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Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive 

in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

^^/ THE ^^/^^^_X 

phiCad£lphia directory 



of *:, ^ 
'offjr - 

•^'BY^r^^^ffiS ROBINSON. 

.«H' •'/^ 




Jj/y / CONTENTS. .' . 

Names of fhe Inhabitants of Southwark, Nortji-'^ 

em Liberties, and the Citr East of Broad sti^et 
Ban'ks, with their davs of Discount,^ 


S Custom-House, with its several officers, . . 1 

Wardens office, and Wardens, ...... ib 
Rates of Pilotage, ii%-vard iS outivard,/ . . . / ib 
Inspectors of Lumber, . . ^ . i » ^» ^ ^* ib 
Duties on goods imported into tJie United States, 
in American or Foreign vessels, after the last 
day of June, 1804, . . ..... . . . 2 

Act for the Protection of American Seamen, . 19 
Names of the Inhabitants oi Kendngt'jn and tke 

City West of Broad street, ^^ ^ 

List (k stress, kc. in Southwark, Northern Li- 
berties, and the City East of Broad street, . 4 1 
List of streets, Isfc, in Kensington, and the City ^V. 

West of Broad street, .yr ^ • . . ^ . . 43 X 
Establishment of the Mail/, • ^ v > • • ^^ ;v 

\ Government of the United St^(re,X-' • • • y*^ V5 

'congress of the United States, 
Ministers of the United States to Foreign Powers, 50 
Ministers from Foreign Powers, resident in the 

United States, . . . . j 51 ^ 

CoRPbRATroN of Philadelphia, , . . .^ . . / ^3 y^ 
Select and'Common Councils, . . {,},>» ^^/vSJi 
Constables, Commissioners, and Clerks of the v*V^ 

Markets, . x- A • ^'^ "X ^ 

Justices of the Peace, and Constables of the Dis- 

\trict of S'jUthxvarkf 54 
ustices of the Peace, and Constables of the Nor- 
\ them Liberties and Movamensing, . . • . ib ^- 


\ Pennsylvania Hospital, - , 1?/ - ^^ - — ^* -<^ 

jBoard of Health, - 'yy/\r / /t / .^^ i/ 
JPhiladelphia Dispens ary, j^^ < - | - Y-j/ ^'1__^ 
VGuardians of the Poor/^'S?^^' — -^ - - 56 


\janagers of the Alms House, - - - 56 
Charity Schools, --------57 

German Incorporated Society, - - - ib 
j^ociety of Masters of Ships, - - - - 76 

* •''^. Andrew's Society, - - - - • - - -ib 

" * ' ^^George's Society, - - -..->*.- *^ ib 
Carpenter's Society, - - - - . - - •• ib 

Abolitiovi Society, ^ ^ ^ - ib 

Society for alleviating the miseries of pri- 

V 'v^so^is, V " ' -' ■ ■ -. ' '^ 

^ ".'^ College iDi Physicians, . . - - tb 

^ Philosophical Society, - . - ib 

Pennsylvania Insurance Company, - 59 

Philadelphia Insurance Company, - - ib 

Delaware Insurance Company, - - ib 

Union Insurance Company, - - ib 

Phoenix Insurance Company, - - 60 


Schuylkill Bridge Company, - 60 

Delaware Sc Schuylkill Canal, - - ib 

Schuylkill Sc Susquehanna Canal, - ib 

Lancaster Turnpike Company, - - ib 

Frankford Turnpike Company, - - ib 

Germantown Turnpike Company, - ib 

Masters of the Grand, and other Lodges of the City, 61 

Physicians, Mid wives and Nurses, - - ib 

Land and Water Stages, . - - - 64 

Boundaries of the different Wards, - - 67 

Late Removals, &c. ^^ 

Almanac, - - - - - - - 7Z 

■^Jf \4n:<i^ 


FOR 1805. 

/'^W'^'^?/^ ^//'^/^y>j 

ARON, Mrs. boarding house 11 Noiris alley 

( Abbott George, hair-dresser 9 Chesnut 
\ Abbott William china merchant 31 S Second 
I Abbott John, labourer 13 Gillis allev 
I Abbott k Barnes, curriers 20 South Third street 
/ Abbott Timothy, currier bt Dock street 

Abbott Henry W. carver & gilder 33 N. 7th 

Abel Mary widow 12th near Vine 

Abel George shoemaker 205 North Front 

Abel Peter, shoemaker 435 N Second 

Abel Daniel, carter 138 Lombard 

Abel John, carpenter 10 Brown 

Abel Jacob, victualler Cedar near Broad 

Abel Peter, stable keeper near 17 Appletree alley 
A^ercrombie Rev, James, 101 Pine 
Abercrombie Thomas B. printer Juniper lane 
Abington Susannah, gentlewoman 93 N Sixth 
Abraham Sc Carters, taylors 69 S Front 
Abraham, widow of Benedict 126 Brown 
Abraham Thomas, teacher 103 Cedar 
Ackland John, cabinetmaker 65 south FiuK 
Ackley Abraham, cedar cooper 310 Vine 
Ackley D. shopkeeper 33 north Front 
Ackley J. B. chair maker 150 north Front 
Ackres James, mariner 17 Queen 
Ackres Y. carpenter 24 Catherine 
Adalie Mrs 37 south Fourth « 

Adams Daniel, sea captain 31 Elfreths aliey 
Adams Daniel, shoeijiaker 571 S Front 


* ' prflLADELPHIA 

Adams Elizabeth, widow 25 Lombard 

Adams Frederick^ cooper 493 N Third 

Adams — — ^ m:a?iner 359 N Front 

AdamiS John, biscuit baker 29 3 St. Johns 

Adams John, carter, Logan street 

Adams John, printer corner Walnut Sc Eleventh'. 

Adams Peter, brickmaker Eukers alley 

Adams M. conveyancer 87 S Fifth 

Adams J. Sc R. merchants 129 Walnut 

Adams Hobert, porter 180 Shippen 

Adams Richard, wharf builder, Oak st. (N. L.) 

Adams Robert, carpenter 15 Pine 

Adams Susannah, widow Eighth near Race 

Adams Thomas, boardiAg-house 113 S W^ater 

Adams Mary, washer 431 north Third 

Adams Moses, shipwright 506 S Front 

Adams St. Lav.rence^. shoemaker 77 S Front 

Adams Martha, widow 259 S Fourth 

Adams Wm. carpenter corner Chesnut 8c Third 

Adams Wm. shoemaker 1 1 Christian 

Adams Wm. coachman Drinker's court 

Adccck William, gentleman 30 N Eighth 

Add James, mariner 10 Branners alley 

Addis Amos, carpenter 335 N Second 

Addis J. carpenter 8c wheelright Germantown road 

Adgate Daniel, accomptant 89 New 

Adler Chris, cabinet maker 300 Vine 

Adolph John, carpenter 363 JM Third 

Ager Philip, laborer Noble st. 

Agnew James, cedar cooper (J7 Lombard 

Agnew Margaret; grocer, 342 N Front 

A.iel Sc Fenton, sail makers Vine st. wharf S side 

Aikin David, mariner 177 S Fifth 

Aikin B. grocer 1 10 Cedar street 

Aiiken Jane, successor to Robt, senr. printer and 

stationer 20 N Third 
AJiken Jchn. cabinet maker 79 Dock 8c 34 S Sixth 
Aitkens John, silversmith 33 S Second 
Aitkens Mary, seamstress Gillis alley 
Akerman Samuel, printer Richardson's court 
Akin James, engraver 143 Walnut 

Alberj^er P. victualler Lawrence st. Ec 16 Third 

su'eet shambles 
Albei^er Eliza, mantua maker 64 "NT Ninth 
Alberger J. victuallcrLuwrence st. 
Alberger Susannah, mantua maker 112 N Fourth 
Alberger Henry, victualler Lawrence street and 

46 Old shambles 
Alberger John» victualler 165 N Second 
Alberson R. lumber merchant 101 vSwanson 
Albert Sc Steel, plane makers 16 Elizabeth 
Albert Casper, tavernkeeper corner of 3d 8c Brown 
Albert Henrvi plain maker 28 Elizabeth st. 
Alberti George M. D. 116 N Front 
Albertus Lewis, inn-keeper corner Dock ti?* Water 
Albright John, mafiner 6 Callowhill 
Albright Frederick"! cedar cooper 81 Brown 
Albright Ghas. musical instrument maker 25 Vina 
Albright Michael, cedar cooper 36 N Sixth 
Albright Elizabeth, widow 29 Callowhill 
Albright Conrad, shoemaker 20 High street 
Alcock William, stamp cutter 21 Coates's 
Alcorn Geo. last maker Isf leather cutter 184 S 3d. 
Alcorn Michael, sea captain 115 S Fifth 
Alexander Archibald, mariner next ^1 Queen 
Alexander John, printer Gaulfman's court 
Alexander John P. grocer 482 Sassafras 
Alexander J. cabinet maker corner Locusx '<^ 1 1 th 
Alexander Elizabeth, tayloress Shepherd's court 
Alexander Frederick, baker 433 S Front 
Alexander George, laborer Seventh near Lombard 
Alexander Lewis, segar maker 5 7 Gaskill 
Alexander Moses, carpenter 16 Sm-ali st. 
Alexander James shoemaker 147 Walnut 
Alexander James A. merchant 37 N Second 
Alexander Richard, cabinet maker 510 S Second 
Alexander Robert, grocer 27 Green 
Alexander Rachael, widow 24 Plum 
^^Alexander Samuel, goldsmith 17 S Second 
Alexander Mrs, grocer 284 S Second 
Alexander William, fruiterer 101 Sassafras 
Alkizer Wm. tanner 469 N Third 



Allardice Peter, silk dyer kc. 181 S Second 
Allchin George book-binder 3 I 3 Hi^h 
Allegam George, shipwright 170 Swanson 
Allen Aquila mariner 5 5 Green 
Allen Chamless, merchant 23 Lombard 
Allen Charles, druggist, S.:c. 160 S Second 
Allen Charles, 247 south Second 
Alien David, shoemaker 34 Christian 
Allen Edward, hatter 45 8 Sassafra^i 
Allen Enoch, shoemaker 277 S Fifth 
Allen Enoch, taylor 54 S Water 
Allen Ebenezer, laborer 184 S Fifth 
Allen Joseph, mariner 27 Christian 
Allen John, merchant 120 Spruce 
Allen Joseph, hatter 270 Sassafras 
Allen Jonathan, marjner 218 S Fifth 
Alien Joseph, jun. carpenter 60 Spruce 
Allen Samuel, marmer 69 Christian 
Allen John W. printer 82 Spruce 
Allen Jo. cooper Crocked Billet & Blackhorsc alley 
Allen Lewis, boarding house 30 Cedar 
Allen Robert, innkeeper 317 8 Third 
Allen Richard, Rev. 150 Spruce 
Allen INIary, boarding house 167 S Third 
Allen Matthew, tavernkeeper 470 S Front 
Allen Samuel, mariner 133 Plum 
Allen Sc Watts, shoemakers 4-:) S Second 
Allen Sc Wright, taylors 54 S Water 
Allen Samuel, merchant 29 Mulberry 
Allen Thomas, livery stable keeper 46 N Sixth 
Allen 8c Wattson, merchants 73 S Water 
Allen William, health officer 116 N Sixth 
Allen Wm. painter, glazier Sc innkeeper 6 Dock 
Allfred George, shoemaker 509 N Third 
Allfred Frederick, shoemaker 527 N Third 
Ailibone Thos. & Son, flour mtrchauts, corner Sas- 
safras Sc Water street 
Altibone Thomas, merchant, 53 N Fourth st. 
Ailibone William sen. currier 216 N Second 
Atlibone AVilliam, jun. merchant 98 N Fourth 
Alligood Thomas, mariner 16 Margaret 


Allison James, laborer 567 S Front 
Allminding-er Jacob, baker 130 N Fourth 
Allmon Ann, gentlewoman 33 N Second 
Allwine Wm. grocer 347 S Second 
Allwine John jun. chair maker 137 S Front 
Allwine Laurence, oil and colournian 137 S Front 
Aliwine Peter, carter Charlotte 
Alport Peter, plaisterer 42 N Eighth 
Alsop John, china merchant 233 N Second 
Alsop Othniel, merchant 32 N Front 
Altemus Leonard, taylor 43 Sassafras 
Altimus Thomas, teacher Rose alley 
Altimus James, wheelriglit, above 504 N Second 
Amberson John, grocer 12 Sassafras 
Ambroise Lewis, hair dresser 141 Lumbard 
Amies Thomas, shoemaker 172 S Second 
Amringe George V. mercliant 265 S Third 
Ancora Pietro, drawing master corner Walnut 8c 5 
Andaule Wm. sea captain 3 9 Mulberry 
Anderson Alexander, taylor 9 N Front 
Anderson Ann, widow 142 N Waier 
Anderson Charles, grocer 348 N Second 
Anderson James, carpenter Lawrence 
Anderson James, mariner 101 Catherine 
Anderson James, smith 246 N Front 
Anderson John, carpenter 45 4 Sassafras 
Anderson John, gardener Spruce above 10th 
Anderson John, taylor 14 Crabb 
Anderson Mary shop-keeper 247 S Second 
Anderson Moses, sail-raaker 4 Crabb 
Anderson Rachel, widow Hunter's-court 
Anderson Robert, tavern-keeper 4 Crabb 
Anderson Miss, shop-keeper 9 S Third 
Anderson Sarah, naantuamaker 8th near Cherry 
Anderson Samuel V. merchant 25 N Water 
Anderson Samuel, secretary to the Delaware In- 
surance Company 134 Mulberry 
Anderson Thos. boarding-house 43 N Eighth 
Anderson Thomas, sea captain 63 Shippen 
Anderson Wm. shipwright 169 S Sixth 

■ B2 

Auderson Thos. 148 Cedar 
Anderson Thos. coachman 22 N alley- 
Andrew Eve spinner Rose-alley 
Andrews Geo. tobacconist 148 Spruce 
Andrei's Charles, currier 208 St. John's 
V Andrews Hugh, cabinet-maker 280 High 
Andrews Rev. John, vice provost of the University*. 

VXhesnut above Ninth 
A6di^vs John, currier 45 I N Front 
Andrews Peter accomptant 12 Gaskill 
Andrews Peter shoemaker 12 Stamper's alley 
Andrews Robert, teacher 116 N Second 
Andrews Robert musician 140Coates 
Andrews Ruth, widow 45 Callovvhill 
Andrews Robert, ta>lor 104 Cedar 
Andrews Thomas, 'shoemaker 39 Passyunk 
Andrews Timothy, bi'icklayer Walnut above 8th 
Angeu John, cordial distiller 14 Elfreths* alley 
AnnersdovvU Thomas, shoemaker 207 N Front 
Anners Thomas S. hair-dresser 141 Chesnut 
Aiinesley Thomas, merchant i7 Powell 
Annesley Robert, merchant corner Walnut Sc Sixth 
Ansby Geo. ladies shoemaker, 139 S Second 
Anslie Wm. grocer 113 N Third 
Anson John, M. D. 20 Shippen 
Anthony J. jr. instrument-maker 25 Brewers alley 
Anthony J. sen. instrument-maker 227 N Second 
Anthony Joseph, goldsmith Sec. 94 High J 

Anthony Jacob, shipwright 57 Coates JT 

Anthony Charles, mariner 17 Parrums-alley "^ 
Anthony Mrs. nurse 386 N Third 'i 

Anthony Frederick, carter 32 Budd *v^vS 

Anthony Michael, porter 36 Budd ^5o 

Apple Ann, widow near 32 Appletree-alley 
Apple Geo. hair-dresser 48 N Fifth 
Apple Henry, gentleman Fourth corner of Crown 
Apple Henry, oak cooper 247 N Front 
Apple Philip £c Co. coppersmiths 1 1 3 N Second 
Apple Margaret, widow- 92 Christian 
Apple Jacob, shoemaker 143 St. Johns 
Apple Sc Keim, coal-merchdnts 125 N Fourth 


Apple V. cooper near the corner of York roadV 

and Vine-street 
Applet^ate Wm. shoe-maker near 456 N Front 
^Applcj^ate Sam", bricklayer Middle-alle^-^ 
Appleton C. carver 15 Butlers-court '^ 

Appo Jolin, waiter 119 S Sixth i 

V Arbitson Matthias, carter 26 Mary-street 
X^rch Michael, laborer near 2 70 St. John's 
I Archer Sam. Sc Co. merchants 36 N Front 
^ Archer James, shoemaker Goforth-alley 
J Archer Martha, shop-keeper 18 N Third 
s. Archer Sam. merchant 34 N Front 
" Ardley Robert A. grocer 181 S 5th and 236 High 
Ardis John W. accomptant Chancery-lane 
Areheart Michael, porter 223 S Eighth 
Arentrue Francis, soap-boiler corner of 6th and 
' Callov.-hiU-street 

>^ Arentrue Wm. soap-boiler 324 Sassafras 
, Argenberger C. tanner Brookes-court 
Armat Thos. W. merchant 21 N Second 
ArmTjruster Peter, feed-store Broad above Cherry 
Armbruster Catherine, widow 132 Gallowhill 
Armbruster Henry, tavern-keeper 434 N Third 
\^ Armbruster Nicholas, grocer 46 Coates 

Armbruster Matthias, Avatchmj^in 100 N Sixth 
Armour Matthew, carpenter 201 N Eighth 
Armitage Geo. silver-plater 438 Sassafras 
Armroyd G. mer. 125 S Front k Spruce above 7th 
^ Armstrong David, laborer 154 S Eighth 
\j Armstrong Christian, porter 48 Plum 
<<^ Annstrong John, «hoe-store 224 S Second 
Vi Armstrong John, harness-maker 128 S Sixth 
^Armstrong John, carpenter 88^Budd 
> Armstrong P. carter 3 1 Sassafiass-alley 
Arms-trong Richard, carter 168 N Eighth 
Armstrong Thomas, attorney at law 106 S Fourth 
Armstrong Jolm, manner 161 N Water 
Armstrong \Vm. carter Locust above Tenth 
Armstrong Mrs. Avidow 193 Walnut 
Arnaud John B. merchant 46 Union 
Arneil widow of John, shoe-store 337 S Front 


Arnold Thos. sea-captain 297 S Front 

Arnold Thos. shipwright 20 Parrams-alley 

Arnous Nicholas, exchange-broker 133 S Second 

Ar. isoD John, nail-factor 9 1 X Ninth 

Arrity Geo. oak cooper Mifflins-alley 

Arrott James, merchant 8 N Front 

Arundel Robert, sea-captain 100 Lumbard 

Art Wm shipwright 505 S Second 

Arten Alexander, sawer 102 Plum 

Asby Wm. laborer 39 Filbert 

Ash Jacob, baker Witmans court 

Ash J. lumber-merchant High above Twelfth 

Ash Joseph, grazier 144 Swanson 

Ash James, collector of the direct tax 49 N Third 

Ash Thomas, carpenter Lawrence-street 

Ash Thos. carpenter 14 S Fourth 

Ash Joshua, grazier J) 4 Christian 

Ash ^lichael, corn-chandler 220 N Third 

Ashbridge Joseph, biscuit-baker 21 Church-alley 

Ashbridge Ann Sc Sarah, shop-keepers 125 High 

Ashbridge Geo. G. & W. merchants South wharves 

Ashbridge G. G. merchant 4 Penn 

Ashbridge Wm. merchant 125 Pligh 

Abhburner John, tanner G6 S Third 

Ashby Wm. merchant taylor 83 and 99 Mulberry 

Ashley John, merchant 92 S Fourth 

Ashman Godfrey, cedar cooper, Logan street 

Ashman James, shoemaker next to 96 Gaskill 

Ashman Thos'. carpenter 10 Butlers court 

Ashman Peter, cedar cooper 456 N Second 

Ashmead Jacob, gentleman 39 5 N I'hird 

Ashmead John, sea-captain 19 Sansom 

Ashton David, blacksmith 64 Brewers-alley 

Ashton Geo. boat-builder 292 N Front 

Ashton S. cabinet-maker 233 Mullierry, 78 N 7th 

Abhton J. taylor 10 N Water kj' Si Elfreths-alley 

Ashton John, oak cooper Liberty-court 

Ashton R. teacher corner of Third and High 

Ashton Thos. spinning-wheel maker 14 Shippen 

Ash.OQ v\m. carpenter 137 N Fifth 

Askins John, shoemaker 216S Sej:ond 


Assmus John, blacksmith 27 Zane 

Aston James, carpenter 37 Queen 

Atherton Henry, teacher 13 Wood 

Atherton Nathan, carpenter 7th near Pine 

Atkins Philip, sea-captain 122 Swanson 

Atkinson John, laborer 42 5 N Second 

Atkinson Phineas, biscuit-baker 213 S Third 

Atkinson James, stage-driver 47 Brown 

Attmore Thos. rag-merchant 163 S Third 

Altmore Isaac, carpenter Callowhill near 6th 

AuU Mary, storekeeper 219 S Second 

Auner Peter, taylor 22 Greenleaf-alley 

Auriol A. dancing-mas. 117 Spruce if 147 Pine 

Austin Mrs. tayioress corner of Shippen and 2d 

Austin Johanna, widow 48 Vine 

Austin John, jeweller and goldsmith 69 south 5d 

Axel John, gentleman 77 New 

Axford Samuel L tavlor 2 50 Hl^h 

Ayerb Nehemiah, laborer 17 Plum 

Aydiott Benj. sea-captain 185 Pine 

Ay me F. miniature painter 14© south Fifth 

Azan Joseph, grocer corner of 8th and Mulberry 

Azan Rachel, silk-dyer and plumist do. 

BABINGrON Thos. laborer 385 south Front 
Babe Rachel, 69 S Wharves Sc 147 S W^ater 
Bach John, plaistefi.^f Paris gririder 267 N 2d 
Bache Wm. port surveyor 179 Walnut 
BachelGeo. agent 187 N Second 
Backus Ann, widow 408 N Third 
Bacon Job, merch. 20 Cypress-alley 
Bacon John, merchant 10 N Third 
Bacon Jos. ironmonger 24 S Second, 8 1 Unioii 
Bacon ^ Longslreth, merchants 10 north Third 
Bacon Isaac, joiner 106 N Second 
Bacon David, gentleman 24 south Second 
Bacon Flag, carpenter 372 N Third 
Bacon Samuel, taylor 306 N Second 
Bader Juliana, embroidress 40 Mulberry 


Badger Bela, cabinet-maker 74 south Fourth 

Bagnel Benjamin, mariner 103 Cedar 

Bailey Catherine, -vviuow 192 S Sixth 

Bailey B. bricklayer, 1 1th below Locust 

Baillet Francis, cook 9 Fayette st, 

Bailley Robert, carpenter 190 S Fifth 

Bailley Jacob, laborer 78 Green street 

Bailley Mrs. widow, 375 south Front street 

Baisch Ernst L. merchant 135 N Second 

Bake Sarah, gentlewoman 14 1 S Fifth 

Baker Abraham, grocer 408 N Second street 

Baker 8c Bender, lumber merchants 432 N Second 

Baker & Brooks, grocers 268 N Front 

Baker Basset, taverr.keeper I Laetitia court 

Baker Coni'«d, junr. tlourand feed store, 431 N 2d 

Baker i.*aniel, shoemaker 76 Shippen 

Baker George A. conveyancer 23 Cherry 

Baker Henry, victualler York road 

Baker Henry, junr. grocer 272 k 214 N Front 

Baker Hannah, tea whare-house 170 N Second 

Baker Jacob, baker 97 Coates street 

Baker Jacob, victualler 47 Biidd 

Baker Jacob, merchant Cliffords wharf Sc 207 N 3d 

Baker Jacob, ropeniaker 393 S Second street 

Baker John H. accomptant Wood street 

Baker John, laborer 28 Meade alley 

Baker John, one of the aldermen 154 N Second 

Baker John L. merchant Fronibergers court 

Baker John, comb-maker Juniper above Cherry 

Baker John, grocer 433 North Second 

Baker ]\Iary, widow Strembecs court 

Baker John R. merchant 89 Sassafras 

Baker Lewis Sadler Sec. Noble corner of Second 

Baker Michael carpenter 166 Mulberry 

Baker Michael, lumber merchaat 220 N Second 

Baker Michael, cabinetmaker 118 S Fourth 

Baker Margaret, widovv Sassafras near Tenth 

Baker Ruth, widow 18 Callowhili 

Baker Sarah, widov/. Sterling alley 

Baker Samuel, shopkeeper 3.^^ N Second 

Baker samuel, storekeeper 9 S Second 


Baker Samuel, carpenter 7th near Lombard 
Baker John, bakeri 44 Spruce street 
Baker Samuel, carpenter 115 N Fifth 
Baker Thomas, sea captain 13 Lombard 
Balan Andrew, boarcUng house 223 S Front 
Baldwin Francis, baker, 45 Cedar street 
Baldwin Josiah, cordwainer corner of 3d & Dock 
Ball Ann, washer 192 Lumbard 
Ball Henry, tax collecter next 37 Zane 
Ball Nathan, merchant Branch 
Ball William, gentleman 41 High 
Ball Joseph, merchanc 240 Sassafras 
Ball Israel, carpenter near 10 Oak (S) 
Ballentine Samuel, accomptant Brookes court 
Ballentine William, grocer 194 N Water 
Ballentine Jane, widow 140 S Water 
Ballenger Jacob, carpenter 98 N_Ele\enth 
Bamer Andrew, grocer §3 N Seventh 
Bancker Charles N. merchant 240 Mulberry- 
Banks John, shoemaker 20 Fitzwalter 
Banks John, shoemaker 47 German 
Banks Joseph, stevadore 4 Green 
Banks William^ accomptant 93 Sassafras 
Bankson Joseph, 133 N Third 
Bannon Samuel, shoemaker 289 S Fourth 
Bantol Abner, sea captain, 33 Coates alley . 
Barber Wm. merchant 55 N Front 
Barclay John, gentleman 37 Almond 
. Barclay 15" Hart grocers 228 N Third 
Barclay James, merchant 7 Sansom 
Barclay George, grocer 168 S Second 
Barclay Samuel, hatter 323 S Second 
Barclay, J^mes, grocer 226 N Third 
Eardon Valentine, laborer 12 Giliis alley 
Bardick John, silversmith 10 Waggon alley 
Bardick George, 156 Swanson 
Barge Jacob, gentleman 191 High 
Barger J. lumber merchant 74 S Fifth next 122 4th 
Barger Edward, painter, Sec. 12 Elbow lane 
• Barger £c Pj^ncoast, lumber yard next 122 S 4th 
Barger John, cedar cooper Fourth above Coates 
Bargle Martin, blockmaker 20 Pewterplatter alley 


Baring Samuel, nailer 112 N Seventh 

Barker Mrs- widow 144 S Eighth 

Barker James, sexton 208 S Water 207 S Front 

Barker John, sen. sheriff 1 U N Ninth 

Barker Johnjun. coach trimmer 106 N Ninth 

Barker Peter, merchant 25 Pine 

Barker ^ Annesley, merchants 7 Walnut 

Barker James, accomptant 114 N Ninth 

Barker Rebecca, nurse 66 Catherine 

Barnaby Joseph, mate 100 Swanson 

Barnard John, carpenter 362 S Second 

Barndoller Daniel, cedar cooper 393 N Second 

BarndoHer Frederick, cedar cooper 41 Sassafras 

Barns Andrew, shoemaker 65 Sassafras 

Barnes Samuel, currier 22 N Fourth 

Barnes Samuel, taylor 2S9 N Front 

Barnes James» pilots Parrams alley 

Barnes Susannah, cook shop Marys alley 

Barnes Joseph, ladies shoemaker 147 S Second 

iiarnts Thomas, jui\. 2 57 N Second 

Barnes Luther, blacksmith 12 Fayette 

Barnes John, ]ViIot 448 S Front 

Barnes Joshua, oysterman black horse alley 

Barnes Wm. painter 39 Dock 8c 157 S Second 

Barnes AVm. mate 63 Christian 

Barney J. victualler 10th near Ghesnut iJ" 65 Old 

Barnhill Robert, storekeeper 63 N Second 

Barnhill Sarah, shopkeeper 13 N Third 

Barnholt G. victualler 245 Callowhill 45* 16 New- 

^arnholt John, victualler Charles 

Barnitt Abraham, cabinetmaker 198 N Front 

Barnitt Thos. turner 198 N Front i!f 37 Keys alley 

Barnit Martha, nurse 65 N Third 

Barr Neil, bricklayer Griffiths alley 

Barr Thomas, grocer 396 N Front 

Barr Patrick, stone cutter St. George above 12th 

Barralet John J. artist 46 Filbert 

Barras Wm. carpenter Kunckle street 


Barrett John, mariner, 85 German sti-ect 
BaiTett James, laborer, 266 south Filth 
Barret Widow, back of 60 Shippen street 
Barrier Peter, baker, 73 New street 
Barrington H. 8c J. grocers corner of 2d and Brown 
Barrington C. fruiterer and bottler 216 High 
BaiTington Richard, grocer 335 and 38 1 S Front 
Barrington Ann, widow 7 Lsetitia court 
Barron Mary, widow 38 Vine street 
Barron James, oystemian 208 High 
Barry James, laborer 55 Penn street 
Barry John, jun. sea captain 206 south Third 
Barry Patrick, rigger 1 9 1 north Front 
Barry J. B. cabinet maker, 132 south Second 
Barry Mrs. gentlewoman, Chesnut near 8th 
Barry Mrs. nurse 94 N Tth 
Barry James, cutler Biddies alley 
Barry Samuel, carpenter. Spruce above 8th 
Barry E. turner corner Chesnut and 6th 
Bartholomew Michael, tobacconist 88 New street 
Bartholomew Charles, tobacconist 88 N 3d 
Bartholomew John, store keeper 6 1 Arch 
Bartholomew Mary, gentlewoman 63 S Seventh 
Bartholomew Mrs. huckster near 154 south 8th 
Bartleson Abner, taylor 190S Water Sc 191 S Front 
Bartleson Peter, carpenter, 8 1 NeM- street 
Bartlett John, laborer near 25 Prune 
Bartlett Thomas, shipwright 10 Burds alley 
Bartlett Zephaniah, mariner 267 S 4th street 
Bartling William, merchant 23 North Front 
Bartling Coni^d, carpenter 38 N Seventh 
Bartling Christleib, inspector of lumber 255 N Front 
Baiton Benjamin Smith, M. D. 184 Mulberry 
Barton Joseph, mariner 493 south Front 
Bartow Sarah, widow 128 north 3d street 
Bartram Moses, di'uggict, &c. 58 N Second 
Bartram George, gentleman, 68 south Second 
Bartram Isaac, druggist &c. 26 and 39 north Third 
Barti-am 2. printer 58 norta 2d 
Baryer Jacob, carpenter 1 2 1 Green street 



Baryer Michael, sugar boiler, 5 Wood street 

Bashford Mr^. shoebinder Elmslies alley 

Bass \Vm. A. grocer 125 Cedar 

Bass John, mariner, 44 1 south Second street 

Basset Erasmus, young ladies academy Chuich alley 

Basset Edward, mariner, 74 Penn 

Bastian Geo. tallow chandler 148 Sc 152 Muibjrry 

Batchelor Peter, ropcmaker 18 Brown street 

Batchelor C. carter. Still-house alley 

Batchelor Isaac, boarding-house 27 Penn 

Bates Benjamin, skin dresser, St. Tammany street 

Bates Benomy, lumber merchant 274 Vine 

Batho John, potter, near 466 north Front 

Batson Catharine, widow 61 south Seventh 

Batten John, porter 124 Cedar 

Batters Thomas, laborer. Prospect alley 

Batton Edward, carter, next 60 Queen street 

Batteste Dazie, 159 Cedar street 

Battes John, hairdresser 230 Sassafras 

Battes E. Health Office messenger 29 Strawberry 

Bauch IVIargaret, widow 131 Green 

Baugh Ann, shopkeeper 2 Moravian alley 

Baughman Conrad, taylor 15 Wagners alley 

Baxter James, merchant 69 Walnut street 

Baxter WiUiain, sailmaker 312 south Front 

Bayard Andrew, merchant 331 High 

Bayley Richard, merchant 1 1 1 south Third 

Bayne Niithaniel, turner 85 north Front 

Bayne Robert, coachmaker, corner ot 8th Sc Mulberiy 

Bayne Jesse, mariner 186 north Water 

Bayne Charles, blacksmith, XI\^ Chimnies 

Beach William M. druggist 326 south 2d street 

Beale P. cabinet maker 278 High Sc 26 north 9th 

Beale Joseph, cabinet maker 1 1 1 Chesnut 

Beamer Susannah, widow 93 Brown 

Beard George, carter 263 south 3d 

Beard James, laborer 3 1 Crown 

Beard John, painter, kc. 56 south 3th 

Beard ^Villian^., sea-captain 275 south 2d 

Beard John, baker S 1 6 north 2d 

Beasly St^^phcn, s'nipwright, near 236Swanson 


Bcasly Hannah, back 62 Clierry 

Beasly John, oystennan 370 north Third 

Beatcs widow of William, tobaconist 209 High 

Beates Frederick, scrivener 94 north Third 

Beatman S^ Taylor, sailmakers 6outh-strett wharf 

Beatman John, sailmaker 29 Catharine street 

Beattes Sarah, schoolmistress 68 south Fifth 

Beatty William, storekeeger 308 south Second 

Beatty Samuel, ladies shoemaker 87 Cedar 

Beatty Isaac, talloAv chandler 8 George street 

BeauiYiont Hannah, widow 55 Lombard 

Beauve Mrs. china storekeeper 159 north 3d 

Btbee Catharine, widow 270 south Third 

Bebec Wm. well-digger 18 Nicholsons court 

Bechtel Jacob, boot und. shoemaker 7 south Front 

Bechtel John, shoe dealer 50 High Street 

Bechtel George, shoemaker 187 St. Johns 

Beck John, grocer 259 and 261 south 2d 

Beck George, under sheriff 172 south Fifth 

Beck Isaiah, tavern keeper 165 north Vv'ater 

Beck and Harvey, merchants 12 and 15 south Water 

Beck George, landscape painter near 51 south Fifth 

Beck Henry, merchant 30 Sassafras 

Beck Paul, merchant 315 High 

Beck Jacob, shoemaker 70 Sassafras 

Beck Jacob, accomptant 33 St. Tammany sfre^l 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist 355 north 2d 

Beck John, combmaker 259 south Eighth 

Beck Valentine, shoemaker 262 south Third 

Becks wharf, opexs xext 15 south water st. 

Beckley Daniel, carpenter 82 north 8th, (see Bick.) 

Bedford Thomas, accomptant 178 Sassafras 

Bedford John, cordwainer 79 south 2d 

Bedford T. painter, 8cc. 28 1 north Front 

Bedford Wm. Ia.borer 135 Plum 

Bedford Joseph, porter to Pennsylvania Bank 4tl; above 

Callowhill street 
Bedos Desir, 159 Cedar 

Bedwell Thos. conveyancer. Sec. 12 Nicholsons court 
Bedwell Maria, millener 286 north 2d street 
Beere Catherine, grocer 93 Lombard 


Beigler Pliilip, victualler 13th near High 

Beish George, oak cooper 134 north Fourth 

Bekz Christiftn, baker 308 south Fourth 

Bell William, merchant 2 1 south 2d 

Bell Henry, lumber merchant 133 south 3d 

Bell William, baker 225 south Fifth 

Btll Mary, tayloress 65 Cedar 

Eeil iNlary, tayloress 1 12 back 

BeJi Jer. taylor N. E. corner of High 5c Water, and 2 

Grays alley. 
Bell John, shallopman Stillhouse alley. 
Bell Margaret, boarding-house 27 Carters alley 
Bell James, taylor St Mary's above 6th street 
Bell John, carter Eleventh above Sassafras 
Bell Alexander, cut nailor 1 70 north Eighth 
Bell Peter, sea captain ^7 Shippen > 

Bell Samuel, oak cooper 7 Prune 
Bell Thomas, carpeitter 1 62 Pine 
Bell Thomas, late sea captain 182 south 2d 
Bell W^m. sea captain near 2 1 S. Front 
Bell Samuel, sexton 60 Shippen 
Bell William, merchant 169 Chesnut, 2 Sims alley 
Bell William, stone cutter Cheny above Eleventh 
Bellows James, sea captain 74 Green 
Belsterling Jacob, innkeeper corner of Coates and 3d 
Beltzner Catherine, shopkeeper 72 Dock st 
Bender John, carpenter 442 north 2d (sc,e Binder) 
Bender John, shoemaker 98 Green 
Bender Joseph, shipwright 30 Union alley 
Bender Lewis, innkeeper 226 north 2d street 
Benedicts 8c Co. storekeepers 245 north 2d 
Benczet John, merchant 23 north Eighth 
Benger Timothy, accomptant 12th near Race 
Benkenhoffer George, cooper 174 north Eighth 
Benner George, carter 1 1 Budd ii 
Benner Henry, porter 146 south Ninth 
Benner Jacob, gentleman 189 north 3d 
Benner Peter, oak cooper 363 north Second 
Benner John, tobacconist 234 Cedar 
Benner Jacob, sea captain 57 New street 
Bennett William, carter 20 Plum 


Bennett Anthony, tanner 456 north Front 
Bennett Rosina, widow 121 New street 
Bennet Barbara, Prospect alley 
Bennet Geori^e, pilot 44 Queen street 
fiennet Christopher, grocer 255 soutli Fourth 
Bennet Nathaniel, porter 22 Oak st (S) 
Bennet James, bricklayer 180 Sassafras st 
Bennet Louisa, 54 Catharine 
Bennet Jacob, painter 9 1 Swanson 
Bennet James, shoemaker 9 Cressons alley 
Bennet John, copper-plate prifcter 160 Sassafras st 
Bennett Samuel, merchant 141 Pine 
Bennett Sarah, shopkeeper 66 Union 
Bennett Thomas, shoemaker 9 Cressons alley 
Bennett Titus, teacher 5 St. George street 
Bennett Peter, biscuit baker Liberty <:ourt 
Bennett Christopher, grocer 116'Shippen 
Bennett John, stone-cutter 397 High 
Bennett Abraham, shoemaker 315 N Third 
Benninghove J. toba6conist 47 S Front, 46 WateT 
Benninghove Jacob, Sc Co. tobacconists- 77 High 
Bennis Thomas, merchant 166 Spruce 
Benson Daniel, laborer 47 Gaskill 
Benson Wm. ragman Garden street 
Benthow E. sea captain 7 Powell street 

Bentz , ship broker 72 New street 

Bergase Cadet, merchant, 1 1 2 N 2d 
Bergmeyer Daniel, shoemaker 108 N 7th Stt^et 
Berkenbile Mathias, laboui'er Centime alley 
Berman George, organist 115 Green 
Berniaud C. china merchant 19 south 2d 
Bernanosse Cloudes, grocer 1 14 N Second 
Bernard George, 147 N 2d 
Bernard John, hairdresser 101 Cedar 
Bernaixl Margaret, widow 4 Dock 
Bemhard Andrew, 382 north Second 
Bernhardt J. boarding-house 94 N Water 97 N Frdht 
Berrett Robert, & co. insurance brokers 9 S Front 
Berrett William, ornamental painter 9 Cherry 
.Berrett Robert, merchant comer 1 1th and Chesnut 

C 2 

Berrinc^er Samuel, shoemakev 358 N Third 
Berry Peter L. cai'penter 72 south Fifth 
Berry Joseph, mate 209 Ccchir 
Berry Eleanor, widow Biddies alley 
Beriyman Joseph, bricklayer near 10 Cressons alley 
Berry man Richard, shipwright 15 Mary (S) 
Bertron David, M. D. 50 Green 
Bertroud Mrs. 93 south Fourth 
Berwick Richard, baker 4 16 Sassafras 
Besson Anthony, merchant 76 N 2d 
Besselievre Francis P. accomptant Fitzwalter 
Best Robert, grocer Hamiltons wharf and 283 S 34 
Best Hannah, widow Juniper near Vine 
Best Thomas, hatter Rose alley 
Bestel Mary, widow 2 1 Crab stdeet 
Bethausen E. M. D., 339 N Third 
Bethel Wm. ship chandler Bickleys wharf and 152 

north Front 
Betson William, shoemaker 76 German 
Bettinger ^Michael, tanner 486 'tji Third 
Bettle Samuel, merchant 1 4 south Third 
Bettle WiHiam, boarding house 121 south Water 
Beits P. nailor 17 N 7th and 138 Mulberry 
Betts Esther, widow 1 1 7 Green 
Bevan Mat. L. merchant 43 S Water and 123 S 2d 
Bevan Ann, grocer 202 north Water street 
Bevan John, painter Sec. 257 soutli Front 
Bevvley Hannah, widow 204 N Third 
Bcwley James^ taylor 204 N Third 
Bibb Elizabetli, tuyloress 1 13 German 
Bickerton Elizabeth, bo:irding house 20 Almond 
Eickerton Abel, shoemaker 28 Union alley 
Bickerton George, shoemaker 32 south 4th street 
Bickerton Anne, widow of J. tavernkeeper 72 German 


Bickham and Reese, merchants 152 and 154 High 
Bicktiam George, merchant 152 High 
l^ickham T. boatbuiider 32 Swanson 254 south Front 
Bickham Hannah, widow Johnsons court 
Bickham Caleb, stave merchant 117 Swanson 

BiCKLEy's wharf opens at 7 & 13 N. WATER ST. 


Bickley Daniel, lumber merchant 30 Callowhill 

Bickley David, grocer and dry good store 242 N Front 

Bickley Daniel, carpenter 80 north 8th 

Bickley Jacob, grocer 130 north 5th 

Bickley John, laborer Little 7th st 

Bicklow Mary, millener 89 north Front 

Bicknell Peter, bottler 33 Elfriths alley 166 north 2d 

Biddinger Henry, shoemaker Leech court 

Biddle Chs. prothonotary of C. C. P. 159 Chesnut st 

Biddle John, druggist Sec. 1 42 High 

Biddle Clement, notary public 41 and 43 Walnut 

Biddle John, shopkeeper 165 Vine 

Biddle William S. attorney at law 143 Chesnut 

Biddle Wm. M. and co. brokers 35 Dock st 

Biddle John E. taylor 145 south Fifth 

Biddle Owen, carpenter Spruce above 7th 

Biddle John, accomptant, Callowhiti near 6th 

Bigard James, biscuit baker 159 St. Johns st 

Biggs Thomas, instiniment maker 85 S Front 84 water 

Bigham Hugh, newscarrier St. Marys 

Bigler Jacob, sailmaker 129 Plum fsee Bcigler) 

Biglow Jacob, grocer 166 north Water 

Billings Thomas, teacher 53 New street 

Billington widow of Thomas, 83 south 6th 

Billion Charles, watchmaker and jeweller 173 High 

Bills William, shipwright 3 1 Christian 

Bilsland Ann, widow 281 High 

Bimboum John, mintner 14 South alley 

Binder Wm. hatter 286 north Front st (see Bender) 

Bines Robert, merchant 97 Pine 

Bines Eliakum, shoemaker, Emlens alley 

Bingard William, shipwright 10 Callowhill street 

Bingham Robert, Juniper near Cherry st 

Bingham T. T. dye sinker 8c letter cutter 25 north 2d 

Bingham Archibald, late merchant 25 north 2d 

Bingham Peter, mariner 68 Almond 

Binney H. attorney at law, corner of 4th and Mulberry 

Binny and Ronaldson, letter founders Cedar above 1 0th 

Bioren John, printer and bookseller 88 Chesnut 

Bioren Benjamin, sea captain 85 New 

Birch Thomas, jniniature painter 39 Spmce 


Birch James, taylor 387 north Front 

Birch William, enamel painter 6th near Chesnut 

Birch William Y. stationer Sec. 37 south 2d 

Birchall Caleb, hatter 46 High 

Birchead Levan, coachmaker near 350 High 

Bird Thomas, laborer Christian above Fifth 

Bird Charles, hard>vare store 225 south 2d 

Bird George, sea captain 388 N 2d 

Bird Henry, laborer 4 Sassafras alley 

Bird James, baker 26 George street 

Bisbing John, inn-keeper, corner 2d Sc Germantown 
Bisbing Eve, widow 91 Brown 
Bishop Thomas, shipwright 135 north Water 
Bishop Rev. W. 56 N Fifth 
Bishop R. B. cutler near 93 Walnut 
Bishop Robert, cumer 25 Walnut 
Bishop John, plumber 186 Pine 
Bissel John, victualler 445 south Front 
Bissel John, gentleman 19 south Third 
Bitters and Billmeyer, furriers 1 1 N 3d 
Bitting Philip, labourer near 550 N 3d 
Bitting Day, carter 147 N4th 
Bitting, widow of Lewis, mintster 39 Crown 
Blach John, mariner 5 Fitzwalter 
Black James, jeweller & hair worker 89 south 2d 
Black Ebenezer, laborer 14 Elizabeth street 
Black John, whalebone-cutter and carpenter 44 8c 1* 

south Fifth 
Black James, plaisterer Middle alley 
Black benjamin, porter near 1 19 Plum 
Black George, shipwright 24 Mary [S ] 
Black Robert, carter near 198 Cedar 
Black Wm. grocer 251 Cedar 
Black Joseph, merchant 38 N 2d 
Black John, laborer 4th above i?rown 
Black John, ship carpenter 1 1 Parrams alley 
Blackburn J. gentleman above 140 Chesnut 
Blackburn W. broker 1 1 7 Chesnut 
Blackiston Presley, shoemaker 112 south Front 
Blackman David, shopkeeper 20 Green 


Blackman W. W. flaxdresser 20 N Water 

Blackwell Robert Rev. D. D. 50 Pine 

Blackwell Jacob, wine merchant 176 south 2d 

Blackwood Hugh, merchant 18 south 2d 

Blade Rosina, widow 83 Chesnut 

Blair 5". blacksmith, 133 Lombard 

Blair Wm. cordwainer 20 Chesnut 

Blair Wm. attorney at law 5 Plum 

Blair Wm. sea captain 24 Lombard 

Blair and Workman, lumber merchants 67 Swanson 

Blake Geo. E. musical instrument maker and librarian 

1 south 3d ' 

Blake Joseph, ferryman 1 34 N Front 
Blake Joseph, mariner 247 south 3d 
Blake Timothy, hair dresser and intelligence office 

201 south Front 
Blakey and Firth, merchants 32 N*2d 
Blakie James, cabinet maker 9 Prune 72 south 4tli 
Blame Joseph, bottler 5 N 5th 
Blan Augustus, merchant 237 Spruce 
Blanc Anthony, profile painter 221 south 2d 
Blanc Joseph, grocer 373 Mulberry 
Blanc Victor coppersmith 260 N 2d 
Blanchard Mrs. soap boiler 8 1 Vine 
Blanchard John D. merchant gO High 
Blanchard Aaron, bottler 26 High 
Blanchard Samuel, laborer 14o Callowhill 
Blandford John, blacksmith 156 Sassafras 
Blane Charles, carpenter Juniper above -Mulberry 
Blayney Arthur, M. D. 165 Sassafras 
Bleas George, oak cooper 1 7 Green 
Bletterman Henry, baker 73 Lombai'-d 
Bleyler John, grocer 325 N,2d 
Bleight Samuel, M. D. 76 Mulberry 
Bliss "Susannah, mantua maker 47 Vine 
Bliss Theodore, sea captain Chesnut above Tenth 
Bloer Robert, sen. taylorand scourer 92 N 3d 
Bloer Robert, jun. dyer 226 south 3d 
Blood and M'Barron, bottlers 236 N Front 
Blum Charles, baker 198 south 2d 
BUinie Catharine, widow 180 Coates st 

Rlume John, labourer 67 N Tenth 
Bliinie George, shoemaker 1 6 Pewter platter alley 
Blumer J. C. band lx)x maker 64 N 5th 
Boach Wm. laborer 134 Coates st 
Boach Frederick, shoemaker 141 N 6th 
Boake Israel, nailor 124 Lombard 
Boate Thomas, bookbinder 181 north Front 
Bockius Godfrey, hatter 36 Lombard 
Bockius John, sea captain 322 south Front 
Boehm Daniel, \rine merchant &c. 96 north 2d 
Boggs and Davidson, merchants ^29 High 
Bohlen B, and J. merchants 67 and 69 south 4th and 

123 and 125 Walnut street 
Boker Aaron, taylor 134 south Front 
Boker Valentine, victualler 1 2th near Race 
Boiler John, merchant next 1 south 6th 
Boiler and Jordan, grocers 123 N 3d 
Bolton Aquila M. coir,'eyancer 74 N Front 
Bolton Rhoda, widow 4 Moravian alley 
Bolton Samuel, hatter 2 N Front 
Bolton William, silver plater 1 8 south 6th 
Bomberger William, carpenter, ^ankst 
Bomhoff Christian, shoemaker 431 N Front 
Bond Phineas, consul from Great Britain 173 Chesnut 
Bond Joshua B, merchant 92 south Eighth 
Bond i^enjamin, carter 4^3 N Front 
Bond widow of Joseph, 34 Queen 
Bond Jacob, saddle and harness maker 105 N 2d 
Bond Lewis, biscuit baker 333 N 2d 
Bond Wm. bricklayer Cedar near 12th 
Bone Samuel, grocer 86 N 7th 
Bonne De Aushe, gentleman 219 south Fifth 
Bonnell Charles, oak cooper 16 Vine 
Bonnell William, paper merchant 24 Chesnut 
Bonner Amos, carpenter 12 Almond (see Bunner) 
Bonneuil P. grocer and wine cooper 220 south 2d 
BoDsall Edward, conveyancer 97 south Eighth 
Bonsall Sc Shoemaker, land brokers Sec. 100 south 4th 
Bonsall Samuel, blacksmith near 133 south 9th 
Bontleon Fredeiick, victualler 168 N 5th 
Bontleon George, victualler 25oNSth, 29 O shambles 


Rontleon Henry, victualler 152 N 5di 

Book John, carpenter 189 Cherry 

Book John, taylor 299 N 2d and 58 Vine 

Boon Garrett, shipwright 440 south Ffont 

Boon A. boarding house and tavern 14 Callowhill 

Boon Jer. merchant 88 S Wharves and 100 Spruce 

Boon Susan, mantua maker 105 north 2d 

Booth Wni. gunsmith 88 south 2d and 20 N 9th 

Booth and Jones, coachmakers Brown near 5th 

Bordley Stephen, sweep 239 south 2d 

Bordley Sarah, gentlewoman 7 Union st 

Bordlie 6amuel, caulker 254 south Fifth 

Borce Joseph, merchant 93 New 

Borns John, tavernkeeper corner 6th and Callowhifl st 

Borrckens H. P. merchant 85 noith 2d 

Bosbyshel Christian, shopkeeper 120 nortl-i 2d 

Bosquet A. merchant 267 south Front 

Boss Barbara, bi-ush factory 29 N JFront 

Boss Frederick, grocer 35 N 5th 

Boissier John, merchant 108 High 

Bossier John, coachman aear 1 5 1 Spruce 

Bossier Adam, porter 257 Callowhill 

Bossio -Secundo, stable and tavern keeper I44Cediir 

Bossier Joseph, brass founder Broad near Vine 

Bostick William, boarding house 93 south Front 

Boston Charles, sweep 10 Elizabeth st 

Boswell George, tinplate worker 1 1 3 High 

Boswell Wm. oysterman 12 N Front 

Boucher A. cutler 9 1 N Front 

Boult Peter, merchant 50 south 6th 

Boulter Benjamin carpenter Wood above 8th 

Bowie Jane, widow 282 south 2d 

Bowley F. cedar cooper Brewei*s alley 

Bouvier John B. umbrella maker 196 s®uth 2el 

Bowen Ezra, sea captain 47 N 6th 

Bowen Enos, laborer 43 Coates st 

Bowen Elijah, taylor 1 1 7 Callow' hill 

Bowen, widow of Joseph, grocer 358 south 2d 

Bowen Thomas, sen. ship joiner near 99 N Water 

Bowene Thomas, chair maker 115 N 2d 

Bowene Thomras, jun. ship joiner 33 Noble 


Bowen Wm. chair maker 83 N Front 

Bowen Thos. cabinet maker 1 3 Passyunk 

Bowen Wm. coachman near 234 Ced.\r 

Bower Elizabeth, gentlewoman 40 Union 

Bowers Mrs. midwife 9 Farmers alley 

Bov/ers John, grocer 235 Mulberry 

Bowers Jacob, shoemaker 455 N Third 

Bowers George, 9 Farmers alley 

Bowei-s Michael, surgeon barber 402 N Third 

Bowers Marquis, watchman 56 N 8th 

Bowers Rebecca, tayloress 113 German 

Bowes Joseph, grocer comer 11th and Walnut 

Bowlby Edward, ironmonger 69 High 

Bowman John, carpenter Carpenter (S) 

Bowman Mrs. widow 392 N 3d 

Bowman Thomas, storekeeper 27 N Front 

Bowman Charles, hog victualler 1 4 ^udd st 

Bowman George, carpenter Cressons alley 

Bowner James, carter Tenth below Pine 

Boyce Joseph, brass founder 1 10 Cedar 

Boyce Sarah, widow 15 Grays alley 

Boyd Jesse, rigger 454 N Front 

Boyd Margaret, spinster 266 south Fourth 

Boyd Mrs. widow near 94 Coates street 

Boyd John, innkeeper 77 "Shippen 

Boyd Andrew, shopkeeper 6 High 

Boyd P. brass founder 81 High and 121 Mulberry 

Boyd Alexander, inspector of customs 60 •S't. Johns 

Boyd -Sarah, widow 4 1 Callowhill 

Boyd Thomas, waiter •Shepherds court 

Boyer Abraham, cai-penter 6 1 N Tenth 

Boyer widow, storekeeper 142 north 3d 

Boyer G. J. gentleman 156 south 4th 

Boyer Valentine, victualler near 271 N Eighth 

Boyle Patrick, laborer 2 1 4 N Front 

Boyle Philip, coachmaker 101 N Front 8c 49 south 4th 

Boyle Niel, stevadore and grocer 39 soutk W^harves 

Boyle James, accomptant 203 N Front 

Boyle Mrs. widow 271 south 4th 

Boyle James, sandman 20 Spruce 

Boyle Patrick, stevadore J 24 Catharine 


Boyle Edward, mariner MifBins alley 

Boyle Ann, \f idow 2 1 8 south 6th 

Boyle Robert, waiter 46 south Eighth 

Boyle Mrs. widow next 7 1 Lombard 

Boyle Hugh, laborer Juniper near Locust st 

Boyl Patrick, laborer Pine alley 

Boyl James, stevadore Elmslies alley 

Boys •Samuel and co. lumber merchants 515 N Fra«k 

Boys -Samuel, lumber merchant 3 1 5 north Front st 

Bozoarth Wm. carpenter Lees court 

Brackenridge *Saml. carpenter •St Johns above Willow 

Brackny Wm. tanner 358 N Third 

Bradey John, teacher 67 south Fifth 

Bradey, widow of Peter, corner Walnut and Fifth 

Bradey James, currier 207 north "Second 

Bradey John, oysterman 432 north "Second 

Bradey Robert, sea captain 577 S- Front 

Brady Charles, segar maker 261-south Front 

Brady C. L. coachmaker 183 Pine 

Brady John, mariner 42 Coates st 

Bradfoi'd Samuel F. bookseller, 4 south Third 

Bradford Thomas and Wm. printers and booksellers, 

8 south Front 
Bradford Wm. printer and bookseller 2 1 8 N Front 
Bradford Thomas, attorney at law 48 Walnut 
Bradford Thomas, mariner 159 Swanson 
Bradier John, watchman 40 Coates st 
Brading Charles, shoemaker 79 German st 
Bradley 8c Keighler, copper Sc tin smiths 102 High 
Bradley John, taylor corner Cedar and Penn 
Bradshaw Wm. shipwright 362 N Front 
Braeutigam Daniel, bookseller 194 north 2d 
Brame Henry, painter and glazier 46 N 7th 
Brand Martha, gentlewoman 1 3 N 6th 
Brandt A. Sc C. clock and watchmakers 129 N 2d 
Brandt Elijah, gentleman 1 1th near St. George st 
Brandt John, mariner Strembacks court 
Branham Ebenezer, innkeeper 164 High 
Branen Edward, umbrella maker 194 south 2d 
Br^ner George, milkman next 1 80 Vine 



Branner Frederick, milkman 2 Branners alley 
Branniman Catharine, Brooks alley 
Branson John, sailmaker 290 south 4th 
Branson Henry, carpenter 317 N Thiid 
Brantwait E. oak coof>er 4th above Brown st 
Brasier Amable, watchmaker & jeweller 23 N 3d 
Bi*avard Ebenezer, storekeeper 229 south 2d 
Bray Ann, mantua maker Pewterplatter iilley 
Brayfield Jolin, blockmakcr near 22 Christian 
Brazela Tomlin, porter near 40 Brown 
Brazington Thomas, shoemaker 456 N Front 
Brearly James, clock k watchmaker 25 N 2d 
Breck Samuel, gentleman 321 High 
Breck Samuel, carpenter 284 S Fourth 
Breece Charles, constable 1 44 Lombard 
Breidenheait Geo- & co. merchants 1 1 8 High 
Breintnall David, ladies shoemaker 11 1 S 2d 
Breish John, skindresser 249 Vine 
Brethop Henry, mate 26 Shippen 
Bretz Jacob, baker Shepherds court 
Ereuil Francis, merchant 115 Spruce 
Brevorr J. C. sea captain 41 Almond 
Brewer George, accomptant 89 Crown 
Briand John, mate 286 S Front 
Brewtoa DanieJ, sea captain 425 S Front 
Brice John, sea captain 1 2 1 Callowhill 
Bricknell Thomas, carter Juniper near Race 
Bridges Edward, attorney at law 359 S Front 
Bridges Colepepper, merchant 26 1 S Front 
Bright Michael, gentleman 126 N Abater 
Bright widow of Jacob, 177 N Front 
Bright Susannah, widow 172 N Water 
Bright k Deihl, merchants 1 1 N Water 
Briglit Mary, widow 47 Lombard 
Bright Jacob, gentleman 172 X Water 
Bright John, shoemaker 8 Carters alley 
Bright James, laborer Rose alley 
Brights wharf opens at 123 k 127 N Water 
Briggs Cliarles, grocer 380 N 3d 
Briggs Frances, mantua maker 2 Quarry 
Briggs Francis, shipwright 403 North Front 


Biinghurst John, coachmaker 23 N 5th 
Bringhurst James, sen. gentleman 131 S FroDt 
Bringhurst Mary, uidow 22 N 9th 
Bringhurst Joseph, sen. gentleman 29 Union 
Bringhurst James, jun. accomptant S 7th near Spruce 


Brinkley Rebecca, 1 3 Hurst st 
Brintca John H. attorney at law 281 High 
Brintzinghoffer F. coachmaker 64 Sassafras 
Bristling C. brewer 4 Quany 
Brisloll Mary, widow 430 N Front 
Bristoll widow of Thomas 403 N 2d 
Bristoll Thomas I« baker 3 Lxtitia court 
Brittin Joseph, tavern keeper 75 N Front 
Brittingham John, blacksmith 50 Christian 
Brittingham Solomon, ragman 10 Little Oak 
Britain ^Vhite, jun. accomptanti 1 5 S 6th 
Britton Sarah, widow 18 N 8th '^ 
Britton Joseph, sawyer near 1 9 N 6th 
Britton John, sen. merchant 259 N Front 
Britton J. jun. lumber merchant 149 N Water 
Britton Beni. Inmbef tftercl'mnt -13 Fii'>crt U Zys 

High street ^ 

Britton W. lumber merchant 26 1 N Front 
Britts Adam, innkeeper 6 Sassafras and Vine alley 
Broadly Wm. carter Callowhill above 8th 
Broadie C. Ann 8c Co. shopkeepers 5 N Front 
Brobston Joseph, grocer 15 Chesnut 
Brobston Robert, taylor 135 Chesnut 
Bronson & Chauncey, publishers of the Gaz. U. S. 

N. \V. corner Dock and W?dnut 
Brooke Boyer, jun. jiaxseed merchant 109 N Water 

and Brookes Court 
Brooke Boyer, sen. gentleman Brookes Court 
Brooks John, merchant 64 Mulberry 
Brooke Robert, surveyor near 119 N 3d 
Brooke Caleb, blacksmith near 3 1 1 N Third 
Brookes James, cabinet maker 4 1 8 S Secqnd 
Brooks James, mariner 457 S 2d 
Brooks Margaret, grocer 413 S 2d 
Brooks Catharine, shopkeeper 131 Higl> ^-jj^ 


Brook George, tanner & currier 52f N Front 

Brooks J. cooper Harpers wharf & 12 Grays alley 

Brooks William, plane maker 25 and 35 Keys alley 

BiX)oks John, tanner Callowhill street wharf 

Brooks Elizabeth, widow 30 Dock 

Brooks Margaret, milliner 1 69 Mulberry 

Brooks David, taylor 19 Strawberry 

Brooks William, baker 1 1 Grays alley 

Broom Elias, cooper 54 Swanson 

Broom Thomas, shoemaker 1 1 8 Cedar 

Broom Hannah, widow Emlens court 

Broonti Thomas, cooper 1 6 Almond 

Broom & Glading, oak coopers 28 Swanson 

Broom Christopher, carter 76 Budd 

Broome William, carpenter 24 N 4th 

Browerass Francis, storekeeper 122 S 5th 

Brotherton Reuben, ^hip joiner Noble st 

Broubert William, laborer 375 Mulberry 

Brown Andrew, teacher 43 S 5th 

Brown Christian N. Broad near High 

Bro^vn Armit, merchant, Chesnut above Twelfth 

Brown A^mi, tayloress 20 1 Mulberry 

Brown Benjamin, chair maker 248 N 2d 

Brown Charles, innkeeper 8 \ N 7th 

Brown Da\id, sea captain 66 Christian 

Brown Daniel, sea captain 306 S Front 

Browne Eleanor, seamstress 142 Cedar 

Brown Ezra, shoemaker 443 N Second 

Brown F. copper plate printer 1 1 8 Chesnut 

Brown Francis, taylor Walnut above 8th 

Bmwn Grace, widow 9th above Arch 

Brown Geo. jun. 8c Co. tobacconists 138 N 2d 

Brown Jacob, watchman 1 8 Small street 

Brown George, tobacconist 8c innkeeper 73 High 

Brown George F. carpenter Spruce above Tenth 

Brown George, blacksmith 127 Callowhill 

Brown Henry, whitesmith 452 Sassafras 

Brown Hanse, sea captain Fearis court 

Brown Isaiah, laborer 180 Plum 

Brown Jacob, iron store 161 8c 167 N Second 

Brown James, merchant Chesnut above 1 0th 


Brown James, shopkeeper S I S Front 
Brown James &c Co. merchants 13 S Front 
Brown James, accomptant 265 S 4th 
Brown James, skindresfter 287 Vine 
BrovvTi Jesse, waiter 87 N 7th 
Brown John, mariner 4 Butlers court 
Brown John, blacksmith 34 Budd 
Brown John, master rigger 8 Margaret 
Brown John, mariner 59 Crab alley 
Brown John, silver plater 1 Elbow lane 
Brown John, taylor 28 Parrams alley 
Brown John, laborer 8 Branners alley 
Brown John, grocer 20 Passyunkroad 
Brown John, tanner & currier 69 Plum 
Brown John, mariner back of lOLetitia court 
Brown John, cooper 140 Brown 
Brown John, shoemaker 5 South alley 
Brown John, sea captain 23 Powell street 
Brown John, merchant, 1 8 Pine street 
Brown John, gentleman 376 N Front 
Brown John, carter 241 St Johns 
Browne Pet«r &; Son, shipsmiths and lumber mer- 
chants 331 N Front 
Brown Joseph, blacksmith corner Lombard & 6th 
Brown I. rag merchant 147 Brown 
Brown Lewis R. merchant 44 Filbert 
Browne Liberty, jeweller 70 S Front 
Brown Martha, comer Walnut & 5th 
Brown Mrs* tayloress 202 S 5th 
Brown Mrs. 246 south Front 
Brown Michael, sea captain 1 1 Callowhill 
Brown Mathew, shipwright 245 S Front 
Brown Mathew, 67 Catharine 
Brown Martha, boarding house next 112- Walnut 
Brown Mary^ midwife 1 1 Callowhill 
Brown Michael, master rigger Margaret 
Brown Mary A. widow 18 Almond 
Brown Paul, taylor 1 1 N Front 
Brown P. shipsmith 141 N Front Sc 197 Arcb 
Brown Philip, taylor 188 Cedar 

D 2 


Browne Rachel, Midow 12 Sassafras 
Rix)wn Peter A. attorney at law 128 S Fourth 
Brown Samuel, painter 3 Lodg^e street 
BroAvn Richard, grocer 67 N Water 
Brown Samuel, laborer 1 40 Brown st - 

Brown Samuel, laborer near 163 Pine 
Brown Sarah, innkeeper 2 1 1 Mulberry- 
Brown Sarah, widow 1 00 Mulberry 
Brown Thomas, sea captain 4 1 Union 
Brown Thomas,, carpenter near 37 N Third 
Brown Thomas, mariner 16 Parrams alley 
Brown Thomas, oak cooper 1 13 south 2d 
Brown Thomas, grocer 17 Swanson 
Brown Thomas, M. X). 9 Passyunk road 
Brown Thomas, grocer 1 30 S Ninth 
Brown Thaddeus, china store 42 S 2d 
Brown Wm. and Abia, ship builders 1 Oak [N L} - 
Brown Wm. B. and^Son, biscuit bakers 169 N Water 
Brown William, labourer 136 Cherry 
Brown William, balcksmith 21 k 29 Green 
Brown William, laborer 12 Meade alley 
Brown Wm. B. biscuit baker 1 1 Vine 
Brown Wm. grocer corner 4th and Plum 
Bix)wning Samuel, shoemaker Noble st 
Brugiere Chas. Sc A. Tessiere, merchants 89 High 
Brum John, hatter Still house alley 
Biaim Philip, sea captain St Georges above 9th 
Bininer Solomon, shoemaker lOsCoates 
Bruner Catharine, nurse Lombard near lOth 
Bruner Adam, skindresser 353 N 2d 
Brustar Samuel, late shipwright Beech 
Brustar James, mast maker Queen (K) 
Brustar Henry, mast maker Beach 
Bryant Schlatter, merchants 129 High 
Bryan Joel, innkeeper corner Vine & 4th 
Bryan Guy, merchant 223 Mulberry 
Bryan Mrs. widow 274 N Second 
Bryan Griflfin, near 79 N 5th 
Bryan Peter, gix)cer 158 S. Third 
Bryan John, laborer 192 Mulberry 
Bryiint &c Yard, cabinet makers 1 9 Apple tree alley 


Bryant Thos Jefferson, apothecary 449 N 2d 

Bryant Margaret, huckster 163 S 5th 

Bryant Thos. cabinet maker 8c grocer 138 N Front 

Bryant John G. chymist, Sec. 254 S 2d 

Bryden W. carpenter 84 S Third 

Brysack George, porter Wood above 8th 

Buchanan Alexander, shoemaker Locust near 12tli 

Buck C. N. merchant 24 S Front 

Buck Mary, widow, 3 Reeds alley 

Buck Hugh, blacksmith 130 south 5th st 

Buck George, cedar cooper 188 north 2d 

Buck William, 185 south Seventh 

Buck William, stable keeper 123 Pine 

Buckington Joshua, accomptant 68 Zane 

Buckley Adam, cedar cooper 258 St. Johns 

Buckley Isaac, meal store 389 N Front 

Buckley Wm. & A. M. merchants 87 S 3d &: 147 S 

Front street 
Budd Joseph, hatter 4 N Front 
Budd Charles, ironmonger 5 N Second 
Budd William, M. D. 137 Sassafras 
Budwine James, carter 46 Passyunk road 
Buglas Mary, boarding house 1 2 Combs alley 
Bulger James, storekeeper 72 N 5th &c 14 Quarry 
Bull John, carter Charles st 
Bullock Joseph, treasurer to the Germantown 5c Per- 

kiomen turnpike, Walnut above Eighth 
Bumbach Martin, grocer S. E. corner of Green 8c 3d 
Bumget John, laborer 12 Hurst st 
Bundy S. baker 531 south Front 
Bunkham Charles, coachman 9 1 south 5th 
Bunel John, gentleman Locust above 7th 
Bunner Jacob, sea captain 57 New 
Bunner E. boarding house 125 south 3d 
Bunner Sarah, widow 95 Pine 
Bunting P. S. grocer 96 and 1 13 Sassafras 
Bunting Charles S. merchant 1 1 1 Sassafras 
Bunting N. blacksmith 9 German Sc 395 south 2d 
Bunting John, carpenter 172 south 6th 
Bunting Jonathan, merchant 97 Chesnut 
Buntmg Josiaii, lumber merchant 5 St. George 

Byer Adam, tinplate worker 16 Starr alley 
Byerly Christopher, late oak cooper 259 High 
Byrne Authur, grccer 44 south Water 
Byrne Mathias, sea captain corner of Front and Pine 
Byrne Patrick, gentleman 86 south Front 
Byrne Redmond and Son, grocers 37 south Water 
Byrne Patrick, bookseller and stationer 182 High 
Byrne John, hair dresser 249 south Front 
Byrne Edmund, boarding house 100 N Thitd 
Byron Joshua, 249 N Front 
By waiter Vv m. shoemaker 498 south Front 

CADWALLADER Thomas, attorney at law, 17% 
Chesnut street 
Caillebaux Wm. baker 57 Lombard 
Cain Alexander, comedian 155 S5th 
Cake Ann, widow 268 S Fifth 
Cake Joseph, hatter 106 N Front 
Cake Paul, bricklayer 263 S Fourth 
Caldcleugh and Thomas, stationers 68 Chesnul . 
Calderwood A. watchmaker 22 Strawberry 
CaWwell James, blacksmith 422 N Front 
Caldwell Martha, wido\7 9 Sansoxn st 
Caldwell John, shoemaker Emslies alley 
Caldwell Charles, M. D. 211 S 2d 
Caldwell James, merchant 3 S Wharves 6 JjEMreH 
Caldwell D. clerk of the D and C C P 59 S 7tb 
Caldwell Jonathan, laborer Artillery lane 
Caldwell Richard, coachman middle alley 
Caldwell R. A. cordwainer 427 S Frorit 
Call J. harness maker 125 S Fifth 
Callaghan Mary, 4 Pewterplatter ^ley 
Callaghan Elizabeth, widow 21 Lombai'd 

Callaghan , carpenter 1 74 N 4th 

Callaghan M. botler 62 German 33 Shippen 
Callaghan Charles, grain measurer 28 Lombard 
Callaghan Mrs. merchant 1 69 south Water 
Callahan Michael, dealer U2 Swansoa 

Callan Wm. grocer 242 south 6th 
Callender & Shipley, merchants Spruce st wharf 
Callender Thomas, fiour aierchaut 97 High 
Callender James, sea captain 97 High 
Callopen Margaret, nurse 74 New 
Calvert Thomas, innkeeper 34 N 4th 
Calvert Nathaniel, sea captain 290 S Front 
Cameron Eliza, mantua maker 166 north 2d 
Cameron John, turner Mifflins alley 
Cameron Daniel, oysterman 48 German st 
Cameron James, golden swan 69 N Thii^ 
Cameron A. carpenter Webbs alley 
Camm William, hatter 46 N Third st 
Campbell Anthony, laborer 278 south 3d 
Campbell Anthony, baker 1 1 Swanson 
Campbell Andrew, shoemaker, Farmers Row 
Canspbell Alexander, shoemaker 83_Ceda.r 
Campbell Alexander, grocer 20 George st 
Campbell Catharine, widow 4 19 south Front 
Campbell George, attorney at law 102 south 4th 
Campbell Hugh, taylor 138 N Water 
Campbell James, grocer 62 north 6th 
Campbell James, grocer 458 N Third 
Campbell James, soap boiler 298 Vine 
Campbell James, sea captain 8 1 Cedar 
Campbell James, bricklayer 398 Sassafras 
Campbell John, shoemaker Emlens court 
Campbell John, taylor 36 and 62 N Water st 
Campbell John, baker 28 Brown 
Campbell John, gentleman 1 7 1 south 3d 
Campbell Jacob, rigger 68 St. Johns 
Campbell Joseph, bricklayer 1 1 th below St. George 
Campbell widow of Wm. sea captain 52 south eSi 
Campbell Mary, widow 57 Meade alley 
Campbell Robert, storekeeper 296 Vine st 
Campbell Sarah, widow 243 Cedar 
Campbell Patrick, shoemaker Filbert above 10th 
Campbell William, 5 Marys alley 
Campbell William, oak cooper 238 N Front 
Campbell William, cabinet maker 136 south 4th 
Campion, filizabeth, 14 St. Johns 


Canby Eli, merchant, 63 south Wharves 31 5prucc 

Canby Thomas J. merchant 462 ^Sassafras 

Canlon Patrick, bricklayer 267 N Front 

Cann Charles, laborer 254 south Fifth 

Cannon Ann, widow 2 Brewers alley 

Cannon James, merchant 27 High 

Cannon Mary, widow 12 Farmers alley 

Cannon Thomas, breeches maker Elmslies alley 

Cannon John, carter Cedar above lOth 

Canton Robert, laborer 4th above Brown 

Cany Charles, 204 south Fourth 

Cany Lewis, gentleman 80 Gaskill 

Capdevielle Jacques, merchant 138 N Front 

C^pitoe Henry, laborer 160 "St. Johns 

Capp John, grocer 241 High 

Cap ron Mrs. ladies academy 13 south 5th 

Carden John, shoemaker 37 'J Front 

CardifiP Clement, ^ak cooper 10 Penn 

Care Peter, merchant 12 south Front 

Care John, saddle tree maker 122 north 5th 

Care Jesse, saddle tree maker 106 N 7th 

Care Peter & son, merchants 52 south Wharves 

Carey Mathew, printer 8c bookseller 122 High 

Carey Mrs. mantua maker 88 south 3d 

Carless^John, smith and farrier Pearsons court 

Carless -Samuel, carpenter 173 Cherry 

Carlile A. ironmonger 102 N Front, 139 High 

Carlile John, shoemaker 23 Catharine 

Carlisle W"m. trader 1 1th near Pine 

Carlin Grace, widow. Oak [N. L. ] 

Carlin Jonathan, bricklayer -Says alley 

Carls John, smith and farrier Pearsons court 

Carlysle Alexander, gentleman 8 1 south 5th 

Carlysle John, grocer 46 south 5th 

Carmalt Jonathan, yeoman 295 N 3d 

Carmalt Thomas S. taylor 27 Brown 

Carmalt Caleb, office of the Hand in Hand insurance 

company 99 High 
Carman Jacob, carpenter 1 32 S 4th 
Carman James, hatter 25 High 
Carney Thomas, laborer 273 S Thiixl , 


Cames John, mariner Christian 

Cams Richaixl, carter 20 Elizabeth 

Carpenter Isaac, ladies shoemaker 101 south 2d 

Carpenter John, taylor 255 south 2cl 

Carpenter John, carpenter 206 Coates st 

Carpenter John, currier Taylors alley 

Carpenter John, jun. bookbinder 19 Carters alley 

Carpenter John, taylor 6 1 Shippen st 

Carpenter Sc Martin, sail makers Almond street wharf 

Carpenter -S'amuel, painter Sec. 205 south 2d 

Carpenter •S'amuel, carter 288 St. Johns 

Carpenter «SamueI, sailmaker 22 Parrams alley 

Carpenter widow, 99 south 5th 

Carpentier L. D. merchant 125 "Sassafras 

Carr Anthony, laborer 65 Budd 

Carr Benjamin, professor of music and Editor of the 

musical Journal, next 159 Chesnut 
Carr Edward, saw maker 158 -Sassafras 
Carr Isaac, shoemaker 53 Callowhill 
Carr Mrs. widow 24 Elfriths alley 
Carr M. teacher Zane street 
Carr Jacob, victualler 106 N 6th 15 O shambles 
Carr John, cabinet maker 83 Vine and 175 N 3d 
Carr Joseph, carter near 24 Oak st (N L ) 
Carr Revd. Mathew, St. Augustine church and rector 

of the same, Vic. Gen. etc. 
Carr Mary, boarding house 30 Apple tree alley 
Carr Robert, shoe dealer 24 High and Peififers alley 
Carr Robert, printer 5 and 10 Church alley 
Carr Robert, cutler 388 south 2d 
Carr Thomas, breeches maker 5 Plum 
Carr Sophia, nurse near 1 5 Brewers alley 
Carr Susannah, boarding house Quarry st 
Carr Wm. engraver 9 1 south 2d 
Carragan Jacob, carpenter 204 Cherry 
Carrell Edward, merchant "Spruce street wharf 
Carrell John, ironmonger 32 High 
Carroll Patrick, nailer 14 German 
Carroll John, hair dresser "Strembacks court 
Carsdorp Eliza^ teacheress 266 south Front 



Carson ^arali, widow 5 1 Cherry 

Carson Patrick, porter 78 south Front 

Carson Peter, blacksmith corner Walnut and 8th 

Carson Charles, porter 78 south Front 

Carson Christopher, 265 N Front 

Carson George, mariner 1 4 Mary st (S) 

Carson Hugh, bricklayer 2 1 8 south 2d 

Carson James, teacher 127 Cedar and 60 GaskiH 

Carson Jemima, boarding house 129 Mulberry 

Carson Jonathan, innkeeper 198 south 4th 

Carson Joseph, merchant 104 south Front ' 

Cai swell Samuel, and Co. merchants 52 Chesnut 

Carstairs Thomas, carpenter 76 south 8th 

Cart Ann, widow 289 south 4th 

Carter Isabella, boarding house 39 Catharine 

Carter John, shipwright 392 N Front 

Carter Joseph, painter 8c glazier south 12th 

Carter John, mariner, 83 N 5th 

Carter Samuel, poiter 1 55 N 6th 

Carter J. painter 1 1 3 Chesnut and 7th near Cedar 

Carter 5. cooper 94 N Front and Mulberry wharf 

Carter William, turner 82 N 6th 

Carter W^illiam, mate 263 N Front 

Carteret Daniel, windsoi' chair maker S93 5 Front 

Carteret widow of Daniel, 22 ^hippen 

Carteret Joseph M. cabinet maker 399 south From 

Carty Josiah -S. hatter 41 south -Front 

Carty Charles, rigger 14 German 

Carver Jacob, watchmaker 4 N 2d 

Carver Mrs. milliner 12 Carters alley 

Carver -Samuel, 43 'Spruce 

Casal J. stable keeper 207 south 4th 

Case John, boarding house 1 70 N Water 

Cash C. carter 456 N 2d 

Cash Thomas, inspector of customs^ 63 New 

Casnor Jacob, victualler 121 Green 

Casnor Enoch, shoemaker 105 N 9th 

Cass(2dy Edward, porter 230 Catharine 

Cassady William, mast maker 453 south Fro'.it 

Cassady Nicliolas, shoemaker 60 Swanson 

Casscdy Samuel, laborer Oak (N L) 


Casson Lewis, grocer corner 2cl and Shipp^n 

Castles Robert, storekeeper 2 10 south 2d 

Castles J. shoestorc 44 High 3 1 5 south Front 

Caston Kenry, printer Juniper lane 

Caston Bennet, storekeeper 70 New 

Cathcart Wm. boatbuilder 9 Artillery lane 

Cathers David, carver 3 Fearis court 

Gathers John, shopkeeper 1 10 Cherry 

Catnach Donald, fi'uiterer 1 15 High 

Cathrall Isaac, M. D. 23 Mulberry 

Cathrall benjamin, teacher 55 Cherry . 

Cathrall Edward, shipwright Coates court 

Cauffman Henry, laborer 3 1 7 N 3d 

Cauffman Charles, accomptant 73 N 8th 

Cauftman J. shoemaker comer Water and Sas«&fi*as 

Cauffman Joseph, gentleman 14 Chejry 

Caull Wm. baker 78 Cherry 

Cauley John, ropemaker 563 soutlir-Front 

Cauren Nicholas, baker 49 Lombard 

Cave Thomas, tax collector 185 Ix)mbard 

Cave Elizabeth, grocer 114 Lombard 

Cavender Chas. Rev. 88 N 9th 

Cavenough Jeremiah, victualler 32 Mary (S) 

Cavenough Edward, laborer 222 Cedar 

Cecil Charles, locksmith near 105 Walnut 

Cetti A. and co. print and glass store 2 1 4 High 

Cetti Anthony, fruiterer 88 High 

Chaird Geo. laborer 141 N Water 

Chamberlain Benjamin, shoemaker 27 N 3d 

Chamberlain & Cole, merchants 26 Chesnut 

Chamberlain Jas, G. merchant 122 Spruce 

Chamberlain John, guager 26 South alley 

Chamberlain Richard, carpenter 35 Coates alley 

Chambers James, ligger 50 Callowhill 

Chambers John, laborer 53 Passyunk 

Chambers Geo. taylor 8 N Water 17 Cherry 

Chambers John, innkeeper 16 N Third 

Ckampneys R. R. merchant 1 5 Sansom 

Chancellor Wm. & Co. merchants 157 High 

Chancellor Grace, boarding house 207 N 2d 

Chancellor Wm. merchant 6 N 4th 

Chandler James, gentleman 95 Vine 
Chandler Thomas, merchant 36 Sansom 
Chandler James, innkeeper 125 Mulberry- 
Chandler Chi?; shoemaker 500 S Front 
Chandler Thos. & co. merchants 14 S 2d 
Chapin Nathan, teacher near 134 S 5th 
Chapman Wm. Ubourer 291 S 4th 203 Cherry 
Chapman Geo. R. ironmonger 22 High 
Chapman John, Windsor chair maker 140 S 8th 
Chapman Luke, turner 180 S 6th 
Chapman Job, laborer 75 Plum 
Chapman James, mariner 168 Shippen 
Chapman Wm. gentleman 79 Callowhill 
Chapman Wm. shopkeeper 227 N 3d 
Chappie James, mariner 340 S Front 
Chardon A.paperhangin;^ manufactory 71 S 2d & 323 

Charton Richard, mariner 70 German 
Chase Richard, laborer Aliens court 
Chatton Bysha, taylor Rose alley 
Chase Eliza, widow Prune 
Chatham Sarah, spinster 61 N 6th 
Chaudron S. Sc co. watchmakers &; jewellers 1 2 S Sd 
Chauncey Charles, attorney at law 46 Walnut 
Cheesman David, bricklayer 160 Cherry 
Cheesman Richard, mariner 282 S Front 
Cheesman Abner, laborer Coopers court 
Cheever Wm. oak cooper 1 1 Butlers court 
Cherry David, grocer 142 Spruce 
Chester James, shoemaker 246 N 2d 
Chevalier Mary, widow 97 Callowhill 
Chevalier Samuel, tanner York road 
Chever Wm. & co. shoe-warehouse 48 High 
Chew Benjamin, sen. gentleman 110 S 3d 
Chew Jeffery, carter 258 S 5th 
Chew widow of William, boarding house 46 Spruce 
Chiene M. £c co. dry goods store, 104 S 2d 
Chierdel Paul, taylor 126 N Front 
Childs Jesse, storekeeper 354 N 3d 
Childs John, printer 8 Pear 
Childs Thomas, sea captain 268 S 6th 


Child Henry, ironmonger 422 N 2d 
Chittendon Nathaniel, sea captain 45 Christiaw 
Christberger John, laborer 1 Green 
Christian Anthony, mariner Coxe alley 
Christian Peter, biscuit baker 126 N Water st 
Christian Elizabeth, widow 129 N Front 
Christie H. grocer 2 N Water and 80 Front 
Christie Euphemia, boarding house 1 1 south 6th 
Christie James, grocer 221 Brown 
Christie David, M. D. 80 Pcnn 
Christmas Samuel, carpenter 189 south 6th 
Christmas John, laborer Taper alley 
Christopher widow of John, 182 Lombard 
Christy Robert, boot & shoemaker 27 south Front 
Christy Dennis, laborer 120 German 
Christler Jacob, shopkeeper 3 N Third 
Chubb Sarah, widow 236 N Front- 
Church John, M. D. 266 south 2d~- 
Church Samuel, gentleman 293 south Front 
Church John, bleeder 231 south Front 
Church Dennis, whitesmith 2 Vernon st 
Church Sylvanus, sea captain 23 Green 
Churchman M. accomptant 4 Laurel 
Chure Jacob, baker 8 1 Sassafras 
Cist Charles, printer, 104 north 2d 
Cithcart & Clinton, boat builders Oak [N L] 
Cithcart Wm. boat builder 7 Artillery lane 
Claedy -Samuel, coachmaker 10 south 7th 
Clampffer Adam, assistant sheriff 21 Elfriths alley 
Clapier Lewis, merchant 6 Lombard, 216 5' Front 
Clare William, grocer 266 south Third 
Claridge Philip, grocer S. E. comer of Vine 8c 5th 
Clark Benjamin, clock and watchmaker 36 High 
Clark Caleb, oysterman Oak st [N. L.] 
Clark E. clock 8c watchmaker corner Front 8c Water 
Clark Israel, porter, cable lane 
Clark George, carter 1 5 Hurst 
Clark Daniel, accomptant 18 Gaskill 
Clark Hugh, carpenter 76 north 6th 
Clark James, grocer corner German and Third 

E 2 


Clark John, mariner 6 1 Mea^le alley 

Clark Jacob, grocer 55 N Water 

Clark John, sea captain 255 N 2d 

Clark John L. merchant 32 N Fifth 

Clark Mary, Midow Brittens alley 

Clark Mary, 32 Branch st 

Clark Mary, ^ridow 33 Powell 

Clark Neil, laborer 9 Wood 

Clark Oliver, rigger Emlens court 

Clark W. grocer corner Queen 8c Frankford road 

Clarke Joseph, teacher 12 N Fifth 

Clarke Joseph, weaver 42 ^t. Johns 

Clarke Miss, 136 south 6th 

Clarke John, tavernkeeper 1 1 9 south Water 

Clarke John, shoemaker 4 Oak [S] 

Clarke Joseph, grocer 3 S Water 91 north 2d 

Clarke Matthew, oysfeerman 202 south Water 

Clarke Robert, tannei^ 149 Coates 

Clarke Samuel, merchant 227 south Front 

Clarke widow of Samuel, SS X Fifth 

Clarke Samuel, bricklayer 191 N 2d 

Clarke Wm. portrait 8c miniature painter 78 Union 

Clarke Wm. storekeeper 1 3 1 Plum 

Clarke Widov»-, boarding house 192 Mulberry 

Clarkson J. merchant 83 Union Sc 48 S Whan'es 

Clawges Joseph, painter 17 Chesnut 

Clawges Daniel, painter next 188 Vine 

Clawges J. sen. measurer of painter's work 1 1 7 N 5th 

Claxton John, shipchandler 7 S wharves 8c 19 Arch 

Claxton Elizabeth^ widow 76 Crown st 

Clay George, sea captain 1 70 "J 

flay Robert, sea captain 170 v Chesnut street 

Clay Curtis, sen. gentleman 170 J 

Clay Curtis, jun. gentleman 29 Sansom 

C^SkY ^^t^r^hj widow seamstress 1 4 Oak (S) 

Clay Joseph, member to Congress 153 south 6th 

Claypook Abraham G. accomptant Little Seventh 

Claypook David C. gentleman 1 1 3 spruce 

Claypoole Jos. late city commisssioner 4 south Front 

Claypoole John, upholsterer 72 south Front 

Claypoole Joseph, jun. hatter 4 south Front 


Oiaypoole Josiah, shoemaker corner Coates Sc P^ront 

Clayton C coacbmaker corner 7th and Mulberry 

Clayton Mary, widow 268 Mulberry 

Clayton Samuel, shoemaker near 254 south 5th 

Clayton Stephen, boot &c shoemaker 22 south 4th 

Clayton Margaret, seamstress 53 German 

Clayton Thomas, hatter 126 5 Front 

Cleavenger Squire, taylor 6 Water 48 Race 

Cleaver Phihp, cedar cooper 217 N 8tli 

Cleaver Jesse, lumber merchant 286 N 2d 

Cleaver Jesse, tavern keeper 344 N Front 

Cleland Chas, bookbinder 31 Walnut 

Clemens Janies, merchant 90 5" 3d Sc 126 S 2d 

Clemens Edward, fruiterer 43 8c 255 High 

Clemens Joseph, perfumer 102 S 2d 

Clemens Jacob, carter 37 1 Arch st 

Clemens Ruth, widow Noble - 

Clemens John, laborer 21 Parrams alley 

Clement Jacob, grocer 15 High 78 N Front 

Clement Joseph, accomptant 130 ^'ine 

Clements J. W. Sc cp. 54 south wharves 

Clemons Hugh, mariner 8 ^Swanson 

Clemson Thos. dealer in bolting cloths 268 High 55 

Clew Wm. ladies shoemaker 3 1 5 Mulberiy 
Clifford Thomas, merchant next! 9 2 High 
Cliffords wharf opens next 29 N Water 
Clifton Frances, and Ann Maria, 7 N 6th 
Clifton James, sea captain 78 Almond 
Clifton John, merchant near 273 south Front 
CUftonJehu, carpenter 106 N 8th 
Clifton & Tatem, sail makers 79 S wharves 
Cline Abraham, grocer 90 N 7th (see KlineJ 

Cline Elizabeth, widow 68 N 6th 
Cline John, taylor 429 N Front 
Cline George, shoemaker 505 N 3d 
Cline Jacob, porter Logan st 
Cline George, shipwright 424 S 2d 
Cline Elizabeth, widow 388 5 Front 
Cline George, tanner 317 N 3d 
Gline Joseph, oak cooper 352 N Front 


Cline Henry, taylor 49 N Stb 

Cline Sc Long, dealers Hamiltons wharf 

Cline widow, baker next 3 1 Sassafras alley 

Clinton Robert, accomptant 7 1 Union 

Clinton Mary, midwife Locust abo%*e Tth 

Clinton Geo. well-digger Locust above 7th 

Clinton Elizabeth A. boarding house 5 S 4th 

Cloathinger iividow of Samuel, S75 N Front 

Clop John, whitesmith 99 N 4th 92 New 

Close Mary, widow 5t Tammany 

Close Ann, widow Farmers alley 

Close Christian, comchandler 8 1 Passyunk 

Clothberry John, biscuit baker 6 Meade alley 

Clothier Mrs. 375 N Front 

Cloua Charles, F. skindresser and parchment maker, 

5 1 Callowhill £c corner Margaretta 8c Cable Lane 
Cloud Jos. smelter and refiner in the mint 39 N 7th 
Cloud John, shipwright 236 Swanson 
Clorer P. blacksmith 109 Cheny 
Cluley John, wirefender and cage maker 34 5 3d 
Clyker Sc Cook, bakers 1 1 2 ^hippen 
Clymer Maria, widow 483 N 3d 
Clymer Geo. printing press maker near 341 Callowhill 
Clymer Geo. President of the P. Bank 11 N 8th 
Clymer Jacob, candle box maker 128 Coates 
Clymer Jacob, carpenter Johnsons court 
Coates Daniel, currier 197 north 2d 
Coates George M. merchant 26 N 3d 
Coates John, shipwright 156 Swanson 
Coates John R. attorney at law Chesnut above 8th. 
Coates John, cook Margaretta St. 
Coates Josiah L. merchant 60 N 3d. 
Coates & Randolph, merchants 6 N 2d. 
Coates Samuel, merchant 82 S Front 
Coates Thomas, grocer comer of Sassafras 8c 3d. 
Coates widow of William Esq. 382 N Front 
Coates Wm. broker 32 Chesnut 
Coburn John carpenter 57 Green 
Coburn John, rigger 33 Mulberry 
Cobb John, carpenter 8c gmcer 277 S. fourth 
Cochran JoAn, baker near 550 High 


Cochran Mary, tavern keeper 32 S 8th 

Cochran Mary, schoolmistress 403 S Front 

Cochran John, tobacconist St Mary st 

Cochran Robert, blacksmith Filbert above Tenth 

Cochran Robert, carpenter 124S 6th 

Cochran widow, boarding house 14 Carters alley 

Cochran Robert, printer 108 Sassafras 

Cochran Hugh, bookbinder 108 Sassafras 

Cochran Hugh, grocer & tavern keeper 204 S 5th 

Cock J. T. teacher 386 S 2d 

Cocker Edmund, accomptant 45 1 S 2d 

Cockburn W. J. gentleman Hudsons lane 

Coffee G. F. sprig nail cutter 28 Elizabeth st 

Coffie J. W. painter See. near 64 Dock st 

Coffin Nicholas, printer 28 New. 

