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Title 1 

% the Se 
Hall as our s 
lories. Some 
History trips to Chifcag 
and^Hcun^ ^hthSra 
E^^P|Some |)urn^s 

and back up to. the library,. the 


classmates to_get to your asse 
and recognize that they have M 
reasons,4he Editors chose J) 

2 Theme 

Table of Contents 

page 8 

page 146 

page 10 

page 176 

page 12 

unique toys, distinctive gifts 
& accessories 

page 194 

page 86 

Senior Ads 
page 262 

Faculty and Staff 
page 132 

page 328 

Table of Contents 3 


Administrative Editor: Mona Sharifi 
Assistant Administrative Editor: Emily Phy 

Business Editor: Laura Towbin 

Copy Editors: Marie Stringer 

Devon Williamson 

Darkroom Editor: Samantha Richter 

Layout Editors: {Catherine Pace 

Anne Nicholas Weiss 

Middle School Editor: Meg Funderburk 

Photography Editors: Lauren Kitchell 

Kate Tarleton 

Senior Editor: Miller Greathouse 

4 Milestones Editors 

Year at a Glance 5 


I mil 1 

Mrs. Legare Vest 

Whether she's offering early help to her AP 
Chemistry students, posting announcements for the 
myriad of committees she sits on, or stopping in the 
hallways to chat with past students, she's a visible, 
dedicated teacher. She has coached freshman 
volleyball, sponsored the Student Council and 
advised sophomores, juniors and seniors. She served 
on the faulty search committees for both the Director 
of the Upper School and for the Head of School, 
proving once again her genuine interest in the well 
being of Harpeth Hall. This year's editors are proud to 
dedicate the 1997-98 Milestones to Mrs. Legare Vest. 

Mrs. Carole Hagan 

Who ever said "Latin is a dead language" obviously never had a teacher like Mrs. Hagan. Not only does 
she support and nourish each of her students, but she also manages to instill within them a love of ancient Rome 
and its culture. To do so she often uses innovative visual aids; she once threw a clock out of a window to 
demonstrate tempora fugit. "time flies". Her frame may be small, but like her subject she is a vastly talented and 
complicated woman. Perhaps she can best be described in mythological terms: she has the wisdom of Athena, the 
stable nature of Vesta, and the determination of Hercules. As Virgil wrote, dux femina facti, "the doer of the deed 
was a woman"; the Harpeth Hall Middle School is delighted to dedicate the 1998 yearbook to Mrs. Carol Hagan. 

M.S. Dedication 9 

Mrs. Rhys 

She led our school with vision, wisdom, enthusiasm and integrity. She 
represents an accomplished leader as well as a true friend and role model to which I aspire. 

Marissa Moses, Senior 

Mrs. Rhys has been a strong supporter for the dance program. I am grateful for 
her encouragement and appreciation of dance at Harpeth Hall. I will miss her. 

Leslie Matthews 

Mrs. Sayers 

In the 7 years that I have worked with Lindy, she has become my good friend, 
confidant, counselor, and mentor — only an awesome person could fill this many roles! ! ! 
I'll miss her dearly! 

Betsy Malone 

10 Rhys/Sayers Goodbyes 


Carol Oxley is one of the best 
friends I have. From the 
beginning of my career at 
Harpeth Hall, Carol has 
challenged me to grow 
professionally, while supporting 
me when I was unsure about 
things. I will miss Carol more 
than I can say. 

Tad Wert, teacher 

Mrs. Carol 

US Math Teacher 

With enthusiasm and vision, 
Mrs. Fuller has made the 
Winterim program into a 
wonderful opportunity for 
students at Harpeth Hall. She is 
definitely leaving this school 
better than she found it. 

Mona Sharifi, student 

Mrs. Emily 

Director of Special 

Lisa Lentz has been a positive 
influence on hundreds of 
students during her tenure at 
Harpeth Hall. 
As her colleague, I have 
appreciated her friendship and 
her leadership in many areas of 
school life. 

Emily Fuller, faculty 

Mrs. Lisa 

US Counselor 

Goodbye 11 

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14 Sr. Class Picture 

- "V" **"" 

! ?%^. 

... - ... 

.00^'' . .^^ i *IL~ ... Jl£P*\ ¥ Xlr .'. ...» j^" > 

J^J0"'- 1 fr" 

0- ^r «r" ^^i 






Sr. Class Picture 15 



Megan Youngblood 

Vice President: 

Marie Stringer 


Anne Nicholas Weiss 


Katie Kaminski 

Parliamentarian : 

Clark Rose 

Spirit Leader: 

Laura Towbin 

Left to Right Katie, Laura, Marie, Anne, Clark, Megan 


Kim Allen 

Terri Beuerlein 

Jessica Brown 

K. C. Bull 

Allison Davis 

Miller Greathouse 

Lucy Kuykendall 

Anne Nicholas Weiss 

Left to Right, Front Row; K. C. Bull, Kim Allen, Terri Beuerlein, Allison Davis; 
Back Row; Lucy Kuykendall, Anne Nicholas Weiss, Miller Greathouse, Jessica Brown 

16 Sr. Class Officers/7 Yr. Club 

ftsfitcy Loraine ^Beadte 

%imberty Lynn JlCCen 

'Dzuyia (DionnetU ^eard 


Jessica Mice (Betts 

T^erri Marie Waffs (Beuerfein 

Lisa %eenan <$inkiey 

Sr. Glamour Shots 17 

Jessica Lauren (Brown 

Jettison Suzanne (Bradley 

Xatherine Scott (Buckspan 

Cassandra Mackenzie (Butt 


Xathryn (pierce Cetauro 

%irsten Marie Cosset 

18 Senior Glamor Shots 

Catherine (DeaCy Cowan 

CaroCine Sumner CoCes 

Jitfison Suzanne (Davis 

(Blair (Rachel (Davis 


Marjorie graham TunxCerSur^ 

Laura JoceCyn (DiCCon 

St. Glamour Shots 19 

Lindsey Chapman Cjaston 

(RacfieC MicheCCe Cfarton 

Ann yvLitfer Cfreathouse 

Mfyson ( Edza6etfi Harper 


Julia 9/lurray Harrison 

(jCoria CaroCine Jfarreff 

20 Senior Glamor Shots 

'Erin *MicfieCCe Hirsch 

Jamie Lynn Heinricfi 

Alana Margaret Housfiotde 


c E[izaSeth Jane Houshofder 

Lesley JAnn Howell 

Cfementyne (Rudder Howard 

Senior Glamor Shots 21 

Janice MicReCfe Ingram 

Otivia Conned JCuggins 

XeCCy Lannom Jackson 

Jordan <ECiza6etfi Jones 


<Eliza6eth Vance %ain 

%aren JAnne Jones 

22 Senior Glamor Shots 

Amanda Sinclair %etty 

%atherine Cements Xaminskj, 

Lauren Louise %itchett 

Lucy (EdzaBetfi Kjiykgndatf 


Avon Lyons 

Amanda Margaret Lomax^ 

Senior Glamor Shots 23 

JLCCegra Jinn Mar^s 

'Meredith Adams Mattard 

Lauren WaCCace May 


Elizabeth (Renee McCCetfan 

Mary Xjioj^ Merrill 

Meghann Utizabeth McConneCC 

24 Senior Glamor Shots 

NicoCe Qiard 9dynatt 

Tvlarissa Jinn Moses 

Lois EmiCy NoeC 

%atherine Lia 'Pace 


Emily Stanford (perdue 

Jessica Tarfey Patrick 

Senior Glamor Shots 25; 

%ristin Leah (PoCaf^ 

(RacfieC Joanne (Pitman 

(Brooke Lauree (Rice 

Samantha (Dak (Richter 


Kate Winsloiv (Rose 

(Elizabeth CCarf^Rgse 

26 Senior Glamor Shots 

%athryn 'Taytor Sandtin 

JfaCey 9/Larie (Rumore 

TaCCu Scott ScfiuyCer 

(Dina Shabaye^ 


Julianne (Elizabeth Sheiton 

Mahnoosfi Sharifi 

Senior Gl&rrior Shots 27 

Isa6etfe Marie Stringer 

JLCejjs Lynn Stapfes 

Xaren Leigh Sweeney 

(Dora c Reka Sztipanovits 


Laura (Beth < Tow6in 

Catherine Victoria Tarfeton 

?X Senior ( Jl.imoi Shots 

flngeCa 'Michetfe Vick^ 

Kjistina Louise JfeitCinger Treanor 

Virginia Jfamitton WaCCace 


flnne NichoCas Weiss 

Sarah 'Elizabeth white 

JLmandaJLnne VVentworth 

Senior Glamor Shots 29 

Sarah Landrum M/ittiams 

Tracey JLCCyson WiCfynson 

<Devon <Ekiine "WiCCiamson 


Megan Michefe YoungBCood 

Qeorgia <ECiza6etfi 'YoweCC 

30 Senior Glamor Shots 

Class of 98 

Biggest Flirt: 
Lindsey Gaston 

Biggest Brown-Noser: 
Lana Housholder 

Most Likely to Succeed: 
Kate Celauro 


Most Liberal: 
Marie Stringer 

Most Likely to Get Arrested: 
Allegra Marks 

Life of the Party: 
Clark Rose 


Best All Around: 
Class of 1998 

Most Athletic: 
Megan Youngblood 

Most in Love with Herself: 
Haley Rumore 

Most Spirited: 
Katherine Pace 

Most Creative: 
Kristina Treanor 

Most Likely to Make a Frosh Cry- 
Kelly Jackson 


' 1/ 






Kim Allen: Most Likely to Make a Smart A## Comment 

Ashley Beadle: Most Likely to Stalk a Vanderbilt Basketball Player 

Dwyla Beard: Most Likely to Stand Up Her Imaginary Boyfriend 

Jessica Betts: Most Likely to Stylize the Uniform 

Terri Beuerlein: Most Likely to Scale the Beuerlein Wall 

Lisa Binkly: Most Likely to be a One Woman Band 

Allison Bradley: Most Likely to Ring a Doorbell at Midnight 

Jessica Brown: Most Likely to Wear Clothes from Rave 

Katherine Buckspan: Most Likely to be Random 

K.C. Bull: Most Likely to be called Little One 

Kirsten Cassel: Most Likely to be on a Talk Show 

Kate Celauro: Most Likely to Rule the World 

Caroline Coles: Most Likely to be Mistaken for Kelly Kapowski 

Catie Cowan: Most Likely to Have a Boyfriend 

Allison Davis: Most Likely to Have a Running Commentary 

Blair Davis: Most Likely to Deny Graduating from Harpeth Hall 

Laura Dillon: Most Likely to Have a Deep Thought 

Meg Funderburk: Most Likely to be Called Professor 

Rachel Garton: Most Likely to Watch PBS 

Lindsey Gaston: Most Likely to Have Her Mother on Campus 24/7 

Miller Greathouse: Most Likely to get a Boquet of Carnations 

Ally Harper: Most Likely to Have a "Good" Flavor of the Week 

Carloine Harrell: Most Likely to Pamper Herself 

Julia Harrison: Most Likely to Bust Out 

Jamie Heinrich: Most Independant 

Erin Hirsch: Most Likely to Talk About Nothing 

Lana Housholder: Most Likely to be Anal (Get it?) 

Lisa Housholder: Most Likely to be a Gladiator 

Clemmy Howard: Most Likely to Date a Criminal 

LesleyAnn Howell: Most Likely to Utilize Every Room in Her House 

Olivia Huggins: Most Likely to Pick Up Guys at the MIX 

Jan Ingram: Most Cynical 

Kelly Jackson: Most Likely to Wreck a Luxury Vehicle 

Jordan Jones: Most Likely to become an Honorary Thespian 

Karen Jones: Future Editor of Honcho 

Beth Kain: Most Likely to Wear a Shirt from 1982 

Katie Kaminski: Most Likely to Take Three Lunch Periods to Eat One Chip 

Sinclair Kelly: Most Likely to Spontaneously Clogg 

Lauren Kitchell: Most Likely to be President of a Bank that doesn"t give Loans 

Lucy Kuykendall: Most Likely to be on Baywatch 

Mandy Lomax: Most Likely to Convert to Judaism 

Avon Lyons: Most Likely to be Mistaken for an Avon Lady 

34 Miner Superlatives 



Meredith Mallard: Most Likely to L>rive a ""Piece" 
Allegra Marks: Most Likely to Hire a Hit Man 
Lauren May: Most Likely to Pick a Lock? 

EMAC: Most. Likely to Have Her Car Hit in an Empty Parking Lot while Quoting a Bible Verse 
Meghann McConnell: Trendiest 

Mary Knox Merrill: Most Likely to have a Crush on Five Different Guys 
Marissa Moses: Most Likely to Complain 
Nicole Mynatt: Most Likely to be "In Da Pant" 
Emy Noel: Most Sentimental 

Kat'herine Pace: Most Likely to Be Stalked by the ""FBI" 
Jessica Patrick: Most Likely to Have a Head Tilt 
Emily Perdue: Most Likely to be in a Mountain Dew Commercial 
Rachel Pitman: Most Likely to Have Twelve Relationships with Two Guys 
Kristin Polak: Most Likely to be an Aerobics Instructor 
Brooke Rice: Most Likely to be a Gangsta" 
Samantha Richter: Most Likely to be Buried at Camp Anytown 
Clark Rose: Most Likely to Have a Party Without Knowing It 
Kate Rose: Most Likely to Start a Hallway Cheering Squad 

Haley Rumore: Most Likely to Put on Her Cheerleading Uniform Three Weeks Before the Game 
Kathryn Sandlin: Most Likely to be Cruising the Square 
Tallu Schuylar: Most Likely to Ask Innocent Questions about Sex 
Dina Shabayek: Most Likely to Graduate from Harpeth Hall 
Mona Sharifi: Most Likely to Set the Roof on Fire 

Julianne Shelton: Most Likely to Wear Sunglasses in a Kleenex Commercial while Driving to P.E. 
Alexis Staples: Most Likely to Otter Know- 
Marie Stringer: Most Likely to Have Her Friends Drag Her Out on Friday Night 
Karen Sweeney: Most Apologetic 

Dora Sztipanovits: Most Likely to Miss the Point of a Conversation 
Kate Tarleton: Most Likely to Have a Rare African Disease 
Laura Towbin: Most Likely to be a White Sheep in a Herd of Black 
Kristina Treanor: Most Likely to Make an Outfit Out of Kitchen Utensils 
Angie Vick: Most Likely to be a Sexy Vixen 
Ginny Wallace: Most Likely to be an Exotic Dancer 

Anne Nicholas Weiss: Most Likely to be seen Pacing the Halls and Talking to Herself 
Amanda Wentworth: Smartest Airhead 
Elizabeth White: Most Likely to Respond to "Miss Priss" 
Tracey Wilkinson: Most Likely to be ah MBA Cheerleader 
Sarah Williams: Most Likely to be a Spacey Norweigian Princess 
Devon Williamson: Most Likely to have a Love Affair with Shakespeare 
Megan Youngblood: Most Likely to Intimidate the Editors into Giving Her a Nice Superlative 
Georgia Yowell: Most Likely to Arrive Late on the Mayflower 
The Senior Class: Most Likey to be Bombarded by Youth Group Leaders (Don"t you get it. Damnation' 7 

Miner Superlatives 35 

Kim Allen 

Ashley Beadle 

Dwyla Beard 

- - % ■ ' 


i Wt Ant 

^.'y s^4 

E^3 ^ 

W 1/ 

>• sH 



K Itt 

P ^ 


2^ ; " 

Jessica Betts 

Terri Beuerlein 

Lisa Binkley 

Allison Bradley 

Jessica Brown 

Katherine Buckspan 

K.C. Bull 

■ M o 

j ^« 



u "" 






* vi 



Kate Celauro 


Caroline Coles 

Catie Cowan 


1^ ^a^£i* 


* *P% 


W -<^L ,^ 

Li i m'K 

Allison Davis 

>• • ••. 
»• • ••' 

Blair Davis 

Laura Dillon 

Meg Funderburk 

^P| . .v.,-*^.;.: 


^H % B 

^^ <(ZjM 

>£^ V»h ■•^■Tl 

L 4 Ji 


HBk *n * * 

Rachel Garton 

Miller Greathouse 

Ally Harper 

Caroline Harrell 

Julia Harrison 


» mV ' ill 

mm Jm *•. 

m>*-^ #%p 


Jamie Heinrich 

hi 'ii i"*-" 

Lana Housholder 

Clemmy Howard 

Olivia Huggins 

He gives strength to the weary 

and increases the power of the weak. 
Even youths grow tired and weary, 

and young men stunble and fall; 
but those who hope in the lord 

will renew their strength. 
They will soar on wings like eagles ; 

they will run and not grow weary, 

they will walk and not be faint. 

Isaiah 40:29-31 

Kelly Jackson 




He j 


ij§r -*™*^ 








Jordan Jones 


Karen Jones 

Beth Kain 

Katie Kaminski 

Sinclair Kelly 

Lauren Kitchell 

Mandy Lomax 

Avon Lyons 


Meredith Mallard 

Lauren May 

Elizabeth McClellan 

what have I become? 
my sweetest friend 
everyone in know 
goes away in the end 
"hurl" nine inch nails 

well girls, it's been real. 
<I won't say real what.> 

does summer come for everyone? 
can humans do what prophets say? 
and ifi die before I learn to speak 
will money pay for all the days i lived 
awake but half asleep ?pnm\uve radio gods 

"~ff '■"ij^'r; 

we've been good to each other, 
for the most part 

who killed pork chops ? what price 
bananas? are you my Angel? 
alien ginsburg 

me want cookie! 

cookie monster 

do you want to watch the stars die? 

ave atque vale 

and above all, remember... 

"if the band you 're in 

starts play ing different tunes, 
I'll see you on the dark side of the 

»moon. " 
"dark side of the moon", pink floyd 

Meghann McConnell 

Mary Knox Merrill 

Marissa Moses 

Nicole Mynatt 

Emy Noel 

Jessica Patrick 

Emily Perdue 

"there' s nothing left to do but smile, 


gearshiftto the high gearofyour soul, 
eof Life 

Ain't life grand." - Widespread Panic 

"when you feel life adm ' t worth living. .. you' ve 
gotto look upto the sky." 
-Blind Melon 

Rachel Pitman 

Kristin Polak 

Brooke Rice 

Clark Rose 

Kate Rose 

Haley Rumore 

Kathryn Sandlin 

Tallu Schuyler 

"we always did feel the same, we just saw it from a different piont 
of view*'- bob dylan 

"i do it for the joy it brings, cuz i'm a joyful girl, cuz the world 
owes me nothing, we owe each other the world, i do it cuz it's the 
least i can do. i do it cuz i learned it from you"- ani difranco 

'there i am in younger days, star gazing painting picture perfect 
maps of how my life and love would be. not counting the 
unmarked paths of misdirection, my compass, faith in love's 
perfection, i missed ten million miles of road i should have 
seen."- emily sailers 

"and if i had a camera, showing all the light we give and 
showing where the light extends, i'd give it to my friends."- dar 

Dina Shabayek 

Mona Sharifi 



* - 



1 k 



Happiness is like a butterfly, 

the moreyou chase it,themoreitwilleludeyou. 

b ut if you turn your attention to other things, it 

comes andsoftlysrrsonyourshoulder. -nathaniel 


Don't be dismayed at goodbyes; a farewell is 
necessary before you can meet again. and meeting 
again, after months or a lifetime, is certain for 
those who are friends. -richardbach 


"» »v 

* 1 


\ L 


. 91 



*- - 





Alexis Staples 


Marie Stringer 


Karen Sweeney 

Kate Tarleton 

Laura Towbin 

Kristina Treanor 

y 4."', ... v. 


,.'» \ -* : '#*S> 

- - .'• ** • 

J *?.i» 

^^^^ ^HJ 


/ jm 

1 < 


Ginny Wallace 

■ ^^| 

itiMte.1. J~k^. ^^K^ 'i"X ■■■■•4m' 

J/~\ ^B 

^ ^^^W^^v '^~ -^y^^H 

V^B ■ *> ^Hi^^ 

■ HH^Kr 


AWA •■ 

' m A m P^ 

dm m\\ 

■n^, .% II &j 

Anne Nicholas Weiss 

Amanda Wentworth 

Tracey Wilkinson 

Devon Williamson 

Megan Youngblood 







Georgia Yowell 

Foxy Four Minus One 

Kim Alien 

Washington'97*Goodmorning!*Grafittis*3rd Edition*I hate 
Cheryl Crow!*Dave's in our hotel!* Bubble Fight*That's just 
Shady'Bob and Bart'Just follow the lines to the batheroom 
*Face masks*Chicago '95*reinacting Home Alone*Abort! 
*Mozzerellas*6th penod lunch*3rd penod talks* Why won't 
you let me draw? *Inpans*VVhat's an old car people? *Keep 
your shoes on!*Sexual chocolate*white limo full of 10 year 
old boys *sweatpea*babyJames*Babe*Camping out*5 hours 
to put up a tent*trampolme *Deep walks* Flinstones* 
M3hchi*how much do they weigh *Die with dignity * 
Triovana'Wiz *Megera* Doug bug* Flakin*Kimmy*You and 
me go fishing in the dark-go!* Shampoo Physics! *Dori, we 
still on for building on Fnday?*Fred's party*Beadle 
Hashtmura*Model UN *Youth LEg.*Spnng Break '97* 
Cruisin*Bruegger's Breakfasts*Are refills free? *H-Vegas*A 
Time to Kill-Avon shut-up! *Pnnce* Curly-headed boy* Press 
boy 'Homecoming game '97*Rachel's collapsing chair* 
Elizabeth-your stories are too long! *Mine won't call 
me. ..mine won't stop!*he has a 6-pack!*I love U2!*Spam 
'98*To all my friends, thank you so much for all the wonderful 
memories. 1 will always love you.*Dad, Mom. and Chris- 
Thank you for always being there for me and always making 
me laugh. You have taught me so much. I chose me family 
wisely! I love you more than you will ever know. 

Ashley Beadle 

The Frank Secar Song*tootsie*health rider*the vovlo* 
Delores *I (heart) love Nashville* "Chicken!" *Mark and Lana 
in the "B####'in Van"*DIRTY RED7CC *"Pre-teen Idol"*stalk 
mobile*Mary * "love the baby"*"Mad Dipper" *BUG *Steve * 
ebole*"wide flake*"the antichrist" *no dressing *blondie 
*frosty *"You know when you're squeezing a baby's head. . . 
"*Oscay Meyer-Chomp *Joshua Blum Katz*Vandy Games 
*spilled water* h#b####, fruitcake, S.T.*"such a girl*franco y 
los chicherones*KOBE *"The Beadles"*class "notes"* Bryan: 
flavor of the South*Tarva* Wilhamandjohn* The Letter*Billy 
Sideman and Diego*"He's sooo good!" *massage orgies*"Top 
Heavy"*'T'm going to start my own dynasty" *"Is Austin 
there?"* Erotica*Quatro*New Year's ski trip* Swing Kids* 
Ceasar's *"D+++ her!"*"H+++, we're all on medication !"*"You 
know, statistics say that you are more likely to die on the 
WAYto the airport" * "Mock... Yeah... ing. . .Yeak. .."* "BRAKE!" 
'barefoot and pregnant *"Baby Ray"* Jamtosis* "SPUD"* 
waiter withacherry at Hard Rock*DWYLACHUCK*C.J.* 
franglais* sucre...*42 1-6769 *"Do you play any sports?"*"and 
1 didn't even have morning breath"*Jack*2nd Ave.*Franklin 
Square*The "Farm" * "Furman guys can't dance"* Khaki f#gs* 
Opie and Andy* Baby it's cold outside*She touched 
me!*valets*"are we weanng signs?"*Sam Howard* "I'm high 
on life and heroin" *"We're sick people" * "D+++ the man!" 
*GAK*the Cooker *Harvey * blatantly wallowing*salty 
bread* schlotzsky's* "Do you kiss your mother with that 
mouth " 

Dwyla Beard 

Dance Clubs 1. 2, 3. 4*HH Cheerleader 1,2. 3*Youth in 
Government 1, 2, 3. 4 - Pres.*Ambassador's Society 1, 4* 
Class Treasurer 2*French Club 1.2,3,4 *Logos II - News 
Editor 4*Milestones 4*Pep Club 1. 2. 3. 4* Key Club 1, 2. 3. 4 
•INROADS* LEAD* Shmo*Fryla*Dorhay *Dwyhay* Annie* 
Ann* Delores*Kate Rosa*Dwyla Chuck* Dweela* Chunk 
*Piece*"Eanch"*Toby-you can have the spot!* Clark-I love 
you!*Ally-Dr. Pepper Chapstick* Kimmy-Food* Karenus- 
Halloween and the Golden Dragon*Dwyla. Elizabeth, Laura, 
and Mandy-Geometry Luch Group*Emac-Third Penod Board- 
"We need some chalk!"*"To lust or not to lust, that is the 
question!"*C'hiefiy Rubies* Imaginary Boyfriend*"Yes, Yes, 
Yes. ..Good!"*Spin the Bottle *Going Bald*Chem Nerds 
Rule'Pledge Problem Parties ant Don's *Laura-Rhizobium 
Lab* Fly (Drysophila) Day*Tracey and Olivia-Economics with 
Mr. Hayward-Tucker, 3ft. 2in.. the laugh'Conversations with 
my Mother and Yellow Zebra * Conflict*"If 1 had boyfriend I 
would..."* Wiz'Elvis Pants *Thnller Section*Wounded 
Deer*Ego *Fab 4 *TAD* Birthday's at Dalt's*Kim, Dwyla. 
Meghann. and Mona-Model UN Group 4-ever*4th Avenue 
Man'Press Boy* smelly tights*Youth Leg*Chuck 
Brown*Dubhn Man* Underground in Atlanta* Mom, Dad. 
Tonika. and Dacia-Thanks for everythin-I Love You!*Class of 
1998-"Success is a state of mind, if you want success start 
thinking of yourself as a success. "-INROADS Motto-Good 
luck in everything you pursue, I love you all. and I will miss 

Jessica Berts 

Vollyball l-4*Basketball l-4*Track 2, 3*Ambassador 4*BAP 
•Dave Matthews '94*house at the end of the street'Destin 
'95*Cancun '96. '98*Caymans of our lives*"The Michael 
Tape"*tanktops*Memphis-in-May '96*the many boy 
mistakes!* Wagon Burner* hitting the wall'roller coaster 

nding in the bronco* Patrick's house*honk for James*Prom 
'97, shipwrecked on shore*Boon*Steeple Chase onion in 
Haley's car*"Megan, are your parents out to dinner 
again?" *pretty bird'the Brentwood boys* the "I" 
house*Moesha on the bottle*Texaco *"the park"*BUCK 
sisters*that song reminds me of . . .?* Chief naked chefmy 
a*#h*l# hurts*Sushi*KC's roof*"Jessica where have you been 
for 5 hours?"* the probe * Shadow the greesy stripper 
*Goonies* my coffee tastes like*Bannana 
party at Merz's*"Awe Feldy" *"Let me take your picture with 
the scrunchy"*"I go all mght"*I-C-E Cream*enema*Brothel 
on Estes*Hot tubbin' *Lym' in Court *Chandy Candy* John 
and Toby in Destin* Uncle "D" at Nic B's*Sweet and 
Butterscotch*In Da Pant* Meggies the Clown*Spunky 
mOnkey*Fahad's 10 mudslides *Sanibel-Evp. cortizone, 1:26, 
Ray, Ace of Base, green skittles*Wayne County-cnckin'. little 
man, wake-up song*To all my friends thank you for the best 
times of my life. Megs. Carol, Tallu and Mo without you I 
would have already fallen, thank you for catching me. Mom. 
Dad, Jenn, GP, you are my biggest fans and I love you more 
than you'll ever know. "You've got to stand for something or 
you'll fall for anything". 

Terri Beuerlein 

Tay-Ray*Trene*Tuterasquirelli*The Bannana* MAH-MAN 
*MBA runs'uhh-shoepolish? * Bungholio*Michael/Andrew* 
White Lightnmg*Grill Parties*German Spotlight*The 

Policeman. 16th Birthday *uh — you need to move your car* 
the loft* trampoline*pase*Kukatute*Prom '96?*CDC*70's Q- 
zar*tree*any Scott*no more TCBY*Texacz Saturday Night 
Live*just use them* the picture*Bink*who is she dating 
anyway?*The Track* AOL boys* Sparky *summer track* 
chick! !* Blondie*hearsay-108a. & 108b.*Sandy Douglass, 
accident reconstruction* how come you always get away with 
it?* Stu* sisters?*2nd study hall 96-97* Todd. Nuf said* 
Labor Day '96*that black dress* Mark?oh never* Travel 
2000*Bon-Bons*Try it on!* EYC* Michael/ Andrew/Mark/ 
Matt/John-not again!* Jeep! Jeep! * lard bar*Taco Bell run* 
monopoly pieces*Space Jam*Pledge Parties*Chem Nerd* 
Beuerlein Wall*the funnel*the Weick Dance*Gulf Shores* 
Atlanta* beautiful notes*kittens*the peom* Guess what?*Sit 
down Laura Marie*moist. slip* paving and mowing * 
mechanic*Tell me something* the farm*The closet is not the 
batheroom* Keys* CHANDY*Meresh * Edge of the 
Cumberland*The Gang*Hook*Shirt Boy* anareferhall *40* 
Days adict* signs* Djibouti* the red couch* wakeboard* 
Young Life*hard core* the summit*the nver*Gold DiggerThe 
Doctor*SLK*MZ in the M3*Icee Bear* Love to John*Hugs to 
Jim and Tony*Laughs to Catie. House . Kate* Thanks to Mom 
and Dad* Happiness to Amber* Hopes to the Class of '98* 
Dreams to the future. 

Lisa Binkley 

Camilio*Baby-ray*janitosis*Krusty*andylee*aj the demon 
•I'm blue*l-800-DORMROOM*dirty red* kermit'I didn't 
even have morning breath!* I've never clapped and air came 
out!*pit boys*Mike's slankiness*Oklahoma*the derry chair* 
Ben Derry hates me and Jan too*ledter*squeezie bar* Ashley 
and glasses of water*Lana and Mark in the shaggin' wagon* 
clemicita*Brandon's hot!*what?... she's from Australia'the 
quartet*you turn me on if you're dislexic*ho-hey*Joey the 
Monk*homonl*you kiss my purlpe polka-spotted a##*if I get 
you drunk enough... *park at midnight*another cast party? 
•Saturday night sex*rachel... where do you want your parking 
space?*you're crackheaded*I'm a crack baby!*the butt end of 
the sleeping bag'the disney store'mockies forever*I'm the 
social coordinated open foot insert mouth*just me and the 
fioor'some people shouldn't take their clothes off. ..•binkey 
theory numero...*kristina is her own concentration* you sir, are 

an a##!*did you lose your keys?* something in the glove 
compartment*beadle-bug* mad dipper*melting pot* 
menapause in Joey's car* no more truth or dare, please!*teret 
Matt!* poohbear*everything's fuzzy*pretending with Jan* 
you're a## is where?* Andrew's hand is where?* Delores*I'll 
never go unprotected again!* I'm just using him for sex*I ge: 
knocked down...* Elmo*l hote Joe fan-club*your dog bit my 
toe (again)* 10 Commandments on a IHOP napkin*no Rachel, 
you're not driving again..* scoobysnacks* ok Bert* hello, 
indian!*why don't you just go there? 

Allison Bradley 

Mom, Dad. Nana, Maria. Barry, Bo, Josh and Jessica, I love yo 
and thanks for all of your support *Cuernavava* China* 
South Afnca*Joey Land* Homecoming '95-'97*Ashley. chev 
more chips* Tootsie Mama*Blonde Flake*Ashley and Frank 
4-ever*Popcorn Gak*Top Heavy*Vandy Basketball* 
Freshman Football*The Capital Gnlle-Sideman*"Can we 
please have our check?"*Lana and Mark*The B### in the var 
Williamand John* The Boy from Hendersonville*The Hard 
Rock waiter and the cherry*Flavor of the South* 
Princess*Triple A##* Little S### + Flabomp* Dirty Red* 
AlBrad, love ya Clem* Pigs* Stomper* Opie*The T. Boys* 
Jack* Chantilly Lace*The Black Mustang*Thelma and Louis* 
*"Are we in Shelbyville?"(Kafhryn) * Spud* Khaki F#gs* 
"Clem, are you sure you want that?"* The call from Greece/ 
Italy*Double Dip*"What kind of music do you like?"*After 
the game parties* Fargo*roots*Barby Ray*Top Gun*Florida 
and Nebraska Friends*"Does #### matter?"*PTP*The moods 
*The General Lee*"Can I climb through the window?" *Varsi 
Softball l-4*"No one is leaving until we find the ball"* Key 
Club l-4*Spanish Club l-4*Angkor l-4*To all my friends- 
Thanks, I love you all* Many memories and more to come,l 
will never forget you.*Head over Feet*I don't look like 

Jessica Brown 

J. Brown*Brownty*Link*Touch*Licka B*Ain't Life Grand* 
Pat, Touch, and Chunk TOGETHER*Spnng Break '97* "What 
up with all these Tim' MEN?"* Lang T*the ER with Seth, JR, 
and KP*You were born in '82. . .you're not 18 !*Sausage. Patty. 
Link* Give me some pole* The Tres Mierdas*Pert and 
Licka*Skynard-enough said*The Secrets of Cuernavaca*l-1= 
squat*dinky stop*Justin's Mansion*'T came from Sweeden, 
land of the beautiful swaeters"*J.R.'s infamous poolhouse* 
diehard fans*J.B. and Nic B's Party' o' Five Dinners* Chand) 
Candy Duty*Hushpuppy*Hick Talk with Amber and 
Crystal 'Community Spoon and the multiple road trips to 
Ashland City*Hanson in the District*Thursday nights with 
Schlackmy, Christian, Danny C, B. Noel, M. A., Justin, Nic B, 
and Marissa *naked guy by moonlight*our trips to 
Amelia*RR causes rage*cheese sticks*Miss Ines 
roundtree*the empty seat at our table*"Bahia Brazil!"* 
"Animal Instincts"*all my pills*Hello. my love*Sarah's 
weekly rage*Silver dollar* Jenna The Hooker*the cooler and 
the one sock*our 2 week sun marathon at Old Natchez*The 
hole in the wall At Starwood* "The List"*Mi casa es su casa* 
$1.01*The Weekly Talk*Honeymoon Suite* Matchbox 21.5* 
Bowling Ally Memories*car dancing*Widespread Panic 
Shows*"Have you ever been to Ken's?"*Grand ot, Medium ol 
the real ot* sushi*Gr#nd M#rin+r* Thanks for all the 
pregames Grandad*Grant and the missing screen*"Hey. good 
to see you!"*Oh so Heavenly Hashi* trashcans* hiding in th< 
shower*Hey, at least it's a free dinner! *What are you? A 
pilgrim?*Look at my food baby* RAID* Barely Breathing* 
moldy raspberries* Bob the limo driver*pregame/preconcert 
in Sarah's volvo* Thanks to my mom and dad for everything. 
Thanks to all my friends for the great times and the memories 
I love y'all! 

