wni., 71, Alcester-road, Birmingham. 
Wood, Hubert Moody, 259, Barry-road, Dulwich. s.E. 
Wood, James, 141, Derby -street, Bolton. 
Wood, John, Wulmer, Kent. 
Wood, John Askey. 

Wood, John Burn, Homestead, Largo, Fife. n.b. 
Wood, John Forrester, Southport. 

Wood, John Hutchinson, M.B. Bnrh., Leyburn, Yorkshire. 
Wood, John Lawrence, Grammar School, Darlington. 
Wood, Joseph Arthur, M.B. Camb., Hereford. 
Wood, Joseph Cndlij^, Naval Medical Service. 
Wood, Leonard, Royol Army iLcdical Corps. 
Wood, Miles Astman, Ledbury. 
Wood, Percival, Crawley, Sussex. 

Wood, Percy Moore, Ashfield, Sydney, New South Wales. 
Wood, Richard, M.D. St. Andr., Llanbedr, Merioneth. 
Wood, Robert Moorsom, 46, Harley-street. w. 
Wood, Stanley, 5, Westboume-avenue, Hull. 
Wood, Thomas Arthur, M.D. Edinb., Douglas, Isle of Man. 
Wood, Thomas Jason, M.D. Lond., Marlborouqh-road, Bradford. 
AVood, AA'alter Robert, 11, Brunsv:ick-court, Brighton. 
Wood, Wilfred Burton, The Leysian Settlement, City-road. e.g. 
Wood, AAllliam, M.B. Camb., Cartmel, Lancashire. 

* Eesigned Membership 1900. 


1897 Wood, William Bird Ilerapath, ^l.B. Lond., Southport. 
1894 Wood, William Cliarrington, M.D. Lond,, Fens/mrst, Kent. 
1908 AVood, AVilliam Louis Kene, llazddenc, Osseit, Yorks. 

1901 Wood, William Vincent, Wriiif/ton, Somerset. 

1908 AVood, William Wallace, 4, Par/c-ri/Ias, Okeliampton. 

1889 Woodall, Robert William, Hetton-lc-Hole, Durham. 

1898 Woodbridg-e, Elliot Wilson, M.B. Lond., Barustop/e. 

1907 Woodburn, William Harrison, 32, Ellison-nxid, Strentliam 

Common. S.W. 

1899 Woodcock, Henry Chadwick, 7, Palmer s Green-villas, n. 
1893 AVoodfield, Thomas Harold, M.B. Lond., yi;•oo^• Hospital, Shooter s- 

hill, Kent. 

1896 Woodford, Edward Vivian Russell, Abinrjdon. 

1906 Woodforde, Alfred William (ieorge, ALB. Lond., riaislou: e. 

1898 AVoodforde. Robert Edmund Heighes, Baldock, Herts. 

1893 Woodhead, Thomas P'ielding-, Meltham, Huddersjleld. 

1899 Wood-Hill, Henry Gilbert, Beccles. 
1886 Wocidhouse, Francis Decimus. Blandford. 

1894 AVoodhouse, AA^alter Mansell, Wantar/e. 

1896 Woodhouse. AA^illiam Barnabas, P.O.Box70S,Fretoria,Transvaal. 

1890 Wooding, AVilliam Benjamin, Porthcaivl, Glamorr/anshire. 

1906 Woodman, Edward Musgrave, M.B. Lond., L'l/da'l, Bromley, Kent. 

1896 AVoodman, AVilliam James, 13, New-road, Jiochester. 
1890 AVoodruff, Thomas Adams. 

1903 Woods, Chailes Wm. Tnthill, M.D., Brussels, Sleaford. 
1874 Woods, David, M.D. McGill. 96, Regenfs-park-road. N.-sv. 
1884 AVoods, Edward Robinson, M.B. Toronto, Toronto, Canada. 

1886 AA'oods, Frank, Ramsgate. 

1 908 Woods, Harold Fergie, Haddlecey Bectori/, Selhj. 
1893 Woods, Herbert Hunter, New Milton, Hampshire. 

1902 Woods, John Robert Lloyd, Wrothen, Shrewshnri/. 

1904 AVoods, Robert Stanton, M.B., Lond., 479, Mite^ End Road. E. 
1871 VA^oods, AVilliam James, M.B. Royal Univ., Irehuid, Belfast. 
1899 Woodstock, Charles Percy, Bournemouth. 

1895 AVoodward, Arthur, 36, Vincent-square, Westminster, s.w. 
1904 AVoodward, Henry Martin Mog-ridge, Pershore. 

1887 Woodward, AAllliam, 7, Marmion-road, Liverpool. 

1902 AVoodwark, Arthur Stanley, M.B. Lond., Cricklewood. n.w. 

„ Woodwark, Charles Stuart, The Chase., King's Li/nn. 

1888 AA^'oodyatt, John Fred, M.D. Durh., King's Cross, Halifax. 

1899 AA^oodyatt, Henr}' Consiantine, Naval 3fedical Service. 
1887 Wooldridge, Arthur Tylee. Camberleij, Svrrei/. 

1908 AVoolf, Albert Edward Mortimer, Mai/feld, Jlorlimer-road. N.w. 

1904 AVoolfenden, Herbert Francis, Birkdale, Southport. 

1900 AA^'oollatt, Percy Charles, Bancroft, Buntingford. 

1897 AA^'oollcombe, Alfred, Naval Medical Service. 

1886 Woollcombe, AA^alter Ley, 16, The Crescent, Phjmouth. 

1876 AVoollett, Charles Jerome, M.D. Lond., Strcathaw. s.w. 

1897 Woolley, Edward John, M.D. Camb., Wellingborough. 

1895 AA^oolley, Fred Duke, Moss Side, Manchester. 
„ I Woolley, Jasper Maxwell, Indian Medical Service. 



Woolley, Thomas Fisher, A nsti/, Leicester. 

Woolliscrofr, AVilliani Winfred, Trichtnopoli, India. 

Woottoii, Leonard Henry, M.B. Lond., 9D, Eodenhurst-road, 

Claiyhaiii-park. S.w. 
Woottoii, John Charles, 24, Melrose-road, Wandswoi-th. s."vv. 
Worhoys, Thomas Sanders, 5, Goldsmith-road^ Brighton. 
Wordsworth, WiUiam John, St. John-street, Mansfield. 
Worg-er, Ricliard George, liadstock, Bath. 
Worley, Phihp, Eccles Old-road, Pendleton. 
Worle}', WiUiam Charles, 103, Green-lanes, Fin shury -park. N. 
Worley, William Ernest Amsden, 103, Green-lanes. N. 
Worrall, Charles Lloyd, Barherton, Transvaal. 
Worrall, Edward Stanislaus, 25, Wimpole-street. "w. 
Woi'sley, Reginald Carmichael, East London, Cape Colony. 
Worsley, Richard Le Geyt, 17, Walton-parky Liverpool. 
Worth, Claud Alley, 138, Harley-street. w. 
Worth, Erskine Herbert. 1, Eardley-road, Streatham. s.w. 
AVorth, Francis James, M.D. Durh., Basingstoke. 
Worth, Reginald, M.B. Durh., Middlesex Asylum, Tooting, s.w. 
Worthington, Edward Scott, Eoyal Army Medical Corps. 
AVorthington, Francis Samuel, Stoicmarket. 
AVorihington, George Vigers, M.B. Camb., Llandrindod Wells. 
Worthington, Harry Edward, Birchington., Kent. 
AA^'orthington, John A'^igers, Olton, Eirmingham. 
AA^orthington, Oscar Clayton, Birchington, Kent. 
AA^orthingtou, Richard Till,M.B.Camb.,10, Marine-par., Loivestoft. 
AVorthington, Robert Alfred, M.B. Camb., London Hospital, k. 
AA^orts, Edwin, Colchester. 
AA^orts, Stanley Edwin, Colchester. 
AA^outersz, George Justin, Colombo, Ceylon. 

AA^ragg, Ei-nest, M.B. Lond., Guy''s Hospital, s.e. 

AA'raith, Ernest Arnold, Derby. 

AA^rangham, John Man-is, Lincoln. 

AA^rangham, AA'illiam, M.D. Lond., 4G, Ash-grove, Bradford. 

Wray, William Thomas, Hull. 

AA^eford, John, M.B. Durh., GG, West End-lane, Hampstead. n.av. 

AA^reford, Hej'man, Exeter. 

AA^rench, Edward Branson, M.B. Camb., St. Johns Chapel, co. 

Wrench, Guy Theodore, M.D. Lond., Queen Anne-mansions, s.av. 

AA^'right, Alfred Bosworth, Kingston-road, Portsmouth. 

AV'riglit, Andrew John Metford, M.B. Load., Clifton, Bristol. 

AA^ght, Bernard Duncan Zorapore, Coltishall, Norfolk. 

AA'right, Charles Holding-, 1, Park-road, Wigan. 

AA'right, Charles Samuel Eric, The Vicarage, New Catton, Norwich. 

Wright, Dudley D'Auvergne, Bentinck-mansions, Bentinck- 
street. w. 

Wright, Edmund Hasell, Indian Medical Service. 

AVright, Eric Alfred, M.B. Camb., The Lodge, Romford, Essex. 

AA^'right, Everard Lister, 24, Shirley-road, Enfield. N. 

AATright, Frederick Henry, Toronto, Canada. 




























1888 j 

























Wright, Frederick Robert Eiliston, M.B., Lond., Braimtoii, 
North Devon. 

Wrig'lit,Gaskoiri Richard Morden, i\ablii<i, Palestine. 

Wrig-ht.Georg-e CorneUus Wni., M.D. Dmh., Med. Dept., G.P.O.v..<'.. 

Wriglit, Harold Nairne, cjo L. S. Dolman, Esq., Cnckjield, t^usser. 

Wright, Hiram Augustus, Gnelph, Ontario, Canada. 

Wright, Holland Hodgsou,2, Ospringe-road, Kentish Town. n.w. 

Wright, Jolui Wellington, M.D. McGill, Picton, Ontario, Canada. 

Wright, Joseph Favrell, 48, Derbi/ -street, Bolton. 

Wright, Oswald Kentish, 9, Newcastle Drive, Nottingham. 

Wright, Robert Wallace, Roj/al Army Medical Corps. 

Wright, Samuel Reginald, komford. 

Wright, Sydney Faulconer, M.D. Lond., Eltham-road, Lee. s.K. 

Wriglit, Thomas James, 50, Prince of Wales-road, Norwich. 

Wright, Thomas Nesbitt, Waihu, Avckland, New Zealand. 

Wright, Walter Soutliey, Wool, Dorset. 

Wright, AVilliam, M.B. Vict., 143, Dartmonth-rd., Witlesden. N.w. 

Wrigley, Philip Roscoe, 11, Jolm-street, Manchester. 

Wrinch, Edwin Percy, M.B. Durh., Wide Bargate, Boston. 

Wroughton, Alexander Chamier, Griqualand, Cape Colony. 

Wroughton, Arthur Oliver Bird, lioyal Army Medical Corps. 
Wroughton, John Henr}-, Qnthing, Basutoland. 

Wroughton, Wm. Charles Haultain, Wefheral, Carlisle. 

Wunderlich, Otto Frederick, M.D. Brussels, Sydney, N.S.W. 

Wyatt, James Montagu, St. Thojuas's Hospital, s.e. 

Wyatt, Hai'old Douglas, Hayes, Middlesex. 

Wyatt, Walter Lionel, Hornsea, Hull. 

Wyborn, Walter Edward, 228, Camden-road. n.av. 

Wyche, Ernest Morton, Chelmsford. 

Wykes, William Henry, Hugglescote, Leicester. 

Wyler, Edwin Joseph, M.B. Loud., Glenshaw-mans.,Kilhnrn. N.w. 

Wylie, Angus, M.B. Camb., Georgetoum, British Gviana. 

Wylie, James Thompson Roy, Little Bath, Sallins, Kildare. 

Wyllys, William, Great Yarmouth. 

Wynne, Edward Thomas. M.B. Camb., Rockhampton, Queensland. 

Wynne, Graham Shaw Arnold Smith, Amersham. 

Wynter, Andrew Ellis, 27, Wimpole-street. av. 

Wysard, Alexander Thomas, Sao Paulo, Brazil, South Amaica. 

Yates, Arthur Lowndes, M.B. Lond., >SV. Albans. 

Yates, Thomas Preston, Manchester-road, Denton, Manchester. 

Yates, William Bartlemore, 308, Lees-road, Oldham. 

Yearsley, Pcrcival Macleod, 31, Harley-street. w. 

Yeld, Walter Harry, 68, Wimjyole-street. w. 

Yelf, John Burnet, Shipston-on-Stour. 

Yetts, Walter Perceval, Naval 31 edical Service. 

Yin, Suat-Chwan, M.B. Toronto, Amoy, China. 

Yonge, Ambrose Pode, Newton Ferrers, Plymouth. 

Yorke-Davies, John Wynne, 44, Harley-street. w. 

Young, Adam, Ockley, Surrey. 

Young, Alistair Cameron, 56, Caulwell Hall-road, Ipswich. 

Young, Archibald, M.B. TiOnd., Collegiate-crescent, Shejield. 





Young", Bertram Micliell, Ilassoclca, Sussex. 

Young-, Cliarles Albert, Athtrstone. 

Young', Chas. Whitwick, Dartmouth. 

Young", Edward, Haivkhurst, Kevt. 

Young, Edward Herbert, M.D. Dnrh., Okchampton. 

Young". Ernest Eric,.M.R. Loud., Havtshill, Stoke-on-Trent. 

Young", Fred Armstrong", Winnijyeg^ Canada. 

Young", George, M.D. Zurich, 72, Lissenden-mans.Jiighgate-rd. N. 

Young, Graliam Pallister, M.B. Loud..,Hincklei/. 

Young-, Henry Georg'e Keith, Braintree, Esi^ex. 

Young. Henry William Pennyfather, M.D., Nor hurt/, s.w. 

Young, James, Choi-let/ Neiv Road, Bolton. 

Young. John. .ALD. TiOnd., Stamford-hill. N. 

Young, John Charles, Infirmary^ Shirle?/ VVairen, Southampton. 

Young, Samuel Leggate Orford, M.D. Cumb., Yarmouth, I. of W. 

Young, Thomas, Woolacombe. Xorth Devon. 

Young. William Archibald. 145, College-street, Toronto, Canada. 

Young, William Arthur Bruce. M.B. Vict., South Cave, Yorkshire. 

Young, William John, Harston, Cambridge. 

Yule, Bransby, 98, St. Albans-villas, Highgate-road. N.w. 

Zcidan, Selim. 

Zieinann, Hermann Peter, M.D. Freiburg, Cricklewood. n.w. 

Zimmerman. Richard, M.B. Toronto, ^»(e?-26'a. 

Zimmermann. Benjamin Frazier, Rogal Army Medical Corps. 

Zorab, Arthur Batoum, M.B. Lond., Honor Oak Park. s.e. 

Zumbado, Federico, Snn Jose, Costa Rica. 

Zum Busch, Josef Paul.M.D.Freiburg",135,Fz'Hs5?/?-//-/5are?nf«f. E.c. 

Zundel, Carl Ernst, M.B. Lond., 4, Queens-gardens, Ilford. 

Total Number of Licentiates, 11,272. 

Given at the Censors' Board this Sth day of January, 1909, as 
corrected to the frst of the same month. 

R. Douglas Powell, M.D., President. 


F. DE Havilland Hall, M.D., 
Seymour J. Shaukey, M.D., 
J. K. FowLEu, M.D., 






The Diploma in Public Health is granted joi nth/ icith the Roxjal College oj 
Surgeons of England. 









Acton, Charles James, L.R.C.P., Wangford, Suffolk. 
Adams, Edmund Weaver, L.R.C.P., Church-street, Slough. 
Adams, Percy Tar g-ett, M.R.C.S., Goi\ Laboratories, Bloemfontein. 
Adie, Alexander James, L.R.C.P., Hampden House. N.w. 
Aldridg-e, Arthur Russell, M.B. Ediiib., Rogal Amvi Medical Corps. 
Aldrid^e, Norman Elliott, M.B. Edinb., Southampton. 
Alexander,Fredk.Wm.,L.R.C.P. Edinb,, BlacJcheath. s.e. 
Allen, Sydney Glenn, jNL.R.CS.. lioijal Armij Medical Corps. 
Allison, John, M.D. Edinb., Kettering. 

Armstrong-, Pattison, M.D. Dubl.. Kingston-TIill, Kingston. 
Arnim, Henr}^ Charles Leffler, L.R.C.P., Indian Medical Service. 
Arnold, Frank Arthur, M.B. Lond., Pub. Health ])ept., Pretoria. 
Atkinson, Arthur Edward, L.R.C.P., Mombasa, Uganda, E. AJrica. 
Atkinson, Jackson Arthur, L,R.C.P., Knaresborough. 
Bailey, Charles Frederic, M.D, Lond., Brighton. 
Bailey, William Henry, M.B. Lond., Southall. 
Bain, David Stuart Erskine, M.R.C.S,, Indian Medical Service. 
Bankart, Arthur Reginald. M,V,0,, M.B, Edinb., II.M. Yacht 

"' Victoria and Albert." 
Banks, Alexander Grav, M,D, Glasg., Grove Hospital, Tooting, s.w. 
Banks, Alfred, L.R,C.P,, Rt/de. 
Barbeau, Louis (iabriel, M.B. Edinb. 

Barnett, Bertram Leeds Thomas, M,B. Camb,,L,R,C,P., Chichester. 
Barratt, Herbert James, L.R.C.P., Roi/al Army Medical Corns. 
Bartlett, Felix Paul, L.R.C.P., Otterg'St. .yfanj. 
Batchelor. George Arthur, M,D. Aberd., Cape Colony. 
Beards, Clifford, M.B. Oxf., L.R.C.P., London Fever Hospital. N. 
Belili()S,David Aaron, L,R,C,P,. 109, Queens-rd., Wimbledon. s,w. 
Bell, John L,R,C.P., Hong Kong, China. 
Bennett, James, L.R.C.P., Padgate, Warrington. 
Bennett, Kenneth Hugh, L.R.CP,. Escot, Penzance. 
Bennetts, Harold Graves, M.B, Sydney, ob, Maidu-hill. av. 
Best, William Jenner, M,R,C.S., 10, Uj^gate. Louth, Lincolnshire. 
Betenson, Woodle}' Daniel, fi.R,C.P., 58, Lansdoune-road. w. 
Be van, Richard, L.R.C.P., 31, Girdle}' s-road. w. 
Birdwood, Gordon Travers, M.B, Camb., L.R.C.F., Indian Medical 

Birt, Amelius Cyril. L.R.C.P., 54, Shooters Hill-road. Blackheath. 
Blackham, Robert James, L.R.(.',P,, Edinb., Royal Arnnj Medical 


Blacklock, Breadalbane, M.B. Edinb., IIaUhill,Ballieston, Glasgow. 
Blackwell, Charles Thomas, M.D. Durh., Netley. 


Bond, Charles Kuox, L.R.C.P., 39, Great Pulteney-street. w. 

Bond, Charles Shaw, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., ^[(Uvern. 

Bond, Frederick Fielding'. M.U. Edinb., Brvjhonse. 

Boulton, Arthur, L.R.C.P., Hoi-ncast/e. 

Bourke, Isidore McWilliam, L.R.C.P., .S'^ George's Hospital, s.w. 

Bonsfield. Edward Collins, L.R.C.P., 363, Old Kent-road. s.e. 

Box, Staule}^ Loughui'st, M.O. Lond., L.R.C.P., Ealing, w. 

Brag'a, Joao Francisco, L.S.A., 138, Croydon-road. s.e. 

Bianthwaite, Robert Welsh, L.R.C.P., Home Office, s.w. 

Bray, Ernest James, M.B. Edinb., Durban, S. Africa. 

Brebner, George Reith, M.D. Edinb., West Croydon. 

Brewer, Diinstan, L.R.C.P.. Eastern Hospital, Homerton. n.e. 

Bridger, James Frederick Edmund, L.R.C.P., Barbadoes. 