Cogil Jonathan, carpenter 13th above Cherry 

Coglan John, bookbinder 276 N Second 

Cogle Mary, widow 4 1 8 S Second 

Coffien Albert, sea captain M'culloughs court 

Cohen E. merchant 42 N Fifth ^ 175 High 

Cohen Mrs. B. 293 High 

Cohen Mrs. 69 S Fifth 

Cohen Jacob, near 1 Cherry 

Cohen Abraham, broker 5 Greenleafs court 

Coit Richard, shoemaker 7 Small st 

Cole Ajithony, laborer Schivelys alley 

Cole Elias, carpenter 343 Callowhill 

Cole Patrick, mariner 48 south Eighth 

Cole William, laborer 40 south Eighth 

Cole William, carpenter 186 Sassafras 

Cole James H. merchant 157 Spmce 

Cole John, taylor 3 1 Walnut 

Coleman Adam, shoemaker back 293 Vine 

Coleman Catharine, mantua maker 11 9 N Third 

Coleman Cliarity, huckster 133 cherry 

Coleman Israel, nailor 175 St. Johns 

Coleman John, watchmair 101 N Eighth 

Coleman Margaret, widow 42 1 N Second 

Coleman Nathan, victualler Charles st 

Coleman Philip, skinner &c glue factor Noble 

Coleman Sarah, tavern keeper 153 Cherry 


Coleman Wm. hatter Hoffmans alley 

Coleman Wm. chair & horse letter Drinkers alley 

Colerick Arthur, printer 32 carters alley 

Colewater James, tobacconist Logan st 

Colewater Philip, watchman Logan 

Colhoun Hugh, merchant 37 N Water 

Colhoun G. merchant 265 Chesnut 

Colhoun G. & H. merchants 37 N Water 

Colladay Abrahanj, carpenter 136 Mulberry 

Collayday Jacob, carpenter 1 58 cherry 

Collet John, sea captain Walnut above Eighth 

Collier John, rigger 45 Catharine 

Collier Richard, jun. ladies shoemaker 56 N 6th 

Collin Rev. Nicholas, 208 Swanson 

Collins Abraham, gentleman 32 cable lane 

Collins Benjamin, painter &c. 50 8?: 60 Chesnut 

Collins & Kearney, sa44 makers 101 S wharves 

Collins Cato, brush naaker 65 N 3d 

Collins C. biscuit baker 39 S 2d 

Collins Edward, taylor 1 50 south 

€olJir}5 Er currier Strembacks court 

Collins Edward, grocer 86 N Water 

Collins Frederick, mariner 2 Parrams alley 

Collins T. mariner 1 34 N Front 

Collins 8c Jobson, biscuit bakers 28 S wharve« 

Collins Joseph, mariner Juniper alley 

Collins Sarah, biscuit baker 85 Mulberry 

Collins Timothy, grocer 75 S 5th 

Collins Zacheus, merchant 29 N 2d -~ 

Colling James, shoemaker 251 S 5th 

Collings R. sailmaker 33 Union 25 S wharvds 

Collingswood Sarah, widow Brittons alley 

Collinson George, sea captain 27 S Water 

Combs Sarah, shopkeeper 192 Cedar (see CooTnbe) 

Comerlo Frederick, band box maker 67 Coates 

Comly James, taylor 157 N 2d 8c 190 N 5th 

Comly David, carpenter 359 N 3d 

Comly Ezra, shopkeeper 75 N 3d 

Commery Mathew, bricklayer 187 Cherry 

Commery John, cabinet maker 1 1 8 S 4th 

Conaughey Hugh, shipwright 424 S Front 


-oncny John, shopkeeper 304 S Front 
Condie Thomas, bookbinder 2 1 Carters alley 
Condon \Vm. blacksmith shop Penn st (K) and dwell- 
ing Beach near Maiden 
Condy J. W. counsellor at law 1 19 Chesnut 
Cone Eliza, pastry cook 68 Dock 
Cookie George, taylor 90 N 3d 
Conkle Henry, taylor 1 1 Cliesnut 
Connelly John, iiuctionecr 78 S Front 
Connelly H. cabinet maker 44 Spruce 158 S Front 
Connelly J. blacksmith 282 & 252 S 3d 
Connelly Sc Harden, painters near 245 Swanson 
Connelly Patrick, gentleman 186 5 4th 
Connelly Robert, print cutter Juniper near Sassafras 
Connelly Rachael, widow 20 Oak (S) 
Conner Elizabeth, shopkeeper 327 N 3d 
Connor Bridget, tavernkeeper 284 S Front 
Connor Edmond, carpenter lOSTlum 
Connor Charlotte, grocer 1 10 S 2d 
Connor Mary, widow 60 Union 
Connor John, shoemaker 76 George 
Coner Michael, coachmaker near 189 S 7th 
Connor John, laborer 177 St^ Johns 
Conover Samuel, M, D. 26 N 5th 
Conrad Denais, bricklayer 8 1 Pine 
Conrad Barney, porter Cedar above 9th 
Conrad J. blacksmith 23 Pewter platter alley 
Conrad J. 5c CO. booksellers 28 k 30 Chesnwt 
Conrad Joseph, bricklayer 400 S 2d 
Conrad Mathias, shoemaker 40 New 
Conrad Solomon W. printer 22 Pewter platt«r alley 
Conrad John, porter 30 North alley 
Conrad John, bricklayer 139 Green 
Coi^rad John, woolcomber 2 1 Sassafras alley 
Conwell Gerardus, taylor 52 Catharine 
Conyers Ann, 20 Waggon alley 
Conyers John, shoemaker 40 S 3d 
Conyers Mrs. 29 Powell 
Conyei-s Wm. shipwright Oak (N L) 
Conyingham Gustavus, sea captain 81 Lombard 
Cook Alexander, soap boiler 1 36 & 140 N 4th 


Cook A. letter carrier 2 Chancery lane 

Cook Peter, shoemaker 1 1 9 Plum 

Cook Catharine, widow 135 Plum 

Cook Charles, brush maker Blackhorse alley 

Cook Elizabeth, widow Cressons alley 

Cook 8c Cresson, mei*chants 133 High 

Cook Catherine, widow 2 15 N 8th 

Cook George, taylor 127 and 149 N 2d 

Cook Hannah, mantua maker 30 Stampers alley 

Cook Henry, carpenter 79 Vine 

Cook John, merchant 3 1 1 N 2d 

Cook Jamesy laborer 322 S 6th 

Cook James, brush maker 186 N 2d 

Cook John, victualler 49 Budd 

Cook John, baker 360 N Front 

Cook Elizabeth, spinster 52 Almond 

Cook John, coppersmith 223 N 2d 

Cook Martha, widow 8 Oak (S) 

Cook John, merchant 1 N 11th 

Cook Robert, accomptant Carlisles court 

Cook Mary, widow 1 9 Appletree alley 

Cook Mary, boarding house 82 S 5th 

Cook widow, shopkeeper 460 N 2d 

Cook Susanna, boarding house 78 S Third 

Cooke John, merchant 133 High 202 Mulberry 

Coombs David, constable 33 German (see Combs) 

Coombs Richard, carter Bradfords alley 

Coombs John, carter 327 N Front 

Coombs John, laborer 52 Cro\vn 

Coombs Martin, victualler 32 Sassafras alley 

Cooper Conrad, grocer 439 N 3d 

Cooper J. jun. merchant 15 N Water 28 Sassafras 

Cooper Rev. Ezekiel, superintendant of the Book con- 
cerns for the Methodist Episcopal Church in the 
United States, 53 Cherry 

Cooper Eliza, milliner 137 N Front 

Cooper , carpenter Pearsons court 

Cooper William, porter 1 1 3 S Second 

Cooper William, millwright 481 N 2d 

Cooper Francis, mariner 120 Brown 

Cooper John, baker 44 Cable lane 


Cooper Hugh) grocer 50 N 3d 66 Mulberrr 
Cooper Jane, widow of John, 137 Pine 
Cooper Joseph, merchant 35 N Front 
Cooper Michael, tax collector 2 18 Cedar 
(hooper Prince, mariner 23 N 6th 
Cooper Sc Perkins, merchants 1 5 N Water 
Cooper Samuel, carpenter High above 1 3th 
Cooper Thomas, mast maker 3 Meade alley 
Cooper Thomas, carpenter Lilly alley 
Cooper Thomas, merchant 8 S Water and ArcK 
( 'ope John, tavern keeper 1 2 Locust 
Cope John, tavern keeper 397 N 2d 
Cope John, porter 480 N 2d 
Cope Sc Thomas, merchants 1 9 N 2d 
Cope Israel, merchant 1 1 N 4th 
Cope Thomas P. merchant 36 N 4th 
Cope Wm. carter Sweedes alley _ 
Cope Godfrey G. victualler St Tammany 
Copeland Amelia, widow 524 S Front 
Copper James C. 8c co. merchants 131 High 
Coppenger John, pilot 83 Christian 
Corbet widow, boarding house 90 N Water 
Corban Daniel, laborer 457 N Second 
Corbit Joseph, carpenter N 12th 
Cordial Mrs. ^yidow, 40 S4th 
Corey Robertj-merchant 71 S Water 
Corfield Wm. skindresser James street 
Corfield Edward D. conveyancer 61 Walnut 
Corfield Jesse, tanner 325 Callowhill 
Corfield Russel, teacher 239 N Front 
Corley Rebecca, midwife 56 «Shippen 
Corftis Christian, baker 127 Callowhill 
Corkrin James, carpenter 207 S Fourth 
Corless Mathias, grocer corner Dock & Third ^ 
Corlet Catkarine, boarding house 8 1 Swanson 
Corn Philip, baker St Marys st 
Cornel Timothy, plaisterer Juniper alley 
Cornelia Daniel, 1 18 S 4th 
Cornelia James, carpenter 16 Crab 
Corniili' James, grocer 73 Cedar 
\ F 


Cornish John, storekeeper corner Cedar 8c 2cl 
Cornman Adam, sugar refiner 1 1th below Spruce 
Cornman Joseph, tavern keef>er comer Pine Sc 1 1th 
Comian Frederick, innkeeper 400 N 3d 
Comwell Daniel, tavern keeper 320 N Front 
Cornyn Jas.tavernkeeper 187 S Front 186 Water 
Coruthers E. innkeeper corner Spruce & 1 1th 
Cossart David, cedar cooper 6 Locust 1 67 High 
Costin Joshua, shipcarpenter 377 N Front 
Cotman John, taylor 83 N 5th 
Cotter Michael, sea captain 363 S 2d 
C^trill Ann, widow 299 S 3d 
Cottineau Dennis, merchant 202 Spruce 
Cottringer Garret, merchant 143 Pine 
Coulston Nathan, innkeeper 27 1 Vine 
Coulston William, laborer 189 S Fourth 
Coulter John, merchant 88 Union 210 S Water 
Coulter John, laborer 3^9 1 Sassafras 
Coughlin Samuel, innkeeper 156 N 2d 
Coulton Wm. taylor N. E. corner Penn & Cedar 
Coulton Mary, boaixiing house 1 30 ^pioice 
Countryman John, watchman 120 German 
Coupar widow of Robert, 23 Artilleiy lane 
Courlet J. B. gentleman 38 Coates alley 
Coursosier L. F. merchant 127 S 3d 
Courtney Mar)^, boarding house 104 Spruce 
Courtney Joseph, carpenter 8th near Race 
Cousland John, plumber 354 S Second 
Codsland Sc Bishop, plumbers 49 S wharves^ 
Covenough Hugh, grocer Almond st wharf 
Coverly John, printer 68 N 4th 
Cowan Robert, blacksmith 8 Gaskill 
Cowell Mary, widow, 166 S 3d 
Cowperthwaite Mark, shoemaker 141 Spruce 
CoA\-perthwaite J. justice of the peace 204 N Front 
Cowpland Caleb, tavemkeeper Crousillatts wharf 
Cox Gideon, cedar cooper 253 High 
Cox David, tavern keeper 169 S Front 
Cox Esek, taylor 52 Sassafras 

Cox James "^. president of the Pennsylvania Insurance 
company 429 High 


Cox Jacob, store keeper 226 High 

Cox Gable, carter 8 Taper alley 

Cox Elizabeth, tcacheress 15 N 4th 

Cox John, porter Logan st 

Cox John, mate 48 Meade alley 

Cox John T. carpenter •*" pruce above 7th 

Cox John, sea captain 255 N 2d 

Cox John, carter 26 1 Catherine 

Cox James, artist 39 Almond 68 Dock 

Cox J. A. shoemaker 10th below Walnut 

Cox Paul, sea captain 88 S Front 

Cox Moses, gentleman 53 Union 

Cox -Samuel, shoemaker 47 Mulberry 

Cox Martin, blacksmith 433 N Front 

Cox Sarah, widow 80 Spruce 

Coxe John D. judge of the C. C. P. 76 Wabiut 

Coxe Danl. W. merchant 102 Walnut 90 S 4th 

Coxe Hester, gentlewoman 80 Walnut 

Coxe Tench, purveyor of public supplies 1 1 Prune 

Coxe Tench, jun. attorney at law 149 Chesnut 

Coxe J. Redman, M. D. 5 1 N 3d 

Cozens Isaiah, carter 435 N Front 

Craft Jacob, carpenter 4th above Brown 

Craft Jacob, tanner 462 N -Second 

Craft , cabinet maker 102 N 3d fSec Kraft) 

Ci'agg Mary, widow, 18 Branch 

Craghead Mary, widow 33 German 

Craig Joseph, porter Biddies alley 

Craig Mary, widow 55 S 7th 

Craige Jane, gentlewoman 185 -SSd 

Craig John, merchant 237 -S' Front h. 22 Penn 

Craig Jacob, sail maker 58 Gaskill 

Craig Mary, gentlewoman bt N 2d 

Craig Samuel, blacksmith Walnut above 7th 

Craig John, sadler 148 N 8th 

Craig James D. teacher 363 S 2d 

Craig Robert, laborer 265 «S4th 

Craig Seth, saddle & harness maker 217 High 

Craig "Seth, £c co. saddle & harness makers 1 10 High 

Craig Philadelphia, 2 1 Crab street 

Craig Mrs. of Thomas, tavern keeper 3 Shippen 


iHraig Thomas, sea captain 405 6' 2d 

Cranioixl Williamj counting- house corner of Third 

and ( ypress alley, dwellinc^ 112 S 3d 
Crammond John, ship carpenter 424 S 2d 
-rranchel Bartholomew, fruiterer 157 Chesnut 
('rane l^oger, sea captain 41 Christian (set Crean) 
Crane Azariah, wrought nailor Laurel 
Ci'ane Roger, sea captain 24 Union alley 
Cranston A. merchant 34 S Front 
('ranston, Alexander Sc Smith, merchants 34 6' Front 
Cp'.'.r:Ston ^^'m. mariner 18 j!^Taryst(S) 
Crap Joscfph, taylorl/ *^pruce - • 

Crap NichoU.s, loot £<: shoem^iktr 175 S 2d 
( ~ra>\-ford Anchvw, slevadore 237 S 4th . - Alexander, taylor 192 N Third i 

Crawford James, cabinetmaker 332 ^S 2d 
Crawford John, baker Boltons court 
Crawford James, merchant 152 5 3d 57 Union 
Crawfords wharf opens at 99 N Water 
Crawford Samuel, grocer 43 N Water 
Crawford Sarah, boarding house 82 S Water 
Crawley Elizabeth, boarding house 127 S Third 
Craycroft John, shoemaker 34 German 
Creamer G. carpenter near 1 1 Appletree allej 
Creamer Christian, corder 204 St Johns 
Creamer J. blacksmith 161 Shippen 177 S 5tli 
Crean John, carpenter 55 S 7th 
Cress George, shoemaker 328 N 2d 
Cress Henry, innkeeper Chesnut hill 
Cress Henry, storekeeper 35 1 N 2d 
Cress John, inspector of customs 9 1 N 6th 
Cress Peter, harness maker 237 High 
CressmanJacob, shoemaker Brewers alley 
Cresson Sarah, 16 N 5th 
Cresson John Elliott, conveyancer 54 High 
Cresson Caleb, gentleman next 61 Cherry 
Cresson Richard C. tanner & currier 483 N Front 
Cresson Joseph, merchant Keys alley 
Cresson John H. merchant 1 8 Strawberry st 
Cresson James 8c JohnH. china store 14 N 3d 
Cresson Benjamin, hatter 16 N -Sfecond 


Cribbin John, rigger 1 1 5 Catherine 

Cridland John, merchant 43 S 9th 

Crigamyre Jacob, laborer 4th above Brown 

Crim George, blacksmith above 500 N 2d 

Criscom Rachael, shopkeeper 324 N Second 

Crisman Henry, shoemaker 129 N 6th 

Crismrn Joseph L. mariner 9 Butlers court 

Crisman Jacob, shoemaker 6 Brewers alley 

Crisman Samuel, carpenter 526 N Front 

Crispin Hetty 8c Rachael, shopkeepers 93 High 

Criswell Samuel, sea captain 180 S Front 

Croasdill Wm. merchant corner of High & N Front 

Crocket John, taylor 150 S Water 

Cromley Jacob, laborer 3 1 N 7th 

Crommell John, bricklayer Schrivers court 

Crooked Billet wharf at 21 5 Water 

Crosby Ann, nurse 158 N Second ^ 

Crosby James, mate 116 German ^ 

Cross Catharine, widow 87 Plum 

Cross George, sawyer 272 Swanson 

Cross John, tobacconist 241 north 2d 

Cross John, bleeder 12 Crab 

Cross John, storekeeper corner Third and Brown 

Cross Widow, Black-horse alley 

Grossman Henry, grocer 128 High 

Grossman J. livery stable 28 north 3d 

Crothers Anthony, gentleman 172 Chesnut 

Crothers John, taylor Brookes court 

Crothers & Lippencott, taylors corner Arch & Water 

Croto Henry, accomptant 32 Farmers alley 

Crouding Peter, carpenter 53 north 6th 

Crouss Michael, victualler 460 Sassafras 

Crouss Michael, victualler 142 Vine 

Grousillat L. merchant 1 3 N Water, counting house 

Crousillats wharf 
Crousillats wharf opens next 13 N Water 
Crowan John, carpenter Quarry st 
Crowell Rachael, nurse 53 Almond 
Crowell 'S'amuel, pilot 397 south Front 
Crowley John, clock & watchmaker 138 S Front 



Crowley Mary, huckster 329 Mulberry 

Crowley Timothy, laborer 16 Walnut 

Crukshank Joseph, merchant 25 Church alley 

Crukshank James, bookseller 87 High 

Crumb Mary, Poplar lane 

Crumwell John, sailmaker 49 Gaskill 

Crusey Ann, widow lON Gth 

Cruson Wm. shingle dresser 127 Vine 

Cryder Mary, gentlewoman 95 New 

Cuben John, rigger 33 Catharine 

Cubert James, laborer 1 24 S 6th 

Cudlip John, shoemaker 50 Meade alley 

Culin John, taylor 5 S Water 1 4 Coombs alley 

Cullon George, painter 64 George 

Cullon Charles, Noble st 

Culverson Wm. currier 2 i Wood st 

Cummens Charles, -.perfumer 25 S 4th 

Cummick John, laborer 295 S 3d 

Cummin William, coppersmith 191 N 2d 

Cumming Wm. S. M. D. 18 Lombard 

Gumming Geo. M. Sc co. merchants 13 S Front 

Cummings Geo. storekeeper 28 8c 31 Plum 

Cummings William, grocer 26 Plum 

Cummins James, taylor 76 Chesnut 

Cummins Michael, shipwright 9 Mary 

Cummins Alexander, mariner 103 Swanson 

Cummins Paul, accomptant 22 Fitzwalter 

Cummins Samuel, sea captain 49 N 6th 

Cummins James, shoemaker 3 Garrigues couit 

Cummins Tjiomas, storekeeper 42 1 N 3d 

Cumston Thomas, merchant 301 High 

Cunningham J. & W. grocers 46 S 2d 

Cunningham Robert, weaver 83 N 6th 

Cunningham James, grocer 9 1 Plum 

Cunitz John, bleeder 78 Sassafras 

Curren Nathaniel, shoemaker 161 N 3d 

Curren Wm. boarding house 225 Cedar 

Currey Bridget, widow 59 Appletree alley 

Currey John, taylor 1 Knights court 

Currey Robert, merchant 7 1 S Water & Church alley 

Cuvrey Charles, stcvadore 120 Plum 


Currey J. ^ocer comer 1 1th Sc Walnut 
Currie Samuel, hatter 336 S 2d 
Currie MUry, gentlewoman 143 Chesnut 
Currie Wm. M. D. 180 S 2d 
Currier Andrew, merchant Walnut above 8th 
Curl! William, boarding: house 108 north Water 
Curtis Charles, potter 54 Shippen 
Curtis E. taylor 22 Coombs alley 2 S Water 
Curtis John,potter 405 & 407 S Front 
Curtis Samuel, chimney sweep 18 Elizabeth st 
Curtis Thomasr painter 10th near Mulberry- 
Curtis William, blacksmith 129 Cherry 
Curvin Joseph, merchant 4 Sansom 
Cushing Caleb, sea captain 17 Becks alley 
Custis Savern, laborer 95 Lombard 
CusackLuke, grocer 180 north Water 
Cuthbert Anthony, mast maker 91 Swanson, 41 Penn 
Cuthbert Elizabeth, gentlewoman 397 north Front 
Cuthbert James L. merchant 1 5 1 south 2d 
Cuthbert John, teacher 344 N 2d 
Cuthbert John, teacher 117 Callowhill 
Cuthbert John &c James, merchants 102 5 Wharves 
Cuthbert S. mast maker 206 south 3d 
Cuthbert T. merchant 264 S 2d, 1 LitUe Water 

DABADIE John, merchant 55 north Second 
Dady Peter, botler 176 Shippen 
Dale Richard, commodore U. S. navy 271 Chesnut 
Baling Paul, blacksmith 62 Cherry 
Dallas A. J. attorney of the United States, for the dis- 
trict of Pennsylvania 276 High 
Dallas Wm. plaisterer 65 Catharine 
Dalley Mary, shopkeeper 1 1 1 High 
Dally John, sea captain 1 5 Keys alley 
Dallon Samuel, sadler 100 High 
Dalrimple George, 94 Christian 
Daizell Jane, shoe store 242 south 2d 
Daizell William, china store 244 south 2d 


Damon Joseph, late inspector of Powder 5 Filbert 

Daniel John, milkman 42 Zane 

Daniel Joshua, laborer Broad near Chesnut 

Dankel Henry, baker 86 north Front 

Dankwert John, baker 151 Cherry 

Dannaker Christiana, widow 293 Callowhill 

Dannaker Christian, grocer 141 north 3d 

Dannaker John, victualler near 271 north Eighth 

Dare Rachel, boardinghouse 18 Vernon 

Darland Jacob, harness maker 578 N-3d 

Darling 6'ai'ah, widow 369 Sassafras 

Darnell Henry, mariner 9 Dock 

Darr John, victualler Wood above 8th 

Darrach James, hatter 34 High 

Darrach Nicholas, shoemaker 133 Coates 

Dasher Peter, tavern keeper 66 German 

Dauce 5imon, goldsmith 127 Sassafras 

D'autr^chey Alexander, geographer and engineer^ 

corner 1 2th and Chesnut 
Davfclling P. laborer Schakemuxen 
Davenport J. oak cooper 44 Union 10 Swanson 
Davenport William, mathematical instrument maker 

45 S Front 
Davenpoit John, hatter 43 S Front 
Davenport W^m. grocer 92 Shippen 
Davidson Arthur, carpenter Cauffmans court 
Davidson A. sailmaker Steinmetz wharf 1 14 N Front 
Davidson James, professor in the university, Chesnut 

above 9 th ' 

Davidson John, baker 225 S 4th 
Davidson John, sadler Cauffmans court 
Davidson Jane, M-idow293S 4th 
Davison John, shoemaker 11 and 13 Cedar 
Davidson Mrs. shoestore 1 68 N Front 
Davison Robert, innkeeper 1 5 1 Spruce 
Davidson Wm. repository for hoi'ses and carriages for 

sale, 8cc. 7 N 7th dwelling 25 N 5th 
Davidson W"m. brokers ransom 
Davis Abner, shoestore 58 High &c 1 1th near Locust 
Davis Andrew, of the U. S. navy 205 N Second 
Davies Benjamin, bookseller 37 and 39 Chesnut 


Davis Benj. merchant 37 N Front 

Davis Catherine, innkeeper 4 Bank st 

Davis David, tavernkeeper 270 S Front 

Davis Daniel, tay lor 369 Sassafras 

Davies Eleanor, tayloress 7 Waggoneis alley 

Davies Edward, coach and sign painter 2 10 Mulberry 

Davis Elijah, porter 77 Budd 

Davis Francis, porter 321 S 3d 

Davis Francis, porter 121 German 

Dans George, merchant 138 High, 29 N 8th 

Davis Garland, accomptant ^urds alley 

Davis George, law bookstore 319 High 

Dcavis Isaac, carpenter Walnut above 8th 

Davis Isaac, taylor 13 German 

Davis Isaac, shoemaker 300 S 3d 

Davis I. stone mason 188 Spruce 

Davis Israel, tavernkeeper Broad above Sassafras 

Davis James, ironmonger 168 N 2^ 

Davis James, laborer 72 Coates st 

Davis John, carpenter 107 Queen st 

Davis John, superintendant of the water works, Mul- 

beriy court 
Davis John, tobacconist 228 High 
Davis John, mate 3 1 Budd 
Davis John, carpenter 99 German 
Davis Jonathan, carpenter 175 S 6th 
Davis Mary, widow 1 2 North alley 
Davis Margaret, washer 301 south 3d 
Davis Mrs. boarding house Callowhill near 6th 
Davis Nathaniel, shoemaker 488 south 2d 
Davis Noah, bricklayer St. John above Callowhill 
Davis Robert, carter 89 Passyunk road 
Davits Rice, cooper 1 1 Swanson 
Davis Rachel, widow 52 Callowhill 
Davis ^"^amuel, blacksmith 328 Sc 357 N Front 
Davis Samuel E. baker 185 High 
Davis VVm. taylor 6 S 5th 
Davis John, bricklayer Spafford st 
Davis Thomas, shipjoiner 462 N Front 
Davis Thomas, whaif builder 33 Christian 
Davis T. B. lieutenant in the navy 1 1 1 Christian 

Daris & Willis, shoe store 40 Hi^h 
Davis Wm. tavern keeper 12 Christian 
Davis Wm. taylor 25 north 3d 
Davis Wm. shipchandler 1 17 Vine and comer Sasta* 

fras and Water 
Davis Wm. laborer XIV chimnies 
Davis Zephania, stone mason Clover alley- 
Davy Wm. Sc Son, merchants 1 1 2 Spruce 
Davy John, merchant, 189 S Third street 
Dawes Abija, merchant 111 S Front 
Dawes Ann, widow 20 N6th 
Dawes D. teacheress 5 Xorris alley 
Dawes R. and A. merchants 22 S Wharves 
Dawes Timothy, mariner 189 N Front 
Dawes Rumford, merchant 9 N 4th 
Dawson Daniel, ironmonger 78 N 4th 
Dawson Elias, gentleman 24r south Fiont 
Dawson Thomas H. druggist 247 south Front 
Dawson Rachael, widow 50 Walnut 
Dawson Elizabeth, 7 Sterling alley 
Dawson G. B. sea captain corner Front & Pine 
Dawson Robert, shopkeeper 101 N Second 
Ddwson John, carpenter 10th near Spruce 
Dawson John, turner 70 Plum 
D.^wson Wm. brewer 79 Chesnut 
Day Augustus, carver &c gilder 221 5 2d 
Day Catherine, Juniper lane 
Day Alice, seamstress 64 German 
Day Andrew, porter 297 5 5th 
Day Margaret, milliner 13 ^'trawberry 
Day Samuel, laborer 272 S 4th 
Day Samuel, sea captain 1 20 Swanson 
Day Jacob, mariner 1 8 Vernon st 
Daymen Francis, teacher 96 Catherine 
Daymon Martin, brewer 96 S VVater 
Deal John, porter 1 57 Coates 
Deal John, merchant \15 N Water 
Deal Peter, laborer 60 Passyunk 
Deal Joseph, slioemaker 25 Appletree allejr 
Deal Jacob, baker 85 New 
Deal Elias, baker 25 Appletree alley 


I>eal Margaret, xridow 305 N 8th 
Deel John, victualler 261 Callowhill 
Deamer L. grocer corner Aimond & Swanson 
Dean Alexander, accomptant 156 Lombard 
Dean Luke, musician 285 6' 5th 
Deans James, porter 204 Coates st 
Deas William, merchant 26 N 8th 
De Bender Joseph, boat builder 39 Christian 
De Berber Mrs. grocer 39 1 N Front 
De Blair Madam, widow 169 N Second 
D' Boisere Francis, scrivener Frombergers court 
De Bour Abraham, jeweller above 500 N Second 
De Bree John B. gentleman 154 Pine 
De Bender £>c Haines, boatbuilders 232 Swanson 
Debryil Peter, sailmaker 93 S 5th 
Deckers Martin, grocer 18 Little Water 
Deckers Moses, laborer 75 Green ^ 
De Canizaes M. innkeeper 62 Cedar 
De Charms Mrs. boarding house 205 High 
De Costa Elizabeth, S Prune 
De Coste Joseph, sea captain 260 N Front 
Decourse Mrs. widow 6 ^Shippen 
Deey Wm. breeches maker &: taylor 4 N 5lh 
Deets Frederick, gentleman 90 Christian 
Deets John, bricklayer 203 N 3d 
Defeback Benjamin, storekeeper 262 Mulberry 
De Field Peter, shoemaker 492 S 2d 
De Field Jesse, rope-maker, 490 S 2d 
De Field Sarah, seamstress, 73 George 
De Forest Henry, cabinet maker, 84 N Eighth 
De Forest Peter, hatter 248 N Front 
De Foronda Chevalier, consul general from his Catho- 
lic Majesty 168 Spruce 
De Lahunt & M'Gowan, tallow chandlers 203 56th 
De Lamar Peter, nautical academy, 3 1 Walnut 
Delaqur Mrs. nurse, 1 1 6 N Water 
De Haven H. gentleman, 45 N 6th 
De Haven Jonathan, pump-maker near 208 N 8th 
Dchart Jacob, sea captain 37 Filbert 
Deimling P\ G. accomptant 3 N 5th 
Deiguoin Md. merchant 7 1 New 


De la Croix Lewis, confectioner, distiller and decora- 
tor 72 Chesnut 
Be La Roche J. G. commission merchant and broker 

49 Walnnt ■ 
"Delaney Timothy, laborer, 571 S Front 
Delaney Patrick, sadler 8 Locust 
Delaney Lydia, milliner 131 vS 2d 
Delaney Z^ennis, Broad near Chesnut 
Delamater John, merchant 88 N 8th 
De Laplane Mary, widow 466 N 2d 
Delahuge John, tavern-keeper, between 32 Sc 34 Car- 
ter's Alley 
Delaveau James, fruiterer 182 N 2d 
Delaveau Joseph, shopkeeper 176 Spruce 
Delaveau Joseph, cabinet maker 38 Christian 
Delavau John, shipbuilder 2 1 7 5wanson 
Delebos Peter, 52 Lombard 
Delemas Cordez, Baylor 567 S Front 
Delfosse Casimir, merchant 65 S Eleventh 
Del'Isle E. G. merchant 179 S 5th 
Delpaux , gentleman near 127 Spruce 

Demar Lewis, grocer corner of Almond and Swanson 
Demsey John, grocer, 30 N Water 
Dencham James, carter 27 N Tenth 
Denham Peter, printer 363 S 2d 
Denham William, bricklayer Loxley Alley 
Denckla Christian H. merchant 68 N 3d 
De Nike Davis, sea captain 1 14 Cedar 
Denman Aaron, merchant 205 High Sc 72 S 6tli 
Denman Samuel, merchant High near 11th 
Denney Jones, mariner Brittons alley 
Denn Patrick, shoemaker 47 Chesnut 
Denney Fanny, Seamstress 88 Lombard 
Dennie Joseph, gentleman 25 N Second 
Denning Catharine, huxter 5 Shippen 
Denuse John, sea captain 79 New 
Dennis Barney, late shipwright 220 •S'wanson 
Dennis John, coroner 90 N 6th 
Dennis Jeremiah, shoemaker 20 Shippen 
Dennis Richard, merchant 47 south Eighth 
Denniston & Ray, ironmongers 172 High 


Derbyshire John, carpenter 106 S 8th 
Derbyshire Thomas, teacher 75 Plum 
Derrick George, laborer Oak st [N. L.] 
Derrickson Milford, porter 235 Catharine 
Derrickson Joseph, coachmaker 94 north 9th 
Derry Hannah, widow 27 X Front 
Desauque Lewis, confectioner 63 S 2d 
Descamps John, merchar.t 130 High 
Deschapelles Alexander, merchant 36 S Second 
Descuret Lewis, jeweller 1 12 south 2d 
De Silver Thomas, bookbinder 12 Grays alley 
De Silver Robert, bookbinder 8 Pear st 
De Silver Joseph, mariner 154 N Water 
Desmond Timothy, painter 8c Glazier 99 Spruce 
Desquet & Tanguy, jewellers 33 N Third 
Desway Catharine, widow 155 S Third 
Deterline Henry, taylor 299 N Second 
De Tune Jane, grocer 7 Vernon ^ 
Detz Peter, oak cooper 38 Moravian alley 
Detz Joseph, taylor 297 Vine st 
Detrick John, trunk maker 1 1 1 N -Second 
Devenay Wm. baker 1 22 Lombard 
Devereaux John, sea captain 49 1 5 Front 
Deuquine John, merchant 55 Sassafras 
Devillers John, gardener 258 Sassafras 
Devin William, taylor 96 N Water 
Devitt Hugh, baker 240 Cedar 
Devoll Catharine, boarding house 177 S Front 
Dewees L. blacksmith 276 Swanson 
Dewees 8c Jones, taylors 121 S Water 
Dewees Benjamin, shoemaker 1 12 N 6th 
Dewees Jonathan, mariner 18 Vernon 
Dewees William, M. D. 205 MulbeiTy 
Dewees Martha, boarding house Goforth alley 
Dewlman John, pumpmaker near 208 N 8th 
Dialogues John, blacksmith North alley 
Dick Daniel, merchant 49 S Front 48 Water 
Dick Peter, taylor 22 N 8th 
Dicki)aniel, taylor 104 Christian 
Dick Philip, grocer 206 High 



Dick Philip, taylor 26 S Water 

Dickens Ann, widow Oak st ( N. L. ) 

Dickenson P. gentleman, corner of Chesnwt Sc 8th 

Dickerson 5'arah, widow 169 Walnut 

Dickerson Mrs. midwife 3 1 Coates 

Dickerson Jesse E. millwright 31 Coates 

Dickerson MahloJi, attorney at law 119 N Front 

Dickerson John, porter 33 Moravian alley 

Dickey Adam, sea captain Lilly alley 

Dickinson Joseph, weigher 526 X Front 

Dickinson Amos, oak cooper 326 X Fix)nt 

Dickinson Eli, oak cooper 130 Vine 

Dickinson Daniel, glover 32 S 2d 

Dickenson Jesse, carter Xoble above Front 

Dickson John, grocer corner Lombard Sc 3d 

Dickson James, 138 5 oth 

Dieffenbach J. L. ^grocer corner St. Johns Sc Green 

Diehl X^. notary public Carpenters buildings and 55 S. 

1 1th St 
Diehl Thomas, merchant 57 X 4th 
Digle Jacob, victualler 283 Callowhill 
Dilcart John, innkeeper 340 north 2d 
Dill Ann, widovv 364 south 2d _ 

Dill Joseph, H. sea captain, 32 Catherine 
Dillingham S. marine inn 7 south Water 
Dillman Jacob, weaver 532 north 3d 
Dilworth Sarah, hardwai'e store 128 south Front 
Dilworth Ann, gentlewoman 90 south 3d 
Dilworth Jas. 6c Jno. ironmongers 5 6 High 
Dilworth Wm. storekeeper 100 Sassafras 
Dilworth James, ironmonger 4 1 X 2d 
Dinaby John, sea captain 361 X 2d 
Dingey Z)aniel, taylor 172 south Water 
Dinnin Robert, carpenter 188 south 6th 
Disberg Thomas, mariner •S'chivelys alley 
Dixey ThomaS, pumpmaker Fitzwulter above 7tli 
Dixon Henry, oak cooper 391 X 3d 
Dixon John, mustard manufactory 74 south Front 
Dixon John, grocer corner Lombaixl Sc 3d 
Dixon Wm. mariner 49 Green 
Dixon Mary, widow Z?eans.aJley 


Doage Mary, widow 20 1 N 3d 

Dobbin Catherine, widow 4 1 Becks alley 

Dobbins 8c M'Curdy, grocers 123 Vine 

Dobbins Thomas, taylor 5 south Front 4 Water 

Dobson Samuel, carpenter 44 N Front 

Dobson Thomas, bookseller Sc stationer 4 1 south 2d 

Dobson John, stone mason 367 Mulberry 

Dodder Barney, shoemaker 196 N 3d 

Dodge John, shoemaker 8 Butlers court 

Dodge John, picture frame maker 10 Cherry and 19 

Cressons alley 
Doederman* Jacob, oak cooper 40 Moravian alley 
Dolby Z)aniel, cooper Sc guager 55 Penn 
Dolby Mary, china store 338 south 2d 
Dolby Mary, spinster 30 Union 
Dolby Abraham, sea captain 8 Cherry 
Dolby Joseph, sexton 21 Cherry 
Doma Francis, baker 19 Plum ^ 
Dominick Martha, widow 1 8 Cypress 
Donaldson Aaron, vendue cryer 1 7 German 
Donaldson Isaac, hatter 72 N 2d 
Donnaldson John, broker 38 Walnut 
Donaldson Joseph, soap boiler 40 Gaskill 
Donaldson Wm. T. miiStmaker 68 Swansoii 
Donath Jos. & co. merchants 28 south Front 
Donegan Thomas, storekeeper 410 N 2d 
Donert J. H. taylor 164 Sassafras 
Donlevy John, shoemaker 269 south 4th 
DonlevyJohn, grocer Sc botler 282 south 4th 
Donnel Nathaniel, boardinghouse 232 N 2d 
Donnelly James, carter Locust near 1 1th 
Donnelly John, labourer 405 Sassafras 4I7N Front 
Donnely Catherine, widow 69 north 7th 
Donnohue Thos. Sea captain 10 Union 
Donovan John, mate 93 south /l-ont 
Doral Z)avid H. merchant 1 10 south od 
Dorati Charles, grocer 279 south 4th 
Doran M. shopkeeper corner Chesnut & 2d 
Doran John, carpenter 243 south 4th 
Doran James, grocer Sc bottler ls8 south Water 
Doran J. grocer Locust above 9tli 

Dorcy Peter, gentleman 198 Sassafras 
JDorey John, brewer near 60 St. Johns 
Dorbin John, taylor 10 Budd 
Borsey Benedict £c -Son, e^rocers 3 8c 5 south 3d 
Dorsey Benedict, grocer 23 Branch 
Dorsey John D. treasurer to tlie •Schuylkill Bridge 

company 28 Sansom 
Dorsey Mrs. 10 Stalls court 
Dorsey John, merchant 13 Church alley 
Dctterer Henry, innkeeper 130 N 2d 
Dotterer Barney, shoemaker 196 N 3d 
Doublebower Henry, printer 33 Almond 
Dougherty Abner, shoemaker 45 Pine 
Dougherty A. widow Farmers alley 
Dougherty Z^aniel, porter 16 Oak [S] 
Dougherty Elias, blacksmith 64 George 
Dougherty Martin", sea captain 27 Pine 
Dougherty Jamesf hairdresser 302 south Front 
Dougherty 6'arah, grocer 4 Chesnut 
Dougherty Charles, taylor 6 Swanson 
Dougherty Edward, 30 Spruce 

Dougherty G. ironmonger 145 south Front 144 Water 
Dougherty widow of Hugh, Locust above f th 
Dougherty John, burr stone cutter 168 Lombard 
Dougherty John, boardmg house 9 Elbow lane 
Dougherty Susannah, widow 17 Union 
Dougherty Patrick, stevadore 54Penn 
Dougherty William, soap boiler Charles st 
Dougherty Wm. laborer 244 Cedar 
Doughty /)aniel, wharf builder 49 Artillery lane 
Douglas Abrali am, accomptant 72 Union 
Douglass Abraham, cooper 152 south 5th 
Douglass EHzabeth, widow near 155 Sassafras 
Douglass Francis, mate 277 soutli 3d 
Douglass Francis, bricklayer 27 Cheriy 
Douglass John, shoemaker 10th below High 
Douglass John, one of the Aldermen 174 south 4th 
Douglass John, type founder Cedar above 10th 
Douglass J. yeoman Passyunk road below Christian 
Douglass Robert, hairdresser 54 MulbeiTy 
Douglass Wm. shoemaker 285 N 3d 


Douglass Wm. shoemaker 285 N 3d 
Douglass Jeremiah, grocer 105 Cedar 
Douglass John, jun. cabinet maker 186 south 2d 
Douton Jonathan, shipbuilder 386 south Front 
Dove Jolm, mariner 58 Almond 
Dove John, sea captain 48 Union 
Dow George, boardinghouse 353 south Front 
Dow Jo^n, printer 92 Cedar 
Dowd John, mate 185 Cedar 
Djwde Thos. hairdresser 366 south Front 
Dowdle John, tobacconist 60 Green 
Dowell Allen, printer Walnut above 8th 
Dower NichoLis, livery stable near 5o south 4th 
Dowers J. sen. sail maker 83 south 6th 
Dowers John, jun. merchant 153 south 2d 
Dowers and Frees, sail makers 33 S Wharves 
Dowlin John, porter 26 Appletree alley- 
Downey Z)aniel, shoemaker Elmsliea alley 
Downey Elizabeth, seamstress 547 south Front 
Downing J. flour merchant 119 N Water 38 4th 


Downs Earl, shoemaker 173 St Johns 

Downs H. shoemaker 3 Garrigues Court 

Downhimer John, 476 N 2d 

Doyle Mrs. siiopkeeper 179 S Front & 178 Water 

Doyle James, oak cooper 100 Cedar 

Doyle John, teacher of navigation 72 Walnut and N 

E comer of Cedar 8c Third 
Doyle John, grocer 38 Small 
Doyle John, tavemkeeper 95 S Water 
Doyle John, tavernkeeper 8 High 
Drable James, mariner 10 Margaretta st 
Draper Jonathan, shoemaker 129 Pine 
Draper John, engraver 485 N 2d 
Dreby John, porter 460 south Front 
Drinker Henry, cashier of the B. N. A. 30 N Tvotif. 
Drinker Henry, jun. merchant 110 N Front 
Drinker & Bartow, merchants 14 Chesnut 
Drinker Jos -ph, oak cooper 48 Mulberry 
Dimjicr Jos. Df merchant 191 Walnut 


Droz Humbert, clock Sc watcyimaker 28 Mulberry 
Droze Peter, confectioner 223 S 2d 
Drum Wm. victualler Logxin st 
Drunimond John K. accomptant 274 south 2d 
Drummond Robert, watermun 10 South alley 
Duane William, publisher of the Aurora 106 High 

and office Franklin court 
Dubac Gabriel, trader 147 north Second 
Dubarry John, and Primdt, merchants 25 5 3d 
Dubcirry John, merchant 25 south Third 
Dubeson Victor, gentleman 142 south 5th 
Dubineer Thomas, carpenter 9th near Lombard 
Dubois John, s loemaker b.ick of 1 12 Walnut 
Duuois Abraham, s:;n. &c jun. goldsmit'is 65 N 2d ' 
Du' o^q H^nry. gUss sil/erer 166 south 6th 
Du osj Wm. china merchant 51 sout/i 2d 
Dubs Martin & co. grocers 247 High 
Dubs Mic >.ael, flour merchant Pearsons court 
Dubs Martin, grocer near 33 N 7th 
Duche Joan, gentleman 22 Catherine 
Ducomb Vincent, perfumer 47 N Third 
Ducoin.^- Sc Lacombe, merchants near 19 Coates alle/ 
Duer Hannah, widow 2 Prune st 
Duey Aciam, tavernkeeper 10 south 5th 
Ducamp irancis, carpenter St Tammany st 
Dufficla Richard, merchant 1 1 S Front 8c 10 Water 
Duffield Jesse, ropemaker 490 south 2d 
Durheld Samuel, M. D 12 Chesnut 
Duffield James, ladies shoemaker 47 N 8th 
Duffie Aaron, mariner 115 Cherry 
Duffie Elizabeth, seamstress 126 German 
Duffie Francis Sc Thos. grocers 216 south Water 
Duffie Charles, laborer 74 German 
Duffie Thomas, laborer 129 Green 
Diiffie Philip, boarding house 86 Swanson 
Euffie Michael, plaisterer 10 Oak(S) 
Euffie Michael, printer Juniper Lane 
Dutief N. G. professor of French literature 47 N 3d 
Dugal Joseph, shoemaker 1 5 Willings alley 
Dugan Joseph, merchant 9 1 soutli Third 
DuUng Johji, taylor 48 Spruce 


Dumas John F. inerrhant 20 Vine 

Dumoutet J. B. jeweller 55 south 2d 

Dumphey Mrs. boarding house 163 N Front 

Dunuberg^er George, trunk maker 64 Sassafras 

Dunant Edward, merchant 333 High 

Dunbar Wm. mariner 239 south 4th 

Duncan widow of James, innkeeper 376 S 2d 

Duncan Matthew, gentleman corner High and Juniper 

Duncan Thomas, laborer Aliens court 

Duncan Widow, tavern keeper Almond-st wharf 

Duncan Elizabeth, w dow 94 Catherine 

Duncan H. teacher 1 1 N Fifth 

Dungan Jonathan, tavern keeper Little 7th 

Dungan James, bookbinder 36 Moravian alley 

Dunkerly Luke, bleeder &c. 355 N Third 

Dunkin Robert, H. attorney at law 208 o Front 

Dunkin Robert, grocer 6 ' George- 

Dunlap James, M. D. 107 Mulberry 

Dunlap James, grocer corner Broad 8c Cedar 

Dunlap Edward, mariner 98 Shippen 

Dunlap Elizabeth, nurse 27 Penn 

Dunlap H^nry, grocer 194 S Water 

Dunlap Wm. grocer Locust above 10th 

Dunlap Sarah, shopkeeper 150 Lombard 

Dunlap John gentleman corner High & 12tk 

Dunlap Robert, woodsawyer91 Cedar 

Dunlavy Robert, sea captain Loxleys coui't 

Duley Catharine, widow Little 7th 

Duley Frederick, taylor 123 Mulberry 

Dunn Edward, carter 150 5 9th 

Dunn 8c Owen, merchants 48 N Front 

Dun E. shopkeeper 227 south 2d 

Dunn John, shoemaker 571 S Front 

Dunn John, oar maker 328 N Front 

Dunn John, mariner 57 Catherine 

Dunn Joseph, grazier Filbert above 10th 

Dunn Wm. oak cooper 290 N Front, 41 Artillery lane 

Dunn D. beefstake Sc oyster house 6 Letitia court 

Dunn Thomas, fancy silk Sc ribbon store 64 N 2d 

Dunn Robert, soap boiler 188 Sassafras 

Dunn -Samuel, plaisterer 164 S 6tiai 


Dunnin?^ Ann, tayloress99 German 
Duon H. lace maker 1 16 N 3d 
Dunton Jacob, sail maker 61 New, & Bickleys wharf 
Dunton Wm. sea captain 60 Brown 
Dunwick Wm. taylor 8 t^lum 
Dun woody John, carter St George above 1 0th 
Dunwoody Ruth, widow 4 1 N 7th 
Dupee Thomas, shopkeeper 163 Pine 
Du Plessis Peter Le Barbier, conveyancer & sworn in- 
terpreter 52 Walnut 
Duplane widow, gentlewoman 70 Union 
Du Ponceau Peter S. counsellor at law, office in Sixth 
N. E. corner of Chesnut, dwelling 
195 Chcsnut Street 
Dupr^ Peter, professor of music Schrivers court 
Dupuck Edward, grocer 188 N 3d 
Dupuy Daniel, sen. 1 1 4 Sassafras 
Dupuy Daniel, juns-silvei^mith 2 S2d 
Durang Jacob, surgeon barber 253 5 5th 
Durang John, comedian 2 1 6 Cedar 
Durant Eleanor, tayloress 1 6 Oak 
Durbec Sarah, widow 26 Green 
Durfor George, carpenter 328 Sassafras 
Durmur Thomas, victualler 5 14 N Front 
Dumell Thomas, con st'dble 180 south 4th 
Durney Michael, baker 303 south 2d 
Durell Jeremiah, jx)rter 48 Brown 
Dusar F. merchant 61 S 3d, 8 .Sansom 
Dustan Michael, sadler 306 N 3d 
Dutilh John, merchant 109 Lombard 
Dutilh Stephen, merchant 1 64 south 2d 
Dutterer John, shoemaker 1 89 N Third 
Dutton Joseph, shipwatch 74 Vine 
Dutton Silas, waiter Aliens court 
Dutton James, gentleman 4 1 9 N Front 
Duval Mary, boarding house 4 Dock 
Duval James S. merchant 80 north 2d 
Duvivier widow of Lewis, M. D. 3V4 N Front 
Dyev & Dorey, brewers comer Noble uud 2d 
Dyer Walter, 2 1 Union 
Dyer John, carter 79 Green 


Dyer Wm. brewer corner 2d and Noble 
Dyer George, stage driver 5 Cressons alley 
Dyke John, hairdresser 137 Chesnut 

E ACHES Robert, brass founder 98 Cedar 
Eakins Rachael, 50 Spruce 
Eagleson Joseph, whitesmith 93 N Front 
Eans\torth 8c Jolley, hardware merchants 132 High 
Earingficher Jacob, turner 57 Filbert 
Earle Abraham, tavern keeper 319 N Front 
Earl David, shoemaker &. tavern keeper 333 N Front 
Earle James, sand paper manufacturer Middle alley 
Earley John, porter 192 south 8th 
Earnest Jacob, taylor 1 7 south 4th - 
Earnest Jacob, fruiterer 18 High, 143 Walnut 
Eastburn Joseph, cabinet maker 86 Vine 
Eastbum 8c Lesley, cabinet makers 101 Mulberry 
Easter John, mate 265 north Front 
Eaton John, grocer corner 1 3th and Locust 
Eaton Elijah, shoemaker 146 Brown 
Eberth Catherine, widow 149 Vine 
Ebberth Conrad, broker 186 north 5th 
Eberle Charles, surgeons instrument maker 14 N 5th 
Eberle Frederick, baker 52 Swanson 
Eberle Henry, whitesmith Rose alley 
Ebling John, tavemkeeper above 511 N 2d 
Ebsworth Daniel, vendue cryer Chesnut near 7th 
Eccles James, grocer comer 5th Sc Cedai 
Eckard J. F. merchant 45 Spruce 
Eckard George, gentleman 197 S 4th 
Eckel Andrew, tobacconist Kunkl^ st 
Eckendorff Martin, hairdresser 270 S 2d 
Eckey John, shoemaker 1 1 6 N 4th 
Eckfeldt Adam, assistant mintner Juniper near Vine 
Eckfeldt Jacob, smith Sc innkeeper 30 N 5ik 
Eckfeldt Sc Weaver, smiths 46 N 5th 
Eckstein Frederick, merchant 1 30 S 8th 
Eckstein John, limner 199 Walnut 

Eckstein Jacob, taylor '1 1 9 New 
EJdy George, broker 1 1 1 Spmce 
Eddows Ralph, merchant 43 N 6th 
Eddows John, china merchant 99 N Third 
Edenbaugh Joseph, watchman 5 Sassafras alley 
Edenborn Jacob, currier 110 Sassafras 
Edgar Wm. blackball maker Callowhill above the 

Edger widow, boarding house 29 S Water 
Edger Owen, shoemaker N i2th 
Ediius Andrew, sea captain 1 9 Wodd 
Edmonson Wm. sh.oemaker Becks 
Edmonson Wm. shoemaker 99 Passyunk 
Edleman Isaac, carpenter Hydes court 
Edkraan J^sse, bookbinder 32 N 4th 
Edwards John, tavernkeeper 1 6f 5 Front 
Edwards Ann, mantua maker near 2 1 Prune 
Edwards John, sea ca^taih 14 Parrams alley 
Edwards '^usannah, boarding house 368 <S Front 
Edwards P. iron merchant 1 1 -S" wharves 
Edwards Thomas, rope maker 459 5 2d 
Edwai'ds Jacob, taylor 152 south Water 
Edwards Joseph, brass founder 108 N 6th 
Edwards widow, gentlewoman 189 Walnut 
Edwards Griffith^ grocer 72 High, 16 Bank 
Edwards James, sea captain 28 Callowhill 
Edwards Joshua, merchant 104 S 4th 
Edwards Jonathan, tavernkeeper 323 N 3d 
Edwards John, gentleman 84 N Front 
Edwards Mary, widow 286 N 8th 
Edwards Edward, merchant 188 N 5th 
Edwards Robert, accomptant'teacher 47 N 3d 
Edwards Philip, state prif^on keeper comer of Walnut 
Edward Joseph, oak cooper 1 1 Passyunk road 
Eells Nathan, sea captain 1 9 Vernon 
Egans William, taylol' 85 N Front 
Egan Michael, teacher 15 Willings alley 
Egarman Samuel, blacksmith 459 north 3d 
Eggbert Jacob, 5 Knights court 
Egert Margaret, gentlewoman lesSThii-d 
Egert George, bakw ^57 N 2d 


Eglec Jacob, cabinet maker 66 south 4th 

Eglee Samuel, tajlor Coombs alley 

Ehrenzeller Sc Baker, merchants 44 north 2d 

Ehrenzeller George, accomptant near 61 Cheny 

Ehringhaus Adolph, merchant 126 south 4th 

EhrenfeldG. F. grocer 71 Hassafms 

Eisenbrey Henry, tobacconist 176 Sassafras 

Eisenbrey Peter, grocer corner -Sassafras and 7th 

Eisenbrey Mrs. tavernkeej>er 1 10 north 5th 

Eisenhut Andrew, coppersmith 203 N 2d 

Eisenhut John, coppersmith 3d above Callowhill 

Eke Catherine, widow 7 1 S 4th 

Elbert Richard, harness maker 90 N 8th 

Elder Thomas, merchant, 79 N. Water 

Eldredge Phineas, sea captain Carpenter (S) 

Elfrey Fi-ancis, near 90 N 9th 

Elfrey Jacob, cedar cooper Pearsons court 

Elkington A. taylor 72 N Water, 27 Mulberry 

Eller Charles, trader 28 Kunkle st 

Eller Christopher, nailer 466 N Front 

Ellerson widow of Andrew, grocer 5 1 Coates 

Eilet Chas. ironmonger 193 High, 24 Mulbeny- 

Ellick Philip, taylor 73 S otli 

Elling Rev. IVlr. Spruce above 6tl> 

Elliot John, sea captain 195 S Front 

Elliot Wm. innkeeper 18 N 4th 

Elliot -Samuel, leather cutter 52 Dock, 74 Union 

Elliot Elizabeth, widow 272 S 4th 

Elliot John, perfumer 65 Mulberry 

Elhot Thom^as, carter 1 1 "Wood st 

Elliot James, innkeeper 54 Callowhill 

Elliot Wm. blacksmith, 93- Walnut, 82 S 4th 

Elliot Wm. mariner Drinkers court 

Elliott J. Sc oons, looking glass and medical warehouse 

60 south Front 
Ellis David, grocer 441 N Front 
ElliS John, teacher 216 north 3d 
Ellis Elizabeth, grocer 4 Callowhill 
Ellis J:..mes. brass founder 252 south Front 
Ellis Rowland, merchant 54 Sc 151 N 3d 
Ellis Wm. sea captain 22 Meade alley 


Ellis Edward, taylor 57 George 

Ellis Samuel, High near Juniper 

Ellis Wm. laborer 1 16 Plum 

Ellison Robert, late carpenter 56 Lombard 

Ellison Wm. tax collector 113 S 5th- 

Ellison S. storekeeper 45 Artillery lane 

Elmslie Alexander, merchant 35 Chesnut 

Elmslie John, turner Elmslies alley 

Elverson 5c Somers, grocers 3 Mulberry 

Elvin John, coachman 109 S 5th 

Ely Hugh, Sc Joseph, flour merchants 5 1 N Water 

Ely Hugh, merchant 42 Cable lane 

Ely Joseph, flour merchant 218 X Front 

Emerick ^Irs. baker 140 N Front 

Emerick k Painter, grocers 271 High 

Emerick Ballus, baker 234 High 

Emery Lewis, hat merchant 109 N. 2d 

Emery Jacob, meal merchant 481 N 3d 

Emery John, clei'k of iit Thomas church 9 N 8th ^ 

Emery John, carter 159 St Johns 1 

Emery Samuel, ship broker, office next the Custom- 

House Carpenters building, Sc dwelling near Grays 

ferry road East banks of the Schuylkill 
Emes Ann, midwife, 2o7 Sassafras 
Emlen G. merchant comer 4th Sc Willings alley 
Emlen C. hardware store 135 High, 305 Mulberry 
Emlen Ann, gentlewoman 179 Chesnut 
Emmick Peter, carter Callowhill above Stk 
Endicott John, sea captain 145 N Water 
Endries ^Michael, taylor 447 N 2d 
Endries Jacob, carter 447 N 2d 
Eneu James, baker 38 Passyunk ix)ad 
Eneu Sc Collins, bakers 1 1 Plum 
Engard Adam, carter 180 St Johns 
Engard Henry, tavemkeeper 418 N 2d 
Englebert Leonard, storekeeper 232 S 2d 
ErKjlefret C. blacksmith Matlacks court 
Engle James, hardware store corner Shippen Sc 2d 
Engle Francis, ironmonger 73 Sassafras 
Engles Sc .Stiles, printer 248 S 3d 
Engles S. city surveyor 8c measurer 248 soutli 3d 


English Th -imas, carpenter 138 Cedar 

English Jo' ieph, gentleman 3 1 Brown 

English B enjamin, laborer Noble st 

English i:. 8c C. HoUond, merchants 106 S Front 

Ennis A'nn, boarding house 19 Cedar 

Ennis T 'homas, oysterman 54 Plum 

Enters Lewis, tavern keeper 390 north 2d 

Epicy . \ndrew, gentleman 77 north 7th 

Erdma n C. sworn interpreter 1 1 5 Cherry 

Ermai i Wm, whitesmith 146 north Water 

Errick son Christian, sea captain 503 S Front 

Errinf ;er John, brewer Webbs alley 

Errinr ^er Frederick, shoemaker 57 Mulberry 

Ervin c Henry, carter 203 north 8th 

Eivii ie R. comb maker corner 1 1th and St Geor^ 

Ervi n Samuel, carpenter 16 Cherry 

Erw in John, porter 475 N 2d fsee Irwin J 

Erv ren Samuel, oak cooper 19 Parrams alley 

Er «ren Robert, laborer 187 south 7th 

Er -win Robert, livery stable 1 south 7th 

E rwine Robert, grocer 105 -Shippen 

E .shart Robert, tobacconist Globe mills 

r isherick George, baker 9 north 5th 

? £sler Andrevr, "brush maker 33 north 5th 

Esler Adam, feed store 189 north 2d 

Esline widow of Nicholas, 8 south 5th 

Estell Daniel, taylor 5 Chancery lane 24 N Water 

Estick Thomas, carpenter 22 Elizabeth 

Estill Britton, stable keeper Moravian alley 

Etris Christianna, widow 128 N 5th 

Etter George coachmaker 25 N 6th 

Etting Reuben, merchant 251 High 

Etwein Mrs. widow, innkeeper 4th above Noble 

Eustace William, hair dresser 210 S 5th 

Eulando L. shipwright 500 S 2d 

Evans Aaron, carpenter 179 Cherry 

Evans Abel, lumber merchant 24 fie comer oC Callow- 
hill &: 3d 

Evans Cadwallader, accomptant 14 Carters alley 

Evans David, lumber merchant 60 N 8th 



Evans David, sen. j^entlenian Spruce above 7th 

Evans David, jun. & Co. curriers 38 Che^nut 

Evans David, jun. carpenter Spruce above 7th 

Evans David, sea captain 15 Catharine 

Evans David, cabinet maker 115 & 215 Mulberry 

Evans Elizabeth, shopkeeper 14 5 2d 

Evans Isaiah, laborer 254 S 3d 

Evrtus Isaiah, plaisterer 101 N 6th 

Evans John, merchant 58 S 2d 

Evans John, carpenter 145 N 6th 

Evans John C. sen. gentleman Spruce above 7tli 

Evans John C. jun. carpenter Spruce above 7th 

Evans John, plumber & glazier ISl S 3d 

Evans John B. merchant 63 Pine 

Evans John B. taylor 199 N 2d 

Evans Jonathan, lumber merchant 102 Union 

Evans Jacob, carpenter 287 S 5th 

Evans Joseph, accomptant 27 Chesnut 

Evans Margaref, boarding house 13 Branch 

Evans 8c Maxwell, lumber yard corner 3d & Callovhill 

Evans Owen, soap boiler Tenth near Filbert 

Evans Samuel, attorney at law 163 Walnut 

Evans Susannah, shopkeeper 234 S 2d 

Evans Sarah, widow 200 Mulberry 

Evans Samuel, sadler 306 S Front 

Evans Tliomas', taylor 14 Knights court 

Evans 8c Williams, lumber yard Orange 

Evans 8c Warner lumber yard next 145 Vine 

Evans William, carpenter 27 Plum 

Evans Oliver, merchant near 506 High, 47 Filljert - 

Evans Peter, tavern keeper 138 S Front 

Evans Rees, carpenter Leechs court 

Evans Robert, jun. hatter 96 High, 92 N 5th 

Evans Robert, sen. lumber merchant 94 Sc 198 N 5tk 

Evans Samuel, sea captain 166 S 4th^ y , 

Evcrhart David, coachmaker 42 C-arpent'er st 

Everhart John, yeoman 485 S Front 

Everhart Abraham, carpenter 255 Sassafras 

Everhart widow, 65 N 10th 

Everly Jacob, rigger 92 N Front 

Everly Adam, I^^ir dresser corner 3d 8c Chesnut 


Evcrly Jacob, hatter 8 5 Lombard 

Eves Sc Wister, merchants 103 High 

Eves Cliarles, innkeeper 1 17 N 4th 

Evland Samuel, laboi-er 370 N 3d 

EvHng Peter, blacksmith 50 Zane 

Ewing Mrs. gentlewoman 77 Walnut 

Ewing Samuel, attorney at law 11 Walnut 

Ewing Mary, widow 17 Fayette 

Ewing Thomas, merchant 19 Chesnut 

Exeter widow of John, 88 Gaskill 

Eyre Nathan, taylor corner Water 8sc High 

Eyre Manuel, jun. merchant 23 S Water 119 N Fk>nt 

Eyre Sc Massey, merchants 23 .S* Water 

Eyres Eliza, boarding house 2 Chesnut [see Ay res] 

Eyslic Wm. laborer 18 Budd st 

FABLE GEORGE laborer 17 Apple tree alley 
Fable George, taylor 160 Sassafras 
Facundus Jacob, constable Walnut above 7th 
Facundus Elizabeth, shopkeeper 141 N 6th 
Fagundus Catharine, wiclow 177 Cherry 
Fagundus Barbara, vridow 141 •Sassafras 
Fairbaim John, merchant 173 N Front 
Fairbaim Wm. accomptant 147 Spruce 
Fairey Elizabeth, shopkeeper 431 N 3d 
Falconer Nathaniel, master warden 29 Sassafras 
Falconer William, gentleman 5 Cheriy st 
Fahn Richard, rigger 125 Swanson 
Falker George, shoemaker 89 N 6th 
Falling k Co. merchants 96 N 4th 
J'annen Anthony, late painter 244 S 7th 
Faner Casper, tobacconist comer Sassafras and 5th 
Fanslor John, carpenter 3S5 Sassafras 
harden George, pavier 299 S 3d 
Farley James, taylor 275 S 5th 
Farier Wm. shoemaker 198 Cedar 
Farmer Casper, innkeeper 92 N 8th 
1 armer Lewis, innkeeper 140 High 


Farmer James, carpenter 28 S 3d 

Farnell Thomas, currier corner fjcl & Dock 

Farnell Elizabeth, widow 143 south 9tk 

Farnell Sc Pierie, curriers Dock near 2d 

Farner Michael, tobacconist 3o9 Callowhill 

Farquhar George, M. D. 39 N 6th 

Farquhar Benjamin, 6 Cressons alley 

Farr John, block maker 2 Eli'reths alley 

Farr William, grocer corner Cedar & Penn 

Farran Mary, widow corner 10th ScChesnut 

Farrand AVm. P. & Co. classical &: literary booksellers 

185 High 
Farrier Wm. shoemaker 198 Cedar 
Farrier Thomas, coachman 169 S 3d 
Farris Wm. taylor back of 83 Chesnut 
Farris Berd. flour merchant 100 S 3d [see Ferris 

Farry Dennis, laborer 225 S 2d 
Fassett Thomas Sc James, merchants 2 S Front 
Fatio Philip, merchant 180 Spruce 
Faunce Jacob, baker corner 2d Sc Brown 
Faunc« 'S'amuel, b?.ker 3 1 5 S 3d 
Faunce Henry, gentleman 455 N 2d 
Faunce Henry, caulker 227 St. Johns 
Fay ran John, taylor 37 Green 
Fawcet Sarah, 386 S 2d 
Fearon Joseph, soap boiler 93 Walnut 
Febiger Elizabeth, widow 263 High 
Fell Eliza, storekeeper 82 Sassafras 
F'ellette Mrs. boarding house 190 S 2d 
F'ennell Wm. merchant upper 5 5 N 3d 
Fennimore David, tavernkeeper 45 N Water 
Feinour & Shirley, tin & ironplate workers 1 94 S 2d 
Fqnner Peter, taylor Steinmetz court 
Fenton Abraham, laborer 1 1 8 German 
Fenton Thomas, ladies shoemaker 38 Sassafras 
Fere Mrs. gentlewoman 150 N 3d 
Ferguson Benjamin, taylor 35 Mulberry 
Ferguson Ebenezer, justice of the peace 72 George 
Fei'guson Robert, grocer 48 Penn 
Ferguson Robert, merchant 1 Powell 
Ferguson Robert, shoemaker Juniper near Walnufc* I 


Ferguson Sainuel, ship\VTip;ht 253 N 2d 
Ferguson John, silversmith 13 Elfriths alley 
Ferguson Thomas, biscuit baker 158 5"pruce 
Ferris Benj. watchmaker 1 7 N 2d Sc Frombergers 

Fett John M. mariner 176 N Water 
Field Christianna, widow 127 Walnut 
Field Peter, taylor 137 Spruce 
Field Peter, brickmaker 4 Merediths row 
Field John, merchant 175 Walnut st 
Field Elizabeth, mantua maker 45 Mulberry 
Field Joseph, merchant 23 north -Front 
Field Mary, widow 285 Callowhill 
Field Nathan, merchant 45 Mulberry 
Field Wm. grain measurer 62 Union 
Field Thomas S. merchant 34 N i^ront 
Fielding Robert, coachmaker 307 and^351 High 
Fife Wm. trunk maker Eleventh below Locust 
Filson Ann, mantua maker 136 Spruce 
Fimeton J. carpenter S 10th 4 doors from High 
Finch Widow, tavernkeeper 7 Chesnut 
Finney Charles, carpenter 20 Pear 
Fink Jacob, stocking weaver 26 North alley 
Finley James, teacher 231 Mulberry 
Firehocker Henry, sugar boiler 
Firth John, shopkeeper 108 north 3d 
Firth Preston C. carpenter 28 St Johns 
Fisher A. accomptant 258 Mulberry 
Fisher Adam, grocer i^rombergers court 
Fisher Widow, tavernkeeper 228 Swanson 
Fisher Elias, tavernkeeper Oak st (N L) 
Fisher Elizabeth, seamstress Coxes alley 
Fisher Elisha, ironmonger 1 4 N i^ront 
Fisher widow of /^. victualler York road 
Fisher George, .stationer 188 south 2d 
Fisher George, ^wharf builder 896 N /^ixjnt 
Fisher George, sea captain 137 N -Front 
Fisher John, shoemaker 123 Mulberry 
Fisher John, victualler 2 1 7 north 8th 
Fisher James C k S. W. merchants 33 Mulbeny 


Fisher James C. merchant 2 1 MulbeiTy 
Fisher 8c Leeds, hatters 25 High 
Fisher Jacob, laborer 432 N T^ront 
Fislier Walter, currier 3 Grays alley 
Fisher Jacob, brickmaker Eleventh near Sassafras 
Fisher Joshua, merchant 5 Dock 
Fisher Jonatiian, shoemaker 92 N Front 
I'isher M. thermometer maker 82 N 4th 
Fisher Mary, widow 58 N 3d 
Fisher Nicholas, lace &c fringe weaver 71 Mulberry 
Fisher J. harness maker & trimmer 6 Stalls court 
Fisher Joshua, merchant 142 S 2d 
Fisher 'S'amuel W. merchant 378 High 
Fisher 'Saml. R. merchant 27 Dock, 1 10 S Front 
Fisher Susannah, widow Rose alley 
Fisher Thomas, a^ssistant sheriff 42 Gaskill 
Fisher Thomas, gentleman 142 S2d 
Fisher Thomas 8c Miers stave yard next 19 Swanson 


Swan SON 
Fishers wharf (Jas. C. k Samuel W.) at 63 N 

FiskJohn, rope maker 508 »9 Front 
Fisler Catherine, boarding house 147 N 2d 
Fiss John, sail maker 54 N 8th 
Fiss Joseph, M. D. 38 N 8th 
Fiss John, wheat-fan and wire worker 14 Spruce 
Fiss Henry, tannei* above 500 N Second 
Fister Adam, weaver 78 New 
Fisuere Annij gentlewoman 163 Vine 
Fitler Jacob, tfenner&c cuirier 511 N 2d 
Fitler John, currier Poplar lane 
Fitz Joseph, fan maker 85 Brown 
Fitlow George^ drover 37 liudd st 
F^itzgerald Keran, stablerkeeper 47 S 4th 
Fitzgerald Robert, blockmaker 10 Little Water 
Fitzgerald Thomas, shoemaker 108 German 
Fitzpatrick Mary, widow 274 St Johns 
Fitzpatrick, Rev. above 15 Willings alley 
Fitzsimmons Thomas, President of the Delaware Iil» 
surance Company 243 Chesimt ^ 


Fitzsimmons Eliza, widow 153 Spruce 

Flahavan Thomas, grocer and carriage letter 74 N 5th 

Flaherty Daniel, grocer 198 N 2d 

Flaherty Isaac, rigger 248 S 4th 

Flake George, painter 198 Mulbeny 

Flamand James, grocer 173 Mulberry 

P'lanagan James, carpenter Bmad above Sassafras 

Flannagan Stephen, pilot 444 S Front 

Flanagan Wm. shoemaker 136 S 6th 

Flaxberd Lewis, barrow porter 3 i'armers alley 

Fleming Wm. mariner 1 1 3 Catherine 

Fleming Charles, inspector of salt 8c coal 34 Coates 

Fleming Jos. H. agent and collector 13 Burds alley 
Fleeson Mrs. gentlewoman 275 N /'"ront 
Fktcher John, sea captain 28 Vine 
Fletcher James, plaisterer 224 south 6th 
Fletcher Valentine, laborer 27 North alley 
P'letcher Richaixl, merchant corner 2d and Vine 
Fletcher Wm. coach trimmer 271 ^Sassafras 
Flickwire David, carpenter 24 German 
Fling John, merchant 1 3 High N side near Water 
Fling William, painter Sc glazier 155 N i'ront 
Fling Sc Snyder, painters 128 north Front 
Fling Edward, painter Sc glazier 36 Coates alley 
Flinn Mrs. boarding house 69 High 
Flinn Thomas, stable keeper Watkins court 
Flinn Richard, ship carpenter 50 Green 
Flint John, coachmaker 210 Mulberry 
Flintham James, mariner Goddards alley 
Flintham Wm. mercht. 19 Keys alley 137 N Water 
Flintham John, gentleman 9 1 Vine 
Flush John, sugar bo-iler Kunkle st 
Flowers George, huckster 274 ^Sassafras 
Flowers Catharine, widow 1 6 Brown 
Flower John, gentleman 45 Swanson 
Flowers Thomas, wood corder 30 Vine 
Flowers C. cedar cooper 270 N 3d 
Flowers Thomas, pilot 35 Catherine 
Fluck Acr^m, innkeeper 137 N 3d 
Fcedas Mary, boarding iU>use 26 Cypress alley 


Fowler Mary, widow 87 N Sih. 