Katherine Buckspan 

Student/Faculty Committee 2, 3, 4 - Pres.*Swimming 2-4 
♦Outdorr Program 4*Hallmarks 4*Volleyball 1* Eccowassin 
*under the sea*the couch* chunk* LP9 *blood transfusion 
*shag*hanson*the gold guitar*barbie girl*hippie freak* 
God?yes...*7 AM bedtime* Waffle House'movie marathons* 
1st period French II*Bucky and Brad* shoelaces* Malibu* 
COTC*Katty...*sign stealing*fire hydrant* mud slides*Duke 
and Sal Kirk* Aaron* puddin'* senior project*missing 
vehicles*cecilia* the beam wants foreplay*dancin' in Delphi 
*pre-Sping Break party*just call me a German man*how man; 
days?* road tnps'soul mates*Jamaica*Merida memories- 
hammock party, family time, sunset from the third story, Han; 
and Frans*pathfinder party*pink mand and blue man*chem 
nerds*bosom*party gods*you don't have to turn on your rec 
light*the Simpsons* "Be bold and courageous. When you 
look back on your life you'll regret the things that you didn' 
do more than the ones you did."*"So this is love. As 
demanding and nourishing and difficult as it can be, and as 
strong and wise as it makes you become. There is something 

7S Senior Indexes 

to be said for commitment. There are rewards for staying when 
you would rather leave. There is something to be gained from 
running up that hill when you would rather slide down it. So 
you let love come perch on your shoulder, and you do not turn 
it away. You do the tango. ""thanks everyone for the lessons, 
laughter and memories love always, KB. 


K.C. not home right now...* Wombats* nutrias* Calce* 
Tines*anchors and yellow roses*zeus *ever feel like a bounty 
paper towel?... I think life gives me a big buzz... just restin" my 
head... long nails* Capri* Ego-tnppin'*Guisto *Jesus Christ 
Superstar* Grand Ott. medium Ott, the REAL Ott* Angels* 
LTC*eggs and raw meat *Fu... Bowling. ..Ping Pong* could 
you put my earings in?*Johnny was...*oil spills and 
snowflakes*Tom Petty... American Spirits "Spanish 
Memories, Wawas* Caribean Queen* Adam* sunshine* 
Lucy's*Ian...Robby*Ren and Stimpy... Sven'.'*Bor*Rooster 
God*Sarah's Fight *MLK dances... the clog* RD*the spins*I 
WOOD rather be carving. . .who won the ping ong match? *40 
"Greeting girl... I know I love you better* Pant*ooooh baby 
"Spin Doctors and Kate's neon den*he's so d#mn weird! *wu' 
wu' wu' wu' wuz up?* I bet they have good dirt here *The 
Weekly Talk*I could fir her in my pocket! *Box of Rain* 
Norrway*he na na* smarties*con-phy*l can't bowl, drive, and 
listen to your antics! *Sit back, relax, and listen to some hip- 
hop*marshmellow lovers and whip cream*rope swing* Creat- 
a-nights = The bun freezer. . .soft bread. . .kroger grape 
boy*Puppy in my pocket* break dancin' to De La Soul* candy 
necklaces*Plan A & B*He's so hot he makes my teeth 
sweat! *pre-sushi* This is NOT the Caribean!*are you 
Cherokee or Asian?* Tribe* Delicious Dish*Tonic anyone?* 
max-alerts*Pnmmi Raggi* the beard*#22*biggest bean I've 
ever scene. 

Kirsten Cassell 

CHS games*Darren*Jimmy Ray* Strawberry Wine* 2PAC 
lives*Franklin*Rodeo*2nd Avenue* Baptist Bookstore* 
Rhoda and Sigmund*B#tch#ss crew* Baskin Robbins*tractor 
boy*Lynchburg*fired biscuts*Mike Monroe*# 20 Lance*my 
velvet dress*"is that a police man''"*"ssshhh"*roller skating* 
hockey team*the doggfather*starwood double trouble* 
LaPorte*drag down 65*Percy Priest Dam*red corvette* 
SATCO*the marine*the fruit* Frank*men are like...*Cool 
Springs Mall*go karts* hospital*cosmic bowling*25 year- 
olds * Murfreesburo*Big River Gnlle*purple Tommy 
shirt*white Thunderbird*Joey Neal* Shelbyville* Laura and 
Missy* Brooke and the coke man* Puffy* Shoney's breakfast 
bar* Tullahoma* Maurice's* Stone's River Mall* 
Superwallmart *foreal scent* Piggly Wiggly boy*tiny 
bladder* 01ivia= m.f* cascade*Moore County*Lipscomb 
boys* Dancing in the Distnct*walking horses* calsonic* 
drummer boy*white Jeep Cherokee*Sonic*blak Pathfinder* 
black Mustang*'T didn't get in to the University of 
Alabama"*"Is this water or v#dk#?" "Tahiti Tech* Tuba and 
Trumpet boys*professional precussionist "cousin 
Larry*professor Meg* patience grasshopper*"So where would 
you do it m.p.?"* Robert Chandler*discrete*kimosabi and 
Julianne* church bball with Marissa and Kitchell*16 
Candles* Trey*pitboys*Paul*Rob and his engraved flask* 
Rose, Dominique, and Delphine*Clem and Kevin Bacon*Jini 
Lauderdale*the 10 in'*CK coleslaw* Kate and her practicum. 

Kate Celauro 

Angkor*Student Council 1-rep., 2-rep., 3-VP, 4 - Pres.* 
Basketball 1-4* Volleyball l-4*Key Club 1-3*JCL l-3*Honor 
Council Rep. 4*1', going to get a Whopper Junior*walkie- 
talkies in Destin*and a dino watch! *STATE(and the cool 
shirts)*gross van stories*Alki and Luce — can you ever forgive 
me for the Rhizobia?* MBA b-ball shorts*Hothouse Flowers 
*IDP*Anfhony— 'nuf said*UNC*The Midnight McDonald's * 
Baaaaaa* A+E=IG*Emily waved to us!*SCRAPPY*mini power 
bars*Men in Black* Viking Rule!!*Cream Sodas on the side of 
the road*neighborhood trucks*Busting out of Bison 
Basketball*cookin' it our way*007 on Homecoming* what 
was that movie???*Troop '98*toolbox*"How was I to know?"- 
JMM*fun with the senior house radio*SONIC*Party Train* 
Elvira* Lilith Fair*It's a rock — No, an egg!!* Halloween 
1997*hay rides* pillow song (techno version) Anonymous, 
what's on your cup??* sighting at Jay Alexander's house* 
Bluechubabe* sausage*flash pile!*I'H really miss waking up 
to square dancing music in Wayne County!* Danger* 
Team...Grrr* Braid Party*Shea's rappin'* self-congratulatory 
"banana lips in Steamboat*Duke Crew shirt*Getcha' 
sum*Keanu's b-day = 9/2* REGULATOR "Thanks y 'all*DSLS. 

Caroline Coles 

Basketball l-4*Track l=4*Student Faculty*Pep-Club* 
Angkor*Sexy-Six*Wa-women like* Shhpt!* Sher#ss*GO 
Away Bear* Phenomenon*GO put your head back up 

LGP*who's J.Alexander'.'* Fleshpile*Lester* Annie's Peacock 
"Fur Pole*the Sheridans*Miller's gas* Sanibell-Mitchell, 
cortizon, E.V.P., green skittles* Hey boy. you're pretty cute- 
snort whip!* It's Time*Dewitt*Dave Matthews '95*Buck 
sisters* smackin'in the corn field*Wayne County-the boys. 
Grandpa, Boo Scaraline and Meggies, probe, post game stress 
reliever, TRIPLE THREAT* As the Caymans Turns* 
Bodyslappin'* sunflower drivebys* Tecby* OUTPOST* 
Bucky and Brian* Beth-want to go to Rob's?*I-House* 
Scrappy-good luck w/ grocery store run-ins and we're loyal b- 
ball fans*Snoop, Regulator, and Warren G.*George-your dip, 
our fantasies on a boat in your pool, our rapping, and talks* 
Precious Pentis Melodies*Milter-never forget BM night, a 
booyeah - a bubye, and Billy Swagger!* Pacer- weekly dose of 
D.Wallace and M.Morrison*Fat Face Nitle Cheek-our jerk 
attractions, our dances*Meggie-our bad luck and parallel 
lives. You can teach me how to get them free, and I promise 
we'll go to the rope swing!* irishmen*Oscar and his thumb*l 
love y'all so much! Willy, you amaze me and will always be 
my hero. Mom and Dad. I could never be able to give back all 
that you have given me. 1 love you more than you know! 
Thanks for everything. *"The Guardian angels of my life fly so 
high as to be beyond our sight, but they are always there 
looking down upon us. "-Jean Paul Richter. 

Catie Cowan 

Terri-the closet is not a batheroom, Pavin' and Mowin'* 
"Mattman"*House, let's call Kevin and Will*Need a 
policeman ? Call Randy! *Tern-grape soda in the kitchen* 
MBA 2:10. Fnday*"You're never fully dressed without a 
smile!"*STRESS RELIEVERS! !*the ski trip from hell*Mink 
and Wieck-never again*our limo got stolen?!!*Falling 
bodies* Dancin' to Barbi on Lightnm'!!*Shady*I've never 
been shady before*Ryan TRASH*Bink, have you lost your 
keys?*Ridin' the stick-shift Jeep House?*Did you see the 
frog?*Dead cow in the rree*68 boys at Gulf Shores*House- 
you've been a "bad, bad girl"*Singin' to the car full of 
HOTTIES!! *Fat Tuesdays*Terri's Stripper! *Singin' songs at 
Ceasar's!*Coffee filter Funnel* Happennmg #38* Doe- 
Boy*"Isn't it ironic... don't you think?"* we're in with what 
group at the sqaure?* 1 Hives* There is no way of knowing 
before experiencing* "Our acts our angels are, or good or ill, 
our fatal shadows that walk by still"*! LOVE YOU ALL ! ! 
*Terri, Kate, and House, y'all are the best! Good luck. Thanx 
for always being there for me: I love you all! I'm going to 
miss you!! 

Laura Dillon 

Oh No...Baytah!*No accusations, just friendly crustations 
*Mi gato se llama manoplas*You have like 50 coffee mugs in 
your locker!*Black Saab convertible White whale Black Saab 
convertible* chicken man*It's bringing us love, break its 
legs!* MysteriousWays* Underground* Somebody's Cryin'* 
Ben Fold Five at 328 18yrs. and + older. "Bongos Boscoes 
Brueggers*Stop playing U2*Noiz Noiz Noiz...*You are a Fish 
called Wanda*I can't get your car door open Laura, don't you 
have Pre-Caluculus this period?*I can't read this chicken 
scratch !*Silvia*Laura. don't you have European this period? 
"R.E.M. "interesting hand gestures for Under the Bridge*ril 
go buy sock garters while you're picking out a tie for your 
dad*Kristina, get to the point!*Your car is like a red, velvet 
couch*I think I might die before I can get to Chemistry on 
time.*Simpsons Volume XXXII I don't dislike Tootie. 
Julianne*She is the most physically and mentally undesirable 
person I have ever met* "Hey. Allison", "You Rang"*So what's 
going on at the big HH*Let's go Tutti Fruiti*Michael Flattley 
obsession *Fanbrush Olive juice*Please do not make fun of 
my dieties*Skinner and his crazy explinations... 


Ariston 4 - Pres.*French Club l-4*Pep Club 1-4* Science 
Club 1, 2-rep., 3*Key Club 1-2* Milestones 3. 4- Editor* 
MBA Cheerleader 2*FCA 1-3, 4-officer* Check yes/no* 
Lauren, let's go see the sparks*l/3 (a> Tyne*Oak Hill arrest 1/ 
8*Ah M#x+c#ns!*Daily c&b's*Merz and Nicole, we are like 
glue*Nicole's closet coct*Tommy Dude* Brothel on Estes 
Homecoming '94-'97*Halloween in the Suburban-egging 
*Buds-7-frogs*SAP-Lauren, that is a cop car!*let's go to the 
King's house to see blazing beads & pals*Taking shady cabs 
home to Nicole's *Pre game @ the Grandparents! eg, jb, Ik)* 
Our funnel is @ the gp's*Ski Trip '94, '95*Water Hole* 
Excersions to the waterfall-nicole, did you bf Steele? *Nicole, 
is that your hand under the blanket?*Rides in the Buick*Tom 
Petty we ate grass w/ fire* Santiagoes-80 dollar meal* 
Caroline's closet 1/3* Merz, small, white caddy*Sallie's 
bathmat* Winter Formal Man*Nicole, your car is dead* 
Windshield w/ Jerry in a box @ Rob's*Lap Dancer*Lauren get 
in the van*202*Sunday drives w/ Clark*Samba @ 
Caroline's*Marissa whipit*Clark, he is swimming on the 

floor*Destin '94. '95* Caymans '96, '97*Cancun '98! 
*Lauren, where is Norma-hank w.*"I survived the party" 
*Chief Naked dancing in an apron*Lauren &. Amanda, it's 5:30 
we can't go home*Plul & pappy -mcole are you having a bear 
party?*white fright* topper*Merz, I have 65 pts Llsib! 
"Steeplechase '97-accident*cutlass sierra*ln DA pant* Toya* 
FSP's* RFD*of'ficer shadow*young tool*Drive by fruiting* 
Elevator in Destin*Just takes 10 min.*K.D Lang Proctor- 
gasoline boy*Clark's Field, Feldar's party* This is how we do 
it*Limo w/ Paul*Batheroom @ Haley's*Condore*Lauren, what 
did we do last mght?*AHHH Andy*Nigighiwen* 24 karat 
Clark* flying space people*Depot*Lesting by randoms *To 
all my friends, thanks for the memories. Mom, Dad, Beth, Can, 
and the rest of the family-thanks so much. I love you all! 

Rachel Carton 

Tnad*YIG*Baby Ray*Sqeezy bear*hey Ray! Hey Jan!* bushy 
tailes you know what*the floating yolks *1 can see your 
contact, I can see yours too. How prefound!*are we all on the 
same page here?*the Fruit and the Lion* Stalkmobile * Sam 
Howard's da bomb*the algebra book* Ebola* ELVIS!* Gimme 

some lovin'* Pug*Bonji*And 1 didn't even have monng 
breath*Kick*gonna paint your black shoes gold 
again?*suggie*Where's David Dempsey' 7 *4th period Lunch* 
the clap*the wink*sexual biographies *Do you know what's 
so funny?* blatantly wallowing*sideman*genenc sex*that's 
what Willard said*soothingly arousing* the toilet chronicles 
* lame e-mails*I'm on crack*miss me? So much my heart 
amost fell out*are you sure you want that?* PBS*Better 
baby's institute* "Ashley, I told you what to do with that cat 
isn't healthy"*"Lana, so what were you and Mark doing in that 
van?"*it's hard because it hasn't been touched all day* Andy 
Lee*samoa dijoubiti* Loser*spiro*Gray Hair* Harvey*I'm 
high on life and heroin*Opie and Andy*We're sick people* 
Thanks to anyone who has ever given me a ride or a place to 
stay. Thanks Mom. Dad, Mark, Lauren. 

Lindsey Gaston 

Lindz*Lind-say*Little 1 "snuggles* Jaren count* Victoria's 
Secret and Caster Knott video* interpretive dancing* Cons* 
Kwans*mosaic madness*Hey Joe Pat, do you think?* 
Megones*big blue'physics packet*getting lost in Sumner 
County*It's broke*so, did you bring the dollar?*Anyone of 
you guys have any change?* Joy to the World* sunflower runs 
in the convertible* Hey Coles, how 'bout some took-be?*um. 
okay. no*Art class ion Discrete*JolIy Green Giant and 
Sprout* Patch* It's on self timer*Holy Mass*How about a leg 
rub?* Really take the Fry*Clark, watch out for those flying 
bottles* making the best looking cookies*she perioded on 
me*What is Suckey?* Harry and the high dive*Saved By the 
Bell competition*Foxy, how 'bout a bloomer shot?*put the 
alties on the end* The Colossus of Barletta, or is that Hanley?* 
What the hell. Ashley Fairy*ITl just break into his car* Who 
let them dawgs in?*I hope Toby didn't damage you for 
life*Pictionary until dawn*He sent you the same letter?" Our 
limo was stolen*It's just a palomino bug*The body is the 
arrow*want to go to the Dali?*Chandy*cute ones on the front 
row* Room 202*Marissa's green van*Vikings Rule* Goatboy 
*dancing in our undies*tamponing at Joe Pat's*Lesley Ann. 
can you please deal with Hannah?*Chili's baby back ribs*I'm 
in love, beep, and I'm all shook up*There's always a party at 
Gaystone's. . .andofcourse#27,HOTTUB REWIE. 

Miller Greathouse 

Eccowasin, 4 -Pres.* Soccer l-4*Key Club 1. 2, 3-Sgt, Arms, 
4*Pep Club 1-3, 4-Rep.*Swimming 1* Track 1, 2*Wrest, 
Cheer. 2*B-ball Cheer. 3-4* Milestones 2, 3, 4-Senior Editor 
*Uncomfortable* Wa-women like*SHHP! !*Go Away Bear* 

79 Senior Indexes 

Vikings* Who's J.Alexander'.' *Sherass*Sexy 6'Foxy 
4*Puke. Michelle *Increduble*International Whores*Joy 
to the World... *Some would say... *SATCO*Sigma PI 
Party "The 3 Amigos in the Dos Equis* BUDDY!* 
Mitzvahing at the Cigar Bar* Phenomenon* Peacock*You 
get the Jimmy. I'll get the Puegot* Anyone who will take 
me...* Fleshpile*Officer Shadow *Aahhooww!*Grand 
Pooba* Unfortunately *Vicky Beaver*Rolling Jeremy* 
Go put you head back up LGP* 1 7 more days of fun* 
Skippy* Poopy* The Riah*Sheesha*Wagon Burner* I can 
go all night!*Baby Chicken!* Halloween Dance Nerds* 
Steeplechase '97* Sniping*Clifford Dean* 
Shttakes*Camations* Boons*Lola*Some fell on their 
heads'Rooing Aaron*Homecoming Brothel*A Whole 
Blooming Onion! *Ooby Dooby* Legends* Lester* 
Jessie's List* Milter* BM* Jigging*Billy Swaggert* Pre- 
Game*Booger Lips* Give me h — , a booyeah* MBA Prom 
'96*A booyeah, a bubye'Tom Petty* precious pentis 
melodies*Mary Lucyah, thank you anywayah!* put it on 
pause*DAVE MATTHEWS!* Spunky Monkey *as hot as 
apple pie* 1 , 2. 3, cells* BC obsessions*Sanibell '94, 
Destin '95, Caymans '97, Cancun '98*Greece and Egypt 
"97*Mexico '96. Jamaica '97*"Friends may go, but 
memory never does". I love you all with all my 
heart*Aaron-always and forever*Mom, Dad, Joyner, Will, 
and Rich thanks for always being there and everything 
else - love me 

Ally Harper 

Eccowasin*Honor Council 1-3, 4-Pres.*Key Club 2. 3, 4- 
Tres.*Cross Country 2-4*Track 1-4* Homecoming 
Queen*Alki, Alster, al*5 Hours!*The Linen Closet*Can I 
borrow your milk, please?* Flavor of the Month* 
Dorinda*Midmght General Sessions*Unexpected Visitors 
at the Harper House* 6 times at one intersection!* 
Distance walks* Roomin' with Sus*Never-again Gallatin 
*Hey Will, what's your favorite color?*I might have a 
boyfriend tomorrow-chech with me then-anonymous * 
Karen's love quest*Colorado '97* Julianne and the 9:00 
math call* Ally, late again? Only 30 minutes this time!* 
Just one of the girls (Risky Business) *Sarasota-our 

dinners, the dolphins, bicycling towards a large, yellow, 
school bus. Harley Davidson, the smell of burning shoes, 
and an Englishman*Eagle Eye to Schniky we have lost 

visual-Destin '97*"Hey, , can you take this? What if I 

just braked real fast?"*What the hell Ashley Fairy*the 
things we find on the side of the road*Vandy games*chain 
legs*The Sophomore parking lot at 8:05*"Patience 
Grasshopper"* Sassy* 6th Period Discrete*Cornish Game 
Hens* Gangstar's Pandise*'Da wen* Franglais* Pledge 
Problem Parties*Joyriding in the Lmcoln*Kate. our 
Rhi/obium were doomed from the start*4th Period Life 
Study Hall*Blind Dates Prom '97*Milkman*The Last 
Dance*To Mom. Dad. Chic. Dave, and all my friends-I love 
you! Thanks for all the memories. 

Caroline Harrcll 

Bacon Sandwich*SS gang*facillilly*l like them crooked* 
I'll leave "em'thank you drive through* C.O.T.C.* 
shotgun*dilly*par-tea*love meg*playa playa* Looby's 
*Bonncville*its my purse*Ethan Allen truck*nakcd 
spagetti*do you know where the weight room is?*this is 
just water*strokin' with Dr. C.C.* take 3*Henry Leslie* 
dollar dance'Bon Supnses'if you will*pcace love and 
gossip'in closet happy hour*chief naked chef* domp* 
sometimes I put my hands under my amis like this* 3rd 

penos*Brooke's boys and stories*! got one room*get 20 
miles to the gallon on this hawk or hog*so how old are 
you? Too young*not Skippy's sister*Pnnce*Pollt 
Fuemana*rav four*crazy game* buscuits blueberries* 
m&m's and catfish*and do you know what 9 *Ike*mommy 
mobile*losing the antenna*small McDonald's signs*u- 
tums*icee's at 10:30*Harry with a butterfly on highdive 
*pbs specials*I'll peel your banana*Soho Grande*shessy 
poofs*that Veronica Vaughn*is that a porno store no it's 
Arnold*shizzley dritts*private dancer*ice skating 
adventure*chaos on the streets of NYC* "D"*Jess, Mugs, 
Gordon, Zoid, Merz, Sharsh, Wankle, Mo, Hail, Towbin, 
Sloth. Mint's, and Gracie we've laughed and cried*Grant 
well I took care of myself*Katie lokk after everyone* 
Michael keep everyone smiling*Sally never lose your 
perserverence*Mom and Dad 1 can't thank you enough* 
Thanks to the rest of the family, I love you all, and I 
appreciate everything!! 

Julia Harrison 

Soccer l*Basketball l-2*Swimming 3*Softball 1-4* 
Where did the mailbox go 9 *coffee nights*J#w#sh boys 
do it better*Duct Tape*Scrofum Odum* Cuervo* Egyptian 
Terronst*Can I use your phone?* Christmas Vacation 
*Major Brew*Dank*Nashville State Tech mind you* 
Andy's Lies*Point of Entry Double Feature*I-House* 
Chunky*! lost my pager* My whole life has a drought* 
I'mlearning a lot* Quesadillas* Fire Exstinguisher*Look 
everyone, I'm Jesus*Love Triangles*maybe they will like 
me if I have better shoes*Super Bowl XXX*Nutty 
Professor*51st*Eat a banana*Hillwood Trash* Chandy* 
Anyone want any pain killers?*Officer Chism*What are 
you drinking? Juice, want some? *Allegra. Dina, want to 
go?*the RED stop sign*Oh Girl*Bake the hmo*Ice 
Storms*Tropical Freezes* Honcho*Kroger runs*Tupac* 
Telephone pole* Greasing up*Tokin' Taurus*Dogg Pound 
* Dalts* JCC*Cancun*Junior Senior Night* Knox-Vegas* 
Little Tony*Kato*Who's clothes are in the street? * Ben 
Harrison Blues*Bout it*Ron Pratt and barbeque 
sauce*I've lost my car*Marissa's naked bottle toss * saran 
wrap and eggs*Change machine*stop everything wefound 
the salt*Habio and Timon*The captain must go down with 
the ship*Pelvic Dance* Waffle House*She'd better watch 
out or I'm going to stick Allegra on her*Dead 
Fly*Playboy Bunnies* Patience Grasshopper*Nips*8th 
Period*Chinese Man*Mole Hole. 

Jamie Heinrich 

"At this moment I will ask you to open your mind and feel 
with your soul. .."-Finespun*Hey Clem: Where's that 
unababbit*I want some pickles, but they're not orange* 
Let's go meet Fred, and then you can go throwin' them 
shoes out the window* Oh Sam: Biodegradable in my 
lungs...* Where's bottleneck and neosporin & of course 
close up?* Laura: what exactly is the Least 
Complicated... .*"Be strong yet gentle. Humble yet bold. 
Swayed always by beauty and truth. "*Clem. I love u my 
little Manuela. I'm always here, even if u need a babysitter 
for your 200 chiuwawas named ki ki.* Lesley Ann. never 
lose that smile that has brightened so many of my 
days.*Kel, what can I say, fourth period.* Peyton, keep 
those frosh in check!*Sam. anytown '97, thank you for 
bringing me into something so special. I'll never 4get.* 
Sweet Salisbury, to those who may close there eye "cause 
it was scared", I say that I love u and owe u the world. 
*Player B, keep them boyz in line!*To all those I love but 
didn't mention, u know who u are, I'll always hold u close 
to my heart and let the memories live on.*I love u Class of 
'98, I wish nothing but the best for all of you*now I'll 
leave u with this, "do not walk behind me. I may not lead. 
Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Just walk 
beside me and be my friend." 

Erin Hirsch 

Ariston*French Club l-4*Playmakers 1-3. 4-Publicity 
officer*Intemational Thespian Society 3. 4 *Beyond Hate 
2-4*Ambassador Society 2. 3*Better Bahy*8th Period 
Dance back row gang*Tuna Texas or bustTodd's keys* 
Carphone in lunch box*Total Eclipse of the Heart*Death 
by Cherry Picker* nodoze*The Physics Curse*Freshman 
Winter Formal*BBG AZA*chocolate blood* Headset* 
5050*ICEE*let's eat inside*kinko fun*w/beeper* Joseph 
*DO you smell Bre?*Mr computer boy*Love canal* eraser 
family* Mickey's parade*"Be all that you can be in the 
army"*'Tf you are not quiet back stage, I have a gun"- 
Mother Courage*Bl-B2-B3* Evita*Dave Matthews in 
DC*Chinese Food*Face mask*shaddy*Kcvin Spacey* 
Prom '97*8 trips to Target*"Let's decorate the 

batheroom"*Arnold/Arthur*marker fun in the World*3rd 
Period Study Hall*iced ammals*Story Hour* wort* 
practicum... ahh!*under the tree*"Five hundred thirty- 
five thousand 6 hundred minutes. How do you measure a 
year in the life 9 ,.. how about love...*Mom. Dad, Adam, and 
Jamie you have given me so much love and support. I will 
miss you next year. Love Erin. 

Lana Housholder 

Eccowasin*Track l-4*Soccer 1, Soccer Manager 2-4 *Art 
Club 1,2, 3-Treas.,4-Sec.*Key Club 1-4* French Club 1- 
4*Science Club l-3*Ambassodor Society 2-3*Pep Club I- 
4*Lana Banana*Brown Eyed Girl* Yes, we're twins. I 
promise*Now that's what I call entertainment*He's my 
teddy bear*My hair?... Wait, can you tell?*Roach, can't I 
call him Andy Lee?*Weekend with Rene*Frank. did you 
receive my flowers?* Ashley chewing her chips* daylight 
savings time homecoming*Is there a Sam in North 
Carolina?*Allison-you don't look like Alanis* Open 
mouth, insert foot*Mark, watch out! Ashley has a glass of 
water* 4/l/97*Can we take Mark and Was ice skating 
again?*Fourth Period lunch clap* Tallu, do you know 
what's so funny?* Announcements in French II*Franglais 
V* Fargo* Art II laced cakes*Knstina and 1 are our own 
concentrations*Michael Flattley* JTT... Hanson... no I 
don't have a thing for younger boys*Can you talk like 
Elmo?*Len, the bus driver*Hey baby, want to wrestle?* 
Enough said. Dirty Red*Who keeps rolling his house?* 
Kostas*Dancin' in Delphi*It's just... he's so good*Bink, 
someday you'll wake up covered in charcoal*Laura S.-I 
couldn't have survived without you*Kate C.-I'll always 
remember your kindness*Sweeny. thanks for everything 
(esspecially in Chemistry)*Rach-I'll be your friend 
forever *Gram-will you come to college with me?* Thanks 
Nana for the support* Dad, Mom, Lis. Mel-I love you*"To 
accomplish things, I am convinced you must first dream 
big dreams."-Conrad Hilton. 

Lisa Housholder 

"HOUSE"*Varsity Soccer*D'HOOSE is loose* FAME 

outfit*Ryan Trash*What! You want me to play goalie?*2 
adays*Deathed Warmed Over* Hillary* Turtles*War 
Paint*Queen Liz does it too! Crusty Rusty 
*Scott*State*Varsity Basketball* Tina *Chip*beat Ryan 
*Dish Legs* Keg* Scarohne* Betts*Bkain *Scrappy* 
Waynesboro* Probe* Furman*The shades*#22* Track* 
We have to run what? Jan*Pentathalon* BA*Fran*Ryan 
Husky* Christian*Summer Track*Fnsbee*Junior 
Olympics Burbob Street*Dancing in the District* Bijou* 
Jeff* Adam*Thoma's Pool*Sparky*C.Russ Driving* 
Chris*legs eye house*Pissa*Bush* Dippy* Dough boy* 
Keith*Paul*Poole*Mix*Drew*PW was good* THE 
Sliack*Angles*.Iessica, let's go camping and bring a 
towel*Happy songs*one in a million* Catie* Matman* 
I've been a bad. bad girl*White lightning dancing*stress 
relievers*Ho struck again* Tart*TC the hottie*Hello Mr. 
Gaither*Terri*.lavalin time* paving and mowing*T Wort* 
Blake, yes I will be your linebacker*Marsh, where are my 
pictures?* Where did you learn your moves?*Brooke 
bumpin' in the Brown Frown*Girls can get anything free* 
Clax*7 times! *Mel*only 2 more years*Mom, just let her 
do it*Dad, keep cooking*Nana*thanks for your support* 
Gran you are coming to college with me too * I swear Lana 
is my fwin*Mom, I love you* Mom and Dad-thanx for 
your patience and keeping me on the right path. 

Clemmy Howard 

How 'bout some of those pickles?* unibabbit* shuggie* 
blatanltly wallaowing*Say something... pretty bird!*Fred 
Astale*the fruit and the loin* velvet pants* nana* 
janhatosis*it vained on my cracker*the wrong way*He is 
what sluts are made of *Baby Ray*bongee*the floating 
yolks* soothingly arousing*Kapamaki* He's not alone, 
he's got a seagull*No one's ever climbed on my shack 
before*Embaby, how's Cricket?* Kevin Bacon* 
cheesesticks in heaven*the adventures of sex and 
munt*tavy nan*gondolas*go soften your hair*I can see 
your contacts(Ican see yours tool* blarey* Willard*and I 
didn't even have morning breath* squezzy bear* Dougie* 
ropegirl* purple lip syndrome*the licence'Old Man 
Winter*the waiter fetish continues*fun with the health 
rider*generic sex*hold the meef*If you don't want to 
work with dead animals, don't work in a butcher's shop 
♦Jake's salad bar*CK coleslaw*I don't want to go 
unprotected again*I was crapping so hard my hands 
slarted to bleed*are you sure you want that?*perty 
munkey*fuff you*shepe*I loovie oovie*to all my friends, 
you gotta keep those shoes flyin', I love you all. 

80 Senior Indexes 

Lesley Ann Howell 

Harpeth Hall Swimming*Key Club*Amnesty 
lntemational*Latin Club*Spanish Club* Zombie* Pee- 
pod Song*Bus A and Bus B*Water Balloon Babies* 
Halloween-peeing all over the raod*the toucan beanie 
baby*Gulf Shores*Satco*Milk Boy* Cruisin' Second 
Avenue*Bonnets*teen 2000* mole-hole*Kelly Sinclair* 
Kemo* Francis* Buttercup* LAH*Butterbutt*Los 
Angeles*What's wrong with your sock?* Allay*Hey Al! 
*LA*Luce*K.P*Sea Island*The Clan*WAT*Hey 
Gorgeous!*the bosom *Brock-you make me wanna* Lep* 
Deformis* Croker baby!* Auburn and Furman '97* Rach* 
Sinija *MKM*01ive*Charles and Eric, crap they're too 
young*TP-thanks for honking*eight girls in a caddy * 
Predator* Ann*AP-what a sexy body* Jessue* Trace* UNC 
boy and good-looking cocky boy* Passing the time at 
swim meets*Onward-Bearacudas!*Dork*'T'll go on 
forever only knowing I'll see you again... sometimes we 
walk, sometimes we run away. But I know no matter how 
fast we are running, somehow we keep up with each other"- 
Dave Matthews*"Trust in the Lord and do good: dwell in 
the land and enjoy safe pasture. Delight yourself in the 
Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." 
Psalms 37:3-4*"Yes, be Bold and Strong! Banish fear and 
doubt! For remember, the Lord your God is with you 
whenever you go. "-Joshua l:9*To my friends and family-I 
love you and I will miss you. Thanks for everything! 

Olivia Huggins 

Ariston l-4*K.ey Club 2-4*Pep Club 4*MBA Wrestling 
Cheerleading 3-4* Ambassador Society 2-3*Cross 
Country 2-4*Track l-2*Student Faculty 4*Livie *01ive* 
Olive Oil*liv*Miss 0*Butch* Gangster Paradise* RLH* 
ride the pony. ..I'll wear his pony out!*he drove away with 
my love in the back seat of his pick-up truck*I feel ##### 
now*Aubum '97*Lenny*Jaren*Bismol*Post, Pubecent, 
Primative man*J.T.* Girl! Don't make me hit 
you*Dalts*You have to get in on then leave*white girl 
dance* Christmas songs while driving to matches* 
wanking a chong-chong*I just thought I'd never wear my 
birthday suit* rah!rah!rads*In my humble opinion* 5th 
period moral questions*Don't Ask*Where would you do 
MF?* tiny bladder*No I'm not dnnk!*Gilbert Gnarely 
'Mix Factory-get off me!* cruising 2nd Ave.*I'll tell how 
old he was if you will*short shrivilin'...*MIB*Shhh!* 
Don't tell my mom*MF*Bottles are better*Troy State* 
Spring Break-Cruise '98*FPC Mexico '96*FPC Jamaica 
'97* Lesley Man*get it out!*Emy-closet pervert* "ornary 
little cuse"*purple trash*church b-ball*Go 
Vikings! *Mom, Dad, Stratton, and Greg these past four 
years haven't been the easiest but you all have supported 
me with your love. Thank you so much and I love you all, 
with all my heart-01ivia*To all my friends, I would have 
never survived with my sanity without you, thank you and 

love you*And lastly and most importantly thank you 
God-without you nothing is possible. 

Jan Ingram 

didn't even have morning breath*adventures of sex and 
munt*squeezy bear/baby ray* speedbump* my freshman 
I will Not Be The Mother Of His Dynasty* 
pschograndma* DirtyRed(theCokeman)* Dougie* 
Saturday Night Sex*I've never clapped and air came out* 
riblet*satan*nana*2nd ave. Franklin 
square* Jack* wrong way*shoes*The Fruit Of The Loin* 
janitosis*bama boys* PrettyBird* How 'bout them 
Braves?*baby it's cold outside* name-brand/generic Sex* 
PrpleLip Syndrome* nan* Just Go There *Michael 
Flattley* LoveCanal/The Eraser Family *Kathryn's velvet 
Iress* Puppy Love*it's the baby* THE Licence* dancin' 
n delphi* sheesha* sideman *Ashley Chewing HerChips/ 
loey's House* I'm on crack OLAHOMA/ SOGS/TheLead/ 
'itBoys/TheBabies^'m an artist*naked little boys* OPEY 
5ANDY* h#&n#k$n* Prince Charming*old man 
vinter*are you sure you want that?* beadle bug* 
retending with Jan*A.J., you frighten me* frank Seckar 
ongs*flabby boy*Celine Dion*she touched me*are we 
vearing signs?*THE FARM* Unlce Jere * valets*the 
vaiter fettish continues* Health Rider* AbRoller* You 
(now When You Squeeze A Baby's Head/ Look It's A 
etus*I like them* Joey Ryan William andjohn*hold the 
neef* Blatantly Wallowing*if you don't want to work 
vith dead animals don't work in a butcher's shop* 
avyNan* you have to look at my boobs when I show 
hem to you* Jake's salad bar*jasonitis*I-areacode-dorm 
oom*laced cakes*shantilly lace*I love you Ray. 

