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Full text of "McElroy's Philadelphia city directory"

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[ '^^(£b^^ 










jFourte^ntli 3EtJfttow. 

'he ■>'*/;..■ if Subscribers, in this edition, are printed in Capitals, and the same 
course will be pursued in all future editions.] 










Bcg^inning at Schuylkill low water mark on Cedar street. 

lencc to Water street 
; Water street widtli 60 

Sq»i:irc to Willow, 
Willow street 50 

'Beach street 50 

Ashton street 50 

Front street 60 


'Second street 50 

Third street 50 

Fourth street 50 

Fifth street 50 

! Sixth street 50 

'Seventh street 50 

'Eighth street 50 

; Broad street 113 


'From Sch. to Broad, inclu- 
sive, 733 

, Juniper street 28 


'^ Thirteenth street 50 

1 1 Square 

^ Amount carried forward, 78 






Amount brought forward. 
Twelfth street width 

Eleventh street 

Tenth street 

Ninth street 

Eighth street 

Seventh street 

Sixth street 

Fifth street 

Fourtli street 

Third street 

Second street 

Front street 

Penn street 

New Water street 

To the end of wharf 

From Broad to Delaware, 

Total feet from Schuylkill 
to Delaware, 















397 6 
395 9 

Vine street 

Sassafras street 
[ Square 
iChcrr}- street 

Mulberrj' street 

Filbert street 

High street 

; Chestnut street 

George street 


width 50 







1 Amount carried forward, 447 



Amount brought forward. 
Walnut street 

Locust street 

Spruce street 

Fine slrect 

Lomljard strec t 

Cedar street 

Total feet. 




Ab above, acct. accountant, al alley, att'y and coun. attorney and counsellor, av avenue, 
bel below, bet between, (B H) Bush Hill, b h boarding house, c. h. counting house, 
c corner, ct court, E East, F Frankford, (F M) Fairmount, (F V) Francisville, gent, gentleman, 
gentw. gentlewoman, G T Germantown, h house, K Kensington, 1 lane, lab labourer, M Moy- 
amensing, manuf. manufacturer and manufactory, M V Mantua Village, mer. merchant, mers. 
merchants, mr maker, n near, N North, N L Northern Liberties, O Y Old York, P Passyunk, 
P T Penn Township, R Ridge, Rd Richmond, S South, Sch. Schuylkill, W West, whf wharf 
or wharves, wid widow, (W P) Wesi Philadelphia. 


Aaronson Geo. P., carp. 5 Parrish 
Abbett & Renouf, carps., Weaver bel Coates 
Abbett Mrs. S. M., milliner, 109 N 5th 
Abbey Chas., goldbeater, 24 Pear, h 71 Spruce 
ABBEY CHARLES &. SON, gold beaters, 24 

Abbey C. C, druggist, Richmond bel Hunt- 
ingdon (R) 
Abbey Roswell, machinist, 261 N 8th 
Abbey Wm. R., gold beater, 24 Pear 
Abbott Chas., clerk, 255 Marshall 
Abbott Chas. H., mer. 16 N 4th, h 11 Sansom 
Abbott C. H. & G., hardware, 16 N 4th 
Abbott & Conard, hardware, S E 2d and Coates 
Abbott Edward, mer. 10 Clmrch a], h 55 New 
Abbott Edward W., trunkmr., Shackamaxon 

bel Franklin 
Abbott Francis, bricklr. 300 S 6th 
Abbott Geo., mer. 16 N 4th, h 183 Mulberry 
Abbott Isaiah, bricklr., Clair n 6th 
Abbott James, mer. 127 High, h 245 Walnut 
Abbott James G., iron founder, 252 Marshall 
Abbott John, grocer, N E Bi'oad and Sassafras, 

h Sassafras bel Broad 
ABBOTT, JOHNES & CO, silk goods, 153 

Abbott Joseph E., gent. 102 Wharton 
Abbott Jos., weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Abbott Mary Ann, 14 Somer's ct 
Abbott Milton, potatoe dealer, 441 S Front 
Abbott Redman, mer. 153 High 
Abbott Samuel, Somer's ct 
Abbott Samuel, druggist, S E Sch 6th & Chan- 
Abbott Samuel A., scalemr. 9th and Melon 
Abbott Samuel W., 10 Girard 


Abbott Stephen F., b. h. 142 N 2d 

Abbott Theodore, carp. 27 Nectarine 

Abbott Thos., car driver, 319 St John 

Abbott Wm., shop, 25 R road 

Abbott Wm., harbor master, h 189 S 3d 

Abbott Wm., real estate broker, 19 S 10th 

Abbott Wm., hardwai-e, 2d and Coates, h 23 

Abbott Wm., lab. 19 Wilcox 
ABBOTT WILLIAM H., atty. & coun. 16 N 7th 
Abbott Wilson, brewer, 55 New 
Abel & Bicknell, brushmrs. 20 N 3d 
Abel Catliarine, gentw. 10 Brown 
Abel Catharine, wid. of Joseph, Ulrich 
Abel Chas. J., mer. 20 N 3d, h 5 Lodge 
Abel Chas. R., tinsm, 380 N 2d, h 450 N 4th 
Abel Edwin, shoemr. 17 Nectarine 
Abel George U., cordw.. Union ab Franklin 
Abel Henry, carter. Barber's ct 
Abel H. J., dressmr. 17 Nectarine 
Abel Isaac, bookbinder, 9th ab Ogden 
Abel Jacob C, clerk, Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Abel John, fisherman, Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Abel John, chairmr., Kennedy's ct 
Abel John, shoemr. 19 Rachel (N L) 
Abel Jno., watchman, 13th and Wallace 
Abel Joseph, cordw. 143 Poplar 
Abel Peter, cordw. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Abel Robert K., watchcase maker. Alder below 

Girard av 
Abel Samuel, brassfounder, 5 York ct 
Abel Susan, wid. of Peter, 491 N 5th 
Abel Susan, Apple and Thompson 
Abel Wm. W., brassfounder, 60 Green 
Abeles B,., mer. 142 S 2d 
Abeles S., trimmings, 83 N 2d 



Abell A. B, coach painter, 221 Mulberry, h 234 

Abell J:imcs, lab., Hye ab Mackey 
Abell Jos. A., cooper, 2d bcl Kctd, h 4th bel 

Johnson's la 
Abels Hester, 292 S Front 
Abendroth Danl., c.ibinetmr. 51 llowanl 
Abercrombic Cliristiana, Fitzwater bel Lebanon 
Abcrnetliy John, carter, Sch 8tli n Willow 
Abemcthy Wni., lab. Sch Htii ab Cullowhill 
Abicht F.' M., bootmr. 115 N 6tl» 
Abrahams ls:uic, vict. 263 Green 
Abnlianis John, g'ent.j IJroail ab Brown 
Abralianis Moses, pent. 136 N 1 3th 
Abmhams Moses, tailor, rear 43 Coates 
Abrahams Wni., engineer, 6 Sjiring Mill ct (N) 
Abram Josepli, vict., Adams bel Oxford 
Abram Robeit, g-rocer, Sch 3d n Pine 
Abram AVm., vict., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Abranis David, vict., Apple and Mechanic 
Abranis Joseph, brickmr., Cadwalader bel Ox- 
ford (K) 
Abrams Joseph, atty. and coun., 43 N 5th 
Accooc Jesse, coachman, 13 Watson's al 
Accor Samuel M., slioemr., Carroll ab 13th 
Acheson Charles, flour mer., 387 High, h Cra- 

mond bel Wasliinglon (W P) 
Acheson James, baker, Wood ab Sch od 
ACHESON, UOMMELL & FRY, flour mers., 

387 High 
Achufi Charles, coachmr., Elm bel Franklin 
Achufl^ James, turner, Sarali ab Queen (K) 
Ackerman Jacob, tailor, 6 Washington row 
Ackerman James, driver, Salmon ab Ann 
Ackeiman NichoIa.s, tailor, 161 Charlotte 
Acklev Benj., ladies' .shoemr., Ogden E Sch 8th 
Ackley Elizabeth, 289 S Front 
Acklev John, patternnir. 13th ab Carroll 
Ackley Myers F.,, Fitzwater n Broad 
Ackley Norman, constable. Poplar below 4th 
.Ackley Sarah, 138 Dillwyn 
Acklev Susan Mrs., Parrish and Uandolph 
Ackley Thos. W., mer. 177 High, h 133 N 10th 
Acklev Wm., paper boxmr. 22 Beaver ab St 

John (K) 
Ackor Henry, baker, 220 Coates 
Ackroyd Jereniiah, dyei-, 22 W Cedar 
Acor Stejjhen, marble mason, h 42 Clinton 
Adair H. W., hatier, 45 K road 
Adair Uobert, Rev., See. Pliila. H. M. Society, 

142 Chestinit, h Carpenter ab 3d 
Adair Robert, coacinnr., Carlton n Sch 8th 
Adair Robert, carter, 6 Union ct 
Adair Samuel, carter, Jolinson's la bel 5th 
Atlalr Wm. J., carp., William n Hamilton 
Adam I'hilip, lab., 4tli In! Master 
Adams .\lex., brushes, 31 Higli, h 232 Green 
Adams Akx., drayman, Walnut al 
A(bms Alfred, clerk, Wasliington ab 9lh 
Adams Amos, boot fin., Miles ab Rose 
Adams And. W., merciianf, 43 Higli 
Adams A. .Mrs., paper ruling, 1 S olli, h 62 Zane 
Adams Benj., carman, N W. 2d and Clu-istian 
Adams B. W., broker, 12 S 3d, h 388 Mulberry 
Adams, Brothers, blank books, 78 N 3d, li lotli 

btl Melon 
Adams CbarleB, dry goo<l8, 79 Mulberry 
Adams Charles, shoemr.. White n Sch 8th 

j Adams Chas. J. & Co., com. mers. 45 N Water 
ADAMS 8t CO., package express, 80 and 82 
I Chestnut 
Adams C. I.., printer, cards, 118 Chestnut, h 2 

Courtland pi 
.\dams David, weaver, Federal ab 12th 
ADAMS DAVID, grocer, S E 2d and Poplar 
Adams David B., waiter, 10 Bird's ct 
Adams Eleanor, layer out of the dead, Franklin 

pi, rear 9tli ab Coates 
Adams Eliza W., 372 Cedar 
Adams Ellis, tavern, Riclimond ab WiHiam 
Adams F'rancis, carp., rear 5 Ogden 
ADAMS FRED. .M., att'v. and coun. 42 S 6ti), 

h 162 Pine 
Adams George, conlw., Gray's ct 
Adams George, cordw., 3 Dilkes' ct 
Adams Henry B., brass turn.. George E Sch 5th 
Adams Isaac, lab. 13 .Maria 
Adams Jacob, Crawford ct 
Adams James, book-keeper, 40 Palmyra sq 
Adams James, lab., Nixon n Pearl 
Adams Jame.s, lab., Wharton bel 7th 
Adams James, moroc. dr., West ab Wood 
Ad:*ms James, biscuit br., rear 112 Christian 
Adams James, malster, Moore 
Adams James, carp, weav., Catharine bel Broad 
ADAMS JAMES B., mer. 6 S Water, h 12th 

ab Callowhill 
Adams James C, agent, S W 12th and Button- 
wood, h 409 N^llth 
Adams Jas. W., machinist, 6 Nectarine bel 11th 
Adams Japheth, canalman, Reed bcl Front 
Adams Jolm, cooper, 17 Vernon 
Adams John, moulder, 7 Whitehall 
Adams John, watclmian, 6th ab Master 
Adams John, blacksmith, Locust and Juniper 
Adams John, fislierman, Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Adams John, clothing, 40 Penn 
Adams John, carman, 10 Cox's al 
Adams John, cordw., Ross ab Queen 
Adams John, lab.. Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Adams John F., plasterer, Short ct 
Adams Jolin G., acct., Lewis W Sch 7th 
Adiims Josepii, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Adams Joseph, musician, 4 Burrows' ct 
Adams Jos., niacii't., Riclimond ab Cumberland 
Adams J. B. conveyancer, S W 9th & George. 

h 114 N 9th 
Adams Mary Ann, b. h. 319 Chestnut 
Adams Mary A., 157 Lombard 
Adams Mary A., wid., William bel Larch 
Ailams Patrick, lab. 4 Benton's ct 
Adams Robert, mariner, 30 Beck (S) 
Adams Robt., mer. 123 Walnut, h 20 Girard 
.\dan)s Robt. jr., coal dealer, N E Water and 

Callowhill, h Charlotte ab Po])lar 
.\dams Robt., blacking inanuf, Rose bel Miles 
Adams Robt., Srh btli ab High 
.\<lams Robt., weaver, Philip bel Columbia (K) 
Adams Robt. H. & Co., hatter, 324 High 
Adams Robt.' Ik Co., com. mers. 123 Walnut 
.\(lams Ross, hatter, Sch 5th and William 
Adams R. N., barber, 16 S 5th 
Adams Samuel, clerk, Queen bcl Shackamaxon 
Adams Samuel, cabmr., 22 S 3d 
Adams Samuel C, brickmr., h Haddington, on 

the Haverford roaS 



Adams Sarah Jane, Cedar ab 12th 

Adams Sarah J., wid., Jefferson W Sch 5th 

Adams Stephen L., stationer, 78 N 3d, h 13th 

bel Melon 
Adams Susan, 723 N 2d 
Adams Thomas, weaver, Howell 
Adams Thos., carter, Nixon and Pearl 
Adams Thos., clerk, Plinlimmon pi 
Adams Thos., cordw.. Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Adams Thos., mer. 220 Sassafras 
Adams Thos., carter, Nixon and Pearl 
Adams Thos. F., printing- ink manuf. 73 N 3d, 

h 409 Green 
Adams Thos. J., mer. 45 N Water 
Adams Thos. M., g-rocer, N W 7th and Poplar 
Adams Timothy, machinist, 11th ab Coates 
Adams Wesley, P road bel Washing-ton 
Adams Wm., Crown bel Duke (K) 
Adams Wm., g-rocer, S W 11th and Brown 
Adams Wm., beer-house, 80 Locust 
Adams Wm., shoemr., Vienna bel Duke 
Adams Wm., cordw.. Leopard ab Otter 
Adams Wm., carp. 6 Hulseman pi 
Adams Wm., collector, 26 O Yroad 
Adams Wm., currier, 334 Coates 
Adams Wm., stoker. Tulip ab Cumberland (R) 
Adams Wm. B., waiter, rear 5 Ronaldson 
Adams Wm. D., carp. 29 Hutchinson 
Adams Wm. G., blacksm. 6 Howard pi 
Adams AVm. H., sec. Gr. Lodg-e, Hall S 3d, h 

200 S 4th 
Adams Wm. M., drayman, Duke bel Vlenna(K) 
Adams Wm. M., grocer, 427 N Front 
Adams & West, clothing, 12 N 2d 
Adamson Hessel, carp. 6 Weccacoe 
ADAMSON & HEIMS, iron rail manuf. 465 

Adamson James, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Adamson James, carpet weaver, 125 N 6th, h 

Carlton bel 13th 
Adamson Joseph, mer. 164 Wood 
Adamson John, weaver, Mechanic bel Franklin 
Adamson John L., blacksm., Washington bel 

Adamson Joseph, blacksm.. Burr's av 
Adamson Mary, 14 Hampton 
Adamson Thos., dry goods. Poplar and 10th 
Addicks John E., mer. 159 High, h 203 N 6th 

and shoes, 159 High 
Addis Charles, brickmr., Shippen la bel Cedar 
Addis J., brickmr., Sch 3d bel Pine 
Addison Isaac, ship carp.. Church ab Reed 
Addison Wm., jeweller, 98 Wood 
Adkins Elizabeth, 22 Pearl 
Adkins John H., barber, 154 Cherry 
Adkins Rachel, tailoress. Front n Church 
Adkisson Samuel, shoemr., Hallowell n 6th 
ADLER GEORGE S., leather manuf. 64 New 

Market, h 6th ab Green 
Adler John B., moroc. dresser, 44 Chatham 
Adler Samuel, dry goods, 262 N 2d 
Adolph Alfred, hatter, 39^ N 2d 
Adolph G., cai-p., 24 Coates 
Adolph & Keen, hatters, 39-J N 2d 
Adshead Jeremiah, clerk, 25 Dock 
Adshead Jno., huckster, N E 12th and Cedar 
Aechternacht F. A., tailor, 44 Chester I 

Aertsen James M., mer. 8 S Front, h Pine ab 

Aerstsen John P., mer. 150 Hig-h, h 100 George 
Afferbach Charles, cigartnr.. Perry bel Phoenix 
Afferbach Wm., gunsm. 621 N 2d (K) \ 

Afflerbach John H., cord, 4th n Cohocksink 
Afflick Morris E., bricklayer, 107 Franklin, coal 

yard, 9th ab Poplar 
Agan James, carp., rear 15 Dillwyn 
Agan John, packer, 110 N 8th 
Agan Pat., lab., Sch Front ab Filbert 
Ager Wm., moulder. Union bel Franklin 
Ages Nancy, washer, 57 Currant al 
Agestorff Christian, cabinetmr. 4 Jackson 
Agnew & Co., fancy dry goods, 186 Chestnut 
Agnew David, lab., William below Biddle 
Agnew Dennis, weaver, Washington bel Oxford 
Agnew Henry O., blacksm., Sch 6th and Jones \ 
Agnew Isabella, dry goods. 97 N 9th 
Agnew James, weaver, Milton bel 11th 
Agnew John, lab., Biddle n Sch 
AGNEW JOHN, Franklin Works, 340 Vine, 

h 12 Morgan 
Agnew John, foundryman, M'Coy's ct 
Agnew John, carter. Master and Hancock 
Agnew Samuel, publisher, 12 N 11th 
Agnew Wm., fancy dry goods, 186 Chestnut, li 

22 Washington sq 
Agnew Wm., carp., Washington ab 4th 
Agnew Wm. G. E., teacher, 48 N 7th 
AHERN DANIEL, tavern, 168^ S 6th 
Ahern Eugene, bookbinder, 298 S 10th 
Ahem Patrick, 17 Fayette 
Ahl Nicholas, tailor, 58 N 4th 
Ahn Wm., machine pi., Sp Garden E Sch 7th 
Ahrenfelt C. & Co., fancy goods, 205 High 
Ahi'ens A. F., M. D., 1 Swanwick 
Aikens David, lab., 8 Shippen 
Aikens Robert, shoemr., Lombard E Sch 7th 
Aikins James, cabinetmr, 57 Pine 
Aikle John, weaver, 2 Horn's ct 
Aikman John, hat blockmr. 33 Dock, h 162| 

Ailes Alexander H., shoemr., S W 13th and Fi) 

bert, h 19 Howard 
Ailes Catharine, shoemr. 5th bel Queen 
Ailes Joseph, shoemr., S W 13th and Filbert 
Aim E. Mrs., milliner, Beach ab Ken. Market 
Ainscow Thos., weaver, Duke bel Palmer 
Ainstlne Leopold, lab, 146 Brown 
Ainsworth Edward, lab.. Front n Greenwich 
Airey Chas., bricklayer, Fraley's al (K) 
Airey Ehzabeth, Fraley's al (K) 
Airhert Gotlieb, tanner, 35 Hazel 
Airs Jane, 13 Peach 
Airy John, soap boiler, 139 Franklin 
Aitken Amelia, 221 Marshall 
Aitken Charles C, boot manufacturer, 19 Ed- 
ward (K) 
Aitken Edw. R., clerk, 167 Green 
Aitken John, tavern, N E Franklin and Howaril 
Aitken Josepli, maimf.. Front ab Otter 
Aitken J. & C. C, bootmrs., 19 Edward (K) 
Aitken Thos. P., rear 73 G T road 
Aitken Wm., teacher piano, 5 Lebanon row 
A'itklns Eliza, widow. Crown bel F road (K) 
Aitkins Jno., shoemr.. Cedar ab 11th 
Aitkins Joshua, lab. Hampton 



Aken Alexander, carman, Callowhill ab 13th 

Akcn Clias., carter, Anthony 

Akers & Howcrs, painters, 62 N 5th 

Akers Irwin, varieties, 25 S Front 

Akcrs Thomas, china & qucenswarc, CA7 High 

Akin John, brnshmr., I'erry and Lomhanl 

Akin Joseph, grocer, N K Hro:ul and Locust 

Akin Ophelia, 18 Prune 

Akins Charles, carp., 11 Turner 

Akins Jolin, liootnir , rear 6 Carpenter 

Albert Charles, segar boxmr. ApjjJe & Oxford 

Albert Dr. 129 New 

.Mbert Ilenrv, skin dresser, Schleisman's al 

Albert John, i)0()t crimper, 5 Orange 

-Vlbert Leonard, lab., rear (i road ab Jefferson 

Albert Michael, ship carp., 121 Swanson 

Albcrti Geo. F., cupper, Clair below Carjienter 

-Mbertie Bculah, trimmings. Lemon ab 10th 

Albertson Ann, Carpenter bel 7th 

Albertson Hen., mer. 14 Hank, h 45 N 6th 

Albertson Charles, conlw., Hanover ab Duke 

Albertson Charles S. clerk, 5th ab Hedwood 

Albertson Enoch, conlw. 8th and P road 

Albertson Gilbert, lab., Sylvester 

Albertson Hiram, shipwr., Bedford bel Crown 

Albertson Isaac, 314 N 3d 

Albertson James, shipwright, Marlborough ab 

Bedford (K) 
Albertson Joseph, shoes, 89 Queen bel Marl- 
borough (K) 
Albertson & Leonard, ship joiners, Allen ab 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Albertson Marmadukc, shipwright. Beach ab 

Marlborough (K) 
Albertson Mary K., gentw. 74 Dillwyn 
A.lbertson Kichard, lab., G T road al) 2d 
Albertson Thomas J., shipwright, Bedford bel 

Crown (K) 
Albertson Tliomas S., cordwainer, 68 N 3d, h 16 

Albertson William, cordw., Queen bel Shacka- 
maxon (K) 
Albertson Wm., cordw., Bedford ab Shacka- 
maxon (K) 
Albrecht George, carpt. weaver, 86 Vine 
Alhrecht J. F., shoemr., 7 N 10th 
Albright Herman, tailor, 72 George (S) 
Albright Jacob, plasterer, rear 71 tierman 
Albright Jacob, 80 German 
Albright John W., tailor, 60 Walnut, h 347 

Albright Mary, Schleisman's al 
Albrigiit Narcissa, 18 S 3d 
Albright Ilebccca, 1 CJoodwill ct 
Albright Saml., carp. 13 W North 
Albright Wm. salesman, 132 N 13th 
Alburger Abmham, painter, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburger Abraham, victualler, 281 Callowhill 
Alburger Adam, Jr., 2d bel Ha/.el 
\lburger Charles M., plumber, N W Marshall 

and Noble, h 250 N 7th 
Alburger Christian, butcher, Powell ab Ann 
Alburger Edward, bookbinder, 16 Wesley 
Albiu-ger .lacob T., |)ro\isions, 13 Dock 
Alburger John, lab., 9 .Marker 
Alburger John (;., victualler, 259 Callowhill 
Alburger .Mary, Hollow ay's av 
Alburger I'hilip, i)utcher, 15 .Marker 

Alburgvr Susan and Elizabeth, teachers, 125 M 

Alburger & Stratton, painters, 651 N 2d (K) 
Alburger William M., plumber, N W Marshall 

and Noble, h 64 Marahall 
Albus John, bootmr. 19 Sterling al 
Alcone And'w, carpet manvif , Sch 5th ab High 
Alcorn Cieo., lab.. Summer ab Sch 2il 
Alcorn James, coachman, 13th ab Christian 
Alcorn James, baker, 13th and Ogden 
Alcorn Samuel, carter. Filbert bel Sch 2d 
Alcorn William, lab., Montgomery bel 2d (K) 
Alden D. P., 55 S whfs. h Wood bel 9th 
Alden Manoah, Sch 8th ab Parrish 
Aldermen Mary, Marker ab 2d 
Aldemian John, roller, Beach bel Hanover 
Aldington George, Uiilor, 191 S 7th 
Aldred George, varnishcr, Alder ab Poplar 
Aldrich Cynthia, b. h., 231 Spruce 
Aidridge & Earp, fancy goods, 179 High 
Aldridge Geo., lab., Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Aidridge Geo., blacksm., Alder bel M:uster 
Aldridge Samuel H., mer. 179 High 
Aidridge Wm., brickmaker, Hutchinson above 

Poplar, h Tyler above Thompson 
Alexander Abel, baker, Callowhill ab Sch 3d 
Alexander And'w, stonecutter, Parrish bel 12th 
Alexander Ann, wid. of Kichard, 24 Plum 
Alexander Cath. A., tailoress. Little Willow 
Alexander Cornelius, carp., Jarvis' la ab Front 
Alexander C, 14 Tammany 
Alexander Dobson, lab.. Brown bel Emery 
Alexander Edward, machinist. Pearl bel Sch 3d 
.\lcxander Eliza, 18 Combes' al 
Alexander Elizabeth, 26 S 13th 
Alexander Elizabeth, dressmr. 248 Filbert 
Alexander Elizabeth, 6 North 
Alexander F. U. print cutter, Sch 2d & Winter 
Alexander Geo., weaver, Biddle n Nixon 
Alexander Geo., conductor. State ab Sch 7th 
Alexander (ieo., b. h., 20 Swanson 
Alexander (ieorge, grocer, N E 3d and Coates 
Alexander Henry, lapidist, Marriott bel 3d 
Alexander Hibberd, clerk, Green bel Mary 

Alexander Hugh, dry goods, 5 S 2d, h Mulber- 
ry n Sch 5th 
Alexander Hugh,combmr., Marlborough below 

Franklin (Iv) 
Alexander Hugh, liquors, Thompson and Alder 
Alexander Jas., weaver. Perry bel Phoenix 
Alexander Jas., driver, 796 N 2d 
Alexander James, carpet weav.. Pearl a!) 13th 
Alexander James, constable, 4 (."entral ])1 
Alexander James C., car])., Ball ab Beach (K) 
Alexander John, drayman. Sassafras &, (iel)hard 
Alexamler John, porter, 612 N 2d 
Alexander John, dep. Hour insp., 10th and Sp 

Alexander John, painter, 4o M road 
Alexander John, butcher, Front bel (Jreenwich 
Alexander John, shoemr. 207 Locust 
Alexander John, lal). 4 Hunter 
Alex.ander .lohn, cordw., Shippenbel 12th 
Alexander .loseph, i)rinter, KH (Christian 
Alexander Jos., lab., I'l-nnt bel (ireenwieh (S) 
Ali-xander Julia, sempstress, 71 Buchanan's pi 
Alexander Lewi.s, porter, 6 Pryor's ct 



Alexander Martin W., clerk, Washington ab 9tli 
Alexander Morris D., Sch 6tli ab Filbert 
Alexander Periy, whitewasher, Prosperous al 
Alexander Richard, waiter, 22 St John 
Alexander Robert, lab., Lancaster bel Reed 
Alexander Robert, weaver, 34 Harmstead 
Alexander Robert, mason, 58 Queen (S) 
Alexander Robert J., grocer, Sch 2d and "Wood 
Alexan'ler Samuel, lab., Washington n Moore 

(W P) 
Alexander Sarah, Marriott bel od 
Alexander Snvder, baker. Spruce n Sch Front 
Alexander 'I'heod., cordw. 96 German 
Alexander Thomas, lab.. Pine ab Pratt 
Alexander Wm. telegraphist, 63 Christian 
Alexander Wm. comb mr., AVest n Union (K) 
Alexander Wm., Master bel 7th 
Alexander Wm., collector, 15 Jefferson row- 
Alexander Wm., teacher, 117 M road 
Alexander Wm., lab., Sch 4th bel Lombard 
Alexander Wm., cooper, rear 62 M road 
Alexander Wm. G., Pres. Phil, and Trenton R. 

R. 47 S whfs., h 193 S 11th 
Alexander Wm. G. paper stainer, Sch 2d and 

Alexander Wm. J. bootmr., 4 Randall's ct 
Alexander Wm. L., salesman, 103 Dillwyn 
Alford Elizabeth, 70 Brown 
Alford ilar}", 14 Wallace 
Alford Wm. book-keeper, 120 Christian 
Alford Wm. cabt. mr. 115 N 5th 
Algea James, grocer, 333 S 3d 
Algea Rebecca, 1 Morris 
Algeo John H., cooper, Linden and Brenton 
Algie Daniel, block-cutter, N E 7th and MuL 

beny, h Pearl ab Sch 3d 
Algie D. & W. paper-hangings, N E 7th and 

Algie Wm., paper-hanger, N E 7th and Mul- 
berry, h Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Algie Wm. macht, Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Algier Joseph, Carlton bel Sch 5tli 
Alkins George, 13th bel Coates 
Alkins Henrj', cordwainer, Washington ab Park 

(W P) 
All Chas. W. potter, 110 Crown 
All John, lab., Harrison n Sch 2d 
Allanesse Rachel, washer, 1 Little Pine 
Allaway Richard, cordwainer. Law's ct 
Allbright Elizabeth, hotel, 404 N 2d 
Alleback John, carp., Lewis ab Girard av 
Alleborn J., M. D., 464 N 4th 
Allen Aaron R., bricklaj'er, Schleisman's al 
Allen Alfred W., constable, 481 N 4tli 
Allen Allston, dry goods, 622 Vine 
Allen Andrew, moulder, Marseilles' pi 
Allen Andrew JI. bricklay. Howard pi 
Allen Ann, beer house, 125 Swanson 
Allen Ann, b h, 309 Chestnut 
Allen Ann ^Y. 22 Scheetz 
Allen Anna, 117 S 4th 
Allen Anna, washer, Centre n 13th 
Allen Anna A., dressmr. 11 Castle 
Allen A. G. acct. 62 Union 
Allen Benjamin, bootmr., R road bel Coates 
Allen Benjamin, clerk, 85 Old York road 
Allen Benjamin, clerk, 47 Filbert 
Allen Cairns, silver pi., Becket W Sch 7th 

Allen Catharine, sempstress. Cedar ab Sch 8th 

Allen Charles, surg. inst. mr. 5 Lewis 

Allen Charles H., blacksm., 34 John 

Allen Charles J., teacher, h 146 Pine 

ALLEN CLAYTON, tailor, 72 Chestnut, h 40 

Allen C, M. D., 383 Sassafras 
Allen Daniel, dyer, 620 N 4th 
Allen David, weaver, Washington bel Oxford 
Allen Edmund, tailor, S W 9th and High, h 36 

Allen Edward, huckster, George ab Sch 7th 
Allen Edwai'd, shoemr., Barron bel Gaskill 
AUen Edward, shoemaker. Little Washington 

ab 9 th 
Allen Edwin, japanner, 158 Sassafras, h 13th 

ab Melon 
Allen Elizabeth, 4th n Washington 
Allen Elizabeth, Howard ab Phoenix 
ALLEN ENOCH & CO., tailors, 9th and High 
Allen Ejihraim, lab., Bath bel Ann (R) 
Allen E., tailor, 9th and High, h 36 Whiteh^ 
Allen Francis, seaman, 12 Green st 
Allen Franklin, bricklayer, 2 Stanlej^ 
ALLEN GEORGE, prof, lang., Sch 6th bel 

ALLEN GEORGE, boots and shoes, 326 High 
Allen George, coachman. Carpenter ab 9th 
Allen George E., Wood ab 13th 
Allen George W., chairmr., Chai'les (S) 
Allen George W., M. D. 326 N 7th 
Allen Geo. W., mer. 31 High, h Chestnut and 

Till (W P) 
ALLEN G. F., wholesale and retail draggist, 

S E 13th and Cedar 
Allen Harriet, b h, 8 Christian 
Allen Henr}', sparmr. 9 Duke 
Allen Henry S., baker, Ogden n Sch 7th 
Allen Henry S., mer., 98 S Front, h N E 4th & 

Allen Isabella, grocer. Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Allen James, umbrella mr., Preston bel Melon 
Allen James baker, 209 Spruce 
Allen James, refectory, 52 N 2d, h Fraley's ct 
Allen James, alderman. Chestnut & Till (W P) 
Allen James, lab., rear 24 St. Mary 
Allen James FI., engraver, 4th ab Washington 
Allen James & Son, plaster casters, 113 W 

High, h Chestnut and Till (W P) 
Allen Jane, 263 Sassafras 
AUen Jeanette, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Allen John, bricklayer, 283 S 8th 
Allen John, lab. 3 Bledisloe pi 
Allen John, teacher, 274 N 7th 
Allen John, carter. Orchard bel Rawle 
Allen John, 29 Barclay 
Allen John, lab., Harrison Sch 3d bel Pine 
Allen John, capt. 261 Parrish 
Allen John B. A., mer. 7 S whfs, h 219 Filbert 
Allen John C, 179 S 5th 
Allen John H., grocer. Bank and Sorrel (R) 
Allen John M., tinsm., 123 N 11th 
Allen John P., pattern mr., Lee AV Sch 5th 
Allen Joseph, cabinetmr. 137 Walnut, h Green 

ab 11th 
Allen Joseph, gilder, 6 Raspberry al 
Allen Joseph, weaver. Front ab Jefferson 
Allen Joseph L., carp. 34 John (S) 



Allen Joseph W., barber, Dale House, h 16 

Allen Jusi:ili J. mer., 23 S whfs, h 22 Georpc 
ALLKN J. H. A & S., oil mers., 7 and 8 S wlifs 
Allen J. M., M. U., 160 S 10th 
Allen .1. 'I'., plustcTcr, Sell 6lh bcl Filbert 
Allen Lewis M., mer. 98 S Front, h N E 4th k 

Allen Man-, tobacco, 271 S 4th 
Allen M;u-y, grocer, 211 Sliippen 
Allen M;irv G., N W 2(1 and (Jatharine 
Allen M. A., cup. and leecher, 188 .Shippen 
Allen Moses, ho<l car., Pearl ah Sch 6th 
ALLKN &. NEF.DLES, oil mers., 22 and 23 

S whfs 
Allen Richard, seaman, 10 Currant al 
Allen Kichard S., clerk, 300 Marshall 
Allen Kobert, weaver, Oxford bel Front 
Allen Uobt., distiller, S W3d & Plum, h 276 S 3d 
Allen Robert, weaver. Brown ab Hanover 
Allen Samuel, mer. 7 S wh(s., k 352 N 6tli 
Allen Saml., teacher. Pine bel 2(1, h 134 S Front 
Allen Samuel, weaver, Dug'an & M'Mackin's ct 
Allen Samuel, moulder, 92 Christian 
Allen Samuel U., bricklayer, 10 Mville 
Alien Sarah, trimming-s, 193 Lombard 
Allen Sweeten, lab., Jackson ct 
Allen Thomas, gent. 250 Marshall 
Allen Thomas, mariner, 13 Mead 
Allen Thomas, tentmr., Sliippen ab 3d 
Allen Thoma.s, Rev., 88 Gaskill 
Allen Uhomas, cordw. 27 Harmony 
Allen Thos., lab., 3 White's ct (S) 
Allen Thomas G., Rev., h 14 JefTerson row 
Allen Thomas H., collector, 202 S Front 
Allen Thos. R., lab., Georg-e ab 10th 
Allen Wm., carp. 342 S 5th 
Allen Wm., seaman, 80 Pcnn 
ALLEN W.M., aldcmian, P road ab Federal 
Allen Wm., baker, Crown n West (K) 
Allen Wm., machinist, 324 N 8th 
Allen Wm. sail maker. Spruce st whf, h4th and 

.\llfn Wm. hair dress. 6 S 9th, h 14 Watson's al 
Allen Wm. mer. 65 S Front 
Allen Wm. jr., cabmr., 137 Walnut, h Green 

ab llth 
ALLEN WILLIAM C, wooden ware, 1 Chest- 
nut, h Wallace ab llth 
Allen Wm. (;., weig-hmaster, 34 S whfs, h 188 

S Front 
Allen William H. hardware, 31 High, h 108 

N llth 
ALLEN WILLIAM II., pies. Girard Colleg-e 
ALLEN WILLIAM & J. furniture, 137 Walnut 
Allen Wm. M., tailor, S W 6tli and Haines, h 

112 N 12lli 
Allen Wm N. dry g'ood.s, N W 7th and Green 
Allen Wm. S. carp., 29 Dilwyn, h .Mechanic ab 

Allen Wm. «. clerk,' 43 Marshall 
Allen, Wilson St Co., 14 S 6lh 
-Mien 8t Wvand, japanners, 158 Sassafras 
Allen W. 11. & G. W., hardware, 31 High 
Alleson Hannah, g-eiitw. 24 (Jeorg-c 
Alleyne John, gent. 542 Vine 
Allgeier John F., florist. Christian and Broad 
Allibone James, bricklayer, rear 94 Christian 

Allibone S. Austin, mer. 17 S whfs, house 254 

Allibone Thos., tobacconist, 43 Coates 
Allibone Thos. mer. 32 N whfs, h Walnut and 

William (W P) 
.\llibone Thos., sr., tobacconist, 14Tammanv ct 
ALLIBONE THOMAS & CO. com. mers. 32 N 

whfs and 63 N ^\'ater 
.\Hig-um Gregory, lab., Sch Water bel Lombard 
.\Hingham Wm. carp., (Jcorgc E Sch 2d 
.\Hington Aaron, stationery, 512 N 2d 
.\Hinson George B., civil engineer, 356 Walnut 
.\llinson Samuel, 356 ^Valniit 
.\lllson Alex., color nir., Marlliorough ab West 
Allison David A., coal mer.. Broad and Locust 
Allison Jas., tailor, 316 High, h Filbert ab 13th 
Allison James, painter and glaz., Short ct 
Allison J.pewterer, Pine ab Warren (W P) 
Allison John, lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Allison John, tavern, S E Water and Callowhill 
ALLISON JOSEPH, altv. at law, N E 7tli and 

Allison Rebecca, gentw.. Concord st 
ALLISON & SMITH, dniggisLs, 139 Spring 

Allison Thomas, tailor, S W lOth and Pine, h 

Owen rear 13th 
Allison Walter, carp., 18 Chancellor W Sch 7th 
Allison Wm., 308 Green 
Allison W. C, car builder, Broad n Vine, h 33 

.\llkire Jeremiah, market man, 3 Gaskill 
Allman Edward, hatter, 184 High, h 262 N 12th 
Allman Thomas, 4th and Vine 
Allman Thomas, carp., Russell 
Allman Thomas, sen., bricklaver, HaTcrford Sc 

3d (M V) 
Allmendingcr Ch.arles, trimmings, 8 Bank, h 

Franklin ab Sp Garden 
Allmendingcr Wm., baker 71 Crown 
Allmcritten George, cabmr., N W Howard and 

Phccnix (K) 
.\lloway Geo. W., painter, Allen ab Hanover 
Alloway Isaac, cordw. 204 St John 
Alloway Lewis, waterman, 9 Brown 
Alloway Samuel, cooper, 3 Mary 
Alloway Samuel, cordw. 204 St John 
Allo\\ ay Wm., drayman. Palmer n F road 
Alls Wm., shoemaker, Atherton n Marriott 
Almeida Robert, confect. 6 Filiiert av 
Almond John, Lancaster Pike a!) Moore 
Almond Wm., Haverford and 6th (.M V) 
,\lp David, cordw., Hope ab Phoeni.x 
Alrich J. N., mer. 70 N 3d 
Alrich Peter, blacksmith, 4 State 
\lricli Samuel, lab., Huston n West 
Alrich Susan, widow. Beach ab Palmer 
.Mschbacli Jacob, lab., rear 34 Palmyra sq 
Alsop Amy, 93 S 4th 
Alsop (korge M., teacher, 181 N 8th 
Alsop Geo., vinegar, 170 N 5th 
.\lsop Robert, printer, Morris E William 
.\lsop Robert, atly & couii. 58 S 4th h 6th n 


Alsop Samuel, cabmr., Bedford ab 12th 
Alsop Thomas, jeweller, 12 S 2d 
Allamatt Jerome, cordw., Marshall al) Poplar 
Allans Jacob, cordw.. West bel Palmer 



Altemus Benj. C, tailor, 400 N 10th 
Altemus Nicholas, blacksm. 6 Reid's ct 
Altemus James, constable, 527 N 2d 
Altemus Joseph T., bookbinder, 44 N 4th, h 

373 N 7th 
Altemus Samuel T., mer. 78 High, h Walnut ab 

Mary (W P) 
Altemus, Sanford, chairmr. 23 Cox 
Altemus Wm., starch manuf. 2d and Oxford, h 

669 N 2d 
Alter Charles, cordw., N E Front and Shippen 
Alter Jacob, grocer, 404 N 6th 
Alter Solomon, mer. 247 High, h 328 N 6th 
Alter Jacob, baker, 16 S 10th 
Alter & Heilweig, bakers, 292 S 8th 
Altermatt Jerome, cordw.. Poplar ab 6th 
Altevought Wm., sug. ref. 4 Clawges ct 
Althings H., cordw., Washington (W P) 
Althouse Enos, flour dealer, 113 Apple 
Altliouse E. &. Co., grain and feed, 238 N 8th 
Altmire John, carp. 2 Schrader's ct 
Alverson Andrew, seaman, Braceland's ct 
Alvord C. C, cai-p. 20 Chester 
Alward Henry M., shoemr. 13th bel. Buttonwood 
Amat Rev. T., N E Sch 5th and Sassafras 
Amber Wm., hostler, Girard av bel Sch 4th 
Amberg Caspar, lab. 6 Collins' al 
Amberg H. W., pianomr. 181 Spruce 
Ambler David, bricklayer, 20 Lewis 
Ambler John, tinsmith, S W Marshall and Sp 

Ambler Thomas, tinman, 41 Ogden 
Ambranee Fred., Stilly ct 
Ambrose Isaac, lab., rear 200 Lombard 
Ambrosi Jacob A., painter, Mulberry n Broad, 

h 153 N Juniper 
Ambrosi Marj^ E., milliner, 5 Scheaff 
AMBROSI THOMAS C, painter, 15 N 13th h 

Amos Celeste, washer, McKean's ct 
Amos Chas., stovemr. 197 N 2d, h 67 Tammany 
Amos & Ditzler, stoves, 197 N 2d 
Amos Elizabeth, 116 New Market 
Amos Geo., shoemr.. Myrtle ab 11th 
Amos Jacob, carp., Coates al, h 67 New 
Amos John, sailmr., rear Federal ab 5th 
Amos Jonathan, tailor, 456 Poplar 
Amos Nathan, well digger, Oak (W P) 
Amos Sarah \" ., 2 Porter's ct 
Amthon And., cabmr. 394 N 7th 
Anable Courtland W., atty. 49 S 6tli 
Anable Misses, teachers, 311 Walnut 
Andas F. J., turner, Penn's al 
Anders Wm., furn. car, rear 66 P road 
Anders John, bootmr. 155 Locus,t 
Anders John, blacksm., Harriet ab Palmer (K) 
Anderson Alex., wheelwrt.. High W Sch 3d 
Anderson Alex., polisher, Carlton n Sch 5th 
Anderson Andrew, mariner, Swanson bel Queen 
Anderson Andrew, brickmr.. Diamond bel 5th 
Anderson Andrew, Khoads ab Sch 5t]i 
Anderson Ann, nurse, Marriott bel 3d 
Anderson A. G., dressmr., Sch 7th bel Callowhill 
Anderson Cath., 152 Queen (K) 
Anderson Cecilia, whitewasher, 312 Cedar 
Anderson Chas., mason, Washington n Moore 
Anderson Chas. P. 242 Spruce 
Anderson Chas., draj^man. Front belPhoenix(K) 
Anderson Chas., butcher, Marion and Rje 
Anderson Chas. W., barber, 40 S 6th, h 6 Bay 
Anderson Christian, gent. 3 Lombard ct 
Anderson Christian, 4 Culvert 
Anderson David, tavern. Cedar ab Sch 8th 
Anderson David, plasterer, Parrish ab Sch 8th 
Anderson Edward, mer. 28 N 3d, h 162 Catha- 
Anderson Elizabeth, 88 Crown (C) 
Anderson Elizabeth, conf. 321 Pine 

5 Scheaff 
Ambruster David, bricklayer. Larch bel Melon j Anderson Ellen, Hope ab Master 
Ambruster J., bricklayer, Wallace bel 11th Anderson Emeline, milhnery, 365 N 6th 

Amer Anne, Sch 8th ab Fairview Anderson George, porter, 3 Gray's al 

Amer John, moulder. Wood bel Sch 7th i Anderson Henry, shoemr. 12th bel Pine 

AMER JOSEPH H., machinist, 288 Sassafras, ' Anderson Hugh, coal yard. Broad & Callowhill, 

h Green ab IStli 

Amer Lawrence, cordw. 351 Coates 

Amer Wm., lab., rear 13 Lily al 

Amer Wm., morocco dresser, N W 3d & Wil- 
low, h Green bel Franklin 

CIETY, 118 Mulberry 



70S 3d 

Merchant's Exchange 

Ames Josiah, ship master, 152 Catharine 

Amet C. P., agent, 435 N 11th 

Amies Israel, bookbinder, Washington ab 9th 

Amies Margt., b h, rear 10 N 6th 

Amies Thos. K., salesman, Washington ab 11th 

Ammidon Otis, Treasurer Lehigh Coal and Na- 
vigation Co. 82 S 2d, h 17i S 3d 

Amon Christian, baker, Beach ab Maiden (K) 

Amone John, cordw. 1 Mechanic 

h William n Front 
Anderson Jacob, oyster house, 362 High 
Anderson Jacob W., barber, N W 10th and 

Anderson James, weaver, Callowhill n Sch 2d 
Anderson James, weaver, 12th ab Pine 
Anderson James, brickmer. Union ab Franklin 
Anderson James, carter, 1 Flemming row 
Anderson James, weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Anderson James, druggist, Callowhill n Sch 
Anderson James, lab. 7 Khne's row 
Anderson James, stonecutter, 1 Wistar 
Anderson James, weaver, Howard bel Master(K) 
Anderson James, lab. 21 Vernon 
Anderson James, lab., Shippen ab 7th 
Anderson James L., chairmr. 53 N 6th 
Anderson Jesse, lab., rear 569 S Front 
Anderson Jno., bootblack, rear Lombard n 12th 
Anderson John, weaver, F road bel Master (K) 
Anderson John, weaver, 4 Russell's ct 
Anderson John, mason, Horn's ct 
Anderson John, lab., Patton's ct 
Anderson John, bootcleaner, rear 201 Lombapd 
Anderson John, tailor, 10 Spruce 




Anderson John, cl>andler, Williams' ct 
Andersion Joliii, niillwrt. ;)(j8 tirecn 
Amk'rM)n Jolin, l:ib., ^'lnc !t Nixon 
Anderson Jolni K., bllndmr. y S 13ih 
Anderson John U., tailor, 16 Ikck 
Aiidci-son Joseph, proccT, 78 S 2d 
Anderson Joseph, hlacksin., Feikral ah 6th 
Anderson Jos. (1., nuisirian, 252 Lombard 
Anilerson I.afayctle, comhmr., Union hcl West 
Anderson Levi, file niantif., I'alnur ah I'rank 

lin (K) 
Anderson Lewis, wliarf builder, Wairen bcl 

Anderson Margl. 265 Wood 
Anderson M;u-gt.. Master bel Hancock 
Anderson Mary, Irlnnning-s, Catliarine and Le- 
Anderson Mary, Pleasant ah 10th 
Anderson >i., Si. I).. S E 5t]i and Pine 
Anilerson Patrick, lab. 8 Vernon 
Anderson Peter, waiter, 32? Lombard 
Anderson Philip P., bootblack, 96 N 4th, h 10th 

ab Girard avc 
Anderson Kebccca, Emerald n Sch 6th 
.\nderson Robert, carter, Sclj 2d ab Market 
Anderson Robert, coaclimr., Brow n ab loth 
Anderson Robert, weaver, 11 Mechanic 
Anderson Robert, weaver, 5 Russell's ct 
Anderson Rich., tavern, M road and Prime 
Anderson Rosanna, Brown ab 13th 
Anderson Samuel, milkman, 11 Lebanon 
Anderson Samh, 6th bel Green 
Anderson Saml. M., mer. 73 H\gh, h 203 S 8th' 
Anderson Sarah, Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Anderson & Shultz, boots and shoes, 31 N 3d 
Anderson Stephen D., tailor, 26 Ellen 
Anderson Stephen P., moulder. Brown bel 13th 
Anderson Thos., collector, 122 N 4th, h 323 

-Vnderson Tho.s., bootmr., Hamilton ab Cedar 
Anderson 'I'hos., lab., Stewart 
Anderson Wesley, mer., 351^ N Whanes, h 142 

Anderson William, carpenter, Charlotte below 

Anderson Wm., lab., Dean's al 
Anderson Wm., weaver, Federal bel 13th 
Anderson Win., coaclmir.. Brown bel Broad 
Anderson Wm., stonecutter, Loud ab 9lii 
Anderson Wm., reedmr. loth ab Cedar 
Anderson \\'m., drayman. Orchard ab Georpe 
.Vnderson Wm., combmr., Union bcl West (K) 
Anderson Wm., morocco dresser, Marlboro' ab 
Anderson Wm., enj^incer, Goodbrcad's pi 
Anderson ^Vm., weaver, Hope l)cl .Master (K) 
Anderson Wm., weaver, Howard ab Master (K) 
Anderson Wm., lal)., Piiilip ab Ji-flcrson (K) 
Anderson Wm. S., mer., 31 N ?.d 
Anderson Wm. B., blinilmr., Beach bcl Marlbo- 

roug-h (K) 
Anderson Wm. V. 242 Spruce 
ANDEH.SON W. &, CO., flour rners., 35i N wlifs 
Anderton Ann, milliiur, 12 N 12lh 
Andrade Joseph, mcrciiant, 28 Walnut, h 141 

ANDRE GUST AVUS, music store, 19 S 5th, h 

25 N 10th 
Andress and Brother, trimming^, 53 N 8th 

Andress Conrad B., bricklr. 18 Nolilc 

Andress & Durell, trimminufs, S W 2d & Coatcs 

Andress Isaac, trimmings, 20 Noble 

Andress Michael, bricklr. 20 Noble 

Andress Saml. C., mer. 53 N Ktli, h Noble ab 8th Sarah, slioebindcr, 7 Pratt's ct 

Andrews Alex. J., engineer, Franklin bel Front, 

h 490 N 5th 
ANDREWS BENJ., trunk manuf. 86^ High, h 

185 N 6th 
.\ndrews Benj. L, trunkmr. 365 Marshall 
.\ndrews Catliarine, Sch 8lh ab Sassafras 
Andrews Daniel, ship carp., Gorrell's ct 
\n(liews Daniel, seaman, 12 liubbell 
Andrews David, milkman, 620 N 3d 
Andrews Edwd. C, clerk, 102 George 
Andrews Edw. L., teacher, 17 Flower 
Andrews Eliza, b h, CalJowhill n Sch 2d 
Andrews Geo., weaver, St. John ab George 
Andrews Geo., cordw. 11 Pratt's ct 
Andrews Henrv, brass moulder. Elm ab Bedford 
.\NDREWS HENRY W., com. mer. 63 S Front, 

h 18 W Walnut 
Andrews Jacob, carmr.. Palmer opp Allen (K) 
Andrews James, waterman, 15 Sommers' ct 
Andrews Jas. B., printer, 303 S 8th 
Andrews James IL, ropemaker. Beach above 

Maiden (K) 
Andrews John, tobacconist, Madison 
Andrews John, shoemr., Fisher 
Andrews John, tavern, Duke above Cherry (K) 
Andrews John, carter, 197 Locust 
Andrews Jos., machinist, rear Orchard 
Andrews Joseph B., S E Lombard and 9tli 
Andrews Joshua, bricklr. and measurer, 12tli 

and Washington 
Andrews Margaret, washer, Richard n Sch 6th 
Andrews Mary, porter-house, 20 Mead 
Andrews Mary Ann, variety store, 308 Cedar ' 
Andrews Michael, bricklr. 11 York ct 
Andrews 8c Meeser, carvei-s and gilders, 210 

Andrews Robert, brewer, George ab 12th 
Andrews Robt., lab., Sch 3d and Willow 
Andrews Robt., lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Andrews Robt., diayman, 5 Myers' ct 
Andrews R. S. R., trusses, 88 Walnut 
Andrews Samuel, mer. 10 High 
.Vndrews Sarah, dressmr., rear 124 Dillwyn 
Andrews Sarah Ann, washer, 3 Acorn al 
.\ndrcws Sarali Ann, clotliing, 324^ Cedar 
Andrews Sophia, wid., Fairvicw W Sch 4th 
Andrews Thos., watchman, rear 28 Mead 
.\ndrews Thos., seaman, 187 Catharine 
Andrews Thos. A., gilder, 210 Chestnut, h 132 

Andrews Thos. Cecil, mtisic store, Sp Garden 

ab 7th 
Andrews & Thome, grocers, 10 High 
.\ndrewsWasliington, biscuit baker, Hughes' ct 
Andrews Wm., lab.. Willow W 11th 
Andrews Wm., dry goods, 2d and Coates, h 

440 N 4th 
.\ndric J., bootmr.. Willow ab 6th 
Angel Christopher, lab., (J 'I' road bel Otter 
Angel Saraii, It road bcl Butlonwood 
.\ngelo Itci)., gentw. 5th and Ha\ci-for<l (M V) 
.Vngeney John drayman, Cherry bel Duke (K) 



Anger Chas., bootmr. 53 New 
Ang-erer Ernst, shoemr. 4 Laurel (C) 
Ane;'eroth Chas., upholsterer, Gorrell's ct 
ANGNEY & DICKSON, druggist, N E 5th and 

Angney John R., druggist, N E 5th and Spruce 
Angue Albert D., wines and liquors, 30 N 3d, h 

301 N 6th 
Ankins Maylin, engineer, Rhoades W Sch 5th 
Ankle Edw., stone mason, 6th bel Washington 
Annadown T. jr., flour mer. 193 Callowhill 
Annadown T., sen., flour dealer, 193 Callowhill 
Annadown Wm., clerk, 6 Wallace 
Annathon M., pedlar, Harrison av 
Annelly Wm. F., silversm. 170 Christian 
Annely Wm., harnessmr. 246 S 5th 
Anners Henry F., bookseller, 48 N 4th 
Anning John B., painter, P road bel Federal 
Annis J., bootmr. 8th bel Lombard 
Ansbey George, silver plater, Academy 
Ansley David, carp., Lancaster bel Washington 

Ansley John, plasterer. Spruce ab 13th 
Ansle}^ Wm., Jackson ab Adams 
ANSPACH, BROTHER & CO., dry goods, N 

W 3d and Cherry 
Anspach John, mer. 76 N 3d, h 345 N 6th 
Anspach Wm., mer. 76 N 3d, h 326 N 6th 
Anstice Wm., ti-imming store, 454 N 5th 
Anstis Wm., carp, weaver, 4 Hatter's ct 
Ant Peter, tailor, 4 Tammany ct 
Antelo A. J., mer. 21 S whfs., h 180 S 10th 
Anthony Ann, nurse, 16 S 8th 
Anthony & Co., sailmrs., Hammond st. whf 
Anthony Elizabeth, Rugan ab Callowhill 
Anthony George, plasterer, 19 Randolph 
Anthony George, harnessmr., Randolph bel 

Anthony Jacob, carp,, Palmer bel Queen 
Anthony Joseph, blindmr. 283 S 3d 
Anthony Joseph, carp., Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Anthony Mary, milliner, 6 Mary 
Anthony Simon, cordw., refectory, 504 N 2d, h 

rear 31 Charlotte 
Anthony AVm., clothes, 50 N 2d, h 15 Little 

Antrim Ann, Smith's ct 
Antrim John, bricklayer, 8th ab Federal 
Antrim Pindar, lab. 134 N Juniper 
Antrim Pindar, jr., dentist, 129 Lombard 
Apker Sarah, Hughes' ct (S) 
Apelgate Daniel, bricklr. 292 S 10th 
App George, jr., pumpmr. 100 F road 
App George, senr., pumpmr. 46 F road n Queen 
App Samuel, watchmr., F road n Queen 
Apple Aaron, tailor, 105 Randolph 
Apple Chas., brushmr. 12th bel Callowhill 
Apple Ellen, capmr.. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Apple Henr}', cooper, 59 S Water, h 5 Union 
Apple Henry, wheelwi't. 8th and Willow 
Apple Henry, carver, 2 Church av 
Apple Henry, cooper, Margaret 
Apple Jacob, coppersm., Jackson ab Brown 
Apple John, alderman, 360 N 3d 
Apple Mary, 188 N I2th 

Apple Mary Ann, N W Sch Front and Mulberry 
Apple Susannah, tailoress, Sch 2d n Pine 
Applegate Angeline, Rye ab Reed 

Applegate David, grocer, Greenwich and 2d, 

h 2d ab Greenwich 
Applegate Edw., lab., rear 27 Rachel 
Applegate Firman, ostler. Spruce E Sch 4tli 
Applegate Francis, tavern, Swanson & Almond 
Applegate James, lab., Wlieat bel Wharton 
Applegate Jediah, baker, 490 N 3d 
Applegate John, carter, 574 S 2d 
Applegate John, tailor, 20 Wheat 
Applegate John, waterman, 23 Mary 
Applegate Jonathan, carter, 54 Queen 
Applegate Robert, bricklr. 169 N 12th 
Applegate & Tack, Ocean House, 82 S whfs 
Appleton Christopher, gent. 20 S Penn sq 
Appleton D., cordw., SheafF's al and Madison 
APPLETON GEORGE S., bookseller, S E 7th 

and Chestnut, h 315 Walnut 
Appleton Geo. W., tailor, 43 N 6th, h Marshall 

bel Poplar 
Appleton Henry A., coachmr. 1 1 Lewis 
Appleton Jos. D., bookbinder, Madison 
Appleton Samuel, manuf. 13 Green 
Appleton Samuel, carpt. 4 Orleans 
Appleton Thomas, cooper, 1 China 
APPLEY LUTHER, bookseller, 10 Arcade 
Appo Wm., music teacher, 218 Lombard 
Apt Charles, harnessmr., rear Coates bel 9th 
Apt Jacob, cabt. mr., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Arbuckel Joseph, clerk, Pearl ab Sch 4th 
Arbuckel Joseph, lab. 37 Mechanic 
Arbuckle Arch., moroccodr. 3 Callowhill 
Arbuckle David, bootmr., Carlton bel Sch 8th 
Arbuckle Edw., lab., Deringer's av 
Arbuckle Margaret, sliop, Dunton bel Franklin 
Arbuckle Samuel, paper earner Randolph bel 

Arbuckle William, refectory, S W 10th and 

Chestnut, h 28 Dugan 
ARCHAMBAULT A. L., machinist, 13 Drin- 
ker's al, h 205 Noble 
ARCHAMBAULT JOS. & SON, dry goods, 

417 High 
Archambault Lafaj'^ette, mer, 417 High 
ARCHAMBAULT V. E., dry goods, N E 11th 

and High, h 15 Nllth 
Archer Abel, furniture car, rear 56 F road 
Archer Charles, driver, Bedford and Crown 
Archer Charles L., brushmr., Marriott ab Fisher 
Archer EUis S., oil and lamps, 119 Chestnut, h 

100 N Front 
Archer Isaac, drayman, Sarah n Bedford (K) 
Archer Jeremiah, porter, rear 325 Lombard 
Archer John, tailor, rear 25 Ogden 
Arclier John, lab., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Archer John, bootmr. 7th bel Washington 
Archer Mary, 5 Cobb 
Archer Pearce, carter, Poplar n 10th 
Archer Samuel, liv. stable, 12 S 6th, h 450 

Callowhill , 

Archer Sarah, actress, Hincle's ct 
Archer Thomas, lab. 28 Fitler (K) 
Archer Thomas, saw grinder, 6 Cresson's al 
ARCHER & WARNER, gas fixtures & lamps, 

119 Chestnut 
Archer Wm., ship joiner, Sarah bel Bedford (Kj 
Archer Wm., carter, Oxford n 2d (K) 
Archibald John, silverplater, rear Duke below 





Archibald Robert B., sailmr., Washington ct 
Archibald AVm., lab. 28 W Cedar 
Ardis Hannah A., pentw., 2d bcl Hazel 
Ardis John \\., carp. 69 Carpenter (S) 
Ardley All X., imr. 8Ui Walimt, h 62 S 5th 
.^rdwick \\ ni., painter, rear I^irch ab 9th 
.\rensfelt Henry, locksm. 89 S 2d, h 9 Norris' al 
Arentruf Mary, dressmr. 12 Wallace 
Arey E. Mrs., 13,3 S 9lli 
Arey Henry W., att'y. and conn., and sect G. 

"College, 15.5 S 9'tb 
Arey John, paper banger. 111 Wood 
.\rey Rebecca, R road bel Hnltonwood 
Arey Hobt., sugiir ref. l;> IJread 
Argiie David, ])lasterer, 465 Poplar 
Arick .Ino., gunsni.. Phoenix bcl G T road (K) 
Arlay Wm., carter, Sutherland av 
.\rle'th Fred., tailor, 23 Charlotte 
Annbrnst Churks, baker, 19 Iklmtith 
Arnibruster (ieo. R., bnisbinr. 244 Poplar 
Annbrn.ster John (i., bru.shnir. 166 Callowhill 
Arnibruster Peter, brushnir, 223 N 3d, h 81 

Arment Oliver P., carp., N E Pleasant and 10th 
.\niiholil Henry, tailor, 6 Poplar 
Annington John P., carp., Cai'lisle bel 
Armitage J no., painter, Citron and Orange 
Armitagc Robei-t B., policeman, 35 S Sch 6th 
Amiitage Thomas, blacksm., Vine n 12th, h 13th 

ab Willow 
Armitagc Thomas J., blindmr. 23 M road 
Armor Mary, 13th ab Sp Garden 
Armour Susan N., gentw. 267 Coates 
Armour Wm., gent. 267 Coates 
Arms R. N., agent, 28 Walnut 
Armstrong Alex., stonemason, 13th & Catharine 
Armstrong Andrew, tobac. 51 S Front, h Juni- 
per ab Spruce 
Armstrong Andrew, clerk, 8 Florence row 
Armstrong Ann., shop. Pearl ab 12th 
Armstrong B., tailor and clothing, 464 N 2d 
Armstrong Catharine, Myrtle bcl 12th 
Armstrong Charles, blacksm., rear 27 Rachel 
Armstrong David, bricklr., Howard ab Master 
Armstrong Edward, lab., I/ittle Washington ab 

Charles (S) 
Armstrong Edward, atty, and coun. 108 S 4tlj 
Armstrong Eliza, Wood ab 12th 
Armstrong Eli/a, spooler, 2 Mifflin 
Armstrong Elizaljeth, seamstress, 18 Currant al 
Armstrong Elizabeth, Pcnn ab 13th 
Armstrong Francis, manuf. 141 (i T road (K) 
AI{MSriU)N(; (;E0RGE H., liotcl, S WLom- 

bai-d and 13th 
Armstrong Henry, waiter. Little Pine n 6th 
Armstrong Horatio, rag.*, 534 N .3d 
Armstrong Huni(,type founder, German bel 5tb 
Armstiong Jackson, la!).. Phoenix at) Howard 
Armstrong .lacob, iilacksrn., G T road bel 7lli 
Armstrong .lames, bricklr. l.jth l)el Catharine 
Armstrong Jan., weav., G T road l)el Phoenix 
Armstrong James, milkman, Howard bel JelFer- 

8on ( K ) 
Armstrong James, carter, rear 20 Orchard 
Amislrong James, lab., 7th bel Diekerson 
Armstrong .lames J., cabinetmr. 407 S Front 
Armstrong Jane, wid., Church n Nixon 
Armstrong John, tailor, Strauss' ct 

Armstrong John, lab., Ann bcl Richmond 
Armstrong John, carp. Becket E Sch 6th 
Armstrong John, lab., 5th n Elm (M V) 
Armstrong John, shoemr. 5 Lebanon 
.Vrmstrong John, weav., Hancock bel Master 
Armstrong John, carter, 2 Buid's ct 
Armstrong .losepb, lab., Brasier ab Broad 
Armstrong ,los., seaman, 20 Swanson 
Armstrong Joshua, bootnu".. Plover 
.\i-mstrong Littleton, coachman, 5 Lebanon 
Armstrong Mary, Callowhill W Broad, h Sch 8th 

bcl Vine 
Armstrong Peter E., dealer, 431 N 5th 
Armstrong Rebecca, wid. 302 S 10th 
Armstrong Rebecc;i, 13th ab t^Jatharine 
Armstrong Rolui-t, lab., Clay bel Sch Beach 
Armstrong Robert, weaver, 13tli i)el Catharine 
Armstrong Roi)t., blacksm., Franklin pi 
Armstrong Hobt., bricklayer, 13th bel Catharine 
-Armstrong Samuel, grocer, Salmond ab Cum- 
berland (R) 
Armstrong Thomas, engineer, Howard bel Jef- 
Armstrong Thos., lab., Richmond ab Huntingdon 
Armstrong Thos., drayman, Hamilton ct 
Armstrong- Thomas G., dentist, 2 City row 
.\rmstrong Wm., lab.. Brazier ab Lloyd 
Armstrong Wm., lab., Bedford ab Broad 
Armstrong Wm., whitewasher. Brown ab 4th 
Armstrong Wm., tailor, 343 N Front 
Armstrong Wm., .stone mason. Christian ab 12th 
Arm.strong Wm., lab. 6 Traquair ct 
Armstrong Wm., M. D., botanic med. and herb 

store, 64 Dock, h 22 Powell 
Armstrong Wm., cabinetmr. 22 Walnut, h Car- 
penter n Broad 
Armstrong W^m., weaver, loth bel Catharine 
Armstrong Wm. (i., engraver, 25 Minor 
Armstrong Wm. M., currier, 157 N 2(1 
Arnaiz Caspar, cigarmr. 4 St. George al 
Arnaiz Victor W. cooper, 4 St George al 
Arney Elizabeth, 8 Honaldson 
-■Vmholt Chas. grocer, Sch 8th ab Wood 
Arnholt Henry, saddler, Sch 8th ab Wood 
Arnold Ann, sempstres.s, 33 R road 
Arnold Catharine, laundress, Becket & Sch 7tk 
Arnold Catharine, 30 Union 
Arnold E., mer. 16 Bank, h 18 Chatham 
Arnold Ernst, West ab Hanover (K) 
Arnold Frederick V. baker, Parrish ab 13th 
Arnold (;eo. F. mer. 12 S Front, h 138 Walnut | 
Arnold James, oystei-s. Locust ab Sch 7th ; 

Arnold James, shop, 79 P road 
Arnold Isaac L. tailor, Penn av. ab Noble 
Arnold Jacob, baker, 258 N Front 
Arnold Jacob, tobacconist, 9th ab Callowhill 
Arnold .lohn H. booki)in(ler, 5 Logan 
.\rnf>ld Lewis, stone mason, M_\rtle al) 13th 
Arnold Maria, rear 39 fMiester 
Arnold .Mayer, mer. 63 & 65 High, h 246 N 5th 
.\rnold .Michael, tavern, 519 Callowhill 
Arnold Rachel, Uawle st 
Arnohl Sanniel, cordw. Hamilton n Sch. 
Arnold Simon W. mer. 70^ N 3d 
Arnold, Springer &. Co. dry goods, 16 Bank 
Arnold Thos. G. gas fitter, Ciuany ab Front, h 

210 S 3d 
Arnold Wm. shoemaker. Pine and Quince 




Arnold Wm. machinist, 646 N 2d (K) 
Arnold Wm. G. book binder, Marble pi 
Arnot George, marble cutter, 3 Vaux ct 
Arns John T. cabinetmr. rear 272 Catharine 
Ariiy & Sliinn, bakers, 105 Spruce 
Aronheimer A. clothing' store, 262 Sassafras 
Arrants Richard B. sea capt. Vienna bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
An-ison Henry D. blacksmith, 17 Dillwyn, h 60 

Arrlson John C. brickmr. 568 Poplar 
Arrison John P. sashmr. 4 State 
Arrison Matthew W. y. bricklayer, Sch 7th bel 

Arrison Matthew, gent. Sch 7th and Poplar, 

Green Hill 
AiTott Colin, M. D., Poplar E Sch 6th 
Arrott James, gent. Poplar & Sch 7th 
Ai-rott Wm. collector, Charles & Francis (F V) 
Art Jacob, carp. 18 Almond 
Artery Joseph, lab. 15 Scott's ct 
Arthur Andrew, boot and shoe store, High bel 

Sch 5th 
Arthur Constant, 2 Kenworthy ct 
Arthur & George, sashmrs. Sch 8th & Willow 
Arthur Gordon, Nixon bel Linn 
Arthur James, weaver, Sch bank bel Pine 
Arthur John, weaver, 5 Spring Mill ct 
Arthur John, Rev. 9 Ellen 
Arthur Margaret, spooler, 146 S 12th 
Arthur Mich, coachman. Pearl bel Sch 4th 
Arthur Robert, clerk, 23 Pratt 
Arthur Robert, sashmr. Callowhill and Sch 8th 
ARTHUR T. S. & CO. pub. Home Gaz. 5 

_ Franklin pi. h 279 S 10th 
Artis George, oysterman, 15 Reckless 
Artis James, 103 Bedford 
Artlist Isaac, furniture, 232 Cedar 

Arundel Jas. M. att'y. 89 Sassafras, h Broad n 

Arunoel R. J. att'y and coun. 89 Sassafras, h 

Broad and Poplar 
Asa John, store, St Mary n 7th 
Asay Abraham M. dentist, 329 Sassafras 
Asay John, dry goods, 13 N 8th 
Asay Wm. clei-k, 48 S 2d 

ASBURY SAM'L & CO, com. mer. 85 S Front 
Asch Joseph, 103 Spruce 

Aschenbath»Geo. bootfitter, rear 8th bel Parrish 
Asch craft Hugh, gardener. Cherry n F road 
Ascough John, blacksm. Front bel Maiden, h 

16 Laurel 
Ascough Thomas, blacksm. G T road and Hay- 
Ascough Wm. blacksm. rear 107 New Mrrket 
Ash C. E. gent. 16 Chnton st 
Ash Caleb L. atfySc coun. 98 S 4th 
Ash Chas. vict. Thompson and Mechanic 
Ash Elizabeth, 393 N 3d 
Ash Franklin P. carp. Cherry W Sch 2d 
Ash George W. goldbeater, Hubbell ab Catha- 
Ash George W. alderman, 194 N 6th 
Ash George W. carp. Melon bel 10th 
Asii Henry St. Clair, M. D., druggist, 11th and 

Ash James, tavern, 184 Callowhill 

Ash John T. carp. 188 Swanson 

Ash Joshua P. com. mer. 22 & 24 N 2d 

ASH JOSHUA W., M. D., 45 S 5th 

Ash & Knipe, door and sash factory, Ashton ab 

ASH MICHAEL W. att'y & coun. 450 Vine 
Ash Morgan, broker, 45 S 4th, h Sch 6th bel 

Ash Robert, carp. 348Brown 
Ash Robert, locksmith, 137 Cedar 
Ash Samuel, carter, 17 Fitz water 
Ash Sarah, washer, 220 S 7th 
Ash Sebastian, confectioner, 171 Green 
Ash Thos. T. gent. Sch 4th bel Cherry 
ASH WM. hotel, N W Coates and Kessler 
Ash Wm, R. clerk, Oneida pi 
Ashbridge John, spinner. Ball's ct 
Ashbridge Mary K. 207 Pine 
Ashbridge Thbmazin Mrs. 321 Mulberry 
Ashbrook A. dressmr. Tammany ab 4th 
Ashbrook James, grocer, S E 2d and Queen, h 

478 S 2d 
Ashbrook Joseph, sailmr. 113 Christian 
Ashbrook Thos. carp. 70 M road 
Ashbrook Thos. C. tailor, Tammany ab 4th 
Ashburn James C. jeweler, 33 Carter's al, h 3 

Ashburn John, jeweler, 15 Mead 
Ashburner Algernon E. mer. 25 N Water, h 15 

S Sch 7th 
Ashburner Lydia, Mrs. 191 Pine 
Ashburner Benj. William and Locust (W P) 
Ashby Frankhn, hatter, 136 High, h 116 N 5th 
Ashby &, Rocap, hatters, 136 High 
Ashcraft John, lumber mer. 350 S 2d 
Ashcraft John, jr. lab. 21 Mary (S) 
Ashcraft Jonah, lab. Reed and Church 
Ashcraft L. b h, 33 Lombard 
Ashcraft M. milliner, 178^ S 2d 
Ashe J. baker, 78 Spruce 
Ashenbach John, turner, 7& Sassafras 
Ashenfelder Sarah, mantua maker, St John ab 

George (K) 
Asher Michael, dyer, 158 S 5th 
Ashford Jno. R. glove manufacturer, Coates and 

Ashford Wm. H. glovemr. N W 6th & Parrish 
Ashhurst John, mer. 80 High, h 59 S 6th 
Ashhurst Lewis R. mer. 80 High, h Walnut W 

Ashhurst Richard, mer. 80 High, h 263 Mul- 


Ashhurst W. H. mer. 80 High, h 498 Walnut 
Asliman James J. stair rod manuf. 12 Loud 
Ashman John, Perry bel Diamond 
ASHMAN PETER, ice dealer, 34 Sp. Garden, 

h 172 R road 
Ashman Sc Taylor, ladies' shoes, 115 N 2d 
Ashman Thomas, shoes, 109 S 9th 
Aslmian Wm. carman, 7 Plum 
Ashman Wm. tailor, 384 N 3d 
Ashmead A. S. mer. 14 S whfs. h 61 N 12th 
Ashmead Charles, conveyancer, 66 S 5th 
ASBMEAD GEORGE, druggist, 235 High, h 

247 Mulberry 




Ashmcad Gcorpe, lab. Reeves n Sch 2(1 
ASIIMKAl) GKOKGK L. alt'v. and coun. 64 

S 5lh. h >Valnut al. William (\V 1') 
ASHMKAl) ISAAC, printer, rear 146 Chestnut, 

h (iintid av and Sch 7th 
ASHMKAl) JOHN N\ . alt'y and coun. 155 

Ashmea<l Samuel, mcr. Sch 5th ah George 
Ashmcad Samuel B. mer. 32 N 4th, h 10th bel 

Ashmead Surah, b h, 90 N 11th 
ASH.MEAl) S.B.&CO. shoe findings 32 N 4tli 
Ashmead Thos. custom-house, h 126 N 12th 
Ashmead Thos. E. mcr. 11 Bank, h S E Sch 8th 

and Chestnut 
Ashmead Wm., M. 1)., 247 Mulberry- 
Ashmen Peter, dealer, ?>ont liel Wharton 
Ashmore Georg-e P. carder, Duke bel Palmer 
Ashmore John, cuttler, 50 N 2d 
Ashmore Luther M. coacli paint Parrish ab 8tli 
Ashmore Phoebe, 451 Vine 
Ashton Chas. dealer, William bel Edward 
Ashton Daniel R., teacher, 46 N 5th, h 119 

Ashton Eli, gardener, Columbia ab 2d 
Ashton E. D. 18 Perry 
Ashton George S. drug and spice dealer, Sch 

8th bel Ogden 
ASHTON ISAAC M. hats, 172 High, h 146 N 

Ashton Isaac S. asst. to Purser U. S. N. Asylum, 

h 247 S 9th 
Ashton James, waterman, 374 S Front 
Ashton Jas. H. cooper, 374 S Front 
Ashton John, waiter, Ronaldson 
ASHTON JOHN, jr., tailor, 156 High, h 245 S 

Ashton Jonathan, gent. 329 S 5th 
Ashton Joseph, Beach bel Shackamaxon (K) 
Ashton J. R. derk, 134 Catharine 
Ashton Richard, Clinton ab Norris. 
Ashton Samuel, printer, Flemmlng E Sch 2d 
Ashton Samuel, clothing, 16 8c h 18 High 
Ashton Samuel K., M. I)., 169 S 9th 
Ashton Sarah, gentw. 370 S 4th 
Ashton Susan, shop, 7 liail Road ct 
Ashton Thomas, machinist, 184 N 11th 
Ashton Thomas, .shoemr. 440 N 10th 
Ashton Tirzah, milliner, 2d bel Prime 
Ashton Wm. carter, Columbia n 2d (K) 
Ashworth Andrew, clerk, 21 Lewis 
Ashworth Nicholas,, 7th ab Poplar 
Ashworth Thos. clerk, Coates st whf". Sch. 
Askam Charles, basketmr. 286 High, h Wood 

ab Broad 
Askings Ann, layer out of dead, 298 S Front 
Aspinall Daniel, spinner, 5th ab O.xford 
Aspinall Nathan, cabinetmr. Pine E Sch 6th 
Aspinall Sliephard, manuf. 6th ab Camac 
Aspinall Wm. warper, 9th l)el Christian 
Aspinwall George W. mcr. Dock st whf, h 378 

Asplaml John, stonecutter, 112 Filbert 
Assler Christ, cordw. 35 Apple 
Asson Wm. T. mer. 9 Commerce, h N W Sch 

8th and Mulberry 
Astie Peter, butcher. Otter and William 
Astlev John, weaver, rear Ross ab Duke (K) 

Aston Samuel, machinist, Watson 
Atack Daniel, carp, weaver. Front bel JcfTcrson 
Atcheson Joseph, weaver, Higham's ct (K) 
.\tchison Murv, shop, M'illiani and Benton 
ATHENKUM, 53 &. 55 S 6th 
Atherholt Jacob, brickmr. 12 W Cedar 
Atherley Jas. fisherman, 57 Otter n G T road 
Athcrley John, dealer, .\llen ab Shackamaxon 
Atherton Hcnrj', broker. Walnut ab 6th 
Athcrton Humphrey, real estate, M'alnut n 6th 
Atherton Humphrey, attorney and coun. 325 

ATHERTON II. & SON, real estate brokers, 

Walnut ab 6th 
Atherton Nath:in, carp. Perry bel Pine 
Atherton Nathan, watchmr. 113 S 12th 
Atkin Wm. cordw. rear 490 N 4th 
Atkins Chas. carp. 28 Duponceau 
Atkins Chas. clerk, Alder l)el (iirardav 
Atkins Edward, 4 E Shippen pi 
rUkins Hanson E. mcr. 249 High, h N E 6th 8c 

Atkins James B. cabinetmr. Marion ab 2d 
-Mkins Joseph, carp. Queen ab 4th 
Atkins Julianna, dressmr. 10 Brannan's al 
ATKINS, O'CONNOR & CO. ford mers. 249 8c 

251 High 
Atkins Robert, plasterer. Pine n Sch 3d 
Atkinson Allen, carman, 167 Coates 
Atkinson Amos W. cordw. 22 Pearl 
Atkinson Archibald, carter. Master above Han- 
cock (K) 
Atkinson B. G. tailor, 64 Chestnut 
ATKINSON CHARLES, giocer, N E Cedar 

and Water 
Atkinson Charles, farmer, 8th ab 
Atkinson Eliza, 28 N 11th 

Atkinson Henry, weaver. Phoenix bel G T road 
Atkinson Isaac S. umbrellamr. 29 Spruce 
Atkinson James, grocer, High n Sch 2d 
Atkinson James t.v Co. grocers, S W 11th and 

Atkinson Jas. C. .shop. Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Atkinson Joel, Cherry W of 10th 
Atkinson John, grocer, High n Sch 3d 
Atkinson John C. watchman, Powell ab Fran- 
cis (F V) 
Atkinson John P. carp 11 Olive 
Atkinson Joseph L. bricklayer, 413 S 2d 
Atkinson l.avinia, painter, 12 Buddcn's al 
Atkinson Marshall JJ., baker, Wasiiington ab 

Park (W P) 
Atkinson Rebecca, Mrs., 279 Marshall 
.\tkinson Sani'l., ropemr. Bedford n Cherry (K) 
Atkinson Samuel, botanic physician, 617 N 2d 
Atkinson Thos., mcr., Cherry W Sch 8th 
Atkinson Thos. H., clerk, 22 Poplar 
Atkinson T. B., baker, S E Washington and 

Atkinson Wm. H., painter, rear 80 Green 

101 Chestnut 
Atlee Adam, lab., George ab Sch 7th 
Atlee Hiram, lab., 6 Acnrn al 
ATLEE W. L., M. D.,3 Colonnade row 
Atmore Edward W., jeweler, 62 High, h 359 

N 6th 
Atmore Frederick, grocer, 175 Buttonwood 




A.tmore John G., carp., rear Wayne I Austin John B., acct. 255 S Front 

.\tmore R., jr., grocer, N W 10th & Buttonwood Austin Jno. E., hatter, 7 J. Baker's ct 
Atmore Tl. & F., grocers, N W 10th and But-| Austin Lewis L., waterman, Coates n William 

Attmore Marshall, mer., 18 N 5th 
Attmore Wm. P., carp. 21 Sergeant 
Attwood N. L., Prefect Girard College 
Attwood William N., undertaker, 6I2 N 8th 
Atwell John, baker, loth ab Fitz water 
At wood Anthony, Uev. 10th ab Wallace 
AT WOOD & CO., dry goods, 162 High 
Atwood Jesse, portrait painter, 409 Poplar 
Atwood John H., com. mer. 10 S whfs 
Atwood John M., mer. 162 High, h 362 Walnut 
Aube Jacob, lithographer, 392 N 7th 
Aube Peter R., carver, 16 Decatur, h 28 Stam- 
per's al 
Auble Wm., tavern, S W 8th and Cherry 
Audebert Fred'k., lampmr., rear 9th ab Coates 
\udebei"t Geo., lampmr., rear 9th ab Coates 
Audenried Anna C, 314 N 7th 
A.udenried Lewis, coal mer. 18 Walnut, h 314 

Audran John, restaurant, N E 6th and Prune 
Audsley Joseph, blacksm., Plover 
Auerbach, Brothers, importers, 63 N Front, h 

559 N 8th 
Auffort Fanny, Wood ab Queen (K) 
AuflTort Fred'k., cordw., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Auffort Fred'k., jr., fislierman, Dyott's ct (K) 
August Jacob, lab., Harriet ab Ross 
Augustin Joseph, jr., lab., Mackey ab 2d 
Augustin Letitia, gent, furnisher, 201 Lombard 
Augustin Lewis, tinplate worker, N E Juniper 

and High, h 88 N 11th 
Augustin Mary F., confectioner, 123 S 3d 
Augustine Peter, bricklayer, 4 Jackson 
Augustus Eliza, washer, Wiley's ct 
Augustus Maria, 80 Tammany 
Augustus Samuel, lab.. Centre ab 12th 
Aul John, tailor, Keyser's row 
Auld Andrew, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Auld Ann, 12 Baker's ct 
Auld Henry, machinist, 314 Green 
Auld Washington, stove finisher, 240 High, h 

rear 365 S 2d 
AuU Alfred, bowling saloon, 146 Walnut 
Aull James A., mer. 13| S Front 
Aull & White, bowhng saloon, 146 Walnut 
Aull Wm., lab. 9 Wall 
Aumont James P. E., 7 Sergeant 
Auner Alfred W., tobacct., 334 Sassafras 
Auner C. H., clerk, 19 Madison 
Auner G. A., carp.. Minor, h 60 S 11th 
AUNER JOSEPH G., bookseller, 333 High,h 

11 Montgomery sq 
Auner Peter, potter, Carroll ab 13th 
Auner Wm., watchman, 13th ab Poplar 
Auperla John, lab.. Orange and Washington 
Austin Charles, carter, 175 Brown 
Austin Charles, clerk, Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Austin Collins, sen., b. h., R road ab 11th 
Austin Collins, jr., tinsmith, 466 Sassafras 
Austin David, weaver, Apple n Franklin 
Austin David, lab., 2 Almira pi 
Austin J. B., 222 Spruce 
Austin George, cordw., 53 Howard 
Austin Hosea, oysterman, 332 S 5th 

Austin Mary Ann, Hope bel Master 
AUSTIN & OBDYKE, tin roof and iron work- 
ers, S W 13th and Callowhill 
AUSTIN SAMUEL H., att'y. and coun., 63 

S 7th 
Austin Seth, tavern, Franklin ab F road 
Austin Wm., tinman, Coates W Sch 6th 
Austin Wm., grocer, 99 Fitzwater 
Austin Wm. K., carp. 324 Sassafras 
Avery Henry, dentist, 226 Walnut 
Avery Mary, 1 Baxter's av 
Avery Sylvia A., teacher, 60 N 10th 
Avis Edmond, shoemr., 157 N 4th 
Avis Theod., japanner, Diamond bel 5th 
Awing Moses, lab.. Broad ab Spruce 
Awl Ann C, 21 St John 
Axe Joseph, combmr. 63 Carpenter 
AXFORD E. J., mer. tailor, 165 Spruce 
Ayars Alice, dressmr., N W Parrish and 5th 
Aydelot John, watchman, 294 S Front 
Ayers Joshua B., mer., 65 N 3d 
Ayetsky John, baker, 35 Queen 
Aykroyd Henry, vict.. Brown ab 12th 
Aylesbury A. S., milliner, 348 N 3d 
A)Tes Anna, tailoress, Aspin ab Spruce 
Ayres Catharine A., Parrish E Sch 8th 
Ayres Charlotte, washer, 26 Mayland 
Ayres George, baker, 110 Prime 
Ayres Henry R., mer., 49 N 8th 
Ayres Hiram, bark inspect, Sp Garden ab 11th 
Ayres John, stocking weaver, Woodab Sch 6th 
Ayres John, blacksmith, 33 Brown 
Ayres Jonathan B., blacksm., Olive bel 13th 
Ayres Robert B., tailor, 161 E Lombard 
Ayres Robert B., suspender manuf., h 418 

AYRES SAMUEL W., tobacconist, 59 S 3d, 

h 224 S Front 
Ayres Wm., mer., 42 N 3d, h Vine ab 10th 
Aspell Tlios. F., M. D., Lombard E Sch 3d 
Aspell Thos. T., mer., 54^ S whfs., h Lombard 

E Sch 3d 
Azevedo Moses, 144 Juniper 

Baader Hieronimus, mustard mr., 20 Mintzer al. 
Babb Peter, mineral water, 58 N Sch 7th 
Babb Samuel, shoemr., 25 Mayland 
Babb Thos., bootfit., 11 Mayland 
Babbit Charles C, mer., 7 and 9 Mulberry 
Babbit William W., mer. 7 Commerce, h 26 

Babcock Elizabeth, Locust E Park (W P) 
Babcock John K., cordw., 68 Apple 

Babe George, hatter, 303 N 2d 

Babe Owen, weaver. Crown ab Franklin (K) 

Babe Wm., cabt, mr., P road bel Carpenter 

Babington & Cooke, stationers, 144 S 8th 

Babnew Joseph, carp., 318 S 2d, h 431 S 6th 

Bach Frederick, carp., 6 Kessler al 

Bach Jolm, weaver, rear 552 N 2d 

Bach Louisa, Apple ab Poplar 

BACHE FRANKLIN, M. D., S E Spruce & 




Kachc Hartman, U. S. A^ 97 George, h 66 S 
loth ah Pine 

Hachcr John 1)., shop, 35 Carlton 

Bachman Andrew, Mechanic n Creek 

Bachnian Fiist, teurlier, rear 17.> N 2(1 

Bacliinan Ilcnrv, pianomr., Hubbard ab Girard 

Bachman Jacob, lab^ Montgomery below G T 
road (K) 

Bacliman Jacob, carp., 114 Green 

Bachman Jacob, jr., rear 404 N 3d 

Bachnian Wm., carp., 573 N 3d 

Bachtell Marshall, caip., S W lOth & Mulberry 

Backcs, tailor, 109 Apple 

Backley John \V.. vict., 200 Diamond (K) 

Backmaii .loscph, shop, II Cherry 

Backus Frederick H., Treas. Lehigh Iron Co., 
44 N whfs., h 117 Vine 

Bacon Alex., broker, 50 Walnut, h 10th above 

Bacon Allyn, paper boxmr., 20 Spruce, h 12 

Bacon Benj. H., undcrtak., Queen be! Marlboro' 

BACON &" BROTH KTl, g-rocers, 24 High 

B3con Chas., grocer, 24 High, h Parrish bel 8th 

Bacon Chas. W., Sec'y. Sc'h. Nav. Co., 72 Wal- 
nut, h 7th bel Green 

Bacon Chas. W., jr., mer. 24 High, h Franklin 
ab Parrish 

Bacon Dennis, lab., 2 Eagle ct 

Bacon Edmond P., mer., 24 High, h 33 Chatham 

Bacon Edward, mer., 18 S 2d, h 302 N 7th 

Bacon Enos, tailor, Carroll ab 12th 

Bacon Francis, hatter, 101 N 3d 

Bacon Francis, clerk, 420 Poplar 

Bacon Franklin, mer. 13 S Front, h 4 S Penn 

Bacon F., Locust and Marj' C^^P) 

Bacon (i. \., Treas. Pa. r! R. Co., 70 Walnut, h 
16 N 11th 

Bacon & Ihillowell, hatters, 173 High 

Bacon Hosea H., lab. Randolph bel Poplar 

Bacon Isaac, shingle shaver, West ab Marlboro' 

Bacon Job, gent. 4 S Penn sq 

Bacon John, gent., office, 74 S 3d, h 117 Sas- 

Bacon John W., M. D., 181 Walnut 

Bacon Joseph M., bricklr., rear Beech below 

Bacon Josiah, mer. 127 Hiefh, h 61 Marshall 

Bacon Mar\-, gr ntw. 302 N 7th 

Bacon &. 0[)penhcimer, hatters, 101 N3d 

Bacon l{iclianl, carp, and undertaker, Marlbo 

rough ab Bedford (K) 
Bacon Kich'd. W., mer. 131 High, h 91 Marshall Bailey John, weaver, Cedar bel 13th 
Bacon Saiali, gentw., Ciiestnut bel Mary (W P) ISaikv John, waterman, 39 Union (S) 

BADGER SAMUEL, notary public, 110 S 3d, 

h Sch 7th n Spnice 
Badger Sarah Aim, Marriott bel fitli- 
Badger Wm., atl'v and coun., office, 110 S 3d, 

h N W 9tii aiul Pine 
Badiun Josipli, 63 Pine 
Badsky Robert, tinsm., Wood bel Sch 3d 
Bacn Hcniy, jewelkr, 21 Hallowell 
Baen John, jeweller, 8 Hallowell 
Baen Joseph H., tobacconist, 21 Hallowell 
Baen Marg;iret, 8 Hallowell n 6th 
Baer Mich., upholsterer, 17 Charlotte 
Baehr Daniel, ale and porter, I'Jth and Olive 
BAGALEV, WOODWARD &. CO., grocers, 

221 High 
Bagans John P., printer, Adams bel Columbia 
Bagge Elizabeth, 464 S 4th 
Bagge John D., carp., Kelly's ct 
Baggs James B., tailor, S W 4th and Chestnut, 

h 409 Mulberiy 
Baggs Theodore Ci., dentist, 409 Mulberry 
Baggs Thos. J., silver plater. Wood ab Tulip 
Baggs Wm., silversm. 5 Furlong's ct 
Bagiot Jules, bootmr. 360 S 2d 
Bagot John, glass blower, Sch road n Mire 

Biidge (M V) 
Bagot Wm., glass blower, Sch road n Wire 

Bridge (M V) 
Bagley James, waiter, 243 S 6th 
Bagshaw Wm., Sufiolk 
Baier Andrew, store, 313 Callowhill 
Bail Jos. P., dealer, High n Sch Front 
Bailey Amos, Chestnut n Sch Front 
Bailey Anthony, tin and sheet iron worker, 243 

Bailey A. li., h. carp., 466 Callowhill 
BAILEY & CO., jewellers, 136 Chestnut 
Bailey Daniel, bricknir., Prospect bel Master 
Bailey David, carp., Callowhill ab 12ih, h 466 

Bailev D., carp. 470 Callowhill 
Bailey D. & A. H., h. carp., Callowhill ab 12tli 
Bailey Edward, brassfounder, 161 Apple 
Bailey Edward, carp. 7 Ciuarry, li 136 New 

Bailey Eve, Henderson's ct 
Bailey E. Westcott, 136 and h 441 Chestnut 
Bailey Geo., blacksm., Whai'ton ab 2d 
Bailey George, carp., West bel F road (K) 
Hailey Jas. blacksm., Aniber ab Phoeni.x 
Bailey James H., mer. 357 N 6th 
Bailey Jas. M., milkman, Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Balky John, lab. 438 N Front 
Bailev John, dialer, 327 Cedar 

Bacon Smith, grocer, 420 Poplar 

Bacon Uriah, Flower n Christian 

Bacon Wni., porter, 3 Little Pine 

Bacon Wm., coachman. Fox's ct 

Bacon Wm. H., mer., 173 High, h 231 Vine 

Bade Henrj-, tailor, .Morris (S) 

Bade Wm., shoemr., Morris (S) 

Bad;Cer Benj., cooper. Wheat ab Wharton 

Badger Edniuml R., att'y. and coun., 65 Prune 

Ba<lger Elizabeth, 4 (lalchell pi 

Ba<lgcr J. C, artist, S W 4th and Walnut 

Badger Samuel, jr., atty. at law, 294 Walnut 

Bailey John, piano mr., ("itron bel 13th 

Bailey John, lab., St Mary n 8th 

Bailey John S., blacksm., Swanson bel Christian 

liaiky Jonathan, carp. 11th bel Brown 

Hailey Joseph, packer, 91 (Jaskill 

Bailey Jos., stone cut., Franklin & O'Neal (K) 

Bailey Joseph, lab. 25 Cresson's al 

Bailey J. T., jeweller, 136 and house opp Mint, 

Bailey Leah, 4 Middle al 

Bailey Lewis J., grocer, S W 13th and Coates 
Bailey Lloyd, carp., Lancaster r. n Haverford R 




Bailey Lydia R., printer, 26 N 5th 

Bailey Moses, tavern, Sch 6th and Richard 

Bailey Nathan, conveyancer, 33 N 5th 

Bailey Peter, lab., Darby road & Park (W P) 

Bailey Richard, lab. 4 Mai-shall's ct 

Bailey Samuel, conveyancer, 362 N 10th 

BAILEY SAMUEL B. lumb. 20 Laurel wharf 

ab Catharine, h 69 Pine (C) 
Bailey Samuel S. clerk, 6 Mustin's ct 
Bailey Sarah A., tailoress, 3d bel Wharton 
Bailey Thos., trader, 203 Cedar 
Bailey Washington, waterman, 36 Union al 
Bailey Wm., weaver, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Bailey AVm., dyer, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Bailey Wm., shop, Bedford bel 8th 
Bailey AVm. R., clerk, Parrish ab 11th 
Bailey Wm S., conveyancer, 33 N 5th 
Bailie Christiana, b h, 114 Mulberry 
Bailie Mary J., wines and liquors, 85 Chestnut 
Bailleul N. C, painter, 135 S 9th 
Bailly Alexis J. carver, 51 Dock 
BAILY & BROTHER, dry g-oods, N W 12th 

and Hig'h 
Baily Jacob, jr. iron foundry, Broad ab Spring- 
Garden, h Sassafras n Sch 7th 
BAILY JOEL J., mer. 11 N 2d 
Baily S. L. dry goods, 437 High, h 25 N Sch 8th 
Baily Thos. L. mer. 437 High, h 153 Filbert 
Baily Wm., watchmr., 216 High, h Sp Garden 

ab lltli 
Baily Wm. _grocer, 64 Shippen 
Baily Wm. L. mer., N W 12th and High, h 153 

Bain Geo. M., jr., clerk, 3 Montgomery 
Bain John, clerk, Salmon opp Huston (R) 
Bain M. Mrs., milliner, 268 Chestnut 
Bainbridge Radcliffe, cordw., Atherton 
Bainbridge Susan, 320 Walnut 
Bains Edward, 76 Crown 
Bains Geo., sailor, 160 Queen 
Bains Geo. B. trunkmr. 6 N 4th and 92 High, h 

Franklin bel Parrish 
Bains Henry, trunkmr., rear 174 Marshall 
Bains AVm. carp., F road ab Wood 
Bair Sebastian, machinist, rear 16 Pleasant 
Baird Alex., printer, 9 George, h 238 N 7th 
Baird A., Filbert ab Sch Front 
Baird & Cunningham, soap & candles, 74 Cedar 
Baird Daniel, tallow chand., 161 S 12th 
Baird Francis R. salesman, 129 Wood 
Baird Geo., carp., Patterson ct 
Baird Henry C, publisher, S E 5th and High, h 

Pine ab Blight 
Baird James, grocer, N E 13th and Shippen 
Baird James, shuttle mr., Shippen la & Cedar 
BAIRD JAS., Southern Hotel, N AV 2d & Plum 
Baird John, grocer, Otter and School (K) 
Baird Jolin, collector, 74 Green 
BAHiD JOHN, marble works, R road below 

Green, h Green ab 13th 
Baird John, brk. mould, rear AVilliam ab Coates 
Baird John, carter. Wood bel Sch 3d 
Baird Martin, cordw., Lewis ab Thompson 
Baird Matt., machinist, 10th ab AVashington 
Baird Simon, tavern, N E Broad and Shippen 
Baird 7'hos. R. brushmr. 41 Franklin 
Baird Wm. manuf. 11 N Front, h 124 Beach (K) 
Baii'd Wm., weaver, Fife's pi ab Broad 

Baird Wm. dye house. Front bel Oxford 
BAIRD AVILLIAM M. & CO., com. mers. 54 S 

Baird Wm. M., mer. 54 S whfs, h 107 Pine 
Baitzel Geo. printer, 5th bel Federal 
Bajiot J. bootmr. 86 Walnut 
Bakeoven Elizabeth, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven Geo. fisherman, Wood bel Queen (K) 
Bakeoven John, fisherman, rear AVood ab Queen 
Bakeoven Pet. fisherman. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Bakeoven AVm. fisherman, Bishop bel Queen(K) 
Baker Abigail, 217 Swanson 
Baker Ambrose, chairmr., Oi'chard ab Rawle 
Baker Ann, vict., rear 31 S 2d 
Baker Barth., varnish mr., 8 Cresson's al 
Baker Benj., lumb. mer. 226 N 4th 
Baker Benj., lab., rear 264 S 9tli 
Baker Benj. pap. printer, New Market ab Laurel 
Baker Benj. seaman, 28 Cedar 
Baker Caspar, tailo)-, 2 Central pi 
Baker Catharine, 616 A'ine 
Baker Chalkley, ward liouse, N W 9th & Cherry 
Baker Chas., coachmr.. Miller 
Baker Chas., trunkmr. 465 N Front 
Baker Chas., cabinetmr., rear 592 N 3d 
Baker Chas., min. painter, 161 Marshall 
Baker Chas. H. mer. 40 Walnut, h 310 Mulberry 
Baker Christopher, lab., Passmore ct 
Raker Conrad, waterman, Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Baker Cond. P. waterman. Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Baker Cor's, grocer, Cadvvalader & Little Green 
Baker Daniel, currier, 10 Logan 
Baker Daniel, rear 87 S 6th 
Baker Daniel M., comb mr., Hope & Franklin 
Baker David, 166 S 10th 
Baker Edward, collector, Catharine ab 8th 
Baker Eliza, washer, rear 230 S 2d 
Baker Elizabeth, washer. Beard's ct 
Baker Emlen, porter, 24 Barclay 
Baker Enoch T., upholsterer, 64 S 4th 
Baker E. G. A., jeweler, Brancli & 4th, h 340 

N 6th 
Baker Frederick, hatter, 272 N 7th 
Baker Fred'k, waterman, 10 Emlen's ct 
Baker Fred'k, tailor, rear 79 Poplar 
Baker Geo., hair dresser, 215 Chestnut 
Baker Geo., tailor, P road ab Carpenter 
Baker Geo., vict. 122 N Market 
Baker Geo., drayman, 8 Tammany ct 
Baker Geo., farmer, Newton n Washing-ton 
Baker Geo. N., lumb. mei-., S AV 5th & Brown, 

h 106 Marshall 
Baker Geo. W. wheelwr., Dorothy W Sch 4th 
Baker Henry, coal yard, George st whf Sch, h 

Locust n Sch 3d 
Baker Henry, tailor, 14 N 9th 
Baker Henry, rigger. Tees' ct 
Baker Hezekiah, lab. West ab Somerset 
Baker Horace D., waterman, Brook st 
Baker Isaac, bootfitter, rear 445 N 4th 
Baker Isaac F., lamp manuf., 176 Chestnut, h 

393 Mulberry 
Baker Isaac N., currier, 21 AVistar 
Baker Jacob, segarmr.. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Baker Jacob, drayman, Duke ab Hanover (K) 
Baker Jacob, tailor, 37 Cherry 
Baker Jacob G. carp. 402 Brown 
Baker Jairus, mer. 43 N whfs, h 22 Coates 




Raker James, conlw., Cobb's ct 

HakiT James, couebmaii, 9 Haspbcrry 

lUikcT Jas., lab., 30 nurd's ct 

Baker Jane, Mrs., j^enlw., 74 Brown (V L) 

Baker Jesse, bandbox mr., '22 Bank, h 7th ab 

Baki-r Jobn, ropcmr., Franklin bel Cherry (K) 
Baker Jobn, chair mr., 7th ab I'ophir 
Baker John, acct. 17 Spruce 
R.iker Jolin, (ha\ man, Duke bel Palmer 
B.ikiT Joliii, dealer, Washinj^ton ab Till (W P) 
BakiT Joiin ('., dru^., 100 N od, h 13 Vine n 

Sell 6th 
Baker John C. &. Co., drugpists, 100 N 3d 
Baker Jobn F., lab., Kve n Mackev 
IJak.r Joim II. intelli. oiiiee, 342 S 4th 
Baker Joi\n J., acct. 16» K 10th 
Baker Jolin I^., chair mr., 9tli ab Parrish 
Bakir John U., mer. 150 High, h 24 N 11th 
Baker Joseph, hardware nier., 473 N 2d, h 5th 

ab Brown 
Baker Joseph, mcr. 365 Ilif^h, h Wood ab Broad 
Baker Joseph, carp. 9 York ct 
Baker Jos. baker, 153 S 6th 
Baker Jos. harness mr.. Pine E Sch 2d 
Baker Joshua, pattern mr. 70 N 9th 
Baker J. tobacconist, 167 N 2d 
Baker Lawrence, g'lass house, Brown bel Vienna 
Baker MarE^aret, 272 N 7th 
Baker Mary, 10th & Loud 
Baker Mary J., Baker's ct 

Baker Michael, ropemr., F roadab Franklin (K) 
Baker Michael, lumber, 5th &. Brown, house 115 

Baker Michael, g'ent. 166 Mulberry 
Baker Mich. V. g'ent., 7 Sansom 
Baker Moses, clothing-, 20 Julianna 
Baker Nathan, liquors, 106 New 
Baker Peter, stove mr. 2H Rittenhouse 
Baker Peter, drover, 399 Poplar 
Baker Peter, hotel, Coates W Penn av 
Baker Peter, mer. 406 High, h 28 S Rittenhouse 
Baker Peter, reed mr., Perry bel Master 
Baker Philip, lab., 8th bel Parrish 
Baker Rutli H. 71 Wood 

Baker Samuel, waterman, Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Baker Saml., gard., P road bel Dickerson 
Baker Simon K., machinist, 31 Beck 
Baker Susannaii, 74 Crown 
BAKKU & STF/rsON, grocers, 43 N whfs 
Baker &. 'Ihiel, tavern, Coates bel Col. R R 
Baker Thos. J., M. D., 70 N 9th 
Baker Thos. U. printer, 523 S 2d 
Baker Valentine, tailor, S W Water St Walnut, 

h 46 Sbippen 
Raker Val., fisiierman, Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Baker Wm., grocer, S W 13th &. Carroll 
Baker Wm., scanian, N K Front & Catharine 
Baker Wm., cordw., 43 New Market 
Baker Wm., tailor, 62 Oak 
Baker Wm., painter, 7 Rachel (N L) 
Baker Wm., segar mr. 2 Little (;reen (K) 
Baker Wm., grocer, 42 Currant al 
Baki r Wm. cliair mr. 157 N Front 
Bak< r Wm. 1). engraver, S F. 3d &i Walnut 
BAKKK WM. I)., atty. 131 Vine 
Baker Wm. (i., wad.'manuf. 12 N 4tli, h 205 


Baker W. Birkey, M. 1)., dentist, 206 Walnut 
Bali)irnic Chas., dyer, Howard bel Jefl'erson 
IJalch Thomas, atty. & coun., 30 S 5th, h 310 

Bald Henry, cabt. mr., Otter bel G T road 
Ba!d J. Horsey, atty. & coun., 10 Mercantile 

Library Buildings, h 4 S l<Jth 
Bald Robeii, gent. 4 S 10th 
Bald Robt. L., engraver, 95^ Wahnit, h 4 S 10th 
Bald Wm. R. & Co., grocer, 2d & Poplar 
Balderston Eli, paper hangings, 39 Sp Cardcn 
Baldcrston S. F. paper, 2^3 (ireen 
Baldinger Jacob, tailor, 137 S 4th 
Baidt Elizabeth, Crown bel West (K) 
Baldt Fred, cordw., rear 296 St John 
Baldt Fred, whipmr., Hanover & Franklin (K) 
Baldt Fred., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Baldt John, carp., Fi-anklin ab Vienna (K) 
iJaldt Mary, Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Baldt Mich., butcher, Greenwich bel M road 
Baldt Wm. carp., Hanover &. Franklin 
Baldwin Adam, carter, Vienna bel Franklin 
Baldwin Charles, saddletree mr. 442 Callowhill 
Baldwin Chas. II. carp., Edwin W R roarl (F V) 
Baldwin David, bricklayer. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Baldwin Elizabeth, 45 Cedar 
Baldwin Hannah, 314 Sassafras 
Baldwiit Isaac IL, stage agent, 104 Sassafras 
Baldwin James, braid nu-., 204 S 2d 
Baldwin Joseph, painter, 17 Jacoby 
Baldwin Joseph B., cordw., 72 Washington ar 

bel Brow!i 
BALDWIN LEVI, st. mason, Sch 3d bel Cal- 
Baldwin Levi, machinist, 616 Callowhill 
Baldwin Margaret, 2 Ricliardson's ct 
BALDWIN M. W., machinist, locomotive and 

engine builder. Broad & Hamilton, h 335 

BALDWIN &. PRUDDEN, saddletree makers. 

Willow ab 11th 
Baldwin Stephen, mer., S W Front and Walnut, 

h 258 Walnut 
BALDWIN STEPHEN & CO., com. mcrs., S 

W Front and AValnut 
Baldwin Thos., teacher, rear 49 N 7th 
Baldwin Wm. Russel, cabinetmr., Anison's ct 
Bale Israel, saddler, 2 Princeton pi. 
Bales John E., agent. Wood bel Sch 2d 
Bales Paton, driver, 31 Hutchinson 
Balfe Henry, Rev., St John's Church 
Balfe Thosl, bootmr., 7 N 7tii 
Ball Ambrose, cabt. nw., 514 N Front 
Ball Alex., boot fitter. 21 Lebanon 
Ball Ann, 12 Knight's ct 
Ball A. W., mcr., 87 S Front 
Bail Catharine, gentw., 291 Vine 
Ball Edward P., carp., 5 Loxlev's ct 
Bail Elizabeth, Poplar bel 6lh ' 
Ball Elizabeth, Loud i)cl lOlh 
Ball Mary, 16 Chatham 
Rail (ieorge, cabinetmr., 514 N Front 
Ball (ieo., waterman, 12 Little Water 
Ball Geo. W., gent. 411 Spruce 
Ball (Ieo. W. J., convevancer, 4th ab Redwood 
Hall Henrv, 232 N 10th 
Ball Israel R., shoe store, 372 S 2d 
Ball Jacob, shoemr. 93 Uillwyn 




Ball Jesse R., type founder, N W 4th &; Queen 

BALL JOHN, "bookseller, 48 N 4th 

Ball John, boot fitter, Grubb 

Ball John, boot fitter, 2 Fetter la 

Ball John, carp., 10 Filbert, h 23 Rittenhouse 

Ball John R., cai-p., Carpenter's ct 

Ball Joseph S., painter, Johnson's la and 4th 

Ball ;Mahlon, boot and shoe manufac. 75 N 3d 

Ball Richard, weaver. Federal ab 12tli 

Ball Richai-d G., stoves, 253 Cedar 

Ball Samuel, drayman, T}]er ab Poplar 

Ball Samuel P., carpenter, Sch 8th and Sav 

Ball Sarah, sempsti-ess, 119 Plum 

Ball, Smitheman, & Bag-ot, flint glass manufrs., 

near Wire bridge (M V) 
Ball Wallace, tailor, 16 Webb's al 
Ball William, glass manfi^-.. Bridge ab 4th (M V) 
Bali Wm., capt. 26 Mulberry 
Ballard Hagar, S E Locust and Quince 
Ballard John, waiter, 33 Prosperous al 
Ballard Mary Ann, 7 Ohio 
Ballbeck David, stone cutter, 3d and M road 
Ballenger Aaron, clerk, 10 New Crown 
Ballenger Cath. 135 N 5th 
Ballenger George, plasterer, 3 Paul 
Ballenger Jas., plast., Wliarton ab 5th 
Ballenger Weslev, carp.. Weaver n Green, h 

409 N 9th 
Ballenger AVilliam, cake baker, Burd st 
Ballenger William, plasterer, 3d bel Carpenter 
Ballentine Alex., weav., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Ballentine Samuel, weaver, rear Clinton above 

Franklin (K) 
Ballet Hannah, washer, 185 Lombard 
Ballier John F., baker, 2 Lathbury's ct 
Ballinger Alfred, locksm. 67 Buttonwood 
Balllnger Jacob, blacksm., 4 Winter's ct 
Balling-er Mary, shoe binder, Baxter's ct 
Ballinger Thomas, skin dresser, 335 Callowhill 
Ballinger Thos., carp. 7 Mark's la 
Ballington Robert, clerk, 1 Ralston 
BaUis Geo., clerk. Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Bailor Philip F., piano mr., 197 S 4th 
Balls Margt., N W 12th and Wood 
Balls Wm., agent, 174 N 12th 
Balls William H., rigger, 15 Federal 
•Ballvain George, envelope bord., Linden and 

Baltz Chas., tavern. Callow hill st ferry 
Baltz Daniel, piano mr.. Myrtle ab 12th 
Baltz David, shoemr., Fife's pi 
Baltz Frederick, tailor, rear 1 93 N 3d 
Baltz Fred'k., lab., Vienna ab Duke (K) 
Baltz Henry, carp , Bridge bel 4th (M V) 
Baltz Henry, vict., 5th bel Camac 
Baltz Jno. W., weaver, Bridge bel 4th M Village 
Baltz J. P., tavern, 340 N 3d 
Baltzer George, varnislier. Poplar ab 9th 
Baltzer Ludwig, lab., Alder ab Poplar 
Bamber Thos., brass founder, 26 Hibberd 
Bambrey Wm. G., turner, 83 Sassafras 
Bamford Henry, confect. 388 N 3d 
Bamount Henry, stonecutter, 1 Sailor's ct 
Banard Alexander, Green's ct 
Banberry William, turner, 8 Central pi 
Bance Anthony, shoemr. 262 S 6th 
Bancker Charles G., Sec'ry. Franklin Fire Insu. 

Comp. 163^ Chestnut, h 329 S 6th 

Bancker Charles N., Prest. Franklin Fire Insu- 
rance Comp. 1605 Chestnut 
Bancker James A., mer., 163^ Chestnut 
Bancroft Daniel, sea captain, 410 S 3d 
Bancroft Edward, machine shop. Beach ab Han- 
over, h Hanover bel Bedford (K) 
Bancroft Geo., painter. Filbert, E Sch 7th 
Bancroft Gide<in K., blacksm., Christian and P 

road, h 3d ab Carpenter 
Bancroft James, capt. 884 N Front 
Bancroft John, blacksm. 125 Christian 
BANCROFT JOHN, JR. & SON, soap & candle 

manuf. 19 Wood 
Bancroft John, Jr., soap manuf. 19 Wood, h 24 

St. John 
Bancroft Miller, tailor, 48 Chester 
Bancroft M. & E., trimmings, 4| N 8th 
Bancroft Reuben F., blacksm., 13 Decatur, h 11 

Bancroft R. F. & G. K., blacksmiths, 13 Decatur 

and 6th andP road 
Bancroft Lydia, 7th ab ^Master 
Bancroft & Sellers, machists.. Beach bel Palmer. 
Bancroft William, book-keeper, 65 Tammany 
Bane Elizabeth, 119 N 11th 
Baner Mark, carter. New Crown bel Green 
Baner Rachel, 2 Green 
Baner William, cordw., N 12th ab Vine 
Banes Ann, b h, 134 N 11th 
Banes Benjamin C, carp.. Mechanic ab George 
Banes Charles, blacksm., Sylvester (S) 
Banes Chas., turner, 4th ab Franklin 
Banes Wm. A., brickmr., 2d ab Montgomery 
Banes Fanny, shop, 2d ab Han-ison 
BANES THOMAS, coach spring mr. 130 and 

132 N Market 
Banfield James, morocco dress., Olive bel Broad 
Banford Martha, 18 Erie 
Banford Robt., blacksm, Emery and Fulton 
Banford Saml., macht.. Broad ab Shippen 
Banger George S., conveyancer, 668 N 2d 
Banger Sarah, b h, 39 Madison 
Banger W'illiam, clerk, 8 Montgomery 
Banger Wm., clerk, Callowhill ab Sch 4th 
Bangs Andrew, mate, 5 Cox 
Bangs Wm. H., convey. & bro., 47 S 4th, h 490 


Banigan Henry, tailor, S E Phoenix & G T road 
Banister David, chandler, 7 Wilson 
Banister Edward, carpet warehouse, 269 High, 

h 9 Carlton sq 
Banister Thos., chandler, 1 Margaretta pi 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 55 Chestnut 
BANK OF NORTH AMERICA, Chestnut ab 3d 

bel 3d 
BaViker Abrm., tobacct., S W Front & Almond 
Banker James, musician, rear 33 German 
Bankhead Jane, rear 753 N 2d 
Bankhead Thos., weaver, Otter ab Front 
Banks Alex., carp., Russell's av 
Banks Chas., lab., Girard av bel Broad 
Banks Dorothea, 252 S 6th 
Banks Edward, waiter, rear 6 Laurel (C) 
Banks H. O. D., druggist, Washington (W P) 
Banks Isaac, packer, 56 Perry 




Ranks James, lab., Steel's cL 

Ranks Kcz'uih, widow, Poplar ab 10th 

B.inks Man', 32 WikxI 

Banks Mary, b h, 17 Mulberry 

Banks Murrill, baskctmr., 2 Bunl's ct 

Banks Rebecca, si nipstnss, Bedford ab ICth 

Banks Solomon, porter, r>.> Clurry 

Hanks Milliam, plasten r, 56 I\ rrv 

Banks "Wilson, lab., Sutborland av 

Bankson Lloyd, pildcr, Tl N Sell Ttb 

Bannan Simon N., carp., Dutcli ct 

Bannen John, carp., Iliitciiinson ab Thompson 

Bannen Paul, carp., Hutchinson bel Master (K) 

Bannen Williron 11., carp. 38 Lewis 

Banner R;icl)el, rear 3 Eutaw 

Bannignn James, equality tavern, G T road bel 

Ma.stcr (K) 
Banning William L., attorney 8c coun. 24 S 5th, 

h 121 N 7th 
Bannister K. M., diy goods, 186 8 2d 
Banthing Henry, cabinetmr., Lilly al ah Green 
Banton >Vm., boot cleaner, 104 Ga.skill 
Bapiiste Eugene, cabinet maker, 129 Locust 
Baral Moses, weaver. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Baratet Amelia, dress maker, 94 S 8tb 
Barbazelt Soplli:^ 308 S 4tij 
Barbe Francis, tobacct., 140^ Chestnut ab 6th 
Barbtlin Rev. Feli.x J., St. Joseph's Churcb 
Barber Alexander, cordw., N E 13th & Filbert 
Barber David, constable, S E Pine and Sch 3d 
Barber Edward, paint. & glaz., '2)77 N 7th 
Barber Edward, painter, 242 Green 
Barber Elizabeth, Sch 3d ab Vine 
Barber Harriet, 349 Cedar 
Barber Hester, 16 Randolph 
Barber H. A., paint, and glaz. 430 Coates 
Barber Isaac, clerk, 125 N 3d, h 42 N 5th 
Barber James, constable, 60 N 8th 
Barber James, bricklayer, 477 Vine 
Barber James, clock dealer, 238 High, h 10th 

bel Melon 
Barber James, dealer, Cedar bel Sch 5th 
Barber John, lab., Gulielma 
Barber John, blacksmith, 10 Green 
Barber John R., grocer, 359 Higli, h Cherry n 

Sch 7tb 
Barber Joseph, macht. 99 N 13th 
Barber &. Lawrence, iion door mr., 317 N Front 
Barbe Rebecca, Warren ab Park (W P) 
Barber Richard, shop, 559 N 3d 
Rtirber Robert, macliinest, 26 Perry (K) 
Barber Robert V., bricklr. Cheiry ab Queen (K) 
Barber Wm, optician, 109 Sa.ssafrxs, h 115 Wood 
Barbi r William W. 381 N 13th 
Barbier Francis W., tailor, 336 High, h 154^ 

Barbier M., widow, 269 N 5th 
Bar!)ier Stephen, jiwelkr, Wood n Sch 7th 
Barbin Esther, 80 Hope- (K) 
Barbin William, confectioner, 525 N 2d (K) 
larbour Jos., shoemr.. Queen bel Crown K) 
Barchan Chas., cabinetmr. 7 Laurel (C) 
Barclay Andrew C, mer., 40 N wharves, li M7 

Barclay Corah, Shalcross W Sch 2d 
Barclay David, lab., 3 Fisher's ct 
Barclay Erastus E., publisher, 283 High 
Barclay Geo., lab., lOlh below Master 

Barclay Gcorgfc, paver, Sch 7th n Vine 
Barclay Henry, sexton St. Luke's, 9 Perry 
Barclay James J., atty & coun.. New Atheneum, 

h 219 Spnicc 
Harclay Jas., tailor, rear 114 Sassafras 
Barclay Jas., silver pi., 2 Orange 
Harclay J no. K., giocer, 12th and Washington 
Harclay .John M., 14 Portico sq 
Harclay Margaret, geniw., N W 3d & Callowhill 
Harclay Robert, painti r, 210 S 7th 
Harclay Robert, clerk, rear 517 N 3d 
Harclay Wm., bookbinder, 9 Hutchinson 
HAliCROFT, HEAVER & CO., dry goods, 163 

Rarcroft John, gent., 199 Spruce 
Harcroft S. B., mer., 163 High, h 359 Sassafras 
Harcrofl Tunis Q., grocer, Tammany &, O Y road 
Harcus Catharine-, Sell 7th n Cherry 
Harcus John, carter. Wood ab Sch 3d 
Harcus Stephen, ice dealer, Reeve bel Sch 2d 
Harcus Stephen, car])., 11 Hickham 
Rard Allen, carp., 7th anil Poplar 
Bard Conrad, silversmith, 205 Mulberr^', h 367 

Rard Conrad & Son, silversmiths, 205 Mulberry 
Hard E. MiUbrd, silversm., 205 .Mulberry, h 419 

N 6th 
Hard Joel, moulder, G road bel 7th 
Hard Mary, 21 Chester 
Hardeer Jackson, plasterer, 46 Lewis 
Rardon R., dealer, N E 7th and Bedford 
Bardsley John, books, 46 Mulberry 
Rarfielel John, cordw., 2d ab G road (K) 
Harford Saml., moulder, Gatchel pi 
Harford Wm., moulder, 12 Carroll av 
Harford Wm., seaman, Young's pi 
Rarger Henjamin, cooper, Hewitt's av (K) 
Fiargcr Benj., cutter, jcfle-rson, W Sch 6th 
Raiger Charles, cordw. 5th bel Oxford 
Rarger Elizabeth, Marriott ab 4th 
Rarger George, watchman, 419 N 4th 
Rarger George, parchment manuf. Mechanic bel 

Rarger Jacob, cooper, Cadwalader bel Ma.ster 
Rarger .lohn, watchman, 44 Apple 
Harge-r Wm. painter & glazier, Sassafras and 

nth, h 26 W North 
Rarger Wm. brickmr. and tavern, 421 N 4th 
Rarger Wm. packer. Federal & Ruck road 
Rargs Mary, tailoress, lear 443 N 3d 
Haringer Maddis, tailor, rear 2 Nectarine 
Haringer Wm. huckster, G road opp 7th (K) 
Harker Abraham, broker, 16 8t h 118 S 3d 
Harker, Brothers St. Co. exch. brokers, 1(3 S 3d 
Barker Calvin H. lumber mer. Sliaekamaxon ab 

Queen (K) 
Harker Catharine, Weaver, 86 Plum 
Harker Daniel, lab. Sell Hank bel Pine 
Harker Elizabeth, 78 {;eorge (S) 
Harkir E. D, clerk, Winter bel Sch 2d 
Harker Jacob, cigarmr. 161 Carpenter 
RARKKR JAS., Hull's Head, Franklin ab Fro«d 
Harker James, tailor, R rr)a(l bel S|) (iarden 
Harker Joiin, shoemr. 251 Shippen ab 7lh 
Harker John, lab. Quet n opj) Hall 
Harker John R. nu r. 161 High, h 518 Chestnut 
Rarker Joseph, tailor, P road ab Washington 
Harker Peter, saddler, 152 Apple 




Barker Peter, cordw. Kate ab 13th 

Barker Peter, lab. Wilson's ct 

Barker Peter, shoemr. 42 Fitzwater 

Barker Thos. lab. Man-iott bel 5th 

Barker Wm. waterman, Lombard n Ashton 

Barkus Stephen J. driver, Reeves n Sch 2d 

Barlow Benj. iron founder, Lancaster ab Reed 

Barlow James, manuf. Sch 2d ab Vine 

Barlow John, lab. Smith's ct (K) 

Bai'low Jos. plasterer. Woodbine bel Federal 

Barlow Thomas, blacksm. Maiden bel Front, h 

Maiden bel Front 
Barlow Thomas A. plasterer, Wharton ab 3d 
Barnaby James, lab. 246 S Front 
Barnard A. C. grocer, 11 Queen (K) 
Barnard Charles G. coal, 150 Queen 
Barnard & Co. printers, 10 Decatur 
Barnard Hannah, b h, 4 Swanson 
Barnard Jas. tailor. Queen bel Hanover 
Barnard John, Lombard and 2d, h 27 Lombard 
Barnard Robert W. printer 10 Decatur, h 127 

Barnard Thomas D. 179 S 11th 
Barnard Wm. clerk, Hamilton av (K) 
Barnard Wm. C. printer, 10 Decatur, h 50 Mead 
Barndollar Daniel, cooper, 48 Laurel (N L) 
Barndollar Wm. printer, 145 Sassafras 
Barnecut James, clothier, Franklin n Crown 
Barned Absalom, clei'k, 558 N 3d 
Barnes Abraham, drayman, 475 N 5th 
Barnes Albert, Rev. 123 S 8th 
Barnes Andrew J. cai'p. 135 Green 
Barnes Anna, 40 Chester 
Barnes Caroline, b h N W 10th and Spruce 
Barnes Catharine, nurse, 15 Nectarine 
Barnes Charles, carp. Centre ab Brown 
Barnes Daniel, cordwainer, 14 Tamarind, h 5 

Brown's ct 
Barnes Daniel, cooper. Native 
Barnes Sc Denny, iron chest mrs. 3 Bread 
Barnes Francis, cordw. 12 Prime 
Barnes Georg-e, lab. Poplar pi 
Barnes Geo. W. shipcarp. rear 15 Keefe 
Barnes Geo, W. painter, 39 Apple 
Barnes Henry W. agent, 35 Chester 
Barnes Jacob, carp. 600 Brown ab 13th 
Barnes James, 3 Bread, h 11 Scott's ct 
Barnes James, mariner, 68 Queen 
Barnes James, clerk, 3d ab Federal 
Barnes .lames M. watchmr. 4 Ellet's av 
Barnes Jane, b h, 75 Carpenter 
Barnes Jane, 66 George (S) 
Barnes John, carp. 4th ab Jefferson 
Barnes John, wheelwt. 15 Hutchinson 
Barnes John, carp. Cedar ab 8th 
Barnes John T. lab. Hope ab Jefferson (K) 
Barnes Joseph, confec. 300 Coates 
Barnes Joseph, plasterer. Centre bel Parrish 
Barnes Joseph, carp. Lewis n Sch 5th 
Barnes Jos. blindmr. Marshall bel Parrish 
Barnes Joshua, Cedar n Sch 4th 
Barnes Martha, Bentshler st 
Barnes Merrick, band box manuf, 6 Bread 
Barnes Paul, cooper, 311 S Front 
Barnes Rufas L. yjub. state map, N E 7th and 

High, h 142 N 10th 
Barnes R. gentw. 165 Walnut 
Barnes R. B, wheelwt. Girard av ab Lewis 

Barnes Samuel, hatter, Carlton bel Sch 6th 

Barnes Sanford, blacksm. Front ab Otter (K) 

Barnes Sarah, shop, 21 New Market 

Barnes Thos. lab. Philip & Jefferson 

Barnes Thos. lab. 6 Lagrange 

Barnes Valentine O. shoemr. 6th & Parrish 

Barnes Wm. band bo.xmr. Auburn ab 8th 

Barnes Wm. grinder, 25 Cresson's al 

Barnes AVm. 77 Garden 

Barnes Wm. sen. painter, 276 N 7th 

Barnes Wm. combmr. 9 Rachel 

Barnes Wm. morocco dr. Haydock be] Front 

Barnes Wm. C. carp. George bel Apple 

Barnes Wm. D. att'y 50 S 4th, h 235 S 9th 

Barnes Wm. H. booksel. 84 N 3d 

Barnes Wm. W. printer, Marriott ab 3d 

Barnett Edwd. blacksm. Kelly's ct 

Barnett Jacob, shop, 164 Queen 

Barnett John, weaver, Dorotli}'bel Sch 3d 

Barnett John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 

Barnett Josiah, drover, Gai-den n 5th (M V) 

Barnett Mary, rearWinfield pi 

Barnett Moses, waterman, rear 141 M road 

Barnett, Nesbit & Garretson, flour mers. 62 N 

whfs. & 129 N Water 
Barnett Robert, lat. rear 137 Plum 
BARNETT THOS., 6th and Cedar 
Barnett Thos. starch manuf. P road n M Prison 
Barnett Wm. stocking tree, Jefferson 8c Apple 
Barnett Wm. watchman. Fox's ct 
Barnett Wm. P. trunkmr. 151 Sassafras, h 118 

N 5th 
Barney Alonzo, tailor, 19 M road 
Barney Obed, oil manuf 183 Catharine 
Barnholt Elizabeth, gentw. 237 St John 
Barnholt George, vict. Ann and Powell (F V) 
Barnholt Henry, vict. Sch 8th n Coates 
Barnholt Henry, vict. CallowhiU bel Sch 3d 
Barnholt Jacob, vict. Dickerson ab 7th 
Barnholt P. vict. rear Parrish bel 12th 
Barnholt Wm. vict. Pleasant bel R road 
Barnhurst Joseph, brass founder, Francis n Sch 

5th (F V) 
Barnhurst Joseph, jr. umbrella furniture manuf. 

Francis n Sch 5th (F V) 
Barns Thonton, Sch 7th ab Cherry 
Barns Wm. AV, baker, Catharine and P road 
Barnstead Robert, mastmr. 3d bel Man-iott 
Barnstead Thos. S. mastmr. 28 Catharine 
Barnum Danl. planing mill, Snowden's whf. 

Swanson st., h 3 Carpenter 
Barnum Phineas T. museum, 7th and Chestnut 
Barnwell Richard, cordw. 62 Brown 
Barnwell Robert, bonnet presser, 5 N 10th 
Baroux Nathaniel T. combmr. 30 N 6th 
Barr Ann, Randolph ab Parrish 
Barr Benjamin, dry goods, 12th & Washington 
Barr Cornelius, tavern, P road and Marriott 
BARR DANIEL, tavern, 139 N Front & 136 

N Water 
BARR DANIEL, tavern, 8th bel P road 
Barr George AV. mach. Ashton ab Duke 
Ban- Hugh, Globe Hotel, 42 S 6th 
Barr James, seaman, 1 Gill's al 
Ban- James, bookseller, 490 High 
Barr James, clerk, 4 York ct 
Barr Jeremiah, ccrdw. rear St John bel Poplar 
Ban- Jno. clerk, Witt n Sch 3d 




Rarr John, carter, 2 Linn 
Marr John ll.i^un sin. Lemon bel 11th 
Hurr Joscpli, hoilermr. 84 Hope (K) 
Harr Louis.i, rc:ir Hishop hv\ Queen 
Ban- Man, I) h. AVillow ah Marshall 
Barr Micliael, tavern, 95 N 3d 
Burr Philip, 64N2d 

Barr Robert, j^^roc. Charles & Buttonwood 
Barr Sarali, b h, 195 N 7th 
Barr Thomas, tobacconist, U'l^h ah Sch 6tli 
Ban- Wm. coffinmr. Cedar bel Juniper 
Barr ^Vn1. ropcmr. Hobl)'s ct 
Barr Wm. bricklayer. Brook n Coates 
Barr Wm. Uiilor, Scli 2d bel Carlton 
B:irr Wni. cars, Parrish ab 12th 
B;irr AVni. g-rocer, Cedar bel 13th 
-Barras Alfred, vict. Pleasant bel 10th 
Ban-as Jolin B. tailor, 222 Ilig-h, h 316 N 7tli 
Barras John M. re;u- Pearl al) Sell 4th 
Ban-as Jos. J. jeweler, 20 Franklin pi 
B:u-ras AViihelmina D. 73 Logiin 
Barratt Janus, com. nier. 85 S whfs., h 63 Pine 
Barratt T. E. min. painter, 116 Walnut 
Ban-ells Jaincs, taveni, S E Front &. Reed 
Barrett Ch:is. insp. customs, 77 Wallace 
Ban-ett Dan. g-lass hi. Bedfonl bel Vienna 
Barrett Edward, saddler, 298 S 4th 
Barrett Geo. W. nier. 194 A Ilig-li, h Boston pi 
Barrett Ilug^li, shoemr. 176 Hig-h, h 161 Vine 
Barrett James, bruslunr. 493 N 4th 
Barratt Jas. dyer, Wasliinj^ton ab Rose (W P) 
Barrett John, seaman, 12 Middle al 
Barrett Joseph, seaman, Vienna bel Franklin 
Ban-ett Milty, 25 Gilles' al 
Barrett Moses, lab. 95 Coates 
Barrett Nelson, lab. Beach &, Spruce 
Barrett Riley, oysterman, 25 Combs' al 
Ban-ett Thomas H. gymnasium, 274 Hic^b, h 

146 S 10th 
Barrett Pat. lab. rear Sorrel bel Larch (R) 
Barrett Patrick, lab. Sch >\ater bel Lombard 
Barrett Solomon, jr. philologist, Sp Garden ab 

Barrett \Vm. shoemr. N E Front & Sassafras 
Barrett AVm. saddr. Washing-ton ab Park (W P) 
Barrett Wm. P. printer, Crawford's ct 
Bairing-ton Anna, milliner, 97 N 8th 
Barrington Charles, 11 Bank al 
BABKING TON C. & SON, dealers real est. 11 

Bank al 
Barring-ton Edmond, printer. 293 High, h 35 

Sch 5t!i n George 
BARRINtiTON &, IIASWELL, booksellers, 

293 High (above stairs) 
Barrington Martha, wid. of Clias.''152 N 9th 
Barrington Samuel, M. I)., U. S. Navy, Sch 6th 

n Spruce 
Barrington Wm. draftsman, 11 Bank al 
Barrite ('•. B. gent. Mechanic l)el Franklin av 
Barron Benj. M. j)lIot. .Marllioro' bel Bedford 
Ban-on Daniel, carter, (^urrie's ct 
Barron Edwd. lab. Hichmon<l l)el William (R) 
Barron Elizabeth, trimmings, 161 I'ine 
Ban-on Ellen, washer, S E Penn 8c Pine 
Banon Geo. nicr. 174 N 3d, h 3.i6 N 6th 
Barron Fliiam, shoenu-. I'ranklin bel Union (K) 
Barron John, shoemr. Ohio 8t 12th 
Barron Philip, stonecut. Ann n Sch 4Uk 

Barron Wm. Macksm. rear 110 Catharine 
Barrott Samuel H. barber, 107 N 9th 
Barrow Geo., M. 1)., New Market & Laurel 
Barrow John, blacksm. 30 Alder 
Barrows A. iron foundry, Front St Reed,h Front 

bel Navy Yard 
Barry Ann, shop, 130 Locust 
Barry Cluistian. tailor, 6 Braiuier's al 
Barry David 11. cooper, Haas' ct 
Barrv Eliza, gentw. 15 Brown (N L) 
Barry Garrett, lab. 2 Bell's ct 
Barry Henry, carp, Carpenter ab 4th 
Barry Jacob, tavern, 6 Decatur 
Barry James J. blindmr. 3 Relief al 
Barry Johannah, b h, 4 Ransteail pi 
BaiTy John, cooper, 191 Poplar 
Barrv John, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Barry J. B. conveyancer, 93 S 3d, h S W 10th 

bel Cedar 
Barry Lawrence, chairmr. 3 CljTner 
Barrv L. Mrs. 342 N 13th 
Ban-y Patrick, 24 Cedar 
Barry Samuel, messenger, Latimer n Sch 7th 
Ban-y Thos. lab. 328 Carpenter 
Barry Wm., tobacconist, 31 Hallowell 
Barstow Jos. M., dentist, 70 i N llth 
Barstow Julius R., atty. at law, 9th bel Parrish 
Barstow Seth T., M. 1)., 9th ab Brown 
Barstow Wm., baker, 70A N llth 
BARTALOT T & BLYNN, hatters, 71 N 3d 
Bartalott Geoige, hatter, 71 and h 304 N 3d 
Bartels G. H., stover, 27 St John 
Bartenback John, baker, 354 S 2d 
Barth Gottlieb M., macliinist, 13 Ogden 
Barth Jacob, eng-ineer, 6 Brook's ct 
Barth John, shoemr. 3 Mitldle al 
Barth John F., pat. bal. manuf. 163 N Front, h 

13 Ogden 
Barth Peter 1)., carp., 13th n Ogden 
Bartholomew A., acct.. Cherry E Sch 7th 
Bartholomew Benj., carman. Front bel Wharton 
Bartholomew Cliarles, lampmr., I3lh &. Brown 
Bartholomew Cliarles, lampnu-., 15 Torr 
Bartholomew Geo., lampmr., Powell bel Ann 

(F V) 
Bartholomew G. W., grocer, Wallace bel 13th 
Bartholomew Jacob, cai-p.382 S 4th 
Bartholomew Margaret, 47 Lewis (S G) 
Bartholomew Robert, lab., (.'o.\'s ct 
j Bartholomew Samuel, lab., rear 7th n Federal 
Bartholomew Thoma.s, 14 Marion 
Bartle Fred., driver, rear Brown n Hanover (K) 
JBartle Henry, cordw. 194 N l.Uli 
Bartle Jacob, cooper, Penn ab 13th, h Coates 
I n 13th 

j Bartle Je.sse, cooper, Coates ab 13th 
Bartle John, blockmr., Allen ab F road 
I Bartle Wm., jr., spai-mr., F road opp Otter (K) 
[Bartleman Jno. W., acct. 68 Walnut, h2l5 Pine 
JBartleson Sarah, trinunings, 176 N 8th 
Bartlett & Brothers, grocers. Queen and Crown 
'Bartlett Edward M., silvermr. 32() S 4th 
j Bartlett Elizabeth, sempstress, 49 George (S) 
[Bartlett Enos, 37 Lily al 
i Bartlett Geo., butcher, 216 N 5th 
Bartlett James, seaman, 30 Queen 
j Bartlett Job, bricklayer, llth ab Callowhill 
I Uarllctt John, dealer, 67 Coates 




Bartlett Matilda, b h, 373 Spruce 
Bartlett Thos., blacksm., Crown bel Bedford 
Bartlett Wm., carter, rear 142 F road 
Bartlett Wm. G., lab., Allen's ct 
Bartley Henry, grocer. Sch Bank ab Lombard 
Bartley Jane, 63 N Sch 7th 
Bartley Wm. M., brickmr., Sch Bank ab Lom- 
Bartling- Eliza, nurse, 94 Sch 8th 
Bartling- Henry, cabtmr., 11 Plum 
Bartling- Jane, N W 4th and Walnut 
Bartman Jacob, carp., Hancock ab Franklin 
Bartman John, carter, Carlisle ab Parrish 
Bartol B. H., 418 Lombard 
Barton Amanda M., 4th ab Jefferson (K) 
Barton Apamee A., G road opp 2d (K) 
Barton A. G- W., currier, Charles above Coates 

Bai-ton B., Locust E Sch 3d 
iBarton Edmund, ag-ent, 179 S 4th 
(Barton Eleanor, music teacher, 423 N 11th 
Barton Geo., hatter, 29 German 
Barton G. W., atty. & coun. 14 AVashington sq 
Barton Henry, dealer in soap, &c., 294 Cedar 
Bai-ton Hetty & Elizabeth, 429 Chestnut 
Barton Isaac, grocer, S E 2d and Sassafras, h 30 

BARTON ISAAC & CO., dry goods, 27 S 2d 
Barton James, manuf., Jefferson ab 4th (K) 
Barton James, grocer, 123 Wood 
Barton Jas., brickmr., Smith's ct 
'Barton John, b h, 37 Zane 
Barton John, hatter, 138 S 5th 
Barton Joseph, hatter, 38 George (S) 
;Barton J. Rhea, M. D., S W Juniper 8c Chestnut 
Barton Rebecca, 172 S 4th 
Barton Robert, clerk, 294 Cherry 
Barton Samuel & Co., grocers, S E 3d and New, 

h 67 Vine 
Barton & Smiley, grocers, 431 High 
Barton Thomas, fui-niture, 96 Cedar 
Barton William, grocer, 431 High, h 143 N 13th 
Barton Wm. C, acct., 29 N 13th 
Barton Wm. J., carp., Burton 
Barton Wm. P. C, M. D., 519 Chestnut 
Bartram D., 166 Pine 

Bartram Samuel D., mer. 14 and h 262 N 2d 
Bartram Isaac, gent. 92 N Front 
Barvel John, vict., Apple ab Thompson (K) 
Barwell Wm., segarmr., 137 N 11th 
Bascone Rosarnio, mariner, 37 Mead 
Basenfelder Christian, cordw. G T road & 2d(K) 
Basford Rich. A., shoemr., Hamilton's ct 
Baskerville John, tailor, 14 Baker 
Basketter John, feed, N E Cedar and Broad, h 

1 Owen 
Basler Charlotte, gentw. 20 Duke 
Basley Joseph, lampmr., 141 Apple 
Sasley Wm., whf. builder, Queen ab Warren (K) 
Bason Mary, confec. Sassafras ab Broad 
3ass Mary, b h, Vaughan n Locust 
Bass Samuel, hair dresser, 12th bel Spruce 
Bass Thos., weaver, Charlotte ab Franklin (K) 
3ass Thos., cigar mr., 1 Coxe 
Bassett A., carter, Coates ab St John 
Bassett Isaac, carp., Marriott ab 6th 
Bassett Jacob, lab., 313 Cherry 
Bassett Jacob, ship join,, Dean ab Bedford (K) 

Bassett Maria, 81 Green 

Bassett Shadrach, lab., 412 S 4th 

Bassett Susan, tailoress, Dorothy ab Sch 4th 

Bassler John, baker, 176 Fine 

Basso Daniel, printer, Jarvis ab 2d 

Baster George, musician, 11 Marion 

Bastian Geo., gent., S E)7th and Spruce 

Bastian Geo., gardener, P road bel Wharton 

Bastian John, potter, 13th bel Rose 

Bastian Joseph, seaman, 512 S 2d 

Bastian Wm., gard., F road ab Federal 

Bastible Daniel, mason. Linden ab Sch 7th 

Bastible Edward, mason. Green n 'Washington 

(W P) 
Bastible Edw., bricklr., Summer ab Sch 3d 
Bastible John, mason, Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Batchelder Alex. S., messenger, 1 St James 
Batchelor Chas., stone cut., Wood ab Sch 6th 
Batchelor John, tobac, Coates & Washington av 
Bate T. & T. H., agency, N E 5th & Commerce 
Bate Wm. D., combmr.. Mechanic bel George 
Bateman David, ship carp.. Ross ab Queen (K) 
Bateman Joel, seaman, 33 Green 
Bateman M. A., governess, Girard College 
Bateman S., cabtmr., Eraser's ct 
Bateman Wm., cabtmr. 472 S Front 
Bateman Wm. O., atty. & Coun. 6 Sansom 
Bates Allen, blacksm.. Larch ab Wallace 
Bates Bastine, locksm. 221 N 10th 
Bates Benj., tobacconist, Randolph n Parrish 
Bates Charles, lab. 12 Richard 
Bates Chas., lab. Lewis E Sch 5th 
Bates & Coates, importers, 9 Church al 
Bates David, ex. broker, 31 S 3d, h 310 Coates 
Bates Elizabeth, 34 John 
Bates E., bandboxmr., N E 2d and Union 
Bates & Grantham, tavern, N W Washington & 

M road 
Bates Gideon, oysterman, 166 Swanson 
Bates Geo., lozenges. Union bel Franklin (K) 
Bates Isaiah, stovemr. Willow & 13th, h 248 

Bates Jacob, boots and shoes, 96 S 2d 
Bates Joel, machinist, 79 Filbert 
Bates John, manuf. 6th ab Jefferson (K) 
Bates John, cabtmr, 229 S 4th 
Bates Joseph R., cabinetmr. 10 Beck (S) 
Bates Joseph T,, exchange bookseller, Vine ab 

Sch 3d 
Bates Joseph Wm., mer. 9 Church al, h 9tli bel 

Bates Isaac, bandbox mr. N E Union & 2d, h 

127 S 3d 
Bates Margaret, linen, 133 S 4th 
Bates Robt., shoemr. 131 S 9th 
Bates Wm., shoemr. Union ab Bedford 
Bates Wm., malster, Jones E Sch 5th 
Batley J. & J., cabt. findings, 54 S 5th 
Baton Augustus Mrs., 344^ S 4th 
Batson E., Brown ab 13th 
Batt Elijah, cordw. Perry bel Master, (K) 
Batt John P., School ab Rose 
Batt Rich., blacksm. Phrenix ab 2d 
Batteaux Elizabeth, shop, R road ab Coates 
Battell F., agent, 14 E North 
Battles G., printer. Lemon ab 10th ■ 
Battin, Dungan & Co., contractors, North. Lib, 

Gas Works 




Battin J., sculptor, li 20 Howard 

BATTIN SAMUEL, grocer, 2d8c Noble, b 304 

Battis Charles, fur. car, Pearl n Broad 
Battis Susan, Allen bel Hanover (K) 
Batts Hannali, 91 Cliristian 
Batts .John, bootmr.221 St John 
Batts Joiin, 4 Lybrand 
Batturs Archer, agent, Sch 4th ah Ilig'h 
Batturs Sophia, .cccntw. Scli 4tli ah Uisj-h 
Batturs ^V^ Norris, clerk, Sch 4th ab Iligli 
Batty Hannah, tailoress, 11 Paynter's ct 
Batzipf .lolin, tavern, 290 N 3d 
Baud Peter, cabtmr. Orchard 
Baude Eliza A., 179 Swanson 
BAUDE STEPHEN, pine oil distiller, 116 

Queen, h '37 Almond 
Bander Jacob F., provisions, 399 S Front 
Bauer Fred., cordw. Willow & Marshall 
Bauer Fred. 124 Charlotte 
Bauer Geo., baker. Maple bel llichmond (R) 
Bauer Geo. M., baker, 187 Callowhill 
Bauer G. L., baker, 79 Buttonwood 
Bauer John, cordw. 317 St John (K) 
Bauer Jolin, pianomr. Willow bel 9tli 
Bauer John, carter, Lewis ab Thompson 
Bauer John A., cab mr. 157 S 2d 
Bauer Jos., cordw. Mechanic ab Franklin 
Bauer Jos., tailor, West bel Wood (K) 
Bauer Martin, barber, Franklin bel Front (K) 
Baucrsachs John N. 260 Hig-h 
BAUERSACHS L. C, importer, 170 Hig-h, h 

60 S 12th 
Bau.Grh Daniel, M. D. 67 N 10th 
Baugh Franklin, atty. & coun. 14 N 7th, h 114 

Baug-h Geo., turner, 9 Brook's ct 
Baug-li Harman, turner, 10 and 11 Elfreth's al 
Baug-h Samuel, leather, 85 S 2d, li 181 S 3d 
Baugh Samuel, plasterer, h 177 Wood ab 9th 
Baugh Stephen, blacksm., S 5th bel Plum 
Baum Daniel, mer. 25 N 3d 
Baum Hiram C, mer. 67 N 8th 
Baum John E., tavern, 67 S 1 2th 
Baum Samuel, teamster, Coates W Broad 
Baum & Steinberg, cordw. 258 N 8tli 
Baiim Wm., carp. 7 Lyndall's al 
Bauman Fred., locksm. 1 Smith's al 
Baumann Charles, locksmith, 57 S I3th 
Baumann M., hotel, G T road ab Phoenix (K) 
Baumback Henry, shoenir.. Poplar ab 13th 
Baumgard Jacob, cordw.. Palmer and Franklin 
Baumgartner Joseph, locksm., 5 S 13th 
Bans John, carp. G T road and Little Poplar 
Baus Philip, tailor. Garden ab Callowhill 
Bavingtf.'n Geo., cabtmr. Lewis ab Gii-ard av 
Bavington Jas., oysterman, 51 Mead 
Ravington John, 277 Green 
Bav.n Mary, Essex 

BAXTER,' R1K)THERS, hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter De Witt, engraver, 32 Wistar 
Baxter Edgar H., iipliolsterer, 18 S 12th 
Baxter Ellen, Factory 
Baxter Geo., lab., Beach ab Pine 
Baxter George W., hardwai-e, 244 S 2d, h 28 

Baxter Isaac B., jr., hardware, 244 S 2d 
Baxter Jas., weav. Washington ab JcfFerson (K) 

Baxter James C, carp. 6 Townsend's av 

Baxter Jolin, grocer, S E 6th and Green 

Baxter Robert, lab. Queen ab Ash (K) 

Baxter Samuel, carp. 497 N 3d 

Baxter Thos., carp. Grace n Sch 6th 

Baxter Thomas E., hardware, 244 S 2d, !i 8 S 

Penn sq. 

Baxter Wm., carter, Wharton bel 7th 
Baxter Wm., dealer, 12th ab Poplar 
Baxter Wm., painter, rear 374 S 3d 
Bayard Charles P., saddler, 52 Cedar 
Bayard C. P., broker. So Chestnut 
Bayard James, atty. & coun. 159 Walnut 
Bayard Thos., carp. 363 S 6th 
Bayard Wm., lab.. Poplar ct 
Bavle Samuel, lab. Fulton bel 13th 
Bavlev Caroline, 22 S 12th 
Bayley Robert, M. ])., N W Franklin &, Wood 
Bayley Wm. R., musician, 54 Duke 
Baylis &. Brooker, auctioneers, 6 N 3d 
Baylis Jolm, auct., 6 N 3d, h Catharine bel 7th 
Baylis Joseph, 10th ab Catharine 
Baylitt Davis, shoemr., Stanley bel 4th 
Baymore Brazllla, waterman, 77 Swanson 
Baymore Samuel, shipping master, 244 S Front 
Baynard Daniel, lab. 36 Burd's ct 
Baynard Stephen S., trunkmr. 3 Clair 
Baynard Wm. C, cordw., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Bayne Henry D., shoemr. 553 S 2d 
Bayne James, bookbinder. Carpenter bel 7th 
Bayne John D., collector, 290 S 5th 
Bayne Joseph, rule manuf. 18 Rittenhouse 
Bayne Margaret R., 249 S 5th 
Bayne Robt. E., undertaker, 3d and Johnson's la 
Bavne Samuel, plumber, 8th opp. Catharine 
BaVne Sarah Mrs., 250 S 5th 
Ba'ynon N. E., currier, 218 N 3d, h 18 Marshall 
Bazely John, blacksm., Murray's ct 
Bazier A. J., dentist, 205 Spi-uce 
BAZIN XAVIER, peifumer, 114 Chestnut 
Bea John, tailor, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Beach Elizabeth, sempstress, 2 Nicholson 
Beach R. B., potter, 5th bel Franklin 
Beach Wm., agricultuial impl., Hamilton and 

Sch 6th, h 34 Rittenhouse 
Beachell J. H., tobacconist, 66 Callowhill, h 22 

Bcade Thos., blacksm. 22 Lily al 
Beadle Abraham, photogPt. 413 High, h 353 

Beadle Amy, nurse, Mulberry n Broad 
Beadllng Henry, sea capt, 5 Cox 
Beagle Henrv, blacksm., Willow and Magno 

lia, h 224 N 5th 
Beahm Henry, cordw. 13 Nectarine 
Beakly Charles, lab. 124 Apple 
Beal &. Forman, cablnetmr., rear 7 Cherry 
Beal Michael, lab., Charlotte bel Thompson 
Bcal Wm., blacksm., rear 7 Chcn-y, h (Charlotte 

ab Beaver 
Beal Wm. L., dealer, Franklin bel Elm (K) 
Beale Chas., grocer, N W Parrlsh and Ontario 
Beale Jas., milkman, Lancaster and Park (W P) 
Beale John, cap and milliner, Callowhill W Sch 

Beale Matthias, clerk, 3 Oak E Park (W P) 
Beale Stephen T., M. D., dentist, 335 Walnut 
Beale Wm. A., tailor, 51 S 8th, h 4ol Vine 




Beales James, express, 26 PeiTV 

Beam Jacob S., sign paintci-, 1 and 2 Bank al 

Beam Jolm, cordw. 354 N 10th ab Parrish 

Beam Jolm, ag-cnt, 100 N lotli 

Beam J. B., bricklr., Oak bel Park (W P) 

Beamer An<l., driver, Kllis ab Washing-ton 

Beatner Catliarine, 136 Cedar 

Beamer Georg-c, blacksm. 4 Wcbti's al 

Beamer Jacob, ch'ayman. Master bel 5th 

Ueamish John, clerk, rear Mart^aret n 9th 

Bean Enos, blindmr. 200 Sassafras, h It road ab 

Bean Susan, cook, 214 S 7th 
Beans Jacob Z., clerk, N W Parrish and 8th 
Beans John, saddler, U roadab Callowhill, h 9th 

and Huttonwood 
Beans Martha, seminarj', rear 5 Chatham 
lieans Jlatt., harnessmr.. Willow ab 7th 
Beans Sarah, New Crown bel Green 
Bear Henry, carp. 10 Frazier's ct (S) 
Beai" J no., weaver, 26 AV Cedar 
Beard Andrew, grocer, W Hig-h n Sch 
Beard Ann, Nonnater's ct 

Beard Jas., drayman, Dickerson's ct bel Broad 
Beard Mary, 29 Noble 
Beard Mai'y, 36 Charlotte 
Beard Nicliolas, vict. 5th bel Oxford 
Beard Tiiomas, carp., Rhoads W Sch 5th 
Beard Wm , vict. 36 Charlotte 
Beard AVm., drayman, Lybrand 
Bearden Rich'd. R., acct. 204 Chestnut 
Beardsley Geo., spinner, rear Callowhill n Sch 
Beardwood Paulding-, weaver, rear 56 F road 
Beare AVni. 11., acct. Poplar ab 13th 
Beares Marcus, ford agent, 11 S 3d 
Bearnt Moses, dealer, 7 Macleod ])1 
Beast Henry, lab., Sch 6th bel Callowhill 
Beaston Georg-e, com. mer. 48 S whfs., h Catha- 
rine bel 7th 
Beaston John, waiter. Smith's ct 
Beates & Haker, drug-g-ists, 132 N 3d 
Beates H., drug-gist, 84 Franklin 
Beath David, manuf. 13th ab Federal 
Beath Henry, weaver. Carpenter ab Sth 
Beath l{()l)ert, weaver, Fidlon 
Beath Susan, Franklin ab Union (K) 
Beaton Mary, milliner, 163 S 10th 
Beattes Jacob H., coach trimmer, 32 Dock, h 

Queen bel 5th 
Beattie Robert, marketman, George & Sch 3d 
BF-ATTY ANDREW, tavern. Federal & Front 
Beatty George, lab., Jones bel Sch 4th 
Beatty Hannaii, 7 Thorn's ct 
Beatty Hugh, sizer, Sch 6th bel Cedar 
Beatty Hugh, weaver. Christian bel 13th 
Beatty Junies, machinist. Amber ab Phocnix(K) 
Beatty James, weaver. Front ab Jett'erson (K) 
Beatty James, manuf. 725, N 2d (K) 
Beatty J no., lab , Lewis ab Master 
Beatty J no., segarmr. 340 N Front 
Beatty Joiin, coal dealer, foot Shackamaxon(K) 
Beatty John, weaver, 720 N 2d (K) 
Beatty John, contractor, 683 N 2il (K) 
BEA'I TV JOHN, grocer, Sch 2d and Harrison 
Beatty John &. Son, sand and stone, foot Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Beatty Joseph F., operator, 101 Chestnut, h 162 

Bc'ilty Patrick, dealer, 99 Crown 

lU-atty Robert, watchman. Union bel F road 

Heatty Robert, carter, Mroad ab Spruce 

Beattv Robt. AV., clerk, S W Juniper & Lombard 

Beatty H. H., acct. 64 Gaskill 

Heatty Samuel, gent. r)53 Pine 

Heatty Samuel, watchman, Smith's ct 

Heatty Samuel, cabmr., N E Phoenix and Froad 

Heatty Thos., carter, 75 Howard (K) 

Heatty Wm., blacksm. Salmon 8c Huntingdon(R) 

Heatty \Vm., lab. 277 Shippen 

Heatty Wm., porter. Mariner ab 13th 

Heatty Wm., weaver, Charlotte ab Georg-e 

Beatty Wm., weaver, 1 Spence's ct 

BIOATTY WILLIAM, grocer, N W Front and 

Jefferson (K) 
Beatty Wm. H., machinist. Queen bel Crown(K) 
Beaufay Dennis, carver, 2 Griswold's al 
Heaufrain Hickman, cordw.. Rose bel William' 
Beaugureau Pliilibert, teaclier, 81 S 6th 
Beaumont G. II., M. D., 126 Mulberry 
Beaumont Mary, waslier, rear 448 Sassafra.s 
Baimiont Mary M., bricklr., Robb's ct 
Beaumont Valentine, plastr., rear 448 Sassafras 
Beaux J. P. & Co., sew. silk manuf., Walnut st. 

whf Sch 
Beaver Baptist, perfumer, 71 Union 
Beaver Thos., mer. 163 High, h 10 Logan sq 
Beavers Charles, t,iilor, 2 Elder 
Beavers Robert, weaver, Philip -sh Oxford (K) 
Beblers Chas., cooper, rear Orchard bel Jackson 
Becher Jos., harnessmr., G T road opp 6th 
Bechler John, grocer, S W Crown and Wood 
Beehler Louis, painter, 148 Randolph 
Bechner George, lab., 458 S 4th 
Bechtel A., dry goods, 235 N3d, h 7 Pleasant Rt 
Bechtel Abraham, clerk, 278 N 7th 
Beciitel Abra'm., mer. 104 N 3d, h 144 Randolph 
Bechtel Benj., grocer, S E 2d and Marion 
Bechtel Catharine, b. h., 10 S 7th 
Bechtel C. G., baker, 10 Perry 
Bechtel Eve, West ab Palmer (K) 
Bechtel George, cordw., rear 5 Peach 
Bechtel George, carp., Wood ab Sch 5th 
Bechtel Jacob, upholsterer, Hamilton ab Sch 6th 
Bechtel Margaret, Wallace ab 12th 
Buchtel Samuel, tavern. Vine n Sch 
Bechtel Wm., turner. Oak bel Washington( W P) 
Bechtell M. H., tavern, 38 Pine 
Beciiter A., brewer and tavern, N E 7th and 

Bechtler John, baker. Coates b-il 10th 
Hechtold G. C, baker, 9 Elfreth's al 
BECHTOLD SAMUEL, real est. broker and 

land agL-nt, 80 N 6th 
Hechtold Wm., baker, R road ab Green 
Beck Adam, jjaper stainer, Sassafras W Sch 8th 
Heck Andrew, looking ghiss framemr., Duke & 

Beck Ann, dressmr. 35 Union 
Beck Anthony, hatter, 226 S 2d, h 5 Comptroller 
BECK & BROTHERS, hatters, 226 S 2d 
Heck &. Burns, tobacconist, 290 High 
Heck Charles, musician, 264 Catharine 
Beck Charles A., carp., 60 Apple 
Beck Charles F., M. 1)., 310 Chestnut 
Beck Chas. S., dentist, Sp Garden ab Franklin 
Beck Charles W., painter, 179 O Y road 




Beck Cleincntinp, 1 Tnixton 

Heck I). B., paiiUiT. 366 N 6tli 

Beck Daniel W., icfcctorv, 457 Poplar 

Beck Edw , liariKssmr., R road n Scli 5tli 

Beck Eliza A., N W 6th and W;ishinf^ton 

Beck Eiihaid, cabinctinr. 177 N 2d 

Beck Gtorgc, baker, lOtli bel Master 

Beck George, hatter, 226 S 2d, b 5 Comptroller 

Beck (icorpe, blacksm. 5 Og'den 

Beck Geo. P., g-ilder, 2U6 s" Front 

Beck Geo. W'., grocer, 11th and Cullowhill 

Beck (ieo. \\., grocer, 9th and Poplar 

Beck Goilfrey, lab., Hancock ab Harrison (K) 

Beck Henry, stoves, 47 Malniit, h 2 Orleans 

Beck Henry, conibnir. 13th ab 

Beck Henry, paper stainer. Cherry ab Sch 8th 

Beck Henry A., lunib. nier. 135 Sp Garden 

Beck Henry V., cigarmr. 87 Coates 

Beck Henry Paid, 347 Chestnut 

Beck Isaac, engineer, Edwin bel Grape (F V) 

Beck Jacob, turner, 3d ab Wasiiington 

Beck Jacob, mer. 64 X Front, h 5 Comptroller 

Beck Jacob, brickmr.. Ash bel Duke 

Beck Jacob, carp. 275 N 7th 

Beck Jacob, baker, G T road ab Jefferson (K) 

Beck Jacob, printer, 27 Coates 

Beckett Isaac, lab. 2 Warren 

Beckett Isaac, lab., Hclmuth n Sch 6th 

Beckett Isiiac, porter, 1 Little Pine 

Beckett Jno., shingle dress.. Union ab West(K) 

Beckett Kavmond, lab. 224 Lomijard 

Beckett T."j., sup. M. F. Hail, 70 Locust 

Beckett AVm., tailor, 24 Greenwich 

Beckley Jacob F., tavern, Callowhill bel Sch 3d 

Hcckman Christian, baker, 6 Hunter 

Heckman Daniel, carrier. Winter 

Heckman Gerhard, cabinetmr. 217 St. Joiin 

Beckman Jas., bootmr. 214 N 3d, h 148 St John 

Heckman Wm., plancmr. L\dia and Miles' ct 

Meckworth Edw., waterman, 4 Brown's ct 

Beckworth Wm., dravman, Court al 

Becraft M. H., stockmr. 342 S 2d 

Heddo Henry, miner, Columbia It road W Nixon 

BEDELL & PEAUC?:, importers, 50 N 3d 

Bedell Wm. jr., merchant, 50 N 3d 

Bedenk Adam, baker, 3d bel Beaver 

Bedenk Michael, baker, 300 N Front 

Bedenshaw Chas., brickmr., rear Ogden ab 13th 

Bedford Benj. W., painter, 114 Dillwyn, h 524 

Bedford Isaac, collector, Callowhill n Nixon 
Bedford Isaac T., bricklayer. 111 Dillwyn 

Beck Jacob St Co., tobac. warehouse, 64 N Front Bedford Thomas, lab., Little Oak 

Beck Jacob Wni., musician, 125 Locvist 

Beck James, pumpmr. 275 N 5th 

Beck James, painter, 341 N Fi-orit 

Beck James M., musician, 24 Catharine 

Beck John, hat pressor, Rye ab Wharton 

Beck John, calico print., Haverford bel 3d (M V) 

Beck John, milkman, F road ab Palmer (K) 

Beck Levi, tobacconist, 290 Higli 

Beck Lewis, vict. 154 Buttonwood 

Beck Lewis D., baker, 134 Beech (K) 

Beck Maria, 3 Elfreth's al 

Beck Mary, Marion bel 12lh V 

Beck Michal, lab, 7th bel G T road 

Beck Mrs., wid. of Geo., wheelwt. 14 Charlotte 

Beck Peter, cabinetmr., Sp Garden ab Franklin 

Beck Philip, tailor, 44 St John 

Beck Samuel, seaman, 40 Queen (K) 

Beck Thos. B., mer., Water ab Vine, h 7 Noble 

Beck AVm., carter, 26 Fitzwater 

Beck Wm., carp., 367 Marshall 

Beck Wm., distiller. Pleasant bel 10th 

Beck Wm., 8 Charlotte 

Beck Wm. H., gent. 1 Monroe pi 

Beck Wm. P., grocer, Sch 7th and Spruce 

Beckel James C, organist, 214 N 11th 

Beckenbach John, N 12th bel Poplar 

Beckenbach Robt., boot 8t shoemr. 171 St John 

Becker Adam, weaver, 44 Garden 

Becker CJeorge .)., teacher, 121 Filbert 

Becker Henry, weaver, Hope ab Franklin (K) 

Becker Jacob, shoe store, 346 N 10th 

Becker M., clothing, 25 N 3d, h 20 Juliana 

Becker Nathan, mer. 78 N .id, h 106 New 

Becker Pliilip, baker. New Market ab Coates 

Becker Piidip, saddles &, 182 N 3d 

Becker &. Wilier, wines and lupiors, 78 N 3d 

Becker Wm., saxldler, 4 Baker's ct 

BECKERS LOUIS, chemist, 56 N 5th 

Beckett Andw., coachman. Sycamore ab Locust 

Beckett Henry, 31'j Chestnut 

Beckett Ueeter, Guliclma 

Bedford Thos., health office, h 63 Tammany 
Bedlock Edwd., convey., S E 3d and Walnut, h 

Callowhill abllth 
Bedlock &. Paschall, conveyancers, S E 3d and 

Bedlock Wm. J., collect., Callowhill ab 11th 
Hedloe Thos. II., tavern, 89 N 4th 
Beebe Boyd C, painter, Traquair ct 
Beebe J. W., tavern, 457 N 3d 
Beebe James W., mer. 27 S 4th, h 116 N 7th 
Beebe Lewis, printer, 161 Sp Garden 
Beebe M. & E., milliners, 161 Sp Garden 
Beebe William N., Ringgold House, 257 S 2d 
Beech James, tanner, 171 Carpenter 
Beecham Michael, sawyer, James ab 7th 
Beechan Cath., rear 46 Spruce 
Beecher Jos., harness mr., R road bel Girard ar, 

h 6th Si Germantown road 
Beecher Wm., dry goods, N ¥1 8th & Mulberry 
Beechy Alfred, gla. blower, Franklin bel Cherry 
Beechy Obadiah B., gard. Franklin bel Cherry 
Beecroft George, blacksm. 124 Barker 
Heehler John, tlrayman, 408 N Front 
Beehler Tobias, gent. Marshall bel Green 
Beeler Charles H., engraver, 8 Sansom 
Beenken John, grocer, 329 N 2d, h 101 St John 
Beer John, carp. 146 Poplar 
Beers Andrew, tinsm. 33 Hazel 
Beei-s David, painter, rear 13 Ogden 
BEERS JAMES B., atty. & coun. 98 Mulberry 
Beers John D., dentist, 214 S 3d 
Ikesley Edward, carter, 7th ab Master 
Beesley Hannaii, 273 St John 
Beesley Jacob, pattern mr., 80 Ogden 
Beeslev James, cordw. 503 .Mulberry 
BEESLEV THEOPH. E., \.. D., N W 10th & 

BecHon Maria, lOtii ab Christian 
Beeton John, shop, 269 Spruce 
Beggs Jno., blacksm. 69 and 67 St John, h 139 

New Market 




Eegley John, spooler, Adams & Jefferson (K) 

Eeg-ley Joseph, painter, rear 234 S 2d 

Begley Sarah, Cedar bel Broad 

Begley S. M'M., last mr. 6 Demmery's ct 

Begley Thos., last mr. 18 Paul 

Begley Thos. S., clerk, 466 S 2d 

Behlen Chas., teacher, 9th ab Ogden 

Behler Caspar, tailor, 9 Hallowell 

Behm Andrew, tailor, rear 4 Orchard 

Behring- Caspar H., carrier, Ogden above 

Behring-er John G., police officer, 6 Haines 
Beidelman Dan., g-rocer, 273 Hig'h, h 151 N9th 
Beidelman Chas. R. R., agent, 57 Nectarine 
Beideman Danl. S., coal dealer, 45 Chestnut & 

Green st whf., h 53 Vine 
Beideman Rich., ship carp. 15 Allen 
Beideman Samuel C, ship carp., Warren above 

Beach (K) 
Beideman Wm., lab., Georg'e n St John (K) 
Beidenmiller John, vict., 6th bel Jefferson 
Beidler Charles, butcher. Marker ab 2d 
Beidler Geo., tailor, Harn's ct 
Beidler .Jos., tavern, G road and 7th 
Beiley Joseph, shoe st., 293 Callovvhill 
Bein Augustus, cabtmr.. Redwood bel 5th (S) 
Beine Chas., grocer, 7th and Master 
Beisel AVilhelmina, trimmings, G T road ab 5th 
Beisil James, bricklayer, 107 Juniper 
Beissw"anger Geo., weaver. Perry ab Phoenix 
Beisswanger Jacob, baker, Sch 8th ab Filbert 
Beisswanger John C, shoemr. Coates bel 12th 
BEITEL & BUCK, morocco manuf.. Willow 

bel 2d 
Beitel George, baker, 114 N 8th 
Beitenman F. S., broker, 5 S 3d 
BEITLER ABRAHAM, tavern. High W Sch 

Beitler Daniel B., livery stab.. Filbert ab Sch 7th 
Beitler James, morocco dresser, 18 Duke 
Beitler Jos., grocer, AV High bel Sch 6th 
Belair Lewis D., scrivener, 150 Coates 
Belcher H., boots & shoes, 5 Commerce, h 266 

Belcher Margt., M'Duffie W Sch 3d 
Belden Joseph, dealer, 5 Watt 
BELFIELD H., brass founder. Willow bel 11th, 

h 267 Wood ab 13th 
Belford Cecilia, spooler, Thompson & Charlotte 
Beliord Jane, shop, Rose al 
Belford Mary, 461 N 3d 
Belin C. A., weigher, 24 S Water 
Belknap Stephen, jeweller, 354 Coates, h 13 

Bell Abraham, weaver. Mechanic n Creek 
Bell Alexander, Oak ab Till (W P) 
Bell Alexander, grocer, Sch 5th and Fairview 
Bell Alexander VV., periodicals, 310 Sassafras 
Bell Andrew, lab. Carlton n Sch 7th 
Bell Arthur, weaver, Adams bel Oxford 
Bell Benjamin, waiter, 74 Waluut 
Bell Benj., 504 Coates 
Bell Daniel, cordw. 106 Apple 
Bell David H., cabtmr. 20 Barker 
Bell Edward, trimmings. Poplar bel 8th 
Bell Eleanor, Sheets &. Duffy's Yard, Kensington 

Bell Elijah, coachmr., 44 Dock, h 31 Federal 

Bell Eliza, Wallace bel 10th 

Beli Emeline, pawn broker, S W 8th and Fitz- 

Bell Francis, gardener. Christian n Sch 6th 

Bell Geo., vict. Carroll ab 13th 

BELL GEORGE, druggist, N W 13th & High 

Bell Hannah, gentw. 9 Powell 

Bell Harriet, 172 Marshall 

Bell Henry, china ware, G T road bel 6th (K) 

Bell Hester, 12 Gebhard 

Bell Isaiah, lab. Sch 8th bel Vine 

Bell Isaiah, jr., 192 N 6th 

Bell Israel, supt. highways, Cadwalader ab Ox- 
ford (K) 

Bell Jacob, coachman, 58 Mechanic 

Bell James, paintei-, 173 Cedar 

Bell Jas., sexton, 145 Queen 

Bell James, lab. Dorothy n Sch 3d 

Bell Jas., patternmr. Callowhill ab Sch 3d 

Bell James, carp. Till bel Washington (W P) 

BELL JAMES, distiller, N W 6th and Cedar 

Bell Jas., manuf. Front bel Master (K) 

Bell Jas., clerk, 9 Powell 

Bell James, macht. Hope ab Otter (K) 

Bell Jas. Henry, 55 Queen 

Bell Jas. S., plasterer. Church ab Washington 

Bell Jas. W., carp. Till and Oak (W P) 

Bell John, clothing, 208 S 2d 

Bell John, 60 German 

Bell Jno., planemr. Willow ab 2d, h 88 Dillwyn 

Bell John, lab. Cherry ab Queen (K) 

BELL JOHN, confect. and tavern, 77 Coates 

Bell John, collector, 5 Erie 

Bell John A., clerk, 181 Christian 

Bell John M., painter, 7th and Hallowell 

Bell John W., painter, 13 Myrtle 

Bell Jonathan, moulder. Smith's ct 

Bell Jos., pedlar. Otter and Dunton (K) 

i^Jell Joseph, plasterer, 11th ab Jefferson 

Bell Leonard K., dep. collector customs, 139 

Bell Levi H., flour and feed, 123 Cedar 

Bell Lewis M., grocer, 470 S Front 

Bell Margaret, gentw. Soo Chestnut 

Bell Margaret, Bauersach's ct (K) 

Bell Mary, grocer, 20 Green 

Bell Mary, gentw. 34 Sch 8th 

Bell Mary A., shop, 2 Salem al 

Bell Robl;., cabtmr. 6 AVallace 

Bell Samuel, clerk. 410 S 3d 

Bell Saml. jr., mer. 29 S whfs., h 255 Mulberry 

Bell Samuel, flour, 338 N 2d, h 366 N 5th 

Bell Samuel, tavern, S W 6th and Shippen 

Bell Samuel, bricklayer, 367 Pine 

Bell Sarah, shopkeeper, Sch 4th and High 

Bell Thos., 10th ab Christian 

Bell Thos., grocer, 2d & Edward (K) 

BELL THOMAS, broker, 61 Walnut, h Sch 
4th ab Mulberry 

Bell Thomas, baker, Sch 4th bel Lombard 

Bell Thos., feed, Washington & Lancaster Pike 

Bell Thos. F., waiter, 26 Barclay 

Bell Thos. F., auctioneer, 3 Melrose pi 

Bell Thos. M., painter, 145 Queen 

Bell Wilhelmina, 4 Smith's ct 

Bell Wm., lab. rear 186 Lombard 

Bell Wm., dyer, Shippen ab 12th 

Bell Wm., flour mer. 338 N 2d, h 364 N 5th 




Bell Wm., cupper & bleeder, G road opp Wa- 

Hell ^\m., bootiiir. 2 Pussmore pi 
Hell >Vm. H., c:irp. Washinj^on bel 3cl 
Bell ^^ m. J., shoe store, Richmond ab Cumber- 
Bell W. & S., flour mer. 338 N 2d 
Bill & Uills, wheelwil. 44 Duck 
Bell ^^'m. W., truukmr. 81 N 3cl, h 66 Gci-man 
Bell Wm. W., ckrk, Mashinpton bel Fi-ont 
Bellak Jas., music teacher, 218 Walnut 
Bellang-ee Isaac, brick hiyer, 134 Green 
Bellangee Jane, McCling- ct 
Bellas Jas., cordw. Loni.bard ab 12th 
Bellas James, Sch 8th and Sassafras 
Bellas Thomas, mer. Broad and Cherry, h 33 N 

Bellenurc Wm., macht. Broad bel Green 
Bellerjcau & Co., brush nianuf. 122 N 3d 
BcUerjcau Henry, brushmr. 122 N 3d 
Bclk-rjeau Jacob, brush manuf. 465 Sassafras 
Bellerjeau Jeannette, trimmings, 465 Sassafras 
Belleijeau Susan, dry goods, Beach ab Poplar 
Bellgarde M., lithog. 2 Iluckle's ct 
Belling Andrew, combmr. rear 463 N 4th 
Belling Andrew, shoemr. 34 Clinton 
Bellis George, mer. 54 N whfs. h Beach above 

Marsh (K) 
Bellman Charles, shop, 251 Cedar 
Bellows Martin, boot manuf. 13 Commerce, h 

8th bel Brown 
Bellows Wm. K., printer, Randolph ab Parrish 
Bellsterling John F., combmr. 13 New Market 
Bellsterling John F., atty. 294 N 3d, h 134 New 

Belluw Patrick, lab. Sch Bank ab Lombar^l 
Belmere Elizabeth, Pearl ab Sch 4th 
Belnix Eliza, rear 104 New MiU'ket 
Belrose & Faye, paper hang. 100 Chestnut ajd 

12th and Cedar 
Belrose John, Mulberry bel Sch 8th 
Belrose Louis, paper hangings, 100 Chestnut, h 

102 S 5th 
Belshaw Jno., carp. 3 Wilcox, h Cedar n Sch 2d 
Belsinger Samuel, variety store, 299 N 2d 
Belt Henry, barber, Sch 3d bel Callowhill 
Belt Margaret, shop, 100 Tammany 
Bclville Jas., telegraph, Ilaine's ab 12th 
Belville Thos., bricklayer, 12th ab Poplar 
Belz Al'oert, bookkeeper, 13 Carter's al 
Benadc W. H., Rev., 160 Marshall 
Benaker John, beer Front & Poplar 
Bcnckert Geo. F., vict., Lancaster Pine n Park 

(W P) 
Bcnckert Geo. F., cordw. 8th bel Washington 
Benckert James N., cord v. Mar.shall bel 5th 
Bendel Israel, bricklayer, Lewis ab Girard av 
Bendel Wm., cordw. Centre &. Mary (W P) 
Beiidell J., wcavci-, Sell Bank bel Lombard 
Bender Adam, tuilor, 10 Freed's av 
Bender Clias., boot crimper, 183 Coates 
BKNDER C. W., Star Hotel, 71 and 73 Dock, 

h 238 N 4lh 
Bender Edwin, caq). Dillwyn ab Tammany, h 

Randolph bel Franklin 
Bender Francis, baker, Palmer ab Franklin 
Bender George, capt, 141 Queen 
Bender Jacob, tailor, Bond's ct 

Bender John, .shipwt. Crown bel Franklin (K) 

Bender John, carp. 28 Tammany 

Bender John A., bricklayer, rear Newton near 

Bender John L., tobacconist, G T road below 

Pha-nix (K^ 
Bender Leonaixl, 90 Cherry 
Bender Nathaniel, dealer. Willow ab Sch 8th 
Bender Robert P., carp, rear 118 Dillwyn 
Bender Wm., painter, Maria ab 4th 
Bender Wm. F., druggist, Melon ab 12th 
Bendcrnagle Philip, baker, 42 Shippen 
BENDLER JACOB S., grocer, S E 4th and 

Beneke Chas. K., mer. 87^ S Front 
Beneke Elizabeth, washer, Reeves n Sch 2d 
Benerman Olivia, 20 Appletree al 
Benesole Chas., hairdresser, S E 12lh & Wash- 
Benezet John S., 234 Filbert 
Benfer Henry, carp. West n Vienna (Is.) 
Benfer John, tailor, S E Maishall & Poplar 
Benfer J. C, 14 Coates 
Beninger John, lab. rear 115 N Juniper 
Benjamin C. D., bioker, 92 N 5th 
Benjamin Elizabeth, tailoress, Wood ab Sch 7th 
Benjamin Samuel, seaman, Mariner 
Benjamine Zabel, bobbin turner, Richard 
Benkert Conrad, tailor, Strauss' ct 
Senkert C, bootmr. 40 S 4th 
Benkert Geo., bootmr. 20 Marion 
BENKERT LEONARD, bootmr. 209 Chestnut 
Benne Sarah, Rye & Mackey 
Bennedict S. R., hatter, 167 Catharine 
Benner Adam, actor, G T road ab Jefferson (K) 
Benner Andi-ew, conductor, Sch 8th above 

Benner A. G., blacksm. Pearl n Sch 8th 
Benner Benj. J., cooper. Crown bel Franklin 
Benner & Brother, gi-ocers, Wasliington and 

Moore (W P) 
Benner Chas., confect. 9 Myrtle 
Benner Elias, ft-ame mr. 5 George 
Benner Hezekiah, stone mason, Rhoads W Sch 

Benner E., pearl digger. Pearl ab 13th 
Benner Geo., carp. Wood n Sch 7th 
Benner Geo. IL, baker, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Benner Henry, coachsm., 19 Shippen 
Benner Henry, carter, Vaughan ab Locust 
Beinier Henry L., manuf., 39 German, h 577 

S 3d 
Benner Isaac, confec. 10th and Nectarine 
Benner Jacob, lab. 6th ab Master 
Benner John, brickmr. 205 Locust 
Benner .John, blacksmith, Eardnian's ct 
Benner John, baker, 31 Noble 
Benner John R. lab., 3d bel Whartoi\ 
Benner Lewis, weav.. Vineyard ab Rroad (F V) 
Benner Mar)', 338 St John (K) 
Benner Maltiiias, brickmr., Spr\ice ab 13th 
Benner Peter, jr., driver, 2 William's ct 
Benner Sarah, B Steward 
Benner Thos. osller, G road bel 7t]i 
Benner Wni. blacksm., rear 32 Sheaft'al 
Beiuier Wm. brickmr. 10th ab Christian 
Benner W:Lshingt(m, bricklayer. Crown below 

Franklin (K) 




Benners George, wine mer. 117 N 2d, h 219 


liquors, 117 N 2d 
Benners Henry B., mer., 35J S Front, h 427 

Benners Jas. wine mea. 117 N 2d, h 142 N5th 
Benners John D., clerk, 426 N Front 
Benners Mrs. Wm., Log-an & Green 

Glass Works (K) and 35 J S Front 
Benneson M. & E., milliners, 56 N 8th 
BENNET ALBANUS L., dye wood mill. Ash- 
ton ab Cherry, h Vine E Sch Front 
Bennet Charles, driver, Monroe bel Cherry (K) 
Bennett Abel, sen., fisherman. Queen 8c Cherry 
Bennett Abel, jr., fisherman. Bishop bel Queen 
Bennett Abm. P. g-rocer, 5 Middle al 
Bennet Alfred, lard lamps, 18 S 5th 
Bennett Andrew, tin sm. 10th ab Washing-ton 
Bennett Andi'ew, rigger, 164 Swanson 
Bennett Catharine, wid. of Wm., Marlborough 

bel Bedford (K) 
Bennett Chas., waiter, Paschall's al 
Bennett Charles V., clerk, 30 Parrish 
BENNETT & CO., tailors, 182 High 
Bennett 8c Co. coal yard. Cherry st wharf 
Bennett David, ship carp., Vienna bel Franklin 
Bennett David, lab., Maple ab Salmon (K) 
Bennett David, brickmr., rear Fitler ab Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Bennett Edward, mer. 20 N Front 
Bennett Edw. coachman, Lombard bel 12th 
Bennett Edw. weaver, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Bennett EU H., agent, Oak bel Moore (WP) 
Bennett Eliza, nurse, rear 382 S 3d 
Bennett Eliza, trimming store, German n 5th 
Bennett Elizabeth, 7 Sommers' ct 
Bennett E. A. mer. 4 N 9th, h 10th ab Wash- 
Bennett George, carter, Bedford ab Crown (K) 
Bennett Henrj'-, hardwai-e, 19 Wallace 
Bennett Hiram, cordw. 495 N 10th 
Bennett Jacob, brickmr., Mary bel F road 
Bennett Jacob, jeweler, 112 Chestnut, .h 53 

Bennett Jacob, waterman, Oueen bel Bishop (K) 
Bennett Jas. engineer, Fairmount ab Morris 
Bennett Jas. brickmr., Jackson's ct (K) 
Bennett Jas. lab., Allen ab Hanover 
Bennett James D., atty. 8c coun. 49 N 6th 
Bennett Jeremiah, pilot, 374 S 3d 
Bennett John, 482 N 2d 

Bennett John, huckster, Oxford ab Howard (K) 
Bennett John, trunkmr. 85 Coates 
Bennett John, presser, Washington ab Rose 

Bennett John F. mer. 169 High 
Bennett John R. salesman, 77 Franklin 
Bennett Jos. blacksm., William bel Callowhill 
Bennett Joseph^ grocer, Marlboro' and Allen 
Bennett Joseph, Russell av 
Bennett Jos M., tailor, 182 High, h 52 Filbert 
))ennett Lewis, oysterman, 4 Mechanic ct 
Bennett Margaret, rear 156 Swanson 
BENNETT, MARTIN 8c CO., wool dealers, 20 

and 22 N Front 
Bennett Mary, Queen ab Cherry (K) 

Bennett Mary, cake bakei% 5 Little Pine 
Bennett Mary, baker, Maiden bel Front 
Bennett Mary, cook, Gillis' al 
Bennett Mary W. stock manuf. 43 N 5th 
Bennett Mich, collector, 4 Hickory ct 
Bennett Moses, carp. 26 High, h 55 Sassafras 
Bennett Nathan W., lab., Ashton 8c Cherry 
Bennett Rachel, shop, Coates bel 9th 
Bennett Robert H. jeweler. Queen ab Vienna 
Bennett Sarah, 4 Mercer 

Bennett Stephen D. printer, Rhoads W Sch 5th 
Bennett Thos. manuf. William n Sch 4th 
Bennett Thos. dyer, 6th ab Camac (K) 
Bennett Thos. carp.. Pink bel Jefferson 
Bennett Thos. J. segar mr., Morris bel Catharine 
Bennett Warner, lab. 329 Vine 
Bennett Whitman R., F road and Montgomery 
Bennett Wm., trimmings, 482 N 2d, h Clinton 

and Poplar 
Bennett Wm. block cutter, 345 Pine 
Bennett Wm. flour. Union bel F road (K) 
Bennett Wm. H. photogt. 378 High, h Wood n 

Sch 7th 
Bennett Wm. H., cordw., Haig's ct 
Bennett Wm. H. painter, Penn ab Maiden, h 

Queen bel Palmer 
Bennett Wm. I. saddler, 108 Christian 
Bennett Wm. P. carp. 49 Apple 
Bennett Wm. V., flour and feed, F road and 

Benning Caspar, cabinetmr.. Redwood bel 5th 
Benninghove Jacob, carp. N E 4th and Queen 
Bens John, lab. 6 Palm 
Bensinger John, baker, R road ab Coates 
Benson Alex, broker, 2 S 3d, h 103 S 8th 
BENSON ALEX. 8c CO. stock and exchange 

brokers, 2 S 3d 
Benson Ann, 15 Middle al 
Benson Elizabeth, Wood n Sch 7th 
Benson Gustavus S. broker, 2 S 3d, h 113 S 4th 
Benson John, plasterer, Sylvester (S) 
Benson John, weaver, 7 W Cedar 
Benson John, carp., Division bel 12th 
Benson John, barber, Jeff'erson ab 5th (K) 
Benson John H. porter, 38 Prosperous al 
Benson John H. cordw. Hamilton ct 
Benson Samuel, st. mason, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Benson Sarah, 12 Middle al 
Benson Stewart, marble polisher, Edwin n R 

road (F V) 
Benson Thos. carp. 69 Queen (S) 
Bensted John M. chairmaker, 83 N Front, h 34 

Elfreth's al 
Bensted 8c Tatem, chairmrs. 83 N Front 
Bentley David B. coppersm. 162 N 3d, h 1 Logan 
Bentley D. B. 8c Sons, coppersms. 162 N 3d 
Bentley Jeffi-ey, printer, 80 W Willow 
Bentley John, coppersm. 95 Melon 
Bentley Thos. oil manuf, Sch 8th ab Parrish 
BENTON ALBERT, lumber mer.. Front bel 

Navy Yard 
Benton Edwin K., diy goods, 10th bel Spring 

Benton John, brass founder, 83 Juniper 
Bentrick Chas. 10 Brook's ct 
Bentz Valentine, barber, 49 Plum 
Bentzon Francis A. box mr. 297 High 
Benyard Eugene C. jeweler, 396 S 5th 




Benzon A. printer, 114 St John 

Beoret Chas. cabt. mr., N W Lombard & 3d 

Berens Aupi'iistiis, prof, of music, 95 N 10th 

Berens Bernard, M. D., 351 Mulberry 

Berens Joseph, M. D. 264 N 6th 

Bei-esford John, g^cnt., rear 510 N Front 

Beresford Robert, printer, Federal ab 5th 

Bercsford Robert H. collector, 164 S 10th 

BERG CHRISTIAN, bootmr. 51 S 4th 

Berg Hcnr\-, tobacconist, 2 Grini's ct 

Berg^ Joseph F. Rev., 8tli ab Brown 

Berg- Leon, clothing-, 26 Bank, h 124 Lombard 

Bergantz Francis, lab.. Wheat bel Whaiton 

Bergdoll L. brewer, 176 ^'ine 

Berger Augustus, carp., Sch 8tli ab Brown 

Berger C. F. designer, 116 Chestnut, h 49 Wood 

ab 10th 
Berg-er Frederick, spruce beer, G T road and 

BERGER JACOB, tavern, 228 N 2d 
Berger John, milkman, Richmond ab Ann (R) 
Berger Lewis, carp., Becket ab Sch 7th 
Berger Mary, gentw. Ill Marshall 
Berghauser Jacob, merchant, 30 Church al, h 2 

Berghauser Wm. clerk. Crown ab Bedford 
Bergin Wm. drayman, Barker W Sch 5th 
Bergmann Charles C. gi-ocer, S E Parrish and 

Bergmann H. A. beer house, 88 New 
Bergner C. W. beer house 496 N 7th 
Bergunzaun Chas. machinist, 164 Randolph 
Bering James, hosiery, 20 S 8th 
Beringer John, blacksm., rear 174 Poplar 
Berkelbach Wm. planemr. 5th bel Camac (K) 
Berkeley Jos. currier, 131 Poplar 
Berkheimer Jesse, mason, 27 Ogden 
Berks John W. grocer and Webb's Eag. hotel, 

258 N 2d 
Berkwick Lewis, pedlar, 15 Tamarind 
Berl David, furnishing store, 318 S 2d 
Berlin Jidius, carp. 2 j S 8th 
Berlina Moses, pedlar, 102 Poplar 
Bermas, Elkus & Co., capmrs. 85 N 3 
Bermas Jacob, capmr. 85 N 3d 
Bermas Morris, capmr. 85 N Sd 
Bermingham Ellen, Mrs., Flower n Christian 
Bernadou J. B., mer., 103 S whfs., h 263 S 

Bernard Edmund, tmnkmr. 11th & Buttonwood 
Bernard Joseph, brass founder, 78 N 6th, R road 

ab Washington 
Bernard Wm. H. mer. 21 Chestnut 
Bernardo Mary, dressmr. 109 Vine 
Ben>hardt Christian:^ Charlotte bel Beaver 
Bernhardt John A., barber, 5 S 3d 
Bernhcini L. D. 8 Coates 

Bernheim Morris, mer. US 2d, h 148 Spruce 
Bernheimer St Hochstader, clothing, 523 N 2d 
Beroheimer Lazarii.s, pedlar, 72 Charlotte 
Bernlieimer Levy, tailor, N Market ab Laurel 
Bemon Step, waiter. Smith's ct 
Bernstein A. coaclimr., rear 506 N 6th 
Benang Jerome, confect., Naglec'.s ct 
Benell Caroline M. agent, 289 Chestnut 
Benell Il.mnah, b h, 421 High 
RERKKI.L JEREMIAH, broker, 3 Athenian B. 