Brincker, John Aug'ustus Herman, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., 

Borough Hospital, Croydon, Surrey. 
Brind, Harry Hanslow, L.R.C.P., Warrenbayne, Isleworth. 
Brodie, William Haig, M.D. Edinb., F.R.C.S., M.R.C.P., 

6, St. Stephens-road W., West Ealing, ^y. 
Brook, Henry Darville, L.R.C.P., Fareliani. 
Brown, Edwin Harold, M.R.C.P., Indian Medical Service. 
Brown, Henry Martyn, M.B. Lond., Lauderdale Club, Maida 

Vale. "w. 
Brown, Richard King-,M.B., R.U.I., 401, Old Kent-road. s.e. 
Brunton, Win. Macqueen, M.B. Edinb., Greenway-rd., Runcorn. 
Bryett, Lewis Thomas Eraser. M.D. Lond., 2, Alwyne-road. N. 
Bulstrode. Herbert Timbrel], M.D. Caml)., L.R.C.P., 4, Mansions, 

EarCs-court. s.w. 
Butler, William, M.B. Glasg., 26, Craven Pk.-rd., Harlesden. n.w. 
Caddy, Adrian, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Harrington-st., Calcutta. 
Caird, Henry, M.B., Edinb., I'jG, Vavxliall-road, Liverpool. 
Caldwell. Alfred George, M.D. Ro}'. Univ. L'el,, Edinburgh. 
Campbell Niel, M.B. Glasg., 56, Charles-road, Birmingham. 
Candler, John Pj'cock, ]S[.B. Camb., Torrington-park, Finchley. N. 
*Cantlie, James, M.B. Aberd., 46, Dm-onshire-strert. vr. 
Carruthers, Alan Eskrigge, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., Anglesey. 
Carter, Godfrey, M.B. Vict., Bruomhill, Sheffield. 
Carter, Robert James. M.D. Lond., 57, Acacia-road. x.w. 
Cartwright, Ernest Henry, M.D. Oxf., L.R.C.P., Itcehursf. 
Catto, John, M.B. Aberd., Singapore, Straits Settlements. 
Charlesworth, George Henry, L.R.C.P., East-hill, Wandsworth. 
Charpentier, Ambrose Edward Lea, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., 

Chatterjee.Basanta Kumar. L.R.C.P.E., 7, Neio Goulston-street. e. 
Chesson, Herbert, L.R.C.P., Canterbury, JS^ew Zealand. 
Childs, Christopher, x\LD. Oxf., L.R.C.P., Boscarn, Looe. 
Chitale, Vinayak Narayan, L.R.C.P. Edinl)., Bombay. 
Chown, Francis, M.B. Lond., Toicnshend, Hayle. 
Clapham, Stanley Cornell, M.B. Durh., L.R.C.P., Bexley. 
Clark, Richard Foster, L.R.C.P., Naval Medical Service. 

Obtained before the Diplomas Ts-ere granted jointlj by the two Colleges. 


1893 Clark, Walter Fredeiick, L.U.C.P. Edinb., Clieshuvt, Herts. 
„ Clark, William Thomas Marston, L.K.C.P., Tidckevlimn. 

1904 Clements, John Matthewson, INI. H. Uoy. Univ. Irel., Liverpool. 

1894 Close, Henry Aslilin, L.K.C.P., Jiedjhrd. 

1892 Coates, Heniv Iloniton, L.R.C.P., II, Soho-square. w. 
1904 Cole, John William Edward, L.R.C.P., Rhodesia. 

1893 Coleman, Matthew Owen, M.D. AV)erd., Surhiton. 
1891 Collins, Henry iJeale, M.R.C.S., Kin(jstnn-on-Tliamc.<<. 

1906 Collyns, Joon Moore, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., 35, Charleville-rd. w. 

1904 Comerford, Beaumont Harry, L.R.C.P., 3, Cliester-terrace. s.w. 

1890 Cooper, Ardaseer Dossabhoy, L.R.C.P., Bombay, fndia. 

1894 Cooper, Dossabho}' Nowrojee. L.R.C.P., 13, lioijal-avenne. s.vv. 
1896 Cope, Albert Ernf'st, M.D. Din-h., 20, Beasboroufili-fjardens. s.w. 

1889 Copeman. S. Monckton, M.I). Camb., 57, Reddifft-gardens. s.w. 

1905 (Sorbin, Herbert Ernest, L.K.C.P., Isolation Hospital, \Ville<den. 

1906 Corcoran, Gerald, L.R.C.P. and S.I., Birr, Kiivjs Countij, Ireland. 
1905 Courtauld, Louis, L.S.A., Cambrid<je House, Camberwell-rd. s.E. 

1900 Cowburn, Arthur Dong-las, M.D. Brussels, L.R.C.P., 31, Bark- 

stoii-ijardens. s.w. 

1891 Coxwell, " Charles Fillingham, M.D Camb., M.R.C.P., Biack- 

heatli. s.K. 

1890 Crabb, James, M.D. Edinl)., 50, Parkhnrst-road. n. 

1902 Crawford, (jleorye Morris, M.D. Ghusg'., Uddingstcn, Glasgow. 

1893 Cresswell, Richard. L.S.A., 10, Adelaide-terrace, Portishead. 

1891 Cropley, Alfred, M.R.C.S., Naval Medical Service. 

„ Cropley, Henry, F.R.C.S., East Park-parade, NortJiamptun. 

1890 Cross, Robert Georg-e, L.R.C.P., Petersjield. 

1892 Crosskey, Rog-er, L.R.C.P., 2S, Bromle>/-grove, Skortlands. 

1905 {!;\\\\tin,-iohn, ^L\).(i\?i?,^., Northern Hospital, Winchmore-hill. N. 

1906 Cumpston, John Howard Lidg-ett, M.B. Melb., Western Hospital, 

Fulham. s.w. 

1902 Curtis, Charles William, h.^.Qi.Y., Broadstone, Wimborne. 

1901 Daley William., L.R.CJ.P. Edinb., Booth; Liverpool. 

1892 Daniel, William Patrick Taylour, L.R.C.P., .S"^. Marifs Hospital, w. 

1889 Dantra, Sorabshaw Hormasji, M.D, Aberd., Ind. Med. Service. 

1898 Darabseth, Nauroji Beramji, M.B. Aberd., Bangalore, India. 

1899 Davey, Samuel, LJl.C.P., Catcrhaw. 

1904 David, Archibald Sinclair, L.R.C.P., Langhtn-ne. Carnmrthenshire. 

1903 Davidson,Alexander Gordon, M.D. Aberd. , ^4f//(//i Bippo, I'urkiva, 

W. Africa. 

1904 Davies, Walter Ernest Llewellyn, L.R.C.P., Cwrtmawr, Llangeitho, 

S. Wales. 

1902 Day. James John, L.R.C.P., 7>r<///a/«. s."w. 

1901 Denver, Stanley Edward, C.M.G., M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P.,Ca?«irn/^^. 

1902 De Renzi, 7\rthur Castriot, M.R.C.S.,c/o Grindlei/4' Co., Bombai/. 

1900 De Wytt, William Henry, U.H. iilasg., GG, Alb'erl-street. s.w. 

1891 Dickinson, Wm. Gilbert, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., Pntneg Heath, s.w. 
1899 Dickson, John Rhodes, M.B. Edinb., Tobago, West Indies. 

1903 Divine, Thomas, M B. Glasgow, The Sanatorium, Huddersjield. 
1899 Dodd, Frederick Lawson, L.R.C.P., 41, Wimp'ble-street. w. 

„ Dodd, John Richard, M.B. Durh., F.R.C.S., Woolwich. 


Dorrell, Edmund Arthur, L.R.C.P., L Liindcroft-gardens. n.w. 
Douglas, Archibald Robert John, M.D. Lond., F.R.C.S.. L.R.C.P., 

7, Mount Aden Park, Didivich. s.ic. 
Dove, Roland Atkinson, M.B. Ediiib., 80, Elm-gi^ove, Southsea. 
Dow, Wni. Alexander, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., Leices. 
Downton, Arthur Sydney, L.R.C. P., 5, Weston-jxirk, Crouch End. n. 
Dryland, Leslie Winter, L.R.C. P., Kettering. 
Dunne, Arthur Brig-gs, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., 36, Radclij^e-roadf 

West Bridgford, Nottingham. 
Duthie, Robei't Campbell, M.B. Aberd., Cape Colony. 
Dyer, Sidney Reginald, M.D. Brussels, IT.M. Prison, Stafford. 
Dymott, Donald Fredk., M.B. Lond., 29. Binlhurst-rd., S. Croydon. 
Eckersley, Edwin, JNLB. Edinb., Rogal Army Medical Corps. 
Edsell, George Alfred, M.D. Durh., L.R.C. P., Surhiton. 
Edwards, Henry James, L.R.C. P. Edinb., Ba7ihvry. 
Edwards, William Lloyd L.R.C.P., Cardiff. 
Elkington, John Simeon Colebrook, iNLD. Brussels, L.R.C.P. 

Edinb., Grey-street, East Melbourne. 
Elkington, Henry Percival Geoi'ge,j\LR.C 8., Army Medical Corps. 
Elliot, Andrew, M.B. Edinb., 11, Upper Berkeley-street, w. 
Elliot, Thomas Stokoe, L.S.A., 11)8, Camherwell-neiv-road. s.e. 
Elliott, Gilbert, L.R.C.P.. Kenihcorth Hotels Gt. Russell-street. w.C, 
Kllis, Wm. Charles, L.R.C.P. Edinb., Upper Tooting-park. s.w. 
*^English, Edgar, M.D. Durh., M.R.C.S., Mexborongh, Rotherhaui. 
Erskine, Alexander McConnell, M.D. Roy. Univ. L-el., Goole. 
Erskine, Robert, M.D. Roy. Univ. Irel., 62, Pembridge-villas. w. 
Etches, William Robert, L.R.C.P., Warlingham, Surrey. 
EvanG, Evan, M.R.C.S., Tynant, Cilian Aeron. 
Evans, John Morton, L.R.C-P., 58, Laivrence-hill, Bristol. 
Evans, Robert Cecil Turle, L.S. A., 56, Wolffngton-rd., W. Noricood. 
Ewart, Robert John, M.D. Vict, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Ashton- 

Faichnie, Norman, M.B. Durh., 28, Disraeli-road, Ealing, w. 
Falconer, Alexander Robertson, M.B. New Zeal., Western Fever 

Hospntal, Fulham. w. 
Falkener, Lyon, M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P., East Molesey. 
Farmer, Septimus, M.R.C.S., Spennymoor, co. Durham. 
Farrant, Mark, L.R.C.P., St. Thomas, Exeter. 
Fawcett, William Herbert, M.D. Brussels, BonmemoutJi. 
Felkiji, Henry George, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Ringwood, Hants. 
Fell, Matthew Henry Gi'egson, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

Ferguson, Robert Bruce, M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P., 26, Woodland- 
road., New Smithgate. n. 
Ferraud, Edward, M.K.C.S., Indian Medical Service. 
Ferris, William, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., County Asylum., Upper 

Tooting, s.w. 
Field, Oliver, M.D. 'Eidiynh.,Cla]-)ham-common. s.av. 
Fielden, William Eckett, M.D. Lond., Burgess-hill. 

* Obtained before the Diplomas -were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 


1900 ; Finch, lluo^li Karnsliaw, M.H. Oxf., I/pot/i field, Ilarpendeu. v. 

IS'Jl I Firth. Robert Ilammill, F.R.(;.S., lloiial Army Medical Corps. 

18'J4 ! Footner, John Buiklev, F.R.C.S. it L.R.C.P., Tunbridye Wells. 

rJ02 I -Foster. Henry Bertram, M.B. Lond., L.R.O.P., Ind. Med. 

1899 Foster, Michael Bernard, L.R.C.P., PuckeriJf/e. 

1900 Foulerton, Harry Percival, l..\l.(J.P., Il.M. Prison, Holloicai/. N. 

1899 Fowler, Ge()r}>;e, h.R.G.F. Ed'mb., o, Holloud-rood, Brixto}i. s.w. 

1905 Fox, John William, M.B. Loud., L.R.C.P., Park Hospital, Hither 

Green, s.e. 

1907 Foy, Harry Andrew, L., M, & S. Bomhatj, c/o. Messrs. Lawn 

and Elder, 7, Jirackley-street. e.g. 

1908 Francis, Thomas Evans, M.D. Lond., 41, Castle-street, Tredegar. 

1904 Freeman, Ernest Carrick, M D. Durh., L.R.O.P., Gosport. 

„ Freer, G(;rald Dudley, M.B. Lond., Jj.R.C.P., Singapore, Straits 

1902 Fremantle, Francis Edward, M.B. Oxf., M.R.C P., 50, Lower 

Sloane-street. s.av. 
1895 Fremlin, Heaver Stuart, L.R.CP. .Laboratories, Chelsea-bridge, s.w. 

1901 Fiengrle}-, Joseph Patrick, M.D. Ro}-. Univ. Irel., Auckland, 

New Zealand. 

1891 Frost, Francis Turner, L.R.C.P., 28, Ashboume-road, Derbi/. 

1900 Gadg-il, Shridhar Bheekajee, L.M. & S.Bomb., 4, Mornington- 

road. N.w. 
1908 Galbraith, Ernest Edward Scott Joseph, L.R.CJ.P. & S. Ediiib., 

74, Hartland-7-oad, West Ham. 
1897 Gardiner, Peter, M.D. Glasg-., Basset-road, Camborne. 

1892 Ga}', John, L.R.C.P., 119, Upper Richmond-road, Putney, s.aa'. 
1899 George, Isaac, L.R.C.P., 26, Widegate-street. e.g. 

1895 Gepp, Maurice, L.R.CP. & S. Edinb., Sh7-ewsbury. 

1892 Gibson, James Hill, M.D. Q.U.L, 56, Maida-vale. w. 

1901 Gibson, Thomas, M.D. Edinb., Town Hall, Wakefield. 
1895 Gill, Joseph William, L.R.CP., Cardif. 

1906 Gillies, James, M. 13. Edhih., 4, Hurd wick-place, Hampstead-rd. x. w. 
1908 Glass, Alexander Gibb, M.B. Edinb., Craigview, Grantown-on- 

Spey, JS\li. 

1905 Glover, James Alison, M.D. Camb., 25, Highbury-place, n. 
1908 Gloyne, Stephen Roodhouse, M.B. Leeds, 1, Tadmor-villas, 

Shepherd's Bush. w. 

1902 Goode,HeDry Norman,M.B. Lond., L.R.CP., 3, r?cf/?-a;9'e-^fZH.«. w. 
1905 Goodridge, Walter Lisle Taylor. L.R.CP., Windsor. 

1897 Graudy, William Edward, M.B. Dubl., St. Leonards. 

1899 Grant, William Francis, M.D. Edinb., Sydenham, s.e. 

1904 Grattan, Henrj- William, L.R.CP., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1890 Green, Chas. David, M.D. Lond., South-street, Romford. 
1892 Greenwood, George Spencer, L.R.CP., Ossett. 

1887 *Greenwood, Major, L.R.CP., 243, Hackney-road. n.e. 

1891 Gregory, Alfred John. M.D. Durh., Cape Town, South Africa. 
1902 Griffith, Arthur Stanley, M.D. Vict., Lirerpool. 

1899 Griffiths, John Howell,' M.D. Lond., L.R.CP., Stanstead, Essex. 

Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 


Gromitt, John AVilliam, L.R.C P., 68, Constantine-road. n.av. 
'Gubb. Alfred Samuel, M.D. Paris, L.R.C.P., 29, Gower-street. w.c. 
Gubbin, Georoe Frederick, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Habgood, William, L.R.C.P., Marple, Cheshire. 
Hague, John, L.R.C. P., Ainsdale, Southport. 
Haines, Edward, L.R.C. P., H.M. Dockyard, Chatham. 
Haines, Frederick Haselfoot, L.R.C. P., NewhrxtgJi. Dorchester. 
Hale, Lancelot Hugh Downman, L R.C.P., 73, Elsham-road, 

Kensington. ^Y. 
Hall, John Moore, M.B., R.U.L, 104, Upper Clapton-road. n.e. 
Halliwell, Thomas, L.R.C.P., 11;"), Brockley-rise. s.e. 
Hamerton. George Albert, L. R.C.P., 2G, Southampion'Street . av.c. 
Harnill, John Molyneux, M.B. Camb., L.R.C. P., Chiswick. 
Hamilton, Hermann Lauder, M.B. Aberd., City Hosp., Liverpool. 
Hancock, George Chas., L.R.C.P., Gravesend. 
Hardwick, Arthur, M.D, Darh., Newquay, Cornwall. 
Hardy, Henr}^ Louis Preston, M.R.C.S., Stroud. 
HarriSj Arthur Wellesley, M.R.C.S., Town Ball, Catford. s.e. 
Harris. Frank Drew, L.R.C.P., M.B. Lond., Southend. 
Harris, John, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., 40, Trinity-square, s.e. 
Hart, George Henry, M.R.C.S., Harbome, Birmingliam. 
Hartigan, Thomas Joseph Patrick, F.R.C.S., 94, Harley-st. w. 
Harvey, Frederic, L.R.C. P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Haslip, George Ernest, L.R.C. P., 8, Suffolk-place, s.^v. 
Hatch, Herbert Lincoln, L.R.C. P., Pinner. 

Havard, David, M.D. St. And., L.R.C.P., Newport, Pemhrolceshire. 
Hayes. Edwin Charles, L.R.C.P. Edinb., Roy. Army Med. Corps. 
Heanley, Charles Montague, L.R.C.P., Plaistow Hospital, e. 
Heaven, John Cookesle}^ L.R.C.P., Clifton,Bristol. 
Helby, Ernest Hasler, L.R.C.P., 4, Du Cane-road. av. 
Henderson, James Threapland, L.R.C.P., Wibsey. 
Henshaw, Harry Williams, L.R.C.P., 1, Priory -terrace, Kexo. 
Herring-ton, Edmund William, L.R.C.P., 18, Lorrimore-sq. s.e. 
Hewetson, Henry, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Hewlett, Richard Tanner, M.R.C.P., Southfields. s. w. 
Hibbert, Joseph Coote, M.D. Lend., L.R.C.P., Newcastle-on-Tyne. 
Hichens, Frank, M.D. Lond., Redruth. 
Highet, Hugh Campbell, M.D. Glasg., Bangkok, Siam. 
Hill, Ernest Gardiner, L.R.C.P., St. Neots. 
Hillier, Wm. Tliomas, L.R.C.P., St. Albans. 
Hillyer, Wm. Henry, L.R.C.P., M.D. Durh., East Grinstead. 
Hine, Alfred Ernest, L.R.C.P., Beaminster. 
^Hitchins, Tliomas Johns, L.R.C.F., Broadfield, Crawley. 
Hoare, Edwin Stanley, L.R.C.P., 29, St. George" s-square. 
Hobson, John Morrison, M.D. Edinb., Morland-road, Croydon. 
Holberton, Henry Nelson, L.R.C.P., East Molesey. 
Holroyde, John, M.R.C.S., Chatham. 
Holt, Henry, M.B. Vict., Heaton Chapel, Stockport. 
Home, George, M.D. Edinb., New Plymouth, New Zealand. 
Hope, George, L.R.C.P., Uxbridge-road, Hanwell. w. 

• Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 



1891 IIo|)e, William More. M.K. C.S., Barton-street, Gloucester. 

1895 Hopwood, Kd^vir Oswald, M.D. (.)\(n\.. Fever Hospital, Islington. N. 

1891 Ilormusji. Soiab Cowasji, L.K.C.P., JJonibat/, India. 

1897 Ilorrocks, Ilerheit, M.D. Lond.. L.K.C.P., 'Pert/i, Australia. 

1905 Ilorrocks, Oswald L., RI. 6c S. Madras. Laslilwm, Alton. 

1902 Ilorrocks, AVm. Ileaton, M.B. Loud., Royal Arm>i Medical Corps. 

1897 Howse, Percy Wni. McDowell, F.ll.C.S", L.R.c!P., Reading. 

1892 Hoyle, James (Pollings, L.Fl.C.P., Upham, Hants. 

1904 Hughes, David Arthur, L.K.C.P., Ammanford, S. Wales. 

1899 Iluglie?, Percy Theodore, M.B. Ediiib., t'ountji Afi/hnn, Bexleij. 

1907 Hugo, James Henry, M.B. Lond., L. R.C. P., Indian Medical 

1895 Hunfer, George Holbrey. M.R.C.S., llaurjhley, Suffolk. 
1889 Hunter, William Lovell, A[.D. Dublin, Pudse'j/. 

1891 Hussey, Edward, M.D. Durh., Preston, Sussex. 

1901 Hynes, Ernest -lei'm^-n, L.R.C.P., Leigh, Essex. 

1896 Ingall, Prank Ernest, L.Pt.C.P. and F.R.C.S., Cambridge-road. s.e. 

1891 Irvin, Fredeiick David, M.B. Lond., 1, East-cliff', Preston. 

1898 Jackson, Herbert William, U.B. Lond., L.R.aP., Middlesbrough. 

1889 James, Arthur William, L.R.('.P., (\'J, Gloucester-terrace. \y. 
1887 *James, Charles Alfred, L.R.G.P., 49, Stamford-hill. k. 