Kelly Jackson 

Shall we dance?*DUDE!*TheFreezer*smelly fridge 
♦Happy AH!*That's full of KC*That's a little... rude* The 
Best Concerts of my hfe*Mr. Wert sings Fionna*V-A-N-D- 
Y Vandy, Vandy, Vandy!* Blair's loves*Besty's 
are such winners* Ben's story telling*Minkoff*the park 
on testes* pouting I'll give you $1.50 for that 
ticket . . . *TAKE my leg off! *The NEVER Ending Car 
Drama*Spirew Upside down*Genio! Dere's a girl on de 
phone...* Ben, do you have feehngs?*Ghetto Bootie* 
Back when I was drunk... *Blair's leftovers* O'Charley's * 
TOW ZONE*Peace and hormony my a##!*singing oldies 
with Echerd*When I was in Isreal...*obscure movie 
buddies*C'heerleaders?*The Thinking half of the Senior 
House*Chappy Heads FOREVER! * Vive Chandy ! *Mr. 
Goodbeany*Sup 'G" Man??*House Party!*I can drive... 
no you can't*Girls in the freezer *Jokes that last hours* 
The Best Teachers I've EVER Had*Some people I know, 
and others. . . * CLASS OF '98 - Party ON! : ) 

Jordan Jones 

"We're just better than everyone else"*Cheers Bar* Free 
dip at Friday's*Pancakes instead of Bran Muffms*Cold 
Ckes in Florida*"Where's the Third World?"*"Hey Loyd, 
do the Westminister sign"* Marlena, Angelica, & 
Stephanie*Empty Gatorade Bottles*Crazy Uncle Al* 
Slippery hip*Shadow Traumas*OHA*"She just suck" 
*"Edit...and the rest of the night is kind of fuzzy"*"Peace 
in the Middle East"*"Ashley and Christopher... 
Christopher and Ashley"*Roof Crew*"The stronger player 
should play forehand"*Purplr dinosaur*"too much 
information"*Flatopotumus*"Chips & cheese, chips & 
cheese"* Prayer porch*Shots of Dimetap*Shut De Do*Star 
Wars Building*Clayton Blackman*"Go U 
Northwestern. . "*The three B's*"Oh what a night" * 
"Home again, home again"*Crested Butte*Blanka the 
snake*"No Scott I didn't find any new members for your 

fan club tonight"*"K"*"With as my I can at 

the "*The Wartones*"Brett, have you ever been 

there?"*"Would you like a cold beverage in a frosty 
mug?" *Andrew and his best friend Albino Boy*Coach 
Tim's 45 minute talks on errors*"my blood runs orange in 
the fall" *pole dance*Chem Hotline(665-0892)*BH 
niner*Pledge Problem Party. 

Karen Jones 

Traid*Cross Country I-4*Track l-3*Key Club 1, 2, 3- 
Rep., 4-Pres.*Pep Club l-4*French Club 1-3*YIG 1-2* 
Student Council 3*Sea Island Spring Break and Summer 
*Nick and Andrew*21 Banana Pancakes* towel Boy* 
Rocky and Leandre*The Cider Song at Nick's Window* 
Bend Over Girl. . .*Huge*Oyster Wraps and Body Scoops 
♦Lobster Woman*Emy's Nude*Can she get in the water? 
*Jaren* Marshmellow*Nark* Butch* Bismol* Hammy* 
MKM*Darinda*Flirtatious Tracey* Exaggerated Lindsey 
*Karen and Lauren-the random ones*Moist and Panty 
*Michelle*Michael, don't slick your hair back*The Linen 
Closet* Ally's BalIs*Just One of the GirlsfRisky 
Business)*AUy's many men* Unexpected visitors at the 
Harper's residence*AHy and Dwyla, late again! *Chinese 
with Dwyla*Let's talk about boys!*Ya' know what, never 
mind I forgot! *Ginny's stripping fantasy*Don't Ask!* 
Gilbert Gnarley*CON*Prince William and Princess 
Sloan*Sus*Barbie Girl* Covington* Lexington* 
Sweeny's baked goods*Gangter's Paridise*Gallatin, never 

again!*RLH!*Macho Girl* Grape* Chipper* Hanging out 
in the MBA parking lot-Fairster* Throwing up at the Choo 
Choo*Mix Factory-Gross M#x//c$ns with Katie*Destin 
Spring Break*Kiss the Moose* Graham* William's in the 
Lieu*I'm sorry, this is a little awkward* Medicine*Senior 
Cruise* Lilith Fair* James Taylor* Crash-MKM's 
solo*DiscoDance*Prom'97*OH YEAH!-Wes*LesleyAnn, 
with Seth again?*Thanks to all my friends for always 
supporting me. Thanks to Mom, Dad, and Cooper for 
putting up with me and loving me unconditionally. "I can 
do all things in Christ which strengtheneth me." 
Philippians 4:13. 

Beth Kain 

Basketball l-4*track l-4*Diving*Key Club* Angkor * 
bluechubabe*tomoato cans* fu* bowling* ping pong* 
Bucky and Bnan*is Mandy alive * outpost* Mitchell* 
foxhall*Destin '95-sorry Allen, Miller, and Ashley*Dave 
Matthews, enough said* ghus macker '95*I-HOUSE* dead 
fly*Allegra and Megan-three packs*Kate, needles?* 
W.E.T.*Thnft Stores*Good Friday workouts* Harry and 
Loyd* 1,2,3 TEAM... grrrr* bucket lines*MOM and 
DAD*bummer bucket*ten person hammock*Wayne 
County* Scrappy*red wrangler ride* 311's* 911* 512* 
the DLB's*South Dakota*Doug, got any change?* Vipers 
*Vikings*sausage*purple*joy to the world* hey Mikey, 
got a batheroom?*No Doubt* Rabbu and Robby*wanna 
wash dished Schultz?*my cute duckboy*007*Dish*2 
#2's*sniping with Jess* Shaub*get ya some*lingere 
video* flesh piles*It's not so bad*Shawn and Seth*the 
mofo children* fart spray* Radner Lake* international 
whores*BKTV and WKRN*The BHS boys*ice peacock* 
A.F.F. O.A.*breadsticks*prom '97 limo*house at the end 
of the road*Mia's roof Lions Head* Herbert* James 
Taylor*D in the D*Dazed and Confused*Joe Pat-why'd we 
get divorced?*chain gang*Coles and Mandy. let's walk to 
Rob's! *Tanya Harding rocks* FPC is the best*lt's been 
awesome! Thanks fam and fnends-I Love YOU! ! * follow 
your heart and love your life*Remember I Chorintlnans 13 

Katie Kaminski 

Kjun*KatMak*Kick*Katlair*Dippykat & Sinnydip* 
Winston*I'VE SEEN IT*Fab Five* cigars* secubaby* 
Pimp Daddy*milk*high on art* Dicken* food store gas 
noodies*Elmo song*cars bursting at the seems*3 pounds 
twanty*Mix Factory Orientals ride the train* Monteagle* 
Root 44*emergency!*Bob Ross*BR*knock knock* 
teepee*Beast*saran wrap* bagel and a smile*Bessy*raise 
the roof*lucky penny*Destm dances*a whole shibunch to 
do* cheifly rubies*plays*when we win state... *fan 
brushes*Michael Jackson*neat little popcorn maker*Girl, 
you know it's true*OH YEAH*if you go in the 2nd stall, 
don't*sheep!*you might be a Chem nerd if. ..*Don't Ask! 
*giggle spasm* Shampoo* hats*nails*tone deaf*Michael 
Flatley*T-0-U-R-S-T*dudical*Oh cool, I have red hair! 
*long distance running talks*tank tops*study hall dances 
*Cruise '98*Scret Garden*No J.C'rew!*Color Me Bad* It's 
all a lie*slow eater*4th Period lunch question of the 
Buddy*Umpty*l'll hold, you suck*Stacked, buff, huge — 
Ripped Force*Pee and sleep naked* Cappucino Blast* 
Grease* Saturday Night Chickering Songs*bend over and 
swallow*to lust or not to lust*safety in #'s*Chapstick*Is 
that a chicken or the egg question?*Little Toot*Hot Guy 
Board* Are you done in the batheroom?*Naughty 
Mallrats*Good Friday Workouts*Dave Matthews lawn* 
Sharkl tots*These are mine!*Wakie Wakie!* two-headed 
monster*Fly*muppets*chocoIate*Mi nagla es su nagla* 
dance like crazy*:) 

Sinclair Kelly 

Eccowasin*K.ey Club*French Club*Pep Club*Tap Club* 
Sinny*Sinnysinclair*Nark*Sininja*Ninja* Sinnydip* 
Sans*Sea Island '94, '95, '96*Jackson Hole* Monteagle 
*Washington '97*British Isles '97* Auburn '97*Furman 
'97*Have you seen it?*Tokin' da budda* Funky * 
Backpack posse*Nashvegas*Get out while you still 
can*Valujet*There go two regular pancakes* Dave!* 
Freaking Holy Teddy Bear*Grover and Elmo* 
Ringinginnygin*Marshmallow*Graham Cracker* Syrup* 
That was almost a joke*Eight girls in a caddy* Crotchety 
*Flashwave*Bruegger's Friday Breakfast Club*Girls just 
wanna have fun* Bob Ross *Chapstick *Nazdar* 
Stickshifting*Creambacrunch*TBC*Muppets*Chill. it 
won't matter in 20 years*Lady of purity*Sure baby* 

81 Senior Indexes 

Chickering and Tyne drives* KnockKnock*Raise the roof, to the attic, to 
the basement*Morton's*Are you done in the batheroom 9 *0h 
Yeah!*Rowing Skifl*Hooooo*McDonald's* Giggle spasms* Glamour 
Shots*Saran Wrap* Get connected* Um ok No'*BI, B2. B3*Shhh, I'm 
perspecting'You're awesome* Bumblebeetuna* Saturday plays*Three 
pounds twenty'The beast*Popcom maker* Graffiti 's* Hey bebe* 
Dancing with the black lights* Disco*I believe I can fly*] feel sick, tell 
me a story* That is such a duh!*Alnghty then* Daddy turn the air back 
on*Macdaddy"Kelly Sinc!air'?*So what ya doing back'*Hamma 
beads*Deranged fnend*Party harry* Secu 
baby*SnootchieBootehies*Exclusive D-group 
*Secularitsni*Sunglasses*Hats*Connect the dots, la tee da* 
Octago*What appears to be the end may really be a new beginning. 
Mom, Dad, Mac — I love you all. Toodles til later! 

Lauren Kitchell 

Ariston*French Club l-2*Science Club 1,2.3-VP* Milestones Editor 1-3. 
4-editor*Soccer 1-4* Track 1 *Basketball 1-2* Senior Bio 
Man!*202*Rage Epilepsy*Lesting Nic-B*Park night w Amanda and 
Meg*Marriage beds*Krystal runs w Meg*Greece and Egypt*Night bike 
ndes with Amanda* Meredith's cokes*"Winter Formal Man!"*The 
Militia never forgets*Oak Hill Church bust* COCT* Top Ten*Fat 
Fnends *CG Grandparents*GO. GO. GO Romeo*FSP wounds*In da' 
pant* "I go all night man!"*Satco* Bonnie, we will survive! *Nic-b got 
windshield*Officer Shadow *"get out of me town"* Bumpin' heads w, 
Merz at J.A's'drive by fruiting* Brothel on Estes*THA X- 
Roads*Cellar*Wake up call at 3 am, breakfast 3:30*Meg, what did we 
do last night?*Me Party!* Goodbean. two words Bloody-Mary*Clark. 
you can never over do art!* Froggy* State Fair w' AP photo III*Tnps to 
the pond w Sallie Sarah, and Amanda* SeaSide '97*Space Capes 
•Young Tool*Chief Naked Chef* Judas Homecoming* Legends*Chandy 
Candy*Spnng Break '95-Marissa'a green van*Shesha*Ski trips '94, 
'95*churchball*SAP=cop cars* Meg and the sparks *Destin, Cymans, 
Cancun* Toya* Honcho*Meg & l's problems*"You don't know Shultzy 
like I know Shultzy!"*To all my fnends. Mom. Dad, Rob, and the rest of 
my family thanks for 18 wonderful years, I love you all!! Thanks for 

Lucy Kuykendall 

Tnad*Honor Council 2.3.4-Sec* French Club 2-4* JCL 1* Swimming 1- 
4*Mu Alpha Theta 3. 4* Lucious *honeycomb* Smaekin' in the com 
stalks* Morning coffee*Country Music buddies* Opryland*Summer 
Campouts*the bosom-6th hour* Slaw-berry mouse *gloomy*l wanna 
nde*4-wheelm'* Sister Hazel* Firecracker wars*Milkman*ya dump'* 
cut*Mule Day *Reby*Luby*'That's what I mean"* Cruisin' C-town! * 
paddle ball*muffin madness*D-wight* Lincoln dedication •cosmic 
bowling* Bearacudas *water balloon war*Gulf Shores* Oatmeal 
Sweater *Whami's*Loose Lucy*Can 1 borrow your milk'.'* 
sleddmg*Lu*wedgies*How's your Aspen'^hockey on the pond*lt keeps 
coming! *Lucy Goosey*Jekyl Island*Cajun boys* Bucksisters*Jurassic 
Park moans*the lake trips* Shish*Operation muffin kill*walkin* 
Habersham*Re-re*Lightinmg 1 001 -zap, zing, bow, woo* Where's my 
conditioner?*no bowling Iessons*24*bush-hogging*Blind Dates 
'97*Fred*Co-rey*Slurpin' Dr. P* NASCAR*Thunderhill* the other day 
ago*Catch that frog!* B.B. and Sandy*Mama and Grandan* Mom, Dad. 
and Sam-love you. Shushi. 

Mandy Lomax 

Mandy*Chunk*Mandann*Fatty*Amanda Margaret *Man*The 
Geometry love couch* Caymans *97* Tim , Andy *psycho nieghbor & 
his pumpkins 'Playboy bunnies Anybody want any pain-killers? 
*Bartie*duet tape*Charles and Matt are lovers* Michael Goodman's 
house of smoke*no PDA*call a laxi*Mandarin & tomato* Virginia Beach 
'96* Hello Kitty*Mo & Michael B & Jayson & Michael S = enough Dogg 
Pound* Julia, looks like the porch* Juahsz!*the "I-house"*Gallatin 
boys= disiplinary committee* marties =honor council* J#w#sh boys do it 
better*Chandy'*Body Shop 30 sec.*Chemistry Bread*Beat the Bird. Cox 
4 yrs.* Da woo* Sophie *Cuervo kicks mt a##*Washington '97- 
Graffitti*s= shady Thomas*Cherry Blow Pop, Bahama's Booze 
Cruise*Ted Morrisey*665-0892- Chem hotline*You have WHAT on 
your ceiling?* Tokin' Taurus & Shitty Sentra *Kate, P*u is dance* 51st 
slop and shop*Kroger change machine and gummy bears *Prom "97- 
Kate passed *Jann's Diet Rite*Skank, rank, & diggity dank*coffee 
nights* Austrailiam Gold*nubs*major brew*Nashville State Tech, mind 
you*Chinkey Monkey*'Bout it*love triangles* Better Shoes*Ghetto 
Booty*Officer, can I use your phone?* Hollywood trash ML & MS 
busted* Officer Chism*12'5 pole dance*Joey and Nathan*bake the 
limo'Kalo and Pam*KOA campground* Lazer Lanz*Chillin' like a 
villianNCC swim break in* HCGB*Richard Stewart and friends* Ron 
Jeremy-point of entry*Neighbor Tim*Grand China Buffet* 18th 
b'day=lesters*I love you all! Love Mandy! 

Avon Lyons 

Spring Break '97-Destin*Biloxi*Cheerleading Camp* Obsession w/ 
JS*Ms. Dishman'Spice Cakes*Ldge of the 

Cumberland*! lakin*Brueggar's Breakfast "Junior/Senior night - 
ABORT!* Mo/erella's*EW & JP u,uarrels*pre-games* competition 
videos*Miller and Nalalina's shoulder sit*The Ciym*Wintenm 
Cheerieading* Goldf"ish*S-Sontc*l)ancing in the Districl*Flakin's pool* 
EYC* Cons*Carribean Iceburgs '"I'm going to Ole Miss"* MML.I!* 
It A* "i l'*ve driving w Meghann"* Camping last day of Junior year* 
Clueless* Fishbones'Pink Panty Pulldowns*Locker Rooms* Htin- 
Ier*Slumber Party '57*Homeconnng *97-dancing on stage* Senior 
House-4th Period Lunch* Deb*ice tea in lap at Prom '97*6th Period 
Lunch-Junior year*"l always have random datcs"*Soccer 
games*Barton Tripping* Disco Dance*"! was beaten by the sun!"* 
"coffee" •"Paving & Mowing" *"How much trouble can a Church of 
' tin-,!. I'lv-.hvicn.iii. ,iikI 1 get into'"*Maiaehai at Rio 
Ur.j\<>*Harry*Lock in's and Ski Tnps*Ryan Trash*Disney 
M.ivic'Cancun '98 and all that followed*FRA* lo I h/abelh. Kim, 
Meghann. and Will; Thanks for the countless laughs and years of fun I 
love y'all very inuchand will never forget you. Have a blast next 
year!*To my family-we have had ups and downs but I truly thank you 
fnf all you have given me. I love you' 

Meredith Mallard 

"senior bio"*Obesity-Fat Fnends*WILD*CB-Clark *"the mihtia never 
forgets"*Brandy*Top Ten* Clark's field parties *COTC* points w/ 
Meg*"small white caddy" *Steeplechase '96*Caymans '96. '97* trips to 
"Nooga* "NicB's got winsshield"*Jerry in a box*Clark-Deep Wells 
Night*Senator Bowl*CG. Grandparent*R F D.*"you don't 
know..."*"feels so good, in da pant" '*C lark -"What can I get for you 
darling v '*Greeee and Egypt*opium den*Meg-"son of a 
punta"*buttcheeks*sheesha*"I go all night"* piece at GH Mall*Lauren- 
sorry about the chair* Manssa-sorry about the bath mat-Prom 
'95*cutlass Sierra*FGSP wounds*Room 202*John-pnvate dajicer, apple 
pie. the Temple* Livingstone's w Clark*FELDER*Haley-"she wants to 
be me"*"I love honey"*Eve of Janus "96*Officer Shadow *Meg-"cops 
know everything"*Clark-"got the whole world in my hands"*broUiel on 
Estes-hot tub* "get out of me town"*sticks of fire*"NCDAA called" 
*Young Tool ski tnps*Lauren-bumpin" heads at J.A.'s*drive by 
fruiting*"Saturday Night Bust"* Homecoming '97-Smith!*party 
train*marnage beds* Meg-elevator in Destin*"Mom-rm a ho 
now"*Meg. NicB-glue*'lesting at Sewano* Geometry Party*"I want-" at 
Will's* Chandy Candy*Amanda-meat cleaver*DEPOT*DDD Clark's B- 
day*bananas*To all my friends-1 love you, and I'll never forget you! 
Thanks for all the laughs. Mom, Dad, Linz, John-Thanks for all the love 
and support. I love you! 

Allegra Marks 

Angkor President*BasketbaII l-4*Track l-4*French Club *Amnesty 
InternationaI*Outdoors Program* Playmakers *Beyond Hate*RJ. KL, 
WL, MP. EH, BT, JP. BR, AS* "My whole life's been a draught!"* 
Probe*I-HOUSE* Fred's Angels*Knox-vegas*Fire Extinguisher 
*SONTC* Ron Pratt* Dead Fly*Jr. Sr. night*Chandy*Ron Jeremy* 
FRA*17 days* Dip,T)ough.Dave*Dalf s*Egyptian Terronsts*Duct Tape* 
Triple Threat*Dogg Pound*Peggly & Dudley*The Pieee/Tokin' Taurus/ 
Sh#tty Sentra* JCC* Screaming Orgasm* DANK*Waitmg for Logan till 
4:00 am *Die-Death-Die* Quesadillas*coffee nights*greasing up 
*Master P*asexuality is unhealthy*telephone poles* Tupac*"rm 
learning a lot!"* McDonald's*Nubs*Fighting Cock* "Elvira"* Kroger 
Runs* "'Bout it"*Nashville STATE Tech* City Girls* Lewisburg* 
Waffle House*"ril beat you up!"*Hohenwald*"Look everyone, I'm 
Jesus!"* Melrose*"You want a kilo Jann?"* Nutty Professor* "I can get 
them killed for S500"*Chnstmas vacation* 2#2's *Anonymous*Super 
Bowl XXX* (Crystals *honcho*IDP*"Push me over the curb'-Mandy* 
Maui Waui *Ice Storms*Chunk*Diet Rite*Dina-random 
cop???*Tropical Freezes*"Julia, Dina. wanna go?"*Pitts*"Dirty 
Whore"* The RED Stop Sign*"Oh GIRL!!"*Kato*"They*d like you if 
you had better shoes"*Prom '95*"Anyone want some 
pamkillers?"*Bananas*Lir Tony* mailboxes* "Who's clothes are in the 
street? ,, *51st*Point of Entry-Double Feature Mmd You*To all my 
greatest friends-'Tt's been too fun"*Julia. Mandy, Dina-PLAYBOY 
BUNNIES*JJ.-'Tt's been great" *Mom. Dad, Sebastian-"! love you 

Lauren May 

Anston*Cross Country l-4*Track l-4*Key Club l-4*Pep Club 1- 
4*French Club l-4*Mu Alpha Theta 3-4*Sea Island *Nick and 
Andrew*Towel Boy* We fly Valujet*21 Banana Pancakes*Can she get 
in the water?* Huge*Oyster Wraps* Rocky and Leandre* Johnny Suede 
*The Caddy*Cider Song*Emy's Nude*I'm going to be a 
stnpper*Destin*Kiss the Moose*William's in the Loo* 
Grahm*medcin*Bntish ls!es*Warwick*Hyde Park*nude street 
performers* rowing skifPdog waste only*high tea* Bubba Puff* Girl, 
you know it's tnie*Dublin Bathroom *Hard Rock*Abby Road' , *Iromng 
Doug's pants*Cross Country*Bismol*Thropy Fulton* AgNo3* 
Gangsters Paradise*Don'l Ask*grape forever* Hunchback Hottie* 
High School Running Thing* Ride the Train*RLH* Sherbet*Pnncess 
Sloan, William is mine* coffee* I'm fine Mary Knox*Mix Factory*You 
look like a bug*l Corinthians 13* crash*Norwegian Glass*Emac, we 
deserve a solo* the random ones*Let's talk about boys *We can work it 
out*Twister*Nashville CC* culture* Valentine trees*penny of woo*no 
slicked hair*Prom dinner at Wendy's* Marshmallow*Lappie Ann* 
Detenng *Sweeners*Nark*Barry Dox*Katia*Lobster Woman* Alpal* 
Jaren* Lenny* Snuggles Cracker* Con* Butch* Thanks for all the 
memories and laughter Michael, thank you for your patience, 
selflessness and growing faith. Mom. Dad, and Whitney, thank you for 
your unconditional support, I love you all. .."Those who hope in the Lord 
will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will 
run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint. "Isiah 40:28-31. 

Elizabeth McClcllan 

Angkor*Chess 2-4*Debate 2*BPT referee* J&PCs4VR!* I am 
Spartacus*cracker*loom*we could be concubines* why don't you just 
run along?*whal if game*"I miss pookie" *Guinevere*Mulder*bunny 
bread dance* LxtendoRook*"it is I, MoDean!"* Switzer Freakm Land* 
not a coconut cookie* fat naked women*Jack*bup bup bup*Exxon run* 
eonphy* gaydar*Ferns Bueller lab night*oh Rexy, you're so sexy!* 
Bachrach package* tangy! *Omal*Madamne, honey bunny. ..* 
libertarians, not communists* ehar*je suis pleine*S-E-X-X-Y *English 
accent Chung Kuo*Conversations with my Danny *goin' outside! get 
myself a bnde!*pud pud*"I*in scared!" *yes. yes. 
good*Paul*Berthafu*"do you worship Zeus' 1 "* Julianne's little 
Satanist*SteakOut° Al?*phone book* WaiTen *Jaayy* Wallonland* 
student discount abortions* lesbian house shopping *promitis 
bi'.'i.^lovelylucky duckywo * "Madonna!" *in English, the dead fireball* 
catch the plot"*Ralph Reed's head on a stick*()lto spells backwards is 
Otto* necrophelia?*CHIP! n *journal nightmare* permutation *0 my 
little sister*Pearle Vision* Che*Aloha. I am Mr. Hand*Davis Rules of 
PDA* W.W.W.D.* Rachel:" whore!" *daily conception*cheesy 
fnes*"a-a-anger r '*baby coke* Meghann-childhood myfs of the 
norf'*corporate Waffle House* animatronic sandwich* frosh 
goths*Whilney stones* punchin' the dough*6d-like the first Cousin 
Scream*I'm pregnant and you have a southern accent* AJ, Gretchen, 
Little Wig, Loom. Pook. Xaphod, and especially "Love": I wouldn't have 
made it without you to laugh at and cry with me, Won't you take me to 
funkytown?-"yes. angel." Shine on. 

Meghann McConnell 

Woods!*Do the white girl dance*Franco y los Chicharones* Hamm t 
Cheese* Kanissa* Graffiti's* Grape Crush*The "Far"*Fred's Party* 
Prestone and the Sophomores*"Do y'all go to Riverdale°"*Youth Le 
(David Dempseylcampmg in my backyard* Run4est* Sixteen Candle 
Mozzerella's*spinach con queso*"You and me go fishin' in die dark 
go!"*Face masks*MBA summer splash 1997*'s curly headed bo 
Excuse me. can you suck jello through your teeth^'^The Stang * 
Elizabeth's ice*Tropical Freezes in the bathroom* "Its 
CHASE!"*Freakin' Holy Teddy Gear* Arm spasm*The Ville *"I wai 
be someone's angel!"* piet vernor's* Christmas music on the way to 
wrestling matches* Kickboxing*"Paul > Where is he?"* "What's ani 
old car, people?"*a jalopy* Rachel's collapsing chair*" Abort!"* 
"crappie dappie' Holy Schmt!"*face frozen*"closer"*"A lizard wit 
ladder 1 " * Dougbug's elothes*"Doo \vop"*cruisin'*"Let it die with 
dignity"*Kim's busted bean bag*Beadle Hashimura*Giri's night out 
*"Um, did our bill pass?"*sack fests*Deep walks* Holy Mass* "He> 
Joe Pat.. "*mosiac*big blue*It's BROKE* "Do you have a dollar?"* 
the fry!*e-mail peotry*Gary Busey*Detenng*Rookie of the 
Year*stressed out hatr*choral concerts* "Calendar Girl"*The Rome) 
and Michelle dance* 2nd period cokes*brounana*I love U2*"Good 
Morning!" * "Cream"*To Kimmy. Rackie, Wiz, Avon, Flakin, Hoey 
thanks for always being there for me-you are all the best! I love you 
always*To my family: Thanks for supporting me-I love you. Meg. 

Mary Knox Merrill 

Ka-Nocks*Foxy Knoxy*Nuts*Berry Dox* Moesha* Sea Island 
'96*Spring Break '97...McGuire's Pub, Gordon and Liam, what ostri 
they're just cokes!, walks on the beach, interpretive dancing, blackm 
Boom, Boom, Boom!. William's in die lieu!. British Isles .KOOSH. 
Warwick, Hard Rock, Clock Bar, men in things, smarties*Monteagle 
'97... smokin' those stogies!, lip singing, girls up. guys down* 
Flinstones*Mix Factory*Dalts*football games* Kenny Boy* CRASH 
K. MK forever! )*Lilith Fair* Palmer Park...trudi or dare, football*Gi 
don't make me hurt you!*Tyrone**69 Band*Gm. stop strippin'! 
*Sewanee Homecoming* TCBY *Afnca*W'interim '98. ..just you anc 
girl!*Spnng Break '98. .cruise baby!. DISCO!*"People think angels 
because they have wings. Angels fly because they take themselves 
lightly "*"The quiet child awaits the day when she can break free. 1 
mold that clings like desperation. "*'That life is worth living is the mo 
necessary assumptions, and were it not assumed, the most impossible 
conclusions "*"There is one spectacle grander m the sea. that is the : 
There is one spectacle grandeur than the sky, that is the interior of th 
soul."*Thank you to my family for your patience and understanding, 
thank you to my friends for the inseparable bonds we have made and 
memories that will last a life time. 

Marissa Moses 

Uncomfortable*Michael unfortunately there's bacon*Duke- 
>poleometer*Honcho*inda pant* Allen->fer real* Hobea* Siskel/ 
Ebert*Big G. D*all my fnends*Destin '95* Jenkins* Poopee Greece 
Egypt "97*Caymans of our lives '97*Chief naked chef* heart 
tree*BAP*Hunter->waiting Iist*the Dan's* summer fun '97*Cancun 
'9S*Happy Gilmore* incredible* Cole->hot!*SATCO*Skippy*Wagc 
Bumer*lCEES*a piece *trash*Grant the key->Prom '97* 
Nihigwen*BUF*Nicole, table is not a toilet* Stinky garage*Turkey v 
okay .no* throw down* Booyeah*tang*ENLJF*late night running wil 
sheesha pipe*snypmg*Gonzo*Winter Fonnal the trunk '96* Meredit 
>bath mal*Room 202*whip it* cutlass sierra*Dave Matthews 
'94*Megan, parents out?*don't eat fast food*my grandparents are m 
old*PhiI and Pappy*Ziod's GP*Rock and Bowl*Jizz Jizz*NicB's 
parties*Jacko (w Lipscomb/328* Nicole's Bday $KGC '97*Allegra' 
>naked bottle toss*fat girl's he!p*3rd period alks*porch talks (w CB'; 
Meg-> Tommy dude*Bear parties*Beth's wedding '95*Chandy 
Candy*FSP*space invaders '97* church ball-> Lauren* K.G.'s*4 m 
party Cary, Philip, Russell*Park summer '95* PRS*Dancing in the 

District '96, '97*90210/Part of 5 obsessions*Jr/Sr. night '97, '98*wat 
paint*camo*taco sauce* Halloween '96*cock/l-)all*Pumpkin smashin 
coming a little personal*Carolme->Memphis road trip*mommy 
mobile*To my friends: thanks for the incredible times and all the 
unforgettable memories I will miss you next year. Thanks for alwa; 
being there for me. I LOVE YOU ALL! Mom, Dad Caroline Ryan 
Your guidance has been immeasurable. Thank you for all that you h 

Nicole M\ ii. tit 
Chief Naked Chef*Bear partied in the parking lot with papa*My gre; 
collection of boyfriends* Room 202*the table(Destin '95)*"What's y 
obsession with water?"*my parties*Young Sheil*Chersh's 
fieId*Benitni*Woah Ditch* Summer Fun '97*Tom Petty. ..miff 
said*Satco*In da pant* Ryan Trash* "w inter- fromal 

82 Senior Indexes 

man"*windshield*Jerry in a Box*Felder, Ziod*South Seas*"The Militia 
does not forget"* COTC*R.F.D.*CottonBall*Pellits*F.S. P. 
wounds*brothel on Estes*TOYA*pnvate dancer* Oak Hill arrestaion*"I 
go all night man"*top ten*4 year bench warmer*me date*me homo 
party*Pat, Chuck, and Touch together*"Fm the best DD 
ever"*Jenkins*J.B. and NicB.*CHANDY candy is free candy *Bama 
Bound* testation by Felder*midnight runnings with the sheesha 
bong*THA*the Sanders *"that ain't campm'" *KG's*Danube and Bert* 
Dancing in the Distnct*PRE-GAME*18th Birthday at Ken's Gold 
Club*Ziod's grandparent's*rock and bowl* Phil and Pappy*unknown 
gropings*the video camera*prom limo's*"Please leave my house" "no" 
"Um...okay"*cock and ball*pumpkin smashings *sIoppy 
weekends*deep-wells*Steeple Chase confusion * Justin's parties*Ski- 
trip '95*Beth's wedding*next day recovenngs*"stop throwing up" *To 
all my friends-thank you. I couldn't have done it without you. To my 
family- Your support is what kept me going, I love you 

Emy Noel 

Angkor*Student Council-Rep. Sec, Treas*Honor Council* Dance Clubs- 
ballet, modem, jazz* Hallmarks*Key Club* French Club* Em* Embo* 
Boo*Cream bah crunch!*Aubum '97-feel better O?* 
Rah!Rah!Rads...*Dave '96-hey Doug? We're on the 2nd 
row!*Homecoming '97*He drove away with my love m the back of his 
pickup truck*7 girls in a Caddie-SB '95 &"96*John Travolta-late night 
DlSCOS!*Iong Tyne dnves*the Enforcers-HIOBS* Emy! You're 
turning purple!*stars*JUDD*coke and a smile*'Tm having the time of 
mylife"*Mexico; Summer '96* Jamaica-Summer "97-Vikings *lady of 
purity*Sonny & Cher*deep talks with my conscience* the Beam is NOT a 
piece-it just has an attitude! *Closet Pervert*EEEmmmaaayyy! 
Gimmabur* Dwyla-wounded deet*"Ornary little cuss"*Dance 
Concerts* FPC*get out while you still can!*sober bonfire*"mce..."*"I 
was half kidding" *change$*l 1 roses, 12th at the door* chongchong! 
*"He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. 
Even youths grow tired and weary, and young men stumble and fall; but 
those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on 
wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and 
not be faint" Isaiah 40:29-3 l*Mom, Dad, Tina, Lee. Memo-Each of you 
holds a special place in my heart. I am blessed to be loves by you and a 
better person for what you have shown me. I love you. 