P'janklin pi, h 141 Franklin 

Berridge Leeds K. grocer, S E Haverford and 

6th (M V) 
Berrill Sai-ah, 6th ab Little Poplar 
Rerriman Robt. coachmr., 421 S 6th 
Berry Albert, seaman, 357 S Front 
Berry Andrew, weaver, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Berry Benj. blacksm. 678 N Front 
Bciry Benj. L. clerk, 481 S 2d 
Berrv Caspar M. tavern, 10th and Washington 
BERRY CHALKLEY, refect. Odd Fel. Hall, S 

W 6th and Haines, h 92 N 6th 
Berry Charles, 32 Queen (S) 
Berry Charles W. currier, 20 Queen (S) 
Berry Edwd. cordw. Milton ab 10th 
Berry Eleanor, 75 Penn 
Reny Elizabeth, wid. of Oliver, 216 N 4th 
Berry Henry, machinist, Vienna ab West 
Berry Isabella, Linden W Sch 7th 
Berry James, bookbinder, 51 Garden 
Berry James, bootmr. 36 Mulberry 
Berry Jas. envelope manuf. rear 26 S 4th 
Berry John, weaver, Barn's ct (K) 
Berr)' John, carp. Jones n Sch 8th 
Berry John, hatter. Poplar ab 9th, h 13th bel 

Berry John, carter, Walnut W Sch 3d 
Berry Joseph, 2d bel Wharton 
Berry Morris, lab.. Chestnut n Sch Beach 
Berrj' Pat. porter, 1 1 Harmony ct 
Berry Richard, constable, 41 Shippen 
Berry Richard, waiter, Oak W Till (W P) 
Berry Richard M, potter, Greenwich ab 2d 
Berry Robert, weaver, Poplar ab 13th 
Beriy Samuel, carter, 680 N Front 
BeiTy Samuel, hatter, 164 Christian 
Berry Samuel H. cordw. Strauss' ct 
Berry Susan, dress mr. 105 Catharine 
Berry Wm. tobacconist, 93 S 6th 
Berry Wm. H. mer. 153 High, h 82 Tammany 
Berryman Chas. blacksm. Palmer ab Queen 
Benyman Jas. blacksm. 7 Powell's row 
Berryman John, carp. 3 Powell's row 
Beriyman Matt. W. cabinetmr., Hallowell n 7th 
Bersch Elizabeth, baker, P road bel Man-Iott's la 
Bert Edward G. confectioner, 121 Sassafras 
Berthoud Robt. screw cutr. Carlton bel Sch 5th 
BERTRAM & CO. perfumers, 11 N 6th 
Bertron G. W. tobacconist, Madison 
Berwins James, gent. George n Sch 8lh 
Bessan Bernhardt, lab. Washington ab O.xford 
Bessan Geo. cabinetmr. Franklin bel Crown 
Bessan Jacob, cabinetmr. Washington ab Oxford 
Besselievre Jno. A. jeweler, 5 Exchange pi, h 

Washington bel 8th 
Bessinger .Jolin, cof roaster, Apple ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Besson Charles A. mer. 52 S 2d, h 7 Lodge 
Bcsson John M., merchant, 52 S 2d 
BESSON & SON, mourning store, 52 S 2d 
Bessonet Jolin, jr. 89 Lombard 
Best F. lab. 2 Prospect 
Best Isaac, b h, 41 I'enn 
Best Thompson, boilermr. Wharton ab 4th 
Bethel John, boot filter, 10th bel Jeflerson 
Betlicll John, shoemr. Howard ab Jefferson (K) 
Hcthcll John P., M. D., office, 314 N 3d 
Betheil Josliua M. druggist, S E Franklin and 




Bethell Robert, atty., 208 N 6th, h 328 Spring 

Bethlet John, stovemr. 2 Steam IVIill al 
Betson Oscar, 2d. and Greenwich, h Jarvis 
Betson Robert W. cordw. 6th ab Washington 
Bettinson Jas. U., foreman, Wood bel West (K) 
BETTLE SAMUEL, Jr. mer. 101 N 10th 
Settle Samuel, sen. 14 S 3d 
Battle Wm. 14 S 3d, h244 N 6th 
Betton John S., trimmer, 168 Shippen 
Bctts Conrad, tailor, 24 Bread 
Betts James, agent for Mrs, Betts' supporters, 

N E 11th and Walnut 
Betts Letitia, gentw. 2 Penn (K) 
Betts Philip, Front bel Moore 
Betts Richard K. carp. Filbert n Sch 8th, h 22 

N Sch 8th 
Betts Ruth Ann, 72 N 7th 
Betts Sarah, manuf. of supporters, N E 11th & 

Betz G. tavern, 147 St John 
Betz James, millwrt.. Willow ab Sch 5th 
Betz Reinhardt, locksm., rear 8th bel Pai'rish 
Betz Wm. beer house, 81 New Market 
Betzel Lewis, cordw. Huston bel West (K) 
Betzold C. cabinetmr., Willow & Julianna 
Beuerle Jacob F., baker, G T road bel Jefferson 
Beuier Fred, beer house, 523 N 4th 
Beusse John, gent. 385 N 7th 
Bevan D., painter, 4 S 5th, h 403 S 3d 
Bevan George, 10th bel Vine 
Bevan Henrv, painter, 74 George 
BEVAN & HUMPHREYS, mers., 5 Walnut 
Bevan John, whipmr.. Melon bel 11th 
Bevan John, painter & glazier, N W Front and 

Bevan Thos. weaver. Beach ab Warren (K) 
Bevan Washington, trunkmr. rear 293 Vine 
Bevans John S. carter. Front bel Wharton 
Bevans Robt. oysterman, 43 Catharine 
B evens Aug. gent. 234 N 4th 
Beverlin Sheridan, barber, S W Front & Ship- 
pen, h 426 S Front 
Beverly Lydia, washer, 8 Gray's al 
Bewley Asbury, shoemr. 96 S 2d, h 14 Bay 
Bewley Amos, miller, G T road bel 6th 
Bewley Clifton, mer. Sch 3d bel Wood 
Bewley Geo. B. printer. Loud ab 9th 
Bewley Henry, lab. 24 Burd's ct 
Bewley Isaac K. clerk, Wood ab Duke (K) 
Bewley Jesse, watchman, Catharine bel 10th 
Bewley John, driver, Coates W Nixon 
Bewley John P. drug manuf. 162 Marshall 
Bewley Joseph, Haverford, W 6th (M V) 
Bewley Wm. coachman, 25 Quince 
Bey Maiy, vict. Sch 8th bel Vine 
Beyer Charles, cordw. Ill S 5th 
Beyer John, basketmr. G T road ab 5th 
Beylle M. L. gent. 184 Spruce 
Bezard John, bootmr. 17 S 9th & 77 S 8th 
Beziat J. M. tobacco, N E 6th & Lombard 
Bezold Matthias, tailor. Bowman's ct 
Bias James G. doctor, 189 S 6th 
Bibens Phoebe, 6 Osborne's ct 
Bibens Thomas, shoemr. Mercer 
Bibighaus Charles H., M. D., 137 Coates 
Bibighaus Henry, Rev. 88 Dillwyn 
Bibighaus John F. carp, rear 41 Brook 

BIBIGHAUS S. H. & CO. hardware, 166 N 3d, 

h 56 Franklin 
Bible Sophia, 24 Marion (S) 
Bickel Jacob, blacksm. 6 Dillwyn 
Bickel & Krekles, brewers, G T road bel Ox- 
Bickel Wm. iron worker, 7th bel Federal 
Bickell John A. cabmr. Randolph ab Poplar 
Bickerton Benj. clerk, 19 Harmony 
Bickerton Chas, gasfitter, James ab 10th 
Bickerton Joseph, piano tuner, 12 Jacob 
Bickerton Mary, dealer, 244 S 3d 
Bickerton Sarah, Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Bickerton Thomas, cooper, 57 S Water, h 36 

Bickham George, carp, rear 471 N 3d 
Bicking' Chas.'^R. printer, N E 3d & Mulberry, 

h 281 N 8th 
Bicking, Chur & Co. dry goods, 20 S Front 
Bicking George H. mer. 20 S Front 
Bicking & Guilbert, printers, N E 3d and Mul- 
Bickley IDavid, sawmr. Fraley's al (K) 
Bickley F. S. & Brothers, com. and for wd. mers, 

3d & Willow 
BICKLEY H., stables, Sch 6th & Barker, h Lo- 
cust bel Sch 5th 
Bickley John, vict. Fraley's al (K) 
Bickley Joseph C. carter, 6 Rittenhouse 
Bickley L. W. 74 Walnut 
Bickley Mary Mrs. dressmr. Nectarine 
Bicknell Robert M. brushmr. 20 N 3d, h 85 

Bicknell Rufus, M. D., Washington bet Wil- 
liam & Mary (W P) 
Bicom Susanna M. b h, 107 Spruce 
Bidding Philip, clerk, 184 Swanson 
Biddle Catharine, gentw. Locust ab Sch 8th 
BIDDLE CHAPMAN, att'y & coun. & consul 

of Peru, 47 S 5th, h 348 Chestnut 
Biddle Charles, waiter, 15 Hurst 
Biddle Charles, trader, Apple ab Diamond 
Biddle Chas. W. moroccodress. Schleisman's al 
Biddle Clement, gent. 164 Mulberry 
BIDDLE CLEMENT, jr. att'y. & coun. office 

8 York Buildings 
Biddle Clement C. prest. Saving Fund, house 

Spruce n I3th 
BIDDLE CRAIG, att'y & coun, 61 S 4th, h 

260 Walnut 
Biddle C. J. att'y & coun, 61 S 4th, h 260 

Biddle Edward C, publisher, S W 5th & Minor, 

h 304 Mulberry 
Biddle Elizabeth, gentw. Locust & Sch 8th 
Biddle Ezekiel W, lab, Lehigh bel Richmond 
BIDDLE E, C. & J, booksellers, 6 S 5th 
Biddle Frances, Asst, Mat, Girard College 
BIDDI,E GEORGE W. att'y & coun. 30 S 5th, 

h 5 Dugan row 
Biddle Hannah, 254 Lombard 
Biddle Henry J. stock broker 50 S 3d, h 8 

York Buildings 
Biddle Jacob, 6th bel Bridge (M V) 
Biddle James, lab. Prime n G F road 
Biddle Jeremiah, porter, 7 Richai'd 
Biddle John, painter, 7 Pi-ospect al 
Biddle John, bookseller, 6 S 5th, h 6 Palmyra R 




Bickllc John B., M. D., Spruce ab llth 
Hiddlf .lolin W. sen. carrier, 1 Porter's ct 
KIDDI.K J. WILLIAMS, att'y at law, 7 York 

Hitiiiling-s, h 175 Walnut 
Biildlc Marjrarct, 5 Butler av 
Bidilic Martlia, Washini^ton ab 2d 
Biddic Mary A. pent. N E 8tl» & Locust 
Biddle Owen, ])oliceman, Pcmbcrton's al 
Biddlc R;\clicl, tobacconist, 450 N 4tii 
Biddlo Uobert, nicr. 47 Iliph, h 341 Sassafras 
Biddic H. & W. C. & Co. Iiardwarc, 47 High 
Biddif Sarah C. widow of James C. S W Juni- 
per and Spruce 
Biddic Thoniiis, jr. att'v, 143 Walnut 
Biddic Thomas, stock broker, 50 S 3d. h 8 York 

Biddle Thomas A. stock broker, 50 S 3d, h 17 

Biddle Thos. & Co. stock brokers, 50 S 3d 
BIDDLE WM., druggist, N W llth and Mul- 

Biddic- Wm. C. mer. 47 High, h 139 N 10th 
Biebar Frank, vict. Frances E Sch 5lh (F V) 
Bieber Jacob, gardener. Cherry ab Franklin 
Biedel Adam, lab. Houblen pi 
Biegemann Wm. 53 New 
Bier Anthony, grocer, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Bier J. barber, 40 i'l^gg 
Bierbrauer Francis, vict. 623 N 2d 
Biershenk Conrad, bootmr. N E 5th Sc Catha- 
Bigart Hannah, tailoress. Pearl bel 18th 
Bigaus John, lab. Sch Beach ab Walnut 
Bigelow Sarah, trimmings, 305 Callowhill 
Bigelow Stephen, 424 N 12th 
Bigelow Thomas L. carp. Citron bel 13tli 
Biggard John, lab. 525 N 2d (K) 
Biggard John, Brown ab 3d 
Biggard Julianna, rear 4 Charlotte 
Biggard Samuel, shoemr. rear Olive bel 12th 
Biggavd Wm. cordw. 26 Hutchinson 
Biggail Andrew, lab. 1 South av 
Bigger Aaron, shoemr. 9 Nectarine 
Bigger Ceorge, La Fayette bel 10th 
Bigger Jas. wheelwt. Callowhill ab William 
Bigger &, M'Uavey, wheelvvts. Callowhill above 

Bigger Wm. H. weaver, rear Cadwalader above 

Biggerstroff Wm. weaver. Miles' ct 
Biggin Samuel, porter, Carlton W Sch 6th 
Biggin Thos. cooper, 4th bel Jeffei-son 
Biggs Henry, bootmr. 10 Lindsay's av 
Bigler Jacob, sailmr. 542 N 3d 
Bigky John, carp. Jefferson al» Cadwalader (K) 
Bigley .loscpli, clerk, 100 Union 
Bigncll John, 23 Chester 
Bignell Catharine, dressmr. 1 Wood 
Bigonet Jacob, druggLst, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

at) Fit /.water 
Bilbrough Joseph, carp. Sch Front bel Vine 
Bilbrougli Mary Ann, Brown bel 13th 
Bilbrough Sannul, com. mer. 29 N Front, h 

Front bel Otter (K) 
Billirongli Sarah, Mrs., Mrown bel 13th 
Bilbrougli Thos. inanuf. Locust n Beach 
Bilderback Eliza, 52 Taiiini ny 
Biles Joseph T. carp. Sch 7th ab Pine 

Biles Samuel, carp. Jones W Sch 8th 

Biles Wm. police, 12th ab Wood 

Biles & Ycarsley, cai-ps. Sch 8th ab Locust 

Bilgcr Chiis. shop, 6th & (; T road (K) 

Bilger Isaac, tavern, 216 N 3d 

Bilgcr M.ihlon, clerk, Prospect bel Master 

Billiarg Florien, ostler, Salmon ab Huntingdon 

Bilhart Francis, gunstock, 40 Orcharil 

Billam Henry, cutler, 2 Pierce's ct 

Bille de Steen, Charge d' Affairs from l)enm;u-k, 

h 9 Colonnade row 
Billings Asa, upholsterer, N E 4th & New 
Billings Jas. M. mer. 3 Church al, h 336 N 13th 
Billingsfelt Thomas, joiner, 5 Gebhard 
BILLINGTON & EMERY, factory findings, 10 

Billinglon J;is. H. mer. 10 Decatur, h 197N13tlx 
Billingham J no. (J. machinist, 10th ab Poplar 
BILLMEYEIi SAMUEL, house-keeping art., 

93 Sp Garden 
Billmeyer Wm. M. printer. School ab Rose 
Bills Jeremiah, ship carp. 15 Marion 
Billsland John, lab. William E Sch Front 
Billsland J. bricklayer, William E Sch Front 
BILYEN AARON,' lumber yard and builder, 

7th & Oxford, h 8th ab Brown 
Bimmer G. cordw. 243 St John 
Binder IJaniel, carp. 188 Poplar 
Binder George, carp. 268 Coates 
Binder George A. carp. 310 Marshall 
Binder Jacob, carp. 304 Marshall 
Binder J. hatter, 286 N Front 
Binder J. & G. lumber yard, S E 6th & Oxford 
Binder Peter, druggist, 428 Coates 
Binder Wm. machinist, Orchard bel Jackson 
Binder Wm. carp. 425 N 7th 
Binder Wm. E. brush finisher, 188 Poplar 
Bing James, carp. Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Bing.aman Susan, 18 Morris 
Bingham Amos, Rev. 132 N Juniper 
Bingham Hugh, Easton House, Wood bel 4th 
Bingiiam James, jeweller, 112 Chestnut, h 92 N 

Sch 8th 
Bingham John, mer. 183 High, h 18 N llth 
Bingham John, carp. 31 Farmer, h Parrish W 

Bingham Margaret, 92 N Sch 8th 
Bingham Richard, grocer, S E Stewart &. Fitz- 

Bingham Samuel, Wood ab 13th 
Bingham Thos. trunkmr. Green bel Margai'etti 

West Philadelpina 
Bingham Wm. lab. n P &, R. R. Depot 
Bingham Wm. turner, P road bel 8th 
BINGHAMS &. DOCK, forwarding mers. 183 

Bingley Joseph, engraver, 164 Pine 
Binker Agnes, Fraley's al 
Minker Joiin, farmer, Fraley's al 
Binker Thomas, cordw. 75 F road 
Minley John, carp. Allen bel Palmer 
Binnev Charlotte, 126 Pine 
BINN'EY HORACE, coun, office 85, h 83 S 2th 
BINNEY HOItACE, jr. att'y & coun. 61 S 6th 
Binnev J<)>;e[)ii, locksmith, 73 S 5th 
BINNEY WILI>IAM, att'y & coun. 26 AVash- 

ington s([ 
Binnin Edward, lab. Filbert n Sch 4th 




Binny John, type founder, Prime bel 10th 

^BINNS JOHN, commissioner of the United 
States, and of all the States in the Union, 
except New Jersey — for all of wliich he 
takes the acknowledgment and proof of all 
instruments under seal, administers oaths 
and affirmations, takes probates of accounts, 
&c. &c. He has all necessary and approved 
forms, and is in his office No. 112 Walnut 
street, between 4th and 5th, at all business 

Binns Moses, carp. 49 Prune, h 76 Washington 

Binns Peter, drayman, Jackson ct 

Binswagner Isidore, dry goods, 81 N 3d, h 343 

Biatzel Wm. coppersm. Willow bel 6th 

Bioren Benj. book keeper, 541 Vine 

Bioren John, clerk, 3 N 9th 

Bioren Mary, trimmings, 188 Callowhill 

Birch Benj. lab. rear 125 Carpenter 

Birch David, M. D., Franklin bel Crown 

Birch Elizabeth, Barker 

Birch James W. chairmr. China bel 2d 

Birch John, clothes, 5 Gulielma 

Birch John, oysterman, 166 Swanson 

Birch John, cutter, Ralston n Juniper 

Birch Pedro, cabtmr. 2 Horstman's ct 

Birch Maria, 58 St Mary 

Birch Thomas, artist, 340 S 2d 

Birchall Thos. W. st. cut. 35 Carlisle bel Parrish 

BIRCH THOS. jr. agent Hartford Life Ins. 
Co., S W Dock & Walnut, h Cherry n Sch 

Birchall Wm. sheet iron worker, Olive and Sch 
5th (F V) 

Birchall Wm. carpt. weav. 377 S 2d, h 9 Marker 

Birckhead Ella, b h, Chestnut near Sch 7th 

Birckhead Pollard E. jr. Phil. Life Ins, Co. 
N W 3d & Walnut, h S E Sch 7th and 

Bircks Henry, carp. Ogden W Carlisle 

Bird Albert G. engraver, 126 S 5th 

Bird Anna, teacher, 112 S 9th 

Bird Charles, plasterer, 426 N 5th 

Bird Christian, billiard saloon, 10 Exchange pi 

Bird David, morocco dresser, 29 Margaretta, h 
99 Coates 

Bird Edmund M., cordw. 455 S 2d 

Bird Fanny, 146 Franklin 

Bird Henry, gent. 2 Clinton 

Bird Isaiah, carp. 510 N 5th 

Bird James, cordw., 32 Alder 

Bird James, bootmr, 237 S 7th 

Bird James M., teacher, 72 Lombard 

Bird John, cordw., Mechanic 

Bird John, waterman, 13 Read 

Bird John, machinist. Bender's ct 

Bird J. F., M. D., 11th and Green 

Bird Mary, 8 Mechanic 

Bird Matthias, 308 Callowhill 

Bird Robert M., M. D., publisher, 66 S 3d, h 60 

BIRD THOMAS, tailor, 5 Hart's Buildings, h S 
Rlttenhouse sq 

Bird Thomas, weaver. Poplar ab 2d 

Bird Wm., dry goods. Cedar bel 12th 

Bird Wm., printer, Marriott ab 6th 

Bird Wm., brushmr., 401 High, h 95 N 9th 

Birely Isaac, carp.. Wood ab Queen 

Birely Jacob, ship wright, Beach & Hanover, h 

2 Queen 
Birely John, ship carp.. Queen ab Marlboro' 
Birely John & Son, ship yd.. Beach ab Palmer 
Birely Theodore, ship wrt., Queen ab Hanover 
Bjrely and Tees, ship wrights, Hanover 
Birg Louisa, rear 180 Poplar 
Birgfeld Adolph, music teacher, 69 Locust 
Birkenbush Geo., baker, 277 S 4th 
Birkenhauer F. W., tailor, 433 S Front 
Birket Maria, 227 S 6th 
Birkett James, tanner, Willow ab 8th, hrear 198 

Birkett Sarah, gent. 95 Pine 
BIRKEY JOHlSr, dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkey John, sen,, dry goods, 67 S 5th 
BIRKEY JOHN Q., dentist, 79 S 6th 
Birkey Wm. J. A., M. D., dentist, S E 8th and 

Birkinbine H. P. M., machinist, 16 Mulberry, h 

539 Vine 

chinists, 16 Mulberry 
Birks John, trimmings, 123 Locust 
Birmingham C. B., grocer, N. E. 7th & Poplar 
Birmingham James, razor strop manuf. Parrish 

ab Sch 8th 
Birmingham Pariset W., ivory carver and turner 

291 N 3d, h Poplar ab 7th 
Birmingham Saml., M. D., R road bel Sch 7th 
Birmingham Sarah, N E 7th & Poplar 
Birnbaum Chas., baker, 316 Pine 
Birnbaum Geo. W., grocer, 370 N 4th 
BIRNEY DAVID B., com., 116 High, h 302 

Bisbee Mrs., Cadwalader bel Phoenix 
Bisbee Lucian I., sec'ry. Nat. Ins. Company, 62 

Bisbing Henry, lab., 194 N 13th 
Bisbing Jacob, moulder, G T road bel 7th 
Bisbing Jacob, farmer, 116 St John 
Bisbing Jacob, shop, 210 Noble 
Bisbing Jacob H., carp.. Walnut al, h 11th ab 

Bisbing John, copp. plat., Rhoads W Sch 5th 
Bisbing John, cooper, 10th ab Poplar 
Bisbing Joseph. 23 Magnolia 
Bisbing M. A., 126 Charlotte 
Bisbing P. S., weaver, 126 Charlotte 
Bisbing Samuel, Hme, Bridgewater bel Wash- 
ington, h Woodland bel Walnut (W P) 
Bisbing Samuel, lab., 195 Noble 
Bisbing Stephen, copper plate printer. Myrtle 
Bischotf Gottlieb, tailor, 458 N 3d 
Bishlag Geo., vie. Darby road bel Walnut (W P) 
Bishop Abner, porter. Poplar ct 
Bishop Chas., hatter, 8 Harmony ct 
Bishop Edgar, tavern, 2d ab Harrison (K) 
Bishop Elizabeth, 258 Mulberry 
Bishop Ephraim, grocer, 278 S Front 
Bishop Francis, carter, Lombard W Broad 
Bishop George W., saw maker, 6 Grape ct 
Bishop Joaquim, mach., 5 Pear, h 18 Ashland 
Bishop Jno., oysterman, 44 Green 
Bishop John, hod carrier, 32 Mayland 
Bishop John R., tailor, 19 S 4th, h 155 Green 
Bishop Louisa, b h, 76 S 4th 




Bishop M. S., TniH'mer, N V. C.iUowhill & 7th j Black Jackson, weaver, F road bel Master 
Bishop Mary, clothing, 165 Lomhanl ["Black Janus, lub., Sch Front and Filbert 

Bishop Moni-oe, tninkmr.. Beach bel I'almer (K) IMack James, painter, 314 S 6th 

Bishop Paiilin, vineg^.ir mr. 15 Ilnrmony 
Bishop Treston, hatter, 34 N 2(1 
Bishop Robert, trader, 2d opp Beaver 
Bishop Rosanna, nurse, 6 Warren 
Bishoj) Susan M., milliner, 158 N 8th 
Bishop S. S., nier. 36 N whfs., h 47 Union 

Black James, cancr. 173 Cherry 
Black James, weaver, Evans 
Black James, blacksm., 6th bel. Washinj^ton (S) 
iBiack Jesse, 20 Middle al 
Black J no., lab., Kinlev's ct 
lilack John A., 257 S 9th 

Bishop U. C, furniture, N K Sch 6th and Hig'h Black John, cooper, 4th bel Jeflerson (K) 

BISHOP & WATSON, com. mers. 36 N whts. 

IJisho]) Wm., sea captain, 383 S 3d 

Bishop Wm., clerk, 101 N 13th 

BISIKlF WM., tavern, 219 St. John 

Bishop Wm., Rev., Wharton ab 3d 

Bishop Wm. W., dentist, 224 Callowhill 

Bislcr Wm., tailor, 2^ S 8th 

Bisplui'ii Daniel, tailor. Queen ab F road 

Bisphuin Hannah, widow, 4 Powell 

Hispluiin John B., att'y & coun. 4 W Pcnn sq 

IMack John, distiller, Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
j Black John, coop., 197 High, h 4th bel Jefierson 

Black John, watchmr., 64 Cedar 

Black John, stonecutter. Orange ab 11th 
'Black John, lab. 574 S Front 
j Black John, lab. rear Charles ab York 

Black John, blacksm. 12 Fetter's la 
I Black John H., agent, 86 S 11th 
iBlack John L., pumpmr., 89 S whfs., h Marv 
i bel 2d 

Bispliam J., auctioneer, 92 S Front, h N W, Black John K^ goldbearter, 61 S loth 
Spruce and Sch 8th Black Joseph, awning mr. 84 Swanson 

BISPHAM SAMUEL, grocer, 261 High, h 171 Black Jos., artist, 125 Beach (K) 


Bissell Israel M., Broad n Pine 
Bissctt Benj., lab., 506 Callowhill 
Bissett James, gardener, 20 Pratt 
Bissctt Jas., jr., nurseryman, M road bel Read 
Bissett Thos., lab. lOtli and Milton 
Bissex Henry, bootmr. Sch 2d and Vine 
Bisson Sum. S., carp., Girard av ab lOth 
Bissont Fran., cordw., rear Wood bel Franklin 
Bitler Joseph, moulder, 38 S Juniper 

I Black L. A., dressmr., A'ine ab i2th 
i Black Man.s 22 State st 
i Black Patrick, tailor. Say ab Sch 8th 
I Hlack Peter, 328 Pine 

Black Prince, waiter, 43 Chestnut, h 50 Quince 
Black Rebecca, dry goods, 418 
Black Robt., weaver, Hope ab Phoenix (K) 
Black Robt., carp., 300 Catharine 
I Black Robt., shoemr., Shippen bel I2th 
[BLACK R. & J., grocei-s. High and Sch 8th, h 
Bitler Joseph H., moulder, Marshall ab 4th (S)i S W Sch 6th and High 

Bitter Bernhart, barber, 45 Penn (S) Black Samuel, weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 

Bitters Lorenzo C, cordw. Tammany ct Black Samuel, tavern. Broad and Paper al 

Bitting Andrew, tailor, 11 Hutchinson Black Saml. W., teacher, Chatham, h 263 N 7th 

Bitting Geo. W"., carp. Alder ab Gii ard av Black Silas, clothes, 305 Pine 

Bitting Hiram, contractor, 8lli bel Poplar Black Thos., lab., Lombard bel 11th 

Bitting & Jones, coal dealers, Broad &, Callowhill Ulack Thos., lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Bitting Jordan I)., contractor, 11th ab Ogden BLACK THOMPSON, grocer, N W Broad and 
Bitting Knight, blacksm., \:m Buren pi - Chestnut 

Bitting Lewis, tailor, 65 Charlotte Black Wm., warper, Shippen ab 12th 

Bitting Lewis, mer. 220 High, h 10th ab Wash- Black Wm., stonecutter, Lombard ab Sch 6th 

ing'on Black W^m., weaver, F'ederal ab 12th 

Bitting L. & S., tailors, 387 N 2d , Black Wm., warper. Little Washington bel 10th 

Bitting Thos. R., gi-ocer, 194 N 3d .Black Wm., lab., Bedford 

Ititting Walter, milkman, 42 Lewis iBlack Wm. A., engineer, Lee E Sch 4th 

Bitting & Wuterman, wines and liquors, 220 Black Wm. 1)., black and whitesmith, 3d bel 

High Wharton 

Bixenslein Fredk., baker, 284 Coates Black Wm. T., port, painter, 248 Chestnut, h 

Black Alex., weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 164 S 9th 

Black Andrew, lab.. Maple and Salmon 
Hlack Ann, 159 S 12th 

Bhick Benj., drover, Mary and Centre (W I') 
Black Catharine, Nectarine bel 11th 
Black Cyrus, porter, 34 Biird's ct 

Black W. S., publisher, N W 3d &. Walnut, h 

Vine ab 12th. 
Blackburn Alex. W., reporter, Melrose pi 
Blackburn (ieo., carter, 10th ab Master 
iBlackburn Jeremiah, shoemr. 227 Cedar 

Black ( yrus, clothing, 84 N 2d,h 12th bel Find Blackburn John, conveyancer, h Sch 7th n Pine 

iMack l)a)»iel, lab., Sch 4th bel Lombard 

Black David, lab., Carlton ab Sch 4th 

Black Kbenc/.er, scourer, 14 Barclay 

Black E., gentw. 1 6 Federal 

Black Francis A., painter, 314 S 2d 

Bl;.ck Geo., plasterer. Wood ab Tulip 

Black C;eo., hotel, 227 N 10th 

Black Harriet C, dressmr. 99 Mulberry 

Black Henry, Camel tavern, 140 N 2d 

Black baac, stonecutter, Ucan ab Locust 

Blackburn Wm., collector, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Blackburne C. J., com. mer.. Grindstone al, h S 

E 10th and Filbert 
jBlackburne Francis, Sec. Phila. Life Ins. Co., N 
I W 3d & Walnut, h Sch 5th ab Mulberry 

'Blacker Pat., carp.. Pearl near Nixon 
IBlackford (ieo., tailor, 430 Poplar 
Blackford (ieo., bricklayer, 358 Pine 
I Blackford John A., salesman, 5 F'ilbert 
jBlackman Andrew, capt. 15 Salmon (R) 



Blackman Cath., Poplar ab 4th 
Blackman Enoch, gent., Richmond ab William 
Blackman J. J., clockmr.. Larch ab Ann (R) 
Blackman R. G., tavern, Bank ab William (R) 
Blackman Wm. T., timber dealer, Bath & Sorrel 
Blackson Ellen, washer, 37 Prospect al 
Blackston Chas. R., flour and feed, Washing-ton 

n Bridge (W P) 
Blackston Elizabeth, Ontario and Poplar 
Blackston Geo., waiter, 353 Lombard 
Blackston Thos., gent., 68 N 11th 
Blackwell Mary, 3 Pearl 
Blackwell Matilda, wid., Callowhil n Fairmount 
BLACKWELL THEODORE, agent, 45 S 3d, 

h 15 S Sch 8th 
Blackwell Thos., silversm, Little Washington 

bel 7th 
Blackwood Jos., combmr., 9th ab Federal 
Blackwood Joseph, mer. 159 Chestnut, h 529 

BLACKWOOD & SMITH, carpets, 159 Chest- 
BLACKWOOD WM., M. D., N W Sch 7th & 

Blackwood Wm., Rev., Sch 5th and George 
Blackwood Wm. H., carp.. Shield's al 
Blade James R., cordw., Union bel Franklin 
Bladen Ann, 271 N 6th 
BLADEN WASHINGTON L., biscuit baker, 

87 N Water 
Bladen W. E., tavern, 2 Margaret 
Blaese Adam, tavern, S W 5th & Master (K) 
Blaese John, currier, 279 Coates 
Blaess & Bei'gman, brewers, 184 St. John 
Blaess Philip, 184 St. John 
Blagrane Richard, shoemr., 11 College pi 
Blaich E. F., cigarmr., N E 3d & Franklin 
Blaikie Sarah, b h, Beach ab Maiden 
Blaikie Thos. L., plumb.. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
BLAIR DAVID, Mt. Vernon House, 95 N 2d 
Blair Edmund J., gas fitter, 4 Knight's ct 
Blair Henry C, druggist, S W 8th & Walnut 
Blair Henry J., currier, 2 Tamarind 
Blair James, carp. 38 Perry 
Blair James W., machst., G T road ab 2d 
Blair John, manuf.. Front bel Master 
Blair John, whipmr., Wood bel Franklin (K) 
Blair John, bootfitter, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Blair John, Oak ab William {W P) 
Blair John, agent, 288 Wood 
Blair Robert, bootmr., Park bel Washington 

(W P.) 
Blair Samuel R., gas fitter, 6 N 7th 
Blair Wm., grocer, S W Sch 6th & George 
Blair Wm. H., tea dealer, 33 S Front, h 13 N 10th 
Blaise Geo. F., runner, 23 Mayland 
Blake Catharine H., milliner, 291 Coates 
Blake Charlotte A., teacher, Jones n Sch 6th 
Blake Francis R., M. D., 1 Salmon (R) 
Blake Geo., shoemr., Sch 3d bel Barker 
BLAKE GEORGE E., music store, 13 S 5th 
Blake Hannah, washer, 7 Warner's ct 
Blake Henry, shop 182 S 6th 
Blake Henry G., stove store. Cedar ab 8th, h 

366 Cedar 
Blake H., lab., Wood bel Sch 2d 
Blake John, coachman, 15 Bay st 
Blake John lab., St. Mary ab Tth 

[Blake Levin, waterman, Emeline 

Blake Martin, type founder, 27 Lebanon 

Blake Mary, shop, 340 Pine 

Blake Mary x\.nn 61 Currant al 

Blake Mary C, millineiy, 291 Coates 

Blake Ruth, washer, 50 Quince 

Blake Thos., brickmr., G road ab 5tli 

Blake T. W., office 13 S 5th, h 24 Merchant 

Blake Wm., stovemr. 54 Currant al 

Blake Wm. R., comedian, 184 S 9th 

Blake Wm. R., barkeeper, 5 Cresson's al 

Blakely John, lab., 2d ab Montgomery 

Blakely Wm., oil cloths, Fairview n Sch 5th 

Blakeman Wm., seaman, 18 Gaskill 

Blakemore Franc, locksm.. High W Sch 4th, h 

Tower n Sch Front 
Blakemore Henry, japanner, 7 Appletree al, h 

Washington ab 10th 
Blakemore Jas., shop, 133 Green 
Blaker Jos., painter, Miles ct (K) 
Blaker Ulysses, sen., 370 Brown 
Blaker Ulysses, plumber, Parrish & Marshall, h 

401 Brown 
BLAKISTON GEORGE R., mer., Washington 

n Bridge, h Woodland (W P) 
Blakiston H. Mrs., Woodland (W P) 
Blakiston John R., coal mer. 40 Walnut, h 5 S 

Sch 7th bel Spruce 
Blakiston Presley, bookseller, N W 4th and 

Chestnut, h Broad & S W Penn sq 
Blanc Tiios., carp., 9 Depot 
Blanch James, mason. Prospect bel Master 
Blanchard Aaron, bookbinder, 2 Robinson av 
Blanchard Benj., clerk, Sch 6th bel Chestnut 
Blanchard, Heyl & Blanchard, di*y goods, 101, 


Blanchard H. B., upholster. 44 S 4th, h 86 S 12th 
Blanchard H. B. & Co., upholsterers, 44 S 4th 
Blanchard Isaac W., 86 S 12th 
Blanchard John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen 
Blanchard John D., mer. 101 High, h 215 Coates 
Blanchard Margt., 12 Prime 
Blanchard Sarah, 44 Almond 
BLANCHARD & ROCK, manufs. paper hangs., 

165 Chestnut, factory West Philadelphia. 
Blanchard Theodore A., manuf. West Philadel- 
phia, h 86 S 12th 
Blanchard Wm. A., bookseller, S E Chestnut 

and 4th, h 20 N 11th 
Blanchard W. I., mer. 101 High, h Marshall bel 


Blanchfield Thos., lab. 3 South row ab Sch 4th 
Blancjour F., teacher of music, 27 N 9th 
Blanck John, b h, 5 Chancery la 
Blanck Wm., carp., Marlborough ab Queen (K) 

burg Hotel, N E 4th & Coates 
Bland Jos., seaman, Atkinson's ct 
Bland Samuel, watchmr., S E 3d and High, h 2 

Lawrence pi 
Blandford Wm., police off., Ann & Sch 3d 
Blaney Chas., carp., 202 Wood 
Blaney Mary, Prospect al 
Blaney Richard, corkmr. 156 S 6t]i 
Blaney Roht., lab.. Front ab Harrison (K) 
Blaney James, tailor, 23 Hubbell 
Blank Philip, cords and tassels, 25 N 3d 
Blankarn John, skindr., Uuke n Marlboro' (K) 




nianklcy Kli/abcth, wid. 13tli ab Ogilcn 
llhinkkv Geo., moiililcr, Mvrllc bcl loth 
nlanknun Kli/.ubctli, 269 Callowhill 
Hlunkiiii'.n (ico. A., painter, 6 Cypress 
Ulunkman HciiryJ., dentist, Hiij;lit ab Lombard 
Hhusauf J. v., tavern, Noble bel 9lb 
Blase l.oiiis, shoemr., S W IJlli and Ogden 
Blatner Maria Ann, Coatcs bel lOtli 
Bialtner Kugcne J., painter,40t l*()i)lar 
Hlau Ailulph, weaver, Orclianl bel I'oplar 
niaii Isaac, trinnning^, 87 Cedar 
Biavlock John, barber, 3th and Carpenter 
lUayloek Louis, hatter, 2 Hanison's ct 
Bleakley Wm. J., dancing' mastter, N E 4th and 

Bledenhiser John, ^\■harton bcl 5th 
Blee Barnard, bottler, Cedar bel 8th 
Blee Charles, |)olisher, rear 34 Garden 
Blee Chas., brickmr., Ann W Sch 4tli 
Blee Chas., lab.. Clay bel Beach 
Blee Edwd., slioenir.. Clay bel Beach 
Blee Francis, brickmr.. Cedar bel Ashton 
Blee Francis J., brickmr. 1 Park av E Sch 3d 
Blee George, brickmr.. Spruce n Sch 4th 
Blee Hut;li, cordw., Clay bel Beach 
Blee Ja.*;!, lab.. Clay belBeach 
Blee John, brickmr., Wilcocks n Sch 4th 
Bleig-ht John D., att'v. and coun., 24 S 5th, h 

N E 13th and Chestnut 
Bleif^ht Mary, Mi-s., 13th and Chestnut 
Bleil Frederick, tavern, 6th and Brown 
Blennerhasset Wm. W., bookbinder, 95 New 
Blessing' Peter, lab., Salmon ab Ann (lO 
Blessman C, 330 P"ilbert 
BLESSNER GU STAVE, prof, music, 3 San- 

som ab 7th 
Bletcher Zachariah, lab, 238 St. John 
Blettenberger Isaac, cooper, Hig-h W Sch 4th 
Blettcrman .Mich., tailor, 76 New Market 
Bleuit Levin, lab., Owen ab 13th 
Blew David, sea capt., N E Swanson & Almond 
Blew John, lab., Lombard n Scli 2d 
Blcy Geo. jr., drugg-ist, N NV 3d and Poplar 
Blev Geo. sen., lab., 443 N 3d 
BLEY H. & BKOTHEIt, wines and liq. 124 

BL?:Y JOHN, drug'gist, F road opp Hanover 
Bleydenbcig' Saml., eng-ineer, 13 Perkenpinc ct 
Bleyler Henry, painter. Court al 
Bkyler Jolin .M., grocer, 5th and Parrisli 
Bleyler Thomas, dealer, 62 Plum 
Bleyler Thos. T., carp., Doman's pi 
Bleyney Wm., shoemr. 646 N 2d (K) 
Blieh John, beer house, 105 Poplar 
Blight Cliarle.s, 27 S 13t]i 
Blight Joseph, bru.shmi-. 44 Wood 
Blight Maria, gentw. 351 Chestnut 
Bliglit Wm. S., chemist, 82 S 12th 
niim .Margaret, 5th ab Geoige 
Blind Coiuad, drayman, 294 St. John 
Bliss Anson, ship carp., Wharton ab 5th 
Bliss Robert, nier. 96 S whfs., h 16 Spruce 
Jili.'-sTiieodore,bo(;kserr., N E3d and Mulberry, 

h 19 Montgomery sq 
lilittersdoif A., cutler, 143 N 4ih, h Callowhill 

Mid ))illwyn 
Blittersdorf C.IL, cutler &. locksm. 143 N 4th 
Blitz Solomon L., clothing, 187 Cedar 

j Blizzard David, lab., Sch 2d n Lombard 
Dlizzard Joseph, waterman, 17 Federal 
Block Henry; h. h. 2 Bread 
.Block John, lab. 4 Lagrange 
Blocksom Peter, Lawrence ct 
Blom M. G., M. 1). 18 Union 
!Blomer A., shop, 453 S Front 
I Blood D. O., 108 S 2d 

Blood Roland, bootmr., 6 N 5th, h 2 Pennsyl- 
vania av 
iBLOOD'S DESPATCH, 26 & 28 S 6th 
BLOODGOOD J. B., Walnut Street House, 2 

Bloodwell Edward, lab., rear 118 Swanson 
Bloom Gi:orge, baker. Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Bloomer Catharine, 10th bcl Christian 
Bloomer Jame.s, lab.. Reeves n Sch 2d 
Bloomer John, weaver, 20 Lloyd's ct 
Bloomer Lawrence, carter, 25 Lebanon 
Bloomer Wm., lal).. Wood bel Sch 2d 
Bloomer Wm., refectory, 40 S 5th 
Bloomfield Joseph, blacksm., Olive bel Broad 
Bloomingdale Charles, tailor, 188 High, h 230 

N 5th 
Blotz Martin, cordw. 19 Queen (K) 
Blotzer Jolui, tailor, rear 439 N 3d 
Blough Adol|)h, carpt. weaver, 3 Orchard 
Blowe George, watchcasemr. 17 Reckless 
Bloxsom Woodman, waterman, 3 John 
Biucher Adam, refectorj-, S W 6tli and Cherry 
Blucher JIatthias, lab., Huston ab Richmond(R) 
Blum B., mer. 79 N 3d, h 82 Vine 
Blum Herman, horse dealer, 4 Poplar 
Blum John 1"., baker, 47 Brown 
Blum Samuel, tailor, 483 N 2d 
Blum &. Simpson, dry goods, 79 N 3d 
Blumeley John, shop, 114 F road 
Blumer Ann, 33 Pratt 
Blumer C. E., tobacconist, 248 N 3d 
Blumhardt Lewis, tinsm, 2 Froad 
Blumner Henry C, engine manuf. 134 Vine, h 

413 Gret;n 
Bhmden James, cai'pt. weaver, 317 S 3d 
Blundtn Um., keeper penitentiary, Andrews 

\V Sch 2d 
Blunder Jonathan, lab., School av 
Blunt Fanny, Swedes' ct 
Blunt James, c:ap., Pkasant ab 12th 
Blunt Thos., hackman, 280 S 7lh 
Blye Sarah, dry goods, 264 N 2d 
Blye Henry, mer. 145 llgh, h 102 St. John 
Blynn Michl., hatter, 71 N 3d, h 13th bel Green 
Blythc Mary Ann, b. h. 354 Chestnut 
Boak James, w eavei-. Union bel V\est 
Boak Robu, nianuf.. Master and Philip (K) 
Boake Israel P., sales-man, 492 S Front, h 1 Mary 
Boal Sarah, 29 W Cedar 
BOAIJl) OF EDUCATION, 265 Ciastnul 
BOA UD OF MISSIONS, 265 Chestnut 
Boardman F. H., Dr., 6 Chancery la 
Boardman Henry A., Kev., D. D., ab 

IJoaidman Henry S., manuf. 95 Mulberry 
Boardman Robert, cabinetnn-., rear 96 Filbert 
Hoartlman Hobl., satchclmr., Marlboro' bel West 
IJoas Pat., lab., rear 37 Beck 
Boale Ann, 7 Harrison av (K) 
Boate George, upholsterer, 123 S 2d 




Bobb Peter, brickmr., Spruce ab 13th . 

Boch Anthonj'^, hair dresser, 18 Arcade 
Bock Frederick, carp. 19 Log'an 
Bock Henry, shoemr., Fraley's ct (K) 
Bock Peter, cablnetmr., rear 141 Green 
Bockius & Brothers, saddlers, 50 High 
Bockiiis Charles R., mer. 67 N 2d, h 89 New 
Bockius Christian leather manuf., Mai-g'aret, bet 

2d & 3d, h 163 N 4th 
Bockius Christopher, saddler, 50 Hig-h 
BOCKIUS C. & G., fancy leather manufs. 41 

Noble and 30 Willow 
Bockius C. G., mer. 3 N 3d, h 491 N 6th 
Bockius C. G. & J. C, brushmrs., 3 N 3d 
Bockius Georg-e, leather manuf., Callowhill and 

Bockius & Gorgas, china, 67 N 2d 
Bockius Hannah, crockery, 535 High 
Bockius Henry J., carp. 213 S 9th 
Bockius Isaiah saddler, 50 High, h Wallace 
Bockius Jacob U., sad'r. 50 High, h 30 Wallace 
Bockius ,T., brushmr. 208 N 2d 
Bockius Wm., baker. High W Sch 6th 
Bockrus Catharine, 382 S 3d 
Bodder Levi D., M. D., 74 N 7th 
Boddy John, patternmr. 5 Short ct 
Bode Henr}', turner, 11 Western av 
Boden James M., tailor. Wood bel 12th 
Boden John, tobacconist, R road ab 11th 
Bodenbender Christ'n., weav., Crown n West(K) 
Bodenhoefer Joseph, varnish manuf. 405 N 3d 
Boder Chi-istian, sugar boiler, 95 St. John 
Boder Frederick, shop, 11 Duke 
Bodey Wm., lab. 7th bel G T road 
Bodine, Baeder & Co., glue manufs. 5th & G T 

road and 86 High 
Bodine Budd S., clerk, Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Bodine Elizabeth, Oneida pi 
Bodine George, Dauphin ab Cedar 
Bodine Joseph, tobacconist, 25 N 4th 
Bodine J. E., mer. 65 Sassafras 
Bodine J. F., mer. 131 N 13th 
Bodine J. & Son, glass manuf., N E Water and 

Bodine Saml. T., mer. 86 High, h 349 N 7th 
Bodine S., gunsm., 3 Jackson 
Boehm A. W., mer. 64 N Front, h 248 Mulberry 
Boehm Geo. C, match sticks, Marriot bel 5th 
Boehm Geo. L., bootmr. 24 N 12th 
Boehm Han-ietta, 310 Green 
Boehmer Isabella, tailoress, 376 S 3d 
Boekel Wm., lampmr., Franklin pi 
Boeren Joseph, lab. 3 McLeod pi 
Boers J. F. A., shop, 85 Shippen 
Bogan Daniel, slioemr. 61 N 8.h 
Bogan Walter, ladies' shoerrr., Ogden ab 13th 
Bogart Sarah, carp., Ogden bel 10th 
Boger John, grocer, N W James and Charles 
Boggs Achsah, Owen n Broad 
Boggs Alexander, cloth lapper, S W Sch 8th and 

Boggs Andrew, brickmr., Sch 4th ab Pine 
Boggs David, clocks, 348 Cedar 
' Boggs George, chairmaker, Queen bel Hano- 
ver (K) 
Boggs Geo. W., hatter, Pine ab Sch 6th 
BOGGS JAMES, broker, 8 Bank al, h 374 


Boggs James, chairmr. 85 N Front, h Queen ab 


Boggs James, Allan ab Marlboro' (K) 
Boggs John, wheelwrt. 285 S 3d 
Boggs John, weaver, 4 Wagner's al 
Boggs Samuel, ship carp., F road n Otter 
Boggs Samuel, wheelwrt. 208 St. John 
Boggs Sarah, 2 Acorn al 

Boggs Wm. L., mer. 17 N 5th, h 11 Merchant 
Bogia Angelo, engineer, 215 N 10th 
Bogia Ann, 5 Rubicam pi 
Bogia Francis, cordw. 10th bel Catharine 
Bogle Amelia, teacher. Pine ab 10th 
Bogue & Co., wigmrs. 198 Chestnut 
Bogue Thos., hair cutter 8c wigmr. 198 Chestnut, 

h N E 8th and Lodge al 
Bohle Diedrich, 6 Ewing's ct 
BOHLEN HENRY, mer. 69 S 4th, h 393 Walnut 
Bohlen Jane, 238 Walnut 
Bohlen John, jr., atty. and coun., N W 6th and 

Bohler John J., whip manuf. 11th ab Poplar 
Bohn Chi-istian, tailor, 21 Redwood 
Bohn Fredk., tailor, G T road bel 7th 
Bohn George, shoemr. 2d ab Jarvls la 
Bohn Jacob, waterman, 56 Penn 
Bohn Philip, tailor, Marshall ab 4th 
Bohnert A., cordw.. Little Green bel G T road 
Bohrer Catharine, 6 Paynter's ct 
Bohrer Fredk., blindmr. 106 Crown 
Bohrer Joseph, blindmr., R road ab James, h 

106 Crown 
Boileau Albert D., clerk, 82 G T road 
Boileau Burroughs, blacksm. 79 Ogden 
Boileau Edwin B., conveyancer, 145 Walnut, h 

614 N 3d 

Boileau George, stone mould., R3'^e bel Wharton 
Boileau Isaac, alderman, 570 N 2d 
Boileau Isaac, jr., clerk, 570 N 2d 
Boileau John, 105 Noble 
Boileau John blacksm. 489 N 10th 
Boileau John, clerk. Palm bel Brown 
Boileau & Rech, blacksm.. Poplar ab 6th 
Boisanburt Magdalene, 91 Shippen 
Bok Frederick, tailor, 4 Howard's ct 
BOK JOHN, tailor, 12 Exchange pi, h 50 Gask'ill 
BOKER, BROTHERS & JONES, mers. 82 High 
Boker C. S., Brest. Girard Bank, h Locust W 

Sch 7th 
Boker E. D., mer. 82 High, h Merchants' Hotel 
Boker Joseph, mer. 82 High, h 468 Mulberry 
Boker W. C, mer. 82 High, h Mulberry ab 

Sch 6th 
Bolarro Dominic, blacksm. 9 Depot 
Bolden Joseph, stevedore, Smith's ct 
Bolden Mary, 13 Mifflin 
Bolden Richard, lab., Washington ct 
Bolden Spencer, waiter, 61 Currant al 
Boldin George, mer. 31 N whfs., h493 Mulberry 
BOLDIN & PRICE, oil mers. 31 N whfs 
Boldridge Richard M., hatter, 6 Hart's Build- 
ing, h 104 N 11th 
Boles John, lab., Fisher ab Emery (R) 
Boley Frederick, senr., 101 Dillwyn 
Bolger Elizabeth, rear 13 Poplar 
Bolie Henry & Geo., weaver, 299 Callowhill 
Boling John, carp. 23 Eagle ct 
Boling Robert, waiter, 350 Cedar 




Bolinpcr Fi-cd., cordw. 366 N 3d 

Bollu ilcnrv, weaver, Mechanic & Culvert 

BoIIaiul |{icli:inl, .shop, C:ii*pcntcr bcl 9lh 

BolliT 11. J., nicr. 40 Walnut, h Spruce ab Broad 

Boiler .hicol), nier. Margarctta, h 26 Jacoby 

Bolt John, carp. 16 Cherry 

Bolton Br} an, watchman, 32 Stamper's al 

Bolton Si Culln, .shipping' mcr. 17 N wiifs 

Bolton Joseph H., elk., 17 N whfs., h 412 Green 

Bolton Marv K.. 5 Carlton sq 

Bolton Saniuel, mer. 17 N whfs., h 202 N 1 1th 

Bolton Wni. P., car>cr, 55 N 8th, h 423 N 7th 

Bomeislcr Lewis, mer. R road n Buttonwood 

Bomcislcr S., lamp blk. & varni.sli, 177 N 10th 

Bonan Lctitia, widow, Linn W Nixon 

Bonbriy^ht James, mer. 51 Buttonwood 

Bond Adam J., cordw. 2d bel I'rime 

Bond Alex., Uiilor, 87 O Y road 

Bond Amos, lastmr. 4 Mag-nolia 

Bond Ann, 3 Path 

Bond Benjamin F., trunkmr. Sassafras n 4th, h 

Brown ab 13th 
Bond Caspar, chair mr. rear 2 Peach 
Bond Clia-s., coachman, Lombard bel 12th 
Bond David, cordw. Queen and Vienna 
Bond & Denckla, com. mers. 7 S Front 
Bond Elizabeth, trim. 377 Sassafras 
Bond Henry, bootmr. 7 Charles 
Bond Henrv, pedlar, 4 Steel's ct 
Bond H., }>i. D., 1 N 9th, 3d door bcl Filbert 
Bond H. Calvin, clerk, 319 N 8th 
Bond James, box mr. Parrish bel Sch 8th 
Bond Jas., M. D., druggist, S E 10th & Locust 
Bond Jas. R., wheelwrt. 240 Christian 
Bond James F., g-rocer, 5th and Catharine 
Bond John, b h, 82 Shippen 
Bond Jos., macht. 114 Carpenter 
Bond Jos. glass blower, Wood bel Duke 
Bond Joseph, carp. 377 Sassafras 
Bond Jos., blacksm. Wood n Sch 7th 
Bond Jos., blacksm. N E 5th & Christian 
Bond Josiah, undertaker, 12th bel AVallace 
Bond Levi, watchman, Brook ab Tammany 
Bond L- M., 7 S Front, h 491 Sassafras 
Bond Richard, moulder, 161 Christian 
Bond Solomon, 227 Vine 
Bond Tlieodore, grocer, S W 5th 8c Catliarine 
Bond Thos., Smitii's ct 
Bond Thos., trader, Howard ab Phoenix 
Bond Thos., weaver, 29 Leljanon 
BOND THOS., mer. 41 S VVater,h 359 N 6th 
Bond Thos., jr., trader, Hojie ab Plioenix 
Bond Wm., lab. New Market n Laurel 
Bond Wm., lab. 9 Emerick's av ' 
Bondi C;al>riel, cap mr. 7 Washington Row 
Bonefon John, oysters, R road &. Poplar 
Boner Daniel, tavern. Spruce Sc Willow 
Boner John, lab. Piiu- W Sell 3d 
[Joner MicliacI, tavern, S W Water & S:issafras 
Boner NN'rn., sliop, William bel (Jenlre 
Bones John W., carp, (ieorgc bel 10th, h Wood 

ab Sch 8th 
Ronfield Baker, stone mas., Barclay VV Sch 8tli 
Bonfield (i. R., artist, 28 Walnut, h Sp (iardcn 

ab 10th 
Bonfield Harriet, Vine ab 10th 
Bonfiild Jas., plasterer, Ellis bel Wallace 
Bongard Catharine, Sassafras ab Sch 8th 

Bongard Wm., oysterman, 283 St John 

Bonhom Harriet, shop, 188 S 6th 

Boning Wm., jeweller, 70 Chestnut 

Bonn I'hilip, carp. 2 Headman's j)l 

Bonnailon Eli/.a, 6 N 11th 

BONNAFFON SYLVESTER, impt. dry good.s 

43 High 
Bonnan\i Eugene, plaiter, 163 S 10th 
Bonnar Jas., B. D. Rev., Chancellor W Sch 7th 
Bonnciul Peter, gent. 72 Union 
Bonnell Alex., mer. 129 High 
Boimell Samuel, cashier Cilobc Ins. Co., 339 Vine 
Bonner Dennis, lab. Salmon bel Ann (R) 
Bonner Edw., macht. 9th bel Marriott 
Bonner Hugh, lab. Ann bel Richmond (R) 
Bonner Jas., lab. 10 .Xbbott's ct 
Bonner Itobert, lab. Callowhill bel Sch 2d 
Bonney Miss M. L., seminary, 525 Chestnut 
Bon.sal Edmund C, jeweller, 72^ High, h 298 

S 5th 
Bonsall Clement S., turner, rear 84 Walnut 
Bonsall E. H., convey. 5th and Library, h 35 

Bonsall Henry, conveyancer, 48 S 4th 
Bonsall Isaac S., clerk, 18 Dean 
Bonsall Jeremiah, conveyancer, 9th & Sassafras 
Bonsall Jesse T., clerk, 16 Magnolia 
Bonsall John, convey, offi. 48 S 4th, h 22 Girard 
Bonsall John, Wood bel Sch 7th 
Bonsall John &: Co., convey. 48 S 4th 
Bonsall Jonathan, clerk, rear 84 Walnut 
Bonsall Sarah, rear 4 Fetter la 
Bonsall Spencer, conveyancer, 5th 8t Library 
Bonsall T. L., booksel. '33^ High 
Bon.sall Wm., clerk, 131 Christian 
Bontemps Hannah, 141 Spruce 
Book George II., upholsterer, 52 Chester 
Booker Cor., blacksm. 22 Morris, h 22 Lebanon 
Booker John, blacksm. 20 Lebanon 
Booker Lewis, coachmr. 18 Lebanon 
Bookhammer A. H., 541 N 6th 
Bookhammer Jacob H., bootmr. 23 State 
Boon George, blacksm. AVashington, h Oak ab 

Bridge (W P) 
Boon Henry L., omnibus, Washington (W F) 
Boon Horace, 4 Bird's ct 
Boon John, farmer, (ireen ab Moore (W P) 
Boon Morris, whf. build. Otter n G T roail 
Boon Peter, tavern. Beach n Shackamaxon 
Boon Wm. jr., lab. Spruce & Sch 3d 
Boone Edward, drayman, Duke bel Cherry 
Boone Rebecca, 394 Vine 

Boone Robt., shoes, N E 2d and Cedai-, h Catha- 
rine ab 6th 
Boone Wm., sea capt. 599 N Front 
Boone Wm. F., atty. 8c coun. Libr;u-y bel 5Ui, h 

95 Franklin 
Booskirk Benjamin, chairmr. rear 453 Vine 
Booskirk (li orge, chairmaker, rear 4,53 Vine 
Booskirk Wni., goUl beater, rear 45.3 Vine 
Booth Aiiigail C, gentw. 115 Brown 
Booth Benj., harnessmr. 131 N 5th 
Booth Edmond, aect. 222 S Juniper 
Booth Edward, tobaet. Wheat bel Marion 
Booth Edwin, clerk, 421 Coates 
Bootli Emanuel, finisher, 5lh bel Oxford 
Booth George, clerk, 6th ab Master 
Booth H. H., burnisher, 5 Ralston 




Booth Isaac C, cooper, 190 Christian 
Booth Isaac H., collector, 189 N 9th j 

Booth James, carter, Sch 8th bel Lombard 
Booth Jas. C, prof, chemistiy, 300 Pine, office 

217 Mulbeny 
Booth John, stoker, 9 Wilson 
Booth John, brace bitt mr. La Fayette bel 10th 
Booth John, drj' g-oods, 479 High 
Booth Thos., ag-ent, Lancaster Pike above 6th 

(\V P) 
Booth Thos., stocking mr. 5 Metamora pi 
Booth Thos. L., grocer, 444 N 2d 
Booth Wm., mach. 141 N 11th 
Booth Wm. S., cabtmr. 86 Union 
Boothrorde Abraham, spinner, rear F road ab 

Booz Alice G., 480 N 10th 
Booz Saml. B., carp. Van Buren pi 
Booz Valentine, piano mr. Jars-is bel 2d 
Boozer Adam, cord\v. 2d ab Beaver 
Boraef Henry, vict. Wallace bel loth 
Boraef Martin, vict. 13th ab Washington 
Boraef Valentine, ^-ict. Brown bel Broad 
BoraeflP Ann, Cherry ab Broad 
Borall Joseph, bricklr. Thompson bel 4th 
BORDEN EDWIN P., atty. & coun. 104 S 5th 
Borbeck & Dimond, booksellers, 8 S 4th 
Borbeck Philip, bookseller, 8 S 4th, h201 S 5th 
BORBRIDGE THOMAS, forward. & com.mer. 

278 High, h 32 North Rittenhouse 
Borden H. M., M. D., 104 5 5th 
Borden Samuel, mer. 79 High, h N E Sp Gar- 
den and Marshall 
Bordley Stephen, carman, Dickerson ab 7th 
Borhek Chaides, prof, of music, 52 Gaskill 
Borhek Edward, optician, 52 Chestnut, h 141 

Borie Anna, 296 S 10th 
Borie A. E., mer. 45 Dock, h 329 Spruce 
Borie Chas 8c Henry, mers. 61 Dock 
Borie Francis J., blacksm. Fothergill and 2d ab 

Spruce, h 331 S 5th 
Borie Henrv S., tobac. S W 5th and Queen 
Borie J. J. Mrs. 97 S 4th 
Borie 8c Rich, stove mrs. 149 S 2d 
Boring Thos. W., teacher, F road bel Jefferson 
Berk Eliza, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Borkman A. W., 283 St John 
Borland David, shoemr. Walnut bel Sch 3d 
Borland Wm., shoemr. N E Sch 8th and Pligh 
Borman Henry, vict. Union ab Franklin 
Borman John, vict. 475 N 2d 
Born B., baker, 5th ab Jefferson (K) 
Bom George, weaver, Howard ab Phoenix 
Bornman Catharine, 14 Tamarind 
Bornmann Lewis, vict. 5th bel Master 
Bornmann Nich., vict. 76 Cadwalader 
Bornmann Sarah, Hanover ab Bishop (K) 
Bornmann Wm., vict. ^Med.anic ab George 
Bornshener Conrad, cordw. Alder bel Girard av 
Borson Mary. 16 Lilly al 
Bortch Geo., lab. Stearley's ct 
Borthwick Robert, cabtmr. Union bel 2d, h 147 

Borzel Geo., cordw. G T road ab Oxford (K) 
Bosbyshell Wm., jr., coalmer. Broad bel Lom- 
bard, office 154 Spruce, h 176 Pine 
Bos Edward, weaver, Shallcross ab Sch 2d 

Bos Wm., painter. 3 Sch av 

Bosch John G., hotel, 120 Brown 

Boshart George, carp. Parrish ab 6th 

Boshart Geo., hair sieve manuf 1 Sheppard's al 

Boshart John, cooper, Adam's a.v 

Bosler George, tavern. Broad ab Sassafras 

B osier John, vict. 602 N 2d 

Bosler John, brickmr. Bush Hill, house 339 Sp 

Bosler Joseph, brass founder, 477 Vine 
Bossai-d Conrad, grocer, Franklin &; Palmer (K) 
Bossert Charles, piano mr. 96 8c h 126 Cherry 
Bossert Enos, cabmetmi-. 88 N 6th, h Spooner's 

Bossert Henry, shoemr. Olive bel 13th 
Bossert Henry, framemr. 560 N 3d 
Bossert Jos. F., fur. car. 449 Vine 
Bossert Sc Reifsneider, cabt. mrs. 88 N 6th 
Bossert Sarah, 9 Wallace 
Bossier Francis, lab. rear Nectarine ab 9th 
Bostick Chas., lab. 54 Pearl 
Bostick Geo., lab. 49 Quince 
Bostick W. 11., cordw. 89 W f;allowhill 
Bostcck Peter, machinist, Thompson bel Apple 
Boston Jacob, whitewasher, 86 Gaskill 
Boston James G., painter, Oliver bel Broad 
Boston John, carter, 15 E,mlen's ct 
Boston Michael, morocco dresser, Winter ab 

Boston Nicholas, lab. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Boston Wm., shoemr. 4th ab George, h Char- 
Bo.swell A. J., sign painter. 5 N 9th, h 8 N 11th 
Boswell B. G., acct. 192 Pine 
Roswell Chas. A., tavern, M road and Federal 
BOSWELL JAMES J., dry goods, 50 High, h 

108 Spruce 
Boswell Samuel, lab. 2 St Mary's ct 
Boswell S.. tailor, 119 G T road 
Boswell Wm. R., printer. 23 Harmony 
Bosworth David C, salesman, 295 Spruce 
Bothell John, oak cooper. Sch 8tli bel Parrish 
Bothell Wm., cooper. Tyler bel Master 
Bothner Gotfried, boiler maker, Cumberland ab 

Bothwell Alex., blacksm. Ogden bel 10th 
Bothv.-ell Jas., weaver, Lombard n Sch Front 
Bothwell John, brickmr. Lombard n Sch Front 
Bothwell John, weaver. Front ab Phoenix 
Bothwell ^Villiam, brickmr. M Duffie W Sch 3d 
Botsford Alva B., st. cutter. Jones bel Sch 5th 
Botsford John, bricklayer. Alder ab Poplar 
Botsford Timothy, bricklay. Palm bel Brown 
Botten Stephen, baker, 46 Mead 
Botthoff Constantine, barber, Buttonwood ab Sth 
Bottomley Sarah, liquor, 103 Lombard 
Botts Ann, sempstress, 7 Marshall's ct 
Boucher Benjamin, wheelwt. 160 Marshall 
Boucher Ellen, dressmr., 3 Laurel (C) 
Boucher Josiah, cordw. 3 Parrish 
Boucher Sarah, nurse, 83 N 9th 
Boucot, Kleins 8c Co., bonnet pressers, 36 N 2d 
Boucot Xevia, varnisher, 69 Union 
Bond Joseph, blacksm. 9th ab Prime 
Boud S., cordw., R and Wallace 
Boude Samuel B., 7 S 4th, h 10 Morgan 
Boadwin John, wheelwrt. 80 Wharton 
Boudwin Peter, jr., blacksm. 244 S 5th 




Bougc Thomas, corchv., Sch Willow nb Pine 
Kmig'liiini r.corgc A., dealer, 32 Morris 
BoiiplitoM Ktlwartl M., stovemr. 58 N 2il, h 196 

Bouldon Will., whf. biiildor, 7th ab Wharton 
Boiilias Josc])h, cook, 2 Biickhv 
Boulter Charles J., potter, 196 N 13th 
Boulter llrnry C, hair dresser, 459 A'ine 
Boulter Jehu R.. cordw. 27S iWccw 
Boulter Mary, trimminirs, 196 Vine 
Boulton Byron, dnig-g^ist, 2il and Catharine 
Bounds John, shocmr. 7tl) and Uced 
Bourcaii Henry, ink mr. 15 N 3d, h 467 N lOlh 
Bourk James, "bootinr. 11 N 4ih, h 74 S 11th 
Bourke Edward J., sexton, 39 Union 
Bourke Mich., clerk, S W Washintrton &. Church 
Bourne, Davis & Co., hatters. S W 5th Sc llig-h 
Boumc James, hatter, S W 5th and High, h 

Brown bcl 13th 
Bourne Mary Ann, teacher, Lombard bel 13th 
Bournonvillc A., M. D., 59 N 4th 
Bourquig-non Florien, cordw. 151 Poplar 
Bourquin Cha.s. F| lithog'rapher, 194 Pine 
Bourquin Eveline, drcssmr. 170 R 11th 
Bourquin Frederick, lithoj^. printer, 194 Pine 
Bourquin Eedk., undertaker. 304 Callowhill 
Bourquin J. H., undert.aker, 304 Callowhill 
Bousquet Peter, gent. 228 Spruce 
Boustead Wm., currier, 9th bcl Poplar 
Boasted Sarah, 102 Wallace 
Bousted Thomas, weaver, 27 Lebanon 
Boutard Joseph, M. D., 446 S Front 
Boutcher Elizabeth, Fraley's al (K) 
Boutchcr Martha, 131 New Market 
Bouvier David, butcher, M road bel Greenwich 
Bouvier George, butcher, M road bel Greenwich 
Bouvier Hugh S., clerk, 107 New 
Bouvier John, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 
BOUVIER JOHN, off. 10 N 7th, h 11 Logan sq 
Bouvier Marv, wid. Simpson's ct 
BOUVIER SnCHAEL, mahoganv and marble, 

93 S 2d, h 3d ab Spruce 
Houvicr Sarah J., wid. of P., Simpson's ct 
Bouvier Philip, tavern, 4th and Shippen 
Bovard Jas., plasterer, Shallcross E Sch Front 
Bovard Wni., tailor, Parrish bel lltli 
Bovell Wm. S., printer, Margaret ab 9th 
Bowden Hcnrv, machinist, 26 Morris 
Bowden Lydia, wid., Sch 8th al) Fairvicw 
Bov/den Wm., mariner, 76 German 
Bowdle Tristram, mcr. 34 N Front 
Bowen A. J., cabinetmr. 143i S 2d, h 230 Ca- 
tharine David H., .shoemr.. Queen bel Marlboro' 
Bowen David H., undertaker, 415 S 2d 
Bowen F.ii/a, whitcwaslier, 36 Paschal's al 
Bowen E., hatter, 176 high, h 134 N 12th 
Bowen Henrv F., mer., N W 3d &. Mulbeirv, h 

11th bel Green 
Bowen Jane, 26 Melon 
Bowen Jonathan, 62 N 8th 
Bowen J. K., tailor. Beach ab Walnut 
BOWEN J. T., litliogr. 12 & 14 S Broad 
Bowen Margaret, 11 Louisa av 
Bowen Nicholas S., bootblack, 20 Raspberry 
Bowen Peter, tmder, Hancock hi 1 Mast(r(K) 
Bowen iMiilip, himb. mer. 7th and Carpenter, h 
152 Queen 

Bowen Phinea-s A., tobacconist, 203 N 9th 
Bowen Samuel, tavern, 42 Washington av 
Bowen Smltl) mer. 18 Church al, li 164 N 5th 
Bowen Stephen R., mer. 36 \\'alnut 
Bowen Wm., capt., Salmon bel R road (R) 
Howen Wm., cabmr., F road bel Franklin 
Bowen Wm., boilermr., Johnson's la ab 3d 
Bowen Wm. E., mcr. 55 Chestnut, h Spruce W 

Sch 8tl» 
Bowen Wm. M., druggist. New Market & Brotrn 
Bowen Wm. M., printer, 70 Tammany 
Bowen Wm. M., U. S. Mint, 10 Olive ' 
Bower Abrm., hootmr., Mayland 
Bower A. Rev., Plymoutii E Sch 3d 
Bower (^has. P., vict., Francis ab R road 
Bower Christian, baker, 125 Brown 
Bower Edwin, tailor, F road bel Norris 
Bower Fredk., lab.. Palm qel Brown 
Bower Fredk., hotel, 332 Callouhill 
Bower Geo., stone mason. Factory 
Bower Geo. C, druggist, 3d and G T road 
BOWER HENRV A., drug., N E 6th & Green 
Bower John, 4 Union sq 
Bower John, combmr., F road bel Norris 
Bower John, vict., Fainicw W Sch 6th 
Bower John D., collector, Fairvicw W Sch 6th 
Bower Joshua, hatter, 16 F road 
Bower J. E., baker, S E Sch 3d and M'Duffie 
Bower Maria, F road bel Norris 
Bower Mary, gentw., George n Sch 8th 
Bower Mary Ann, dressmr. 118 Lombard 
Bower Samuel D. S., 536 N 5th 
Bower Philip, capmr. 36 Pcgg 
Rower Rich. C, bricklr., F road bel Norris(K) 
Bower Robt. F., tavern, F road & Norris (K) 
Bower Susan, St. John ab George 
Bower Wm., cabinetmr. 174 N 4th 
Bowers Alex., wheelwrt., Market bel 2d 
Bowers Catharine, Harrison n Sch 2d 
Bowers Christian, vict., Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Bowers Christopher, cabinetmr. 1 Robert's ct 
Bowers Daniel, cordw., 8th bcl Girard av 
Bowers Geo., watchm., 5th bel l{aspberry(M V) 
Rowers Geo., 455 N 3d 

Bowers George, brickmr., Shippen la n Cedar 
Rowers Geo., lab. 1 Deringers's ct 
Bowers Geo., mariner, 88 CJaskiil 
Bowers Henrietta, 288 Lombard 
Bowers Henrv fF., watchman, 350 Brown 
BOWERS &' HUTCHINSON, bonnets & hats, 

33 N 4th 
Bowers James, waiter, 88 Gaskill 
Bowers Jacob F., tailor, 41 Shippen 
Bowers John, potter, C'liurch al) Recil 
Bowers John, baker, 159 
Bowers John C, clotliing, 71 S 2d 
Rowers Joseph T., gent, h 9 Mary 
Bowers Martiia C, b. h. 252 Clie.stnut 
Bowers Peter, brirkinr., rear Federal a!) B'-oad 
Bowei-s 1'. (;., straw liatmr. X'i N 4th, h 402 N 3d 
Bowers Randall, spinner, Phili|) bel flolumbia 
Bowers Romulus J., brickmr. 455 N 3d 
Bowers Samuel, tailor, 13 Hubl>ell 
Bowers Solomon, in., Sch 3d bel George 
Bowers Thos., saddler, lOlh ab Thompson 
Bowers Thos. jr. tailor, 71 S 2d, h 355 Cedar 
Bowers Wm., coal mer., S W Beach &. Shacka- 

maxon, h 424 N 5th 




: Bowers Wm., gilder, 498 Callowhill 

I Bowers Wm., painter, 62 N 6th 

I. Bowes Catharine, 24 Union al 

■ Bowes Jacob, chairmr. 40 Maria 
Bowes Martin, lab. 27 Hutchinson 
Bowie Roswell, hatter. Front ab Franklin 
BOWLBY & BRENNER, hardwai-e, 41 Hig-h 
Bowlby E., mer. 41 High, h 17 S Sch 7th 
Bowlby Samuel L., stock and note broker, 56 

• Walnut, h 165 S 3d 
Bowlby Thos. G., agent, Plymouth W Sch 4th 

; Bowler Elizabeth, shop, 14 S 10th 

j Bowles James, jr., carp., Clinton ab Franklin 

I Bowles John L., coffee roaster, 89 Queen (K) 

I Bowles M., variety store, 242 S 2d 

' Bowles Wm., grocer, Cedar ab 13th 
Bowman Ann, wid., rear 22 Brown 
Bowman Christian, store, Marshall bel Callowhill 
BOWMAN &. CO., auction goods, 118 N 3d 
Bowman George W., cordw., Eraser's ct 
Bowman Goliath, lab. 11 Helmuth 
Bowman Isaac, seaman, 386 S 4th 
Bowman Jacob, M. D., Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Bowman James K., grocer, 50 Wood 
Bowman John, clerk, 24 Combes's al 
Bowman John, hatter, 471 N 2d 
Bowman John, clerk, 38 Castle 
Bowman John, baker, rear 439 N 3d 
Bowman John lab., Olive bel 13th 
Bowman Jonas, grocer, 232 N 2d, h 26 St John 
Bowman Joseph K., locksm. 344 Sassafras 
Bowman &. Knowles, druggists, 351 S 2d 
Bowman Lewis, boot crimper, rear 552 N 2d 
Bowman Lewis, sheet iron worker, 7 Burd 
Bowman Mich., lab. rear Cadwalader ab Jefferson 

I Bowman M., 295 N 6th 

Bov^man Sebastian, found. Brown n Hanover(K) 
Bowman Samuel, printer, 20 Beck pi 

I' Bowman Sarah, milliner, 55^ N 2d 
Bowman Thos., mer. 32 Mulberry 
Bowman Wm. H., paper and rags, 12 N 5th, h 
Edward ab School (K) 
iBo\vn Benj. S., trunkmr.. Federal ab P road 
Bown Ellen, Mrs., Margaret ab 9th 
Bownass James, N E Sch Front and Mulberry 
Bowser David B., sign painter, 177 N 4th 
Bowser Jeremiah, oyster house, 177 N 4th 
Boyce Aiidrew, watchman, Cooper W Sch 3d 
Boyce Ann, corsets, 69 Mulberry 
Boyce Anthon}', lab. 7 Pleasant av 
Boyce B. C, machinist, 17 Brandy wine 
Boyce Elizabeth, teacher, Pleffenberg pi 
Boyce James, paper stainer, Cooper W Sch 3d 
Boyce John, cordw., Franklin and Vienna 
Boyce John, machinist, 74 Charlotte 
Boyce Mary, milliner, 348 Sassafras 
Boyce Samuel, grocer, 13th and Carrol 
Bo} ce Sai-ah, 12 Gray's al 
Boyce Wm. H., livery stable and hotel, R road 

and James 
Boyd Albert, painter, Becker E Sch 6th 
Boyd Alexander, mer. 6 N whfs., h 7 Wood 
Boyd Alex., shoemr., Shippen n Broad 
Boyd Andrew, bookbindei-, 211 Lombard 
Boyd Andrew, carpt. weaver. Wood n Sch 2d 
Boyd Andi-ew, weaver, Dorothy E Sch 3d 
Boyd Andrew, weaver, Harmstead 
iBoyd Ann, washer, Sycamore ab Locust 

Boyd Benj., huckster, 2 Lane ct 

Boyd Benj., huckster, Capital ab Coates 

Boyd Charles, printer, rear 20 P road 

Boyd Catharine, 217 Christian 

Boyd Charlotte C, 98 S 5th 

Boyd Cornelius, lab., Sch 6th bel Cedar 

Boj'd Daniel, lab.. Pearl ab Nixon 

Boyd David, gent., Sch 5th and Hamilton 

Boyd David, jr., cloths, 2 Athenian Building-, 

Franklin pi 
Boyd David K., printer, Plymouth W Sch 4th 
Boyd David L., stonecut., Grape bel George 
Boyd Edwin, carp., Master and Cohocsink 
Boyd Elizabeth, S W Sch 7th and Mulberry 
Boyd Elizabeth, wid. 11th bel Brown 
Boyd Emelia S., upholserer, 125 N 5th 
Boyd George, grocer. Poplar ab 9th 
Boyd George, waiter, 189 Lombard 
Boyd George, Rev., F road and Richmond la 
Boyd George J., mer. 71 High 
Boyd Henry, tavern. Cedar bel Broad 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, Owen ab 13th 
Boyd Hugh, lab. 3 Watt 
Boyd Hugh, tailor, Howard ab Phoenix 
Boyd James, bookbinder, 209 S 6th 
Boyd James, carter, Gray's ct 
Boyd Ja.mes, cordw., Dunton bel Franklin 
Boyd James, gardener, Jones bel Sch 4th 
Boyd James, weaver, James ct (K) 
Boyd James C, lab., Ashton bel Sassafras 
Boyd James VV., mer. 71 Hig-h, h 64 S 5th. 
Boyd Jane, Barton 
Boyd Jane, 222 N 9th 
Boyd Jane, Perry ab Franklin 
Boyd John, tailor, 150 N Water, h 155 N Front 
Boyd John, stonemason. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Boyd Jchn, poi'ter, Nixon ab Callowhill 
Boyd John, machinist. Front ab Jefferson (K) 
Boyd Jolm, lab., Richmond and Lehigh (R) 
Boyd John, lab., James ab 7th 
Boyd John, ropemr.. Carpenter bel 6th 
Boyd John, machinist, Duke and Wood (R) 
Boyd John J., stonecutter, Sch Stli ab Girard av 
Boyd John W., clerk, 277 N 5th 
Boyd John Oliver, merchant, 103 High, h 278 

Bo}d John T., mer. 36 Church al 
Boyd John W., sheet iron worker, N E 4th and 

BOYD J. OLIVER &. CO., dry goods, 103 High 
BOYD & KING, dry goods, 71 High 
Boyd & Neff, com. mers. 6 N whfs 
Boyd Peter, carter, 2 Wagner's ct 
Boyd Rebecca, tavern, 11 Decatur 
Boyd Robert, shoemr. Front ab Master 
Boyd Robert, carp. 21 Jones' al, h 327 Pine 
Boyd Robt. plasterer, Carlton ab Sch 4th 
Boyd Ruth, Cedar n Sch 2d 
Boyd Samuel, tailor, N W Water and Mulberry, 

h 21 Sassafras 
Boyd Sarah, 13th ab Poplar 
Boyd & Stroud, china ware, 26 N 4th 
Boyd Thomas, carp. 25 Jones al, h 4 Farmer 
Boyd Thomas, bootmr., Sch 4th n Duffie 
Boyd Thomas, lab., Sch 6th bel Callowhill 
Boyd Thomas, stove finishei-, rear 24 Duke 
Boyd Thomas, 167 Pearl 
Boyd Thos. tailor. La Fayette bel 10th 




Boyd Thomas A. mcr. 26 N 4th, h Scl» 5th ab 

Boyd T. & R., carps. 21 Jones' al 
Hoyd \Vm. tallow chandler, 121 N 5th 
Boyd NNiii. K^roccr, 468 High 
Ikiyil Win. wuitiT, Pearl :ib 13th 
Bo>a Win. puinter, Cedur hcl 12th 
Bo\d Win. II. watcnnan, 14 Clark 
B(ivi) WM. S. groc. 21 S Water, h 128^ Spruce 
lU)\f M. 11. chemist, 27 N 7th 
Hoyer Abraham, carp. Ogden hil 12th 
Boyor Abnim, potter, Apple bel Jcflerson (K) 
Boyer Charles, musician, 4 Wood 
Boyer Christian, butcher. Elm n 5th 
Buyer Daniel, shocmr^ 522 S Front 
Boyer D. L., 109 Ji-nipcr 
Boyer Kilw ard R. bookbinder, 476 N 7tli 
Boyer Elizabeth, gcntw. 158 N 9th 
Boyer Evan M., ship carp.. Church ab Wash- 
Boyer Franklin J. ckrk, Miller st. ab l.>th 
Boyer Henry, lab. 8th ab Uickcrson 
Boyer Hiram L. bricklayer, 10 Wayne 
Boyes Jacob, carp., Franklin ab 4th (K) 
Boyer Jacob, huckster, Kesslcr ab Norris (K) 
Boyer James, carp. 6 Wood 
Boyer John, carp. 6 Wood 
Boyer John, carp, weaver, 2d bel Phoenix (K) 
Boyer Littleton, cooper, 522 S Front 
Boyer Mary A. tailoress, 4th ab Thompson 
Boyer Nathan, cabinetmr. 102 Prime 
Bo) er Sarah, lailoress, 138 N Juniper 
Bo\er Wni. plast., Callowhill ab Sch 6th 
BOYER WM. house furnisher, r>55 High, h290 

N 10th ab Green 
Boyer Wm. E. cordw. 5th & Diamond 
Boyes Matthew, lab., Howell 
Boylan Nicholas, Donnelly's ct 
Boyle Catharine, 2 Willow ct 
Boyle Otharine, 1 Church av 
Boyle Cath., Brown ab Somerset 
Boyle Charles, lab. 10 George 
Boyle Danl. 13 Pine (S) 
Boyle Danl. mason, Shallcross W Sch 2d 
Boyle Dennis, lab., Charles 
Boyle Edward, gent., Clifton ab Shippen 
Boyle Edward, lab., Lloyd ab Shippen 
Boyle Edw. blacksm. Cadwalader bel Jefi'erson 
Boyle Elizabetii, b h, 63 S 5lh 
Boyle Elizabeth, trinmiings, 731 N 2d (K) 
Boyle Geo. lab. Charlotte ab Franklin 
Boyle Geo. cordw., G T road bel 6th (K) 
Bo}le Henry, lab. Filbert n Sch 3d 
Boyle Hugii, lab., Murray ab Sch 3d 
Boyle Hugh, moulder. Reed bel Front (S) 
Boyle Hugh, pla.«iterer, 15 Brandywine 
Boyle Hugh, lab., Sch 2d n Harmstead 
Bo)le James, provisions, 1 Washington pi 
Bo}le James, lab.. Walnut bi 1 Sell 3d 
Boyle Jas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Boyle Jolm, coacli su)., N W lOtli &. Wo(,d 
Boyle John, printer, 2d &. Brown, h 494 N 3d 
Boyle Jolm, lab., Murray W Sch 3d 
Boyle John, weaver, 25 M'Duffie 
Boyle John, lab., Hrinton ab 12th 
Boyle John C. confect., Callowhill bel Sch 2d 
Boyle Jo.->. hackman, 1.33 Shippen 
boylc l^wrcnce, lab. 22 Currant al 

!BovIe Margt., Washington ab Columbia (K) 
Boyle Mary, shop, 21 S 10th 
Boyle Michael A., carp.. Carpenter bel Btli 
Boyle M. 'I', dressmr. 9 Madison 
Ho\ le Neal, Spruce n Sch 2d 
Boyle Owen, lab. Sch Bank ab Lombanl 
Boyle Patrick, spooler. Clay hel Sch Willow 
Hoyle Pat., lab., Richmond bel Huntingdon (R) 
Boyle Patrick, carter, 27 Hirst 
Boyle Patrick, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Uoyle Patrick, carter, Brown n R road 
Hoyle Robert, stone cut., Carlton bel Sch 5th 
Boyle Robert, whipmaker, 61 Dock, h4 South- 
ampton ct 
Boyle Robert, dealer, N W Benton & Linden 
Boyle Sarah, 82 Swanson 
Boyle Silas, Master bel Hancock 
Boyle & Stroud, grocer, 35 S Water 
Boyle Thomas, drv gootls, 82 N 11th 
Boyle Thos. J. dyer, 4th ab Fi-anklin (K) 
Boyle Wellington H. clerk, 3 Laurel (C) 
Bovle Wm. cedar coop. 347 High, h Shallcross 

W Sch 2d 
Boyle Wm. weaver, 5 White's ct 
Boyle Wm., coachman, 5 Mineral pi 
Boyle Wm. gardener, George E Sch 3d 
Bovle Wm. V. groc. 35 S Water, h 9 S Penn sq 
BOVLEN JAMES, tavern, 48 S 8th 
Boyles James, bookbind. 9^ Sanson, h 310 N 7th 
Boyles Staten, painter, 9 Pearl 
Boylin John, lab., Hope bel Franklin 
Roys George, confect., S W r2th &: Spruce 
Boys Nathan, waterman, 3d bel Clark 
Boys Wm. dry goods, 447 N 2d 
Boytcr Louisa", 424 N 7th 
Bozortli David, Court al bel Brown 
Bozorth Richard F. machinist, 1 Wistcr's ct 
Bozorth W'm. carp, h 620 Brown 
Bozorth Wm. V. cordw.. Beach ab Manderson 
Braan John turner. Orchard bel Jackson 
Biabant Mary, 153 S 9th 
Brace Tlios., tinman, 3 Oldham's ct 
Braceland Ann, rear 13 Prosperous al 
Braceland Bridget M. upholsterer, 153 Walnut, 

h 29 Sansom 
Braceland Chas., lab. Sch Front ah High 
Braceland Jas. lab.. High &. Sch 3d 
Bi-aceland James, tobacconist, 397 S Front 
Biaceland John, lab.. Cooper \V Sch 3d 
Bracely Thos. 7lh bel Dickinson (M) 
Bracken James, polisher, 122 Locust 
liracken Margaret, 261 Green 
Brackcnridge Wm. bookl)ind.. Christian bel 7th 
Brackin Henrv, maciiinist, 15 Perry 
Brackin Richd. carp. 5th ab Elm (M V) 
Brackin Thos. carp. 9 Lewis 
Brackley Michael, bootmr., S W 6th & Pine 
Brackney Archer, jjainter, rear Marriott ab 5th 
Brackney Hazadiah, potter, rear Brown belovv 

Brackney I.saac A., tailor, 3 Mark's la, h Clair 

bel Carpenter 
Bradan Wm. weaver, Milton a!) lltii 
Uradbury Eliza, b h, 80 Lomljard 
Bradhury John K., merchant, 138 S 2d, h 77 

Bradbury Jos. stone ma.son, Aspen ab Spruce 
Bradbury Mary, G T road opp 4th 




Bradbury Wm. shoemr. 102 N Front 
Braddock Barzilla, bricklayer, 3 Myrtle 
Braddock Georg-e E., trunkmr., Charles & But- 

Braddock Ira, varnish mr. 352 N Front 
Braddock John, seaman, rear 115 Queen 
Braddock L., painter, 66 N 10th, h Vine bel 

Sch 6th 
Braddock Wm. shoemr. 236 Lombai-d 
Brades Arthur, com. mer. 131 S Front 
Bradfield Alfred, locksm., R road bel Green 
Bradfield Geo. W. brass founder, 93 N 8th 
Bradfield J. F. locksm. 153 N 12th, h Sch 4 ab 

Bradfield Oliver, plast. 461 Poplar 
Bradford Cornelius J. clerk, Washington ab 11th 
Bradford Eliza, b h, 3 Washington pi 
Bradford Hannali, Marriott ab 5th 
BRADFORD J. S., com. mer., 8 N whfs 
Bradford Samuel, Treas. Phil. & Reading Rail- 
road Co., 4th and Willings al, h Walnut 

n Sch 6th 
Bradford Samuel, cordw., 27" Vernon 
Bradford Sarah Ann, b h, 303 S Front 
Bradford Selby, eating house, 246 High 
BRADFORD THOMAS, atty. & coun., h Sch 

8th bel Spruce 
Bradford Thos. A. soap & candles, 58 Brown 
BRADFORD VINCENT L., attorney at law, 5 

BRADFORD WALTER, booksel., 139 S 11th 
Bradford Wm. Hamilton n Nixon 
Bradford Wm. atty. at law, h Sch 8th bel Spruce 
Bradley Andrew, weaver, 8 Marker 
Bradley Bernard, lab., Beech ab Spruce 
Bradley Bernard, tavern, Callowhill n Fairmount 
Bradley Bridget, 10 Milton 
Bradley Charles A. trunkmr. Wood n Sch 5th 
Bradley Chester P., photographist, 340 Higli, h 

549 W Chestnut 
Bradley Danl. cooper, 5 Mulberry al 
Bradley David, inspector, 627 S 2d 
Bradley Dominick, grocer, 83 Cedar, h 6th ab 

Bradley Edw. lab. 94 N 11th 
Bradley Francis, carter, Lombard ab Broad 
Bradley George, cordw. 246 Christian 
Bradley Henry, lab., Cedar ab Broad 
Bradley Hugh, weaver, Hampton 
Bradley James, roler cov. High W Sch Front 
Bradley Jas., machinist. Winter bel 2d 
Bradley James, baker, 407 High 
Bradley James, weaver, 13th ab Brinton 
Bradley James, 10th bel Little Washington 
Bradley James, lab., R road ab Ann (F V) 
Bradley Jas. lab., Richmond bel William 
Bradley Jas. bar tender, N W Shippen 8c 7th 
Bradley Jas. lab.. Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Bradley James, 288 N7th 
Bradley John, lab.. Orange 
Bradley John, blacksm., Prospect ab Thompson 
Bradley John, miner, Cherry bel Franklin (K) 
BRADLEY JOHN, hotel, 105 Callowhill 
Bradley John, tailor, 295 S 3d 
Bradley John, weaver, Adams ab Jefferson (K) 
Bradley John, watchman, 2 Watson's al 
Bradley John J. sea capt. 291 S 3d 
Bradley John O. shoemr. 5th ab Wharton 

Bradley Joshua, machinist, 286 Wood 
BRADLEY J. W. publisher, 48 N 4th, h 70 

N 10th 
Bradley Mary, eat. house, 6th & Minor 
Bradley Mary, 9 Marshall's ct 
Bradley Michael, tailor, 9 Baker 
Bradley Michael, lab., Kirkpatrick's al 
Bradley Nathan, lab.. High n Sch Front 
Bradley Pat., lab., Christian ab 11th 
Bradley Patrick, baker, 8th ab Federal 
Bradley Peter, cabman, S E 10th & Sassafras 
Bradley Robt., stove fin., 1 Union ct 
Bradley Thos. lab. Lancaster Pike ab 6th (W P) 
Bradley Thos. carter, 121 Beach (K) 
Bradley Timothy, boatman, Sch Front below 

Bradley Wm. huckster, 243 S 6th 
Bradley Wm, moulder, Atherton 
Bradley Wm. drover, Carpenter bel 6th 
Bradnack Wm. butcher, P road ab Federal 
Bradshaw Edmund, 306 N 8th 
Bradshaw James, carter, 9th ab Federal 
Bradshaw John, cordw. 194 N 13th 
Bradshaw John, saw grinder, 71 Maiden 
Bradshaw Joseph, mez. printer, 24 Paul 
Bradshaw Nathaniel, agent, Marlboro' n Bedford 
Bradshaw Sarah, 92 St John 
Bradshaw Thos. mariner, 3 Lombard 
Bradshaw Thos. weaver, Charlotte ab Thomp- ■ 

son (K) 
Bradshaw Wm. painter, rear 7 Liberty ct 
Bradshaw Wm. M., turner, rear 112 Walnut 
Brady Ann, 21 Middle al 
Brady Anna, 129 Queen 
Brady A. E., shop, R road opp Francis (F V) 
Brady Barney, 4 Western av 
Brady Bernard, dealer, &5 Fitzwater 
Brady Bernard, shop, 5 Eutaw 
BRADY & BILB ROUGH, com. mers., 29 N 

Brady Bridget, Steward 
"rady Cath., soap & candles, 1 Truxton, & 110 

S 12th 
Brady Charles, agent, 1 Whitaker's ct 
Brady Chas., gi'ocer, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Brady Chas. lab. Ann n Ashton 
Brady D. C. E. mer. 44 S Front, h 79 Marshall 
Brady Edward, manuf., Lancaster Pike n Moore 
Brady Edward F., mer. 29 N Front, h 49 But- 

Brady Edw. G. bootmr. 163 Lombard 
Brady E., dress mr. Buckham W Sch 8th 
Brady Felix, carp. 25 Barker 
Brady Fred., wheelwr. 2 Harmony 
Brady Hamilton, 21 Middle al 
Brady James, lab. Sch Front bel Filbei-t 
Brady James, waiter, 9 Elbow la 
Brady James, cabtmr. 322 High, h 10 Nectarine 
Brady James, gi-ocer, Sch 4th and Lombard 
Brady James, lab. West ab Somerset 
Brady James, lab. Pink & Jefferson 
Brady John, hotel, Fairmount &, Callowhill 
Brady John, lab. Seller's ct 
Brady John, carp. 5 Dunton (K) 
Brady John, sash manuf. 80 Hanover (K) 
Brady John, pawn broker. Locust & Quince 
Brady John, soap boiler, rear 13 Apple 
Brady Joseph, Catharine bel Swanson 



Brady Joseph, lab. 10 Bickham 

Brady Lawrence, 145 S Front 

Hracly, l.dhfrcod & Co., sash St blind fact., 

Maiikn bed Front (K) 
Brady Martlia, rear 127 New M;u-kct 
Brady Mary, 10th bel Master 
Brady Mary, 3 'rraqtiair'.s ct 
Brady Mary K., Maple & Mechanic 
Brady MattJKw, wcav. .k-fTerson ab Cadwulader 
Brady Matthias, U. S. N. 17 Federal 
Brady Mat. ,1., carj). Otter &. Leopard, li School 

n Franklin (K) 
Brady Mich., tailor, Catharine ab 9th 
Brady Patrick, lab. Fink ab Master (K) 
Brady Patrick, lab. 8 Mechanic's av 
Brady Patrick, lal). Huston ab Salmon (R) 
Brady Patrick, shop, 224 Shippen 
Bratlv Pat., tanner, Brown's ct n Nixon 
Brady Pat., lab. Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Brady Pat., weaver, Philip ab .leflTerson (K) 
Brady Patrick, lab. Sch Front n Mulberry 
Brady Patrick F., grocer and sliip chand. Sch 

Ikacli bel Chestnut 
Brady P., mer. 14 S Front, h 397 Mulbeny 
Brady P. & Co., mer. 44 S Front 
Brady Ricli., lab. Carpenter bel 8th 
Brady Robert, carter, West Sch & Walnut 
Brady Rosanna M., gentw. 4tli ab Franklin (K) 
Brady Susan, widow, 22 N 5th 
Brady Thomas, lab. 4th bel G T road (K) 
Bradv Thomas, tailor, 360 N 2d 
Brady Thos. F., mer. 107^ Higli, h 189 S 9th 
Brady T. E., custom house, h 49 Buttonwood 
Brady Wm., printer, GaHney's av 
Brady Wm., lace weaver, 13 Elder 
Brady William, shoemr. Sp Garden bel 9th 
Brady Wm., milkman, Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Brady Winnefrcd, 2 German 
Braeper Rudolpii, susp. weaver, 43 Pegg- 
Bragdon David, lab., George E Sch 2d 
Braidanbach C, cordw. R road ab Callowhill 
Braidwood J. & T. W., designei-s, N E 6th and 

Brainerd Thus., Rev., 190 Pine 
Bramall Benj., colourist, Warren ab Beach (K) 
Bramall .Joseph, cabtmr. Queen ab Palmer 
Braman Peter, Sycamore al) Locust 
Bramble Chas. W., watch, on Market st Bridge 
Bramble Wm., Chestnut (W P) 
Bramin Benj., glass blower, Vienna bel Franklin 
Brampton Lsaac, tavern, 5th bel Master (W P) 
Branchle) Rachel, b h, Sch 3d bel Willo v 
brand Albert C, tinsm., 42 N 2d, h 592 Brown 
Brand RoIh ri, waterjiian, 217 Swanson 
Branden 'I'hos., lab. Barker n Sch 6tb 
BratKlsetter G. J., l)arl)er, 57 Callowliijl 
Brandsetter Jacob, butclier, I'ront bel VN'barton 
Brandt John, baker' 114 Swanson 
Brandt John II., butclier, fith al) Marriott 
Brandt .lo«., carj). Front ab Pha-nix Xk) 
Brandt So|)hia, b h, 130 Beach (K) 
Brandt Wm., baker, 25.5 S 7th 
Branen Mai-y, 1 Jack.son's ct 
Brangan Thus., cordw. Spruce n Sch Front 
Branigan Daniel, carttM, 4 John 
Branigan Joiin, coachman, 8 Trnxton 
Brankin I'.dw., weaver, 4th bel (; T road (K) 
Brankln Patk , weaver. Perry ab Phoenix (K) John, milkman. West ah Richmond 

Braiman Mich., blacksm. Huston ab Salmon 
Braunan Peter, carp., 72 P road 
Brannan Sarah, 17 Fayette 
Brainian Thos., lab. Howell 
Branncgtm Donald, weaver, Pink ab Master 
Brannegan John, lab. Charlotte ab Thompson 
Branneg-an John, bedstead nn-. luth bel Chris- 
Brannegan Pat., weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Brannin Thos., tinsm. F road bel Wood 
Brannon Abijah, carp. Cliarlotte ab George 
Mrannon John, lab. 20 Philip (K) 
Brannon Jolm, boolnu-. 130 S 12th 
Brannon John, carter. 603 N 6th 
Brannon Matthew, carman, rear 521 N 3d 
Brannon Thos., lab. 13lh and Temple 
Bransby William, cooper, 5 Fayette 
Branson .\nn. Gravel's ct, Olive ab 13th 
BRANSON ELLIS, coal whf.. 2d whf. above 

Washing'ton, h 22 Chancellor 
Branson John, carter, 27 Emlin's ct 
Branson John, cordw. & oyster house, h Tyler 

and Poplar 
Branson Lewis, clerk, 2 Diamond 
Branson I'eter, brass founder, 7 Brinton 
Branson Rebecca, Intel, office, 115 Sassafras 
Branson Samuel, mer. 59 High, h 245 Spruce 
Branson Sarah, 45 George 
Branson Sarah A., gents, furnishing store, 76 

Branson Thos., weaver, 98 Hope (K) 
BRANSON THOMAS, coal dealer, Broad n 

Spruce, h 22 Chancellor n Sch 7th 
Bransteter Mrs., widow, 43 Callowhill 
Brar>t Brunnell U., conlw. Wood & Sch 8th 
Hranl Joseph, teamster, Sch 7th bel Morris 
Brant Joseph, bricklr. 42 .Maria 
Brant Josiah, painter, 77 Mulberry, h 541 N 6th 
Brant Thos., bricklr. Flemming bel Sell 2d 
Brantney Samuel, tinner, Washington ab 13th 
Brasier Amablc Joseph, gent, offie, 117^8 3d 
Hrasier Elizabeth, gentw. Washington W Till 

(W P) 
Brasier John, hit mr. 328 St John (K) 
Brass Jacob, lab. Queen & Ball (K) 
Brassington John, brass found. 641 N 2d 
Brathwaite Fred., carp. Marriott bel 5th 
Bratton Geo., bricklr. 5 Flickwlr's ct 
Bratton Isaac, carp. Ontario & Myrtle 
Bratton Sarah .\nn, Wooil ab Sch 8th 
Bratton Wm. IL, ilrugglst, 6 Brazier's av 
Biaun .lacob, gi-indcr, 212 S 6th 
Braunewell I'red., blacksm. 22 Dunton 
Brauning Fred., blacksm. lear 6th ab (amac (K) 
Brautigam J. H., druggist, William &, Larch (H) 
Ilray Charks, tavern, 80 Cedar 
Bray Daniel, mer. 163 High, h 217 Vine 
Bi-ay Edw., 26 S Sch 6tli 
Bray Elkanab, captain, 81 Christian 
liray James II., glass cutter, Allen bel Marlbo- 
rough (K) 
Bray Job F., jjainter, 324 S 2d 
Bray John, grocer, S W Franklin &. Coates 
Bray John, mer, 15 Church al, h 140 Marshall 
Bray &. Mercer, glass cut. Branch ab 3d 
Bray Samuel, clerk, 81 Christian 




Bray Wm., cordw. Washing-ton (W P) 
Braynard J. D.. broker, 42 Walnut, h 152 S 4th 
Brazao Jos., slioemr. 1 Steel's ct 
BRAZER CHRISTOPHER, alderman, 61 N 5th 
Brazer John, tailor, 335 S 3d, h 5 Parker (S) 
Brazier & Smith, sail mrs 53 N Delaware av 
Breach John, basket mr. Prime n G T road 
Brearley James, sawmr. 3 Fries' ct 
Brearley Pi-eston, ship vvright, 56 Federal 
Brearley R., widow, 3 Lancaster 
Brearley & Vance, ship wrig-hts, Mercer's whf. 
Brearley Wm., ship carp. 602 S Front 
Breason Neal, cordw. Steward bel Christian 
BREBAN JAMES M., pub. int. tables, 89 S 3d 

h 597 Spruce 
Brechemin Chas., tobact., 86 S 3d 
Brechemin Lewis jeweler 120 S 2d 
Breck Samuel, g-ent. Mulberry ab Broad 
Breckenbridg-e D., weaver. Federal & 12th 
Breckenridg-e James, lab. Jones n Sch 2d 
Breckenridge John, lab. Shallcross W Sch 2d 
Breece Sullivan D., tui-ner. Queen ab Palmer 
Breed Samuel D., boots & shoes, 532 High 
Breeden Wm., chairmr. 553 S 2d 
Breeding Jas. O., painter, 2d bel Reed 
Breen Ann, distiller, 143 S 10th 
Breen John, weaver, 2 Spence's ct 
Breen John, blacksm. 270 Catharine 
Breen Patk., tailor, 8 Marker 
Breen Stephen, tailor, Clair n 6th 
Breen W. A., carp. 13th ab Wood 
Brehn Francis, lag'er beer, 129 Coates 
Breidenhart Elizabeth, gentw. 140 N 13th 
Breidenhart John C, mer. 115 S Front, h 140 

N 13th 
Breigler Wm., lab. Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Breiner Francis, tailor, 122 Swanson 
Breinig David E., 15 Dillwyn 
Breinig, Fronefield & Co., druggists, 187 N 3d 
Breinig Jacob, grocery, N E 3d & Vine 
Breinig Jacob , gi'ocer, 241 N 7th 
Breining Chas., stove mr. 3 Charles' pi 
Breish Henrietta, Oxford ab 5th (K) 
Breish John, vict. 49 Master (K) 
Breish Joshua, tavern, S W Poplar & Apple 
Breiter A. R., music teacher, 170 N 9th 
Breiter Robert, 170 N 9th 
Brelsford Chapman, shoemr. Lyndall's al 
BRELSFORD FRAN., ovs. hoiise, 9th & Depot 
Brelsford John, potter. New Market & G T road 
BreLford Thos., saddler, 43 New Market 
Breman Pat., lab. Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Breman Pat., gas works, Jones bel Sch 2d 
Bremer Henry, mariner, 14 Almond 
Bremer John L., mer. 27 N 2d, h 8 Frankhn 
Bremer Lewis, tobacconist, 190 N 3d 
BREMER & REICHERT, dry goods, 27 N 2d 
Bremeyer Geo. W., mer. 89 S Front 
Bremke John, driver, 3 Flickwir's ct 
Brendlinger Hannah Ann, b h, 35 Spruce 
Brenizer J. A., tailor. Federal ab 5th 
Brennan Mary Ann, shirt mr. 90 S 8th 
Brennan Pat, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 
Brennan Tlios., tanner, Almira pi 
Brenner Fredk., baker, F road opp Oxford 
Brenner Henry, baker, Queen n Vienna 
Brenner John, machinist, Becket W Sch 7th 
Brenner John G., mer. 41 High,h 8 Logan sq 

Brenner Wm., cordw. Palmer and Duke (R) 
Brenninger Gottlieb, beer house, Poplar ab 3d 
Brenny Pat., lab. Bun-'s ct 

Bresling Sarah A., schools, \lder bel Thompson 
Brethwaite Wm., bootmr. 2d bel Greenwich 
BRETTARGH & STEDMAN, paper hangers, 

63 N3d 
Bretz Elizabeth, gentw. 357 Sassafras 
Bretz Maria, 357 Sassafras 
Breunig Francis, 102 Crown 
Brevoor Chas. F., sea capt. 135 Catharine 
Brevoor Hemy, seaman, 447 S Front 
Brevoor Wm., carp. 44 Mead 
Brew James, lab. 6 Emrick's av 
Brewer Ann, herbalist, rear 84 Walnut 
Brewer Chas., 2 Peach 
Brewer Chas., teamster. Ball 
Brewer Chris., beer house, 453 Coates 
Brewer George, manuf. G T road bel 6th 
BREWER JOHN, senr., tavern, Marlborough 

bel Duke 
Brewer John, pearl worker, Branch ab 3d 
Brewer John, pearl wr., 23 Phoenix 
Brewer John, chair mr. Clinton bel Poplar 
Brewer Robt., cabmr. 191 Callowhill 
Brewer Samuel, ornamental painter, 5^ S 3d 
Brewer Thos. A., jeweller, Julianna n Willow 
Brewer Thos. A., watchmr. 191 Callowhill 
Brewer Wm., waterman, Wharton & 2d (S) 
Brewer Wm. jr., cabtmr. 2d and Wharton 
BREWSTER BENJAMIN H., atty. and coun. 

130 S 3d 
Brewster Daniel, tailor, 13 Wood 
BREWSTER FRANCIS E., atty. and coun, 

50 S 6th 
BREWSTER FRED'K. C, atty. and coun., 48 

S 6th 
Brewster Job, shoemr. rear 156 Swanson 
Brewster John, burr manuf. 4 Elk 
Brewster Jos. S., atty. and coun., 65 S 5th, h 188 

Brewster Lydia, wid. of Edmund, Rye and 

Brewster Wm., weaver, Bedford and 13th 
Brewton Ann, fancy store, 224 Chestnut, house 

Washington ab 9th 
Brewton Daniel, seaman, Hallowell n 7th 
Breyer Lewis, bootmr., 133 Mulberry 
Brian John, spin. Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Brian Wm. tailor, 17 Chestnut, h Charles neai- 

Brice Ephraim, 8 Flower 
Brice Mary, trimmings, 225 S 6th 
Brice Wm. Perry and Adams 
Brick Edmund, leather store, 143 N 3d 
Brick John R. gent, Vine W Sch 7th 
Brick Mary, Division ab 11th 
Brick Samuel R. engineer, N W 8th & Wallace 
Brick Wm. W. morocco dresser, 360 S 2d 
Brickman Geo. late baker, 34 S 10th 
Briddle James, 11 Green 
Bride James, lab. 30 Barker 
Bridge Christopher, shop, GT road op 4th (K) 
Bridge James C. 456 Vine 
Bridge London, porter, 14 Parker's al 
Bridge Mary, washer, St Mary n 8th 
Bridges Calvin, shoemr. 8th bel Graen 
Bridges Edwin, 262 High 

BRl 4 

Bridges John, porter, Sch 4th ab Spruce 
Bridges N. W. Jones' Hotel, 152 Cliestnut 
Bridges Hoberl, M. I)., 32 Clinton bel 11th 
BRII)(;F,S & WEST, Jones' Hotel, 152 Cliestnut 
Bridges Wm. C. Sec. It B. Ferry Co. 62 Wal- 
nut, ho2 Clinton 
Bridport Hugh, gent. 457 Midherry 
Bridtteiser Valentine, lab. rascliall's al 
Brit 1 Caspar, lab. Maple bel Kichmond 
Brier Jos. silversm. Charles (S) 
Bierley Thos. carp. 8th bel Shippcn 
Brierly Win. carp. Phoenix ab Cadwaladcr (K) 
Briers Robert, silvei-sm. 1 Swartmore pi 
Bricrton Elizabeth, Lehigh ab Riciimond 
Bricst Lewis, reporter, Vhost 
Brigg Wm. inanuf. 188 Randolph 
Briggs Amos, att'y & coun. 8 Sansom, h 531 

Briggs Andrew, machinist, 271 N 11th 
Briggs Edward, wool spin. Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Briggs Elizabeth, Washington & Wistar 
Briggs G. AV. collector, 8 Gebhard 
Briggs John, bleeder, 47 N 7th 
Briggs John, jr. clerk, 47 N 7ih 
Briggs Joseph, spinner, Lydia's av (K) 
Briggs Jos. carter, 9th bel Little Washington 
Briggs Jos. manuf. Cedar ab 12th 
Briggs J. plasterer, Brinton bel 13th 
Briggs Moses, paint. & glaz. S E 4th & Spruce 
Briggs Russel M. moulder, Carlton be! Sch 5tli 
Briggs Samuel, tailor, 29 N 4th 
Briggs Thos. coachmr. R road ab Sch 6th 
Briggs Thos. tavern, 5 Spruce, h 33 Penn 
Briggs Wm. carp. S E 12th and Shippun 
Brigham Chas. printer, 9t]i bel Lombard 
Brigham E. A. broker, 121 Walnut, h 88 Wood 
Bright E. artificial flowermr. 11^ S 4th 
Bright John, hod carrier, Ridgway's ct 
Bright Samuel E. carp, rear 465 N 4th 
Bright Wm. vict. Rye ab Reed 
BRIGHT WM. S.. M. D., N E 8th & Brown 
BRIGHTLY FREDK. C. atty. 320 N 3d 
Briglitly Henry, mach. 101 Chestnut 
Brightly Ileniy, jr. machinist, 10th bel Ogden 
Brightly Henry A. engraver, 101 Chestnut, h 

10th bel Ogden 
Brightly Joseph H. engraver, 141 Chestnut, h 

13th & Cadwell 
Brightwell Sarah, 46 New Market 
Brill George, cabinetmr. 5 Meredith's ct 
Brill (;eorge, turner, Franklin ab Crown (K) 
Brill Henry, slioemr. 81 Swanson 
Brill Henry, cabtmr. 300 S Front 
Brill Joiin H. cordw. Dimgan's av 
Brinckle Joshua G. atty. &. coun. 152 Walnut 
Brinckle J. R. mcr. 24 N Front, h 335 Chestnut 
Brinckle 'J'. R., M. 1)., 94 S 8tli 
Brinckle Wm. I)., M. D., 335 Chestnut 
Brinckle Wm. H. atty. & coun. 24 S 5th 
Brindel John F. gunsmith, Sarah bel Bedford 
Brine Itiehard, weaver, 13tli bel Cedar 
Briner Robt. weaver, Williimi W Callowhill 
Brines Thos. lai). Southwark ab Ttii 
BriminghaiTi I)a\id, ostler, BiddivV Nixon 
Bringliurst (Jeorge, dry goods, iJfcWallace 
Bringhurst Isaiah, hanicssmr. Jon^' j] 
Bringliurst John, druggist, H E lOlii &. Chestnut 
Bringhurst John II. sawnir. 671 N 2d (K) 

i BUI 

Bringhurst John K. printer, 8th bel Poplar 
Bringhurst Robt. R. undertaker, 239 Mulberry 
MRINK &. DURHIN, iron and steel mers. 113 

N Water, and 54 N whfs. 
Brink John, lab. 6 Carrol! av 
Brink Levi, M. 1)., George ab 9th 
Brink Mai-lin, cabtmr. 239 S 5th 
Hrinkley Ezekiel, Miles ab Rose 
Brinkley Richard, lal). rear Marriott bel 6th 
Brinklev Robert, waiter, 5 Ray 
BrinleyEdward L. mer. 24 N 2d, h512 Spruce 

ab Broad 
Pirinnisholtz Ann, Church ab Reed 
Hrinton C. J. boots &. shoes, N E 9th & Wood 
Hrinton Elizabeth, mantuamr. 122 Chestnut 
Brinton George, 1 S Broad 
BRINTON RICH'D. B. & CO. silks, 103 High 
Brinton R. B. mer. 103 High, h 232 Pine 
Brinton Wm. L. shoe finder, 96 N 7th 

High, h 98 N 13th 
Briscoe A. II. dentist, 214 Walnut 
BRISCOE IIAUTREE, tavern, 2 N Front 
Briscoe James II. dentist, 243 Walnut 
Brison James, driver, Rubican's pi 
Brison Win. carp. Wood ab 13tli 
Brister Chas. porter, Bay n 7th 
Brister Elizabeth, Lombard bel 11th 
Brister Hannah, 55 Currant al 
Brister Susan, washer, 53 Currant al 
Hristol Augustus, dealer, 148^ Cedar 
Bristol Hannah, 2 Taylor's ct 
Bristol Louisa, 177 Lombartl 
Bristol Martha, b h, 37 Coates' al 
Bristow Geo. writing master, 100 Chestnut, h 

149 Pine 
Bristow Samuel, bottler, Shippen bel 12th 
Britner George C. ivory turner, 418 N 4th 
Biitt Patrick, lab. Beach ab Hanover 
Britt Thomas, lab. 10th bel Master 
Brittain Daniel, coal mer. 75 Dock, h Franklin 

& Vine 
Brittin Jacob, tobacconist, 494 N 2d 
Brittin Thos. tobacconist, 26 Brown 
Britner Daniel, musician, 181 Coates 
Brittner Joseph, cordw. 181 Coates 
Brittner Peter, barber, 181 Coates 
Britto Vincent, agent, 10 College pi 
Britton Abrm. blindmr. 52^ N 8tli, h Washing-- 

ton bel 6th 
Britton A. G. jjricklayer, Ann ab R road (F V) 
Britton Edmond, corilw. 4 Ogden 
Britton Ellen, dry g-oods, S W 13th and Pine 
Britton Hall, Dr., LUh bel Rose 
Britton Jarol), silversm. 3 Boyle's ct 
Britton James, liquor store, S W. Sch 8th and 

Britton Jos. F. butcher, 4 Ogden 
Britton Julia A. gentw. Lancaster Pike above 

6th (W ]») 
Britton & Morris, ven. I)lind mrs. 52i- N 8th 
Britton Peter, seaman, 227 Lombard 
Britton Robert, baker. High AV Sch 5th 
Britton Sainl, tailor, Washington bel 6th 
Britton Samuel, Idacksm. Ifoss a!) (iuecn 
Britton Thomas, jeweler, 2 Turner 
Britton Wm. 17 Barker 
Britts Isaac, carp. Hanover ab Queen 




Broadbent Daniel, lab. Howard ab Jefferson 
BROADBENT ELIJAH, tavern, 20 Dock 
Broadhead James, conductor, 118 Barker 
Broadwater Caleb, blacksm. Centre bel Parrish 
Broadwater Daniel, fisherman, Wood ab Queen 
Brobston Joseph, notary public, 5 Library, h 

443 Hig-h 
Brobston Wm. missionary, 384 S 3d 
Brocate Wm. glass blow. Huston ab Duke 
Brock Alex, hotel, Cedar & Swanson 
Brock & AUman, flour store, S E 4th & Vine 
BROCK &. ANDREWS, machinists and steam 

engine builders, Franklin bel Front 
Brock Charles N. machinist, Franklin av below 

Front, h 30 N 10th 
Brock Georg-e, clerk. Melon ab lOtli 
Brock Georg-e E. 97 & 99 N 3d 
Brock John, gTOcer, 97 & 99 N 3d, h 147 N 4th 
Brock John, collector, rear 22 Elfreth's al 
BROCK JOHN, SONS &. CO. grocers, 97 & 

99 N 3d 
Brock Jonathan, Sch 4th bel Cherry 
Brock J. P. atty. & coun. 253 Mulberry 
Brock Samuel Z. mer. S E 4th & Vine, h 11 

Brock Stephen, jr. fancy dry goods, 1272 N 3d 
Brock Wm. captain, rear 136 Swanson 
Brock Wm. P. mer. 97 N 3d 
Brockenburg George, painter, 200 N 6th 
Brockerman Benj. iron dealer, 67 Howard 
Brockerman Charles, lab. rear 448 N 4th 
Brockerman & Ford, iron store, G T road ab 

BROCKERMAN JOHN H. confect. Sch 4th 

& Locust 
Brockway Wm. brewer, George bel lOth 
Brode Jane, sempstress, rear 73 P road 
Brode Walter, whipmr. Alder ab Glrard av 
BRODHEAD JOHN, atty at law and commis. 

of deeds, 155 Walnut 
Brodie Andrew, lathemr. 60 Washington, h 4th 

ab Thompson 
Brodie Edw. J. druggist, 12th & Sp Garden 
Brodie James, metallic roofer, 29 N 7th, h 303 

BRODIE ROBERT C. druggist, Sch 3d and 

Brodnix Eliza, Rawle bel 5th 
Broestler Jacob, lab. 324 S 5th 
Broffy And. dyer, Mechanic ab Poplar 
Broffy Wm. dyer. Culvert ab 4th 
Brogan Susannah, 2 Shaffer's av 
Brognard Joseph R. com. mer. 6 Jones' al, h 

384 N 6th 
Brognard N. L. mer. 19 Church al, h 306 Coates 
Broker David, carter, William bel Callowhill 
Brolasky Simon, 419 Chestnut 
BroUey T. bootmr. Master ab F road 
Brom.baagh Sarah, wid. 6 Benton 
Bromel Benj.sailmr. 28 Elfreth's al 
Bromley Jesse, bleacher. Beach bel Warren 
Bromley John, manuf. G T road ab 5th (K~l 
Bromley Robert C. lab. 109 Queen 
Bronson John, fish tacklemr. 38 Cedar 
Bronstrup F. machinist, 18 Library,h 386 N4th 
Brook Geo. wheelwt. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Brook Margaret, gentw. 37 Castle 
Brooke Alex. miUwt. Wood ab Sch 8th 

Brooke A. Miss, cloakmr. 79 Green 
Brooke C. E. 7 Carlton sq 
Brooke Elizabeth, 403 Spruce 
Brooke Elliott, coachmr. 7 Carlton sq 
Brooke E. F. gentw. Lombard ab Broad 
Brooke Hezekiah A. carp. 2 Trinity pi 
Brooke Hiram, mer. 77 N 3d 
Brooke James, groc. S W Sch 7th & Pine 
Brooke Lewis P. mer. 72 N 3d, h Walnut bet 

William and Till (W P) 
Brooke Mary, b h, 8 Sansom 
Brooke Robert L. 125 Walnut 
Brooke Stephen H. mer. 140 High, h 252 


BROOKE, TYRON & RHEN, mers. 140 High 
Brooke Wm. E. patternmr. Cadwalader above 


Brooker Benj. C. auctr. 6 Nod, h 20 German 
Brook er Elizabeth, pawn broker, 186 Cedar 
Brooker John, shoemr. Moore bel Front 
Brookfield Joseph, M. D., Juniper & Filbert 
Bi-ookfield Wm. stone cut. Buttonwood and R 

road, h 11th ab Buttonwood 
Brookman Henry, tavern, 60 Penn 
Brooks Allen W. confect. 89 N 6th 
Brooks Anna D. wid. of Oliver, S E Sassafras & 

Sch 7th 
Brooks Christopher, cai-p. O'Niel bel Franklin 
Brooks David, telegrapher, Sch 4th bel Filbert 
Brooks David, hatter, 163 Poplar 
:Brooks David L. brickmr. Sch 4th ab Pine 
Brooks Edward, machinist, 4 Harrison av (K) 
Brooks Elias S- confect. 68 S 2d, h 14 Union 
Brooks Elizabeth, dry goods, 272 N 2d 
Brooks Elizabeth, 33 N Sch 8th 
Brooks Elizabeth, 28 Peny 
Brooks George, bricklayer, 13th and Carroll 
Brooks Henry, jeweler, 502 Callowhill 
Brooks Henry, grocer, 35 N 2d, h 7lh above 

Brooks Henry, porter, 26 Quince 
BROOKS ISAAC, grocer, Sch 8th & Poplar 
Brooks Isaac, jr. brickmr. Sch 4th and Wilcox 
Brooks James, weaver, Harrison 
Brooks James, twister, Beach ab Shackamaxon 
Brooks Jane, Larch bel 10th 
Brooks Jane, grocer, Sch 7th and Helmuth 
Brooks John, carp.. Rose ab School 
Brooks John, cooper, 167 N 4th 
Brooks John, carp., 23 Alder 
Brooks John, waiter, 229 Lombard 
Brooks John, cap mr., rear 4 Cherry 
Brooks John, musician, 2 Poplar ct 
Brooks John, jr., bricklayer, 39 Lewis 
Brooks John D., Rev., 418 S 4th 
Brooks Jonathan G., moulder. Wood ab Queen 
Brooks Jno. H., clerk, 24 Washington Market pi 
Brooks Joseph, tobacco, Ontario ab Poplar 
Brooks Joseph H., druggist. Beach ab Maiden 
Brooks J. M., 24 Chestnut, house 90 New 
Brooks Mary, Walnut ab Juniper 
Brooks Matthew, capmr., 86 N 3d 
Brooks Phoebe, Steward and Christian 
Brooks & Roach, com. mers. 24 Chestnut 
Brooks Robert, store, Fairmount and Centre 
Brooks Samuel, mer. 7 S whfs., h 228 Walnut 
Brooks Sanuiel, oysterman, N E Sch 8th and 



Brooks Sarah, b h, 2 N 9th 

Brooks Susan, drcssmr., 567 S 2d 

Brooks SiisaniKit), 5 Strawberry 

Brooks S. n., cliik, Sch 8th nMulbcrrj- 

Brooks S. S., M. D., 407 Mulberry 

Bi*ooks Thom:is, bhicksm. 574 S Front 

Brooks Tlios. E., grocer, S W 3d& Wasbinglon 

Brooks Thos., cai-p., 25 (ireen 
Brooks \V., stonecutter, Ann bel Sch 2d 
Brooks Wm., macht., 2(1 bel Master 
Brooks Wni., stonecutter, Lurch ab 9th 
Brooks Wm., weaver, Filbert bel Sch 5th 
Bn)oks Wm., carp., Jefferson and Hancock 
Brooks Wm., stock, weaver, 63 Coates 
Brooks Wni., varieties, 7 Strawberry 
Brooks Wm., cooper, Oxford bel Washington 
Brooks William K., grocer, S E 5th and Wash- 

ing'ton Market pi 
Broom Ann, rear 400 Lombard 
Broom Ann, Miss, triings., Sch 8th ab Widnut 
Broom George L., sugar refiner, 13 Bread, h 

O Y road bel Green 
Broom G. L. & Co., sugnr ref. 13 Bread 
Broom Isaac, lab. 24 Dugan 
BROOM JACOB, clerk Orphans' Court, h 

Market and Lancaster Pike (W P) 
Broom John, coal dealer, Parrish bel 12th 
Broom John Z., plasterer, P road bel Wharton 
Broom Mary, 1 Eutaw 

Broom Wm., sugar ref., 13 Bread, h 11 Noble 
Broomall Lewis R., watchmr. 110 N 2d 
Broomull &. Spadone, watches.St jewel. 110 N 2d 
Broome Chas, carp. 83 Swanson 
Broome George, farmer, Haines ab 12th 
Broome Harriet, sempstres.s, 11 W Shippen pi 
Broome Thos., morocco casemr. 179 Chestnut, h 

179 Christian 
Broomel Wm., 305 S 10th 
Broomell David, tavern, 10th & La Fayette 
Broomell Peter A., g-rocer, Catharine Sc Morris 
Broomer John S., cooper, 257 St. John 
Brophy Joliii, weaver. Cedar ab Sch 5th 
Bross Edmund R., cordw., 324 Vine 
Broston Dennis, hatter, 9t!i bel Lotid 
Broiherhead Wm., booksel., N W 6th &: High 
Brothers Charles, hatter, 151 High, h 182 N 4th 
BrotI.erton Hugh, dry goods, 136 N 13tii 
Hrotherton, Mr., tin pi. worker, 5 Weaver's row 
Brough Samuel, blacksm., 3 Cl:yk 
ni{Ol(;HALL ROin'., tavern, Franklin & Hope 
Mrouglitoii Henry, baker, rear Olive bel Broad 
Broughton .M. A., astrologer. Palm bel Brown 
Broiighton Robt., cordw.,' rear 107 New Market 
Brougliton Wm., macli, rear Olive bel Hroad 
Brous Wm. A., cordw. 2d bel Oxford (K) 
Brower Chas., conf< ct. 28 Queen (K) 
Brower F. M., actor, 3 Callowhill 
Brower Jos. ph, clerk, 11 John 
Bmwer Maria, Allen bel Palmer (K) 
Browly James, coachman, Filbert bel Sch 5th 
Brown Abra., plumber, 307 Market, h 52 Wistar 
Brown Alex., cordw., 45 Lewis 
Brown Alexander, gent. 387 Walnut 
Bro'.vn Alexan<ler, lai)., Howell 
Brown Alexander, lab., Willow W Sch 5lh 
Brown Alex., gent., 434 N .5lli 
Brown Andw., barber, 212 9 7ih 

Brown Ann, Middle al 
Brown Ann, St. John ab Beaver 
Brown Ann, wid., 62 Christian 
Brown Ann, wiusher. Pearl bel Broad 
Brown Ann, sweeps, 417 N 4th 
Brown Ann E., 605 N 6th 
Brown Anna E., lab., Dorothy W Sch 4th 
Brown Aiith., shoemr., N E Swanson & Almond 
Brown Anthony S., 515 N 3d 
Brown Arch., stonecutter, Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Brown Aulay, tailor, 202 N 2d, h 125 New 
Brown Bailey, fringe mr., 29^ High 
Brown Benj., carp., Parrish bel 11th 
Brown Benj. F., hatter, 178 Vine 
Brown Benjamin F., grocer, S E Water & Wal- 
nut, h 11 Schcetz 
Brown Bernard, cabman, Vaug-han ab Locust 
Brown B. M., tailor, 456 High 
Brown B. S., dealer, 32 Cedar 
Brown Catharine, gentw., S W' 13th and Spruce 
Brown Catharine, 111 S 9th 
Brown Catharine, rear 10 Marion 
Brown Catharine, huckster, 5 Cirape ct 
Brown Cephas, cordw., 13 Owen 
Brown Cluis., mcr., 33 Marsliall 
Brown Chas., waterman, 10 Green 
Brown Charles, b h, 19 Montgomery sq 
Brown Charles, weaver, Senbert's av (K) 
Brown Charles, sashmr., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Brown Charles, seaman, Atkinson's ct 
Brown Charles, lab., Russell av 
Brown Charles, 11th ab Carpenter 
Brown Charles, filer, 8 Raspljerry al 
Brown Charles B., blacksm., 551 S 2d 
Brown Charles E., shop, Church ab Prime 
Brown Charles, Rev., Vine ab Sch 3(1 
Brown Christian, cabmr., Palmer bel West 
Brown Christn. 1)., pap. stain.. Pearl bel Sch 6th 
Brown Constant, stevedore, rear 143 Lombard 
Brown Cornelius, lab., 49 Fitzwater 
BROWN C. A. & CO., booksellers, N W 4th 

and Mulberry, h 1 Budd ct 
Brown Daniel, grocery, 62 Fitzwater 
Brown Daniel, furniture cars, Sch 2d bel Vine 
Brown Daniel, lab.. Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Brown Daniel, lab., 8th ab Federal 
Brown Daniel H., f. glass blower and innkeeper, 

Hanover n F road 
Brown David, carp., Lanca.ster bel Reed 
Blown David, dry goods, 257 S 2d 
Brown David Paul, jr., atty. at law, 91 Locust 
Brown David, waiter, rear 1 Ronaldson 
Brown Davi;i Paul, atty. and coun. 91 Locust 
Brown David S., jr., mer., 21 N 4th 
Brown David S., com. mer. 38 S Front, h 274 

BROWN DAA'ID S. 81 CO., domestic gfoods, 38 

and 40 S I'ront 
Brown Deborah, gentw., 295 Chestnut 
Brown D. S., Dr., Front bel Pliociiix 
Brown Ebene/er, mer. 32 S 3d, h 185 Sp Garden 
Brown Edmund, capmr., Sch Kth bel Coates 
Brown Edward, teacher, 61 Piiine 
Brown Edward, weaver, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Brown Edward, S( garinr., rear 101 Dillwyn 
Brown F.dward, Di\islon l)el 12th 
Brown Edwin (I., Rev., Richiviond bel Maple 
Brown Filias, marble mas., Broad and L.mbard 




Brown Elijah, gent., 51 S 5th 
Brown Eliza, b h, N W Julianna and Wood 
Brown Eliza, Palmer n F road 
Brown Eliza, milliner, 15 S 10th 
Brown Elizabeth, dressmr., Sch 8th ab Walnut 
Brown Elizabeth, 80 George 
Brown Elizabeth, Mrs., 15 Perry 
Brown Ellen, 22 Fltler (K) 
Brown & Enibley, carp. 5 Lewis 
Brown Esther, 27 Mary 
Brown Francis, ice dealer. Reckless ct 
Brown Frank, clerk, 53 Brown 
BROWN FREDERICK, druggist N E Chest- 
nut and 5th, h 70 S 5th 
Brown Fred., bjacksm., rear 11 Ogden ab 9th 
Brown Fred., baker, 3 Wagner's ct 
Brown & Gatchel, hydraulics, 307 High 
Brown George, chairmr., Rule and Lancaster, h 

Rule n Wheat 
Brown George, carp., Sch 6th ab Pine, h Sch 

3d n Lombard 
Brown George, matmr., Morgan's ct (S) 
Brown Geoi-ge, weaver, 6th ab Camac 
Brown Geo. barb. 4 Walnut, h rear 252 Lombard 
Brown George & Co., hatters, 414 High 
Brown George, Essex n Christian 
Brown Geo., carp., 166 New Market 
Brown Geo., waterman, 9 Scott's ct 
Brown Geo. F., capt., 5 Salmon 
Brown Geo. G., piano mr.. Cherry and West 
Brown Geo. H., grocer, N W Sch 6th and Vine 
Brown George J., cooper, 13 Beck 
Brown George T., mer. 21 N 4th, h Mulberry 

ab Sch 7th 
BROWN GEORGE W., grocer, S E 9th and 

Locust, h 84 Locust 
Brown G. A., grocei', N E Sassafras and 8th 
BROWN & GODWINS, com. mers. 7o S whfs 
Brown Gottlieb, cordw. 16U Poplar 
Brown Gottlieb, baker, F road ab Franklin 
Brown Gowen A., shoemr., 31 M road 
Brown Harppuless, Marriott bel 3d 
Brown Harriet, shop, P road bel Washington 
Brown Henrietta, washer, rear 216 Lombard 
Brown Henry, lab., 26 Quince 
Brown Henry, moroc. dresser, Christian ab 6th 
Brown Henry, cedar cooper, 40 Julianna 
Brown Henry, car drivei-, Ronaldson 
Brown Henry, lab., rear Beach ab Warren 
Brown Henry, porter, 96 N Juniper 
Brown Henry, patternmr., 11 Bread 
Brown Henrj', porter, Gulielma 
Brown Henry A., printer, 309 Spruce 

own Henry H., carp., Uavis ct 
Brown Henry W., soap boiler, R road ab Girard 

av (F V) 
Brown Henry W., clerk, 11 Perry 
Brown Hugh, Rev., Washington bel 4th 
Brown Hugh, lab., 6th ab Camac (K) 
Brown H., cabinetmr., Washii glonab Moore 
Brown H. J., M. D., 446 N 5th 
Brow n Isaac, carter, Alder ab Thompson 
Brown Isaac, carp., 8tii bel Poplar 
Brown Isaac, & John A., carp., Marshall bel 

Brown Isaiali, waiter, 260 Lombard 
Brown Jacob, blacksm.. Front bel Montgomery 
Brown Jacob, porter, 18 St, Mary 

Brown Jacob, drover, Columbia & Washington 
Brown Jacob, grocer, Franklin ab Union (K) 
Brown Jacob, grocer, 22 Charlotte 
Brown Jacob, jr., paper hanger, 90 Charlotte 
Brown James, vict. 2d ab Montgomery 
Brown James, vict. 30 Phoenix 
Brown James, shoemr., Murray's ct 
Brown James, weaver, Marv bel F road 
Browji James, mer. 20§ S Front, h Sch 8th bel 

Brown James, drayman, 6 Fries' ct 
Brown James, weaver, 723 N 2d (K) 
Brown James, author, 15 S 10th 
Brown James, carter. Front and Haydock 
Brown James, lab., Southern av n Schuylkill 
Brown J as., brickmr. 13th and Carpenter 
Brown James, Eagle Hotel, 195 Chestnut 
Brown James, wheelwrt., 72 M road, h 3d bel 

Brown James, omnibus prop. 12 China 
Brown James, lab., Washington ab Rose (W P) 
Brown James, lab., Lewis ab Sch 7th 
Brown James, shoemr., Sch 5th ab Cedar 
Brown James, waiter, Salem al 
Brown James, stone mas., F road ab Dauphin 
Brown James, machinist, Rhoads E Sch 4th 
Brown James A., carter, Wharton ab 7th 
Brown James E., sadler, 30 S 4th, h 185 S 9th 
Brown James L., dealer, Washington ab 8th 
Brown James L., weigher, 44 S Water, h Sch 

7th bel Pine 
Brown James T., gr. setter, F road below Union 
Brown Jas. W., mer. 125 High, h 413 Chestnut 
Brown Jane, 3d bel Prime 
Brown Jane, sempstress, 168 Locust 
Brown Jeremiah, carter, 415 N 4th 
Brown Jeremiah, mer. 110 Mulberry 
Brown John, grocer, 277 High, h Sch 8th ab 

Brown John, coachman, 27 Prosperous 
Brown John, lab., Sch 3d n Lombard 
Brown John, weaver, William n Sch 4th 
Brown John, gent. 21 Green 
BROWN JOHN, painter, Chestnut W Sch 3d 
Brown Jolm, lab, rear Marriott ab 4th 
Brown John, blacksm., Callowhill ab Nixon, h 

Callowhill and Sch 2d 
Brown John, 28 Watson's al 
Brown Jolm, collector, 107 Vine 
Brown John, lab. 6 Hibberd 
Brown John, manuf., Charlotte bel George 
Brown John, shawl fin., Fairmount and ISiddle 
Brown John, stoves. Citron and Orange 
Brown John, cabinetmr. 10 Marion bel 2d 
Brown Jolm, painter, Coates bet 9th and 10th 
Bi'own John, grocer, Wasliington (W P) 
Brown John, brickmr. 12th bel Bedfowl 
Brown John, carter, 6 l^awrence 
Brown John, boilermr., Lehigh bel Richmond 
Brown John, carman, Buttonwood ab llth\ 
Brown John, carp , Federal bel 5th ^ 
Brown John, huckster, Sidney 
Brown John, blacksm., Pearl bel 13th 
Brown John, lab. 9 Gulielma 
Brown John, barker, 197 Callowhill 
Brown John, clerk, 316 Buttonwood 
Brown John, shingleshaver, rear Gulielma 
Brown John, weaver, 276 S 6th 




nrown John, waiter, 24 Morris 
Brown John, hib., Federul n 13th 
Brown Jolni, dyer, Pennsylvania n Ni\on 
Brown John A., caip., Ci-ntrc ab Brown 
Brown Jolin A., nier., S E I'Jth ami Cht-stnut 
Brown Jolin 1)., printer, 69 (Jaskill 
Brown John F., shocmr., IJroad n Mulberry 
Brown John H., teaclicr, lUlh al) I'oplar 
I'rown John M., nier., 125 Ilijjh, h 3.53 Walnut 
Brown John II. & Co., dry poods, 125 High 
Brown John P., hlacksm., .Marlboro' ab West(K) 
Brown John 1'., claspnir. 9th bcl Prime 
Brown John P.. blacksm. 2d & Montg-omcry(K) 
Brown John T., ajjent, 17 S 7ili, h 185 St John 
Brown John T. jr., brushmr. &. variety, 505 N 2d, 

h Wistar's ct 
Brown John W., cordw. 219 Mai-shall 
BROWN JOHN W., grocer, 88 Swanson 
Brown John W., baker, Essex 
Brown John Y., capt., Church bcl Christian 
Brown Jonathan, grocer, James bel 10th 
Brown Jonathan, 12 Middle al 
Brown Joseph, ropemr. 6th and G T road 
Brown Joseph, weaver. Federal ab I2th 
Brown Joseph, .shoenir. 21 Harmony 
Brown Joseph, mer., 11 Bank, h 22 Sassafras 
Brown Joseph, lab. 9 Maryland 
Brown Joseph, shipwrt., Hanover ab Beach 
Brown Joseph, carp., Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 19 S 4th 
Brown Joseph, mer. 157 Pine 
Brown Joseph D., gent., office 13 Minor, h 167 

Brown Jos. F., clerk, 518 N 13th 
Brown Joseph S., mer. 13 N 2d, h Sp Garden 

bel 9lh 
Brown Julianna, F road ab Maiden 
Brown J., clothes, 99 S 2d, h 217 Lombard 
Brown J. Henry, min. painter, 59 S 13th 
Brown J. Pemberton, bookseller, N W 4th and 

Brown J. Newton, Rev., editor, 118 Mulberry, h 

259 S 9th 
Brown Lavina, rear 482 N 3d 
BUOWN LEVI K., city express, 80 High, h 

Randolph and Wager 
Brown Lewis, dry gds., 146 High, h 100 Marshall 
Brown Lewis, butcher. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Brown Lew is, barber. Broad n Sassafras 
Brown Lewis H., dry goods, 107 High, h 348 

Brown Manly, grocer, 50 Ogden 
Brown Margaret, washer, 18 Alcorn al 
Brown Marg:iret, Nixon ab Callowhill 
BROWN MAlHiARET, tavern, 10 S 5th 
Brown Margt. Mrs., 353 S 6th 
Brown Mari;i, washer, 35 Prosperous al 
Brown .Mary, washer, 2 Monroe ct 
Brown Mary, b. h. 81 13tb ab Spruce 
Brown Mai-y, milliner, 351 N 2d 
Brown Mary, nurse. Cedar n Sch 4th 
Brown Mai* Ann, Salmon bel Emery 
Brown Mary A., Washington ab'riir(W P) 
Brown Matilda, 20 Bunl's ct 
Brown .Matthew, watchman, 25 Union al (S) 
Brown Maurice, engineer, 12th and VAitiry 
Brown Michael, pcdicr, 125 Phmi 
Brown Mich., lab., Green n Washington (W P) 

Brown Morris, shoemr. 359 Cedar 

Brown Morris E., cooper, 13 Russell 

BROWN MOSES, boots and shoes, 70 N 2d, h 

Sch 7th bcl Spruce 
Brown Moses, mer. 1(J8 Mulberr)- 
Brown Nathan IL, mer. 19 Chestnut, h 32 N 5th 
Brown Nathaniel P., atty. & coun. 542 N 6th 
Brown Neal, lab., Athcrton 
Hrown Nicholas, carter, Hutchinson bel Master 
Mrown Nicholas, lab. 3 John's ct 
Hrown Nicholas, 15 Barclay 
Brown & Ogden, grocers, 21 N 4th 
Hrown Patrick, lab., Sch ^^'atcr ab Cedar 
Hrown Pat., lab. 10th ab Master 
Brown Perry, carter, Russell av 
Brown I'eter, basketmr., G T road bel 7th 
Brown Peter, lab., Moore's ct 
Brown Peter, moulder, Huston n West (K) 
Brown Peter, sugar boiler, Haas' ct 
Brown Peter, mason. Locust n Till (W P) 
Brown Philip N., provision, 32 U road 
Brown Quintus C, grocer, S W lOth &, Lombard 
Brown Rachel, washer, Guilielma 
Brown Rachel, trimmings, 358 Coates 
Brown Rebecca, 165 S 5th 
Brown Rebecca, Carpenter ab 8th 
Brown Rebecca, 20 Cypress 
BROWN RICHARD,' coll. and agent, Wharton 

bel 5tli 
Brown Richard, hatter, 27 P road 
Brown Richard, porter. Middle al 
Brown Richard H., ship carp.. Elm bel Franklin 
Brown Richard H., painter, 314 Pine 
Brown Robert, whitewashcr, 149 Locust 

Brown Robert, carp., Lombard n Sch 5th, h Sch 
5th bel William 

Brown Robert, gardener, Sherker's al 

Brown Robert, carp., wood whf. Cedar and Sch^ 
h Pine W Sch 7lh 

Blown Robt., lab. 285 S 8th 

Brown Robt., lab., 5 Philip (K) 

Brown 'Robt., lab., N W 6th and Carpenter 

Brown Robt., lab. 6 Price's ct 

Brown Robt., gas fitter, William, rear Sch 4th 

BROWN ROliER & CO., distiller, 323 High & 
133 W High 

Brown Rowland II., stationery, 65 Sassafras, h 
Broad and Lombard 

Brown Samuel, bell hanger, 131 S 4th 

Brown Samuel, gent. 238 Spruce 

Brown Samuel, carpt. weaver. Filbert W Sch 4th 

Brown Sand., pumpmr., P road bel W:u>hington 

Brown Sanniel, dyer, Shippen bel 13th 

Brown Samuel, lab. '35.i S 5th 

Brown Samuel, lab., Leyden's ct 

Brown Samuel, waiter, 215 S 7th 

Brown Samuel, lunib. mer., (Jallowhill n 12th 

Brown Samuel, rigger, 2 Clark 

Brown Samuel A. C., painter, 88 Sassafras 

Brown Samuel B., grocer, S E Washington and 
Margaretla(W P) 

BROWN SAM1-. H., grocer, S E 6th and Coates 

Bnjwn Samuel W., pyrotecimist, Bayai-d (S) 

Brown Sarah, 9 Clark 

Hrown Sarah, Mis., 518 N 13th 

BROWN SOLOMON, M. D., office 309 Pine 
bet 11th &. 12th 

Brown Solomon, lab. 42 Bread 




Brown Susan, 13 Barclay- 
Brown Susan, 6 Hermitage pi 
Brown Susan B., gentw. 350 Chestnut 
Brown Thomas, waterman, 73 Queen 
Brown Thos., ship carp., Huston ab Duke 
Brown Thos., boots and shoes, 44 High, h 7th 

ab Poplar 
Brown Thos., grocer, N W Spruce and Dean 
Brown Thos., boot fitter, rear 48 Charlotte 
Brown Thos., cordw. 196 S 2d 
Brown Thos., saw3'er, F road bel Phoenix 
Brown Thos., carp., Hudson's al, h 9 Chancery la 
Brown Thos., carp. 378 S Front 
Brown Thos., tailor, 10th ab Christian 
Brown Thos., seaman, 7 Little Pine 
Brown Thos., lab. George n Sch 6th 
Brown Thos. barber, 157 N 3d 
Brown Thos., coppersm., 6 Central pi 
Brown Thos., clerk, 8th ab Girard av 
Brown Thos., lab. 6 W Cedar 
Brown Thos., farmer, Dorsey ab 13th 
Brov/n Thos., miller. Front ab Harrison (K) 
Brown Thos., carter, G T road opp. 5th (K) 
Brown Thos., driver. Reed bel 2d 
Brown Thos. R., boots and shoes, 44 High, h 8th 

ab Girard av 
Brown Thos. W., cabinetmr.. Mechanic 
Brown Timothy, boot fitter, 22 Charlotte 
Brown Walter, missionary. Pine ab Sch 7th 
Brown T. Wistar, mer. 19 Chestnut, h 108 Mul 

Brown Walter, mer. 1391 High, h 489 Sassafras 
Brown Wash., mer. 40 N Front, h 473 Mulberry 
Brown Washington, mer. 14A S 4th 
Brown Wm., boxmr. 30 Harmony 
Brown Wm., stevedore. Mariner 
Brown Wm., teamster, E Sch 6th and Locust 
Brown Wm., weaver, 47 W Cedar 
Brown Wm., lab., Gulielma 
Brown Wm., ladies' shoemr., Sch 4th ab Coates 
Brown Wm., plast'r., Hanover opp. Bedford(K) 
Brown Wm., fur car., Filbert W Sch 3d 
Brown Wm., brushmr. 4 Elfreth's al 
Brown Wm., cap manuf. 19 N 4th, h 6 Marshall 
Brown Wm., clothing, S W 7th and High 
Brown Wm., waterman, 1 Burd 
Brown Wm., cordw., Bedford ab Marlboro' (K) 
Brown Wm., carp. 9 State 
Brown Wm., plumber, 9 S 7th, h Sch 6th ab 

Brown Wm., blacksm. 2d ab G T road, h Ed- 
ward n 2d 
Brown Wm., grocer, 277 High, h N Penn sq 
Brown Wm.,dyer, Barker E'Sch 5th 
Brown Wm., lab.. Miller's al 
Brown Wm., cabinetmr., Federal bel 5th 
Brown Wm;, marinei-, Charles ab Federal 
Brown Wm., lab.. Cooper W Sch 3d 
Brown Wm., seaman, 20 Parham 
Brown Wm., bar keeper, rear 366 N 6th 
Brown Wm., dealer. Wood n Sch 6th 
Brown Wm., brickmr., 4 Bradford 
Brown Wm., weaver, Barker W Sch 6th 
Brown Wm., cordw., Hope bel Phoenix 
Brown Wm., machinist, Oxford bel Cadwalader 
Brown Wm., tanner. Poplar and Sch 7th 
Brown Wm., ropemr.. Orchard bel Jefferson 
! Brown Wm., b. h. 318 N 8th 

Brown Wm., weaver, Fairmount ablWEorris 
Brown Wm. A., carp., Washington bel 6th 
Brown Wm. A., mer. 19 Chestnut 
Brown Wm. A., shoes, 31 M road 
Brown Wm. F., gunsm. 99 Cherry 
Brown Wm. H., stonecutter. Carpenter ab 13th 
Brown Wm. H., jeweler, 7 Lindsay's av 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 77 N 3d 
Brown Wm. H., mer. 108 High, h 148 S 9th 
Brown Wm. H. &. Co., dry goods, 108 High 
Brown Wm. & John, grocers, 277 High 
Brown Wm. Linn, atty. and coun. 50 N 7th 
Brown Wm. L., clerk, 6 Perry- 
Brown Wm. P., foreman. Church ab Prime 
Brown Wm. S., jeweler. High and Sch 5th 
BROWN W. & W., Church ab Prime 
Brown Wm. Y., cordw.. Diamond bel G T road 
Brown Wooster, foreman. Church ab Prime 
Brown W. & J., carpt. weaver. High n Sch Front 
Brown W. L., rigger, 11 Noble 
Brown Z., lab., Ohio 

Browne G. Blight, atty. and coun., 66 S 6th 
Browne Hannah, gentw. 90 Marshall 
Browne Joseph, 71 Sassafras 
BROWNE N. B., atty. 33 S 5th, h N W Mary 

and Locust (W P) 
Browne Peter A., gent. 331 Walnut 
Browne Sarah, 307 Walnut 
Browne & Steelman, last manuf. 71 Sassafras 
Brownholtz George, lime dealer, 8th bel Poplar 
Brownholtz John R., lime dealer, 8th bel Poplar 
Browning 8c Brothers, druggists, 33 High 
Browning Chas., mer. 33 High, h 423 Sassafras 
Browning Elizabeth, G T road ab Master 
Browning Ellen, 74 S 3d 
Browning Genge, mer. 33 High, h 406 Vine 
Brownning James, porter, rear 35 Mulberry- 
Browning Maurice, druggist, 33 High 
Bi'owning Pat., lab., Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Browning Sarah, tavern. Marsh and Penn (K) 
Browning Wm. dry goods, 423 Sassafras 
Brownlev John, whf builder. Wheat n Whartoa 
BROWNS & BOWEN, bankers, 55 Chestnut 
Brownwell Wm. blacksm. 26 Garden 
Bruce Elizabeth, shop, 33 Elfreth's al 
Bruce George F. carp. 605 S Front 
Bruce Isaac, grocer, S W Sch 7th and Cherry- 
Bruce Jas., veneers, 48 N Front 
Bruce Joseph, bricklayer, Jarvis n 2d 
Bruce Luke, waiter, 6 Barclay 
Bruce Matthew W,, carpenter, 114 Catharine, ht 

Wharton ab 4th 
Bi'uce Rebecca, 2 Union ct 
Bruce Wm. baker, 15 Wharton 
Bruce Wm. waiter. Cedar ab 8th 
Brucio John, sug. ref., 4 Pennsylvania ay 
Bruder A. watchman, Sansom al 
Bruder George, cordw. 149 N 2d 
Bruen Edwd. B., Rev., 499 Chestnut 
Bruen James, gent. 499 Chestnut bel Sch 7th 
Bruff Robert, currier, Marlboro' & Bedford 
Bruger John, tailor. Stiles ct (K) 
Brukner Mich, tailor, Apple bel Jefferson (K) 
Bruker Jacob, lab.. Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Brulte Joseph, printer, 56 Passyunk road 
Brumbauch Jacob, weaver, Apple ab Franklin 
Brumaker Andw., tavern, Callowhill &. Sch 7tk 
; Brumaker Margai-et, Carroll ab 13th 




BmnJcag Susan, tobacco, 63 Christian 

nrundcap Swain, tobacco, lUe bcl \Vliaiton 

Bruncr Haivcilhi, eng^inccr, N W f)th & Poplar 

Bniner CMiarlc-s, wootl dealer, 6 Chatham 

BnnuT (.'. K., 4 Marg^aretta 

RriMUT Ilinry, shoenir. 125 Spruce 

Brunor Henry, wood dealer, 7 Margarctta, h 

o55 N rth 
RniiKT Jacob, weaver, Jefferson bel 5lh (K) 
BruntT John, booksdlir, 8 Wallace 
Bruner J. P. wool dealer, 6 Willow, h 337 N 6th 
Bruncr Wm. parchment manuft and wool ware- 
house, 4 Peg-gf and 7 Willow 
Bruner W. & Son, skindresscrs, and wool deal- 
ers, 7 Margaretta 
Brunei Jno., M. D., 207 S 2d 
Bnmet John, jr., confect., 207 S 2d 
Brunke Henrj, wheelwrt., 3 Robinson av 
Briinncr Abraham, watchman, 52 Ogden 
Brunner D., bookseller, 139 N 3d, h 15 Branch 
Brunner Georg-e, founder, Marshall ab Brown 
Brunner Isaac, druggist, 4 Dannaker's av 
Brunner John K., Mint, h 3 Division 
Brunner Maria, 118 Marshall 
Bruns John, brassfounder, N E 7th and Cherry 
Brunson C. F., collector, Shackamaxon below 

Bmnt John, lab., 13th ab Shippen 
Brunt Thos., drajman, 336 S Front 
Brunton John, machinist. Willow W Sch 5th 
BRUREIN CHAS., Military Hall, 14 Library 
Brush Jesse, gents, furnishing store, 36 S 6tk 
Bnish John, machinist, Allen ab Hanover (K) 
Brusstar Ann, confect. 121 Sp Garden 
Brusstar G. H., baker, 276 S 4th, and 2d and M 

Brusstar James, cordw., Queen ab Sarah (K) 
Brustche J., milliner, 29 S 10th 
Bruster Daniel, tailor, 13 AVood 
Bruthce Andrew, chair mr., 11th ab Coates 
Bry Daniel, carp., Myrtle ab 12th 
Bryan Catharine, 12 West Shippen pi 
Bryan Edwaid, chair mr., flardcn & Willow 
Bryan Francis, porter, Bedford ab 12th 
Bryan Geo. H., mer., 126 S 9th 
Biyan Isaiah, cabinetmr., 3 Whitalccr's ct 
Brvan Jacol) E., commsr. 21 Montgomery 
BRYAN JAMES, M. D., N E 10th & Mulberry 
Bryan John, gunsm. 3 Derringer's ct 
Bryan John, cabm. 71 N 6tli 
Bryan J. Hervey, pianos, 106 N 6th 
Bryan J. R., M. D., 354 Green 
Bryan Saml., lab., 6 Jones' al 
Brvan '! l;om:L«, sliocmr., rear 198 Chri.stian 
Biyan T. M., mer., 185 High, h 6 .Madison 
Bryan Wm., lab., 5 Lyndall's al * 
Brjan Wm., cabman. Wall bel 7th 
Biyaiit Ann, Mrs., 80 Brown 
Bryant Deborah, nurse. Brown bel Front 
Bryant Isaac C., real est. broker, 8 Minor, and 

•druL'gist, N E 8th and (Jreen 
Bryant Jacob, lab., 17 Paschall's al 
Bryant John, Wood ab llth 
Br)'ant John II., publisher, 3 S Pcnn sq 
111-, ant Jos. P., saddler, Shippen ab 13lh 
Bryuit J. 1)., M. D., Vine ab Sch 4th 
Biyant Moses H., tailor, 83 Brown 
Bryant Wm., carp, weaver, Locust 8c Sch Beech 

Brjant Wm., .sr., carp, weaver, 184 S 4th 
Bryant AVm. C. druggist, Richmond, Pa. 
Bryant Wm. H., cabinetmr., 5 Sch av 
Bryden John, c:urp., Mulberry n Broad, h 115 

N Juniper 
Bryer Peter, morocco dr., 2 Meredith's ct 
Bry nan Etlward, 80 Crown 
Brynan John, umbrellas, 219 S 2d 
Bryson St. Cooper, printer.s, 2 N 6th 
Biyson Hugh, cordw., Sch 5th and Chestnut 
Biyson Jas., weaver, Milton ab llth 
Bryson James H. printer, 2 N 6th, h Cheiry & 

Bryson John M., furnishing store, 209 Callow- 
hill, h 98 Wallace 
Bryson Michael, carter, Milton bel llth 
Biyson S. M., Miss, seminary, 474 N 13th 
Buch Baltaser, barber, 36 Arcade, h 132 Brown 
Buchanan Edw., shocmr.. Cedar bel 12th 
Buchanan Edw., 236 S 5th 
Buchanan Francis, grocer, S E Cadwaladcr and 

Jefferson (K) 
Buchanan George, rear 10 Quince \ 

Buchanan Geo., hatter, Washington ab Oxford 
Buchanan Geo., se.xton, 19 Benton 
Buchanan George, brick maker, rear 8th bel 