Fox Christian, cabinet maker 98 N 5th 

Fox Elizabeth, widow 32 N 3d 

Fox Elizabeth, t^entlewoman 3 1 7 High 

Fox Ann, widow 44 Coates 

Fox Adam, shoemaker Charlotte st 

Fox Edward, recorder of deeds, ofFice East wing of 

the ^Yate-house ; dwellitig 182 Mulberry- 
Fox /'rederick, shoemaker Logan 

Fox (Jeo. President of the Schuylkill bridge company, 
Chesnut above Tenth 

Fox Geo. blacksmith 21 Callowhill 

Fox Geo. caulker 39 Brown 

Fox John, brickmaker 367 Mulberry 

Fox Justinian, glue maker 305 N in-ont 

Fox Joseph sen. cryer of the court 1 32 Vine 

Fox Lewis, baker next 100 N 7th Y 

Fox Mary, schoolmistress 1 5 Mary st 

Fox Michael, brickmnkcr next 52 Filbert 

Fox Martha, milliner 42 High 

Fox Samuel, M. President of the Pennsylvania bank^ 

near 140 Chesnut 
Fox Wm. &c N. Angle, blacksmiths 94 N 8th 
Fov Michael, taylor^Biddles alley, & S 10th near 

Frame Nathan, blacksmith 23 Appletree alley 
Francis Ann, widow 154 Chesnut 
Francis Mary, next 405 Sassafras 
Francis John, hotel 13 and 15 south 4th 
Francis William, comedian 70 N 8th 
Francis Joseph, Pear st 
Francis Charles, laborer 543 north 3d 
Francis Charles, merchant 154 Chesnut 
Francis Thomas W. merchant 98 5 3d 
Francis John, laborer417 Sassafras 
Francois John, cook 183 S 5th 
Francois Catherine, widow 25 Cressons alley 
Frank Elizabeth, widow next 23 north 10th 
Frank Adam, M. D. near 208 St. Johns 
Franks John, brewer 253 High 
Franks Chnstopher,- painter 33 north 1 1th 


Franks Jacob, tanner Noble near 4th 
Franks George, tanner Sc currier ^^oble near 4tU 
Frankfort John, sea captain ^48 south /'ront 
Franklin H. sea captain 29 Brown 
Franklin Walter, attorney at law 83 south 2d 
Franklin Jesse, shoemaker 18 Almond 
Franklin Selby, shoemaker 58 Penn 
Franklin Samuel, shoemaker 1 Taylors alley 
Franklin William, cabinet maker 252 south 7tli 
Frazer Robert, attorney at law^ 123Chesnut 
Frazier Andrew, grocer 437 north 2d 
Frazier Nalbro, merchant 1 6 1 south 2d 
Frazier M. sail loft 19'Sw^anson, dwelling 87 Christian 
Frazier Wm. mariner 50 Callowhill 
Frazier Wm. porter 107 Catherine 
Frederick John, cabinet maker Cherry above 1 ith 
Frederickson Godfrey, grocer 2 1 2 north 2d 
IjFree Lambert, sail mak6r Yorke csurt 
Free Benj. storekeeper 201 north 2ld 
Free Mrs. gentlewoman 150 north 3d 
Free Samuel, carter 466 north /'ront 
Freeberry Jacob, blockmaker Noble 
Freeholder George, 159 ^St Johns 
Freelander G. innkeeper 376 south 2d 
Freeman Benj. tavernkeeper Cedar above 1 1th 
Freeman Bernard, mariner 105 north Water 
Freeman T. B. merchant 136 High 
Freeman ^enj. sen. Windsor chair maker 141 S i^ront 
Freeman P. waiter 187 south 7th 
Freeman Reese, mariner Loxleys court 
Freilly i'redeiick, baker 7 Church alley 
Freiily John H. groc>-r 6 Church allry 
Freilly John U. baker 113 Vine 
French Cliarles, gentleman Watkins court 
French Samuel, comedian 24 Shippen 
French Wm. merchant 48 -v Front 
Freno Paui, boarding house 15 S Water 
Fretwell John, storekeeper 16 south 6th 
Freytag Michael, potter 194 south 5th 
Fncke Augustus, woolen viraper and men's mercer 7 
Sc 1 1 south 3d 


Fricke Henry, furrier 55 north 3d 

Fricke Frederick, cabinet maker 406 north 2d 

Frick Jacob, brick maker 4th above Brown 

Frick Frederick, mariner 397 south 2d 

Frick Michael, brass founder 364 north 3d 

Fricker Joseph, g^rocer 362 north 2d 

Friday Christianna, widow 189 St Johns 

Friedlein John A. grocer 135 south 6th 

Fries John, merchant next 3 south 3d 

Fries Jacob, innkeeper 140 north 2d 

Fritchmuth John, baker 268 north 8th 

Fritchmuth Daniel, baker 85 north 5th ^ ^ 

Fritz Christopher, sugar baker 378 north 3d "^ 

Fritz George, blacksmith 437 north 3d 

Fritz Mary, cake baker 256 Sassafras 

Fritez Peter, shopkeeper I44 Spinice 

Fritz Peter, innkeeper 8c stone cutter 226 Sassafras , _^ 

Fromberger George, grocer 184N -Front Sc 101 VineC* 

Frewert John, shoemaker 84 north 5th 

FryEIHs, victualler 99 Cherry 18 O shambles 

Fry Joseph, Serjeant at arms 1 6 Cable lane 

Fry George, potter 132 Sassafras 

Fry Henry, taylor 70 Vine 

Fry Jacob, stevadore 28 Elfrofths alley 

Fry Nathan, carpenter 71 north 7th 

Fryberger John, victualler Garden st 

Fryberg J. victualler 77 N 8th 13 O shambles 

Fuller Elizabeth, widow 1 1 8 Swanson 

Fullerton Alexander, storekeeper 37 High 

Fullerton Arthur, sea captain 22 Queen 

JFullerton Saml. merchant 38 north 6th 

Fullerton Esther, widow 85 north 3d 

Fullerton Valeria, gentlewoman 1 1 3 Mulberry 

Fullerton Jas. shipjoiner 386 S 2d 135 Swansoit 

Fulmer Casper, laborer 27 Budd 

Fulmer -Frederick, tanner 460 north 3d 

Fulton Samuel, grocer 257 High 7 north 6tk 

Fulton James, grocer 395 S Front 

Furlong James, shoemaker 7 Small 

Furnis -Sarah, widow Etris court 


Fury Mounes, carpenter 271 south 4tii^ 
Furze James, merchant 9 Morris alley 
Fyan John, shoemaker 39 Coates gt 

GABALDE Josep]^, B. merchant 80 Vine 
Gable Peter, carpc nter 40 Brown 
Gabel John, carpenter 45 1 north 2d 
Gailkt Wm. shipwriglit 5 Mary st 
Calbriath Patrick, clock 8c watchmaker 30 Almond 
Gale Eliza, widow 22 Artillery lane 
Gale Joseph, carter 198 Cherry 
Gallager Andrew, sea captain 103 Spi'uce 
Gallagher Charles, laborer 225 south 3d 
Gallagher John, porter 136 Callowhill 
Gallagher widow, 28 North alley 
Gallagher Patrick, cooper 13 Plum 
Gallagher James Sc ^^ons, china merchants 18 S Fronf 
Gallagher John, bricklayer Noble above 2d 
Gallaher James, M. D. 44 N Fourth 
Galloway John, manner 2 Parrams alley 
Galloway Joseph, sea captain 254 -5" 3d 
Galloway James, carter 124 Christian 
Galley Joseph, tobacconist 123 Sassafras 
Gambell John, sawyer 1 4 Queen 
Gambell Mary, widow 1 2 1 S Third 
Garabell James, soapboiler 13th near Locust 
Gambell James, ship joiner 47 1 S Front 
Gamble James, merchant 200 Spruce 
Gamble Wm. mariner Burds alley 
Gamble &c Rehn, merchants 25 S wharves 
Gamble James, storekeeper 49 Christian 
Gamper John, cedar cooper 1 &5 High 
Gano Zelpha, seamstress 58 N 5th 
Gardette James, dentist 75 Walnut 
Garaud Jacob, taylor 64 Chesnut 
Gardiner Edward, sea captain 1 34 CallowhiH 
Gardner Ben j. carpenter 236 Lombard 



Gardner John, coach painter 41 Keys alley- 
Gardner John, mariner 328 S Front 
Gardner John, blacksmith 387 N Front 
Gardner George, mariner IQCoates alley 
Gardner Wm. waiter 169 south 6th 
Gardner Henry, coachmaker Pembeitons alley 
Gardner Henrietta, washer 119 8 6th 
Gardner Jacol^, coachmaker 293 Vine 
Gardner James, carpenter Clover alley 
Gardner James, innkeeper Centre square 
Gardner James, bargeman Miiflins alley 
Gardner Wm.-sea captain 24 Vine 
Gardner Valentine, skindresser 29 1 Vine 
Gardener Vv'm. teacher 476 Sassafras 
Gardener Jonathan, baker 7 Christian 
Gardener John, trader Juniper Lane 
Gardener Peter, chair maker 52 Callowhill 
Gardiner John, sea captain 34 1 south 2d 
Gardiner John, jun. merchant 114 6' Front, 23 Dock 
(jardiner Rachel, mantna maker 36 S 3d 
Garing-er Lewis, gentleman 310 Sassafras 
Garnot Michael, carpenter 121 N 5th 
Garrett Philip, watchmaker 138 High, 20 Strawberry 
Garrett Levi, tobacconist 1 32 S Front 
Garrey Wm. carter 222 Shippen 
Garrick Elizabeth,, huckster 188 Mulberry 
Garrigues Abi-aham M. merchant 86 New 
Garrigues Benjamin F- merchant 120 S 2d 
Garrigues Wm. insurance surveyor 35 Cherry 
Garrigues Sc Marshall, merchants upper 139 High 
Garrigues SamueL notary public 312 N 2d 
Garrigues Samuel, jun. flour Sc feed store 109 N6th 
Ciarrlson Henry, coachmaker 253 High 
Garrison Henry, printer 82 north 8th 
Garrison Joshua, coachmaker 496 south 2d 
Garrison John, harness maker 494 o2lfl 
Gartland John, china store 89 N 2d 
Gartley John, teacher 19 Cherry 
Gartley Vvm- grocer 1 16 Swansea 
Garten John, sea captain, PfeifTers alley 
Garvcn John, laborer 236 south 3th 


Gai'wood Margaret, widow 549 south Front 
Garwood Wm. shipwright 468 south Front 
Gascket de Sifle, merchant 179 S 5th 
Gaskill Ebenezer, carpenter 278 N 2d 
Gaskill Edmund, shoemaker US N 2d 
Gaskill Ebenezer, carpenter 468 south Front 
Gates Fredericks carpenter 158 St Johns 
Gates Nathaniel, shipwright 23 Becks alley 
Gatier Rene, teacher near 1 2 Stampers alley 
Gatter Martin, shoemaker Schiveleys alley 
Gaul Frederick, brewer 7 N 4th 
Gaul Richard, sea captain 274 south Front 
Gaw G. chairmaker ^0 N Front. 1 3 Elfreths alley 
Gav>- R. chairmaker 280 S 2d, 144 south Front 
Gebler G. jun. blacksmith 58 S 4th 8c Harmony court 
Gebler Frederick, merchant 69 Cherry 
Gebler Mathias, accomptant 225 IVIuli^erry 
Gebler Godfrey, sen. tavernkeeper 82 Dock 
Geisse Wm. merchant 17 Mulberry . 
Geisse John, boarding house 30 bhippen 
Geisse Alexis, gentleman 127 Spruce 
Geley Peter, lapidary & jeweller 38 High 
Gellenger James, merchant 35 N Third 
Gemery Neomi, storekeeper 384 N 2d 
Gennet John, confectioner 12 ^Strawberry 
Genther Chas. shoemaker 252 St Johns (ste G'mther) 
Genther Francis, rictualler 42 Budd 
Gentry Robert, shipwright 1 1 Artillery lane 
Generelly F. merchant 87 south 2d 
George Charles, oak cooper 196 & 153 Water 
George Richard, hatter 1S8 High 
George Edward, merchant 1 69 south 5th 
iCTeorge Rrcha.rd, sea captain 278 south Front 
George Wm. laborer 1 42 south 8th 
George Wm. tinplate worker 123 N 6th 
George Widow, 66 N 7th 
Gerhard Mrs. schoolmistress 39 Pine 
Gerhard Wm. hatter 44 N Front 
Gerhard Conrad, shopkeeper 1 18 N 2d 
Germon John, goldsmith Quarry st 
Germon Thomas, paper hanger 13 Carters alley 


Germon Jrxob, carpenter 416 N Front 

Germon Ezekiel, laborer 140 .SVunaon 

Ciernon Richard, merchant 144 Mulberry 

Gethcn Wm. gold k. silversmith 172 south Front 

Cieuker Jacob, shoemaker, 20 Starr alley 

Gever Andrew, ironmonger 136 N Thivd (see Guicr) 

Geyer Andrew, jun. 28 Branch 

Geycr Jol'm, printer 122 N Third 

Gibbons Geo. W. conveyancer 43 south 5th 

Giijbons David, mariner 28 N 7th 

Gilboi:.s John, g-rocer 191 south 6th 

Gibbs Benjianin, sen. gentleman 31 MulbeiTj 

Gib;,;i 3uiiis, ch'over Taper alley 

Gibbs Josiuh W. Sc co. merchants 1 65 High 

Gibbs J, W. merchant 92 High 

Gibbs John, calico glazier 159 N 2d 

Gibbs Jacob, carter 124 Pine 

Gibbs James, w:;terman 58 Goates 

Gibbs Joel, hatter 68 N Front 

Gibbs Jonathan, oysterman 49 south Water 

Gibbs "Susannah, widow 193 S 4th 

Giberson M £c E. milliners 59 Mulberry 

Gibson E. boarding house 17 S 5th 

Gibson George, blacksmith 325 N 3d 

Gibson James, distiller Passyunk below Catharine 

Gibson Jas. attorney at law 78 Walnut, office 61 S 4th 

Gibson John, carpenter 1 14 Callowhili 

Gibson W^m. sea captain 44 Almond 

Gibson Mrs. shopkeeper Elmslies alley 

Gibson John, attorney at law, office 6 1 south 4th 

Gibson James, carpenter 4 -S'outh alley 

Gideon Henry, victualler 193 N 8th 

Gideon Rebecca, boarding house 20 Cherry ^ 

Giffins Eliza, huxter 8 Vernon 

Giffips Samuel, Says alley 

Gifford Olden, back of 77 Christian 

Giftbrd Mary, seamstress 349 S 1 ront 

Gigg Augustine, baker 46 Union 

Gihon John, taylor 29 German 

Gilbert Edward, carpenter 241 N Front 

Gilbert David, carpenter 4 N 6th 


Gilbert Frederick, taylor 139 Sassafras 
Gilbert John, sea captain 1 69 N 2d 
Gilbert George, taylor 189 N 2d 
Gilbert Jacob, taylor 67 New 
(iilbert Elizabeth, seamstress 167N3d 
Gilbert Conrad, cabinet maker Says alley 
Gilbert J Sc T umbrella makers 6 south 2d, 14 55th 
Gilbert Mary, widow 28 Strawberry 
Gilbert Michael, potter 9 Branch 
Gilby Wm. mariner 77 Christian 
Gilchrist Lucretia, gentlewoman 3 N 6th 
Gilerease Wm. ladies shoemaker 246 N 2d 
Gilerease Wm. storekeeper 429 N 2d 
Gildea James, sea captain 50 Coates 
Giles Samuel, hair dresser 20 Plum 
Giles Ann, widow comer Mulberiy and 7th 
Giles Wm. accomptant 19 Green 
Gilfrey Wm. caulker 219 Swanson 
Gilky John, carter Locust near 9tl» 
Gill Rachel, spinster 135 Spruce 
Gill Robert, merchant 9 N 6th 
Gilliand James, carpenter 498 south 2d 
Gilliard John, tavernkeeper 62 Shippen 
Gillaapy Hannah, shopkeeper 276 S Front 
Gillaspy George, M. D. 233 S Front 
Gilliams Lewis, surgeon dentist 24 Mulberr)' 
Gilligan George, brewer 10 Elbow Lane 
Gillingham James, merchant 95 High 
Gillingham Joseph, merchant 65 High 
Gillingham James, hatter 1 5 N Front 
Gilmor Margaret, widow 50 Catharine 
Gilmor Geo. accomptant 1 6 Strawberr)*^ 
Gilmor James, watermati 82 Plum 
Gilpin Geo. currier 48 High 
Gilpin D. grocer 1 5 Shippen 
Gilpin Joshua Sc Thomas, merchants 149 S Front 
Gilpin Joshua, merchant Ohesnut above 8th 
Gilpin Thomas, merchant 159 S 2d 
Gilpin Lydia, widow 159 south 2d 

I 2 


Gilpin Joseph, livery stable keeper Harmony court 

Cinder Edward, slioemaker 265 south 7th 

Ginder Elizabeth, boarding house 66 Vine 

Ginder John, tavernkeeper lMul!)erry above Elerenth 

Gh-ard Stephen, merchant 21 and 23 N Water 

Girdon James, sea captain 2 1 Keys alley 

Girvan James, tay lor next 195 Chesnut 

Glar^ing James, oak cooper 6 Little Water 

Glading Joseph, nailor 197 ^t Johns, 93 Coates 

^lading John, oak cooper Mifflins court 

Glading Rebecca, boarding house 14 Little Water 

Glassgow James, weaver 524 N Front 

Glassgow James, plaisterer 1 2th near Walnut 

Clause Jacob, hatter 367 north 2d 

Glazier David, nailor 1 9 1 St Johns 

Glazier Henry, shoemaker 368 N Third 

Glenn Wm. bricklayer Wood above 8tli 

Glenn Joseph, sea captain 1 5 1 south 3d 

Glenn Mary, widow 74 north 8th 

Glenn Mrs. nurse 372 worth 3d 

Glenn Stephen, taylor 49 S Water 

Glentworth Plunket P. M D. 144 ^^assafras 

Clentworth James, broker 34 Chesnut 

Glover & Eager, stone cutters, 224 S Front 

Goan C. soapboiler 127 N 5th 

Goddard George, blacksmith 2 11 N 2d 

Godshall F. shingle and stave yard Christian st wharf 

and 37 Becks alley 
Godshall John, shoemaker 576 N Third 
Goe Wm. mate 1 19 Swanson 
Gcetz Frederick, gunsmith 225 N2d 
Golding Jacob, carter 48 N 7th 
Golding Charks, laborer 272 south 4th 
Goldthrup Wm. carpenter Pearsons court 
Coldthrup John, teacher 20 Shippen 
Goldsmith Thos. plane maker corner Green Sc 2d 
Good Mrs. nurse 268 south 4th 
Goodfellow Wm. watchmaker 114 Chesnut 
Gooding Rose, widow 33 Coates alley 
Goodman Christopher, stationer 60 N 5th 
Goodman John, sen. whitesmith 258 N Front 


Goodman J.jun. ironmonger 201 N 3d, 32 St Johns 
Goodwin Gtor^e, shiprchandler 90 8 Wharves 
Goodwin John, shipchandler Mulberry st wharf, and 

1 7 1 N Front 
Goodwin Thomas, commission merchant 143 S 5th 
Goodwin Phcebe, milliner 68 Mulberry 
Gordon A. attorney at law 128 south 2d 
Gordon E. gentleman, 129 Lombard street 
Gordon Elizabeth, furnished lodgings 1 12 Union 
Gordon Joiin, grocer 306 south 4th 
Gordon John, blacksmith 196 •b-t Johns, 29 Gillis alley 
Gordon Rebecca, shopkeeper 207 S 5th 
Gordon Robert, waiter 38-S 5th 
Gordon Robert, grocer 205 8c 207 Cedar 
Gordon Henry, grocer 165 bhippen 
Gordon Peter, caulker Fullers alley 
Gordon Peter, shipw^right 403 S Front 
Gorgas George, lumber merchant 282 N 2d 
Gorham Abraham, painter corner 10th and Race 
Gorley Hugh, grocer 1 5 Swanson [see Gourley] 
Gorman Edward, tavernkeeper 128 N Water 
Gorman James, laborer 571 5" Front 
Gorman widow of Henry, carter next 500 S 4th 
Gorsuch &c Baugh, shopkeepers 3 N 2d 
Gosling Joseph, botler 8 Butlers court . 
Gosner Rebecca, widow 139 Chesnut 
Goss Joseph, M. D. 68 Shippen 
Gourley J. grocer 385 N Sd (see Gorley) 
Gouge John, shopkeeper 222 S 4th 
Goul Valentine, shoemaker 92 N 9th [see Gaul] 
Govett James, silversmith 12 Strawberry 
Govett Wm. G. merchant 181 High 
Govett Wm. J. carpenter 1 Strawberry 
Govett Wm. treasurer of the Lancaster Turnpike 181 

High and 122 south Fourth 
Govett Eleanor, widow 60 N 6th 
Gowan John M. soapboiler 10 Vernon 
Graba John, cabinet maker 463 N Third 
Grace Sophia, HofPmans alley 
Grace Philip, blacksmith 317 Callowhill 
Grace Aaron, laborer 11th above -Sassafras 


Grace Jacob, porter corner Brewers alley 8c 4th 

Grady Thomas, boarding house 556 S 2d 

Graff John, deputy collector of costoms 303 Mulberry 

Graff George, oak cooper 26 Smiths court 

Graff Casper, tay lor 359 Mulberry 

Graff Balshaser, baker 474 N 2d 

Graff Henry, deputy weigher 120 High 

Graff Joseph, victualler Laui'ence st, 4 1 old ahamblefi 

Graff Jacob, baker 6 Cherry 

Graham George, caulker 105 Christian 

Graham Wm. merchant 26 -S" Front 

Graham David, gentleman 1 64 Spiiice 

Graham Jane, gentlewoman 242 N Fno»t 

Graham R. M. dniggist 258 S 2d 

Graham John, grocer 397 S 2d 

Graham James, laborer 37 Crown st 

Graham widow oLMartin, M'CuUoughs court 

Graham James, laborer 144 N 8th 

Graham Mi's. mUliner 145 S 2d 

Graham Thomas, grocer 273 High 

Graham John, comb maker corner St George & 1 Ith 

Grandom John, gentleman 235 High 

Grant Alexander, mariner 65 Christian 

Grant John Sc Co. bookbinders 357 Sassafras 

Grant Jacob, blacksmith 4th above Brown 

Grant Peter, bookbinder 124 N 5th 

Grant Margaret, gentlewoman 41 Cedar 

Grant George, caipenter comer Pine Sc 7th 

Grant Teany, boarding house 65 Mulberry 

Grant Robert, grocer 373 S Front 

Grant Robert, dealer 45 Passyunk 

Grant Willidm, goldsmith 387 N 5d 

Grant William, blockmaker 1 1 6 Callowhill 

Gratz S. Sc H. merchants 232 High 

Gratz imoB, merchant 258 High 

Gravel John, baker 334 N 2d 

Gravel Henry, carpenter 72 N Sixth 

Gravelle R. L. confectioner 264 N Second 

C raven John, coachmtiker 30 Cheny 

Gritvenstine John, fruiterer 1 3 1 Sa&safraB 


(iravenstine Peter, fruiterer and confectioner S W 

corner of High itnd 6th 
Gravenstine Samuel, tavern keeper 14 Filbert 
Gravenstins George, 93 N 9th 
Gravenstine W. wheehvriglit 408 S 2d 
Graves B. printer, University yard N 4th 
Gray Audrew, soap boiler 5 1 Plum 
Grey Rev. Jas. Locust near 9th 
Gray Eliza, widow 26 N 7th 
Gray John, merchant 43 Lombard 
Gray Wm. 17 Hurst st 
Gray John, Uborer 1 Gillis alley 
Gray Thomas, mariner Aliens court 
Gray David, carpenter 1 62 N Fifth 
Gray David, shoemaker 44 Green 
Gray £c Taylor, grocers 217 High £c Hodges wharf 
Gray Joseph, late brewer 256 ^lulberry 
Gray Mary, widow \8 Elfriths alley 
Gray Nathan, fruiterer i08 Cherry 
Gray Samuel, blacksmith Goddards alley 
Gray Thomas, shoemaker Miffiins alley 
Graj Wm. fruiterer 42 Chesnut 
Gray Wm. bag porter 2 1 6 Coates 
Grear N. victualler 234 N 8th 23 Old shambles 
Grear J. victualler Noble above 8th 56 N shambles 
Grear Jacob, victualler 289 N 8th 53 O shambles - 
Greer James, flour merchant 255 S Fifth 
Greaves Alexander, grocer 376 S Front 
Greble Jacob, cedar cooper 350 S Second 
Greble Mathias, oak cooper 262 S Front 
Gi-eble Jacob, grocer corner German k 2d 
Greble George, carpenter 5 Fayette st 
Greble Wm. bricklayer near 96 Gaskill 
Grelaud John G. teacher 42 Filbert 
Gk-een Adam, bleeder St Mary above 6th 
Green Rev. Ashbel, 183 N 2d 
Green. Eleanor, grocer 134 S 4th 
Green Mathew, laborer 4 ^ outh alley 
Green -Stephen, laborer 135 Green 
Green Cathkirine, widow 140 N 8th 
Green George, grocer corner of Little 7th 


,, vireen James, sea captain 364 S 2d 
' Green John, grocer 288 Vine 


Green Isaac, carpenter back 39 Dock 
^ Green John, mariner 12 Shippen 
Green Rev. Lemuel, 64 S 2d 
Green Michael, storekeeper 1 5 S 7th 
Green Wm. stonecutter 14 N 7th 
Green Peter, gentleman 37 Cable lane 
Green Robert, Avaiter 169 S 6th 
Green Rufus, sea.captain 9th near Cherry 
Green Samuel, ship carpenter 1 16 BrvQwn 
Green Catharine, widow 152 N Water 
Greenleaf James, gentleman 155 Chesnut 
GreenaM'ay widow, boarding house 63 S 3d 
Greeves Thos. merchant 48 S whai-ves &. 3 N Wat6r 
Gregg Mrs. boarding house 1 8 Branch 
Gregory George, shipwright 24 Christian 
Gregory John, cabinet maker 2 1 8 S Front 
Gregory &: Cleavers, lumber y^rd 535 N Front &: 348 

north Second 
Gregory Charles, trader 101 Coates 
Gregory Wm. lumber merchant 288 N 2d 
Greinaud M. 76 Union 
Greiner John, sugar refiner 182 Sassafras 
Greiner John, taylor Drinkers court 
Gribbin Patrick, sea captain 51 Passyunk 
Gribbin James, laborer 398 N 3d 
Grice Isaac, shipwright 446 5 Front 
Griffen Moses, sea captain 145 N Water 
Griffield Isaac, mariner 191 S 4th 
Griffin Wm. mariner Ful'r^rs alley 
Griffin Wm. blockmaker i03 S /j-ortt 
Griffitts Elijah, M. D, 112 Sassafras 
Griffitts Robert E. merchant 217 Mulberry 
Griffitts Samuel P. M. D. 62 S Front 
Griffith Caleb, taylor 88 5 Second 
Griffith C. direct tax collector 2 10 Lombard 
Griffitts Elizabeth, gentlewoman 77 S ThirJ 
Griffith Hannah, gentlewoman 8 Noms alky 
Griffith Sarah, widow 174 south 5th 
Griffitts John, sea captain 39 Penn 


Griffits Joseph, ship joiner 182 & 247 Swanson 

Griffith Isaac, carpenter 181 north 3(1 

Grifiith Wm. teacher 355 Ivlniberry 

Griffith M. taylor Hoffmans ulley 

Griffith James, laborer 28 Budd 

Griffith John, carpenter S 10th n^ar High 

Griffith James, miUiman Juniper near WaUiut 

Grimshur Wm. mariner 97 German 

Grimes Peter, carter 476 N 3d 

Grimes Elizabeth, widow 41 1 S Front 

Grimes John, mast maker 504 6' Front 

Grijoes Wm. baker 2 2. Spruce 

Griscom Rachel, shopkeef>er 324 N Second 

Grofi" Catharine, widow 404 north 3d 

Groomery , stable keeper 87 south 5th 

Gross Thomas, carpenter 193 south 6th 
Gross George, carter Juniper near Locust 
Gross John, shoemaker 18 Fayette st_ 
Grossman John, stable keeper Laurence 
Grotjan P. A. merchant 14 Walnut, 90 S 3d 
Grouse Ulrick, trader 28 Dock 
Grouse Jesse, bricklayer 206 north 2d 
Groves Ann B. widow 8 Prune 
Groves John, merchant 164 south 3d 
Groves P'rederickj-tobaceoiiist 12 north Tth 
Groves Margaret, widow Lilly alley 
Groves Christian, bricklayer 194 MulbeiTy 
Groves Daniel, bricklayer 321 N Second 
Grover John, justice of the peace 343 south 2d 
Groves John, broker 74 Dock 
Groves John, laborer 47 Catharine 
Groves Henry, laborer Bakers alley 
Groves Elizabeth, M'idov.' 174 Cedar- 
Groves Robert, mariner 182 Cedar 
Grubb John, cedar cooper near 268 N 3d 
Grubb George, gunsmith & cutler 316 S 2d 
Gramback Ciodfrey, shoemaker Drinkers court 
Gnim William, shoemaker 95 Mulberry 
Grum Henry, victualler Charles st 
Guennet^u Jos. shopkeeper corner 3d & Sassafras 
Guerin M. A, milliner and storekeeper 74 N 4th 


Guerin A. silversmith 3 Brewers alley 
Guest 8c Baiicker, merchaiits 39 N Front 
Guest Elizabeth, 50 Walnut 
Guest Ann &c Amelia, 2/6 Mulbeny 
Guieri Sc Bion, merchants 271 S Front 
Guier Wm. merchant 199 High 
Guier Catherine, widow 1 1 South alley 
Guier Hannah, widow 56 Passyunk 
Guier &c Deihl, wine merchants 199 High 
Guier Adam, grazier corner 11th & Filbert 
Guier John, wine merchant 19 north 9th 
Gullagher Christian, miniature painter 70 Mulberi^ 
Giillen Sc Green, stone cutters 285 Mulberry 
Gullen John, stone cutter Shrivers court 
Guldy Casper, carter Locust near 13th 
Gumme Mark, shipwright 29 Mary st (S) 
Gumme John, blacksmith Brewers alley 
Gumminger Miss, flour Sc feed store 171 N 3d' 
Gumpert Abraham, shopkeeper 259 N 2d 
Gumpert Martin, brass founder 149 Vine 
Gurling A. boarding house 65 Christian 
Gurney Sc Smith, merchants 199 S Front 
Gumey Francis, merchant 2 Union 
Guy Mary, widow Bakers alley 
Guttrey Mrs. gentlewoman 2 Moravian alley 
Guyger Casper, taylor blackhorse alley 
Guyger George, hatter 172 S Water 173 S Front 
Guyse E. turnkey at the criminals apartment 1 1th be- 
low Locust 

HAAS CONRAD, baker 107 N Third 
Haas John, grocer 518 N 2d 
Haas Christian, shopkeeper 66 Cherry 
Haas -Samuel, bookbinder 7 Elfriths alley 
Haas Wm. carpenter 254 Sassafras 
Haas Edward, porter 257 Catherine 
Haas Frekerick, stocking weaver 377 N ThirJ 
Haas Htmy, oak cooper 391 N 3d 


Plabacker Philip, merchant 87 N 8th 

Hacker widow of L. tavern keeper 290 N Front 

Haddock Mathew, ropemaker 508 S Front 

Hafline Catherine, widow next 61 N 4th 

Hafline widow of J. stone cutter 133 N 6th 

Haga Godfrey, merchant 1 S 6th 

Haga Godfrey &c Co. merchants »S E corner High 8c 6th 

Hagarty Charles, grocer 1 60S 6th 

HagnerC. taylor corner Front 8c Callowhill 

Hahn Daniel, brickmaker near 339 Sassafras 

Hague Michael, milkman Logan st 

Hahn Peter, merchant corner Front 8c Mulberry 

Hahn C. chocolate and mustard factory 104 N Front 

Hailer Frederick, bleeder 1 8 N 3d 

Hailer John, perfumer 8c hair dresser 19 S 3d 

Haines Catherine, widow 135 N 3d 

Haines Hannah, widow 4 Lodge st ^ 

Haines Wm. engraver 270 Mulberry ^ 

Haines Thomas, grocer 87 German 

Haines Mrs. widow 154 N 3d 

Haines James, rigger 1 14 Queen 

Haines E. mahogany yard 1 1 Elfriths alley, warehouse 

100 N Front 
Haines George, tobacconist 7 Branch 
Haines William, merchant 177 Mulberry 
Haldane Robert, soap boiler 1 6 S 7th 
Hale Mary, boarding house 2 1 Swanson 
Hale Samuel, shipwright 76 Christian 
Hale Mat. inspector of customs 23 Church alley 
Hale Thomas, broker 63 Chesnut 
Hall Adam, carter 1 5 1 Brown 
Hall Edward, sea captain 82 Shippen 
Hall Eliza, huckster near 353 High 
Hall Margaret, widow 296 S 4th 
Hall Ezekiel, distiller 22 1 N 2d 
Hall Isaac, tavern keeper comer Front Sc Vine 
Hall John, clock 8c watchmaker 55 S Front 
Hall John, merchant corner Pine 8c Water &; 87 S 5tli 
Hall Martha, widow 72 Mulberry 
Hall Margaret, shopkeeper 7 1 -f^igh 



Hall Thomas M. merchant 46 S 6th 

Hall John, storekeeper 1 69 S Water 

Hall George, laborer Taper alley 

Hall Richard, attorney at law 17 N 9th 

Hall widow of Robert, upholsterer 33 George 

Hall Wm. printer 5 1 High 

Hallowell Joseph, shoemaker 13 Passyunk road 

Hallowell John, attorney at law comer 5th S*: Chesnut 

Hallowell Sarah, flour & feed store 1 3 1 N 4th 

Hallowell Wm. jun. ironmonger 197 N3d 

Halrick widow, 425 N 3d 

Halverson /Hannah, mantua maker 3 ^tampers alley 

Halverstadt Sc Brown, cabinet makers 103 N Front 

Halverstadt G. cabinet maker 221 N Front 

Halzel Philip, fancy chairmaker 379 N 2d 

Hamborg Ann, boarding house 148 S 4th 

Hamel James, shopkeeper 218 S2d 

Hammet Jacoli, carter 28 Kunkle st 

Hammett Thomas, sea captain 9 Stalls court 

HamillSc Pierie, curriers 65 Chesnut 

Hamilton Elizabeth, widow 10th near Locust 

Hamilton Mrs. boardinghouse 11 3 S Front 

Hamilton Samuel, stage driver Quarry st 

Hamilton Mr. teacher 75 Dock 

Hamilton AVm. grocer 38 Cedar 

Hamilton Wm. porter Cable lane above Callowhill 

Hamilton Elizabeth, boarging house 179N Front 

Hamilton Gavin Sc Wm. tobacconists 13 S 2d 

Hamilton /^ugh, grocer 472 N 2d 

Hamilton i/estor, umbrella maker 92 Cedar 

Hamilton John, millenery shopkeeper 102 X 3d 

Flamilton John, dealer in bees wax 36 vStraw berry 

Hamilton Thos. inspector of lumber 199 X Water 

Hamilton Richard, blacksmith 19 X'^ 6th 

Hamilton Wm. sea captain 38 Cedar 

Hamilton Robert, carpenter Walnut above 10th 

FIamiltons wharf opexs n^ext 119 S Wathr 

Hamilton Wm. carpenter 272 /^igh 

Flamlet Godfrey, blacksmith 52 Vine S: 158 X ith 

Hamm James, biscuit baker 91 Lombard 

Hamm Jacob, blacksmith 36 S 5ih 


Hammond Philip, sugar boiler Brewers alley 

Hammond Lewis, oysterman 233 S 4th 

Hampsher Peter, turner Callowhill near 5th 

Hampsher Peter, grocer next 189 N 3d 

Hampstead Low, carpenter 26 Elizabeth 

Hampton Samuel, carpenter 64 N 6th 

Hampton Joseph, carter 8 1 Green 

HamptoB Alexander, carpenter 30 Sansom st 

Hanckle John, M. D. 364 N Second 

Hancock Robert, silk, woolen and cotton dyer 93 Vin# 

Hancock WilHam, printer 231 S 2d 

Hanner Peter G. currier 22 Elfriths alley 

Hand Margaret, boarding house 28 N 3d 

Hand C^eo. jun. merchant 8 S wharves 

Hand Nicholas, shoemaker 130 Sassafras 

Hand John, sea captain 23 Green 

Handel Elizabeth, shopkeeper 124N2cl 

Haiilon Edward, bottler 18 8c 21 Walnut 

Hanna Edward, innkeeper 145 Cedar 

Hanna Margaret, tavernkeeper 102 Swanson 

Hanna James, porter 234 Lombard 

Hannigan Wm. laborer 320 S Front 

H^nnigan //annah, widow 84 N Water 

Plannis Benjamin, plane maker 105 Coates 

Hannis Wm. shoemaker 358 N 3d 

Hannold George, taylor 49 Coates alley 

Hanse John, taylor 1 1 7 N 3d 

Hanse C. coachmaker corner of 4th k Walnut 

Hansel! Barnet, taylor 1 8 N 6th 

Hansell Jacob, storekeeper 1 60 Sassafras 

Hansell Charles, comb maker 2j5 N 8th 

Hansen Jacob, blacksmith 1 62 "Sussaff as 

Hanser Jacob, dealer 106 N 3d 

Hanson, Waters & co. merc'iants 46 N 2d 

Hanson James, hatter 216 N Front 

Harberger izenry, powder maker 1 1th below Walnut 

Harbeson Francis, laborer 77 German 

Harbeson Joseph, gentleman 14 Branch 

Hirbeson B. &c J. jun. copper merchants 75 i/igh 

Harbeson Benj. sen. copper merchant 178 N 3c^ 

Harby John, innkeeper 404 N 2d 


Harder John G. furrier 20 Carters alley 

Harding George, carpenter 366 S 2d 

Harding Ruth, washer 1 14 Cherry 

Harding Richard, stable keeper 21 Greenleafs court 

Harding William, carpenter 152 Lombaixl 

Harding Ezekiah, sea captain 3 Powell 

Hardie David, sea captain 1 64 Spruce 

Hardy John, teacher 17 Lombard 

Hardy Neil, blacksmith 463 north 2d 

Hardy x\lexander, grocer 1 1 7 German 

Hardy Joseph,'' innkeeper 98 High 

Hare Robert, porter brewer Cable lane, dwelling ^igh 
above i2th 

Hare Charles W. attorney at law 94 S 4th 

Harford John, grocer 392 S Second 

Harford Charles, accomptant 6 1 Cherry 

Harg€sheimer Sam. smith Sc farrier 428 & 437 S 2d 

Hargesheimer John, painter £c glazier 9 1 Swaiison 

Hargous John, merchant 209 south 2d 

Harker Joseph, gentleman 39 Green 

Harkins Neil, blacksmith 326 N Front 

Harkins Wm. shoemaker 49 5 2d 

Harlan Edward, carpenter 10th near Pine 

Harlan George, carpenter near 148 S 9th 

Harlan Joshua, merchant broker, office at the Coffee- 
house, dwelling 183 Walnut 

Harlan Wm, merchant 55 S Warves 

Harlan Catharine, widow 462 Sassafras 

Harlan John, mate ^''S S Front 
"Harland John, woolen draper and carpet store 66 

Harljy Geo. coppersmith 198 N 2d 

Harman widow of George, baker 184 Sassafras 

Harman Jacob, blacksmith 139 north 2d 

Harman John, painter 162 N 4th 

Harman John, tobacconist 53 Vine 

Harman Jacob, coach painter 42 south 5th 

Harman Nicholas, rigger near 286 6' Front 

Harman Joseph, laborer near 163 Pine 

Harmon Mary, mantua maker 127 New 

Harmon Vincent, sea captain 45 N 6th 


Harmes 5c Holtzbecher; merchants 5 1 Chesnut 

Harmstead Catherine, boarding house 7 Elbow lane 

Harmstead Martin, shoemaker 163 N 2d 

Harned John, tinplate worker 43 //igh 

Harper Rachel, widow 237 N Front 

Harper John, late weigher, /harpers wharf 

Harper James, drover Elmslies alley 

Harper Isaac, bricklayer near 166 Cherry 

Harper Sc Bridges, merchants 8 1 ^S Water 

Harpers wharf opens next 83 south water 

Harrell James M. mate 184 Lombard 

Harris Joseph, bricklayer 216 N Front 

Harris George, boarding house 127 High 

Harris Charles, grocer 7 S 2d 

Harris Hannah, widow Biddies alley 

Harris James, sexton near 85 S 3d 

Harris John, merchant 77 Cherry _ 

Harris Robert, druggist 30 High 

Harris Robert, jun. druggist 163 High 

Harris Edward, merchant 74 S 6th 

Harris John, shoemaker 1 2 Butlers court 

Harris Eliza, widow Htydcs court 

Harris Sarah, seamstress 121 N 6th. 

Harris Susan, widow Aliens court 

Harris Robert, M. D. 24 N 8th 

Harrison Elizabeth, widow 1 Coates st 

Harrison Francis, stevadore 83 Penn 

Harrison Francis, accomptant 20 Coombs alley 

Hanison Geo. navy agent, store 2 1 Dock, dwelling 

156 Chesnut 
Harrison Andrew, mariner 3 1 German 
Harrison Alexander, agent 7th near Spruce 
Harrison C. P. copperplate printer 157 N 2d 
Harrison George, mariner near 156 Chesnut 
Harrison Rachel, widow 253 N Front 
Harrison Michael, porter Charlotte 
Harrison Matthias, gentleman 206 -Spruce 
Harrison John, druggist &: aqua fortis manufacturer 

10 S2d 
Harrison Joseph, grocer 322 N Front 
Harrison Job, shoemaker 42 1 N 2d 



Harrison Jane, shop'.cceper 44 N 4th 
Harrison Benj. board merchant 197" N Water 160 4th 
Harri«^on Robert, tanner above 5 H N becond 
Harrison Thomas, taylor 72 S 3d 
Harrison William, engraver 50 Filbert 
Harrison William, shipwri.!;ht 94 Swanson 
Harry i7annah, boardini^ house 10 Norris alley 
Hart John, turner 125 N 6th 
Hart James, grocer 227 X 3d 
Hart Aaron, porter 223 S 8th 
Hart All red, morocco dresser 20 Vernon 
Hart Wm. stevadore 11 Geiman 
Hart Bernard, blacksmith 123 N 6th 
Jlart William, oak cooper //arpers wharf 
Hart John, druggists -S' 2d Sc 195 Mulberry 
Hart Joseph, grazier 186 north 3d 
Hart X. merchant 48 Sc 157 north 3d 
Hart Xicholas, cedar cooper 146 S ThiixJ 
Ha.rt Seymour, gentleman 57 Vine 
Harten Jacob, coach spring maker Lees court 
H.irtley George, rigger Xorth wharves near Callow- 
hill and Xob'e above Front 
Hartley Jphn >L shopkeeper 164 X 2d ^ 

Hartman John, botler next 140 German ' 

Hartman //enry, tol^acconist 100 S Water 
Hartman Peter, chair maker 39 Coates alley 
Hartncck C. brickmaker 507 X' 3d 
Hartnock Justice, shoemaker 386 X"" 3d 
Hartshorn Pattison P. gentleman 1 14 Mulberry 
Hartung Elizabeth, furrier 31 X Sd 
Hartwell John, mate, 322 S Front 
Hartwell David, sea captain M'CuUoughs court 
Harvey Joshua, laborer 165 S 6th 
Flarvey Isaac, jun. merchant 13 5 Water, S3 Sansom 
Harvey John, merchant 432 X Pront 
Harvey Sc Worth, merchants oil X Front 
Harvey Samuel, taylor Broad near Vine 
Hixrvey Peter, coachmakernear 58 S 4th 
Harvey St John, teacher 65 Meade alley 
Harvey Joseph, shoemaker 138 Cedai* 
Hai'vey Sj^uel, ironmonger 21 Bi'anch 


HarweoJ Robert, merchant 30 S Front 
Haskins Thomas, accomptant near 84 N" 9th 
Kaskins Francis, accomptant 30 Kunckle 
Kaskins Mrs. gentlewoman 180 Mulberry 
Haskins Thomas, merchant 126 "S'pruce 
Haslett \V. mercliant Chesnut above lOth 
Hassall Joseph, shoe store S\7 5c 312 south 2d 
Hassenclever -Man,-, widow 70 N 7th 
Hassinger Jacob, merchant 207 //igh 
Hathaway Caleb, sea captain 56 Almond 
Haughey \Vm. grocer 158 S Water Sc 159 Front 
Haupt George, shoemaker 384 S 2d 
Hausler Christian, shopkeeper 36 Cherry 
Haverd Catharine, schoolmistress Emlens court 
Hawaas Fred, shoemaker 106 Green [see //aas] 
Hawke Christian, hozier 440 Sassafras 
Hawke M. milkman coiTier of Logan k Charles st 
Hawkes Wm. sea captain 72 Union ._ 
Hawkins Ann. gentlewoman 27 Cable lane 
Hawkins Geo. rigger 10 Little Oak st 
Hawkins //enry, sea captain 61 Pine 
Hawkins John, boot Sc shoemaker 83 Chesnut 
Hawkins Neil, bricklayer 220 S 5th 
Ha\Mhorn Martha, widow 63 N 6th 
Hawthorn Daniel, joiner 33 Green 
Hawthorn Daniel, taylor 85 Passyunk 
Hay Catherine, widow 53 S 3d 
Hay John, innkeeper 124 X-4th 
H- ys John, mate 5 52 south 2d 
Hay Edward, stone-mason 95 Plum 
Hay Jehu, tavemkeeper 59 N Water 
Hay dock Robert, painter Sc plumber 38 S 2d 
Haydock R. Sc co. painters k plumbers 37 Strawberry 
Haydock Samuel, merchant SS S 2d 
Haydock E. painter Sc plumber 5 I/)dge st 
Haydock Enoch, carpenter 13th near Arch 
Haydon Wm. japanner k ornament painter 48 S 34 
Hayes Ades, carpenter James st 
Hayes Laurence, grocer 140 Cherry 
Hayes Patrick, sea captain 265 S Front 
-Hayes Sarah, widow 349 S Front 


Hey Rev. John, coi-ner Race 8c 8th 

Kayes Mary, teacher Elmslies alley 

Hays Elizabeth, widow 43 Cedar 

Hays 6'arah, mantua maker 1 6 trawberrjr 

Hayes James, carpenter Ehnslies alley 

Hays Samuel, merchant 89 ■ Sd 

Hayman &: //alstein, brewers 24 S 6th 

Hayns John B. innkeeper 62 N 4th 

Hayward John, baker 378 N 2d 

Haywood //etty, widow Fearis court 

H-izard Ebeuezer, gentleman 145 Mulberiy 

Hazard i/app, innkeeper 3G5 Vine 

Hazlehurst Isaac & Son, merchants Drinkers alley 

Hazlehurst Isaac, merchant 117 N 2d 

H-izlehurst Samuel, merchant 118 Mulberry 

Hazell Charles, porter 390 N 3d 

Hazier John, cedar cooper 83 Sassafras 

Hazleton Isaiah^, trunk maker 115 Callowhill 

Headley Joseph, shoemaker 25 Callowhill 

Headman Wm. porter 17 5 8th 

Health Peter, oak cooper 166 "-t Johns 

Heath Charles P. insurance office 65 S 7th 

Heatly Charles, counsellor at law 74 N 2d 

Heberton George, merchant 5 S 2d 

Hebron John, caulker 1 1 1 Christian 

Heck George, carpenter 391 N 2d 

Hederick Wm. laborer near 1 12 Walnut 

Hedderly Geo. bell founder Sc smith 63 S 5th 

Hedges Wm. taylor 90 N Water 

Hedges David, di-uggist 59 N 3d 

Hedges Ludlow, M.D. 59 north 3d 

Heft Geo. copperplate printer hunters court 

Heidley Leonard, gentleman 186 N 2d 

Height R. M. baker 2 Filbert 

Heimberger Fred, fipotliccary & druggist 200 N 2d 

Heinekcn J. H. C. commercial agent from the Batd,'> 

vian Republic, 141 Mulberry 
Heinold Charles, grocer 138 Callowhill 
H-eisler widow of Geo. cedar cooper 269 N 2d 
Heister Geo. taylor 10 Sterling alley 
Helfenstein Rev. Samuel, 39 north 4th 


Heltetty Daniel, laborer 287 S 4th 
Helm Christian, shoemaker 13 X 5th 
Helm Elizabeth, shopkeeper 17N3d 
Helm Eliza, tavemkeeper 59 Cherry 
Helm Geo. W. grocer 206 S 2d 
Helm John, shoemaker 75 Lombard 
Helmuth Rev. I Htnry Charles, 279 High 
Helmuth John K. merchant 22 » //"igh 
Heltzel John, taylor 177 St Johns 
Hembel Wm. sen. taylor 16 X Water 
Hembel Wm. jun. merchant 17 X Front 
Hembel Samuel, carter Laurence st 
Hempill Joseph, attorney at law 2 •S 5th 
Hempill Jane, midwife 73 Plum 
Henchman Michael, brick maker 174 Sassafras 
Henchman Christopher, gentleman 187 X 2d 
Henchman John, brick maker 200 Sassafras 
Henchman John, sen. gentleman 1 74 ^assairas 
Henchman Adam, grocer 28 X"" 9th 
Henderson Joseph, carpenter 28 Gaskill 
Henderson Martha, grocer 5 Strawberry 
Henderson Stephen, silver plater 2 1 X 7th 
Henderson Mrs. gentlewoman 46 X^Front 
Henderson Thomas, weaver 75 Plum 
Henderson James, carpenter 106 Cedar 
Henderson ^lary, grocer 59 ^ 2d 
Henderson John, salt measurer 159 X 2.d 
Henderson \^'m. jun. accomptant 145 Spmce 
Henderson Isabelld, grocer 89 S \Vater 
Henderson Wm. sea captain 159 MulbeiTy 
Henderson Wm. coal measurer 163 X Water 
Henderson Wm. tobaccouist 9 Walnut 
Hendrick Rebecca, widow, nurse 61 Queen 
Hennessy Thomas- accomptant 79 X IQth 
Henning Benj. shoemaker 169 S 3d 
Henrigel Jacob, taylor 188 Vine 
Henry Andrew, upholsterer 80 Sassafras 
Henry David, taylor 1 1 Strawberiy 
Hinry Peter, mariner 177 S 5th 
Heniy George A. merchant 56 X i^ront 
Henry Alexander, merchant 192 -^i^^h 


Henry Christopher, carter 4th above Brown 

Henry Caspar, brickmaker York road 

Henry Mrs, shopkeeper 26 S 3d 

Henry Henry, shoemaker 65 N 6th 

Henry Sarah, widow Callowliill st wharf 

Henry Peter, laborer 4th above Brown 

Henry Wm. shoe dealer 35 7 north 3d 

Henry Wm. printer Sterling alley 

Henry Wm. carpenter 70 Catherine 

Hensor Widow, 20 Callowhill 

Henzey Jos. Windsor chair mdker 76 Almond 

HemC. Sc J. pewterers 2 JO N 2d 

Herbert Wm. mra-iner 486 S 2d 

Herbert Lawrence, store keeper 1 6 1 High 

Herbert Isaac, bricklayer 160 Cherry 

Herbet Henry, 130 S Eighth 

Herbet Henry, Jun. merchant 199 Walnut 

Herd Susannah, victualler 1 3 Fayette 

Herges John, tobacconist 352 N 2d 

Herils Francis, goldsmith 73 .sew 

Herman W"m. whitesmith 146 N 3d (see Hai^ 

Herts John, shoemaker 49 ( .corge st 

Flarman Mary, widow, baker 340 S Front 

Herringer B. painter Sc glazier 65 N 5th 

Herrington Jonathan, accon ;tant Wood above Stln 

Herrington Mrs. boarding 1 use 159 Cedar 

Herse Samuel, accomptant 1 i south 7th 

Herse Henry, carpenter 2 1 N 6th 

Hertzhog, Peter, grocer 152 N 3d 

Hertzhog Joseph, grocer 177 N 2d 

Hesler 'Susannah, widow 227 N 3d 

Hesler Wm. carpenter 353 Callowhill 

Hebler Peter, gentleman above 504 N 2d 

Hess Christopher, shoemaker 87 Callowhill 

Hess John, taylor 185 Sassafnis 

Hess Frederick, carpenter 266 N 8th 

Hess George, carter 102 Coates 

Hess Julianna, widow 178 N 5th 

Hess Peter, shoemaker 1 49 S.t Johns 

Heston Jacob, grocer 30^ N 7th 

Hcston Isaiah, taylor 1 25 S Water 


Hetherington Bernard, victuRller224 S 6th 
Hetherington George, tavernkeeper 226 5" 6th 
Hetherington Richard, victualler 232 S 6th, and 37 

Hill market 
Hetherington Henry, merchant 73 north 3d 
Hetzel Bernard, oak cooper 169 i:t Johns 
Hewes Josiah, gentleman 15 S 3d [see Hughes] 

Hewson Thomas T. M D 4 1 Spruce 
Hewitt William, accomptant 96 Spruce 
Hewett Thomas, sea captain 14 Pine 
Hev/son James, storekeeper near 80 Brown 
Heybrand Richard, trader Brewers alley 
Heyberger Jacob, chocolate manufacturer 222 N 3d 
Heyberger Geo. blacksmith Noble st 
Heyde John, taylor i/eydes court (see Hyde) 

Heyl George, jun. attorney at law Sc Notary public, 

SO Walnut 
Heyl George, tobacconist 160 High 
Heyl John, brush maker 196 N 2d 
Heyl Philip, baker 106 N Second 
Heyl Philip, carpenter 146 N Third 
Heylin Catherine, bleeder 148 Sassafras 
Heylin Isaac, M. D. 1 3 S 7th 
Ilibbs Brightwell, taylor 14Swanson 
Hickey Michael, stable keeper 52 Union 
Plickey Thomas, taylor bl Muifcerry 
Hickle Geo. shoemaker 4th above Brown 
Hickman Benjamin, plaisterer near 149 Vine 
Hickman George, taylor 131^ Water 
Hickman Selby, merchant taylor 99 S 2d 
Hicks N. late city commissioner 23 Keys alley 
Hicks Benjamin, taylor 3 1 1 N Front 
Higbee Joseph, merchant 57 S Wharves 64 S 5th 
Higgerson Joseph, bricklayer 32 Brown 
Higgins Phcbe, widow 3 Vernon 
Highlander Jacob, sea captain 6 1 N 4th 
High Jacob, shoemaker 94 Christian 
Higley Jacob, cabinet maker 84 S 5th 
Hight Richd. M. baker 2 Filbert 
Hight Grace, trader 286 St Johns 
Hilborn Benjamin, wheelwright 339 Callowhill 


Hilborn B. 8c J. wheelwrights Callowhill above 9th 
Hilborn J. wheelwright near 339 Callowhill 
Hilborn widow of Joseph, merchant 12 N 4th 
Hildeworth //enry, grocer Sc tavernkeeper 240 north ^ 

Front street 
Hill Elizabeth, widow 27 Callowhill 
Hill Elizabeth, shopkeeper 110 N Third 
Hill //iigh, bricklayer near 32 Gaskill 
Hill J. W. tavernkeeper 255 Cedar 
Hill George, carpenter 403 S 2d 
Hill John, tooacconist 247 «S' 2d 
Hill James, plaisterer Loxleys court 
Hill Johanna, widow 1 9 Elfriths alley 
Hill Joshua, shoemaker 27 Mary st [ S ] 
Hill John, draftsman 2 5'ansom st 
Hill Joseph, boat builder 154 Swanson 
Hill Mary, innkeeper 56 •Sassafras 
Hill Margaret, widow 53 Plum 
Hill Mary, widow 22 Plum 
Hill Mary, teacher of ladies 63 5 7th 
Hill Moses, lumber merchant 401 north Front 
Hill Robert, porter 42 Plum 
Hill Robert, cabinet maker comer Filbert Sc 9th 
Hill Robert, grocer 25 Filbert 
Hill Robert, grocer corner Swanson Sc Prime 
Hillman John S» taylor Elfriths alley 
Hillman Cornelius, tavernkeeper 36 Penn 
Hilt Christian, baker corner Cedar and Crab 
Hilyard Abraham, merchant taylor 2 1 iS 3d 
Hilyard E. bricklayer 1 1 8 Lombard 
Hilyard John, bricklayer 143 Green 
Hinckle Adam, victualler Lawrence 
Hinkle Charles, stage driver Wood above 8th 
Hiner widow of 5amuel, porter Lawrence 
Hinkle John, potter 236 High 
Hinkle A. blacksmith Sc innkeeper 321 Callowhill 
Hinkle Peter, accomptant James st 
Hinckle Henry, porter William st 
Hinkle John, porter Garden st 
Hinckle John, victualler Lawrence 24 O shambles 
Hinkle Peter, victualler Lawrence 30 O shambles 


Hinney Jacob, tobacconist Wood above 8 th 
Hinsdr J. toyman 34 High 21 Pewtttq^l^ttcr alley 
Hinsey Robert, painter Hydes court 
Hinton widow, grocer 229 south otli 
Himeisen Jacob, mintner 25 north 7th 
Hirneisen Georje, grocer 42 north 7tk 
Hitchcock Daniel, teacher o'pruce above 6th 
Hitman EHzabeth, boarding house 59 south 3d 
Hittle Philip, shingle dresser 58 .'^t Johns 
Hobart R. E. insurance broker 92 south Front 
Hobart Charles, news carrier 238 Cedar 
Hobbs Joseph, watchman 18 Budd 
Hobson John, grocer 173 south 5th 
Hockenmiller J. biacksinich 243 north Front and Ca- 
ble lane 
Hoeckly F. lace and fiin::^'e w^eaver 304 north 2d 
Flockley T. ironmonr^er 82 High and 204 Mulberi')' 
Hockley Eleanor, wiLow 153 north 3d^ 
Hodgdon ]Mrs. vvidow I4-1/uroerry 
Hodgdon and Harris, merchants 69 north Water 
Hodgdon Samuel, merchant 126 J/ulberry 
Hodgdon Benjamin, sea captain 20 Ransom st 
Hodge A. merchant S2 Mulberry 89 north Water 
Kodge George, mariner 74 Penn 
Hodges Robert, grocer 261 south 4tli 
Hodge Hannah, widow 67 High 
Hodge Maria, widow 48 north 8th 
Hodges wharf opexs xezt 85 .A' Water 
Hodges John, grocer 1 7 Wagners alley 
Hodgkinson "Saml. shocsnaker 9 Sassafras 
Hodgkinson Mrs. boardinghouse 221 south Fiwit 
Hodgson Robert, merchant 153 High 
Hoff Jacob, bricldayer 143 north 5th 
Hoff John, printer 48 Cherry st 
HofF Valentine, upholsterer 11 north 5 th 
Hoefman Nicholas, 5 1 Green 
Hceth Charles, storekeeper 249 north 2d 
Hofeman Jacob, boarding house 38 Meade alley 
Hoeffman Jacob, conveyancer 138 north 3d 
Hoffmau Jonathan, carpenter 78 Penn 



Hoffman Thomas, laborer 21 Mary st (5) 
Hoffman Daniel, innkeeper 13th near Filbert 
Hoffman V. and Daniel, blacksmiths 25 1 Sassafras 
Hoffman Wolfgang, combmaker 262 -Sassafras 
Hoffman Valentine, blacksmith 166 -Sassafras 
Hoffman Jacob, carpenter Beech above Warren 
Hoffman. Z. druggist and apotJiecary corner of Spruce 

and Fifth 
Hoffner Henry, bricklayer 270 Mulberry 
Hoffner Andrew, innkeeper corner 2d i: Christian 
Hoffner Peter, bleeder 20 -SmaU 
Hoffner Mary, boai*ding house «St George above 6th 
Hoffner Sophia, gentlewoman 119 N 5tk 
Hogan David, printer 5 1 S Third 
Holahan Amos, blacksmith 72 Zane 
Holah an Jacob, blacksmith 10th near Locust 
Holden widow of Jeremiah, pilot 1 4 Chiistian 
Holderness William, merchant 252 south 2d 
Holget Samuel, shoemaker 389 S Front 
Holland Hannah, merchant 3 N Front 
Holland John Joseph, artist 95 <S Sth 
Holland Sanwel, katter 23 Walnut 
Holland N. katter 60 south 2d 
Holland Jacob C. laborer 488 N 3d 
Hollond C. Sc F. English, merchants 106 S Front 
Hollingshead Edmund,' sadler 6 S 4th 
HoUingshead Zephunia, 12 Schivelys alley 
Hollingsworth Levi, merchant 16 Dock 
Hollingsworth L. &c Son, merchants 72 S Wharves 
Hollingsworth Jehu Sc Co. merchants 47 Penn 
Hollingsworth Jehu, mere l.ant 47 Penn 


Halman John, boot & shoemaker 35 N Front 
Hollman Geo. porter William st 
Holman Sarah, widow 163 S 5th 
Hollobush Youst, innkeeper New above 3d 
Holloway Jacob, carpenter 19 N Sth 
Hollyday Wm. gtone cutter 210 N '8th 
Holmes Hugh, merchant near 141 S 5th 
Holmes Jesse, carpenter 29 Plum 
Holmes J, & Youi^, merchants 220 N Front 


Holmes H. attorney at law 59 S 3d 

Holmes Mary, widow Artillery lane 

Holmes Abel, jun. sadler 75 New 

Hoi skim Garrett, pilot 46 Penn 

Holt Samuel, sea captain 399 S 2d 

Holt Isaac, storekeeper near 204 S 4th 

Holt Jesse, carter 4th above Brown 

Holt Geo. hair dresser 44 N 5d 

Homan Abraham, carter 332 Sassafras 

Hommans J. C. professor of music 43 N 7th 

Honey George, clerk to the county cp^nmissioners 
107 Sassafras 

Honey George, jun. carpenter Heydes court 

Hood Jolm, storekeeper 7 1 Swanson 

Hood James A. merchant 2 Norris alley 

Hood J. P. blockrnaker 139 N Front and 134 W»ter 

Hood John, silkSc stuff shoemaker 14 4 N 4th 

Hood Thomas, oak cooper 4 Little Water 29 Penn 

Hood Margaret, widow 30 Plu tn 

Hood Thomas, ladies shoemaker 175 S Sjkh 

Hood Mary, widow 2 1 5 S 5th 

Hook John, potter 3 12 N 2d 

Hook Wm. potter St Johns near Noble 

Hookey Anthony, grocer 349 north 3d 

Hookey Catherine, widow 1 1 8. Brown 

Hooker Wm. engraver 82 S 5th 

Hooper C. laborer 89 S 5th 

Hoops Israel, wheelwright 58 Plum 

Hoopes Ajnos, carpenter 1 60 N 8th 

Hoot G^o. paititer & glazier 52 N 4th 

Hoover Ann, seamstress 455 S 2d 

Hoover John, taylor Steinmetz court 

Hoover M. victualler Noble above 8th 

Hoover John, ropemaker 480 S 2d 

Hoover Anthony, laborer 153 Green 

Hoover Frederick, victualler Garden st 

Hope Thomas, ship broker and publisher of the Ph- 
ladelphia Price Current, office Carpenters build* 
ings near the Custom house, dwelling 69 C'heriy 

Hopkins & Howell, ironmongers 86 High 

Hopkins Richard, ironmonger 28 High 


Hopkins J. inventor of his much admired double cirt- 

tin£^ razor strop 65 S 5d 
Hopkins John, ironmonger S6 High 
Hopkins Robert, inspector of customs 8c tavemkeep^r 
1 Pine " 

Hopkinson Joseph, attorney at law 1 32 Chesnut 
Hoppel-Geo. victualler corner Green &c 3d 
Hoppel Caspar, tobccconist 13 Chesnut 
Hopple widow of George, Prospect alley 
Hopple John, shoemaker 73 Queen 
Hopple Andrew, chocolate factory 85 Shippen 
Hopper Isaac T. taylor 72 Dock 
Hopps Mary, grocer 339 N Front 
Horn Wm. grocer near 20 Bank st 
Horn Christiana, grocer 206 S 4th 
Horn Jacob, innkeeper 1 14 N 5th 
Hornegroat Catiiarine, 88 N Front 
Ilomor Benjanv.n, jun. ironmonger 8 Church alley 
Hornor Benjamin, ironmonger 208 N Front 
Hornor Benjamin Sc 5on, ironmongers 47 High 
Horner John, merchant 261 High 
Horner Sc Wilson, grocers 261 High 
Horner Jacob, shoemaker 240 St Johns 
Homer Roger, sea captain 441 S Front 
HoiTiketh Jeremiah, brickmaker, yard corner Vine 

Broad st. dwelling 464 Sassafras 
Hortman Jacob, brewer 286 N 8th 
Hortz Peter, porter 270 5 5th 
Houck John, shopkeeper 143 N 6th 
Hough Thos. gentleman 20 Pine 
Hough John, teacher 37 Cable lane . 
Houltcr Nicholas, caulker 561 S Front 
House Alexander, laborer Noble above 8th 
House Adam, brickmaker 92 Green 
House Peter, carpenter 497 N 3d 
House George, victualler Garden st 
Houshold -Sarah, schoolmistress 28 Cable lane 
Houseman Mi-s. victualler 17 Fitzwalter 
Houser John, porter Sc grocer 32 Passyunk road 
Houser Jacob, hog victuulier 83 Brown 
Houston Jane, grocer 308 N Front 


Houston Wm. surgeon & dentist 50 S 3d 
Houston James, sea captain 27 S 4th 
Hovendon Richard, grocer comer Queen & Front 
How John, carpenter 107 Cherry- 
How Maria, schoolmistress 20 Branch 
Houard Lewis, taylor 47 Walnut 
Howard Ann, widow 198 Cherry- 
Howard John, innkeeper 8 S 6th 
Howaixl Peter, blacksmith near 1 1 6 Brown 
Howard John, gentleman 27 Strawberry 
Howaid John, M. D. 319 N 3d 
Howard Thomas, ironmonger 40 south 2d 
Howard Thomas, brewer Mulberry court 
Howard 8c Porter, brewers 9 Moravian alley 
Howard Benjamin, shallopman Swedes alley 
Howard Wm. shallopman 427 north Front 
Howcraft & Hook, potters 175 High - 
Howell A & 5on, tanners &: curriers 107 Chesnut 
Howell Ephraim, carter York road 
Howell Ezekiel, taylor 1 6 N 6th 
Howell Joseph, leather cutter 47 Spruce 
Howell James, silversmith 27 Keys alley, 50 «S Front 
Howell R. surveyor &: Draftsman 1 32 N Sd 
Howell P. innkeepor 82 north Front 
Howell & Pleasants, merchants 8 Chesnut 
Howell Samuel E. merchant 17 S wharv^es, 270 High 
Howell Samuel, merchant 54 Chesnut 
Howell Samuel, cabinet maker 214 S 5th 
Howell Mary, tayloress 393 N Front 
Howell -Sarah, se^-mstress Quarry st 
Howell Sc Weiss, hair dressers 45 Chesnut . 
Howell Joseph, mariner 38 Catharine 
Howell John, carpenter 6'terling alley 
Howland Patrick, laborer 17 Coates alley 
Howland Isaac, sea captain 435 S Front 
Hoy Thomas, shoemaker If 7 Cedar 
Hoy John, shoemaker 3 Gillis alley 
Hozey Isaac, lumber merchant 327 S Front and 142 

Hubber Sophia, milliner 40 Pine 

L 2 


Hubbert Abrahain, bargeman Mifflins courl 

Hubbert G. carpenter Poplar lane 

Hubbert Anthony, starch maker 504 N 2cl 

Huber Henry, grocer 142 N 2d 

Hubble Ben. mariner 199 N Front 

Huckle Geo. shoemaker 4th above Poplar lane 

Huckel Wm. taylor 79 S Water 

Huddell Joseph, sen. stave merchant 87 Swanson 

Kuddell Joseph, jun. stave merchant 362 S Front 

Huddell Robert, mate 24 Meade alley 

Huddell Samuel, mate 121 Swanson 

Hudgeson John, sea captain 117 Cedar 

Hudson James, constable and taylor Elmslies alley 

Hudson Edward, dentist 44 N 5th 

Huff Jacob, victualler 355 Callowhill 4 O shambles 

Huff Thomas, teacher 378 N Front 

Huffnagle John^j merchant 75 N 5th 

Hufsticker Geo-, mate Fearis court 

Hufty Joseph, stonecutter 149 and 151 N 6th 

Jlufiy John, taylor 154 5' 4th 

Hughes Caleb, merchant taylor 307 N Third, comer 

of 5t. Tammany 
Hughes Danl. U. C. lumber yard Walnut above 8th 
Hughes Daniel, lumber merchant Walnut above 8tk 
Flughes James, teacher 3 Watkins court 
Hughes Edward, porter 259 Catharine 
Hughes James, sea captain 36 Queen 
Hughes John, merchant N. E. corner 2d and High 
Hughes Humphreys, seacaptaiis 42 Almond 
Hughes Wm. sho-emaker 58 Spruce 
Hughes Mrs. boarding house 1 17 N Front 
Hughes Catherine, gentlewoman 2 Moravian alley- 
Hughes John, c-^rocer near 93 S 9th 
Hughes Robert, sea captain 56 Catherine 
Hugh Elizabeth, boardinghouse next 31 N 8th 
Hugg Jacob, tavernkeeper 45 S Water 
Hiiggins Benjamin, sea ca]>t-iin 16 Christian 
Hughn Garrett, lal3orcr'175 St. Johns 
Hullick Chas. grocer near 10 ('rcssons alley 
Hullopk Michael, slioemaker 214 CJierry 
Hull widow of Jacob, tax coHector HON 7th 


Hull Wm. shopkeeper 78 Almond 

Hull John, carpenter near 3 1 5 Callowhill 

Hull John, cabhiet maker 84 N 7th 

Hull James, grocer 1 1 8 Shippen 

Hull James, grocer 256 south 4tU 

Humes Geo. rectifying distiller 55 north 7th 

Humes Thomas, grocer 87 German 

Humphreyville E. cabinet maker 106 Cedar 

Humphreys T. china merchant 203 High, 1 1 Sansom 

Humphreys Richard, china merchant 227 High 

Humphreys Clement, head inspector and measurer of 

lumber 94 south Fifth 
Humphreys Daniel, printer and stationer 272 S Front 
Humphreys James, prioter corner Walnut & 2d 
Humphreys Joshua, ship builder 240 Swanson 
Humphreys Mary, widow 174 N Water 
Huncker John, chair maker 401 south Front 
Hunt Elizabeth, storekeeper 1 2 Oak C^) 
Hunt Mrs. gentlewoman 1 60 north Front 
Hunt John, fruiterer 1 43 Mulberry 
Hunt Daniel, stone cutter Locust near 1 3th 
HiiHt Richard, constable 28 south 4th 
Hunt Edward, sea captain 80 south 4th 
Hunt J. coach wheelwright 299 & 313 Mulberry 
Hunt James, victualler Callowhill near 5th 
lixmi Pierson, merchant 62 south 5th 
Hunt Thomas, sea captain 149 south 3d 
Hunt Wilson, merchant 1 6 south Front 
Hunt Wm. perfumer 66 N Front 
Hunt Wm. sea captain 274 N 2d 
Hunter George, druggist 1 14 south 2d 
Hunter James, attorney at law 60 south 6th 
Hunter Joseph, currier 1 19 Walnut 
Hunter James, cooper Elmslies alley 
Hunter Wm. coachmaker 1 1 1 Chesnut, 171 Walnut 
Hunter John, justice of the peace 186 Cedar 
Hunter Mathew, fuller Cedar above 10th 
Hupfield Charles, grocer 126 Sassafras 
Hurdus Adam, merchant 36 Mulberry 
Hurdus Thos. grocer, 16 S Water street 
Hurly John, painter Sc glaitier 299 south Front 
Hurley Thos. paper hanging manufactory 78 Chesnut 


Hurley John, \ictualler 73 N Front 
Huron Laurence, merchant 90 south Front 
Hurry Samuel, merchant 2 N 6th 
Hirst Thos. tiiiplate worker 1 15 High 
Hurst Charles, gentleman comer Cedar & 5th 
Hurst John Harvey, attorney at law 8 N 8th 
Hui'st John, carpenter 266 south 4th 
Hurst Henry, carpenter 300 ^-^assafras 
Husher John, taylor Zane st 
Husson Hxinry, cabinet maker 171 south 6th 
Huston Thomas, s.idler 43 N 4th 
Hutchins John L sea captain 313 N Front 
Hutchins Joseph, D. D. 83 and 90 south Third 
Hutchins Hannah, widow corner Pine and 7th 
Hutchinson S. widow 4 Church alley 
Hutchinson James, taylor 126 -Swanson 
Hutchinson John, carpenter 7th near Spruce 
Hutchinson Margaret, grocer 29 N Tenth 
Hutchinson Mahlon, merchant 61 N2d 
Hutchinson Chas. blockmaker 3 1 Penn 
Huttman widow of Geo. hair dresser 70 Coates 
Hutton James, ironmonger 53 High 
Hutton Nathaniel, sen. ship builder 382 south Front 
Hutton John, office of the Baltimore Packet, Hamil- 

tons wharf, dwelling 502- south Front 
Hutton Benjamin, ship builder 260 SwansoB 
Hutton Matliew, porter 262 south 6th 
Hutton John, shoemaker 169 N 2d 
Hutton Thomas, carpenter 40 Almond 
Hutton Thomas, grocer 138 south 8th 
Hutz John, coachmaker 148 N 7th 
Hntz Daniel, victualler Callowhill near 6th 
Hutz Charles W. 122 N 2d 
Hutz Charles, carpenter 264 St. Johns 
Hutz P. victualler Wood above 6th 45 Old shambles 
Hyde George & Co. patent rulers stationers & book- 
binders 7 1 Chesnut 
Hyde John, sea captain 1 83 N Front 
Heydel Sarah, milliner 103 N 2d 
Hyden Elizabeth, widow 533 N 3d 
Jlyder John, bricklayer N lUh 


Heydel Elizabeth, shopkeeper 7 1 Greea 
Hyler John, shopkeeper 109 N Third 
Ilymer John, victualler 306 Vine 
Hymer John, laborer 4th above Brown 
Hymcr Adam, victualler Charlotte 
Hymes 6". chairmaker 120 south 5th, 139 Pint 
Hymes James, mariner 20 Shippen 
Hyndman Samuel, publisher 264 south 4th 
Hynes Maria, mantua maker 23 St Tamman? 
Hyneman John, taylor 120 N Water 
Hynenian William, grocer 188 Cherry 
Hyneman John, accomptant 36 St Johns 
Hyneman George, teacher 85 Callowhill 
Hyneman Charlotte, widow 50 Vine 
Hyndbaugh Jacob, shoemaker 36 N Front 
Hyre George, carpenter Cherry above 11th 
Hysler Peter, grocer above 511 N 2d _ 
Huxton Wm. laborer 1 1th near Chesnut 

J ML AY Johnston, merchant 48 north Water 
Imlay Robert, merchant 5 north Water 
Immel J. & co. storekeepers 76 N Third 
Immel John, painter 1 59 N 6th 
Inches Thomas, trader York court 
Ingersoll Jared C. attoniey at law, east wing of the 

State-house Sc 174 Chesnut 
Ingersoll Jared, counsellor at law 181 Chesnut 
Ingles John, laborer 461 N 3d 
Ingels George, naval store keeper Laboratory 
Ingels John, shingle dresser 291 south 5th 
Inglish John, chair maker 154 N Water 
Inglis Catharine, spinster 99 Pine 
Ingraham Francis, merchant 3 N Eleventh 
Ingram Benjamin, nailor 528 north 3d 
Ingram John, blacksmith 273 south 4th 
InksQn Rebecca, shopkeeper 1 70 N Front 
Innes Wm. & co. brewers 131 £c 133 N Watei? 
Innes Wm. brewer 133 north Water 


Innes James, soapboiler Wood st 

Innes Henfy, shoemaker 128 north 5th 

Innes Joseph, carpenter 27 Coates 

Insley John, blockmaker 72 Swanson 

Inskeep Abraham H. merchant 174 High 

Inskeep Sc Wood, merchants 174 High 

Inskeep John, merchant 98 south Front 

Ireland Alphonso C. carpenter 27 Powell 

Ireland George, porter 44 Biidd 

Irick Christopher, deputy flour inspector 1 78 south 6th 

Irvme Callender, accomptant 100 south 8th 

Irvine General James, 132 north Front 

Irvine Robert, grocer N W corner 6"hippen 8c 4th 

Irv^ing Mrs. boarding house 28 Spruce 

Irvvin -Sarah, widow 42 Union 

Irwin John, bricklayer 35 -Shippen 

Irwin John M. auctioneer 43 south Eighth 

Isaacs Anthony, sea captain 194 south 4th 

Isborn Edward, sl-^oemaker 381 south 2d 

Israel Israel, gentleman 85 N 7th 

Israel Nathaniel, innkeeper 198 south 4th 

Israel Samuel & Co. auctioneers 56 south Front 

Ives John, carpenter 1 2 Moravian alley 

JACK FRANCIS, bricklayer 218 5 Third 
Jack John, laborer 12 Budd 
Jack pobeit, mate 1 5 Zane st 
Jackaway N. plaisterer corner Noble & St Johns 
Jackson Andrew, inspector of customs 184 Pine 
Jackson John, grocer 136 Lombard 
Jackson Catherine, teacher 103 Cherry 
Jackson Hetty, widow 1 33 S 2d 
Jackson J. blacksmith 26 Dock, 51 Spruce 
Jackson David 8c S. druggists 127 Mulberrf 
Jackson Joseph, baker 9 Callowhill 
Jackson John, merchant 233 High 
Jackson John, blacksmith 35 Becks alley 
Jackson Mary, gentlewoman 36 W^alnut 


Jackson Robert, carpenter 129 Cedar 
Jackson Sarah, widow Shrivers court 
Jackson Richard, taylor 84 N 3d 
Jackson Thomas, storekeeper 47 N 3d 
Jackson Thomas, merchant 2 N 8tli 
Jackson John, laborer 27'3 S 4th 
Jackson David, druggist 127 Mulberry- 
Jackson Mary, huckster 285 S 3d 
Jackson ^Sarah, widow 294 Sassafras 
Jackson John, sea captain 14 Coates 

Jackson ^ , broker 231 Mulberiy 

Jackson Mrs. gentlewoman 25 Sassafras 
Jackson Hugh, gentleman 66 Spruce 
Jackson Wm. publisher of the Political Sc Commer- 
cial Register, office 76 S 2d, d"vvelling 257 Chcsnut 
Jacobs Christian, 133 Green 
Jacebs Israel, gentleman 5 N 2d 
Jacobs Benjamin, blackball maker 329 ^ 3d 
Jacobs Nicholas, shoemaker 50 Almond 
Jacobs W. S. M. D. 163 MulbeiTy 
Jacoby Leonard, merchant 137 N 2d 
James Margaret, widow 27 Queen 
James Fi'ederick, laborer 4th above Brown 
James Ezekiel, bricklayer 29 Elfriths alley- 
James Martha, teacher 77 N 6th 
James James, tavernkeeper 2 Almond 
James Otto, cabinetmaker near 350 south Front 
James John, merchant 18 N 5th, 13 south Front 
James Thomas C. M. D. 72 south 2d 
James Thomas, mariner 235 Mulberry 
Jane way Rev. Jacob, corner 6th &: Rlulberry 
January Hannah, nurse and layer out of the dea,d, 1 
Smiths alley from 27 Carters alley to 72 Chesnut 
January David, dealer 123 Cedar 
January Rebecca, mantua maker 1 Smiths alley 
Jaquett Thomas, upholsterer 35 south Front 
Jarvis Elizabeth, boarding house 26 N Fifth 
Jarvis »Samuel, porter 107 Queen 
Jardella Andrew, sculptor 54 north Eighth 
Jaudon Daniel, ladies academy 221 Mulbeny 
Jaurdan Daiid, merchant 57 south 2d 


JaiissLuid Peter, grocer 191 south 2 d 

Jeanes Isaiah, salt merchant 196 north Front aiid 

Water '2 doors above Vine 
Jeffreys Daniel, plaisterer 30 St Marys 
Jeffery Daniel, brickmaker 4th above Poplar lane 
Jeffers John, carpenter 6 Branners alley 
Jaffreys Edward, supervisor of roads 137 Coates 
Jenkins widow of Joseph, 3 south 6th 
Jenkins David, brush maker 338 southFront 
vTenkins Thomas, boat builder Liberty alley 
Jenkins Wm. hatter 160 Sassafras 
Jenks Jonathan, merchant 20 6' Wharves, 43 Green 
Jennings Richard, printer 10th below High 
Jennings John C, potter 131 5't Johns 
Jennings Nathan, carter 331 Sassafras 
Jennings Wm. i^ariner 294 south 4th 
Jermain Ezekiel, laborer 140 Swanson (see Ger) 
Jessops Isaac, laborer 1 85 south 7th 
Jewell Kenneth, taylor 78 Mulberry "; 

Joad John, upholsterer 1 1 8 High 
Jobson Samuel, glue maker Noble above 2d 
Johns Richard, mastmaker Liberty court 
Johns Mary, widow 1 1th near St George 
Johns Eliza, widow 15 Coates alley 
Johnston Andrew, carpenter 295 S3d 
Johnson A. mantua maker 169 Arch 
Johnson Benj. printer & bookseller 31 High 
Johnson Benj. oysterman 18 Pewter platter alley- 
Johnson Barney, carter 109 German 
Johnson Charles, ship joiner 12 Plum 
Johnson C. distiller &: grocer corner 10th 8c Lombard 
Johnson David, laborer 201 Lombard 
Johnson Edward, waterman 373 S Front 
Johnson Frekerick, caulker 393 5 2d 
Johnson. Isaac, coachman 187 S 4th 
Johnson George, mariner 102 Swanson 
Johnson Isaac, grocer 182 N Water 
Johnson Isaac, tax collector 1 7 1 St Johns 
Johnson Hugh, taylor 99 Cedar 
Johnston Jacob, carter 39 Cable lane 
Johnson James, taylor 2 Penn 


Johnson Jacob, cabinet maker 207 N 8th 

Johnson J. bookselkr 147 High and 16 N 4th 

John J. painter 6 Pewterplatter alley, 41 S 4th 

Johnson Jolin, soap boiler Fitzwalter st 

Johnson John, dry goods store 249 south 2d 

Johnson John, carpenter 67 Plum 

Johnson Joseoh, carpenter 12 N 6th 

Johnson Joseph, ship chandler, store 77 south wharves 

dwelUng Moyamensing road 
Johnson Josiah, letter carrier St George near 6th 
Johnson John, sugar boilcrr Church alley 
Johnston Mary, widow 1 84- south 4th 
Johnson Martha, boarding house S 8th near High 
Johnston Noble, blaclLsmlth 265 S 5th 
Johnson Rachel, widow 14 Appletree alley 
Johnson Richard, printer 5 Summers court 
Johnson Richard, grocer 1 1 9 N 3d 
Johnson Robert, stationer 2 N Sd 
Johnson Samuel, mariner 1 10 Green 
Johnson 'Samuel, caipenter 68 St Johns 
Johnson Sarah, seamstress 107 Pine 
Johnson Sarah, shopkeeper 2 1 7 south 2d 
Johnson Peter, sea captain 59 Shippen 
Johnson Thomas, shoemaker Clover alley 
Johnson David, letter carrier St. George above 6th 
Johnston John, bricklayer 102 N 9th 
Johnson Thomas, maltster 184 Spruce 
Johnston John, stucco plaisterer 83 N 2d 
Johnston J, & E. milliners 83 N 2d 
Johnson Peter, blacksmith 27 George 70 Cedar 
Johnston Wm^ printer 155 S 6th 
Johnston Wm. stare merchant 26 Almond 
Johnston Frs. Blockley township West of Schuylkill 
Jolly Chas. merchant 14o -Sassafras, 97 N Water 
Joly Sc Souffron, grocers s 62 High 
Joly Nathan, coach maker H I N 5th 
Joiner Patrick, gentleman 96 S 5th 
Jones Abraham, shoemaker 150 Spruce 
Jones Rev. Absalom, 1 65 S 3d 
Jones Benj. merchant 4 Penn 
Jones Benj. grazier 7 Cedar 



Jones Charles, laborer 198 Pine 

Jones Sc Clark, merchants 8 Penn 

Jones Daniel, shopkeeper 50 S 2d 

Jones David, batter 153 N 2d 

Jones Edvv.ird, sea captain 43 Almond 

Jones Evan, storekeeper Hoffmans alley 

Jones Evan, paper hanger 4 Plum 

Jones Elizabeth, widow 84 High ' 

Jones Elizabeth, stationer 30 N 4th 

Jones Elizabeth, teacher 23 Carters alley ; 

Jones George W. merchant 117 New 

Jones & Howell, iron merchants 17 8c 18 S Wharves 

Jones Isaac, taylor 123 S Water 

Jones Isaac, late street commissioner 17 Pine 

Jones Isaac, tobacconist 164 N Water 169 Front 

Jones Isaac C. merchant 79 ^Mulberry 

Jones Isaac C. &:Xo. merchants 84 High 

Jones Irick, printer 72 N 7th 

Jones Israel, taylor Cherry near 8th 

Jones Jane, shopkeeper 22 Bank st 

Jones Jesse, taylor 1 32 N Water 

Jones John, dealer 237 S 4th 

Jones John E. hatter 2 1 Appletiee alley 

Jones John, inspector of salt provision 9 1 N Water 

Jones John, taylor 156 N Water 

Jones J. C. fiour merchant 127 N Water 45 Cable lane 

Jones John K. wlieel Sc carriage maker 219 iS't Johns 

and corner of Brown 
Jones John, laborer 267 N 8th 
Jones John M. grocer 128 N Second 
Jones John, grocer 17 Small 
Jones John, cornchandler 326 north Front 
Jones John, innkeeper 15 Branch 
Jones Joseph Sc co. merchants 3 1 Dock 
Jones Joshua, shoe maker 192 St Johns 
Jones Joseph, merchant 32 Sansom 
Jones Sc Kinsey, sadlers corner Chesnut Sc 3d 
Jones Lloyd, sea captain 225 S Front 
Jones Mary, widow 52 Artilleiy lane 
Jones Mary K. milliner 135 N Third 
Jones Margaret, widow 1 10 \Valnut 
Jones Xathan, shopkeeper 48 S 2d 


Jones Owen, merchant 154S 2cl 

Jones Sc Paxon, merchants 7 N 2d 

Jones P. unihrella maker 95 Sc 88 S 2d 

Jones Richard, maltster 2 ;»tarr alley 

Jones Richard C. merchant Bickleys wharf 

Jones Robeit, sea captain 191 Cedar 

Jooes & 5mith, merchants 81 S Wharves . 