1903 James, Frederick Charles. M.B. Durh., L.R.C.P.. Harleston. 
,, James, Gwilym Prosser Wozencroft, L.H.C.P., Penarth. 

1907 James, Sydney Price, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Indian Medical 

1893 Jefferiss, Walter Robert Spence, M.D. Edinb., Chatham. 

1L)04 Jenkins, Hugh Llewelyn, M.B. Vict., 190, Green-street, Bethnal 
Green, n.e. 

1899 Jenkins, John David, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Rhondda, Glamorgan. 
1901 Jobson, Thomas Battersby, M.D. Dubl., Trehjon, II ford. 

1892 Johns, John Francis, M.D. Durh., 10, Lansdoicne-pl., Cheltenham. 

1893 Johnson, Gilbert Petgrave, M.D. Glasg., Stoke-on-Trent. 

1896 Johnston, Charles Arthur. M.B. Edinb., Indian ^^edical Service. 

1890 Jollye, Francis William, L.R.C.P., A Ires ford. 

1893 Jones, Benjamin, M.D. Edinb., 104, Sutherland-avenue, w. 

„ Jones, Evan, L.R.C.P., 89, Goswell-road. e.g. 

„ Jones, Frederick Felix, M.R.C.S., Llanfyllin, Oswestry. 

1895 Jones, George, M.B. Oxf., L.R.C.P., Lee. s.e. 

1903 Jones, Johni^M.D Lond., L.R.C.P., Clydach, Swansea. 

1896 Jones, Lloyd Middleton Bowen, L.R.C.P., Carmarthen. 
1893 Jones, Martin Llewelyn, L.R.C. P., J ii")(Zore. 

1895 Jones, Rowland Francis Hugh, L.R.C.P., Boncafh, Pembrokeshire. 

1897 Jones, William Black, M.D. Lond.. L.R.C.P., Llangammarch. 
1 905 Julian, Oliver Richard Archer, C.M.G., L.R.C.P., Chatham. 
1893 Kaka, Sorabji Manekji, L.R.C.P., Karachi, India. 

1889 Kealy, John' William Gregory, L.R.C.P., Gosport. 

1896 Keats, Wm. 3 ohn G\\iir\es,\j.Y\,.Q.Y*.. Infirmary, Camberwell. S.E. 
1907 Keble, Alfred Ernest Conquer, L.R.C.P. & S.L, Roijal Army 

Medical Co7ps. 

* Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 


Kenwood, Harry Richard,M.B,Edinb., L.R.C.P., Finsbury-park. n* 

Ker, Malcolm Albert, M.B. Edinb., Indian Medical Service. 

Kerr, Daniel Oliver, M.B. Edinb., 32, Camberwell-new-road. s.E. 

Kidd, Archibald, L.R.C.P.. Godalminn. 

Kilkelly, Charles Randolph, C.M.G., M.B. Dubl, Osborne. 

King-, Arthur, M.B. Edinb., Watford. 

Kirton. Martin Aing-er, L.R.C.P., 2, Outram-terrace, Devonport. 

Kirton, Reginald Gower, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Cairo. 

Kirwan, Albert, L.R.C.P. Ireland. Medical Staff, A Idershot. 

Kitching. John Lea Walton, L.R.C.P., Cobham, Surrey. 

Knocker,' Wm. Douglas, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., 36, Great 

Eastern-street. E.c. 
Kynsey, Herbert Arthur, L.R.C.P., IS 7, St. James -court, w. 
Lakshuianan, Peter N., M.B. Madras, L.R.C.P., 2, Carlton-nian- 

sions, Clapham-road. s.w. 
Lamb, John Marshall, M.B. Aberd.. Borneo. 
Lamploug'b, Wharram Henry, L.R.C.P., M.D. Durb.. Leamington. 
Lansdale, William, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., 44, Trinity-sq. s.E. 
Lai-kam, Edward Thomas, L.R.C.P., Prestwich. 
Lawless, Edmond Jas., L.R.C.P. Edinb., Jun. Constitutional 

Club. s.w. 
Lawrence, Sidney Cameron, L.R.C.P., £'rt?"/s Barton, Northampton. 
Lawton, Herbert Alfred, M.D. Durh., Poole. 
Leake, Jonas William, L.R.C.P., Poi/al Army Medical Corps. 
Leclezio, George Joseph Alexis, L.R.C.P., Mauritius. 
Ledingham, Alexander Napier, M.B. Glasg., 40, Newton-rd. w. 
Lelean, Percy Samuel, f.R.(/.S., L.R.C.P., ^oj/aZ Army Medical 

Leon, George Alexander, L.R.C.P., Sidmouth. 
Lewers, Alexander, L.R.C.P., 12, Chichester-road. w. 
Lewis, Frank Charles, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Egham, Surrey. 
Lewis, Frederick William, M.B. Lond., Stoke Neioington. n. 
Lindow, Albert, M.R.C.S., Plumstead, Kent. 
Liunell, John Everard, M.B. Camb., Sherringham. 
Liston, William Glen, M.D. Glasg., Lister LiMitute, Chelsea, s.w. 
Lithgow, Thomas George, L.R.C.P., Farnborough, Hants. 
Littlejohn, Arthur Rienssett, L.R.C.P., County Asylum, Hanicell. 
Lloyd, Brinley Richard, L.R.C.P., Troedyrhew., Glamorgan. 
Lock, George Haylett, L.R.C.P., 133, Uxbridge-road. w. 
Lodwidge, Wm. Charrott, L.R.C.P., Basingstoke. 
Logan, Thomas Stratford, L.R.C.P. Edinb., West Riding Asylum, 

■Low, Charles Wm., M.B. Durh., L.R.C.P., Stowmarket. 
Low, Johu Spencer, M.B. Edinb., Christchurch-road, Tulse 

Hill. s.w. 
McCormack, Charles Vincent, L.R.C.P., Bootle, Liverpool. 
McDade, Charles Edmund, M.D. Roy. Univ. Irel. J 38, Lavender 

hill, s.w. 
Macewen, Hugh Allan, M.B, Glas., 3, Woodside-erescent, Glasgow. 

Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 



1891 I McGachen, Frederic William Dobson, M.l>. Duili., Turtpuuj. 

1899 ! McGowan. Kobert George, M.l). Aberd., Manchester. 

1890 ' McLearn, Isaac Crauford, M.D.Q.U.I.. llolhorn Injiniun-i/. n. 

1900 I Macleod. Herbert William George, ]\I.D. Edinb,,,bi7>rrt///rtw. s.w. 
1893 Macleod, Robert Lockhart Ross, Roijal Army Medical Corps. 

1892 ' Macnamara, Hugh Winckworth, L.R.C.P., Naval Med. Serrice. 
1903 McNauglit,J;miesGib.son,M.D. Glasg.,/ioyr//^ /•///>/ J/t(/z'crt/ Corps. 
1908 I Mair, James, M.B. Glnsg., Orselt, Gray's, Essex. 

1893 1 Mair, Ludovic iVilliam Darra, L.R.C.P., Carshalton. Surrey. 
1906 Malcoras(jn, Gieen Edmund, M.D. Lond., Honor Oak Park. s.E. 

1901 Male, Maurice Taylor, M.B. Lond., Naval Medical Service. 

1891 Mallins, Clement, M.D. Dublin, Indian Medical Service. 

1889 ' Mauley, John Herbert, Hawkins, M.B. Camb., West Bromwiclt. 
1897 Mapleton, Henry Banbury, M.D. Edinb., Wonivell, Newton Abbot. 

1899 Martin, Antony Alexander. M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P.. ^rt^vAoMrwe. 

1900 Martin, John Newton, L.R.C.P., 6, Windsor-villas, Plymouth. 
1897 ' Martyn, Gilbert John King, M.B., 12, Gay-street, Bath. 

1891 Matthews. Charles Edward, M.D. Oxf., Northern Jlospital, Winch- 
more Hill. N. 

1897 Maynard, Edwin, L.R.C.P., Bombay. 

1895 Meadows, Robert Thornton, M.D. Edinb., Saltash. 

1905 j Meek, James, M.D. Roy. Univ., Irel., Toicer of London, e.g. 

1901 Melville, Charles Henderson, M.B. Edinb., Royal Army Medical 


1902 Michell, Ralph, L.R.C.P., Bournemouth. 

1905 Menzies, Frederick Norton, M.D. Edinb., 37, Hyde Park Gard. av. 

1903 Milburn, Leslie. L.R.C. P., Wakefield. 

1902 Milner, Arthur Samuel, L.R.C. P., Mayaro. Trinidad. 

1905 Mitchell, Robert Macfarlane, M.B. Edinb., 151, 57-M«^5^eW-;)Zrtce, 
1 Edinburgh. 

1901 j Motfit, Charles Gordon, L.R.C. P., University College, w.c. 
1891 I Monk,HenryGeorgeHawkins,M.R.C.S.. Knighton Drive, Leicester. 
1895 Moore, Samson George, M.B. Vict., Public Health Dcpt., 


1898 Moores, Samuel Guise, L.R.C.P., Pi0!i(d Army Medical Corps. 
1908 Moran, Austin Joseph, L.R.C.P. & S.I., 12, Cambridge-gardens, 

Kilburn. n.av. 

1903 Morgan, David James, M.B. Camb. St. .Tames'-road. Sutton. 
1889 Morgan, George Frederick Elliot, L.R.C.P., West Hartlepool. 

1902 Morgan, James Campbell, L.R.C.P., Royal Military School, s.w. 

1898 Morgan, Morgan John, L.R.C.P., Aberystwith. 
1889 Morgan, William Pringle, M.B. Dublin", Seaford. 

1905 Morris, Arthur Hugh, L.R.C.P., Royal Armi/ Medical Corps. 

1902 xMundy, Herbert, F.K.C.S., L.R.C.P.', Durban, Natal. 

1899 Murray, John Hanna, M.B. Loud., L.R.C.P., Indian Medical 


1903 Murray, William, M.B. Edinb., 1, Montpelier-square, Rutland 

Gate. s.w. 

1900 Murray, Wm. Duumore, M.B. Glas., 98, North-side, Clapham 

Common, s.w. 
1889 Muspratt, Ohas. Drummoud, M.D. Lond., Bournemouth. 



1906 Muspratt, Percy Knowles, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., 131, Ledbui^- 

road. ^y. 
1898 Mussellwhite, William. L.R.C.P., Spenny Mooi-, Duiham. 

1 905 Myler, John William, F. K.C.S., L. R.C. P , Middlesex Hospital w. 

1901 XabaiTO, David Nuties, M.D. Loud.. M.R.C.P., 4, Albemarle- 

mansions, Heath Drive, Hanipsiead. n.av. 

1906 Nathan, Sidney Herbert, M.B. (Jamb., L.R.C.P., 50, Havrington- 

gavdens. s.w. 
1895 Newton, Henry William, L.R.C.P.. Chebmford. 
1898 Nicol. Pprc.v Wood, M.D. Edinb., Hopton-road, Sireaiham. s.w. 

1902 Nicoll, James, M.D. Edinb., 402, Fulham-ruad. s.w. 

1905 I Nightingale, John, M D. Edinb., Horsforth, Leeds. 

1894 ,*Nightingale, Samuel Shore, L.R.C.P., Kmhley-park-, Uoinseg. 
1889 Norman, Frederick. L.R.C.P., 5, Holland-road, Brixton, s.w. 

1895 Norris, William Penin, M.B. Melb.. 3, Muntaf/n-street. w.c. 
190G Northcott. John Ford. M.D. L'>nd., 179, ^c/^/rticZe-roocL N.w. 
1893 Norton, Everitt Edward, L.R.C.P., Isleicorth. 

1891 , Norton, John, M.D. Durli., 54, Queen Anne's-gate. s.w. 

1893 O'Connor, Bernard, M.R.C.P., M.D. Queen's Univ., 22, Old 
Bidldinqs. w.c. 

1896 Oliver. Chailes Pye, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Maidstone. 

1892 Orr, William Young, M.B. Edinb., Kemnore, Futnei/. s.w. 
1908 Ozzard, Fairlie Russell, L.R.C.P., Indian Medical Service. 

1900 Page, Harry Marmaduke, F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., M.D. Brussels, 

14, Grenville-place. s.w. 
1889 Paget, Charles Edward, L.R.C.P., County Hall, Northampton. 

1895 Paine, Alexander, M.l>. Lond., 1-1, Sydney-street, Kensington, w. 
„ Paine, Charles, M.B. Lond., 15, Lupus-street, s.w. 

1906 Parker, Lionel Edmimd Longworth, L.R.C.P., Royal Army 

Medical Corps. 

1907 Parsons, Edward Daniell, L.R.C.P., 12, Elm-grove, Wimbledon, s.w. 

1908 Patersou, James Jenkins, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., 43, Caledonian- 

road. N. 

1896 Patterson, George Henry, L.R.C.P., Dalton-in-Furness. 

1905 Pearse, Albert, L.R.C.P., Romd Army Medical Corps. 

1903 Peile, William Hall, M.D. Dubl., L.R.C.P., 28, Campden House- 

court, w. 
1908 Penton, Richard Hugh, D.S.O., L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

1900 Perkins, George, L.R.C.P., Springs, 'Transvaal. 
1892 Perry, Sir Allan, M.R.C.S., 8, T) ray colt-place, s.av. 

1906 Peters, Owen Herbert, M.B. Melb. 

1903 Petrie, John Moir, M.D. A herd., 371, Moseley-road, Birmingham. 
1891 Piesse, Charles Henr}', M.R.C.S., 74, Wimbledun-park-rd. s.w. 

,, Pires, George, L.R.C.P.. Karachi, India. 

1901 Plant, James Robert, L..R.C.P., Leicester. 

1905 Powell, James Farquharson, L.R.C.P., Caterham Asylum, Surrey. 
1899 I Powell, Walter Augustus, L.R.C.P., Brighton. 

1904 Pratt, John Isaac, M.B. Toronto, L.R.C.P., 29, Portland-avenue, 

Stamford Hill. N. 

* Formerlj Shore Smith, Samuel. 



1892 i Preston, George, M.R.C.S. Laurel Bank, Sal lasli^ CormvaU. 

1901 1 Price, George Basil, M.I). Lond., AI.K. ().?., />m/i^s?on C'o/%«. E. 

1892 Priest, James Darner, M.K.C.8., Waltham Abbey. 

1902 Prior, Jolm Ralph, M.B. Duih., L.K.C.P., 27, St. John's-park, 

Blackhtatli. s.K. 
1904 Pritchett, Sidney Isaac, L.R.C.P., Chatham. 
1907 Probyn, Percy John, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 


1893 Procter, William James, M.B. Lond., Gt. Bookham, Leatherhead. 

1895 Pryn, VV^iliiam Wenmoth, M.R.C,S., Royal Hospital School, 

Greenwich. s.K. 
190G Piiddicombe, Thomas Pliare, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P. Beaford, North 

1899 Raines, Robert, L.R.C.P., Ilvll. 

1903 Raper, Matthew Henry, M.D. Loud., L.R.C.P., Great Wakering, 


1902 Rattray, Samuel, M.B. Edinb., Kingsbury, Tamivorth. 

1903 Reaney, Michael Foster, M.B, Lond., L.R.C.P., Levenshulme, 


1888 Reece, Richard James, L.R.C.P., Loc. Gov. Board, Whitehall, s.w. 

1904 Rees, Morgan James, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., General Post 

Office. K.c. 

1896 Rendle, Anstruther Cardew, M.B. Canib., L.R.C.P., Liverpool. 
1903 Rennie, Robert, M.B. Glasg., Little Blunts, Billericay. 

1905 Richards, Joiui, L.R.C.P., Park-road, Henfioed, Cardiff. 

1897 Richards, Joseph Stewart, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Croydon. 
1892 Ricketts, Thomas Frank, M.R.C.P., Long Reach, Dartford. 

1901 Riddell, Robert George, M.D. ^dUnh., Moor gate-street, Rotherham. 

1889 Roberts, Arthur, M.D. St. Andi-., Harrogate. 

1897 Roberts, George Augustus Edward, M.R.C.S., Twyford, Win- 

1888 Roberts, John Lloyd, M.B. Edinb., Colwyn Bay, N. Wales. 

1902 Robinson, Frank, M.D. Vict., Connt>/ Hall, Wakefield. 
1905 Robinson, John Elliott, L.R.C.P., Berhill. 

1907 ' Robinson, Oliver Long, L.R.C.P., Rai/al Army Medical Corps. 

1903 Robsou, Se'\\, ^l.B. (ilas^., Park-i-oad,-Siftingbourne. 




Rock, Frank Ernest, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., 38^ Glenthorne-road, 

Hammersmith, w. 
Roe, Thomas O'Xeill, L.R.C.P., hjuiquc, Chili. 
Ross, Frederic William Forbes, M.D. Edinb., L.R.C.P., bZ,Har- 

ley-streef. av. 
Ross, Ronald, M.R.C.S., Indian Medical Service. 
Roughtou, John Paul, L.R.C.P., Kettering. 
Roughton, Walter, L.R.C.P., Neiv Barnet. 
Rowlands, David Richards, M.D. Edinb., 17, Hagley-road, 

Rundle. Claude, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Grove Hosp^, Tooting, s.w. 
Russell, Charles Henry, L.R.C.P., 6'rtY/^ Yarmonth. 
Russell, William, M.D. Aberd., The Hospital, Kimberley. 
Ryley, Charles, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Safford, Arthur Hunt, L.S.A., Royal Ariny Medical Coips. 
















Salisbury, Charles Ramsden, L.R.C.P., 183, Everiny-road, Stoke 

Newington. n. 
Salter, Alfred, ^F.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., 141. Jamaica-road, s.e, 
Sammuu, ChaclBS Thomas, M.R.C.S., Royal Armjj Medical Corps. 
Sapp, John George Victor, M.B. Eduib,, L. K.C.P., 16, King 

William-street. , av.c. 
Savag-e, William George, L.R.C.P., M.D. Lond., Colchester. 
Saw, Francis Albert, M.B. Durh., Royal Ar)ny Medical Corps. 
Sayres, Alexander Ward Fortescue, .M.D. Brussels, L.R.C.P., 

Scatliff, Arthur AVilliam, L R.C.P. Edinb., Cliftonville, Margate. 
Schofield, Gerald, L.R.C.P., Blo.vham, Banbury. 
Scott, Gavin Steel, M.D. Glasg., 188. SherlocL--road, Birmingham. 
Scott, Sack Noy, L.R.C.P., Plymsfock, Plymouth. 
Scrase,FrankEdwd.,F.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., 121, West End-lane. N.w. 
Seccombe, John William Smyth, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

Senior, Arthur, M.B. Camb., Thames Ditton, Surrey. 
Shadwell, St. Clair Brockway, L.R.C.P., M.D. St. Andr., 

Shannon, William Jolm, M.B. Roy. Univ. Irel., 43, Tredegar- 

square, Bow. E. 
Sharpe, Wm. Salisbury, L.R.C.P., 8, Cleveland-ter. , Hyde Park. w. 
Sherlock, Edward Birchall, M.B. Lond., Darenth Asylum, Darf ford. 
Shrubshall, Wm. Wyatt, L.R.C.P. & S. Edinb., Kemp Toa-n, 

Sikes, Alfred Walter, M.D. Lond., M.R.C.P., 40, Argyll- 
road, w. 
Simmons, Harold, M.B. Durh., L.R.C.P., Bournemouth, 
Simpson, Godfrey William, L.R.C.P., Lamberhurst, Kent. 
Simpson, James Tracy, L.R.C.P. Edinb., Farnhorough, Hants. 
Sinclair, Harold Weightman, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., 45, 

Chelsham-rnad, Clapha/n. S.W. 
Sinclair, Thomas Walker, M.D. Melb,, Sydney, New South Wales. 
Sinigar, Hariy, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Southall, Middlesex. 
Skelton, Dudley Sheridan, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Skeriett, Frank Bleukinsopp, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Lambeth 

Workhouse, s.e. 
Small, Robert, L.R.C.P., 294, Camden-road. N.w. 
Smith, Daniel Lloyd, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Bowdon. 
Smith, James, M.B. Edinb., Chesham, Bucks. 
Smith, Sydney Calvin, L.R.C.P., Highgate. N. 
*Smith, William Stee\e, L.R.C.F. , Bi^abourne, Ashford, Kent. 
Smithson, Arthur Ernest, M.B. Camb., L.R.C.P., Royal Army 

Medical Corjjs. 
Smyth, Erjicst Jackson, M.D. Lend., L.R.C.P., Guildford. 
Suell, Sidney Herbert, M.D. Loud., L.R.C.P., Wandsworth, s.w. 
Solly, Ernest, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Harrogate. 
Southcombe, Arthur George, L.R.C.P., 83, Sidney-road. n.e. 