Buchanan Geo. II., conduct., Lombard E Sch 7th 
Buchanan Hebron, upholsterer, 129 Walnut, h 

N E Catharine & 3d 
Buchanan Henry C, rigger, Simpson's ct 
Buchanan Isaac, 53 W Cedar 
Buchanan Isaac, lab.. North ct 
Buchanan James, grocer, Sch 7th 8i Ogden 
Buchanan James, dyer, Owen ab Juniper 
Buchanan Jas., lab., Fisher ab Huntingdon (R) 
Buchanan James, shop, Juniper and Cherry 
Buchanan James, brick mr.. Prime n Long lane 
Buchanan Jas. shingle shaver, Marriott bel 6th 
Buchanan Jane, 6 Sch av ab Pine 
Buchanan John, lab., Salmon ab Emoiy (R) 
Buchanan John, wheelwrt., 315 Pine 
Buchanan Jno. shoemr.. Pine n Sch 3d 
Buchanan Philip, dealer, 187 Lombard 
Buchanan Rebecca, Dorothy n Sch 4th 
Buchanan Richd.. bon. nresser, rear 81 Poplar 
Buchanan Richanl, grocer, 166 S 2d 
Buchanan Robert, grocer. Cedar ab Sch 3d 
Buchanan Ro!)t. salesman, Juniper bel Lombard 
Buchanan Robert & Co., tavern, Washington bet 

William & Mary (W P) 
Buchanan Sarah P., teacher of music. Wood ab 

R road 
Buchanan Thomas, trader, William 
Buchanan Tiios. mer. 11 Strawberry 
Buchanan Walter, lal)., Soutli av 
Buchanan Wrush. painter, Franklin l>cl School 
Buchanan William, dyer, Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Buchanan Wm., Pearl bel Sch 5th 
Huehey Mrs., seminary, 240 Spruce 
Ihirliliager Casper, dealer, (J T road ab Phoenix 
Bucble Adam, baker, Franklin bel Cherry 
Buehncr C. cabinetnu-. 269 N 3d 
Buchner F. weaver, Frances &, Charles (F V) 
Buck C'atharine, 12 Redwood 
Buck f'hauncey, tinplate worker, 447 High 
Buck Charles, luul carrier, Peai 1 ab 13th 
Buck Christopher, shoemaker, 467 N 4th 




Buck C. N., Prest. of Columbia Insur. Co. and 
Consul General of Hamburg-, 5 Merchant's 
Exchang-e, h S W Broad and Chestnut 
Buck Dimiel, furniture dealer, 249 N 3d, h 121 

Buck E. B. dep. harbourmaster. Spruce st whf, 

h Green ab loth 
Buck Francis, carter, Sch Beech ab Walnut 
Buck Francis N., Prest. of Little Sch Nav. R. R. 
and Coal Co., 80 Wahiul, h N E 12th and 
Buck Fred., boots and shoes, 324 Hig-h 
Buck Fred., eng-ineer, Front ab Master (K) 
Buck Frederika, shop, 71 Poplar 
Buck Geo., cooper, 419 N 2d, h Pearson's ct 
Buck Geo. shoemr. 81 St John 
Buck Hug-h, blacksm., 174 Shippen 
BUCK JAS., tavern, S W Hancock Sc Phoenix 
Buck James, carter, S 11th ab Pine 
Buck Jasper, tinsra. 408 Hig-h, h 118 N Juniper 
Buck Jeremiah M., 113 Hig-h, h 9 Log-an Sq 
Buck John, lab., rear 46 Fitler (K) 
Buck John, gunner, Moore bel Church 
Buck & Johnson, furni. and mirrors, 249 N 3d 
Buck Joseph, book store, 3 Hart's B., h 28 John 
Buck Julia, ^vashe^, 58 Quince 
Buck Julia, 356 Cedar 
Buck J. M., 9 Log-an sq 
Buck Lot, tailor, 191 S 2d, h Carpenter's ct 
Buck Marg-aret, 112 Apple 
Buck :Mary, 2 Turner 

Buck Man-A., sempstress, Hancock bel Phoenix 
Buck Nicholas, baker, N E German & P road 
Buck & Potter, mers. 116 High 
Buck Robert, 12th ab Cedar 
Buck Samuel, morocco manuf. 63 Noble 
Buck Sarah, b h, 16 N 12th 
Buck Sarah, 14 Middle al 
Buck Wm., butcher, Perry ab Franklin 
Buck Wm., lab., William st 
Buck Wm. B., g-rocer, S W 12th and Chestnut 
Buck Wm. J. clerk, 280 Sassafras 
Buckby Richard, weaver, 10th bel Thompson 
Buckfuss Henry, lab., Charlotte bel Franklin 
Buckingham Edward, 229 N 6th 
Buckingham Henry, sugar refi., 11 Tammany ct 
Buckingham Isaac, tailor, 11 Pennsylvania av 
Buckingham T. L., dentist, 161 Sassafras 
Buckis Aaron, cooper. Prime n G F road 
Buckley Arnold, hatter, 11 Wagner's ct 
Buckle_v Calvin, lab., Harris' ct 
Buckley Clement A., gent. 81 Pine 
Buckley Cornelius, carp., rear 185 S 2d 
Buckley Danl. cloth fin., Adams ab Jefferson 
Buckley Edw., lab. 10th ab Thompson 
Buckley Edward S., N W 10th and Clinton 
Buckley Henn-, carp., Howell 
Buckley Jas., mul. spinner, Marlboro' bel Duke 
Buckley James, lab., 10th ab Master 
Buckley John, stables, Poplar E Sch 6th 
Buckle V Jos., machinist, Lancaster pike ab 6th 

(W P) 
Buckley Margt., grocer, S E Sch 3d and Lom- 
Buckley Michael, butcher, High ab Sch 3d 
Buckley M. Brooke, gent., N W 10th & Cliuton 
Buckley Thos., baker, Plynlimmon pi 

Buckley Thos., tinman, 11 Diligent av 
Buckley Timothy, lab., ^Mariner 
Buckley Wm. trader, Sch 8th bel Sp Garden 
Buckley Wm., wood sorter, R road ab 13th 
Buckley Wm. lab. 10th bel Master 
Buckman Hannah, b h, 21 Branch 
Buckman Lewis, clerk, 10th bel Coates 
Buckman Morris, coal mer., h 241 Marshall 
BUCKMAN ROBERT, alderman, 10th above 

Buckman Sarah, Beck and Grover 
Bucknall S. R., trimmings, 22 Sp Garden 
Bucknell Joseph, Rev., 24 Olive 
Bucknell Wm. gent. 260 Pine 
Buckner Geo. musician, J,afayette pi 
Bucknor A. J. mer. 41 N Water, h 374 N Front 
Buckwalter David, mer. 274 N 7th 
Buckwalter Jacob, millwt. 8 Lybrand 
Buckwewitch ^l. barber, R road ab James 
Budd Benj. mer. h 287 Vine 
Budd & Comly, mers. 287 Vine 
Budd Harriet, dry goods, S E 10th & Pamsh 
Budd Henry, mer. 7th ab Buttonwood 
Budd Isaac, brJckla}'er, Sch 6th bel Latimer 
Budd Isaac D. broker, 30 S 3d, h 61 Spruce 
Budd James, cordw. 206 G T road bel Phoeiux 
Budd John, bricklay., 9th bel Carpenter 
Budd Joseph, ice dealer, 287 Coates 
Budd J. B., com. mer. 45 Walnut, h 423 Spruce 
Budd Susan, Sassafi-as bel Sch 7th 
BUDD THOMAS A., att}-. & coun. 169 Walnut 
Bu Id Thos. W. gilder. Master bel 6th 
Budd AVm. bricklayer. Poplar ab 13th 
BUDD WILLIAM A., exchange broker, 30 S 

3d, h 61 Spruce 
Buddy I. carp., Orange 8c Wallace 
Buddy John, baker, S W 8th and Locust 
Buddy Lewis, baker, 467 Chestnut 
Buehler Christian, stocking weav., Elm n 6th 

(M V) 
Buehler John, mer. 195 High, h 3 Virginia ro-w 
Buehler John, candy mr., 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Buehler Martin, hardware, 195 High, h 358 

N 6th 

195 High 
Buerner John, baker, G T road bel ^lonroe (K) 
Buffington B. F., M. D., Callowhill E Sch 3d 
Buffington Isaac, cabinetmr. 87 S 11th 
Buffington Joseph, oreran builder, 87 S 11th 
Buffington Lee W., m"^ D., Sch 7th & Filbert 
Buffington Wilson, b h, 381 High 
Bugless Jas., boot fin., Ann ab R road (F V) 
Buist James, carp., Lombard ab Sch 8th 
BUIST R., florist, 97 Chestnut 
Bulaugh Jeremiah, Rev., 3 Little Pine 
Bulfinch Thos., baker, Cedar ab 12th 
Bulkley Charles, hatter, 128 Chestnut, h 212 

Bulkier Chauncev, attv. & coun., h 20 Prune 
Bulkley Elizabeth, 20 Prune 
Bulkley James H., lieut. police. Mayor's office, 

h 424 Sassafras 
Bulkley :M. S., tobacco.. Green bel 9th, h Rich- 
mond ab Huntingdon (R) 
Bull Abigail, b h, 15 Olive 
Bull Eborn, baker, 25 Parham 
Bull Francis, porter, 30 Burd's ct 




Bull John, oysttrman, rear 380 S 3<l iBuntiiur Daniel, pol. office, 472 SassaTi-as 

Bull Lewis G., asst. U. S. Marshall, N W Scli Bunting' Kli/.ubcth, Coniiul's ct 

5th ?i Jones 
Bull yVm. M., attv. and conn., 55 S 4th, h 217 

Bulhird Kilwin C, bookbinder, 168 Chestnut 
Bullc'n Martin, seaman, ." Beck 
BullintTi r John V.. conlw. 7 Kensington av 
BULLITT & FAIUTIIOIINE, atty. and couns., 

26 S 3(\ 
Bullitt John, hod carrier. Oak (W P) 
Bullitt John C, atty. & coun., 26 S od, h 233 

Bullmcr Adam, factor}', Sch Beach n Spruce 
Bullmer Mary, Spruce n AVillow 
Bullmer Hicliard, cotton spin, rear Spruce near 

Sch Beach 
Bullmcr William, weaver, Beach ab Spruce 
Bullock Anthony S., carp. Olive bcl lltli 
Bullock Benjamin, wool warehouse, 32 N 3d 
Bullock Charles, dnipg'ist, N E 6th & Mulberry 
BULLOCK & CRENSHAW, druggists, N E 

6th and Mulberry 
Bullock Jacob, M. D., conductor, 28 Howard 
Bullock Jonathan, carp. 383 N 7th 
Bullock J., M. D., 15y S 9th 
BULLOCK J. W., coal. Broad bel Vine, h 342 

Bullock Robert B., millwt. 24 Lewis 
Bullock Solomon, pedlar, Brook ab Green 
BULLOCK WM., patent agency, 75 Dock, h 

98 Walnut 
Bullock Wm. R., M. D., 407 Callowhill 
Bumback Anthony, painter, rear 331 N 3d 
Bumbaugli Chas. A. M., painter. Federal ab 4th 
BUMM & BROTHER, com. mers.N E Sassafras 

and Water 
Bumm Elizabeth, Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Bumm Geo., contractor, Vaughan bel Walnut 
Bumm Geo. S., brickmr. Cedar ab Sch 6t!i 
Bumm Hannah, Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Bumm Henry, mcr. N E Sassafras and Water, h 

Beach ab Hanover (K) 
Bumm John, whipmr. Palmer ab Franklin 
Bumm John, silverplater, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Bumm Maria, Union ab Bedford 
Bumm Samuel, caulker. Union ab Bedford 
Bumm W., salt store. Union n T roatl 
Bundick Sarah, Gulielma 

Bundick Zarobabel, waterman, 20 Union al (S) 
Bundy Chas., barber, 171 S 2d 
Bundy Kphraim, waiter, 59 Currant al 
Bundy Josiali, lal). Cliristian ab 7tli 
Bundy Thomas, lal). St Mary ab 7th 
Bundy Thos., waiter, 168 Pine 
Bunker Ann, confectioner, 145 Coatcs 
Bunker Chas., tavern, William bcl Richmond 
Bunker Henr)', carp. 9 Cliristian 
Bunn Alliert G., spin.. Front bel Jefferson (K) 
Bunn Ale.\. J., mer. 79 N 8th 
Bunn Peter U., confect., 9th ab Walnut 
Bunn & Raiguel, dry goods, 74 N 3d 
Bunn S. M., dry goods, 74 N 3d, h 227 Vine 
Bunnell David S., lumber counter, 11 Brown 
Biinney Peter, bootmr. Salmon a!) Maple (R) 
Bunny Samuel, cordw. Washington aliovc Rose 
Bunting Chas. M., stove mr. 170 S 9tli 
Bunting Ciias. W., lamps, 99 N 2d, 1\ 345 N 8lh 

Bunting Geo., morocco dr. Conrad ct 

Bunting Jacob T.. mer. 14 whfs.. h 65 Pine 

Bunting John, skin dresser, 6 Oneida pi 

Bunting John, stamp cut., 20 Bread 

Bunting Joshua, mer., 7 S Sch 7th 

Bunting Ricliard, ship join. Otter bel G T road 

Bunting Samuel, clerk, 156 N 5th 

Bunting Samuel C, real estate agent, S E 11th 

and Clinton 
BUNTING THOMAS C, M. D., Register of 
Wills, 6 State House Row, h S W 7th and 
Riiibridge Wm., tailow chand., West ab Union 
Burch Ananiiis, grocer, N W 2d and Reed 
Burch Rebecca Mrs., Olive bel 12th 
Burch Tiiomas, jr.,comb and variety store, 177 i 

Higli, h Sch 8tii ab Spruce 
Burchard Jubez, clerk. 209 Queen (S) 
Burd Eliza H., S W 9lh and Chestnut 
Burd Samuel, carp. Spink's Row (K) 
Burd Sarah, gentw. 231 Chestnut 
Burden Alex., keeper Moy. Prison. 188 S 4th 
Burden Andrew M., M. D., M road ab Wharton 
Burden Jos., variety store, 188 S 4th 
Burdett Samuel D., 142 Franklin 
Burdick Jane, Rio Grande pi 
Burdick Joseph A., S E 2d and Chestnut 
Burdick Samuel, sailmr. Rio Grande pi 
Burgain Thos., sboemr. 518 N 4tli 
Burgc Sarah, rear 463 N 4th 
Burgen Wm., mariner, Gray's ct 
Burger Otto, German school, 25 Vine 
Burgeson Israel, sexton. Division ab Ann (F V) 
Bvu'gess Cornelius, carp. 2d ab Greenwich 
Burgess & Co., cane mrs. 140 Sassafras, h 37 

Burgess Geo. W., 12 Ridge Road 
Burgess Henry E., acct. 25 Logan 
Burgess John, shop, 27 St Mary's al 
Burgess Phineas, engineer, Washington bel 4th 
Burgess P., washer, rear 195 Lombard 
Burgess Susannah Mrs., rear 43 Coates 
Burgin Ann, 160 S Front 
Burgin Chas. F., atty. &. coun. 68 S 6th 
Burgin, Fowler & Co., green glass ware, 26 N 

Front, glass works. Cherry ab Franklin 
Burgin Geo. IL, jr., mer. 26 N Front, h 122 N 

Burgin Geo. H., M. D. and mer. 26 N Front, h 

175 S 5tli 
Burgin .(anus, cedar cooper, rear 9th bel Brown 
Bungin Wm., lal)., rear 194 Cherry 
Burk Anthony, lab. Lancaster ab Reed 
Burk C:uspar, lab. 9 Farrie's ct 
Burk Chas., confect. 8 Dannakcr's av 
Burk Chas., shoenu'. 15 M road 
Burk Domlnick, cordw. 1 Ulrick row (K) 
Burk Eli, bricklr. 472 N 5th 
Burk Geo., slater, 10th bel Master (K) 
Burk Isaac, tailor, 147 Spruce 
Burk James, cambric manuf. Wllhamand Penn- 
sylvania av 
Burk J as., mer. 13 S Front, h Vine ab Sch 3d 
Burk Jas. A., mer. 77 f^ Higli, h Front bel Brown 
Burk John, lab. (Jooper W Sch 3d 
Burk John, lab. rear I Paschal's al 




Burk John, real estate agent, G T road above 

Burk John, collector, Huston ab Salmon (R) 
Burk John, lab. Warren bel Park (W P) 
Burk John F., grocer, 30 Chester 
Burk John G., carp. 5 Carroll 
Burk Joseph, lab. Lewis ab Thompson 
BURK JOSEPH M., collector, S E Callowhill 

and Sch 2d 
Bui-k Lewis, tobacco., 35 S 3d, h 53 Brown 
Burk Lucas, 24 Wallace 

Burk Mary R., tavern, Ann and R road (F V) 
Burk Nancy, 3 Monroe ct 
Burk Patrick, waiter, 3 Lyndall's al 
Burk Pati'ick, shoemi-. 72 P road 
Burk Paul, blacksm. Howard bel Master (K) 
Burk Peter, 10 Noble 
Burk Raymond, tailor. Federal ab 7th 
Burk Thomas, grocer, S E 2d and Franklin 
Burk Thos., clerk, 6th ab Master (K) 
Burk Thos. M., lab. rear F road ab Phoenix 
Burk Walter, driver, Nectarine bel 9th 
Burk Wm., carp. 2 St Stephen's pi 
Burk Wm. E., 464 Callowhill 
Burk Wm. G., druggist, 244 Lombard 
Burkard & Hellstabs, flour and feed, 11th ab 

Burkart Chas., tanner. Larch ab Wallace 
Burkart Geo. C., clerk, 414 N 9th 
Burkart Joseph, cabtmr. 11th bel Girard av 
Burkart Samuel, brushmr. 7th ab Sp Garden, h 

414 N 9th 
Burke Ann, washer, Sch 5th ab Spruce 
Burke Anthony, pedlar, 164 S Front 
Burke Chas., lab. Law's ct 
Burke Dennis, cordw. R road bel Ogden 
Burke Edmuud, macht. 13th bel Brown 
Burke Eulick C, dry goods, S E 6th and Car- 
Burke E. D., M. D., Harrison n Sch 2d 
Burke Fox B., M. D., Harrison 
Burke Jacob, salesman, 523 N Front 
Burke James, clerk, 3 Eutaw 
Burke Jeremiah, lab. 28 Franklin pi 
Burke John F., grocer, N E 3d &. Cedar and 3d 

and Shippen 
Burke Joseph, S W Perry and Adam 
Burke Mary, 12th bel Buttonwood 
Burke Mary Ann, milliner, 172 Chestnut 
Burke Michael, lab. City gas works, h 8 Flem 

Burke Michael, carp. Almira pi 
Burke Sarah G., 4 Concord (S) 
Burke Wm., carp. 497 Brown 
Burke Wm., ink manuf. 6 Exchange pi 
Burke Wm. C, tailor, Ann ab Sch 6th 
Burkellow Elizabeth, Mrs., 12 Brown 
Burkett Chas., cabinetmr. 2d and G T road 
Burkett Joseph, cordw. Cobb's ct 
Burkett M., furn., G T road ab 2d (K) 
Burkett Wm., 24 John 
Burkhard M. W., chairmr. 59 N Front, house 5 

Burkhard Valentine, clerk, 163 Mulberry 
Burkhardt Geo., brewer, 56 New Market 
Burkhardt Geo. Jacob, carp. 31 Dillwyn, h Lo. 

gan n Wallace 
Burkhardt Henry, senr, gent. Green & Logan 

Burkhardt H., jr., druggist, N W Front & Brown 
Burkhardt Jules, barber, 105 Callowhill 
Burkhardt Sarah, gentw. 48 Franklin 
Burkhart A. L., turner, 127 Sp Garden 
Burkhart Edwin, turner, 127 Sp Garden 
Burkhart Eleanor, teacher, Marshall bel Green 
Burkhart Henry S., turner, George ab 4th, h 

Mechanic ab George 
Burkhart Isaac W., convey. 145 Walnut 
Burkhart Isaac, gent. 100 N 7th 
Burkhart Jos., case mr. 23 Prune 
Burkhart Peter, 283 Sassafras 
Burkhart Robt., carp. 21 Jones' al, h 69 Tam- 
Burkhart Sarah, 72 N Front 
Burkhart Wm. T., coal, 72 N Front 
Burkles Daniel, shop, 10 Apple 
Burkley Christopher, baker, N W Wharton &, 3d 
Burkley John, 3 Diligent av 
Burleigh Cyrus M., editor, 31 N 5th 
Burley Wm. A., runner, 250 S 9th 
Burling B. S., mer. 101 N Front, h Logan sq ab 

Burling & Dixon, mers., 101 N Front 
Burlingame Jas., macht. Watt's ct 
Burloc'k Saml. D., Ranstead pi, h 307 N 7th 
Burmester Henry, confect. 281 S 2d 
Burn Edward, lab. 30 Wood 
Burn Morgan, weaver, Lombard n Sch 2d 
Burnell Benj., paper manuf., 34 Logan sq 
Burnell W. W., M. D., 34 Logan sq 
Burner Robert, lab. Sch 5th and Lombard 
Burnet Geo., mer., 10th bel Cedar 
Burnet Mary, market woman, Barker E Sch 3d 
Burnett Abby, b h, 96 S 8th 
Burnett Bearrow, gent. Callowhill E Sch 3d 
Burnett Eli S., dry goods, 11 S 4th, h Chestnut 

bet William and Till (W P) 
Burnett John, sign painter, h 17 F road 
Burnett J. S., mer. 110 High, h N W Locust & 

Park (W P) 
Burnett Samuel, cordw. 12 Linden (K) 
BURNETT, SEXTON & CO., dry goods, 11 

S 4th 
BURNETT, WITHERS 8c CO., dry goods, 

110 High 
Burney Chas., Juniper ab Lombard 
Burnham Geo., clei-k, 338 N 13th 
Burnham T. H., clerk, Winter ab 3d 
BURNS ABRA., confect. Sch St^i ab Walnut 
Burns Alex., blacksm. N W Beach and Locust, 

h Sch 3d and Vine 
Burns Ann O. agent, 70 N 7th 
Burns Arthur, Prime ab 8th 
Burns Bethea, 117 Filbert 
Burns Chas. stone mas. Sch 3d bel Willow 
Burns Chas. cabman. Prospect al 
Burns Chas. paper stainer, Sch 6th bel Pine 
Burns Chas. weaver, Milton ab 10th 
Burns Chas. J. tavern, 50 George 
Burns Chas. M. mer. 210 Spruce 
Burns Christor. carp. Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Burns Clarissa, washer, Miles' al 
Barns Cornelius, lab. Garden bel 6th (M V) 
Burns Dennis, moulder, 4 South ct 
Burns Edward, grocer, Sch 3d and Vine 
Burns Edward, broker, 12th bel Green 
Burns Eliza, washer, 12 Mercer 




Burns Eliza, Reeve bel Sch 2d 

Jjurns Farmer, gent. 244 N Front 

Burns Fcllx. weaver, Pliociiix and Hancock 

Burns Ilug-li, lub. Marble pi 

Burns llugb D. grocer, Ross ab Queen (K) 

Burns Jus. bruslimr. S W lOtb and Sassafras 

Burns .las. dyer, Apple ab Master (K) 

Burns James, carter, William W Sch P'ront 

Burns James, lab. 7 Grape ct 

Burns James A. acct. 34 Garden 

Burns John, lab. 5 Gray's al 

Burns John, lab. Duke n F road 

Burns John, blacksm. Spaffbrd 

Burns John, carpet weaver. Weaver's row 

Burns Jolin M. mer. 237 High 

Burns Joseph W. stove fin. Federal ab 9th 

Burns , weaver, Wood ab Tulip 

Bums Margaret, shop, R road ab Buttonwood 
Burns Margaret, washer, 2 Salem al 
Burns Margaret, 138 S 11th 
Buj'ns Martin, blacksm. 3 Faries' ct 
Bums Mary, 11 Prune 
Burns Michael, lab. rear 111 Dillwyn 
Burns Mich. lab. Jefferson & Cadwalader (K) 
Bums Owen, carp. 4 M'Claskey's ct 
Burns Peter, boatman, Sutherland av 
Burns Saml. brickmr. Sch 7th bel Washington 
Burns Sarah R. Christian ab 7th 
Burns Sarah V. milliner, rear 104 P road 
Burns Susan W. & M. R. school, 152 Pine 
Burns Thos. lab. Coates n William 
Burns Thos. lab. Sch 8th ab Vine 
Burns Thos. lab. Paschall al 
Burns Thos. lab. Filbert E Sch 3d 
Burns Wm. tobacco, 290 High, h 198 Button- 
Bums Wm. tailor, 506 S 7th 
Burns Wm. dealer, 2d bel Greenwich 
Burns Wm. weaver, Hope ab Jefferson 
Burns Wm. plasterer. Cedar E Sell 4th 
Burnside Geo. glass blow. Franklin bel Vienna 
Burnside John, tavern, P road ab Carpenter 
Burnside Wm. & Bro. tavern, P road ab Car- 
Burnwood S. R. saddler. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Burr Alex, paint. & glaz. Sch 7th & Filbert 
Burr & Brothers, tailors, 29 N 9th 
Bun* & Cotterell, labaratorj', Huntingdon and 

Salmon (R) 
Bun- David T. salesman, Rittenhouse W Sch 6th 
Burr Geo. W. collector. Phoenix bel G T road 
Burr Hope, 281 Sassafras 
BURR HUDSON S. dentist, 135 Walnut 
BURR H. COOPER, tailor, 35 N 6th 
Burr Israel R. bricklayer, N E 10th & Coates 
Burr John P. barber, 322 Cedar 
Burr Joseph, 2 Comptroller 
Burr J. Earle, tailor, 29 N 9th, h 9 Diligent av 
Burr Margaretta, Ridgway House, High st feiTy 
Bun- M. L. 289 S 10th 

Burr Richard, M. D., Richmond ab Emery (R) 
Burr Samuel T. carp. 9tli bel Christian 
Burr Thos. carp. 5 Greble's ct 
Burr Thos. E. tailor, 27 N 6th 
Burr Walter H. barber, 152 Chestnut 
Burr 'Wm. manuf. Parrish and 13th 
BURR WM. H., M. D. dentist, 336 Walnut 

ab 12th 
Burr Wm. R. tailor, 53 Wood 

Burras John, cordw. 335 St John (K) 
Burrell Antliony, 103 .Mulberry 
Bunichter Clemens, tailor, 145 S 2d 
Burrough Adelfor, widow of John, Allen bel 

Burrough Benj. F. blacksm. 132 Apple 
Burrough Enos, wheel wt. 83 N Market 
Burrough Tlios. carter, Apple bel George 
Burroughs H. N. mer. 73 High, h 280 Spruce 
Burroughs Isaac, shoemr. Washington bel 3d 
Burouglis Jane, b h, 435 Chestnut 
Burrouglis Margaret, 193 Walnut 
Burroughs Wm. tavern. Canal & F road 
BiuTOughs William H. Franklin House, 105 

Burrows Ann E. Sch 4th and Willow 
Burrows Andrew, waiter, rear 9 Maria 
Burrows Benj. shingle shaver. Centre ab Brown 
Burrows Chas. P. agent, 34 Palmjra sq 
Burrows Edwin A. printer, Strauss' ct 
Burrows Eliza, washer. Gill's al 
Burrows E. J. trans, agent, 46 S whfs. 
Burrows James, seaman, 237 Lombard 
BuiTows James, United States Mint, h Broad ab 

Burrows Jesse, carp. Littleboy's ct, h Brown 

bel 7th 
Burrows Jesse A, carp. 28 Franklin 
Burrows Jos. stovemr. George E Sch 5tli 
Burrows J. L. Rev. Broad bel Poplar 
Burrows Maria, b h, 22 Jacoby 
Burrows Rachel, washer, 4 Warren 
Burrows Sarah I.. Mrs. 5 Brown 
Burrows Wm. jr. 9 Shields' ct 
Burrows Wm. tailor, 282 High, h 4 Diamond 
Bun-ows Wm. watchman, Vernon bel 11th 
Burrows Wm. blacksm. Wager bel 6th 
Burrows Wm. waiter, 10th ab Catharine 
Burrows Wm. A. printer, 44 Union 
Burt Arthur, mer. S W 6th and High, h N W 

12th and Walnut 
Burt E. R. trimmings, 162 S 2d 
Burt John, carp. Sch 3d bel Pine 
Burt Mich, pedler, rear York bel F road 
Burtis Aaron H. plasterer, 107 Filbert 
Burtis E. T. bricklayer, 7 Gebhard 
Burtis John, manuf. Beach ab Maiden 
Burtis, Keenan & Rushton, manufs. Beach bel 

Sliackamaxon (K) 
Burtis Samuel R. 121 Mulberry 
Burtman Henry C. carp. Hamilton n Broad, h 

11 Jacoby 
Burton Ambrose, porter, Little Pine n 6th 
Burton Amos, painter, 9 N 8th, h 85 N 5tli 
Burton Ailhur M. printer, 63 S 11th 
Burton A. & A. painters, 9 N 8th 
Burton Benj. C. shipwt. Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Burton Catharine, 32 Currant al 
Burton Cyrus, coachman, 10 Acorn al 
Burton Daniel carter, rear 21 Milton 
Burton Edwd. intel. office, S E 3d &. Spruce 
Burton Edward, paper hang. 142 Mulberry 
Burton Chas. teacher, Girai-d College 
Burton E. A. 204 S 4th 
BURTON E. P. grocer and com. mer. 83 S 

whfs., h S E 3d and Pine 
Burton Francis, carp. Little Green ab G T road 
Burton Geo. trader, Edwin ab R road (F V) 
Burton & Greis, fancy goods, 13 N 3d 




Burton G M. second hand clothes, 137 Lombard BUSSIER JOS. B. men. 27 S whfs., h 53^ Pirn; 

Burton Hannah, waslic-r, 8th bel Lombaid 
Burton Ilcnry, waiter, 46 Quince 
Burton Henry F. carp. Boss ab Queen (K) 
Burton J as. porter, Foplar bel Broad 
Burton James, canlcr, CI T road ab 2d (K) 
Burton James, porter, Bedford ab 7th 
Burton James, cig'arnir. rear 110 Catliarine 
Burton Jolm, mcr. o4 S whfs. h 62 Fine 
Burton John, dry goods, 514 S 2d bel Prime 
Ijurton Jolin, jirinter, 2 Harper's pi 
Burton Jonutiian P. mer. 13 N 3d, h 254 N 2d 
Burton Julia, sempstress, 22 Burd 
BURTON & LANING, paper hanging, 142 

Burton Lavinia, 18 Raspbeny 
Burton London, porter, Sliippen bel 13th 
Burton L. P. post master. 14 William, h Rich- 
mond ab Ann (R) 
Burton Maria, 167 Buttonwood 
Burton Mary, 3 Ten Feet al 
Burton Matilda, whitewasher, 231 Lombard 
Burton Moses, cook, Stanley 
Burton Mrs. P., N W Sch 6th and Summer 
Burton Peter, cabinetmr. 18 Stamper's al 
Burton Robert, mev 91 S whfs. h 62 Pine 
Burton Samuel A. ship carp. Washing-ton bel 

Burton Sarah C. trimmings, 161 Vme 
Burton Wm. dry goods, 184 N 2d 
Burton AVoolsey, shipwt. Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Burwell Ann, Washington ab 5tli 
Burwell Catharine, 15 Hampton 
Burwell David S. tailor, 4 Horsman's row 
Burwell Jackson, cordw. Christian ab 4th 
Buryson Geo. cordw. 2 Tammany ct 
Busby Thos. baker, Federal ab IBroad 
Busch Joseph, brushmr. 25 Sassafras 
Busch Miers, mer. h 44 Pine 
Buscher John, blacksm, 106 Hope (K) 
Buschner Ludwig, 25 Olive 
Bush Adam, founder. Oak (W P) 
Bush B. wheelwt. Carlton n Sch 3d 
Bush Elizabeth, milliner, 359 N 2d 
Bush Geo. sawyer, 17 Parker (S) 
Bush Geo. seaman 18 Clair 
Bush Geo. tailor, Randolph bel Parrish 
Bush John, porter, 3 Rose 
Bush John, shoemr. 18 R road 
Bush John, lab. Leprira bel Dauphin 
Bush Peter, 173 Cherry 
Bush Peter, grocer, George and Plum 
Bush Saml. II. tobac. 230 N 3d, h 104 Noble 
Bush \\ m. waiter, 252 S 6th 
BUSH WILLIA.M II. .Merchants' House, 237 

Busha Joseph, cordw. 4 Beck's ct 
Busha V. sempstress, 3 St James 
Irishman John, dentist, 388 N 8th 
Bushnell Edward W. machinist, 64 Dock, h 106 

Bushong Charles A. Sch 2d ab High 
Busser Jacob, featlier renovator. Baker bet Sch 

5th and 6th 
Bussier Ann, teacher, 53ii Pine 
Bussier Bartholomew, ink manuf 298 S 3d 
Bussier D. P. m^r. h 154 N 9th 
•Bussier Ellzabetli, 91 Christian 

Bussier J;ine, 319 S 2d 

Bussinger Fredk. carp, weaver, Sch Front and 


Bussinger Jacob, blacksm. 5 Porter's ct 
Bussinger Jacob, lab. Sch Front and High 
Bussinger John, blacksm. 5 Porti:r's ct 
Bussinger Rosalia, sliop, G T. road ab Camac 
Bustcl Samuel, porter, 26 Barclay 
IJustill Charles C. porter, Scott's ct 
nu.-.till David, plast. 152 Callowhill 
Busy Miirgaret, b h, 206 Buttonwood 
Butcher Ann M. dressmr. 149 Juniper 
BUTCHER &: BROTHERS, produce mers. 

112 N Front 
Butcher Clement, lastmr. 2 Prospect al 
Butcher John, watchman, Cadwalader above 

Butcher John, mer. 112 N Front 
Butcher Joseph, wheelwt. Gilbert bel 10th 
Butcher Mary, milliner, 176 S 6th 
Butcher Matilda, tuiiorcss, 160 Callowhill 
Butcher Samuel, stonecut. 4th bel Master 
Butcher Samuel, cordw. P road bel Washington 
Butcher Thos. T. mer. 112 N Front, h Mantua 

road n Lancaster Pike 
Butcher Washington, mer. 112 N Front, h 147 

N 6th 

Butcher Wm/ carp. M road bel Marion 
Butcher Wm. stove \; grate manuf. S W^ 12th 

and Filbert, h Wood bel Sch 8th 
Butcher W & S. agency, 24 Commerce 
Butcher W. ;M. grocer. Front &. Christian 
Bute Charles L. sugar refiner, 120 Crown 
BUTE &. KOONS, sugar refiners. Willow and 

Butersway Reese, tanner, Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Butland Charles, plasterer, Dauphin bel F road 
Butland John, saw manuf. P road and Christian 
Butland Samuel B. saw manuf. Almond and 

Butler Ann, Miss, 139 S 4th 
Butler Catharine, 178 N Stli 
Butler Catharine, 4 Plynlimmon pi 
Butler Chas, wheelwt. Edwin ab R road (F V) 
Butler Edwd. cordw. 4 Carpenter 
Butler E. boolmr. Spruce and Little Dock 
Butler E. H. publisher, 23 Jlinor, h 347 Spruce 
Butler E. H. Sc Co. booksellers, 23 Minor 
Butler Frances, 34 N 5lh 
Butler Franklin, watchmr. 105 N 2d 
Butler Harriet, mer. 367 High 
Butler HL-niy, lab.. High E Sch Front 
Butli-r Hliuv I,., jM-inter, Washington bel 8th 
Butler Henry W., jeweler, N E 9th and Mul- 
berry, h 356 High 
Butler Isaac B., book bind., 84 N 3d 
Butler Jeremiah, mer. 219 High, h Cherry ab 

Sch 7th 
Butler Jolin, engineer, Adam's av 
Butler Jolin, spinner, Hamilton n Fairmount 
Butler John H., booksel. 253 High, h 27 Girard 
Butler John M., copper pi. printer, N E 6tii and 

Chestimt, h N W 10th and Fitzwater 
Butler John, Mrs., Walnut ab Sch 6lh 
Butler Joseph, carter, 16 CiU-lton 
Butler Joseph, locknn-. rear G T road ab 2d 
Butler Joshua M., coop., 80 N Water, h 380 N 8th 




Butler J. P., cork henster, Sch 8th ab Poplar 

Butler Keyrn, slioemr. 1 Howard ct 

Butler Lydia R., trim, store, 12th bel Chestnut 

Butler Mary, 116 Dillwyn 

Butler Mary, shoe bind., rear 342 S 4th 

Butler &. >fcCarty, silver sms., 105 N 2d 

Butler Patrick, lab. 4 Emeline 

Butler Peter, carp. 6 Blackliorse al 

Butler Pierce, gent., Wainut W Sch 7th 

Butler Fierce, clerk, Wharton n 8th 

Butler Samuel, tailor, Carlton ab 12th 

Butler Samuel, seaman, Christian bel 4th 

Butler S. G., painter, 136 S 9th 

Butler Theodore, carp., 2d ab Greenwich 

Butler Thomas, barber, 4 N 13th 

Butler Thos., tin pi. worker, 13 S 7th 

Butler Thos. S., 25 Pcny 

Butler Ward C, agent, 48 Gaskill 

Butler AVm., vict., 124 Prime 

Butler Wm., carp. 251 S 7th 

Butler Wm., hod carrier, Wood n Sch 5th 

Butler 'Wm., bootmr. 7 Little Dock 

Butler Wm., waiter, 187 Lombard 

Butler Wm., lab., Emeline 

Butler Wm. T., sec'y Fire Associa., 34 N 5th, h 

Franklin bel Parrish 
Butler Z. H., jeweler, Rug-an ab Callowhill 

BYERLEY WM., tavern, 293 S 4th 
Byerly Ann, gentw. Mulberry and Juniper 
BYERLY U. D., mer., 28 Churcii al, h 12 W 

Byerly Edward, attv. and coun., 30 S 5th 
BYERLY ELLWdon, mer. 35 Chestnut, h 

62 P'ranklin 
Byerly Georg-e W., 11th bel Wallace 
Byerly Rebecca, 160 N 8th 
Byerly Susan, gentw., 9 Virginia row 
Byers Fred., coach trimmer, 10 Charles pi 
Byers George, butcher, Greenwich ab 2d 
Byers Heriry, grocer, Manderson opp Square 
Byllesby L., printer, 10th bel Buttonwood 
Byram A. J., druggist, Coates ab 13th 
Byram John, lab. Jefferson and Hope (K) 
BYRIAM SAMUEL, tavern, 95 S Water 
Byrne Charles, shoemr. 409 Vine 
Byrne Bridget, Shaffer's al 
Byrne Edward, weaver, Ran's ct 
Byrne Edward, porter, 30 Wood 
Byrne James, porter, 42 Plumb 
BYRNE JAMES, Star Hotel, 62 Shippen 
BYRNE THOMAS, tavern, N W 4th & Wash- 
B\Tne Timothy, grocer, 273 N 7th 
Bvrne Wm., cordw., 282 S Front 

Butt Chas. H., printer, 62 Walnut, h 16 Beck pi i Byrne Wm., carp. Hamilton's ct 

Butt John, tanner, 3 Buttonwood 
Butt Wm., printer, 9 Sommer's ct 
Butterfield Benj., gunsm., F road opp Marlboro' 
Butterfield, Brothers, importers, 7 Church al 
Buttei-field Henry, waiter, Plover 
Butterfield Jesse S., F road ab Jefferson 
Butterfield Richard S., mer. 7 Church al 
Butterworth Adam, dyer, Harmstead n Sch 2d 
Butterworth Edmond. twister, 43 Fitler 
Butterworth Henry W., tin pi. worker, 90 High, 

h Charlotte ab Poplar 
Butterworth John, 45 Laurel 
Butterworth John, wool sorter, Hope ab School 
BUTTERW^ORTH JOS., tavern, 91 S Water , 
Butterworth Willoughby, carp. 177 Poplar 
Button Stephen D., architect, S E 4th and 

Butz Adam, dealer, 8 Florence row 
BUTZ GEORGE, tavern, 300 & h 308 N 2d 
Buxton Gilbert, cordw. Girard av ab 12th 
Buzard Edmond, mach., Kessler ab Coates 
Buzby Benjamin C, mer. 137 High, h 541 W 

Buzby & Co., forwarding and com. mers. Broad 

ab Cherry 
Buzby Edmund H., mer.. Broad ab CheiTy 
Ruzby G. L., mer. Broad ab Cherry 
Buzby Harman, mason, 43 Brandywine 
Buzby Hezeklah, W Penn sq n Filbert 
Buzby Hudson, tailor, 264 High, h Noble ab 8th 
Buzby John L., mer.. Broad ab Cherry, h Chest- 
nut n Broad 
Buzby Mary H., cupper and leecher, 127 S 8th 
Buzby Wm., cordw., R road bel Ann (F V) 
Buzine Samuel, cuirier, 18 St John 
Buzzey Mary, Barber's row 
Bye Samuel, shoemr. Clinton ab Poplar 
Bye Samuel K., carp. 8th ab Brown 
Byerley Jeremiah, tavern, 326 S Front 
Byerley John, bootmr. Linden av 

Byrnes Andrew, 433 S 6th 

Byrnes James, tailor, 7th bel Marriott 

B3rnes John, milkman, Marriott bel 6th 

Byrnes Mich., lab. 433 S 6th 

Byron Edward, mach. Kessler ab Coates 

Byron Mary, b h, 132 N 10th 

Bywater Maurice, bookbr., S E 5th Sc Walnut 

Bywaters Wm., ladies' shoemr. 106 Wood 

Bj^vaters "Wm. S., tinsmith, 123 N 11th 

Cabale Louis, hair dresser, 68 S 4th 
Cables Robert, lab. Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Cabot Joseph, mer. 5 AYalnut, h Linden place, 

Spruce n 10th 
Cadbuiy Joel, mer. 32 S Front, h 9 Franklin 
Cade David, warper, Peter's al n Callowhill 
Cade Joiin W., tavern, 333 N Front 
Cade Samuel W., tobacco, 152 Wood 
Cade Wm., b h, 557 Spruce 
CADMUS JEREMIAH, boots and shoes, 266 

Cadmus Michael, mer. S W 3d & High, h 22 

Appletree al 
Cadwalader Chas., com. & fordw. mer. Broad ab 

Cadwalader C, flour dealer, 338 N 3d, h Darby 

Cadwalader Geo., gent. 299 Chestnut 
Cadwalader Isaac, circus, 191 S 9th 
Cadwalader John, atty. & coun. 114 S 4th 
Cadwalader Thos., gent. 353 Chestnut 
Cadwell Edw., moulder, Granite W Sch 6th 
Cadwell Francis, store. Bridge n 3d (M V) 
Cady F. T., teleg. agent, 355 Pine 
Cady Horatio W., barber, 179 Chestnut 
Cafterty John J., bricklr. 75 Union 
Caffertv Vanroom, bricklr. rear 112 Christian 
Caffin Sarah, Carlton bel Sch 2d 




C:ilialey Ann, 3 Relief pi 
Culiill Daniel, porter, Juniper & Lawrence 
Cahill James, store, Hamilton n William 
Caliill James, weaver, 4th ah Master 
Cahill John, lab. Brown ah Somerset 
Caliill Mich., slater, 11th ah Parrish 
. Cahill Patk., porter, rear 137 Plum 
I Cahill Patk., manuf., 13 Dannaker's av 
Cahill Thos., lab. 15 Scott's ct 
Cahill Thos., contractor. Pine st whf. Sch 
Cahill Thos. E., g-rocer, N E Pine st whf. Sch 
Cahn Abraham, clothing-, 172 N 3d 
Cahoon Georg-e, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Cailhopper Chas., carp. 80 Og-den ab 12th 
Cailly Hubert, hair dr., SUA Chestnut 
Cain Alex., pilot, Washing'ton bel 2d 
Cain Andrew, blacksm. Sch 7th bel Pine 
Cain Bernard, teamster, Clearfield n Richmond 

Cain James, stone mason. Wall 
Cain John, waterman, Union al 
Cain Lawrence, lab. Broad ab Mulbeny 
Cain Maurice, waterman. Union al 
Cain Robert, macht., 7 Flower 
Cain Thos. W., Tailor ab Sch 8th 
Cain Wm., cabtmr., N E Sch 6th & Hig-h,h Sch 

7th bel Pine 
Gaines C. M. Oscar, carp. Mechanic 
Cairl Louden S., cabmr. 29 Vernon 
CAIRNES JOHN, paper cai-rier, 221 Wood 
Cake Elizabeth, Chatham bel Green 
Cake Isaac M., atty. and coun., 33 S 5th 
CAKE JACOB F., mer. 3 High 
Cake Joseph, 171 Vine 
Calahan John, weaver. Wagoner's av 
Calaway Geo. H., cabtmr. 104 Prime 
Caldcleugh Robert, M. D., 13 Clinton sq 
Caldcleugh Robert A., gent. 13 Clinton sq 
Calder Saml., pairter, 158 Sassafras, h 57 Green 
Calder Samuel S., tobacconist, 57 Green 
Calder Peter Y., jr., tailor, 3d bel George 
Calder Peter Y., sr., acct., Maiden bel Front 
Calderhead A., carp, weaver, 1 Barker, h St 

Joseph's av 
Caldwell Alex., weaver, Biddle n Fairmount 
Caldwell And., chandler, Sch 3d & Carlton 
Caldwell Ann, 44^ Penn 

Caldwell Arabella, store, Sch 6th 8c Jefferson 
Caldwell A. D., carp., William ab Coates 
Caldwell Charles P., whipmr., 4 N 4th, h 412 

Caldwell Clark, brass brazier, Shippen bel 13th 
Caldwell & Craig, dyers, Clinton alj Franklin 
Caldwell C. W., agent, 168 S 4-th 
Caldwell David, dyer, 199 G road 
Caldwell David, g-rocer, Wallace ab 9th 
Caldwell David W., clerk, 54 Lebanon 
Caldwell Edmund B., mer. 36 S 2d, house 161 

Caldwell Geo., lab. Wilson's ct 
CALDWELL & GHRISKEY, hardware, 40 

Caldwell Henrv, oil cloth mr. Hamilton W Nixon 
CALDWELL" H. A., com. mer., 49 N Water, h 

173 S 3d 
Caldwell J as., tailor, Lombard ab 12th 
Caldwell Jas. E., watchmr. 140 Chestnut, h 601 

W Mulberry 


CALDWEI-L JAS. E. & CO., watchmakers 

140 Chestnut 
Caldwell James S., gent. 164 N 9th 
Caldwell John, importer, 13 Bank, h 17 Mont- 

Caldwell John, trader, Biddle W Nixon 
Caldwell John, bottler, 153 Cherry 
Caldwell John, currier, 348 S 2d 
Caldwell John, grocei-, N W 3d and Plum 
Caldwell John, lamps & oil, 62 N 6th 
Caldwell John A., com. mer. 40 Commerce, h 

198 S 3d 
Caldwell Jonathan, collector, 81 M road 
Caldwell Joseph, dyer, Sch 5th and William, h 

Brasier ab Lloyd 
Caldwell Marg-aret, 10 Shippen 
Caldwell Mary Ann, 394 Brown 
Caldwell Mary &. Ellen, di-y goods. Queen and 

Ross (R) 
Caldwell Matthew, carp. Shippen bel 13th 
Caldwell Robt., carp. Biddle n Fairmount 
Caldwell Robert, stone mason, Brasier 
Caldwell Stephen, clerk, 9 M road 
Caldwell Stephen A., mer. 18 S Front, h 30 

Caldwell Thos., porter, 32 Quince 
Caldwell Thos., coal mer., 12th ab Callowhill, h 

171 Sp Garden 
Caldwell Thomas, mer., 10 Chestnut, h Locust 

n Sch 8th 
Caldwell Wm., salesman, 337 S 3(] 
Caldwell Wm., carp. Cherry ab Broad 
Caldwell Wm., cordw., Coates W Sch 7th 
Caldwell Wm., blacksm. P road ab Federal 
Cale Wesley, plasterer, Erie bel Shippen 
Caleley Marg-. C, fringe weav., 5th bel Redwood 
Calely Edward L., coach lace weaver, St John 

ab Beaver 
Calhoun Adam, jr., brickmr. 19 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Adam, lab., 29 M'Duffie 
Calhoun Andrew, lab. 21 W Cedar 
Calhoun David, lab. Sch 7th bel Washin^on 
Calhoun Ezra, tobacconist, 74 N 9th 
Calhoun James, Lombard E Sch 6th 
Calhoun James, lab. Cedar ab Sch 5th 
Calhoun John, carp. Christian bel Broad 
Calhoun John, machinist, Olive ab 12th 
Calhoun John, lab. 29 M'Duffie 
Calhoun John, grocer, c M'Duffie and Sch 4th 
Calhoun Joseph, cordw. 306 S Front 
Calhoun Samuel, carter, 1 M'Duflie 
Calhoun Wm., biscuit baker, Hamet ab Palmer 
Calhoun Wm., moulder, 6th and G road 
Calkin Ohver, gent. William bel Richmond (R) 
Call James, lab., Sch 8th bel Cedar 
Call Lawrence, hatter, 4 Dilig-ent av 
Calladine Joseph, stocking- weaver. Mechanic ab 

Callaghan Rosanna, milliner, 146 S 11th 
Callahan Andrew, weaver. Filbert E Sch 3d 
Callahan Bernard, shop. Carpenter bel 9th 
Call.ahan Bernard, driver, Jackson ab Brown 
Callahan Catharine, Sch 2d ab Lombard 
Callahan Christopher, lab.. Almond ab Somerse 
Callahan C, lab. 3 Hickory ct 
Callahan Daniel, pedlar, 164 S Front 
Callahan Daniel, finisher, William n Norris 
Callahan David, weaver, 84 W High 



Calkhan Edwd., ^ocer, N W Front and Prime 
Calluhan Eleanor, washer, 2 Lagrange ct 
Callahan Francis, lab. 16 Leed's av 
Callahan Hugh, mani.f. 10th bcl I'itzwatcr 
Callahan Jumcs, stovemr., G T road ab Phoenix 
Callahan James, brass founder, 6 IJrook 
Callahan James, weaver. Clay btl Sch Willow 
Callahan Jcannette, George ub St John 
Callahan John, watchman, 29 Union 
Callalan John, lab., Sch 3d bel Mulberry 
Callahan John, lab., Catharine bel 13th 
Callahan John, lab.. Reach bel Maiden (K) 
Callahan John, lab., Callowhill \V Sch 3d 
Callahan Matthew, rear 124 Flum 
Callahan Michael, lab., Sch 3d and Murray 
Callahan Pati-ick, blacksm., James ab 7th 
Callahan Robert, lab. 9th bel Christi-ui 
Callahan Robert, stoves, 5th and P road 
Callahan S., Richard 
Callahan Timothy, 1 Macleod pi 
Callahan Wm., weaver, Howard ab Piioenix(K) 
Callaii David, shoemr., rear 6th bel Christian 
Callan James, jr., lab., Chestnut E Sch 3d 
Callan John, car driver, Price's ct 
Callan Samuel F., mer. 12 Uecatur 
Calhm Wm., stone mason, 10th bel Catharine 
Callanan Geo. U., dyer, Sch 5th n Mulbeny 
Callart Louis, jeweler, Greenwich bel 2d 
Callay James, shop, 304 S 7th 
Callbreath James F., ladies' shoes, 59 N 8th 
Callen Edward, tavern. Master and Washington 
Caller John, porter, Sch 7th ab Sassafras 
Callender Benj., carp. 13th and Wallace 
Callender James T., hotel, 4th ab Thompson 
Callender Thos. R., periodicals, 88 S 3d 
Callet Eugene P., strop manuf , Parrish E Sch 7th 
Callicot Wm. B., gent. 139 Randolph 
Callinghara James, clerk, 301 S 4th 
Callis John, toys, 132 S 10th 
Calnen Tnos., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Calpin Peter, clerk, 4 Jones' al 
Calvan Alexander, weaver. Otter ab School 
Calver Jas., bonnet press., G T road bel Master 
Calver Wm. G., bonnet presser, 59 N 2d 
Calverly John, manuf. 109 Sassafras 
Calverly Wm. tinsm. 157 Sp Garden 
Calvert Rachel, cupper & leecher, 40 N 8th 
Calvert Thomas, chairmr., Blckham's ct 
Cal\\eII Charles, cooper, Ogden bel 13th 
Camac James, brushmr., rear Federal bel Wash- 
Camac Samuel, brickmr. 14 M'DufRe 
Camblin John, lab. 68 P road 
Gtmblos k Bi-olher, brokers, 22 S 3d 
Camblos Charles, broker, 22 S 3d | 

Caniblos Geo. AV., broker, 22 S 3d, h Locust W 

Sch 6th 
Camjlos Henry S., broker, 22 S 3d 
Cambrin Mary, Carrol ab 13th 
S whfs j 

Cameron Angus, clerk, 9 Logan 
Cameron David W., carp. 9 Logan I 

Cameron Eli, agent, 204 N 12tli ' 

Cameron llannorah, Truxton n Adam 
Cameron Hugh, flour mer., Howard bel Master 
Cameron James, port, painter, 226 Walnut 

j Cameron James 8c Robt., baker, 720 N 2d (K) 
Cameron John, barber. Poplar and Tyler 
Cameron Mary Ann, slioe binder, 1 Ringgold pi 
Cameron Robt., gas fitter, 14 S 8th, h N E F'liz- 

water and Erie 
Cameron Sarah, teacher, 12th and Pearl 
Cameron Saml., grocer, Washington & Oxford 
Cameron Saml., carp, manuf., Hanovcj- ab Duke 
Camm Wm., gent. 356 Mulberry 
Camm Chas. G., mer. 41 S Front, h 356 Mulberry 
Camp David, carter, W Broad bel Coates 
Camp Edw., c-pt.. Queen ab Ball 
Camp Henrv, lithographer, S W 2d and Dock, 

h 24 Duke 
Camp Solomon, cordw. 143 8 11th 
Campbell Adam, weaver. Leopard bel Franklin 
Campbell Alex'r., keeper of M prison, h 474 

Campbell Alex'r., Sec'y. and Treas. Philadel- 
phia, Wilmington and Baltimore R. R. Co., 
7 Libraiy, h 344 S 4th 
Campbell Alex'r., distiller. Front bel Otter 
Campbell Alex'r., gent. 349 Chestnut 
Campbell Alex'r., stone mason, 28 Pratt 
Campbell Alex'r. H., oil manuf., Screw Dock, 
I Penn ab Maiden, h 8th bel Coates 
Campbell Alex'r., paver. Say 
Campbell Ann, Fairmount ab Morris 
Campbell Ann, b. h. 4 Peim 
j Campbell Anthony, tavern, 290 N Front 
Campbell Anthonj', lab., WiUiam ab Benton 
Campbell Archibald, brickmr., Sch 3d bel Pine 
Campbell Archibald, dry goods, 425 N 2d 
Campbell & Ayeis, mer. 65 N 3d 
jCampbell A. B., M. D., 289 Walnut 
Campbell Barney, weaver, Pine n Ashton 
j Campbell Bernard, w.atchman. Perry ct ' 

Campbell Barnet, lab., William bel Centre 
Campbell Bernard, lab., Andeside ab Brown 
Campbell Catharine, 344 S 4th 
I Campbell Catharine, sempstress, 20 Acorn al 
'Campbell Catharine, 5 Leeds av 
Campbell Catharine, shop. Larch bel 10th 
Campbell Christopher, shoemr. 1 Steward 
Campbell Charles, 7 Brazier's av 
[Campbell Charles O. B., mer. 54 N whfs., h 113 

S 9th 
!Campbell C. F. H., M. D., 12th and Wallace 
Campbell Daniel, weaver, Benton n William 
Campbell Daniel, lab. 8 Myer's ct 
Campbell Daniel, boilermr., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Campbell Edward, carp., Jones ab Sch 8th 
JCampbell Edw., lab., Marble ct 
I Campbell Edward, grocer, Richmond ab Hunt- 
I ington 

Campbell Edw. S., attorney, 207 N 6th 
C;-mpbcll Edwin, stereotype set. 306 N 5th 
Campbell Elizabeth, 22 Parham 
Camjjbell P^lizabeth, 3 Smith's ct 
Campbell I'elix, lab.. Redwood ab 4th 
Campbell Franci.s, mer. 93 High 
Campbell Francis, dealer, 464 High 
Campbell P'rancis, ostler, 12 S 10th 
Campbell Francis, 10 Ilelmuth 
Campbell P'rank, st. cutter, Jones E Sch 3d 
Campbell George, atty. and coun. 203 Mulberry 
Campbell George, carter, Benton's la 




Campbell George, lab., Queen ab Ash 
Campbell George W., broker, h Locust W Sob 

Campbell Graham, tavern, Front and Phoenix 
Campbell Ilansh, carter, JefTcrson and Hope 
Campbell Henry, weaver, rear Perry bcl Master 
Campbell Hiram, Pleasant ab (Charles 
Campbell Hiig-li, lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Campbell Hugh, mer. 94 High, h 33 Girard 
Campbell Hugh, Brasier ab Lloyd 
Campbell Hugh M., weaver, Jefferson bel Cad- 

walader (K) 
Campbell Isabella, Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Campbell .lames, stone cvit.. Filbert ab Sch 3d 
Campbell James, foreman, 10th bel Master 
Campbell Jas., coachman, 3 Willow ct 
Campbell Jas., moulder, 228 S 12th 
Campbell Jas., lab. 22 Cedar 
Campbell Jas., lab., Willow W Sch 4th 
Campbell James, judge, 269 Pine 
Campbell James, seaman, 6 Locust 
Campbell James, stone mason, 4 Wheelock's pi 
Campbell James, tavern, N W Master & Howard 
Campbell James, weaver, George ab Sch 7th 
Campbell Jas., charcoal, Sch Front bel Chestnut 
Campbell James, gent., 287 Spruce 
Campbell James, lab., Lafayette bellOth 
Campbell Jas. A., house carp., N W 8th and 

Fitz water 
Campbell Jas. D., hatter, 8 Beaver 
Campbell Jas. M., publisher, 12th and Wallace 
Campbell Jas. R., mer. 91 High, h 368 Chestnut 
Campbell Jas. W., paper hanger. Brown W 

Campbell Jane, Levy ct 
Campbell Jane, 208 Pine 
Campbell Jane, dry goods, 81 Cedar 
Campbell Jeremiah O., com. mer. 34 Mulberry 
Campbell Johanna, spooler, Richard n Sch 6th 
Campbell John, bookseller, 20 S 5tli, h Lom- 
bard n Sch 7th 
Campbell John, weaver. Carpenter ab 8th 
Campbell John, hatter, rear 1 Rachel 
Campbell John, lab., Mulberry ab Sch 4th 
Campbell John, weaver, 22 Winter 
Campbell John, brickmr. 7th bel G T road (K) 
Campbell John, weaver, Adams bel Oxford 
Campbell John, grocer, Columbia and Phoenix 
Campbell John, weaver, 4th and Jefferson (K) 
Campbell John, lab., Virginia n William 
Campbell John, lab., Scli 8th ab Callowhill 
Campbell John, tailor, IIP road 
Campbell John, weaver, Howard ab Phoenix 
Campbell John, bottler. Cedar bel Broad 
Campbell John, pedler, Lombard n Sch 7ih 
Campbell John, porter, rear 196 Cherry 
Campbell John, weaver, Sch 2d and Reeves 
Campbell Jolm, tailor, 3 Townsend pi 
Campbell John, weaver. Master bel Hancock 
Campbell John, tavern, 254 Cedar 
Campbell John, lab.. Pine n Sch 
Campbell John, lab.. Filbert W Sch 4th 
Campbell John H., tobaconist, Poplar ab 9th 
CAMPBELL JOHN H., att'y. and coun. 188 

N 6th 
Campbell Jonathan, carp.. Poplar bel 10th 
Campbell Joseph, millei-, Pleasant ab 12th 
Campbell Jos., weaver. Carpenter ub 13th 

Campbell Jos., carter, 13th ab Cedar 
Campbell Jos., tailor, 2 Gatchell's pi 
Campbell Jos., lab., rear William n Sch 4th 
Campbell Jos., weaver, Cadvvalader bcl Oxford 
Campbell J. L., dealer, S W Front and Green 
Campbell Kenneth, dyer. Master and Hope (K) 
Campbell JIalcolin, treas. 7 Library, h 344 S 4th 
Campbell Margt., tailoress, C5 Walnut 
Camjibcll Margt., Ashton ab Pine 
Campbell Margt., shop, Lombard E Sch 6th 
(Campbell Margt., Pink ab Master 
Campbell Margt., 2 Turner 
Campbell Margt., Philip ab Master (K) 
CAMPBELL MARTIN & CO., diy goods, 94 

Campbell Mary, 32 Crown 
Campbell Marj', 122 Pine 
Campbell Mary, Salmon bel William 
Campbell Mary, AVood ab Queen (K) 
Campbell Mary, Clierry bel Franklin 
Campbell Mary, tailoress, Moore and Church 
Campbell Mary, Carlisle ct 
Campbell Maiy, spooler, 7 W Cedar 
Campbell Mary, N E Fitzwater and Lisle 
Campbell Matthew, lab., Ward's Retreat 
Campbell Matthew, weaver. Perry's ct 
Campbell Michael, cordw., Sch Beech ab Walnut 
Campbell ^lichael, lab., Sutherland av 
Campbell Michael B., slioemr. 7 Roberts' ct 
Campbell Neal, 360 S 5th 

Campbell Neil, weaver, Master bel Hancock(K) 
Campbell Pati-ick, tailor, 295 S 4th 
Campbell Pat., weaver, Cadwaladerbel JeflTerson 
Campbell Pat., lab.. Beach ab Pine 
Campbell Patrick, boatman, Beech ab Walnut 
Campbell Patrick, blacksm., Sch 5th & Chestnut 
Campbell Pati-ick, lab., Sutherland av 
Campbell Patrick, lab., Fairview W Sch 4th. 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Campbell Peter, tailor, Milton ab 11th 
Campbell Peter, weaver, Cadwalader n Oxford 
Campbell &. Pharo, lum. mers., Broad opp Green 
Campbell & Power, booksellers, 20 S oth 
Campbell Quintin, Prest. Penna. Fire Ins. Co., 

134 Walnut, h 124 S 8th 
Campbell Quintin, jr., mer. oS^ S Front, h 229 

Campbell Rachel, 10 Rihl's ct 
Campbell Rachel, M road and Washington 
Campbell Randolph U., waiter, Bedford bel 12th 
Campbell Robert, dyer, Patterson ct 
Campbell Robert, cabman, Carlisle ct 
Campbell Robt., 12 Pine (S) 
Campbell Robt., cordw., Vine bel Nixon 
Campbell Samuel, stone cutter. Mariner 
Campbell Samuel, lab., Taylor's al 
Campbell Samuel, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Campbell Sarah, nurse. Front n Almond 
Campbell Sarah, map colourer, 7th ab Poplar 
Campbell Sarah, George E Sch 2d 
CAMPBELL ST. GEORGE T., attv. 8c coun., 

94 S 4th 
Campbell Step. B., mer. 65 N 3d, h 19 Franklin 
Campbell Susan, dry goods, Queen bcl Shacka- 

Campbell Thos., driver, 4th and Jefferson(K) 
Campbell Thos., lab.. Factory 
Campbell Thos., miller, rear 16 Pleasant 




Campbell Thos., confcct., Lombard n Sch 2d 
Campbell Thos., boatman, Hamilton n Sch 
Campbell Thos., lab., Dorothy E Sch 3d 
Campbell TrisUmi, 119 New Market 
Campbell T. & J. U., halters, 540 N 2d 
Campbell Wm., carp., "Winter ab Sch 3d 
Campbell Wm., N E Cedar and 3d 
Campbell Wm., weaver, Howell 
Campbell "\Vm., liimb. mer., h Callowhill ab 11th 
Campbell AVm., drayman, Catharine bel 13th 
Campbell Wm., plasterer, Wood ab Sch Front 
Campbell Wm., dealer, 11 Kenworthy ct 
Campbell Wm., blacksm., rear 7 Bread 
Campbell Wm., cn^aver, Sch Front and Vine 
Campbell AVm., lab., rear Biddle n Nixon 
Campbell Wm., moulder, rear F road ab Phanix 
Campbell Wm., carp., S E Sch 5th & High 
CAMPBELL WISI., grocer, 197 S 7th 


Cannon Chas., shop, Callowhill ab William 
Cannon Daniel B., gent. 73 Pine 
CANNON DENNIS, groc, S E St. Mary's & 7th 
Cannon Elijah, lab., rear 396 Brown 
Cannon Elizabeth, Haverford ab 5th (M V) 
Cannon Henry, Lb., 7th bel Dickerson 
Camion Hugh, sculptor, Spruce ab Sch 7th, h 

12 Diigan 
Cannon James, tinsmitli, 240 Callowhill, h 

Franklin row 
Cannon Jas., salesman. Larch ab Wallace 
Cannon Jas., weaver, 4 Derringer's av (K) 
Cannon John, lab., Milton bel 11th 
Cannon John, stone mason. Cedar bel Sch 5th 
Cannon John, lab., Ann E Sch 2d 
Cannon John, beamer, 8 Burr's ct 
Cannon John, painter, Howard ab Master (K) 
Cannon Patrick, shop, 50 Currant al 

Campbell Wm., morocco dres.,rear 95 O Y road ^ Cannon Pat., lab., Louty's pi 

Campbell Wm., fur. cars, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 

Campbell Wm., lab., Cedar av 

Campbell Wm., grocer, 7th h Fitzwater 

Campbell Wm. T., clerk, 18 Union al 

Campher G. W., hotel, 39 P road 

Campion John, hair chesser, 23 N 6th _ . 

Campion Jos. H., cabmr.,161 S 2d, h 25 Spruce Canon Jas., tinsm., 327^ High, h 25 W North 

Campion N. F., Richmond la n F road Canon John, tinsm., N Y. 8th and High, h 4 

Cannon Roderick, baker. Carpenter ab 7tli 
Cannon Thos., stonecutter, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Cannon W. A., tinsm. 2d &. Laurel, h 16 Parrish 
Cannor Jas., lab.. Linden W Sch 8th 
Cannor John, lab., Harper's ct, E Sch 4th 
Canon James, lab., Dorothy ab Sch 4th 


Campion Thomas, coffee roast., h 27 Branch 
Canan Peter, carter, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Canavan John, lab., AVashington and Jefferson 
Canavan Hugh, blacksm., 278 Wood 
Canavan James, wool dealer, 5th ab Franklm 
Canavan John, carter, 12th and Willow 
Canavan John, sklndres., 6th bel Master (K) 
Canavan Joseph, tailor, Larch ab 9th 
Canby Charles, plumber, 115 Mulberry 

Division st 
Canon Sarah, dressmr., 3 Benton 
Canon W. W., engineer. Vine ab Broad 
Canster Jacob, shoemr., Buttonwood bel 10th 
Canter J. H., cooper, 46 N 2d, h Sch 5th bel 

Cantlan Richard, lab., 3 Harper's ct (S) 
Cantlin John, lab. 1 Pine al 
Canton Patrick, shoemr., Crans' ct 

Canby Caleb H., plumber, 115 Mulberry, h 36 Cantrell John A., druggist, 2d and Carpenter 

Branch Cantwell Michael, lab., Lombard & AVillow 

Canby C. H. & Sons, plum'rs., 115 Mulberry Cantwell Nicholas, Rev., 124 Queen 
Canby Isaiah, agent, Sch 6th ab Mulberry I Canty Miles, lab., Murray W Sch 3d 

Canby Jno., plumber, 115 Mulberiy, h 43 Wash-'Cany Mary, gentw. 500 Vine 

ington ab 10th iCapehart Henry, cordw., Hanover bel Franklin 

Canby Joseph, china ware, N W 8th 8c CheiTy ICapehart Sophia, Grim's ct 
Canby Samuel T., mer. 163 High, h 158 N 5th jCapehart William, bricklr., Shackamaxon ab 
Canby Sc Stackhouse, conveyancers, S E 4th and, Franklin 

Branch jCapewell & Brother, glass manuf. 11 Jlinor 

Candelet Allen, manuf. 12th and Willow, h Pine; Capewell James, mer., 11 Minor, h Kaighn's P 

W Sch 3d 
Ganders John, lab. 39 W Cedar 
Candldus Wm., piano mr. 11th bel Master 
Candy Thos. D., mach., Allen ab Marlboro' 
Cane Christopher, lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Cane Harriet, washer, 96 Gaskill 
Cane James, clerk, 9 Tammany ct 
Cane Mercy, Chester ct 
Caner Michael, coachmr. 205 S 7th 
Canfield N., broker, 51 Chestnut 
Cann James M., engineer, 553 Vine 

Capewell John, mer. 11 Minor, h Kaighn's P 
Capewell Joseph E., chlnaware, 467 N 2d 
Capie John, seaman, 9 Reckless 
Capp Geo,, cabinetmr., 7 Meyer's ct 
Capp John C, mer., 148 N l2th 
Capp Saml., mer., 13 Sassafras 
Capper John, weaver, Oxford bel Front 
Cappus August, shop, 27 Tammany 
Caraher James, carter. Federal ab 7th 
Carbay Peter, porter, rear 111 Dillwyn 
Carberry Edw., lab., Richmond ab Ann 
Carberry Lawrence, lab.. Cedar n Sch river 
Carberry Thos., kb. 36 St Mary 

Cann John, vict., Hanover and Jackson (K) 

Cann Mary, 20 Olive 

Cannell S. W., mer. 8 N Front, h Walnut bel! Carberry ^^^t giocer, Higii n Sch 4th 

Sch 51h Carbin Aug., carp., 90 German 

Canning George, 62 13th ab Pine Carbin Elizabeth, 4 Ballenger's av 

Canning Maiy, dressmr. 100 Filbei-t Carbray Peter, sawyer. Union ab Franklin 

Canning Matthew, stonecutter, 1 Scott's ct Carbray Rosanna, Front ab Franklin 

Canning Thos., provls., Callowhill n Falrmount Carbray Wm., weaver, Fitler n Harrison (K) 
Canning Wm., refectory, 84 S 2d, h N W 5th & Cardcll Arthur, bootmr., 4 Reid's av 

Prune Garden Jas., lab., Sch Beach ab Walnut 




GARDEN NICHOLAS, Star tavern, Broad & 

Carclen Uichard, weaver, Hampton n Sch 2(1 
Carclcn 'I'iionias, dealer, Cherry ah lltli 
Carde/.a Joseph M., g-eut. 15 Scheetz 
Cardiff John, drayman, rear 207 Christian 
Caldwell & Bray, com. mers. 15 Church al 
Cardwell Henry, conductor, Huston and Duke 
Cardwell John, paint. & plast., 13th ab Cedar 
Cardwell Robert T., dentist, 217 Walnut 
Cardwell Thomas C, mer. 15 Churcli al 
Cardwell Timothy, lab., William ab Richmond 
Cardwell Wm., painter. Plover 
Cardwell Wm. C, mer. 15 Church al 
Care Lewis, tinsm., 344 High, h Winter 
Care Mary, 4 Townsend's pi 
Care M. J., Miss, b h, 212 Chestnut 
Care Rachel, 4 Townsend's pi 
Care Wm., currier, h Sch Stli ab Fairvlew 
CARELS WM., JR., Bolivar House, 201 & 203 

Caress Richard, cablnetmr., 293 N 3d 
Carey Ann Eliza, teachei-, Rose al 
Carey Edward, butcher, 595 S 2d 
Carey Isaac, moroc. dr., Fraley's ct (K) 
Carey James, tavern, George and Juniper la 
Carey James, lab., Mary W Beach 
Carey John, lab. 2d bel Greenwich 
Carey John, drayman. Barker bel Sch 5th 
Carey John, lab., 162 Swanson 
Carey Mary Ann, Reckless ct 
Carey Maria, 290 Walnut 
Carey Michel, tailor, 10th below Milton 
Carey Robert, saddle and harnessmr. 31 S 4th, 

h Washington bel 4th 
Carey Samuel, Summer ab Sch 7th 
Carey Stephen, engineer, rear 81 Poplar 
Carey Thomas, lab., Mackey n Corn 
Carey Wm., lab., Salmon and Somerset 
Carey Wm., cordw. 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Carey Wm., flour and feed store, h High W 

Sch 3d 
Carfrey Charles, shoemr., Whillden's ct 
Carfrey Wm. R., cordw. 4th bel Jefferson 
Carhart Samuel, cordw., N W Little Dock and 

Spruce, h 38 Almond 
Carle John, stonecutter, Barker n Sch 4th 
Carl Catharine, Harrison 
Carl Jacob, Pennsylvania av 
Carl Wm., musician, 171 N 13th 
Carles Samuel, gilder, 8th ab Girard av 
Carley Eliza, KorndaflTer's ct 
Carley James, 7 Louisa av 
Carlile Amos, g-rocer, 124 Franklin 
Carlile A., clerk, 227 Coates 
Carlile John, cordw., Callowhill bel Sch 6th 
Carlile Jos. J., clerk, Haverford ab 4th (M V) 
Carlile Wm., machinist, 132 N 11th 
Carlile Wm. B., shoemr. 256 Mulberry 
Carlin Cath., washer, 168 S lltli 
Carlin Edw., lab.. Mechanic's ct 
Carlin Elizabeth, Pearson's ct 
Carlin George, carp.. Mechanic 
Carlin Hannah, grocer, 51 I'ltzwater 
Carlin Henrv, carp., Lybrand's ct (K) 
CA]{L1N HUGH, taveVn, 3d and Shippen 
Carlin James, lab., Fairview E Sch 3d 
Cai'lin James, tailor, 293 Cedar 

Carlin John, cordw., Hairison's av 

Carlin John, tailor, 76 Union 

CARLIN JOHN, tavern. Beach & York (K) 

Carlin Jonathan, tavern, S W Apple & George 

Carlin Margaret, Harrison 

Carlin Martha, Lombard n Sch 6th 

Carlin Mary, 69 S Front 

Carlin Mary, washer, Parker's al 

Carlin Michael, lab., Carlton n Sch 2d 

Carlin Michael, shoemr., Sch 5th &, Lombard 

Carlin Patrick, shoemr., Callowhill n William 

Carlin Patrick, lab., Sch Beech n George 

Carlin Philip, huckster, Moore n Church 

Carlin Philip, feed, Broad bel Lombard 

Carlin Wm., bricklayer, 12 Juniper al 

Carlin Wm., carter, Fitzwater ab Broad 

Carlin Wm., cordw., S W 6th and Lombard 

CARLIN W. J., tavern. Dock and Water 

Carlind Saml., stevedore. Little Oak 

Carlisle David, N 6th n Coates 

CARLISLE & GASKILL, com. mers. 48 N 

whfs. and 97 N Water 
Carlisle Henry, combmr. 19 St. James, h 38 

N 8th 
Carlisle James, sea capt. 149 Swanson 
Carlisle J. Don, atty. 139 S 5th 
Carlisle Mary Ann, 77 Green 
Carlisle Pat., lab.. Maple bel Larch 
Carlisle Wm., jr., mer. 97 N Water, h Cherry 

W Broad 
CARLLEY GEORGE W., tobacco, S W Maria 

and 2d 
Carlon Charles, tailor, 36 Middle al 
Carlon James, lab., Pemberton 
Carloss Wm., gilder, 641 N 3d 
Carlton Ann, 145 Spruce 
Carlton Francis, weaver, Washington above 

Carlton H. P., agent, 159 Chestnut 
Carlton Thos., carp. 190 Cherry 
Carmack Isaac, 20 Bay st 
Carman Jane, Ontario bel Poplar 
Carman James H., saddletreemaker Washington 

ab 5th 
Carman J. C, agent. Poplar E Sch 4th (F V) 
Carman Stephen, locksm. 10 Chester 
Carman Susannah, 390 S 3d , 

Carman Thomas 204 Mulberry 
Carman Wilson P., varnlshmr. 4th 8c Marshall 
CARMICHAEL JAMES, oil clotli manuf. 129 

N 3d, h 608 N 3d 
Carmlchael Jennett, 4th ab Thompson 
Carmlchael John, bottler. Broad above Shippen 
Carmick Louis, mer.. Pine W Sch 3d 
Carmick Susan, Mrs. 125 I^ombard 
Carnahan A. & M., milliners, High ab Sch 6th 
Carnahan D K., Miss, teacher, 268 N 6th 
Carnahan Robert, weaver, Jackson n Palmer (K) 
Carnahan Sarah Ann, Elizabeth ct 
Carnahan S. R., engineer. Willow E Sch 3d 
Carnahan Wm., coachman, rear 207 Locust 
Carnavan Bernard, tailor, Matamoras pi 
CARNELL CHARLES, brick press manuf., GT 

roadab 5th (K) 
Carnell Wm., coachmr., G T road ab 5th (K) 
Carnes Henry, waterman. Poplar ab Beach (K) 
Carney Arthur, tavern. Green & AVaslilngtou 
Carney Baith, lab.. Front bel Greenwich 

CAR 62 

Carney Bernard L., hats & caps, 188 S 5th 

Carney Edw., lab. 2 John's ct 

Carney Elizabeth, Sch 8th and Parrish 

Carney James, bricklayer, 188 S 5tii 

Carney Jas., carp., 184 Shippen 

Carney John, weaver, 4th ab JefTerson (K) 

Carney Jolin, stone cutter, Sch 7th ab Callowhiil 

Carney Leach, washer, Warren bel 12th 

Carney Lydia B., tailoress, Scott's ct 

Carney Michael, weaver, Willis' ct 

Carney Pat. lab. Front bel Greenwich 

Carney Robert, lab.. Western pi 

Carney Tlios., lab. Somerset ab R road 

Carney Thos. lab. 6 Gaskill 

Carney Wm., lab., Tyler ab Poplar 

Carney Wm., stonecutter, rear 2d bel Master 

Cams Chas. W. brickmr., Harrison N Sch 3d 

Cams Edward, well dig-g-er, 247 S 6th 

Cams Joseph, drayman, Sch 3d bel Georg'e 

Cams Robt. tavern, G T road & Master (K) 

Cams Saml., N E Owen and Juniper 

Cardan Bernard, g-ard., JefFerson W Sch 5th 

Carolin Jno. porter, 2 Steel's ct 

Carolus Elizabeth, cupper, Charlotte ab Brown 

Carolus Fred, locksm. Keyser's row (K) 

Carolus Jacob, cordw. 2 Maple 

Caron E. A. dry g-oods, 266 S 2d 

Carpenter Abra., conductor, Oak bel Mansion 

(W P) 
Carpenter Charles A. blacksm. 78 Penn 
Carpenter Charles R., morocco di-esser, Coates 

bet llih and 12th 
Carpenter Charles S. ice mer. 50 O Y road, h 

127 O Y road 
Carpenter Conrad, butcher, R road ab Girard av 
Carpenter D. H. surg-. inst. mr. 190 Marshall 
Carpenter D. L. teacher of dancing-. Assembly 

Build., h 2 Carlton sq 
Carpenter Edwd., conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h 

Sch 8th bel Spruce ' 
Carpenter Edward, machinist, Washington bel 

Carpenter Eliza, 25 Palmyra sq 
Carpenter Francis, tailor, 48 S 3d, h N W 3d & 

Carpenter George, clerk. Wood bel 12th 
Carpenter Georg-e W. drugg-ist, 301 High, house 

Germ an town 
CARPENTER G. W. & CO., druggists, 301 

Carpenter Henrj' M., cordw. 265 S 2d 
Carpenter James B. tailor, 39 Commerce 
Carpenter James H. cabman, Sch 7th ab Filbert 
Carpenter John, carp. 15 Ogden 
Carpenter John D. blacksm. Apple bel George 
Carpenter John E. rule mr.. Poplar ab 3d 
Carpenter Jos. carp. 199 St John 
Carpenter Josh, paint. 226 Juniper bel Spruce 
Carpenter Margaret, rear 45 M road 
Carpenter Mary, 63 Christian 
Carpenter Mary, truck woman, Broad bel Coates 
Carpenter Mary A. 81 Tammany 
Carpenter Miles, lab., Noble n 6 Y road 
Carpenter M. H. hatter, 305 N 2d 
Carpenter Samuel, bookbinder, 47 Wood 
Carpenter Samuel H. 76^ Walnut, h 117 S 8th 
Carpenter Samuel P. 11th bel Parrish 
Carpenter Sarah, trimmings, 64 S 12th 


Carpenter Sarah C. milliner, 17 S 2d 
Carpenter Thos, hatter, 19 N 4th 
Carpenter Tlios. M. titilor, Clinton bel Poplar 
Carpenter Wm. lab. 5 Lombard ct 
Carpenter Wm. lab. 20 Shippen 
Carpenter Wm. tailor, 46 S 3d, h 183 S 5th 
CARPENTER W. 8c F. lailors, 48 S 3d 
Carpentier John C. oil manuf., Chestnut (W P) 

onice 123 S Front 
Carpentier the Misses, young ladies' school, 326 

Carr Abigail, Kneass'ct 

Carr Adam, mer. 7 Commerce, h 126 Franklin 
Carr David, lab. Somerset & Duke 
Carr Charles, warper, G T road bel 6th (K) 
Can- Chas. sawyer. Pine ab Warren (W P) 
Carr Chas. lamp and gun manuf. 106 Cedar 
Carr Chas. lab., rear Carpenter ab 12th 
Carr Daniel, grocei-, 7th & Baker 
Carr David, porter, 27 Pratt 
Carr Edward, lab. 2 Ricliardson's ct 
Carr Edward, lab., Ann E Sch 3d 
Carr Edward, mer. 23 Clmrch al, h 19 Clinton 
CARR EDWARD W., newspa. and telegraph 

agent, N W 3d & Walnut, h 440 N 4th 
Carr Edwin, jeweler, 36 Beaver 
Carr Eliza, dry goods, 619 S 2d 
Carr Elizabeth, gentw. 86 F"ranklin 
Carr Geo. tavern, 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Carr Geo. lab., rear Marriott ab 5th 
Carr Geo. W. manuf 492 N 5th 
Carr Gregory, lab., Washington av n Coates st. 

Carr Henry, coachman, rear 25 Appletree al 
Carr James, grocer, 109 Cherry 
Carr James, weaver, Sch Water bel Lombard 
Carr James, lab., Ashton & Walnut 
Carr James, lead worker, Ann n Sch 2d 
Carr James, shop, 137 Locust 
Carr Jas. lab., iloore's ct 
CARR JAMES H. conveyancer and real estate 

agent, 141 Walnut 
Carr James M. glass cutter, Duke bel Wood 
Carr Jane, Mrs., b h, 131 S 3d 
Carr John, dealer, 5 Littleboy's ct 
Carr John, lab.. Cooper n Sch 3d 
Carr John, vict. Marlboro' ab Duke 
Carr John, glass blower, Duke n Wood (K) 
Carr John, weaver, Sch 5tli bel Cedar 
Carr John, lab. 13 Vernon 
Carr John, weaver. Derringer's av 
Carr John, carp. 16 Branner's al 
Carr John, soap boiler, Callowhiil ab Sch 3d 
Can* John, blacksm., Rio Grand pi 
Carr John G. manuf. 492 N 5th 
Carr John W. frame mr. 6 Lybrand 
Carr Joseph, plumber, 9th ab Parrish 
Carr J. G. &. G. W., dry goods, S E 5th and 

Poplar and 135 N 3d 
Carr Littleton, porter, 2 Salem 
Carr Maria, gentw. 52 Lombard 
Carr Mary, Marker ab 2d 
Carr Matthew, plumber, Sch 4th ab Pine 
Carr Michael, weaver, G T road bel JefTerson 
CaiT Miles, lab., Salmon bel Ann 
Carr Patience, washer, 55 Currant al 
Carr Pat. blacksmith, Ann ab R road (F V) 
Can* Rebecca, George E Beach 




Carr R\^chard, lithog. printer, Little Washing'ton 

bel 7tli 
Carr Uolicrt, Sch 6th ab Cedar 
Carr Robert, weaver, 27 \V Cedar 
CARR RORT., g-rocer, S E Front & Catharine 
tiarr & Roberts, Misses, teaciiers, 118 Sprncc 
Carr Sannue], blacksm., Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Carr Samuel, slioemr. 4 Tarr's ct 
Carr Samuel, rf)pc nn-., Rrown ab Cumberland 
Carr Saml. M. letter carrier, 32 Carlton 
Carr Thos. lab. 13th ab Shippen 
Carr VVm. tailoi', Fitzwatcr ab Broad 
Carr Win. bootmr. 497 Vine 
Carr AVm. carter, Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Carr AVm. engraver, 13 Pine 
Carr Wm., lab., rear Shackamaxon bel Bedford 
Carr Wm. gardener, 9 W Cedar 
CaiT Wm. H., hardware, 5 Commerce, h 131 

S 3d 
Carr Wm. R. oysterman, 143 Lombard 
Carrawan John, lab. Tyler ab Poplar 
Carre Lewis J. tinman. Winter bel Sch 2d 
Carrell James, carp., Russell 
Carrell John, tavern, Swanson and Beck 
Carrick Alex., baker, Sch 4th ab High 
Carrick & Brown, blacksm., Callowhill W Nixon 
Carrick Robert, lab. Sch 4th bel Lombard 
Carrick Thos. blacksm., Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Carrier Wm. slioemr. 3 Reid's av 
Carrig-an Anthony, lab., Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Carrigan Catharine, Spruce W Beach 
Carrigan Daniel, lab., Locust bel Sch 2d 
Carrigan Jacob J. clerk, Hanover bel West (K) 
Carrigan James, umb. frame mr., rear 110 Ca- 
Carrigan James, lab., 26 Gaskill 
Carrigan Matthew, dealer, Eagle ct 
Carrigan Wm. loom boss, Centre W William 
Carrington Wm. M. mer. 22 Chestnut 
Carroll Amelia, 216 S 7th 
Carroll Bridget, 132 S Water 
Carroll David W. tavern, Beach &. Maiden (K) 
Carroll D. L., Rev., D. D., 332 Filbert 
Carroll E. A. ship and insurance broker, 18 

Library, h Catharine bel 7th 
CARROLL & GLINN, tavern. Broad ab Sas- 
Carroll Henry, brickmr.. Chestnut W Sch 3d 
Carroll Hugh, tavern. Broad ab Sassafras 
Carroll Hugli, lab. Freeston ct 
Carroll James, harnessmr. Abbott's ct 
CaiToll James, stone mason, Carroll's ct 
Carroll Jas. lab., Susannah bel Riclimond 
Carroll Jas. carman, Sch 4th bel High 
Carroll Jas. cordw., WiUiam ab Hamilton 
Carroll John, carp.. Federal ab 7th 
Carroll John, fruiterer, rear 242 Christian 
Carrol) John, weaver, Lombard ab Sch 6th 
Carroll Jolin, porter, 3 Shaffer's ct 
CARROLL JOHN, tav., Master & Cadwalader 
Carroll John, lab. 11 Marshall's ct 
Carroll Joseph, paper mr. 12 Decatur, h 6th bel 

Carroll Mary L. trimmings, 13th ab Wood 
Carroll Maurice, slioemr. 18 Jones' al, h 2 Chan- 
cery la 
CaiToIl :Michael, lab. Man-iott bel 5th 
Carroll Miles, g-as fitter, 435 Vine 

Carroll Patrick, tailor, 153 Green 

Carroll Patrick, porter, James 

Carroll Patrick, lab. 8 Federal 

Carroll Patrick, bricklay. 5 Central pi 

Carroll Patrick, lab., rear Lehigh 

Carroll Peter, blacksm.. Clay bel Beach 

Carroll Saml. painter, 318 Pine 

Carroll Sus;ui, 4 Gari'igues' ct 

CARROLL THOMAS, tavern, 30 High 

Carroll Thos. glass blower. Queen ab York (K) 

Carroll Thos. lab., Sch 2d & Filbert 

Carroll Timothy, watchman Com, Bank, Offden 

bel 12th 
Carroll Wm. grocer, N W 2d 8c Jefferson (K) 
Carrow John, jewelcry manufac, 5 Bank al, h 

Catharine bel 7th 
Carrutliers James, whipmr. 239 St John 
Carry Pat. lab., Duke bel Palmer (K) 
Carryl Wm. H. curtain materials, 218 Chestnut 
Carse Mary, milliner, 2035 Cedar 
Carsley Joseph, blacksm., Ringgold pi 
Carson Anne, dressmr. 36 Coates' al 
Carson Barbara, Simes n Sch Front 
Carson Eliza, 276 Wood bel Broad 
Carson George, lab., Lombard bel Juniper 
Carson Geo. C. mer. 39 S whfs, h 609 Spi'uce 

ab Broad 
Carson Hannah, Dean ab Locust 
Carson Harbert J. seaman, 35 Penn 
CARSON & HELMUTH, mer.bro., 65 S Front 
Carson Henry, carp.. Elbow la, h 99 O Y road 
Carson Henrv, cot. brok., 65 S Front 
CARSON h! L. mer. 14 N Front; 
Carson Jane, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Carson Jas. saddler, 13 Steward 
Carson Jas. lab., Jones bel Sch 4th 
Carson John, carp. 381 Marshall 
Carson John, shop, 152 Brown 
Carson John, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson 
Carson John, weaver, Biddle W Nixon 
Carson John M. brickmr., Carlton ab 13th 
Carson Jos. weaver, Lombard bel Sch 2d 
Carson Jos., M. D., 1 Virginia row 
Carson Martha, dressmr., Sell 6th bel Lombard 
CARSON & NEWBOLD, mers. 39 S whfs 
Carson Robt. weaver, Front bel Master 
Carson Robt., bricklayer. Centre bel Mary 
Carson Samuel, weaver, 255 S 3d 
Carson Thos. grocer, 207 G T road (K) 
Carson Thos. grocer, N W 12th & Wood 
Carson Thos. potter, 7 Carlton 
Carson Thos. B. 399 Brown 
Carstairs Chas. S. mer. 86 S Front, h 31 Lom- 
Carstairs David, mer. 112 S whfs, li31 Lombard 
Carstairs James, mer. 112 S whfs, h 31 Lombard 
Carswell Matthew W. 7th ab Brown 
Carter Abraham, cai-p., 18 Gray's al, h 30 El- 

freth's al 

Carter Amos, carter. Orange ab Washington 
Carter And., g-lass stainer, 9th ab Federal 
Carter Ann, rear Middle al 
Carter Chas., M. D., Sch 5th ab Mulberry 
Carter Charles Ignatius H., Rev., Sp Garden 

ab 11th 

Carter Chas. R. wheelwt., Shippen la & Bedford 
Carter Daniel, lab. 51 Currant al 
Carter Dennis, musician, Bayard 




Carter Edward, bricklr., Pleasant bcl 13th 

Carter Edw. L„ M. D., N W 9tli & Cedar 

Carter Eliza C, 46 S l.Stli 

Carter Elizabeth, 14 Union al 

Carter Elizabeth, Buttonwood bel 12th ^ 

Carter George, mason, Lancaster Pike n Pai'k 

Carter Geo., chairmr. Randolph & Wag-cr 
Carter Geo., tobacco, 90 N 5tli 
Carter Harrison G., mcr. 49 S 3d, h 327 S 10th 
Carter Ilumplirey, waiter, 1 Liberty ct 
Carter Jacob, g-ent. 50 Wallace 
Carter Jas., jr., mer. 23 Church ul, h 274 N 8th 
Carter James T., h 39 N Sell 8th 
Carter John, shipwt.. Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Carter John, jr., carp. Queen ab Shackamaxon 
Carter Johii, chem. 84 Arch, h 105 S 12th 
Carter John, cordw. 29 O Y road 
Carter John, lab. Miles' ct 
Ciirter Josiah, hatter, 2 James 
Carter J. G., cooper, 45 Commerce, h 9th above 

Carter Margaret, gentw. 137 N 9th 
Carter Mary, 10 Elmslie's al 
Carter Mary, huckster, 55 Mead 
Carter M. G., cordw. Washington and Moore 

Carter Noah, waiter. Lisle 
Carter O. C. B., pianos, 171 Chestnut 
Carter Rebecca, Lemon 
CARTER RESTORE, mer. 11 N 3d 
Carter Robt. T., hotel. Pine st. whf., h 394 S 5th 
Carter Robt. W., combs & variety stoee, 55^ N 

8th, h 204i Chestnut 
Carter Sarah, Conrad's ct 

CARTER & SCATTERGOOD, manuf. chem- 
ists, 84 Mulberry, laboratory S W Sch 4th 

and Pine 
Carter Sharon, collector, 105 Buttonwood 
Carter Stewart, 6 Clarence row 
CARTER WM. J., druggist, S W Sch 7th and 

Carter Wm. L., M. D., 420 N 12th 
Carter Wm. T., broker, h 274 Pine 
Carteret Emily, capmr. 187 Pine 
Carteret Jos. W., undertaker, 6th and Queen 
Carteret Wm. M., dry goods, Sch 8th below 

Cartledge Jos., stone cut., Federal bel 10th 
Cartwright Mary, 46 George (S) 
Cartwright Matthew, tin worker, 456 N 3d 
Carty Chas., capt. 66 Catharine 
Carty Elizabeth, Catharine st. whf. 
Carty Elizabeth, 8th ab Christian 
Carty John R., carp. G T road bel 6th 
Carty Sumpter, cordw., 22 North 
Cai'ver Alexander B., conveyancer, S W 9th and 

Filbert, h 12th bel Cherry 
CARVER A. B. & CO., conveyancers, S W 9th 

and Filbert 
Carver Benedict, carp. 12th and Melon 
Carver David, Vine and 3d 
Carver Hannah, b h, 608 Callowhill 
Carver Isaac, turner, 31 Dock, h 415 S 3d 
Carver Jacob, currier, Lancaster ab Reed 
Carver Jacob, umbrellas, Palmer n F road 
Carver Jacob, conveyancer, S W 9th & Filbert, 

h 410 Vine 

Car\-cr John E., architect, 51 N 6th, h 9th ab 

Carver John R., carp. 6 Rittenhonse 
Carver Margt., Palmer bel F road (K) 
Carver Samuel, atty. at law, S W 9th &. Filbert 
Carver Thos. H., salesman. Wager 
Carvill Rebecca, 2d ab Montgomeiy (K) 
Carvill Wm., weaver, Perry bel Master 
Carvin Matthew, phusteres, 5th ab Redwood 
Carvin AVm., fuller, 7 Church av 
Gary Ephraim, lab.. Carpenter ab 13th 
Cary Mary, 495 Vine 

Case Ambrose, cordw., Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Case John, tailor, 1 Mary's ct 
CASE SAMUEL H., dry goods, S E 9th and 

High, his 9th 
Casely Alexander, carp., 409 S 3d 
Casey Arthur, pap. stainer, Becket ab Sch 7th 
Casey Francis, weaver, Simon's ct (K) 
Casey 8c Guyant, glass cutter. Quarry n Bread 
Casey James, tavern, 211 S 6th 
Casey James, tailor, Washington ab 9th 
CASEY JAMES, note & bill bro. 46i Walnut 
Casey James, hatter, 5 Hood's ct 
Casey James D., glass cutter. Quarry n Bread, 

h Vienna ab Queen 
Casey John, grocer, 186 Sassafras 
Casey John, weaver, Otter ab School 
Casey John, carp. Sch Water bel Lombard 
Casey John, dyer, Philip bel Jefferson 
Casey John, lab., Sch 5th bel Cedar 
Casey John F., paper hanger. Rye ab Reed 
Casey Jos., carp, rear Lombard E Sch 6th 
Casey Michael, lab. 6 Lane's ct 
Casey Michael, shoemr., 35 Crown 
Casey & M'Aleer, ladies' shoemr. 266 Sassafras 
Casey Patrick, lab. Myrtle bel I2th 
Casey Peter, lab. Cadwalader & Phoenix (K) 
Casey Thos., lab., 8 Relief pi 
Casey Wm., brass stamper, rear 9 Crown 
CASH ANDREW D., conveyancer, 80 Walnut, 

h 422 Spruce ab 12th • 
Cash A. D. & J. Spering, conveyrs., 80 Walnut 
Cash Elizabeth, wid. of Thomas, 103 Franklin 
Cash Elizabetli, Ann E Sch 4th (F V) 
Cash Geo. S., mer. 11 N 6th 
Cash John S., coal mer., S E Broad 8c Callow- 
hill, h 13th ab Green 
Cash Mrs., Hancock ab Harrison (K) 
Cashman Edw., combmr. Naglee's ct 
Caskel Elizabeth, b h, Paschal's albel O Y road 
Caskey Ann, b h, 120 S 8th 
Caskey Hannah, 76 F road 
Caskey Jas., carter. Front and Callowhill 
Caskey John, weaver, Hope ab Phanix (K) 
Caskey John, grocer, Linn and Nixon 
CASKEY JOS., groceries & flour, 446 High 
Caslaw John, weaver, 10th bel Catharine 
Casperson Ann, 3 Cox 

Casperson Saml., boatman. Church ab Prime 
Cass Moses, Washinglon ab Rose (W P) 
Cass P., attorney, 125 Vine 
Cassady Bernard, 293 S 7th 
Cassady Bernard, lab. G T road ab Master 
Cassady Chas., weaver, 2d ab Master (K) 
Cassady Dennis, painter, 4 Fui'long's ct 
Cassady Elizabeth, Donnelly's ct 
Cassady Felix, carter, Cadwalader bel Oxford 




Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
Cassad)' Francis, painter, 4 Powell's row 
Cassady Francis, weaver, G T road bel Jefferson 
Cassady Francis, lab. Somerset ab Salmond 
Cassady Henry, sef^ai-mr. 302 S 4tb 
Cassady Hug'b, pedlar. Willow ab Pine 
Cassady Hug'b, lab., 1 Furloug-li's ct 
Cassady Hug^h, nier. 32 Walnut, h 9 Lewis (S) 
Cassady Hiig-h, collector, 63 New 
Cassady James, l)iitcber, Reed ab 8th 
CASSADY JAMES W., gTocer, 264 S 2d 
Cassady Jolin, baker, 130 N 4tli 
Cassady John, sbop, 3 Little Oak 
Cassady John, carp. 328 Carpenter 
Cassady Jolin 1$., florist, Otter n William 
Cassady Mai-g'aret, pawn broker, 196 Cedar 
Cassady Micluiel, dealer, 434 S 6th 
Cassady Michael, dealer, 63 S 4th 
Cassad}' Michael, lab. Clymer st 
Cassady Park II., 29 Log'an's sq 
Cassady Patk., weaver, Lloyd n Rrasier 
Cassady Patrick, sup. M. Prison, Federal ab 10th 
Cassady Patrick, tailor, 53 Lebanon 
Cassady P. H. & C. D., bakers, 10 N 9th 
Cassady Ilobt., tailor, 8th bel Carpenter 
Cassady Saml., 29 Hirst 
Cassady Wm., tailor, 266 Cedar 
Cassatt R. S., g-ent. 496 W Chestnut 
Cassedav James & Son,g-rainmers. 121 S Water, 

h 27 Pine 
Casseday S. E. & Co., straw hat finishers, 43 & 

h 41 Lombard 
Cassedy p'rancis, mast mr. 16 Beck 
CASSEUY FRANCIS A., book ag-ent, 62 Al- 
Cassedy Tlios., ship carp., 16 Beck 
Cassell David, cordw. 210 Callowhill 
Cassell Frederick, cordw. 68 Vine 
Casselman Jacob, shoemr. rear 114 Cherry 
Casselmann Edw., turner, Orchard ab Culvert 
Cassey Amy M., 113 Lombard 
Cassiday Wm., jeweler, Parrish & Sch 7th 
Cassidy Lewis C., atty. ;it law, 75 S 6th 
Cassidy Richd., dealer, 160 Shippen 
Cassimeie Yanovski, macht. 24 Bread 
Cassin Jas., lab. 5th bel Thompson (K) 
Cassin John, provisions, 26 N Water, house 73 

CASSIN JOHN & CO., provisions, 26 N Water 
Cassin Wm., drayman, rear St Jolm ab Georg-e 
Castings Eliza, Atherton 
Castle Hjnrv, stevedore. Bunting- ct 
CASTLE JAMES _H , atty. & coun., office, 33 

S 5tli, h 5 Portico sq 
Castle Joseph, Rev., 6 Crown 
Castledine Ann, g-entw. 381 S Front 
Castles Robt., rag store, R road and Pleasant 
Castles Wm., printer, 14 State 
Castner Enoch, mer. 67 S whfs., h 26 Union 
Castner John, mer., 38 N whfs., h 26 Union 
Castner Samuel, clerk, 26 Union 
Castner Samuel, mer. 67 S whfs., h 269 S Front 
Castner S. &. E., grocers, 67 S whfs. 
Castor E. S., cordw. rear Poplar bel 6th 
Castor Samuel, assessor, 516 Coates 
Catanach Arch., caip. Juniper n Cedar 
Cathcart Alex., shoemr. 208 Queen 
Calhcart James, pol. officer, J^ilbert W Sch 4th 

Cathcart John, pol. officer, Sch 7th bel Lombard 
Cathcart John M., cooper, rear 6 Elfreth's al 
Cathcart Thos., carp. Hudson's al, h Lombard 

ab 11th 
Cathcart Wm., shoemr. George ab Sch 7th 
(Jathcart Wm., cooper, 3 Mary 
Cathers James M., cigarmr. 10 William (R) 
Catherwood Andrew J., mer. agent for Ulster 

Banking Co., 62 N 2d, h 28 Sassafras 
Catherwood' Hugh, mer. 62 N 2d, h 425 Walnnt 
CATHERWOOD II. & SON, wines & liquors, 

Catherwood John, weaver, 2d ab Montgomer)' 
Cathrall Benjamin, paper hanger, 9lh 8c Brown 
Cathrall Geo., tobacconist, 24 N whfs., h 154 

Randolph ab Poplar 
Cathrall George & Son, pap. hanger, 68 Coates 
Catlin Edward, sawyer, Harmony pi 
Catlin Geo., musical inst. mr. 227 Marshall 
Catlin John, waterman, 105 Catharine 
Catlin Sarah, 55 Mulberry 
CatmuU Leonard M., tailor, Wood ab Sch 7th 
Cato Harry, macht. 210 Buttonwood 
Oto Hester, washer, 17 Mayland 
Cattell Alex. G., com. mer., 13 N whfs., h 88 N 

Cattell Andrew C, mer. 67 Chestnut, h Sch 4th 

n Cheny 
CATTELL A. G. & CO., com. mers., 13 N 

whfs., and 23 N Water 
Cattell & Craig-, painters 8c glazs., 45 S 4th 
Cattell David, blacksm. rear 137 Christian 
Cattell Saml. W., painter, 45 S 4th, h Latimer 

E Sch 6th 
Catterson John, brickmr. Cedar bel Sch 2d 
Catterson Robt., g-as works, Sch 4th ab Pine 
Cauet Armand, sugar lefiner, 37 St John, h 72 

Cauffman Abm., blacksm. Clearfield 8c F road 
Cauff'man C, cai-p. Waterloo ab Richmond la 
Caufiman Marcus, mer. 62 N 3d, h 391 N 6th 
Cauffman M. 8c Co., dry goods, 62 N 3d 
CAUFFMAN R. S., mer. 26 N 3d, h 125 N 9th 
Cauffman T. F., mer. 26 N 3d, h Sch 3d ab Sas- 
(^aughlain Mary, Little Lehigh 
Caulfield Robt., snuff mr., Fitzwater n Broad 
Cauliet Sarah, Marshall n 4th ^ 

Caulkins R., M. D., 5 N 1 1th 
Caull Fred, shop, High W Sch 6th 
Cavanaugli John, h 23 Chatham 
Cavanaugh John, porter, Harberger's ct 
Cavanaugh John, lab. T} ler ab Thompson 
Cavanaugh Joseph, poi-tcr, 42 Cherry 
Cavanaugh Lawrence, l.ib. Jackson ab Brown 
Cavanaug'h Mich., lab. Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Cavanaugh Midi., lab. Kith bel Thompson 
Cavanaugh Wm., lab. 53 Fcdeial 
Cavanaugh Wm., N E Juniper Sc High 
Cavanaugh AVm. F., engraver, 75 Dock 
Cavaneug-h Hugh, gent. Iu2 Fitzwater 
CJavender John L., cordw. Beach bel Marlboro' 
Cavanna Siirali, cigaimr. 7 D.llwyn 
Cavaiina Wm., shoenn-. William ab BiddJe 
Cave Jonathan, luacht., Mdler ab 13th 
Cave Sarah, 10 Lagrange pi 
Cave Sarah T., Chestnut ab Sch 5th 
Caven Robert, manuf. Willow ab Sch 3d 




Cavenaugh Thos., boatman, Sorrel bel Larch Chambers David, bricklayer. Carpenter ab 3d 
Cavender E. M., account., Sassafras W Sell 6th Chambers David M. mer. 69 N 3d 
Cavender John H., convey., Cliatliam & Green Chambers Diana, 12 Hunter 

Cavender Thos. S., convey. 5th and Green 
Caverly Richard, hatter, Cran's ct 
Cavin Saml., pa]), hanger, Larch ab Wallace 
Cavistone Uichard, lab, Salmon bel Ann 
CavTow Wm., plasterer, 10th bel Master 
Cawley Samuel B., bricklr. 90 N Washington 
Cawman Alex., millwl., 495 S Front 
Cayot Henry, cabtmr., 52 Zane 
Cecil Thomas, bottler, 356 S Front 
Ceco L. G. shipcarp. 299 S Front 
Centy Jeremiah, weaver, Cadwalader ab Ox- 
ford (K) 
Cerf David, pedler, 5 Green 
Certier Geo. watch springmr. 7 Franklin pi 
Ceneau Fiimin, liquors, 9th bel Christian 
Cesar Martha, 119 N 10th 
Cever Francis, ladies' bootmr. 386 S 3d 
Chadwick Henry, cabtmr. 15 Short ct 
Chadwick H. W. teacher, 1 G Troad 
Chadwick Peter B. confect. Lombard n Sch 3d 
Chadwick Tliomas, watchmr. 7 Powell 
Chadwick Thos. carp. 9th bel Washington 
Chadwick Thos. tobacco, Sch 3d bel Spruce 
Chaffee James, mer. 164 High & 35 Merchant, 
h 352 Green 

Chambers D. C. oyslerman, 119 Swanson 
Chambers Kdw. W. rigger, 15 Union al (S) 
Chambers Kliza A. 8 Jackson 
Cliambers Elizal)etli, washer, rear 10 Ronaldson 
Chambers Elizabeth, 34 St John 
Chambers Ezra, seaman, Cypress ab 3d 
Chambers Geo. lab. William bel Vine 
Chambers Glo. K. grocer, N W 10th &. Castle 
Chambers Geo. T. Brown ab 12th 
Chambers G. W., U. D., S W 4th and Plum 
Chambers Hannah, variety store, 250 S 6th 
Chambers Henrietta, Stanley 
Chambers Isaac, waiter, 4 Mercer 
Chambers Jacob, bricklayer, Itye ab Wharton 
Chambers James, plumber, 77 H road ' 

Chambers James, painter, 274 Callowhill 
Chambers James, dry goods, 115 Sp flarden 
Chambers Jane, weaver, Shippen ab Broad 
Chambers John, weaver, Duke n F road (K) 
Chambers John, mach. Spooner's av 
Chambers John, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Chambers John, lab. 3 Gabell's ct 
Chambers John, stone cutter, AVood ab Sch 8th 
Chambers John, Rev. 402 \\ alnut 
Chambers John, ship, joiner, Keefe and WTieat 

Chaffee Wm. mer. 164 High & 35 Merchant, h jChanibers John, feed store, 325 Cedar, h 1 

350 Green I Bonsall 

CHAFFEES & STOUT, dry goods, 164 High I Chambers John, 12 R road 

and 35 Merchant 
Chain Patrick, tanner, Mechanis's ct 
Chain Isaiah, barber, 14 R road, h 256 Lombard 
Chain John M. gent. Sch Front & High 
Chain Joshua, huckster, 234 Lombard 
Chain Thomas H. barber, 67 N Front 
Chalfant Robt. salesman, 10th bel Wallace 
Chalmers Ann, Parrish ab 8th 
Chaloner A. D., M. D., Sch 8th bel Spruce 

Chambers John H. mer. 67 Chestnut, h 3 S 11th 
Chambers John H. & Co. leather merchants, 67 

Chambers John M. carp. Ogden bel Sch 7th 
Chambers John W. tailor, Mackey n Corn 
Chambers Joseph, seaman, 119 Swanson 
Chambers Joseph, boxmr. 7 Plum 
Chambers Joseph C. saddle and hamcssmr. R 

road ab I3th 

Chaloner Wm. mer. S E Dock & Walnut, h Chambers J. C. vinegar, 12th & Buttonwood, h 

Sch 8th bel Spruce 
Chamberlin Britton E. teacher, 11th and But- 
tonwood, h 66 N 8th 
Chamberlain Charles, carp. Citron ab 11th 
Chamberlain C. R. dentist, 163 Spruce 
Chamberlain Elizabeth, gentw. 279 N 7th 
Chamberlain Geo. clerk, Fraley's ct 
Chamberlain Geo. turner. Auburn n 8th 
Chamberlain Geo. pedler, Washington and Jef- 
Chamberlain G. G , M. D., 662 N 2d (K) 
CHAMBERLAIN G. J., M. D., S E 9th and 

Chamberlain Isaac, waterman, 72 Catharine 
Chamberlain Jas. R. cordw. Goldsnriith's ct 
Chamberlain John, ganger, Pairish ab Sch 8th 
Chamberlain John J. trader, 8th b-1 Wharton 
Chamberlain Llovd, sect. Beaver Meadow R. R. 

Co. 84 Walnut 
Chamberlain Wm. carp. New Crown bel Green 
Chamberlain Wm. H. potter, Sclileisman's al 
Chamberlaine Saml. bookbinder, Carlton ab 13th 
Chamberlaine Samuel, M. D., 47 Spruce 
Chambers Andrew R. mer. 67 & li 495 Chestnut 
Chambers Ann, Little Washington bel 10th 
Chambers A. H. trimmings, 13^ S 4th 
Chambers Bridget, 178 Swanson 

15 Palmyra row 
Chambers N. waiter, 19 Watson's al 
Chambers Peter, baker, rear 445 N 4th 
Chambers Robt. cordw. 340 Callowhill 
Chambers Samuel, carter, Nectarine ab lOth^ ' 
Chambers Thos. gent. 74 S 3d, h 433 Spruce 
Chambers Thos. lab. Richard 
Cliambers Wm. lab. George n Beach 
Chambers "Wm. blacksm. 9 Depot 
Chambers Wm. B. artist. 111 S 10th 
CHAMBERS WM. B. grocer, N W 4th and 


Chambers Wm. C. Ill S lOtli 
Chamecin Ulysse, 171 Marshall 
Chamecin U. mer. rear 83 High, h S E Franklin 

and Coates 
Chanipion Aaron, Walnut W Sch 6lh 
Cliampion Ann, b h, 255 Mulberry 
Champion C. Collins, tailor, 244 High, h 113 

Champion C. C. clothing, 177 S 2d 
Champion David, tavern, beach bel Marlboro' 
Champion Elizabeth, cook, 363 Cedar 
Champion Enoch, watchman. Brook ab Green 
Champion Israel, waterman, rear 14 Cai-penter 
Champion Thos. mach. Sch 8tii bel Willow 
Champion Wm. ferry master, 421 S Front 




Chanbley Bartliolom. furniture cars, 10 N 10th 

Chance Geo. cis^armr. Simpson's pi 

Cliancc John, mariner, 22 Union )S) 

Chance J. C. dry g-oods, 530 Ilig-h 

Chance, Levin, waterman, 3d hel Wharton 

Cluince Spencer, waterman, 3d bel Wharton 

Chance Thos. waterman, 33 Union (S) 

Ciiance AVm. waiter, 6 Hurst 

Chancellor Catlia. dry g-oods, Wood and R road 

Chancellor Wharton, 537 Ciiestnut 

Chandlee Georg-e, carp SheaflTal, h Sch 7th bcl 

Chandler Ann, 2 Murphy ct 

Chandler Ann, 1 Taylor's al 

Ciiandler Georg-e, liev. 160 Queen bel Palmer 

Chandler Jas. B. inspector, 93 N 10th 

Chandler John, grocer, 159 S 6th 

Chandler Joseph R. g-ent. 105 N 10th 

Chandler Mary Ann, rear Jackson ab Brown 

Chandler Samuel P. lumber mer. Sch 5th and 
Mulberry, h "Vine bel Sch 3d 

Chandler Wm. porter, 30 Magnolia 

CHANDLER & WALKER, lumber mers. Sch 
5th & Mulberry 

Chandler Wm. A. cordw. 22 Rachel 

Chantry Alfred W. tailor, 192 Hig-h, h 116 N 8th 

CHAPIN WM. principal Inst, for Blind, Sch 3d 
and Sassafras 

Chapin Wm. F. seaman, 382 S 3d 

Chaplain James, 149 N 11th 

Chaplin Jolin, 19 Erie 

Chapman D. J. g-rocer & coffee roaster, 70 Dill- 
wyn, h Thompson W Sch 8th 

Chapman Edwin, coppersm. 13 Olive 
Chapman Enos, carp. Cherry & Juniper, h 142 

N 13th 
Chapman Geo. R. dealer, Wood & Sch 4th 
Chapman Geo. R. Coates bel Col. R. Road 
Chapman Hen. B. clerk, 4th & Haverford (M V) 
Chapman James S. bootmr. Vine ab 12th 
Chapman John, tobacconist, 120 New 
Chapman John, weaver. Mariner bel Broad 
Chapman Jno. eat. house, N W 7th & Bedford 
Chapman Jona. clerk, lOtli ab Buttonwood 
Cliapman Joseph, porter, 31 Eag-le's ct 
Chapman Joseph, mason, 28 Georg-e (K) 
Chapman Joseph, painter, 115 Sp Garden 
Chapman Joseph, cooper, 120 New? 
Chapman Joseph, stonemas. 8 Orchard 
Chapman Julia Ann, sempstress, 11 Christian 
Chapman J., M. D., 211 N 6th 
Chapman Nathaniel, M. D., 332 Chestnut 
Chapman Richard, M. D., 444 N Front 
Chapman Richard, papermr. 513 N 2d 
Chapman Samuel, cordw. 611 N 6th 
Chapman Samuel, weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Chapman Sarali Ann, b h, 151 S 10th 
Chapman Tlieodore, bricklayer, 216 N 9th 
Chapman Thos. coachman, Lombard ab 12th 
Chapman Thomas, carp. George E Scli 6th 
Chapman Thos. B. machin. Beach bel Maiden, h 

Queen n Hanover 
Chapman T. Ellwood, bookseller and binder, 1 

S 5th, \\ 412 N 5th 
Chapman Wm. bricklr. 289 N 8th 
Chapman Wm. C. bricklayer, 8th bel Brown 
Chapman Wm. H. baker, 7 Carlton 
Chapman Wm. R. bricklayer, 220 N 11th 

Chapman W. A. comedian, 131 S 9th 
Chapouty S. Mrs. g-entw. Front & Linden (K) 
Chapron .f. B. attorney, 6th and Walnut, h N 

W Vine and Sch 4tii 
Charann Henry, Warner's ct 
Chard Wm. dealer, Bath bel Ann 
Chard Wm dealer, Sliackamaxon 8c Bedford 
Chardon Samuel, clerk, 15 Madison 
Charier Madame F. M. teacher, 329 S 3d 
Charles Aaron, confect. N E Poplar &. Apple 
Cliarles Sarah, nurse, Ann W. R road 
Charles Catharine, shop. Brook (N L) 
Charles David, oysters, 188 S 8th 
Charles Georg-e, stereotyper, 9 Sansonn, h 79 

Charleston Edw. morocco dresser, Alder below 

Charlton Benj. tailor, Simpson's ct 
Charlton Chas. moroc. finish. F road bel Master 
Charlton F. carver, 9 Pascal 
Charlton Henry, weaver, Kline's row 
Charlton John, weaver, Mariner ab 13th 
Charlton John, boot fitter, School ab Rose 
Charlton Mary Ann, 8 Green (C) 
Charlton Martha, 41 George 
Charlton Robert, hatter, 19 Mechanic 
Charlton Wm. lab. Collins' ct 
Charlton W^m. weaver, Kline's row 
Charlton Wm. N. S. tailor, Simpson's ct 
Charman Jos. shoemr- 24 Strawberry 
Charon Henry, watch casemr. 118 Lombard 
Charter Henry A. 113 S 5th 
Charters Mary, Pearl bel Sch 5th 
Charters S. R. shoemr. R road ab Ann 
Chase Danl. porter, 51 Mechanic 
Chase Darius, artist, 37 Washington 
Chase B. W. mer. S W Front & Chestnut, h 37 

Chase D. restorer of painting-s, 146 Walnut 
Chase Ebenezer, cordw. Green bel Margaretta 

West Philadelphia 
Chase Ebenezer, jr. cordw. Green ab Moore 

W Philadelphia 
Chase Edwin T. atty. & coun. 30 S 5th, h 20 S 

Sch 6th 
Chase Ezra, M road and Wharton 
Chase Gasway, barber, 10th and Catharine 
Chase George C. housecarp. Walnut bel Till 

West Philadelphia 
Chase Henry, waiter, 6 Lisle 
Chase John, 14 St Mary 

Chase John W. stonecutter, R road op Fran- 
cis (F. V.) 
Chase & Magill, com. mers. S W Fi-ont and 

Chase M. M. ladies' shoemr. Washington (WP) 
Chase Nicholas, carp. 48 Wallace 
Chase Philip B. com. mer. 39 N Front, h Vine 

n Sch 5th 
Chase Pliny B. teacher, 65 S 12th 
Chase Robert, shoemr. Park bel Washington 
Chase Stephen G. Ann W Sch 6th 
Chase Susannah, nurse, 24 St Mary's 
Chase Thos. coachman, 4 Eutaw 
Chase Thos. G. spices & drugs, 244 Sp Garden 
CHASE T. L., M. D., dentist, 220 Spruce 
Chase Wm. L. harnessmr. rear 556 N 13th 
Chastenev Jane, 37 S Sch 6th 



Chater Henry C. cutler, 16 Mary 
Chatham f^lizabeth, glovcmr. 247 St John 
Chatham Joseph, carp. Oiangc ah 7lh, h rear 

211 Cherry 
Chatham Joseph, grocer, 77 Locust 
Chatham Robert F. ladies' shoemr. 53 S 12th 
Chatham Stephen C. waterman, Rye ab Reed 
Chattin Ann, 5 Fraley's al (K) 
Chattin A. T. brirklayer, 13 Winter 
Chattin Edwd. ship joiner, Bedford bcl Cherry 
Chattin Jas. machinist. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Chauncev Henrietta, 157 Walnut 
CHAUNCEY NATHANIEL, atty. & coun. 89 

Chaundv Thos. blacksm. Jay 
CHAUVEAU A. J. imp. confect. 242 High, h 

100 N 9th 
Chauvenet A. grocer, N E 6th & Cedar 
Chauvin Lewis, printer, rear Marg"aret n 9th 
Chaux Theresa, doctress, 799 N 2d 
Chavers Jesse, musician. School av 
Checkerberry John, bricklayer, rear Miller ab 

Cheeseman Andrew, Dr. lOtli bel Catharine 
Cheesman A. Freeston ct 
Cheesman John, cordw. 6 Burd 
Cheesman J. V., clerk, 291 N 8th 
Cheesman Lewis, Rev., 10th bel Catharine 
Cheesman Richard, lab. 9 Wilcox 
Cheesman Richard C, lab., rear 257 Catliarine 
Cheetem Thos., tavern, 26 Walnut 
Cheetham James, hatter. Vine n Sch 
Cheetham Wm. H., Jefferson hotel, Randolph 

bel P'ranklin 
Chemins Augustus F., baker, 187 S Front 
Chenry Wm., carp. 10 Gatchell pi 
Cherry James, watchmr. Franklin ab Front 
Cherry John, lab. 3 Grape ct 
Chen-y Moses, weaver. Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Cherry Robert, dealer, Diamond n Brintoii 
Chesebrough A. F., mer. 5 N whfs., h 7 Colon- 
nade row 
Chesebrough C. & Co., provis. 16 S whfs 
Chesebrough E. C, provisions, 4 S AVater 
Chesnut & Gravel, groceries, 6 High 
Chesnut James, weaver, Jefferson ab Front 
Chesnut John, bricklayer, 112 S 12th 
Chesnut John, weaver, Hope ab Jeff'erson 
Chesnut J. S., blacksm.. Filbert W Sch 8th, h 89 

N Jimiper 
Chesnut Robert, tavern, N AV 13th & Federal 
Chesnut Samuel, grocer, 47 Wood 
Chesnut Samuel, weaver, Howard ab Jeff'erson 
Chesnut Wm., grocer, 6 High, h 47 Wood 
Chester Charles, ropemr., Richmond ab Hunt- 
Chester John, ropemr., Lehigh ab Bank (R) 
Chester Joseph, lab., St Mar3''s al 
Chester Leonai-d, scrivener, Marshall & Wager 
CHESTER LEAVIS, ropemr. 8c ship chandler, 

143 N Water, h 96 Dilhvyn 
Chester M. A., dressmr., Coates n 6th 
Chester Sarah, 87 Walnut 
Chester Wm. Rev., S W 9th and Mulberry 
■Chesterman Jolui, boot crimper, AVeslcy ab 3d 
Chestnut Benj., weaver, Hanover bcl Duke (K) 
Chestnut Isabella, Jeff'erson ab Front (K) 
Chestnut John, mineral water, Bedford n Broad 

I Chestnut Nathan, oyster h., Sch 7th 8c Willow 
CHESTNUT STREET, female seminary, 525 

Chestnut Thos., weaver, Hope ab Jeff'ei-son (K) 
f'bestnut Wm., weavei-, Jeffer.son ab Front (K) 
Chestnut Wm., lab. 11 N 12th 
Chef^ton John P., carp., R road ab Coates 
Ciiettle Joseph, hatter, 93 German, h 5 Vernon 
Chevers George, cablnetmr. 52 Almond 
Chew Catharine, Watson al 
Chew Harvey S., tavern, 6 Vernon 
Chew James, chairmr., Harmony bel 4th 
Chew JeflTry, stevedore, rear 74 Christian 
Chew John, hairdr. & wigmr. 199 Chestnut, h 

16 Powell 
Chew John F., slioemr., P road bel 8th 
Chew John R., cordw. 11th bel Girard av 
Chew Joseph, ladies' shoemr. 39 S 8th, h 572 

Chew Joseph, clerk, Broad and Parrish 
Chew Joseph D., shoemr. 281 S 5th 
Chew Keziuh, 328 S 4th 

Chew Nathan, buttonmr., Charles ab Federal • 
Chew Totten, carter, 2d ab Greenwich 
Chew AVm., clothes, N E 2d and Walnut, h 16 

Chew Wm., lab., rear Lancaster ab Reed 
CHEYNEY CHARLES H., real estate agent 

and conveyancer, 130 Mulberry 
Chierdell Ann, gentw.. Juniper bel Pine 
Child Henry T., M. D., 104 Mulberry 
Child Jame"s, carp.. Oak ab William (W P) 
Child Richard S., lamp black. Willow ab Broad, 

h Marshall and Poplar 
Childs Ann,AVinter bel Sch 2d 
Childs Asher M., chemist, 11th ab Sassafras 
Childs Charles N., grocer, 3d and George 
Childs C. G. & Co., publishers Commeixial List, 

11 Bank al 
Childs Geo. W., bookseller, N W 5th &. Mulberry 
Childs G. K., silversm., 114 Spruce 
Childs Isaac, clerk. Palmer ab Duke 
Childs Isaker, carp., Parrish ab Scli 8th 
Childs John, litlicgrapher, 46^ Walnut 
Childs John, wheelwrt. 305 N 3d, h 132 Marshall 
Childs John, carp., N W William and Washing- 
ton (W P) 
Childs Sarah, b. h. 89 Tammany 
Childs Stephen I)., refectory, 134 Swanson 
Childs S. & T., watchmrs. 452 N 2d, h 249 St 

Childs Wm., combmr. 10 Carroll av 
Chillman James, bookbinder, Kurtz ab Poplar 
Chipman George, wooden ware, 2 5i 4 Chestnut, 

h Broad ab Brown 
Chiquoine Serville, pilot, F road ab Franklin 
Chislatt George, moroccodr., rear 12 Peach 
Chism George, weaver, 12 M'Duffie 
Chittick Gerrard, grocer, Sch 4th and M'Duffie 
Chittick Inin, Owen n Broad • 

Choate David L., bootmr. 81 Mulberry 
Choate Jolin, saddler, George bel 3d(NLj 
Choate John W., bootmr. 429 N 11th 
Chriskman, J. C. D., 288 N 5th 
Christian Charles, watchman, 2 Parries' c 
Christian Isaac, poirer, rear 3 Gray's al 
Christian John, 67 Catliarine 
Christian John, channr. 3 Christian's ct 




Christian Joseph, machinist, 42 Dock, h 54 M 

Cliristian S. J., com. mer. 76 S. whfs., h 86 N 

Christian Wm., clerk, Carpenter iib M road 
Christianson Peter, tailor, 26 A\iburn 
Christie And., machinist, Charles bel York 
Christie Benj. V., bottler, S E 4th and Queen 
Christie 8c c'o.,\vool. manuf., Marshall ab Poplar 
Christie Ilarman, tavern, Scb 8th and Morris 
Christie Jas., g-lass blower, Charles bel York(K) 
Christie ,Tas., cordw. 35 Pratt 
Christie John, Alder bel Girard av 
Christie Mai-garet, upholsterer, 143 Chestnut 
Christie Mary, Steward n Margaret 
Christie Mary, 21 Middle al 
Christie Mr., bookkr., Sch 3d bel George 
Christie Thos., moulder, rear Ogden ab Sch 7th 
Christie AVm., weaver, Murray W Sch 3d 
Christine John S., M. D., 9tli ab Brown 
Christine John W., cordw. 470 Poplar 
Christme Jos. C. D., acct. 114 Chestnut, h S W 

5th and Buttonwood 
Christine Thos., carp., F road bel Norris (K) 
Christman Henry, g-ent. Shackamaxon & Allen 
Christman Wm. A., omnibus proprietor, Federal 

ab 3d 
Christmann Edward, perfumer, 168 Chestnut, h 

58 Filbert 
Christopher Ann, Leopard bel Phoenix 
Chistopher Hannah, Coates ab 9th 
Christopher Jesse M., broker, 356 S 5th 
Christy James, fur. car, S 12th bel Lombard 
Christy James, carmr. 274 Wood 
Christy James C, mer. 9 Merchant 
Christy John, driver, Zephyr av 
Chi-isty Robert F., atty. and coun. 72 Chestnut, 

h 89 Fitzwater 
CHRISTY ROBERT & CO., publishers Sunday 

Globe, 72 Chestnut 
Christy Sarah, dry goods, 490 N 4th 
Christy Wni., bricklayer. Mechanic 
Christy Wm. C, umbrellamr. 438 N 4th 
ChriiJty Wm. M., statr. 65 S 3d, h 120 Catharine 
Chubb Samue^, dry goods, 251 S 2d 
Chur A. T., com. mer., 20 S Front, h 20 Logan sq 
Chur Jacob, mer. 13 Sergeant 
Church Fredk. H., iron founder, 68 N 2d, h Fil- 
bert W Broad 
Church Jeremiah, shoemr. 13 Wilson 
Church Julius, confectioner, 411 N 2d 
Church J. M., editor, Butler House 
Church Michael, lab. 4 Relief pi 
Churchill John, shoemr. 88| and h 64 S 8th 
Churchman Charles W., com. mer. 30 S Front, 

h 5 mile stone, Germantown 
CHURCHMAN & GARRISON, lumb. mers., 
Washington st. whf St Hamilton, W Broad, 
office 73}j Dock 
Churchman Robert, lumb. mer.. Beach &, Shack- 
amaxon, h 129 N 9th 
Churn Samuel, seaman, 142 Swanson 
Churn Wm., waterman, 69 Penn 
Chute Francis B., chairmr., Poplar ab 13th 
Cills Georg-e, oysters, 49 N whfs 
Cills ,Wm., tobacconist, 2d and G T road 
Citti John, iniagemr. 8 Arcade, h 409 S 4th 
Citti Louis, lithograph. 57 Chestnut, h 7 Scheetz 


I 74 Walnut 

CITY COMMISSIONERS, 5th and Chestnut 
Civil John, drayman, real- 39 I,ombard 
Civlin James, lal)., 126 Plum 
Clady Frederick, coal yard. Brown opp Oak 
Clafiin O. S., shoomr. 211 High, h Broad above 

Claghorn E. II., auctioneer, S W Bank St High, 

h 154 N 10th 
Claghorn John W., gent, 383 Mulberry 
Claghorn J. L., auctioneer, S W Bank &. High, 

" h 446 Mulberry W Sch Sth 
Claghorn AV. C, mer., 421 Coates 
Clair Charles, cabinetmr. 49 Chester 
Clair Henry M., tailor, 312 Sassafras 
Clair St. Letitia, 164 S Front 
Clair Wm., brushmr., G T road ab 7th (K) 
Clamon Augustus, butcher, Brown bel Broad 
Clampitt Chas. S., jeweler, 382 S 3d 
Clampitt Geo. W., jeweler, 382 S 3d 
Clampitt James, pilot, 45 Ciu-istian 
Clampitt John, pilot, 382 S 3d 
Clancey Jeremiah, cordw. 212 S 4th 
Clancey Michael, lab. 4 Lyndall's al 
Clancy Timothy, waterman, 44 Washington av 
Claphamson Benj., shoemr. 13 Beaver 
Claphamson John, baker, 22 James 
Claphamson Joseph, shoemr. 1 Raspberry la 
Claphamson Samuel, gent. 22 James 
Clapier J. E., tobacconist, 434 N 2d 
Clapier Mary, gentw., 216 S Front 
Clapp Allen, Penna. Hospital, Pine and 8th 
Clapp Elizabeth, Odd Fellow's av 
CLAPP ENOCH, M. 1)., real estate agent, 72 

Dock, h 152 Sassafras 
Clapp N. T., mer. 8 N 2d, h 126 N 9th 
Clare Bartholomew, printer, 1 Lindsay av 
Clare John, carter,Little AVashington ab Charles 
Clare Peter, oysterman, 569 S Front 
Clarenbach St Herder, cutlers, 51 Chestnut 
Claridge AVm. R., druggist, 4th and Brown, h 

Queen bel Ross 
ClarkAbram., cloth finisher, Philip 8t Oxford (K) 
Clark Alex., weaver, Oxford bel Front 
Clark Alfred, plumber, R road and Sp Garden 
Clark Alfred M., engineer, 9 Queen n F road 
Clark Andrew, lab. 166 S 6th 
Clark Ann Maria, gentw. Lombard n 13th 
Clark Ann, Pine n Sch 

Clark Archibald F., carp., George be^l Apple 
Clark Arthur, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 
Clark Arthur J., painter, 11th bel Callowhill 
CLARK St AULL, tea dealers, 13-^ S Front 
Clark Bartholomew, weaver, Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Clark Ben]., lab. 5 Smith's ct 
Clark Benj., 115 A^ne 
Clark B. F., M. D., 138 N 3d 
CLARK 8c CADMUS, shoes, S AV 3d Sc High 
Clark Caroline, shop, Hanover bel Frankhn 
Clark Charles, cutler, 9th ab Federal 
Clark Charles, tailor, M road ab AA'ashington 
Clark Charles, silversm. 11 Randolph 
Clark Charles, coacliman, 24 Prune 
Clark Charles, weaver, Fife's ])1 
Clark Charles, carp. 4th bel ^Master 
Clark Charles C, clerk. Church al, h 236 N 11th 
Clark Charles E., upholsterer, 77 S 12th 




Clark Charles S., pianomr. 261 Biittonwood 

Clark Charles S., carp., rear 195 Noble 

Clark Cliarles ^V., ven. hliiuls, 86 S 2d 

Clark Clement, cord., Charles 

Clark Clement, tailor. 111 S 2d, h 10 Beck pi 

Clark Daniel, porter, 6 Little Pine 

Clark Daniel, dealer, 444 U]s;h 

Clark David, engineer, Sch 8th bel Parrish 

Clark DaA id, waiter. Poplar ct 

Clark David It., confect. 275 Wood 

Clark D. D., M. D., 63 Chestnut 

Clai-k D. R., mer. 97 S Front, h Washington 
ab lOtii ^ 

Clark Edward, lab., rear 555 N 4th (K) 

Clark Eliza, washer, 85 Bedford 

Clark Elizabeth, Queen n Sliackamaxon 

Clark Elizabeth H., 134 Randolpii 

Clark Elizabeth H., ven. blinds, 143 S 2d 

Clark Elizabeth, Randolph 

Clark Ellis, bookseller, 197 Hig-li, h 345 Mulberry- 
Clark Ellen, 10th ab Buttonwood 

Clark Ephraim, upholsterer, 295 High & N W 
4th and Vine, h 115 Marshall 

Clark Ephraim, jr., mer. 93 S Front, h 378 

Clark Ewing-, weaver, 7 Derring'cr's av (K) 

Clark Ezekiel, tailor, 4 Randolph 

Clark E. W. trimming-s, 325 S 2d 

Clark E. W. 25 S 3d,' h 623 Spruce W^ Sch 8th 

CLARK E. W. & CO., exch. brok. 25 S3d 

Clark Francis, weaver, Camac ab G T road (K) 

Clark Francis, cooper, Caipenter bel P road 

Clark F. tailoress, 2 Hyde's ct 

Clark F. J. clerk, 7 N 2d 

Clark Georg-e, butcher, Lombard W Sch 2d 

Clark Georg-e, blacksm., Olive bel 13th 

Clark Georg-e, boot crimper, F road bel blaster 

Clark Geo., blacksm.. Vineyard ab Ann (F Y) 

Clark George, hatter, 3 Charles (S) 

Clark George, morocco dresser, 518 N Front 

Clark George, manuf. 6th & JeflTerson (K) 

Clark George D., clerk, Brook's ct 

Clark George G. painter, Toit bel R road 

Clark George M. machinist, 13th and Penn 

Clark George W. painter, 112 Crown 

Clark George W. tailor, 23 MiiBin 

Glark Gideon, engraver, Powell n Sch 4th (F V) 

Clark Grace, gentw. 36 Mead 

Clark Henry, stone cut.. Steward n Margaret 

Clark Henry, dyer, Lombard n Sch 7th 

CLARK & HESSER, booksellers, 179 High 

Clark Hugh, grocer, N W 10th and Spruce 

Clark Hugh, teacher, 212 Queen 

Clark Hugh, alderman, 4th bel Master 

Clark Hugh, tailor, Carpenter ab 13th 

Clark Isaac, carp., Carlton n Sch 8th 

Clark Isaac, 158 Marshall 

Clark Isaac S., cracker baker, 22 Ellen 

Clark Jacob, 3 Ten Feet al 

Clark Jacob M. painter, Olive bel 12th 

Clark Jacob W. plumb. 199 N 3d, h 312 Coates 

Clark Jame-s, :m. D., 16 Buckley 

Clark James, lab. 13th ab Christian 

Clark James, tailor, F road n Master 

CLARK JAMES, tailor 231 Cedar 

Clark James, waterman, Concord 

CLARK JAMES, grocer, S E 5th & Prune 

Clark James, moulder, Lafayette ab 9tli 

Clark James, carp., rear Poplar bel 9th 

Clark James, weaver, rear Vine ab 12th 

Clark James, tavern, Washington ab Master (K) 

Clark James, jr., carp. 194 Mulberry 

Clark James G., gent, office, 132 Mulberry 

Clark Jane, 38 N 5th 

Clark Jane, rear 137 Christian 

Clark Jehu, blacksm.. Broad ab Melon 

Clark Jesse, hay and feed, h 441 S Front 

Clark John, carter. Pine bel Willow 

Clark John, boatman, P'actorv 

Clark John, tavern, N W 2d & Green 

Clark John, shoemr. 8 Maiden 

Clark John, grocer. Sell 3d & Pearl 

Clark John, mer. 13^ S Front 

Clark John, ostler, rear Duponceau 

Clark Sohn, stevedore. Rose al 

Clark Jolm, combmr.. Mechanic ab Culvert 

Clark John, lab., Cedar ab Juni])er 

Clark John, livery stable, MulbeiTy ab Broad . 

Clark John, mason. Vine ab Ashton 

Clark John, grocer, 6th & Jefferson (K) 

Clark John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 

Clark John A. shoemr. 527 N 2d 

CLARK JOHN C, printer and stationer, 68 

Dock, h 67 Locust 
Clark John M. paper hanger. Myrtle ab 13th 
Clark John P., bricklaver, 2 Cypress av 
CLARK JOHN S., stoves, 322 High, h 265 

Clark John T., gilder, 7 Merchant, h Ogden 

bel 12th 
Clark John T., varnisher, 212 Queen 
Clark John W. bookbinder, 459 Coates 
Clark Jos., math. inst. mr., 200 Christian 
Clark Jos., weaver. Federal ab Broad 
Clark Joseph, chair mr., F road bel Union 
Clark Joseph, weaver. Front bel Oxford 
Clark Joseph, Winter bel Sch 3d 
Clark Josiah H., blacksm. 17 Rittenhouse 
Clark Josiah W. umbrella mr. 309 S 2d 
Clark ]\Iansfield, tailor, 8th and Willow- 
Clark Maria, Taylor's pi (K) 
Clark I^Iarian, 227 S Front 
Clark Margaret, milliner, 231 Cedar 
Clark Margaret, nurse, Smith's ct 
Clark Mary, washer, Biddle's al 
Clark Mary, Marriott ab 5th 
Clark Maiy, M'Duffie ab Sch 3d 
Clark Mary, truckwoman, Sch 4th ab Coates 
Clark Mary A., 11 Gatchell pi 
Clark Mary W., washer, 44 German 
Clark Maskline, mer. 73 S Front 
Clark Matthew, tailor. Brown ab 8th 
Clark Micliael, lab. 10th bel Prime 
Clark Michael, lab. Pleasant bel 11th 
Clark I^Iich. F. mer. 90 High, h 157 Mulberrv 
Clark Michael W. shoes, S E 8th and High,'h 

Little Washington ab Charles 
Clark Morris, P road bel Little Washington 
Clark M. B. music teacher, 15 Jvdianna 
Clark Owen, lab. 4 Little Dock 
Clark Owen, lab. 35 Zane 
Clark Owen, tailor, William bel Richmond 
Clark Patrick, lab. 3 Hunter 
Clark Patrick, lab., Murray W Sch 3d 
Clark Patrick, dry goods, 4th & Master 
Clark Patrick, cabman, 18 Juniper la 




Clark Pat. lab., Duke bel R road 

Clark Pat., copper sm., 1 Mycr's ct 

Clark Pat. sr., lab., Myer's ct 

Clark Peltr, baker, Carpenter bel P road 

Clark Pbilip, lab.. Front ab Franklin 

Clark Rel)ecca, dressmr. 3 Diiimond 

Clark liebecca, 12tb bel Lombard 

Clark Rebecca, trimminp^.s, 160 N 12th 

Clark Rebecca Jane, washer, St Mary's ab 7th 

Clark Richard, contractor, Linn ab Nixon 

Clark Jtichiird, publisher, 100 Chestnut, h 384 

S 3d 
Clark Robert, lumb. mer., 154 Christian, h 117| 

S 3d 
Clark Robt. letter carrier, Benton bel William 
Clark Robert, stovemr. 385 S Front 
Clark Boljt., moulder, Marlboroug-h ab Beach 
Clark Robt., shoemr., 392 Sassafras 
Clark Robert C. drugg-ist, R road & Wallace 
Clark Robert S. gent. 8 City row- 
Clark R., Mrs., con feet., R road bel Broad 
CLA.R1V R. & W. lumber mers., 154 Christian 
Clark Samuel, lab., Sch 4th ab Pine 
Clark Samuel, weaver, Shippen bel 13th 
Clark Samuel, seaman, 58 Queen 
Clark Samuel, weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Clark Samuel A., Rev., 402 N 6th 
Clark Samuel D., tailor, 125 S 2d 
Clark Samuel II., Christ. Chron., 83 Dock, h 

248 N 7th 
Clark Sarah, 33 Sansom 

Clark Stephen, bricklayer, Lafayette bel 10th 
Clark Susan, g-entw. 3 Butler av 
Clark S., Mrs., b h, 104 Filbert 
Clark Theresa, b h, 217, S 5th 
Clark Thos. carp.. Reed bel Front 
Clai'k Thomas, book bind., Grape ab 8th, h 64 

Clark Thos. weaver. Mariner n Broad 
Clark Thos. lab., Salmon ab Cvimberland 
Clark Thos. carter, 8th ab Dickerson 
Clark Tlios. silk weaver, 93 Mulbeny 
Clai-k Tlios. clothing-, 125 S 2d 
Clark 'I'hos. mach., 4th bel Jefferson 
Clark Tlios. plast. 143 Franklin 
Clark Thos. foundry, Jackson's ct 
Clark Thos. cabman, 216 N 8th 
Clark Tlios. machinist, 57 Carpenter 
Clark Thos. dyer, 33 M'Duffie 
Clark Thos. carter, 439 Vine 
Clark Thos. carp., Lewis ab Thompson 
Clark Tlios. power loom. Mariner 
Clark Thos. weaver, Fairmount S Willow 
Clark Thos. L. cordw., Oak bel Park (W P) 
Clark Thos. M. 10th ab Washington 
Clark Thos. W. watchmaker, 142 Hig-h 
Clark T. J. tabacconist, 8th & Willow 
Clark Walter lathe mr. 725 N 4th (K) 
Clark Wesley, baker, 88 Washington 
Clark Wm. bootmr. 8 Reld's ct 
Clark Wm. lab.. Willow ab Lombard 
Clark Wm. lab., Thompson ab 10th 
Clark Wm. lumber mer. 154 Christian, h 414 

Clark Wm. mathe. inst. mr. 5 Little Dock 
CLARK >Vm. tailor, 457 N 2d 
Clark Wm. boatman, 19 W Cedar 
Clark Wm. rear 34 Palmyra sq 

Clark Wm. trunkmr., Hanover & Franklin 
Clark Wm. E. grocer, Churcli bel Christian 
Clark Wm. If. dentist:, 33 Spruce 
Clark Wm. II. segariiu-. 457 S 2d 
Clark Wm. P. chairmr.. Dean n Bedford 
Clark W. T. capt. 6 Beck pi 
CLA UK V/. AV. druggist, 16 N 5th 
Clark Zephanlah, oysters, Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Clarke A. R., M. D.,323 Sassafras 
Clarke Caleb F. tailor, 24 S 13th 
Clarke Edw. printer, 29 Harinonv 
Clarke Edw. S. mer. 74 & 76 S Front 
Clarke Eliza, gentw. 307 Lombard 
Clarke R. E. artist, N E 7th &. Chestnut 
Clarke Samuel, nii r. 61 S Front, h 160 N 9th 
CLARKE WM. gi'ocer, N W 12tli & Sassafras 
Clarke Wm B., tailor, rear 38 St John 
Clarke Wm. R. mei". 8 Chestnut 
Clarke W. M. 234 Pine 
Clarkson Belinda, 167 Pine 
Clarkson Charles, waiter, 5 Steel ct 
Clarkson Edw. engraver, 8O5 Walnut 
Clarkson Geo broker, 95^ Walnut, h 226 Pine 
Clarkson Jacob, clerk, Washington E William 

(W P) 
Clarkson John, mer., Washington (W P) 
Clarkson John, sexton, 20 Quince 
Clarkson J. G. atty. & coun., S E 6th & Wal- 
nut, h 226 Pine 
Clarkson Robt. coal yd., Broad bel Vine, h Fil- 
bert W Sch 7th 
Clarkson & Scattergood, printers &. engravers, 

26 S 3d 
Clarney Roger, chandler, Carlton n Broad 
Clary Pat. lab., 10th bel Master 
Clary Pat. weaver, Mariner bel Broad 
Clary Wm. lab., Evans' ct 
Class Peter, copperplate printer, 36 Farmer 
Class Wm music printer, 18 Bread 
Clause Henry, surg. inst. mr. 27 Charles 
Clause John H. 464 Poplar 
Clausen Christopher, bookbinder, 45 Logan 
Clausen John G. harnessmr. 643 N2d 
Clausen Wm. tobac. 47 Chestnut, h 63 Gaskill 
Clautice Wm. coachmr. 437 S 6th 
Claveaux Francis, machinist, 24 Bread 
Clavey Jacob, cordw. 21 Union al (S) 
Clavy John, tinman, Newton 
Clawges Jacob, painter, 187 Poplar 
Clawges John, carp , Alder ab Girard av 
Clawges John, 21 Union sq. George 
Clawg-es Joseph, bricklr., 8th ab Sp Garden 
Clawges Phil. S. salesman, Sch 8th bel Chestnut 
Clawges Sarah, 24 Dillwyn 
Claws Martin A. cabinetmr. 112 S 12th 
Clawson Alex. N. cabinetmr. 7th ab Washington 
Clawson Elizabeth, rear St John ab Beaver 
Clawson Walter, paper stainer, Conrad ct 
Claxtou Edmund, bookseller, 14 N 4th, h Vine 

W Sch 6th 
Claxtou Thos. dealer, Donnelly's ct 
Clay Alex., carp., Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Clay Andrew, lab. 12 Orchard 
Clay George, clerk Penna. Bank, h Scli 6th ab 

Clay George, plumber, 402 Po])lar 
Clay Geo.^F. drayman, 477 N 5th 
Clay George F. drayman, 152 Poplar 




Clay George W. djer, Marshall & Wager 
Clay Hcniv, drayman, rear Poplar uh 6th 
Clay .'as., clotliier, 79 N 2d, h I,iiulc-n n Sch 6th 
Clay Jamc s, weaver, Highani's ct (K) 
Clay Joseph A., atty. & coun. 47 S 5th, h Sch 

8th htl Spruce 
CLAY JOSKPH A. 8c II. (J. JONES, Jr., atty.s. 

&. coun. 47 S 5th 
Clay J. C, D. D., Uev., Swanson bel Cliristian 
Chiv llobt. weaver, Brintou's ct (K) 
CLAVI'OOI.E A. H., hulies' shoemaker, 32 N 

4th, h 12 Duke 
Clavpoule Gcoige W., stone cutter, Callowhill 

■ bel 5th 
Clavpoole Jesse D., marble mantel manuf., Cal- 

' lowliill & 5th 
Claypoole Joliii, cord., Crown bel Franklin 
Claypoole John, brickmr., Ucakirt's ct 
Clayton Curtis, shoe dealei-, S E Sch 6th & Hig-h 
Clayton Edw., collector, 9 Howard 
Clayton Geo., carp., F road bel West (K) 
Clayton Geo. A., carp., Beach bel jNIaiden (K) 
Clayton Henry M., printer, Douglas' av 
Cla} ton Holme«, tailor, Hanover bel West (K) 
Clayton James, lab., Beach ab Warren (K) 
ClaUon James A. B., shoemr. 99 N 9th 
Clayton John, cordw. rear 185 S 2d 
Cla}ton John, atty. & coim., 179 Walnut 
Clayton Jonathan, carp. Greenwich ab 2d 
Clayton Jos. C, shoe store, 50 F road 
Clayton J., lab., Bache 
Clayton Marg., F road ab Bedford (K) 
Clayton Mary, tailoress, 11th ab Vernon 
Clayton Pierson H., cordw., Duke n Crown (K) 
Clayton Roger, weaver, 1.3th ab Federal 
Clayton R., packer, 9 Fayette 
Clayton Samuel, watchman, 12 Clark 
Clayton S. M. & M. A., 182 S 11th 
Clayton Thos., Wharton ab Rye 
Clayton Wm., driver, R road bel Sch 4th (F V) 
Clayton Wm., machinist, 8 Bunston's av 
Clayton Mm. B., cordw. Linn E Ni.xon (F M) 
Cla\ton Wm. D., currier, 11 Wagner's ct 
Clear Mich., sail master, U. S. N., 519 S Front 
Cleary Patk., weaver. Mariner 
Cleaver Ahraliam P., mer. 95^ Nod, h Randolph 

bel Franklin 
Cleaver A. P. & Co , dry goods, 95^ N 3d 
Cleaver Charles, cordw., 15 Middle al 
Cleaver Daniel, mer. 952 N 3d 
Cleaver Ellas, grocer, S E 2d and Green, h 8th 

and Wallace 
Cleaver Elizabeth, 103 St John 
Clee Benj., carp, weaver. Mechanic n Creek 
CLEEMAN GUSTAVUS,18and 19 Exchange, 

h 37 S loth 
Cleeman Ilcnrv, tailor, 4 Elmslie's -A 
CLEETON G., carp, weaver, 462 Vine 
Cleeton Wm., cai-p. weaver, Wood bel 13th 
Clegg Edw., tailor, 66 S 4th, h 266 S 3d 
Clegg Henry, tailor, 266 S 3d 
Clegg Isaac, manuf. Hanover ab West 
Clegg John T., perfumery, 48 High 
Clegg &. Rogers, ta.lors, 66 S 4th 
(3legg Sarah, Ha\ dock bel Fi'ont 
Cleui Jacob, grocer, N W 9ih and Sas-afias 
Clelend Robt., carp, weaver, Lcmbard ab 12th 
Clemens Benj. fS., mus. inst. mr., 4 Linden 

Clemens Michael,, 13 Bank, liouse 73 

Cask ill 
Clemens Philip, planing mill, 223 Swan.son 
Clemens &. Sands, blacksm. 13 Bank 
Clemens William, weaver, rear 51 Hope 
Clemens Wm. S., lab. Steel's ct 
Clement Aaron, smoker and curer, Shippen ab 

9th, h Cedar ab 9th 
Clement Charles W., bricklr. 154 S lOlh 
Clement James, cabinetmr. 11th bel Pine 
Clement John, coach trim. Spragg's av 
Clement John, bone worker, Apple bel Master 
Clement John J., carrier, Sch 8th ab Vine 
Clement Jo.seph, lab. rear 126 N 2d 
Clement Joseph C, hardware, 9 Mulberry, h 96 

Clement J. B., mer. h Walnut W Sch 7th 
Clement J. B., jr., M. D., R road bel Sp Garden 
Clement Richard, artist, 376 Chestnut 
Clement Robert, brickmr. Ann n Sch 3d 
CLEMENT SAMUEL L., convey. 2'?3 N 6th 
Clement Samuel W., tavern, 106 S whfs. 
Clement Thos., tailor, 38 Mulberry 
Clements John, mucht.. Wood bel Sch 2d 
Clements Joseph, cailer, rear Callowhill and 

Clements Louisa H., Auburn ab 8th 
Clements Richard, M. D., 139 Walnut 
Clements Thos., weaver, 23 West bel Hanover 
Clements Wm., macht. 2 Brown's ct 
Clements Wm., manuf. Callowhill W William 
Clements Wm., porter and shop, Sd ab Germaa 
Clementz John M., cordw. Mechanic 
demons John R., shoemr. 147 Poplar 
Clency James, grocer, 26 Pratt 
Clenc'y Wm., lab. 137 S Front 
Clendaniel Jehu, flour & provisions, 84 S whfs., 

h 35 Pine 
Clendaniel John, lab., 40 Mary 
Clendenen Mercy, 113 Melon 
Clendenin Thos., currier, Queen bel Ross 
Clendening John, manuf. Marlboro' & Duke 
Clendenning Chas, lab. rear l-'ront bel Phoem:^ 
Clendinning Phoebe, 8th ab Catharine 
Clety Edward D., hatter, 214 S 8th 
Cleveland C. D., }oung ladies' school, 3 Clinton 
Clevinger Henry, cun-ier. Orchard ab George 
Clevinger Wm. S., teacher, 12tli and Locust, h 

Clew Jeremiah, brickmr. CheiTy ab Sch 8th 
Clew Peter, brickmr. Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
CLEW ELL EDWARD, shoemr. 547 N 10th 
Clifford Constantine, shop, 135^ Cherry 
Clifford James, shop. Juniper al &. Juniper la 
Clifford Jo.seph, tailor, 15 Eutaw 
Clifford Michael, lab., William and Willow 
Clifford Robt., cordw. Union ab Bedford 
Clifford Robt., stove finisher, Howard ab Jeffer- 
Clifford Patrick, lab., Margaret bel 10th 
Clift Elizabeth, Duke ab Hanover 
Clift George, coach trimmer, 20 Ohve 
Clift Hcniy S., tin store, 547 S 2d 
Clift J. W., stoves, 412 High, h N E Green and 

Clift Nathaniel, painter, 14 Olive 
Clift Wm., mason, Pine ab Warren (W P) 
Clifton Amelia, washer, Gulielma 




Clifton Francis F., clerk, 14 Benezet 
Clifton Isaac, hatter, 11 Wood 
Clifton John, carman, N W Front St Catliarinc 
Clifton John, l)ru.shnir. St John ah (ieorgc (K) 
Clifton Matthias, tailor, 193 S 2(1, h 3d bel Car- 
Clifton Jlachcl, 4 Clark 

Clifton Uoht. D., tailor, 2d and Dock, h Catha- 
rine bel 7th 
Clifton Thos., baker, N W Catharine &. Lebanon 
Clifton AVallucc, g'aug'er, 59 P'ranklin 
CLIFTON & WILER, tailors, 193 S 2d 
Clim Christian, tavern, Coates n Sell 
Clime Hiram, stone ma., Francis E Powell (F V) 
Clime John, coacli painter, 254 N 12th 
Clime Samuel, coachmr. 9th bel Coates 
Clinch John, tailor, 6 Tleid's av 
Clincher Mary, rear 233 Lombard 
Cline Adam, brickmr. State n Sch 7th 
Cline Barbara, g-entw. 4 Salem al 
Cline Cliarles, clerk, Union ab West (K) 
Cline Charles, g-rocer. School and Rose 
Cline Charles, silver plat., School ab Rose 
Cline David, lab., Orang-e bel Wallace 
Cline Francis, M. D., Little Pine 
Cline George, carp., 6 Irving' 
Cline George, tailoi', 157 Cherry 
Cline John, blacksm. North ct 
Cline John F., tobacconist. Broad ab Wood 
Cline Lewis J., tailor, 145 Juniper 
Cline Peter, horse dealer, Spruce bel Sch 5th 
Cline Philip, stoves, 348 High, h 41 Cherry 
Cline Rachel, Vienna ab Franklin 
Cline Rebecca A., Reihl's ct 
Cline Richd., upholst. 527 W High, h 75 Frank- 
Cline Wm. R., stoves, 348 High 
Cline Wm. H., hatter, Rhoad ab Sch 5th 
Cline W. T., capt., Fairmount bel Coates 
Clinetop Harrison, 4th & Haverford (M V) 
Clingby Wm., shoemr. 113 Queen 
dinger Saml., paper salesman, 4 Burton 
Clinton Christy, lab., 13th ab Poplar 
Clinton Edwin, brushmr. 36 S 4th & 40 S 2d 
Clinton Francis, carp. 275 Christian 
Clinton James, ship carp. Palmer ab Queen 
Clinton John, printer, 166 Button wood 
Clinton Robt., acct., Otter n G T road 
Clinton Thos. W., bricklr. 11 Laurel 
Clinton Wm., carp. Christian ab 7tli 
Clinton Wm., acct., 41 Gaskill 
Clinton Wm., shipvvt., Sarah bel Bedford 
Clinton Wm , weaver, Dorothy bel Sch 3d 
Cloak Charles, macht. 135 N Juniper 
Cloak Daniel, engineer, 135 N J uniper 
Cloak E., watchman, 16 Perry 
Cloak Geo., bricklr. Sch Front ab Sassafra-s 
Cloak Morris, waterman, 3d bel Clark 
Cloak Wm., carter, 32 Parker 
Clohosey Thomas, cordw. 469 S Front 
Clopp Frcdk., blacksm. 2 Williams' ct 
Clopp Wm. A., carp. 9 St James, h 256 Green 
CLOSE CHAS S., carp. & district regulator, 

384 and h 254 S Front 
Close Edw., weaver, Hope ab Phoenix 
Close Henry, gent. 169 Coates 
Close Henry, carp. F road and Cherry (K) 
Close John, quarryman, Morris E William 

Closs Wm., boatman, rear William ab Callowhill 
Closson Jas. H., coachmr. Division ab Ann(M V) 
(Jlosson & Parsons, coaclmir. It R n Broad 
dosser S. M., clork, 56 George (S) 
Clotliier Ann, Bedford opp Union 
CLOTHIER CALEB, bricklr. &: flour,35N5th 
Clothier Charles, tailor, 24 Harmony 
Clothier Chas., letter carrier, 8 Winter's ct 
Clothier Geo., Richmond la bel F road 
Clothier Henry, ship joiner, rear Hanover bel 

Clothier Jacob, cooper, Hanover ab Bedford 
Clothier John W., bricklr. 300 Cherry 
Clothier Saml., bricklr. Union n Franklin 
Clothier Susan, Allen ab T road (K) 
Clothier Wm., brickmr. Orchard n Jackson 
Clothier Wm., deputy sheriff, h Wood bel West 
Clotworthy Samuel, car builder. Broad ab Vine 

h 34 Jacoby 
Cloud Isaac, plasterer, Perkenpine's ct 
Cloud Wm., pap. stainer, 17 Linden (K) 
Clouden Francis, moulder, G T road bel 7th 
Clouden Jacob, carter. Union bel West 
Clouden John, carter, Fitler ab 2d 
Clouds John, alderman, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Clough Thos., skin dealer, 1 Linden (K) 
Clouser C, Plymouth n Sch 3d 
Clover Thos., tailor, Jarvis ab 2d 
Clowney James, carp. 12th bel Carpenter 
Clowneyjohn, weaver, Sch 7th bel Washington 
Clowney Samuel, plasterer, 4th bel Wharton 
'Cluett John, lab. 70 N Front 
Cluff John, lab. Essex 
Cluley Henrietta, trimmings, 215 S 3d 
Cluley John, 335 Sassafras 
Clump Fred., macht. Coates ab 9th 
Clump John, cabtmr. 1 Jackson's ct 
Clun Jacob, caulker. Union ab Bedford 
Clune Bartholomew, clerk, 6th ab Catharine 
Clunet Ann M., 3d ab Washington 
Clunet Augustus D., clerk, 3d ab Washington 
Clungeon Wm., boat builder, Beach &. Hanover, 

h Allen bel Palmer 
Clunn David, ship carp. Union ab Bedford 
Cluny Chas., lab. William and Salmon 
Clusey Geo., carter, Penn ab 12th 
Clusey Peter, carp. 2 Sch 4th ab Girard av(FV) 
Clutch C. R., ladies' shoemr. Wharton &. Rye 
CLYDE THOS., agent mer. and peop. trans. 

CO., 58 S wlifs. 
Clymer Andrew B., currier, 6 Beck 
Clymer Chas., U. S. mint. Prime ab M road 
j Clymer David M., tailor, 317 S 4th 
) Clymer Henry, carp. F road ab Hart la 
j Clymer Isaac, 8 Wood 
I Clymer Jacob, lab. 13 Harrison av 
Clymer James M., carp. 194 Christian 
I Clymer .fohn, blacksm. 10th ab Poplar 
: Clymer John W., macht. Callowhill bel loth 
! Clymer Robert, carp. 12 St John 
[ClyiTier Robert M., sashmr. 101 German 
d)'mer Sam., carp. 25 Margarctta,h 116 Marshall 
dyne Owen, lab. G T read bel Cedar 
dynes Thos., shop, Callowiiill and William 
Coachman Edw., porter. Pearl ab 12th 
Coad Patrick, patentee of the galvanic batterr^ 

454 S 4th 
Coad)- Daniel, carp, rear Parrish n Sch 7th 




Coady John, stone cutterri Janney's ct 

Coady Micliael, lal). china shop, Poplar ab 9th 

Coale Asa, printer, 42 School (K) 

Coane Hobcit, cake baker, 71 S 6th 

Coar Chas., cordw. 21 Alder 

Coarse John K., boiler mr. Wharton ab 4th 

Coates Andrew, mcr. 9 Church al, h 229 Pine 

Coates A., tanner, 467 N Front 

Coates Renj., dry g-oods, 139^ High, house 210 

Coates Benj." H., M. D., N W 7th and Walnut 
Coates & Brown, dry goods, 139 j High 
(Coates Chas. V., printei-, 5 Shield's al 
Coates Collins, 11 load and Washington, h 5 

Coates George Morrison, jr., mer. 4 N 2d, h 74 

Coates George M., seed store, 49 High, h 210 

Coates .Tacob B., aid., 24 N 3d 
Coates .lohn, printer, 416 High, h Church near 

Coates Josiah, 49 High, h 330 Mulbeny 
Coates Lydia, 130 Catharine 
COATES NATHAN C, hardware, 86^ N 2d 
Coates Robt., watcliman, 69 N 5th 
Coates Sophia, 11 MifFiin 
Coates S., carp. 58 Ogden 
Coates Thomas, Broad ab Wallace 
Coates Wm., dry goods, Charlotte and Culvert 
Coates W. C, mer. 13 Church al, h 367 Sassafras 
Cobb Ebenezer, jr., 11th n Vine 
Cobb George, carp. 430 N5th 
Cobb Henry, com. mer. 3 N whfs 
Ccbb Isaac, carp., Hanover bel Duke 
Cobb Isaac, waterman, 11 Burd 
Cobb .lames, bricklr. 11 Burd 
Cobb Joshua C, bookbinder, 4 Clarence row 
Cobb Julia, wid. of William, Shackamaxon ab 

Cobb \!ira, 6 Pleasant Retreat 
Cobb Wm., cai'p., Callowhill W Broad 
Cobb Wm., carp. 20 New Market 
Cobb \^'m., car])., rear Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Cobin Wm., weaver, 11 Brinton 
Cobcurn M. A., b h, 95 S 3d 
Cobmn Aaron, confect., Randall's ct 
Coburn G. A., clerk, 12th ab Poplar 
Coburn John B., 259 Pine 
Coburn Mar_v, nurse, 169 S 11th 
Coburn Robert, gent. 259 Pine 
Coburn Wm., shoemr., Lombard ab Sch 2d 
COCHT?AN ANDREW, real estate broker, 143 

Walnut, h 81 N 7lh 
Cochran Amlrew, (bayman, Washing-ton bel 3d 
Cochran Ann, Sch Water n Cedar 
Cochran A., spooler, Harmstead 
Cochran Eenj., lab., 198 Christian 
Cochran Chas., lab., 2 Jackson's ct 
Cochran Daniel J., mer. 121 Lombard 
(."ochran Geo., watciman, Workman's ct 
Cochran Isaac, ship carp- 28 Union al 
Cochran James, lab., Ann and Salmon 
(,' ochran James H., clerk, 11 Jefferson row 
Cochran Jefferson, 6 Gable's ct 
Cochran John, carp, weaver, Howell 
Cochran Jo!in, lab. 9tli ab Poplar 
Cochran John, blacksm. 5 Howard 


Cochran John, porter, 6 Forrest pi 
Cochran John, weaver, Biddle W Nixon 
Cochran J. Harvey, mer. 32 N whfs, h 29 Miil 

Cochran Lewis, tavern, 174 Lombard 
Cochran Margaret, 314 S 7th 
Cochran Martha, Camphire's ct 
Cochran Michael, lab., Donelly ct | 

Cochran Patrick, carter, Ogden ab Carlisle 
Cochran Philip, lab., Shippcn and Russell 
Cochran Richard, 77 Juniper 
Cochran Thos., .shoemr., Bedford ab 12th 
Cochran Thos., drayman, 1 Mark's la 
Cochran Wm., paper carrier, Catharine bel Le 

ban on 
Cochran Wm., drayman, McCaw's row 
COCHRAN WM. G., wine mer., 72 Walnut, \ 

415 Chestnut 
Cocker Abm., manuf , Sch Willow bel Spruce 
Cocker Lot, weaver, Apple ab Jefferso;. 
Cockerill Thos., cigarmr., M road bel Federal 
Cockey John Z., tinsm.. Poplar ab l2th 
Ccckley John, lab., Philip ab Master (K 
Cockrell Catharine, confec. 112 N 8lh 
Cockril Timothy, lab., Lancaster Pike n Park 

Code TheophilusP., metremr. Sch 8th &. Jones, 

h 18 S Penn sq 
Cody Daniel, lab., Derringer's ct 
Cody Jas., stonecutter, 16 Paul 
Cody Mary, Reckless ct 
Cody Mary, 83 Gaskill 
Cody Sarah, huckster, 6 Hallowell 
Coe'Ann, 169 Wood 
Coe R., jr., merchant, 33 Church al, h Noble ab 

Coff Ridgway, lab.. Phoenix bel Perry 
Coffee Geo., engineer, 603 S Front 
Coffee Mary M., tobacconist, J'ranklin ab Crown 
Coffee Richard, ostler, 1 Meredith ct 
Coffee Seneca, shoemr. rear Flower bel Christian 
Coffee Wm., carp.. Poplar bei 10th 
Coffee Wm. F., printer, 10 Melon 
Coffey John, tavern, 66 F road 
Coffin Albert, tavern, S W 2d & Lombard 
Coffin Arthur G., prcs. Ins. Co. N. America, 60 

Walnut, h 37 Clinton 
Coffin E. W., mer. 34 N Front, h 7th bel Cherry 
Coffin Hay & Co., chemical works, Howard anil 


COFFIN LOUISA, tavern Coates & Ulrick 
Coffin Martha, 3d ab Wasliington 
Coffin Peter, lab., rear Howell 
Coffin Samuel, driver, 31 Pratt 
Coffin Samuel L., tavern, S E 5th and Queen 
Coffin Wm., shoemi-., rear 1 \A'asb. Market pi 
Coffman Andrew, painter, 355 N 3d, h 525 N 5th 
Coffman Charles, vict. 520 N 5th 
Coffman Francis, Sch 3d ab Sassafras 
Coffman Henry, painter, 500 N 3d, h 11th ab 

Cofl'man Isaac, grocer-, R It n Broad 
Coffman Joseph, caiter, Callowhill bel Sch Front 
Coffman San.uel, 84 W Willow 
Coffman Wm., silversm. 78 Tammany 
Cogel Thomas, cai-p. 7th ab Poplar 
Cogill T. G., 7th bel Girard av 
Cogill & Vanhorn, sashmr., 279 N Front 




Cog'g'ins David, 9th bcl Callowhill 

COGGINS E. H., floui- & feed, foot of Brown, 

High Hridge, h 9th bel Callowhill 
Cog'gins Jonathan, painter, 213 N 9tli 
COGGINS PASCHAL, plast. Paris maniif , Old 

York lload and Callowhill, h 217 N 9th 
Cos'g'ins Wm. V., plaster manuf. 209 N lOtli 
Coiien Aaron, stationer, 341 S 4th 
Cohen Abrm., dealer, S W 4th and Lombard 
Cohen Adolph, pedler, 225 Cedar 
Cohen A. M. 631 Spruce bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Colien llarnct, vmdertaker, 146 S 5th 
Cohen Benjamin, tailor, 48 Cedar 
Cohen David, clothing, St. John ab Tammany 
Cohen Emanuel, steward, Catharine bel 9th 
Cohen Henry, import, stationary, 42 N 4t]i, h 2 

Clinton scj 
COHEN HENRY & CO., imp. stationery, 42 

Cohen Isaac, clothing, 163 S 2d, h 2 Louisa av 
Cohen Isaac, cordw., Marshall bel Franklin 
Cohen Isaac, dealer, 1 Dannaker's av 
Cohen Jacob, clothing, 222^- Cedar 
Cohen Joseph, clothier, 159 Cedar 
COHEN JOSEPH S., atty. &. coun. & Prothon. 