Jones 'Samuel, storekeeper 82 Vine 

Jones Samuel, hatter 239 S 2d 

Jones M. milliner 112 Union 

Jones Rebecca, gentlewoman Brookes court 

Jones "Samuel, W. merchant 17 Sassafras 

Jones -Samuel Z. pump maker 126 S 5th 

Jones Solomon, carter 287 N 3d 

Jones Thomas A. mariner 234 N Front 

Jones & Weed, iron store 5 S Wharves 

Jones & Wheien, merchants 159 Hi^h 

Jones Wm. merchant 44 Lombard 

Jones Wm. piaisterer Spruce above 7tk 

Jones William, sadler 78 Chesnut 

Jones William, merchant 28 N 3d 

Jones William, carter 265 Catharine 

Jones William, shoemaker »Swcedes alley 

Jones Mrs. boarding house 248 High 

Jordan Elizabeth, shopkeeper 383 S Front 

Jordan Samuel, piaisterer Eleventh near Race 

Jordan Michael, mariner near 107 Queen 

Jordan Mary, boarding house 239 Mulberry 

Jordan ^ohn, merchant 123 rorth 3d 

Joixlen ./oseph, piaisterer 199 S 4th 

Jorden Wm. p]?.isterer 1 1th near R?.ce 

Jurden Sarah, widow near 7 Brewers alley 

Joshua c/ohn, blackball maker 107 German 

Jouat Joseph, sea captain G Union 

Joubert. Thomas, ardent 28 Shippen 

Jc irdcn AlexLJiderK piaisterer 396 Sassafras 

Joyce Elizabeth, widow 10 Almond 

Joyce Dominlck, merchant 174 south Front 

Joynt Charles, surgeon barber 222 X Front 

Joynt Jeremiah, merchant 222 N Front 

Juiza Martin, carver 25 Walnut 

Julion W^m. carpenter 367 MulbeiT^ 


Justice Charles, shoemaker 46 Sassafras 
Justice Littleton, shoemaker 76 Plum 
Justice George, bricklayer 82 Crown 
-Justice Margaset, Brewe;;s alley 
Justice Philip, carpenter 192 N 5th 
Justice »/oseph, plaisterer 7S Crown 
Justice James, taylor 16 Plum 
Justice /acob 8c co. ironmongers 149 High 
Justice Jblm, sign painter 1 18 Chesnut 
Juvenal N. starch and powder manufactory York road 

KAID Draper, shoemaker 42 German 
Kaighn John, shopkeeper 387 N Front 

Kaigbn , gentleman 209 N 2d 

Kaigl-iin John, shoe warehouse 52 //Front 
Kahmer Wqj. harness maker 59 New 
Kaihaeffer Fred, stable keeper ^'cheivelys alley 
Kallahan J. soapboiler St Johns above Noble 
Kale Jacob, shoemaker 457 N 2d 
Kamp Mrs. boarding house 236 S Front 
Kamp Nicholas, tinplate worker 369 N 2d 
Xampher Jos. type founder 286 Lombard (see Cam) 
Kampher Jac. type founder 284 Lombard 
Kane Anthony ,^ mariner 84 Plum 
Kane EUza, gentlew^oman 466 N2d 
Kane Elisha, merchant 46 Walnut 
Kane John, grocer 27 Union [see Keen & Kean] 
Kane Mary, viddow 20 1 Sassafras 
Kane Daniel, grocer 394 S 2d 
Kane Elisha &co. merchants 121 S Front 
Kane Peter, shoemaker 183 Cedar 
Kane John, mariner 499 «S Front 
Karner Christian, waiter 142 S 4th 
Karkhoff Christian, combmaker 394 N 3d 
Kartsher Charles, baker 322 S 2d 
Karr widow of Robert, shopkeeper 10 N2d 
Karrick Joseph, merchant 356 6' Front 
Karsper Martin, baker 95 Shippen 
Kast Frederick, commission merchant 97 N Water, 
and 260 Mulberry 


KatzJohn, baker 249 S 3d 
Katz Michael, carter Kunckle st 
Xatz widow of Jacob, shoemaker 30 N 7th 
Kauck Christian, grocer 34 X 6th 
Kauff J. G. merchaijt 337 High 
Kay Joseph, hatter 42 N Front 
Kean Ann, huckster 200 S 2d 
Kean John, grocer 22 George 
Kean Robert, accomptant 1 1 North alley 
Kean John, laborer 261 S 4th 
Keaney Michael, boarding house 250 Cedar 
Kearney PhiHp, sailmaker 51 Pine 
Keasby Jesse, currier 57 5" 3d, 67 Chesnut 
Keassey Michael, shoemaker 61 Green 
Keating L. shoemaker f 2 Dock 
Keaton Mary, boarding house 130 S 4th 
Keasby Thomas, taylor 143 Mulbeny- 
Keck Christian G. grocer 179 N 8th - 
Keble John, gentleman Pearsons court 
Kee James, carpenter 241 S 6th 
Keel Baltus, painter Sc glazier 15 Sassafras alley 
Keely Mrs. seamstress 278 Sassafras 
Keehmle George, biscuit baker 30 Queen 
Kcekmle John, M. D. 33 X4th 
Keehmle Leonard, clerk of High st Market 80 N 3d 
Keemer Elizabeth, 422 S Front 
Keen Ann, widow 308 Sassafras 
Keen Andrew, carpenter Brusters court 
Keen John, sen. carpenter 26 Green 
Keen John, jun. carpenter 80 Gree» 
Keen James, laborer Cedar near 12th (sqq Kane) 

Keen Jacob, tanner Sc currier 5 1 1 N Front 
Keen Joseph, currier 19 S 4th 
Keen R. tayloress k man tu a maker 143 Cherry 
Keen Mathias, grocer 142 S 9th 
Keen &c Stilwell, merchants 35 N Water 
Keen Sc Sellers, curriers 1 1 5 Chesnut 
Keen Wm. J. merchant 29 Pine 
Keen Jeremiah, laborer 528 N Front 
Keen Andrew, shipwright Queen [A"] 
Keffcr John, cordwainer 123 N Front 

M 2 


Kehr John, baker Charlotte st 

Kehrom Thomas, innkeeper 262 N 8th 

Keim John, turner York road 

Keimmer Geo. shoemaker 43 Lombard 

Keir widow of Charles, baker 1 1 4 Spruce 

Keith Wm. £c Saml. merchants 279 S Front 

Keith Wm. grocer 184 N Wi.ter 

Keith Margaret, shopkeeper 1 30 Cedar 

Keller Adam, baker 194 N 3d 

Keller C. tinplate worker 64 N Front 

Keller George, carpenter 109 N 5th 

Keller John, laborer 439 south Front 

Xelley Edward, sea captain 23 Sassafras 

Kelley Eleanor, grocer 198 north Water 

Kelley John, shoemaker 3 1 Union 

Kelley John, stonemason near 225 S 3d 

Kelley John Thomas, 311 N 3d 

Kelly John, boarding house 25 Carters alley 

Kelley Richard, hatter 399 N 3d 

Kelley John, carter next 205 Cheriy 

Kelly IMary, widow 42 Cedar 

Aelly Michael, taylor 14 Cedar 

Kelly John, gi'ocer 20 Swanson 

Kelly Flugh, grocer corner of Walnut Sc 5th 

Kelly John, mill stone maker 26 cc 32 Little Water 

Kelly Mary, upholsteress 7 Callowhill 

Kelly Philip, tayloi'216 5" 5th - 

Kelly Thomas &c Wm. stationers 76 N 4th 

Kelly Thos. k Philip, shoe Sc trunk store 70 High 

Kelly Wm. taylor 130 k tavernkeeper 150 N Water 

Kemble Geo. shoemaker 35 S 3d 

Kemp George, accomptant 92 S 5th 

Kemp Wm. baker 146 6'pruce 

Kendle P. boarding house 5 5 south Front 

Kennedy 5amuel, innkeeper 171 High 

Kennedy A. soapboiler 41 S 4th 

Kennedy A. merchant 245 High 

Kennedy Ann, widow 329 High 

Kennedy David, tavernkeeper9 Lsstitia court 

Kennedy Thomae, conveyancer Sc broker 30 6' 5th 

Kennedy F^enry, innkeeper 2 18 &c220 High 

Kennedy Henry L mate 45 Shippen 


Kennedy Robert, soapboiler 43 Union 

Kennedy Robert, 329 High 

Kennedy James, boarding house 1 8 Spruce 

Kennedy David, glass &: picture store 134 High 

Kennedy H. H. carter 98 Shippcn 

Kennedy Andrew T. grocer 16 St 3/ar\^s 

Kennedy Maurice, accomptant 22 Loi:abard 

Kennedy Rachel, widow 246 N Front 

-ffenney Daniel, sea captain 40 Sassafras 

Kenney Robert, stove letter 7 Plum 

Kensel John, laborer Rose alley 

Kensel John, blacksmith 29 1 Mulberry 

Kenton James C. grocer 248 Lombard 

Kentzell widow of Wm. hair dresser 206 Mulberry 

Kepler David, storekeeper 148 north 3d 

Kepp Adam, soapboiler 103 Coatesst 

Kepple Michael, attorney at lav/ next 140 Ghesnut 

Ker James, tavemkeeper 7 1 Dock [see -Sehr & K'ltt] 

Ker Joseph, corder Race st wharf, 1 19 iV/ulberry 

Kerb John, shoe store 80 High 

Kerlin -Sarah, widow 186 5 Front 

Kerlin Davis, deputy marshal 328 S 2d 

Kern Gabriel, taylor 1 17 south Water 

Kern Gabriel Sc John, taylors 117 S Water 

Kern Jobs, taylor 127 S Front 

Keman F.lizabeth, grocer comer 4th Sc Shippen 

Kerr Sc Pyle, coachmakers corner Gaskili Sc 3d 

Kerr James, sadler 5 N 2d 

Kessler John, baker 1 Chancery lane 

Kessler Frederick, shoemaker 300 N Front 

Kessler John, justice of the peace 1 66 Coates st 

Kessler widow of Leonard, 125 Mulberry 

Kessler C. Hamiltons wharf Sc 29 Pewterplatter alley 

Ketland Thos. merchant Chesnut above 10th 

Keyle Joseph, cooper 290 S 3d 

Keyle Wm. flax seed merchant 87 N Water 

Keyser Adam, baker 1 3th near Cherry 

Keyser Benjamin, grocer 195 J^ 2d 

Keyser Charles, innkeeper Filbert near 1 1th 

Keyser Jacob, baker 5 S 6th 

Keyser and Gorga», lumber merchants 235 N Water 

Keyser Rachel, widow 222 south 5d 

Keyser John, laborer 239 St Johns 
Keyser Elizabeth, widow 266 St Johns 
Keyler Isaac, shoemaker 284 Sassafras 
Kibler John, iiour store 277 High 
Kibler Joseph, brushmaker 104 north 5d 
Kidd Robert, copper merchant 198 8c 264 High 
Kiernan Hu.^h, rectyfyin.^ distiller near 172 Cedar 
Kiglar Jacob, livery stable 219 Cherry 
Kighler Wm. stable keeper near 77 N 5th 
Kilby Turpin, Q;entleman, 350 S Front 
Killinger George, shoemaker 58 Lombard 
Killingsworth Luke, shoemaker 26 Crown 
Killogh Robert, taylor 98 'S Water 
Killpatrick Ann, midwife 96 'Swanson 
KimberEmmor, bookseller & stationer 170S 2d 
Kimbel Raymond, mariner 506 N Front 
Kincaid John, Sc Co. distillers 226 N Front 
King Benj. taylo,r Poplar lane 
King Daniel, chair maker 63 ^Front 
King Mrs. wddow95 S4th i 

King John, oak cooper Oak st 
King Asa, taylor 63 S Front 
King Daniel, jun. brass founder 76 S Front 
King Margaret, shoe store 236 S 2d 
King John, brushmaker Blackhorse alley 
King James, gentleman 210 N /^ront 
King Isaiah, carter 59 Budd 
King Lewis, wire worker 68 S 4th 
A'lng Thomas, bottler 198 S 5th 
King Joseph, painter 68 S 4th 
King Henry, taylor 29 S Water 
King Samuel, sea captain 110 Catherine 
King Margaret, shopkeeper Locust near 1 3th 
King Reay, ironmonger and seedsman 27 N 2d 
King Wm. silver plater and brass founder 153 Arch 
Kingston Stephen, counting house 8 Walnut 
Kingston Simon, sea captain 54 Almond 
Kingston Thomas, carpenter 217 5 5th 
Kiniey Chas. M. D. 1 35 W^alnut 
Kinley Jacob, victualler 299 N 8th 
Kinnan John, ivory turner 22 S Third 
Kinnal John, shoemaker 3 15 Callowhill 


Kinnard Anthony, carpenter 206 St Johns 

Kinsey Edmund, sadler 95 Chesnut 

Kinslty John, printer 279 S 3d 

Kinsler M. brickmaker Juniper 

Kinsley Jacob, shoemaker 1 3th near Arch 

Kinsley and Hansel, combmakers 255 N 8th 

Kintzing Abraham, jun. merchant 202 N3d 

Kintzing A. sen. grazier 178 High 

Kirchoff J. H. clock and watchmaker 110 N 2d 

Kirk»/ohn, shoemaker 49 Christian 

Kirk^ohn, merchant 52 N 3d 

Kirk Joseph, carpenter 333 N Sd 

Kirkham Charles, dry goods store 4 1 N 3d 

Kirkland Geo. merchant Juniper lane 

Kirkpatrick Sarah, grocer, 332 N 2d 

Kirler Daniel, flour & feed store 338 N 2d 

Kisselman Susannah, gentlewoman 166 south 2d 

Kisselman Chas. attorney at law 166 south 2d 

Kitchen James, city tavern Sc exchange 86 south 2d 

Kitchen and Beatty, sadlers 68 High 

Kite Joseph, china store 34 S 4th 

Kite Isaac, carpenter Nonnaters court 

Kite Isaac, carpenter Juniper above Sassafras 

Kite Benjamin, teacher 2 1 S 4th 

Kittera Ann, shopkeeper 45 N 3d 

Kitts Michael, innkeeper 80 High 

Kitts Mary, tavernkeeper S8 High 

Klafke John, bleeder 55 Mulberry 

Klewell & Rutter, cabinet makers 72 Sassafras 

Kline Abraham, grocer 90 N 7th 

Kline Peter, laborer near 1 5 Coombs alley 

Kline Peter, bricklayer 374 N 3d 

Kline John, carter 4th above Poplar laae 

Klingle A. cooper 8c guager 56 Callov^hill 

Klofe Christian, baker 8 1 Passyunk road 

Klotz John L. weaver 423 N 3d 

Kneass Wm. engraver 120 High 

Knight Charles, miniature painter 6 Carters alley 

Knight Daniel, carpenter 12 and 174 Cherry 

Knight Danl. P. stave merchaut 361 N Front 

Knight J. lumber yard 179 N Water, 39 Artillery lane 

Knodle Joh% hair dresser 1 1 N 7tli 

Knerr -Samuel, baker 7 Sterling alley 
Knerr Henry, tavtrn keeper ioo High 
KnorrSc Hill, lumberyard on Coates st wharf 
Knorr J. bridle bit maker 50 S 4th 
Knorr George, lumber merchant, 401 N Front 
Knorr Jacob, junr. ironmonger, 40 N Third 
Knorr George, baker 21 N Fifth street 
Knott Jacob, painter, 192 Mulberry 
Knowles Marmaduke, mate, 5 1 6 S Front street 
Knowles Wm. mate, Fearis court 
Knowles Selah, nurse & layer out of dead, 15 Vernon 
Knows Jacob, shoe and trunk store 26 High 
Knowles Sarah, shopkeeper 106 south 2d 
Knox Francis, grocer 8 1 south 2d 
Knox & Deas, merchant £0 N Front 
Knox Joseph, bridle bit maker 50 8c 62 S 4th 
Knox John, grocer 296 sout^Tocr . 
Knox Wm. shlpcarpenter ^95 N Front 
Knox Widow, gentlewoman 74 7th 
Knox Wm. bridle bit maker Walnut near 7th 
Koechling Fred. A. baker 303 Vine 
Koehlar John, coach wheelwright, back of 35 S Fifth 
KoIIock Jane, gentlewoman 125 south 2d 
Kolllck Mary, shopkeeper 57 Penn 
Kraft H. shoemaker 147 N 2d [see Craft] 
Kraft Peter, city commissioner 3 1 Norlh alley 
Kreamer Philip, taylor *Stemmet2 court 
Krebs Geo. brickmaker 17 N 5th 
Krebs John, ropemaker Charlotte st 
Krebs Richard, laborer 78 S Water 
Kreps Margaret, shopkeeper 464 N 2d 
Krips John, storekeeper 3 1 3 N 2d 
K rider Frederick, hatter 243 N 2d 
Krider Wm. carpenter High above 1 1th 
Krin Adam, baker next 29 Swanson 
Krumbhaar Ludwick, merchant 24 S Front 
Krumbach Jacob, shoemaker 198 Coates st 
Kucher Mary, storekeeper 84 N 2d 
Kucher Christiana, shopkeeper 227 N 2d 
Kugler Charles, innkeeper corner 4th Sc Race 
Kuhn Adam, M. D. next 140 Chesnut 
Kuhn Daniel, shoemaker 98 N 7th 


Kuhn Frederick, gentleman 143 N 2d 

Kuhn Michael, justice of the peace 22 Passyunk road 

Kuhn Peter, merchant 221 High 

Kuhn Geo. sea captain 53 south Front 

Kuhn John, carpenter 80 Green 

Kuhl Con'-..d, stationer 143 N 2d 

Kuhl Henry, accomptant 142 Sassafras 

Kunckle C. baker corner Cailowhill Sc St Johns 

Kunckler Samuel, physician 1 8 Appletree alley 

Kuhler John, blacksmith near 390 Sassafras 

Kurius John, hatter, 144 Hi|;h street 

Kurtz Peter, tobacconist, 125 N -Second street 

Kurtz John, 80 Green street 

Kurtz George victualler, 440 N Second street 

Kurtz Peter, porter, 270 S Fifth street 

Kurtz Henry, taylor, 25 Cherry street 

Kyser Peter, lumber merchant, 35 Cailowhill 

Kyser Samuel, painter, Charlotte [see Keyser] 


r ABARBIN Alexander confectioner, 70 N Second 
Labardee — — sea captain 33 Coates street 
Labec Sarah, widow 10 Coombs alley 
Lacave John, hair dresser, 37 Pine street 
Lace VVm. coach sprieg maker 1 7 S Seventh st. 
Lacey Ann, storekeeper, 205 S Front street 
La Comb John, M. D. 262 S Third street 
La Combe Peter, merchant, 2 1 -Sassafras 
La Campion Francis, merchant, 288 N -Second 
Laforgue B. upholsterer, corner Chesnut and 12th 
Laffitte Peter, perfumer, 10 Pine street 
Lahie Patrick, carter. Pine above Fifth 
Lahie M. plaisterer 27 Pewterplatter alley 
Laidley James, taylor, 1 1 2 Chesnut street 
Lake John, tanner, 77 S Fifth 
Lake David, shoemaker, 24 Crown street 
Lake Wm. sea captain, 1 3 N Front street 
Laior John, tavernkeeper, 142 S Water street 
Lalor Thomas, shoemaker. Noble street 
Lamarcelle Peter, hair dresser, Artillery lane 
Lamb Joseph, junr. merchant, 39 N Front street 

Lamb Jacob, shoemaker, 133 Pine 
Lambert & Wurts, merchants, 57 High 
Lambert Gershon, merchant, 57 High 
Lambert Peter, grocer, comer 3d and Vine 
Lambert George, victualler, Garden 
Lambert John, shipjoiner, Stillhouse alley- 
Lambeth Catharine teacher, Brewers alley 
Lamoine Anthony, grocer, 158 Pine 
Lampre John, merchant, 37 Passyunk road 
Lamsback John, tobacconist, 192 N Third 
Lancaster Thos. cornchandler Hamiltons wharf " 
Lancaster John, sea captain 143 N Water 
Lancaster John, carpenter 205 N 3d 
Landell Mary, tavernkeeper 37 1 N Front 
Landrcth David, seedsman High above 12th 
Lane John, gilder 1 1 2 Plum 
Lane Caleb,blacksmith 64 Budd 
Lane Richard, bellows maker 4 Knights court 
Lane Henry, black & white smith 3 Watkins court 
Lane Edward, accomptant 152 Spruce 
Lane Wm. merchant corner Chestiut and 1 1th 
Lane Patrick, mahogany sawyer 7 "Summers court 
Lane James, clock & watchmaker 255 S2d 
Lang Benj. carter 79 Passyunk road 
Lang barah S. milliner 391 N 2d 
Lang John, accomptant Eleventh near Chesnut 
Lang John, carpenter 255 south Front [see Long] 
Langstroth and Grambo, storekeepers 22 N 2d 
Laning James, cabinet maker 119 Mulberry 
Lansinger Jacob, shoemaker 54 Passyunk 
Lapess Hannah, boarding house 39 Spruce 
Lapsley David & Son, merchants, 23 8 Second sU 
Laremore Jane, storekeeper, 47 S Second street 
Larer Melchior, brewer, 50 N Sixth street 
Large E. and Son, merchants, 6 Chesnut st. 
Large Ebenezer, merchant, 46 S Front street 
Larken Thos. taylor, 134 N Front street 
Larkum Thos. tavernkeeper, 280 5 Front street 
La Roche Rene, M. D. 98 S Fifth street 
Lasher Jacob, grocer, 298 N Second st. 
Lasher Maria B. gentlewoman, 300 N Second st. 
Lasher Mary, boarding house, 80 Plum street 


Latimer W. G. Sc R. C. 'merchants S3 S Wharves 
Latimer James, &: Co. merchants Wahiul st wharf • 
Latimer Geo. merchant 85 S 6th 
Latimer 8s: Murduck, flour merchants 71 N Water 
Latimer Wm. G. merchant 2.iO Mulberry 
Latimer Thomas, flour merchant 55 N 4th 


Latimer John, sea captain 172 S 3d 
Latopie Peter, merchant 25 Sassafras 
Lauck David, oak cooper 94 N 4th 
Lauck John, cedar cooper 128 Sassafras 
Lauden Manasa, sea captain 254 N Front 
Laudenslager Richard, taylor 28 New 
Laudenslager George, victualler 251 CallowhilT 
Laud e rbru n Sc Ash, merchants 135 S Front 
Lauderbrun Frederick, merchant 275 S Front 
Laverty James, grocer 1 ilbtrt near 1 1th 
Lawerswyler Jacob, p;entleman 90 N 2d 
Lawyer Mathew, mayor of the city 34 Walnut 
Lawless Mary, grocer 24 Small st •■ 

Lawrence Rebecca, boarding house 13 Sansom 
Lawrence Thos. guagerand cooper 19 N Water and 

Says wharf 
Lawrence Benj. inspector of customs 3 Strawberry 
Lawrence C. blacksmith 9 1 N 6th 
Lawrence Christian, victualler 172 N 8th 
Lawrence Edwd. grocer N W corner Zombard 8c 5th 
Lawrence Hanse, boarding house 75 Penn 
Lawrence Jacob, carter 459 S 2d ^^ 

Lawrence John, carpenter 297 Vine 
Lawrence J. silk dealer and haberdasher 61 Walnut 
Lawrence Samuel, porter Pine alley 
Lawrence Wm. hatter 1 6 Swanson 
Laws Samuel, paper stainer 102 Christian 
Laws Charles, stevadore 64 Christian .^ 

Lawson Alexander, engraver Spruce above 7th 
Lawson John, sea captain 1 1 9 Callowhill 
Lawson Mrs. boarding house 7 S 4th 
Lawson Joseph, grocer 10 Strawberry 
Leamy John, merchant 69 Walnut and 79 S 3d 



Learning Rebecca, gentlewoman 53 Pine 

Lear James, shoemaker 6 Garrigues court 

Leaver John, innkeeper 8 8c 10 S 6th 

Leatherman John, taylor 15 N 5th 

Leatherman Michael, porter Lilly alley 

Le Brouse Paul, gentleman 178 Pine 

Ledcnt Lambert, botler 70 Dock 

Ledru Mary, gentlewoman 274 iS Front 

Lee Benj. bricklayer 103 N Front, 25 Prune 

Lee Joseph, hatter 75 S 2d 

Lee & Hupfelt, sugar refiners 88 N 4th 

Lee Christopher, sea captain 87 S Water 

Lee Daniel, sugar boiler 88 N 4th 

Lee Lucas, accomptant 135 N 5th 

Lee Wm. teacher 7 1 N 6th 

Leech Jane 8c Margaret, 156 Spruce [see Leach] 

Leech Henry., stay maker 100 Vine 

Lechler Adam, reed maker 158 Lombard 

Lechler George, musician 186 Lomlyard 

J^eedom W. Sc J. iron merchants 76 S Wharves 

Leedom W. iron merchant 172 S 4th 

Leedom J. iron merchant 182 S Front 

Leek Mrs. nurse 191 N 2d 

Lees Hemy, victualler 38 Crown 

Lees Philip, grocer corner 5tli 8c Plum 

Leeson Mathew, sndler Walnut above 10th 

Leeson Wm. tavernkeeper Poplar lane 

Lefevre Lewis, paper maker 2 1 N 9th 

Leger Nicholas, grocer 97 N 3d 

Legrange W Thos, mcirchantN E corner 3d 8c Arcli 

Lehman Joseph, apothecary 222 High 

Lehman Saml. blacksmith 298 8c 302 N Front 

Lehman Wm.druggi.->t 97 S 2d 

Lehrs Henry, taylor 288 N 1 rent 

Leib Michael, M. D. 23 Callowhill 

LeibJohn /.. attorney at law Sc clerk of the Orpiian's 

ccurt 70 south 6th 
Leiglitmann Geo. cabinet maker 98 N 2d 
Leinau Andrew, hatter 101 N 3d 
Leipe widow o' Geo. meal merchant 125 Green 


Leister Henry, oak cooper Maiden 
Leiper Thos. tobacconist 274 High 
Leishman W. sadletree maker corner Juniper Sc High 
Leitman Geo. cabinet maker 98 N 2d 
Lemaibre V. shopkeeper 138 Spruce 
Lemaire J. B. 28 Carters alley 
Lcmaire Baptiste, tavernkeeper 66 High 
Lenix Isaac, bricklayer Schrivers court 
Lenix Hugh, merchant 32 N 8th 
Lenox Major David, near 2 1 8 Mulberry 
Lentz Henry, grocer 240 &: 252 N 2d 
Lentz Geo. victualler 145 Coates, 1 2d st market 
Lentz & Hood, grocers 238 N 2d 
Lentz Jacob, carter 369 N 3d 
Lentz John, cabinet maker 444 N 3d 
Leon Blain, merchant 281 S Front 
Leonard John, dealer 105 German 
Leonhard Wm. tavernkeeper 50 Callowhill 
Lescure Wm. grocer 174 N 2d 
Lesh w^idovT of Zechariah, sen. 170 Race 
Lesh Henry, shoemaker 186 Cherry 
Lesher G. coachmaker corner 6th Sc Elizabeth 
Lesher Geo. innkeeper 43 N 3d [see -Lasher] 
Lesley Peter, cabinet maker 1 5 1 Vine 
Leslie Mrs. gentlewoman 1 14 High 
Letchworth Wm. sexton 26 N 4th ., 
Letchworth John, Windsor chairmaker 78 S4th 
Lever John, boarding house Franklin court 
Levering Jonathan, carpenter 478 Race 
Levering Samuel, carver 281 5c 256 N Front 
Levis Wm. paper manufacturer 2 S 3d &c 26 Sansom 
Levis and Yarnell, shoe store 66 High 
Levy Joseph, broker 9 1 S Front, 1 74 Spruce 
Levy Daniel, grocer 283 N 3d 
Levy Aaron, gentleman 58 N 4th 
Levy Aaron, jun. storekeeper 160 N 2d 
Levy Joseph, shopkeeper 168 N 2d 
Levy Moses, recorder 101 Chesnut 
Levy Martha, widow 57 S 7th 
Levy Samson, counsellor at law 68 Walnut 

N 2 


Lev/is Dvivid, vice-presidsnt of the Phoenix insurance 

company 96 and 140 S 2d 
Lewis Geo. painter 18 Almond 
Lewis Jacob, brickmaker Broad near Vine 
Lewis 8c Mittman, shipjoiners 101 N Water 
Lewis and Smith, silversmiths 2 south 24 
Lewis Josiah, stevadore 322 south 3d 
Lewis Evan, teacher 62 Union 
Lewis Henry, hairdresser 164 N 3d 
Lewis Hezekiah, victualler 295 Callowhill 
Lewis Hannah, widow 1 12 south Front 
Lewis James, taylor 50 Mulberry 
Lewis John, ship joiner 32 Green 
Lewis* widow of John A. scrivener 60 N 4th 
Lewis Joseph S. ScCo. merchants 25 Dock 
Lewis Joseph S, merchant 150 south 2d 
Lewis Samuel, draftsman 316 ^Sassafras 
Lewis Samuel, sea captain 258 S Front 
Lewis Reeve, merchant 130 Spruce 
Lewis Pierre and John, cooks 95 German 
Lewis Joseph, fruiterer 814 south Front 
Lewis Joseph, skindresser 501 N 3d 
Lewis Wm. counsellor at law N W comer 3d Sc 64 

Lewis widow of Wm. merchant 268 S 2d 

Lex Peter, grocer 283 High 

Lex A. Victualler comer Logan and Garden 

Lex John, victualler Logan 

Lex Henry, victualler Logan st 

Lhulier John B. musician 153 S 5th 

Liautier Lawrence, gentleman 429 S 2d 

Liddle Wm. constable 8 Hurst st 

Liddle John, oak cooper 192 .S Water 

Liddon Abraham, shopkeeper 36 N 3d 

Liliibridge Robert, sea captain 1 5 Sassafras 

Limeburner Philip, bookbinder 45 Vin© 

Limehouse Richard, carter Lilley alley 

Lindeba John, joiner 1 6 Pewterplatter alley 

Lindsay Geo. storekeeper 294 S 3d 

Lindsay Wm. snuffmaker 222 S 5tl| 


Lindsay James, grocer 138 S Water 

Lindsay Wm. china store 1 N Sd, 58 Zane 

Lindsay Susannah, teacher 194 vSt Johns 

Lineham Patrick, oak cooper 50 Penii 

Linensheets Charles, carter 469 N 2d 

Lines Conrad, shoemaker 84 pock 

Link Edward, taylor 282 S 4th 

Link John, coachmaker 45 Cable lane 

Link Henry, shoemaker 72 Crown 

Link Philip, rope maker 120 Christian 

Linker Daniel, shoemaker 150 St Johns 

Linker John, shoemaker St Tammany 

Linn Mrs Mary, 155 S 2d 

Linn John, watchmaker 43 Callowhill 

Linn Wm. laborer Brittons alley 

Linnard Wm. military agent 307 south 2d 

Linnard John, mastmaker 39 Callowhill 

Linneman John, weaver 390 -Sassafras 

Linnington Maria, shopkeeper 48 Green 

Linton George, shoemaker 9 Summers court 

Linton James, shoemaker 208 ^ 5th 

Lippincott Jacob, shopkeeper 1 1 2 Cedar 

Lippincott Joshua, auctioneer 47 N Front 

Lippincott Mrs. gentlewoman 25 Mulberry 

Lippincott S. accomptant near 1 5 Coombs alley 

Lisle John, jun. merchant 145 High 

Lisle Henry, gentleman 127 S 2d [see Lysle] 

Lithgow Edward, cai-penter 238 south 2d 

Lithgow Margaret, widow 149 south 6th 

Little Archibald, grocer 136 Swanson 

Littman E. grocer corner Front & Queen 

Little James, teacher Cypress alley 

Little Susannah, widow 12 Swanson 

Ltttle W^m. shipjoiner 178 -Shippen 

Little Mary, widow 3 Swanson 

Livingston Ann, gentlewoman 202 3/ulberiy 

Livingston iVfary, boardinghouse 202 Lombard 

Livzey John, taylor 50 N Water 

Livzey John, wheelwright 409 & 423 south 2d 

Lloyd Isaac, merchant 53 south wharves 164 S4th 

Lloyd Thomas, 80 X 6th 
Lloyd Joseph, attorney at law 79 south 4th 
Lloyd John, carpenter 38 Green 
Lloyd X. blacksmith 92 & 104 N 7th 
Lloyd \Vm. carpenter 86 Green [see Loyd] 

Locke Nathaniel, cabinet maker 148 N Front 
Loan David, carpenter 121 Queen 
Lockton John, shopkeeper 150 S Front 
Lodor Benj. tavernkeeper 83 N Water 
Lodor John, taylor 171 S. Front, 170 Water 
Logan Adam, grocer corner Xew and 4th 
I^gan Geo. pumpmaker 150 5 5th, 3 Gillis alley- 
Logan John, boot and shoemaker 37 S Front 
Logan Saml. shoemaker 73 S 3d 
Lohra Peter, notaiy public 65 Dock 
Lohra and Carlisle, ironrpongers 139 High 
Lohra John, ironmonger 75 Cherry 
Lolar Alexander, gentleman 328 N Front 
Lolar Charles, gentleman near 261 Ssth 

Lommillier .gentleman 134 N 3d 

Long John, tavernkeeper 224 X 3d 
Long John, grocer and soap boiler 1 72 Race 
Long Jacob, boot and shoe maker 323 Mulberry 
Long K. milliner 7 Strawberry 
Long Robert, taylor 8 Coombs alley 
Long Wm. turnkey 369 Mulberry 
Longhead Thos. sea captain 192 X 2d 
Longport Geo. victualler James st 
Longshore Jolly, millwright 397 N 3d 
Longstreth and Cooper, merchants 5 N 3d 
Longstrelh Wm. W, merchant 5 X 3d 
Longstreth Joseph and co. merchants 6 N 3d 
Longstreth Joseph, shopkeeper 92 N 4th 
Lorain John, jun. merchant 28 X Front 
Lorain John, sen. merchant 58 X Front 
Lorange Lewis, grocer 289 Vine 
Lord Benj. sea captain 52 Green 
Lorent John, D. merchant 108 S 2d 
Lott Henry, carpenter 149 Pine 
Lott Thomas, carpenter 185 Lombard 

Louden widoAv of John, tobacconist 3 1 7 S Front 
Louge Roger, porter 381 Race 
Loughary J. A. distiller 391, 367 N Front 
Louis John, perfumer 135 X 2d 
Love \\'m.boot Sc shoemaker Says alley 
Low Ben. hatter Frombergers court 
Lowe John, organ builder 160 south 5th 
LowberP. Sc W. curriers 57 Dock 
Lowe Winser, pilot 42 Queen 
Lower A. cabinet maker 9 1 N 3d 
Lower Henry, taylor New above 3d 
Lower George, baker corner Walnut Sc 8th 
Lower John. cai"pentcr 115 German 
Lower Christian, porter 166 X 5th 
Lower Georiire, baker 440 X 3d 
Lownes David, taylor 14 & 34 X Water 
Lowiii^s David, watchmaker 33 south 3d 
Lownes Joseph, silversmith 124 south Front 
Lovrnes John, gentleman 33 S 3d 
Lowns James, hatter Brewers alley 
Lower}' P. victualler 271 Callowhill 
Lowery John, victualler Garden st 
Lownsberiy ('. shipwright 33 Artillery lane 
Lowry Daniel, corder near 120 Bro^^^l 
Lowry "\Vm. cabinet maker 33 Coates alley 
Loxley Catherine, gentlewoman Loxieys court 
Loxley ."l/ary, gentlewoman 117 3/ulberry 
I^xley Richard, currier 8 1 Dock 
Loyd T. jun. merchant 30 S Wharves, 62 jNIulberry 
Lozier Xicholas, taylor 69 S Sd 
Lozier Jacob, rope maker 251 St Johns 
Lozier Owen, carter 179 Cedar 
I^ucas James, carpenter 1 33 X 5th 
Lucas Peter, taylor 278 S 2d 
Lucas Edward, carpcnttr 153 Cedar 
Ludlam. George, plumber 94 S 3d, 47 S' Wharves 
J^udley Sai'ah, bor.rGinghouse 83 Shippen 
Luflon John, gentleman 432 X Front 
Ludwick E. victu- lier260X 8th 19 O shambles 
Ludwick John, victualler 260 X 8th 23 N shambles 

Lugar John, drover above 5 1 1 N 2(1 
Lu;;3ar John, shoemaker Hoffmans alley 
Lungren John, jun. merchant 30 N 2d 
Lukens John, sadlcr 8c harness maker 96 High 
Lutton John, trunk maker 270 south 4th 
Lutz Frederick, cedar cooper 467 north 2d 
Lusby Josiah, carpeting store 53 N 2d 
Lutz Wm. oak cooper 3 1 Eecks alley 
Lutz Martin, carter above 26 ^cheivelys alley 
Lybrand Jacob, carpenter 27 N 8th 
Lybrand ^Saiinl. taylor 293 Mulberry 
Lybrand C. brickmaker 59 Filbert 
Ly brant Geo. brickmaker 214 pruce 
Lyell Margaret, boarding house 16 Lombard 
Lyle Wm. grocer 246 -S" 2d 
Lyle James, merchant 19 o 7th [seeZisle] 
Lyle Walter, smith 46 Almond, 96 Penn 

Lynch Edward, jun. insurance broker 16 N8th 

Lynch Fi-ancis, taylor 160 S Water 

Lynch James, turner 89 New 

Lynch W^n. merchant 234 S Front [see Linch] 

Lynd John, coppersmith 169 High 

Lynd Jame", shopkeeper ;24 A*2d[ 

Lyndall B. cabinet maker 104 Lombard, 203 S 4th 

Lyndall John, shipjoiner 226, 236 Swauson 

Lyndall Geo, shipjoiner 3 Mary st(S) 

Lynes J. lumberyard 109 Swanson, 49 Almond 

Lyons John, board yai-d 49 Almond 

Lyons Andrew, rag merchant Juniper lane 

Lyon and Levy, merchants 1 60 N 2d 

Lyons Saml. tinplate worker 93 High 

Lyons Mathew, saddle and harness maker 208 High 

Lyon Patrick, smith near 35 S 5th 

Lyons Isaac, merchant 158 N 2J 

Lyon Joseph, merchant 18 Cherry 

Lyons Francis, taylor 1 5 1 S 6th 

Lyo-is M. smith and farrier near 23 Appletree alley 

Lyons Wm. shipjoiner 450 «S Front 

Lytle John, grocer 259 S 5th 

Lyvers Gurshon, carpenter 76 S Water 


JVl- ADAMS, ROBT. stable keeper Boltons court 
M'Aclams Thomas, carpenter. Tenth near Locust 
M'Affee Ann, tavern keeper 305 S. Second 
M"Affec John, Passyunk road near Christian 
M^Allester Alexander, tavern keeper 244 S Third 
M'Allester Charles, sea captain "79 Union 
M'Allister Alexr. grocer corner of 8th Sc Sassafras 
M'Allister D. labourer near 5 Pewter platter allej 
M'Allister Andrew, plaisterer 140 German 
M'Allister John, whip maker kc. 48 Chesnut. 
M'Alpin Andrew, taylor 123 Mulberry 
M'Alpin James, merchant taylor 3 S Fourth 
M'Alpin Thos. breeches maker 13 near locust 
M'Anall \Vm. store keeper Tenth near Spruce 
M'Arthur John, grocer 343 S Front 
M'Barren' Michael, laborer Cable lane" 
M'Bride Hugh, shoe ^laker 105 CatliTine 
M'Brien Patrick, carman 123 Plum 
M'Gabe Mrs. midwife 241 S Sixth 
M'Cabe Matthew, stone cutter 24 1 ,S Sixth 
^I'Cafierty Patrick, Porter 39 German 
M'Cafferty James, porter Ceder near Twelfth 
M'Cali Archibald, merchant 12 Dock 79 S Fourth. 
INI'Call Judith, gentlewoman near 85 Pine 
M*Call Margaret gentlewoman 7r S Fourth 
M'Call Robert, sea captain 31 Qjeen 
M Call Richard, attorney at law 118 Spruce 
M'Calla Andrew, shoe maker 2G3 S. Second 
!M'Cttila Sc Eggars, Taylors 181 N. Front 
!M'C?.lla Alexander, inkeeper 48 >? Fourth 
M'Calla John, Shoe maker near 2 I Prune 
M'CallA Benjamin, shoe-maker 77 Plum 
M*Caila John, shopkeeper 35 N Fourth 
M'Callawedge John, mariner 12 Queen Street 
M'Can James, laborer 320 S Sixth 
M'Can Mary, widov/ 48 Cedar 
!»kl'Carey Anthony, laborer 318 8 Sixth 
M'Carr John, taylor corner ofCarpenter 8c Sixth 
M'Carron D. laborer ne^r 218 Cedar 



MTarron James, laborer Mlfflin-alley 

M^^.arron Matilda, seamstief-s 9ih above Cherry 

M'Carron Rosin a, widow 61 N SiMth 

M'Carter Rachel, nmse 6* N Seveuth 

M'Cartny Jckn, pottser 3.06 "N Second 

M-Carty Bernard, Carpenter 136 S Sixth 

M'Carty J.ames, 136* \-l fvoi\t 

M'Carty, widow 7G i'tnu Street 

M-Carty Philip, carjjenur 1 1th near Cedar 

MKJauley J. coppi^rsmicii 119 ?. Front & 120 Water 

IM'Cauky Robert, shoe maker 92 N Front 

M'Cailley ( eorge, boatbullder 321 N Front 

M'Cawley Jaraes, stable keeper 46 Cherry 

M'CIane L. painter he. 15 Becks alley [see M'CoUa 

!Si*Clane Lewis, oysternian 133 S Fourth 

M'(^lane John, laborer Little oak 

M'CIane Alexr; hatter Emslies alley 

M^Clane Thomas, Bottler 105 S Fifth 

M Clane Win. mahogany sawyer 416 S Second 

M'CIane Daniel, laborer 377 K Front 

M-Clane John, cabinet maker 2 55 S Fourth 

M'Claskf y Ratrick laborer 18 Filbert st. 

M^Claiky Patrick, grocer 80 S Water 

IVi'Claskey Claries, laborer Spafford 

M'Claskey John, cabinet maker St. Mary above 7th 

M'Claskey John, h.borer Mary st. 

M'ClaGkey Patrick, coachman 147 Cherry 

TvI'Claskey Thomas, shoe maker 44 Gaskill 

rvI*Clai;key Edward, bricklayer 44 Queen 

M'Ciay Ann, widow 48 Budd 

M'Clay Alexander, Porter 27 6 S Fifth 

M'Cleland Win. taylor 1 S Third and 133 N Third 

M'Cltland, widow, 10 Shippen 

Ivl'Clemon Samuel, mahogany sawyer Sc grocer 416 

& 449 S Second 
M'Clcnaghan Michael, Carpenter Callowhill near 6th 
M<Clennachan Robert, merchant 7th near Spruce 
M'Clennachan Blair, merchant 2 19 Walnut. 
M'Ciearen Samuel, carpenter 4 1 Passyunk road 
M'Clearen Duncan, carpenter 88 N Sixth 
M'Ciuney Martha, shop keeper, 27 S Second 


M'Clure Samuel, carpenter 134- S Xinth [see Maciure 
M'Cluri^- rlt^muel, oak cooper 43 Gallowhill 
M'CIure Jaiic, A\idow 164 Spruce 
M'CoHin John, taylor 12 Pear 
M'ColIin Vvm- grocer 131 S Third 
M'ColUsier John, t^rocer 240 S Foiirth 
ISI'Collister Charles, laborer 34 4 N Second 
M Comb Elizabeth, grocer 124 Plum 
M'Connel Matthew, broker 82 Chesnut 
M'-ConntU VVm. sea captain 5 5 Shippen 
M'-Conr,el I'homas, paperhanger back 2'31 S 4ih 
]\I Connomly Michael, taylor 64 Penn 
M'C'oid David, tinplatevrork^r 2 16 N Front 
M*Corkle Win. publisher of the Freemans Journal 

21 Walnut 
M'Cormick David, mariner 2 3 German 
^I'Cormlck Ann, widow 6 5 Passvunk road 
Pvl-Cormick John, soap boiler Laurenxe st. 
!M'Cormick v.idow of John, innkeeper -243 S Si!ith 
M'Cormick Hugh, laborer Emslies alley 
M'Coun James, taylor Pine above Eleventh 
M'Cown Robert 8 Almond st. \_see C. M'Kciva*}'] 
M^Cowsn Francis, accomp. near 100 N' Seventh 
M'Cowen Francis, shipwright 72 Penn 
r>I*Cowen Hugh, laborer ^Iarket lane 
M Coy Alexander, Fborer 497 S Front 
M'Coy Isabella, boarding house 34 Strawberry 
M'Coy John, accompt. near iOO N 7ih 
M'Coy George, laborer 62 Collowhiil 
M'Coy Jklargartt, washer 14 Cherry [see Jf'JTrtv] 

M'Ci-ackin Philip, mast maker 65 Queen 
M'Crackin Gilbert, pilot 45 Penn 
M'Crea Thomas, laborer 73 George st. 
MCrea Robert, baker 83 S Fourth 
M*Crea Wm. gentleman 192 Chesnut 
M'Crea James, merchant 68 S Front 
M'Crea Ann, widow 39 Union 
M'Crea Daniel, porter 41 Cable lane 
M'.rJish John, 'soap boiler 3"i7 N Third 
M'Cium John, baker 57 S Water 
M'Cue Connel, sandman 509 N Fronts 


M^Cullagh Ann, widow 87 S Sixth 

M'Cul1a?vh Robert, IC8 S Sixth 

M'Cu'ley Wm. shoemaker 44 S Front 

M'Cu.lley Jane, widow 465 S Front 

M'Culley John, shipwright 4.'^- S Front 

M'Ciilloch Wrp. printer 50 Chesnut 

M'Cnlloch Hugh, flaxseed merchant 142 NFront 

IVPCulloch John, Printer he. 1 N Third 

M'Cullough Anna, widow 87 S Sixth 

M'Curach Jam. stock & exchange broker 6 5 Walnut 

M'CulIfty Samuel, carpenter 244 S Front 

M'Curdy John, boot and shoemaker 56 Chesnut 

M'Cnlohon James nailer 3 Filbert 

M^Curdy Daniel, shoemaker near 63 St. Jolins 

M'Cutcheon Ebcnezer, merchant 48 N Third 

M'Cutchon Samuel, sea capt. 35 Swanson 

M^Dade 'ihos.. laborer 77 Plum 

M-raniei Daniel, pilot 328 S Front 

rVi-Daniei John, shoemaker 38 Sr. Johns 

M;DerrnGtt John bottler 39 Walnut & 84 S Front 

M^Dcrmead John, laborer 29 6 S Fourth 

M'Dc-rmot Edward:, merchant 7 Lodge st. 

M'Davitt, shoemaker 15 Callowhiu'^ 

M'Donagh James, carpenter S 9th near Walnut 

M'Donai^'h fViargaret, grocer 128 Lombard 

M'Donald Elizabeth, widow 13 Fitzwalter 

M'-DonaRl Ann, ''vVidow Loxleys alley 

?-,I'Donna]d M. m.erchant 24 Spruce st. 8c 157. S Sth 

M'Dcnnald widov/ of John, 553 Mulberry 

M'Donald James, tavernkeepcr 64 High 

^.[•Donald Wm. carpenter 26 German 

JM'Bonald John, carter Locust near" Broad' 

McDonnell John, shremaker 38 St. John st. 

M'Dougal Mrs. shopkeeper 32 S Third 

M'Dougal John, sea captain 24 Alm.ond st. 

;MDo>vell James, porter 2^8 S Fourth 

McDowell George, taylor 123 S Water 

M*Dov.'Cll J^imes, clock and watch maker 130 Front 

M'Dufiie Jane, shopkeeper M9 Plum 

MElsinor John, carter 116 Coates 


M'Elvle Michael, typefounder Cedar above 12th 
M'Eachurn Sc Primrose sadlcrs kc. 87 S second 
M'Entee Bernard, tobacconist 412 N Third 
M'Elroy Hannah, shopkeeper 182 S Fourth 
M^Elroy James, victualler 473 N Third > see 
M'Elroy J. bribklayer 4 Crarrigues court 3 M'-Ilroy 
M'Euen, Hale Sc Davidson brokers 63 Chesnut 
M*Euen Henry, tavernkeeper 240 S Third 
M*Euen Thos. broker 251 Mulberry 
M'Fadcn Arch. Cedar near Ninth 
M'Faden \Vm. gentleman IsO Chesnut 
M'Fall Rosina, midwife, 163 Mulberry 
M'Farlan Geo. blacksmith near 154 S EeightK 
M'Farlan Robt. shoemaker 404 N Front 
M'Farlan John C. sea captain 64 Almend 
M'Farlane John, steel-maker 448 N Front 
M'Farlan John, grocer 131 Mulberry 
M'Farlane Andrew, sea captain i4y 5^ Third 
M'Farlane Margaret, grocer 10 1 Spruce 
M'Farlane Wm. watchmaker 5 Prune 
M'Farlan Sarah, feather store 90 Chesnut 
M'Farland Wm. steel maker near 440 NT Front 
M'Ferran Mrs. shoe binder 139 S Second. 
M'Fevran Mary, grocer 424 N Second 
M'Gailon Andrew, carpenter 29 I Mulberry 
M'Gargan Margaret, widow Germantown road 
M'Garvey John, vendue cryer 272 S Second 
M'Garvey James, labourer 240 S Fourth 
M'Gaugy John, tavern-keeper corner Cedar Sc Penn 
IVI'Gee Samviel, carpenter 158 Vine 
M'Gee Chambers, tallow chandler 160 Vine 
M'Gee Wra. oak cooper still-house alley 
M'Gee Gabriel; boarding house 39 S Water 
M'Gheehan John, stevadore Little Oak 
M*Gill James, taylor 184 S Water 
M'Gill Henry, sadler21 N Fifth 
M'Gill Margaret, boarding house 97 S Front 
M'Gill Stephen, blacksmith 6 Starr alley 
M'Gines Arthur, grocer 279 S Fourth 
M*GinnesB John, soap boiler 148 S Front 
M'Giniiess Neal^soap boiler, Scc^ 110 Pluiiib^ 

O 2 

M'Ginncss John, taylor 50 Cedar 
M'Glaney John, store keeper 272 S Secoml 
M'Glathery James, ironmonger 50 High 
M'Glaughlen Edward, sail maker 32 N Sixth 
M'GIaughlen John, biscuit baker 6 Budd 
M'Glaughlan Amelia, Leech court 
M'Glauglilan Wm. mariner 271 S Fourth 
M*Glaughlan John, laborer 25 4 S Sixth C see 
M'Glaughlan Ed. shoemaker 25 Germ. \ McLaughlin 
M'Govven Mary, widow near 223 N Water 
M'Gowen Edward, grain measurer 1 1 1 Plumb 
M'Gowan Jane, widow 237 Cedar 
M'Gowan Wm. umbrella maker 231 Sc 237 N Second 
M-Gowan Thomas labourer 127 Green 
M'Grady Daniel, taylor Carlise-alley 
MacGregor John A. merchant 6 South Third 
M'Gregor Daniel, next 185 Pine 
McGregor Jame^, sea captain 32 Artillery lane 
M'Gregor John, labourer 447 S Second 
M'Grougherty James, St. Mary's near Seventh 
M'Guire Edmond, 30 Brown 

M'Guire & Connor, smiths and farriers 90 Cherry 
>-*Guire Hugh, baker ilSSwanson 
M'Guire G. ink powder maker 166 Swanson '^ 

M'Guirk Catharine, boarding house 20 Spruce 
M*Henry Thos. carpenter 136 S Sixth 
M'Henry John, labourer Grissels alley M 

M'Intire Mary,mantua maker Hunter's court 
M*Ilhenney Wm. sen. taylor 52 Mulberry 
M'llwaine F. merchaut 77 Lombard & 66 S wharves 
M'llwaine George, accomptant 2 5 George 
M'llwaine John, jun. printer 15 1 Cedar 
M'llwbam Thpmas, brass founder 61 S Fifth and 

Locust above Seventh. 
Xf'Intosh Alexander, labourer 15 N Sixth 
M'Karaher Oaniel, inn-keeper 23s S Second 
M*Karaher Mrs. boarding house 149 Walnut 
M*Kay Thomas, bricklayer 7 Farmer's alley 
M'Kkan Thomas, governor of the common\yealth» 

S Third between Union and Pine 
M^Kean L, labourer 1 Ith near Race 


M'Kean Joseph B. attorney at law 95 N Second 
M«Keun Jamesi gvocer University yard Fourth st. 
M*Kee Thomas, shop keeper 96 FUimb 
M'Kenzie J. sliip joiner shop Pools Biidtje 64 Vine 
M*Kenzie Caleb, mathematical instrument maker 

74 South Front 
^^Kenzie Mary, widow 36 Union (see M-KinzieJ 
M'Kenzie Mary, shop keeper 36 1 S Second 
M'Kever John, sea captain 45 Almond 
M'Kever James, sea captain 1 1 I Vine 
IVl'Kever VVm. taylor 32 1 Mulberry 
M'Key Daniel, taylor 4 I S Water 
M*Kinley Roger, blacksmith 524 N Third 
M'Kinley Alexander, bricklayer 143 Green 
M'Kinneley Hugh, shoe maker 160 S Sixth 
M'-Kinley Martha, shopkeeper 90 Sassafras 
M'-Kinley Wm. porter Grizels alley 
M'Kinney Mrs. boarding house 59 N Third 
M'Kinney John, labourer 234 South Fifth 
MacKinzey J. D. man midwife &. dentist 15 Lumbard 
M'Kinzie John, carpenter 202 South Third 
M'Kinzie Charles, taylor 42 StraAvberry 
M*Knight George, grocer 281 South Fourth 
M'Knight James, taylor near 21 Prune 
M'Knight Mrs. boarding house 74 N Front 
M'Knight Rob. labourer Locust above Eleventh 
M'Knight John, near 237 Spruce ^see M'-Night'] 
M'Knowles Wm. grocer Tenth above Locust 
M'Kowen Rob. sea captain 384 S FVont 
M'Koy John, corn chandler 467 N Third 
M*Koy Robert, smith next 299 & 323 ^see M^Coy'] 
M^Kinley Jais, orws: Sixt-i ail Pine 
M'Laney James, burr millstone maker 347 High 
M'Lane Saml. breeches maker Sc glover 8 S Third 
McLaughlin James, taylor 2 Penn yee M^aiaughlin\ 
McLaughlin Wm. F. printer £cc. 28 N Second 
McLaughlin Patrick, tavern keeper 54 Cedar 
M'Leland Wm. taylor cornev of Third and High 
M^I^eveen Myles, sea captain 145 N Front 
M'Leod John, ship chandler near 36 Swanson 
M*Mahon Wm. carpenter 33 Small 


IM'Mahan Bernj^rd garden and grass seed merchant 

129 Chesnut 
M'Master John, silversmith 14 Passyunk road 
M'Mahon T stocking manufacturer Elmsiies alley 
;M'Mt.nnis Mrs. midwife Walnut near Twelfth 
M-Mannis Cornelius, taylor 9 Swanson 
M'Monagel John, grocer 146 Lombard 
M'Mickin John, labourer 8 Plum 
M'Minee Wm. porter 228 Catharine 
M'Minney John, weaver Walnut near Twelfth 
M<Mullen John, goldsmith and jeweller 120 S Front 
M-Mullen Michael, painter, &c. 227 S Third 
M'Mullen Wm. caipenter 46 Zane 
M-Mullen J. R. blacksmith 21 Prime 8c 268 Swanson 
M'Mullen Robert, ship joiner62 Senear 161 Swanson 
M'Mullin William, ship joiner 309 S Second 
M'Murtie Wm> merchant 19S Spruce 
M'Xair George, taylor 224 S Second 
M'Namee type founder Cedar near 12th 
M*Neely Andrew, hatter South Fourth 
M'Neely Wm. porter 228 Catharine 
M*Neil Wakeford, porter Spafford st, 
M'Neir h Krebbs, grocers corner Fowrth Sc Brancli 
M'Near James, plasterer 8 Brewers alley 
M'Xeran Malcom, sea captain 336 S Front 
M'Nulty Daniel, taylor 5 Gaskill 
M'Phail John, grocer corner Eighth Sc Walnut 
M'Phail W^m. carpenter 77 Dock 
M'Phail Isabella, widow ^22 Cedar 
M'Phail Sc Humes grocers 259 High 
M^Pherson Alex, huckster 7 1 Plum 
M'Phcrson John, bricklayer 261 S Fourth 
M'Phersou Daniel, sea captain 100 S Fifth 
M'Pherson John, confectioner 109 Walnut 
M'^heson Wm. gentleman 267 Chesnut 
M'Pherson Hugh, mate 4 5 Christian 
M'Quilling Abraham, victualler 51 Fitzwalter 
M*Randle Sc Eken, grocers near 339 S Second 
M'Roy, John, corn chandler 467 N Tliird 
M'Shane Francis attorney at law 59 S Third 
M'Sparran vVm. Skindresscr 361 N Third 


Maas Jacob, musician 185 S Fifth 

Maas David, baker 185 S Fifth 

Macferren Sanuiel, grocer 456 N Third 

Mack Frt derit-k, labourer 527 N Third 

Mackasop \Vm. & John, shipwrights Groff's court 

Mackay Wm. oystevman 261 St. Johns 

Mackie Wm. mariner 174 S Fourth 

Mackie John, teacher 229 Arch 

Mackie Thomas, merchant 164 8 Front 

Mackie John, grncer 380 S Second 

Mackie Peter, merchant o8 S Sixth 

Mackey William, boarding house 21 Plum 

Macknet Daniel, bookbinder 149 Cherry 

Maclure William, &: Co. merchants 102 S Front 

Madaria George, carter Vv^illiam street 

Madden J. near 1 10 Walnut 

Maddock E. E. Sc W. L. merchants 59 S wharves 

Maddock Ezekitl, merchant leUnioa 

INIaddock Wm. carpenter 128 S Sixth 

Maddock William, I-., merchant 35 Spruce 

Madden Stacy, shoemaker Callowhill near 6th 

Madden Mary, mantuamaker Hoffman's- Alley 

Madrcra J. perfumer 244 S Front 

IvIalTet David, sea captain 36 Cedar (See Mofet) 

ISJallet Robert, tavernkeeper 28 Walnut 

IMaffet James, sea captain 248 S Front 

Maj^anon Mary, mantuamaker 133S6th 

Maganon Ann, Widow 73 S fifth - 

Magav/ Algernon S, a.ttorney at law 94 Mulberry 

Ivlagaw Rev. Samuel, D. D. 94 Mulberry 

Maggi Anthony, 90 Shippen 

Mager Philip, taylor next 43 Artillery lane 

Maggins Wm. laborer, 293 Arch 

rJagofi'm Joseph, rnerchant 993 S Ninth 

!^Iaissonnet John, baker 49 Lumbard 

TVlagno Eliza, Huxter 1S:7 Pine 

Magrath Michael, tallow chandler 25 Brewer's alley 

Magragh George, tavern-keeper 1 1 Quarry-street 

Ivlahon Laurence, porter Charlotte 

TMahony Mai,y, boarding-house 74 Shippen^ 

MahoKV C. Groeer 192 S Fourth 


Maher Peirce, merchant 33 S Front 
Maher & M'Dermot, merchants 9 S. Water 
Mahurter 1 homas, cabinet-mi;ker 143 Cherry 
Maillard Louis, merchant 65 S Eleventh 
Maitland John, grocer, 222 S Fourth 
Major Robert, carpenter I45 S Ninth 
Major James, laborer 227 Cedar 
Makins Sarah, widow 121 Spruce 
Mslambre Jacob, shoemaker 113 S Second 
Malcolm Jane, boarding-house i09 Mulberry 
Malin James, teacher Lee's Court 
Maley Wm. sea captain Vine st. wharf north side 
Maley Michael, carpenter 6 Prospect aUey 
Molingree Mrs. gentle"\voman 81 S Fourth 
Mailer C. T. V. sea captain 364 S Second 
!Mallington John, carpenter 142 N Eighth 
Malone John, oak cooper 201 N Froi^t 
Maione Wm. cabinet-maker Juniper above Cherry 
Malone John S. constable 359 Mulberry 
Mallon Mrs. academy for young ladies 106 Walnut 
Malone Peter, taylor 151 S Front 
Maltby Sarah, widow 264 S Front 
Mancheeter John, mariner 726 S Front 
Manderson Andrew, store-keeper 445 N Second 
Mandeville David, accomptanl 81 N Sixth 
Manger John, surgeon barber 403 N Third 
Margin Sc Houduc, barbers, 1 59 Spruce 
Manker Christian, victualler Charlotte 
Manley Mary, huckster N AUey 
Manley Henry, gentleman 13 North Fourth 
Mann Margarei, widow Relief-street 
Mann Daniel, sea captain 57 Sassafras 
Mann John, blacksmith Garden- street 
Mann, widow 5 I Mcade-alley 
Mann Wm. tavern-keeper 1 1 Walnut 
Manning Kitty, widow 25 6 S Fifth 
Manning Thomas, printer 143 N Third 
Manning Wm. tin-plate worker 226 S Second 
Manseli John, umbrella maker 75 Chesnut 
^ Mahson Thomas, carter 416 S Second 
Mansfield Jacob, carpenter 82 Budd-street 


Mansfield Sarah, widow 40 S Fifth 

Mansfield Mary, gentlewoman 10 Moravian alley 

Mansfield B, W. carpenter Hose-alley 

Mansfield Margaret, seamstress Juniper-alley 

Marcker Joseph, taylor near 26 Branch / 

Marks Andrew, segar-maker 18 Crabb ' 

Marache Solomon* gentleman 15 N Fifth 

Marcker Philip, blacksmith 505 S Second 

Marcker Andrew, taylor 9 1 N Eighth 

Marcker John, carter Eleventh above Spruce 

Marcker Jacob, grocer 34 Green 

Marchmint Jesse, shoemaker 271 N Fifth 

Markce Abraham, m.erchant 328 High 

Mavkoe John, gentleman, 415 High 

Markoe Esther, 257, Sassafras 

Mariam Charles, carpenter, Cqate's near Third 

Mariner John, pilot, 19 Christian 

Mariner Fenwick, pilot 16 Christian 

Mariner Andrew, mariner Artillery-lane 

Mariner Benjamin, carpenter SS Passyunk 

Marinot Michael, confectioner, 93 S Second 

Maris Wm. factor, 263 S Front 

IMaris Sarah, 531 S Front 

Maris Richard, merchant 14 Sansom " 

Maris David, merchant 62 Lombard 

Maryland J. plaister of Paris manufact. 204 Sassafras 

Marks Robert, laborer 242 St. John's 

Marks James, mariner 15 Catter*s-alley 

Marks John, dealer Cable-lane 

Marks Isaac, shop-keeper 176 N Fifth 

Marks Henry, bottler 141 N Fourth 

Marks Nicholas, grocer 162 Spruce 

Marks John, grocer York-road 

Marley Richard I. shoe-maker 15 N. Sixth 

Marley Wm. cordwainer, 278 S Second 

Marley Wm. laborer near 221 Callowhill 

Martin Edward, brick-layer Hunter-court 

Marpel James, laborer 207 Cherry 

Marpel John, plaisterer 301 Sassafras 

Marrot D. spinning-wheel maker 18 Coomb's alley>* 

Marr George, china merchant 131 S Front 


Marr John, shoemaker 5 Quarry 

Marriot Stacy, shipwright 156 Swanson 

iyL:..rrs Robert, silver-plater Greenleaf's alley 

Marsh James, mariner, 185 S Front 

Marsh Joseph, sen. ship-chandler 2 1 1 Swanson and 

23 Christian 
Marsh John, mariner, 291 S Fourth 
Marsh Mrs. widow 5-16 N Third 
Marsh Jos. jr. lumber-mercJiant near 18 Christian 
Marshall Alexander,, baker Schievely's-alley - 
Marshall Alexander, laborer, 164 N Eighth 
Marshall Benj. merchant, 27 Sansom 
Marshall Amos, carpenter & wafer-maker 59 Walnut 
Marshall Charles, sen. chymist 5 6 Chesnut 
Marshall Chs. sen. k Son chymisrs. See. 46 Chesnut 
Marshall Chs. druggist Bank near corner Chesnut 
Marshall Christopher, tea ware-house, 36 N Second 
Marshall Chris-topher, gentleman 24 Strawberry 
Marshall Hannah, boarding-house 28 N Front 
Marshall John, bricklayer I Mary's-alley 
Marshall Vvm. taylor 79 S Front 
Marshall Thomas, painter and glazier 68 Spruce 
Marshall L. storekeeper 161 Lombard 
!Mar^.hall Jolm, shipwright 63 Green 
Tvlarshail J. glass, oil andcolourman 1 1 N 2d 
Maishman Ann, widow 227 Walnut 
Marsitler Fiederick, blacksmith 99 Passyunk 
Martin Benj shoemiaker 13 Gaskhill 
Martin Charles, boarding-hou^e, 4 Swanson 
Mariin Danl. store-keeper corner ol 1 3th k. Sassafras 
Martin Charles, accomptant 84 Vine 
Martin Maria, seamstress 167 N Sixth 
Martin Henry, laborer 4^7 N Third 
Martin Rol:. C. saddler & harness-maker 162 High 
Martin Henry, tavern keeper i42 S Front 
Mai tin Vv'm. cabinet-maker 87 N Front 
Martin Jacob, hair-dresser 368 N Second 
Martin Isaac, taveinkeeper 175 Fiont k 174 Water 
Martin Isaac, shipwright J ?* Swanson 
I\iarun Eliza, store-ki,eper 196Lumbard 
Martin Jcmes 31 Queen 


Martii; John, taylor 171 N Second 

Martin John, flour-merchant 65 N Svtfnth 

Martin Jacob, accomptant 38 Queen 

iViiirtin John, oak cooper 150 Cedar 

Martin John, grocer. Noble above Eighth 

Martin John, porter 54 Callowhill 

Martin Joseph, ostler 178 S Fourth 

Martin Lydia, near 543 N Third 

Martin Peter, oysterman back of 230 S Third 

Martin Peter, laborer 160 St. John's 

Martin Philip, sea captain Pfieffer's-alley 

Martin Rob. button-malver 4 8 Filbert 

Martin Sam. sail-maker 342 S Front 

Martin Ths. whitesmith corner of Fifth Sc Passyunk 
Martin Wm. saddler 40 Strawberry 

Martien Mibsam, plain-maker Church-alley 

Martin Wm. supercargo 9 1 S Fourth 

Mrtino Sarah, 125 New 

Martz Philip, surgeon 69 Green 
Martz Daniel, rigger 108 Green 

^lasden Benj. store-keeper 43 N Second 

Mashman W. shoemaker Christian above Third 
Mason Isaac, merchant 58 New 
Mason Philip, engine-maker ISl S Sixth 
Mabon Priscilla, widow 13 Vine ' 
Mason Mrs. gentlewoman 202 Second 
Mason Mary, widow 80 Penn 
Mason Robert, accomptant 73 Union 
Mason Sc Smith, oak coopers. Turners alley 
Mason Thos. Windsor chair maker 120 Callowhil 
Mason Tanton, bakei' 24 Brown 
Mason Wm. oak cooper Turner's-alley 
Mason W. block maker 15 S Wharves, 36 S water 
Massey John, merchant 9 Penn 
Massey Charles, jun. merchant 115 N Fifth 
Massey Charles, gentleman 65 Pine 
!Master Wm. ladies' shoemaker 75 S Third 
Master Joseph, guager i 5 Coombs-alley 
Mathias Charles, carter Cooper's-court 
Mathers, gentleman 79 Lon'bard 
Mathias Thomas, hatter tiO Ceda? 



Matliias Abel, cr.rpenter next 38 St. Johns 
Malhias Joseph, M. D. 16 Branch 
Matliias Charles, carter Coopers-court 
Matliieu Arniant, store-keeper 223 S Fourth 
Mathison Niel, grocer 12 Pine 
Matson Ann, mantuamaker 393 N Front 
Matson Joseph, flour-merchant Heyde's-court 
Matson Peter, carter Swede's- alley 
Mattern Andrew, potter 247 N Second 
!Matthe"\vs Benj. currier 145 S Second 
Matthews Jeremiah, mariner 12 Mead's-alley 
Matthews James, hair-dresser 61 S Front 
^ Matthews, widow, Emslie's-alley 
Matthews John, sea captain 71 Walnut 
IVHtthews John, p:\per store 8 1 N Third 
Matthews James, vendue cryer 128 Plum 
Matthews I-ucy, shop-keeper 47 N Second 
Matthews Peter, laborer 165 I^ombard 
Matthews \Vm- weaver Bearstickers-court 
Maul Sc Hill, boat-builders 161 Swanson 
Maul Ann» grocer 81 Shippen 
Maul J. sail-maker 18 Carter's-alley 
Maul R. Sc J. sail-makers CliSTord's wharf 
Maul Jeremiah,boat-builder 148 near 159 Swanson 
Maul-Robert, sail-maker next 8 Elfrith's alley 
Maule Israel, carpenter 33 Cherry 
Mauler Mrs. 44 Meade-alley 
Maver John, taylor, 5 Cresson's-alley 
Maxfield Jeseph, lumber-merchant 103 N Fifth 
Maxheld Stephen, inspect, of lumjber 3o5 N Second 
Maxseiner Adam, taylor 218 N Third 
ISIaxv/ell Hugh, printer and stationer 25 N Second 
Maxwell A. clock-maker, Sec. 157 S Front 
Maxwell Hester, C. boarding-house 149 Arch 
Maxvrell Elizabeth, boarding-house S. E. corner 

cf Spruce and Fourth 
IMaxwell John, weaver 116 Christian 
Maxwell Robert, store-keeper 87 N Third 
Maxwell Thomas, grocer St. George above Tenth 
Maxwell Peter, laborer P^ar 
Mayhcr Michael, brick-layer 15 8 Coates 


Mays John, hatte* 585 S Front 

May Adam, groc-cr 30 N Ninth / 

May George) po^'tcr 19 1 Lumbard 

!May Wm. carr^inter corner of Locust and Tenih 

Jilay Sarah, shop-keeper Webb's alley 

May berry John, carpenter 106 Union 

Mayberry Richard, blacksmith 203 S Fourth 

Mayberry T. iron-mei chant corner Arch ^ Third 

^laybin J. merchant 5 Chesnut and 124 Mulberry 

Maybin, widow 63 Walnut 

Mayer Godlip, baker 46 Vine 

Mayers John, sen. and jun. joiners M7 N Fifth 

Mayers Andrew, limner 71 Budd 

Mayer N. dyer and coverlet weaver Sec. 2^4 N 2nd. 

Mayer Peter, plaisterer, ith above Noble 

Mayneld Catherine, v/idow 104 Gaskill 

May hew J. wheel right 14 Plum and 275 S Third 

Mayhoffer Danf. tanner 4S8 N Second- 

Mayland Jacob, tobacconist 99 Sassafras 

May wag John, black ^ whitesmith near 35 1 N 3d 

Masey John, whitesmith 395 S Second 

Mazurie James. J. merch. 28 S Front and 35 Union 

Meade Ha.ry, widow 132-Coates 

Meade Jeffrey, mariner 152 S Fifth 

Meade James, hair-dresser 21 Cedar 

Meade Edv.ard, sea captain 155 Vine 

Meally Wm. S Br.oad near Chesnut 

JVIeaUa John, carpenter, looking-glass and picture] 

frame maker 172 Fine 
Means Artnur, milkman Bolton-court. 
Mears Eenj. accomptant, Laurel 
Mease James, M. D. 192 Chesnut 
Mease John, merchant 4 Norris's-alley- 
Mechlin Sam.- accomptant 149 Sassafras 
Mechlt Mr. musician 154 Spruce 
Mecke "John, cabinet-maker 114 Mulberry 
Mecke Geo. A. baker 88 N Seventh 
Mecke Francis T. hair-dresser 273 N Front 
Moeker & Baldwin, shoe ware-house 8 8 IFigh- 
Meeker, Denraan Sc co. m^rcants 176 Higli 
M e eker Samt merchant ^J5 Hlu;li - 


INIeer John,jun. ^i Stall's-com- 

Meer John, artist 2 S Seventh . » ,^ 

^Itguire Will, cabhiet-maker 177 S Second 

Mein Andrew, teacher 64 SpvucC . 

IMeisner John, taylor 353 S Front 

!Meisson Joseph, grocer 62 High 

Melbeck John, commission-merchant 64 N Third 

Jvleller Martin^ shoemaker 45 Brown 

IVIendenhall Isaac, carpenter 12 C'ypress'-alley 

Mendenhall Adam, accomptant iOR S Eighth. 

Alenderfelt John, tavern-keeper 35 Coates*. 

Mentz Eliza, widow 68 Sassafras 

Mentz George W. book-binder 70 Sassafras 

"Menzies J. clock & weitch-niaker 139 Sc93S Fron^ 

IMercer Robert, sea captain 1 Mary 

JSIercer George, shoemaker 235 Cedar 

Ivlercer R. grocer ijf corner corner Front b" Water 

fiercer Peter, grocer 47 Callowbill 

^lercierMi's. sliop-keep€r 206 X Second 

Mercier Chas. jr. Sc co. merchants N. E. corner of 

Third a.nd Arch 
Mercier Barnet, sen. 23 Small 

>.icrcrtr John, confect.and distiller 266 Lombard 
Meredith Benj. grocer old York road 
Meredith J. 341 High and corner of York & Noble 
Meredith W^m. atiorny at law 40 Walnut 
Merkel Lot, furrieK I S Third 
Merrefield Joseph, merchant 20 5 Second 
Merrick Pvob. shipwright 72 Catherins 
]Merrick Joshua carpenter 8 Mary 
Merrick Jane, r.'idow near 6 Mary 
Merrick Sam. merchant 48 N Sixth 
Merriman John, taylor 15 Strawberry 
Ivljrrit Eliiiabeth> seamstress 19 Cini^tian 
Merrit John, laborer 27 Meade-alley 
!Merrit ^^larmaduke, boat-builder ll8"SwansoTi 
Merry ^Vm. grocer 205 Shippen 
Mervine Geo. grocer 79- Plum 
iviervine John, taylor \9 N Eighth 8c 64 Chesnut 
Messer Peter, musician 5 Sterling-alley 
Messina Z. shopkepj^er 145 N Stcoud 

Metzger Job ^^ b^ker Germantown road 
Mewhinnc'^, Wm. accomptant High above I3tk 
Meyers f^enry, inn-keeper 108 N Fifth 
• ■'^"^^'"'^'^^lii Joset:>h, sea captain 105 Svvanson 
^^}^^\wavd Thos. laborer 277 N Front 
5^'.ddah Geo'. Icather^ciUtcr 3."> Dock 
^.Vliddah Daniel, turner ?3i S Fifth 
Middleton Aaron, taylor 67 Mulberry 
Middleton G. lumber-merch. 4th above Callov/hill 
Middleton G. bricklavei- 170 N Fourth 
Middleton Wm. taylor 31.) S 2d and 74 N Water 
Middleton Hannah, widow Brewers alley 
Middleton £c Woolley, himber-yardl33 Ciallowhil 
Midlen Walter, sea captain 3^9 S Front 
Miercken Henry, g-entleinan 41 Shippen 
Miercken Peter £c Co. sugar reiin&rs 37 Shippen 
Mifflin Benjamin, accojTiptant'22 N Eighth 
Mifflin John F. counsellor at lav/ 5 8c 9 Union 
Mifflin Samuel, merchant 88 S Front^ 431 High 
Mifflin Thos. merchant 128 Spruced 3 S Front 
Mifflin Geo. merchant 120 Pine 
MifEin Richard, mariner 120 Liimbard 


Milan Samuel, tobacconist 26 Sass.ifras alley 
Milbank Samuel, brewer 10 Pear 
Millbien John, baker 18 Christian 
Miles John sen. gun maker 30 S Third 
Miles John jun. gun maker, 43 Chesnut 
!MiIes Thomas, carpenter 10th near Walnut"^ 
Miley Jacob, victualler 136 Brov/n /■ 

M'iley John, victualler 136 Bvown 
Miley Fredenck, carter Junipei a'"»ove Cherry 
Millard Thos. wheel Sc chair maker iOS N Front 
Miiledoler Rev. Philip, pastor of the 3d Presby- 
terian church 2o8 S Third 
Miller Alex. I. merchant 17 Sansom st 
Miller v/idowof Alex, carter 158 Spruce 
Miller Arthur, grocer .15 I N Second 
Miller Andrew victualler Lawrence 
Miller Andrewi sea captain 55 Union 

P 2 

rJiller Andrew 8c Son, potters 7 Zane st 
Miller Ann, v/idow Webbs alley 
Miller Barbary, 4 Branners alley 
Miller Benjamin, weaver 112 Christian 
Miller Charles, grocer 191 >I Third 
Miller Catharine, shopkeeper 218 N Third 
Miller Conrad, near 223 N Water 
IVIilltr Charles, laborer 11th above Race 
Miller widow of Christian, Juniper above Cherry 
Miller Daniel, H. ironmonger 162 N Second 
Miller Daniel, painter Scc. 28 Penn 
Miller Daniel, grocer 402 N Second 
Miller David grocer 230 S Second 
Miller Eliza, widow 54 Lombard 
^Miller Elijah, porter 32 German 
!Miller Frederick, carpenter 171 N Sixth 
Miller George, blacksmith 446 Sassaf: ass 
Miller George, shoemaker 313 S Third 
Miller Hester A. baker 158 S Second 
IMiller Plenry, accomptant 125 Mulberry 
jNIiller Henry, taylor Laurence st 
Miller Henry, savr-sharper 299 North Third 
Miller Henry, tobacconist 208 North Second 
1^1 iller Henry, victualler 195 Cherry 
Miller H. shoemaker Cable-lane near Margaretta 
Miller Jacob, carpenter 260 Sassafras 
Miller Jacob H. blacksmith, 43 Cable-lane 
I'tlilJer Jas. c?" \Vm. merchants 83 High 
Miller Jacob, Broad near Vine 
Miller James, stevedore 7 5 Mulberry 
Miller Joel, joiner 77 N Front 
Miller John, innkeeper 63 N Fourth 
Miller John, laborer 107 Green 
Miller John, tavern-keener 1X7 S Water 
AJiller John, shingle-dresser near xJ99 N Third 
Miller John F. glazier 350 N Third 
Miller John, jun. merchant 202 S Front 
Miller John, carter, 197 Lombard 
Miller John, shoemaker o2 Green 
Miller John; stone-cutter 350 & 367 FFigh 
Miller John, baker 190 St. John's 


Miller John, grocer near 21 Moravian alley 

Miller Jonathan, merchant 239 High 

Mller John, taylor N.E. corner of Callowhill fe 

Miller John, blacksnnith 210 N Eighth 
Miller Joseph I. merchant 66 south 6th 
Miller Lxtitia, grocer 406 north Front 
Miller Michael, potter, 314 N Second 
Miller Margaret, boarding-house 62 N Third 
Miller Martin, laborer 45 Brown 
Miller Mary, \vidow 483 south Front 
Miller r\Iary, back 297 south Sd 
Miller Magnus, geniieman 129 S Second 
Miller Margaret, boarding-house 167 Mulberry 
Miller Michael Avheat-fan maker 42 and 1 72 Spruce 
Miller Peter, veoman Cedar near Broad 
Miller Peter, ^I. D. 62 N Second 
Miller R. blacksmith 75 N Tenth 
Miller S. boarding-house S2 George 
Miller Sam. wheat fan maker 168 Spruce 
Miller Simon, cabinet-maker 264 south Fifth 
IVIiller Sc Van Beuren, merchants 109 south Front 
Miller Valentine, store-keeper 18 N 7th 
Miller Wm. tobacconist iOl N Eighth 
Miller W'm. cabinei-maker 193 Noble 
JVIiller Wm. carter 135 Cherry 
Miller Wm. J. merchant 13 Prune 
Milligan James, gentleman 263 Chesnut 
Milligan Wm. grocer 316 south 6th 
Milikin Pvobert, shoemaker 33 trawberry 
Milikin and Torens, grocers 49 Chesnut 
Mills James, hatter back 19 1 N 2d 
Mills Peter, oysttrmai^ near 223 N Water- 
Mills John, silversmith 79 Pine 
Mills Ann, widow 3 Plum 
Mills Mary, widow Johnson's court 
Millson John, painter, i^z. High above 12th 
Millson Vr'm. grocer High above 15i:th 
i^Iilne Edmund, boarding-hojse 157 J^Iuiberry 
M>lne Rich, m.erchant 9 S. Front 
Miinor Sam. carpenter Joimson's court 


Milno'r James, attorney at law, next the corner of* 

Sixth in Chesnut 
. Milne r John, commission broker 11 Sassafras 
Milnor Isaac, guager ST Union 
Milnor Hannah, widow 59 Lombard 
Milnor Larken, merchant near 55 Vine 
Milnor Wm. states guager 3 Norris's-alley 
MiltenbergerG. tinplateworker 71 High, 176 N 3d 
Mincks Catherine china store 284 Sassafras > 
Minckin John, boot and shoemaker 17 Walnut 
Mingle John, bellows-maker 26 Appletree-alley , 
Mingle John, bjacksmith 263 Sassafras 
Mingus Thomias, black and whitesmith near 89 ' 

Crown and York road near Wood-street 
Minnick Frances, gentlewoman 90 N Ninth 
Minnick Joseph P. M. D. 30 High 
Minilis James, tanner 107 south Fiftlx 
Mintzer Joseph, victualler 550 north Thir'd 
Mintzer Mrs. widow 246 N Second 
Mintzer Adam, carter 321 N Third 
Mintzer John, victualler Fourth above Poplar lane. 
Mintzer John, carter 321 N Third 
Mintzer J. G. taylor 380 N Second 
Mintzer Stuffle. victualler 256 St. John's 
Miskelly Sam. carpenter 194 S Third 
Miskey Anthony, taylor 386 N Second 
Mitchell James, paper-stainer 102 Christian 
Mitchell Abrm. oak cooper 161 8c 170 N Water 
Mitchell Alexander, hair-dresser 125 N Front 
Mitchell Benj. bricklayer, 26 Cable lane 
Mitchell Charlotte, 171 S Sixth 
Mitchell C. seamstress Lombard near Qxh. 
Mitchell Charles, near 154 S Eighth 
I\I itchell Amos, saddler .9 Cressons- alley 
Mitchell Francis, shipwright 47 German 
Mitchell Mary, gentlewoman Spruce above Seventh 
INIitchell John, mariner 2 90 S Fourth 
jMtchell Robert, boarding-house 75 George 
jNIitchell John, carpenter 40 S Fifth 
Mitchell [acobj mahogany-yard 131 Cedar 
Mitchell John, laborer 58 Artiilery-lan« 


Mitchell John, hair-dresser 30 Meade-alley 
Mitchell R'lchel, wido'.v 26 Cable-hme 
Mitchell George, carpenter 243 Swanson 
Mitchell Thomas, conveyancei' 195 S Second 
Itlitchell "Wm. merchant 82 Union 
Mittman Philip., ship-joiner 41 Greeen 
Mittman Sc, ship-joiners 292 K Front 
Mitten Robert> teacher v Gaskill 
I^.Iouett James, grocer 318 S Front (SeeMaffet 
liloffct Robt-rtj carter Locust above Ninth 
P>Iolder '^.Iavn:aret, boiii-dinf^-house 24 Pear-st, 
Moliere H. ship-chandler 50 S Wharves £c 37 Almod 
I'.Iclineaux wido-v of James, 139 Cedar 
MoHing James, laborer 1 1 N alley 
Molony Jas. ci-rrier 80Chesniit & 31 Carter's-alley 
IMonegan Daniel, segar-maker 58 Pasyunk road : 
Moneypenny John, laborer 70 Passyunk-road '• 
Mongea R. M. D. 8 1 south Third 
Monizer J. P. painter 278 Mulberry 
Monk George, sea captain 5-i Vine 
Monti-eth Benjamin, sea captain 201 south Fourth 
IMontgomery Andrew, teacher 369 south Front 
[Montgomery Charles, shoem.aker 45 i X Second 
[Montgomery David, carter 16 Prune 
Montgomery Dorcas, widow SlLumbard 
Montgom.ery James, gentleman 93 Pine 
?.Iontgomery C, washer 86 Gaskhill 
rtlontgomery and Newbold, merchants 39 N Water 
Montgomery Liberty, 262 Sassafras 
Montgomery Mary, v^-idow next 134 ^lulberfy 
^lontgomery Wm. merchant corner of Third and 

3Iontgomery vVm. shoemaker 61 south Second 
IMontgomery Wm. jun. merchant 163 S Water 
Montgomery Robt. gentlenran 213 S 2d 
Montier Robert, bottler 130 N Front 
r>Ionya Maria seam.stress 23 St. Mary- 
Mood John, biscuit baker, Wood 
Mood Jesse, laborer corner of Queen and Third 
Moodie r-.Irs. midwife 2 Oak (S) 
Moon iSt Prallj chair-makers 63 S Front 


Moon Abio-ail, widow Locust above 9th 
Mooney Mary, widow 327 Mulberry 
M-ooney Matthew, laborer 4 Little Oak-st 
Mooney Jane, seamstress, 166Shippen 
Mooney Henry, w^oodsawyer 2;"«8 St Johh 
Mooney Wni. ferryman Swede's-alley 
Mooney Wm. taylor 143 S Water 
Moore Abraham, grocer corner of German ciJ* 4th 
Moore Alex, tavern-keeper corner Chesnut and 

Moore Anna, gentlowoman 10 Sansom 
Moore Christiana, shop-keeper 308 north Second 
Moore ^ Ferguson, gold and silversmiths, 42 N 

Moore Francis, boarding-house, 326 south Front 
Moore Hannah, nurse, 247 south Third 
Moore J. oak cooper 2i Moravian-alley and 139 

north Water 
Moore James, bottler 8 A-lmond 
Moore James, carpenter Heydes'-court 
Moore Jane, widow'^rocer 334 Sassafrass 
Moore fohn, shoemaker 556 south Sixth 
Moore John, bricklayer 214 Sassafrass 
Moore John, victualler 369 Mulberry 
Moore John, dyer 116 Sassafras 
Moore, J. blacksmith 11 Little Water 
Moore Joseph, shopkeeper 2 Bank 
Moore Ma.vyj widow tayloress 65 N 7th 
Moore Mrs. shopkeeper 169 south Second 
Moore Mrs. tayloress, 241 N Second 
^loore Mrs. shopkeeper Christian ner.r 3d 
Moore Peter, plaisterer. Glover-alley 
M6ore Pach. laborer near 60 Queen 
Moore Reuben, chimney-sweep 193 Lumbard 
Moore Samuel M. D. 38 Sansom 
Moore Sarah, widow 1 16 .47ulberry 
IMoore Thomas, sea captain 31 Vernon 
Moore Thos. mariner S28 S Front 
Moore Thomas L^. gentleman 42 Pine 
Moore Thomas, merchant 5 George 
Moore Wm. soap-boiler 49 Union 


Moore Wm» carpenter 55 Passyunk road 
Moore VVm. grocer corner of 2d and Christian 
Moore Wm. mate ]62 Swanson 
Moos Christoplier, victuallar Laurence st. 
Moran x\ugustus, musician 190 S 5th 
Morehane Joseph, teacher next 400 north Third 
Moreland Martha, boarding house 43 Vine 
Morgan Benj.. R. attorney at law, 41 Mulberry- 
Morgan Eliza, widow Pattons court 
Morgan, I^ouglas .£c Schaffer, sugar refiners 83 N 
Morgan George W. gentleman l;j6 N Front 
Morgan James> pump maker 267 Catherine 
Morgan John, taylor 98 .Swanson 
Morgan J. pocket book manufacturer iOiS". Front 
^lorgan Mrs. boarding house 145 Chesnut 
Morgan Peter, laborer 264 S Seventh 
Morgan Samuel, shoemaker 45 Budd 
Morgan Solomon, grocer 235 S Fourth 
Morgan widow of Tho. merchant lOG Mnlhevry 
Morgan Thomas, sea captain 5 5 Queen 
Morgan William, carpenter Locust above Sth 
Morgan Wm. H. carver and gilder, 221 N Fourth 
Morrel Wm. china merchant 97 i^fulberry 
Morrel J. & son, china Sc glass mers. 74 N Front 
Morrel Joseph, shoemaker 70 Christian 
Morrel Robert Sc Co. china merchans 4 High 
Morrel James, hatter 17 1 north Second 
Morrel Robert, carpenter 124 S Fifth 
Morrel Mis. midwife 71 Union 
Morris Anthony, attorney at law 72 S Second 
Morris Benj. laborer 138 south 
Morris Casper, brewer 151 High 
M'oiris DavicJ, merchant 162Lumbard 
Morris Elizabeth, widow Hydes court 
Morris Israel, W. merchant 128 south Second 
Morris & Gaul, brewers between 147 Scl49 High 
Morris George, book binder Relief alley 
Morris Isaac, W. brewer 5 4 V/alnut 
Morris Isaac, W. & Co. brews. "Conner Do. Sc Pear 
Morris James, musician 6 German 
Morris John, hatter 36 Sassafras 


Morris John, chimney sweeper 232 Sassafras - ■ 

Morris John, &c Co. merchant 107 N. second 

Morris Joseph, carpenter 58 N Eight 

Morris Joseph, brewer 96 N Front 

Morris James, oak cooper 25 George 

Morris Littleton, 242 Lombard 

Morris J. mast maker 11 Q. £c Humphreys wharf 

Morris John, carver 197 south Fourth 

Morris J/ary, widow 31 I south 2d 

Morris il/argaret, 4 Waggon-alley 

Morris Mary, widow 257 south Fourth 

Morris Oliver, comedian 89 south 6th 

Morris Robert, 2 south Twelfth 

Morris R. secretary to the Land Company of N. 
America 246 High 

Morris Rich.H. sugar refiner store 13 Church- al- 
ley and dwelling 23 J^ansora-street 

Morris Sam. merchant 65 south 2d 
Morris Susan, gentlewoman 39 Filbert 
Morris Thos,. laborer 208 Cedar 

Morris Thos- sen. gentleman, 86 north 2d 
Morris Thomas jun. & co. brewers 86 north 2d 
Morrison Ann^ widow 201 south Front 
ISlorribon Alexander, shoemaker 454 south Front 
Morrison Hugh, tavern-keeper 238 south Thir^ 
Mciriscn James, grocer 320 south Second 
Morrison Joseph, accomptant 223 Mulberry 
Morrison John, stonemason 154 Sassafras 
Morrison Mavy, widow 385 south Front 
Morrison Sarah, widow S8 south Third 
Morrison Thos.' carpenter Spruce above 6th. 
Morrison "VVm. sea captain 144 somh Fifth 
Mort Joseph, 176 Pine 

Morrow Abraham., tavern-keeper 97 Cherry 
Morrcvv^ l^ Banard» Jewellers 9 I north 3d 
Morrow Wm. carter 68 Passyunk road 
Morrow Jcbn, carter Cherry above Thirteenth 
Morse Geo. W. sea-captain 66 Swanson 
Morton Lewis, taylor 184 Lumbard 
Morton George, sea- captain, 305 south Front 
Morton Benj hatter 339 south 2d and 49 Catherine 
Morton John, sen. merchant il6 south Front 

Morton John, jun. merchant 149 soutli 2d 
Morton Alexander, carter near 38 Passyunk 
Morton Ebenezer porter Swedes alley- 
Morton Sc Wilson, merchants 56 S Wharves 
Moses Abraham, store-keeper 454 N Third 
Moses Barbara widow 77 Green 
Moses Wm. shoemaker 6 Strawberry- 
Moss George W. sea-captain 66 Swanson 
Moss John, shopkeeper 9 N Second 
Mosser, widow Juniper near Cherry 
Mosser Sophia gentlewoman 34 Union 
Mottly Mary, widow 30 Coat's alley 
Mott Charlotte, widow Hurst 

Mott Edward k Co. hardware merchs. Church alley- 
Moulder Mary, widow 13 Sassafras 
Moulder Margaret, boarding house 24 Pear 
Moulder William, teacher 31 Cable Lane 
Mount Thomas, grocer 540 N Third 
Mountanye William grocer corner Vine Front 
Mautea George, shoemaker 17 Farmers alley 
Moyer Hannah, widow 495 north Third 
Moyes 5c Tatem, sail naakers, 93 south wharves 
Moyes Ja.sail maker near 97 Pine k 93 S wharves 
Movlan Gasper, counsellor at law 117 south Front 
Moylan Stephen, commissioner of loans cornet' of 

Walnut and Fourth 
Moynihan Maurice china store York Road 
Mduntella Joseph teacher 117 N Sixth 
Moxham W. carpenter Spruce above Eighth 
Mozer & Jennings, potters 310 north Second 
Mozer Martin, potter 3 10 north Second 
Much Jeremictb, ship wright 420 south Front 
Much James, shipwright Sweeds alley 
Muffington Cath. boarding house Loxleys court 
Muhlenberg Henry W. merchant 267 High 
Muhlenberg Peter, collector of customs for the port 

59 north Fourth 
Muir Wm. mate 72 Christain 
Mulcahy W. grocer N. E. corner Chesnui Sc 4th 
Mulford Thomas tsvernkeeper Prime st. 



Mull John, shoemaker 338 north Third 

Muller C. I. V. st a captain 04 Lumbard 

I^IuUen Sc Beevai :!, milliners 229 south Second 

Mullen James, baker 39 6 N Front 

MuUikin Joseplu shoemaker 91 Callowhill 

Mullen Thos. carpenter 246 Lumbard 

MuUin James, laboier Bradfords aliey 

Mullin John, hairdresser 41 north Eighth 

Mullin Barney, boarding house 242 south Sixth 

Mullin William, grocer Little 'Oak st. 