Katherine Pace 

Pep Club, Rep 1-3, Pres 4* Milestones 2-4, Layout Editor* Softball 1- 
4*Key Club l-4*Spanish Club 1-4*FCA 1-4 recruiter* Ariston*Prom Rep 
3*TBC l-4*troII*Kaaren*Sexy Six becomes Foxy Four*the Z 
team*Vikings*A team target* Possum?*Siskel and Ebert*Grandrna and 
Grandpa*Big D and Big G*Pilgram*Wagon Burner*Cigar Bar* 
Unfortunatly *GO AWAY BEAR*Shhp!*Go put your head back up 
LGP* Uncomfortable* Sprinkles for Annie* Sheesha, it's low cal* Ma 
Dickson's Dinner* Phenomenon* Skippy*Georgia's Dip *Baby Chicken 
•Halloween Dance '96-3 nerds* Joy to the world guess what's 
come*tampoomng Jopits*Chest up fleshpile*! work out*Back Burner 
Jopit* Snipping *BC Power*! feel creepy*Weekly dose of DW*Matt 
Morrison 4 ever*FART*WHATEVER DUKE*possy Vs lobiest*our 
stairwell*The exclusive D-Group *Lady of Purity*Get out while you still 
can* M* Satco*Grand Pooba*Shitakes*A hole's carnations 
*aahoowaahh*Rollmg Jeremy's*Hunter, you play golf?*Miller 
gas?*Limo ride*look at the moon* Sanibel '97*He's a 31 l*red wrangler 
ride*We got some DLB's*Sigma Pi Party -Miami* Hotter than Apple Pie* 
Halloween '97-troop 98, egging & all*the sex tape* Get CHASUM*lt 
takes two to RAUSH* Clutch Butt*I need sexual healing*Maybe Hot 
Tub* a little lingerie video* pledging* making purple *special Olympic 
team*Cancun '98* troop 15* occasional Nordic 
tracking*gooseyed*Mexico '96 Boubadias on*Most Politically Correct 
International Whores *100 dollar T-shirt, Annie*Soliders are marching* 
Sherass* Friends, we made it together. Hebrews 12:l-3*Mom, Dad, 
Court, James, Thanks for pulling me through it all. I love you guys. 
Romans 8:37-39. 

Jessica Patrick 

Pegley and Dudley say it's OK*Treat (and Tnck) *Wes' tie* the 
Oldham twins*sweet butter scotch*CC, in Colorado with Dave*summer 
games at BH*the Mexican Mafia*2 for 1 bouquets* Braden... candles 
and roses*6 hours at Legends-I love you JB and AS!*HaIloween at the 
Church's* Hungarian with a lisp*I was a psycho in MM's hot tub*the 
Brothel on Estes(was NOT a trilogy) *Rainbow g-string*You know what 
stems mean, BF * Who's the freak?*FCA, then Frank's*taking care of JB 
at WF '97*true confessions*NEVER grab onto an electric fence*You're 
not asexual really, just presexual*You've still got room for 1 more, Mrs. 
Williamson* going top jail* House, we're going camping!*Ox and 
Luce* snipers *my brother the Duck*Maybe nothing lasts forever, not the 
mountains' or the sea, but the tunes we've had together, they will always 
be with me!* 

Emily Perdue 

it's easy to moon people when you're naked* Panic * Floyd*velvet 
pants*fo-u-mps-of-be*rope girl*I futTyou* Great hair, no fuss!*Hi my 
name is Billy Ray Cyrus* Thriller *The BStchen' Taurus*Buddha 
nck*beans & peas*school bus*Fred's Angels* Dangle*Doubley coool*is 
it goooood 7 * Hides-under-cow* Ramekin* razzledazzle! * 
msagro*boucin' in our seats*Truck parts*Disco Fever*RC Cola* Jesus 
sandwiches*rope & bartender* Taurus of Love^We do it on stage*the 
night the rocks talked*.IBFB*Willy can you light my Fire*Lucky 
Kentucky*now I can wash my tail!*4 buttcheecks *puddm' 
drainage*chandy candy*WSP Atlanta '96 -'97* r> Donde esta Hector 
Cuantez'.'*noodle me* Change* Beautiful 

people*Texaco*Austrailia*Little 5 points* Dingos* DorlTs* "patience 
grasshoppah" *the guy who jumps form tree to tree*Semy Mexy* WSP 
Memphis '97*Flav Random * Chiquita(the Mexican 
whore)*Sexy!Momma , *guys are like nail polish ...*Funky Monks 

Rachel Pitman 

Rach*Rae*Rootsie*Supermodel Rachel* Baby* Puanana* Remember 
that very first MBA game during the summer'* Are refills free?*Let's 
go "workout" at Maryland Farms!* Marker Fights* orange juice in the 
eye fights*Lesley Ann's Broken Zipper*Are you dating Seth, 
again?!*Kim, you're not a snob, you're the snob!*Photos in the mall*Oh 
no! I forgot my jogbra!*Amax and Fred*Hot Tubs* Just Chillin'*Inside 
out T-shirts*Kim's home gym-There were bunches of legs!* Drive by's* 
Doowhop *Job Dilemas*Summer Night pig outs*Frankhn here we 
come'*Dancing in the District*Jeep Test Drives* Seth is always at my 
house! *Nights of Beauty* Fred's Party* We're so bored, we have to be 
smart asses!* Kim, what did you want to do? I can always eat!*Diet 
Coke and 2 waters*I'm always ready for action!*C. Racer and M 
Pattie*It's Chase!* Loverman*Double Dates*My collapsing Chair*Is 
that a bruise'^Crappy e-mail poems*MUS road tnp*My nine 
layers*Rachel and Meg's Football signs* Twinkies*Winter Formal 
l997*Cruism' 1998* Bye Baby!* Abort!*I brought my camera!*Tent 
prob!erns*Face Frozen* Dying with dignity*Prom 1998*We're Seniors! 
Yeah, Buddy!*To Dad-thanks for always making me laugh*To Mora- 
thanks for putting up with me*To James-thanks for the silent support*To 
Andrew-thanks for being a little kid*To MM, KA, LAH, GW. EN, OH. 
LM, KJ, SK, AL, EW. and CN-thanks for all the wonderful memories. 
You are the best friends I could have asked for! I love you and will miss 
you next year! love Rachel. 

Kristin Polak 

Triad l-4*Key Club l-3*Spanish Club l-3*Amnesty International 1- 
3*the tres Mierdas*gimme some pole*the cooler and one 
sock*Merde*ammal instincts* pea-pod song* 1-1 squat*that's 8 and 7, 
now 5, that's 4...*Dinky stop*long T* drop off!*Wolfboy*tyree*naked 
guy by moonhght*tabIe o's!ack*Harry*Lloyd*State Fair*the captain 
must go down with the ship*the smell of burning shoes* triples* winkton 
*eench*I don't want anymore, it's too cold!*Watermelon babies*Wheat 
puiT*Mock-yeah-ing-yeah-bird-yeah-mocking bird*Paul! 
Victoria!* wink choppers* spitting angels*old time photo*My 
girls*cheesesticks*Deters*Lynard*Dream Dates* Strongbean* Green 
elf*Shirley*8th penod*Bowling Alley memones*Halloween-peeing all 
over the road*I will always love you*Shady white van*T-Bop & Rock 
Steady*Mix magiz *wait-you were bom in '82, you're not 18'*beads 
galore * Where the boys are*the clan*pelvic dance*Chinese Man* 
poker*wips*Q.T.*Zowbie*Bus A and Bus B*Spnng Break '96 & '97*10 
long hours in a gym*Ameha Island*Shake it up shake it up now*Satco* 
bonnets*mole hole*Colorado*what*s wrong with your sock?*Indiana* 
my weird noises*deformis* petrubing*car pool-when are you going to 
get your license' , *3 a.m.*Disco Nighls*I can't stop eatmg*Thanks Mom. 
Dad, * Brent for all of your love and support. To all my friends, thanks 
for the smiles and the memories that I will never forget. 

Brooke Rice 

Eccowasin* Ambassador Society 3-4*JCL l-4*Amnesty lnt'1 1-4* Art 
Club l-4*Thank you Mom & Dad for always being there for me, I love 
you so much. Love ya Jenna Bug.*Hey Girl*Dma, thanks for all the 
pimpin' in the Benz*bumpin' in the Brown Frown*House, my canoe & 
dance bud*l have a story to *ell*Runaways, criminals, & straight up 
trouble* Abbie, Have many green days*chicken what?*Beth, Kate, & 
Jessica, Oh those Lipscomb boys*To my be-atches, no limit for the 
!ife*lunch visitors*what up 'T'*What up 'E"*Krissy, remember 7 will 
always love you *I'm gonna cruise through Hillsboro*wait 'till 
Cancun*Playa B*PP Giri*David & Andrew, thank you for watching out 
for me*Emily, I still haven't met Fred or lost my shoes*3rd study hall 
you're the greatest*Het Kristen W. let's go climbing*DJ Brooke*I need 
a cigar*those burro boys are trouble*Nicole, all they need is gold car 
pamt*It's all good*'Days'*the Egyptian crirainal*to my crew at 
Bruegger's, I love you all*just dance it*5.0 everywhere* Breaking into 
Centenmal*dinner with Usher*Do you know where Dolly is?*my boo* 
Mamo mia* Ghettonooga *Pimpcedes*smell ya later* Proverbs 3:5-6. 

Samantha Richter 

Beyond Hate 2. 3-VP, 4-Pres.*Bal!et Club 1 ^ Milestones 2-4 Darkroom 
Editor*Cherry Blow Pop*Yellow Ledbetter Night*Dead Again*Duke 
Poster*Harlot*Chunk*eench *Delores*I'm not dealing*peace 
out*Carpet Crawler*State Fair*Shut your mouth*Disney 
World*Cruisin'*Trolls/trople *CITRON* Anytime, anywhere, 
anytown*is he from Anytown too?*Washington 
D.C.*Grafitti's*biodegradable m my lungs*cool shade of the banana 
tree*Waffle House* Davidson*THE COUCH*LP9*fart spank* Amaretto 
*shag* under the sea*Hanson*Peggley and Dudley say it's okay* Andy 
Lloyd Webber* Rent* Bl & B2*my back hurts*I believe I can 
fly*Inaugeration*Young fugitives*movie marathon *Jared Leto*Prom 
Waterfall*limo & cigars*Bahamas booze cruise*diversity*Rootsy*full 
Monty*bird dance*ro!l like sausages*TCBY run*Emy, help 
me*Honcho*fireworks & peeing in the bushes*shampoo 
bottles*prespnngbreak party *Hey, Pooh!*Winnie the G*CoIby*4th 
penod lunch* 1st period French II*nerf bat & big bird*Adock*I get 
knocked down, but I get up again*DMB Mix*USM*bizarre triangle* 
Europe, Europe*Lion King*AP Photo IIl*Soulmates*Aaron* 'You two 
are closer to hooking up than we are"*"someone stole her car!"*United 

Nations or is it US Air?*Noodle*Ms PC*Thomas Crouse*Kevin 
Spacey*Chinklet with a cranberry drink at 2pm*DON'T BE GOOD, 

Clark Rose 

Anston*Dance Clubs l-4*Parliamentanan 3-4*sharse*lal friends stay 
fnends*toya in da house* 1/6 New Years Eve '97 *Steeple Chase 
'97*I've got shot gun NicB's got windshield* Hey on danced on 
stage*Proctors gas night*Meredith, "I've got the whole world in my 
hands"*salsa factory*officer shadow*brothel on Fstes*what can I get 
for you darling* Oakhill and the preacher*Militia vs RegimenI*Thanks 
to all the Grandparenls*Chandy Candy*who's the DDD*Clay, "how old 
was she 9 "*CB*Meg, "cops know everything"* They're chanting in my 
yard*NCDAA called*getting left at Matt G's*tnps to Nooga*H's me 
party*can I have your ID * disco dance - no carphone*moomng 
Greece* Amanda, "way to go Gary"*yea, I go all night*Felder-our ugly 
kid stones* top 10*JohnS-Alaster B NulTsaid*The I survived the party 
shirt*The night in the Caymans*Ahh Andy*white zombie* Cayman 
buckets with CM*there's only one word for that-wild*l've been, and I'm 
really*The Buick*Mexicans*I'm sooo*pre-game*getting kicked at 
LaPaz*speakeasies*alone at Lynard Skynard*Deep wells*Hunda stuck 
on the island*If I had a date I'd wear*It costs about 2 bucks*some 
say*Sunday car ndes with M.F *Gayla don't take me there*Ryan Trash* 
FSP wounds*The trip to UVA*MM, MF, AW, LK, CH, NM-I love you 
soooo much I'll never forget y'all. To Mom Dad Pointy and Mimi I love 
you more than you'll ever know, 

Kate Rose 

Karo*Bucksister*Ren and Stimpy(sven?)*FU*Bowling*Ping- 
pong*Rooster god*MLK dances*Spamsh memones*VITF* OJ*Fat Face 
Nittle Chee*Sanibel '97*DLB's*Cake*three 311's*Band 
names*Needles?*Red Wrangler Ride*NJB's* Dave Matthews-enough 
saul*pnnce charming*BKTV'WKRN *smoothies*Bor*Poor 
Sisyphus*international whores*Prom hmo '97*Hey Mickey'*Chain 
Gang*Rabbi and Robby*thrift stores*pepto twins in 
PinTafore*AFFOA*WET*Harry and Lloyd*9l l's*Lucy's record 
shop*Honk for James*Tom Petty/arterwards*Goonies*Teeter 
Babe*NOH*Crazy Foot* Naked Man*Swing Dance*Amencan Spirits in 
Tom Petty* Breadsticks*Vandy Frats*Buns in a I : reezer*eggs'slab o\' 
meat *BHS boys*Herbert*MOTA*Dnnk to the class of *49*E.K.* 
Titney's car alarm*Dazed and confused*bootin'*the spins* candy 
necklaces*Mr. Charlie*Spm Doctors-neon den*Johnny 
was*nutnas*wombats into war*Calce*LTC*Amy Tan*Ian* wu'wuz 
up?*Box of Rain*smarties*l can't bowl, dive, and listen to your 
anitics!*puppy in my my pocket*plan A and B pre*Dehcious 
Dish*Grand OTT*Jerk atrraction*SATCO* Dm in the D*Tyrone*house 
at the end of the street* Imaginary flmgs*Tootie and the Bijou*Mandy 
8th grade at Lianne*s*Thanks Wanda*Tunta Fish*Elton John*lost and 
found*MBA cheerleaders*Foxy'*Pop, Mom, and Noel. 1 love you'll 
more than you will ever know!*"I want to look back and say that I did 
the best that I could when I was stuck in this place, and had as much fun 
as I could when I was stuck in this place. " 

Haley Rumore 

Triad*Playmakers l-2*KeyClub l-3*Swimming 1*MBA Cheerleading 
2-4*FCA 1-3, 4-VP*Science Club*Spnng Soccer 3!*Greece/Egypt*The 
Militia never forgets*You don't know Schultzy*Caymans '96, '97*Meg- 
we're coming RIGHT back*Lauren-It's Saturday night, want to wash 
cars?*Harry* Community Service-Billy and the Steves*Anme-stick it in 
your pocket*Hun-ter*Seaside gang*Colorado '97*"That's the glory of 
Love" oh, hi Grant!*Ike Hanson?*Meredith-sacn1icing stuffed 
animals*John-how was bowling?*CIark-does John have a dog 9 *Limo , s 
w/ Paul Hamer*Dnvmg to seaside*Tahoe *97*Water wars*See, I've 
been on California Dreams-I'm the Blind Girl*Paige, did you find John- 
*Caroline-our porch* KG girls*Mimi-don't sing*BIIITAA* AB, MV- 
guess I'm paying*Girls, sorry we missed you*I'm gonna own you*First 
times at Nicole's*Meredith and Caroline-I just kissed it*Venom*MM-she 
wants to be me* Clark-didn't you used to have touching parties' 1 *Cupper 
Stroker*If you got a problem yo-ITl solve it*John-isn*t she in your 
bowling class?*FRAT BOY'*I got one room!*CG Grandparent*Pot in a 
bag*MM-in da pant*Ryan Basketball Game?*Chase, Rob-do you ever 
Ieave?*6hr. drive w/ Rob-Thanks Grace* December 26. 1996*Mimi and 
Annie, I love you and I'm really going to miss you*Caroline-my best 
friend-ITl never forget you*John-thanks for the past year. I love you. 
PS-I WIN!*Most of all-Mom. Dad, and Paige-your support means to 
much to me. I love you more than anything Thanks to all my friends for 
making High School Great-I love you all, Haley. 


CHS basketbalPStrawberry Wine*2nd Ave.*Darren*Frankim 
Square* The Rodeo*Jimmy Ray*B#tch $ss Crew*Baskin 
Robbins*Tractor Boy*Lynchburg*Fned Biscuits*Texaco* "my velvet 
dress"*"sshhh"*Brentwood Skate Center*"is that a 
policeman?"*Holiday Inn*"Chicken!"*2PAC*Starwood Double 
Trouble*LaPorte*race down*I-65*SATCO*BIack Mustang*the 
Manne*Power Rangers*Herbie*Panama City Beach*Summer 
'97*Rocking Horse*"Men are like..."*Cool Springs Mall*go-karts & the 
hospital*"Whatever'"*"your girlfriend must be pretty lucky"*purple 
Tommy Shirt*snaggle tooth*Joey Neal*Black Thunderbird*the drummer 
boy*BIue Chevy Truck*beaches*Sandpiper*30 yr olds*Maurice's* 
Fords*Honky*the Scent*Revco*Sonic*Super*Walmart*"is this water or 
V$dk#?"*Trey*"Fll tell you how old mine is if you tell me how old yours 
is!"*Aaron the shy guy*"Hey Girl!"*"Fll me pissing you"*goofy 
golf*'T don't understand Discrete Mathematics!"*Delphine. Dominique, 
& Rose* Micah*"Are we in a WTeck?"*"! Love You Man'" 

83 Senior Indexes 

Tallu Schuyler 

herba*taily shoe'happy booklets*brillo*grass*grady 
hospital'don't break your back, don't crack the pack!* 
painting of Vermont'you have to earn that'you can never 
overdue art*glad to help* 1st period French II*froggy*hairty 
ballstick* wvite or wveat''*diadem*thanks y'all'Devon's 
oatmeal'Patnck Swazye*are we on the same page?*4th period 
lunch clap*pretentious and self-congratulatory*announcements* 
you know what's so funny-independence day!*have a nice 
glass Mane*all that's English*roll up your sleeves and 
dance'our daddies taped our mouths*drug needle at the top of 
beacon*frozen buttermilk*pockets!*red delicious apple 
chips*fire engine*blue skies'do you sell icees°*there is 
always a place for you in my heart'Shaune is so freaking 
cute*touche. my dear*mequita, I just found a drill named 
mequita*where's the blood'"ficus tree*he's big into bosom- 
enough with the bosom'p and t detective agency*ok, you go- 
and I'll go*Donnez-inoi la juiftoo much time on our 
hands*yes-huh*animal time*le butt*baskin robbins!*cream 
sodas and the side of the road*shredding the lettuce*oui oui 
oui'it was the wrong vehicle*meeks*Rats for me to sit 
on!*cheese and chips, chips and cheese*Will, what's your 
favorite color?*sexual biographies'Dublin- 216*the wink* 
Denver*Greg Hall*hey you*chandy*well, goodnight* French 
Bread*he's Jewish*you have to laugh at yourself, 'cause you'd 
cry your eyes out if you didn't'DANCE-SING-LAUGH-SING. 

Dina Shabayek 

AR. JN. HG, DS, DA, NA. CG. CA. AH. FS-you guys have given 
me everything-I love you with all my heart*Chmese men* 
pimpn' and pumpin' in the benzo*premanakta*Shlingin'*t- 
bop and rock steady*running in the car*GOD, geez(KV)*pelvic 
dance*love letters by Esmerelda. Rose, and Judith* smell ya 
later*"M" as in mama*vicinity*sheesha with my husslas*Dina, 
can't you just apologize?*point of entry-double feature* 
Klnoxvegas*Allegra-random #ss cop*.luha, Allegra, wanna 
go'-^falookas with my boy*five-oh all over da' place*sharm el- 
sheikh*fayid*Drinkin* straight peach nectar*gotta get you 
home with me tonight*manot day use*Sanifar*bus stop* 
b#tches rule the world*you better back the f#ck up before you 
get slapped the f#ck up*hey. there's a red stop sign*benzo 
backseat love-Halloween '97*playboy bunnies*was that a girl 
or a boy°-Bellvue Kroger'sour gummy worms*Egyptian 
criminal terrorist*world's gym buddy'breakin' in ta' 
Centennial*dinner with my boy Usher'call me*my boo* 
ghetto nooga*breakm' windshields*brown frown and 
pimpcedes'my b#tches: Brooke, Krissy, Julia. Allegra-my 
soliders*the fruit queen*Juha's potporri*mama mia(x)*wass 
up gurl*do you know where Dolly is?*my mozzsa'chap- 
stick*can I use you phone?*are you really an Egyptian 
Pnncess?*its best if you dress like a sl#t*dirty wh#r#*shock 
the world*I"m taking this as a learning experience*would you 
still be my friend if 1 danced like this'"maroosh*bludan* 
Jackie's joint*upstairs/downstairs*windows on the world*do I 
have to pay minimum eharge' 7 *To the family: thanx for all that 
you've given me-l've learned so much*To my friends: Through 
the laughter and the tears we've formed an incredible bond-I 
love you. 

Mona Sharif! 

Angkor*Dance Clubs 1-4*JCL 1-2, 3-Tres., 4-Pres.* Milestones 
2. 3-A. Administrative Editor. 4 -Administrative Editor*YIG 1- 
4*Key Club l-4*Class Treasurer 3*Student Council Rep 
l*Cum Laude 3-4. VP 4*Mu Alpha Theta 3-4 Pres*Evans Award 
1-3*U Penn Book*SLYC5*slycin' it. dicin' it and cuttin' it 
up*Yellow Zebra*MONTA*dinner party*Sharifi noses*West 
End'Mazzy Starring*WAFFLE HOUSE*coffee and lemon 
pie'defense mechamsm*Lazy K*Nina's cousin Mona*leave 
Rushdi alone!*good lovin'*prom. prom, and more prom*Mr 
Tibido*J Crew trip*Ashwood*doin' it like the infamous* 
$@#& sistas*Pluto*we are perfect'me and you. yo' mama and 
your cousin too*abnormalities*Tiger Woods? Hootie?* 
Centennail Park*Shomlettes*SSAW*G-school '96*Melrose 
Place advice'the walking tum-off*we be the best y'all* 
HORHE!!*Johnny Jackson's Soul Satisfaction* Let's start a 
gang, guys!*Sweet Retardation*YB Funny*Cold*Too 'n' 
Fro*LocoMo*kool*wanna be thugs*Monteagle*mahnoosh is 
on fire*cheifly rubies*C'hem Nerds*aura*whippin' out the 
little fella*Courtney Leigh's Ice Tea*100 Oaks*diplomatic 
immunity — still a dumb idea*crunchy shrimp rolls* wasabi!* 
obsessions'Persian Pnde*What is this? The two of you. at 
once? Okay then*chantilly lace*brown-eyed girl*ICEE*I'm 
not lndian!*that damn massage oil* perfect teeth*I love you. 
you know I know. You're conceited 1 * Love to Mom. Dad, 
Mahsa, my girls, my ODB. and Class of '98. We made it! 

Julianne Shelton 

Anston'Vollyball 2*Tennis 3*Ju-lie*Hoolianne(Hool*Perner 
*Aurora*Torpedo*Violet, Red. & Mokey*Floatmg Head* 
firebox*disabled(Seasidc Spring Breaks)*purple sweat pants* 
math class stare downs'Big B*"patience grasshopper"*permo 
*DAWEN*Emy-I want to sec baby Hocopontus'spankin' the 
cat*Judd=Doug*CALIFORNIA*Fly*"lf you want my body and 
you think I'm sexy. .."'Haley's pencil box*larva*"Where's 
Julianne "-rescued by Carl's golf cartl English III)*Professor 
Meglpm)*sexy*waxy nose*Kimosabi*Cuerna & Vaca'Little 
camel*loco*sunglasses: "Louder Please"* Frappochinos* 
F.mac=our little Salanist*Have I told you how much I hate 
Hycnas' 1, ' , ''!!!*Koban-Where do llamas hve""before or after 
the nj''"*Melange it around, sorry about all the broken 
equipment Mr Goodwin'model photography student (Photo 
ll)*Odes to Mane*EEEEEEED*Tootie and Peetah*the twitching 
eyc*"SEE YOU IN HELL!!!!"*Henry my twin'So. how ARE 
you'.'*Irish Breakfast tea, bisquick biscuits. Vanderbilt Frat 

Parties*"Hush up"*Slandrum is desperate! M*"Yes. Sara- 
you've shown be the Norwegian picture books many times"* 
"Party of Five night"*Virju3*AOL Anonymous*"Laura-it's 
not the end of the world-just cold outside"*"What"s the kitty 
cat?"*Killer(KEE-LAHl*Bongo Breuggars/Bosco's/Bruno's* 
Iced mochas* Portuguese Kamels*"Julianne, Julianne. come to 
the window!!!"{Greece/Italy '97)*"And the ones who know 
you so well-are the ones who can swallow you whole"-Dar 
Williams. Final Deep thought: "don't you ever wonder if the 
distraction of outdoor Christmas lights will cause a wreck one 
day?"*Just to set the record straight-I DID NOT WRITE THAT 

Alexis Staples 

probe probe*Michael Flatley*otters*why don't you just go 
there!*'ole teddy*Str Thomas Moore*yes. it's like a lava 
lamp* Lady Macbeth*pepsicola*are you free Mr. Humphries? 
*nazdar*mad bertha*Mulder*raspbernes*antici-say it!-pation 
*the mushroom factory*um...that doesn't sound nght*Paul 
McGann*well there's a spirit in my house-Silence!*mahan*in 
the navy*Down Periscope*NBC*darth vader bank*E-de-pus 
•to the batmobile*a dawg, it's nice to have*Jan's bitter* 
Oklahoma!*it is a video?*uh-oh there's a bleeping dead alien!* 
nine-armed octopuses!*Eegah*Roxieeeee*ew, he's nesting*I 
found this in your grill*my piece of wood-it died so that I 
might live*adric*wicked awesome*talk soup*you'd better 
believe it*say! any of you guys know how to Madison?*slap 
pot*loutres et lutrae*Boba Fett*Jake and Elwood'the snakes 
are almost through the door!* Jet Jagua*the assassin bug*I am 
your singing telegram*the blinds from Jekyll*clue*oops, I 
forgot my. ..'it's my secret; no one must know*it's Louie'*hey, 

Elvis, hey king*red speedo*the Bucket residence*I am not 
laughing at you*bird bird*stop eating Allison*K-9*Tim Curry* 
purple key lime pie*Squirrel!*antigone*paperclip DNA*they're 
dropping like flies*go do that voo-doo that you do so well*I got 
a golden ticket*Bob Ross* fan brushes*I'm free. Captain Peacock. 

Marie Stringer 

Eccowasin*Vollyball l-2*Basketball 2*Ambassador Society 3- 
4*Class Maid 3* Milestones Copy Editor 4*Sr Class VP*4th 
period lunch: Does anyone have any cents?*Attention, Attention* 
All that's English*Do you know what's so funny?* Are we all 
on the some page here'*Oh my God my oatmeal!*Officer 
Shadow*Oh Mane...*Are my eyes closed in that picture?* 
Exercise?*Kristma-Did you get a haircut?*Ode To Marie*Most 
Conservative'.'*Elvira*Fun with Senior House Radio*Don't 
you get it Damnit?*"Feminists don't go to church"*Halloween 
'97: Troop '98 It's a rock, no it's an egg!*Halloween Whores* 
Jr/Sr Night '97-some fell on their heads*Ireland Occasional 
Nordictracking*KP-"l want a dress that says NOTICE ME"* 
"Mane, you talked to a boy 9 "*To all my friends, thank you for 
dragging me out on Friday nights, I couldn't have made it 
without you*Hey Liz-want a pressy? I'll still have to call you 
for advise, so promise you won't laugh*Mom and Dad-thanks 
for loving me, nurturing and supporting me. I'll miss you. 
'cause you know, its my last year at home. 

Karen Sweeney 

Tnad'Cross Country l-4*Track l-4*Editor Logos II 3-4*Key 
Club l-4*French Club l-4*Cum Laude*Mu Alpha Theta* 
Barbie Girl'Con/Dorinda. Lenny, Butch, Jaren, Bismol, Ally- 
cat. Sweendog* Fairster*Sween*PIZZA!*Sherbert*Don't ASK!* 
Gilbert Gnarley'random object of the day*Gangsta's Paradise* 
the will is the bow, the body is the arrow'are you doing that 
high school jogging thing'"RLH*clashing colors*thorpy 
Fulton*AgN03*sus*the things we find on the side of the 
road'tacky week*Covington*Lexigton*Optimist Dalts*grrrr* 
turkey lamp*evcrybody likes it*going sockless*Prince 
William and the Princess*macho girl*chair legs*gorilla*chem 
nerd'moie day*shaving cream fights*bulbous*Running Under 
Strict Supervision'To Dad, Mom, and Jeff-Thank you so much 
for everything. I love you!*To Everyone: I'll miss you next 
year! I wish you all the best of luck. 

Dora Sztipanovits 

Angkor*Cross Country l-4*Track l-2*Spanish Club 1-3. 4- 
Pres*Treas 3*Cum Laude 3-4*Mu Alpha Theta*Spanish 
Award'Art I Award*Smith Book Award'Ambassador 3-4* Frog 
Qucen*Grrr*"Did you know that the longer you chew, the 
harder it gets?"*9l.l and D.J. will*liltlc fluffy inferior* Buksi* 
Posse*Chica!*RLH*C'hcm nerds forever*AgN03* (flexi)con* 

9:40*'Tracey, see x or sex' v '*Tickle-me-elmo*"Susan... 
hachooo..ahhhh"*Pledge Problem Parties*email addictions* 
Sherbert*chocolate chip cookie dough, orange juice, and 
milk*I'U be darned*"Sam, let's unite our evil powers"*pocke 
protectors*MlLK*"Truce?"*moist*"William. will you marry 
me?"*clashing colors*Que horror! *beaver* Ashley the 
I have never been so happy to be sober!"*Running Under Strii 
Supervision) RUSS)*"Does anyone have anything hard I can 
suck on?"* Hunchback Hottie*Dorrito. Dork*"Kim. when are v 
going to build those H-bombs'.'"*"what number are we on?"* 
"hey Sexy, Hi Gorgeous!"*"Physics. it's all in my head"*SEC 
Steeplechase*Red Herring Butterflies belong behind glass*I 
have to baby-sit tonight*Is that metal?!*ocho guapo chicos* 
conspiracy*the boat*To my friends and Posse-thanks for all 
the laughs and memories. You guys have really taught me the 
meaning of friendship. I'll miss you all next year*To Anya. 
Apa. and Mate-thanks for being there for me through it all. Y( 
can't imagine how much I love you. 

Kate Tarleton 

Tart*"our house"*Towbin. how do you spell ID's?*Boy on 
Front Porch*beat the bird*porch playing the guitar*Me 
too!*Jaloppy*Gold Mobile*Stinky "V"*Ms. Shirley* 
BOLOGNA*"Aloha-Venezuela"*That's my dog*left cheek, 
right cheek*balcony of Hilton*Outwest '94*"Sniff-sniff* 
WWJD*"Towbin. you kill me!"*Gummi Bears*Mrs. Bogle- 
Bagel*Yamagacci Tomagoochi*wet fish in May*rigamortis* 
Target bras*EMERGENCY!-Homecommg clothes*3rd period 
gossip*Skank, rank. & diggity-dank*"J. Crew"*ICED 
ANIMALS*"Eat it Towbin"*Austrailian Gold*POFA* 
discombobulated*"SMU Special"*SMU Hotties!*"John Deer, 
get me another dnnk Dear!"*beat the bird*CHUNK*SUPER 
DAVE*pavmg & mowing*Ken & Barbie*Willy Bob & Fanny 
Mae*Halloween @ Target*"parsley game"*LA: daughter, niec 
and lover*half a shaddy*ski trips*3 year olds trapped in 18 
year olds bodies*chips & salsa*Dr. D*piece of #### 
ACURA*JD*John Ayyy*LTW's 21st*Ltquor Barn*"Pink 
Lemonade"*Hondouras* HAPPENING !*Rummikub* Steeeple- 
booze*Drunkin' stairs*Shwantez*yogurt chair*napkin 
dispenser*apparatus*Mearsh*Love Canal*eraser family*blue 
man. pink guy'alien gear*SAFETY. yellow!*SHARKS!*p### 
dance*passed on deck with DOGS*Ding Dong!*Zoid's 
farm*Shaddy Joe's*CANDOMS*Al Roker-Senor Croiis'THE 
BOSOM*"the tree"*right!yes!exactly!*IN da' pant*"tell your 
friends'"*HONCHO*No Candy 4 Chandy*l-800-W- 
CHAP*Molestation in the Garden*Smert Tert*Big Stick*"I gf 
knocked down, but I get up again. .."*HOOLIANE*"fire-bad"* 
HART*Vector Swami*"soul train"*CONCH*greasy M#x$c#n 
Practicum....AH!*Computer Boy*"patience GRASSHOPPA" 

Laura Towbin 

Ariston*French Club 1. 2-Historian, 3-VP. 4-Pres* Milestones 
3. 4-Business Editor*Senior Class Spirit Leader*Key Club I- 
4*Modern Dance Club 2-4*Jazz Dance Club 2-4*Cheerleadin 
1, 3*TOWBIN, LT, BIN. Tobalatoos, Tubin* HOW HOW 
Girls*Pofa*wet fish in May*Rigamortis*Jaloppy*Wee Whoa 
wee(sound effects|*VA Beach '96*I'm almost up!*crap*Cai 
FUN*ptece*ski bunny*You can have fun without s... 'Clark- 
let's practice again*how do you spell?* Lil'idge* 
discombobulated*ME2*My 3 sisters*homecoming help — 
off Broadway*that's my dog*babyhands*I'm too old to 
date*SMU Lester*STRESS*to chunk or not to chunk* 
Becca's Party*Franklin Animal Hospital*Piece*Dwyla-that's 
my spot'FRANCO, UMBERTO! 'gangster ho*I have no 
clothes*cania merda*gifts of love*Winkton*library corner* 
couch of love*3rd period friends in da Senior House tell me a 
story*Iisten to me, you are listening to me*I can't deal with 
you'AP Photo I' Milestones until 6 pm*Party of Five is my 
LIFE*Jared Leto*6th period grasshopper*The Esterday Stare 
*ICEES*Where's Julianne'.'*loco*Destin '94*"to Italy..."* 
Maliange!!*Roger*July 3 @ Sam's*man overboard — Kristen' 
drownmg*Elizabeth-should we look?*pure moods*Chemistr 
bread*DO NOT touch my sides*Tell us about Donna* 
DMB*how's Roray'?*Disney World*Chandy*If only my grap 
would look like Ally's*measure plants?*WWJD-what would 
Julia do?*It's a jolly holiday with Hopple*classic*lst period 
French II*Michael-do not touch my sides*Is it the left or the 
right°*Thanks Mommy, Daddy, and Jen for always being then 
TO the class of '98-thanks for all the smiles and the laughs. 

Kristina Treanor 

D'OH!!!*Mi gato se llama manoplas*Probe!*Extend-oo-rook 
*Emergency!*Eh-meh. gimme a beahr*Mr. Chicken'Our cars 
were towed*I-HOC*01ive juice*POOK!*Miscellaneous 
Hindu*I loovie oovi'Dirty Girl*I love shepe*Mullet*Rusty* 
Carmichael'But you get a free frogurt(that's goodl'Mi nagla 
su nagla*Chemnerd*Oklahoma! 'GEEK! 'Madamn* Your 
faithful Bodhistattva*OH MY AMERICA!*Newt!*Bur-bur*Wi 
love Michael Flatley!*No accusations, just friendly 
crustaceans'I'll go buy socks while you pick out a tie for yoi 
dad'Under the Bridge'Chicken scratch*Stop playing 
U2!!!*Funky monks*Fan brush/Bob Ross*Get to the point!* 
My name is NOT Chnstine!*Oh cool-l have red hair!*Yes, yes 
yes. yes. GOOD!*Little toot'Eye wuv ewe'Does anybody kno 
where the yams go?*Vulturc. Speedbump. Riblet*Purty 
Munkey'Jelly Kackson*Um. we go to Tennessee Tech'Mr. 
Simpson, please do not make fun of my deities, would you lili 
to feed him a peanut'."Cheifly rubies*NOIZ. NOIZ. NOIZ'And 
said to myself. "Self. "'Is that red paint washable?*Marie. yo 
cut your hair, and you look like a doctor'Sexy Momma!* 
SniffsnifPTraceynerd'Oh no — baytah'It's bringing us love, 
somebody break its legs!*The Dillon Family Face'I will not 
expose the ignorance of the faculty, and I saw nothing unusu; 
in the teachers' lounge*Lyman? 