Supreme Court, E. D. 7 State House, h 

631 Spruce bet Sch 7th & 8th 
Cohen Lewis H., clothing, 119 S 2d 
Cohen Lewis I., furniture, 115 S 2d, h 117 Lom- 
Cohen & Lobe, furniture, 115 S 2d 
Cohen Myer D., furrier, 52 N 2d, h 86 N 7th 
Cohilberg L., dry goods, 3 Noble 
Cohill Charles, portrait painter, 140 Chestnut, 

h 362 Coates 
Cohill George, h P road bel Marriott's la 
Coile Michael, cordw.. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Coir John, trader, 10th ab Master 
Coit John B., mer. 16 N 3d, h Noble ab 8th 
Cokely Daniel, lab. 18 Jones al 
COLAHAN JOHN B., atty. &. coun. 78 S 8th 
Colbert &. Co., pub. Covenant & Lad. Magazine, 

N W 3d and Walnut 
Colbert Wm. F., fancy goods, 18 High 
Colburn L., dealer, George and Sch 2d 
COLCORD ENOCH L., broker, 24 S 5th, h Sch 

6th bel Mulberry 
Colcord Hannah, teacher. Orphan's Asylum 
Colcord Horace F., broker, 24 S 5th, h Sch 6th 

bel Mulberry 
Colcord John P., collector, 99 Catharine 
Colder Hiram, carter, 45 Mechanic 
Cole Aaron, porter, 24 Lebanon 
Cole Christian, tailor, Fraley's al 
Cole Chas., butcher, Warren bel Mary (W P) 
Cole Clarissa, washer, Sergeant n 10th 
Cole Courtlaiid, M. D. 28 Brown 
Cole David, tailor. Mechanic ab George 
Cole David, porter, WaiTen bel 12th 
Cole Ellen, Lewellvn's av (K) 
Cole Elizabeth, 41 Currant al 
Cole George B., porter. Poplar ct 
Cole George W., clerk, George W Broad 
Cole Howard, bookbinder, Carlton n Broad 
Cole James, furniture car. Brown's ct 
Cole John, blacksm. 24 Maiden (K) 
Cole John, jr., collector, 12 Louisa av 
Cole John, sr., broker, 12 Louisa av 

Cole John, tinsrn., Sch 8th bel Ilijfh 

Cole Leroy, Ten P'oot alley 

Cole Mary, Sch 4th ab Vine 

Cole Mary, upholster, 18 N 12th, ii Suffolk bcl 

Cole P. Ef, b h, 8 S 5th 
Cole Sarah, 24 Federal 
Cole Tiiomas H., cordw. 396 Sassafras 
Cole R. B., M. D. 8th and Noble 
Cole Wm., tavern, High E Sch 4th 
Coleman Daniel, carp.. Wood ab Sch 3d 
Coleman Daniel, P road bel Carpenter 
Coleman Elmira, Haydock ab Front 
Coleman Ezra, envelope manuf. 89 S 5tli 
COLEMAN E. & P., coach screw mrs., S E Sch 

2d and Mulberry, h Sch 2d ab Filbert 
Coleman Geo., musician, F road ab Harrison (K) 
Coleman George, weaver. Queen ab Marlboro' 
Coleman Harriet, gent v. 8 Clinton sq Chestnut 
Coleman Henry T., atty. 56 S 6th 
Coleman Jacob, cui-rier, 64 Tammany 
Coleman James, coach painter. Sassafras a I2th 

h 83 Green 
Coleman John, marble pol., Bedford bel 12th 
Coleman John, shoemr., rear 116 Plum 
Coleman John, shoemr., P road bel Carpenter 
Coleman John, Rev. 146 Queen 
Coleman John M., importer, 219 Chestnut &. 32 

Arcade, h 446 N 5th 
Coleman John T., marb.mas., Shippen bel lltli 
Coleman & Jones, envelopes, 89 S 5th 
Coleman, Kelton 8c Campbell, iron mers. 54 N 

whfs and 109 N Water 
Coleman Lewis, lampmr., Apple ab Oxford 
COLEMAN LYMAN, Rev., teacher, S W 12th 

and Chestnut, h 29 Clinton 
Coleman Margaret, 127 Plum 
Coleman Michael, porter, 13 Elfreth's al 
Coleman Moses, glazier, rear Jackson ab Brown 
Coleman Nathan, carter. Willow ab 13th 
COLEMAN NICHOLAS, wheelwt. 565 N Front 
Coleman Patrick, shoemr. 19 Farmer 
Coleman Pat., currier, 19 Cresson al 
Coleman Philip, coach screw mr., Sch 2d and 

Coleman Philip, carp. 65 Coates 
Coleman Philip E., conveyancer, 242 N 3d, h 22 


Coleman Robt., mer., 480 Chestnut 
Coleman Samuel, dry goods, 419 N 2d 
Coleman Samuel, bricklayer, 65 Coates 
Coleman Sarah, dressmr. 49 S Juniper 
Coleman Scoltron, lab., 42 Bread 
Coleman Sylvester, waiter, Centre ab 12th 
Coleman T. M., agent ins. co. h 408 Brown 
Coleman Walter, waiter, 5th Sc Marriott 
Coleman Wm. H., 87 Fitzwater 
Coles Edward, gent. 409 Spruce 
Coles John, sugar refiner, rear 30 St. John 
Colesberry Clarion, 37 Currant al 
Colesberry Isaac G., mer.. Juniper & Filbert 
Colesberry John, saddler, 21 Mulberry 
Colflesh Jeremiah, clerk, 16 Benton 
COLFLESH JOHN, tavern, S E Sch 8lh and 

Colgan Chas., rolling mill, 12 Brazier av 
jColgan Henry, lab. 8 Brazier's av 
i Colgan John 128 Callowliill 




Colgan Robert, tavcm, 250 S 7th 

Colgan T. P., bookseller, 89 Cedar 

Colgate Jolm, lab. 21 Currant al 

Colhoun George, mer. 60 N Front, h Cliesnut 

ab Sch 4th ^ 

Colhoun & Harrison, ford, mers., 24 Bank 
Colhoun Mai-tha, gcntw., Chestnut ab Sch 4th 
Colhoun Mar\' M., 98 S 3d 
Colhoun Samuel, mer., Bank 
Colhoun \Vm., mer. 61 N Front, h 98 S 3d 
Colhoun "NVm. &. Hugh, mers. 61 N Front 
Collng John, porter, Smith's ct 
Colket Coffin, 312 N 7th 
Coll Chas., lab., 24 Garden 
Coll AVm., porter, 38 Maiden (K) 
Colladay & Brotlier, commission merchants, 37 

Church al 
Colladay Chas., mer. 37. Church al, h Chestnut 

and Margaretta (W P) 
Colladay Chas., clerk, S W Sch 8th & Vine 
Colladay Chas. D., clerk, 4 State H.h Sch 8th bel 

COLLADAY GEORGE W., recorder of deeds, 

4 State House row, h Vine ab Sch 7th 
Colladay Hannah, 9 Jacoby 
CoUady Jacob W., carp., Vine ab Sch 6th, h 

Vine W Sch 6th 
Colladay Samuel R., mer. 37 Church al, h 161 

Colladay Sarah W., b h, 108 N 10th 
Colladay Theodore, carp. 403 Sassafras 
Colladay T. S., carp. 127 Melon 
CoUadav Wm. carp. N E Sassafras &. Lybrand 
Colladay Wm. Y. mer. 1 Bank, h 197 N 12th 
Collar Jacob, fisherman, Queen & Cherry 
Collar Mich, fisherman, Cherry ab Queen 
Collar Mich. whf. builder, Queen ab Cherry 
Collard Jonathan, millinery. 129 Cedar 
Collarson Francis, plast. 3 Brannan's al 
Collegan Bernard, carter, 82 George (S) 
CoUegan Hugh, lab. Yeager'sct 
Collet Mark, M. D., 13th ab Green 
Colley Thos. photogi-aphist, 80§ Walnut 
Collick James, driver, 3 Wilson 
Collier Wm. Aveaver, rear Fitzwater bel 13th 
Collins Alexander, weaver, 11 Gray's ct (K) 
Collins Alfred M. paper manuf. Plymouth E 

Sch 3d 
Collins Ann, 12 Barclay 
Collins Ann B. Sassafras n Sch 6tli 
Collins Barnard, livery stable, 137 Shippen 

Collins Elia.s, lab. Anthony n Dickerson 

Collins Elizabeth, Lewis ab Sch f tli 

Collins Frederick, brewer, N W 10th & Filbert, 

h 23 S Sch 7th 
Collins Geo. C. attv. at law, S E 6th & Locust, 

h Sch 6th bcl'High 
Collins Henry, twister, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Collins Isaac* 129 Filbert 
Collins Isaac, jr. weigher, 44 S Water, h Sch 

4th &. Plymouth' 
Collins James, mer. Chestnut st whf. h Sch 5tli 

ab CJeorge 
Collins James, carp. Crans' ct 
Collins James, carp. Cherry W Sch 2d 
Collins James, tailor, 49 S 10th 
Collins James, tailor, Sch 6th bel Pine 
Collins James, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 
Collins James C. rags, 129 S Front 
Collins June, Charlotte ab George 
Collins Jesse, brickmr. Kressler 
Collins John, morocco dr. 172 S 5th 
Collins John, jr. ropemr. Washington ab 13th 
Collins John, ropemr. R road ab 13th 
Collins John, comedian, 88 S 11th 
Collins John, blacksm. Johnson's la. bel 5th 
Collins John, lab. Loud ab 9th 
Collins John, carp. Charlotte ab George 
Collins John, lab. Cedar ab 12th 
Collins John, cordw. Park bel Washington 

W Philadelphia 
Collins John D. waterman, 31 Catharine 
COLLINS JOHN H. druggist, 53 High, h 11th 

n Callowhill 
ColHns John J. carp. Smith's ct 
Collins John M. atty. & coun. 128 Walnut 
Colhns Jonathan, carder, Jefferson bel Front 
Collins Jonathan, warper, 34 Charlotte 
Collins Joseph, coal, Callowhill & Broad, h 340 

Sp Garden 
Collins Joseph, seaman, 72 Swanson 
Collins J. H. lumber mer. 8th and Poplar, h 

Brown bel 8th 
Collins Lewis, blacksm. Brinton bel 11th 
Collins Margaret, Fitler ab 2d 
COLLINS & M'DOWELL, Congress House, 

S W A'ine 8c Perry 
Collins Mar}-, rear Carpenter bel 8th 
Collins Michael, weaver, Harrison av (K) 
Collins Patrick, 10th ab Master 
Collins Patrick, diy goods, 412 S 2d 
Collins P. G. printer, 1 Lodge al, h 39 Zane 

Collins Bartholomew, weaver, rear Cadwalader Collins Rebecca, Beach bel Maiden (K) 

ab Jefferson 
Collins Bridget, 255 Ced;.r 
Collins 8c Brown, weighers, 44 S Water 
Collins Cabel, brickmr. G T road ab 5ih (K) 
Collins Chas. tailor, 234 High, h 8th ab Green 
Collins Chas. boot fitter, Moore n Church 
Collins Chas. agent. Oak bel Park 
Collins Chas. & Son, tailors, 234 High 
Collins David, lab. rear 6th ab Camac (K) 
Collins Dennis, collector, Catharine ab 8tli 

j Colhns Robert, carp. Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Collins Robert, weaver, Charlotte bel Franklin 
Collins Robert, oysters, 153 Locust 
Collins Itobert, painter, Duke bel Vienna 
Collins Sarah, tailoress, Charlotte ab Brown 
Collins Simeon, degueiTOtypist, 100 Chestnut, 

! h 197 N 9th 

1 Collins Thos. slater, 61 Gasklll 

j Collins Thos. painter, Almira pi 

Collins Thos. carter. Spruce ab Sch 5th 
Collins D. C. & Co. photographists, 100 Chest-' COLLINS T. K. & P. G. printers, 1 Lodge al 

nut {Collins T. K. printer, 1 Lodge al, h S W 10th 

Collins Edwd. barber, 100 N 4th and Wallace 

Collins Edwd. G. sign painter, Miller (S) 'COLLINS T. K. jr. bookseller, S E 6th and 

Collins Edwd. T. block & mastmr. 216 N Water' Mulberry, h S W 10th & Wallace 

& Penn ab Marsh (K) h 97 Catharine | Collins Wm. jr. lab. Sarah ab Queen 




Collins Wm. lab. Kessler (K) 
Collins Wm. seaman, 15 Little Water 
Collins Wm. tobacco, Charlotte ab Brown and 

220 N 6tli 
Collins Wm. mer. 74 & 76 S Front, h 45 Union 
Collins Wm. shoemr. Melon 8c 11 road 
Collins Wm. M. paper warehouse, 33 Com- 
merce, h 74 N lOtii 
Collins Wm. S. tailor, 234 Hig-h, h 269 Coates 
Collison Joseph, clerk, 187 S 9th 
COLLISS ABRAHAM, cig-armr. 45 Pine 
Collom Albert, dnira mr. 20 Harrison av (K) 
Collom Clement, cai-p. 3d & Thompson 
Collom Cyrus, 10th bel Master 
Collom Jesse, carp. 110 Sch 7th ab Pine 
Collom John, carp. Albert's av 
Collom Jonathan, blacksm. Wile's row 
Collom Mary, 132 Coates 
Collom Wm. carp. Beach ab Warren (K) 
Collord John, g-ent. 183 Brown 
Collot A.G. professor. Broad bel Chestnut 
Colly Daniel, shoemr. 56 Quince 
Colsher David, omnibus. Sassafras 8i Sell 3d 
Colsher Peter, blacksin. Cai-roll ab 12th 
Colsher Wm. wheelwt. Broad ab Green, h Sch 

7th ab Parrish 
Colton Chas. G. lab. 242 S 6th 
Colton & Code, g'as met. man. Jones ab Sch 8th 
Colton David, planemr. 297 Hig'h, h Oak bel 

Colton Geo. vict. 335 Pine & N E Pine & Perry 
COLTON JOHN, planemr. 379^ High, h Chest- 
nut bel Mary (W P) 
Colton John, broker, 24 S 3d, h 10th bel Cedar 
Colton Owen, g-ent. Sch 7th ab Spruce 
Colton Sabin W. daguerreotypist, 265 Sassafras 
Colton & Sheneman, planemrs. 297 High 
COLTON SIMON, grocer, N E 10th & Chestnut 
Colton Walter, Rev. 372 Chestnut 

Colvin W. lab. Ohio 
Colwater Margaret, 216 N 5th 
Colwell & Co. iron mers. S\i N whfs. and 111 

N Water 
Colwell Robert, coachman, 25 W Cedar 
Colwell Stephen, iron manuf. 53 N whfs. & 111 

N Water 
Coman Mary, Jones bel Sch 2d 
Comber & Co. gTanite yd. Chestnut E Sch 7th 
Comber Michael, stonecut. Chestnut E Sch 7th, 

h Chestnut n Sch Front 
Comber Patrick, stonecut. Lewis W Sch 6th 
Comber Thos. sheet iron workei', M road bel 

Combs Gilbert, teacher, 121 8c h 124 Marshall 
Combs John, carp. 12 Adam 
Combs John F. currier, 200 S 6th 
Combs Joseph, blacksm. Clinton ab Brown 
Combs Louisa, wid. of J, R. Marlborough ab 

Bedford (K) 
Combs Phoebe, tailoress, 386 N 3d 
Combs Wm. currier, 144 Spruce 
Comeg-ys Catharine, gentw. 42 N 8th 
Comegys Ellen, tailoress, 10 Norris' al 
Comegys Wm. 131 Spruce 
Comer Naome, Perkenpine's ct 
Comery Wm. weaver, Master ab 7th 

Comfort Aaron, Thompsonian medicines, 295 

High, h 124N 10th 
Comfort Cyrus C. carp. 5 Randolph 
Comfort David, %irp. 241 N 6th 
Comfort John W, M. D., 11 N 10th 
COMFORT STEPHEN W. dentist, 308 Walnut 
Comings Jolm, hotel, G T road St Oxford 
Comly Allen, mer. 25 N 2d, h 81 N 10th 
Comly David, carp. 345 Sassafras 
Comlv Franklin A. President Buck Mountain 

Coal Co. 82 Walnut 
Comly H. &: A. mers. 25 N 2d 
Comly Henry, mer. 25 N 2d, h 81 N 10th 
Comly J. cal. engraver, 134 N 2d 
Comly Martin, boot crimper, 118 Washington av 
Comly Mrs. M. trimmings, 345 Sassafras 
Comly Nathan F. auctr. R road bel Sch 6th 
Comly Richard, gas fitter, 4 Sellers' ct 
Comly Robei-t, auctioneer, 78 S Front 
Comly Saml. groc. R road 8c Melon 
Comly Samuel, com. mer. 78 S Front, h Poplar 

n Sch 8th 
Comly Thos. J. printer, 58 Chester 
Comly Wm. D. printer, 66 Charlotte 
NIA, 81 High 
Compton Benj. lab. Mechanic's ct 
Compton Jullanna, washer, 5 St Mary's 
Compton Richard, paper, 5th bel George 
Compton Samuel, printer, Dean ab Bedford (K) 
Compton Thos, R. agent. Pearl n Sch 8th 
Compton Wm. machinist, Howard ab Phoenix 
Comstock Andrew, M. D., vocal gymnasium, 98 

Conalogue Mrs. tavern. Front 8c Willow 
Conard Abraham, mason, rear 111 Dillwyn 
Conard Ajas, ice dealer, Coates W Sch 7th 
Conard Charles, hardware, S E 2d 8c Coates, h 

314 Coates 
Conard David, blacksm. 27 Callowhill 
Conard Jas. Hutchinson bel Master 
Conard Jesse, ship carp. Richard n Sch 7th 
Conard J. R bricklayer, AVinter bel Sch 2d 
Conard J. R. coal vard, S W 9th £c Master, h 

S W 10th 8c Master 
Conard Mary, 334 St John 
Conarroe G. W. portrait painter, 392 Vine 
Conarroe Richard R. 57 New 
Conavry Felix, morocco dr. Cadwalader above 

Conavry Francis, cordw. rear 231 G T road 
Conavry Peter, moroc. dr. Cadwalader above 

Conaway Geo. cordw. 9 Jennlng's row 
Conaway James, blacksm. Pollock's ct 
Conaway Joseph, lab. 7 Pine (S) 
Conaway Levin, boatman, Fairmount N Biddle 
Conaway P. Parrish E Sch 8th 
Conaway M^m- tailor, German bel 5th 
Conaway Wm. sawmr. 62 N 4th, h 28 Cherry 
Condall'Thos. agent, 5 Locust 
Conde Francis E. 114 N 5th 
Condell Robt. glass cut. Goodbread pi 
Conderman B. mineral water, 58 Dillwyn 
Condie D. F., M. D., 117 Catharine 
Condon Jas. blacksm. 15 Gatchell'spl 
Condon M. G. paper mer. 9 Jones' al, h Shacka- 
maxon ab Allen 




Condon Sarah, 8th ab Green 

Condon Tlics. tailor, 8 Little Water 

Condon Tlios. lah. 7 Lagrung-e 

Condon Wm. blacksm. 3 Hottniai's al 

Condon Wm. morocco fin. I[an>^crab Franklin 

Condy Jas. cordw. Christian n 7tli 

Condy .John, cordw. Marriott ab 6th 

Condy llichd. cordw. l-'ranklin bcl Marlboro' 

Conih' Thos. trader, Cadwalader bel Master 

Condy Wm. paper car. Little Brown ab Cherry 

Cone Amelia M. trimming's, 70 S 8th 

Cone Martin, seaman, 450 S Front 

Cong'ar Chas. shoemr. 77 New Market 

Congiu- Wm. shoemr. 98 New Market 

Congdon John, clerk, IJedford bel Vienna 

Conger Ann, shop, 31 Laurel 

Cong-er Ann, 249 Green 

Cong-er Wm. M. umbrellamr. 20 Rachel 

Conine Peter, blacksm. 9 St James, h 113 Melon 

Conkle H. cord manufacturer, 2 S 3d, h 4 B^ 

Conklin Ezra, livery stables, Lodg-c al 
Conklin Garrison, engineer, 176 St John 
Conkling' Wm. G. agent, Coates near Sch 2d 
Conlan ]3ernard, lab. rear York bel F road 
Conlan James, lab. 13th & Carpenter 
Conlin Dennis, lab. Orange bel Wallace 
Conlon John, lab. Wood n Sch 5th 
Conlon Patrick, lab. Sch 8th ab Morris 
Conly Cornelius, carp. 2 Cresson's al 
Conley Francis, ship carp. 2 Newton 
Conley Geo. tavern. F road ab Franklin 
Conlin Alex, bootmr. Christian ab 11th 
Conlin Felix, weaver, 46 Fitzwater 
Conlin H.lab. Parrish & Carlisle 
Conlin John, b h, 31 Cherry 
Conlin John, carter, 5 Dickson's ct 
Conlogue Patrick, 34 Dilhvyn bel Callowhill 
Conmott Benj. cordw. 134 F road 
Conn Geo. W. botanic med. 13 N 12th 
Conn James, trader, G T road ab Franklin 
Conn James, tinman, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Conn John, trader, 311 St John 
Conn Sarah, 149 G Tread (K) 
Conn Wm. hatter, 1 Perry (K) 
Conn Wm. H. bootmr. 96 Filbert 
Connell Alex., carter, Wood ab Sch 7th 
Connell Andrew, slater, 1 Carlton 
Connell Ann, 24 W Cedar 
Connell Edward, boatman. Beach ab Walnut 
Connell Geo., gent., 1 and h 66 S 6th 
Connell Geo., gent, 14 Erie 
Connell James, weav., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Connell John H., conveyancer, 217 N 4th 
Connell Mary, b h, 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Connell Mathias, weaver, 2d ab Master 
Connell N., weaver, Lombard n Scii 2d 
Connell Patk., blacksm., 13 Elfreth's al 
Connell Rachel, 18 Cedar row 
Connell T., drover. Sell 7th and Sassafras 
Connelly Bernard, 290 S 7th 
Connelly Erlward, stone cutter, Wiley's ct 
Connelly George, tailor, rear 15 Charlotte 
CONNELLY HARRY, wines and liquors, N W 

7th and Cliestnut, h Spruce ab 12th 
Connelly James, cordw. Stiltz' ct 
Connelly James, tailor, Louty pi 
Connell}' Jane, George ab lOtii 

Connelly John, ladies' shoemr. 298 Wood 

Connelly John, lab., Sch 7th bel Coates 
Connelly John, white wash., 477 S 2d 
Connelly John, cabinetmr. 298 Wood 
Connelly Lawix-nce B., 51 Chester 
Connelly Mary, shop, 21 Queen (K) 
Connelly Miciiael, cordw. 60 P road 
Connelly Patk., carter, Ann E Sch 3d 
Connelly Patrick, weaver. Phoenix ab 2d (K) 
Connelly Patk., cordw. Almond ab Somerset 
Connelly Richard, bootmr. 100 Carpenter 
Connelly Thos., lab., 7 Beck 
Conner Bernard, lab., 387 N 4th 
Conner Clayton, flour & feed. Queen bel Wood, 

h Hanover bel F road 
Conner Cornelius, segar mr., Sch 7th bel Mor- 
ris (B H) 
Conner David, Commodore Navy Yd., h 87 S 4th 
Conner George, carp. Lombard ab Sch 8th 
Conner Henry, 1 Hatter's ct 
Conner James, weaver. Spruce n Sch I'ront 
Conner James, weaver, Keyser's row (K) 
Conner James, boatman. Factory 
Conner James, weavei\ Perry bel Phoenix (K) 
Conner James, drayman, 29 Lombard 
Conner James G., hatter, 78 Penn 
Conner John, lab., 2 Beaver ct 
Conner John, hatter, George and Plum 
Conner Jno., brickmr. 122 Apple 
Conner John H., mast mr. 21 German 
Conner Joshua, shoemr. 414 S 2d 
Conner Mary Jane, Poplar pi 
Conner Matthew, lab., Apple bel Master 
Conner Mich., baker, rear Biddle n Nixon 
Conner Michael, framemr. 387 CallowhiU 
Conner Michael, tailor, 4 Howard's ct 
Conner Nicholas, lab., Lombard and Hirst 
Conner Richard, waterman, 35 Cadiarine 
Conner Robert, cordw. Harrison 
Conner Stephen, lab., 3 Grape ct 
Conner Terence, carter, St Paul's av 
Conner Thos., carp, weaver, West bel Hanover 
Conner Thos., Vine bel Nixon 
Conner Timothy, weaver. Mariner bel Broad 
Conner Wm., stevedore, 1 Buchanan's pi 
Connolly Francis, carp. 11 Dilk's ct 
Connolly James, boatman, Ellen's pi 
Connolly Philip, gas fitter, Callowhill bel 13th 
Connolly Wm., trader, Johnson's ct 
Connor Barney, weaver. Pine and Sch Front 
Connor Charles, cabtmr. Larch ab 9th 
Connor Edmund S., comedian, 285 Sassafras 
Connor Edmund, waterman, 591 S J'ront 
Connor Edward, cordw., 591 S Front 
Connor Hamilton, shoemr. Harrison n Sch 3d 
Connor Hamilton, macht., Lybrand bel Vine 
Connor Isaac, dealer, Bedford n Shippen la 
Connor James, lab., Simes W Sch Front 
Connor James, bricklr. 133 Queen 
Connor John, stone cut., Taylor 8i Joned 
Connor John, lab. 101 Bedford 
Connor John, lal)., 573 S Front 
Connor John, cabman, 95 Lombard 
Connor John, lab., Huntinton ab Duke 
Connor John, brickmr. 7th ab Poplar 
Connor Matthew, lab., Lehigh ab Bank 
Connor Michael, lab., Demerj 's ct 
Connor P., hatter, P road ab Caipenter 




Connor Susan, porter house, 234 S 4th 
Connor Thos., lab. Murray W Scli 3(1 
('onnor Thos., lab. I'erry l)cl Master (K) 
Connor Thos., carp. Carlisle bcl Parrish 
Connor Thos., tavern, Sch Water and Cedar 
<;onnor Thos., weaver, Diamond 
Connor Thos. G., g-ent., h 23 Pine 
Conover Allen, bricklr. rear Parrish bel 10th 
(JONOVER & BROTHERS, shoes & bonnets, 

190 High 
Conover T3iana, vest mr., 2 Mark's la 
(Conover Jacob, combmr. Hank's ct 
Conover Jonathan R., carp. Robertson, h Parrish 

bel 8th 
Conover J. B., mer., 190 Hig-h, h 281 Spruce 
Conover Lewis T., shoe store, 114 S 10th 
Conover Michael F., painter, 327 High, h 299 

S 10th 
Conover O. U. P., mer. 190 High 
Conover VVm., cooper, Culvert ab 4th 
Conover Wm., shoemr. Shafer's ct 
Conover Wm. P., mer. 190 High, h 368 S 4th 
Conquest Geo., waterman, 22 Beck 
CONQUEST W. T., dry goods, N W 2d and 

Conrad Anthony, butcher, 12th ab Brown 
Conrad Charles, mer. 35 High, h 131 N 9th 
Conrad Christopher, math. inst. mr. 39 Gaskill 
Conrad Eichen, tailor, 5 Higgin's ct 
Conrad Elizabeth, 102 Mulberry 
Conrad Elizabeth, 4th ab Brown 
Conrad Geo. W., mer. 60 High, h 93 Marshall 
Conrad Harry, mer. 123 N 3d, h 382 Mulberry 
Conrad Henry, shoemr. Carpenter bel P road 
CONRAD ISAAC H., boots & shoes, 85 N 2d, 

h 35 Melon 
Conrad Isaiah, plasterer, R road ab Wallace 
Conrad Jacob G., flour mer. 4th ab Brown, h 52 

Conrad James M., hardware, 203 High, h 130 

N 12th 
Conrad Jesse, hiacksm., Goldsmith's ct 
Conrad John, 35 Melon 

Conrad John, alderman, 208 N 3d, h 40 Wood 
Conrad Jolm, shoemr. 2 Flickwir's ct (S) 
Conrad Joseph, bootmr. 43 S 4th 
(_"onrad Lewis R., macht. Locust ab Margaretta 
Conrad Margaret, rear 22 Plum 
Conrad Mary Ann, 604 Callowhill 
Conrad Matthew, mer. 39 N whfs., h 25 Mul- 
CONRAD OSBORN, imp. of watches, 96 N 2d 
Conrad Peter, 110 Queen 
Conrad Peter, cordw. 41 S 8th 
Conrad Peter, clerk mark. Sassafras bel Sch 6th 
Conrad Robt. T., dep. surv. port, h 428 Sassafras 
<;ONRAD & ROBERTS, hardware mers., 123 

Conrad Solomon, diy goods, 19 High, h 102 

Conrad, Thompson & Co., boots & shoes, 60 

CONRAD & WALTON, hardware, 203 High 
Conrad Wasiiington, vict. Coates E Sch 5th 
Conrad Wm. C, mer. 60 High, h 140 N 5th 
Conrad Wm. H., butcher, Parrish bel 12th 
Conrade David C, bricklr. 151 Svvanson 
Conrow Charles, coachmr. 14 Carpenter 

CONROW WILLIAM G., alderman, oflRce 13th 

and R road, h 13th ab (ireen 
Conroy James, l)ricknir. Richinond h Lehigh 
iConroy James, lab. Jones bel Scii 6th 
IConroy John, lab. 37 North 
! Conroy Mary, washer, Brinton ab 12th 
j Conroy Patk., weaver. Cedar &. Sch Bank 
IConroy Patk. W Ocean House, 41 S 4th 
Cnnry Jas., well digger, rear Carpenter bel 6th 
Constalile .lohn, 354 Walnut 
Constable John, cordw. Tyler ab Poplar 
Constable R., gunsinitii, 88 S 2d 
Constance Gustavus, tailor, Orcliard ab George 
Constant F., cook, M'Kean's ct 
Constant Zelia, teacher, 153 S 10th 
Conver Benj., lab. Oldham's ct 
Conver Jacob, ship carp. Duke bel Palmer 
Converse A. Rev., editor Christian Observe!-, 142 

Chestnut, h Broad bel Poplar 
Convery Daniel, carp. Cedar ;ib 12th 
Convcry Patrick, ladies' shoemr. 290 Pine 
Conway A. II., spade and shovel mrs., Randolph 

bel Poplar 
Conway Bartholomew, lab. Mariner 
Conway Bernard, tavern, P road and Jane 
Conway Charles, tail&r, M'Manemy's ct 
Conway Charles, ostler, Dorothy W Sch 4th 
Conway Charles, knitter, Nonnater's ct 
Conway Chas., dealer, 6 AVilcox 
Conway Dennis, slater, 304 Cherry 
Conway Edw., upholsterer. Christian ab 9th 
Conway Francis, ostler, Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Conway Francis, soap factory, 185 S 4th, h 14 

Relief al 
Conway Hannah A., milliner, 162i S 2d 
Conway James, driver, 7th and Willow 
Conway James, blacksm., 190 Apple 
Conway John, box mr. rear 16 Lewis 
Conway John, shoes, 164 S 2d 
Conway John, hatter, 382 High, h 6 Division 
Conway John, brlckmr. Cedar bel ]3road 
Conway John E., brassfounder, Culvert above 

Conway Martha, Little Washington ab 9th 
Conway Mary, Nectarine bcl lltli 
Conway Michael, tavern, S E Cedar and Sth 
Conway Michael, porter, Spruce n Sch 5tii 
Conway Patrick, lab. 4 Plcasjint ct 
Conway Patrick, bottler, 8 Hunter 
Conway Patrick, v/eaver, 9 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Conway Patrick, weavei-, Milton ab 10th 
Conway Peter, lab. Hope ab Phoenix 
CONWAY PHILIP, tavern, 11 N lltli 
Conway Samuel, 357 Marshall 
Conway Susannah, 264 S 3d 
Conway Wm., soap manuf , 168 S 2d 
Conwell George P., pilot. Church ab Prime 
Conwell Hubert, tailor, rear 57 Fitzwater 
Conwell John, lab. Cadwalader ab Master (K) 
Conwell Margaret, Cadwalader bel Phoenix (K) 
Conwell Patrick, Cumberland House, 33-i Higji 
Conyers &, Hamilton, grain. High ab Sch 5th 
Conyers John, clerk P. Office, Sch 6lh ab Pine 
Conyers Thos. B., cai'p. Hanover Ik F road 
Conyers Walter, tobacconist, 220 Chestnut, h 36 

Conyers Wm. P., cordw. West bel F road (K) 
Coogan John, lab. Milton bel 11th 



Coogan Wm., cordw. 59 Sliippen iCook Mich., boatman, 1 Sch Heach 

Cook Alex., printer, "Williaiii's ct I Cook Moses, combmr., Charlotte ab Beaver 

Cook Alcxanck-r, grocer, lllh &. Nectarine :Cook Nelson O. melter, Sylvester 

Cook Archibald, blacksm. Montgomeiy and' Cook Patrick, boatman, 1 Sch Beech 

Cook Ashur, bricklr. 86^ N 9th 
Cook Benj., jr., Minerva Library, 114 S 8th, h 

9th ab Suflolk 
Cook Charles, halter, 389 N 6th 
Cook Charles, carp. 2 Lindsay's av 
Cook Chas. D., dry goods, Sch 5th ab Walnut 
Cook Charles L., jeweler, rear 117 Queen 
Cook David, cordw. Sassafras ab Broad 
Cook Dorothy, shop, 169 Apple 
Cook Edward, weaver, Shippen bel 12th 
Cook Edwin R., tobacconist, Sp Garden bel 9th 
Cook Elias, chandler, Say n Sch 7th 
Cook Elisha W., clerk, Spruce above Sch 7th 
Cook Elizabeth, b h, 148 Pine 
Cook Eliza, rear 443 Vine 
Cook Fredk., hiborat., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Cook Hannah, b h, 11 Roger's ct 
Cook Henry, bookbinder. Grape ab 8th 
Cook Henry, porter, Beech ab Walnut 
Cook Hem-y, tinsni. 10 Mayland 
Cook Henry, lab. Sch Beech ab Walnut 
Cook Henry A., tailor, 139 S 2d 
Cook Henry B., carp. 8th and Carpenter 
Cook Henry D., varnisher, 11 Pleasant Retreat 
Cook Henry N., goldbeater, Yhost 
Cook Hill, lab. Cox's ct 
Cook .James, fruiterer, S E 8th and High, h 

Cook James, carter, 330 Pine 
Cook James, brushmr. 541 High 
Cook James, cooper, Grover 
Cook Jasper, salesman, Coates W Nixon 
Cook Jeremiah, lab. rear 7 Mead 
COOK JESSE M., coal, 75 Dock, h 526 N 5th 
COOK JOEL, alderman, 189 Chestnut 
Cook John, farmer and dealer, Cheny n F road 
Cook John, soap & candles. High E Sch 6th, h 

Sch 2d bel High 
Cook John, lab. real" Sorrel bel Larch 
Cook John, cordw. 45 George (S) 
Cook John, lab. rear Orchard 
Cook John, tavern, S E Front and Coates 
Cook John, carp. Kurtz ab Poplar 
Cook John, carter, 6th ab Poplar 
Cook John, macht.. Shoemaker's ct 
Cook John, weaver, 13th & Federal 
Cook John D., tobacconist, 82 Brown 
Cook John G., carp, weaver. Christian ab 4th 
Cook John H., grocer, Shackamaxon 8c Bedford 
Cook Joseph, lab. Charlotte n Brown 
Cook Joseph, confect. 2 Mulberry, h 97 O Y 

Cook Joseph, grocer. Front and Laurel, h 66 

G T road 
Cook Lewis, tobacconist, 82 Brown 
Cook Lewis, tailor, 672 N 2d 
Cook Mary, Howard ab Master (K) 
Cook Mary, Wood ab Sch 8th 
Cook Matthew, cordw. 254 S 5th 
Cook & M'Ginnis, tailors, 131 S 2d 
Cook Michael, cordw, 78 German 
Cook Michael, stone cutter, Sch Beach above 

Cook &. Peirce, bricklr., SON 6tii 

Cook Philip, lab., Northampton ct 

Cook Kevin J. rigger, 305 S Front 

Cook Robt., Spruce n Sch Front 

Cook Robert, clerk, 155 Queen 

Cook Robert, lab. 150 Wood 

Cook Samuel, brushmr. 79^ Cedar 

Cook Samuel, bricklr. 8 Nectarine 

Cook Samuel, tobac. 5 Mulberry, h 556 N 3d 

Cook Samuel, carp. 6th bel G T road (K) 

Cook Samuel C, auct., 92 S Front, h 108 S 
Sch 7th 

Cook S. C, letter carrier, 243 N 7th 

Cook Thomas, gent. 16 Pine 

Cook Thos. carver, 363 Marshall ab Poplar 

Cook Thos. machinist, rear Franklin ab Cherry 

Cook Thos. sr. gardener, 13th n Prime 

Cook Wm. combmr., Randolph bel Franklin 

Cook AVm. carp. 426 N 7th 

Cook Wm. engineer, Harrison 

Cook Wm. lab.. Brown n R road 

Cook Wm. cordw. 12th ab Vine 

Cook Wm. B. grocer, N W 10th &. Thompson 

Cook Wm. K. carpenter. New ab 2d, h 64 Mul- 

Cooke Benj. J. stationer, 144 S 8th, h 9th ab 

Cooke Hugh, dyer, 98 N 5th 

Cooke Jay, exch. broker, 25 S 3d, h 262 Pine 

Cooke John F. painter, Sch Beech & Walnut 

Cooke M. M. &. Dajmas C. J. editors of Draw. 
Room Journal, 32 S 3d 

Cooke Tamar, 2 Yorke 

Cooke Thos., M. D., 31 N 6th 

Cooke Wm., sr., tobacconist, 4 N Front, h 113 

Cooke Wm. bandbox mr. 7 Elfreth's al 

Cooker Geo. ropemr.. Maple ab Richmond (R) 

COOKER HENRY, tavern, S W 9th and Cal- 

Cooker John, cordw., Hallowell ab 6th 
Cooker John, blacksm., F road ab Huntingdon 
Cooker Martin, cordw., Hallowell n 6th 
Cookman Geo., mer., 171 Chestnut, h 361 Sas- 
Cookman Mary, gentw. 361 Sassafras 
Cookson chandler, Otter bel G T road (K) 
Cooley A. B., mer., 57 S whfs., h Summer ab 

Sch 7th 
Cooley A. B. & Co., com. mer., 57 S whfs 
Cooley E.. M. D., 355 S 5th 
Cooley Robt. bonnets and shoes, 200 Mulberry 
Cooler Sarah, shop, 375 S 4th 
Cooley Thos. 9 Mead 

Cooley Wm. S. classical sem. 562 W High 
COOLIDGE EDWIN, boots & shoes, 181 High, 

h 84 ]Mar£hall 
COOLIDGE GEORGE A. drug mill, Sch 6th 

and Hamilton, h 132 N 10th 
Cooling Mich, lab.. Wall 
Coombe Sarah, b h, 69 Spruce 
Coombes Nathan, lab., rear 24 Dunton (K) 
Coomes Benj. gent. 313 S 3d 
Coon Gibson, car driver, Moore's al 




Coones Harriet, washer, 6 Poplar ct 

Cooney Bridget, Truxton 

Cooney Christopher, carter, 7th bel Shippen 

Cooney Christoplier, japaiincr, Truxton 

Cooney Jolin, g-rocer, N E 9th and Auburn 

Cooney Patrick, lab., M'Carty 

Coonis Gilbert, coachman, 4 Ohio 

Cooper Aaron, porter. Eagle ct 

Cooper Alfred, mer. 109 High 

Cooper Alfred H., potter, 205 Coates, h 491 

Cooper Ann V. 13th n Cherry 
Cooper Anna, Master ab Howard (K) 
Cooper Anna M. 246 Filbert 
Cooper Benj. t:\vern, 150 Lombard 
Cooper Benj. C. carp. 13th bel Girard av 
Cooper B. C. tailor, 130 Chestnut, h 148 N'lOth 
Cooper B. C. & S. C. tailor, 130 Chestnut 
Cooper Charles B. bricklr. 19 S Sch 6th 
Cooper Chas. machinist. Lemon ab lOth 
Cooper Chas. bootmr. 21^ Spruce 
Cooper C. B. mer. 34 N 3d, h 47 Mulberry 
Cooper C. C, M. D., 69 N 9th 
Cooper C. D., Rev., 225 Vine 
Cooper David, mer. 9 N whfs 
Cooper Deborah, 7 Virginia row 
Cooper Ebenezer, writer, 23 Little Pine 
Cooper Edmund, cabmr., N W 9th & Chestnut 
Cooper Edward, undertaker, 392 N 3d 
Cooper Eliza, 69 N 9th 
Cooper Elizabeth, Path ab Sassafras 
Cooper E. W. painter, 27 Federal 
COOPER FRANCIS, tobacconist, 341 High 
Cooper Francis, clerk, Ellis ab Washington 
Cooper Francis J. driver, Biddle n Fairmount 
Cooper Francis L. acct, 13th ab Parrish 
Cooper George, lab.. Pearl ab 13th 
Cooper George, barber, Morris bel Catharine 
Cooper George, confect. 490 N 2d 
Cooper Geo. copperplate pr. 12 Benton 
Cooper Geo. W. boiler mr., 5 CaiToU av 
Cooper Hannah Mrs. 6 Perry 
COOPER, HENDERSON 8c CO., dry goods, 

109 High 
Cooper Henry J., cooper, rear Flower n Chris- 
Cooper Henry W. jr., brassfounder, 618 N 2d 
Cooper Howard, hose dealer, rear 551 N 13th 
Cooper HughD. turner, Wallace ab 13th 
Cooper Isaac, mer. 393 High 
Cooper Isaac, clothing, 2d and Spruce, h Lom- 
bard ab 6th 
Cooper Isaac, carp. Clymer 
Cooper Isaac, hair picker, 8th bel Reed 
Cooper James, cooper, 204 S Water, h 205 S 

Cooper James, porter house, Sorrell bel Larch 
Cooper Jas., farmer, rear 5 Cobb 
Cooper James M., carp. 9th and Christian 
Cooper Jesse K. Sc Co. drj^ goods, 393 High 
Cooper John, bottler, 549 N 4th (K) 
Cooper John, weaver, Sch 4th ab Barker 
Cooper John, trimmings, 253 Cedar 
Cooper John, 8 Linden pi, h Spruce ab 11th 
Cooper John, carter, Moore's al 
Cooper John, engraver, Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Cooper John, cabinetmr. 4th ab Carpenter 
Cooper John E., carp.. Wood ab Franklin 

Cooper Jos. B. printer, 2 and h 10 N 6th 
Cooper Jos. P. dry goods, N W High & Sch 4th 
Cooper Jos. T., hatter, Rye and Whilden's ct 
Cooper Joseph T., Rev., 441 N 5th 
Cooper Joshua, lab. 8 Gulielma 
Cooper Julian, Mechanic ab Poplar 
Cooper J. M., tailor, R road and Brown 
Cooper J. T., Rev., 448 Callowhill 
Cooper Lawrence, ladies' shoemr. 87 Button- 

Cooper Michael, collector, 13 Fitzwater 
Cooper Milton, shoe mer., 49 N 3d, h Sch 4th 

bel Filbert 
Cooper Peter, nailer, G T road ab 7th 
Cooper Philip, lab., William n Sch Front 
Cooper Redman, mer. 27 S 2d, h 425 Callowhill 
Cooper Reuben N. blacksm., Cadwalader ab 

Phoenix (K) 
Cooper Richard T. bottler. Federal ab 7th 
Cooper Robert, spinner. Pine n Sch 3d 
Cooper Robt. sizer, 3 Cooper's al 
Cooper Robert H. watchmr. 96 G T road 
Cooper R. K. 9 Margaret 

Cooper Samuel, shoemr., Howard ab Master (K) 
Cooper Samuel, twister, Howard ab Jefferson 
Cooper Samuel, 21 M'Duffie 
Cooper Samuel G., tailor, 14 Carter's al 
Cooper Sarah, teacher, 24 PeiTy 
Cooper Sarah, rear 396 Brown 
Cooper Sarah, 328 Walnut 
Cooper Sarah Ann, wid of David, Queen below 

Cooper S. C. tailor, 130 Chestnut 
Cooper Thos., brushes, brooms, &c., 3 N Front 

h 89 N 10 
Cooper T. Franklin, mer. 109 High 
Cooper Sc Walter, snuff mill, 11th and Lemon 
Cooper Wm. weaver, 13th ab Catharine 
Cooper Wm. watchman, 19A Stamper's al 
Cooper Wm. cordw. 9 Ronaldson 
Cooper W^m. coachman, 7 Diamond 
Cooper Wm. clerk, 2 Brooks' ct 
Cooper Wm. E., chair painter, G T road bel 

Cooper Wm. G. bootmr. 59 Mulberry 
Cooper Wm. M. cooper, 69 and 200 S Water, h 

192 S Front 
Cope Alfred, mer. 1 Walnut 
Cope Caleb, mer. 165 High, h Walnut & Quince 
COPE CALEB & CO. silk goods, 165 High 
Cope Catharine, 461 N 3d 
Cope Charles, ship chandler, 22 Church 
Cope Edwin R. mer. 52 Commerce, h F road n 

Cope Eli, cai-p.. Master ab 9th 
Cope Ehza, 2d and G T road (K) 
Cope Francis R. mer. 1 Walnut, h 7 Clinton 
Cope George, Apple bel Oxford (K) 
Cope Hannah, dealer, 89 :M road 
Cope Henry, mer. 1 Walnut, h 102 S 4th 
Cope Henry, butcher, il road bel Wharton 
Cope Herman, B. U. S., h 355 Walnut 
COPE H. & A. & CO., mers. 1 Walnut 
Cope Isabella, 27 John 
Cope Israel, gent. 186 Mulberiy 
Cope Jacob .t. Cash. Com. Bank, 81 High, h F 

road n Westmoreland 
Cope Jasper, gent. 391 Mulberry 



Cope Jolin, 165 Marshall 
Cope John, carp. 22 Cliurch 
Cope John E. mer. 76 S 2d, h 19 S Sch 7th 
Cope Mamiaduke C, 286 Filbert 
Cope Perry, sea capt., Wasliinglon bel 4th 
Cope Philip, cooper, 31 Christian 
Cope Thos. cabinetmr. 2(1 and G T road 
Cope Thos. P. mer. 272 Spruce 
Cope Thos. P., jr., mer. 1 Walnut, h 272 Pine 
Cope Wm. sen., 3 Keefe 
Copeland Allen, cordw. 52 Mechanic 
Copcland Ellen, Wallace bel 13th 
Copeland George, bricklayer, 8 Mark's la 
Copeland Phineas, Sp Garden ab 9th, h 36 Nec- 
Copeland Saml. carp., Sch 8th and Jones, h Sch 

6th ab Filbert 
Copeland Thomas P., stonecutter, 5th ab Mar- 
shall (S) 
Copeland Wm. carp. 382 S 3d 
Copely Robt. superintendent, 9th bel Coates 
Copes Charles, U. S. service, 17 Marion 
Copes George, capt. 15 Queen 
Copes John S. carp.. Temperance 
Copes Margaret, 11 Clark 
Copia Jacob, gent. 213 Pine 
Copp George, undertaker, 153 Vine 
Copp Wm. clerk. School bel Franklin 
Coppel Jacob, brickmr., Sch 3d ah Lombard 
Copper Jas. C. laboratory, 9th and Parrish, h 

N E 8th and Brown 
Copper John C. engi'aver, 18 Minor, house 283 

N 8th 
Coppinger John, constable, Helmuth n Sch 6th 
COPFLE DANIEL, hotel, Carter's al and Ex- 
change p], h 43 Spruce 
Coppuck George W. clerk, 61 Buttonwood 
Coppuck Jos. C. mer. 30 N Front, h 120 N 10th 
Coran Jane, dr}' goods, Sch 3d and Locust 
Corbett John, tobacconist. High and Juniper, h 

rear 117 N 11th 
Corbit Cornelius, weaver, 36 W Cedar 
Corbit John, lab., Biddle E William 
Corbit John, lab. 1 Monroe ct 
Corbit Margaret, Wheat ab Wharton 
Corbit Sar h, 61 Union 
CORBITT & CO. importers of silks, 33 Church 

Corbitt Heniy C, mer. 33 Church al, house 259 

Corbon Charles, pi-inter, 13 Rachel 
Corbyn T. J., veterinary surgeon, 46 N 8th, h 

R road ab Tine 
Corcoran Jas., shop. Carpenter ab 7th 
Corcoran John, boilermr., rear Marriott ab 4th 
Corcoran Matthew, music, inst. mr. 137 Cedar, 

h 17 Gaskill 
Corcoran Wm. lab. 335 N 7th 
Corderoy Joel, lab. 7 Faries' ct 
Cordes Jacob, boxmr., Sampson al 
Cordiel Thomas, Path n Sassafras 
Corey Geo. R. cordw., Clinton bel Poplar 
Corey Horatio N., mer. 157 Higli, h 321 N 6th 
Corfield Charles S. dentist, 186 N 4th 
Corfield Edward F., mer., 152 S 2d, h 137 O Y 

Corfield Henry C. lamp mr. 454 N 2d 
Corfield 3c Linsenberger, lamps, Stc, 91 N 8th 

CORFIELD 8c MONHEIMER, lamps, Sec, 152 

S 2d 
Corgee A. W. carp., Jarvis ab 2d 
Corgee Thomas, carp. Lancaster bel Wharton 
Corgie Barbara, gcntw. 330 S 4th 
COiuELL ISAAC, jr., agt. Eagle Life Ins. Co., 

Ill W^alnut 
Corinth Frederick W. hatter, 230 N 2d 
Corinth Wm. cooper, Washington ab Front 
Cork Alex., lab. loth ab Federal 
Cork Isaac, lab. 2 Allen's ct 
Cork John, plater. Goodwill ct n Sch 3d 
Corkery John, carp. 310 Carpenter ab 10th 
Corkery John, jr., carp., 330 Carpenter 
Corkin Francis, tailor, Milton ab 11th 
Corkin Peter, lab., F road n P. and R. R. road 
Corkins J. D. boot and shoe mr., Marshall n 4th 
Corkrey Wm. timber mer. Bedford n Elm 
Corkrin Ann H., dry goods, S E 4th and Gaskill 
Corkrin A. G. dry goods, S E 4th and Gaskill 
Corley James, baker, Carpenter ab 7th 
Corlies Britton, mer. 62 High, h 71 N 12th 
Corlies Jacob W. 373 Mulberry 
Corlies Thos. clerk, 12th bel Girard av 
Corlin Ehzabeth, M'Mackin's ct 
Corliss Daniel, grocer, F road and Oxford 
Corliss Hannah A. dry goods, Callowhill above 

Corliss Hiram, chocolate mr., rear 5th and Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Cormack Margaret, Lombard E Sch 6th 
Cormany Geo. W. finisher, 12 Brazier's av 
Cormany John, carp.. Front ab Reed 
Cormick David, seam.'ui, 57 M road 
Corn John, carter, M'Duftie n Sch 2d 
Cornelius C, lamp & chandel. manuf. 4 Franklin 
CORNELIUS & CO., lamps, 181 Cherry &, 176 

Chestnut & Vine & Broad 
Cornelius Philip, waiter. Eagle 
Cornelius R., lamps, 176 Chestnut, h 401 Mul- 

Cornell Samuel, botanical doctor, 3 Clinton 
Cornell Theop., grocer, 330 N 2d 
CORNELL WM., furniture, 7 & 9 N 8th 
Corner Albert, carp., Wash'ton. bel Moore( W P) 
Cornet Marj-, shop, 527 N 4th 
Corney Caroline, rear 317 S 5th 
Corney Catharine, Salmon bel AVilliam 
Cornish Amy, wa-sher, 8th and Bedford 
Cornish David, waiter, Ronaldson 
Cornish Henry, druggist, 100 N 5th 
Cornish Henry C., shoemr. 13 St Maiy 
Cornish James, sailmr., rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Cornish John, shoemr. 4 Scott's ct 
Cornish John, Rev. 2 Acorn al 
Cornish Mary, shop, 1 Barclay 
Cornish Mary Ann, washer, Lisle 
Cornish Orlando, plasterer, Parrish E Sch 7th 
Cornish S., drayman, Rawle 
CORN.MAN ADAM, collector, 9th ab Chestnut 
Cornman Geo. F., cigarmr. 151 Poplar 
Cornman Oliver P., acct., Wallace bel 13th 
Cornog Dav. A., visitor of the poor, 12 Madison 
Cornwell Abigail, washer, 5 Miles al 
Cornwell Chas., carp., Vienna bel Franklin 
Cornwell James, carp., Dyott't ct 
Cornwell Joseph, brickmr. 14 Wilcox 
Cornwell Margaiet, 20 Jacoby 




Cornwell Rol^ert, carp. 16 Dyott's ct 
Cornwcll Wm., sliip carp., Wood ab Franklin 
Cornwell Wm., 14 Wilcox 
Corr Barney, weaver, 2cl ab Master (K) 
Corr John, weaver, rear G T road ab Master 
Corr Joseph, coffee roaster, 2d and Phoenix(K) 
Corr PatricTs-, grocer, 4th and JefTerson 
Corr Pat., lab., Salmon and Somerset 
Corr Pat., lab., rear Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Corr Pat., weaver. Baker's ct (K) 
Corran John, cabman, 8th and Vine 
Corrcll David, machinist, Sch 6th ab Pine 
Corrie Geo. S., music teacher, 257 Buttonwood 
Corric Henry, organ manuf. 322 High, h 10 

Corrigan Andrew, weaver, Howard bel Franklin 
Corrigan Hugh, cabman, 313 Fitzwater 
Corrigan Owen, carp. 223 S 6th 
Corrigan Thos., corder, 2d bel Master 
Corriston Daniel, weaver, 19 Lloyd's ct 
Corry Geo., glover, 367 N 3d 
Corry George R., glove manuf. 448 N 5th 
Corry John, mer. 8 N Water and 350 N 2d 
Corsan Denton & Co., agent, 188 High 
Corse S. A., seminary, 123 Vine 
Corsey Jefferson, 5 Smith's ct 
Corsey Trim, coachman, 15 Watson's al 
Corson Ebenezer, seaman, 246 S Front 
Corson Ezekiel V., grocer, William bel Larch 
Corson Jacob, ladies' shoemr. 188 S 3d 
Corson James, sen., shoes, 491 S 2d 
Corson John W., shoemr., Hallowell n 7th 
Corson Joshua, lab., rear Franklin ab Cherry(K) 
Corson Lewis, lab., Ross ab Queen 
Corson Nathan, shoemr. 460 S Front 
Corson Wm., drayman, 1 Townsend's av 
Cortez Ferd., wine mer., S W 7th and Pine 
Corvaizier Jules, bootmr. 76 S 4th 
Cory John R., packer, 12 Lagrange pi 
Coryell Emanuel, cooper, Wyatt 
Coryell Jos., dealer, Wyatt 
Coryell Sarah, Wyatt 
Coryell Wm. P., bricklayer, 35 Winter 
Coser Alex., mer. 49 N 3d, h 77 Chestnut 
Cosfeldt ¥., locksm. 44 Dock, h 8 Carter's al 
Cosfeldt John, machinist, 16 Brown 
Cosgiave Daniel, moroccodr., 87 S 5th 
Cosgrave Lawrence, Rev., 116 S 4th 
Cosgrove Daniel, cordw., Catharine ab 9th 
Cosgrove John, tavern, 289 Vine 
Cosgrove John, baker, lOtli bel Fitzwater 
Cosgrove Thos., shop. Carpenter ab 8th 
Cosgi'ove AVm., gardener, 252 S 5th 
Cosh Andrew, porter, 61 N 7th 
Cossart George, cordw., rear 137 Coates 
Cossart John, shoemr., Tomlin's ct 
Cossart Mary, 23 Beaver 
Cossart Wm., cooper, 60 Apple 
Cost Martin F., biscuit baker, 6 Emlen's ct 
Coste Nicholas, tobacconist, 104 Cedar 
Costell S. L., druggist, 224 Callowhill 
Costello Bernard, lab., rear 451 Vine 
Costello Chas., lab., Richmond and Lehigh 
Costello John, tailor, 4 M'Claskey.ct 
Costello John, Christian bel 12th 
Costello Lawrence, lab.. Walnut n Sch Beach 
Costello Michael, stamp cutter, 6 Shoemaker 
Costello Pat., weaver, Brinton's ct (K) 

Costello Teresa, 11th ab Shippen 

Costello Thomas, grocer, N W Catharine and 

Swans on 
Costello Wm., weaver, Philip ab Master (K) 
Costello Wm., 144 N Front 
Costen L. M., gent. 7th ab Parrish 
Costen Wm., hatter, 17 Coates' al 
Coster Abraham, framcmr., 132 John, h S E 

Noble and Swanson's al 
Coster John, cigarmr. 80 Callowhill 
Coster Robert, carp. 4 Pearl n Sch 7th 
Coston Ezekiel, jewelry, 45 Lily al 
Coston Joseph, trader, 39 Ogden 
Coston, Mrs., wid of Benton, 34 Parrish 
Costrove Francis, weaver, 7 Hatters' ct 
Coswell Jas., waterman, Fulton ab Cumberland 
Cotter Jas., tailor, 133 N 6th 
Cotter Jas., bootmr. 72 P road 
Cotter Jas., cordw., Miller (S) 
Cotterall James, fireman, Plynlimmon pi 
Cotterell Eliza, gentw. 26 Barker 
Cotterell Richard, sexton, rear 40 Pine 
Cottingham James, mariner, 22 Mead 
Cottlngham Samuel, grocer, S E Sch 2d & Pine 
Cotton Edward, carman, F road ab Marlboro' 
Cotton Henry, 54 Beaver 
Cotton John S., upholsterer, 44 S 4th 
Cotti-inger Joseph F., mer. 33 Church al, h 12th 

ab Cherry 
Couchman Abram., cordw., Hope ab Master 
COUENHOVEN & DUFFY, music store, 120 

Couenhoven Jas., mer., 120 Walnut 
Coughlin Francis, collector, Brinton ab 12th 
Coughlin Pat., lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Coughlin Thomas, carp.. Brown bel 13th 
Coughlin Thos., lab. 28 Clinton (K) 
Couiden Wm., lab., Fitler ab Montgomery 
Coull James, machinist, Cherry ab Queen 
CouUay Harland, printer. Woodbine bel Federal 
Coulomb Charles A., teacher of languages, S W 

10th and Catharine 
Coulston Elizabeth, Apple ab George 
Coulston Israel, carp. 78 Charlotte, h 66 Tam- 
Coulston Jesse, carp. 9th ab Poplar 
Coulston Nathan L., coil mer. 484 N 4th 
Coulston Wm. K., cordw. 9th bel Willow 
COULT &. DAVIS, scale manufs., Willow and 

Sch 8th 
Coult J. C, marh., Willow and Sch 8th, h Wood 

bel Sch 7th 
Coulter Andrew, stonemason, Callowhill near 

Coulter Henry, basketmr. 15 S 2d, h Blackhorse 
Coulter James, weaver, 44 Fitler 
Coulter Jane, b. h. 401 N 2d 
Coulter John, paver, Cedar ab 13th 
Coulter John, waiter, 9 Watson's al 
Coulter Joseph, marble polisher, h Brown bel 

Coulter Joshua, carp. 9th ab Coates 
Coulter Wm., porter, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Coultney Pat., carter, 263 N Front 
Coulton Andw. J., cordw., Saunder's ct 
Council Mary, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Counsellor Thos. H., waiter, rear 108 Filbert 
Countiss Hannah, 493 S 2d 




Countryman Wnn., tobacconist, 8 Mechanic 
Countryman Joseph, ladies' shocmr., Yhost 
Courier John, shipwrt., Allen ab Shackaniaxon 
Coursalt Mar)', Workman's ct 
Coursault G. A., collector, 319 S 6th 
Coursault Leopold P., cabinetmr. 6 Concord 
Coursault Oliver C, cabinetmr. 2133 S 5th, h 

289 S 5th 
Coursey John, Middle al 
Coursey John, tailor, rear Olive bel 12th 
Coursey S., whitewasher, 249 S 7th 
Courslay Esther, Sch 4th bel Lombard 
Court Edw., clothing-, 65 S 2d, li 191 S 6th 
Courter Peter, coachsm., Jones ab Sch 3d 
Courtin John, carp. 3 Harberg'ei-'s pi 
COURTNEY GEORGE, confect & fruiterer, 

147 N 2d 
Courtney Hem-y J., salesman, 504 Coates 
Courtney Joseph, carp. 8 Farmer 
Coui-tney Mar}-, 32 Clinton (K) 
Courtney Thomas, trader, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
CourtwTig-ht Isaac, trader, 8 Emlen's ct 
Couse Catharine, trimmings, N E 10th & Wood 
Cousins Charlotte, b. !>.. 69 Locust 
Cousins John, weaver, Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Cousland Wm., engraver, 456 Spruce 
Cousley Francis, drayman, Sassafras ab Sch 8th 
Cousty Eliza B., Vine bel Sch 6th 
Cousty John, grocer, N E Callowhill & Garden 
Couteau ilarj-, 90 Spruce 
Coutts John W., sea capt. 391 S Front 
Couturier, Frederick, 207^ Sassafras 
Covert 8c Co., turners, 1 Coombe's al 
Covert Isaac, jr., turner, 8 Coombs' al 
Covert Isaac, senr., blockmr. 5 Roberts' ct 
Covey James, carp. 14 Web's al 
Covington Isaac, watchman, 7 Freed's av 
Covington Samuel, sailmr. 20 Almond 
Covington Wm. H., cordw. 19 Reckless 
Cowan C, cordw. 16 Green (C) 
Cowan G., plumber, 9th ab Sp Garden, h Wood 

bel 13th 
Cowan Henrj-, porter, rear 10 Quince 
Cowan Isaac F., mer. 197 High 
Cowan James, shipwrt.. Leopard ab Otter (K) 
Cowan Jos. W., clerk, George W Sch 6th 
Cowan Thos., milkman. Tulip ab Moms 
Coward Chas., carp., Oxford bel 8th 
Coward Chas. W., trunkmr. 231 N 10th 
Coward Elizabeth, 3 Crown 
Coward James, packer, Simpson's ct 
Coward John, shoemr. 8 Perry 
Coward Joseph, tailor, 62 Federal 
Coward Joseph, trunkmr., Simpson's ct 
Coward Peny, baker, 21 Morris (M) 
Coward Tyler, printer. Federal 
Coward Wm., trader, 97 Brown 
Cowden Elizabeth, dry goods, 357 S 5th 
Cowden James, caip.. Federal ab 7th 
Cowden John, cai-p., Sidney la 
Cowdrick Charles I^., plater, 9 S 6th, h 61 

Cowdrick Edward, bricklr. 52 Lewis 
Cowell Henry, mer., S AV 7th and Chestnut 
COWELL JOHN M., conveyancer, 99 S 5th 
Cowell John V., mer., S W 7th and Chestnut, h 

128 S 8th 

Cowell Jo.seph M., hatter, 176 High, h396 Vine 
COWELL J. V. 8i SON, dry 

goods, S W 7th and Chestnut 
Cowell St Stone, tinsm. 57 N Front 
Cowell Wm., tinsm. 57 N Jront, h 30 Cherry 
Cowen John, porter, 7th bel Washington 
Cowen Wm., weaver, 13th and Carpenter 
Cowg-ill Arnold, shoemr., Ross ab Queen (K) 
Cowman Nathan, millwrt. 344 S Front 
Cownover Jacob, N W 7th St Green 
Cowper Wm., gent. 58 Lebanon 
Cowperthwait C. J., machinist, h Paul ab 6th 
Cowperthwait St Co., upholsterers, 15 S 5th 
Cowperthwait Edwin, mer. 6 Commerce, h ISth 

ab Mulben-y 
Cowperthwait E., upholsterer, 15 S 5th, h 276 

Cowperthwait IL, mer. 253, High, h 134 Mulberry 
Cowperthwait Joseph, gent. 13th ab Mulberry 
Cowperthwait Stacy, plasterer 6 Lindsay's ct(S) 
Cowpertliwaite "Wm., plasterer, 17 Jefferson row 
Cowpland Joshua, looking-glasses, 140 High, h 

Cherry W Sch 7th 
Cox Andrew, brickmr., Lombard ab Sch 3d 
COX 8t BOUGHTON, stoves, 58 N 2d 
Cox Charles, carter. State 
Cox Chas. F., cordw., Lewis ab Poplar 
Cox Chas. P., saddler, 4 Emrick's av 
Cox Clement, coachman, 25 Prosperous al 
Cox Daniel B., painter, 9 Queen 
Cox Daniel J., brickmr.. Rose ab William (K) 
Cox Daniel J., coal yards, 78 Maiden 
Cox EHzabeth, 24 Union al 
Cox Elizabeth, S E 7th and Sassafras 
Cox George, button manuf 6th ab Poplar 
Cox Gideon, h 326 Sp Garden 
Cox James., U. S. Court, h 49 S 5th 
Cox James, mariner, 7 Paul 
Cox James, Prest. Lehigh Coal and Nav. Co. 82 

S 2d, h Walnut n Sch 8th 
Cox James, Nectarine ab 10th 
Cox James, plasterer, Lombard ab 12th 
Cox James H. N., porter, M;irker ab 2d 
Cox Jane, G T road bel Monroe 
Cox Jesse, mer. 76 J S and h 84 N Front 
Cox John, sec. hand fur., R road bel Sp Garden 
Cox John, weaver, G T road ab Master 
Cox John, Callowhill and Biddle 
Cox John, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Cox John, lab., Johnson's la ab 3d 
Cox John, gent., 17 Clinton 
Cox John, engineer. Bridge (M V) 
COX JOHN, Jr., lime and hay dealer, G T road 

ab Laurel, h 151 New Market 
Cox John C, seaman, 178 Swanson 
Cox Jonathan, dry goods, Coates bel 12th 
Cox Jonathan J., carp., Vernon bel lltli 
Cox Joseph, combmr. 100 Cherry 
Cox Joseph, stovemr. 58 N 2d, h S E 11th and 

Cox Joseph, stonecut., Jessamine bel Christian 
Cox Jos. G., wire work. 46 N Front, h 45 New 
Cox Lawrence, contractor, Owen W Broad 
Cox Lewis W., manuf 471 N 5th 
Cox & Lynn, shipjoiners. Beech ab Maiden (K) 
Cox Margaret, 489 Brown ab 13th 
Cox Marg-aret, 22 Catharine 
Cox Martin M., mer. 23 N Water, h 277 S Front 




Cox Mary, Vaux's ct | 

Cox Mary Ann, trimming's, 6 Arcade, li 15 Mead 

Cox Matthew, lab., Madison av 

Cox Peter, moulder. Lemon al 

Cox Richard P., tailor, 129 Ciicstnut, h 309 S 8th 

Cox Richard W., tailor, Dimond and 5th 

Cox Robert, weaver, Union bcl West (K) 

Cox Robert, rags, 60 Bedford 

COX SAMUEL C, coal yard, 525 N Front, h 

147 G T road 
Cox Sarah, ladies' shoemr. 12 N 9th 
Cox Thomas, oysters, 3 Smith's al 
Cox T., lab., Charlotte bel Master 
Cox Uriah, dyer, 685 N 2d (K) 
Cox Wilhelmina, eating house, 1 Uecatur 
Cox Wm., sliipjoiner, Penn and Maiden 
Cox Wm., dj^er. School and Howard 
Cox Wm., blacksm. 6th bel Hallowell 
Cox Wm., coachmr., G T road ab Thompson 
Cox Wm., carp. 306 S 3d 
Cox Wm., carter, 2d bel Franklin 
Cox Wm. L,, bricklr. 192 Cherry 
Cox W. P., coal mer. 63 Walnut, h 238 N 7th 
Coxe Ann R. & Mary R. 162 S 9th 
Coxe Chas. S., judge, 520 Spruce 
Coxe Chas. W., mer., 12 Chestnut, li 30 Wood 
Coxe Daniel W., gent. 233 Chestnut 
Coxe Edmund S., atty. & coun.. Walnut ab 6th 
Coxe Jas. E., clerk, 74 Wood 
Coxe John R., jr., M. D. 284 N 10th 
Coxe John R., M. D., Broad ab Pine 
Coxey Jas., shop, Washington ab William (W P) 
Coxey Thos , supt. of penitentiary, Fi-ancis n 

Charles (F V) 
Coxhead John, N 12th and Washington 
Coxhead Wm. R., tailor. Park 
Coyens Jno., watchman, Brown & Sch Front 
Coyle Alex. C, atty. & coun. 92 N 6th 
Coyle Chas., japanner, 199 Noble 
Coyle Edward, carter, 5 Harrison av 
Coyle Edward, japanner, 6 Baker's ct 
Coyle Fras., lab., rear Biddle W Nixon 
Coyle Hugh, lab.. Reed bel Front 
Coyle James, lab.. Prime n G T road 
Coyle James, lab., Farrell bel Larch 
Coyle James, lab., Murray E Sch 2d 
Coyle James, lab., William n Sch 5th 
Coyle Jolin, dealer, 194 E Cedar 
Coyle John, warper, Dugan ab Pine 
Coyle John, blacksm.. Broad and Mulberiy 
Coyle John, grocer, 10th ab Carpenter 
Coyle John, livery stable, h 7 Lewis 
Coyle John, milkman, 12 Milton 
Coyle John, carter, 7th and Marriott la 
Coyle John, g-ard. N E Sch 5th and Chestnut 
Coyle Patrick, dealer, Nixon bel Linn 
Coyle Patrick, lab., Sch 2d and Murray 
Coyle Patrick, gardener, 1 Lisle 
Coyle Patrick, shoemr.. Prime n G F road 
Coyle Patrick, carp.. Vine ab Sch 2d 
Coyle Patrick carter, Milton ab 10th 
Coyle Pat., weaver, Charlotte bel Master (K) 
Coyle Pat., cordw., George E Sch 3d 
COYLE PH., tavern, S W Sth and Catharine 
Coyle Rachel, rear 22 Lily al 
Coyne Thomas, lab., rear 8 Ogden 
Cozens Delia, 371 Walnut 
Cozens Elizabeth, shopkr., N E 2d and Marion 

Cozens Henry D., hotel, N E Sth & Federal 
Cozens John, lab., Johnson's la ab 3d 
Cozens Wm. D., bricklr. 3d bel Federal 
Cozens W. B. N., Jner. 27 S 4th, h 126 Marshall 
Cozins E. E. 8c S., trimmings, 135 Spruce 
Crabb James T., M. D., ^V'asllingtonab William 
Crabb W. A., senator, Sch 7th and Bickham 
Crabbe Horace W., captain U. S. N., h Wood- 
land (W P) 
Crabbe H. S., sec. to com. N. Yard, h 197 Wal- 
CRABBE WM. H., attorney, 197 Walnut 
Cradock Joseph, agent, Washing-ton ab R road 
Craft Elizabeth, Clinton ab Parrish 
Craft Gershom, printer, 40 Gaskill 
Craft James W., 419 S Front 
Craft Jeremiah, blacksm., Front bel Otter (K) 
Craft Wm., lab., Sch 4th bel George (F V) 
Craga Stephen, blacksm., Piper's ct 
Cragg Geo., acct. 68 Charlotte 
Cragg Wm., sexton and undertaker, 10 College 

av., and 11 Watson's al 
Craig Alex., gardener, 29 Pratt 
Craig Alex., gardener. Reeves bel Sch 2d 
Craig Alex., draym., rear Townsend bel Lepriva 
Craig Andrew, carp. 1 Hubbell's ct 
Craig Andrew, stone cutter. Division ab Ann 
CRAIG ANDREW C, wines and liquors, 80 S 

Front, h S W 13th and Walnut 
Craig Benj., dyer. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
CRAIG, BELLAS & CO., com. & forwd. mers., 

N W Cherry and Broad 
Craig & Cameron, flour and feed, 439 N 2d 
Craig David, blacksm., 319 S 6th 
Craig Elias D., tinsm.. High n Sch 5th 
Craig Ellen, Jackson ct 
Craig Emor, 176 Lombard 
Craig Geo., framemr.. Gay's ct 
Craig Geo., lab., rear Carpenter ab 5th 
Craig Hannah, 3 Hubbell 
Craig Henry B., hotel, 232 Callowhill 
Craig Hemy F., musician, 347 Lombard 
Craig Hugh, mer., N W Broad & Cherry, h Sch 

6th n Cherry 
Craig H. R., U. S. A., 109 S 10th 
Craig James, weaver, F road ab Phoenix 
Ci'aig James, watchman, 7th and Cedar 
Craig James, carp. 757 N Front (K) 
Craig James, tavern, Sch 7th Sc High, h George 

ab Sch 7th 
Craig James, shop, High n Sch 5th 
Craig James, carp, weaver, Howard ab Phoenix 
Craig Jas., lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Craig James, weaver. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Craig Jas., D. tavern, Richmond and Lehigh 
Craig Jai'ed, print. 116 Chestnut, h 193 S 9th 
Craig Jared, engineer, Sch 6th ab Willow 
Craig John, stone cutter. Granite W Sch 6th 
Craig- John, printer, 4 Clifton 
Craig- Jno., moulder, Ann E Sch 4th (F V) 
Craig John G., painter, 45 S 4th, h 401 High 
Craig Joseph, printer, rear 9 Dean 
Craig Joseph, gent. 153 Sp Garden 
Craig Margaret, William ab Callowhill 
Craig Margaret, tailoress, 19 Currant al 
Craig Mary, whitewasher, 8 Acorn al 
Craig M., milliner, 285 Chestnut 
Craig Patrick, stonecutter, 60 George (S) 



Craig Robt., lab., Otter ab F road (K) 
Craig' R()l)t., lab., Ri-own ab Cumberland 
Craig Robt., milkman, Lemon ab Cumberland 
CRAIG ROHT., ship carp., Washington st land- 
ing, h 26 P'cderal 
Craig Itobcrt, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jeffer- 
son (K) 
Craig Robt., weaver, 19 McDuflTee 
Craig Robt., oysterman, 7th bel Dickerson 
Craig Robt., stonecut., George ab Grape (F V) 
Craig Ross, 37 Perry 
Craig Saml. J., blacksm., 5 Rasjjberry 
Craig Samuel, farrier, Raspberry 
Craig Samuel, lab. 18 M'Duftie 
Craig S. R., engraver, 302 Sassafras 
Craig Thos., dravman, Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Craig M'm., U. s'. N. 487 N 8th 
Craig Wm., bookbind., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Craig Wm., dairyman, Susanna bel Richmond 
CRAIG WM., flour store, 439 N 2d 
Craig Wm., Prest. Am. Mutual Ins. Co., N E c 

Piiila. Exchange, h Walnut E Sch 6th 
Craig Wm., weaver, Shippen ab 12tli 
Craig W., police, 20 Winter 
Craige Chas. H., manuf. 5th ab Wager (N L) 
Craige, Holmes & Co., ware rooms, 12 N 4th, 

manufs. Globe Mills, 3d and G T road 
Craige & Peterson, manufs. 12th and Prime 
Craige Seth, manuf. 12th & Washington, h 364 

CRAIGE THOMAS, riding school and livery 

stable 4th ab Wood, h 520 N Front 
Craige Thomas H., manuf. 12 N 4th, h Mulber- 
ry W of Broad 
CRAIGE THOMAS H. & CO., manufs., Howard 

and Jefferson (K) 
Craige Thos. W., M. D., 520 N Front 
Craige Wm. H., manuf. 12th & Prime, h 364 

Cralk Lewis, seaman, 69 Penn (S) 
Cralman Wm. dyer, 13th bel Cedar 
Cram Samuel, acct. 12 Union sq 
Cramer Augustus, chandler, 15 New Market 
Cramer David, moulder, 589 N Front 
Cramer David, carp. 9th ab Sp Garden, h 409 

Cramer Henry, druggist, 10 Filbert av 
Cramer John L., brushmr.. Queen bel Marlbo- 
Cramer Joseph P., bank clerk, Allen ab Marl- 
borough (K) 
Cramer Rebecca, 110 N 6th 
Cramond Henry, atty. & coun. 149 Walnut ab 

6th, h 539 Chestnut 
Cramp Alfred, fisherman. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Cramp Catharine, huckster. Queen bel Wood 
Cramp Clias., ship carp., Allen ab Hanover (K) 
Cramp Geo., fisherman, Bedford ab Palmer 
Cramp George, ship carp., Marlborough below 

Bedford (K) 
Cramp Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Wood (K) 
Cramp John, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, ship carp., Vienna n Queen (K) 
Cramp Martin, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen 
Cramp Peter, boat builder, rear Palmer above 

Queen (K) 
Cramp AVm., ship carp., yard Palmer & Beach, 
Ti Palmer ab Queen 

Cramp Wm. G., boat builder, rear Palmer ab 

Queen (K) 
Grand Samuel, clerk, 332 S 6th 
Crandal James, boatman, Johnson la ab od 
Crandol Elihu, tailor, 2 Peach 
Crane A., Sch 8th ab Bi-own 
Crane Charles W. C, cab mr., Catharine bel 7th 
Crane Eleanor, 28 Queen 
Crane E. R., dressmr., 16 Elfreth's al 
Crane Isabella, dry goods, Poplar ab 2d 
Crane Wm. II., cordw., Sch 5th bel Willow 
Craney Bernard, store, R road bel Ann (F V) 
Crangie Catharine Mrs., 265 S 4th 
Crangle George, china ware, 311 High 
Crangie Nicholas, chair packer, Franklin ab 3d 
Cranmer Joseph S., 174 Cherry 
Crans John S., clerk, 167 Queen 
Crans Peter, jr., atty. & coun. 300 S 5th 
Cranston Robert, weaver, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Crap Chas. F., engraver, 134 German 
Crap George M., tin worker, 134 German 
Crap Joseph G., umbrella mr. 134 German 
Crap Samuel E., tinsm. 494 S 2d 
Crapper Henry, saw grinder, 138 F road 
Crause Benj., blacksm., rear 462 N 2d 
Craven Aaron, U. S. Mint., 5 St. Joseph's av 
Craven & Hastell, painters, 10 S 13th, & Rich- 
mond ab Cumljerland 
CRAVEN JAS. C, tinplate worker, 306 S 10th 
Craven Martha, Palm bel Brown 
CRAVEN THOMAS, agent, 14 Minor, h 77 

Craven Wm., h 21 Callowhill 
Cravet John, barber, 166 S 5th 
Crawford Alex., lamp fin., 14 Howard 
Crawford Ann, Sch 4th bel R road (F V) 
Crawford Ann, 120 German 
Crawford A. L., grocer, Noble and Front 
Crawford Benjamin, boat builder, Hanover bel 

Crawford Benj., tailor, 198 High, h 169 N 7th 
Crawford B. A., tanner, 6th ab Girard av, h 416 

Crawford Chas., tailor. Carver 
Crawford Christopher, shoemr. 3 Boy'd av 
Crawford David, blacksm. 3 Sharpless' ct 
Crawford Elizabetli, Jefferson bel G T road 
Crawford Geo., S AV Perry and Adams 
Crawford Hannah, 87 N 9tli 
Crawford Henrv, engineer, 41 Clark 
Crawford Henry M., leather dealer, 204 N 3d 
Crawford Henry M., mer. 40 High, h 13 Noble 
Crawford Jacob, waterman, 2 Pratt's ct 
Crawford James, collector, 24 Arcade, h Sch 

6th ab Walnut 
Crawford James, carp., Christian ab 2d, h 187 

Crawford James, lab., William bel Callowhill 
Crawford John, Linden W Sch 7th 
Crawford John, hackman, 309 S 6th 
Crawford John, drayman, George E Sch 3d 
Crawford John, drayman, 162 Parrish 
Crawford John, weaver. Front bel Oxford (K) 
Crawford John, weaver, Howard bel Master 
Crawford John J., baker, 9th and Little Wash- 
Crawford Joseph, lab., Spence's ct 
Crawford Jos., lab. Dorothy n Sch 4th 




Crawford Joseph S., Georg-e W Sch 6th 
Crawford Lauiicclot, lab., Ashton ab Filbert 
Crawford Mary, 23 Garden 
Crawford Mattliew, superintendant highways, 

337 N Front 
Crawford Peter M'Laren, fur. cutter, 419 S 6th 
Crawford Rebecca, 156 Randolph 
Crawford Robert, carpets, 401 R road 
Crawford Robt., carter, Sch 3d bel Pine 
Crawford Robert, carp. 246 N 2d, h 56 Wood 
Crawford Samuel, drayman, Howard bel Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Crawford Samuel H., jr., clerk, 9 New Crown 
Crawford Samuel II., gent. 10th bel Melon 
Crawford Sanmicl AV. Rev., Mulberry n Sch 6th 
Crawford Stephen R., Pres. U. S. Life Ins. Co., 

S E 3d and Chestnut 
CRAWFORD & SON, coal dealers, Broad ab 

Crawford Thos., weaver, 42 Fitler (K) 
Crawford Thos., weaver, Howard bel Master 
Crawford Thomas, lab. Spruce n Sch 4th 
Crawford Wm., tailor, 237 Green 
Crawford Wm., boatman, Shallcross W Sch 2d 
Crawford Wm., engineer, Joseph al 
Crawford Wm., carter, Carlton bel Sell 7th 
Crawford Wm., shoemr. Clifton 
Crawford Wm., grocer, Sch 6th n Locust 
Crawford Wm. H., tanner, 7th and Willow, h 

34 Marshall 
Crawley Abraham, card manuf. 9 N 2d, h Juli- 

anna ab Callowhlll 
Crawley Abraham, jr., brushmr. Marshall n 5th 
Crawshaw James, weaver, Howard ab Jefferson 
Craycroft Benj. B., mer. High st whf., h 320 S 

Craycroft Joseph, cordw. M road ab Washington 
Craycroft Susan S., 156 S 4th 
CREAGMILE & BROTHER, carpets, 44^ 

Creagmile Thos., lab., 5th ab Coates 
Creamer Abm., tailor, 2d ab Jarvis 
Creamer Barnhard, lab. 10 Western av 
Creamer Jas., spinner. Crown bel Duke (K) 
Creamer Joseph, clerk, Bedford ab Crown (K) 
Creamer Matthias, ship carp. Marlborough bel 

Creamer Sarah, widow of Michael, 104 Apple 
Crean John, liardwarc, 12th and Carlton 
Crease Edward, Kessler ab Norris 
Crease AVm. G., tailor, 117 N 3d 
Creasey Charles, mouldei-, 495 S 2d 
Creasey Geo., moidder, Wliarton bel 5th 
Creech Thos., glass blower, Vienna ab Queen 
Creed Ricliard K., tobacconist, Pi-eston 
Creeden Dennis, brickmr. rear William above 

Creely Elias, drayman, Elm bel Franklin (K) 
Creely E. V., dry goods, 55 N 8th, h N E Sch 

8th and Lombard 
Creely Geo. R., bricklr. 207 Cherry 
Creely Susan, Gray's ct 
Creely AVm., carp. Huston ab Salmon 
Creenan Wm., lab.. Pine ab Sch Beach 
Creery Watkins, hatter, 12 Brown (N L) 
Crees F. T. C. C, teacher, 7th bel Reed 
Crees M.J. E. C, lampmr. 11 S 6th, h 21 M 


Crees Wm., tailor, Marriott bel 3d 

Cregar George, bootmr. 141 Vine 

Cregar P. A., teaclier, 17 Madison 

Cregar Samuel, collector, 141 Vine 

Creighton Ann, spooler, Richard 

Creighton Boyd, weaver, 50 Fitler 

Creigiiton Garrett, shoes, Sch 7th and Bickham 

Creiglilon Heniy, 2d and Phoenix 

Creigiiton John, power loom, Howard below 

Franklin (K) 
Creighton .John, carp. William n Sch 4th 
Creig-hton Robt., engineer, Wasiiington av 
Creigiiton Robert, mer. 10 S Front, house 510 

Spruce ab Broad 
Creighton Wm., tavern, N E 2d and Phoenix 
Creighton Wm., carp. 10 Jackson 
Crelier German, cabtmr. Locksley's ct 
Crelier Maurice, varnishci', 77 George 
Cremer Jos., clerk, Allen ab Mai-lboro' (K) 
Crenshaw Edm. A., drug., N E 6th &. Mulberry 
Cress Geo. jr., druggist, Sp Garden and 8th 
Cress George, gent. 59 Buttonwood bel 8th 
Cress James, bricklayer, 175 Coates 
Cress Samuel, bricklayer, Nectai-ine bel 10th 
Cressee Aaron, chair mr. M road bel Wharton 
Cressee Aaron V., grocer, S W 3d & Wharton 
Cressee Geo. F., grocer, 37 Beck (S) 
Cressman Daniel, segar mr. G T I'oad bel 6th 
Cressman Geo., stone cutter, 30 Wistar 
Cressman Isaac, tobacconist, 3d & Tammany, h 

3 Greenwood pi 
Cressman Jacob, lab., 428 S 4th 
Cressman Joseph, tobacconist, 396 N 3d 
Cressman JIargaret, 15 Melon 
Cressman Philip, gent. Harmstead E Sch Front 
Cressman Rudy, tobacconist, 480 Poplar 
Cressman Thos., dry goods, 527 N 2d 
Cressman Wm., segar mr. 41 Brook 
Cressman Wm., military cap, &c. man. 96 N 3d 
Cresson Chas. C, 496 Chestnui 
Cresson Deborah, 236 Filbert 
Cresson Elliott, sec. Pa. Col. Soc, N W 6th & 

Walnut, h 30 Sansom 
Cresson John, clerk, 28 Chatham 
CRESSON JOHN C, superin. gas works, 32 

Cresson Joshua, tobacconist, R road bel Sch 7th 
Cresson Joseph, 363 Sassafras 
Cresson J., clerk, Penna. R. R. office, h Fitz- 

water ab Erie 
Cresson M. Mrs., gentw. 30 Sansom 
Cresson Rachel, 84 Marshall 
Cresson Walter, mer. 29 Commerce, h 69 Mar- 
Cresson Wm.,mer. 29 Commerce, h 84 Marshall 
Cresson Wm. P. &. Co., iron foundry, James ab 

13th, h 3 Palmyra row 
Cresswell Richard, painter, N E 10th & Walnut 
Cresswell Robt., mer. 211 High, h383 Sassafras 
CRESWELL S. J., brass and iron founder and 

stove maker, 252 Sassafras 
Creth Alexander, tailor, 46 Prune, h P road opp 

Creth Daniel, clothing, 210 High 
Creutzborg Samuel L., mer. 169 High, h 157 

Crew B. J. & J. L., druggists, N W 5tli and 

Callowhill • 




Crew Henry, machinist, 27 Brandywinc 

Crew James L., apothecary, N W 5th and Cal- 

Criblier Peter, confect., Marriott bel 3d 
Cridcr Geo., cordw. 101 Vine 
Crider Mary, shop, New Market bel Poplar 
Cridland Benj., mach. loth bel Coates 
Cridlund Eliza, dressmr. 438 N 6th 
Cridland Leander, carp. R road opp Francis 
CriUy Alex., carman, Clymer 
Crilly Andrew, painter, Callowhill bel Sch 8th 
Crillv Bridget, 15 Strawberry 
Crilly Bridget, tavern, 2^ S 7th 
Crilly Geo., butcher, Mary bel F road (K) 
Crilly Henry, grocer, N W 3d 8c Thompson 
Crilly Margaret, Phoenix and Wistar ct (K) 
Crilly Pat., lab. Griswold's al 
Crim Mary, b h, 108 Walnut 
Crippen Ann, cook, Little Pine 
Crippen Robt., coi-dw. 326 St John (K) 
Cripps Geo. V., macht., 8 Carroll av 
Cripps Richard, cordw. 159 Buttonwood 
Crispenn James C, bricklr. St Joseph's av W 

Sch 6th 

CROFT THOMAS F., agricultural warehouse, 

309 High 
Croft Wm., tjiilor. Perry ct 
Crofton Thos. F., coal mer. 96 S 3d 
Crogan Patrick, lab. lllh ab Carpenter 
Croger John B., cabtmr. rear 315 S 3d 
Crolius A. Mrs., 101 Apple 
Croll Christian, tailor, 147 Chestnut, house 212 

N 8th 
Croll M. J., tailor, 147 Chestnut, h 86 Marshall 
CROLL M. J. &. CO., tailors, 147 Chestnut 
Crolley James, tailor, 40 Lebanon 
CroUy Wm., tailor, Essex 
Crolly F., lab. 5 Hermitage pi 
Crombarger John, brushmr. Wallace and 12th 
{CROMBARGER & MACKAY, com. agt. 1 S 4th 
Crombarger Mary, 4 George 
Crombarger Thos. S., com. agent, 1 S 4th, h 136 

N 13th 
ICromby Thos., weaver, 8 Russell's ct 
ICromelien & Brothers, wines & liq., 11 Walnut 
iCromelien Geo., mer. 39 Walnut, h 41 N 10th 

ab Wood 
ICromelien Rowland, wine mer. 97 S W"ater, h 
! 141 N 13th 

Crispenn Marj' H., dressmr. 125 Noble 

Crispenn Thomas, bricklr. St Joseph's av WlCromehen Washington, mer. 11 Walnut, h 15 

Sch 6th I City row 

Crispin Edward T., ti-unks, 182 High, h 27 Cromey John, weaver. Mariner n 13th 

Paul iCromley George, shoemr. 9 Willing's al 

Crispin Francis, Citron ab 12th Cromley Geo. M., baker, Front bel Phoenix (K) 

Crispin Mary, gentw. 11 Mechanic Cromly Thos., 31 N 7th 

Crissey Augustus N., proof reader, Coates bel Crommie And., cutter, 79 George (S) 

Crissold Elizabeth, Beach bel Hanover (K) 
Crissy Jacob, cordw. 119 Brown 
Crissy James, printer and publisher, 4 Minor 
Crissv John, tailor, Clinton bel Poplar 
CRIS'SY & MARKLEY, booksellers & bind., 4 

Crist Christopher, vict. Centre ab Park (W P) 
Crist Geo., clerk, 348 N 3d 
Crist Henr\', glassblower. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Crist Jane, Bedford bel Franklin 

Crompton Ellen, weaver, Sch 2d n Harrison 
'Crompton John, perfumers, kc, 48 High, h 9th 

ab Little Washington 
Crompton John C, manuf. Callowhill n Sch 3d 
Cromwell Eunice, Centner's ct 
Cromwell Jas. J., carver, Sch 7th n Cherry 
Cromwell James S., clerk, Sch 7th n Cherry 
Cromwell John, jr., bricklr. Sch 6th and Spring 
Cromwell Samuel V., overseer, Vaughan below 

Cromwell Wm., carder, Cadwaladerab Franklin 

Crist Joseph, caulker, Franklin bel Palmer (K); Crone Hannah, Crown ab Queen 

Crist Samuel, vict. rear Hanover n Jackson 
Crist Thomas, vict. West ab Hanover (K) 
Crist Wm., moroc. dr.. Union bel F road 
Cristiani Richard S., drug. Christian & Front 
Criswell Isaac J., hardware, 299 High 
Criswell John A., 92 Vine 

! Crone Robt H., barber, 55 Walnut 

I Crone Wm., weaver, 2d bel Columbia 

jCronhart Christian, shoemr. 7 Vernon 

ICronmiller John G., vict. Hancock bel Jefferson 

iCronn John, 96 Marshall 

jCronsberry Sarah, tailoress, rear 152 Poplar 

CRITTENDEN S. W., teacher of book-keep-' Crook Ann M., grocer, N W 10th & Poplar 
public acct. 140 Chestnut, h Sch 7th 1 Crook Wm., manuf. Jefferson bel 6th 

ab Pine 

Croasdale Eber, cutter, Lewis ab Girard av 
Crock Geo., vict. Marshall ab Poplar 
Crock Peter, planemr. Rose n William (K) 
Crocker Franklin, cordw. 26 Logan 
Crocker Pasco, tailor, 2 Emerick's ct 
Crocker Samuel, lab., Rye bel Mackey 

■ Crooker Robt. A., sti-aw goods, 56 S 2d 
[Crooks Adonijah, carp. Sch 3d and Watt 
Crooks Hannah, stockmr. 90 N 4th 
Crooks Isaac, blacksm. Thompson ab Apple 
Crooks James, tavern, Sch 4th & Wilcox 
Crooks John, lab. James &. 7th (S) 
Crooks Wm. J. lab. Dewitt's av 


Crockett Geo., type founder, 3 Summerfield pi Crookshanks John, engineer, Shackamaxon n 

Crockett Joseph S., blacksm. Maiden bel Front 
Crockett & Nowlan, blacksm.. Maiden bel Front 
Crocks Frederick, silver pi., 8 Liberty ct 
Crocks Mary, huckster, Maria ab 4th 
Croff Peter, blindmr. 9th ab Coates 
Croft Geo., blacksm., rear F road ab Phoenix 
Croft Henry, morocco dress., 4th ab George 
Croft Samuel, mer. 53 Commerce 


Croome Wm. designer & engraver, S E 6th &. 
Walnut, h 59 Buttonwood 

Cropley John S. coppersm. N W Barron & Ce- 
dar, h Barron ab Cedar 

Cropper Daniel, porter, Emeline 

Cropper Ezekiel, confect. 58 N 6th ' 

Cropper Geo. carp. Poplar ab 13th 




Cropper Harriet, 8 Gray's al 
Cropper Isaac, porter, 6 Liberty ct 
CROPPKM JOHN M., N. England li, 14 Dock 
Cropper Levi, stevedore, rear 115 Queen 
Cropper Lomax, baker, N W Sch 8th 8c Cal- 

Cropper Samuel L. metre man, Chestnut near 

Sch 2d . 
Cropper Samuel P. letter carrier, 64 Queen 
Cropper Wm. hod cairier, Pearl ab 13th 
Crosby Elizal)eth, 74 S 12th 
Crosby Geo. clerk, 146 Chestnut, h 353 High 
Crosby Jolin, plasterer, Francis nh Powell 
Crosby L. B. carp. 4 Carter's al, h 95 Apple ab 

Crosby Magnus, stonecutter, Prospect al below 

Crosby Tlios. mcr. 58 N 3d, h 54 Filbert 

. CROSKEY HENRY, lumber, first whf. below 
Green, h . 
Croskey Mrs. E. 26 Gebliard 

t Cross Ann, ladies' seminary. Broad bel Parrish 
Cj'oss Benj. teacher of music, 252 W Filbert 
Cross Benj. C. teach, music, Sch 8th St Locust 
Cross Geo. W. 260 Marshall 
Cross John, spinner. Pearl n Nixon 
Crosfs Margaret, dressmr. 6 Howard 
Cross Mary, sempstress, Pearl bel,13th 
Cross Wm. weaver, 7 M'Duffie 

. Crossan Charles, shoemr. Sch Front & Spruce 
Crossan Daniel, plumber, Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Jaraes, milkman. Carpenter bel 8th 
Crossan Rebecca, Sch Front h. Spruce 
Crossat Wm. weaver. Front ab Jefferson (K) 

— Crossen G. cordw. Sch 3d bel George 
Crosset Rich. W. contractor, Hamilton n Biddle 
CROSS ET R. W. Garden of Eden, Callowhiil 

ab William 
Ci-ossin Edward, drayman, 30O S 7th 
Crossin Mary, spooler, Sch Front & Spruce 
Crossley Chas. blacksm. Brown bel Sch 8th 

. Crossley John, machinist, York bel F road 
Grossman J. M. mer. 364 Chestnut 
Grossman Wm. tinman, 17 Lombard 
Crosson James, cordw. German n 5th 
Crosson Wm. hatter, 5 Howard pi 

■ Crosta Francis, barber, 216 N 9th 
Crothers John, cordw. 23 Julianna 
Crothers Matilda, gentw. 389 Mulberry 
Crothers Wm. lab. Say n Sch 7th 

NjJCrotto E. Mrs. 32 Fai-mer 

* Crouch Benj. lab. 31 Barclay 
Crouch C. W. shoemr. 272 N 4th 
Croiicii Henry, weaver, 15 Harrison av (K) 

"Cruuse Andrew, butciier, Sch 8th ab Wood 
^ Crouse Catharine, 8th bel Green 

* Crouse Charlotte, rear Pleasant ab 10th 
Crouse Geo. vjct. 108 Wood 

'-Crouse Martha, Barton 
T Crouse Mary, Mechanic ab Culvert 

Crouse Samuel, trader, Duke bel F road 
Crouse Thos. carman, G T road opp Rose la 
Crouse Wm. lab. rear 238 St John 
Crout Daniel, card manuf. 18 Franklin pi, h 

224 Green 
Crout John J. clerk, P. Office, 83 Randolph 
Crout Joseph, cabtmr. 358 N 6th 
Crout J. &, A. cabtmrs. 358 & h 360 N 6tU 

Crout Mahlon, carp. Church av 

Crow Alexatider, weaver, Callowhiil n Sch 2d 

Crow Geo. carter, Sch 5th ab Cedar 

Crow James, b h, 31 I'enn 

Crow James, vict. 158 Muttonwood 

Crow John, soap boiler, Nixon St Pearl 

Crow Nicholas, carp. Wood bel Sch 4th 

Crow Samuel, carp, rear 5 Diigan 

Crow Thos. carp, rear 5 Dngan 

CROW WM. cloth finishei', 176 Sassafras 

Crowder Joseph, turner, Dehaven's ct (K) 

Crowder Josephus F. moulder, Lepriva below 

Crowell Cyrus G. engine turner, 106 Chestnut, 

h N E 13th St Lombard 
Crowell David B. watchcasemr. 162 S lOth* 
(JROWELL ELISHA, alderman, office S. W 

6th and Pine, h 217 S 5th 
Crowell EllisB. jr. mer. George E Sch 8th 
Crowell James, jr. store, Washington St Wil- 
liam (w P) . . . ■ 

Crowell James W. tobacco. N E 10th and But- 
ton wood 
Crowell Mariner, seaman, 4 Beck 
Crowell Peter, painter, 533 N 4th 
CROWELL SMITH, b h. Front St Union 
Crowell Smith, clothing, 187^ S 2d, h 26 Stam- 
per's al 
Crowell Thos. painter, 145 Poplar 
Crowell Thos. capt. 130 Christian 
Crowell Thos. E. attorney, 33 S 5th, h 3 S Rit- 

Crowell W G. salemr. 270 Lombard 
Growers John, ropemr. 5th bel G T road 
Growers Robt. whipmr. 5th bel Oxford (K) 
Crowes Joseph, lab. P'ilbert bel Sch 3d 
Crowley Bartholomew, bookseller, 112 S 2d 
Crowley Chas. lab. 7 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Crowley Cornelius, shoemr. 4 Buchanan pi 
Crowley F. Dr. 28 Gretn 

Crowley James, 15 Stamper's al , 

Crowley James D. land agent, 18 Prune 
Crowley Michael, lab. Harmstead n Sch 2d 
Crowley Michael, weaver, 5 La p'ayette ct 
Crowley Peter, weaver, Ban-y's ct (R) 
Crowley Richard, stone mason, Carlton above 

Sch 6th 
Crowly T. Stanton, M. D., Chestnut W Sch 2d 
Crowther Jeremiah, spinner, William n Sch 

Crowther John, turner and tavern, New Market 

ab Laurel 
Crowther Wm. lab. W Sassafras whf. 
Crox John, machinist, Sch 6th bel Summer 
Crozer James G. mer. 65 S Front, h 171 S 10th 
CROZET EARNEST, printer, S E 13th and 

High, h 471 Chestnut 
Crozier Andrew, teacher, 434 S Front 
Crozier Benj. shoemr. 180 Queen 
Crozier Catharine, baker, Sch 8th 8t Carver 
Crozier Mary Ann, 4 Grover (S) 
Crozier Robt. weaver, 7 W Cedar 
Crozier Robert, eating house, 244 High 
Crozier Wm. carp, weavei-. Cedar bel 13th 
Crub James, lab. Pine ab Pratt 
Cruikshank Robt. J. milliner, 73 Cedar 
Crumback Wm. H. waterman, 261 Ca;harine 
Crumley Geo. tavern, Front bel Greenwich 




Crumley John, brlckmr. Sch 3d n George 
Crumley Jolni, oysters, 397i High, h 214 Locust 
Cnimp Henry, jeweler, 9th bel Carpenter 
Criindv\ell Kiiziihcth, store, S W 13tl» & Green 
Cruse Edvv. bo;itman. Wood & Sch 2d 
Cruse Kdwd. F. cubtmr. 2 Marble pi 
Cruse James, 7 Perry 
Cruse John, shoenu". Shaffer's av 
Cruse John, rigger, 121 Brown (N L) 
Crusemire Nicholas, macht. Lew is bel Master 
Crutchley Samuel, tavern, F road &. Otter 
Crutes Conrad, tailor, 18 Lagrange pi 
Cryder Jos. lab. Montgomery bel G T road (K) 
Ciystall Samuel, clothing, 181 Cedar 
Cubbage James, stevedore, rear 38U S 2d 
Cubberley James H. cordw. Parrish ab 8th, h 

Centre ab Brown 
Cubberly Dillerhe, hatter, 3 Courtland pi 
Cubberly Geo. W. carp. Oxford bel 8th 
Cubbler John, lab. Wood n Sch 2d 
Cubler Geo. gard. Richmond la bel F road 
Cubler Jacob, gard. Richmond la bel F road 
Cuddy James, painter, 12th and Spruce, h 435 

Cuddy Lanson, bootmr, 224 N 13th 
Cue John, shoemr. Christian bel Lebanon 
Cue Wm. shoemr. 11th bel Milton 
Cuesta Leandro, gent. Walnut W Sch 6th 
Cuesta Stanislaus, Walnut W Sch 6th 
Cugan Patrick, lab. Fitler ab Harrison (K) 
Culbert &, Hunter, grocs. N E 5th & Green 
Culbertjohn, manuf. 136 High, h Shippen ab 

Culbert Jos. grocer, S E 11th & Wood 
Culbert Martha A. milliner, 35 N 10th 
Culbert Robert, grocer, S W 8th & Green 
Culbertson Allen, lab. Sch 2d ab Vine 
Culbertson Hugh, weaver, rear G T road ab 5th 
Culbertson James, lab. 2d & Montgomery 
Culbertson James, weaver, Fox's ct 
Culbertson John, weaver, 8 Philip (K) 
Culbertson Jos. carter, Sch 5th & Coates 
Culbertson Robert, dyer, Bedford bel loth 
Culbertson Robert, groc. R road ab Girard av 
Culbertson Robert, bootmr. Poplar ab 9th 
Culbertson Samuel, b h, George ab Sch 8th 
Culbertson Stephen, mer. 259 High, h 254 

Culbertson S. &. D. H. grocers, 259 High 
Culbertson Wm, tavern, 2d & Cadwalader 
Culbertson Wm.dyer, Shippen bel 13th 
Culbertson Wm. carter, 321 S 6th 
Culbey Heiu}-, h.h. Biddle W Fairmount 
Culin Aaron B. 46 George 
Culin A. J. mer. 17 N w'lifs., h 120 Lom.bard 
Culin Daniel, b h, 292 High 
Culin Geo. bookliind. 69 Noble 
Culin Geo. ti.ilor, S E 2d &. High, h 8 Morgan 
CULIN ISAAC V. pawnbroker, 165 Cedar 
Culin John, tailor, 14 High 
Culin John, wheel wt. N E Locust and Marga- 

retta (W P) 
Culin Jolui, jr. clerk, 133 G T road 
Culin Joim N. cordw. lUth bel Coates 
Culin Samuel, slioemr. 43 Plum 
Cullen Christ, lab. Pine ab Sch Willow 
Cullen Geo. grocer, 6 S Sch 8th 
Cullen Hannuii, Phoenix & Hope 

Cullen James, waterman, Bath ab Sorrell 

Cullen James, Rev. 2d ab Master (K) 

Cullen Lawrence, drayman, 109 German 

Cullen Matthew, lab. Vail's ct 

Cullen Michael, blacksm. G T road liel FrankliQ 

Cullen Peter, Pret. Eq.L. Ins. Co. 74 Walnut, h 

6 Portico sq 
Cullen Robert D. Reading R, R. Sclj 5th ab Mul- 
Cullen Thomas, tea dealer, I'edenil ab 10th 
Cullen W. drayman, Hope bel Master (K) 
Cullin Edwd. ciumdler, Sliippen ab 7th 
CuUin Mich, nailer, Thompson ab Apple 
Cullin Peter, chandler, 289 Cedar 
CuUln P. Walter, tavern. Vine st whf. 
Cullin Robert B. shoemr. Palm bel Brown 
Cullman Jacob, confect. 119 N 6tli 
Culp Ann, b h, 461 N 2d 
Culp Ann, Harrison 

Culp Charles, carp. Mechanic ab George 
Culp Uaniel, brlckmr. Ilarmstead 
Culp Henry, cai'p. Garden ab Willow 
Culp Issachar, blacksm. Tyler ab Poplar 
Culp Jacob, gent. 65 Vine 
Culp James, trimmings, 4663 N 2d 
Culp John, bricknu'. Sch Front bel Spruce 
Culp John, carter, Clinton bel Parrish 
Culp Philip, brlckmr. Harmstead ab Sch 2d 
Culp R. lab. Francis E Sch 4th (F V) 
Culton A. B. mer. 85 High, h 331 Lombard 
Culton A. B. &. Co. carpets, 85 High, h 331 

Cummerford John, macht. Lombard n Sch Bank 
Cummey John, weav. Mariner ab 13th 
Cummlng & Brodie, copper and tin roofers, 29 

Gumming Charles, glue manuf. 6th bel Master 

& 1 S3d, h 446 N 6th 
Gumming Richard P. metallic roofer, 276 N 2d, 

h 220 N 4th 
Gumming Samuel T. wines & liquors, 38 Union 
CUMMINGS ALEX, publisher Evening Bulle- 
tin, 46 S 3d, h Girard av AV Broad 
Cummings Bradley, blacksm. Winter n Sch 2d 
Cummings 8c Co. varieties, 39 N 3d 
Cummings Chas. H. grain, 101 N Water, h 401 

S Front 
Cummings Daniel, shoemr. 6 Harper's pi (S) 
Cummings Edwd. tavern, Richmond ab R. R. 

Cummings Edwd. tin roofer, 6tli ab Poplar 
Cummings Elizabeth, 381 S 6tli 
CUMMINGS G. PARKER, architect. Walnut 

ab 6th 
Cummings Henry, cordw. 53 Mechanic 
Cummings Isaac, bi'icklayer, 90 Christian 
Cummings James, ostler, 6 Tra([uair's ct 
Cmnmlngs James, weaver, Duke bel F road 
Cummings James, lab. Sch 5tli &, Lombard 
Cummings Jane, shoebinden, 6 Lyndall's al 
Cummings John, blacksm. Queen ab F roail 
Cummings John, B. ])., M road &. Federal 
Cummings Jonathan, grocer, G T road ab 5th 
Cummings J. A. mer. 197 High, h 83 Wood 
Cummings J. S. mer. 39 N 3d, h 21 Logan sq 
Cummings L. lab. 10th ab i'liompson 
Cummings Margaret, Sch oth &. Cedar 
Cummuigs Mary C. Chancellor n Sch 7th 




Cumming's Matthew, blaclcsm. 5th & Maria, h 

Clinton ah Pophir 
Cumming's & Peterson, pub. Ncal's Gaz.46 S 3d 
Cummings Itoljt. wcav., Master ab Howard 
Cumming's Samuel, Truxton 
Cumming's Thos. surveyor, Rboads and Sch 5th 
Cumming's Tlios. lab., Alder al) Tliompson 
(Cumming's Thos. spi'in_i^ mi'. 17 Myrtle 
Cummings Wm. grocer, 74 S whfs, h 21 Pine 
Cumming's Wni. jeweler. Christian ab 7th 
Cumming's Wni. weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Cummings Wm., g'unsmitb, 382 N 6th 
Cummings Wm. carter, Allen bel Hanover 
Cummings Wm. clerk, 90 Cliristian 
Cummings Wm. tinner, N E Mifflin and Orleans 
CUMMINGS WM. & CO. grocers, 77 S whfs 
Cummins Dan. T?. mer., h 282 Walnut 
Cummins Jane, 187 Brown 
Cummins John, lime. Chestnut E Mary (W P) 
Cummins John, lab. 3d bel Wharton 
Cummins Margaret, 65 Mead 
Cummins Patrick, iron dealer, 143 N Front 
Cummiskey Eugene, publisher and bookseller, 

130 S 6th 
Cummiskey John, lab., Huston and Brown 
Cummiskey Pat., William and Linn 
Cumpston Geo. foundry, Sch 5th and Hamilton 
■ Cunius Jacob, cordw. 13 Mark's la 
Cunley Jas. china packer, Catharine ab 8th 
CunliflF Jas. smith, Palmer opp Allen 
Cunliff Wm. barber, 467 S Front 
Cunllffe Jas. stove fur. &C., F road bel Jefferson 
Cunninghai-n Alexander, lab. 7 Clair 
Cunning-ham Alex., shop, Callowhill n Sch 3d 
Cunningham Charles, tavern, 62 Penn 
Cunningham & Clark, di-essmrs, 285 Chestnut 
Cunningham & Crawley, card manuf. 9 N 2d 
Cunning-ham David, bonnet presser, 331 S 5tli 
Cunningham David, tailor, 124 Locust 
Cunning'ham Elizabeth, 2 Loxley's ct 
Cunning'ham Emery, stevedore, Scott's ct 
Cunning'ham Isaiah, tailor, 161 N 11th 
Cunningham James, lab. 40 Garden 
Cunning'ham Jas. weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Cunning'liam Jas. painter, 9th and Willow 
Cunning'ham Jas. baker, High ab Sch 2d 
Cunningham Jas. lab., Pemberton's al 
Cunningham Jas. weaver, Howard ab Phoenix 
Cunningham Jas., Rev., George W Sch 3d 
Cunningham Jas. M. carter, Ann W Sch 3d 
Cunningham Jane, spooler, i-ear Shippen ab 12th 
Cunningham John, weaver, Philip ab Master 
Cunningham John, machinist. Plum bel Queen 
Cunningham John, lab. 39 Plum 
Cunningham John, lab. 192 Lombard 
-Cunningham Jno. shop, Lancaster pike ab Path 
'Cunningliam John, lab. 331 S 5th 
Cunningham Jolin, shoemr., F road ab Phoenix 
Cunningham John, lab., 30 Alder 
Cunningliam John, weaver, Philip ab Columbia 
Cunningham Jonathan, weav., Nixon bel Linn 
Cunningham Joseph, lab. 38 Bread 
Cunningham Joseph, stonecut., Lee n Sch 4th 
Cunningham Mary, 18 Acorn al 
Cunningham Mary, gaiter binder, 8 Cluirch al 
Cunningham Peter F., bookseller, 104 S 3d 
Cunningham Robt. cordw. 494 N 4th 
Cunningham Robert, engineer, 64 P road 

Cunningham Robt., lab., Carpenter bel P road 
Cunningliam Ross, atty. h coun. 46^ Walnut 
Cunningham Samuel, shoe store, 436 N Front 
Cunningham Samuel H., carp., Juniper below 

Cunningham Thos. car mr. 46 Wallace 
Cunningliam Thos. lab., Carpentei- bel 7th 
(Junningham Timothy, carp.. Beach ab Warren 
Cunningham Wm. lab.. Spruce W Sch Front 
Cunningham Wm. weaver, Bedford ab 12th 
Cunningham Wm. card manuf. 13 Drinker's al 
Cunningham Wm. weav., Philip ab Ma.ster (K) 
Cunningham Wm. lab.. Cedar E Sch 2d 
Cunningham Wm. carp. Stii bel Carpenter 
Cunningham Wm. weaver. Phoenix ab Howard 
Cunningham Wm. lab., rear 30 Bread 
ter, h 185 S 7th 
Cunningham W. H. grocer, 7th bel Fitzwater 
Cunnington Peter, ostler, Lewellyn's av (K) 
Cunnington Wm. P., M. D., N W Erie and Fitz- 
Cunnio And., musician, Christian ab 8th 
Cups Lewis, lampmr., reai- 367 N 3d 
Curby John S., cooper, 49 S whfs, h 472 S 2q 
Curby Martin, mason, S E Sch Front & Lombard 
Curby Mich., cooper, 123^ S Front, h 49 Gaskill 
Curl Isaiah, silversm.. Vine bel 2d 
Curlet Hugh, cordw., Ogden E Sch 8th 
Curlet Louis, shoemr.. Barker W Sch 4th 
Curran A. D., constable, N W 3d and Cypress 
Curran Barnet, plasterer, Hamilton n Sch 
Curran Barney, stone cutter, 80^ Locust 
Curran Edward, lab. 6 Miller's al 
Curran Jas. lab., Huston n R R 
Curran Jane, 232 Juniper 
Curran John, shearer, Vienna ab Duke 
Curran John C. cashier, S W Spruce and 2d 
Curran Martha, Biddle W Nixon 
Curran Pat. clothing, Richmond bel William 
Curran Thos. blindmr., rear 119 Christian 
Curran Wm. porter. Rye bel Reed 
Curran Wm., M. D., 29 Mulberry 
Curran Wm. blacksm., M'Duffie n 2d 
Curren Charles, cabinetmr. 19 Vernon 
Curren Elizabeth, tailoress, 26 Lebanon 
Curren Margaret, Allen and Hanover (K) 
Curren Martin, com. mer. 119 S Front, house 56 

Curren Wm. gent. 96 S 6th 
Currey Richd., William n Sch Front 
Currey Robt. L. contractor. Filbert W Sch 4th 
Currey Wm. importer, 50 Chestnut 
Currie John A. artist, 48 S 4th 
Currin James W. jeweler, 6 Bank al, h 10 Jef- 
ferson row 
Curry And. weaver, Fairmount bel Willow 
CURRY CHARLES, fancy store, 308 N 2d 
Curry Daniel, cordw., Brown and Clinton 
Curry David, engineer, col. R road W Nixon 
Currv Dorothy, Bickham n Sch 7th 
Curry Elizabeth, 8th bel Christian 
Curry Enoch, wood turner, Randolph ab Poplar 
Curry Georg-e, lab., Sch 3d bel High 
Curry Hamilton, saddler, Lombard ab 13th 
Curry Hugh, gent. 27 Dugan 
Cutry Isaac J. trader, Washington ab Front 
Curry James, st. mason, Salmon n Cumberland 



Curry James, weaver, 13th ab Federal 

Curry John, cordw. 160 Christian 

Curry Jolin. lab., Apple ab Jefferson (K) 

Curry Juhn, silvcrsm., G T road bel Mud la (K) 

Curi7 John, rig'g'er, 2 Collins' ct 

Curry John F. combmr. 443 N 4th 

Curry Joseph U. blindmr. 8 Fisher's ct 

Curry Marshall, weaver, William 

Curry Mary, Front ab Jefferson (K) 

Curry Nicholas, lab., James ab 7th 

Curry R. D., Mrs., 149 Catharine 

Curr}' Saml. lab., rear 8th bel Christian 

Cuny Wm. mer. 118 Chestnut, h Callowhill and 

Sch Front 
Currj- "\Vm. cordw. 12 Boyd's av 
Curry \Vm. lab.. Carpenter ab 13th 
Curry Wm. bricklayer, Log^n ab Wallace 
Curry Wm. chairmr., rear 33 Marriott 
Curtin Daniel, weaver, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Curtin Jeremiah, weaver, lOtli ab Master 
Curtis Ann, b h, 115 S 3d 
Curtis Anthony, waiter, 62 Gaskill 
Curtis Asa, U.' S. Navy, 304 S 10th 
Curtis A. g'entw. Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Curtis B. T. mer. 41 and 43 Commerce, h 400 

Curtis Cephas, combmr. 125 New Market 
Curtis Charles C. barber, 255 Sassafras 
CURTIS & HAND, hardw. 41 &. 43 Commerce 
Curtis Henry, lab., Alder ab Master 
Curtis Heniy, driver. Union bel Duke 
Curtis Jas. stevedore, 20 Acorn 
Curtis John, brassfounder, 5th and Redwood 
Curtis John, tailor, 131 Queen 
Curtis Jolin, driver. Washing-ton ab William 
Curtis John H., jr., real est. agent, 121 Walnut, 

h 64 S 12th 
Curtis John H. & Son, real est. ag-ents and coUct- 

ors, 121 Walnut 
Curtis Levi, M. D., 88 Wood 
Curtis Marg-aretta, 4 Chancery la 
Curtis Patrick, drayman, 61 N Sch 8th 
Curtis Sarah, b h, Bradford al 
Curtis Sarah J., rear 174 Marshall 
Curtis Thomas F., agl. and col. 119 German 
CURTIS WM., grand secretarj', S W 6th and 

Haines, h 304 N 7th 
Curtis Wm. H. clerk, 13 Carpenter 
Curven John, cordw., Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Curwen Jno., M. D., 96 S 11th 
Cusack George, porter, 46 Wood 
Cusack Wm., carp., Jones n Sch 2d 
Cusack AVm., baker. High n Sch 3d 
Cush Thos. lab., 1 Lagrange 
Cushing Wm. F. com. mer. 8 Wharton 
Cushlet Thos. coal dealer, Fitler & Han-ison 
Cushman G. H., miniature paint., 3 Girai-d 
Cushman Wm. teacher, 137 Randolph 
Cushmore Chris., ropemr.. Cherry bel F road 
Cusick Mich, currier. Alder ab Girard av 
Cuskaden Alex. lab. 6 Helmuth 
Cuskaden Sc Cassady, chandlers, 137 Siiippen 
Cuskaden Elizabeth, Cuskaden's ct 
Cuskaden John, soap boiler, 322 Callowhill 
Cusken James, weaver, Cadwalader ab O.xford 
Custard Ruben, carter, rear Federal ab Broad 
Custer Albert, bonnet press.. Orchard 
Custer Daniel, carp. 6 Hutchinson 
Custer Geo. blacksm., Hutchinson ab Poplar 

Custer Issachar, carp. 424 N 2d 

Custer John, macliinist, 125 Randolph 

Custer Nathan, black St whitesm., Tyler ab Pop- 

lar^^ coal yd. 9th ab Poplar, h 443 N 5th 
Custis Esther, 13 Barclay 
Custis George, carter, 26 Biitl's ct 
Custis Theodore W. capt. 344 S 3d 
Cusworth J. stone cutter, Lombai-d n Sch 2<I 
Cutaiar Francis, tobacconist, 352 Poplar 
Cutchin Miles, porter, 15 Gaskill 
Cuthbert Elizabeth F. 137 S 9th 
Cuthbert John W. Marriott bel 9th 
Cuthbert Mai-j, 359 Mulberry 
Cuthbert Sarah, 205 S 9th 

Cuthbertson John A. machinist. Grape ab Vine- 
yard (F V) 
Cutler John, carp. 6tli ab Little Poplar (K) 
Cutler Levi, moulder. Darby road 
Cutler Mary, teaciier, Fitzwater ab 6th 
Cutler Thomas, rigger, 1 Shippen 
Cutter John S. grocer, R road ab 13th 
Cutts Robert, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford 
Cutwalz Henry, cordw., 3 Ogden 
Cuyjet Stephen W. shoemr. 1 Laurel (C) 
Cuyler Eleanor, wid. of Rev. C. C, Walnut ab 

Washington sq 
CUYLER THEODORE, atty. & coun., 3 York 
Build. Walnut, 2 doors ab Washington sq 

Daary Thos., grocer, 10th and Thompson 
Dace John, machinist, Becket E Sch 6th 
Dace Peter, blacksm., Howard bel Master 
Da Costa David, trimmings, 442 Vine 
DA COSTA JONATHAN M., gent 176 S 3d 

and Island of St. Thomas (W I) 
Da Costa J. C, mer. 37 N whfs. and 73 N Wa- 
ter, h 214 N Front 
Dady Hugh, lab., 6 Bell's ct 
Dady John, Carpenter ab 3d 
JDady Emily, shop, Pleasant bel 10th 
[Daffin Ceci'lia, 232 Lombard 
|Dager Lewis, blacksm. 4 Hamilton's ct 
Dager Matthew, wheelwrt. 542 N Front 
DAGER PETER, WiUiamPenn Hotel, S E 10th 
I and Master 

Dager Sylvester, salesman, 113 Buttonwood 
Dagetz Daniel, tailor, 42 Charlotte 
Daggan James, cordw.. Mechanic bel Franklin 
iDagney Bernard, stonemason, 47 Fitzwater 
Dagon Henry, watch dialmr. 28 N 8th 
iDahman Bennett, shoemr. 228 Cedar 
Dahonv Edward, porter, 16 Plea.sant 
iDaileyDavid, D. D. 99 Queen (K) 
Dailey E. D., druggist. Duke bel Cherry 
Dailey Sarah, tavern, Blackhorse al 
Daily Alex., lab., Donnelly's ct 
'Daily Ann, tavern, 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Daily Bridget, Cadwalader bel Master (K) 
Daily Daniel, weaver, rear G T road ab Phoenix 
; Daily Eliza, Marshall's ct 
i Daily Francis, carter. Orchard ab Jefferson 
Daily James, ingrain carpt.. Elk 
Daily John, weaver, Adams bel Oxford 
Daily Jolin, tailor, 5th and G T road 
[Da'ly John, shoemr.. West E Sch Beech 
[Daily John, shop, 22 Mayland 
Daily John, shop, St Mary's n 7th 




Daily Michael, clerk, 3 Marshall ct 

Daily Micliacl, weaver, l»iiik 

Daily Owen, shoemr.. Perry ami Master (K) 

Daily Patk., cordvv., Cadwalader bel M;ipler(K) 

Daily Peter, lab.. Poplar ab Ontario 

Daily Peter, hackman, Clifton 

Daily Peter, g'lass blower. Queen bel Ball (K) 

Dainty James, moroccodr., Maria bel 5lh 

Dainty .lobn, cop. pi. print., 10 S & h 106 N 5th 

Daisey Aaron, capt. 385 S 2d. 

Daisey Widow, 18 Scott's ct 

Dalbey Moses, clerk, Rihl's ct 

DALBY DANIEL, tavern, 234 N 3d 

Dalby Edw., macht., Lehig'h ab Bank 

Dalby Hiig-h, boatman, Lombard n Sch Bank 

Dalby Wni., lampmr. 9th bel Biittonwood 

Dale Alex., g'roccr, F road bel Master (K) 

Dale Edward C, Treas. Mint., h 383 Spruce 

DALE GEORGE, hotel, Poplar and Kurtz 

Dale Gerald F., men 122 Hig-h, h 146 S 4th 

Da[e John M., capt, U. S. navy, 7 Dugan's row 

Dale Peter, ropemr., Washing'ton ab 5th 

Dale Richard C, mer. 122 Hig-h, h 100 S 3d 

Dale, Ross & Whhers, mers.'l22 Hig-h 

Dale Samuel, cordw., Lewis ab Poplar 

Dale Wm. H., carter, 36 Parker 

Dales Hiram, M. D., 628 N Front (K) 

Dales James H., machinist, 4 Howard 

Dales John B., Rev., Juniper n Filbert 

Daley Charles, weaver, Sch 6th bel High 

Daley Daniel, dealer, Essex 

Daley David, drayman, 3 Duke 

Daley Elizabeth, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 

Daley Hugh, weaver, 13th ab Catharine 

Daley James, lab., Morris W Sch 8th 

Daley James, baker. Christian bel 9th 

Daley James, shoemr., N E Sch 6th &. Lombard 

Daley Jas., lab. 120 Plum 

Daley Jas., lab., Jeff"erson bel G T road (K) 

Daley John, lab., rear 463 N 4th 

Daley Michael, lab., Taylor and Jones 

Daley Micliael, lab., Sch Front ab P'ilbert 

Daley Michael, lab.. Phoenix ab 2d (K) 

Daley Patrick, watchman, Ball ab Beach (K) 

Daley Patk., drayman, Hope bel Master (K) 

Daley Patk., lab., Lehigh ab Richmond 

Daley Samuel, huckster, 94 Penn (K) 

Daley Thomas, shoemr. 7th bel Fitzwater 

Daley Thos., lab., 5th ab Marriott 

Dalford John, carter, Biddle W William 

DALLAM JOHN, coal mer. 9th ab Poplar, h 

8th belParrish 
Dallam John, lab., Lombard n Sch 7th 
Dallam J. W., di'uggist, 2d and Callowhill, h 13 

Dallas Edwd., cordw.. Court al bel Brown 
Dallas George M., atty. & coun., 259 Walnut 
Dallas Jacob, weaver, 10 W Cedar 
Dallas James, weaver, Jackson's ct (K) 
Dallas Jolm, manuf.. Master bel Perry 
Dallas John J., wheelwrt., P road bel Carpenter, 

h AVyatt 
Dallas Joseph, shipwrt. 571 S 2d 
Dallas Matthew, weaver. Rose al) Shippen la 
Dallas Pliilip N., atty. & coun. 55 S 5th 
Dallas Richard, shoemr, Thompson bel Apjjle 
Dallas Robert, manuf., Master bel 2d (K) 
Dallas Thos., weaver, Washington ab Oxford 

Dallas Thos., constable. Broad and Ross 
DALLETT, BROTHEItS, .ship. mers. 96 S whfs 
Dallett Elijah, mer. and Pres. Pcnn T Bank, 36 

High,'h 209 N lOtli 
Dallett' Elijah J., mer. 36 High, h lOth & Cal- 
Dallett Elijah Mrs., 59 Marshall 
DALLETT E. & G. &. CO., soap and candles, 

36 & 491 High & N E lOth &. Callowhill 
Dallett Gillies, mer. 36 High, h 288 N 8th 
Dallett Henry C, mer., 96 S whfs., h231 Pine 

bel 10th 
Dallett John, mer. 96 S whfs., h 239 Pine 
DALLING JAMES, bookseller, 25 & h 89 S 8th 
Dalmas C. J., editor, 32 S 3d 
Dalrymple Evan, cordw. 218 S 5th 
Dalton Edw., brickmr.. Pine ab Sch Willow 
Dalton Ehzabetli, 3 Danagh's ct 
Dalton Maurice, boatman. Pine n Sch Willow 
Dalton John, weaver, Hope ab Master 
Dalton Patrick, trader, 36 Lebanon 
Dalton Wm., boatman. Pine n Beach 
Dalton Wm., shoemr. 87 S 2d 
Dalton Wm., weaver, Master ab G T road 
Daly Authur, weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Daly Augustin, shoemr. 6 Flickwir's ct 
Daly Edw., stockingmr. 8th bel Wharton 
Daly John, pawn broker, 5th bel Cedar 
Daly John, capt. 12 Beck pi 
Daly Margaret, Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Daly P. & M., morocco fact., rear 550 N 3d 
Daly Thos., distiller Centre ab Brown 
Daly Thos., surveyor and regulator, Washington 

bel 10th 
Dalzell Charles, baker, 16 Hampton 
Dalzell David, grocer. Rose bel William 
Dalzell Wm., 41 German 

Damai Edw., hatter, 3 Strawberry, h 64 Chestnut 
Dampman John, carp.. Tower n Sch Front 
Dampsman Elkanah, tailor, 3 Shoffnei-'s ct 
Danarby James, macht. 5 Peters' al 
Danby Eliza, trimmings, Franklin ab Crown 
Danby George, blacksm., Edward kb School 
Danby John, weaver. Crown bel Franklin 
D ANDURAND ESTHER, refect. 155 Chestnut 
Danelly Abigail, 145 Coates 
Danenhower Charles R., mer. 45 N Front, h 17 

Danfield Conrad, 3 Perry 
Danfield Conrad, jr., city missionary. Wood ab, 

Sch 7th 
Danfield Jas. T. clothing, 200 High, h 30 Dugan 
Danfield John H., grocer, 34 Wallace 
DxVNFORTH, BALD & CO., bank note en- 
gravers, 95^ Walnut 
Daufred Conrad, tailor, 593 N 3d 
DANGUY CANELLE, hairdi-. and worker, 279 

Daniel Eva, umbrellamr. 189 Callowhill 
Daniel Matt., trimmings, 370 Vine 
Daniel James H., jeweler, 10 N 11th 
Daniel Rosanna, huckster, 7th bel Marriott 
Daniels George, builder, 1 Helmuth 
Daniels John,''bricklr. lOUi ab Washington 
Daniels Joshua, jeweler, 350 S Front 
Daniels Keziah, 12 Rummer's ct 
Daniels Rachel, b. h. Madison and Sheaff 
Daniels &. Smitli, books, 36 N 6tli 




Daniels Thos., salesman, rear 504 S 2d 
Daniels Wm., boat builder, Beach opp Warren, 

h Allen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Daniels AVm., books, 36 N 6th, h 417 Green 
Daniels Wm., blacksm.. Ash bel Duke 
Daniels Wm., tailor, Penn bel Broad 
Daniels Wm., dentist, rear 122 N 4th 
Daniels Wm. C, blacksm., rear Brown ab 13th 
Daniels Wm. Y., tobacco't., 386 N 2d, h 234 St 

Danig- John, lab., Houben's pi 
Danilly Wm., cordw. 95 Brown 
Dankel Henr3% coach trimmer, Marriott ab 8th 
Dankworth John, saddler, 223 N 9th 
Dannaker Christian A., currier, 143 N 3d, h 97 

Dannenhauser John, baker, 435 N 3d 
Dantz Philip, Jiurner & tavern, Willow & Dillwyn 
Danver Andw., moulder, 315 S 8th 
Danver James, melter, 563 S Front 
Danzeizer Frederick, baker, N W Apple and 

Daran Fredk., tailor, 21 Duke 
Darby Edw., wire worker, 5 Swarthmore pi 
Darby Samuel, carp. 14 York pi 
Dardine James, carp. 407 Brown 
Dardine John L., cordw., Clinton bel Thompson 
Dardis Francis, nailmr., Parker n Washington 
Dare Chas. P., clerk, 18 Olive 
Dare Collin, eng-ineer, 401 S 4th 
Dare Conrad, brickmr. 5th ab Diamond 
Dare Elizabeth, dressmr.. Raid's ct 
Dare George, b. h. 13 Lagrange pi 
Dare Isaac B., grocer, Franklin and Cherry(K) 
Dare James B., alderman, 655 N 2d (K) 
Dare Jane, George ab 9th 
Dare Joseph, oysterman, rear 81 Cedar 
Dare Nathan S., tailor, 37 Chatham 
Darham Elijah, bar tender, 13 Brook (N L) 
Darham Maiy, 15 Parham 
Darkies James, vict. 758 N 4th 
Darley W. H. W., music teacher, 75 Filbert 
Darling Thos. S. &. Co., coal mers. 15 Waluut 
Darlington Ellen, dr}- goods, 8 S 8th 
Darlington Isaac, engineer, Allen ab Shacka- 
maxon (K) 
Damaby John, capt., P road and Wall 
Darnbeck Henry, tailor. Willow bel 8th 
Darnell Charles H., measurer, Catharine ab 8th 
Darnell Henry Y., measurer, 460 S 4th 
Darnell Wm.'s., measurer, 399 S 4th 
Darquass Robert, weaver, Milton 
Darr Jacob, baker, 32 Strawbeny 
Darr John C, baker, Sch 7th n George 
Darrach Wm., M. D., 268 Mulberry 
Darragh Daniel, carp. 100 Apple 
Darragh Elizabeth, tailoress 247^ S 2d 
Darragh John, lab.. Cherry ab Juniper 
Darragh John, grocer, 4th and Thompson 
DaiTagh John, mer. 167 Pine 
Darragh John lab., Peny bel Pine 
Darragh John J., cabinetmr. 8th n Catharine 
Darragh Patrick, shoemr. N W 12th and Lom- 
bard, h N W PeiTy and Mifflin 
Darragh Thos., potter, Rhoads ab Sch 4th 
Dasely James, carter, 14 Lilly al 
Dash C, clerk, 41 Wood 
Dasher Henry, confec. 87 R road 

Daub Samuel, driver. Orchard ab George 
Daub Samuel, carp. Beaver ab Charlotte 
Daudt Henry, sugar refiner, 31 N 5th 
Daughe*tv D. A., mer. 77 S Front 
DAUGHERTY MARTIN J.,atty. h coun. 81 S 

6th, h 14 N Sch 4th 
Daugherty Wm., messenger, 190 S 4th 
Daunton Jas. C, salesman, rear 24 Apple 
Daush Henr}% shoemr, 13 James 
D'Antrechy Paul, tavern, 89 N 11th 
Davenport Chas., sawmr. Front ab Harrison (K) 
DAVENPORT & ELDRIDGE, hardware, 212 

S 2d 
Davenport Elias F., shoemr. N W 6th and Wash- 
Davenport Henry H., waterman, 12 Marker 
Davenport James, coal mer. Prime bel 10th 
Davenport James W., case mr. 368 S 5th 
Davenport Robert W., hardwai-e, h 97 Pine 
David Ben]., 103 S 4th 
David Daniel, lab. 103 German 
David Elizabeth, 182 Swanson 
David Jacob, gent. 88 Marshall 
DAVID & JONES, manufs. & importers per- 
fumery & fancy goods, 90 N 3d 
DAVID LOUIS, hotel, 35 Dock 
DAVID, SPRINGS & CO., diy goods, 167 

David Wm. K., mer. 90 N 3d, h 39 S 2d 
David Wm. M., stone cut., George W Sch 6th. 
David Wm. M., mer. 167 High, h 88 Marshall 
Davidson Alex., sail mr. 141 M road 
Davidson Alex., weaver, Megargee ct 
Davidson Ann, 89 Washington 
Davidson Ann, cake baker, 25 N 13th 
Davidson Edw., carp. P road bel Wharton 
Davidson E. W., mer. 150 High 
Davidson Jas., engraver, Beaver's ct 
Davidson Jas., weav.. Master bel Hancock (K) 
Davidson Jane Ann, milliner, 330 S 2d 
Davidson John, weaver. Federal bel 13th 
Davidson Joseph A., salesman, 165 High, h 9 S 

Sch 8th 
Davidson Julius, Bathing House, Arcade 
Davidson Mary, dressmr. Ralston 
Davidson M. A., milliner, 311 Vine 
Davidson Richard, weaver. Federal bel 13th 
Davidson Robert, lab., Harper's ct 
DAVIDSON ROBERT B., broker, 95^ Walnut, 

h 118 S 9th 
Davidson Sarah, gentw. S W Girard and Col- 
lege pi 
Davidson T., weaver, F road ab Oxford 
Davidson Wm., d:y goods, 188 S 2d 
Davidson Wm. M., upholster, 349 High 
Davies Ann, brush manuf. 19 Pratt 
Davies Charles E., broker, 68 High 
Davies Cyrus C, mer. 32 Commerce 
Davies Han-iet, dressmr. 12 N 10th 
Davies Isaac B., carp.. Capital ab Coates 
Davies James P., agent. Broad bel Parrish 
DAVIES JOHN, wines and liquors, N E 11th 

and Pleasant, h Buttonwood bel 12th 
Davies Mordecai, carp. 44 N 8th, h 13th n Coates 
Davies Samuel N., auctioneer, 68 High, h 186 

S 10th 
DAVIES, STEVENSON &. CO., auctioneers, 
68 High 




Davies Thos., tavern, 10 Pine 

Davies Wm., weaver, Curric's ct 

Davis Aaron, tanner, 270 11 road 

Davis Aaron, lab., Dyott's ct (K) 

Davis Abe), b li, 13 Kilbert 

Davis Abraham, pedlar, Marshall bel Franklin 

Davis Alex., jjorter, McBride's ct 

Davis Allen, plasterer, 53 Chester ^ 

Davis Amelia, tavern, S E 7th and Coates 

Davis Andrew, sea capt., 21 Catharine 

Davis Ann, shop, Pine (S) 

Davis Ann, bookseller, 473 High 

Davis Ann, Maria and 4th 

Davis Ann, washer. Poplar ab 13th 

Davis Ann, 132 N 13th 

Davis Ann, rear, 39 Chester 

Davis Ann E., sempstress, 6 Nonnater's ct 

Davis Anna M., ladies' shoemr. 322 Sassafras 

Davis Anthony, driver, 86 Brown 

Davis Antliony, g-ent. 605 N Front 

Davis Arnion, alderman, 20 S 7th 

Davis Asa, blacksm. Ellis bel Wallace 

Davis Ashton J., cordw. 13 School 

Davis Aug-iistus B., scalemr. 29 Melon 

Davis A. G., brickmr. 7th ab Brown 

Davis Benj., 3G8 Walnut 

Davis Benj., brickmr. Broad and Poplar 

Davis Benj., g-voeer, N E Sch 2d & Filbert, h 
Tower n Sch 2d 

Davis B. Clarkson, miller, Sch Front bel High 

Davis Catharine, rear 106 S 3d % 

Davis Chambers, Perry and Clair 

Davis Charles, vict. Palmer ab Franklin (K) 

Davis Chas., portei-, 38 Paschall's al 

Davis Chas., glass blower. Wood ab Queen (K) 

Davis Chas., plasterer, 2 Madison 

Davis Catharine, oysters, 55 Shippen 

Davis Chas. C, blacksm. Parrish W Sch 8th 

DAVIS CHARLES H. & CO., hotel, High st 

Davis Charles. J., inspector custom house, 22 

Davis Chas. T., blacksm. Hanover ah Franklin, 
h Franklin & Crown (K) 

Davis Chloe L., dressmr. 15 S 8th 

Davis Collin K., sea capt. 209 N 7th 

Davis Cyrus, salesman, 426 N 6th 

Davis Daniel, grave dig., Hanover n Duke (K) 
Davis Daniel, coachman, Shippen label Bedford 
Davis Daniel, potter, 539 N 2d 

Davis Daniel, tailor, 7 Boyd's av 

Davis Daniei S., broker, 1 Harmony ct 

Davis David, carp. 9th bel Poplar 

Davis David, blacksm. Washington (W P) 

Davis David, agent Lejiigh Coal and Nav. Co., 

Queen ab Sliackamaxon 
Davis Davjd, jr., hatter, S W 5th and High 
Davis David, lab., Wharton n 7th 
Davis David A., collector, 50 George (S) 
Davis Da\i(l J., tobacco. Jarvis ab 2d 
Davis Diivid L., sawmr.9 Sheaff's al 
Davis & Dolby, carps. Allen bel Shackamaxon 
Davis Doroth}', 3 I\l 13tli 

Davis Ebeuezer, clerk. Mechanic n Cohocksink 
Davis Edn«und, hatter, N W 2d & Wood, house 

Will'AV bc-l 6th 
Davis Edward, b li, 320 Green 
Davis Edw., slioemr. 4th ab Carpenter 

Davis Edw. H., carp. 19 Perry 

Davis Edw. M., mer. 27 Clmrch al, h 140 N 9th 

Davis Edw. M. & Co., impoiters, 27 Church al 

Davis Eli, 228 S 7th 

Davis Eli, cordw. 139 N Market 

Davis Elijah, manuf. 101 S Front, h 368 N Front 

Davis Elijah .J., porter, Gillcs' al 

Davis Elizabeth, 10 Sansom 

Davis Elizabeth, Carpenter ab 6th 

Davis Elizabeth, 386 N 3d 

Davis Elizabeth, washer, Pearl bel 13th 

Davis Elizabeth, 3 Reckless , 

Davis Ellwood, mer. 30 S Front, h 368 Walnut 

Davis Emanuel, shoemr. S E 4th and Sassafras 

Davis Esther, milliner, 71 Mulberry 

Davis Esther, Ten Foot al 

Davis Evans, stove fitter, George E Sch 2d 

Davis E. & Rigg, white lead manuf. 101 S Front, 
factory Lehigh st Richmond 

Davis Fanny, milliner, 275 N Front 

Davis & Fitler, lumber mer. 4th ab George 

Davis Francis, painter, George n Sch 8th 

Davis Francis B., bricklr. 224 F road 

Davis Gainer, b h, 27 N 2d 

Davis Garrett B., stovemr. 4 Clinton 

Davis George, seaman, 162 Lombard 

Davis George, clothing, 115 N 2d 

Davis George W., clerk of police, 222 Cherry 

Davis G. & E., hatters. Wood & 2d 

Davis Harrison, tobacconist, 187 N 2d 

Davis Henry, lab. Orchai'd bel Rawle 

Davis Henry, compositor, Catharine bel 7th 

Davis Henry, leather store, N E Marshall and 
Willow, h 44 Biittonwood 

Davis Henry, senr., cordw. Vienna ab Duke (K) 

Davis Henry, jr., whf. builder, Vienna ab Duke 

Davis Henry, shoemr. 116 S 12th 

Davis Henry R., stock & ex. broker, 9? Walnut 

Davis Isaac, mach., Washington ab loth 

Davis Isaac, lab. Apple ab Brown 

Davis Isaac, mariner, 38 Catharine 

Davis Isaac, carp. Huston ab Duke (K) 

Davis Isaac, wheelwr., 13 Fetter la 

Davis Isaac, dealer, 59 Queen (S) 

Davis Isaac R., mer. 27 Church a], h 479 Mulberry 
Davis Isaiah, combmr. 2d ab Laurel (K) 

Davis Jacob, lab. Coates ab 9th 

Davis Jacob, waiter, 5 Salem al 

Davis James, shoemr. 6 Reckless 

Davis James, lumber mer. 8th ab Green 

Davis J as., shoemr. 203 Lombard, h 16 Bird's ct 

Davis James, cabmr. Preston bel Wallace 

Davis James, weaver, Bedford bel 13th 

Davis James, shoemr. 31 Prune 

Davis Jam^s, waterman, 3 Weccacoe 

Davis James B., blindmr. 3 Robinson 

Davis James M., custom house, Joues n Sch 5th 

Davis Jas. M., M. D., 449 Vine 

DAVIS JAMES M. & CO., forwd. mers., 227 

High and 54 Commerce 
Davis James P., sui-veyor, Franklin ab Marlboro' 
Davis James R., chairmi-. Plover 
Davis James W., clerk, 11 Chatham 
Davis Jane H., Sch 7th bel Pine 
Davis Jerry, waiter, Bedford bel 8th 
Davis Jesse W., ice dealer, 8 Minor 
Davis John, cordw. N E Fitz water and 13th 
Davis John, furs, 51 N 2d 




Davis John, lab., Huston ab Salmon 

Davis John, cordw. 11th and W'ime 

Davis John, tailor, 377 Pine 

Davis John, lab., 10th ah Ma.ster 

Davis Jolm, hotel, S E Brown and St John 

Davis .lolin, pork butcher, 30 Apple 

Davis ,l()hn, jjapcr hang'er, 222 N 3th 

Davis Jolui, sweep master, 52 Quince 

Davis .lohn, cordw. rear 15 New Market 

Davis John, piano mr. Stanley 

Davis .loliri, macht. Cherry bel Franklin (K) 

Davis John, lab., 27 Coates' al 

Davis John, carp. 135 Queen 

Davis John C., plasterer, Pe.irl bel Sch 3d 

Davis John C, seaman, Jane 

Davis John C, bookbinder, 142^ N 3d 

Davis John C, lumber mer., Callowhill & 10th, 

h 250 Chestnut 
Davjs John C, mer. 139 N 3d 
Davis John G., gent. 221 Coates 
Davis John H., tailor, N W Washingiion and 

Mary (W P), h 535 Vine 
Davis John J., carp., Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Davis John M., lead manuf. Beach & Marlboro' 
Davis John O., watchman, 1 Headman's pi 
Davis John it., cordw". Orang-e bel Melon 
Davis John S., tinner, 135 Hig-h, h 21 Carlton 
Davis John S., carp., Rodman ^fib Cedar, h Ca- 
tharine bel 10th 
Davis Jonathan, hat presser, 4 Bay. 
Davis Jos., varnisiier. Queen ab 2d 
Davis Jos., gentw. Brown ab 13th 
Davis Joseph, umbrellas, 159^ S 2d 
Davis Joseph, pap. hanger, 57 German 
Davis Jos. K., turner, Marseilles' pi 
Davis Josiah, shingle shaver, I^ombard bel 12th 
Davis Julia A., geatw. 217 N 6th 
Davis Lawrence, ropemr. F road ab Cumberland 
Davis Leonard, mariner, 6 Mary (S) 
Davis Levin, porter, 190 Shippen 
Davis Lewis, capt. 218 S 4th 
Davis Lloyd J., painter, 38 Nectarine 
Davis L. a., soap & candl. Lombard ab Sch 8th, 

h Sch 7tli ab Lombard 
Davis Marcus A.,^cabinetmr. 19 Russell 
Davis Margaret, shop, 121 Queen 
Davis Margaret, Church ab Washington 
Davis Mark, porter, Pearl ab 13th 
Davis Maria, Rigler's ct (K) 
Davis Martha, gentw. N W Washington and 

Mary (W P) 
Davis Mary, 426 N 6th 
Davis Mary, b h, 160 Pine 
Davis Mary, dealer, 3 Prune 
Davis Mary Ann, tailoress, 7 Sailor's ct 
, Davis Mather, tailoress, 4 Fan- 
Davis Matt., carter, Long la and Prime 
Davis Milton S., carp.. Green ab Moore (W P) 
Davis Morris, lime burner, Carlton ab Sch 5d 
DAVIS M. S., Mrs., milliner, 210 N 6th 
Davis Nancy, laundress, Cedar and Clifton 
Davis Nathan, carp. 426 N 6th 
DavLs Oliver, furniture dealer, 276 S 2d 
Davis Pardon, teacher, 186 S 2d 
Davis Paul, musician, 16 Barclay 
Davis Peter, shoemr. UN 2d 
Davis Rebecca, Vienna bel Duke (K) 
Davis Richard, trunkmr., Carlton bel Sch 2d 



Davis Richard, carp., Sch 8th ab Cedar 

Davis Robt, bricklr., St. Joseph's av E Sch 5th 

Davis Robert, lab. 26 Paschall's al 

Davis Robert C, druggist, S E Vine and Sch 7th 

Davis Robt. M., ladies shoemr. 3d ab Federal 

Davis R. P., paper hanger, 452 Callowhill 

Davis Samuel, blacksm , R road ab James, 

W R road and .lames 
Davis Samuel, gent. 256 Chestnut 
Davis Saml., corder, whf. bel Noble, h 

Davis Samuel, plasterer. Myrtle n Ontario 
Davis Samuel A., bricklayer, rear Cadwalader 

ab Franklin 
Davis Samuel A., wheelwrt., Sorrell bel Larch 
Davis Samuel b., jeweller, 15 Clark 
Davis Samuel H., lumb. mer. 4th and George, h 

7th bel Parrish 
Davis Samuel L., grocer, 111 N 3d, h 232 N 6th 
Davis Sarah, tailoress, rear 62 M road 
Davis Sarah, gentw., Sch 7th n Cherry 
Davis Susan, Lewis' ct 

Davis Thos. weaver, rear Cadwaladerab Oxford 
Davis Thos., boiler mr., Vienna ab West 
Davis Thos., cabinetmr. 38 Plum 
Davis Thos., shoemr. 3 Marion 
Davis Thos., booksellr. 171 High, h 14 Marshall 
Davis Thos., tailor, 328 N 5th 
Davis Thos., carp. 40 Cai-penter (C), h N W 

Sch 7th and Sassafras 
DavisW'hos., cabinetmr., Stanley bel 4th 
Davis Thos., ship carp. 153 Swanson 
Davis Thos., engineer, 14 Prime 
Davis Thos., N W Oak & Till (W P) 
Davis Thos. D., wheelwrt., Melon 
DAVIS THOS. H., barber, N E 11th and Saa-, 

Davis Thos. J., dealer. Federal bel 5th 
Davis Thos. M., shoemr., Charlotte n Cohoclc- 

Davis Thos. S., tavern, 10th ab Thompson 
Davis Thos. S., gent., Bellmont pi • '- 

Davis Thos. W., dry goods, 19 N 2d, h 243 if 6th 
Davis T. M., book-keeper, 9 Franklin : 

Davis Walter, weaver, Patterson's ct 
Davis Wm., blacksm.. Pearl n Sch 8th 
Davis Wm., carp., Allen ab F road, h 56 Allen 
Davis Wm., sexton, Lombard ab 13th 
Davis Wm., carp., 327 N 7th 
Davis Wm., 138 N 12th 

Davis Wm., carp. 1 Crockett's ct, h 8th bel Ca- 
Davis Wm., drayman, Vaughan ab I-ocust ' 
Davis Wm., mariner, 238 S 4th 
Davis Wm., plasterer, 17 Swanson 
Davis Wm., brush finish. N E Brown & Charlotte 
Davis Wm., coachman, 31 Eagle's ct 
Davis Wm., biscuit baker, 3d ab Clark 
Dazis Wm., hoi-se shoer, Broad ab Vine 
Da\ is Wm., tinsm., rear Olive bel Broad 
Davis Wm., feather fin. 112 Poplar 
Davis Wm., weaver, Fitler bel Harrison (K) 
Davis Wm. A., M. U., 127^ Mulberry 
Davis W. Bcesley, tobaconist, 509 N 3d 
Davis Wm. H., harness i.r., Gilbert n 10th 
Davis Wm. J., coidw., Bagg's ct 
Davis Wm. J., tobacconist, 4 N ]2th 
Davis Wm. M., barber, lOtli bel Pine 

1 i. 



DEA * 

Davis Wrn. M., suf^ar refiner, 27 Church :il, h 

Sassafras ab Sch 7th 
Davis Wm. P., lawyer, 210 S 4th 
Davis Wm. S., painter, Washing-ton h Oxford 
Davis Wm. W., l^ruslimr. 319^ High, h 68 N 

Sch 7th 
Davis Wm. W., pill doctor, 352 Hrovvn 
Davis W. M., carp., Shipi)en ab 8th, h 10th ah 

Davis W. M., tavern, 14 and 16 It road 
Dai-is Zacchcus M., eng-ineer, 602 Callowhill 
Davis Z. A., mcr. 365 Cedar 
Davison Ciiristian, teacher of music, 365 S 5th 
Davison Edw., sack, mr.. Master ab Hancock 
Davison Geo., Fulton n 12th -,^- . 

Davison Gilbert S., musical inst. 34(y'>N 2d 
Davison ,fas., shocmr., Mlllig-an's ct 
Davison John, glass blower, Vienna ab Queen 
Davison Noah, porter, 9th bel Christian 
Davison Thos., cordw., 10 John 
Davison Wm., flour mer. .52 Apple 
Davison Wm., boatman, Stli bel Lombard 
Davison Wm., dry goods, 203-^ S 2d 
Davison Wm., carp. 92 S 12th 
Davison Wm., carter, Haydock ab Front 
Davison Wm., weaver, Biddle W Fairmount 
Davison Wm., confect., Biddle W Fairmount 
Davisson Chas., acct., Catharine bel 6th 
Davisson Edward, sackingbottom., 49 N Front, 

h Ashton bel 2d 
Davisson Henry, weaver, Fitzwater n Hjth 
Davy Eliza, 164 S 9th 
Davy Jane S., 142 Juniper 
Davy John, carp., Spragg's av 
Davy John, instrumentmr.. Poplar bel 11th 
Davy Wm., collector tolls, Washington ab Rose 
Daween Edw., painter, Salmon ab Huntingdon 
Dawes J. C, druggist, N W 11th & Locust 
Dawson Elizabeth, St. John ab Beaver 
(Dawson Geo., clerk, Parrish ab Carlisle 
Dawson Geo. W., shoemr. 306 St John 
DAWSON & HANCOCK, mers. 52 S Front 
Da*vson Isaac T., waterman, rear 6 Carpenter 
Dawson Jacob, confect., 186 S 6th 
Dawson Job, dry goods, 208 S 2d 
Dawson John C, carp., 8th bel Wharton 
Dawson Josiah 318 Mulberry 
Dawson M. L., gent. 10th and Filbert, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
Dawson Richard, cnrter, Filbert E Sch 3d 
'^Dawson Kobt. P.., mcr., h 206 Sassafras 
Dawson Sylvester, painter, Pearl and Middle al 
Dawson Wm., carp. 175 Cherry 
Day Aaron R., 99 Mulberry, h 310 Green 
Day Adin, shop, Lancaster pk ab 6th 
Day Anthony S., barber, Lombard ab 13th 
Day Benj. F., ship carp. 489 'S 2d 
Day B. Franklin, mer. 28 Bank 
Day Chas., tailor and clotliier, 291 N 2d 
Day Chas. H., cordw.. Linden bel Front 
Day Edward, shoemr. 44 Bread 
Day Geo., tailor, 49 Wood . 
Day Hazel P., baker, 30 Carlton 
Day llenry,mer. 78 High, h 204 S 3d 
Day Henry M., mer. 4 Chui-ch al, h 13 S 13th 
Day Jacob H., carp. 213 Queen 
Day Jas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix (K) 
Day Joseph R., ship carp., 14 Catharine 

Day Matthias, porter, 29 Barclay 

Day & Matlack, fordw mers., 28 Bank 

Day Michael, weaver, Washington ab Master 

Day Michael, gent., Mai-lborough ab Queen (K) 
Day Peter, driver, Marllioro' al) Queen 
Day Richard, gunsm. 68 Maiden 
Day Robert, lab. 18 Burd's ct 
Day Samuel, constable, 401 Higli 
Day & Sevening, 'importers, 28 Hank 
DAY S. M., comb & variety store, 10 N 4th 
Day Wm.,*coi-rk\^, Queen ab Vienna (K) 
Day & Wright, marble cut.. Queen bel Hanover 
Daymafl Margt., Duke ab Hanover 
Dayton Henry, fisherman, Moore n Church 
Dayton Josepli, segarmr., Otter bel Dunton (K) 
Deacon EdiTiund, pulilisher, 66 S 3d, h 6th ab 


Deacon Eph. T., hatter, 80 High, h 59 Tammanr 
Deacon Geo., waterman. Union ab Franklin (K) 
DEACOiNT ISRAEL R., conveyancer, 52 S 3d, 

h 248 N 5th 
Deacon James, lab., Jackson ab Brown 
Deacon John, porter, Diamond and Juniper 
Deacon John C., blacksm., ab F road, 

h Dehaven's ct 
Deacon Man', b h, 237 Marshall 
DEACON & PETERSON, publishers, Sat. Eve 

Post, 66 S 3d 
Deacon Saml., plast., Alder ab Master 
Deacon Wm., bricklayer, 10th bel Jefferson 
Deacon Wm., builder, 
Deakyne Wm. W., tobacconist, 68 S whfs 
Deal Abraham, watchman, rear 95 O Y road 
Deal Benj., lab., Ogden bel 12th 
Deal Caspar, tailor, Apple bel Thompson (K) 
Deal Charles, teller Manuf. & Mechanic's Bank, 

h 22 Palmyra sq 
Deal Chas., paper deal., 12 N 5th, h 440 N 6th 
Deal Charles H., ship carp., 2 Kensington av 
Deal Charlotte, Franklin bel Shackamaxon 
Deal Daniel, merchant, S W 6th Sc High, h 169 

Deal David, cordw., 33 Apple 
Deal Elizabeth, F road.bel Phoenix (K) 
Deal Elizabeth, Path ab Siissafras 
Deal Elizabeth, Queen and.HaiTover (K) 
Deal Francis F., vict.. Trinity pi 
Deal Jacob, butcher, G T road ab C.amac (K) 
Deal Jacob, potter. Winter 
Deal Jane F., Allen ab Shackamaxon (K^ 
Deal John, vict., Sch 8th & Ogden 
Deal John F., baker, 184 Sassafras 
Deal John F., morocco (in.,- Alder ab Poplar 
Deal Jos., o} sterman, Mintzer st 
Deal Michael, tanner, 342 St John 
Deal Michael, carter, M road ab Wharton 
D^al Michael, cabtmr'., Marlboro' ab Queen 
Deal, Milligan & Co., drv goods, S W 6th and 

Deal Peter, driver, Allen ab Hanover 
Deal Rachel, rear 529 N 4th 
Deal Randolph, dealer, 198 Shippcn 
Deal Samuel B., keeper Peniten., h 1 Ti-inltvpl 
DEAL WM., High Sheriff, State House, h'7th 

ab Coates 
Deal Wm., jr., clerk, Washington ab R road 
Dealy James, shoe findings & tools, 285 S 4th 




Deamer Henry, saddler, 523 High, li 11 Howard 

Deamer Sarah, 2 Lister's pi 

Deamer Wm., seaman, 2 Jones al ^ 

Dean Benj., weaver, Jackson bel Palmer (K) 

Dean Charles, blacksm. 84 Penn, h 86 Penn 

Dean Daniel, coach mr.. Melon bel 13th 

Dean Elizabeth, Rex's ct 

Dean Godfrey, tobacconist, 9th ab Carpenter 

Dean James, grocer, 184 Vine 

Dean John L., polic off., 85 Cherry 

Dean Louisa, book folder, 85 Cherry 

Dean Martin, saw grinder, Benten al>School(K) 

Dean Thos., carter, 9di and >faniott 

Dean Thos., carter, Fltzwater ab Broadt 

Dean Thos., weaver, Philip bel Jefferson (K) 

Dean Wm., lab., rear Olive ab I2th 

Dean Wm. F., atty. &. coun. 4 State House row, 

h Chestnut bel Park (W P) 
Deaner Henry, stone cutter, Vienna ab Franklin 
Deany Alex., lab., Ann bel Richmond 
Deany Charles, lab., MaiTiott ab 4th 
Deany Jas., lab., Ann bel Richmond 
Deany John, lab., Ann bel Richmond 
Deany Joseph, lab., Ann bel Richmond 
Dearing Jacob, cordw., rear 493 N 3d 
Deary Ann, Broad ab Poplar 
De Angeli & Care, tinsm. 344 High 
De Angeli J., tinsm. 344 High, h 138 N Juniper 
Dearie J., Callowhill ab Sch 2d 
Dearr Henry, cigarmr. 102 Randolph 
Deas James H., warm air furnaces, &.c. 79 N 6th, 

h 8th & Coates 
Dease George, cordw., 4th and Maria 
Deaves Isaac, stone mason, 6 Railroad ct 
Deaves Susan, 145 Carpenter 
Deaves Wm., blacksm., Vienna St Duke 
Deaves Wm. G., chalrmr., Sch 4th and College av 
De BaiTy John, mer. 16 N 2d, h 110 S 8th 
De Baufre Wm., tavern, 25 N 9th 
De Beust Chas. W., chairmaker, N W 10th and 

Walnut, h 44 Perrv 
De Beust Hannah, 176's 11th 
De Beust Wm. R., blacksm. 171 S 11th 
Debinder Amy, 342 S 2d 
Debity John, waiter, 6 Pleasant av 
De Boer Henry, clothing, 208 Cedar 
De Boos James, dry goods, 10th ab Coates 
Debozear Lewis, brass & bell founder, 10 Bread, 

h Sch 8th and Poplar 
De Bruin M. J., dealer, 185 Cedar 
Debukc Jos., lab.. Bull's ct 
Decan Peter A., ship master, 356 S 4th 
Decan Robt., R., sea capt., 145 Catharine 
Decatur John, coach trimmer, Sch 7th n Vine 
De Charms Richai-d, Rev., Sch 6th n Ann 
Decker Ann, tavern, G F road and Prime 
Decker John, tinsm., N W 5th and Spruce 
Decker John, hair dresser, 345 N Front 
Decker Jos., porter, 363 Cedar 
Decker P. I., Mrs., 175 Pine 
Decker Stephen, porter, 18 Jones' al 
DECOU ROBT., clothing, 17 Chestnut, h 265 

DECOU WM., mer. 13 N Water, h 222 N 4th 
De Coursey Jacob, cordw. 344 N 2d 
De Coursey John, cordw., Green's ct 

149 Hiffh 

De Coursey Saml. W. mer. 149 High, h 43 Mul- 

Decray Francis, piano mr. 2 Charles pi 
Dedaker Catharine, 2 Dedaker's ct 
Dedaker Valentine, bricklayer, p'ranklin above 

Dedrick Hannah, Mechanic ab George 
Dee Amelia, 2 Baxter's av 
Deeds Benjamin, shingle shav., Washington bel 

Mary (W P) 
Deegan Pat carter, Franklin bel Parrish 
Deemer Edw. H. vineg. manuf., N W Front & 

Deemer John, morocco dr., Girard av bel Lewis 
Deernbach S. tailgr, Alder bel Thompson 
Deeiy Chas. tavern. S E J'itz water & 7th 
Deery John, carp., P'ilbei-t ab Sch 4th 
Deets Geo. butcher, 14 Magnolia 
Uefeiber Wm. capmr. 32 N 6th 
Deford Richard, shoemr. 88 German 
Deforest Samuel, capt., 297 S 4th 
Defrane Hannah, nurse, N E 4th and New 
De Fi-eitas Joaquim, barkeeper, 8 Baker's ct 
Defreitas Sarah, 558 S Front 
Degan Neil, lab.. Cooper VV Sch 3d 
Degen Isaac, stone cut., P road ab Carpenter 
Degen John, cooper, P road ab Carpenter 
Deginther Michael, cabinetmr., 284 Chestnut, 

h Castle 
Degnan Jno. weaver, rear 3d ab Franklin 
De GMse Maria, herb store, 23 Union 
Degrasse Peter, cooper, 40 ('hristian 
Degroat Elisha L. ship carp., Salmon ab Maple 
De Groot James, coach painter, 6 Lebanon 
De Grote Garrett H. cordw., Parrish bel 10th 
De Haan S. A. dealer, 299 S 7th 
Dehart Catharine, Oak and Rose (W P) 
De Hart John F. basketmr. 438 N 3d 
Dehaven Abram R. shoes, 278 Callowhill, h262 

Dehaven Catharine, Reeves n Sch 2d 
Dehaven Ch. E. mer. 148 High, h Mulberry W" 

Sch 5th 9 

Dehaven D. J. morocco manuf. 79 St John, h 

126 Randolph 
Dehaven Eliza, rear 287 St John 
Dehaven George, vict., Montgomery and Front 
Dehaven Holstein, carp. 155 N lltli n Vine 
Dehaven H. teller Phila. Bank, h 16 Palmyra sq 
Dehaven Jacob B. coal deal., Front and Hani- 
son, h Oxford ab F i-oad 
Dehaven Job R. mer. 277 High, h 9 Sergeant 
Dehaven John, machinist, Oxford ab F road (K) 
Dehaven John R. carp., School ab Rose 
Dehaven Mar}', washer. 10 Jlecvc 
Dehaven Michael, bricklr. Barker E Sch 5th 
Dehaven Wm. vict., Wood bel Sch 2d 
Dehaven Wm. carter, Burns ab Brown 
Deighan John, tavern, Sch Front & Spi-uce 
Deighton Thos. piano forte. Winter ab Sch 2d 
Deihl John, Vine n Sch 5tli 
Deily Geo. lub., Cherry opp ilonroe (K) 
Deily Heniy, blacksm., Howard ab Franklin 
Deily Philip P. macliinist. Maiden bel Front, h 

561 N Front 
Deimer Peter, umbr. mr. Front ab Harrison (K) 
Deimling John C. 32 O Y road 
Deininger J. H., shoemr.. Beach ab Poplar (K) 




Deinin][»-cr Philip G. tailor, 305 St John 

Deisrotcii & ITess, cap mr.. 6th and Poplar 

Deitch Martin, vict. 19 Harrison (K) 

Deith Charles, seaman, 12 Swanson 

Deitrich Geo. tanner, rear 609 N 6tii 

Deitz Geo. turner, 9 Dillwyn 

Deitz Hcniy II. carp., 13 Harmony 

Deitz Peter, combmr. 118 Apple 

Deitz Wm. corclw. 27 Cox 

Deitz Wm. tavern, Callowhill ab William 

De Kalb John L. dealer, 263 St John 

Deklyne Tlieod. pump and blockmr. 40 Wash 

ing'ton av, h 414 N Front 
De Korponay Gabriel, dancing' school, S W 12th 

and Cliestnut 
Delacey John, M. D., 212 S 4th 
Delacroix C. J. prof, of Ian g-u ages, 31 Filbert 
DELACROIX J. T. & L. F., li'quors, 2d 8c New 
Delacroix Lewis F. 159 Queen 
De Laguna A. De L., prof, of languages, 100 

Delamater John, police off., St Joseph's av, W 

Sch 6th 
D ELAND & GRANT, com. mers. 40 S whfs 
Deland Thorndike, com. mer. 40 S whfs, h Wal- 
nut ab Broad 
Delaney Elizabeth, Wood bel Sch 3d 
Delaney Jas. watchman, 10th ab Master 
Delaney John weaver, Apple bel Jefferson 
Delaney Martin, lab., Ward's Retreat 
Delan}^ Ann, Master bel Hancock *■ 

Delany A. H. gas fit., Blight n Lombard 
Delam' Charles, dyer, Helmuth n Sch 7th 
Delany Charles, surveyor, 43 Queen (K) 
Delany Danl. tavern, N E Water and Walnut 
Delany Jas. carp., 89 Sassafras 
Delany John F. clerk, Hyde's ct 
Delany George, shoemr. 6 Jacoby 
Delany H. blacksm., Penn ab Marsh, h Queen 

ab Shackamaxon 
Delany John, combmr.. Union bel West (K) 
Delany John, lab., Ely's av 
Delany Joshua, lab., Carroll's ct 
Delany Mich. lab. 6 Church av 
Delany Patrick, carter, James ab 7th 
Delany Pat. tailor, Federal ab 7th 
Delanr Pat. drayman, 10th bel Catharine 
Delany Pat. J. tailor, 151 S 13th 
Delany Wm. gilder, 324 S 6th 
Delany Wm. constable, 21 Gaskill 
Delany Wm. S., clerk, 324 S 6th 
Delap John, teacher, 121 Mulberry 
Delasalle Lewis, 150 S 10th 
Delavan Isaac, lab. 68 Swanson 
Delavau James L. cl^airraaker, 237 N Front, h 8 

Beaver (K) 
Delavau John, brushmr. 81 Tammany 
Delavau Joseph, ladies' shoemr. 7 Reid's ct 
DEL.WAU JOSEPH, tobacconist, 162 S 6th 
Delavau J. W. S. druggist, 6th and Wood 
Delavau Wm. cordw., rear 525 N 2d 

9 and 10 Merchant's Exchange 
Delbert Saml. soap and candles, High W Ashton 
•Delbour Chas. vict, Palmer and Franklin 
Delestatius Alfred, locksm., rear 211 Cherry 
Delissa Samuel, shii-t manuf. 93 N 3d 

Delleker W. J. notary pub. and .ship brok., 128 

and h 168 Chestnut 
Delong Andrew, stoves, 486 Coates 
Delp Mrs. II. bh, 18 Branch 
Delp John, gas fitter, 6 Diligent av 
Delp Josiah M., carp.. Centre ab Brown 
Delp Myers, plasterer, Rose ab School 
Delp Wm. shoemr. 3d ab Franklin 
Dcmby Andrew, porter. Liberty ct 
Demby Geo. lab. 253 S 7th 
Demears Solomon, shoemr. 29 Mechanic 
Demery Wm., R road bel Buttonwood 
Demme C. R., Rev., D. D., 41 N 4th 
Demmons Catharine, Marlboro' ab West (K) 
Demoll Adam J. saddler. Jay bel Coates 
Demon Jolm, tailor, Sch 6th ab Pine 
DEMPSEY DAVID, barber, 481 N Front 
Dempsej' George, whf builder, 7 Prime 
Dempsey Jas. vict., Charles bel Buttonwood 
Dempse}' John, lab., Essex 
Dempsey John, cordw. 14 P road 
Dempsey John, brewer, F road ab Otter (K) 
Dempsey Steph. vict, Charlotte bel Thompson 
Dempster Henry S. printer, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Dempster R. 103 Melon 

Demuth E. E., coal dealer, N W Broad & Wil- 
low, h Wallace ab 9th 
Denan John P., caulker, 52 Mead 
Denan Lewis, cabinetmr. 10 Scott's ct 
Denby James, spinner, Lombard n Sch bank 
Denby Wm. actor, 12 Hamilton pi 
Denby Wm. lab. 24 Mechanic 
Denclda A. H. mer. 34 Commerce, h Mulberry 

and Juniper 
Denckla Henry J. grocer, N W 11th and High 
Denckla H. Albert, mer. 7 S Front 
Denckla Mrs. wid. of A. H., Mulberr}' 8c Juniper 
DENCKLA Sc PARKER, grocers, N W 11th 8c 

Denckla Paul, 2 N 11th 
Denckle And. shoD, 147 N 5th 
Dendler Lewis, lab. 14 Helmuth 
Denegre Joseph, carp., 16 Lybrand, h 138 N 

Denesence Rachel, gentw. 4th ab Redwood 
Denham James J., hatter, 101 Cherry 
Denis N. F. H. chem. lab., Vine n Sch 7th, h 3 

Logan sq 
Denison Benj. C. printer, 20 Carter's al 
Denn Wm. cord. 2 Senbert's av (K) 
Denne Christian G. Spragg's av 
Dennehauer Jacob, baker, Queen and Marlboro' 
Denner David, vict., Vienna and Hanover, h 

Hanover bel Franklin (K) 
Dennev Wm. carp.. Barker bet Sch 5th and 6th, 

h Sch 6th bel High 
Dennin John, shop, Lehigh bel Richmond 
Denning Isaac W. shoemr. Olive bel Brown 
Denning Robt. 3 Nectarine 
Denning Sarah, tobacco, 264 N 3d 
Dennis Catharine, Washington ab 5th 
Dennis Charles, waiter, 42 Currant al 
Dennis John, alderman, 8th bel Carpenter 
Dennis Littleton, lab., rear 7'2 Christian 
Dennis Pat. shop. Christian and 7th 
Dennis Robert, engineer and trimmings, R road 

bel Francis (FV) 
Dennis Saml. B. shoemr. Bayard 




Dermis Samuel J. shocmr. 7tli bel P road 
Dennis Sarah Noble bcl 9th 
Dennis Theodore, cordw., Capital ab Coates 
Dennis Washing-ton, huckster, 206 Lombard 
Dennis M'm. II. oil factor, Christian bel 7tli, h 
369 S 3d 
, • Dennis Wm. P. capt. 25 Reckless 

Dennison Edwd. I", actuary Art U., 210 Chest- 
nut, h 429 N 5th 
Dennison Huth Ann, 11 road ab IJuttonwood 
Dennison Thos. weaver, Ilehnutli n Sch 6th 
Donnisson Andw. g-rocer, N W 10th St Sassafras 
Dennisson Masoii K. grocer, 396 Brown 
Denny Dewitt, macliinist, Harrison n Sch 3d 
Denny Eliza, rear A\'alnut n Sch 4th 
Denny Evari, lab., Jarvis la ab 2d 
Denny Jacob B. farmer, Green ab Moore 
Denny James, tailor, Cedar ab 12th 
Denny Jajnes, seaman, 2 Concord 
Denny Jos. trader, Apple ab Brown 
Denny Mary, Hanover ab West (K) 
Denny Palmer, vict. 10th bel Jefferson 
Denny IJobt. harness and trunkmr. 221 Mulber- 
ry, h Pai-k bel Washington (W P) 
Denny Thos. lab. Pine ab Sch Willow 
Deno Henry, ro])e mr. Perry ab Norris 
Deno Mary J., Perry bel Diamond (K") 
Dent J. W. g-er.t., Washington ab 9th 
Dent Wm. tailor, Front bel Franklin 
Dentler John, tailor, rear Nectarine ab 10th 
Denton Francis, lab., Milton n 10th 
Denton Henry, lampmr., 4 Richards 
Dentzler Geo. wax dealer, 116 Buttonwood 
Depau Francis A. g-ent. 30 Girard 
Depee Nathaniel W. tailor, 334 Cedar 
Depee Robert, waiter, rear 86 Locust 
Depervin Henry, undeilaker. Poplar ab lOtli 
• De Pestre. Mrs., Pine ab Broad 
Depew W^m. clerk, 206 Noble 
Depoe David, 279 N 11th 

Deppee Chas. baker, Sch 7th and Little Wash- 
Deppen Michael, cigarmr. 249 S 2d 
Deppen Michael, seg-ar mr., 93 Callowhill 
Depue Melvin, carp., Wharton 
De Putron John, bootmr. 388 S 4th 
Deputy Francis, Poplar pi 
Deputy Sylvester J. tobacconist, S W Swanson 

and Mead 
DEPUV JONATHAN Y. dry goods, 41 N 8th 
DEPUY J. STEW^ART, carpets, 333 N 2d, h 

Franklin bel Noble 
Dei*bvshire A. J. mer. 33 N whfs, h 117 New 
DERBYSHIRE A. J. & CO., com. mer., 33 N 

whfs. and 65 N Water 
Derbyshire Eihott, tailor, Apple ab Jefferson 
Derbyshire Jas. spinner, 61 Howard 
Derbyshire Jno. gard.. Montti'omery ab Front 
Derbyshire Jno. mer. 65 N Water, li 117 New 
Derbysliire William, dyer, P'ranklin ab Front, h 

Apple ab Jeflerson (K) 
Derbyshire Wm., jr., dyer, Franklin n Crown 
Deregy John, machinist, 5 Mayland 
Derham John, tavern, N W 11th and Ciierry 
Derham Mich, baker, Sch 2d and Wood 
Deringer Cath. M. 406 N 5th 
Deringer Henry, rifle manuf., Tamarind above 
G'reen, h 370 N Front f 

Deringer T. T., dep. reg. wills, h 11 Green 
Derogy Stanislaus, gilder, 8 Laurel (C) 
Derousc G. boot crimper, 4 Lombard ct 
Derr Albert, stone cutter, Rhoads n Sch 4tli 
Derr George L. comb nianuf. 465 N 5tli above 

Derr John, capnir. 40 Beaver 
Derr John, tobacconist, Coates ab 6th 
Derr John, carter, Thompson bel Apple (K) 
Derr Martin, janitor. Filbert ab lltti 
Derr Mich, grocer, O Y road bel Coates 
DERR SAMUEL, Washington Inn, 319 High 
Derr Susannah, dressmr. 126 DUlwyn 
Derr Wm. combmr., Culvert ab 4th 
Derr Wm. fisherman, Dvott's ct (K) 
Den-lck Geo. jeweler, 27 Mary 
Derrick Wm. W. ship joiner, 544 S Front 
Derrlcker Catharine Mrs., 11 Rachel 
Derricks John, ship joiner, 65 Queen 
Derrickson Elizabeth A., nurse, Mackey ab 2d 
Derrickson Hester, Smith's ct 
Derrickson Lemuel, dealer, 1 Smith's ct 
Derrickson Nathaniel, 12 PraU's ct 
DeiTickson Nathl., macht., Nixon ab Coates 
Derrickson Samuel, U. S. Mint, 15 Dugan 
Derrickson Samuel B., merchant, 93 High, h 27 

DeiTickson Wm. R., mariner, 566 S 2d 
DeiTy John, carter, Dickerson ct 
Desabaye Lewis, painter, Charles bel Button- 
Desabaye Sarah, shop, 9th and Noble 
De Sanoro, Mrs., 527 Coates 
Desauque Charles L., wine mer. 139 N 9th 
Desbordes John, tassels, &,c. 144 S 2d 
Deschamps Edwd., stable keeper, Penn above 

Maiden (K) 
Descliamps Francis O., watchmr. 110 Beach 
Deschamps G., omnibus office, Beach & Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Deschner Augustus, baker, 50 Penn 
Desgranges S. A., mer. 177 S 9th 
Desher Abram., drayman, F road ab Jefferson 
Desher Abram., leather manuf. 3 Green ct 
Desher Samuel, combmr., St John's ct 
Desilver Chas., mer. 253 High, h 144 Mulberrv 
Desllver Frank, mer. 73 Chestnut, h Chestnut 

W Sch 6th 
DES1L^"ER R. WILSON, bookseUer, 18 S 4th, 

h 50 S 4th 
Desilver &. Thomas, tea dealers, 73 Chestnut 
Desmond Chas. F., Sec'v. Sweet Brier Ice Co., 

8 Minor, h Filbert W Sch 3d 
Desmond James T., mer.. Filbert W Sch 3d 
Desmond John, lab., rear 112 N 8th 
Desmond John, lab., Prosperous al 
Desmond Joseph T., clerk. Tower n Sch Front 
Dessalet Alex., cordw., Front ab Green 
Dessalet Charles, lab., G T road and 6th 
Dessalet John, grocer, Hanover and West (K) 
De St. Andre Adolpli D., French consul, S W 

5th and Walnut 
Destouet, Brothers, com. mers. 11 Church iJ 
Destouet J. E., mer. 11 Church al 
Destouet S., mer. 11 Church al, h 385 Walnut 
Deti'e Christian H., carp.. Vine n Sch 7th 
Detterer Joseph, tinsn>. 235 N 9th 
Dettry Henry F., 23 S 3d, h 323 N 2d 




DETTRY & MYERS, tavern 23 S 3d 
Detweiler Ellas, carter, York bel ¥ road 

Detwiler Abraham, tobacconist, Wallace & 7th 
Detwiler Hcnj., miller, Coatcs W Willow, h rear 

Coates n Sch 
Detwiler Henrv, blacksm. 5 Railroad ct 
l)i:'l-\VILER MARTIN, Buck hotel, 130 N 2d 
Devault Philip, brickmr. 490 N 6th 
Develin Agnes, dressmr.. Reed bel Front 
Develin Bernard, weaver, Keyser's row (K) 
Develin B., ostler, 97 St John 
Develin Catharine, Thompson ab 3d 
Develin Edward, manuf. 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Develin Edwd., weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Develin Henry, weaver, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Develin Hiig-h, weaver, 4th ab Master (K) 
Develin Jas., lab., Fitler ab Montg-omery 
Develin Jas., lab., Charlotte ab Thompson 
Develin John, lab. 298 S 7th 
Develin John, pap. hang-. 3 Weaver's row (K) 
Develin John, weaver, Kuemmerlen's ct 
Develin Jos., weaver, Howard ab Oxford 
Develin Marui, tailoress, rear 75 N 8th 
Develin Michael, lab., Tllton ab Cumberland 
Develin Michl., weav., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Develin N., grocer, N E Cedar and 3d 
Develin Patrick, shop, 176 Locust 
Develin Pati-ick, weaver, Bakei-'s ct 
Develin Patk., lab., Mariner ab 13th 
Develin Peter, ostler, 6 Fisher's ct 
Develin Peter, weaver, Cadwalader ab Phoenix 
Develin Thos., weaver. Crown bel Duke 
Develin Thos., liquors, G T road bel Master 
Deveney Con., carp., Meredith W Nixon 
Deveney John, trunkmr., Spruce W Sch 5th 
Deveney John, omibuses, Sch 3d and Pine 
Deveney John, biickmr., Sch 2d bel Lombard 
Deveney John, lab., William W Sch 2d 
Deveney Joseph, tobacconist, Lemon bel 11th 
Deveney Joseph, tobacconist, Sp Garden ab 

Deveney Samuel, cai-p., Sch 4th and M'Duffie 
Devenney Arthur, blacksm., Jones W Sch 5th 
Devenney Charles, dealer, 10th bel Christian 
Devenne}' Henry, grocer, Spiiice & Sch Front 
Devenney John, carp., Howard ab Jefferson(K) 
Devenne}' Mahaliah, tavern, Front and Mont- 
gomery (Iv) 
Devenney Patrick, lab., Sch 2d bel Lombard 
Devenny John, brlcklr. 212 Car]3enter 
Devenny John, pedlar, Margaretta bel 10th 
Dever Bernard, lab., Fisher ab Emmery 
Dever Jamer, lab., M'Duffie ab Sch 4th 
Dever Mar)- G., Moore's al 
Dever Micliael, grocer, 264 Cedai* 
Deverell Margaret, 327 Vine 
Devereny John, lab. 24 Nectarine 
Devereux James, mer. 86 S whfs., h 89 Pine 
DEVEREUX JOHN, mer. 79 S whfs., h 394 

Devereux John James, atty. at law, 62 S 6th 
Devereux Michl., glass blower, Vienna ab Frank- 

hn (Iv) 
Devereux Michl., lab.. Brown bel R road (R) 
Devereux Nich., lab., Marriott bel 6th 
Devereux Nicholas B., eng'rav.. New Athena:um 
Devereux Peter, malster, Hutchinson bel Master 
Devereux Robert, drayman, 4 Esher's ct 

Devereux Thos., lab., 31 Carlton 

Devers Daniel, blacksm., Burr's av 

Devine Bridget, Shi|)pen ab 2d 

Devine Charles, lab. 324 Carpenter 

Devine Edward, dealer, High E- Sch 5th 

Devine Francis, lab.. Mariner ab 13th 

Devine Henry, carter, William al) Biddle 

Devine Hugh, painter, Richard n Sch 7th 

Devine Hugh, grocer. Middle al 

Devine James, grocer, 125 S 8th 

Devine James, paiiiter, Lombard E Sch 7th 

Devine James, lab., Essex 

Devine James, dealer, Milton bel 11th 

Devine James, cloth fin.. Pine n Sell 

Devine James, lab.. Cedar bel Broad 

Devine Jas., porter. Law's ct 

Devine Jas., lab., Ann bel Richmond 

Devine John, painter. Carbon 

Devine John, lab. 7th bel Marriott la 

DEVINE JOHN, groc, S W Sch 8th and' High 

Devine Louisa, washer, rear 252 Lombard 

DEVINE MARK, flour store, N E 2d ?<. Green 

Devine Mary, dry goods, 48 Queen (K) 

Devine Michl., lab.. Christian ab 12th 

Devine Owen, gas fitter. Brooks' ct 

Devine Patrick, lab. 31 Currant al 

Devine Patrick, tavern, 221 S 6th 

Devine Patrick, shoemr. 323 S 4th 

Devine Patrick, lab. 11 Boyd's av 

Devine Peter, lab.. Mariner ab 13th 

Devine Peter, lab., Mariner ab 13th 

Devine Quinton, 324 S 3d 

Devine Thos., confect. 64A Vine 

Devine Wm., lab. 30 M'Duffie 

Devine Wm., lab., Kirkpatrlck's ct 

Devine Wm., lab., Wai-ner's ct 

Devine Wm., trunkmr., Carlton ab Sch 4th 

Devinney Asa, shoemr., Roney's ct 

Devinney Sarah, Lemon bel 11th 

Devinny Geo., chairmr., Oxford bel Front(K) 

Devir Edwd., clothing, 189 S 2d 

Devir James, Redwood ab 3d 

Devitt Charles, dry goods, 410 S 2d 

Devltt Danl. F., Rev., Sch 3d bel Walnut 

Devitt James, Sch Front bel Vine 

Devltt John, lab., Centre W William 

Devitt John, dealer, 397 S 2d 

Devitt J. E., clerk, 75 Fitz water 

Devitt Wm., carp., Rentshler 

Devlin Andrew, lab.. Cedar ab 12th 

Devlin Archibald, tavern, G Troad ab Phoenix 

Devlin Bernard, shoenu-. 10th ab Buttonwood 

Devlin Bernard, draym., ilarlboro' bel Duke(K) 

Devlin Bernard, moroc. dr. 19 Lilly al 

Devlin Daniel, 230 Shippen 

Devlin Edwd., weaver, Philip bel Oxford (K) 

Devlin Edwd., tailor. Christian bel 12tli 

De^•Hn Francis, weav., Cadwalader bel Jefferson 

Devlin Henry, lab.. Clay bel Beach 

Devlin Hugli, lab.. Master bel G Troad 

Devlin Hugh, weaver, Crown bel Duke (K) 

Devlin James, weaver, G T road ab Jefl'erson 

Devlin John, blacksm., S W Cedar & Sch 4th 

Devlin John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master(K) 

De\Hn John, lab. 13 Swanson 

Devlin J. & M., clockmr. 423 N 3d 

Devlin Margt., 20 Harmony 

Devlin Michl., weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 




Devlin Michael, livery stable, 98 O Y road, h 

Carpenter's ct 
Devlin Micluicl, carter, 1 Fisher's ct 
Devlin Michael, lab. 1 Lombard ct 
Devlin Patrick, assistant surveyor, Kedford 
Devlin Patk., salesman, 80 Sassafras 
Devlin Patk., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master(K) 
Devlin Patk., carter. Mariner ab l.Gth 
Devlin Patk., lab.. Reed bcl Church 
Devlin Peter, weaver, Cadwalader ab Oxford(K) 
Devlin Peter, g-as pipe layer, Rose ab 13th 
Devlin Rebecca, 17 Swanson 
Devoe James, capt. 54 Wistar 
Devoux John, 298 Coates 
Dew James, mer. 169 Hig-h, h 330 Green 
Dew Jane, 14 Carroll av 
Dewald F., 191 St John 
Dewald Solomon, diy goods. Cherry ab Sch7th, 

h 136 Mulberry 
Dewees Benj. F., clerk, 4 Wistar 
Dewees Charles, printer, rear Cai-penter ab 5th 
Dewees Cornelius, jr., g-ilder, rear 194 Christian 
Dewees C, g-ilder, 80J Walnut 
Dewees Elizabeth, dry g-oods, 51 N 8th 
Dewees Henrj^, musician, Johnson la ab 4th 
Dewees Henry, shoemr., Washington ab 2d 
Dewees Jane, g-entw. 4 Wistar 
Dewees Jno., cordw., Wai ren n Pine (W P) 
Dewees Joseph, black and whitesm., Francis ab 

R road (F Y) 
Dewees Peter, lastmr. 31 and h 26 Callowhill 
Dewees Samuel, shoemr., Washington ab Wil- 
liam (W P) 
Dewees Samuel, lastmr. 95 Sassafras 
Dewees Wm. P.. carp. 4 Wilhams' ct 
Dewelter Wm., dealer, Moore n Church (S) 
Dewev Geo. W., Sec'y. Art Union, 210 Chestnut, 

h 66 S 8lh 
Dewey Wm., coal mer., h 1 N 9th 
Dewing Saml. F., bootmr. 64 N 3d, h 678 N 2d 
De Witt Elizabeth, Brooke 
Dewolf Hyman, clothing, 169 Shippen 
Dewolf Wm. J., capt. 35 Queen 
Dexheimer Jacob, tailor, Charles bel Button- 

Dexter Ann, Finney's et 
Dexter Jane R., baker, N W 11th and Vine 
Dexter Sarah, cooper, 53 Duke 
Dey Sarali H., b. h. 90 Walnut 
Dey Stephen, Thompson and Apple (K) 
De Young F:mi]y, b. h. 15 Filbert 
De Young Isaac, fancy goods, 123 Chestnr.t 
De Young Joseph, fancv goods, 123 Chestnut 
De Young M. H., mer. 55 Walnut, h 54 S 12th 
De Young Philip, M. D., 109 Vine 
De Young Theodore, cordw., Logan ab Green 
DIALOGUE H. & W., fire hose manuf, 24 E 

Dialogue John, china ware, 292 N 2d, h 119 

New Market 
Diamond Alex., distiller, 205 Cedar 
Diamond Ann, 4th ab Master (K) 
Diamond Catharine, shop, 244 S 6th 
Diamond Francis, waiter, 6 Kose al (C) 
Diamond John, distiller, 172 Cedar, h 207 S 4th 
Diamond John, weaver, JeflTcrson ab 2d 
Diamond John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Diamond John, jr., 207 S 4th 

Diamond John B., gent. 56 Pine 

Diamond Rhoda, weav., Wa.shington bel Oxford 

Diamond Richard, weaver. Federal bel 13th 

Dick Alex., machinist, 12th ab Poplar 

Dick Andrew, weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 

Dick Charles, tailor, 33 M road 

Dick D. D., japanner, Wheeler's ct., h 376 S 3d 

DICK FREDERICK, Janitor at University, h 

S W 11th and Locust 
Dick James, salesman, Lombard n Perry 
Dick James, grocer, 2d and Jarvis 
Dick John, weaver, 13th and Carpenter 
Dick John, nurseryman, Oxford and AdamsfK) 
Dick John, dealer. Poplar bel 8th 
Dick John, porter, rear 397 Lombard 
Dick John B., clothes dealer, 450 High, h 581 

S 2d 
Dick Loui.s, lampmr. 9 Pratt's ct 
Dick Matthias, grocer, 6th and Marriott 
Dick Patk., paper car., Catharine ab Lebanon 
Dick Sarah, Ogden ab 11th 
Dick S. A., dry goods, S W 11th and Locust 
Dick Thos., cabman, 5 Harper's pi 
Dick Thos., lab., Sch AVatcr n Lombard ■ 

Dick Walter B., optician, 48 Chestnut, h 87 | 

Mulberry ■' 

Dick Wm., clerk, Sch 8th bel Locust 
Dick Wm., lab., Lombard ab 12th 
Dick Wm., cake baker, Sch 2d n Pine 
Dick Wm., tailor. Native 
Dickel Henry, cabinetmr. 89 Brown 
DICKENS ELI AS, machinery, 18 Spruce, h 

23 Dock 
Dickens H. cooper, Marriott bel 6th 
Dickens Jeremiah, cordw. 16 Hallowell 
Dickens W., 272 Shippen 
Dickensheet Adam, brickmaker, G T road and 

Dickensheet Albert, huckster, 9 Poplar 
Dickensheet Anthony, tanner, 120 Charlotte 
Dickensheet Elizabeth, Conrad's ct 
Dickensheet Mich, tanner, rear 104 N Market 
Dickeohof M. cordw. 92 Green 
Dickennan Lemuel, mer. 24 N 4th, h 98 Wash- 
ington (S G) 
Dickerman L. &. Co. boots & .shoes, 24 N 4th 
Dickennan Wm. tobacconist, 377 N 3d 
Dickerson Abijah, 13 Tamarind 
Dickerson David, paper hanger. Queen and 

Crown (K) 
Dickerson Eliza, 31 Wallace 
Dickerson John, lab. rear 211 St John 
Dickerson John, hatter, 2 S 2d, h 50 Union 
Dickerson John, Penn Hotel, S W 7th & Master 
DICKERSON JOSEPH R. atty. 74 S 6th 
Dickerson M. W., M. D., 375 s'3d 
Dickerson Nehemiaii, tailor, 21 Clark 
Dickerson Robert, Spruce W Sch 2d 
Dickerson Sarah, dressmr. St Joseph's av E 

Sch 5th 
Dickerson Wm. M. mariner, G T road & 7th 
DICKERSON WM. R. atty & coun. 47 S 6th 
Dickes Daniel, carpenter &. undertaker, F R ab 

Jefferson (K) 
Dickes Isaac, cordw. Queen bel Palmer 
Dickes Peter, blacksm. Queen bel Marlboro' 
Dickes Wm. F. grocer. Queen & Palmer, h 

Elm bel Franklin (K) 




ckcs Wm. F. carp, rear 7'^ F road ! 

ckeson Warren, tailor, Ilio Grande pi 
ckeson Wm. T. W., M. D., 375 S 3d 
ckty Alex, weaver, Philip bel Oxford 
ckey (Jlias, cabtmr. rear 200 Ciiristian 
ckey David, lab. rear Lomliard W Sch 7th 
ckey Elizabeth, nurse, rear 200 Christian 
ckey Elizabeth, 31 N 13th 
ckey James, flour St feed, F road and Shack- 

ckev John, paper manuf. 347 Marshall 
ckey Robert, M. D., 297 Chestnut 
ckey Samuel J. dentist, SIN 13th 
ckhart Geo. constable, P road ab Federal 
ckhart Jacob, butcher, 73 Catliarine 
ckhealt Mich, butcher, 569 S 2d 
ckins Fowler, g'unsm. Brown bel Front 
ckinson Abigail, Jay ab Wallace 
ckinson A. C, M. D., 38 N 7th 
ckinson Clias. flour & feed, 404 N Front 
ckinson Eliza, Washing-ton ab Rose (W P) 
ckinson Elizabeth, 9 Jeff'erson 
ckinson Elizabeth, b h, S W 11th & Vine 
ckinson E. Sch 6d ab Vine 
ckinson Geo. D. lab. Poplar ab 13th 
ckinson Jesse, N W 9th & Buttonwood 
ckinson John, lab. 4 Jones' ct 
ckinson John, printer, 40 Christian 
ckinson John, carp. 7 Marriott 
ckinson John, rigger, 166 Swanson 
ckinson John A. tailor. Locust E Park 
ckinson John M. tailor, 27 Mintzer 
ckinson Louisa, dry goods, Sp Garden ab 10th 
ckinson Margaret, b h, 139 Mulberry 
ckinson Martha, flour &. feed, G T road and 

Front, h 534 N Front 
ckinson Mary, 5th bel Federal 
ckinson Mary E. widow of John, 19 S 13th 
ckinson Samuel, drayman, Duke bel Palmer 
ckinson Sarah N. gentw. 344 Mulberry 
ckinson & White, flour & feed, 404 N Front 
cks Mary, Church n Moore 
ckson A. T. manuf. 596 N 3d 
DICKSON & CO. importers, 80 High 
ckson David, distiller, 2d & Franklin (K) 
ckson Ebenezer, Fox's ct 
ckson & Edel, manuf. Edward ab School (K) 
ckson Elizabeth, Cedar bel Clifton 
ckson Elizabeth, gentw. 130 Pine 
ckson Geo. weaver, Fitler bel Hiirrison 
ckson Geo. 578 N 3d 
ckson Hugh, Shippen n Broad 
ckson Isaac A. brushmr. 44 Commerce, h 27 

ckson James, warper, Front ab Harrison 
ckson James, manuf. Fronl bel Jefferson 
ckson Jas. N. merchant, 152 Higli, h Spruce 

ab 11th 
ckson Jas. N. 8c Co. drj' goods, 152 High 
ckson Jane, dressmr. S E 4th 8c Beaver 
ckson John, lab. Cherry ab Brown 
ckson John, druggist, N E 5th Sc Spruce 
ckson John, manvif. Charlotte ab George 
ckson Joseph, weaver, Shippen ab Broad 
ckson Le\i, mer. 80 High, h 130 Pine 
ckson Lucinda, Ten Foot al 
ckson Mary, P road bel Wharton 
ckson Maiy A. Charlotte bel George 

Dickson Rachel, .572 N 3d 

Dickson lilchard, blacksni. Clifton 

Dickson Robert, clerk, Duke Sc F road 

Dickson Robert, lab. Dorotliy bel Sch 3d 

Dickson R. L. tcaclier writing, 59 S 3d 

Dickson Samuel, gent. 424 N 5tli 

Dickson Sarah, Passmore ct 

Dickson Thos. J. brushmr. 74 S 2d 

Dickson Wm. brickmr. 8 Sch West 

DICKSON WM. tavern, N W 13th and Cedar 

Dickson Wm. weaver, 9 Clymer 

Dickson Wm. saw grinder, F road ab Union 

Dickson Wm. bricklay, 13th bel Lombar"d 

Dickson W^m. N E 6th and Spruce 

Dickson Wni. carp. Pearl bel Sch 7th 

DlEFFENBACIl HENRY, tavern, 207 St John 

Diftenbacher Abraham, baker, 7 N Sch 7th 

Diegel John, driver, Girard av. ab R road 

Diegel Mai'tin, carpet weav. R road ab Francis 

Diehl 8c Co. mers. 16 Walnut 

DieU 8c Dufl", com. mers. 35 N whfs. 