Mullin Joseph, mariner 32 Lombard 

Mullinery Martha, 124 S Third 

Mulock L. shopkeeper 38 south Fourth 

Mr.lvy Charles, secretary to the consulate of Spain 

120 south Fourth 
Mnnday E. Boarding house 26 Pewter- platter alley 
Munkhall Henry, baker Locust above 11th 
Munns Thomas, dry good store 382 south Second 
Murdock £c Duffield, merchants 107 S Water 
Murdock EHzabeth, seamstres 14 Sassafras 
Murdock William, flour merchant 85 Mulberry 
Murdock Wm. watchman 13 German 
Murdock John, perfumer 57 Walnut 
Murferd Thomas, carpenter 50 Christian 
Murphy Cornelius, shoe maker back 1 12 Walnut 
Murphey Joim, accomptant Quarry 
Murphy Ezekiel, shoe maker 79 N Second 
BlurpLy Daniel, stone cutter 390 'S'assafrass 
Murphy Daniel, hair dresser 36 S Fourth 
Murphy James, laborer 246 South Fourth 
Mv-rphy Jane, grocer 15 Callowhill 
Murphy John^ tobacconist 17 North Water 
Murphy John, laborer 11th near Pine 
Murphy Michael, grocer 29 Lumbard 
Murphy Nicholas, shipwright 56 Swanson 
Murphy Thomas, shopkeeper 22 Swanson 
Muipiiy Robert, boot 8c shoe maker 95 N Third 
Murray John, tanner Noble above Third 
Marray Alexander, of the U. S. navy 129 S 2d 
Murray Charles, porter 293 south Fifth" 
Murray James, accomptant 30 Cable lane 


Murray Samuel, shoemaker 206 Shippen 
!MiiiTay Michael, taylor 7^ Cedar 
Murray Jacob, mariner 2 85 South Third 
^lurray John, cook 83 German 
^lurray John, oak roopernext 121 Pine 
Murray ISiargaret, washer 53 Meade alley 
Murray INIartha, widow 122 Sw&nson 
Murray John, book binder back 171 North Second 
Murray William ladies shoe maker 183 S Second 
Murtaugh C. soap boiler 94 N Seventh 
Murtaugh Mary, grocer 41 South Water 
-Musgrave Aaro;ii merchant 168 South Fourth 
Musgrave James, goldsmith, kc. 44 S Second 
Musgrave Joseph, soap boiler 336 Sc 352 N 2d 
Musgrave Joseph P. merchant 82 South Fifth 
Mushett Thomas, chairmaker 5 3 Catharine 
Muschert jNIrs. boarding house 169 South Second 
Musintine John, tavern keeper 5 Vernon 
Mussej- John, inspector of customs 146 Sassafras 
Mussi Joseph, gentleman 246 S Seventh 
Mussina Z. storekeepei', 31 N Front street 
Mustin George, taylor 179 N Second 
Mybert Elizabeth, milk woman St. Tammany 
Myer Adam, brick maker 113 Callowhiil 
Myerly Esther, James st rr 

Myers Elizabeth, 19 Filbert § 

Myers Catharine, widow opposite 195 Walnut ^ 
Myers George, inkeeper 259 Vine k 

Myers H. sen. queens ware store 133 N Third V 
Myers Henry jr. potter 131 N Third '^ 

Myers Henry, innkeeper 108 N Fifth '^' 

Myers John, sea captain. 84 Swanson 
Myers Lewis, taylor 18 Almond S 

Myers Jane, shopkeeper 46 N Second cv 

Myers Mrs. widow 4 Butlers court ^ 

Myers Nathan, tavernlLceper Zvlulberry ferry i^ 
Myers Thomas, potter 133 N Third ^ 

Myer J. victualler 269 Callowhiil 22 O. Shambles 
Myers Jno. capt. of the Burlington packet 17 Arch 
Myers L, ship smith 202 Svyanson 32 Christian 
Myers Peter, tobacconist 498 N Second 


Myers Sarah, sean^ stress Cherry near Eighth 
Myers Wm. bookbinder 118 north Fourth 
Myers Frederick, laborer 204 High 
Mynick Jacob, painter Sec, 81 N Fifth 
Myrtetus Christopher, taylor 43 Christian 


AGLE George, shopkeeper 191 N Third 
Nagle John 8c C. hair dvcssers 51 N Fourth 
Nagle John, taylor 288 S Fourth 
Nagle Henry, hair dresser near 198 Sassafras 
Kaglee John, lumber merchant 501 N Front 
Naglee Vv'm; shipwright 62 Catharine 
Nagle Susannah, grocer 67 Shippen 
Naile J. oak cooper 57 S Water Sc 44 Grays alley 
Nail Christiana, widow 100 N Fifth 
Naif William, hatter SO North alley 
Napier Thomas, plain maker and maker and pro- 
prietor of Napiers pills, Relief st 
Napier Alexander, stone cutter 10th above Lom- 
bard and 24 S Seventh 
Napier "John, taylor York court 
Nash Sarah, widow 12 Kunkle 
Nassau Charles jun. baker 24 N Eighth 
Nassau Wm. tobaccconifit 7 7 High 
Nathomie 3/aria, confectioner 148 Sassafras 
Nathan Isaiah, store keeper 232 N Front 
Nathan Moses, merchant 53 X Third 
Navarra Peter, baker 212 S Sixth 
Nayl John, oak cooper 440 N Front 
Nay lor 3/argaret widow Brooks alley 
Naylor Samuel shipwright 23S N Front 
Naylor Benjamin, laborer 18 Budd ^ 

Naylor T. boat builder Pools bridge 
Naylor Joseph, carter 18 Green 
Neal Conrad, trader 7 Christian 
Neal John, accomptant 94 Spruce 
Neft' Rudolph, carpenter 153 north Sixth 
'Neath James* mariner 45 G&rman 


Neave Jercmiali,'' merchant 54, noith Frout 
Neglee Rebecca. shopkee'j>er 30 Ciitherine 
Negus John, tavernkeeper 2 south Wharves 
Negus Bayleyi mute 20 Meade alley 
Neil David R. carpenter 26 Gillis alley 
'Neil Charles, storekeeper 30 Green 
Neil Moses, carpenter 138 Cherry 
Neil Elizabeth, widow 34 Coats's 
Neil Thomas, shoemaker 99 Coats's 
Neil Samuel, laborer Tenth near Race 
Neill Lei^is, merchant 223 High 
Nell Casper, corn chandler 482 north Third 
Nellis Patrick, blacksmith 128 south Sixth 
Nilson Andrew, tavernkeeper 97 south Fifth 
Neilson Charles, porter Wood above Fourth 
Neilson Noble Caldvvt^ll, liS south Third 
Nelson Susannah^ teacher Laurence st 
Nelson. Wm. sea captain 6 north Fifth 
Nelson Wm. waiter 26 Gaskiil 
Nelson Wm. tavernkeeper Sc coal measurer tS3. 

south Front 
Nesbitt Alfred, waiter 119 Green 
NesbittWm. accomptant £5* ffrocer41'6 S Front 
Nevill John, diaper weaver 548 n'orth Third 
Neevlinci; John, M. D. back 36'6 north Second 
Nevin John, paper maker Webbs alley 
Nevin David, carpenter 235 south Third 
Newark William, mariner 18 Artillery lane 
Newbora (ieorge, oysterman 1(50 Sassafras 
Newbold John, merchant 2 12 north' Front* 
Newbokl William, merchant 39 south Faurth 
Newbold Samuel,'bricklayer 22 north Fifth 
Newcomb Bay s^ jr.' attorney at Jasv- 171S'N Froiit 
Newcomb Bayse, ^en, gentleman S66'N Second 
Newell Niciiolasj ^ea captain 442 <^oilti4 Front 
Newell William, grocer corner o-f Water & High. 
Newkirk Ann, milliner 18 south Fr6.M ^ * 
Newkouse Philip, labourer neai'i353 (Jallewhill 
Newlin William, oak cooper 60. south Wharves . 
Newman George, merchant 19 south Wharves --^ 

Q 2 r^i 


North John, tavernkeepev Catherine st. wharf 
North Joseph, shopkeeper €6 Sassafras 
North Wm. merchant next 124 Fine 
Korthoup Enoch) meal merchant 182 St. Johns 
Norton Rebecca, widow 84 N 4th 
Norton John, mate 469 south Front 
Norton Jane, nurse 22 Coomb's alley 
Norton Nathan, sea captain 25 Vine 
Norton Thomas, carpenter 22'Kunekle 
Norton Thomas, gentleman 25 Cable lane 
Nottnagel Leopold, merchant 167 S Second 
Nourse Richard, shoemaker Coomb's alley 
NoYvlan Patrick, taylor 6 Prune 
Nowland James, laborer 22 5 north Second 
Nowland Benjamin, carpenter 12th near Race 
Nowland Deborah* boarding house 62 N 9th 
Nugent Edmund", shopkeeper 39 south Second 
Nugent George, merchant 25 south Second 
Nungaffer John, blacksmith 527 north Third 

OAKFORD Charles, ^feed store and grain mea- 
surer 50-ll.t)mbard ' 
Oakford widow of Isaac, 17 Strawberry 
Oakford SamueL coal measurer 319 S Second 
Oakford Wm. measurer of grain 312 S Second 
Oakley George, merchant 20 Dock 
0?kley Robert, currier 22 Dock 
Oakley Moses, coachman 2 82 Mulberry 
Oakman laaac, merchant 197 south Second 
Oat Jesse, coppersmith 18 4 N Second Sc 76 Vine 
Oat Joseph bookbinder 24 Moravian alley 
Obrie N. m.erchant 77 N Second 
O'Boyle Roger, stevadore 91 Shippen 
O'Brien Eliza, widow near 71 N Eighth 
O'Bnen Robert, laborer 162 Is Eighth 
O'Brien Lawrence, laborer 67 N Fifth 
O'Connor Christopher, sea-captain 22 Almond 
O 'Conway James M. interpreter York-court 
O'Conner Dennis, grocer 54 south Eighth 

O'Donnel Con, bottler corner of Sbippen and 3d 
O'Donnel Daniel, laborer Locust near Broad 
O'Donnel Patrick, dealer 7 Wood 
O'Hara Patrick, grocer 20 Hurst 
O'HaraJas. travelling stationer. bill-sticker, vendue 
cryer '^ ship-watr h, Rose-alley near Coates 
O'Hara John, brush-maker 4 Prune 
O'Hara Edward, teacher 4 .6 Sassafras 
O'Henry Daniel, shop-keeper next 134 Lumbard 
O'Neal Henry, mariner 225 N Third 
O'Neill Daniel, taylor 19 Crabb 
ONeil Henry, stone-cutter Lee's-court 
O'Neill Susannah, widow 82 Cedar 
O'Neill James* grocer 26 5 south Fourth 
O'Reilly B. grocer n. e. corner of German 8c Third 
Odenheimer George, baker 54 Plum 
Odenheimer Philip, victualler \50 Sassafrass 
0,eliers James, hotel corner of Fourth and Spruce 
Oiiiey Ann, widov; I 78 south Front 
Ogden Sarah, school-mistress ISd south Eighth 
Ogden Hester, spinster Juniper near Cherry 
Ogden Dorothy, widow 172 N Fourth 
Ogden J. regulator of weights ^measures 2 S 8th 
Ogden Michael, manner 14 Sassafrass 
Ogden W. tavern-keeper corner of 1 1 and Spruce 
Ogilby Jos. measurer of carpenter's work 1£8 Arch 
Ogilby Joseph shipwright 56 5'wanson 
Ogilby Joseph, jun. accomptant §0 Crown 
Oglaze Sophia. 2 Carter's-alley 
Ogle Thomas, coach-maker 7 and 13 south 6th 
Olden A.ldridge, sea-captain 3S Spruce 
Olden James, merchant 41 N Front 
Olden James, jr. merchant 33 Chesnu 
Olden Mary, gentlewoman 33 Chesnut 
Oldenburgh Daniel, hatter 43 Market 
Oldenburgh Martin, hair-dresser 277 High 
Oldfield Benj. shoemaker 501 S Second 
Oldmixon Sir John, 96 S Eighth 

Oliphant r, sea-captain Pewter platter-alley 

Oliphant & Wilson, upholsterers Dock near 3d 

Oliver Nicholas, store- keeper 180 N Second 
Oliver Thos. sea-captain, 467 south Front 
Oliver Candy, waiter back 83 Chesnut 
Oliver Mary, widow, 1 1 5 Cherry 
Oliver Wm. G. merchant 110 N Second 
Oliver 8c Smith, merchants, 36 S Front 
Oliver Andrew, tavern-keeper 36 Bank 
Oliver B. widow of stable-keeper Drinker's alley 
Oliver Wm. boarding-house 47 south Water 
Oman John, shoemaker 84 north Ninth 
Oman Christopher, blacksmith Prospect-arey 
Omensetter Fred, baker 62 Green 
Omenselter Michael, feed-store 164 Vine 
Onnutter W. sea-captain Garrigus'-court 
Ord Geo. ship-chandler 99 S Wharves, and 25^ 

S Front 
Ord George, junr. 33 Queen strees 
Ormsby John, biscui:-baker 75 Lumbard 
Orr John, grocer 114 Plumb 
Orr Robert, boarding-house 16 German 
Orr Thos. merchant 52 S Front 
Orr James, boarding house, 73 S Front st. 
Orr Thos, coach-maker near 328 Sassafras 
Orr James, plaisterer 247 south Fourth 
Orso John B. accomptant 156 Pine 
Orth Henry, china-rnerchant 211 High k 25 N 9th 
Osburn Rich* back of 50 Christian 
Osbourn Ebenezer, carpenter 4 i Cedar 
Osborne Hannah, 35 S Fourth 
Osbourn Joseph, carpenter 133 Cedar 
Ostler Joshur., yeoman near 152 S Ninth 
Oswaid John H. printer 179 south Second 
Ott David, gold refiner 86 north Sixth 
Otto John C. M. D. 139 Mulberry 
Otto Jacob S. merchant 133 north Se»-ond 
Otto James, cabinet-maker 344 S Front 
Ouram Plenry, printing-press manufactory cor- 
ner of 6th and Prune 
Overstack Jacob, shop-keeper 227 S Second 
Overstack James, mariner 263 N Front 


Orersstack Wm. mariner 263 N Front 
Overy John, silk-dyer and scourer 71 Cedar 
Owen Felix, currier near 32 Callowhill 
Owen Edward, blacksmith 18 Schivelys-alley^ 
Owen Griffith} clock Sc watch-maker 73 Mulberry- 
Owens Michael, tin-plate worker next 88 Cedar 
Owen Jesse, gold &c. turner 30 Crown 
Owen Jane, shop-keeper 141 N Second 
Owen John, boot Jc shoemaker 121 Mulberry 
Owen Elizabeth, widow 120 north Fifth 
Owen Owen, blacksmith G au ffm an 's- alley 
Owen John, silversmith 82 N Third 
Owens Patrick shopkeeper 217 north Second 
Oxford Hannah, widow Liberty-court 
Ozeas Peter, inspector of customs 3 1 1 Mulberry 
Ozeas Geo. merchat 7 Swanson 

PAGE Samuel, copperplate printer corner of 
Seventh and Lombard 
Page Stephen, Franklin Inn, 59 N Second st. 
Page Catherine, widow, near i20 Brown 
Page Wm. merchant, 31 Chesnut 
Page Ja. corder 7 Vine & Vine street Wharf 
Painter Philip» shoemaker 401 north Second 
Painter Jacob, grocer 169 Sassafras 
Painter Isaac, grocer 2 36 High 
Painter John, carpenter 52S north Front 
Painter John, carpenter, 144 Coates 
Pamter Mary, widow 5 1 1 north Third 
Paleske Charles G. merchant 212 south Third 
Palm Henry, printer, 108 Cedar street 
Palmer Ephraim, sea captain, 100 Swanson 
Palmer Mrs. milliner,87 S Second 
Palmer Eliza, boarding house 154 Mulberry 
Palmer John B. merchant 38 Almond 
Palmer John, shipwright 46 Budd Thos. composition maker 34 Carters alley 
Palmer Ann, widow 88 S Third 
Palmer William, carpenter, 41 Filbert st. 


Palmer Clement shoemaker 52 Plum st. 

Palmer Richard, china store 46 north Fourth 

Palmer Richard, justice of the peace 84 Cedar st. 

Palmer Samuel, drugt^ist 26 south Second 

Palmer Thom^as and Georo;e, printers 1 16 High 

Palmer Thomas, shoemaker 74 Chesnut 

Palmer Washington, cabinet makar, 47 Cedar 

Palyart I. consul genersl from Portugal 204 Spruce 

Pancake Philip, innkeeper 1 10 Union 

Pancoast 8c Walker, ironmongers 148 High 

Pancoast Samuel, carpenter 21 Sansom st. 

Pancoast Jas. lumber merchant Spruce above 7th 

Pancoast Samuel, ironmonger 127 S Third 

Parent John, carter back 369 north Second 

Paris G. callico glazier 42 Mulberry 

Paris Mrs. widow, 17 N. Sixth st. 

Parish Wm. currier St. Johns above Noble 

Park William, hatter, 8 L^etitia court 

Parke Jacob, ironm.onger 49 High 

Parke Thomas, M. D. 20 south Fourth 

Park Samuel, m.erchant 183 High 

Park ^ M'Farland, grocers 183 High 

Parker Archilles, wine merch?.nt 13Norris*s alley 

Parker Andrew, taylor 198 N Second 

Parker Haris, ragman 99 N Eighth 

Parker Mrs. widow M'Cullugh's court 

Parker Catherine, boarding house 163 Mulberry 

Parker E. taylor, l52 Sassafras 

Parker Thomas., dealer, 263 Catherine 

Parker Sarah, gentlewoman, 51 Cherry 

Parker Isaac, hatter 175 N Front 

Parker John, grocer 76 north Sixth 

Parker Josiah, gentleman 5 Chancery lane 

Parker Richd. Sc Co. cork cutters 89 south Second 

Parker Richard, cork cutter 89 S Second, 100 High 

Parker Sarah, widow 58 S Eighth 

Parker Thomas, corn chanciier 9 Pear 

Parker Thos, clock Sc watchmaker 13 south Third 

Parkes Solomon, clock Sc watchmaker 146 N Front 

Parmenlier Charles, accomptant 264 Mulberry 

Parrish Isaac, hatter 17 north Second 


Pearson Phoebe, mantuamaker 147 Cherry st. 

Peart Jane, gentlewoman 7 Sterling alley 

Pease Dennis, sea captain 108 S Second 

Peasman George, potter 265 S Sixth 

Pechin John, collector of taxes 3 Elfreths alley 

Pecholier W. broker 15 Norris alley 

Peckworth John P. shoe maker 145 S Second 

Peck Adam, laborer 294 Mulberry 

Peck William, bricklayer near 91 Coates st. 

Peck Jeremiah, tavernkeeper 426 N Front 

Peck Rob. M. broker 67 Chesnut Sc 23 N Ninth 

Peck Thomas, shipwrig-ht 5 63 S Front 

Peddle George, oak cooper 63 N Water 

Peddle 5c Potts, oak coopers 63 N Water 

Peddle Jos. oak cooper 2 13 S Front Sc 212 S Water 

Pederson P. His Danish Majesty's cl>arge d'aiTairs 

Sc consul general 142 ^lulberry 
Peirce Caleb, ii onmonger 20 N Front (Se;:Picrce 
Peirsol Wm. ironmonger 36 N Third Sc 56 i^ace 
Pelaurac Francis, baker 346 N. Front 
Pellegrew Judith, widow 1 14 Vine 
Peites John, gentleman Stampers alley 
Pember Ed. picture frame maker 91 Passyunk road 
Peraberton James, gentleman 74 S Second 
Pemberton Hannah, widow 213 High 
Pemberton Joseph, gentleman Chesnut abo%'e 8th 
Pemberton Philadelphia, shopkeepar 6 I N Third 
Pemberton Sarahj spinster Spruce above Seventh 
Pennington Ed. sugar refiner 155 Race Sc 73 Vine 
Pennington ^Martha, mantua maker 15 S Sixth 
Pennington Michael, laborer 281 S Sixth 
Peniston Elizabeth, 40 Vine 
Penn Abraham, ship joiner 75 Queen 
Pennock Robert, innkeeper 218 N Third 
Penrose Joseph, carpenter 174 Pine 
Penrose Charles, gentleman 93 Penn 
Penrose Thomas, late ship builder 93 Penn 
Penrose Wm. sea captain 32 Sassafras 
Penrose V.'m. merchant 1 Almond 
Pentland James, chair maker 225 N Fron^ 
Peplow E.D. yictualler 23Fitzwalter st. - 


Pepper George, brewer 176 High 

Pepper Henry 8c son, brewei^ 4 S Fifth 

Pepper Michael, waterman back of 6 South alley 

Perevra Jacob, storekeeper 96 Vine 

Peres Peter, M. D. 3 I Callowhill 

Percival Andrew, -tin plate worker 1 6 S Tkird 

Percival Joslma, merchant near 224 Pine 

Perkenpine David, skindresser 223 N Third 

Percumpine John, gentleman 43 Budd St. 

Perkins Elijah, M. D. 124 Spruce 

Perkins Jacob, 268 N Second 

Perkins Abraham, carpenter 448 N Second 

Perkins A. grocer c7 Green st. 

Perkins Evan, laborer Hoffmans alley 

Perkins Francis, laborer Fourth above Cojites 

Perle James, grocer next 200 Vine 

Perot EUiston, merchant 299 High 

Perot John, merchant 68 S Sixth 

Perot Elliston 8c John, merchants 41 ^ Water 

Perot John, merchant 29 r High 


Perry John Sc Charles, grocers 29 N Water 

Perry Joseph, merchant 1 1 3 N Fifth 

Perry Wm shoemaker 359 N Second 

Pesoa Isaac, merchant 39 N Fourth 

Peter Nicholas, bottler 239 N Second 

Peterman Geo. grocer 8c feed store 2 N Tenvk 

Peters Thomas, mariner 93 Shippen 

Peters Ellas, mariner 10 Oak st. (S) 

Peters Geo. merchant 92 S Water 8c 103 N^ 

Peters Geo. laborer Sterling alley 

Peters John B. grocer 32 N Seventh 

Peters John, tavernkeeper 1 1 Lxtitia court 

Peters Eliza, gentlewoman 193 N Second 

Peters Francis, ferryman 246 N Front 

Peters Christian, coachman 62 Ciwrry 

Peters Henry, laborer 1 0th near Cherry 

Pviters Isaac, segar maker 12 Waggon alley 

Peters John, hair dresser 3 Fitzwaller alley 

Peters Henry, rigger 32 Plum 

Peters John, sea captain 110 Swanson 


Peters Richard, judge of the district court of Penu~ 

sylvania 131 Walnut street 
Peters Ralph, gantleman 4 Sansom 
Peters Richard, jun. attorney at law 131 Walnut 
Peters John, hairdresser 19 Union 
Peters Thomas, bookbinder 3 Cherry 
Peters William shipwright 7 Butlers court 
Peterson B. shipwright 25 4 N Front 
Peterson Abm. mariner Callowhiil £t. wharf 
Peterson Henry v laborer 23 N Ninth 
Peterson Francis, stone cutter Tenth near Cheri*y 
Peterson Manuel, laborer 1 1 1 Swanson 
terson Peter, shipwright 77 Christian 
icob, sct^M|tain 65 N Fourth 
je John S'Ribinet maker 24 Queen 

•^^i/ol^j^ugust P. miniature painter 50 Lombard 

''etrle* Jane, grocer 321 S Second 
Pettit Andrew, merchant 157 Walnut 
Pettit Esther, nurse 74 Vine 
Pettit A. 8c Co. auctioneers 15 S Front 
Pettit Anthony, taylor 30 St. Johns 
Pettit Charles, gentleman corner Dock Sc Second 
Pettit Nicho. taylor, 18 S Water 8c 149 N Second 
Pew Sarah, widow 14 Plum 
Peymor widow of George, 93 Brown 
Pfeiffer Christian, baker 485 N Third 
Pfeiffer Margaret, huxter 2 4 Gaskiil 
Pfeiffer Christiana, widow 46 Brown 
Pfeiffer^widow of George, 235 NSecond 
Pfeiffer Mrs. widow 4th near Poplar lane 
Pfoff Geo. printer 6 Branch 

Phelan Maurice, grocer corner Ghesnut Sc Four.tli 
Phelan Richard, rigger 225 Swanson 
Phile John, grocer Vso N Third 
Philler Andrew, boot and shoemaker 156 S Front 
Phillips Alexander, storekeeper 193 N Second 
Phillips B., I. broker 18 Chesnut 
Philips Sarah, millmer 25 S Front 
Pliillips Benjamin* bhip builder 245 Sc 266 Swans^ 
l^hillips Barbary, grocer 92 Swansoii; 
- ■ ■ R 


Phillips John 65 Chesnut 

Phillip John, pailor 51 north 5th 8c 167 Sassafras 
Philips J. circulating library k bookseller 24 S 4tli 
Phillips Myles, accomptant 158 Spruce 
Phillips Mary, tayloress 136 S Fourth 
Phillips J. shoemaker St. Johns above Callow hill 
Phillips John, merchant 7 Pine 
Phillips Wm. merchant 3 30 S Front 
Phillips James, mariner 125 N Front 
Phillips John, laborer 68 George 
Phillips Jane, midwife 9 Coxes alley 
Phillips Mary, widow 28 Swanson 
Phillips Sarah, milliner 25 S Front, 270 N Second, 
Phillips Wm. B. saddler 30S Fourth 
Phillips Z. attorney at lawMjChesnut' 
Phipps Isaac, corder 39 ms^^s street 
Phipps Isaac, gentleman 324 N Second' 
Phipps John, carter 461 S Second 
Phipps Stephen, shopkeeper 167 High 
Phipps Thomas, druggist Sec. Chancery lane 
Physick Philip S. M. D. 120 Mulberry 
Pickands Thomas, carpenter 29 8 Sassafras 
Picard Peter M. porter Cedar street wharf 
Pichon Louis Andre, consul general from his ma- 
jesty the emperor of the French, corner of 
High 5c Tenth 
Pickering Elisha, teacher Keys alley 
Pickering James, blacksmith 1 17 Catherine 
Pickering Thomas, mariner 9 Shippen 
Pickering Samuel, taylor Water above Viee 
Pickcl Ann, widow 126 Cedar 
Pidgeon Mrs. widow 50 Christian 
Pidgeon Wm. shoemaker 352 S Second 
Pidgeon C. cabinet maker 371 Mulberry 
Pidgeon John, printer 12th near Spruce 
Pierce Mary, gentlewoman 20 Green 
Pierce David, currier near 64 Dock 
Picrcy George, ship ivright 31 Greenleaf alley 
Pierce David, currier near 64 Dock {^see Feirce 
Pierie &c Caner, coachmakers 65 N J^'ourth 
Piesh Abraham, merchant 1 67 N Front 1 62 Water 


Pierie John, hair drasser 10 N Fourth 

Pierson Daniel & A. shoen-akers 175 S FroM 

Pierson Mary, widow 265 S Fourth 

Pike John, mariner 15 N Sixth 

Pile Mary, widow Fourth above Coates 

Pile Tliomas, carpenter Goddards alley 

Pile Mary, gentlewoman 147 south Third 

Pile Samuel, jun. sea captain 164 Swanson 

Pilmore Joseph Rev. 171 S Fifth 

Pincon Martin, hairdresser 83 Pine 

Pinkerman Henry, bricklayer l55 Coates 

Pinkerton Lydia, ironmonger 133 S Front 

Pintard Henry, boarding house 78 N Second 

Pinyard Elizabeth, widow 13 Queen 

Piper Frederick, currier 370 N Second 

Pitfield Robert L. accomptant40 N Sixth 

Pistor John, carter Poplar lane above Third 

Pistor Jacob, oysterman Poplar lane 

Pitchen Jonathan, sea captain 7 Qneen 

Pitner Aaron, ship master 5 8 Union 

Pittman 8c Curtis, taylors corner High k S Water 

Plane Jacob, carpenter 4th above Coates 

Plane Henry, milkman Fourth above Brown 

Planckinhorne Thomas, H. merchant 5 Zane 

Plankinhorne Jacob, flour inspector 62 Almond 

Planckinhorne John, merchant 244 High 

Pleasants Char, ironmonger 33, High 132 Spruce 

Pleasants Samuel, merchant 335 High 

Pleasants James, merchant 335 High 

Plowman Thomas L. printer &c. 158 High 

Plumstead George, merchant 200 S Front 

Poalk Robert, auctioneer 229 High 

Poch Frederick, shoemaker 141 N Sixth 

Point John, pump maker Richardsons court 

Pole Samuel, shoemaker Fearis court 

Pole Edward, auctioneer 34 Dock 

Polhemus Mont, copperplate printer 16 Green"- 

Icaf alley 
Polk widow of Joseph* 33 Lumbard 
Pollard Mrs. milliner 109 S Fifth 
Pollard Ann, boarding house 88 S Fifth 


Prevost Lewis M. tobacconist 57 8c 59 S Front 
Price Benjamin, blacksmith 66 Lombard 
Price Chandler, merchant 94 S Front 
price Elizabeth, widow boarding house 103 High 
Price Jacob, carpenter 46 Queen 
Price Luke, paper carrier 178 Sassafras 
Price Joseph, hatter 79 High 
Price John M. merchant 186 Mulberry- 
Price Sc M'Cutchen, merchants 59 N Front 
Price Rebecca, teacher 32 Elfreths alley 
Price R. lumber merchant 196 S 4th 8c 11 1 Lum. 
Price Joseph, nailor, 479 N Third 
Price Jacob, bricklayer 264 Lumbard 
Price Samuel, merchant 19 High 
Price Wm. pilot 5 1 Queen street 
Price Wm. I. grocer 241 S Fourth 
Price Rachael, 163 Lumbard 
Prichett & Murray oak coopers 204 'S Water 
Prichett Mrs. widow next 237 Spruce 
Prichett Wm. R. ship joiner Penri (K) 
Tric1?elt-Wm. SicJ^l^, merchants 25 S Whary>» 
FrichettWm. mpchant 198 S Eighth 
Priest Emanuel dl^ulker 180 N Water 
Priestman W^, n^erchant 266 Mulberry 
?rttchard James, carpenter 1 12 Vine 
Pringle Rosina, shopkeeper 9 N Third 
Probasco Peter, innkeeper 87 Cliesnut 
"fi^obst Geong*©!!, sugar boiler 19 Plum 
Proctor ElTza, mantua maker 2 6 N Sixth 
Proctor H^n-ry, laborer Mdrys alley 
Proctor "thos. superintendant ot the magazine 173 

N Front 
Prosser Tiiomas 63 S Eleventh 
Prosser James, 73 N Seventh 
Pruet James, shallopman 242 S Front 
Proudfit James, M. D. 153 S Second 
Provost Roderick^ coach maker 78 Plum 
Pryor Charles, gentleman 4 7 Union 
Pryor Charles, scrivener 30 Appletree alley 
Pryor Josh, grocer 33 N Water Sc 27 Elfreths alley 
Pryor Norton, broker 47 Union & 63 Walnut 

■ ^^/><. ,-^ 

Pryor Norton, gentleman 1 17 Mulberry 
Pry or Thomas W. commission broker, P^ryors 

wharf & next 305 N Second 
Pryor George, carpenter next 196 Pine 


Pugh Thomas, late tax collector 52 George 
Piillen Robert, silver plater 132 S Sixth 
Pullinger Collen, sea captain Elmslies alley 
Puncheon Robert, accomptant 7 Mary st (S) 
Purdey widow, grocer 373 N Front; 
Purdon John, shopkeeper 122 S Front 
Purless Simon, laborer 299 S Thivd 
Purple John, ship carpenter 38S N Third j 
Purren George, laborer 50 Callowhill 
Purviss Wm. mariner Watkins alley 
Purviss Wm. laborer 19 Gressons alley 
Purvess Alexander, merchant 22 S Second 
Purvess Wm. gentleman 83 Dock J 

/ ' 

v^^uandrill Cnarles, sea captaiiv^f^^J'-Six 

Queen James, taylor 77 S Third 

Quidge Patrick, laborer Bradfords 

Quigley Michael, ship right 5 Burc 

Quigley Mary, huxter Marys alley' 

Quigley James, sandman Matlock coi^'t 

Quine James, grocer 8 S Fourth 

Quin Andrew, hair dresser 63 S Foiirth 

Quin Martin, mariner 267 S Fifth 

Quinlan John shopkeeper 107 Walnut 

Quinner Michael, blacksmith back of 317 N Third 

Quirk Phillip, mariner 38 Union 

Quesnet B. dancing master 64 S 4th. 61 Walnut 


ABJOHN JOHN, taylor 229 St. Johns . 
Rabson Henry, shoemaker 480 Sassafras 



Rabsom George, accomptant 14T N Third 

Radfords Mrs. umbrella maker 77 S Second 

Radford Elizabeth 69 Christian 

Rae John, merchant 1 1 Birds alley 

Rain Thomas, chair maker 63 S Front 

Rain John, bottler 15 Combes alley, 22 N Seconti 

Rain John, Bookbinder 9 1 N Third 

Rainey Mrs. gentlewoman 33 Sansom 

Rafield John, accomptant 14 N Sixth 

Raine Elizabeth, widow 127 Cedar 

Rakestraw J. printer 84 N Front 

Rakestraw John, laborer S Coates court 

Ralston Robert, senr. gentleman 80 Lumbard 

Ralston Maria, widow, N 9th near Cherry 

Ralston Robert, grocer 151 Swanson 

Ralston RobeiPt, merchant counting house 103 S 

Front, dwelling 140 Mulberry 
Raraage A. pi inters joiner 36 & '6 Carters alley 
Ramage John, brickroaker Centre alley 
Rama^e Benj. stocking weaver Centre alley 
Rambo ^: Ashton, boat builders Oak (iN L) 
Rambo Daniel, boatbuilder 43 Green 
Ramsey Wm. teacher 215 S Fiftk 
Ramsey Mrs. boarding house 26 S Front 
Ramsey Alex..nder, carpenter 175 Cherry 
Ramsey John, currier 78 Dock 
Ran^heart C. furrier Callowhill above the Ridge 
Randall ^Christopher, oak cooper 84 Budd 
Randall Georpje, porter 167 S Fifth 
Randall Joseph, carj>enter Walnut above Eighth 
Randall Mati ew, shipbroker 61 Chesnut 
Randolph Edward, merchant 126 N Second 
Randolph Jos. painter corner of Fifth ^ Prune 
Rankin Alexr. merchant 33 Penn 
Rankin G. cabinet maker 42 N Seventh 
Rankin D. shipwright 496 S Front 
Rankin Alexander, shoemaker 377 N Front 
Raphun John, taylor Prune near Fifth 
Raphun Christopher, baker Griffiths alley 
Rapp Godfrey^ wire woker 64 Shippen 
Raser Catherine, widow 5 Artillery lane 


Raser Bernard, sea captain 45 Coates alley 
Rathiller A. whitesmith 170 Lumbard 
Ravisselin Louisa, gentlewoman 61 Lumbard 
Rawie William counsellor at law 260 High. 
Rawls Benj. wheelwright Lilly alley 
Raworth Mary, teacher 63 Penn 
Ray Andrew, store 8c tavernkeeper 168 Swanson 
Ray John, storekeeper, S, W. corner of Spruce Sc 

Ray Joseph, grocer High near Broad 
Ray David, grocer 8 Pine 8c 137 S Water 
Ray Mary & Ann, storekeepers 43 SSecond 
Ray J. gentleman 124 Qiieen {see Wray tj?* Rea 
Raybold Thomas carpenter 425 High 
Raybold Joshua, constable 53 Fitzwalter 
Raybold Philip victualler 13 Budd, 
Raymond Pierce, grocer & box maker 92 Spruce 
Rayner Thomasi whitesmith 97 Walnut, 65 S 4th 
Razer widow, meal and flour store 102 Sassafras 
Razier Baltus, currier 103 N Second 
Rea P. shoemakers boarding house Farmers row 
Rea Alexander, umbrella maker I N Third 
Rea J. upholsterer 8c venetianblind maker 45S4th 
Read Alexander, grocer 190 Cedar 
Read Collinson counseller at law 32 S Sixth 
Read Elizabeth, widow 5 3 PKuti 
Read John, ladies shoemaker 87 S Second 
Read H. shoemaker Fourth above Brown ^'^ 

Read John jun. attorney at law 176 Chesnut 
Read James, merchant I North alley 
Read John, laborer 89 Coates , <j 

Read Michael, laborer St. Tammany 
Read Mark, laborer Fitzv/alter 
Read Samuel, merchant 2 N Eighth 
Read Wm. ^ Co. merchants 51 S Wharves 
Read Samuel, storekeeper 45 N Second 
Read Wm. F copperplate printer 6 Pear 
Reakart John, grocer 439 N Second 
Reaver John, porter James street 
Reaver Catherine, schoolmistress 154 St. Johns 
Reaves George, marmer 25 Meade alley 



Reaves Henry, shopkeeper 33 1 N Second 
•Redhair ?>Iartin, shoemaker 291 Vine 
*^ Redduck Jannet, widow 134 S Eighth 
Redman John> M. D. 188 Chesnut 
Redman Martha, shopkeeper 15 N Third 
i?ednian i?ebecca, widow, 185 Walnut 
Reding Rebecca, widow 94 Plum cc; 

Reed Ann, widow 181 Cherry v^ 

Reed Sc Forde, merchants 65 S Front «^ 

Reed Charles, shoe maker 93 Plum 
B.eed John, merchant 102 Mulberry 
Reed Geor^ce. taylor, 75 S \\'ater ' -o 

Reed Joseph, attorney at ".aw and clerk of quarter 

sessions 54 S Sixth 
Reed James, cl;^eesman 7 Grays alley 
Reed Reuben, plaisterer 44 Small 
Reed John, tanner 32 St. I^Iarys^d James, tanner 22 4 Lumbard 
Reed Wm. carpenter corner of Locust i?* Tenth 
ReedWm. porter 1 Gaskill street 
Reed Wm. shopkeeper CS S Water 
Reef Marlin, viciualkr Charlotte 
Reel Christian, widows South alley 
Reese George, boot Sc shoemaker 265 S Second 
Rees Henr\', sen. Sc junr-, bakers 126 N Fifth 
Rees Henry, taylor Steinmetz court 
Reese Jacob, merchant 104 Mulberry {jiee Reejs) 
Rees Jacob? cedar cooper 77 Sassafras 
Rees John, grocer corner of Sassafras and Third 
Rees John, ironmonger 115 Sassafras 
Reese Jonas, tobacconist 22 N Seventh 
Rees Nicholas, watchman back of 14 raargaretta 
Rees Mary, teacher 20G N Front 
Reese Adam, shoemaker 115 N Front 
Reess Valentine, victualler 62 S Ei.::^hth 
Rees James, cabinet maker 165 Mulberry 
Reeve Geo. v.atchmaker 120 High & 19 N Seventh 
Reeve R. watchmaker corner Mulberry Sc Water 
Reford Elizabeth, miliner 29 S Third 
Reffei Joseph, segar maker 326 S Front 
Reffert Philip, innkeeper 133 Sassafras 
Regin Ann, midwife 16 St. Johns 


Regin Isaac, laborer 58 Artillery laoe 

Regnaud A. broker 90 S Second - 

Rc^-niere Peter, grocer 69 Chesnut 

Regnult Francis, paper hanger 260 S Third 

Rego John, shipwright 68 Christian 

Rehn John, brewer 62 New 

Rehn (tco. brewer 365 S Front 

Rehn Casper, merchant 62 New . 

Rehn Michael, laborer 89 N Fifth 

Reibsam John, grocer 47 Callowhill 

Reibsam John, Sc Co. grocers 222 N Second 

Reick John, engraver 17 S Fourth 

i?eid James, carpenter 49 Plum 

Reid Adam Sc Samuel, botlers 67 Plum 

Reifsnyder IMary, grocer 110 S Sixth l 

Keil Eliza, widow 137 Cedar 

Reilly Eliza, widow 15 Sassafras alley 

Reilley Bernard, grocer 307 S Third 

Reilly Thos. sea captain 173 Walnut 

Reily John, storekeeper 170 High 

Reilly John, grocer N W corner of Spruce & Fifth 

Reilly John, teacher 140 S Ninth 

Reinboth Frederick, shoemaker Drinkers court 

Reineak P. ^ L. bakers corner 5th 8c Cedar 

Reinhard, widow 96 New street 

Reinhard Mary, Wells alley 

Reinhard John, ropemaker Christain above Third 

Reinhard G. coachpainter 144 N Fourth 

Reinholdt Mary, widow 86 N Fifth 

Reinholdt Geo. merchant 323 High 

Reinoudt Peter, merchant 162 S Third 

Reip widow of Nicholas, shoemaker 33 Sassafras j 

Reip Bernard, shoemaker Poplar lane 

Relf Samuel, publisher of the Philadelphia Gazette 

offiice 21 Chesr.ut and dwelling 56 Walnut 
Relf Annj boarding house 151 S Fifth ^ 
Remick Enoch, grocer 104 Swanson 
Remington Isaac, sea captain near 48 Shlppeii 
Remington John P. sea captain 57 Christian 
Renshart Frederick, baker 172 Coates 
Renshaw Ann, widow 90 Union 


Renshaw Francis, broker 14 N Eighth 

Rento John, sea captain 164 Pine 

Rerich Godfrey, sep:ar maker 338 N Front 

Rcrignet Adam turner 9^1 Coates 

Revell Peter, shopkeeper 248 S Fourth 

Rex Wm. mariner 31 German 

Rex George, baker 221 Walnut 

Rey Thomas, sea captain 19 Queen 

Rey Joseph, grocer High above Thirteenth 

Reynolds Elias, carpenter 141 Green 

Reynol'-is Joseph, sea captain 20 Cable lane 

Reynolds James, M. D. York court 

Reynolds John, mate 23 Coates r.lley 

Reynolds Saml. merchant taylor 53 S Third 

Reynolds Simon, teacher 1-12 N Third 

Reynolds Joseph, carpenter Walnut above Eighth 

Reynolds Wra. drover 15 Fitzwalter 

Reynolds Peter, bricklayer Beck street 

Reynolds Francis, tanner Relief street 

Reynolds Benjamin, guager and oak cooper 27 N 

Water and Cliffords wharf 
Reynolds Sarah, shopkeeper 112 Swanson 
Rhea Mary, shopkeeper 30 N Second 
Rhecm Sc Silver, grocers 166 High 
Rhoads Charles, carpenter 104 Walnut 
Rhoads Phillip, carpenter 139 N Sixth 
Rhoads Saml. merchant corner Pine Cc Ptnn 
Rhoades C. v;ido\v 304 S Third 
Rhoades John, carpenter 196 N Third 
Rhoads Joseph, merchant 145 S Ninth 
Riahart John, grocer 439 N Second 
Riband Mary, widow near 166 Pine 
-^ice Ann, schoolmistress 53 Almond 
Rice George, shoemaker 45 Auillery lane 
Rice Henry ^Patrick, booksellers, izc, 16 S 2d 
Rice John, druggist 39 Cable lane 
Rice Sarah, shopkeeper 76 Lnmbard 
Rice Richard, grocer 83 S Front 
Rice William, innkeeper 184 N Third 
Pvichardet A. coffee house 37 Dock 
Richards Eleanor, widow 123 N Fifth 


Richards Catherine, huxter 53 N Eighth' 
Richards David, hatter 152 Sassafras 
Richards Hannah, mantnaniaker 42 New 
Richards John, laborer 20(3 Coates 
Richards John, plancmaker Matlocks court 
Richards John, shoemaker 52 Passyunk 
Richards Jesse, shoemaker Charlotte 
Richards Joseph, sea captain 9 lloffmans court 
Richards John, nail cutter Matlocks court 
Richards John, jun. currier 1 Dock ^ 105 Spi'uce 
Richards Joseph, carpenter 160 S Fourth 
Richards Henry, merchant 130 N Third 
Richards Mary, innkeeper 468 N Second 
Richards Rachael, widow 206 N Front 
Richards Samuel, iron merchant 1 1 1 N Water 
Richards Samuel, sen. lime merchant 1 Dock 
Richards S. jun. jeweller. Sec. 136 S Front Sc 14 

Richards Thos. grocer 8 1' N Sec'ond 
Richards William, grocer li:6 Hi'j;h 
Richardson Mrs. widow 19 N 8th 
Ricliardsou Ann widow, 249 S Front 
Richardson Sc Wcodhouse, soapboilers corner ofSt. 

Georges and 10th 
Richardson Isaac, taylor 38 Catherine 
Richardson Geo. carpenter Fallen s court 
Richardson Robert, shipwright Oak st 'N. L.) 
Richardson Joseph, silversmith 50 S Front 
Richardson J. conveyancer 165 N Third 
Richardsen Jacob, mariner 328 N Front 
Richardson Wm. umbrella maker 1 5 south Second 
Richardson Thos. labourer 102 High 
Richardson Nathaniel, gentleman 55 Vine 
Riche Geo. shoemaker 489 N Third See Ritchie 
Richie Robert, merchant 232 S Front 
Richie John, tobacconist i 50 High 
Richie Wm. tanner 156 High 
Richman Mary, widow 15 Cressois alley 
Richman John, baker 88 N Seventh 
RichmiOnd Elizabeth, storekeeper 124 Lumi)aid 
Richmond William, labourer 86 Budd 

S 2 


Rickett Thos. engraver 1P9 St. Johns 

Rickeit Hem y, porter Laurence 

Kickett Joseph, 194 north Fifth 

Rickey Samuel, grocer 16 N Front 

Kiclabock Philip, blacksmith 14 S Fifth 

Ricldett Peter, mariner Mifilins court 

Riddle John, .26 Queen 

Reddle Catharine, widow 8 5 Cherry 

Riddle David, carpenter 131 Pine 

Riddal James, bookbinder 74 S Eighth 

Riddle William, mariner 70 Penn 

Ring &c Maris merchants 27 S wharves 

Ridgway £c Atherton ironmongers 12 S Second 

Rid^- way David shoemaker 1 12 Walnut 

Ptidgway Thos. bricklayer 41 N 6th 

Ridgv.ay D, bricklayer corner of N alley "Sc bth 

Ridgway John, bricklayer 3 Knights court 

Ridgway Joseph, taylor 133 N Front 

Kiever John, baker 63 Catherine 

Riehl George, watchmaker 199 Mulberry 

Riehl John, tobacconist 150 High 

Kiehl Wm. tannt;r 156 High 

Riffetts Rebecca, milliner 21 N Third 

Rigby Joseph, merchant 124 N Front 

Ri?rby Henry, cabinet maker 122 N Front 

Rigdem Tho^:, carpenter 207 S Second 

Rigler Mai" , huckster 195 Sassafras 

Rigler Stephen, stocking weaver 429 N Third 

Rigglei- H. victualler 502 Sassafras 30 N Shamble-s 

Rigley F. printing ink maker 12th near Spruce 

Kihie Mary, boarding house 40 Queen st. ^ 

Riker Elias, shoemaker 12 1 German (^ 

Riley John, sea captain 40 S Sixth 1 ^ 

Riley Johuj carver Sc gilder Watkins court j 'T^ 

Riley Jo-seph, shoemaker New above Third / co 

Riley John, bottler &c watchmaker 1 1 S Second ^ 

Riely John, store k tavern keeper 150 Swanson 

Rielly L. schoolmistress 317 Mulberry 

Rielly John, shoemaker 111 Christian 

Riley Wm. shoemaker 450 N Third 

Reily John, carpenter 92 Cedt;r st. 


P-iley Wm. laborer Brittons alley 
Kiley Wm. grocer 118 N Front 
Riley Thomas, taylor 56 S Water 
Rimer Thomas, shoemaker 56 S Second 
Rindt widow of David, Nonnaters court 
Rine Joseph, potter 334 N Front 
Rinedoller Jacob, shipwright 385 N Front 
"Rink Sebastian, carter 7 Shippen 
F>.inker Samuel, mariner 7 Artillery lane 
Rino Wm. I. baker 19 N Sixth 
Pvipberg Conrad, hair dresser 25 N Fourth 
Ripley John P. attorney at law 69 Coates st 
Risberg Gustavus, merchant 88 S Fifth 
Risdel Mrs. silk dyer and scourer 66 S Fifth 
Risdel Anthony, grocer 66 S Fifth 
Kisby Zephania, mariner Brooks alley 
Risiine Jacob, taylor 28 N ^Vater 
Ritchie Robert, merchant 232 S Front 
Ritchie James S. merchant next 8 Lumbard 
Ritter Jacob, shopkeeper 72 X Front 
Rittenhouse Henry, carpenter near 84 N Ninth 
Rivel John, shoemaker Etris court 
Rivers Mary, nurse 76 Penn 

RivardiMrs. academy for young ladies 204 S Front 
Rizer George, teacher 449 S Front 
Rizer Eve widow 138 N Fourth (See Raser 

Rizer Martin, innkeeper 222 S Second 
Roach Christian, watchman 244 Sassafras 
Roach Ezekiel, mariner 14 Butlers court - 
Roach 1. master of the revenue barge 48 Almond 
Roads Mark, merchant 24 6 Sassafras 
Robb Peter, brick maker Broad near Chesnut 
Robb James, grocer 71 Passyunk road 
Robb James, letter carrier Elbow lane 
Roberts Benj. hatter 137 N Second Sc 49 Race 
Pvoberts Benj. laborer 226 Cedar 
P».oberts Daniel, teacher S7 Keys alley 
Px-oberts EdmuRi', carpenter 547 Cailovrhill 
Roberts Elizabeth, gentlewoman 2 Church alley 
Roberts George, tavernkeeper, corner of Front 
street and Germantovrn road (Hay Scales sign) 


Roberts George, carpenter Rose alley 
Roberts Edward, blacksmith 145 S Third 
Roberts Frances, widow 54 Brown 
Roberts George, mariner 5 Hurst st 
Roberts Hugh S. gentleman Mulberry court 
Roberts James, grocer 107 S Fifth 
Robers John, cabinet maker 23 N Eighth 
Roberts Israel 8c Nathan» coppersmiths 167 N 3d 
Roberts widow of Joseph, merchant 14 N Fourth 
Roberts Isaac, taylor 163 Chesnut «& 90 S Water 
Roberts Jonathan, carpenter 36 Kunckle 
Roberts George, Rev, Chesnut above Seventh 
Roberts Joseph, laborer 38 St. Johns 
Roberts Joseph, accomptant 16S Mulberry 
Roberts Martha, widow 141 Walnut 
Roberts Peter, mate 363 S Second 
Roberts John, mate 292 S Front 
Roberts Lewis, taylor 133 Chesnut 
Roberts Mary, boarding house 60 S Sixth 
Roberts Thomas, shoemaker 10 Plum 
Pioberts Michael, fancy Sc iron store 87 Chesnut 
Roberts Owen, labourer 14 Oak (S) 
Roberts Wm. carpenter 163 Chesnut 
Robertson Eben. blackball maker 82 N. Fifth 
Robertson Wm. merchant 33 south Front 
Robertson Ann, shopkeeper 149 south Front 
Robertson J. stocking weaver Juniper near Cherry 
Robertson Alexander, baker 100 N Ninth 
Robertson John, merchant 102 south Front 
Robertson James, merchant 159 Walnut 
Robeson John, baker 18 Mulberry 
Robeson cc Paul ironmerchants 53 N Water 
Robeson Levy, shoemaker Ninth near Cedcr 
Robeson ^lauiice, merchant 98 N Third 
Roberon Solom.on, carpenter 203 S Front 
RobineU Richard, merchant 5 Powell 
Pobinett Samuel, mariner 188 Spruce 
Robbins John, jun. accomptant 153 V'ine 
Bobbins Thos. block Sc pump making 9 Little Water 
Robbins John, Sen. bricklayer 153 Vine 
Robbins k Bowles, biockmakers 20 Little Water 


Rogers widow of Benj. 39 Sassafras 

Rogers Elizabeth, widow 18 Bank 

Rogers Robert, porter near 10 1 Passyunk 

Rogers James, merchant 179 High 

Rogers Jacob, carter Drinkers alley 

Rogers Joseph, glue maker Peggs st 

Rogers Jane, mantua maker 3 87 N Front 

Rogers Michael, oak cooper Juniper near Sassafras 

Rogers P. ^ K. druggists 262 N. Second 

Rogers William, shoemaker 15 N Sixth 

Rogers Wm. Y. agent for the N.York line 18 S 3d 

Rogers William, taylor 45 S Third 

Rogers IMaurice, merchant 67 Pins 

Rogers Thomas, merchant 41 High, 18 Bank 

Rogers Thomas, brass founder 97 N Second 

Rogers Wiliiam, grocer 131 N Second 

Rogers William, laborer Fourth above Coats 

Rohr John, black and whitesmith 1 15 N Second 

Rohr widow of J. H. 115 N Second 

Rohrman Henry, wheelwright 441 N Second 

Roiph James, keeper of the Debtors xVpartment 

Roney Thomas, currier, 69 Dock 

Roney John, turner 64 Cherry 

Ronk Peter, brushmaker 225 N Third 

Roosey Francis, hair dresser 60 Cedar 

Rootcraft Francis, porter 462 K Front 

Roots Michael, baker 141 S Ninth 

F».oots Mrs. boarding house 287 S Third 

Rose Ann, midwife 9 Brewers alley 

Rose Abraham, laborer, Garden 

Rose Atkinson, merchant taylor 55 High 

Rose David, bricklayer 9 Brev/ers alley 

Rose Susannah, midwife 7 Brewers alley 

Rose John, bricklayer 9 brewers alley 

Rose Peter, shingle dresser, 36 Union alley 

Rose Thomas, merchant 45 High 

Rose Thomas, brickniaker 237 St. John 

Rose Jonathan, tayior 32 N Water 

Rose Jane, midwife 7 Brewers alley 

Roset Jacob, shopkeeper 243 Mulberry 

Roset Joseph, hatter 135 S Second k 73 High 


Kobblns Samuel, boarding house 104 S Water 
Kobbins Ann, widow 144 S Fifth 
Robinson Anthony W. grocer 391 S Second 
Robinson Elizabeth, nurse 7 Callowhill 
Robinson John, mariner 438 S Front 
Robinson Francis taylor 7 Fitz waiter 
Robinson Hugh, mariner 26 Carters alley 
Robinson Hugh, shopkeeper 386 N Front 
Robinson Israel, carpenter 317 Mulberry 
Robinson John, labourer 8 Sassafras alley 
Robinson James, printer 46 Spruce 
Robinson James, m-ariner 90 Swanson 
Robinson widow of John, shoemaker 434 N Front 
Robinson John, mariner 60 Catherine 
Robinson Joseph, pilot 28 Catherine 
Robinson Robert, sea captain 116 Walnut 
Robinson Mary, widow 247 S Fifth 
Robinson Lewis, 74 High 
Robinson Mary, widow 281 S Third 
Robinson Mrs. schoolmistress 8 8 Spruce 
Robinson N. carver 8c gilder 2 Strawberry 
Robinson P. carpenter 1,. Greenleaf alley 
Robinson Rebecca, tayloress 267 S Fifth 
Robinson Robert, botier 4 Strawberry 
Robinson Rachael, widow 84 Sassafras 
Robinson Samuel, carpenter 309 High 
Robinson Samuel, hatter 14 Sc 275 High 
Robinson Thomas, victualler Lawrence 
Robinson widow, 9 6 Shippen 
Robinson Wm. carpenter 335 N Third 
Robinson Wm. sen. jusiice of the peace 330 S Front 
Robinson Wm. junr. attorney at law 1 Shippen 
"Roche Micha'el, fleecy hosier 1 Grays alley 
Rockenburg Samuel, shoemaker 76 New 
Rodney Richard, mariner Walnut above Eighth 
Roe Jesse, carpenter HofTsmans alley {seeRoiv 
Roe Richard, carpenter 205 N Eighth 
Roe Michael, shipwright near 505 S Second 
Roebuck J. millwright 381 High 
Rogers Chas. £c ironmonger 27 N 2nd 
Rogers John, shoemaker, 114 Shipp«n 


Roshea widew (of John) 128 Cedar 

Ross Ann, mantua maker 126 S Fiftli 

Ross Aquilla, carpenter Wap:loms court 

Ross David, sea captain Walnut above Eighth 

Ross David, carpenter 107 N Ninth 

Ross Emericki shoemaker Emlens alley 

Ross Henry, painter k i^lazler 342 S Second 

Ross Sc Jenks, merchant=? 33P^ Wharves 

Ross Mary, widow 131 N Third 

Ross Mary, widow 35 Plum 

Roos Samuel, carpenter 132 S Xintli 

^oss Elizabeth, widow lO Plum 

Ross John, junr. broker 14 S Fourth 

^oss John, painter Sc glazier 140 X Third 

Ross Judith, Avidow 295 St. Johns 

Ross Samuel, merchar-t 67 High 

Ross Thomas, counsellor at law 146 Chesnut 

Ross William Sc Co. merchants 145 Walnut 

Ross William, sea captain 429 S Second 

Ross Michael, cooper Lombard above Ninth 

Ross's Wharf opens at 97 S Water 

Ross William, late printer. Locust above Eighth 

J^oss William, whipmaker. Brewers alley 

Ross William, porter Filbert near Eleventh 

Rosetter John, Rev. next 15 Wiliings alley 

Resetter John, sea captain 352 S Front 

Rote Phillip, music master 33 Grown 

Roth Elizabeth, widow S5 Christain » 

Rottragist Isaac, merchant 116 N Fourth 

Rouanez P. P. 188 S Fourth 

Roundenwater Nicholas, potter 2 2 North alley 

Roush John, skin dresser, 5 8 Sassafras 

Roush Isaac, trader 9 1 Sassafras 

Rousseau John C. M. D, 210 Spruce 

Rouvert Edmund, grocer 57 Chesnut 

Rowe Martin, biscuit baker 146 S Front 

Row i?ichard, mariner 87 Shippen 

Row Israel, carter Lilly alley 

Row George, accomptant 122 Pine 

How Ann, v.idow Rosq alley 

i^cvan Hugh, carter 67 Passyunk 

Powen "Mealey, nurse 27 Queen 



i?owen Mrs. boarding house 78 S Fifth 

i?owen John, porter 15 Coombs alley 

jRowcn John, carpenter Locust above Eighth 

i?owen John, callico printer Pine above Eleventh 

i?owen Jane, widow 133 Walnut 

Rowland Eliza, huxter 145 Lumbar d 

A^owland John, shoemaker 87 S Fifth 

A'owland Thomas, hatter Emslies alley 

i^owland Francis, shipwright 14 Buttlers court 

i^owland James 8c Co. iron merchants 23 N 2d 

ivowland James, iron mer. 2 Frombergers court 

i?owIand Wm. saw factory b?ck of 162 High 

i?owley Edward, storekeeper 10 N Front 

i^ownd Samuel H. M. D. 165 S Second 

i?owvoudt William, M. D. 2 Wood 

i?oy James, plaisterer Charles street 

i?oy Manuel, oak cooper Garden street 

i?ube Matthias, segar maker 378 S Second 

i?ubecam Charles, hatter 387 N Second 

i?ubecam Daniel, innkeeper 106 Sassafras 

i?udiman James, mariner 55 Mead alley 

i?udolph Mary, shopkeeper 264 Sassafras 

i?udolph Sc Fearis, flour 8c grain merchs. I Spruce 

i^udolph Ann, grocer 168 N W^ater 

i?udo]ph John, flour merch. Spruce above Seventh 

i^udey i^achel, widow 112 N Fifth 

i?ue Benjamin, grocer Old Ferry 

i?ue Israel, carter 344 N Second 

i?ufl' Michael, laborer 457 N Third 

Ruff Henry, currier 68 Almond 

Rugan 8c Rodes, merchants 8 south wharves 

Rugan John, merchant 248 Sassafras 

Rugglass S. smith and farrier 22 S Seventh 

Ruhl George, coachmaker 189 Mulberry 

Ruhlnian Catherine, widow 18 Catherine 

Ruhlms.n John, shoemakr 123 Mulberry 

Rummel George, porter 178 ISi Eigliih 

Rummel George, brickmaker Juniper above Cherry 

Rummel Nicholas, labourer 14 star alley 

Rumsey C. brickmaker Juniper above Cl^erry 

Rumsey Charles, joiner 440 N Front 

Runchay Wm. soap and candle maker 2 16 S Sixth 


Rundel Richard, genlleman 122 Mulberry 
Runner John, victualler York road 
Runner Martin, victualler Noble above Third 
Rupp John, shoemaker 108 N Second 
Rusch Anthony, goldsmith 366 N Third 
Rush Benjanjin H. distiller above 504 N Second 
Rush Benjamin M. D. corner of Walnut and Fourth 
Rush Catherine, widow 26 Branch 
Rush Rich, attorney at law 26 Walnut 
Rush Elizabeth, shopkeeper 199 N Front 
Rush George, carpenter 207 Cherry 
Rush L. skindresser & parchment maker 95 Sassa- 
Rush Williamj grazier 94 .Sassafras (See Roush) 
Rush William, carver 172 N Front 
Rusk David, oysterman 99 Shippen 
Rusk Phoeb^e, widow o2 Plum 
Rusk Samuel, laborer Witmans court 
Rusk Christiana 20 Brown 
RusselAnn, gentlewoman 3 Penn 
Russell Edward, shoemaker 1 1 Walnut 
Russell Edward, merchant 88 S Wharves 
Russell Stephen, sea capt. 45 Shippen 
Russell James, carter 5 Gills alley 
Russell widow (of Andrew) 164 S Sixth 
Russell Robert, mariner 211 S Fifth 
Russell John, black 8c white smith 7 Knight's court 
Russell Samuel, shoemaker 10 Hoffman alley 
Russell Timothy sea capt. 277 St. Johns 
Russell William, grocer 306 N Front 
Russell William» grocer 250 Lumbard 
Russell Francis, grocer 1 19 S Second 
Huston Thomas, M. D. 13 Branch 
Ruston Anthony, tinplate worker 347 S Front 
Ruth Richard, tanner Su Johns [Bath-town] 
Rutherford Agnes, boarding houe 30 Walnut 
Rutherford John, grocer Locust above i3th 
Rutter Mrs. widow 24 North Fifth 
i^utter John tobacconist Etris court 
iiutter 5am. grocer 105 S. Water k 113 Walnut 



i?utter George, grocer, 397 Sassafras 

i^yal Mrs. widow 194 N Fifth 

i?y;iD Edmund, sliip joiner 72 Catherine 

i?yan Elizabeth, shopkeeper 477 N Second 

i?yan James, merchant 42 N Sixth 

i?yan John, carter Garden street 

/?yan Joseph, potter 1 4 Artillery lane 

i?yan Mrs. widow 3 66 N Third 

jRyan Lewis, boot and shoemaker, next door to the 

United States bank S Third 
i?yan Timothy, carpenter 166 S Front 
jRyan William, stable keeper 22 N Second 
i?yder Daniel, coach painter &c. 21 N Sixth 
/'tyder Sarah, widow 127 Brown 
i?yder Catherine, widow Apple tree alley 
i^ydey John, porter 97 Coates 
i?yerson Thomas, merchant 43 N Seventh 

lADLER ELEANOR, widow near 25 1 Mulberry 
Sadler Mary, grocer 304 S Third 
Sagar Michael, baker 274 Mulberry 
Sailor John, taylor 18 N Water 
Sailor H. stone cutter corner of 8th and Sassafras 
Saint Douglas, grocer and bottler 44 Cedar 
Salade Sebast. fringe Sc lace weaver, 4 Lastitia court 
Salmon Sc Brown, straw hat warehouse 86 Sassafras 
Salter A. compt. house 63 Dock dwelling 39 N 6th 
Salter Jacob, brewer 18 S Fourth 
Salter Samuel, carver and gilder 60 9 Fourth 
Saltkill Jacob, carpenter 275 S Fourth 
Sal tkiil Isaac, shipjoiner 57 S Water 
Saltonstall J. grocer and coal merchant S. E. cor- 
ner of Coates and Second 
Sanders John, carpenter 17 Budd (^see Saunders) 
Sanders Frederick, taylor 84 N Front 
Sandford William, accomptant 169 Pine 
Sandford i?owland, coachmaker 261 Sassafras 
Sandoz P. F. Coursoisier^ Hverchant 127 S Tliird 


Sang Charles, confectioner near 37 N Eighth 

Sands John, carpenter Oak (N L.) 

Sanky Charles, stable keeper 14 Moravian alley 

Sansbui'ry John, shoemaker 117 Green 

Sandsford -Rowland, coachmaker 261 Sassafras 

Sansom William, gentleman 9 6 Mulberry 

Sansom Joseph) merchant ^ .,, -rr. , 

Sansom Samuel, merchant 5 

Sansom John stone cutter 288 High 

*S'ap James, taylor 7 south Water 

•Sarin Caleb, tavernkeeper 214 south 5'econd 

"Sarnighausen Eliza, widow 87 N Ninth 

•Satterthwaite Abel, ironmonger 52 N Third 

•Saul -Solomon, carpenter 74 Budd 

iSaulnier Joseph, buttonmaker 438 ^Sassafras 

.Saunder Philip, brickmaker 4th above Green 

5'aunders Mary, 66 N .Sixth 

iSaunders 5. F. accomptant 83 Penn 

launders John, mariner 325 south Front 

iSaunders Thomas, pilot 4 1 5 .S Front 

iSaunders Jane, widow Britons alley 

iSaunders John, accomptant Cedar near Tenth 

iSaunders John, cabinet maker 4 1 Coates 

.Saunders Mark, waterman Callowhill st. Wharf 

.Saunders Jesse, carter 281 .St. Johns 

.Saunders John, laborer 56 Coates 

•Saunders Thomas, pilot 41 5 south Front 

iSaurman Martin, hatter 169 N Second 

.Savage John, merchant 91 S Third 

.Savage John, carpenter near 215 south Fifth 

.Savage Mary, widow 328 south Front 

iSavage John, suspender m,aker 88 Gaskill 

•Savage i^euben, flour and feed store 581 S'assafras 

.Savage iJf Dugan, merchants, compting house York 

5avery Thomas carpenter 20 N Fifth 
•Savery Willianij tanner 14 Cable lane 
•Savin Mrs. tavernkeeper 314 .S Third 
.Sawer James, store keeper corner Pine Sc 2d 
iSawn Daniel, tavernkeeper Gallowhiil Wharf 
-Sawyer L. ladies shoemaker 117 south 2d- ,, 


lawyer Peter, drover 366 N Third 
5axton Daniel, taylor 58 N 6th 
5ay Benjamin, M. D. 152 Chesnut 
^ayburn William, baker Walnut near Twelfth 
.S^ayrc, Dennis, dealer 92 N Front 
dayman Jacob, tavernkeeper corner of Brewers al- 
ley Sc Fourth 
5(:arret Joseph, silversmith Etriss court 
Scattergood John H. storekeeper 270 N Front 
Scattergoods Sc DaA is tanners & curri'r 276 N|''" rnt 
Scattergood Thomas, tanner c?' currier 278 N i rout 
Scattergood Joseph, currier 280 N Front 
Schaffer Charles, sugar refiner S2 N Second 
Schaffer Jacob, sboemjiker 152 St. Johns 
Schaffer Margaret, seamstress 102 N Third 
."^chaffer John, victualler James street 
Schanck Benjamin, tavernkeeper 85 N Water 
Schappeck Jacob, gentleman 76 Cherry 
Schaumenkessel Frederick, baker 46 Green 
SchellH.tinplate worker 121 High, 126 N Fourth 
Schell Lewis, segar maker Sterling alley 
Schelton John c^* Josiah gentlemen 14 Queen 
Scherzinger John, oil Sc colourman 66 N Fourth 
Schetkey Georgej professor of music 161 Chesnut 
Schievely Henry, cutler &c surgeons* instrument 

maker 49 S Third 
Schindler Michael, baker corner of Shippen ^ 5th 
Schlatter William* merchant 129 High 
Schmidt rev. John Frederick* minister of the Ger- 
man Lutheran church 27 N Fourth 
Schneider Casper, distiller 315 N Front 
Schneider John C. grocer corner of Spruce Sc Sixth 
Schoals Mrs. grocer 2 Little ^Vatcr 
Schoch G. innkeeper Frankford road above Marlbo- 
Scholfield Samuel, gentleman 87 Sassafras 
Scholtield &: Jones, merchants Si N Third 
Scholfield Harrison, shoemaker 262 St. Johns 
Schrack Abraham, innkeeper S8 High 
Schrack Joseph, baker 135 Mulberry 
Schreiner Jacob, ironmonger I22N Second 


Schrciner Elizabeth, widow II Cherry 
Schrciner Susannah, shopkeeper 448 Sassafras 
Schreiver William, inariner 20 Green 
Shroeder Mrs. confectioner 112 High 
Shroeder C. N. bottler near 64 Dock 
Schrunck widow of. George, 180 Coats 
Schueppenkiesser Nicholas, taylor Goates alley 
Schumo Barney, turner 15 Elfreths alley 
Schwartz Peter, carver Pembertons alley 
Schweitzer Michael, porter Steininetzs court 
Scochuni Stephen, boarding house 30 Penn 
Scott Abraham, carpenter Locust above Seventh 
Scott Ann, widow 50 S Water 
Scott Christian, shopkeeper 68 Cedar 
Scolt Catherine, widow back 35 Mulberry 
Scott David, whitesmith back of 379 High 
Scott John W. printer 38 Bank street 
Scott Gilbert G. oak cooper 1 Callowhill 
Scott John, marmer 245 S. Fourth 
Scott Lydia, boarding house 12 N Second 
Scott Johni mate 66 Almond 
Scott John, mariner 252 Cedar 
Scott John, tavernkeeper corner of Water Sc Spruce 
Scott Juliana, gentlewoman 409 High 
Scott Martha, shopkeeper 65 N Third 
Scott Mrs. seamstress 157 jMulberry 
Scott Andrew, soap boiler 5 Quarry 
Scott Robert, engraver in the mint 115 Walnut 
Scott Robert, teacher 244 Lombard 
Scott Samuel, carpenter 40 Green 
Scott William, accomptant 125 Pine 
Scott William, ragman Aliens court 
Scott Job, mastmaker 16 Butlers court 
Scott Phoebe, boarding house 36 German 
Scotton P. Sc M. bonnet makers 2 Strawberry 
Scravendyke Peter, soap & candle maker 237 S 2d 
Scull Benj. fishing tackle factory 26 south Fourth 
Scull Wm. tavernkeeper Water above Callowhill ■ 
Scully Edward, laborer 68 Plum 
Scully John* bottler 17 W^alnut 

T 2- 


Sc.yferehelt John, shipwrig-ht 53 Green 

Neaborn Robert, taylor 6 Knif^lits court 

Seaborn Elizabeth, shopkeeper 76 Mulberry 

Seaman Peter, watchman 213 south Fifth 

Seaife Elizabeth, grocer 75. cedar 

Seaman l*aul, merchant 2 north Ninth 

Sears William, shoemaker, 49 George st 

Seckle David, grazier 305 High 

Seckle Lawrence, wine merchant 155 High 

Seddinger Matthi. saddletree maker 492 N Second 

^eegar David, confectioner 18 i High 

iSegers John, sea captain St. Tammany 

^eip Henry, 'carter Brittons alley 

5'eip Bernard, taylor 160 N Water, 155 Front 

6'eip Michael, laborer 93 N Fourth 

^eitz Charlotte, shopkeeper 60 5'assafras 

5elby James, mariner 520 south Front 

Selder Jacob, supercargo 63 Cherry 

^ell Henry, painter Sec. 452 N .Second 

SgU Solomon, taylor 76 Brown 

.Sellers Andrew, brassfoundcr next 56 iSt. Johns 

6'ellers Isaac, brassfoundcr 42 -St Johns 

.Sellers Nathan Sc David, wire workers 231 High 

•Sellers David, wire worker 8 N .Sixth 

6'ellers Robert B. printer 83 Mulberry 

A'elick John, boarding house, 276 .S Fourth 

i'empie J. grocer and carpenter lOih near Locust 

Senderling Nicholas, tanner 58 Artillery lane 

Senderling T^osina, widow 442 N Third 

Sendoz Dominique gentleman 156 Mulberry 

Sener Philip, baker next 165 Vine 

Seniff George, tavernkeeper 25 North alley 

Senior John, labourer 73 M Seventh 

Senix Arcadia, boarding hou'^e 19 Powell st. 

Seen John, shoemaker 124 Callowhill 

Seen Henry, shoemaker 15 1 Green 

Seen Thomas, carter 490 N riiird 

Senneff John, Taylor 108 Coates v 

Senncff Jacob, carpenter 290 N Eighth 

Sent Mrs. widow 286 S Fourth 

Secjuin Andrew, shipwright 369 N Front 

Sergeant Eliz':»beth, widow Mulbeiry above 7th 


Serg<?arjt John, attorney at law 113 Mulberry 
Sergeant William, attorney at law and clerk of the 

Mayor's court 108 Mulberry 
Serjeant Thos. attorney at law I OS Mulberry 
Scrs^eant Maria, seamstress 182 Pine 
be rick Georp;e, laborer 8 Bud st 
Serick Maria, milkwoman 5 5 Coates 
Serle James, 247 St. Johns st. 
Seringer Robert, type founder Cedar above Tenth 
Sermon Richard, smith 26 N Second 
Sermon Isaac, M. D. 23 N Second 
Service Andrew, merchant 42 S Front 
Servoss widow, hat warehouse 213 N Front 
Sewall Stephen, gentleman 23 N F^ron; 
Sexton Jared, taylor 35 S Water 
Sexton Daniel taylor 5 8 High 
Sexton John, wharf builder Oak (N. L.) 
Seybert Adam, M. D. 114 High 
Sevfert Conrad, constable 158 S Fourth 
Seymour Joseph H. engraver Middle alley 
Shade Peter, brush maker 81 High 
Shaffer Andrew shoemaker 446 N Third 
Shatter Martin, labourer Vienna 
Shaffer John, carpenter 401 N Third (See Schafer) 
Shaffer Henry, shoemaker 314 N Second 
Shaffer Peter Sc John, cartes, 24 Passyunk road 
iSballcross Leonard, shoem^iker 81 S F>ont 
i^hallus Francis engraver SO.^'t.'dwberry 
6'hanahan widow 3 N Water, 2 N Wharves 
5inane George, blacksmith 57 Crown 
•Shankland Joseph, taylor 156 S Water, 157 Front 
thanks Hannah, seamstress 190 N Third 
.Shannan Andrew, taylor 23 south F'ourth 
5'hannon Sc Poalk, auctioneers 177 High 
.S'hannon Hugh, gunsmith and cutler 47 -Sassafras 
-Shannon James, mariner 103 Catherine 
.Shannon John, whitesmith i 19 north sixth 
-Shannon Michael, laborer 125 Plum 
.S'harp Samuel, pilot 330 south .Second 
.S'iiarp William, mariner 246 S F^ourth 
^S'harp James, stone cutter Jiiuiper lane 
^ »arp i^obert, tin plate woiker 12 south alley 


^harp Solomon, Rev. 54 N Fifth 

iSharp i^ Harkins, stone cutter, corner 10th ilf High 

iSharp Jos.iah, chairmaker 30 German 

Sharp Dstniel, grocer 32 N seventh 

Sharp Ludwick, accomptant 1 Shrivers court 

Sharp Benjamin, merchant taylor 94 Chesnut 

Sharpie jS Jesse, merchant 151 High &. 35 Sansom 

Sharplcss 8c Drinker, mantua makers 5 6 Mulberry 

-Sharpless John, coachmaker 6 Farmers alley 

Sharpley Adam, mariner 70 Penn 

Sharswood James, gentleman 92 north sixth 

Shaw Alexander, cabinet maker 84 N Front 

Shaw John, tavernkeeper 242 N Second 

Shaw George, medical, and furr store 98 Chesnut 

Shaw Matthew, carpenter 38 Pine, 179 S Front 

Shaw Mary seamstress 242 Sassafras 

Shaw Thomas, shoemaker 60 Penn 

Shaw Thomas, merchant 70 Lumbard 

Shaw Francis B. attorney at law 147 N 2d 

Shaw Samuel B. merchant 235 S Front 

Shaw Robert, merchant 3 N Eighth 

Shaw William, laborer 66 Passyunk 

Shaw William, grocer 159 south 6th 

Shaw William, carpenter 49 Pine 

Shaw R. professor of music 3 N Eighth 

Shaw grocer 169 south Third 

Sheaff Philip, jun. wine merchant corner Chesnut 

and sixth 
Sheaff Henry, wine merchant 180 Hisjh 
Sheaff George, wine merchant 168 High 
Sheaff widow (of William) 1 N Seventh 
Shearer Valentine, laborer 291 N Eighth 
Shease John, marble paper stainer200 St. Johns 
Sheble John, grocer 77 N P'ifth 
Sheble Jacob, shopkeeper 2 15 N second 
Shee J. head inspector of flour Walnut above 8th 
Shee Walter L. attorney at ^aw 18 south 6th 
Shedaker James, cooper 322 south Front 
Shedaker Henry, shipwright 565 S Front 
Sheed George sen. plaisterer 275 south Fifth 
bheed George, jun. cabinet maker 258 south 3d 


Sheed Isabella, gentlewoman 131 German 

Sheed Thomas, plaisterer > , , -^ r- 

^, , ,,-.,,• , „ S 119 German 

bheecl \v illiam, plaisterer 3 

Sheetz Adam, sexton Sweeds alley 

Sheffer C. baker 10 St. Mary 

Shelmire Jesse, grocer 169 N Tliird 

Shelmirc William, meal merchant 101 X Fcurth 

Shellingforth Thomas, blacksmith 517 N Tiiird 

Shellingstbrth William, caulker Sweeds alley 

Shelmerdine Edward, hatter 21 N Fourth 

Shelmerdine Samuel, hatt«r ('herry near sixth 

Shepherd James, shopkeepe*' o3 N Fourth 

Shepherd Andrew, grocer i89 S Seventh 

Shepherd Benjamin, carpenter ? Knighrs court 

Shepherds Benjamin, Shepherds court 

Shepherd Thomas, merchant 36 N Tliird 

Shepherd Samuel, shoemaker 42 Plum 

Shepherd John, coachmaker 43 Sassafras 

Shepherd John M. smith 30 Farmers alley 

Shepherd Wm. teacher 3 3 German 

Shepherd Wm. whitesmith and bell hanger comcp 

of Race street and Wagners alley 

Sharer Hannah, grocer 309 south Third 

Sherer Henry, hair dresser north sixth 

Sheridine Dominick. dealer 51 Christain 

Sherling Valentine, bill sticker 5 Crab 

Shermer Joseph, carver and £:;ilder 196 Cedar 

Shermer Jacob, cabinet maker 3 5 N Third 

Shermer John, clock &c watchmaker 32 Oown 

Shewell Sallows, merchant 54 N Second 

Shewell 'I'homas, shopkeeper 67 N Second 

Shewell Robert, storekeeper 69 N Second 

Shields Andrew, bottler 2 N Front 

Shields Charles, plaisterer near 98 N Eleventh 

Shields Michael, laborer Shiveleys alley 

Shields widow of James, grocer 29 south Wharves 

bhields & Powell, lumber merchants 375 High 

Shields Joseph, ladies shoemaker 121 south 2d 

Shields k Kaquet, merchants 25 south Wharves 

•Shields Robert, sea captain 9 Lumbard 

i'hields Robert, storekeper next j8 N second 

Shields Thomas, gentleman 13 Dock 
Shinckle Fred. sen. gentleman 155 Mulberry 
Shinckle F. jun. grocer corner of High k N 2d 
Shingler Mrs. widow 304 N Front 
Shinneck Adam, painter-&c. 365 N Third 
Shippen Edward, chief justice of Supreme Court of 

Pennsylvania 98 S Fourth 
Shippen Wm. M.D. professor of anatomy 10 Prune 
Shippen Wm. hatter 101 Vine 
Shceber S'usan B. gentlewoman 21 i'trawberry 
Shoeman Frederick, porter Poplar lane near Fourth 
Shoemaker Christian, comb maker 59 Coates 
Shoemaker Chris, porter above 511 north second 
Shoemaker Edward fcc Co. 24 south Wharves 
Shoemaker Daniel, shopkeeper 171 south second 
Shoemaker Elizabeth, widow 254 St Johns 
Shoemaker E. hard ware mercht. 127 & 413 High 
Shoemaker George shoemaker, 72 Christian 
Shoemaker Sarah, widow 60 north second 
Shoemaker Jacob, merchant 121 Chesnut 
Shoem.aker Joseph, silversmith 12 north Front 
Shoemaker Joseph, merchant 92 north second 
Shoemaker Thomas, iron merchant 58 N Water 
Shoemaker S. attor. at law 19 N 5lh 16 Grays alley 
Shoemaker Rebecca, 48 north second 
Shoemaker Mrs. 44 south sixth 
Shoemaker A. land broker &c conveyancer 124 S 4th 
Shoeman John, lace weaver 6 Waggoners alley 
Schoch Michael, shoemaker 78 Brown 
Short William, carter 145 Brown 
Short Abraham, carpenter 12 Locust 
Shortall Thomas, stave merchant 149 Swanson and 

} ard Christian street wharf 
Schrack Jacob, shipwright Liberty alley 
Shreeve Jn. rigger 399 N Front si* Bickleys wharf 
Shreeve Caleb, merchant 2 Caleb lane 
Shriver Henry, victualler 29 6 north Eighth 
Shriver Peter, victualler 259 Callowhiii see Schr. 
Shrum Barney, sugar boiler 35 Crown 
Shrupp Henry, gentleman corner of Wood t:?* Fifth 
Shryer Hannah^ shopkeeper Quarry 


Shubert Thomas, mariner 28 shippen street 
Shubert George, ladies slioemaker 105 Walnut 
Shufflebottom Wm. china store 50 north Front 
Shugard Simon, taylor 385 north second 
Shull Frederick, inspector of customs 1S9 Vine 
Shull Joseph, hair dresser 36 south Eighth 
Shuller Jacob, tavernkeeper 189 north Third 
Shultz C. jun. ladies shoemaker 215 s 2d 8c 62 Plura 
Shultz Chas. sand and feed store 16 Passyunk road 
Shultz Nicholas, carpenter Tenth near Mulberry 
Shultz Frederick, .harnass maker 8 north Seventh 
Shurtliff Asa sea captain 28 Almond 
Shuster Andrew, oak cooper 42 Vine 
Shuster A. victualler Pleasant Sc 35 old shambles 
Shuster Jacob, oak cooper 110 N Water, 42 Vine 
Shuster Andrew, oak cooper 317" north second 
Shute Daniel, dry good store 251 south second 
bicard Stephen, dancing master 138 Mulberry 
Siddons Josiah, taylor 193 south second 
Siddens S. porter 533 north Third 
Siddons Joseph, carpenter 119 north Fourth 
Sides William, carter 2 6 Brown 
Sidleman Mary Sc Catherine, widows south alley 
Sigler Samueli drover 125 Gallowhil sec Zigler 
Silander Isaac, 50 Sassafras street 
Silence John, Lebanon Gardens 
Silver John, shoemaker 70 Callowhill 
Silvey John, mariner 304 south Front 
Simbal Margaret, widow 168 Shippen 
Simering widow, tavernkeeper 375 north Third 
Simler George, taylor 47 Pine 
Simerson Joseph, shoemaker 66 Budd 
Simmonet widow, 228 south second 
Simon John, taylor 13 south alley 
Simon Joseph, bath-house 67 north Third 
Simmonds William, accomptant 157 Vine 
Simmons James gentleman next 13 south Fifth 
Simmons Anthony, goldsmith Sec. 27 Sassafras 
Simmons, mariner 118 swanson street 
Simmons Ed'vard, lumber merchant 143 N Third 
Simmons Joseph, ironmonger 9 1 High 


Sirnmons S. male 467 north second 

Simmons Leeson, sea captain Frombergers coiu't 

Simmons Stephen, lumber merchant 43 Gable lane 

Simmons Stephen, hairdresser 181 south Front 

Simons Tobias, sea captain 16 Queen 

Simonds J. inspector of customs corner of 12th and 

Simons, Furze Sc Simons, linen and woolen drapers 

25 3 south second 
Simpson A. 269 north second street 
Simpson D. teacher Coxes alley 
Simpson Hannah, widow 158 north Water 
Simpson FJizabeth, widow 113 German 
Simpson George, cashier of the United .States bank 

104 Chesnut street 
Simpson widow, nurse 215 south Fifth 
Simpson James, boarding house 64 Catherine 
^impson John, merchant ISi) south Fifth 
Simpson Lydia, shopkeeper 156 south second. 
Simpson Lydia, shopkeeper 5 6 spruce 
Simpson P. ferryman 202 St. Johns 
Sim's wharf opens at 153 south water 
Sims James, laborer Christian above Fourth 
Sims Joseph, merchant 155 S Water Sc 170 Third 
Sims Henry, cabinet maker 37 N 5th 86 Crow n 
Sims John, painter Sec. 37 N Fifth 
Sims Walter, sea captain 20 south sixth 
Sinament Jacob, mariner 462 south Front 
Sincener Philip, drover 325 Callowhill 
Sinclair Miss, mantuamaker 83 south Fourth 
Siner Jacob, brickmaker 4th above Poplar lane 
Singer John, merchant 137 High 
Singerly George, taylor 236 St. Johns 
Singleton Thomas, caulker 159 Swanson 
Singleton Sarah, boarding house 192 south Front 
Sink Abraham, hardware store 21 High 
Sink Lawrence, cabinet maker 35 Lombard 
sink Catherine, huxter 202 Vine street 
Sisty Mary, widow 138 south Ninth street 
Siveit Barbara, boarding house 26 north Ninth 
Sixte Stephen, pastry cook Emslies alley 


Skellinger H. pilot 39 Prime street 
Skelliiit^er Cornelius, pilot Water above Callowhill 
Skelly Thomas, sea captain 24 north sixth 
Skelton John P. merchant, 250 S Second street 
Skelton Mary, nurse 74 New street 
Skerret k Bonsall, smiths Locust above Ninth 
Skerret James, blacksmith 155 south Ninth 
Skerret Joseph jeweller Hoffmans alley 
Skerret Joseph, collector of taxes 152 south Ninth 
Skinner Elizabeth, widow 3 8 Vine 
Skinner F. H. sea captain 6 N Eighth 
Slack Daniel, shipwright 12 Brown st 
Slater Anthony» merchant counting house 63 Dock 
dwelling 39 north sixth [ see Schlatter ' 

Slaughterer Adam, laborer 297 Callowhill 
Slaughterer John, grocer 109 south second 
Slaughter Peter C. carpenter 24 Budd street 
Slaughterer John, baker 210 north second 
Slesher Jacob, currier 339 north second 
Slesman Henry, gentle -'.an 98 north Front 
Slesman George, merchant 90 north Fifth 
Slimmer Jacob, tavernkeeper 416 north second 
Slingluff Joseph, cornchandler 410 north Third 
Sloan c^" Bridges merchants 198 south Water 
Sloan Hugh, taylor 21 south Water 
Sloan Joseph, merchant 7 Penn street 
Sloan Dunbar, 97 Pine rUreet 

Sloane Mrs. widow boarding house 92 south Third 
Small Abraham, printer Walnut above Eighth 
Small Charles, shipwright 82 Green street 
Small Elizabeth, gentlewoman 20 Cedar 
Small Joseph, mariner 72 Plum 
Small Samuel, laborer 43 Coxites 
Small S. wharf builder 63 Coates 

Smallwood , bookbinder 26 spruce street 

Small wood Jonathan, back of 89 Sassafras 

SiTvallwood Martha, taven-keeper 2 Dock 

Sriiart E. & A. shopkeepers 235 High 

Smeltz R. painter Sec 4 Ciierry street 

iSmiley Wm. Taylor 74 south W^ater Sc 75 S Front 

u • 


Smiley Sc Mitzger, taylors 26 N Water 
Smith Abigail, widow 103 Chcsnut st 
Smith Adam, caulker 273 south Third 
Smith Andrew C. merchant 15 I High 
Smith Ann, shopkeeper 1 1 1 Cherry- 
Smith Ann, widow 2 Cressons alley 
Smith Abraham* sailmaker sJ05 Cherry 
Smith Ann, widow Mifflins alley 
Smith k Brother, merchants 265 High 
Smyth &- Conrad, shoe warehouse 52 High 
Smith Charles, trader 377 north Second 
Smith Charles, coach maker 177 south Third 
Smith Charles , grocer 37 south Third 
Smith Casper, whip maker 129 Sassafras 
Smith Cornelia, boarding house 46 Walnut 
Smith Duncan, porter 283 south Fourth 
Smiih Dockeray, merchant 36 south Front 
Smith David, grocer corner of Eighth & Locust 
Sm.ith Dennis, stevadore 407 south second 
Smith Daniel, merchant 181 south Third 
Smith Eiisha, teacher Watkins court 
Smith Eliakum, trader 11 Strawberry st 
Smith Eliza.beth, seamstress 32 Coates alley 
Smith E. taylor 38 Coates street 
Smith Elizabeth, widow Lilley alley 
Smith Elizabeth, widow 23 Walnut 
Smith Elizabeth, widow 493 south Front 
Smyth Frederick, gentleman 7 7 Union 
Smith Francis, shopkeeper 49 German 
Smith George, porter 104 Plum 
Smith George W. merchant 158 N. 2d. 
Smith George, porter 315 Callowhill 
Smith George, taylor 1 1 W^alnut 
Smith George, laborer 176 north Eighth 
Smith Hugh, carpenter 71 Cherry st 
Smith Henry, baker 341 Callowhill 
Smith Sc Htlmuth, meixhants 196 High 
Smith Hannah, 128 Cedar st 
Smith Hannah, widow 62 Christian 
Smiih Hugh, sea captain 198 S Front 
Smith Hannah, widow 4 6 Meade alley 


Smith Harriot, paper card maker 72 Lumbard 

Smith Henry, laborer 1 18 German 

Smith Henry, oak cooper 208 High 

Smith Hannah, gentlewoman 133 south Third 

Smith Isabella, boarding house 149 Cedar 

Smith Isaac, merchant 265 High 8c 1 16 N 7th 

Smith Jacob, accomptant 190 Vine 

Smith Jacob, carpenter 1 1 1 north Fifth 

Smith Jacob, innkeeper 69 Sassafras 

Smith Jacob, taylor 278 south Fourth 

Smith Jacob surgeon & dentist 269 south Second 

Smith James, labourer 212 south Fifth 

Smyth James, blacksmith 20 Sou'.h seventh 

Smith James, jun. 8c son, merchants 54 S Front 

Smith James S. attorney at law l8() south Front 

Smith James, merchant 34 south Front 

Smith James, inspector of customs 95 Walnut 

Smith James, merchant 153 Chesnut 

Smith James, merchant 158 north Front 

Smith John, grocer 313 High 

Smith John, mariner 5 Hurst st 

Smith John, blacksmith 5t Cedar 

Smith John S. merchant 24 south Third 

Smith John, grocer 292 south Fourth 

Smith widow of John, boarding house 264 south 3d 

Smith John, labourer 57 Budd 

Smith John, sea captain 113 Swanson 

Smith John, gentleman 76 Plum 

Smith Jonas, laborer 6 Callowhill 

Smith John M. carpenter 117 N Fifth 

Smith John, innkeeper 53 Vine 

Smith John, sign of General Shee 233 south Ffth 

Smith John, laborer 542 N Third 

Smith John, 384 North second 

Smith John B. accomtant 100 Union 

Smith Rev. John F. 27 N Fourth 

Smith John, ironmonger 249 High 

Smith John, marshal of the easterndistrict of Peh.n 

sylvania 102 south Eighth 
Smith John R. attorney at law 58 Walnut 
Smith John, cabinet maker 15 N sixth 


Smith John, sea captain 17 Vine 

Smith John, laborer 6 Gaskill 

Smith Jonathan B. one of the alderman 7 1 N 3d 

Smith Jonathan, cashier of ihe Bank of Penns)l»a- 

nia 73 Walnut 
Smith Joseph mariner 15 Plum 
Smith Joseph B. accomptant 12 N 8th 
^mith Jos. merchant 183 Walnui 8c 23 S wharves 
5m.ith Joshua R. bricklayer 1 1 1 N Fifth 
.Smith L. D. deposit office back 145 Walnut 
'5'mith Lydia, widow 86 Cedar 
5mith Mary, widow .Spruce above 8th 
.Smith Mason, carpenter 15 Cressons alley 
•Smith Matthias, hair dresser 115 N Third 
•Smith !Mrs. boarding house 75 Walnut 
•Smith Margaret, shopkeeper 192 N Third 
•Smith &. Mason oak cooper Turners alley 
«Smith Margaret, .Schiveileys alley 
•S'mith Nathan A. carpenter 115 N Fifth 
'S'myth Nathan, shoemaker 25 Appletree alley 
•Smith Newberry, merchant 62 N second 
•Smith Ptter, farmer above 300 N second 
•^mlth Pat. shoemaker St. Johns near Callowhill 
5mith Peter, boarding house next SU N second 
.Smith Philip, grocer corner of .Spruce & Front 
Smith A'ober', Sc Co. nnerchants 58 S Front 
5mith Richard E. merchant 113 N Water 
iSmiih K. carpenter 19 Cressons alley £c 314 N 3d 
Smith i^ubert laborer 2 17 St. J hn? 
Smith Richard, i?. merchant 22 Chesnut 
Smith R. W. sea captain 24 Sansom 
.Smith Xichard. shoemaker 263 south Fifth 
.Smith Richard, turner back of 149 Chesnut 
Smith i?idgvvay & Co. merchant 154 N Fiont 
Smith R. sailraaker 134 Swanson Sc 93 S wharves 
5mith Robert, hardware store 28 south 2d 
Smith & S. Sansom, jr. lumber yard N W corner of 

Vine &: Fourth and 195 N Water 
.Smith Sc 6chott, merchants 49 N Front 
Smith Sami el, sawyer Pine alley 
Smith Samuel, gentlema 87 Mulberry 


Smith Saml. tanner 8c currier 91 Walnut 68 S Sa 
Smith Samuel, hatter 393 N Front 
Smith Samuel, brewer 373 Mulberry- 
Smith Stephen, merchant 176 south Front 
Smith Sarah, widow 20 Cresson alley 
Smith Samuel, grocer 105 south Water 
Smith Thomas, accomptant 227 Mulberry- 
Smith Thomas lumber merchant 75 N Fourth 
Smith Thomas, judge of the S. P. G, C. 35 6 High 
Smith Thomas, accomptant 30 south Eighth 
Smith Tho. sailmaker Hamiltons wharf c?' 170 S 3d 
Smith Thomas, accomptant next 172 Chesnnt 
Smith Thomas, laboror 4th above Noble 
Smith Thomas, sadler iOl Cherry 
Smith Thomas, laborer Callowhill st. Wharf 
*S'mith Theobald, blacksmith 115 Pine 
Smith widow ofThos. mariner 41 German 
Smith Valentine, hair dresser Charles street 
Smith Wm. accomptant 157 south sixth 
Smi'.'i Wm. laborer 133 Plum 

6'mith Wm. jun. commission merchant 39 S Frout 
Smith Wm. M. tavernkeeper 19 Walnut 
Smith W. grocer corner of Poplarlane 5c Charlottt: 
Smith Wm. gilder Sc japanner 174 soulli second 


Smith Wm. T. gentleman 77 N Water 

Smith Wm. T. jun. merchant 104 N Waicr 

Smith ^ W^ood, merchants 47 N Water 

Simth Wm. carpenter 271 N Eis^ht'i 

Smith Wm. V. merchant 2 65 High 

Smith Wm. storekeeper Emlens court. 