Formerly Smith, William. 


1901 i Spicer, Arthur Herbert, M.B. Lond.. L.R.C.P., Petworth. 
1900 S|titteler, Alfred, M.B. Madras, Indian Medical Service. 

1904 Spooner, Cljarles k\ig\\>^tnfi.,[j.\l.V'.V.Vj.,hl ,Tiedefj<ir-sq.,Bow. e. 

1896 j Spreat, Frank Aitliur, M.ll.C.S., Whetstone, n. ' 

1908 i Stammers, Georj^e Elliott Frank, L.ll.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

\ Corps. 

18'.)7 I Stanley, Arthur, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Shanghai, China. 

1902 Starkey, Thomas Albert. M.B. Lond.. L.R.C.P'., Montreal, Canada. 
1 904 Stathani, John Charles Baron. L. W.i). 1'., Royal A mny Medical Corps. 
1891 Stawell. Rieliard Rawdon, Af.l). Melbourne, Melbourne, Aiistralirt. 
1904 : Sledman, Percy Taylor Humphrey, Lend., L.R.C.P., 

Leigliton Jiuzzurd. 

1897 Steeg-mann, Edward John, M.R. Durh., L.R.C.P., Isleworth. 
1904 Steinliaeuser, John Robert. M.B. Lend., L.R.C.P., Lewes. 
1902 Stephen, Guy Neville, L.R.C.P., 6*rosreno?' Club. w. 

1906 Stephen. Lessel Philip, Aberd., Indian Medical Service. 

1898 Stephens, Henry Woolcott. L.K.C.P., Lainqsburg, Cape Colony. 
1908 Stephens. James Batson, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., The Hospital, 

A'easden. n.w. 

1891 Stevens, Francis Joseph, M.R.C.S., 467, XorcMzyj-Zawe. s.e. 

„ Stirling-, Alex. Williamson, M.T). Ediuh., Atlanta, Georgia. U.S.A. 

1906 Stock, Philip Graham, L.Pv.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Stonham, Henry Archibald, L.R.C.P., 511, Commercial-road. E. 

1896 Storrs, Eric Gleadow. L.R.C.P., EUesmere. 

1892 Stott, Hug-h, L.R.C.P., Leires. Sussex. 

1902 Srovin, Cornelius Frederick, L.S.A.. Ilford, Essex. 

1889 Sykes, Matthew Carringtcm, L.R.C.P., Bamsley. 

„ Sylvester, Georg-e Holdeii. L.R.C.P.. R(»/al Army Medical Corps. 

1894 Symes, John Odery, M.B. Loud., L.R.C.P., Clifton, Bristol. 

1908 Tate, John, 1j.R.('.P., 26, Freegrove-road, Ilolloway. n. 

1 894 Tatham, Chas. John Willmer, M.R.C.S., Royal A riny Medical Corps. 

1901 Taunton, E(igar, L.R.C.P., Bethersdon, Ashford, Kent. 

1906 Taylor, Daniel Macpherson. M.D Glas., 18, Ca^^tlegnte, York. 
„ Taylor, John Francis, M.R.C.S., 204, High-road, Le'/ton, Essex. 

1889 Taylor, Lot Albert, L.R.C.P. Edinb., Brierley Hill. 

1885 *Taylor, William Frederick, M.D., Kingston, Brisbane, Queensland. 

1893 '1 ebb. Albert Edward, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Einchley-rd. n.w. 
1891 Tebb, Wm. Scott, M.D. Camb., L.R.C.P., Town Hall, South- 

tcark. s.E. 

1902 Thomas, Albert Edward. M.B. Oxf.,14, Mornington-crescent. n.w. 
1904 Thomas, Artliur Hitchings, L.S.A., Yiewdey, Middlesex. 
1901 Thomas, Charles James, L.R.C.P., Streatham-hill. s.w. 

1897 Thomas, Daniel Lewis, L.R.C.P., 23, Bromley-street, Commercial- 

road. E. 
1900 Thomas, David Jones, L.R.C.P., Merfhyr Tydvil. 
1906 Thomas, William John, L.R.C.P., Pengam. Cardiff. 

1890 Thompson, Chas. Herbert, M.D. Diibh, 133, i7rt?7e//-.<;/?'ee^ w. 
1896 Thompson, James Arthur, L.R.C.P.L, Naval Medical Service. 

1894 Thomijson, Wilberforce, L.R.C.P., Bridgwater. 

* Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly bj the two Colleges. 


Thomsou, Alfred Georg-e Patrick, M.B. Edin., Brook Hospital, 

Thomson, Frederic Holland, M.B. Aberd., Hospital, Tooting, s.w. 
Thomson, Jack Mowbray, M.B. Sydney, ];")8, Sinclair-road. w. 
Thornley, Robert Lewis, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., 42, Lansdowne- 

road, Holland Park. W. 
Tibbetts, Tnomas Major, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Cradley Heath. 
Tilleke, Robert Edwin Goone, M.D. Brussels, Goone, Candy, 

Ceil I on. 
Toogood, Fredk. Sherman, M.D. Lond., /////rwrnr//, Lewisham. s.e. 
Topping-, John Phillip, M.D. Glasg-., Teddington. 
Townroe, Eugene Dunbar, L.R.C.P., Wmsley, Bradford-on-Avon, 
Tratman, Frank, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Perth, W. Australia. 
Tuxford, Arthur Wren, M.B. Durh., L.R.C.P., Favershani. 
Tyndale, VVentworth Francis, CM G., M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., 

Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Tj'rrell, Walter Guv Beauchamp, L.R.C.P., Great Malvern. 
Valiutine, Thomas Harcourt Ambrose, L.R.C.P., Neiv Zealand. 
Vallance, Hugh, L.R.C.P., Meadrale, liedhill. 
Vickers, Charles William, M.R.C.S., Paignton. 
Vickers, Philip, M.B. Edinb., 42, Coram-street. w.c. 
Waddy, Fredk Henry, M.D. Glasg-., 83, Rustlings-rd., Sheffield. 
Waldo, Frederick Joseph, M.D. Camb., Golden-lane. e.g. 
Walker, George Charles, M.B. Vict., L.R.C.P., Bath. 
Walker, AVilliam Percy, L.R.C. P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Wallace, George Smith, M.B. Glasg-., 4(»1, Old Kent-road. s.e. 
Wallace, William, M.D. Edinb., Pendlebury, Manchester. 
Walton, Henry Beckles Gall, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

Wanhiii, Charles Frederick, L.R.C.P., Royal A rmy Medical Corps. 
Wauklyu, William McConnel, L.R.C. V., 8, St. Martin^ s-2}lace. w.c. 
Ward, EUacott Leamon, L. K.C.P., Royal Army Medical Corps. 
Warner, Allan, M.D. Durh., L.R.(/.P., Leicester. 
Warren, Staidey Herbert, L.R.C.P., Gillingham, Kent. 
Warry, John King, M.B. Lond., M.R.C.P., 39, Filey-avenue. n.e. 
Watson, Joseph Riley, M.B. Edinb., Harrogate. 
Watt, James, M.D. Edinb., Dunedin. New Zealand. 
Watts, Brian, M.D. Brussels, L.R.C.P., Royal Army Medical 

Watts, Edward Croft. M.D. Edinb., Silverdale, Farnhorough. 
Webb, Arthur Lisle Ambrose, L.R.C. P., Norwich. 
'Webb, Charles Alfred, M.R.C.S., Royal Army i\redical Corps. 
Webb, Hugh George Stiles, L. R.C. P., i?o?/aZ Army Medical Corps. 
Wedd, Bernard Harry, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P.,91, Victoria-st. s.w. 
Westcott, William Wynn, M.B. Lond., 396, Camden-road. n. 
WTieaton, Samuel Walton, M.D. Lond., F. li.C.P., Streatham 

Hill. s.w. 
Whiston, Philip Henry, L.R.C. P., Royal Army )[edical Corps. 
White, Frank Harris, L.R.C. P., Bow. e. 

* Obtained before the Diplomas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 








White, Thomas Edwanl, L.K.C.P.I., Catford. s.E. 

Wliitehead, Ha^ward Header, L.R.CP.E., 7?o_yaZ Army Med. Corps. 
*\Vhittick, Fallon Percy, M.D. Durh., 9a, Upper Brook-street, w. 

AViggins, William Deiiison, L.WSj.V .She Infirmarii ,Greenimch. s.E. 

Wiglit, Ernest Octavius, M.R.C.S., lioi/al Army Medical Corps. 

Wigmore, Arthur William, h.^.(^.\*.,BroadliUrst-grdns. N.w. 

Wilkes, Edwin Montague, L.S.A., 111, Cnlvert-rd., Battersea. s."W. 

Wilkes, George Arthur, M.D. Birm., L.R.C.P., Birminfjham. 

Wilkie, John, M.D. Lond., 118, Lansdowne-road. n.e. 

AVilkinson, John, M.B. Edinb., Droitwich. 

Wilkinson, Percy John, F.R.C.S. Edinb., 10, Hillside Mansions, 
llifjligcde. N. 

Willcox, William Henry, M.D. Lond., St. Mary's Hospital, w. 

Williams.ArnoldWinkelried.M. B. Edinb., La?is(/oif«e-7-(/..^r?(7^^o??. 

Williams, Ernest Graham Hamilton, L.R.C. P., Birmingham. 
t Williams, John Frederick. L.R.C. P., 56, Camberu'eU-road. s.E. 

AVilliams, Robert Edwin. M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Woolwich. 

Williamson, John, M.D. Lond., L.R.C.P., Epsom. 

Willis, Charles Savill, M.B. Sydney. L.R.C. P. 

Willson, Howard Samuel, M.B. Camb., Weyhridge. 

Willson, Reginald John, M.B. Camb., Sutton, Snrrei/. 

Wilson, James Edwin, M.B. Roy. Univ. Irel., Northern Hospital, 
Winchmoro Hill. N. 

Wilson, James Patterson, M.B. Glasg., Redhurn, Johnstone. 

Winter, Thomas Bassell, M.R.C.S., Royal Army Medical Corps. 

Wood, Charles Rawdon, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P., South Helton, 

Wood, Frank Lomax, M.B. Vict., 93, Stamford-hill. e. 

Wood, Louis Edmund, M.B. Lond., Fenshurst, Tonbridge. 

Wood, Wm. Atkinson, M.D. Melb., Yarra, Melbourne, An.^tralia. 

Woodfield, Thos. Harold, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., Shsoter's-hill. s.e. 

Woodhouse, Francis Decimus, L.R.C.P., Blandford. 

Woollacott,Francis James, M.D. Oxf., Hospital. Hither Green, s.e. 

Wright, Cyril Haworth, M.B. Edinb., Stamford Bridge, Yorkshire. 

Wright, Frederick Robert Elliston, M.B. Lond., L.R.C.P., 
Streaiham. s.w. 

Wraj', Geoi-ge Bury, M.R.C.S., Nottingham. 

Wright, Thomas, M.B. Glasg., The Grove, Aldershot. 

Wuuderlich. Otto, L.R.C.P., ^I.D. Brussels, Sydney, N.S. W. 

Wyche, Ernest Morton, L.R.C.P., Haddenham. Cambridge. 

Yarrow, George Eugene, M.D. Heidelberg, 26, Duncan-terrace, n. 

Young, Edward Herbert, M.D. Durh., L.R.C.P.. Okehampton. 

Youug,Ludovic Unwin,M.B.Edinb.,27, Clephane-rd.,Canonbury. N. 

Young, Meredith, M.D. Edinb., Wellington-road South, Stockport. 

Total Number of Diplomates, 633. 

* Formerly Wightwick, Fallon Percy. 

t Ootaiued before the Diplotnas were granted jointly by the two Colleges. 





Chesham Bois 






Herbert Watnej, M.D, Camb. f. 
Charles Wm. Marriott, M.D. St. Andr. 
Francis Heury Hawkins, M.D. Edinb. 

Henry Charlton Bastian, M.D. Lond. f. 


Peter ^Yall\vol•k Latham, M.D. Camb f. 
John Buckley Bradbury, M.D. Camb. f. 
Sir Thomas Clifford Allbutt, K.C.B., M.D. Camb. 


William Halse Rivers Rivers, M.D. Lond. f. 
Laurence Humphry. M.D. Camb. f. 
John Foster Gaskell, M.B. Camb. m. 


John Elliott, M.D. Loud. f. 

John Duff, M.D. Glasg. Ji. 

James George Taj'lor, M.D. Camb. m. 

Charles Edwyn Percy Forsyth, M.D. Aberd. 

Ernest Bosdin Leech, M.D. Camb. m. 

James Barclay Montgomery, M.D. Glasg. f. 

F. denotes a Fellow, and M., a Member of the College. 



Exeter . 





Torquay . 


Leigh-on-Sea . 
Wit ham . 
Woodford Bridge 




Lydney . 



Ileiiiy Davy, iM.D. Loi)d. f. 
William Gordon, M. 1). (Jamb. f. 
Aug-iistus Drake, M.B. Camb. f. 
Georg'e Lestock Thornton, m. 
Thomas Tillycr Whipham. M.D. Oxf. f. 
Cornelius lienjamin L'ox, M.D. Edinb. f. 
Edwyn John isiade King, M.D. Edinb. Ex. l. 
Edward Lawrence Fox, M.D. Camb. m. 
William Walkinshaw Macreight, M.D. Glasg'. 
Henry Jfumphrey.s, M.D. Camb. m. 
Arthur Edmund Carver. M.D. Camb. m. 


Horace Dobell, M.D. St. An(b-. m. 
George Gavin Morrice, M.D. Camb. 


Eliao Jones Roberts, M.D. Lond, m. 
Sydney Walter Curl, M.D. Camb. M. 
Sheffield Henry Morier Neave. i\r. 
John Gallie Kraser, M.H. Edinb. m. 
Geoi'ge Wallington Grabham, M.D. Lond. 
Robert Jones, M.D. Lond. f. 




Robert Shingleton Smith, M.D. Lond. 
John Michell Clarke, M.D, Camb. f, 
Henry Waldo, M.D. Aberd. m. 
John Alexander Nixon, M.B. Camb. 
John Roger Charles, M.D. Camb. m. 
Newman Neild, M.B, Vict. m. 
Carey Franklin Coombs, M.D. Lond. m. 
Edward Thomas Wilson, M.B. Oxf. f. 
Ernest Christison Carter, M.B. Edinb. jvr 
Rayner Winterbotham Batten, M.D. Lond 
Robert Leamon Bowles, M.D. St. Audr 



Fletcher Beach, M.B. Lond. f. 
Joliii Roberts Thomson, M.D. Edinb. 
x\rthur Ransome, M.D. Camb. f. 
\Villiani Vicary Snow, M.D. Lond. f. 




Isle of Wight . 

Milfo rd-on-Sea 
Southampton . 


Hemel Hempstead 
Hertford . 
New Barnet . 

Bromley . 
Eltham . 
Sidcup . 
Tnnhridge Wells 


Formhy . 

HAMPSHIRE— co«^m»ef/. 

James Davison, M.D. Queen's Univ. m. 
Edwin Hyla Greves, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Daniel AEcClnre Ross, M.D. Durli. m. 
Thomas Frederick Gardner, M.D. Durli. 
Joseph George Harsaut, M.D. Lond. m. 
Alfred Charles Coles, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Ernest \\;yndham Cottle, M.D. Oxf. ir. 
John Livesaj Whitehead, M.D. St. Andr. 
Henry Cook, M.D. St. Andr. f. 
Vincent Dormer Harris. M.D. Lond. f. 
William McCallin, M.D. Roy. Univ. Irel. 

Paul Morg-an Ciiapmau, M.D. Lond. f. 


John Vaug'han Hug^hes, M.D. St. Andr. Ex. 
Charles Edward Shelly, M.D. Camb. M. 
Joseph Frank Payne, M.D. Oxf. f. 


Charles Henry Carter, M.D. Lond. m. 
Thomas Frank Ricketts, M.D. Lond. m. 
Charles Planck, m. 

Thomas Lawes Rog-ers, M.D. St. Andr. m. 
William Joseph Tyson, M.D. Durh. f. 
Theodore Fisher, M.D. Lond. f. 
Robert Crothers, M.D. Glasg. m. 
John Ebenezer Ranking, M.D. Oxf. f. 
Wilfred Brougham Warde, M.D. Lond. m. 
Francis Robert Bryant Bisshopp, M.D. Camb. 
George Lucas Pardington, M.D. Durh. m. 


Thomas Carleton Railton. M.D. Lond. m. 
Alexander Corsar Sturrock, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Stanley Augustine Gill, M.D. Durh. m. 
Alderman Thomas Houghton Waters, M.D. St. 
Andr. f. 





LANCASHIRE— co»/m?«rf?. 

Thomas RobiDSon Glynn, M.D. Lond. r. 
Richard Caton, M.D. Edinb. f. 
Sir James Barr, M.I). Giasg'. f. 
Thomas Robert Bradshaw, M.D. Dubl. f. 
Jolm Hill Abrani, M.D. Lond. f. 
William Barnett Warrington, M.D. Lond. f. 
Robert James McLean Buchanan, M.D. Vict. f. 
William Williams, M.D. Queen's University, 

Lei and. m. 
James Reg-inald Stocker, M.B. Lond. m. 
Ewing- Mould Glynn Whittle, M.D. Camb. m. 
AVilliam Gay, i\LD. Edinb. m. 
Charles Jolin Macalister, M.D. Edinb. M. 
John Hannah Drysdale, M.D. Camb. m. 
Max Sally Lowenthal, M.D. Wurzburg. m. 
John Llo3'd Roberts. M.D. Lond. m. 
Archibald Gordon Gullan, ^LD. Lond. M. 
Nathan Raw, M.D, Durh. y\. 
Thomas Bushby, M.B. Edinb. m. 
John Cecil Macmurdo Given, M.D. Lond. m. 
John Hay, M.D. Vict. m. 
Ernest Edward Glynn, M.B. Camb. M. 
Owen Thomas Williams, M.D. Load. M. 
John Owen, M.D. Lond. m. 
David Lloyd Roberts. M.D. St. Andr. f. 
Graham Steell, M.D. Edinb. f. 
John Dixon Mann, M.D. St. Andr. k. 
Judsou Sykes Bury, M.D. Lond. f. 
Ernest Septimus Re3'uolds, M.D. Lond. f. 
Arthur Thomas Wilkinson, ^LD. Lond. f. 
George Redmayne Murray, M.D. Camb. f. 
Edward Mansfield Brockbank, M.D. Vict. f. 
Richard Thomas Williamson, M.D. Lond. f. 
Abraham Matthewson Edge, M.D. Queen's Univ., 

Ireland, jr. 
Siegmund Moritz, M.D. Wurzburg. m. 
Simeon Ilolgate Owen, M.D. Roy. Univ., Ireland. 


Archibald Donald, M.D. Edinb. ii. 
Sir William Japp Sinclair, M.D. Aberd. 31. 
Thomas Arthur Helme, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Samuel Buckle}', M.D. Lond. m. 
Robert Briggs Wild, M.D, Lond. m. 
Richard Walter Marsden, M.D. Viot. M. 
Frederick Craven Moore, M.D. Vict. m. 
Charles Herbert Melland, M.D, Lond. M. 
Charles Christopher Ileywood, M.B. Camb. m. 
Ernest Nicholson Cunliffe, M.D. Vict. M. 
Charles Paget Lapage, M.D. Vict. m. 




Preston . 


Rainhill . 




Norwich . 



Long Framlington 



L ANC ASHI RE— CO?? tinned. 
Albert Ramsbottom, M.D. Vict. m. 
Hugh 'J'uke Ashbj, M.B. Camb. M. 
Frank Edward Tylecote, M.D. Vict. 
Robert Charles Brown, M.B. Lond. f. 
Joseph Hutchinson Hammond. M.D. Aberd. 
Frederick William Collinson, M.D. Edinb. 
Joseph Wig-Iesworth, M.D. Lond. ¥. 
Joseph Shaw Bolton, M.D. Loud. m. 
Richard Crawshaw Holt, M.D. Durh. m. 


Frank Montague Pope, M.D. Camb. i". 
Reginald Pratt, M.D. Lond. m. 



Philipp Justin Ludwig- 




M.D. Gott. M. 
Sidney Vere Pearson, M.B. Camb. m. 
Sir Peter Fade, M.D. Lond. f. 
Fredk. Wm. Burton-Fanning. M.D. Camb. 
Arthur John Cleveland, M.D. Lond. m. 