Diehl Edwin A. mer. 23 N whfs, h 61 Pine 

Diehl Geo. N. mer. 16 Walnut, h 182 S 3d 

Diehl Jacob, tailor, 14 Parham 

Diehl John, commis. of citvprop. 224 Pine 

DIEHL JOHN, tavern, S W Front 8c Catharine 

Diehl John, tavern, 417 S 2d 

Diehl John H. mer. 16 Walnut, h Vine above 

Sch 6th 
Diehl Thos. jr. broker, 9 S Front 
DieW Wm. mer. 27 N 5th, h 61 Pine 
Diehr M. A. milliner, 10th ab Brown 
Diehr Philip, silver plater, 10th ab Brown 
Diem George, driver, Warner's ct 
Diemer Catharine, tavern, 418 N 4th 
Diemer Geo. stone mason, R road bel George 
Diemer Jacob, Palmer bel F road (K) 
Diemer Michael, stone mas. Grape ab Vineyard 

Fair View 
Diemling Mary, 35 Wood 

Diener Christian, carter, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Diener Peter, tailor, Hanover bel Duke 
Dierkes John, tailor, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Diesinger Joseph, bootmr. 93 S 5th 
Diesinger Wendell, gunmr. 440 N 3d 
Dieter George, tailor, Morris (S) 
Dieter Wm. shoemr. IMorris (S) 
Dietrich Adam, carp. Randolph ab Parrish 
Dietrich Daniel P. India rub. g-oods, 68 Chestnut 
Dietrich Henry, M. D., 159 N 10th 
Dietrich Jos. paper hanger, Franklin ab Cherry 
Dietrick John, baker, 168 R road 
Dletterle Christopher, lab. Palmer ab Brown 
Dietz Charles, grocer, 57 Coates 
Dictz Joseph, artist, Brown ab 13th 
Dietz M. C. carter, Wallace 8c Orange 
Dietz I'eter, oak cooper, 33 Union 
Dietz Thos. carp. 254 St John's 
Dlelz Wm. cordw. Hallo well's ct 
Diezel Ch;is. F. dealei-, Cheny bel 12th 
Difer Wm. saw mr. 34 Farmer » 

Diggs Ephrairru,. waiter, Bedford ab 12th ' 
Dikes Ehzabeth, 8th bel P road 
Dilaha Sarah, washer, 45 Quince 
D'.ldine Sarah, tailoress, 137 Green 
Dilge Wm. framemr. 128 N Market 
Dilkes C. 8c O. 135 N 10th 
Dilks Charlotte, Plover 




DILKS &. COLLINS, lumber yard, 8th and 

Dilks (ieorge, carp, linnbcr yd. 8th and Coates, 

h 395 N 6th 
Dilks & Giirwood, tailors, 53 N 6th 
Dilks lianndi, tailoress, 7 Relief 
Dilks Isiuic, stiip carp, rear 20 Hrook (N L) 
Dilks Jacob, cordw. Plover 
Dilks .Tacobj cordw. Hank's ct 
Dilks James, Preston bel Melon 
Dilks Joseph, fisherman, Ash bel Duke 
Dilks Joseph, machinist, 5 Loxley's ct 
Dilks Joseph, shoemr. r;ar,lo6 Queen 
Dilks Josiah H. grocer, Richmond bel R road 

h Salmon (li) 
Dilks Mary, M roadab Reed (S) 
Dilks Sickcls, dealer, 23 Clai-k 
Dilks Thos. D. tailor, 205 S 2d 
Dilks Wm. machinist. High n Sch 5th 
Dilks Wm. H. shoemr. 8 Helmuth (S) 
Dill Anjr, 220 Cheny 
Dill lienj. waterman, rear 102 Carpenter 
Dill James, waiter, 18 Ball 
Dill John, tailor, Gentener's ct 
Dill Montg'omery, waterman. Bayard 
Dill Thos. P. clerk, 9th ab Federal 
Dillard Geo. E. cooper, 435 S 2d 
Dillaye H. A. prin. seminary, 525 Chestnut 
Diller Adam, naval store keeper. Navy Yard, h 

8th ab Green 
Dillin Arch, cordwr. Myer's pi 
Dillin Daniel, lab. 2 Lagrang'e 
Dillin Edwin, clothing, 30 S 2d, h 168 Locust 
Dillin Eli, dry goods. Green & R road 
Dillin & Fishery dry goods, 374 Vine 
Dillin Hannah,^entw. 223 Wood 
Dillin Jesse, carp. 151 N 10th 
Dillin John, lab. Fitzwater n Broad 
Dillin Michael, porter, 1 Mineral pi 
Dillin Rachel, sine bind. Wharton ab 2d 
Dillin Sarah, 8 Gray's al 
DilUn Sarah Ann, 3i'4 Vine 
Dillinger Margaret, 49 O Y road 
Dillingham S. dentist, 192 Mulberry 
DILLINGHAM W. H. att 8c coun. 385 Mul- 
DILLMAN CHRISTOPHER, bleeder, 422 N 2d 
Dillman John, tanner. Crown ab Duke 
Dillman Julia, 236 St John 
Dillon Ann, Sch 2d bel Mulberry 
Dillon David, blacksm. Larch bel Maple 
Dillon Hugh, nailer, Carlisle ct 
Dillon James, lab. 124 Carpenter 
Dillon James, lab. 235 S 6th 
Dillon John, drayman, 124 Carpenter 
Dillon John, blacksm. 232 Christian 
Dillen Lawrence, lab. rear 233 Christian 
Dillon Lawrence, carman, 47 Shippen 
Dillon Mich, weaver, Cadwalader bel Jefferson 
Dillon Neal, tailor, 1 Weaver 
||^oi> Sarah, lab. Maria 
■Diyy%faiy, shop, Sch 7th &, Richard 
DILWORTH, BRANSON, & Co. hardware, 

59 High 
Dilworth Charles, hardware, 8 Commerce, h 

503 Chestnut 
Dilworth Charles, stove store, 389 High, h 

Walnut n Darbv road 

Dilworth John, turner, 10 Noms' al 

Dilworth John, weaver, 26 W Cedar 

Dilwortli Wm. mer. 59 High, h 141 Mulberry 

Dimmel Peter, tailor, rear 4.7 Brook 

Dimon John, conf'ec. 38 Cedar 

Dimond Andrew, mer. 8 and h 216 S 4th 

DIMOND FRANCIS, atty. at law, h Christian 

bel. 10 th 
Dimond James, packer, 117 Cherry 
Dimond Joseph, 7 Swanson 
DIMOND J. & J. liqnoi-s, S whfs. bel Cedar 
Dimond Peter, lab. Sell 7th ab Wood 
Dimond Susan, Cadwalader ab Jeffereon (K) 
Dimpfel Fred. P. 490 W Chestnut 
Dinan James, lab. Smith's ct 
DinanThos. dealer, 6 Lawrence 
Dinan Timothy, grocer. Locust & Beach 
Dingee Charles, brickmr. Poplar bel Marshall 
Dingee Daniel, collector, Poplar ab 7th 
Dingee Edmund, brickmr. 434 N 7th 
Dingee Jacob, lab. 8th ab Girard av 
Dingee James, carp. Poplar ab 7th 
Dingee John H. mer. Pine ab lOtli 
Dingee Latoria, wax worker, Junipern Owen 
Dingee Wm. II. brickmr. 555 N 6th 
Dingfelter Conrad, weaver, G T road ab 5th, 
Dingle Geo. seaman, 243 S 7th 
Dingle M. dressmr. 128 Beach (K) 
Dingier Christopher, clerk, 220 Vine 
Dingier Geo. C. plasterer. Rose ab School (K 
Dingier Geo. C. lime mer. G T road ab Maidc 
Dingier John, cordw. 220 Vine 
Dingier Lewis, baker, 7 Collins' al 
Dingier Thos. macht. Rose bel G T road 
Dingier Wm. sheet iron worker, 11 Penna, aT 
Dingier Wm. gunsmith, 337 N 3d 
Dingus Jacob, fanner, Taylor's ct (K) 
Dining John, baker, Austin 
Dinmore W. R. Washington ab 10th 
Dinnen Jarfies, lab. 10th ab Pan-ish 
Dinnin David D. carp. 375 Coates 
Dinnin Mary, shop, 167 N 13th 
Dinsman Peter G. cigamir. Charles (S) 
Dinsman Samuel K. carp. Prospect 
Dinsman Thos. combmr. 71 Howard 
Dinsmore Henry, tavern, Sch Front ab Filbert 
Dinsmore Mary, Sch 3d bel High 
Dinsmore Simiuel, 12 Scott's ct 
D'INVILLIERS CHAS. E., 11 S 3d, h N W 

Broad & Walnut 
D'lnviliiers C, stock bro., 11 S 3d, h W;dnut n 

Sch 7th ., 
Dippoldt Gchannah, 10 Mark's la 
Diringer Hcniy, tailor, 7th ab Camac 
Dirks Rudolph, cabtmr. 165 Coates 
Dirvin Bridget, 17 Prosperous al ^ 

Disherry David, carter. Oak (W P) 
Diser John, grocer, N E Lombard & Sch 6th 
Disert Jolin, gTocer, N E Sch 6th & Lombard 
Disher Wm., jr., Ashton and Lombard 
Disher Wm., iirickmr. Long la & Prime 
Disney Geo., ship carp. Allen ab Hanover (K) 
Diss Adam, lab. 121 Swanson 
Dissenger Joim, blacksm. rear 33 Charlotte 
Disston Chas., sawmr. Franklin n Crown 
Disston Henry, sawmr. Maiden bel Front, hou.te 

Beach ab Maiden 
Dithmar & Butz, brewers, 520 N 3d 




Dithmar Chas., beer house, 99 Green 

bottler, 453 N 3d 
"Dithmar Fred'k., brewer, 52U & h 525 N 3d 
Dithmar Wm., brewer, Spooner's av (K) 
Ditmar John, cake baker, 52 N 8th 
Dito Ilcnry, grocer, Sch 8tl) ab Spruce 
Dito Jolin M., grocer, S W Washinglon and 

Dito Sheriy, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Ditshe Haver, carp. Apple ab Franklin (K) 
Dittcricli Joseph, bookseller, 78 N 2d 
Dittus John W., cordw. 19 New Market 
Dittus Wm., cordw. 15 Tamarind 
Ditzler F., stovemr. 4 Fetter la 
Ditzler John, combmr. S E Randolph &. Wag-er 
Ditzler Wm. U., tailor, N E 12th & Filbert 
Diver F.dward, lab., Dutch ct 
Diver Francis, lab., Caniac ab-G T road 
Diver James & Hug-h, refectory, ION 5th 
Diver John, cordw. Sch 7th ab Chestnut 
Diver John, tailor, 5 Townsend pi 
Diver John A., beer house, 32 S 3d, h 5 Ash- 
Diver Joseph, gent. 208 Mulbei-ry 
Diver J. Paul, clerk, 540 Vine 
Diver Samuel, lab. Huntingdon ab Duke 
Diver Samuel, blacksm. Meredith n Nixon 
Diver Wm., tinsmith, Quince and Lombard 
Divers John, tinsmith, 393 N 11th 
DIVIN JOHN, tavern, 83 S 5th 
Divine Barney, carter. Pleasant bel 13th 
Divine James, tobacconist. Winter bel Sch 2d 
Divine John, carter, 7 Lawrence 
Divine Maiy, shop, 220 Cedar 
Divine Philip, tavern, S W 10th and Christian 
Divine Richard, watchman, McDuffie n Sch 2d 
Divine Wm. & Son, manuf. M'Duffie & Sch., 2d 

& Factory h Sch Willow, h S^W Sch 5th 

and Rittenhouse sq 
Divvers lohn F., mer. Sch 6th ab Chestnut, h 

11th ab Vine 
Dix Cliarles, vineg-ar, 247 N 3d 
Dix Eliza, 7 Gebhard 

Dixcy Isaiah, pumpmr. Lombard n Sch 6th 
Dlxcy Jacob, pumpmr. Howell 
Dixey Charles, wine and liquors, Richmond bel 

Dixey Jonathan H., carp. Walnut Woodland 
Dixcy Wm. C, clerk, Sch 5th and Willow 
DIXON CALEB I., house and sign painter, 46 

N 8tb, h 324 Sassafras 
Dixon Chas. S., print rest., 12th ab Poplar 
Dixon David, 18 Rittenhouse 
Dixon F. E., mer. 101 N Front, h 12 Portico sq 
Dixon F. M., dentist, 7th and Buttonwood 
Dixon H., brushmr., 124 N 2d 
Dixon Isaac, clock & watchmr., 104 Locust, h 

158 S 10th 
Dixon James G , carp. Sch 8th bel Coates, h 

Parrlsh bel Broad 
j Dixon James N., painter, Lewis bel Master 
j Dixon John, cooper, 9th ab Parrish 
I Dixon John W., mer. Marshall ab Sp Garden 
Dixon Joseph E., coal mer. Front and Maiden, 

h 7tli ab Sp Garden 
Dixon Medford, waiter, Emeline 
• Doak David, blacksm. Shippen bel loth 

Doak Jas., weaver, Mechanic and Linn 

Doak John N., tinsmith, S E Cedar and Broad 

Doak Joseph F., locksmith, rear 209 Cherry 

Doak Mary, grocer, 614 St 616 S 2d 

Doan Aaron, carp. Sch 6th bel High 

Doan Crawford, cun-ier, Wagner's ct 

Doan David, carp. 5th l)el Redwood 

Doan George W., carp. 13 S Rittenhouse 

Doan Jonathan, carp. George ab Sell 8lh 

Doan Samuel, carman, 14 Bledisloe pi 

Doan Thornton, boot crimper, 8 Wagner's ct 

Doane .Talhes C, mer. 181 High 

Dobbin Ann P., High ab Sch 4th 

DOBBIN & CO., distillery, High ab Sch 4th 

Dobbin James, grocer. High W Sch 4th, h Flem- 

ming and Sch 2d 
Dobbins Elizabeth, 17 Pratt 
Dobbins Geo. W., carp, rear Chestnut W Sch 6th 
Dobbins John, weaver. Poplar n Broad 
Dobbins John, tobacco, 231 S 2d/&. S W Front 

and Cedar ^^ ■ , ■' <" 

DOBBINS WM. S., tobac. -vvarehouse, 31 Mar- 
garet, 269 N 2d and 51 S 2d, h 281 Coates 
Dobbins Zebedee, carp. 15 Ogden, h Poplar ab 

Dobbyn William A., gent. 193 Spruce . 
Dobelbower James, printer, 52 Perry 
Dobelbower John C, printer, rear 332 S 2d 
Dobelbower J. & J., printers, rear 26 S 4th, h 

52 Perry 
Dobelbower Lewis H., jr., agent, 371 S 3d 
Dober Francis, tailor, Apple ab Poplar, h Apple 

ab Jefferson 
Dober John A., tailor, 3 Randolph 
Dobleman J. C, county com. & fringe mr. 86 N 

2d and 144 N 3d 
Dobler Jacob C, bowling saloon, 3d & Chestnut, 

h 11 Dean 
Dobson Chas. J., constable, N W 7th &, Sanson), 

h 3 Alice ct 
Dobson Christopher L., plasterer, 7th below 

Dobson Samuel, millwt. 637 N 3d 
Dobson Thomas, tailor. Willow ab 8th 
Dobson Wm. H., mer. 39 Bank, h 93 Noble 
Dobson W. J., plasterer, 4th bel Johnson's la * 
Dock Jacob, 183 High, h N E Sch 6th and Mul- 
Dockendorff" Catharine, Reed bel Wheat 
Docterman John, ladies' shocmr. 8 Pascal 
Dodd Geo., carriages, 50 bock & 156 Sassafras 
Dodd John, mariner, 15 Wilson 
Dodd John E., painter, 527 High ' 

Dodd Richard P., undertaker, 527 High 
Dodd Stephen H., cabinetmr. Wharton ab 6th 
Dodd Wm., driver, Coates n Schuylkill 
Dodge Daniel, l{ev., 414 N 6th 
Dodge E., milliner, 163 Spring Garden 
Dodge Henry, shocmr. 512 S 2d 
Dodge Natli., carver, 389 High, h Sp Garden 

bel R road , * 

Dodge Wm. S., sugar refiner, Citron ab 12tl) 
Dodson Richard W., gent. Walnut bel Sch 5th 
Dodson Robert B., Jefferson W Sch 6th 
Dodson Wm. B., M. D., 242 Sassafras 
Doebely Ferd., reed mr. Elm ab Bedford (K) 
Doebely Solomon, susp. manuf. Ross ab Queen 
Doerr Chas., grocer, F road and Otter (K) 




Docrr Henry, baker, Buttonwood bel 11th 

DoeiT Rossini, baker, 60 Union 

Uoerr 'I'lios. M., confect. Little Brown 8c Cherry 

Doflciu Philip, chaser, 84 N 5th 

Dogercr Joseph, weaver, 2 Hatter's ct 

Dohan Daniel & Son, temperance grocers, N W 

7lh and Noble 
Doherty Chas., rear 120 Dillwyn 
Doberty Edw., cordw. Richmond ab Emery 
Doherty Jas., coal yard, N W Broad and Cedar 
Doherty M. & E., dry g'oods, 540 High 
Doherty Neal, driver, 1 Quigg-'s row 
Doherty Wm., mer., h 65 N 11th 
Dohnert Geo. W., wireworker, 520 N 8th, h 514 

Dohnert John H., 284 Green 
DOHNERT WM., hdtel, 5th and Callowhill 
Dohrman John, bookkr., 27 Powell 
Doig Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, Carpenter 

bel 9th 
Doiseau Chas., 1 Kelly's ct 
Dokenwald F. R., baker, 88 N 7th 
Dolan Cliristopher, lab. Sch 4th and Barker 
Dolan Cormic, waiter, 44. Quince 
Dolan James, lab., Pink (K) 
Dolan James, coal dealer, Sch 3d & Plymouth 
Dolan Peter, blockcutter, 15 Fayette 
Dolan Stephen, stone cutter, 116 Barker 
Doland Francis, carp. 5 Fetter la 
Dolbow John, mariner, 10 Peach • 
Dolbow Sarah, 12 Beach (K) 
Dolby Henry, carp. Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Dolby John, accountant, 366 N 7th 
Dolby Lewis, carp. Broad bel R road 
Dolde Andrew, machinist, G T road bel 6th 
Dolde Christian, weaver, 163 Coates 
Dole Eunice, tailoress, Fisher 
Dolheimer Mara, turner, rear 143 Franklin 
Doll Frederick, skin dresser, 585 N 3d 
DOLL GEORGE, toys and variety store, 10^ 

N 6th 
Doll John, toys, 90 N 2d 
Dollar Martha, washer, 110 Green 
DOLLARD RICHARD wigmr. & hair cut. 177 

Dolloway John H., lab., N E 3d and Plum 
Dolphin Geo. F., bonnet manuf. 273 S 2d 
Dolphin Rebecca, Biddle's al 
Doman Lsaac, currier, Charlotte n Cohocsink 
Doman J. M., carp. 133 Christian 
Doman Robert, carp. 133 Christian 
Domenee Rev. M., Sch 5th and Sassafras 
Dominique Chas., cabtnir. S E Logan &. Green 
Domsler Sarah, 195 G T road (K) 
Donagan John, shoemr. 112 Plum 
Doniig-an Richard, atty. &. coun. 50 S 4th 
Donag-an Thos., gent.'410 N 2d 
Donaghan James, carp. Albert's av (K) 
Donagiiy Chas., tinsmith, Lombard n Sch 6th 
Donaghy Jas., boat builder, Willow ab Spruce 
Donaghy James, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Donaghy James, coal mer. Broad bel Locust & 

Spruce st whf (Sch,) h Siinice ab Sch 4th 
Donaghy John, blacksm. Vine ab Broad 
Donaghy John, boat buildt-r. Willow ab Spruce 
Donaghy Richard, charcoal, 603 S 2d 
Donaghy Wm., manuf. 358 S 5th 
Donahue Ann, silver burnisher, 140 Spruce 

Donahue Bernard, trader, William &. Biddle 
Donahue Bernard, dry goods, 28 N 13th 
Donahue David, tobacct., 7 Randolph 
Donahue Dominic, lab., Lafayette al) 9th 
Donahue Edward, N E Hurst and Cedar 
Donahue Edw., milkman, Marker ab 2d 
Donahue Ellen, Perry bel Master (K) 
Donahue Geo., lab. 6 Lloyd's ct (K) 
DonaJiue Henry, milkman, Margaret 
Donahue Hugh, weaver, Millin's ct ' 

Donahue James, weaver, 12 Lloyd's ct (K) 
Donahue Jas., weav., Columbia bel Washington 
Donahue Jas., lab. 10th ab Master 
Donahue James, lab.. Goodwill ct 
Donahue James, fruit dealer, Cadwalader below 

Master (K) 
Donahue Jas., hvery stable, 156 Vine 
Donahue James, stonecut. Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Donahue Jane, hair di'cSicr and fancy store, 110 

S 4th 

Donahue John, cordw. Allen ab F road (K) 
Donahue John, lab.. Marker ab 2d 
Donahue John, keeper, Marriott bel 9th 
Donahue John, nailei", Leed's ct 
Donahue John, blacksm. Couit al 
Donahue John, baker, rear 152 Brown 
DONAHUE JOHN, grocer, Washington above 

Till (W P) 
Donahue John, assayer of gold, 3d ab Wash- 
Donahue Matthew, lab.. Willow ab Spruce 
Donahue Michael, lab., 7th ab Wharton 
Donahue Michael, bottler. Carpenter ab 7th 
Donahue Patrick, lab., De Kalb's ct 
Donahue Pat., lab.. Reed bel Front 
Donahue Patrick, rear G T road bel Master 
Donahue Patrick, weaver, Pliilip ab Jefferson 
Donahue Robt., weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Donahue Sysan, trimmings, G T road bel Jef- 
ferson (K) 
Donahue Thos., lab.. Poplar bel Broad 
Donahue Thos., planemr. Barker's ct 
Donahue Thos., shop, Cadwalader ab Jeflerson 
Donahue Thos., lab. Sch 6th bel Coates 
Donald Dav., cooper, 309 High,h 469 Chestnut 
Donald John, painter, 17 Perry 
Donald Mary, nurse, 182 Locust 
Donald Mary, Broad ab Spruce 
Donald Sanuiel, weaver, 7 Ulrich row (K) 
Donaldson Andrew J., printer, 321 S 4th 
Donaldson David L., alderman, office Wharton 

ab 3d, h Wheat ab Wharton 
Donaldson Eliza A., b h, 119 S 5th 
Donaldson Hugh, gent. 58 Sch 7th ab Wood 
Donaldson Hugh, lab. 14 Jones' al 
Donaldson Isaac, clerk, 15 Howard 
Donaldson Isaac M., hatter, 26 Hazle 
Donaldson Jacob, stone mason, Og.len ab 9th 
Donaldson Jacolj P., mast yard, 1st whf. below 

Almond, (S) and Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Donaldson James, inspector, h 369 Callowhill 
Donaldson James, porter, 102 N Front 
Donaldson Jolm, N V, Sch 8th and Spnice 
Donaldson Mar}, wid. of William T., Penn ab 

Donaldson Oliver, bootmr. Christian ab 11th 
Donaldson Rosanna, 11th ab Poplar 
Donaldson Wm., lab. Lemon 




Donat Christian, collector, 9th bel Poplar 
Donath .lames A., atty. & couii. 8 S 7th, h Broad 

ab Pine 
Donavan Cornelius, lab. 424 Hig'h 
Donavan .foscph, lab. 13 ?'Jfretli's al 
Donavan Mary, 6 Franklin pi 
Donavan M'icIkicI, weaver, Barry's ct (K) 
Donavan Micli., locksm., K roacl bel Green 
Donavan Timotliy, dealer, rear 125 Mulberry 
Doneg-an Jno., dyer & manuf., Harrison av 
Donehower Wni., sashnir., 9 Ralston 
Donelson Tliomas, i>'ent., Sunimer n Sch 6tli 
Donig-an P., corcUv., Fisiir ab Cumljcrland 
Donlan Edw., lab., Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Donlan J.ames, C. Gas W., Bai-ker E Sch 4th 
Donlan Pat., lab. 3 Beaver's ct 
Donlan Thos., perfumer, 12 Crcsson's al 
Donlay .lames, coal. Broad and Vine, h 14 Rit- 

Donley Ann, washer, rear 325 Lombard 
Donlej' Ann, shop, Federal ab Broad 
Donley Josepli, seaman, 40 Mead 
Donnag-ha E., nurse, Og-den ab Sch 7th 
Donnag'ha Thos. G., cab mr., Sch 6th and Hig'h, 

h 28 Howard 
Donnaldson Edw. M., appraiser, 12 Belmont pi 
Donnaldson .Jolin, Secretary Phil. Mutual Ins. 

Co., 50 Walnut, h 615 Spruce 
Donnalley Ulam, painter. Master ab 4th 
Donnally John, painter, G T road and 6tli 
Donnell Francis, lab. 7 Lodg-e pi 
Donnell James, porter, 102 N Front 
Donnell Jas. C, cashier Bank of Commerce, h 

Sch 5th ab Walnut 
Donnell Joseph, lab., Lombard W Sch 5th 
Donnell L. F., groc, S W Christian & Swanson 
Donnell Rebecca, widow of John, 12 Gay's ct 
Donnell Robert, g-rocer, N W 8th and Walnut 
Donnell Robert, lab., Lombard ab 12th 
Donnell Wm., lab., WiUiam ab Salmon 
Donnell Wm., carter, 1 Griswold's al 
Donnelly And., lab., William bel Richmond 
Donnelly Antliony, currier, 3d bel Phoenix 
Donnelly Artlmr, lab. 3 Van Buren ct (K) 
Donnelly Barnard, lab, 8 Philip (K) 
Donnelly Barney, lab., Ashton ab Pine 
Donnelly Bridg-et, semps. Sch P'ront bel Spruce 
Donnelly Chas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Donnelly Chas., butcher, Powell E Sch 4th 
Donnelly Daniel, tavern, 2d &. Master (K) 
Donnelly David, manuf. Vine ab Sch Front 
Donnelly Edward, sailmr. 5 Peach 
Donnelly Edward, weav., G T road ab Master 
Donnelly Felix, grocer, :261 S 6th 
Donnelly Felix, butcher, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Donnelly Francis, carter, rear Wood ab Franklin 
Donnelly l"ranci.s, lab. 6 Ul -ick's row (K) 
Donnelly Francis, weaver, Sch 2d ab Harmstead 
Donnelly Frank, lat)., Essex 
Donnelly Harrison, carp., 435 N 7th 
Donnelly Hug-h, lab., Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Donnelly H. & D., bakers, F road ab West 
Donnelly James, combmr., 62 Apple 
Donnelly James, coal agent. 14 Rittenhouse 
Donnelly James, bootmr. 206 Diamond (K) 
Donnelly James, cabinetmr. 305 Cedar 
Donnelly James, lab., Ashton n Pine 
Donnelly J;is., weaver, Murray n Sch 2d 

Donnelly John, camphine, 283 S 5th 
Donnelly .lohn, lab., Milton ab 11th 
Donnelly John, blacksm., McMackin's ct 
Donnelly John, lOG N 4th 
Donnelly John, driver, Jefferson W Broad 
Donnelly John, wheelwi-. 2d bel Columbia (K) 
Donnelly John, grocer, N E 11th and Lombard 
Donnelly John, lab., Donnelly's ct 
Donnc-Uy ,Fohn, manuf. Vine ab Sch Front 
Donnelly John, matches, 83 N 3d, h 106 N 4th 
Donnelly John, lab., Otter ab William 
Donnelly John, weaver, Sch 2d & Murray 
Donnelly John, weaver, 13th bel Fjtzwater 
Donnelly John, weaver, Cadwalader & Jefferson 
Donnelly John, tailor, Cran's ct 
Donnelly John B., livery stables, 12 Buckley, li 

20 Powell 
Donnelly John J., plast., 9 Lane's ct 
Donnelly John T., groc, S W Sch 8th & George 
Donnelly Jos. A., mer., 5 Church al 
Donnelly Jos. H., ship joiner, 47 Christian 
Donnelly Joseph P., pawn broker, 280 Cedar 
Donnelly Margaret, shop, 44 Cedar 
Donnelly Mark, carter, 47 Christian 
Donnelly Mary, 13 Concord 
Donnelly Matthew, lab., Og-den bel Sch 7th 
Donnelly Michael, paper hanger, 4 South ct 
Donnelly Michael, carter, 4 Peach 
Donnelly Michael, grocer, 396 N Front 
Donnelly Nicholas, teacher, Christian ab 9th 
Donnelly Patrick, lab., 10 Pratt's ct 
Donnelly Patrick, baker & confect. 479 N 2d 
Donnelly Patrick, clerk. Christian ab 9tli 
Donnelly Patrick, lab., Oxford bel Howard (K) 
Donnelly Philip, weav., Jefferson ab Cadwalader 
Donnelly Robert, coachman, 10 Laurel (C) 
Donnelly Sarah A., stonecut., Budd bel Juniper 
Donnelly Thos., tailor, 63 S 5th 
Donnelly Thos., shop, William bel Callowhill 
Donnelly Thos., lab., Cadwalader ab Jefferson 
Donnelly Thos., carp. 13 Morgan's ct 
Donnelly Thomas, dealer, 10th bel Christian 
Donnelly Thos. L., blacksm., Beach ab Wairen 
Donnelly Wm., fireman. Burr's av 
Donnelly Wm., lab. 6 Kelly 
Donnicliff Abm., weaver, 10 Brinton 
Donocho F. P., trimmings, 266 N 2d 
Donocho Hugh, lab.. Linden W Sch 8th 
Donoghue Charles, com. mer. 88 S Front 
Donoghue Dennis, tinsm. 532 N 2d 
Donoho Bernard, bricklayer, 1 Diligent av 
Donoho Daniel, lab., 5 Willow ct 
Donoho T., plane manuf. 166 N 4th, h Barker's 

ct (K) 
Donoho w Samuel, boot & shoemr. 208 S 2d 
Donohue Ann, dressmr.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Donohue Geo. W., bookbinder, 2 Appletree al, 

h 320 Coates 
Donohue Henry, lab., Dickson's al 
Donohue Jas., lab., Callowhill n Sch 5th 
Donohue John, weaver, William W Callowhill 
Donohue John S., china, 517 N 2d (K) 
Donohue Mary, sliop, 7th ab Fitzwater 
Donohue Michael, lab., rear 12 Cresson's al 
Donohue Thos., lab.. Poplar n Broad 
Donovan Daniel, lab.. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Donovan Dennis, cordw.. Phoenix &. Perry (K) 
Donovan Dennis, weaver, Cai'pentcr ;ib 11th 




Donovan Timothy, weaver, Jefferson & Philip 

Doogan Mary, dressmr. 35 North 

Dool David, weaver, Howard bel Phoenix (K) 

Dool Jesse, slater, 16 Dug-an 

Doolan Jno., lub., Salmon ab Cumberland 

Dooley John, 573 S P'ront 

Dooley Lawrence, printer, 29 Hallowell 

Dooley Susan, 29 Hallowell 

Doolittle David, Queen ab Cherry (K) 

Doonan Owen, carter, Sch 7th ab Wood 

Dooner Patrick, innkeeper, Fairview ab Sch 7th 

Doores Charles, bookseller, 203<^ Chestnut 

Doores Wm. C, tailor, 18 Mag-nolia 

Dopson Wm., ship carp., Athcilon 

Doran E. A., dress mr. 44 Barker 

Doran Geo., morocco dress., Bedford and Shack- 

amaxon (K) 
Doran Hugh, storekr., S, W Sch 8th & Sassafras 
Doran Hugh, weaver. Mariner ab 13th 
Doran James, lab. 56 Green 
Doran Jas., lab., Murray n Sch 3d 
Doran John, weaver, F road bel Wood 
Doran John weaver, 3 White's ct 
Doran John, shop, 7th & Wall 
Doran John, lab., Dyott's ct (K) 
Doran Joseph M., atty, at law, 245 S 3d 
Doran Mary, Sch 3d ab Pine 
Doran Mary, R road & Vineyard F V) 
Doran Michael, plast., P road bel Carpenter 
Doran Robert, weaver, Sch 2d n Lombard 
Doran Wm., blacksm., rear 316 S 3d 
Doran Wm., shoemr., Penn ab 12th 
Doran Wm. B., tailor, 12th ab Green 
Dore Robert M., carp. 6 Sommer's ct 
Dorey Daniel, bookbinder, 113 Chestnut, h 

Washington bel 6th 
Dorey Thos., tobacco., Chew's ct 
Dorff Albert, tinsm. 616 Callowhill 
Dorff George, clerk, 211 Queen 
Dorff Patrick, tinsm. 10 S 6th, h Sch 8th above 

Dorff Thos. W., tinsm., Sch 8th ab Mulberry 
Dorigo F., music academy, 172 S 11th 

Dorschell Theo., medicines, Apple ab Franklin 
Dorschiemer Maria C, baker, 25 N 7th 
Dor.sev Aug., clothes, 16^ S 2d, h 22 Barker 

crockery ware, 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Diana, washer, rear 5 Duponccau 
Dorsey Edward G., tailor, 207 Chestnut 
Uorsey Elizabeth, rear 4 Lisle 
Dorsey Ephraim, rear Marshall ab Coates 
Dorsey Geo., machinist. Wood bel West (K) 
Dorsey Hugh, lab., Sch Front and Spruce 
Dorsey Jas., waiter, Shippen n Shippen la 
Dorsey John, oy.sterma7), 34 Mead 
Dorsey John, bookbinder, Callowhil E Sch 4th 
Dorsey John, bottler, 8 Kelly 
Dorsey John M., moroc. finisher, 509 N 4th 
Dorsey Mary, 32 N 9th 
Dorsey Mary, 22 Barker 
Dorsey Nicholas, porter, 4 Pleasant av 
Dorsey Robert, gent. 27 Clinton 
Dorsey Stanton, mer. 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Thos., drover, George ab R road (F V) 
Doi-sey Thomas, waiter, 166 Locust 
Dorsey Vincent, brickmr., rear OUve bel Broad 
Dorsey Wm., lab., Roger's ct 
Dorsey Wm., mer. 125 N 3d 
Dorsey Wm., brickmr. 8th ab Dickerson 
Dorsey Wm. C, wheelwr., Franklin ab Hanover 
Dorton John, vict., 2d bel Montgomery 
Dospassos Manuel J., shoemr., rear 8th belovr 

Dos Santos A. F., 161 Pine 
Doster Michael, jew. & spec, manuf. 155 St John 
Dotger Caspar, cordw., Poplar and (3linton 
Dott Jacob, lab., Mary n F road 
Potterer Jas., cun'ier. Carpenter ab 9th 
Dotter Theo, dyer & scourer, 328 S 5th 
Dottra Maria, sempstress, Apple ab Oxford (K) 
Dotzert Andrew, moulder. Federal ab 5th 
Doud Thos., lab., Huston ab Richmond 
Dougherty Alex., ostler, 5 Marshall's ct 
I Dougherty Alex. E., 439 Walnut 
Dougherty Alex. J., machinist, 84 Crown 

Doring Justus, cabtmr., Apple ab George (N L) Dougherty Andrew, mason, Carlton ab Sch 2d 

Doriot Lewis, confect. 267 S 5th 
Doriss Jas. G., carp., Sp Garden ab 12th 
Doriss Terence, lab., Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Dorian Jno., carp., Queen bel F road, h Shack- 

amaxon bel Bedford (K) 
Dorian Samuel, cordw.. Front bel Master (K) 
Dorman Howell, elk P T Bank, h Poplar bel 7th 
Dorman John, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Dorman Mary, shop, G F road & Cedar 
Dorn C, machinist, 148 N 4th 
Dorn Matthi:is, butcher, 431 St John 
Dorn Peter, cordw. 127 Callowhill 
Dorn Philip, baker, 140 F road 
Dornblaser Benj., driver. Miller ab 13th 
Dornan Henry, weaver, Hulseman's pi 
Dorney Eve M., gentw. 8 Franklin sq 

Dougherty Ann, laundress. Pine n Sch 3d 
Dougherty Ann, shop, St. Mary ab 7th 
Dougherty Ann, laundress, rear George below 

Sch 2d 
Dougherty Anthony, shoemr., Peny ab Phoenix 
Dougherty Bernard, lab., Mulberry W Sch Front 
Dougherty Bernard, lab.. Hazel ab Front 
Dougherty Bernard, stone mas., rear 152 Brown 
Dougherty Bridget, Christian ab 12th 
Dougherty Bridget, Sorrel bel Larch 
i Dougherty Catharine, nurse, Wood &. Garden 
j DOUGHERTY & CO., iron rail manuf. 48 S 5th 
I Dougherty Charles, carp. 365 S 6th 
Dougherty Charles, lab., Andesidc ab Duke 
Dougherty Charles, lab., Salmon ab R road 
Dougherty Cornelius, weaver, 4 Church av 

Doron Chas., tailor. Queen & Shackamaxon (K) Dougherty Daniel, attv. & coun. 24 Sansom 
Doron Enos, T clerk. Brown bel Front DOUGHERTY DANI'eL, refect. 7 S 3d 

Dorr Benjamin, Rev., D. D., S E 13th and Mul- Dougherty Danie 1, coachman, 316 Pine 


Dorr Leonard, carter, 14 Orchard 
Dorr Wm., lab., 10th bel Master 
Dorrance John, weaver. Cedar E Sch 4th 
r>orrance Michael, weaver, 33 W Cedar 

Dougherty Daniel, distiller, 169 N Front & 164 

N Water 
Dougherty Daniel, lab.. Wood ab Sch 7th 
Dougherty Daniel bar tender, 7 Dannaker's aT 
Dougherty Daniel, tavern, Vine and Nixon 




Doug-licrty Daniel, cahtmr., Op^den ab 12th 
Doiig'herty TJanicl, lab., Wag-er bcl G T road 
lloug-herty David, drayman. Kssex 
Doiig'heity Edw. butcher. 8th and Plover 
Dout^-bcrty Rliz.abetli, g'cntw., Stanley bcl 4th 
Doiiji-Iicrty Elizabctli, 8 Linden 
Dous'herty Elizabeth, I-arch ab 9th 
Doiig'herty f'lizabetli, Crown ab Queen (K) 
Dougherty Elizabeth, Orcliard 
Doug'herty Francis, jr. paint. Willow W Sch 5th 
Dougherty Geo. stone cutter, 16 Pearl 
Doug'herty Geo. driver, Lisle 
Dougherty Geo. capt., George ab Sch Beach 
Doug-liertv Geo. livery stable, rear 198 Cedar 
Doug'herty Geo. seaman, 85 Penn 
Doug-herty Geo. L. atty. 32 S 5th, h S E 7th and 

Doug-herty Henry, painter, California pi 
Douglierty Henry, confect. 175 N 10th 
Dougherty Henry, cabman, 7 Myei*'s ct 
Dou_g"herty Henry, waiter. Pine bel Beech 
Doug-herty Henry, lab., Ann n Sch Front 
Doug-herty Henry, stone cut.. Willow bell2th 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 8th bel Carpenter 
Dougherty Hug-h, lab. 27 W Cedar 
Dougherty Hug-h, waterman, Warner's ct 
Dougherty Hugh, tailor, 253 S 5th 
Dougherty Hugh, watchman. Hank's ct 
Dougherty Hugh, carter, Salmon bel William 
Dougherty Isaac, captain. Pearl bel Sch 3d 
Dougherty Isabella, tavern, 335 N Front 
Dougherty Jas. lab. 10th and Little W^ashington 
Dougherty Jas. foundry man, Carpenter ab 2d 
Dougherty .Tas. weaver, 3 Wagner's al 
Dougherty Jas. tobacconist, 46^ Walnut 
Dougherty Jas. iron rail manufac. 48 and h 92 

S 5th 
Dougherty Jas. brickmr., Beech ab Cedar 
Dougherty Jas. morocco dress.. Hank's ct 
Dougherty Jas. watcliman. Carpenter ab 7th 

[Dougherty John, lab. Wa-shington ab Columbia 
Dougherty John, boatman, Murray W Sch 3d 

I Dougherty John, dry goods, High W Sch 6th 
Dougherty John, weaver. Weaver's row (K) 
Dougbertv John, drayman, Pcn-y t)el Master(K) 
Dougherty John A. distiller, S W 2d &. Poplar 
DOUGHERTY JOHN A. & CO. distillers. Front 

bel Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Lewis, bricklr. 156 Hrown 
Dougherty Margaret, sempstress, 8 S 12th 
Dougherty Martin J. atty. Sch 4th and Wood 
Dougherty Mary, 192 Lombard 
Dougberty Mary Ann, milliner, 60 Plum 
Dougherty Michael, lab. Murray ab Scii 3d 
Dougherty Michael, lab. Marion ab 2d 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 5th bel G T road 
Dougherty Mich, weaver. Perry ab Phoenix 
Dougherty Mich. carp. Hamilton W William 
Dougherty Neill, grocer, 3d & Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Patk. lab. Willow n Lombard 
Dougberty Patk. High W Sch 7th, h Dorothy 

'W Sch 4th 
Dougherty Pat. carter, Fitzwater ab Broad 
Dougherty Peter, lab. 2d bel Reed 
Dougherty Peter, weaver. White's ct 
Dougherty Peter, trader, Sch 4t]i and Fairvievr 
Dougherty Philip, tavern. High W Sch 4th 
Dougberty Philip, st. cutter, Sch 8th bel Cherry 
Dougherty Philip, tavern, 249 Shippen 
Dougherty & Powers, omnibus. Vine n William 
Dougherty Rachel, Mark's la 
Dougherty Robert, pawnbroker, 272 Cedar 
Dougherty Robert, shoemr. Kirkpatrick's al 
Dougherty Robert, lab. Sch 6th ])el Cedar 
Dougherty Robt. capt. Fairmount 
Dougherty R. & J. grocers, 388 N 2d 
Dougherty Susan, gentw. 105 Filbert 
Dougherty Thos. lab. Huston ab Salqnon 
Dougherty Thos., AVarren ab Park (W P) 
Dougherty Wm. watchmn.h Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Dougherty Wm. paint, 23 Duponceau 

Dougherty Jas. tobacconist, 342 S 6th 

Dougherty Jas. watchman. Sycamore ab Locust; Dougherty Wm. lab., Ann E Sch 3d 
Dougherty Jas. carp., Lybrand bel Vine ! Dougherty Wm. lab. Barker n Sch 4th 

■•llougherty Jas. lab.. Sorrel bel Larch [Dougherty Wm. coachman, 269 Spruce 

'Dougherty Jas. stone mas. Sch 5th ab Chestnut, Dougherty Wm. grocer, 325 High 

Dougherty Wm., umbrella, 129 Marlborough 

bel Franklin (K) 
Dougherty Wm. carp. 7th bel Carpenter 
Dougherty AVm. brand cutter, rear 115 N 2d 
Douglierty Wm. carp. Shippen ab Broad 

Dougherty Jas. jr., tobacco., 342 S 6th 

Dougherty Jas. milkmn. Richmond laab Salmon] 

Dougherty Jas. W. tailor, rear 81 Cedar 1 

Dougherty Jane, grocer, 8th and Carpenter 

Dougherty Jolin, watchman, Mustin's ct 

Dougherty John, founder, 8th and Prime, h Suf-' Dougherty Wm. carter, rear 483 Coates 

folk bel 9th I Dougherty Wm. spring mr. Essex n Christian 

Dougherty John, lab. 123 Carpenter I Dougherty Wm. lab. Mulberry n Sch Front 

Dougherty John, lab. 4 Miller's ct ;Dougherty Wm. pack., rear Wood bcl Franklin 

Dougbertv John, boots & shoes, 2 Little Brown ^Doughty Geo. M. sh. carp. Franklin bel Cherry 
Dougberty John, turner. Beach bel Palmer | Doughty Lavinia, preserver, 72 Fitzwater 

Douglierty John, tavern, G T road n 3d (K) JDouglity Lorenzo, bricklr.. Brown ab Broad 

Dougberty John, shoemr., Wood n Sch 2d 
Dougherty John, lab. 4 Vaux's ct 
Dougherty John, porter, 58 Gaskill 
Doug-herty John, waiter, 11 Prosperous al 
Douglierty John, shoemr. 9 N 13th 
Dougherty Jolin, grocer, 186 Lombard 

Douglass Alonzo, carp. Haines ab 12th 
iDouglnss Ann, washer. Pearl ab 12th 
I Douglass Henry G. oysters, Washington (W P) 
l)oug!ass Jacob, druggist, Callowhill ab Broad 
Douglass Jacob M., Rev., 378 Coates 
.Douglass Jacob M. capt. 64 New 

Dougherty John, grave digger, Carpenter ab 9th Douglass James, hotel, 209 S 2d 
Dougherty John, lal). Sell 7th ab Ogden [Douglass Jas. blacksmith, 13th ab Willow 

Dougherty ,(ohn, milkman. Grape ab Ann (F V) 'Douglass Jas. lad. shoemr. 248§ Lombard 
Dougherty John, painter, 230 S 4th Douglass Jas. F. barber, 54 Mulberry 

Doug-herty John, lab. Front ab Moore ' Douglass Jeremiah, waiter, 16 Barclay 




Douglass John, grocer, Federal and 13th 
Doug'lass John, tobacconist, 174 Sassafras 
Doug-lass Jolin, wcav. Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Douglass John, cordw. 33 Perry 
Douglass John C. cordw. 121 S 11th 
Douglass John J. stone cutter, h 10 Christian, 

tav. N W Front and Federal 
Douglass J. J. N., 4 Sch 5th bcl Spruce 
Douglass J. v., baker, Sch 6th and Pearl 
Douglass L., Hope ab Master (K) 
Douglass Lydia, drcssmr. 131 S 11th 
Douglass M'argt. dry goods, 475 N 2d 
Douglass Mary, drcssmr., Itonaldson 
Douglass Mary Jane, book folder, 68 S 3d 
Douglass Orson, Rev., 21 Lombard 
Douglass Robert, jr., sign painter, 54 Mulberry 
Douglass Robt. carp., Wood bcl Sch 3d 
Douglass Robt. weaver, Fulton n 12th 
Douglass Samuel C. sailmr. 548 S Front 
Douglass Sarah M. teacher, 54 Mulberry 
Douglass Thomas, engineer, Sch bank be! Lom- 
Douglass Thos. lab. Washington ab Columbia 
Douglass Wm. lab. 2 Leyden's ct 
Douglass Wm. W. tobacco. Oak ab William 
Doule Thomas, 396 Coates 
Douling Edwd. shoemr. Shippen ab 8th 
DOULL JAMES, china, 125 S 4th 
Dounton Fanny, Francis E Sch 5th (F V) 

W Ashton, h Mulben-y E Sch 6th 
Douthwitt Wm., Thos. & Stephen, weavers, 27 

Dove Alex, seaman, rear 252 Lombard 
Dove Wm. hotel, S W Oak and High 
Dover Eliza, dressmr. Hanover ab Queen 
Dover James, waiter, 10th be! Lombard 
Dover Jos. carp., Gray's ct 

Dow Christopher C, machinist, 23 Montgomery 
Dow John, ])ainter, S E Sch 5th and High 
Dow Mrs. C. C. dressmr, 23 Montgomery 
Dow Phinehas, machinist, 50 N 6th, h 14 Powell 
Dowden Solomon, porter, rear 9 St Maiy 
Dowdey Jas. engineer, rear 127 N Market 
Dowdle A.bner, turner, 11th and Girard av 
Dowell Chas., pa. stainer, 9 Perry 
Dowell Eliza, shop, Washington ab William 
Dowell Wm. hair cutter, 42 S 4th 
Dowler Elizabeth, N W 11th and Coates 
Dowler George, coachmr., 12th n Myrtle 
Dowler Jacob, pottery, 6th bel Coates, h 12 

Dowler Wm. provision. Melon and Rai-ton 
Dowley John, blacksm. Carroll ab 13th 
Dowling Edward, plasterer, Evans 
Dowling Edward C. bricklayer, 50 Perry 
Dowling James, st. mason, Pine bel Sch 6th 
Dowling John, plasterer, Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Dowling John, gent. 286 S 6th 
Dowling John, Phil, and Ball. R. R., Sch 8th ab 

Dowling John, lab., Master ab 10th 
Dowling Joseph, combmr. 163 Marshall 
Dowling Matthew, Filbert W Sch 5th 
Dowling Mich. st. cutter, Builon 
Downer Charles, weigher, 18 N Water, h 144 

Downes Jas. lab., Lewis ab Thompson 

DOWNEY ALEX., Phoenix house, F road and 

Downey Elizabeth, 5 Union ct 
Downey George, potter, Sch 8th n Rail Road 
Downey Henry, lab. 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Downey James, lab., Jones W Sch 5th 
Downey Jas. weaver, Philip bel O.xfoitl 
Downey Jas. cordw. Milton bcl 11th 
Downey John, gilder. Little 15rown ab Cherry 
Downey Jno., glass blow., rear Duke bel Vienna 
Downey John, chandler, Shippen bel Hroad 
Downey John, weaver, Shippen la bel Itose 
Downey Patrick, weaver, Beattie's ct (K) 
Downey Patrick, grocer, Shippen and Spafford 
Downey Robt. lab., Peny bel Master 
Downey Robt. lab. Sch Front and Linn 
Downey Sarah, gentw., Clark and 4th 
Downey Thos. pressman, 7 Carver 
Downe}' Thos. cordw. Milton bel 11th 
Downey Wm. lab., Linn ab Nixon 
Downie Sarah, 12 Rugan 
Downie Wm. millwrigiit. School ab Rose (K) 
Downie Wm. tailor, 2d and George (K) 
Downing Alex, grocer, Hamilton and William 
Downing Benj. C. machinist, 10 Bread 
Downing Bernard, mor dress. Perry bel Phoenix 
Downing Catharine, grocer, 3 Barclay * 

Downing Catharine A. dressmr. 89 Charlotte 
Dowuinor C. H., coach trim. 126 Filbert, h 263 

Downing Daniel, porter store, 184 Shippen 
Downing Delia, dry goods, S E Sch 3d and 

Downing Edw. lab. 5 Ulrick's row (K) 
Downing George, baker, 648 N 2d (K) 
Downing Jas. carp. 5 Raspberry la 
Downing Jas. cai-pet weaver, Marlborough bel 

Downing Jas. blacksmith, 269 Wood 
Downing James R., blacksmith. Broad ab Vine, 

h 169 AVood 
Downing Jane C. 6 Freed's av 
Downing John, painter, 3 Irwine 
Downing John, clerk, 3 Barclay ' 

DOWNING JOHN S. com. mer. 5 & 7 Wabiu< 
Downing John W., coal, 21 Chestnut, h 251 

Downing J. R. blacksm.. Wood ab 13th 
Downing Levi, 37 Currant al 
Downing Mary, upholstress, 24 Bread 
Downing Mrs., Sch 8th n Cherry 
Downing Richard H, mer. Sch 7th and High, h 

Sassafras n Sch 6th 
Downing Thomas, porter, Sch 3d bel Sassafras 
Downing Thomas, gent. 216 S 8th 
Downing Wm. moroc. fin. 101 Hope (Iv) 
Downs Andrew, wcav., Andrews W Sch 2d 
Downs Ann, Cedar bel 12th 
Downs Fii'man E. brushmr. Diamond bel G T 

Downs Jas. boot mr. S E 2d and Dock 
Downs John, bottler, 127 Vine 
Downs John, carp., Buttonwood ab 13th 
Downs John T. tailor, 8 Kmerick's ct 
Downs Thomas, boots and shoes, 499 Mulberry 
Downs Thos. cordw., Sheaff'sal 
Downs Wm. H., lumber yd., Lewellyn's av, h 

69 Beach 





Doyle Catli. milliner, Scli 6th bel High 

Doyle Dennis, carp. Ciiskadcn's ct 

Doyle VaUv. tavern, 302ClKrry 

Doyle Kdw currier, 3 .lefl'erson 

Doyle Kliza, milliner, 210 Walnnt 

Doyle I'rancis, lab. 12 Harmony ct 

Doyle Fred, lab., William n Linn (F M) 

Doyle (leorg'e, bricklr. 58 M road 

Doyle Georg'e, fancy cliairmr., rear 134 F road 

Doyle .las. furniture, IJall al and Cedar, h 216 

Doyle .Tas. lab. 8 Elder 
Doyle .las. rear 223 S 3d 
Doyle J as. driver, rear 199 Christian 
Doyle .las. lab. 13th ab Federal 
Doyle .Tas. carp., Williams' ct 
Doyle John, weaver, 13th n Christian 
Doyle John, Church ab Prime 
Doyle John, weaver, Benton bel William 
Doyle John C, Eagle Hotel, 10th and Parrish 
Doyle John C. clerk, 9 Prune 
Doyle John C. lab. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Doyle John W. st. mason, Parrish bel Broad 
DOYLE & KING, coal yard, 9th ab Poplar 
Doyle Lawrence, carp. 12 Western av 
Doyle Midi, porter, S]5ruce n Sch 2d 
Doyle Mich. lab. Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Doyle M;ch. lab. 7 Dilk's ct 
Doyle Mich, dealer, 100 Plum 
Doyle & Mitz, tavern, N W 2d and Wharton 
Doyle Morg'an, music store, 126 Cedar 
Doyle Patrick, hatter, 4 Charles 
Doyle Pat., weaver, Baker's ct (K) 
Doyle Peter, trimming-s, 305 Callowhill 
Doyle Peter, seaman, 589 S Front 
Doyle Richard, vict. N E Wood and 13tli 
Doyle Robert, lab. 2 John's ct 
Doyle Robert, lab. 14 Jones' al 
Doyle Tiios., carter, 34 Alder 
Doyle Thos., acct., 6th and Chestnut, h Sch 6th 

bel High 
Doyle Tliomas, painter, 130 Poplar 
Doyle William, lab. Shallcross W Sch 2d 
Doyle William J., printer, 58 M road 
Doyle Wm. T., stone mason, 50 Lewis 
Drafers Rcljecca, S W 7th and Wood 
Drais Wm. P., brushmr. lOtli ab Buttonwood 
Drake Alfred, M. D., N W Sch 8th and Locust 
Drake & Bccbtel, dry goods, 235 N 3d 
Drake Charles, warper, Hope bel Master (K) 
Drake C, Barton & Co., lozenges, Christian 

and 8th 
Drake Franklir,, cordw. Hallowell's ct 
Drake John, tailor, 10th ab Poplar 
Drake John, weaver. Pink bel Jefferson 
Drake J no. C, dry goods, 235 N 3d, h 217 Coates 
Drake Mary Ann, Callowhill ab Sch Front 
Drake Mattliias D., cordw. 17 Randolph 
Drake Mi.sses, teachers, Sch 8th ab Spruce 
Drake iSamuel, stone mason, 239 Wood 
Drake Sarah Ann, 447 N 6th 
Drake Simon, boot fitter, 31 Apple 
Drake Thomas, manuf. M'Duffie n Sch 2d, and 

Sch 2d and Vine, h Sch 6th and Locust 
Drake Timothy, clerk 19 Duke 
Drake Uriah, boot fitter, 8 Weaver 
Drake Zach., lime burner, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Draper Charles, white washer, 18 Pearl 

Draper, lab. Apple bel George 
Di-apci" Elias, waiter, 18 I'rosperous al 
Draper Klizabeth, I'ranklin and Hancock, 
l)rapt;r E., math. & opt. instrument mr., 22 Pear 
Draper Henrv, coachman. Eagle ct 
DRAPKIi ISAAC, M. 1)., 309 Hpriicc 
Draper John, en{?raver, 22^ Mer. Exchange 
Draper .lohn, waiter, 1 Barclay 
Draper Murv, P road ab Carpenter 
Draper Milby, lab. Pearl ab 12th 
Draper Nanc\-, rear 396 Brown 
Draper Robert, engraver, 22^ Mer. Exchange, h 

100 S 3d 
DRAPER, WELSH & CO., bank note engra- 
vers, 223 Mer. Exchange 
Draper Wm., carp. 156 Julianna 
Di'ayton Daniel, waterman, 12iJ Washing1;on ay 
Drayton H., M. D., 13 Portico sq 
Drayton Joseph, rear 95^ Walnut 
Drayton Mrs. William, 13 Portico sq 
Orayton W. H., atty. & coun. 152 Walnut, h 13 

Portico sq 
Dreby C, cooper, 233 Hig-h, and 244 N 2d 
Dredger Catharine, b h, 381 S Front 
Dreer Ferdinand J., jeweler, rear 115 Chestnut, 

h Sch 7t]i ab Spruce 
Dreer Frederick, agent, 152 S 4th 
DREER & HAYES,jewelers, rear 115 Chestnut 
Dreer Henry A., seedsman, 59 Chestnut, h Elm 

and 6th (M V) 
Dreher Michael, cordw. G T road ab 2d (K) 
Dreisbach Henry, stone cutter, 31 Crown 
Dreka I,ewis, trimmings, 151 S 4th 
Drenkel Daniel, carp. Ogden bel 12th 
Dreser William, lithographer. Chestnut n 3d, h 

11th ab Carpenter 
Dressier Frederick B., coach lace weaver, Har- 
rison's av 
Dressier F. J., fancy g-oods, 47 S 2d 
Dressier John, weaver, 158 Poplar 
Dressier John S., carp. Pleasant ab 12th 
Drew Ann, spooler, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Drew Arthur P., clerk. Wood ab 11th 
Drew Catharine, conf., 13th and Pearl 
Drew Henry, lab. 31 Plum 
Drew Keziah, tdpacc(^nd seg-ars, 378 S 4tli 
Drew Martha, 1 Darrach's ct 
Drew Wm., upholst. 4 Watt 
Drexel A. J., broker, 34 S 3d, h Sch 4th n Mul- 
DREXEL & CO., ex. brokers, 34 S 3d 
Drexel I'rancis M., broker, 34 S 3d, house 506 

Chestnut n Sch 6tli 
Drexel F. A., broker, 34 S 3d 
Driday George, shoemr. Fraley's al (K) 
Drinkhouse Aaron, cabman, 20 Benton 
Drinkiiouhe Geo., tinsmith, 265 S 5th h 35 Paul 
Drinkhouse Hiram, tinworker, 37 P road 
Drinkhouse Jacob, coal dealer, 1 N 6th, h 151 

Sp Garden 
Drinkhouse Mary, washer, 11 Nonnatcr's ct 
Drinkhouse V\m., tinsm. 58 Cedar, h 474 S Front 
Dripps .John grocer. Amber and Pha-nix 
I)ri])s David, oil cloth manuf. Coate.s bel Broad 
Drips George, weaver. Perry bel Phccnix 
l)ri])s Jos., 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Drills Robt., grocer, 2d ab Montgomery (K) 
Driscoll Dennis, clerk. Quince n Pine 




Driscoll John, Freeston's pi 

Driver Adam S., 345 S 4th 

Driver Adam, scliool, 229 S 5th, h 45 Quince 

DrivcV John, moulder, rear 373 Sassafras 

Driver Josliua, carp. 383 Sassafras 

Driver Samuel, millwrt. Duane 

Drocg-e John, harnessmr. 10 Lodge pi 

Drollinar Jacob, stone mason, Clinton ab Parrish 

Dropsie Ann, 454 N 3d 

Drouin Felix, professor. 72 S 12th 

Drovin C^onstance, LocRley's ct 

Drown Mehitable C, 13 Crown 

DROWN WM. A., umbiellas, 86 High, h 18 

DROZ HANNAH, watchmr. 118 Walnut 
Druck Mary I'., hair dresser, 26 Sp Garden 
Drudding Fi-ancis, jeweler, 48 Shippen 
Druding Anthony, goldsm. Lathbury's ct 
Druding Arnold, jeweler, 245 Christian 
Drufnev John, cordw. lOth ab Master 
Drum Conrad, shop, 12th and Whitehall 
Drum David, tavern, S W 8th and Buttonwood 
Drum Elizabeth, N E Cherr>' and Sch 7th 
Drum Francis, lab. Murray W Sch 3d 
Drum James, lab. Andeside ab Duke 
Drum John, vict. Buttonwood ab R road 
Drum John, vict. Brown ab 13th 
Drum Terrence, lab. 20 M'Duffie 
Drum "William, vict. 302 N 8th 
Drumel E., blacksm. 127 N 11th 
Drumel Philip, cordw. 4 Elder 
Drummond George, baker, G T road be! Master 
Drummond Jas., weaver. Crown ab Duke 
Drummond John, tinsm. Mulberrj' ab Sch 4th 
Drummond Jos., barber, 191 S 4tii 
Drummond Levin, waiter, Carpenter ab 13th 
Drummond Lewis, shoemr. 11-^ N 8th, h Pry- 

or's ct 
Drummond Stephen, cabtmr. Suffolk 
Drury Pat., cordw. rear 20 Fitzwater 
Dryburgh A., florist, S W Sch 4th and Sassafras 
Drysdale Wm., watches & jeweler, 354 High, h 

Sassafras ab Sch 7th 
Dua A.ndrew P., seaman, 21 Mead 
Duane ^Vm., atty. at law, 138 &. h 228 Walnut 
Duane "Wm. J., office lo^nd k460 Walnut 
Dubasee Edward P., jeweler, ^ne 
Dubasee Eliza, 26 Lebanon 
Dubasce George, ropemr. P road bel 8th 
Dubasee Joseph, chairmr. 396 S 6th 
Dubois Albert, lithogi-apher, 236 N 5th 
Dubois Alex., combmr. Mechanic bel George 
Dubois Cornelius, conf., 367 N 2d 
Dubois Deborah, rear Carpenter ab 6th 
Dubois Enoch, combmr. 9 Merchant, h 10th n 

Dubois Ephraim F., watchman, 18 Gebhard 
Dubois Geo., lithographer, 3 Wagner's ct 
Dubois James, lumber mer. Larch and Maple 
Dubois James, dyer, 13th and Budden's al 
Dubois John, clerk, 384 S 5th 
Dubois John, carter, 7 Liberty ct 
Dubois Joseph A., upholst. 15 Ontario 
Dubois Louis P., broker, 10 Sergeant 
Dubois Maria, milliner, 159 S 2d 
Dubois Sanford, lab. 632 S 2d 
Dubois Theodore, paper hanger, Franklin hel 


Dubois Wm. E., assistant assaycr U. S. M., h 

133 N 13th 
Dubois Zaccheus, combmr. 29 Ogden 
Duborn Barbara, P'razer's ct 
DUBOSQ, CARROW & CO, jewelers, 5 Bank 

Dubosq Francis P. jeweler, 5 Bank al, h Sassa- 
fras ab Sell 7th 
Dubosq George, jeweler, 3d ab Catharine 
Dubosq Hem7, jeweler, 2^ Bank al, h 124 Ca- 
DUBOSQ H. & W. & CO., jewelers and silver- 
smiths, 2i Bank al 
Dubosq Peter, jeweler, Swanson bel Christian, 

h 33 Queen (S) 
Dubosq Philip L., jeweler, 2^ Bank al, h 126 

Dubosq Theo., jeweler, 76 N 2d 
Dubosq Wm. A., silversm. 2^ Bank al, h Car- 
penter ab 3d 
Du Bouchet A. D., dentist, 133 Spruce 
Dubourg Robt., bricklr. Jones W Sch 6th 
Dubree Alex. L., brass founder, Marseilles pi 
Dubree A. G., wood whf., foot Maiden 
Dubree Daniel S., grocer. Front & Phoenix (K) 
DUBREE JOHN, wood cord., Green st whf, h 

321 N 3d 
Dubree Lewis, carter, 206 St John 
Dubs Jos., mer. Poplar bel Sch 6th 
Dubs Siimuel R., M. D,, 17 S 10th 
Ducachet Henry W., D. D., 8 Girard 
Ducasse Francis H., tobacco., 12th bel Parivsh 
Ducasse John P., lampblackmr. Mechanic below 

George (K) 
Duchar Thos., gardener, 14 Pratt 
DUCK, SHIPxMAN & CO., lumber merchants, 

Washington av n Coates 
Duckett Abraham, acct. 5 Zane 
Duckett Abraham, porter, 6 Farmer 
Duckett Joseph H., mer. 15 Commerce, h 4A4t 

N 6th 
Duckett & Knight, paper & rags, 21 Bank 
Duckett Samuel, lab. Wood ab R road 
Duckett Thos, porter, 17 Farmer 
Duckstein Wm., coachmr. Ontario ab Parrish 
Duckworth Jane, oysters. Broad bel R. R 
Duckworth Mary, 13 Poplar 
Du Comb J. F., bookbinder, N E 6th and Chest- 
nut, h 215 Marshall 
DUCOMMUN H., watchmr. & watch tools, 127 

Dudding Esther, b h, 362 N Front 
Duddy Bernard, type founder, Catharine bel 9th 
Duddy Jas. A., moulder, 28 Sch 8th 
Duddy John, type found., Catharine bel 9th 
Duddy Miciiacl, shop, Lombard bel 12th 
Dudley Jacob, carp. Otter n School (K) 
Dudley John, girth mr. 114 German 
Dudley Robt., lab. Salmon and Somerset 
Dudreau J., gent. 22 Griswold al 
Dudson John, weaver, 8 Hanison av (K) 
Hudson Saml., stocking manuf. 636 N 3d 
Duft' Edward, mer. 35 N whfs., h 39 Sassafras 
Dutt" Edward, hat finisher, 208 S 5th 
Duff James, saddler, Oxford ab Front 
Duff James, weaver, Sergeant bel F road 
Duff John B., carp. Monroe ab Palmer 
Duff John L., clerk, Queen bel Palmer (K) 




Duff Margt., sempstress, Lombard ab Sch 6th 
DufrSuml., stove linisl\., Monroe bel CheiTy(K) 
DuU' Will. A., acct. Wasl.ington bel 10th 
Diitrcc Francis, com. mer. 21 Walnut 
Dufiee F. H., broker ins. ag^., 82 S 3d, house 124 

Duffee James, lab. rear 117 Plum 
Dufiee John C, coal dealer, Tower ab Sch 2d 
UutTee Washing-ton J., M. 1)., 8th bel F'itzwater 
Duffel James, weaver, 4th opp G T road 
Duffel Jas., cordw. 7th ab Washing-ton 
Dufl^el Luke W., clerk, 17 Carpenter 
Duffel Reuben, ship carp., Vienna ab Duke 
Duffcy Charles, hatter, 198 Cliristian 
Duffiekl Catharine, 13 Marker 
Duffield Chas., wheelwrt., Hanover ab Franklin 
Duffiekl Henry, carp., Phoenix & Howard (K) 
Duffield Jacob, lab.. Winter bel 2d 
Duffield Joseph, bootmr., F road ab Oxford 
Duffield Robt. K., bottler, 46 Tammany & 268 

N Front 
Duffield Samuel, carp., Union ab Franklin (K) 
Duffield Sarah, g-entw. 178 Spruce 
Duffield Sarah, 11 Marker 
Duffield Thos., carp., Montgomeiy bel Front 
DuffiU James, baker, rear 6th ab Camac 
Duffin John, 371 Lombard 
Duffy Arthur, tailor, 462 Hig-h 
Duffy Bernard, shoemaker, Washington below 

Moore (W P) 
Duffy Bernard, lab., Hazel n Front 
Duffy Bridget, Fitler bel Harrison 
Duffy Cathai-ine, Mulberry n Sch 8th 
Duffy Charles, chaiseman, M'Manamy's ct 
Duffy Chas., dry goods, 77 S 11th 
Duffy Dennis, carp, weav., G T road bel Jefferson 
Duffy Edward, tallow chandler, 44 Filbert 
Duffy Edwd., carter, Sch Front and Mulberry 
Duffy Elizabeth, dressmr., Hanly's ct 
Duffy Eugene, shoe store, 243 S 2d 
DUFFY FRANCIS, stables, 180 Locust 
Duffy Hugh, glass-house. Queen bel Warren 
Duffy Hugh, shoemr. 12 Flower 
Duffy Hugh, lab., Sutherland av 
Duffy Hugh B., hat dyer, P road bel Marriott 
Duffy Isaac, lab.. Poplar bel Broad 
Duffy James, ostler, 8 Lawrence 
Duffy James, shop, Sch 2d and M'Duffie 
Duffy James, tavern, 13th ab Catharine 
Duffy James, chair gilder, 3d bel Wharton 
Duffy Jas., fur. car. 9th ab Poplar 
Duffy Jas. P., math, instruments, 91 S 8th 
Duffy John, hatter, 22 Quince 
Duffy John, carter, Chen-y E Sch 2d 
Duffy John, chaiseman, M'Manamy's ct 
Duffy John, tavern. 7th and Zane 
Duffy Jolm, lab. 3 S Sch 4th 
Duffy John, tavern, Wuter and Sassafras 
Duffy John, lab.. Tower W Sch 2d 
Duffy John, tailor, 10th bel Ciu-istian 
Duffy John, porter, Rhoads E Sch 4th 
Duffy John, bar tender, Richmond ab Ann 
Duffy John H., clerk, 77 Ogden 
Duffy Mary, Maple ab Richmond 
Duffy Michl, tailor, Richmond bel William 
DuffV Michl. porter, 46 Union 
Duffy Michl. 15 College av 
Duffy l-atrick, grocer, 137 Plum 

Duffy Fatk., lab.. Baker 

Duffy Patk., tailor. Carpenter ab 6th 

Duffy Patk., .sheet iron worker, Bache 

Duffy Peter, clerk, Hanly's ct 

Duffy Peter, lab.. Cedar n Sch 

Duffy Philip, ostler, 10 Kenworthy ct 

Duffy Philip, contractor, William bel Richmond 

Duffy Rosanna, 1 Melon pi 

Duffy R., dyer, 43 Coates' al. 

Duffy Sarah, 30 Lebanon 

Duffy Terence, cabman, Fitzwater n Broad 

Duffy Thos., ostler, 4 Pleasant ct 

Duffy Wm., painter, 53 S 3d, h 9th ab Prime 

Duffy Wm., weaver, 6th ab Jefferson (K) 

Duffy Wm., Pratt bel Logan (W P) 

Duffy W'm., lab., Warren bel Mary (W^ P) 

Duffy Wm. F., mer. 120 Walnut 

Duflon P. v., mer., 53 High, h N E Sch 8th and 

Dufour George, mer., 16 Wakiut, h N W Sch 

8th and Spruce 
Dufrene Caroline, milliner, S W 10th &. Chestnut 
Dufrene Edwd., artist, 32 S 7th 
DUFRENE T. W., ornament works, 260 Chest- 

nut, h S W loth and Chestnut 
DUGAN A. A., engraver, 265 N 2d, h 12 N 11th 
Dugan Cormick, lab., Caldwell n Beech 
Dugan Dennis, weaver, 2d and Phoenix 
Dugan Francis, 1 Hampton 
Dugan Henry, weaver, 58 P road 
Dugan Hugh, weaver, 9th bel Clu-istian 
Dugan Isabella, 348 Pine 

Dugan Jas., bottler. Master ab Cadwalader (K) 
Dugan Jas., lab. 9 Little Oak 
Dugan John, hatter, Larch ab Wallace 
Dugan Jos. J., druggist. Cedar ab 12th 
Dugan Margaret, rear Spruce n Sch Front 
Dugan Patrick, carter, 17 Baker 
Dugan Palk., drayman, rear York bel F road 
Dugan Patk., cabman, 6 Monmouth ct 
Dugan Rosanna, Hampton n Sch 2d 
Dugan Thos., shoenjr.. Binder's ct 
Dugan Thomas, broker, 5 W' istar 
Dugan Timothy, weaver, 9 Ulrick's row 
Dugan Wm., carter. Master ab G T road (K) 
Dugan Willian^ lab.^elmuth n Sch 7th 
DUGAN W'M.Vv., refectory, 211 Mulberry 
Dugee Rachel, 53 Apple 
Du Hadwav J., mer., N W 2d and High, h 49 

DUHRING GEORGE, M. D., 134^ Mulberry 
Dulu-ing Henry, coach lace, &,c. 22 N 4th, h 167 

N 6th 
Duke Thos., lab., Johnson la n 3d 
Dukeman Wm., tobacco, S E Penn and Cedar 
Dukes Ann, 103 A Christian 
Dukes John, lab., Eppright's ct 
Dukes Peter, waterman. Brown's ct 
Dukes Richaid, waterman, 5 Plum 
Dulin John, lab., rear 197 Christian 
Dulin Michael, lab., Huston and R road 
Dulin Ruth, 2d and Phoenix (K) 
Duliiig- Thos., capt. 5 Carpenter 
Dull Charles, paper warehouse, 8 Decatur, h 

Bridge ab 6th (M ^') 
Dull Cliristian, drayman. Front bel Master 
Dull Gabriel, carter, 9th bel Ogden 
Dull George, tavern, 440 N 2d 




Dull George W., carp., Oxford ab 5th (K) 

Dull James, drayman, Crown bcl West (K) 

Dull Prudence, 270 N 7th 

Dull Sarah, shoe binder, 12 Prime 

Dull Valentine, carter, Thompson ab 4th (K) 

DULLES & AERTSEN, com. mers., 8 S Front 

DULLES, EARL & COPE, drug-g-ists, 76 S 2d 

Dulles Jos. H., mer. 8 S Front, h 270 Pine 

Dulles J. H. jr., mer. 76 S 2d, h 270 Pine 

Dulles Wm., com. mer.J2 Church al 

DULTY & JOHNS, boots and bonnets 98 

Dulty Wm., mer. 98 High, h Summer n Sch 7lh 
Dumas G. B., mer. 138 Hig-h 
Dumec John F., cablnetmr. 3 Fitzwater 
Dumfey Margaret, 110 Poplar 
DUMMIG CHARLES, imp. mus. instr &. fancy 

articles, 207 Chestnut, h 16 Sansom 
Dumont Augustus, lab. 3 Maishall's ct 
Dumont A. J., mer. 27 N 4th, h N E Wood and 

Dumont Caroline, Penn ab 12th 
Dumont J. A., 100 Wood 
Du Moulin Augustus, gilder, 65 S 8th, h Pine 

W Sch 8th 
Dumproff Antoine, bootmr. 7 Cresson's al 
Dunbar Alexander, lab., Mechanic 
DUNBAR DUNCAN, Rev., Front and Ellen 
Dunbar Elon, mer. 22 Chestnut, h 104 S 9th 
Dunbar James, lab.. Cedar n Beach | 

Dunbar Jas., milkman, Marriott ab 5th 
Dunbar John, lab., Lombard E Sch Bank 
Dunbar Morris, cai-p, loth and Brown 
Dunbar Thos., lab., Sch Cedar ab Beech 
Dunbar Wm., blacksm. Prime ab Front 
Duncan Adam, dravman, Bache n Sassafras 
Duncan Albeit, 291 S 10th 

jDungan Chas. W., carp. 222 Coates 

Dungan C. B., register & treaa. N L Gas Works, 

h .Mulberry E Sch 7th 
Dungan John, shoe store, 237^ N 3d 
Dungan John, clerk, 50 Green 
Dungan John, clerk, 17 Eric 
Dungan John lai^ip black manuf., Sch 8th aboTC 

Dungan Robt. W., druggist, 69 N Front 
Dungan Tlios., cordw.. Vine ab 12th 
Dungan Thos. M., blacksm.. Little Green bcl 

G Troad 
Dungan Thos. M., carp.. Master and flancock 
Dungey Wm., bird shop, 167 N 12th 
Dunglison Robley, M. D., 18 Girard 
Dunham Azariah, grocer, York bel Queen 
Dunham Charles, waterman, 6 Galbraith's ct 
Dunham Hugh, glass blower. Ball bel Queen 
Dunham James, oyster house, 23 N whfs, h 48 

Dunham James S., lab., Carlton ab loth 
Dunham Mrs., select school, 100 PYanklin 
Dunham Thos. S., tobacconist, 257 Sassafras, h 

39 Chester 
Dunk A. A., mer. 32 N 2d 
Dunkerley Ann, dressmr. 218 N 10th 
Dunlap Abrm., coachmr. 201 Callowhill 
Dunlap Alex., hat fin. 4 Church av 
Dunlap Andrew, 5 Vickers' ct 
Dunlap Charles, clerk, 50 Chester 
Dunlap & Co., coachmrs. 5th and Buttonwood 
Dunlap Elizabeth, 10 S 10th 
Dunlap George E., glass blower, Cherry above 

Duke (K) 
Dunlap Geo. F., U. S. Mint, h 587 Sassafras 
Dunlap Henry, carriage builder, 78 Crown 
Dunlap James, mer. 14 S Front h 70 N 11th 

Duncan Alex., clerk. Haverford bel 6th (M V) j Dunlap James, fur. car, Wood bel Broad 
Duvcan C, warper, Hamilton n Fairmount st 'Dunlap Jas., carp., rear 6 James 
DUNCAN DAVID, coal dealer, Shackamaxon , Dunlap Jas., weaver, 8 Little Green (K) 

ab Queen (K) jUunlap Jas. H., mer. 67 High, h 10th bel Green 

Duncan George, carp. 3 SJ George Dunlap John, blacksm., Willow ab 5th 

Duncan George W., clerk, 5th bel Franklin Dunlap John, car driver, 29 Pratt 
Duncan James, dealer, Margaret bel 10th Dunlap John, soap boiler, Sch 5th ab Fairvicw 

Duncan Jas. J., mer. 177^ High, h 311 Spruce Dunlap John, weaver, Jefferson ab Front (K) 
Duncan Jas. J. Co., hartlware, 177^ High 1 Dunlap John, millwil., Warren bel Park(W P) 
Duncan John, seaman. Tanner Dunlap &. Jones, silk goods, 123 High 

Duncan John, ship stores, S whfs bel Almond Dunlap Joseph, 459 N 4th 

Duncan Joseph, cordw. 7 Kelly's av 
Duncan Louisa, Mis., Chestnut n Broad 
Duncan Mary, milliner, High ab Sch 5th 
Duncan Moses, lab.. Juniper and Pine 
Duncan Noaii G., carp. 78 Catharine 
Duncan Peter, seaman, 1 Williams' ct 

Dunlap J. &. S., dry goods, 14 S Front 
I Dunlap Misses, fancy milliners, 16 N 10th 
Dunlap Robt. S., salesman, 304 Green 
Dunlap Sallows, mer. 14 S Front, h 53 Marshall 
I Dunlap Samuel, waiter. 4 White's pi 
I Dunlap Sarah, 241 Vine 

Duncan & Richardson, furnit.. High W Sch 6th | DUNLAP THOMAS, atty. & coun., 88 S 4th 

Duncan Robt., gas work-s, Filbert bel Sch 5th 

Duncan Sarah, whitewasher, 5 Bradford al 

Duncan Thos., weaver. Crown bel Duke 

Duncan T., carp.. High n Sch 5th 

Duncan Wm., 92 Wood 

Dundan Maria, b. h. 133 Vine 

Dundas James, paver, F road ab Phoenix (K) 

Dundas Jas., N E Broad and Walnut 

Dunda.s John, tavern, G T road bel Franklin 

Dundy James, carp. 7 Quigg's ct 

Dunfee Elizabeth, huckster, 7 Hoffman's a] 

Dunfce Samuel, turner, \l road ab Girard 

Uungaker Henry, 67 Wood 

Dunlap Thos., sexton, George ab Sch 7th 
Dunlap Thos., weaver, Sch 5th bel Cedtir 
Dunlap Thompson, tailor, Cherry ab Duke 
Dunlap Wm., coachmr., 5th and Buttonwood, h 

N W 5th & Willow 
Dunlap Wm. H., mer. 123 High, h Nicetown 
Dunlevy Giorge, porter, 42 Carpenter (C) 
Dunlevy Richard M., captain, 418 S 3d 
Dunlevy Robt., silversm., rear 117 Chestnut, h 

59 Almond 
Dtmlevy Sarah, 85 M road 
Dunlevy & Wise, silversms., rear 117 Chestnut 
Dunlop John, tailor, 663 N 2d 




Dunn Ann, spooler, Poplar bel Broad (M) 
Dunn Charles C, nicr.. Filbert VV of Sch 7th 
Dunn Cornelius, lal)., Kline's row (K) 
Dunn Edward, lab., Henton's ct 
Dunn Kdwd. I*., bookbinder, Geori^c bel Apple 
Dunn Francis, lab., rear Hope ah Otter (K) 
Duini Geo., hatter, 125 Christian 
Duiu) James, weaver, Hancock (K) 
Dtnin James, brickmr. 15 Wilcox 
Dunn James, eng'raver, 12 Budden al 
])unn James, briclinir., M'Duffie n Sch 3d 
Dunn Jeremiaii, weaver, Scliool ab Rose (K) 
Dunn John, blacksm.. Filbert n Sch 8th 
Dunn Jolin, shoenu-.. Federal ab 5tli 
Dunn Jolui, lab., Collins av n Linn 
Dunn Joiin, comedian, Callowhill 8t llug^an 
DUNN JOHN, coflee house, 76 Chestnut 
Dunn John lab., Poplar bel Broad 
Dunn John, lub., Steele's ct 
Dunn Jolin, weaver, 10th bel Christian 
Dunn Jos., mer. 13 Bank, h Filbert W Sch 8th 
Dunn J., Bolivar House, Hig-h n Sch 3d 
Dunn L. P. Mrs., tjentw., Sch 7th ab Mulbeny 
Dunn Margaret, huckster, 7 John's ct 
Dunn Margt., 112 S 12th 
Dimn Margt., boots & shoes, 362 High 
Dunn Marv, huckster, 121 Plum 
Dunn Mary, 380 S 3d 
Dunn Mary A., Penn bel Broad 
Dunn Matthew, lab., 315 S 6th 
Dunn Micliael, sup. Mer. Exchange, h 7 Elms- 
lie's al 
Dunn Neil, lab. Fisher ab Emeiy 
Dunn Nelson, acct. 70 N 3d, h 3d & Willow 
Dunn Patrick, lab. Brown n Andeside 
Dunn Patrick, lab. York bel Queen 
Dunn Patrick, driver, Sch 4th ab Pine 
Dunn Patrick, shoemr. 5 M'Kean's et 
Dunn Robert, blacksm. 10th bel Catharine 
Dunn Tiios. tailor, rear 1 Bread 
Dunn Thos. huckster. Linden bel Green 
Dunn Thos. shoemr. 3 Forrest pi 
Dunn Wm. weaver, Washington ab Logan 
Dunn Wm. chaiseman, 19 Charles 
Dunn Wm. weaver, Hampton 
Dunnet John, carp. Parrish bel 10th 
Dunning David, blacksm. Perry ab Franklin 
Dunning Richd. O'B. acct. 7 S Penn sq 
Dunning Robert D. 7 S Penn sq 
Dunnington Jolin, weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 
Dunot Chai'les, carp. 114 Dlllwyn 
Dunot Ju.itus, ISI. D., S AV Spruce and 3d 
Dunphee Jolin, carter, 12tli and Haines 
Dunphy Ellen, sempstress, 2 Norris' al 
Dunsmoor Samuel, cutter, 4 Plum 
Dunsmore Alex. nicr. 96 High, h 2 Wistar 
Dunster Wm. lab. 7 Stanley 
Duristin John, waiter, Wharton ab 7tli 
Dunton Albert A. mer. 69 High, h 10th and 

Fitz water 
Dunton Allen, 3 Myers' ct 

Dunton Geo. stovemr. 84 N 2d, h 62 Tammany 
Dunton &. Lawson, di-y goods, 69 High 
Dunton Jacob, 58 Pine 
Dunton John L. sea captain, 353 Washington 

ab 13th 
Dunton Mary, wid. of Isaac, 130 S 8tli 
Dunton Wilson, mer. 77 High 

Dunton W. W., 177 Sassafnui 
Dunwoody E/ekiel, mer. N E 8th and High 
Dunwoody Ruth, 163 Sassafras 
Duparr James, cordw. Bland's ct 
Dupee Conrad, plasterer, Becket W Sch 7th 
Duplainc B. C. mer. 244 N 4th 
Dupree, Chantry &, Co. clothing, 192 High 
Duprcc John S. copper pi. printer, Chai-les (S^ 
Dupree Wm. T. tailor, 192 Higli, h 10 E North 
Dupuy John, gent. Sch 7th bel Uittenhouse 
Duraind Taressa, milliner, 211 Chestnut 
DURAND E. druggist, S W 6th and Chestnut, h 

116 S 9th 
Durand L M. b h, 20 Branch 
Durand Samuel, paper hanger, Rio Grande pi 
Durang Charles, dancing master, 289 High 
Durang Joiin, clerk, rear Olive ab 12th 
Durang Maria, umbrellamr. H Locust 
Durant John, brushmr. 9 Harrison 
DURAR ENOCH, Exchange Coffee House, 

3d and Dock, h 132 S 3d 
Durbin J. P., Rev., 491 Mulberry 
Durborow, Rev. Geo. Callowhill W Sch Front 
Durbcrow James H. 2d and Prime 
Durborow John S. carp. Washington belPark 
Durborow Mary, 172 S 9th 
burborow Parker, engineer, Callowhill abore 

Sch 6th 
Durborow Samuel, blacksm. Washington below 

Durborow Wm. H. carpenter, Callowhill W Sch 

Durell E. H. Coates ab 2d 
DURELL KIMSEY, tavern. Front & Poplar 
Durell Samuel, painter, 44 New Market 
Durell Thos. stove manuf. 59 and 61 N 5th, h 

440 N 4tli 
Durell Wm. M. 8 Pleasant Retreat 
Durfor Francis, carver. Wood bel West] 
Durfor Wm. carp. &. tavern, N E 9th &. Brown 
Durham Benj. carter, 8th bel Reed 
Durham Elijah, Catharine st wharf 
Durham Elizabeth, stockmr. 178 N 13th 
Durham Ezekiel, waiter, 7th ab Catharine 
Durham Francis, carp. 218 R road 
Durham Israel, weaver, 3 Perry ct 
Durham James, grocer, Shippen ab 12th 
Durham Jas. oysters, rear 10 Little Pine 
Durham John, refectory, 165 Carpenter 
Durham Uody, dressmr. 12 Powell 
Durham Samuel, 165 Carpenter Sarah, 165 Carpenter 
Durham Thos. baker, Fitzwater ab 12th 
Durick Matthew, lab. Coates E William 
Durner Thos. lab. 4 Wiley's ct 
Durnell Hannah, huckster, rear 5 Elfretli's al 
Durncll Henry, tobacconist, 4^ S 9th, h 245 

Durnell James, blacksm. 156 & h 308 Sassafras 
Durney Eliza, Mrs. 103 Catharine 
Durney Joseph, brushmr. 108 Union 
Durney Tobias M. confect. 278 S 2d 
Duross Jas. gn-ocer, SEP road &. Catharine 
Duross Jas. liquor mer. h 11th and Milton 
Duross John, cabtmr. 221 Cedar 
Duross Patrick, tavern, 600 S 2d 
Duross Wm. bookseller, 7 Arcade, h 131 N 2d 
Durr John, blacksm. 274 N 5th 




Durrah Hugh, plasterer. Citron ab 12th 
Durrah John, carp. Mariner bel Broad 
Durrenlicig'M' Philip, boot crimp. 5 Martin's ct 
Diisch Antliony, corchv. 2 Orchard 
DUSCII CHRIST, hotel, 546 N 2d (K) 
Dusch Ceorg^e, cordw. 27 Mayland 
Dusenbery Benj.type found, uch 3d above Sas- 
Dusenbiiry Francis, lab. Lancaster bel Reed 
Dnsing- Nick, tanner, Collins' al 
Dussei Peter. 87 Cedar 
Diisz Jacob F. baker, 649 N 2d (K) 
Dutch Alex, cordw. S E 10th and Serg-eant 
Dutcher Theod. confect. N W 2d and Queen 
DUTERTE FRANCIS A. undertaker, 200 

Lombard, h Washing-ton ct 
Dutilh Chas. Treas. Union Canal Co. Carpen- 
ter's ct, h 467 Mulbeny 
Dutilh Edmund G. mer. rear 147 High, h 417 

DUTILH, HUMPHREYS & CO. forwarding & 

com. mers. rear 147 High 
Dutton Abraham, porter. Perry 
DUTTON B. FRANK, Northern Exchange, 

460 N 2d 
Dutton C. Mrs. gentw. S E Wood and Franklin 
Dutton Henry, teacher, Sch 3d and Sassafras 
Dutton Isaac, stevedore, St Mary n 7th 
Dutton Isaac, carp. Washington bel 4th 
Dutton James, waiter, 12 Marshall's ct 
Dutton John R. provis. N W 13th and Coates 
Dutton Joseph L. carp. 24 Union 
Dutton Lewis T. shoes, 6th and Callowhill 
Dutton, Lloyd 8c Carringlon, dry goods, 22 

Dutton NoiTis B. agt. Gray's ct 
Dutton Richard R. boots and shoes, 132 High, 

h S E Franklin and Wood 
Dutton Samuel, mer. 22 Chestnut 
Dutton Sarah, b h, R. R. n Broad 
Dutton Susan, Wood ab 12th 
Duval Dayton, gents, furnish, store, 5 Arcade, 

h 8 Laurel 
Duval Mrs. confect. 470 N 3d 
DUVAL P. S. litho. Ranstead pi. h 293 Walnut 
Duval Richard C. moulder, Wharton bel 7th 
Duval Wm. L. tobacconist, 65 Walnut 
DUX S. M. dry goods, 20 Bank 
Duy David, hatter, 14 Whitehall 
Duy Wm. watchman, 32 Whitehall 
Duy Wm. J. hatter, 32 Whitehall 
Duyra Abraham, cordw. 18 Brown 
Dwisrlit Francis G. mer. 9th ab Coates 

Dyer Albert, currier, 4 Wagner's ct 

Dyer & Bechler, painters, 113 N 4th 

Dyer Benjamin, blacksm. Carroll ab 13th 

Dyer Charles P. carp. 86 Swanson 

Dyer George, tavern. Vine and Crown 

Dyer Harriet P. milliner, 12th bel Chestnut 

Dyer Isaac, shoemr. 32 Apple 

Dyer James W. gent. 517 S Front 

Dyer John, lab. Susannah bel Richmond 

Dyer John D. painter, 5th bel Federal 

Dyer Jones, gent. N W. 6th and Sansom 

Dyer Julianna, 221 S Front 

Dyer J. teacher. Wood ab Sch 6th 

Dyer Michael, lab. Johnson's la ab 4th 

Dyer Nathan, tailor, 97 German 

Dyer Reeves S. lab. 448 S Front 

Dyer Sarah, 97 Green 

Dyer Timothy I. brassfound. N W Church and 

Washington, h 27 Clark 
Dyke John, barber, P road bel Washington 
Dyke John, jr. painter, 34 Julianna 
Dyke P. B. clerk, 29 Montgomery 
Dyott C. W. gent. Sch 8tli and Spruce 
Dvott J. B., M. D., 132 N 2d h 290 N 6th 
DYOTT T. W. & SONS, druggists & com. 

mers., 132 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., M. D., 132 N 2d 
Dyott T. W., jr., druggist, 132 N 2d 
Dyre Milton, book binder, Logan ab Green 
Dyre Timothy I., jr., brass founder, Washington 

and Church, h 27 Clark 
Dyson Christopher, oak cooper, Allen ab Han- 
over (K) 
Dyson John, turner, rear 112 Walnut, h Lemon 

ab 10th 
Dyson John, lab., 3 Spink's row 
Dytch James H., brickmr. Marshall ab Poplar 

Eachus Wm. F., clerk, 7 Castle 
Eadline Jas., tailor, 132 Beach (K) 
Eagen Mary, washer, Sch 3d and Pine 
Eager Alex. A., shoemr. 94 German 
Eager Wm., ship carp. F road bel Bedford 
Eager Wm., wheelwright, 4th bel Thompson 
Eagin Cavan, cordw. Pink bel Jefferson 
Eagin Wm. W., tailor, 13 Strawberry 
Eagins Ann, shop, 621 N Front 
Eagle Jerome, mer , h Chestnut bel Mary ( W P) 
Eakin Matthew, Chestnut and William 
Eakins Benj., teacher writing, 4 Carrolton sq 
Eakins James, moulder, 8 York ct 

Dwyer Daniel, fisherman. Queen and Palmer, h'Ealer Lewis W., gunsm. 11th ab Coates 

Wood and Franklin (K) 
Dwyer Henr}', fisherman, Franklin ab Wood 
Dwyer John, Bedford 
Dwyer Wm. lab. 8 Lillv al 
Dyball Caroline, gentw. 385 Callowhill 

Ealer Margaret, teachei-, 9th bel Brown S 

Fames Dana, mer. 2 Jones' al, h Green above 

Eames Wm., shoemr. 7th and Hallowell 
Earhart Anthony, 128 Coates 

Dyball Robert, furnishing goods, Sp. Gai-den & Earhart Geo., tailor, Pui'ker's al 


Dych John, coppersm. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Dych Mary Ann, grocer, Duke bel Palmer 
Dych Michael, clerk, 3 Simmons' ct 
Dye John, plater, 366 N4th 

Earl Harrison, gent. 249 Pine 

Earl John, lab., 8 Helmuth 

Earl JohnT,., cordw. 163 Carpenter 

Earl Mary. Poplar ab 12th 

Earl Samuel W., mer. 76 S 2d 

Dye Joseph R. tailor, 23 Queen, h Hanover bel Earl William, stone mason, AVaterloo ab Rich- 

West (K) 
Dye & Morris, tailors. Queen n F road (K) 

mond la 
Earle Alfred, M. D., G T road bel 6th (K) 




EARLE GEORGE, tailor, 175 Chestnut, house 

Cherry n Scli 7th 
Earle Georg'e IF., atty. and coun., 44 N 5th 
Earle Henry, macht., Eieper ct 
Earle Jus., conlw. Geoi-g'e E Sch 2(1 
Earle Jas., weaver, Mariner n Hrown 
Earle .Tames, tfent. lOtli hel Wallace 
EARLE. FAMKS S., paintings & looking-glasses, 

216 ClK-slnut, h S E 9th and Chestnut 
Earle .lohn hutclu'r, Havcrford road (M V) 
Earle .lolin FI., tailor, 91 S 3d, h 3G9 Cedar 
Earle Mary, 44 N 5tli 
Earle F^obert, mer. 464 Mulberry 
Earley Benj., lab. Rag-g's ct 
Earley Christopher, lab. Flanaq-an's ct 
Earley Edward, lab. Charlotte yb Master (K) 
Earley Edward S., calitmr., 311 S 2d 
Earley .lames W., corder, Catharine st. whf., h 

345 S Front 
Earley Jeplitha, W. M. Hotel, 89 Shippen 
Earley Jolin, cal^tmr. 1 Middle al 
Earley l^cter, lab., Cadwalader ab .TefTerson 
Earley Samuchcordw., .Jones' albel Sch 2d 
Earley Samuel, carp. 114 German 
Earley Thos.,shoemr. Shallcross bel Sch Front 
Earley Wm., coaeliman. Lemon ab 10th 
Earls Ann, milliner, 140 S 5th 
Earls Henry, plumber, Linden W Sch 8th 
Earls Wm.,lab.Callowhill ab Broad 
Early Wm., mer. 12 Hig^h, h 227 N 6th 
Earnest David, tailor, Owen bel Broad 
Earnest Wm., lab. Callowhill ab Sch Front 
Earnhart Charles, gunsm., Scott's ct 
Earnhart Wm., musician, Gray's ct 
Earns A., Georg^e ab Sch 8th 
Earp & Brothers, mers., 34 Commerce 
Earp Edwin, mer. 63 S Front, h 102 N 11th 
Earp Geo., mer. 34 Commerce, h 302 Mulberry 
Earp G.Bakewell, mer. 179 Hig-h 
Earp Mary A., widow of Robt., 329 Chestnut 
Earp Pliilip, carman, 5th and Jefferson (K) 
Earp Tlios., merchant, 34 Commerce,h 16 Mont- 

g-omery sq 
Earp Thomas, jr., 26 S whfs.,h Cherry ab 10th 
Earp & Young-, com. mers. 26 S whfs 
EARP & RANDALL, com. iron mers., 56 N 

whfs. & 117 N Water 
Earps, Haven & Tucker, com. mers. 63 S Front 
Easby Catharine, 571 S Front 
Easbv John, cooper. Church bel Washington, h 

i82 S Front 
Easby Wm., cooper, 55 S Water, h 175 S 9th 
Easdill Jolin, weaver, T'hllip ab Oxford 
Easier Wm., broker, 362 S 2d 
Eason Patrick, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
East .(olm, weaver, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Eastburn Ciiarles, att'y and coun., N W 3d and 

Eastburn Francis 11., dry g-oods, 429 Hig-h 
Eastburn John,sailmr.48 S whfs.,h 400's 3d 
Eastenburg- Henry, sugar refiner, 18 Lily al 
Easter Isaac, painter, 12th bel Ogden 
Easterday Georg-c, lab. Moore n Church 
Easterday Henry, lab. 2d bel Greenwich 
Easterday Peter, M road and Marker 
Eastlack A., bootnir. 183 Walnut 
Eastlack Clark, painter, 561 N 3d 

Eastlack R. W., 287 N 11th ah Green 
I'-astland Wm., sexton, rear 86 Locust 
Eastman Benj., manuf. of spring- beds, 410 High, 

h 114 N .luniper 
Eastman Jonathan, 16 IFallowell 
Eastwick John .(., plasterer, 17 Shippen 
Rastwick John W., plasterer, 6 Shippen 
Eastwick Margaret, gentw., 3 Buckley 
Eastwick Stephen, jjla.sterer, Duke &. Hanover 
l-'astwood David, weaver, 6th ab Jefferson (K) 
Eastwood Mary, 15 S 13th 
Eastwood Samuel, shop, 5 Farmer 
Eastwood Wm., carp. Howard bel Franklin 
Eastwood Wm., mer. 7^ N Front 
Eaton A., cordw. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Eaton 8c Co., trimmings, 10th and Melon 
Eaton Emily, stockmr. 5th bel Washington 
Eaton Francis, bleacher, 23 Plum 
Eaton John, cai-p. Washington bel Oxford (K) 
Eaton Jos., macht. Temperance av 
Eaton Mary, Wheat bel Reed 
Eaton Wm., weaver, Philip ab Oxford 
Eayre Jos. M., moulder, P road ab Federal 
Eberbach J. C, baker, 3 Letitia ct 
Eberbach Jacob, baker, 51 Catharine 
Eberbauch J. C, senr., gent. 47 Coates 
Eberhart John, cordw. rear 128 New Market 
Eberle David, comedian, 11 Cedar row 
Eberly Daniel, currier, 97 Noble 
Ebert Fred'k, paint. & glaz., 612 N Front 
Ebert James L., hair dresser, 107 Sassafras 
Ebert Peter, dentist, 64 Coates 
Ebert Samuel, carp. 180 Coates 
Eberwine John, shoemr. 223 Shippen 
Ebling Angeline, Ogden ab 10th. 
Ebling Mrs., doctress, 17 Castle 
Ebling Robt., bar tender, 16 Mintzer 
Ebling Robt., cordw. 2d and G T road (K) 
Ebner Jacob, carp. Salmon ab Ann (R) 
Eccles David, grocery, 10th 8c Coates 
Eccles James, mechanic, Mariboro' ab Duke 
Eccles Saml., macht. Franklin bel Marlborough 
Eccles Wm., clerk, 8 North 
Echelmeyer Adolph., tailor, 104 Hope (K) 
Echtermeyer John, weaver, Carpenter ab 13th 
Echternach H. W., tavern, S E Sch Beech and 

Echternoch Rudolph, shoemr. St John above 

Echtonbrein Hinrick, cabtmr. 2 Green 
Eckard Edw., tobacconist, R road bel Ann (F V) 
Eckard Lewis, shoemr. 12th bel Coates 
Eckard Susan R., 68 S 8th 
Eckard Wm. F., soapmr. 161 Coates 
Ecke Joseph, lab. Spragg's av 
Ecke Martin, i-ag dealer, rear John 
Eckel Andw., tobacconist. Broad n AVood, house 

Wood bel Sch 8th 
Eckel Harvey R., mer. broker, 69 S Front 
Eckel Jolin, printer. Emerald E Sch 6th 
Eckel John, mer. 128 N 3d, h 163 N 6th 
ECKEL, RAIGUEL 8c CO., di-y goods, 128 & 

130 N 3d 
Eckel Wm., cabtmr. State House Bell 
Eckendoi-ft" G., bookseller and edge gilder, Ran- 

stead pi, h 548 High 
Eckendorft' Martin, 20^ N 9th 
Ecker E., 302 N 7th 




Ecker Fred., soap & candles, Marlborouerh bel 

Eckerby Job, coachman. Shield's al 
Eckei-t Adam, lab. Marshall ab Poplar 
Eckert Adam, box mr., rear 149 N 3d 
Eckert A., dealer, 34 Brown 
Eckeil Bartholomew, blacksm. 33 Bread 
Eckert Benj., machinist, Lybrand's ct, h rear 

Crown bel Bedford 
Eckert Emily, baker, 94 W Callowhill 
Eckert Fredk., weaver, Columbia & G T road 
Eckert Georg-e, printer. 204 Noble 
Eckert Geo., bnishmr. Juniper bel Walnut 
Eckert Jacob, tailor, 7 F road (K) 
Eckert John, coach maker, 57 Marriott 
Eckert John B., printer, Rittenhouse n Sch 6th 
Eckert Mary, Ireland's ct 
Eckert Sarah, 431 Sassafras 
Eckhardt A. H., chandler, 326 N 2d, h 5th ab 

Eckhardt Henrv, tinsm.. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Eckhardt Wm.'G., baker, 130 Callowhill 
Eckfeldt Adam, chief coiner U S Mint,h 156 N 

Eckfeldt Adam, macht. 7 ^Madison 
Eckfeldt Catharine, 130 N 13th 
Eckfeldt Geo., macht. 120 N Juniper 
Eckfeldt Jacob R., assaver U S Mint, h 13 

City Row 
Eckfeldt William, firehose manuf^ 130 N 13th, 

h 125 X Juniper 
Eckford Henn% 484 W Chestnut 
Eckley Thos.,"l33 N 10th 
Eckley Wm., baker, 512 S 2d 
Eckling- S., 13th and Willow 
Eckstein Horatio C, brushmr. 36 N 3d 
Eckstein Isaac, mer. 44 N 8th 
Eckstein Jacob, books & stationenr, 118 N 4th 
Eckstein John 8c Co., marble saw mill, Ridg-e 

road and Wallace 
Eckstein John H., marble saw mill, R road and 

Wallace, h 36 N 3d 
Eckstein John & Son, brushes, 36 N 3d 
Eckstein Mar}-, widow of Sam!., 121 Callowhill 
Eckstein Samuel, clerk post office, 182 Marshall 
Eckstein Solomon, mer. Wood n Broad 
Eckstien Wm., weaver, Biddle n Fairmount 
Ecky Charles, mer. 13 S Water 
Ecky John H., drug'g-ist, 158 Lombard, h 10th 

ab Fitzwater 
ECKY & WATKIX, provisions, 13 S Water 
Ecret David, lab. rear 5 Shippen 
Edams Hug-h, hotel and R. R., Richmond 
Eddey T., h. carp. 10th bel Willow 
Edding-er Wolf, tailor, 304 N Front 
Eddis Hannah, St John and Sanders' ct 
Eddis Saml., cordw. St John ab Beaver (K) 
Eddis S. M., dressmr. St John ab Beaver 
Eddison James, shoemr. 57 George 
Eddowes Mary, N W Pine and Sch 8th 
Eddy Jason, coachman, 85 N Juniper 
Eddy Jeremiah, macht. Beach bel Palmer 
Eddy Joshua P. B., hair dresser, 55 S 8th, h 

183 Cedar 
Eddy Josiah, hair dresser, 460 Sassafras, h 138 

Eddy Oliver T., artist, 247 S 10th 
Edel Ann, Georg-e ab 2d (K) 

Edel Anne, nurse. Mechanic ab George 

Edel Catharine, 275 St John 

Edel Fred., pedler, G T road bel 6th 

Edel John, chairmr. 37 Apple 

Edel Matthias, twister. Elm bel Franklin (K) 

Edel Wm., grocer, N W 10th and Wallace 

Edelen Edw. J., planemr. rear 7 N 9th, h 181 St 

Edeline Joseph, mach. Dauphin bel I.epriva 
Edelman George W., bookkeeper, U S Mint, b 

320 Green 
Edelman Isaac, carp. Walnut al, h 22 Madison 
Edelman John, butcher, 16 Filbert 
Eden Robt., chemist, M'Duffie n Sch 3d 
Edenborn Benj., planemr., rear 7 N 9th, h 144 

N 13th 
Edenborn & Brother, tobacco, N E 3d and Sas- 
safras, h 99 N 5th 
Edenborn J. A., 99 N 5th 
Edenborn J. & S., grocers, 163 & h 144 N 13th 
Edenborn P. H., 134 Vine 
Eder Philip, carter. 467 N 5th 
Ederle Fred., corc^w. Mechanic and Franklin 
Edgar Benj., rigger, 411 S Front 
Edgar Charles, lab. Freeston ct 
Edgar Jas., cabtmr. Elizabeth ct 
Edgar Jas., senr., doorkeeper, U S Mint, h 55 S 

Edgar John, hosier, 174 Poplar 
Edgar John,bookbind. 16 N 4th, h 40 Franklin 
Edgar John, printer, 375 Callowhill 
Edgar Jonathan, clerk, 44 N 13th 
Edgar ^Margaret, dressmr. 81 S 11th 
Edgar Samuel, book binder, 20 Logan 
Edgar Thomas, cooper, rear 125 Christian 
Edgar Wm. coach trimmer, 44 N 13th 
Edgar Wm. handle mr., rear 468 N 3d 
Edge Richard, weaver, Duke ab F road (BL) j 

Edge Wm. ostler, 5 Traquair's ct ] 

Edginton Thos. engineer. West ab Somerset 
Edickson GaiTet, barber, 5th and German, h 173 

Edler Christiana, 32 Shippen 
Edmonds & Co. painters, 59 Dock 
Edmonds John, engineer, 9 Salmon 
Edmonds Jos. S. H. painter, 9 Ciu-penter 
Edmonds Nathaniel, 144 Sassafras 
Edmonds Sarah E. b h, 2 Virginia 
Edmonson Wm. papermr. 3 Decatur 
Edmonson Wm., Pratt bel Logan (W P) 
Edmonson W. & Co. paper and rags, 3 Decatur 
Edmonston Archibald, printer, Morris ab Chris- 
tian M 
Edmonston John, painter. Winter bel Sch 2d. ■ 
Edmunds Franklin, book keeper, 124 Catharine 
Edmunds L. C. painter, 160 and h 365 S 3d 
Edmunds P. 8c Co., provisions, 36 J S Water 
EDSON & LTMEBURNER, lumb. dealers, N E 

Front and Maiden 
Edson N. cabinet maker, Mary and Washington 

Edson Silas D. 286 N 7th 
Edwards Albert, cordw., Grubb 
Edwards Alex., lab., Madison av 
Edwards Ann, washer, Gray's ct 
Edwards Ann E. dressmr. il4 Cherry 
Edwards Augustine F. W., clerk, 95^ Walnut, 
h Locust W Sch 7tli 





Edwards Bartine, seaman, 2d bel Reed 
Edwards Charles, cooper, 3 Farham 
Kdwards Charles, 144 N 12th 
Edwards Chas., 270 N Front 
Edwards Chas., ri.q-g'cr, 172 3 5lh 
EUWAUDS CHAS. C. flourmer. 23 S 8th, h 

144 N 12th 
Edwards Uavid, tailor, 114 Sassafras 
Edwards Edward, cooper. Union ab Franklin 
Edwards Edward, mason. Carbon pi 
EDWAIiDS ED WD. B. mer. 221 N Front, h 

28 Noble 
Edwards Eli, carp., rear 90 & h 133 Cheiry 
Edwards Eliiis, carp. 19 S Hittenhouse 
Edwards Elizabeth, 34 Stamper's al 
Edwards Evan, cooper, 22 Tyler 
Edwards Georg-e, h 218 Chestnut 
Edwards Geo. cooper, 1 Bank 
EDWARDS G. W., office 15 Exchange, h Sch 

5th and Walnut 
Edwards Henry, jr., cabinetmr., Lancaster bel 

Edwards Henry, cabinetmr., Catharine ab 3d 
Edwards Henry H. Front bel Franklin (K) 
Edwards Isachar, piano maker, S>7 S 5th, h 295 

Edwards Jacob, clerk, 3 Green 
Edwards Jacob, sand dealer, 1st whf ab Green 
Edwards James G. 15 Mer. Exchange, h Sch 5tli 

bel Locust 
Edwards Jane A., Sch 8th n Lombard 
Edwards & Jenncss, wool dealers & com. mers., 

27 N Front 
Edwards John C. coach paint. Prime ab M road 
Edwards John & Son, coopers, 1 Bank 
Edwards Joseph, flour merchant, 288 S 2d, h 46 

Edwards Joseph H., tobacconist, 10th bel But- 

Edwards Joseph J., carp. 127 Buttonwood 
Ii^vards J. G. & T., jr., stock brokers, 15 Mer- 
chants Exchange 
Edwards Lemuel, type moulder, 460 N 6th 
Edwards Mary, dressmr., George ab 13th 
Edwards JIary, 108 Washington av 
Edwards Matthew, cutler, 15 Gray's al 
Edwards Peter, watch case mr.. Wood ab 13lh 
Edwards Richard, hatter, Wall n 7th 
Edwards Richard L. upholsterer, 102 S 12th 
Edwards Robt. cooper, Gorrell's ct 
Edwards Saml. porter, 47 Quince 
Edwards Saml. teacher, Sch 7th ab Pine 
Edwards Saml., white washer, 8 Eutaw 
Edwards Saml. weaver, rear 6th ab Camac 
Edwards Samuel H., mer., High n Front, h 192 

Edwards Samuel P. tnmkmr., Berks ct 
Edwards S. R., chairmr. 84 Sc 90 Callowhill 
Edwards Thomas A. gent., Sch 5th bel Locust 
Edwards Thos., jr., broker, 15 Mer. Exchange 
Edwards Wm. cordw., Union ab West 
Edwards Wm. carp, rear Owen n Broad 
Edwards Wm. barber, G T road bel 6th 
Edwards Wm. B. book binder, Wall 
Edwards Wm. C. calico printer, Haverford road 

ab 3d(WP) 
Edwards A\ m. F. pilot, Swanson ab Queen 
I Edwaids Wm. L. mer. 27 N Front, h 192 Spruce 

Edwards Wm. S. combmr. 10th bel Buttonwood 
Edwards W. J. brushmr. Larch 
Edwin Mrs. C, 41 Madison 
Eells Edward F. b h, 64 Penn 
Egan Catharine, shop, N E 3d and Queen 
Egan James H. .shoe dealer, rear 19 .Maria 
Egan John D. book binder, N W 5th and Mul- 
Egan Maiy P. seminary, 394 N 7th 
Egan Morris, boiler mr. 425 S 6th 
Eg-ee Geo., .shoemr., 13th ab Parrish 
Egee Robert, gardener, Buttonwood ab 5th 
Egee Susan, capmr. 7 Perkenpinc ct 
Egcnhaufler Geo. tailor, Harrison's av 
Eger David, dry goods, 81 N 3d, h 36 Wood 
Egcr Frederick, shoes, R road and Washington 
Eggeling John, turner, iS W North 
Eggleston Geo. brushmr. Goodbred pi 
Egglcton Albert, agent, Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Egg-leton John, teamster, Franklin bel Union 
Eggleton Jonathan, shipsm., Hanover and Allen, 

h Franklin av ab Marlborough 
Eggleton Wm. carter. Union ab Franklin 
Eggman Chas. F. mer. 97 High, h 139 N 11th 
Egin John, weaver, Shippen ab Shippen la 
Egner Chrs. wines & liq., 10 N3d, h 106 S 3d 
Egner Jacob H. wines and liquors, 208 High, h 

111 Franklin 
Egner Levi, brickmr.. Oak n Mansion 
f^gner Saml., brickmr., Harrison 
EGOLF MICHAEL, mer., 41 Hig'h, h c William 

and Oak (W P) 
Eharman Jacob, S E Rose and Shippen la 
Ehlschegl Fred, tailor, Grubb 
Ehrenberg John, tavern, 135 N 4th 
Ehrenberg, Michael, baker, 52 Swanson 
Ehrenpfort Chas. weaver, F road ab Duke 
Ehrenzeller Henrietta, Pine and Pratt 
Ehret Micliael, jr., carp. 38 Thompson 
Ehret Michael, cordwainer, Apple ab Poplar 
Ehrhardt H. cordw. 129 Vine 
Ehrlen Geo. M. brewer, 71 Green 
Ehrman Francis, blacksm. Lewis bel Master 
Eibell Ferdinand, tailor, 1 Peach 
Eicliert Adam, baker, Marlborough bel Allen 
Eichler John, lab.. Miller's ct 
Eichman Jacob, tailor, 169 Randolph 
Eifert John, weaver, 25 Laurel 
Eig Fred., machinist, 599 Nod 
Eigleburner Margaret, rear 88 N 11th 
Eikelbarner D. skindress. N3d bel Franklin (K) 
Einstein M. fancy good.s, 35 Bank and 61 Queen 
Einwechter Geo. bricklayer. West bel Palmer 
Einwechter John, carp.. Hank's ct 
Einwechter Maria, Apple bel Franklin 
Einwechter Wm., sr., bricklr., 19 Perry (K) 
Einwechter W^m. carp., 4th and Cohocksink 
Einwechter Wm. carp., Rcakirt's ct 
Einwechter Wm. bricklr., Union ab Franklin 
Eischen Peter, shoemr. Houben's pi 
Eisele Geo. P. baker, 16 Fitzwater 
Eisenbraum Fred, cordw. 194 N 9th 
F'.isenbraun Margaret, sliop, 483 N 3d 
Eisenbrey Edwin T., Fear and Dock 
Eisenbrey John, jr., mer.. Pear & Dock, h Pine 

ab 8th 
EISENBREY JOHN, Jr. &. SON, mahogany 
steam mill. Pear and Dock 




Eisenbrey Wm. tailor, N E 5th and Sassafras ' 
EisL-nliai t Geo. F. cooper, rear 460 N 41h 
Eisenhower, Wni. cordw., rear 107 New Market 
Eisenhut Jolin U., jr., tinsniitli, 564 N 2d 
Eisenluit John U. cop. smith. Cherry ab 4th, h 

89 G T road 
Eisenlolir Wm. tobacco, 49 S 10th 
Eisenman Jolin, blacksm., Spragg's av 
Eiserman D. & G., jun., painters and glaziers, 

59 Sassafras 
Eiserman George, painter, 425 Coates 
Eisewan Jacob, clothing, 560 W High 
Eishorn Adam, huckster, I'hompson & Lewis 
Eisler George, shoe findings, 21 Sterling al 
Eisley Philip, tailor, 7 Summei-field pi 
Eiya Wm. cordw., Franklin ab4th (K) 
Elbery Geo. machinist, 26 Clair 
Elder Elizabeth, 71 Logan 
Elder Henry L. mer. 493 High, and Green and 

R road, h Summer E Sch 6th 
Elder Isaac, carp.. Mariner bel Broad 
Elder Isaac, cai-p., Mariner ab 13th 
Elder John, lab., Marshall's ct (K) 
Elder Walter, gardener, Lane's ct 
Elder Wm., atty. and coun., 54 N 5th, h Wash- 
ington ab 9th 
Elder Wm. tinman, Penn bel Broad 
Elder Wm. clerk, Washington ab 9th 
Elder Wm. T. 384 N 8th 
Elderdire Wm. lab.. Pearl bel Sch 6th 
Eldred Charles, printer, 484 S 2d 
Eldridge Chas. H. clothing, N E 7th and High, 

h Green and Franklin 
ELDRIDGE DANIEL W^, agent, Phil. & N Y 

line of Steamers, 6 N whfs, h 87 S 3d 
Eldridge Eli, cabinetmr. 32 Elfreth's al 
Eldridge Ephraim, book binder, 12th bel Ogden 
Eldridge E. H., tailor, S E 7th and High, h 81 

Eldridge, Hall & Co., clothing, S E 7th & High 
Eldridge H. H., carpets, 41 Strawberry, h 9th 

ab Christian 
Eldridge Jas. W., real est. agt., 156 Christian, h 

219 S 9th 
Eldridge Jeremiah E., carp , G T road ab 5th 
Ekb-idge J. B. last mr. 89 Callowhill 
ELDRIDGE LEVI, shipping mer., 7 N whfs., h 

131 S 3d 
Eldrige S. T. hardware, 212 S 2d 
Eleman Andrew, tobacconist, 219 S 6th 
Eleman Wm. L. tavem, 165 Shippen 
Elfelt Simon, gent., Franklin bel Noble 
Elfreth Jacob, coal mer. 245 N 6th 
Elfrey Ann, 169 N 13th 
Elfi-ey Mary A., 44 Howard (K) 
Elfrey Philip, cooper, 557 N 5th 
Elfson Robt. K., carp., 16 Christian 
Ehas Charles, waiter, 38 Quince 
Elias Henry, gent. 319 Sassafras 
Ehson John, hotel, h 502 N 5th 
Elison John A. boots and shoes, 33 N 3d 
Elison Wm. shoe store, 33 N 3d 
Elkin Abm. gent. 172 S 10th 
Elkin Edward, peddler, 134 Coates 
Elkin James, weaver, Rose ab Shippen la 
Elkin Saml. 172 S 10th 
Elkin Solomon, gent., 393 Callowhill 
Eikins Susanna, 7th bel G T road (K) 

Elkins Thomas, ladies' shoemaker, 114 S 8th 
Elkington Emerson, drv goods, High bel 3d, h 

422 N 6th 
Elkinton George M., soap & candle manuf., 12 

ELKINTUN JOHN A., M. D., alderman, 102 N 

Elkinton Joseph, soap & candle manufacturer, 

377 S 2d 
Elkinton Lindley M. soap and candles, 10 Mar- 
Elkus Louis, cap mr. 85 N 3d, h 96 N 8th 
Ella John, mer. 42 Commerce, h 51 S 13th 
Ellcock J. grocer, Maiden n Front and S W 2d 

Ellender Geo. waiter, Shippen la bel Rose 
Ellender Wm. painter, Ralston 
Ellick Clement, tavern, R road ab Coates 
Ellick John,jnachinist, 36 Lewis 
Ellick Philip, shoemr. Wiles' ct 
EUicott & Abbott, scale mrs., 335 High, h 9th 

and Melon 
EUicott Eli, scale mr. 335 High, h 17 Melon 
EUicott Richard W., mariner, 120 Prime 
EUinger Benj., weaver, Fitler ab 2d 
Ellinger Geo., M. D., 262 Sp Garden 
Ellinger Moses, turner, New Market ab Laurel 
Ellinsworth Robt., victualler, Washington bel 

Elliot George, lab., Salmon ab Huntington (R) 
Elliot Henrietta, 6 Oak, (W Penn sq) 
Elliot Hugh, bookseller, 14 N 4th, h 454 Mul- 

beny ab Sch 8th 
Elliot Lynde, printer, S E 3d and Dock 
Elliott Adam, lab., cor Walnut & Ashton 
EUiott Andrew, weaver, 2d ab Master (K) 
Elliott Andrew, drayman, Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Elliott Anna, gentw.. Cherry & Sch 8th 
Elliott Benjamin P., watchmr., 3 S 13th 
Elliott Catharine, milliner, 12th and Sassafras 
Elliott Chai'les, coal dealer. Front and DocW h 

313 N 6th 
Elliott Charles A., printer, 51 Chestnut, h 244 

Filbert ab 12th 
EUiott Edward R., carp. 45 Jones, h George ab 

EUiott Elizabeth, b h, 99 Mulbeny 
Elliott Elizabeth, tailores», N AV 2d and Marion 
Elliott Frances, dress mr. I2th ab Pine 
Elliott Fred., architect, 30 Jacoby 
Elliott Gabriel, lab., Philip ab Jefferson 
EUiott Geo., porter, Sch Ashton & Walnut 
EUiott Geo., lab., Fisher ab Cumberland 
EUiott Geo., clerk, Jones bel Sch 4th 
Elliott Geo., stonecut., Francis ab Powell (F V) 
Elliott George, tinplate worker, 471 High 
Elliott George F., hotel, c Charles & Shippen 
Elliott Hamilton, weav., Howard bel Master (K) 
Elliott Henry H. K., publisher, 85 Dock, h 192 

EUiott Isaac, conveyancer, 81 Chestnut, h W 

Penn sq 
Elliott Isaac H., carp., Sch 5th ab Girard av 
Elliott James, tavern, S E 3d and High 
Elliott James, tavern. Cedar bel Sch 6th 
Elliott James, watchmr. 23 Benton 
EUiott James L., M. D., druggist, S E 10th and'' 

Mulberry, h 12th ab CallowhUI 





Elliott Jane, trimminf^s, 196 N 5th 
ELLIOTT JOHN, wines & liciuois, 97 Walnut, 

h 142 Wharton 
Elliott Jolm, g-ent., Sch 5th bcl Cheriy 
Elliott Jolin, lul)., 1 Collin's ct 
Elliott John, inunuf., P'ront 4b Phoenix (K) 
Elliott Joiin, f^ent. 242 Sassafras 
Elliott John, lab., Sch Front and Filbert 
Elliott John, lab., Chestnut VV Ashton 
Elliott John, sashmr., Shallcross W Sch 2cl 
Elliott John, cord., 4 Jeiiuinj^s' row 
Elliott Joseph, carp., S W 2d and Walnut, h 34 

Elliott Margaret, shop, 10 Fayette 
Elliott Marg-aret, 5 Kenworthy's ct 
Elliott Mary, 34 W Cedar 
Elliott Mary, tailoress, Mifflin n 13th 
Elliott Matthew, bootmr., 28 Castle 
Elliott Uobt., weaver, Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Elliott Robert, manuf., 92 G T road 
Elliott Robert, cordw., Pine &. Sch 6th 
Elliott & Robinson, conveyancers, 81 Chestnut 
Elliott R. M. & Co., dry goods, 552 High 
Elliott Saml., cai-p., Girard av ab 12th 
Elliott Sarah, Cedar bel Broad 
Elliott Theodore H., 15 German 
ELLIOTT THOMAS, Green Tree, 143 S Front 
Elliott ThomaF, carp.. Elm rear Olt (M V) 
Elliott Thomas, shop, 240 Lombard 
Elliott Thomas, cordw., 42 Howard 
Elliott \\ illiam, bootmr., 5 Wiley's ct 
Elliott William, collector, 246 Lombard 
Ehlott Wm., clerk, 31 N 11th 
Elliott Wm., carp., Harrison ab Sch 3d 
Elliott Wm., carp. 12 Culvert 
EUiott William B., phrenologist, 58 S 4th 
Elliott Wm. B., machinist, 19 Quarry 
ELLIOTT WM. B., coal mer. 52 Beach & N E 

Front and Dock, h 469 N Front 
Elliott Wm. H., painter, 3 Gi'a3''s ct 
Elliott Wm. T., upholster. Alder bel Master 
Ellis Amos, brickmr.. Broad ab Poplai* 
Ellis Ann, 236 High 
Ellis & Bartram, cloths, 14 N 2d 
Ellis Carey, lab.. Master bel 7th 
Ellis Catharine, 10 Mayland 
Ellis Chas., shotmr., 15 Nectarine 
Ellis Clias., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 95 S 8th 
ELLIS CHARLES & CO., druggist, 56 Chest- 
Elhs Charles J., cloths. 14 N 2d, h 7th ab Poplai- 
Ellis David, gent. 137 ?Yanklin 
Ellis Eliza G., Elk (K) 
Ellis Elizabeth, 13 Ellen 
Ellis Elizabeth, 8th bcl Catharine 
Ellis Esther A., teacher, 155 Pine 
Ellis Evans T., mer. 56 Chestnut 
Ellis Geo., watchman, rear 11 Shippen 
Ellis Jacob, mer. 14 Bank, h 11 Montgomery 
Ellis Jacob M., mer. 7 N 2d, h 246 N 7th 
Ellis James, morocco dre.sser, 145 Charlotte 
Ellis Jas. P., mer. 11 S Water, h 8Uiab Parrish 
Ellis Jane, 22 Plum 
Ellis Jane, F road bel Master (K) 
Ellis Jesse, coach lampmr., h Olive ab 13th 
Ellis Jolin, livery stables, 13 Raspberry 
Ellis John D., clerk, Parrish ab 12th 
Ellis Joseph, ladies' shoemaker, 156 S 5th 

lEllis Josiah, brickmr. 10th and Oxford 
Ellis Margaret, b h, 77 Chestnut 
Ellis Maria, Queen opp Ball 
Ellis Mary Ann, IS Cai-pentcr 
Ellis Mary, 325 Lombard 
Ellis Mary, 195 N 12th 
Ellis & Middleton, di-y goods, 7 N 2d 
FJlis Nathan W., carp., Pairish ab Marshall 
Kllis P. II., merchant, 40 N 2d, h 257 Marshall 
Ellis Pat., watchman. Wood ab 3d 
Ellis Robt., watchman, Jones n Sell 5th 
Ellis Sabina, plaster mill, Clinton ab Franklin 
Ellis Sabina, jr., moulder, School & Lydia 
Ellis Thomas, salesman, Tower W Sch 2d 
Ellis Thomas, glass packer. Queen ab Ball 
Ellis Thos. B., tailor, 19 S 3d, h 353 N 7th 
Ellis Wm., druggist, 56 Chestnut, h 479 Mul- 
Ellis Wm., crockery, 153 N 2d 
Ellis Wm., porter, Perry's ct 
Ellis Wm. H., builder, 350 N 6th 
Ellis Wm. H. & N. W., builders, Marshall and 

Ellis W. H. & S., plasterers, 481 N 10th 
Ellison Francis, 382 S Front 
Ellison John, tavern 

Ellison John B., mer. Ill High, h 40 Mulberry 
Ellison Jos , waterman. Brown ab Huntington 
Ellison Wm. C, mer. Ill High, h 248 Spruce 
Ellisons & Peters, cloths, 111 High 
Ellmaker Peter C, naval offi. Custom House, h 

Sassafras E Sch 6th 
Ellman Sarah, 2 Mayland 
Eliot Thos., distiller. Pearl n William 
EUwaiiger Eberhardt, vict. 35 Laurel 
Elmes Abner, hat. S E 6th & High, h 10 Marshal 
Elmes Charles E., hatter, S E 6th &. High, h 10 

Elmes Lazel, hatter, Mary S Chestnut 
Elmore Augustus, printer, Parrish bel 6th 
Elmslie Alex., gent. 232 S Front 
Elsaser G., tailor, Apple and Oxford (K) 
Elsaser Jolm, baker, 85 Sassafras 
Elsberg Nicholas, 522 Higli 
Elsberry Charles, waiter, Stanley 
Elsegood W. A., bootmr., 54 N 5th 
ELSEGOOD W. H., bootmaker, N W 6th an 

Walnut, h 7 Union sq 
Elsey Abm., Washington &, Margaretta (W P) 
Elscy Wm. H , engineer, 103 Christian 
Elston Elizth., dry goods, Marlboro bel Queen 
Elton Alex., shoemr.. Vine n Schuylkill 
Elton Anthony, confect., 449 N 2d' 
Elton Anthony, accountant, 144 Callowhill 
Elton George, currier, 11 Emlen's ct 
Elton Joseph, printer, 11 Emlen's ct 
Elton M., 123 Buttonwood 
Eltonhead John, stove fin'., Duke bel Cherry 
Eltonhead Wm. D., spect. mr. and jeweler, 271 

S 2d 
Eltonhead W. B., watchmr. & jeweler, 184 S 2d 
Eiwell Ayuba, 4 Domsler's ct 
Elwell Eleazar, oysters, N E 8th and Zanc, h 

Lewis ab Sch 8th 
Ifi^well Evan, N W Marshall and Buttonwood 
F^lwell Evan, tavern, rear 58 High 
Elwell Samuel, shipsmith, 124 Catharine 
Elwell Samuel, seaman, 47 Mead 




Ehvcll Samuel D., varnisher, Penn bcl 12th 
Elwcll Sarah, shocbindcr, 11 Knig^ht's ct 
Elwcll Thomas, bhicksmith, Steward ab Catha- 
rine, h 10th ab Catharine 
Elwell AVm. S., coal dealer, 19 Catharine 
Elwood Geo., carp., 64 M road 
Elwyn Alfred L., M. 1)., Walnut E Sch 8th 
Ely Ann, ^cntw. 185 Green 
Ely Britten, coachmr., Georg-e & Apple 
r,ly Elcazer S., sen., waterman, 7th ab Wash- 

ELY EZHA STILES, Rev., D. D., 351 N 7th 
Ely Isaiah, 218 N 4th 
Ely John, cutter, 150 Christian 
Ely .John, mcr. 108 N od, h 219 N 7th 
Ely John, gent. 16 Portico §q 
Ely John W., morocco dress., 92 Tammany 
ELY, SILVIS & CO., dry goods, 108 N 3d 
Ely Thomas, carp., Ogden ab 11th 
Emack John, weaver, Hope ab Phoenix 
Emanuel D., stationer, 51 High, h Sch 5th ab 

Emanuel Jacob, lab., Alder ab Girard av 
Embley John, carp., 92 S 12th 
Embry Richard, dairy. Wood bel Sch Front 
Emenekov Joseph, beer house, 70 Apple 
Emerick Albert G.,mer. Callowhill ab Broad, h 

474 A'ine 
Emerick Ann, 86 Wood 
Emerick Angus., hardwr. 377 High, h 57 N 11th 
Emerick Benjamin, bootmaker, 72 S 8th 
EMERICK, BROTHERS, coal dealers, Callow- 
hill ab Broad 
Emerick Conrad, tailor, 489 N 3d 
Fmerick Daniel B., tinsmith, 72 S 8th 
Emerick David, collector. Palmer ab West 
Emerick David, carp., West bel Hanover 
Emerick David, ji-., bricklr., Palmer ab West 
Emerick Edgar, 43 Vine 

Emerick Predk., ship carp.. Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick George, coal and com. mer.. Callow- 
hill ab Broad, h 474 Vine 
Emerick George, carp., Jackson bel Pidmer (K) 
Emerick George, jr., mer. Callowhill ab Broad, 

h 474 Vine 
Emerick Jacob, crocky., 215 N Sd, h 212 N 4th 
Emerick John M., .stove fin., Melon ab 13th 
Emerick John P., cabinetmr., 47 Prune 
Emerick Joseph, cordw., rear 171 Apple 
Emerick Joseph, carp., Palmer ab West (K) 
Emerick & Warner, hardware, 377 High 
Emerick Wm., frame mr., Palmer ab West 
Emericl< AYilliam B., contractor, 285 N 13th 
Emerick Wm. B., tailor, 563 S 2d 
Emerson Gouverneur, M. D., 352 Walnut 
Emerson Joshua, lab., Mackey and Rye 
Emerson Mary, shop, 52 Charlotte 
Emerson Sarah, washer, 4 Pryor's ct 
Emerson Vincent, cook, 6 Schuylkill av 
Emery Augustus, lab., 5 Liberty ct 
Emery Benj., ship carp., 60 Christian 
Emery Catharine, F road bel Wood 
Emery Conrad, F road bel Wood 
Emery George, moulder, 18 Apple 
Emerv George, whipmr., Evres' ct 
EMERY GEO. W., 7th ward hovise 582 N 3d 
Emery Godfrey, ship carp.. Christian ab 3d 
Emery Henry, mer., 97 and 99 N 3d 

Emery Henry, ship carp., 60 Christian 
Emery John, grocer, Edward n School (K) 
Emery John M., teacher, S W 12th & Chestnut 
Emerv Moses 11., mer., 10 Decatur, h 51 Wood 

ab 10th 
Emery Peter, whi^f builder, 60 Christian 
Emery Robt., boatman, Soirel bel Larch 
Emery Samuel, lab., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Emery William, waiter, 128 Locust 
Emery Wm., 21 Middle al 
Emery Wm., furnitui-e car, 234 Wood 
Emig Leonard, baker, 52 Coates 
Emlen And, lab., Higgins' ct 
Emlen & Fisher, real est. and stock brokers, 95 

EMLEN GEORGE, att'y & coun., 98^ S 4th 
Emlen James V., M. D. 13th bel Green 
Emlen Joshua, ins. brok. 35 Walnut, h 79 S 12h 
Emlen Martha, 105 Locust 
Emlen Wm. F„ real est. broker, 95 Walnut, h 

307 Chestnut 
Emley Mary, Dauphin bel F road 
Emly Gilbert, mer. 5 N 3d, h 336 Coates 
Emmerick Dorcas, 14 Pratt's ct 
Emmerick John, carter, 5 Rogers' ct 
Emmerling Jacob, baker, 306 Callowhill 
Emmes Carson, carp., Grover 
Emmick Jeiradus, cun-ier, 7 York ct 
Emmick John H., lab., Cheny bel Franklin(K) 
Emmons Chas., lab., Cassiday ct 
Emmons John, waterman, Millei- ab 13th 
Emory Charles, broker, 32 S 3d, h 131 S 3d 
Emory Charles G., painter, 5 Lemon pi 
Emrine Michael, tailor, 9 Collins' al 
Emry Enoch, waiter, 8 Barclay 
Emsley Henrietta, dressmr. 2U Little Pine 
Enberg Andrew, wheelwrt., Ross ab Queen * 
Enberg Andw., lab., rear 4 Peach 
Enddebrock H., blacksm.. Orange bel Lemon 
Enders Fredk., shoemr., Tammany ab 2d, h 149 

St John 
Enders Zacharia, shipsm. 2d ab Reed 
Endress Catharine, 306 S 8th 
Endress Charles C, coachmr. 31 Chester 
Endress George, cabinetmr.. Linden pi 
Endress Jo^ju, curi-ier, 330 St John 
Eneu Elizabetli, nuise, 477 S P'ront 
Eneu James, ink manuf. 10th bel Lombard, h 

Federal n P road 
Eneu James, jr., 167 Shippcn 
Eneu Joseph, grocer, 38 P i-oad 
Eneu Rebecca, 374 S 4th 
Eng George, lab., Spoont-r's av (K) 
Engard Abraiiam, painter, 6th n Franklin 
Engard Adam, carp. 410 N 5tli 
Engard Benj., carp. 129 Apple 
Engard Edwd., carp., Apjile bel Jefferson 
Engard George, stable, 189 Noble 
Engard John, tailor, Parrish ab 8th 
Engard Joseph, moroccodr., rear 47 Charlotte 
Engai-d Magdalena, gentw.. Noble ab O Y road 
Engaril Sanuiel, alderman, 72 Coates 
Engard Samuel, baker, Parrish ab 10th 
Engard Thos., carter. Court al 
Engard T., bricklayer, 32 Hazel 
ENGARD WM. H., tavern, K road and Sch 7th 
Engel Francis, lab. 8 Howell 




Engel Leonard, rag store, Master ab 10th I English Mizcal, paper hanger, 177 S 3d 

V'ngel Wciidcl, cordw., rear 4.19 N 3d Kiiglisli Moniiingloii, print, Nixon bel (^allowhill 

Engel & Wolf, brewers, 24 &. 26 Dillvvyn 'Knglisii Nutluui, piusUrcr, 40 Slif:iiT"'.s a! 

Engclman Caliiarinc, huckster, Poplar bel 10tli| Eiig-lisli N., boxnir., Wood ab Kranklin 
Engciman Jolin C, grocery, 222 It road Englisb llobcrt, blacksrn.. Ferry ct 

Knger diaries, liootinr. 3 Zanc 

Enger Cliristoplicr, lab. 35 Cliarlotte 

Engers Prter, tailor, 90 Cherry 

England .las. IV, atty. & coun. 61 & b 68 S 4th 

England John, carp, 16 Hazel ab 11th 

England I-eniuel D., shoemaker, Washington ab 

Moore (W P) 
England Margaret, washer, Smith's ct 
England liobt., druggist, c KJtli and Catliarine 
England Samuel, cabinctmr. Palmer ab Queen 
England Thus., gent., 9 Uandolph 
England Thos. H., 302 Green 

Englisli Sarah, 5 Eancaster row (W P) 
English Saml. P., mer. 21 N 2d, h 314 Walnut 
Englisli Sarah, 314 Walnut 

Englisli ^^'m., agent. Willow ab Uroad, h Wash- 
ington ab 13t]i 
PiUnis Charles B., currier, 28 Lewis 
Ennis Fredk. IL, carp., l)e Kalb's ct 
Ennis James, plastr, 6th bel Marriott, h Hanover 

bcl F road 
Ennis John, lab., William ab Richmond (R) 
Ennis Josliua, boolmr. 4 Hummell's ct 
Ennis J. J., paper hanger, Coates ab 11th 
Ennis Thos. L., photograpliist, 106 Chestnut 

Engle Aaron C, dry goods, 305 N 2d 

Engle Albert, planemr., rear Cherry bcl Franklin I Enoch John, carp., Carlton ab Pch 4th 

Engle Christian, butcher, Otter ab F road JEnocli Jos., 25 Linden (K) 

Engle Edwin, flour and feed, Higii ab Sch 6th, j Enochs Enoch, bottler, Sch Tth and Winter 

h 21 Barker 
Engle George, brickmr., Harmstead 
Engle Joseph S., painter, Sch 8th bel Coates 
Engle M. J., shop, S E 9th and Nectarine 
Englebert Amelia, 12 Powell 
Englebert Cornelius, ladies' shoemr. 277 Walnut 
Englebert John, cordw. 4 Gay's ct (K) 
Englebert J., ladies' shoemr. 7 S 11th 
Englehart Charles M., jeweller, 52 Crown 
Englehart Wm. F., tin pi. worker, 23 Nectarine 
Engleman Daniel W., machinist. Wile's ct 
Engleman Samuel, lab., Penn bel Broad 
Engleman Samuel R., conductor, Penn av W 

Engler Michael, cordw., Green's ct 
Engles Jane, nurse, Juniper ab Pine 

Enochs Lewis, ropemr. 7tli ab Little Poplar 
Enos D. C, real estate broker, 1 S 6th, h S W 

Chestnut and Park (W P) 
Enos E. J., 332 Noble 
Enos Wm., cordw. 7th bel Washington 
Enos Wm. C, com. of deeds, 1 S 6th 
Eiiser Geo., tavern, ¥ road and Vienna 
Ensley John, cordw. 3S9 N Front 
Ensor Wm., cordw. 10 Pleasant Retreat 
Enterline Amos, salesman, George ab Broad 
Entriken Thos., cooper, 9th bel Coates 
Entrikin F. M., machinist, Coates W Sch 8th 
Entrikin Thos., carp. 12th ab Poplar • 
Entwisel J., web manuf. 99 Cherry 
Entwistle John, shuttlemr., Marlborough and 

Duke (K) 

Engles Joseph P., pubhsher, 265 Chestnut, hjEnyard Charles, cordw. 520 N 2d 

71 Filbert 
Engles Lewis B., dry goods, 83 High, h 212 

N 6th 
Engles Wm., cooper, rear 10 Washington M, pi 

Enyard Jacob D. jr., paper hanger, 520 N 2d, h 

77 G T road 
Enyard J. A., hosier, 524 N 2d 
Ephlln Wm., moulder. Nectarine bel 10th 

Engles Wm. M., Rev., ed. Presb., h Filbert W, EPISCOPAL FEMALE INSTITUTE, West 

Broad ' | Penn sq 

Engling Valentine, stocking weaver, 6th and' Epler Daniel & Brother, eggs, 55 Callowliill 

'^ Garden (M V) JEpley Charles, 2 Lewis 

English Abram., ladies' shoemr., 19 Bank, h 13! Kpley Charles, lab., Charlotte bcl Franklin 

Margaretta jEpley Georg-e, 382 N 4th 

English & Brother, dry goods, 21 N 2d lEppeheimer Jonas, tailor, 304 St John 

English Charles, com. mer. 13 Chestnut Eppelsheiiner A., grocer, lOtli and Sp Garden 

Enghsh Christie, lab., Sch Front bel Mulberry Eppelsheiiner Daniel, 104 New Market 
English Edw. B., grocer, 3 Mulberry, h 102Ne\v Eppelsheimer Edward, g-roccr, S E 5th 5c Vine 
ENGLISH & ELLIS, tailors, 19 S 3d : Eppelsheiiner Lewis, gent. 376 Coates 

English George, brickhner, 3 Olive ! Eppelsheiiner Wm., mer., S W 5th and Spruce 

English Giistavus, mer. 10 Chestnut, h 121 S StliEppinger John, blacksrn. 7 Irvine E of 13th 
English Henry, grocer, 20 Magnolia Eppwright Merit, mariner, 3d bel Queen 

English Hugh, blacksrn. 38 Clierry, h 42 N 6th Eppwright Rudo]])ii, oysters. Front bel Reed 
Enghsh James, blacksrn. 102 & h 25 Filbert E])stein Josias, tailor, h lOih bel Parrish 

English Japhet, pap. hang., rear Schleisman's al Walnut 

English John, collector, 388 N 6th 
English John, weaver, Sch 5th ab Cedar 
English John, lab. 7th bel Dickcrson 
English John, gent. 31 Sassafras 
English John 15., 21 N 2d, h 314 Walnut 
English J. E., tailor, 19 S 3d, h Green ab 5th 
English Marshall, carp. 3 Olive 
English Michael, oystcrman, Grover 

Eraveii Palk., lab., Richmpnd and Lehigh 
J Erb Fredk., cordw., O'Neal bel Franklin 
Erb Michael, tailor, 2 Bledisloe 
Erl) Samuel, lab. 16 Bledislow pi 
Erben Charles, bricklr., N E 9th and Brown 
EKBEN HENRY G., druggist, S W 12th and 
I Vine 

Erben John, framemr., rear 157 St John 




Erben Peter C, manuf., Nixon and Hamilton 8c 

Sch 3cl ab Sassafras, h Logan sq ab Sassafras 
Erbeson John, lab., Lemon 
Erdman Christian, shoemr. 30 Cheny 
Erdman Daniel H., tinsm. 150 S 2d, h Sch 8th 

and Parrish 
Erdman D. R., pumpmr., Ann & Powell (F V) 
Erdman Frdk., engineer, Sassafras bel Sch 8th 
Erdman Henry & Co., vinegar manufs., Mont- 

g-omerv ab Front 
ERETY GEORGE, alderman, 288 N 3d 
Erforth T., rear Ogden bel lOtli 
ERHARUT WM. P., cap manuf, 140 N 3d, h 

265 Coates 
Erichson James S., painter, 126 Pine 
Erickson C. Fredk., atty. and coun. 32 S 6th 
Erly David, weaver, Bauersach ct 
Ernest James, file cutter, Cobb's ct 
Ernst Esther, 87 S 3d 
Ernst Henry, baker, 33 Logan 
Ernst Jacob, gent. Washington bel Church 
Ernst Jacob, grocer, S E 2d and Greenwich 
Ernst John, bricklayer, 24 Perry 
Ernst Michael, tailor, 98 Filbert 
Ernwood W. J., cordw. 3 Almira pi 
Errickson Michael, carp., St Mary, h 244 S 11th 
Erringer Fi'edk., 399 Spruce 
Erringer J. Livingston, mer. 37 Chestnut, h Ab- 

bottsford pi 
Erringer Philip, grocer, N E 3d and Vine, h 91 

Ersklne John, clerk, Elm and 6th (M V) 
Erskine Joseph, cordw. 2 Assembly Building, h 

248 S 9th 
Erskine Martin, bootmr. 81 N 9th 
Erskine Richard, carp., 40 Helmuth 
Erskine Rufus M., 280 Callowhill 
ERTEL PHILIP, tavern, 122 Brown 
Erven Samuel, bottler, 405 and h 403 S 4th 
Ervin Alexander, manuf 2d ab Master (K) 
Ervin Samuel, lab.. Cedar ab 11th 
Ervin Thos., carp. 21 Brandywine 
Erwin Alex., bricklayer, 19 Maria 
ERWIN ELIZABETH, dressmr. 21 Julianna 
Erwin Ellen, washer. Say and Moore's al 
Erwin Frances, Sch 3d and Callowhill 
Erwin James, blacksm., Wood n Sch Front 
Erwin Jane, 14 Harmstead 
Erwin Jerrod, marble polisher, 10 Helmuth 
Erwin John, waiter, 8 Raspberry 
Erwin John, shoemr. 39i Cedar 
Erwin John, porter, Williams' ct 
Erwin Josliua, lab, Lombard n Sch 6th 
Erwin Joseph E., 5 Marble, h 31 Palmyra sq 
ERWIN J. W., convevancer, 5th and Library, 

h S E Sch 4th and Cherry 
Erwin Margaret, sempstress, 129 S 12th 
Erwin Robert, cordw. 172 Vine 
Erwin Robt., weaver, 11 Philip (R) 
Erwin Robt., seaman, b. h. 287 S Front 
Erwin & Ryan, milliners, 330 Sassafras 
Erwin Sarah Ann, 230 Juniper 
Erwin Sarah Ann, b. h. 6 N 9th 
Erwin Susan, gentw. 340 Mulberry 
Erwin Wm., weaver. Cedar ab 12th 
Erwine Jared, painter. Phoenix ab F road (K) 
Esby John, cooper, 182 S Front 
Esby Wm. cooper, 22 Union 

Escandel Antiiony, tobacconist, 71 Shippen 
F.schenbaciier John, beer h. 5th bel Master 
Escher C. F. piano manuf. 54 lirown 
Esenwein Mary, gentw. 55 Noble 
Eslibach W. lab. 5 Orcliard 
Esher Conrad S. grocer, S W 9th & Cherry 
Esher Jacob, gi-oc. 64 &. 66 N 4th, h 209 N 6lh 
Esher Jacob B. brickmr. William n Sch Front 
Esher Jane, shop, Coates n Sclmylkill 
Esher Jane, doctrcss, Coates W Willow 
Esher John, shoemr. 5 Steel's ct 
Eslier Jolui Conr. brickmr. Lombai-d W She 2d 
Eslier J. & W. groccr-s, 64 and 66 N 4th 
Esher Wm. brickmr. Beech ab Spruce 
Esher Wm. gi-oc. 64 and 66 N 4th. h 221 N 6th 
Esherick Geo. mer. 112 High, h 149 N 6th 
ESHERICK GEO. & CO. dry goods, 112 High 
Esherick Jos. mer. 112 High, h 8 Buttonwood 
|Esler Benj. turner, Sch 8th and Linden 
lEsler B. K. & Co. ice dealer, 16 S 4th 
Esler P'ulton, shoemr. Washington and Bridge 
1 W Philadelphia 

ESLER GEO. jr. importer of Havanna cigars, 
! 211 Chestnut, h 360 S 3d 
Esler Geo. sen. cai-p. 93 Crown 
ESLER JOHN, tavern, S W 4th & Carpenter 
Esler John, turner, 17 Howard 
Esler John K. baker, George ab R road 
Esler Michael, lab. Van Buren pi 
Esling Ann C. 51 Filbert 
lEsling Catharine, 57 Buttonwood 
I Esling Geo. J. sea capt. 258 Green 
Eslow Alfred, cigarmr. 20 John 
jEspenschieede Philip, cordw. 18 New Market' 
lESPY MILLS B. fwd. and com. mer. 448 High, 
j h Sch 6th bel Walnut 
.Espy Rebecca, Sch 6th bel Walnut 
Esray John, jr. corder, 443 S Front 
Esrev Wm. P, M. D., 133 N 11th 
: ESSEN WM. baker, 129 Sassafras 
ESSICH EMIL. lager beer, 256 N 3d 
Essig Christian S. turner, Po])lar ab 6th 
Essig Jacob, umbrellamr. 20 Orchard 
Essig'h Jacob, la'b. Phoenix bel G T road 
Esterlon Ann, 244 Cedar 
Estlack Geo. bricklayer, o7 S Sch 7th 
Estlack Israel, blacksm. Sch 7th ab Fairview 
, Estlack Thomas, mer. Front and High, h 557 
1 Cliestnut 
ESTLACK THOS. jr. & CO, druggists, N B 

Front and High 
Estlack Thos. jr. mer. Front & High, h 514 W 

Estle Wm. carter. Wheat ab Reed 
Estlin John, cooking stoves, 87 N 5th 
Estlin John S. 87 N otli 
Estlow Cliarles, shoenu-. 3 M'Manamy's ct 
Estlow Charles, tailoi", 24 Jolin 
Estricker Catharine, Perry bel Phoenix 
Estricker John, tailor, 122 Charlotte 
Esworthy Thos. cordw. 4 Carpenter 
Etcliman Francis, barber, 173 Locust 
Ethell ]SIary, 91 S 8th 

Etiey Wm. butcher, Haverford road (M V) 
Etris Chas. math inst. mr. 416 S Front 
Etris John M. marble yd. Palmer bel F road (K) 
Etris Robert, druggist, F road ab Master 
Etris Samuel, ship joiner, 8 China 




Ettor David, y^aintcr, 159 Catharine Evans Elwood, atty. & coun. 3 Mcr. Lib. Huild- 

Ettcr Geo. jcwc-lcr, rcdoral ah 2d '"S"' '' '''''me bel 10th 

Etter James, tailor, 4tli ah llcdwood Evans E. Collins' a! 