Smith Wm. sea captain 63 Penn 

Smith Wm. W. merchant 190 High 

Smith Wm. brewer back of 208 High 

Smith Wm. grocer 3 42 Bro'^vn 

Smith Wm. L. ironmerchant 26 south Wharves, 7T 

N Fonrth 
Smith Wm. mariner 61 Meade alley 
Smith Wm. taylor 4 Shippen. 
Smith \Yiii' l^iscuit baker St. Tammaay 

U 2 


Smith Wm. di'iin:g;ist 4 N Third 

Smyth Wni. stallekeeper 1 I south Fourth 

Smither James, enf^rrver lOOChesnut 

Smither John, confectioner 82 Mulberry 

b>na^ Tliomas, carter Taper alley 

Snaivaker Philip, tobacconist 178 N Front 

Sneck George, victualler I'aurence 

Sneck George, sen. victualler Laurence 

Snell Benjamin, mate 26 Swanson 

Snell James, sea captain 4 Pfeiffer 

Snell Matthew, mariner 152 St. Johns 

Sneed Laven, accomptant 167 St. Johns 

Snowden Isaac, jr. merchant 141 south second 

Swowden George, carpenter 1 1th above Filbert 

Sno^vden Joseph, ship chandler near 104 Pine 

Snowden & North, ship chandlers Spruce st. Wharf 

Snowden Thomas, carpenter near 98 N Eleventh 

Snowdon Sc Fisher, brewers back 107 NeW 

Snowdon Leonard, brewer 107 New 

Snyder Adam, merchant 10 N Fifth 

Snyder Adam, chairmaker 448 N Third 

Snyder Benedict, stocking weaver North alley 

Snyder Charles, mariner Says alley 

-Snyder Catherine, teacher 29 brewers alley 

Snyder Charles, shoemaker 24 Artillery lane 

Snyder Eleanor, schoolmistress 1 1 Vernon 

Snyder Geo. A. junr. storekeeper 18 N Third 

Snyder George, grocer 49 I N Third 

Snyder George, laborer St. Tammany 

Snyder George, innkeeper 162 N Third 

Snyder George, carpenter 168 N Eighth 

Snyder George, coachmaker 109 New 

-Snyder Jacob, carpenter 27 N sixth 

Snyder Henry, painter Sec. 177 N Third 

Snyder Henry M. victualler Logan 

Snyder Jacob, shoemakter 44 Zane 

Snyder Henry, book binder 12 Knights court 

Snyder Henry tin plate worker 332 N Front 

Snyder Jacob, shoemaker 2 Brewers alley 

Snyder Jacob, taylor 52 N Eighth 

Snyder Jacob, storekeeper 93 N Third 


Snyder cJ'Lees, grocers corner Centre alley of I3tk 
Snyder Michael, brewer 1 1 Shiveleys alley 
Snydei Herman, cabinetmaker next 142 Chernjr 
Snyder John, brush maker 251 N second 
Snydtr John, cabinet maker 47 Sassafras 
Snyder John, cabinet maker 381 X Front 
Snyder Jos. blacksmith 79 Penrv, 21 Little w^at^*^ 
Snyder John, grocer 52 C5* 54 K Fourth 
Snyder Ludwick, cutler 465 N Third 
Snyder Mrs. \yidow 408 N Third 
Snyder C. cabinet maker 49 N Fourth 
Snyder Peter, oysterrnan 25 Crabb street 
Snyder Peter, dealer in books 480 N Third 
Snyder Peter, cabinet maker 4 5 Budd 
Snyder Thomas, brick maker Charlotte 
Snyder William, taylor rear 37 Zane 
Soby David, blacksmith 304 N Front 
Soby \Valter, painter CTc. 32 Union alley 
Sodersiorm Richard, consul general from Sweden^ 

Cuesnut between Eighth and Ninth 
Solly Nathaniel L. coachmaker 35 south Fifth 
Solomon M. M. shopkeeper 33 sassafras 
Sommer John J. n^erchantGl sassafras 
Sommervill Christian, china store 233 south 24 
Sonntag William L. meixhant 28 N Fifth 
Souder Thos. M. bricklayer 29 Coates 
Souder Daniel, mariner Still house alley 
Souder John, blacksmith Logan 
louder Charles, bricklayer Noble above Front 
Souder Js. shingle dresser Water near Pools Bridge 
Souder Godfrey, shoemaker 20 Sassafras alley 
Souder Charles, bricklayer 301 north second 
Souder Mrs. widow \96 N Fifth 
Souder Jacob, jr. bricklayer 315 north second 
Souder John, innkeeper 214 N Third 
Souder John, laborer 14 Kunkle 
Souder Michael, currier 11 Carters alley 
Souder John, bricklayer 268 sassafras 
Soucier Casper, shoemaker 100 N Fourth 
Souffront John, gentleman 84 Gaskill 
Souilier John ^L raercha*it 92 Lumbard 


Soulnier Joseph, sea captain 418 north second 

.Soulnier John) storekeeper corner 4th is" Mulberry 

iSourwalt John, tobacconist 88 north sixth 

Sours Hannah, widow 61 Cherry 

Sours Henry, porter 128 Sassafras 

Sours William, brickmaker William street 

Sours John, laborer James street 

South John, broker 166 south Fifth street 

Sours Peter, porter Noble above Eighth 

Sours Henryj taylor 67 north Fourth 

Sourby Mary, widow 15 Mulberry 

Spangler Henry, blacksmith 32 Cedar 

Spangler Geo. blacksmith 250 S Front Sc 32 Cedar 

Sparhaw^k widow of John, bookseller 67 south 2d 

Sparks Dayid, grocer corner of Walnut and Water 

Sparks Jacob, tobacconist I I Queen 

Sparks Henry, jr. merchant 37 spruce 

Sparks Henry, tallow chandler 16 spruce 

Sparks R. F. blockmaker 163 south 2d 8c 115 Water 

Speakman Hannah, widow 196 Mulbcry 

Speakman Samuel, merchant 21 Powell 

Specht George, grocer 146 St. Johns 

Specht Jacob, victualler 335 Callowhiil 

Speel John, baker 46 Strawberry street 

Spence William T. mate 74 Christian 

Spence Andrew, dentist 123 south Third 

Spencer James S. -mtrchant 16 Chesnut 

Spencer Joseph, merchant 86 N second, 77 Vine 

Spencer widow of John, mariner "^IQS north second 

Spencer John, grocer 284 south Third 

Sperry Jacob, merchant compting house next I 

north Fifth, dwelling 110 Mulberry 
Sperry & IIu{fnagle» merchants corner Fifth & High 
Spicekennaul Wm. cabinet maker near 156 Chesnut 
Spiegal John, comb maker 2 47 Vine 
Spier David laborer 13th near Race 
Spiers William, grocer 10 south Fourth 
Spillard Fleiiry, grocer 66 shipptn street 
Spooner John, innkeeper 484 north second 
Spotswood Wm. printer Sc bookseller, 17 Chesnut 
Spragg Fvichard, de::U:r 17 Dock 


Spratt Sampson, tavernkeeper 140 N Water 

Sprii^gs James, shoemaker 313 N Third 

Spreni^er Joseph C. silkwarehouse 60 north second 

Springer George, shoemaker 14 6 Cedar 

Springer Joseph, shipwright 419 north Front 

Springer James, tavernkeeper High st ferry 

Springer Francis, shoemaker 24 Almond 

Sprogell L. cabinet maker 448 north second 

Sproul John, tavernkeeper 180 swanson street 

Spurck Peter, watch maker 86 north Fourth 

Stackhouse Ebenezer, laborer 246 Mulberry 

Stackhouse Amos, china store r6 north Front 

Stackhouse Mark, carpenter 88 Budd street 

Stackhouse Hastins, hatter I78 N Front 

Stackhouse William, plaisterer Noble above Eighth 

Stacy John, shipwright 39 Almond street 

Staft'ord Robert S. ^I. D 1 10 south Fourth 

Stag Benjamin, painter 261 south Fourth 

Stall if Massey, plane makers 10 Grifrry street 

Stall F. ship chandler next 1 X Water Sc 'l31 N 6tb: 

Stall Llizabtth, widow 7 8 north Third 

Stallard James, painter, 14 Stamper alley 

Stam John R lavcirnkeeper 76 north Water 

Stamper Sarah, gentlewoman 68 Pii-ie 

Stampers WHARF cpens at 127 south Wateii 

Stanbrid^e John, iunr. ?,->,, r-, 

c; , . ,^ T ^ > F/ih aoove Race 

S'.anoridge Joan, senr. 3 

Stanbury Rvibecca, seamstress 200 sou'.h Fifth 

Standford George, baker 400 Sassafras street 

Standford Alexander, luborer Locust near 1 Ith 

Standly Susannah, boarding hoase 5 4 south sixth. 

Stanert Vv'm. oak cooper near 60 Brewers alley 

Slanert Joseph, laborer 176 Sassafras 

Stanneld Henry, mariner 36 Meads alley 

Stanley Xorris, sea captuin i I German 

Stanton Jonathan, hairdresser 20 north Fourth 

Stanton P. laborer near -ZJT CaJlowhill 

Starke Jacob, shoemaker 97 Brov/n 

Starke John, innkc;-pcr 4 1 Bro>vn st 

Staples John, storekeeper 152 north Water 

Starr John, salt and flour merchant 152 ^ Front 


Starr Margaret, widow 145 St Johns 

Starr Patience, widow 58 south Eighth 

Starr Joseph, blacksmith corner of 4th 8c Callowhill 

Starr Sc Thomas, merchts. corner of Vine 8c Water 

Starr James, gentleman 31 Vine street 

Statzell Jacob, carter 123 south sixth 

Staylor William, porter near 20 Prune 

Stead Henry, mariner 76 Penn street 

Stear John, porter 291 Callowhill 

Steir widow, tavernkeeper 95 N Fourth 

Steel Alex, measurer of carpenters work 1 5 German 

Steel Anthony, chairmaker 122 south second 

Steel George, accomptant Clover alley 

Steel Janaes, merchant 4 Union street 

Steel John, bargeman 358 south Front 

Steel John, snopkeeper 228 south second 

Steel John, laborer 67 Queen street 

Steel John, taylor 479 north second 

Steel Thomas, merchant 29 V/ainut 

Steel Patty, widow 366 south second 

Sitel Wm. 8c Jas. iiour merchants 85 S Wharves 

Steel William merchant 19 Pine street 

S'-eel Joseph, carpenter 28 Elizabeth 

Steelman Solomon, hairdresser 345 south Front 

Steenberg Abraham, shopkeeper 102 north second 

Steeper 8c Ashton, bUicksmiths Hartungs alley 

Steever Daniel, tavernkeeper 83 south Fifth 

Steev€r Henry, dealer 37 Zane 

Stein Abraham, dealer in watches 86 N Third 

Steins Catherine, Loxleys court 

Stein Philip, 61 Vine street 

Steinbaugh Adam, -victualler Pleasant st 

Steiner Frederick, taylor North alley 

Steinoer Joseph, skindresser 253 Vine 

Steinoer Michael, shoemaker 33 Vine 

Stemmetz Daniel, merchant 17 south Fifth 

Steinmetz John C. grocer 205 Sassafras 

Steinmetz John jun. merchant 40 Sansom 

Stkinmetz wharf opens at 51 N Water 

Stentz Frederick, baker 390 south second 

Stephens Isabella, tavernkeeper Blackhorse alley 


Stephens Robert carpenter Cypress alley- 
Stephen Sarah, widow 15 Carters alley 
Stephens David, innkeeper 322 north second 
Stephens George cut nailer 464 north Front *' 

Stephens — — , shoemaker 68 Coats 
Stephens Walter, mariner 26 sassafras 
Sterling Samuel S. merchant 9 north Water 
Sterling George, baker 32 Penn street 
Sterling Elizabeth, widow 10 1 Lombard 
Sterne William, carpenter 10 Carters alley 
Sterrit Samuel, laborer 131 Catherine 
Sterrit Ezekiel, carter 121 Queen 
Stevens Christiana, washer sassafras near tenth 
Stevens Augustus, laborer 2 57 St. Johns 
Stevens R. widow grocer 9 small street 
Stevens Samuel, cutler Sec. 47 Mulberry 
Stevens Beasley, mariner 57 Mead alley 
Stevenson James, sea captain 35 Powell 
Stevenson James, grocer 92 north Water 
Stevenson John, laborer 55 Gaskill 
Stevenson Cornelius, carpenter 45 George 
Stevenson Crooke, merchant 42 N Water, 43 Front 
Stevenson Wm. sen. carpenter 15;^ south Fourth 
Stevenson Andrew, sea captain 32 Union 
Stevenson Samuel, accomptant 115 Gallowhill 
Stevenson Wiliiara, currier 214 north second 
Stewardson Thomas, merchant 90 Mulberry 
Stewart And. buckle & bitt maker Boltons court 
Stewart And. tavernkeeper corner Race Sc Water 
Stewert Ann, widow near 39:) sassafras street 
Stewart Charles, laborer 61 Coats st 
Stewart Charles, sho|)keeper 19 iiorth Front 
Stewart Ch.aies <>. accomptant 62 Cherry 
Stewart David, laborer 1S7 south seventh 
Stewart Duncan, gentleman Lilley alley 
Stewart James, distiller 195 south Fourth 
Stewart John, laborer 436 north Front 
Stewart James, carpenter 34 Farmers alley 
Stewart John, teacher 4 8 High street 
Stewart John, smith 1 1 1 north Fifih 
Stewart James, plaistercr 66 north ninth 


Stewart Margaret, widow 164 Cherry- 
Stewart Mary, widow 438 south Front 
Stewart Mrs, widow 96 south Fourth 
-Stewart Mos. grocer, 394 sassafras street 
Stewart Peter, printer 34 south second st #- u 

Stewart Sarah, widow 17 Plum street j ^ 

Stewart Sarah, 6 shippen street, j ^ 

Stewart Samuel, laborer 50 N Fifth (. ^ 

Stewart Samuel, mariner 209 sassafras 
Stewert Sarah, widow 69 north seventh 
Stewart Thomas, printer Relief alley 
Stewart Thomas, sailmaker 2 swanson street 
Stewart Thomas, painter 39 strawberry street 
Stewart k Wiltberger, lumberyard 173 N Water 
Stewart William, bricklayer 20 Queen street 
.Stewart William, laborer 17 south sixth st 
Stewart William, carpenter 156 St. Johns 
Stewart William, carpenter 1 1 Knights court 



be Jacob, wheelwright 104 N Fourth 

ff I'homas, taylor 44 south Fifth street 

ff Thomas, hairdresser 44 S Fifth 

ef Mary, shopkeeper 37 Catherine 

les Mrs. gentlewoman 70 Walnut 

les John, lumber merchant 411 north Front 

les Robert, bricklayer 44 \ inc street 

les Robett, printer Cypress alley 

les Rebecca, boaiding house 126 Callowhill 

les Ephraim, laborer 462 north Front 

les , shoemaker near 60 St. Johns 

les Richard, 14 Lombard street 

11 John, shoemaker 56 Penn 

lie John Sc Co. merchants 33 south Water 

lie Beiijctmin, merchant M*Cull: u :hs court 

lie Mary, widow 5 6 Lombaid street 

lie John, meiihant Chesnut above Fourth 

He Mrs* widow gcr tie woman 40 south Front 

Iwaggon F. iion merchant corner Vine Sc Water 

Iwugi^on Mary, m-il-ner 1 13 north second 

Ivvell S„vagc, merchant 15 Mulberry 

mel Phiiin. t.-*'" '-r 'n'.bt 169 High 

ne Catherine, »yiuow li3 Cherry 


Stine Catherine, widow 245 High 
Stine Jacob, grocer 1 10 Wahiut 
St. John Charles, grocer corner shippen and 4th 
St. Mary Jane, gentlewoman 115 Finest 
Stock Philip, gardner St Tammany above Fourth 
Stock John, painter Sec. 1 1 south seventh 
Stock Frederick, gardner Fotirth above Noble 
Stock Thomas, baker, 3 1 .S" Fourth street 
Stock George, painter Sec. Old York road 
Stockdale Geraldus, grocer 6 Plum 
Stocker Margaret, gentlewoman 193 south Front 
Stocker John G. merchant 188 south Front 
Stockman Christian, mariner 105 Christian 
Stockton Benjamin, gentleman 22 Branch 
Stockton Eliza, widow 2 Garrigues court 
Stockton William T. stage office 9 south Fourtk 
Stockton H. merchant 22 Vine st 
Stoddard John, merchant 22 north Third 
Stoger Martin, baker 37 1 north second 
Stokes Mary, shopkeeper 54 south second 
Stokes James, gentleman I north Eighth 
Stokes Daniel laborer Relief street 
Stokes B. Sc J. flower 8c feed store 237 N Front 
Stokes Wm. F.mercht. 56 N Water, 34 Mulberry- 
Stokes Benjamin, stable keeper Drinkers alley 
Stokes Thos. lumber merchant, dwelling 107 Vine 
Stokes John, brickmaker 1 snaall street 
iStokes William, umbrella maker 3 1 Coatcs st 
Stokes William, cordwainer 69 Mulberry 
Stole Jane, widow 178 north Water 
Stone Daniel, shopkeeper 119 north second 
Stone Samuel, boarding house 112 north Water 
Stone William, hairdresser 22 swanson street 
Stoneburner Martha, shopkeeper 67 north Third 
Stoneman -Samuel, mate 380 south second st 
Stoops Ann, teacheress 22 Coombes alley 
Stoops Elizabeth, teacheress 46 Spruce 
Story George, carpenter 293 south Third 
Story William, grocer 126 Lombard 
Story Samuel, currier 113 Chesnat 
Story Thomas, dealer 236 south Thirdj 
Story William, nailor and g-rocer 227 south FiCtk 



Stotesbury Arthur, sea captain 196 south Front 

Stothart William, merchant 38 Mulberry 

^touse Hester, widow 373 north second 

Stout George, laborer 30 sassafras alley 

Strut John, shoemaker 443 north second 

Stout Joseph, laborer 283 St. Johns 

Stout Thomas, taylor Rose alley 

Stout Vvllliam, sugar boiler 5 1 Callowhill 

Stout G. blacksmith 263 sassafras, 93. N Eighth 

Stout George P. well digger 125 Coates 

Stout John P. 16 .Stampers alley 

Stow Charles, taylor 19 north Fourth 

Stow Jeremiah, mariner Rose alley 

Stow Lawrence, shoemaker 212 Cherry 

Stow E. junr. merchant 5 1 north Tenth 

Stow John, turner 76 sassafras and Moravian all^y 

Stowers John, constable 7 Latitia court 

Stracton Gregory, porter 190 south Eighth 

Straker 6'usannah, gentlevomen 5 Latitia court 

Stonemyer Jacob, laborer 56 north Eighth 

Stratton Benjamin, blockmaker 26 Lumbard 

Siration i>evi, carpenter Says alley 

Strawbridge John, merchanf99 Pine h S Water 

Strayline Gee rge, taylor 302 Vine 

Stretch James, mariner 44 south Eighth 

Stretch B. corner of 2d 8c Christian 

Stretcher, carpenter 129 southsixth 

Strembeck John, tavernkeeper 9 Christian 

Sirembeck Sc Stratten, painters Sec. 37 S wharves 

and near 64 Dock 
Strembcck J. painter Sec. near 6 i Dock 
Strieker Daniel, tobaconist 189 High 
Strieker Adam, brush maker 189 High 
Strieker Adam, blacksmith 16 St. Johns 
Strieker Isaac, coppersmith 330 north second 
Strieker Adam, deputy sheriff 15 Brewers alley 
Stiieby Adam, carpenter 402 N Front 
Stringer Peier, porter 14 Farmers alley 
Strong Jos. M. D. corner Walnut & 260 S 2d 
Strong Matihew, sea captain 19 Sassafras 
Stroop Jacob, viatualier Lawrence, 23 N shambles 


Stroud Joshua Sc Thos. merchts. 55 S Wharves 
Strud Joshuai merchant 176 south sixth 
Stroup John, tavior 12 X Water, 127 N Front 
Stroup John, blacksmith 38S N Third 
Stryker Peter A. innkeeper 2 18 sassafras 
Stryker Isaac, coppersmith Margaretta 
Sturk John, Wheelwright 29 1 Mulberry 
Stuckert Henry, baker 362 N Third 
Stuckert Geo. carpenter Nobl,e above second 
Stuckert Conrad, baker 161 St. Johns 
Stuart James, grocer 241 south second 
Stuart Jame"^., ^I. D. 195 south Fourth 
Stuart Jas. grocer Sc clerk of Hill market \55 Cedar 
Stuart A. tavernernkeeper corner Front Sc Sassafras 
Stuart Alexander, accomptant 156 south Fifth f -^ 
Stuart James, merchant 100 south Front 
Stuart Grissell, widow 315 south second 
Stuart James, blacksmith 102 Shippen 
Stubard John, skindresser 29^ Mulberry 
Stuffle John, ropemaker 449 south second 
Stull Adam, shoemaker 336 sassafras 
Stull William, laborer 288 Mulberry 
Stultz William, malster 209 St. Johns 
Sturgess Jona. B. shoe dealer 1 1 Cressons alley 
Sturgess Stokely, oysterhouse 400 N Front 
Sturgess John, wharf builder Emlens court 
Sturgis John, turner near 315 Callowhill 
SturgisPeier, boot and shoemaker 13S south 5th 
Sturly Magdalen widow 72 Budd 
Styer Leonard, tavernkeeper 133 sassafras 
Subas Amos, potter 424 X Front 
Suffer B. hair dresser 21 X Front 
Sulger Jacob, sea captain 4 8 Shippen 
Sulger Margaret, gentlewoman 176 sassafras 
Sullender J. blacksmith 19 shippen 
Sullenger Daniel, pilot 121 Swanson street 
Sullivan Samuel, potter 135 north sixth 
Sullivan Jeremiah, fruiterer, 51 Mulberry 
Sullivan Margaret, widow 128 Callowhill 
Sulvian Mrs. widow 135 X Water 
Sullivan John, ropemaker Burds. alley 


Sultan John C. cabinet maker 3 49 Mulberry 
Summcrl Joseph, merchant 73 N Water 
Summers Andr. sen. gentleman 15 Summers court 
Sumniers Andrew, jr. Sc Co. brokers 32 Chesnut 
Summers Andrew, jr. broker near 350 High 
Summers Arthur, shoemaker 138 Coates 
Summers John, shoemaker 25 Mary (S) 
Summers ]\Irs. 11 Waggon*: rs alley 
Summers Cathcrint, corner of Noble 8c second 
Summers George, carpenter25 Powell {see Sommer 
Summers Philip, shoemaker Pearsons court 
Summers John, laborer Coopers court 
Summers Philip, farmer Rose alley 
Summers Peter, grocer 25 Sassafras 
Summers Zacharia, laborer 2 42 south seventh 
Summers Peter, merchant 102 High 
i'ummers William, shoemaker 157 St. Johns 
•Summer Philip, gentleman Lilly alley 
Sunlighten Mary, widow HoflTmans alley 
Sunlighter George; carter next 72 Cherry 
Super Jacob cabinet maker 164 N Front Sc near S(* 

St. Johns 
Supee Peter, taylor 12 Almond 
Suplee Rebecca, tayloress 345 south second 
.Surtliff Asa, sea captain 28 Almond 
Sutherland Daniel, gentleman 60 Plum 
Sutman William, taylor 138 north second 
Suttr Daniel jun« innkeeper 122 south sixth 
Suter widow (of Kenry) tavernkeeper 30 N sixth 
Sutler Dan. sen. grocer o and 5 N Fourth 
Sutter Sc Son, grocers 5 N I'ourth 
Sutter William, grocer 5 N Fourth 
Sutter T^Iary, grocer 309 N Front 
Sutter Peter, sea captain 125 N F'ifth 
Sutton M. 8c A. seamtresses 12 Willing's alley 
button John, trunkmaker 270 south Fourth 
.Sutton Joseph, carter 50 Bi«own 
button Martin, plaisterer 286 sassafras 
button Benjamin, waterman 20 Artillery lane 
.Swab Jacob, taylor 576 north second 
5'wain Elizabeth, nurse 182 north second 

Swain Sarah, widow seventh near Cedar 
6'wain Jacob, victualler 230 south sixth 
Swain John, painter and glazier 185 north second 
Swain Jaines, storekeeper 363 north second 
Swain George, carter n-^ar 46 Crown 
Svvaine John, shoemaker 76 Green 
Swaine Martha, widow 65 Coates Sc Zanenear 8lh 
.S'wain Silas, sea captain 35 Walnut 
Swan Robert silversmith, 77 south second 
Swartz George, taylor 124 N Water 
Swartz John, shipright 6 Mary street (S) 
Sweatman "Willis, shoemaker 143 Plum 
Sweeny Niel, grocer 22 south W^ater 
Sweeny Elizabeth, tavernkeeper 16 Cedar 
Sweeny Doyle, storekeeper 3 south second 
Sweeny Wni. painter and tavernkeeper 46 Cedar 
Sweetapple Thomas, breM'er, Brewers alley 
Sv/eitzer Henry, printer corner of sassafras Sc 4th 
Sweitzer Frederick, tobacconist Etris court 
Swift Charles, register and probate of wills, and at 

torney at law, 302 south second 
Swift John W. merchant 21 1 south Front 
Swift Joseph, jun. merchant 103 Pine 
Swope A. M. shopkeeper 270 N Third 
Sword John I. sea captain \0 Gern\an 
Sybert Sebastian, hog victualler 125 Brown 
Sybert Christiana, milkwoman 207 Cherry 
Sybert Frederick, stone cutter 161 Vine 
Sybert John, Waiter 5 Budd 

Sykes Wm. merchant 49 S Water, 132 Lumbard 
Sykes Henry, carpenter 137 S Ninth 
Symington H. widow 71 Pine 
Syminton Sarah, widow York court 
Syminton George, hair powdow k starch facter 

Passyunk near Sixth 

X ACK John, taylor 162^hippen 
Tackman Frederick, baker 144 Coates 

X 2 


Tage Roger, tavernkeeper Water above Vine 

'J'age Williara, oak cooper Oak (N. L.) 

Tagart Joseph, merchant 7 6 south Sixth 

Tagart Thomas, sea captain 37 Sassafras 

Taggart J. merchant 7 N Water 

Taggart Patrick, 513 N Third 

Talbert Catherine, 109 Christian 

Tallman George, victualler 262 N Front 

Tanguy John, jeweller S3 N Third 

Tanrer Ann, teacher 59 Queen 

Tanner Benjamin, engraver 11 S Fourth 

Tapa John, taylor 6 x-llmond 

Tarascon L. A, merchant 69 Chesnut 

Tarrant Thomas, pilot 334 south Front 

Tarris John, sea captain 489 S Front 

Tarris Charles, carpenter Beck alley 

Tate John, M. D. 48 N Fourth 

Tate Ann, washer 6 Vernon 

Tate Charlotte, widow Bui'xis alley 

Tate James, porter at the custom house, 82 N 6th 

Tatem Jeremiah, ship master 38 Penn 

Tatem Margaret, grocer 80 Shippen 

'i'atem Mary, widow 88 Vine 

Tatem Samuel, merchant taylor 70 N Third 

Tatem Joseph R. merchant 8 N Third 

Tatem Thos. sail maker 98 Union, loft Pine street 

Tathem James, merchant 42 Dock 92 5" Third 
Taught Elisha, carter near 558 N Third 
Taws C. instrument maker 60 \V'alnut 
Taxis George, cibinet maker 345 N Front 
Taylor Archibald, millright Logan street 
Taylor Ann, boarding house 79 Lumbard 
Taylor Amos, carpenter back of 29 Elfreths alley 
Taylor Alexander, shipwright 15 Beck's alley 
Taylor Amos, merch. 109 Sassafras, 46 N Water 
Taylor Anthony, merchant 76 S Third 
Taylor Ann, widow 81 Mulberry 
Taylor Ann, boardiag house 70 N Fourth 
Taylor Abra. soap boiler corner of Callowhill S; 4ih 


Taylor Benj. brickmaker 29 Elfreths alley 

Taylor Clarissa, widow 7 8 German 

Taylor Charles, millwright Sec. 387 Sassafras 

Taylor Enoch, bricklayer 29 Elfreths alley 

Taylor Ezekiel, taylor 22 S 3d ef 7 Elbow lane 

Taylor Eleanor, widow 26 South alley 

Taylor George, mate 207 S Second 

'I'aylor George, baker 21 Bank 

Taylor Geo. broker, and translator of the Frencfc 

and Spanish languages, 85 S 6'econd 
Taylor George, oysterman back of 369 N Second 
Taylor Hannah 8c Amey, Brookes court 
Taylor James, shipwright 67 Budd 
Taylor James N. merchant 64 S Front, 33 Filbert 
Taylor James, carter 480 Sassafras 
Taylor John, baker, 32 Strawberry street 
Taylor John, blacksmith 33 N Fifth 
Taylor widow (of John) 76 New 
Taylor John, bricklayer 326 S Sixth 
Taylor John, gentleman 60 S Fifth 
Taylor John, laborer near 198 N Second 
Taylor I. R. sail maker .spruce st. wharf, 154 S 

Taylor Jane, shopkeeper 25 N Front 
Taylor John M. merchant 63 N Front 
Taylor Joseph, deputy surveyor 16 Cable lane 
T»ylor Joseph Plaisterer 252 Sassafras 
Taylor L. boarding house corner of Arch & Water 
Taylor Lewis, shoemaker 76 High 
-Taylor Lewis, taylor 246 S Front 
Ta)lor Mary, widow 55 Vine 
Taylor Moses, teacher Blick-horse alley 
Taylor Mrs. boarding house 29 Elfreths alley 
Taylor Mary, baker 32 Strawberry 
Taylor Maria, mantua maker 72 Brown 
Taylor & Kewbold, merchants 20 S Front 
Taylor Robert fruiterer 62 Spruce 
Taylor R. tavernkeeper opposite 266 Lumbard 
Taylor Robert, Windsor chair maker 99 S Front 
Taylor Thomas, porter 226 Lumbard 
Taylor Thomas, shoemaker 28 Pewterplatter alky 


Taylor Robert, mariner 271 S Third 

Taylor Rene, musician 96 N Sixth 

Taylor William, jun. merchant 107 High 

Taylorson Robert, shoemaker 50 N Second 

Teamey Hugh, carpenter Juniper alley 

Teaney John, taylor 77 S Water 

Tear Philip, boarding house 8 Little Water 

Teas Charles, turner, York court 

Teas John, china store 182 N Third 

Teiffeire Mrs. gentlewoman 22 *S 7th 

Teminss Thomas, cabinet maker 6 Butlers Court 

Tempest Robert, carpenter 94 Cedar 

Tempest Wm. type founder Cedar above Ninth 

Terr George, shopkeeper 185 St. Johns 

Terry Sc Standbridge iron merchants 264 High 

Terry Mrs. shopkeeper 382 N Front 

Test Sarah, storekeeper 135 N Front 

Test Hugh, tobacconist, 270 N Front street 

Thackara James, engraver 72 Spruce 

Thackara Wm. plaisterer jun. Spruce above 7th 

Thackara Wm. salt and cole measurer 36 S 6th 

Thackara Eleanor midwife 35 S Sixth 

Thatcher Isaac taylor 479 N Second 

Thatcher Andrew, lumber merchant 312 N Front 

Thatcher John, carpenter 242 Sassafras 

Thatcher Joseph, lumber merchant 309 N Third 

Thatcher Elizabeth, widow 35 Vine . 

Thaw Benjamin, taylor 37 and 39 Mulberry 

Thibaut John, hair dresser 179 S Third 

Thibault widow, mantumaker 23 Union 

Thomazeau Babtiste hair dresser 95 8 Fifth 

Thomas Ann widow 273 Third 

Thomas Ann seamstress 137 N Sixth 

Thomas ScBrohs, cabinet makers near 338 South 2d 

Thomas Benj. custom house officer 137 ^Swanson 

Thomas Danial, gentleman upper 130 Mulberry Enoch, taylor Loxleys alley 

Thomas Edward, rush bottom chair maker 83 Green 

TlioHias George, merchant up]jer 45 N Front 

Thomas Isaac, shoe store 123 N Second 

Thomas Jacob, taylor 27 south Fourth 


Thomas J. M. French teacher Prune st 
Thomas John, painter and glazier 268 S Sixth 
Thomas John, ladies shoemaker 139 S Second 
Thomas John, merchant 32 N Front 
Thomas John, loborer 145 .S" Second 
Thomas Joseph, jeweller 27 -St. Tammany 
Thomas Jonathan, cabinet maker 323 S Second 
Thomas Jonathan, merchant 16 Cable lane 
Thomas Jonathan, grocer York road 
I'homas Joseph, flour merchant 22 Cable lane 
Thomas Mary, widow 292 S Third 
Thomas Nathl. tea warehouse 24 High 
Thomas Robert, taylor 415 8c 345 N 'Front 
Thomas Richard, shipwright near 378 S Front 
Thomas Rachael, widow 281 S Third 
Thomas R. silverplater corner II th k. Juniper alley 
Thomas Sarah, widow 62 Passyunk 
Thomas Sarah, seamstress 1 10 Shippen 
Thomas & Shreve> merchants upper 45 N Front 
Thomas Susannah, china mender 144 .St. Johns 
Thomas Timothy, storekeeper 3 Chancery lane ' 
Thomas William, tavernkeeper 213 Cedar 
Thomas William, laborer 185 Shippen 
Thomas William H. gentleman 65 Penn 
Thomas W^illiam, porter 216 Coates street 
Thomas William, fiuiterer 44 south Fourth 
Thompson Andrew, grocer 190 Lombard 
'i'hompson Ann, boarding house 3 Greenleaf alley 
'Ihompson Atcheson, tavernkeeper 308 .S* Front 
Thompson Alexander, carter 125 Cedar 
Thompson Alex, painter Sec, 189 Mulberry 
Thompson Catherine, seamstress 72 Walnut 
Thompson Charles* carpenter 75 Union 
Thompson David, biscuit baker 7 Budd 
Thompson David, Liberty alley 
Thompson E. nurse 192 north Third 
Thompson Elizabeth, widow 175 Mulberry 
Thompson Enoch, sexton 39 St. Tammany 
Thomson Edward, merchant 88 Mulberry 
Thompson George, painter 8cc. Deans alley 
Thompsoij George, printer Boltons court 


Thomson G. merchant 188 High 
Thompson G. oak cooper 12 Little Water, 13 Penn 
Thompson widow of George* 301 Mulberry 
Thompson Henry, painter Sec. 142 south Fourth 
Thompson Isaac, blacksmith 418 south Front 
Thompson Jacob> grocer 2 10 High 
Thompson James, nailor 48 south Eighth 
Thompson James, tavernkeeper 133 S Water 
Thompson Jas. whitehorse Grays ferry road 
Thomson James, cabinet maker 70 south Fourth 
Thompson Jesse Sc Co. druggists 34 Sassafras 
Thompson John, laborer 25 Penn 
Thompson John, grocer Cedar above Eleventh 
Thompson Johna shoemaker 67 south Front 
Thompson John, mariner Goddard alley 
Thompson John, laborer 142 Lombard 
Thompson John, merchant 38 south Front 
Thompson J. tavernkeeper corner Crab Sc Shippen 
Thompson John, boot and shoemaker 298 S Froiit 
Tliompson John, printer Juniper lane 
Tliompson John, carpenter near 28 St. Mary st 
Thompson John, carpenter 162 Cherry 
Thompson John, grocer corner of Cedar Sc Second 
Thomson k Maris, merchants 123 High 
Thompson Mrs. boarding house 193 Walnut 
Thompson ?*lary, storekeeper 345 Sassafias 
Thompson Ma''garet, tavernkeeper 2 Swanson 
Thompson Mary, huckster 71 Penn 
Thompson INIary, widow near 339 Sassafras 
Thomson Mary, teacheress 41 Lombard 
Thomson Peter, conveyancer 43 Mulberry 
Thompson Phillis, widow 165 Fifth 
Thompson R inspect, of tobacco 69 Pine, 15 Walnut 
Thompson Susan, next 52 New 
Thompson Thos. stone cutter Sc grocer 203 Cherry 
Thompson Thomas, mariner 328 S Front 
Thomson Thomas, mastmaker 160 Swanson 
Thompson Thos. ladies shoemaker 299 N Second 
Thompson William, carpenter Juniper lane 
Thompson William, teacher Prune st 
Thompson William, oak cooper 17 Penn 


Thorn John, carter Fearris court 
Thorn Cathewne, widow 4 Green 
Thornhill John, shoemaker 7 Pewterplatter alley 
Thornhill Richard, plasterer 11 Willings alley 
Thornton John, innkeeper 39 north second 
Thornton John, tavernkeeper 300 south Front 
Thornton Mrs. Mary, 39 Keys alley 
Thornworth SamueU grocer 3 34 Sassafras 
Thum George, gentleman 267 south Second 
Thum J. cabinetmaker 106 N 4th 27 Appletree alley 
Thum John, baker 267 south Second 
Thursby Edward, merchant 215 High 

Thuston sea captain 34 Almond 

Tice Richard, sea captain 5 3 Spruce 

Tiebout C. engraver Chesnut near 8th 

Tiere Cornelius, blockmaker ^c. 30 Christian 

Tiffen James, merchant 70 south Second 

Tiffin Sc Hardus, grocers 1 12 S Water 

Tilghman \Vm. judge of the 3d circuit 205 Chesnut 

Tilghman Edward, counsellor at law 1 1 6 Chesnut 

Till George, shipwright 34 Coates 

Till Elizabeth, widow Logan st 

Tiller Robert, bricklayer next 139 Green 

Tillinghurst widow of D. sea captain 307 S Front 

Tilton Danieh gentleman 12th near High 

Thimings Thos. cabinet maker 405 N Front 

Tittermary John, junr. ropemaker and shipchan- 

dler 153 south Front 
Toby Sitnon, sea captain 16 Queen 
Tod Alexander alderman 2\9 south Front, office 

Pine opposite Water 
Tod William H. attorney at law 24 Walnut 
Tod John, baker Goforth alley 
Todd James, cashier of the Philadelphia bank 219 

Todd Manuel, gentleman Walnut above Eighth - 
Toland Henry, merchant 14 & 29 N Third 
Tombs Flugh, innkeeper 94 N Second 
Tomlin William, boarding house 49 S Water 
Tomlin Samuel, porter 78 Budd st 
Tomlins William tavernkeeper 47 S Water 


Tombleson Margaret, nurse 62 Coatci 
Tomlinson John, innkeeper 285 High 
Tomlinson Richard, tavernkeeper 143 Coatcs 
Tomkins Jacob, gentleman 102 Vine 
Tomkins Nathan, bricklayer 64 Christian 
Tompkins Mrs. widow 3j Callowhill 
Tomkins Thomas bricklayer Little Seventh 
Toner Philip, grocer corner 2d Sc Mulberry 
Tool Simon, caipenter Little Seventh 
Topham Reuben, tinplate worker 176 Mulberry 
Toram Stephen, taylor 72 North Fourth 
Torr Joseph, carpenter near 355 Callowhill 
Torr John, boot ^ shoemaker 166 N Second 
Torres Manuel, merchant Juniper lane 
Torrison Stephen, shipwright 6 Butlers court 
Totton John, shoemaker Rose alley 
To well John, brush factory 338 S Front 
Towers John, merchant 74 S Third 
Town John, shipwright 56 Green 
Town John, coppersmith Lilley alley 
Town Thomas, millwright 310 north Front 
Town Robert, accomptant 85 Green 
Town Thomas, grocer 359 north Front 
Town Thos. printer & boarding house 74 Mulberry 
Townham John, laborer Smiths court 
Towns Ann, gentlewoman 31 north Eighth 
Townsend C. watchmaker 136 S Front, 105 Chesnut 
Townsend & Meears, ironmongers 39 High 
Townsend John, cabinet maker 86 Spruce 
Townsend Lemuel, shipwright 15 Artillery lane 
Townsend Jonathan, shallopman 69 Budd 
Townsend N. flour & feed store 173 N Third 
Toy Andrew, shipwright 13 Becks alley 
Toy Hannah, doctress corner German & Third 
Toy John, sawyer 23 Plum street 
Tracy John, grocer 115 Shippen and 18 Crab 
Tracy Edward, soap boiler 13th near Walnut 
Tramel Casper, shopkeeper 7S north Fifth 
Tramel John, baker 164 Lombard 
Traquair Jas. marble cutter corner 10th & Higk 
Trasel Jacob, grocer 287 High street 
Trautwine Wm. surgeon barber 192 N Second 
Traste M. gentleman 37 Coates alley 


Travcrs Isaac, shoemaker 241 Cedar 
Traves Mrs. gentlewoman 178 Chesnut 
Travis Adam, sea captain 46 Meade alley 
Trayner P'elix, mastmaker 108 Christian 
Travers Charles R» merchant 135 N Sixth 
Trebout Francis, hairdresser corner Walnut 8c Front 
Tremner Francis, teacher of music Spruce above 6th 
Tremper Henry, merchant 7 north Front 
Tribout Samuel, carpenter 209 Sassafras 
Tribout Francis, hairdressercorner Walnut & Front 
Tricket William, brass founder 239 Cedar 
Trimble Henry, taylor 14 8c 35 south Water 
Trimble Mary, widow 48 Callowhill 
Trimmets John, sea captain Walnut above Eighth 
Tripner George, shoemaker James street 
Tripp Adam, teacher 25 Green 
Troth William, ieweller 31 S Third 
Trott Benjamin, miniature painter 231 Mulberry 
Trott Catherine, 161 north Sixth 
Trotter Wm. merchant 145 N Front, 22 Cable lane 
Troubat John, taylor 121 North Second 
Trout John, collector of taxes 28 Callowhill 
Trout Sarah, widow Logan street 
Trout William, milkman Logan 
Trucket J. L. tobacconist 72 N Third 
Truckett William, brass founder 2 12 S Second 
Truit Richard, laborer 28 Small st 
Truman John, currier 14 Grays alley 
Truman George, ropemaker Nonnators court 
Truman J. tin plate worker 102 N 7th cJ* 27 fligh 
Truman Richard, collector of taxes 20 N Eighth 
Trump Isaac, storekeeper 177 Mulberry 
Trump John, carpenter Formen alley 
Trump Elizabeth, widow 8 Chancery lane 
Trunk Daniel, carpenter 47th N Seventh 
Trusty Theodore, accomptant 25 Sassafras alley 
Trusty Jonathan, 4 Locust st 
Tryon Frederick, baker 26 Callowhill 
Tryon George, tin plate worker, 152 N Second 
Tryon Margaret, widow 30 S alley 
Tryon Isaac & Wm. combmakers 7-4 Docfe 



Try on John, sugar boiler Kuncle st 
Tubbs Michael, sea captain 1 1 Keys alley- 
Tucker Benjan^in, teacher 98 N Fifth 
Tucker Richard mariner 230 S Fourth 
Tucker James, accomptant 16 S Third 
TuckerMary, fancy feather manufacturer 16iS'3(l 
Tuckniss Henry, printer Church alley 
Tuckniss Luke, bookbinder Pattons court 
Tuckniss John, bookbinder Pattons court 
Tudor John, laborer 25 Mary 
Tuen Daniel, merchant 133 south Eighth 
Tulate John, laborer 283 South Sixth 
TuU John, carpenter 95 Callowhill 
Tully James, boardini^ house 93 Plum 
Tully widow of John, shoemaker 49 Meade alley 
Tully David, accomptant 24 Oak (S) 
Tully William, shoemaker 63 German 
Tunis t5* Annesley, merchants 40 south Wharves 
Tunis Richard, merchant 58 south Sixth 
Tunis &: Annesleys wharf opens 71 S Water 
Turnbull John, huckster Kunckle 
TurnbuU, John, teacher 379 S Second 
Turnbull Mathew, shopkeeper 60 Shippen 
Turnbull Alexander, cabinet maker 5 south Sixth 
Turnbull William, merchant centre 190 High 
Turner Joseph, accomptant loiV Eighth 
Turner Jane, mantua maker Prospect alley 
Turner James, laborer Marys alley 
Turner John, laborer next 145 Brown 
Turner John, gentleman 55 Queen 
Turner Martha, widow 13 Summers court 
Turner Rev. Joseph, 370 south -Second 
Turner Baltus grocer 426 N Second 
Turner Francis, teacher 20 Budd 
Turner Samuel, laborer 160 Cherry 
Turner i?obert, cooper near 550 N Third 
Turner William* accomptant 2 3 N Eighth 
Turner William, gentleman 212 High 
Turner William, storekeeper corner German 8c 2nd 
Turner William, laborer MilTlins alley 
Turner John, mariner 4 Pear street 
Turney John plaisterer 233 south Sixth 


Turney Hugh, taylor 166 south Water 

Turney Hugh carpenter Juniper alley 

Tuttle Andrew, sea captain 7 Gallowhill 

Tustian Thomas, perfumer 55 S Third 

Tutton John, shoemaker Rose alley 

Tutton John, rigger 5 3 Queen 

Tuze Francis, ship caulker SO Artillery lane 

Twaddle J. P. ironstore 63 S wharves, dwellinij;' 

Chesnut above Eighth 
Twells widow of Godfrey, 175 High 
Twamley Elizabeth, widow 153 N Third 
Twist John, laborer 244 St. Johns 
Tybout Andrew, dealer in furs 5 5 Chesnut 
Tybout Richard, hatter 2 1 Pear Sc 53 Chesnut 
Tyson Joseph, merchant 56 N Fifth 
Tyson Isaac, shopkeeper 351 N Third 

XJ BER FREDEICK victualler Garden st. 
Uber Lawrence, victualler Charles street 
Uber David, victualler 255 Gallowhill 
Uerson Giles, porter 226 I^ombard 
Uhle John, surgeon barber 45 North Fourth 
Uhler Frederick, baker 204 High 
Uhler John A. baker 414 N Front 
Ulery Anthony, 63 Christian 
Ulrick John, shoemaker 156 N Third 
Ulrick George, baker 9 N Fifth 
Ummensetter G. sadler Sec. 236 High, 393 N 2d 
Umstead Jonas, merchant 91 N Fiftq 
Umpeham Jacob, victualler Garden street 
Unckle Henry, paper manufacturer 399 N Third 
Underwood John, painter Sec. Locust above 9th 
Underwood Jehu, merchant 136 N Eighth 
Underwood Eliza, widow 63 N Tenth 
Unberhent Valentine, porter 2 1 6 Sassafras 
Unkleson Thos, plaisterer 196 S Fifth 
Upman Mathias, sadler Sec. 204 N Third 
Upperm?in Maria, widow 1.54 N Fifili, 


Uranm Mary Ann, 46 George 

Urquhart Alexander, collector of taxes 3 1 Catherine 

Usher Frederick, baker 237 S Third 


ALLENCE JOHN, upholsterer 1©1 S Front 
Vallence widow, of Captain, 47 ^hippen 
Vallence -Samuel, sea captain 1 1 5 Vine 
Vallence Wm. pilot 417 S Front 
Vallender John, taylor 244 Sassafras 
Valliant James, merchant 33 Callowliill 
Vallie Francis, boarding house 107 N .Second 
Vallie Francis D. wine cooper 43 Plum 
Vallon Lewis C. interpreted I Norris alley 
Vallour Albert, carpenter 150 ^S" Fifth 
Vanderpool Mrs. v/idow 206 Sassafras 
Vanarsdall Lydia, milliner 288 S Third 
Vanarsdall J. innkeeper corner 2d 8c Mulberry- 
Van Beuren Abraham, merchant compting house 

109 ^outh Front, drewlling 22 N ^ixth 
Vance A. blacksmith 172 6'wanson, 79 Christain 
Vaunce Barney, carter 194 Cherry 
Vaunce Caleb, blacksmith 26 Parrams alley 
Vance Elizabeth, widow 70 Zane 
Vance Phillip, blacksmith 3 e^ 26 Parrams alley 
Vance Mary, widow 94 ^Swanson 
Vancleve widow of John W. attorney 209 N Front 
Vanderbach Peter, mariner 22 Callowhillj 
Vanderecke John, merchant 119 N Fifth 
Vandevgrief Mrs. teacher 78 Catherine 
Vanderslice Anthony, tavernkeeper 73 Dock 
Vanderslice Daniel, hair dresser 102 N Fifth 
Vanderslice George, hairdresser 105 ^'assafras 
Vanderslice Jacob, constable 362 N Front 
Vanderslice Henry, shoemaker 362 N Front 
Vanderslice Henry, carpenter 3j0 N Front 
Vanderslice, George, carpenter 13 Catherine 
Vandaviere Grace, mantua maker 84 S Third 
Vandeviere John, blacksmith 58 Zane 
\'andevere Peter, mariner near 17 Mary st. 


Vandyke Thomas, oak cooper Vernon 

Vaneman John, sea captain 27 TJranch 

Vaneman John, sea captain 9 Que-n 

Vaneman William, taylor 34 Plum 

Vaneman F. taylor 5 9 Penn 

Vanholt Val. blacksmith Juniper near Muii^j,j.y 

Vanholt Ann, midwife 190 .S" ^ixth 

Vanhorn Benjamin, manner Oak (N, L.) 

Vanhorn Jeremiah, shipwrij^t 1 1 8 Swanson 

Vankyle Joseph, mariner 522 S Front 

Vanleer Captain B. 2Q8 N Eighth 

Vanleer Benjamin, M. D. S Eighth above Chesnut 

Vannosten James, carpenter 198 N Second 

Vanscifcver William, innkeeper 202 Cedar 

Vansise Joseph, shipchandler 193 N Front and 

corner of Water is" Vine 
Vanuxem Sc Clark, merchants ISiincr st 
Vanuxem James, merchant 186 High 
Varner, widow of Phillip, tobacconist 185 N Third 
Varner Jacob, sexton 73 Christain 
Vauchey Jane, grocer S N Sixth 
Vaughan Madam, 30 Elfreths ?lley 
Vaughan William, shipwright 63 Queen 
Vaughan Jeremiah, teacher Spruce above Sixth 
Vaughan Vv'm. accomptant Wells alley 
Vaughan John merchant 107 S Front ti?' Chesnut. 

above 8th 
Vaux George, attorney at lav<r 1 J:^'-^^ Third 
Vaux James, gentlemam 3 

Vaux Ann, gentlewoman 19 Vine 
Veacock .Samuel, sea captain 93 Christian 
Velia Joseph, coppersmith 178 5' Second 
Vellette Elijah, accomptant 174 N Fifth 
Vennest M. tayloress corner of Walnut ci? Water- 
Verdier John, grocer 55 Walnut 
Vermilya Elizabeth, boarding house S3.N. Third; 
Vernau John, hair dresser 10 High ^oi 
Veron John,, carter 200 S .Sixth 
Vethoven L. tavernkeeper 301 5 Front 
Veau Benjamin, cabinet maker 150 o Fifths 



Vezev Ann, w idow 65 N 6'cventh 

Vickers Abraham, tirugsjist 71 N Third 

Vlckers Jesse, /»orter 4 00 N Front 

Vickery S-p-'*^^'' nnariner 104 ^'wanson 

Yjj,|.gpy Tttomas, mariner 13 Catherine 

Y'j^l£^.l<ichard, bicklayer 297 Mulberry 

YifT'Cr Francis, baker 28 Sassafras 

\tguers Phillip, teacher near 10 1 Catherine 

Cincent L. pilot 42 Queen 

Virtue James, shoemaker 1 1 Gaskhill 

Vitry A. embroiderer 88 Sassafras 

Vivant Charles, gilder .46 S Fourth 

Vizcr Thomas, paper hanger 150 ^ -Sixih 

^"ogdes Joseph, tavernkeeper corner Chesnut t3* 6th 

Vogdes Jacob, carpenter Little Seventh 

Vogel George, bricklayer 84 Vine 

Voight Henry, chief coiner in the mint 29 N 7th 

Velum Henry, carpenter Locust near Tenth 

Volegau, painter &j: architecture 109 .Spruce 

Vrieston, porter 2 8 Moravian alley 

Vorywiller Andrew, tavernkeeper 15 Cherry 

Vos Andrew, merchant 235 S Fiftn 

Vrcdenbergh 'cf .Son, merchants 74 High 


ACHSMUTH J. G. merchant 150 Chesnut 
Wachsmuth b" .S'ouUier, merchants, 67 .S" Fourth 
"VVaddington & Harwood, merchants 32 »S Front 
Waddington John, merchant 171 Chesnut 
Wade John T. sea captain 256 S Front 
W'adlow Moses, sadle c^harnes maker 1 N Front 
Wadman Praise, boarding house 8 Union 
Wadnian Peace, corner of Third Sc Cedar 
"VVager Philip, wine merchant 154 5c 136 N 2d 
"Wagner Adam, porter Garden street 
Waggoner Henry, grocer above 511 N Second 
AN'aglom John, grocer 61 N Eighth 
Wagner G. tanner 123 Callowhill I?' Noble above 3d 
Wagner Geo. oak cooper near 32 Moravian alley 


Wagner John, tanner Noble above Third 
Wairner John, merchant 13 N Eighth 
Wagner Mrs. widow Noble above Third 
Wainwright Isaac, block maker 81 N Front, 61 

Wainwright John, bricklayer 7 Norris alley 
Waitz Christiana, widow 485 N Third 
Wakeford Thomas, painter Sec. 84 Union 
VV'alburn Thomas, hair dresser 105 Walnut 
Walch Thomas, baker 56 Union 
Walham Edward, tanner 149 Green 
Walheimer George, ship joiner 363 N Fronf 
VValker Alexander, merchant 17 Prune 
Walker A. D. widow 5 N Eighth 
Walker Christopher, baker 5 59 south Front 
Walker George, carpenter Lumbard near lltb 
Walker George, painter Sec. Sterling alley 
Walker George, goldsmith kc. 19 N Third 
Walker Hannah, milliner next 77 Shippen 
Walker Jacob, bricklayer 138 N Eighth 
Walker Joseph, shoemaker 324 south Front 
Walker John, shopkeeper 113 High 
Walker James, saddler 32 North Fourth ] 
Walker Joseph, merchant 17 Fayette 
Walker John, silversmith 12 N Second 
Walker Lewis, hatter 146 High 
Walker Margaret, widow 294 S Front 
Walker Mrs. shopkeeper 114 Swanson 
Walker M. soap boiler 73 N Sixth \Jf Starr allcf 
Walker Philip, painter Sec. 208 St. Johns 
Walker & Kennedy, merchants 2 56 High 
Walker Robert, grocer 179 Cherry 
Walker S. merchant corner Second Sc Mulberry 
Walker Stephen, constable Hydes court 
Walker Thomas, 27 Farmers alley 
Walker William, jeweller &c. 38 1 S Second 
Wall Joni cha'irmaker 1 13 N Front 
W^all Elizabeth* tobat:conist 217 ^ Second 
Wall George, taylor corner Swanson S: Cedar 
Wall John, flour mercht. 20 Vralnut>64 S Wharves 
Wall Mary, widow next 17 Pewter platter alley 


Wall R. winsor chairmakor 95 N Front 
Wallace Alexander, accomptant 17 Qiieen 

Wallace Burton, bricklayer 67 S Eleventh 
Wallace John bookbinder 147 N Sixth 
Wallace J. B. attorney at law 96 S Third 
W^allace Joshua M. jiinr. merchant 96 S Third 
Wallace Thomas, taylor 381 S Second 
W^allace Wm. M. D. 109 German 
Wallis Thomas, silversmith 48 Gaskill 

Wallace sea captain Brewers alley 

Wallace Wm. shopkeeper 248 Cedar 

Wallis Charles, ornament cutter 63 Green 

Wallen Catherine, 50 Union 

Wain Jesse iP" Robert, merchts. Spruce st Wharf 

Wain Jesse, merchant 115 S Third 

Wain Jacob S. attorney at law 144 .S* Second 

Wain J. S, merchant Bickleys wharf 

Wain Robert, merchant 138 5 Second 

Wain Nicholas, gentleman 146 south Second 

Wain William, merchant 15 Dock 

Walks wharf opens next 135 S Water 

Walnut Mary, gloveress 372 N Second 

Walpole Thomas grocer 84 iS Third 

Walsh John, lumber yard opposice 323 Sc 165 N od« 

Walsh James, grocer 24 Moravian alley 

Walsh Micheal, accomptant 80 Sassafras 

Walter Adam, shoemaker 123 Mulberry 

Walter Conrad, brewer 29 2 St. Johns 

Walter Edward, blacksmith 4th above Brown 

Walter J. shoemaker 250 soutii Second 

Walter George, inp.keeger 8c carter 77 Callowhill 

Walter George, taylor 24 south Water 

W^alters James, teacher 192 south Second 

Walters John, laborer Little Oak (S ) 

Walter Lewis, ironmonger 21 N Eighth 

Walter Jacob F. bricklayer 131 N Eighth 

Walter Jacob, tinplate worker 177 N Third 

Walter Michael, mariner 239 south Second 

Walter Mrs. nurse 1 19 Swan son 

Walter Matthias, carter James street 

Vv alter Michael, glover 6 Goates court- 

Walter P. corder Hay scales wharf 380 N Front 
Walter Peter P. merchant Chesuiu above Tenth 
Walter Peter, shoemaker 44 German 
Walter Mrs. gentlewoman 93 N Third 
W^alters Peter, grocer 167 N Water 
Walter Rosina, 21 Gable lane 
Walters Rebecca, boading house 178 Spruce 
Walters Stephen, shoemaker 5 Equality court 
Walters George A. shomaker 285 south Front 
Waltman Geo. hog victualler 213 N Eighth 
Waltman Michael, grocer corner Locust iJ I2th 
Walton Joseph, grocer 83 New 
Walton Joseph Sc Go. grocers 23 High 
Walton Samuel, cabinet maker 28 Spruce 
Walton Boaz, cabinet maker 328 S Front 
Wampole David, innkeeper 89 Callowhill 
Wampole Isaac, deputy register of wills 124 N 3d 
Warance Frederick, coachmaker 97 Spruce 
Ward Pecer, carpenter Hydes court 
Ward Jonathan, physician 54 Artillery lane 
Ward Gharles, Juniper alley 
Ward John, rigger 32 Mead alley 
H^ard John, shoemaker Goforth alley 
Wa''d Frances, washer 280 south Third 
Ward Patrick G. paper hanger 314 5'assafra* 
Ward Daniel, shoemaker II A^ummers court 
Warder James, mariner 585 south Front 
Warder Jacob, bricklayer 6 Cherry 
Warder Susannah, widow 30 Cherry 
Warder John, baker 89 Cedar street 
Warder Jeremiah, merchant 12 north Third 
Warder John Sc Son, merchants 132 north Second 
Ware A. boarding house 306 south Second 
Ware John, ship joiner 223 north Front & Noble 
Ware David, ship chandler 220 & 231 Swanson 
Ware B. oak cooper 90 S Water, 91 Front 
Ware William, stonecutter 203 Cherry 
Waring Matthew, porter 236 Catherine 
Waring Elijah, merchant 83 north Second 
Warner Adam, harness maker 19 North alley 
Warner Edward, locksmith near 80 Brown 


Warner Chanty, boarding house 217 south Front 
Warner Hannah, widow 20 Mulberry- 
Warner Mary, widow Brewers alley 
Warner Heronimus, brass founder 36 north Eighth 
Warner John, saddletree maker Filbert abot'e 11th 
Warner William, victualler Garden st 
Warner George, mariner 161 N Third 
Warner \V. merchant 48 south Sixth 
Warner Wm. &: Co. merchants 17 south Water 
Warner John, sea captain 120 ^'wanson 
W^arner -Sarah, shopkeeper 7 north Third 
Warner Jacob, shopkeeper 337 Mulberry 
Warner .Sarah, widow 28 north Third 
Warner Samuel, sieve maker 21 Artillery lane 
Warner Martha, v/idow shopkeeper 56 N Second 
Warner Philip, shoemaker 13 Farmers alley 
Warner John, carpenter 171 Pine 
Warner William, grocer &c corder Pools bridge 
Warner William, victualler 490 north Third 
Warnish William, laborer 320 south Sixth 
Warnick & Co. nailers 5 Zane 
Warr Sc Pullen, sadlers &c. 42 south Fourth 
Warr John, coachmaker 216 Lombard 
W^arr Valentine, huxter 497 south Front 
W^arren Jacob, cheeseman 92 Sassafras 
Warren William, comedian 221 Cherry 
Warren Isaac, carter 22 Artillery lane 
Warrick Sc Steelman Misses, milliners, 73 N Front 
Warwick Nicholas, carpenter 390 Sassafras 
Warwick Elizabeth, 194 Cedar 
Warwick T. smith Sc farrier 446 N Second 
Wartman Matthias, vitcualler 134 Brown 
Waitman George victualler Logan {See Waltman 
Wartman Abraham, victualler Noble above 4th 
Wartman Adam, carter 96 Coates street 
Wartman Mrs. widow 441 north Third 
Waterford Isaac, carpenter Aliens court 
Watkins Thomas, sailmakerl4l north Second 
Watkins Robert, sailmaker 14 Strawberry 
Watkins Isaac, innkeeper 25 .South alley 
Watmouth James H. merchant icX Walnut 


Watson Alexander, upholsterer 12 Passyunk 
Watson Arthur, sea captain 291 south Front 
Watson Sc Bunton* lumber yard corner Pine Sc 5th 
Watson Charles C Sc J. woolen drapers, mens mer- 
cers and taylors 92 Chesnut 
Watson Thomas teacher 73 Pine 
Watson Isaac, lumber merchant 1 1 north «Sixth 
Watson John, merchant 1 18 Pine, 24 S Wharves 
Watson John, merchant taylor 31 -S'ansom street 
Watson Joseph, carpenter 84 Crown 
Watson Josephi merchant 32 south Water 
Watson Lucy, widow 148 .St. Johns 
Watson Christian, taylor 353 N Front 
Watson Mary, storekeeper 179 Mulberry 
Watson Margaret, milliner 207 south -Second 
Watson Phineas, coachmaker 4 south 5'eventh 
Watson Sc Umstead, merchants 18 north .S'econdj 
Watson Richard, sea captain 90 Spruce 
Watson i?obert, rigger 3 Callowhill 
Watson 8c Paul, merchants 24 south Wharves 
Watson Thomas, accomptant 167 High 
Watson Charles, merchant taylor 43 south Third 
Watson Thomas, drygood store 48 Lombard 
Waterhouse M. boarding house 6 Penn 
Waterhouse John, storekeeper 187 north Third 
Watterman Jesse, teacher Pattens court 
Watterman B. boarding house 18 Sansom 
Waters John, taylor 347 north Front 
Waters John, teacher corner Shippen and George 
Waters Thomas, well digger 246 Cedar 
Waters Lewis, iron merchant 8 S Wharves 
Waters Hanson, merchant 24 N Third 
Waters Stephen, shoemaker 5 Butlers court 
Waters Esther, widow 68 north Seventh 
Waters John, glove maker 5 Brewers alley 
Waters William, sea captain 3 Lodge st 
Way Andrew, sen. taylor 63 N Third 
Way Joseph, pilot 29 Catherine st 
Wayne William B. gentleman 1*19 Vine 
Wayne Jacob lumber merchant 166 N Front, 


Wayne SamL carpenter 17 Keys alley, 285 N Front 
Wayne Wm. 8c J. lumber merchants 173 Vine 
Wayne Caleb P. publisher of the History of the late 

G Washington, 41 Chesniit &c.r>2 Mulberry 
Weatherby David, clock 8c watchmaker.29 pewter 

platter alley 
Weatherby Margaret, midwife 13G Cedar 
Weatherby Joseph, o6 Coates 
Weaver Adam, dealer 14 Union 
Weaver Andrew, sugar boiler 56 Brown 
Weaver Frederick, cabinetmaker 68 N Fifth 
Weaver George, constable 40 Plum 
Weaver Elizabeth, widow 97 New 
Weaver Hannah, widow 149 Chesnut 
Weaver Jacob, labourer 393 S Third 
Weaver John, weaver 37 Green street 
Weaver John, shoemaker Locust above 12th 
Weaver John, rigger Margaretta 
Weaver John, accomptant 101 Cherry 
Weaver John, M. D. 419 N Second 
Weaver J. shipjoiner 26 Artillery lane, 325 N Front 
Weaver John, saddler near 150 south Fourth 
Weaver John, shipwright 22 Budd 
Weaver Henry, brickmaker corner of Green 8c Old 

York road 
Weaver Henry, shoemaker 52 north Fifth 
Weaver Mrs. gentlewoman 529 N Front 
Weaver Matthew, feed. store 114 N Seventh 
Weaver Peter, sugar boiler 137 Green 
Webb John, cabinetmaker 88 N Front 
Webb John, taylor 87 south Second 
W^ebb Thomas, sea captain 427 S Second 
Webb Thomas, sea captain 47 Almond 
W^ebb William, grocer 2 N Fifth <::;>k^ 
Webb Mary, widow 30 Plum '\ 

Webb i?obert, jeweller 57 Shippen ) 

Webster Elihu, shoemaker 28 Passyunk 
Webster Thomas, carpenter next 66 Zane st 
Webster Charles, waiter 139 Cherry 
Webster William, shallopman 22 Brown 
Wfcckerly A. victualler 127 Coates"527N shambles 


WeckeHy Conrad, merchant 205 N Third 
Wcckeriy /-Toolery, oakcooper corner 4th & Coatcs 
^Tccd Mary, gentlewoman 181 Mulberry 
IVccd George, painter 79 S Front 
Weeks Job, mariner 465 S .Second 
J-^eeks Benjamin sen. sea captain 64 Swansea 
^eeden John, ivory turner 38 S Third 
Weir IJ" Fisher, merchants 36 N Front 
iVz'iv Silas E. merchant 26 N Front 
Wc\cr ^f^illiam, grocer 221 Cedar 
JFeisef George, shoemaker 187 St. Johns 
Weiser John, carpenter 510 N Third 
j^eiser John, baker 85 N Fifth 
iVc'isa John, milkman 52 Cedar 
JTeiss Elizabeth, shopkeeper 131 N Third 
Welsh. Mfs. boarding house 84 Mulberry 
?l^elsh Margaret, huxter 1 1 Little ^ater 
TTelsh Christopher, accomptant Locust above 8th 
W^elch John, saddler 152 Sassafras 
W'elch John, cabinetmaker 106 N Fourth 
^Telch Elizabeth, washer ^Talnut above Seventh 
J^elsh John, merchant 3 1 south i^'harves, 42 S Sixth 
M^elsh Joseph, merchant 84 S Front 
Wtlsh ^FilliamJ grocer 44 Strawberry st 
Jf^elford & Anderson, composition ornament man- 
ufacturers 42 south Third 
J^ells John, painter, iS^c, Wells alley 
W^elln John G. attorney at law 76 N Front 
?i^ells Catherine, widow 143 Spruce 
j^ells Mary, midwife St. Mary above Seventh 
W^ells Mary, book folder 40 Farmers alley 
Reiser Godfrey, M. D. "364 S Front 
^Test Joseph, carpenter Locust^^bove loVh 
Jfest Elizabeth;, widov/ Little, l^^y^en^th 
We&t J(iKf»j laborer 65 Crow.n 'j -n '/ 
?^est Josiali, watchman 2^3 Sassafras 
W^est Abigail*', milTirier '49[ Spruce 
West Sc' Jeanes, salt merchants 155 N ^ater 
W^est John,, boarding.housc 37 Penn 
W6^t eh'aTl'cs, gehtidgian, 186 N Front 


W^cst Francis, merchant 29 Dock, 108 S Front 

West Jonathan, hiborer 12 Butlers court 

H^'e St Hannah, widow 186 N Front 

/rest Sarah, shopkeeper 184 S Second 

JVcst Samuel, 183 north Third 

West ^rilliam, salt merchant corner Vine 8c Front 

/Test's wharf opens next 155 N ?Fater 

JFescott Joel, feed store 407 N Second 

Westcott GeorG:e> merchant 26S2 High 

H^eston Henry JV, engraver Loxleys alley 

rrestphal Charl-es IV, jeweller Sc watch case maker 

166 N Fourth 

JFetherhead Alexander, fruiterer 54 Goates 

^^etherill Catherine, widow 34 carters alley 

?retherill M. oil and colourman 9 south alley 

jretherill £c Son, oil and colourmen 6 5 N Front 

7FetherillJoseph, inspector of lumber 170 S Fourth 

/retherill Samuel jun. druggist 16 Mulberry 

TTetherill Benjamin, china store 187 High ' 

TT'etherill Christopher, hatter? n^x/o o j 

7T- ,.1 -11 MM . r ^04 S Second 

/Ketlienll 1 nomas, carpenter 3 

JFetherington C, sawyer 29 Union 
rFevill Robert, laborer rrittmans court 
ZFextam Samuel, mariner 1 1 Penn 
^Fevill 8c Nicloas, Upholsterers cornerChesnut Sc oth 
IFeyant John, porter near 511 N Second 
Jreyman Jacob, innkeeper 261 >« Second .^.tt.- 
Tf^hartnaby Jacob, cabinetmaker 13 Artiller'y'lahc 
Wharton Chades, merchant 136 S Second 
Wharton Elizabeth, widow 144 S Fourth 
^^harton Isaac, merchant 107 S Third 
ffharton John, surgeon barber 163 NortI>, Front 
rrnarlon K. merchant 57 S Jrharves, 222 5 Front 
Zniarton John, shoemaker 87 S Front// - , -.^ 
^'narton Joseph, gentleman next 1.6 '5.^5 FitlH/ .'-u 
J'Fharton 8c Mifflin, merchants corner Do'c^/Sc Pea^' 
W^harton Moore, merchant, 64 Union street' 
W^harton ^Fishboum, merchant lis'S Frpn'ti 20a 

JVhDTXon 8c Lewis, merchants and insurance bro- 
kers 1 15 S Front 


^^harton Peregrine H. merchant 58 S W^harves 
fFharton Rebecca, widow 58 Chesnut 
^Fharton Robert, merchant, and one of the Alder- 
men 133 S Third 
JHiarton Samuel, cabinetmaker 331 N Third 
fTharton 8c t'almer. Pine st wharf 
^f^harton William, gentleman i6 Pine 
W^healan James, soap boiler 2u2 n.orth Second 
frhelen Israel, merchant 219 High 
^helen P. E. merchant 18 north Front 
fFhelan Thomas, grocer corner of Pear and Third 
W^healan James, sea captain 48 Goates 
^Hieeler John, taylor 83 N ^Fater 
JFheeler J. tavernkeeper 8c grocer 1 Butlers court 
T-Theeler Mary, 24 Kunckle st 
JFheeler Samuel, blacksmith } ^ ,t. 
Whetlev Enoch, grazier ) 

Whilldin Wilmon, sea captain 13 Vernon 
Jrhilldin Jonathan, pilot 28 Catlierine 
rrhilldin John, shoemaker 41 Passyunk 
?Fhitaker James, Windsor and fancy chairmaker 19 

Dock, 70 Spruce 
JThitall Robert, gentleman 2 Cherry 
jrhitall Mary, shopkeeper 2 16 south Third 
iriiitall M/'illiam C. grocer 2 High 
While Alphine, jeweller 14o Cedar ^ 
Wnhe 8c Conrad, merchants 6 N Front 
jrhite Charles, 145 south Fifth 
White Christopher, shopkeeper 20 N Second 
White J^illiam, tallow chandler 59 Vine 
White Patrick, shoe dealer 36 High 
jrhite &c Harris, druggists 163 High 
JfliiteJohn, blacksmith 381 High 
White Josiah, ironmonger 29 High 
White Jonathan, carpenter near 227 N Third 
White Margaret, widow 31 N Eighth 
jrhite Rosina, boarding house 15 Prune 
White Samuel, carpenter 8 Waggoners alle)c 
White John, druggist U3 High 


White George, printer Carlisle alley 

White James slevadore 5 1 Gaskill 

V'hite Wm. M. D. 444 N Second 

jrhite James, storekeeper 144 N Third 

/rhite Solomon, merchant 6 N Front 

^hite John, gentleman St. Johns near Callowhill 

/rhite Thomas, china store 359 N Second 

?rhite Thos. H. merchant 107 S Front Sc Spruce 

near Seventh 
W'hite Thomas, teacher 29 Vine 
White William, storekeeper 4 S Sixth 
White William, victualler 286 N Eighth 
White William rev. D. D. 89 Walnut 
White William, silversmith 11 1 N Second 
Whitebread Charles, shipwright 71 Christian 
Whitehead Matthew, sexton of Christ Church 2 

Lxtitia court 
Whitehead John 8c James, grocers 222 N Second 
Whitehead John, merchant 29 Vine 
Whitehead Richard, scrivener 62 Vine 
Whitehead Robert, scrivener 44 Charlotte 
Whitehead James, merchant 27 Vine 
Whitely VVm. plaisterer Locust near Tenth 
Whitely Daniel, grocer 45 6 Sassafras 
Whiteman Henry, porter 24 Branch 
Whiteman Casper, carter 444 Sassafras 
AVhiteman Jacob, feed store 118 N Fifth 
Whiteman John, innkeeper 131 N Fourth 
Whiteman Samuel painter Sc glazier 138 Sassafras 
Whiteman John, carter William st. 
Whiteman Margaret, v/idow 37 Walnut / 

Whiteman Thomas, sadler 12 Star alley 
Whitesides John, brewer 3 St. George 
Whitney Thos. manufacturer of Surveyors and 

other mathematical instruments N 6th ©ppo- 

site one mile and a half, Germantown road 
Whitlow widow, boarding house 47 Mulberry 
WhoUey Elizabeth, midwife 36 Appletree alley 
Wickham Wm. sea captain Brookes court 
Wickham James, taylor 197 N Front, 192 Water 
Wickham Charles, tobacconist 44 Dock 


Wickersham W. harness maker Locust above 9tli 
Wickersham Abraham, bedstead maker 148 N 3d 
Wickersham Jolmi liquo;' merchant Combes alley 
"Widdifield VVm. ironmonger 42 N 3d. 33 Mulberry 
Widdifield William VV. chair maker 48 N Front 
Widdows Peter, teacher next 19 Church alley 
"Wieatt Solomon, bookbinder 423 N Second 
Wiessenbach Henry, gentleman 229 N Second 
"Wigglesworth Samuel hardware store 1 S Second 
"Wigglesworth /Fi'l li am » toyman 45 S Second 
Wight 1 homas, shoemakc 23S High 
Wigu'ore Joseph, bottler 72 Walnut 
Wikoff Isaac, merchant 34 Sansom^ 
Wikoff Henry, gentleman 117 5 Third 
Wikoff J. C. druggist 35 High k Frombergers court 
Wi^bank George, porter Wood above Eighth 
Wilbiink Mary, seamstress 29 o Mulberry 
Wilcocks Benjamin, merchent 105 Mulberry 
Wilcocks Richard H. & Co. merchants 61 S VVater, 

30 N Third 
Wilcocks Samuel, merchant 40 N Fifth 
Wilcocks wharf opens next 57 & 61 S water 
Wild VVm. iP' Co. fur merchants 32 S Wharves 
Wildes Joseph, taylor 99 N Second 
Wiley Richard, ship joiner Emlens court 
Wiley i?obert, skindresser 204 S Third 
Wiley Nathaniel W. printer 17 Sterling alley 
Wiley George, bricklayer 168 N Fourth 
Wile Conrad, shoemaker 47 N Fourth 
Wiley Nathaniel, accomptant 276 N Second 

\Wilkey Mrs. victualler 289 Callowhill 
Wilkey Christopher, hair dresser 6 Sassafras alley 
Wilkey JameS; laborer 322 S .Sixth 
Wilkins John, laborer 385 S Fiont 
Wilivins Caleb, taylor 62 Chesnut 
Wilkinson Thomas, sea captain 469 S Front 
Wilkinsron Christopher, carpenter 133 N Third 
Wdkinson Frances, nurse 379 N Front 
Wiiiiams Augustus, accomptant 112 Walnvvt 
Williams Andrew, mariner 254 S Fourth 

^Williams Eliza, nursje Coopers court 

^ Z- Z 


Williams Hesekiah, merchant 60 Mulberry- 
Williams E. gentleman 134 N Eii^bth 
Williams Elijah, mate Pfiefiers alley 
W^illiams James, painter Sec. next 4 Grays alley 
Williams James, carpenter 89 N Eighth 
Williams James, fruiterer 64 High, 32 Vine 
Williams Jesse, lumber mercht. Spruce above 7th 
Williams John A. merchant 3C S Second 
Williams Charles, mariner 39 1 N Third 
Williams Charles, laborer 328 N Front 
Williams Charles* mariner 47 Green 
"Williams Richard, taylor Coxes alley 
Williams Nehemiah, St. Marys street 
Williams Robert, plaisterer 12 Crabb street 
Williams Judith, widow 6 Branners alley 
Williams Jacob, victualler Wood above Eicrhth 
Williams Jones, carter 2 65 Catherine 
Williams IMoses, laborer 244 .Sassafras 
Williams James, laborer 158 N Eij>-hth 
Williams John, mariner 10 Little Oak 
Williams Jesse, shopkeeper 203 Sassafras 
Williams John, malster sterling alley 
Williams John, carter 1 U) Catherine 
Williams John, mariner 196 S Sixth 
W^iHiams Leml. boarding house 160 S Front 
Williams Peter, baker 462 N Third 
Williams Wm. boarding house 2 Laetitia court 
Williams John, sea captain near 1 1 Keys alley 
Williams Mary, shopkeeper 100 N Second 
W^illiams Moses, shof-maker 6 Strawberry 
Williams 6'amuel, tinman Pearsons court 
W'illiams i'arah, shopkeeper 35 6' •Second 
Williams Thomas, tavernkeeper 213 Cedar 
Williams Thomas, mariner 2 57 S Third 
Williams Thomas, cabinet maker 75 Sassafras 
W^illiams T. painter 8cc. 149 »S 8 th 8c ill Walnut 
Williams Thomas & Benj. tanners £c curriers 109 

Chesnut c;^ 455 N Front 
Williams Thomas, waiter Biddies alley 
Willia s Robert, wood sawyer 103 Cherry 
Williams S. iunr, lumber merchant 217 Walnut 


Williams Samuel, senr, gentleman 221 Walnut 
Williams vS. H. tin ware manufacturer 228 High 
Williams i'obert, mariner 198 S Sixth 
Williams William, sea captain 36 Christian 
Williams JVm, J. floor cloth and carpet warehouse 

148 S Second 
Williams S. 8c Son, mahogany yard 168 Walnut 
Williams M^llliam, taylor 202 N Second 
Williams Joseph, accomptant 92 Vine 
Williamson Jesse, carpenter 22 German 
Williamson F. nurse 379 N Front 
Williamson Daniel, grocer 179 S Sixth 
WilliaiTison /niliam, sail maker 130 N Front 
Williamson John, mariner 387 S Front 
Williamson iv?achael, widow Fayette 
Williamson John, grazer 349 S Second 
Williamson Saml. gold ^ silversmith 118 S Front 
Williamson /Filliam, sea captam41 Plum 
Williamson Wm> ^ Wright, sail makers 4 Sassafras 
Willig George, musical magazine 12 S Fourth 
Willing^ Francis, merchants next 21 Penn 
Willing^ Curwen, merchants 109 S Front 
Willing Richard, merchant 187 S Third 
Willing George, merchant 64 Pine 
Willing T. president of the U. S Bank 100 S 3d 
Willing Thomas M. merchant 105 b Third 
Willing ?J^m. merchant 108 ?^^alnut 
Willington Elizabeth, widow 47 Meade alley 
Willington Edward, sea captain 17 Queen 
W^illis Jonathan, flour merchant Mulberry court 
Willis Elizabeth, storekeeper 161 N Third 
Willis John, oysterman 7 Cressons alley 
Willis John, accomptant 54 Sassafras 
Willis M. turner 35 Elfreths alley 
Willis, widow of S. grocer 163 S Front 162 Water 
Willis Solomon, turner 61 Dock 
Willis Thomas city commissioner 197 Mulberry 
Willis cJ' Yardiey, merchants 21 S Wharves 
Willisford /William, mariner 67 Christian 
Wills Eliza, victualler 285 N Eighth 
Wills James U" Son, grocers Chesnut 


wills Philip, carter 105 Pine 
Wills Thos. sea captain 24 Swanson, 81 Penn 
Wills George, pewterer 22 Elfreths alley 
Wilrner Lambert, flour merchant 120 N Fourth 
Wilmer James, mariner 4 1 1 S Front 
Wilson Alexr. merchant 149 S Second 
Wilson Ann, grocer 62 Sassafras 
Wilson Benjamin, merchant 4 S Fifth 
Wilson Bird, attorney at law 74 J^alnut 
Wilson Francis, tobacconist 118 S Fifth 
Wilson Elizabeth, widow next 71 N Tenth 
Wilson Edward, merchant near 14 S Fourth 
Wilson G. is. merchant 161 Mulberry & 40 N ^ilater 
Wilson George, bookbinder 19 Church alley 
Wilson George, grocer 10 Fayette 
Wilson George, 163 S Sixth 
Wilson George, hat manufactory 120 N Front 
Wilson James, taylov 70 N W^ater 
Wilson James, carpenter 27 Callowhill 
Wilbon John, storekeeper 10 N Second 
Wilson John, sea captain 498 5 Front 
. Wilson John B. merchant 63 High 
Wilson Joseph, taylor 43 Coates alley 
Wilson James, shoemaker Elmslies alley 
Wilson Philip, gentleman 17 Wood 
Wilson James, laborer 26 south alley 
Wilson John, coach painter 129 Walnut 
Wilson Joel W. accornptant 39 Mulberry 
Wilson James, oysterman, near 85 N Eighth 
Wilson John, nailer 382 south Second 
Wilson John, tinman Bakers alley 
Wilson John, stonecu'ter corner of 10th 8c High/^ 
Wilson James, plaisterer Eleventh near Locust 
Wilson John, lavernkeeper lS3Chesnut 
Wilson Mary, huckster 209 N Second 
Wilson Kobert, sea captain Locubt above Eighth 
Wilson Robert, carpenter % Knights court 
Wilson Mary, boarding house 15 N Eighth 
Wilson Mrs. widow 2^6 south Third 
Wilson Mrs. seamstress 35 north Second 
Wilson Robert, oysterman 136 south Sixth ' 
Wilson Robert, gvocer corner German &; Passyunk 


Wilson Robert, tobacconist 173 north Second 
Wilson S. grocer 163 north Third 
Wilson Silas, innkeeper 341 north Front 
Wilson William storekeeper 9 Chancery lane 
Wilson William, stationer 31 north Second 
Wilson William trader Queen near Second 
AVilson William, upholsterer 83 Dock 
Wilson William, taylor 195 Sassafras 
Wilson A'cnneth, oak cooper 113 S Front 
AVilstack Charles, storekeeper 178 north Seconct 
Wilt Abraham, gentleman 5 5 Sassafras 
W^iltberger Christian, gold is" silversmith 1 3 N 2d 
Wiltberger Peter, merchant 101 Higliand 74 N 3d 
Wiltberger George, lumber merchant 358 N Front 
W-'imer George, grocer 274 south Third 
W'imley John, ;shingle dresser 196 Vine 
Wing Frederick! baker 72 Spruce 
Winkhouse Catharine, widow Sterling alley 
Winn Peter, shoemaker 133 Spruce 
AVinnemore Rose, widow 301 S Fourth 
W^innemore Jacob, grocer next 134Swanson 
AVingler Anthon) , bricklayer 129 New 
Winter Richard, boarding house 1 1 south Fourth 
Winter A. victualler Wood near 8th, 3 N shambles 
Winters P. grocer 32 Appletree alley, 130 N 5th 
Winter Elizabeth, widow 6 Budd st 
W-'inter Mark, saddler 17 Cressons alley 
Winslow Elijah, sea captain 22 Callowhill 
Wire J. Windsor chair maker 209 S Fronts 208 Wa- 
ter street 
W^ire William, grocer 221 Cedar 
W''irts Robert, blacksmith 16 Fayette 
Weise George, blacksmith 117 Walnut 
W^iesely Edward, mast maker 30 Marys st 
Wisdom John, laborer 195 south Sixth 
Wismer Henry, M. D. Dispensary 
W^iseman Margaret, widow 433 south second 
W^iseman Margaret, grocer 196 N Water 
Wiseman Samuel, blacksmith 359 N Second 
Wisinger Michael, wire worker 79 N Front 
Wispart C. painter ikc. 126 Callowhill 


Wispart Adam, carpenter 294 Mulberry 
Wisper Adam Sc Daniel, carpenters 133 Green 
"Wistar Caspar, M. D. corner Prune & Fourth 
Wister Charles I. merchant 197 Walnut 
Wister Daniel, gentleman 141 High 
Wister John, merchant 143 High 
AVister John & Charles merchants 143 High 
W^ister Jacob, boarding house 14 Almond 
Wister Jacob, laborer 406 N Third 
Wistar Sarah, gentlewoman 108 Chesnut 
Wistar Sc Konigmacker, ironmongers 119 High 
Wistar Richard, merchant 110 Chesnut 
Wistar Thomas, gentleman 133 High 
W^ister Peter, wheelwright above 51 1 north Second 
Witchell Samuel, carter 167 north 5ixth 
Witherston Adam, victualler St. Tammany 
Witherston John, victualler St. Tammany 
Witherston Peter, victualler 58 Brown 
Witherston Christian, victualler Charlotte 
Witkey John, hatter 1 1 Lsetitia court 
Witman widow, nurse sweeds alley 
Witmer Harman sea captain 88 Cedar 
Wittenberg M. bookbinder 33 Pewter platter alley 
Wiltick Frederick, shoemaker 462 N Front 
Witman David, carter Logan st 
Witman 8s; Fisher, painters Shrivers court 
Woeipper George G. victualler 1 45 Sassafras 
Woglom Peter, bricklayer 20 Sassafras 
Woglom Abraham^ brickmaker 156 north Fifth 
Wolbert Fred, justice of the peace 354 N Second 
Wolbert Thomas, shoemaker 143 St Johns 
Wolbert David, victualler Lawrence st 
Wolbert Charles, porter 193 St Johns 
Wollmer Daniel, oak cooper 90 north Fourth 
Wolf Lewis, hair dresser 5 N .Sixth 
Wolfe Jacob, mariner 2 2 Cedar street 
Wolfe Sc Gravenstine, wheelwrights 408 S Second 
Wolfe Andrew, professor of inusic 206 Cherry 
Wolf Jacob, labo.^er-472 .Sassafras 
Wolfe Jacob, wheelwright 435 south .Second 
Wolfe David, chairmaker 447 S Front 
Wolie Andrew, shoemaker 3 Butkrs court 


Wolfe John, tavernkeeper 341 north Front 
Wolfe Mary, grocer 166 Lombard 
Wolfe Catherine, widow Drinkers court 
Wolforde widow, storekeeper 454 Sassafras 
Wolforde Abraham, ropemaker 13th near Cherry 
Wolford iJ" Keyser, plasterers 148 N Fifth 
Wolfstick Francis, baker 89 Catherine st 
Wonderly David, victualler 203 N Eighth 
Wonderly widow of Jacob, victualler 81 N Eighth 
Wonderly W. victualler 10 2 N 8ih & 9 O Shambles 
Wood Catherine, storekeeper 8 N Second 
Wood Clement, farrier 247 St. Johns 
Wood Henry, taylor lU Shippen 
Wood Isaac, carpenter 23 Callowhill 
Wood George W. merchant 95 N Fifth 
Wood George* carpenter 90 Gaskill 
Wood Thomaas, parchment maker 71 S Fifth 
W^ood James, mariner Goddards alley 
Wood John, carpenter 6 Cressons alley 
Wood Isaac, shipwright 23 Callowhill 
Wood Caret, painLer Sec. 42 N Fourth ^ 

Wood Jonathan, shoemaker 1 18 Chesnut 
Wood James, merchant 47 N water, 22 Sassafras 
W'ood Henry, cotton spinner corner 12th 5c walnut 
Wood John, storekeeper 172 north Second 
Wood widow, boarding house 159 N Front 
W^ood widow, boardidg house 119 south Third 
Wood Mansfield. Rose alley 
Wood Thomas, fringe weaver 65 Chesnut 
Wood William, parchment maker 71 S Fifth 
Wood William, laborer 192 ]Mulberry 
Wood James C. taylor 20 Branch 
Woodby Margaret, cake baker 5 Coombes alley 
W^oodfall Charles, 77 Christian 
W'oodhouse James, Zl. D. 13 Cherry 
Wobdhbuse William, bookseller Sec. 6 S Front 
Woodland Michael, carter near 297 Callowhill 
Woodman Joseph, sea captain 5 I Almond 
Woodman Ann grocer corner Vine Sc Second 
Woodman William, accomptant Watkins court 
Woodman Chris?tian, blacksmith 3S1 S Front 


WoodrufF Abrabain, blacksmith Efjuality court 
WoodruftWrchibald, grocer 68 N Second 
Woodfall Judith, widow 431 S Front 
Woodsides John A. painter iffc, 37 N Fifth 
Woodward Charles, accomptant 69, N Fifth 
Woodward Jrilliam U^. printer, bookseller and sta- 
tioner 52 S Second corner of Chesnut 
Woodward Thomas, sea captain corner Pine 'of 5d 
Woodruff Hampton hair dresser 80 N Third 
Woolly Abraham, g-rocer 301 Vine 
Woolrige Mary, widow 154S Fifth 
Woolston J. tinplate worker 74 High c?* Bakers alley 
Woolston Benjamin, carpenter 5 Strawberry alley 
Work Jane, widow 52 Plum 
Work David, loborer Cedar above Tenth 
Work Samuel, carpenter 277 S Third 
Workman John lumber merchant 260 S Front 
Workman ^ Clark, grocers corner Swanson and 

Wormstead Michaelj laborer Emlens court 
Worrel Isaiah, carpenter 182 N Fifth' 
Worrel Joseph, tavernkeeper 8 Strawberry 
WorrelJoseph, carpenter 56 S Sixth 
Worrel Jonathan, shoemaker 93 Mulberry 
Worrel William, merchant 35 N Second 
Worth James, merchant 280 N Second 
W^orthington, Sarah, widow 350 N Front 
Worstall Malhew, skoemaker 4 Coates court 
Wotherington Cesar, fruiterer 103 S Fifth 
Wotherspoon Thos. merchant 22 S Front 
Worthy Francis, shoemaker 126 Plum 
Wray Andr. grocer ^tavernkeeper 166, Swanson 
Wray Wm. grocer 5,7,d,isi' 11 High "> .•^'■,' 
Wray Wm. storekeper STl N Second '' 
Wright Caleb, currier N E corner Dock ty Walnut 
Wright Enoch, taylor 80 Mulberry > J>to v 

Wright Jacob, blacksmith 249 S Fourth 
Wright John, caulker 573 S Front 
Wright John, oak cooper Says wharf 
Wright John, machine maker 36 Cherry 
Wright John, accomptant 86 S Third 


Wrig-ht John, soap and candle maker 1 5 i Lombard 
Wright M. coppersmith &c. 201 Hii^h 
Wright Sc Williamson, sail makers Race st. wharf 
Wright Sarah, widow 3 Watkins court 
Wright Jonathan, ship carpenter near 18 Vernon 
Wright Saml. G. merchant 57 N Front 
Wright John, mariner 135 N Water {see Wight 
Wright /Vnn, widow 5 1 N Eighth 
Wright Thos. ladies shoemaker 1 15 S Second 
Wright Wm. sailmaker 42 Sassafras 
.Vright Joseph, sailmaker S 29 4th, 48 S Wharves 
AVright Sarah and daughter, Millers alley 
Wroth Wm. sea captain a 5 Christian 
Wyand Henry, baker 124 S .Second 
Wyand Conrad, blacksmith 70 N Sixth 
W^ynkoop Mrs. gentlewoman 15 1 S Water 
Wynkoop Abraham, wholesale and retail tea mer- 
chant 86 N Second 
Wynkoop Joseph, merchant 24 St. Johns 
"Wynn Jacob, carter 194 Cherry 
W'ylie i^ev. Samuel, 144 S Ninth 
Wythe Daniel, painter 1 S Third 
Wurts S. and Son, shopkeepers 207 Mulberry 

Y ARDS JAMES, merchant 37 S Fourth 
Yard Samuel, mate 184Swanson 
Yard Lewis, carpenter 137 8c \39 Pluin 
Yard Shandy, waiter 66 Walnut 
Yard Helen, widow 18 Sassafras 
Yardley James, sea captian 421 S Front 
Yaidley Wm. merchant 58 Mulberry 
Yardley Richard, merchant 40 N Second 
Yamall Ellis, ironmonger 39 High 
Y'ales John, storekeeper 5 1 N Second 
Y'ates Mrs. widow 84 N Third 
Yates Edmund, gentleman 185 Pine 
Y^eager John, skindresser 2S4 N Front 

A a 


Yeaj^er John, shoemaker 103 Sassafras 

Yeager Caspar, \vhitesmith 266 Sassafras' 

Yeager Nicholasi laborer S Broad stiTet 

Yeater Charlesj carpenter 12S Brown 

Yocom James, laborer 57 N Sixth 

Yohe George, innkeeper 200 Sc 202 High 

Yokle Mary, shopkeeper 2 Little Oak 

Yopst John, shoemaker 318 N Front 

Yorke ^ Lippencott, auctioneers 5 1 Sc 53 N Front 

Yorke Samuel, auctioneer 49 Mulberry 

York James, laborer 190 Mulberry 

York Jonathan, huxter 92 Gaskill 

Yorke Peter, sea captain 6 Lodge street 

Young A. taylor 278 St. Johns 

Young Charles, grocer corner Catherine and Front 

Young Daniel, laborer 272 St. Johns 

Young Henry, segar maker 271 St. Johns 

Young John, teacher 5 Tenth near High 

Young Thomas, carpenter 60 S Second 

Young John 8c William, soap boilers 194 Vine 

Young C. broker Sc commission mercht. 78 Chesnut 

Young Jacob, carter 248 St. Johns 

Young Henry, gilder ^ carver 140 S Fourth 

Young Jacob, painter Sc glazier 352 N Third 

Young Jas. boarding house 201 S Front 200 water 

Young I^laria, widow St. Tammany 

Young, Mrs. Eleventh below 6'pruce 

Young Francis, taylor 50 Callowhill 

Young Mis. boarding house ir9 High 

Young Jacob, grocer 69 N Tenth 

Young John, storekeeper 154 N Third 

Young John, shoemaker 399 N Third 

Young Joseph, hog victualler U8 Brown 

Young Lewis, cabinet maker 257 ^ Second 

Young Lewis, innkeeper 1 Carpenter 

Young Philip, blacksmith 44 New 

Young Samuel, haibour master 170 south Front 

Young Samuel, gentleman 458 N Second 

Young William, soap boiler 174 Vine 

Young Thomas, shoemaker 202 south .Second 

Young Mary, widow Brittons alley 

Young \Vm. merchandize Sc ship broker 61 Dock 
Youn.sf Wm. grocer corner Shippen and Passyunk 
Young William, boot Sc shoemaker 90 .S" Second 
Young Samuel, fruiterer 175 north Second 
Youreous Andiew, baker 546 X Third 
Yrujo Marquis de Cassa minister, Sec from his Ca- 
tholic majesty, corner of Pine and Second 

lAHREXS Anthony^ skindresser 297 N Third 
Zane John, carpenter 36 Farmers alley 
Zantzinger Thos. B. attorney at law 18 1^ Chesnut 
Zantzinger Jacob, shoemaker 10 Passyunk road 
Z'argable Anthony, shoemaker 164 N Fourth 
Zargable Godfrey, shoemaker 22 Star alley 
Zebley Joseph, carpenter 34 New 
Zebley Rudolph, carter 468 Sassafras 
Zebley Jacob, constable near 31 Sassafras 
^eiss Andrew, baker 23 north Seventh 
Zeilin Jacob, tavernkeeper 161 Chesnut 
Zeiner Thomas, laboier 431 north Third 
Zeli Ch. stopher, 21 Appletree alley 
Zeller Daniel, merchant 126 north Third 
Zeller Jacob, bookbinder 123 north Third 
Zeller Alary, teacheress 119 north Third 
Zell Francis, gentleman CO Coates 
Zeslein J. pastor of the Moravian church 74 Sas- 
safras street 
Zigler Ann, midwife 74 New st fsee Sigler) 

Zigler John, carter Kunckle street 
Zigler Jacob, inspector of lumber 74 New 
Zigler Samuel, drover 125 Callowhill 
Zigler William, carpenter 312 north Second 
Zimmerman Adam, taylor 38 New 
Zimmerman Sebastian, storekeeper 154 Sassafras 
Zimmerman Sc Harvey merchants 13 .S Water 
Zimmerman Jacob, 341 Callowhill 
Zube Frederick, baker 311 south Third 
Zv/eifet Casper paper hanger 50 Meade alky 




DiRECtoRS — Thos. Willing, president : EliasBou- 
dinot, Saml. Breck, Isaac Wharton, Robert Smith* 
Jas. C. Fisher, Abijah Dawes, Jos. Sims, Archibald 
M'Call, John G. Wachsmuth, Paul Siemen, Saml. 
Coates, Wm. Tilghraan, Thos.Ewing, George Fox, 
Pascal Hollingsworth, David Lenox, Win. Payne, 
John Laurence, Gabriel W. Ludlow, John Charlton 
Gerard Walton, John G. Leake, Samuel Johnston. 
— George Simpson, cashier. 