Frank Buszard, M.D. Lond. f. 
\Villiam Harding, M.B. Edinb. m. 
William Morton Robson, M.D. Lond. m. 


John Charles James Feuwick, M.D. Camb. 
William Murraj', M.D. Durh. f. 
Sir George Hare Philipson, M.D. Camb. 
Sir Herbert Isambard Owen, M.D. Camb. 
Sir Thomas Oliver, M.D. Glasg. f. 
James Limont, M.B. Edinb. m. 
Thomas Beattie. M.D. Durh. m. 
Robert Alfred Bolam. M.D. Durh. m. 
George Hall, M.D. Lond. 51. 
Alfred Parkin, M.D. Durh. m. 


William Bramwell Ransom, M.D. Lond. r. 
Charles Henry Cattle, M.D. Lond. f. 
William Barney Tate, M.D. Aberd. m. 
Michael Colman Collins, M.D. Queen's Univ., Irel. 


Frank Harwood Jacob, M.D. Lond. m. 
Henry Handford, M.D. Edinb. m. 




Banhurij . 




Clevedon . 
Wesioii-siqyer-Mare , 



Epsom . 

Great Bookham. 

Virginia Water 
Warlingham . 

Frederic La Coque Tiiorne, M.D. St. Andr. 
William Odliii<;-, M.IJ. Loud. k. 
John Wickhain Lcw-g-, M.I). Loud. f. 
VVilliiun Osier, M.D. McGill. k. 
William Collier, ^LD. Camb. f. 
Robert Brido-es, M.I3. Oxf. f. 
Arthur Lathiim Oiiierod, M.D. Oxf. f. 
Joseph William Ea.^twood, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Alexander P^rederick Bradshaw, C.B. m. 
.\Iexander Georg-e Gibson, M.B. Oxf. m. 

Robert Fieldiiig--Oulc], M.D. Oxf. m. 


Ilemy Willousrhby Gardner, M.D. Loud. m. 


Charles Coates, M.D. Aberd. r. 
Henry Gervis, M.D. Lond. f. 
Edward Joiin Cave, M.D. Lond. n. 
Rupert AVatcrhouse, M.D. Lond. m. 
Geoi\o-e Bainbridge, M.D. Durh. m. 
William Ronaldson Clark, M.B. Aberd. m. 


"William Francis Menzies, M.D. Edinb. m. 
William Millington, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Frederick Edge, M.D. Loud. m. 

William Allen Sturge. M.D. Lond. f. 


Robert Boxall, M.D. Camb. 

Harry Devine, M.B. Lond. m. 

Philip John Hensley, M.D. Camb. f. 

George Oliver, M.D. Lond. v. 

Frederick Rufenacht Walters, M.D. Lond. \ 

William Orange, C.B., M.D. Heidelberg, f. 

Sir Stephen Mackenzie, M.D. Aberd. f. 

Joseph i^rthur Arkwright, M.D. Camb. m. 

Fletcher Beach, M.B. Lond. f. 

William Cay ley, M.D. Lond. f. 

Arthur Shadwell, M.D. Oxf. f. 

Herbert Chavasse Squire, M.B. Oxf. 

Albert John Venn, M.D. Aberd. >r. 

Edwin Stephen Pasmore, M.D. Lond. m. 



Bognor . 
Brighton . 


East Grinstead 


Hu rstp ie rpo int. 



St. Leonards . 



Joliu Charles Thorowg-ood, M.D. Lond. f. 
William Aiuslie Hollis, M.D. Camb. f. 
Edmimd Hobhouse, M.D. Oxf. f. 
Joseph Rutter, M.D. Loud. ii. 
James Edmunds, M.D. St. Andr. jr. 
Hemy Seymour Branfoot, M.B. Lond, ii. 
A\^alter Broadbeut. M.D. Camb. m. 
Edward Forster Ma\ nard, M.D. Edinb. m. 
Charles Frederick Bailey, M.D. Lond. m. 
D(juald George Hall. M.D. Camb. m. 
John Frederick Gordon Dill, M.D. Camb, : 
Charles lleury Benham. M.D. Lond. m. 
Francis Valentine Paxlon, M.B. Oxf. m. 
Arthur Evershed. m. 

William Burns Beatson, M.D. St. Andr. f. 
George James Symes Saunders, JNLD, Lond. 
Henry Singer Gabbett, M.D. Dubl. m. 
Edward Stewart, M.D. Brussels, m. 
Charles Henry FennelK M.D. Oxf. jr. 
Isaac Dobree Chepmell, M.D. St. Andr. m. 
AVilliam Alfred Wills. M.D. Lond. m. 
Noel Dean Bardswell, M.D. Edinb. ji. 
John Harley, M.D. Lond. f. 
Frederick Bagshawe, M.D. Camb. f. 
Charles Henrj^ Allfre}', M.D. Edinb. 3i. 
Frank Papillon Haviland, M.D. Camb. m. 


Sir James Sawyer, M.D. Lond. f. 
Robert Saundby, M.D. Edinb. f. 
Alrred Henry Carter, M.D. Lond. f. 
William Arthur Foxwell, M.D. Camb. f. 
Robert Michael Simon, M.D. Camb. f. 
Edward Malins, M.D. Edinb. f. 
James William Russell, M.D. Camb. f. 
Cornelius William Suckling, M.D. Lond. : 
Theodore Stace}- AVilsou, M.D. Edinb. 3i. 
Otto Jackson Kauffmann, M.D. Lond. m. 
Thomas Sydney Short, M.D. Lond. m. 
Charles Edwin Purslow, M.D. Lond. m. 
John Douglas Stanley. M.D. Edinb, m. 
William Lamb. ^[.D. Edinb. m. 
Sidne}^ Herbert Ferry, M.D. Lond. m. 
Arthur Douglas Heath, M.D. Lond. m. 
Arthur Stanley Barnes, M.D. Lond. si. 
Joseph George Emanuel, M.D, Lond. ii. 






£ rough . 

Kivkhy- Lonsdale 





Halifax . 





WARWICKSniRE— con^mweJ. 

James Edward Hill Sawyer, M.D. Oxf, m. 
William Henry Wyiiii, M.l). Lond. m. 
Georjie Aujrnstus Auden, M.B. Camb. m. 
Thomas William ThurKfield, M.D. Aberd. i 
Frederic Harry Haynes, M.D. Loud. f. 
Thomas Edwyn Cecil Cole, M.D. Oxf. m. 
Clement Dukes, M.D. Lond. y. 
Athelstane lliff Simey, M.D. Camb. m. 


John Abercrombie, M.D. Camb. f. 
William Smith Paget-Tomliuson, M.D. Lonl. 


John Beddoe, M.D. Edinb. f. 

Francis George Penrose. M.D. Lond. f. 

William Wallis Ord, M.D. Lond. m. 


Henry Johnstone Campbell, M.D. Loud. f. 

Ralph Henry Crowley, M.D. Lond. m. 

Stanley "William Randolph Colyer, M.D. Lond. m. 

George Oliver, M.D. Lond. f. 

Alfred Mantle, M.D. Durham, m. 

William Bain. M.D. Durh. m. 

AVilfrid Edgecombe, M.D. Lond. m. 

Michael George Foster, M.D. Camb. m. 

Edwaid Owen Daly, M.D. Oxf. m. 

Frank Cecil Eve, 5l.D. Camb. m. 

Edward Turton, M.D. Vict. m. 

Thomas Johnstone, M.D. Edinb. m. 

Alfred George Bari-s, M.D. Edinb. f. 

Charles Montague Chadwick, M.D. Oxf. f. 

Edmond Fauriel Trevelyan, M.D. Lond. f. 

Albert Sidney Frankau Griinbaum, M.D. Camb. f. 

Thomas Wardrop GriflBth, M.D. Aberd. f. 

Waler Henry Maxwell Telling, M.D. Lond. m. 

Carlton, OldiSeld. M.D. Lond. m. 

George William Watson, M.D. Lond. m. 

Arthur John Hall, M.B. Camb. f. 

Duncan Burgess, M.B. Camb. f. 

Alfred Edward Barnes, M.B. Lond. m. 

Edward Fretson Skinner, M.B, Camb. 

Bedford Pierce. M.D. Lond. f. 



Cardiff . 



Thomas Davies Harries, m. 
Edwin Goodall, M.D. Lond. f. 
Donald Rose Paterson, M.D. Edinb. 3r. 
Ewen John Maclean, M.D. Edinb. m. 
William Mitchell Stevens, M.D. Lond. m. 
Sir John Williams, Bart., K.C.V.O., M.D. f. 
William Carter, M.D. Lond. f. 

Belfast . 


James Alexander Lindsay, M.D. Roy. Univ. 
Henry Lawrence McKisack, M.D. Roy. Univ. 
Lawrence Thomas Griffin. Ex. l. 



Ayrshire . 



David White Finlay, M.D. Glasg. f. 

George Archibald Maconachie, M.D. Aberd. 

Arthur Wellesley Falconer, M.D. Aberd. si. 

James Clark, M.D. Aberd. m. 

William Smith Greenfield, M.D. Lond. f. 

Edwin Bramwell, i\LB. Edinb. f. 

Dawson F}'ers Duckworth Turner, M.D.Edinb, 

Georg-e Bidie, ^LB. Edinb. m. 

Archibald Currie MacGilclirist, M.B. Edinb. 

Sir Donald MacAlister, M.D. Camb. f. 


Cannes . 

Foecy Cher 
Mentone . 

Edward Alfred Birch, M D. Brussels, f. 



George Charles Bright. M.D. Oxf. f. 

Sir Henry Blanc, K.C.Y.O., M.D. Montpellier. f. 

Jules Edmond Theophile de Valcourl, M.D. Paris. 


Edward Henry Douty, M.D. Camb. m. 
Alexander Collie, M.D. Aberd. m. 
James Lewis Siordet, M.B. Lond. f. 
John ^Villiam Campbell, M.B. Camb. Ji. 
Daniel West Samways, M.D. Camb. m. 




Freiburg . 

Florence . 

Davos Platz 

Geneva . 
Montr eux 


Christian Gottfried Heinrich Biiumler, M.D. 
Eiiangen. f. 


Edward Alfred Gates, M.D. Loud. m. 
Guido Yule Giglioli, M.D. Florence, m. 


William Richard Ilug-gard, M.D. Roy. Univ. 

Ireland, v. 
Arnold Francis Bill, M.D. Oxf. m. 
Auguste Elisee Cordes, M.D. Paris, m. 
Stuart Alexander Tidey, M.D. Lend. m. 


Hong Kong 

Bengal . 






William Gabriel Rockwood, M.D. Madras, m. 
Georg-e Thornton, M.D. Edinb. m. 

Francis William Clark, M.D. Durh. 



Robert Frazer Standage. m. 

William Henry Gregg, M.B. Dubl. m. 

Edwin Harold Brown, JNI.D. Durh. m. 

George Maclver Campbell Smith, M.B. Aberd. I'm. 

Nusserwanji Fakirji Surveyor, M.D. Bomb. m. 

Shapurji Hormusji Modi. m. 

George Francis Angelo Harris, M.D. Durh. f. 

Leonard Rogers, M.D. Lond. f. 

Jogendra Nath Mitra, M.B. Calcutta, m. 

Thomas Frederick Pearse, M.D. Brussels. 

John Cyril Holdich Leicester, M.D. Lond. 

David Waters Sutherland, M.B. Edinb. m. 

Stephen Little, M.D. Roy. Univ., Irel. m, 

John Norman AValker. m. 

William Lawrence Ascherson, M.D. Camb. m. 



George Alexander Finlaysou, M.B. Aberd. m. 



Egypt {Cairo). 


Madeira . 


Llewellyn Caractacus Powell Phillips, M.D. 

Camb. M. 
Paul Cuningham Edward Tribe, M.B. Lond. m. 
Thomas Bogie Hamilton, M.B. Edinb. m. 
Harold Benjamin Day, M.D. Lond. m. 
John Brian Christopherson, M.D. Camb. m. 
Vincent Sutherland Hodson, M.B. Oxf. m. 
Michael Comport Grabham, M.D. Aberd. f. 


Cape Town 
Pretoria . 



John Oglethorpe Wakelin Barratt, M.D. Lond. m. 


AVilliam Darley Hartley, M.D. Durh. m. 
Emil Paul Baumann, M.B. Edinb. m. 
George Thornton, M.D. Edinb. m. 

London . 
Ottawa . 

Toronto . 


Boston . 
Illinois . 
San Francisco . 



Hugh A. McCallum, M.D. West Univ., London, m. 

John McCrae, M.B. Toronto, m. 

Sir James Alexander Grant, E.C.MG., M.D. 

McGill. F. 
Perry David Goldsmith, M.D. Toronto, m. 
William Julius Mickle, M.D. Toronto, f. 
Robert Dawson Rudolf, M.D. Edinb, m. 
Robert Joseph Dwyer, M.B. Toronto, m. 
Goldwin WiUiam Howland. M.B. Toronto, m. 
Harold Campbell Parsons, M.D. Toronto, m. 
George William Ross, M.B. Toronto, m. 
Charles Hunter, M.D. Aberd. m. 


Thomas McCrae, M.D. Toronto, f. 

Charles Alfred Hebbert. m. 

Harold Douglas Singer, M.D. Lond. m. 

Samuel Otway Lewis Potter, M.D. Jeflerson 

Coll. M. 
Winslow Anderson, M.D. California, m. 

z 2 


Btienos Ayres . 
British Guiana 


Brisbane . 





Edward Hanly, M.D. Queen's Univ., Ireland, m. 
George Williams Parker, m. 



William Camac Wilkinson, M.D. Lond. i-. 
Edward Johnstone Jenkins, M.D. Oxf. f. 
George Edward Rennie, M.D. Lond. v. 
Charles MuUer. m. 
James Michael McDonag-h, M.D. Brussels, m. 


William Samuel Octavius Byrne, M.D. Dubl. m. 
Thomas Howard Morgan, M.D. Edinb. m. 


Alexander Disney Leith Napier, M.D. Aberd. m. 
Charles Henry Reissmann, M.D. Camb. m. 
Frederick Lucas Benham, M.D. Lond. m. 


Dunedin . 
Napier . 


Walter Balls Headley, M.D. Camb. f. 
Henry Carr Maudsley, M.D. Lond. f. 
George Britton Halford, M.D. St. Andr. m. 
John William Springthorpe, M.D. Melbourne, m. 
Duncan Turner. 3i. 


Daniel Colquhoun, M.D. Lond. f. 
Walter William Moore, M.D. N.Z. m. 
Alfred Kingcome Newman, ]\I.B. Aberd. 
Albert Martin, M.D. Lond. m. 
William Kingston Fyffe, M.B. Camb. 31 



Harvey gave to the College during his lifetime his patrimonial 
estate of Bm'mavsh, in Kent, then valued at £56 a year. In 
the conveyance of this gift by an indentm-e dated 26th June, 
1656, Harvey directs that "to the end friendship between the 
members of the said College may the better be continued and 
maintained, there shall be, once every month, at the meetings ot 
the Censors at the same College, some small collation provided, 
such as the President shall think fit, for the entertainment of 
those who shall come to the said monthly meeting. And once 
every year there shall be a general Feast kept \\dthin the said 
College for all the Fellows that shall please to come ; and on 
the day when such feast shall be kept some one person (member 
of the College), to be from time to time appointed by the 
President and two eldest Censors, and two eldest Elects (so 
that the same person shall not be appointed two years together) 
shall make an oration in Latm publicly in the said College, 
wherein shall be a commemoration of all the Benefactors of the 
said College by name, and what in particular they have done 
for the benefit of the said College, with an exhortation to others 
to imitate these Benefactors, and to contribute their endeavours 
for the advancement of the Society according to the example 
of these Benefactors ; and with an exhortation to the Fellows 
and Members of the said College to search and study out the 
secrets of Nature by way of experiment; and also for the 
honour of the profession, to continue in mutual love and 
affection amongst themselves, without which neither the 
dignity of the College can be preserved, nor yet particular 
men receive that benefit by then- admission into the College 
which else they might expect, ever remembering that Concordia 
res parvce crescvnt, discordid magnce dilabuntur." 





Dr. R. Lee. 


Dr. W. p. Latham. 


Dr. H. W. Aclaxd. 


Dr. J. E. Pollock. 


Dr. G. E. Paget. 


Dr. J. Andrew. 


Dr. J. Aldersox. 


Dr. AV. H. Dickinson. 


Dr. G. 0. Rees. 


Dr. J. H. Bridges. 


Dr. W. AV. Gull. 


Dr. p. H. PYE-SmTH. 


Dr. T. K. Chambers. 


Dr. T. L. Brunton. 


Dr. a. Farre. 


Dr. AV. S. Church. 


Dr. G. Rolleston. 


Dr. J. F. Payne. 


Dr. C. West. 


Sir Wm. Roberts, NLD. 


Dr. W. a. Guy. 


Sir Dyce Duckworth, 


Dr. E. a. Parkes. 



Dr. E. Sieveking. 


Dr. G. V. Poore. 


Dr. J. B. Sanderson. 


Dr. T. C. Allbutt. 


Dr. S. Wilks. 


Dr. Norman Moore. 


Dr. J. W. Ogle. 


Dr. D. Ferrier. 


Dr. a. W. Barclay. 


Dr. W. H. Allchin. 


Dr. G. Johnson. 


Dr. R. Caton. 


Dr. S. 0. Habershon. 


Dr. F. T. Roberts. 


Dr. J. B. Reynolds. 


Dr. AV. Osler. 


Dr. R. Quain. 


Dr. F. Taylor. 


Dr. F. W. Pavy. 


Dr. J. A. Ormekod. 


Dk. W. H. Stone. 


In the 24th year of Ehzabeth, 1581, Dr. Richard Caldwell, a 
Fellow and former President of the College, in conjunction with 
the Lord Lumley, founded the Lumleian Lecture in Surgery, 
commonly called in the annals The Chirurgical Lecture, and 
endowed it with a rent-charge of forty pounds a year on their 
lands and on those of their heirs for ever. 

The College, on the grant of the letters patent founding this 
Lectureship, " did immediately decree that one hundred pounds 


should be forthwith taken out of their pubhc stock to build the 
College rooms more ample and spacious, for the better celebra- 
tion of this most solemn lecture." 

A very ambitious scheme of Surgical Lectures was at first 
adopted, an account of which may be found in HoUinshed 
(Chronicles, vol. iii., p. 1349); but it soon ceased to be either 
practicable or required. Honorarium of Lecturer. £30. 


1889. Dr. J. Harley : " Enteric Fever." 

1890. Dr. J. H. Jackson: "On Convulsive Seizures." 

1891. Dr. W. H. Broadbext : " Structural Diseases of the 

Heaii from the point of view of Prognosis." 

1892. Dr p. H. Pye-Smith : " Certain Points in the iEtiology 

of Disease." 

1893. Dr. C. T. Williams : " Aero-therapeutics in Lung 


1894. Dr.Octavius Sturges: "Heart Inflammation in Childi-en." 

1895. G. Fielding Blandford : " The Diagnosis, Prognosis and 

Prophylaxis of Insanity." 

1896. Sir Dyce Duckworth : " On the Sequels of Disease." 

1897. Dr. H. Charlton BasTian : " Some Problems in Con- 

nection with Aphasia and other Speech Defects." 

1898. Sir Richard Douglas Powell, Bart., M.D. : '' On the 

Principles which govern Treatment in Diseases and 
Disorders of the Heart." 

1899. Dr. Samuel Gee : " The Causes and Forms of Bronchitis 

and the Nature of Pulmonary Emphysema and Asthma." 

1900. Dr. W. B. CheadLE : " On some Cirrhoses of the Liver." 

1901. Dr. J. F. Payne : " On Cancer, especially of the Internal 


1902. Dr. F. T. Roberts: '^ The Comprehensive Study of 

Thoracic Phthisis." 

1903. Dr. T. R. Glynn : "On Infective Endocarditis, mainly 

in its Clinical Aspects." 

1904. Dr. F. Taylor : " Some Disorders of the Spleen." 

1905. Dr. W. H. Allchin : " Some Aspects of Malnutrition." 

1906. Dr. D. Ferrier : " On Tabes Dorsahs." 

1907. Dr. G. H. Savage : " Insanity, its Causes and Increase." 

1908. Sir James Sawyer, M.D. : '• Points of Practice in Maladies 

of the Heart." 



lu 1632, Dr. Goulston, a fellow of the College, left £200 to 
purchase a rent-charge fur the maintenance of a lecture to be 
delivered annually A\dthin the College of Physicians, the lecture 
to be read from time to time by one of the four youngest 
doctors in physic of the said College, upon two or three or more 
diseases. An annual rent of £12 charged on land called Fennes 
and Buckwood in Essex, was purchased by his widow with the 
£200, and conveyed to the College, 24tli July, 1635, in trust, 
that they would annually appoint one of their four youngest 
doctors to read this lectm'e between Michaelmas and Easter, 
on three days together, both forenoon and afternoon, on some 
dead body if possibly it can be procured, which shall then and 
there be dissected for the diseases treated of, and shall after- 
wards be buried. Honorarium of Lecturer, £10. 