EttcT Jatncs, tavern, 254 I.omhard Evans E. ji-cntw. 10th and Parrislj 

Ettcr Wni. tavern, 7tli and St Paul's av Evans Francis, chairmr. 512 N 6th 

Etting- lienj. nier. 46 N whfs. &, 93 N Water, h Evans Franklin, mcr. 63 Ilig'h, h 316 N 6th 

421 Spruce I Evans Geo. shoemr. 84 

Etting' Edward .F. iron mor. 46 N whfs. and 93 ^vans Geo. L. cii<'ars, 8th bel Green 

N Water, h S W Sch 8th and Spruce ! Ev^^ns Geo. O. bookkeeper, 3 W North 

Etting- E. J. & Hrother, com. mcrs. 46 N whfs.'l'>'">s G. P. manuf. h 438 N 6th 

and 93 N Water 
Etting- [(oratio, mcr. h 103 S 12th 
Etting- Henry, pur.ser U. S. N. 103 S 12th 
Ettingcr H. nier. 67 N 3d, h 6th ab Poplar 
Etting-er Christian, cordw. Francis W Powell 
Etting-er Jacob, 5 Ashton pi 
Ettinger Joseph, tallowchand. 1 Fairmount 
Etting-er T.azarus, 2 Derringer's ct 
Etting-er & Stephens, tailors, 319 N 2d 
Ettinger & Tandler, dry goods, 67 N 3d 
Ettinger Wm. bricklayer,' 26 Chatham 
Etzel G. lab. Walton's ct 
Euler Geo. cooper, 23 Mayland 
Eustace Edw. machinist, 6 Hampton 
Euston Jas. painter, 21 S 8th, h 192 N 11th 
Euston & AVecr, painters, 21 S 8th 
Evans Aaron, cai-p. h 30 Log-an 
Evans & Allmendinger, mers. 8 Bank 
Evans Amy, rear 84 Walnut 
Evans Andrew D. capt. 414 Lombard 
Evans Andrew W. g-rocer, 9th and Coates 
Evans Ann, baker, 13 S 10th 
Evans Anna, milliner, 239 S 2d 
Evans Arlhur, lab. William bel Edward (K) 
Evans A. dressmr. 191 N 10th 
Evans Renj. currier, 149 S Front, h 7 Cox 
Evans Benjamin C. mer. 19 Church al, h Par 

rish n 8th 
Evans Renjamin M. grocer, 276 Cedar 

Evans Hampton-W. carp. Sch 8th bel Parrish 

Evans Hannah, 6 Garrigues' ct 

Evans Hannah J. 29 Wood 

Evans Harriet V. widow of Cadwalader, 417 

Evans Horace, M. D. 163 Walnut 
EVANS HOWELL, printer, 4th bel Chestnut, 

h 332 N 7th 
Evans Isaac, g-roccr, Lewis and Master 
Evans Isaiah, engineer, 3 Reckless 
Evans Jacob, inspector, 88 Cherry 
Evans James, whitewasher, 18 Lombard 
Evans James, brickmr. Austin bel P'ederal 
Evans James, hatter, Girard av. ab Broad 
Evans James, saddler, Georg-e E Sch 2d 
Evans Jas. gun mr. 25 N 2d 
Evans Jas. D. cordw. 7 Queen ab Fi-oad (K) 
Evans Jane C. flowermr. 5 S 4th 
Evans Jesse, tin plate worker, High ab Sch 8th, 

h Sch 8th ab Mulberry 
Evans Jesse, carp. 54 Laurel 
Evans John, lab. 36 Carlton 
Evans John, carp. Green bel Mary (W P) 
Evans John, ji-. g-ent. Brown bel 8th 
Evans John, tavern, 117 S Front 
Evans John, inspector of lumber, 49 Green 
Evans John, teacher, 21 Perry 
Evans John, moulder, 8th bel Carpenter 
Evans John, cordw. 7 Rubican's pi 

Evans Breretan J. japanner, rear 104 N 2d, h | Evans John H. druggist, S W 6th and Parrish 
Marsliall bel Franklin Evans John H. clerk, 270 Catharine 

Evans Charles, daguerrotypist, 380 High, h I Evans John M. mer. 387 N 8th 
Chestnut ab Broad I Evans John M., carpets, 215 N 2d 

EVANS CHAS. machinist, Quarry ab 2d, h [Evans Jonathan, grocer, 10th bel Poplar 

Evans Joseph, leather mer. Pascal bel 11th 
Evans Jos. cabtmr. 4 Mary's ct 
Evans Jos. cordw. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Evans Jos. watchman, Penn av n Coates 
Evans Jos. variety store, 233 S 2d 
Evans Jos. R. me'r. 31 S whfs. h 101 Pine 
EVANS JOS. K. &. CO. com mers. 31 S whfs 
Evans Joshua D. c.mer. 32 Clnn-ch al, h 290 N 7th 
Evans Josiah, jr. tailor, 70 N 4th 
Evans Josiah, measurer, 5 S 4th 

100 Vine 
Evans Chas. boot & shoemr. 130 Green 
Evans Clias., M. D, 182 Mulberry 
Evans Chas. carp. 20 Decatur 
Evans Chas. copperplate printer, 545 Vine 
Evans Chas. D. carp. Shippen bel 10th 
Evans Chas. G. alderman, 10th bel Thompson 
Evans David, lab. 9 Gulielma 
Evans David, ropemr. Franklin ab Wood (K) 
Evans David, lab. Seller's ct 
Evans David, fire proof chest manuf. 83 Dock, h Evans J. Og-den, gent. 10th ab Ruttonwood 

86 Marshall | Evans Lewis, lab. Pearl n Nixon 

EVANS DAVID, jr. lookingglass, 297 High, h Evans Louis W. M. D., 285 S 10th 

33 Cox ' I Evans Lorenzo, steward. Beard's ct & Barron 

EvansDavid R. lumber, Washington avab Green Evans Margaret, gentw. 103 Pine 
Evans David R. painter, 106 N Juniper | Evans Maria, gentw. 460 Callowhill 

Evans David Z. grocer, 5 S 5th, h 13 Ashland Evans Mary, tailoress, Little Washington and 
Evans Edward, tinman, 648 N 2d (K) j Charles (S) 

Evans Edward, slater, Parrish bel 8th I Evans Mary, 11th and Callowhill 

Evans Eli/a, 413 High i Evans Matthew, weaver, Shippen bel 12th 

Evans Eli/.a, washer, Miles' al {Evans Morris, surg. inst. mr. Burr's av 

Evans Elizabeth, sempstress, Jones' al I Evans M. G. 7 Gii-ard 

Evans Ellen, milliner, 20 N 8th j Evans Nathaniel K. carp. Melon n 10th 

Evans Ellis, sliocmr. 76 Lombard [Evans Oliver, cordw. WiUiam bel Richmond (R) 




Evans Oliver, dai^dcorotvpc, 532 N 6th 

EVANS OF-IVHU, rcfritreiatoi-, water filterer & 
iron chest maniif. 61 S 2(1, h 229 Spruce 

Evans Owen, h 236 Filbert 

Evans Owen B. lime, 9th and Sp Garden, h 139 
Sp Garden 

Evans O. R. & J. W. 9th and Sp Garden 

Evans Patrick, cai-tcr, 8 Pearl 

Evans Powell J. brickmr. Cedar bel Broad 

Evans Randolph W. coal mer. h F road near 

Evans Rebecca Ann, Bache 

Evans Rees C. Rev. 11 Mag-nolia 

Evans Richard, tailor, 6 Wesley 

Evans Ricliard, watchman, Redwood ab 4th 

Evans Richard C. bricklr. h 144 S 13th 

Evans Robert, mer. 48 Miirshall 

Evans Robt. measvirer, Wallace bel 10th 

Evans Robert T. 178 N 9th 

Evans Rowland C. carpenter, 10th bel Spring- 

EVANS R. W. coal dr , Poplar & Front & Froad 
& Read. R. R., h F road ab Richard la 

Evans Samuel, stone mason, 91 h ab Coates 

Evans Samuel, porter. Centre ab 12th 

Evans Samuel, lab. Jarvis ab 2d 

Evans Samuel R. sale-man, 404 N 6th 

Evans Sarah, 11 Brandvwine 

Evans Sarah, cupper, 86| N 9th 

Evans Sarah M. Miller's ct 

Evans Solomon, lab. Emeline 

Evans & Sutter, tin plate and sheet iron, 521 

Evans Theodore, 344 Lombard 

Evans Thos. g-ent. 82 Spruce 

Evans Thos. porter, 5 Fries' ct 

Evans Thos. mer. 63 Hig-h, h 104 N 4th 

Evans Thos. gent. 180 Mulberry 

Evans Thos. Mrs. N E Sch 6th and Latimer 
Evans Thos. g-ardener. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
Evans Thos. mer. 155 Hig-h, h lOth above Wash- 

Evans Thos. L., mer., 246 Sp Garden 
EVANS T. & F. cloths, 63 High 
EVANS T. WALLIS, dry g-oods, 214 Chestnut 
Evans Walter F. liquor mer. 113 P road 

Everest Cornelius, jeweler, 206 Chestnut 
Everett Henj. C, surgeon's bandages and instru- 
ments, 34 S 6th 
Everett Charles, merchant, 83 High, h 483 W 

Everett C, waiter, Russell av 
Everett D., coach manuf. Brown ab 12th 
Everett & Engles, dry goods, 83 High 
Everett Miss Sarah, Latimer IZ Sch 6th 
Everett Newman, M. D., 146 Beach (It) 
Everett Robt., publisher, 83 Dock 
Everham & Colsher, wheelwrights, Broad ab 

Green, h Sch 7th ab Parrish 
Everham Saml., wheelwr. 67 St John, h Parrish 

bel 1 1th 
Everham Wm., wheelwr., Broad ab Green, h 

Sch 7th ab Parrish 
Everhart Anne, rear 36 St John 
Everhart David, coachmr. 32 Hibberd 
Everhart Geo., turner. Smith's ct 
Everhart John, chairmr. 4th bel Poplar 
Everhart Marg., 184 Coates 
Everhart Wm., driver, 17 Swanson 
Everitt Joana, shop, 81 Locust 
Everitt John, saddler, 193 St John 
Everitt Maria, sempstress. 9 Morgan's ct 
Everitt Richard, blacksm. Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Everling John, lab. Otter bel G T road (K) 
Everlow Hannah, 89 N 5th 
Everly Adam, gent. 354 Mulberry 
Everly Geo. M., collector, 297 S Front 
Everly M. N., button manuf. factory, 5 Harmony, 

h 203 Queen 
Everly Wm., painter, 23 Federal 
Everly W. A., mer. 225 High, h 398 Mulberry 
Everly W. A. & Co., fancy goods, 225 High 
Evers Charles, carter, Wood ab Franklin 
Evers Christian, confect. 79 S 2d 
Evers John A., leather, 46 Cedar 
Evers Thos., Bedford bel Vienna 
Everson John W., book binder., Apple above 

Everson Thos., coach ti-im., 8th bel P road 
Everson Wm. K., M. 1)., Queen ab Hanover 
Evert Leonard, lab. rear 62 Catharine 
Everwine Wm., lab. Hutchinson ab Poplar 

Evans & Watson, iron chests and refrigerators, i Eves Ann, b h, S E 9th and High 

83 Dock jEvleth J. Granville, clerk, 173 S 11th 

Evans Wm. carp. 4 Monmouth ct Evrall John, mason, 96 Butfonwood 

Evans William, druggist, 134 S Front, h 102' Ewalt Geo. F., tailor, 146 F road 


Evans Wm. printer, 233 Wood ab 12th 
Evans Wm. H. mer. 8 Bank, h 385 N 8th 
Evans Wm. M. real est. broker, Park & Wash- 

Evvatt John, boot crimper, rear 495 N 3d 

Ewell Edward, bar tender, 20 Mary 

Ewell Solomon, oyster house, 67 Dock, h 72 

Ewell William, mariner, 13 Reed 

Evans Wm. R. mer. 388 High, h Sch 8th above Ewen Joseph, dry goods, 15 S 2d, h 177 Pine 

Spruce Ewen Wm., lab. Apple ab Phoenix (K) 

Evans Wm. R. dry goods, 105 High, h 37 Mul-Ewing Charles, cordw. 74 P road 


Evans Willis M. carp. Haines ab 12th 
Evans Wilson, clerk, 264 Marshall 
Evans W. Elbert, 9 Girard 
Eve Lewis, blacksm. 61 Mead 
EVELAND DANIEL, morocco dresser, 65 

Willow, h Wdlow bel 4th 
Eveland Michael, saddletree mr. Pemberton st 
Evens Whitton, mer. 93 S whfs, h Sch 7th ab 


Ewing Geo. IL, lab. 22 Christian 
Ewing Heni-j', blacksm. Wood ab Sch 8th 
Ewing James, painter, rear Spruce n Ueech 
Ewing James, lab. M'Duffie n 2d 
Ewing .las., moidtler, AVood ab Sch 8th 
Ewing Jolin, cordw. S W Ashton and Spruce 
Ewing J. O., gent. 408 Spruce bel 12th 
Ewing Robert, blacksm. Pearl ab Nixon 
Ewing Robt., com. mer., 27 Minor, h N W 8th 
and Chestnut 




EWING RORERT, mer. 31 Chestnut, li 446 

Ewing' 8:mil., l:ib. Vine al) Hroad 
Ewing- Hanuiel, lal). J.ombai-d n Sell Kaiik 
Ewing- 8arali, 229 S 5th 
Ewing- Wm., bhicksni. Pearl ab Nixon 
Ewing- Win., spooler, 6 W Cedar 
Ewing- William E., clerk, 240 S 11th 
Ewings James K., barber, 388 S 2(1 
Ewings .hilin, barber, l?ro\vn ab Cumberland 
Exley Wni., flour and feed, 5th and Franklin 
Exley William, fiour and feed, 4tli and Ccorg-c 
Exley William & Henry, blacksm. Wood and 

billwyn, h Franklin and Wallace 
Extion Sand., \var])cr, Riddle W Fairmount 
Exstein Andrew, tailor, Winter ab Georg-e 
Eyanson 'I'hos., tailor, W High bel Sch 5th, h 3 

Temperance row 
Eyre Abraham P., wharf builder. Queen above 

Hanover (K) 
Eyre Edward E., mer., S W 4th &, Mulberry, h 

93 N 5th 
Eyre Frank., whf. builder. Queen bel Palmer 
Eyre Franklin Mrs., g-entw. Queen ab Hanover 
Eyre Jehu W'., wharf builder, Beach above Han- 
over (K) 
Eyre John, slioemr. Catharine ab 13th 
Eyre Jolm, George bel 4th 
Eyre John II., carp., 450 N 8th 
Eyre Joseph K., com. mer. 37 Dock 
Eyre & Landell, dry goods, S W 4th & Mulberry 
Eyre Lewis, carp., 18 Logan 
Eyre Manuel, agent, 116 Walnut 
Eyre M.iry Ann, b h, 18 N 9th 
Eyre Thomas, diy goods, 12th and Vine 
Eyre Tliomas, wool manuf., 3 Harrison ct 
Eyre W^m., carp. Sch 8th n Mulberry 
Eyre Wilson, atty.72 S 6th 
Eyre, Ward & Co., agency, 2 Ranstead pi 

Faahan Jolm, cordw. Flemming bel Sch 2d 

Faas Anthony, accordian, 380 N 4th 

Faas P'rancis, confcct. Palmer ab Franklin 

Faber Cliarles, tailor, Morris (S) 

Faber Jolm J., carp. Hanover ab West (K) 

Faber William, silversni. 124 N 5th 

Fabian Chas., shoemr. 11 Linden 

Fabian Mary, b ii, 88 Mulberry 

Fable Barbara, 9th ab Noble 

Fable Wm. L.,bookbr. 543 N 5th 

Fabre Francis A., umbrella finisher, 7 Bread, h 

269 S 3d 
Fabruius Sanil., cordw. 27 Noble 
Fackler J,ouis F., baker, 324 N Front 
Fackney John, gent. 286 Sassafras 
Facon Tliomas, acct. 12 Ashland 
Faddis Ezekiel, cordw. 358 N 3d 
Fadin John, grocer, N W^ Beach and Spruce 
Fadley Fdi/abeth, Leopard ab Otter 
Fadely Robert, cabtmr. 10th ab Thompson 
Fagan Alexander, ladies' shoemr. 134 S 10th 
Fagan IScrnard, hackman, 52 Penn 
Fagan Daniel, Weaver, 2d and Diamond 
Fagan lAlwiu-d, Shippen la bel Bedford 
Fag-an Ilug-h, grocer, S E Sth and Bedford 
Fagan James, ostler, Juniper and Lawrence 

Fagan James, shuttle mr. 729 N 2d, li Gay's ct 

Fagan John, lab. 1 Relief pi 

Fagan John, weaver, 44 Fit/water 

Fagan John, stcreoty])e foundi-}-, 19 St James, 

h W Penn sq 
Fagan John, weaver. Almond ab Somerset 
P'agan John, 1 S 13th 
Fagan Mich., hotel, William and Morris 
Fag-an Mich. \., shoemr. Adams &. Clymer 
I'agan Patrick, weavei-, 7th bel l-'it/.water 
Fagan Peter, blacksm. Sch 7th ab Wood 
Fagan Peter, Spruce W Sch 5th 
Fagan Peter, lab., 312 S 7th 
Fagan Peter A., tailor, 7th bel Fitzwater 
FAGAN '^\. 4b, grocer, S E 8th and Lombard 
Fagan Thomas, stone cut. Spruce and Sch 5th 
Fagioli Francis, cordw. 81 S 8th, h Panish ab 

12th * 

Fagiindus Mrs., widow of Jacob, 12 Wagner's ct 
Fahncstock B. A., 52 High, h W Penn sq near 

FAHNESTOCK B. A. & CO., drugs. 52 High 
Fahnestock G. W., mer. 52 High, h W Penn sq 

n Filbert 
Fair John, carp. 4 Shoemaker, h 127 Locust 
Fairbanks Chas. H., printer, N E 4th & Chestnut 
Fairbanks &. Glessner, printers N E 4th and 

Fairbanks S. H., cordw. Washington bel Logan 
Fairbrother Jas., confect. Callowliill W^ William 
Fairchild E. R., Rev., D. D., sec. Am. and F"or. 

Chris. Union, 22 S 4th, h 79 Locust 
Fairchild Geo. M., engineer, 232 N 13th 
Fairchild Hiram, engineer, 7 Diligent av 
Fairchild VVm. B., buttonmr. 228 N 13th 
Faires J. W., seminary, George ab 11th, h Sch 

7th bel Locust 
Falrgrieve James, clerk, 82 S 2d 
Fairlamb George W., carp. 226 Sassafras, h 1 

Howard pi 
FAIRLAMB JONAS P., jr., att'y at law,7 San- 

som, h Summer n Sch 7th 
Fairman G. W., officer Phila. & R. R. road, 4th 

& Willing's al, h Sch 6th & Emerald 
Fairm'in H. B., 63 Noble 
Fairthorne Fredk.,atty. and coun. 26 S 3d 
Fairweather Elizabeth, Sch 7th and Pine 
Falby James, lab. 107 M road 
J'alconer John G., mer. 57 Chestnut 
Falck Valentine O., clerk, 4 Chatham 
Fales David L., rigger, 24 Mead 
Fales Geo., mer. 6 S Front, h 131 Sassafras 
Fales, Lothrop & Co., mers. 6 S Front 
Fales Oliver G., stone cutter, Warren bel Pine 

(W P) 
Falkmier Joseph M., carp. Hutchinson below 

Fall Jolm, farmer, F road ab Gunner's run 
Fallbright John, shoemr. Hutchinson bel Master 
Fallen Ann, 12 Maiy 

FALLON C. 84 J., attys. & coun., 142 Walnut 
Fallon John, atty. and coun., 142 Walnut, h 7th 

and Wasliington sq 
Fallon John, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Fallon John, lab. Benton ct 
Falls Francis, gratemaker, 83 N 6th 
Falls James, lab. Spafibrd 
Falls John, chandler, 99 Dillwyn 




Falls Michael, b li, 274 S Front 

F»lner M;iry, Brown ab Clicrry 

Faloncv Jas., paver, 13th bcl Catharine 

FalyerA., lab. rear 362 N 3d 

Fannin ,lolin, ropemr. Cadwalader ab Phoenix 

Fannin Wm., finislier, Bedford bel Ross (K) 

Fanning .lolin, lab. 115 Swanson 

Fannin.u: .lohn W., dry goods, 178 S 5th 

Farber Henr} , butcher, 1 Rihl's ct 

Fareira .lohn, sen., grocer, Parker 8c Ca:-penter 

Fareira .John, jr., hatter, 284 High j 

Fareira .loscph, hatter, 172 High, h Pine ab lOthI 

Farenholts Josepli, sugar ref., 28 Wood 

Faries James, cordw. Paul n 7th 

Faries .lanics, coachmr. Carpenter ab 4th 

Faries J no. T., coach paint. 13th &. Washington 

h Parrjsh ab 12th 
Faries Wm., 366 Vine 
Fariety &. Cook, coopers, 18 Little Water 
Farley Ann, tavern, 510 High 
Farley Bernard, teacher, Sch Water & Cedar 
Farley Bernard, mason, Loud bel 10th 
Farley Edward, lab. Sch Front ab Mulberry 
Farley F,lizabeth, spooler, 55 Perry 
Farley Francis, weaver, Front ab Phoenix (K) 
Farley James, lab. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Farley James, carter, lOtli and Margaret 
Farley .lolin, stone cutter, Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Farley John, stone cutter, 10th and Hall 
Farley Joseph W., M. D. & druggist, S W 7th 

and Poplar 
Farley Matthew, lab. Biddle n William 
Farley Michael, weaver, 216 Shippen 
Farley Michael, fat gatherer, Loud ab 9th 
Farley Michael, grocer, 221 Shippen 
Farley Rosanna, 11th and Paschall 
Farley Thos., boatman, Callowhill bel William 
Fariey Thos., lab., 2 St Mary 
Farley Thos., lab. Van Buren pi 
Farley Thos., stone cutter, Pine bel 11th, h 

Carpenter n 10th 
Farley Thos., coachman, rear 5 Sheppard's al 
Farlink Louis, tailor, Lewellyn av 
Farlow John, weaver, Hope bel Phoenix 
Farlow Robt., carter, 45 Fitler (K) 
Farmer Jos., porter, 247 S 5th 
Farmer Peter, waiter, Smith's ct 
Farmer R., tailor, 30 Branch 
nut ab 4th 
Farnan Francis, weaver, 6 South av 
Farndell Geo. H.,curb layer, Lloyd bel Shippen 
Farncswoith Danl., bricklr. Church & Moore(S) 
Farnesworth James, weaver, G T road bel 6th 
Farnham B. A., mer. 36 S Front, h Broad below 

Farnon Peter, mach. 12th bel Poplar 
Farnum Charles A., mer. 26 S Front, house 477 

Farnum Geo. ^V. mer. 27 Gj^estnut 
Farnum Henry, mer. 12 Chestnut, h 389 Walnut 
FA.KNUM HENRY & CO., mers., 12 Chestnut 
FARNUM & IMBRIE, mers. 30 Chestnut 
Fanium James A. com. mer. 30 Chestnut, h Sch 

7th ab Spruce 
Farnum .lohn, mer. 26 S Front, h 257 Mulberiy 
FARNUM JOHN & CO. com. mers. 26 S Front 

Farnum Peter, mer. 26 S Front, h 477 Chestnut 
Faro Edw. blacksm. 89 Apple 
Faron Wm. engineer, 31 Beck 
Farquhar Anita, b h, George W Sch 6th 
FARQUHAR & CARPENTER, conveyancers, 

Farquhar building Walnut bel 3d 
Farquhar Edwd. Y. conveyancer, 56 Walnut, h 

S E Sch 6th and Walnut 
Farquhar Robt. B. painter, 386 N 10th 
Farquhar Thos. baker, lOtii and Carpenter 
Farquhar Thomas W., tailor, US 6lh, h 386 N 

Farquhar Tliomas W., jr., gas fitter, 386 N 10th 
Farr George, lab. 13 Brook 
FARR GEORGE W. tailor, N AV 5th & Chest- 
nut, h N W Wood and 5th 
Farr Jane, gentw. 151 N 6th 
Farr John C. mer. 112 Chestnut, h 171 S 5th 
FARR JOHN C. ik. CO. watches & jewelry, 112 

Fan- John T. apoth. N E 12th and Callowhill 
Farr Mar\', lOtii ab Girard av 
Farr Thos. cooper, 275 S Front 
FaiT Wm. vict., Cadwalader ab Master 
FaiT Wm. M. mer. 112 Chestnut, hill Catha- 
Farraday John W. grocer, F road and Master 
Farraday Martin, carter, Federal ab 5th 
Farrad}' James, surg. inst. maker, 11 Elder 
Farrady Wm. spinner, 2d ab Oxford 
Farrady Wm. AV. confect. 6 Clair 
P'aiTan Hugh, carman, Murray W Sch 3d 
Farran Hugh, carter, Philip bel Columbia 
Farran James, weaver, 10th bel Christian 
FaiTan Jane, 8 Brook's ct 
Farran Margaret, Baker 
Farran Mary, 107 German 
Farran Mich, distiller, 144 Beach (K) 
Farran Thos. charcoal, Sch Front bel Chestnut 
FARRAND JAMES H. confec. 281 Chestnut 
Farrand Stephen, carver. Filbert n Sch 4th 
FaiTar Joseph, driver, Sommer's ct 
Farrell Anne, shop, Coates n Sch ' 

Farrell Barnard, lab., Sch 7th ab Wood 
Fan'ell Bridget, Pearl n Broad 
Fan-ell Cornelius, bricklr, Donnelly's ct 
Farrell Edwd. A. clerk. Mechanic 
Farrell Elizabeth, 140 Spruce 
Farrell Elizabeth, Hope ab Master (K) 
Farrell Geo. weavei-, Callowhill ab Sch 6tb 
Farr^l Geo. L. stone cutter, 33 S 4th 
Farrell James, grocer, 7th ab Wharton 
Farrell James, hat tip manuf 131 Poplar 
Farrell James, p-.icker, Native 
Farrell James, dyer, Callowhill ab William 
Farrell John, lab. 52 Quince 
Farrell John, segarmr.. Shoemaker's ct 
Farrell John, lab., rear 451 Vine 
Farrell John, carter, Oxford bel Adams 
Farrell John, ship joiner, Ross ab Duke 
Farrell Joseph, b li, 391 High 
Farrell Joseph, tavern, Callowhill n Sch 
Farrell Peter, waiter, 156 S 11th 
Farrell Rosina C. 66 Gaskill 
Farrell Robert, tailor, Boyd's ct 
Farrell Simon, bricklr., Donnelly's ct 
Farrell Walter, bootmr. 18 Benton 

FARNUM, LARNED & CO. mers. 27 ChestnutjFarrell Wm. hatter, 15 Flower 




Farrelly James A. bon. presser, 119 Cedar 

Farrcn Ann, 107 P road 

P'arren Danl. lab. Crown bcl Duke 

Farrcn Danl. carp. 16 Morris 

Farrcn E<lwd. carp., SuH'olk 

Farrcn Henry, quarrynian, William ab Biddle 

P'arren Janus, carp. 202 Shippcn 

Farrcn John, lab., rear William n Sell 

Farrcn Joseph, shoemr. 9 WlHuig's al 

Farren Margaret, rear 19 A^'ernon 

Farren Wm. carp., Siirtblk 

Farrit^an Michael, lab.. Sassafras W Broad 

J'arringer Margt. grocer, S AV M road Sc Prime 

Farrington Alonzo, broker, 8 Minor, li Sch 7tii 

n Vine 
Fan-ington Matt. G., Mechanic bel Franklin 
F'arrington Kichd., carpet weav., Shackamaxon 

bel F road (K) 
F'an-ington Thos. weaver, Ross ab Duke 
Farris Ebee, midwife, 16 Burd's ct 
Farrcn Fi-ancis, sugar mr., P road ab Federal 
Farron Francis, currier, Lepriva bel Dauphin 
Farrow Wm. painter, G T road bel Phoenix, h 

2d bel Columbia (K) 
Farry Andrew, lab. 11 Pegg 
Farry John, lab., Murray AV Sch 3d 
FaiTy Timotliy, weaver, Jones E Sch 3d 
Farson Enoch S. wooden wai-e, 60 Dock, h 23 

Farson James, car driver, 25 Concord 
Farson Wm., carp., Norris's al, h M road bel 

Farthing John, victualler, F road and Palmer 
Farthing- AVm., F road ab Palmer 
Faser Christian, stone cut. 501 N 10th 
J'aser Jacob, sword mounter, 36 Alder 
Fassitt Alfred, mer. 48 High, h 245 Pine 
Fassitt Clinton D. ship, Ross ab Queen 
Fassitt &. Co., dry goods, 48 High ab 2d 
Fussltt E. C, gent. 476 Mulberry 
I'assitt Jas. gent. 329 Mulberry 
Fassitt James, waterman, 13 Cox 
Fassitt James \V., mer., 48 High, h Spruce ab 


Fassitt John, lab., rear 13 Prosperous al 
Fassitt M;'s., widow of Thomas, 327 Mulbeiry 
Fassitt T. S. R. gent. 433 Jlulberry 
Faster Fred, cordw. 2 AVashington ct 
Fasy Catharine Ann, A\'ood ab Broad 
Fasy Henry J. cordw. 401 Sassafras 
Fasy John H. printer, AVood bel Sch 7th 
Fater Jacob, grocer, S E Apple and Thompson 
Faucett Aaron, barber, 478| Poplai-, h Alder ab 

Fauerbac Marj', 15 Lily al 
Faugcar Eust;iche, cabinctmr. rear 128 S 2d 
Faugeai- Jule, chair mr. 11 Lombard 
|Faulk Geo. sea capt., Callowiiill ab Uth 
Faulkner John, lab. Front bcl Almond 
Faulkner Josli. tailor, 167 S 10th 
Taulkner J. H. painter, 56 Catharine 
Faulkner &, Lewis, machi., Nixon & Hamilton 
Faulkner Pat gas WDrker, Beech bel Walnut 
Faulkner Robt. tailor, 25 Pratt 
Faulkner Wm. shoemr. Sch 6th ab Pine 
Fauikner AVm. dyer. Front bel Oxford 
I Faulkner Wm. H., carp., Cherry n Sch 8th 
Faunce Christn. R. fisherm. Queen ab Cherry(K) 

Faunce Conrad, fisherm. c Vienna 8c Queen (K) 
Faunce Daniel, fi.sherm. Queen bel Vienna (K) 
Faunce David, glassblowcr, Girard av &. Sch 4th 
Faunce David, glass blower, A'icnna 8c Bedford 
Faunce Geo. fishcrmn. Cheriy ;ib Queen (K) 
Faunce Hannah, George ab Charlotte 
Faunce Henrj-, glass blow cr, AVood n Duke (K) 
Fatmce Hcnr\', bookbinder, 11th and AVillow 
Faunce Henry, cordw. 42 Apple 
Faunce Henry M. fisherm. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Isaac, sr., fisherm. Queen bel Wood (K) 
Faunce Tsaac, fishcrmn.. Queen bel Cherry (K) 
Faunce Isaac, fishcrmn.. Queen bcl Wood (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fishcrmn.. Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Faunce Jacob, fishcrmn., Queen bel Cheny 
Faunce Jacob, fishcrmn., CheiTy n Frankhn (K) 
Faunce Jacob, vict. 7th bel G T road 
Faunce Jacob D. fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Faunce Jacob H., fishermn. Queen bel Palmer 
Faunce John, carter, Carroll ab 12th 
Faunce Jno. C, fishermn. Queen ab Cherry (K) 
Faunce Mary, Queen ab Bishop (K) 
Faunce Mich., fishermn. Vienna ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Mich, fishermn. AVood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Peter M. fishermn. AVood ab Queen (K) 
Faunce Sarah, Queen ab AHenna (K) 
Faunce Susan, gentw. Palmer bel Queen (K) 
Faunce S. lab. Fisher ab Cumberland 
Faunce AVm. shipwt. Elm ab Bedford 
Faunce AVm. glass blower. Ash bel Duke 
Faunce AVm. combmr. Pearl bel Clearfield 
Fausee Frederica, shop, Apple bel Master 
Fauset F. 15 Paschall's al 
Fausset John, broker, 46^ AValnut, h S AV 13th 

and Chestnut 
Faussett James, gent. 91 Crown 
Faust Anguet, 8 Diligent av 
Faust Chas. upholsterer, 6 Townsend's pi 
Faust David, mer., 68i N 3d, h 189 N 7th 
Faust 8c AA'inebrenner, hardw\ 68| N 3d 
Fauver Caspar, Children's Asylum, rear Com 

missioners' Hall (N L.) 
Fauver Caspar, jr., tavern, 3d n Brown 
Fawcett Charles, wigmr., S E 5lh and Chestnut, 
Fawcett AVm. 24 Logan's sq 
FAY C. M., mer. 16 N 4th, h 149 Franklin 
Fay Elizabeth, washer, 14 Chancery la 
Fay Mary, 8 M'Duffie 

Fay Newell, broker, N E 7th and Mulbeny 
Fay Thomas, grocer, S E 6th and Pow-cll 
Faye James, mer., 100 Chestnut, h 160 S 13th 
Faye Thomas, mer., 7 Belmont pi 
Fayette I-ewis, cabinetmr. 356 S 2d 
Fayssoux Edwards J. milita. store U S Arsenal 
Fcairhcller Geo. shoemr. 4th bel Jefferson 
Feairheller John, carder, Apple ab Jefferson 
Feairheller AVm. spinner, 17 Peny 
Fealty Jas., lab., Salmon bcl Ann 
Fearis Ellen, gentw. 10 Powell 
Fearis Stephen, lab. 24 Barclay 
Fearon Edwin, saddkr, Adams bel 13th 
Fearon Franci";, mer. 15 S AVater, h 166 S 4th 
Fearon H. b h, 151 N 12th 
Fearon Joseph, mer. 15 S AA'ater, h 263 S 9tli 
Fearon Patrick, blacksm., c Spruce and Pratt, 

A'aughan bel AValnut 
.Fcarons 8c Smith, grocers, 15 S AVater 
Feaster Maria, washer, 70 Nectaiine 




Fer>ster Wm. silversmith, 70 Nectarine 
J'eath John, lab^ Howard's ct 
Federal Chas. cabinctmr. Lewis ab Thompson 
Federschmid Gotlieb, baker, 212 S 6th 
Fee Edward, dyer, Lombard n Sch bank 
Fee Francis, spooler. Cedar bel 13th 
Fee John, slioemr., Cedar & Juniper 
Fee Mary, Marriott bel 9th ' 
Fee Terence, clothes, 233 Cedar 
Feedy Jas. lub., Little Washington ab Tth 
Feeham Danl. weaver, Mechanic n Levin 
Feehan Alice, shop, Washington ab Logan 
Feehan Daniel B., shoemr. High E Sch Front 
Feehter Conrad, foreman, Oak (WP) 
Feeney Michael, weaver, Bedford bel Brown 
Feeny James, lab. 214 Lombard 
Feeny John, tailor, 46 Gaskill 
Feeny John, gilder, rear 8 Mark's la 
Feenv ilich., tailor, Little Washington bel 10th 
FEES CHRISTOPHER, agent, 91 Brown 
Fees Jacob, carp, rear 467 N 4tli 
Fegenbush Catharine, 386 N 6th 
Fegenbush John, shoemr., Gray's ct 
Fegenbush J. shoe store, 446 N 2d 
Fegley James, drover, G T road ab Wag'er (K) 
Fegiey Joseph, tanner, 56 F road (K) 
Fegley Thos. skin dresser, Duke bel F road 
Fehleisen Christian, 27 Beaver (K) 
Fehling Henry, tailor, Culvert bel Apple 
Feigel Fred, baker, rear Ogden bel 10th 
Feigel Levi, dn- goods, 64 Lombard 
FEIXOUR JOSEPH, stove fin. and tin and iron 

pi. worker, 213 and 215 S Front 
Feirheller Heniy, brickmr., G T road bel 6tb 
Feitig Georg-e, carp. 149 Cheny 
Feitig J. P., carp., 23 Jones' al, h 81 Brown 
Feldman A. W. grocer, 96 Green 
Feldman & Gunsenhauser, dry goods, 188 N 2d 
Feldman Henr}-, shoemr. 12 Chester 
Feldman H. C. baker, X E Poplar and Lewis 
Feldman Joseph, grocer. Poplar and N Market 
Felker Geo. tailor, 51 Howard 
Felker Maria, dressmr., rear 4 Quarrj' 
Felker Wm. D. tobacco, George bel 4th 
Felkin Heniy, lab. 6th bel Poplar 
Fell Aaron, carp.. Alder ab Poplar 
Fell Ciias. E. painter, Poplar ab 10th 
Fell C. J., currier. Front and Coates, h 384 N 

FELL C J. Si BROTHER, choco. manuf., 64 S 

Fell David, miller, Jane 
Fell David, foundry, 749 N 2d (K) 
Fell D. F. & Co., g-as fit. and plumbers, 8 S 5th 
Fell Franklin, mcr. 64 S Front, h 12th ab Mul- 

beny • 

Fell Jesse A. printer, 6th bel Washington 
Fell Joseph G. coal mer., 81 Walnut, h 94 Mar- 
Fell & Kinsler, ciin-iers, N W Front and Coates 
Fell Penrose, uilor, 62 Chestnut 
Fell Reese D., tailor, 62 Chestnut, h 464 Spruce 
Fell R. D. &. Brother, tailors, 62 Chestnut 
Fell Samuel H. printer, 13 Marriott 
Felknian Abraham, clothing, 2i0 Shippen 
Fellg^r A., M. D., 29 Sansom 
Fellheinder Abm. 11 Matamoras pi (K) 
Fellov.-es C. gent., 28 Clinton ab 10th 

jFelsberg Paul, cordw. rear 5 Ogden 
! Felt Caroline, 5 Sailor's ct 
I Felt George, ship carp. 463 S Front 
'Felt Wm. tinsmith, 405 S Front 

Felter Elizabeth, shoe binder, 1 Lyndall's ct 
iFelthousen Jacob, printer, 3 Hermitage pi 

Felton Godfrey, brickmr., Ann W Powell 

Felton Henry, frame mr., 9 St. Ja^ies, h Poplar 
bel 10th 

Feltpuith Conrad, cabinetmr. 7 Lemon 

Felts Geo. coachman, 140 N Juniper 
jFeltus Thos. carter, rear Ogden ab 9th 

Feltus Henry J. sugar refiner, Zane ab 7th, h 4 
I Boston row 

I Feltus Marcus, lab., Hutchinson bel Franklin 
j FELTUS & ZLMMERLING, sug. refiners, Zane 
j ab 7th 

FELTWELL 8c BAKER, wann air furnaces, 
I 406 High 

j FELTWELL BENJ. M., city contractor, 406 
High, h Sch 4th ab Mulberry 

Felty Charles, bricklr., 9 Orleans 
JFelty George, cordw. 91 W Callowhill 

Felty John S. cordw. Ann E Sch 4th (F V) 

Felty Samuel, machinist, 450 N 3d 

Felty Wm. blacksm. Filbert n Sch 4th 

Femington T. M., tax collector, N E 3d and 

Fender Airs., dressmr. 32 N Sch 8th 

Fenenberger Benedict, labourer, Charlotte ab 

Fenimore Jason L. acct., 17 S Penn sq 

FENLIN JOHN, Rotterdam Hotel, 120 N 3d 

Fennell Charles, carp. 1 Eutaw 

Fennell Jas. P., wire work. 313 High 

Fennell Mary, Mrs. 390 N Front 
[Fennell Wm., register gas works, 8 S 7th, h 127 
j S 9th 

[Fenner Andrew J., tobacconist, 68 Sassafras 
jFenner A. K., tobac, G T i-oad and 2d 
'Fenner Eliza, 93 N 4tli 
jFenner H. P., tobacconist, 324 Callowhill 
[Fenner John F., tobacco, 129 Callowhill 
[Fenner John R., trunkmr., Weaver ab Green 
I Fenner Lavell P., tobacconist, 93 N 4th 
JFenner Peter, tobacconist, R road and Wood 
iFenner R., umbr. manuf. 126 High, h 118 Pine 
iFenney Wm. M., piano tuner, h 373 Pine 

Fennigan Thos. carter, Dickcrson al 

Fennimore Isaac H., carp., Penn ab 13th, h 
I Coates bel loth 

I Fennimore Japhct, Browni ct 
j Fennimore Joseph, gardr.. Poplar bel 9th 

Fennimore Martlia, b. h. 16 N 7th 

Fennimore Valentine, whf. builder. Queen ab 
M'ood (K) 

Fennimore Wm., bricklr. 152 Randolph 

Fennimore A\ni, tailor, 615 S 2d 

Fennimore Wm. A., cordw., Master ab 7th 
JFensteiTnacher Henry, carp. 294 Wood 
|Fenton Albeit, sailmr. 23 Noble 
iFenton Andrew, sailmr. 42 N whfs 

Fenton Andrew J., sailmr., Kesslei- ab Coates 

Fenton Daniel, lab., P road ab Reed 

Fenton Ellen, 4th bel Chribtian 

Fenton H., sailmr. 350 N Front 

Fenton James, tailor, Hartsman's row 

Fenton Joseph, carp. 50 Geitnan 




Fenton Marg't., 23 Noble 

Fentoii Mary Ann, Palm bcl Brown 

Fciitoii Ithoda, Paul n 7lii 

Fenton Tlios. II., acct. 14 N 3d 

Fenton AVin. C, mer. broker, 17 S Front, 1 

Hrown liel 8th 
P'eraille Mary, starchcr, 196 I-ncust 
Ferbcr Gotlu.ll), moroccodr., Iluinmcl's ct 
FE'JtBF.R .lACOn, hotel, N E Front & Almond 
Ferat Charles M., confectioner, 290 S 4th 
Ferguson Alex., cordvv., Harmstead ab Sch 3d 
Ferguson Alex. S., cordw. 14 Filbert 
Ferguson Andrew, carp. 5tli ab Master (K) 
Ferguson Benj., weaver. Perry l)el Phoenix 
Ferguson Benj., blacksm., G T road bel 6th 
FERGUSON ■& BROTHER, Columbia House, 

207 Chestnut 
Ferguson Cliarles, hotel, 207 Chestnut 
J'erguson C, gas ovenmr., Sch 8th bel High 
Ferguson David, weaver, 49 Fitler 
Ferguson Geo., dry goods, Front and Jefferson 
Ferguson Henrj', carp,. Cherry n Sch 2d 
Ferguson Isaac S., gas fitter, F road and Allen, 

h 16 Allen 
Ferguson James, manuf. & grocer, Marlboro' & 

Franklin av (K) 
Ferguson Jas., sailmr., U. S. Navy, 15 Wharton 
Ferguson Jas., grocer, N W 13th & Callowhill 
Ferguson Jesse R., printer, 23 Turner 
Ferguson John, coffinmr.. Cedar ab 13th 
Ferguson John, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Ferguson John, weaver, rear Perry bel Phoenix 
Ferguson John, lab., Sch 6th bel Cedar 
Ferguson John, vict., G T road opp. 5th 
Ferguson John, tailor, 64 Apple 
Ferguson John, carter, Wag-er bel G T road 
Ferguson John, feed, N W Sassafras & Sch 7th 
Ferguson Jolm P., carp. 5th ab Master (K) 
Ferguson Malcom, carp., Murray W Sch 3d 
Ferguson Margt., Stewart 
Ferguson Mary, Thompson bel 4th 
Ferguson Mary, Crans' ct 
Ferguson Peter L., 207 Chestnut 
Ferguson Robt., M. D., supt. N. L. Gas Co., H 

573 N Front 
Ferguson Robt., carp.. Cedar bel 13th 
Ferguson Robt., carp. 16 Brazier's av 
Ferguson Saml., weaver, Brinton 
Ferguson Susan, wid. of Capt. J. L., 304 S Front 
Ferguson AVm., weaver, rear Perry bel Phoenix 
Ferguson Wm., weaver, rear Hamilton n William 
J'erguson Wm. J., 13th ab Cedar 
Ferguson Wm. J., carp. 3 Hazel 
Ferkler Henry, baker, S AV 4th & Redwood 
Fernandcs Francis, o}-sterman, rear 446 S Front 
FERNBERG CHARLES, coal dealer. Brown 

St. whf. & 501 Callowhill, h 93 Buttonwood 
Fernberger Samuel, clothier, 108 N 2d 
P'ernley J. E., boimet manuf. 28 Margarctta 
Fernon John, ship carp., Froad ab Bedford (K) 
Fernon Wm., clerk, 146 Randolph 
Ferns Robt., weaver, Federal bel 13th 
FERREE GEO., tailor, 260 High, h 29 N 11th 
Ferrce Jas. B., mer. 172 High, h 186 N 10th 
Ferrell Catharine, washer, Cloodwill ct 
Ferrell Eliza Ann, 249 S 6th 
Ferrell E., carter. Oak ab Till (A\" P) 
Ferrell Georg-e E., baker, 14 Carlton 

Ferrell James, leather insp., Grover 

Ferrell Malachi, colourer, 27 Quince 

Ferrell Mary, 16 Clinton ab Parrish 

Fen-ell Patk., drover. Wan-en bel Park 

Fen-ell Samuel, sawyer, Ouk bel Marion 

Ferrell Samuel H., boatman, Warren bel Park 

Ferrell Thos., 22 Hibberd 

Ferrell Thos., grocer & tavern, Richmond opp. 

Fen-en Wm., cabinetmr., rear 450 Sassafras 
Ferrett Edmund, music sell. 268 Chestnut, h 

Erie bel Shippen 
FERRETT E. & CO., music publishers, 268 

Ferrier Caul, shoemr. 79 Gaskill 
Ferris Alex., polisher, 1 Howard's pi 
Ferris Alex., lab., 317 S 5th 
Fen-is Daniel, bonnets, 10 N 2d 
Fen-is Jas., lab., Ann E Sch 3d 
Ferris Josiah, cordw. 58 AVood 
Ferris Wm. H., sailmr. 9 Raspberry 
Ferry Catharine, b. h. 293 S 5th 
Ferry George, liquor store, N E Shippen & 8th 
Ferry Hugh, 137 Sp Garden 
Ferry John, drayman, rear Christian ab 8lh 
Ferry Michael, lab.. Front n Greenwich 
Ferry Sarah, 278 S 3d 
Ferter Ann, Buttonwood ab 10th 
Fesmire Christian, Charlotte ab Franklin 
Fesmire Joseph, lab., Hancock 
Fesmire Samuel, carter. Son-ell bel Larch 
Fest Alfred, watchmr. 495 N 2d, h Randolph al» 

Fest & Brother, jewelers and watchmrs. 306^ 

Fest Edwy, watchmr. 270 Sassafras 
Fest John M., clerk, 22 Maiden (K) 
Fetherston H., b. h. 152 S 2d 
Fetter John, driver, Fraley's al (K) 
Fetters James, drayman, 185 Coates 
Fetters Jas., lab., rear Rose ab School (K) 
Fetters Jas., weaver. Mariner 
FETTERS JOHN D., M. D., drug store, 322 

S Front, h 524 N 5th 
Fetters John P., tailor, Harrison pi 
FETTERS & LACEY, ice dealers, Chestnut AV 

Sch 5th 
Fetters Louisa, 464 N 3d 
Fetters Matilda, 35 German 
Fetters Rebecca, ice dealer, Sch 6th & George 
Fetters AVm. K., chairmr. 4 Goldsmith's ct 
Fettinger Henry, plasterer. Pleasant ab 12th 
Fettis Jas., weaver. Mariner 
Feucht John, turner, 215 Shippen 
Feurst Andw., lab., rear 27 Catharine 
Feustmann B. H., trimmings. 482i & 161 N 2d 
FEZLE M. D., taveni, S W llth'&A^ine 
Fichtner Fredk., vict. 75 Garden 
Fickardt Fredk. A., M. D., 141 N 5th 
Fiddaman Peter, 11 Middle al 
Fidlen Paul, h.tter, Lewis 

Fiedler Jacob, moroccodr., Diamond 8c 5tii (K) 
Fiedler, John, carp., Cherry ab Duke 
Ficgel Charles, AA'ood ab Sch 8th 
F'iegel Remy, blacksm. & coal yard, 9th above 

Poplar,' h Parrish ab 10th 
FIEHRER J., M. D., 108 Green 
Field Benj., mer. 166 High, h 135 S 3d 




Field Charles, plater, 80 N 2cl, h Franklin ab 

Field Chas., mer. 79 S Front, h 213 Spruce 
Field Chas. & Son, mer. brokers, 79 S Front 
Field David, weaver. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Field David, Prospect bel Master 
Field George, lab., Lafayette bel 10th 
Field Isaac, carp. 83 Tammany 
Field Isaac, mer. o5 High 
Field Isabella, 85 Cheny 
Field James, mer. 21 Montgomery sq 
Field John, brickmr. 20 Garden 
Field John, dagiiert., S W 10th and Ogden 
Field John W.,' mer., 81 S Front 
Field &; Johnson, silk goods, 2>5 High 
Field Joseph, grocer, 375 N 6th 
FIELD &. LANGSTROTH, hardwr. 166 High 
Field Mary, 483 S 2d 
Field Mary. b. h. 204 Chestnut 
Field Matthew, clerk. Bayard 
Field Paul J., hardwr. 341 S 2d, h 2d & John 

Filemyr Anthony & Co., flour and feed, Otter 

and 2d 
Filley Harvey, tin pi. worker, 436 High 
FILLEY &. MEAD, silver platers, 436 High 
F'illius Joseph, police off", Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Fillot Adolphc, artist, 86 Locust 
Fillot Alex., mer. 54 High, h 57 S 8th 
Filmire Joseph, 9th ab Washington 
Filson Hannah, Clieriy n Sch 7th 
Fimple Elizabeth, rear 36 St Jo!in 
Fimple Theo. J., bricklr. 497 N 10th 
Finaghey Patk., coachman, rear 5 Shepherd's al 
Finch Alice D., nurse, Washington bel 6th 
Finch Geo., gold and silversm., rear 448 N 4th 
Finch George, carp., V road ab Vienna 
Finch James, bootmr., Blown bel Front 
Fincli Richard, coachmr. 49 Lewis 
Findlay G. W., bootmr. 7 Dunton (K) 
Findlay John U., maciit. 102 Carpenter 
Findlay John K., judge, Sch 4th ab George 
Fine Henry M., gent., S W Lombard & Front 

Field Peter, painter, 16 N 12th, hWood below IFinglas Matthew, cabinetmr- 4 Steele's ct 

Sch 7th 

Field Peter, ship joiner, 613 S 2d 
Field Robt., seaman, 237 Lombard 
Field Rudolph, gardener, P road bel Federal 
FIELD SAMUEL, auctioneer, 445 High 
FIELD SAMUEL, druggist, S W 4th &. AYood 
Field Samuel, tailor, 28 Julianna 
Field Susannah, Carlisle ab Brown 

Finick Sarali, cook, Ross al 
jFink Charles, morocco, Apple bel George 
iFink Christian, brewer, 268 St John 
Fink Daniel, painter, 4th bel Jefferson (K) 
Fink George, jr., lab., Fo.k's ct (K) 
Fink George, sen., shop. Pink (K) 
Fink Jacob, starchmr. 50 Howard (K) 
Fink Jacob, lab., 4 Melon pi 

Field Thomas, blacksm., R road and Willow, h Fink Jacob, baker, 356 N 3d 

190 Lombard 
Field Thos., cordw., Ann (F V) 
Field Thos., hatter, 384 High 
Field Wm., clerk, 204 Chestnut 
Field Wm., bricklr., Monroe n Cherry (K) 
Field AV. Y., weigh master, 79 S Front, h 28C 

Fielding Edward, macht. 83 R road 
Fielding Esther, gentw. 97 Filbert 
Fielding Jas., spinnei-, Oxford bel Washington 
Fields Abrm., lab., Christian bel 9th 
Fields Catharine, gentw. 200 S Front 
Fields Edmund, cordw.. Alder ab Poplar 
Fields John, tavern, 10th bel Thompson 
Fields Othar, engineer, Olive bel lltli 
Fields R., tavern, 190 N 10th 
Fierlines Ignatius, lab., Houberis pi 
Fife Jas., rcedmr., S E 10th and College av 
Fife John, weaver, Philip bel Oxford 
Fife Mat., boxmr., Biddle's al, h 46 Sassafras 
Fife Wm., teacher, 98 Marshall 

Fink Jacob, ropemr., Charlotte ab Thompson 
FINK JULIUS, cooking range manuf.. Chest- 
nut suid Juniper 
Fink Sanuiel, macht., Franklin ab 4th 
Finkbeiner John, shoemr. 113 Buttonwood 
Finke Caspar H., shop, 225 Callowhill 
Finkenauer Wm., cabinetmr. Alder ab Girard av 
FINKENI FREDERICK S^ boxmr., S E 7th &. 

High, hlltli bel Parrish 
Finkenoure Henry, cabinetmr. 75 S 11th, h Jef- 
Finlaw Low, 31 Cresson's al 
Finlayson Isabella, colourist, S E 4th & Walnut, 

h 67 Pine 
Finletter Jolm T., tavern, 2d ab Otter 
Finletter Robt., carder, 2d ab Otter 
Finletter Thos., manuf. 576 N 3d, h 280 N 3d 
Finletter Tlios. K., attorney, 280 N 3d 
Finletter Wm., butcher, Ri'ckett's ct(K) 
Finley Andrew, b. h. S W 4th and Brown 
Finley Bernard, lab., Marriott bel 9th 
Finley Cliarlcs, plasterer, Thompson ab 4th 

Fifer Jesse, lab., Jackson bel Palmer (K) 

Fifield St Midthews, com. mers. and grocers, 60jFinIey Frank, porter, 12 Cresson's al 

Washington av | Finley Jas., weaver, West n Hanover 

Figg Jacob, macht., Munn's ct jFinley James, mer. 122 Carpenter 

Fightley Lewis, stone cutter, 114 New Market I Finley James G.,mer., 63 N 2d 
Figlemeyer H., grocer, G T road ab Plioenix Finley John, porter, Hallowcll n 7th 
Figueira F. J., mer. 43 Walnut, h 64 S 13th Finley Margaret, 265 N 7th 
FIGUEIRA STOEVER h LANGSTROTH, Finley Matth., coachman, Richmond label F road 

importers, 43 Walnut Finley Moses, alderman, Shippen above 11th, h 

File Edwd., lab. R road ab Ann (F V) 

File John, lab.. Seller's ct 

File John, lab., 40 Charlotte 

File Wm., macht., Powell ab Francis 

File Wm., macht., Ontario bel Poplar 

Filemur Wm., grocer, S W Franklin & Howard 

Filemver Christian, cabinetmr., Morris (K) 

Shippen bel Broad 
Finley Moses, weaver, Shippen l)el Broad 
Finley Richard, weaver, Bedford bel Broad 
Finley Ricliard, weaver, Lombard &. Sch 2d 
Finley Richard, gent. iO State 
Finley Saml., weaver, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Finley Thos., baker, 166 S 11th 




Finlcy Thos., carpet manuf., N W Juniper and 

Finley Wm., warper, 13th bcl Cedar 
Finley Wm., weaver, 35 West 
Finley Wm., weaver, Lombard E Sch Front 
Finley Wm., upholsterer, S E 2d and Walnut, h 

Callowliill ah nth 
Finley Wm. A., Umner, 2 Smitli'sctn Linden 
Finn ,Tas., tailoi-, Travis' ct 
Finn .lames C, paper hang-er, 144 Chestnut, h 

lltli hoi BiiUonwdod 
Finn .lolin G., mer., 10 Commerce, h 49 Cal- 

Finn Mary, i^entw. 8 Moi-g'an's ct 
Finn Patrick, weaver, 1 Philip 
Finncj^an P-lizabetli, Lloyd n Hrasicr 
Finnegan Kdw., weaver. Locust E Sch 2d 
Finnejj^an P'rancis, lab., 9 Bedford 
Finnc,c:;'>n James, lah. Locksley's ct 
Finnet,Mn .lolin, lab. Lehig-h n Salmon 
Finneg-an .lohn, lab. 5 Evving-'s ct 
Finncg-aa Patrick, baker. Carpenter bel 8th 
Finney .\nn J., tailoress, 1 Nectarine 
Finney Charles, j^ent. 10th and Vernon 
Finney Ellen, Newton 
Finney Francis, 33 O Y road 
Finney Jas., cliina store, G T road ab 4th 
Finney John, lab. Morris bel Catharine 
Finney Wm., lab. 4 Monroe ct 
Finney Wm P., printer, P r' ad ab Federal 
Finnig-an W. C, grocer, N W 7th and Baker 
Finzi A., 144' S Juniper 
FIOT AUGUSTUS, importer of music, 196 

Fiot J. R., pianomr. 355 High 
Firby Napoleon, waterman, 3 Bickham's ct 
Firehawk Henry, 639 N 2d (K) 
Fireng James, currier, 2 Parrish 
Fireng- Sophia, trimming's, 279 Coates 
Firth Jolin, candy store, 89 W High 
Firth Jolm, blacksm., Franklin below Shacka- 

maxon (K) 
Firth Joseph, baker, 112 N 4th 
Firtli Jos., wool sorter, Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Firth J., milliner, 12th and Wood 
Firth H.;'nry, blacksm. Maple ab Richmond 
Firth Mary Ann D., tobacconist, 4 Arcade 
Firth S:imuel, cloth manuf, 492 Callowhill 
Firth Tliomas T., sec, P. R. R. Co., h 9 S Sch 7th 
FISH ASA r., atty. and coun., 5th and Library, 

h 176 S 9th 
Fish Edward, cooper, Viheat ab Reed 
Fish Israel L., plasterer, 13th bel Buttonwood 
Fish Jacob S., plasterer, 10th bel Coates 
Fish James, b li, 1 Sp Garden 
Fish Joseph M., moulder, Lemon ab 10th 
Fisli Lemuel, mach. Hancock bel Phoeni.v 
Fish Thos. H., tailor, Franklin bel Perry 
Fisher .\bel, engineer, 22 Logan 
Fisher Abraham, bookseller, 15 N 6th 
Fisher Albert G., agent, Salmon n Depot 
Fisher Ann, 277 Chestnut 
Fisher And., baker. Weaver ab Green 
Fisher And. J., undertaker. Van Buren pi 
Fisher Barbani, rear Charlotte bel Master 
FISHER & BROTHER, pub. and booksellers, 
15 N 6tli 

Fisher Caroline, Charles ab James 

Fisher Catharine, Fisher's ct 

Fisher Catharine, trader. Palmer bel F road 

Fisher Charles, hotel, beer house, 7 CheiTV 

Fisher Chas., bottler, 6 Noble 

Fisher Cliarles F., butcher, Rhodes bel 5th 

Fisher Chas. H., 7 Library, h S W 10th & Walnut 

Fisher Charles H., confec, rear 49 Brown 

Fisher Chas. N., rigger, 11 Sommei-'s ct 

Fisher Chas. S., carp. 1 Vernon 

Fisher Chas. W., bartender, Haverford and Lan- 

ca.ster Pike 
Fisher Christian, basketmr. 485 N 2d 
Fisher Coleman, broker, 94 Waln\it, h 54 S 13th 
Fisher Daniel, tailor, Dungan's av (K) 
Fisher David, waiter, 170 Pine 
Fisher David, S W Sch 7th and Filbert 
Fisher & Dehaven, morocco manuf. 77 St John 
Fisher Edmund N., painter, Jefierson ab Broad 
Fislier Edw., waiter. Church n Moore 
Fisher Elizabeth H., upholsterer, 121 N 5th 
Fisher Elizabeth, 280 S 4th 
Fisher Elizabeth, Marlboro' ab Bedford 
Fisher Elizabeth, vict., 302 Callowhill 
Fisher Elizabeth A., Church bel Christian 
Fisher Ezekiel, mariner, rear 41 Beck 
Fisher Fred., 416 N 6th 

FISHER FREDERICK, upholsterer, 297 N 2d 
Fisher Frederick, baker, 352 Callowhill 
Fisher Fred., cordw., Sarah and Queen (K) 
Fisher Fred. G., brushmr., 219 Christian, h 400 

Fisher F., morocco dresser, 79 & h 106 St John 
Fisher George, brass worker, 5th bel Shippen 
Fisher George, drover, Shackamaxon bel F road 
Fisher George, lab. 22 Brown 
Fisher George, machinist, 360 Poplar 
Fisher Geo. M., vinegar st., 155 Poplar, h rear 

57 Apple 
Fisher George Tl., tailor, 24 S 4tli 
Fisher George S., painter, Jefferson ab Broad 
Fisher George W., clothing, h 324 Cedar 
Fisher Henrv, mach., 2 Howard pi 
FISHER HEN., gTocer,N E N Market &. Poplar 
Fisher Henry, jeweller, 513 S 7th 
Fisher Henry, cabinetmr., Coburn 
Fisher Henry, butcher. Palmer and Duke (K) 
Fisher Henry, machinist, Apple bel Jefferson 
Fisher Henry, chairmr., Jane 
Fisher Hen., whcelwr., F road opp ^Montgomery 
Fislier Henry, waterman. Cherry and Brown 
Fisher Heniy G., painter, 10 Assembly Build., 

h 14 Raspberry 
Fisher Henry W., carp. 500 N 3d, h Beaver ab 

Fisher H. B., umbrellas, 136 N 8th 
Fisher Isabella, tavern. Phoenix and Hancock 
Fisher Jacob, vinegar, 155 Poplar 
Fisher Jacob, shoemr, 143 Vine 
Fisher Jacob, bootmr. 114 N 5th 
Fisher Jacob, cordw. G T road ab Thompson 
Fisher Jacob, vict. Wood and Tulip 
Fisher Jacob, carp., 22 Brown (N L) 
Fisher Jacob, agent, 49 Chestiuit, h 143 Vine 
FISHER JACOB, tavern, Broad and Wood 
Fisher Jacob, coachsm., Hight's ct 
Fisher James C, gent. Walnut W Sch 6th 
Fisher Job, carter, Carlton ab Seh 8th 




Fisher Jolin, carp. 10th bel Master 

Fisher John, vict., Duke and Hanover 

Fisher John, jr., vict. Pahner n F i-oad 

Fisher Joim, teamster, Clare's ct 

Fisher Jolin, 3 Ellctt's av 

Fisher Jolin, carp., 42 Wistar 

Fisher John, tailor, 30 W Cedar 

Fisher John, butcher, F road n Palmer (K) 

Fisher John, butcher, Shackamaxon bel Franklin 

Fisher John, undertaker, Laurel & 2d, h 185 G 

'V road 
Fisher John A., gi-ocer, 6th and Christian 
Fisher John A., cord\v.,Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Fisher John B., combmr., AVashinglon bel 4th 
Fisher John D., painter, h 173 Buttonwood 
Fisher John F., blacksm. Kurtz ab Poplar 
Fisher John G., cabmr. 598 N 3d 
Fisher John Henry, basketmr., 170 Poplar 
Fisher John M., cutler, 216 S 5th 
Fisher John S., saddler. Locust ab Marg-aretta 
Fisher Joseph, thermometer mr., 58 Chestnut 
Fisher Joseph S., mer. 1 S 5th, h 233 Mulberry 
Fisher Julia, 4 Oak bel High 
Fisher J. F., atty. and coun., 170 Chestnut 
Fisher J. & P., undertakers, N E 2d and Laurel 
Fisher Lavinia, widow of Nicholas, 270 N 7th 
Fisher Lewis, bootmr. 98 Beach 
Fisher Lewis, cordw. G T road and 4th (K) 
Fisher Lewis, bottler, 6 Noble 
Fisher Lindley, treas., Bloomsburg' R R iron Co., 

75 N Water 
Fisher Marg-aret, gentw. 202 MulbeiTy 
Fisher Mary, 5 Garden 
Fisher Mary, nurse, 418 N 4th 
Fisher Mary Ann, teacher, Palmer bel Franklin 
Fisher Mary Ann, dressmr. 146 S 11th 
Fisher Mary P., g-entw.312 Chestnut 
Fisher Matthew, Alder ab Master 
FISHER, MORGAN & CO., Duncannon iron 

works, nails and bar iron, 75 N Water 
Fisher Myers C, g-ilder, 27 Lewis 
Fjsher Patrick, weaver, PhiHp ab JefFerson 
Fisher Peter, vict. h Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Fisher Philip, undertaker, 187 G T road 
Fisher P. S., saddler, Parrish bel Broad 
Fisher Rodney, h 173 S 10th 
Fisher Samuel, tailor, 503 N 2d 
Fisher Samuel, carter, Jones W Sch 5th 
Fisher Samuel, pearl worker, 10 St Joseph's av 
Fjsher Samuel, bricklr., Fisher's ct 
Fisher Samuel A., grocer, 11th and Parrish 
Fisher Samuel F., atty. & coun., 76^ Walnut, h 

437 Chestnut 
Fisher Samuel H., mer., 7th n Franklin 
Fisher Sarah, 3 Smith's al 
Fisher Sarah Ann, 374 Vine 
Fisher Sarah W., 290 Chestnut 
FISHER & SCOTT, brass smelters, Leopard 

ab Franklin 
Fisher Sidney G., atty. & coun., 57 S 7th 
Fisher Susan, b h, 8 Wood 
Fisher Theophilus J., shoemr. 525 S Front 
Fisher Thomas, dry goods, 42 N 4th 
Fisher Thomas, seaman, 40 Duponceau 
Fisher Thos., mer. 110 S Front 
Fisher Thos., Ten Foot al 

FISHER THOS. R., Wakefield Mills, 30 Bank 
Fisher Victor, oysters, 89 S whfs. 

Fisher Wm., umbrella maker, 5 Nectarine 
Fisher Wm., shipwr., Marlboro' ab Queen 
Fisher Wm., h 1 Gebhard 
Fisher Wm., cooper, 275 High, h S E 11th and 

Fisher Wm., carter. Wood bel Sch 8th 
Fisher Wm., tailor, 221 Catharine 
Fisher Wm., boatman, Che-^tnut ab Bridge 
Fisher Wm. S., cordw., 10th ab Poplar 
Fishers & Robinson, agency, 4 Church al 
Fisk Nathan C, eating h.. Walnut, h 117 S 12th 
Fisler Charles H., clerk, 432 N 5th 
Fisler Jacob, 493 Sassafras 
Fisler Jacob H., register Schuyl. Water Works, 

h 363 N 6th 
Fisler Felix, clerk, Clinton ab Poplar 
Fiss Aaron W., carp., Kurtz ab Poplar 
Fiss Christian, lab. 91 Brown 
Fiss Eliza Ann, gentw. 386 S 3d 
Fiss Ehzabeth, rear Olive bel 12th 
Fiss Geo., tobacconist, 18 Branner's al 
Fiss George, shoemr., 6 York ct 
Fiss Henry C, grocer, Franklin and Crown 
Fiss Isaac E., carp., 5 PlefFenberg pi 
Fiss Jacob L., tobacconist, Poplar bel 9th 
Fiss John, tobacconist, 1 Maple 
Fiss John, carp. Palmer ab Queen (K) 
Fiss John, piano mr. Brook 
Fiss Moses, printer. Branch al 
Fiss Rachel, 7 Brinton 
Fiss Samuel, cabtmr. Juniper bel Spiiice 
Fiss Samuel, jr., agent, 19 Jefferson row 
Fitaman Josiah, porter. Fox's ct 
Fitch Bernard, dealer, 8 N 13th 
Fitch James, lab., Huston bel Brown 
Fitch James, lab. Lehigh ab Richmond 
Fitch Robt. M., brushmr. 5 Thorn's ct 
Fite Aaron, brickmr. Brown ab Cherry 
Fite Francis, lab. Murray E Sch 2d 
Fite Heray, vict., Pleasant ab Charles 
Fite John B., tinsm.. Winter W Sch 6th 
Fite Samuel, stonecut., 9th ab Coates 
Fite Samuel, brewer, Sch 8tli n Vine 
Fite Wm., tobacconist, 177 S 3d 
Fites Emanuel, carp., 11 Winter 
Fites Samuel, blacksm. Sch 3d n Locust 
Fithian Aaron B., shoe store, 324 N 2d 
Fithian Charles B., mer. 57 High, h 137 Vine 
Fithian Cooper P., clerk, 8 Cedar row 
Fithian Ephraim, carter. Court al 
Fithian George R., sexton, Jane n P road 
FITHIAN GEO., collect, and agent, 93 N 9th 
Fithian Hannah, gentw. 13 Coates 
Fithian Job, wheelwrt. 39 Coombe's al 
Fithian John B., glassworks. Crown ab Bedford 
FITIHAN, JONES &. CO., dry goods, 57 High 
Fithian Josiah, chair painter, rear 116 Christian 
Fithian Lemuel S., mer. 57 High, h 175 S 7th 
Fithian Mabel, 11 Sliield's ct 
Fithian Matthias, gent. 308 Coates 
Fithian M. & P., milliners, 50 MulbeiTy 
Fitler Alfred, convey., 51 N 6th, h 2d & Otter 
Fitlei", Mrs., widow of Daniel, gentw., G T road 

ab Camac 
Fitler Edwin H., mer., UN whfs., h 2d and 

Otier (K) 
Fitler Ehza, 2d and Otter (K) 
FITLER JOSEPH P., M. D„ 2d & Beaver,(K) 




Fitlcr Tlicop., Imnbcr, N E 4th aiicl Gcorg'c, li 

7th bcl Piirrish 
Fitsing"cr Suniucl, cartcT Pcnii ;ib Maick-ii (K) 
Flttcrmaii Ricliunl, oysters, 461 Sassafras 
Fitting- Jacob, baker, 86 N lltli 
Fitting' I'iiilip, baker, 140 S Juniper 
Fitton & Adams, meat smok., llachcl & Laurel 
Fitton Jolin, 178 Coates 
Fitzcharlcs W., carp. 13 Whitehall 
Fitzell E(l\v., paper hang-er, 3 Chester 
Fitzell John, shoemr. 5 Benton's av 
Fitzell Wm., lab. 4 Skerrett's ct 
Fitzg-erald Adam, gardener, 6th ab Marriott 
Fitzg-erald Ann, sempstress, Lombard ab 12th 
Fitzg-erald Charles, lab., Carpenter ab 6th 
Fitzg-erald David, carter, 8^ Hirst 
Fitzgerald David, shoemr. 6 Monmouth ct 
Fitzg-erald Frances A., waslier, 26 Gilles' al 
Fitzgerald Geo., cordw., Apple ab Dimond 
Fitzgerald Ilor. N., mer. 11 N Water and 508 N 

Front, h 468 N Front 
Fitzg-erald James A., surg-. inst. mr. 21 Frankhn, 

ii 19 Cypress 
Fitzgerald Jolm, ladies' slioemr., Plover 
Fitzg-erald John, grocer, 10 Little Water 
Fitzgerald Jolm, dealer, 21 Fitz water 
Fitzgerald Jolm, lab., 7 Relief pi 
Fitzgei-ald John IL, vict., William's ct 
Fitzgerald Joseph, huckster, rear 11 Hirst 
Fitzgerald K. 317 S 2d 

Fitzgerald ^Lirgaret, shop, Shippen la n Cedar 
Fitzgerald Michael, lab. 10 Lily al 
Fitzgerald Michael, wheelwrt., Native 
Fitzgerald Morris, b h, 31 Jones' al 
Fitzgerald Patrick, shoemr. 3 Quigg's row 
Fitzgerald Philander A., Hazel ab Hth 
Fitzgerald Rachel H., cooper, 5 Franklin pi 
Fitzgei-ald Thomas, editor City Item, 46 S 3d, h 

N E 10th and Sargeant 
Fitzgerald Thos., foundry, Becket W Sch 7th 
Fitzgerald Thos., lab., Gatchell's av 
Fitzgerald Wilson, cooper, 2 Merchant 
Fitzgerald Wm. L., boot &, shoemr. 364 High & 

165 Sp Garden 
Fitzg'lbbons James, dealer, 12 Elfreth's al 
Fitzgibbons Nicholas, rag-s, 55 Fitzwater 
Fitzhenry Frances A., 147 Sp Garden 
Fitzinger Jas., mason, Marlboro' n Duke 
Fitzmorris Thos., gas fitter, Wilcox n Scli 3d 
Fitzpatrick Ann, 7 St. Mary's 
P'itzpatrick Bartholomew, brewer, Almira pi 
Fitzpatrick Cath., shop, Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, lab. 18 Jones' al 
Fitzpatrick Dennis, tavern, Girard av ab 11th 
Fitzpatrick l-'-flw., carp., Federal ab 7th 
Fitzpatrick Ellen, milliner, 5 Miller's ct 
Fitzpatrick Ellen, shop, Morris bel Catharine 
Fitzpatrick .lames, lab., William ab Biddle 
Fitzpatrick .lames, cordw., Watt's ct 
Fitzpati-ick Jas., weaver, 36 W Cedar 
Fitzp:itr'.ck Jas., bonnet presscr, Raffcrty ct 
Fitzpatrick J >\m, painter, 4th bel Federal 
Fitzpaliick John, weaver, Sch AVater n Cedar 
Fitzpalr ck John, carter, rear 25 Ogden 
Fit/.pati-;ck .loseph, engineer, Almira pi 
Fitzpatrick Michael, lab., Leed's ct 

Girard av and Lewis 

Fitzpatrick Pat., 5 Salmon 

Fitx Patrick Pat., blacksm. 3 Lagrange 

Fitzpatrick Patrick, com. nier., S W P'ront and 

Dock, h 160 S 4th 
Fitzpatrick Patrick, carp., Little Washington 

bel 10th 
Fitzp.-itrick Peter, lab., Apple bcl Oxford 
Fitzi)atrick Peter, lab., 4 Collins' ct 
Fitzpatrick Thomas, weav.. Master bel Hancock 
Fitzpatrick Thos., lab., Sch Bank ab Lombard 
Fitzpatrick Thos., tavern, 30 St. Mai-y 
Fitzpatrick Thos., lab., rear Lehigh n Cumber- 
Fitzpatrick AVm., weaver, 36 W Cedar 
Fitzpatrick William, dr.iyman, Almira pi 
Fitzsimmons Bernard, com. mer., Chi-istian st. 

whf , h 122 Lombard 
Fitzsimmons John, bootmr. 12th ab Callowhill 
Fitzsimmons John, lab., Bedford n 5th- 
Fitzsimmons Margaret, 2 Cypress av 
Fitzsimmons Thos., lab., Jarvis ab 2d 
Fitzsimmons Walter, lab.. Front bel Greenwich 
Fitzsimmons Wm., carp., Wharton ab 5th 
Fitzwalter Wm., shoemr., 19 Flower 
Fitzwater Thos., carp., 17 N Sch 6th n Sassafras 
Fix J., mach.. Culvert bel Apple 
Fizell A., paper hanger. Wood bel 11th 
Fizell Edward, paper hanger, N E 11th and 

Chestnut, h Chester and Maple 
Fizell Eli, tailor, 4 Sheaff's al 
Fizell Thomas, ship carp., Allen bel Hanover 
Fizone Ann, rear 19 Sterhng's al 
Fizone Lewis, cordw., 3 Hickory 
Fizone Mordecai, coach painter, 49 Prune, h 7 

Flack Wm. M., fruit preserv., Coates n Schylkill 
Flager John, lab.. Palmer ab Franklin 
Flagg Chas., combmr., 18 Barron 
Flagg J. F. B., M. D., dentist, 190 Mulberry 
Flagler Mary, 27 E North 
Flaherty Ann, silk dyer, 50 Lombard 
Flaherty Dennis, lab., Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Flaherty Ellen, shop, S E 7th and Christian 
Flaherty John, tailoi-, 303 S 5th 
Flaherty John, grocer, N E 6th &. Washington 
T-'laherty John, lab. 4 Mary's ct 
Flaherty Michael, lab. 7 John's ct 
Flaherty Patrick, dealer, 18 Philip (K) 
Flaherty "\Vm., clerk, 1 Lagrange ct 
Flaig Edward, dentist, 132 N lOth 
Flake Geo., tailor, AA'esley ab 3d 
Flake Samuel, ship carp., Crown bel Bedford 
Flake Elizabeth, ]$rown ab A'ienna (K) 
Flake Wm., currier, 198 Mulberry 
I-Mamer Wm. H., cordw., Washington ab Rose 
Flanagan Charles, porter, AVebb's al 
Flanagan Edward, carter, AVood ab loth 
Flanagan Edw., plasterer, Pearl n Sch 5th 
Flanagan Elizabeth, Brook's st 
Flanagan Francis, weaver, 4 Sch Beech 
Flanagan George W., bottler. Beech ab Hano- 
ver and 27 Minor, h Queen ab Hanover (K) 
Flanagan Hugh, lab., Cadwalader ab Jefit-rson 
Flanagan Jas., Alonument House, Beach ab Ha- 
nover (K; 
Flanagan Jas., collector, Sch Beech ab Walnut 
F'lanag-an James, lab., Fitzwater ab Broad 
Flanagan James, carman, Clair bel Carpenter 




Flanag-an James, grocer, Green ab 8tli 
Flanai^an James, slater, Lewis bel Master 
Flanag-an James, lab., William ab Callowbill 
Flanag-an Jos. M., cabinetmr. 6tli bcl Cai-penter 
Flanajjan Martin, tailor, 18 Cypress 
Flanagan Mary, trimmings. Broad bel Vine 
Flanag-an Michael, lab., 8 Barker 
Flanagan Owen, 7tb ab Catharine 
Flanagan Patrick, lab., Dorotli}' bcl Sch 3(1 
Flanagan Patrick, weaver, Rose bcl Broad 
FLANAGAN ROBEKT, tavern, 112 N 6th 
Flanagan llobt. L., plumber, 33,3 S 2d, h Wash- 
ington ab 5th 
Flanagan Rodney, lab., Ogden W Sch 8th 
FLANAGAN STEPHEN, agent Com. Trans. 

Co., 4 Dock, h 328 Pine 
Flanagan Thomas, carp.. Christian ab 11th 
Flanagan Wm., lab., rear Biddle n Schuylkill 
Flanagan Wm., lab.. Rex's ct 
Flanagan Wm., Bath ab William 
Flanagan Wm., waterman, rear 2 Nectarine 
Flanagan Wm. G., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 39 

Flan agin Fran., omni. agent, Spruce W Sch 5th 
J'lanagin George H., mer., 5 S Water, h 71 

Flanagin Jas. S., mer., 5 S Water, h Green ab 8th 
Flanagin John, mer. 5 S Water, h 347 N 6th 
FLANAGIN JOHN & SONS, mers., 5 S Water 
Flanders Andrew H., lab., Queen ab Marlboro' 
Flanigen William C, dry goods, 190 S 2d 
Flanigen Joseph R., mer., Scii 4tli ab Chestnut, 

coal office, Walnut st. whf. Sch 
Planner Henry, truckman. Broad opp Wallace 
Flannery John F., combm., 458 N 4th 
Flarity Edward, lab. 35 Sassafras 
Flavell Ann, Master and Howard 
Fleet Reuben, wheelwr., 9 St. James, h 8th bel 

Fleetwood Amelia, GafFney av 
Flegel John G., dry goods, 437 N 2d 
Fleisher M., 214 N 4th 

Fleming Aaron, cabinetmr., Bedford ab Ross 
Fleming Andrew, clerk, Church E Nixon (F M) 
Fleming Andrew, lab., 13th ab Catharine 
Fleming Andrew, weaver, 13th ab Fitzwater 
Fleming Ann, Johnston la bel 5th 
Fleming Charles, carter, Prospei-ous al 
Fleming Edwai'd, coachman, McFadden's ct 
Fleming Frederick, cooper, F road ab Franklin 
Fleming Geo., coachman, Meredith n Nixon 
Fleming Geo., painter, 50 Quince 
FLEMING GEORGE M., mer. 19 S Water, h 

Cliestnut E Sch 7th 
FLEMING JAMES, tavern, Callowhill n Nixon 

(F M) 
Fleming James, shoemr. 301 S Front 
Fleming James E., cai-p., Hallowell bel 7th 
Fleming James E., coachmr. 13th ab Fulton 
Fleming Jolm, Marion ab Front 
Fleming Jolm, gardener, Coates W Sch 2d 
Fleming John, warper, Wood n Sch Front 
Fleming Jolin, Locust and Pro.spect al 
Fleming Joseph, weaver, Meclianlc 
Fleming Joseph, weaver, Scli Willow ab Pine 
Fleming Lavinia, dry goods, 102 Locust 
Fleming Margaret, rear Callowhill St William 
Fleming Mark, weaver, 2 Brinton 

Fleming Patrick, tailor, 3 Howard's pi 
Fleming Richard, lab. 10 Mechanic 
Fleming Saml., carman, Phoenix bel GTroad 
Fleming Saml., lab.. Cedar n Ashton 
Fleming Saml., lab., 3 Spring Mill ct 
Fleming Thomas, mer. 327 Walnut 
Fleming Thos., dyer, Shippen la bel Rose 
Fleming Wm., capt, 252 N 11th 
Fleming Wm., lab., Sch 4th bel Lombard 
Fleming Wm., stonecutter, lirown's ct 
Fleming Wm., weaver. Carpenter ab 8th 
Fleming Wm., blacksm. 288 S 4th 
Fleming W. R., mer. 153 High 
Flemming Jos., manuf., William ab Callowhill 
Fleniming Samuel, lab. 19 Federal 
Flenard William, tailor, Carpenter's r.t 
P'lcnner Elizabeth, milliner, 337 Vine 
Flenner Lewis, tailor, h 337 Vine 
Flescliman Conrad, Rev., rear 5 Ogden 
Fletcher Ann, 13th ab Federal 
Fletcher Benjamin, engraver, 8 Chester 
Fletcher Catharine, baker, 190 Sassafras 
Fletcher Charles, mer. 40 Commerce 
Fletcher Eliza, book folder, 213 Lombai'd 
Fletcher Geo., bricklayer, Eardman's ct 
Fletcher James, vict., W^ashington below Wil- 
liam (W P) 

FLETCHER JAMES W., Alderman, 248 Ship- 
pen, h 56 Lebanon 
Fletcher John, upholsterer, 85 N 7th 
Fletcher John, lab., rear 13 Passyunk road 
Fletcher Joshua S., editor, 3d opp Dock 
Fletcher L. R., atty, 114 N 9th 
Fletcher Milford, porter, Osborn's ct 
Fletcher Philip, painter, Margaret ab 9th 
Fletclier Rebecca, 40 Pratt 
Fletcher Rebecca E., Filbert n Sch 7th 
Fletcher Robt., sash &, shuttle fact., S W Broad 

and Coates 
Fletcher Sarah, wuslier, Wharton ab 2d 
Fletcher S., locksm., 41 Duke 
Fletcher S. M., prefect, Girard College 
Fletcher Thos., silversm., Sch 7th ab Mulberry 
Fletcher Thomas, lab.. Mulberry al 
Fletcher Veron, artist, 188 Noble 
Fleu Charles, porter house. Poplar and 9th 
Fleu John M., printer, 85 Apple 
Flick Andrew, 51 Wood 
Flick Charles, chairm., F road bcl Franklin 
Flick Jacob, fisherman. Queen n Palmer 
Flick Lewis, baker, N E Bedford & Shippen la 
Flick Lewis, baker, N AV Shippen & Broad 
Flick Sarah, gentw. 147 N Front 
Flick Wm. baker, Duke and Cherry 
Flick Wm. fisherm. Cornelius' court n 
Flickwir D. Henry, carp. 163 S 3d 
Flickwir Jos. W. carp. 24 German 
Fling C. milliner, 188 N 5th 
Fling David, lab. 3 Ilollman's al 
Fling Henry, atty. at law, 954 Walnut 
FMing James B. bootmr. 432 N 2d 
Fling Thos. S. 62 Noble 
Fling Wm. B., W IJittenhouse sq 
Flinn Benj. lab. Apple bel Jefferson 
Flinn Edward, M. 1)., 80 N Front 
Flinn James, tailor, 2 Emslie's al 
Flinn James, drayman. Crown ab Queen (K) 
Flinn James G. tailor, Sch 4th ab Girard 




Fliniv John, lab. Svvanson 

Flinn Miles, lab. CathariiK; bcl Tlroad 

Fllim Timothy, lab. Wood al) Sch Tth 

Flint Andrew, mach. Diinton bcl Franklin 

Flint Anna, 23 Serg-eant 

Flint A. ti-act depository, 18 N 5th, h 24 San- 

Flint James, machinist, h Duke ab Marlboro' 
Flomerfolt Armstrong' I. saihnr. Lombard st. 

whf., h 545 S Front 
Flood IJernard, lab. Salmon bel William 
Flood Edwd. tavern, Kiciimond ab lluntington 
Flood Eliza, 18 Cresson's al 
Flood Felix, weaver, rear 2d ab Phoenix 
Flood Henry, lab. Apple bel Oxford (K) 
Flood James, jeweler, 529 S 2d 
Flood John, weaver, Front bel Oxford (K) 
Flood Jos. mouldei-, 23 Duke 
Flood Lawrence, cuiTier, 35 Dillwyn, li 12 

New Crown 
Flood Matt. lab. Sutherland av 
I'lood Mat. pedler, Richmond ab Hunting'ton 
Flood Patrick, lab. Murray W Sch 9d 
Flood Pati'ick, lab. llichmond ab Emery 
Flood Peter, weaver, F road bel Bedford 
Flood Saml. F. attorney, 5 Sansom, h 292 S 5th 
Flood Thos. lab. lOtli bel Master 
Flood Thos. drayman, Dauphin bel Tulip 
Flood Washington, moulder, Ogden bel 12th 
Flood Wm. tavern, 158 N Water 
Florance J. L. gent. Chestnut E Sch 7th 
Florance Wm. 339 Chestnut 
I'lorence Ancbew, boat builder, 5 Parham 
FLORENCE CITY CO. S E Walnut & Dock 
FLORENCE THOMAS B. hatter, 32 S 6th, h 

48 Lombard 
Flory Marg'aret, b h, 409 High 
Flower R. W. office S 8th bel Fitzwater 
Flowers Ann E. P road bel 8th 
Flowers Catharine, S E 8th & Sassafras 
Flowers Charles, hay, &c. 5th & Coates, house 

Van Buren pi 
Flowers John, brushmr. Olive bel 13th 
Flowers Mai-ia, Goldsmith's ct 
Flowers Robert, p. painter, Beaver bel Charlotte 
Flowers Thos. chairmr. Ogxlen bel 10th 
Floyd Elijah, lab. Larch ab Wallace 
Floyd Henry, grocer, 12th & Lombard 
Floyd James, lab. Milton ab 11th 
Floyd James, grocer, S W 9th and Catharine 
Floyd Jas. mor. manuf. 2d bel Jefferson (K) 
Floyd Jas. upholsterer, 198 High, li 18 Castle 
Floyd John, grocer, S E 4th &. German 
Floyd John N. tailor, 201 Washington 
Floyd Saml. book keeper, 191 Catharine 
Floyd Samuel, lab. Carroll's ct 
Flubacher Jacob, shoemr. 38 Nectarine 
Fluck Samuel, cordw. 87 Coates 
Flud James, paper stainer, Nixon bel Callowhill 
Flum B. coachmr. R road ab Sp Garden, h Sp 

Garden ab 12th 
Flurer Fred. vict. F'ront bel Hazel 
Flurer Frederick, vict. Greenwich ab 2d 
Flurer Julius, painter, 7th ab Federal 
Flurey Albert, vict. Front bel Hazel 
F'lynn Edw. porter, 3 .Mineral pi 
Flynn Francis, porter, 1 Beaver ct 
Flynn Patrick, lab. 9 Mineral pi 


Foahl Fred, weaver. Crown ab Duke 
Fobes 8c Gibbons, dry goods, 83 High 
Fobcs (]. W. mer. 83 Higli, h23 Montgomery sq 
Fobes Tliomas, mer. 83 High, h Sch 7lli above 

Focer l''ranklin, trunkmr. 52 Laurel 
Foedell John, carp, rear 268 N 5tii 
Fociit Hiram & Co. coal dealer.s, Sch Btli and 

Willow, h 43 N 3d 
Focht Jacob, carter, Edwin ab R road (F V) 
]'"odell Peter, shoemr. Fitzwater n Adams 
Fodell Susannaii, eating house, 39 Sp Garden 
Fodrinsliam Samuel, combmr. Orchard above 

Foeley Lewis, carter, Thompson bel 10th 
Foerester Paul, New Market & Pegg 
Foerlng Abraham, clerk. Vernon ab 10th 
Foering Albert R. stovemr. 87 N 2d, h 231 

Foering Benj. F. clerk. Larch ab Wallace 
Foering Fred, stove mer. 87 N 2d, h 1 Crown 
Foering" Samuel, clerk. Willow ab 6th 
FOERING & SON, stoves & castings, 87 N 2d 
Foering Wm. dealer, 529 N 4th 
Foertsch H. bootmr. Poplar n 6th 
Fogel Chas. tailor, 3 Farr 
Fogel John, 10 Letitiact 
Fogel Wendel, watchman, F road bel Master 
Fogel AVm. brickmr. 7th ab Poplar 
Fogerty Patrick, lab. Front bel Greenwich 
Fogg Aaron, bricklayer, 5 W North n 10th 
Fogg Samuel, lab. Southwark ab 7th 
Fogg Samuel, bricklayer, 290 Cherry 
Fogt Henry, drayman. Lewellyn av (K) 
Foley B. weaver, 37 W Cedar 
Foley David, clerk, 31 S lOth 
Foley James, tailor, rear 8th bel Christian 
Foley James, machinist, F road ab Cumberland 
Foley John, 12th and Christian 
Foley John, cordw. Clymer 
Foley John, weaver, 36 W Cedai- 
Foley John, cordw. 10 Cypress 
Foley J. F. tailor, 198 Queen 
Foley Michael, lab. 7th n Christian 
Foley Owen, lab. Wiley's ct 
Foley Rebecca, 3 Wood 

FOLIOT EUGENE, mattress manuf. 8c uphol- 
sterer., 59 S 4th 
Folk Fred. vict. Ogdcn bel 13th 
I'^olk John, cooper, 49 N Front, h rear 304 St 

Folkrod Elizabeth, 296 Vine 
Folkrod Eleanor, 55 Clicster 
Folkrod Wm. wutcbmr. 6 Rubicam pi 
Foil Adam, lab. rear 484 N 3d 
Foil Hcnr}', cordw. Gray's ct 
Folm Fred, boot crimper, 167 St John 
Foltz Levi, lab. Palmer ab Duke 
I'olly, Martin, tailor, 15 Eutaw 
Foltz Rebecca, 593 N Front 
Folwell C. F. tailor, 202 High, h Sch 4th above 

Folwell James, N. A. Bank, h 19 Montgontcry 
Folwell John G. clerk, 173 Sp Garden 
Folwell John T. jeweler, 8 Benton 
Folwell Joseph, turner, 496 N 4th 
Folwell J. K. conveyancer, 207 N 6th 
Folwell Maria S. 161 Sp Garden 




Folwell Susannah, 173 Sp Garden 

Folwell Wm. cordw. Vienna ab West 

Foly Moses, pedler, 111 Poplar 

Fo]yanl John, fruiterer, 459 High 

Folyer Arthur, hib.321 St John 

Folyer Matthias, lab. 79 Poplar 

Fontaine C. ladies' shoemr. 204 Walnut 

Fontanell Maria, blindmr. 499 N 3d 

Fontange Fred. atty. 8 S 7th 

Fontanges P. F. 8 Bank al, h Spruce ab Sch 4th 

Fooks Joshua, lab. 1 Steel's ct 

Foote Renj. plumber, 447 Vine 

Foote Hezekiah, brickmr. Federal n G T road 

Foote James, brickmr. Federal n G T road 

Foote .John, piano mr. 86 Wharton 

Foote J. R. plumber, 234 R road 

Foote Marg-. Wood n Sch 5th 

Foote Skelton, shoemr. 8th bel Bayard 

Forbes And. brickmr. Cedar ab Sch 8th 

Forbes Chas. jeweler, f lechanic 

Forbes Hugh, shoemr. 49 W Cedar 

Forbes James, Lombard n Sch 7th 

Forbes James, gardener, 2d bel Columbia 

Forbes John, watchman, York bel F road 

Forbes John, cordw. Carlton ab Sch 6th 

Forbes John, carter, Filbert W Sch 5th 

Forbes Marcellus, seaman, 21 Linden 

Forbes Sarah, 8 Clair 

Forbes Thomas, printer, 24 Clark (S) 

Forbes Thos. H. painter, Ralston n Juniper 

Forbes M'm. miller, 31 Paul 

Forbes Wm. carter. Filbert W Sch 5th 

Forbes Wm. G. shoemr. Harmstead 

Force Ann Eliza, Margaretta bel 10th 

Force Geo. W. ship carp. Jarvis ab 2d 

Force John, ladies' shoemr. Greenwich ab 2d 

Force Simpson, cordw. Orchard bel Jackson 

Ford A. M. Oak bel Park (W P) 

Ford David, ivory turner, 83 Sassafras, h 195 

Ford Edwin, turner, 83 Sassafras, h 195 N 5th 
Ford Ehza, shop, 37 N 12th 
Ford E. &. D. turners, 83 Sassafras 
Ford Franklin, window shades, 94 Walnut 
Ford James, tailor, Donnelly's ct 
Ford James, plasterer, Cherry W Sch 8th 
Ford James, teacher, 18 Jones 
Ford James, blacksm. 9 Monroe ct 
Ford John, machinist, 523 High 
Ford John, mer. 24 Rittenhouse 
Ford John, lab. Sav 
Ford Jno. G. acct. S 3d 
Ford John H. carp. 102 Wood 
Ford John M. plated saddler>', 32 N 3d, h 12 

Ford Lewis, carter. Pleasant row W Sch 3d 
Ford Louisa, 3 Fayette 
Ford Margaret, 12 College pi 
Ford Maria, 185 Lombard 
Ford Maria, sempstress, 39 Currant al 
Ford Mary, Sassafras n Sch 8th 
Ford Marv A- Sch 8th ab Cherry 
Ford Matilda, 16 Barker 
Ford Michael, lab. Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Ford Michael, lab. Brasier's ct 
Ford Michael, lab. Watts' ct 
Ford Piiillp, 0} s'ers, AVharton and M road 
Ford Richard D. math. inst. mr. 5 Elmslie's al 

Ford Robert, clerk, 23 Perry 

Ford Robert, clerk, 44 Gaskill 

Ford Robert, clerk, 484 Sassafras 

Ford Robert II. stovemr. 291 High 

Ford Thos. lab. 20 Dean 

Ford Thos. grocer, 351 High, h2 Filbert av 

Ford Wm. saddlery hardware, 7 N 4th, h N E 

Marshall an'.i Noble 
Ford Wm. bricklayer, Parrish ab 9th 
Ford Wm. iron dealer, 153 N Market 
Ford Wm. weaver, Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Forder Rudolpli, bricklay. Carlton ab Sch 4th 
Forder Samuel, plasterer, 13th ah Brown 
Forder Wm. pl:istercr, Carlton ab Sch 4th 
Forderer Alb. shoemr. rear Cresson's al 
Fordham Benj., glass blower, Warren bel Queen 
Fordham John, glass blower. Queen bel Cherry 
Fordham Mary, Cheny ab Queen (K) 
Fordham Richard, glass blower. Palmer above 

Fordham Wm. E. glass blow. Queen bel Wood 
Fordney Mary, 5:3 Vine 
Forehand Samuel, printer, 266 S 8th 
Foreman Henry, machinist. Division ab 11th 
Foreman John, carp. I2th bel Coates 
Foreman John, machinist, G T road bel Mud la 
Foreman Samuel, coachsm. 13th ab Poplar 
Foreman Wm. vlct. Kessler ab Noms 
Foreman W. A. chairmr. Poplar ab 13th, h 393 

N Front 
Foren Elizabeth, 1 Loxley's ct 
Forepaugh Geo. ti-unkmr. h451 N 9th 
Forepaugh John, horse dealer, 12th & Brown 
Forepaugh J. F. currier. Vine bel 3d, li 167 

N 5th 
Forepaugh Margaret, 226 Noble 
Forepaugh Wm. dealer, Wallace bel 11th 
Forepaugh Wm. F. & Son, tanners, G T road 8c 

Forepaugh W. F. currier, 4th and Sassafras, h 

240 N 5th 
Foreson Lewis, porter. Juniper al 
Forest Thos. weaver. Pearl n Nixon 
Forest Wm. weaver, 5 Russell's ct (F M) 
Forgrave James, weaver. Front bel Jefferson 
Forker John W. ladies' shoemr. Poplar bel lOtli 
Forker Samuel, tailor, 119 Charlotte 
Forman Eliza, dressmr. 25 Mary 
Forman Montreville, coach painter. Shoemaker 
Forman Robt. R. cabinetmr. rear 7 Cherry, h 3 

York ])1 
Forman Wm. H. machinist, rear 13th ab Olive 
FOItNEY JOHN W. publisher, 78 S 3d, h 79 

Forrest Edwin, ti-agedian, 144 N 10th 
Forrest George, boot crimp., Marshall ab Poplar 
Forrest Isaac, weavei-. Church and Russell ct 
Forrest James, 3 Centre 
Forrest John, carter, real- Ogden W Sch 7th 
Forrest Misses, 144 N 10th 
Forrest Robert, lab.. Mulberry n Sch 2d 
Forrest Samuel, cordw. Rye ab Reed 
Forrester Ann, b h, 63 Chestnut 
Forrester John R. tailor, rear 464 N 3d 
Forshee C, mer. 29 Palmyra sq 
Foi-sman Mary, 25 Julianna 
Forst Frederick, upl>olsterer, 85 SI 1th, h 16 





Forst & Wrig-I\t, upholsterers, 85 S llth 
Forsyth & Brother, plumbers, 15 S 7th 
Forsyth David, moroc. dress. 14 Franklin (K) 
Forsvtii Kmily, teacher, Dorsey ah 13th 
Forsytli Hiig-li, butcher, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Forsyth .las. butcher. West ub Richmond hall 
Forsyth ,Ias. vict., rear 231 G T road 
Forsyth John, weaver, Shippen n Broad 
Forsyth Joseph W., plumber, 15 S 7th, h 64 

S 6th 
Forsytli Presley B. plumber, 15 S 7th, h Phie 

bel Broad 
Forsyth Robert, confect. 16 Lagrang'e pi 
Forsyth Robt., teacher, Front ab Pliocnix 
Forsyth Samuel, lab. 4 Barker 
Forsyth Sarah, N W 12th and Lombard 
Forsyth Tlios. plasterer, Pine ab Sch 6th 
Fors3'tli Thos. H. carpenter, llth hel Brown 
Forsvth Wm. T. carp, shop Hig-li W Sch 4th, h 

256 Cherry 
FORT D. M.. M. D., N E 9th and Vine 
Fort G. E., clerk, 18 Wallace 
Fort Henry, lab.. Wood bel Duke 
Fort James, carp. Queen ab Ross (K) 
Fort Levi, shoemr. 13 Gaskill 
Forten Charlotte, 92 Lombard 
Fortescue Joseph L., reporter, 110 Carpenter 
Fortescue Thos. S., carp. 146 Christian 
Fortesque James, weaver, Sch Front 8c Spruce 
Fortesque Pat. weaver, Spruce n Sch Front 
Fortner Chas., tavern. Beach and Shackamaxon 
Fortner Ellis B. harnessmr., Brook ab Green 
Fortner Wm. ship carp.. Union bel Duke 
Fortnum Charles, chandler, 11 Quarry 
Fortnum Wm. chandler, 57 Sassafras 
Fortune Jane, milliner, 326 S 2d 
Fortune Pat. shoemr. 33 Quince 
Forward Caspar, messeng-er, Brook (N L) 
Forward John, meat curer, 17 Willow 
Fosbemer Daniel, vict. 5th and Jefferson (K) 
Fosbemer John, segai-mr., Tammany 
Fosnot P. H. cordw. 128 Sassafras 
Foss & Jencks, silk manuf , S E Front & High 
Foss Thos. capmr., Sch 8th ab Fairview 
Fossard Adolph, i-estaurat'r., 222 Walnut 
Foster Alfred, carp., Shackamaxon bel Franklin 
Foster Arthur, weaver. Watt 
Foster Ashton, dry g-oods, llth n Brown 
Foster Catharine,"ladies shoes, 120 S 10th 
Foster Chas. mer. 6 Jones' al, h 75 S 12t!i 
Foster Chas. house painter, 45 O Y road 
Foster Chas. weaver, Charlotte and Thompson 
Foster Chas. P. sea capt. 5 Federal 
Foster Crawford, broker and col. 73 S 6th 
J'oster C. B. dentist, 237 Mulberry 
Foster D. H. cordw. 383 S 2d 
Foster Edward, bricklayer, Washington 8c Park 

(W P) 
Foster Edwin, carp. 12 Wesley 
FOSTER E. B. stencil engi-aver, 256 N3d and 

37 S 3d, h 159 N4th 
Foster E. F. book keeper, 15 Logan 
Foster Francis, awning printer, 9 Wistar 
Foster Fredk., Duke bel Cherry (K) 
Foster & Gebhard, hatters, 49 S 3d 
Foster Geo. W. shi]) carp., rear 504 S 2d 
Foster Hetty, wid of William, 304 Mulberry 
Foster Hezekiah, lab., Dyott's ct (K) 

Foster Hiram E. moulder, 13 Keep 

Foster Jacob, printer, Callowhill n Sch 5th 

Foster Jas. collector, 29 Dugan 

Foster Jas. carter, Sch Water and Lombard 

Foster Jas. cordw., Ma.ster and Ifancock (K) 

Foster Jas. paper stainer, Wa.shington n Bridge 

Foster John, salesman, 145 Wood 

Foster John, ship carp., Huston n West 

Foster John, lab.. Carpenter ab 8th 

Foster John, carp., Hojje and Jefferson 

Foster John E. hatter, 49 S 3d, h 92 German 

Foster Jolin G. tobacconist, Allen ab Marlboro' 

Foster John W. shoemr. 17 AVilson 

Foster J. H., awning maker, 259 N 3d, h 462 

Foster Leonard, brassfounder, Hallowell's ct 
Foster Margaret, rear Callowhill ab AVilliam 
Foster N. L. book agt., Marlboro' ab Franklin 
Foster Peter, lab., Washington ab Rose 
Foster Peter, lab. 8th ab Jefferson 
Foster Robt., M. D., 157 N 13th 
Foster Saml. shipwrt., Hanover ab Franklin (K) 
Foster Saml. gardener, Edwin ab R road 
Foster Saml. JST. embosser, rear 26 S 4th, h 207 

S 7th 
Foster Sarah, b h, S E Callowhill and Marshall 
Foster Stephen, cordw., Chvu-ch n Washington 
Foster Summers, saddler, 56 Brown, h 88 Char- 
Foster Summers, saddler, 88 Charlotte 
Foster Theodore, carp., Inness (K) 
Foster Thomas, machinist. Green ab R road 
Foster Thos. blacksm. Sch 2d bel Wood 
Foster Thomas S., mer., 163 High, h 37 N 5th 
Foster Walter, morocco dress. 22 Paschall's al 
Foster Wm., carp. Salmon ab Emory (R) 
Foster AVm. H., exchange office, 1 Library, h 

3d bel Carpenter 
Fotterall S. G., gent., 2 Portico Square 
Fotterall William F., gentleman, N W 13th and 

FOUCHfi WM. W., dentist, 79 N 6th 
Fougeray Augustus P., stoves, Callowhill and 

O Y road, h 17 Dillwyn 
Fougeray H. J., stove manuf, 99 N 4th 
Fougeray R. J., stoves, 133 N 2d, h 97 New 

Fougerty John, carter, 56 Dilhvyn 
Fo'iik Stephen C, carpets, 33 N 2d 
Foulke A. Dr., 239 N 7th 

p'oulke Chas. ironmonger. Poplar ab Beach (K) 
Foulke Edward H., tailor, 28 O Y road, h 132 

Foulke Eleanor P., S E 12th and Mulberry 
Foulke Eliza M., b. h. 49 George 
Foulke Everard,lab. 139 Apple 
Foulke Isaac, cordwainer, 302 S Front 
Foulke Lucy D., b. h., 51 George 
Foulke Richard, tailor, 59 N 4th, h 194 N 5tli 
Foulke Richard P., 34 Sansom 
Foulke Susanna, 3 Mint ct 
Foulke Wm. P., att'y & coun., 34 Sansom 
Foulkes Chas., sea capt., 8 Margarctta 
Foulkrod Emanuel, cordw., 478 N 4th 
Foulkrod John, cordw., 143 Charlotte 
FOULKS C. T., M. D., druggist, S W 10th and 
j Ogden 

[poulon Robert, plasterer, Callowhill ab Sch 4th 




Fountain A., ship cai-penter, Palmer bel Frank- 
lin (K) 
Fountain Mag'dalena, tailoress, Church bel Reed 
Fouqucl Chas., butcher, Callowhill n 11th 
Fousc James B., tinsm. 36 High, h S E 4tli and 

Fouser H., brickmr., Randolph ab Poplar 
Foust Daniel, blacksm., rear 171 Apple 
Foust George N., stone cutter, 306 Vine 
Foust Godfrey, umbrella mraker. Mechanic and 

Foust Henry, mason, Master ab 7th 
Foust Malin C. engineer, 7 Astor pj 
Foust Maria, 8th ab Sp Garden 
Foust R. M., teacher, N W 7th & Sp Garden, h 

144 Marshall 
Foust Wm. H., stone cutter, Ogden ab Sch 8th 
Fow Benj., tavern, 359 N Front 
Fow David, vict., Clieny bel West (K) 
Fow George, brickmr., rear George W Sch 4th 
Fow George, butcher, Marlborough below 

Fow Henry, vict.. Palmer n F road 
Fow Jacob, vict., Duke and Marlborough 
Fow John, vict. Crown ab Duke (K) 
Fow John, lab., Sch 4th ab Coates 
Fow John, brickmr., rear George W Sch 4th 
Fow Joseph, vict. Oxford and Hope (K) 
Fow Lewis, victualler, Hanover ab Bedford (K) 
Fow Samuel, vict., 11 SpaflTord al 
Fow Wm., grocer, Wharton and P road 
Fow Wm., brickmr. Sch Front ab Spruce 
Fowler Ann, gaiter binder, 333 S 4th 
Fowler Elizabeth, tailor, 227 S 6th 
Fowler Fi-ancis, lab., Sch 4th ab Coates 
Fowler George, morocco fin. Marlborough ab 

Fowler Henry, potter, Fraley's al (K) 
Fowler Henry E. plasterer. Tower E Sch Front 
Fowler Isaac, agt., 102 P road 
Fowler Jacob P., hardware, 276 N 2d, h 98 

New Market 
Fowler James, hardware, 542 N 2d 
Fowler Jas. cordw., Hancock and Franklin 
Fowler Jas. weaver, Philip bel Oxford 
Fowler Jesse, lab., Monroe and Cherrv (K) 
Fowler John, painter and glaz. 8 S lOth, h 414 

Fowler John, feed, N E Cedar & Broad, li Bra- 
si er and Broad 
Fowler John A. clerk, S W 13th and Wood 
Fowler Jos. C, shoemr. rear 18 Cresson's al 
Fowler Kendal, seaman, 4 Vall's pi 
Fowler Lewis, oak cooper, 4 Sch av 
Fowler Manlove C, macliinist, Brown ab 9th 
Fowler Margaret, 154 Carpenter 
Fowler Mary, 271 St. John 
Fowler Reniiels, tailor, 526 N 2d (K) 
Fowler Saml., tobacconist. Rose n William 
Fowler Thomas, gunsm., 4th and G T road 
Fowler Wm., carp., PaiTish ab lltli 
Fowler Wm., leather & shoe findings, 28 P road 
Fowler Wm., rulemr., 336 N 3d 
Fowler Wm., Tower E Sell Front 
Fowler Wm. morocco dr., F road ab Jefferson 
Fowler Wm. H., glass blow.. Queen bel Ross(K) 
Fowler W. C, com. merch., 26 N Front, h Sas- 
safras bel Sch 6th 

Fowles James H. Rev., Filbert n Sch. 7th 
Fox Abner, mer. 7 N 4th 

Fox Alex. M., grocer, 511 N 2d, h 124 New- 
Fox Benj. K., Sch 7th n Mulberry 
Fox Bryan, mahog. sawyer, 104 Crown 
Fox Catharine, wid. of George, Sch 5th n Wood 
Fox Charles, brickmaker, 464 Sassafras. 
Fox Charles, surveyor, Lombard n Sch 7th 
Fox Christian, beer hotise. Mechanic & Culvert 
Fox Christian, cordw., R road ab Broad 
Fox Christian F., cordwainer, 138 Brown (N L) 
Fox Christoplier, ropemr. Richmond ab William 
Fox Christopher, lab., Cedar bel Sch 5th 
Fox Daniel, gardener, G T road opp 7th (K) 
Fox Daniel, porter, 94 Bedford 
Fox Daniel, rope dealer, 11 Ellen 
Fox Daniel M., conveyancer, 339 N 3d 
Fox Dennis, baker, 13 Fayette 
Fox Edward, lab. Blddle W Nixon 
Fox Edward J., Police Office, 91 N 5th 
Fox Elijah J., bricklayer, 48 Mead 
Fox Elizabeth C, 113 Green 
Fox Emanuel, pedlar, rear 31 Green 
Fox Evan, carp., 435 N 5th 
Fox Francis, carver, 151 S 2d 
Fox I'rancis A., cb'iver, 50 Fitzwater 
Fox Frederick, grocer, Marlborough bel Duke. 
Fox Frederick, cabmr., 19 Dock 
Fox George, carter, Peter's al 
Fox George, sailmr., 3 N 7th, h Wood ab 

Sch 8th 
Fox Ann C, tobacconist, N W 6th & Poplar 
Fox George, lab.. Brown bel Vienna (K) 
Fox Geo. lab. Duke ab Crown 
Fox Geo. lamp mr. Sch 5th n Wood 
Fox George, M. D., 491 Chestnut 
Fox Harriet, Shippen ab 9th 
Fox Henry, glass blow., Franklin n Cherry (K) 
Fox Henry J., tailor, 8 Branch 
Fox Jacob, lab., Charlotte ab Thompson (K) 
Fox Jacob, cordwainer, 102 New ^Market 
Fox James, blacksm., Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Fox Jas. lab. Ashton bel Walnut 
Fox James, dyer, rear 71 Gei'man 
Fox Jas., sawyer, 4 Salmon 
Fox Jas., upholsterer, 159 Carpenter 
Fox John, button manuf. 262 Jlarshall 
Fox John, ven. bllndmr. 4 Quigg's ct 
Fox John, saw\er, York and Beach 
Fox John, grocer, Sch. 3d Sc Dorothy 
Fox John, clerk, 116 Green 
Fox John, gent., 107 New Market 
Fox John, dry goods mer.,William & Larch 
Fox John, ropemr., Vienna ab Franklin 
Fox John, vict. 4th bel Master (K) 
Fox John D., coop. 196 N 3d, h 295 Callowhill 
Fox John E., ex. brok., 1 S 3d 
Fox John J., chairmr., Scott's ct 
Fox Joseph L., Melon ab 10th 
Fox Josh., lab., rear 7th ab Federal 
Fox Justus, grocer, Franklin and Hanover 
Fox Leopold, pedler, Schleisman's al 
Fox Lydia, Queen ab Palmer 
Fox Michael, brushmr. 1 St John 
Fox M., 14 N 11th 
Fox Mary, milliner, Morris 
Fox Michael, vict. 4th ab Thompson (K) 




Fox Nich., dealer, Cedar &, Hurst, h Lombard 

ab Quince 
Fox Patrick, lab. Brasicr ab Lloyd 
Fox Patrick, carp. Jones W Scli 4th ' 

Fox Peter, rig'gx-r, 4 Workman's ct 
Fox Peter, carp., 4th bel Wharton 
Fox Peter, lab., Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Fox Peter, sliip carp., Somerset and Salmon 
Fox &. llanisey, ^^roccrs, 511 N 2d 
Fox Sarah, Ann bel Richmond 
Fox Samuel, f>-rocer, 180 N 4th 
Fox Samuel, brickmr. Sch 7th ab Vine 
Fox Samuel, Broad bel Chestnut 
Fox Samuel A., cab. mr. 264 S Front 
Fox Stephen, lab., Vail's ct 
Fox Wm., tailor, 196 N 2nd 
Fox Wni. Henrv, printer, 11 Benton 
Fox Wm. L., m'er. 387 High 
Fox Wm. P., brickmr., Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Fo.xhill John F., vict., Callowhill W Sch 4th 
Foy Anthony, sawjer, 146 S 12th 
Foy James, g-rocer. Washing-ton and Crammond 

Foy Joseph, cordw., 13th Sc Green 
Foy Margaret, Pine ab 13th 
Foy Valentine, gas meter worker, N W Sch 8th 

and Jones, h Jefferson W Broad 
Foy Wm., tailor, 74 Queen 
Frail Patk., lab., Sorrell bel Larch 
Frailey J. :Madison, U S N, h Race n Sch 6th 
Fraizer Joshua, mer. 189 High, h 156 ^lulberry 
Fraleigh, John, baker, Wargaretta n 2d 
Fraley Anna, music teacher, 333 Sassafras 
Fraley Chas., chandler, School bel Franklin (K) 
Fralev Charles W., glass blower, Vienna above 

i)uke (K) 
Fraley Conrad, gi'ocer, Ogden bel 10th 
Fraley D., bonnets and shoes, 05 S 2d 
Fraley Frederick, Pres. Sch Navigation Co., 72 

AValnut, h 365 Sassafras. 
Fraley Geo. W., cordw.. Miles ab Rose (K) 
Fraley Henry, drum mr.. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
I'raley Hester, shop. Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Fraley Isaiah, cordw. 86 New Market 
Fraiey John U., 79 N 10th 
Fraley Peter B., saw 8c tool manuf. 790 N 2d 
Fraley R. W., gentw., 137 S 3d 
Fraley Thos. F., mer. 6i S 3d 
Fraley Wm. K., bricklr, Callowhill ab Sell 6th 
FRALEY W. W., agent, 12 Merchants' Exch., 

h 12 Beach 
Frame David, rear 11 Green 
Frame John, baker, 9 Lebanon 
Frame Robt., weaver, Philip ab Master 
Frame Sarah, 10 Acori\ alley 
Francans Andw., boilermaker. Division bel Vin- 

France Abrm., tavern, Callowhill W William 
France Elizabeth, gentw., S E Poplar &; Apple 
Francis Ann, gentw. 42 Pine 
Francis Benj., painter, Washington ab Logan 
Francis Benj., dyer. Drinker's ct 
Francis Bridg-et, Pleasant row W Sch 3d 
Francis Charles, tinsmith, 440 Sassafras. 
Francis Charles, agent, 112 Carpenter 
Francis Charles, 23 Green 
Francis David, cutter, Parkers al 
Francis Edwin, 5 Bay 

FRANCIS, FIELD & FRANCIS, tinmcn& sad- 
dlery hardware, 80 N 2nd 
Francis Geo., ship carp, 301 S Front 
Francis Henry, tinman, 80 N 2d, h 316 Green 
Francis James S., blacksm., 2 Wittaker's ct 
Francis James W., potter, Jones I-^ Sch 5th 
Francis Joseph, waiter, 12 Burd'sct 
Francis Joseph, black &. white smith, 26 Dock, 

h 62 & 62 i Union 
Francis L. C, math. inst. mr., 13 Dock 
Francis Margaret, Melon ab 9th 
Francis Mary, sempstress, 29 Lebanon 
Francis Philip, carter, 24 Perry 
Francis Philip, lime burner, 14 Brazier's av 
Francis Teagle, waiter, George ab Sch 7th 
Francis Thos., japanner, 80 N 2d, h 11th above 

Franciscus A. H., cotton laps, 65 High, h 436 

Franck Wm. auctioneer, N W 2d 8c Tammany, 

h 613 N 2d 
Frank Asher, dry goods, 170 N 2d 
Frank Charles, segarmr., rear 492 N 3d 
Frank Christian, gent., 479 Sassafras 
FRANK HENRY, tailor, N E 4th and Walnut 
Frank Herman, brassfounder. Otter 8c Dunton 
Frank Isaac, pedler, Tammany ct 
Frank Isaac pedier, Perry ab Phoenix 
Frank Jacob, coachmr., rear 39 N 4th 
Frank Jacob blacksm., Cherry ab Brown 
Frank John, cordw., Duke n Marlborough 
Frank Jos., bootmr. 13 Brown's ct 
Frank Julia, 350 N 5th f^ 

Frank J., boot 8c shoemr. 174 N 5tli 
Frank J. 8c S., watchmrs. 4 N 6th 
Frank Phihp, bootmr., 285 N 2d 
Frank Marv, rear 39 Chester 
Frank Solomon, cap manuf. 107 Buttonwood 
Frankenburg Andi-ew, cabinetmr., Franklin bel 

Frankinhoff Mr., draftsman, N E 4th 8c Queen 
Franklin Andrew, gn-ocer, Coates ab Sch 7th 
Franklin Benj., wheelwrt., 24 8c h 81 Dock 
Franklin Edward, shoes Sc bonnets, S E 10th Sc 

Franklin Elizabeth, b. h., N E 4tli 8c Mulberry 
Franklin Emma, rear 17 Mifflin 
FRANKLIN FIRE INS. CO., 163^ Chestnut 
Franklin Henry, plasterer, St Joseph av. n Sch 

FRANKLIN HOUSE, 105 Chestnut 
Franklin Jacob, Rev., 48 Chester 
Franklin James, porter, 5 Mile's al 
Franklin James E., M. D., 1 N 13th 
Franklin John, stamp mr., 6 Wharton 
Franklin John G., clerk, 136 Catharine 
FRANKLIN JOSEPH L., coal mer. 54 Walnut, 

h 515 S Front 
Franklin Luke, lab.. Wood n Sch 5th 
Franklin M;u-y, Bedford 
Franklin Mary, Clinton ab Poplar 
Franklin Ruth, Poplar bel New Market 
Franklin Wm., carf)., Gilbert bel 10th 
Franklin Wm. H. organ builder, 7 N 9th, h 

Sch 8th ab Chestnut 
Franks Geo., moulder, Dunton ab Otter 
Franks Henry, tobacco, 372 N 4th 
Franks Henrv, carp., N W Wallace Sc Preston 




Franks John, tobacconist, Washini^loii (W P) 

Franks John, brush maker, Brown ab Cherry 

P'ranks John, dentist, Graffs 

Franks John A., cooper, 67 & h 85 Callowhill 

Franks Rebecca, rear 31 Charlotte 

Frantz Mary A. milliner, 27 Filbert 

Frantz Jacob, carp., Orchard 

Fi-antz T., clerk, 23 O Y road 

Frantz Zachariah, carter, Leopard bcl Phoenix 

Fraser Adam, tobacconist, 4th bel Shippen, h 

Carpenter bel 7th 
Fraser Anthony, carp., Wheat bel Wharton 
Fraser & Everitt, ink & blacking-, 27 S Front 
Fraser Frederick G. upholsterei-, 415 High 
Fraser John, bootmr.. Vine ab Sch 2d 
Fraser Mary, 145 Poplar 
Fraser Robert, fancv goods, 212 Chestnut 
Fraser R. &. W., faiicv goods, 212 Chestnut 
Fraser Wm., calico p'rinter, 332 S 3d 
Frasier Robert, trunkmr., Carpenter n 7th 
Frass John, tailor, Fisher 
Frates Anthony, seaman, Plum ab Bridge 
Frates Samuel, machinist, rear Ash bel Duke 
Fraund Joseph, baker, 282 X 3d ' 
Fray Francis, bonnet pr. 6 Charles 
F'ray Sebastian, shoemr., 4 Quarn* 
Frazer Benjamin T., diy goods, 302 S 2d 
Frazer G., blacksm., Pern- and Lambert 
Frazer James, b h, 80 S 2d 
Frazer James, stonecut. Wallace ab R road 
Frazer John, manuf.. Pine bel Sch 3d 
Frazer John F., profess. Walnut ab Sch 8th 
^AZER ROBERT, attorney and coun., 141 

Walnut, h Sch 8th ab Lombard 
Frazer Robert, smither}^ 143 N 5th, h Lemon 

bel Wallace 
Frazier Anthonv, carp., 150 S Juniper 
Frazier Benj. W., mer., h 2 Linden pi 
Frazier Elizabeth, 28 Beaver (K) 
Frazier James, plasterer, Carpenter ab 6th 
Frazier John, carp., 12 Washington market 
Frazier John, cordw., Mechanic n Creek 
Frazier Joseph, stevedore, 4 Grover 
Frazier Nalbro, mer., 5 Wahiut, h Linden pi 

Spruce ab 11th 
Frazier Richd., carp., rear 3 C-ntre 
Frazier Robt., blacksm., Lemon ab 10th 
Frazier William, manuf. Shippen ab 12th 
Frazier William, plasterer. Carpenter ab 6th 
Frazier Wm., ropemr., Southwark 
Frazier Wm. W., mer., 252^ Walnut 
Freal Bridget, rear 138 Brown 
P'reaney Patk., porter, 8 Branner's al 
Freas Henry R. jr, cupper &. bleed, 13 Queen(K) 
Freas Jacob, grocer, N E 5th k Sassafras 
Freas Jacob & Co., grocers, N W 7th & Poplar 
Freas John, blacksm., 3 W Coates 
Freas J. & Co., blacksms., 13th & Willow 
Freaser Geo., cordw. 413 X 4th 
Frederick Dan'l, silverplr., 6th ab Little Poplar 
Frederick Elizabeth, Wood bel Duke 
Frederick Geo., fishei-man. Wood ab Queen(K) 
Frederick George, b h, 296lrig]i ' 

Frederick G. X., grocer, 348 Callowhill 
Frederick Jacob, fisherman. Wood bel Duke (K) 
Frederick John, baker, Marriott & Atherton 
Frederick John, pedler. West n Vienna (K) 
Frederick John, fisherman, Duke bel Vienna 

Frederick John, mer., 50 Dillwyn 
Frederick John, car builder. Oak ab William 
Frederick John, carter, I' road bel Muster 
Frederick John H., jeweller, 4 Hoffman's al 
Frederick John L., engr., 53 S 4th, h 5 City row 
P'rcderick Joseph, clerk, 7th and Poplar 
Frederick Le wis, cann., rear William n Hamilton 
Frederick Martin, engineer, Washington above 

Frederick M. L., engraver, 53 R 4th 
P'rcderick Wm. S., 348 Callowhill 
Fredericks Charles, cabinetmr. 23 Hazel 
Fredericks Isaac, bootmr., h 6 Carter's al 
l-redericks John, t.iilor, 36 & h 30 R road 
Fredericks Samuel W., printer, Mechanic 
Frederickson Wm., carman, G T road ab 5th 
Frederitze Joseph, ladies' shoes, 59 New 
Free Edward, jr., stables, 21 Cherry, h 123 Cal- 
Free Elijah, carp. 31 Farmer, h Woodab 12tli 
Free George, livery stable, 4th bel Callowhill, h 

190 Noble 
Free Jas., lab., 6 Harrison av 
Free Joseph, sailmr., 3 Dock, h Redwood ab 4th 
Free Martin, blindmr., 518 X 2d (K) 
Free Samuel, livery stable, 40 N 7th 
Free Sarah, sempstress, Fothergill st 
Freeborn Benjamin, clerk, 40 Wistar 
Freeborn Christiana, Barker E Sch 5th 
Freeborn Jas., hardwr. 28 Howard 
Freeborn X'oble, labourer. Say. 
Freeburger P., hatter, 36 Perry 

Freed Anthony, supt. M. prison 

Freed David, mer., 315 High, h 308 N 6th 

Freed Hannah, gentw. Green and Linden 

Freed John, baker. Hank's ct 

Freed Joseph M., mer., 315 High 

Freed Philip, carp., 8 Hibberd 

Freed, Ward & Freed, flour and for. mers. 315 

Freedley J. K., marble yard. Chestnut st. whf. 
Sch, h Sch 4th ab Vine 

Freedly Francis, carter, St John and-G^eorge 

Freedly Jacob, miller, Chestnut st wh^Sch., h 
n'w Sch 4th and Mulberry 

Freedlv John, Sch 4th ab Vine 

Freedly Samuel, M. D., S E Green & Marshall 

Freedman John, Vinegar n Stanley 

Freel Jas., lab., 4 Sch Beech 

Freeland & Brother, hatters, 54 N 2d 

FREELAXD DAVID S., hats, 22 and 56 High, 
h 26 Sassafras 

Freeland Elizabeth, b. h. 99 N 5th 

Freeland John, shoemr., 63 Plum 

Freeland &. Son, hatters, 56 High 

Freeland Wm. N., hatter, 56 High, h 258 N 11th 

Freely Jane, Harrison av 

Freely Sophia, Morris (S) 

Freeman Amos, paper box mr. 12 Decatur, h 
Russell av 

Freeman Archib., distiller, S W 12th & Federal 

Freeman A. & E. W., milliners, 70 Mulberry- 
! Freeman Benj. pianomr. 148 Christian 

Freeman Caroline, shop. Lisle 

FREEMAN CHARLES D.atty. and alderman, 
6 Library 

Freeman Charles M., cordw., 303 Walnut 

Freeman Charles R., seaman, 121 New 




Freeman Sc Daiig'hcriy, importers, 77 S Front 

Freeman I'rancis, ll Knig'ht's ct 

Freeman George, porter, 9 I'rosperous al 

Freeman G., waiter, 21 Currant al 

Freeman Hiram, porter, Juniper al 

Freeman II. G., atty. and coun., 80^ Walnut, h 

225 Filbert 
Freeman .lames, lab. Sch 2d n Lombard 
Freeman .lames A., auctioneer, 106 Walnut, h 

382 Vine 
Freeman James B., atty. & coun. 203 Mulberry 
Freeman John, carman, Lisle 
Freeman Jolvn, musician, Ulricli's al 
Freeman .losepli, lab rear 313 Cherry 
Freeman J.Miller, mcr. 77 S Front, h Plymouth 

W Sch 4tl\ Natb., confcct., Plum ab Bridg-e 
Freeman II. D., barber, Franlclin and School 
Freeman Tliomas B., .shoemr. 17 S 7tli, h rear 1 

Freeman Wm., lab., 254 Lombard 
FRI':EM.\N WM. Union Transport. Line 

46 S wiifs 
Freeman & Worthing'ton, pap. box mrs. 12 De- 
Freer Mary, George n Juniper 
Freese Isaac, mer., 64 N od, h 28 Crown 
Freese Jacob R., mer. 64 N 3d, h 28 Crown 
Freeston Wm., gent. 498 S 2d 
Freil John, shop, Sch Front ab Mulberry 
Freiling- p'rancis, macht. Franklin ab Front (K) 
Frenaye Adolphus G., dentist, 59 S 11th 
FRENAYE MARK A., St. John's 13th below 

Frenaye P., professor, 59 S 11th. 
French Charles C, agent, 155 N 9th 
French Clayton, druggist, 10th andHig-h, h 230 

N lOtb 
French Eliza, 306 Marshall 
French Elizabeth, 10 Pleasant 
French Frcdk. H., mer., 175 Hig-h 
French Georg-e, jr., rigger, Scott's ct 
French Georg-e, rigg-cr, 116 S Whfs. n Cedar,h 

30 Mead. ^ 

French James, slat cutter, Charles bel York 
French James S., sea capt., 12 Christian 
French John, lithographer, 244 Poplar 
French Jolm, bootmr., 20 Winfield 
French Joseph, carp., Shippen ab 11th, h 4th 

bel Wliarlou 
French Louis E., g-ent. 365 Walnut 
Frencli Itichard, engineer, 11th ab Green 
FRENCH Sc RICHARDS, druggist*, N W 10th 

anti High 
French Samuel, coal dealer, 390 N 7th 
French Sarali, 223 Spruce 
French Sarah Ann, washer, 201 S 7th 
French &. Stewart, riggers, S whfs n Cedar 
Frencli S., coal yard, 9tii ab Poplar 
French Wm., lab. 15 Gillcs' al 
FRENCH WM. H., plasterer and plaster paris 

ornament manuf., S W Sch 6th & Locust 
Frenchbaugh Chas., vict. ^Villow bel Broad 
Freno Ann, gcntw. 28 Spruce 
Freno Christopher L., comedian, 28 Spruce 
Fi'eno Jacob C, 28 Spruce 
Fretz Jacob, driver, Kcsslcr ab Norris 
Fretz; Mary M., 9 Wilson 

Freiind Edward, tailor, Strauss' ct 

Frewnd l-'rcd., tailor, 5th and Redwood 

I'reund Fred. A., caliinctmr., Morris (S) 

Freund Hcnrj F., tailor, Morris (S) 

Frcund PJiilij), cordw., 238 S 7th 

Frevey Jolm, plasterer, 123 New 

Frey John, tailor, 103 Poplar 

Freyberg-er A., umbrella makei-, 298 Vine 

Freymutli Ann, 339 S 4th 

Freynuith Charles, collector, 339 S 4th 

Frcytag- G., mer., 14 N 3d 

Freytag- M. Mrs., china store, 299 Walnut. 

Frick Abrani, 12 Elder 

Frick Cliristian, carp. 52 Dillwyn, h 39 O Y road 

Frick Edwin P., real est. brok. & conv. 49 S 

6th bel Walnut 
Frick Jacob, brass foundry, 364 N 3d. 
Frick Jacob, cordw., 37 Garden 
FRICK JOHN H., not.arv public commissioner 

of deeds for 27 States, 75h Dock, h 12 

Fricke Albert, M. D., 141 N 6th 
Fricke Georg-e, mer., 14 N3d, h 294 N 7th 
Fricke Henry, mer., 14 N 3d, h 311 N 6th 
FRICKE H., Franklin house tavern, 26 Spruce 
Fricke II. & G., saddlery hardware, 14 N 3d 
FRICKE JOHN, grocer, Scli 5th & Wood 
Fricke M. W., ropemr., G T road ab Wager 

and 5 S Front, h 6th bel Little Poplar 
Fricke Susanna, 209 St. John 
Fricker Marv, tailoress, rear 448 N 3d 
FRIDERICl' JOSEPH, tavern, 6 Letitia ct 
Friederici John, piano mr. 11 St Stephen's pi 
Fried Geo. M., cork cutter, 95 S 5th 
Fried John, b h, 11th and Pearl 
Fried John cork cut., Ill Buttonwood 
Friedauf Louis, dentist, 63 N 7th 
Frledeberg- Henry, jeweler, 19 S 8th 
Frledlein John L., jeweler, 3d ab Washington 
Friedline Sarah, b h., Carpenter's ct 
Friedman Geo., lab., rear 555 N 4th (K) 
Friedman Philip, gi-ocer, 13th and Mp-tle 
Friel Catharine, Jones bel Sch 7th 
Friel Charles, spinner, William n Callowhill 
Friel Edward, grocer, N AV 9th & Sp Garden 
Friel James, baker, 10th bel Wharton 
Friel John, tavern. High W Sch Front 
Friel Patk.,lab. Lewis E Sch 6th 
Frieling Jacob, confect. G T road bel 5th 
Friend John, corder, Coates st. whf., h 5th and 

Wager (N L) 
Friend Norman, rnhographer, 80 Walnut, h 28 

Friend Rebecca, Catharine and Flower 
Fries Henry, umbrella mr. 108 N 9th 
Fries Hugh, porter, 2d bel Master (K) 
Fries John, watchmaker, 160 N 2d 
Fries Philip, coacli trimmer, 179 N 6th 
Fries P., watchmaker, 353 N 2d 
Fries Saml., shingle dresser, 112 AVood 
Fries Saml., carp. 112 Wood 
Frisby C-iiarks, cabtmr. 191 Lombard 
Frisby George, lab. rear 2d and Greenwich 
Frisby Geo. P., waiter, Helmuth 
Frisby James, waiter, 7 Richards 
Frisby Jeremiah, carter, 35 Currant al 
Frisby Ricliard, barber, Centre bel 13th 




Frischknecht John, baker, 273 S 3(1 j 

Frishmouth Bcnj. B. Ss. D. L., paper haiigcrs,18 

Sp G:irden 
FRISIIMUTH & BROTH RR, tobacco, 105 N 3d 

Frishiniith Cliarles, tobacconist, 410 Brown 
Frishniuth Edmund H., tobacconist, 105 N 3d, h 

Mulberry W Sch 6th 
Frishniuth J., gent. 8th ab Green 
Frishmutli Michael, cedar cooper, 219 Callow- 
hill, h 18 Sp Garden 
Frishmutli Sarah Ann, trimming-s, 504 S 2d 
Frishmuth Wm. D., tobac, 105 N 3d, h Mulbeny 

W Sch 6th 
FRITH EDWARD, mer. 42 Commerce, h 522 

Frith James, silver plater, 85 N 6th, h 6th ab 

Camac (K) 
Fritz Adam, lab. 5 Drinker's al 
Fritz C, clock repairer, 147 Poplar, h 466 N 4th 
Fritz Francis, lab. Loud n 10th 
Fritz Fred., marble yard, N W 4th and Sassa- 
fras, h Parrish bel Sch 7th 
Fritz George, brickmr. Apple bel Master 
Fritz Henry C, morocco, 127 N 4th 
Fritz Jacob, cabtmr. 267 Mulberry, h 124 N Ju- 
Fritz Jacob, comb & variety store, 196 N 3d 
Fritz Jacob, barber, 282 S 6th 
Fritz John, comb.. Brook 
Fritz John, blacksm. Brown and Kessler 
Fritz John S., carp., Catharine n 8th 
Fritz Joseph, whipmr. 4th ab Thompson (K) 
Fritz Joseph, tailor, 5 Relief al 
Fritz Joseph, lab.Brinton ct (K) 
Fritz Michael, tailor, 111 N 2d 
Fritz Peter, marble mason, yard 226 Sassafras, 

h 214 Sassafras 
Fritz Peter, baker, Bryan's ct 
Fritz Wm., bootmr. 47 CallowhiU 
Fritz Wm., brickmr. Smith's av 
Fritz Wm., tlnsm., rear 6 Lawrence 
FRITZ & WILLIAMS, morocco drs., 15 Mar- 

Frlzell Joseph, weaver, Front bel Oxford 
Froblsh Jos., weaver, rear 6th ab Master 
Frock Jacob, founder, 283 N 13th 
Froerlenjar Nicholas, lab. Wood bel Franklin 
Fromberger Jackson, clerk, rear 30 St John 
Fromberger Mai-garet, rear 30 St John 
Fronefield Chas., druggist, 3d ab Wood, h 428| 

Frost And., tailor, Orchard n Jackson 
Frost Charles, mach., 13th bel Brown 
FROST JOHN, publisher, S E 6th and Walnut 

h Sch 8th bel Walnut 
Frost Silas, brass found., 49 & h 105 N 7th 
Frost Wm., fruiterer, S E 3d and High 
Froster Adolph, gilder, 6 Townsend pi 
Frothingham HeniT, mer. 38 Chestnut 
Frowert C. E.,brlcklr. 207 N 9th 
Frowert Daniel, 78 Sassafras 
Frowert Isaac, boot & shoemaker, 62 N 5th 
Frowert J<ihn, bookbinder, 5 Cresson's al 
Frowert John B., painter, 20 Cresson's al 
Frowert Samuel W., cordw. 532 S 2d 
Fry Edmund, cooper, 10 Filbert, house Pros- 
pect al 
Fry Francis, cordw. 13 Knight's ct 

Fry George, wheelwr., 287 St John 

Fry Geo., carp. 12 Whitehall 

Fry Jacob, dry goods, 58 N 3d 

Fry Jacob, tavern, 178 Lombard 

Fry Jacob S„ mer. 45 N 2d, h 14 Chatham 

Fry Jacob W., clerk, 463 N 5th ab Poplar 

Fry J as. P., plasterer. Carpenter ab 7th 

Fry John, pat. mr., 158 Sassafras, h Franklin 

bel PaiTish 

Fry John A., dry goods, Washington ab 9th 
Fry John J., baker, 220 Green bel 6th 
Fry John L., chairmr. 11 Hutchinson 
Fr}' Joseph G., tailor, 19 Green 
Fry Joseph R., professor, 445 Chestnut 
Fry Joshua, cordw. Ulrick's al 
J'ry Oliver, dealer, 106 Locust 
Fry & Ritter, dry goods, 58 N 3d 
Fry Robt., macht. 214 Buttonwood 
Fry Rynard, lab. Marboro' bel Allen (K) 
Fry Samuel B., mer, 385 Sassafras 
Fry Thomas & Wilham, confect., 191 N 3d 
Fry Wm., furnace fitter, 3d bel Prime 
Fry Wm., engraver. Brown ab Marshall 
Fry Wm., trimmings, 9th and Wallace 
Fry Wm., tavern, 241 t^ N 3d 
Fry Wm. C, confect. 191 N 3d, h 99 Dillwj^n 
Fry AVm. T., casemr. Bread and Quarry, h 227 

Fryboth Henrj', cordw. 197 Christian 
Fryer Bernard, ostler, 7th and G T road 
Fryer Chas., cordw. 5th bel Master (K) 
Fryer George, bootmr. 10 Ellet's av 
Fryer Geo., dry goods, 38 S 2d 
Fryer J. Caldwell, mer. 21 Scheetz 
Fryer John, tailor, 206 Sassafras, house 8 Ni- 
Fryer Wm. M., piano mr. 70 Buttonwood 
Fryhart Anna, Cohocksink and Charlotte 
Frymyer Abm. E., carp. 10th ab Girard av 
Fuarey And., Kelly ct 
Fuck Epenach, blacksmith, Townsend above 

Fucks Peter, framemr., rear Orchard 
Fuder John, lab. Master ab 10th 
Fugate Oliver H. P., trimmings, 581 Chestnut 
Fuguet S., mer. 83 S Front, h 165 pine 
Fuhr Henry, basketmr. rear 24 Charlotte 
Fuhrman Henrv N., tailor, York pi, h Randolph 

bel 6th 
Fulce Fredk., lab. Ogden bel Sch 7tli 
Fulce Jacob, tea store, N W CallowhiU and 6th 

h 226 Noble 
Fulforth Jos., lamps, N E 4th and Cheny, h 33 

Sp Garden 
Fullaway Charles, trunkmaker, 23 Shippen 
Fullaway Samuel, saddler, 22 Shippen 
Fullborn Edward, professor, 33 S 10th 
Fulldway Enoch, tailor, rear 123 Catharine 
Fullen Henry, painter. Poplar ab 10th, shop, 6th 

and Noble 
Fullen James, coachman, 174. Locust 
Fuller Albert, pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller Archibald, cart., 12 Wharton 
Fuller Daniel, 26 Sansom 
Fuller Ellen, 260 Mulberry 
Fuller John, pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller John, wood and coal, Swanson st whf, 

479 S Front 




Fuller John, jr.. wood & coal, h N E 3d and 

Fuller John P., cordw. 192 N 9th 
Fuller Joseph, painter, Harriet ab Ross 
Fuller Lester, wood, 479 S Front 
Fuller Matthew, driver, Uicliard n Sch 6tli 
Fuller Oliver, mer.. 11 N 4th, h 117 S 5th 
Fuller P. B., mer., 135 N 3d, h 318 S Garden 
Fuller Thos., pilot, 479 S Front 
Fuller Wm., pilot, 477 S Front 
Fuller Zelotes, Rev., editor, 318 Sp Garden 
Fullerton Alexander, h 264 Spruce 
Fullerton Henry, weaver. Master bel Hancock 
Fullerton Hug-h, 13 Shailcross 
Fullerton James, printer and bookseller, 5 S 6th 

h lltli bel Sp Garden 
Fullerton Jas. lab., Lewis E Sch 5th 
Fullerton Jas., tavern, Callowhill ab Front 
Fullerton John, jr., brass foundry, 17 Ellen 
Fullerton John R., bricklr, Franklin ab Cherry 
Fullerton Louisa, Hanover bel Franklin 
Fullerton Matthew, 182 S 13th 
Fullerton Robt., folder, Shippen ab Broad 
Fullerton Stephen B., plasterer, 485 Vine 
Fullman Esther, Paschall's al 
Fullman James, lab., Wilson ct 
Fulmer F., packer, rear 123 O Y road 
Fulmer F., cordw., Rachel ab Poplai" 
Fulmer Gotlieb, dver, G T road ab 5th 
FULLMER JOHN J., flour dealer, N E 2d & 

Fulmer Michael, butcher, 6 Lebanon row 
FuUridae Philip, cabinetmr. 11 Plum 
Fullum Jas., butcher, 2d n Wood 
Fulmer Adam, engineer, Lemon n Catholic 

Fulmer Ann, 9 Brandywine 
Fulmer Caspar, carp., Otter bel G T road (K) 
Fulmer Fredk., cooper, 8th bel Parrish 
Fulmer Henry, lab. 37 Christian 
Fulmer Henry, 24 Benton 
Fulmer Jacob, miller, 29 Lewis 
Fulmer Jacob, combmr., Haig's ct (K) 
Fulmer John, carp., Palmer bel West (K) 
Fulmer Wm. lab. School ab Rose (K) 
FULMER WM. W., gent., 55 N 4th 
Fulton Alex'r., weaver. Carpenter ab 12th 
Fulton Alex., weaver, Howard bel Jefferson 
Fulton Gordon, dyer, Harmstead n Sch 3d 
Fulton Hugh, weaver, 'William n Sch 4lh 
Fulton Jas., Wilham n Sch 5th 
Fulton James, lab., Reed ab 2d 
Fulton James, cook, 9 Carver 
Fulton James, tailor, Jackson ab Adams 
Fulton James U., florist, P road opp Prison 
Fulton John, weaver, rear 2d ab Phoenix 
Fulton John, paint. &. glaz., N W 5th & Prune 

h 322 S 4th 
Fulton Mahlon, wheelwrt., 5 Hunter, h Castle 
Fulton Margaret, 15 M'Uuflie 
Fulton Robt., Federal ab 5th 
Fulton Samuel, cutter, 189 S 9th 
Fulton Saml., lab., Sch Beach and Spruce 
Fulton Samuel, warper, Jackson ab Adams 
Fulton Sarah, 351 Cedar 
Fulton Wm., carder, William bel Edward 
Fulton Wm., weaver, Marlboro' ab West (K) 

Fulton Wm. H., carpenter, 14 S Sch 8th bel 

High, h 53 S Juniper. 
Fulton Wm. W., reporter, 126 Catharine 
Fultz Jacob, baker. Mechanic ab Culvert 
Fulweiler Joiin, rear 115 Brown 
Funck Charles F., cabinetmaker, 587 N 3d 
Funck Wm., tavern, Penna. av &, Fairmount 
Funcks Wm. A., custom house, 143 Juniper 
Funk Catharine, shop, Richmond ab Wilham 
Funk Jacob, lab., Wheat ab Reed 
Funk James M., carp., 5 York pi 
Funk John S., machinist, Hancock below Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Funk Jno. T., chemist, Hancock below Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Funk Mar}', Ann, 5 Esher's av 
Funk Michael, carp.. Larch ab William 
Funk Wm. chemist, 26 Phoenix 
Funston John, brush stock mr., 9th & Wallace 
Funston John, gi-ocer. Poplar & Hutchinson 
Funston Jos., car driver, West bel F road (K) 
Funston Oliver, weaver, Crown bel Franklin 
Funston Thomas, carp., 3 Lagrange 
Funston Thos. G., silversm., rear 4 Webb's al 
Funston Wm., confect. Hope bel Master 
Furay Thos., blacksm., Queen ab 2d 
Furbee Jonathan, waterman, 8 Collins' al 
P'urber James, coachmr. rear 306 Marshall 
Furby Edward, lab., Gilles' al 
Furey John S., teacher. Federal bel Buck la (S) 
Furlong Jas., lab., rear 6 Elfreth's al 
Fui-long John W. coach painter, R road & Wil- 
low, h 108 Cherry 
Furlong Patrick, lab., Lewis bel Master 
Furlow Robert, weaver, Hope bel Jefferson 
Furman & Appleton, tailors, 43 N 6th 
Furman David, tailor, 43 N 6th, h 6th above 


Furman Henderson, bar tender, rear 21 St. John 
Furman Jonathan, waiter, rear 305 Walnut 
Furman Richard P., cooper, rear 30 Commerce 
Furman Uriah, Emery's ct 
FURNESS, BRINLEY & CO., com. mers. and 

auctioneers, 22 & 24 N 2d 
FURNESS GEORGE, cabinetmr., Callowhill 

ab Sch 3d, h 29 Magnolia 
Furness James T., auctioneer, 22 N 2d, h Pine & 

Furness John, carp.. Vine n Broad 
Furness & Snvder, carps., Broad ab Vine 
Furness Wm.H. Rev., Pine bel Sch 8th 
Furrow Jos., huckster, 8 Lombard ct 
Furter Andrew, vict., Carroll ab 13th 
Furj' John W., jeweler, 83 S 3d, h Lombard ab 


Fury Michael, spooler, 13th and Catharine 
Fury Michael, gi'ocer, Lombard Sc 7th 
Fury Peter, lab., Coates n Sch 5th 
Fury Thomas, baker, Sch Beech and Clay 
Fuiy Wm., waiter Juniper la 
Fuss John A., baker, Sch Front n Linn 
Fusselbach Ann E., tailorcss, 7 Hofl'mi.n's al 
Fussell Adam, milk house. Sassafras, W Sch Sth 
Fussell Edwin, M. D., 456 N 5th 
FUSSELL HENRY B., umbrellas, 2 N 4th, b 

114 N 7th 
Futcher William, bootmaker, 122 W High 




Gaak Andrew, tailor, rear Front ab Otter (K) 

Gabb Joseph, salesman, Poplar ab 4th 

Gabel Christian, shop, 192 St John 

Gabel Daniel, turner, 9th and Wallace 

Gabel Deittericli, tailor, o4 Hrcad 

Gabel Geo., brushmr. 6th ab Caniac (K) 

Gabel John, blacksm., Sprag^.i^'s av 

Gabel John, turner, G 'I' road ab Camac (K) 

Gabel Joseph, painter. Front ab Brown 

Gabel Peter carp., Holloway's av 

Gabel Peter senr., carp., 3 Brown 

Gabel Peter, bricklayer, G T road ab Camac 

Gabel Rachel, layer out of dead, 3 Brown 

Gabel Thomas, dealer. Diamond bcl 5th 

Gabcll George T., plumber, 6 N 12th 

Gabell & Son, plumbers, 6 N 12th 

Gabriel Hemy S., mach.. Oak & Cramond (W P) 

Gabriel John, lab.. Mulberry n Sch Front 

Gadeken Henry L. jeweler, 25 Library, h 10 

Gadsby Edw., knitter, rear 1 Bread 
Gadsby Henry, pap. car., rear Oak bel Park 
Gadsby John, manuf. of knitted goods, 10 Fet 

ter la 
Gadsby Thos., knitter, 30 Bread 
GafFney Eliza, 34 N Sch 8th 
GafFney Jas., lab., Andeside ab Duke 
Gaffney James, porter, 13 S 8th 
Gaffney John, bottler, 15 Mercer. 
Gaffney Lawrence, lab., Huston ab Duke 
Gaffney Thos., stone cutter, Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Gaffney Thos., weaver, Milton n 11th 
Gafney Bridget, grocer, 4th and Master (K) 
Gafney Philip, vict. 4th bel Master, h Charlotte 

ab Master 
Gagan Michael, weaver. Pink (K) 
Gahan Margaret, rear 460 N 3d 
Gahegan Jas., lab.. West ab Somerset 
Gaillai'd Edward, 33 Almond 
Gailey John, weaver, McDuffie n Sch 3d 
Gailey Wm., jr., lab., McDuffie n Sch 3d 
Gailey Wm., lab., M'Duffie n Sch 3d 
Gaily James, lab.. Cedar n Ashton 
Gaines Henry, lab. 7th bel Dickerson (S) 
Gaines John, porter. Centre ab 12th 
Gaines Richard, lab., 30 Duponceau 
Gakeler Jacob, butcher, Hanover bel F road(K) 
Gakeler Jacob, jr., vict., Hanover bel F road 
Galbeny Dennis, carter, Fairview ab Broad 
Galbruith Andw., box mr.. Filbert bel Sch 3d 
Galbraith Andrew J., gilder, 15 S 7th, h 32 Au- 
Galbraith & Binder, wood. Vine st whf 
Galbraith Eliza, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Galbraith Elizabeth, nurse, 275 S Front 
Galbruith Hugh, 20 W Cedar 
Galbraitli James, plasterer, 302 Carpenter 
Galbraith James, .grocer, Callowhill & William 
Galbraith James, lab. Winter bel 2d 
Galbrailh James, wood wharf, Callowhill, h 116 

New Market 
Galbraith Jo!in, marble paper mr. Ranstead pi, 

h 30 Appletree al 
Galbraith John, coachman, 37 S Juniper 
Galbraith J osiah, rear 11 Duponceau 
Galbraith Joseph, morocco dr., John's ct 
Galbraith Robert, lab., 48 W Cedar 
Galbraith Robert, painter, Sch 4th ab Pine 

Galbraith Robt., Adams express, h Dorothy W 

Sch 4th 
Galbraith Wm., drayman. Juniper ab Lombard 
Gale Chas. J., 413 Sassafra.s 
Gale Jas., barber. Broad ab Shippen 
Gale Malachi, 83 P road. 
Gale Mary A., Oxford bel 2d (K) 
Gale Richard, porter, Osborn's ct 
Gale Thomas S., acct., 225 Wood. 
Gale Wm., butcher, Taylor bel P'ilbert 
Galen Guslavus E., druggist, h Christian ab 6th 
GALEN & SMITH, druggists, S W Carpenter 

and P road 
Galen AVm., clerk. Christian ab 6th 
Gales Louisa, 10th and Catharine 
Gales Wm., seaman, 20 Ball 
Gallagher Anna, b h, 13th ab Wood 
Gallagher Ann, Willow W Sch 8th 
Gallagher A. F. X., bootmr., 497 Sassafras 
Gallagher A. J., N E 5th & Vine, h S E Logan 

and Wallace 
Gallagher A. J. & B. F., drugs., N E 5th & Vine 
Gallagher Chas., trunk mr., 10th bel Milton 
Gallagher Chas., lab., William n Morris 
Gallagher C. H., iron foundry, R road & Coates, 

h 588 Brown 
Gallagher Daniel, Dean ab Centre 
Gallagher Daniel, coal heaver, West ab Beech.) 
Gallagher Daniel, carter, Brasier ab Broad 
Gallagher Daniel, lab., Ontario ab Poplar 
Gallagher David, distiller, 77 W Callowhill 
Gallagher Dennis, coachman, George n Juniper 
Gallag-her Edward, weaver, Sch Bank bel Pine 
Gallagher EUen, 9 Marshall's ct 
Gallagher Francis, grocei', 183 Shippen 
Gallagher Geo. M., moulder, York bel F road 
GALLAGHER & HAMILTON, iron founders, 

R road and Coates 
Gallagher Hannah, Washington ab 8th 
Gallagher Hemy, cordw., 20 State 
Gallagher Hugh, lab.. Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Gallagher Hugh, lab., George & Sch 2d 
Gallag-her Jacob, bricklr., Richmond ab Cum- 
Gallagher James, baker, 2d and Reed 
Gallagher James, boiler mr., Warren ab Beach 
Gallagher James, lab., Hamilton n Fairmount 
GALLAGHER JAMES, tavern, N E Broad & 

Gallagher James, jeweller, 431 Green 
Gal]:igher Jas., lab., Sch Water bt-l Lombard 
Gallagher Jas., lab.. Brown ab Cumberland 
Gallagher Jas., lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Gallagher Junits A., livery stable, 1 New Market 

and Callowhill 
Gallagher Jane, Patton's ct 
Gallagher John, tailor, Gaffncy's av 
Gallagher John, policeman, Jones n Sch 8th 
Gallagher John, lab. 4 Olivet pi 
Gallagher John, wines & liquors. Chestnut n Sch 
Gallagher John, tailor. Chew's ct 
GALAGHERJOHN,groc.. S W Sch 3d & Pine 
Gallagher John, drayman, S 8th ab Christian 
Gallagher John, carp.. Federal ab 5th 
Gallagher John, waiter, 2 Lyndall's al 
Gallagher John, capt., 33 Scheetz 
Gallagher John, lab., Patton's ct 
GiUlagher John, lab., 3 Tiller's ct 




GalUig-her John, lab., Dutch ct n Beech 
Gallug-licr Jolin, whltcsm. 9 Kiitaw 
Gallag'hcr John, lab. 2 Prosperous al 
Gallag'licr John, lab., Andcsidc ab Duke 
Gallag-licr Marg'arct, shop, Spruce n Sch Front 
Gallag'hcr Mary, Wallace n Sch 5tli 
Gallag'lior Michael, drayman, Kssex 
GALLAGHER 8c MOOIiE, iron rail manuf., H 

road & Broad 
Gallagher Morris, lab., Brown's ct 
Gallagher Neal, lab., Coates E William 
(Jallaglu-r I'atk., lab. 10th bel Milton 
Gallagher Patlc, weaver, 318 Carpenter 
Gallagher Pat., lab. 4 F'edcral 
Gallagher Pat., lab. Sell Water bel Lombard 
Gallagiier Peter, tailor, 2 S 13th 
Gallag'hcr Philip, n\oroccodr. 4 Peach 
Gallagher Uicliard, labourer, Wood bel Sch 3(1 
Gallagher Samuel, lab. 26 W Cedar 
Gallagiier Saml. cordw., Apple ab Oxford 
Gallagher Wm., lab., 10 Charles 
Gallagiier William., saddler, 50 S 11th, h 14 

Gallagiier Wm., morocco dresser, 173 N 4th 
Gallagher AVm., lab., Murray W Sch 3d 
Gallag-her Wm., weaver, 10th ab Master 
Gallagher Wm. M., shoemr., 13th ab Wood 
Gallaiier Wm., M. D., 7th and Haverford road 

(M Y) 
Gallaway Wm., Green bel 7th 
GALLEN CHARLES, tavern, 46 Prune. 
Gallen Francis, lab., rear Fairmount bel Centre 
Gallen Isabella, tavern, 111 Shippen 
Gallen James, lab. Bedford ab 5th 
Gallen James, ostler, Nixon bel R road 
Gallen John, coachman, Badden's al 
Gallen John, brass foundry, 517 S Front 
Gallen Michael, lab. rear 302 S 4th 
Gallener Anthony, weaver, Benton bel William 
Galleno Raphile,"b h, N E Front and Cedar 
Gallett August, wig maker, 38 S 4th. 
Galliard James, painter, Sch. 7th ab Chestnut, 

h N E Sch 4th and George 
Galloney Jolin, printer, 9 New Ci'own 
Gallopp Wm., seaman, 9 Shippen 
Galloway Ann, 189 N 10th 
Galloway Beiij., dyer, 2 Ronaldson 
Galloway Isaac, coachman, 22 Watson's al 
Galloway James, weaver, Fitzwater bel 13th 
Galloway James, sailmr., 114 N Water, h 33 El- 

freth's al 
Galloway John, hatter, 52 Sassafras 
Galloway John Lewis, presser, Grafton's ct 
Galloway Margaret, sempstress, rear 62 M road 
Galloway Wm., stevedore, 2 Scott's ct 
Galloway Wm., hatter, 40 Coates al 
Gaily A.'C, 123 Sassafras 
Gait John, weaver, 3 Harrison av (K) 
Gait Zadoc T., atty. & conn., Norrlslown, Pa 
Galtoii Maria S., S E 4th and Christian 
Galusha Juhn J., refectory, 12th bel Chestnut, h 

I.,ombard ab 13th 
Gamble Alex., dyer, Shippen bel 12th 
Gamble Alexander, plasterer, 9th ab Coates 
Gamble Ann, llarmstead E Sch 2d 
Ciamble Charles S., shoemaker, 3d & Marriott 
Gamble Edward, saddler, Burr's av 
Gamble Elizab., tailoress, Dean & Lyndall's al 

Gamble George W., morocco manuf, 5 Marga- 

retta, h 89 Buttonwood 
Gamble Henry, lal)., William ab Hamilton 
Gamble Henry, overlooker, Sch 3d ab Pine 
Gamble Hugh, grocer, Fitzwater n 13th 
(iamble James, lab., Wagner's al 
Gamble Jas., lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Gaml)le John, cordw., Henderson's ct 
Ciamble John, weaver, Shippen ab 11th 
Gamble John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad. 
Gamble John, gent., 8tli ab Brown 
Gamble John, shop, 82 George 
Gamble John, weaver, Wagner's al 
Gamble John V., polisher, 9 Culvert 
Gamble Joseph, tobacconist, 370 N 5th 
Gamble J. K., morroccodr. 5 Margaretta 
Gamble J. K. &. Bro., morocco manuf, 5 Mar- 
Gamble Mary Mrs., 32 Pratt 
Gamble Robt. B., moroc. manuf, 4 Margaretta, 
Gamble Robt. F., morocco dr. S E Oxford and 

Front (K) 
Gamble Samuel, stonecut., Pine ab Sch 6th 
Gamble Saml., coachman, Lyndall's al 
Gamble Sarah, Bath ab Sorrell 
Gamble Susanna, 452 N 7th 
Gamble Warren, waterman, 265 N Front 
Gamble Wm., morocco finisher, Marlborough 

ab Duke, h 92 Hope (K) 
Gamble WiUiam, cordwainer, 265 Green 
Games Ellen, 226 S 7th 
Gamester Noah, carter, Front bel Moore 
Gamewell Chas., tailor, 149 N 5th 
Gampher John, cooper, S 5th bel Queen. 
Gampher Mrs., wooden ware, 230 S 2nd, h 274 

5 5th 

Gander Joseph, tailor, 31 Otter (K) 
Gandy Robt., trader, rear 87 P road 
Gandy Thos., lab. rear 87 Passyunk road 
Ganer James, lab., Coates W Sch 7th 
Ganer Michael, lab., Sch 4th & Rhoades 
Ganes R., barber, S E 8th & Vine 
Gauge Henry, cabinetmr. 102 Lombard 
Gangelhoff Henry, tailor, 72 George 
Ganges Sarah, white washer, 115 Christian 
Ganghorn John G., carter. Palmer ab Duke (K) 
Ganner Edward, lab., rear 193 Noble 
Gannon & Burke, dry goods, S E 6th and Car- 
Gannon John P., store, S E 6th and Carpenter 
Gannon Thos., bookstore, Richmond bel William 
Gans James, ropemr., G T road ab Wager (K) 
GANS, LEBERMAN & CO., tailors, N W 3d 

6 High 

Gans & Mover, clothing, 66 N 3d 

Gans Mvcr,' clothing, N W 3d and High 

Gans Solomon, mer., 66 N 3d, h 259 N 8th 

Gans Solomon, mer., 3d &: High, h 84 Vine 

Gansev Jos., hod carrier, Cedar bel 12tli 

Gaiisey Rachel, washer. Smith's ct 

(Jansev Samuel, lab. 163 Pearl 

(iaiit Edward, 207 N 8th 

(ianter John, clockinr., F road and Montgomery 

Gantt George, printer, N W 5tii and Queen 

GANUN(i & WIGHTMAN, lumb. mei-s.. Bank 

ab Ann 
Ganz Chas., tailor, 3 Poplar 
Ganz Lewis, bell founder, 3 Randolph 




Garaty Edwd., ladies' shoemr., Jane 

Garbcr Ann, coal dealer, Broad ab Spruce, h N 

W 12th and Filbert 
Garber F. W., ^ocer, 9th and Larch 
Garbcr Samuel J., coal yard. Broad ab Spruce, 

Sch 4th ab Filbert 
Garde John, silversm., 23 Dean 
Garde John, lab., Thompson bel 10th 
Gardel Bertrand, teacher, 275 Chestnut 
Garden Alex., hatter, 196 High, h 212 Button- 
GARDEN C. HENRY, hatter, 196 High, h 8th 

ab Green 
Garden Hiram, glass blower, Vienna below 

Garden Wm., printer, 5 Hyde's ct 
Gardener Wm., M. D., .^96 Poplar 
Gardette E. B., M. D., dentist, 246 Walnut 
GARDINER DANE. R., M. D., 101 Catharine 
Gardiner Edwd., architect, 75 S 6th 
Gardiner John, shop, Soi-rell bel Larch 
Gardiner Mary, gentw. 341 S 2d 
GARDINER ROBT., hotel, 131 N 4th 
GARDINER R., M. D., 85 Catharine 
GARDINER WM. A., M. D., 141 S 7th 
Gardiner W. A., M. D., 207 N 7th 
Gardiner W. W., tailor, 91 N 9th 
Gardner Aaron, umbrellamr., 293 Vine 
Gardner Abraham, lab., 36 Burd's ct 
Gardner Alex., carp.. Nectarine bel 10th 
Gardner Alexander, bricklayer, rear 177 S 3d 
Gardner Catharine, washer, Pearl bel 13th 
Gardner Charles, carp. 194 N 10th 
Gardner Chas., lab.. Poplar bel 4th 
Gardner Chas. J., machinist, Haydock bel Front 
Gardner Daniel AV., cordw., 6th bel Washington 
Gardner Edward, brush maker, 4 Torr 
Gardner E. B., barber, 173 Christian 
Gardner George, carp., Larch ab Wallace 
Gardner Geo., vict., Cadwalader bel Oxford (K) 
Gardner Geo. H., coach maker, 13th bel Brown 
Gardner George W., clerk. Melon bel 13th 
Gardner Granison, brickmr., Marshall ab Poplai- 
Gardner Isabella, sempstress, rear 39 Beck 
Gardner Jacob H., skin dresser, 311 Vine 
Gardner Jacob L., carp. 293 Vine 
Gardner Jas., moulder, 5 Plynlimmon pi 
Gardner John, coUarmaker, Jefferson ab Wash- 
Gardner John, carp.,Tilton ab Cumberland 
Gardner John, edge toolmr., 135 N 4th 
Gardner John, jr., ship carp., 3d bel Federal 
Gardner John, ship carp., John & Front 
Gardner John C, agt. 3 Strawberry 
Gardner John H., upholsterer, 106 George 
Gardner John K. caulker, Cadwalader bel Phoe- 
Gardner Jos., cooper, Penn ab 12th 
Gardner Joseph R., barber, G T road ab 5th (K) 
Gardner M. M. shoemaker, 12lh bel Bedford 
Gardner Peter, 6 Locust 
Gardner Peter M., carp., rear 375 Coates 
Gardner Richard, baker, 466 High 
Gardner Robert, carter, Wood ab Sch 7th 
Gardner Samuel, lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Gardner Sarah, wid. of John, 47 Franklin 
Gardner Sarah M., dry goods, 82 N 2nd. 
Gardner William, skin dresser, 29 Logan. 