Open daily, except Sundays, Christmas and 4th 
of July, from 9 to 3 in the afternoon — Discount on 
Tuesdays and Fridays, 

BAjYK of north AMERICA, 


DIRECTORS — John Nixon, president : Georsre La- 
timer, Wm. T. Smith, John Morton, Robert Wain, 
Anthy. Morris, Danl. Smith, Jacob Downing, Jas. 
Smith, junr. Joseph S. Lewis, James Read, Wm. 
Wain. — Joseph Drinker, cashier. 

Open daily, except Sundays, Good Friday, Christ- 
inas, 1st January and 4th of July, from 9 to 3 in the 
af te rno on D i s c o u n t on Jllon days an d Th u rsdcys, 



Open daily, except Sundays, 4th of July and 
Christmas, from 9 to 3 in the afternoon — Discount 
on Wednesdays and Saturdays, . 



Open daily, except Sundays, 4th of July and 
Christmas, — Discount on Mondays^ JF<;dnfsdays and 


Port of Philadelphia, 


(ARPF.XTKr's buildings, NKXT 116, r.HKSNUT STRKKT. 

Pctci- Muhlenberg, Collector, JohiiCirafiT, Deputy-O.l- 
Irctor cf U\'?g/i(.r, Henry Graff, Bc/init/ Weigher. Wil- 
liam Mc'xpherson, Aaval-OJJicn^ A. G Claypoole, JJc^ 
Jm(y AlivrJ-Cifficer, Wni. Milnbr, Guagrr. Wm. Dache, 
^la-vrijor. John Cooper, Deputy Surveyor, Wm. Thaek- 
ara, iMcaimrtr, Jolin Henderson 8c Charles Fleming, 
D'Jiudes, Samuel Yonn;^, -Harhour-NLister. 

Insf^ecTors. Jonas Simonds, Andrew Burkhard, Pe- 
ter Oz^as, Andrew Jackson, Mathew Hale, David Rose, 
Isaac Milnor, James Smith, Isaac Roach, Robert Hop- 
kins, Benjamin Lawrence, Frederick Shull, Alexander 
Boyd, Thomas Cash, Jol.n Cress, Benjamin Ashmead, 
Benjamin Thomas, Robert Jackson, Thomas Procter, 
John Musser, Joseph Piper, Sc Alexander Moore. 

Hours of transacting business^ from 9 A, M,to 3 P, I\L 


Office, No. 18, Walnut St. 

Nathaniel Falconer, Master Warden, 

Paul Cox, Robert Ralston, Wm. Davis. Robt. Bethel, 

Chas. Penrose, Henry Hawkins. — J. Dennison, Clerk, 

Attendance given from 9 A, M. *to 3 F, M, — On Satur- 

day's from 9 A. M, to 1 P, M. and from 3 to 5 P. M, 

RATES of VlluOTAGY. for the Port of PfdladelJiJiia, 
INWARDS— Up to 12 feet, at 20 shillings per foot. 
Above 12 feet, at 25 shillings per foot. 
OUTWARDS. Up to 12 feet, at 15 shillings per foot. 
Above 12 feet, at 20 shillings per foot. 
And ten dollars extra, from the 20th of November, un- 
til the 10th March, inclusive. 

INSPECTORS of LUMBER — Clement Humphreys, 
h?;ad inspector, and measurer. Joseph Wetherill, Wm. 
Preston, Christleib Bartling, Thomas Hamilton, Jacol) 
Zigler, George Summers and Stephen Maxfield, 

A Ap'x. 



On Goods, Wares and Merchandize, 

imfiortcd into the United Staten^from arid after the last 
day of June-) 1804. With other Commercial information, 

x\.RMS, fire and side, notothcr- 
%vise enumerated, or parts there- 
of, 1 7| per cent ad val. 

Apparatus, philosophical, specially 
imported for any seminary ot 
learning, - - - - free 

Apparel wearing (see wearing ap- 
parel, Sec.) 
Ale, Beer and Porter in casks or 

bottles, . - . - 8 cents per gallon 
On the bottles, if black glass quart 

bottles, - - - - 60 cents per groce 
Antimony, regulus of, - • free 
Artificial flowers, feathers and other 
ornaments for Women's head 
dresses, - - - - 17^ per cent, ad val. 
Anniseed, - - - • 17^ ditto 

Articles of all kinds of the growth 
or manufacture of the United 
States, or their territories, upon 
which no drawback, bounty or - 
allowance has been paid or ad- 
mitted, . - - - free 
Almonds, . . -' - 2 cents per pound 
Anchoi^, - - - - ^ ciitto 

*Aqua foitis, - - - - free 

Baggage, personal (see wearing ap- 
parel, &c.) 
Bark of tlie Cork tree, - - free 
Bi-ass cannon, - - - 1 7^- per cent ad val. 

^tcutenagjue and wi.e free ; 

^. iron or steel lccl:s, hinges, 

^"*' hoes, anvils and vises, - 16 per cent, ad val. 

. ■ Jl other manufacmr^s oi brass,, 17^ per cent, adval^ 
Balls and balsams (see powders, 

pastes, $cc) 1^1 ^>tto 


Beasts, viz. Horses, Cattle, Sheep, 
Swine or other useful ones im- 
ported for breeds 

Beer, ale and porter in casks or 

On the bottles, if black glass 
quart bottles, 

Bricks and tiles, 

Bristles of swine, 

Bonncts,^ hats and caps of every 


Books, blank, 

Bottles, black glass quart, 

Buttons of every kind. 

Buckles, shoe and knee, 


Burgundy wine, 

Burr stones, unwrought, 


Cannon of brass. 

Carriages departs of carriages, 

Cards, playing, 

v/ool and cotton. 

Cables and tarred cordage 

Cabinet wares, 

Cfps, hats and bonnets of every 

Carpets and cavp: ting, 
Cartridge paper, 
Candlts of tallow, 

of wax or spermaceti, 

Champaign wine. 


Canes, walking sticks and whips, 


Cassia ChiiTese, 

Clay, unwrought. 


China ^are, 


8 cents per gallon 

60 cents pergroce 
1 7i per cent, ad val. 

1 7^ per cent, ad val. 
75 cents per pair 
1 5 per cent, ad val. 
60 cents per groce 
1 7i per cent, ad val. 
27 \ ditto 

15 ditto 

45 cents per gallon 

1 7 1- per cent, ad val. 
221 ditto 

25 cents per pack 
50 cents per dozen 
2 cents per pound 
1 7 ^- per cent, ad val. 




vr~ ditto 
2 cents per pound 

6 ditto • 

45 cents per gallon 

1 7-\ per cent, ad val. 

1 5 ditto 

1 5 ditto 

4 cents per pound 


7 cents per pound 
17| per cent, ad val. 


Cinnamon aiulciov-s, 

Chiiitzcs and ttilored calicoes or 
muslins, and all printed, stained 
or colored goods or manufactures, 
er not being printed, stained on 
colored, of cotton or of linen, or 
of both, or of which cotton or 
linen is the material of chief 



Clogs and GoT5shoes (see shoes) 

Cordage tarred, 





Coloui's (see painters) 

Copper manufactures, 

' in plates, pigs and bars, 

Cork tree, bark of 

Compositions for the teeth or 
gums (see dentifrice) 




Cotton or linen manufactures, or of 
both, or of which cotton or linen 
is the material of chief value, 
whether printed, stained, colour- 
ed or otherwise. 

Clocks and watches, or parts of 

Coaches, chariots, phaetons, chairs, 
chaises, solos or other carriages, 
or parts of either, 

Cloathing ready made. 

Cutlasses, or parts thereof. 




Dentifrice, powders, tinctures, pre- 
parations and compositions for 

20 cents per pound 

1 5 per cent, ad val. 

2 cents per pound 

3 ditto 

1 5 cents per pair 

2 cents per pound 

2| ditto 

17^ per cent, ad val. 

17i ditto 

5 cents per bushel 

1 7^ per cent, ad val. 





1 71 per cent, ad val. 
5 cents per poun(J 
3 ditto 


1 5 per cent, ad val. 
171 per cent, ad val. 

22 ditto 

15 ditto 

1 71 per cent, ad val. 
2 cents per pound 

1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

ihe teetli or gums. 
Dishes, pewter, 
Dolls, dressed and undressed, or 

17 1 ditto 
4 cents per pound 

parts thereof, 

Druii-s medicinal, except those com- 
monly used in dying, 

and woods for dving, 


Earthen and stone wares. 

17^ per cent, ad val. 

17i ditto 

1 7\ per cent, ad val. 

Essences (see powders, pastes, Sec.) 

Fans, or parts thereof, 
Fayal wine. 

1 71- ditto 

17^ ditto 

28 cents per gallon 

Feathers and other ornaments for 

wonvenit headdresses, 17i per cent ad val. 

Fringes commonly used by uphol- 
sterers, coach-makers and sad- 
lers, 171 ditto 

Figs, 2 cents per pound 

Fish dried, foreign caught, 50 cents per quintal 

— — mackarel, 60 cents per barrel 

— i— ^ salmon, lOO ditto 

— all other pickled, 40 ditto 
Flowers, artificial, 171 per cent, ad val. 
Floor cloths and matts,"or parts of 

- either, 171 ditto 
Fruits of all kinds, except those 

otherwise particularly enumerat- 
ed, .., 171 ditto 
Fui'ps of every kind, undressed . free 

<il:. JO' iX* G ' 

Glass, black quatt bottles, 60 cents per groce 

Glass, window, not above- ^. by;;10 C cents per 100 

inches, •l-\iy., ^ square feet 

not above 10 by 12 175 ditto 

above 10 by 12< '225 ditto 

all other glass aad:,.maJ5iu|akt- . 

tures thert^bf, .321 per cent, ad val. 

Glauber salts, T 200 cents per cwt. 

Gciuzesj 15 per cent, ad val. 

Geneva (see spirits) : 

<^inger, 1 71 per cent, ad Tal. 

A 2 Apdx 

Ciirandoles, or parts thereof, 22i- ditto 

Goloshoes (see shoes) 15 cents per pair 

Ciloves and mittens of every kind 17^ percent, ad val. 
Gold, silver and plated wares, If-I ditto 

Geld and silver lace, > 17^ ditto 

Goods, wares and merchandize (see 

wares, kc.) - 

Glue, 4 cents per pound 

Gunpowder, 4 ditt© 

*Gumi chiefly used in preprvrin^ . 
muslins, cottons or linens, for re- 
ceiving colours or dyes, free. 

* Arabic, free 

H -^^tc 

Han:^ers, or parts thereof, 1 T-i per I'.^t. ad val, 

H[>ir^ powder, 4 cents per pound 

hats' ci^ps and bonnets of every 

iiinr}, 17 per cent ad val. 

Hemp, 100 cents pei;«cwt/ 

Hempen rags, . . free- o- .bsiib ftef'i- 

Hides, raw fi'ce . -^ 

Hoon iron, 1 cent per pound - 

Implements or tools of a mechanical 
ti-ade only, of persons who arrive ' 
in the United States, free 

JraiQ:o, -t' ,r.:^23 cents per pound, . , vtr:- . •- 

■- steel or brass locks, hinges, 

hoes, anvils and iTses,.i."' ;' 13. per cent. ^diVi!, 

hoop and slit, V ' 1 cent per pound 

sheet, tc:ii;Jo<l Ar.Wi :'ditto 

cast and ell iiKinufacttrres .of 

iron, ste«l or brass or of which 

either of these metals is tij^ '. J^ :'0n 

article of -chief valued ^ not oi . • s7od-'-- 

behi^^- otl'.erwj^ipfasfticbiiu'lv ..!>? 'f^dio V..: 

enumerated, , ;:d7ipdr cent, ad val, 

' : J .ui.i ^. ' ;->■ 

Jewellery and paste work, ^^^.^'' ^*^'Q-' 

Kid shoes, 15cent^iperpa^H 



Lace of c^old and silver, 1 7-^ per cent, ad val. 

Laces and Lawns, 15 ditto 

Laces, linens, fringes, tassals and 
trimmings commonly used by 
upholsterers, coach-makers and 
sadlers, IT" 1-2 ditto 

Lamp black, 15 ditto 

Lapis calaminaris, free 

Leather tanned and tawed, and all 
manufactures of leather, or of 
which leather is the article of 
chief value, not otherwise par- 
ticularly enumerated, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

Lead and musket ball, 1 cent per pound 

all other manufactures of lead 

or in which lead is the chief 

article, 1 ditto 

red, 2 ditto 

white, 2 ditto 

Lemons and limes, 1 7| per cent, ad val. 

Lime foreign, 50 5 ^^"ts per cask 

: ^ ^ contg. 60 gals. 

Linen or cotton manufactures, or of 
both, or of which cotton or linen 
is the material of cliief value, 
wiliCther printed, stained, colour- 
ed or otherwise, 1 5. percent, ad val. 
I f..' . rags, free 

Lisbon and Oporto wines, 30 cents per gallon 

Looking glass, 22| per cent, ad val. 


Manufactures of tin, pewter and 
copper, except pe\Vter plates and 

. dishes, 17 1-2 ditto 

: ■ ■ ■ ' [ — '" of iron, steel, or brass, 

not othenvise particularly enu- 
merated, 17 1-2 ditto 

of leather, not otber- 

Avise particularly enumerated. 17i Ditto 
of lead not otherwise 

particularly enumerated. 1 cent per pound 

of cotton, or linen, or ' 

of both, whether printed, coloured 

or otherwise, 15 per cent,)ac| val. 

■ of j^lass (see glass) - . "c 

of tobacco (see snuff, ; 

segars and tobacco) 

of wood (see cabinet 

wares and wood) 

- of the United States, 

or tlieir territories, upon which 

no drawback, bounty or allowance 

has been paid or admitted, free. 

IVIats and floor cloths, or parts of 

either, val. 

Malt, 10"'cents per bushel 

Marble, slate and other stone, bricks, 

tiles, tables, mortars and other 

utensils of marble or slate, and 

generally all stone and earthen 

w are, 1 7A per cent, ad val. 

^Madeira wines (see wines) 

Malaga wine, 28 cents per gallon 

Mace, 125 cents per pound 

M-ickerel, 60 cents per barrel 

Medicinal dru^^s, except those com- j 

monly used in dying, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

Merchaildize, goods and wares, (see ■ ' ^ ' ^\ 

wai'es, &:c. Ditto >S 

Mittens and gloves of every kind, \7\ per cent, ad val. 
Millenery ready made, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Molasses, 5 cents per gallon 

Morocco shoes, • 1 5 cents per pau*- - 

Muskets and fire -locks, with or Avith-' :: 

out bayonets, or parts of either, 17| per cent, ad val. 
Mustard in flour, 17 1-2 - Ditto — 

MusHns and musHnets,' Whether ' *-)': 

printed, staintd coloured, or 

othervrise, 15 Ditto 



Nails, 2 cents per pound 

Nankeens, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Nutmegs, 50 cents per pound 


Oranges, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 
Ornaments for women's head dresses 1 7| Ditto 

Ochre yellow, dry, 1 cent per pound 

in oil, 1 1-2 Ditto 

*Oil of vitrol, free. 

Ointments, oils and odours (see 

powders, pastes, &c.) 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

Olives, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Oil, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Opporto and Lisbon wines, 30 cents per gallon 

Old pewter, free. 

Paper hangings, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 
writing and wrapping, 1 5 Ditto 

- sheathing and cartridge, 17 1-2 Ditto 
Painters' colours, whether dry or 

ground in oil, except those other- 
wise enumerated, and those com- 
monly used in dying, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Packthread and twine, 400 cents per cwt. 

Paste boards, parchment or vellum, 1 5 per cent, ad val. 

Paste work and jewellery, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Phaetons, or parts thereof, 22 1-2 Ditto 

Plaister of Paris, free. 

Pewter manufactures, except plates 

and dishes, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

■ plates and dishes, 4 cents per pound 

old, free. 

Pepper, 6 cents per pound 

Perfumes, 17| per cent, ad val. 

Pistols, or parts thereof, 17 1-2 Ditto 

Pictures and prints, 15 Ditto 

Pimento, 4 cents per pound 

Printing types, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Pickles of all sorts, 17 1-2 Ditto 


Printed, stained or coloured goods, 
or manufactures of cotton, or of 
linen, or of both, 15 per cent, ad val. 

Philosophical app-^ratus, specially 
imported for any seminary of 
learning, fi-ee. 

Pickled fish of every kind except 

mackerel and salmon, 40 cents per barrel 

Porter, beer and ale in casks or 

bottles, 8 cents per gallon 

On the bottles, if black glass 
quart bottles, 60 cents per groce 

Powder for hair, 4 cents per pound 

" gun, 4 Ditto 

Powders, pastes, balls, balsams, oint- 
ments, oils, waters, washes, tinc- 
tures essences or other prepara- 
tions or compositions commonly 
called sweet scents, odors, per- 
fumes or cosmetics, and all pow- ' 
ders or preparations for the teeth 
or gums, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

Plums and pmnes, 2 cents per pound 

Quicksilver, 6 Ditto 

Raisins imported in jars and boxes, 

and muscadel raisins, 2 Ditto 

all other kinds, 1 1-2 Ditto 

Raw hides and skins, free. 

Rags of cotton, of hempen, of linen 

and of woolen cloth, free. 

Regulus of antimony, free. 

Red lead, 2 cents per pound 

*Rocco, free. 

Rum (see spirits,) 

Salt weighing more than 56 lbs. per 

bushel, 20 cents per 56 lbs. 

' weighing fifty-six pounds per 

bushel or less, 20 j^ents per bushel 


Salts glaiiber, 

Stained printed or coloured goods 
or manufactures of cotton, or of 
linen, or of both 
Salt petre, 
Saint Lucar wines, 
Sail cloth, 

Slate, stone, and stone ware, 
Saddles, or parts thereof, 
Sattins and other wrought silks, 
Spanish Brown, 

Steel, iron or brass locks, hinges, 
hoe s, anvils, and vises, 

all other manufactures of 

Sheathing and cartridge paper 
Sherry wine, 

Sea stores of ships or vessels. 
Spermaceti candles, 
Sweet scents, (see powders, pastes, 

Sheet iron, 

Spirits distilled in foreign coun- 
tries, viz. 

From Grain, 

First proof. 

Second ditto, 

Tiiird ditto, 

Fourth ditto. 

Fifth ditto, 

Sixth ditto, 
From other materials. 

First proof, 

Second ditto, 

Third drtto, 

Fouith ditto, 

Fifth ditto, 

200 cents per cwt. 

1 5 per cent, ad val. 

15 Ditto 

40 cents per gallon 

3 cents per pound 

1 5 per cent, ad val. 
17 1-2 Ditto 
15 Ditto 

15 Ditto 

1 cent per pound 
100 cents per barrel 
100 cents per cwt. 

1 5 per cent, ad val. 

17 1-2 Ditto 

17 1-2 Ditto 

40 cents per gallon 


6 cents per pound 

1 7^ per cent, ad val. 
200 cts per thousand 

4 cents per pouud 
1 1-2 Ditto 

28 cents per gallon 

29 Ditto 
31 Ditto 
34 Ditto 
40 Ditto 
50 Ditto 









38 cents per gallon 

; I s S 




Sixth ditto, 46 

Spirits distilled in the U. S.j 
imported in the same; 
. ship or vessel in which! 
they had been previous ^ 
ly exported from the U.' 
States, viz. 

From ?nolasses. 
First proof, 
Second ditto, 
Third ditto. 
Fourth ditto, 
Fifth ditto. 
Sixth ditto, 
FroJii materials of the gi'oivt . 
and firoduce of the U. S. 
First proof, 
Second ditto. 
Third ditto, 
P'ourth ditto, 
Fifth ditto. 
Sixth ditto, 
Silver and plated ware, 


Skins raw, 

Slit iron, 

Sicily wine, 

Swine bristles of. 

Shoes and slippers of silk, 

Shoes of kid and morocco, 

other shoes and slippers for 

men and women, clogs and 


slippers for children. 






1 o» 









cents per gallon 


Ditto 7 

Ditto 8 

Ditto 9 

Ditto 1 1 

Ditto 1 

Ditto 1 8 

1 cent per pound 
1 7\ per cent, ad val. 
171 Ditto 


1 cent per pound 
30 cents per gallon 

25 cents per pair 
1 5 Ditto 

1 5 Ditto 
10 Ditto 

Swords Sc cutlasses, or parts of either, 1 7| per cent, ad val. 

1 T 1 T\;«-«-*-> 


Stone and earthen ware, 


Solos and other carriages, or parts 

Stones burr, unwrought, 

2 cents per pound 


22i per cent, ad val. 


1 5 per cent, ad va\. 


Sugars, brown, 

white clayed, 

- white powdered, 

all other clayed or powdered, 


• loaf, 

— '■ — other refined, 

Sugar candy, 



Tassals and trimmings commonly 

used by upholsterers, coachmak- 

ers and sadlers. 
Tables of marble, slate or other 

stone, or parts thereof, 
Tallow candles. 
Tarred cordage, 

Teas from China and In 
dia,f or from any islands 
laying eastnuard'u of the 
Cap,e of Good Hope* 

. bchea, 

souchong and other 

black teas, 

hyson, imperial^ gun- 
powder, or gomee, 

■ other green teas. 

From Europe. 

' bohea, 

" souchong and other 
black teas, 

hyson, imperial, gun- 
powder or, 

other green teas. 

From any other place 


• souchong and otier 

black teas, 

- hyson, imperial, gun 
powdei OS gomee, 

—— other green teas, 

2i cents per pound 



















17| per cent, ad val 

171 Ditto 

2 cents per pound 
2 Ditto 

5^ as 

^ % 


If imported 
cents per pound 

17 Ui 



































28 cents per gallon 
400 cents per cwt. 
1 7^ per cent ad vaL 

Teneriffe wine, 

Twine and pack thread, 

Tin manufactures, 

— in plates and pigs, 

Tinctures, (see powders, pastes, Sec.) 1 7i per cent ad val. 

Tiles and bricks, f) 17^ Ditto 

Toys, not otherwise enuijserated 15 Ditto 

Tobacco manufactured, (kher than 

snuff and segai-s, U 6 cents per pound 

Tools or implements of a mechani- 
cal 'trade only, of persons •'who ar 
rive in the United States,} 


Types for printing, 

Unmanufactured wood, 


Untarred cordage, 


Unwrought clay, 

Velvets and velverets, 

^Vitriol, oil of. 

] T'per cent ad val. 



2i cents per pound 

225 cents per cwt. 


1 5 per cent ad val 

Wares of tin, copper and pewtei', 
except pewter plates and dishes, 

earthen or stone, 


• gold, silver and plated, 

Wares, goods and merchandize im- 
ported directly from China or In- 
dia, in ships or vessels not of 
the United States, except teas, 
china ware, and all other articles 
fiable to higher rates of duties, 

goods and merchandize of 

the growth or PAanufc^cture 
of the United States, or of 
tlieir territories, upon which 
no drawback, bountv oral- 

17|per cent, ad val. 

1 7^- per cent, ad val. 
1 7i per cent, ad val* 
1 71 per cent, ad val. 

If imported in 
Ameiican or Fo- 
reign ships or ves- 
sels, 15 per cent. 
ad vaioivHii 

lowance has been paid or 
admitted, free 

Wafei-s, 1 7^ per cent, ad val. 

Waters and washes (see powdei's 

pastes, Sec.) 17 1-2 ditto 

Walking sticks, whips and canes, 15 ditto 

Wax candles, 6 cents per pound 

Watches and clocks, or parts of 

either, 1 7-| per cent, ad val. 

Wearing apparel and other person- 
al baggage, of persons who arrive 
in thfe United States, free 

Wines in casks, bottles cr other vessels, 

Malmsey, Madeira aifd Lon- 
don particular Madeira, 56 cents per gallon 

^ all Xt^iCr' Madeira M'ine, 50 ditto 

Burgundy, Champaign, Rhe- 
nish, and Tokay, 45 ditto 

Sherry and St. Lucar," 40 ditt© 

Claret and other wiiies, not 

enumerated, when imported 

in bottles or cases 35 ditto 

Lisbon, Oporto, and other 

Portugal wines . 30 ditto 

. Sicily, *" 30 ditto 

Teneriffe, Fayal, Malaga, St. 

George and other western 

i.^.land wines , 28 ditto 

all other wines, when import- 
ed otheinvise than in bottles 

or cases, %3 ditto 

On the bottles, if black glass 

quart bottles 60 cents per groce 

if other than black glass quart 

bottles '22| per cent, ad val. 

Window glass, not above 8 by 10 Ccents per 100 

inches, I square feet 

. not above 10 by 12 175 ditto 

. above 10 by 12 225 ditto 

White lead, 2 cents per pound 

Wire of brass and iron, free 


Wool and cotton cards, 50 cents per dozei» 

Wood manufictured, (exclusive of 

cabinet wares) 15 per cent, ad val. 

Wool unmanufactured, free 

Weed unmanufactured, free 

W^oods dyinr^, free 

Woollen rues, free 

Yam, untarred 225 cents per cwt. 

All other goods not before particu- 

kirly rnunierated and described 15 per cent, ad val. 

* J\'ote, Those articles nvhich have asterif^ks affixedi^ 
f'ove been declared free by the Treaaurij^ Ud falling under 
^ne denifiiihicuiQn -f Dying Drug^, 

J'^7* THE aforementioned Goods, except thos,e par- 
ticularized, ar<; subject to an additional duty of ten per 
cent, when impoited in vessels not of the United 

Allowances for Diafts made at the Ciistom-House, 
On any quantity of 1 cwt. or 112 lb. 
On any quantity above 1 & not exceeding 2 cwt. 
On any quantity above 2 8c not exceeding 3 cwt. 
On aey quantity above 3 Sc not exceeding 10 cwt. 
On any quantity above 10 & not exceeding 18 cwt. 
On any quantity above 1 8 cwt. 

For Tare. 
On every whole chest of Bohea tea, 
half do. do. 

quarter do. do. 

On every chest of Hyson, or other green teas, the 

gross weight of which shall be 70 pounds or 

upwards ------ 20 lb. 

On every box of other tea, not less than 50 or 

more thaa 70 pounds gross, TS lb. 

If more than 70 and not exceeding 80 lb. gross, 20 lb. 
If m.ore than 8o pounds gross, 22 lb. 

which tares shall include rope, canvas, and other 












. 9 


70 lb. 



20 lb. 


On all other boxes of tea, according to the 

actual weight thereof, 
On coffee, in bags, 
in bales, 
in casks. 
On sugar, other than loaf sugar, 
in casks 
in boxes, 
in bags or mats, 
On cocoa, in casks, 
in bags, 
On pimento, in casks 
in bags, 
On cheese, in hampers or baskets, 

in boxes. 
On candles, in boxes. 
On chocolate, in boxes, 
On cotton, in bales, 

in seroons 
On glauber salts, in casks 
On indigo, in barrels 

in other casks, 
in seroons 
in bags or mats, 
On nails, in casks. 
On pepper, in. s^sks, 
in o„ '^- 
in bags, 
On sugar-candy, in boxes. 
On segars, in casks or boxe^T-^ 
On soap, in boxes, 
On shot, in casks. 
On twine, in casks, 
in bales, 

On all other goods, according to the invoice thereof, or 
actual weight : — Pro\ided always, that where the ori- 
ginal invoices of any of the said articles are produced 
at the time of making entry for such articles, and the 
tare or tares appear therein, it shall be lawful for the 
collector and naval officer, where there is one, if they 
see fit, with the consent of the importer or importers,^ 

B 2 

I mvoice or 


per cent, 
























































consignefe ov consignees, to estimate the sakl tare 
or tares according to such invoice, but if notde- 
, termined at the time of entry, the tare or tares as a- 
bovc shall be granted and allowed. 

Mlowances for Leakage and Breakage^ 

Two per cetit. allowed on the guage on all merchandize 

paying duty by the gallon, contained in casks. 
Ten per cent, on all beer, ale and porter in bottles, and 
* five per cent, on other liquors in bottles, to be de- 
ducted from the invoice quantity m lieu of breakage ; 
or it shall be lawful to compute the duties on the ac* 
tual quantity by tale, at the option of the importer, at 
the time uf entry, 


1 . No ship or vessel, from foreign ports, ov coming 
by sea from any port of the United States, shall be per- 
mitted to report, make entry or break bulk, till the mas- 
ter shall deliver to the postmaster all letters under his 
care, or within his power, other than such as are to be 
delivered at the port of entry, or such as are directed to 
the Qwner or consignee of such ship or vessel ; and on 
oath or affirmation, to be taken of such delivery, the 
master to receive two cents for every lettrr so delivered. 

2. Goods from foreign ports cann*- ^Jt unladen but be- 
tween sun-rise and sun-set, wif'^'^c" special hcence, un- 
der a penalty of fouivijundred^ftSlJiirs on the master, and 
every other.person rr-- -. rpe*i, di;»iibir.ty from holding a- 
ny of^cq under gvW^^nment of the United States for 
seven X<.^;|B', <md being advertised in the newspapers,, 
with f,a»rteitti|re of the goods ; which, if amounting to 400 
fjoilars, will subject the vessel, and apparel also, to for t 

_';.3; Goods removed before guaged and weighed, and if 
•trines, spirits oi' teas, before being marked, without per- 
mission, are forfeited. 

Ar, Persons giving or oiTering a bribe, forfeit from two 
iHindred to two thousand dollars.-— —Inspectors and of- 
ficers of the revenue cutters, niay go on board, exanune 


and search vessels, have access to the cabin, and seal 
packages ; and after sun-set, secure hatches, &c. Per- 
sons in charge of vessels, for breaking fastenings, but in 
thepi'escnce of an officer, forfeit five hundred <^llai's. 

An ACT Supplementary to the " Act concerning Consuls 
and Vice-Consuls^ and for the further protection of Amer- 
lean Seamen, 

BE it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives 
of the United States of America^ in Co7igress assem- 
bled^ That before a clearance be granted to any vessel 
bound on a foreign voyage, the master thereof shall de- 
liver to the Collector of the. customs, a list, containing 
the names, places of birth and residence, and a descrip- 
tion of the persons who compose his ship's company, to 
which list the oath or affirmation of the captain shall be 
annexed, that the said list contains the names of his crew 
together with the places of their birth and residence, as 
far as he can ascertain them ; and the said .Collector 
shall deliver him a certified copy thereof, for which the 
said Collector shall be entitled to receive twenty-five 
cents ; and the said master shall moreover enter into 
bond with sufficient security, in the sum of four hundred 
dollars, that he shall exhibit the aforesaid certified copy 
of the list to the first boarding officer, at the first port in 
the United States, at which he shall arrive on his return 
thereto, and then and there also produce the persons 
named therein, to the said boarding officer, whose duty 
it shall be to examine the men with such list, and report 
the same to the Collector ; and it shall be the duty of the 
Collector at the said port of arrival, (where the same is 
different from the port from which the vessel originally 
mailed) to transmit a copy of the list so reported to him 


to the collector of the port from which said-ressel origin- 
ally sailed : Provided^ That the said bond shall not be 
forfeited on account of the said master not producing to 
the first boarding officer as aforesaid, any of the persons 
contained in the said list, who may be discharged in a 
foreign country with the consent of the Consul, Vice-con- 
sul, commercial agent, or vice-commercial agent there 
residing, signified in writing, under his hand and official 
seal, to be produced to the collector with the other per- 
sons composing the crew as aforesaid ; nor on account 
of any such person dying or absconding, or bemg forcibly 
impressed into other service, of which satisfactory proof 
shall be then also exliibited to the collector. 

Sec. 2. And be tt further enacted^ That it shall be the du- 
ty of every master or commander of a ship or vessel, be- 
longing to citizens of the United States, who shall sail 
from any port of the United States, after the first day of 
May next, on his arrival at a foreign port, to deposit his 
register, sea-letter, and Mediterranean passport with the 
consul, vice-consul, commercial agent or vice-commer- 
cial agent, (if any there be at such port) that in case of 
refusal or neglect of the said master or commander, to 
deposit the said papers as aforesaid, he shall forfeit and 
pay five hundred dollars, to be recovered by the said con- 
sul, vice-consul, commercial agent, or vice commercial 
agent, in his own name, for the benefit of the United 
States, in any court of competent jurisdiction ; and it 
shall be the duty of such consul, vice-consul commercial 
agent or vice-commercial agent, on such master or com- 
mander producing to him a clearance from the pix>per of- 
ficer of the port where his ship or vessel may be, to deliv- 
er to the said master or commander all of his said pa- 
pers : Provided^ such master or commander shall have 
complied with the provisions of this act, and those of the^ 
act to which this is a supplement. 

Sec 3. Ajid be it furtlier enacted^ That whenever a 
ship or vessel belonging to a citizen of the United States, 
shall be sold in a foreign country, and her company dis- 
charged, or when a seaman or mariner, a, citizen of the 


United States, shall with his own consent, be discharged 
in a foreign country, it shall be the duty of the master or 
commander to produce to the consul, vice-consul, com- 
mercial agent or vice-commercial agent, the list of his 
ship's company, certified as aforesaid ; and to pay to 
such consul, vice-consul, commercial agent or vice-com- 
mercial agent, for every seaman or mariner so discharg- 
ed, being designated on such list as a citizen of the Unit- 
ed States, three months pay, over and above the wages 
which may then be due to such mariner or seaman, two 
thirds thereof to be paid by such consul, or commercial 
agent, to each seamv\n or mariner so discharged, upon 
his engagement on board of any vessel to return to the 
United States, and the other remaining tliird to be retain- 
ed for the purpose of creating a fund for the payment of 
the passages of seamen or marinei-s, ckizens of ihe Unit- 
ed States whomay be desirous of returning to the United 
Stdes, and for the maintenance of American seamea 
wl o may be destitute, and may be in such foreign port, 
and the several sums retained for such fund shall be ac- 
counted for with the treasury every six months by the 
persons"receiving the same. 

Sec. 4. And be it further enacted^ That it shall be the 
duty of the consuls, vice-consuls, commercial agents, 
vice-commercial agents of the United States from time 
to time to provide for the mariners and seamen of the 
United States, who may be found destitute within their 
districts respectively, sufficient subsistence and passages 
to some port in the United States, in the most reasonable 
manner, at the expence of the United States, subject to 
such instructions as the secretary of state shall give ; and 
that all masters and commanders of vessels belonging to 
citizens of the United States- and bound to some port of 
the same, are hereby required and enjoined to take such 
mariners or seamen on board of their ships or vessels, at 
the request of the said consuls, vice-consuls, commer- 
cial agents or vict-rommerciul agents respectively, and 
to transport them to t'-e port in the United States to 
which such ships or vessels may be bound, on such 
terms not exceeding ten dollars for each person, as may 


be agreed between the said master and consul, or com- 
merci?il a^ent. And the said mariners or seamen shidl, 
if able, be bomid to do duty on board such ships or ves- 
sels according to their several abilities; Frouidcd^ That 
no master or captain of any ship or vessel shall be obliged 
to take a greater number than two men to every one 
hundred tons burthen of the said ship or vessel, on any 
one voyage ; and if any such captain or master shall re- 
fuse the same on the request or order of the consul, vice- 
consul, commercial agent or vice-commercial agent, 
such captain or master shall forfeit and pay theeum of 
one hundred dollars for each mariner or seamen so refus- 
ed, to be recovered for the benefit of the United States in 
any couit of competent jurisdiction. And the certificate 
or any such consul or commercial agent, g,ven under 
his hand and ciTicial Si=.>»i.-&hall v^ ^ri^:'? ^^'/f cvidtrnoe 
of such refusal in any court of law having jurisdiction 
for the recovery of the penalty aforesaid. 

Sec. 5. ^nd be it further enacted, That the seventh 
and eighth section of the act, intituled " An act concern- 
ing consuls &c vice-consuls," be and the same are hereby 
repealed : and that the secretary of state be authorised to 
reimburse the consuls, vice-cousuls, commercial agents 
or vice-commercial agents, such reasonable sums as they 
may heretofore have advanced for the relief of seamen, 
though the same should exceed the rate of twelve cents a 
man per diem. 

Sec. 6. Jjid be it further enacted. That it shall and 
may be lawful for every consul, vice-consul, commercial 
agent and vice-commercial agent of tlic United States, to 
take and receive for every certificate of discharge of any 
seaman or mariner in a foreign port fifty cents ; and for 
commission on paying and receiving the amount of 
wages payable on the discharge of seamen in foreign 
ports, two and a half per centum. 

Sec 7. And be it further enacted, That if any consul, 
vice-consul, commercial agent or vice-commercial agent, 
&liall falsely and knowingly certify, that property belong- 


ing to foreigners is property belonging to citizens of the 
United States, he shall on conviction thereof in any 
court of competent jurisdiction, forfeit and pay a fine not 
exceeding ten thousand dollars, at the discretion of the 
court, and be imprisoned for any term not exceeding 
three yetirs. 

Sec. 8. Jnd be. it further enacted, That if any consul, 
vice-consul, commercial agent or vice-commercial agent, 
shall grant a passport or other paper certifying that any 
alien, khowing him or her to be such, is a citizen of the 
United States, he shall on conviction thereof, in any court 
of competent jurisdiction, forfeit and pay a fine not ex- 
ceeding one thousand dollars. 

Sec. 9. And be it further enacted, That all powers'of 
Attorney, executed after the thirtieth day of June next, 
in a foreign country, for the transfer of any stock of the 
United States, or for the receipt of interest thereon, shall 
be verified by the certificate and seal of a consul, vice- 
consul commercial agent or vice-commercial agent, if a- 
ny there be at the place where the same shall be execut- 
ed, for which the person giving the certificate shall re- 
ceive fifty cents. 

S/ieaker of the House of Represe7itatives, 


Vice President cf the U. S, and President of the Senate, 

Approved, February 28, 1803. 


NAMES. &c. 


IJ^HJBITJjYTS /a* kej^sij^gtoj^^ 




xjlDDIS J. carpenter &c. Germantown road 
Ager George, ropemaker Frankford road 
Alexander Elizabeth, Beach near Maiden street 
App George, pump maker Frankford road 
App Michaeli carpenter Marlborough street 
App Adam, pump maker Frankford road 
Apple Jacob, milk man Mulberry near Second 
Auffort Frederick, shoemaker Queen street , 
Augustin Charles, blacksmith Queen street 

j3 ABINGTON Jonathan, laborer Beach street 

Baggs John, laborer, Shackemuxcn 

Bakeoven John, Fisherman Queen street. 

Baker Conrad, fisherman Qu-een st. 

Baker John, shipwright Queen st. 

Baker Mary, widow Penn street 

Baker Mary, huxter Beach st. 

Baker Peter, fisherman Queen st. 

Baker, widow grocer corncp of Maiden and Beacli 

C Ap 

( XXV i ) 

Baldwin John, shoemaker Brown st. 

Bait Henry, hog victualler Hanover street 

Bachelor Christopher, carter Germantovvn road 

Bachelor Caspar, carter Germantown road 

Bayres Margaret, seamstress Queen st. 

Beidman Daniel, carpenter Warren st. 

Beidman Jacob, fisherman Queen st. 

Bender Geo. mariner Beach above Warren St. 

Bender, widow of Peter Prince st. 

Bender, widow Apps lane 

Bennet Daniel, shipwright Queen st. 

Bennet Catharine, widow Marlborough st. 

Bennet Abel, shoemaker Marlborough st. 

Bickley Elizabeth, grocer Frankford road 

Biles James, laborer Brow-n st. 

Binder George, mariner Queen st. 

Biseley Deirick, grocer Queen st. 

Bisbing J. innkeeper corner of 2d & Germant. road 

Black Daniel shoemaker Frankford road 

Bowdcn John, shipwright Marlborough st. 

Bower Samuel, shipwright Penn street 

Bowers Paul, fisherman Wood st. 

Bowers \'alentine, cabinet maker IMarlborough st. 

Boyle James, laborer Brown st. 

Brewton Daniel, sea captain Penn st, . 

Browne John, blacksmith Beach st. 

Brown Peter, mariner Penn st. 

Brustar James, mastmaker Queen st. 

Brustar Henry, mastmaker Beach st. 

Buck Lewis, laborer Shackemuxen st. 

Biisher Moses, sea captain Shackemuxen st. 

Butler Pvichardj laborer Frankford road 

V^AT.BPETH Andrew, Queen st. 
CUdwell Hugh, carter Germantown road 
C^n^pbtli Richard, sea captain Frankford road 
Ccipple Mary, nurse Frankford road 
Carlin Jolm, grocer Shackemuxen st. 
Carlinton John, labo er Shackmuxen st. 
.Gair John, laborer Beach st. 

( xxvii ) 

Cart P. fisherman Germantown road 

Caster Wm. carter Beach st. 

Christ John, milkman Palmer st. 

Clinton W. boat builder corner Shackeamxeii & 

Frankford road 
Clum John, shipwright Shackemuxen st. 
Coates A. shipsmith Beach st, 
Coates Isaac, shipsmith Beach st. 
Cole Anthony, laborer Vienna st. 
Collar M. fisherman, corner of Queen 8c Cherry st. 
Collins John, weaver High near Fifth 
Commot George, shipwright l^ieen st. 
Condon Wm. blacksmith shop Penn s*". dwelling 

Bjach near Maiden 
Cook Samuel, gunsmith Germantown road 
Cornelious Wm. fisherman corner Queen £c Bishop 
Craft Jacob, carpenter Marlboro* st. 
Cramp Martin, fisherman Queen st. 
Crare Wm. stone mason Mulberry near Second 
Crawford Mary, widow Shackemuxen 
Currey Archibald, carpenter ^Mulberry near Second 


'ANIEL Aaron, shipwright Queen st« 
Davis Joseph, laborer Eighth near Vine 
Davelling P. laborer Shackemuxen st. 
Day Andrew, gardner Palmer st. 
Day Catharine, widow Malboro' st. 
Deal Peter R. carpenter Queen st. 
Deal Daniel, blacksmith Queen st. 
Deal Jacob, grocer Queen st. 
Dean Joseph, laborer Queen st. 
De Haven Joseph, sadler High near Sixth 
Devin Mark, laborer Queen st. 
Derraig A. B. B. Third near Vine 
Dick Jacob, shipwright Shackemuxen 
Dickes Peter, whitesmith Queen st, 
Dickes Frederick, cabinet maker Cherry 
Dickinson Josiah, tavernkeeper Beach 
Doyle Charles, carpenter Mulberry near S.icond 
Dougherty Michael, laborer Wood st. 

/ xxviii ) 

Dukle George, laborer Mulberry near Second 
Duglass John, ship joiner Beach 
Duiemineer Samuel, laborer Frankford road 
Due;an John, laborer Eighth near Vine 
Dungan Michael, cabinet maker Germantown road 
Durmet Thomas victualler Germantown road 
Dutch Henry, tobacconist Hanover st. 


lARNEST George, shipwright Queen st. 

Ella John, laborer Germantown road 

Ellston Thomas* shipwright Malboro* st. 

Emery David, gardner Hanover st. 

Engleman Daniel, gardner Fourth near Vine 

Eshort Robert, tobacconist Germantown road 

Euland James, shipwright Frankford road 

Evans Edward, corner Third 8c Germantown road 

Evans Peter, tavernkeeper corner Front StHigh^ 

Evans Owen, laborer Shackemuxen st. 

Evans Cadwalader, lumber yard Vine st. wharf 

r^yre Manuel, senr. shipwright Beach st. 

Eyre John, shipwright Beach st. 

Eyre George, shipbuilder Beach st. 


ARRAN Margaret, widow Beach st. 

Farreday John, gardner Shackemuxen st. 

Faunce Jacob, fisherman Queen st. 

Faunce George shipwright Queen st. 

Fetter James, laborer Hanover st. 

Field Thomas, laborer Queen st. 

Fisher Andrew, Uborer ? -c,- , .1 xr- 

17- , T u 1 u >■ El orhth near Vine 

risher John, laborer 3 

Fisher Jonathan, shoemaker, Vienna street 

Fisher Ann, grocer, corner Say and 8th stree ts 

Ford Joseph, ropemaker, corner Frankford road Jc 

Otter street. 

Fordham John, shipwright. Beach street 

Fowe Henry, "1 

F'owe Jacobi > victuallers, Shap^emuxen street 

Fowe William, J 

( XXIX ) 

Fowler Dennis, laborer, Germantown road 
Fox William, hosier, Mulberry near Second street 
Fullerton Robert, shipwright, Warren st 
Fullington Aaron, shipwright, Bedford street 


ALL AGHER D. laborer, High near Fifth . 
Garlick John, shoemaker, Hanover street 
Geiger Martin, baker, TMalboro' street 
George M. cabinet maker, Germantown road 
George David, shipwright, Mulberry near Second 
Glenn John, laborer, Beach street 
Glenn Daniel, laborer, Shackemuxen street 
Glenn Daniel, laborer Queen st. 
Goodman Samuel, steward at the City Hospital 
Gosser Philip, fisherman Queen st. 
Gowan John, blacksmith Malboro' st. 
Green Asoph, blacksmith Queen st. 
Green Jesse, blacksmith Frankford road 
Green John, carpenter High near Broail 
Grice Joseph, shipwright Penn 
Griffith John, bookbinder Mulberry near .Secorid 


.AGUE Michael, milkman Vine alley- 
Hague Henry, caulker Bedford st. 
Haines Daniel, carter Cherry street 
Harper John, sea captain Queen st. 
Henderson Samuel, sawyer Frankford road 
Hill John, shipwright Queen st. 
Hill Lawrence, shipwright Malboro' st. 
Hillyer John, shoemaker Shackemuxen st. 
Higgins John, grocer High near Third 
Hinckle Conrad, ropemaker Germantown road 
Hippensteil Wm. teacher Hanover st. 
Hodge Wm. caulker Frankford road 
Hoffman Jacob, carpenter Beach above Warren st. 
Hoffman George, carpenter Vienna st. 
Hoffman Jasper, farmer Wood st. 
Hoopman John, laborer Eighth near Vine 

C 2 

( ^^% ) 

Ho-iver Jacob, carter Malboro' st. 
How Robert, shoemaker Mulberry near Second st* 
Hoy Peter, mastmaker Duke st. 
Hughes Thomas, tavernkeeper Beach st. 
Hughes Wm. laborer Third near Vine 
Hught:s Henry, ropemaker Shackemuxcn st. 
Humphreys James, shipv.right Warren st, 
Humphreys Thomas, shipwright Queen st. 
Hymer Wm. carpenter Cherry st. 
Hymer Adam, carpenter Malboro' st 
Hymes Widow, tavernkeeper Beach st. 
Hymes Frederick, shipwright Maiden st. 


SDELL James, shoemaker Queen st. 

Jean Elizabeth, seamstress Queen st. 
Johnson Charles, laborer Mulberry near Fourth 
Johnson John, teacher Hanover near Duke st. 
Johnson Joseph, millwright Mulberry near Second, 
Johnson Jonathan, carpenter Hopkins court 
Jones Thomas, stone mason Mulberry near Second 
Jones Thos. innkeeper corner SLackerauxen and 

Frankford road 
Jorden Corfay, bleeder Cherry st. 


, EATING Wm. grocer High near Third st 
Kennedy David, High near Third st. 
Keen Andrew, carpenter Brustars court 
Keen James, shipwright Beach st. 
Keen Andrew, shipwright Qeeen st. 
Kelley John, distiller Queen st. 
King Robert, joiner Queen st. 
Knouse Philip, bricklayer Frankford road 
Knox Wm. ship-carpenter Maiden st. 

1 ^ ASHER George, blacksmith Queen st. 
Lawler Thos. F. teacher of mathematicks Queen st 
Leech Calebj machine maker corner Maiden and 

( xxxi ) 

Lelper George, blacksmith Queen st^. 
Leister Henry, oakcooper Maiden st: 
Leonard John, sea-captain Hanover st. 
Lofberry John, shipwright Bishop st. 
Lutz Conrad, shipwright Beach st. 
Lynn Michael, blacksmith Beach st,, 


'ALLISTER Abram. laborer Shackemuxea 
M'i\ree A. millwright Sassafras near Eighth. 
M'Dermot Hugh, laborer Wood's court 
M^Elwee John, laborer Third near Vine st. 
M'Farlin J. millwright .Sassafras near Seventh 
M'Gargan Margaret, widow Gerraantown road 
M'Gargy John, stone mason Shackemuxen st. 
M'Intire John, carpenter Hanover st. 
Mack Nicholas^ wheehvright High near Broad st. 
Marpel Abraham, shipwright High near Broad 
Mason Samuel, collector of tolls Schuylkill Bridge 
Matson Israel, laborer Locust above Broad st 
Mathews Mary, widow Sassafras above Broad st 
Means Patrick, laborer High near Second st 
Metzger John, baker Germantown road 
Mood John, biscuit baker Wood st 
Mooney Mathew, laborer West st 
Moore Mary, seamstress Queen st 
Morgan Evan, wharf-builder Beach st 
Morgan Esther, Penn st 

Morgan J. carpenter Sassafras near Seventh st 
Moses Henry, stage letter High near Eighth 
-Morton Andrew, shipwright App's lane 


AILOR Leonard, carpenter West st 
Newnshara ^ Grant, medal casters 8th near Vine 
Nickels William, grocer corner High Sc Third 
Norris Elizabeth, teacher Queen 
Norris Joseph, shipwright Beach st. 

( XXXll ) 

Nugent WilUam, shipwrig-ht Frankford road 
Overstay Jacobs mariner Shackerauxen st 

Jl -A.INTER George, caulker Apps lane 

Painter Henry, shipwright Bedford st 

Painter John, shoemaker Beach st 

Painter Margaret, grocer Hanover st 

Palmer Thomas, caulker Queen st 

Peck Edward, shipwright Queen st 

Perkins John, laborer Maiden st 

Perkins Benjamin, laborer Frankford road 

Philips Elizabeth, tavernkeeper J/aiden st 

Pistor Jacob, shipwright Hanover st 

Pistor Conrad, shipwright Beach st 

Pitt William, shoemaker Queen st 

Pittman Jonathan, wharf-builder Frankford road 

Plyler Abraham, blacksmith Frankford road 

Pope Isaac, laborer Queen st 

Pote Matthias, laborer Wood st 

Pote Peter, fisherman Queen st 

pote Peter, laborer Queen st 

Powell Peter, junr. wheelright Germantown road 

Powell Dennis, laborer High near Eighth 

Price Charles, laborer Shackemuxen st 

Prichett William R. shipjoiner Penn st 

Quandrill John, sea captain Hanover st 

XVAMB'O Peter, shipwright Hanover st 

Rawle Francis, ropemakev Germantown road 

Reel Richard, milkman Palmer st 

Reel John Bishop st 

Remer Mary, widow Shackemuxen st 

Remer Matthew, shipv/right Shackemuxen st 

Rennison Jos. grocer Sassafras near Seventh st 

Rentzhimer Christian, carter Hanover st 

Rice John, carpenter Queen st 

Richard Adam, ropemaker Shackemuxen st 

Richardson John, ropemaker Queen st 

Riftet Brittania, schoolmistress Shackemuxen st 

( xxxiii ) 

Rittenhouse Christian, shoemaker Frankford road 

Kobinett Joseph, shipwright Cherry st 

Robinson John, shipwright corner Sassafras 8c 7th 

Rook Michael, carter Queen st 

Roots Conrad, shipcarpenter Beach st 

Ross William, carpenter Mulberry near Front 

Rudolph G. carpenter Sassafras near Seventh 

Ruling Joseph, shipwright Malbro' st 

Rush Nathan, ship carpenter Hanover st 

k5CH0CH G. innkeep. Black horse Frankford road 
Senniff Adam, gardener Mulberry near Sixth 
Server George, grocer Eighth near Vine st 
Sexton John, wharf-builder Beach st 
Sexton Charles, farmer Beach street 
Sharp George, carpenter Orange st 
Shearer Nicholas, glass blower Wood st. 
Sheetz Christian, justice of the peace Vienna st 
Sheelz Daniel, milkmanOherry st 
Shelliugforth James, constable Frankford road, 
Shellingforth Thomas, caulker Vienna st ^ 

Shepherd Jacob, caulker-Hanover st 
Shepherd John, caulker Frankford road 
Shepherd John, soapboiler Hanover st 
Shepherd Nicholas, caulker Beach st 
Shrieve Conrad junr. grocer Penn st 
Shriver Peteri shipwright Hanover st 
Simson James, shipwright Frankford road 
Smallman James, near the Waterworks 
Smallwood Manly, calico printer Queen st 
Shoemaker Jesse, lumber yard Maiden street 
Souder Jacob, victualler Shackemuxen st 
Souder Christopher, victualler Shackemuxen st 
Souder Philip, shoemaker Shackemuxen st 
Sproul R. accomptant High near Third 
Starr J. blacksmith High near Third 
Stays Matthias, ropemaker Shackemuxen st 
Stevenson George, sea captain Shackernuxen a^ 
Stoy Peter, mastmaker Beach st 
Stratton George, s.hipwriglit Peua |t 

( xxxiv ) 

Suber Jacob, shoemaker Wood St 
Sutton Wm. shipwright Apps lane 

X APER Benjamin, shipwright Queen st 
Taylor Isaac, milkman Germantown road 
Teas Lewis, grocer Cherry st 
Terry Joshua, blacksmith Queen st 
Tomkins J. bricklayer Eit^hth near Vine st 
Troll Frederick, baker Queen st 
Tucker Abner, tavernkeeper Columbia Gardens 
Tuttle Jacob, caulker Queen st 
Twigley Hugh, caulker Beach st 
Underwood James, grocer Frankford road 


AN Blunk Richard, Sth near Vine 
Vance John, shipwright Malbro' st 
V^ance Arthur, ship';yright Malbro' 
Vandusen Matthew, blacksmith Beach st 
Vaughan Thomas, shipv* right Woed st 
Vaughan Jeremiah, teacher Spruce above 6th st 
Vaugha?! Wm. shipwright Queen st 

V V AG GONER Adam, laborer Cherry 
Vv^ailace Wm. teacher V/ood st 
Wallace Wm. shipwright Hanover st 
Warner (>arr, taylor Shackemuxen st 
Wackarly Jacob, victualler Germantown road 
Wackarly Peter, grocer Germantown road 
Watson Moses, milkman West st 
Wernitz John F. hair dresser Queen st 
Wlieaton B. tavernkeeper Palmer st 
Whcler Solomon, distiller Beach street 
White Isaac, shipbuilder Beach st 
White Jonathans carpenter Germantown road 
White Wm. shipwright Brustars court 
Wickers Thos. bricklayer High near Sixth 
Williams Wm. stone cutter Mulberry near Second 
Wilson John, ship builder Penn st 

( XXXT ) 

Witherston Samuel, calico printer Queen st 
Wood Cornelius, dealer Woods court 
Worknot Conrad, farmer Duke st 
Worknot Martin, farmer Hanover st 


ARD Jesse, shipwright Queen st 
Young Benjamin, shipwright Beach st 
Young Christian, wheelwright Frankford road 
Young Joseph, blacksmith Orange st 
Young Henry, sugar boiler Cherry st 


of the streets in Kensington 1st the City West of Broad 



.PPS LANE, from Queen to Bedford, between Mul- 
berry and Shackemuxen streets 
Beach street, from the intersection of Queen & Penn streets 

running North to Bishop street 
Bishop street, ft'om Beach, to Queen street 
Brown street, from Cherry, to Vienna street 
Bedford street, from Frankfort road, to Hanover 
Cherry street, from Queen, to the Frankford road 
Duke street, running N Sc S from Palmer to Woed 
Eighth St. (N) from High to Vine, between Broad & 7x\x 
Eighth St. (S) from High to Cedar, between Broad & 7th 
Fifth St. (N) from High to Vine, between Sixth 8c 4th 
Fifth St. (S) from High to Cedar, between Fouth Sc 6th 
Fourth St. (N) from High to Vine, between Third Sc 6th 
Fourth St, (S) from High to Cedar, between Third Sc 5tk 
Frankford road, from the Upper Bridge, running north 
Front St. (N) from High to Vine, between Second street 

& Schuylkill 
Front St. (S) from High to Cedar, between Second street 

8c Schuylkill 
Germantown road, beginning at the intersection of N 

Front and Maiden streets 
Hopkins court, near the intersection of Germantown road 

and Second street 
Hanover street, from Beach st. to Frankford road 
Maiden street, from the Delaware, to the intersection (5f 

the Germantc-,/n road and Front street 

{ xxxvi ) 

Malboro' street, from the Delaware to Frankford road be- 
tween Hanover and Shackemuxen streets 
Palmer street, from Queen st. to Frankford road 
Penn street, commonly called Point Pleasant, running" K 

alon^- the Delav/are to Queen st. 
Queen street, from the intersection of Penn Sc Bishop 

streets, to Frankford road 
Second St. (N) from High to Vine, between Front Sc 3il 
Second st. (S) from High to Cedar, between Front 8c 3d 
Seventh st. (N) from High to Vine, between Sixth & 8th 
Seventh st. (S) from High to Vine, between Sixth 8c 8th 
Shackemuxen street, from Queen to Frankford road 
Sixth St. (N) from High to Vine, between Fifth 8c 7th 
Sixth St. (S) from High to Cedar, between Fifth 8c Tth 
Third st. (N) ^rom High to Vine, between Second 8c 4th 
Third st. (S) from High to Cedar, between Second & 4th 
Vienna street, from Cherry, to West street 
Warren street, from Beach to Queen street 
West street, from Wood to Hanover street 
Wood street, from Queen st. near the Point road. 



Dry Goods. Tuesday mornings, & Friday afternoon* 
Groceries, Wednesday &c Saturday mornings. 

Dry Coeds, i uesday afternoons. 
Groceries. Friday mornings. 

Dry Goods, Wednesday, & Saturday afternoons. 
Groceries, Tuesdays & Fridays at noon. 
Dry Goods, Monday 8c Tuesday afternoons. 
Groceries. Tuesday & Friday afternoons. 


Dry goods, Wednesday 8c Saturday afternoons. 
Groceries, Tuesday ^ Friday aft'irnoons. 

( xll ) 


Of. the Streets^ Lanes^ Alleya and Courts^ in the City^ 
East of Broad street^ District of Southivark b* Korth- 
ern Liberties, 


LMOND STREET, from the Delaware to 315 Se- 
cond, between Shippen st and Cox's alley 
Appletree alley, from 50 N Fourth to 35 Fifth street 
Artillery lane, from 342 N Front, to 363 Second 
Bailly's court, opens 7 Vernon 
Ball alley, from ICO Cedar, to 77 Shippen street 
Ball's alley, from the Delaware, to 391 N Front street 
Bank street, from 70 High, to 69 Chesnut street 
Bakers alley, from 55 New, to 70 Vine street 
Becks alley, from 172 Swanson, tci 453 Front street 
Bearstickers court, from 68 North Sixth street 
Biddies alley, from 7^ High, to 9 Eibow lane 
Burds alley, from 78 Catherine, to Queen street 
Black horse alley, from 20 S Front, to 19 Second 
Boltons court, from 16 S Sixth street 
Brittons alley, from the Delaware, to 205 N Water 
Branch street, from 130 N Third, to 59 Fourth 
Brewers alley, from 190 N Second, to 113 Fourth 
Brown street, from 414 N Front, to York road 
Brookes court, from 126 N Front street 
Brookes alley, from 99 Coates street, mnning north 
Becks street, from 72 Passyunk road, running \\''e5t 
Branners alley, from Schievelys alley to 180 Vine 
Blackberry alley, from Walnut tn Spruce, and from Pine 

to Lombard, between Eighth and Ninth streets , 
Bradfords alley, from 246 south Seventh, to Eighth 
Budd street, from 37 Green, to the Germantown road 
Cal)le lane, from 19 Vine, to 42 Green street 
Cauffmans court, from 14 Cherry street 
Charles street, from 335 Callowhill, to Logan street 
Charlotte street, from 121 Brown, to Poplar lane 
Callowhill street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and 

between Vine & V>'^illow streets 
Carpenters st from 6th, to 7th, between High 8c Chesnut 
Carpenters street, (S) from Second street road to Passyunk 

road, and between Christian and Prime 
Catharine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, be- 
tween Shippen and Queen streets C Ad, 

( xlii ) 

Chancery lane, from 15 Coombs alleV) to 32 Arch 
Cherry street, from 74 N 3d, to 10th, and continued frora 
llth to the Schuylkill, between Mulberry- and Sas- 
Chesnnt street, from the DelaT.are to Schuylkill, and be- 
tween High and Walnut streets 
Cedar street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill between 
Lombard and Shippen, being the southern boundary 
of the city. 
Church alley, from 20 N Second, to 11 Third street 
Christian street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and be- 
tween Queen and Prime streets 
Clover alley, from 90 S Fiftli, to 125 Sixth street 
Coates street, from the Delaware to the Ridge road> and 

between Brown and Green streets 
Coates court, from CA C<^ble lane 
Coates rdlev, from 154 N Fr<'nt, to 151 Second street 
Coombs alley, from 44 N Front, to t1 Second street 
Crab street, from the old thc.\tre to 2 Oak street 
Cressons alley, from 96 N Fifth, to 91 Sixth street 
Crown street, from 155 Sassafras, to. above Wood. 
Cypress alley, fi'om 144 S Third, to 79 Fourth 
Carters alle} , from 66 S Second street, running west 
Coxes alley, from 300 S FiTnt, to 3-3 S Second street 
Church court, from 69 nc)rth Eighth street 
Centre alley, ifrora llth to 12th, between Walnut 8c Locust 
Dock street, from 1S8 south Front, and 15 Spruce, to 67 

S 3d, between Chesnnt and \^^alnut 
Drinkers court, from 66 Union street 
Drinkers alley, from 108 N Front, to 119 Second 
Deans allev runs S between llth 5c 12'di fiom Walnut 
Elfreths alley, from 94 N Front, to 105 Second 
Eighth street, (south) from 266 High, to Cedar 
Equ-aiity court, from 37 Budd street 
Eighth street (north), from 301 High, to Logan 
Elizabeth street, from 164 south Sixth to Seventh 
Eliusleys alley, from US south Second street 
Emlens alley, from 5 Powell street, to Clover alley 
Eleventh street (N), from 407 High, to Vine 
Eleventh street (S), from High to Cedar, between ICrh 

and 12th streets 
Elb'^w lane, from 27th S Third street 
Farmers alley, from 32 N Sixth, to 23 Seventh street 
Farmers row, from near 39 Dock street 
Favette street, from 53 Philbert, to 260 Mulbenff 
Filbert street, (.SV* Philberrstreet) 

( xliii ) 
Fearis' court, from 148 north Front street 
p'ifth street, (N), from 197 High to Logan street 
Fifth street (S), from 163 High, to Catherine 
Fii '^waiter street, from 32 Passyunk road 
Fulleis alley, from Swanson, to 403 south Front street 
Fourth street (N), from 155 High, to Germantown roiul 
Fourth street (S), from 128 High, to Carpenter 
Franklin court, from 1()6 High sti-eet 
Frombergers court, from 34 north Second street 
Front street (S), from 14 High to Prime 
Front street (N), from 21 High, to the intersection of the 

Frankford road, and Malbro' 
Garden street, from 297 Callowhill street 
Gaskill street, from 238 south Second, to 229 Fifth 
C^eorge street, from 24 Gaskill to 31 German street • 
German street, from 290 S Second to 71 Passyunk 
Gil asses alley, from 136 Lombard, to 189 Cedar 
(ioddards alley, from 2 Cable lane, to 211 N Second 
Grays alley, from 62 south Front, to 7 9 Second 
Grirjdstone alley, foom 81 High to Church alley 
(j-of(^rth pdley, from 67 Dock, to 72 Chesnut street 
Greenleafs court, from 10 5 Fourth street 
Green street, from 358 N Front, to the York road 
Grisels alley, from 13 Fitzwaltcr to Little Oak streets 
Garrigues court, from 213 Sassafras 
Groffs court, from 57 Race street 
Harmony court, from 76 S Third, to 47 FoUi-th st. 
Hartungs alley, from 26 N Second, to 31 Third st. 
Hoifmans alley, from 61 Cherry, to 114 Sassafras 
Hurst street, from 146 Lombard, to 191 Cedar st, 
-High street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, and be- 
tween Mulberry and Chesnut streets 
Hudsons lane, from Passyunk road near Catherine 
Huddles ally, from the Delaware, to 7^ Swanson st. 
Hudsons alley, from 112 Chesnut st. to Harmony court 
Hunters court, from N 11th between High 8c Fhilbert 
Juniper lane, irom St. George to Walnut, between Elev- 
enth and Twelfth streets 
"Juniper alley, from Tenth near Walnut to Juniper lane 
.James street, from Charles to the Ridge road 
Keys alley, from 160^ Front to 183 Second street 
Knights court, from 170 Cherry street 
Kunckle street, from Brewers alley to Willow st, 
LffitUia court, from 30 High st. to Black horse alley 
Laurel street, from 39 Spruce to York court 
Leechs court opens next 156 Spruce street 
Liberty alley, from 9 Artilery lan^ to 6 Green st. 

( xliv ) 

Lilly alley, from St. Tammany, to 74 Green st. 
Little Oak street, from Fifth to Spafford, between Ship- 
pen Sc Fitzwalter streets 
Little Dock street, from 50 Spruce to 177 S Second st. 
liocust street, from 124 S Sixth to Schuylkill 
Logan street, from Old York road, to the Ridge betweem 

Noble and Green streets 
Lombard street, from 212 S Front to Schuylkill 
Loxlevs alley, from 115 Mulberry to 20 Cherry st. 
Loxleys court, from 30 Spruce street 
Laurence street, from '255 \'me to Callowhill 
5vl-Culloughs court, from 144 N Front street 
Margsretta street, from 258 N Front, to 275 Second 
Market lane, from 98 N Eleventh street 
Marv sti'eet, from 496 S Front, to 505 Second st. 
Marys alley, from 27 Gillasses alley, to S Sixth street 
Matlacks court, from 12 Spruce street 
Meade .'illey, from 90 Swanson, to 349 S Second st. 
Merrits lane, from S Fourth, to Passyunk road, and be- 

tvreen Catherine and Carpenter streets 
MifRins alley, from 112 S Second street 
Miiilins court, from 318 S Front 

Moravian alley, from 77 Mulberry to 70 Sassafras street 
Mulberry coart, from 8 N Sixth 
Minor street, from 4 S Fifth, to 3 S Sixth street 
Middle alley, fi'om 168 S Sixth, to Seventh street 
New street, from 158 N Second to near 93 Fourth st. 
Nicholsons court, from 113 Cherry street 
Ninth street, (S), from 112 High to Cedar 
Ninth street (N). from 3;9 High to Vine 
Noble St. from 320 N Front to 5th, and continued above 

8th in S. Garden, between Callowhill and Logan 
Norris ?dlev, from 68 S Front to 87 Second street 
North alley, from 36 N Fifth, to 39 Sixth street 
Oak street, (N L) a continuation of N Water above Pools 

Bridge, and between the Delaware and Front st. 
Oak St. (Southwark), from 22 Crab, to Passv-unk road 
Or.mge street, from 7th to 8th between Locust and Spruce 

Pine street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, betweek 

Union and Lombard streets 
Phiibert street, from 24 N Eighth to the Schuylkill 
Penn street, from 8 Pine to Almond 
Pineallev, from Ball allev to 235 S Fom^th street 
Parrams allev, from 104 Swanson to 393 S Front st. 
Passyunk road, from 170 Cedar, running S. W. J 

( xlv ) 
^ear street, from near 62 Dock, to 83 S Third 
Pesgs street, from 290 N Front to 299 Second street 
Pe.iibertons alley, from 8.5 New to Vine streets 
Pewtei^plater alley, from 14 N" Front, to 17 Second st. 
Pfeiffers alley, from 22 Cable lane, to 23o N Second st. 
Plum street, from 230 S Second to Fifth st. - 
Foplar lane, from 468 N Second to the Ridge Road 
Powell street, from 100 S Fifth to Si^Jth street 
Prime street, from the Delaware to Passyunk road, be- 
low Catherir.e street 
Prospect alley, from 9 Fayette to the Schuylkill 
Prune street, from 112 S Fourth, to near 81 Sixth st. 
Quarry. street, from Co ?^Ioravi;in all^y to 101 N Third st. 
Queen str-jet, from he Delewivre to Third between Ca- 
therine c.nd Chr^jti^i street ' - 
Randolphs court, fi-oni l£-6 N Second street 
Reads allley, from 190 Cedar to 5 Small streets 
Relief street, from 218 S Front, to 237 Second 
Relief alley, from 77 Dock st. to 34 Carters alley 
Richardson court, from 159 Sassafras street 
Rose alley, from St, Tam-i-inv. near Third to Brown 
Rowlinsons court, from 169 N Second street 
Rasberry alley, from Locust to Spruce, between Nintk 

and Tenth streets 
Sassafi-as street, from Delaware to Schuylkill between 

^ Chern- and Vine streets 
Sciiievelys alley, from 141 N Sixth, to Branners aller 
Says alley, from 41 Brown street 
Sassafras alley, from 201 Sassafras street 
Second steeet, (S) From 52 Hii^h to Mary- 
Second street (N), from 61 High to the Germantown road 
Seventh street (S), from 228 High, to Fitz waiter 
Seventh street (N), from 263 High td'Vine 
Sheafs allev, on the West side of 11th near Vine st. 
Shepherds court, from 36 N Third street 
Shrivers court, from 71 N Eighth 
Simmonds court, from 216 "N' Front street 
Sims alley, from the Delaware, to 15 S Water 
Seventh street (Little^ from near 178 Locust \ 
Sweed alley, opens at 22 Christian^, running South 
Shields alley, from 140 S Nmth to Rasberry alley 
Sansom street, from Seventh to Eighth, between Chesnut 

and Walnut streets 
Shippen street, from 266 S Front to Passyunk road 
Sixth street (S), from 192 High, to Passyunk road 

(( ^vi ) 

Sixth stredt, (;iS^) 233.Higl», W Germantown road 

Small street, from 19a Si'Jith to Sixth streets 

Smith ullf y,3iear Sai, S/rhird, to 32 Gaskill street 

Smith court, from 172 N; Eighth st 

South alley, from iO N Fifth, to 7 Sixth streets 

Spafford st. fron> 20i Shippen, to 43 Fitzwalter 

Spruce, street^ from the Dt-iaware to Schuylkill, between 

Dock, and Union streets 
Stampers alley, frojri 208 S Second, to 163 Third st. 
Stalls court, from 213 Sassafras street 
Starr alley, from &3 Cherry, to 189 Sassafras 
Sterling alley, from.lo Clierry, to 118 Sassafras st 
Strawberry streetj,. from S'6 High, to 5S Chesnut stg. 
Steinmetzs CGurt,ifrom 93 N Fourth street 
St. Georges street, from 50 S Sixth, to 7th, and from StK 

to Broad, between Cliesnut Sc Walnut streets 
St. Marys street, from 220 S Sixth to Eighth 
St. Johns street, from 59 Vine to Germantown road 
St. Tammany st. from 31 8 N 2nd, to Germantown road 
Summers court, from 414 S Second sti-eet ;,o- H >-' 
Swanson streets, from 10 Cedar to Prime 
Taper alley, from 53 Green street 
Taylors alley, from 58 S Front, to 73 Second street 
Tenth st. (N), from High to Vine, between 9tsi Sc 11th 
Tenth st. (S). From High to Cedar, between 9th Sc 11th 
Third street (N) from 115 High to Germantown road 
Third street (S), from High to Christian, and between S 

Second Sc Fourth streets 
Turners alley, from 210 High to carpenters street 
Union street, from 166 S Front, to 1^ Fourth 
Union allty, from 180 Swanson, to 463 S Front st. 
Vernon street, from 44 Cedar, to 29 Shippen streets 
Vine street, from 'the Delaware, to Schuylkill, between 

Sassafras and Callowhill streets 
Waggoners alley, from 155 Cherry, to 252 Sassafras 
W^alnut street, from the Delaware to Schuylkill, between 

Chesnut Sc Dock streets 
Water street (Little), from 7 Cedar to Lombard st alley 
Water street (S), from 12 High to Pine 
Water street (N), from 1'6 High to Willow st. 
Watkins court, from 22 Moravian alley 
Webbs alley, from 221 Cherry, to 334 Sassafras 
Wells alley, from the Delaware, to 371 N Front st 
Wests court, From 27 Cable lane 
William street, from 347 Callowhill to Logan st 

( xlvii ) 

Willings alley, from 98 S Third toTS Fourth street 

Wittrnans court, from 400 N Second street 

Wood street froiTi York to the Ridge roads, between "Vine 

Sc Callowhill streets 
York road^ from the intersection of Vine 8c 4th streets 

to the Germantown road ' ''[■'-' '.^■•'' * 
York court, from 1 05 S Third stfeeft!/. 
Zane street, from 32 N Seventh, to.Kighth streets 
Wharves (S) runs south, from High along the Delaware 
Wharves (N) runs north, from High along the Delaware 

Establishment of the Mails. 


TheEaftern Mail will be clofed every day, (Sunday excepted) at 
1 2 o'clock, at noon arid arrive at Philadelphia everyday. (Sunday ex- 
cepted) at 8 o'clock A. M. 

The Sourhern Mail will be clofed every day, (Sunday excepted) at 
half paft 7 o'clock,A.M.and arrive at Philadelphia every djy, (Sunday 
excepted) at half pall 9 o'clock A. M. - V. . . - .j v . 7} 

The Mail f jr Downings-town and Lapcaflp', P^P^yJvanU..,^vilJ 
be clofed every TuCi'day, Friday and Saturday; at half an 'liour before 
fun-fet, and arrive at Philadelphia every ^londay, Thurfday- and 
Saturday at 4 o'clock P. M. • '. 

The great Weftern Mail, via Chamberlburghto Kentucky, and 
North Weftern Territory, will be clofed every I uetaay and Friday at 
half an hour before fun-fet, and arrive at Philadelphia every Mon- 
day and Thurfday at 4 o'clock P- M. 

The Mail for TenneflTce and MiffiiTippi Territory, will be clofed 
every Friday at half an hour before fun-fet, and arrive at Phila- 
delphia every Thuifday at 4 o'clock. P, M. 

The Mail^ via Reading and Harrisburi;h, for the Post towns, in 
Milflin, Huntingdon, Northumbeiland and Lycoming counties, Penn- 
fylvania, will be clofed every Wcdnefday, at hall pjft three o'clock, 
P. M and arriv.e at Philadelphia every Wednefday morning. 

The Mail, via Hethlehera, Easton and Wilkelbarre, Pennfylva- 
nia, will be ci .fed every Wedneiday, at three o'clock, P. M. and ar- 
rive -t Philadelphia, every Wcdncfaav morning. 

The Mail- fpr VVoodbury, Sweedsb-)rough Woodstown, Salem 
and Bridgetown, W. N. Jerfey, will be clofed every V.'ednefday 
it three o' P, M. and arrive at Philadelphia every Wednesday 
at 9 o'ciuck A., M.-- ■ ■ 

The Ma 1 fof Atfion and Tuckerlon, New Jerfey, will be clofed e- 
very Thuri'da- , ^t ten o'^l ck,-A. M. and ariive at Philadelphia, e- 
verv Wednefday at fleven o clock A. M» 

The Mail,tfi»-Haddo- ,heKS Mount HoUv, New-M'Us and Borden- 
tow:., Ne\v-jer{ey, \v^'i be cloTcd every Wednefday at two o'clock, 
P. M. and arrive at Philadelphia every Wednefday at ten o'clock, A. 

( xlviii ) 

i^j' In thisadvertifement I have marked the times at which. let- 
ters muft be left at the office to infure their going in the Mail of the 
day. As all letters are to be marked-- accounts of them entered in a 
feook, and tranfcripts of thofe accounts made out to fend to the rel- 
pedlive Poft mafler. 

As there are fevfMl pJac^- hi the fame name in the: United 
States, the merchants and others are requeftcd to be very particular 
in the dire(5lion of their letters ; diRinguilhingti)e States, and where 
it would otherwife he dolibtful, the Counties, in whiclri thofe pla- 
ces are fituated. And when letters arc not for a Poft-town, the 
neareft Poft-town to the place ought to be mentioned. 

ROBERT PATrON, Put Matter. 

Ppftage of Letters throughout the U. S. 

F«r the poftage of any fingle letter to or from any place by land. 