84 Senior Indexes 

Angie Vick 

Vickie Ange*Chicago 0'Hare*New Jersey* 
Lovelyluckyduckywoo*falling out of chair in slomo*'T'm 
scared"*one way streets*we can see our hotel, but we can't get 
there*Elliston Place*Fido*Monty Python and the Holy 
Grail*2001 *Clockwork Orange*Clue*Spaceballs*Yentl* 
infamous 180*Lunchables*tapeworm*Will, are your parents 
out of town?*circle the prey*long december* Mortal Kombat* 
"Again, and again!"*OKLAHOMA*"Shut-up AJ"*Tortuga 
*chorus room*Little Wig*tuna to high heaven*wax beans* 
Exxon*"You're an apple, you're a pear, and you're a banana"/ 
then Jesus came with his backpack*Dating Game/Ken/The 
Love*Regis and Kathy Lee*pyramid of water*Giant Zitturat* 
"Is that your MoDean?"*going bagging*Connect Four* 
Greased Lightening*The Dungeon*Red Bull*Where does 
Hwy. 100 end?/We're in Hickman county*going Krogering* 
AOHell*Taco Hell*run form your order!* Waffle House* 
Froggy*El Cammo, El El Camino*The Supreme Being* The 
Egg and l *"Don't you wish you could scream out loud?"* 
Lockheed*Ms. Mahan, can we turn it down?*Be!le Meade 
singles dance club with Knstina* Lucent* DK*Turtle*/7<me/ 
of the Cave Bear*S-E-X-X-Y*blinds. list, me in the bathroom 
at Jekyll Island*Don't cross the street in the middle. ..of the 
block*Meow Meow Meow Meow*"Angie, you don't listen" 
*"What?"*Bueller*no, no...YES!*Dina's evil Mexicans story 
in Precal*Will's trampolme*Kristina in AJ's garden and pool* 
AJ's big blue limosine*Kenneth Clark*Massatussess*con. 
phy. force probe calibration*Rochester shoe. 

Ginny Wallace 

Eccowasin*Key Club 1-4* Ambassador Society 3, 4-President* 
Cross Country l-4*Track l-2*Pep Club l-4*Mu Alpha Theta 3- 
4*Science Club 1-3*YIG 1, 3*French Club l-4*Cheerleading 
3*"Everything I like is immoral, illegal, fattening or has a 
girlfriend"* Sea Island*Bend over girl*8 girls in a caddy*! 
want some music*Carks*Towel Boy*Can she get in the 
water?*Huge*Sick*Destin*These are mine*Interpretive Dance* 
British Isles*Dublin Bafhroom*Koosh*Running Under Strict 
Supervision*Are you doing that High School joggin thing?* 
Macho GirPDon't Ask*Troop 15*Dalts*Let's talk about 
boys'Do you have a glow in the dark frisbee?*Get it out*Oreo 
Dance*Coffee*I'm going to wear his pony out*Guess what? I 
forgot*Sticky kisses because I eat lohpops*Gin's secret 
obsession* Route 44*Stop coming on to me, Will's gonna get 
mad*Chandy*l get knocked down*Foxy Noxy*Your such a 
bad influence*Dave Matthew*Ginny Language*Winny and 
Gill*Kiss the Shamrock*Marshmallow*Con*Jaren*Butch* 
Bismol*"Everyday shared with the ones we love is a gift to be 
thankful for." To all my friends and family-Thank you for all 
the wonderful memories. I love you all*Genesis 3 1:49*".. .May 
the lord keep watch between you and me when we are away from 
each other." 

Anne Nicholas Weiss 

Angkor*7 year club*Sr. Class Secretarv* Milestones 3, 4- 
Layout Editor*Student Faculty 2-4*Vollyball l*Cheerleading 
2-3*Tennis l-3*Golf 2-4*Sexy 6*Tina*We want J.D.*17 more 
days of fun*!!!*Wo-Wo-Women like*lncreduable*the 3 
amigos in the Dos Equis*wagon burner*Go away Bear!* 
Shhp!*I can go all night*Baby Chicken*Halloween Dance '96- 
Nerds*Who's J.Alexander?*Pre-ing*Go put your head back up 
L/G's. P. ..'Steeplechase '97*Some would say*Cliffordine* 
Unfortunatly*Sexual Tension*possy vs. lobbyist*Shitakes*A- 
hole and camations*El T#qu$l#, spank me!, Omish*randoms @ 
Annie's*fried pies*A little midnight run down Chickering- 
bearfoot, if you will*Georgia's dip*Jr/Sr night '97->some feel 
on their heads!* Sprinkles for Annie*Miller. why are you 
smiling?*Good June '97 Eskind?*a whole bloomin' onion* 
Batting @ the cigar bar*Yes, Yes!*Crete-l. 2!*Mind you, he 
will win the race*LOLA!*You get the Jimmy and I'll get the 
Puegot*Skippy*Happy Mazel Tov*Peacock*Me dance 
moves*My arm just fell off*Shoulder-me-pads*Sniping* 
Halloween Whores '97*Foxy 4*To all me Chache's. the last few 
years would have been nothing without y'all. I couldn't ask for 
a better set of buddays, be good-I love all y'all, Annie. Dad, 
Mom, and Roxy thanks for all the guiding light that I've never 
wanted to take but has made things all the better for finally 
following. I Love y'all toofthere you are Mom-I said it!) 
Wookie Box. 

Amanda Wenrworth 

Angkor*French Club l-3*Science Club l-3*Modern Club 1- 
4*Jazz Club l-4*Thanks to all my friends for the good times 
that made up this "Senior Bio", I love you*Alive at 4 am* 
C.O.T.C.*Clark"s field parfies*Miles*zoz*flowers in the park 
@ 5:30 am*C and B*I have green peas in my bed*the 
regiment* Shady taxis home*the Brothel*KD Lang*Coldy 
House*Officer Shadow*Clark, nice goin' Ace*Crocker's 
gasoline*Bushes*Shady backpack*Felder's grandparents* 
GLORIA*pappy*I'm sorry Will P*Sallie's Cutlass Sierra on 
Woodmont*Winter Formal Man*D.C. '97*This is how we do 
it*someday Josh R*bombing Bongo Java*meat cleaver*Buds- 
7-frogs*the Depot*topper*OA*Steeplechase '97*RFD*NicB's 
parties*CG grandparents*Toya*Wild*Meg's medals* 
Threesome?*party pelican*DS*rolling the golfcourse*that 

light in the park*4-wheelin' in the Honda*Simply 
Irresistable*I'm just fine*ambrosa*Lava Lounge*Friday 

ight at 8 and don't be late*Georgias*Passion Play*Dark and 
Scary*the "I survived the party" t-shirt*Clark's bucket 

ight*talc in the stolen Jeep Cherokee* Steet Cleave*Lauren's 
iiole in the wall*the hood*Da' Avenue*I guess I'll see you 

iext Monday*BHA*Time for a trip to the pond*no diggity* 
Destin '95*Cayman's '97*Cancun '98 babe*Thanks Mom, Dad, 
Lellyett, and the rest of the family. I love you all. 

Elizabeth White 

Good Morning*Washington "97*C'art and his lovers*bubble 
fight*Graffiti's*Tlnrd Edition*I hate Sheryl Crow*Dave*that's 
just shady*Chicago '95*cheerleading camp*Deb*HunTer* 
cons*the Train*Natty*S-sonic*Harry*Spring Break '96. 
'97*Destin*sunburn*dirty cupcakes*How much do your 
boobs weigh?*creme brulee*Babe*choral concerts*the Lion 
Sleeps Tonight*Calendar Girl*soccer games*R.A. and the 
I.N.P.A.N.S.*Prom '96, '97*the Ville*iced tea*Model UN 
'96*don't let Kim draw*What's and old car, people?*white 
Umo full of ten year old boys*Hard Rock Cafe*clueless*sweet 
16's*"coffee"*Doo-Wap*I love U2*Scott*Paul*Disco 
Dances*"soap opera of Junior year"*R.T.*Pretty Club*80's* 
Sweet Pea*cabbage*Greg Greer*keep your shoes on!*Adam 
Bailey #10*long stones*Stomp!*Meg- I think they left us*A 
Time to Kill-Avon, shut up!*camping out*5 hours to set up a 
tent*sexual chocolate*6th period lunch*Ole Miss*pink panty 
pulldowns*Homecoming '97*Av. Liz, Whomp there it is!* 
Flinstones*genies*how much trouble can a Church of Christ, 
Episcopalian and Presbyterian get into?*Slumber Party 
'57*J.P.-Pi rsquared-5.0, boat without water, I'm the foosball 
queen, one in a million, Eph. 4:32*junior/senior night* 
Abort!*Edge of the Cumberland*MMLJ*Mozzerella's*Cancun 
'98, Prom '98, and all that's to come!*To Kim, Meg, Avon, and 
all my friends: Thanks for the best four years. You've made 
them the best! I love y'all! 

Tracey Wilkinson 

Ariston*Key Club*YIG*Law" Club*Cum Laude'Mu Alpha 
Theta*C'hemistry Nerds*Grey scarfT & A*Mrs. Keanu 
Reeves*New York City*O.G.'s*Prom '96\7*IHOC*morning 
coffee*Wa!green"s boy*Mocking in Memphis*pledge problem 
parties*Cheerleaders(enough said)*moral question of the 
day*Swiss Army Boy*Lovely Ladies of 6C*Heiniken*Pit 
Boys*01ahoma*STUD council*MBA=dog obedience 
school*The babies*beyond horny*homeless hat*Lunch 
buddies*we vow to clean out her hair*OSGS*oh really?* 
Jurassic dinosaur moans*Don't piss me off*nail polish*valet 
parkers*wranglers*breast implants*baseball caps*Thanks for 
the warnmg*sexy*Life is like a penis. ,.*Gorgeous*Kristina 
Dork/Tracey Nerd*Senior Project*voluptuous*Puerto Rico 
'96*clay hand molds*chicken and egg questions*six 
pack*vaseline*BHP*conversations with my math teacher*love 
circle*cast parties*Tweety*how is your foot tasting?*! can't 
afford Dud's Day*Dirty Red*Centennial Park*constant male 
radar*Chorus-the real women*oatmeal sweaters*Victona's 
Secret*Mango and Kuffs*Did you jump hmi?*Las chicas de 
Espana*Pimp Daddy and Sex Kitten #2*You have to hear about 
my dream*Jekyll lsland*HOT*Showers*Brown-eyed girl*Mex 
Factory*Coke Machine workers* irritatmg*oh good-because I 
was beginning to get womed*I am not a brown noser* 
Datelme*PBS*Kevin not-Bacon*He is a girl*the bosom*I 
don't speak your language*WWSD*Dave Matthews 
Concert*Unsolved Mystenes*! am not a hick!*H.H.K.M.A. 

Devon Williamson 

Chicken or ess?*Maggie Thatcher Milk Snatcher*Chem Nerds 
forever*I want Owen*Does anyone have something hard to 
suck on?*question of the day*in my pants*Posse*Docy 
Haha*l am an artist.. .?*Oh my God, my oatmeal!!!*Have you 
seen Independance Day?*Are we on the same page here?*Do 
you have any cents?*sme!l bubbles*Lesley*Yes, Yes, Yes, 
Good!*I'm looking for my Poet Laureate*Lemon*Lymen, 
Sprite!*DARlings*"Billy Ray was a preacher's son"*To lust or 
not to lust*91.1 Saturday Night Sax*joinus*I'm immortal*the 
Tank*Sahara of concrete to cross*a small trail of disaster*I was 
hit by a big are and I lived*Gaelic for poet*fairy dust=fairy 
pee*AU that's English*Shakespeare is my passion! *rose petal 
and strawberries are so charming*Rusty*I have my galoshes 
on*MBA theater Women*Me?Ego?...Never!*Lost and found 
shopping*Hey, sexy, hi gorgeous*Chica!*AgN03 tattoos*Red 
Herring*secx or sex?*tickle me Elmo*chocolate cookie dough, 
orange juice, and milk*Hessie*cops, park, midnight*Food is a 
great concentration! *subliminal messages*trancedentalists 
and herbal tea*Fr and F*Chiefly Rubies*Wednesday 
Mornings*Dora, honor, integrity?*YAWN*institutionaI 
hypocricy*Orgasma and AP Art*No, I don't look like Winnie 
Cooper! *every liquid can fit through a nose*Lord of the 
Dance*bar car karma*pee and sleep naked*RUCK FYAN!!!!! 

Sarah Williams 

Anston*YIG 2-4*Spanish Club 2-4, treasurer* Beyond 
Hate*"There is a deeper weapon that you can't understand" 
*22* Irish Breakfast tea*torpedo*makes my teeth 
sweat*gusto*oil spills and snow flakes*anchors and yellow 
roses*I wood rather be carving*all the Wide Spread Panic 
shows*l bet they have good dirt here*Kevin. Hershey's 
kiss?*Greece-ltaly '97*Capn*Marshmallows and whipped 
cream*Ego Tnppin'*This is Not the Cambean*ever feel like a 
bounty paper towel?*Roger and my chunk Laura* 
Creatamghts=Kroger grape boy & soft bread and sweet 
koolaide*break dance time*.Iess, what's up with all these 
tiny men'.'*biggest bean I've ever seen'long nails*magically 
momented*all my links*pure as a pearl*how ARE you* 
malice and the 5 car pile up*Olvedia DalveyjVandy Frat 
Parties)*Adam*cane*sun marathon*hello my love*hancin in 
the histnct*weekly rage*Disney songs*nicab nicab*am't life 
grand?*prom morning excursions*julianne, julianne. come 
take a ride of my skooter*greetings pant*Chinese man* 
bisquick biscuits*NORWAY*milanging the chapstick*Mom. 
Dad, Hunter.and all my friends-thanks for all the love*"ln this 
world of love that I have you, it's true, I know I love you 

Megan Youngblood 

Tnad*Varsity Basketball, Volleyball. Tennis*Junior 
VP*Senior President*3 amigos and the Dos Equis*wagon 
bumer*Go Away bearl'Go put your head up L.G.P.!* 
Steeplechase '96-'97*I-house*3 packs and pasta*Cncking in 
WC*stones in St. Louis*post game relief*"hey boy, you're 
pretty cute, snort whip!"*S.V.*Ahh Felde*'TH teach you how 
to get free drinks!"*"C'arohne, seen any lnshmen?"*The 
Probe*"Coitus Interuptus"*E.V.P.*"all my friends are sluts!"* 
"any one who will take me...thppt"*Honcho*"Carousel 
anyone?"*"Hot buttered rum!"*volleyball mooning* 
DeadFly*"l, 2, 3 cells on your leg!"*Sanibel '94, Destin 
'95*"Hey Julia can legs and I make you a quesidilla'.'"* 
B.A.P.*"Y'all, I just got chased by a Camaman!"*"A blind 
and deaf woman is driving this van!"*"we just picked up this 
guy at a gas station!"*fat girls helping Marissa*Tang*MBA 
Prom, "huddle in the kitchen girls!"*"hey guys, my parents 
wet to the grocery store!"*Mitzvahing*Michaers house 
'96*Second Ave. cruisin'*"Can I have some of your 
aice?"*Tnple Threat*"Oobie Doobie"*Angie falling in slow 
motion in Latin*"Is that a Z*** in your pants or are you 
happy to see me?"*Meggles, Scaroline. and Boo!*Warren and 
Nate and Satan*Jizz. Jizz*"We must lead parallel lives 
Carohne!"*Well guys we made it! Thanks for putting up 
with me and mom and dad. I love you! Flaggy, thanks for all 
the advice, I don't know what I would have done without you, 
I love you! 

Georgia Yowell 

Traid President* Playmaker l-4*Spanish Club l-4*Track 1- 
2*Pilgnm*Rumors m the Hall*fruit has calones*Cmderella* 
A. .my name is Alice*Joseph*PMS Pmtafore*Bionca, 
Franchesca*Toolits car alarm*Pnnce Charming*Sanibel "97* 
311*cake*2122898*Pepto twins*FatCo.*Steele Magnolias* 
Shelby Land*lcees and Donut Den*BC*Destin*Pissa and the 
Possie*Getcha Sum*Vikings*Dnnk to the Class of '49*Fat 
Face Nittle Cheek*Dave Matthews nufsaid*Elton John*Z at 
tech calI*Unfortunatly there's bacon*Amy Tan*Josh and 
Dan*Regulator & WaiTen G*KC needs some AC*your 
momma*lookslikedrumhassethistreesonfire*Get your head 
out of LGPS$$$*J.Alexander*Wagon Burner*Fat nut*cigar 
bar*flesh pile at J.O.'s*banana lips at Steamboat*Lightenmg 
1001*sausage Schultz?*Rolhng Robbie*l'm so hat, look at 
my face*Senior year-Class of '98!! 

85 Senior Indexes 


M£f^T ^M Bur , ORB ' 

^*3B? IVi BJ \ d BK< J 

jB^ -\j^W ! ij^^B ^ '*^ Jb 

"^ A ^B V 


^*' -. jE Bw ^BJ BL 

^^» ^Hk *^t^ Bk 

86 Student Division Page 

Junior Class Officers 87 

Helena Anderjack 
Emily Baker 
Kelleiuh Barmen 

Haley Barnett 
Annie Baron 

Hastings Beard 
Sara Beesley 

Beth Bishop 
Annie Biter 

Hayes Blair 
Catherine Boehm 

88 Junior Mugs 

Amanda Brown 
Brie Brown 
Ellen Bucy 
Abby Carden 

Susan Clark 
Cate Connery 

Lynn Crabtree 
Emily Cummings 

Courtney Curb 
Dearing Davis 

Amanda Dixon 
Ashley Fairey 

Junior Mugs 89 

Vanessa Falk 
Ann Finley 
Evyn Fuller-Smith 

Lauren Gaffney 

Maria Gumma 
Susan Han-is 

Sarah Harwell 
Maggie Holt 

Hadyn Jackson 
Irene Jackson 




Mi f v 1 

I X" 1 

f v^B 1 


* \ 

Vanessa Jones 

Markell Lewis 

90 Junior Mugs 

Junior Mugs 91 

Brett Parsons 
Emily Phy 
Jaclyn Powers 
Michal Resha 

Caroline Richardson 
Paige Rumore 

Lindsey Scruggs 
Megan Simmons 

Heather Sloan 
Ashley Smith 
Kate Souder 
Bunny Stream 

Elizabeth Ann 

Kelsey Thompson 
Mimi Verner 

92 Junior Mug Shots 

Lindsay Voigt 
Peyton Waggoner 
Genevieve Ward 
Maryanne Ward 

Tiffany Watson 
Susan Wesley 
Becca White 
Kit Wilkinson 

Kristin Wilson 
Rebecca Workman 
Rachel Worrell 
Michelle Wright 

1 Sete Zare 
Kungmeng Zhang 

Junior Mugs 93 

Front row left to right: E.Wilkinson, M.Campbell, M.Kaplan. Back row: L.K. Wa 
M. Fox, S.Allen 

President: Erika Wilkinson 
Vice President: Molly Kaplan 

Secretary: Sarah Allen 

Treasurer: Megan Campbell 

Spirit Leader: Lucy Kay Wall 

Parlimentarian: Meg Fox 

Sophomore Officers 95 

Janna Alfery 
Sarah Allen 
Kelley Anne 

Molly Arvin 
Sloan Ashley 


Kerry Bartoe 
Lindsay Beckner 

Katie Beesley 
Kate Berry 
Leslie Bourke 

% Sophomore Mugs 

Rachel Bressman 
Allison Byrd 
Laura Cade 
Christie Caldwell 

Becky Callaway 
Amy Campbell 

Megan Campbell 
Megan Casey 

Rachel Cherney 
Katie Christenberry 

Sasha Chudacoff 
Cathy Crafton 
Jessica Crowell 

Sophomore Mugs 97 

Sloan Curtis 
Nicoll Doramus 
Brooke Earthman 

Allvson Foreman 

Meg Fox 
Cynthia Gray 

Kathleen Hale 
Sarah Hargrove 

Reed Harrison 
Katie Hill 
Kristina Hoge 

98 Sophomore Mugs 


;. ,^ VHP ■ 

Melinda Housholder 
Katie Howell 
Ruth Huggins 
Catherine Johnson 

Molly Kaplan 
Katie Koban 

Anna Lappalainen 

Katie Levitt 

Jessica Lundin 
Laura McAlister 
Sandy McCain 

Sophomore Mugs 99 

R ^ i 

Tricia McWilliams 

Hayden Morel 



/ 4 

■:. M 

Jessie Morris 
Amanda Norman 

Spring Pami 
Emily Priest 

Anne Rankin 
Louise Riley 
Keely Robeson 

100 Sophomore Mugs 


"■^■t- ' '^H 


Jl i ■ 

■1 #» ? 

Jfc> ji j 

WffJ \ 



Shannon Shillinglaw 
Laura Snyder 
Laurel Staples 

Bethany Switter 
Leigh Terry 
Jacqueline Thompson 
Elizabeth Townsend 

Sara Trace 

Lucy Kay Wall 

Lindsey Wallace 
Catherine Walton 
Rachel Wieck 
Erika Wilkinson 

Sophomore Mugs 101 



A * 

■^- :,,: q . 



From left to right: M. Martin, S. Oliver, S. Stone, J. McGee, E. Norman, E. Baltimore 
not pictured: L. Toth 

President: Jamie McGee 

Vice President: Susan Oliver 

Secretary: Eva Baltemore 

Treasurer: Margaret Martin 

Spirit Leaders: Elissa Norman, Shannon Stone 

Parlaimentarian: Lauren Toth 

Freshmen Officers 103 


Katy Adams 

' &\ 1 



Eva Baltimore 

m^- raLll 

Ann Stewart Banker 

kW 1^ 

J ; 

Dacia Beard 
Stephanie Beatty 
Emily Bum 

Evins Cameron 
Catherine Carroll 
Chelsea Carter 
Julie Cato 

Rachel Chisolm 
Grace Clayton 
Emily Dade 



Wf m§ 



04 FreshmenMugs 

Elizabeth Edwards 
Betty Blake Elrod 
Sarah Fleming 

Carey Floyd 
Hannah Galbraith 
Lauren Gardener 
Michelle Gaskin 

Kim Goldstein 

Elizabeth Hance 
Christen Harper 

Freshman Mugs 105 

Katie Harrell 
Jennifer Harrison 
Leah High 

Margaret Humbracht 
Sally Jackson 
Margaret Jones 
Anna Russell Kelly 

Sarah Koch 
Netta Levran 
Frances Lewis 
Sutton Lipman 



Helen Martin 

106 Freshman Mugs 

Margaret Martin 
Mimi Mayo 
Cayce McCain 
Jamie McGee 

Mickey McKee 
Katie McKinley 
Cristen Mills 

Elizabeth Mills 
Molly Moore 
Melissa Mosley 

Corrine Mynatt 
Catherine Nading 

Freshman Mugs 107 

Elissa Norman 
Susan Oliver 
Alice Orman 
Casey Potash 

Elizabeth Ramsey 
Paige Roady 
Erin Russell 
Sarah Schwaber 

Allison Scott 
Amy Scruggs 
Kathleen Serek 

Toby Shuster 
Kristen Skruber 
Lizzie Smith 

] 08 Freshman Mugs 

Lindsey Stone 
Shannon Stone 

MaryCres Szarwark 
Casey Taherian 

Lauren Toth 
Lauren Trent 
Becky White 
Meredith White 

Julie Wilson 
Ashley Wright 

Kazzie Zerface 

Freshman Mugs 109 

Front row from left to right: E. Fuson, L. Halleman, K.. Huffstutter. T. Dickerson. Back 
row: B. Wright. EA Manier, G. Brock, H. Brim. 

Eighth Grade Leadership Team 

Heather Brim 

Grace Brock 

Thea Dickerson 

Ellen Fuson 
Lauren Halleman 
Kara Huffstutter 

EA Manier 
Bradley Wright 

Eighth Grade Candids 1 1 1 

Katie Adams 
Audrey Ball 
Mary Diane Bartoe 
Meredith Barton 

Christine Bass 
Megan Beckner 
Heather Brim 
Grace Brock 

Becky Brown 
Suzanne Brown 

Mori Buster 
Laura Callaway 

Emily Clark 
Lauren Coleman 
Ellen Cummings 

112 Eighth Mugs 

Thea Dickerson 
Becca Durnin 
Kathy Faulkner 
Alice Fort 

Ellen Fort 
Ellen Fuson 
Anna Guengerich 
Lauren Hallemann 

Mary Grace Harvey 
Lauren Hills 

Katie Howard 
Molly Howell 

Kara Beth 
Lana Ismail 
Keats Johnson 

Eighth Mugs 113 

Katie Kennedy 
Charlotte King 
Nina Kumar 
Kate Lainhart 

Amanda Larence 
Kathryn Larson 
Meridith Long 
E. A. Manier 

Abigail Markham 
Elisa McCabe 

Kate McCague 
Lauren McCathren 

Rachel McCord 
Maw Kathleen 

Taylor Middlcton 
Sarah Odom 

14 Eighth Mugs 

Lindsay Owens 
Ciana Pullen 
Meg Ragland 

Meredith Ramsey 
Abigail Ray 
Hannah Reed 
Grace Richardson 

Ashley Shields 
Sarah Soltman 
Courtney Thomas 
Stephanie Tidwell 

Ariel Tobin 

Jessica Turk 
Minje Whitson 
Erin Williamson 
Bradley Wright 

Eigth Grade Mugs 1 15 

, ' rT \ — w^i w — : 

Front row from left to right: E. VanVoorees, S. Sanders, 1. MacLeod, J. Zhu. J. Scott, A. Chandler. K. 
Atkins, L. Mahan, Back row: C. Johns, A. McKeithen, S. Loeppke, S. A. Thomas, S. A. Bargatze, A. 
Cole, C Szarwark, C. Grote, Mis. Burr. Not pictured: S. Gabbert. R. Hearon, A. Jones, S. Rodriguez 

Seventh Grade Leadership Team 

Katie Atkins 

Sarah Anne Bargatze 

Allison Chandler 

Ashley Cole 

Sarah Gabbert 

Camille Grote 

Rachel Hearon 

Cari Johns 
Austin Jones 
Sara Loeppke 

Lauren MacLeod 

Lindsay Mahan 

Amelia McKeithen 

Sara Rodriguez 

Sarah Sanders 

Jordan Scott 

Cae Szarwark 

Sarah Anne Thomas 

Ellen VanVoorees 

Jingcai Zhu 

P :'" 

■>. * \£./ \jy 

h < ' Jw 




Seventh Grade Mugs 1 1 7 

Maggie Anderson 
Katie Atkins 
Jamie Baker 

Sarah Anne Bargatze 
Megan Bell 
Betsy Be\ eridge 
Hays Brandon 

Allison Chandler 
Tammy Cheng 
Ashley Cole 

Katie Crafton 
Anna Derryberry 

1 18 Seventh Grade Mugs 

Hayley Dittus 
Lana Evans 
Sarah Gabbert 

Abby Gallagher 
Leigh Gemert 
Laura Gibson 
Louisa Glenn 

Amelia Grimes 
Anna Hance 
Clare Harbison 

Jessica Hartness 
Rachel Hearon 
Annie Huitt 

Seventh Grade Mugs 1 19 

Sara Isenhour 
Cari Johns 
Austin Jones 
Lauren Kantz 

Emily Koch 
Laura Lee 
Mary Liza Lentz 

Becca Lewis 
Lauren MacLeod 
Lindsay Mahan 

Emelie Matthews 

Anna Mayo 
Amelia McKeithen 

20 Seventh Grade Mugs 

Meg McNeill 
Sara Morris 
Edna Nelson 
Katie Norwood 

Allison Oldacre 
Coe Peterman 
Virginia Pirkle 
Jennifer Price 

Katherine Provost 
Sara Rodriguez 
Sara Sanders 
Jordan Scott 

Becky Selwyn 
Chauncey Short 
Raleigh Anne 

Seventh Grade Mugs 121 

Katie Smith 

Mary Elizabeth 


Case Szarwark 

Adrienne Thomas 

Hillary Thomas 
Sara Anne Thomas 
Corey Thompson 
Tori Tucker 

Ellen Van Voorhees 
Emily Wall 
Elizabeth Warner 
Ashley West 

Anna Williams 
Elizabeth Woodson 
Didi Xu 
Jingcai Zhu 

122 Seventh Grade Mugs 

fi? ft, *w6 



Bridgette Beatty 
Jennifer Burn 
Leigh Craig 

Lauren Dagley 
Emily Dean 
Laura Elrod 
Rachel Esterday 

Elizabeth Green 

Rachel Howell 
Berry Kennedy 

Annatte Levran 
Emma Lewis 
Jocelyn Lostetter 

Sixth Grade Mugs 125 

Hannah Menefee 
Alissa Minear 
Dm Nelson 
Amanda Powell 

Emmy Powell 
Lauren Powell 
Caroline Ramsey 
Lauren Robinson 

Katie Seals 
Roseanne Siman 

Lauren Simpson 
Nancy Sisk 

Anna Smith 
Rebecca Spigel 
Robin Steele 
Grace Wachtler 

126 Sixth Grade Muss 

128 Fifth Grade Mugs 

Lyndsey Adcox 
Annie Brooks 
Hilary Brown 
Ashley Carter 

Dani Cherney 
Ceci Creagh 
Perry Del Favero 

Emily Fisher 
Anna Gernert 

Kathleen Goetz 
Margaret AnneGray 

Kate Gregory 
Sarah Lovett 

Fifth Grade Mugs 129 

Rachel Lowe 
Melissa McCord 
Ryan McLaughlin 
Hadley Miller 

Annie Mulgrew 
Allison Oldham 
Helen Rankin 
Kesha Sebert 

Allison Small 

Stacey Stanton 
Morgan Stengel 

Carson Whitehead 
Allison Wiseman 
(Catherine Wood 

130 Fifth Grade Mugs 



**%Jbt 1 - ■ - wwrcs 




1 I 

, < 


w 1 



132 Faculty 

Mrs. Rhys 

"I would go to Malaysia. . .the people are beautiful, peaceful, 
creative and welcoming. The climate is superb; local crafts are 

Leah Rhys 
Head of School 

134 Rhys 

Mr. Chapman 

"Well...rd have to say that I'd go to Costa Rica. It's 
so beautiful there. I'd go for three reasons... Fly-fishing... Bird 
watching. . .and. . .Windsurfing. Although the scenery is a 
reason in itself for going." 

Steve Chapman 
Upper School Director 

Mrs. Sayers 

"I love to travel! My favorite places to go are Africa 
and Italy. Africa is beautiful and wild, and I love seeing all 
the animals. Italy is amazing. I have never seen so many 
beautiful and old things. We spent a morning in a monastery 
that was built in 900 AD, and it was wonderful!" 

Lindy Sayers 

Middle School Director 

Chapman/Sayers 135 


"I would go to Zurich. Besides the 
natural beauty and cleanliness, my best friend 
lives there, and I would love to go and see her." 

Sharon Ballentine 

"I would go to the Holy Land because 
I would love to walk where Jesus walked." 

Pollv Nichols 

In picture from left to right: S. Norton, S. 
Ballentine, L. McDonald, P. Nichols, S. 
Sheahan, J. Ferrell. 


"I would go to the Far East because it 
is such a totally different culture than it is here. 
I would love to study the religions, and culture, 
and the people of the Far East." 

Anne King 

In picture from left to right: A. King, K. 
Morton, L. Schatz, B. Hayward. 


"I would go to Hawaii because I have 
never been there and it us an absolutely 
beautiful part of the country I'd love to learn 
more about." 

Diane Wild 

"I want to go to the jungle and barrier 
reef of Belize. It sounds like there is such a 
variety of things to do. ..hiking the Mayan 
temples, watching for 

jaguars and toucans, meeting the native people 
and understanding their culture, snorkeling with 
manatee, and, most importantly, sinking your 
toes into the sand as your worries drift away 
with the tide." 

Andi Holbrook 

136 Faculty 

Special Programs Coordinater 

"I want to go to Egypt. I would love 
to see the pyramids, the tombs of the kings and 
the beautiful hieroglyphics that are so many 
thousands of years old." 

Emily Fuller 


College Counselors 

"I would love to travel to Greece and 
Egypt with Dr. Myers and Mrs. Ward. I can't 
imagine a better experience." 

"If I could go anywhere in the world it 
would be to the Lake District to practice "Plain 
Living; High Thinking." When Wordsworth 
and the other Romantic poets left London and 
retreated to this very place, that was their 
ambition... While there, I would take day trips to 
Salisbury Plain to commune with my Celtic 
ancestors and other fairies or druids at 
Stonehengc.and the secret Celtic sanctuaries 
in Wales and Ireland." 

Nancy Grimes 

"Oh, there are so many places. But the 
first place I'd want to go is to Italy with my 
husband! So much to see, so much to do, so 
much to savor! He's never been, and I haven't 
been in so many years that we would, in many 
ways, be discovering it together." 

Betty Jane Barringer 

From left to right: P. Hooper, B.J. Barringer 

Faculty 137 

Department Chairs 

"Salem, to meet the Bradys, 
the Hortons. and Stefano." 

Merrie Clark 

"I would like to go back to 
Jerusalem, because I have a much 
greater appreciation of the history of 
that city. I would also like to visit 
Mount Athos in Greece. There are 
literally hundreds of ancient 
monasteries on that one mountain, and 
each has a unique history, with many 
fascinating stories." 

Tad Wert 

"I would like to go to Africa 
because I have read so many great 
books about it like West of the Night 
and Hemmingway's short stories... he 
makes Africa seem so compelling." 
Karen Roark 

. * 


♦ •• 3 'V**x 


i " m 

l^nK *» jK .'' 


L J 

^Pl 2& L_ 


1 -? ^r 

■ ■J i^li^A V w ' 

I ft 11 


t , 

K Ail 

Front row from left to right: J. Ward, N. Rumsey, K. Roark. B. Malone, T. Wert. Back row: M. Clark, S. Russ, A. 


"I would love to go to the 
beach because I love to walk on the 
beach and pick up shells. It would be 

Margie Martin 

"I would have to go to 
England and France because I love the 
country in England and France. I also 
love the antiques of England and 
France. I love the English gardens and 
I would love to go to London flea 
markets and flower markets. I would 
love to see Buckingham Palace and go 
to Princess Diana's burial. I would love 
to go to West Minster Abbey and take 
part in a service there and hear the 
organs. I think this would be important 
because it holds a lot of history there." 

Donna Montague 

From left to right: N. Reed. M. Maxwell, D. Montague, M. Martin. D. Smith. S. Mabry. 

138 Faculty 

Technology Team 


"As long as my son was with me, it 
wouldn't matter where I went." 

Rob Boudreau 

In picture from left to right: N. Rumsey, L. 
Prestidge, K. Douse, R. Boudreau. 