Gardner Wm. H., o'J manuf. P road ab Wash- 
Gardner W. D., coach painter, 29 Prune, h 494 

S 6th 
Gardom George, drugs & colours, 11 S 7th 
Gardy Joseph, carp. Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Garesche Gabriel, 206 Walnut 
Garcy Elizabeth, Kessler ab Noi-ris (K) 
Garey Horatio, tailor, Ogden ab 12th 
Garey Isaac, feed store, S E 2d & Montgomery 
Garey Jacob, lab.. Filbert ab Sch Front 
Garhart Jacob, lab., Jones' al 
Garin Michael, ship carp. Wood ab Queen (K) 
Garland James, baker, 148 N 13th 
Garland Jos., tobacconist, 385J Sassafras 
Garlinger Henry, bricklr.. Centre 
Garman Charles, cabinetmr. 11th bel Girard ay 
Garman David, lab., rear 143^ N 3d 
Garman Henry, bricklr., Jefferson ab Poplar 
Garman J. W. moulder. Oak and Moore (W P) 
Garmon Charles, upholstr. 31 Brandywine 
Garner Barth., blacksm., Sch road n W Bridge 
Garner Jacob, lab., 10 Winter 
Gamer Josiah, carter, Tyler ab Poplar 
Garner Robt. E., waterman, 383 S Front 
Garner Washington, wheelwright, Washington 

( W P), h Walnut & Darby road 
Garnett Geo., lab., 127 Swanson 
Garnett John, lab., 32 Burd's ct 
Garnett Lydia, washer, 32 St Maiy 
Garoh Robert, tailor, High bel Sch 5th 
Garrabrant Abram., ropemr.. Carpenter above 

Garren Catharine, washer, Vernon bel 11th 
Gari'etson James, pilot. 2d ab Jarvis 
Garretson Jacob, mer. 125 High 
Garretson Maria B., rear 121 Christian 
GARRETT ANDREW, grocer, 395 High, h 20 

Gan'ett Cornelius, ostler, 10 Knight's ct 
Garrett Elizabeth, 136 N Juniper 
Garrett Ezra T., tailor, S E 5th & Sassafras 
Garrett George, porter, 8 Bui-d's ct 
Garrett G. H., 128 S Front, h 8 Washington sq 
GaiTett Henn,', mer. 23 N 3d, h 19 Logan sq 
GaiTett Hugh, coachman. Juniper bel Walnut 
Garrett James, currier, 102 N 13th 
GaiTett John, gi-ocer, 186 High, h 143 N 12th 
Garrett Krewson, lab.. Prospect bel Master 
GARRETT LEVI & SONS, tobacconists, 128 

S Front 
Garrett Mai'giiret, 253 Spruce 
Garrett Mary M., b h, 104 N 12th 
Garrett Moses, clothing, 255 Cedar 
Garrett Samuel, currier, 56 Nectarine 
Garrett Thomas C, lumb. manuf, AVoo i bel 

Sch 4th 
Garrett Thomas C, mer., 122 Chestnut, h 6 

Palmyra sq 
GARRETT THOMAS C. & Co., dealers in 

watches and jewelry, 122 Chestnut 
Garrett T. E. & Brother, 'tobacconist, 104 N 12th 
GaiTett Wash., engineer, Coates n Schuylkill 
Garrett Wm., cordw., Marion bel M road 
Garrett Wm., waiter, 3 Salem al 
Garrett W. E., tobacconist, 128 S Front, h 198 

GaiTigan Lewis, porter, Richmond & Susannah 




Garriffan Patrick, tavern, Nixon &. Callowhill 
Garrig-aii Wm., lab., Brown bcl Emery 
Gai-ri^ues E. B., drug-gist, N E 10th &. Coates, 

h Coates bcl lOt'h 
GARRIGUES E. B. & S. S., druggists, N E 

lOtli and Coates 
Garrigues Isaac B., marble mason. Noble st. whf, 

h 181 N 7th. 
Garrigues James R., clerk, Wallace bel 10th 
Garrigues M. 27 Rittcnhouse 
Garrigues S. M., milliner, 235 Mulberry 
Garrigues Wm. constable, 1 7 N 6th, h 28 E North 
Gai-rison Charlotte, 500 S 2d 
GaiTison Eli, timber mer., Shackamaxon above 

Queen, h Queen n Hanover(K) 
Garrison Eunice, 17 Parham 
Gan-ison James, potter, Phoenix bel G T road 
Garrison Jesse, vict. 5 South row Sch 4th 
GARRISON JOHN, mer., 6 Lstitia ct., h 366 

Gan-ison John, waiter, 54 Quince 
Garrison Robt. S., agent, 48 I^ogan 
Garrison Saml., dealer, 332 S 6th 
Garrison Samuel P., victualler, 500 S 2nd 
Gan-ison William, bootmaker, 10 S 10th 
Garrison Wm. F., lab., Rio Grand pi (S) 
Garrity Jas., drayman, Sch 8th bel Callowhill 
Garrity John, lab., Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Garry John, cordw. Sergeant bel F road 
Garry John, shoemr. Sch 2d ab Harmstead and 

Haydock bel Front 
GARSIDE JOS. manuf. Maiden bel Front and 

Haydock bel Front 
Garson Michael, sexton, 15 Sassafras 
Gartland John, coachman, 4 Kelly 
Gartland Mary, Jones W Sch 4th 
Gartland Pat. weav. Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
GARTLAND SIMON, undertaker, 21 S 13th 
Gartley Jos. C. machinist, 5 Lagrange 
Gartnn Catharine, Mrs., Hanley's ct 
Garton Henry, tavern, Washington and Bridge 

W Philada. 
Garton Jonathan, waterman, Randolph 
Garton Owen, shearer, Vienna ab West 
Garton Skerry, carp. 3 Rule 
Gartrell Wm. mariner, rear 277 S 3d 
Gartside Benj., printer. Winter bel Sch 3d 
Garver Jacob, wh. washer. Currant al ab Spruce 
Garvey James, 9 N 12th 
Garvey Michael, lab. 3 Coates 
Garvin Alex. C. vict. Oak (W P) 
GARVIN ARCHIBALD, tavern, 2d n Franklin 
Garvin James, weaver, rear G T road bel Master 
Garvin John, carter. Carver 
Garvin John, lab. West E Beach 
Garvin John J., sea capt. 153 Catharine 
Garvin Rodger, lab., Sch 4th and Fain'iew 
Garvin Rodger, lab. G T road ab Camac (K) 
Garvin Stephen, weaver, 11th ab Carpenter 
Garvin Thos., Sch 8th and Carver 
Garvin Thos., ship carp. 3 Scott's ct 
Garvin Thos., tailor, 10 Grcswold's al 
Garvinson Wm. lab. Ann W R road 
Garwood A. M., tailor, 53 N 6th, h 303 Callow- 
GARWOOD ELIZA, tavern, 416 N 2d 
Garwood Elizabeth, Mrs. 478 S 2d 
Garwood Geo. S. cordw, 20 Clair 

Garwood G. M., capt., 19 Schectz 

Garwood John, cordw., 20 Clair 

Garwood John, carp. 20 Clair 

Garwood R. dry goods, 66 S 2d 

Garwood Samuel, trunkmr. Ross ab Duke 

Garwood Wm. H., grocer, New Market above 

Gary Andrew, carter, Lombard ab Sch 3d 
Gary Edwin, gent. 373 S 3d 
Gasby James, lab. Smith's ct 
Gash Fredk, butcher, Warner's ct 
Gaskill Aaron W., plasterer, 10th bel Melon 
Gaskill Abner, lab., Prime ab Sch 5th 
Gaskill Beniamin, bookbinder, Ranstead pi 
Gaskill Benj., engraver, 18 Minor, h Cherry E 

Sch 6th 
Gaskill Charles, lab. Marlborough bel Duke (K) 
GASKILL CHAS. C. gent. 60 Franklin 
Gaskill Chas. T., 501 N 7th 
Gaskill & Copper, book binders' tool cutters and 

engravers, 18 Minor 
Gaskill' David, waterman, Fraley's ct (K) 
Gaskill Edmund, ladies shoemaker, 26 N 11th 
Gaskill Edward, book bind., Ranstead pi, and 
bookseller, S E 5th & Walnut, h 348 Vine 
Gaskill John, shoes, 438 N 10th 
Gaskill John, stone cutter, 105 N 9th 
Gaskill John T. engineer, 5 Margaretta pi 
GASKILL JOSEPH W., mer., 15 N whfs., h 

9th bel Parrish 
Gaskill Peter Penn, mer., 97 N Water, h 4 Sum- 
mer n Sch 6th 
Gaskill Thomas, tailor, 4 Mary (S) 
Gaskill Thos., doorkeeper G. College, 4 Mary(S) 
Gaskins Jas., clerk, 303 Arch 
Gaskins Thos. moulder. Oak ab Bridge (W P) 
Gass James, mer. 7 Bank 
Gass John, machinist. Federal ab 8th 
Gasslein Geo. beer house, Franklin bel Cherry 
Gast Nicholas, gardener, Vienna ab Duke 
Gaston Daniel Rev., G T road ab AVager (K) 
Gaston Hugh, carter, S E Federal and 7th 
Gaston Simeon, watchman, Lewis ab Sch 6th 
Gatchel Edmund K., carp., Girard avenue bel 

Gatchell F. R. sash and blind mr. 18tli Sch 8th, 

h Girard av bel 11th 
Gatchell John, builder, N W 5th and Lombard 
Gates, Baird & Hoxsie, granite yd. N E Sch 

Front and Chestnut 
Gates Horatio, mastmr., Wesley ab 3d 
Gates James, tailor L. Washington ab Charles 
Gates John, boatman, Ann ab Sch 5th 
Gates Nathaniel, carp., 4th ab Marshall ^ 
Gatier Stephen B. card manuf., 161 N loth 
Gator G. M., porter, 3 Scott's ct ^ 
Gatter Wm., cooper, 26 Brook (N L) 
Gatto M., fruiterer, 6th and Spruce 
Gatz Anthonv, tailor, Spragg's av 
Gatzmer Alex. C ., clerk, Camd. & Amboy R road 

office, 45 S wharves, h 227 S 9th 
Gatzmer Wm. H., agent Camd. &: Amboy R road, 

office 45 S wha^^•es 
Gauff R. \\. dry goods, 260 Nj2d 
Gaughran Margaret, tavern, 87 S whfs 
Gaul Frederick, brewer. New Market and Cal- 
lowhill, h Walnut E Sch 6th 
Gaul Jacob, gent. 64 Franklin 




Gaul John F. carp. Cliristian ab 9th 

Gaul John F., carp., 130 Coates 

Gaul Simon, bricklr. Kurtz, 3 ab Poplar 

Gaul Susan, sempstress, 10th bel Prime 

Gaul Wm. su^ar refiner. Sassafras and Crown, 

h Walnut VV Sch 5th 
Gaul Wm. malt house. Cherry ab West 
Gaul Wm. H. driver, Washington bel 3d 
Gault Kllzubeth, Clinton and Poplar 
Gault H. W., Clinton ab Poplar 
Gaumer Matthias, weaver, G T road bel 7th 
Gaun Geo. T., tailor, rear 450 N Front 
Gaun Marg-aret, 440 N Front 
Gaun Thos. wheelwt. 440 N Front 
Gauss G., lampmr. 314 Vine 
Gauss Jacob F. baker, 159 N 12th 
Gauss Theodore, confec. 314 Vine,h 225 N 10th 
Gavahon Edw. mason, 36 Stamper's al 
Gavett Robert S., painter, 31 Clark 
Gavett Samuel, Filbert n Broad 
Gavin Jolin, tailor, 660 N 2d (K) 
Gavin Michael, machinist, 238 S 5th 
Gavit Albert, machinist. Cherry E Sch 7th 
Gavit Nelson, machinist. Broad & Paper al, h 

Cherry E Sch 7th 
Gavitt Gor'den, machinist, 223 Filbert 
Gaw Alex. G., clerk, Sch 4th bel Chestnut 
Gaw Heniy L., broker, 93^ Walnut, h Broad 

bel Spruce 
Gaw James, drv g-oods, 232 & 234 S 2d 
Gaw John, 252 Cedar 
GAW & MACALESTER, brokers, 93^ Walnut 
GAW ROBERT, alderman, 41 Shippen, h 280 

S 2nd 
Gaw Thomas, iron mong-er, 3d bel Prime 
Gaw William, mer.. Dock st. whf., h 395 S 2nd 
Gaw William P., acct., 45 Washinglon 
Gaw W. C. clerk, 96 Carpenter 
Gay Edward F., civil engineer, Washington ab 

Mansion (W P) 
Gay James, real est. of., 632 N 3d (K) 
Gay John, g-rocer, 4th & Brown, h 351 Brown 
Gayley Andrew W., M. D., S E 9th & Cedar 
Gayley James, boxmr. Adelphi av 
Gayley J. F., M. D., Lombard E Sch 4th 
Gaylord H. V^, carp.. Orange ab 12th 
Gaze John, machinist, 1 Lybrand 
Gear Joseph, bricklr., Olive bel Broad 
Gearheart Abraham, mor.dr., 2 Wheelock's pi 
Gear Elijah, confect. rear 398 Lombard 
Gear Ephraim, carter, Penn ab 12th 
Gear Henr)-, paper hang-er, 3 John's ct 
Geary Benjamin, shop, 126 N Front 
Geary Edw. hatter, 491 N 2d, h 2d bel Poplar 
Geary Lydia A., milliner, 366 Vine 
Geary &. Taylor, hatters, 77 Queen (K) 
Geascy Wash, cabtmr. 68 N 10th 
Gebel Chas. cordw, 7th bel Franklin 
Gebhard James, hatter, 49 S 3d 
Gebhard Lewis, Red Lion Hotel, 4th & Wood 
Gebhard Lewis P., M. D., 216 Sassafras 
Gebhard Samuel O. carp. Juniper ab Lombard 
Gebhard Wm. carp. Juniper ab Lombard 
Gebherd James, porter, F,lk (K) 
Gebler Charles F., M. 1)., Coates ab 13th 
Geddes Wm. F., printer, 112 Chestnut, h 152 

Gedney Phoebe, Lemon ab 10th 

Gee John, rope maker, 2nd n Master (K) 

Gee Joseph, shop, 32 St Mary 

Gee S. C. Mrs., 179 Pine 

Gegan James, stonecutter, Filbert bel Sch 3d 

Geg-an John, M. D., drugg'ist, S E Front 8c 

Cedar, h 218 S Front 
Gegan John, jr., drug-gisl, P road op Queen 
Gegan Micliacl, 16 Perrv 
Gegan Thos., druggist, N E 10th h Walnut 
Gegenheimer Conrad, corder, 4 Rihl's ct 
Gegenheimer John, cooper, 420 N 4th 
Gegenheimer Lewis, cooper, St Jolin ab Beaver 
Gegenheimer Philip, vict. Apple & Jefferson 
Gegler Christian, cabt. mr. 8 Washington Mar- 
ket pi 
Gegler Christian, 15 Rachel 
Gegner Andrew, vict. G T roadab 5th (K) 
Gegner John G., wheelwt. Home Retreat 
Gehan John, porter, 4 Douglas av 
Gehan John, carp. 9th ab Poplar 
Gehen Patrick, shop, 19 Strawberrj' 
Gehp Henry, dealer, 23 Laurel 
Gehr Geo. boatman, 12th & Haines 
Gehr George, tailor. Home Retreat 
Geib Wm. pianos, 268 Chestnut, h 229 N 13th 
Geib Wm., M. D., 229 N 13th 
Geiger Jos., capmaker, 31 Carter's al 
Geiger Andrew, b h, 114 Beach (K) 
Geiger John, shop, 179 St John 
Geiger Joseph, tanner, West ab Vienna 
Geiger Peter, baker, S W Hurst and Lombard 
Geisrler Adam, frame mr. 4th & Jefferson 
Geiler Charles, tobacconist, 5th and O Y road 
Geisenberger Isaac, salesman, rear 116 Brown 
Geisenberger Joseph, clothing, Poplar bel 2d, 

h 94 Poplar 
Geisinger Geo. carp. 178 Coates 
Geisler Ferd., vict., 144 Hanover n F road 
Geisse Edward C. mer., 60 S Front 
Geisse Geo. W., sen.^ manuf. chemistry. 111 N 


Geisse G. C, lard oil manuf. Poplar bel Broad 
Geisse Henrj', 8 Magnolia 
Geisse Otto, tailor, 4 Lagrange ct 
Geisse William, merchant, 60 S Front. 
GEISSE WM. & SONS, import looking glass 

plates, 60 S Front. 
Geissel J no. G., tailor, 410 N 2d 
Geissert Clias. currier, 189 Poplar 
Geissert Gustavus, currier, 186 Poplar 
Geissert Henry, currier, Otter & Elk (K) 
Gekle Andrew, macht. 308 Marshall 
Gemenden Geo., cordw., 255 Poplar 
Gemeny A. U., dry good.s, S E 9th & Lombard 
Gemmill & Creswell, dry goods, 211 High 
Gemmill James R., mer., 75 High, h 255 Pine 
Gemmill Zachariah, mer., 211 High, h 153 N 


GEMRIG JACOB H., surg. inst. mr., 43 S 8th 
Genay Edward, tobacconist, 3 N 7th 
GendellJohn A., carpenter, 103 N 7th, h 6 


Genhart John, glass blower, Vienna bel Frank- 
lin (K) 

Genhart Joseph, fisherman. Wood bel Franklin 
Gennira Jerome, painter, George n R road 
Gensley Heniy, plasterer, PaiTish bel 6th 




Center Clias. engineer, Sch 5th ab Chestnut 

Center Klizabeth, 68 Wistar 

Center Fred, cordw., Poplar ab Beach (K) 

Center Ceorge, hib. Apple & Uawlc 

Genth Aiif^ii'stus, M. 1)., 103 Walnut 

Centh I'rederick, button maker, G T road and 

Gentlu r Samuel, buckle maker, Filbert E Sch 

Gentla Wm. blacksm. Duke bcl Wood 
Gentline Joseph, sculptor, Brown W Broad 
CENTNER FRED. 118 Brown 
Centner Henry, weaver, 4th ab Franklin 
Centner Philip, lab. Melon ab 11th 
Gentry Wm., bricklayer, 32 Hanover 
Centsch Fred., eabt. mr., 19 Cartei-'s al 
Ceoglui^an Thomas, hatter, 86 George (S) 
George Charles, printer, 293 Fine 
George Dani--1, lab. rear 147 N 2d 
George Fred., boot fitter, Mechanic 
George Gabriel, cabinetmr., 106 N 7th 
George Henry, hatter, rear 50 Plum 
George Henry, huckster, Jefferson ab Front 
George James H. pap. hang. 11 Ronaldson 
George James S., lab.. Wood ab Sch 6th 
George John, chair mr., 12 Concord 
George John, mer., 59 Dock, h Cherry E Sch 

George John D., deputy naval officer, Custom 

House, hl98 S 9th 
GEORGE, J. & W. LANGDON, hairseating 

manufacturers, 59 Dock & cor Cherry and 

Sch 6th 
George Louisa, Mrs. Larch ab 9th 
George Marj', rear Marriott ab 5th 
George Nathan P., painter, 73 Carpenter 
George Peter, tailor, 13 Mulberry al 
George Richard, agent, 7^ N 'Front, h 265 

S 9th 
George Richard S. H., customhouse, h 356 

S 3d 
George Susan M., Sch 8th n Cherry 
George Susannali, washer. Workman's ct 
GEOHGK THOS. sash mr. Sch 8th & Callow- 
George Thomas, grocer, N W 2d and Catharine 
George Thos. &. Edmund, iron mers. N E 12th 

8c High 
George M'illiam, waterman, 16 Mead 
George Wm., blacksm. 1 Soutliampton 
Gerard Geo., prof. lang. 15 S 10th 
Gerding Henry, 8 Cyjiress 

Gereckc John F., liquor dealer, 234 Callowhill 
GERHARD BENJAiUN, attv. & coun., 100^ S 

Gerhard W. W., M. D., 301 Walnut 
Gerhait A. L., clerk, 365 High, h George W 

Sell 6th 
Gerhart Chas., clerk, 43 Ogden 
Gerhart CJeo. L., clerk. Green ab Moore (W P) 
Gerik^' Chas., brushmr. 208 F road (K) 
Gerish Jos., locksm. \77 Brown 
Gerker Henry, glue nianuf., 115 High, & 5th 

ab Camae, h 6th bel G T road 
Gerlacli Kii/.a, 1 Lawrence ct 
Gernwii Wm., engineei-, Palmer bel West 
Germon W. {.., engravor, 182 Chestnut 
Gerrish Kl./.abeth, 92 Poplar 

Gerrish John C, 368 N Front 
Gerry Robt. Rev., 10th ab Wallace 
Gertsley M., tailor, 320 High 
Ciery Peter B., cordw., 14 Division 
(ierz HeiMnan, watchnn-. 215 St John 
Cesemyer C. .F., tailor, 9 Farr 
Cesper Louis, barber, 6 S 8th 
Cessler (Jhristian, jewelkr, 93 Green 
Gessler Susan, .shoe bind. 5 Trinity pi 
Gessler Thomas, bar tender. Nectarine ab 10th 
Gessler Wm., driver, 4 Trinity pi 
Gest John B., atty. & coun. 49 S 4th 
Cest Thos., lab. rear 571 S Front 
Getler Andrew, cordw. 41 Mechanic 
Getman Jacob, carp. Wager bel 6th 
Getter John, stone cutter, 21 Beaver (K) 
Cettings And., tailor, rear 13 Strawberry 
Getty Archd., acct., 96 S 2d 
Getty Daniel, cabtmr. 6 Sch 5th ab Pine 
Getty Hugh, porter. Filbert bel Sch 5th 
Gettj- Jolin, clerk, 6 Sch 5th ab Pine 
Getty Joseph, lab. F road ab Toll Gate 
Getty Margaret, 6 Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Getty Thos. tailor, Catharine ab 6th 
Getty Tobias, vict. R road and Norris 
Getty W^m. J., weaver, Mariner 
Cettz Wm., gardener, Wharton ab 7th 
Gettz Wm., lab. Palmer n F road (K) 
Gety John H., flour & feed, Poplar & Sch 6th 
Cetz Andrew, lab. Howard ab Jefferson 
GETZ & BUCK, booksellers, 3 Hart's Build- 
Getz Edward, tavern, 96 N Front 
Cetz Francis W., bookseller, 135 Randolph 
Getz George, hats, &c., 346 N 2d, h 161 Coates 
Getz Henry S., bookseller, 3 Hart's Building 
Getz Jacob F., gun smith, 10th bel Prime 
Getz John, glassworkers, Brown ab Cherry (K) 
Getz John, lamp mr., Culvert ab 4th 
Getz Joseph, furrier, 126 N 2d 
GETZ MATTHIAS, tavern, Bingham's ct 
Getz S. F., carp., 156 St John 
Getze Jacob A., music teacher, 129 N 10th 
Getzweiller Louis, lace weaver, Franklin and 

Gevelot Margaret, 396 N 4th 
Gevert Christian, basketmr. Green bel Marga- 

Geyer George, sen., carp., Garden ab Noble ' 
Gcyer George C, collector, 290 N 8th 
Geyer G. S., clerk, 139 Dillwyn 
Geyer Mrs., wiilow of Andrew, 139 Dillwyn 
Cejer Ruben R., carp. 159 Apple 
Geyer Simon, 5 Carlton sq 

Ceyer Wm. B., leather de:der, S W 3rd Sc Lom- 
bard, h 74 Lombard. 
Geykr And., segar mr.422 X 3d 
Cfrocrer Ciias., turner, 4 Haines 
Cheen John R., Lamb Tavern, Mantua Village 
liheen Wesh\-, lamps, 476 SassafVas 
Cheen Wm., 1 N 12lh 
Chegan Bartholomew, stoves. Ill N 2d, Sarah 

n Queen 
Ghegan &. Bickley, iron founders, Church bel 

Greenwich (S) 
(ihegan George, iron founder. Church E Front 
bel Greenwich, (S) h Greenwich ab Front 
Ghriskey C. M., mer. 40 Commerce, h 265 High 




Ghriskey L., b li, 265 High 

Giard Levi, carp., 167 N I2th 

Gibb Andrew, machinist, rear Federal ab 5th 

Gibb David, jr., painter, 209 Sassafras 

GIBB DAVID, refectory, under Arcade, h 147 

S 10th 
Gibb Jas., carpet weav., 12 Clair 
Gibb John, carpet weaver, 208 S 5th, and 147 

Gibbin Thos., lab. N E 13th and Fulton 
Gibboney James, spin. Culvert bel Apple 
Gibboney Wm., manuf., Shippen la bel Rose 
Gibbons Ann, grocer, Sch Beach and Pine 
Gibbons Bernard, tavern. Chestnut n Schuylkill 
GIBBONS CHARLES, attorney 8c coun., 79 

Walnut, h 116 S 3rd 
Gibbons Daniel, tailor, Lombard ab Sch 6th 
Gibbons Geo. W. Jr., mer., 83 Highh 46 Crown 
Gibbons James, agent, 384 N Front 
Gibbons James, jr., salesman, 384 N Front 
Gibbons John, 464 N 3d 

Gibbons Thos., blacksmith, Sch 7th n Coates 
Gibbs Alexander, blacksm. rear Federal ab 5th 
Gibbs Ann, Mrs., corset mr. 12th 8c Myrtle 
Gibbs C, gi-ain mer., 51 Water, h S AY 10th & 

Gibbs Eloglus, cordw. 19 Clinton 
Gibbs Geo. S., gi'ocer, Crown and Bedford (K) 
GIBBS HENRY, collect, 154 Sassafras bel 5th 
Gibbs Isaac, carp, h 521 N 5th 
Gibbs Isaac 8c Peter C, carps. Parrish ab 9tli 
Gibbs James, ostler, George ab R road (F V) 
Gibbs Job R. jr., carp. Parrish ab 9th 
Gibbs Job R., carp., Parrish ab 9th 
Gibbs John M., inspector, Franklin bel Hanover 
Gibbs John W., mer., 25 S 2d, h 20 Button- 
Gibbs John W., 119 S 6th 
Gibbs Joseph D., woodwhf.. Vine, h Linden ab 

S Garden 
GIBBS J. W., cloths, 25 S 2d, h 174 S 10th 
Gibbs Maria, Eagle ct 
Gibbs Nathaniel, waiter. Turner's ct 
Gibbs Peter, coachman. Poplar pi 
Gibbs Peter C, carp, h 5th n George 
Gibbs Richard, carp., 35 Dock, h 12th and 

Gibbs Thos., blacksm. 26 Parker 
Gibbs Wilham, trunk mr., 13 P road 
Gibbs "SYm., bottler, Franklin 8c G T road 
Gibbs Wm., waiter. Fox's ct 
Gibbs Wm. 8c John, pearl workers. 11 S Sch 

Giberson Joseph, carter, 2 Linden (K) 
Giberson Mary, b h, 104 N Front 
Giberson Noah, stove fin., 12 Wood 
Giberson Thomas, miHwt., Haydock ab Front 
Giblin John, lab. Charlotte bel Poplar 
Gibney Luke, spinner, Harmstead E Sch 2d 
Gibnev Wm., coppersmith, 9 Roberts' ct 
GIBSON ALFRED C, liquors, New Market 8c 

Brown, h 45 New Market 
Gibson Archd. H., dealer, rear 70 M road 
Gibson Elizabeth, nurse, 6 St Stephen's pi 
Gibson George, book binder, George bel 5th 
Gibson Geo., mach.. Bank ab Lehigh 
Gibson Henry, blacksm. Barton ab Wallace 
Gibson Isabella, Virginia n Nixon 

Gibson Jas., weaver. Federal ab 12th 
Gibson Jas., S E 8th and Spruce 
Gibson Jas., plumber, 9tli ab Prime 
Gibson James, distiller, 2 Buchanan pi 
Gibson James, Centre bel 13th 
Gibson James, mariner, 608 S Front 
Gibson James, weaver, Kecnan's ct 
Gibson James G., bottler, 2 N 7th, h 1 1th n Vine 
Gibson James G., conveyancer, Graff 8c 11th 
Gibson James M., tinsmith, 310 S 6th 
Gibson John, house painter, 79 S 11th 
Gibson John, shoemr., Sutherland 
Gibson John, shoemaker, 259 Cherry 
Gibson John, plasterer. Juniper 8c Lawrence 
Gibson Jno., distiller, 116 S Front, h 253 N 6th 
Gibson John, grocer, 104 N 4th, house Wood 

ab Julianna 
Gibson John F., coal, 5th and Willow, h 98 St 

Gibson Lydia,rear 119 N 11th 
Gibson Mary, Kessler and Diamond (K) 
Gibson Merrit, cordw., 514 S 2nd 
Gibson Patrick, blacksm. Redwood ab 4th 
Gibson Robt., clerk, 423 N 6th 
Gibson Robert, tinplate worker, 358 S 2d 
Gibson Saml., shoemr. Shippen n Broad 
Gibson Thos., lab. Vail's ct 
Gibson Thos., sheet iron worker, 116 Carpenter 
Gibson Tliomas, gun mr. 2 Nicholson 
Gibson Thomas W., mer., Sch 8ih n Filbert 
Gibson Wilham, watchmr. 123 S 5th 
Gibson WiUiam, sash mr., 161 Christian 
Gibson VYm., weaver, Washington (W P) 
Gibson Wm., lab., Philip ab Master (K) 
Gibson AVm., weaver, 13th bel Cedar 
Gibson Wm., M. D., N W Sch 7th 8c Chestnut. 
Gibson Wm. E., hair dresser, 78 Union 
Gibson Wm. H., tin sheet iron work., 270 S 5th 
Gicker William B. 8c Co., flour and feed, 79 

Maiden, h 81 Maiden 
Gideon Andrew, butcher, rear 135 Wood 
Gideon Casper P., mariner, 8 Benton's ct 
Gideon Edw., teacher. Col. R. R. E. William 
Gideon Henry J., overseer, Col. R. R. W. Nixon 
Gideon Jacob, oysterman, 3 Gatchell pi 
Giebler Louis, tailor, Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Gieseking Henr)', tailor, 353 N Front 
Giffear Peter, mint, George E Sch 3d 
Gifford Alfred E.,carp., 354 S 5th 
Gifford A. B., shipmaster. Carpenter ab 5th 
Gifford Bethuel, cabinetmaker. Brook ab Gre^n 
Gifford Ehza, 35 Plum 
Gifford James, cordw., 14 Hazel 
Gifford John, cordwr., 34 Hallowell 
Gifford Mordecai, ship carp. Front ab Harrison 
Gifford Wm., waterman, 15 Emlen's ct 
Gigon Emeline, gentw., 9th bel Catharine 
Gigon Gustavus, watch case mr. S E 2d and 

Chestnut, h 2d and Stamper's ct 
Gigon Zephairam, watch case mr. S E 2d and 

Chestnut, h 9th and Catharine 
Gigon Z. 8c G., watch case mrs., S E 2d and 

GIHON 8c CO., mers., 9 Bank 8c 10 Strawberry 
Gihon Jas., book bind., 98 Chestnut, h 2 Ser- 
Gihon James L., bookbinder, 98 Chestnut, h 

Green ab 10th 




Gihon Jolin II., 268 Catharine 

Gilion .loliii C, g'old bciitcr, 36 N 6th 

GIHON .1. Sc .).' L., puhlislitTs, 98 Chcstmit 

Gihon Wm. 15., engraver, N E 6th and Chcsnut 

Gilback Geo., brass fouiiclry, Hope bel Phoenix 

Gilbert Alexander, shoemaker, 108 Poplar 

Gilbert Aaron, 322 N 2(1 

Gilbert Ann, shop, Locust bel 13th 

Gilbert Ann, 197 Locust 

Gilbeit Anthony, rear 607 N 6th 

Gilbert Sc HcchtLJ, cabtnir. 163 Sp Garden 

Gilbert l?cnj. S., l)0()tmr. 45 Duke 

Gilbert Clius., cliairmr. Newton 

Gilbert Chas., 109 St John 

GILBERT CHARLES & CO., stove manuf., 

249 N 2d, li 109 St .lolin 
Gilbert Clias. M., cabt. mr. Callowhill ab 5th, h 

163 Sp Garden 
Gilbert David, stone mason, Powell and Vinvard 

CF V) 
Gilbert David, M. D., profes. Penn. Col., h 273 

Gilbert Edmund C, shop. Brown and Centre 
Gilbert Edw., clerk, Drinker's ct 
Gilbert Eliza, lab. 6th bel Christian 
Gilbert Eliza II., 5^ S 11th 
Gilbert David, mach., 32 Perry 
Gilbert E. VV., Rev., Sch 6th and Filbert 
Gilbert Geo., butclier, R road ab Ann (F V) 
(iilbert Henry, carter. Mariner ab 13th 
Gilbert Henry W., potter, 107 Melon ab 13th 
Gilbert Jacob, 371 Coates ab 9th 
Gilbert John, bricklr. Coates bel 9th 
Gilbert John, blacksm. Beach bel Maiden (K) 
GILBERT JOHN, druggist, 177 N 3d, h 69 

Gilbert John & Co., druggists, 177 N 3d 
Gilbert Jos., sr., carp. Wood and 13th 
Gilbert Joseph, blacksmith, 1 Lodge al, h N W 

Chester and Maple 
Gilbert Joseph, carp.. Wood bel Sch 6th, h 544 

Gilbert Josepli, tailor, 1 Loxley's ct., Mulben-y. 
Gilbeit Joseph, coal dealer, 94 Penn 
Gilbert Josiah, brickmr. Franklin bel 5th 
Gilbert Margaret, widow of Mahlon, 10th and 

P roMd 
Gilbert Margaret, G T road bel 6th 
Gilbert Maris, coachmr. 181 Poj)lar 
Gilbert Mar}', Stewart bel Christian 
Gilbert Mary, Cherry E Sch Front 
Gilbert Mattliias, dealer, 7 Farr 
Gilbert Noble, carp.. Pearl bel Sch 5th 
Gilbert Peter, cordwaincr, 34 Howard 
Gilbert Peter R. 135 N 6th 
Gilbert Rieluird, jialnter, 405 N 6th 
Gilbert Robt. machinist. Union ab Bedford 
Gilbert Samuel, stovemr., 249 N 2d, h 28 Cal- 
Gilbert Samuel M., brushmr. 462 N 6th 
Gilbert Susan, 395 Mulberry 
Gilbert Tliomas, lab.. Locust bel 13th 
Gilbert Thomas, sexton, Richurdson's av 
Gilbert Tliomas, cordwr., Carpenter ab 4th, h 

Gilbert Thcs. driver, Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Gilbert Tlios. W., trim, st., Sch 6tli bel Vine 
Gilbert William, baker, 91 Mulberry 

Gilbert Wm., tinsm., 9 S 6th, h 476 SassafrM 
Gilbert AVm. porter, 162 Lombard 
Glll)ert Wm. carp. 11th bel Girard av 
Gilbert Wm. J., tavern, 213 S 2(1 
Gilchrist John, lal).. Sycamore ab r.,ocust 
( Jolm, lab., Duke al) Wood 
(iilda Pat. b h, 3 Callowhill 
CiiJdca Geo., shoemr., Atiurton 
Glldea II. A., casemr., 61 Dock, h 335 S 5th 
Glldenfenny Henry, baker, 126 S 12th. 
GildnorChas.,cal)mr., Elrn bel Franklin (K) 
Giles P^.dward, mathematical instrument maker, 

257 Catliarlne 
Giles Enocii F'., shoe manuf. 9 Pleasant Retreat 
Giles Ezra G., clerk, Filbert E Sch 3d 
Giles Geo., dyer, 4th ab Franklin (K) 
Giles Jane, 5th bel George 
Giles John, engineer. Mechanic ab Georg« 
Giles Lewis, porter, 5 Ta3dor's ct 
Gilfillan John, carter, Bedfoi-d ab 12th 
Gilfillan Robt., grocer, S E 3d and Poplar 
Gilfillan Robert, grocer, Sch 8th &. Wagner's ct 
Gilfillin Jolm, carter, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Gilfoyle John, weaver, 6th ab Master 
Gilfoyle Martin, lab. Cooper W Sch 3d 
Gilfrey Catharine, widow, 129 New Market 
Gllfrey Robert, carver, Mustin's ct 
Gllfry Elizabeth, Federal ab M road 
Gllkey James, lab., Sch 8th bel Cedar 
Gllkey John, tobac, P road &. Catharine 
Gllkey Wm., lab., 2d bel Greenwich 
Gllkey Wm. boatman, Federal bel 5th 
Gill George, Fleming row 
Gill Geo. W. Mrs., 504 Chestnut 
Gill Hugh, lab., Filbert bel Sch 2d 
Gill James, tavern. Fetter la and Bread 
Gill Jas. moulder. Redwood ab 3d 
Gill J. H. merchant, 74 High, h Sch 7th bel Mul- 
Gill John, bootmr. rear 33 German 
Gill John L., bootmr., 310 Callowhill 
Gill John S., carp., 106 F road 
Gill Marcus, drayman, rear Marriott bel 5th 
Gill the Misses, young ladles school, 427 Spruce 
Gill Patrick, carp. 2d ab Photnix 
Gill Robert, gent., Sch 7th and Blckham 
Gill Thomas, bricklajcr, Brown ab 8lh 
Gillaird AVm. 56 Chester 
Gillam John, printer, Crawford's ct 
Glllam Robt. shoemr., Allen ab Shackamaxon 
Gillam Wesley, waiter, rear 1 1 Eutaw 
Gillen Danl., police off.. Little Washington ab 

9th (K) 
Gillen Dominick, lab.. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Gillen Geo., weaver, William n Sch 5th 
Gillen Jas., weaver, 3 M'Duffie 
Gillen Jolm, .shoemr., Clinton ct 
Gillen Mary, Green bel Margaretta (W P) 
Gillen Patrick, lab.. Factory 
Gillen Patriek, New Marke't ab Duke 
Gillen I'atiick, driver, 6 Burton 
Gillen Robert, weaver, Philip ab Oxford (K) 
Gillen Sc M'Namec, blacksmith, N Market and 

Giller John U., mer., 93 High, h 277 S 10th 
Gillerlane Peter, cutler, llarberger pi 
Gllles Adrian, trunkmr. 124 Randolph 
Gillespie Barnard, Baker bel 8th 




Gillespie Chas. A. carp., 363 Pine 
Gillespie Danl. weaver, 10th ab Master 
Gillespie Felix, distiller, Hancock bel Phoenix 
Gillespie James, distiller. Reeves n Sch 2d 
Gillespie James, lab. Iluntinj^ton ab Duke (R) 
Gillespie Jas., cabinetmr.. Baker bel 8lli 
Gillespie Jas. tailor, Ciiristian ab 7th 
Gillespie James, dentist, Georg'e bel I.Iargaretta 

Gillespie Jas. lab., Fisher ab Huntingdon 

Gillespie John, lab., rear Sorrell bel Larch 

Gillespie John, saddler, 170 Shippen 

Gillespie John, lab. 11 Mjer's ct 

Gillespie John, tobacco, 652 N 2d (K) 

Gillespie John, lab., IStii ab Christian 

Gillespie Jos., lab., Hazel ab 2d 

Gillespie Letitia D., Pine ab 13th 

Gillespie Patrick, blacksm. Beach bel Walnut 

Gillespie Pat. lab., Maple bel Larch 

Gillespie k. Robinson, ^■roce^s, S W 11th and 

Gillespie Saml., 399 Walnut 
Gillespie Susan, milliner, 2 N 8th 
Gillespie Tiios. trader, 389 Callowhill 
Gillespie Thos. brickmr., Christian bel Broad 
Gillespie Thomas, L., gracer, S W 11th and 

Hig-h, h 389 Callowhill 
Gillespie Wm., grocer, 7 & 9 S Water, li 109 

S 12th 
Gillespie Wm., weaver, 13th bel Catharine 
Gillet Ann, shop, Falrview W Sch 7th 
Gillet Smith, lampmr., 1 Towiisend pi 
Gillett Abraham D. Rev., 69 N 12th 
Gillett Paul, blindmr., Bevun's ct 
GILLIAMS JACOB, dentist, 35 Mulberry 
Gilliams James S., M. D., 35 Mulberry 
Gilliams John J. artist, rear 35 Mulberry 
Gillice James, lab., West ab Somerset 
GiUies Adrian, trunk mr., 110 Chestnut, h 24 

Gillies A., weaver, Stewart 
Gillies Geo., weaver, 25 Brinton 
Gillies Mary, 109 Riuulolph 
Gillies Robt. weaver, Stewart 
Gillig J. W., g-rocer, N W 12th & Parrish 
Gilligan Charles, ladies' shoemr. 8lh & Marriott 
GilLgan John, grocer, N E 13tli and Parrish 
Gilligan Michael, furniture car, ^larble ct 
Gilligan Pat. lab., Huston n R road 
Gillilun J. M., mer., 41 Chestnut 
Gillilund James, warpei-, Taylor's ct (K) 
GiUiland Wm., tailor, Churcli bel Christian 
Gillin Alex., lab., Kate ab I3th 
Gillin Elizabeth, Essex 
G.llin Henry, lab., Ann bel Richmond 
GlUin James, weaver, Benton bel William 
Gillin John, tavern. Ml N 2d 
Gillin John, lab., Ann btl Richmond 
Gillin Margaret, tailortss, 147 Cherry 
G.llin Patrick, chandler, 110 Plum 
Gillin Robert, drayman, Hamilton ct 
Gillin Robert H., Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Gilling Jas. cordw. 11 Olive 
GlUuig Watson, flour insp., Poplar bel 7th 
GiUiiigham A. Mrs., b h, 4 Poitico sq 
G.llingiuun G. W., hatter, 2J0 S 2nd 
GiUingnam Henry B., hatter, 59^ N 2d, and 85 

Glllingham Jonathan, iron mer., 535 N Front, h 

537 N Front 
Gillingham Joseph, 12th bel Sp. Garden 
Glllingham Joseph J., iron and coal mer., 587 N 

Front (K) 
Gillingham J. & Son, iron and coal mors., 535 

N Front 

Gillingham Lewis, hatter, 19 Paul 
Gillingham Malilon, mer., 5 Bank, h 141 N 

7th ab Willow 
Gillingham M. H. & J. R., school, 56 O Y road 
shall and Poplar 
Gillingliam Samuel II., lumber mer., Beach n 

Gilling-ham Thos. 44 Wallace 
Gillingham William II., M. D., 354 Chestnut 
Gilllngiiam W. J., brlcklaver, 19 Ellen 
GILLINGHAM YEAMANS C. agent, Hazleton 

Coal Yd., Front al) Poplar, h 596 N" Front 
Gillingham Yeamans M., merchant, Mulberry W 

Sch 8th 
GiUis Bartholomew, furniture car, George E 

Sch 6th 
Gillis James, drayman, rear 15 Eutaw 
Gillis James, clerk, 66 Apple 
Gillis John, lab. 3 Pennsylvania av 
Gillis Michael, lalx, Carlisle n Parrish 
Gillis Peter, cordw., 504 S 2nd 
Gillis Robert F., cordw., 516 S 2d 
Gillmer M. M., teacher, 72 S 5th 
Gillmore Arch, blacksmith, rear 465 N 4th 
GlUmore Eliza, shoe bind.. Orchard 
Gillmore James C, mer., 12 N 3d, h 241 Vine 
Gilloalv Ellen, Lehigh bel Richmond 
Gilloaly Thos., lab. Federal ab 7th 
Gills Thos. H. plaster mill, Lewellyn's av 
GUman Ambs-ose, lab., 12 Mechanic 
Gllman Daniel, boilermr., Girard av ab 10th 
Gllman J. B., M. D., 183 Queen 
Gilmer John, tavern, 7 N 12th 
Gilmore Andrew, clothing, 424 High 
Gilmore Andrew, grocer, 13th & Fitzvvater 
Gilmore Arthur, lab., 13lh ab Fitzwater 
Gilmore Cath., Jefferson bel Cadwalader 
Gilmore Chas. copper sm., Pearl n Broad 
Gilmore Ellzubetli, 3 Cliarks 
Gilmore Isaac, grocer, 13 ih and Coates 
Gilmore Jas. lab. 18 Shullcross 
Gilmore Jas. lub., 14 Dllk's ct 
Gilmore John, liauersack's ct (K) 
Gilmore John, lab.. Chestnut W Sch 3d 
Gilmore John, carp., .Milton ab 11th 
Gilmore John T. clerk. Vine ab Sch 8th 
Gilmore Robt. ship joiner. Front ab Harrison 
Gilmore Sarah, cook, 5 Bradford al . 
Gilmore Thos., grocer, 418 N 2d, h NE Frank- 
lin and Front 
Gilmore Thos^., shop. Carpenter ab 8th 
Gilmore Wm. brickmr., William n Sch 4th 
Gilmore W. F. painter, Piospect bel Master 
GlLl'IN CHARLES, atty. and coun., & Mayor 

of city, h 171 Walnut 
GILPIN II. D., atty. & coun., 24 Washington sq, 

h 382 Spruce 
Gilpin John 1"., brok., 67 Dock, h Broad bel 

Gilpin Mary, 4 Monroe pi 




Gilpin Niitlianicl, hib., rear llosc al) School (K) 
Gilpin Vincent, broker, 67 Dock, h 514 Spruce 

al) Hroad 
Gilpin V. &. J. F., brokers, 67 Dock 
Gilpin Win., cabinet mr., 3()3 S 10th 
Gilpin Win., carter. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Gilpin Wm. coixlw.. Mechanic bel Tiiompson 
Gilpin Wni. H. nier., 47 N wlifs 
Gilroy Chas. cordw.. Rye bel Wharton 
Gilroy F.dward, manuf, h .Vsliton ab Filbeil 
Gilroy Henry, findin_u,-.s, 449 High 
Gilroy H., ladie.s' slioemr., 260 Mulberry 
Gilson Robert, car driver, rear 27 John 
Gimbcr Stepiien H., Washint,^toii bel 11th 
Gimm Arch., carter, N W Coates & 6th 
Ginder W. A., collector, 46 S. Wluirves, h 135 

Ginenback Frederick, .saddler, 247 S 2d 
Ginning-s H. Mrs., 138 Beach (K) 
Ginnity Rernard, coachman, 19 S 7th 
Ginnodo ,1 no. Q., carp. 234 N 1 1th 
Ginnodo Wm. B., carp , Broad bel Pan-ish 
Ginricii Samuel, bonnet manuf., Centi'c bel Par- 

Ginter Lawrence, macliinist, 164 Clierry 
Gintlier David, vict., Spooner's av (K) 
Ginther Geo. engineer. Queen and Vienna 
Ginther Geo., vict., George bel 5th 
Gipson Wm. E., barber, S3 S 3d, li 78 Union 
Girard .John Francis, mariner, 3 Beck 
GHiARD BANK, 3d bel Chesnut 
Gircke Margt. 13 Lily al 
Girdon J., 53 Franklin 
Girdon Saml. carp. 13 Hazel 
Girsht Fred, tailor, 7 Smith's al 
Girton Jas. carp. 39 N 12th 
Gish Christian, lab., rear Amber ab Phoenix 
Gislier Lewis, stove mr. 157 St John 
Githens A. N., collector, 154 Pine 
Githens Chai-lcs, printer, P I'oad ab Carpenter 
Githens G. W., bootmr., 4th and O. Y. road, h 

9tli ab Parrish 
Githens Joel, wheelwrt., 62 Laurel 
Githens Jolm H., dentist, 216 N 4th 
Githens Rebecca, wid. Ontario ab Poplar 
Githens l{ebecca, dress cutter, 27 Powell 
Githens Tiiomas S., mariner, rear 83 P road 
Githens Wm. M., gent. 134 Queen 
Gitt John, morocco dress., rear 15 St John 
Gittis Elizabeth, washer, 102 Gaskill 
Given John, tailor, 5 M'Manamy's ct 
Given John, carp., 7 Lebanon 
Given John, paper stainer, George E Sch 2d 
Given Joseph, broker, 195 Christian 
Given Robert, grocer, 7th and Carpenter 
Given Robt. harness mr., Lombard hel Sch 6th 
Given Robt. S., M. D., Eastern Penitentiary 
Given Samuel .]., grocer, S W 5th & Carpenter 
Givens Andrew, AVinter bel Sch 3d 
GIVINS SAMUEL, grocer, N W 10th & George 
Glackens Daniel, printer, Lewis ab Sch. 6th 
Glackens Daniel, hatter, lOtli bel Poplar 
Glackin Daniel, lab. St Joseph's av W Sch 5th 
Glackin Jas., weaver, Washington ab Master 
Glackin Sarali, widow, 17 Christian. 
Gladden Parker, dealer. Locust bel 13th 
Gladding John, books & stationery, 249 S 2d 
Glading Charles, vict. 5th ab Franklin (K) 

Glading David, iron dealer, Callowhill & Crown, 

h 141 Randolph st 
Glading Elizabeth, 39 Wood 
Glading Fredk., tinsm., Franklin ab Chcny 
Glading George, hair dresser, 504 N 2d 
Glading James, S W Little Water and Lombard 
Glading Josepi), tinsmith, 275 G T road opp 

Glading Mary, milliner, 53 Brown 
Glading Wm., cooper, h 145 S 3d 
Gladney David, bar tender. Little Washington 

bei 7th 
Gladney John, plumber, 25 Harmony 
Glaemes Christian, cabt. mr., rear 15 Charlotte 
Glaessing Wm., cabinctmr. 153 Poplar 
Glandcn James, chairmr., G T road ab Otter 
Glanding James, engineer, 13th ab Ogden 
Glascott William, carpenter, Jones bel Sch 2d 
Glase John, shoemr., 2 Mechanic (N L) 
Glaspell John, grocer, S W Marshall & Brown 
Glass Alex., furniture dealer, 137 Poplar 
GLASS A. F., Washington House, Chestnut 

ab 7th 
Glass Jacob, lab., Wood ab Queen 
Glass Matthew, box maker, 4 Crockett's ct, h 

Lagrange pi 
Glass Robt., box mr.. Juniper n Cedar 
Glass Thomas, stone mas., Nixon ab Callowhill 
Glassen Richard, weav, St. John bel George(K) 
Glassey Robert, carp., 174 Callowhill 
Glassmire Jacob, cordw., 14 Poplar 
Glasz Francis, cordw., 173 St John 
Glate John, cordw., Apple ab Franklin 
Glause Jacob, carp., 300 S 10th 
Glazier Ehzabeth, Wharton bel 4th 
Glazier Henry, chandler, Lybrand's ct 
Glazier Henry, cordw., 136 F road 
Glazier John R., brickmr., Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Glazier Wm., hatter, Dunton ab Otter 
Gleason Fredk., sheet iron worker, Sniders' ct 
Gleason James, cabman, 7 Grape ct 
Gleason Jas., waterman, Hazel ab 2d 
Gleason Jas., lab.. Almond ab Somerset 
Gleason John, lab., reiu- Sorrel bel Larch 
Gleason Jonas, stove manuf., 9 St. James, h 463 

Gleason Patrick, dealer, 72 N 5th 
Gleason Rosanna, shop, Sch 4th and Ann 
Gleaves John W., dye sinker, 10th ab Christian 
Glcckner Henry, lab., 16 Eutaw 
Gledhill Henr\', wool sorter, N W Sch 3d and 

Gleisenberger Francis, brewer, Apple below 

Gleisncr John, cordw., 11^ QuaiTy 
Glenat Joseph, omnibus proprietor, 12 Phila. 

Exchange, h Beach bel Maiden 
Glendenning Jas., weaver, Ralston's ct 
Glendcnning R., clerk, H.avciford ab 6th (M V) 
Glenn Alfred, ±1 N 6th, h 206 S Front 
Glenn Andrew, lab., Clare bel 6th 
Glenn Benj. Y., acct., 13th ab Green 
Glenn Geo". D., druggist, 292 S 6th 
Glenn Henry, ship carp., Huston ab Duke (K) 
Glenn Hope, 30 Marion 
Glenn John, bricklayer, Jones E Sch 2d 
Glenn John, ship carp.. Queen ab Palmer 
Glenn John, shoemr., 86 German 




Glenn John, morocco dr. Philip ab Oxford 
Glenn Joseph, shoemr. 12 Tammany ct 
Glenn Joseph, shoemr., Wilham n Sch 4th 
Glenn Lewis, lab., 32 Sheaf al 
Glenn L.AV., mer., 20 S 4lh, h 117 S 9th 
Glenn L. W. &. Son, fancy goods, 20 S 4th 
Glenn Maria, 1 Ewing-'s ct 

Glenn Michael, stone mason, Sch 3d bcl Barker 
Glenn Robert, lab. 34 W Cedar 
Glenn Robt., weaver, Brown bel Emery 
Glenn Thomas, lab., Ann and Ashton 
Gleim Tliomas, weaver, Hope ab Master (K) 
Glenn AVilliam, boat builder, Palmer ab Jack- 
son (K) 
Glenn "William, trunk maker.. Queen bel Shack- 

amaxon (Iv) 
Glenn Wm., mariner, rear 382 S Front 
Glenn Wm. B., cabt. mr., 20 Pear 
Glenn Wm. D., mer, 20 S 4th 
Glenman Jas., grocer, Beach ab Poplar (K) 
Glennen Mathew, dyer, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Glenney Robert, lab. Richard 
Glentworth G. P. Mrs., Washington ab 9th 
Glentworth Mrs. H., Carlton bel Sch 7th 
Glentworth W. W., M. D., 287 Sassafras 
Glentworth I'heod., mer. Washington ab 9th 
Gleser John, hardware, 2d and Plioenix 
Glessner Oliver P., printer, N E4th & Chestnut, 

h 334 S 4th 
Gloninger Elizabeth, shop, 4 Cresson's al 
Gloslure Peter, barber, S W Roberts and 

Gloucester J. P. N., bai>bei-, 9th & Washington 
Glover Ann A., b h, 196 Cherry 
Glover George, lamp mr., Gulielma 
Glover Hezekiah, clerk, Franklin ab 5th (S) 
Glover Joseph, machine mr., h 417 N Front 
Glover Samuel, lab., 31 Quince 
Glover Wm., weaver, Miles' ct (K) 
Gluck John, cordw., Crown ab Callowhill 
Gluyas Geo. K., machinist, Christian and Swan- 
son, h 308 5th bel Queen 
Gmelin Charles, doctor, 274 Poplar 
Gnade Henry, cabinetmr., 4 Plum 
Gobbert Earnest D., grocer, N W 5th & Cedar 
Gobelet Adolph, lad. sJioemr., 1 Griswold's al 
Gobrecht Chai'les J., attorney and coun., 220 

Gobrecht Maiy, 220 Walnut 
Gobreit Geo., harness mr., Dickerson ct 
Godber James, weaver, Cadwalader and Oxford 
Godber Matth., waiter. Spruce n Sch Front 
Godbou John, house painter, Franklin above 

Goddard S. A. & Co., agency, 24 Commerce 
GODDARD EDW. U., mer., 24 Commerce 
Goddard Jolm, AVahiut and William (W P) 
Goddard J. L., acct., 167 Walnut 
Goddard Kingston, Rev., Mulberry E Sch 4th 
Goddard & Parker, grocers, 180 High 
GODDARD PAUL B., M. D., 122 S 10th 
Goddard William B., mer. 180 High, h 447 Sas- 
Goddie Bernard, cabinetmr.. Home pi 
GODEY LOUIS A., publisher Lady's Book, 

113 Chestnut, h 489 Chestnut 
Godfrey Andrew, carp.. Walnut ab Juniper, h 
Norman's ct 

Godfrey B. G., mer., 1 Bank, h 49 N 11th 
Godfrey B. G. & Co., silk goods, 1 Bank 
Godfrey Chas., rope mr.. Reed bel P road 
Godfrey Darius W., cordw.. Mint ct 
Godfrey Dennis, labourer, Sch Water below 

Godfrey George, bricklayer, rear 545 Vine 
Godfrey George, lab. rear 81 Swanson 
Godfrey Jas., cordw., Duke ab Palmer 
Godfrey Jolm, lab., Marriott bcl 6th 
Godfrey John, lab. Sch AVatcr bel Lombard 
Godfrey Joseph, cabmr., 563 N Front 
Godfrey Silas, stocking weaver. Prospect 
Godfrey Somers, capt., 16 Salmon 
Godfrey Thomas, trader. Christian bel 9th 
Godfrey Thomas, plast., Palmer n F road, (K) 
Godfrey Wm., carp., 4 Federal 
Godley Jesse, mer., 3 Dock ab 2d, h 199 Mul- 

Godon R. V. Mrs., gentw., 23 Sansom 
Godon S. W., U. S. N., 15 Sansom 
Godshall Andrew B., tinman, 340 S 2nd 
Godsliall Frederick, merchant, 74 S 3d, h 92 M 

Godshall Henry S., broker, 74 S 3d 
Godshall Wm., ropemr., 8th bel Washington, h 

P road bel Christian 
God.shall AVm., ropemr. Plover 
Godt C, grocer, 132 Beach (K) 
Godwin Francis A., 209 S 8th 
Godwin John, carp. Harmony & 5th 
Godwin Joseph, seaman, 20 Prime 
Godwin Wm. M., com. mer., 73 S whfs., h 7S 

GOEBEL GEORGE., hair dresser, 304 Chest- 
Goebel Jacob, shoemr., Trotter's al, h rear 33 

S 2nd 
Goehler P., tailor, 132 Poplar 
Goehman Chas., cabinetmr., 15 S 7th 
Goehring J. A., gardener, 284 Coates 
Goekeler Godfrey, baker, 96 Crown 
Goekler Fredk., grocer, 7th ab Poplar 
Goeller Philip, baker, S W 2d and Plum 
Goertel Daniel, cabinetmr., 13 S 7th 
Goest Conrad, vict., 10th bel Master 
Goety Daniel, tailor, rear 31 N 2d 
Goetz Frank, cabinetmr., 5 Charles pi 
Goetz F., bottler, 88 St John 
Goforth Samuel, carp., 126 Beach (K) 
Goff Henry, carter, 18 Wiiarton 
GoflT Henry, jr., butclicr, 607 S 2d 
GoflT Jacob W., mer., 12 N 4th, h 7th n Green 
Goff Martha, Juniper bel Spruce 
Goff' Michael, victualler, 2d bel Hazel 
GoflT & Peterson, hardware, 12 N 4th 
GoflT Wm., vict., Greenwich bel 2d 
Goge Sigmon, pedlar, 24 Sp Garden 
Goger Martin, beer house, 312 N Front 
Gogler John, vict., William's ct 
Gobi Dorothy, baker, 115 S 5th 
Gohr Constantine, mer., 199 S 7th 
Gohrninger Mary, 83 Callowhill 
Goines Basil N., barber, 15 Exchange pi 
Goines G. AV., Olive Cemetery, 198 S 6th, h 305 

Goines Luke J., hairdresser, 7 N 8th, h 193 





Goincs Wm., barber, 491 High 

Golcher James, g-unsmith, rear 7 Cherry, h G T 

road ab 2cl 
Golcher Sc Kaye, g'tinsm., rear 7 Glierry 
Golclier Wm., blacksm. 565 S Fi'ont , 

Gold Geo., driver, Elm ab Bedford / ' 

Gold John, mason, 4th ab George f 

Gold Jolm, frame machine mr., Hope ab^ve 

Master A 

Goldbeck John II., baker, Poplar and Charlotte 
Golden Kenj. \V., barber, Front ab Brown 
Golden David, shoemr. 492 N 4th 
Golden Francis, rear I.ittle Leliigh 
Golden Jolin, dyer, CallowliiJl W Nixon 
Golden Samuel, lab. 6 Smith's ct 
Golden Tiios., lab.. Almond ab Somerset 
Colder Jeremiah, cordw., Penn n Cedar, h 18 

Golder Robt., M. D., Bedford bel Broad 
Golder Robt., pap. hangings, 126 Chestnut 
Goldey Eliza, washer, 3 Gray's al 
Goldev Henry, gas and lamp fitter, George n 

Sch 2d 
Goldey Jacob, Kensington Exchange, Beach ab 

Goldey Jacob, letter car., Fitzwater &. Lebanon 
Goldey Jacob, lampmr. 1 Wilcox 
Golde}' James, shoemr., 402 N 2nd. 
Goldey Jonathan, cordw. 466 Poplar 
Goldey Joseph, boots & shoes, S E 10th k 

Sassafras, h Wood ab Sch Sth 
Goldey Margaret, 12 Richard 
Goldev Tliomas, cordw., Randolph ab Parrish 
Goldin Ann, 23 Middle al 
Golding Michael, lab., rear Marriott bel 5th 
Goldman Dav., clerk, Callowhill W Sch Sth 
Goldman Marcus, tailor, 338 Higli, h 15 W 

Goldshurer Jacob, cabinetmr., Carlton above 

Goldsmith Clark, conti-actor, Richmond above 

Goldsmith & Eckstein, dry goods 44 N Sth 
Goldsmith Eli, plane mr., 11 Tama.iind 
Goldsmitli Elijah, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen 
Goldsmith George, planemaker, 38 Laurel. 
Goldsmith H. S., paper hanger, Laurel & Rachel 
Goldsmith J., tailor, 214 N'2d 
Goldsn^ith Levi, tobacconist, 147^ S 2d 
Goldsmitli M., b h. New bel 2d 
Goldsmith Napoleon, mer., 44 N Sth 
Goldsmith Raphael, shoemr., 199 Shippen 
Goldsmith Sarah, Richmond & Ann 
Goldsmith Thos. O., M. D., 113 Queen 
Goldsmith "\^'m., planemaker, New Market and 

Green, h 50 Green 
Goldsmith Wm. A., rope mr., Richmond bel F 

Goldstein Emanuel, mer., 70 N 3d, h Button- 
wood ab Chatham 
Goldstein Wm., mer. 70 N 3d, h 8 Crown 
Goldv A. & E., milliners, 204 Mulberry 
Goll Ann, 10 Reid's ct 
Goll F. C. tavern, 160 Sassafras 
Goll John, rear 527 N 4th 
Gollagly John, lab., 10th ab Carpenter 
Gollocker James, g-as fitter, h 237 S 6th 
Golz Chas., v/eaver, 220 Callowhill 

Gom'nger Geo., whf builder, Marlboro' above 

Gominger Joseph, Marlboro' ab Duke 
Gomin'ger W. II., M. D., 143 G T road 
Oonter Jas. M., cordw., 36 Howard 
Gonter W. I)., broker, r,5 S 4tii, h 184 S 10th 
Good Cvnis J., mer., 138 High, h 100 N 11th 
Good John, flour &. feed, Higli bet Sch 3d & 4th 
Good John, porter, Russell av 
Good John, furnishing undertaker, 174 Spruce 
Good John S., wines & liq., 170 N 3d 
Good Jonathan, barber, 2d ab Phoenix (K) 
Good Samuel T., seaman. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Good Wm., lab., Midberiy n Sch 3d 
Good Wm., printer, 93 N'Sth 
Goodale Wm. engineer, Franklin ab Crown 
Goodall Ricliard, founder, Franklin ab 4th 
Goodall Sanil., mo\ildc-r, La Fayette ab 9th 
Goodall William, painter, 10 and 12 N 6th, h 190 

GOODBREAD DAVID, grocer, Sth & Parrish 
Goodbred Danl. F. butcher, 2d bel Greenwich 
Goodbred F. grocer, Vernon ab 10th 
Goodchlld James, dyer, Milton bel 12th 
Goodchild Robt. cordw. Haines ab 12th 
Goodchlld Thos., victualler, Sth ab Reed 
Goodes E. A., sign painter, 460 Poplar 
Goodes Jolm, tailor, 460 Poplar 
Goodes &. Thompson, artists, 460 Poplar 
Goodex Jacob, lab., Columbia ab 2d 
Goodfellow Bernard, weav., Camac ab G Troad 
Goodfellow & Coane, confectioners, 71 S 6th 
Goodfellow George, mason, 731 N 4th (K) 
Goodfellow James, teacher, 133 Lombard 
Goodhart John, hatter, Brown n Broad 
Goodin Henry, Harmony 
Goodman Chas. S. brickly., Barber's row 
Goodman Daniel, shop, 125 O Y road 
Goodman James, cordw., 155 Apple 
Goodman James, atty. & coun., 277 N 6th 
Goodman John, gent., 87 Callowhill 
Goodman John, tailor, Franklin ab Howard 
Goodman ^larks, clothing, 152 N 2d 
Goodman ^lartha, Ogden ab 12th 
Goodman Michael, carp., rear 264 S 9th 
Goodman Philip, trader, 364 N Front 
Goodman Stephen, lab., 22 Lily al 
Goodman Wm., cordw., Duke ab Hanover 
Goodrich John, printer, 26 R road. 
Goodrich J no., blacksmith, Sch 3d bel High, h 

Pearl bel Sch 2d 
Goodrich Wm. mer., 116 High, h 502 Chestnut 
GOODRICH WM.&. Co., mercantile agents, 116 

Goodrick Alfred M., carp., 158 Wood 
Goodrick Jos. M., ironmonger, 96 Beach (K) 
Goodwin Benj., shoemr., 124 G T road (K) 
Goodwin B. D., cordw., Wiishington (W P) 
Goodwin Cornelius, oysters, Latimer E Sch 6th 
Goodwin James, cooper, 25 Cresson's al 
Goodwin James, cordw., F road ab Norris 
Goodwin Jolin, cordw., rear 605 N 6th 
Goodwin John S., cabinetmr., N E Taylor and 

Goodwin Marv A., St John ab George 
Goodwin Michael C, dealer, Catharine bel lOtli 
Gooilwin Oliver W., 59 Garden 
Goodwin Patrick, lab. Haydock bel Front 




Goodwin Sam. bootmr., Hope be] Phoenix (K) 
Gootlwin Theodore, cordw., Weaver ah Green 
Goodwin Thomas F., acct., 72 S 3d 
Goodwin T., bricklr., 177 Green 
Goodwin AVm., tailor, 210 High, h Wood bel 

Goodwin Wm., g'ent. 319 N 6th 
Goodyear Jolni, drugg-ist, N W Pine h Sch 6th 
Goodyear I.uke, lab., Harrison 
Goodyear Robt. B., machinist, 7 Han-ison 
Goold Sebastian, shoe findings, 46 N 7th 
Gorbutt Robert, senr., gilder, 151 AValnut 
Gorbutt Robt., printer, Redwood ab 4th 
Gordon Abraham, lab.. Pearl ab Nixon 
Gordon Alexander, weaver, 78 F road 
Gordon Andrew, drayman, rear 56 Federal 
Gordon Andrew, grocer, 130 N 2d 
Gordon Andrew, ostler, Lewellyn's av 
Gordon Charles, porter, 6 Eagle's ct. 
Gordon Cornelius, maLter, G T road bel Jef- 
Gordon David, carter. Barker AV Sch 5th 
Gordon David, carp., 349 S 5th 
Gordon Eilward, 2 Watt 
Gordon Elizabeth, 3 College av 
Gordon Ellen, 27 Flower 

Gordon George, plasterer, Lombard n Sch. 4th 
Gordon George, stone cutter, 166 Callowhill ab 

Sch 6th 
Gordon George, watchmr., 238 X 2d, h Button- 
wood and Chatham 
Gordon George R. carp. M'Ginley's ct 
Gordon G. F., publisher, h N E Coates & 12th 
Gordon Henr}-, clothes, 69 S 2d, h 194 Shippen 
Gordon Henry, weaver, 8th bel Carpenter 
Gordon Isabella, Brown ab Somers 
Gordon Jas. stone mason. Brown ab Somers 
Gordon James, printer, 13 Parker 
Gordon James, marble polisher, Lombard ab 

Sch 5th 
Gordon James, 151 Marshall 
Gordon James R., confectioner, 150 S 6th 
Gordon John, weaver, N E 13th & Brinton 
GORDON JOHN D., tavern, 361 High 
Gordon John F., clerk, 13 Scheetz 
Gordon John J. carter, Jones bel Sch 4th 
Gordon Joseph, shop, Lombard W Sch 6th 
Gordon Joseph L. teacher, 6 Burd's ct 
Gordon >L K., dress mr., 29 Julianna 
Gordon Nathaniel, manuf., Lombard E Sch 3d 
Gordon Pat. stone mason, Brown ab Somers 
Gordon Robert, lab., Sch 6th bel Cedar 
Gordon Robt., carp., 108 German 
Gordon Robt. C, shoemr., 53 Pine 
Gordon Samuel, whitewasher, 6 Burd's ct 
Gordon AVm. lab., Cleai'field n Richmond hall 
Gordon Wm. B. cutter, Hutchinson bel Master 
Gordon William S., hair dresser, 220 N 3d 
Gore Jas. carman, rear 6th ab Camac 
Gore John H., 316 S 4th 
Gore Susanna, Wood bel 12th 
Gorgas E. J., coach trimmer, 10 Centre 
Gorgas E. W., woodwhf , Beach ab Hanover (K) 

h Allen bel Shackamaxon 
Gorgas E. W. & H., wood whf.. Beach ab Han- 
over (K) 
Gorgas &. Keyser, lumber. Water bel Noble 
Gorgas Matthias, cotton laps, 80 N 3d 

Gorgas Sarah, wld. of George, 11th bel Brown 

Gorgas Heniy, wood corder, h 394 N 6th 

Gorgas Joseph, mer , 67 N 2d 

Gorgas Samuel jr., broker, 4 S 3rd. 

Gorgas W^m., barber, 55 N 6th 

Gorges William, jr., dentist, 109 NlSth 

(iorin H. F., 160 High, h 449 Chestnut n Broad 

Goring Lewis, soap boiler, 11 Brook (N L) 

Gorley Ann, 4 Salem al 

Gorley John, lab., Sch 4th ab Cedar 

Gorman Ann, washer, 3 Kelly's ct. 

Gorman Bernard, shoemr. Donnelly's ct 

Gorman Chas. 11 Swanson 

Gorman & Co., coffee roasters, 29 Farmer 

Gorman Daniel, weaver, Philip ab Jefferson (K) 

Gorman Dennis, driver, Atherton 

Gorman Edwd. lab., Lancaster Pike ab Pai'k 

Gorman Edward, lab. 12 George 

Gorman Felix, weaver, Philip bel Jefferson 

Gorman Henry, carp. 2d ab Master 

Gorman Henry W. clerk, 442 S Front 

Gorman Jacob, oil cloth manufacturer, 5th & G 

T road 
Gorman James, lab., 10th and Morgan 
Gorman James, stone cut.. Linden bel Sch 6th 
Gornian James, weaver. Mariner 
Gorman James, bootmr. Catharine ab 8th 
Goi-man John, shoemr.. Marble ct. 
Gorman John, weaver, 10th bel Master 
Gorman John, porter, 9 Coombe al 
Goi-man John, shoemr.. Native 
Gorman John, gas filter, 4 Jones' ct 
Gorman John, lab. Shippen bel I2th 
Gorman John, bootmr., Myrtle ab 13th 
Gorman John, vict., William ab Hamilton 
Gorman John L., Western, Bull's Head, High 

and Juniper 
Gorman Mary, 5 Garrigues' ct 
Gorman Michael, cooper, 25 Farmer 
Gorman Michael, cordw.. Loud bel 10th 
Gorman Michael, blacksmith, 137 N 5th 
Gorman Patrick, lab., Adams bel 13th 
Gorman Pat. stone cutter, rear 8th ab Carpenter 
Gorman Pat. lab.. Wan-en bel Mary (W P) 
Gorman Sarah, washer, 5 Southampton ct 
Gorman Thos. boatman, William ab Hamilton 
Gorman Wm. tailor, Jackson n Budd 
Gorman Wm. coffee roaster, 2 Farmer, h Owen 

ab 13th 
Gorman Wm., clothing, 386 High 
Gorman William T., mer. S W 2d and Sassafras, 

h 131 N Front 
Gormayn Danl. weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Gormley Cornelius, lab. Sch Front ab Filbert 
Gormley Edward, shop, Bedford 
Gormley Heniy, lab. Huston ab Salmon 
Gormley Hugli, lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Gormley Jas. lab., Washington ab Master 
Gormley Jas. carter. Beach ab Marsh (K) 
Gormley Jas. tavern. Pine n Sch 
Gormley James, tavern, 468 Sassafi-as 
Gormley John, lab., Brown ab Somers 
Gormley John, clerk. Christian bel 12th 
Gormley John, lab., Carlton bel Sch 8th 
Gormley John, drayman, Sch 8th ab Sassafras 
Gormley Manus, groceiy, N W 6th & Paul 
Gormley Martha, 97 George 
Gormley Mary, shop, 134 Locust 




Gormley Matthew, tinsmith, 319 Spruce 
Gornilcy Uobt., l;ib.. Brown ab Somers 
Gormley Tlios., weaver, Sch Front bel Spruce 
Gorn Henry, lab., Queen ab F road (K) 
Gorrcll Ucbecca, weaver, N W Fitzwater 8c 7tli 
Gorrell Koht. lal). 65 Fitzwater 
Gorrell Wni., g-rocer, 318 S 5tli 
Gortland .lolin, coachman, Sch 7th bel Spruce 
Gorton George W., bookseller, 56 N ord, h 141 

Gorton Lorenzo D., car builder, Sch 6th al) 

Gortz Henry, shop, 451 S Front ■ 
Gosche Jacob, shoe manuf. 25 N 2d 
Goslin Henry, carter, Lepriva and Townsend 
Gosline Jacob, tanner, F road ab Bedford 
Goslinc John, vict., F road ab Bedford (K) 
Gosline John, boatman, Sutherland av 
Goslinc Jolin M. sailor, 5 Marseilles pi 
Gosner Christopher, coffee house, S E Spruce 

and Water 
Goss Daniel, mach., Phccnix bel Hancock 
Goss Matthew, trunk mr. 285 Shippen 
Gosser Jacob, fisherman. Wood above Frank- 
lin (K) 
Gosser Micliael, fisherman, Eyre's ct (K) 
Gosser Philip, fisherman, Wood bel Duke 
Gossler Jacob L., atty., 99 S 5t.h 
Gossler John, brass founder, Carroll bel 13th 
Gossman JJ. store, 9th bel Noble 
Gossman John, broker, 291 N 10th, h 3S3 N 11th 
Gossman John, lab. Wood bel I2th 
Gossner Joseph, potteiy, 205 Coates 
Gott Wm. painter, P'itzwater ab Lebanon 
Gottliart Fred. carp, manuf. Apple bel Oxford 
Gotthelf Meyer, dealer, 310 St John 
Gottshall Andrew H. tinsman, Peter's al 
Gotwaltz John, stone quarry, Tow path (M V) 
Gouchcr Jane, t^iiloress, Pearl bel Sch 7th 
Goucher Mary, b h, Wood bel Sch 5th 
Goudy diaries, g-rocer, S W Fitzwater & Adam 
Goug'lcr J. AV. prof, music, 193 N 7th 
Goujon Lewis, screw maker, 476 N 6th 
Goujon t<. Sons, screw manuf., 6th ab Poplar 
Goul John, baskctmr.. Green ab Moore 
Goul John, Federal n G F road 
Goul Philip, Federal n G F road 
Gould Edward J., lab., Monroe ab Palmer 
Gould Georg-e W., coach painter, 51 Prune, 

h 200 Wasliington ab 6th 
Gould John H. silversm., Greenwich bel 2d 
Gould Theodore A., reedmr., 254 St Joiin 
Gould Thos., carp., Sch 2d and Pine 
GouUl 'llios., baker, F road ab Queen (K) 
Gould Wm., baker. Queen &. Vienna (K) 
Gouldey Charles, lampmr. Lomdard n Sch 6th 
Gouldey ('iiarles, brickmr., Lomi)ard W Sch 3d 
Goukly Samuel, watchman, Sch 3d ab Lombard 
Gourley James, porter, 3 Richardson's ct 
Gourky Moses, weaver, 40 W Cedar 
Gourley Susan, gvntw., 28 Union 
Gousha Joseph, victualler, Dunton ab Otter (K) 
Gouslia Jos., police officer, 2 Baker's ct 
Gouslia Wn). carp. 4 Dedaker's ct 
Goutier Jolin, sig-n jjainter, 94 Georg'e 
Govan Jxs. stone cutter. Carpenter ab 13th 
Govett Elizabeth, b h, 13 N 7th 
Govett Joscpli, City com., h 367 Cedar 

Govett Roht. 581 Vine 

Govett Robert A., carp. 357 Cedar 

Govett Wm., 3 Carpenter's ct 

Govner Charles, shoemr. 1 M'Claskey's ct 

Gow Georg'c, bonnet presscr, 161 S 11th 

GOWEN ALFRED C, atty. 57 S 6th 

Go wen Edwd. oak cooper, 3 Kelly's av 

(Jowen Margaret, 31 North n 10th 

fiowen Peter, drayman, 2 Pratt's ct 

Gowie James A., vict. Poplar and Culvert 

Grabau Andrew, baker. Poplar ab 13th 

Grabenstatter Micii., ijakcr, Paschall's al ab 4th 

Graber Daniel, tavern, 116 Brown 

Grace Catharine, (Coates ab 13th 

Grace Edward R., printer, Shields' alley 

Grace James, lab., North ct 

Grace John, victualler, Brown bel 12th 

Grace John, drayman, Vienna ab Queen 

Grace Jolin, jr., vict., Ogden bel 11th 

Grace Phineas, 3 Perry 

Grace Samuel, vict., Ogden bel lltli 

Grace Tiieod., trunkmr. 82 Cadwalader 

Grace Thomas A., cordw., 156 Coates 

Grace Walter, lab., 13 Swanson st 

Grace W^m., waiter, 347 Cedar 

Gracey John, 12th ah Buttonwood 

Gracey Sarah, b h, 194 Ciierry 

Grady James, umbrella maker, Washington av 

ab Brown 
Grady John, bootmr. 5 Lagrange 
Grady Thos. H., hatter, 119 N 2d, h 8 Brook's ct 
Graeber Charles J., cordw., Callowhill bel 13th 
GraefF Daniel, mer., 147 High, h 4 Crown 
GraefF Henry W., carp., Randolph bel Poplar 
Graeff Isabella, 79 New 
GraefF Jacob E., carp., Hanover bel West 
Graeff Jacob R., carp., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Graeff Lawrence, lab., Tulip ab Vai-ris 
Graeff Sarah, 189 Brown 
Graff Abraham, machinist, Madison av 
Graff Ann, 14 Mechanic 
Graff Ann, 265 Mulberry 
Graff &. Arcns, beer-house, S W 2d & Dock 
GralF Charles, gent., 470 Mulberry 
GRAFF CriAS. H., broker, 82 S 3d, h 470 Mul- 
GraffChas. M., cordw., Shackamaxon ab Bedford 
Graff Christopher, drugg'.st agent, 351 S 2d 
Graff J. F. &. Co., diy goods, 357 High 
Grafi' Frederick, superintend, water works, 200 

Cherry, h N' ^^■ lOlh &. Cherry 
Graff George W., bricklayer. Myrtle 
Graff Henry, bricklayer, Thompson bel 4th 
Graff Jolin, segar mr. Spafford 
Grafi" John F., mer., 357 High 
Grafi' Jolin M., slioemr., 136 New Market 
Grafi" Joseph, tin &. coppersm., 370 S 3d 
Grafi" Judith, N W lOtii &. Cherry 
Graff Peter, driver, Vienna ab Franklin 
Graff Wm., blacksm.. Wood n Sch 2d 
Grafiln Robt., agent, 90 S 5th 
Graffin W., weaver, Hope bel Jefferson 
Grafly Clias., shoemr.. Plover 
Graft Samuel, jiacker, 182 Poplar 
Grafton Nathan M., printer. Willow ab Sth 
Graliam Abraham, Ferry and MifHin 
Graliam Andrew, weaver, Biddie AV Nixon 
Graliam Ann, rear 443 Vine 




Graham A. II., M. D., Lombard bel 12th 
Graliam Dunicl, plasterer, Melon ab 11th 
Graham Uavid, warpi-r, loth ab Sbippen 
Graham David J., bricklr.. Myrtle ab 13th 
Graham David, importer, 14 Church alky, h 364 

Graham Edward J., carp., 3d ab Washington 
Graham Eliza, dressmr., 21 \Y Cedar 
Graham Eliza, trimming-s, 7th &, Wallace. 
Graham Elizabeth, teacher, Georg'e bel Sch 6th 
Gralium Ellen, dressmr., Filbert E Sch 3d 
Graham Erancis, bookkr., rear 152 Brown 
Graham Francis, teacher, 7 Prosperous al 
Graham Francis, tailor, 77 P road. 
Graham Geo., weaver, 7 Russell's ct 
GRAHAM GEORGE R., Graham's Mag-azine, 

134 & h 388 Chestnut 
Graham Henry, grocer, 526 N 2d 
Graham Isabella, washer, Bedford bel Broad 
Graham Jabez, blacksm., 4 Sailor's ct 
Graham James, drayman. Binder's ct 
Graham James, weaver, Cedar bel Sch 5th 
Graham James, warper, 13th bel Bedford 
Graham James, clerk, 18 Jetterson row 
Graham James, tailor, 352 High, li 214 N loth 
Graham James, grocer. Cedar ab 12th. 
Gi-aham James, grocer, 403 High • 

Graham James, weaver. Sergeant bel F R road 
Graham James, carp, weav., Fitzwater ab 12th 
Graham James R., manuf. Duke n F road, house 

Marlboro' opp Duke 
Graham Jeremiah, oyster house. Vine ab Broad 
Graham John, weaver, Hanover ab West (K) 
Graham John, clerk. 14 Ashland 
Graham John, fringe manuf., 97 Cherry h Clin- 
ton ab Poplar 
Graham John, furniture car. Spruce W Sch 5th 
Graham John, tailor, Madison av 
Graham John, waterman, 47 Penn 
Gruham John, printer, 7th ab Washington 
Gi-aham John, di-ayman, Marion & Wheat 
Graham John, lab. 7th ab Wharton 
Graham John, farmer, Washington ab Rose 
Graham John, Huntingdon ab Duke 
Graham John K. mer., 110 S 9tli 
GRAHAM JOHN R., men, 8 High 
Graham & Lumburd, eati)ig h., Dock st. whf 
Graham Malcolm, carp., Cliristian bel Broad 
Graham Margaret, rear Crown ab Duke 
Graham Margaret, gentw., 280 S Front 
Graham Margaretta, teach^-r, rear 124 Catharine 
Graham .Martha, nurse, 386 N 3d 
Graham Mary, Hanover ab Duke (K) 
Graham Michael, weaver, I'ront bel Master 
Graham Mitchell, St Joseph's av 
Graham Noali ]{., camphine, N E 5th & Wharton 
Graham Nobl-, provision store, Lombard ab 12th 
Graham N. H., mer., 3 N Water, h Sch 4th n 

Graham N. H. & Co., provisions, 3 N Water 
Graham Itedmond, furniture, 136 &. 65 Cedar 
Graham Richard, chandler. Pearl ab Sch 8th 
Graham Richard J., boat builder, Oak above 

Bridge (W P) 
Graham Robert, mariner, 71 Chi-istian 
Graham Robei-t, engineer, Lombard n Sch Bank 
Graham Robert, manuf., Hanover ab West 
Graham Robt., lab., James (S) 

Gniham Robt., grocer, Duke and Crown 
Graham Itobinson T., confect., 121 Pine 
Graham Samuel, Sch 3d ab Walnut 
Graham Sarah, Leopard ab Franklin 
Graham Susan, P road bel Washington 
Graham Thos., blacksm. Walnut and Darby R 
Graham Thomas, piano mr.. Pearl ab Sch 4th 
Graham Thos., carp.. Miller &. Washington 
Graham Thomas, grocer, N E 6rh & ClieiTj 
Graham Thomas, gent., 38 Girard 
Graham Thomas, pump & blockmaker, 24 Little 

Water, h 79 Christian 
Graham Thomas, printer, 8th bel Catharine 
Graham Thomas, police, Winter bel Sch 2d 
Giaham Thos., lab., Hope ab Otter 
Graham Thos., weaver, Union bel \Vest 
Graham Thos., oysterman, S E Catharine and 

Graham AVesley, seaman, 15 Sommers' ct 
Graham Wm., slater, 514 8th bel Pari-ish 
Graham Wm., weaver, Sch 8th ab Fitzwater 
Graham Wm., coachmr., Penn bel Broad 
Graham Wm., lab., Salmon ab Cunibeiland 
Graham Wm., agent. Green bel 9th 
Graham Mm., lab.. Brown bel Emery 
Graham Wm., cabinetmr. 5 Sch 5th bel Spruce 
Graham Wm., bonnetpr., rear 330 Cai-penter 
Graham Wm. C, civil engineer, 280 S 11th 
Graibner Fredk., lab., 10 Collins' al 
Grain Peter, sen., artist, 198 Locust 
Grain Peter, jr., artist, 198 Locust 
Grake Henry W., carter, 2 Reckless 
Grail John, boatman, Coates bel Coll. R road 
Grambo Henry, mer., 14 N 4th, h 454 N 6th 
Grames David, porter, Lombard n Sch 6th 
Gramlich J. H., cordw., Bond's ct 
Grand Henrv, tavern, G F road bel Cedar 
Grandfield \\m. shop, 18 Elfreth's al 
Grandon James, 552 N 2d (K) 
Granello Francis, grocer, S E Front and Fine 
Grange Wm., china store, 429 N 2d 
Granger Henry, gas fitter, rear 267 S 5th 
Granger John, watchman. Poplar bel 10th 
Granleaf Ann, Gable's ct 
Granlees Robt., manuf.. Cedar opp Juniper, h 

Owen n Juniper 
Granlees Wm., grocer, Lombard bel Sch 6th 
Gransback George, bootmaker, 33 Coates. 
Gransback George W., vict, 5th bel Jefferson 
Grant Chas. H., candle manuf. 114;J S 3d 
GRANT. CRUMPTON & CO., patent sperm 

candle manufs., Nixon and Hamilton, office 

S E Chestnut and Front 
Grant Edith, Brown bel 13th 
Grant Edward H., carpenter, Jackson (S G) h 

517 N 8th 
Grant Elizabeth, dre.ssmr. 15 StrawbeiTy 
Grant Ellen, Morris n William 
Grant George, mer., 31 N 3rd, h 49 Union 
Grant James, 236 Lombard 
Grant Isaac, porter, 28 St Mary 
Grant John, junk store, 211 Shippen 
Grant Joiin, baker, Donnelly's ct 
Grant John, carp., rear 106 Christian 
Grant John, di'iver, rear 13 Maria 
GRANT JOHN L. REV., 390 Vine 
Grant Jonathan, cordw., Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Grant Maiy, 15 Queen 




Grant Nancy, store, 3 Linn 
Grant Ralph, tavern, 213 Shippen 
Grant Samuel, mer., 12 S Whfs., h 44 Pine. 
Grant Samuel, jr., 40 S wharves, h 205 S 8th 
Grant &, Stonc,'c()m. mors., 12 S Whfs. 
Grant Wm., oysters, Uog'ers' ct 
Grant Wm., shop, 9th ah Green 
GRANT WM. R., M. 1)., West Penn sq 
Grantlin Samuel, lab., rear 458 S Front 
Granville 15., 42 Chester 

Grapfctter Gco.,cabt. mr.. Mechanic ab Franklin 
Grasby Hannah, 51 S 13th. 
Grass Lawrence, tailor, Hazel n Front 
Grattan Edward, printer, S W 3d and Walnut, h 
85 S 3d 

' GRATTAN & M'LEAN, stats. & printers, S W 
3d and Walnut 
Gratz David, mcr., 2 S 7th, h Green la n College 
Gratz Ed. mer., 2 S 7th, h Green la n College 
Gratz Edward & D., mers., 2 S 7th. 
Gratz Francis G., baker, Washington (W P) 

li Gratz Hyman, President Penna. Life In. co., 66 
Walnut, h 310 Shippen 

I Gratz Jos., mer., h 2 Boston row 

' Grauch John, brewer, G T road and 7th 

I Grauel Andw. M., coffee roaster, 29 Farmer 

' Grauel Andw. M., baker, Smith's al 

'I Grauel Catharine, Thomas ct 

I Grauer Catharine, N W 4th & Franklin av (K) 

I Graul Geo., blacksm. G T road &. Norris (K) 

I Graul George, netter, 15 Vernon 

' Grauley Michael, tailor, rear Orchard bel Rawle 
Gravat Geo. W., carp. 1 Relief, h 42 Union 
Gravat Johnson, carp., Fraley's al (K) 
Gi"avatt Charles, carp., Shackamaxon ab Queen 
Gravel George, grocer, N W R road and Callow- 
hill, h 373 Callowhill 
Gravel Henry, carpenter, 373 Callowhill 
Gravel Henrv, jr., groc. 6 High, h Vinyard n 

Sch 4th '(F V) 
Gravel John, carpenter, 377 Callowhill. 
Gravel Wm., carp., Penn ab 13th 
Gravener Joseph, tailor, 210 Callowhill 
Gravener Rebecca, Nectarine ab 10th 
Gravenstine Jacob, tailor, 29 John (S) 
Gra\enstine G. W., trunkmr., Wiley's ct 
Graver Christian, tailor, 72 Apple 
Graver Mary A., Hope ab Phoenix 
Graves Bartholomew, Mulberiy n Sch 5th 
Graves Freeman, painter, 38 Randolph 
Graves Isaac, lab., 7 Vernon 
Graves John, machinist, WJieat bel Marion 
Graves Fhineas C, blacksm. 112 Barker 
Gray Abiah, gentvv., 2 Logan 
Gray Abm., weaver, Shippen ab Broad 
Gray Alex., lab., Salmon ab Cumberland 
Gray .^lulrew, cordw., 89 W Callowhill 
Gray Anson, mer., 68 S whfs., h 35 Scheetz st 
Gray Benj., plane mr. Scliool ab Rose (K) 
' Gray IJrid.n-et, washerw., Cai'l^on W Broad 
GRAY & BROTHER, flour & coal, 68 S whfsSv 

139 S Water 
Gray Catharine, artificial flower maker, 73 Mul- 
Gray Chas., ship carp. Allen ab F road (K) 
Gray Chas., cordw., 387 Sas.safras 
Gray Charles, blk. sm., Fairmount n Morris 
Gray Charles, lab., 12 Wagner's al ab Fitzwater 

Gray David, porter, 4 Quince 

Gray Elizabeth, Grim's ct 

Gray Esther, Callowhill ab Nixon 

Gray Fithian, comb mr. Union ab Franklin (K) 

Gray Francis, barber, 35 M road 

Gray George W., brewer, 24 & h 46 S 6th 

Gray Hannah, 9 Liberty ct 

Gray Henderson, carter. Oak ab Till (W P) 

GRAY HENRY E. West Chester Ho\ise, Broad 

ab Cherry 
Gray Henry J., sackingmr. 9th ab Federal 
Gray Henry M., painter, 57 N Front, h 12 Green 
G]-ay Isaac, cordw., 2 Peter's al 
Gray James, lab. Cedar n Beach 
Gray James, bricklayer, Mercer 
Gray Jas., cordw.. Carpenter ab 8th 
Gray James, coal dealer. Wood ab 13th 
Gray John, moulder. Phoenix bel 2d 
Gray John, livery stable. Linden W Sch 8th 
Gray John, hamessmr. Broad ab Poplar 
Gray John, jr. bricklayer. AVood and 13th 
Gray John, blacksm. Oxford bel Cadwalader 
Gray John, weaver, Fairmount ab Morris 
Gray John, weaver, 312 Carpenter 
Gray John, tailor, 190 S 3d 
Gray John, butcher, Vienna ab Franklin 
GRAY JOHN, tavern, N W 13th & Wood 
Gray John, lab. 112 S 12th 
Gray John, siioemr., 8 Truxton 
Gray Joseph, blacksmith, James & R road. 
Gray Levi, 487 Poplar 
Gray Lewis, waiter, 201 S 7th 
Gray & Lodge, saw mill, 42 Dock 
Gray Lorenzo D. watei'man, Franklin ab Han- 
Gray Margaret, tailoress. Burton 
Gray Margaret, Washington (W P) 
Gray Mary, 42 S 13th 
Gray Mary, washer, 1 Loxley's ct 
Gray Mary Ann, 210 St John 
Gray Misses, teachers, 222 Sassafras 
Gray Orlando, coal mer., N E Callowhill and 

'Broad, h 78N 11th 
Gray Patrick, ^veaver, 312 Carpenter 
Gray Rachel, Crown ab Duke 
Gray Robt., .ship carp. Pine bel W^illow 
Gray Robert A., machinist, Poplar bel Broad 
Gray Samuel, lab. Chandler's ct 
Gray Samuel, waiter, Watson's al 
Gray Samuel, cordwainer, Franklin bel Cher- 
ry (K) 
Gray Samuel, weaver, Fulton bel 13th 
Gray Samuel W., grocer, S W 8th and Filbert 
Gray Sarah, washer. Shield's ct 
Gray Simon, lab. Fisher ab Emery 
GRAY & STEEL, stovemrs., 72 N 6th 
Gray Stevens, sawmill, 42 Dock, h 405 Green 
Gray "^rerence, lab. S E Catharine & Flower 
Gray Thom. s, printer, 371 Marsliall 
(irav Tiios. engineer, N W 13th and AVood 
(iray Wm. weaver, Sch 5th bel Cedar 
(Jray AVm. lab. 23 W Cedar 
(ii-ay Wm. cooper, 6 Shields' ct 
(iray Wm. stonecutter, Ann W Sch 6th 
Gray Wm., printer, Workmm's ct 
(iniy William milkman, Charlotte ab Franklin 
(Jray AVm., chalrmaker, 177 S 2d. h Sliippenab 
' Front 




Gray Wm., stoves, 72 N 6th, h 5th bel Federal 
Gray Wm., cordw., Clierry ab Franklin 
Gray Wm., sawyer, Shippen ab Broad 
Gray Wm. II., mcr., 68 S whfs., h 10th below 

Gray Zachariah R., cordw., 89 W Callowhill 
Grayson F. W. att'y and conn. 141 Walnut 
Greany C. C, tailor, Gafiney's uv 
Grear A. W. 131 S 13th 
Grear Catharine, gentw. 372 N 10th 
Grear Jacob, victualler, 234 N 8th 
Grear Nicholas, vict. Pleasant ab 11th 
Grear Samuel, vict., 10th bel Wallace 
Greaser Anthony, framer, 411 N 11th, h Gilbert 

ab 9th 
Great Geo. W., saddler, 104 Randolph 
Greatsinger Leonard, butcher, York bel F road 
Greaves Alexander Jr., plumber, 63 N 5th, h 

354 S 4th. 
Greaves James, spinner. Front ab Otter (K) 
Greaves James R., gent., 510 Chestnut 
Greaves Jonathan, weaver, Townsend ab Cedar 
Greaves Maria, gentw., 7 Shippen 
Greaves Matthias, moulder, 6 Little Green 
Grebe Matthias, cordw.. Wood bel West 
GREBLE EDWIN, marble mason, Chestnut 

W Sch 6th, h 235 S 5th bel Gaskill 
Greble Michael, bar-tender, 41 Marion 
Greble Sai-ah, 130 Brown 
Gredy Wm. waiter, 6 Skerrett's ct 
Greely Jos. M. carter, 69 S 12th 
Green Aaron, carter. Elm n 4th (M V) 
Green Abraham, farmer, 210 S 7th 
Green Alpheus, ropemaker, 56 Queen 
Green Amelia, Marriott bel 9th 
Green Ann, Harmstead ab Sch 2d 
Green Ann, 12 Barclay 
Green Anthony, mer., 99 High, h S E Chestnut 

and Park (W F) 
Green Augustus, waiter, Emeline 
Green & Baker, ropewalk, 5th bel Franklin 
Green Benjamin, waiter, 49 Currant 
Green Bernard, lab. Pink ab Master 
Green Bernard, lab. Cadwalader ab Master 
Green Brinton, Phoenix House, Lancaster Pike 

& Summer 
GREEN & BROTHER, wines & liquors, 109 

S Front 
Green Catharine, 18 Perry 
Green Chas., waterman, rear Marriott bel 5th 
Green Chas., barber, Russell 
Green Chai-les B., capt., 285 St. John 
Green Cyms D. plumb., 346 N 3d, h 8th above 

Green Daniel, carp. Harrison 
Green David R., plast., 7th bel Washington 
Gi-een Denni.s, barber, 11th and Fries's ct, h 

Poplar ct 
Green Edward, dealer, 114 N 13th 
Green Edward, brickmr., Marshall's ct (K) 
Green Edward C, boat builder, Sch Front bel 

Green Edward M. coal agent, 75 Dock 
Green Eliza, Perry ab Piioenix (K) 
Green Eliza A., b h, N W 3d and Cherry 
Green Enoch M. flour store, S E lltli &. Brown, 

h S E Sch 6th & Cherry 
Green Enoch W. C. editor, 468 Poplar 
Green Evan, carpet store, 189 N 2d 

Green Francis, shoemr. Mechanic bel George 
Green Geo. cop. plate printer. Green bel Mar- 

garetta (W P) 
Green Geo. waiter, 11th ab Lombard 
Green Geo. seaman, St Mary bel 8tli 
Green George S. carp. N E Parrish & Carlisle 
Green Henry, carp. 106 German 
Green Hein-y, carp., 45 Carpenter 
Green Henry, moulder, 4th bel Wharton 
Green Henry, founder, rear Palmer ab Beach 
Green Isaac, porter, Emeline 
Green Isaac, carp. Mechanic bel George 
Green Jabez, lab., 15 Coombe's al 
Green Jacob, paper stainer, Elin bel 5th (M V) 
Green James, moulder, Lancaster bel Wharton 
GREEN JAMES, tobac. & tavern, Cedar ab 13th 
Green James, fisherman, Marlboro' bel Franklin 
Green James, card. 13 Brazier's av 
Green James, tailor, James bel Sch 4th 
Green Jedediah S., mer. 42 Bank, h 306 Pin« 
Green Jesse, lab. Swede's ct 
Green Jesse, watchman, 611 S 2d 
Green John, moulder, Burr's ct 
Green John, waiter, Ann W Sch 5th 
Green John, sea captain, 392 S 3d 
Green John, tobacconist, Shippen ab Shippen 1« 
Green John, saddler, Sch 7th bel Sassafi-as 
Green John, di-aj man, 280 S 6th. 
Green John, coal dealer, 445 S Front 
Green John, coachman, Mariner 
Green John, weaver, Murray W Sch 3d 
Green John, ropemr. Apple ab George, h Ph«- 

nix bel Howard 
Green John A., shoemr., Emeline 
Green John B., mer., 99 High, h 197 Button- 
Green John K., painter, 170 N 3(1, h 176 Coates 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 29 Swanson 
Green Joseph, cordwainer, 15 Magnolia 
Green Joseph, carpets, 43 N 2nd, h 62 New 
Green Jos., moulder. Marker ab 2d 
Green Jos. B., carp., 13 Brandywine 
Green Jos. & Son, carpets, 43 N 2d 
Green Joshua, carp. 2d ab Master 
Green Julia, 7 Wood 
Green Lewis, shoemr., Spooner's av (K) 
Green Lorenzo, 26 St. Mary 
Green Louis M., bonnet prcsscr, 70 Maiden 
Green Marmaduke, lab. 34 Apple 
Green Marshall S., paper hanger, Ciueen >b 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Green Martin L., b h, Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Green Martha, Mechanic n Creek 
Green Miuy, 8th al) Christian 
Green Mary, wid. of Joseph, 120 Dillwyn 
Green Mary E. gents, fur. store, 56 Queen (K) 
Green Moses, engineer, Penn ab 12lh 
Green Nicholas, cordw. Morris n William 
Green Olivia, Ilaydock bel Front 
Green Pati'ick, ckayman, 2 Norris' al. 
Green Patrick, lab. Somerset ab Salmon(R) 
Green Peter, shovel mr., rear 120 Uillwyn 
Green Peter, lab., 4 La Fayette 
Green Peter G., baker, 264 Mulberry 
Green Philip, tailor, Ilubbell 
Green Philip P., mer., 109 S Front 
Green Rachel, Leyden's ct 
Green Richd. comber, Apple ab Franklin 
Green Robert, waiter. Fox ct 




Green Robert, lab., Carlton n Sch Front 
Green Robert, conhv. Watt n Sell 3(1 
Green Sally Ann, rear G T road bcl Master 
Green Samuel, cig-armr. F road bcl Hanover 
Green Samuel, porter, 38 Currant al 
Green Samuel, rear 120 Dillwyn 
Green Sil;is, shoemr. 22 Cedar 
Green Solomon, portc r, 31 Rarclay 
Green Stanford, Vineyard ab II road (F V) 
Green Stephen, lab. 3 Lombard ct 
Gree.n Stephen, tavern, 9th and Oc;-dcn 
Green Stephen, cordw. Lewis bcl Master 
Green Thomas, wheelwrig-ht, Cadwalader bel 

Mud la (K) 
Green Thos. lab. Sch 8th ab Sp Garden 
Green Wm. cordw. G T i-oad & 7th (K) 
Green Wm. moulder, L. Washinti-ton ab 9th 
Green Wm. plasterer, Poplar n Broad 
Green Wm., ])awnbroker, 243 S 3d. 
Green Wm., labourer, 36 Pratt 
Green Wm., porter, 39 Cun-ant al 
Green William, carpt. maniif., Marlborough ab 

Green William, tailor, Catharine ab Essex 
Green Wm. hair-cloth manuf. Dock 8c Pear, h 

N E 12th and Christian 
Green Wm., carp. Lombard W Sch 3d 
Green Wm., weaver, Shippcn la ab Catharine 
Green William IT., Rev., 386 Vine 
Green Wm. L., carver & g-ilder, 9th ab Mul- 
berry, h 13th ab Green 
GREEN WM. MAGUIRE, tobacco, 148 S 6th 
Green Wm. M., carp., 163 N 8th 
Greenan Hug-h, lab. 304 Carpenter 
Greenbank Thos., atty., 320 N 8th 
Greenbeck C. G. vict. Brown n William 
Greene Chas., manuf. TO W High 
GREENE DANIEL, tavern, N W Water and 

Greene E. W. C. pub. Saturday Emporium, 1 

Franklin pi, h Poplar bcl 13th 
Greene James M., M. D., 5 S 9th 
Greenebaum Henrietta, Schleisman's al 
Greener Chas., furrier, Penn bel Broad 
Greener Elizabeth, Charles (S) 
Greenewald B., dry goods, 36 N 2d, h 30 Mar- 
gar etta 
Greenewald &. Kohlberg, dry goods, 36 N 2d 
Greenewald M., gent. 9 Green 
Greenfield Cornelius, lab. Jarvis ab Front 
Greenfield James, lab. 12 Nectarine 
Greenfield J erred J., boiler maker, Wharton 

ab 4th 
Greenfield Reuben, lab. Sch 6th ab Coates 
Greenhalgh Adam, tavern, 226 G T road (K) 
Greenhardt John, baker, 18 Mulberrv 
GRELNIG GEORGE M. grocer, Front and 

Montgomery (K) 
Grccnig John, grocer. West and CheiTy 
Greenleaf John, trader, Ann (F V) 
Greenlee Wm. cabtmr. Waterloo above Rich- 
mond la 
Greenman H. H., paper lianger, 287 N 7th 
Greenman James, ])aper hanger, 374 N 2nd 
Greenman John, combmr., 341 N 3d 
Greenman Wm. tavern, 5th & Buttonwood 
Grecntree E. J., tailor, 60 Cedar 
Grecntree Luther, cai'p. Miller's ct 

Greenwich Dulecar, oysters, .156 Cedar 
Greenwood George, tailor, 88 Fitzwater 
Greenwood James, weaver, 22 IFoward (K) 
Greenwood Jas., soap boil., 5 Miller (M) 
(ireenwood Jeremiah, lab. Carlton ab 13th 
Greenwood Robert T., cabinetmr Leopard bel 

Phoenix t^K) 
Greenwood Wm., cutler, Hope ab School (K) 
Greer Alexander, gold beater, 357 N 3d 
Greer Andrew, 13 Myers' ct 
Greer George, vict. Girard av bel 12th 
Greer Henry, eating-house, 394 High 
Greer James, lab. Linn W Nixon 
Greer James, cordw., Catharine ab 6th 
Greer James, dentist, 21 S Sch 6th 
Greer James, carver, 2 Jenning'srow 
Greer James, drayman, 452 Sassafras 
Greer John, weaver, Shippen bel Broad 
Greer John, weaver, Lombard W Sch 7th 
Greer Johnson, manuf., Cedar bel 13th, h Juni- 
per bel Lombard 
Greer Mary, 23 E North 
Greer Peter, Anthony 
Greer Robert, manuf., Fitzwater ab 12th, h 157" 

S 12th 
Greer Saml., drayman, Lehigh ab Bank 
Greer Sarah, 20 Adams 

Greer Thos., mach., 288 Sassafras, h 473 Vine 
Greer Wm., manuf.. Broad ab Cedar, h S E I3th 

and Pine 
Greet Wm., hosier, rear York bel F road 
Greeves Alex., grocer, 559 Sassafras 
Greeves John, machinist, 10 Gebhard 
Greeves Wm. C, carp. 559 Sassafras 
Gregg Alex., clerk, 91 Vine 
Gregg Benj. C, stove maker, 14 Spruce 
Gregg Elizabeth, William E Sch Front 
Greo-o- Fenton, weaver, 10th bel Christian 
Gregg Peter, carp. 3d bel Prime 
Gregg Robt., clerk, 455 Vine 
Gregg Solomon, painter, Sch 4th ab Coates 
Gregg Wm., M. D., 32 Sassafras 
Gregg Wm., lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Gregg Wm , weaver, William ab Rose (K) 
Gregm-y A. L., M. D., S W Washington and 

Gregory Cornelius, weaver, Miller's al 
Gregory Cor., oysterman, Front bel Wharton 
Gregory David, seaman, 4 Clair 
Gregory Gotlicb, baker. Prime bel 2d 
Gregory Henry D., teacher, 382 High, h 274 

^N 12th 
Gregory James, jeweller, Washington bel 9th 
Gregory Jas., oil cloth mr., Fain'iew W Sch 6th 
Gregory Joseph, cordw., Hanover bel M'est 
Gregoiy Margaret, 21 N 12th 
Gregory Nathaniel W., turner, 3d &. Uock,h 22 

Gregorv Richard, lab., Hampton 
Gregory Thomas, weaver, ¥ road ab West 
Gregory William, cordw., New Crown ab But- 
Gregory Wm., drayman, 5 Forrest pi 
Gregor\- Wilson, Poplar ab 13th 
Grcincr Chris. SL, portrait painter, 43 N 4th 
Greincr Isaac, plasterer, 48 Perry 
Greiner Ludwig, toy manuf. 441 Coates 
Greiner Stephen, varnisher, 112 S 10th 




Greiner, widow of George, h 206 N 6th 

Greincr Win. M., mer. 85 N Water, h 6 Sergeant 

Greiner Wni. S., mer., 42 N wharves 

Greis John, trader, 6 ?"arr 

Greis Wm. R., mer., 13 N 3d 

Grelaud U., 120 S 3rd 

Gremm Henry, musician, R R ab 13th 

Grenbel Andrew, springnir. 110 N I2th 

Grenct James, 394 N 4tli 

Grenhart Erhart, grocer, 43 Apple 

Greshaw Andrew, drayman, Carlton ab Sch 8th 

Gresimer Jonah, tailor, 284 N 2iid 

Gretzinger Cliristian, rear 33 Charlotte 

Gretzinger Ciiristoplier, skin dr., Hiimmcl's ct 

Greul G., lace and fringe mr. 104 &. 87 N 6th 

Greul John G., fringemr. Vernon bel 11th 

Greusser Joseph, bootmr. 34 Strawberry 

Grevelard Joseph, weaver, 320 Carpenter 

Grew Henry Rev., 293 Sassafras 

Grew Wm. C, shoemr. 91 Charlotte 

Grewer H., Uivern, 95 Callowhill 

Gribbin James, weaver, Cadwalader ab Jefferson 

Grice Daniel S., c. mer., IS Walnut 

Grice Samuel B., 8th bel Brown 

Grieb Sarah, Howell 

Grier James, wines &. liq., 387 High 

Grier Jane, dry goods, Pine and Perry 

Grier Matthew Jr., bootmaker, 99 Cedar 

GRIER ROBERT C, judge, S. C. U. S., 504 

Grier Thos., dyer, 2d ab Master (K) 
Grierson James, carp., Olive ab 12th 
Grierson John, carp. Olive ab 12th 
Grierson Marg., Olive ab 12th 
GRIESEMER ABNER A , wine & liquors, 102 

Sassafras, h 103 Randolph 
Griesemer Levi S. giocer, 499 N 2d, h 527 N 5th 
Griesemer L. S. & P. S., grocers, 499 N 2d 
Griesemer P. S., grocer, 6th bel Wager 
Grieves Charles, trimmings, 263 S 2d 
Griffee Peter, bookbinder, 118 Mulberrj-, h 50 

Griffin Ann, 7 Chancery lane 
Griffin B., lab., Lloyd bel Shippen 
Griffin Edward, cordw., Steward ab Christian 
Griffin Esther, b h, 26 Cherry 
Griffin E., M. D., 311 Green 
Gi'iffin Geo., weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Griffin Henry, lab., Alder ab Thompson 
Griffin John, shoemr. 1 Webb's al 
Griffin Margaret, Queen ab Palmer 
Griffin Martin, boatmr., 10th bel Christian 
Gnffin Matthew, carter, 48 Quince 
Griffin Patk., lab., Howell 
Griffin Peter, lab. 7 Princeton pi 
Griffin Terence J., baker, 90 Locust 
Griffin Thomas, slater, 277 Wood 
Griffin William, 241 Pine 
Griffinburg David, macht. 133 New Market 
Griffinburg Thomas M., carter, 2 Reckless 
Griffis John L., coal mer., Swanson bel Chris- 
tian, h 39 Brown 
Griffith Aaron, lab., 489 N 5th 
Griffith Abel, whip mr. 4th bel Franklin (K) 
Griffith Abner, carp., 7 Hamilton pi 
Griffith Alfred, chairmr. Coates ab I3th 
Griffith Amos, stove manuf., S W 2d & Vine, h 
17 Charles 

Griffith Ann Eliza, shop, 463 N 4th 

Griffitli (Catharine, 44 Coates 

Griffith Cha-s., driver, Sch 5th ab Spruce 

Griffith Dorothy, 66 Coates 

Griffith Ely, dry goods, 283 Chestnut. 

Griffith Emeline, gentw., 371 Pine 

Griffith George Y., jeweller, 154 Apple 

Griffith Harvey, bo'okseller, 384 N 2d 

Griffith Isaac, dentist, N W Sch. 7th &. Filbert 

(iriffith Isabella, dressmr. 96 N 7th 

Griffith James, seaman, Apple bel George 

Griffith James, lab. Hancock bel Master 

Griffith Joar, blacksm. Ann ab R road 

Griffitli Jolin, bandbox maker, 11 S 3d, h 7lh ab 

Griffitli Joiin, moulder. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Griffith John, chandler, Carlton n Broad 
Griffith John, tube mr. Vine bel Sell 3d 
Griffith John, plast, 5th bel George 
Griffith John, lab. Washington below Graham 

(W P) 
Griffith John T., cooper, 20 St James, h 4 

Lodge pi 
Griffith Jos., whipmr. Lewis bel Master 
Griffith Lewis, carpenter, 5c, N Sch 8th 
Gi'iffith Maria, shop. Orchard 
Griffith Mary, Middle al 
Griffith Matthew, gent., 145 Franklin 
Griffith Nathan, lime burner, Sch 2d n Lombard 
Griffith Nathan M., bricklr., Sch 5th bel High 
Griffith Philip, porter, 12 Burd's ct 
Griffith R. E., gentw.. Chestnut ab Sch 5th 
Griffith Saml., policeman, rear Fitzwater above 

Griffitli Sarah L., 41 Beck 
Griffith Thomas, plasterer. Alder ab Poplar 
Griffitli William, engravei-, 81 N 8th 
Griffith Wm., upliolsterer, SS N 6th 
Griffith Wm., segar mr., 152 Poplar 
Griffith Wm. B.,wood warper, 49 Uuke 
Griffith Wm. V., cabinetmr., 45 Brandy wine 
Griffith W^ C, carp. 27 Cariton 
GRIFFITHS A. W. M. D., 188 Coates. 
GUIFFI rHS CHARLES M., M. D., 293 Coates 
Griffiths Elizabeth, dressmr., 89 Locust 
Griffiths John, wheehvr. Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Griffiths John, iron pipe mr. Vine ab 3d 
Griffiths Lizzie E., 293 Coates 
Griffiths S., Sp. Giuden tube works, 15 N 7th 

and Vine bet Sch 2d &. 3d 
Griffiths Tho.s, mer, 185 Chestnut, h 8 AVistar 
Griffiths Thomas, teacher, 7 Diamond 
Griffitlis W^m., broker, 52A Walnut 
Griffiths Wm.,, Wharton ab 4th 
Griffiths Wm., lumber mer., Sch 3d bel Dorothy 
Griffiths Wm. F., mer., 7 Minor, h 33 Chnton 
Griffitts S. P., clerk, 14 Girard 
Grigg, Elliott & Co., booksellers, 14 N 4th 
Grigg George, salesman, 227 Marshall 
Grigg .lohn, booksr., 14 N 4th, h 298 Mulberry 
Grigg Mark, whf. builder, 56 Federal 
Grigg Wm., Hazel n P'ront 
Griggs T., boots &. shoes, 181 N 3d, h 105 Sp 

Griggs Wm., chairmr. '2to2 S 2d 
Grim Benj., brickmr. 2d & Wager, h 500 N 6th 
Grim Daniel K. & Brother, dry goods, 171 





Grim Daniel K., dry goods, 171 N 3d, li 147 

Grim Henry, brickmr. 4tli ab Thompson 
Grim Jacob, brickmr., S E 6tii and Waorer 
Grim .lobn, brickmr. N K Poplar & (;iiariottc 
Grim .losepb, brickmr. Marsliall bel Franklin 
Grim Josepli, steward, 255 Walnut 
Grim .Mary, widow of Peter, Ijrickmr. 480 N 3d 
Grim NiclioJas, brickmr., 518 N 5lli 
Grim Peter, Our House, 10 Library 
Grim Sand., Uandolpli ab Fi'anklin 
Grim Sarah, 478 N 3d 
Grimcr Wm., blacksm. rear I.arch ab 9tli 
Grimes James, si)0()ler, Fitzwater ab IJroad 
Grimes .lohn, mason, Georg-e W Sell 4th 
Grimes Richd., lab. rear Spi'uce W Sch 3d 
Grimes Peter, carp. 610 Callowhill 
Grimes Tliomas, bottler, 25 Union 
Grimes Wm., tiiism., 4 S otli, h Union ab West 
Grimes ^Vm., lab. 13th ab Poplar 
Grimes Wm. G., engineer, AVilliam ab Coates 
Grimm Matthias, drayman, 12 Orcliard 
Grinishaw Geo., carp., 540 S Front 
Grimshaw |{. E., carp.. Christian bel Lebanon 
Grimston John, Mariner, 86 Swanson 
Griner Joseph, ship carp, Lombard n Sch Bank 
Griner J., coach painter, 2 Flower 
Griner Stephen, blacksm.. Bayard 
Gripplc Chas., coppersm. Hazel ab 11th 
GRISCOM GEO. att'y & counsellor, 119 &. h 223 

Grisconi .lohn U., M. D., 216 Mulberry 
Griscom W. M., mer. 47 High, h 7th above Cal- 

Grisel Amanda, dressmr. 212 S 4th 
Grisel Louis, engraver, 63 S 2d 
Grisham David, carp. Dickerson's al 
Grissim Adam, ship carp. Vienna Sc Duke (K) 
Grissim Caspar, ship carp., West ab Cherry 
Grissim Daniel, ship carp. West ab CheiTy (K) 
Grissom Thos., tavern, Franklin bel 2d 
Grissin Jas., lab. Huntingdon & Duke 
Griswold Aug. W., King and Alorris 
Griswold Samuel B., confect. 10th bel Master 
Griswold S. S., capt. Fairmount ah Coates 
Gritzner Louis, upholsterer, 5th bel Master 
Grive Jas., bottler, Sch 2d ab Locust 
Grob T., fringe mr. 374 High 
Groff" & France, grocers, S E Poplar 8c Apple 
Groff Isaac, ostler, Randolph ab Franklin 
GrofF Jacob B., 487 Sassafras 
Groff J. R., watchmr., 58 High, h 73 New 
Grofl" Samuel, coach mr. Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Grogan James, weaver, 4th opp G T road (K) 
Grogan John, lab. Pine bel Sch Front 
Grogan Wm., chairmr., Marshall ab Poplar 
Gromal Wm., baker, 2d bel Columbia (K) 
Gromberry John, tailor, 8 Vernon 
Gromley Cristopr., saddler, Orcliard ab George 
Groom Henry, tanner. Master bel 6th 
Grooms Hiram, watchmr. 157 N Front 
Gropengiesscr J. L., chronometer and watchmr. 

lUO S 3d 
Gropli} John, weaver, Sch Bank bel Lombard 
Gros Gotdieb, tavern, 117 Brown 
Grosckvitz Chas., tailor, 55 Lewis 
Grosh A. B., Rev., 110 Franklin 
Grosii Hiram M. tav. Lehigh av opp R St P R R 

Grosliolz Louis, mer., 38 Cliurch al, h 342 

N 6th 
GROSHOLZ L. & P., importers, 38 Church al 
Grosholz Wm., mer., 38 Cliurch al 
Grosmann M., Ijoots, 86 St John 
Gross Ahm., coachman, Sch 8t!i and Stiles Adam H., vict., 12th ab Brown 
Gross Charles F., salesman, 419 N 9th 
Gross Cliristian, 335 Vine 
Gross Christian, morocco dr., 38 Beaver (K) 
Gross Cliristopher, moroc. dr. Charlotte above 

Gross Fr.ancis J., silver plater, Parrish ab 13th 
Gross Geo. J., mer., 153 Higli 
Gross G. W., coacbm., 168 N 12th ab Vine 
Gross Hannah, 12tli ab Brown 
Gross Henry, nailer, rear 565 N Front 
Gross Jacob, tailor, 19 Mulberry al 
Gross Jacob, shoemr. Willow ab 8th 
Gross John, lab. 9th bel Cliristian 
Gross John, carter, 45 Green 
Gross John, carter, 6th ab Little Poplar 
Gross John, bootmr. rear 21 St John 
Gross J. F., vict., 12th ab Brown 
Gross Lewis, victualer, 12th bel Brown 
Gross Mary Ann, 51 S 12th 
Gross Michael, lab. 333 N 7th 
Gross Valenti le, mason, 121 G T road 
Grosweiller Jacob, tailor, Carlisle ct 
Grothern & Sievirs, shoemrs. lOth bel Master 
Grotjan T. J. & Co., dry goods, 23 S 2d 
GROUT H. T., attorney, 14 Sansom 
Grove & Brother, grocers, 62 & 64 Sassafras 
Grove Conrad 8., grocer, 62 Sassafras, h 89 

Grove Henry, gi-ocer, 62 Sassafras, h 96 New 
Grover Davis, lab. Reed ab Front 
Grover Geo., stove store, 272 N 2d, h 32 Pegg 
Grover Hugh, ship carp. Church ab Moore 
GROVER LORENZO H., oil cloths, 1 .lones' al 
Grover Mary, wld. of Thomas, Washington bel 

Grover Priscilla, wid of Hugh, 21 Christian. 
Grover Rachel, Lancaster ab Reed 
GROVES ANTHONY, jr., transport.ation agen- 
cy, 19 S whfs, h Midberry W Sch 6th 
Groves James, dealer, 12 Hallowell 
Groves James, cordw. Clinton ab Poplar 
Groves Lewis, lab., 2 Vail's pi 
Groves Maria Scli 4th ab Vine 
Groves ^lai'ia, waslier, rear 236 Lombard 
Groves Michael F., M. D., 200 S 5th 
Groves Richard & Sons, agents, 15 S 5th 
Groves Thomas D., watcliman, 288 St John 
GROVES W.M., upholsterer, S E 2d &. Walnut 
GROVES W^^ M., coal deal. Broad ab Sassafi-as 
Grow John W., carp., Summer ab Sch 2d 
Grubb Curtis, clerk, I3th ab Ogden 
Grubb E. & C. B., iron manufs., 28 Walnut 
Grubb Frederick, cordw., 2 Melon pi 
GRUBB GEO., tavern, S W 4th and Culvert 
Grubb Harriet A., gentw., 391 Walnut. 
Grubb Isaac, carj). 44 Maria 
Grubb Josepli C, lua-dwai'e mer., 76 High, h 

11th bel Spruce 
Grubb Lewis, cabinctmr. 44 Maria 
Grubb Lewis IL, coachmr. Coates W Sch 6th 
Grubb Maria, Wood bel Franklin (K) 




Grubb Melon, stone mas.. Juniper ab Spnice 
Gnibb Nathuiiiel, cordwr., Beach be! Bishop 
Grubb Reuben, manuf". 5th bel JcfTerson 
Grubb Peter, baker, Shippen la ab Fitzwater 
Grubb Samuel, tavern and stage office, 121 Vine 
Grubb Wm., painter, rear 16 Washington Mar- 
ket pi 
Grubb Wm. M., blacksmith, 199 Marshall 
Grugan Charles C, mer., 134 Chestnut, house 

Walnut W Sch 6th 
Gnigan Florence, clerk, 23 Dean 
Grugan Michael, carman, Christian ab Sch 6th 
Gruis Hannah, sliop,N E New Market & Laurel 
Gruke Valentine, lab. West bel Vienna 
Grum Maria, h Jones E Sch 5th 
Grumholz Conrad, tailor, G T road ab Thomp- 
son (K) 
Grummuns Ebenezer, mer. 144^ S 2d, house 19 

Grund Charles, cordw., 82 Apple ab Poplar 
Grund Francis J., 370 Chestnut 
Gi-undlock Wm., bricklayer, 562 N 4th 
Grundy Edmund, mer. 16 Church al, h 354 N 6th 
Grundy Peter, bird stuffer, Carpenter ab 8th 
Grunhut John, dry goods, 40 N 8th, h 1 Fil- 
bert av 
Gruninger J., cordwr., 87 St John 
Grussmire Nicholas, baker, 17 Quince 
GUBERT L. C, grocer, N W 8th & Mulberry, 

h 301 Miilberr\r 
Gubert T. E., 301 Midberry 
Gudgeons Thomas, lab.. Aspen ab Spruce 
Gudknecht Geo. M., druggist, Coates W Sch 8th 
Gudknecht John, saddler, 120 New Market 
Guehring John, grinder, 116 Crown 
Guenat Margaret, gentw., 230 Walnut 
Guenter Gotheb, baker, 108 New Market 
Guenther Geo., lab. Apple and Rawle 
Guenther Godfrey, milkman, 6th ab Franklin 
Guenther Isaac, carter, 10th ab Girard av 
Guerard Harriet, b. h. 521 Walnut 
Guest Albin, lab., 20 Church ab Washington 
Guest Geo. W., printer, 13 Exchange pi 
Guest Mordecai, wheelwrt., Brown bel 7th 
Guest Moses, carp. Ogden ab 12ih 
Guest Kichard, lab., Simons' ct (K) 
Guest Thos. L., grocer, 186 Vine 
Gugler Robert, glovemr., 66 N 4th 
Guier & Fullerton, brass found.. Beach above 

Shackamaxon (K) 
Guier Mary, Lemon bel 11th 
Guier Mary, Parrish and Randolph 
Guilbert Nicholas, printer, N E 3d & Mulberry, 

h 323 N 6th 
Guild James, stonecut., 28 Perry 
Guild Maria, teacher, 124 S 4th 
Guilfoyle John, lab. 7th bel Federal 
Guilkey M. M., milliner, 197 S 2d 
Guillot Adolph., ladies' shoemr. 87 S 8th 
GUILLOU CONST., att'y. & coun., 145 Walnut 
Guillou Rene, mer., 143 Chestnut, h Sch 6th ab 

Guinn Martin, blacksm. rear Greenwich above 

Guinn Peter, porter, 12 Fayette 
Guion George L., mer., 84 High, h 79 Pine 
Gulager Christian, ship master, 32 Walnut, h 
112 Lombard 

GuUiss Benjamin, gardener. King n Sch 8tb. 
Gulliver John C, mer. 36 S 2d, h 95 Pine 
Gumbs Rebecca, 419 High 
Guminger S., baker. High bel Sch 3d 
Gummere Jacob S., brickmr., rear Union above 

Gummere William, clerk. Bank N. L., h 324 

Gummcy John M., coal, 8 S 7th, and Broad ab 

Cedar, h Sch 4th ab Mulberry 
Gump Simon, 4 Astor pi 

Gumpel J., mer., 101 N 3d, h 164 Buttonwood 
Gumpert B. B., druggist, 120 N 2d 
Gumpper Jacob J., cupper, 316 N 2d, h 95 

Gunder Ann, Poplar ab Marshall 
Gunderlach Elizabeth, gentw., 137 Wood 
Gundlock Theodore, furniture, 334 S 3d 
Gunn Bernard, weaver, Apple bel Oxford (K) 
Gunn & Martin, grocers, G T road ab Master 
Gunn Patrick, weaver, Taylor's ct (K) 
Gunning & Myers, frame mrs. 29 Farmer 
Gunning Robt , frame mr. 29 Farmer, h 4 Morris 
Gunning Robt., carp. 4 Morris 
Gunnis Isabella, sempstress, Sch 5th bel Cedar 
Gunnis Wm., lab. Sch 3d bel Pine 
Gunther David, baker. Poplar bel 6th 
Gunts Caspar, lab. rear 66 Catharine 
Gunzer Fredk., baker, 30 P road bel Wharton 
Guring Chas., cabtmr. 8 St Stephen's pi 
Gurl Bernard, lab. Gable's ct 
Gurl Jas., lab. Gable's ct 
Gumev Maiw, 6 Union 
GUSTENE "prentice P., cabt. & chairmr, 

114 N Front, h 302 Green 
Gustus David, lab. Oak & Rose (W P) 
Gustus Martha, washer, Ohio 
Gutbub Fredk., confect., 400 S 2d 
Gutekunst Fred'k., cabinetmr., rear 192 N 8th 
Gutgesells John B., mathematician, Fitzwater 

ab 9th 
Guth Anthony F., tailor, 17 Exchange pi 
Guthrie George, cooper, M road bel Wharton 
Guthrie James, weaver, Fulton ab I2th 
Guthrie John, weaver, Fulton n 13th 
Guthrie Martha, 7 Matamonis pi (K) 
Guthrie Simon, cabtmr. 100 Catharine 
Guy David, grocer, Sch. Front bel Spruce 
Guy John, tavern, 23 S 7th 
Guy John, lab. Fairview W Sch 4th 
Guy Maria, washer. Turner's ct 
Guy M., dressmr. Pine E Sch 3d 
Guy Robert, manuf , Spruce n Sch Front 
Guy Saml., lab. Dickerson bel 7th 
Guyant David, glass cutter, Quany n Bread, h 

Queen ab Shackamaxon (K) 
Guyer Amos, lab. Smith's ct 
Guyer Benjamin, watchman, 29 Jones' al (C) 
Guyer Benj., boxmr., Beaver ct., h 4 Short ct 
Guyer Elizabeth, 23 Reckless 
Guyer Godfrey II., carp., Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Guyer Philip,' 10 Vail's pi 
Guyger Geo., tobac, S W 13th and Sassafras 
Guj'ger George W., hatter, Vineyard & Powell 
Guyn Charles, carter, 10 George 
G'lyn Elon C, grocer, Hope & Phoenix (K) 
Guynan John, lab. Sorrell bel Bath 
Guyont Susan, 24 Duke 




GwilliaiTi John, bootmr., Wyatt 

Gwiii Alex., niucliini-st, 162 Christian 

Gwln I'laiicis, lab., 5 Leiper 

Gwin Jane, 162 Cliristian 

Gwin John, capt. U. S. N., 95 Locust 

Gwin Wni., carter, 26 Pine (S) 

Gwinn Ann, 64 Garden 

Gwyn Daniel, billow chand., 606 S 2d 

Gwyn Patk., tallow chandler, 606 S 2d 

Gwynn Chas, weaver, Union bel West 

Gysen John, flour and f<:ed, 7tli and G T road, 

h 6th ab Little Poplar (K) 
Gysi Thcop., math. inst. mr. 39 Sp Garden 
Gyves Wm., brlckmr. Spruce n Sch Front 

Haan Louis, clothing', 6th and Cedar 

Haap John sugar baker, rear 541 N 4th 

Haas Andrew F., chemist, 51 Noble 

Haas A., clerk, 43 Chatham 

Haas Charles, painter, 13 Emlen's ct 

Haas Chas. J., carp. 80 Apple 

Haas Charles N., saddler, h 18 Myrtle 

Haas Daniel B., clerk, 112 Franklin 

Haas Daniel F., pianomr. S W 7th and Pine 

Haas Eliza, 29 Lewis 

Haas Ernest, pedler, Queen ab York 

Haas Fredk., carp. 374 Green 

Haas Fredk., grocer, 99 Noble 

Haas George, tobacconist, 481 High 

Haas Geo. \Y., manuf., 15 N 3d, h N W 3d and 

Haas Henry, oak cooper, 191 Brown 
Haas Henry, carp., Hancock bel Phoenix 
Haas Henry A., painter, Oxford n 2nd 
Haas Jacob, mattressmr. 320 S 6th 
Haas Jacob, lab., Vienna ab West 
Haas Jacob S., coroner, 531 N 4tli 
Haas James, cordw., Marshall ab Poplar 
flaas James A., watchinr. 64 Laurel 
Haas Joiin, lab. 13th &. R road 
Haas John, ganger, 389 N 3rd 
HAAS J(311X, grocer, 2d & Noble, h 361 N 3d 
Haas Jolin K., painter, 9th and Buttonwood, h 

Pal rish bel Broad 
Haas J. C, musician, 230 N 9th 
Haas Lewis, tailor, Horn's ct 
Haas Maria, N W 3d and Cedar 
Haas Hilary, 10th ab Nectarine 
Haas Mary, 361 N 3d 

Ha.>>s Michael, cabinetmr., rear 211 St John 
Haas Nicliolas, gunsmith, 152 Wood 
Haas N., watchmr.. Poplar ab Uanuolph 
Haas Peti.r, shoemr., 8 P'ranklin pi 
Haas Iteuben, blacksmith, Wasliington bel 12th 
Haas Theo., vict. 322 Green 
HaasW.lham, dry goods, 278 N 2nd, h 361 N3d 
Haase Bt rnard H., lab., rear 4 Orcliard 
ILVBEli JOHN, boots & shoes, S E Noble and 

Habercr C. T. H., barber, 113 N 6th 
Habei gan John, shoemr. Burns ab Brown 
Habern.ehl F. E. casemr. 131 S 6th 
Haberniehl Henry, case maker, 131 S 6th 
Haberstick Jacob, gas fitter, 291 N 3d 
Haberstlck J., gas fitter, 26 Branch 
Haberstick Rudolph, tobacconist, 136 Coates 

Haberstroh & Kaiser, decorat. artists, 2 Powell 
Habliston Henry J., chemist, Marlborough bel 

F road 

Hack (ieorge, cabinetmr., Grubb 
Hackenburg J. L., mer., 116 Sa.ssafras 
Hacker Charles, sadle)-, 12 Clinton 
Hacker George W., Ciiina, 60 N 2d, h 485 Vine 
Hacker G., lumber, Washington n Coates, h 133 

N lOlh 

Hacker Isaac, mer., 32 Chestnut, h 117 Pine 
Hacker Joseph, silverplater, 89 Mulberry 
Hacker Joseph, morocco finisher, Shackamaxon 

bel Franklin 
HACKER LEA & CO., mers. 32 & 34 Chestnut 
Hacker Rachel, b. h. 2 Pegg 
Hacker William E., mer., 32 Chestnut, h S E 

8th and Pine 
Hacker Wm. P., china \vr., 60 N 2d, h 57 O Y 

Hackett Andw., blucksm., Coates W Nixon 
Hackett Edward H., shoemr., 68 Queen 
Hackett H., currier, 246 N 3d, h 445 N Front 
Hackett John, lab.. Wager and G T road 
Hackett John, jr., lab., Wagner bel G T road 
Hackett Joseph F., printer, 254 Christian 
Hackett Philip, coachman, 23 Paschal's al 
Hackett Robt. E., clerk, 5 Jefferson row 
Hackett Samuel, moulder, 220 Diamond 
Hackett Thos., carp. 337 S 6th 
Hackett Winfried, Milton bel 11th 
Hackman Charles, saddler, 36 Thompson 
Hackney John, clothing, 189 Shippen 
Hackquin Jane Frances, Sch 4ti) bel Callowhill 
Haddock Daniel, jr., merchant, 164 High, h 139 


bonnets and caps, 164 and 166 High 
Haddock Hazen, mer., 16i High 
Haddock James, stone cutter, F road above 

Haddock John, weaver. Mariner n Broad 
Haddock John, weaver, 2d ab Oxford 
Haddocks Robt., 20 Barclay 
Haddon Ehzabeth, grocer, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Hadfield John, presser, 121 Cedar 
Hadley Albina, shop, 2d ab Oxford 
Hadley Henrietta, Gafliiey's av 
Hadley Maria, Frazier's ct 
Hadman David, printer, 17 Ilallowell 
Hadry H. B., 11 Powell 
Haebeile Ciiristophtr, bottler, 210 St John 
Haeberles Charles, shop, Pka.sant bel 13th 
Haedrieh Henry, musician, 8 Randall's ct 
Haedrich Henry G., saddler, 104 S lUth, h 3 

Randall's ct 
HAEHNLEN & BROWN, gi-ocers, S W4th & 

Haehnlcn Jacob, grocer, S W 4th and Coates, h 

442 \ 5th 
Haehnlcn Louis, hatters' goods, 140 N 3d, h 77 

Hacnkr S. E., milliner, 113 N 2d 
Haiielfinger C. C, salesman, Franklin bel PaiTish 
llaflelfinger Mai tin, acct., 450 N 7th 
Haflernian Joh. una, siiop. Callowhill bel William 
Haffey Bernard, carp., 306 Carpenter 
Hafley Henry, store keeper, 24 Wallace 




Haffey Mary, 48 Washington av 
Ilafl'cy Rosunna, 31 Duke 
Huftiier Valentine, cooper, 222 Vine 
Hafler Tlios., giocer, Vienna and Franklin (K) 
Hagaman A. G., carp. 22 Ontario 
Hag-aman E. W., felt manuf., 351 Marshall 
Hagaman Moses, photograpliist, 44 N 8th 
Haganian \V. G., fur blower, 532 N 5th 
Hag-an Alex., lab., rear ^\'lllian) n Sch 
Hiigan Ann, boot fitter, rear 57 J'itzwater 
Hag'an xVrtluir, lab., icar 15 Dilhvyn 
Hag'an Barnard, shoji, 225 G T road 
Hagan Edw., fbuudiy, Sch 7tli bel Morris 
Hagan George, c. rp. 1 Boyd's ct 
Hagan Henry, cordw., Sargxant bel F road 
Hagan Henry, cordw., 216 N 8th 
Hagan Henry, lab., 6 Federal 
Hagan Henry, milkman. Front ab Franklin 
Hagan Jacob, shoemr. Juniper and Cedar 
Hagan James, wheelwt., Lombard W Sch 7th 
Hagan James, printer, 3 Kelly's ct 
Hagan James, carter, rear 556 N Front 
Hagan John, lab., 15 Barker 
Hagan John, spooler, Walnut n Sch 2d 
Hag'an John, blacksm., Morris W Sch 8th 
Hag-an John, porterhouse, 1 Chancery la 
Hagan John, mason, Simons ct 
Hagan Joseph, lab., P road bel Washington 
Hagan ^lichaei, lab., Shirker's al 
Hagan Michael, shoemr. 112 Cherry 
Hagan Michael, milkman, Dickson's ct 
Hagan Michael, porter, 6 Ken worthy's ct 
Hagan Patrick, tailor, Shi])pen ab 7th 
Hagan Patrick, mason, Washington ab 8th 
Hagan Patk., glass blower, Fisher ab Camber- 
Hag'an Peter, lab., 326 S 3d 
Hagan Wm. paper stainer, 55 Perry 
Haganes, Patk., tavern, 1U6 Plum 
Hagans Thomas, weaver, 9th ab Carpenter 
Hagany J. B. Rev., 99 N 8th 
Hagar P. F., stoves, 2d and Sassafras, h 191 

N 9th 
HAGAR P. F. & CO., stove manufs. 2d and 

Hager Daniel, manuf. 351 N Front 
Hagerdorn C. F., Bavarian Consul, 72 S 5th 
Hagert Henry S., atty. & coun., 98 Walnut 
Hagert J. E., brusiimaker, 8 N 3rd, h 350 Vine 
Hagcrty Bernard, morocco sliaver, William bel 

Hagei-ty Chas., milkman, Dickson's ct 
Hagerty Francis, cordw. N W 11th &. Cedar 
Hagerty James, cabman, 4 Buckley 
Hagerty John, weaver, Apnle ab 'I'hompson 
Hagerty Joiin, lab., 22 Spafibrd 
Hagerty Jolui, grocer, N E Beech and AValnut 
Hager'} John, lab. Carlton bel Sch 6th 
Hageity John, carter. Mulberry n Sch 5th 
Hagerty John, lab., Sahnond ab Cumberland 
Hagert) John, potmr. 7th n Haverford (M V) 
Hag-eity Margery, b. h. 40 lU-ead 
Hagcrty Michael, tailor, 16 Cypress 
Hagerty Nancy, 1 Mifflin 
Hagerty Patrick, lab , Sycamore ab Locust 
Hagerty Patk., feed store, 0,.;den E Sch 8th 
Hagerty Thomas, lab. Pine n Sch Willow 
Hagerty Thos., h.b. 5 Prairie's ct 

Hagerty Thos., pedler, rear Riddle n William 
Hagey John, confectioner, 308 High 
I Haggenbottom Josiah, carp., Meredith n Nixon 
Haggenbotton Samuel, grocer, Morris & Fair- 
Haggenbottom Samuel, grocer, Carlton & Sch 2d 
Hagnaar Daniel, machinist, 12th & Marks' la 
HAGNER CHARLES V., drug mill, Pegg and 

New Market, h Sch 6th and Vine 
Hagner Jefferson, mer., 314 High 
Hagner John F., mer., 314 High 
Hagner J. 8c J., dry goods, 314 High 
Hagner & Raybold marble paper manuf. 16 

Hagner Saml. A., marble paper mr., 16 Deca- 
tur, h Fitzwater ab 8th 
Hagner Wm., gardener, Marion ab 2d 
Hague Andrew, grocer, Kranklin and Elm 
Hague Andrew, tavern. Bank ab William (R) 
Hague Andw., farmer, Point road ab Division 
Hague Christian, Harrison bel Franklin 
Hague George, shipwrt., Bedford n Elm 
Hague Henry, caulker, Hanover n Bedford 
Hague Jacob, tavern, 22 Swanson. 
Hague John, ship carp., Hanover ab Queen (K) 
Hague Michael, blacksm. Brown ab Hanover(K) 
Hague Sarah, Queen ab Palmer 
Hague 'I'hos., astrologist, Ann n Powell 
Hagy Joseph, 280 N 10th 
Hagy William, dry goods, 274 N 2d. 
Haliar Michael, papeiTnr. 74 Penn 
Hahn Adam, lab., 18 Orchard 
Hahn Charles, shuttermr.. Culvert ab 4th 
Hahn Christian, 128 Green 
Hahn Fredk., cabinetnir., Cvdvcrt ab 4th 
Hahn G., M. D., S E 3d and Beaver 
Hahn Jacob, baker, 85 New 
Hahn Jas., lab.. Capital ab Coates 
Hahn John, baker, 600 N Front 
Hahn John, pencilmr. 1 Mulberry al 
Hahn John, pedlei-, Harvey's pi 
Hahn John G., baker, 518 High 
Hahn Joseph F., confect. 158 N 5th 
Hahn Matthias, cooper, rear 263 St John 
Hahn Michael, painter, Parrish E Sch 8th 
Haiff Ann, earthen ware, 456 N 4th 
Haig James, potter, 296 Marshall 
Haig James & Thomas, fire brick manuf., 54 

N 2d bel Beaver, (K) 
Haig John, painter, Ontario ab Poplar 
Haig Lewis, tailor, Charlotte bel Franklin 
Haig Thomas, potter, 454 N 4th 
Haigh Anna, milliner, 170 S 6th 
Haigh .(ohn, moroc. dressr., Shackamaxon bel 

Haight Charles, printer, Sch 7th k Richard 
Haight Cornelius, painter, 213 Locust 
Hailer Charles, baker, 275 Callowhill 
Hailer Fredk., bootmr. Williams' ct 
Haines Aaron N., mer. 30 N whfs, h 8 Carlton sq 
Haines Abraham, carpenter, 66 Mulberry 
Haines Abraham W., carp. 215 Coates 
Haines Ann, b. h. 427 Chestnut 
Haines Asa, collector, Callowhill W Sch 5th 
Haines A. & R. L., milliners, 66 Mulberry 
Haines &. Brother, grocers, 30 N whfs and 59 N 

Haines Charles, trunkmr., Amber bel Phamii 




Haines Clias. A., livery stable, Chcrr)' ab 6th, li 

16 N 8tli 
Haines Ch:is. T., p^rain dealer, Sch 8th & Willow, 

h 82 W Willow 
Haines ('lajton, bricklayer, 388 Brown ab 10th 
Haines Clayton, bricklr., 487 N 10th 
Haines P'iias, cordw., Bedford and Sarah 
Haines Eliza, g-entw. Centre ab Brown 
Haines Elton, bricklayer, 4~6 Poplar 
Haines Elwood, carp. Georg'e E Sch 5th 
Haines Ephraim, mer., 18 S Front, h 39 Mul- 
Haines Franklin B., painter, 4tli ab Georg'e, h 

Marshall ab l^]ilar 
Haines Frcdk., baker, Howard bel High 
Haines George, painter, Cedar n Sch 2d 
Haines George, printer, Shackamaxon bel Bed- 
Haines Geo. W., butcher, CheiT}' bel F road 
Haines Gerardus, salesman, 140 S 9th 
Haines Henrv, surveyor and convey., 12th and 

Girard aV, h 241 N 6th 
Haines k. Hibberd, surveyors St. conveyancers, 

S W 12th and Girard av 
Haines Jacob, plumber, 14 Quince 
Haines Jacob F., baker, 7th ab Poplar 
Haines James, mariner, Harriet ab Ross 
Haines James, cooper, 3d bel Prime 
Haines James, lab., rear Marriott bel 5th. 
Haines John, collector, 620 N 2d. 
Haines John, jr., saddler, 2d bel Franklin 
Haines John B., drnggist, Shackamaxon below 

Haines Joseph, mer., h 23 PalmjTa sq 
Haines Jos., saddler, 40 Clinton (K) 
Haines Joseph B., gi'ocer, N W 7th and Cherry 
Haines Joseph B., keeper Moya. Prison, 386 

Haines Joseph E., mer., 30 N whfs., h 391 Cal- 

Haines Joshua, combmr., Apple bel Franklin 
Haines Josiaii L., carp., 368 N 10th 
Haines J. B., painter, Jarvis ab 2d 
Haines I.indley, mer. 13 S 2d, h 197 Mulberry 
Haines Matilda, 2 James 
Haines Mary, 363 N 6th 
Haines Mary, dressmr., 12 Farr 
Haines Mary, Crown ab Queen (K) 
Haines Matthias, lab. 6lh bel G T road 
Haines Michael, potter. Brown ab 13th 
Haines Miciiael, carp., Lloyd ab Fitzwater 
Haines Mordecai W., farmer, Wharton ab 4th 
Haines Plidip, varnisher, Honey's ct 
Haines liachel, 35 Currant alley 
Haines Keuben, carp., 9th bel Poplar 
Haines Reuben, carp., 62 Wistar 
Haines Reuben W., moulder, rear Orchard bel 

Haines Saml., cap manuf. 406 N 2d, h230 N 4th 
Haines Samuel, butcher. Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Haines Samuel, whip-thong maker, Duke ab 

Vieiuia (K) 
Haines Sanuicl, bricklr., 485 N 10th 
Haines Solom: n, willwt. Charlotte ab George 
.Haines Thompson, tailor, George n Juniper 
Haines Wm., carp. I2th ab Pojilar 
Hains Clias. F., boots & shoes, 20U Uigh,h 133 



! Hains Jacob, baker, 123 Filbert. 
Hains James, butcher, N E 4th and Marriott 
'Hains Samuel, surveyor, 317 Mulberry 
Halberstadt James, carp. 142 German 
Halhert John, lal). 186 Marshall 
Halbisreiting John G., brewer, 15 Frecd's ar 
Halderman Elizabeth, shop, Duke bel Vienna 
Halderman John, lab. Duke bel Vienna 
Halderman Michael, wheelwt. Ash bel Duke 
Haldorn Thomas, brushmr. 5 S 7th, h 9th bel 

Hale Ann, 15 Pine (S) 
Hale Charles AV., waterman, 46 Penn 
Hale Jacob, butcher. Carpenter ab 9th 
Hale James, mer. 2 Ranstead pi 
Hale John ^L, druggist, 201 High, h Sch 4th bel 

Hale Joseph, boatman. Alder ab Girard vr 
Hale Saml. gent. Sch 8th bel Pine 
Hale Thos., paper hanger, 15 Jacoby 
Hale Thomas S., acct., 133 Buttonwood 
Hale AVm., Ally, 21 S Sch 7th 
Hale William, tailor, 378 High, h 5 Castle. 
Hales Edw. carp. 327 N 7th 
Hales John W. carp. Hutchinson bel Master 
Hales Wm., moulder, 595 S Front 
Haley Edward, boxmaker, 106 Cherry 
Haley Elizabeth, Binder's ct 
Haley James, stoker, Huston ab Richmond 
Haley James, weaver, Fitler ab 2d 
Haley James, lab. Sch Water bel Lombard 
Haley James, shoemr. Boyd's ct 
Haley John, lab. Franklin ab 3d (K) 
Haley John, lab. rear 10 Jacoby 
Haley John, lab. rear 21 Federal 
Haley John, weav. rear Cadwalader bel Oxford 
Haley John, dealer, 154 Cedar 
Haley Patrick, lab. Jefferson ab 10th 
Haley Patrick, glove maker, 50 Walnut, h 14 

Gray's al 
Haley Thos. lab. Jones bel Sch 2d 
Haley Wm., lab. 6 John's ct 
Halfman Ethelbcrt, tailor, 525 Coates below 

Halfman Gehard, coal dealer, rear 192 N 8th 
Halfman Gehard, coal mer. 98 N 5th, h 8th bel 

Halfman G., spade & shovelmr., Willov bel 3d, 

h 176 Marshall 
Halfman Herbert, refectory, 26 S 6th 
Halfman .lames, tailor, Sch 7th n Richard 
Halfman Wm., blacksmith, 12 Farmer 
Halfpenny Catharine, 4 Marion. 
Halfpenny Thos. weaver, Spencer's ct 
Hall Albert II., porter, rear 126 N 2d 
Hall Ann, 417 N 4th 
Hall Archibald, liricklayer, 46 German 
Hall Augustus, stonecutter, Lewis bel Master 
Hall A. R., clerk, 24 Magnolia 
HALL &. BOARD.MAN, britan. ware, 95 Mulu 

Hall Catharine, Franklin bel Palmer (K) 
Hall Charles, chaises, George ab Sch 6th 
Hall Charles B., shoe manuf. 8 Commerce^ h 81 

Hall Christiana, 348 S 3d 
Hall Clement, currier, 58 Lombard 
Hall Cornelius, cbairmr^ 106 N 13th 




Hall Daniel E. barber, 108 Sassafras, li 18 St 


Hall ]>aniel I., waiter, 18 Acorn al 

Hall Davi<!, lab. 13 Little Pine 

Hall Edward A., M. D., 119 S 8th 

Hall Edwin, di-y floods, 24 S 2d 

Hall Edw. C. biacksm. Marlboro' bel Allen 

Hall Edw. K. painter, 177 S 6th 

Hall Elizabeth, s^entw., 236 S Front 

Hall Ellen, 387 S Front 

Hall Ellen F., dressmr., 155 S 10th 

Hall Ezekiel, painter, 218 Noble 

Hall Fenton, weaver, Sch 7tli & Catharine, h 
38 W Cedar 

Hall Francis, lab. Sch 8th bel Morris 

Hall Francis Ann, Swede's ct 

Hall F. D. mer., 95 Mulberry, h 72 Wood 

Hall F. T. waiter, 2 Pearl 

Hall Geo., U. S. Mint, 29 Madison 

Hall Geo. T., shoe manuf. 8 Commerce, h 163 

Hall Geo. W., biacksm., Franklin ab Clinton 

Hall Geo. W. K., barber, 8 Sansom & 30 S 7th, 
h 43 Currant al 

Hall Harriet, matron E Penitentiary 

Hall Harrison, surveyor & publisher, 32 "Wal- 
nut, h 10 Sansom 

Hall Henry, machinist, Sch Front ab Cherry 

Hall Henry M. macht. 37 Brandywine 

Hall Isaac, lab. Melon ab 11th 

Hall Isaac, clerk, Cherry E Sch 8th 

Hall James, lab. 6th ab Poplar 

Hall James, porter, 353 Lombard 

Hall James, tavern, 16 N Water 

Hall James, printer. Carpenter bel 5th 

Hall James, chaises, 125 N 6th 

Hall James, baker, 5 Poplar 

Hall James lab. Hope ab Phoenix 

Hall Jane, washer, Biddle's al 

Hall Jane, shop. Pearl ab 13th 

Hall John, chaise driver, Georg-e W Sch 6th 

Hall John, lab. Hancock ab Phoenix 

HALL JOHN, tavern, 42 N 2d 

Hall John, lab. rear Palmer ab Queen 

Hall John B., cordw., 139 Buttonwood 

Hall John M., undertaker, Haines ab 12th 

Hall .loseph, carrier, Callowhijl W Sch Front 

Hall Josepli, tinner, Sch 8th ab Parrish 

Hall Joseph, lab., 7 Lafayette (M) 

Hall Joseph, weaver, Shippen la 

Hall Joseph, inspector, 42 N 2d 

Hall Josepli A , carp., 7tli ab Master 

Hall Jos. W., dealer, G T road ab Phoenix (K) 

Hail Josliua, oysterman, 162 Lombard 

Hall I-., shop, Poplar bel Broad 

Hall Margaret, 85 Locust 

Hall Mary, Bli.2;-]it ab Lombard 

Hall Mary Ann, 119 S 8th 

Hall Mary Ann, shop, Madison &. SheafPs al 

Hall Morris, coachman, 128 Cherry 

Hall Nathan, shoes, 2.- 8 S 2d 

Hall N. II., mer., 40 N 2nd, li 91 S 6th 

Hall Oscar D., trunkmr., 136 High, h 24 Sas- 

llfall Peleg-, dry g-oods, 3 S 2nd, h 236 S Front 

Hall Peter, bottler & malt house, Hutchinson & 
Tliompson, & 50 N 6th 

Hall Phoebe D. tailoress, 31 Beck 

Hall Robt., macht. M'Duflie E Sch 2^1 
Hall Itobt. R. carp. Apple ab Diamond 
Hall Rosanna M. 11 RaLston 
Hall Samuel, carp., Vienna bel Franklin (K) 
Hall Samuel, macht. 310 Green 
Hall Samuel, currier, 140 Biown 
Hall Samuel C. clerk, 348 S 3d 
Hall Samuel P. clerk R. road, h 17 Salmon 
Hall Saml. Z., piano nn\ Callowhill ab VViHIam 
Hall Sarah, Carlton n Sch 7lii 
Hall Sarah, Lancaster bel Reed 
Hall Thos. b ii, S W 9tii & Sassafras 
Hall Thos. ca)'|). rear Carpenter ab 5th 
Hall Tiios. tailor, Adams be) 13th 
Hall Thes. bricklayer, 383 N 10th 
Hall Tiios. carrier, 10th ab Poplar 
Hall Thos. keeper E. Penit. Ann E Sch 4th 
Hall Tlios. lab. rear 119 Christian 
Hall Thos. brickmr. G T road bel 6th 
Hall Thos., weaver. Rose ab Sliippen la 
Hall Thomas, weaver. Elk (K) 
Hall Walter, harnessmr., 1 Decatur, h 195 Lom- 
j bard 

jHall Washing'ton S., carp. 418 N 7th 
'Hall Wilfred, ag-t. Pliila. Bible Soc. 144 Chest- 
I nut, h 107 N 13th 

I Hall Wm. lab. Sutherland av 
I Hall Wm. macht. Oxford ab Philip 
jHall Wm., biacksm., 118 New Market 
Hall Wm., carp., Vienna ab Queen 
flail Wm., lab., rear 3 Prospect al 
[Hall William, captain, 27 Queen 
jHall Wm., waiter, 48 Quince 
|Hall Wm O. letter cari-ier, 10th belButtonwood 
I Hall Wm., S. R. road Sliippen bel 13th 
I Hall W. & Co. lace goods, 40 xN 2nd 
Flail Zachariali, saddlei-, 1952 Lombaid 
jHallbauer Chas. barber, 70 N Front 
JHalliday fc'.lias H., trunkmr., 14 Lagrange pi 
IHalllday Saml. L., saddler, 26 High, h'65 N 2d 
JHallidav Wm. J. grocer, S W 2d and Mulberrv, 
j h 210 S 2d 

Halligan Patrick, boatman. Willow ab Pine 
JHalline Nicholas, macht. Pleasant ab Cliarles 
JHalliwell Edw. T., grocer, Sch 3d Si Ilarmstead 
lialliwell Sarali A., milliner. High ab Sch 4th 
Hallnian Albertis, carp. 11 Harmony ct 
Hallnian Alfred, biacksm. Dauphin bel F load 
Hallman Anthony, mariner, rear 135 Clmstian 
Hallman Franklin B. Woodab lotii 
Hallnian Geo. patternmr. 429 S 6th 
Hallman Henry, biacksm. Froadab Huntingdon 
Hallman Samuel, bruslnnr., y Parker 
Hallman Wm., clerk, 429 S 6th 
Halloway Eden, waterman, 100 Swanson 
Hallowav John S., warden li. Penitentiiiry 
Halloway Seth P. bookseller, 37 High, h 147 

Hallowell Alexander H., eating house, 556 N 

2d (K) 
Hallowell Ann, 1 City row 
Hallowell Caleb W., mer., 143 High, h 128 

Hallowell Charles, mer., 173 High, h 9 Morgan 
H: Howell Ed., M. D., Broad & S Penn sq 
Hallowell Eli, coacimir., R road n 'Willow. 
Hallowell George K., carp., rear 124 Catharine 
Hallowell Geo. W. clerk, 63 G T road 




Hullowcll Iliinnah, rear G T road bcl .Icflrcrsonj 
I[iillo\vcll Hiram L., tailor, S K 7tli and Hig-li.h 

55 Franklin 
Hallnwc'll Ircl, carter, TJandolph ah Poplar ] 

Hallowcll .lames, lab. "49 Rrown 
Hallowell Jesse, bricklayer, Oliver's pi 
Hallowell .lohn, intel.olKce, 75 Hiittonwood 
Hallowell John, hrickmr., 170 Coates. 
Hallowell John N., printer, Goodbread pi 
Hallowell Jos. '1'., letter carrier, loth ah Brown 
Hallowell Joshua L. mer., 143 Mijh, h 355 Mul- 


fancy jij'oods, 143 Htg-h 
Hallowell M. L., mer., 143 High, h Filbert W 

Hallowell I^iul J. hricklr. Wallace bcl 13th 
lEallowell Riftbrd H., builder, Sch 8th n Coates 
Hallowell Samuel I,., clerk, 5th ah Wharton 
Hallowell Wm., bricklpver, Oliver pi 
Hallowell Wm. S., merchant, 168 N 2nd, h 306 

N 6th 
Hally Peter, dry g-oods, 524 N 2d 
Halpin John, lab., 4 Harmony ct 
Hulpin William C, tinsmith, 33 Queen 
Halsall Jas. J., salesman, 5 Cedar row 

Halsall , painter, 127 S 8th 

HALSEY JAMES, trimming-s, 13 S 4th, house 

123 Franklin 
Halsted Geo. W., coal mer., 69 S 6th 
Halsted John, 28 N 9th 
Halter Winter, weaver, 146 Coates 
Halworth Henry, brewer. Poplar n Broad 
Haly Wm. lab. Jane bel 8th 
Haly Wm., dealer, 5 Eutaw 
Halv Wm., carp, rear 17 Farmer 
HALY WM. W., atty. and coun., 72 S 6th 
Halzel Mary Ann, milliner, 461 N 3d 
[lalzel Pl\ilip, chairmaker, 515 N Front. 
Ilalzell Samuel, dep. marshall, h 18 Coates 
Hama James D., grocer, St. John and Green 
HAMAKER DAVH), coal dealer, Broad ab 

Spruce, h 17 Dugan 
Haman John, Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Haman M., agent," Willow ab Sch 8th, h Sch 

8th ab AV'ood 
Hambacher Christopher, tailor, Lewis bcl Master 
Hambly Mary, Wiley's ct 
Hambridge Richard S., Carlton ab Sch 3d 
Hambright Adam, lab. Apple nb Diamond 
Hambright M. N., mer., 15 S Front, h 8 Perry 
Hambright Wm. A., agent, 3 Filbert 
Hamcl Charles, carter. Brown bel Vienna 
Hamcl Francis, cordw. 5 Summerfield pi 
Hamel Geo. corder, Sch 4th & Barker 
Hamel John C. gent. Garden ab Noble 
Hamel Wm., liv. stable. Garden ab Noble 
llamelin John L., clerk, 163 Catharine 
Hamell Hugh, bookseller, 3^8 10th, house 4 Fil- 
bert av 
Hamell Mary. 489 N 8th 
Hamer Jacob jr. tailor, 22 N 5th, h 64 Zane 
Hamcr Jacob, tailor, 38 N 6th. 
Hamer James, weaver, RaflTerty's ct 
Hamer Thos., wcavei-, 9th bel Christian 
Hamerslv Maria, 13th & George. 
Hamill Geo. S., M. D., druggist, Callowhill W 

Sell Front 

Hamill Jas. carp. Palmer bel Franklin 
Hamilton Alex., broker, 75 Catharine 
Hamilton Alex. 1). lab. 104 Penn (,K) 
Mamilton Alex, beater, 12 Maiden 
Hamilton Andw., 220 N 4tii 
llaniilion Ann, Wager &. Perry 
Hamilton Aim C. Princeton pi 
Hamilton Arabella, dry goods, 135 Cedar 
Hamilton Archibald, lab., Hanover ab Uuke 
Hamilton Arthur, cordw., St. John bel George 
Hamilton A. Boyd,pul)lisher Family Messenger, 

1 Lodge, h"76;, Lombard 
Hamilton B. L., Winter ab Sch 2d 
Hamilton Catharine, 8lh ab Federal 
Hamilton Charles, Franklin ab Cherry 
Hamilton Danl. segarnu-., rear 463 N 4th 
Hamilton David, weaver, Howard ab Jefferson 
Hamilton David, milkman, (;edar n Sch 4th 
Hamilton David, boot & shoe mr., N W Penn &, 

Hamilton Eliza, 5 Li.sle st 
Hamilton Elizabeth, Swanson 
Hamilton E. G., mer., 35^ N whfs 
Hamilton Francis, printer, 9 Carlton 
Hamilton George, printer, rear 137 Christian 
Hamilton George, M. D., Sch 7th k Summer 
Hamilton George, express wagon, Till &, Oak 

(W P) 
Hamilton Geo., capt., 325 S 10th 
Hamilton Geo., janitor, Franklin Institute 
Hamilton Geo., Middle al 
Hamilton George J., teller K. Bank, h Marlboro' 

ab Queen. 
Hamilton Hannah, 441 Lombard 
Hamilton Hanse, drayman, 419 S 4th 
Hamilton Henry, waiter, 23 Currant al 
Hamilton Isaac, waiter. Smith's ct 
Hamilton Jas., hog dealer, 9 Wood 
Hamilton Jas., carter, Cuskaden's ct 
Hamilton James, store, S W Wood and Sch 8th < 
Hamilton James, lab., rear 28 Charlotte 
Hamilton James, moulder, 63 Ogden 
Hamilton Jas., fruiterer, 408 High 
Hamilton James, shop, S W Sch 7th & Lombard 
Hamilton James, waterman, 28 Beck 
Hamilton James, landscape painter, S E 9th and 

Walnut, h 336 S 4th 
Hamilton James, shop, 499 Vine 
Hamilton James, lab., Perry ab Phoenix (K) 
Hamilton James, lab., Shippen la bel Rose 
Hamilton Jas., pap. stainer. Tower E Sch Front 
Hamilton .las., morocco dress., 24 Strawberry 
Hamilton Jas., lab., Fitler ab 2d (K) 
Hamilton Jane, b h, 276 Mulberry 
Hamilton John, lab., Crown ab Franklin 
Hamilton John, jr., atty. and coun., 12 Sansom 
Hamilton John, 'lab., 14 Washington Market pi 
Hamilton John, lab. 6 Kelly 
Hamilton .lohn, slioomr., Smith's ct 
Hamilton John, bootmr. 10 Catharine 
Hamilton John Marshall, architect, 360 High 
Hamilton Jose))h, drayman, 421 S 4th 
Hamilton Joseph, carpet weaver, Otter bel G 

'1' road 
Hamilton .los. P., blacksm., Washington (W P) 

h S E Walnut n William 
Hamilton J. B. W., builder, 4 Crockett's ct., h 
12 Swanwick 




Hamilton Letitia, Sch 4th ab Pine 
Hamilton Lydia, gentw. 181 S 7th 
Hamilton Mury, b h, Sch 3d bel Callowhill 
Hamilton Mary, 10 Catharine 
Hamilton Mary, Hancock bel Phoenix 
HAMILTON & NEFF, coal yard, 4tli &. Wash- 
Hamilton Owen, Bedford bel 8th 
Hamilton Philip, frame mr. 11 Nectarine 
Hamilton Rachel, milliner, 65 Mulberry 
Hamilton Rebecca, g-ent\v., Sch Slh bel Spruce 
Hamilton Riciiard, 86 F road 
Hamilton Richard, liquors, Shippen ab 7th 
Hamilton Robt. weaver, Pliilip ab Jefferson 
Hamilton Robt. G. lOtli ab Washing-ton 
Hamilton Robert S., 53 S 13th 
Hamilton Rosanna, I^ombard bel 11th 
Hamilton Samuel, cor.iw., rear 200 Christian 
Hamilton Samuel, cordw.. White ct n Sch 8th 
Hamilton Samuel, cai-riag-e trimmer. Juniper bel 

Hamilton Saml. weaver. Vine n Sch 
Hamilton Samuel G., gas pipe welder, 103 

Hamilton Sarah, 153 S 11th 
Hamilton Sai-ah, tailoress, Sch 4th ab Callowhill 
Hamilton Sarah, tailoress, 33 Apple 
Hamilton Stephen, cordw., 5th bel Washington 
Hamilton Thomas, waiter, Russell 
Hamilton Thos., watchmn, Wood ab Sch Front 
Hamilton Thos. coach trimmer, 79 R road 
Hamilton Tyler, sailmr., rear 463 N 4th 
Hamilton Wm. lab., Fitler bel Harrison 
Hamilton WiUiam, actuary Franklin Institute, h 

70S 3d 
Hamilton William, chandler, 4 Plum. 
Hamilton Wm., carver, S W 6th and Cherry, h 

Washington ab 13th 
Hamilton Wm., clerk, Sch 6th bel Chestnut 
Hamilton Wm., carter. Filbert bel Sch 4th 
Hamilton Wm. H., boilermr., Union ab Bedford 
Hamilton WiUiam H., dry goods, 20 S 2d. 
Hamilton Wm. T., 10th and Mellon 
Hamlin Wm., carp., rear 10 S 5th 
Hamlin Wm. K.,mer., 110 N 3rd, h 10 Dillwyn 
Hamm Daniel J., vict., 164 Apple 
Hamm Hoffman, 55 Spruce 
Hamm James A., combmr., 272 S 5th 
Hamm John P., Sch 8th ab Vine 
Hamm P. E., asst. city treas., 5th & Chestnut, h 

30 Clinton 
Hamm Wm. A., 89 Plum 
Hamm Wm. P., agent, 163 Sp Garden 
Hamman John, mer., 148 Higli, h 101 Button- 
HAMMAN, SNYDER & CO., dry goods, 148 

Hammar Wm. cap mr., 371 N 10th 
Hammell Edw. cutter out, 166 Queen 
Hammell Francis J., shoes, 298 High 
Hammell H. J., bootmr., 331 Vine 
Hammell John, paper lianging, Jones' ct 
Hammell Lewis A., tailor, 8 Knight's ct 
Hammer Ann, G T opp 2d 
Hammer Charles, combmr., Davis' ct 
Hammer Geo. 129 N 4th 
Hammer Gottlieb, baker, 324 S 5th 
.Hammer Henry, carp., Edwin bel Grape 

Hammer Hiram, confect., 257 N 2d 
Hammer Issachar, lab. 2 Quarry 
Hammer Martin, tailor, 5 Spragg's av 
Hammer Peter, tailor, Ontario ab Poplar 
Hammer Wm., combmr., James' ct (K) 
Hammerlein Andrew, match mr. rear 380 S 3d 
Hammerlein Louisa, 4 Olive 
Hammersley George, mer., 85 S Front. 
Hammer.sley George, turner, 28 St John 
Ilammett B., coal mer. 20 Walnut 
Hammettjohn K., shipwright. Maiden st whf., 

h Penn ab Maiden (K) 
Ilammett Thos., copper sm. 372 Coatesand 128 

Hammett Thos., shipwt.. West bel Hanover 
Hammill James, ostler, 7 -Marseilles pi 
Hammill O. W. stove mr. 412 High 
Hammill Thos., tavern, S E Front & Master (K) 
Hammill Wm. saddler, 7th bel Catharine 
Hummitt Isaac, trunkmr. Huston ab Duke 
Hammitt John T., cabinetmr. 10 Exchange pi 
Hammond Chas., manuf., 29 Commerce 
Hammond Hannah, 13th bel Fitzwater 
Hammond Isaac, manuf, 46 Franklin 
Hammond James, carp., 29 Swanson 
Hammond Jane, dressmr. 327 Cedar 
Hammond John A., machinist, 4 Church 
Hammond Moses W., manuf.. Willow bel 12th, 

h 226 N 13th 
Hammond Philip, seaman, 20 Swanson 
Hammond R. D. i-efectory, High W Sch 5th 
Hammond Samuel, 2d ab Jarvis 
Hammond Vincent P., Pine Ward Hotel, 138 

S 4th 
Hammond Wm., b h, 13 Lombard 
Hammond Wm., teamster. 30 Marion 
Hammond Wm. ?I., mer. 20 N 4th 
Hampsey Michael, lab., Harrison 
Hampton Ann, Juniper n Sassafras 
Hampton Elizabeth, tailoress, 11 Concord 
Flampton Elizabeth, Juniper ab Locust 
Hampton Jacob, carter, 5th ab Federal 
Hampton Jas., type founder, 19 Barron 
Hampton John, carp. 275 Marshall 
Hampton John J. coach and wheelwright, Cal- 

lowliill n Sch, h 5 William (F M) 
Hampton Joseph, carp. 56 Og'den 
Hampton Margt. dressmr. Hazel and 12th 
Hampton Morton, agent. Willow ab Broad 
Hampton Rudolph, pap. lianger, 14 Concord 
Hampton Wm. blacksm., 88 G T road 
Hampshire John, pump mr. Sch 4th above Ann 

Hamrick Amy A. b h, 18^ Bread 
TIamrick Chas. drv goods, 27 St John 
Hamrick Charles IL, mer. 24 N 4th, h 27 St 

Hamrick Henry, bricklr., Sch 4th ab Coates 
Hamrick Paul, china packer, Duke bel Palmer 
Hamshire Isaac J., turner, Gilbert n lOtJi 
Hamson Edward, engineer, 8th ab Sp Garden 
Hanagan Wm. butcher, Cassiday's ct 
Hanan Chas., lab., 14 Monroe ct 
Hanan Daniel, lab , 2 Hoffman's al 
Hanan John, shoemr. 7th bel Wharton 
Hanbest T. Passmore, att'y. &. coun. 76 S 6th 
Hanbest Wm., huckster, rear 63 Plum 
Hance Chas., brickmr.28 McDuffie 




Hancc D;ai(l E., coal mcrcliant, High Bridg-c, h 

44-8 N 6tli 
Haiice Jcieniiah, grocer, 90 New MarKct, h N 

W 7 111 and Poplar. 
Hancc Jolin, scgarmr. 6th bcl Christian 
Hancc Jostph S. g-rocer, 90 New Market 
HANCE &. UOWLAN, coal mcr., High Bridge 
Hance Saiiuiel, weaver, Murray n Sch 3il 
Hance Thos. weaver, Sch Sd bel Willow 
Hance T. U., lab., 71 New Market 
Haiicker Abraham, dry goods, 110 High 
Hancock Alex, drayman, Sch 4th and Barker 
Hancock Biddlc, bricklaver, 100 Wallace 
HANCOCK & CO., geiits. furnish, store, 161 

Hancock James B., acct., h 120 Catharine 
Hancock .lolin, drug-gist, N W 9th and Button- 
wood, h 9th opp Ogden 
Hancock John, 24 Morris 
Hancock Mary Ann, rear 158 Queen 
Hancock llobert, police ofiicer, Sch 4th ab Cal- 

Hancock Robert B., mer., 52 S Front, h 18 W 

Penn sq 
Hancock Samuel P., corder. High st wharf Sch, 

h N W Sch 7th & Mulberry 
Hancock Wm., silk dyer, 93 Vine 
Hancock Wm. C, bricklayer, Washington ab 

Hancock Wm. C. bricklr. 18 Logan sq 
Hancock W. P. M.,mer. 161 Chestnut, h 18 Lo- 
gan sq 
Hancox Joseph, brassfounder, 46 Bread 
Hand Aaron B. painter, Powell ab Francis 
Hand Alfred W., clerk, 514 S Front 
Hand And. capt., Washington bel 2d 
Hand Cakb, gent., 7th bel Poplar 
Hand & Co., gold beaters, 80 N 6th 
Hand Geo., tavern. Bath and Ann 
Hand Geo., Rev., Franklin av ab Maidborough 
Hand Harvey, collector, 466 N 4th 
Hand Isaac, carp. 1 Weaver 
Hand Jucob F., clerk, 3d ab 'Washington 
Hand J as. C. mer. 41 Commerce, h 237 Vine 
Hand Jolm, Lancaster bel Cramond (W P) 
Hand John R. clerk, 487 N 4th 
Hand Jonathan, fisherman, Franklin ab Wood 
Hand Joseph, gold beater, 80 N 6th, h Noble 

bel 6th 
Hand Joseph S. K., jeweller, 10 Minor, h 268 

Hand Jothani, cordw., St John ab Beaver 
Hand Lcmi; 1, bookbinder, 466 N 4th 
Hand Ma:.,.<.-et, Fitler ab Montgomery 
Hand Feu r, boatman, 290 Wood 
Hand Sarali, gentw., N W 4th and Pine 
Hand Silas, lab., rear 64 Catharine 
Hand Smith, cordw. Randolph bel Wager 
Hand Thos., waterman, Beach bel Maiden (K) 
Hand Thomas, sea capt., 26 Union al (S) 
Hand Tiiomas, grocer, Washington (W P) 
Hand Tlios. waterman, Dyott's ct 
Hand Wm. P., cordwainer, 108 Prime 
Handhest Wm., police, Harrison n Sch 2d 
Handford Peter, tailor, Marriott bel 6th 
Handlen John, locksm. 79 Plum 
Handley Maigt., dressmr. 3 Pratt's ct 
Handley Margaret, sempstress, 365 N lOtli 

Handley Tiios. J., Washington ab Moore 

Flandsborry John, manuf., Lewis ab Thompson 

Handwork John A. lab. 10th ab Master 

Handy John, cordw., 625 S 2d 

Handy Susan E. milliner, 131 S 8th 

Handy Tiieodorc, carp., 131 S 8th 

Hanes Elizabetii, 442 S 4th 

Haney Alex., baker, 11th & Milton 

Haney Barnard, lab., Linn W Nixon 

Haney Bernard, jr. blacksm., Rose bel William 

Haney Elizal)eth, nurse, R road bel Ann (F V) 

Haney Hugh, tavern, N E Shippen and 7th 

Haney Jas., lab., Clay bel Beach 

rianey John, baker, S W 6th and Marriott 

Haney John, dealer, 11 Franklin place. 