Not exceeding 40 miles 8 cents 

ever 40 and not ev'^eeding 9o 10 

90 i5^o 12 1-2 

li'o 300 17 

300 coo 20 

Every place more than Joo .iiiles 25" 


THOMAS JEFFERSON, President of the United 

States (if America. 
AARON EURR, Fice-President of the United Sta'et, 

and President of the Senate, 
James Maddifon, Secretary of State, 
Albert Gallatin, Secretary of the Treafury, 
Gabrial Duval, Comptroller of ditto, 
Richard Harrifon, Auditor of ditto, 
Jofcph Nourfe, Regifterof ditto, 

Thomas Tudor Tucker, Treafurer, 
Henry Dearborn, Secretary of War, 
"Robert -mith. Secretary of the Navy, 

Judges of the Supreme Court of the United States, 
Joh.i Marflial', Chief Juftice, 
"William Cufhing-, William Patterron, Samuel Chafe, 

A. Moore, Bulhrod Wafhingion, Affociate Judges. 
Levi Lincoln, Attorney General. 

E^i^hth Congress of .the United States. 

N'-w Hanpjhire, Simeon Olcot, William Plumer. 
Rhode-Island. Chriftopher Ellery, Samuel J. Potter. 
Majfachufetts . John Q^^ Adams, Timothy Pickering.. 
Conneaicut. James Hilihoufe, Uriah Tracy. 
Vermont, S. R. Bradley, Urael Smith 

( xlix ) 

New Tork. Thcodorus Bailey, S. L. Mitchell. 
Nnv Jersey. Jonathan Dayton, John Gondit. 
Pentisyhania. George Logan, Samuel Maclay. 
Delaivare James A- Bayard, Samuel White. 
Maryland. Robert Wright, Samuel Smith. 
Virginia. John Taylor, Wilfon C, Nicholas, 
North Carolina. David Stone, JefTe Franklin. 
South Carolina. Thomas Sumptcr, Pierce Butler. 
Georgia. Abraham Baldwin, James Jackfon. 
Kentucky. John Breckenridge, John Brovrn. 
Tenncjfee. William Cocke. 
Ohio. John Smith, T. Worthington. 

House of Refiesentatives. 

• Nathaniel Macon, Speaker. 

Neiv Hampjlire. Samuel Tennty, Samuel Hunt, David 
Hough, Silas Bettan, Clifton Ciagget. 

Majucbufetts . William Euftis, Samuel Thatcher, J. Crown- 
ingfhield, Jofeph B. Varnum, Phanuel Bilhop, Simon Larned 
Ebenczer Seaver, Richard Cutts, Seth Haftings, MannalTeh 
Cutler, William Stedham, Peleg Wadfworth, Thomas Dwight, 
Nahum Mitchell, Lemuel Williams, Phineas Bruce, (one feat 

Rhode IJland. Jofeph Stanton, jun. Nchemiah Knight. 

ConneSiicut. John C. Smith, Roger Grifwold, Eenjamin Tal- 
mage, Samuel W. Dana, L alvin Goddard, John Davenport, 
Sam'.iel Baldwin. 

Vermont. Gideon Olin, ^Chamberlain, James Elliot, 

Martin Chittenden, 

Neiv York. Samuel Riker, Samuel L. Mitchell, Philip Van 
Cortlandt, Andrew M'Cord, Daniel C. Verplank, Beriah Pal- 
mer, David Thomas, Thomas Sammons, Erafttjs Root, John 
I'atterfon, Oliver Phelps, Jofhui& Sands, H. W. Livingfton, 
K. K, V. Renffelaer, George Tibbets, Gaylor Grifwold, John 

Neiv Jerfey. Ebcnezer Elmer, James Mott, Henry Southard, 
William Helms, James Sloan, Adam Boyd. 

Pennsylvania. Jofeph Clay, Jacob Richards, Michael Leib^ 
Roberc Brown, Ifaac Vanhorne, Frederic Conrad, Jofeph Heis- 
ter, J. Anderfon, John Whitehill, John Smiley, John Stewart 
John A. Hanna, David Bard, Andrew Gregg, William Findley, 
John B. C. Lucaj, John Hoge, John Rhea. 

Ddaxvare. C^far A. Kocincy. 

Maryland. Jc>f. H. Nifholfon, Wm. Mac Creery, John Ar- 
cher, Roger Nelfon, N R. Moore, Walter Bowie, John Den- 
nsi, Thomas Plater, John Campbell. 

Virginia. John Randolph, 1 homas Claiborne, Walter Jones, 
D Ap 

( 1 ) 

T. NcwroTi, jun. Ahraham Trigg, ChrU. Clark, Pctcrfon Good- 
■wyii, Jas. titcphcnfon, John G. Jackfon, Thomaj Lcwii, John 
.Smith, John Clopton, 1". M. Randolph John W. Eppci, John 
D^iwfon, J«ftph Lewis, juii. Edw^n Gray, David Holmes, An- 
thony New, Matthew Clay, Thomas Griffin, Philip R, Thomp- 

North Carolina. Nathaniel Macon, Willis Alfton, Richard 
Stanfoid, S. D. Purviancc, M. Williams, Thomas Wynne, 
James Holland, Wm. Blacklcdgc, Nathaniel Alexander, Jofcph 
Winnllon, William Kennedy, James (iillcfpic. 

Sout/j Carolina William Butler, ThoDias l.owndci, Richard 
Winn, licvi Carney, Wm. Wilfon, Wade Hampton, John 
Ji^arlc, Benjamin l!ugcr. 

Ctorgia. David Mcrriwcthcr, Peter Early, Samuel Hammond, 
((;ne feat vacant) 

Kentucky John Fowler, Ma>hew Walton, John Boyle, Tho- 
mas Standfortl, G. M Beditigcr, Mathew 1-yon. 

'I'emeJJ'ce William Dickfon, Geo. W. Campbell, John Rhea* 

Ohio Jeremiah Morrow. 

Mijpjftppi Territory. W. Lattimore, Delegate. 


Of the. United States-) resident in foreign countries, 

Cicncral Pinckncy resident at Lrntltin. 

Ju:ncs Monroe, envoy extranrdhiary to the court of Spain 

James t^oudoin, resident at Madrid 

General Armstrong, minister to Fraiicc 


To Great Britain and its dependencies. 

London, Geo. W. Irvine c. Dublin, Joseph Wilson 

Kingston, (II.) G. Knox c. Belfast, James Holmes 

Demerai-a k Eisiquibo, Bristol E. Vanderholt con. 

Wm. Gardner Poole, T. Auldjo v. consul 

Cork, John Church Cape Good Hope, J. Elmslie 

Liverpool, James Mauray Falmouth, Robert W. Fox 

Malta, Joseph Pedis Calcutta, (In.) Jacob Lewis 

Leith, Henry Grant Ciibraltar, John Gavino 

Curracoa, Benj. H. Philips Glasgow, John C. Murray 

To France and its dependencies, 

Paris, Fulwar Skipwith Southern department Bcnj. 
isle ot France and Bourbon, Danbridgc 
Wm.Buchannan Ostend, Francis L. Teany 

( li ) 
Cayenne, Thos. Aborn Port au Prince, R. Ritchie 

Dunkiik, Charles D. Cox Havre De Grace, Mr. de 
Bordeaux, William Lees La Motre 

Antwerp, J. C. Riirnet Nantz, William Patterson 

L'Orient, Aaron Vale Calais, John Appleton 

To Spain and its dependencies. 
Madrid, Moses Young St. Andre, L. M. O'Brien 

Aliant, Robt. Montgomery Cadiz, John Bulckley 
Barcelona, William Willis Malaga, Wm. Kirkpatrick 
La Guira, Augustin Madin St. Jago in Cuba, J. Blakely 
Havanna, R. Young Tenncrifte, John Cuhier 

Corunna, Henry Molier 

To Portugal and its dominions. 
Lisbon, Thomas Bulckley Fayal, John Steel 

To the Batavian Republic, 
Rotterdam, Jos. Varnum Amsterdam, Sylva. Bourne 

To Denmark and its dominions. 
Santa Cruz, Henry Cooper. Copenhagen, Thos. S. Sobyc 

To Prussia, 
Soten, Frederick W. Lutz 

To Germany. 
Hamburg, J. M. Forbes Bi*emeu F. J. Wichelhausen 
Franconia, Philip Mark Trieste, William Riggin 

To Stvcdsn 
Gottcnberg, Ellas Backm an. 

To tlie Italian States, 
Leghorn, Thos. Appleton Naples, John Matthew 
Rome, John B. Sartori Genoa, F. H. Walston 

To the Barha^y Powers. 
Algiers, Richard O'Brien Tangiers, James Simpson 
Tunis, William Eaton 


From foreign Powers^ resident in the United Stales. 

Anthony Merry, envoy extraordinary, and minister 
plenipotentiary of his Britanic Majesty. 

General Tuerreau, minister plenipotentiary of his Majes- 
ty, Emperor of the French. 

P. Pederson, charge des affairs and consul general of his 
Danish Majesty, 

Marquis deCasa Yriyo, minister plenipotentiary and 6n- 
voy extracrcjinarf of his Catholic Majesty. 

( lii ) 
From Great Britain. 

Charleston (S. C.) B. Modie Norfolk, John Hamilton 

Boston, Thos. M'Uenogh New-York, Thos. Barclay 

Philadelphia, PhineasBond Savannah, John Wallace 
Baltimore, Gabriel Wood 

From France, 

Philadelphia, L. A. Pichon Baltimore, Lou. Arcannbalc. 

con. gen. C. L. Foureroy Norfolk, Martin Oster v. c. 

con. firo tern Wilmington, (N. C.) R. De- 
New-York, General Rey c. lisle vice consul ^ 

Lequinio v. con. Charleston, Francis Soult c. 

Boston, Alexis Giraud con. Savannah, J. M. Sotin v. c. 

Portsmouth, (N. H.) G. Ca- N. Orleans, P. L. M. Mar- 

zeaux v. con. tel con. firo tern 

From Spain. 

Pennsylvania, Chevalier de Carolina, (N. Sc S.) J. Mor- 

Foronda, consul general phy 

NewHam.pshire.^Iassachu- Maryland, J. B. Barnabeau 

setts, Connecticut & \"er- New -York, T. Stoughton c. 

mont, J. Stoughton Rhode Island, Jos. Wiseman 

Virginia £c Kentucky, An- Georgia, Philip Fatio. 

tonie Argote Villalobos. 

From Denmark. 
Philadelphia, J. F. Eckart Norfolk, Francis Taylor, 
New-York; G. IMammeken Edenton, (Nc C.) J. Borltz 
Boston, David Greene Charleston, Jos. Winthrop 
Baltimore, Peter Collin Savannah, W. Scharbrough 
Alexandria, Jonathan Swift New Orleans 

From Portugal. 
J. Palyart consul general Massachusetts, R. Codmaa 

New York, John Abram Philadelphia Suarez 

From the Batavian Republic. 
J. H. C. Heineken, commercial agent. 
From Sxveden, 

Richard Soderstrom consul general 

New-York, Sc Connecticut, Alexandri?i, Jonath.Swifl 

Henrv Gahn v. consul Charleston (S. C.) Jos. Win- 
New Hampshire, Massa- throp 

chusctts, &c Rhode Island Baltimore, P. Collin 

Charles F. Deyen. N. Carolina, John Baitz, 
Jsorfclk Sec. John Cowper 

( liii ) 

Matthew Lawler, mayor. Moses Levy, recorder. 


Jonathan B. Smith, Alexander Todd, John Baker, Jacob 
Baker, Philip Wager, Robert Wharton, John Inskeep, 
John C. Stocker, Andrew Pettit, Philip S. Physick, John 
Barker, Samuel Carswell, John Douglas, Abraham Shoe- 


Robert Patterson President. \Vm. Adcock, George 
Bartram, Michael Bright, Mathew Carey, Paul Cox, 
Samuel Elliott, Stephen Ciirard, Hugh Henry. Benjamin 
Say, James Stuart, Sand, Wetherill — Joha L. Leib clerk. 

Thomas Leiper President, James Vanuxem, Robert 
Porter, W. Geisse, John Goodwin, John Harrison, Wm. 
Powell, Robert Cochran, Peter Christian, Alexander 
Cook,W. Dalzell, S.E. Fotterall, Andrew Kennedy, An- 
drew Leinau, James M^Glathery, John Purdon, William 
Rush, John Vallance, Joseph Worrell — H. Holmes, clerk. 
John Miller, high constable 63 north Fourth 
(Constables office, 161 Chesnut st.) 
Beck George, 172 south 5th street, Locust ward 
Burkhart Frederick, 146 north 5th, High street ward 
Clark John, 119 south Water, Dock ward 
Durnd Thos. 180 s^uth 4th street, New Market ward 
Forrest Thomas, Juniper alley. South ward 
Hudson James, Elmslies alley, \^'alnut ward 
Hunt Richard, 28 south 4th street, Middle ward 
Liddle William, 8 Hurst street, Cedar ward 
Malone John S. 361 Mulberry, south Mulberry ward 
Seyfert Conrad, 158 south Fourth, Lower Delaware ward 
Stowers John, sign Robin Hood, corner of Schuylkill 

6tli street, Chesnut w ard 
Walker Stephen S Heydes court, Xorth ward 
Willard Geo. Upper Delaware 
Zebley Jacob, 31 Sassafi-as aHey. North Mulbeny wai-d 

Thos. Willis, Peter Kraft, John Purdon, Mathew Shaw. 
Leonard Kcehmle, Thos. T. Peters and David Miller. 

J) 2 Ap. 

( liv ) 


Ebenezer Ferguson, John Grover, Richard Palmer, 

Joseph Marsh, senr. 
CONSTABLES. David Coombs, 33 German st. — Geo. 
Weaver, 40 Plum st. — Alexander Morrisop, 454 S Front 


JUSTICES OF THE PEACE. — John Hunter, G. Goodman. 
Constable^ Joshua Raybold, 55 Fitzwalter st. 



Joseph Cowpeithwai'e, Peter Browne, Sdml. Wheeler, 
Fieirick Wolbert, John Kcssler, Saml, Garrigues. 

rGeo. Cress, 32S N Second 
CoNSTABLEs.< Jacob Vandcrshce, ?60 N Front 

C. James ShilHngfoi-th, Frankford road 
John Barker, Sheriff, John Dennis, Coroner* 



On which is engrafted by an act ot the Legislature, 

The patients to be admitted into this Hospital, are the 
sick in body or mind, except with contagious diseases ; 
these are admitted from the Hospital Dispensary as out 

Forty paupers are allowed to' be received at one time, 
and no more, the funds at present not being sufficient to 
provide for a larger number ; but the charity will be ex- 
tended to the poor, in proportion to the increase of the 
capita] stock} which can only arise from future legacies 
or contributions, no tax being assessed on the citizens for 
the support of this institution. 

In the mean time the affluent are received, as pay pa- 
tients, at 3 to eight dollars a week, according to their 
circumstances in life, and the profit made by their board 
is applied with the interest of the capital, to the support 
•f poor patients, 

Accidents however, such as fractures, bad bruises, are 
admitted gratis, if brought within 24 hours after they 

( Iv ) 

happen, and the doors are to be opened at all hours t« 
receive them. 

In all other cases, applications should be made to one 
of the attending physicians and managers, whose names 
are published monthly in Poulson's paper. But on the 
4\\\ and 7lh day of every week, those managers and phy- 
sicians attend regularly at the hospital from 10 to 12 
o'clock in the afternoon, on purpose to receive and dis- 
charge patients, where if the applicant applies, it will 
often save much trouble. 

Legacies are usually given in the corporate name, viz. 
" I give to the Contributors to the Pennsylvania Hospital, 
and to their successors, &c" .Contributions and donations 
are sent or taken to 

Treasurer^ 25 Dock, betiveen Second and Front streets, 
Office S\ E. corner of Chesrait and Sixth. 
Ebenezer Ferguson, President. Dr. William. Currie, 
Wm. Binder. David Jackson, Treasurer, 
Dr. James Reynolds, Secretary, 
Who have the direction of an efficient law for the pre- 
servation of the health of the inhabitants ; by whose at- 
tention a-nd in defc.ti gable vigilance, under Divine Provi- 
dence, the city has been exempted from contagious dis- 
ease last year, and an unusual degree of health prevail- 
ed throughout the season. 

Nathan Dcrsey, Lazaretto Physician^ 
Samuel Dufrield, Llospital Physician^ 
Thomas Egger, Quarantine Master^ 
William Allen, Health Officer^ 
Are also commissioned by the Governor, in subordina- 
tion to the Board of Health, and the following persons 
are under the appointment of the Board, viz. 

Sam.uel Goodman, Steward of the City Hospital, 
George Budd, Steivard of the Lazaretto, 
William Allison, Joseph Weatiierby, Adam Duey and 
Robert F.rvvin, Sufierintendants of nuisances. 



Managers. Wiiiiam AVhite, Samuel Pleasants, Robert 
Elackwell, Henry Helmu'h, Lawrence Seckel, George 
Fox, Robert Smith, John Kaighn, Godfrey Kaga, Robert 
Ralston, Ebenezer Hazard and Samuel P. Grif2a&, 

( Ivi ) 

jittending Physicians is" Surgeons. Drs. J. C. Rous- 
seau, James Stuart, Nathaniel Chapman, Peter Miller, 
Charles Meredith and James Hutchinson. 

Consulting Physicians ijf Surg-eons. Drs. William 
Shippen, Adam Kuhn, Benjamin Rush and Thos. Parke. 
jifiothecary. Henry Wismer. Treasurer. John Clifford. 
Annual Election, 7th and 8th of January. 



Who^ on application^ releive the distressed^ to the extent 
authorised by Lanv. 

Conrad Wile 47 N Fourth Robert Taylor 99 S Front 
H. Sailor corn. 8th & Race Jesse Worrel 56 S Sixth 
Fredck. Forepaugh 72 Vine J. Vodges corner 6th & Ches, 
Wm. Smiley 74 S. Water Thos. Amies 172 S Second 
Gil. Gaw 13 Elfreth's alley Philip Mason 131 S Sixth 
Pierce Maher 9 S. Water 

Robert Wilson corner Ger- A. Urquhart 31 Catherine 
man Sc Passj-unk, Geo. Pearson 374 S Front 

Robt. Alien, S17 S Third 

Adam Keller, 194 N Third Peter Gable 53 Brown, 
Fred. Kesler 300 N Front Joha Rice upper end of 
Caleb Hughes 307 N. Third Queen street, Kensington. 
A.Zahrens 297 N. Third 


Matthew Shaw 58 Pine, God. Fredrickson 212 N 2d 

A. Gever, junr. 28 Branch Frederick Piper. 570 N 2d 

John Elliot, l9o S Front Wm. Beard, 275 S Second 

Levi Garret, 132 S. Front Jas. M'Glathery, 50 High. 


Philip S. Phvsick, 120 Arch Joseph \Yorre\ president 56 

Elijah Griflfiths, 112 Race S Sixth street 

Eenj. S. Barton, 1S4 Arch James M'Glathery^rmiz/rer 

Thomas C. James, 72 S 2d 50 High street 

James Reynolds, York court Walter L.Shee, solicitor^ 18 

John Church, 266 S Sccmd S Sixth street 

James Carson, Secretary, 127 Cedar. 

( Ivii ) 


Joseph B. Eves, president. Th. Bradford jr. vice fires. 
Benj. Williams, treasurer. Jos. R. Kammerer, Sec'rij. 

Afa7iai*ers, William Fry, Thomas L. Bristoll. Thos. 
Bradford, junr. Jonathan Fell, junr. Benjamin Williams, 
Philip Garrett, Joseph Williams, b. u. s. Jo^ R. Kam- 
merer, William Paxon, Joseph Bennet Eves, Thomas 
M. Hall, Frederick Stehvaggon, George Summers, Sam- 
uel Lippincoct, Caleb Cresscn, jun. Fielding Lucas, jun. 
John M-Knight, Joseph M. Paul. 

JLltcting Committee. William J. Bell, Henry Hubley, 
William Jones, Joseph Parry, James Cresson, William 
Blakeiy, jun. William Abbott, Charles Allen, Hudson 
Stockton, Adam Konigmaker, Joseph rvlaxfieid, Richard 
George. Annual Election, 1st of January. 


Peter 'y,hi\\\%nh^vg^ president. Geo. A. Baker, T'zc-f/^re*' 
John Greiner, treasurer, John Singer, soliciter, 

Casper Rehn, Charles G. Treichel, secretaries. 

Overseers. Conrad Haas, Charles Kugler, John Hay, 
Andrew Leinau, John Long, John Guyer. 
Charles Hupfield, deacon. — Annual election, 26th Decem, 

?Janagers. Capt. Nathaniel Falconer, George Ord, 
Charles Biddle, Leeson Simmons, Stephen Girard, Ro- 
bert Bethell, Robert Gill, Henry Hawkins, Jos. Vansisc, 
Wra. J. Keen, James Montgomery, \\'illiam Blair. 
Treasurer, Capt. \\'illiam Davis. 
Annual Election, 7th of Januar}'. 
Vrm. M'Pherson, President, 
Thomas Smith and Thomas Leiper, vice-firesidents. 
Thomas Ewing, treasurer. William Mitchell, .srrr.^/ary. 
Asii-^'tants^ Robert Smith, James M'Curach, William 
Innes junr. Thomas Wotherspoon, Dr. A. Spence aad 
David Walker. 


Isaac Hazlehiirst, President. Philip Nicklin, vice-fires, 

Robert E. Griffith treasurf^ George Davis, secretary. 

Stercards. Thomas Ketland. John Waddington, Joseph 

Sims, Peter Browne, ^^'■m. Povntell, Robt. Morris, junr. 

Geo. Ingels, President Wm. Garrigues, x-zce President. 

( Iviii ) 

Joseph Wetherill, Treasurer John Smith jun. Secrefary 
David Flickwire, Warden. 
Managing CoM?iiTTEE ; Wm. Linnard, Jacob Col- 
laday, Joseph Morris, George Summers, Jonathan Ro- 
berts, Wm. Po,vell, Daniel Knight. 

abolitiojv society. 

Dr. Benj. Rush, president. John Evans, treasurer. 
Robert Patterson and Thomas Parker, -vice presidents. 
John Bacon and Benjamin Williams, secretaries 

Counsellors. William Lewis, \'\''illiam Rawle, John 
Hallowell, Walter Franklin, James Milnor, Joseph Hop- 
kinson, Joseph Hemphill, John R. Coates, Daniel Smith, 
George Fisher, George Vaux, Jacob S. Wain, junr. 

JElecting Commitee. Hanson Waters, Joseph Moore, 
Isaac T. Hopper, Abraham Hillyard, Edmund Kinsey, 
Charles Townsend, Samuel Smith, Thomas Harrison, 
W^illiam Master, Thomas Rogers, Isaac Pearson, Joseph 


William V^hiie^ firesident. Isra. W. Morris, treasurer. 
William Rogers and Thomas \\''istar, vice presidents, 
Caleb Cresson jun. ^ Wm. M'Uhenney, jun. secretaries. 
Electing Committee. Israel W. Morris, Samuel P. 
GrifBtts, Thomas Wistar, William M'Uhenney, Ben- 
jamin Thaw, Zachariah Poulson, Thomas Parker, Thom- 
as Harrison, Isaac Parish, Jacob Shoemaker. 


John Redman, president, \^'■m. Shippen, -vice president. 
Censors. Samuel Duffield, Thomas Parke, Casper Wis- 
tar, junr. Samuel P. Griffitts. 

Benjamin Say, treasurer. Thomas T. Hewson, Secr'y, 

Thos. lEJFEnso-^^preside7it. John Vaughan^ treasurer, 
Caspar Wistar, Robert Patterson, Benjamin Smith Bar- 
ton, vice presideyits, 

John Redman Coxe, Adam Seybert, Thomas C. James, 
Thomas T. Hev/son, secretaries. 

James Woodhouse, Samuel Duffield, William Shippen, 
Zaccheus Collins, Counsellors for three years. 
Chas.W.Peale, John Church, Rob. H[are, jun. Curators. 

( lix ) 



Charles Pettit, President 
Directors. Andrew Bayard, Daniel W. Coxe, Joseph 
Donath, Thomas English, Thomas W. Francis, Robert 
Harwood, Samuel Hodgdcn, x\lexander Henry, Godfrey 
Haga, John Inskeep, John Leamy, Samuel Mifflin, x\rch- 
ibald M'Call, Samuel Rhoads, James Taylor., Joseph 
Taggert, Jacob C. Wikoff, Robert Wharton, James Boggs, 
Samuel Keith, William Poyntell, James Read, Richard 
Willing, Jacob S. Wain. Election 8th of January. 



James S. Cox, President. 
Directors. Daniel Smith, John C. Stocker, Joseph 
Sims, Abijah Dawes, Henry Pratt, George Latimer, Jes- 
se Wain, Samuel Breck, John G. Wachsmuth, Jehu 
HoUingsworth, Samuel Coates, Henry Nixon. 
Election 14th of January. 



Samuel W . Fisher, President, 
Directors, Robert Wain, Thomas M. Willing, John 
Savage, John Ashley, Abraham Kintzing, jun. James 
Smith, Joseph S.Lewis, John Gardner, jun. Henry Haw- 
kins, William J. Miller, William Wain, James C. Fisher. 



Thomas Fitzimmons, President, 
Directors. William Buckley, Aug, Bousquet, John 
Craig, George Curwen, Joseph D. Drinker, Stephen 
Dutilh, Griffith Evans, Rich. Gernon, Manuel Eyre, jun. 
Lewis D. Carpentier, Samuel Meeker, William M'Faden, 
Jacob Sperry, John Welsh. 



Joseph Ball, President. 
Directors. William T. Smith, William M'Murtrie, 
Philip Nicklin, James Vanuxem, Stephen Girard, Joseph 
Summerl, John H. Brown, Hugh Colhoun, John Bohlen, 
Lewis Clapier, Daniel Man, Richard Dale. 

( Ix ) 


Isaac WhartoR, fire.Hident. David Lewis, xnce-prrtf. 
Directors. Robert E. Griffith, Joshua Gilpin, Joseph 
Snowden, Paschal HoUingsworth, Joseph Curwen, E. 
E. Maddock, Jno. Tvleany. 



Richard Peters, firesident. John Dorsey, treasurer. 

Directors. John Di>q]ap, John Perot, Ebenezer Ha- 
zard, William Poyntell, Thomiis Savery, Charles Bid- 
die, John G. Wachsmuth, George Fox, George Rein- 
holdt, Peter Browne, Riduaxl Hill Morris, Anthony Cuth- 
bert. Elected 7th of January. 

Eben. Hazard, president. William Govett, treasurer. 

Direcicrs^ Eenj. R. Morgan, Elias Bondinot, Wm. 
Sansoiri, Jacob Downing, Wm. Montgomery, WmRead, 
P. S. Du Ponce;"u, James Vanuxem, Joshua Gilpin, Tur- 
ner Camac, Richard Wistar, George Bickham. 

David Lewis, president. William Govett, treasurer. 
Managers, James C. Fisher, Henry Drinker, junr. 
W^illiam Read, Zaccheus Collins, Samuel Magaw, Jacob 
Downing, Jolin Newbold, "William Montgomery, Wm. 
Sansom, Benj. W. Morris, William \oung, James Read. 


Elliston Perot, president, Wm. Govett, treasurer., isfc. 
^lAnagers. Richard Thomas, W^illiam Sansom, Jacob 
Downing, James C. Fisher, Godfrey Haga, Sam. Wheel- 
er, John Curwen, Paul Beck, jun. Jolm Hubley, Adam 
Reigart, jun. George Aston, Samuel Hains. 

Benj. Chev/, jun. president. Joseph Bullock, treasurer. 
Managers. John Bohlen, Peter Brown, EdAvard Du- 
iiant, William Davy, Sr.muel W. Fisher, George Fox, 
Joseph P. Norris, Thomr.s Newbold, jun. Thomas Nor- 
ton, James Vanuxem, Samuel Wheeler, Jesse Wain. 

James C. Fisher, /2?-es/<:/r;2r. Joseph James, treasurer. 
Managers. John C. Stocker, David Lewis, George 
Ludlam, J. G. Wachmudi, R-ilr<rdGernon, Alexander 
Martin, Abraham Duffield, Derick Paterson, John M'El- 
roy, Gilbert Rodman, John Shalcross, John Lardner. 

( Ixi ) 


Israel Israel, Esquire ; Grand Master. 

Fred. Wolbert, Esquire, Deputy Grand Master, 

Robert PuUen, Senior Grand Warden. 

Robert Poalk, Junior Grand Warden. 

George A. Baker, Grand Secretary. 

Thomas Armstrong, Esquire Grand Treasurer. 


Awmder of Masters Xames. Times of Meeting- 

the Lodges ^ ^ 

2 Thomas Rayner, 1st Sc 4th Mondays 

3 Saml. Hergesheimer, 1st k 3d Tuesdays 
9 William Huckel, 1st Sc 3d Fridays 

19 Thomas Tomkins, 1st Sc 3d Thursdays 

51 Robert Poalk, 2d Sc 4th Thursdays 

52 Cadwalader Griffiths, 1st Sc 3d Wednesdays 

59 2d & 4th Tuesdays 

67 Lodewyck Sharpe, 2d & 4th Fridays 

7 1 John Ray junr, 2d & 4th W^ednesdays 

72 Joseph Blame, 2d 8c 4th Saturdays 

73 Edward George, 1st Sc 3d Thursdays 
91 — 1st & 3d Saturdays 


ALBERT! GEO. F. 116 N Caldwell Chas. 211 S Second 
Front Cathrall Isaac 23 Mulberry 

Anson John 20 Shippen Chapman Natl. 113 Walnut 

Barton Ben. S. 184 Mulberry Christie David 80 Penn 
Bertron David 50 Green Church John 266 S Second 
Bethausen E. 339 N Third Conover Saml. 26 N Fifth 
Blayney Arth. 165 Sassafi'as Cox John R. 51 N Third 
Bleight Samuel 76 Mulberry Cnrrie Wm. ISO S Second 
Brown Thomas 9 PassyuDk Dewees Wm. 205 Mulberry 
JBudd Wm. ISr Sassafras Duffield SamL 12 Cliesnut 
E Ap. 

Dunlap Jas. 107 Mulberry Parke Thos. 20 S Fourth 
Farquhcir Geo. 39 N Sixth Pascalis Felix 159. S Front 
Fiss Josepli 38 N Eighth Peres Peter 31 Callowhill 
?Fraiik Adam 2CS St. Johns Perkins Elijah 124 Spruce 
Gallahcr Jimes ;4N Fourth Physick P. S. 120 Mulberry 
Gillaspy Geo. 233 S Front Porter John 244 N Second 
Glent worth P. E. 144 Sas- Pi oudut James 153 S Second 
safras Redman Thos. 18S Chesnut 

Goss Joseph 10 Plum Redman John 44 N Second 

Griffith Elijah 112 Sassafras Reynolds James York court 
GriffittsSaml. P. 62 S Front Rogers Patrick 262 N 2d 
Hanckle John 364 N Second Rousseau John 210 Spruce 
H trris Robert 24 N Eighth Rownd Samuel H. 165 S 2d 
Hedges Lu ilow 59 N Tliird Rovoudt Wm. 2 Wood 
Hewson IMios. T. 41 Spruce RushB. corner Walnut &4th 
Hevlin Isaac 13 S Seventh Say Bcnj. 152 Chesnut 
Howard John, 319 N Third Sermon Isaac 23 N 2d 
James Thos. C. 72 S Second Seybert Adam 114 High 
Keehmle John 33 K F(,urth Sh'ippen Wra. 10 Prune 
Kuhn A. next 140 Chesnut StdffordRobert b. IIOS 4th 
Le Combe John 262 S Third Strong Jos. corner Walnut 
La Roche R*!:c 98 S Fifth and Second 

MacKenzie J.D. 15 Lombard '-:tewart James 195 S Fourth 
Matliieu Joseph 16 Branch Tate John 4S N Fourth 
Mease James 192 Chesnut Vanleer B. 8th nearChesnut 
Meredith C. 254 N Second Vickers Abram. 160 N 3d 
Miller Peter 62 N Third Wallace Wm. 109 German 
Minnick Joseph P. 30 High Weaver John 419 N Second 
Mongea R. 81 S Third Welser Godfrey-, 364S Front 

Moore Saml. 3S Sansom White \Ym. 441 N Second 
Nevling John 366 N Second Wismer Henry Dispensary 
Norgrave Nathl. 23 N 10th Wistar Caspar 112 S Fourth 
Otto John C . 139 Mulberry Woodhouse Jas. 13 Clierry 


BowersMrs. 9 Farmers alley M'Mannis Mrs. Walnut 

Brown Mary 11 Callowhill near 12th 

Clinton Mary, Locust above Moodie Mrs. 2 Oak (S) 

Seventh Morrel Ixlrs. 71 Union 

Corley Rebecc^ 56 Shippen Philips Mrs. 9 Coxes alley 
Dickerson Mrs. 31 Coates Regin Ann, 16 St. Johns 
Ernes Ann 207 Sassafras Rose Jane 7 Brewers alley 
Hemphill Jane 73 Plum Rose Ann 9 Brewers alley 

Kilnatrick Ann 96 Swanson Rose Susannah 7 Brewers 
M Cabe Mrs. 241 S Sixth alley 

M'FallRosina 163 Mulberry Thompson Mrs. 25 Penn 

( Ixiii ) 

Thackara Eleanor 46 S 6th Wells Mrs. St. Mary above 
Vanholt Ann 190 S 6th 7th 

Weatherby Mrs. 106 Cedar Zigler Ann 74 New st 
Whooly Mrs. 36 Appletree 


Anthony Mrs. 386 N Tlnrd Knowlen Selah, layer out 
Baker R. 66 Catherine of the dead 15 Vernon 

Barnet Martha 65 N 3d M^Carter Rachael, 64 N 7th 
Barry Ann 94 N 7th Moore Hannah 247 S 3d 

Bruner C. Lumbard near Norton J. 22 Coombs alley 

Tenth Pettit Esther 74 New 

Callopen Margaret 74 New Rivers Mary 76 Penn 
Corr Sophia 15 Brewers al- Robinson Eliza 6 Callowhill 

ley Rowen Mrs. 27 Queen 

Crosley Ann 158 N 2d Simpson Mrs. 215 -S' Fifth 

Crowell Rachael 53 Almond Skelton Mary 74 New 
Delaqur Mrs. 116 N 6th Swain Elizabeth 182 N 2d 
Dunlap Eliza 27 Penn Thompson E. 102 N Third 

Harvey Mrs. 78 Lumbard Tomblesone Mrs. 62 Coates 
Hendricks Rebec. 65 Queen Walter Mrs. 119 Swanson 
January Hannah layer out Williams E. Coopers court, 
of the deadj 1 Smiths alley 

( Ixiv ) 




r- CO* 

^ ^ CO • 


cJ^ . 

^ ^ -t: >- i 


^ < J "i S"S 

- r- ^'". = .^ = 

"5 X g E '-^ -i""" 

•^ >> — >^ s r: 
- - 3i J2 t: iz: 

t« ^ c: - ^ :/ 

c: = c ^'i >» t^ y. 

.- :/> ^ ^ ^ '^ -r 


^ t>^ 

•~ "' .r X -r' 

2 '"t '^ f^ = '-^ B: 

c ^ -; |« Z ^ en 

c5 t^ c i *^ 

- ::; tr •- ?r> - y 

:z; :j .^ ^ ;z; ^ 

S CO r^- ^ 5 ^ > 

o - o 2 E o -^ 

u t: 

^"^ 1i be ri Er~^ 

;2 CD -r 5 :^ ^ J 

- c o = 5 
■^ o c 5 > ^ 






'•J ^ 






rJ ^ "'' 

.•^ iJ^S 

'J - >» 
'w 00 ' u 

^ '^ ^ 

» 5! *- 

^ JT '3 ,P "■ .i o 

^ 'j: ^ . ? £ 
«■ =^ • z 5 ' cT 

I .^, o ^ :^ ^ CO 

" '^ ri 

<^ '^ r^ ^ K 

^ o 2 ^i^ i:^ o 

t> ^ — 

~ ii - b 
— 'S — "^ 

•"H ^.^ '-^ "^ 
-7 — "^ o 

■^ M r. 

c .^ ^ - O ^ y 

^ c •"" c — -^ 

= E ^ t::^ j:=>; 

::; •"' CO . - - :r S 

^ IT' c i3 :: .•- o 

-^ c ti: — y •» 

= o ~ ^ be y 

> $ r^ 

< < « ;; tt ;::; ;j U 

Jj rt 5 f— 1 ^ '-^ 

5 r^ -^ ^> ^ 

^ ^ ,c •- r = J 

u i 5 - Si g J 

ij ::: - V. L, t 1- 

> X - zz c — — 

O ri i. .t: u c; rf 

I— I (— I I— I I— < N^ ^ hH 

( Ixy ) 

> -W- CO 

P* 00 r- 

S § 2 

■C-- ^-^*">^ar^ r^dJV c 

S 2 



1) .-H L 

nJ c S i 


t/D cp oT' a> ^ 

*i t, r: c '^ 

ci (U ?- o *-• C 

S- £i s/f r-i *-' :^ 

0^ -^ c p p 
rt • c "O !^ v:: it; "^ 

C3 rt ^ j^ ^ 

^ y: 

^ ^ ^ ^ ^ 

^ h; ^ ;z; ;^ ;2i ^ ^ 12; /^ :^ :z; 


2 Ap, 

E P crj -C j3 

!^ :! fc/D -r! ■*-» 

o p 6r i- G «;^ 

t^ 5/:.S = ^ ^ 

J- t: OS *j .~ E 

o o ^ .t:; j:^ S 

;z; Ph pi p^ ;/} CAJ 

GO C« 

( Ixvi ) 

( Ixvli ) k 


Upper Delaware Ward, l^xtciuls within a line 
of lliu river Uelawurc, thence by the noithern boun- 
dary of the city to I'ouilh-street, thence by the 
bai(l nver lo the northern bouncUiry of the city. 

Luivir Delaware IVard, Kxiends vviihin a line 
from the river Delaware, thence by Sassafras-st. 
to Fourth-street, thence by the '•ame to Mulberry- 
street, thence by llie same to the river Delaware, 
and thence by said river to Sassafras-street. 

Iligli sLrtet Ward. Kxiends within aline from the 
Delawarci thence by Mnlbei ry-street to I'ourih st. 
thence by the same lo lli'.i,h street, thence by the 
same to the river Delaware, and thence by the said 
river to Mulberry street. 

Cliesnut Ward. Extends within % line from the 
river Delaware, thence by hii^h-street to Fourth- 
street, thence by the same t(n^hesnut street, thence \ 
by tlu: same to the river Delaware, and thence by 
tlie said river to Hii^h stieet. 

Walnut Ward, Exiends witliin a line from the 

river Delaware, thence by Chesnut street to Fourth 

street, thence by the same to Walnut street, thence 

by the same to the river Delaware, and thence by 

the said river to Cliesnut street. 

Duck Ward, Extends wiliiin a line from the 
river Delaware, thence by Walnut street 'o Fourth 
strcetf thence by the same to Si)ruce street, thence 
by tlie same to the river Dcl^iware, and thence by 
the said river to Walnut street. 

New Market Ward. Extends within a line from 
the river Delaware, thence by Spruce street to -ith 
street, thence by the same to the Southern boun- 
dary of the (>ity, thence by said boundary to the 
river Detawaie, and thence by said river to Spruce 

North Mulberry Ward. Extends within a line 

Q ixviii ; 

from Fourth -street, thence by the Northern boun- 
dary of the City, to the Western boundary of the 
same, thence by the said Western boundary to 
Sassafras stret t, thence by the same back to 4th 
street, and thence by the same to the place of be- 

South Mulberry Ward, Extends -within a line 
from Fourth-street, thence by Sassafras-street to 
the Western boundary of the City, thence by the 
same to Mulberry-street, thence by the same back 
to Fourth-street, and thence by the same to the 
place of beginning. 

North Ward' Extends within a line from Fourth- 
street, thence by Mulberry-street to the western 
boundary of the city, thence by the same to High- 
street, thence by the same back to Fourth-street, 
and thence by the same to the place of beginning. 

Middle Ward. Extends within aline from Fourth- 
street, thence by High-street to the western boun- 
dary of the city, thence by the same to Chesnut- 
street, thence by the same back to Fourth-street, 
and thence by the same to the place of beginning. 

South Ward. Extends within a line from Fourth- 
street, thence by Chesnut-street to the western 
boundary of the city, thence by the same to Wal- 
nut-street, thence by the same back to Fourth- 
street, and thence by the same to the place of be- 

Locust Ward. Extends within a line from Fourth- 
street, thence by Walnut-street to the western 
boundary of the city, thence by the same to Spruce- 
street, thence by the same back to Fourth street, 
and thence by the same to the place ot beginning. 

Cedar Ward. Extends within a line from Fourth- 
street, thence by Spruce-street to the western 
boundary of the city, thence by the same to the 
southern boundary thereof, thence by, the same 
back to Fourth-street, and thence by the same to 
the place of beginning. 

( Ixix ) 


AIEL GEORGE, sail maker 227 N Third 
Alexander John, cabinet maker York court 
Amos Jacob, shoemaker Wells alley 
Ansbey John, sea captain 35 Union 

BEARD NICHOLAS, victualler Charlotte 
Beck Henry E. hair dresser 50 x^rtillery lane 
Bell Wm. clock Sc watch maker near 21 S Front 
Benhier John, carpenter 37 St. Tammany 
Blain Leon, merchant 231 S Front 
Bonnell Sc Fulton, paper makers Sc stationers 24 

Boyle Joseph, carpenter i98 N Second 
Boyle Benjamin, carpenter Poplar lane 
Brown Fred, copperplate printer, 73 S Front 
Brov/n Wm. merchant 18 Pine 
Burge John, confectioner 3 6 Chesnut 
Burkhardt Henry, baker 23 Walnut 

CAMPBELL THOS. boarding house 13 Swanson 
Casteldine Wm. coach maker Locust above 8th 
Chesnut John, carter Locust near Twelfth 
Chew Benjamin jr. attorney at law 152 S Second 
Childs Luke, carpenter Logan 
Christy Wm. shoemaker 29 S Front 
Collet Ann, gentleweman 166 Walnut 

DAVIS Sc BRANSON, sailmakers 109 S Water 
Davio Mathew, merchant 40 Brown 
Davis J. stationer, 86 Mulberry st. 
Davy John, cabinet maker Coxes alley 
Dominick Chas, painter oc glazier Noble st. 
Dontremei G. silversmith 20 Cherry 

EGLEY SAMUEL, taylor Coombs alley 
Elliott Joseph perfumer, 65 Mulberry st 
Ervin John, sadler Juniper lane 

FAGUNDUS GEO. tavernkeeper 427 N Second- 

( Ixx ) 

Fawcett Wm. hardware merchant 195 High 
Feiguson Robert, taylor 417 N Front 
Foster Walter, taylor 2 8 Little Water 
Field and Thomas, merchants* 61 N Front 
Fowler Thos. mate 126 N Front " 

Fox Michael, carter 129 Callowhill 
GOODMAN THOS. & Co. merch. 9 S W^harves 
Goodman Thos. merchant corner Schuylkill 5th Se 

Grum William, shoemaker, 30 Mulberry 
HALL EZEKILL, distiller Cable lane near Vine 
Hankinson Wm. storekeeper, 204 N Second 
Hatherty Henry, engraver 145 N Second 
Harkness Adam, stone cutter 22 N Ninth 
Hart James, 9;rocer, 229 N Third , and corner of, 

Vine street 
Henderson John, carpenter 188 Lumbard 
Heygham Robert, acccmptant 34 St, Johns 
HeckeniTiiiler Jacob, blacksmith near 31 Cable lane 
IRWIN a 3\ELLEY, publishers of the Ihiladelphia 

Repository, & book store, 76 N Fourth st 
Isra.el Wm. P. Zz Co. merchants 19 S V/arves 
JACOB Wm. hatter 23 Caiiovhijl 
M'COY ROBERT, smith next 299 & 523 N 2d 
M'Cucchon Samuel, sea captain 45 Sv>^anson 
M'Farlan John, sea capluin 16 Catherine 
M'Glathery Georgej carpenter 33 Plum. 
M'^Leod Mordecia, grocer Vernon 
Mackie £c Graff, soap & candle manufacturers 319 

N Second 
Mackiileu John, storekeeper 62 S Second 
MagoSin Joseph, merchant 153 S Ninth 
l^laguiie Arthur, laborer, 118 N Water 
ISIselambre Jacob, shoemaker 5» S Front 
Martin James, genilenian 66 George 
Muson Ham.^-itead, mariner 29 North alley- 
Mason Manslichl A. shoemaker 70 Shipp&n. 
Maxrield James, porrer i;\) Cherry 
Meredith C M. D. 254 N Second 
Meredith Daniel, shoemaker i9 PassyuDk 

[ IXXl ) 

MichauU — — , mu9»ician 154 Spruce 
Miller Peter, M, D. 62 N Third 
Miller Nicholas, blacksmu.h, 16 Artillery lane 
Miller Joseph, grocer, 152 N Third 
Miller GcorgCj 'grocer Crown st. 
Miller John, oakcocper 4th above Brown 
Miles John junr. gunsmith 27 S Water 
Mitclrel Francis, trunkmaker Juniper near George 
Moore James, carpenter Little Seven ch 
Moore Thomas, silversmith Coombs alley- 
Morris Wm. porter I Grays alley 
Morrison John, turner Vernon 
Moye? George, porter 4th above Brown 
Mullin Edv/ard, grocer Oak st. [N. L.] 

NEELY JOHN, grocer 123 S V/ater 
Nestick Saml. T, shoemaker 4 Vernon 
Nice Ann, mantua maker 201 N Third 
Niser Jacob, potter 26 Dock 

O'BRIEN PATRICK, carter 224 Shippen 
O'Conncway Math, interpreter 13 Willings alley 
O'Farren Nie!, dealer 403 S Front 
O'Hallaran Lawrence, laborer back of 116 High 
Ogden John, carpenter 3 Fayette 

PARRISH SAMUEL, merchant 17 N Second 
Patterson John, corder Race st. M'CuUochs court 
Perry Susannah, boarding-house near 48 Gaskill 
Pinkhorn Martin, baker, near 187 S Seventh 
Pitcher Rufus, ladies shoemakc'r 91 S Second 
Price Abia, deputy goaler 4 Strawberry 

RAYMON NATHAN, shipwright Coopers court 

Redman John M. D. 42 N Second 

Redman Thomas, gentleman 188 Chesnut 

Reaver John, taylor 2 I N Sixth 

Reed Samuel £c Alex, grocer corner 3d Sc Arch 

Rees Edward, accomptant 4 Noble 

Ridgeway Jane, boarding house 67 Arch 

Rigg Johr. H. accomptant 98 N Sixth 

( Ixxii ) 

Rene ^Michael, grocer 6 S Water 

Robeson Levy, shoemaker Eighth near Cedar 

Robinson J. lU. D. Penn street 

Rogers \Vm. D. D. Professor, Sec. in the Universi- 
ty of Pennsylvania. University S Ninth st. 

south apartments 

RotW Richard, tanner above 500 N Second 

Rudolph Ann, widow, 142 N Water 

Russel Elizabeth, mantua maker Pattons court 

SAP ABRAHA:M, victualler 4th above Brown 
Scott "Mary, nurse Couffmans court 
Seip Peter, grocer Sc meal-man 224 N Front 
Sicard Stephen, dancing master 130 Mulberry 
Simons Joseph Sc Noah, dry good store 25 3 S 2d 
Soares John, consul from Portugal 122 Pine 
Specht Jacob seiir. victualler Charles 
Sprenger Joseph C. merchant, 66 N Third 
Stokely Mary, boarding house 195 S Second 

TAYLOR JOSEPH, accomptant near 50 Crown 

VERNOU JOHN, hair dresser 3 S Front 
Vickers Abraham, M. D. 160 N Third 
Voloran Dennis, A. drawing master, 109 Spruce 

WAGNER HENRY, grocer above 500 N Second 
W^aterman Thomas, accomptant 12 Sansom 
Weatherby Joseph, deputy Sherriff 446 N Third 
Welsh Hannah boarding houss, 86 ^'ulberry 
Whiteman Windel, tanner above 500 N Second 
Whitney Thos. manufacturer of Surveyors and 
other mathematical instruments, N 6th street 
opposite one mile and a half, Germantown 
road.— —Orders left at 48 Chesnut street, will 
be attended lO. 
Willard, Parr, storekeeper* 115 N Second 
Weyant John, porter above 500 N Second 
Wright Henry R. merchant 59 S Water 


Moon's Pbafes. 
D. H. M. 

Firft 3) 
Full O 
I.aft C 

New # 




TO A. 

3 28 M 
9 44 M 

1 57 A, 

1 1 ;2i 

23 21 

29 2T 

Planets' Places, &c 





. 16 


n. pi 
28 18 

29 [17 


2 TI 





21 s. 

85 N. 
14I2 N 

6 20! 5 S. 

25 '2 '^.14 S. 

'H M(°r. 

H. M. 

5 59 

5 33 

5 7 

4 4t 

4 16 























H M 

M s 


S. D. 

i IVl 

H M 




7 M 

4 36 

4 - 

2J I 

V5 18 

5 21 

^" 33 

2 21 




7 23 

4 37 

4 3° 

-2 56 


6 22 

1 20 

3 8 



flying clo:dt 

7 23 

4 37 

4 58 

22 50 

1^ 13 

7 26 

2 6 

3 54 



Aide. So. 9 22 

7 22 

4 38 

5 26 

22 44 


8 30 

2 51 

4 39 



'^f;-jy cold 

7 22 

4 38 

5 53 

-2 37 

X 8 

9 34 

3 34 

5 22 




7 21 

4 39 

6 20 

22 30 


lo 39 

4 18 

6 6 



[noiv (lorm 

7 21 

4 3; 

6 46 

22 22 

T 4 

II A(y 

5 3 

6 51 



% South 2 5 

7 20 

4 40 

7 " 

22 15 



5 51 

7 39 



t/fO' (ZWi.-/ cold 

7 20 

4 40 

7 36 

22 6 

X5 1 


6 43 

8 31 



hat dfrojls 

7 ^9 

4 41 

8 I 

21 57 


2 9 

7 43 

9 28 



7* '.South 8 4 

7 18 

4 41 

8 25 

21 48 


3 24 

8 41 

10 29 



^ ftationary 

7 18 

4 42 

8 48 

2[ 38 


4 35 

9 44 

II 32 



) in perigee 

7 ^7 

4 43 

8 II 

21 28 


5 39 

[o 48 




Sirius fo 10 51 

7 16 

4 44 

9 33 

21 18 

25 15 


II b'=> 




^ eclipse vifi 

7 16 

4 44 

9 54 

21 7 

_ 3^ 


- n. 

2 2 



ilrong Nortb- 

7 15 

4 45 

10 ^4 

20 56 SI 14 

6 40 





zvejl ivinds 

7 14 

4 46 

10 34 

20 44 28 

7 52 

1 4- 

3 52 



Aide fo 8 23 

7 i.'^ 

4 47 

10 54 

20 3^1^ li 

9 I 

2 29 

4 41 



hail and rain 

7 12 

4 48 

11 12 

20 191 25 

ID 6 

3 15 

5 27 



7 li 

4 48 

II 30 

3o 6|^ 8 

11 10 

3 59 

6 II 



cutting frosti 

7 11 

4 49 

II 47 

•9 53; 21 


4 4:5 

6 55 



7 1° 

4 5'5 

'^ 3 

19 40 in. 3 


5 2/ 

7 39 



\l fouth 4 43 

7 9 

4 51 

12 ip 

T9 20 


I 13 

6 12 

8 24 




keen ivinds 

7 8 

4 52 

^* 33 

E9 ii 


2 14 

6 5'' 

9 IT 


^2 ftationary 

7 : 

?• 53 


18 57 

/ 9 

3 12 

7 4^ 


261 7 

> in apogee 

1 6 

4 54 

'3 c 

rS 42 


4 6 

8 3- 

10 49 


^ ftationary 

7 5 

4 5? 

'3 ^3 

r8 26 

'''3 3 

4 55 

9 2S 

II 4o 

28| 2 

frequent cbavg.'s 

7 4 

4 5^' 

13 24 

18 loi 15 

5 3S- 

TO 18 




in the xveatheT 

7 3 

4 57^3 35 

tl 54! 27 

6 15 

II 7 




ecllp invif- 

7 2 

4 5813 4j 

r: 38,'^ 9 

6 47 

I I 54 

I 54 



Sirius fo y-^ 

7 ^ 

A 5 -'^3 54 

17 21! 22' fet,>. 

af" 40 

2 22 


ne of riiL gre 
-I-,. ^ :.. 

--tt HI 
1„J * 

i V dl) 


Ot tut 



u:i( n 

' J 1 i. ^ 

laid open the impofition, of governments. All the r.'vo- 
lutions till th.^n had been %vorked within tlie arrworp icrc 
of a court, and never on the greai floor of a nation. 





R U 

A R Y. 


Planets' '.-"l-ices <Scr. 



Moon's Phafes. 






16 ' 

i V 1 


on Mer. 

D. H. M 




"la yj ^/5 " 





H. M. 

Firft 3 6 9 8 A 



-^ r 



8 14,22 25 



3 48 

Full O ^3 3 41 A 






^ 62 

1 ,24 : 




3 24 

Laft C 21 6 21 M. 






\ 4 2 




2 S 

3 3 


"* 1 



-» A-VV AAA/ L 




2 37 

- 5 


■% ■ 



1 I 





2 14 











Remarks. r[/>j. 












7 c 


H :.i 


S. D. 
X 5 

H M|H ] 



/it'ir/i itinJs 


14 2 

17 4 

7 18 

I 25 

3 13 





5 T 

14 ic 

16 47 


8 24 

2 1 


3 58 



good pighmg 



5 2 

14 16 

16 3: 

cyj X 

9 3° 

2 55 

4 43 



^% rife- 2 5- 



5 4 

14 22 

16 12 


10 40 

3 42 

5 30 



if/-^ JVinter'i 



5 5 

14 27 

15 54 


II 51 

4 33 

6 21 



fuel Si-gco ichecJ 6 


5 6 

14 31 

'5 35 



5 26 

7 14 



\l ioalh 3 41 j6 


5 7 

14 34 

15 17 


J 4 

6 24 

8 12 



ivejlerly iviiids |6 


5 8 

14 37 

14 58 

n IC 

2 14 

7 25 

9 13 



Caitor fo 9 49 16 


5 9 

14 38 

14 38 


3 2C 

8 27 

10 15 



Sep ) in peri. 6 
werccfl j6 
days incr I 16 6 


5 ir 

u 39 

i4 19 

25 9 

4 17 

9 29 

II 17 




5 12 

14 39 

13 59 


5 6 

10 27 

II 58 




5 13 

14 38 

U 40 

SI 8 

6 46 

II 22 

° 39 






5 14 

14 37 

13 19 




I 34 






5 15 

14 35 

12 59 

"K 6 

6 35 



2 25 


6 •S^-'Oif anJ ball 16 


5 16 

14 3- 

«- 39 


-" 43 



3 13 


7 TZ^/j (/^y to fail 6 



14 28 

.2 18 

^ 3 

8 50 

I 47 

3 59 



Sex^gcCma ,6 


5 ^9 

T4 23 

11 57 


9 54 

2 32 

4 44 

J 8 


enters X ^ 


5 20 

14 18 

II 3^ 


10 56 



5 29 



clear 6 


5 22 

14 12 

11 15 

m ii 

II 58 



6 14 



^2 fouth 2 49 |6 


5 -3 

14 6 

10 51 





7 2 



cloudy 6 


5 24 

13 59 

10 32 

/ 5 


5 . 


7 50 



J in apogee 6 


5 ^5 

13 5' 

10 ic 


^ 55 

6 28 

8 40 



isfnperaie 6 


5 ^Z 

13 43 

9 48 


2 46 



9 30 



quin. St Malt ,6 


5 28 

13 34 

9 26 

y5 11 

3 32 



10 21 


Itbefurn? is great \6 


5 29 

13 24 

9 3 


4 12 

8 59 



2 Decreed by fate 6 


5 3^ 

13 14, 

8 41 

«w 5 

4 46 

9 47 

11 59 


4'Afli Wednes ,6 


5 3' 

^3 31 

8 19 

'^ 18 

5 17 

to ; 







5 33 



7 56 

X I 



II : 


I 8 

VENUS O will be morning Star, until the 27th of the 5th month 
TMhv ^ then evening Star, until the end of the year. 

The govrrnment of n. free country, properly ipeaking, 
is not in the perfons, but in the laws. The enacting of 
thofe requires no great expence .; and when they are ad- 
ininillered, the whole of civil governinenris performed— 
tiie reft is all court contrivance. 


Moon's Phafcs. 

D. H M. 

New 9 1 5 -8 M 

Firft j) 8 4 35 M. 

Full O ^5 4 48 M. 

Lafl (L ^3 3 7 M. 

New 30 5 5Z A. 




-' Pl.lCC-, 




'Alio: a 







S^ t£' 

on Mer 







H. M. 









2^ \4N 

r 59 








" 1 

23 7 


t 37 



4b -^ 




•N o- 



I 15 







1 1 


22 19 


3 53 






I i8 


22.^25 . N 


! ! 
MWI Remark?. 


2 "7 clear 

3'F ift in Lent 

4 'i.blujlering 

5 3'l2 fouth I 58 

6 4iDays il 22 

7 i:\^v'ng clouds 

8 6! }) in perigee 
10, F (/ ftationary 

11 jc/stf^ 

12 2^fegory ^I 
131 4 Sun -will Jhhe 
1 4! 5 /f / half pafl nine 

156 Arct. fo 2 28 
16. '-clear 
17 F Diys II 48 
7*3 fet II 9 

O enters '^ 
)in apogee 
11 ftationary 
aiid Lent 
An of V Mary 
ccJd mornings 
7*s fet 10 37 
281 5 and evenings 
291 6 % rifes 1 1 ao 
3O 7 Icok out for a 
-ji'F f.orm 










4 Mi M S 


^ "> 
















53 o 
50 6 ic 
49 6 II 
476 13 
466 14J 


3t- . 

r^ii2 2 















































X 14 

<Y* II 



n - 

> I > 

sets s'.utb 

H M H M 

±b 5 

a 3 

:£= II 




'/3 7 



X 9 

T 6 


6 12 

7 21 

8 31 

9 44 
'o 57 


1 16 

2 1 

3 6 

3 48 

4 24 

4 5 

5 19 

7 42) 

8 46 

9 49 

10 51 

11 49 

c 43 

1 31 

2 14 

2 49 

3 22 

3 50 

afr. 6 


1 41 

- 31 

3 -5 

4 22 

5 22 

6 23 

7 24 

8 22 

9 »7 

10 8 
IC 56 

11 43 
TO n. 


1 14 

2 o 

2 48 

4 20 

5 1^ 

6 6 

6 57 

7 45 

8 3^ 


1 54 

2 41 

3 29 

4 20 

6 lo 

7 i^ 

8 II 

9 12 

10 10 

11 . 5 
II 56 


1 8 

1 55 

2 40 

3 -6 

4 12 

5 o 

5 48 

6 38 

7 28 

8 iS 

9 9 
9 57 

10 44 

9 1911 31 

4 lypo 3 

4 45po 52 

5 iijii 40J I 2 
fcts pft.."'^' 2 I 

o 40 

If we examine, with attention, into the tonipoluion 
and conftitution of man, the 'diverrity of his wants, and 
the divcifity of talents in different men for redprocally 
accommoda:ing the wants' of each other, his propenfity to 
fociety, and coafequently to preferve the advantages re- 
fulting from it, we fliall eauly difcover, that a great part 
of what is called government, is mere impofition^ 

Moon's Phafes. 

D. H. M. 
Firft 3) 6 II 30 M. 
I-uU O 13 6 43 A. 
Lad ^ 21 Lo J A. 
NcAV @ 29 3 30 M, 


;| Plant-is^' Places, c"* ( 

























I S 


A I loth 
on Mcr 



• I 

















jJays 12 30 

3 ^''-y 

4 )ia perigee 

5 3r. Ambrofe 

6 ^ bs.z^jyjhoroe) 

7 To /i7/7 a^ ^ivz/r 
I'alin Sunday 

^ ove'Ciiji 

3 7*s let 9 48 

the moon is bri^J.- 
p /^t S at AigU 
6 Good Friday 



3 Days inc. 4 o 

5 >iii apogee 

6 rtiz« 
enters Q 
Low Sunday 

3 St. George 

5 St. Mark 


2/routh I ^^ 


7*sfet 8 35 
31]) in perigee 
Latitude of the 
North this year. 

rz/i'J. fets 

a m|h M 

45:6 15 
43J6 I 


6 18 
6 19 
6 21 
6 2. 
6 24 
6 26 

6 2-T 
6 2g 


6 31 
6 3:2 

6 3^ 

6 37 
6 3^ 

'' 3f 
6 41 
6 43 
6 44 
6 ^5 
6 Z17 
6 48 
rTj6 4(5 
fc;6 5c 

M S 


3 5S 
3 4' 
3 ^3 
3 5 
2 47 
2 20 
2 ); 

I 55 
I 3S 

I 21 

I 4 
o 48 

o 3 
o 16 

O I 

O 2 c., 

o 43 


1 IC 

1 35 

1 47 

t 59 

2 ic 

2 20 
2 3c 

2 49 

4 34 

4 57 

5 ioin ^ 

5 43I 1 

6 6 

6 28 

6 51 

7 ^3 
7 56 

7 58 

8 20 

8 42 

9 4 
9 -SX 
9 471 -15 



a i4 


"7, 1' 

^ 7 



t 5 


to 8 

ro 29 

10 50 
ti ri '/$ 

li 3~l ■f5 

11 52I 26 

12 X7.^ 9 

f2 33' 2^ 

12 52 

13 12 

13 3' 
^3 51 

14 10 

X 4 




4 ^8j8 13 


H M 

8 48 

10 4 

11 14 

o 17 

I 13 

1 55 

2 33 

3 4 
3 31 

3 57 

4 22 

7 45 

8 46 

9 47 
10 43 

TI 33 


o 17 


1 28 

1 57 

2 25 
2 5c 
-4 I-: 

. 9I6 51) 2 57414 471 -S. . 

Georgi^.n Planet or Herfchtll, about 36 minutes 


1 24 

2 2 

3 2j 

4 25 

5 27 

6 26 

7 21 

8 ,3 

9 o 
9 4 

10 32 

11 17 

o 2 


1 37 

2 27 

3 17 

4 7 

4 57 

5 45 

6 32 

7 18 

3 12 

4 13 

5 II 

6 13 

7 15 

8 r4 

^ 9 
10 I 

10 48 

11 35 
o 9 


1 29 

2 14 

3 I 

3 49 

4 39 

5 29 

6 19 

7 9 

7 57 

8 44 

9 3^ 
3 10 15 

8 /.;8 II o 

9 35 1 1 47 

C\.% lo 24 o 24 

44 II t6 

zvat^ r 

lit. 14 
I 15 

It can only be by blniding the uiu erftanding of man? 
and making him believe that government is iome wondc- 
ful myilerious thing, that exceflive revenues are obtained. 
, Monaichy is well calculated to inlure this end. It is the 
popery of goverjiment ; a thing kept up to amufe tlie ig- 
norant, and quiet them into taxes. 





Planets' Places. &c. 

]) 'i- Alioth 

Moon's Phafes. 






n Mcr 

D. H. M. 


H. M. 

Firfl 3 5 6 45 A. 


1 1 









10 1 1 

Full O '3 9 24M. 












9 48 

Laft a 21 I 36 A. 










9 25 

New 9 28 II 16 M. 










Z 12 N 

9 I 












8 37 













Philip <!kjaine.- 5 
ruin 5 

Days 13 46 5 
b iets 356 5 
Heamatuiefing 5 
//if bai)py spring 5 
Spinjjfets 34s 5 
^ ftationary 5 
Lyra fo 3 £9 4 5; 
6\pleafa'it 4 58 

Days in 4 56 4 57 
thunder 4 56 

\l fouth o 46 4 55 

aW 4 54 

Arcl. fou io 37 4 53 

>ju apogee 4 52 

lightning 4 52 

Ji^- fouth Q 24 4 51 

dri'z-z.le 4 5^ 

Days 14 22 4 49 

©enters n 4 48 

^'«i.- fl/zi clear 447 
Afcenfion day 4 4-7 
Fields are green 4 46 
/o heal the ) pie f' 4 45 
;2/ fouth II 52 4 44 
Si.veet 'j /,6f i/ay 4 44 
i^or making hay zj. 4 ; 
>inperigeG 44- 

ftcqutnt rail's 4 4: 
6iDays inc 5 28I4 41 7 jf; 




^ 5^ 3 5 

^ 53' 3 i^ 

*5 54' 3 19 
•> 56 

<^ 57 
6 58 

6 59 

7 o 







7 i4 

"^ '^ 
7 10 

7 16 
7 I 
7 I 
7 18 

3 25 
3 3^ 
3 37 
3 41 
3 45 
3 49 
3 52 
3 54 
3 56 
3 58 
3 59 
3 59 
3 58 
3 57 
3 56 
3 54 
3 51 
3 48 
3 44 
3 39 
3 34 
3 -9 
3 23 
3 ^7 
3 ^o 
3 - 
2 54 
2 46 

^un s ^ 's 
S D. 


f5 5 

^5 23 

^5 4^ 

15 58 

16 16 

16 33 
-<6 49 

17 7 
17 22 

17 38 

^7 53 

18 9 

18 24 
18 38 

18 52 

19 6 

19 20 

^9 34 

^9 47 

19 59 

20 12 

2C 24 

io 35 
20 47 

20 58 

21 8 
21 18 
21 28 

21 38 
21 48 
21 56 

n 13 

Z5 12 




trp^ 8 
' 21 


/ 6 



1/5 1 1 


"" 17 




^ 8 





25 7 

TO 12 

= 1 59 


1 II 

1 40 

2 6 

2 3^ 

2 56 

3 23 
3 5- 


8 39 

9 3^ 
ro 16 

io 55 
fi 29 

n 59 

mo. .:. 

o 26 


1 T 

1 43 

2 I ' 

2 44 

3 24 

4 12 

9 5 




2 IQ 

3 23 

4 25 

5 22 

7 4 

7 5'-- 

8 35 

9 M^ 

10 3 

lo- 49 

11 36 


T 16 

2 5 

2 55 

3 42 

4 29 

5 14 

5 58 

6 42 

7 2-7 

8 13 

9 2 

9 57 
TO 56 

II 59 

1 4 

2 9 


to 34! 3 II 

4 7 

5 Ti 

6 ^3 

7 lo 

8 ^ 


8 52 

9 3« 

TO 25 

,1 7 

ll 41 

° 15 

J I 

I 48 

^ 37 

3 27 

4 17 

5 7 

6 41 

7 26 

8 10 



10 -, r- 


II 14 

^^ 57 

° 44 


^ 52 

3 57 

^ 5 

Goveiument is not a trade which any man or boay of 
n^en has a right to fet up and exercife for his own emo- 
lument, but is altogether a truR, in right of thofe by 
•whom that trufl is delegated, and by whom it is always 
refumeable. It has of itfelf no rights ; they are altoge^ 
tber duties. 


Plaiiets' Places, &c. 


3 's Alioth 

Moon's Phafes. 


h V- 

6 9 5 





D. H. M. 

. I II 17 

^ Y 

a n ^ 

27 12 24 




H M 

Firft D 4 3 9M 



2 S i 

i 9 

Full I- ° 39 ^^ 

• 7 

l6 17 



30 f 

9 25 



5S 7 44 

Laft <J1 20 1 32 M 

• ^3 ' 




i^ 2 

7 29 



I S 7 19 

New 26 6 12 A 

, 19 




! 6 55 n 



5^ 6 55 


Zo 17 


, f 

3 911 14 


3 N 6 30 





J) J) 

















4 4c 


7 2c 

M S 

2 37 


3. D 

H M 




Lyra fo 1 57 

22 4 

SI 6 


4 7 





4 4c 

7 20 

2 28 

22 12 


II 41 

4 59 




4 39 

7 -I 

2 19 

22 20 n)l 4 
22 27 18 


5 4^ 




4 39 

7 21 

2 9 


6 32 

8 20 



2/fouth 1057 

4 3S 

7 22 

I 59 

22 34 ^ I 


7 1^ 

9 4 



4 38 

7 22 

I 49 

22 40 14 


8 c 

9 48 



4 38 

— '^ 

I 38 

22 46 26 

I 24 

8 44 

10 32 



SpitT^Jets I 40 

4 37 

7 ^3 

I 27 

22 52 0]^ 8 

I 52 

9 3> 

II 19 




4 37 

7 23 

I 16 

22 57 21 

■z 26 

CO 19 

II 55 



4 36 

7 24 

I 4 

23 ^'/ 3 

3 2 

II 8 




St. Barnabas 

4 36 

7 24 


23 6 15 

3 44 

II 5/ 

I 20 



Ij ftaiiorary 

4 36 

7 24 


23 10; 26 



• * 9 



]) in apogee 

4 36 

7 24 


23 14^/5 8 

8 52 


2 59 



4 35 

7 25 


23 17 20 

9 27 

I 3^ 

) 3 48 



2/ fets 3 9 

4 35 

7 25 


23 20a«/ 2 

9 58 

2 2- 

; 4 35 



4 35 

7 25 

llow 9 

23 22'" 14 

10 26 

3 ^ 

5 5 20 



Days 14 50 

4 35 

7 25 


23 24. 26 

to 51 

3 5' 

• 6 4 



4 35 

7 25 


23 27 X 8 

ill 14 

4 3^ 

I 6 46 



\l fets 47 

4 35 

7 25 


23 -7 21 

1" 39 

5 I" 

? 7 29 



4 35 

7 25 

T I 

23 28:cY3 4 


6 1 

[ 8 13 




4 35 

7 23 

I 14 

23-:8i 17 


6 4I 

J 9 



4 35 

7 25 

I 2; 

23 -8 Q 1 


7 35 

? 9 51 



4 35 

7 25' 

I 4'^ 

23 28 15 

1 11 

8 3^ 

uo 46 



aat of J Bsptift 

4 35 

7 25 

I 53 

23 -6; 3c 

1 53 

9 3. 

51* 45 



4 35 

7 25 

2 5 

23 J5,n 15 

2 45 

TO 3< 

S 24 



Oeclip^in p 

4 35 

7 25 

2 18 

23 -i 3c 

3 50 

II 4- 

i I 30 




4 35 

7 25 

2 3^|23 ^^'25x5 


aft 4< 

\ ^'^4 



4 35 

7 25 

2 43,23 ^^j 3= 

9 c 

I 4( 

^ 3 34 



St. ?et«r 

4 35 

7 25 
7 24 

2 55i^3 ^5] 15 

9 35 

2 4 

- 4 3a 



4 3^ 


«^23 I2| 3c 

9 3 

3 3^ 

^ 5 22 

Governnicct is but now br^ginning to be known. Hith- 
erto it has been the mere exercife of power, which forbad 
all eifeclual enquiry into rights, and grounded itlelf whol- 
ly on poffeflion. While the enemy of liberty was- its 
judge, the progrefa of its principles muft have been fm.ill 
■^naeed. '^ -/' y'/ ^^ 

T A^ 



U L 



Plancts's Places, &c. 



Lat, c 


Moon's Phafes, ', t 





9.1 $1 


)n Mcr 

D. H,M, ^ 

25 d 
9 • 

7 10 



25! n 

19 ,'25 





4 .<^ 

H M 

Firft 3 3 I 30 A T 

' 7 

Full ^ ^ 4 I A 7 

15 I 

7 10 



:6 :q5 



4 5 


Laft C 19 10 25 M 13 

2T I 

7 10 

-* — 


a 20 



2N 5 


New ::6 i .o M 19 

26 I 

7 II 



II a 




^ 53 


a I 

7 II 26 

-> ^ 




I S 4 




G Sun's 3 's 1 J) 








/?5 7f (/(r<r.V;2 pL-iCe. 1 " xt-Z^J 


nater . 





MS north .S. D|H M 
3 1923 8ri;i 1410 30 

H M 




4 IC 

7 24 

4 21 

6 9 


3!vis of V.Mary 

4 3>^ 

7 24 

3 3123 4 27,ro 55 

5 7 

<^ 55 


4 ivifJom ivitb 

4 ^.7 

7 23 

3 4222 5() 

^ loii 2^ 

5 52 

7 40 



4 37 

7 -3 

3 5322 54 

23I1 5c 


8 25 


6' Strive to rife 

4 37 

7 23 

4 4,22 49 

n|^ 5 morn 

7 22 

9 10 



y^/ /^-a/? byfve 

^ 38 

7 22 

4 1422 43 

i8| 21 

8 ic 

9 58 



FomeJ, fo 5 44 


7 22 

4 2422 37 

30 56 

8 55 

10 47 


2 pt ay for a 

4 39 

7 -I 

4 3322 30 

/ 12 I 37 

9 4S 

II 36 


3 }>in apogee 

4 39 

7 21 

4 4222 23 

23 ^ 23 

10 38 

° 13 


4 bealtby season 

4 4'-> 

7 20 

4 5ii22 16 

5 3 15 

II 28 



5 ) eclip iuvi 

4 40 

7 2C 

4 59 

22 8 

^<5 17, rifes 


I 40 


6'Spiirfet 11 15 

4 41 

7 19 

5 7 


29I 7 55 

Q 15 

2 27 


'7 H-iing cUuds 

4 41 

7 19 

5 14 

21 52 

:::^ n' 8 24 

t I 

3 13 


F Alderifes 156 

4 4^ 

7 18 

5 21 

21 43 

23' 8 50 

I 46 

3 58 



4 43 

7 17 

5 28 

21 34 

K 5i 9 14 

2 28 

4 40 


3 cloudy 

J 43 

7 17 

5 34121 24 

18. 9 38 

3 II 

5 23 

1 7 

4jDays dec 01& 

4 44 

7 ^6 

5 3>' 

21 14 

Y* ijio 4 

3 54 

6 6 



4 45 

7 15 

5 4- 

21 4 

14,10 31 

4 39 

6 51 



4 45 

7 13 

5 49 

20 53 

2711 3 

5 26 

7 38 


7 Margaret 

4 46 

7 ^-^ 

5 52> 

20 42 

t5 ii'ii 41 

6 18 

8 30 


F |rai« 

4 47 

7 13 

5 56 

:2o 3^ 

25 morn. 

7 14 

9 26 



4 48 

7 12 

5 59 

20 19 

n 9' 28 

8 15 

lO 27 


ypLafunt ivcatbe) 

4 48 

7 12 

6 I 

20 7 

24! I 26 

9 18 

1 1 30 


4J 2/ (tationary 
5lSt Jam })in pc 

4 49 

7 II 

6 3 

19 54 

55 9! 2 34 

10 23 



4 5° 

7 ir 

6 4 

19 41 

« ^4; 3 49 

II 25 

I ^3 


6jSAnnQeci ir 

i 5f 

7 9 

6 5 

19 28 

a 9: i&ts. 

aft. 23 




terrible rain 

; 5- 

7 8 

6 5ji9 15 

241 7 59 


3 5 


Days dec 36 

4 53 

7 7 

6 4 

19 I 

tt^ 8 8 27 

2 8 

3 5^ 



4 54 

7 6 

^. 3 

I 47 

22' 8 54 

2 56 

4 44 


rlhazy ^ 

4 55 

7 5 

6 xji 3? 

- 6: 9 2r 

3 43 

5 31 

4 dog daysbegic 

4 5^7 '^ 

5 59:1- 10 

19I 9 48 4 29 

6 c7 

Government ought lO be as 


U S T. 

i Planets' r'laces, &c. |ifc^(0's 'Alioth 



/ ^1 

7 I|2 

9i$ wi\ 



S 4 

n mer 

D. H. M. 

ll 9 

T7 II 2 

'7-7 15 7 5 

H. M. 

Firft 3) 2 2 38 M 


Full 10 6 50 M 

715 18, T2 27 5 n^ irn 1 

5 13!° 3 


Laft C 17 5 22 A 

13 20|t8 12 27 9|i2 15 1 

5 19:5 N 3 


New 24 9 35 M 

I9 26;i8ii3 2 


9 23 J 

4 2512 N 2 


Firft D 31 6 58 A 

25 njjIiS 14 I2 

8 16 2 

6 29 1 

4' 214 S 2 


6'«« j Sun 









fifes. \ fets. 











M S 


S. D. 

H M 

H MlHhila. 


Lammas day 

4 57 

7 3 

5 56;i8 3 

n^ 2 

10 2C 

5 K 

> 7 4 



/air KL-eatber 

4 58 

7 2 

5 52I17 4S 


10 54 

6 . 

} 7 52 



:^fets Ti 38 

4 59 

7 I 

5 48:17 32 


11 ll 


} 8 41 


F ivilh 

5 c 


5 43 17 17 

/ 8 


7 4: 

I 9 30 



Days 13 5Z 

5 I 

6 59 

5 37J17 c 




. 10 20 



])iu apt)gee 

5 2 

6 5^ 

5 3Mi6 44 

VJ 2 

I 7 

9 2: 

i ll 10 




5 3 

6 57 

5 -4 

16 27 


2 4 

10 I] 

^i 54 



\ fets 9 27 

5 4 


5 17 

16 II 


3 4 

10 5? 

' ^35 
5 I lo 



(/f)' andfultry 

5 5 

6 55 

5 9 

15 53'::^ 8 

4 4 

11 4; 



St. Lawrence 

5 6 

6 54 

5 ° 

15 36 




• ' 55 




S 7 


*4 51 

15 18 

K 2 

7 21 


i 2.40 



7*s rife' 10.41 

5 8 

6 52 

4 42 



7 45 

I I] 

3 23 



ivfzrm and 

5 9 

6 51 

4 32ii4 42 


8 ic 

I 5f 

■ 4 7 




5 10 

6 50 

4 21 14 24 

cy* II 

8 37 

2 3S 

• 4 51 



Lyra £0851 


6 49 

4 10 14 5 


9 7 

3 2^ 

> 5 38 



TiS/ /if a/ 0/" noon 


3 5813 46 


9 43 

4 i^ 

) 6 28 



Is (Kjer f'yon 

5 M 


3 46,13 27 


10 24 

5 S 

/ 7 21 



Sirius rif 3 44 I5 ^st^ 46 

3 33f3 I 

n 5 

II 17 

6 ^ 

) 8 x8 





6 44 

3 20 12 48 



7 •; 

9 19 



2/fet« 10 28 

5 i> 

6 43 

3 612 29 

25 3 


8 5 

)^o 21 



Jlyi"g clouds 

5 18 

6 42 

2 52 

12 9 


I 29 

9 11 

ii 23 



j) in perigee 

5 -0 

6 40 

2 37 

II 49 

a 3 

2 45 

10 IC 

5 10 



enters n^ 

5 -^ 

6 39 

2 22 II 25 



II t 

> 54 



St Bartholjm 

c 2*^ 

6 38 

2 07 

II 8 

tijtj 2 

5 13 

ti 59 

) I 47 




5 -3 

6 37 

I 5^ 

10 47 



alt 4c 

' 2 37 



days dec i 38 ig 24 

6 36 

I 3510 26 


7 25 

t 37 

3 25 





6 34 

I 1 81 JO 5 

:^ 14 

7 54 

2 25 

4 13 



at AuguOiue 

5 27 


I I 9 44 


8 23 

3 13 

5 I 



J Bapt behc-.d 



44; 9 23 

ni 10 

8 56 

4 1 

5 49 




5 2y 


26' 9 2 


9 34 

4 5^ 

6 39 



A'dfinhi^iies I5 31I 

6 .9 

1 8 40J / 5 10 i8( 5 41 

7 92 

If commerce v,ere permitted to act to the univerlal 
extent it is capable, it would extirpate the fyftem of war, 
and produce a revolution in the uncivilized ftatc of go- 
vernments. The invention of commerce has arifen fince 
thole governments began, and is the greatefl approach 
towards univerfal civilization, that has yet been made by 
any means not immediately flowing from mora principles. 

S E P T E M B E R. 

Mood's Phafc?. 

D. H, M. 

Full O 8 8 36 A 
Laa (T 15 r I 33 A 
Ne'.v © 22 7 48 A 
Firft J) 30 2 I A 



b i'l 



































2 2 
31 3 


















!fet> 9 37 

j) in apogee 
/7;?f ^/Fd' clejT 

days 12 46 


^ lUtianary 
nat of VMary 

Dog days end 

plea nni ivealher\ 5 x. 6 

Jaye, dec. 2 24*5 47 

•/^/:r 5 48I6 

7*5 rife 8 37 J5 
CiR. iif 11 36 5 
5 in perigee 

St Matthew 
u^erly y/ittds 
3 enters ii: 

Cyprianj— — r% 
Caflo' ri to 56^6 
hard rains ' d 

St Michael 
St Jf ro^ ftati. 

Whatever has a tendency to-promote the civil inter- 
courfe of nations, by an exchange of benefits, is a fubject 
as worthy of philofophy as of politics. Commerce is no 
other than the traffic of twp individuals, multiplied on a 
fcale of numbers ; and by the fame rule that nature in- 
tended the intercourfe of two, (lie intended that of all. 

O B E R. 


Laft D T5 
New #22 
Firft J) 30 

















^ 3 111 apoget 
4 PrsfJte/or 

Reg rifes 234 

Sirius o 49 


Days II 12 

J) inPerigree 

•perhaps rain 
4rdays dec 3 50 


6 St Luke 

Days 10 50 

rifes. fets . 

6 Ills 4y 
6 12j5 48 

6 135 47 
6 15^5 45 
6 i6;3 44 

6 i;;5 43 
6 19I5 41 
6 20!*; 40 

5 2i|5 39 

6 22J5 38 

6 24*5 3S 

6 -55 35 
6 26|5 34 
6 28;' 32 
6 29 
6 30 
6 31 

5 30 
5 -9 

6 33i5 . 

6 345 26 
6 35|5 25 
6 375 -3 
6 38^5 22 
6 395 21 

O enters n\^ 

jfr^nf a«</ c/^ar 6 405 20 15 40,11 47 

16 41 5 19 I 5 47 1 2 7 

1 frequent raint .6 43I5 1 7 15- 53 1- 2 

c/oK^/^ }6 44' 5 16 15 5^1 1 2 49 

Simon & Jude|6 45^5 15^ (> 3'i3 9 



10 23 
10 38 

10 57 
I 15 

11 33 

11 51 

12 8 

12 25 

12 41 

12 57 

13 l2 
13 -7 
13 42 

13 55 

1 4 45 


declin . 


S. D 








8 54 

3^1 9 i'^ 
- ^ 9 38 

14 50,10 o 

6'lO 22 £i: 

i5!io 43 

15 24 I I 4 

I5 33II 26 

/5 i8 


CCS' 12 


X, 7 




n 12 



3) in apogee 

6 46J5 T4'i6 7^13 29 
6 48I5 12J16 1013 49 
6 4915 ii|i6 I r|i4 8 




^ 13 


V5 2 







tb ,ivater 

H M. 




II 56 


8 48 

mornl 7 


9 35 

58 8 


lo 21 




II 6 

3 3 



ii 39 

4 6 




5 II 






I 46 

6 2 


^ 35 

6 41 



3 2» 

7 28 



4 25 

8 24 



5 24 

9 28 



6 25 

10 37 



7 26 

II 50 



8 24 




i9 20 

I 3 


jO 12 

2 13 



T^ ^ 

3 22 



1 49 

4 29|io 



5 36" 



6 42 II 


I 47 




2 36 




3 27 

7 « 



4 18 

7 59 



5 9 

8 54 



5 59 

9 51 4 


6 47 

10 51 5 


7 34 

II 50 6 


8 19 

^ orn 



9 3 

Whatever the form or conllitution of government may 
be, it ought to have no other object than the general h?^'^- 
pinefs. When infiead of this, it operates to create and en- 
creafe wretchednefs in any of the parts of fociety, it is on 
a wrong fyftem, and reformation is neceffary. 

N O V E ]\r B E 1R.: 


Moon's Phafes. 

D. H. M, 

Full O 6 8 54 A 

Laft C 13 1 45 A 

New A 21 o 35 M 



— I L 

ij 9 i2 


Firft ) 29 ■ 6 oM;i,27^W4 
U5 7-41-4 






19I 6 



10' II 

10 17 
10 23 




1 S 

on iner. 

H M 

ic 19 

9 55 

9 31 

8 j6 

9 4 








All 5,iiuia 

yi rifes 512 

6n titun 1 O 
iifes\fet,. ■ faft 


6 5c 

days dec. 44c 6 "55 

7*s fouth 044^ ^ _ 

D in perigee 'C<§Q 5 

rrvercafl 7"^ 5 

St. Martin 7\i4*59 

Eajierly rains "^ 2'4 5^ 

I #4 1? rifes 435 7'^;3'4 57 
14 ^iftfqUert 








4]:o/J frejiy 


24 F 




Lyrafets il 52 

Reg rifes n 37 

4 7*sfouth II 51 

enters _^ 
.■jail a*'d rain 
3) in apogee 
lard frcjis. 
lear and cold 

daysdecr5 24 7 174 4-^ 

7 St Andrew 

H'MlM S 


Suii*i I 1) 's 
dcclina 'Jilace^ 

5 ic| 

7 ^44 56 
7V5 4 55, 
^^64 54 
7"^!4 53 
7 V 5- 
7 9|4 5» 
7 iol4 50 
7 11,4 49 
7 I2[4 48 
^^ I3;4 47 
7 134 47 
7 144 46 
7 Ji'4 45 
7 164 44 

7 174 ^■ 
7 184 4: 

/ov/Ai S. i>;H M 

14 J 4 28' }£ 2 

6 i5'i4 47 14 
6 1515 6| 27 
6 mI^S 24'Y''ii 
6 I3I15 44| 
6 lo|i6 l;^ 
6 7I16 T9* 
6 316 3611 7 
5 58 16 54 


2 5^ 

4 5 
241 5 1- 

" rifes 

5 -' 

6 16 

17 irgs 7 

17 27I 21 

17 44 SI 5 

18 o 2C 
18 i6,nK 3 
18 31] 17 

18 46 30 

19 i,:^ i^ 
6j 27 

4 2^ T9 30TT^ 9 

19 44; 2: 

^9 57! t A 

20 id 16 

5 52 
5 46 
5 3o 
5 3i 

5 -^i 
T I 

5 8 

4 4. 

4 3ji9 1 

3 3" 


2 43 
2 24 
2 5 

I 4 
I 23 
I I 

20 23I 28 6 4; 

20 3jV5 10 7 38 

o 47! 22 8 3; 

9 36 

10 35 

11 3 J 


o 3<; 

20 59a«^ 4 

21 IO| 10 

21 2r 28 
'21 3^X 10 

' 21 41] 22 

7 IS 

8 25 

9 4 

10 55 


1 I 

3 ■ 

4 3 

5 34 

6 3: 

5 4- 

H M i'ila. 

7- 5«, 9 46 
;,8 4«1io 29 

•38 ^"^^^ '^ 


II 6 




3 7 

4 8 
>- 5 

5 58 

6 48 

7 35 

8 21 

9 7 
9 53 

10 41 

11 3c 

.'"t 2C 

1 II 

2 I 

2 50 

3 37 

4 22 

? ■< 

5 46 

6 29 

7 21 

ti 51 

o 27 

I 18 

2 14 

3 14 

4 17 

5 19 

6 20 

7 17 

8 lO 

9 ° 
9 47 

10 33 

11 19 

ti 53 
c 29 









8 17 

9 o 

It is polljble that a nation may be the carrier for the 
workl, but fhe cannot be the merchant. She cannot be 
the feller and tl^llft^r of Irer own merchandife. The 
ablity to buy muIrVende out of herfelf ; and, therefore, 
the f>rofperity of artij^ commercial nation is regulated by 
the profperity of the reft. 

R MB E R. fl^ylef 

in CO mi 
\lon of \t 

>is the fame as i_f