"I'd go to Lake Como in Italy for the 
summer where I would relax, read and learn to 
speak Italian." 

Nancy Rumsey 

In picture from left to right: E. Greathouse, N. 
Rumsey, K. Douse. Not pictured: M. Mayhan. 

Ms. Lentz 

"If I could go anywhere in the world, I 
would take a trip on the Sea Goddess (cruise 
ship). is the most luxurious cruise ship in the 
world. ..the islands and scenery. ..are 

Liza Lentz 

Faculty 139 


"To Hawaii, to see which species of 
plants invade new land first around volcanic 
areas, to put it non-scientifically. Gosh. I sound 
like a dork! Oh. and to get a tan." 
Stacey Klein 

"To Alaska. To see the Northern 
Lights, no. . . the South Pole research station, 
that would be really cool because the magnetic 
fields are so strong there! Antarctica." 
Christine Carpenter 

"Can I stay there forever? A private 
island where the kids can run rampant and they 
cannot escape." 


Front row from left to right: K. Nash, L. Vest, J. Hopple, B. Malone, M. Higgins. Back row: S. Morrey, S. Kleii 
C. Carpenter. 


"Well, 1 used to think Hawaii, but I 
went and we got 30 inches of rain. . .well. . . I've 
been everywhere! China, I guess." 
Carol Oxley 

"My brother lives there, but I don't 
write him ever. Kazakstan. Maybe. There might 
should be an "h" in there somewhere. Perhaps 
we should consult a dictionary. I'll try spell- 
check. Oh, spell-check was a huge help. My 
choices were "kickstand" and "Kawasaki". How 
about Khazakstan? Nope. OK, last ditch effort, 
we're checking out Webster. Mr. Webster's a 
loser. I found it ! 1 found it! On the Internet. It's 
Kazakstan. And I'd like to go there to spend 
time with my brother and my baby nephew." 
Polly Linden 

Front row from left to right: P. Linden, D. Biegl, L. Karwedsky, T. Wert, C. Oxley. Back row: M. Burr, S. Klein 
S. Lee, M. Simmons. Not pictured: L. Joyner. 

140 Science/Math 


"London. Why London? Ms. Croker 
and I had one of the most romantic experiences 
of our life together in London, so we would like 
to go back some day. London makes me think of 
great Indian cuisine, great theatre, flowers in the 
park, the spirits residing in Poet's comer, and 
the most polite and diverse people to ever ride a 
cramped subway train. Ld watch out for the 
beef though." 

Joe Croker 

"I would like to go to Lake Como 
because Italy is my favorite country. And to 
return to Venice, the most beautiful city I have 
ever been to." 

La-Voe Mulgrew 

ront row from left to right: R. Kaplan, L. Mulgrew, K.. Roark, S. Girgus. Back row: J. O'Keefe, J. Croker, N. 
vlot pictured: D. Myers. 

Foreign Language 

"The place I would most like to go is 
China where I would walk on the Great Wall 
which is the only man-made structure that can 
be seen from satellite, and I would visit the army 
of 5000 individual terra cotta soldiers at Xian." 
Joyce Ward 

"For a long time I have wanted to make 
a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, during Holy 
Week, and to the Vatican. While I was there, I 
might even venture forth to see some of the 
sights of Rome and brush up on my Italian. 
[No, for you cynics out there, this is not a joke!] 
Also, now that you've got me started thinking, I 
have had the incredible good fortune to visit 
the beaches of Normandie and the Airborne 
Museum at Ste Mere Eglise, but ever since I 
was a wee little nerdling, I have wanted to make 
and extented treck across Europe to retrace the 
footsteps of my father who fought with the 
82nd Airborne Division in France, Belgium, 
Holland and Germany. The dream of a 
lifetime..." Paul-Leon Tuzeneu 

ront row from left to right: J. Cox, J. Ward, L. Joyner, C Hagan. Back row: B. Lauderdale, P. Tuzeneu, A. Konieczny. 

English/Language 141 

Social Science 

"I would go back to the British Isles. 
Well, I would revisit it. Didn't you know that's 
where I went to high school. I revisited it after 
college, but I'd like to take my wife there." 
Dr. Jim Cooper 

"Definitely Tibet. Tibet and Buddhism 
are so interesting. It's the roof of the world. I'd 
also like to ride a yak. It's the highest country in 
the world... I like to be high." 


"Amsterdam. I have friends there and 
it's cool because it's a totally different part of 
the world, but they still speak English. They 
have great museums. It gives me a feeling like 
I'm away from the whole world that I know, but 
it's still somewhat familiar." 

Dr. Jack Henderson 

Frontrowfromlefttoright:M.Bean, E.Salem, M.Clark, M.Mayhan. Back row: A. Echerd, J. Cooper, T.Springman 
J. Henderson. 

Fine Arts 

"Santiago. Chile. Well, I was bom 
there and I lived there until I was three. I guess 
I could say that because I will never go back 
there. It's too far away and way too expensive. 
But, I hear the Andes Mountains are beautiful." 
Cati Vietorisz 

"Santa Fe would be my first choice 
even if I won the lottery. I kiss the ground 
when I get there, its such a beautiful and 
friendly place with glorious food, exquisite 
views and an eternal smell of pinion. For me its 
a spiritual experience, I feel charged with energy 
and so happy as soon as I wake up. I'm 
spending a month there this summer to just 
work on my art, talk about heaven." 
Rosie Paschall 

Front row from left to right: C. Vietorisz, A. Blackburn, J. Klocko, P. Goodwin. Back row: R. Paschall, D. Cassel 
Not Pictured: D. Myers 

142 Social Science/Fine Arts 

Physical Education 

"Australia. I don't have to learn a 
foreign language, yet it is a totally different 
culture and environment." 

Martha Grace 

"The only other place I've ever told 
my husband that I would live is San Diego... It is 
a great place for someone with naturally curly 
hair. . .there is absolutely NO HUMIDITY !!! ! 
The weather is wonderful!" 
Lori Graves 

"ornt row from left to right: M. Grace, L. Matthews, S. Russ, L. Graves 


"I would go to Hawaii because I hear 
that it's nice, and I've never been there." 
Trey Riddle 

"I would like to travel to Paris to see 
my nephew." 

Charles Kimbro 

PE/Maintenance 143 

Food Services 

"I have always wanted to travel to the 
Orient. I want to see the differences between 
here and there and how they prepare thier 

Barbara Jordan 

"I would love to go to Greece. Egypt. 
Russia, and anywhere else that sounds nice. 
I've already been to France. I love to travel. 
Actually. I'd like to go anywhere." 
Jude Lowe 



Faculty Candids 145 




II - 

■I1IUH ..,'."U 




-au -•■'v «*> 



146 Organizations Division Page 

Student Council 

The Student Council has 
the job of pleasing the crowd at 
HarpethHall. They are always in 
charge of Community Service Day. 
teacher appreciation week, and 
every exciting dance that Harpeth 
Hall sponsors. This year they 
brought us the annual Winter 
Formal; they also brought us great 
dances, such as the Halloween and 
the Valentines Dance. They took on 
more responsibility than ever, 
becoming an "umbrella club" which 
oversees all other clubs. They also 
created a new system of class and 
club elections. The Student 
Council does much more for the 
school than anyone ever knows. 
But the jobs that they do are always 
done well. 

Front row left to right: T. Wilkinson, E.Noel. M. Moses. 2nd row: H. Galbraith, L. High. A. Ezzell, B. Bishop. 3rd row: 
J. Alfrey, K. Celauro.T. Schuyler, K. Berry, A. Campbell. 4th row: H. Blair, M. Martin, L. Gaffney, B. Brown. Not pictured: 
E. Fuller-Smith. 

m 1 





148 Student Council 

Honor Council 

^:^::_ .~v- 

ront row left to right: L. Kuykendall, A. Harper, E. Noel, K. Kaminski, K. Celauro. 2nd row: D. Beard, M. Marton, 
. Jackson, C. Curb, E. Cummings, S. Allen, K. Hill, L. Voigt. 

The purpose of the Honor Council is 
to promote truth and integrity, as well as to 
prevent lying, cheating, and stealing. The 1997- 
98 Honor Council was comprised of two 
freshmen, 2 sophomores, 4 juniors, and 5 
seniors, all nominated and elected by their 
classmates. Led by President Ally Harper, they 
work to create more awareness of the Honor 
Council and the Honor Code which all students 
take an oath to abide. The Honor Council also 
addresses cases of honor violations. 


"Welcome to Harpeth Hall." This is a 
phrase that you hear repeatedly from any one of 
our 3 1 girls which make up the Ambassador 
Society. The Harpeth Hall Ambassador Society 
is a committee of a select few girls chosen for 
their commitment to the school. The group 
represents a cross-section of the school 
because they have different interests and 
backgrounds. Working closely with the 
Admissions office, and alumnae and 
development offices. Ambassadors play a vital 
role in promoting Harpeth Hall to the 
community. "I am so fortunate to work with this 
group of young women," says Andi Holbrook, 
Ambassador Sponsor. "They are true leaders 
of the school and represent the highest ideals 
of Harpeth Hall." 

ront row left to right: K. Bartoe, A. Abkowitz, L. Snyder, K. Berry, T. Shuster, S, Koch. 2nd row: M. Martin, 
I. Rice, H. Anderjack, S. Beatty, M. Gumina, L. Viogt, N. Ferdowsi, E. Lehner. 3rd row: A. Baron, E. Burns, 
A. McKee, S. Mason, D. Beard. 4th row: J. Brown, G. Wallace, K. Rose, M. Warner, J. Betts, M. Stringer, 
slot pictured: K. Hill. H. Beard, D. Sztipanovits. 

Honor Council/Ambassadors 149 

Student Faculty 

Water bottles, parking, e-mail, sounds 
like a job for the Student Faculty committee. 
Students and teachers come together regularly 
to solve problems such as these. They 
contemplate the many issues that face Harpeth 
Hall and come to a firm consensus on how to 
deal with each situation. They are a branch of 
the Student Council but of no less importance. 
They sort through both teacher and student 
opinions on problems that affect each person's 
everyday life at Harpeth Hall. They are an 
essential part of our community. Although they 
may not be the most visible body at Harpeth 
Hall, their efforts can be seen almost 
everywhere. This select group meets on a 
monthly basis to try to come up with agreeable 
solutions to problems facing our school. Be it 
parking spaces, water bottles, backpack space, 
uniforms, anything: if you have a problem, 
they'll try to solve it. Thanks. Student Faculty! 

Harpeth Hall Key Club is a 
community service organization which strives 
to help those less fortunate than we are. 
Throughout the year members took part in 
many important projects. Examples of those 
include stuffing stockings for the Salvation 
Army, Soup Kitchen, Fannie Battle Christmas 
Caroling, Race for the Cure - benefitting. 
Victims of Breast Cancer, and selling 
Shamrocks to benefit muscular dystrophy. This 
year, their goal was to raise enough money for 
Habitat for Humanity House. In the summer of 
1996 they built a joint house with MBA. The 
entire school community took part in making 
someone's dream house come true. "It was an 
amazing feeling," says one member. Karen 
Jones, the president of Key Club, said, "This 
year our dreams will become realities. We are 
going to do everything in our power to raise 
enough money to build another Habitat House." 
Overall Key Club had a great year of accomp- 
lishments and look forward to next year. 

Front row left to right: K.Buckspan, N. Ferdowsi, B. Azhdari, R. Cherney. Back row: R. Worell. T. Beuerlein, C 
Coles, D. Davis, A. Baron. Not pictured: O. Huggins, A.N. Weiss. 

Key Club 

Fronl row left to right: D. Beard. E. Fuller-Smith. S. McGuigin, I. Jackson. Back row: G. Wallace, K. Jones, M 
Warner. Not pictured: A. Harper. 

I 50 Student Faculty/Key Club 

Pep Club 

The Pep Club has been much more 
visible and active in the Haipeth Hall 
community this year. Ms. Linden started the 
year as the first ever Pep Club sponsor, and 
(Catherine Pace, president, says, "The Pep Club 
is bigger and better than it ever has been." 
Some of the highlights of this year included: a 
musical assembly presented to the Freshmen, 
various pep rallies, as well as all the 'Cram the 
Courts', 'Flood the Fields', and other sport 
team support activities. We are very lucky to 
have a pep club with so much enthusiasm! 

ont row from left to right: S. Stone, A. Wright. J. McEnery, P. Roady. M. Milam, K. Souder. Back row: C. Coles, 
Pace. M. Greathouse. 

Youth in Government 

Youth in Government is a club that 
helps girls become involved in the government 
and makes them more aware of issues that 
occur in the world around them. Each year, the 
club's two major events are Model United 
Nations and Youth Legislature in which other 
schools from around the state participate. At 
Model UN in November, students are assigned 
a country and prepare a proposal on an issue 
that currently surrounds that country. At 
Youth Legislature in March, students prepare 
bills pertaining to major issues in the state of 
Tennessee. These bills are debated and then 
voted on by the delegates. Participants assume 
a variety of different roles during those 
weekends, including acting as Senators, 
Representatives, lobbyists, or members of the 
press core. Harpeth Hall students have been 
successful in pushing their bills through in 
years past and look forward to continued 

im left to right: M. McConnell, A. Beadle. Dr. Cooper, R. Garton, D. Beard. 

Pep Club/YIG 151 

Law Club 

Meeting Dave Mathews, beating 
MBA. and bonding with the courthouse guards 
are just a few of the perks of being in Law 
Club. Every year Law Club competes in the 
Mock Trial competition. The past two years, 
the team has competed in the state 
competition; this year they placed third. With 
the help of incredibly dedicated coaches, the 
team practices every night before competition. 
The season begins in December and runs until 
the competition is over in March. 


b vv M* toL 

Front row from left to tight: K. Berry, L. Wall, B. Azhdari.K. McKinney, A.Byrd. Back row: F.Lewis, J.Lund 
O. Palatnik, E. Wilkinson, L. Riley, T. Wilkinson, T. Beuerlein. R. Worrell, L. Binkley, M. Szarwark. 

Math Club 

The newest addition to Haipeth Hall's 
array of clubs and activities is the math club. 
Sponsored by Dr. Stacey Klein, the purpose of 
this organization is to allow students who like 
math to develop their skills and compete in 
math contests in the Nashville area. In 
addition, they get to have fun doing projects 
they enjoy, and they learn a bit of math along 
the way! This school year, several students 
have competed in various math competitions in 
Nashville, and have done extremely well. Also, 
club members participated in a national 
competition over the Internet. A mathematical 
puzzle was posted, and it challenged people all 
over the country to try to solve it. The Haipeth 
Hall team is currently working on that project, 
in hopes of gaining recognition on the Internet. 
The club generally has a turnout of about thirty 
girls, a respectable number for a subject that 
high school students often dread! Together, 
they work on solving problems in fun and 
innovative ways, incorporating creativity with 
academic matter. Because of this creative 
philosophy, the math club is a wonderful 
addition to our community, helping students to 
learn and have fun simultaneously. 

Left to Right: N. Ferdowsi. S. Klein, E. Lehner, K. Hill. B. Azhdari. 

52 Law Club/Math Club 


rom left to right: K. Rose, E. Bucy, G. Yowell. E. Hirsch, Mrs. Klocko. Not pictured: E. Perdue. 

Beyond Hate 

Playmakers, led by Ellen Bucy, Kate 
Rose, Georgia Yowell and Emily Perdue, each 
year provides high drama for the Harpeth Hall 
community with the help and encouragement 
of Ms. Klocko, Ms. Copeland and Ms. 
Rothrock. This year Playmakers participated 
in shows including Oklahoma!, Steel 
Magnolias and Antigone. Members of 
Playmakers spend countless hours slaving over 
the set and the props whether they are in the 
production or not. They paint props, hammer 
platforms, work the concession stand, sell 
tickets, and perform many other difficult, 
time-consuming tasks. Without the dedication 
of this group of girls, Harpeth Hall would not 
be able to enjoy the incredible productions it 

Beyond Hate, sponsored by Mr. Tuz, 
is a club which attempts to transcend the 
prejudices which may exist in our community. 
From movies and pizzas to assemblies to 
intensive workshops. Beyond Hate has been 
quite successful in increasing the personal 
awareness of prejudices among the students 
and faculy. During Winterm, a special three 
week course was offered that provided an 
extensive look into the prejudices around the 
country and within our local community. The 
climax of the program is a trip to a culturally 
diverse museum in Memphis. 

,eft to Right: K. Bull, S. Richter, M. Martin, P. Tuzeneu 

Playmakers/BeyondHate 153 

Junior Classical League 

"Carpe Diem." - "sieze the day", the 
phrase that every Junior Classical League 
member knows. The JCL is a club for current or 
previous Latin scholars. Led by consul Mona 
Sharifi. and sponsor. Magistra Ward, JCLers 
participate in a number of activities. They began 
a tradition of innitating the new Latin students, 
to make them feel more welcome. They hosted 
the 1 998 mid-state Latin convention, 
participated in Foreign Language week, 
contributed to the food fest, and held their own 
saturalia banquet among many other things. 
Participating in these activities promotes the 
language of Latin throughout the school. Vale! 

Front from left to right: J. Cato, E. Cummings, B. Parsons. H. Beard. M. Sharifi, A. Davis, V. Jones. E. McClellan 
Back row: W. Mclnnes, E. Stringer, A. Biter. Not pictured: K. Hill. 

French Club 

Salut, amis! Cava? Greetings from 
the '*Le Cercle Francais," the Harpeth Hall 
French club. The French club's purpose is to 
engender a love and appreciation for the 
beautiful language and culture of France. This 
goal was accomplished through numerous 
activities and projects during "l'annee 
scholaire," the school year. The year started 
out with participation in Foreign Language 
Week. The French club sponsored daily 
French Trivia questions, a school-wide game 
of Twister (in French!), and participated in the 
Foreign Food Fest with various French 
delicacies. Le Cercle Francais also completed 
a community service project in the winter and 
held French movie and dinner nights 
throughout the year. A French Club member. 
Lindsay Voight says, "I think that the French 
Club had a lot of great ideas this year to have 
fun and improve our community through 
French." Through fun and serious activities, le 
Cercle Francais helped to keep the Harpeth 
I lall French spirit alive. 



\n\ -i « 

tali* ~mi 7* ro ■*?!■* 

From left to right: M. Moses, K. Tarclton, F. Tovvbin, K. Beesley. 

154 JCL French Club 

Spanish Club 

The Spanish Club allows students to 
continue learning about the Spanish language 
by participating in activities with other Spanish 
students. Its appetizing food spices up the food 
fest and the members host breakfasts as well as 
dinners together. This way, everyone bonds 
with fellow Spanish - speaking students. In this 
club one not only learns more about the 
language but also about the culture and other 
aspects of countries which speak Spanish. On 
top of all this, they know how to have a good 

": ; ■ - : :, \ ■ 

om left to right: G. Yowell, D. Sztipanovits, R. Cherney, K. Rose. 

Amnesty International 

Amnesty International, sponsored by 
Mr. Wert and led by Emily Perdue is a club 
dedicated to saving the lives of political 
prisoners. For the second year the club 
sponsored a day long write-a-thon. As an 
enticement beyond doing something good for a 
person in need, the club also lures writers with 
candy. They set up in the lobby and provide 
form letters for students, teachers and faculty to 
copy, asking foreign governments to release 
prisoners of conscience. This year was even 
more successful than last, writing letters. 

om left to right: A. Lappalainen, E. Perdue, B. Rice, L. Scruggs. 

Spanish Club/Amnesty International 155 


Milestones is a publication whose 
final result is the yearbook. The girls involved 
with this publication work all year in 
departments which consist of copy, photo, and 
layout. Milestones meets every Friday. One 
major job of the staff is to sell ads to 
surrounding stores and companies to fund the 
yearbook. The staff consists of sophomores and 
juniors; the editors, however, are ususally of 
seniors. Even though the editors and staff have 
to give up most every Friday afternoon, they 
have loads of fun and all look forward to being 
part of Milestones the following year. 

From left to right: N. Ferdowsi, I. Jackson, E. Townsend. B. Azhdari, R. Bressman, A. Baron, K. Wilson. N 
pictured: K. Manier, L. Voigt, R. Harrison, S. Trace, G. Wallace, E. Curb, A. Fairey, M. Lewis, S. Mason, E. Lehni 
A. Finley, S.Lodge, A. Byrd, D. Beard, B. Davis, J. Lundin, L. Snyder. 

Logos II 

Editor-in-chief Karen Sweeney and 
her editors and staff rejuvenated Harpeth Hall's 
student newspaper this year. Guided 
enthusiastically by sponsor Mr. Joe Croker, 
Logos II adopted a less serious tone than it has 
taken in past years, but continued to keep the 
Harpeth Hall community informed. Editors 
Dwyla Beard, Katie Kaminski, Tallu Schuyler, 
and Ashley Fairey ( the future Editor-in-chief) 
took an active part in producing the newspaper, 
planning, keeping the staff on task, and doing 
layout, while staff members kept up a steady 
stream of articles. This dedication and hard 
work paid in much-looked-forward-to issues 
every month or two. 

From left to right: E. Cummings. A. Fairey, K. Treanor, D. Williamson, Mr.Croker, K. Sweeney, K. Kaminski, 

156 Milestones/Logos II 


The Hallmarks Staff worked diligently 
for many hours this year to put together 
editions of some of the best poetry yet. Lead by 
editors K C Bull, Devon Williamson, and Tallu 
Schyuler, staff members met on weekends to 
discuss and carefully select poems and art work 
representative of our student body. One staff 
member says, "I really think that this is an 
important publication on our campus because it 
is like an outlet for the student body. It 
expresses who we are, and what kind of stuff is 
going on in our lives." This is also a great 
publication because anyone and everyone can 
submit to it. The Hallmarks staff has worked 
very hard this year and put together a 
compilation of poems which touched 
everyone's heart. Hallmarks has become a vital 
part of Harpeth Hall. 

om left to right: T. Schuyler, D. Williamson, K..C. Bull 


Who are the Harpeth Hall girls seen 
once a month at Davis Kidd? They are 
Penstaffers. Penstaff members , with the 
sponsership of Dr. Myers, meet monthly to read 
from and to discuss their poetry. In recent 
years it has become a tradition for Penstaff (and 
other fans of scary movies) to gather before 
Halloween and to watch The Woman in Black . 
This forum for creativity is small but strong, and 
greatly respected on campus. 

)m left to right: L. Scruggs, D. Myers, T. Schuyler 

Hallmarks/Penstaff 157 


The Harpeth Hall 1997-98 Chorus has 
made quite an impression on both the school 
and the community this year with its enchanting 
display of beautifully sung music. Chorus 
members meet five days a week, sacrificing their 
valuable lunch periods, in order to produce a 
number of performances. Throughout the year, 
they sang a collection of difficult pieces, 
including "Jigle Bells" for the Christmas 
performance at Belle Meade Country Club and 
"Away from the Role of the Sea" at Graduation. 

Front row from left to right: E. McClellan, Z. Kunmeng. H. Anderjack, L. May, J. Ingram, A. Foremf 
K. Howell, E. Wilkinson, R. Worrell, S. Jackson; 2nd row: K. Christenberry, T. Wilkinson: 3rd re 
A. Lappalainen, S. Trace, K. Cassel. L. Voigt, K. Sandlin. H. Galbraith, L. McAlister, E. Hagan, 
Adams, K. McKinlev, M. Gumina. 

Chamber Orchestra 

What requires great talent, dedication, 
skill, and practice'.' The Chamber Orchestra. 
What group of talented young ladies bring alive 
the works of musical legends such as 
Beethoven 9 The Chamber Orchestra. What 
lucky group of girls gets to spend every Friday 
afternoon at MBA? The Chamber Orchestra. 
Now you may think that a group of girls at 
MBA on a Friday afternoon would not get 
much done, but that is not so. For if they did 
not rehearse seriously each Friday afternoon, 
they would not be able to work together as well 
as they do. Each member, however, must also 
individually put several hours of practice into 
her instrument for the group to be successful. 
Susan Wesley, a floutist and member for five 
years, comments, "The best part about Chamber 
Orchestra is the combination of the musical 
talents of two schools into a symphony of 
accomplishments." Each year the group puts 
on three to four musical performances, which 
are always pleasurable to attend. If you did not 
get to see them perform this year you certainly 
missed a marvelous display of talent! 

Front row from left to right: H. Anderjack, K. Christenberry, K. McKinley, C. Pullen. 2nd row: K. Bannen, M 
Orman, S. Wesley, A. Lappalainen, Z. Kunmeng. 3rd row: E. Townsend, K. Cassel. 

158 Chorus Chamber Orchestra 

Chess Club 

rom left to right: Lc. Scruggs, E. McClellan, K. Treanor, A. Davis, O. Palatnik, H. Anderjack, A. Vick, C. 

The mighty chess club, consisting of 
three juniors, four seniors and two faculty 
members. This small group of girls have many 
unknown accomplishments. Christine 
Carpenter, faculty member, lead her team all the 
way to the state tournament. This should not be 
a total surprise considering that one of the 
leaders in the club, Olga Palatnick, is ranked as 
one of the top women chess players in the 
world. The unbelievable Chess team placed 
fourth in the region and was the first all girl 
team to make it to the state tournament. They 
meet every Tuesday after school and finish 
about 4:30 or 5:00 pm. They made a T-shirt this 
year and on it is a quote from "The Breakfast 
Club" that they believe sums up the chess club. 
" 'So your in the chess club?' 'Yeah.' 'Is that a 
social club?' 'Well. . .we play chess, talk about 
chess. It's demented and sad but social.'" We 
should all be very proud to have such 
accomplished girls here at Harpeth Hall. Way to 
go Chess Club! 

Art Club 

The Art Club took on a new, more 
dynamic role in the community this year. For 
starters, the talented members painted an 
exciting mural in the music hallway, brightening 
the formerly dull space. They also hosted art 
shows, such as that of Nancy Blackwelder's 
work, and organized receptions. Sketching 
outings were a frequent weekend pursuit; girls 
with sketchpads could be found wandering 
around various parks covered in charcoal. 
Inspired by the leadership of president Kristina 
Treanor, vice president Devon Williamson, 
secretary Lana Householder, and web organizer 
Rachel Worrell, the Art Club managed to 
surprise and thrill Harpeth Hall this year. 

ick from left to right: L. Householder, R. Worrell, K. Treanor, D. Williamson 

Chess Club/Art Club 159 





160 Angkor/Ariston 



A "' '•Bat- 1\ ¥ H MPWf- •^BapS; h 



Eccowasin/Triad 161 


Front Row: S. Pami, R. Pitman, L. Towbin, D. Beard, A. Wentworth. 2nd Row: R. Bressman, F. Diskin, E. Noel, M. Sharifi, L. Voigt. 3rd Row: 
O. Palatnik, K. Bannen, K. Parish, A. Dixon, C. Richardson, H. Martin, S. Chudacoff, N. Ferdowsi 


,/- — 

Front row from left to right: L. Voigt, K. Rose, S. Kelly, C. Rose, L. High. 2nd row: R. Bressman, S. Koch, B. Bishop, K. Wilkinson, D. Davis, J. McEnery. 
3rd row: A. Towbin, J. Scott, E. Fuller-Smith, T. Shuster, A. Dixon, C. Caldwell, C. Mills, A. Norman, K. Kennedy, C. Richardson. 

162 Modern Tap 


Front row from left to right: C. Rose, L. Towbin, A. Wentworth. 2nd row: D. Beard, R. Pitman, M. Sharifi, E. Noel, C. Harrell. 3rd row: K. Barmen, 
E. Fuller-Smith, K. Parish, S. Hams, I. Jackson. C. Caldwell, S. Pami, J. McEnery, H. Martin, S. Chudacoff, E. Baltimore. 


Front row from left to right: E. Noel, S. Richter, C. Harrell. 2nd row: C. Caldwell, R. Pitman, E. Fuller-Smith. 3rd row: K. A. Andrews, K. Kennedy, 
I. Jackson, C. Crafton, K. McKinley. 

Jazz/Ballet 163 

Cum Laude 

Cum Laude is an honor society that accepts 
up to twenty percent of every class, allowing a 
portion of the class to be appointed in its junior year. 
Juniors Hayes Blair, Emily Cummings, Courtney Curb. 
Maria Gumina, Maggie Holt. Markell Lewis, Katy 
Manier and Ashley Smith were inducted this year 
along with seniors Jessica Betts, Terri Beuerlein. 
Katherine Buckspan, Ally Harper. Lucy Kuykendall, 
Mandy Lomax, Lauren May, Alexis Staples and Devon 
Williamson. Members in course include KateCelauro, 
Katie Kaminski, Meredith Mallard. Mona Sharifi, 
Karen Sweeney, Dora Sztipanovits. Kristina Treanor 
and Tracey Wilkinson. Inductees were honored in an 
annual assembly at the end of the year in which they 
received their certificates and were recognized for 
their acemdemic excellence. 

You're being inducted??? 

164 Cum Laude 

Mu Alpha Theta 

Front row from left to right: L. Kuykendall, T. Wilkinson, K. Celauro, G. Yowell, M. Greathouse, K. Treanor, K. Kaminski, M. Sharifi, L. Kitchell; 
Back row: Mrs. Oxley, K. Manier, E. Cummings, C. Curb, E. Phy, A. Smith, A. Alfery. Not pictured: K. Buckspan, M. Lomax, M. Mallard, L. May, 
M. McConnell, R. Pitman, A. Staples, K. Sweeney, D. Szipanovits, G. Wallace, A. Baron, H. Blair, M. Holt, A. Lappalainen. 

Daughters of Alumni 

Front row from left to right: H. Martin, E. Dade, A. Scruggs, M. Mayo, A. Campbell, B. Kain, A. Wright; Back row: K. Blackmon, K. Harrell, L. Riley, 
K. Berry, B. Callaway, L. Voigt, A.R. Kelly, S. Kelly, A. Wentworth, C. Rose, K. Tarleton, M. Martin. 

Mu Alpha Theta/Daughters ofAlumni 165 

National Merit 

Front row from left to right: K. Sweeney. M. Sharifi; 2nd row: A. Harper, K. Celauro. K. Allen; Back Row: K. Treanor, E. McClellan. 
Not pictured: D. Williamson 

Quill & Scroll 

IT f 

Fronl row from left to right: M. Greathouse, ML Stringer, M. Sharifi; Back Row: K. Kaminski. K. Treanor, K. Pace, D. Williamson. 
Not Pictured: K. Sweeney 

166 National Merit/Quill & Scroll 

Latin Honor Society 

Front row from left to right: R. Chislom, F. Lewis, S. Oliver, M. Martin, L. Toth, E. Burn, M. Arvin. Back 
row: S. Fleming, M. Lewis, E. Cummings, S. Shillinglaw, H. Beard, K. Manier, L. Stringer, K. Bartoe, A. Baron. 

French Honor Society 

Front row from left to right: A. Harper. D. Beard. K. Wilkinson, 1. Jackson. H. Anderjack. Back row: M. Lomax, L. Voigt, 
K. Berry, J. Morris, S. Allen. E. Noel. Not pictured: M. Stringer, S. Zare. L. Kuykendall. R. Bressman, S. Zare. E. Lehner. 

Spanish Honor Society 

From left to right: A. Foreman, R. Cherney, S. Wesley, K. Rose. A. Dixon, J. Powers, L. Gaffney. Not pictured: E. Priest, 
D. Sztipanovits, K. Allen, S. Clark, N. Ferdowsi, G. Ward. 

Latin/French/Spanish Honor Society 167 

Middle School Student Council 

Top from Left to Right: E. Matthes. B. Bevridge, E. Warner, N. Cummar, E. Wall, A. Huitt. 2nd Row: 
A. Ray, G. Richardson. A. Markham, A. Ball, A. Lawrence. L. Callaway, C. Bass, K. Johnston, M. 
Anderson, E. Woodson, C. Short, D. Xu. Bottom Row: T. Tucker, B. Brown, E. Fisher. B. Beatty, D. 
Nelson, K. Green, H. Brown, P. Del Favero, A. Wiseman, B. Spigel. A. Mulgrew, M. Cummings, A. 
Small. L. Powell, R. Siman, C. Ramsey, R. Esterday 


I6X MS Student Council 


All members of the fifth and sixth grade classes. 

Head Start Steering Committee 

Front Row from Left to Right: J. Scott, J. Chu, A. Chandler. 2nd Row: B. Beveridge, D. Xu. 3rd Row: L. 
Evans, E. Woodsen, E. Van Vornees, M. Anderson, C. Peterman, B. Malone, C. Harbison, E. Nelson, E. 
Matthews, L. Lee, A. Cole 

Chorus/Head Start 169 

8th Grade Book Club 

Front Row Left to Right: Mrs. Springman, R. McCord, C. Pullen, N. Kumar, E. McCabe, M. Barton. A. 
Tobin, K. Larson. 2nd Row: A. Gingerich. S. Kanwar, C. Thomas 


Front RowLeft to Right: E. Fuson. K. Adams, L. Callaway. 2nd Row: B. Dunlin, H. Reed 

70 Xth Book Club Cub Chronic] 

Beautification Club 

Front and Center: S. Stanton. 2nd Row: B. Beatty, R. Siman, P. Del Favero, D. Nelson, B. Kennedy. 3rd 
Row: K. Goetz, C. Ramsey, R. Kaplan, H. Brown, C. Whitehead, E. Fisher 


Front Row Left to Right: H. Reed, M. Barton, S. Kanwar, C. King, K. Kynadey, K. Johnson, K. Lainhart, M. Ragland, S. Tidwell, 
E. Clark. 2nd Row: S. Gabbert, J. Price, M. Lents, K. Crafton. 3rd Row: S. Thomas, H. Dittos, C. Grote, A. Grimes, E. Koch, H. 
Brandon, C. Thompson, L. Gernert. S. Isenhour, C. Cheadele, A. Raay, B. Durnin, C. Bass, A. Markahm, L. Gibson, C. Peterman. 
4th Row: E. Williamson, E. Matthews, E. Manier, C. Grote. 5th Row: K. Abkowitz, B. Reed, K. Atkins. 6th Row: C. Harbison, A. 
Williams, B. Lewis, V. Pirkle, R. Simpkins, L. Kantz, C. Johns, L. Glenn, J. Baker 

Beautification Club/JCL 171 



172 Angkor/ Ariston 



Eccovvasin/Triad 173 

174 Organizational CuikIkIs 






Organizational Candids 175 


176 Sports 

Cross Country 


A.F. Bridges Meet Second Place 
District Championship First Place 
Metro Championship Third Place 

Junior Varsity 

District Cahmpionship SecondPlace 
Metro Championship Third Place 

Front from left to right: A. Harper, D. Sztipanovits, K. Kaminski, G. Wallace. K. Jones, K. Sweeney. L. May, 
Huggins. Second row: A. Fairey, A. Wright. S. Ashley, H. Galbraith, W. Russell, C. Harper. L. Wallace, A. 
Ezzell. Back row: Coach Russ, Coach Wert. 

178 Cross Country 


HH vs. Goodpasture 

HH vs. GPS 


HH vs. Oak Ridge 



HHvs.BA 9-0 

HH vs. Murfreesboro-Riverdale 2- 

HH vs. Chattanooga Central 

7-0 HH vs. St. Mary's 


HH vs. Centennial High School 


HH vs. St. Cecilia Academy 


HH vs. Hillsboro High School 


HH vs. MLK Magnet School 


HH vs. Father Ryan 


HH vs. Baylor 








HH vs. St. Andrews-Sewanee 


HH vs. BA-sectional quarters 


HH vs. BGA- sectional semis 


HH Father Ryan- 

sectional champoinship 


HH vs. St. Mary's-substate 


HH vs. Baylor-state semis 


Senior Stars! 