Haney Johh, painter, 14 Queen (S) 

Haney Mary, washer, 11 Monroe ct 

Haney Mary, shop, Sliippen la bel Fitz water 

Haney Michael, weaver, Hamilton 

Haney Richard, dyer. Church E Nixon 

Haney Thos., blacksm, Phanix bel G T road (K) 

Hanev Thos., soap mr. 135 High, h Sch 6th bel 

Haney Wm., turner, 42 Dock, h 304 S 3d 
Hanf Joseph, taUor, 79 Cherry 
Hangliter Jacob, shoemr. Rickett's ct 
Hangy John, lab. Mulberry E Sch Front 
Hanii'auser John, shop, 142 F road. 
Hank Mary, 12th and Cherry 
Hankey John, tailor, 2 Farr 
Hankins C. G., coal mer. 11th & Willow, h 17 

Hankins Wm., carp. 38 Wallace 
Hankins Wm. H., coal mer.. Broad bel Vine, h 

522 Vine 
Hankinson Isaiah, waiter, 2 Acorn al 
Hankinson Thomas, bricklayer, 460 N 5th 
Hankinson Thomas A., grocer, 3d & Beaver 
Hankinson Wm. AV., hatter, 4 Townsend av 
Hanlen Thos., carter, Lombard ab Sch Bank 
Hanlen John, lab. Richmond ab Ann 
Hanley Ann, widow of George, 11th bel Wash- 
in go n 
Hanley Daniel, clerk, Washington av 
Hanley E]3hraim, oystcrman, 2 Ronaldson 
Hanley George, hatter, Lee's ct 
Hanley John, lab., Garretson row 
Hanley John, grocer. Larch ab William 
Hanley John, dry goods, P road and AVall 
Hanley J ulianna, 6 Senbert av 
Hanley Michael, lab. Sorrell bel Larch 
Hanley Patrick, carter, R road & Creek 
Hanley Sarah, ch-essmr. S W Front and Pine 
ILanley Spencer, lab. 1 Anthony 
Hanley Wm., cooper, 35 Garden 
Hanley Wm., carver, 8 Green 
Hanlin Alice, spooler, Lombard n Sch Bank 
Hanlin Michael, Rittenhouse bel Sch 8th 
Hanlin John, carter, rear G T road ab Thomp- 
H.anline Alfred, mer., 3 Bank, h 318 N 7th 
Hanlinc &. Ostheimer, imports., 3 Bank 
Hanlon James, dyer, Harrison's av (K) 
Hanlon Patrick, lab. F road ab Pha-nix 
FlanU' James, tavern, 4-35 S 6th 
Hanl'v John, lab. Milton & 12th 
Hanly Wm., drug store, S E 7th and Lombard, 
h 39 Lombard 




Hann Joseph, conductor, 134 Christian 

Hanna Alex., weaver, Federal ab 12th 

Hanna Andrew, g'roccr, 4t!i and Wharton 

Hanna F.lizahcth, Bedford bel Broad 

Hanna Geo. ^V., carp. Pemhcrton bcl Wallace 

Hanna .las., varnisher, rear Oi,'-den ab 13th 

Hanna James, lab., Lombard n Sch 2d 

Hanna Jas. S., clerk, Lewis ab Girard av 

Hanna Jane, Christian ab 12tli 

Hanna Jane, tailoress, 7 Chancery la 

Hanna John, atty. and covin., S5 S 6th, h N W 

11th and Green 
Hanna John, lab. Gaffney's av 
Hanna .loseph, lab. Lancaster n Keefe 
Hanna Robt., shop, 55 Green 
Hanna Richard, weaver, Hanover bel Duke (K) 
Hanna Saml., weaver, rear G T road ab Oxford 
Hanna Thomas, g-rocer, 2d ab Moiitg-omery (K) 
Hanna Wim., porter, Uorseyab 13th 
Hannabery Chas., fancy chair mr. 14 Clinton 
Hannag-an John, lab. Centre W Wilham 
Hannah Wm., tailor, Blig-ht n Pine 
Hannan Isaac, tailor, 10 Pratt 
Hannan John, weaver. Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Hannan Jolin, lab. 57^ Union 
Hannan Thomas C, bricklr. Casseday ct 
Hannig-an Hug-h, Shippen ab 12th 
H.anning's Henry, combmr., 2 Torr 
Hanning-s Wm., bookbinder, Torr bel R road 
HANNINGS WM. & CO., beer house, 32 Car- 
ter's al 
Hannis Andrew, lab. Charles (S) 
Hannis Francis, confect. Parrish E Sch 7th 
Hannis Henry, cooper, rear 521 N 2d 
Hannis Jos., tinsm. 20 Lilv al 
Hannold Geo., sr., tailor, 23 Coates al 
Hannold John S. blacksmith. Lemon ab 10th 
Hannold Simeon B., 559 S Front 
Hannon Michael, slater. Green ab R road 
Hannon Samuel, weaver, F road bel Master 
Hano L., clothing-, 238 Cedar 
Hano L., watchmr. 241 S 5th 
Hano Simon, clothing-, 166^ S 6th 
Hanon Chas., weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Hanon Wm., cowkeeper, Carpenter ab 13th 
Hannum Wm. E., East. Penitentiary, h Ann ab 

Hansberry Jane, 87 Locust 
Hansberiy .losiah, shing-le shaver, Alder above 

Girard av 
HansbeiTy Samuel, lab. Franklin bel Crown (K) 
Hansbury Henry S., cabmr. 34 Vernon 
Hansbnry J., plasterer. Winter bel Sch 2d 
Hansen Barnet, mcr., 28 Hig-h, h 142 N 6tli 
Hansell Chas. C, blacksm. R road opp Francis 
Hansell Chas. F.,comb mr., R road n Francis 
Hansell C. & Co., shoe store, 203 S 2d 
Hansell Edmund M., collector, 65 S 11th 
Hansell Edwin, turner, 462 Sassafras 
Hansell H. H., mer., 28 High 
Hansell Jacob, coach smith, Broad ab Vine, h 

Sch 8th ab Parrish 
Hansell James, watch mr. 236 High, h 76 N lltli 
Hansell James S., turner. Pine .ab 10th 
Hansell Jesse,, Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Hansell Jos., dyer. Park ah Chestnut (W P) 
H.ansell J. & J., coachsm., Broad ab Vine 
Hansell Martha, dressmr. 5 S 12th 

HANSELL ROBERT AV., blacksm. Lancaster 

Pike & Haverford road (W P) 
Hansell Standish F., mer., 28 F[ig-h, h 305 Vine 
Hansell 'I'hos., turner, N W13th& Buddeii's al 
Hansell Wm. F., silk dver, 24 N 5th 
Ilinsell Wm. S., mer.,'28 Hijjh, h 109 S 3d. 
Hansell Wm. S. &. Sons, saddlers, 28 High 
Hansell W. A. & G. dry goods, 34 N 8th 
Hanson Albert F. mer., 23 Cliestnut, h 87 S 3d 
FLanson Barbara, Pearl bel lltli 
H inson Emma, shop, Redwood bel 5th 
Han.son Geo. H. L., cap mr., 93 N 3d, h Chest- 
nut n Sch Front 
Han.son James C. b h, 102 S Front 
Hanson John, weaver, 11 Harrison av 
Hanson John R., lab. Rhoades W Sch 5th 
Hanson J. B., mer., 31 X whfs., h 153 N 9th 
Hanson J. B. & Co., mers., 31 N whfs. and 61 N 

Hanson William, baker, 120 New Market 
Hanson Wm. R. mer., 23 Chestnut 
Hanson William R. & Brother, com. dry goods, 

23 Chestnut 
Hanthoi-ne liachel, shop, Shippen la &. Bedford 
Hantz Adam, 4 Martins' ct 
Hanvy Jas., lab. Kate ab I3th 
Hapkey Henry, rope mr. Marriott bel 6th 
Happersett Reese, asst. sect., 265 Chestnut 
Happig John, shoemr. 7 Evving's ct 
Haragan Patk., brewer, Jones bel Sch 6th 
Harbach Ann Eliza, confectioner, 48 N 8th 
IIARBACH A. J., refectory, 483 High 
Harbauer L., piano mr. 34 Pegg 
Harber Wm., stevedore, 7 Elfreth's al 
Elarberger A. W., gas fitter. High ab Sch 6th 
Hai-berger Elizabeth, Coates n Nixon 
Harberger Henry, High ab Sch 6th 
Harbergei- Henry W., machinist, Callowhill W 

Sch 4th 
Ilarberson Wm., lab., rear 128 Dillwyn 
Herberson Samson, weaver, Philip ab blaster 
Harbert Bettle, confect. 24 Marion 
Harbert Charles, lumber mer., 10th & Callow- 
hill, h Callowhill bel 12th 
HARBERT & DAVIS, lumber mcrs., 10th and 

Harbert Elizabeth, cupper, 177 S 11th 
Harbert Isaac, gent., 146 N 10th 
Harbert Isaac, 489 Vine 
Harliert Isaac, jr., clerk, 489 Vine 
Harbert Jolin, bricklr. 9 Short ct 
Ilarbeson Jolin, weaver, Cadwalader ab Master 
Ilarbeson John, weaver, Hancock bcl Master 
Harbeson Samuel, carter, Washington abov« 

Harbeson Wm., clerk, 10th and Joy 
Harbison George, weaver, Fitzwater n Broad 
Harbison James, printer, Wiiarton ab 5th 
Harbord Elizabeth, b h, 5 N 13th 
Harbour T. F., clerk, 9th bel Noble 
Hardcastle Fi-ancis, sliop, 137 Queen 
Ilardcastle Ja.s., granite cutter, 137 Queen 
Hardcastle Thos., painter, 177 G T road 
Harden Geo., com. mer. 38 Chestnut 
Harden Henry, lab. Bayard 
Harden Henry, police offi., 6 S 12th 
Harder Henry A., drug-gist, 4th and Carpenter 
Harder J. L., druggist, S W 4th & Queen 




iardick Jolin, cabtmr. 494 S Front 
lardie Jann-s G., clerk, 166 S|)nicc 
hiriliii .lulm, oak cooper, I'alnicr ah Diikc 
lardiii John, jr., oak cooper, 4tli bcl Master 
lardiii Sand., coopei', Klin brl Tranklin 
lardln \Vm., whiti.' sm., tJ T road bel 7th 
larding- Ahni. S., W. I'. Hotel, W side of Hridge 
lardin}^ Alex., oil clotlis, Sch 7tli ab Coates 
larding- Cliarlotte, tavern, 178 i'inc 
larding- Christian, farrier, 61 Queen 
■larding- Daniel, ladies' siioeiiir. Clymer 
ilarding- Diana, Mechanic bel Culvert 
-larding- Fdi, ciieniist, 8tli Jjel Girard av 
Harding- Geo., atty. at law, 90 S 4th 
riarding- & Moll, paper, 21 Minor 
riarding II., ship master, 83 Pine, 
larding- Isaac, carp. 13th bcl Callowhill 
[lAllUiNG ISAAC, ladies' shoemr., S W 12t]i 

and Locust 
larding- Jesper, prop. Penn. Inquirer, ofucc 57 

S 3rd, ii Spruce bel Sch 7lh 
aARDING JOHN, JR., mer., 28 & 30 S Wa 

ter, and 29 & 31 S Front 
Harding- Jos., cartel-, (i T road bel JeflTci-son 
Harding- Philip T., mer., 37 Hig-h, h 10th ab 

Harding- Rebecca, v/asher, rear 9 St Mary- 
Harding- Richard, stone quarry, Bridg-ewater, 

(M V) 
Harding- Sam. W., mer., 21 Minor 
Harding Stephen, lal). 24-7 S 7th, h 64 Wistar 
Hardinif Wm , snuH' mr. Oak (\V P) 
Harding' Wm., lab. Whaiton ab 7th 
ilardisty Jolm, trinnning-s, 347 S 2d 
Hardman James H., brass manuf.. Poplar above 

Hardman Robt., clerk, Allen and Palmer 
Ilardt Edw., trunkmr. 48 Walnit 
Ilai-dt Jolin, carp. 23 Biandywinc- 
Harclwick Wm., acct., Julianna ab Vine 
Hai'dy Charles, liatter, Marriott ab M road 
Hard}' Craford, porter, ^^'atson's al 
Hardy Ellis, bleacher. Queen ab Palmer 
Hardy Geo., bari)er, F road h M:;ntg-omery 
Hardy Jacob, baker, 9th bel Christian 
Hardy J as., 224 S 5th 

Hardy James, tobacco, Callowhill n Scluulkill 
Haidy Jas., 391 S 3d 
Ilardv John, hatter, Catharine bel 5th 
Hardy John 1)., drug-g-ist, N W 4tli and Plum. 
Ilai-dy Marg-aret, 5H5 S !'ri<nt 
Haidy Mary, g-entw., 1 Relief 
Hardy Tiiomas, clerk, 97 Pliim 
Hardy Wni., carp. 4th ah Master 
Hardy Wm., eng-ineer, Union ab West (K) 
Jlaie Ciias., machinist, rear lieacli ab Ilanovcr 
Hare Ciiarles B., U. S. mint, h 467 Vine 
Hare Chai-les W., Mi-s., g-entw., 35 Clinton 
Hare G>-org-c W., dealer, Tyler a!i Poplar 
Hare G. I-^mlen, Re\., 33 Suiunier 
Hare James, g-rocer, 308 S 6tii 
Hare John, sawyer, rear 75 German 
Hare John, weaver, Brinton ab 12th 
Hare Jolm, stone cut.. Cedar E Sch 4th 
Hare John saddler. Miller ab 13fh 
Hare John B., wlif. builder, Braceland's ct 
Hare Jolin J. tobacconist, 76 New 
Hare J. I.Clarke, atty & coun., 63 S 6th 

Hare Martha, 39 Clinton 
Hare Misses, 34 Ciiestor 

Hare Nicholas, carp, mantif. G T road bcl Phoe- 
nix (K) 
Hare Rebecca,shop, Queen ab Shackamaxon(K) 
Hare Robert, M. D., 291 Chestnut 
Hare Sebastian, |)aintcr, (Juliehna n Ilanovcr 
Hare Thomas, toijacconist, 260 Coates 
Hare Thomas, g-rocer, 7 Raspberry al 
Hare Wm., stove nw. 6 John 
Hare Wm., waterman, Franklin ab Cherry 
Haiford Ann, Wasliing-ton ab Front 
Harg-adon Timothy, baker, S E 5th &. Gaskill. 
Ilarg-an Danl., lal). 2d ab Montgomery 
Hargaii Jane, 17 Duke 

Harg-eshcimer James, eating- house, 22 High 
Hargesheimcr Peace, turner, 487 S 2d 
Hargis Esther, 2 Kunckle's ct 
Hargis Peter, porter, St Mary ab 7th 
Haigi-ave 8c Co., boot and siioemrs. 79 N 3d 
Hal grave Edwin, maciit. 181 S 6th 
Hargrave Isaac, mach., Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Hargrave John, clei-k, Haverford n 3d (.VI V) 
Hargrave Robt., boot &, shoemrs.79 N 3d, house 

9 Hamilton pi 
Hargrave Thos., st. cutter, Washington (W P) 
Hargiaves Christopher, printer, Beach ab Pal- 
Hargi-eave Thomas, stone cutter, R road & 13th, 

h Washington ab 13th 
Flargust Benj., shop, 213 S 11th 
IL-.ring John, potter, G T road bel 6th 
Harick Michael, carter. Broad bel Vine 
Ilarkens Catharine, 23 Castle . 
HARKER A. W., mer., 48 S 2d, h Sch 8th bel 


Harker D. Smith, druggist, 45 Mulberry 
Ilarker Geo., trader, Brown bel Duke (K) 
Harker Joshua G., gent. 45 Mulberry 
Harker Marv, 7 Green 

Harker, Morrell & Stokes, c. mer. 11 Church al 
HARKER & RiDGWAY, druggists, 45 Mul- 

Harker Saml. C, brickJr. Tyler bel Master 
Harker, Taylor 8c Co., earthen wrs. 56 Minor 
Haiker Thos., carp. 12 Pratt 
Harker Wm., Lib. 8 Mechanic 
Ilarkins Ambrose, pi-inter, 34 S 4th 
Harkins And., lab. Lombard n Sch 7th 
Harkiiis Andrew, lab. Harrison ab p'ront 
Harkins Daniel, cabman, rear 11 Lombard ct 
Ilarkins Daniel, lab., Duke bel R road 
Markins Dennis, lab. Ann bel Riclimond 
Harkins Jas., jew-eler, R road opp Francis 
Harkins Jas., lab.. Mulberry ab Sch 3d 
Ilarkins Jolm, lab., Sch 4th and 15arker 
Ilarkins Jolm, sto\e dealer, Higli ab Sch 6th 
Ilarkins .Mary, Muiray W Sell 3d 
Harkins Neaj, shop, 4th ab Siiippen 
Harkins Pat., lab. Ttii bel Whar;on 
llarkinson Jolm, coachman, rear 1 Prospect al 
■lai-kley .lames, lab., Queen ab Hanover 
Harkness Clias., clothing, S E 4th &. High, h 191 

N 6i!\ 

clothing, S E 4tli 8c High 
Harkness Dan'el, manufacturer, Poplar bcl 9th 
Haikness Elizabetli,shop,Master &. Hancock(K) 




llarkness Jolin II, mcr., S E 4th & High, h 272 

llarkness Thos., nianuf. Master bcl Hancock(K) 
Harkness Wm., carp., Carpenter bel 8th 
llarkness ^^'m., lab. 42 Bread 
Harlan Charles, conveyancer, 37 S 6th, h 380 

Harlan .Michael, tailor, 19 S 3d 
Harlan S. Klliot, conveyancer, 74 S 4th 
Harland John, gent., 140 Mulberry. 
Harley Connell, shop, Sch Water ab Cedar 
Harley Daviil, grocer, Scii 8th and Parrish 
Hai-lcy Edward, bottling cellar, High E Sch 4th 
Harley Hannah, 22 Washington Market pi 
Harley Isaac, lab., Clinton ab Poplar 
Harley Jesse S., grocer, N E 4tli &. Vine 
Harley John, skin dresser, 25 St John 
Harley John, mer., 185 High, h 12 Logan 
Harlin Geo., lab., 2d n Diamond 
Harlon S. H., com. mer. 25 S Whf. 
Harman Frances, baker. Pine ab Perry 
Harman Jacob, varnisher, G Troadab Haydock 
Harman Jacob, senr., 335 N Front 
Hai'man James, cordw. Cherry bel West 
Harman John, baker, rear OgJen bel 10th 
Harman John, carter. Willow and Sch 5th 
Harman John M., collector, 523 Coates 
Harman Mary, layer out, 5 Willow 
Harman Peter, carter, Sth bel Reed 
Harman Saml., lab.,Wasliington ab Jefferson(K) 
Harman S. Mrs., 409 Sassafi-as 
Harman Wm., cordw,, Coates bel 13th 
Harmer David, ship carp. Franklin ab Union (K) 
HaiTner James, jr., collector and house agt., 199 

Harmer Jesse, ship carpenter, Union ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Harmer J as. shipwrt, 19 Allen (K) 
Harmer Jas. B., shoemr., 67 N 3d 
Harmer Randolph, brassfound. rear 326 S 5th 
Harmer R., coffee house, S E Broad and Chest- 
Harnier Samuel, shipwrt., 19 Allen (K) 
Harmer Samuel Y., shoemr. 236 S 2d 
Harmon Henry, clothing, 70 S 2d 
Harmon Levi, rear .Middle al 
Hamion Timothy, porter, 7 Poplar ct 
Harmoning Chas., type foundr}, Carpenter and 

Harmoning Hen., baker. Carpenter &. Atherton 
Harmoning Henry A., plasterer, Carpenter and 

Harms Henry, shoemr., 71 Locust 
Harmstead Charles, carp., Clianctllor bel 6th 
Ilarmstead Charles, carp., 54 Ptrry 
Hai-mstead Edwin, bricklr, Sch 7th bel Walnut 
Harmstead George R., carp., 13th n Lombard 
Harmstead Ilarve)-, bricklayer, 147 S 13th 
Harmstead Henry, marb. mr. 147 S 13th 
Hai-mstead John, stone cutter, 2 Walnut al 
Harmstead Joseph, carp., 147 S 13th 
Harmstead Lawrence, carp. 147 S I3th 
Harmstead Martin E., bookseller, 46 N 5th, h 

11th ab Girard av 
Harmstead Perry, bricklayer, 147 S 13th 
Harmstead Samuel, carp., iI34 S Juniper 
Harmstead Susan, rear 87 N Juniper 
Harned Henry, carver, 101 Spruce 

Hamed John, tin smith, 392 High, h Wood ab 

Harned L. M., blindmr. 386 N 2d, h 429 N 7th 
Harnett Wm., shoemr., Chcny n Juniper 
HARNDEN & CO., com. mcrs., 61 J Walnut 
Harner Elizabeth, 30 Alder 
Harney Nathaniel, carp. Clinton ab Parrish 
Harney Wm. L., carp. 11th ab Thompson 
Harnisch Julius, cabinetmr., S 8th ab Christian 
Harnlsh Henry, drover, 12tli ab Vine 
Harold Hart., cordw.. Blight n Pine 
Harold Dennis, shoemr. Blight n Pine 
Harold Henry, tailor, Spragg's av 
Harold John, shoemr., IBIight n Pine 
Harp Jacob, tailor, 372 Green 
Ilarpel David, tailor, 300 Sassafras. 
Harpel Jacob, tailor, 300 Sassafras 
Harpel Jno., sexton, Sterling al ab School-house 
H :rpel Phil. R., flour & feed. Cedar Si G F road 
Harper Alexander, druggist, 451 High 
Harper Alex. J., com. mer., 87^ S Front 
Harper Ann D., 29 S 13th. 
Harper Benj., student. 7th ab Parrish 
Harper Catharine, market wo. N E Cherry and 

Sch 7th 
Harper Catliarine, dealer, 4 Little Dock 
Harper Edward, carp., 8 Olive 
Harper George, lab., 38 Duponceau 
Harper Hen , sea capt. Shackamaxon ab Queen 
Harper James, hatter, 5 Shaffer's ct 
Harper James, brickmaker, 205 Locust 
Harper James, prest, A. Mut. Life Ins. Co., 48 

Walnut, h Walnut n Sch 5th 
Harper James, grocer, N E 2d & Coates, h 247 

Harper James R., teller, Chancelor E Sch 6th 
Harper John, brushmr. Cedar ab 11th 
Harper John M., importer of watches, 3 Bank 

al, h 194 Spruce 
Harper Joseph L., mail agent, 398 N 10th 
Harper Joseph M., clerk, Wallace bel 11th 
Harper Lucien, cordw.. Hazel bel 12th 
Harper & M'Lean, watch case nirs. 51 Dock 
Harper Mark, macliinist, Rhoads ab Sch 5th 
Harper N. &. Co., foi-k manuf., 51 Commerce 
Harper Robt., drayman, S E 13th & Sassafras 
Harper Robert, clerk, 201 Pine 
Harper Samuel, gilder. Nectarine bel 10th 
Harper Siddons, bricklr., P road & Marriott 
HARPER THOS. E., watch case mr., 51 Dock, 

h 26 Sheets 
Harper Wm., printer rear, 55 Plum 
Harper Wm., jr., bricklr., P road &. Marriot 
Harper Wm.sec'y P. In. Co., h P road c Marriott 
Harper Wm., carp., Lafayette ab 9tli 
Hardei- Wm. E., salesman, Sch Sth bel Wood 
Harpur Alex., carp., Owen n Broad 
Harpur Wm. E., chronometer & watchmaker, 

136 Chestnut, h 237 Christian 
Harraden J., for. & com. mer., 68 S whfs., h Sch 

8th ab Rittenhouse 
HaiTall Paul, tailor, 117 Swanson 
Hanar Benj. T., ma.son, 9th ab Poplar 
Harrar David, wheelwt. Front ab Montgomery 
Harrar Edmund, rulemr , R road ab Broad 
HaiTur Jacob, skin dresser, rear 48 Charlotte 
Harrar George, rulemr., 12 Apple 
Harrar George, cordw., 8 Apple 




I-Iarrar John, provisions, Dean and Locust 

Hurrar Jolm, carpenter, Cliina ab Front. 

llarraty Pat., lab., Dickinson a!) 7th 

Harred Clement, carter, 19 Gaskill 

Harres Gebliard, cabinetmr., '35o S 3d 

llarrig-an Cornelius, lab., Murray W Sch 3d 

Harrigan Cornelius, porter, 304 S 6th 

Ilarrig-an David, lalx, James (S) 

Harrig-an Jas., Locust bel llced 

Harrigan John, carp., 30 Strawberry 

Harrigan Pati-ick, carter, James 

Harrington Dennis, j^rovisions, 145 Lombard 

Ilarring-ton Jno., carter, Vaug-han ab Locust 

Harrington Mary, 295 S l-'ront 

Harrington Michael, ostler, rear 64 N 2d 

Hai'rington Samuel, mason. Brown's ct n Nixon 

Harrington Saml. G., lamps Sc oil, 408 S 2d 

Harrington Thos., carter, Wood n Sch 5th 

Harrington Wm., clockmr., R road ab Green 

Harris Abm., upholster. 22 N 9th 

Harris Andre\\', stove mr. 65 N 7th 

Harris Ann, tailoress, rear Randolph ab Parrish 

Harris Ann C, milliner, 129 Spruce 

Harris Barton J., tlnsm. 453 S 2d 

Harris Benj., pumpmr., Sch 5th &. Francis (F V) 

Harris Catharine, market w., Powell E Sch 4th 

HARRIS & CO., stock & ex.brok., 50 Walnut 

Harris Cyrus, seaman. Garrison's ct 

Harris & Dungan, druggists, 69 N Front 

Harris Edwd., waiter. Eagle ct 

Harris Edw. S., silversm., rear 173 N 2d 

Harris Elizabeth, Ontario and Poplar 

Harris George, diy goods, 33 N Sth 

Harris Geo., Washington bel Moore (W P) 

Harris Geo., plumber. Beach 

Harris George W., for. mer., 13 and 15 S 3d, h 

Locust ab Sch 8th 
Harris Gilbert T., tobacconist, 11 N 10th 
Harris G. S., printer, 119 N 4th 
Harris Henry, porter, Emeline 
Harris Isaac, corder. Watt n Sch 3d 
Harris Jas., dry goods, 97 High, h 62 O Y road 
HiU'ris James stonemas., 13th ab Federal 
Harris James M., M. U., dentist, 307 Spruce 
Harris Jaquet, carp., 425 N 11th 
Harris John, manuf., Apple ab Oxford 
Harris John, founder, 7 Duke 
Harris John, commt. mar., Navy Yard 
Harris John, shoemr. Rio Grand pi 
Hai-ris John M. D., merchant, 201 High,h Pine 

ab 11th 
Han-is John W., carp., Wood bel Sch 4th 
Harris John W., carp., 233 Jlulberry 
Harris Joseph, carp., Green ab 11th 
Harris Joseph L., bricklayer, Steward 
Harris J., blacksm., Lombard n Sch Front 
Hairis J. A., tobacconist, 24 S whfs, h 46 Duke 
Harris J. C, broker, 50 Walnut, h42 Pine 
Hai-ris J. Q., paper hanger, 7 Logan 
Harris J. Smith, tailor, 141 Chestnut, h 66 

HARRIS & LEECH, ford, mer., 13 & 15 S 3d. 
Han-is Mary Ann, washer and cook, rear 252 

Harris Mary, Sassafras bel Sch 7th 
Harris Mary, sempstress, Wood bel Scb 6th 
Harris Miu-j', 6 Chester 
Harris Marv, 9th bel Lombard 

Harris & Mason, combs, &.C., 183 High, (ab 

Harris Michael, brass founder, 43 Lewis 
Harris Mitchell, waiter, 8 Warren 
Harris Nicholas, jr., livery stable, 20 Merchant 
Harris N. Sayre Rev., Washington ab lltli 
Harris & Owens, stovemr., 65 N 7tli 
Harris Phillis, 46 Quince 
Harris Rachel, 68 Coates 
Harris Richard, bootmaker, 42 Beck 
Harris Richaril, gent, 296 S 8th 
Harris Riciuu-d, music printer, 116 Chestnut, h 

Plover ab 7th 
Harris Robert, weaver, Lomljard E Sch Front 
Harris Robert P., M. D., S E 12th and Walnut 
Harris Ruth, sempstress, 1 Traquair ct 
Harris R. W., millinery, 20 N 7th 
Harris Samuel, tailor, Grubb 
Harris Samuel, dra3'man, Moore's al 
Harris Samuel B., tailor, 154^ Sassafras, h 20 

Ilan-is Samuel W., cun-ier, 7 Barton 
Harris Sand_v, 1 Sansom 
Harris Sarah, gentw., 162 N 9th 
Harris Sarah, milliner, 148 S 10th 
Harris Sarah, seminary. Cherry W Sch 7th 
Harris Stephen, M. D., 292 Pine 
Harris Thomas, mer. 183 High, h 163 Sassafras 
HaiTis Thomas C, wh. washer, 23 Little Pine 
Harris Thomas E., presser, 75 Cedar 
Harris Thos. H., carp. 2 Acorn al 
Harris Thos. S., express driver, 108 Prime 
Harris, Turner & Hale, druggists, 201 High 
Harris Vickers, mason, N E Swanson and Al- 
Harris Washington, stove manuf., 3 N 9th, h 29 

Harris Wm., porter, 321 Spruce 
Harris Wm., dyer, 17 Filbert, h Sch 2d ab Vine 
Harris Wm., manuf. stockingett clotliing, Apple 

and Oxford (K) 
Harris Wm., M. D., S E 12th and Walnut 
Harris William, broker, 50 Walnut, h 42 Pine 
Harris Wm., mer., 69 N Front 
Hai-ris Wm., grocer, 173 S Front 
Harris Wm., boot fitter, Green's ct 
Harris Wm., lab., William n Sch Front 
Harris AVni., drayman. Say ab Sch 8tli 
Harris Wm., lab., rear Shackamaxon bel Bedford 
Harris Wm. D., paper Sc rags, 1 Strawben-y 
Harris William P., plumber, N W 6th £c Mul- 
berry, h Wood ab 9th. 
Harris W. E., clerk, 291 N 6th 

95^ Walnut 
Harrison Alexander, agent 8c publisher, 8^ S 

7th, h 431 ^^'alnut 
Harrison Ann M., 4th n Cohocksink 
HARRISON APOLLOS W., books, maps and 

ink, 8i S 7th, h 431 Walnut 
HARRISON BROTHERS & CO., white lead 
manuf., cor. Fitler and Harrison, office 43^ 
S Front 
Harrison Catharine, trimmings, 28 Lombai-d 
Harrison Charles, cun-ier, 79 Tammany 
Harrison Henry C, tanner, 494 N 5th 
Harrison Edward, mason, Philip ab Master 
Harrison Eliza, b. h. 106 S 4th 




Harrison Elizalictli, Rrown bel 13th 
Harrison Enoch, \vaterman, 27 Reckless 
Harrison Hugh, painter, S7 Sheaff alley 
Harri jon Hugh, painter, 12 Coombs' al 
Harrison James, weaver, 5 Lyndall's al 
Han-iscn James, oil cloth manuf.. Little Wash- 
ington bel 10th 
Harrison John E., trader, Union bel F road 
TTarrlson Joseph, dry goods, 222 Callowhill 
Harrison Joseph, weaver, Lombard ab I2th. 
Harrison Joseph, pewterer, 589 N Front 
Harrison Luphclia, nurse, Lombard bel 11th 
Harrison Margaret, b. h. 7 Clark 
Han-ison Mary, 11 Mead 
Harrison Mary Mrs., S W 3d and Catharine 
Harrison M. F. engraver, 39 & 41 S 8th, h 155 

Buttonwood ab 10th 
Harrison M. Leib, chemist, 43^ S Front, h 385 

Harrison Peter, lab., Haydock bel Front 
HaiTison Rebecca Mrs., gentw., 11 Girard 
Harrisor. Richard, shoemr. 13th ab Poplar 
Harrison Richd., potatoe dealer, Gorrell's ct 
Harrison Richard G., bank note engraver, S W 

Callowhill Si 12th 
Harrison Robert, weaver, 6 Brinton 
Harrison R. A., milliner, 316 S 2d 
Harrison Samuel, tobacconist, Poplar ab 12th 
HARRISON SAMUEL A., Butler house, N W 

8th & Chestnut 
Harrison Sarah, Sch 7th n Mulberry 
Harrison Sarah, 195 Spruce 
Harrison Sarah Ann, 18 Federal 
Harrison Simeon G., stovemr., 390 High 
Harrison Sophia, 156 Chestnut 
Harrison Thomas, chemist, 43 1 S Front, h F road 

ab Montgomery (K) 
Harrison Thos., corder, Hope bel Phoenix 
Harrison Virgil F., publisher, 39 & 41 S 8th, h 

Coates W Sch 8th 
Harrison Washington, 104 Washington 
Harrison Wm., plasterer, 22 Mead 
Harrison Wm., mer., 12 S whfs, h 343 N 7th 
Harrison Wm., spinner, Harmstead E Sch 2d 
Harrison Wm. Henr}', machinist, 36 Barker 
Harrison Wm. H., carter. Queen ab Palmer (K) 
Harrison Wm. H., brushmr. Queen ab Hanover 
Harrison William H., brushmaker, Sch 6th and 

Spruce, h 38 Barker 
Harrison Wm. S., ornamentmr., 171 Chestnut, h 

AVashington bel Church 
Harrison Wolcott R., ink manuf. 8^ S 7th, h N 

W 11th and Washington(C) 
Harrison W. F., M. U., S W Callowhill & 12th 
Harrod Eliza, cook, rear 2 Bradford's al 
Harrold F. W., agency, 9 N 5th 
Harrold Geo. S. mer. 656 N 2d,ab Frankhn(K) 
Harrold Robt., stovemr. h 5 Filbert av 
Harrold Wm., carp.. Elk 
Harrop J. Thomas, mer. 53 N 2d 
HARROP J. T. & CO., dry goods, 53 N 2d 
Harry Eli, clerk, Riehl's ct " 
Harsh Charles, cellar, 8 Butz's row 
Harshaw David, carp., William 
Harshburger Joseph, blacksm.. Wood bel Duke 
Hart Abraham L., mer., 87 Lombard 
Hart Alex. C, M. D., 180 N 4t]i 
Hart Amelia, sempstress, Blight n Pine 

[L\RT A., bookseller, S E 4th & Chestnut, h 

126 S 4th 
Hart A. Norton, agent, 307 Pine 
Hart A. & S., quilting, rear Ogden ab 9th 
Hart Benjamin, agent, 180 S '3<\ 
Hart Chas. H., trimmings, R road bel Ann (F V) 
HART & COWAN, variety stoie, 197 High 
Hart Daniel, cordw., Pearl ab Sch 8tli 
Hart Danl., bricklayer. Division bel 12th 
Hart Elea/.er, mer., h 129 Lombanl 
Hart Elizabeth, tailoress, 608 S 2J 
Hart Elizabeth, 10 Elder 
Hart E. Mrs., 87 Lombard 
Hai-t & Flanagan, plumbers & manuf. of lead 

pipe, 45 Walnut 
Hart George H., N Y & Washington Magnetic 

Teleg. Co., 101 Chestnut 
Hart Geo. W., ship joiner, Sarah bel Bedford 
Hart Henry, dyer, 215 Shippen 
Hart Henry, slioemr., WiUi:un bel Edward 
Hart H. I.,' refectory, 227 Callowhill 
Hart Jacob, tanner, 110 Wood 
Hart James, gardener, Filbert W Sch 4th 
Hart James H., mer., 229 N3rd, h 221 Vine 
Hart James H. & Wm. B., wholesale gTOcers, 

229 N 3d 
Hart John, shoemr., 13 Bedford 
Flai-t John, ropemr., rear F road ab Duke 
Hart John, carp., Clinton ab Parrish 
Hart John printer, Charlotte ab Franklin 
Hart John K., mer., 32 N 4th, h 219 Vine 
Hart John L., porter, Taylor's ct 
Hart John M., cooper, 83 S Water, h 86 Spruce 
Hart John S. principal of High School, Juniper 

St rear U. S. Mint, h 227 Filbert 
Hart John V., mers. 197 High, h 180 N 4th 
Hart Joseph, tinman, Hamilton 
Hart Joseph, stove manuf., 305 Pine 
Hart Lydia, 109 Franklin 

Hart, Mantendale & Co., flour & feed, 311 N 2d 
Hart Margaret, 45 Spruce 
Hart Marks, tailor, 176 Cedar 
Hart Mary, gentw., 171 N 4th 
Hart Mary Ann, dressmr.. Linden W Sch 8th 
Hart Michael C, ]>rinter, Larcii ab Wallace 
Flai't & Mitciiell, com. mers., 30 Bank 
HART, MONTGOMERY & CO, paper hangs., 

118 Chestnut and Sch Front &. Carlton 
Hart Mordecai, gjocer, Sch 4tli & Willow 
Hart Olivei-, carp., Lombard ab Sch 7th 
Hart Peter, corchv. 14 Orchard 
Hart Peter, tailor, 25's al 
Hart Phineas A., mer., 28 Walnut, h 167 Spruce 
Hart Robert, collier, Adams 
Flart Saml., stationer, 17 Merchant, h 26 Clinton 
Hart Samuel C, druggist, 22 S 2nd. 
HART SAMUEL & CO., manufs. playing cards 

and steel pens, 17 Merchant 
Hart Sarah, 129 Lomhaid 

HART SELAH, Jr., mer. 30 Bank, h 230 Spruce 
HART SOPHL\, dry goods, IS & h 158 N 9th 
Hart S. & N. L., iiardwr. 32 & 34 Bank 
Hart Theophilus P., mer., 197 High 
Hart Thos., gent., 219 Vine 
Hart Thos., jr., grocer, 229 N 3d, h 219 Vine 
Hart Thomas .1., carp., 13th bel Girard av 
[lART WILLIAM, jr., iron store, S W Cedar 

& George 




Hart William, mcr. "d & Callowhill, h 77 N9th 
Hart Win., nier., 1 18 Chestnut, h Cherry ab 12t]i 
Hart AVni., lithog'r. printer, 21 Bank, h 4tli ah 

Franklin (K) 
Hart AVni. scale l)eam mr. ShipjK-n ah lltii 
Hart Win., men, Clicrry W Sch 8tli 
Hai-t Wm., boatman, Coates n Sch 
Hart AVm., weaver, Milton ab 11th 
Hart Wm , dyer, 12th hel Carpenter 
Hart William" 1?., g-roccr, 229 N 3rd, h 277 N 9th 
Hart William H.,*g-ent., 106 Mulberry. 
Hart William II., plumber, 45 Walnut, h 40 Phie 
Hart Wm. S. drv g-oods, 379 N3d 
Harte Ellen, 14 Park 

HARTE .lOHN E., tavern, N W 5th & Buckley 
Ilartell & Lancaster, union g-lass works, Q.ueen 

bcl Vienna 
Hartell Thos., glass woi'ks, Wood &. West (K) 
Harter John M., provision, N VV Sch 7th & Pine 
Hai'ter J. F., tavern, F road ab Master (K) 
Hartill Joseph, coal dealer, 9 Green 
Hartin Jane, spooler. Cedar ab Sch 4th 
Ilartlet Asher 13., cordw. 1 Wallace 
Hartley Benj., blacksm., Front bel Jefferson (K) 
Hartley Benjamin, g-ent., 95 S 12th 
Hartley Catharine, Crown ab Franklin 
Hartley Deborah, 290 Vine 
Hartley Edgar, 27 N 5th, h 17 Benton 
Hartley Isaac S., engineer, Apple ab Diamond 
Hartley Jacob jr., grocer, G T road & Little 

Poplar (K) 
Hartley Jeremiah, watchmaker, 101 Sp Garden 
Hartley John, boot fittei', rear Orchard below 

Hai-tley John, iron mouldei-, Richmond above 

Hartley John M., tailor, 184 N 11th 
Hartley Jonathan S., cordw.. Poplar bel 7th 
Hartley Joseph, bedding warehouse, 148 S 2nd. 
Hartlev J. D., upholst., h 65 Locust 
HARTLEY &. KNIGHT, upholsterers, 148 S 2d 
Hartley Lewis M., enginr., Duke ab Vienna (K) 
Hartley Matthias A., wheelwr., G T road and 

Hartley Sarah, taveni, Lagrange 
Hartley Thomas, mer., 27 & h 48 N 5th. 
HARTLEY T. & CO., wmes and liquors, 27 

Hartley Wm., chandler. Van Buren pi 
Hartley Wm., sashmr., Lybrand n Vine, h 13 

Hartman Christian, tavern, G F road bel Cedar 
Hartman Elizabeth, baker, 239 & 390 S 2d 
Hartman George, biscuit baker, 5 Lewis 
Hartman Geo. J., tavern, S W Sch 4th & Lombard 
Hartman Hannah, Noble bel 8th 
Hartman Henry, biscuit bak., 376 Nod, h Bache 
Hartman Isabella, Gatchell pi 
Hartman Jacob, brickmr., 9 Cox 
Hai-tman John, biscuit baker, 90 S Whai-ves, h 

25 Pine 
Hartman John, dentist, 277 S 2d 
Hartman John, ta^•ern, 52 Brown 
Hartman John, weaver, Jefferson ab 4th 
HARTMAN JOHN B., tavern, 110 Sassafras 
Hartman Joseph, glass worker, Brown ab Cherry 
Hai'tman Joseph, cordw. 8 Ogden 
Hartman Lewis, lab., Ilutcliinson bel Master 

Hartman N., clerk. Noble bel Slh 

[lartman Wencel, tavern keeper, Sch Beech and 

Hartmyrc Fredk., confect., Charles & William 
Hartnack Anne, vict., 507 N 3d 
Hartnack Charles, huckster, Parrish ab 9th 
Hartnack Christian J. &, Son, provisions, 9th & 

Harncar Michael, carp. 10th bel Master 
Hartnett Caroline, 232 Fitzwater 
Ilartranfl't George, cordw., rear Man-iott ab 5th 
llartranfft Michael, carp., Oxford bel 8th 
IIARTRANFFT SAMUEL, tavern, 150 N 4th 
Hartranfft AVm. cordw. Carpenter ab 5th 
Harton Daniel, cordw., Rye ab Wliarton 
Hartsgrove James, oystcrman, 126 German 
Hartshorne Anna, 272 Mulberry 
Ilartshorne Edward, M. D., 429' Walnut 
Hartshorne Henry, M. D., 272 Mulberry 
Hartshorne James L., cabinetmr., 7th ab Poplar 
Hartshorne Samuel, weaver, Meredith n Nixon 
Hartsough Benj., machinist, Buttonwood n 13th 
Hartung A\ig., cordw., Mechanic ab Franklin 
Hartwell H. J., N AV Franklin & Noble 
Hartzell Chas., clerk, 38 St John 
Hartzell Geo., cabinetmr., Mechanic ab George 
Hartzell Michael, cordw., Mechanic ab George 
Hartzell Nathan, cordw. 37 O Y road 
Harvey Ann, huckster, 9 Shippen 
Harvey Arthur, 97 St John 
Harvey Bernard M., 28 Greenwich 
Harvey 84 Brothers, grocers, 48 N 6th 
Harvey Daniel, morocco manuf. 33 AVillow 
Harvey David, manuf. 2d ab Oxford (K) 
Harvey Emma, 12th ab Poplar 
Harvey Franklin, seaman, 144 Swanson 
Harvey Gabriel, tailor, 12 Stampers' alley 
Harvey George, lab., 6th bel G T road (K) 
Harvey George, lab., 156 Apple 
Harvey Geo. N., broker, 75^ Dock, h 67 Spruce 
Harvey Hannah S., shop, 54 F road (K) 
Harvey Isaac, gent., 320 Chestnut. 
Harvey Isaac, dealer, Harmony bel 4th 
Harvey Isaac J., goldsm. 32 Beck 
HARA'EY JAMES, bootmaker, 50 N 8th 
Harvey James, refectory, S E 2d and Lombard 
Harvey James, morocco dress., 33 AA''illow 
Harvey James, weaver, Clay and Sch. Beech 
Harvey James, moulder, Lancaster bel Reed 
Harve}- Jas., cordw., Union ab Franklin (K) 
Harvey John, brass finisher, 2 Path 
Harvey John, shoemr., 126 German 
Harvey John, car driver, 796 N 2d 
Harvey John, lal)., G T road opp 6th 
Harvey John, cordw., Clinton n Brown 
Harvey John, tailor, Smith's ct 
Harvey John C, grocer, N E Front 8c Jefferson 
Harvey Joseph, office 139 High, h 10 Union sq 
Harvey Jos., clothing, S AV Cedar and 4th 
Harvey Joseph A. broker, 134 Pine 
HARVEY JOSIAH L., real estate broker, 320 

HARA'EA' J. Sc D., morocco dresser, AA'illow 

bel 2d 
Harvev Lovcv, tailoress, 32 Beck 
Harvey Mary", 182 S 9th 
Harvey Nancy, 18 Barcl.ay 
Harvey Peter, dealer, Dean ab Locust 




Harvey Philip Isaac, cap mr., 279 S 2cl 
Haney Rich'd, wheclwr., Lombard bel Sch.7th 
HaiTey Richd. stove moulder, Galbraith's ct 
HARVEY ROBERT, stone cutter, 3d and 

Brown, h 114 Brown 
Harvey Samuel, stonect., Gables ct 
Harvey Saml. G. lamp mr., rear 45 Duke 
Harvey Shedrick, porter, 32 Powell 
Harvey S. G., lampmr., 1 Coombes' al, h rear 

45 Dock 
Harvey Thos., porter, 9 Union 
Harvey Thos., shipwright, 166 Christian 
Harvey Thos. lab., Marble W Sch 6th 
Harvey William, <lv}' g-oods, 542 N 2nd 
Harvey AVm. weaver, Harrison av 
Harvey Wm. lab. 42 Bread 
Harvey Wm. G., shoemr. Decatur & Carpenter, 

h Russell's av 
Harv^ey Wm. W., cordw., Clinton n Brown 
Harwood Ezekiel B., carter, Pine n Sch 3d 
HARWOOD LILBURN, broker, 32* S 3d, h 

611 Chestnut 
Harwood Louisa, R road ab 11th 
Haseltine John, merchant, 164 Hig-h, h 260 

Haseltine Ward B., mer. 164 High, h 238 Pine 
Haselwood Wm., chaser, 21 Franklin pi, h 82 

Haseman G., shoemr., 303 N 5th 
Hasenfray Albert, M. D., 129 New 
Haskell Ebenezer, coachmr., 221 Mulberry 
HASKELL 8c HORN, coachmrs., 221 Mulberry 
HaskeU J. H., M. D., 421 Coates 
Haslam Abraham, machin., Duke bel Palmer 
Haslam Agnes, tavern, Front & Montgomery 
Haslam Elizabeth, 30 Duke 
Haslam Francis, blacksm., Hanover & Duke 
Haslam Geo. engineer, William n Sch Front 
Haslam Thomas, bonnet wire maker, 150 St. 

Haslam Thos, carp., Montgomery bel Front 
Haslam T. G. corder, 197 N Water 
HASLAM T. G. corder. Water and Callowhlll, 

h N E 6th and Buttonwood 
Haslam Wm. engineer, F road bel Oxford (K) 
Haslet Andrew, printer, 7 York ct 
Haslett Alex., miller, 82 Hanover (K) 
Haslett Andw. D., mer., 62 High, h Juniper and 

Haslett Jas., dyer, rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Haslett Mary, 12 Clair 
Haslett Michael, lab., Front n Moore 
Haslett Samuel, stone cutter, 75 Queen (S) 
Haslett AV. lab., Jones ab Sch 8th 
Haslett Wm. D., police office. Brown bel Front 
Hasley John cabinetmr. 232 Callowhill 
Hasley Saml. machinist, Moore's al 
Hasman J. R. ostler, 3 Butz row 
Hass Christian, confect. 339 S 2d 
Hassall John, cordw., 181 N 2d 
Hassan John, tailor, 7tli ab Catharine 
Hassan John, coachman, Clifton 
Hassan Thos., lab., Lombard ab Sch 7th 
Hassard Henry W., sexton, 5th ab Diamond 
Hassard Thos. lab., Dorothy ab Sch 4th 
Hasse Chas. chemist, Cadwalader ab Columbia 
Hassell Christopher, coffee roaster, Emlen's ct 

and Pegg, h F road bel Union (Iv) 

Hassell Chas. coffee roaster, rear 132 N 2d 
Ha.ssell Chas. burnisher, Penn ab 12th 
Hasscnaur Jacob, baker, Larch ab 9th 
Hassenger Stacy, coop., Warren bel Park ( W P) 
Hasscr SVm. cabinetmr. 10th ab Master 
Ilassett Danl. lab. 194 S Water 
liassett James, lab., Sch 3d bel Chestnut 
Hassinger Jane, 200 N 12th 
Hassinger John, carp , 441 High 
Hassinger J. K., 28 Commerce, 2d story 
Hassinger Susan, 12th ab Vine 
Hiissler John P., clerk, 13 Washington 
Hassler H., manuf., 275 Green 
Hasson Catharine, Abbott's ct 
Hasson Henry, lab.. Cedar ab Broad 
Hasson James, lab.. Beach bel Walnut 
Hasson John, carp., Lombard W Ashton 
Hasson John, lab., Fitzwater ab Broad 
Hasson Mary, rear Clay bel Beach 
Hasson Pat. stone mason, Lombard Sch 7th 
Hasson Sarah, dressmr., 60 S 13th 
Hasson Thomas, lab.. Cedar ab Broad 
Hasson Wm., lab., Howard ab Jefferson 
Hastings Ellen, 7th bel Carpenter 
Hastings John, mer., 190 Chestnut, h 6 Glrard 
Hastings Matthew, goldbeater, 120 N 5th 
Hastings Sarah, grocer, 5th and P'ederal 
Hastings S. P., lumber mer., 411 High, h Sch 

8th 8c Bickham 
Haswell G. D., printer, 293 High, h Locust n 

Sch 6th 
Hatch Edward, real estate broker, 47 S 4th, h 

419 Coates 
Hatch Thos., baker, William bel Sch 4th 
Hatcher Jacob J., pencilmr., 45 Walnut, h 56 

Hatcher Thomas, shoemr., 6 Loxley's ct 
Hatcher W'm., brassfounder, 24 Logan 
Hatfield Catharine, 327 N 8th 
Hatfield Christopher, .spinner, 17 W Cedar 
Hatfield Elizabeth, 3 Can-olton sq 
Hatfield Nathan L., M. D., N E Franklin 8c But- 
Hatfield Wm. D. cordw. 327 N 8th 
Hathaway E. A., com. Sc coal mer., 76 Walnut 
Hathean Henry, lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Hatheway Joseph C, M. D., 160 Pamsh 
Hathwell Susan, 7 George 
Hathy Geo. clerk, Perry ct 
Hatklns Elizabeth, skindresser, 512 N Front 
Hatthorn John, clerk Flower al 
Hatton Hany, tinman. Tower n Sch 2d 
Hatton James, clerk, 13t!i n Olive 
Hatton Thos. teacher, Union ab Cramond (W P) 
Hattonfield Susanna, 23 Hallowell 
Hattrick James R., silverplater, 173 S 2d, h 3d 

and Carpenter 
Hatz Wm., tobacco., 69^ Sassafras, h 267 S 3d 
Hatzman Wm. tailor, Kessler 
Hauberger Thos., N E 5th and Poplar 
Haubov Christopher, polisher, 31 Powell 
HAUE'l JUL.:s, import. 8c perfum., 120 Chest- 
nut, h 109 S 8th 
Hang Peter, shoemr. Mechanic ab George 
Haug Wm. L., piano tuner, 76 Spruce 
Haugh Mich, cordw., Richmond bel William 
Hauglierty James, tailor, 400^ N 2d 
Haughcy Barney, 13th and Budd 




Haughey Charles, weaver, Carpenter n 13th 
Hauglicy Hucj'h, weaver. Carpenter ab 13th 
Haujjliey Micliael, weaver, Wliite ab Broad 
Haughey Mich., lab., Somerset and Duke 
Haughcv Michael, baker. Christian ab 13th 
Haughey R. T., M. D., N W Sch 6th &. Chestnut 
Haughey Wm. M., clerk, AVashiiigton ab 5th 
Haughin Lewis, gent., G T road bel Master 
Haughton Thos., sj)inner, Parrish W Sch 4th 
Haughy Samuel, baker. Cedar ab 13th 
Hauptman Geo., lab., Hazel ab Front 
Hauptman John, jr., tavern, 105 Shippcn 
Hauptman Henry, plaster., 10th ab Biittonwood. 
Haury George, eating house, 13 Franklin pi 
Hausch David, baker, Leopard 
Hause Caspar, Cadwalader bel Phoenix (K) 
[lause C. W., tavern, Poplar ab IStli 
Hause George, machinist, Olive ab 13tli 
Hause Geo. boiler mr. Stiles' ct 
Hause John, carp., Randolph bel Franklin 
Hause Jolm, cordw., School ab Otter 
Hansen Henry, dealer, 8th ab Jefferson 
Hauser Joseph, carver, rear 484 N 3d 
Hausman E. tailor, 4 Steele's ct 
Hauss Benjamin, lab., G T road and 4th 
Hautenberger Jacob, rear, 143 Franklin 
Havan "\Vm. pedlar, Freeston pi 
Haven Charles E., mer., 63 S Front, h 607 Mul- 
Haven Ti\os., mer., Locust ab Broad 
Havens Hannah, Miller's ct 
Havens John, moroc. dr., F road ab Maiden 
Havenstrite Samuel, cabinet mr. 51 Ogden 
Haver Jacob, lab. 6th ab Franklin 
Haverkamp Joseph, sug. refiner, 15 Laurel 
Haverstick Charles, mer., 47 N 3d, b 109 But- 

Haverstick Daniel, moulder, 2 Nonnater's ct 
Haverstick Geo., carp. 7 Kessler al 
Haverstick John S. com. mer., 193 N 5th 
Haverstick J. J., weaver, 579 X 3d 
Haverstick "Wm., gent. 257 X 7th 
Haverstick William, gent., 266 X 7th 
Haverstock Wm. H., bricklayer, 82 Chai'lotte 
Haverstock W., corder, 7 Brown 
Haviland Corn., shoemr., Federal and 6th 
HAMLAXD EDWARD, atty., 101 S 5th 
Haviland Francis, plasterer, il Winter 
Haviland John, shoemr., Howell 
Haviland Mary, Lombard bel Juniper 
Havilland Daniel, stone cutter, ^'ine ab 12th 
Havilland John, architect, 196 Spruce 
Havilland J. Von S., atty. 101 S 5th 
Hawes Clias. R. gen. agent, 116 High, h Sch 4th 

and Peail 
Hawk D., dressmr., 134 Apple 
Hawke Rachel, ready made linen, 12 George 
Hawkes George, copperpl. printer, 529 X 5th 
Hawkes Robt., lab., Sch 6th bel Coates 
Hawkins weaver, Columbia ab Philip 
Hawkins Edw., ingrain carp, weaver, 555 X 3d 
Hawkins Edward H., building stone, 2 Olive 
Hawkins Fredcrica, Coates ab 8th 
Hawkins George, clerk, 25 Clinton 
Hawkins Geo., cordw., Bland's ct 
Hawkins Geo. carp., Johnson la n M road 
Hawkins Geo. waiter, 5 Smith's ct 
Hawkins H. J., hatter, Vaux's ct 

Hawkins Jas. lab. rear 15 Maria 
Hawkins John, weaver, Bedfonl ab 12tli 
Hawkins John, ship carp.. Carpenter ab 4t.h 
Hawkins Jo^. ship carp., rear 332 S 2d 
Hawkins Lucinda, Bedford bel "Vienna 
Hawkins Luke, fisherman, Vienna ab Queen(K) 
Hawkins Mark, fisherman, Bishop bel Queen (K) 
Hawkins Reece D., teacher, 4^ X 8lh 
ILawkins Sarah, whitewasher, McBride's ct 
Hawkins Stewart, cordw., 9tli ab Federal 
Hawkins Thomas R., druggist, X E Coates and 

Hawkins William, boot fitter, Garden and Cal- 

Hawkins Wm., kid glove mr., 77 St. John, h 

350 X 3d 
Hawkins Wm., saddler, Buttonwood ab 12th 
HAWKINS AVILLL\M, tailor, 52 X 4ih 
flawkins Wm., cordwainer, 93 Shippen 
Hawkins Wm. weaver, Philip ab Master 
Hawkins W. & E. H. stove deal., 9th ab Brown 
Hawksley James, gi-ocer, 3 Little Dock 
Hawksworth Thos. shoemr., Clare's ct 
Hawley Andrew, perfumer, 39 X 4th, h 11th ab 

Hawley Jolin, lab., Somerset n R road 
Haworth Rlchd., Allen and Palmer 
Haworth Stephen, chairmr, 93 X Front, h 9th 

n Wood 
Haworth Susannah, 276 X' 7th 
Haws A. F. & E., cigar manufs., 402 X 10th 
Haws Geo., tobacconist, 10th bel Parrish 
Haws Jane, 5 Steward 
Haws Jeremiah, lab. 6 John's ct 
Hawthorn Henry, machinist, Morris ct 
Hawthorn Martin, lab., Sch 3d ab Spruce 
Hawthorn Mary, 208 Xoble 
Hawthorn Michael, lab., Jones W Sch 4th 
Hawthorn Robt. blacksm., Higham's ct 
HAY, COFFIX, & CO., glass manufs., 34 X 

Hay Jane, b h., 100 S 3d. 
Hay Si M'Devitt, com. mers. 34 High 
Hav Maria G., 135 Franklin 
Hav Peter, gent., 408 X 5lh 
Hay Robert H., clerk, 3 X 10th 
Hay Samuel, watchman, Sch 5th and Fairvlew 
Hay Samuel T., whf. builder, Richmond below 

Hay Wm. mer. 34 Hig-h, h 3 AVilling's al 
Haybruck Fred, mechanic, 1 Hickory 
Hayburn James, bootmr. Morris bel Catharine 
Hajdock Eden, watches and jewellery, 122 

Haydock Ilenn-, bookseller, 48 X 4th 
Haydock Jas. jeweler, 450 S 4th 
Ha_\dock Thomas O., jeweller, 183 Cedar 
Haydon Mary, b h, 11 Wasliington sq 
Havdon TJobt., weaver, 37 W Cedar 
Haydt Chri-stian F., baker, 27 X 6lh 
Hayes Chas. P., coal mer., 100 Walnut 
Hayes Elijah B. potter, F road n Queen 
Hayes Geo., jeweller, rear 115 Chestnut, h Sch 

7th ab Spruce 
Hayes Henry, dealer. Broad ab Shippcn 
Hayes Henry, lab. 159 Lombard 
Hayes Isaac, driver, 363 Lombard 
Hayes James, weaver, Milton n 11th 




Hayes James, ladies sliocmr. S E 3d &. German 

Hayes .lames, weaver, Mariner 

Hayes James, lab. 1 Haines' ct 

Hayes James, lab. Harmony ct 

Hayes John, lab. 10th bel Master 

Hayes John, vict. Hayes' ct 

Hayes John, lab. lOtli bel Master (K) 

Hayes John, weaver, Christian bel Broad 

Hayes :Marg-aret, e;-entw., Loml^ard ab 11th 

Hayes Michael, lab. Hig-ijins' ct 

Hayes Owen, shoemr., Sch 8th ab Parrish 

Hayes Patrick, tailor, 2d ab Phoenix 

Hayes Patrick, 128 S 9th 

Hayes Patrick, lab. 10th bel Master 

Hayes Robert, mer., 8U N 3d, h 352 N 6th 

Hayes Robt., painter, 129 N 11 th 

HAYES SAMUEL, grocer, N W 1 1th & Walnut 

Hayes Samuel C, mer., igo-Hig'h, h 348 Green 

Hayes & Smith, coal vard, office 100 Walnut 

Hayes Susan P. 62 S'l2th 

Hayes Wm., weaver, Shackamaxon bel F road 

Hayhurst A. & E. K., trimming's, Noble and 

Hayhurst Richard, ens:lneer, Ross ab Duke (K) 
HAYMAN JAS. R. alderman, 2d bel Columbia 
Hayman Wm. A. watchman, Meredith n Nixon 
Haynes Chas. Y., emliosser, 6 Lag-rang-e pi 
Haynes Godfrey, saddler, 318 N Front 
Haynes John, shoemr., 63 Mead 
Haynes Mary, washer, rear 236 Lombard 
Haynes Moses W, tinsm. 7 Benton 
Haynes Robt. painter, 3 Sheaff's al 
Haj^nes Wm. tavern, N E 9th & Filbert 
Hays Abigail, Andrews & Sch 2d 
Hays Alex., weaver, Marlboro' ab West 
Hays A., vict., James ab 10th 
Hays Cath. Reeves n Sch 2d 
Hays Daniel, lab. Brooks' ct 
Hays David, machinist. High ab Sch 3d 
Hays Hannah, sempstress, 33 Bread 
Ha)'-s Henry, vict., 216 N 10th 
Hays Hugh, carter, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Hays Isaac, M. 1)., 3 Boston row. 
Hays James, lab. Orchard bel Rawle 
Hays John, blacksm. 5 Turner 
Hays John, real est. broker. Diamond & Apple 
Hays Joshua, carp, rear 21 Federal 
Hays Richea, 210 Locust 
Hays Robert, carp. 22 Perry 
Hays Wm. watchman, Shippenbel Sell 6th 
Hays Wm., lab., Sutherland av 
Hays Wm., vict.. Pleasant bel 10th 
Hayter Ann, shop. Front ab Franklin (K) 
Hayter James, rope mr. 29 Fitler 
Hayward Frances, Hullowell's ct 
Hayward James, trader, Francis W Sch 6th 
Hayward James, trader, 27 Hazel 
Hayward John, furniture store, 123 Sassafras, h 

2 Lawrence pi 
Hayward Joseph, chinaware, 54 N 4th 
Hayward Martin, boots and shoes, 13 Commerce 
Hayward Thomas, hatter, 125 Christian 
Haywood Benj. gent. Brown bel Franklin 
Haywood Elizabeth, Garretson row 
Haywood John, manuf. G T road bel 6th (K) 
Hazard Ann, washer, rear 277 Cedar 
Hazard Ann, washer, 10 Bradford's al 
Hazard A. Fullerton, mer., 174 High, h 9th k 


Hazard Catharine, 136 S lOth 
Hazard David, tailor, Aydlctt's ct 
Hazard Erskine, mer., N W Clinton and 9th 
Hazard Erskine, jr., 9th and Clinton 
Hazard Israel, waterman, 13 Parham 
Hazard John, tobacconist, Marriott n 6th 
Hazard Joseph, cabinetmr., 8 Parliam 
Hazard Lydia Ann, pie baker. Orchard 
Hazard Saml. editor, 28 Walnut, h 256 Filbert 
Hazard Solomon, waiter, Allen's ct 
Hazard Willis P., bookseller, 178 Chestnut 
Hazel David, tailor, 127 S 11th 
Hazel John, cordw., 246 S 6th 
Hazel Joseph, shoemr., 123 S 11th 
Hazel AVm. B. mer. Hanover ab West 
Hazelton Chas., trader, Callowhill ab Sch 8th 
Hazelton Cinthia, Plynlimmon pi 
Hazelton Elizabeth, Hanover ab Duke 
Hazelton Isaiah, trunkmr., Tomlin's ct 
Hazen Miner S., hatter, 135 N 5th 
HAZLEHURST ISAAC, attorney and coun., 

132 Walnut 
Hazlehurst Julianna, N E 10th 8c Shippen. 
Hazlehurst Samuel, Rev. F road & Richmond la 
Hazlehurst Samuel, gent., Spruce ab Broad. 
Hazlet Andrew, weaver, Lydia bel William (K) 
Hazlet Edgar, cook, 3 Fothergill 
Hazlet James, lab. 15 Monroe ct 
Hazlet John M. cardriv. Washington ab Oxford 
Hazlet Robt. blacksm. 253 Cedar 
Hazlet Robert, 12th bel Green 
Hazlet Robert, dyer. Cedar ab 13th 
Hazlet Saml. S. ship carp. Sch 4th ab Rhode 
Hazlet AVm., corp. 277 Marshall 
Hazlet Wm. A. tailor, St Paul av 
Hazlett John, weaver, 13th bel Cedar 
Hazlett Rob. M., mer., 140^ High, h 268 N 12th 
Hazlewood J no. carp. Sch Beacli 8c George 
Hazzard Isaac, musician, 159 S 10th 
Hazzard J. P., paper hanger, 110 Catharine 
Hazzard Lemuel, paper hanger, 42 Prune 
Hazzard Margt. provisions. Carpenter ab 6th 
Hazzard Mary S. drcssmr. 351 S 6th 
Headen B. lab. Broad a.h Sassafras 
Headlem Wm., carp. Woodbine bel Federal 
Headman David, potter, 17 S 8th 
Headman Ellwyn, G T road bel 6th 
Headman Francis G., mineral water, 115 High 
Headman F. W. mineral water, 31 S 8th 
Headman George, potter, 19 S 8th 
Headman Geo., Mel n bel 13th 
Headman Geo. F. macht. 119 Buttonwood 
Headman Henrj' D., machinist, 119 Buttonwood 
Headman Jacob, coachmr., 119 Buttonwood 
Headman William, watclimr., 29 S 8th, h 54 N 

Sch 7tli 
Headman AV. F. 8c E., hardware, 52 N 3d, h 

19 S 8tli 
Heagan Hugh, lab. 7th 8c Christian 
HEALD, BUCKN'OR 8c CO. MP ANY, merchants, 

1 6 N wharves and 41 N Water 
H aid Edward, mer., 41 N Water, h 159 Pine 
Heald James, bar tender, Wood ab Broad 
Heald Newton, bookbinder, 85 N 6th 
Healey John, lab. 12 Dilks' rt 
Healing Thomas, shop, Sutherland av 
Healy Joseph, b h, 92 N 7th 




Ilciily Piitrick, lab. Huston sih Salmon 
Ileal}' Wm. warper, Hampton 
Ilcaney Hcnj. carp. 49 Catharine 
Heaney Mai'y, VVocxi ah Franklin (K) 
Hcanev Pati'lck, stovenu-., GG N Glli 
HEANKY PETKR, hotel, 48 Spruce 
Ileanev William H., dryg-oods, Washing'ton ab 

Heap John, suspender manuf., 17 Chestnut 
Heiirn Michael, agent, 5 Lodg'e pi 
Hearn Patrick, lab. F road ab Cumberland 
Hearst John, carp. Loud ab 9th 
Hcass Conrad, morocco finisher. Mechanic ab 

Heater Pliili]), tailor, Miller's ct 
Heath Andrew, agent, 18 Swanwick 
Heath Ann Maria, vest mr. 4 Douglass.av 
Heath A. carp. Wood &. Scli 6th 
Heath Jos. R., clerk, Darby road (W P) 
Heath Thos., plasterer, Sch 8th ab Fairview 
Heath Tlios. manuf. 11th &. Sassafras 
Heath W. H. clerk, Sch 2d bel Filbert 
Heaton Adelaide, b. h., 110 Chestnut 
Heaton A., nier., 34 Commerce, h S E Sch 5th 

and Chenv 
HEATON & IJENCKLA, com. mers., 34 Com- 
Heaton ]Zdw. o_vsterman. Ball's ct 
Heaton Israel, weaver, rear 130 F road 
Heaton Lewis, ship carp. Brunner's ct 
Heaton Wm. 142 Marshall 
Heaton Wm., mer., 101 and h 110 Chestnut 
Hcazlitt James, dry g-oods, 11th bel Brown 
Hebbert Septimus, cutler, 556 N Front 
Hebblethwaite Jos. weaver, Jefferson & 5th 
Heberton Geo., broker, 37 S 3d 
Hcberton Henry F., mer., h 342 Mulbeny 
Heberton Robt., agent, 145 N 12th 
Heberton X\'m. Y., broker, 37 S 3d 
Hebrew James, 165 S 12th 
Hebrew James, Cedar bel 12th 
Hebrew ^larg-aret, 1 Ronaldson 
Hel)rew Mar\', Owen ab 13th 
Hebrews Jolin, weaver, 13th & Bedford 
Hebron James, chairmr. Carpenter bel Clair 
Hecht Adolpii. N W Marshall & Brown 
HECHT I.. & S. dry goods, 109 N 3d 
Hecht Saml. mer. 109 N 3d, h 38 New Market 
Heck Chambers, carp. Carlisle ab Parrish 
Heck Chas. JL shop, 18 Kandolpli 
Heck Jacob, foreman, R road ab Coates 
Heck Jacob, saddletreemr., 7th bel Reed 
Heck Sarah, gentw., Duke n Marlboro' 
Hecker John, drayman, 108 Apple 
Heckheimer Henry, pedler, 337 St. John (K) 
Heckman Archimedes, tobacconist, 79 N 2d 
Heckman Geo., blacksmith, Beeket ab Sch 7th 
Heckman Conrad, cabtmr. St. John & Bridg-e 
Heckman J as., sliip carp.. Mansion (W P) 
Heckman Wm. watchman, Jefferson W Sch 6th 
Hedding-er John, lab. 17 W Cedar 
Heddleson Alex., cabinetmr. P i-oad bel Car- 
Heddleson Thos., distiller, P road below Car 

Hcdelt Leopold, tailor, Lewis' ct 
Hedenberg- C. J., 330 Green 
iHedg'es Benjamin F., 8th bel Poplar 

Hcdg'es Joseph H., conveyancer, 87 S 3d, h 

Poplar ab 7th 
Hcdley ^Vm. cooper, flai-rison ab Front 
Hedricks Jesse, lab. rear Front bel Plioeni.\ 
Heembrock Joseph, Shackamaxon bel Frank- 
fin (K) 
Heerman J. F., tailor, 209 Green 
Heenan Dennis, lab. 216 Buttonwood 
Heenan Tlios. drayman, Buttonwood bel 13th 
Heff'elsheim Henry, mer. 15 Strawberiy 
HefT'erman James, blacksm. Alder ab Master 
Hcffernan James, waiter, Georg-e ab 11th 
Heffernan John, shop, 248 Lombard 
HeflTernan Mich., lab. Pine n Sch Willow 
Heffline John, potter. Brown W Broad 
Heft & Dungan, wines & liquors, 161 N3d 
Heft Rachel, Franklin ab 3d (K)" 
Hegaman John W., barber, Cedar ab 13th, h 

Hegaman Margaret, Shippen ab 10th 
Ilegamin Charles, waiter, Ronaldson 
Hcger Theresa, music teaclier, 305 S 10th 
Hehl Christiana, skin dress., 196 St. John, h G 

T road ab Camac (K) 
Ilehl Jacob, butcher. Carpenter bel 10th 
Hei Michael, lab. 11th & Pearl 
Heidelberger Samuel, clothing, 107^ N 2d 
Heidelburg Miehaelj pedler, 59 Apple 
Heideman Edw. cabtmr. rear 31 SheaiT's al 
Heidman Geo., lab. 25 Fitzwater 
Heidrich Frederick, lampmr., 324 N 2d, h 70 

HEI])RICH & HORNING, lamp factorv, 88 

Noble, store 324 N 2d 
Heidrick Anthony., glass blower, Orchard bel 

Heigel Jos. stone cutter, Higgins' ct 
Heigel Matthias, M. D., 481 N 4th 
Heil H. F., M. D., 200 Wood 
Heilig Geo. W., atty., 316 N 8th 
Heilig John, w.atchmaker, 9th & R road. 
Heiling Michael, tailor, Hutchinson ab Poplar 
Heillman Peter, g-rocer. Orchard & Green's ct 
Heilman Amos G., mer., 107 N 3d, h 73 Mar- 
HeilmanAVm., mer., flour insp. 35 N whfs, h353 

N 6th 
Heilner Percival, coal dealer, 40 Walnut 
Heim Catharine, Apple ab Pojdar 
Heim Christoj)her, vict., Hancock beljeff'erson 
Heim Frederick, tailor, Hancock bel Jefferson 
Heim Fred'k, Jr., t lilor, 500 N 2d 
Heim Henry, blacksm. Haddock bel Front 
Heim Jose])!!, tailor, 2i Eutaw 
Heim Martin, tobac., s' W 3d Sc Green h 101 

Heim M. & Co , tobacconists, S W 3d & Green 
Heim Valentine, blacksmith, 9 Jackson (N L) 
Heimach Jacob, cordw. Lewis bel Master 
Ilelman Leopold, pedler, 27 Laurel 
Heimberger Washington, gauger, 47 O Y road, 

and 65 Callowhill 
Heimer Benj., pedler, Sp Garden ab 10th 
Heimer Jacob, brewer, 245 N 3dab 10th 
Heimer Sai-ah Maria, Orchard ab Raw le 
Heine Solomon, M. D., 366 N 8th 
Heineniann L. G., watchmr., 60 Mulberry 
Heinicke Fredk., tailor, 581 N 3d 




llcinitsh Elizabeth, Wood ab lOlh 

Ileinold Samuel, tailor, 3 Wood 

Heinrich John C, baker, 161 St John 

Ilcins & Adamson, liinge and siuitter bolt 

works. Pleasant ub 12th & Pan-ish ab 9th 
Ileiiis Si Adamson, blacksms., Parrisli ab 9tli 
Heins George L., blacksm., h 176 Buttonwood 
Ileins Herman, city express, 3^ S 3d 
Heins John, Sassafras ab Broad 
Heins John W., tobacconist, Sassafi-asab Broad 
Heins Lewis S., plumber, Pine and Sch 4th 
Heins S., brassfounder, Summer bel Sch 3d 
Heins Wm. F., mer., 88 Higli, h 598 Vine E 

Sch 5th 
Heins Wm. II., blacksmith, Hallowell's ct 
Heintish J. F., tobacconist, I{ road ab Vine 
Heintzelman Albert, Marsliall ab Poplar 
Heintzelman Jolin J., M. D., S W 8th ^ Coates Rush B., drugg-ist, 11th ab Button- 
Heintzelman R. B., druggist, Callowhill & 10th 
Heinzenknecht Andw., cordw., 222 N 10th 
Heise Henry, shoemr. Willow bel 10th 
Heisenberger Fredk., cabtmr. rear Brown ab 

Heisenhauer Morris, lab. 16 New Market 
Helser Barbary Ann, tavern, F road ab Mont- 
gomery (K) 
Heisler Abiier, lab., Nectarine bel 11th 
Heisler John J., coal yard, ^larshall and Willow 
Heiss E. S., painter, 3 Lemon 
Heiss Jiimes P., watchmr., 43 N 8th 
Heiss Jas. & Son, grocers. Queen & Hanover 
Heiss John S., dentist, 414 N 5th 
Heiss Joseph, cordw.. Front ab Franklin 
Heiss Joseph, jr., cordw. Franklin ab Front (K) 
Heiss Robert, confect., Logan ab Green 
Heiss Wm., shoemr. Front bel Phoenix (K) 
HEISS AVM., Jr., coppersmith, 213 N 2d, 
mineral water, Julianna & Willow, h 319 
N 6th 
Heiss William L., painter, 3 Lemon 
Heiss Wm., Mrs., 206 N 4th 
Heist Benj. F., morocco dresser, 6 Brook 
Heite Clias., clerk. Poplar bel lOih 
Heitz Fredk., potter, 4 Fairview 
Heldar Mich., stone mason, Ontario bel Poplar 
Helffenstein Abm., M. D., Queen bel Shacka- 

Helffenstein E., attorney 5c convey., 114 Mul- 
Helffricht Adam, cabinetmr., Charlotte n Co- 

Helffricht C. F., math. inst. mr., 122 S Front, h 

60 Vine 
Helffricht Mr., painter, Carlton ab Sch 8th 
Helft'richt Wm., matli. inst. mr. 122 S Front, li 

60 Vine 
Helker Jacob, macht., Ogden ab 9th 
Helin John, shoemr., S W 9th & Locust 
Heller Alexander, tobacconist, 568 N 2d (K) 
Heller Charles, salesman, 85 Franklin 
Heller Gotlieb, baker, 165 Catharine 
Heller Hen,,, Hanover bel Duke 
Heller Jacob, tobacconist, 198 Sassafras 
Heller Jacob, lab., rear 441 Vine 
Heller Jacob, silv. pla., Marlboro' above Frank- 
lin (K) 

Heller Joseph, gent., Franklin ab Union (K) 

Heller John, tavern, 140 Cherry 

HellciTnan Isaac, engineer, Carlton ab 13th 

Hellerman John, carp., 264 N 4th 

Ilellerman John D., carman, G T road bel 6th 

Hellerman Wm., cordw. 332 Coates 

Helling A. J , carp. 11th ab Thompson 

Hellings Edw., hatter, Dunton ab Otter 

Hellings Isaac P., painter, 500 N 8th 

Hellings Jolly, carp. Ogden ab Carlisle 

Hellings Letitia, 13 Clinton 

Hellman Michael, cordw. 118 New Market 

Hellweg C. F., cordw. 76 Green 

Helm Aaron, rear 146 Poplar 

Helm Edw., tailor, Stanley 

Helm Fred., tailor, rear 180 Poplar 

Helm JoJm, lab.. Prosperous al 

Helm Thomas, watch case mr., Ranstead place, 

h 157 Franklin 
Helm 8c Warner, watch case mrs. Ranstead pi 
Helmbold Alfred, paper warehouse, 183 S Front, 

h 399 Carpenter 
Helmbold Edwin, millwt., 2 Parker's al 
Helmbold Eliza, paper store, 314 Cedar 
Helmbold Franklin, drover, Lancaster Pike ab 

Moore (W P) 
Helmbold Frederick, livery stables, 132 Filbert, 

h 431 High 
Helmbold George, West. Bank, h 157 N 11th 
Helmbold Geo., paper dealer, 456 S Front 
Helmbold George \V., paper dealer, 91 S Front 
Helmbold Henry, livery stable, 464 High 
Helmbold Henrv, bootmr.. Woodland, h Chest- 
nut (WP)' 
Helmbold AV. F., plasterer, 7th near Haverford 

(F V) 
Helme Georgiana, dry goods, F road above Jef- 
Helmer F., cooper, rear 492^ N 2d 
Helmick George, clerk, 7 Jefferson row 
Helmold Lewis, cutter, 7 Assembly building, h 

Shippen ab 10th 
Ilelmolt Lewis, surg. inst. mr. 4 Lebanon row 
Helms Aaron, ship joiner, Crown bel Bedford 
Helms Andw., harness mr. S3 Parker 
Helms Ann, 402 Coates 
Helms Geo., lab., 4 Lagrange pi 
Helms Leonard, carp. Green ab Linden 
Helmuth Augustus, trader, G T road bel Jef- 
Helmuth Geo., mer. 65 S Front, h Spruce E 

Sch 8th 
Helmuth Henr\', atty. & coun., 65 S Front, h 

Spruce bei SchSth 
HELMUTH WM. S., M. D., 235 Pine 
Helstab Jacob, flour & feed, lltlii ab Poplar, h 

17 Ogden 
Helverson Alex., tailor, 5 Parrish 
Helverson Nicholas, coffin warehouse, 93 & h 

91 Coates 
Helverson N., livery stable, 373 N 3d 
Hembel AVilliam, gent., 17 N Front. 
Hemcher Rebeccii, sempstress, Sch 4th below 

Hemmen Marshall, agent, Sch 8th ab Wood 
Hemmerling Mayet £c Co., import., 36 Church 

Hemphill Chas., tobacconist, 47 Vine 




Ilcmplilll Dav'ul, I:ib., rear 94 N 11th 
Hemphill David, lal)., rear Lombard n Sch 5th 
Hem|)hill Johnson, lah. rear 328 Carpenter 
Hemphill Maria, Summer n Sch 6th 
Hem|)hill Mary Ann, g-rntw. Cailowhill hcl 13th 
Hemphill Uolit, lah. Uic.hmond ah Cnmherland 
HEMIMIILL ROUT. J., Sec. Cunlrollcrs Tub. 

Schools, Athcneum, h 425 Green 
HempliiU H. C, g-ent, Poplar & Sch 8th 
Hemphill Tiiomas, cordwainer, 58 Zane. 
Hemphill Thomas, weaver, 25 \Vest 
HEMIMHLL THOMAS J., broker, 6 Minor, h 

100 S 5th 
Hemphill T. W., cordw. Clear al 
Hemple Samuel, tobacconist, 47 N 4th. 
Hemple Samuel, painter. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Hcmshcr Frederick, cooper, N W 7th & S Gar- 
den, h Ogdcn n Sch 8th 
Hcmpsiiire Jacob, lab. Vinyard ab Ann 
Hemsing" Wm., clerk, 14 Dannaker's av 
Hemsley E. A. Mrs., 272 Walnut 
Hemsley V. W., mer., 32 Chestnut, h 272 Wal- 
Henaker Albert, tailor, rear 493 N 3d 
Henan John, blacksm 125 S 6th, h 6 Buckley 
Henassay Ellen, 4 Mayland 
Hencesbach Chas., baker, 12th & Hazel 
Henck Georg'e D., dentist, 160 Mulberry 
Heiick Henry, confect. Sassafras & Path 
Henchie Edw., acct. Lafayette pi 
Hendel Peter M., carp., Hanover bel West 
Hendell Maria, cupper, 265 Catharine 
Henderson Alex., ag'ent, 274 Hig'h 
Henderson Ann, G T road bel 7th 
Henderson Barton F., mer., 109 Hig'h 
Henderson Boston H., barber, 31 S 5th 
Henderson Chas., hatter, 6 S 4th, h 58 Franklin 
Henderson Charles, moulder, Lafayette ab 9th 
Henderson Chas. G., bookseller, Poplar ab 11th 
Henderson David, carter. Leopard above 

Henderson David, sexton and ag-ent, 5 Mag-nolia 
Henderson Edward, hatter, 144 Hisfh, h 524 

N 5th 
HENDERSON GEO., hatter, 19 N 3rd., h 467 

Henderson Georg-e R., g-rocer, 22 Gaskill 
Henderson Guy, gent., 99 Cherry 
Henderson Henry H., g-rocer, N W Poplar & 

HENDERSON HUGH, coal vard, Callowhill 

W Broad, h William ab Sch 2d 
Henderson James, carter, George n Sch 4th 
Henderson James, biscuit baker, 11 Willing-'s al 
Henderson James, carter, Newton 
Henderson James, wea\'er, Brasier ab Lloyd 
Henderson James, waterman, 128 Beech (K) 
Henderson James W., convey., 47 S 4tii,h N W 

6th and Sp Garden 
Henderson Jesse, seaman, 1 Wilson 
Henderson John, pedler. Pine n Sch 2d 
Henderson John, 349 Shippen 
Henderson John, wool spin.. Crown bel Frank- 
Henderson John, grocer, 90 W High 
Henderson John, waterman, 14 Beck (S) 
Henderson John, saw mr., 4 Mustin's ct 
Hejiderson John L., printer, 108 Carpenter 

Henderson John N., clerk, Washington & Broad 
Henderson Joseph, weaver, Baucrsack ct 
Henderson Joseph, cordw. Becket W Sch 7th 
Henderson Joseph, Bedford 
Henderson Joseph, whalebone, Lewis 
Henderson J., S E Marshall and Parrish 
Henderson J. O., hatter, 5 Magnolia 
Henderson Malcolm, ship joiner. Cherry below 

Hendej'son Margaret, sempstress, Corn ab De- 
catur (S) 
Henderson Maria B., gentw., 18 N 7th 
Henderson Mary Ann, 5 Osborn's ct 
Henderson Mary P., 268 Walnut 
Henderson Nancj', b h, 240 N 4th 
Henderson Norris E., shoemr., Charles above 

Henderson Robl., brickmr., M'Duffic n 3d 
HENDERSON ROBERT, coal dealer, 52 S 3d, 

h 163 N 5th 
Henderson Robert H., dentist, 381 Sassafras 
Henderson Thomas, weaver, Brasier ab Broad 
Henderson Thomas, lab., Milton ab 10th 
Henderson Thos., carp., 135 New Market 
HENDERSON &. TRIEBELS, battens, 144 

Henderson Wm., 12 Lilly al 
Henderson AVm., cabt. mr., rear 200 Christian 
Henderson Wm., d3'er, Ilarmstead n Sch 3d 
Henderson AVm. H., shoemr. 26 Harmony 
Henderson Wm. U.. ship joiner, AVest ab Clierry 
Hendley John, boots &. shoes, 369 N 2d. 
Hendly Gottlieb, tailor, Benton ab School 
Hendrick John, b h, 15 Charles 
Hendricks Abraham, weaver, G T road above 

Wager (K) 
Hendricks Jacob, lab.. Green's ct 
Hendricks John, carp. Church bel Christian 
Hendricks John, machinist, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Hendricks Joseph, lab., Master bel 6th 
Hendricks Joseph M., com. mer., N whfs., h 

90 Vine 
Hendricks Lewis, founder, Buttonwood ab 13th 
Hendricks Randolph M., driver, 24 Pratt 
Hendricks AVm., mason, 402 Lombard 
Hendrickson Andw., driver. Young's pi 
Hendrickson Asenath, rear Carpenter ab 5th 
Hendrickson Chas., farmer. Point road above 

Hendrickson Charles I., carpets, 87 Chestnut, 

h Bridge ab 7th (M V) 
Hendrickson P'rancis W., barber and magician, 

Sassafi-as n Bi-oad, h Pearl ab 13th 
Hendrickson Horatio, hricklr. Brown W Broad 
Hendrickson J. E., dentist, 133 N 6th 
Hendrickson Rhodv Ann, Rye ab Macke}' 
Hendrickson Wm., silversm.. Brown ab 13th 
Hendrickson Wni. H., segar mr. 6 Harrison p 
HENDRY 8c COOPER, boots & shoe.s, 49 N 3 
Hendry Edwin A., mer. 49 & h 284 N 3d 
Hendry John A., leather, 6 S 3d, h 308 N 7tli 
Hendry & Overman, leather, 6 S 3d 
Hendry Theo. A., ice dealer, AVood n Sch 7th 
Heneks David, cabinetmr, Sch 3d bel Lombard 
Ileneks Lafay. B., cabinetmr., Sch 3d bel Lom- 
Henesy James L., G T road ab Phoenix 
Heney 5c Griesemer, liquors, G T road & Mastej 




Heney Hugh, wholesale liquor store, h 8 En- 1 
g'ineer row 1 

Ilenhavcr Geo., lab. 127 Swanson 
HenheflTer Ellis, weaver, Thompson ab 4th (K) 
Henheffer Nicholas, weaver, Apple bel Franklin 
Henhoeffer A., weaver, Wood ab West 
Henhoeffer John M., barber, 534 N 4th 
Henion Wm., waterman, 398 S 3d 
Henk David, cabtmr. Wood ab Sch 6th 
Hcnk Henry, confect. 133 Green 
HENKELS GEORGE J., cab mr., 173 Chestnut, 

h 3d ab Union 
HENKI.E ANDW., tavern, 2 Harmony ct 
Henley A. E., hair dresser, 264 N 3d 
Henne Wm., boot maker, 82 S 4th 
Hennessey James, lab., rear 7 Bread 
Hennessey Jeremiah, sr., shoemr., 10th ab Car- 
Hennessy Jas.,mer., 4 Jones' al, h 183 N 8th 
Hennessy Margaret, dealer, 7 John's ct 
Hennessy M., blacksm., Callowhill bel Sch 7th 
Henney Dennis, marble mas., Wilcox 
Henning Daniel, lab. Piper's ct 
Henning' Hannah, b h, 188 N 5th 
Henning John, wheelwright, 370 N 3d 
Henning Wm., lab. 81 New Market 
Henning Wm., tailor, rear 30 Paschall's al 
Henning Wm., weaver, 2d ab Oxford 
Hennings Jacob, brickh'. 611 Nod 
Hennis Mary, R road ab 11th 
Henny William, lab. Sch Front & Spruce 
Henon Daniel, bricklayer. Wheat and Reed 
Henop P. Mrs., b h. Broad bel Walnut 
Henraty Pat., lab.. Pearl bel 12th 
Henrie Samuel, carp. Alder and Master 
Henrion Julia, 98 N 9th 
Henry Alexander, att'y & coun.. Walnut ab 6th, 

h 451 Walnut 
Henry And., lab.. Master bel Perry 
Henry Anna, 536 N 3d 
Hen:y Arthur, shoemr., ilargaret & Steward, h 

294 Pine 
Henry A. & S & Co., mers., 15 S 2d 
Henry Bernard, 35 Girard 
Henry Bernard, jr., M. D., 35 Girard 
Henry Catharine, 18 N Sch 8th 
Henry David H., carver, 3 Shippen 
Henry DennLs, weaver, 13th bel Fitz water 
Henr\- Eliz., house cleain- , Pearl ab Sch 6th 
Henry Felix, weaver, 5 Howell 
Henry Francis, grocer, 12 Cedar 
Henry Gabriel, carp. Thompson opp Mechanic 
Henry Geo., sawyer. Quince & Lombard 
Henry George, coach painter, 6 Lombard ct 
Henry George, dealer. Dean c Lyndall's al 
Henry George W., clerk, 139 S 5th 
Henry George W., dealer, 8 Acorn al 
Henry George W., hardware, N W 9th & High, 

h 7 N 13th 
Henry Hannah M., 254 Mulberry 
Henry Harriet, wid. of H. C, Washington ab 5th 
Henrv Hug'i, tavern, Lancaster pike and Haver- 
ford road (W P) 
Henry Hugh, liquor dealer, 10 Salmon 
Henry H., captain U. S. N., 33 S 13th. 
Henry Isaac, broker, h 251 Pine 
Henry Jas., lab. Margaret & Steward 
Henry Jas., lab. 43 W Cedar 

Henry Jas., tailor, Sch. 6th bel Pine 

Henry James, bootmr. 7th ab Fltzwater 

Henry James, painter. Brown W Broad 

Henry James, jjorter, 202 Lombard. 

Henry James D., baker, 17 St. Mary 

Henry Jane, 7 N 13th 

Henry John, lab, 291 S 7th 

Henry John, G T road bel Master 

Henry John, lab., rear 51 Fltzwater 

Henry John, waiter, 23 Duponceau 

Henry Jolin, carp., R road ab Sch 8th 

Henry John, packer, 198 N 9th 

Henr)' John, cooper, Marriott bel 9th 

Henry John N., ganger, 85 S Water 

Henry John AV. mei-., 327 High, h 224 S Juniper 

Henry Marion, lab.. Carpenter ab 13th 

Henry Mary A., confect. 307 Shippen 

Henry .Michael, coachmr., 32 Pock, h 133 Wood 

Henry Morton P., atty & coun., 48 S 4th, h 35 


Henry Nancy, 134 Apple 
Henry Paul, lab.. Poplar and Randolph 
Henrj- Peter, printer. Little Brown ab Cherry 
Henry Robert, shoemr., Bruist row 
Henry Sam]., clerk, Philadelphia Bank, h 30 

Sch 8th n George 
Henry Samuel, coach maker, 32 Dock, h 30 

Henry Samuel C, collec, 103 O Y road 
Henry Stephen, lab., Sch Water & Cedar 
Henry S. & M., coach mrs., 32 Dock 
Henry Thomas, ostler, James bel R road 
Henry T. Charlton, mer. 74 N Front 
Henry Wm., lab.. Black horse al 
Henry Wm., machinist, Wharton ab 6th 
Henry Wm., Lemon and Sch 6tli 
Henry Wm., baker, 50 Apple 
Henry Wm., ladies shoemr., 8 Pascal 
Henry William, M. D., 321 S 2d 
Henry Wm. paper stainer, 504 N 6th 
Heniy Wm. J., moulder, 15 Keefe 
Henry V'm. K., pap. hang., Buttonwoodab 10th 
Henr}' Wm. W., potter, Sell 8th ab Callowhill 
Henstl Christian F., saddler, 28 S 5iii 
Hensel J. G., baker, 2nd ab Frankha (K) 
Hensel J. M., provision, 94 S 12th 
Henshaw Joseph, spinner, rear 56 F ro-td 
Hensler Mrs., Nectarine ab 8th 
Hensnian Mary, gentw.. Cedar bel 13th 
Henson George, mer. 97 Higli, li 74 New 
Henszey Alex. W., acct. 446 N 7tli 
Henszey C. &. E., stocks and ready made linen, 

121 Chestnut 
Henszey C. Mrs., 4 Library 
Henszey Geo. P., agent, h Parrish bel 8th 
Henszey Joseph G., mer., 139 High, li400N7tI\ 
Henszey Marshall, bricklayer, 19 Sassafras 
Henszev Samuel C, hardw. mer.,Green bel 10th, 

h 4'01 N 7th 
Henszey Saml. C, Tr. Western Saving Fund, h 

401 N 7th. 
Henszey Saml. C, jr., druggist, 401 N 7th 
Henszey W. C. mer. 301 High, li 28 Palmyra sq 
Hent Richai-d, carp., 6 Wheelock's pi 
Hent S., seminary, 27 Castle 
Hent Wm. brass founder, 119 Callowhill 
Hent Valentine, dentist, 27 Ca.stle 
Hentre John, shoemr., Levis ct 




Hentz Jacob, inspector, 342 N 5th 
Hentz l*lii]i|), caster, 34 SlicafP 
Heiitzcll Jacob, slater, rear 552 N 2cl 
Hcnvvood Aljrahaiii, cordcr, 66 Plum. 
Ilcnwoocl Si Rickards, cordcrs. Almond st wliarf 
Henze Henry, tailor, rear 433 N 3d 
Flepburn Clias., hatter, 92 Carpenter 
Hepburn Charles W., ex. broker, 28 S 3d, h Ca- 
tharine ab 6th 
Hepburn Eli/.a, rear 18 Fitzwater 
Hepburn Klizabetli, huckster, 17 Farmer 
Hepburn James, atty. & coun., 4^ Sansom, h 

Locust E Sell 8th 
Heppartl lienj. A., spectacle mr., Smith's ct 
Hcppard Charles, painter, rear 10 Queen 
Heppard D. M., bootmr., 68 German 
Hcppard James, brlcklr. Gilbert bel lOtli 
Heppard John, painter, 124 S Front 
Heppard Samuel, painter, 31 Queen (S) 
Heppe Aug-uslus, lab.. Crown ab Duke 
Heppe Henry, shoemr., 262 S 3d 
Heppe Lawrence, carp., Gray's ct 
Heppe Philip H., bookbinder, Oldham's ct 
Heppelheinier Geo., gardener, G T road ab 5th 
Hepson John H., barber, 11th ab Lombard, h 1 

Herbert Albert, wheelwrt., R road and Francis 

(F V) h Sch 7th bel Poplar 
Herbert Eliza, hair dr. 48 Mulberry 
Herbert Elizabeth, nurse, 112 Christian 
Herbert Elenry, huckster, rear Marriott ab 5th 
Herbert Jacob, vict.. Cherry bel West 
Herbert Jane, sempstress, Helmuth n 7th 
Herbert John D., carp., 321 S 5th 
Herbert Lawrence, tobacconist, 74 N 2d 
Herbert Wm., Sch 8th bel Vine 
Herbolsheimer John, car driver, Washington bel 

Herder Leopold, surg. inst. mr. 51 Chestnut, h 

159 S 2d 
Herdline John M., baker, 255 S 6th 
Hereren Owen, boatman, 5 Beck 
Herfther Michael, drayman, rear 44 Charlotte 
Hergesheimer Charles, shop, 183 S 6th, h Sch 

2d bel Lombard 
Hergesheimer Eliza, shop, 5th ab George 
Hergesheimer Sam., dealer, Sch 7th bel Pine 
Hergesheimer Sam. carp. Queen bel Vienna 
Hergesheimer Wm., cabinetmr., Dickerson n 2d 
Hergott Peter, b h, 49 Walnut 
Heringcr John C, jeweller, 528 N 6th 
Heritage Benj., boots and shoes, 76 S 2d, h 57 

Heritage Elphrey, clerk. Poplar ab 7th 
Heritage Isaac, lab., Salmon ab Cleaafield 
Heritage Joseph, M. D., N W 2d & Christian 
Heritage Saml., shoemr., 6th ab Hallowell 
Heritag-e Saml., \\heelwt., 454 Poplar 
Heritage Wm., shoemr. 4 Mechanic 
HERKNESS ALFRED M., auctioneer, 9th k 

George, h Vine and Sch 6th 
Herkness B. L., clerk, 400 Brown 
Herkness Mary, milliner, Sch 8th & Pearl 
Herman Andrew, baker, 152 N 4th 
Herman Charles, printer, 409 S 4th 
Herman Francis, tailor, Willow ab 2d 
Herman George, 17 Middle al 

Herman Geo., tailor, 2 Brown n Bridge 
Herman Gottlieb, wlieclwrt., Garden & Willow 
Hci'man Jacob, fringe mr., 132 N 4th 
HERMAN JOHN, druggist, S W 4th and Vine 
Herman Jno., lab., Franklin and Hope 
Herman Jno., wheelwrt., Coates and Broad 
Herman Jno., carter, rear Cherry bel P'ranklin 
Herman J. & G., wheelwriglits, 283 Callowhill, 
Herman Sarah, b li, N W 13th and Coates 
Herman Theop. H., prof. mus. 10th n Pamsli 
Hermann G. J., hotel, Coates &. Sch 5th 
Hermann Jacob F., clothing, 240 High 
Hermann John, hotel, Coates and Sch 8th 
Herod John, cutler, 89 Swanson 
Heron Alexander, jr., mer., 37^ N whfs., h 128 

N P'ront 
Heron Eliza, 2 Paul 
Heron James, tailor, 6 Allen's ct 
Heron John, Kensington plan'g. mill, Beach ab 

Marlboro', h Wood ab 2d 
HERON & MARTIN, com. mers. 37^ N whfs 
Heron Matthew, clerk, 175 Catharine 
Heron Morris, lampm. 203 Marshall 
Herr Abram., farmer, Pemberton 
Herr Fraugott, locksm., Jackson ab Brown 
Herr Henry, machinist, Ontario ab Parrish 
Herr Joseph C, mer. 247 High, h 115 N 7th 
Herrel Chas., lab., Sch 4th n Barker 
Herren John, lab., Tilton bel Emery 
Herrick Edward, lab. 146 N Front 
Herrigel John G., tailor, 30 Laurel 
Herriges Jos., tobacconist, N E 4th & Lombard 
Herrin Rlchd., clerk, Hutchinson ab Thompson 
Herring Alexander, mer. 128 N Front 
HERRING & BOWEN, confectioners, N W 3d 

and Mulberry 
Herring Jacob, barber, 381 N Front 
Herring G. C, furniture, 229 S 3d 
Herring L., 135 Vine 
Herring S. L., confect., 20 High 
Hen'ing Thos. J., iner., h 11th ab Wallace 
Herring W. N., mer., N W 3d & Mulberry, h 

135 Vine 
Herrity Hugh, blacksm. 125N 5th 
Herrod Richard, cordw., rear Carpenter ab 8th 
Herron James, weaver, 13th ab Federal 
Herron James, hatter, Rye bel Reed 
Herron Susanna, 58 George (S) 
Hersch Geo., chocolate mr., rear 320 S 5th 
Herschberg Ann, 2 Centre 
Herse Geo. P., mer. 6-^ High, h 117 Marshall 
Hersey And., bricklayer, 1 Lemon 
Hersh'berger George, cordw., N W Poplar and 

Hershey D., M. D., 533 N 5th 
Herst Philip, dealer, O'Neill bel Franklin 
Ilerst Phihp, hatter, 1 S 5th, 
IIERTII HENRY, bootmr., 49 S 4th 
Hertzler John, g-ent., 10 City row 
Hertzog Mrs. widow of Peter, gentw. Sassafras 

and Crown 
Hesley Ann, Baker 
Hesley Geo., lab., Franklin bel Cherry 
Hess Ann Eliza, b. h., 78 Vine 
Hess Benjamin, carp., 281 High. 
Hess Caroline, 9th ab Brown 
Hess Elizabeth, Franklin ab 3d 
Hess Fredk., cordw., 486 N 3d 




lless Fredk., blacksm. 107 Christian 
Hess Geo., cooper, G T road ab 7th 
Hess Henry, g'rocer, Apple and Culvert 
Hess Jacob, cabinetmr., Schrader's ct 
Hess Jacob, tinsmith, 34 Dlllwyn 
Hess Jacob, blacksm., Robb's ct 
Hess Jacob, trimmings, h 9th ab Brown 
Hess Jacob S., mer., 39 N 3d, h 9th ab Brown 
Hess John, baker, 403 S Front 
Hess John, Lily al 

Hess Jno., g'lass blower, Vienna below Frank- 
lin (K) 
Hess John, capt., 8 John (S) 
Hess John C, toys, 122 O Y road 
Hess John I., g-ent, 179 Green 
Hess Joseph, cordwainer, 5 Jackson's ct 
Hess Joseph, oak cooper. Rose n Wilham (K) 
Hess Joseph, cordw., rear 21 Beaver 
Hess Lewis, sailmr., 98 Prime 
Hess Louis, confcct. 357 N 2d 
Hess Margaret, Poplar bel 9th 
Hess Peter, tobacconist, 189 N 3d 
Hess Peter, cabinetmr^ 258 St John 
Hess Philip, tinsm. 371 Poplar 
Hess Pierce, chaii-mr. Poplar ab 7th 
Hess Samuel M., gi-ocer, S E Sch. 8th and Vine 
Hess Sarah, Sch 8th bel Vine 
Hess Susan, 258 St John 

Hess Theodore, marble cut.. Granite W Sch 6th 
Hess William, deale" rear 529 N 4th 
Hess William, cooper, Rose and William (K) 
Hesse Fred'k. W., carver, 2 Alice ct 
Hessel William F., furrier, 98 N 3d 
Hesselbach Washington, planemr. 143 Randolph 
Hesselpoth & Brady, carp., Otter and Leopard 
Hesselpoth John, carp. School bel Franklin 
Hessen Mary, rear 15 Dillwyn 
Hessenbruch T. & Co. importers hardware, 1 N 

5th, h 110 N Front 
Hesser A. P., booksel. 179 High, h 309 Lombard 
Hesser George, vict. 5th ab Master (K) 
Hesser John, blacksmith, 13 Union al (S) 
Hesser John, stone cutter, 189 Cherry 
Hesser John, blacksm. Rye bel Mackey 
Hesser John, vict., Edwin ab Grape (F V) 
Hesser John, tailor, 149 Cherry 
Hesser Jos. L., vict., Edwin bel Grape (F V) 
Hesser William, tailor, 47 Gaskill 
Hessert Charles, tavern, 75 Coates 
Hessington Wm., com. traveller, Coates bet 12th 

and 13th 
Hesson Elizabeth, Sch 4th bel High 
Hester C, accountant, 73 Crown 
Heston Edwd., machinist. Broad & Buttonwood, 

h 13th bel Coates 
Heston Isaiah M., umbrella mr.. Park below 

Washington (W P) 
Heston Jonathan, acct., Washington ab 12th 
Heston Mon-is, pumpmr.. Locust &. Park(WP) 
Heston Warner K., machinist. Broad and But- 
tonwood, h 3 19 High 
Hetherby James, musician, Parrish E Sch 7th 
Hetherington Wm., weaver, Philip bel Columbia 
Hetman George, cooper, Marion bel M road 
Hetrick Jacob, sugarmr., rear 103 Dillwyn 
Hettrick G., cork manuf., 544 N 3d, Ii 86' Brown 
Hettrick Henry, baker, 51 N 6th 
Hettrick James, seaman, 70 M road 

Hettrick Robert, cordw., Hope bel School 
Hetzel John, baker, 102 Apple 
Hetzell Andrew, bricklayer, 1 Kensington av 
HETZELL JOHN, corder & coal dealer, Chris- 
tian St. whf, h 8 Church 
Heuener John, mason, Hutchinson bel Master 
Hcugli Jolin, Lombard ab Sch 5th 
HEUGH JOHN, stonecutter. High ab Sch 5th, 

h Lombard n Sch 5th 
Ileukeroth Chas., music teacher, 346 Sassafras 
Heulings Ann E., gentw. 394 Poplar 
Heuman Jolin, bootmr.,5 N 7th 
Heurel John, weaver, Hancock bel Master 
Heuser Wm. C, baker, 151 Cheiry 
Hcveningham Chas. S., carver, &c., Marshall n 

5th (S) 
Heverin Austin, lab. 7 Barton (S) 
Hewes James A., billiards. Arcade 
Hewett Benedict, seaman. Beard's ct 
Hewett Cyrus, dry goods, Warren Sc Pine(W P) 
Hewett Eliza, 2 Stewart 
Hewig Jacob, lab. Hempill's ct 
Hewitt Andrew C, cordw.. Brown ab 3d 
Hewitt Elmers, tavern, 83 Plum 
Hewitt Hannah, 281 S 3d 
Hewitt Henry, tanner. Brown bel Front 
Hewitt James S., sea capt., 145 Christian 
Hewitt John, 29 Jones' al (C) 
Hewitt John, tailor, Charles bel Pleasant 
Hewitt Margai-etta, gentw., 29 Chatham 
Hewitt Mrs. Thomas, S AY 10th 8c Shippen 
Hewitt Thos., teamster, rear Queen ab ^Varren 
Hewitt Wm. K., port, painter, 82 Mulberry 
Hewlitt John, sawmr., Dunton ab Otter 
Hews Geo. F., bootmr., 299 Walnut, h 13 Dean 
Hews James E., ladies' shoem. Mackey bel Rye 
Hews & Owen, plasterer, 12th bel Poplar 
HEWSON, ABBOTT & CO., com. mers. 10 

Church al 
Hcwson Edwin, mer. 10 Church al., h 105 S 10th 
Ilewson Henry N., mer., 10 Church al, h 105 

S 10th 
Hewston John, collector, NW Juniper ab Cedar 
Hey Henry, flour & feed, 19 Charlotte 
Heybergcr Frances, 50 Coates 
Heyberger George W., fishing tackle, 68 N3d 
HEYBERGER JOHN M., atty & coun., 2 York 

Buildings, and mer. 47 N 2d 
Heyer Charles, furrier, 82 Sassafras 
Heyer Fredk., lampmr.. Willow W Sch 8th 
Heyer Jacob, morrocco finisher, rear 461 N 3d 
Heyer Lawrence, morocco dr. 12 George 
Hcyl Ann, 9 Marshall 
Heyl David S., mer., George W Sch 6th 
Heyl FrancLs, mer., 139 High, h 130 N 9th 
Heyl John, jr., brushmr., 273 N 6th. 
Heyl John B., coal. Prime bel lOth, h Green bel 

Heyl ]^Iary, 3 St Mary's ct 
Heyl T. P., carp., Parrish ab 11th 
Heyl William G., merchant, 95 High, h 277 

Heyl AYm. M.,mer., 101 High, h 21 Franklin 
Heyland Ferdinand, barber. Pink &. Master 
Hejlig-er Julia, 4 Eagle ct 

Heylin Join L., coal mer. 60^ Walnut, h 2 Pal- 
myra row 
Heyhn R., M. D., N W 10th & Vine. 




Heyscr James, bricklr. West n Hanover (K) 1 

lleyser Mary, 42 German 

Heywald Cliarlcs, stove maiuif. 285 N 2iul, h S| 

E yth ami Callowliill 
Ileywood .Saml., gxiils. furnishing- store, 80 S otl 

and 49 N ()th 
Hczlett Samuel, cordw., N E Sassafras and 10th 
llibbard .losiali, surveyor, S \V 12th and Girard 

av, li lOtli and llrown 
Hil)beart J., shiils, &c., 10 Beach 
IIil)Ijcns Wm., cordw., Crown ab Frankhn 
Mibberd Geo., bookkeeper, 7 Brook's ct 
Hibberd Geo., sea capt.. Carpenter ab 3d 
flibbei-d Mary, g-entw., 128 N lOth 
Hibberd Susan, g-entw., lOth & Brown 
Hibberd Willam P., alderman, 9tli and Sas- 
Hibl)eit Mary C, dry goods, 4 Cedar row 
HIBBEEH, FREES E & SON, boots, shoes and 

caps, 64 N od 
Hibbler Margaretta, 507 Chestnut 
Hibbler Stuart, mer., 64 N 3d 
liibbs Abdon B., carp., Coates ab Sch 6th 
Hibbs Evan, grocer. Wood ab 12th 
Hibbs Jesse L., teacher, Shackamaxon above 

Hibbs John, carp., Sassafras and Madison 
Hibbs Joseph G., hardware, 102 N 2nd 
Hibbs Muhlon, turner, Diamond bel G T road 
Hibbs :MahIon, stonecut, Yinyard ab R road(F V) 
Hibbs Samuel, teacher. Crown ab Bedford 
Hibbs S. L., painter, 9th and Mulberry, h Winter 

W Sch 7th 
Hibler John, grocer, 56 N 3rd, h 88 Mulberry 
Hick Geo. M., foundry, 2d bel Greenwich 
Hick Jus., 2 Lancaster (S) 
Ilickey Alexander L., trunk mr., 150 Chestnut, 

h 284 N 11th 
Hickey Clias., brass turner, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Hickey Daniel, Mary and AVarren (W P) 
. Hickey Daniel, manuf. 2d ab Jefferson (K) 
Hickey Daniel, blacksm., Washington bel Jef- 
Hickey James, grocer, 124 & h 126 Locust 
Hickey John, printer, Fisher 
Hickey John, stonecutter, Vaughn ab Locust 
Hickey Jolni, lab., Ann bel Richmond 
Hickey Lawrence, lab., rear R. 8c P R road depot 
Hickey Mary, 1 St George al 
Hickey Micliael, blacksm. 5 Farrie's ct 
Hickey Patrick, tinsmitli, Franklin ab 3d (K) 
Hickey Peter, manuf., AVashington & Jefferson, 

h 2d ab M.aster (K) 
Hickey Thos., tailor, 12 Freed's av 
HlCKkv & TULL, trunkmrs. 148 Chestnut 
: Hickky Elizabeth, Carlton bel Sch 2d 
Hickling C, brok., 12 Bank al., h 138 N 10th 
Hickling Geo. M., Pres. City & Co. Ins. Co., h 
i 181 S 5th 

I Hickman Adam, hod carrier, Pearl be! loth 
'Hickman David B., collector, 2 Richard 
Hickmuii l'',dwin, jeweler, Kline's row 
Hickman Elizabetii, tailoress, 476 S 2d 
Hickman Georgi-, blacksm., Ashton n Walnut, 

h 30 liittenhouse 
Hickman Georg'e, watchman, rear 109 Queen 
Hickman Geo. W., & Co., tobacco, 48^ High 
I Hickman Hannah, 12 Rcid's ct 

Hickman Isaac, Lancaster bel Wharton 
Hickman James, acct., Oak and Bridjjewater 

(W P) 
Hickman Jolm, plasterer, 5th bel Washing-ton 
Hickman Jolin W., grocer, New Market and 

HICKMAN N. W., mer., 54 High, h 7th above 

Hickman Samuel, shop, hay and feed, R road ab 

James, h Noble bel Garden 
Hickman Wm., music teacher, St Joseph's av 
Hickman Wm. J., awningmr., 37 S 3d, h Marion 

bel 2d 
HICKS CHARLES, measurer, 9th ab Brown 
Hicks George S., bookbinder, 373 Brown 
Hicks Gilbert, carp. Ciiancellor W Sch 7th 
Hicks Henrietta, washer. Smith's ct 
Hicks Isaac, cai-p., 9tli ab Coates 
Hicks John, carpenter, 17 Dean 
HICKS JOHN W., gas fitter, 16 M road, h 4th 

bel Redwood 
Hicks Joseph, Ijootmr. 8 Lodge pi 
Hicks Joseph, bricklr. 8th and Oxford 
Hicks Jos. R., salesman, 400 Poplar 
Hicks Phoebe, g-entw. 106 N 8th 
Hicks Robert, gas fitter, 125 Christian 
Hicks Sarah, 3d and Clark 
Hicks Seth S., carpenter, 24 Rlttenliouse 
Hicks Wm., tailor, 7th and High, h 452 Poplar 
Hicks Willit, carp., 293 N. 7th 
Hiddeman Wm., 113 N 8th 
Ilieskell Colson, mer., N W 5th &. liig-h, h 136 

N 9th 
Hieskell Jas. F., mer., N W 5th and High, h 

Walnut W Sch 6th 
Hierholzer T., b. h. 90 St John 
HIESKELL WM. B., att'y & coun. 46 S 6th, h 

426 Sassafras 
Hiestand John, perfumer, Dillwyn Sc Callowhill 
Higbee Charles, waterman. Wood bel Franklin 
Higbee Chas., carp., rear 129 Walnut 
Higbee H., dra3man, Goldsmith's ct 
Higbee Mary Ann, sempstress, Juniper above 

Hig'bee Matthias, fislierman, Queen Sc AVood 
II igerty Patrick, lab.. Wood n Sch 5tli 
Miggins Ann, 26 John, (S) 
lliggins Caroline, 558 N Front 
Higgins Catharine, Middle al 
Hig-gins Charles, carp. 3 L}ndall's av 
Higgins Charles, clerk, Larch ab 9th 
Higg-ins Edward J. goldbeater, Stanley 
Higgins Elizabeth, F road n Queen (K) 
Higgins Francis, cordw., 66 P road 
Hig-gins James, lab.. Wood n Sell 5t1i 
Higgins John, lab.. Locust W Sch 4th 
Hig-g-ins Jolm, dyer, 4 Raspberry 
Higgins John, blacksm., 7th n AV'harton 
Higgins John, lab. Biddle W Ni\on ^ 
Higg-ins John, tailor, 10 Shield's ct 
Higgins John, lab. Leeds' ct 
Higgins Mar}", dressmr. rear AValnut E Sch 3d 
Higgins Michael, shop, lith &. Christiau 
Higgins Patrick, shop, 326 S 6th 
Higgins Patrick, flour dealer, 379 N Front 
Higgins Peter, lab., 360 N P'ront 
Higgins Saml., l;ib. Oi-chai'd bel Rawle 
Higgins &: Smith, fruiterers, S E 6th and High 




IIIGGINS SOLOMON REV., bookseller, 40 N 

4tli, h Sch 8tli ab Mulberry 
Higg'ins Stephen, F., carver, 7 NVhitaker's ct 
Higg'ins Thomas, bleacher, Sch 2cl & Winter 
HIGGIN'S T. W., atty. & coun., 77 S 6tli 
Higginson Mary, 38 Union al (S) 
Hig-gs Echvin, blacksm. Washington above Till 

(W P) 
Hig-gs George, tinsmith, 6 Mary's ct 
Higgs Mary, »3th bel Ogden 
Higgs Rich., blacksm., Marlboro' bel FranklJn 
High Chas., huckster, 8 Bradford's al 
High David, sawyer, rear Franklin bel Franklin 
High Malachi, Shackamaxon ab Bedford (K) 
High Marg., Phoenix bel G T road 
Higham Daniel, machinist, Front ab Greenwich 
Higham Isaac, lab. Marlboro' bel Duke 
Higham James W., dry goods, F road ab Mont- 
Higham Wm., gent. F road bel Hanover 
Highfield Frederick, watchmr. 1 Prospect al 
Highfield John, carp., Coates bel 9th 
Highgate Wm., grocer, 42 Currant alley 
Highill Adolph, cabinetmr. 138 Cedar 
Highland Jaines, brass founder, 6 Howard's ct ' 
Highland John, venitian blinds, Doman's ct 
Highley John, cordw. 17 Melon 
Hight Adam Jr., victualler, 221 N 8th 
Hight David, pedler, rear 493 N 3d 
Hight Eugene, coachsmith, 13th ab Brown 
Hight George W., butcher. Garden and Willow 
Hight Jacob, printer, rear 27 St John 
Hight John, seaman, 171 Carpenter 
Hight Joshua, waiter, 96 Gaskill 
Hight J. Frederick, vict.. Brown bel Broad 
Hight Martha, shop. Laurel ab Front 
Hight Mary, waslier. Poplar bel Broad 
Highter Thos., ropemr. Richmond bel Depot 
Hightree John, clerk, 25 Lily al 
Higman John, boilermr. Reach ab York 
Hilb M., optician, 100 Chestnut 
Hilborn Eliza, 231 Marshall 
Hilburn Samuel, parchment mr. Randolph ab 

Hildebrand Fredk., bootmr. rear 6 Charlotte 
Hildebrand John, taveni, S W 12th & Poplar 
Hildebrandt A., baskets, 142 High and 227 

Chestnut, h 103 Buttonwood. 
Hildebrant Cliristian, carpet weaver, 118 Ran- 

jewel. 72 High 
Hildeburn Henry :M., mer. 72 High 
Hildeburn JohnM., mer., 39 N Water 
Hildeburn Joseph H., mer., 72 High, h 413 

Hildeburn Saml., mer., h 413 Spruce 
Hildeburn Wm. L., mer. 72 High, h 413 Spruce 
Hildreth F. W. Sc Co., gents, furnishing store, 

141i S 2d 
Hildreth Geo. B., engineer, Huston ab Duke 
Hile John, hatter, 150^ S 2d 
Hile Lewis, clerk, Wasliington ab 9th 
Hiles Martha, sempstress, 452 N 3d 
Hiles Wm., tailor, 2d and Spruce, h 130 Queen 
Hilferty Felix, lab. Hall ab 10th 
Hill Adam, fisherman, rear Cherry ab Queen 
Hill Adam, fisherman, Queen bel Vienna 

Hill Adam, distiller, Sch 4th ab Cedar 
Hill Adam, shipwright, Ross ab Queen (K) 
Hill Adam, stonecut. Bedford bel Broad 
HILL ALEX., distiller, Lombard n Sch 6th. 
Hill Ann, tailoress, 5 Wood 
Hill Anne, teacher, 447 W Chestnut 
Hill, Brothers &, Co., agency, N E 5th & Com- 
Hill Charles, jr.. Front bel Jefferson 
Hill Charles, dyer, Jefferson bel 2d (K) 
Hill Charles, bricklayer, 6 Knight's ct. 
Hill Charles v., boat builder, Washington ab 3d 
Hill Daniel, glass blov/er, Cheny ab Duke 
Hill Daniel, lab., Catharine bel Broad 
Hill David, Pearl ab 11th 
Hill David W., sexton, Ann n Sch 5th 
Hill Edwin J., book keeper, 8 Hazel 
Hill Eliza, 196 Buttonwood 
Hill Emma, shoe binder, Bedford ab 12th 
Hill & Evans, furnishing store, 127 Chestnut 
Hill E., Wagner's al 
Hill E. C, dressmr., 2 N 11th 
Hill Felix, hatter, 18 Catharine. 
Hill Geo., lab. rear Hamet ab Palmer 
Hill George, acct., 242 S lltli 
Hill George, machinist, R road and Melon 
Hill Harry, hatter, 207 Callowhill, h 226 N 2d 
Hill Henry, lastmr. Callowhill ab Sch 6th 
Hill Henry, stevedore, 2 Osborne's ct 
Hill Hen., mer., 107 High, h Frankhnab Brown 
Hill H. Mrs., S E 7th and High 
Hill H. & Co., stoves, 252 S 2d 
Hill Isaac J., barber, Washington ab 2d 
Hill Jacob, caulker, Cheny bel West 
Hill Jacob, tavern, 72 N whfs. 
Hill Jacob, ship carp.. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Hill Jacob H., coal dealer, 207 Mai-shall 
Hill James, vict., Marlborougli ab Franklin 
Hill James, cordwainer, 43 N 13th 
HILL JAMES & SOX, hatters, 207 Callowhill 

and 226 N 2d 
Hill James S., ]SI. D., 10th below Parrish 
Hill Jane, 98 N. Front 
Hill John, dyer, Jefferson and 6th (K) 
Hill John, carp. 112 Barker 
Hill John, weaver. Phoenix bel Front. 
Hill John, sliip carp., Marlborough ab Franklin 
Hill John, bruslimr. 5 S 7th, h 4 Lj brand 
Hill John, tailor, 13th ab Poplar 
Hill John, mariner, Frazier's ct 
Hill John, glass blower. Cherry ab Queen 
Hill John, fisherman, rear Cherry ab Queen 
Hill Joseph, fisherman, Dyott's ct 
Hill Josepl), weaver, 18 Brinton 
Hill Joseph, bootmaker, 61 S 5th, h 13th ab Sp 

Hill Margaret, washer. Plum bel 4th 
Hill Marsliall, mer., 40 N Front, h 448 Mul- 
Hill Martin, glassbl. &, tavern. Queen & Bishop, 

h Beach ab Warren 
Hill Marv, 82 Hope ,» 

Hill Mary, Gill's al 
Hill Mary, milliner, 321 N 2d 
Hill Mary, shop, 151 N 5th. 
Hill Mary, Bedford bel Broad 
Hill Michael, carp., Hampton 
.Hill Nathan, white washer, Burr's ct 




Hill Rachel, 251 N 5th 

Hill Ricliarcl, sexton, Ann (!•' V) 

Hill Ricliard & Co., ag-cncy, 12 N 5th 

Hill Rob., porter, 95 Ikdtord 

Hill Robert K., undertiiker, 144 S 8th, house 4 

Hill liowden W., .salesman, Wallace ab 9th 
Hill Rowland, chair (inisher, Haines ab 12th 
Hill Samuel, stoves, 232 N 2d 
Hill Samuel, stovemr. 344^ Hig-h, h 2 Coatcs 
Hill Samuel, carp, rear 484 N 3d 
Hill Sanuiel, 35 S 10th 
Hill Samuel, bricklr., 6 Knight's ct 
Hill Samuel, peai'l worker, Marseilles' pi 
Hill Sar:Ji, confect. 212 Spruce 
Hill Shadrach, importer of needles, 20 Bank, h 

203 Lombard 
Hill Thos., dyer. Master bel Apple (K) 
Hill Thomas, mer. 12 N 5th 
Hill Thoma.s, distiller, Milton ab 10th 
Hill Thoma.s, mer., h 31 Pine 
Hill Thomas, tavern, S E 9th & Green. 
Hill Thompson, brickmr.. Fox's ct 
Hill Wni., vict. Apple bcl Georg-e 
Hill William, lab., Camac ab G T road (K) 
Hill William, importer needles, 174 S 2d 
Hill Wm., fisherman, Dyott's ct (K) 
Hill William B., actuary Pa. Co. Ins, on lives, 

66 Walnut, h 178 S 9th. 
Hill Wm. F., tavern, Washington av and Green 
Hill Wm. F., bootmr.. Poplar ab 13th 
Hill Wm. H., coal yard. Broad ab South, h 96 

S 3d 
Hillard Jos., tailor, 5 Kelly's ct 
HILLARY WM., druggist. 533 High 
Hillborn Cyrus, mer., 7 Jones' al, h 99 New 
Hillburn Chas., combmr., 513 N 3d 
Hille John, vict. Master ab Howard 
Hillegars Jarius, carp. Rentshler 
Hillegas Adam S., grocer, S E 4th & Poplar 
Hillegas Fredk., lab. Marlboro' ab Duke 
Hillegas Rebecca, 18 Harrison av 
Hillegass Charles, segar mr. 8 Passmore's pi 
llillegrass Lewis, carp. 11 Charlotte 
Hillen Chas., lab. G T road ab Montgomery 
Ilillen J. T. F.., artist, 64 Spruce 
Hiller Amos, blacksmith, 6 Juniper al 
Hillcr Henry, planomr. 10 Raspberry la 
Hiller John, cooper. Mechanic ab Culvert 
Hilliard T., carp., 9th bel Ogden 
Hillier Joseph, gilder, 82 Mulberry, h 78 Noble 
Ilillier M. A., trimmings, 321 N 2d' 
Hillgardner Philip, tavern. Front & Shippen 
Hilliard H., b h, 77 N 7th 
Hilliard .lames, waiter, 351 Lombard 
Hillins John, weaver, 4th ab Master (K) 
Hillis Robert, moulder. Front bel Wharton 
Hillman Chas., ship carp. Surah ab Queen 
Hillman Eliakim, cordw., Fralev's alley (K) 
Hillman Sarah, 198 N 6th 
Hillman Wm. G., turner, William ab Rose 
Ilillworth F., watchmr. 324i High, h Sch 6th & 

Hillyard John, painter, Hanover bel Franklin 
Hdsce Catharine, furnishing goods, Sp Garden 

ab 7lh 
Hilsee Charles S., tailor, 272 St John 
Hilsee Joel C, tailor, 471 S 2d 

Hilsee John, collector & agent, 500 S 7th 

Hilsee Joseph, tailor, 141 S Front 

Hilsee ^\'iHiam, tailor, 314 N Front 

[lilsman Thomas L., shoemr., Budden's al 

Hilson Chas., 11th and Vine 

Hilt Abner, lab. F road ab Huntingdon 

Hilt Benj. R., moulder, Passmore ct 

Hilt John, bricklayer, 5 Madison 

Hilt Joseph D., sr., cordw., 5 Cidvert 

Hilt .(ose|)h ])., jr., cordw., 1 James 

Hilt Lewis, shoemaker, 277 N 7th 

Hilt Mattson, book binder, 1 Lodge ])1 

Hilt Sand. R., tailor, 193 S 2d, h 13 Beck's pi 

Hilt Susannah, talloress, 6 Torr's al 

Hiltner Sarah, 10th bel Thompson 

Hilton Abraham, polisher, Rye bel Reed 

Hdton G. W., barber, 238 S 3d 

Hilton John, weaver, M'Duftie n Sch 2d 

Hime Wm. Rev., 34 Harmony 

Himeback Charity, 114 Washington av 

Himeback Jacob, paper hanger. Stiles' ct 

Himes Catharine, shop, F road and Queen 

Himes George W., 403 N 13th 

Himes Martin, lime kilns. Sassafras n Sch Front, 

h Sch Front ab Sassafras 
Himes Mary, washer, rear 161 Christian 
Ilimmelwright Chas., lab. Lewis bel Master 
HIMMELWRIGHT C. S., mer. tailor, 126 N4th 
Himmelwright Philip, carter, Randolph below 

Himmelwright Saml., grocer, Cromer av 
Himmelwi'ight Wm., brickmr. Spink's row 
Himmespah Wm., rag dealer. Brown bel 12th 
Hinchchffe Wm., spinner, 10th ab Poplar 
Hinchman B. M. sec. Reliance ilutual Ins. Co. 

S W 5th and Wahmt, h 212 Chestnut 
Hinchman Chas., combmr. rear 358 N 10th 
Hinchman Eliza W., teacher, 258 Filbert 
Hinchman Elizabeth, 9 Scott's ct 
Hinchman James, Morgan and 9th 
Hincliman J. S., mer., 30 S whfs, h Morgan 

and 9th 
Hinchman Morgan, conveyancer, 66 S 8th 
Hinchman Wm., grocer, 12th and Buttonwood 
Ilinck John, shop. Pleasant &. Qulgg's ct 
Hinck Peter, confect. Franklin ab Front 
Ilincken E. J., publisher, 83 Dock, h Washing- 
ton ab 6th 
Hinckey James, porter, 110 N 12th 
Hinckle John, butcher, Coates bel 12th 
Hinckle Thos., cabtnn-. 78 Buttonwood 
Hinckle Wm., receiving teller Western Bank, 

h 8th bel Coates 
Hinckley C. T., wood engr. 49 S 3d, h 8 Comp- 
Hinckley Robert II., umbrellamr., 321 Vine 
Hinderer Gottlieb, baker, 164 S 4th 
Hinckrme}er Jacob, shoemr.. Poplar ab 13th 
Hlndcrmcyer Joseph, hrassfound. 28 Whitehall 
Hindcrmeycr Michael, shop, 4th ab George 
Hindermeyer Michael, carpenter, Marseilles' pi 
Hindle Edmund, machinist, 28 & h 26 Chatham 
Hindle James, machinist, 28 & h 26 Ch.atham 
HINDLE V JOSEPH, tavern. Front and Laurel 
HINDLE Y RICHARD, The Old House revived, 

F road ab Otter 
Hindman Elizabeth, 91 Buttonwood 
llindman Marg-., 108 Chestnut 




Ilindman Sarah, Sch 8tli bel Coates 

Hindman Stewart, inaniif. 2d ab JcfTcrson 

Hindman Wm., maniif., 2d ab JefTerson 

Hinds Gideon, stovemr., 398 Hi.^h, h 6G S lltli 

Hinds James, weaver, Milton ab 11th 

Hinds Meeker, carp. 16 Hubbel 

Hinds Wm. P., Rev., 4 Belmont place 

Hineker Henry, furniture cur, 348 S Front 

Hinelworth Wm., watchmr. 15 Dannaker's av 

Hines Addison, grocer, Brown & Apple 

nines Albert G., city commis., 22 Mulberry 

Hines Andrew, fisherman, Allen bel Palmer 

Hines B. A., lamps & fluid, 128 Brown 

Hines Chas., cabtmr. 5 Gan-i.^'ue's ct 

Hines Christian, h Fro]it ab Greenwich 

Hines James, rig-ger, 34 Christian 

Hines Jas. weaver. Federal ab I2th 

Hines James W., cordw., 6 Elder 

Hines John, Bvitler av 

Hines John, lab., Moore 

Hines John M., carver, N W 2d and Dock, h 32 

Hines Lewis, tailor, 462 S 2d 
Hines Mary, William and Larch 
Hines Robt. W., jeweller, 34 Christian 
Hines William, ship carp., 34 Christian 
Hinese Edw. lab., Apple ab Master 
Hinicle Geo. F., U. S. Mint, 5 Rlttenhouse 
Hinicle John, U. S. Mint, 146 N 13th 
liinkel Adam H., ship chandler, 38 S whfs., h 

165 N 4th 
Hinkel A. H. Sc Son, ship chandlers, 38 S whfs 
Hinkel Jas. S., mer.38 S whfs, h 165 N 4th 
Hinkel Jas. S. & Co., ship chandlers, 95 S whf 
Hinkey Wm. whip mr., Green's ct 
Hinkle Adam, sr., victualler, Franklin ab Cal 

Hinkle Ann, 151 St. John. 
Hinkle Benjamin, jeweller, 21 Franklin pi, h 

350 S 5th 
Hinkle Charles, capt., 285 N 6th 
Hinkle Chas. tree mr., Carroll ab 12th 
Hinkle Daniel, cabmr., 83 Buttonwood 
Hinkle Henr}', vict. 13th ab Carroll 
Hinkle Henry, book bind.. Federal ab 5th 
Hinkle Henrv, coffee roaster, O Y road below 

Callowhil!, h 350 Callowhlll 
Hinkle Henry, jr., blacksm., 172 N 4th, h Ru- 

g'an bel Willow 
Hinkle Henry, vict. 7th ab Poplar 
HinkJe Henry, brickmr.. Watt n Sch 3d 
Hinkle Henry W., carp., rear 468 Sassafras 
Hinkle John, brickmr., Georg'e bel Sch 3d 
Hinkle John, police, 13 Apple 
Hinkle John, conductor, 133 S 9th 
Hinkle Mary, Mrs., 20 James 
Hinkle Peter, jr., ag-ent, Hibberd ab Girard av 
Hinkle Peter, Randolph ab Parrisli 
Hinkle Wm., bricklr.. Walnut n Sch 3d 
Hinkle Wm., tailor, 53 Noble 
Hinkle Wm., blacksm 3 Lybrand 
Hinklcr Geo. stone cutler, 158 Poplar 
Hinks John, seaman, 5 Parham 
Hinman D. B., mer., 22 Chestnut, h S W Pine 

and 9th 
Hinsberger Francis, lab. 4 Quarry 
Hinson E., hod carrier, Gulielma 
Hinson Maria, washer, 26 St Mary 

Hinson Sarah, washer. Prosperous :J 
Hinson Wash., boiler maker, Vienna ab Frank- 
lin (K) 
Hinton N. B., variety store, 353 High, h 411 

Hinzen John, cordw. 5 Poplar 
Fliorth G. C. carp., 24 Union al 
[lipkins Stephen, mach. 5th bel Canal (S) 
Hipp Bernhard, bask, mr., Frsnklin bel Howard 
nipple Anna, milliner, 350 Sa.ssafras 
Hippie Isabella, S E 9th &: Christian 
Hippie Mary, N W 11th and Coates 
Hippie Napoleon A., mer. 6th ab Parrish 
Hippert John, shoemr. 7th ab Poplar 
Hipson Henry, weaver, 146 S 12th 
Hird Rowland, weaver. Hall ab lOth 
Hirsch Isadore, hatter, 158 Apple 
Hirschbirg- Henry, compositor, 6 Flower 
Hirscheeld Fred, cordw. 124 Coates 
HIRST ANDW. H., City Hotel, 41 & 43 N 3d 
Hirst Chas. A., tailor, N E Front &, Cedar, h 

421 S 6th 
Hirst Geo., furniture, 207 Sassafras 
Hirst Henry B., att'y, 57 Prune 
Hirst John, cooper, 168 N 4th & 66 Willow, h 

27 Duke 
Hirst John, frame mr. 588 X 3d 
HIRST LEON B., atty. at law, 57 Prune 
Hirst Lucas, atty. at law, 64 S 7th 
Hirst Mary Ann, milliner. Poplar ab 10th 
Hirst Penelope, huckster. Poplar ab 10th 
Hirst Robt. R. hatter, 166 S loth 
Hirst Sarah S., 349 Marshall 
Hirst Stephen, vict., Peach 
Hirst Wm. deputy clerk, 30 Lombard 
Hirst William L. tailor, 56 N 2d, and N E Front 

and Cedar 
HIRST WILLIAM L., attorney and counsellor, 

45 S 6th 
Hirtzel Philip, 30 Dillwyn 
Hislop Ebenezer, tailor, 11 Fisher 
Hisst Benj., morocco shaver, 6 Brook 
Hitch Saml. B., mer. 52 Hi^h 
Hitchcock Chas. tailor. Queen and Hanover 
Hitchcock George, blacksmith. Lemon ab 12th 
Hitchen James, manuf., Winter bel Sch 2d 
Hitchman Mich., ropemr. 6th ab Camac 
Hite Amelia, Paschall al 
Hite Jos., boot fitter, 15 Poplar 
Hite Mary Ann, Poplar ab 13th 
HITNER DANIEL, marble yard. Broad 8c 

Hitner Georg'e, printer, 49 S Juniper 
Hitsman Mary, 50 Mechanic 
Hitzelberger Jacob, shoemr., Fisher 
Hoadley Ira, mer. Vine st whf.. h 139 Sp Garden 
Hoag Cornelius, carter, 97 New Murkct 
Hoag- Michael, plasterer, 17 Winfield pi 
Hoag Wm., hatter, rear 195 Noble 
Hoagland Chas. H., porter, 24 Elfrcth's al 
Hoag-land Eleanor, 366 N 6th 
Hoagland John H., coachsmith. Filbert bel 12th, 

h 14 Hamilton pi 
Hobensack J. N. & G. S., druggist, lab. 223 St 

John, h 127 New Market 
Hobbs A. S. mer. 199 Walnut 
Hobbs Jos. granite cutter, Pine bel Turnpike 





llobson E. Mrs., stationery and fancy goods, 194 

llobson (icoig'e W., mer., 43 O Y road 
llobson .leicmiah, slioemr., 141 S lllh 
llobson John, dry goods, lOlh ab Girardav 
Hobson Jos., carp., Sch 8th bc-1 Wood 
Hobson Thos., M. 1)., 8tli :ind Wallace 
HOCHSTRASSEU H., bell hanger, 49 S 8th, h 

49 Og-den 
Hockenberry Jolin, flour and feed, 2d 8i G T 

road (K), h Howard ab Master 
Hockenberry & Boiig-her, flour & feed, N W 

Columbia and 2d (K) 
Hocker Gl-o., Sch 6th ab Spruce 
Hocker John, lab., Wilson's ct 
Hocker John, Jr., drug-gist, N W 11th & Poplar 
Hocker John, sr., gent. N W Poplar St 11th 
Hocker Willis J. coal dealer, 254 Catharine 
Hockley Jolin, cashier B. N. A., h Sch 8th n 

Hocking Henry, carter, 2d bel Columbia 
Hocter Catharine, 90 George 
Hodgdon Alex., 321 Spruce 
Hodge H. L., M. D., N W 9th & Walnut 
Hodge Richiu-d, ship carp, rear 108 F road (K) 
Hodges Edward, shoemr., rear 6 Carpenter 
Hodges Frederick, ship carp., Wood and Sch 

Hodges Henry, carp., Vienna bel Franklin 
Hodges John, bosoms &. collars, 11 Wallace 
Hodges John, morocco dresser, Union ab F 

road (K) 
Hodges John, engineer, Johnson la n M road 
Hodges John C, carp., 18 Adams 
Hodges Robert, clerk, Washington ab 13th 
Hodges R. J. Jt E. F., dry goods, 538 High 
Hodges Wm., machinist. Sell 3d n Filbert 
Hodges Wm., chairmr., Duke bel Palmer 
Hodges Wilson, waiter, 330 Cedar 
Hodgkinson Maiy, Crown n West 
Hodgkinson Robert, blacking manuf., 2 Quarry, 

h 205 Green 
Hodgson John, tailor, 8 Gray's ct (K) 
Hodgson John, tai'or, 2 Lodge pi 
Hodgson Joseph B., mer., 12 S Water, h 71 

Queen (K) 
HODGSON J. B. & CO., oil mer., 12 S Water 
Hodgson William Jr., druggist, 30 N Front, h 

172 Mulberry. 
Hodkinson Wm.. filemr., 131 G T road 
Hodson Thos. engraver, 96 N 5th 
Hoe .John, glass cutter, rear Queen bel Vienna 
Hoecklev Benj. F., acct. 322 Coates 
Hoecklev Fred. S., mer. h 238 N 10th 
HCF.CKLEY JACOB F., scrivener, 248 N 3d, h 

218 Sassafras 
HoL'for Andrew, tailor, rear 1 Nectarine 
Hoeter .John, dyer, Truxton n Budd 
HoelHiger Valentine, niacii.. Wood bel Sch 6th 
Hccrlicii Catharine Mrs., 402 N 9th 
Ha-H,ch Ritteniiouse, hatter, .Myrtle ab 11th 
Haflicii Rudolph K., acct., Ogden ab 11th 
Hcuhling Adolphus A., cabinetmaker, 196 Pine, 
Hoemlein G. T. barber, 99 Callowhili 
Hoenes Pliilip H., cooper, 17 Dock 
Hoesch John, shoemr., G T road ab Master 
Hoctli Charles, mer., 38J N 10th 
Hoctzel H. W., fringe manuf., 59 New Market 


Hoey James, clerk, 211 BuUonwood 

Hofer Geo., shop, 173 Brown 

Hoft" George, bricklay., PVancis ab Powell (F V) 

HofF George, furrier, 4 Commerce, h Hanover 

bel West 
HofT Geo. & Co., capmrs., 4 Commerce 
Hoff" Henry A., machinist. Palmer bel Duke (K) 
Iloff" John G., shoeiur., Noble St New Market 
Hofl" Lewis, cooper. Perry bel Master (K) 
Hoff M:i.rv, Charlotte and George 
HofF M. Sl, 504 N 5th 
HonPer Christian, weaver, Poplar ab 2d 
Hoffman Adam, tailor, Randolph and Poplar 
Hoffman Ann C, Willow ab Franklin 
Hoffman Barbara, 100 Coates 
Hoffman Chas., carder, Vienna bel Duke(K) 
Hoffman Chas. C, shoemr. Duke bel Wood (K) 
Hoffman C. G., 372 N 2d 
Hoffman C. J., mer., 41 N whfs., h Franklin bel 

Hoffman Dorothy, Mrs., Wood ab Queen (K) 
Hoffman D. E., tavern, R road and Wood 
Hoffman Edw., sparmr., Swanson bel Clu'istian 
Hoffman Eleanor, dressmr. S W 11th and Sas- 
Hoffman Francis Rev., 388 St John 
Hoffman Fred, silversm., 16 Castle 
Hoffman Fred. lab. 24 Strawbeny 
Hoffman George, lab., Monroe bel Cherry (K) 
Hoffman Geo. W., Eardman's ct 
Hoffman Jacob, tailor, Van Buren pi 
Hoffman Jacob, tailor, 478 N 2d 
Hoffman Jacob, fisherman. Cherry ab Queen(K) 
Hoffman Jacob, shoemr., 453 N 6th 
Hoffman James, bricklayer, Duke ab Cherry 
Hoffman James, china ware, R road ab Coates 
Hoffman James N. spar mr. 2d bel Jar\-is 
Hoffman Jeremiah S. cordw., rear 23 F road 
Hoffman John, tavern, 105 Coates 
Hoffman John, cooper, Sch Willow ab Pine 
Hoffman John, brushmr., Francis n Powell(FV) 
Hoffman John, ship carp.. Union ab Franklin 
Hoffman John B., gas fitter, 11 S 6th, house 

Washington bel 7th 
Hoffman JohnC. cabinetmr. AVest & Union 
Hoffman John L., china, Grape ab Vineyai-d, h 

Kurtz bel Girard av 
Hoffman John S., lab., 95 Noble 
Hoffman John S., carp. 510 N 8th 
Hoffman Joseph, florist, Carroll ab 12th 
Hoffman Joseph, whf builder. Elm bel Fra;ikj;n 
Hoffman Margt. Hano\erbel Bedford 
Hoflinan Mary, Walton's ct 
Hoffman Mary, Ten Feet al 
Hoffman Michael, moulder. Burr's av 
Hoffman Nicholas, cabinetmr., Morris (S) 
Hoffman Norris J., clerk, 23 Sassafras 
Ilofl'man Paul C, grocer, 5th and .Jefferson (K) 
Hoffman Peter, tavern, luth bel Parrish 
Hofi'man P., butter house, 200 N 8th 
lloirman Rachel, Rachel ab Poplar 
Hofl'man Rachel, 10 Marion 
Hjflinan Saml. capman, 3 W George 
Hoffman Saml. D., lab., G T road bel Master 
Hoffman Samuel T., mast maker, Whf below 

Christian, h 17 Wharton 
Hoffman Slmson, lab., rear 321 St John 
Hoffman Thos., motilder. Oak Sc Moorj (W P) 




Hoffman Thos, lab., Maple bel Richmond 
Hoffman Wert, carp., rear 584 N 3d 
Hofi'man Wm. feed store, 4 Jefferson 
Hoffman Wm. T., grocer, Carlisle & Parrish 
Hoffniiistcr Mary, rear 113 N 6th 
Hofl'nagle Adam, baker, 1 AVashington 
Hoffnag-le Joseph, lab., Apple bel Jefferson 
Hoffneister S. glass fi-amemr. 115 N 7th 
Hoffner Charles B., paper stainer, Powell and 

Vineyard (F V) 
Hoffner Geo. D., pilot, 82 Christian 
Hoffner Henry, macht. 2d ab Edward 
Hoffner Mary Ann, tavern, 229 S 6th 
HOFFNER SOPHIA, inn-keeper, Coates and N 

Hoffner Thos. bricklayer, Sch 4th & Wood 
Hofford Henry, driver, Francis ab R road (F V) 
Hoffstadt Lewis, barber, 72 Brown 
Hoffv A., artist & lithographer, 20 S 3d 
HOFIUS CHAS. B., druggist, 63 N Front 
Hofius John H., clerk, 132 Dillwyn 
Hofman John, manuf. 6th and Bridge (M V) 
Hofman Jno. G. grocer, 6th and Bridge (M V) 
HOFMAN J. Wm. hosiery, 19 N 8th 
Hofmann John H., swordmr , 756 N 4th 
Hofsaes John, baker, 122 Dillwyn 
Hogan Barcos, porter, 10 Little Oak 
Hogan Charles, bar-tender, 93 Lombard 
Hogan David M., clerk, 30 N 4th, h 229 S 9th 
Hogan Edwd. waiter, 12th bel Spruce 
Hogan Fredk. tailor, rear 347 S 3d 
Hogan James, lab. Ann n Sch Front 
Hogan James, stationer, 30 N 4th, h 309 Chest 

Hogan James, lab., 1 Price ct 
Hog-an John, lab.. Western av 
Hogan Jos. cordw. 597 N Front 
Hogan Jos., carder, Ralston row 
Hogan Margaret, washer, Little Oak 
Hog-an M., shoemr.,h 2 Vaux's ct 
Hogan Patrick, lab. rear 133 S 2d 
Hogan Philip, poi-ter, Jones' al 
Hogan Pliibp, lab. Carlton ab Sch 2d 
Hogan Thos. lab. 146 N Front 
Hogan Thomas, tailor, 11 Randall's ct 
HOGAN & THOMPSON, booksellers and sta- 
tioners, 30 N 4th 
Hogan Wm. lab. Alder bel Girard av 
Hogarth Joseph, blacksmith, Parrish W Sch 4th 
Hogbin John, tailor, 16 High, h 31 Wood 
Hoge Thomas H., gent, N E 10th and Pine 
HOGELAND & CO. flour mill, 201 S Front 

& 198 S Water 
Hogeland Eliza, b h, 3 Julianna 
Hogeland Geo., Crown ab Duke (K) 
Hogeland Richard, flour, 170 S Front 
Hog-erbets Peter, comb mr., F road bel Queen 
Hogg Alexander, grocer, N W 5th & Christian 
Hogg Andrew, lab. Carpenter ab 13th 
Hogg Chas., grocer, William Sc Callowhill 
Hogg Cln-istophcr, lab. Beach ab Spruce 
Hogg Isaac S. tailor, rear 22 Paul 
Hogg- James, grocer, F road ab Master 
Hogg Michael, watchman, Cedar E Sch 4th 
Hogg Peter, gas fitter, 63 S 13th 
Hogg Wm. jr. manuf. Hanover bel F road 
Hogg William, gent. 88 Hanover (K) 
Hogg- W. & J., carpet manuf. Union ab West(K) 

Hogg-ans Wm. confect. Charles & Buttonwood 

Hoguet Mary, 195 Buttonwood 

HogwooJ John W., washer, Lemon 

Hohenfels S., dry goods, 132 S 4tb, h 38 Union 

Hohnstock Karl,' artist, 220 Spruce 

HOL AH AN GEORGE, tavern, N W 10th and 

Holahan Jacob, sen., N W 10th and Locust. 
HOLAHAN JACOB, jr., tavern, S E 8th and 

Holahan John, blacksmith & coachmr.. Shoe- 
maker St 
Holahan Thos., b h, 6 Norris' al 
Holbrook Benjamin, 362 S Front 
Holbrook Charles N., ex. broker, 47 Chestnut, h 

179 S 9th 
Holbrook Jacob, weaver. Beach bel Locust 
Holby A. bootmr. 86 N 6th, h 13th ab Citron 
Holby Jos. G., stone cutter. Pine n Sch 2d 
Holby Wm. V. bookbinder. Tammany ab 4th 
Holcomb Eli, lab. 561 S Front 
Holdcraft David, seaman, 29 Concord 
Holdcraft Wm., paver, Callowhill ab Sch 4th 
Holden Edwd., shoemr. 9tli bel Carpenter 
Holden Eli, watchmr., 238 High 
Holden Isaac, grocer, West and Mai-lboro' (K) 
Holden John, lab. rear Poplar ab 9th 
Holden Sarah, 88 Gaskill 
Holden Thomas, 139 N 7th n Willow. 
Holderman Fred, beer house, G T road above 

Holdim Ralph, weaver, Duke n Hanover 
Holding Christian, lab. rear 119 Christian 
Holgate James, carp. Marlboro' & West 
Holgate Mary, milliner, 58 Mulberry 
Holgate Samuel, shoes, 389 S Front 
Holl B. Franklin, rear 21 Minor 
Holl Sebastian, cabtmr. 9 Juniper 
Hollahan James, clerk, 45 S Front 
Holland Ann, M'Duffie n Sch 3d 
Holland Barnett, rear 137 Plum 
Holland Edward, dealer, Moore n Church 
Holland Harriet, 330 Walnut 
Holland Harry, mer. York bel Queen 
Holland Hugh, Front bel Greenwicli 
Holland Hugh, pedler, Milton n 11th 
Holland Isaac, lab., 8 Eutaw 
Holland .lohn, lab., rear Lombard n Sch 6th 
Holland John, lab., Dorothy n Sell 4th 
Holland John, weaver, M'Duffie W Sch 3d 
Holland Lawrence, carp., Sch 7th and Ogden 
Holland Martha H., 129 S 9th 
Holland .Mary, Plum ab Bridge 
Holland Mary, 5 John 
Holland Nehemiah, salesman, 19 Clark 
Holland Patrick, jeweler, 10th bel Christian 
Holland Robert, carp. 106 Wallace 
HOLLAND ROBT., broker, 75 Dock, h 36^ 

Holland Samuel, cordw. Morris bel Catharine 
Holland Ten-ence, gardener, 9 Kelly 
Holland Thos. weaver, Stewart's pi 
Holland Thomas, lab. Clark's ct 
Holland Wm., engineer, 4th bel Franklin 
Holland Wm. weaver, 3 Hope 
Holland Wm. tavern & b h, 6 Penn 
Holland Wm. A. porter, 4 Little Pine 
Hollen Chas., coachman, 15 W George 




Hollenback R. U., painter, N E 7th and High, 

h 9th bcl Mch)n 
Hollenbiick Geo. cal)tmr. Cherry n F road 
Hollick Jolm, blacksm. Sassafras ub Sch 8th 
llollulay Ann, 38 Howard 
HolHday David, sliocmr. I CaiToll 
Holliday James, lab. Howell 
HoUidav .lames, weaver, 652 N 2d 
Holliday Tlios. distiller, 666 N 2d 
Hollinbeck Alfred, cng'raver, 182 Carpenter 
Hollingdrake .Tolin, tavern, Jefferson ab Howard 
Holling's D., steward, 21 Diigan 
Hollingshead A. 13., b. h., 124 Mulberry 
HOLLINGSHEAD B. M., dry goods, 14 N 6th 
Holling'shead Chas. tin smith, 10 Farmer 
Holllngshead Chas. F., mer., S W Water and 

Chestnut, h 6 Union 
HoUing-shead H. H., broker, 64^ Walnut, h 293 

N 6th 
Hollingshead James, clerk, Hutchinson above 

HollingsheadJoseph M. mer. 77 N Water, h 

420 Walnut 
Hollingshead Martha, 420 Walnut 
Hollingshead Maiy & Sarah, bonnets, 14 N 6th 
Hollingshead S. T., M. D., 297 Callowhill 

77 N Water, & 38 N whfs 
Hollingshead & Zelley, grocers, S W Water and 

Hollingsworth A. M., stationery, 30 N 7th 
HoUingswortli Benjamin P., machinist, Ran- 
dolph bel Franklin 
Hollingsworth George, boot black, 94 Gas kill 
HoUingsw orth Geo., Lombard & Hu'St 
Hollingsworth Hamilton, weav. Philip ab Master 
Hollingsworth Henry, tavern, Sch 4th & Cedar 
HoUingsworth Henry, Prest. Western F'und So- 
ciety, office & house 313 Chestnut 
Hollingsworth James, 3 Mercer 
Hollingswoi'th John, boilermr. Vienna ab AVest 
HOLLINGSWORTH J. B. agent, Willow W 

Broad, h 3 Mercer 
Hollingswoi-th Matthew, weav., 2nd ab Oxford 
Hollingsworth Robei-t, sawyer, Hanover above 

Hollingsworth Samuel L., M. D., 443 Spruce 
Hollingsworth Thos. C, acct. 520 N 5th 

Hollowbush Jacol), books & paper, 23 N Front, 

h N E 7tli Sc Willow 
Mollowbiisli Wm., dealer, Coates E Sch 5th 
Hollowell Albert, 7th and Parrisii 
Hollowell Chas. cutter, Catliarine ab 3d 
Hollowell James, wheclwt. Maiden bel Front, h 

Howard ab Jefferson (K) 
Hollowell S. M., milliner, Franklin bel 2d (K) 
Hollowell Wm. 195 N 3d 
Hollowell Wm.,carp. 594 N Front 
Ilollwarth Jolni M., gi-ocer, 83 N Market 
Holly Aaron, lab. Pearl bel 13th 
Holly John, portci-, Mark's la 
Hollyday Robt. weaver. Leopard ab Franklin 
Hollyday Wm., forwd.'mer., 38 S 13th 
Hohnan Andrew J., School bel Franklin (K) 
Holman Geo. W. carp. 10 Penna av 
Holman Matthew, cordw. Marlboro' ab Duke 
Holman S. L, dagst. Washington bel 7th 
Holme Jos. D. trader, F road &. Bedford 
Holme Morgan, lab., F road bel Union (K) 
Holmes Alen, lab. 8 Lombard ct 
Holmes Alex. V., clerk, Jenning's row 
Holmes Ann, dress mr. 456 Callowhill 
Holmes Anna, Sch 7th bel Sassafras 
Holmes Archibald, weav.. Leopard bel Phoenix 
Holmes Benjamin F., hair di-esser, Queen bel 

Palmer (K) 
Holmes David, weaver. Perry ab Franklin 
Holmes David B. 131 Wood 
Holmes Elizabeth, Sassafras n Sch 7th 
Holmes Elizabeth, Perry ab Franklin (K) 
Holmes E. B. Farmers &. Mechanic's Bank, 

Holmes E. M., Mrs., 317 S 8th 
Holmes George, lab. rear 9 James' st 
Holmes Geo. H., lapidist, 5 Bank al, h 19 Lom- 
Holmes Geo. W., teacher of drawg., N W 12th & 

Holmes Glasgow, mer. 40 Chestnut, h Butler 

HOLMES GLASGOW & CO., importers, 40 

Holmes Henry, pa.bro., 87 Shippen 
Holmes James, chandler, 41 Plum 
Holmes Jas., boatman, 5 Sch West st 
Holmes Jas., porter, 5 Prosperous al 

Hollingsworth T. G., stock and exchange bro- Holmes James, farmer, F road &. Bedford (K) 

ker, h 336 Chestnut i Holmes James, clerk, Harstman's ct 

HolUngswonh Wm., lab., Hanover ab Queen(K) HOLMES JOHN, tavern. Front &. Phoenix 

Hollins James B., chinaware, 346 High 
Hollins John, china ware, 371 High 
Hollins Philip, tavern. Redwood & 5th 
HoUls Ann, milliner, 6 S 13th 
Hollis Catharine L., 143 S 10th 
HoUis Chs., J., engraver, 28 N 3d 
Hollis James, waiter, 91 George 
HOLLIS JOHN, commis. agent, 1 Dugan 
Hollis Nancy, 11 Green 
Hollis Peter, acct. 30 Rittenhouse 
Hollis P. L., perfumer, 9 Merchant 
Hollman John H. tavern, 129 S 2d 
HoUoway Geo., lab. Division ab Ann (F V) 
Hollo way J. T., manuf. patent leather, 9 Mil- 
ler (.M) h 231 Washington 
Holloway Thos. gent. New Market and Ellen 
HoUoway Wm. & Co. druggist, 376 High 

Holmes Jno., Cadwaladerab Phoenix, 

j h Harrison av 

I Holmes John, jr., bookkeeper. Front and Phoe- 
nix (K) 

I Holmes John, M. D. Sch 7th bel Locust 

j Holmes John C, ladies' shocmr., 273 S 5th 

.Holmes John S. lab. Front bel Maiden 
Holmes Jos., engineer, Coates &. Willow (Sch) 
Holmes Leonard, confect. Weccacoc 
Holmes Levi, carter, Milton ab 10th 

I Holmes Margaret, Weccacoe 
Holmes Mary, nurse, rear 194 Cheny 
Holmes Mary, Ontario Sc Poplar 

Holmes Maiy, b h, 109 Mulberry 
Holmes Philip, waiter, 23 Quince 
Holmes Robert, mariner, 442 S Front. 
Holmes Robt., lab. Dunton ab Otter (K) 




HoUowbush Henry, tobacco, rear 129 N 11th 

Holmes & Rowan, lapidists, 5 Bank al 

Holmes Samuel, macht. Front bel Franklin 

Holmes Samuel, carp. 7 Winter 

Holmes Sarah, ¥ road bel Master (K) 

Holmes Seth, 4 Logan sq 

Holmes Stephen, shoemr. 8 Bledisloe pi 

Holmes S. Hermitag-e pi 

Holmes Tlieop., wheelwt., Vienna bel Franklin 

Holmes Thompson, M. 1)., 351 N 7th 

Holmes Thos., 456 Callowhill 

Holmes Valentine, sec'y. & treas. Harrisburg & 

Lancaster R. R. Co'., 95^ Walnut 
Holmes Wm., waiter, 37 Quince 
Holmes Wm., weaver, Benton ab School (K) 
Holmes Wm. skinner, 1 Little Green 
Holscher Wm. painter, 445 Vine 
Hoist Charles A., cabt. mr., 11 Parker. 
Hoist Christian Fredk., carp., 12 Carpenter 
Hoist Chas. F. cordw. 12 Carpenter 
Holstein Ann, tailoress, Ogden ab 10th 
Holston Sarah W., 1 Noble 
Holston Wm. tailor, Wharton & Corn 
Holt A., dry goods, 4th opp G T road (K) 
HOLT FREDK. F., coal dealer, CallowhUI W 

Sch 3d, h E Sch 4th 
Holt James, lab., Caldwell and Beach 
Holt J., boot fitter, Kline's ct (K) 
Holt J. & T., grocers, N W 10th and Ogden 
HOLT RICHARD, manuf., Sch 2d & Col R R, h 

Hamilton E Sch 2d 
Holt Robert W., cooper, Sch 7th n Vine 
Holt Saml., machine painter. Wood ab Duke(K) 
Holt Samuel, cooper, 57 Catharine 
Holt Samuel, machinist, Front bel Franklin 
Holt Seth, confect. and fi-uiter, NAV Sp Garden 

and Franklin, h Franklin and Green 
Holt & Tyson, grocers, 361 N 2d 
Holt Wm., grocer, 69 Charlotte 
Holton John, lab. Ogden ab Sch 8th 
Holton Patk., lab. 7th bel Reed 
Holton Thos., lab. 7th bel Reed 
Holzinger Fredk., baker, Sch 8th & Carlton 
Holzworth Lewis, shop, 28 Apple 
HO.MAN & HUGHES, undertakers, 332 Sas- 
safras & 126 N 10th 
Homan John, undertaker, 332 Sassafras 
Roman John, cooper, Wood bel Nixon 
Homberg Levi, shop, 5 Quarry 
Homberg Philip, dealer, 17 Cherry 
Homel E., lampmr.. Willow \V Sch 8th 
Homer Benjamin, Melon ab 10th 
HOMER A. P., pocketbook mauuf 189 & h 192 

Homer H., 77 Sassafras 

Homer Jas., oysters, 52 N 2d, h 12th and Green 
Homer Matthias, variety store, 58 S 2d 
Homer Wm., brassfoun'der, 66 Zane 
Homer Wm., clerk, 98 Union 
Homestead S. tailor. Prime ab M road 
Homewood Josiah, seaman, 13 Shippen 
Homoah David, cordw., Carlton ab 13th 
Hone Ann, shop, St Mary's ab 7th 
Honeywell Elliott, capt., Washington n 6th 
Hood Ann, Washington ab Moore (W P) 
Hood Benj., painter, 558 S Front 
Hood Charles, corder, Marshall n 5th (S) 
HOOD & CO., mers., 189 High 

Hood Eliza A,gentw., 12 Sansom. 
Hood Eliza A., tobacco, 620 Callowhill 
Hood Francis, teacher of music, 38^ Palmyra sq 
Hood Hugh, supt., Duke bel Huntington (R) 
Hood Isaac, engineer, Fisher ab Emery 
Hood James, weaver, William 
Hond James, weaver. Union ab Franklin (K) 
Hood James, carp. 8 Helmuth 
Hood James, morocco dr., Courtland pi 
Hood James, cordw. 606 Callowhill 
Hood John, cordw. 263 Sassafras 
Hood John, Pollock's ct 
Hood Joseph L., cordw., Sch 3d& Pearl 
Hood Matthew, Bridge and 5th (M V) 
Hood Nathaniel P., acct., 182 N 9th 
Hood &. Noblit, rail mrs. 121 N 10th 
Hood Rebecca, milliner, Sch 3d and Pearl 
Hood Samuel, lab., Fisher ab Emery 
Hood Samuel, mer., 150 N 12th 
HOOD SAMUEL, atty. & coim., 51 N 6th 
Hood Sarah, rear Poplar n 9th 
Hood Thomas, cordwainer, 370 Green 
Hood Thomas G., mer. 189 High, h 203 N 7th 
Hood Wa.shington, 189 High, h 203 N 7th 
Hood William, painter and glazier, 77 Callow- 
hill, h 620 Callowhill 
Hood Wm., rail mr. 121 N 10th 
Hood Wm. B., gent., Lombard ab Sch 5th 
Hood Wm. P., iron rail manufs., 10th ab But- 
ton wood 
Hoodless Thomas, carpenter, S W 10th and 

ilarble, h 5 Fries' ct 
Hook Daniel, carp., 648 S 2d 
Hook Danl. B., cordw.. Larch bel 10th 
Hook Elias, lab., Houben's pi 
Hook George W., upholst., 100 Gei-man 
Hook Jane H., dressmr. 565 Vine 
Hook John, potter, Johnson la ab 4th 
Hook Martha, 288 S 5th 
Hooke Francis &. Co., photographists, 15 S 2d, 

h 565 Vine 
Hooker Benjamin, painter, 1 Flower 
HOOKER C. S., dentist, 330 Vine 
HOOKER HERMAN, booksell. & sta. S W 8th 

and Chestnut 
Hookey A. & Son, undertakers, 395 N 3d & 637 

Hookey Chas. G., engraver, 2 Pleasant Rt 
HOOKEY JOSEPH' H., undertaker, 637 N 2d 
Hooks George, sen., dyer, Dickerson's ct 
Hooley B., silk manuf., Hudson's al 
Hooley Wm., stoves, 328 N Front 
Hooper Abraham, cordw. Monroe bel Cherry(K) 
Hooper Chas. E., mer. 14 Chestnut, h 394 Walnut 
Hooper Clement, bricklayer, Shackamaxon ab 

Hooper Emanuel, cutter, 19 I,ewis 
Hooper Hezekiah, porter, 7 Hurst 
Hooper Jane J., b. h. 16 Carters' al 
Hooper John, mer., 14 Chestnut, h 394W^alnut 
Hooper John, tailor. Summer's ct 
Hooper John, clerk, rear 20 Paul 
HOOPER JOHN, SON & CO., dry goods, 14 

Hooper Robert M., mer., 14 Chestnut, h 394 

Hooper Theodosia, 65 George 
Hooper Thomas, shoemr., 5 Miller (M) 




HOOPER WM. H., M. D. 472 Chestnut, h 394 

Hoopis H., 14 Summer st 
Hoopes (n'org-e, curp., State n Scli 7th 
Hoopt-s .loliii, pl;ist(.rer, 9th hcl Og'ilon 
Hoopes .lolm, saddler, 15 W Sassafras 
Hoopes Joseph, dry .^•oods, 381 Higli, h Sch 

4lh ah (Jhestnu't 
Hoopes Juliaiina, Wasliinpton & Mansion(VV P) 
Hoopes J. Ross, mcr. N W 8th and Hi^^i, h 411 

Hoopes Martlia S., h h, 150 Midherry 
Hoopes I'enrose R., mei'., 3 Sch S whf., h Cram- 
mo nd (W P) 
Hoopes T. C, R i-oad and Biittonwood 
Hoopes William G., iron, Washington (W P) 
Hoopes Wm. M., dry g-oods, 14 Montgomery 
Hooten Peter, weaver, Linn W Nixon 
Hooven Augustus U., tinsm., rear 460 N 4th 
Hooven Benj., bricklr. Wood ab Sch 4th 
Hooven Benj., watchman, Sch 7th ab Federal(S) 
Hooven Henry, lab., Uickerson ab 7th 
Hooven James, blacksmith, Hamilton ab Fair- 
Hooven Jefferson, lab. 7th and Wharton 
Hooven Morris, lab., Rhoads W Sch 5th 
Hooven Sarah, Pleasant row 
Hooven Wm., sen., wheelwrt. 490 N 4th 
Hoover Adrian, lab., Craig's ct 
Hoover Andrew, brickmr., 348 N5th 
Hoover Anthony, brickmr. 480 N 4th 
Hoover Catharine, Carlton ab Sch 6th 
Hoover Eli, carp., Parrish ab 9th 
Hoover Henry, ship carp. 62 M road 
HOOVER JACOB, Wash, drove yard, R road 

ah Coates 
Hoover Jacob, lab., rear Federal ab Broad 
Hoover James, capt. New Market and York ct 
Hoover .lohn, vict. Lemon ab 12th 
Hoover John, plasterer, 540 S 4th 
Hoover John, lampmr. 16 Poplar 
Hoover Samuel, painter, Marlboro' ab Duke (K) 
Hoover Wm., cordw.. Orange and Melon 
Hope Uominick, stone cutter, Chestnut near 

Hope James, bar tender. Wire Bridge Hotel 
Hope James, lab. Little Lehigh bel Cumberland 
Hope John, lab., 8th and Reed 
Hope Joseph D., tobacconist, 4th & Walnut 
Hope Patrick, lab., High n Sch 2d 
Hope Thos., mer. 37 Jones' al (C) 
Hope Thos., portrait painter, 35 Logan 
Hope Thomas, brushmr., Parrish ab 9th 
Hopes Jacob, weaver, Cadwalader bel Master 
Hopewell G W., clothing, 90 S 2d, h 146 Lo- 
HOPEWELL JOHN C, capmr., 8U N 3d, h 

64 O Y road 
Hopkins Alex., shoemr.. Rose n School 
HOPKINS ALLEN M., Indian Queen, 15 S 4t]i 
Hopkins Caroline, washer, 1 Cresson's al 
Hopkins & Co., ladies' shoe manufs., 27 S 4th 
Hopkins Elizabeth P., vestmr., rear 3 Owen 
Hopkins Georg-e, waiter, 107 N 7th 
Hopkins Howell, atty. h coun., 89 S 5t!i, h 390 

Hopkins James, stock broker, 24 S 3d, h 26 S 

Hopkins Jas. H., oysterman, rear 166 Swan.son 
Ho])kins John, hatter, 18 Poplar 
Flopkins Jolin C, clerk, 63 Wallace 
Hopkins Joseph, stocking mcr. 579 S 2d 
HOPKINS J. Sc CO., ex. broker, 24 S 3d 
Hopkins Lewis, stone mason, Penn bel Broad 
Hopkins Margaret, Hummel's ct 
Hopkins Mary C, 48 Dillwyii 
Hopkins Mitchell, mariner, 31 Union al (S) 
Hopkins Moses, cai-p., Warren ab Moore (W P) 
Hopkins Nicholas, mer., 103 S Front, h Spruce 

ab Broad 
Hopkins Robt. M., wheelwrt., 5th ab Franklin 
Hopkins Samuel F., carp., Washington bet Wil- 
liam and Till 
Hopkins Samuel K., carp., Washington E Till 
Hopkins Sarah, 325 Spruce 
Hopkins S. U., dep. collect. Custom House 
Hopkins Thomas, cabinet maker, Emlin's ct & 

Hopkins Thomas, carpenter, 103 Melon 
Hopkins Thomas, hosier, Beckett bel Sch 6th 
Hopkins Wm., carp., Parrish bel 12th 
Hopkins William, carter, Prosperous al 
Hopkinson Francis, atty. and conn., 134 S 6th, 

h Locust ab Sch 8th 
Hopkinson F. & O., atty. and couns., 134 S 6th 
Hopkinson Joseph, machinist, Ashton near Sas- 
Hopkinson Oliver, atty. &. coun., 134 S 6th 
Hoppel George, tailor, Duke bel Palmer 
Hoppel John, shoemr., P road bel Christian 
Hoppel Kesiah, 272 Coates 
Hoppel Wm., paper, Coates bel Broad 
Hopper Benj., watchmr. Buttonwood bel 9th 
Hopper D. G., imdertaker, 107 N 5th 
Hopper Edmund, carp. 12th ab Spruce, h Locust 

W Broad 
HOPPER EDWARD, att'y & coun., 22 N 7th 
Hopper James M., carter, Parrish bel 11th 
Hopper Jeremiah, carpenter, 12th ab Spruce, h 

Locust ab Broad 
Hopper Offley, undertaker, Sch 7th bel Sassa- 
Hopper Sam.uel M., jeweler, 66 Chestnut 
Hopper Zephaniah, teacher, 292 Vine 
Hoppin Henry, manuf., h Vine W Sch 7th 
Hopple William, slioes, 314 S 2d 
Hopson Peter, brickmr. .lessamine ab Broad 
Hopton Marshall, agt., Sch 8th &. Pearl 
Horan Daniel, tailor, 44 Prune 
Horan Thos., tavern, 41 Walnut 
Horan Mary, Salmon and Somerset 
Hore Wm., porter, 25 Lombard 
Horkcth Henry, brickmr., Long la bel Prime 
Horlagher Michael, confect., Poplar ab 8th 
Horman Christian, glass blower, Franklin bel 

Horn Benj., lab., 3 Wagner's ct 
Horn Caspar H., stone cutter, Gilbert bel 10th 
l[orn (Catharine, 349 Pine 
Horn David, dry goods, N W 4th & Poplar 
Horn David, lab. West E Sch Beach 
Horn &, Ellis, slioer. tools, 109 Sassafras 
Horn Evan, lab., 359 S 6th 
Horn George, cordw.. Front ab Harrison 
Horn Henry, jr., N W 8th & Locust, h S W 10th 
and Clinton 




HORN HENRY, Sen., g-cnt., S W lOtli and' 

HORN HENRY J., atty. 8c conn., 24 S 5th ! 

Horn JucoIj, blacksm., Pearl ab Sch. 8th 
Horn Jacob, stone cut., Becket E Sch 6th 
Horn James H., attv. & coun.sellor, 30 S 5th, h 

S VV 10th and Clinton 
Horn Jane, Ellis ab Washington (S G) 
Horn John, gent. 16 Broad 
Horn .lohn, baker, 3 Read's ct 
HORN JOHN, (hug-gist, N E 3d and Brown 
Horn Joseph, stonecutter, 410 Poplar 
Horn Joseph, tailor. Piper's ct 
Horn, the Misses, 321 Sassafras 
Horn Morris, tailor. Federal bel 8th 
Horn Nicholas, tailor, rear, St John ab Beaver 
Horn Patrick, Uib., 137 S Front 
Horn Patk., lab., Cadwakder ab Franklin 
Horn Philip H., druggist, S W 4th and Poplar 
Horn Richard J., coachmaker, 221 Mulberry, h 

S W 10th and Chnton 
Horn Timothy, lab., Bedford 
Horn Wm., gardener, Sch 7th bel Washington 
Horn Wm., oysterman. Front bel Greenwich 
Horn Wm., spinner, Harmstead ab Sch 3d 
Horn Wm. Henry, instrument mr., Julianna ab 

Horn W & H., mers., N W 8th and Locust, k 

S W 10th & Clinton 
Hornberger Hannah, Church ab Moore 
Hornberger Lewis, hatter, Sch 2d n Lombard 
HORNBERGER WM., tailor, 331 S 2d 
Hornby Wm. shoe findings, 192 Sassafras 
Home Cable H., men, 13^ N 8th 
Home Henry H., flour store, 68 Callowhill 
Hume Henry H., gent., 285 Sassafras 
Home 1. R., Lancaster Pike and 6th (W P) 
Home Wm., shoemr. 12 Mechanic 
Horneff Jacob, lab., Vienna ab Duke 
HORNER ALFRED, broker, 60^ Walnut, h 75 

S 12th 
Horner &. Dampman, tailors, 391 N 3d 
Horner Garrett, lab., 4 Grape ct 
Horner George, cooper, 9 Turner 
Horner Gustavus R. B., M. D., 297 Spruce 
Horner Jacob, lab. 2 Brasier's av 
Horner James, carp. SI Almond 
Horner Jolin, cooper, o5 Church al, h Sch 8th 

ab Sassafras 
Homer John, lab., Sch 3d ab Walnut 
Horner Joseph, cordw., Freestone pi 
Horner Michael, shoemaker, 83 Mulberry 
Homer Nicholas, watchman, 93 Gaskill 
Horner Richard, draymaii, 7 Drinker's al 
Horner Richard D., varnisher, Carpenter ab 6th 
Horner Roger, capt., 66 M road 
Homer Sanmel, manuf., 137 G T road 
Horner Saml., tailor, Rawle ab Apple 
HORNER SAMUEL M., grocer, N W 2d and 

Horner Simon, tailor, 3 Shaffers 
Horner Wm., dealer. Baker 
Horner Wm. E., M. D., 386 Chestnut opposite 

Horning Amos, lamp mr. 324 N 2d, h 105 Dill- 

Homing & Heidrich, lamp manuf. 88 Noble 
Horning Jeremiah, cordw. Broad & Olive 

Hornketh Sarah, 5th bel Oxford 

Homor Benjamin, clerk, 91 Walnut, h 3 W 

Penn scj 
Hornor B. C, druggist, 8 Lagrange, h 320 Mul- 
Hornor C. W., M. D., 294 Walnut 
Hornor David S., 212 Cherry 
Hornor John W., sec. Penna. Mut. Life Ins. Co., 

N E 3d & Dock, h Sassafras ab Sch 7th 
Hornor S. S., dentist, 247 Walnut 
Horr Jacob, cabtmr. rear 4 Haines 
Horrock Henry, engineer. Queen ab Palmer 
Horschel John, furrier, 69 S 2d 
Horsemiller Lawrence, hatter, rear 141 Apple 
Horsey Jos., bookbind., h 222 Green 
Horsman Wm., gun sm.. Mechanic bel George 
Horsmire Fredk., lab. Rachel bel Rawle 
Horstman F., wool dealer, 323 S 3d 
Horstmann & Broths., fringes, &c. 204 Chestnut 
Horstmann Sigmund H., mer., 51 N 3d, h 68 

Horstmann Wm. H., military store, 51 N 3d, h 

251 Vine 
HORSTMANN WM. H. & Sons, military store 

and fringe factory, 51 N 3d 
Horstmann Wm. J., mer., 51 N 3d, h 191 N 5th 
Horter Geo., h 39 Noble 

Horter Hiram Lafayette, provisions, S E Mar- 
shall and Poplar 
Horter John, prov., N W 11th and Ohve 
Horter Washington, dry goods, N W 4th and 

Horton Danl., macht., Washington bel Broad 
Horton James, filer, 347 S Front 
Horton John, bricklayer, 148 S 4th 
Horton John, mach. Front and FrankUn 
Horton John J., carp. 4th bel Johnston's la 
Hortter Abm. R., druggist. Broad &. Coates 
Hortz Chas., measurer, 103 Queen 
Hortz John P., measurer, 103 Queen 
Hory Rosina, wld of Hen., 40 St John 
Hosbeck Echart, dealer, Franklin ab Front 
Hoseeir Isaac A., clerk. Little Willow 
Hosey Bridget, shop, Sch 2d and Hai-mstead 
Hosfield Geoi-ge, bootmr., 349 Callowhill 
Hoskin Wm., wheelwt. and blacksm., G T road 

ab Haydock 
Hoskins A.' M., artificial flowers, 7 S 4th, and 48 

Hoskins E. A., druggist, 135 Filbert 
Hoskins Francis, mer., N W 5th & High, h 294 

Hoskins P'rancis V., plasterer. Green ab Park 

(W P) 
Ho.skins George, constable. Oak bel Till (W P) 
Hoskins, Ilieskell & Co., dry goods, N W 5th 

and High 
Hoskins John, carter, 3 Smith's al 
Hoskins John, gent. 29 S 4th 
HOSKINS J. M., wine and hq. 185 S 6th 
Hoskins Wm., mate, 2 Christian 
Hoster George C, carp., 255 Wood 
Hoster Marg., 12th and Graff 
Hoster Wm. S., carp., Pearl n Sch 8th 
Hotman George, lab. Carlton ab Sch 7th 
Hotman Joseph, waiter, 1 Traquair's ct 
Hottel Joseph B., tobac, 4 S 8th 
Hottenstein John, boot mi\ 81 St John 




Tlottenstein John, spinner, G T road above 

Hottman Fred., shoemr., Franklin ah F road 
Hottman John, cordw., Poplar ah 10th 
Hotz diaries, vict. 284 N 8th 
Hot/. Daniel, 13th bcl Wallace 
Houck Samuel, cahtmr. 5 Uledislnc pi 
Houck Wm., carp. Wood ah Franklin 
Hoiick Win., stone cutter, rear Centre below 

Hoiijjh Alfred L., merchant, 4 N 5th, h 130 N 

Hough Ellen, F road ab Vienna 
Houg'h Georg^e, baker. Queen bel Palmer (K) 
Houg-h Geo. K., tailor, 2 S 5th 
Houg-h John, flour, 441 High. 
Hough John L., grocer, 130 N 10th 
Hougli Joseph, cahtmr. Lemon ab 10th 
Hougli Matthias, bricklr. 14 Helmuth 
Hough Oliver, convevancer, h 8 Union sq 
Hough Rebecca, b h,' 142 S 10th 
HOUGH fk SMITH, gocers, 222 N 2d 
Hough Thos. J., printer, 32 Jacoby 
Houghton E. F., mer. 21 Strawberry 
Houg-h ton George, lamp maker., G T road opp 

Wager (K) 
Houghton George R., brass founder, 28 Parker 
Houghton James, manuf. 7 Florence row 
Houghton John, brass found., G T road bel 6th 
Houghton J. S., M. D., 11 N 8th 
Houghton Luther, brass nailmr., 159 Shippen, 

h 5th ah Christian 
Houghton Michael, lab., Prospect pi 
Houghton Thos., tinsm. 6th bel Little Poplar 
Houlding^Liria, 358 S Front 
House Jas., ship builder. Larch ab Palmer 
House John, .ship carp. Sorrell bel Bath 
House Samuel, carman. Culvert bel Apple 
House Wm., lampmr. Grace W Sch ~th 
House Wm. P., cordw., 264 St John 

Householder Allen, carp., Ross ab Queen 
Householder A., cabinetmr., Parrish bel 10th 
Householder George K., cahtmr. Esher's av 
Housekeeper Benjamin, M. 1). Queen ab Cher- 
ry (K) 
Houseknecht Peter, weaver, Alechanic below 

Housell Wm., clerk, rear 57 Apple 
Houseman Daniel, butcher, 25 Mary (S) 
Houseman James, ship carp., o7 Clark 
Houseman John A., butcher, S E 2d nnd Wash- 
Houseman John S., carp., Apple bel Franklin 
Houseman Lewis, rear 529 N 2d 
Houseman Richard, shoemr., 487 S Front 
Houser Catharine, 5 Fitzwater. 
Houser Gottlieb., tailor, Pleasant bcl 11th 
Houser John G., weaver, Apple bel George 
Houser Jacob, butcher, 2d ab Greenwich 
Houser Mar\-, 5 Fitzwater 
Houston David, weaver. Mechanic n Creek 
Houston David IL, druggist, 8th &. P road 
Houston David IL, M. D., 409 S 3d 
Houston Ebenezer, stone cut., George E Sch 2d 
Houston Geo., lab. William n Morris 
Houston John, shoemr. Cedar n Sch 2d 

Houston J. M., acct., 105 S od, h '^5(> Green 
Houston Itichard T., tailor, 351 Cedar 
Houston Robt., blacksm. 10th bel Master 
HOUSTON ROI'.T., boots and shoes, 79 High 
Houston 8c Robinson, wool, 66 S I'ront 
Houston Wm , .shoemr. Prosperous al 
Houston W. C, mer., 66 S Front, h Walnut W 

Sch 7th 
Housum P., 54 St John 
Houter Frcdk., baker, 86 Fitzwater 
Ilouy John, tailor, 1 Horstman's ct 
Hou}c Robt., cordw.. Broad bel Bedford 
Hou/.clot Daniel, carp. Cumberland bel F road 
Houvcy James, oil clothier, 383 N Fit)nt 
Hovell Richard, cordw.. Bayard 
Hover Edw., upholsterer, Emerick's av 
Hover H. F., upholsterer, 132 S 2d, h 148 Mar- 
Hover Joseph E., ink manufactory, 87 N Third 
Hovey Henry, turner, 68 Swanson 
Hovey Ira, cordw. 11th ab Thompson 
Hovis John, clerk, R road ab Buitonwood 
How Jacob, boat build., Sch Front ab Mulberry 
How Joseph, publisher. Loud ab 9th 
How Margaretta F., 402 N 8th 
Howard A. & E., stockmrs., 16 S 8th 
Howard Caleb, Middle al 
Howard & Co., express office, 41 & 43 S 3d 
Howard &. Co., last mrs. 83 Sassafras 
Howard Daniel, classical teacher, Washington 

ab 12th 
Howard Daniel, blacksm., Carleton ab Sch 6th 
Howard Eliza, grocer, Fairview W Broad 
Howard George, mer., Sch 2d ab Fleming 
Howard George, brushmr., S E Catharine and 

Howard George C, mach., Broad & Paper al 
Howard H. & C, macht. Ranstead pi 
Hov.-ard Jas., lab. 7 Mechanic 
Howard James, 190 Callowhill 
Howard Jas. T., blksm., 6 Juniper al, h Spink's 

row (K) 
Howard James W., lampmr. R road ab Coates 
Howard Jas. \s ., bricklr. 6 Dean 
Howard John, blacksm. Pearl ab Sch 4th 
Howard John, shot manuf. 27 Union al (S) 
Howard John, finding store, 78 S 4th 
Howard John, moulder. Phoenix bel Front (K) 
Howard .lohn G., teacher, 50 Lombard 
Howard John G., oak cooper, 6 Rogers' ct 
Howard Tklarg., 26 Gill's al 
Howard Martha, 21 Acorn al 
Howard Mary, asst. matron. Col. House of Re- 
Howard Mrs., gentw. S W 13th and Wood 
Howard N. G., agent, 43 S 3d 
Howard O. G., agent, 188 Callowhill ab Sch 6th 
Howard Patrick, lab. Sennift's ct 
Howard Peter, lab., Eagle ct. 
HOWAHD P. R. &. CO., stock and exchange 

brokers, 83 Walnut 
Howard lUbecca, huckster, 3d & Wharton 
Howard Robert, coachmr. Garrison ct 
Howard Susan A., 206 I^ocust 
Howard Wm., lab. 63 Currant al 
Howard Wm., 22 Benton 

Howanl ^Vm. H., macliinist, Broad and Paper 
alley, h 471 Vine 




Howard Wm. H & Son, machinists, Broad and 

Paper al 
Howard Zophar, paper manuf. 30 Palmyra sq 
Howcraft Henry, plasterer, 27 'rurner 
Howdcn Jane, Clinton ab Franklin 
Howe Ue Wolfe M. A., Rev., Broad ab Pine 
Howe Georg-e H., grocer, Washinji^ton and Rose 

(W P) 
Howe John, g^rocer, X W 2d & Lombard, h 271 

S Front 
Howe Jolm, shoemr. Filbert E Sch 3d 
Howe Wm., shoemr., 3 Flemming-