1889. Dr. H. H. Tooth : " Secondary Degenerations of the 

Spinal Cord." 

1890. Dr. G. N. Pitt : '^ Cerebral Lesions." 

1891. Dr. T. Oliver : " Lead Poisoning in its Acute and 

Chronic Manifestations." 

1892. Dr. S. Martin : " Chemical Pathology of Diphtheiia 

compared with that of Anthrax, Infective Endocarditis 
and Tetanus." 

1893. Dr. W. D. Halliburton : '' The Chemical Physiology of 

the Animal Cell." 

1894. Dr. P. :M. Chapman : " The Physics of the Circulation." 

1895. Dr. H. D. RollestoN: "The Suprarenal Capsules." 

1896. Dr. p. Manson : " The Life History of the ^lalaria Germ 

outside the Human Body." 

1897. Dr. a. p. Luff : " The Chemistry and Pathology of 


1898. Dr. John Rose Bradford : " Observations on the 

Pathology of the Kidnevs." 

1899. Dr. G. R. Murray : " The Pathology of the Thyroid 


1900. Dr. p. Horton-Smith : " The Typhoid Bacillus and 

Typhoid Fever." 

1901. Dr. H. Head: "On certain Mental States associated 

with Visceral Disease in the Sane." 


1902. Dr. G. F. Still: " Some Abnormal Psychical Conditions 

in Childi-en." 

1903. Dr. a. S. F. Grunbaum : " Theories of Immunity and 

their Clinical iVpplication." 

1904. Dr. R. Hutchison : '• Some Disorders of the Blood and 

Blood-forming Organs in Early Life." 
1005. Dr. W. C. Bosaxquet : '-Some Considerations on the 
Nature of Diabetes Mellitus." 

1906. Dr. H. Batty Shaw : "Auto-intoxication: its Relation 

to certain Disturbances of Blood Pressure." 

1907. Dr. E. Farquhar Buzzard: "Certain Acute Infective 

or Toxic Conditions of the Nervous System." 

1908. Dr. H. S. French: "The Influence of Pregnancy on 

certain Medical Diseases and the Influence of certain 
Medical Diseases on Pregnancy." 


Dr. Wm. Croone, a fellow of the College, left behind him at 
his death, in 1684, a plan for two lectureships which he had 
designed to found ; on6 ot these to be read yearly before the 
College of Physicians, with a sermon to be preached at St. 
Mary-le-Bow, the other, on the nature and laws of muscular 
motion, to be delivered annually before the Royal Society, 
But as his will contained no provision whatever for the endow- 
ment of these lectures, his -widow (a daughter of Alderman 
Lorimer, of the City of London, who subsequently married 
Sir Edwin Sadlier, Bart.), carried out his intention by demising 
in her will, dated 21st September, 1706, the King's Head 
Tavern in Lambeth Hill, Little Knightrider Street, to her 
husband for life, and after his decease to her executors in Trust, 
to settle four parts out of five thereof upon the College of 
Physicians, to found an annual lecture now called the Croonian 
Lecture, and the fifth part upon the Royal Society. 

A new lease of the premises having been granted in 1886 at 
a greatly improved rent, it was resolved that in future the 
course should consist of not less than four lectures on one or 
more subjects in Anatomy, Physiology, and Pathology, with a 
view to the prevention, control, and cure of diseases. That 
an honorarium of one hundred guineas be paid to the 
Lecturer, and that the remainder of the fund be employed 
for original investigation by a past or present Croonian 
Lecturer. Honorarium of Lecturer. 100 guineas. 



1889. Dr. T. L. Brunton : " On the Connection between 

Chemical Constitution and Physiological Action." 

1890. Dr. Ferrier: " Cerebral Locali.sation." 

1891. Dk. BURDON SandersoX: " On the Progress of Discovery 

relating to the Origin and Nature of Infectious Diseases." 

1892. Sir William Roberts : " On the Chemistry and Thera- 

peutics of Uric Acid, Gravel and Gout." 

1893. Dr. D. J. Leech : " On the Physiological Action and 

Therapeutic Uses of Nitrites and Allied Compounds." 

1894. Dr. Pavy : " A New Departure in connection with 


1895. Dr. W. Marcet : " Contribution to the History of the 

Respiration of Man." 

1896. Dr. G. Oliver: "Contribution to the Study of the 

Blood and of the Circulation." 

1897. Dr. W.Hale White: "TheMeansby which the Tempera- 

ture of the Body is maintained in Health and Disease." 

1898. Dr. Sidney H. C. Martin : '• On the Chemical products 

of Pathogenic Bacteria considered with special i-efer- 
ence to Enteric Fever." 

1899. Dr. J. B. Bradbury : "On some Points connected with 

Sleep, Sleeplessness and Hypnotics." 

1900. Dr. F. W. Mott : '• The Degeneration of the Neurone." 

1901. Dr. W. D. Halliburton: "The Chemical Side of 

Nervous Activity." 

1902. Dr. J. W. WashbourN: "The Natural History and 

Pathology of Pneumonia." Delivered by Dr. W. Hale 

1903. Dr. C. E. Beevor : " On Muscular Movements and their 

Representation in the Central Nervous System." 

1904. Dr. J. Rose Bradford ; " Bright's Disease and its 


1905. Dr. E. H. Starling : " The Chemical Correlation of the 

Functions of the Body." 

1906. Dr. W. H. R. Rivers: "On the Action of Drugs on 


1907. Dr. W. J. R. Simpson : " Plague." 

1908. Dr. a. E. Garrod: "Inborn Errors of Metabolism." 



The Bradsliaw Lecture was founded by the late Mrs. Bradshaw, 
widow of Dr. Wm. Wood Bradshaw, M.A., D.C.L. Oxford, a 
member of the College, in memory of her husband. She 
bequeathed to the College by will, dated 6th September, 1875, 
and proved 26th August, 1880, a sum of £1,000 Three 
per Cent. Consols in trust for this purpose. The Lecture 
to be delivered annually on the anniversary of the death of 
Dr. Bradshaw, Aug. 18th, on some subject connected with 
Medicine or Surgery, by some person appointed by the Presi- 
dent. The bequest was received, and the first lecture given, 
in 1881. 

In 1891 the sanction of the Charity Commissioners was 
obtained to vary the date of delivery. Honorarium of 
Lecturer, £20. 


1881. Dr. G. V. Poore : '' On Nervous Affections of the Hand." 

1882. Dr. E. L. Fox : ■' Lifluence of the Sympathetic System on 


1883. Dr. J. W. Legg: "Cardiac Aneurysms." 

1884. G. H. Philipson, M.D. : " Pathological Relations of the 

Absorbent System." 

1885. G. F. GOODHART, M.D. : '^Morbid Arterial Tension: A 


1886. J. Dresghfeld, M.D. : '• On Diabetic Coma." 

1887. S. H. West, M.D. : " On Pneumothorax." 

1888. Wm. Carter, :\1.D. : '^ On Uremia." 

1889. Dr. Norman Moore : " The Distribution and Duration of 

Visceral New Growths." 

1890. Dr. R. Sauxdby : '• The Morbid Anatomy of Diabetes 


1891. Dr. W. H. Allchix: -'On Duodenal Indigestion." 

1892. Dr. Samuel J. Gee: "The signs of Acute Peritoneal 


1893. Dr. W. S. Greenfield : " On some Diseases of the 

Thyroid Gland." 

1894. Dr. T. Barlow : "Infantile Scurvy and its Relation to 


1895. Dr. J. B. Bradbury : " On some New Vaso Dilators." 


180n. Dr. W. K. Gowers: "On Subjective Sensations of Sound." 

1897. Dr. E. M. Skerritt : '-On Prognosis in Heart Disease." 

1898. Dr. W. M. Ord : " On Myxoedema and Allied Conditions." 

1899. Dr. W. A. Foxwell : "The Causation of Functional 

Heart Murmurs." 

1900. Dr. a. E. Garrod : "The Urinary Pigments in their 

Pathological Aspects." 

1901. Dr. J. S. Bury : "Prognosis in Relation to Disease of 

the Nervous System." 

1902. Dr. C. J. CULLINGWORTII : '• Intra-peritoneal Heemorrhage 

Incident to Ectopic Gestation." 

1903. Dr. E. F. Trevelyan: "Some Observations on Tuber- 

culosis of the Nervous System." 

1904. Dr. F. F. Caiger : " The Treatment of Enteric Fever." 

1905. Dr. G. R. Murray : " Exophthalmic Goitre and its 

1900. Dr. S. J. Sharkey : " On Rectal Alimentation." 

1907. Sir James Barr, M.D. : '^ The Pleurae ; Pleural Effusion 

and its Treatment." 

1908. Dr. W. Pasteur : " Massive Collapse of the Lung." 


Dr. Gavin Milroy, a fellow of the College, who died lltb 
January, 1886, by his will bequeathed " to the President and 
Council of the Royal College of Physicians for the time being, 
a sum of £2,000 for the purpose of founding and continuing a 
yearly lectureship of three or more lectures on State Medicine 
and Public Hygiene, and upon trust to invest the same in the 
pubhc funds, or in such other investment as they shall in their 
absolute discretion think fit, and upon trust to pay the income 
thereof to a lecturer, to be appointed by them from time to 
time, with lull power and authority for the President and 
Council for the time being to vary investments, and at all times to 
manage, appropriate, and dispose of the said funds and the in- 
come thereof as they shall in their absolute discretion think fit." 

The College resolved that tlie suggestions of Dr. ]\Iilroy with 
regard to the subjects of these Lectures should be adopted as 
the foundation of any scheme of Lectures in connexion with his 
bequest, and these "Suggestions" are kept in print for the 


guidance of Lecturers. It was further resolved that the 
Lectures be known as " The ]\lih-oy Lectures in State Medicine 
and PubHc Health," and that the course comprise not less than 
thi'ee nor more than six Lectures. Honorarium of Lecturer, £60. 


1888. IxsP. Gex. R. Lawson : " Epidemic Influences and Epi- 

demiological Aspects of Cholera and Yellow Fever." 

1889. Dr. J. T. Arlidge : " Occupations and Trades in Relation 

to Pubhc Health." 

1890. Dr. a. Raxsome: "Etiology and Prevention of Phthisis-.'* 

1891. Dr. Thorxe ThornE: "Diphtheria; its Natural History 

and Prevention." 

1892. Dr. F. Warxer : " Enquiry as to the Physical and Mental 

Condition of School Children." 

1893. Dr. B. A. Whitelegge : '* Changes of Type in Epidemic 


1894. Dr. J. B. Haycraft : '• Weissmanism, Disease and Race 


1895. Dr. a. Newsholme : '• The Natural History and Affinities 

of Rheumatic Fever." 

1896. Dr. E. Seatox : " The Value of Isolation and its 


1897. Dr. W. Collingridge : " On Quarantine." 

1898. Dr. S. Moxcktox Copemax : "On the Natural History of 


1899. Dr. G. Viviax Poore -. " The Earth in relation to the 

Preservation and Destruction of Contagia." 

1900. Dr. F. J. Waldo : " Summer Diarrhoea, with special 

relation to Causation and Prevention." 

1901. Dr. J. F. J. Sykes: "The Influence of the Dwelling 

upon Health." 

1902. Dr. Corfield : " The Etiology of Typhoid Fever and its 


1903. Dr. H. T. Bulstkode: "The Causes, Prevalence and 

Control of Tuberculosis." 

1904. Dr. AV. Williams : " Deaths in Childbed, a preventible 


1905. Dr. T. M. Legge: "Industrial Anthrax." 

1906. Dr. W. H. Hamer : " Epidemic Diseases in England — the 

Evidence of Variability and of Persistency of Type." 

1907. Dr. Leoxard Rogers: "Kala-Azar; its Difterentiation 

and its Epidemiology." 

1908. Dr. J. W. H. Eyre : " MeHtensis Septicaemia " (xMalta or 

Mediterranean Fever). 



In the year 1001, Mrs. Agnes Letitia FitzPalrick, widow of 
Dr. Thomas FitzPatrick, a learned member of the College, 
desiring to perpetuate the memory of her husband in connec- 
tion with the College, and acting under the advice of Dr. 
Norman Moore, presented to the President and Fellows, the 
sum of £2,000, in trust, to found a Lectureship in " The 
History of Medicine." 

Under the terms of the trust, the interest accruing from the 
investment of the above capital sum is to be paid each year to a 
Fellow of the College appointed by the President and Censors 
who shall deliver in the College two lectures on " The History 
of Medicine," the precise subject being announced beforehand. 
The Lectures to be pi-inted and published in a separate book. 

The same Fellow may be appointed two years in succession, 
but not again until an interval of at least one year has elapsed. 


1903. Dr. J. F. Payne : " On English Medicine in the Anglo- 

iSaxon Period." 

1904. Dr. J. F. Payne : " English Medicine in the Anglo- 

Norman Period — GilbertusAnglicus; Ricardus Anglicus, 
and the Teaching of Anatomy in the Middle Ages." 

1905. Dr. Norman Moore : " John Mirfeld (1393) and Medical 

Study in London during the Middle Ages ; Dr. Edward 
BroAvne (1644-1708) and the Education of Physicians 
in London in the ITtli Century." 
190G. Dr. Noriman Moore: "On the History of the Study of 
Clinical Medicine in the British Islands.'^ 

1907. Dr. Leonard Guthrie: "Contributions from History 

and Literature to the Study of Precocity in Children." 

1908. Dr. Leonard Guthrie : " The History of Neurology." 


Dr. George Oliver, of Harrogate, and Farnham, Surrey, a 
Fellow of the College, gave to the College in trust, January, 
1904, £2,000 sterling to found and endow a Lectureship or Prize 
in memory of the late WilHam Sharpey. M.D., F.R.S., his in- 
tention being to promote physiological research by observation 


and experiment on man himself, and encourage the application 
of physiological knowledge to the prevention and cure of 
disease and the prolongation of life. The appointment or 
award to be made annually by the President and Censors, with 
whom it rests to determine whether a Lecturer shall be 
appointed, or a Prize awarded for work alrea dy done. The 
Lectures (one or more) are to be delivered annually in AnriL 
The approximate value of the honorarium or prize is £48. 


1004. Dr. G. Oliver : " Recent Studies on the Tissue Lymph 

1 905. Dr. L. E. Hill : " The Litluence of Atmospheric Pres- 

sure on Man." 

1906. Dr. E. I. Spriggs : The bearing of Metabolism Experi- 

ments upon the Treatment of Some Diseases. 

1907. Dr. W. D. Halliburtox: '^New Facts in Relation to 

the Processes of Nervous Degeneration and Re- 

1908. Prof. E. A. Schafer, F.R.S. : " The Present Position of 

our Knowledge regarding the Supra-renal Capsules." 


In 1903, Dr. Horace B. Dobell, a Member of the College, gave 
a sum of £500 in Consols to the College in trust to endoAv a 
Lecture rmder the above title for a term of years, with a view 
to encourage research into " the ultimate origin, evolution, and 
the life-history of bacilli and other pathogenic micro-organisms." 
The Lecture is to be delivered at the College once in every two 
years on the above subject, and an honorarium of £50 to be 
provided for the Lecturer by the sale on each occasion of a 
sufficient portion of the Stock. 


1904. De. E. E. Klein : " The Life History of Saprophytic and 
Parasitic Bacteria and their Mutual Relation." 

1906. Dr. F. W. Axdrewes : "On the Evolution of the 

1908. L. S. Dudgeon, F.R.C.P. : " The Latent Persistence and 
the Re-activation of Pathogenic Bacteria in the Body." 



Dr. Swiiicy died January 2Uth, 1844, and by his mil he 
left the sum of £5,000 Consols to the Society of Arts, who 
are the Trustees, for the pui-pose of presenting a prize, on 
every fifth anniversary of the testator's death, to the author 
of the best work on Junsprudence. The pnze is a silver cup 
value £100, and money to the same amount ; the award is 
made jointly by the Society of Arts and the College of 
Physicians. The practice hitherto has been to award it 
alternately for a Avork on ]\ledical and a work on Genei*al 


1849. J. A. Paris, M.D., F.R.S., and J. Foxblaxque, for their 

work, " Medical Jurisprudence." 
1854. Leone Levi, for his work on " The Commercial Law of 

the World." 
1859. Alfred Swayne Taylor, M.D., F.R.S., for his work on 

'•Medical Jurisprudence." 
1864. Henry James Sumner Maixe, K.C.S.L, LL.D., D.C.L., 

member of the Legislative Council of India, for his work 

on " Ancient Law." 
1869. William Augustus Guy, M.D., F.R.S., for his "Principles 

of Forensic Medicine." 
1874. The Right Hon. Sir Robert Joseph Phillimore, Bart., 

D.C.L., for his " Commentaries on International Law." 
1879. Norman Chevers, M.D., for his "Manual of Medical 

Jurisprudence for India." 
1884. Sheldon Amos, for his work on " A Systematic View of 

the Science of Jurisprudence." 
1889. Charles Meymott Tidy, M.B., for his work on "Legal 

1894. Thomas Erskine Holland, D.C.L., for his work on 

•' Jurisi)rudence." 
1899. John Dixon Mann, M,D., for his work on •• Forensic 

Medicine and Toxicology." 
1904. Sir Frederick Pollock. Bart., LL.D., D.C.L., and 

Frederick William jMaitland, LL.D., D.C.L., for 

their work " History of English Law before the time 

of Edward the First." 




Fredei-ic Daniel Dyster, M.D., transferred to the College in 
the year 1866 the sum of £400 to provide a Gold Medal of the 
value of £20, "in memoriam Gulielmi Baly, ^I.D." 

The award is made every alternate year, on the recom- 
mendation of the President and Council, to the person who shall 
be deemed to have most distinguished himself in the Science of 
Physiology, especially during the two years immediately pre- 
ceding the award, and is not restricted to British subjects. 


1869. Richard Owex. 

1871. Lionel Beale. 

1873. Willl\m Sharpey. 

1875. Claude Bernard. 

1877. Carl Ludwig. 

1879. Charles Darwin. 

1881. John Burdon Sanderson. 

1883. Charles Edward Brown- 

1885. William Kitchen Par- 

1887. DA^^D Ferrier. 

1889. EuDOLF Heidenhain. 

1891. Michael Foster. 


1893. Maurice Schiff. 

1895. Walter Holbrook 

1897. Edward Albert 

1899. Charles Scott Sher- 

1901. Frederick William 

1903. John Newport Lang- 

1905. Iyan Petroyitsch 

1907. Ernest Henry 



This Scholarship was founded in 1880 to perpetuate the 
memory of Dr. Charles Murchison. The sum of about £850 
was raised for this purpose by subscription among his friends, 
and afterwards increased to £1.000. The value of the Scholar- 
ship, which is tenable for one year only, is Twenty Guineas. 

The award is made every year alternately by the University 
of Edinburgh and by the Royal College of Physicians of 
Loudon after a competitive Examination. 

The Examination is open to any Student of Medicine, who, 
subsequently to the date of his passing his professional 

2 A 


Examination in Anatomy and Physiology for a medical 
qualification, has studied for a period of not less than two and 
a half and not more than five years at a medical school in 
London recognized by the Royal College of Physicians, or 
at the University of Edinburgh, including medical classes 
recognized by the Medical Faculty of the University, and 
whether holding a medical qualification or not. 
The following awards have been made : — 


* 1882. Charles Fillixgham Coxwell, M.B. Camb. 
t 1883. George Cecil Dickson, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1884. John Bland Sutton. 

t 1885. Joseph Griffiths, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1886. John Stuart Button. 

t 1887. Walter Stacy Colman. 

* 1888. Henry John Tylden, M.B. Oxf. 

t 1889. Arthur John Whiting. M.B. Edinb. 

* 1890. Bedford Pierce, M.B. Lond. 
t 1891. No Award. 

* 1892. No Award. 

t 1893. David Arthur Welsh, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1894. George Frederic Still, M.B. Camb, 
t 1895. Neil Macvicar. M.B. Edinb. 