Soccer 179 



ML King 




Donelson Christian 


Lighthouse Christian 












St. Cecilia 




Brentwood Academy 


Father Ryan 






Notre Dame 


Brentwood Academy 






ML King 








Father Ryan 


ional Tournament 







State Tournament 



Front Row Left to Right: W. Mclnnes, M. Mallard, K. Celauro, M. Moses, M. Youngblood, 
J. Betts. 2nd Row: B. Earthman, S. Glassford, S. Allen, S. Curtis, M. Fox, A. Campbell, E. Priest 

Junior Varsity Volleyball 

Front Row Left to Right: S. Schwaber, R. Chislom, M. Martin, E. Norman, A. Oraman, S. Beatty. Back row: 
K. Blackmon, G. Clayton, M., M.White, S. Jackson, C. Carter, J. Cato, K. Zerface. 

180 Volleyball 



v #**t, *.-,. i**P ' C * ** ' X* * 

8/ 1 8 GPA/Baylor/HH Tournament 
Second Individual 

9/8 Brentwood Tournament 

Closest to the Hole 

9/29 Region at Old Hickory 
Third Individual 

10/7 State 

Sixth Individual 

From left to right: Coach Reed, A.N. Weiss. 

Annie's Golf Team 181 



ML King 




Donelson Christian 


Lighthouse Christian 












St. Cecilia 




Brentwood Academy 


Father Ryan 






Notre Dame 


Brentwood Academy 






ML King 








Father Ryan 










Briar Crest 

Varsity-Front row from left to right: B. Kain, C. Coles, M. Youngblood. A. Marks, L. Housholder, K. 
Celauro, J. Betts. Second row: B. Brown, T. Watson, S. Glassford, M. Campbell, T. Mc Williams. Back 
row: Coach Springman. M. Fox, S. Curtis, E. Priest, Coach Shwartz. 

Freshmen-Front row from left to right: K.. Serck. L. Mc Williams, M. Martin. S.Oliver, M. Moore. Back 
row: A. Ezzell. A. Orman. K. Zerfacc. E. Hagan. R. Chislom, Coach Fridrich. 

:<S2 Varsitv .IV Basketball 


Highest score 

possible: 1600 

January 10 

2nd place 

score 1415 

January 24 

didn't place 

February 7 

1st place 

February 14 

nationals in 

Kentucky, place 


February 2 1 

2nd place 

broke record: 


February 28 

2nd place 

broke record: 


ont row from left to right: F. Genca, M. Mayo, J. Powers, S. Allen. Second row: E. Dade, S. Jackson, S. Harwell, V. Falk. 

Riflery 183 

Swimming and Diving 

^.TH |r 

HH 108 USN62 

HH98 Ryan 71 

McCallie Invitational Third Place 

HH114 Gallatin 54 

HH Ryan 126 Baylor 186 

HH94 Oakland 76 

HH74 GPS 95 

Excel Invitational First Place 

Middle TN Region Champions 

State Fifth Place 

Not pictured: A. Carden, W. Mclnnes, L. Front Row Left to Right: Coach Linden, K. Tarleton, K. Buckspan, L. Kuykendall, L. Howell, B. Stream, M. Reasha. K. Souder. Coach 
Gaffney, A. Mazer. K. Manier. S. Lipman, Grant. 2nd row: M. Ragland. A. Larence, A. Campbell, E. Ramsey. E. Simpkins. L. Snyder. S. McCain. H. Sloan. A. Alfrey. G. Richardson 
K.. Beesley. S. McGugin. 3rd Row: M. Beckner. J. Alfrey, A. Scruggs. A. Banker. N. Kumar, L. Trent, L. Beckner. A. Kelly, C. Walton, L. Smith, E. Cameron. 

184 Swimming 


Doug Hall Relays 

Optimist Relays ( Metro Championship ) 

Nashville Sports Relays 

Division II Middle Tennessee Region 


State Championship 


ront row from left to right: L. Housholder, C. Coles, B. Kain, L. May, L. Gaston, A. Haiper, K. 
weeney, L. Housholder. 2nd row: T. McWilliams, R. Cherney, L. McWilliams, C. McCain, M. 
ewman-Miller, C. Harper, J. McGee, K. Harrell, A. Ezzell, S. Zare. Back row: Coach Henderson, S. 
shley, K. Beesley, S. Allen, K. Bartoe, N. Doramus, J. Thompson, K. Levitt, M. Fox, A. Abkowitz, 
Lodge, S. Zare, M. Kaplan, A. Fairey, L. Smith, K. Adams, Coach Russ, Coach Barton. 

Junior Varsity Track 

ront row from left to right: L. McWilliams, C. McCain, M. Newman-Miller, C. Harper, J. 
IcGee, K. Harrell, D. Beard. Back row: Coach Henderson, E.Mills, S. Jackson, H. Galbraith, 
. Serck, L. Smith, E. Dade, G. Clayton, L. Toth, K. Adams, Coach Russ, Coach Barton. 

Track 185 


HH vs Middle TN Christian 


HHvs Oakland 


HH vs Goodpasture 




HH vs Baylor 


Rotary Tournament 

HH vs USN 


HH vs SCA 




HH vs GPS 


Patty Chadwell Invitational 3rd 

HH vs St Andrews-Sewanee W 
HH vs Brentwood High W 

HH vs Father Ryan W 

Regional Individual Tournament 

£>•& <^» *£ 

State Tournament 

3rd Front row from left to right: J. Jones, B. McMeans, H. Morel. L. Trent, M. Martin. Back row: Coach Allen, R. Chisolm, M. 
Youngblood, J. Shelton, E. Hagan. 

186 Tennis 






HH vs Goodpasture 


Overton Tournament 3rd 


HH vs DCA 


HHvs Father Ryan 


HH vs BGA 


HH vs Middle TN Christian 


HH vs Bay Port, WI 


HH vs St Ursula, OH 


HH vs Page 


HH vs Toledo Woodward, OH 




HH vs Middle Tn Christian 


HH vs Father Ryan 


HH vs Notre Dame 






HH vs SCA 


HH vs Goodpasture 



HH vs BA 


HH vs Goodpasture 






ont row from left to right: J. Harrison, K. Pace, A. Bradley. 2nd row: B. Parsons, M. Resha, B. Brown, L. Crabtree, 
Clark, V. Jones. 3rd row: Coach Linden, L. Wallace, M. Moore, E. Russell, S. Oliver, M. McKee. 

Softball 187 

Middle School Cross Country 

Back row from left to right: Coach Henderson, A. Grimes, V. Pirkle, J. Hartness, ML. Lentz, R. A. Simpkins, 
E. Koch. J. Burn, E. Lewis, E. Clark, M. Whitson. 2nd row: M Barton, E. Fuson, C. Grody, C. Johns, M. Chislom, 
C. Provost, B. Lewis, K. Abkowitz, H. Reed. 3rd row: A. Guengerich, A. Oldaere, M. McNeil, N. Sisk, R. Esterday. 

Middle School Soccer 

Back row from left to right: Coach Russ, S. Saltman. L. Glenn. S. Tidvvell, T. Tucker, A. Markham, E. Williamson, M. Barton, 
S. A. Bargatizy, A. Mayo, A. Hance, L. Gernet, R. A. Simpkins, C. Harbison, Coach Tompson. Front row: E. Cook, M. Buster, 
B. Lewis, K. Abkowitz, S. Isenhour, C. Groadi, L. Kintz. A. Oldhaker, E. Lewis. N. Sisk. Not pictured: L. Owens. 

88 MS X-Countrv Soccer 

Middle School Volleyball 

From left to right: L. Owens, S. A. Bargatzy, B. Brown, Coach Grace, E. Porter, T. Tucker. M. Howell, S. Tidwell, C. Szarwark, 
A. Markham, S.A. Thomas, S. Morris, H. Brandon, S. Isenhour, L. Glenn, A. Scott, J. Turk. 

Middle School Cheerleading 

Back row from left to right: C. Short, E. Nelson, T. Chang. Front row: S. Sanders, C. Harbison, J. Scott. 

MS Volleyball/Cheerleadingl89 

Seventh and Eighth Grade 
Varsity Basketball 

Top row from left to right: A. Markham, E. Porter, B. Brown, L. Owens, S. Tidwell, S. A. Thomas, K. Abkowitz, 
T. Tucker, S. Rodriguez, A. Jones, S.A. Bargatzy, Coach Gaston, Coach Grace, V. Pirkle, M. Stingle. 

Seventh and Eighth Grade B-Team 

Back from left to right: M. Ramsey, M. Whitson, E. Clark, M. Chislom, C. Bass. K. Huffstutter, L. Hallemann, 
T. Middleton, Coach Clark. Front row: B. Selwvn, 1. Glenn, S. Isenhour, L. Kantz, A. Williams. 

i90Varsitv 8th & 7th Basketball/ JV 

Fifth and Sixth Grade A-Team 

Back row from left to right: A. Minear, K. Green, K. Seals, G. Wachtler, H. Rankin, M. McCord. Front row: R. 
Esterday, M. Stengal, N. Sisk, E. Lewis, D. Nelson, E. Simpkins. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade B-Team 

Back row left to right: Coach Boudreau, A. Powell, C. Dunn, K. Alfery, L. Simpson. Front row: S. Stanton, A. 
Wiseman, R. Lowe, K. Serbert. 

MS 5th & 6th Basketball A team/ B team 191 

Seventh and Eighth Grade Track 

Front row from left to right: H.Brim. B.Beveridge, K.Pro\ost. R.A.Simpkins, V.Pirkle. B.Lewis, A.Oldacre. A. Mayo, K. Abkowitz. 
A.Williams. 2nd row: A.Jones, C.Johns, K.Crafton. M.L.Lentz. S.Soltman, L.Gemert, L.Lee. A.MeKeithen. C. Grate, A.Markham. 
3rd row: B.Brown, S.A.Bargatze, E.Fuson. A. Fort, E.Cummings. K.Lainhart, E.Porter. K.Huffstutter. C. Thorn. 4th row: 
M.Chisolm, M.Whitson, K.Adams, L.Ismail, E.Williamson, L.Hallman. C.Bass. 

Fifth and Sixth Grade Track 

is m 

I runt row Ir 
F.Simpkins. J 

>m lelt to right: C.Creagh. R.Lowe. C.Tate. M.Stengal, A.Gernert. M.Cumings. R.Wood. R.Howell. 2nd row: M.Gray. 
n, A.Wismen. M.McCord. S.Staton. I I.Rankin. E.Lewis. A.Mulgrew, H.Miller. A. Powell. L.Powell. 3rd row: A. Brooks. 
Bum.R Esterday. C.Ramsey, K.Heyman.G. Wachtler, K.Alfrey, K. Seats. K.Greene, C.Dunn, L.Bagley. Coach Graves 

192 8th and 7th Track 5th and 6th Track 

Middle School Tennis 

Front row from left to right: E. CLark, N. Kumar, J. Hartness, C. Thompson. E. Koch. 2nd row: K. Johnson, C. Swarzak, 
G. Brock, L. Hills, L. McCathren, B. Selwyn, H. Dittos. 

Middle School Softball 

Front row from left to right: T. Tucker, S. Gabbert, S. Rodriguez, H. Brandon, S. Isenhur, N. Sisk. 2nd row:L. Owens, E. 
Porter. M. Whitson, K. Faukner. L.Coleman, K. Howard, J.Turk. 

MS Tennis/ MS Softball 193 





194 Events 



■V ^^KW- 

«*A JltBasall 

I ifiSrate ' 

\ V 

Candids 195 





■ Tf 

^1 I *'l 


Candids 197 

Leadership Conference 

At the beginning of August each year, the leaders of 
the school try to better prepare themselves for their roles in the 
up-coming school year by attending the Leadership 
Conference at Lakeshore in Eva. Tennessee. Students 
explored new ideas and touched on old topics from the 
previous year, such as the disciplinary system, respect for the 
honor system, school spirit, and changes to the uniform. 
Performing skits and planning club activities for the upcoming 
year, they had fun too. Overall, the conference is a way for all 
the leaders of the school to come together and to work to make 
the school vear better than ever. 

1 98 Leadership Conference 

Concert on the Lawn 

The concert on the lawn is an annual event on the Harpeth Hall campus. 
Every fall, the students and faculty of Harpeth Hall bring their family and 
friends for an afternoon full of food, music, and fun. This year's concert on the 
lawn was especially unique because everyone, including parents, was able to 
meet the new director, Mr. Steven Chapman. The food of choice was barbecue 
instead of our beloved SATCO. Also, Mrs. Boehm played her guitar along with 
the other local bands. "I enjoyed seeing people I hadn't seen all summer." 

Concert on theLawn 199 


Directed by Ms. Renee Copeland, this was a jubilant celebration of what the HH community can accomplish when 
working together. The music was directed by Ms. Lynn Rothrock; the choreography was directed by Ms. Stephanie Hamilton; 
and orchestra was directed by Dr. David Cassel. It was one of the first all community plays in many years. The entire cast 
performed beautifully, as well as the people backstage who helped run the show. This was a great start to a new school year. 

200 Oklahoma 

Freshman Retreat 

Every year, the freshmen pack up in the Harpeth 
Hall vans and head out to Camp Hillmont. The Freshman 
Retreat is a fun way for the freshmen to get to know each 
other and to become closer as a class. They participate 
in lots of activities and games including a challenging 
ropes course and relays. The highlight of the retreat is 
the skits performed and recorded for the freshmen to 
watch again as seniors. Without a doubt, the freshmen 
will remember this weekend for quite a while. 

Freshman Retreat 201 

Senior Recognition Day 

"Are you a Senior?" 
This year, in Harpeth 
Hall's traditional assembly. 
Kate Celauro. President of 
the Student Council, and 
Megan Youngblood . 
President of the Senior 
Class, reminded the 
Seniors of the memories of 
the past four years and of 
the adventures they are to 
experience. After 
receiving their navy and 
baby blue fishermen's 
hats, the Seniors were 
ready to take part in 
leading the school. 

202 Senior Recognition Day 


Halloween Dance 

Once again, the student 
council gave us a fantastic 
Halloween Dance. The crowd 
boogied to the musical grooves of 
the band, "Black Widow". As 
usual, everyone wore fantastic 
costumes. This night of fun and 
fright took place the day after 
Halloween. A magnificently spooky 
time was had by all. Several disco 
queens were quoted saying, " The 
best costumes were the girls with 
the gold capes." One stoplight said, 
" the band was great and they had a 
lot of candy." Everyone had a 
horrifying time at this year's 
Halloween Dance. 

Halloween Dance 203 

Steel Magnolias 

Many people have seen the movie "Steel Magnolias'* with Julia 
Roberts, Dolly Parton, and others, but this image is far from the charming 
performance that was presented by the Harpeth Hall Playmakers in 
November. Directed by Janette Fox-Klocko, the six actresses magnificently 
portrayed the strong women of a small Louisiana town. They brought life 
to the story and shared a wonderful production with the audience. The 
show brought tears to many an eye, but at the same time the audience 
enjoyed the humor found in everyday life. The cast and crew should be 
applauded for a fantastic show! 

Renaissance Banquet 

In early December 1 997, the gallery was transformed 
into a Renaissance banquet hall using candles, fruit, and 
bushels of greenery. About thirty seniors and several 
faculty members arrived in authentic Renaissance dress to 
partake of the festivities. The entertainment included a 
juggler, three Renaissance dancers, and the small, but 
wonderful. Renaissance band. The dancers performed 
numerous period dances, including one that was considered 
scandalous in some courts. The dancers taught everyone 
one of the authentic dances; it was quite amusing to watch. 
This celebration is organized each year by Dr. Derah Myers 
and the seniors. 

Renaissance Banquet 205 

Choral Concert 

This year's winter choral concert 
upheld the long tradition of wonderful 
musical productions at Harpeth Hall. The 
program included small chamber music 
ensembles, the two middle school 
choruses, the upper school chorus, and 
pieces from the MBA/HH combined 
orchestra. A wide variety of music was 
shared, ranging from harp and violin 
duets to choral Christmas pieces. These 
variations made the performance fresh 
and interesting. The music shared helped 
to keep everyone in good spirits, and the 
quality of the performance was excellent. 
The show was concluded with a piece 
called "Night of Silence." during which all 
of the voices and musical instruments 
came together in a song that has become 
an annual tradition. 

206 Choral Concerl 

Winter Formal 

Do my boobs look alright? 

Winter Formal was held on 
December 20th, as normal, right after a 
fun-filled week of exams. A wonderful 
band named "Familiar Faces" performed a 
great variety of everyone's favorite 
music. Finally, the student council 
realized that the Gallery was a bit too 
small so. for the first time . Winter Formal 
was held in Morrison Gym. However, the 
Gallery was still full of students having 
their pictures made and others hanging 
around the ever-popular snack table. 
Even the photographers were nice, 
though many wish they could have taken 
better snapshots. Everyone looked 
fabulous in their new fashionable dresses 
and many people still say . . . "It was an 
unforgettable night!" 


Winter Formal 207 

Off Campus Winterim 

The off-campus Winterim experience is 
one that is not soon forgotten by Harpeth Hall 
girls. These three weeks in January afford the 
Juniors and Seniors opportunities to study areas 
of interest for future careers but not in the 
traditional classroom setting. These girls learn out 
in the real world, from real-life experience. Girls this 
year went to Washington. D.C.. to work with 
political figures, did independent studies in writing 
and literature, worked at hospitals and 
corporations here in town, and traveled abroad and 
to different parts of the United States. Everyone 
learned and grew in different ways, whether in 
Hawaii, France, or New York City. 

- ^i 


l-l fc-* 

m e i i i 

\ i 




m L 


208 Oft Campus Winterim 

On Campus Winterim 

Winterim is a three week long 
grading period right after Winter Break 
during which freshman and sophomores 
are privileged enough to sign up for 
alternative classes. Some of the classes 
offered were Guitar and Song, in which 
even novice guitarists learned to 
compose and perform songs by the end of 
the three weeks. In Molecular Biology 
students were successfully cloning 
vegetables. Cloning is a new break through 
throughout the world, and we at Harpeth 
Hall were very fortunate to have this class 
offered to us along with the equipment to 
do it. Winterim is a great opportunity at 
Harpeth Hall and we all hope that this 
tradition continues throughout the years. 






-y*A - 

■1 %>< '~'^^mM%- ' 

^M X "1 

P- 4l 


«£ INI 

Hr A m 

5 y -JS&nm'T 


/^^« <v 

w^WWHWH : - 

On Campus Winterem 209 

Blood Drive 

In support of Ashley Smith, a student 
who underwent surgery during the spring of 
1 998. Harpeth Hall held a blood drive for the 
first time in years. For one day. the blue chairs 
of the Red Cross set up in Bullard Gym were 
filled with students and teachers. Even though 
only those over seventeen years of age were 
allowed to donate, the turn-out was surprising. 
All in all, it was a rewarding experience and 
greatly aided the Red Cross. 

Hni ■ ■ **>■*■■, 


jpm mm®*>z~" 

*^ "\ * 


SMHBb c^j^^^ 

2 10 Blood Drive 

Valentines Dance 

They look like they need some healin 

Ah! Love is in the air, and what better way to spend 
Valentine's night than at the wild and crazy HH Valentine's day dance. 
Festivities began in the early evening and we hear that dancing went on 
all night long. Singled Out this year was alive and kicking thanks to some 
help from stellar hostesses Brie Brown and Kate Celauro who kept the 
crowd on the edges of their seats. A number of both interesting and 
promising couples were formed with the aid of many questions pivotal 
to a successful relationship such as, " Do you like your cookies gourmet 
or slice'n'bake?" It was rowdy on the dance floor and Cupid's arrows 
were flying left and right. All in all, it was a memorable night and we 
can't wait for next year's "Love Dance." 


Valentine's Dance 21 1 

Spring Break 1998 

Eighties Dance 

W *^."*1H 




Hf •, 

jagfe m J 

a -- 

What do mall bangs, crimped hair, leg 
warmers, splatter paint, dark jeans, pink socks, 
Madonna, Boy George and "Tainted Love" all 
have to do with each other? Phenomena of the 
eighties! The first ever Harpeth Hall eighties 
dance, sponsored by the senior class, was a 
celebration of those wonderful fashion and 
music trends that we, as high school students, 
grew up around. A d.j. came and spun all those 
great eighties hits we had forgotten about, 
while we danced, dressed in Molly Ringwald 
haute couture. "It was TOTALLY eighties!" 
gushed one partygoer. If anything, it was a 
blast from the past, but unlike the disco dance, 
this is a past that most of us actually remember. 

80' s Dance 213 


The last of this year's three theater 
productions was Antigone by Jean Anouilh. While 
Anoulih's version is a modem adaptation of the 
ancient tragedies by Sophocles. Harpeth Hall's 
version was an even more modern interpretation. 
This story is acclaimed as one that transcends the 
barriers of time; it is a story that applies to the lives 
of men today as well as the lives of men 3,000 years 
ago. when it was written. It deals with the issues of 
personal freedom and family loyalty, to which 
everyone is able to relate. The cast and crew put 
forth an amazing effort, producing the show in only 
four weeks. This, however, did not affect the quality 
of the performance. The acting was excellent: the 
lead was played by Katy Manier, a junior, who said, " 
think everyone did really well. Everything worked 
well together, the acting, the music, the lights, the 
set. It was a great show to be a part of." 

14 Antigone 

Father Daughter Dance 

On April 22, a week later than usual, 
Harpeth Hall girls (everyone except 5th and 6th 
graders) and their fathers gathered at the 
General Jackson for boarding at 6: 1 5. After the 
traditional dinner of chicken cordon bleu, 
everyone lined up for pictures and headed to 
the floor for dancing. The band played oldies 
such as "Ride Sally," "Respect," and "Shout." 
Kate Celareo and Tallu Schuyler sang "I Can't 
Help Falling In Love With You" for the seniors 
only song. This was followed by an 
outstanding Blues Brothers production and a 
congo line. Tired from an evening of dancing 
and fun, the event ended at 9: 1 5 as the boat 
docked. An outstanding time was had by all. 

Welcome to Hollywood! What's your dream? On 
Saturday. April 1 9. the Junior Class rolled out the red carpet for 
the seniors and transformed the Arts and Athletics Center into 
Hollywood. California, fully equipped with the Hollywood 
Hills. Growman's Chinese Theater, and Rodeo Drive. James 
Dean. Marilyn Monroe. Dorothy, and even Toto were able to 
attend, along with several other stars (as cardboard stand-ups 
that is). The band, however, was unable to show, due to an 
accident with the equipment on the road. Despite the 
unexpected misfortune, the night was still a success, and the 
dance floor was still full. Tech directors D.J. Ranta and 
Christine Carpenter, along with Janette Fox-Klocko, brought 
out the disc jockeys within themselves to keep the music 
playing all night long. Members of the MBA Chorus even 
gave a special live performance. All in all the night was 
sensational . and everyone who attended had a wonderful 

Welcome to Hollywood 

Prom 1998 

1998 Prom 

218 Presentation 


Prom Court 


Senior Representatives 

Laura Towbin 

Ally Harper 
Katie Kaminski 

Junior Representative 

Evyn Fuller-Smith 

Sophomore Representative 

Lindsey Wallace 

Freshman Representative 

Margaret Martin 

Presentation 219 

Faculty Appreciation 

Every year we have a week set aside for the appreciation of our teachers and faculty. 
One of the highlights of this exciting week is the Faculty Appreciation Assembly 
where annually the honorable Owens chair award is granted. This years recipient of 
the Owens chair award was Mrs. Scottie Girgus. The other memorable award is the 
Heath Jones Prize which was awarded to Molly Simmons. Three teachers were 
presented this year with awards recognizing their dedication of at least fifteen years 
to Harpeth Hall. These teachers were Marie Burr. , Merrie Clark, and Paul Tuzeneu. 
Many leadership awards were granted to Carol Oxley. Tony Springman, Andi 
Holbrook. Rob Boudreau. and Kathv Morton. 

220 Faculty Appreciation 

Almost Alumni Luncheon 

This year the office of alumni began a new tradition at Harpeth Hall. 
They gave a luncheon in honor of graduating seniors and included alumni 
whose daughters are members of the senior class and faculty. At this time 
seniors, as part of a long-standing tradition, were given a dollar to donate to 
the program at Haipeth Hall they most value: faculty salaries, arts and 
athletics among others. Marguerite Sallee, this year's distinguished alumna, 
Ally Harper, Honor Council president and Megan Youngblood, senior class 
president delivered words of advice, encouragement and memories to the 

Almost Alumni Luncheon 221 

Art Opening 

Teachers and students of art alike welcomed 
members of the Harpeth Hall and Nashville communities to 
the Upper School Art Opening, which was a lovely 
reception to kick off the Upper School Art Exhibit on 
Thursday, April 30. Held in the gallery, artists of all levels, 
from both the studio art and photography departments, 
showed the rest of us what they were capable of. They 
proudly displayed their most skillfully rendered oeuvres, all 
of which were truly wonderful works of art, individual and 
different as the students who created them. This is one of 
our schools most inspiring events, encouraging artists of all 
genres and ages to pursue their talents. 

Art Opening 223 

The 21st dance concert gave Harpeth Hall 
dancers their chance to reveal their marvelous talent. 
Everyone who attended had a wonderful time and a 
new perspective on dance. The ballet piece "They 
Led Me to It" this year was performed to the music 
of Led Zeplin, a refreshing twist on the typical idea 
of ballet. The modern piece "Homecoming" brought 
tears to many eyes, as the dancers explored 
childhood memories and realized that a person can 
never go back to the past. With the choreography of 
Leslie Matthews, Stephanie Hamilton, and Sonje 
Mayo, the guest choreographer, all of the pieces 
were uniquely delightful! The leadership of the 
eleven senior dancers could not have been better. 
The dancers this year definitely ended the 1997-98 
year with a "Shout!" 


224 Dance Concert 



Dance Concert 225 

Upper School Athletic Banquet 

The Upper School Athletic 
Banquet is held each year to honor 
the coaches and athletes who 
participate in Harpeth Hall' s spoils 
teams. This year's banquet was 
held on the night of May 28. 1998. 
the same night as the Middle 
School's Athletic banquet. The 
meaningful speeches and well- 
deserved awards made the night 
an appropriate end to an amazing 
year in Harpeth Hall's athletic 

226 Athletic Banquet 

HI 1 

Athletic Banquet 227 





Fifth Grade Candids 

Sixth Grade Trip 

230 Fifth & Sixth Grade 

Seventh Grade Candids 

Seventh Grade 231 

Eighth Grade Trip 

The eighth grade trip to Chicago 
this year was both exciting and educational. 
The girls eagerly anticipated this experience 
in the Windy City for months and the trip 
itself far exceeded all their expectations. The 
week was kicked off with an exciting plane 
ride. With a visit to the local mall, the local 
movie theatre, a wonderful play, and a 
number of interesting museums, the girls 
rarely got a moment's rest. This proved to be 
a wonderful experience for both eighth grade 
students and teachers alike, and one which 
will not soon be forgotten by any of the 

232 8th grade Trip 

Colonial Day 


« a»Kl'«Bt. , hWk i 




'■• r KB 






mf J"''' 





The seventh grade hosts Colonial Day every 
fall. This year they created a living museum which 
included a colonial home, school, tavern, garden, 
town square and trading post, as well as examples of 
town shops, crime and punishment, courtship and 
marriage, children's games, an African slave auction, 
and witchcraft. The seventh graders served as guides 
and explained their areas to the 5th, 6th, and 8th 
graders. Everyone was in costume; there were food 
samples at most stops. There was also a Museum 
Shop where the girls sold authentic colonial crafts 
they had made during Activity Periods. The proceeds 
benefitted the Head Start Prouram at Richland School. 

Colonial Day 233 

Conestoga Stories 

This fall the Middle School put on another stellar 
perfomance. Following on the heals of such musicals as Schoolhouse 
Rock. Tiddlywinks and Velveteen Rabbit, this year's seventh and 
eight graders put a lot of hard work into this production of Conestoga 
Stories. Middle Schoolers rehersed after school and on weekends to 
make this play, a collection of stories about pioneers, as successful 
as the musicals in years past. Good Job Middle School! 

234 MS Musical 

Grandmother's Tea 

Each year, the middle school holds a 
Grandmother/Special Friend Tea. This year was 
no exception. The middle schoolers each invited 
their grandmothers or special friends to come 
join them for an afternoon of cookies, tea and 
entertainment. This year, the fifth and sixth 
graders performed a song for the guests, which 
was then followed by refreshments. The 
Grandmother's Tea is a very special tradition at 
Harpeth Hall which each middle school student 

Grandmother's Tea 235 

George Washington 

This year's eagerly anticipated George 
Washington Celebration was both unique and 
enjoyable. The seventh graders worked diligently to 
assure one of the best performances ever. George and 
Martha Washington. Audrey Ball and Abigail 
Markham (and a charming couple might I add), were 
treated to a perfectly executed minuet along with a 
number of difficult marching sequences, complements 
of the sailors, and soldiers. All in all, with the 
exception of a falling column here and there, George 
Washington dav was an overwhelming success. 

236 George Washington 

MS Candids 237 

Middle School Honor Day 

The class of 2002 was the thirtieth class to graduate 
from the Harpeth Hall Middle School. On the morning of 
June 1, 1998. they walked the stage or "crossed the driveway" 
as speaker E. A. Manier put it, to redeye their certificates and 
awards. The girls were beautiful in white, accompanied by 
the lyrical songs of the fifth and sixth grade chorus. Many 
a parent watched attentively as their daughters moved from 
Middle School to Hish School, the new frontier. 

►38 MS Honor Day 

Daw W. Smith English Award — Anna Guengerich 

Latin Award — Meri Long 

Louis Wills Algebra I Award — Anna Guengerich 

Science Award — Sarah Soltman 

French Award — Katie Adams 

Spanish Award -- Anna Guengerich 

History Award — Anna Guengerich 

Creative Writing Award — Seema Kanwar 

Fine Arts Award -- Seema Kanwar 

Honor Council -- Abigail Ray & Lauren Hills 

Elizabeth Houseman Award -- Emily Clark 

Lindy Beasely Sayers Award -- Kara Huffstutter 

Polly Fessi Award -- E.A. Manier 

Head's Award -- Megan Beckner & Jessica Turk 

Cum Laude Recognition —Suzanne Brown, Emily 
Clark. Becca Durnin, Anna Guengerich, 
Lindsay Owens, Sarah Soltman 

Class Spirit Award: Eighth -- Charlotte King, 
Seventh -- Kendra Abkowitz, Sixth — 
Emma Lewis, Fifth — Morgan Stengel 

MS Honor Day 239 


m iiTf H r *"! "HFTH 

H^ -^ll V '*V - '' i\ 

I^^KT^^ -* 1 

( — -_3 Kb H 




r^ ^fe, ^ 

J 1 

V ' ^K 







V 1 

240 C 


Awards Day 

Every year the Harpeth Hall faculty, 
students, and some parents gather on the green grass 
I of Souby Lawn to pay tribute to outstanding students. 
Not only are academic awards given — girls are 
recognized for their citizenship, their leadership, and 
| their kindness. In front of the library, from the 
" spread blankets they rose to receive a small token of 
the faculty's appreciation. Singing along with the 
cicadas were the four intramural clubs as they each 
presented a song in the annual competition. Not 
surprisingly, the Ariston club won this year, the first 
ime in a long time. With their rendition of 
"Walking on Sunshine," they warmed the hearts of 
the judges and spectators, reminding us that though 
the school year is over, the summer has just begun. 

Senior Luncheon 

At ten thirty on the morning of May twenty- 
sixth the seniors of Harpeth Hall and their mothers 
gathered to partake of Barb and Jude's excellent fruits 
and salads as they celebrated the nearing o 
graduation. Each student received a silver picture 
frame from the parent "s association engraved with the 
school emblem and "The Class of 1998". Mothers 
chatted as their daughters ate, discussing colleges, 
vacations, and the future. It was a pleasant morning, 
a charming meal, and a heartfelt goodbye. 

242 Senior Luncheon 

Step Singing 

Step Singing is one of Harpeth HalFs 
most beautiful traditions. The sight of juniors 
and seniors in white, beneath the shade of the 
cicada filled trees, brought tears to many eyes. 
The songs were thought provoking, reminding 
everyone of the departures soon to come as the 
current Seniors transmitted the school "better 
and more beautiful" than it was transmitted to 
them. This year's speaker, Mr. Thad Persons, 
who taught many of the seniors freshman 
English, offered words of wisdom yet kept the 
audience laughing, with his humor and wit. 
This was a day not soon to be forgotten. 


On June 1 st. at 6pm. commencement 
cermonies for the 1997-1998 school year commenced. 
The Reverend Lofton gave a touching invocation, 
and the music of the chorus echoed across Souby 
Lawn. Tallu Schuyler, the senior speaker, made her 
classmates and thier families laugh and cry. recalling 
memories of the past four years and offering advice 
for the years to come using the wonderful metaphor 
of her mother's quilt of 98 pieces. After the 
presentation of the diplomas by Mrs. Rhys, Mr. 
Chapman and Mr. Robert Hilton, chairman of the 
Board, the seniors sang their class song, "Think of 
Me" for the last time as a class. The ceremony 
concluded as the entire audience joined in to sing the 
alma mater. 

«T m& 

244 Graduation 

Graduation 245 

Katie Wray Award 

Kathryn Pierce Celauro 

The Katie Wray Award. Harpeth Hall's highest academic honor, is presented each year to the graduating senior who has achieved the highest 
cumulative grade point average. This year's recipient, Kate Celauro, has not only established herself as a scholar but as an athlete and a 
leader. With constant diligence and insatiable curiosity, she gives her all in every subject, activity, and endeavor. Having earned the well 
deserved love and respect of her classmates and teachers, Kate's humility and kindness resulted in her election as this year's Lady of the Hall. 

Second Honors: Mahnoosh Sharifi 

Third Honors: Kristina Treanor 

246 Katie Wray Award 

Lady of the Hall 

The Lady of the Hall is Harpeth Hall's highest honor, bestowed every year on the senior who exemplifies the essence of the school as 
represented through its motto: leadership, excellence and honor. Kate Celauro, this year's recipient, chosen by the faculty, staff and her peers, 
more than fulfills these ideals. She is president of the Student Council, an Elizabeth Pope Evans Award winner, a member of the honor council 
and a "scrappy" athlete. Kate and her court represent the best Harpeth Hall has to offer. 

Senior Rep: Emy Noel Junior Rep: Maryanne Warner Sophomore Rep: Molly Kaplan Freshman Rep: Jamie McGee 

Lady of the Hall 247 






Lady of the Hall 

Senior Rep. 

Idalnelle McMurray Award 

Susan McKeand Baughman Award 

Head's Award 

Director's Award 

Patsy White Bradshaw Citizenship Award 

D.A.R. Award 

Elizabeth Pope Evans Award 

English Award 

Susan S. Souby English Award 

Lucie Fountain French Award 

Espiritu Espanol Award 

Eta Sigma Phi Latin Award 

Pickens Science Award 

Ottarson Latin Award 

Math Award 

Social Science Award 

Martha Gregory Reading Award 

Cum Laude Award 

Poet Laureate 

Outstanding Instrumentalist Award 

Outstanding Vocalist Award 

Mamie Sheridan Art Award 

Cindy Crist Art Purchase Award 

Kirkman House Art Award 

Rhode Island School of Design Award 

Honor Dancer Award 

Spirit of Dance Award 

Thespian Drama Award 

Fine Arts Award 

Community Service Award 

Optimist Award 

Senior Speaker 

Senior Spirit Award 

Mock Trial Advocate Award 

Law Club Award 

Hallmarks Award 

Outstanding Senior Athlete 

Yale Book Award 

Harvard Book Award 

Penn Book Award 

Wellesley Book Award 

Jefferson Book Award 

Sewanee Book Award 

Smith Book Award 

Randolf Macon Book Award 

Emy Noel 
Ally Harper 
Kristina Treanor 
Katie Kaminski 
Tracey Wilkinson 
Katherine Buckspan 
Mona Sharifi 
Marie Stringer 
Emy Noel 
Kate Celauro 
Meredith Mallard 
Mona Sharifi 
Karen Sweeney 
Kristina Treanor 
Karen Sweeney 
Talln Schuyler 
Lauren May 
Rachel Pitman 
Meredith Mallard 
Kristina Treanor 
Ashley Beadle 
Kristina Treanor 
Devon Williamson 
Elizabeth McClellan 
Lana Housholder 
Devon Williamson 
Kirsten Cassel 
Jan Ingram 
Laura Dillon 
Kristina Treanor 
KC Bull 
Allison Davis 
Lana Housholder 
Katie Kaminski 
Catie Cowan 
Amanda Wentworth 
Emy Noel 
Kate Rose 
Devon Williamson 
Samantha Richter 
Laura Towbin 
Tallu Schuyler 
Laura Towbin 
Lisa Binkley 
Tracey Wilkinson 
Julianne Shelton 
Megan Youngblood 
Lindsay Voigt 
Emily Cummings 
Helena Anderjack 
Ashley Smith 
Katy Manier 
Maria Gumina 
Kelly Bannen 
Katie Hill 

24K Awards 

College Choices 

Kim Allen 

Vanderbilt University 

Meredith Mallard 

U. of Virginia 

Ashley Beadle 

Furman University 

Allegra Marks 

U. of Florida 

Dwyla Beard 

Washington University 

Lauren May 

Wake Forest University 

Jessica Betts 

Emory University 

Elizabeth McClellan 

U. of Tennessee, Martin 

Terri Beuerlein 

Vanderbilt University 

Meghann McConnell 

Emory University 

Lisa Binkley 

Colgate University 

Mary Knox Merrill 

U. of the South 

Allison Bradley 

Mercer University 

Marissa Moses 

Tulane University 

Jessica Brown 

Centre College 

Nicole Mynatt 

U. of Georgia 

{Catherine Buckspan 

Bowdoin College 

Emy Noel 

Rhodes College 

K.C. Bull 

Bard College 

Katherine Pace 

Wake Forest University 

Kirsten Cassel 

U. of South Carolina 

Jessica Patrick 

Trinity University (TX) 

Kate Celauro 

U. of North Carolina 

Emily Perdue 

College of Charelston 

Caroline Coles 

Auburn University 

Rachel Pitman 

Vanderbilt University 

Catie Cowan 

Auburn University 

Kristin Polak 

Auburn University 

Allison Davis 

Miami University 

Brooke Rice 

College of Charelston 

Blair Davis 

Indiana University 

Samantha Richter 

Tulane Unversity 

Laura Dillon 

Kenyon University 

Clark Rose 

U. of Alabama 

Meg Funderburk 

U. of Georgia 

Kate Rose 

U. of Tennessee 

Rachel Garton 

Rhodes College 

Haley Rumore 

U. of Tennessee 

Lindsey Gaston 

Auburn University 

Kathryn Sandlin 

U. of Tennessee 

Miller Greathouse 

Miami University 

Tallu Schuyler 


Ally Harper 

U. of Georgia 

Dina Shabayek 

U. of Tennessee 

Caroline Harrell 

Pepperdine University 

Mona Sharifi 

Emory University 

Julia Harrison 

U. of Tennessee 

Julianne Shelton 

Pepperdine University 

Erin Hirsch 

U. of Arizona 

Alexis Staples 

Keyon College 

Lana Housholder 

Vanderbilt University 

Marie Stringer 

U. of the South 

Lisa Housholder 

Belmont University 

Karen Sweeney 

Davidson College 

Clemmy Howard 

U. of Miami 

Dori Sztipanovits 

Washington University 

Lesley Ann Howell 

Auburn University 

Kate Tarleton 

Auburn University 

Olivia Huggins 

U. of Tennessee 

Laura Towbin 

Miami University 

Jan Ingram 

U. of Miami 

Kristina Treanor 

Brown University 

Kelly Jackson 

Trinity University (TX) 

Angie Vick 

Randolf-Macon College 

Jordan Jones 

Miami University 

Ginny Wallace 

U. of Virginia 

Karen Jones 

Furman Universiy 

Anne Nicholas Weiss 

Vanderbilt University 

Beth Kain 

UNC, Greebsboro 

Amanda Wentworth 

Miami University 

Katie Kaminski 

U. of Virginia 

Elizabeth White 

Southern Methodist U. 

Sinclair Kelly 

U. of the South 

Tracey Wilkinson 

Northwestern University 

Lauren Kitchell 

U. of Colorado 

Sarah Williams 

Georgetown University 

Lucy Kuykendall 

Davidson College 

Devon Williamson 

Yale University 

Mandy Lomax 

Boston University 

Megan Youngblood 

U.S. Military Academy 

Avon Lyons 

U. of Mississippi 

Georgia Yowell 

Davidson College 

College Choices 249 

Best of What's Around: Class of 1998 

Senior Centerfold: Honcho Jones 



L 7 A 

BK ' 1 


-9 k 



P*S \ 


<s» jr 

L *. * w 



»» 4 Li <\ « 



H\ Jl t «BP?^5 ■-: 

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iMofi __j9 

^tM It * 'jW EfP 4 

Hi . V'-flJI 




' ILL 


• A 

254 Year at a Glance 


Year at a Glance 25 5 



Middle School 

First of all I would 
like to thank Mrs. 
Clark and Mrs. 
Sayers for all of the help that they gave me over the year. 
Without them I could not have made it. I would also like to 
thank Andi Holbrook and all the other teachers that helped 
me this year. I want to thank Lauren and Kate and I want 
to thank Mrs. Mulgrew and our staff, especially Annie 
Barron. Great job Mahnoosh and all the other editors — 
good luck to everyone next year! 



Milestones has been 
wild. I have one 
person that I have 
to thank and that is 
my partner Kate Tarleton. Without her we wouldn't have 
gotten this done. We have struggled through this together 
and we have finally made it. I would also like to thank Andi 
Holbrook for her pictures when we were in desparate need. 
I would also like to thank everyone who has brought in 
pictures for us to use. Good luck to next year, and if we did 
it ya'll can too! 


Senior Editor 

What a year it has been. 
Milestones has been 
unforgettable. I would 
like to thank Mrs. 
Mulgrew for letting the 
'"Stones" crew take over 
your room 4th period. Even if we weren't always working on the 
yearbook it became a great second home. Of course I would like to thank 
all the seniors for getting everything in-even if it wasn't always on time. I 
know you all did not agree with everything I requested of you-but thanks 
for being so understanding. Thanks Annie and KP for helping me figure 
out the computers and Pmaster9. Thanks Mahnoosh for trusting me with 
such a large chunk of the yearbook. To all the editors-it has been a great 
year. Even though we always did not agree and did not always want to be 
in meetings you have to admit that overall we made great memories. The 
friendships I made through Milestones are the ones I hope I never lose, I 
love you guys and I wish you the best of luck next year. 


Layout Editor 

Thank God this year book is 
done and over. Ii seemed like 
the day would never come, but 
here it is Stones 98. Briefly I 
would like to thank our staff 
for always coming to meetings 
even though they never really 
worked. Annie and I 
appreciated your willingness 
to work, it was just that we are 
control I reaks and didn't trust 
anyone hut ourselves. * Mona you kepi on task and pushed us along every step of the way. * 
Mrs, Mulgrew you are a great sponsor. For all the times we interrupted your class or sent 
people in for us (Austin Powers please), for all the times we trashed your room you never 
griped at us too badly. Thank you. *Tart.. thank you for putting in the extra hours to till the 
layouts that Annie and I made. With out you are yearbook would be blank pages. * The most 
appreciation 1 give to my fellow layout editor. Annie, there is no way that either one of us 
could have done this alone, even though we like to think it would've been great to do the 
whole thing |ust like we warned We might have lacked communication at limes and instead 
on doing everything differently, hut we worked together and did it. Sleep easy now no more 
nightmares it is over. * If there is anything good that came out of all the lime we spent 
working on this yearbook besides the finished project itself is the friendships that were made 
.ind strengthened up in Mrs. Mulgrew's room My late night Friday friends, I love you guys. 
Milestones became our obsession but I think it was worth it. The time we spent drawing 
layouts, injecting pictures of ourselves, starring at computer screens and griping about photo 
brought us together. We survived the year with only a few temperamental fits. We will 
never work on yearbooks again I bet, but we will always have the memories from 98. Thanks, 
my old women friends lor being my support group when we were approaching deadlines and 
when the stress |iisl got to high. * Best of luck to Emily and Courtney, the road is long but 
you will gel there Oh and lasl of all thank you lo my non milestones friends who listened to 
all our siones and traumas all year long I hue all of you. 

256 Editor Thanx 



Wow! What a year! I 
say this every year, but 
this year, I mean it. 
just flew by. One major 
part of it was my 
continuous involvement in Milestones. This year as the Assistant 
Administrative Editor (by far the longest title), I had heightened 
responsibilities, as I began to observe more closely the inner workings of 
the yearbook. I want to thank the editors and staff for their help with my 
various little projects. I'd also like to thank Ms. Reed for the use of her 
:opy machine throughout the year, and Ms. Sayers for helping me with 
my interactions with the middle school. I'd like to thank Ms. Mulgrew 
: or getting me on track for next year. I look forward to getting to know 
ler better in the next 12 months. Thanks to all the future editors and staff 
: or pledging the next year of their lives to Milestones. Most of all, I'd 
ike to thank Mona for letting me be her shadow, and showing me the 
opes, making it look so easy every step of the way. Mona, you have 
jeen a great teacher! Thanks to everyone — see you next year. 



After dedicating the greater 
part of my life for the past 
year to the production of this 
book, I say with relief that it 
is finally over — the 
nightmares can end. No 
more Friday afternoons where 
ve stay so late that we set off the school alarm. No more frantic calls to Mary Harris. 
Michael's, or the plant. No more stress over pictures lost, not taken or not sent. While 
here are some things I won't regret leaving behind, there is a great deal I will miss and 
ilways remember. I'll never forget my new found friends: Estelle and Darnel at 
/lichael's, Kara and Mary at Herff Jones, and the helpful employees of Mailboxes, Etc. 
As. Mulgrew. you have my respect and my love. We all appreciate you so much and 
eel very lucky to have had you as our adviser. Be expecting many a visit from me next 
'ear. To my staff, you guys had trouble remembering the food, but you always worked 
tard and had a good attitude — good luck with the rest of high school. Emily, I know 
■ou will do a spectacular job on next year's book. Thanks for putting up with me all 
'ear. My thanks to Ms. Reed, Ms. Martin, Mr. Boudreau, Ms. King, Mr. Chapman. 
As. Smith. Ms. Morton and anyone else who helped us along the way. To my 
ncredible team of editors, you guys did an amazing job this year — you've got the proof 
ight here. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed getting to know you guys. I will miss 
ou more than you know. May you all never be part of a yearbook staff again and live 
ong and prosperous lives. Well I have to go — it seems that some nut named 
dahnoosh has set the roof on fire. I love you guys. 

rpi fiTp 

JtHf* jf|j >j 

m fii ■%% 



As darkroom editor, 
I would like to take 
this opportunity to 
thank the 
photography staff and editors. Although the film wasn't 
always turned in early enough, ya'll are awesome. To my 
darkroom staff - ya'll are adorable, and I wish everyone of 
you the best of luck next year! Mona - you did a great job. 
To everyone on Milestones - thank you for all your hard 
work... we all appreciate it! Much love and best wishes! 


Copy Editor 

Its been a crazy year, 
but we've had so much 
fun. I have so many 
people to thank. First 
of all, my dependable 
staff, especially Kristin, 
Lindsay and Katy. Thanks for your investigative work and for all writing 
all those copies at a moment's notice. You guys were great. Kristin, good 
luck next year; I know that you can do it, after all, I did. My co-editor, 
Devon, thank you. Mona, thank you for your help and constant patience. 
Mrs. Mulgrew, thank you for letting your room become our second home. 
You knew when to ease our tensions and when to whip us into shape, 
(that unfortunate seventh grade mug shot incident.) Last, but certainly 
not least, Annie, Katherine and Miller, thank you for sticking around 
when everyone else was gone; you always do. I would have killed myself 
some Friday nights if it wasn't for you all. For all the work we did, we 
had a lot of fun, too. I'll miss you so much next year, (especially on 
Friday afternoons.) THANK YOU!!! 




'Stones has been 
interesting this year to 
say the least! From 
Michael's not sending 
important pictures to 
having no photo stickers, to leaving for '"breaks'* with Annie and 
of course all of those annoying e-mails. There are a couple of 
important people that I would like to thank for making this year run 
smoothly. Mrs. Mulgrew, thank you for listening to me whine 
every day. Annie, thanks for skipping classes with me to do 
'Stones. Lauren and Meg. my fellow Photo Editors, thanks for 
making the laugh and for your help this year. Lauren, just 
remember all those times in the hall: "Oh Zoid". "Oh Tart." To 
Andi Holbrook. thank you for giving me pictures and giving me 
advice! To the rest of the editors and staff, thank you for staying 
with me late on Friday nights and listening to my frustration. 




Layout Editor 

To my staff and all of ihecdiiors: I 
know my Friday spasms and bustaiions 
were a little loo often but without them I 
would have never made it through tins 
yearbook. Thanks for all your 
hardwork and lor putting up with me on 
Friday deadlines. To Mona. Mahnoosh. 
Fire: You've been agreal leader for us. 
Thanks b>r listening to all of m\ concerns and lor hem- so workable in all I asked of you. You really have a 
tremendous amount of paiienee which I deeply admire you lor being thai I have none To Miller and Mane, my fourth 
pcrmd poss> : Thanks for hanging nut with me and always giving me a good laugh while working through luneh. I 
mu si i hank a fabulous ad\ isor and mentor to me. Mrs. Mulgrew, thanks lor allowing us to take over your room, for 
letting us inierupi your e lasses before a deadlinefoi even il we jus! needed a CD.), for all the free counseling you've 
given, and jusi for being there through it all. M\ apologies for whatever was written on the bo.ird for you to see come 
Monday mornings, sometimes things gol really crazy. To m\ young sexv friend Annie Mulgrew : Thanks lor making 
mc laugh on Fn<la>s when my an\iei> attacks were reaching an all lime high and for calling menu il when I made a 
stupid comment even though you arc a young in and I am seven years your senior. I'll miss you. try lo slay sexy! To 
< ourtney and Emily Y'all just try and live uplo whai you sec here 1 Lei me tell you something ladies, there is a ride in 
store foi you! Try to relax, don't wake up with nightmares of drawing layouts as I have so many a time. If you begin 

tout time painslakingi) critiquing yearbooks, it's alright. Il happens to the best of us. I wish you all the 
luck in the world-you'll probably need more' Not to sound vain hut I must do ihis. Thank you Anne 
Nicholas!!!Congralulations. you did it, you made it through without destructing anything, without killing 
anyone! (hough the menial picture seemed so ukc .a times) and for nol shooting yourself in the head. Most importantly 
10 my fellow layoul editor K.P., Katherine: We clidn'l do anything the same way but I like to think we did it all right 
turning out the most fabulously 300 pages ever known to man 1 We may have been "smokin crack" here and there to 
make ii through but here ii is m your hands, With all the Friad) afternoons, even nights lor thai matter, the teacher in- 
scn ice days when wc were to he nowhere close lo campus, .ill the many free periods, and all the late nights at home 
flipping ihe pages ot ihe p.isi ten years ol Milestones annuals looking lor ways to better this one. 1 wouldn't give up 
any of il I he friends I've discovered and the friendships thai have grown stronger are what have kepi me going. As 
excited .is I am to never open another Pagcmastcr template again. I'm also .1 little sad it's all over and never again w ill I 
have to dedicate a Friday al lei noon to the room has become m> second home We've done a good job and look 
what we have to show lor it. One hell of a yearbook! Ms adv ice to all of y'all, never work on an annual again, we've 
put in our share lie good next vear. lake care ol v out selves, and if you ever have a had day JUSI think hack lo working 

on Milestones and rcmembcr-ii could be worse you could be an editor al a yearbook again!!!! I ove y'all 


Business Editor 

Without the help of 
many people this 
year I am not sure 
what would have 
gotten done. Thank you Mrs. King and Mrs. Morton for all 
your assistance with mailings and reimbursements. Thank 
you to all the Senior parents for getting their ads to me and 
for their patience. Thank you Mrs. Mulgrew, Annie, and 
everyone else who helped me through my random spasms 
about problems and deadlines. Mona, thank you for the 
Friday night Milestones. And of course, I can not thank 
Miller enough for helping me draw layouts, crop, and finish 
my deadlines. Thank you for everything and good luck next 


Copy Editor 

First and foremost I 
have to thank my 
partner in crime, Marii 
Stringer. She was 
both the brains and 
the brawn behind 
Copy this year. I also want to thank Mona — I don't know how 
you did it, but you did it all well. Annie, thank you for the CD's 
you left in the Milestones cabinet — there was many a day I 
played that Rusted Root album to death as I worked. Mrs. 
Mulgrew, thanks for the room and the level head. I hope the 
general populous is as pleased with this year book as I am, it has 
been one heck of a long hike to get it done. I can't leave out our 
great staff — thank you for your help and research in the dismal, 
dusty corners of the school. To my fellow editors, thank you for 
the good food; I know I gained at least five pounds in those editor 
meetings. " To the elements be free, and fare thou well ..." — 
Prospero, "The Tempest", Shakespeare. 

258 Editor Thanx 

* ; J§g 

- yft 

"- »*fr ^MlLWl ift 



1 r vt a 

Staff Candids 259 

Year at 


w • 

Vvl "*- .«*.■ 

f 1 

w J^K, -^ £■ 

A^ 1 




260 Year at a Glance 

a Glance 

Year at a Glance 261 

4 *'* 



262 Allen 

Beadle/ Bradley 263 


264 Betts 


Gm&Mtion is a special time in which 
w condition our minis to emfark won change 
from youth to a more mature stage of life. 
Keep forever the spirit, enthusiam, knowledge, 
desire to achieve, and the carina feelina you 
have for others. Tut God first as w stand 
khind you. 

we love you so much for king the 
special person you are. 

Mom, Dad, Tonka, and Dacia 

. I 

At Three, 
Lisa Believed she Could Fly... 

At Eighteen, the practice is over... 
We're ready to watch you Soar ! 

Only Always, 
?ly Back Home 

with all our love, 
Mom. Dai and skawn 


To understand the heart and mind of a person look not at what 
(s)he has already achieved, hit at what (s)he aspires to do. 
Kahil Gihan 


We love you! 
Mom & Dad 

Brown 267 

This is our daughter in whom we delight... 

We love you Kiitherine, 

Mom and Dad 

268 Buckspan 

To our dear daughter 
and sister K.C. 

Congratulations on 
your Graduation! 

Journeys can be 
more rewarding than 
Destinations. . . . we wish 
you many of both. 


Dad, Mom, 
Jesse and Jackson 

269 Bull 


ions Kate Kitty 

we love you and 
arc so monk 

Mom & Dai 

1 1 | y> 



"But, Mom, I am doing my homework." 

You always keep us laughing! 

Mom, Craig, and Beth 

B.Davis 271 


Congratulations on 
finishing 15 years of school. 
We can't wait to see what 
college brings! 


Mom & Dad 
Anne Elisabeth & David 


We all wish we could go 
with you! 

272 Dillon/Hirsch 

Co mi gnra it u La t i o n s! 

Today is your day. 

You're off to Great Places'! 

You're oifif amid away! 

V'O'U have brains in your head. 

You have feet in your shoes. 

You can steer yourself 

Any direction you choose. 

You're on your own. 

urid you know what you know. 

And you .aire the g-iurll, 

Who'll decide where to go. 

- Dr. Seuss 

d our Precious Meg, 

You brought sunshine into our lives with your constant love of life, your 
diant smile, your compassion for others and your diligent determination, 
ways, stay true to yourself and your dreams will come true. 

We love you, 

Mom, Dad, and Beth 



Congratulations Little One 


We love you 

so much 

Mom, Dad, Tiffany, & Glenn 

274 Gaston 

L*t- ' 



Now is not the end. 

It is not even the beginning 

of the end. 

But it is, perhaps, the end 

of the beginning. 

-- Churchill 

It's been a great 

We are so proud of you 
and we love you more 
than words can say. 

Mama, Dad, Joyner, Will, 

» V ' 

:; fP ^^MM w^ 

P.S. Don't forget to wear a little 

--Love, Mama 

*:;.:£■■;■ : 


Greathouse 275 



" Wish me a rainbow 

and wish me a star. 

All this you can aive mc, 

whenever you arc... 

wish mc red roses 

And yellow balloons 
And carousels whirling 
To flay (kneinfl tunes. 

I mint all these treasures; 

The most yon can awe. 

So wish me a rainbow 

As Ism as I live!" 

]ny UvMston 
Ray Evans 

Mom, Dad, christen, and David 

Howard 277 

4 ft 

U A happy heart makes the 
face cheerful." 

Proverbs 15:13 

We love you, Lesley Ann! 

Dad, Mom, Molly, and 

Mary Fowler 

"Be joyful always, pray 
containually, give thanks in 
all circumstances, for this is 
God's will for you in Christ 



27X Howell 


We're proud of you 

and we love you very much! 


Mom, Dad, Steve 

Ingram 279 

Congratulations Kak! 

We love you, 
Mom, Dad, and Sally 

2X0 Jackson 


Greg and 


to the sweetest 

girl in 
North America! 

J. Jones 281 

Congratulations. Pumpkin! 

You have brought great joy and happiness into our lives. Your determination and sweet spirit have carried you far and will continue to do so. 

"You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you." Philippians 4:13 

We love you! Mom. Dad. Cooper 

Kajun Power! Love. Mama and Willy 

282 Jones/Kaminski 



Watching you grow into womanhood 

Has been one of our greatest joys 

We look forward to the next chapters in your life 

With great anticipation 

We are very, very proud of your accomplishments! 

With much love, 
Dad & 

284 Lomax 

■■-*w •** 

Congratulations wild, wonderful, laughing Allegra! Live 

life and live it well! We're so proud. 

Love , Mom, Dad, and Sebastian. 

Marks 285 


We are so proud of 


Dad, Cindy, Cassie, 

Michaelanne & Molly 

To Kate- 
No matter how far you 
go, we'll forever stay close at 
heart. You make us so proud. 

Love from your family, 
Papa, Mom, and Noel 

286McConncll K.Rose 

Annie, Snow White, Dorothy, sand-eating, The Winnie 
yawn, sweet-ums, 8th grade-your own bank account, 


Rescue", the "lap of luxury", surprise trip to Chicago. 

There's only one you Meghann! 

Congratulations on your accomplishments and hard 
work- We love you so much ! 

Mom, Royal, Cassie, Michaelanne & 

McConnell 287 

We shall not cease from exploration 

And the end of all our exploring 

Will be to arrive where we started 

And know the place for the first time. 

T.S. Eliot 

Mom, Dad, Kelly, Gibson and Hilson 

288 Merrill 

Congratulations Marissa! 

Your solid education, wealth of friends, strong family ties, leadership and sound decision-making 
abilities prepare you well for your steps ahead. As you proceed forward know we are with you 

We love you very much. 

Mom, Dad, Caroline & Ryan 

Moses 289 

290 Mvnatt 

Congratulations! We love you, Boo. 

Mom, Dad, Tina, and Lee 

Noel 291 


We love you and are so proud of you. 

Mom, Dad, Courtney and James 

"Thou wilt make known to me the Path of Life" 

Psalm 16:11 


292 Pace 

Children are a 
blessing of the 
Psalm 127:3 

We are so proud of 

you and love you so 


Mom, Dad, James, 
and Andrew 

Pitman 293 


You are an inspiration to 
everyone around you. Nothing 
is so contagious as enthusiasm. 

You are a wonderful 
daughter- pure joy, and have 
truly been the wind beneath our 

"Keep your eyes on the stars- 
Keep your feet on the ground." 
Theodore Roosevelt 

We love you sweetheart and 

Mom, Dad, Brent 


"Pooh, promise you won't 

about me, ever. 

Not even when I'm a hundred." 

Pooh thought for a little. 
j"How old shall /be then?" 

Pooh nodded. 
"I promise," he said. 

You take with you all of our love, 


Mom, Dad, Ashley and Jenny 


May the next chapters of your life be as much fun for me 
as the last chapters. 

Love, Dad 

To the best big sister any girl could ever have. 

Love. Mimi 
" You broke my heart..." 

Love, Pointy 


Your first dances were to these 

Isn't she lovely 

Isn't she wonderful 

Isn't she prescious 

Less than one minute old 

I never thought through love we'd be 

Making one as lovely as she 
But Isn't she lovely, made from love 

Isn't she lovely 

Truely the angel's best 

Boy I'm so happy 

We have been heaven blessed 

I can't believe what God has done 

Through us He's given life to one 

But isn't she lovely- made from love 

—Steve Wonder 
" The songs in the Key of Life" 

Love, Dad 
Love, Mom 

Precious Clark Mo, sister, friend 
Our dancing, laughing girl 
God's blessings never seemed toen 
Now- off to toss and twirl 
My joy and love — Mom 

Watch your thoughts; 

they become words. 

Watch your words; 

they become actions. 

Watch your actions; 

they become habits. 

Watch your habits; 

they become character. 

Watch your character; 

they become your destiny. 

— Frank Outlaw 

And watch out for those frat boys! 

—your mother 

Good luck, Princess 
Mom, Dad, and Paige 




,/ / / <T 

298 Schuvler 

Best Wishes, 

"Wa..."( watch) 

" I will!" 
and you have! 
What a joy, Julianne. 
How we love you always and forever. 

Mom and Dad 

Live by faith, the substances of things hoped for, the evidence of 
things not seen. 

Hebrews 10:38 

We are 
so proud of you 

Mom, Dad, and Jeff 

Shelton / Sweeny 299 









Thank you for the joy and 

the laughter and your gentle 

caring ways 

Mom, Dad, Liz,and 
all your loving family 

300 Stringer 


by Cavafy 

When you set out for Ithaka 

ask that your way be long, 

full of adventure, full of instruction. 

The Lastrygonians and the Cyclops, 

angry Poseidon~do not fear them: 

such as these you will never find 

as long as your thought is lofty, as long as a rare 

emotion touch your spirit and your body. 

The Lastrygonians and the Cyclops, 

angry Poseidon— you wiull not meet them 

unless you carry them in your soul, 

unless your soul raise them up before you. 

Ask that your way be long. 
At many a summer dawn to enter 
—with what gratitude, what joy- 
ports seen for the first time; 
to stop at Phoenician trading centres, 
and to buy good merchandise, 
mother of pearl and coral, amber and ebony, 
and sensuous perfumes of every kind, 
sensuous perfumes as lavishly as you can; 
to visit many Egyptian cities, 
to gather stores of knowledge from the learned. 

Have Ithaka always in your mind. 

Your arrival there is what you are destined for. 

But do not in the least hurry the journey. 

Better that it last for years, 

so that when you reach the island you are old, 

rich with all you have gained on the way, 

not expecting Ithaka to give you wealth. 

Ithaka gave you the splendid journey. 
Without her you would not have set out. 
She hasn't anything else to give you. 

And if you find her poor, Ithaka has not 
deceived you. So wise have you become, 
of such experience, that already you will 
have understood what these Ithakas mean. 

Dear Kate, 

We wish you and the wonderful voting 
women of the Harpeth Hall Class of 1998 
the most splendid of journeys! We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Will and Punkv 



you're a star! 

I always knew 

that you'd go far. 

Within your heart 

there's a radiant light 

that through your 


shines so bright. 


my dear friend, 

to your talents 

there is no end. 

Whatever in life 

you might pursue, 

I know that blessings 

wait for you." 

We love you so much! 
Mommy, Daddy, and Jennifer 







' How can we thank God enough for you in return for all the joy we have in His presence because of you." 

1 Thessalonians 3:9 

Oh, how we love you! 

Mama and Daddy 
John, Anne and Tommy, Jack and Elizabeth, Elena and David, Betsy and Rogers, 
Edward, Dede, Molly, Jack, Jake, Ansley, Lili, Gray, Toby, Louise and Edie 

Wallace 305 



*«* v 

"Wookiee Anne" 

306 Weiss 


We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Meredith, & Rebecca 


And a woman who held a babe against her bosom said, 

Speak to us of Children. 

And he said: 

Your children are not your children. 

They are the sons and the daughters of Life's longing for itself 

They come through you but not from you. 

And though they are with you, yet they belong not to you. 

You may give them your love but not your thoughts. 

For they have their own thoughts. 

You may house their bodies but not their souls. 

For their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams. 

— Kahlil Gibran 
Tracey, you are loved forever. 

Mom & Erika 

Wilkinson 309 

3 10 Williams 

A seeker of silences am I, and what treasure have I found in silences that I may dispense with confidence? 

— Khalrt Gibson, The Prophet 
We love you 

Mom and Erin 

Ever onward with your 
Mom, Dad, and Flagg 

You Have 



For the 



312 Youngblood 

« Ciok 'clov! W\5tarw van a V^ciaco 
f\z. \s ax ejn draqa sKrotaorri 

— ^eJco^-i oordor — 
Horn o,r\d "l>3ril 


SlememtkHinfy fa deep, 
Qad and goals, 

We Cane you! 
Mem and %)xid 

Sztipanovits / Yowell 3 1 3 

"Only add 
Deeds to thy knowledge answerable; 
add faith; 

Add virtue, patience, temperance; add love. 
By name to come called Charity, the soul 
Of all the rest; then wilt thou not be loth 
To leave this Paradise, but thou shalt possess 
A Paradise within thee, happier, far." 

-John Milton 
Paradise Lost 


314 Coles 

CcvuJumi, Cvo ^aJLJi 


...u/e all salu-fce \)ou Morm, Da<i, Grani, Kaiie, Michael, Sallvj /Vine; Doc, 

Doe, Mirni, Jerr\j, Logan, Bur-ton, Grace, Mimi, Carol, Jack, Elizabeih, 
Claire, Jackson, Armj, Garvj, Mali, Millie, Sarah Cannor^^ GranDoris, 
Gran<la<W\j, Jack, Sandra, Jack III, Misii, Breni, Melissa, Bra<J. 

Harrell 315 






3 16 Mallard 



Your accomplishments 
are only exceeded by 
the size of your heart. 
You should be proud- 

we are! 

You are an amazing 

young lady-- 

We love you dearly! 

Mom, Dad, and 



¥"? ' '■':: . •■''. ■' 


1 * 

\ . 


m ■ 



• ^ ; ■ 



. * I 

• *i ■ 

"■■ I :-'■ Housholdci 




320 Rice 

we ' re so proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Katherine & 

Harrison 321 



a gourmet 

a fashion expert 

a dancer 

an artist 

a world traveler 

a patient sister 


a true friend. 

We can't wait 

to see what's next! 

Congratulations and 

much love to Sissy 

from Mom, Dad and 


I love you, you know... Mahsa 
May you suceed in all that you do. We love you very much. -- Mom & Dad 

324 Sharifi 






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itk* •■ 

■ - 



_____ * 



We are so 

proud of your 


Check me out 


to see how I 
am doing. 



Daddy, Sarah 

and Emily 


Kk *^^^- 4 

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■ li 

I n \on 
1 Cenl i 

Congratulations, Baby Tom! 

We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Laura, Mary, Andrew, 

Sandlin 327 

Your life fills our hearts with the sound of music. 
Love always, Mom, Dad, and Whitney 

328 May 


652 Old Ezell Road • Nashville, TN 37217 
Phone (615) 399-0777 • FAX (615) 399-3685 

My sweet cousy- 

You belong among daisies. Thank you for everything. 

I love you , Meegs 

The Class 

Of 1998. 


Dance Wear- Active Wear 


2210 Crestmoor Road 
Nashville, TN 37215 
(615) 292-4387 

826 Wren Road 
Goodlettsville, TN 37072 
(615) 859-7379 

Lonnie Young's 




(615) 297-3984 



Bill Bennett 

2 1 04 CRESTMOOR D R. 
(Phone) 615.297.3201 




. \ 

CWTfT^nyTTTB 1 Thomas the 

■I M M ■■ MM ^MW 1 IPortmcirion 
tJULmULMJLJLJmJ^M \ Acrylic 

"a great little toy & gift store" Stationery 


7054 Hwy. 70 South • Across from Kroger in Bellevue • 662-MINA (6462) 

Schuyler/ Business Ads 329 








Little Rock 


analog and digital solutions 
for the mid-south graphic 
arts community 


Agfa graphic systems 

Fuji Photo 



Kimoto USA 

Screen USA 

Baum USA 



Silicon Graphics 


Hamada of America 

AB Dick/I tek Graphix 








General Binding 

Data Card 

Gerber Scientific 

and more! 

Marion Ward 

Oilyaintirifls & Photographs 

Marion Ward 

Congratulations to 

The Class Of 1998 from- 

Clayton & Blackmon and Dad's Old Bookstore 


Gourmet Deli 

4117 Hillsboro Pike 
Nashville, TN 37215 
Corporate Office 

7042 Highway 70 South 
Nashville, TN 37221 

Anne Clayton 
Mary Blackmon 

T> AT)'S 03£> 
q3OO c K ScTO c l^E 

Green Hills Court 
4004 Hillsboro Road 
NashtiUt, TN 37215 

Books & Autographs Bought and Sold 

Two locations to serve you... 

Bradley Drug Company 


Bradley Health Care Center 

6049 Hwy. 100 
Nashville, TN 37205 


5208 Charlotte 
Nashville, TN 37209 








Health Care 















Ave. Exit 



White Bridge Rd. 


Th& Paper place/ 

ytatxcn\ery, CvwutatLcnxb', caXLivvfr cara\, 
avivic>u4\ce4nen£y, grftfr £r wuyveA 

2136 Bandywotyd/Vrtoes.GreewHdU- 

10-5 MovulcLy-TrLday, 10-4 Saturday 

298-9955 . fav298-9966 

Business Ads 331 



332 Business Ads 

* — * 


w * *\ 





-vT y 


Mrs. La-Voe Mulgrew, this page is for you. We discovered this page, and though we considered 
dedicating it to ourselves, we decided who better to dedicate it to than our fabulous advisor, Mrs. 
Mulgrew. Suprising as it may be, finding pictures of you was quite the difficult, shady-maneuvering task. 
Thank you for everything over the year, for your room, for your time, and for your great sarcastic sense of 
humor. We will all miss you, don't ever forget us!!! Lovingly, your incredible 1998 Milestones editors. 

334 Mrs. Mulgrew 


Go Global! 


mi linn 11:1111* 













«\* w1 




Hope's Lun< 





















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