* 1896. Sinclair Gillies, M.B. Lond. 

t 1897. Percy Theodore Herring, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1898. John Basil Page. 

t 1899. Alfred Charles Sandstein, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1900. Thomas Crisp English. 

t 1901. Robert Veitch Clark, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1902. No Award. 

t 1903. Charles John Shaw, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1904. William Henry Harwood-Yarred. 
t 1905. John Pool McGowan, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1906. Henry Francis Bell Walker, M.B. Lond. 
t 1907. James Sutherland Edwards, M.B. Edinb. 

* 1908. Edward Leslie Martyn Lobb. 

* By the Royal College of Physicians of London, 
t By the University of Edinburgh. 


Shortly after the death of the late Walter Moxon, M.D., 
in July, 1886, a Committee was appointed for collecting sub- 


scriptions to found a memorial of the deceased. A sum of 
£515 Ss. 6d. was subscribed and handed over by the Committee, 
of which Sir WiUiam Jenner was Chairman, to the Royal 
College of Physicians in trust for the purpose named. After 
the cost of erecting a Bronze Tablet in memory of Dr. Moxon 
at Guy's Hospital had been met, the remainder was invested 
in the purchase of a sum of £435 15s. od. new 2^ per cent. 
Government Stock. 

It was agreed between the Committee and the College that 
the income thence derived should be expended in awarding 
evevy third year a Gold Medal of the value of £30, to the 
person who should be deemed to have most distinguished 
himself by observation and research in Clinical Medicine. The 
award, which is not restricted to British subjects, is made by 
the College on the recommendation of the Council. 


1891. Sir Alfred Garrod, M.D. 

1894. Sir William Jenxer, Bart., G.C.B., .M.D. 

1897. Sir Samuel Wilks, Bart., M.D. 

1900. Sir William Tenxaxt Gairdxer, K.C.B., M.D. 

1903. JoHX HuGHLixGS Jacksox, M.D. 

1906. Joxathax Hutchixsox, F.R.S. 


In 1893, Miss Johnstone, of Bath, bequeathed £5,000 in trust 
for founding five Scholarships for Medical Students, in memory 
of George Samuel Jenks, M.D., a former Fellow of the College. 

The will assigns the appointment to these Scholarships to the 
President and Censors of the Royal College of Physicians and to 
the Council of the Royal College of Surgeons alternately, vnth a 
first claim or preference for students educated at and leaving 
Epsom CoUege ; and directs that one Scholarship be awarded 

2 A 2 


annually, tenable for five years. The value of each Scholar 
ship is about £27 a year. 

189o. James Alfred Patrick Cullex. 

1894. Thomas Chetwood. 

1895. Douglas Duke Turner. 

1896. Arthur Whitehead Smith. 

1897. George Archibald Bosson. 

1898. William Hardy Fleetwood. 

1899. Charles, Henry Burton Thompson. 

1900. Alfred George Sworn. 

1901. Rupert Fahrant. 

1902. John Webster Bride. 

1903. Alfred Richardson. 

1904. Charles Gibson. 

1905. Eric Alfred Charles Fazan. 

1906. Godfrey Alan Walker. 

1907. William Henry Price Saunders. 

1908. Ernest Haines Walker. 


In 1895 Dr. Hermann Weber presented to the College the 
sum of £3,000 sterling m trust to found a prize to be called the 
" Weber-Parkes Prize," in memory of the late Dr. E. A. Parkes, 
to be awarded every third year to the author of the best essay 
upon some subject connected with the etiology, prevention, 
pathology, or treatment of tuberculosis, especially with refer- 
ence to pulmonary consumption in man ; the College, in making 
the award, to have regard to careful collection of facts and 
original research. This duty is entrusted to three FelloAvs of 
the College appointed by the President. 

Provision is made for a prize of one hundred and fifty guineas 
and for a silver medal to be awarded to the winner of the 
prize ; also for a similar medal, distinguished as the second 
medal, to the essayist who comes next in order of merit. 



1897. Prize and Medal, Arthur, Ransome, M.D. Camb. 

2nd Medal awarded to Peter Paterson, M.B. Glasg, 
1900. No award. 
190;i Hugh Walsham, M.D. Camb. 

i^nd Medal awarded to W. JoBSON HORNE, M.D. Camb. 
1906. No award. 


In 189(3, Captain Edward Wilmot Williams, at the suggestion 
of Dr. Theodore Williams, presented to the College the sum of 
£1,000 sterling, with the object of perpetuating the memory of 
the late Dr. Francis Bisset Hawkins in connection with the 

To carry out this intention the College resolved to establish 
a Gold Medal to be bestowed triennially on some duly qualified 
medical practitioner, who is a British subject, and who has, 
during the preceding ten years, done such work in advancing 
Sanitary Science, or in promoting Public Health, as, in the 
opinion of the College, deserves special recognition. The 
award is made by the President. 


1899. James Burn Russell, M.D. Glasg. 
1902. William Henry Power, C.B., F.R.C.S. 
1905. Sir Patrick Manson, K.C.M.G., M.D. Aberd. 
1908. Sir Shirley Murphy, M.R.C.S. 



To Fkllows, Membees, and Extba-Licentiates. 


Aarons, S. J., M.D. 
Abercrombie, J., M.D. 
Abram, J. H., M.D. 
Aciand, T. D., M.D. 
Adamson, H. G., M.D. . 
Addinsell, A. W., M.B. . 
Allbutt, Sir T. C, M.D. . 
AUchin, Sir W. H., M.D. 
Allfrey, C. H., M.D. 
Anderson, J., C.I.E., M.D. 
Anderson, W., M.D. 
Andrewes, F. W., M.D. . 
Andrews, H. K., M.D. . 
Arkwright, J. A., M.D. . 
Armour, D. J., M.B. 
Arnold, E. G. E., M.B. . 
Ascherson, W. L., M.D. . 
AshbT, H. T., M.B. 
Auden, G. A., M.D. 
Auld, A. G., M.i). . 


Bagshawe, F., M.D. 
Bailey, C. F., M.D. . 
Bain, W., M.D. 
Bainbridge, F. A., M.D. . 
Bainbridge, G., M.D. 
Ball, J. B., M.D. . 
Balsara, J. C. . 
Bardswell, N. D., M.D. . 
Barnes, A. E., M.B. 
Barnes, A. S., M.D. 
Barr, Sir J., M.D. . 
Barratt, J. O. \V., M.D. . 
Barrs, A. G., M.D. . 
Barton, J. K. . 
Bastian, H. C, M.D. 
Batten, F. E., M.D. . 
Batten, R. W., M.D. 
Buttersby, R., M.D. 
Baumann, E. P., M.D. . 
Baumler.C. G. if., M.D. 


































































Beath, F., M.B. 
Beale, E. C, M.B. . 
Beard, C. I., M.B. . 
Beatson, W. B., M.D. . 
Beat tie, T., M.D. . 
Beddard, A. P., M.D. . 
Beddoe, J., M.D. . 
Beeror, Sir H. R., Bart., 


Benliam, C. H., M.D. . 
Benhani, F. L., M.D. 
Berkart, I. B., M.D. 
Berkeley, G. H. A. C, 


Bernstein, J. M., M.B. . 
Biddlecombe. E. H., M.B. 
Bidie, G., M.B. 
Bill, A. F., M.D. . 
Birch, E. A., M.D. . 
Bird, M. M., Af.D . 
Bird, W. v., M.D' . 
Biss, C. Y., M.D. . 
Bisshopp, F. R. B., M.D. 
Black, J. W., M.D. . 
Blacker, G. F., M.D. 
Blanc, Sir H., M.D. 
Blaudford. G. F., M.D. . 
Bolam, R. A., M.D. 
Bolton, C, M.D. . 
Bolton, J. S., M.D. . 
Bond, W. A., M.D. 
Bonnev, W. F.Y.,M.D. . 
Bosanquet,W.C.. M.D. . 
Boulton, P., M.D. . 
Bowles, R. L., M.D. 
Box, C. R., M.D. . 
Bosall, R., M.D. . 
Bradbury, J. B., M.D. . 
Bradford, J. R., M.D. . 
Bradshaw, A. F., C.B. . 
Bradsbaw, T. R., M.D. . 
BramwelJ, E., M.B. 
Branfoot, H. S., M.B. . 
Branson, W. P. S., M.D. 
Bridiies. R.. M.B. . 
Bright, G. C. M.D. 


19 312 


24 313 
40 31 1 

13 314 


49 313 

33 318 

39 316 

20 315 


43 309 


Hj 315 


46 311 


44 311 




16 308 


34 312 

14 307 

33 312 
26 310 
28 315 

34 313 

23 312 

15 315 

N.B. — For Licentiates who obtained their Qualifications subsequent 
to 1860, see page 55. 

For Diplomates in Public Health, see page 292. 



Brinton, R. D., M.D. 
Briscoe, J. C, M.D. 
Broadbent, Sir J. F. H., 

Bart., M.D. 
Broadbent, W., M.D. 
Brockbank, E. M., M.D.. 
Brodie, G. B., M.D. 
Brodie, W. H., M.D. 
Brown, E. H., M.D. 
Brown, R. C, M.B. 
Brown, W. C, M.D. 
Brown, W. L., M.D. 
Browne, S. H.., C.I.E., 


Bruce, J. M., M.D. . 
Brunton, Sir T. L., Bart., 


Buehanan,R. J. M., M.D. 
Buckler, S., M.D. . 
Bunch," J. L. M., M.D. . 
Burgess, D., M.B. . 
Burnet, Sir R. W., M.D. . 
BurreU, E., M.D. . 
Burton-Fanning, F. W., 


Bury, J. S., M.D. . 
Bushbv, T., M.B. . 
Buszard, F., M.D. . 
Bxixton, D. W., M.D. 
Buzzard, E. F., M.D. . 
Buzzard, T., M.D. . 
Byrne, P. K., M.D. 
Byrne, W. S. O, M.D. , 


Caiger, F. F., M.D. 
Calev, H. A.. M.D. 
Calvert, J., M.D. . 
CalTert, J. T., M.B. 
Cameron. H. C. M.B. , 
Campbell, H., M.D. 
Campbell, H. J., M.D. , 
Campbell, J. W., M.B. , 
Carmalt- Jones, D. W. 

M.B. . 
Carpenter, G. A., M.D. , 
Carr, J. W., M.D. . 
Carter, A. H., M.D. 
Carter, C. H., M.D. 
Carter, E. C, M.D. . 
Carter, W., M.D. . 
Carver, A. E., M.D. 
Cassidy, M. A., M.B. 
Castaneda, M., M.B. 
Caton, R., M.D. 
Cattle, C. H., M.D. . 
Cautlev, E., M.D. . 
Cave, E. J., M.D. . 
Cayley, W., M.D. . 


37 Chadwick, C. M., M.D. . 22 314 

44 Champneys, F. H., M.D. . 16 
Chaplin, T. H. A., M.D. . 25 

26 Chapman, C. W., M.D. . 36 

40 313 Chapman, P. M., M.D. . 21 309 

28 310 Charles, J. R., M.D. . 42 308 

14 Cheadle, W. B., M.D. . 12 

49 Chepmell, I. D., M.D . 32 313 

45 316 Chisholm, R. A., M.B. . 52 

28 311 Christopherson, J. B., 

49 M.D 48 317 

29 Church, Sir W. S., Bart., 

M.D 12 

40 Clapton, E., M.D. . . 12 

15 Clark, F. W.. M.D. . . 53 316 
Clark, J., M.D. . . 52 315 

14 Clark, W. R., M.B. . . 40 312 

29 310 Clarke, J. M., M.D. . 22 308 

39 310 Cleveland, A. J., M.D. . 42 311 

40 Clutterbuck, L. A., M.D. 48 

27 314 I Coates, C, M.D. . . 13 312 
21 Colbeck, E. H., M.D. . 26 

32 Cole. R. H., M.D. . . 39 

Cole,T.E. C, M.D. . 49 314 

27 311 Coles, A. C, M.D. . . 50 309 
21 310 Collie, A., M.D. . . 32 315 
44 310 Collier, J. S., M.D. . . 26 

18 311 Collier, W., M.D. . . 20 312 
34 Collins, M. C, M.D. . 34 311 

28 CoUinson, F. W., M.D. . 43 311 
14 Colman, W. S., M.D. . 22 

49 Colquhoun, D., M.D. . 2cS 318 

43 318 Colver, S. W. R., M.D. . 52 

Cook. H.. M.D. . . 17 309 

Cook, J., M.D. . . 31 

Coombs, C. F., M.D. . 51 308 

24 Cooper, C, M.D. . . 31 

24 Copeman, S. A. M., M.D. 23 

21 Cordes, A. E., M.D. . 35 316 
49 Cottle, E. W., M.D. . 32 309 
51 Coupland, S., M.D. . 16 

22 Coutts, J. A., M.B. . . 22 

23 314 Cox, P. G. . . .31 
37 315 Coxwell. C. F., M.D. . 33 

Craig, M., M.D. . . 27 

49 Crawfurd, R. H. P., M.D. 25 

36 Crocker, H. R., M.D. . 18 

24 Crooke, G. F., M.D. . 37 

19 313 ' Crothers, R., M.D. . . 30 309 
32 309 ; Crowlev, R. H., M.D. . 41 314 
36 308 Cunliffe, E. X., M.D. . 49 310 

17 315 Curl, S. AY., M.D. . . 47 308 

44 308 ' 

51 ' D. 


18 310 j Dakin, W. R., M.D. . 21 
28 311 1 Dallv, J. F. H., M.D. . 53 

25 Dalton. ^^, il.D. . . 21 

40 312 Dalv, E. O., M.D. . . 34 314 

13 312 Daniels, C. W., M.B. . 53 




Dapples, E., M.D. . . 30 

Dardenne, H., M.I). . 42 

Dauber, J. H., M.B. . 39 

Davies. A. T., M.D. . 21 

Davis, H. D., M.B. . . 53 

Davis, H. J., M.B. . . 41 

Davison, J., M.D. . . 36 309 

Davy, H., .\[.D. . . 21 308 

Dawson, B. K., M.D. . 26 

Day, H. B., M.D. . . 53 317 

Dean, H. R., M.B. . . 49 

Devine, H., M.B. . . 49 312 

Dickinson, T. V., M.D. . 39 

Dickinson, W. H., M.D. . 11 

Dill, J. F. a., M.D. . 47 313 

Dobell, H. B., M.D. . 30 308 

Dodd, S., M.B. . . 52 

Dodfjson, R. \V., M.D. . 46 

Donald, A., M.D. . . 36 310 

Donkin, H. B., M.D. . 16 

Dore, S. E., M.D. . . 51 

Douty, E. H., M.D. . 47 315 

Drake, A., M.B. . . 13 SOS 

Drewitt, F. G. D., M.D. . 18 

Drvsdale, J. II., M.D. . 24 310 
Duckworth, Sir D., M.D. 13 

Dudgeon, L. S. , .29 

Duff, J., M.D. . . 35 307 

DutHn, A.B., M.D.. . 13 

Dukes, C, M.D. . . 23 314 

Duncan, A., M.D. . . 28 

Duncan, W., M.D. . . 34 

Dutt., M. L. . . .34 

Dwyer, R. J., M.B. . . 45 317 


Fade, Sir P., M.D. . 
Eastwood, J. W., M.D. 
Eddovves, A., M.D. 
Eden, T. W., M.D. 
Edge, A. M., M.D. . 
Edge, F., M.D. 
Edgecombe, W., M.D. 
Edmunds, J., M.D. 
Edwardes, E. J., M.D. 
Edwards, F. H., M.D. 
Elliot, A., M.D. 
EUiott, J., M.D. . 
Emanuel. J. G., M.D. 
Eve, F. C, M.D. , 
Everslied, A. . 
Ewart, TV., M.D. . 


Fairbairn, J. S., M.B. . 43 

Falconer, A. W., M.D. . 50 315 

Fawcett, J., M.D. . . 25 

. 13 




. 40 

. 27 

. 33 




. 50 


. 32 



. 40 


. 28 




. 43 


. 32 


. 16 


Fennell, C. II., M.D. . 44 313 

Fcnton, W. J., M.D. . 28 

Fenwick, .B., M.D. . . 33 

Fenwiek, J. C. J.. M.D. . 31 311 

Fenwick, W. S.. M.D. . 37 

Ferrier, J)., M.D. . . 14 

Fielding-Ould,R., M.D. . 49 312 

Finigan, D. C. O., M.D. . 50 

Finlay, D. W., M.D. . 17 315 

Finlayson, a. A., M.B. . 50 316 

Fisher, T., M.D. . . 28 309 

Fletcher, U. M., M.D. . 24 

Forbes, J. O.. M.D. . 47 

Forman, E. B., M.D. . 36 

Forsyth, C. K. P., M.B. . 51 307 

ForsVth, D., M.I). . . 47 

Foster, M. G., M.D. . 40 314 

Foster, Sir B. W., M.D. . 13 

Fowler, J. K., M.D. . 18 

Fox, C. B., M.D. . . 16 308 

Fox, E. L., M.D. . . 36 308 

Fox, R. F., M.D. . . 38 

Fox, R. Jr., M.D. . . 34 

Fox, T. C, M.B. . . 20 

Fox, W. S., M.D. . . 47 

Foxwell, W. A., M.D. . 20 313 

Frank, P., M.D. . . 13 

Eraser, J. G., M.B. . .51 308 

Fremantle, F. E., M.B. . 41 

Frencli, H. S., M.D. . 28 

Frevberger, L., M.D. . 39 

Furth, K. J., M.D. . . 43 

Fyffe, W. K., M.B. . . 38 318 


Gabbett, H. S., M.D. . 33 313 

Galabin, A. L., M.D. . 15 

Galloway. J., M.D. . . 22 

Ganigee, A., M.D. . . 22 

Gardner, H. W., M.D. . 48 312 

Gardner, T. F.. M.D. . 41 309 

Garrod, A. E., M.D. . 20 

Gaskell, J. F., M.B. . 52 307 

Gaster, A., M.D. . . 37 

Gates, E. A., M.D. . . 46 316 

Gav, W., M.D. . . 34 310 

GaVner, C, M.D. . . 31 

Gee, S. J., M.D. . . 12 

Gervis, H., M.D. . . 14 312 

Gibbes, C. C, M.D. . 39 

Gibbon, S., M.B. . . 30 

Gibbons, R. A., M.D. . 33 

Gibson, A. G., M.B. . 48 312 

Giflard, G. G. . . 45 

Giglioli, G. Y., M.D. . 47 316 

Giles, A. E., M.D. . . 38 

Gill, S. A., M.D. . . 32 309 

Given, J. C. M., M.D. . 44 310 




Glvnn, E E., M.B. . . 47 310 

Grljnn, T. E., M.D. . . Ifi 310 

G-odsou, C, M.D . . 32 

aoldsmith, P. D., M.D. . 38 317 

aolla, F. L., M.B. . . 50 

Goodall, E., M.D. . . 25 315 

G-oodbody, F. W., M.D. . 42 

Goodhart, J. F., M.D. . 16 

Gordon, W., M.D. . . 2ei 308 

Gossage, A. M., M.D. . 26 

aow, W. J., M.D. . . 26 

Gowers, Sir W. R., M.D. 15 

Grabbam, G. W., M.D. . 33 308 

Grabhain, M. C, M.D. . 15 317 

Grant, Sir J. A., M.D. . 16 317 

Gray, A. H. M., M.D. . 50 

Green, T. H., M.D. . 14 

Greenfield, W. S.. M.D. . 15 315 

Gregg, W. II., M.B. . 35 316 

Greres. E. H., M.D. . 36 309 
Griffin, L. T. . . .54 315 

Griffith, T. W., M.D. . 29 314 

Griffith, W. S. A., M.D. . 21 

Griinbaum, A. S. F., M.D. 25 314 

Griinbauin, O. F. F., M.D. 44 

Gullan, A. G., M.D. . 43 310 

Guthrie, L. G., M.D. . 24 


Habershon, S. H.. M.D. . 


Hadlej, ^V. J., M.D. 


Haig, A., M.D. 


Halford, G. B., M.D. 



HaU, A. J., M.D. . 



Hall, D. G., M.D. . 



Hall, F. de H., M.D. 


Hall, G., M.D. 



Halliburton, W. D., M.D. 


Hainer, W. 11., M.D. 


Hamilton, T. B., M.B. . 



Hammond, J. H., M.D. . 



Handfield-Jones, C. M., 

M.D. . . . . 


Handford, H., M.D. 



Hanly, E., M.D. . 



Harding, W., M.D. . 



Harley, J., M.D. . 



Hurley, V. B., M.D. 


Harries, T. D. 



Harris, G. F. A., M.D. . 



Harris, V. D., M.D. 



Harris, \V. J., M.D. 


Harsant, J. G., M.D. 



Hartley, W. D., M.D. . 



Harvey, J. S. S., M.D. . 


Haviland, F. P., M.B. . 



Hswiiins, F. H., M.D. . 




Hawkins, H. P., M.D. . 21 

Hawthorne, C. O., M.D. . 42 

Hay, J., M.D. . . 46 310 

Hayes, A. H. . . . 45 

Hayes, T. C, M.D. . . 19 

Haynes, F. H., M.D. . 21 314 

Head, H., M.D. , . 24 

Headlev, W. B., M.D. . 18 318 

Heatli.'^A. D., M.D. . 44 313 

Hebb, R. G., M.D. . . 19 

Hebbert, C. A. . . 34 317 

Hedley, J. P., M.B. . 51 

Helme, T. A., M.D. . 39 310 

Henslev, P. J., M.D. . 13 312 

Herman, G. E., M.B. . 17 

Heron, G. A., M.D. . 18 

Herringham, W. P., M.D. 19 

Hertz, A. F., M.D. . 48 

Hewlett, R. T., M.D. . 27 

Heywood, C. C, M.B. . 47 310 

Hichens, P. S., M.D. . 41 

Higgs, F. W., M.B. . 50 

Hobhouse, E., M.D. . 24 313 

Hodson, V. S., MB. . 50 317 

HoUand, E., M.D. . . 32 

Holland, E. L., M.D. . 52 

Holmes, G. M., M.D. . 53 

HoUis, W. A., M.D. . 14 313 

Holt, R. C, M.D. . . 44 311 

Hood, D. W.C, M.D. . 20 

Horder, T. J., M.D. . 28 

Home, W. J., M.D. . 40 

Horrocks, P., M.D. . . 19 

Horton - Smitli - Hartley , 

P., M.D. . . \ 23 

Howell, C. M. H., M.D. . 48 

Howland, G. W., M.B. . 45 317 

Hudson, B., M.D. . . 50 

Hughes, J. Y., M.D. . 52 309 

Huggard, W. R., M.D. . 23 316 

Humphreys, H., M.D. • 32 308 

Humphry, L., M.D. . 26 307 

Hunter, C., M.D. . . 44 317 

Hunter, W., M.D. . . 22 

Hutchison, R., M.D. . 26 


Iredell, C. E., M.D. . 51 

Jackson, J. H., M.D. . 12 

Jacob, F. H., M.D. . 46 311 

Jaffe, C. S., M.D. . . 39 

James, M. P., M.D. . 31 

Jenkins, E. J., M.D. . 26 318 

Jewesbury, R. C, M.B. . 51 



Jex-Blake, A. J., il.B. , 4S 

Johnson, H. P. . . 48 

Johnston, G. F., M.D. . 38 

Johnstone. T., M.D. . 35 314 

Jones, A. E., M.D. . . 47 

Jones, H. L., M.D. . . 21 

Jones, J., M.D. . . 31 

Jones, E., M.D. . . 28 308 


Kauffmann, O. J., M.D. . 35 313 

Kellie, E.H. A., M.B. . 52 

Kehnack, T. N., M.D. . 39 

Kidd, P., M.D. . . 18 

Kilner, W. J., M.B. . 33 

King, E. J. S., M.D. . 54 308 


Lacy, C. S. De L., M.B. . 


Lakin, C. E., M.D. . 


Laking, Sir F. II., 

Bart., K.C.V.O., M.D. 


Lamb, W., M.D. . 



Langdon - Down, K. L., 



Langmead, F. S., M.D. . 


Lapage, C. P., M.D. 



Latham, A. C, M.D. 


Latham, P. W., M.D. . 



Lazarus-Barlow, W. S., 



Leech, E. B., M.D. . 



Lees, 1). B., M.D. . 


Legg, J. W., M.D. . 



Leicester, J. C. H., M.D. 



LesHe, R. M., M.D. 


LeTT, A. a., M.D. . 


Lewers, A. H. N., M.D. . 


Lewis, T., M.D. 


Lichtenberg, Gt. P. J. L., 




Limont, J., M.B. 



Lindsay, J. A., M.D. 



Lister,"T. D., M.D. 


Little, E. G. G., M.D. - 


Little, J. F., M.B. . 


Little, S., M.D. 



Liveing, E., M.D. . 


Liveing, R., M.D. . 


Lomas, W., M.D. . 


Lockyer, C. H. G-., M.D. . 


Longridge, C. J. N., M.D. 


Longstaff, G. B., M.D. . 


Lowenthal, M. S., M.D. . 



Lubbock, M., M.D. . 


LufE, A. P., M.D. . 


Lyon, T. G., M.D. . 



Macalister, C. J., M.D. . 37 310 

MacAlister, Sir D., M.D. 18 315 

McCallin, W., M.D. . 44 309 

McCallum, H. A., M.D. . 43 317 

McCann, F. J., M.D. . 38 

McCarrison, R., M.B. . 53 

McCrae, J., M.B. . . 49 317 

McCrae, T., M.D. . . 28 317 

McDonagh, J. M., M.D. . 34 318 

MacGilchrist,A.C., M.B. 53 316 

Mackenzie, H.W.G., M.D. 20 

Mackenzie, J., M.D. . 52 

Mackenzie, Sir S., M.D. . 15 312 

McKisack, U. L., M.D. . 47 315 

Maclean, E. J., M.D. . 40 315 
MacLeod, A. C. . .31 

Macleod, H. W. G., M.D. 51 

MacLeod, J. M. H., M.D. 42 

Macnamara, E. D., M.D. 48 
Macnaughton, G. W. F., 

M.D 46 

Maconachie, G. A., M.D. 35 315 

Macreight, W. W., M.D. 30 308 

Maguire, R., M.D. . . 19 

Malin?, E., M.D. . . 25 313 

Mann, H. C. C, M.D. . 50 

Mann, J. D., M.D. . . 19 310 

Hanson, Sir P., M.D. . 22 

Mant)e, A., M.D. . . 38 314 

Manuel, A., M.B. . . 52 

Marriott, C. W., M.D. . 3o 307 

Marsden, R. W., M.D. . 41 310 

Marston,J.A.,C.B.,M.D. 35 

Martin, A., M.D. . . 35 318 

Martin, S. H. C, M.D. . 20 

Masters, J. A., M.D. . 36 

Maudslev, H., M.D. . 12 

MaudsleV, H. C, M.D. . 25 318 

Mar, C. G., M.D. . . 38 

MaV, O., M.B. . . 53 

MaV, W. P., M.D. . . 25 

MaVnard, E. F., M.D. . 43 313 

Meiichen, G. N., M.D. . 45 

Melland, C. H., M.D. . 45 310 

Menzies, W. F., M.D. . 37 312 

Mercier, C. A., M.D. . 26 

Mickle, W. J., M.D. . 18 317 

Miller, C.H., M.D. . . 49 

Miller, R. H., M.D. . 50 

Millmgton, W., M.D. . 30 312 

Miner, F. L., M.D. . . 34 

Mitra, J. N., M.B. . . 34 316 
Modi, S. H. . . .43 316 

Montgomery, J. B., M.D. 14 307 

Moon, R. O., M.D. . . 41 

Moore, F. C, M.D. . . 44 310 
Moore, X., M.D. . .15 

Moore, W. W., M.B. . 50 31S 



Morgan, T. H., M.D. 
Morisoii, A., M.D. . 
Moritz, S., M.D. . 
Morrice, G-. G-., M.D. 
Morris, R. J., M.D. 
Mott, F. W., M.D. . 
Moullin, J. A. M., M.B. . 
Muller, C. . . . 
Murray, G. E., M.D. 
Murray, W., M.D. . 
Murreil, W., M.D. . 


Nabarro, D. N., M.D. . 
jS^apier, A. D. L., M.D. . 
Naumann, J. C. F., M.D. 
Neild, N., M.B. 
Newman, A. K., M.B. 
Neave, S. H. M. . 
Newsholme, A., M.D. 
Nias, J. B., M.D. . 
Nixon, J. A., M.B. . 


Paget-Touilmson, \Y. S. 

M.D. . 
Palmer, F. S., M.D. 
Pardington, G. L., M.D 
Park, W., M.D. 
Parker, G. W. 
Parkin, A., M.D. . 
Parkinson, J. P., M.D. 
Parsons, H. C, M.D. 
Parsons, J. I., M.D. 




















35 318 


50 308 

32 318 

44 308 



46 308 

O'Connor, B., M.D. 


Odling, W., M.B. . 



Ogilvie, G., ]\[.B. . 


Ogle, C, M.D. 


Ogle, W., M.D. Oxf. 


Oldfield, C, M.D. . 



Oliver, G., M.D. . 



Oliver, J., M.D. 


Oliver, Sir T., M.D. 



Oppenlicimer, H., M.D. 


Orange, W., C.B., M.D. 



Ord, W. W., M.D. . 



Ormerod, A. L., M.D. . 



Ormerod, J. A., M.D. 


Osier, W., M.D. . 



Owen, Sir H. I., M.D. 



Owen, S. H., M.D. . 



Owen, J., M.D. 



Oxley, A. J. E.,M.D. . 




. 43 

. 46 


. 32 

. 33 


. 52 


. 39 



. 37 


Pasmore, E. S., M.D. . 40 312 

Pasteur, W., M.D. . . 20 

Paterson, D. R., M.D. . 36 315 

Pavy, F. W., M.D. . . 11 

Paxton, F. V., M.B. . 31 313 

Payne, J. F., M.D. . . 14 309 

Pearse, T. F., M.D. . 35 316 

Pearson, S. V., M.B. . 45 311 

Penrose, F. G., M.D. . 21 314 

Pereival, B. A., M.B. . 46 

Perkins, J. J., M.B. . 25 

Perrv, Sir E. C, M.D. . 21 

Perry, S. H., M.D. . 41 313 

Phear, A. G., M.D. . 25 

Phililjson, Sir G. H., M.D. 13 31 1 

Phillips, J., M.D. . . 20 

Phillips, L. C. P., M.D. . 46 317 

Phillips, S. P., M.D. . 19 

Philpot, J. H., M.D. . 35 

Pidcock, G. D., ]M.D. . 35 

Pierce, B., M.D. . , 27 314 
Pitt, G. N., M.D. . .19 
Planck, C. . . .35 309 

Playfair, K., M.B. . . 41 

Playfair, H. J . M., M.D. . 40 

Pollock, J. E., M.D. . 11 

Pollock, W. R., M.D. . 24 

Pope, F. il., M.D. . 25 311 

Potter, E. F., M.D. . 45 

Potter, S. O. L., M.D. . 36 317 

Powell, Sir E. D., Bart. . 11 

Povnton, F. J., M.D. . 26 

Pratt, H., M.D. . . 30 

Pratt, R., M.D. . . 41 311 

Price, F. W., M.B. . . 46 

Price, G. B., M.D. . . 51 

Pringle, J. J., M.B. . 20 

Pritchard, G.E.C.. M.D. 43 

Pritchard, H., M.D. . 50 

Purslow, C. E., M.D. . 38 3ia 

Pye-Smith, P. H., M.D. . 12 


Eailton, T. C, M.D. . 35 309 

Eanisbottom, A.. M.D. . 52 811 

Rankin, G., M.D. . . 28 

Ranking, J. E., M.D. . 20 309 

Ransom, W. B., M.D. . 23 311 

Ransome, A., M.D.. . 23 308 

Raw, N., M.D. . . 43 310 

Reid, Sir J., Bart., M.D. . 20 

Reissmann, C. H., M.D. . 43 318 

Rennie, G. E., M.D. . 28 318 

Reynolds, E. S., M.D. . 22 310 

Eichardson, G.. M.D. . 33 

Eicketts, T. F., M.D. . 41 309 

Einger, S., M.D. . . 12 




Rivers, W. H. E., 11.1). . 23 307 

Riviere, C, M.D. . . 42 

Roberts, C. II., M.D. . 38 

RobiMts, D. L., M.D. . 15 310 

Roberts, K. J., M.B. . 31 308 

Roberts, F. T., M.D. . 14 

Roberts, J. L., M.D. . 43 310 

Robinson, G. H. D., M.D. 27 

Robson, W. M., M.D. . 48 311 

Rockwood, W. (Jr., M.D. . 34 316 

Rogers, L., M.D. . . 27 316 

Rogers, T. L., M.D. . 31 309 

Ronrer-Siiiifl), H.R., M.D. 40 

Kolleston, II. D., M.D. . 21 

Ross, D. M., M.J). . . '10 309 

Ross, E. A., M.D. . .51 

Ross, G. W.. M.B. . . 49 317 

Routh, A. J. McC, M.D. 21- 

Routh, C. H. F., M.D. . 30 

Rudolf, R. D., M.D. . 41 317 

Russell, A. E.. M.D. . 29 

Russell, J. S. R., M.D. . 22 

Russell, J. W., M.D. . 27 313 

Rutfcer, J.. M.D. . . 31 313 


Sainsbur^', II., M.D. . 20 

Samwavs, D. W., M.D. . 42 315 

Sandwilh, F. M., M.D. . 24 

Saundby, R., M.D. . . 18 313 

Saunders, E. A., M.B. . 41 

Saunders, G. J. S., M.D. 31 313 

Savage, G. H., M.D. . 17 

SaviU, T. D.,M.l). . .31 

Sawyer, Sir J., M.D. . 17 313 

Sawyer, J. E. 11., M.D. . 47 314 

Scott, L. M., M.D. . . 47 

Seaton, E., M.D. . . 18 

Seligniann, C. G., M.D. . 44 

Semon, Sir F., M.D. . 17 

Sequeira, J. II., M.D. . 27 

Shadwell, A., M.D. . . 28 312 

Sharkey, S. J.. M.D. . 18 

Shaw, H. B., M.D. . . 27 

Shaw*, L. K., M.D. . . 20 

Shaw, T. C, M.U. . . 16 

Shelly, C. E.,M.D. . . 39 -309 

Shore, O. B., M.D. . . 31 

Short, T. S., M.D. . . 37 313 

Shrubsall, F. C, M.D. . 44 

Sibley, W. K., M.D. . 37 

Sikes, A. W., M.D. . . 42 

Simey, A. J., M.D. . . 49 314 

Simon, R. M., M.D. . 21 313 

Simpson, W. J. R., M.D. 23 

Simson, H. J. F., M.B. . 43 

Sinclair, J., M.D. . .36 

Sinclair, Sir W. J., M.D.. 37 310 

Singer, H. D., M.D. . 44 317 

Sinlia, N. P. , 


Siordet,J. L.. M.B. 



Skinner, E. F., M.B. 



Smith, A. L. IL, M.B. . 


Smith, E., M.D. 


Smitli, E. S., M.D. . 


Smith, F. J., M.D. . 


Smith, G. M. C, M.B. . 



Smith, H., M.D. . 


Smith, L. A., M.D. . 


Smith, R. P., M.D. . 


Smith, R. S., M.D. . 



Smith, R. T., M.D. . 


Snow, W. v., M.I).. 



Snowman, .1., .M.D. 


SommerviUe, D., M.D. . 


Spencer, J I. R., M.D. 


Spencer, W. II., M.D. . 


Spriggs, E. I., M.D. 


Spriiigthorpe, J. W.,M.D. 



Squire, J. E., C.B., M.D. 


Squires, H. C, M.B. 



Stabb, A. F.. M.B. . 


Stainer, E., M.B. 


Standage, R. F. 



Stanley, J. D., M.D. 



Starling, E. II., M.D. 


Steell, G., M.D. . 



Stevens, T. G., M.D. 


Stevens, W. M., M.D. . 



Stewart, E., M.D. . 



Stewart, J. P., M.D. 


Stewart, T. G., M.B. 


Still, G. F., M.D. . 


Stocker, A. II., M.D. 


Stocker, J. R., M.B. 



Stoddart, W. H. B., M.D. 


Sturge, W. A.,M.D. 



Sturrock, A. C, M.D. . 



Suckling, C. W., M.D. . 



Sunderland, S., M.D. 


Surveyor, N. F., M.D. . 



Sutherland, D. \V., .M.D. 



Sutherland, G. A., M.D. . 


Swanton, J. H., M.D. . 


Svmes-Thompson, H. E., 




Tate, W. B., M.D. . . .30 311 

Tate, W. W. H., M.D. . 26 

Tatham,J.F. W.,M.D. . 23 

Taylor, F., M.D. . . 15 

Taylor, F. E., .M.D . 48 

Taylor, F. II., M.D. . 36 

Taylor, J., MD. . . 22 

Taylor,.J.G.. M.D. . . 47 307 

Taylor, S., M.D. . . 24 

Teiling, W. II. M., M.D. 45 314 



Thiele, F. 11., M.D. 
Thompsou, C. H., M.D. . 
Thompson, H. T., M.D. . 
Thompson, R. E., M.D. . 
Thomson, H. C, M.D. . 
Thomson, J. E., M.D. . 
Thomson, St. C. M.D. . 
Tliorne, F. La C, M.D. . 
Thome, W. B., M.D. 
Thornton, G., M.D. 
Thornton, Gr. L. 
Thorowgood, J. C, M.D. 
Thurgar, B. B., M.D. . 
Thursfield, J. H., M.D. . 
Thursfield, T. W., M.D. . 
Tidey, S. A., M.D. . 
Tidy, H. L., M.B. . 
Tirard, X. I. C, M.D. . 
Tooth, H. H., M.D. 
Torrens, J. A., M.B. 
Trevelvan, E. F.. M.D. . 
Tribe, 'p. C. E., M.B. . 
Tunnicliffe, F. W., M.D. 
Turner, D. 

Turner, D. F. D., M.D. . 
Turner, Vf. A., M.D. 
Turney, H. G., M.D. 
Turtle, a. de B.. M.D. . 
Turton, E., M.D. . 
Tyleeote, F. E., M.D. . 
T^son W. J., M.D. 


Yalcourt, de, J. E. T., 


Venn, A. J., M.D. . 
Vincent, E., M.D. . 
Voelcker, A. F., M.D. . 


"Waldo, H., M.D. . 
Walker, J. X. 
Wall, E. C. B.. M.D. . 
Walshani, H., M.D. 
Walters, F. E., M.D. 
Warde, W. B., M.D. 
Warner, F., M.D. . 
Warrington, W. B., M.D. 
Warrv, J. K., M.D. 
Waters, A. T. H., M.D. . 
Waterhouse, E., M.D. . 
Watney, H., M.D. . 
Watson, G. W., M.D. . 






16 30S 


37 312 


41 316 

4rt 308 

14 313 



19 314 

37 316 





24 314 

4S 317 


36 318 

37 315 


47 314 
51 311 
24 309 

32 315 
32 312 























Watson, J. W. 



Weayer, F. P., M.D. 


Webb, W. W.. M.D. 


Weber, F. P., i[.D. 


Weber, Sir H., M.D. 


Wells, S. E., M.D. . 


West, S. H., M.I). . 


Wethered, F. J., M.D. . 


Wheaton, S. W.. M.D. . 


Wliipham.T. E. C, M.D. 


Whipham, T. T., M.D. . 



White, C. S., M.D. . 


White, E. W., M.B. 


White, W. Hale, M.D. . 


White, W. 11., M.D. 


White-Cooper, G.O.. M.B. 


Whitehead, J. L., M.D. . 



Whitelegge, B. A., M.D. . 


Whitfield, A., M.D. 


Whiting, A. J., M.D. . 


Whittle; E. M. a., M.D. 



Wiglesvvorth, J., M.D. . 



Wild, E. B., M.D. . 



Wilkinson, A. T., M.D. . 



Wilkinson, W. C.,M.D. . 



Wilks, Sir S., Bart., M.D. 


Willcox. W. H., M.D. . 


Willett, J. A., M.D. 


Williams, C. T., M.D. . 


Williams, D., M.D. . 


Williams, Su- J., Bt., M.D. 



Williams, L. L. B., M.D. 


Williams, O. T., M.D. . 



AViUiams, W., M.D. 



WilUamson, U.. M.B 


Williamson, 0. K., M.D.. 


Williamson, E. T., M.D. . 



Wills, \Y. A., M.D. . 



AYillmore, W. S. 


Wilson, E. T., M.B. 



Wilson, J. C, M.D. 


Wilson, S. A. K., M.D. . 


Wilson, T. S., M.D. 



Wiltshire, H. W.. M.B. . 


Winslow, H. F., M.D. . 


Winslow, L. S. F., M.B. . 


Wood, X. T., M.D. . 


Wood, T. 0., M.D. . 


Wynn, W. H., M.D. 



Wyntei-, W. E., M.D. . 



Yeo, I. B., M.D. . . 14 

Young, E. A., M.D. . 27 

Younger, E. G., M.D. . 34 



ST. martin's LANE, LONDON, W.C.